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Please Forgive Me~ Brian Adams
Some Of Bwana’s Animals...
Some of Bwana’s animals decided they would go Into the town and have some lunch, and maybe see a show They went into the restaurant, the lion took a look He saw the waiter, ate him raw, and kindly thanked the cook And when they got the bill they did not know what they should do So the lion called the cashier in, and then he ate him too!
7500to Level
The last big one for the night...Its been a wild day on Fubar for us. I need to calm What a rush show him some love...This one is for Riot Girl GIß THE SAMUßAI™@ fubar
We Are A Dying Breed
A Dying Breed: We're a Dying Breed Let's see if you can get this: To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her. To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every guy who has given her flowers just because. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. To every guy that she cried in front of. To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes To every guy that would give his seat up.
You Are Being Recorded For Security And Humor.
Yes, my firewall saves all my IMs including the Shoutbox. So if you piss me off it may end up right here. Those of my friends, you dont have anything to worry about. Its only to save support conversations and to get a good laugh later on. You have been warned ;-) Ha! Big hugs =-)))
Sad But True
The following is so sad and unfortunately it's true. To any girls reading this, let it be an eye opener or a reminder, look at what's right in front of you! You could find what you've been looking for all along. -Anonymous This goes for men as well!!!! BEGIN: I'm sorry that I bought you roses to tell you that I like you I'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not a jerk I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry I would rather make love to you then just screw you like some random guy. I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk
What Ancient Breed Are You?
You scored as Elf, You are an elf. very calm yet energetic. You enjoy the finer things in life. You hate to be alone and preffer a small crowd of your closer friends. The ideal girl. Sometimes you can be very, very shy. Open up, life is to be lived, not wasted.Elf100% Goddess83% Shadow Spirit83% Dragon75% Drow67% Faerie67% Sorceress58% Wolf58% Zombie42% Vampyre8% What ancient breed are you?created with
Thanks for helping to level Sexy Metal Man! You guys rock!!!!! Tracy
"Home" You are the world within the world that I exist You are the touch that just won't fade You are the end and beginning of each and every day You are the reason I stay sane It's hard to see beautiful Oh, it's hard to see beautiful In your own eyes But you make me beautiful For the very first time Does anybody know what it's like To feel larger than life To look deep in your soul And know you're not alone Does anybody know how it feels To find something that's real And make it your own That's when you know that you found home Home You found home Home And when the strings inside me Unravel to the ground You are the hand that gathers me up And when I'm laughing so hard That I can hardly breathe How do you know just when enough's enough Oh, it's hard to feel beautiful Oh, it's hard to feel beautiful in your own skin But you make me You make me beautiful Over and over again Does anybody know what it's like To feel larger than life To look de
I am getting a migraine from this site today. The whole stash thing gets me. And the bouncer check every 5 seconds is starting to get old. Im gonna head my fat happy ass to bed. I'll decide tomorrow whether or not Im gonna stick around here or not. *sighs*
True Love
>This is a story of true lovee.Little mandy and billy were younggg kids who lived next door to each othereveryday they would come out side and have a teddy bear picnic and eat there pb&j's .They would play afternoon after afternoon and always have funntheyd go to the beach hold hands and colllect shellsss andd make sandcastless even though they were young this was a start of somthing neww but one day after mandy's 6th birthday day billy came up to her and saiid will you be my girl frreind and she agreed they sat there by the pond and they promised Forever.they hugged they kissed and there mom and dad's new they were perfect.everyday as they grew older there love kept growing strongerthey became teenagers and they were loving better thn eveerthey spent there summers togetherrthey had sleepovers and they were the best of freinds and loversthey loved everywhere .even if they were miles apartit was perfect. years past and passed and they got marriedone day after billy got home from work ma
This Is Ridiculious..
So my chest is not a D.... .... it's an E!! ridiculious.
Daily Horoscope: Aries For August 8,2007 You and your buddy list are on better terms today, so send a bunch of emails or make a slew of calls. You're most at ease chatting with the people you know and love, and there's nothing stopping you from doing just that. Wonders if these ever work
Girls, Please Pay Attention!!! Subtile Hint Here!
Flirting Faux Pas Women Make in Bars 1) START & STOP STEPHANY A lot of times it's because they get scared they're being too forward, so they tone it down a little bit to make the guy want more. But the thing is, guys aren't subtle. They don't see that they're supposed to mix the outgoing person you were 10 minutes ago with the reserved person you've just become, and presto! They've seen the real you. Because while you think you're playing coy, you're actually just reading cold. 2) SOCIAL SARAH A guy absolutely wants to know that you'll get along with his friends and his mother. Like, a couple of months from now. But all he cares about right now is that you get along with him. When we were asking our friends and customers what could turn them off a woman, the same answer came up again and again: talking to other guys around them. 3) TROUBLED TRIXIE Even three martinis in, men will eye the nearest exit if you start to talk about trouble in your life. You think you're sharing
The Answer Is Yes
I have had a couple of people ask me if I really got married. Yes, I did, and to someone I met here at this site. And, yes, I am very happy! To those who have offered their congratulations I thank you from the depths of my heart! Hugs, Rayne
Today's Horoscope
Your low-key energy is perfect for putting folks at ease, so it's a great time to interact with customers or speak frankly with your kids. If you need to have a tough conversation, make it soon. Note: Low-key energy - that is me tonight more than ever.
Incredibly Shrinking Friends List
Well, for those of you who actually pay attention to my homepage you might notice a few changes, but there is one I wanted to discuss...:D I call it the incredibly shrinking friends list. Now I can honestly say that everyone on my friends list has something about them I like whether it be Oro.Iterum and Coribell who are my dearest friends EVER, down to a few other people I have added just because they post really cool pics, but I can say with 98% of them that I actually like at least something about them and they all get my stamp of approval, so check them out peoples...:D Now I can say it, love all of you guys, and I'm glad to be rid of the people who just waste your space on the friends list, so please meet each other and rejoice. Ok, I think I need sleep, I'm not making any sense to me, but I just wanted to say thank you for being cool with me. P.s. The 12 stones album "Potters Field" is pretty good, I suggest checking it out. P.s.s. My poor penguin from the picture
Gilligan Is Satan. Think About It.
The Seven Deadly Sins of Gilligan’s Island theory is quite simple. Each of the seven characters on the island represents each of the seven deadly sins. Now, this theory seems to fit upon initial inspection, there are technical difficulties when you get down to THE MAN himself, Gilligan. Run with me on this one... Most obvious is the Professor, who fits PRIDE to a T. Any man who can make a ham radio out of some wire and two coconuts has to be pretty cocky. (His character was later revised and given a series of his own, called "MacGuyver".) For the sin of ENVY we need look no further than Maryann, who may have worn those skimpy little tops, but could never achieve Ginger’s glamour. (As an interesting and completely irrelevant side note, a nationwide survey of college students a few years ago revealed that the professor and Maryann were voted the most likely couple to have ‘done it’ on the island.) And who could doubt for a moment that Ginger is LUST incarnate? Sure, the kids were sup
well theres been alot of changes this off season who u thinks got it?
"No bird soars too high, if he soars with his own wings." -William Blake I guess this is another way of saying "Go for it!" This makes me think of my favorite book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. Jonathan was certainly independent. He lived by his own rules, he learned and grew beyond the expectations of society, because he felt compelled to do so. He followed his heart, and he later became a teacher, passing his wisdom on to younger generations seeking inspiration. Why be content to walk, or even run, when it is in us to soar? We get to make the choice because we are independent thinkers.
Well if some of you notice i dont talk to alot of people or let anyone get close.. there are a few that i talk to on a daily basis and yeah im sorry if i dont talk to you. i do this in real life too its hard for me i end up gettin relationships with people and then just pushing them away. and on here i notice i do that to.. some know who you are.. i dont mean to be hurtful if you get hurt but i have a very big wall and im sorry but yeah its there and it takes alot to take it down but i had to just let that out cuz i still love you all that are there and blah blah blah.. ok
Venus' Blessing?
Venus' Blessing? You say I'm the most beautiful woman in the world, a veritable goddess of love. However, I know you've been out of touch with reality since the day we met. You perceive who you want to when you look deeply into the green glass Stones that you call my eyes. They are not the windows to my damned soul. I lost mine long ago, foolish man, and these days, I'm so lost to love That I merely reflect what you wish for, don't you sense the danger? Its my blessed curse of unfortunate birth to appear to be all, somehow exactly What men want. They fill their minds with illusions of how I am their *perfect* Woman, and while it may be true I am an incomparable lover, its not The magic of true love and happily ever after till death do us part. No, I am the daughter of passionate loins and sweaty murmurs in the night, More succubus than angel, more whore than Madonna ever thought to be. Yes, I know men, oh yes, I admit I like them well, until they want to stay. I lik
Rude People
You know, I've always wondered what it is that makes people want to be rude or mean to other people. I mean, what is truly the point? For most, I think it's a way to make them feel better about themselves by putting someone else down. And for me, if that's how society is, people really need to get a frikkin life! If you have nothing better to do with your time and energy than be rude, inconsiderate, and just downright hateful, GET A HOBBY! I don't appreciate rudeness and I sure don't care about having those types of people in my life. A positive attitude goes hand in hand with a happy life. Negativity breeds negativity and someday, it will bite ya in the ass! Remember, the toes you step on today might belong to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow! Have a great weekend!
Insanity Is Hereditary
A RANT SENT TO ME BY MY NEPHEW LANDON- ENJOY... Hung over have full omelette from IHOP too drunk to eat passed out on couch masturbating slowly everything is so loud had nightmares like none i have had before please tell the midgets to stop laughing hahahahahaaaaaaa finally someone let me out of my cage got a lovely bunch of coconuts *ding* fries are done would you like an apple pie with that?
More Of The Same.
My face is exploding in sneezes, my head is exploding in boredom. What does this all boil down to? I need to play MGS4. And Paper Mario. But most importantly- I need to work again.
The Submissive
Horny-scopes Lol
True Story SCORPIO October 24 - November 22 Ruling Planet: PLUTO, The Roman God of the dead, beginnings and endings. Which basically means that Scorpios add novel differences to any relationship. Scorpios are very possessive. They will tense up if you even LOOK at another hottie across the room.But they can be relied on to always be there for you if you need them. You may never really know what your Scorpio is thinking though, because to them, Knowledge is power and they are very good at putting on a straight face to cover up any emotion they are feeling.Scorpios love sex. The dirtier, the better. Get them excited by revealing your filthiest fantasy and offering to act it out. FAVE POSITION: Anything, as long as it involves dominating your ass. BEST SEX TOY: Ben Wah Balls for the girls, and a Riding Crop for the boys SCORPIO MALE IN BED His sexuality is so strong, it will make you dizzy!! If you are lucky enough to be with a Scorpio boy,you will always be satis
Heart On The Sleeve..................
I love the advice my grandpa gave me.... true most of it he was trying to get me to finish the job and true they are mostly one liners..... but he was and is my grandpa and Smitty !!!!!!!! So for my first blog I will impart some of the best advice he ever gave me.......... I was sitting in a hall on a bench..... my mom said sit here and wait... the next thing I know grandpa wants some of my chips...... I was happy to see him and we shared the chips , as we waited he said Micheal Edward I never want to see you here and I finally asked.. grandpa... where are we? We are at the breaking point and as long as grandma don't know we are ok........ did gramma find out? yes.....was it fine? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it worked itself out but smitty gave me some advice....... Never wear your heart on your sleeve and if you do make sure there is no loose ends!!!!
Let It Go
The trivial annoyances, even though they are virtually meaningless, can overwhelm you if you let them. Choose not to let them. Be diligent about the things that truly matter, and be very flexible about the things that don't. There's no sense in wasting your precious time arguing or agonizing about something that doesn't really make a difference anyway. Learn to let go, and to rise above the petty squabbles. You'll end up with much more time and energy available to work on the really important things. Instead of carrying around your frustrations like so many trophies, choose to leave all the small, insignificant ones behind. You won't impress anyone by constantly complaining, and it won't add value to your life, so let it go. You have much more meaningful and important issues upon which to focus your time and energy. Spend your moments truly living. Get in the habit of letting go of the small, meaningless matters. And delight in the freedom, effectiveness and peace that you cr
Thai Pineapple Chicken Curry
* Prep Time: 15 min. * Cook Time: 35 min. * Serves: 6 Ingredients 1. 2 cups uncooked jasmine rice 2. 1 quart water 3. 1/4 cup red curry paste 4. 2 (13.5 ounce) cans coconut milk 5. 2 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves - cut into thin strips 6. 3 tablespoons fish sauce 7. 1/4 cup white sugar 8. 1 1/2 cups sliced bamboo shoots, drained 9. 1/2 red bell pepper, julienned 10. 1/2 green bell pepper, julienned 11. 1/2 small onion, chopped 12. 1 cup pineapple chunks, drained Nutrition Info Per Serving * Calories: 623 kcal * | * Carbohydrates: 77 g * | * Dietary Fiber: 3 g * | * Fat: 34 g * | * Protein: 20 g * | * Sugars: 17 g About: Nutrition Info [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] Powered by: ESHA Nutrient Database [This link will take you outside Yahoo! Food] Cooking Directions 1. Bring rice and water to a boil in a pot. Reduce heat to low,
Caribbean Kiss (beso Caribeno)
INGREDIENTS: 1/4 cup white rum 1 tablespoon grenadine syrup 1 tablespoon sugar 5 fresh strawberries, sliced 4 ice cubes juice of 1 lemon 2 tablespoons light cream or evaporated milk grated coconut for garnish 1 Combine all of the ingredients except the coconut in a blender. Pour into a tall glass. Garnish with coconut.
Hit Limit
ok i hit my limit for fannings. i will start again tomorrow on those that are my fans. have 10,040 left to go. lol
Ode To M.d.
Was out and about this afternoon, wondered if I would see you. Just a glimpse of your face to settle my breaking heart. Knowing that I shouldnt be in ur neck of the woods, because she might see me and it would cause trouble for both of us. Miss your voice, miss your touch, wonder if you ever think of me. When I hear our song, I wonder if your listening to it to. Do you still think it reminds you of me? Just one message or voicemail to help me get by, you always have a place in my heart and hope to see you soon. Olive juice
Im Back
well just got back from the base in schweinfurt germany..and am now trying to catch up its good to be back..and i will try and get back into the swing of things..until then everyone have a great day..and ill talk to you soon
Today is International Weird-Ass People's Day. Please send an encouraging message to a weird ass friend... just as I've done. I don't care if you lick windows, sniff toilet seats or occasionally poop yourself... You hang in there sunshine, you're frigging special.
Time to go to bed soon. Gotta get up early. Another day of work. I do hope i can find another job. Perhaps I could work at Hollywood Video or some other place. Whever I work, I just hope i get paid more than i do where i am now. (at least $1.50 more). For now's bed time.
The only Zen you find on the tops of mountains is the Zen you bring up there.
Coconut Shrimp (camarones Con Coco)
INGREDIENTS: 2 cups coconut milk 1 egg, beanten 24 jumbo shrimp, peeled and cleaned 1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut 1/2 cup sweetened shredded coconut 1 cup all-purpose flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 tablespoon Adobo 1/4 cup corn oil 1 Combine the coconut milk and egg in a large bowl. Add the shrimp and marinate for 30 minutes. Blend the remaining ingredients, except the corn oil, by pulsing a few times in a food processor. Drain the shrimp and discard the marinade. Dredge the shrimp in the coconut-four mixture. Heat the oil and fry the shrimp until golden brown on both sides. Drain on paper towels.
Soft caresses and nibbles across her neck His lips performing a dance on her skin Her hands playing on his shoulders and chest Muscles tightening as sensitive skin reacts Laying on his back while she rises above him Lowering he slides into her Moving to their own rhythm Passion taking over Caresses mixed with hard thrusts Culminating in the final explosion Each one reaching their own release Different reactions but together in the end Created by SF
If anyone could make me a morph, with my pic & one of Gwen Stefani's picture...I would love you forever! I'd even stick your profile link on my main page! :) xoxoxox
& on the verge of tears. my life is spiraling out of control, & i don't know how to pull the e-brake. it's like everyone around me seems to have things in order, & yet I have no sense of belonging or stability. i suppose i have no one to blame but myself. but how do i fix it? i'm sick of this emptiness, this nauseous feeling in the pit of my belly. i'm tired of not sleeping & getting very little in my sickened stomach. make it stop. please.
Creepy Guy At Work!!!
Why does love hust so much? How do you know when it is for real? He's Mr. Right
Becoming An Illegal Alien( True)
Becoming Illegal (Actual letter from an Iowa resident and sent to his senator) The Honorable Tom Harkin 731 Hart Senate Office Building Phone (202) 224 3254 Washington DC , 20510 Dear Senator Harkin, As a native Iowan and excellent customer of the Internal Revenue Service, I am writing to ask for your assistance. I have contacted the Department of Homeland Security in an effort to determine the process for becoming an illegal alien and they referred me to you. My primary reason for wishing to change my status from U.S. Citizen to illegal alien stems from the bill which was recently passed by the Senate and for which you voted. If my understanding of this bill's provisions is accurate, as an illegal alien who has been in the United States for five years, all I need to do to become a citizen is to pay a $2,000 fine and income taxes for three of the last five years. I know a good deal when
Why the hell does shit happen to me when I'm all alone? I just locked my keys in the vehicle!!!
Health Note
Yesterday I went to the doctor for my yearly physical. My blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was high, I'd gained some weight, and I didn't feel so hot. My doctor said eating right doesn't have to be complicated and it would solve my physical problems. He said just think in colors; Fill your plate with bright colors; greens, yellows, reds, etc. I went right home and ate an entire bowl of M&M's and sure enough, I felt better immediately. I never knew eating right could be so easy.
click click click goes the mouse silently echoing in this house do i see you i think not are you sexy cute or hot i cant tell you do you know why i only see pages as they go by if i comment its heart felt insult not below the belt kind i am until upset bitch unseen by you yet shout obscenely desperate fool here's a towel for your drool lick the screen may you get shocked piss me off you will get blocked! A. Boudreaux 2007
Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart... no touch can reach me ice has insulated my heart protecting me from feeling keeping me safely apart no arms need hold me this numbness gently enfolds amazingly calm now though only my soul it holds no one dare reach for me its layers are unsafe to grasp serenely it holds me steadily within its frozen clasp no one can enter the entrance is neatly secured i want no one to have me of this you can be assured i invited this comfort removing myself from pain no one is welcomed inside myself i shall remain A. Boudreaux 2007
Back To Work
With school reopening next week, I will have much less time online. I am sending this note out to thank all of my friends who have been just that - friends! For all of you who have rated me, I am indebted to you. I will try and have tried to at least start most all of you. If I don't finish, I will be certain to bookmark you pages so I can start again where I left off! Thank you all and I hope I least see you online to send you comments!!!!! manly
Band Exposure
Any Artists or Bands looking to be heard on a Global Scale drop me a line New Metal/Rock website Forum Gallery Merchandise Band Profiles etc
Prayer For The Living..
Prayer For The Living Why does the thought of death The feeling of ending this life The torture, the pain, the hurt The discomfort I cause, Why does it feel so right? But the thought of the pain The mechanics, the method The hows and wherefores.. Why is that so beyond me, my abilities, My confidence? I know I would be better dead All I care for is others All I do is hurt others All I want to do is leave others To their lives away from me Is my inability from caring? Knowing the final act of hurt The final ability to screw others To give those who truly care A pain even I haven't done before? But they would recover And they could see it was done Maybe not consciously, but truly For the best for them And therefore the best for me. Is it fear that stops me? The inability to take the pain I couldn't inflict on myself The cowardly woman I am, The quitter, never finishing the Job So I carry on to conceal the feelings Trying to do all I can for a
Well life has its way of getting to you. Tuesday I took a nice ambulence ride to the ER. I had a severe asthma attack and almost didn't make it. I'm better now but I had to quit smoking. The DR. said the next attack could be my last. So for my girls and friends I have quit. Love ya all.
A Health Update
Well after my holiday visiting Dee, I decided to go to the docs because my legs were causing a lot of problems. I had an idea what it could be because I was getting certain symptoms but not all at once. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Not such a great shock. Then last week my eyes started to play up. At first I couldn't read anything, so a visit to the opticians found that I needed glasses. A pic is in my album if anyone is interested :) Everyone who has seen me in glasses have said they suit me, but i still feel like they are temporary, though i know they are for life. I supose i could go for contacts but to be honest I am happy with glasses. What are the benefits though, apart from not wearing glasses?
Time Time Time
Everything is set. Leaving tomorrow at 1pm. Back at 1pm. Rental is cheap because it's 24 hours.
Can I Cry
CAN I CRY All I want to do is cry- I have no reason why- I'm the happiest girl I know- So why do I feel so low- There's nothing wrong that I can see- So why do I blubber endlessly- I'm so confused- What should I do- All I know for sure that's true- Is how much love I have for you.
Just Me
where are all those wild jersey girls i havent met any of them yet
1. A General = Leaps tall buildings with a single bound, is more powerful than a locomotive, is faster than a speeding bullet, walks on water and gives policy to God. 2. A Colonel = Leaps short buildings with a single bound, is more powerful that a switch engine, is just as fast as a speeding bullet, walks on water if the sea is calm and talks to God. 3. A Lieutenant Colonel = Leaps short buildings with a running start and a favorable wind, is almost as powerful as a switch engine, is faster that a speeding BB, walks on water in an indoor swimming pool and talks to God if a special request is approved. 4. A Major = Barely clears Quonset huts, loses tugs-of-war with locomotives, can fire a speeding bullet, swims well and is occasionally addressed by God. 5. A Captain = Makes high marks when trying to leap buildings, is run over by locomotives, can sometimes handle a gun without inflicting self-injury, can dog paddle and talks to animals. 6. A First Lieutenant = Runs into
Hey All
please come help me win this contest my fu bomber family will not help me wonders why but if you could come help me bomb the hell out of my pic click the picture i hope you come help thanks guys muhazzz Chrissie
Trying To Finish
Ok everyone I'm trying to finish up my contest. I still need 5975 more bombs. I knoe theres been alot of contests this week so If you all wouldnt mind helping me out I'll be glad to return the favor. Heres the link to my contest just click the pic
A Tribute To Single Moms (from Rjezzy, Bulletin Board)
For all you single mothers out there...I found this and wanted to share it with yall. You ladies keep doing the damn thing, keep your head up and stay strong. We ask what is a single mother? Is she a woman with much strength and love or pain and fear? Maybe she's the devil in disguise or perhaps the angel beneath the pain. Could she be a woman of much style and grace? One thing is for certain; no one can understand what a single mother is unless they experience the feeling themselves. A single mother is a woman who is filled with everlasting, unconditional love, and words of wisdom to guide the way through life. A single mother doesn't recieve much credit today for the way she dedicates her life to working long hard hours and making time in her busy schedule to take care of what is hers. She goes through life trying so hard to do her best for her child, yet sometimes she feels as if the world is caving in, although one thing goes up, another one comes down
Movie Pick Of The Week!
SO SWEET SO DEAD As amazing a cast as that is it’s important to point out that there are even more recognizable faces throughout. More than we had room to list! Some consider this the ultimate giallo; the pinnacle of the genre that achieves its perfection with calculated finesse and effortless perfection beyond a fault. Others consider it reprehensible; cynical trash that’s nihilistic and cruel with no redeeming values whatsoever. Around here we tend to lean decidedly toward the former rather than the latter. A murderer has taken up the position of moral redeemer and begins to violently murder the unfaithful wives of the local jet set leaving behind only bloody bodies and photographs of the victims caught in the throes of adulterous passion. Inspector Capuana is the man in charge of the investigation. As the murders continue and the frustration of not being able to ‘step on too many toes’ builds inside, Capuana finds himself obsessed with the details of the case. There is relentless t
Go Check It Out!
If you are a swinger or you are interested in the lifestyle check it out!
Work, Partying, The Internet And Men
Okay so update on my working situation. Im going to be going back to work from 4am - 3pm Im going to start again around Sept. 5th Yay i guess So im not going to be on here much but im probably going to be getting a new cell since my last was broken. Tonight IM going to be partying in seattle around the Showbox region of seattle lol Im going to get drunk Im going to smoke Im going to flirt...okay not really i have a crush on someone already and he knows who he is [No its not lifesez or sinister edge] lol Im going to hangout at my Ex's tonight Jason, not rob. So if im too drunk ill be spending the night Since ive added a bunch of new friends who HAVENT read my profile If i call you babe it doesnt mean i like you If you think you're in love with me dont tell me Oh and im getting pretty fuckin pissed because a certain guy decided it'd be fun to send me a vid of him jerking it to my pix honestly do you guys think that gets me off? I have other things that get me off tha
Well I'm back. The wedding went great. Drank way too much wine and sang a little, but had a very good time at our friends wedding. i wanted to thank everyone for your very nice comments of support. Much to my shame, those books are not out yet, but they will be tomorrow or the next day. They're on the way baby! Again, thanks to those who are so very supportive. The comments you leave ARE read by me and they ARE appreciate very much :) Peter Britt
Bob Dylan - A Hard Rain's A-gonna Fall
Sueno De Morir
So today has been mainly spent on cleaning the house.. sometimes I ask myself though.." why bother"
Dream Theater Drums
Ok so I love Dream Theater, and I love the drums... here is a kid rocking out to some of my favorite songs. ------------------ ------------------ -------------------
R.i.p Little One, I Have Blogged This Before, But Gonna Again So To Those Who Missed It Can See It, This Broke My Heart, Made Me Cry, Very Sad.
Vote For Me Please?~!
Here's the deal. I've entered into a contest for designing a credit card and I need votes to win (of course). So here is my design: click on the link or the photo to get to the voting page!I would greatly appreciate it.PS, if you'd pass it along in a bulletin posting of your own You would rock even more!Thanks, Steve
~ Steve Park Hard Crash At Darlington ~
Steve Park Hard Crash at Darlington
Name: becca Sisters: 1 Brothers: 0 Shoe size: 7.5-8.5 Height: 5'2" What are you wearing? jeans and a t shirt Favorite Number? Favorite Drink? cheerwine Favorite Month: november Favorite Breakfast: scrambled eggs ***********Have You Ever***************** Broken a bone: yes Been in a police car: yes Been on a boat?: yes Swam in the ocean and surfed?: yes and body surfed. Fallen asleep in school: yes Cried when someone died: yes Saved emails? yes Been cheated on: yes --------------------------Ever Had- ------------------------------- Chicken pox: yes Sore throat: yes Stitches: yes Broken nose: yes -------------------Do You------------------------------------ Like cake? kinda Like school? yes ------------------------Questions---------------------------------------- Who was the last person you danced with? the southfork cloggers Who makes you smile? mummers --------------------------Who------------------------ Who did you last yell at? id
Tequila Cried Eyes
I'm sitting here on the kitchen floor tequila cried eyes soft whispers of your voice lingers as your memory fades away. your bed lies empty but I'm forever holding your hand.
A Fool In Love
For years I was the only girl who never turned away I was there for you when the others never stayed For once I followed my heart and everything seemed to fall apart I fell in love the wrong man I handed him my heart he turned and ran I have to keep reminding myself I'm better off with him gone yet its so damn hard to even try to move on We shared so many memories together both good and bad what I would give just to have back what we once had In my eyes he always seemed sincere and kind only a fool in love could be so blind Someone please try convincing my heart to let go for I've screamed and cried and still my heart says no Still I love this man who I blame for putting me through so much hurt and pain A foolish girl I am cuz even as my heart is breaking in two I deeply miss his words of "I love you too" Loving you was never the hard part its letting you go and watching us grow apart One day someday sooner or later I'll let go but until then
Favs, Last Time I... And Have I Ever
The Favorites, Have-You-Evers.. and Last Times! Oh, the variety!What is your favorite..gum:Orbit!!! Love it...yum restaurant:Thats tough, depends on the type of food drink:alcoholic? Jager-bombers, Long Islands season:I love Spring....the air smells like flowers type of weather:Sunny on a Spring day... Thunderstorms and rain, I love it emotion:Happy, duh...who WANTS to be sad or pissed? thing to do on a half day:depends on whether or not I have money.. broke? listen to music and take a long hot bubble bath :D late-night sport:Would have to say Hockey...has to be live though city:Im gonna have to go with Tempe...havent been too many other places store:Ulta....I have to stay out of there though or I risk going broke When was the last time you..cried:this morning played a sport:wow...been a while laughed:really laughed?? been a little bit hugged someone:tonight, I hugged my baby girl and sent her back to bed kissed someone:This evening felt depressed:Lets just not
New And Lookin Better
Well i've been at this site for a few weeks now and got it up and running yesterday :-). Had a couple issues at first but it all seems to be running smoothly now. Myself i think it's lookin better than the previous ones. Click the logo below to check it out. If you have any feedback feel free to leave me some...good or bad, i'm down with it :-)
Letter From Heaven
She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: "How is my little boy ? Is he going to be all right ? When can I see him ?" The surgeon said, "I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it." Sally said, "Why do little children get cancer ? Doesn't God care any more ? Where were you, God, when my son needed you ?" The surgeon asked, "Would you like some time alone with your son? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to the university." Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good bye to son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair. "Would you like a lock of his hair ?" the nurse asked. Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said, "It was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the University for Study. He said it might help somebody else. "I said no at first, but Jimmy said,
Grateful Dead Touch Of Grey Lyrics
Must be getting early Clocks are running late Paint by Number morning sky Looks so phony Dawn is breaking everywhere Light a candle, curse the glare Draw the curtains I don't care, cause It's all right I will get by, I will get by, I will get by, I will survive I see you've got your list out Say your piece and get out Yes I get the gist of it, but It's all right Sorry that you feel that way The only thing there is to say Every silver lining's got a Touch of grey I will get by, I will get by, I will get by, I will survive It's a lesson to me The Ables and the Beggars and the C's (or seas) The ABC's we all must face To try to keep a little grace It's a lesson to me The Deltas and the East and the Freeze The ABC's we all think of To try to win a little love I know the rent is in arrears The dog has not been fed in years It's even worse than it appears But it's all right Cow is giving kerosene Kid can't read at seventeen The words he kn
well lets see, i've been here in fay for going on like 4 months and i havent been out for drinks ONCE even... I have next thursday off and it just so happens to also be my payday... anyone up for drinks?
Well It Starts Monday
It has been over 30 years since High school, and more than 20 years since I had any formal training in the Marine. Well I am all signed up. I will be going to Amarillo College online to get my Certificate in funeral directing. I will be starting out with 11 semester hours this semester, classes in Mortuary History, contempary funeral Services, Funeral Home management, and Funeral Home operations clinical. It should be a lot of fun, and interesting. Not sure how it will go, taking classes like this online is totally new to me. But a lot cheaper than attending school in person. and dang the books were expensive. about 1/3 of my tution. Well wish me luck. My classes will end December 14th, then I will start the next semester. With a little luck I can finish as early as Sept 2008, or as late as June 2009. We will see.
Sorry About Music Lyrics
Hi all, Hello all Iam writting this blog to tell you why i put up music lyrics in my blogs. One reason why I do it is because Iam in a mood. I dont know what it is about music that gets me in and out of moods Iam in its werid, Its like if Iam in a good mood I will lsiten to some CCR or Ealges If Iam in a bad mood I will listen to soem SLipknot or Mudyavne. I guess music is a kind of a mood ring if you will of my life. The other reason why is because I like the song yep thats it. I out them up in my stash witch i have to go though because 99% of them are not working because of youtube. Yes its mostly rock to because thats what i grew up with my brothers and sisters and thats where i got most of my influences from. If i really in a mood and like the son it will come here to my blog. Well Iam blog happy trying to keep my mind off shit that is going on what else is new MY SO CALLED LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!
For All Mothers Every Where.....
A mother's love is a beautiful thing, Like a beautiful summer morning after the rain, Like a warm apple pie on the kitchen table, Like the smell of Sand & Sable, Like the joys of nostalgic old times, Reminiscing of days gone by, Like hearing your favorite old song being played, Like that mother's day card you hand-made, Like the wonderful scent of your mother's perfume, Like family movie night in the living room, Like slow-churned home-made ice cream, A mother's love is a beautiful thing.
i dont like it here... in fact i hate it... I miss all my friends from Minnesota all my friends from washington... i miss having a life and knowing ppl. i haven't met anyone on here so far that was worth my time and effort. there's so many almost straight druggies out here it kills me. and guys... fuck they're the worst here. (no offense) but they get all 'i wanna be your man' and then they disappear like a figment of my imagination. i have a job, but i hate it. i hear kelly springfield (goodyear tires) is hiring a massive amount of ppl like everyday, and so that's where I'll be monday... aren't there 'normal' ppl here that you can just hang out with and act well, civil? I thought i'd try looking for military ppl to talk to, since i'm used to them, but it seems like they're all so full of themselves out here... or maybe i'm just so generally dissatisfied with everything around me right now, that i can't see the good in front of my face... who knows! alright i'm do
shinedown was so kick ass it rained really bad so a lot of people left so the 5 of us got to me in the in the frist row and they dint was to use power bc of the rain so they sat real close to the egde stage and sang and at the end bc they didnt get to play that much they all came out and meet evey one i got a doller signed then on the way home we stoped at ihop and ate the food was grat but the bitch that was seaveing us was a bitch
How Did We Get Here?
My brother It has been over a year since my bother had passed away, I remember this event with great detail. A few weeks before he had passed my mom called my telling me that my bother was in the hospital with a liver problem. About ever other day I would get a call on his status, this was like riding a rollercoaster… He went to possible recovery to No recovery… The Call The call came in at dinner time on a Sunday – My bothers condition has turned for the worst. This time I knew that there was no way he would pull out because my mom had bought ticket for me to fly out to California… As I scrambled to get packed and ready to leave I was sick to my stomach – My bother who I have only talked to a few time in the past 12 years was ill and I had no idea how ill he had been… I arrived to California on a Tuesday – I stepped into the hospital and was met by my mom, my younger bother, and my bother's wife… we all hugged and then I proceed to get caught up on his condition… Betw
God Dont Like Ugly
KNOW THESE FACTS? Death is certain but the Bible speaks about untimely death! Make a personal reflection about this..... Very interesting, read until the end..... It is written in the Bible (Galatians 6:7): "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Here are some men and women who mocked God : John Lennon (Singer): Some years before, during his interview with an American Magazine, he said: "Christianity will end, it will disappear. I do not have to argue about that. I am certain. Jesus was ok, but his subjects were too simple, Today we are more famous than Him" (1966). Lennon, after saying that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ, was shot six times. Tancredo Neves (President of Brazil ): During the Presidential campaign, he said if he got 500,000 votes from his party, not even God would remove him from Presidency.
Help Me Win Plz!!
Help me please?
The Value Of A Woman Over 40
Subject: In case you missed it on 60 Minutes, this is what Andy Rooney thinks about women over 40: 60 Minutes Correspondent Andy Rooney . As I grow in age, I value women over 40 most of all. Here are just a few reasons why: A woman over 40 will never wake you in the middle of the night and ask, "What are you thinking?" She doesn't care what you think. If a woman over 40 doesn't want to watch the game, she doesn't sit around whining about it. She does something she wants to do, and it's usually more interesting. Women over 40 are dignified. They seldom have a screaming match with you at the opera or in the middle of an expensive restaurant. Of course, if you deserve it, they won't hesitate to shoot you if they think they can get away with it. Older women are generous with praise, often undeserved. They know what it's like to be unappreciated. Women get psychic as they age. You never have to confess your sins to a woman over 40. Once
Love The Way I Feel With You
Fantasy Story
Okay let's have some fun. I want to hear your stuck in an elevator fantasies. ;D I really want to hear what you have to say. I want you to create a fantasy not a real life situation that might be scary unless that would be your fantasy ;P. Here is a taste of mine... I am going up to the penthouse suite of a highrise hotel...of course on a secluded island without too many guest.... I walk up to the elevator and the doors open...waiting inside this elevator is a reserved looking gentleman handsome sandy brown hair blue/green eyes. He is wearing a button down business shirt and slacks. He looks really shy, kind of apprehensive to say the least. We start going up to the top floor when all of a sudden it stops between floors. High enough that you can't just open the door to get out on either floor. We ring the emergency button for help. Over the intercom rings out a voice that says...we apologize for the inconvenience but it will be 24 hours before we can get a crew here to g
A Young Fiend
a young friend, came to his end, so my love to his family i do send, a smile that can brighten your day, always nice with ever word he would say, 9 years old and more of a man, then anyone in this world can, died of cancer friday night, when you close your eyes you see his face in plain sight, for knowing him was a true delight, his pain is now gone and i know hes alright, he gave up his lonely fight, now god has him in his sight, wonderful and true, he would be there for you, as you were for him too, his life was short and bleak, friends is what he did seak, even though at his end, pain was never shown to any friend, he was a wonderful person to have known, all that knew him feel so blue, for we no longer have you, your grandmother out lived you all, she has a heart as big as the sky, she never questioned or asked why, for she has a heart of gold, as you were the one who was so bold, to be so young and know your fate, you never even made it to your first d
yep bored again so time to, its sunday afternoon, my head is freakin killin me. Like a dumbass, last night when I was puttin groceries in the fridge I came up to fast an knocked the shit out of the top of my head on the freezer!! I wasn't even drunk!!! LMAO, now I got a goose egg. Damn my head cant take may more knocks to it!!! Anyways I hope everyone is having a good weekend, or at least havin a better one than me!!
Cpl. Randy Payne
Teddy Bear Hugs
Stupid Females Of Your Acquaintance...
Boys are a tiresome lot. Seriously. Just thought I'd let you all know that. Moving on, I'm somewhat bored tonight and to be honest, I don't feel like dealing with people. Genuine people, perhaps, but not so much the people who make me feel as if I'm a "reserve" friend. You know, a filler, so to speak... I tend to respect honesty and gumption moreso than sickly sweet words and subtle attempts to whitewash a black wall. Just be honest in your response/approach. Even if it doesn't come to fruition in a conventional sense, it will at least bear the fruit of respect. And while I'm on this subject, I might as well get some other garbage off my chest. Stop lumping me in with every other stupid female of your acquaintance. I understand that whoever she is, she did something stupid and she may have injured your pride and/or your feelings. I'm truly sorry that she treated you in such a fashion, but how dare you judge me according to the merit of another? Her conduct does not d
For All Blazing Bomberz
I am still having computer problems, I will try to log onto fubar on ie later on tonight when i get done with my email.. but right now I just got done cleaning my house and doing things around the house to get things out of the way.. I will still bomb everyones contest just give me time plz that is all I need.. Any how if you are commenting on sexygirlblonde contest that i am in plz I have told her that I want to drop out of the contest and she still has not done that.. so don't worry about that contest ok.. The other contest yeah help me out.. I have to go and I will comment later on tonight if things don't get ouf of hand here in my house ok.. thank you Virgo24
Inspirational Quotes – Loss
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. ~From a headstone in Ireland When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. ~Kahlil Gibran It's so curious: one can resist tears and 'behave' very well in the hardest hours of grief. But then someone makes you a friendly sign behind a window, or one notices that a flower that was in bud only yesterday has suddenly blossomed, or a letter slips from a drawer... and everything collapses. ~Colette While grief is fresh, every attempt to divert only irritates. You must wait till it be digested, and then amusement will dissipate the remains of it. ~Samuel Johnson We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey. ~Kenji Miyazawa Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. ~From the television show The Wonder Years If you're going through
I think these blogs should come with free pizza. i mean nothing you have to say is worth sitting through > 1 paragraph (3 sentences tops, 2 is ideal). but for free pizza i might give a shit. new york style pizza, not dominoes or shitty chicago crap.
Ay Te Dejo En San Antonio
by Jo 2/07 Passions burning from deep within nothing can stop it's flame. Hoping that one day someone will share this because the loss of such desire would be ashame. Does someone feel this same existance this feeling of helplessness waiting for love to come alive. Yes for I am not alone in this quest there are many out there who stand the test. The wanting to be touched ~ held ~ kissed or even just a warm soft body by your side that is missed. I feel as though I'm bleeding from within my very essence wearing thin. In time it would be nice before the clock ticks that final tick and there is nothing left but what I missed. For that chance to come where two hearts feel the same sincere fire in more than just words. To be touched in a way that makes your whole world shiver with desire's delight causing you to quiver. It exists in my mind, but I need something more. For there are lovers everywhere who must have what I want. The waiting causes bad choices to be made
Hey Guys!!! Check Them Out!
These are my Fubar Sista's. My BFFs and Some of the best people I know. Guys give them the love and RESPECT they deserve. :) Persia {SSDC}@ fubar stina@ fubar the M.I.L.F.@ fubar Eliza"bitch"@ fubar Trancy@ fubar Dy@ fubar Maggie@ fubar
My Letter To You...
I could kiss you forever.The silken heat of your mouth pressed against mine..the sweetness of your taste becomes a craving.I thought the first kiss would be enough..but its never enough.Tasting your skin as iI kiss my way up your neck.Our bodies wrapped around each other..needing to be closer than we could ever get.Your fingers buried in my hair as you kiss my neck..making me ache with wanting you.The heat of your body,the feel of your hands all over my body..making me yours.Belonging to you..only your touch fills me but leaves me wanting more.Your mouth that makes me cry out with longing as you kiss me.Whispering your desires.Making me feel brand new...reborn in the way you love me.
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DONT BE AFRAID. YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL REPLY OR WHAT ANSWERS THEY WILL GIVE. LET THE FUN BEGIN........ Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
Timmys Bedtime Story Part 2
He moved his tongue back and fourth as I grinded my hips with ease. He arose placing his hand on my head, guiding me to my knees. she took his hardness in her hand looked up..."May I please?" Taking his manhood in her mouth, she began to suck so slow. Moving her head back and fourth, anticipation grows. His breathing got so heavy as she moved up her pace. He reached down and tore her dress off, no longer in silk and lace. He gently took her hair and moved it from her face. He wanted to see his manhood move in and out with grace. He tells her to rise, then he gets a grasp. Hands firmly placed on her ass. He can smell her blood in the air, he knows that if he bites her, he will have to share. Share his rose as if she were a feast. So for now... he tames the beast. He slides inside her, deep within. Sucks on her neck with a fiendish grin. He begins to move deep and quick, she begins to get tighter... he begins to get thick. Their breathing gets heavy, muscles into spasm
Quick question for everyone. Can someone tell me how to remove my VIP so I can delete my account? I've got it paid through October but want to get off the site ASAP.
Not Leaving Yet
Because of the feed back from my earlier blog I will stay. But that can change at anytime. Thank You All Cathy
.I wish you would give me the time of day.. .I wish i knew why i wasn't right for you. .i wish for answers you wont give.. .i pushed you away for my own fears .wishing i hadn't made another mistake, .My thoughts punish me .i lose control, .I wish i could disappear and make these memories fade, .The memories of words that i thought were real, & made me feel. .Now i'm numb again and lay here in tears .Confused and confronted with my own disray, .I wish i could make you laugh ,and see you smile everyday.. .To take your pain away ,as you would mine, .To see you at your best,and love you at your worst. .I will fade ,you will wonder...Find new life and i will ponder.
What Is Going On With My Stash?
OMG I am about to rip my hair out by the roots, I posted a ton of things today in my stash, seems some of them got into my video slot, wtf. why is it doing that? Yes I am rambling lol Seriously is anyone else having this problem if so let me know, if not then I need to find out why it's doing that, just so you know, the pics are staying where they are, so when you go to video's and see pics you know why, I am not moving them, so call me a morron if you wish lol. So anyways, here I was sitting here looking like a dork and it hit me, want to know what it was, it was the blinds on my window lmao ,you all think I'm crazy but you know what, I love it, I am me and I wont change. ok taking myself to do something constructive, like rate the pretty ladies Love peace and arsehole grease, your friend Tequila Sunrise
Beware The Insidious Scots
They've been infiltrating the U.S. for years. First they distracted us with pretty people like Sean Connery, Angus McFayden and Gerard Butler just to get us off guard. Now they are infiltrating our music - with The Jesus and Mary Chain, Franz Ferdinand, KT Tunstall, Snow Patrol and Paolo Nutini. They must be stopped from invading us completely. I volunteer myself to help stop them by breeding them out - one Scot at a time! Its a sacrifice, but its for the honor of my country!
Love Missle..sigue Sigue Sputnik
David Lee Roth
Julio Iglesias Love This Song !!!
His Desision To Leave Dei
This had to be such a heartbreaking decision for him.... This is what he had to say about leaveing DEI.. My thoughts on the whole thing Published by DaleJr May 17th, 2007 in Uncategorized. Tags: No Tags. Following my press conference last week, I recorded a short video to post on my Infield Parking page to inform you guys about my decision to leave DEI. I did so with the intention of expanding a little more here on the blog, but it’s been a tougher to get in front of a computer than I thought. The decision to leave DEI was the toughest I’ve ever had to make. I love DEI and the people who work there. When I got up in front of all the employees last Tuesday morning and told them about my decision, it was very, very difficult. But they deserved to hear it from me and nobody else. As tough as it was to come to this decision, I’m sure it was equally difficult – if not more – for the fans to hear about it. I know many of you who are fans of mine are also fans of DEI. I hope tha
Remembering Diana
We would just like everybody to remember our beautiful Princess, the one and only English Rose that will ever be, Diana Princess of Wales, Queen of Hearts, The People's Princess. Exactly 10 years ago on Friday 31st August 1997, she was tragically taken away from us in a car accident in Paris :( Here are some video clips, please watch, and remember this beautiful woman, thank you :) you may need some tissues :( Elton John says it all in this video taken at her funeral ... 10 years on, she is still missed greatly, this has been put together for her ... Has a bit of a tribute to her, please join in with us by using 1 of her pics as your default for the day. If you want some photos, click on the 1 below to take you to an album with some of her pics in, choose what you like and rip away :) Diana you are always
Final "saw Iv" Poster
Without even knowing the details of the plot, we already have the fifth "Saw IV" poster, which according to director Darren Lynn Bousman, is filled with clues. It features a woman from the very first still released, only she is wearing a pig mask. As always, the tagline states "It's a trap." In addition, the film also received it's official MPAA rating. During Comic-Con, it was announced that the movie was rated 'NC-17' and would have to go through some major edits to get down to an 'R.' Apparently, those edits have been made, and the new rating is now "R for sequences of grisly bloody violence and torture throughout, and for language." "Saw IV" is scheduled to hit theaters on October 26th. Click here to read our exclusive "Saw IV" preview.
Feelings By Hdc
The Lone Stranger
Surrounded by people who think they know me. Crowded among all this emptiness. Overwhelmed by my thoughts and emotions. Alone Despite it all. Lost within my world of illusion. Cast out of the world that's real. Searching for something to hold on to. Falling Out of time and space. -The Zestiest 2007
Who I Am
Who am I? I am Tanya aka Sunshine Sunshine cuz I seem to bring sunshine into everyone's lives. I don't try it's just who I am. I am kind hearted and always take for granted. I get stepped on no matter what. Those closest to me are the worst at that. Or maybe the best. It hurts but I keep my chin up, smile and go on with life. I am truly a lover but I can fight when pushed. I don't try to be complicated, everyone else makes me that way. I can be your dearest friend then again I can be your worst enemy. I am truly happy when I can make others smile. I've always known what I wanted out of life! I want to be a mother with all my heart and soul! I want to give love to something I brought into this world. I don't want to be rich and famous! I just want to live comfortably. Money does not rule my world completely, Just out of need. I want someone to love me as much as I love them. My dream is to be a stay at home mom. I want to be the one who cooks, cleans and keeps the
The 13 Goals Of A Witch
Thirteen Goals of a Witch Lady Bridget © 1998 Note: This list has been published in Scott Cummingham's "Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner", and was also accessed through a British Traditional Source. I do not know who the original author of this list is, but the comments that follow are my own. 1-Know yourself. As far back as Socrates, and most likely much farther, this was advice best followed. If you don't know what you want, you are not likely to get it. Consequently if you don't know what makes you happy, you are not likely to find your happiness. You also need to know your own strengths and weaknesses. 2- Know your craft. Wicca is a craft, hence the term Witchcraft, the Craft of the Wise. This is not something you learn from reading a few books, although they can point you in the direction your path can take. This is something you will learn by living it. Know what you want to study - understand your spiritual path. 3- Learn. Learn everything you can, everyt
November's Deception
she plays the victim perfectly and he's such a hard habit to break the tears and lies, she's not as innocent as she would have you believe breaking his heart in the bed of another the bitter taste of deception on her lips she longs to feel complete in his arms and forever is just another dream that lies shattered on the floor
~ Oise-aisne American Cemetery And Memorial In France ~
The Oise-Aisne American Cemetery and Memorial in France contains the remains of 6,012 American war dead, most of whom lost their lives while fighting in this vicinity in 1918 during the First World War. Their headstones, aligned in long rows on the 36.5-acre site, rise in a gentle slope from the entrance to the memorial at the far end. The burial area is divided into four plots by wide paths lined by trees and beds of roses; at the intersection are a circular plaza and the flagpole. The memorial is a curving colonnade, flanked at the ends by a chapel and a map room. It is built of rose-colored sandstone with white trim bearing sculptured details of wartime equipment. The chapel contains an altar of carved stone. Engraved upon its Walls of the Missing are 241 names. Rosettes mark the names of those since recovered and identified. The map room contains an engraved and colored wall map portraying the military operations in this region during 1918. The cemetery is open daily to the p
6700 To Level
Show him some love hes a leveler and always returns love. Wolfman~Club F.A.R~Devils Train~@ fubar
= Bulletin Bullshit =
On 9/3/2007, wrote:fubar Bulletin!MAKE STICKY! *~Diana~*remove friend   subject:FAKE ASS FRIENDS date:2007-09-03 02:48:52   People are too fake on here. They only want pic comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually repost this. This is to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Let's see who the true friends are and I think I know who you are... Repost this if you are a friend...Don't reply... just copy and paste this in a new bulletin as "fake ass friends" got an email directing me to this bulletin, and i didn't really take it kindly. this is some rude, demanding, childish, BULLSHIT. never, in my life, have I had anyone tell me to prove my friendship, let alone after 24 hours, and in such a cold, cunting way. I really like that "This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actua
Twisted Loves You!!
I truly adore this man. Twisted is the best friend that a girl could have!! Thank you Billy!! xoxo :) TwisTed is as twisted does,, twisted knows you like a glove twisted knows about your love for you today i released a dove if only you were a lil closer twisted would make yer worlds turn over twisted is the things he sees erase your pain and know he bleeds inside me I'll sacrifice everything to give you life ,,, make you happy grant your wishes twisted sends you hugs n kisses for all them tears he knows he misses ill wipe them now ill wipe them then for you to me are my greatest friend only two girls in this world beyond my children could ever feel what it is I'm dealing all in all one thing is true if she walks away again I'll still have you .... . . xx oo xx
I Can Feel You Now
Touch the Darkness @
Awesome Radio Station
Check this station out. Its got an excellent mix of new and its the English Radio Station for Taiwan. I lived there for quite awhile and even back in Canada I still think this is the best. Try it out and give me feedback. If that link does not work, then google Taiwan radio stations, you'll see it right away.
The Big Dirty
In honor of the release of the new Every Time I Die CD "The Big Dirty" I will open up my private folder for Friends Only during the 1:00 pm (EST) Happy Hour. After that, it will be accessible only to Family. Time Zone
7600 To Level
Boycot Your Dunkin' Donuts!
Mr. Moon, Mr. Night
Mr. Moon, Mr. Night please send down; your sweet, sweet light. To fill and brighten, the void of this endless night. Dream away the cares of yesterday, as shadows dance across the sky. Day is gone and night rolls in, welcoming all that have slept in. Some things were created, to be of the night. While others sleep, they come alive.
The one and only Want you to come join her!Click the pic to join the fun and come taste the darkside!
St Michael
Saint Michael, The Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our Safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil; May God Rebuke Him, We humbly pray and do thou, O prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God. Thrust Into Hell Satan and all the evil spirits who Wander through the World for the ruins of souls. AMEN. St. Michael is one of the principal angels; his name was the war-cry of the good angels in the battle fought in heaven against the enemy and his followers.
Oops Not So Popular I Am Sure
Time To Meet Friends & Fans
Continue To Breath
Today the sun will shine Even a smile from time to time Inside I'll sing this song The heart of life still beats on Is it all for nothing? will it mean a thing Without you and the love you bring? My wounds might heal Vicariously I will steal A smile from a stranger's face Sorrow sought out my disgrace Is it all for nothing? will it mean a thing Without you and the love you bring?
James Blunt High
You Can Get Peter's Book Today!
The results are coming in from those who have the book. 100% approval for the book so far, which makes me feel great! of course, I want EVERYONE in the world to get a book. How else will I become a best selling author? lol Now, you can get the book and have it personally autographed. Woohoo! lol So come on, just click the links and gets yours on the way to you today. You know you wanna! :) ALSO to let you know that my book is now available in the publishers bookstore at a reduced prices directly through them. If you get your book through them however, it will not be autographed as they send it direct. Peter Click here for Peter's publisher book store Click this link to order the Hard Cover book. $24.99 shipping included Click here to order All That I Am, I Think! in Hard Cover Click this link to order the paperback book. $19.99 shipping included Click here to order All That I Am, I Think! in paperback Just click the cdbaby logo to buy That's What Living's
Sick Of It
I am so sick of these girls who act as if they are perfect, just what every man could ever want. And then, it turns out, when they get a guy worth a shit they go out and screw around on them. They take advantage of someone who's been restrained enough he would have done it with someone he looks at like a sister!!! Then they want to lie about the friend they opened up to! It's sick, it's twisted and I am DONE with it. I am tired of trying to run around and clean up messes. I'm not perfect, FAR FROM IT! I don't try to fit everybody's "perfect" idea, and make myself to be a chameleon. It's just ridiculous! I'm done ranting now.
Chicken Mozzarella Bake
Chicken breasts are lightly browned then baked with mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. A quick and delicious chicken recipe, with boneless chicken breasts and cheese. The wine adds extra flavor, but chicken broth will work as well. INGREDIENTS: * 4 to 6 chicken breast halves * salt and pepper * garlic powder * 1 tablespoon olive oil * 1 tablespoon butter * 8 ounces sliced mushrooms * 1 tablespoon butter * 2 to 3 tablespoons Marsala or white wine, or use chicken broth * 1 medium to large tomato, sliced * 4 to 6 green onions, thinly sliced * 8 ounces Mozzarella cheese, sliced PREPARATION: Pound chicken breast halves between sheets of plastic wrap until evenly thinned out. Salt and pepper both sides then sprinkle lightly with garlic powder. In a large skillet, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon butter over medium heat.Add chicken to the heated skillet; cook for about 5 minutes on each side. Remove to a
Slow Cooker American Chop Suey
INGREDIENTS: * 1 to 1 1/2 pound ground chuck (lean ground beef) * 1 medium onion chopped * 1 medium green pepper, chopped * 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder * 1/2 teaspoon paprika (optional) * salt and pepper to taste * 1 cup shredded process cheese * 1 can (6oz) tomato paste * 1 can (15oz) diced tomatoes, undrained * 2 cups cooked macaroni (about 1 cup uncooked) PREPARATION: In a non-stick skillet, brown the ground beef with onion and green pepper. Drain; transfer to slow cooker/Crock Pot. Add seasonings, cheese, tomato paste, and tomatoes; stir to combine. Cover and cook on low for 6 to 8 hours.Stir in hot cooked macaroni 10 minutes before serving. Serves 4
Thoughts On Children
Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the driveway before it has stopped snowing. "There is only one pretty child in the world... and every mother has it." -Chinese Proverb. A child's greatest period of growth is the month after you've purchased new school clothes. Anyone who says, "Easy as taking candy from a baby" has never tried it. Mothers of teens know why some animals eat their young. Children are natural mimics who act like their parents, despite every effort to teach them good manners. Children: You spend the first 2 years of their life teaching them to walk and talk. Then you spend the next 16 years telling them to sit down and shut-up. The best inheritance parents can give their children is a few minutes of their time each day. Children will soon forget your presents. They will always remember your presence. Children seldom misquote you. In fact, they usually repeat word for word what you shouldn't hav
My Poems
In your dreams, magical thoughts… All things are real, unless you dream there not. In your dreams, love is the plot Carried on wings of hope. Each of our souls intertwine when we do. Instantly we see it the time to grow and be it When everything is pinned on a hope. Let rise the dreams of your heart, that innocent youth Careless and kind. Free to roam the breeze in love, only when two brilliantly shine as one.
This Tells Me Who My Friends Are ..........
I am thinking about entering a contest and was wondering how much help i would have. Please let me know if you would help thanks . I will return all love after i got done the contest .
Ladies Beware This Man Steals Nsfw Pics Of You!
This is the member stealing pics and posting them on his website, he was on my friends list, not anymore and he is blocked as well. sugardaddy@ fubar The man mentioned below has one of my pics as well but not an nsfw thank god. The website link I'm about to paste is the one where he has all the girls photos. WARNING!!! IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE NUDITY OR SEXUAL CONTENT DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!!! He may have your pics *Kimmy* ************************************************************ watch out ladies this man will steal your nsfw photos and post them on his web site. aka Jack'sugardaddy' This was in the bulletin board, but I wanna warn all of you. Kimmy made this bulletin, he did steal her pics I saw them. Cant believe people are such losers, and do things like this without permission. He got deleted, but hes back under a new name. KEEP THIS REPOSTED AS THIS AFTERNOON THE GUY WHO
Nothing Nice To Really Say
is the easiest way th ebest way? the fastest means to an end? can u believe all this travesty? sometimes these thoughts come unbidden... command my every thought. command me to ur every whim. make your puppet dance to ur tune. and leave no room for thought. the less that i think the better off you are. make your grotesque world the only place i want to be. go ahead and make me believe. when the end comes and you think everything you've done is right. and your world will tumble in around you and you feel so all alone. to cry at everything you have done. a rock in a hard place as you try to be everything that i need. to save me from myself. and yet so scared to be by yourself. watch me break like a payne of glass. help me to pick up the shattered remmants to create comething beautiful. and everything ive become is thanks to you. for all the things you will never realize youve done thank you. vengefull concitedness. everything at the world should lay at your feet. walk on the bac
400 Coments For 3 Day Blast
She needs a total of 5250 to get a 3 day blast.. Can you Show some love
Horoscope 9/8/07 Cancer
You may be torn between making a big purchase and tossing more money in savings, or some similar decision. Try to focus on what you can afford, financially or emotionally and limit yourself accordingly.
Peanut Tribute
Papi Needs Our Help
come help me bomb my dear friend , come on guys lets show him some love
Alex Jones - Endgame
World Internet Main Event Bonus
World Internet Main Event BONUS Come attend Howie Schwartz's breakout room (Salon H) on Sunday September 16 (7:30am - 8:15am). Tell him that you found this post related to TIMME online - and that "Howie Is Cool" - and you will get a very cool bonus just for attending The World Internet Main Event Your chances are great because when you attend this seminar it's more than TWICE as powerful as the one these successful people attended. Because since it began "The Internet Marketing Main Event" and "World Internet Summit USA" have been held on exactly the same weekend in September--only at different locations! That means, hundreds of marketers and some of the speakers had to choose which event to attend. So the event superpowers got their heads together and created a world-first - a internet marketing seminar FUSION that guarantees to deliver more energy, more inspiration, and more powerful content than any other. world internet main event, Howie Schwartz,internet main
It Is All Lies!
I have spent the last few days thinking about death and how television, movies and books portray it. I want to say for the record it is all lies. When I was 16 years old I was surfing off the coast of Delaware during a storm in December. I wiped on a massive set and my board cracked me in the head knocking me unconcious. I drown that day. My friends were able to pull me out and revive me with CPR but one thing I am certain of is this. I saw NOTHING! There was no semi-nude pottery making with my girlfriend. No tunnel of light with all my friends and family waving to me and telling me to step into the light. Not even a fluffy cloud with angels playing harps or bagpipes or whatever. Now I know what you are thinking my friends. He was 16 so he must have been chuck full of sin. Well of course I was. But then where the hell was my lake of fire with the souls of the damned burning forever. Where was my eternal torment of being thirsty and never being able to reach the pint of Guiness. At the
Lookin 4 Hotties
Life With A Newborn
listening to: nothing..silence. eating/drinking: nothing and nothing. Omg! Its so hard. I'm raising her on my own and never thought it would be so difficult. No sleep..its great let me tell you lol. I have my mom and thats it for now, at least until next year anyways. I wish my mom would go back to work so me and Renee can get a break! I want to go out and buy some beer lol and I want a damn cig she won't let me do anything like that, but while she is at work she won't know about it lol. So I wish she would go. Today she was suppose to go in, but we had problems with plumbing and she took off today. Argh! it just sucks!
You currently appear offline to bradmullins007 Mullins. bradmullins007 Mullins: ITS SEPTEMBER THE 11TH SO LETS ALL MASS THIS ON AND AHOW SOME RESPECT ADD YOUR NAMES TO THE END IF U DONT MASS THIS ON WELL U DONT RESPECT THE Tragic 9/11 ____ SCOTTY---MAGS--- Tera-------Shannon-----DEACON---- Cassandra -----bRadley~~~~Lisa O'Bryan aka Tequila Sunrise
Among the many topics explored by the philosophy of sexuality are procreation, contraception, celibacy, marriage, adultery, casual sex, flirting, prostitution, homosexuality, masturbation, seduction, rape, sexual harassment, sadomasochism, pornography, bestiality, and pedophilia. What do all these things have in common? All are related in various ways to the vast domain of human sexuality. That is, they are related, on the one hand, to the human desires and activities that involve the search for and attainment of sexual pleasure or satisfaction and, on the other hand, to the human desires and activities that involve the creation of new human beings. For it is a natural feature of human beings that certain sorts of behaviors and certain bodily organs are and can be employed either for pleasure or for reproduction, or for both. The philosophy of sexuality explores these topics both conceptually and normatively. Conceptual analysis is carried out in the philosophy of sexuality in order
I Believe
Some believe in Jesus, some in Buddha, some in Mohammed, I believe I'll have another beer.
Limit On Ratings
So what's up with that? Ya go to rate someone and BAM....ERROR you've reached your daily limit of rates? How does that work and why would you want to stop someone from rating other people? The world's gone mad!!
Always Remember
I'm swimming all alone in a pool of darkness and I feel like darkness is slowly pulling me under I yell for help but no one is there to hear it I begin to see the water at eye level and I kick and flail fighting to stay above the darkness But the darkness won't let go of its hold on me and I slowly begin to give in to the feeling that lies below the water line the waters starts to fill my lungs the lungs that once held so much life yet now they allow the murky water to replace that I know that this path doesn't lead to happiness But why doesn't someone grab my hand pull me from darkness's grasp? because no one knows I stand at the boundary the boundary between light and dark so I give in to the thing that holds me All of the strength and all of the courage that I once held in my heart can't save me from the water So I slowly slip below the world of conscientiousness undetected by the occupants of that world I don't want to fight anymore I've given into darkness
Same Contest All Friends
maryjane......... ana krysi passion tuff....... p3nis flytrap kristan.......... sexy blond goddess nichole
so i am laying in bed last night at about midnight watching some weirdo tv, right? sounds like a normal night. old man snoring next to ya, some tv show you dont really understand, eating a candy bar at midnight :P. when wot should come on but some freakis comercial about erectile disfunction. first of all if you cant get it up we deffiantly agree you need a pill. its not a bad thing, we appricate the effort. but let me ask you this... do you want to see tampon comercials? or yeast infection comercials? no! just like we dont want to watch penis pill comercials or jock itch cream comercials!!! now i can handle that if i have to. wot really weirded me out was at the end of this comercial there was a scene on the beach. on this beach was 2 bath tubs. one with a man in it and one with a woman in it. now can someone tell me wot the helll 2 bath tubs on a beach with ppl in them have to do with penis pills? i mean common now! it could have had them layin on a bllanket eating fruit or something
Naughty Lil Self
Ache... A slow burning candle...I begin to melt from the heat and passion of this flame. Lighting and warming my soul. As a moth to a flame, I can't resist to touch. Tenderly and softly as I move my hand up the inside of my thighs. Melting into thought and fantasy of you. The flame inside growing hotter. Laying back upon my bed, with my legs spread further. Slipping my hand beneath this panty. Soft like silk or the petal from a rose. The need getting stronger, wishing it were your hands upon me now... One hand caressing my breast, noticing my nipple harden as I allow my fingers to penetrate deep inside. Beginning to bite on my bottom lip, from passionate thoughts of you. The flood gates open and begin to drown as I lose all control. My moans now coming from this deep, starving ache for you... Wondering if you think of me in this way and if you were to happen upon me in this delicate position, would you set me free and release this ache within me... Thoughts and
I'm Going Postal..
Man life sucks and workman comp is a ripoff. You get hurt on the job but noone gives a shit .. You pay for insurance while you work and for what.. Why do we pay all this frigin taxes for ?? When you need help, noone seems to help, Social Security is a joke. The welfare Dept of Florida is pure raciest and unless you live on the streets they aren't going to help you at all.. The richer keeps getting richer and the poorer is getting poorer and this world is going to caca...
Would You.....
Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16 .How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
Miss You
for someone important Current mood: content Category: Writing and Poetry ok sunshine i'm awake i was dreamin of you and every breath you take smile again make my heart break miss you baby miss you baby ok lover i'm here i'm longing for you and i want to hold you near kiss your lips and wisper in your ear miss you baby miss you baby you don't have to sleep to dream close your eyes baby see what i mean you don't have to sleep to dream hold me close baby see what i mean end of the day and the moons hung low no chance of me goin away kiss your lips again and i say i love you baby i love you baby you don't have to sleep to dream close your eyes baby see what i mean you don't have to sleep to dream hold me close baby see what i mean
Faith, Passion & Tune
Keeping the Faith……….. Things get crazy sometimes in this world of ours. No time for trivial promises or wishing on stars. People have a way of getting on our last nerve. The worthy are the last to get what they deserve. I have seen you face some things others wouldn’t. If I was asked to turn my back, I know I couldn’t. When I look at your face I see a devotion so real. Love you have for your family is part of your appeal. You put your children first in your mind and heart. Believe me baby, in my eyes, that’s the best part. A man who stands behind his word unconditionally. This is why you are a savior and hero to so many. With each new day I have more admiration for you. If ever you asked me, there is nothing I wouldn’t do. I have put my whole heart into what we have become. I’m living everyday understanding that you are the one. Just remember that whatever you decide is right for you. I am on your side and that is what we will
Her World
hello, I AM CANADIAN and proud of it! my name is ANDREA, im a mom of 3 wounderful children MOLLI, WILLIAM & VERONICA. i live in SASKATCHEWAN. i love all good music. chatting is my favorite past time. i like to read and play video games and i love to curl up on the couch and watch a great horror movie. im curently seperated and looking for love :D (hint hint, wink wink)
There is a cute grin on your face as your eyes sparkle brightly, you watch me saunter over to you, my face revealing nothing. My eyes intensely starting at you, I shove you up against the wall and caress your face softly. You giggle quietly, a bit unsure of my intentions. I press my body against yours and reach up to kiss you deeply, lovingly with my soul. I place an ice cold beer in your hand and look into your bright hazel eyes, you see my heart reflected in my own eyes. I toss my shiny, blonde hair over my shoulder and slowly begin to undress myself. Silver tipped finger nails move over the buttons of my white, silk blouse. Our eyes lock and hold. Slowly I push my shirt over my shoulders, my arms still in the sleeves. You reach out to put your hands in my hair, to stroke the silky skin of my collar bones. I gently push your hand away, and press it against the wall behind you. You sip your beer, trying to decide whether to humor me, or show me who's boss. Your eyes darken seductively
Damn, This Just In From Phillip
You might have to read this also..... Cherie I want to tempt and tease you and share my inner thoughts and fantasies with you. My dreams and fantasies of you are so real I have to wake up and look to see that you are not yet here with me. When you come to me you can expect love and affection all the time. I will do things for you and to you to show you how much I love and desire you and how much I appreciate you. Flowers, cards, notes, gifts, perfume, candy, jewelry. You will be spoiled and pampered. There will be sex. Lots of sex I will touch you and kiss you all over your body. My fingers will caress and touch you all over. Your breasts and nipples, your sweet hips and beautiful ass. And especially between your legs and deep inside your hot and wet epicenter. My lips and tongue will kiss your lips, your breasts and nipples, and I will spend many moments kissing and licking your wet and hot essence until I make you climax in wa
For You All
Every Womans' Dream Hubby
Every Womans' Dream Hubby
Sudidal Tendencies - You Cant Bring Me Down
When People get Out of Control and do things out of Character just listen to this and you'll understand it all,We are get Deperate at Times Do things without looking at the whole picture!!! To Er Is Human !!!
o0o0o yeah, I'm sure you remember Hydaway Radio,Well were back Come in and say hi omfg Its True, Hydaway Radio Is back !!! click the pic to see what your missing, So get your ass in here and Come Say Hi to ~insanity!!
I'm A Huge Jerk!!!!!
I would just like to say that I am a huge jerk!!!! I met this really sweet girl on here in June and we started talking. She was new to online chat and I knew I took full advantage of her. We chatted constantly and talked at least once a day on the phone for the last 3 and a half months. I told her that I was in love with her and said I had bought a plane ticket to go see her. She totally fell for it and then I just stopped calling,writing and refused to take her calls...She was all worried that something terrible happened to me!!!!How stupid is she????LOL!!!!
The Dancer... This Is The Very First Poem I Ever Wrote...july Of 2005
The Dancer The dance of love is at hand tonight, transposed for all to see Pull the strings the dancer spins her web of mystery Silky hair, that sultry stare, she has me under her spell I’m lost within her tranquil gaze, a prisoner in her cell Her lips drip with passion play, my blood screams out for more Our gaze is locked entwined as one, the butterflies will roar That all consuming sense of smell, my nostrils flare with lust She quivers to the beat of my pulse, our tongues begin to thrust Souls entwined soon to be, entrenched in outright bliss Imagine this enchanting night began with a simple kiss jskins
Firefighters Pome
What is a Fire Fighter? A Fire Fighter is a lonely man holding a midmorning watch with book in hand and a telephone within a split seconds reach. A darkened apparatus floor, a complicated alarm system, now silent, but perhaps within the next blink of en eye or turn of a page will scream out with the clanging of bells, the turning of gears, and the ticking of tape. What is as Fire Fighter? He is years of constant training that must guide him in every move once that Great Silver Bell again must exact "Awake ye from your beds! " Your heavy resting hearts within the sigh of an awakening must now beat with the strength of an athlete, a fighter, for a fighter you are. A fire fighter is a man responsible for thousands of dollars of equipment, and for the lives of his fellowmen he knows he must protect. He is a man constantly studying for promotions, not content that as a private he already represents leadership in the community. For a young girl or boy there is no doubt who he is. Yes he was
Alex Jones: End Game Sneak Preview At ...
15,000 To Level
Ears On, Mouth Disabled.
When you type in a URL (such as, you are making a request for information. Once the request is recieved, information is transmitted to the requesting machine from the host. Upon completion, a small packet is sent to the requesting machine that asks that machine for a confirmation that all data was delivered succesfully. An acknowledgement is then sent, and the process repeats every single time you request a peice of information. Even if the information is not present, there is at least data introduced denoting that fact. That's it. Dirt fuckin simple. Now, computers can move data two ways, in and out at the same time. (At least most protocols allow that). The same is not true of individuals, people, humans. When a person transmits (speaks), the data line must move one way, until all relevant information is delivered. It is at this time that an acknowledgement, or reciprocating data can be introduced from the reciever (listener). This can continue back and forth for as
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The Warrior ;)
For Those That Think I Am Not The Guy I Say I Am......
I dunno why but some are getting the idea that I have changed after my contest has been over. I am sorry if any of you feel this way. I appreciate all the help that I have gotten I really do. I guess there are always positive and negative things that come from being in contest. I wanna be everyones friend is that so wrong. I wanna show love to all those that helped out. It was a group effort that won that contest for the 1 month blast. Yes there were people that helped me around the clock. I am really happy I had them backing me so much. But I see the overall effort. I hope you don't think I care less or don't think of you. But I am trying to give back to everyone and it takes time. That said I hope you all have a great weekend. Unfortunately someone thought that I am only supposed to dedicate my time to her. I told her the same thing and she mouthed off to me. I had to block her. First time that has happened. I am here for friends and to have a good time. Love you all have a go
Sunday's Target
Finding Soulmates
You know I have always spoken the truth to all my partners past and present. It nice to finally find a partner who I can show my soul to without fear of judgement. Somebody who can hear truth and except it as is. People think they know me but they don't. These people know who they are. Because when you truely love someone. You open your eyes and see what is truely infront of you. Not what ohters tell you to see. I can finally put all that stuff behind me now. I think I have finally found my true soulmate. Someone that I can trust with my heart. That wil always see the truth. My Soulmate. However we shall see.
The Doll And The Rose
The Doll and the Rose.!. I was walking around in a Target store, when I saw a Cashier hand this little boy some money back. The boy couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 years old. The Cashier said, "I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll." Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?'' The old lady replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.'' Then she asked him to stay there for just 5 minutes while she went to look a round. She left quickly. The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand. Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to. "It's the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for Christmas. She was sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her." I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus would bring it to her after all, and not to worry.
its the strongest thing in your body,yet the easiest thing to break it has a mind of its own,and makes you feeling things you can't explain and yet it has the power to give out love, hate, anger, passion and forgiveness and just a few of the many emtions all packed into one simple thing and yet it is so very important to you, the heart can do many mysterious things to you, making you feeling a happienss that you have never felt before, to bring you down to a place that you never thought you could reach it could even trick you into thinking thats what it wants being the best thing for you but then again you have to learn how to use and trust your heart to a point also knowing who to let in and showing them that you do have a heart opening it up to them, letting them see your softer side of you, and how big it is, when you do for people, no matter how you may get treated in return,if they deserve it or not it maybe wrong when you do things like that but its out of t
Beware Of This Scam
Okay everyone I writing this to warn you all Please read this carefully. This was someone trying to scam me and I don't want any of you to fall prey to this. Carlene Hay (9/17/2007 2:40:17 AM): hi love2me12 (9/17/2007 2:40:24 AM): how are u doing carlene love2me12 (9/17/2007 2:40:57 AM): u look so beactiful Carlene Hay (9/17/2007 2:41:05 AM): i am fine do i know you love2me12 (9/17/2007 2:41:41 AM): yeah u do love2me12 (9/17/2007 2:41:53 AM): is me Sam Carlene Hay (9/17/2007 2:42:31 AM): oh okay Carlene Hay (9/17/2007 2:42:55 AM): i know a few sams which one are you love2me12 (9/17/2007 2:43:28 AM): Sam from Tegged Carlene Hay (9/17/2007 2:44:21 AM): the one from england love2me12 (9/17/2007 2:45:17 AM): am from New york and i told u tht i am going to england love2me12 (9/17/2007 2:45:23 AM): sometime ago Carlene Hay (9/17/2007 2:46:11 AM): okay Carlene Hay (9/17/2007 2:46:19 AM): see i knew england was part of it love2me12 (9/17/2007 2:46:45 AM): yeah so how ar
First Time Pimping In A Blog!
Please comment on this for the whore that I am! ------------------------------------------- MY MILITARY CONTEST HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN!! PLEASE CHECK OUT THE SOLIDIERS PARTICIPATING BELOW!!! THIS IS NOT A SEXIEST CONTEST, JUST SUPPORT. SO PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO THROW SOME SUPPORTIVE COMMENTS THERE WAY!! IT IS A COMMENT BOMBING CONTEST SO WHOEVER HAS THE MOST COMMENTS BY THE END OF THE CONTEST 9-19-07 8 PM EST, WILL WIN A 7 DAY BLAST OR A MONTH V.I.P. SECOND MOST COMMENTS WILL RECEIVE A 3 DAY BLAST AND THE THIRD A 1 DAY BLAST. PLEASE SHOW THOSE THAT ARE SERVING OR HAVE SERVED THE SUPPORT AND RESPECT THEY DESERVE!! Scarletguard ::please leave a comment when rating:: THIS CONTEST IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: ~WickedFriend™~**SUPPORT OUR TROOPS**@ fubar (repost of original by '~WickedFriend™~**SUPPORT OUR TROOPS**' on '2007-09-13 05:12:08') (repost of original by 'Scarletguard' on '2007-09-13 08:46:53') (repost of original by 'Shinygal - Help me Save th
The Sweetest Thing.....(soulful Freedom)
I have decided to be done with the bad, and start with the good so I would like to share some good secrets about level THAT bad one.... I love Hello Kitty. She makes me happy and if I weren't a blood donor, I would tattoo her somewhere on my body. I am a HUGE animals advocate. I feel that since animals don't have a voice, I should speak for them. My favorite flower: Anything but roses. Never roses. They aren't original enough. If I were to recieve an Orchid or a Daisy from a man that I was seeing...I would just melt. I don't believe in sex on the first date...or the second...or the third. I want you to know the way my heart feels before you feel my body. I believe in love....yet don't act like it. I am afraid to love because I feel that I can be so powerful inside of it....that it would make me burst. I don't know where he is but I can't wait to meet him, and show him things that no one in the world has seen before. If I like someone, I neutralize m
You know what is frustrating for me, MEN!! Seems like they all have the same thing on their mind. Dont get me wrong I love sex just as much as the next person but god damn it, instead of saying you wanna have SEX, how about asking me what my name is or maybe what I like to do in my spare time. Shit!!! I do find this frustrating, it happens more than it should!!! Thats all I have to say for now!
Friends With Benefite!
Friends Wit Benefits It doesn't matter if you're married, engaged, in a relationship, single, gay or straight! A test of your bravery. It will be kept a secret!! Here's how it works: Statistically speaking, unless you are a total hermit, social retard, or ugly as a bag of spoiled ass... There's at least 1 person on your myspace that wants to date you or sleep with you. So..... lets play "friends w/ benefits" The rules are simple... if you want to date the person who posted this, send them a msg saying "I'M YOURS" If you just want to sleep with them and stay friends, send them a message that says "I'D HIT IT" SCARED? LOL THE TWIST IS YOU HAVE TO REPOST THIS, EVEN IF YOU'RE TAKEN & see who replies. There is at least 1 person on your myspace that wants to date you, and maybe more that want to sleep with you.
Only In America
Only in America 1. Only in America......can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance. 2. Only in America......are there handicap parking places in front of a skating rink. 3. Only in drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. 4. Only in people order double cheese burgers, large fries, and a diet Coke. 5. Only in banks leave both doors to the vault open and then chain the pens to the counters. 6. Only in we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage. 7. Only in we use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someone we didn't want to talk to in the first place. 8. Only in we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight. 9. Only in A
Idiot Sightings
Idiot sightings Sighting #1: I was at the airport, checking in at the gate, when the airport employee asked, "Has anyone put anything in your baggage without your knowledge?" I said, "If it was without my knowledge, how would I know?" He smiled and nodded knowingly, "That's why we ask." Idiot Sighting #2: The stoplight on the corner buzzes when it is safe to cross the street. I was crossing with an intellectually challenged coworker of mine, when she asked if I knew what the buzzer was for. I explained that it signals to blind people when the light is red. She responded, appalled, "What on earth are blind people doing driving!" Idiot Sighting #3: At a good-bye lunch for an old and dear coworker who is leaving the company due to "downsizing," our manager spoke up and said, "this is fun. We should have lunch like this more often," Not another word was spoken. We just looked at each other like deer staring into the headlights of an approaching truck. Idiot Sighting #4:
Things That Make You Say "hmm!" @work
These are taken from real resumes and cover letters, and were printed in Forbes magazine. 1. "I have lurnt Word Perfect 6.0 computor and spreadsheet progroms." 2. "Am a perfectionist and rarely if if ever forget details." 3. "Received a plague for Salesperson of the Year." 4. "Wholly responsible for two (2) failed financial institutions." 5. Reason for leaving last job: "Maturity leave." 6. "Failed bar exam with relatively high grades." 7. "It's best for employers that I not work with people." 8. "Let's meet, so you can 'ooh' and 'aah' over my experience." 9. "I was was working for my mom until she decided to move." 10. Marital Status: "Single. Unmarried. Unengaged. Uninvolved. No commitments." 11. "I have an excellent track record, although I am not a horse." 12. "I am loyal to my employer at all costs... Please feel free to respond to my resume on my office voice mail." 13. "My goal is to be a meteorologist. But since I possess no training in meteorology, I suppose
2.205 To Lvl
sexystuartl@ fubar
Making The Trip...
Well, tonight after Devlin's football practice, I have a trusted friend taking me to WV to retrieve my stuff from the house I shared with my soon to be ex-husband #2, BJ the Jerk (pics in album BJ/JERK). As you know, BJ has been a complete piece of work and no longer deserves my company... so I don't feel bad about doing this on this hand. On the other hand, I am completely floored and upset about the thought of even making this trip. I have to go get a few things that are extremely important to me, but the thought of even walking across the threshhold is making me sick (and yes I am really sick, but not from this). So much bad has happened there, that even if there was some good at some point, it has been washed away and replaced by more bad. I want to do this, it feels like it will be closure for me. But I really don't want to, cause... well, I was with him for so long and it was so miserable... I dunno, lol... Help me make some sense of my twisted up brain, lol...
A Thought To Ponder
There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend, "If I could only see the world, I will marry you." One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend. He asked her,'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?' The girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The sight of his closed eyelids shocked her. She hadn't expected that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him. Her boyfriend left her in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying: 'Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before they were yours, they were mine.' This is how the human brain often works when our status changes. Only a very few remember what life was like before, and who was always by their side in the most pai
The Way
i work in the fast food wing and it suck becase if a hot chick comes in we get introuble for harasing her when all i said was she looked hot. i got a comment card filled out on me for that once but some lady that was sexy so i told her. its like in high school only there some of the girls put out - Chicken Empanadas
CHICKEN EMPANADAS from Emeril Live EM1C10 [ email recipe to a friend ] [ display recipe in printable format ] Ingredients needed: 2 (8-ounce) chicken breasts, boned and skinless 1 small onion, quartered 1 bay leaf Salt Water to cover 1 tablespoon butter 3 cups plus 1 tablespoon flour 1 cup plus 3/4 cup milk 1/2 cup minced onions 2 teaspoons chopped garlic 2 tablespoons chopped green onions, (green part only) 2 teaspoons finely chopped fresh parsley leaves Dash of hot sauce 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 3/4 teaspoon baking powder 6 tablespoons lard 1 egg Solid vegetable shortening for deep-frying Preheat the fryer. Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Place the chicken in a shallow saucepan, over medium heat. Add the onions and bay leaf. Cover with water. Bring the liquid to a boil, reduce the heat to medium low and simmer for about 15 minutes or until tender. Remove and discard the liquid. Cool the chicken. In a small saute pan, over medi
Blog 1
Gemini You are a master flirt. You know just how to pick up hotties, but it is usually just a one night stand because you are out to have fun. You like sex to be fun. You are not afraid to spice it up with some sex toys, blindfolds and food. Your ideal partner would be open minded, and into having fun too. Sex matches: Libra, Aquarius Take this quiz at
Arrrrrrrgh And Avast...and Crap.
Your Pirate Name Is... Arch-Pirate Left Eye Louis What's Your Pirate Name?
Words Of Wisdom Learned Along The Way.....
I've learned the hard way that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. I've learned that the people you care most about in life are taken from you too soon. I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them. I've learned that no matter how much I care, some people just don't care back I've learned that it takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it. I've learned that it's not what you have in your life, but who you have in your life that counts. I've learned that you can get by on charm for about 15 minutes. After that, you'd better know something. I've learned that you shouldn't compare yourself to the best others can do, but to the best you can do. I've learned that it's not what happens to people that's important. It's what they do about it. I've learned that no matter how thin you slice it, there are always
I got this in an email and was hit by this and what it says! I know way to many people who all they do is gripe about this person or that or this event and that one and hell I have my days too....yes, I'm a woman....BUT we all should really start looking at things with a better attitiude and here is some proof why!!! Attitude... >There once was a woman who woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, >and noticed she had only three hairs on her head. > >Well," she said, "I think I'll braid my hair today?" >So she did, and she had a wonderful day. > >The next day she woke up, >looked in the mirror >and saw that she had only two hairs on her head. > >"H-M-M," she said, >"I think I'll part my hair down the middle today?" >So she did and she had a grand day. > >The next day she woke up, >looked in the mirror and noticed that she had only one hair on her >head. > >"Well," she said, >"today I'm going to wear my hair in a pony tail." >So she did and she had a
These are our rules! Please note.. these are all numbered "1 " ON PURPOSE! 1. Men are NOT mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for. 1. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become Null and void after 7 Days. 1. If you think you're fat, you probably are. Don't ask us. 1. If something we said can be int
Stupid Ppl In Mumms This was like an hour after I had commented on her mumm goldilocks: just sharing info to those that really care not drunken idiots. have another shot hun it just mite clear you mind ->goldilocks: Dont come to my page whining about your stupid mumms and I hate to burst your bubble but I dont drink
You Are
You are my air The sun in my day The moon in my night The spring in my step You are my everything. You are the stars in the sky The birds in the trees The shimmer, the sparkle, the shine. Without the light you put into my life I would be nothing A single leaf on the ground in autumn, Lost, forgotten, alone. Before i knew you, I was nothing. Now I am everything, With you at my side, I am invincible! Feel the same my baby, You are loved so much, I love you now and forever You are my darling, my baby, my love You are my everything I love you so much. - Kirsty -
The Last Leaf To Fall
The Last Leaf to Fall The wind it howled all through the night, So she hung on with all her might, While others fell unseen by light, When morning came she saw their plight. The town then woke and what they found, Their trees were bare for miles around, Crimson and gold had covered the ground, Alone she cried without a sound. From high above the earth she hung, The mournful wind its song it sung, No one was left to be among, To their end they’d all been flung. Her senses were sharp, her vision keen, How could winter be so mean, Her skin had turned deep aubergine, Blackened veins where once was green, As she succumbed to winters nip, Her life lived; she lost her grip, And in the wind her shape did flip, Over the ground her frame did skip. She came to rest upon the grass, The man had watched it all from class, Where he awaited with frame of brass, And gently placed her behind the glass. Her tree of life for those months few, Stood bare outside drap
Any One Here ?
has all the people gone to sleep no one online seems so quiet x fan rate and add if you like xxx
Links To Members In Contests... If you feel like Helping Any of us it would be Greatly appreciated... Pixie Mandxx Me
You Are My Forever Love
You Are My Forever Love Your friendship and love, And all the wonderful things That they bring into my life, Are like nothing else I have ever known. My heart is complete With the love we share, And our love grows more Beautiful each day. I love you, And as long as we are together, I have everything I need. You are with me always... In a smile, a memory, a feeling Or a moment we share. You will always be My Forever Love - Uriel Consolo -
Do Not Do This One
___shesmurderous (PLEASE READ MY PROFILE)@ fubar
For People Who Love Horror
One of my really good friends Johnny S. is in the Chiller tv's dare to direct contest. Please click on the link and vote for him. I was suppossed to be the pregnant woman in this, but I was in the hospital so to pay homage, he left the character's name as Monique..isn't that sweet!Show him some luv..I would love it if you guys voted. My bands music is also in one of the scenes. Jonhhy S. fuckin roxx..(he's a sick puppy too, thats why I love him so)Vote for The Carrier!!!
A Preview For You!
I Refuse To Dance
The endless times I've cried, have left my eyes burning. Emotions roll over me, as the waves of the sea churning. I don't know how I struggle each day, trying to find the words to say. My heart has a hole that widens everyday, trying to mend and heal in it's own special way. I toss and I turn with nightmares of you, re-living the moments that have hurt me so deep. I am searching for someone to comfort and hold, rocking me gently into that peaceful sleep. I thought I had found love within you,but all you care about dies within your touch. Only you have hurt me in ways unknown, causing me to shatter and bleed so much. I don't think that love should hurt, it's meant to be shared and treasured inside. What you've shown to me makes me so scared, to try to find it again or just run and hide. Maybe one more time, I'll give it a chance. This time around though, I will refuse to dance.
Goddess Of The Night
I am more mysterious, Than the darkest night. Deeper than the ocean bottom. Warmer than the bright sunlight. More beautiful than a rose in bloom. I have a love that over flows. Wisdom of the great initiator. More strength than a warrior. More to give than you could ever fathom. I want to hold you for one night. I want to give you pure enchantment. Dance a dance into time without end, Bringing you back to me again. Tell me that you love me more, Than anyone you have ever adored. Say you will never let me go, You will always keep me to love and hold. Dee Parenti© All Rights Reserved
Send Saturday Love Please
Come And Get Your Groove On!!!
OLDIES NIGHT!!! They said that it would never happen, well they were wrong!!! The management at the Hancock and Bull has decided to hire a DJ to rock the house with oldies. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, they went and brought in the craziest person in the world to DJ that night. ME!!!! That's right! Al Dawg, the pimp of the decade, the thug of the century, has decided to go ahead and bring back memories that will have people laughing and crying. If you're looking for that bullshit crap like they used to play at the Whazzupp, then keep looking elsewhere. I will play oldies, and it will be oldies for everyone. The Hancock and Bull has a very diverse crowd, so they had to get a pimp with very diverse tastes to get the job done. So go ahead and dust off your platforms, break out that old pair of parachute pants and that thriller jacket and head on down to the Hancock and Bull. If I don't have what you like, write it down on the note pad at my booth, and I'll get for you the next time.
Loneliness Has Its Return
Loneliness Has Its Return by BlueWolf © I thought it was a start But I guess it never begin I sometimes wonder if it’s my fault Then why should it matter, when it’s the end? But could this really be the end I tried so hard Was that not enough for a beginning? I guess not, I should have known from the start I thought you were the one But I guess you think we’re not ready How could I have not seen such rejection When I saw you trying to avoid me? I guess I was wrong My head was filled with dreams If I would have not been so sprung I would have seen that we’re best off friends Since I’m not going to be able to hold you And I have to move on But what can I possibly do With my months of liking you is gone? How could I think I’m good enough for you? I was for sure I could keep you warm I got too excited thinking of being with you And forgot that, Loneliness Has It’s Return......
Who Are We?
Who are we? That is a question that we should be asking ourselves more often than not. Do you really know if what you believe is based on your own feelings or is society, politics or maybe even somebody else influencing them? How often have you asked yourself the reason for why you do things the way you do...or why you do them in the first place? Is it because somebody "told you" that’s the way to do it? Or because somebody "made you" believe that it needed to be done? Now days there is so much "outside" influence that it’s hard to imagine human survival without having to take orders from some "higher power". Believe in yourself and allow your character to show through your actions…that is the only way to be true to yourself. Be open-minded but don’t be influenced to change who you are because somebody else tells you to. Everybody is at the same level as anybody else, so there is no reason to believe that your ideas are worse t
0 To 200 In Less Than 6 Seconds
Ed was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary. His wife was really angry. She told him "Tomorrow morning, I expect to find a gift in the driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in less then 6 seconds AND IT BETTER BE THERE!!" The next morning Ed got up early and left for work. When his wife woke up she looked out the window and sure enough there was a gift box wrapped in the middle of the driveway. Confused, the wife put on her robe and ran out to the driveway, and brought the box back in the house. She opened it and found a brand new bathroom scale. Ed has been missing since Friday, August 17, 2007. Please pray for him.
The Newest Lounge To Open: The Dragon's Den! ! ! !
Dragon's Den loungeThe Newest, hottest lounge on Fubar!Come see And play; Open 24/7 Come have a party and chat with new friendsBring a friend and have fun!The first 50 people to join get a gift! click on either picture to come to the lounge! "SORRY THE FIRST SET DID NOT WORK, BUT THIS ONE DOES! ! ! CLICK ANY PIC AND YOU ARE THERE!
Hahah,,,part Two Maybe Nsfw
SECOND TESTIMONY: I was at the golf store comparing different kinds of golf balls. I was unhappy with the women's type I had been using. After browsing for several minutes, I was approached by one of the good-looking gentlemen who works at the store. He asked if he could help me. Without thinking, I looked at him and said, "I think I like playing with men's balls"
Rock Star Baby
¢¾ Ronj369's dream gal ¢¾@ fubar Please help me level up only 3500 to be a ROCKSTAR Also check out some of my friends and do the same for them they will return the love my man ronj369@ fubar My best friend ~Cute~But~Psycho~@ fubar My SIL Chickie@ fubar Thank you HUGS!!
Princess Me Lol
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Vote Plz
One of my very special friends needs some votes if each of us could stop by and vote for him in the contest not on fubar it would be so appreciated...Hes in a band and has asked me to spread the word so click below or copy and paste and it will tak you to where to vote at. I really appreciate everyone who thinks of me to help me and him....
The Essay
IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE READ THIS: IF THIS POST IS DELETED ILL RE POST, IF THE BLOG IS DELETED ILL MAKE A NEW BLOG, IF THE ACCOUNT IS DELETED ILL MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT. ILL KEEP DOING THIS TILL THE ISSUE IS FIXED. It seems that lately the censorship on Fubar has gotten out of hand. What we need is either a standard of censorship or no censorship at all. Fubar has been deleting things and not even giving a reason for doing so. This needs to stop. We the users feel that it is getting out of hand. Deleting a mum because someone posts a bad word in a comment is not acceptable. Delete the comment with the inappropriate language instead, or just don’t worry about it. There is a lot worse than using the A-word going on. For example, derogatory and cruel comments left on mumm’s are not even monitored. Why is harassment acceptable and yet your mumm gets deleted because someone else uses inappropriate language. Another problem is Fubar deleting things that point out Fubar’s problems. When some
How Girlz Rate Guyz
How Girlz rate Guyz? Girls' relationship with guys is a bigger mystery than girls themselves. It's not just about boyfriends, we're talking about guy friends that gals have. Do you have a gal who is just a friend? Are confused why the frequency of calls increases as exams loom closer? Or why she always hangs around with the moron who isn't fit to wear Jeetendra's white shoes? Here's a ready reckoner for you: ************************************************ % just a friend % Well, you are like a show piece in my house. I will call you whenever I need you. If you call me home the chances are 9 out of 10 times she might say, "Oh Rahul, I am going out can you call me after 2 days??" Rahul: "Where are you going Shilpa??" Shilpa: "None of your business" and bangs the phone.(Useless fellow.Hmmph! ). ************************************************ % Good Friend % You are like a TV remote control. I need you and I know that. But I try using y
Pondering - - - - - The U S Constitution
They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq. Why don't we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it has worked for over 200 years, and . . . . . . . . . we're not using it anymore.
Really Now
why would some one think i would kill my self over them. now really arent we gettin a lil full of them selfs. no one has ever had that kind of impact on my life for me to leave my child in this world.. im not that fuckin dumb but all i do is laugh!! ha ha
How Far Down The Rabbit Hole Do You Want To Go? - Level 5.
Come Help Me Get The Most Comments!! FEEDINGTHEDESIRE
I read this blogg and found it was to be thought provoking and soul searching enough to pass on. If you feel like answering....or responding...please do. Thank you, Michael!! From Michael...with my responses. Every other post is a questionare. Questions so basic by their nature, they seem elementary. What is your favorite color? Your favorite band? Who was the last person you hugged? Are you fucking kidding me? What are these surveys seeking to answer? You like shit...90% of women do. You've recently kissed james...fantastic...I'll register that at the top of my "give-a-fuck" list. Come on people...after you hit 21 you gotta step it up a bit. So without further are the 21 questions that dig and My utterly honest reply. 1. Are you Happy? - At this time, I am having inner struggles. So much has happened this year, that I think I will never regain the happiness I had before October, 2006 started. 2. Where are you? -In the black vortex that is my
Uhhhh Sexy
Jedi Anal Pt @2
need1more: lmao you are a fucking tard ->Psychowolf...: That is a paradox, paradoxes do not exist. Only the force exists. ANd it is strong within your bowels need1more: oh but you are a bitch boy. ->Psychowolf...: Jedi are not bitch boys. Padawans are bitch boys. Hence their forced salad tossing of the council need1more: no salad tosser here bitch boy ->Psychowolf...: Is that an affirmative, young one, that you will toss the masters salad need1more: all thats right your a queer. queers dont have kids. ->Psychowolf...: Jedi have no children, only buttsechs, and with buttsechs comes padawans. And with padawans comes my lightsaber in you. need1more: maybe for your lady and your momma and your kids ->Psychowolf...: Trade me your mother, young padawan need1more: welcome back ->Psychowolf...: Though shalt not insult a Jedi. For the force feeds also off of necrophilia. need1more: aww did you get tired bitch boy. you know little kids are not supposed to be on t
Caiata Live In Studio
CAIATA Live in studio
I woke up literally 10 minutes before my train to work. this means i'm sitting here with more deodarant than the average spick shower, and nice fluffy powdered balls. but i made it to work on time. so give me my props, bitchhes.
Shrimp Creole
Serving: Serves: 4 Cook Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 30 minutes INGREDIENTS: 1 large bell pepper, chopped 1 large onion, chopped 3 to 4 cloves garlic, crushed, or garlic powder, to taste 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon sugar 2 large cans tomato sauce 1 pound shrimp, peeled, deheaded Creole seasoning, to taste hot cooked rice DIRECTIONS: Saute bell pepper, onion, and garlic cloves in olive oil. (If using garlic powder instead of garlic cloves, season to taste.) Add tomato sauce and simmer 20 minutes. Add sugar. Stir occasionally. Season with Creole seasoning to taste. Add raw shrimp and cook until they're cooked through. Serve over white rice.
Wicked Lies (written By A Friend)
Tell me no more lies Emotions long since dead Heart's as black as night Quit messing with my head You tell me you love me Then you take it all back You took our red hot love And let it fade to black Told me I was the only one for you Another wicked lie Then you met someone new And broke my heart My body aches My hearts sore The day you left me And told me you didn't love me anymore Chorus: Emotions in disguise No more lies No more wicked lies
South La. Truths
Subject: You Know that you are from Louisiana if.... ~Your sunglasses fog up when you step outside. ~You save newspapers, not for recycling but for tablecloths at crawfish boils. ~Your ancestors are buried above the ground. ~You get on a green trolley car to go to the park and a red one to the French Quarter. ~You take a bite of five-alarm chili and reach for the Tabasco. ~Every once in a while, you have waterfront property. ~You sit down to eat boiled crawfish and your host says, "Don't eat the dead ones," and you know what he means. ~You don't learn until high school that Mardi Gras is not a national holiday. ~You push little old ladies out of the way to catch Mardi Gras beads. ~Little old ladies push YOU out of the way to catch Mardi Gras beads. ~Your last name isn't pronounced the way it's spelled. ~No matter where else you go in the world, you are always disappointed in the food. (This one is soooo true!) ~You know that Tchoupitoulas is a street and not a dis
U.s. Soldier Just Served Iraq - Speaking Truth...yeah Baby
U.S. soldier just served Iraq - Speaking Truth...Yeah Baby ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- Thanks: Jerry (Help us Obi - Ron Paul!) Date: Sep 29, 2007 6:29 AM Thanks: Patriots Speak Out ®©,, Date: Sep 29, 2007 1:13 PM I was a Soldier, a JVB Protective Service Agent, and a Sniper with the U.S. Army who had been in Iraq for a year (running over 250 combat missions). In June of 2007 I refused to continue to be a part of the occupation. The only thing I regret is having ever been a part of the occupation. This is my story... I know most of you know, but for those of you that don't -what really happened to capitulate this war. Please keep in mind we are here to inform the uniformed and share with them the truth.:)(Priority #1) Loose Change 2nd Edition (Full)
9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!
9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings!
Wanting & Waiting
i have talked with him many times on here and the phone i dont know how he knows but at the lowest times he will appear as if from majik and be there it has never gone past the friendship mark though some of the things said is quite ...naughty...and i wonder why i cant get him off my mind...i find myself wondering what he is like and weather he is the person he proclaims to be ...miles seperate us and when we talk i feel closer than this love or is this lust the answers elude me ....part of me wants him in my bed and another just wants the man himself ...i may never know i just known im lucky to have know him
Grup Hepsi : Kalpsizsin (turkish)
Fubar And Yahoo....
Is it just me or is fubar and yahoo screwing up more than normal. both keep messin up or booting me. i've had trouble in fact with em both since yesterday. if anyone else is having this problem, or know why thier acting up if u have any info or advice
More Funny Stuff
Jack's Fork!
The Jacks Fork is a great Class I-II whitewater river with a moderate gradient and typical Ozark abundance in gorgeous rock formations and plantlife that accentuates it. The Jacks Fork could be a Norman Rockwell painting of Americana. It offers runs of several distances, from short trips to multiple day expeditions that tour the river from The Prongs to the confluence of the Current River east of Eminence. The rapids are not too technical or difficult for moderately experienced paddlers, and for the most part, the rapids can be avoided by those will lesser skills or who chose not to get wet. The river is serviced by a large number of outfitters and liveries catering to canoeists, kayakers and tubers with everything from boat rentals and shuttles to campsites, RV parks with hookups, cabins and cottages, restaurants, general stores and just about everything else you need for a pleasant river trip. The Jacks Fork offers sixty-seven species of fish (including several species of gamefish
Why cant people just be themselves and stop being what people want them to be? Uh huh, life's like this Uh huh, uh huh, that's the way it is Cause life's like this Uh huh, uh huh that's the way it is Chill out whatcha yelling' for? Laid back it's all been done before And if you could only let it be you will see I like you the way you are When we're drivin' in your car and you're talking to me one on one but you've become Somebody else round everyone else You're watching your back like you can't relax You're tryin' to be cool you look like a fool to me Tell me Why do you have to go and make things so complicated? I see the way you're acting like you're somebody else gets me frustrated Life's like this you And you fall and you crawl and you break and you take what you get and you turn it into honesty and promise me I'm never gonna find you fake it no no no You come over unannounced dressed up like you're somethin' else where you are ain't where it's at
Don't Let Me
Don't let me like you, Only let me lust you. Don't treat me with kindness, Only treat me with objectivity. For if I like you, You won't be able to handle me. For if I like you, You will run from me. Time is precious, I can't handle another disappointment.. Don't let me like you, Only let me lust you.
Leaving For A While.......
Just wanted to say hello to everyone and let everyone know I am doing fine. My surgery went well and I am making a great recovery. Sorry I have not been around lately, but things around here are getting a little to dramatic for me. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my real friends and I am sure only they will read this, so I will stopping by on occassion to see how everyone is, but, I need to stay away for a little while and be with my family and friends here at home. If you would like to keep in touch with me outside of here, let me know and I can arrange that too. KISSES to you all!! Brandi AND HEY GO HELP MARINE IN HIS CONTEST!!!
Sarah Being Her Funny Self
My daughter, Sarah, got a new toy puppy in a carrier from her Nana. We were all talking about how one of the Red Sox players pulled his HAMSTRING. Sarah said, "She is not a HAMSTER" thinking we are all talking about her dog. It's funny how little kids (age 5 she is) hear things differently and think we are talking about them.
Linoel Richie "i Love You"
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A Few Random Jokes That Were Submitted Has One.
Reasons Why It’s Better To Be female * We got off the Titanic first. * We can scare male bosses with mysterious gynecological disorder excuses. * We never ejaculate prematurely. * We get to flirt with systems support men who always return our calls, and are nice to us when we blow up our computers. * We absently hum tunes from musicals without anyone being suspect of our sexuality. * When we buy a vibrator it is glamorous. When men buy a blow up doll it’s pathetic. * We don’t have to get our strength up between sessions...and it’s much easier for us to get "some" in the first place. * We can get off with teenagers without being called dirty oldperverts. * Our boyfriend’s clothes make us look elfin and gorgeous - guys look like complete idiots in ours. * We can be groupies. Male groupies are stalkers. * We can cry and get off speeding fines. * We live longer, so we can be cantankerous old biddies wearing inappropriate clothes and shouting at strangers..
A Good Joke
a college student who moved back in with his parents for the summer nervously walked into the kitchen ''mom'" he said, i lost a bottle of bills that said ecstasy on the cap '' have you seen anything like that '' she answered '' f;ck the pills have you seen the dragon on the ceiling
Ggllaaag Glag Glag Cuuggg Glag Glag Glag
Think Pink! (and Blue Too...)
Live, Love, Laugh... Today and Every Day! {{{Hugs}}}
What Are U Into
You scored as Bondage, Your turn on is bondage... all out. You don't have a specific part of kinky sex that turns you on more than any other... everything working together turns you on. And why shouldn't it? Sex isn't sex without all the trimmings.Bondage100% Blind Folds100% Blood83% Biting75% Whips67% Chains/Handcuffs33% What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with
I'm Leveling People Today!!
Hi there!! I have the day off today and thought I would help people level up! Besides the fact that it will help me too! Just one thing..... Half the people I have helped level up, never even give a thank you. I don't expect anyone to return rates or comments, but a simple thank you would be appreciated. Anywayzzzzzzz, if you need help leveling, just let me know! Just please be within leveling range. Unlike me who needs WAY too many to level! LOL Muuaaahhhhh!!!!!
New On-demand Channel To Feature Classic Doctor Who In January
A new Video On Demand Channel dedicated to science fiction and fantasy, Illusion On-Demand, has launched in North America. Currently available in twenty states and is free to all digital subscribers. Illusion has announced that the Classic Doctor Who series is slated to be on the channel starting in January 2008. November sees the updated release of The Quatermass Experiment starring Mark Gatiss and David Tennant. Reported at Outpost Gallifrey.
I Don't Want To Be A Wolf / This Is For You
you've looked, inside when I don't want to let you in. you've tried to move things into me, tried to reshape everything. and now my eyes are turning red. inside. I don't want to reshape just for you why am I forced to escape from you, and like a wolf I'll attack even if it's you I think I pull this room together well then i let you into me you change everything and inbetween........and I don't want to be a wolf. I'll bite. remember me in motion, remember the me you knew. I know you've seen me strike when i'm cornered. and all you had to do was listen. and i would never show my teeth. remember my smile remember my charm you tried to change, so bared my fangs but remember I don't want to be a wolf Dave Walther This is a message for you: I know that you think that no one knows how you feel, and that your all alone. And yes, I am speaking to you....directly to you. You are not alone, and there are people who care.....i care....if you
What If A Woman Doesn't Call Back?
What If A Woman Doesn't Call Back? >If you have trouble getting women to call you back, then the problem is probably something very DIFFERENT from what you might think. Before I share some ideas for getting women to call you back, you should take a minute and check THIS out: ***QUESTION*** Dave: I'm sure there are a lot of guys out there that would like your input on this question. There is something that I haven't seen addressed in your mailbag or your e-book and that is what to do when the woman you've have e-mailed or called didn't reply to the e-mail or phone call and you see them again. Two personal examples: Example one: I meet this girl at my job. Start doing C&F routine on her: "Why do you look so serious, are you trying to scare people away. I know inside of you there's a nice girl that's just dying to come out." She laughs and I say "That's more like it, now y
Do You Have A Crush On Me?
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Poem - Remember
Remember Remember the promise Remember the dreams All the good times That were had Now the promises are empty Now the dreams are gone ALl the good times Have turned to bad. I loved you with all my heart I loved you with all my soul I gave to you everything I had But it just wasn't enough. You say you closed the door With me still inside You better look again Cuz I'm staring at the knocker. No longer welcome No longer secure Those arms that once held me Are forever gone. Remember the promises Remember the dreams But remember most of all How much I love you still.
Thank You From Jeezy
TO EVERYONE THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RATING HIM.. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.. SO MANY MANY THANKS TOO RJ FOR GIVING ME THE VIP. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Thanyou everyone for the help i won the rates portion of the 2 hour bombfest! i think this is 6 in a row. NOw i dont know if yall know this but i have yet to keepo a prize from this. This week i gave the VIP to BooBoo, all she does for us opn this site, shes more than deserving! Well see ya again next week and maybe someone will take my crown lol I know id liek a challange! (repost of original by 'RJeezy۞NeaNeasEverything۞C.W.O.F President۞Manager of StangsUnderground۞' on '2007-10-04 21:19:22')
Happy Birthday To Wolfie
Happy Birthday To My Love My Life Wolfie!!!!I Love You Sexy! ! !! MySpace Comments & MySpace Layouts
Never Satisfied
Here is one for all or the Veterans & the Families of! "I've Got Your Back!" I am a small and precious child, my dads been sent to fight... The only place I'll see his face, is in my dreams at night. He will be gone too many days for my young mind to keep track. I may be sad, but I am proud. My daddy's got your back. I am a caring mother. My son has gone to war... My mind is filled with worries that I have never known before. Every day I try to keep my thoughts from turning black. I may be scared, but I am proud. My son has got your back. I am a strong and loving wife, with a husband who had to go. There are times I'm terrified in a way most never know. I bite my lip, and force a smile as I watch my husband pack... My heart may break, but I am proud. My husband's got your back... I am a soldier... Serving Proudly, standing tall. I fight for freedom, yours and mine by answering this call. I do my job while knowing, the thanks it sometimes l
Documenting The Relationship
Documenting the Relationship by WFEATHER © "Troy will be here Tuesday night," He told her, "to work his special magic with the camera. I believe that one of the best possible Valentine's Day experiences should be a documentation of O/our relationship." she simply smiled sweetly, barely daring to look up from where she knelt beside His favorite reclining chair while Joe Scarborough prattled on. "That would be wonderful, Master. How do You want Troy to photograph U/us?" He reached over the arm of the recliner to gently stroke her head, petting her like a beloved puppy. "I have an idea in mind," He replied quietly, His gentle confidence and firm decisiveness exuding through both His voice and His touch. "And I believe that it will create a very memorable night for you." "Thank You, Master," she replied gracefully. "You show Your slave too much kindness sometimes." "Oh? In that case, across My thighs, now!" Inwardly, she smiled, eagerly awaiting the lengthy, harsh s
Its Party Time!!!!
Yesterday was my oldest son's birthday and now I really feel old. He turned 8 yesterday where the hell did the last 8 years go???? Anywho I just want you all to know that I will not be online today because we are having his party today and it is not at my house. Leave lots of love while I'm gone and I will return it when I get home if I have the energy or tomorrow when i have to time to regroup lol. Have a happy and safe Saturday!!!!! ~berta~
Why Do Men
why do men think they can just get online and start coming on to women? i clearly put pics up of my life incl my wedding pics , my ultrasound pic and family pics so that should tell ppl right there im happy , married and have a fullfilled life w/ my family i also have my life posted under about me and my interests all over that is my happy little life and it just seems like day after day i get shouts frm perverts asking me to cyber, asking me to talk about sex even down to telling me im too sexy to be a wife im just a sex diva i dont consider my self to be that sexy if i feel that im sexy at all i feel im average and im blessed w/ a man and my kids i just wish i knew what went on in these guys minds because if they had a life and a family that they actually cared about they would not like it if there woman had a man coming on to her day in and day out frm perverted strangers online!! im just here for friends and clean fun, nothing dirty or nasty im NOT looking for a meet and greet as
Friends W/ Benifits
Friends Wit Benefits It doesn't matter if you're married, engaged, in a relationship, single, gay or straight! A test of your bravery. It will be kept a secret!! Here's how it works: Statistically speaking, unless you are a total hermit, social retard, or ugly as a bag of spoiled ass... There's at least 1 person on your myspace that wants to date you or sleep with you. So..... lets play "friends w/ benefits" The rules are simple... if you want to date the person who posted this, send them a msg saying "I'M YOURS" If you just want to sleep with them and stay friends, send them a message that says "I'D HIT IT" SCARED? LOL THE TWIST IS YOU HAVE TO REPOST THIS, EVEN IF YOU'RE TAKEN & see who replies. There is at least 1 person on your myspace that wants to date you, and maybe more that want to sleep with you.
Seven Little Words
Maybe oneday I will meet this person... A past full of pain Heart broken for a long time You somehow look beyond that In your efforts to fix mine I think of you in the morning Wishing you were next to me My mind wonders In your arms is where I long to be Never fallen so hard I love the sound of your voice Life is full of decisions Baby you are my choice Because of you I am now whole You are an amazing man and father With such an amazing soul I believe God put you here To to show he is real and to let you see The woman you deserve is here That woman is me There are such things as angels In heaven up above This has been proven to me When he sent me you to love This fantasy was here before I ever even knew your name Now that we have each other Our lives will never me the same Seven little words I pray that you hold true "Forever and always I will love you"
Afternoon Delight By Pearlnecklace
Afternoon Delight by PearlNecklace © This is dedicated to and inspired by the one I love. I'm incredibly blessed to call you mine. Love you always, Handsome. Having just woken up after a mid afternoon nap I walk through the apartment to get a drink. I'm dressed in my customary sleep attire; one of your t-shirts and nothing more. I smile as I lean back against the kitchen bench, recounting the deliciously erotic dream you'd been starring in as I napped. I feel a tingle of arousal spread through my body like a lightening bolt. It spikes off and teases my nipples, making them hard before finally pooling between my thighs to leave my sex feeling hot and damp with desire. I glance up as I hear your key in the door, then the distinctive sound of the door opening and closing. Your keys clattering onto the hall table is the next sound followed by your bag landing on the floor near the table. I know the first thing you'll do is look for me, quietly moving through our apartment because
70 And 90% Off
hey there fubar people, just wanted to let you all know that if you live close to a Dollar General store, you need to go check out the big sales. 70% off summer/spring clothes and shoes. 70% off last years winter clothes 70% off certain housewares 70% off spring flowers and some garden supplies and best of all 90% off swim toys!! googles are only 10 cents!!
Baby Maker
Baby Maker by No Panty Girl © It was an honor to be chosen as a "breeder". After a all-inclusive series of psychological and physical testing only one out of ten applicants were selected. A breeder's duty was to be a surrogate mother for wealthy couples children where the wife was unable to conceive. For her services the breeder would be looked after during her confinement and receive a lump sum payment of fifty thousand dollars on successful delivery of the child. The catch was the breeder would not be impregnated by artificial insemination but in the old-fashion way, the prospective father would fuck her until she was knocked-up! The fucking would take place with the wife present in the bed during intercourse, the breeder only supplying a viable receptacle for his seed. Potential breeders were comprehensively listed in a catalogue complete with a nude photograph and vital statistics. The prospective clients were allowed to select girls from the catalogue and inter
Hey All
NuttinButtSexxy hope you NuttinButtSexxy
If Today Is Ur Birthday......
If today is ur birthday congrats! its mine too! OK big deal its our birthday , or my birthday so what its just another day to reflect on life,The Good The Bad and the Ugly !!!! GOOD:the great things u did , after ten years of retail ive ventured into a whole new world of employment,,, I now work with mentally retarded and developmentally challenged adults, its a big switch, Good; also includes The great people ive met and beacame friends with and u know who u are, some of the more recent one stand out the most!,Good: is dropping some more pounds, tryin to look good liking myself AGAIN BAD: the bad is well all the shitty things that happen,the last year has been rough emotionally,financially... .Within the last year i've been seperated from a longtime (11 years )friend and partner, while that is also being handled differently.BAD: money well hell unless u have a great high paying job who am i kidding of course ur finances are bad lol.UGLY u want ugly?????? UGLY IS HELL FREEZING OVER
Alone In The Gym (c. Girls)
Alone in the Gym (C. Girls Ch. 01) by WhiteDragon17 © Monica decided to work out in the gym after school today, as she didn't have any other plans. She was one of the top ranked gymnasts in the NCAA. She was best on the floor exercise and the balance beam. She always picked a day during the week to work on her gymnastics in private. She felt comfortable in solitude while trying to better her skills for herself and her team. Monica was an attractive young lady, she wasn't tall nor very thin, but she was muscular and awfully cute. She stood at five foot one and weighed 114lbs, which was a little heavy for a gymnast, but the extra weight, mainly in her butt and thighs, didn't cause her any problems while competing. She had long brown hair and hazel-green eyes, her complexion was fairly tan and her chest was relatively small, but large for a gymnast at the size of 34B. Her best feature was her tight ass, even though it was a tad bit chubby, it was difficult to tell without touching
I am looking for the best songs to put on my page so if you have something that I might listen to let me know...I am into pretty much everything.
Tuesday Links: Rock Scream Tuesday, Patrice Oneal, Sleepy Anthony Video, Erocktober Continues, New Videos Online
LISTEN TO TODAY'S SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) Sweet Cheebus! It's ROCK SCREAM TUESDAY! It's 80's New Wave Tuesday! It's also EROCKTOBER! (Week 2, mawfuggers!) This month, we honor EROCK (err, Sexbagel, Hawk, Erik, whatever you want to call him) and all of his fumblings. Have yourself some hot tea, warm up those vocal cords, crank up some Jim Gillette, call up the show (new number: 877-212-OandA), and do your best Oingo Boingo impression (you know... the 80's thing)... then squeeze a tube of Mayonnaise into your mouth in honor of EROCK. Our pal Jim Norton was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night promoting Jim Norton: Monster Rain, so Patrice Oneal is hanging with us. We'll have Jim's appearance online soon. Remember, kids... if you want to see ANY of this goodness LIVE as it happens, Turn On Your Paltalk and go to the 'Opie and Anthony LIVE' room. Of course, if you're anything like us, you're oogling the Ladies of Paltalk, who spend most of their ti
Going To The Er
so a couple of days ago i noticed that my lower back was starting to hurt? figured it was nothing as we drove home from Ob lobster fishing. i come home and go to bed. well the next morning my back is fucking killing me i can barely move!!! i am freaking out as Mark my daughters father drops Alexis off (my kid) i put strait in the crib. well for the rest of the day i just chilled in bed trying not to move to much but thats hard when you have an 8 month old daughter whos teething.....sounds like fun huh??? anyways around 8 my back completely gave out i couldnt move, walk nothing or id get this sharp pain like someone was pulling my spine right out of my back finally i called mark and he came and got alexis and i called 911 and went to Alvarado ER....was there an hour and said fuck it and went home! there was a man there who had a migraine from hell and had been waiting 3 hours. fuck that was my hell last night but i am feeling a little better today and guess what thursday is
Sometimes Ya Just Wanna Let Go
A Fantasy Realized
A Fantasy Realized by WFEATHER © I have always had a difficult time sleeping in moving vehicles, and I knew from previous experiences that this train trip would be no different. So about 11:30PM, while almost everyone in my car was either asleep or preparing to sleep, I decided to gather my things and go to the Snack Car to pass the night, where I could spread out at one of the tables and have more room to write, read, or whatever I felt like doing. I picked my way through the Observation Deck crowd, attempting to not step on the people already spread out on the seats or the floor, and descended to the Snack Car. I ordered a chicken sandwich and a drink, and just as I received my order, a group of people vacated one of the tables a little beyond the base of the narrow staircase. Taking their spot, I brought out one of my books and continued reading. The food counter closed at midnight, and not fifteen minutes later, I was the only customer remaining as the clerk washed the
Promise Yourself
Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet. To make all your friends feel like there is something in them. To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and expect only the best. To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. To forget the mistakes of the past and press on the greater achievements of the future. To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living person you meet a smile. To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have no time to criticize others. To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, and too strong for fear, and to happy to permit the presence of trouble. Wishing all a Beautiful Day!
Facts about Me3 ;*) Unknown facts 1. I have a strong will I don't like being manipulated 2. I Love myself I think I'm a sexy women; P.S. Just because I'm a big girl with curves doesn't mean I have a low esteem for myself. I don't so don't try to mess with how I feel about myself you will lose. 3. I like BDSM but I'm in charge unless I what to play sub most of the time I'm Dom remember that. P.S I only play sub for someone I really like. 4. I have a very quick mind I learn very quickly and I never for get something I really like 5. I like leaving marks on my subs get use to it Known Facts 1. I like to sit in the hot tub nude 2. I like to drink: grape kool aid, grape soda, margaritas, fuzzy navels, grogg, home brewed mead and once in a great while a bud light when I'm with certain friends 3. I like sex and lots of it kinky type is best 4. I don't like clingy people especially clingy men 5. I like to have fun and be with a group that has no Dram
Witch Trials Through Out History.... The Most Remembered -the Salem Witch Trials
During this time of year....mainly the month of October... all aspects of the supernatural, magical, and eerie prevail...and many think of Witchery.... The note of an old knarled woman with a long crooked nose with a lumpy ugly wart at the end...a large black pointed hat...and a broom stick as her weapon....or her ride....permeate the thoughts of those who think of witches. It hasn't been until recently that people can imagine witches as anything but ugly old hags...thanks in part to the movie and television industries with characters and shows such as "Charmed" and movies such as, "The Craft". But several hundred years ago...'witches' were just everyday simple folk...just like your neighbor, your mother, father, sister, or brother.... normal in every way except one...they were accused and tried as Witches! One of the most thought of Trials was that of Salem....but in Salem very few actually died...None of them should have died! But the fact remains they were gathered, tri
I completely forgot about having this site. Guess that happens sometimes? I'm completely ensconsced in reading. It's a nice past-time. It's a nice escape from reality. Though of course, there is always a little bit of reality in fiction. My house is a disaster and I have absolutely zero inclination to clean it. There's nothing wrong with being a slob is there? Well, as long as it's not a dirty disgusting slob. Which I am not. It's sunny outside. I think I'll go sit on my patio.
Simon & Garfunkel - El Condor Pasa
Is It Possible To Have This Love?
Is it possible to have this love? A love so strong your hearts not big enough to bare the weight. So over whelmed of this constant feeling of ecstasy and excitement. Just the thought of you brings butterflies in my stomach. And when you make love to me, mmm making love to you is like floating in air. Oh and when you look in my eyes, it’s the most intense, my body starts quiver under yours. You looking at me, loving me, loving being inside of me. I never want that feeling to stop that feel I can’t describe. It has no words, it has no meaning, and it’s an entity of its own. I lye awake at night just thinking if you, getting wet with every thought of you. Your big hands on my breast, your gorgeous lips on mine, your hard dick in between my fingers. I can go on and on about you and your love. A love so sweet I can get a sugar high. I get high off your love and I’m addicted to you.
Sweet 'n' Sour Meatballs
INGREDIENTS * 3 eggs * 1 medium onion, chopped * 1-1/2 cups dry bread crumbs * 1 teaspoon salt * 2 pounds ground beef * 2 tablespoons vegetable oil * SAUCE: * 3-1/2 cups tomato juice * 1 cup packed brown sugar * 10 gingersnaps, finely crushed * 1/4 cup white vinegar * 1 teaspoon onion salt SERVINGS 8 CATEGORY Main Dish METHOD Baked PREP 30 min. COOK 40 min. TOTAL 70 min. DIRECTIONS In a bowl, combine the eggs, onion, bread crumbs and salt. Crumble beef over mixture and mix well. Shape into 1-1/2-in. balls. In a large skillet, brown meatballs in batches in oil. transfer to a greased 13-in. x 9-in. x 2-in. baking dish. In a saucepan, combine the sauce ingredients. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring until cookie crumbs are dissolved. Pour over meatballs. Bake, uncovered, at 350° for 40-45 minutes or until meat is no longer pink. Yield: 8 servings. NUTRITIONAL INFO Nutrition Facts: 1
What To Do About A Downrater.
Everyday, I see bulletin after bulletin being posted about downraters. "This asshole just gave me 1's," "I got a 1 from this jerk, go get him!!" Now it seems to me that if you are trying to keep yourselves "drama free," why would you post a drama filled bulletin, inciting more drama? The first point I want to make is that you still get the same amount of points for a 1 or a 10. The ONLY thing I can see that anyone loses from getting a rate less than 10 is pride or your wittle feelers. Oh and the rate score goes down, as if that's fucking important! Second point. Most people that downrate are new to Fubar. They are totally unaware that downrating is a no-no here. Unless, of course, it is a veteran with a ghost account just to fuck with people, but in those isolated cases, they are usually out to fuck with a particular person or group. This is what I do when someone downrates me: I go to their profile, rate them an 11. Rate their default pic an 11. Then I send them a gift
Candy Is Danddy But Sex Don't Rott Your Teeth
imikimi - Customize Your World candy is danddy but sex don't rott your teeth er>
Ugh. I am ready to curl up into a ball and just die. Guys - If you don't like reading about girly problems - Stop Reading Now!!!...I am having horrible cramps!!! I'm usually lucky where cramps are concerned...but for some reason I'm cranky & crampy!! Any suggestions to get rid of the cramps? :( Guys if you're still reading this - Kudo's to ya! On to work related stuff.. The other Kathy comes back to work on Monday from Maternity leave. I have this horrible feeling that she's gonna have a hard time accepting that I'm doing her job - and better than her at that! In other work related news - I had someone quit her job because of the promotion (if you wanna call it that!) that I got. She was hoping to get the job .. but while I was off yesterday...She got pissy with the manager, and she stormed off and said that she was quitting!!!! She was supposed to be one of my friends too. Go figure!!! I figured my "friend" would be happy for me - not pissed about it! BrattyBytch/Out!
Please say a prayer for my son Bobby, He is at Camp liberty, and they were hit yesterday>
Everybody's Fool
dont know what my problem is. I've forgotten what it is that I'm supposed to do. Everything in moderation and judicious decisions, and yet I seem to fuck myself over every time. I have an addiction and while it isnt a bad one, it fucks me over in the end. Cant stop, its practically a part of who I am. And yet.... I dont even know. I"m so lonely and I'm sick of being alone and unloved. I have no meaning without love, everything is pointless. See why I get so desperate for it? Shame is all I seem to have now, with a side of broken heart and a headache from beating myself up so for now my search for love has ended. if it happens it will come to me and I hope to god I will be more moderate and judicious in the future, and less eager and desperate. I'm just tired of rejection and people who want one thing and dont give much of a shit about anything else. Its all I'm good for in their eyes. I'm done looking. I've got to work on myself instead, something I had forgotten I h
She Is... (poetry)
Her whispers, Summer's warm gentle breeze. Her kiss is A hypnotic mountain stream. Her smiles Miles of pure white sand. Her laughter is, An elegant bird taking flight. Her passion is, Waves of a crashing crimson tide. Her strength is, A range of majestic mountains. Her love is, A deep and wide blue ocean. Nothing compares to this divine creature. Nothing past or present will ever measure up to, The beauty I have when holding you in my arms. -Hurley (copyright 2007)
Love (poetry)
I love giving you my everything, Giving you all. It's in your eyes It's in your touch It's in your movement. Love is the "It" Do we need to sleep when our nights are like this? With the moon, the stars, the sky As I pull you close, Your body is so close to mine. And I feel Love. I yearn to lose my mind inside your head For I want to know you and you me. I want and need to understand the mystery Why we've become one so easily. But this is only one of my many desires... Love. -Hurley (copyright 2007)
Daily Oct 13
October 13, 2007 Quote of the Day "Consider the postage stamp: its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing until it gets there." – Josh Billings
Good Morning To All
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For Tequila
I have been in this position so i am doing what i can to help a dear friend. Hi y'all, I just basicly wanted to ask all of my friends to take a look at this site. It doesn't matter if you can help or not, I love you anyways. I always have and I always will. All I am asking is that you simply take a look at this site and repost it for me. Y'all know I never ask anyone for help, but this is greatly beyond my control. I have cast my pride aside and I am reaching out for help. Please guys and gals. This is something I can't do on my own. Bless you all, -Tequila
It Grows Within, Be Thee Warned.
As the explosions fall like rain upon the earth the monster within blows across the barren flats. Pocked and scarred this charred and cracked surface is void of any resemblance of true beauty. A demon that prowls into the souls of man and woman alike and eats at the mind. Slowly it stews and chews away decency and respect. It swallows whole anything that resembles sanity or logic. As it swallows it spits back out violence and rage, set apart from compassion or care. It bakes our souls with hate, and pilfers away happiness and joy. This monster is all consuming and grows rapidly with each passing minute of its existence. A beast that is on the edge and ready to explode with emotion and pain. With a tender reassuring touch it is suddenly expelled, exorcised. With nothing to feel reassured it explodes into a wretched wacked out sense of violent acts. It is a demon that carries only one path, a path I would like to not understand. What sensual beauty lies in the prese
Total Confusion
Music Video:LAND OF CONFUSION (by Disturbed)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
80,000 To Godmother
One of my very close friends is about tooGodMother.Stop by and show her some love. Shes a great friends too have. Im on dial up so again i cant do much but you wont regret helping her.Shes always there too help her friends kelli2you(Founder of the quiet angels)@ fubar
Words With God
Stop Me If You Heard This One.
There were 3 men talking in a field one day. One was rich, one was poor and one was dumb. The poor man says,"I wish I was rich." The dumb man asked why. The rich man says, "To have diamonds and cars and women." The dumb man says, "True but what about Love, Friends and Family?" The poor man says, "I have those things and it seems not enough." The rich man says, "HA I can buy all those things." The poor man says, "But why would I want to buy what should come from the heart?" The rich man says, "Because when you have money you can have anything you want." The dumb man says, "When you have the small things in life you take them for granted." The rich man says, "That's nonsence. Little things are for little people." The dumb man says, "The little people shall inherit the earth." The poor man says, "I realize now that I am rich, your not a dumb man, and the rich are really empty when it comes to the heart." Moral is, we don't realize what we have until it's gone. Cherish all t
What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?
Your clan is a dysfunctional one. That is because you are a Malkavian. Something is poisonous about this clan's blood that drives all those embraced to madness. However, in this madness, you tend to have great insight. Unfortunately, people just take it as senseless ramblings. In every family there is an insane one. You're it.What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?
In Need Of Ideas!!
Dragon Days
Dragon days there's a creature in a cave unknown sleeping in a sleep that looks quite deep in comes a man sword up drawn and ready to slay. A piece falls beneath his feet the creature awakes with its mighty wings aspread with a mighty roar and a burst of flame the man falls to death the creature walks out of the cave its mighty wings aspread it soars into the air on the hunt longing for the fresh taste of mutton the prey is spotted and the hunger is growing the shepard is gone and the the creature strikes the flock is gone and the shepard is back the creature flies and is gone that, which a dragon calls a day is this.
Breakin Heart
Ever heard a braking heart? I have, it's when a woman cries. Ever seen a breaking heart? I have everytime I think I could lose you. Everytime i see you I wonder how long I have I wonder if I'm the only one I wonder do you know I'm sad You say you see it In my eyes, how can you tell Your not here, Maybe you can hear it Maybe you can feel it I dont know, all I know is.... My heart breaks everyday You said you loved me You made me feel you did, You made me think you did, Was it all an act? Do you really love me? Can you see a broken heart? You can look in my eyes. Can you hear a broken heart? You can listen to my tears.
I Got A 66
I Love Art :d
Ok so on a mumm i got shopped again by a person with no creative juices. I felt the need to share it, and share how i did his pic as well. enjoy the art yall. yes i know it was a slapped together shitty job on my part but still better then his stick dick. Road dogs art work And my art work :D
Wed (no Hump'n For Me)
I'm starting to like putting these up daily for a couple reasons: It will help me remember what the day is (lol) nah, I mean I can use them as referrals to what gifs I've used & prevent over usage of said widget & pics Also to just chat with you that wanna 'Catch' up on things :) Back when blogs started I used to go to great length's each morning to entertain a decent size following (about 100 regular viewers) I was even in the "Top 20" blogs for months & months - but I lost interest (probably something shiney caught my OCD eye) *laughs* I just don't want to use them to rant & whine ... and after reading yesterdays - It reminded me to Sshuddddup! (there more serious things in you folks lives than to read some hippies bitches about pretty much nothing!) Isn't that what the MuMM's are for? ha-ha-ha-ha Funny thing about today's comment, I'd posted about half of them, then had to go back and delete & repost them again . . . duh, forgot to take time
Need Some Assistance From My Michigan Friends If Not All Here!
Ok my friends, I need your help here, I'll be heading to Grand Rapids, MI. tomorrow and they're talking severe weather here and since my damn cell phone is pre-paid, I won't be alerted to any severe weather if there is any, so here is what I need from you all, if one of you could call my cell phone and let me know of any approaching severe weather, it would be greatly appreciated, if you want the number, just fu-mail me and I'll be happy to give it to you, if you're not able to help me than I understand completely! I wish my laptop worked no matter what here, internet or not as I'm going down the road but oh well! Anways, thanks all
Here's the mumm bikerchris: dude your white -bikerchris: no shit fuckface its called sarcasm bikerchris: well have some good taste in music and mayboud know wtf im talking about -bikerchris: maybe just suck it up and deal with it, it;s the mumms and get the FUCK out of my box bikerchris: what are we 3 lmao wow i can see the world is filled with very bright intelligent people like yourself that makes me happy -bikerchris: #1 Do you ever read fucking mumms #2 Do you know what mumm is? Obviously no cause you cant post one right. Mumm stands for Make Up Your Mind not Heres a fucking poll you ass twat bikerchris: sorry dude i dont spend my life in front of the computer like all of you i ride fmx for a living if you know what that is #2 only reason im on here now is im down for 6-8 weeks so news flash i dont care -bikerchris: LOL ican tell you dont care I can tell that cause your still in my box
On A Cold Winter Day .
As you and I walk in the snow holding hands. Watching the kids play in the snow . As we started to play with them in the snow . throwing snowballs at one other getting cold together Then we look at one other are lips touch one other in a kiss . as are eyes meet in the snow i tell you that i love you so much . then you take my hand and say to me lets go home. so you started to run home with my hand to your hand . then you pick me up and in to the warmth of are home . you start the fire and i make the hot coca with the topping . as we cuddle to the fire . as you hold me in your arms . as i looking in to your eyes and tell you that i love you . and smile at you on a cold winters day .. done by christine
Death Comes When You Least Expect It
Family Fights
have you ever noticed when a fight or feud begins temperature goes down and then you know that nobody wins the silence is pressing down affecting each and everyone each person wearing a frown until the fighter has gone just one is needed for this deed just one that starts this boil planting his festering seed in the heart of this family's soil no eye contact or touch is given this tumor nobody dares lance brooding and silently driven to leave quickly when there's a chance alone he sits, this king of ours at least that is what he thinks a king of toilets is his powers staring eyes, he doesn't blink his right he thinks is fatherhood his right to cuss and scream aiming towards the kids he could maim their spirits, their dream can he not see what he is doing see that they are grown to talk like he does, this brooding THAT is what they are shown a normal word, a punctuation is all they need to see no need for any indentation in their souls, th
A Little Angry
okay i try to really be nice to people and show everyone respact that sometimes i will never get back in return. but theres a few things that i wont have with friends or fans, or anyone here in general. if you read my profile you know that im not here to find a man, im not here for cyber sex, or any nonsense. im not here to take full nude shots and post them for you so for the guy that keeps sending the friend request with your so fine show me all those beautiful tits you see that doesnt work for me. and its just outright rude.. so if you cant find it in you to keep it civil please let me know. other than that you all have been great!and i love the fact that you took the time out of your day to rate and comment my bics blogs and stash. thats so nice of you. and like i said im trying to get back to everyone. its taking alot of time. thanks for your patience on that. love you all bunny
Well I am finaly clering up the spider bite that i got two weeks ago it dont look anywere as bad as it did I am now just waitting for the rest of the healing to hapen since its still a big nasty hole well it happens. tiff
People Making Friend Request Without Rating Me
Ok, I am going to stop this non-sense before it even gets started, if people are going to make a friend request, either rate my profile or one of my pics and fan me and then make a friend request, please. I just had some guy by the ID of Mr Romance Himself, send me a friend request, never rated my profile or anything like that, he just checks me out and then makes a friend request like he's gonna get on my list just that! LMAO Oh hell no, that isn't happening now or ever, if you want on my list do what I would rather have you do up in this blog above or don't bother, ok? Damn!
Amazingly Simple Home Remedies
1. If you are choking on an ice cube simply pour a cup of boiling water down your throat. Presto! The blockage will instantly remove itself. 2. Avoid cutting yourself slicing vegetables by getting someone else to hold while you chop. 3. Avoid arguments with the Mrs. about lifting the toilet seat by using the sink. 4. For high blood pressure sufferers: simply cut yourself and bleed for a few minutes, thus reducing the pressure in your veins. Remember to use a timer. 5. A mouse trap, placed on top of your alarm clock, will prevent you from rolling over and going back to sleep after you hit the snooze button. 6. If you have a bad cough, take a large dose of laxatives, then you will be afraid to cough. 7. You only need two tools in life - WD-40 and Duct Tape. If it doesn't move and should, use the WD-40. If it shouldn't move and does, use the duct tape. 8. Remember: Everyone seems normal until you get to know them. Daily Thought: SOME PEOPLE ARE LIKE SLINKIE
Third Eye Blind- Jumper
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I Don't Understand Things
I don't understand how I can find something that makes me so effing happy... to only have it be taken away from me... I don't think that I will ever be truly happy in life... or if I ever really want to be. Why should I be when all that happens is it comes back to bite me in the a** and hurt me. I had something great this week end... and because of a misunderstanding it is gone... I was all smiles all week end and now... I just sit teary eyed at my desk wondering how I can go from being so happy this mornin to this. I feel crushed... chewed up and spit out. I live my life day to day just trying to survive in this life.. sometimes wondering why I even bother... but...I know I am here to make other people happy... even if that means that I am miserable. So... I give up... I give up on trying to be happy... I give up on trying to find somewhere for me to fit in... I just give up!
Smooth Jams Playlist
T- 12 Hours
Rotating Service Structure (RSS) rolled back, weather still questionable. 22 Oct. 2007 KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FLA. -- On Launch Pad 39A on NASA's Kennedy Space Center, space shuttle Discovery is fully revealed after rollback of the rotating service structure. Seen above the golden external tank is the vent hood (known as the "beanie cap") at the end of the gaseous oxygen vent arm, extending from the fixed service structure. Vapors are created as the liquid oxygen in the external tank boil off. The hood vents the gaseous oxygen vapors away from the space shuttle vehicle. Below it, also extending toward Discovery from the structure, is the orbiter access arm with the White Room at the end. The crew gains access into the orbiter through the White Room. Rollback of the RSS started at 3:34 p.m. EDT and was complete at 4:20 p.m. The RSS provides protected access to the orbiter for changeout and servicing of payloads at the pad. Rollback of the pad's RSS
This Isnt True Till 2 Pm Today
Attention!! Jessa Is on air! ohh yeah come in and show her some love So click the pics and come in and say hi!! Today!
The owl is the archetype of wisdom in many cultures' parables. The owl is often a sign of longevity, as well as knowledge. This knowledge pertains especially to the future and the mysteries of the night. You may be seeking such knowledge or be receiving an oracle hinting that you may be in possession of such knowledge. Is the owl in your dream mysterious or forthcoming? Does the owl speak to you? What does it say?
I am so sick of life!!! Never been the one to be so negative...but i guess if you let them there are people who can do that. I am going through so many challenges now its not funny. Never thought I would be hurt again by a man...but helllooo its happened...My daughter who is 12...I have to find a home for her to go to cuz she is way to abusive to me and her sisters...just like her biological dad....I do not wanna send her away...but I know now that i have to....My hubby and me are having problems and dont think we will get through them...I am just trying to get everything out...I know only my true friends will read this and I know they will be there for me....I love you all for that...I really need some advice so if you read this and are serious about helping then just send me a message and I will go into more detail...just know it will not be long till I give up!!!!
Waiting For The Kiss
Waiting For The Kiss Category: Love poems I've never had the chance To kiss your beautiful lips To hold you tight all day To run my fingers through your hair Or talk to you till the sun comes up My mind says this won't be so But my heart knows different Someday I will do these wonderful things And never let you go No matter how long it takes No matter how many tears it makes I will see you Kiss you And hold you Until the end of time by Gary R. Hess
The Soldier
I will admit, my poems aren't very good. But, they come from the heart. This poem is for all the Men and Women who serve or who haved served this country. This is my way of saying THANK YOU!!! The Soldier The men and women who serve this country have earned the right to be called hero's. It doesn't matter which branch their in, as long as they serve proudly within. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, there's only one thing that makes them the same. They are called Soldiers, from the USofA.
Easier Puzzle Redeux
Oops I fcked up. Find the country in this sentence. If a Dalmatian can catch four balls in four minutes, can a Dalmatian catch two balls in two minutes?
Memory Lounge Of Lovely Ray,babyjohnny&all Our Angels
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to all my lo and lette homies from salem this is to let you all know that this lette has had her baby! He was born on the 16 of september and im sorry to all that wanted to be there and werent it was just my biological fam there and i had him in silverton if i would of had him in salem yall would have been able to come hell most of you would have been takin me to the hospital sorry and i love you all!!!
I Wanna Know~ Joe
Joe - I Wanna Know lyrics JOE LYRICS "I Wanna Know" Yeah, oh yeah Alright, oh, oh, oh It's amazing how you knock me off my feet, hmm Everytime you come around me I get weak, oh yeah Nobody ever made me feel this way, oh You kiss my lips and then you take my breath away So I wanna know [1] - I wanna know what turns you on So I can be all that and more I'd like to know what makes you cry So I can be the one who always makes you smile Girl he never understood what you were worth, hmm no And he never took the time to make it work (You deserve more loving, girl) Baby I'm the kind of man who shows concern, yes I do, oh Anyway that I can please you let me learn So I wanna know [Repeat 1] [2] - Tell me what I gotta do to please you Baby anything you say I'll do Cause I only wanna make you happy From the bottom of my heart, it's true [Repeat 2] I wish that I could take a journey through your mind, alright And find emotions that you always try to hi
Say Goodbye Not Goodnite:(this Is My Fav Song
Say goodnight, not goodbye You will never leave my heart behind Like the path, of a star I'll be anywhere you are In the spark that lies beneath the coals In the secret place inside your soul Keep my light, in your eyes Say goodnight, not goodbye Don't you fear, when you dream Wakin' up is never what it seems Like a jewel, very dear Like a promise meant to keep You are everything you oughtta be So just let your heart reach out to me I'll be right, by your side Say goodnight, not goodbye You are everything you oughtta be So just let your heart reach out.. to me.. Keep my light, in your eyes Say goodnight, not goodbye Say goodnight, not goodbye
What Do Your Eyes Reveal About You?
What do your eyes reveal about you?(PICS!)Updatedcreated with You scored as PassionYou are very passionate whether that passion is good or evil has yet to be determined. You have great power over others and they seem to flock to your service. You are very competative almost to a fault. Perhaps you should let someone else win for a change? Passion 67%Mysterious 67%Eyes full of Pain 50%Anger 50%Diamond Eyes 42%
This Is Rather Confusing To Me
You know what is really sad is, ever since joining when it was CherryTap and now it being Fubar, I only know other than my girlfriend of course, I only know two people that live in Traverse City, MI. that is on my friends list and/or family list, that's pretty damn sad! What is wrong with this picture, huh? I can't be that scary looking and last time I checked I couldn't bite at all but I know it's pretty damn sad when there is other people that live in Traverse City, MI. and not many in this town want to be around me, that's sad and pathetic and it shouldn't matter if I'm working or not, I do have a right to have friends in this town and for those that I thought were friends that I think aren't on here, they need a damn wakeup call because I know full well, I wouldn't just make them feel like they've been shoved into a closet and left there. that's for sure.
Ass Face!
So. It's late. And I'm retarded. And let me know what was up. For whatever reason I tried to add myself to my own family and got this error message: ERROR: you can't add yourself as a family member, ass face! I almost peed myself laughing...though, that could also be because it's 3:34am and I've been up practically 24 hours working on this stupid essay about a stupid book written by a stupid author. What pains me is I LOVED LOVED LOVED the book before I was asked to interperate the damn thing to hell. Stupid assignments. Sad news! My VIP that fubar member Ripped Flesh ( bought me a month ago (thanks again for that!!) is up. Sooo. I am no longer this amazing girl with a p!nk name, I'm an amazing girl with a regular colored name ;). If someone loves me enough to buy me a new one feel free...though in the end I just end up being annoying and feeling bad for your kindless and thanking you about a bajillion times. Just ask RF. He'll concur
This is my personal pimp so could all my friends go show all these guys some love they are great people Joke®s Wild™ - The Blogz you love to hate - Engaged to DJ Lacey@ fubar INFARRED~DIRTY SOUTH CREW~FOUNDER OF SPIRIT BOMBERS~WTC TRIBAL COUNCIL~D&DC~~ LOVING MIKE ALWAYS~~@ fubar Hitman6 FOUNDER & PRESIDENT OF THE ~GIT-R-DONE REBEL FAMILY~@ fubar ★☆★ƒreedom ίsnt ƒree★☆★**No Salute=No Add**@ fubar There they are so pimp them out i would like to take time to tell all of you ty so much and i am going to do this more and more so plzzzzz help and thank you all so much DJPhilburg360
Bed sheets An extremely modest man was in the hospital for a series of tests, the last of which had left his bodily systems extremely upset. Upon making several false alarm trips to the bathroom, he decided the latest episode was another and stayed put. He suddenly filled his bed with diarrhea and was embarrassed beyond his ability to remain rational. In a complete loss of composure he jumped out of bed, gathered up the bed sheets, and threw them out the hospital window. A drunk was walking by the hospital when the sheets landed on him. He started yelling, cursing, and swinging his arms violently trying to get the unknown things off, and ended up with the soiled sheets in a tangled pile at his feet. As the drunk stood there, unsteady on his feet, staring down at the sheets, a hospital security guard, (barely containing his (laughter), and who had watched the whole incident, walked up and asked, 'What the heck is going on here?' The drunk, still staring do
Thoughts On Autumn
Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. It only comes around once a year and it’s sandwiched between Summer (beaches, parties, amusement parks!) and Winter (snow, skiing, holidays!). So what’s so great about Autumn? If you’re lucky enough to live where there’s an actual Autumn, then you get to see leaves die. It sounds mean, but it looks really nice. Instead of a bland green a forest top can look spectacular with all kinds of red, golds, browns, and yellows. You can walk down the street and listen to dried leaves skitter across the pavement when a breeze is blowing. If a strong wind blows you can see it by the way the leaves fly. The cool weather means you get to wear different clothes. More of it, in fact, that you can show off to your friends. Hats and gloves can make fashion statements. Long coats look good and menacing. Autumn has the bumper holidays Halloween and Thanksgiving (in the U.S.). Thanksgiving is great because you get to eat all the Autumn type foods, li
You, Them , Me!
Lost in my feelings don't know right from wrong i cant remember my believing everything drags on hating the thoughts of you trying to brake free what else am i to do i hate you, i hate them, i hate me wrong all the time hidden from everybody but i just say I'm fine none of you will ever see being as fake as it gets hiding behind a smile and a hug i wonder if its worth it but who really gives a Fuck tearing at my arms at night pretending its okay knowing it will never be alright someone please come take me away you say speak how i feel but you don't get it my pain and suffering is too hard to reveal thats why i never say Shit this is why i run on and on because it wouldn't matter no one would care if i was gone this is what causes me to cry cause no one cares and each "I'm here for you" is a lie this is why i hate for its hard to go on no more shots at life..its too late hating the thoughts of you trying to brake free what else am i t
Rob69 Is A Downrater
Dunno what this dude's problem is but 1st he rated me a 9 then changed it to a 7. Anyway beware friends. rob69@ fubar
Fuck this boat shit sucks and and the internet is slow. Shit sorry just ventin ya'll have fun oh and crazy you can write me too dick my email is
Confused (0)
Some days you seem so close like you stand right before me But then the next day you seem so far like each other we can't see, Each day is like a roller coaster with my stomach turning upside down You stand there looking but yet you don't utter a sound, I feel so confused and my heart is being torn at its seams And every night that I sleep you seem to linger in my dreams, Every time I look at you I forget all my thoughts And right then and there it's you that my heart has sought, Every time I hope it turns into something bad So for right now I'll stop thinking And maybe things won't end up sad.
Just Thinking ...
I sit out here, miles from everything, and I thank my stars for being where I am … and who I am. There’s adequate turmoil in the populated world. I’m glad it hasn’t found my little neck of the woods yet. Of course, I didn’t always live out here next to Great Spirit. A short time ago, I was part of the rat race I dislike so much. But now? Well, there’s just me, the boys (my dogs), my snug cabin, and a view back to the previous century. As I sit on my willow rocker, strumming an old acoustic guitar, I wait for night to fall so I can watch my special star rise into the clean and clear sky. This particular special star became mine only a a few weeks ago. Before that, it was just an ordinary old star, one of several trillion flickering in the great darkness that surrounds my place after the sun leaves us for the day. One night, it just seemed to flicker a little brighter; kind of winked at me; and we’ve been on the same plain ever since. Why this star picked me out of all the g
I Think I Have Found The One
i think i may have found the one for me. but im not sure, im going to ask her pretty soon. here is hoping. cross your fingers for me. muah!!!!
More Ramble
Fear or doubt? "Crazy is what the sane muster up amungst themselves to solidify the imaginary descrepincies. Making the walk with jaded dislexia the wrong way on a narrow trail paved with doubt brings definition to empty banter with a hollow resolve" "Danny Legend"
Another Favorite
Bad Puns
Puns - (Groaners!) Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent. A jumper cable walks into a bar. The bartender says, "I'll serve you, but don't start anything." Two peanuts walk into a bar, and one was a salted. A dyslexic man walks into a bra. A man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm and says: "A beer please, and one for the road." Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other: "Does this taste funny to you?" Patient: "I can't stop singing 'The Green, Green Grass of Home.'" Doctor: "That sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome." Patient: "Is it common?" Doctor: "Well, "It's Not Unusual." Two cows are standing next to each other in a field. Daisy says to Dolly, "I was artificially inseminated this morning." "I don't believe you," says Dolly. "It's true, no bull!" exclaims Daisy. An invisible man marries an invisible woman. The kids were nothing
Dear Heart
i know you don't feel good today i know your love is miles and miles away i know u are bleeding inside longing and yearning to be with him you would do anything to make it happen crying and weaping all the time not able to breathe it feels so cold and lonely like theres nothing left i am sorry you feel this way i know you are broken i know you are shattered i know you are torn to pieces and it feels like no one cares once again i am sorry you feel this way listen well and you will hear him calling out close ur eyes and you will see him look inside and you will feel the love he has that will stand the test of time and be true that's one thing for certain he loves you. **just had to get it out and this is the result hope you guys can understand that i was talking to my heart** comments welcome
Time seems to stand still as I soak in the depths of our conversations. Hours seems like seconds and a brief hello is a pleasant yet cruel torture. You flow through me as if you've been injected into my soul, leaving me addicted. The circulation of you continues to intoxicate me when a fix isn't an option. I'm inhaled by and consumed with a Princess. Knighted by your grace and crowned King by your affection . You have slayed the beast of illusion and lit eternal flames of attainable desires. I want you for more than a moment and no less then forever... EDML
Got A Minute? Help These Peeps Out.....
Grrrrrr Stupid Company!
Hi all I hope that your Monday was a good one. Mine is been OK. I have to wait til next Monday for our paycheck. A little frustrated at hubby's company right now....... Darryl got a log book violation ticket, which turned out to be 162.00!!! Well on expecting of the truck by the D.O.T. there was a leaky line on the trailers. The company was supposed to pay for that.... well they didn't! They paid for it, but are now taking out $97.00 out of each paycheck until it is all paid off! Darryl's truck was having problems with the gages, so they were gonna get it fixed this weekend. They had to order a part for it, which turned out the be the wrong one, so they are working on it this week. Well with the gauges messing up, his odometer was all messed up.. so he was going to talk to the boss, Warren about getting paid for the miles he drove, not the ones that were on the odometer. He went into the office and found out that the boss and his assistant, Phil had taken a trip to Las Vegas! Now expla
Bubble Wrap Popping Game
Ok who doesnt love popping those little bubble wrap bubbles?? its GREAT stress relief!! Go play!!!!!
Child Predator Busters: What If Was Your Child?
Child Predator Busters. Protecting your children from predators online and in the real world. No other organization is endorsed by law enforcement. We work with local, national and international police agencies tracking and apprehending those who pray on the most innocent of victims: Your Children. Find out how you can help at or call: 310-220-0586
For Those Interested, Here They Are
Through early morning fog I see visions of the things to be the pains that are withheld for me I realize and I can see... [chorus]: That suicide is painless It brings on many changes and I can take or leave it if I please. I try to find a way to make all our little joys relate without that ever-present hate but now I know that it's too late, and... [Chorus] The game of life is hard to play I'm gonna lose it anyway The losing card I'll someday lay so this is all I have to say. [Chorus] The only way to win is cheat And lay it down before I'm beat and to another give my seat for that's the only painless feat. [Chorus] MASH The sword of time will pierce our skins It doesn't hurt when it begins But as it works its way on in The pain grows it grin, but... [Chorus] A brave man once requested me to answer questions that are key 'is it to be or not to be' and I replied 'oh why ask me?' 'Ca
Behind The Mask
I am darkness I am night I am vengeance I bring light I'm a winter breeze in summertime The world is broken, I'm just fine Looking day and living night But I'm alright Cloak and dagger Cape and mask Smoke and mirrors Guilty past I am the man behind the mask
Seriously Fellas
Are you really so insecure in your masculinity that you can't rate another guy's picture or profile? I look at my default picture's recent viewers section and am always surprised by how many men are in it, but when i check my alerts...almost none rated it. At the same time, nearly every woman who saw it rated it. Rating someone's picture or profile is not an affirmation, nor is it indicative of your desire to sleep with someone. And if that is what you are thinking when you rate these pictures or profiles, you need a reality check. Lads, you stand less than 1% chance at nailing any of these fine (and not so fine) women on this site. Its great if you want to buy into the FuIllusion that somehow you are buying their love because you drop gifts and 11s on them. Good luck with that. OK back on point.. Seriously, it doesn't make you less of a man to rate another guy's pictures. Nor does it mean you find that person attractive. Its one thing if you are rating pics of some dude'
Destitue Mutt.
I had a home once, a nice small place, with big doors, and plenty of room to play, with a nice big bed, where a woman slept, where I was always welcome, she would pat the space next to her, and I would bound on up, she would scratch behind my ears, and kiss between my eyes, tell me I was a good pup, and stroke my fur all night, and she would turn out the lights, and I would sit in the dark, watching her sleep, smelling her beauty, and I knew I had the best owner, but that has ended now, and I leave a trail of blood behind me, from the hole where my happiness once was, roaming the world searching, for a new home, hoping for someone to pet my fur, tell me I'm a good pup again, but now, I'm just, a destitute mutt.
The Void.
Distent eyes caress voids of emotion, Traping themselves in discontented dreams, In the world of happiness but not of it, Forsaken to be alone for all the seconds of time, I do not belong in this life or the next, Too hateful and dark hearted for the light, Too loving and benevolent for the dark, Between two worlds I want no part of.
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My Sister is gone My heart is in pain They say it gets easier They say it will stop Who are they to tell me about the feelings I got I cry for you still My Heart feels the drain As I drive home I speak to you Tell you about my day I tell you about the kids About their crazy ways How their gestures remind me of you Your smile was always radiant Always so happy and secure When Moms wasn't around You would keep me out of trouble My protector My Big Sister Now your not here and I feel alone Why couldn't I protect you Why couldn't I keep you safe Now you rest finally at peace. I will see you waiting for me With my last Breath.
Racist On Here!
There is a guy on here with the title name and he is an extremely racist person. He did not know me at all and began to write me asking my why I am with a "spic" and began saying that people are "white trash" when they are with "monkeys and spics"!!! Then he was saying how he wants to know what kind of f*** up childhood I had that i ended up dating a "spic". He said that the white race is superior to all races and are just made because "spics and monkeys" need to follow whites orders. He also said that I make the white race look bad by lowering myself to giong with a "spic". He also began saying that my boyfriend and mexicans and blacks in general look like "pieces of sh**". This guy needs to learn that the world is forever changing and inter-racial dating is more common than ever. Color should not be a factor in any matter, as well as sexual preference, relligion, and ethnicity! Its a shame that there are still people out in the world that are completely racist!!!! BEW
14 Characteristics Of Fascism
Claliming God's Favor!
When I quit living in the poor me attitude and start living in theI have the Favor of God, attitude, God's blessings are going to chase me down and overtake me. I wont be able, or want to, out run all the good things God as in store for me. I need to learn to speak God's favor over every area of my life. You might say that sounds great, but you don't know my luck. You don't know the mistakes I've made. I've done a lot of things wrong. I can't imagine God ever wanting to bless me like that." And you're right, it won't ever happen-unless you change your thinking. We all have made mistakes and have had to ask for forgivieness. Hope to the end for the divine favor that is coming to me. I can't give up! I have to keep on believing, expecting, declaring. Keep living favor-minded, and God promises that good things will come to me! I need to remember to never give up on God. If I hope to the end, divine favor will come!
Napkin Diarys 126.7
Three and a half decades, never saw it coming. Passing by like a concord jet stock full of all the memories, good and bad. Surprisingly "they" pack all of my cargo with disregard resembling a bull in a china shop. The good and bad react the same as vinegar and water, who woul have guessed the bad would persivere and float to the top being handed to you with lightning speed.... one after another. Non stop... WHAM! Here's another one, like it or not... BANG, BANG, BANG..., they keep coming. Firing at you with a vicious onslought resembeling a foreign army that happens to have the "Hollywood" six shooter that never ends. Dodge, Run, Hide! it's a greatn idea. Persistance keeps em' coming like a shadow of John Wayne. Could a glass of I don't care fit like a bullet proof vest? The good, Well they are shy and a bit introverted. Seldom do they poke their "being" into a thought alone. Another mind similar to your's with extraction, strenght in numbers is the only account I know of. "Remember
So we tried to gauge my ears...we got one in... so one of my ears is up to 7/16... but this video shows us trying to get the other in...and it was unsucessful... it's terribly fucked up... sadface.
Something To Keep You Occupied
Here is another of my pieces for reading entertainment...It's called "Your Other Side".... You don’t think I know you The side you try to hide But have seen the soul of you, For I have looked into your eyes The side you guard so much The side that longs for a gentle touch The side so dark and cold The side that needs a hand to hold I know the tears you cry For I have seen your other side
Miami Vs Georgia Tech
MIAMI (AP) -Tashard Choice ran for a career-high 204 yards on 37 carries, quarterback Taylor Bennett rushed for two touchdowns and Georgia Tech controlled the second half to beat Miami 17-14 on Saturday. Travis Bell's 39-yard field goal with 7:34 left was the eventual game-winner for Georgia Tech (4-3, 2-3 Atlantic Coast Conference), which became the fourth team since 1978 to beat Miami in three consecutive seasons, joining Notre Dame, Virginia Tech and Florida State. And this Georgia Tech win - just like the previous two - dealt the Hurricanes' ACC hopes a serious blow. Shawnbrey McNeal had a 39-yard touchdown run on a fourth-down play for Miami (4-3, 1-2 ACC), which came in allowing 111 rushing yards per game, but let Choice eclipse that by the midpoint of the third quarter. The Yellow Jackets trailed 7-0 at halftime, and came out after intermission with a simple plan: Give Choice the ball. It worked. Choice went 54 yards on Tech's opening drive of the second half,
Secrets Of The Butterfly
Each Joker's Card album was labelled "Dedicated to the Butterfly". Violent J explained this dedication, and it was reprinted with every copy of the Sixth Joker's Card. Here's the dedication explained as it was written in the booklet with the Sixth Joker's Card... Violent J: "I was maybe 7 years old. My brother Rob was around 8 or 9 I guess. We were outside playing in front of our house in suburban Berkley, MI. I remember it was a regular summer afternoon, we were hanging out in the yard or whatever when my brother Rob screamed 'Joe I caught a giant butterfly! Hurry up and get the jar!' I grabbed the jar off the steps and ran over to him. Somehow, some way, he had actually managed to catch one of them big ass, pretty, orange, yellow and black butterflies right out of the air with his bare hands. Unbelievable. If you remember anything about being a kid, you remember them things are uncatchable. They'll fuckin' sit there and dance, slow motion, in the air style, right around your fuck
Nothing Compares 2 U
I Have 1 Month And Half Until I Am Done With School
I started school in April 2007 for Medical assistant....i have learned so much and i can't wait until i am able to be done with school so i can look for a better job....i am gonna keep going to college to work up to my RN cause thats where the money is.....I want to work in the pediactric unit cause i love kids so much and i have the patience to be with them.....I just wished i have done the schooling a long time ago but i wasn't sure if i could handle drawing the blood and everything but i am doing great so i am gonna handle going through it....i am gonna party when i get out of school for my break....well i will keep everyone updated when i am done with my schoolin....take care everyone...
SIC Enemy show me what u wanna be I can handle anything Even if i cant handle you Readily either way it better be dont u fuckin pitty me get up get off what the hell am i saying i dont know about malevolent sure as hell deadent i want somebody to step up step off walls! let me fall get a grip dont let me slip 'til i drop the ball fuck this shit, im sick of it you're goin down this is a war who the fuck am i to critisize ure trusted state of mind you're leavin me suspect im leaving u grotesque feels liikea burn from wich u never learn cause and effect you joalous ass press ure face against the glass-suffer ive just begun its about that time i gotta get mine
Ariel Pucheta- Princesa
In The Still Of The Night
Fire Wood
Weel for those of you who know, I heat my house with a fire place. I have gas fro heat but the ex left oweing a bill and is only paying $50. towards the bill each month. This Sunday, as i put the last logs in the house I sat at my compupter and sent off an email to a job I had joined, a "free recycle" I was asking for wood and told the ppl that I had no way to pick the wood up. I went to bed and thought no more about it till I checked my email and found one from a lady and her husband. This afternoon the husband brought me a truck load of wood and he will being me more Wednesday. Now tell me Ain't God Good! I told you all to watch out the blessing are falling. I wonder what wonder will happen tomorrow. You can't out give GOD!
Shrimp “al Ajillo”
Ingredients ½ cup extra virgin olive oil 10 garlic cloves, minced 2 dried, red chili peppers ¾ pound of shrimp, sized 41-50, peeled and deveined 4 ounces white wine 1 teaspoon Columbia seasoning 1 ½ lemon 2 teaspoons chopped parsley Preparation Heat oil and brown garlic in a saute pan. Next, add chili pepper, shrimp and Columbia seasoning. Add white wine, and sauté until shrimp are pink. Add lemon juice and chopped parsley. Serve in small cazuela. Serves 4.
Its Like Love
Your touch Your taste Your breath Your face Your hands Your head You're sweet Your love Your teeth Your tongue Your eye Your mind Your lips You're fine You're heaven on earth I've waited all my life for you My favorite kiss Your perfect skin Your perfect smile Waking up and you're next to me Wrap me up in your arms and back to sleep Lay my head on your chest and drift away The greatest thing I've never seen The color of your eyes You've taken me so far away One look and you stop time Dream of you and I almost have you The greatest thing I've never seen The color of your eyes You've taken me so far away One look and you stop Fell in love with you and Everything that you are Nothing I can do I'm really Crazy about you When you're next to me It's just like heaven on earth You're heaven You're heaven on earth Tell me that I'll always be the one that you want Don't know what I'd do if I ever lose you
My Favorite Quote!
In this world, where desire rules the heart; you will discover, love is the flame that lights up the soul.
New Breed Levelers Has Begun
Well, we are 4 strong after the first day, I have no complaints...:D Hopefully we can continue to grow. Well we have our tags picked out also, feel free to check my folder for new breed levelers and you shall find it in there and feel free to rip or copy it, I hope you like them...:D Now as for the person to start off on with leveling..:D megra969~Member of Voce Intenti Family~'@ fubar Hopefully if we hit her page pretty hard we can level her pretty quick...:D Also, I believe in having an open door policy, so if you know anybody interested in joining, please send them to either myself or Chica so we can get them a tag made and they can find out what all is involved. Thank you guys again for your help and your time.
I Have A Gut Feeling.....
I don't know what it is about today, but i just got this crazy feeling/notion. I feel that it's just going to be a really messed up day. Do you ever find yourself having a day where you wake up, and immediately say "i don't like this day already". Well that's the kind of day it feels like to me. Let's hope i'm wrong on this matter...for my sake at least. I mean get this: My allergies are sucking really bad, We are short handed at work today/extra work for me, i woke up to a flat tire on my car, but not so flat i couldn't limp up to a gas station and fill em UP. It's official i think i'm just going to name this day my "Murphy's Law Day". Ok, i think i've rambled on enough already about pretty much nothing lmfao. I got to get my ass to work anyway. Wish me luck, in just surviving this damn messed up day......and the bad part is it's just beginning!!!! Rock on Party People, Pure E
The Essence Of Gypsy
Ebony passions dance spiraling gracefully across moonlit water shimmers brilliant echoing wild solar flames flickering in the heart's soul morning noon and midnight 2007dma
Birthday,cards And Comments
i would like to thank all those who have and will send birthday wishes to me on this day my birthday,you all rock and are very dear to my heart,thank you so much.BIG HUGS AND KISSES TO ALL.
10% Off!
SCORE! I got a 10% off coupon emailed to me from barnes and noble. I wanna get a book. Someone recommend something good. Seriously. LOL. Recommend something. Post it here and I'll go look it up on the B&N website. Thanks loves! :D
Who's Got My Back
Run....hide All that was sacred to us Sacred to us See the signs The covenant has been broken By mankind Leaving us with no shoulder... with no shoulder To rest our head on To rest our head on To rest our head on Who's got my back? When all we have left is deceptive So disconnected So what is the truth now? There's still time All that has been devastated Can be recreated Realize We pick up the broken pieces Of our lives Giving ourselves to each other... ourselves to each other To rest our head on To rest our head on To rest our head on Who's got my back now? When all we have left is deceptive So disconnected So what is the truth now? Tell me the truth now... Tell us the the truth now Who's got my back now? When all we have is deceptive So disconnected So what is the truth now?
One Last Breath
Please come now I think I'm falling I'm holding on to all I think is safe It seems I found the road to nowhere And I'm trying to escape I yelled back when I heard thunder But I'm down to one last breath And with it let me say Let me say Hold me now I'm six feet from the edge and I'm thinking That maybe six feet Ain't so far down I'm looking down now that it's over Reflecting on all of my mistakes I thought I found the road to somewhere Somewhere in His grace I cried out heaven save me But I'm down to one last breath And with it let me say Let me say Hold me now I'm six feet from the edge and I'm thinking That maybe six feet Ain't so far down Sad eyes follow me But I still believe there's something left for me So please come stay with me 'Cause I still believe there's something left for you and me For you and me For you and me Hold me now I'm six feet from the edge and I'm thinking
OMG MY HUSBAND IS SUCH AN A$$HOLE argggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggG
The Master....baits
It's 1:00 pm and I'm checked in. It's surreal, I can't believe this is happening. I text him: "I have something for you, come see me at the hotel next to the mall". I know he will come, I've been teasing and tantalizing him for over 3 months. Meeting him at the gym in the wee hours in the morning, taking him in the sauna when no one is there. As I sit in front of the mirror fixing my makeup I reminisce about my rendezvous with him two nights ago at the gym. We met at 12 in the morning, I wet my lips subtly at the sight of his biceps pumping the metal bar up and down to his chest. A light coat of sweat covers his swollen arms, his thin muscle shirt clings to his broad, defined chest and his deep brown eyes... The intense look on his face makes me think naughty thoughts about him. He sees me in the mirror and smiles at the sight of me. I cleaned up pretty nicely for the gym. I wore tight, black shorts, that barely covered my plump, round ass. My form-fitting shirt hugged my perky brea
What Is Wrong
I want to die I want to die right now I want to die but I don't know how I feel like shit I look like hell I can't take it As you can tell I hurt real bad I could use some drugs I feel a little sad I could use some hugs There is so much depression I don't know why There is so much depression I just want to cry At times I feel like giving up I get only bad luck I want to throw up even though it will be yuck All my friends are dying by their own hands or cars Everyone is crying It is leaving deep scars I wish that it would end everything would be all right I just want to comprehend And dream that its a bad night Everything will be fine everything will be ok I will walk a thin line and tomorrow will begin another day Before I go to sleep I wish to say good bye I don't count the sheep I just shut my eye
Castoppo Punks!
Hater's On Tha Attack: I had to change my screen Name "" and all links mentioning such, becuase sum HATER(s)! Claim it violated TOS, bout outside links. However, if it was a Music, Video, Comment or Layout Graphics & Image link's, and/or sum Adult Model's personal or professional website to view porn or vote on contest's. That's appearently OK! But, I'm not promotong porn, voting contest's, nor providing Music, Video, Comment, Layout, Graphic, Images. I'm out of line. This is what I do, This is my life! I am an internet promoter for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. I am here to met people on a personal level & let them know what I do & am about. This is an Online BAR open to the public, NOT AN EXCLUSIVE CLUB! Don't you dictate my freedom of speech just cuz you don't like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony! Hater! IF YOU WANNA KNOW MORE, PM ME...
Back Monday
I'm way behind, but will return Monday...please give me a few days to catch up!:-) My kid and I are going to an annual retreat in West Marin for multiracial Jewish families.:-) Honor our Veterans and our Active Duty personnel...let's work to support our returning troops needs and bring the rest of them home ASAP. Shalom!
Finally foudn a program that actually properly works without compatability mode in windows vista. its called registry smart. link is below for anyone who needs. it does cost small fee but it does work excellent. Click Here!

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