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Number Of Rituals Of Wedding In Telugu
Telugu marriage is typically a incredibly advanced affair also it consists of many ceremonies and rituals which carry spot a amount of times prior to marriage. Wholesale wedding dress in accordance with Telugu people, marriage is not an contract but within their tradition spouse is viewed as to become ardhangini which implies a component of husband .Wedding for Andhrites implies plenty of customs, traditions, rituals and extended several hours of enjoyments for each family members and relatives. Cheap Sequined Formal Dresses The meet generating is typically executed by some elder man or woman bringing rishta or meet with the family members to the eligible boy or girl. Telugu people today select their partners inside their neighborhood unless it's a adore marriage. inside a Telugu wedding, costumes are typically chosen with terrific treatment .Brides typically wears a saree that is typically red-colored in coloring or occasionally some other brilliant colours that is accompanied by a gr
Cleaning 'friends' List
From time to time you may wish to clear unlinked accounts from your 'Friends' list and 'Fan Of' list. This may make your fubar experience better by increasing performance. The more accounts in your 'Friends' list the higher the possible amount of dead links that may effect fubar and your enjoyment. Think of it as defragging your page.   Open > My > 'Friends' Scroll to the bottom of the page, Click the 'NEXT' button, Continue to do this until you are on the last page of your 'Friends' list, this may take some time if you have a high number of 'Friends'. (Using [Ctrl + -] to make the page smaller will make everything fit onto your screen, this will speed this process up). When the 'Next' button does not work any more click 'Previous' (If it appears there is still a page or more to go but the 'Next' button does not work do not worry, this is normal). Click the 'Next' button again, Click the page '1' button, Click the highest page number butt
Is It Gone
The day may pass with or without a cloud a night will pass when only you can shed a tear but will the life pass without any fear?   we all have pasts  we all have regrets its what we do with our faults so we dont repeat and be last.   Some hold on  some let go some are just so confussed not knowing what they should do.   The idea is simple  together or alone happy or sad the decicion is yours good or bad.   some words were said meant or not the hole was dug that brought silence and regret. anger flew and damage was done a friendship ended that will be missed.   The ring still hangs there  needing to be reached to be grabbed by one  and held onto by two.   but who wants it more or wants it at all it could have been special it could have been.   Bikerlkn4you    
A 5 Bling Pack Is Better Than I Thought I'd Do
It may only be the first day of this auction. I think I was too slutty wordy.  
Worst Valentines Day Ever
This has been, by far, the worst Valentines Day I have ever had.  It started last night when I went to bed about 1:30am.  No Valentine wishes.  I got woken up by my "boyfriend" at about 4:30am as he was looking for something in his dresser.  No Valentine wishes.  He couldn't sleep so he was drinking beer and playing Black Ops online.  I got to work at 9:30 this morning and he is sleeping on the couch.  I come home for lunch at 4pm and he is still drinking beer and playing Black Ops.  Only now his speech is slurring.  I ask him to lay off the beer for the rest of the night and I get "I'll think about it."  I told him he was a fucking ass.  Still no Valentine wishes.  It is now almost 9pm.  I am home from work and he is passed out on the couch, Black ops still on the tv.  No dinner, dog wasn't taken out all day, and again no Valentine wishes.  My Valentine gift was pink leopard print fleece pajama pants and a pink sleep shirt.  I sleep in the nude and I don't like pink.  I am so fucking
Number Of Rituals Of Wedding In Telugu
Telugu marriage is typically a incredibly advanced affair also it consists of many ceremonies and rituals which carry spot a amount of times prior to marriage. Wholesale wedding dress in accordance with Telugu people, marriage is not an contract but within their tradition spouse is viewed as to become ardhangini which implies a component of husband .Wedding for Andhrites implies plenty of customs, traditions, rituals and extended several hours of enjoyments for each family members and relatives. Cheap Sequined Formal Dresses The meet generating is typically executed by some elder man or woman bringing rishta or meet with the family members to the eligible boy or girl. Telugu people today select their partners inside their neighborhood unless it's a adore marriage. inside a Telugu wedding, costumes are typically chosen with terrific treatment .Brides typically wears a saree that is typically red-colored in coloring or occasionally some other brilliant colours that is accompanied by a gr
The End
my mind is workin like a slave coincidentally so am i butsin my ass as much as i can just so that when i die people have a reason to miss me have somethin good that they can mention when their standin at the podium theres no awkward pauses or hesitation but right now as it stands theres not much that can be said no children in my life my little brother get all the bread iv had death wished appon me and almost seen it come to fruition iv had people take they shots but miss me in the end some tried to run me over threaten to have me wacked but the only worry in mind is the fuckers over in Iraq my hole plan of attack is to prepair for the worse im doin what i must even if it hurts if it means rippin off a limb in order to save the core then so be it im sorry right arm your services are no more ill train to use my left. this old dog is goin to learn cause ill be damned if no one remembers me after my body is set to burn.
Black Cloud -inspired By Joe Budden
its enought to make you black out pull the Desi out. load it aim and shoot. its the comin of the black cloud... spewin from my ears dont ask how... turn and run to the point you wana pass out. i had enought dats why im snapped now got the Desi out. everywhere i go man im followed by this black cloud... wont be happy till im burned out... i cant reat till it burnsout. warning signs were clear as crystal so soft music is what i listen to. too much time to think alot. hurry up and wait is what i had to do. so i watched my world turn in tha faces of clocks 1 o'clock 3 o'clock 5 o'clock FUCK! my pacense wore thin my fews was shortinin my thick skin cracked and my happy mask was broken then my ears started smokin my vision darkend onlookers say im posessed cause my face was hardened stole look of a killer with the matchin straight eyes brim low fitted with the darkenin skys. Desert Eagle palmed left Raggin Bull in my right. walkin slow,
... Good Enough...
... Never good enough... Thats not good enough. Grew up with the mindset that my efforts wernt good enough. So i slaved, tried to make it better. Breakin every bone in my hands just to scrape up some chetter. ... Thats the same as paper for thoes of you who understand that better. People come and go but im followed by the weather. ... Its another cloudy day. Cant tell when night falls cause it all looks the same. So i race the hands of time. Scramblin trynin to get it done and make it happen cause its always fourth down in my mind. But.... Nothings ever good enough... I dropped the ball short and they scooped it up. Fought to get it back and fucked it up. Now im back at yard one.... what the fuck? Here we goe again. Dejavo is in my sight and so it the same faces of old "friends". But... I follow that golden rule. Still i try to play it cairfully as to not be take for a fool. Hike the ball, start the play. My star player lets one thro. I see the enemy comein, wha
Off My Chest
Many times my name leaves lips with minds that know nothing in witch they speak apon. Everytime i catch wind of it, its something new like the morning dawn. A new day begins but the same old trash continue. Stop eating that garbage, order something new off the menu. But this is what your into. Your ears open to the gossip. The nonsense of these fools who say anything to anyone for a desired response out if you... Thats a trip. A car rides by. Its music trustpast my walls. The voice of Jay-Z speaing about making tears fall. The same here appies. I cant see them coming dotn my eyes. So i gotta make this poem cry. Love is a crule force. It ments twon into one hart. Once it gets tired it rips that connection apart. The test of true love is how easy u let go. The truest is like antimantium. It wont break bend or fold. In the begining is the weakest, Only because thats when you mold. But once it hardens thats it. Youl love to watch each other grow old. Thats not
Today Turned Out Ok...i Guess
I really dont Like Valentines Day all that much...but its turned out to be a better day than i originally expected..... rate my profile....thanks Hope everyones day is just as good as mine...
For All The Lovers Out There
Lover Follow me into dream filled days And star lit nights Escape with me into Enchanting delights Let me kiss away all Troubles and fears Think only of me as  Ecstasy nears Joining our bodies our Souls, or mind Together opening doors to See what we'll find Gently into the night we'll Explore our disire Awake to the light Our passons on fire
A Special Love Letter From A Civil War Soldier To His Wife.
The following is a letter written from a civil war soldier to his wife. I find this letter to be very lovely & profound aswell as sad. the man died in battle a week later. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sullivan Ballou (b. 1829?, d July 21, 1861),  Sullivan Ballou was killed a week later at the first Battle of Bull Run, July 21, 1861. When he died, his wife was 24. She later moved to New Jersey to live out her life with her son, William, and never re-married. She died at age 80 in 1917. Sullivan and Sarah Ballou are buried next to each other at Swan Point Cemetery in Providence, RI. There are no known living descendants. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Valentines Dat Vent
February 14th, the most overrated day.All the flowers and the chocolates, it's so fucking cliche. Cheesy cards get purchased and reservations get made.But it's obviously just done so the guy can get laid.And yet girls eat it up, cause it validates their life.As if they only have value as a girlfriend or wife.Good for you, congrats, you got a Valentine's Day Date.And I'm oh so sure that you've found your fucking soulmate.Cause those obnoxious couples full of love, having fun.More than half of those couples in six months will be done.Seriously, google it, the statistics don't lie.In fact fifty-three percent will break up by July.So why get sad or depressed if you don't have a date?Who gives a shit, you can still masturbate.And don't get me started on that dude they call Cupid.A flying sniper a diaper, how fucking stupid.So how the fuck did this day get so big and pervasive?Because Corporate America can be mighty persuasive.Big companies love it, they think it's the bomb.Fucking Halmark a
The Glow Radio Monday
Monday on The Glow Radio: The Rev DJ Furg is Live Now!!! & is getting close to completing his 75 Hours of Non-Stop Broadcasting this evening After Furg is done The Mistress of Hard Rock, Goth, and Metal Music "Thee Witch" will be Live at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et Tony the Misfit & The Freak Show is next featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory & on Microsoft's Media Player's Internet Radio Classic Rock Section or you can go to our website at: ___________________  
The Glow Radio Monday
Monday on The Glow Radio: The Rev DJ Furg is Live Now!!! & is getting close to completing his 75 Hours of Non-Stop Broadcasting this evening After Furg is done The Mistress of Hard Rock, Goth, and Metal Music "Thee Witch" will be Live at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et Tony the Misfit & The Freak Show is next featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory & on Microsoft's Media Player's Internet Radio Classic Rock Section or you can go to our website at: ___________________  
Feelin A Lil Down
I am feelin exceptionally ordinary I'm not here as much so I am out of every loop there is   Meh...carry on
My Unfortunate Saturday
I had to work Saturday for my sister who was out of town. It was a normal day just like any other day I've had to work. I flirted with guests and chatted with friends online. Nothing out of the ordinary. My day ended at 3pm and I decided to do a little shopping for a friend. I went to a store and didn't like anything there so I proceeded to go across town to the other store they have that has more items. I get about a 1/4 mile away from the store and all of a sudden my heart starts racing really really fast. I feel like someone punched me in the throat, my arms went numb underneath from my shoulder down to my pinkies. My shoulders got stiff and my neck did as well. My breathing changed as well. Now I've had my heart race before but it always went away after a few minutes. This time was completely different. It just wouldn't stop no matter how calm I tried to be. I wasn't gonna go to the hospital but I talked myself into it. I get there and they rush me back. They did an IV and hooked m
Ima Skank
    Wanna own a skank?  :D   Click eeeeeeet!
Feb 14th, Just a simple Happy V day to everybody.
Romantic Movies
  In the spirit of this day, I offer my hastily assembed list of romantic movies. Other recommendations? Fools Rush inSerendipityCity of AmgelsAddicted To LoveContinental DivideDon Juan DeMarcoThe Family ManForget ParisWhen Harry Met SallyThe Lake HouseLove ActuallyLost In TranslationThe MajesticMust Love DogsSabrina (Both Bogart & Ford versions)Somethings Gotta GiveSomewhere In TimeThe Sure ThingWhile You Were Sleeping
You Were
cause in the end; You were just a typical guy dragging a girl along cos your not really sure what you want .. ♥  
Burning Attractions
Burning Attractions When you look into my heart Tell me What do you see Am I just a shadow from your light A fluttering flame Turned to smoke by your glance Tell me Why do I flicker People ask of me Why do you seek the light Am I a moth That I cannot fly my own way Do I posses the strength To carry me away
Check Out E.m.f. Productions
Check out E.M.F. Productions on youtube. Click here to go to the profile. Thanks!
Republican Leaders Tiptoe Around The Smear Campaign Against Obama's Faith And Citizenship.
Source: By William Saletan Posted Monday, Feb. 14, 2011, at 8:23 AM ET The party that was supposed to stand up to President Obama can't even stand up to its own fringe. Six months ago on Meet the Press, NBC's David Gregory asked Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell about a survey in which 31 percent of Republicans said President Obama was a Muslim. McConnell demurred: "I think the faith that most Americans are questioning is the president's faith in the government to generate jobs." Gregory persisted: "As a leader of the country, Sir—as one of the most powerful Republicans in the country—do you think you have an obligation to say to [31] percent of Republicans in the country … who believe the president of the United States is a Muslim, 'That's misinformation'?" The best McConnell would do was this: "The president says he's a Christian. I take him at his word." Reviewing the exchange in Slate, my colleague John Dick
Killing Frsot
Icy smile. Cold, cold heart. Draw you in with warm words. Fevered touches. Heat. Closer ... closer ... closer. Penetrate my mouth, plunge into my body. Leave my heart alone. Lest I drive an icicle through yours. by Rylan Hunter
A Man Is Made By His Scars
"A man is made by his scars. Go on, show me yours” I point at my arm "Oil burn. Cooking for a friend, I spilt the roasting tray." "No, deeper." I peel back the outer layer and point to my deltoid "Dancing, throwing my former lover in the air so he could do a somersault." "No, deeper” I peel back another layer and point to the back of my mind. "Being in my brother's shadow. Constantly trying to step out of it." "No, deeper." I peel back my last layer and point to the very core of my soul. "The first time you laid eyes on me. I don't think it'll ever go away." "I love you."
Adding It Up
 Can you remember? Who smiled first, who made the first move, who risked it all? You worked so hard to make me laugh. I tried hard not to.  You were all wrong. Wrong age, wrong location, wrong everything. I can't remember when it was suddenly so right. The first time I stared at nothing and thought about you. Hearing someone say your name and feeling my heart race. Wondering if you were trying to make anybody else laugh. Can you remember who we were before we were we? I can. We're still you and me. But when you add it all up ... together, we're more.
Who's Life Is This?
Who do you thank when finally something starts to go your way, and you’re so used to things being fucked up that it takes you totally by surprise? And can I complain to them for not being there for what seems like 99% of the rest of my life? Just who are you, Fate? A concept? An organization? An idea? Show yourself. Or is it God? Or a God. A God that is in charge of a list that I happen to be on. Like a waiter’s station of tables that I happen to be sitting at. I’ve looked at this menu and you always say the same thing, “Out of that.” No tip for you. Not this time Not this life Or is it Karma? What goes around comes around. You only get what you give Some days you eat the bear; some days the bear eats you. You’re a sanctimonious one, Karma. Or is it myself? I only have myself to blame for all the bad negative destructive thoughts that bleed into my daily life. You made your bed Now lie in it Taking responsibility has never been a strong
Drift Away
Tired of thinking. Breathe in deep and drift away. Let the world disappear as the edges turn gray and I drift away with the pain. His crime doesn’t matter. His blindfold is not for him, but for the cowards who don’t want to look into his eyes. Overwhelmed with choosing right from wrong. Who gets to decide? I can see the numbing peace that beckons to me as I take another breath. Circle of hate, circle the prey, circle the moment that has him trembling with fear. His heart races and he hears the shouts that condemn his soul. Nothing makes sense anymore. Rage triumphs reason until it’s nearly extinct and I watch the madness of those we elect, others select, those we despise. Ignorance truly is bliss. He feels the first one hit him and knows that it’s begun. Already … he wonders how long before it ends. Inhale my descent into nothing. I want to escape a world I can’t understand There’s a fear in me that those who do un
Holy Mary, Mother of God .... I'm so tired of being alone and I keep hurting myself over and over in my need to be loved or held or even just know the familiar touch of a hand in mine. Is this a test? I've done nothing but study loneliness for my entire life now and I'm ready for my finals. This is just too hard. .....pray for us sinners .... I didn't even know the last name of the guy last night that only stayed in my bed long enough to grind out his pleasure into my ass before rolling over and slipping out the door. I didn't know his first name either, but he seemed nice. Or maybe it was the self-medication.I don't want to die alone. and at the hour of our death..... When is it my turn to know the ache of loving someone so much that growing old with them seems the best thing I could ever do? Our faces worn and lined with wrinkles as we stand there with our sagging skin and visible veins and all we see is perfection. He would be mine, I would be his
My Head
I was in a relationship for over 5 years and it ended just a little under a year ago. Sadly it was mainly distance and a lack of ability...or maybe interest that split us apart even more. We fought a lot, but we loved each other a lot, apparently not enough to keep things giong though. In the end, she decided that she'd go with a guy that she met while in Law School that she had become friends with. I told her that no matter what I loved her, but I just couldn't stand to talk with her and keep in any kind of contact with her, knowing that she was with someone else. Some time in June I was looking for a girl that would be a good match for me and I came across a wonderful woman. She and I compliment each other quite well and we have tons of good times together. I love her and care for her deeply...but as of late, I keep having thoughts of my ex and how much I miss her and want her back in my life. So far, I've kept my promise to myself that I wouldn't call her, write to her or anything a
Haven't Blogged In A While
having a really rough time tonight. my uncle who was just 2 years older than I passed away yesterday morning. He died of a possible overdose of muscle relaxers. I feel angry and hurt. He has a 5 year old daughter and a baby boy who turns a year old in less than a week. I feel like no matter what I said to him would have stopped his drug problem. I am pissed off because he and I fought sooo much about him taking the pills like he did. He wasn't like an uncle to me. He was more like a brother. I don't know how I am supposed to feel but feeling angry just doesn't seem like it matters so why do I feel this way? Why can't I just cry and be over it? I miss the way he used to come into my bedroom and bug me until I flipped and got pissed off then how he would bug me telling me that he loves me until I couldn't be mad anymore. I miss how he rubbed my pregnant belly talkin to my son telling him how he couldn't wait to meet him. I am so glad my son got to meet him at least. He was such a great h
Don't Be Selfish Or Greedy!!
Ladies & Gentlemen, I would like to take this time to tell you ALL HAPPY VALENTINES! May this day and every day be filled with tons of love, joy, happiness, smiles, hugs, kisses, adventures, faith, hope, surprises & BLESSINGS! Please take the time to tell your loved one how much they mean to you and how much you love them. Don't take this day for granted. Don't fight over STUPID things especially on the "oh i wanted this or that" and be happy with what you got. Its what comes from the heart that matters most. Just stop and think at how LUCKY and BLESSED you are to even be able to be there physically with your loved ones. For there are those such as myself whom are not able to have our loved ones with us on this special day! Never take any holidays for granted because you never know if you will get to spend that holiday with that loved one again......I would love to take this time to say:Deon Christopher,I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL! YOU ARE THE AIR THAT I BREATHE, THE EVERY BE
Gucci Ladies Watches For Your Love
I have been collecting watches since I was a teenager. For special occasions, my mother chooses to give me timepieces as a present. She told me that these are investment pieces. One of my favorite watch companies is Gucci 1500 Series Ladies watch 21541. Gucci originated from Milan, Italy. Gucci is the reflection of the city's influence in style, fashion, design, craftsmanship and attention to detail. The brand offers timepieces for men and women. The company is never driven by trend. They offer bold and classic pieces for the wearer to keep for a long time. For Valentine's day, the Gucci men watches ($180) and Gucci women watches ($150) are the perfect gifts to your love ones. The simplicity of the Gucci pieces gives a strong fashion statement. These are chronograph pieces at a reasonable price. On top of that, the swift strap can be interchanged. There is no need for a tool to change the color of the strap. On the other hand, the Stella line is provocative and daring. It's rectangul
Breguet Classique Grande Complications Br-15
For the third quarter ended October 30, 2010, the Company recorded net Breguet Classique Grande_replica Breguet Classique Grande Complications_ Breguet Classique Grande watches Tourbillon BR-28 of $36.3 million, or $.20 per diluted share. Those results included a $26.7 million, or $.14 per share, gain related to the reversal of certain estimated income tax reserves deemed no longer necessary. Excluding this gain, the Company would have recorded net income of $9.7 million, or $.06 per share, for the third quarter ended October 30, 2010. For last year’s third quarter ended October 31, 2009, the Company posted net income of $6.3 million, or $.04 per share. Those results included a $4.4 million, or $0.03 per share, gain related to the reversal of certain estimated income tax reserves deemed no longer necessary. Excluding this gain, the Company would have recorded net income of $1.9 million, or $.01 per share, for the third quarter ended October 31, 2009. For the nine months ended O
Breguet Classique Grande Complications Br-15
For the third quarter ended October 30, 2010, the Company recorded net Breguet Classique Grande_replica Breguet Classique Grande Complications_ Breguet Classique Grande watches Tourbillon BR-28 of $36.3 million, or $.20 per diluted share. Those results included a $26.7 million, or $.14 per share, gain related to the reversal of certain estimated income tax reserves deemed no longer necessary. Excluding this gain, the Company would have recorded net income of $9.7 million, or $.06 per share, for the third quarter ended October 30, 2010. For last year’s third quarter ended October 31, 2009, the Company posted net income of $6.3 million, o r $.04 per share. Those results included a $4.4 million, or $0.03 per share, gain related to the reversal of certain estimated income tax reserves deemed no longer necessary. Excluding this gain, the Company would have recorded net income of $1.9 million, or $.01 per share, for the third quarter ended October 31, 2009. For the nine months ended
Uploaded New Videos Today
Go to my video area to see them or go to my youtube page Dave's Youtube
Mix Signals Drama Stress And The Whole Leading People On
it does not matter if you find someone either online or in person they can still be the same shady person i don't believe there is someone out there for everyone that's a old day cliche and it gets old hearing it when in fact there is no one for everyone some people just don't want to hear it but its the true i really hate people who are superficial materialistic stuck up and sad to say there alot of that in the world today but what i hate more is people who lead other people on they don't stop and think when they got hurt before how did it feel to them age is overrated it does not matter how old you are age from 18 and up people still feel the need to lie use and lead other people on saying iam not like most woman but how do you really know that to be true only way is by getting to know them thu in thu most of who i talked with in a week or a month i can tell if they are or not before any female reply to this blog yes iam fully aware most men are the same as will
Achievement Points
How come When tryin to get the achievement points... u do what u are suppose to and u dont get the points..... such as...   I have 420 videos loaded... but yet didnt get the points or the achievement for  "Add 250 videos" ..   Anyone else had this prob. or is it just me... ugh im tryin to do what i am suppose to...   FUBAR PAY UP!!!:)
Can We Say Maja Was Bored?
Xx Maja xX Triv...: IF YOU EVER THINK YOU HAVE BEEN POSSESSED BY VETIS: # Do NOT, no matter what, give into his offerings or demands, no matter how tempting they may be. Most attempts to rid yourself of Vetis results in damage or possibly even death. # IF YOU WANT TO REMOVE VETIS FROM YOUR BODY YOU MUST NOT SPEAK WITH HIM. Continous speaking and bonding with Vetis will cause you to fall deeper into his grip. He tries everything he can to tempt you to the point of either suicide or homicide  tXx Maja xX Triv...: (Killing yourself or others). Sometimes, if you are too deeply involved with Vetis, you cannot escape him. Those he has killed (There are no Official records of him killing anybody, except my and others word) are usually covered in splinters or bruises. Sometimes burns or removal of the tongue are present, depending on how much he hates you, or how much he hates to hear you talk. Xx Maja xX Triv...: # DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PURPOSELY CONTACT VETIS. Unless of course, you are very po
Detroit Tigers 2011
February 14, 2011 marks the start of Spring Training as it's reporting day for pitchers and catchers! YAY! I have high hopes for my Detroit Tigers this year.  A little sad that Johnny Damon moved onto Tampa Bay, he seemed like a good fit with the Tigers, but we seemed to have gotten a decent DH in replacement of him in Victor Martinez.  Also I was sad to see that Jeremy Bondermans contract was also not resigned only because as a person he was such a wonderful guy and has been with the Detroit Tigers his entire career, through some really bad years.  But as a pitcher he has just lost his mojo, hopefully he can find a good fit with another team. Was very disappointed that Armando Gallaraga was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks and hopes that he does well there with for Manager Kirk Gibson and Coach Alan Trammell (both former Detroit Tiger stars).  I will be keeping an eye on the D-Backs this year just for that reason alone.  Happy to see that Joel Zumaya is back and healthy and looking
So Essential To Find A Gown That Has A Unique Back Detail
When you are buying for any typical dress, you may well not give as well a great deal believed towards the watch on the back. Cheap Maternity Wedding Dressesfor the bridal gown, however, you will need to start looking fabulous from just about every conceivable angle. To be sure how the watch through the back again is just as fairly as through the front, Cheap Modest Wedding Dresses examine out some on the most recent wedding dresses with elaborate embellished backs. During the marriage, most brides and grooms will devote many time with their backs to their guests. Also, picture the pics of you and your husband dancing and slicing the wedding cake; these images are also heading for being a time once the back again of your wedding gown is top and center. Cheap Simple Wedding Dresses this really is why it is so essential to locate a gown that features a unique back again detail. Happily, wedding gown designers are nicely conscious of the bride's need to start looking gorgeous from just
Planning A Trip
i am sick of looking at 500 websites to find the cheapest flight what website is best?
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So Essential To Find A Gown That Has A Unique Back Detail
When you are buying for any typical dress, you may well not give as well a great deal believed towards the watch on the back. Cheap Maternity Wedding Dressesfor the bridal gown, however, you will need to start looking fabulous from just about every conceivable angle. To be sure how the watch through the back again is just as fairly as through the front, Cheap Modest Wedding Dresses examine out some on the most recent wedding dresses with elaborate embellished backs. During the marriage, most brides and grooms will devote many time with their backs to their guests. Also, picture the pics of you and your husband dancing and slicing the wedding cake; these images are also heading for being a time once the back again of your wedding gown is top and center. Cheap Simple Wedding Dresses this really is why it is so essential to locate a gown that features a unique back again detail. Happily, wedding gown designers are nicely conscious of the bride's need to start looking gorgeous from just
"Cattle die and Kinsmen die, thyself I eke soon wilt die; but fair fame will fade never, I ween, for him who wins it. "Havamal 76 As An Asatruar we must... do our utmost to propagate the Northern Faith, Asatru, far and wide.To raise the awareness of our gods and our faith, particularly among our kinsfolk, those of Northern European blood, and also in society at large.To create, and work with others to create, powerful institutions that will achieve these ends.To work to strengthen ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually and financially, as individuals and as a folk, by applying the wisdom of our gods and our ancestors. In particular we pledge to live as set forth in the Havamal...the sayings of Har (Odin) , and to follow the Nine Noble Virtues of the ancestors.To honor the gods, the ancestors, and ourselves by maintaining a standard of correct and honorable behavior.
I shall and will know thee, Unknown One. Who searchest out the depths of my soul, And blowest through my life like a storm, Ungraspable, and yet my kinsman! I shall and will know thee, and serve thee.   Mistral wind, chaser of clouds. Killer of gloom sweeper of the skies, Raging storm-wind, how I love thee! Are we not both the first-fruits Of some womb, forever predestined To the same fate?
Too Effing True!!!!
If you work too hard, there is never any time for her.If you don't work enough, you're a good-for-nothing bum.If she has a boring repetitive job with low pay, it's exploitation.If you have a boring repetitive job with low pay, you should get off your butt and find something better.If you get a promotion ahead of her, it's favoritism.If she gets a job ahead of you, it's equal opportunity.If you mention how nice she looks, it's sexual harassment.If you keep quiet, it's male indifference.If you cry, you're a wimp.If you don't, you're insensitive.If you make a decision without consulting her, you're a chauvinist.If she makes a decision without consulting you, she's a liberated woman.If you ask her to do something she doesn't enjoy, that's domination.If she asks you, it's a favor.If you try to keep yourself in shape, you're vain.If you don't, you're a slob.If you buy her flowers, you're after something.If you don't, you're not thoughtful.If you're proud of your achievements, you're an egoti
Staff Application For Pinkaboo
Valentine's Day
Valentine's days for lovers AS IT should be. just regret the fact there's none for meI try so hard to find that love..the one they say is sent from above.But alas for me its not to alone this Valentines Day I'll be.For all you lovers... cherish your mate, explain to him how you met was fate!
What The H*ll...?
I Wish....
I wish I didn't still love you. I wish I didn't still miss you. I wish things were different. I wish I didn't think of you daily. I wish I was as important to you, as you still are to me. I wish I was your someone again, your anyone. And I wish... I could just forget you and what we had for I fear its something I'll never find again and that breaks my heart over and over and over. Happy Valentines Day
Applying To The Jlm
Applying to the JLM is simple and easy... First Figure a super hero you wanna be... WE can Help with that if you need... Send us a message telling us you wanna join the JLM and with what character... it that simple...    Once you we get the message we will respond to you and tell you what we need for you to do next...    The JLM is a close family of friends... We help each other all the time with leveling and generally hang out in the same lounge with each other either Cafe Risque or Velvet's Playground, but it not a requirement to do so... IF you have any questions... Send us a SB or a Private message and we will happy to answer them...
Not By Kelly ..about Kelly!
Frustrations continue to abound...I use to always think it was Pro Mets that did not use common sense. I have now discovered that Drs & Surgeons do not use common sense either.Like mentioned earlier they want to wash her out again on tuesday and then keep her on the VAC machine which is a machine that is basically like a suction foam into the open wound areas and keep her on this without changing the dressing.Time to insert lack of common sense #1 ..By not changing the dressing you are leaving bacteria build up on the sponges for that two week period which is inside an open wound and has direct access to the blood stream.Then after this VAC treatment they are going to have the plastic surgeon close up the wound in whichever way he is able to..Time to insert lack of common sense #2..When you are an adult and you get a bone infection...that bone infection can not be removed from the bone, The only thing that can happen with that infection in the bone is it can go "dormant" or sleep. In o
I Wannna Storyyyy!!!!!!!! Let's Have Some Fun For Valentine's Day
Heeeee heeeee...Come On N Don't Be Shy....I Just Love These Kinds Of Things.. The Idea Is That I Will Start A Story With 3 Words.. And Then Everyone Will Add 3 More Words To The Story By Posting A Comment... Play As Often As You Like, Just Please Let Someone Posted Between Your Own...And.... Who Know Where Our Story Will Go???? ....:)..OK.. To Start Things Off The First 3 Words Are: It Was Inevitable....
On A Sunday
One hour, seven point one miles, seven-hundred and ten calories, highest speed thirteen point two miles, highest heart rate one-hundred-seventy-one. This blog. Falls. The Reservation. Cleaning the DVR. Totally diet breaking steak sub.    
Final Inspection
THE FINAL INSPECTION The Soldier stood and faced God,  Which must always come to pass.  He hoped his shoes were shining,  Just as brightly as his brass..   'Step forward now,Soldier ,  How shall I deal with you?  Have you always turned the other cheek?
This- Darius Rucker
Got a baby girl sleepin' in my bedroomAnd her momma laughing in my armsThere's the sound of rain on the rooftopAnd the game's about to startI don't really know how I got hereBut I'm so glad that I didAnd it's crazy to think that one little thingCould have changed all of thisMaybe it didn't turn out like I plannedMaybe that's why I'm such, such a lucky manEvery stoplight I didn't makeEvery chance I did or I didn't takeAll the nights I went too farAll the girls that broke my heartAll the doors that I had to closeAll the things I knew but I didn't knowThank God for all I missedCause it led me here to thisLike the girl that I loved in high schoolWho said she could do betterOr the college I wanted to go toTill I got that letterAll the fights and the tears and the heartacheI thought I'd never get throughAnd the moment I almost gave upAll led me here to youI didn't understand it way back whenBut sittin' here right nowIt all makes perfect senseEvery stoplight I didn't makeEvery chance I did or
Sex Stuff 101
Women who went to college are more likely than high school dropouts to enjoy both the giving and receiving of oral sex. The inventor of Vaseline ate a spoonful of the stuff every morning! The G in 'g-string' stand for groin. One punishment for an adulterous wife in medieval France was to make her chase a chicken through town naked. More than 40,000 parasites and 250 types of bacteria are exchanged during a typical French kiss! German soldiers, both heterosexual and homosexual, are allowed to have sex with each other! Each year, approximately 250,000 American husbands are physically attacked and beaten by their wives. A lot of lovemaking can unblock a stuffy nose. Sex is a natural antihistamine. It can help combat asthma and hay fever. Formicophilia' is the fetish for having small insects crawl on your genitals
Mooch -1. to borrow without intending to return or repay it2. to get or take without pay or at another's expense3. to beg4. to steal    That is the definition my friends of a mooch. And if any of you play the rating game (not the point game, rating game) like I do, you've probably run into a lot of these. Especially those in the top 20 specifically, and top 10 even more specifically, who think they can sit on their ass and not run any kind of famplifier (or if they do, it's maybe once a week if you're lucky) even though you had a perm fam trade with them and the deal was if you wanted in their family, you had to run famps, and if they wanted in your family, they ran shit so everyone got rates.SO ON THAT NOTE! I came to a LOT of you via  SB or PM asking you what was going on, why you weren't running as much, if shit came up in real life. MOSTeveryone responded and said they were having a hard time in real life. Fine. I totally understand that. Things happen. And I left you guys in ym
35 Reasons Why You Love Your Sweat Heart
I can be myself when I am with you. Your idea of romance is dim lights, soft music, and just the two of us. Because you make me feel like, like, like I have never felt before. I can tell you anything, and you won't be shocked. Your undying faith is what keeps the flame out of love alive  You and me together, we can make magic. We're a perfect match. Thinking of you, fills me with a wonderful feeling. Your love gives me the feeling, that the best is still ahead. You never give up on me, and that's what keeps me going. You are simply irresistible I love you because you bring the best out of me. Your terrific sense of humor Every time I look at you, my heart misses a beat You're the one who holds the key to my heart You always say what I need to hear (You are perfect). You have taught me the true meaning of love. Love is, what you mean to me - and you mean everything. You are my theme for a dream. I have had the time of my life a
Fuckin Whores
oh yes im innocent im innocent im an angel all i fucking hear and im about sick to death of this  shit all i see   is shit lies bullshit fucking drama whore attention whores oh no ill fucking bone anything with a pussy or a dick regardless if it has a boyfriend or a  a wife or i dont give a fuck  ill do what i want and i keep seeing this and it's making me wanna throw up i swear to god it makes me sick and with my mood im in fucking ignorant  bitches need to be slapped many one in particular i swear to fucking god if it doesn't stop someone will get there ass kicked or buzz killed i dont give a fuck honestly im sick to death! of this and now i say no names no ones going to hear who it is assuming all you want i dont care dont like what i have to say dont read it dont comment  someone is so full of themselves that they think they are the shit they are wanted they give it up so fuckin easily no ones gonna have much respect that i can see i swear to god if i see it one more time my fuckin
To Day For My Net Family
Net Friends   We live in a world where we have n race Our only prejudice is a closed mind Our ears can not hear But our voices can be heard Our tongues can not speak Though thoughts,emotions and what is needed to be said can be heard It is our eyes that hear for us Our hands do our talking In the end when all is said and done We open our minds, our hearts, our souls And make room for faceless strangers And every once in awhile you are lucky enough to find A person who excepts you for who you are
Some Wrong With Me
I am really starting to think there is something wrong with me. . . It seems like the only guys I can attract attention from anymore are either married or a lot older then me.For once I would like a single guy to come along and maybe even hit it off with him. No, I'm not talking about getting into a relationship, but hitting it off just enough to where we can maybe make getting together for some fun a regular thing. You can't do that with married people, and as for the lot older guys that is just a turn off for me.Grrr, I think I should go back to the whole idea of not needing the touch of a guy.
[i Deserve A Treat]
This be Gouf post.K- let's just say this real quick.I cut out 12 demi-panelsfiled em to look about the same.and then I build a booster on my gouf's calf with a 3part half-shape fame.End reuslt.     You can stop asking "wtf is he talking about???" There's a progressional how-to in my plamo folder.I'm pretty -fucking- stoked after that.And I think I want a treat. ... I dunno what that'd be since I'm broke.Moar update- I perused last week's classified (yeah... I know its sunday morning and I'm just now looking at a paper I bought 7 days ago) and was not impressed.So I bit the bullet and sent resume and cover letter to the adult mental health care agency/facility here in town.Keep your fingers crossed.but don't hold your breath.Who's up for a third cup of coffee and porn?
My Facebook Was Hacked...
Well this is shocking!! and fuckings tupid!!!  I found out my facebook profile was hacked into... how? I was reading my bio and read this Someone had put this in my bio: I was here.✔Verified by Drako that Claudia Muller does not run this account.   I had it as ✔Verified by Claudia Muller that she runs this account.   I have to go on now to change all my shit?? UGHHH! WHO FUCKING IS LOW AS SHIT TO DO SUCH FUCKING CRAP?
Another Weekend Of Work
Well, Thursday.  Me and my buddy went out to work on a 69 Chevy C10, 63 Buick Special, and orchard. but instead.  We fixed a ford aerostar and it's fuel problem replaced the driver side tire on the C10 as some tread flew off driving down the freeway.  put a new tire on the aerostar.  Then when it was time to go home.  The Headlights did not work.  so had to drive the diesel home.  next day loaded up the diesel with some crap from the orchard and took it to the dump.  then went to work on the headlight issue... (all freakin day)  got the lights back to normal..  then took a window out of a old door for the next day of work.  then (without my added help)  today went back took the crap off the door that was on the truck to install the working window and that was all sorts of crap...  cleaned out the back of the buick, repaired a inner-tube for a bicycle, cleaned up some leaves and started a stack of wood for clean and neat reasons. could not fix the clutch problem yet with the c10 nor the
Martial Arts Fund Raising
Byline: Submitted by Diane Holliday, Taekwondo America The following was submitted by Diane Holliday, Taekwondo America. Taekwondo America collected almost $2,800 in donations for the Oswego County Children's Fund through its annual fund-raiser. Students from the martial arts studio, at 135 E. Bridge St., Oswego, collected donations in the fall and publicized the cause in October by putting on a board-breaking demonstration at the Oswego Farmers Market. Special recognition went to, Sussanne GI who, raised more than $900.
Besides Me
Besides me, who are the most annoying people on the fu.  A. Juggalos B. DJs C. Some other category?
Little child beware, mommy cannot love you... ...she's never gonna love you... you.. I.. Must've lit up a dozen cigarettes in the after-math reeling from effects of yet another attack and I, sat there Crushin' up all these little white thrills...these little white pills 'cause I like the way they feel when they're coursing through my veins and I like the way they take all this fucking pain. Yeah, 'cause nothing's gonna numb me and no one's gonna save you  and So I'm whirling, twirling, and everything's swirling.  I find myself spiraling down again to the depths of this grainy little bottle of gin.   ..[In progress]..   [In progress]
I took the road that went to the light,The other road was tempting But didn't feel right I felt this huge load go away And disappear down memory lane, There the price was only pain, With its emptiness And heartache, Things seem much better to surrender And find your peace within the world, Because the light is nice, And feels divine as you make your way Down the path of life.!Always be good to yourself!
What's Wrong With This Picture? : Child Neglect
   Sometimes I shake at my head when I read about tragic events that could have been avoided.I definitely shook my head sadly  while reading about a precious young girl with Down Syndrome that went through a terrible ordeal.  In  Chilliwack British Columbia, a young teenager with Downs syndrome was found trying to nurse her dead decomposing mother ,who lay on the floor of her trailer back to health. She was meticulously shoving pills and medicine in her mother's lifeless body, trying to get her to wake up.She had opened a box of macaroni and cheese with cheese sprinkled on top of it, her attempt to feed her as well.  The girl herself was emaciated and near death herself, for she did not have the mental capacity to even take care of herself. When authorities found the young girl in the filthy trailer, they estimated that the mother had died nine days prior.The only reason the authorities went to the trailer was that neighbours were concerned by the absence of noise or movement  over pre
Stephen Hawking's Warning
   There has been much controversy over Steven Hawking’s latest documentary “Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking”. One of the World’s most respected astrophysicists, Hawking is boldly stating that extraterrestrials likely exist and warns us not to try to contact them as it could be dangerous. Hmmmm… The man has a point. Can you imagine? If another intelligent life form is out there, pray that they aren’t like us. Since the earliest existence of Homo sapiens, we have attacked each others’ tribes and societies. In order to survive before the invention of agriculture, we were Nomads of sorts, moving and conquering each other to survive. Even when we developed agriculture that didn’t seem to be enough for us.. as population grew, so did the conquering… survival of the fittest, so it would seem. We explored the world by means of water travel and had little regard for the Native people that occupied the lands that we travelled to. Ki
The Ethics Of Childbirth : How Old Is "too Old" ?
   I get it... Really and truly I do.Women desperately want to have a child, a child of their own, genetically theirs.It took me 6 years to conceive and give birth to one child, taking all the fertility treatments that were available to me.Ironically enough when I gave up on the treatments did this miracle occur.It took another 4 years to conceive again, only to lose her as a result of a car crash when I was in my final trimester of pregnancy.I know first hand how devastating  it can be.    However.. and it's a big however.... I do not understand these women who have decided to become first time mothers in their 60's or as the World's oldest first time mother... the incredible age of 70...   How fair is it that these children grow up with ailing parents, most of who will die before they can even have a memory of them?The world's oldest woman to give birth (to TRIPLETS, no less) at 70 tried three times to get pregnant at a fertility clinic.She and her husband had been married for around
Gender Selection Of Future Children
   Fertility research has made great strides in the past several years.Gone are the days of; merely; fertilizing eggs in a petrie dish and implanting this new formation of life inside a woman desperate to have a child. Now, if you meet the "ethical standards" you can actually predetermine the sex of your child before conceiving it. Not that it is 100% accurate...lab mistakes happen, but is is possible. As long as you are under 49 and not going through menopause, you can have that boy or girl that you dreamed of having... MADE TO ORDER!!!!! Wait.... I forgot to mention that one of the pre-requsites is a large bank account... it isn't cheap..and it doesn't always work .. in fact several attempts may be needed for the actual impregnation to happen..Astounding that they actually have the technology to sort sperm into two sex groups.(If only poor Henry the eigth had that techonology he may not have had to have so many beheadings of his wives)So....after picking and choosing and fertilizing.
So... Now You Can Look Like Madonna
   So the latest news is that Madonna has teamed up with New Evolutionary Gyms to open up her own chain of fitness clubs called "Hard Candy Fitness".(kudos to the suggestive name) According to sources it will have Madonna's touches everywhere, for she has high standards as to what a gym should look like... (I'm sorry... little time out here... Madonna + high standards = pretty damn funny :P)Apparently it will have a juice bar and cafe, state of the art cardiovascular equipment and a wide variety of classes.It will also have lavish locker rooms and saunas and steam rooms... Sounds great.wonder how much it will cost for a membership? Certainly none of us will be able to afford it..The trouble with all of this is she fails to mention that she works out a minimal 6 hours per day ,usually more to maintain her fabulous body.PLUS she has a personal fitness trainer AND a choreographer AND a dietitian...the list goes on...I wonder how many women will join her clubs , hoping to transform their b
Morbid Titanic 2012 Cruise
I know I have written about the Titanic before; but I came across a bizarre "memorial cruise " that is taking place beginning on April 8, 2012. It is to mark the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's maiden voyage and subsequent sinking. The ship "SS Balmoral" will set sail on the very same day and time that the Titanic did and follow it's exact route.They will end 2.3 miles above the Titanics's final resting place on the same day and time as one hundred years ago. Is it just me, or this just a tad creepy? They will then have a memorial tribute on board to those that perished, then go on to Halifax to visit the gravesite of the titanic victims whose bodies were found and laid to rest. I just can't believe that this cruise is pretty much a sell out, aside from 9 remaining cabins on the cruise ship. Granted there are 30 direct relatives (great grandkids) from victims of the Titanic, but aside from those few, there is no connection between the Titanic and the 1300 other passengers booked on
Confessions Of A Lingerie Princess
I am not really into brand names or designer fashions... the large price tags on shoes, handbags and jeans. I am more of a practical level-headed spender. I buy things that are classic, or appealing to me and not that often..although my closet brimmeth over... I am a collector of sorts buying the odd piece of clothing here and there.. mix and matching to what i already have, or sometimes, not match , just for the ecclectic effect... or I add my own artistic touches to things, making it unique with fabrics and detailing, a cut and sew here and there..I do not buy trendy things or discard last season's clothes to make room for new ones..In a nut shell, I am pretty low maintenance and thrifty as far as clothes go. To call me a princess or a diva when referring to fashion, I would cringe at the best of times, for I feel that is definitely not a word to describe me.Except... I have a secret passion... a passion for lingerie... pretty underwear and undergarments that are ribbons and lace. Ye
Bigotry And Politicians
A friend of mine was troubled a little while back over one of his friend's comments who is a politician in California. He wrote on my friend's Facebook wall some unsavoury comments about Islamic people,Christianity being the superior religion. He also showed me a a couple of emails that he had received from him, claiming that all people that are Islamic are terrorists.  Oh did I mention that my friend is  originally from India and is Islamic?I suggested that this man was NOT his friend and to dump him.. he wasn't worthy of his friendship. (with friends like that, who needs enemies?!?)  I was curious (and still outraged) that a "friend" could do this to someone else's religion and race, so I went on his blog.I almost wished that I hadn't . There was so much hatred  on there against Islamic people, It was unreal.a quote from his blog : " Islam is a violent and dangerous religion which has been a threat to world peace for over 1400 years." I also like "who is responsible for 9-11? Islam"T
Is Reading Other Peoples' E-mails A Crime?
 Recently I came across an article in  a Michigan online Newspaper about a man being charged for reading his soon to be ex-wife's emails.After his wife filed for divorce, the man. who is extremely talented with computer technology, hacked into her email account via  her laptop computer and accessed her emails.He explained that he thought that she was having an affair .He now faces up to five years in jail, if convicted. As there is no clear law regarding emails, the prosecutors are relying on a Michigan law used to prosecute identity theft crimes or trade secrets.It reads:    " A person shall not intentionally and without authorization or by exceeding valid authorization do any of the following: Access or cause access to be made to a computer program, computer, computer system or computer network to acquire, alter, damage delete or destroy property or otherwise use the service of a computer program, computer, computer system or computer network."   Hmm...   This could set precede
This has just gotten out of hand......boredom. Why is it when we get bored we find an insesive need to be validated buy others? I am very happy with being me and yet on occation, find my self needing the validation also. Is it a nother human nature thing or am I off and need help with something deeper. This seems stupid I am sure and then to others may seem to "deep" lol, but it is what I am thinking rite now. I am just bored and regardless of wanting to go out and do something, being married or having kids.......I do it all and still wind up with some level of boredom. Maybe I need something more?
Wanna Own A Barbie?
Cash bids: -Sexy Salute -Add to Yahoo -Name in mine for a month -Add to Fam -Top friend add -Pimpouts daily -Shitfaced Daily -10 or 15 credit bling -Link on my page for a month -Kinky Creation -1000 11's a week -Radom gifts givin daily of my choice More is bid is high enough Fubucks: -100 11's daily -1 pimpout a week -name in mine for a month -kinky creation BIDDDING ENDS WITH HIGHEST BIDDER OF MY CHOICE!
What's With Men In My Shoutbox?
GTFO out of my sb unless I invite you into it.   I don't respond to random people, especially not men. So yeah, kindly do one.   kthanksbye.
More Fu Learnings
Blame Dr Black, he reminded me I missed a few... RL (married/bf/gf/slave/dom) to = my significant other is as bored with me as I am with them but this makes me look like someone cares and if we sit in separate rooms on separate laptops looking at different nsfw we can pretend to be happy for a moment. FU (married/bf/gf/slave/dom) to = my fu-significant other (and/or myself) is a tad insecure so we need to mark our territory. Also helps people remember we have a right to our fu-drama later. Fu-owned by = this is my only connection to another I can find...pity me. Bi = so fucking ugly I had to open up my chances to both genders in the hope I get e-laid Beauty = is in the eye of the beholder, and I am best beheld after an overdose of paintshop, some carefully executed photo angles and/or some really good beer goggles. Insatiable = I can type cyber for DAYS Goddess = of the Etruscan shape Angel = Makes Cupid look slim Dark Angel = Fat goth Redhead = You really don't want to see
The Cloud
The Cloud   She watched spellbound, as the thin white cloud passed over the sun on a beautiful day. A rainbow of incredible pastels slowly turning darker as the cloud moved on. She was suddenly touched and aching at the same time. She couldn't move...she was mesmerized by the changing hues and wonderful colors only nature can create. Touched  deeply by the beauty and essence of her surroundings. Aching for the ONE she wanted to share that particular moment with. It was truly a spiritual event. Even though her heart ached because He was not there, she smiled anyway...feeling He was thinking of her as well.    With a full heart, she whispered, "Happy Valentine's Day". Music & Social Network
]]]]]]]]]] =====================================================================================================
Always Friends
you know life is funny, as you grow older you look back at the things you have done in your life, and the ones you have done them with. then you think well dang have the friends i have are no longer around, some have passed away, some have moved, and some even in trouble. we take things for granted , and when you get older you think why was i like that, then you come to grips , your life is geting shorter, and things will never be the same. friends come and go , and life moves on, but true friends will always be there for you , now i know what liveing life to the fullest means, i will always be true to myself, and be the best i can, and to be the friend i need to be. just always be yourself and always remember you are never alone in this world, cause your friend will be here for you, and you for them, so to my friends, remember i have your back, and are here to listen if you need me, and to my friens up in maryland miss you guys and see you soon, and to my friends on fubar, ya'll are
Forbidden Fruit,written In 2006, By Karen W
Everyone has a tree of forbidden fruit, you may not notice it at first, but its there, calling you name , until one day you turn to look at it, hanging there looking soooo ripe and beautiful. You walk over to it, wanting to taste it, but you know it not right. So you walk away making it through another day. Only to awaken with it calling once again. So you walk over and touch it, then taste it only with your tongue, mmmm so sweet, so you bite it and as the juices flow down your throat, you close your eyes enjoying the pleasure of its taste and feel until its walk away and all the while need and wanting more. Trying to get through the nights, but its in your system so deep it consumes you. Having you in the middle of the night needing the next taste, and with every bite  stealing your soul, your mind until it controls your every move, want every waking moment until you can no longer think for yourself. Losing more and more of you, what is your forbidden fruit? and are you ready
My Name
to 'How Sexy Is Your Name' Shannon Dear Shannon: The first letter of your name is (S). It means that: You are secretive, self-contained, and shy. You are very sexy, sensual, and passionate, but you do not let on to this. Only in intimate privacy will this part of your nature reveal itself. When it gets down to the nitty-gritty, you are an expert. You know all the little tricks of the trade, can play any role or any game, and take your love life very seriously. You don`t fool around. You have the patience to wait for the right person to come along.
Old Love
I woke this morning to see you there, lookin at me with that loving stare. The way u bath me with that gentle touch reminds me of why I loved u so much. Suddenly feeling my heart skip a beat, relizing that my old love is Me.                                                                                                                          Written By Karen D. W
Old Love
the pain of what is in here, will not last
I Haz The Sad
I'm having a rough time recently...for multiple reason, but lets just focus on one for right now.  My cat, Bandit, has been sick for the past week or so.  I took him to the vet a couple days ago, since he wasn't eating, and it is quite apparent. They found some prety heavy amounts of plaque buildup and a bit of infections in his gums.  Nothing too serious, so they gave me some meds to give him, and told me they would help a bunch.  Vet said he didn't want to automatically run the gambit of tests and run a bill up for me, as everything else checked out. Fast forward about 48 hours later or so.  I have only successfully given him one pill since then.  Every time I have given him pills, he has turned around and vomitted shortly after.  Not sure how he can get better if I can't get him to take the meds.  He turns 12 this April as we got him shortly after we got married. I'm not sure what to do. :(
I've Had To Create A New Account.
I've had to make a new account because I messed my bartab settings up on the old one, and all i ever got told was about people's auto 11's ...   so yeah, this is the reason. Bye :|
Customer Service In A Throw Away Society
What truly boggles my mind is how customer services seems to have gone out the windows these days. Granted, we have become a throw away society; making things so cheaply that it's more cost effective to buy a new item then repair it. Nonetheless, there are still some instances were you need it. Example: I recently got rid of T-Mobile! (Hooray!) I opted for Sprint because I did have them many years ago and the sound quality was always superb. I had left for minor issues that I assumed over the the course of time have been improved upon, i.e., at the time good luck connecting to the intenet. After reviewing many phones (both consumer and CNET), I opted for the HTC Evo Shift. It's a pretty phone. LOL A bit pricy but after all the rebates, it dropped to what I felt was a reasonable price for the phone. However, I still had to pay a bit of a high bill that sent my credit card people into a jig and me into cardiac arrest. I'm sorry. I'm a cheap ass when it comes to me. LOL Anyway, the pe
To Day
Anger   Anger fills no void Anger satisfies no craving Anger feeds prejudice and ignorance Anger has a mind of it's own  It Feed revenge making it seem like the answer Making it feel like it will solve hurt Revenge solves nothing Hate fills you with anger Anger fills no void   If anger feed out heart Hate fills out minds Revenge lives our lives Then we do not live We are merely existing Living only on hate Loving nothing but hate Wanting nothing but vengeance Even thou we know Anger fills no void
Black Is The New Black.
Leave me here where you found me. I'm tired of all your indecision. Heavy hearts weigh the least in here. I can taste the fear on you, and my subtleties are lost on deafened ear. Perhaps I wasn't clear. All in none and none for all is my loudest cheer. Make it so. I know you will.  The blood in me has yet to spill.  The sane attack the sane in waves of calming discord. And then.... And Now.... Over.... Above... Below.... Don't fret. Safe in the know. Black is the new Black.
For most, you don't realize or even know what has happened in past few days ... espeically yesterday.  It's because I am who I am and I don't tell or talk about it but to a few ppl.  But I am going to let you in, so if you don't see or hear from me on occassion, you have an idea on why.   I am getting away from a roommate who is abusive and a complete a$$.  that is that person and I am done with anyone trying to bring me down.  I was married to an abuser for 10 yrs.  I am not going through it again with anyone in my life.  even a friend (or someone that is supposed to be).   But last night there was a small fire in my house.  it took out my bedroom and everything in it and part of my living room.  So what I am left with is what I got.  I am lucky not more was taken out.  it was electrical from the socket in the wall.  I am now having to find someplace to live and have to get a few things.  The lucky part is most of MY actual things are in a storage unit in TX.  I just have to go an
Instructions For Life
  1. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. 2. Memorize your favorite poem. 3. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have, or loaf all you want. 4. When you say, "I love you," mean it. 5. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye. 6. Be engaged at least six months before you get married. 7. Believe in love at first sight. 8. Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have dreams don't have much. 9. Love deeply and passionately. You may get hurt, but It's the only way to live life completely. 10. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name-calling. 11. Don't judge people by their relatives, or by the life they were born into. 12. Teach yourself to speak slowly but think quickly. 13. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?" 14. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. 15. Call your mother. 16. Say, "bless you" when you
Shout Box Message From "f.a.s."
So I wake up this mornin to find a nice little message from a woman in "F.A.S." and her name is Babii. Here is the message: BaBiiLoVeS...: hello my name is babii. and im with the females against suckage committee. or f.a.s anyway im here to let you know you fall on the suck scale. i know thats horrible news. but alas its true. you sir suck in fact you sir should of been swallowed. your mother failed.. to pay for your crime you have been downrated. you should also consider killing yourself to avoid further ridicule and suckage. have a wonderful night. sincerely the f.a.s I am sure I am not the only one to get this message. But I can say one thing about this person. She is a very insecure little princess bitch that thinks everyone should be the same. Also if you read this Babii at least have your profile open so I can at least respond to your message. Oh wait that's right you don't want to leave it open since you will probably get a lot of hate messages. Also who are you to deci
The Pain
I really wasn't so sure how today was going to go. I was hella worried, I thought that actually when I finally got moving, and went to turn in the few things that I needed to, that I was going to have enough time and not end up running into dickface. Well I was wrong, when we pulled up and I seen the truck sitting there I about flipped. I didn't want to have to deal with him at all!! I went about and did my business thinking that I was going to be able to just get in turn it in, and than go on about our day. Well needless to say he managed to follow me around like a fucking lost puppy, and tried to start shit. I did my best to keep my kuhl. I kept my temper which was a really really good thing. I thought that since we were in a public place that he would just let me be, and go about my business, but that was a big fat NEGATIVE! I couldn't believe the balls that he had to even THINK of wanting to start shit with me. I can say that I didnt allow him to ruin our day, but it did have an im
My Nighttime Prayer
Goodnight friend, May Death pass you by tonight so that you may live another day and May the Angels of Hell Protect you from the Sins of Heaven...Amen. {WRITTEN BY:Roy Venezia Jr}
[there Were Only So Many Ways I Could've Made This Gallo Pinto Better]
So I've probably made gallo pinto a hundred times by nowbut this evening (after a particularly bad batch earlier) I decided to wait waitlet's back up a step hereAlright: the indian fried rice method?-some fennel seedssome cumin seedssome chopped onionsome garlicsome saltsome cardomon seedsabout 2/3 cup of black beans1 cup of rice2 tbs of oil~3 tbs of crushed tomato sauce~a cup and a half of water or broth or stockfry the ingredients in the oiladd the liquid, bring to a simmercover put on low heat for 20 minutes?Rightright.That's one of the faster easier tastier ways to do thisso tonight I chucked in some diced jalapeno but not before deglazing the previous runs stuck on bits with the vinegar in the jar of jalapenosKinda like when I was using olive brine to deglazeunexpectedly good results.and it was only a couple tablespoons of the vinegar, and about 1 jalaepno's worthAs I was eating it, some thoughts occured though1: I not only could've, but should've put some lard in this. Or at leas
Would You Could You
Would You Could You
::day 14 - Venting::
When I got involved with a soldier, I KNEW I would be making my own sacrifices....I'd be sacrificing daily phone calls, texts, coffee dates, dinner dates...I knew this relationship would require A LOT of strength, patience and faith on my part. What I didn't see coming were people that have been life-long friends leaving me and instead of being there for me when I REALLY needed support around the days he was leaving, they were either criticizing my relationship, looking down on it, or galavanting about because they "forgot" that I invited them over when I needed them (not buying it). I now have no local friends, I'm always now by myself and it's been two weeks since I heard from my boyfriend. I was doing great about it until tonight. I have my boyfriend's saved text messages and one voicemail he left me that I helps. I just hope he calls soon...because right now, it'd be wonderful to hear "baby, I love you and miss you like crazy but I'm not giving up hope
Ensign: Grace Grace
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.            Isaiah 18:3       AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                          11 February 2011       In my life so far I’ve heard quite a few people called “Hannah Grace (their last name)” and the nitpicker inside me says that’s redundant!  The proper name Hannah comes from the Hebrew word for grace – unmerited favor – so it’s like calling someone Grace Grace.  I've learned there are several ways you can translate Hannah since then, but maybe grace is a good reminder.  Before I get accused of being too critical, when I was a kid I’d often say the “Grace” prayer before meals beginning with “God is grace” as opposed to “God is great” and it took a while before I got it right.  Once I heard it that way, and it stuck and took a while to get unstu
Hahaha Fcken Priceless
Ugg Snow Boots How The Product Identification
Which in the end we should buy it is for your own? Market prices ranging from 50-400 UGG snow boots. First of all, we get to the market Classic Argyle Knit UGG Boots classification varieties: domestic and foreign flow back. Shopping Service UGG store in addition to returning from abroad only called on true genuine uggs, genuine other Yigai can not be called UGG. Shopping Service and then the foreign-made counter the number of big difference? Existing domestic technology UGG snow boots made both in material and workmanship and foreign output of products has been almost no much difference. But there are many foreign Shopping Service returned the fee and the expensive shipping costs. In terms of the cost-effective, cost-effective domestic UGG indeed many. (Shopping Service in any foreign customs invoice not the case, do not believe them) Discount ugg boots in the domestic context is popular, because different levels of consumer spending, will have 40-400 more than the price of products
One year ago today, my life changed forever…     I look back, with no regrets.   It makes no matter where I stand today, or where I go from here…   For the yesterdays will stay with me always.
Tired and bummed.   whos with me?
Deciding Your Perfect Wedding Gown On These Fabulous Styles
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people seem to be getting dumber and dumber... You know, I mean we have all this amazing technology and yet computers have turned into basically four figure spank machines. The internet was supposed to set us free, democratize us, but all it's really given us is stupid cat videos and 24 hour a day access to midget porn. People... they don't write anymore, they blog. Instead of talking, they text, no punctuation, no grammar.. LOL this and LMFAO that. You know, it just seems to me it's just a bunch of stupid people pseudo-communicating with a bunch of other stupid people at a proto-language that resembles more what cavemen used to speak than the King's English...Yet Im part of the problem, I mean im out there blogging with the best of um.. Hence my self-loathing...
My Love
tonight let me live in your love     tonight let me hear your heart beat tonight forget me in your arms and let my sun shine from your eyes whats the meaning of this life ... ??? dreams with endless hours well whats left of my life i give it to you and every second is calling for you my love ...........................  you are me , you are my spirit  you are the one who lives inside me  no , no please dont come distant from me  you know i only sing for you  how i miss you my love say a word , a whisper tell me about your world oh this aching heart what can i tell you more  well i never have a place in your heart and my tears will inform you  that you are my soul ... i love you p.s : to a dear friend of mine ..................................... lots of love     
[notes And Random]
ZEON WANTS YOU!So it took me a month to get my sleep schedule back to where I was up 7:00a.m.-12:00 a.m.It took ONE sleepless night about 2 weeks ago to FUCK THAT UP!!!I woke up... an hour ago?More or less.Fuckingsleep.Well dear readers this is primarily a robot and ~ food blog in that I'm going meatless a couple weeks again due to necessity.I've got a ribeye primal (practically) in my fridge which is at least 6 BIG steaks for me. About 2 lbs of pork sausage, and a whole duck in my freezerand I'm due a couple whole beef livers.*calls the folks... probably not going to be up for a while*But as an act of penance (for not getting a fucking job) I'm eating another pound of rehydrated black beansthat means gallo pinto. WOO!Actually this stuff is a million times better with some pig or cow fat.Save your drippings kids.*stomach growls* so hard to be excited for rice and beans...On a happier noteI think I've made at least one breakthrough on my gouf.Since I want to make the rear thruster of th
Deciding Your Perfect Wedding Gown On These Fabulous Styles
Pull out all of the stops and go for any sharp and vivacious appear in your wedding day using a gown that just won't quit. Cheap Quinceanera Dresses With particulars like one-shoulder necklines, draped swags, floral appliques and asymmetrical hemlines, there are a lot of choices to peruse for the great wedding day ensemble. Discount wedding dresses regardless of whether you need a playful and casual design, or even a grand and intricate showstopper, be certain to choose out a thing divine that you just could be pleased with many years on right down the road. Melissa Sweet Solange Style Make a jaw-dropping entrance your groom won't quickly neglect while in the Solange wedding Gown. Hailing from your Melissa Sweet Collection, Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses this silk Garza ball gown includes a chic one-shouldered layout using a ruched waist and gorgeous detail. Beaded floral appliques cascade right down the entrance and part belonging to the bodice for any stunning asymmetrical look. i
Todays Poem
   Deception You never knew who I really was only who you wanted me to be Pushing your antiquated ideal of life You have no idea how to treat people with respect Stop filling my world with pain and strife I can learn from the mistakes I have made  I shut my heart off and opened my brain Your childish games you can continue to play You can't hurt me  or cause me pain I don't care what you do anymore  Blame other for short comings you possess But go away and leave me to my life And as they say "Man up" show a little finesse I see you for what you are and not for what you pretend to be I have been through this before you won't be the last I see how you changed when you walked in my life You are just another ghost the same as others from my past There is no way you'll understand there is no truth, There was no truth there was only a lie Truth disappeared so cold and fast Love never had a chance it was born to die  
Want To Seee Two Uesrs   this on a guy that runs contest and does not make people fallow thre with the contest and then reducleas people for what they do   thiis girl takes you bling and never fallow thres with any promisee she promises in a contest so if you really want to be shafted go two these 2 people but I have found oout that fubar will not bann them so I am taking matters into my own hands  
Revised! I Got The Spirit Of The Auction Totally Wrong
Here is the new list of offers I'm considering for Boops' Garbage Auction - If you "win"... you "own" me, with whatever cheerful or degrading thing I feel like putting in my name or status about you which reflects that. This is the "garbage" auction. Expect sleazy and degrading! I will fill your bartab with annoyances, post odd things on your profile, and maybe... just maybe add you to my old yahoo IM account. I will print out random photos of you and pee all over them. Sending you pics. Shocker salute (middle-finger salutes are so cliche) Your name in sharpie on my right testicle. I will give you my phone # and randomly text you while I'm on the toilet or in the bathtub. Rate your profle and pictures randomly low numbers, leaving inappropriate comments as the mood strikes me. Should you be foolish enough to bid things that cost real money, I'll add you to my skype where you can watch me cut my nails, pick my nose, eat dinner, and maybe you'll even get to hear me belch. Al
What Do You Sign On Fubar For?
Check this out & cast your vote..something a lil diff...TGIF!
Get Cleaned Up!
You. Yea, you. Get clean!
Sfw Mumms And Commenters
If someone writes an SFW mumm and the commenters have a need to be NSFW should the mumm deleted involuntarily and the mumm poster banned, because of the comments? A. Yes B. No
I See So Much These Days
I see so much these days here that many judge others here for one reason or another. It is not the place as this should be were minds are open and attitudes shared freely.Why is it that one feels if they have a label placed upon them here as a name that the name is who they are when they interact in real life.I met a sweet submissive recently and it was refreshing that she knew how to please and yet was caught of character when she sat and drank her wine and discussed life in general.She sat there obediently and yes did it not because she was told to but because she felt it was right to.She was surprised by me as she explained for I do not have a pic and many feel you are not real . I would rather see the person on cam as i know then the person is real or as so many do and is sad  put a piece a paper up to say who they are.Honesty in the life is an utmost ingredient if you do not have it how could you met and feel safe to allow one to take one of the greatest gifts you  p
People Say
People say this wish to meet and talk but never seems that is wish. Seems if can not make your mind up about that what can you make your mind up about. 
Why Do So Many
Why do so many play the game of being something they are not. How can one build trust if they can not be themselves, it so they may pray on the vulnerabilities of ones searching for what they seek.I am not sure why it is not more interesting to learn all you can about someone before ordering them about. How can you guide someone on a journey and seek control if you do not know what is within the mind and body of her/his being.Enjoy the gift one gives as they surrender but  be true to them and ton yourself for with the surrender it is a responsibility given and a great one when you accept. 
The Glow Radio Friday's
The Valentine's Day Threesome 75 HOURS with The Reverend DJ Furg The Valentines Day Threesome will be the Longest Marathon Broadcast for Reverend DJ Furg. His third marathon to date. The Final Goal is to set a NEW Guinness World Record for the longest marathon broadcast by a single DJ. The Current record is approximately 186 hours.      Reverend DJ Furg intends to follow the Guinness Rules during the upcoming marathon to the letter. A five minute break is accumulated for every hour on the air. Breaks can be used for power naps and restroom breaks. Meals, exercise, cigarette breaks and tooth brushing, will ALL Be done ON THE AIR (During the songs of course).     Rev Furg will verbally address the listening audience frequently to assure that the is still awake and the marathon is continuous. During the show Reverend DJ Furg will play Music and take Phone Calls from Listeners.  Call Furg @ 1-843-874-3874     The Valentine's Day Threesome starts on Fri
What I've Learned On Fu
Cuz I'm a noob, I gotsta keep track of my learnins...   In Their Screen Name Sexy - Over 300lbs BBW - Over 400lbs Milf  - has at least 3 kids by 3 baby-daddies Bitch/Evil (Bytch/Evyl) - Never graduated high school (or primary school) Death - virgin that would be an emo if only they were cooler Lone Wolf - virgin that considered using 'death' but wasn't brave enough. DJ - Illiterate Juggalo - Illiterate Acronyms/multiple XX - I am in a fu-gang on the off-chance I can speak to the hottie that's getting all the points/bling from the rest of us Second/Third Alarm anything - she-beast whore Hellyion - "Spawn of Satan" was taken   In Their About Me "I don't do drama" = Yes I do "Keep your drama off my page" = I am a stalker "I'm not here to hook up" = But I will pretend if you bling me enough "My friends matter" = if they bling me
Try This Again! The Status That All Could Learn From!
Explain to me...You call me a whore..Do explain how I am a whore when 1). I'm not getting paid for anything. 2). Whore means I would be getting laid right? Then why am I not getting any dick? So yes please explain to me how you have come to this conclusion     Trideez The Psychologist Destiny said: I came to this conclusion after running various t tests and pearsons r correlations and establishing that your whoreness continuously falls 3 standard deviations awat from the mean. Its a difficult process but i must reject the null hypothesis and call you out as a whore [image][image][image] Sass Love FU Wife to Soldierboy24 said: thinking you ment to say away not awat...but nice try cupcake! Trideez The Psychologist Destiny said: your stupid box is all white after you type a bit and then you cant see wtf you are typing sooooooooo [image] Sass Love FU Wife to Soldierboy24 said: excuses excuses...face it your analogy got ruined with your lack of abil
The Status That All Could Learn From!
Explain to me...You call me a whore..Do explain how I am a whore when 1). I'm not getting paid for anything. 2). Whore means I would be getting laid right? Then why am I not getting any dick? So yes please explain to me how you have come to this conclusion   Trideez The Psychologist Destiny said: I came to this conclusion after running various t tests and pearsons r correlations and establishing that your whoreness continuously falls 3 standard deviations awat from the mean. Its a difficult process but i must reject the null hypothesis and call you out as a whore [image][image][image] Sass Love FU Wife to Soldierboy24 said: thinking you ment to say away not awat...but nice try cupcake! Trideez The Psychologist Destiny said: your stupid box is all white after you type a bit and then you cant see wtf you are typing sooooooooo [image] Sass Love FU Wife to Soldierboy24 said: excuses excuses...face it your analogy got ruined with your lack of abili
Dj Schedule
Be sure to check this to see when you are on for new djs that wanna dj pick a spot and let me or BIG or ICE know
My Sexy Video
What Is It With Ex's
What is with with the ex's???? why is it they think u dumb enough to take them back.  Cant they get that the is a reason u left them.... OR u got lleft bye them cause they was not happy... what makes them thiink that things have changed . why is it some of them cant get the hint u are happier with the person u are with and they (the ex's ) try to break up.  Why cant they move on and for get what has happen. Why is it when they choice some one new they still will not leave u a lone and they become berry werid....
Many Feel
Many feel that the fact you are a so called Master or Mistress, Dom or Domme means all shall bow before you. Power is in how you demean one when you do not like what thee other stands for or appears to stand for in life. It is funny how many come to judge or command respect when they themselves can not understand or give it themselves in a lifestyle where the vanilla world looks at us in a light of perversion and disgust. The people I have met online and in real life have one thing in common they are not weak for they must deal with the worlds scrutiny as well as their own. They treasure their thoughts when no other will and enjoy the fruits of that journey when they meet the person that brings the fulfillment which they have searched for in life. Some may not like my thoughts and some may as we are not  cattle t be led to slaughter for not conforming to others ideas. When another gives your the gift of service that is what it is,  a gift,   either because one has earned i
Phenomenal Woman
Just Saying
If you are old enough to be my dad or my grandfather, I am probably not going to be interested. So, please don't waste our time.
I know a site that's so neat It's so fine, it can't be beat It's got everything that I desire Fubar sets my mind on fire I'm on fubar I'm on fubar I'm on fubar I'm on fubar Go to fubar when the sun goes down Ain't no finer site around It's my site, just what I Ordered So fun, it makes my mouth water I'm on fubar I'm on fubar I'm on fubar I'm on fubar Drinks on Fubar, there's nothing better If your drunk it doesnt matter
Too Effin' Early....
vallachie: you look so good mmmmmm 4:41am more To vallachie: thats kind of creepy but thanks 4:41am reply vallachie: im sorry 4:42am more To vallachie: the first part was fine...but i recommend leaving the mmmm part off 4:42am reply vallachie: yea your right     i started my day by teaching a lesson....i guess being up at the buttcrack of dawn really can be fruitful....
As I sit here in the early morning hour I have realized after a sleepless night that I have lost myself to my relationship. I don't even want to be the person I truely know I am on the inside. I feel like I have nothing left to give. I know I like things to get a little rough in the bedroom sometimes but its been made into an every time thing. I was told last night that i don't seem to be interested anymore. Maybe his eyes need to be open to the fact that I am not the one who wants to bring someone else into our bedroom. I have thought long and hard about this and I have found one thing to be true I miss being lovers and i miss being the best of friends. Somehow some where that got lost and I want it back. Love is much more then a roll in the hay. I write this here because I know my thoughts will be my own and maybe someone can give me some insight. I Need to have a place out side of my head to talk this out so by the end of the day there will be more developments to this crazy what
Can't Sleep...
You know these days I just don't sleep to much anyway. Tonight, sleep eludes me all together. Anyone who has talked to me for a while knows that I don't do well alone. Maybe thats why I can't sleep tonight. Maybe the weight of my loneliness is weighing me down. But I don't think thats it. I think tonight, I am simply thoughtful.  I think about what has been... What could be. There isn't a whole lot of could be these days. Could that be whats keeping me awake? Just because I can't see whats around the bend? Could I ever see around the bend? I don't know. I suppose in the past I've had some insight into what would come tomorrow. It is not to say that I cannot tell you what I'll do tomorrow. Its that I know tomorrow will only bring more of the same.  I remember a time when I slept like a rock. I had a reason to wake up. I knew that in the morning, everything I loved would be there waiting for me when I opened my eyes. I was happy then. I worked hard. I sweat and bled and loved every
I been around for a while to know most guys and girls are just jerks. i tollerate bs and drama but dont really care idk if they are tellin the truth
Other Than Rain
I find myself listening for rain In steady patters The roof invites her caress Open my hands Spread my fingers The waters pour between them To my feet Feel the rivlets As they tumble And join each other freely To form a path to my feet.   I find myself listening to the rain.   jrg 2011
Short & Sweet
Eloquent in its brevity.
Melissa's Story
  I've just recently started watching that show, Intervention. If you are not familiar with it, it is a show about alcoholics and drug addicts. Their families plan a surprise intervention to try to get them the help they need. This is at the end of the show. The first 2/3 of it is a documentary type of look into their life and how they got to be the way they are. Watching this show has made me face my own addiction and I want to share my story with you.   This is Melissa's story    Melissa has agreed to be in a documentary about addiction. She does not know she will soon face an intervention.   Melissa grew up in a small town. She
Baby Making For Nerds
There once lived 2 computers that met on the net, the lived hapily spamming eachother over the years. One day they swaped coolant fluids n made beautiful hardware. They grew fast and constantly needed to be updated. They later grew up and tookover the net as their parents did n made beautiful malware which spread across the net. The parents grew out of date as their hardware soon grew to be full grown towers as they were. Soon they moved onto other sites n made more hardware n made many processors and became one big happy station.    That is all for this random thought of the week.
Gift Idea
Oh the joys of gift giving..
Misplaced Blame - It All Started With A Tit
People bitch about government, taxes and apparently terrorism but never bitch about business. In the United States of America, business, with the aid and assistance of government holds complete monopolistic control over every means of human subsistence except air - they haven't figured out how to prevent you from breathing it, in order to charge you for it. Conservatives would argue that it is the God given right of business to control all means of subsistence because doing otherwise would be Godless Communism. Liberal opposition might be - well if we can't ensure that business charge a fair price then let us subsidize (bribe) business. One of the best examples of this folly is exemplified by the post WWII creation of milk boards. Cow milk, for all intents and purposes, is an absolutely irrelevant and unecessary substance to anyone or anything except baby cows. None the less a businessman discovered that he could buy a cow, feed it grass, squeeze it's tits and sell the liquid to people
For You
You don't think of a lot of things to happen when they do. A lot of people say that when you least expect what you are looking for it just drops into your lap. I can say that I can believe that 100%. I never thought I would be saying those three words again, I never thought I could mean them more than I ever have before. I know that I am not perfect, I have my flaws, I am broken, but I will do my damndest to put myself together for you. So you can see the real me, so you can hold so dear and true to who I am. If there is anything that I want you to know more than ever right now it's that I will do whatever I can so you are able to be successful at what you want. I will always stand by your side, stand proud and stay true to you. I wont wonder, I wont stray. We both have been through a lot, it only makes us that much more of who we are. It makes us able to understand each other even more. I was scared shitless knowing that you were coming to court with me today. Hell I didnt want to go
Status Of The Day.
Sometimes ya just have to appreciate the little a funny status.. ha. Yah. You know what's
Why People Hurt The One's They Love By Cheating Part 1
Cheating, you can ask your friends or family. And I will guarantee you that the majority of them will tell you the same thing. Either the man could not keep it in his pants and he is such a bastard or that the woman is a slut and just a whore. Or perhaps the person that they cheated with,  is a slut or a whore, or just an asshole trying to get laid.  You hear this all the time, and the funny thing is that this is the first thing that friends and family will tell you.  You don't hear them tell you that it was your own fault. It is always easier to blame someone else rather than take the blame yourself.   People always think to themselves why did he/she do this to me. What have I done to deserve such a betrayal from this person.  And the question that everybody should be asking is what have I or could have done to prevent this from happening.  The truth is that people cheat for two reasons. The first is lack of team work that is there in the relationship. Which I will discuss in pa
Why People Hurt The One's They Love By Cheating Part 2
My last blog I discussed how sex contributes to the reason why people cheat in a relationship. In this blog I will go over the lack of team work that there is in the relationship and how this in turn contributes to cheating in the relationship. We all have this, and it doesn't matter if one person is older, younger, more intelligent, stronger emotionally, wiser, or even just more experienced. We all have our expectations on how the relationship we are in should be like. No matter what type of relationship we would like to have it takes a lot of hard work and determination. The real problems start probably for the most part after the first 4 months of a relationship. In the first 4 months usually everybody is on there best behavior trying to impress the other person do whatever they can to make them happy. Thinking they don't want to say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing. Then after the four months everything changes. For some reason people tend to think that it is there primar
People Who Think They Are Special
You know it's funny when you actually sit down and analyze not only yourself but others as well. There is one thing you come to realize and that is that everyone in the world is the same, no one is better than you and you are no better than anyone else. For the most part people in general are often selfish and think of themselves above others. They tend to think that the world owes them something. Most people usually don't figure this out until later in life when it is to late and their life is almost over. They wasted their whole life trying to be the most important thing in the world, when the world is so much more important than they are. If you ask yourself if your were to die tomorrow would anybody miss you other than family and close friends. Would people remember you in 10 years, would people say nice things about you, would they have plenty of fond memories of you that they would cherish for their entire life, or would they just move on to their next friend or loved one, while
She Sleeps....
She sleeps in the nude, moist, pierced nipples hard. Anticipating the touch of a strong hand. Knowing one day HE will be there........
Late Valentines Auction/contest
OK peps..I am gonna host another auction/contest...a late Valentines know I am behind! This one is 4 everyone! So cum all...lmao!    It will start Monday 2/14/11 & end on Sunday 2/20/11! There is no charge 2 enter the auction! I do them 4 fun & 2 help others! Ownership lasts for 1 month! U can accept any bid at any time if u want!    Here is what I need from u if u want in:   1. A link 2 a pic of u (SFW or NSFW)   2. A list of everything u want 2 offer (please no really long lists)   Please send info & pic in a private message not in my shout box! Put subject as Auction so I know what it is! If u need help with ideas I will be glad 2 help out!   Here is how the contest part is gonna work! The winner will be decided on total rates! If there is a tie it will go by rates & comments combined!  Prizes:   1st Place: 1 Boomy 2nd Place: 5 Credit Bling 3rd Place: 3 Credit Bling     So get me ur info asap!   Thanks, Christina =)
Ice Cream Soda Whole Neighbohood Can Hear Me!
Yesterday when I was off from work I spent the day with Sarah and Jeffrey in the house; it was below zero and we couldn’t go anywhere because first for the last few days our Elantra that I drove Monday has needed a new battery since I got home, second our Town and Country van was at Nybakken’s Body Shop getting its front and rear bumpers, chrome strips, and dented side door fixed, and third Martha’s mom Sharon had been driving me and Mary and Martha to and from work as we needed to go.  It was a lot of fun though … yesterday I updated my Facebook status with a Break the Safe game the three of us finished in sixteen minutes (with three players, you have twenty-three minutes to get around the board, get four keys, and get back to the safe with them to stop the clock) and a Po-Ke-No game (combining poker and bingo) that Jeffrey won.  We even got in a forty-five minute nap; it would have been longer, but I was not up to fighting the kids on that.  I’ve been s
daedal\ DEE-duhl \adjective;    1.  Complex or ingenious in form or function; intricate.    2.  Skillful; artistic; ingenious.    3.  Rich; adorned with many things.
The good and the wise lead quiet lives.  -  Euripides
Is It So Wrong
Is it so wrong to want to know u come first and that you matter? Is it so wrong to want to be told that you are beautiful?  Is it wrong to want that which you give to that special someone in return? To know that you mean as much to them as they do to you?
The Glow Radio
The Valentine's Day Threesome 75 HOURS with The Reverend DJ Furg The Valentines Day Threesome will be the Longest Marathon Broadcast for Reverend DJ Furg. His third marathon to date. The Final Goal is to set a NEW Guinness World Record for the longest marathon broadcast by a single DJ. The Current record is approximately 186 hours.      Reverend DJ Furg intends to follow the Guinness Rules during the upcoming marathon to the letter. A five minute break is accumulated for every hour on the air. Breaks can be used for power naps and restroom breaks. Meals, exercise, cigarette breaks and tooth brushing, will ALL Be done ON THE AIR (During the songs of course).     Rev Furg will verbally address the listening audience frequently to assure that the is still awake and the marathon is continuous. During the show Reverend DJ Furg will play Music and take Phone Calls from Listeners.  Call Furg @ 1-843-874-3874     The Valentine's Day Threesome starts on Fri
How To Possess A Stunning Beach Wedding With A Little Creativity
You don't must be rich. You don't must employ an costly planner with the large evening of your beach wedding. Discount wedding dresses You possibly have observed in films and periodicals exactly where couples stated "I do" in the stunning tropical beach exactly where sparkling water, sand, wind and glorious sunlight make the natural environment so relaxed, how romantic. wedding dresses So why can't you be the same? With just a little imagination and wonderful planning, you can possess a stunning beach wedding which will envy of your good friends and family. Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses I mean, your good friends and loved ones would be weeping tears of joy. think me, you can truly encounter exactly the same feelings that you simply see the films and periodicals using a beach wedding also it is a great deal much less costly than holding the ceremony in the accommodation or church. Right here are some hints for achieving your "picture appropriate beach wedding." Take measures to creat
Thunderous Elevator Ride
Thunderous Elevator Ride Copyright Ms. Cleavage 2007 I have just checked into my hotel and am about to go up the elevator to my room and I am standing in the lobby waiting for those stainless steel faced doors to open. The bell rings with each floor it stops at as I wait for it open for me. A long flight to Vancouver from Montreal and all I want to do is get undressed, take a shower and get into bed. I have a very busy schedule booked for tomorrow. I look at my watch and it is 10:35 PM. It is late and all I hear in the lobby is a phone ringing way off in the distance at the registration desk and of course that soft piano music being piped in all over the hotel. The full-length windows that line the lobby show my reflection staring out into the late night darkness. I can see some flashing of lightning off in the distance. Must be a storm approaching. Each flash highlights the clouds and accentuates the darkness of the cloud that surrounds the bolt of lightning. Finally, the bell rin
A Dance For All
   Could this be a true story?   A Dance for All. Copyright Ms. Cleavage 2009   The evening was getting late and my husband and I sat at the edge of the stage watching a very buxom young blonde with a very shapely body do her exotic dance in front of us and using the pole to the maximum.   This woman was so different for instead of using the latest of the loudness of hip hop songs as her music she used some of the best of classic rock music and she gathered quite a large crowd since the audience was primarily of older gentlemen who can remember the songs.   Her hair was full and wavy and not straight and stringy like the younger dancers.   Most of her music was from the 1980s when my husband and I were dating and it all brought so many memories back to us of our younger days.    With her mix of music were the sounds groups and singers such as Sade, and Marvin Gaye, Journey and Chicago and she moved around the stage being so     sultry and sexy with Sade in the backgrou
One Of My Favorite Poems
After we flew across the country wegot into bed, laid our bodiesdelicately together, like maps laidface to face, East to West, mySan Francisco against your New York, yourFire Island against my Sonoma, myNew Orleans deep in your Texas, your Idahobright on my Great Lakes, my Kansasburning against your Kansas your Kansasburning against my Kansas, your EasternStandard Time pressing into myPacific Time, my Mountain Timebeating against your Central Time, yoursun rising swiftly from the right mysun rising swiftly from the left yourmoon rising slowly from the left mymoon rising slowly from the right untilall four bodies of the skyburn above us, sealing us together,all our cities twin cities,all our states united, onenation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Feelin Alone!
Does anyone ever feel like your alone and unwanted? I feel that way most of the time. I just feel like noone but my kids loves me. I am basically a single mom of three wonderful kids. Don't get me wrong I love my kids but I wish I had a man who loved me for me and love my kids. I just feel like I hate my life. I need a change in my life. Hopefully with me working, I can. My kids father lives with us. I have tried to make it work with us but it seems like he don't want it to work. He wants his freedom but wants to use me at the same time. I feel like going outta my mind!!!
Tiffany's Night Out
   This story was inspired by a friend here on Fubar who set up the possible story and I wrote this for her.   Tiffany’s Night Out Copyright Ms. Cleavage 2008   The bar was crowded and the music was beating very loud and the five of us girls quickly saw an empty table.  We darted for the table at the same time.  We were all laughing because we got to table so quickly.  We all continued to laugh as we settled into out chairs.  It was so funny and was setting the tone for our evening out.   The scents that I smelled were so much of different alcoholic beverages that were being poured up to the customers.  But the predominant smell throughout the bar was that of the familiar beer.   The hostess came over to our table and we all ordered our first round for the night of favorite longneck beer.   When the waitress walked away I locked eyes on this very good looking black gentleman sitting up at the bar.  Our eyes locked for just a second but it was filled with sexual tensio
Week 2
So this week was not that great, but I was still down. I lost .8...not quite a pound but with my nephews birthday and the superbowl...i am ok with it :)
Stolen From Klover
Opening credits: Green Onions -Booker T and the MG's Waking up:  I Feel Good- James Brown Average day:  Crazy Train- Ozzy Osbourne .00First date:   Drop Dead Legs- Van Halen Falling in love: Crash Into Me- Dave Matthews Band Love scene:  Lets get it on- Marvin Gaye Fight scene:  Let the Bodies hit the Floor- Drowning Pool Breaking up:  Love Stinks- J.Geils Band Getting back together:  Still in love with you- Al Green Secret love:   Distant Lover- Marvin Gaye Life's okay:  3 Little Birds- Bob Marley Driving:   Thunderkiss '65- Rob Zombie Learning a lesson:   Changes - David Bowie and Freddy Mercury Deep thought:  My Philosophy- Boogie Down Productions Flashback:  No escapin this- The Beatnuts Partying:  Where'd you get your funk from- Parliament Funkadelic Regret: Little Lion Man- Mumford and Son Long night alone:   I wish it would rain- The Temptations Death scene:  Black- Pearl Jam Closing credits: People Get Ready- Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions   Breaking d
Thunderous Elevator Ride
Thunderous Elevator Ride Copyright Ms. Cleavage 2007 I have just checked into my hotel and am about to go up the elevator to my room and I am standing in the lobby waiting for those stainless steel faced doors to open. The bell rings with each floor it stops at as I wait for it open for me. A long flight to Vancouver from Montreal and all I want to do is get undressed, take a shower and get into bed. I have a very busy schedule booked for tomorrow. I look at my watch and it is 10:35 PM. It is late and all I hear in the lobby is a phone ringing way off in the distance at the registration desk and of course that soft piano music being piped in all over the hotel. The full-length windows that line the lobby show my reflection staring out into the late night darkness. I can see some flashing of lightning off in the distance. Must be a storm approaching. Each flash highlights the clouds and accentuates the darkness of the cloud that surrounds the bolt of lightning. Finally, the bell rin
North Atlantic Sail
North Atlantic Sail Copyright Ms. Cleavage 2007 I was dining on the deck of my boat and I saw you lying in the deck’s lounge chair sunning yourself in the North Atlantic early evening sun, topless. You only wore the skimpiest of bikini bottoms with white bows of string holding this bottom on your body. Otherwise your body would have been completely nude. What a sight to see on this warm evening. The setting Arctic sun and your loveliness before me were too much for the senses to handle. Your breasts are magnificent. Your nipples are erect with the sea’s air tantalizing them as they are exposed for me and the God’s to see. I walk over to you to offer you a glass of only the finest of desert wines for our post dining pleasures. You open your eyes to see me approach. You offer your hand to receive the glass into the delicate grasp of your fingers. You sit up to drink your wine and your large, delicious breasts settle on your chest to display their ripe firmness. You
Lake Tahoe Storm
Lake Tahoe Storm Copyright by Ms. Cleavage 2007 The scent of winter fills the air of our cabin as I light the fire in our massive stone fireplace off in the corner of the living room. The floor is all hard wood except for the deep rugs about the room and the occasional large pillows stacked in the corners for more comfort while lying on the floor. Through the window I can see the lights shining off of the silvery snow for the night skiers at Heavenly Valley ski slopes. They are skiing the slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and I have visions of your slopes in my mind. At this moment I long for your mounds over the ski trip that we have come to enjoy. Our leather chair and couch is very large and cushy. Paintings of the wilderness around us are mounted on the walls to keep the ambiance of nature within the walls and not just outside. Our cabin is totally rustic in every way. Wood is the natural surroundings that we enjoy inside of this building separating us from the falling
Saturday Night
  Saturday Night By Ms. Cleavage copyright 2007     It was a few minutes after 11 pm when we finally went to bed. I was following my husband down the hall to our bedroom when he entered the room and I walked up behind him as he stopped to pull the blankets back. He stood before me with his back to me only wearing his boxers. I reached around his chest with both of my arms and gave him a big hug. I made sure that my breasts pressed up against his bare back so he can feel them give his shoulder blades a hug while I pinched his nipples that he loves so much. I took my fingernails and ran large circles around each of his nipples and I could hear him take a deep breath as I did so. I stepped back a bit and ran my nails over his shoulders and down the length of his spine very slowly teasing him with the touch all the while. I dropped to my knees behind him and then tugged lightly at the elastic band at the top of his boxers dropping them slowly just so that I could see the top of the
The Elevator
The Elevator Copyright by Ms. Cleavage 2007 The elevator door closes and behind me is a very handsome man that I noticed as I entered. He is wearing a very expensive looking suit with an attaché case in his right hand leaning up against the wall. He smiles at me as I enter the elevator and I press the button for the floor below the button he pushed. We have many floors to go yet. I stand there in the middle of the floor and we began our ascent to our destination. I can smell the scent of his cologne as it wafts over my shoulder. Very manly and extremely seductive was the scent from his cologne. It made my mind wander with the allure from his scent. I hear the tap of his attaché case as he sets it on the floor behind me and off to his side. Suddenly, I feel his arm slowly reach around my waist and give me a slight tug backwards and I can feel his body press up against my back. I gasped for a second but never say a word. Against my ass I can feel the stiffness of his cock as it ris
The Limo
The Limo Copyright Ms. Cleavage 2007 We are together in the back of a lavish, new, black limousine, driving from a delicious dinner back to our hotel room, when traffic in the city comes to a complete halt. The night was warm so we got out of the limo to wander around and we make some small talk with the driver who stays seated in the car but with the front door open. You are wearing a long black gown with a deep plunging neckline. The top of your gown is loose fitting which becomes flirtatious to men as you turn at your waist to allow even more of your breasts to become exposed; yet never allowing all to be seen. As we chat with the driver, a gust of wind comes through the canyon of the high rise buildings and blows the loose fitting top of your gown to expose one of your breasts to the driver and to me. Your nipple is suddenly peaked with an erection as the wind whisks across it. The driver and I look at each other and simply smile. We both silently agree between gentlemen that wha
How To Possess A Stunning Beach Wedding With A Little Creativity
You don't must be rich. You don't must employ an costly planner with the large evening of your beach wedding. Discount wedding dresses You possibly have observed in films and periodicals exactly where couples stated "I do" in the stunning tropical beach exactly where sparkling water, sand, wind and glorious sunlight make the natural environment so relaxed, how romantic. wedding dresses So why can't you be the same? With just a little imagination and wonderful planning, you can possess a stunning beach wedding which will envy of your good friends and family. Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses I mean, your good friends and loved ones would be weeping tears of joy. think me, you can truly encounter exactly the same feelings that you simply see the films and periodicals using a beach wedding also it is a great deal much less costly than holding the ceremony in the accommodation or church. Right here are some hints for achieving your "picture appropriate beach wedding." Take measures to creat
First Class
First Class by Ms. Cleavage Copyright Ms. Cleavage 2007 I have just taken my assigned right aisle seat in first class and opened the latest issue of “Newsweek” and begun to read a story about Terrorism in Iraq and suddenly - you walk through the entrance to the seating section of the Boeing 747. There is a certain air about you as you enter; every male in the front passenger area is staring at you. You seize the moment and demand the attention, perhaps not intentionally, but your presence shows how secure you are with your personal image and your sexuality. You are wearing a white silk blouse above a black pleated silk skirt that stops just above your knees. The blouse is puffy in the arms and loose all over but it is evident you are not wearing a bra for your nipples are visible and standing erect from the smoothness of the silk against them. You walk past the galley to your seat and search for an empty space for your carry on bag in the overhead compartment. Finding a
~love's True Essence~
One of My Favorite Readings....Hope You Like It... Kahlil Gibran on Love, from the Book- 'The Prophet' When love beckons to you, follow him, Though his ways are hard and steep. And when his wings enfold you yield to him, Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you. And when he speaks to you believe in him, Though his voice may shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden. For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you. Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning. Even as he ascends to your height and caresses your tenderest branches that quiver in the sun, So shall he descend to your roots and shake them in their clinging to the earth. Like sheaves of corn he gathers you unto himself. He threshes you to make you naked. He sifts you to free you from your husks. He grinds you to whiteness. He kneads you until you are pliant; And then he assigns you to his sacred fire, that you may become sacred bread for God's sacred feast
New User Name
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A Long Overdue Installment Of Shout Box Idiocy
Thank you hotguyinIndy who just happened to randomly select my shout box....hopefully you will be able to fully explore your nakedness this evening with someone who cares.   hotguyinIndy: i enjoy to be naked so since im not workin i really dont have to be dressed the rest of the night lol yay haha 1:36pm Dumplyn Mc...: yeah, unless you live with your mom and she has like boyfriends who come over 1:38pm hotguyinIndy: lol ya 1:39pm Dumplyn Mc...: guess that would put a damper on nakedness for the night 1:40pm hotguyinIndy: lol i geuss so.not for me 1:42pm Dumplyn Mc...: and your moms are cool like that? that's cool, are you european? 1:43pm hotguyinIndy: umm no 1:44pm Dumplyn Mc...: Oh, its rare for American familys to be open about nudity. 1:47pm hotguyinIndy: umm i am not open about nudity with family 1:48pm Dumplyn Mc...: but you just said that you live with your mom and her bringing
Why do men have be so hard to deal with. I have a male friend. He is really high strung. He and a few of his friends went grocery shopping last thursday. He bought some beer. Well we finally get almost home and another guy who was with me say that this guy was having a hard time carry all this beer. So My other friend offered to put one of the packs of beer in his backpack. And this other guy matt had a cow and thought we were stealing it from him.   I want to know why men need to be so high strung.
Before And After
Remember that the key to good marketing is to steer your prey toward the outcome you want.  For example, the typical Before and After comparison.  A good marketer will make the Before image undesirable in many ways.  Their tricks include moody expressions, off colors, and poor lighting.  The After photo is typically the opposite with happy faces with colorful lighting.   Below are two test photos for you.  If you can correctly identify the Before and After photos you will win a fabulous fuprize.  Good luck and study them closely. A   B   ____________________________________________________________   And just because fubar help was not helpful you have to find the pictures in my "Blog Pics" Album.
90 Year Old Man
Q: What do you call a ninety year old man who can still masturbate?A: Miracle Whip.
Fairytale Difference
Q: What's the difference between a Northern fairytale and a Southern fairytale?A: A Northern fairytale begins, "Once upon a time..." A Southern fairytale begins, "Y'all aren't gonna believe this shit..."
Bernanke Helps Defuse "default"
Our federal government is currently $14.1 trillion in debt. The vast majority of the American people believe this number is far too high and on track to go far higher. Fortunately, Congress created a mechanism to force itself to reexamine its spending habits when budget deficits got out of control: the debt ceiling. Once total outstanding federal debt reaches the limit, the Treasury Department is no longer authorized to issue new debt. Like the states and family budgets, the federal government would then be forced to make do with tax receipts. The current debt limit is $14.294 trillion. The Treasury Department predicts that we will reach that limit sometime this spring. Somewhere between 62 percent and 71 percent of the American people oppose raising it. Will Washington listen to the American people? Or will they heed the Obama Administration and just continue their reckless spending ways?In defense of never-ending reckless spending, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has been trying
My Business
For all of you may know i have my own business making and selling handmade jewelry well i finally have a facebook business page for my business i am asking all who have a facebook page to come check out my biz and like it and help spread the word of it it would be greatly appreciated from the bottom of my heart the link is again it would be greatly appreciated  ty all who have come checked this out and is willing to help show support
Fox News Insider: “stuff Is Just Made Up” February 10, 2011 7:20 Am Et By Eric Boehlert (repost)
Asked what most viewers and observers of Fox News would be surprised to learn about the controversial cable channel, a former insider from the world of Rupert Murdoch was quick with a response: “I don’t think people would believe it’s as concocted as it is; that stuff is just made up.” Indeed, a former Fox News employee who recently agreed to talk with Media Matters confirmed what critics have been saying for years about Murdoch’s cable channel. Namely, that Fox News is run as a purely partisan operation, virtually every news story is actively spun by the staff, its primary goal is to prop up Republicans and knock down Democrats, and that staffers at Fox News routinely operate without the slightest regard for fairness or fact checking.    “It is their M.O. to undermine the administration and to undermine Democrats,” says the source. “They’re a propaganda outfit but they call themselves news.” And that’s the word from
Corners Of My Mind
In my dreams we run thru the vastness of space as two wayward comets.Streaming thru endless space at speeds beyond human comprehension.Intermingling and enjoying the sights and sounds that no human can ever experience but as black holes eat planets around us and supernovas form giving life to planets billions of miles away nothing takes my breath away more than looking into your eyes.I fall into them and find myself in a place where galaxies are formed.A place where a soul loses and finds itself over and over again.A place where Alice and Dorothy would be mind fucked beyond belief. WRITTEN BY:Roy Venezia Jr
Just Me
i am just who i am i will be up front with you and im looking to have fun dont like to be lied to dont have time for drama keep it to your self im a stong and smart sothern female if you cant handle it step wont to be my freind be honest and true and we can get along wont to know anything ask and if you can handle all that you wont to date we will see and you will see that if you date me you will be loved
Is It Important To Swallow Or Not To Swallow
Here a question.  Do u women like to swallow our love juices or do us men want you guys to do to make it look cool? Or is just something else
Female Experience: Vs Male Experience
           A number of exclusive male or female emotions and experiences can never be fully experienced across sexual boundaries. Two examples are illustrated below;  ENJOY...         Female            An implicit, constant physical threat toward women exists from essentially every man.  That threat exists because the different physical and psycological natures of man and woman leave most men with the power literally to kill any woman at any time. Even smaller, weaker men could kill most bigger stronger women in a bare-hand fight to the death. So most women are perpetually at the physical mercy of men.                  Under that threat, women often must silently take the degradation of being bullied or treated as sex objects as their earned qualities are ingnored.  No man can fully know that particular degration because he has no way of duplicating the conditions which create that uniquely female stiuation. Even if the man were unjustly treated as a sex object, he would still hav
Words From My Beautiful Babydoll
 Loving you makes me so happy. you loving me back the way u do is my miracle. eternity together is my Heaven     3/1/2011     I love my Baby Boo, he’s all mine…..He loves me like no other, tells me all the time.                                           2/23/2011  He takes care of my heart, body and mind….I crave his touch, he’s so fine.  His love pumps my blood, his words are my air, When I look at his photos I just stop and stare.  I think to myself “how lucky am I?” For the undying love of such a wonderful guy.  He’s my best friend, my love, soul mate,Finding him at last was pure fate.  With my broken heart healed and a smile on my face, A future with Rob I know is my place.  I love you endlessly and will all the years through, Thank you for making my Fairy Tale come true.                     31 baby…FOREVER Love, Michelle   Everywhere I go, Everything I do...Sleeping or awake my heart is full of you. I feel you all ar
Webcam Models Wanted Make $1000 A Day
Make $1000 a day men,women,couple Sexy Women Apply Here Sexy Men Apply Here
Gop Cuts Deep As Right Revolts
After reading the below I can't help but ask why it is that the party that claims the moral high ground and that it most looks after the needs of families would choose the programs it has to cut funds from first? WIC and the EPA? So you don't really want children to be healthy or have a healthy environment to grow up in, afterall? And denying funds to the SEC is exactly the kind of move that sets up the potential for another great recession down the road, by effectively limiting the amount of oversight trading groups get. By DAVID ROGERS | 2/9/11 10:33 AM EST Updated: 2/9/11 8:19 PM EST Faced with a revolt on the right, House Republicans scrambled Wednesday to adjust their budget strategy and come up with tens of billions of dollars in additional savings — including a possible across-the-board cut — to appease tea party supporters. The day began with the once-proud House Appropriations Committee previe
perfectly shadowed  by all my thoughts extreamly numb  with all i knowbut sometimes it feels good to feel this pain that one that let me know that am alive that am okaydesperate moments when i would love to be away from all but little the agony i feel on ur sidemistery moment, moments of light moments i dont know whats true and whats a lie.confusing thoughts that over come my head telling akward things
while passion domains my body senses grow stronger in meguiding my way into a path of needs where i'm inmune to suffering where nothing can go wrong in a place i knowdark shadowed by ourselves gloomy by the warmth of our bodiescentering us in feeling each otherreaching for so much pleasure for so much deep
memories remain but nothign new will appear secrets i can hold but not my tearsi can say nothing happendbut in me a world can be crumbling to piecesi'll remember every word i say but i dont know if i could follow them i can say i;ll be okay but am buried in my own ashesi'll pretend to be sttrong but they know am not like thati may have a great smile on my face but many things runs in my head, to be still or not'cuz i thought it would be different butI THINK I WAS WRONG.
HEROBack to this place, back to this room, where everything goes blackwhere all i can hear is my heart pounding when my memories comes to onethere's where i can see clearly what had happend and what i've been through through lies, deceptions, suffering and disrespect...remembering everything while time goes, then i realize light has arrived, where its my savior, the one who help me out the one that took the darkness and vanish them awayuntil nothings left.
A Piece Of Me!
simply so clear as i stare in the night ever so deep when i see u in the lighttrying to remember that u are here to be mineforcing our feeling to stay put and not burstbut simplyas my heart go softmy mind work without a break can i manage this situationthat i can no longer embracewalls crumbles at my feet making to path for me to follow
Rant About The Woman I Had A Relationship With Who I Met On Fubar
Okay this is my first post in a couple of years so bear with me here.   I met a woman on here, Amethest Dream, and it was wonderful, she was a bit far away and the travel took its toll, but I was in love and felt it worth it, so I bought a house and moved 1,500 miles to be with her. we met on here in December of 2008, I met her IRL in Febuary of 09, and moved here on April 5th of 2010. and it took her less then three months from the time i used my entire saving to buy a house and relocate to cheat on me. I didn't find out about it untill October, and then I was not 100% sure that she had, so being who I am i gave her the benifit of the doubt and took her at her word that she had not, even though i had quite a bit of evidence to the contrary, i know, stupid me.   Well come the 2nd week of january 2011, she went to Duluth to "Look for an apartment so she could move there to go back to school"   While up there she proceded to spend the entire week cheating on me, once she returned I
Achieving Vibrant And Radiant Health In The 21st Century
I'm a super duper health nut.  I eat organic veggies and fruits, I drink kombucha mushroom tea, I exercise daily, I read the ingredients on stuff at the health food store (every ingredient).  My lifestyle has changed over the years and today I enjoy much improved health thanks to my growing awareness.  I urge my friends and loved ones to learn more about nutrition and stop eating crap, although they are not always receptive. (especially my family).  Since most people are resistant to this knowledge, I really don't get pushy about it, I just state my case and then I drop it.  Later if they are interested in learning more, they will approach ME, at which point I will expand further.  I really try not to give advise unless I am asked, but sometimes its hard not to say something.  For example:  Pork is the most WORMY of all meats, and is among the MOST likely to develop mold.  Apparently, pigs don't sweat, and so they retain all their toxins in their flesh.Its not always pretty, but someti
1st Wish (never Come True)
I see you standing there, you do not see me at all your attention is on the guy you are talking to, Yet You feel someone gazing at you when you look he isnt there, that someone is me, im there but not, You see im out of site to you, because i dont have the courage to say what iwanna say to you, i choke at every chance i get. I stand in the bathroom into the mirror and repeat the words i want to say to you, its so easy, its is so very easy but when i see you in the coffee shop, or i see you in the store all ican do is smile, and all you do is give something that looks like a smile....i turn and walk out the door...pounding my head with my hand repeating..IDIOT! I go home, eat, and think nothing else but you, i dream of you in my arms, and i watch you sleep..waking see them empty...null and void, and then starts over...watching but never getting my wish
Just Sharing
Feel Again Much time I now spend, watchingWatching as others pass by, livingLiving their livesI watch not for care of wanting to know themOr even so as to learn from what they do and sayI simply watch…and wonderWondering why. Why do I feel this wayWondering how. How have I come to this pointWondering when. When can I ever hope to feel againAs I watch, I rememberRemember what it was like…To feel as they feelTo laugh as they laughTo cry as they cryTo hope as they hopeTo hurt as they hurtTo love, to hate, to long, to fear, to yearn…to rejoice…to liveBut such is all that I have…memoriesMemories which flow before my mind’s eyeEven as the people flow before my gazeAnd I, I sit quietly in the shadow…And wonder
Zenith Chronomaster Open El Primero Watches
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Saturday Mornings
Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead Because Kids Grow Up FasterIn the year 2010 kids grow up faster than they did in 1987. Not grow up faster physically, most kids I know are twerps. But the kids now face things in the real world at a much younger age. They grow up so fast that it is no longer cool to watch cartoons once you're 10 years old.Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead Because Cartoons are For AdultsIf you think about a lot of the cartoons beings made, most of them are being made for adults. Shows like the Simpsons, Family Guy and Futurama are not for young kids.Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead Because of Home Video PopularityIf you think back to when you were a kid, assuming you weren't a kid like five years ago then home videos were probably not as huge as they are today. Sure you probably had a video or two that you liked but now kids are practically raised on videos rather than Saturday morning cartoons.Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead Because of Cartoon Netw
doppelganger\ DOP-uhl-gang-uhr \noun;    1.  A ghostly double or counterpart of a living person.    2.  Alter ego; double.
The purpose of all wars, is peace.  -  Saint Augustine
Suicide Poem, A Sonnet
Was I bewitched so by the thin red line To notice not that time released its hold And let pale Iris snip the silver twine To steal sweet youth before it turned to gold. Existence now is not what I was told; No seraphim and harps to grace my ear, Just silence, painful silence, and the cold Discomfort of my masochistic fear, So icy cold, yet somehow seems to sear My soul until the ache's too much to bare, As mortal life mirages now appear: Intangible are they; away they tear. Mistake, it was; the curtain fell too soon When razor's edge did charm me like the moon.
For everything there must come a last. A last minute, a last hour, a last month, day, or year. A last drink, a last coke, a last tequila, scotch, or beer. A last love, a last heart, a last kiss, hug, or rage... Or even the last words written on a page. But the worst last thing is your last breath because what is to follow will surely be your death.
It's Totally Random
So I am doing this thing at work.  I wont bore you with all the technical details, I think if I said schema most people would think I am inner city kid who makes a lot of plans.  But I digress, my point is I had to generate a long string of numbers, so I had a little fun with it.  THis is what I came up with:   1.2.840.113556.1.8000.87901.9035768.19776.55378008.1415926.1.   The 1.2.840.113556 is mandatory, the rest is all Pedro.  What does it mean?  I'll let you decide what you can pick out.  But to me, it cracked me up for an hour.   
20 Facts That Will Make You Really Mad If You Stop And Think About Them For A While (repost)
The more you read the news today the more likely you are to get really mad.  The world is becoming an incredibly crazy place, and at times the amount of bad news that is coming out can seem almost overwhelming.  Everywhere you look, the poor are being oppressed, our politicians are making stupid decisions and evil is on the march.  The America that so many of us grew up deeply loving is literally being ripped to shreds in a thousand different ways.  Unfortunately, those in power have not had any real answers for us in decades.  The Democrats don't have any real answers, the Republicans don't have any real answers and the Federal Reserve sure as heck does not have any real answers.  In fact, it seems like almost everything that our leaders actually do "accomplish" only makes things worse.  The vast majority of Americans are quite busy being entertained by "bread and circuses", but meanwhile our country is literally falling apart. The following are 20 facts that will make
Funny How..
...much you can accomplishment when your efforts will reward you with more personal time. Such was the case with this trip.   Touched down and checked in last night without complication. Even the rental car company had no mishaps to offer. The hotel gave me a location most atop the hill, with a lil better view of the valley, the very end room top floor in fact, so I wound up with a bay window sitee because the balcony ends at my door. The matre'd remebered me, and loaded me up with vouchers for dinner and drinks, or I guess thats why, because I didnt get that treatment loast stay. Nice. It was pretty cool meeting with vendors that Ive interfaced with considerably, who have become acquainted with me only in a text spoken or phone environment. Interesting for them as was me. Im quite sure I was nothing like the image they had conjured from my business personality lol. Whatever it may have been, they seemed at ease by what I turned out to be, and things went really smoothly. There wer
Fumafia Missions : Part 3. Deeper Look Into
(this blog is under construction) Below is a description of FuMafia Mission Rewards for the completion of the five stages.   Bronze Stages yield skill points Silver Stages yield cash dividends Gold Stages yield greater skill points. Platinum Stages Rewards Listed Below. 1. Break Into A HouseCongratulations, you have earned a Platinum level mastery in this missionAdditionally, you have been awarded:* $800,000 cash.2. ShopliftCongratulations, you have earned a Platinum level mastery in this missionAdditionally, you have been awarded:* $1,000,000 cash.* 5 Pipe Bombs.3. Mug SomebodyCongratulations, you have earned a Platinum level mastery in this missionAdditionally, you have been awarded:* $1,300,000 cash.* 10 Pipe Bombs.4. Steal A CarCongratulations, you have earned a Platinum level mastery in this missionAdditionally, you have been awarded:* 5 Military Jeeps.* 5 Abandoned Storefront.* 20 Pipe Bombs.5. Break Into A BusinessCongratulations, you have earned a Platinum level mastery
Points Which Will Help You Select The Best Style Dress For Your Figure
Every bride desires to appearance lovely on her Melbourne wedding morning that is why most brides invest weeks searching at and attempting on many differentwedding dresses searching for that appropriate dress. Cheap Maternity Wedding Dresses However, gown hunting could be very frustrating specifically if you don't know which variations are ideal suited for your figure. retain in thoughts that each possible bride, each woman is lovely in her personal way , Cheap Quinceanera Dresses and if those people apparel you are attempting on aren't flattering the issue is not you but, the design of dress. Right here are some points which will support you select one of the best design gown for the figure regardless of what your figure may perhaps be. Large Busted Woman If you undoubtedly are a woman blessed having a big bust but, want a gown that offers you an general proportioned appearance for the wedding morning there are numerous variations of apparel which will fit you beautifully. Inexpensi
Points Which Will Help You Select The Best Style Dress For Your Figure
Every bride desires to appearance lovely on her Melbourne wedding morning that is why most brides invest weeks searching at and attempting on many differentwedding dresses searching for that appropriate dress. Cheap Maternity Wedding Dresses However, gown hunting could be very frustrating specifically if you don't know which variations are ideal suited for your figure. retain in thoughts that each possible bride, each woman is lovely in her personal way , Cheap Quinceanera Dresses and if those people apparel you are attempting on aren't flattering the issue is not you but, the design of dress. Right here are some points which will support you select one of the best design gown for the figure regardless of what your figure may perhaps be. Large Busted Woman If you undoubtedly are a woman blessed having a big bust but, want a gown that offers you an general proportioned appearance for the wedding morning there are numerous variations of apparel which will fit you beautifully. Inexpensi
Hey Beautiful !
I see you every chance I get  , and admire you from afar , Yes when I see you , you are the brightest of stars . Your very existence is just a wonder to me, if only the world can see what I see.   Hey beautiful , I have always wanted to say , but my tongue always gets in the way . Your eyes are haunting me with every sight , and every time I see you smile it gives of such happy light .   Hair as red and glowing as fire , you are my every desire . Eyes as deep as the clear blue sea, just want you to see clear to me.   I just want to see you everyday, and find a way for you to stay. As my friend up until the very end , because all my love I will send .   Hey beautiful, you are an angel ,  and at this point I wont make sense. Sorry , I do ramble , and sometimes I do seem dense.   I just want to say , your beautiful and everything in my eyes ! Whenever I see you everyday I have sunny skies ! My hugs and kisses are what I give to you ! Everything I wanna do is fo
Jah is often used as a shortened form of the reconstructed Tetragrammaton.[2] The Tetragrammaton is often translated (especially in older English versions of the Bible) by use of the term "Lord", and the word "Hallelujah" by the phrase "Praise ye the Lord" (Psalm 104:35 KJV and footnote). Thus, partially translated and partially transliterated[clarification needed], the term could be rendered "Praise Jah." With the rise of the Reformation, reconstructions of the Tetragrammaton became popular. The Tyndale Bible was the first English translation to use the anglicized reconstruction. In the original text of the Hebrew Bible, "Jah" occurs 50 times, 26 times alone and 24 times in the term "Hallelujah". In the King James Version of the Bible it is transliterated as "JAH" (capitalised) in only one instance: "Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name JAH, and rejoice before him". (Psalm 68:4) An American Translation renders the Hebrew word as
Janey Godley’s Podcast “episode 31”
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In the 31st episode of Janey Godley’s podcast, the mother and daughter discuss the horrors of Valentine’s Day, the man with hawks and Janey’s tour of Australia. Ashley’s ongoing obsession with Donnie Wahlberg and New kids on The Block is debated at length and we discover that Janey is a crossword question in the Daily Record newspaper which makes her so very happy. Janey talks about her night out in London with Heston Blumenthal the words most famous chef and Ashley reveals an emotional side when she talks about her failure to find a man. The ladies both giggle at their inability to keep to the subject and Janey horrifies Ashley when she gets explicit about Ashley’s breasts. They both answer questions from twitter and Janey reveals what really happened in the family after the ending of her book which is set in 1994.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear
How Many
How many people do I piss off everyday?  Or is it countless, because there are just too many?
Twilight Spoof! Lmaoooo
The Glow Radio Wednesday Hump Day Rock Block
Wednesday Night on The Glow Radio: Today for those of you have not had a chance to listen to our new Sunday Morning Show The DJ Joe D Show we are going replay Sunday's show for you today and you will get a chance to hear why The Glow Radio is worth tuning in on Sunday Mornings, the replay starts at 4pm pt/5pm mt/6pm et/Midnight gmt Next is DJ Siren & her "Sins Of Rock" Show spinning her mix of 80's & 90's,Rock & Metal starting at 6pm pt/7pm mt/8pm ct/9pm et/2am gmt next up is Tony the Misfit & his Freak Show featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music  at 9pm pt/10pm mt/11pm ct/Midnight et/5am gmt   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory & on Microsoft's Media Player's Internet Radio Classic Rock Section
Lindsay Spoofs Herself
Bored V.2
Procrastinating responisibilities with complaining :)
Life Continues
Yet another blog, short and sweet.
Short Sweet And To The Point
I'm effin cold!!!   Good day... I said good day!
My Friend Hope Diamond
    First Off Lets Get This Part Out Of The Way!!!!!! Yes I do flirt with some of you and compliment alot of you, This Is Fubar Thats What You Do & What Almost All Of Us Are Here For!!! Now, That being said let me get down to why I'm writing this. There's a woman here name Leanne but, most of you know her as Hope Diamond. As you can see from the pic above she's the most beautiful woman to have ever graced the planet. I personally think God's gonna be pissed as hell when he realizes one of His angel's is missing. Leanne is a "VERY" special woman and I don't just say this because of her looks and "OMG" well EVERYTHING, in my eyes she's walking perfection. Unlike alot of you that are constantly begging for bling or whatever she doesn't do this. Thats not what she's about. She's not a fu-whore or a whore in general. I met her under very different circumstances. I was on my laptop in the hospital recuperating from a stress induced heart attack back in Sept. She had no idea this had
Crossfade "dead Skin"
**** This one I feel like right now ****   So I'm the king of all these things of this mess I have madeSuch a waste what a shame my whole life is a fakeWell I'm a bore and I'm sure I'm a thorn inside of you that has torn at you for years The alcohol the demerol these things never could replaceWhat a minute with you could do to put a smile on my faceI'm a bore and I'm sure I'm a thorn inside of you that has torn at me for years   I can't get out of this dead skin I can't shed my skinI'm not sure where to beginI can't get under my dead skin I can't shed my skinCan I sleep 'til then Phenobarbital and alcohol these two surely will doTo knock me out keep me down at least a day or twoWhen I'm awake I can taste how bitter I've becomeAnd it's more than I can bear some days I pray someone will blow me awayMake it quick but let it burn so I can feel my life fadeWell I'm a waste and I can taste how bitter I've becomeAnd it's more than I can bear I can't get out of this dead skin I
Vido Chat
I cant get over all the Pervs That all they have on there minds it to ask the women to show there tits and ass.. Instead of just chatting with them they ask over and over for the same thing. What is there problem. If the women are going to show there beautiful bodies then they will do so on there own. They dont need some ass hole to keep asking them to show. Sorry about this but I just had to say my peace.
At the temple, there is a poem called "Loss" carved into the stone. It has three words, but the poet has scratched them out. You cannot read Loss, only feel it.     Kept on Corsets Marco China White ...and now Robert as well as so many others who are face/nameless.   While we may or may not know these people they have gone from Fubar and from our lives.  I guess this is a reprise of my blog "Coming to Terms." It dawned one me today that maybe something should be said.   Few on here honor the memory of those lost. While some of us just talk to each other via our computers we tend to foget that these were and in my eyes are real people. Real people with real emotions and real problems that we know very little to nothing about.  We need to take the time to talk to people, really get to know them, to allow ourselves to care not just call them names and block them. Maybe thier anger at you is a way to say " Hey I need a friend" I'm as guilty as everyone else I hit that b
Rye Bread
         Two old  guys, one 80 and one 87, were sitting on their  usual park bench one  morning. The 87 year old had just  finished his morning jog and wasn't even short  of breath.  The 80 year old was amazed at  his friend's stamina and asked him what he did  to have so much  energy.The 87 year old said,  "Well, I eat rye bread every day. It keeps your  energy level high and you'll have great stamina  with the  ladies."So, on the way home the  80 year old stops at the bakery. As he was  looking around, the lady asked if he needed any  help.He said "Do you have any  Rye  bread?"She said, "Yes, there's a  whole shelf of it. Would you like  some?"He said, "I want 5  loaves."         She said,  "My goodness, 5 loaves ... By the time you get  to the 3rd loaf, it'll be  hard"    He  replied, "I can't believe it, everybody knows this shit but  me."
Angel Haunted Orbs. U Tell Me What U See
Click here to join Robert Plant on All of the cds in the Nine Lives Boxset are being released as individual albums. The first batch of expanded and remastered albums will be released on March 20th. The second set will be released on April 3rd. Details below. 3/20/07 Pictures At Eleven (Expanded & Remastered) Shaken N Stirred (Expanded & Remastered) Manic Nirvana (Expanded & Remastered) Fate Of Nations (Expanded & Remastered) Mighty Rearranger (Expanded & Remastered) 4/3/07 The Principle of Moments (Expanded & Remastered) The Honeydrippers (Expanded & Remastered) Now & Zen (Expanded & Remastered) Dreamland (Expanded & Remastered) ROBERT PLANT ALBUMS REBORN WITH NINE LIVES Driven by an insatiable artistic curiosity, Robert Plant has spent his life as a singer and songwriter chasing new sounds, rediscovering ancient ones and bringing them both together to create something original. Throughout his career - first as a member of Led Zep
Would You
Would you take me as i am,with my issues and flaws. Pull me to your chest,without hesitation or a pause. Slide your hungry tounge between my parted lips. Run your anxious fingers along my hips. Wrap in your passion,exposing your every need. Press your steamy lips to mine,every secret freed. Sprinkle your tears across our cheeks,confessing your every desire. Moan my name,call me yours and set my soul on fire. Needing me more with every breath that slips into your chest. Please me nightly miss me daily,never comparing me to the rest. Grip my wrist,look into my eyes and say the words i long to hear. Kiss me roughly and weep my name forever holding me. WOULD YOU ?
every time i wake up i deal with life is a challenge a on going quest  ending when you are old and wise. Also comes with love sex lust passion and even happyniess but there is even drama emotional pain hate anger sin.   To me i believe there is salvation there is truth benife lies there is peace and not chaos.
This Is One Of My Favorites.
Drippings of all I have left roll over the edge of the bathroom counter and I find myself picking them up and thinking of where this life is going. I can’t stop this mind running like millions of tiny, terrified, mistreated little stars off the back side of my pillow. This agony is endless as minutesdaysyears go by and I seem to have forgotten what my face sounds like in the rain. My right hand snorts revenge and my left hand…well, he lacks the sense to know better. But we’re all just along for the hide, am I right? Cover your face because you are guilted by associated press. What is this thing we lack, or can you see me. Staring at the ceiling while the record plays “a broken mind said to a fractured spine –pick up your pencil bitch, its crunch time” and the next thing you know there’s not a single egg in your basket. I’ve fucking lost it like the side of a milk carton mourning. Left to my own devices the left two own my vices. Run your
No More Immunity For George W. Bush – Abroad, At Least (repost)
by Kanya D'Almeida UNITED NATIONS - Former U.S. President George W. Bush may have mostly vanished from the headlines since January 2009, but the alleged crimes committed by his administration are not forgotten. The former US president’s visit would have been his first to Europe since his waterboarding disclosure in Decision Points. (Photograph: Anne McQuary/Bloomberg) On Monday, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) released the 'Preliminary Bush Torture Indictment', a document outlining the core aspects of the case against Bush for torture, and his violations of the Convention Against Torture to which the United States is a signatory. The move by the CCR, in conjunction with over 60 other human rights and legal advocacy groups, including the Berlin-based European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), coincides with the ninth anniversary of the day Bush decided that "enemy combatants" were no longer entitled to the fundamental protections gr
This heart has turned into a mere accessory Life seems to have made quite a mess of me Faster and faster I’m running in place Only to escape looking myself in the face I know me so well; I know I don’t know me In a room full of people I’ll still feel lonely Wondering whose watching, waiting, judging Wondering whose lying, sneaking, fucking   I don’t Do you love me?                 Do you love me? -->I don’t
Longines Lindbergh Watches For Your Valentine’s Day
    longines master collection_replica Longines Master Collection_ Longines replica watches is delighted to announce its new partnership with the HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum Endurance Cup. On the strength of its long standing involvement in equestrian sports and sports timing, the famous Swiss watchmaker will now be official partner and timekeeper for this prestigious event. In endurance competitions, the rider must be in perfect harmony with his or her horse in order to manage its pace over the set distance. Endurance riding requires intensive training, fine concentration, good judgement and a great deal of experience. “A love for horses runs in my blood. Don’t forget that horses have been bred for centuries by Arabic tribes, they were used for hunting and fighting and they symbolize our history. Horse riding is more than merely sitting on a horse’s back. It is nobility and chivalry.” Said HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Vice-President a
The Best Seller Of Ulysse Nardin Watches
  With the precision of navigation has always been famous Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches_Ulysse Nardin watches_replica Ulysse Nardin watches, in the color watch MAXI diving is always have a more creative element changes, in addition to the deep introverted black, white, and blue colors consistent with the spirit of the ocean, there is a popular chocolate power color, and dazzling orange, red, yellow line, thoroughly break the visual framework, is impressive. Watch with persistent trend of the big watch, the watch diameter by 42.7mm large size, more easily facilitate the divers live in the water read when the time fixed. Unique golf-like concave-convex surface, with a luminous display scale and pointers, in low light the deep sea, increase reading time recognizable. Also in the nuances of  its intentions where, pointers and begin with the time scale wood box decorated with blue steel, so the details show the high texture. Power reserve at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position di
The Jackson County Star Jan 27, 2011
So in my travels for my interview a few weeks ago I picked up the local newspaper. It was a whopping 8 pages! I stumbled across the police report and thought I'd share a few bits from it. Yes these were really published.  Jan 3, 2011 Officers were sent to the school because no one was answering the phones there. Everything was ok. Jan 9, 2011 Several horses wandered through Corkles' construction yard south of town. They weren't looking for jobs; they had just wandered off from a nearby property. Jan 9, 2011 A deleviery truck got stuck in a driveway outside Walden. When he spun his tires to get out, the tires picked up a rock and sent it through a window of the home. That wasn't really the type of delivery the homeowner wanted. Jan 11, 2011 Officers provided traffic control for a cattle drive through town.   Oh my... Life in a small town
For Jade
perfect angel, a perect angel is somone thier in the good time, a perfect angel is someone thier in the bad times, a perfect angel is someone who is next to you, a perfect angel is someone who is far away from you, a perfect angel is someone like you who doesnt know how you make me smile, a perfect angel is someone i call a friend, you are a perfect angel as i call you my friend. muah,,
All We Are
  All We Are – Kim Mitchell All we are is all that love brings We spin as the highest star spins We get hearts on fire and in love And sometimes we're too blind to see And I know now that love sometimes stings When you're waiting for a telephone ring And you feel like a lone star spinning That might as well give up burning Don't ask me if I'm still in love I'm hit by this love song I sing Cause you made me feel such a long way away I know now that love sometimes stings I've waited for your telephone rings And you made me feel such a long way away All we are is all that love brings We spin as the highest star spins We get hearts on fire and in love And sometimes we're too blind to see Don't ask me if I'm still in love I'm hit by this love song I sing Cause you made me feel such a long way away I know now that love sometimes stings I've waited for your telephone rings Cause you made me feel such a long way away
Helpin Others
Its funny that You help and help n help ppl... but only true ones rate back... there are soooooooo many ppl that are higher up with MONEY to spend that could careless about others and dont even fuckin lift a finger to rate... NOT EVERYONE but i can name a few.... but guess what no more.. LIKES.. RATES or even the click of my mouse on their page.... :) To the rest.. that help me.. u rawk.. n ty so much..... to some of the stuck up snobs.. stick ur shit up ur ass.. i dont want to hit ur bomb or ur 11 or gods... i got many REAL PPL that rate back n shit...    that was my rant:)
philomath\ FIL-uh-math \noun;    1.  A lover of learning; a scholar.
Luck is believing you're lucky.  -  Tennessee Williams
Just A Thought
How is it that I can still love you with all my heart And hate you so much at the same time You give me strength to move on and yet you are still holding me back After all the lies and all the betrayal I know deep down that I should love you no more But I cant help for some reason or another to love you more You bring me tears at just the thought of you I panic if you say you are coming over I should slam the door in your lying cheating face But instead I welcome you in with open arms I try to defeat your damn charms and deceivingly good looks But I never seem to be able to no matter how hard I try I am hoping that one day soon I can find someone to help me get over you I had hoped that you would just walk away and leave us be But I see now that you have other plans in mind Plans that bring me to my knees as you beg my please Please to talk to you that you love and miss me I know that in time things will get easier But right now it seems as if its taking forever But
Locating Missing Girl In Queensland
An Australia family was asking for help locating a missing girl. Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, 14 years old was last seen on Brisbane in Queensland on Aug. 31 wearing a white top, LEE jeans, a blue sweatshirt and black Ugg boots. The family says she is listed as a runaway, but it is unlike her to disappear for long amounts of time. They also say Sears has a medical condition and she is without her medicine. Anyone with information about her whereabouts should call Brisbane Police or Sears's family at 6153541262. The important characteristic included white top, jeans, sweatshirt and uggs. We had received some messages said that girls wore ugg boots and jeans to knock around in any areas. But we will told everybody it’snot the one who wore uggs or one of above . You’d better confirm the identity of girl then to ring us, Thanks.   B2C | B2B2C
Im tired... Whos with me????
Area 51 Lounge
Ok, so I know most of you cringe when you hear the word lounge.. But im gonna give it a shot. This isnt going to be some drama lounge, with crybabies and people running to support to go get a bouncer lol the only rules I will inforce, is if someone is going to take things to a childish, name calling bs level to take it to sb.. the sb is in there..anyways.. its open, i have the music streaming and after people join, it will be member invite only..  as many of you know i mostly know you mummers, so i hope to get most of you to hang out occaisionally, cuz lets face it.. MuMMs are the suckage.. and if anyone has any ideas i will hear your idears...anyways, its open, come join friends oh, and last but not least, we will have Peacey streaming at some point.. hes signed up to do his show and if you have heard it, you know its a mix of all kinds of music
What To Do
When she stares at your mouth[ Kiss her ]When she pushes you or hits you like a dumb ass cuz she thinks shes stronger than you[ Grab her and don’t let go ]When she starts cursing at you trying to act all tough[ Kiss her and tell her you love her ]When she's quiet[ Ask her what’s wrong ]When she ignores you[ Give her your attention ]When she pulls away[ Pull her back ]When you see her at her worst[ Tell her she's beautiful ]When you see her start crying[Just hold her and don’t say a word ]When you see her walking[ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ]When she's scared[ Protect her ]When she steals your favourite hat[ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night]When she teases you[ Tease her back and make her laugh ]When she doesn't answer for a long time[ reassure her that everything is okay ]When she looks at you with doubt[ Back yourself up ]When she says that she likes you[SHE REALLY DOES MORE THAN YOU COULD UNDERSTAND!!!]When she grabs at your hands[ Hold hers
Mi Amore.. This I Shall Keep
Honestly, i just needed to share this with my friends. This has been a strange day.. i cant really concentrate on much. but, i figured i would blog this letter that robert wrote to me, so everyone could see the real robert.. the kind and loving friend that i was fortunate to make on this site and carry into my life. i hope you all enjoy it as i have. i read it every time i log into this site. anyways... here goes:   From: Robert Are you afraid of heights? Would you take a hot air balloon ride with me? We could have a picnic in the sky, maybe even drink a few bottles of Blue Look as far as the eye can see, floating and free, if only for a few hours. Marveling at the view, you of the scenery and me of you. I would love to see your eyes and face, as we drift along. Would you take that ride with me? Do you promise not to push me out of the basket? Siete il mio amore Let me know if you need Dramamine
Armed Rooster Kills Man At Delano Cockfight
Print   Email    Font Resize Armed rooster kills man at Delano cockfight By The Associated Press Posted: 02/08/2011 07:22:59 AM PST  Updated: 02/08/2011 07:23:42 AM PST DELANO - A man who was at an illegal cockfight in central California died after being stabbed in the leg by a bird that had a knife attached to its own limb, officials confirmed Monday. Jose Luis Ochoa, 35, of Lamont, California, was declared dead at a hospital about two hours after he was injured in neighboring Tulare County on Jan. 30, the Kern County coroner said. An autopsy concluded Ochoa died of an accidental "sharp force injury" to his right calf. Sheriff's spokesman Ray Pruitt said it was unclear if a delay in seeking medical attention contributed to Ochoa's death. "I have never seen this type of incident," Sgt. Martin King, a 24-year veteran of the sheriff's department, told the Bakersfield Californian. Ochoa and the other spectators fled when authorities arrived at the scene of the fight, King to
A Tribute To A Good Friend...
If memories could be miracles and tears could dull the pain, I’d be once more happy and have you back again… If all the times I thought of you that made me smile could mend The hole you leaving left in my heart, my perfect, loving friend… My heart would be whole, my life would be bliss, If you were again here so I needn’t miss The sound of your voice, the joy in your laugh, The times that we shared in days that are passed… But tears fall like rain from my eyes in vain, My heart aches in deep, love-lost pain; But the tears can’t cause miracles, they’ll never bring you back. The pain in my heart gives me no slack To say that I’ll miss you sounds hollow, in fact, Because what I feel goes much deeper than that… For the truth in my heart, for so long I kept hid That in fact what I felt was love and it did Never come out, for so afraid was I; I never thought that you ever would die. Too young to be taken from a world that needed More people like you, whom the call to serve
Good-bye Friend       None 7:58pm on Sunday, February 6, 2011 Mike was a great friend and were some of the funnest memories I have. He will be missed and everyone that knew Mike knows how loyal he was to his friends and family. He will be missed and the memories I will keep with me forever. He was always making people laugh and is humor was bar none. He leaves behind children and a huge family that will keep his memory alive. We know that he is in a better place now. We love you Mike and you will be missed beyond words. Thank you for all of the great memories I will still have many laughs with you because I will never forget. Those that had the chance to be close to you know what a great person you were beyond some hard years. It hurts that you are gone but your memories will help us all through. My deepest thoughts and prayers go to his family at this hard time. You were tru
New Lounge To Check Out
Is There A Future?
No one knows were their lives will take them. A new city, a new love, a new life. We can't forsee the obsticles in our paths until we hit them, no matter how big they are. That is life though. The enever changing facts of birth and death are the only set things. We were born just to die, and in the process affect all those we come in contact with on the way. Some lives, we make better, some we destroy. And at the same time, life plays that back to us individually. We meet people who change how we think or act or live. We watch events unfold that shape who we are, some events we can control, others we cant. But is there someone to blame if our lives don't go how we percieve they should? That depends on the type of person you are. Most blame theirselves for others actions and some refuse to acknowlegde the damage their actions cause chosing to blame the another. But both are at fault on some level.  I can see my own future. Someday, I'll die. It's no surprise. In simplest of terms, I
i dont know im just bored
Rejoice Renoise
Finally I got together and managed a proper jam session in Renoise. Renoise, for those that doesn't know, is an old school tracker style music composition application. Neatly updated to modern standards though so old school does not necessarily have to be applied to the sound. A Sunday well spent and god knows if there weren't actually a song forming in between all the keyboard hammering and settings fiddling.   Reccomended listenings: And One - Traumfrau
HELLO ALL U FULANDERS.. For  those of  you  who personally know me this may seem all things you already know.. But for tose of you who are  HATERZ  of me and like to critizize people WAKE  UP this is what you so rightfully wanted..   I am a  29 year old female .. I  have alot of  personal real life issues that i  try not to bring to fubar  but it happens at times..I  am  a REAL person with  REAL  feeling just like all of you.. I came to fubar over a year ago on a old acct  that  was closed up I came here  to socialize with  new people and  REAL  people and to play  on fubar as most of you do with lounges and the games and things of that sort.. NOT  bcause i want  your man in r/l or fu life .. I am  real life married some of you know who that is if not then look a little bit you will find him.. I have a heart of gold  I would give the shirt off my back if i could  to help anyone even my enemies.. I'm no super model  I  dont have NSFW's nor will I .. I am a REAL  person just here to h
Sorry For Your Loss
I just realised what Robert some of you guys are referring to in your status, and what happened. I didn't really know Robert all that well, but what I did know of him he seemed like a cool guy. I know that some of you on my list were close to him, so I'd just like to say that I'm sorry you guys lost a friend and my thoughts are with you.
Love And Relationships
Love is a funny thing and you can't control who you fall in love with. The thing is there is no guarantee that they will feel the same about you. Only time will tell and you have to roll with the punches and accept that when you fall in love with someone. It's a powerful thing when you make someone your whole world. You wake up thinking about them and go to bed thinking about them. You look forward to spending time with that person and being with them as much as you can. It doesn't matter what the two of you are doing together as long as you are together with them. They make you feel special and like you are on top of the world when you are around them. Love is also trust and honesty. When you can trust someone with anything and know that they can tell you anything and you can tell them anything that is the greatest feeling ever. When you have a significant other that listens to you and does not let others influence their opinion of you that is a wonderful thing. That specia
Hotd Feb 7, 2011
UK man with low IQ banned from having sex. from europe.     I can't but wonder if we know him from Fu...   some of the actual story which is interesting. High Court Justice Nicholas Mostyn agreed that Alan did not have the mental capacity to understand the health risks and should not have sex with anyone. The judge's order put Alan under the local authority that provides his housing. Still, the judge called the case "legally, intellectually and morally" complex and said the court must "tread especially carefully" when the state tries to curtail such a basic human function as sex.  
The "l" Word
Ok. So I have recently discovered the blogs. I must say, I'm a fan! I'm still new to all of this so please bear with me. Hopefully they will get better as I go along.    I have noticed that so many people like to use the "L" word on here a lot! That's right, i'm talking about L - O -V -E Who "loves" me enough to buy me a VIP? Who "loves" me enough to buy me the (insert random bling name here) bling? Who "loves" me enough to spend the next 2 hours rating all of my pics? Who "loves" me enough to gimme, gimme, gimme AAHHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!    Come on people! If we have to use an "L" word, let's use the right on.                         Who LUSTS me enough to spend their hard earned money on me?!?!?!?!?! I'm not at all saying that it isn't possible to form long lasting, genuine relationships on here. I can guarantee that all 6,786 of your "friends" DO NOT love you. If you have given or received things on here it is for a few reasons. 45% of the time it's because they want to see
A New And Exciting Journey In My Life.
My new journey will start in 4 more days. I will be reunited with my youngest son. I can hardly wait. I talk with my son on the phone serveral times a day and got to see him on webcam lastnight. I feel so blessed to have found him and now we are going to ge together again :D
List Of Fav Movies Top 10
1. Breakfast Club 2. Top gun 3. Gladiator (with Russel Crowe) 4. The Ugly Truth 5. Alice in Wonderland (with Johnny Depp) 6. Men in Black 1 and 2 7. Field of Dreams 8. Radio 9. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie 10. Jeff Dunham movies
so when i say little to nothing is giving a cold sholder but when you do it its okay when its reverstd and not me this time being quiet its the same thing so if i dont talk is eather having me time sleeping having girl time or being with pareants but when a man does it the woman gets more so worried that anything thats why when we dont hear anything for days we get annoyed and hurt than anything else  
Well Awwwrighty Then...
I was meant to attend a meeting arvo to ascertain whether a pending site visit was required. Instead as Im typing in my other blog, I get the mail saying to parlay that and can I leave today. So change of plans. Ive got about an hour n half to pack, shower, shave, shoot off and shag ass. Looks like I'm gonna huff down some lunch in Va Beach, and by 4 I'll be sippin drinks at the HieneyHole in Atlanta, and when I sit down for dinner, I will once again, be in California. At least another lil break from the winter weary. So I better get my ass in gear. :s  I will holla tonight I reckon.
I Meant To..
Ya... keep this journal going while I was on hiatus, but there was so lil sit down time, going pretty much dawn to dusk with seeing all I could, that I barely had time to unload the phone and the camera to make room for the next day. And since Ive returned, it has been madness playing catchup with work and thngs around the house. Plus the pictures havent really caught up to the blogs yet, so I will append this when it does. Plus seems many have forgotten or never knew why I took off in the first place, and just think Im throwing my travels in their face, rather than simply sharing with them what I have seen, and in a sense put them there with me. Perhaps if photo comments were the quickest leveling feature, it would be different. Wait, no.....then ppl would just shotgun comments of random letters like they do in auctions for most comments. ell ro ell, Scratch that. Anyway, for those that followed,  I didnt abondon this, will update soonesto.
Nothing Like A Fake Most Facebook Liked Huh?..
This is the salute of one of today's most facebook liked... Interesting with another "Pay Per View" pic album...but funny these same pics as shown below... are also found on this porn site... You make the call here. Stupid think-with-your-penis dudes continue to send fakes like this bling credits. Why do they want bling credits you ask? Because the people making these fake accounts to collect credits from lonely, horny and pathetic dudes then transfer them to their real accounts. You know what that called? Legally it's "theft by deception" and two, it's simply called cheating. Also note the high level long standing fake that "owns" her. Really? Has it gotten that pathetic?.... ..anyways, I know there's been some buzz about another one of your favorite frogger "homeless next week but on fubar 24/7 running god modes and is always green/teal" dudes that's a huge ass scammer as well. Don't worry, he'll get his. Best to run while he still can, because the more
Can We Say Bullcrap?
So, I see that things will soon be spiraling out of control here on fubar I thought I'd make a few pointz. If you're in my family, you're there for one of two reasons. One, you're one of my good friends and I like helping you, or we had an agreement that I could be in your family as long as I ran some version of a famp and you could be in mine if you did the same.  Let me make shit clear. I have -NEVER- booted someone out of my family that didn't deserve it. If you were a good friend, but you're not on fubar or you don't wanna play the rate or pointz game, why does it matter if you're there anyways? If you booted ME from your family after our agreement, I booted your ass back. I made it clear when we talked that if you stopped running shit, I'd boot you. Most people, I leave in at least a month of them not running hardly shit. I was even nice enough to talk to quite a few of people even though I said I wouldn't. Dont come at me and be shitty to me because I took you out and I'm not b
Life is short!!!  Laugh .... Love ... live each day like its your last !! Remember to do the little things ... those make up more than one big thing in life !!!  
Piccadilly Is My Home
London is one of my favourite places to be, I have had some of my best experiences in the capital and it never fails to surprise me. As soon as the plane lands and I get onto the Piccadilly line, I feel I am somehow at home. The angry, odd, frightened worried and sad people on the tube always make my imagination run wild.   I like to make stories for the people I observe. That old woman with the sad face who is rubbing her calf with gnarled fingers? I bet she was a sexy cigarette girl in her youth, she was as hot and curvy as the women painted on the pistons of American Bombers, she probably dated the Prince of Monaco before Grace Kelly got a look in and she no doubt dated Sinatra when he came to London. She now lives alone in high rise flat next to a crack dealer with a dangerous dog and a youth based hip hop dance troupe, who keep her awake with music that can only be described as really fast screaming.   See that woman with the exhausted face, bunched up skirt and thick dull hai
My days are darker without you, my nights so very silent, empty, seemingly dead. I know you are there just out of my reach I know I can feel you if I can coax myself to sleep. I wake up in the morning turning to and fro, all I want is your arms around me and for this lonliness to just go. Seems I can't wait another moment without you at my side, I know I must have patience and not believe my minds lies. I see this every day when I look about my room, the only thing missing from it's presence is you. Nothing I wouldn't give up, a million miles to you I'd run. Somehow along the way I've fallen so very hard, wouldnt' change a second but maybe speed up time, give myself an advantage and finally make you mine. Never in my life have I wanted something so much, I dream of you in so many ways you could never know. Quiet walks and golden beaches, fingers trailing softly down your cheek, kissing you gently upon your lips and letting my breath simply speak. 
What Have We Become?
What have we become?   What is this I see and feel? Your body turned facing the wall. You sleep, as I search, For someone else to catch my fall.   Once our passion burned hot. Is it me? Or perhaps it's you. I was once your love, but Our dark heat has now lost it's hue.   Oh how long since I've felt your caress? Feeling skin against skin. Too long waiting for that touch, That once made me spin.   Strangers in the same bed. What have we become? Habit and conformity... To that, we both succumb.   No longer will I conform, To a passion long gone. I die more each day... As the blood you take is drawn.
[fact, I Could Use A Drink]
I got a few more chapters in with the count.This is not a good day.Probably not a good week. So I'm going to pour myself a glass of scotch, and I'm going to think for a minute.I could probably afford to draft my anti-material rifle, and even test fit the bugger. But I feel a complete lack of motivation to even fail at it...We're drawing toward that lonely time when everyone's asleep, and I'm empty. Feeling unaccomplished, or outright desperate.I'd like to think a hot bath and some liquor will help, but I'm probably mistaken in that assumption. There's just something so dreadful and suffocating about it all.Failure, boredom, frustration.Like there's only one answer. Ah depression... how I've missed you.Wait... he's ever-present with me.What to do with myself... Maybe some more goufing about when the buzz settles. Though I do hate this feeling. Its so opressive, you can hardly get anything done with it.
Social Networking?
So, with the recent sucess of the movie The Social Network, comes also the age old question, "Are we becoming too dependant on technology"? How many of you out there remember, in the not too distant past, a time when you actually rememberd your friends' phone numbers? When there was no 'Fave Five' to put them in, and catagorize them as a face, or a name? Much like the Cartographers (map makers) of old, is personal interaction going the way of MapQuest? Punch a few qualities about a person that you'd like to have in a companion, and Viola!!!! ???? Ok, so maybe that's a little too I Robot, but you get what I'm saying here, don't you? The very same thing that is suppost to bring us closer, is actually teaching us to become more 'personally reclusive'. Now I just made up that phrase, but the best I can explain its meaning would be as follows..... Shying away from tangible human contact in order to contact humans thru mechanical means. Did Native Americans send smoke signals to each other?
Echo..... Love This... Smh...
You did it to yourself Now your all by your self Acting like you hate me I left because you made me You played me to the left Now there's nobody left To hear your complaining i'm gone and all you're hearin' is your own (chorus) E-echo! E-e-echo! And i'm gone And your all alone Can't you hear the hear the E-Echo! E-echo! No one to hear you There's nobody near you It started off great But who was to know That love that is lost Cannot be let go You say it's my fault Ok then i'll go It's better to know Now there's nobody to argue with Cause i'm not home Don't care who your with Don't call my phone Or did you forget You know your wrong I'm gone! And your all alone hearing your own damn (chorus) Disgusted with trust I trust no one no more Just went with the flow Found myself on the floor When you went away All my pain went astray Like it's a new day Now i have no one to argue with Cause i'm not home Don't care who your with Don't call my phone Or did you forget You know your wrong I'm gon
A Place Where You Belong
A Place Where You Belong Your body's coldHope is lost I can't let goCan I die with you so we can never grow old?Count the timesWith this note you left behindAs I read the words I hear you telling me whyToo late, too lateI never said goodbyeToo late, too lateCan't even ask you whyAnd now I'm wasting away in my own miseryI hope you've finally gone to a place where you belongMy sadness showsAs your name is carved in stoneCan't erase the words, the reality growsI wish I diedOn that night right by your sideSo just kill me now, let the good times rollToo late, too lateToo late, too lateI never said goodbyeToo late, too lateCan't even ask you whyAnd now I'm wasting away in my own miseryI hope you've finally gone to a place where you belongWill you wait for me?When I see you on the other sideYou won't have to wait too longYeah, yeahWill you come to me?When you're safely to the other side'cause here I don't belongToo late, too lateI never said goodbyeToo late, too lateCan't even ask you whyAnd
Yet More     Jovana Lara More: Bio, E-mail, Recent Stories, News Team DEL REY, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The LAPD investigated a homicide in Del Rey on Friday after a man was found dead in a vehicle. Authorities say it may be gang-related   Police responded to a report of shots fired on the 5500 block of Margaret Avenue at 6:58 a.m. and found a man in a late-model gray Lexus sedan with multiple gunshot wounds. The victim, identified only as a white male in his late 20s to early 30s, was declared dead at the scene. Police say the car was reported as stolen two weeks ago from West Los Angeles. Police believe the victim either slowed down or was stopped when he was shot. While there is no evidence that the shooting was gang-related, police say there is a possibility because gang activity from three nearby gangs show up in the area. The attack may have been part of a turf war, police said. Anyone with informa
being single is like being stabbed in the heart over and over again. you feel so alone. so missplaced. like noone wants you. for once i would like a guy to actually be a good guy. not just pretend for a month or two. a real fucking man. i dont care if he has alot of money or whatever. all you need is love and we shall be happy
Girls Night This Weekend
So I dont really have much of girls night anymore like i use to when i turned 18 . but now that im 21 im not really into the bars anymore maybe once in a while , the last time i been to a night club was for my friends 19th bday last year. But this weekend im planning a girls night out at one of the night clubs here w/ a girl friend . Should be fun and if ur thinking i go there to drink yeah i dont do that its only to dance w/ my ladies becuz its sexy and my boyfriend dont "dance" and hates the bar scene so cant go with him .So ladies get ready to party lol haha when it comes to the night clubs i LOVE dancing !!!! specially in them booty boxes . Shake dat ass girl hehe lol
Things That Either Makes Me Sad Or Happy.
Well next month on the 9th, will mark 6 years since my grandma (my Dad's mom) passed away, and in 2 months on the 23rd will mark the 2 year anniversary of my Dad's death. And when it gets closer, it makes me sad, and sometimes cry, I miss you Grandma and Dad more than what the both of you would or could ever imagine, but I know that I will see your smiling faces, and that makes me happy. I don't think that anyone would ever know the pain that is still inside. But with each passing year it does get a little easier, as a family and as a whole, but individually is still kind of hard for us 3 girls'. With tears in my eyes, I write this. But not all of them are sad tears, some of them are happy tears of good times, there were never no bad memories of either of my Grandma or my Dad.  But one thing I noticed is when those days come when you died, is when it's the hardest, but any other day is normal. Happy is what I want to be, Dad you never got to ever give me away like you wanted, and to m
Even though I'm bawling right now, part of me still wants to find out if I can send a package of bacon instead of flowers...   I fucking love you. I know you know that. Save me a spot. I'll see you again one day.  
See Ya Laterz!
So after a bit of a sickness that kicked my ass, and an ass fuck of plans i got going on, im going to be MIA for a week or more likely two.   I got shit that needs taken care of in r/l, starting my boutique, little road trip to get some of my shit, and just life.   love you all....if you wanna get me, try fb or my cell if you dont have my cell..........shout me tonight, i might give it to you, i might not.   xoxoxo see you on the other side   sarah
Its Everywhere.
death that is.  ive lost 3 family members in the last 2 years. it seems that its extra depressing because of this barrage of shitty weather, im not sure what the point of this blog is. i think im doing this for thw wrong reason. sorry to waste your time.
The End (suicide Poetry..not To Be Taken Serious)
Oh how bitter the air got. Bitter, but not being able to see my breath. Tears trickling down my face like blood at the back of my throat. The heartaches..the pain. It will now all be over. Sooner or later. Hearing knocks at my door, I give no response. The worried sound of my people. Calling my name, shouting. Still I give no response. All I can do is cry. I beg of no mercy. I beg of no help. My life is slipping out of my hands centimeter by centimeter, inch by inch. It was only then I felt rejected by heaven, but welcome by hell. The darkness coming over me. The shallow inhales. I knew that only then that I'm about pass. More banging, and screaming. The door breaks open. Screaming and crying were the last things that I heard. I felt her arms caress me one last time before I slipped away. My soul now gone, but my spirit lives on. She took the note from my hand. The words "I love you" written in my very own blood. She knew this was the end. I knew this was the end. They knew this was th
Story Of A Girl. First Blog.
           A little girl sat by herself in class ignored by the peers and stared at by teachers. Subaru was not liked for she was from another country. It was hard to understand the culture and sometimes she would cry in the bathroom when it was lunchtime and picked on once school was out. Today was no exception three older students waited for her by the entrance on her way out dragging her to a vacant lot only to have some fun with her. Beaten, spat on , kicked, punched tears poured out from her eyes like a waterfall wishing for god to come and save her. After awhile the students stopped and left her alone. She was curled up on the ground for a long while almost to till the night sky was in full swing. She finally came to feeling a massive amount of pain from her bleeding wounds. Tears rolled down her cheek slowly this time standing up and walked on home. Upon her arrival a voice called out form the door. "Subaru, are you ok we I was so worried about you." It was a sweet voice, mother
Boy has this been a busy week.  The weekend was fantastic...I almost did a big fat bag of nothing...and yet still accomplished a lot.  But I thought it might be a good idea for summarize what I learned this week.   Polyester stretchpants should be illegal.  No ma'am they don't look good on you.  Their wide-legged goodness didn't even work that well in 1977.  And orange doesn't look good on ANYTHING that big except a please put them away. Voodoo donuts are gooooooood....for everything except my ass...for which they are extremely bad. Cats can make 10,000 different sounds.  Dogs can make 10.  Cats CANNOT be trusted.  They are watching us people...leading us to the salughter. Some people shouldn't breed.  It's just that simple. I hate people in Downtown Portland on bicycles.  You do NOT constantly have the right away...especially if I am on foot.  Bums, while funny, can be dangerous. I can still take a pretty good photo. I miss kissing someone over the age
Off Roading Adventures, With Your Host Pedro El Awesomeo...
As I was coming home from the gym, I hit a patch of ice and pulled a nice 360 into a snow bank.  It really wasn't snowing bad, just a little mixed with some freezing rain made for bad conditions.  Here I was stuck in a snow bank, in pretty deep, in people's back yards.  Let me explain something about my post gym routine.  I usually am putting out a fair amount of body heat, so much so, that I don't bother to change out of my shorts and a t-shirt attire, nor put on a coat. My running shoes are designed to keep my feet cool by allowing the maximum amount of air into them. So I am in my garb when I hit the snow. I am wedged in pretty deep, My car is not made for the snow.  I cannot go forward, and I cannot go back.  I cannot do really anything.  I even tried using some of my kitty litter to get some traction.  Nothing. I must say people in this town are very helpful.  At least 10 people stopped to ask me if I needed help.  I assured them that I was ok, I have called A^3 and they will b
Random Thoughts Jan 15th....
What ever happened to Stained?  That Aaron guy had SO much would have thought he was in a Twilight movie.  Frozen dinners, after almost 50 years of product development, still taste just as ass as they did when I was 8 and my mom tried to get me to eat them.  WTF?  Really?  You still haven't found a way to make the pasta taste even SORTA like something? I like/dislike American Idol contestant tryouts.  You get some great stories...and I love seeing the douchebags wilt and cry after getting rejected...but I don't need to see the costumes and such.  Can't we get over that part now?  We have REAL judges...let's not waste their valuable time with William Hungs... Insomnia is a horrible thing to have.  Almost as bad as vertigo.  I actually felt really sorry for Tyler Hansbrough tonight when I had yet ANOTHER vertigo attack.  I can't imagine how frustrating that would be for an NBA player to out of nowhere have to lay down, close your eyes and possibly vomit because your brain
My Final Blog Forever On This Internet Shit
hi how are you well lets see i once lived in castro valley my dad probaly still lives there i havent seen him n 15 years and well it strikes a bad chord but i still live on and hope for my family one day.i like your photo seems like i say that alot but ya i got respect and class for all women.I spend alot of time writing you can find most of my work on myspace  manny2300 my screen name but other than that i guess i just plain have given up on any one understanding me my apperance is hard for a reason i really avoid fakes and sincerly if any one looks past the cover they have found there self a stong man a determined man a tru man i have lived every experience you could possibly imagine.I never hide from these experiences they just make me who i am and well my protective nature has kept me from pain that seems to follow untill the last few years Ya i lived now without human contact nor urges this is just a set up for heart breaks so i guess why these people put profiles up and claim the
Sorry To Tell Ya But....
I am sorry to tell ya but I don't feed egos...I starve them. If you are looking for me to drool over you or say how hot you are then you are looking at me in the wrong way. I can't stand people who think they have to be fake in order to look real. I mean seriously? Your choice is your choice but if you do it for attention and you still need people to tell you how hot you are then obviously the problem isn't in your looks but your attitude. I am honest and don't care. I don't lie so be prepared. I don't add people for looks but because they actually can strike up a conversation and become good friends. So, sorry to tell ya but I won't feed your stupid ego...
Derogatory Words Used As A Positive?
Here’s my question before the new year. Why are Self-degrading terms being used as a way to describe yourself in a good way? Terms like “bitch” “slut” “nigger”(or Nigga/h as it may be used) “ho” and various other terms such as these that I cannot remember right now. How is it supposed to be a GOOD thing to refer to yourself with these? Bitch = (vulgar, derogatory) Term of contempt applied to a woman, conveying a judgement that she or her behavior are despicable, disagreeable, etc. [from the 15th c] Slut = (countable, derogatory) a sexually promiscuous woman. (countable) a prostitute. (countable, derogatory) a slovenly, untidy person, usually a woman. Nigger(and variations thereof) = (slang, often considered offensive) A person of Negro descent who acts in an unapproved manner "Nigger" has taken on pejorative qualities, as it implies not only darkness of skin, but a general lack of intelligence and sophistication. At the time of the
My Turn Ons/turn Offs
I get asked this question a lot so I figure ill answer it for everyone now. And this is nonsexual. Turn ons: I'm not a hard man to please at all but here are some things I do appreciate. *kindness *confidence - confidence is key to anything. *good hygiene *brush your teeth *neat appearance(I know we all have sloppy days but know how to take care of yourself.) *have respect *have at least a lil bit of a bad/naughty/freaky side (I'm not a fan of prudes or people that find every little thing offensive) *honest *loyal *know when to be mature(age really is just a number, maturity really is what counts) Turn offs: This one will ruffle some feathers and ill probably get accused of insensitivity or racism but I don't care, this is MY list not yours. *bad hygiene - if you smell like a fish market, I don't wanna be around you, shower douche whatever you gotta do. Don't care if you're Beyonce' if you smell bad then nogo. *teeth - if your teeth are nasty, instant nogo. Buy a toothbrush and some mi
If You Think You're A Real "thug", "gangster", "g" Or Whatever...:
Nothing bothers me more, Than seeing these "wannabe"s these "real'G'"s, Wishing they could be like me and mine, A selfstyled soldier is all they can claim to be. Telling me they are at "war" and must fight, But the war they fight is of ignorance and pride, Saying the other side must die, Sayin you're not racist but hell, you're not colorblind. From corner to corner and street to street, Always on the lookout, Waiting for something to breakout, Watching your life eek by and by. You claim to be at war, but thats' what which you know nothing about, The bullets the bombs teh blood and guts. Bodies let lie in the noon day heat, Hearing a child cry out, A sniper's shot just rings out, The real soldier next to you just had his light snuffed out. You talk about drivebys and robbery like your'e hard, Hard is seeing a veteran soldier break down and weep and thank the Lord. When the days are long, and you dont know where teh next shot is coming from, The sand the blood teh sewat the grit stings y
Bullets don't scare me... Bombs don't scare me... Getting hit by a car doesn't scare me. I'm not afraid of dying...then... why am I afraid of living...?
Dog Tag Chasers
You see it everywhere. Women running around with a collection of soldier's dog tags. I'm not talking about the women that think a guy in uniform is hot. i'm referring to the women that think he's hot but dont see him, they see a steady paycheck. Fuck the soldier get him wrapped around their fingers, and bleed them dry.
Feb 20th, 2008 The Worst Day In My Army Career. A Memorial Peice.
Feb 20 2008 worst day in my army career. This day, in 2008, i was in Iraq. It was the absolute worst day of my two tours over there, no contest. I have never sat down and wrote down everything that had happened but I feel it is time for me to now. All this is to the best of my recollection and since its been 2 years i might be fuzzy on some points, but i dont think that i'll be too far off. It was a bright sunny day in Mosul, Iraq. Gold Platoon Alpha section was scheduled for OP(Observation Position/post) on Rte Santa Fe on the west side of the city. The patrol consisted of two tanks, the Lieutenant's, Gold 1, with him and I honestly dont remember whom else on it and mine, Gold 2 which had Sgt Mackey as the commander, Sgt Dryburgh as the gunner, Lucas as the driver and me as the loader. We arrived on station around 1230 and were talking. Sgt Mackey was a replacement commander in that my normal tank commander, Ssg Gibson was filling in for the platoon sergeant of Green or 4th platoon wh
Forever, Love And The Heart
All too often you'll see people use the word "forever" in conjunction with their "love" or something similar. Now forever is a nice notion don't get me wrong, but how many people truly understand that concept of time. To some people forever is the rest of their lives, Others forever is till tomorrow. It's sad sometimes that we put so much stock into what people say that we have to have the reassurance of "forever" to fully believe that they're always going to be there. I wont lie and say that i've never used forever in conjunction with expressing my love. But in many ways i mean it. to me, If i say "I love you" I mean it. and while i might not always be IN love with you, some part of me, will, still, always love that person. I've seen and heard the illustration of a wedding, now i may be messing this up a little bit its been years. But at this wedding the bride and groom are up front holding hands, reciting their vows. When the priest gets the the part about loving and cherishing long
"friend" Zone
I've noticed in my own life, that all too often i get stuck in the friend zone. Either due to my own missed opportunities or cluelessness. Or cause i'm "too" nice at times. I dont know. Quite often it seems I am the first person to come to when there's a problem, or a breakup or whatever. Get told you're the exact type of guy i want, then get overlooked. Dont get me wrong, i'm not complaining about being there for people. I love that actually, I like to help and make a difference. But why doesnt "you're the type of guy that i really want" seem to ever turn into "You're the EXACT guy that i want"? I used to get told that I am too nice to women. I should take advantage of my position, cause breakups or mistrust and use them. but i cant. I like to believe that i'm not that type of person. I.E. if i get asked what i think about someones bf that i like her. I do my best to avoid it, if i cant, i do my best to make ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that my opinion is biased but i'll try to be as objective as
My Army Experience
Alot of times I have been asked, "Why did you join the Army?" Truthfully I did it because I didn't wish to go to college yet, I was tired of school, I wanted to do somethign different. One of my cousins had joined the marines a few years before and I went to her graduation and I became enamoured with the lifestyle. So when i was a senior I joined the marines, long story short it didnt work out so a year roundabouts after i graduated i Joined the army and went to basic. Throughout my time in I had successes and failures. Granted my failures outweigh my successes but that doesn't overall tarnish the experience. Ultimately my successes are MY successes same as my failures are MY failures, noone elses but mine. I could always pass blame around liberally. The military, like everything else, but possibly more so, you get out of it what you put into it. If you put your heart and soul into it then you'll be a "fast tracker" and rise fast and high in the ranks. or you can be a complete "shitbag
"un" Common Sense
When did common sense become Uncommon? the standard guidlines of self preservation and just pure "dont do that" bits are seemingly slowly easing their way out of our society. The whole "don't touch that, it's hot" part of us seems to majorily be gone nowadays. Maybe its the "group" mentality that masses of people get into when they cant remember how to think for themselves. Why do we get stuck in situations that we know from the getgo are dumb? Be it, don't cross the street without looking both ways, or getting with the guy who cheated on and left the gf he "loved" to be with you...thinking he's not going to do it again. Some situations that people get into that other people, when told about them, just go..."really?!... like, are you serious? What were you thinking?!" those situations that elicit those responses... are brough on by lack of common sense. Seriously, where do our heads go? I'm not attacking anyone in particular of it too, I'm bereft of common sense at times as well. far t
How often do we live our lives in mediocrity? We run our day to day like hamsters on a wheel, always going but getting nowhere. Why do we convince ourselves to just...exist, to live grow old and die, without making a lasting impact on the people or world around us? Imagine how the world would be if we ALL strived to the uppermost limits of our individual potential, what do you think we would find? I personally believe that we would find out that our potential is limitless. We as humans, can always DO more acheive greater things. We are only limited by our own preconcieved notions of what we can or cannot do. True things like the laws of physics restrict us, but there are always loopholes. Man can't POSSIBLY fly right? well, airline travel is more popular than ever. Man can't POSSIBLY breath underwater. Rebreathers' beg to differ. Man cant POSSIBLY turn into woman. Transexuals. only thing they can't do is have babies and i'm sure thats being addressed. Anything is possible. If everyone
Intelligence And Beauty Can Coincide
What defines Intelligence? What defines Beauty? Intelligence is defined as : A very general mental capability that, among other things, involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly and learn from experience. It is not merely book learning, a narrow academic skill, or test-taking smarts. Rather, it reflects a broader and deeper capability for comprehending our surroundings. Beauty is defined as :The characterization of a person as “beautiful”, whether on an individual basis or by community consensus, is often based on some combination of Inner Beauty, which includes psychological factors such as personality, intelligence, grace, politeness, charisma, integrity, congruity and elegance, and Outer Beauty, (i.e. physical attractiveness) which includes physical factors, such as health, youthfulness, facial symmetry, averageness, and complexion. Quite often we as a society in our "stereotypes" assume that these two
Acheivable Perfection
No one is perfect. Noone can HOPE to be perfect. Those that believe they are and act like they are, are delusional. Those are usually the people that look down upon and use others, but that's not what this is about. While it is impossible for one person alone to be perfect, I firmly believe that two people, together, can acheive this. When your with a woman and you are in love with her, then that love you have will envelope her and fill in all the cracks and imperfections in her being, same as hers should do for you, essentially making you, together, one perfect person. Love can remove all blemishes and failings. From the Bible love is: Peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. If both of you exhibit these not only to each other at all times as best as humanly possible, but also to those around you... your love will make both of you, perfect.
his is mainly addressing an issue that's been cropping up more and more. People outright rejecting me cause I'm 1) a white guy 2) "too" nice and 3) i'm not a "thug". Basically if you reject me for those reasons, awesome for you, don't really need you anyway. Truthfully I have no desire to be a "thug". Most the ones that i've met in my life are wannabe cowards. And i'm sure i'm stereotyping a good bit, but running around threatening other guys cause you may be cut, carry a gun in your pants and beat your girl dont make you a man. and DONT come at someone like that if you have no idea what they've done, or what they're capable of. Don't be petty, dont fly off teh handle cause you "think" someone disrespected you or one of your girls or hos or however you treat them, just cause they said "hi" to them. I mean really? are you that insecure with yourself. go work out some more dick. If i really wanted your girl, I have no doubts i could have her. Cause unlike the majority of "thugs" I've act
Deserving: A Woman
This is mainly for any guys... Never ever begin to believe that you deserve your woman. You can be a good guy or a shitty guy... but as long as you treat her right thats what matters. The instant you start believing that you deserve her, thats the instant you run the risk of taking her for granted. Always treat her right by every day working more and more to earn her. When she chose you, think of it as you going into debt and you pay it off, each and everyday based on how you treat her.
Military Service, Dont Make It A Joke
IF you think about joining the army, let me tell you something straight up. Do NOT go around telling freakin war stories before you actually do anything. IF you join the National Guard or Reserves... kudos to you but you're not automatically the shit. yeah you're a "soldier" one weekend a You have no idea what its like to be active to live and breath the shit every single day. so if your'e fixing to go to basic and expecting everyone to shower you with money and gifts and spoil you and shit thats fucking ridiculous and selfish. you're joining for the wrong damn reasons. "im going into the reserves, spoil me" wtf. show some damn respect to your uniform you MIGHT be wearing IF you graduate, the flag on your shoulder, the name on your left breast and maybe you'll make a decent soldier. Show respect for those that currently serve and those that have come before you. You're inheriting THEIR legacy. its not yours till you earn it.
Worst Thing Someone Can Say To You
The worst thing, anyone, that you really like, can possibly say to you is, "you're a really great person, you have everything anyone could ask for, you will make someone very happy some day"... what the hell? if you think that much of "me" to say that, then why do i gotta wait till "someday" to make someone happy? why cant i make you happy now? where's the sense in that.
F The World
Why do people got to go off on the "fuck everyone, fuck the world, fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck" tangents? Do you realize how ignorant and unattractive that makes you appear? Yeah people screw other people over, its a sad fact of life in the world and societies we live in. Does it make you feel better... good or "cool" to walk around with the proverbial middle finger stuck up and in the face of everyone else around you? So someone stole your boy or your girl... who cares? if they ran of with that other person then obviously they didnt care about you anyway and werent worth your time or effort. you really wanto give those cheaters a mind fuck? thank them. tell them thankyou for showing who they really are. people at school or work hate you... ignore them. thats the easiest way to disempower a bully. give them NO attention. if you get mad about it. come home. call a friend or something... but show nothing at the place and remove yourself from the situation no matter how much it hurts.
Repilfered From Suga's Lips Via Crazys Lips
Use the 1st letter OF YOUR LAST NAME to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names, things, nothing made up.   Use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You can't use your name for the boy/girl question. ONE WORD ANSWERS ONLY! Have Fun!! 1.   What is your last name?     M 2.   Flower:..............................  Magnolia 3.   Boys name ......................  Morpheus 4.     A Girls name:.................     Mercy 5.   An occupation;..................  Musician 6.   Something you wear:.......... Moccasins 7.   Something you eat.............. Macadamias 8      Place
Name Game Via Crazy Lips Via Peacey Via I Dunno
Use the 1st letter OF YOUR LAST NAME to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names, things, nothing made up.   Use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You can't use your name for the boy/girl question. ONE WORD ANSWERS ONLY! Have Fun!! 1.   What is your last name?     H****** 2.   Flower:..............................  Hydrangea  3.   Boys name ......................  Henry 4.     A Girls name:.................     Heather 5.   An occupation;.................. Hairdresser 6.   Something you wear:.......... Hat 7.   Something you eat.............. Hamburger 8      Place............................     Hawaii 9.   Something you shout:....        HolyHellOPete!!!!  :D
He did love a good opera. Every act a burning suite of passion, every song containing a shrill plea.A whole lifetime of vengeance, infidelity, and melodramatic absurdity in only a few hour's time. His mute companion to his right like a delicate celestial flower, practically hovering in a cocooon of silk and sheer white cloth, numb to the spectacle, unflinching against his appraising hand on her chin.Meanwhile, the crowd stirred against the scene, abuzz with a swill and roll of emotions. Like a tide of excitement and tears lapping gently at a nearby coast. But nothing sustained him like the glittering golden hopelessness of lady Chelsea.At least he thought her name was Chelsea... it was the name her father cried as a sword was plunged into his spine. She hadn't uttered a word since, and had barely made a shriek the last time she tried to murder him.That last attempt was nearly a year ago.Had she perhaps given up on trying?Or was she simply waiting for him to get comfortable and drop
Stolen From Crazy Lips
Use the 1st letter OF YOUR LAST NAME to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real places, names, things, nothing made up.   Use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You can't use your name for the boy/girl question. ONE WORD ANSWERS ONLY! Have Fun!! 1.   What is your last name?     W 2.   Flower:..............................  Wormwood 3.   Boys name ......................  Walter 4.     A Girls name:.................     Wendy 5.   An occupation;..................  Welder 6.   Something you wear:.......... Windbreaker 7.   Something you eat.............. Watermelon 8      Place
I have come to the decision that my fubar and facebook are not going to intermingle anymore. If you're on my facebook now, then you'll most likely stay, but I will not be adding more people from here to there. If you leave stupid crap on my wall or statuses about fubar-drama or not-don't be shocked if you find yourself deleted. It does not mean I don't like you, it just means I don't want you in my offline business.   Apparently it's surprising to some people that I am a sarcastic bitch on facebook too. This is me, folks. I'm a bitch. People I know offline tell me I'm a bitch all the time-this isn't news. No, I won't post sexually explicit statuses on facebook, I don't joke around that way with my family. That does not mean I am a different person. That just means I have discretion when it comes to other people on my list. My family does not want to see me joking around about bjs and anal, just like I wouldn't want to see it in their status.
What To Do About Love
what to do?  oh what to do?  why is it we struggle so much with love.  recently i got stuck in a tough position and cant decide what path to choose.  I have meet a woman that is had a crush on a long time ago.  she had got married and moved away. now seven years later she reappears and tell me that she is divorce and she really liked me. will i have went on a couple dates and still feel something for her. Now for the twist in the road.  i have been in love with another woman for 7 years but i believe that she does not have the smae feeling for me any more.  So what do i do go with the one the think that i am the greatest thing to happen to her. or the one that says see loves me but never want to do anything with me and acts like she is ashamed of me.  i dont what to hurt anyone but i want to be happy. all i ask for is a little sign on what path i should choose.
Ω Ever wonder where its all going? I mean every day some hot but dim asain girl or blonde is on the news telling me things are getting better but I still dont have a job. Id very much like the government and corperate masters to just admit publically that they doint give a rats ass whether or not the poor starve or freeze or what have you. I mean, they clearly dont but INSIST on maintaining this pseudo-christian pantomime of caring. Id rahter be dead. Frankly Ive been advertising for an axe wielding maniac to come extinctify myself for years on here. It was my first ever craigs list ad "Seeking Psycho Killer". Its just revolting, the whole fucking country and its leadership.  Im really not too keen on most of the people either. Complacency is in its way much worse than outright evil. If this were France, or even England, wed all be up in arms defying the facistic policies of the wealthy elite. Instead we bitch about it and give em all our money just the same. Oh no, Im starting
Wedding Anouncement Of The Year
At the end of the tax year, the IRS office sent an inspector to audit the books of a local hospital.. While the IRS agent was checking the books he turned to the CFO of the hospital and said, "I notice you buy a lot of bandages. What do you do with the end of the roll when there's too little left to be of any use?""Good question," noted the CFO. "We save them up and send them back to the bandage company and every now and then they send us a free box of bandages.""Oh," replied the auditor, somewhat disappointed that his unusual question had a practical answer. But on he went, in his obnoxious way."What about all these plaster purchases? What do you do with what's left over after setting a cast on a patient?" "Ah, yes," replied the CFO, realizing that the inspector was trying to trap him with an unanswerable question. "We save it and send it back to the manufacturer, and every now and then they send us a free package of plaster.""I see," replied the auditor, thinking hard about how he co
Cheerwine Cake
1 Box Devils Food Cake mix 1 cup Cheerwine 1 tsp Almond Extract   Prepare cake mix as directed except substitue 1 Cup Cheerwine for the water.  Add Almond extract.  Pour into 9 x 13 pan. Bake as directed.   FROSTING:   1/3 Cup Cheerwine 2 1/2 Cups powder sugar 1/2 tsp Almond Extract 1/4 Cup Cocoa 1/2 cup butter   Heat cheerwine, margarine & cocoa together until it comes to a boil.  Pour misture over powdered sugar & blend unil smooth.  Stir in Almond extract.  Cool. Spread over cake.
Victim House full of rosesA letter on the stairsA tape full of messagesfor anyone who caresCollage of broken wordsand stories full of tearsRemembering your life'cause we wish that you were hereNothing is harderthan to wake up all aloneRealize it's not okayit's the end of all you've knownTime keeps passing bybut it seems I'm frozen stillScars are left behindbut some too deep to feel And some say this can't be realAnd I've lost my power to feel, tonightWe're all just victims of a crimeWhen all's gone and can't be regainedWe can't seem to shelter the pain, insideWe're all just victims of a crime Some days you'll find mein a place I like to goAsk questions to myself'bout the things I'll never knowWhat's left to find'cause I need a little moreI need a little timecan we even up the score? And some say this can't be realAnd I've lost my power to feel, tonightWe're all just victims of a crimeWhen all's gone and can't be regainedWe can't seem to shelter the pain, insideWe're all just victim
So Far Away
So Far Away Never feared for anythingNever shamed but never freeA light that healed a broken heart with all that it couldLived a life so endlesslySaw beyond what others seeI tried to heal your broken heart with all that I couldWill you stay?Will you stay away forever?How do I live without the ones I love?Time still turns the pages of the book its burnedPlace and time always on my mindI have so much to say but you're so far awayPlans of what our futures holdFoolish lies of growing oldIt seems we're so invincibleThe truth is so coldA final song, a last requestA perfect chapter laid to restNow and then I try to find a place in my mindWhere you can stayYou can stay awake foreverHow do I live without the ones I love?Time still turns the pages of the book its burnedPlace and time always on my mindI have so much to say but you're so far awaySleep tight, I'm not afraidThe ones that we love are here with meLay away a place for meCause as soon as I'm done I'll be on my wayTo live eternallyHow d
Chivalry Is Dead
Wonder how and why sending flowers , gifts , trying to communicate to get closure of any kind gets me charged ? Then this person sends ex wife personal e-mails between us from 3 months previos she musta saved em and e-mailing everyday there is miles of words. The sad thing is all these e-mails basically tells all about my life good and bad I bared my soul some things said were only known by me I trusted was honest and now i'm in the fire. This lady also saw fit to send gifts i had given her to my Ex wife, phoning her @ home to  villanize me. I honestly can say I fell in Love With this garibaldi highlands women and it seems i still love her and don't understand, how i can love a person so soon. But when ya know ya know. LOve this lady more than i ever loved anyone including my ex wife that i was married to for 10 years. Do i need to be beatin for being a love sick romeo or what Cuz Tawnya is the one, i feel ya only get 3 chances to find your queen she was it.
First Day Of My Life
Games People Play
Well here I am once more and seems I added another to the block bin..Why you may ask well I don't feel its right that someone tells another that they will do something and yet not do it. Weather the other party is used to it or not you dont make a deal and not go through with it. Then knowing that you still owe the deal go out and buy something for someone else that supposively ment nothing to them how fucken stupid is that? Another thing that gets me is that you dont tell someone that you will never let them go that they will always be in your life and stand by them no matter what..yeah ok fuck off on that one cause its a lie and they dont care on who the hell they hurt cause their life is fucked up they have to toy with another ones life and heart..But I have come to realise that no matter how much I got hurt by his lies he showed his true colors that he was no different from any other man in my life cause when it came down to how I felt I was going nutty on him. Well you know what y
Here's How!
      Want to earn either the boomerang OR pimp hand bling? I bet you do you greedy people you! :P is how!!     I have been DYING to own the movie "Hidalgo" in FULL SCREEN on DVD. That widescreen crap is for the birds! Did I mention FULL SCREEN yet? If not....the FULL SCREEN DVD!!! :P First person to send it to me in regular mail (not on the computer) will get it.   Each person that offers to send it will get 7 days to do so from the time they say "I will!!!" If I recieve it in the mail within those 7 days, you win!  I will go in order starting with the first person to comment this blog saying "I will". That person will recieve my mailing address in a private message. You will have 7 days starting the day AFTER I give you my address. So if you want to be a technical butt monkey, that is 8 days total. Or it could be 7 days, 9 hours, 22 minutes, 38 seconds.....oh whatever :P Shut up! :D     Get it? Got it? GOOD!!!   Enjoy!      
Day Off
I took today off to sleep in...   Who else was smart enough to do the same????
Just wanted to put in my two cents on the Superbowl since I finally got to watch it today. First off, it was finally a game that I expect to see for the Championship of the entire league. I'm tired of Superbowl games getting all kinds of hype and then becoming a three hour kicking contest. This year the two top teams really showed they deserved to be there. It was a good game to watch. And as much as I am happy that the Steelers made it to the Bowl again, I am even happier that they lost. They've alfready got my 'boys beat by a Superbowl ring. Can't let em get any more ahead. As far as Roethlisberger goes, of COURSE he's raping women. Being the quarterback of an NFL team should be enough to get you laid, and I'm sure he got quite accustomed to it, but now that he's closing in on 600 pounds, 150 of which seems to be that melanoma on his face, I'm sure even the young ladies with stars in their eyes are going, "ummmmm, no thanks". What I really wanted to address, tho, was the halftime s
I Believe In You
I believe in you in the things that are important to you I believe that you can accomplish anything you set out to do , that you have many talents and the wisdom to use them well. I believe that you have what it takes to overcome obstaclesand to grow from every experience life brings your way. I believe in your courage, your compassion,your integrity, and your strength. I believe in your goodness. I believe in you. We have this thing - it's like chemistry ....It's something stronger than we could ever be. It's strange yet beautiful.It's beyond fantasy and dreams. It's ours and ours alone to share,to experience this connection between two soulsthat come together as one whole! I know it's been rough between us two but god will pull us through . I will make you this promise:You can always trust me with; your heart,and always depend on me for whatever you may need. I just want you to know I love you always through thick and thinI'll always love you to no end!Copyright ÂÂ
I'm Sorry
I'm writing this because I don't know if I'll have the courage to say it to your face. When I move back I don't think I'll be capable of just coming over to say what I'm about to say. I just need to say it because I think that you deserve to finally hear it(read it). I'm sorry for everytime I hurt you. We were both so young and I can see now how immature and ridiculous I was. I was cruel, bossy and simply horrible to you. I'm sorry I said things that I shouldn't have; things that I can never take back. I'm sorry I was always so jealous. I'm sorry I never treated you like you were good enough; or even with the respect you showed me. I'm sorry for every fight I picked with you because I didn't think I was getting enough attention. I'm sorry for everytime I  mouthed off towards your family and over stepped my bounds. I'm sorry for ever betraying thier trust. I'm sorry I cheated on you. I don't know what else to say at this point.  
Al One
Al One   One likes smiles One remembers touches Does any one like One One is only One   One iikes many One likes other one, and two, and other ones But One is here, other ones are there The light square is between one and others   One wants one One needs one One knows of 1 + 1 = 1 One wants to be 1   One spins with arms out One doesn't touch another one Is there one?   All One Al One Alone Lone One    
Blizzard In Florida
Just heard on the news that the state of Florida could be sunned-in for the next several days. Residents have been urged to hunker down at your nearest beach and/or tiki bar and wait for further instructions. Use extreme caution when braving this blizzard of sunshine, preferably SPF30. We are asking our friends and relatives to the north to please keep us in their thoughts as we deal with 2 feet buried in the sand
Peter Pan And Tinkerbell
When  peter pan saw tinkerbell after quiet sometime.he asked,"why did u have 2 go for so long?tinkerbell replied, "u never give me a reason to come back.i was always there wen u needed me.but i guess u never showed how important i am to ur its dfferent & now we've changed. but im still smiling""Peter then asked her,"Why?Tinkerbell replied, "i,myself dont know the reason. its  just that now, its ur turn to miss me.
Taz31@ Fubar
Loyal And Faitful
know the difference between LOYAL and FAITHFUL ?a FAITHFUL person don't have time to get attracted with others. his/her attention is exclusively for the only one he/she loves.a LOYAL person still gets attracted to others,appreciates beauty,flirt in some ways. but at the end of the day.. a loyal person knows where his/her heart which one are you?
Biting Wind
BITING WIND   Words, expel from you In torrents of frost and hail Biting and stinging Victims of your diatribe lie wounded But I see beyond and through And I know that reason will in the end, prevail That passions felt now will be ending And compassion and reason will become rooted We, all of us know But do not feel The pain and anguish that lies within For the words of hate that are flung It is for pities sake that we bow To our considered voices that may heal For in all of us is the same places we have been The same wounds we have felt and shores we have been flung    
This Is It
I pray for ignorance.   Wish I could hate you but my heart won't let me. The drinks feel weaker.  The memories, stronger. I would give anything to know you again. Nothing can ever be the same and I struggle to let go. A year has passed... Such a sweet face that haunts like a devil's curse and I mourn the day I ever rested my eyes.   Why did you have to die..?      
Steelers Vs Packers Xlv
Lets See How Many Of You Bandwagon Fans Will Stay True To The Steel, I Bleed Black And Gold Till The Day I Die! Bottom Line It Was A Great Game And We Got Out Played! At The End Of The Day, We Still Have 6 Rings! 6 Rings No One Held Our Hand While We Earned, 6 Rings To Show Our Skill, 6 Rings YOU DONT HAVE! Congratulations Packers I Give Credit Where Credit Due But Don't Let This Go To Your CheeseHead, You Have A Long Way To Go To Take Us Out Of The #1 SPOT!
I Am Confused
The insurance side of sex........ Sex with your wife - Legal & General. Sex with your future wife - Mutual Trust.Sex with long-term partner - Standard Life. Sex with your secretary - Employer's Liability. Sex with a prostitute - Commercial Union.Sex on the telephone - Direct Line. Casual sex with different partners - Go Compare.Sex with a lady boy - Confused. Com
Why Do I Even Bother
Bling Contest Ends Feb 12@ 5pm Est
A Touch Unfelt
How can you ache and crave for someone's touch When you have never felt it? I do this for yours, though, And the yearning grows more each day I have never wanted anything in my life As much as I want you When you whisper such sweet love In my ear when we talk You make me melt into a puddle Of complete helplessness You have become my every waking thought And my every dream at night I breathe in so hard Trying to catch my breath when we can't talk I close my eyes so tight Hoping when I open them you will be there But I know I have to wait Until the time is right It seems so far away That I think I am losing my mind I want to breathe in your scent And keep it with me all day long I want to taste your love for me By kissing your sweet lips I want to feel your body next to me So when you leave for awhile I can hold on I just want you to know That I really do love you When the day comes and we are together You will always know and feel this I will always hug, ki
Thank You
I thank you right now for being my friend. No strings attached, no being condemned. Taking me in ,with little or lot. Unconditional a word this world has forgot. You hear me out, when I need to talk. Hanging in there No matter how rough the walk. And all the times past and those to still come. Bringing my spirits up When down they've been run. So if I seem distant, cold or not here. Remember inside I'm thankful you care.
Valentine's Day Application
Valentine's Day Application Contact Information Name: _________________________________ Address: ________________________________ Phone #: ____________________________ Cell phone #: _______________________ Screen Name AOL: ___________________________ MSN: ___________________________ Yahoo: __________________________ E-mail address: ____________________________________     Vital Statistics Height: ______________ Weight: _______________ Eye color: _________________ Hair color: _________________ Hair style: _______________________   Measurements Chest: ___________ Waist: ___________ Arms: ___________ 6-pack? Yes / No Tattoos? Yes / No If yes, indicate what and where.         Piercings? Yes / No If yes, indicate where and why: For verification purposes, full frontal and rear photos of self are required. Attach photos with application (unless submitting application in person).     Psychological History Personality Description:      
Your Old Pal, Stinky Wizzleteats
Hello boys and girls, this is your old pal, Stinky Wizzleteats This is a song about a whale, NO this is a song about being happy Thats right!  Its the happy happy, joy joy song!   Happy happy, joy joy Happy happy, joy joy Happy happy, joy joy Happy happy, joy joy Happy happy, joy joy Happy happy, joy joy Happy happy, joy joy joy   I dont think your happy enough...
You Sick Lil Monkey
What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs, and over your neighbor's dog? What's great for a snack, And fits on your back? It's log, log, log It's log, it's log, It's big, it's heavy, it's wood. It's log, it's log, it's better than bad, it's good." Everyone wants a log You're gonna love it, log Come on and get your log Everyone needs a log log log ...
New Players & Getting Started Part1.
So You Want To Be A Gangster... Congrats On Joining The World Of FuMafia.This Blog is intended to get you started and enjoying the mafia experience.Just Like chess there are many ways to play, this is a description of how to build a successful player that is able to bounty hunt while building cashflow. After you gain a basic understanding you may elect to make another mobster and explore some of the other and more advanced strategies. THE BASICS:The Game is based on levels from 1 to 1000+. You can hold up to 1000 people in your personal mob. These 1000 people can not attack you or steal your money. For every level you advance, you utilize 5 people to fight and complete missions with. example: level 1 fights with 5mobsters, level 10 fights with 50, level 100 uses 500 mobster to fight. So as a new player, you want to accept these mobsters that send you requests. Send add requests to allies and your fu friends to build yourself a strong personal mob. Under mobbed people often are attacke
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_____xxxxxxxxxx______xxxxxxxxxx___xxx pass xxxxxx___xxxxxxxxxxxxx___xxxxxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx___xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx____xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_____xxxxxxxxx heart xxxxxxxxxxx ______xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx_________xxxx to xxxxxxxxxxx ___________xxxxxxxxxxxxx_____________xxxxx all x______________xxxxxx _______________the x_______________xx_______friends__xx_____________x_you_______x_________xx ___care_xx _____xxxx__x about x___xxxxxxx____xx the xx______xxxxxx_most!!_xxxxxxx_________xxxxx_________xxxxx________xxxx_____xxxx
Pointless Pain
Though I chose death instead of pointless pain,Please forgive the manner of my leaving.My love and need for all of you remain. I could not long such suffering sustain,Nor would it long have held you from your grieving.Though I chose death instead of pointless pain, I hope that choice will not my memory stain,Nor lead you to be wroth at my deceiving.My love and need for all of you remain. For only in you do I live again,Woven like a wind into your weaving.Though I chose death instead of pointless pain, I put to you the plea of the self-slain:To comprehend an anguish past conceiving.My love and need for all of you remain That all that I have been not be in vain,But blend into the earth of your believing.Though I chose death instead of pointless pain,My love and need for all of you remain.
Why Did My Son Die?
We have a new President and another Mother's Question          Mr. Obama, ' Why are our Sons Dying in Afganistan?'                        The Answer is at the END...Scroll all the way Down!   Truly One Of The Best Emails I Have Seen!!! A mother asked this President... 'Why did my son have to die in Iraq ?' A mother asked this President.. 'Why did my son have to die in Saudi Arabia ?' A mother asked this President... 'Why did my son have to di
verdant\ VUR-dnt \adjective;    1.  Green with vegetation; covered with green growth.    2.  Green.    3.  Lacking experience or sophistication; naive.
If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative.  -  David Ogilvy
I Just Want To Tell You
I just want to tell you,I love you with all my heart.I wish for us to be together,Never shall we be apart.I just want to tell you,You put the smile on my face.I want to be by your side,I don't want to be any other place.I just want to tell you,You mean so much to me.I see you as nothing less than the world,And that I want you to see.I just want to tell you,I wouldn't be able to live without you.Without the comfort you give,There's nothing I could do.I just want to tell you,I thank you for being there.You've always given me a shoulder to lean on,And you always care.I just want to tell you,I think of you every moment of the day.And how much I love you,Words could never even say.I just want to tell you,I love you with all my heart.I wish for us to be together,Never shall we be apart.
Lie In Our Graves
Tonights selection is Dave Matthews Band - Crash. Sometimes I forget how great that album is. It's been almost a week since I last spoke to you. Bugs me out not knowing if everything is alright with you.Wish we were able to communicate more than we get to. Sucks even more cause we've not really been able to have areal conversation and talk about what we want or where we want this to go. At times I feel like I've losta grasp of who you are. I know you're definitely not the same person I met 4 years ago. You'vechanged so much since then. Not that that's a bad thing. I can just see many differences in who were. I do realize you have a hard time expressing what you feel. Lately I've been needing to hear what you think.I don't get to really talk to you everyday or have long enough conversations to find out what's on your mind.I could use some reassurance. It doesn't have to be drawn out, but a little something would suffice. Youknow that I love you and crazy about you. I need to hear thos
Just Because I'm Different
Just because I'm different, Doesn't mean I'm scaryDoesn't mean I'm not normalAnd doesn't mean I don't have friendsJust because I'm different Doesn't mean you can laugh at meDoesn't mean my style is weirdDoesn't mean I'm crazyJust because I'm different Doesn't mean I don't like youDoesn't mean I don't have a lifeDoesn't mena I love wierd foodJust because I'm differentWhy do people hate me? Why do you want to blend in? Why can't you be differnt? I wish I knew 
Which Side Of The Fence?
If you ever wondered which side of the fence you sit on, this is a great test! If a Republican doesn't like guns, he doesn’t buy one. If a Democrat doesn't like guns, he wants all guns outlawed.   If a Republican is a vegetarian, he doesn’t eat meat. If a Democrat is a vegetarian, he wants all meat products banned for everyone.   If a Republican is homosexual, he quietly leads his life. If a Democrat is homosexual, he demands legislated respect.   If a Republican is down-and-out, he thinks about how to better his situation. A Democrat wonders who is going to take care of him.   If a Republican doesn't like a talk show host, he switches channels. Democrats demand that those they don't like be shut down.   If a Republican is a non-believer, he doesn't go to church. A Democrat non-believer wants any mention of God and religion silenced. If a Republican decides he needs health care, he goes about shopping for it, or may choose a job that provides it. A Democrat dem
Cwrtaz@ Fubar
Things Are Changing
I've been going to church lately and I really love this church. I look forward to going and my children like being able to play with other children. I have removed some people out my life, I guess is the best way to say it. I only did this after I was not able to get intouch with them for quite some time. Things are def. changing and I hope it just gets better. I do have alot of anger built up inside of me at certain people and I'm hoping that in time that will go away. I know if they were meant to be in life for a long time then they would've kept in touch with me. I give so much and get so little back. I know in time I want someone to enter my life and my children's life. I know I want that person to be a man, a real man. I want roses, notes, kisses, cuddles, hugs, him to get along great with my sons, help, honesty, laughter, a shoulder to cry on, lover, and a friend. I know this may seem like a lot and maybe it is too much to ask in this day and age but this is what I want and I DO
Whiskey A Mu-shu
Last night I got some chinese food.  I didn't think I got all that much, some Kung Pao shrimp (I like mine with extra Pao) some lo-mein (they never laugh when I ask if they have hi-mein) some pepper steak, and some fried wontons.   They put it all in a box and I take it home.  I am looking today at the box, and notice its a box for whiskey.   I think to myself, how much whisky does your average chinese place go through that they have extra boxes of it? On another unrelated note.  I was in the store today and there was a chineese guy with his son ahead of me in line.  They had five 5lb bags of sugar and half a case of Dr Pepper.  I found this a little odd, so I mention it to the girl at the counter.  Younger girl, kind of pretty, but must have acne problems because she wears a lot of foundation.  I know this because she had a long sleeve hoody on, and I could see the makeup marks on the the cuffs where she must have wiped her face.  I tend to notice little things like this.  She wasn't
My Baee.
Finally, there is one guy, I feel alright possibly giving my heart to. It's weird, because I'm totally messed up in the head because of certain ex's, but I trust him. I trust that i'll never be hit again, i'll never be yelled at again, and i'll never be forced to do things that I don't ever want to do again. I realize, at times i'm completely hostile towards him but I really don't mean to be. At night, I think about the events that went on that day and sometimes wish I did things different. He knows I don't mean the mean shit I say or do. Well, atleast I hope he does. PCS.
::hooah Bitches!::
One week down of this deployment....many more to go! I haven't heard from my boyfriend since last Saturday morning at 6am. He's going to shut his phone down but he does have my email and I'm sure he has my number. Got word from a NG wife that they arrived safely and depending on what group bf is in, contact may be very limited. But her hubby said that base there isn't too bad. I'm content as long as he's safe and sound! I've been doing misty-eyed a couple times and had some serious drama to deal with but that's what you get when you decide to cut out the negative people in your life. But I've also been so busy with work last week and the juvenile hall thing. I've also written a couple letters and will send them in a little bundle when he contacts me with an address *blushes* Thanks everyone for all the supportive messages over the week! ♥ Oh and it took me forever to find an Army gf-type graphic that didn't make me want to hurl, so I'll close this blog with this gem;
Utah Woman Jailed For Selling Flowers From Her Home (repost)
A day once existed in America when a woman like Dena Long-Christensen, 44, would have been celebrated, admired for her “can-do” spirit, and held up as a role model for others. That day is sadly past. Now Long-Christensen—and others like her—are treated by the new America as criminals to be fined and jailed. Her crime? Dena Long-Christensen was discovered selling flowers from her home. A struggling entrepreneur, Long-Christensen was unceremoniously trundled off to jail over a dispute with authorities who accused her of not having acquired the proper permits to start and operate her small business. In other words, she didn’t obtain the government’s permission to have her own business—any kind of business—in the first place. Land of the free Long-Christensen case is just one of the latest in a long string of cases of attacks on liberty and an oppressive government that is hamstringing people and eliminating choic
Bid On Me :)
View full size      Add your photos & videos An unidentified white male was shot in the head and killed Friday morning in a stolen vehicle on a Del Rey street, police said. Police were called to the 5500 block of Margaret Avenue about 7 a.m. after residents reported hearing five to six gun shots, said Lt. Jeff Bert of the Los Angeles Police Department. Officers found a white male about 25- to 35-years old inside a late model Lexus with gunshot wounds to his body and multiple bullet casings outside the vehicle, Bert said. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. The Lexus had been stolen a few weeks ago in West Los Angeles, Bert said. The victim was shot with a handgun, but the caliber of the weapon was not immediately known. Police did not have any suspect descriptions. The man's identity was being withheld until his next of kin was notified, said Lt. David Smith of the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office. The man was shot and killed just north of Jefferson
Not Even Me
 2/6/2011 8:03PMI lay awake, In our room, there's nothing left just me and you. we seem so cold, distant and used. I'm all alone, even when I'm with you. I reach out for you, Though nothings there. Where'd we go? what's with this dispare?At night I cry, wondering why? Why is this love so bitter sweet? What happened to us? You tell me it's all in my head, Tonight I'll cry in our bed. I feel so numb, So left out in the cold.Where you went? I do not know.  I miss you though. You're out of reach, where does that leave me? Who'll hold me tight, As the nightmares creep in? Who'll tell me it's alright, when  I cant take it anymore? Baby it's cold, I whine and I plea, But no ones here, Not even me.
Again? Seriously?
from: bearkc Germany subject: bearkc sent you a Milkshake for Two received: 02/5/2011 11:53 pm replied: no   block this member "Good Morning from Germany,Wow, do you know this the month for Love & Romance, the month of February? Love is in the air, everyone showing love, we loving life & when we are loved, we can send love back to the one close to us. There no need to complain or have hater . Love is here on the 14 of February and it always been an sacred feeling to expressed to another human being, but in this era, it is said everything is possible. I “Love You or “Showing Love” a day to express your love and to celebrate the spirit of love. I was told by a friend - Thank you Wendell for you nice long message on love. I am actually in love with someone I can't talk to or be with. Love can be wonderful and very hurtful as well. My question is why love is so hurtful. You might not believe this, but I love being here on Fubar. It
How Often Do You Say Ok?
the history of the word 'ok'. youll be suprised....   OK1839, only survivor of a slang fad in Boston and New York c.1838-9 for abbreviations of common phrases with deliberate, jocular misspellings (cf. K.G. for "no go," as if spelled "know go"); in this case, "oll korrect." Further popularized by use as an election slogan by the O.K. Club, New York boosters of Democratic president Martin Van Buren's 1840 re-election bid, in allusion to his nickname Old Kinderhook, from his birth in the N.Y. village of Kinderhook. Van Buren lost, the word stuck, in part because it filled a need for a quick way to write an approval on a document, bill, etc. The noun is first attested 1841; the verb 1888. Spelled out as okeh, 1919, by Woodrow Wilson, on assumption that it represented Choctaw okeh "it is so" (a theory which lacks historical documentation); this was ousted quickly by okay after the appearance of that form in 1929. Okey-doke is student slang first attested 1932. Greek immigrants to Am
Ranting ... To Release Agression
I don't do this often, but damnit I am not a happy person right now.  Realizing you get played by someone is just a pain in the ass and is worse than a case of hemroids coming out to play.  I mean WTF, a guy sees a way to take advantage of a situation and then when he gets the opportunity to get to know someone uses it and then says ... pfft!!  Well, I am not one to be handled that way.  It really makes it bad on men and others that may want to get to know me, and believe me, it's not that easy.  I do talk quite a bit on the computer, ONLY because I have absolutely no social skills off here.  I don't do bars, and I don't invitations to places that invovle others.  When I do, I am in a corner ... usually near a snack area, with a bottle of water in hand and watching what is going on around me.  I am a very shy person face to face. But what happened is just wrong.  If a person gets busy ... that is understandable.  I get  busy, everyone does .. between work, family, faith, and just all
I See Love
Love is what I seebut he dont see meNow that we are apart I love no one elseIt doesnt failI sit here and thinkhe told me nothing deepI wish he could see the love i feel for himHe cant seeWhen he said he loved me he didnt mean it I see love in my eyes I see love in the skysI see love nothing morebut im still here than beforeYou still dont love meI see love I see nothing before than I saw beforeI see love it doesnt matter as it seemsI see love in my dreamsI didnt see love in your eyes when we said our goodbyesI see love no more.....
Do The Math
My first blog..wowzer.   I used to just long onto this site every other month or so. The past week I kind of stuck around. Mainly because the site seems a lot more colorful than I remember. One thing I have noticed is the amount of money  that gets spent on here. I am a college student paying my own way through school. I did not get any grants or loans, I am paying cash up front for everything. Now I know that my college tuition is not near as much as actually living on your own with bills and family. There are some members that on a daily basis have a boomerang running next to their head. That is $15 a pop and they run one atleast every day. That is $105 a week and $450 a month. WOW that is a lot of dough. Then you got to add in the VIP and then the bling packs. I have come to the conclusion there are some rich people on this site. Could you please tell me what your profession is because I might want to change career paths.
Twisted Desires Lounge Spotlight
Ok Guys And Ladies, Place a  Bid for this weeks Lounge Spotlight !!! all fubux from this will go toward the lounge getting a lounge SPOTLIGHT.. so please bid highly lol
Handle With Care
Handle With Care Dig down deep open that door you can see your soul ur skeletonseverything staring back at you.To what exstent do you keeping needingbefore your desires and wants are fullfilled and your heart realizesthat your worn down and sad.You have given your all away yet you stillhold a empty shell your heart the very thing that beats to the oblivionof eternal love and that my friends is the part we need to handle withcare...look I realize that we all have history and bad stories and sumof us had to survive and others sheltered but to find a mutual connectnand fall in love with friendship and crazy non sexual attraction themystery either way you will never know and in the end you wont havethat soulmate or true relationship that always makes you happy or smileand feel complete I guess the dream ends here Time to wake up peace outlater...
Random Facts...things I Like/annoy Me
Complains against men...                       1. YOU DONT GET LAID BY BEGGING FOR IT                       2. NO I DONT WANNA SEE YOUR PENIS ON CAM...oh its so big, are you happy now?(oh and stop video chatting me)                       3. at least friggin attempt a converstation before you ask me how big my boobs are                       4. stop fuckin trying to add me to your collection of females...i want a guy who is all about me                       5. i dont share...ever...(i.e. no threesomes)                       6. im a jealous person...(meaning i dont like it when my guy flirts with other girls internet or not)                       7. call me when you say you are...if you cant do something so small how are you gonna do anything else? be   dependable                       8. just because im with you/interested in you...doesnt mean you have dont get too cocky                       9. dont wreck a sweet cuddle moment by trying to have sex with me...if i want
A True Man's Feelings
What a true man feels. by sincere ) You often wondr why u try do all those wondrful thngs 4ur guy.Pain lostemotion theres no return shown What a true man feels is a mystery4sum.If u could undrstand would it matter if theres no return its ntworth it A man wants u 2 reach out grab ahold lookem n the eye n meanthe faithful tip you n him fuck all the other sht no other way of tellnit Im the no bailn type keepn it real holdn u close al nite surify tilthe day i die My respect4u my greatest traite no time 2hate representmy love is somethn great Theres nuthn about my feelns that r fake Welike it when ur never 2late anythng 2 conversate or maybe meet fuck theb.s. No discrete Straite upfront kikn with a blunt gettn hi on theskunk Dreamin about that trunk got me feeln crunk Always on tip nevadrunk Dnt get me wrng im nt on the hunt jus wana kik it hav fun watch asunset or two laugh n smile jus apprecciate you stand by urside No oneelse Jus us 4ever true Theres no other feelins i can e
Sincere's Lovedown
LOVEDOWN 101 a short by sincere As the long trip winds down,butterflies bursting at the seems.Thisjourney heightens my desire 2 levels of anxiety jus the normal personhasnt experience as my heart races bells ringn n my head my queenapproaches me.With smiles we exchange huggs.As the day goes on wecomfortably talk n laugh often we click so much i score a smile n apeck on the cheek.Its scary 4a moment but u resist n nw there is a softsuttle silence as the caressing begins.Your skin so soft n un abraisedso flawless.Your scent so engrossing as i absorb ur essence with gentleswift movements as our bodys touch.Comfortability is upon us as weengulf eachothers space with grace n casual embraces.Strokin ur haireyes locked lost n ur gaze my bodily emotions kick n and urges risewith great power with n 2 take ur mind and body 2 the peak ofanticipation.I kiss ur lips with slow n precise affection i feel ursmall but frequent quivers of joyous feelins 2 two people share n asignifi
"Life-altering, the Ones, allowed trespass into our very depths, imprinting our souls for the entirety of time. Their faces, the whispers of love, touch, movement....every present in our consciousness and the haunts of our dreams. Tormented hearts unreleased...screaming anguish seeking some solace...a temporary reprieve from the terminal agony. Calm, sanctuary; yes, found within the arms of an adoring heart, meek heart....disposable....the tragic substitution for past..."
How Sincere Treats His Lady
How Sincere treats his lady Imagine you me champagne bubble bath Sweet kisses all along your neck Times like this we'll never miss To the end of the world n back You'll never find a love like this One look in your eyez Thats all it took For this guy, Surified no need 2 try Baby girl Sweet brwn eyez So good all i can do is sigh No reason to deny For your love I would die my sweet lullaby Vision of us wind in our hair No care 50/50 2way street Our love is fair So lavish nuthin compares You and me uniquely paired
A Man With A Rose N Hand
A Man With A Rose in His Hand   A man with a rose in his hand with this rose i give you a million inone things to wonder to think I might have planned. It could be a nightout or hopes to hear you out,it could be the sweet sincere way to makeyour day so that you may feel beautifull in everyway,it could be thesimple fact that you brought joy to his life in with love and affectionthis is how I give back,it could be your just wonderfull and joyfullthat Hopelessly in love Im just a dork a fool for you,it could be forbirthday and this is my way of showing you unconditional love im hereto stay......a man with a rose in his hand is something to cherishunderstand in take time to comprehend the man.........sincerly urhopeless romantic
Catching A Cold/pain In Back
I just started my day, as if It could get any worse, I have a cold, my nose is stuffed up, my throat is bothering me, I slept the wrong way and my neck and back is screwed up. I was hoping to go visit my mother, and my dad and brother, as well as my dog Jasper I miss them but with how I'm feeling I dont think I will today, however next weekend my fiance is off so we can go together and come home together. I think thats what I'll do instead, and just rest today, and relax, but I really want to get out and go visit.  I also need plenty of rest for work tomorrow morning.  I also have to put in my orders for Avon and fax in my time card for my actual work. I sell Avon for fun. Thats not my real job.  Anyway I think I'll end it here, talk to you soon everyone!
Howto- Blowjobs!
-SEX: can't get enough of it, and for you married men/woman who bitch and complain and constantly accuse your man/woman of cheating and you hardly ever have sex anymore... Somebody once said.. "What you don't do for your man/woman in bed somebody else will" So turn your freak on.. Here is an idea.-Because for me,if you truly don't let go of your center and only do it because it's what he wants, you'll always "suck" at it.. You have to want it, and it will turn you on like you have never known. Try fucking yourself while giving head.-C'mon, girls naturally it should just make you feel dirty when on your knees.. How can you not want to get naughtier?-GIVING HEAD:Recommendations:1. Spit on it..gag on it.. (OMG they will love you)!2. Talk dirty to it, and during it!3. Don't ever be afraid of it! Look up at him!4. Call out your name while you're cummingg...(that's a favorite, JK)5. Always, Always, learn from your mistakes (keep trying)6. Yes they do like being fingered too.. (don't let em l
The New 2011
God, i need a good woman. I need a woman, with my charecteristics, with my ideals......but most as real as i am. A woman, who much like myself, wont build other peoples hopes and dreams with a figment of their poignant imagination. A woman who i can relate to physically, mentally, and spiritually.What makes people think.....that they could talk to others anyway they want? That they can make up stories, and expect the next person to believe it? That they can pose a fraud and no one else can find out? That they can boast and brag about credentials that they wish they had? That i would be interested in your story telling? No thanks, im good, dont need to listen to the figments of your imagination. I know who i am, i know what ive done, i know where ive been.......dont need to feed into your phony stories or pyscho dreams. Lord, im not here on earth to build false ideas to anyone, deception is a task for a judas, its not for your disciples. Honesty, respect, goal orient
Member Monday Bulletin
        Its Member Appreciation Day In Erotic Desires...Drinks Keep Flowin, Rates R Plenty and As Always We're Showin the Love To You Our Loyal Members So Get In Here n Celebrate With Our Awesome Fam!!!!! CLICK THE PIC TO JOIN THE FUN!!!!!
I am in an auction starting today at 9pm Eastern. It lasts till Saturday, so no need to miss the Superbowl to bid on me. :P (I think he had it start at this time because he hates the Steelers and therefore hates me too.) I will be posting my link in my about me section when the auction starts. If you don't want to bid, that's fine, you can just go rate my pic. :) There are prizes for the most rates, 2nd most rates etc. I will try not to be too annoying with this-I know some people don't like this kind of stuff. I just thought it would be fun.   I'll edit this blog later and link my pic in here also. :) Have a good week.        
Super Bowl Sunday
OOOOooohhhh what's this?? MY Steelers are in it... SOOOO unless you are Jen or team made it and yours didn't :P SUCKAS!!!
Appeal To North Dallas
So, I've been living here since 2006. In that time, I've had three full-time jobs, two part-time jobs, and lived in four apartments (two at the same address). I've met and dated one girl, and gone through two breakups (both really bad). I've met some people who I'll always regard as family (multiple trips to Houston - Phantom, Kinky, Fyretygress and company, just to name a few), and run into some unsavory people who I wouldn't mind never seeing again (you know who you are). Here's my appeal: those who have paid attention to what has been going on in my life know that I recently lost my home. I'm living in a hotel not far from where my old apartment is. I'm trying to regain a foothold so that I can get back into the swing of things, hopefully having my own place again by the summer or early fall; or, failing that, at least having saved up enough money so I can make the trip back east (New York City is my comfort zone). I still currently have a full-time job working tech support in Cop
FALLING bySincere   Tatted heart shatterred 2many pieces 2 count scatterred Only a few had it To know the love 2be treated as delicate as a whitedove Never is enough enough The vision of you my queen knee deep stuck Your my love my air my trust There aint nothing I got 4ever like a peterbuilt truck Trust in me baby doll im your luck argue fite n fuss Its you I feel it in my gut These feelings hard 2 discuss Holding you close a must A feelin stronger than lust A future filled with much Fallin hard 2much trust 2 much hope 4us A life so glamerous My only thought my every verse Each n every word my worth 2 the ends of the earth made 4u since birth Cant knock it my one n only my first my picture perfect candy stripper nurse take ur time unbutton my shirt Trail 2treasure No need2measure built 4ur pleasure Take you 2ecstacy lighter than a feather No other make you feel better If its cold take my sweater along with a rose n a love letter proclaiming my love thru any weather Bui
Sincere Deepest Thoughts
Deep in your eyez I see future The world Our whole life There ain't nuthis this guy won't try surified I won't quit Till your mine My dream girl my infinite ride or die Theze things I say upon one knee expressions of my My true inner being No way of believing Just me your ...Needing keeping you close my only feeling....... Your only feeling theze emotions send you reeling No hurt no healing one on one thas our way of dealing Visions of you sensations killing my one and only willing From this heart my love over flow continuous spilling You and me forever loving not much to much rush from ...The touch intense as much my love everlasting never to much Your touch my heart flutters never so much have have I wondered For you I will never squander the distance grows us fonder once upon a time it was you alejandra now it you she know I want her fresh as a new starter never Will I depart her my word all my worth for her love I would walk the earth Till the end of time I will se
Sincere Tells All
Sincere tha poet lettn loose Many nights sittin n this four wall room,dreaming of the dayz i kept u warm till the early morn,feelings raging like a monsoon storm,this pain in my side like a thorn searching for love since i was born   Sincere tha poet lettin loose my kneck free from the noose holla gf duck duck goose try walkn in my shoes To all my reals the one who lived tru walk those hills never has blood spill never had to kill to express the fakes i detest no need to impress no matter how i dress live life real b4 you spit on the rest  Back again the lord in my heart no matter how much strugglin love jugglin my words my expression bubblin with my pin governments crumplin fakes back track steady stumblin this live got a nikka humblin realizn we all scrub again again materialistic people befriendn it don't matter what your riding in   Never can they comprehend it heavenly sent thug walkin a women i'm never striking taking my time never inticin backstabbers forever fig
To All The Non Believer's
To All the Non Believers I live my life as a feeler a reciever ,I see thru all the non believers.They tear away at the pages,all my layers.Dedicated rymthe sayerOnly the lord knows my prayers.Eminem,2pac true life players.What can I say,each and every day,the fakes I delay.Stress freeI live my life,A true street O.G.Perpetually I avoid the need to expressthe real me.They will never see me.Against all odds upon my knees,the lord is the only thing I need.My almighty father truly knows me.Never will he judge me,with each lesson he gives me the strength topass the one's who need to impress.No time to second guess,this life I live blessed,my children my only wish.Keep steppin,avoid this,I am to realto be involved in your mess.Who are you,get on my level,Family is my dish.I laugh while you think you can diss this,never contemplatin your feverishshit,everlasting judge mental fits.It's not your fault,your parents filled you with these hits always trying to get the best.Understand it's what's
My Blogs Naming
Read your sign, then repost this in a new blog with your zodiac sign and label.   CAPRICORN-BY FAR THE BEST IN BED! loves being in long relationships, great talker, always love to bust, nec, sassy, intelligent, sexy, predict future, irresistible, awesome kisser, gets what he or she wants, by far the best in bed, very sexy, coolest, loves to own geminis in sports, extremely fun, loves to joke, loves to be your first, so you'll never forget, smart.   LEO- WILD IN BED! Great talker. Sexy and passionate. Laid back. Knows how to have fun. Is really good at alot. Great kisser. Unpredictable. Outgoing. Down to earth. Loyal. Addictive. Loud. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Not one to mess with. Rare to find. Great when found!   TAURUS- THE FREAK IN BED! Aggressive. Freak in bed. Rare to find. Loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight for what they want. Extremely outgoing. Sexy as... to help people in times of need. Outs
Pope's Organs Are Too Holy To Donate To Mortals, Says Church By Michael Day In Venice (repost)
Benedict XVI has tried to scotch rumours that he carries an organ donor card after his secretary revealed that his ascension to the position of Holy Father means he is no longer able to bequeath his body parts to lesser mortals. On the pontiff's instructions, Monsignor Georg Gaenswein, Benedict's personal secretary, fired off a letter to quell the rumours that started in the Pope's native Germany. "It's true that a simple cardinal can have an organ donor card but, despite public declarations to the contrary, it ceased to apply when he was elected head of the Catholic Church," Mgr Gaenswein said. In 1999, the then-Cardinal Ratzinger said he was on an organ-donor list. "I am available to offer my organs to whoever might need them. It is an act of love, of affection and generosity," he said at the time. And as recently as 2008, three years after being elected pontiff, Benedict attended an international congress on donor transplantation where he repeated his support for o
[hungry Like The Wolf]
Well... I'm pretty much on rations.My dad tried to tell me how I could read my tax return to see if I had money coming back but by the sound of it I probably made just enough money to owe.I am hungry as a bastard.I've got one jar of tomato sauce left, from one of those ECONO size cans. I think I'll use it sparingly for a bit, and eat on a lil trick I picked up in nam.Or was it Missouri?Anyway- for this you will require some noodles.>>some creamy peanut butter.Condiment Xand a fork (depending on how you bought your noodles- lets go ahead and pretend like you didn't buy elbow macaroni)Cook noodles, put 2 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter and the noodles in the still hot pan, cook until the  peanut butter incorporates.Eat.Condiment X is your magical gateway in this dishIt can be salt, soysauce, balsalmic vinegar, hot sauceif you think it'll helpput it in.Seriously, creamy peanut butter will keep you alive, and nuts are naturally disproportionate to filling/amount eaten.$2.58 for a jar o
I Love You Fam
Return To The Darkness
I'm feeling like I've burned out, like the words won't come no more, I close my eyes, all I can see is the darkness, trying to reach deep down, find the words that I used to have, Have I given up? Do the words not flow anymore? This poet,has a feeling, like he's lost skill, like he's lost that will, like he lost his edge, the darkness that he used to have, I'm digging deep down in my soul,trying to find that darkness,it made me legendary, it made me who I am, It's time to listen to thos voices again, time to find that inner hate,time to find that inner darkness, time to return myself to my roots, it's time for me to return to the darkness,
A New Day
Army Pfc. Spence A. Mcneil
Died March 08, 2003 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom 19, of Bennettsville, S.C.; assigned to B Battery, 2nd Battalion, 43rd Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Fort Bliss, Texas; died on March 8, 2003, as a result of injuries sustained from vehicle accident March 3 in Saudi Arabia.

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