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Quick Update. My Son *is* Stewie
It's a fact. My son Dain really is Stewie. Waking up from sugery he was so mad it took 5 doctors to hold him down (he's just four - 35lbs). He threw the finger heart monitor across the room, held up his hand that had the IV in it, and with perfect pronunciation said: "Get this Fucking thing out of me!" Needless to say, we weren't there very long after that. *laughs* He's doing well now that we're home :)
A History Of Violence
July 1969 through 31 December 1993 [Based upon the revised figures of the Belfast Independent Research Group ] According to the Belfast Independent Research Group, 3,285 people lost their lives as a direct result of this latest phase of the Anglo/Irish conflict. The vast majority of deaths occurred in the Six Northeastern Counties of British Occupied Ireland. The political violence in these six, small counties of Ireland with a million and one-half people has meant that 1 out of every 500 citizens has been killed. In American terms, it would be the equivalent of 500,000 deaths, 10 Viet Nams. This slaughter is a direct result of the politically motivated gerrymander of Ireland to solve the very short term needs of British political interests. The Bare Facts The bare facts are that of the 3, 285 deaths in the conflict from July 1969 to December 1993, Republicans have killed 1,928, Loyalists 911, British forces 357, Irish Republic forces have killed 3 and "others" [de
What Love Brings To My Mind
Love is not something you share between two people, it's a feeling you get deep down in you soul. it's what puts butterflies in your stomach, or goose bumps on your arms. It's feelings you can't shake, it's what everyone is lookinf for. And I have found love in my life not just for the person I'm with but for everyone who has a connection with me. I can't explain it it's just there. Love is life, the air that we breath, the sun that shines on us all. Love is everywhere. Just a few words i thought I'll share.
Pardon Me While I Burst
Why does it always seem that at the worse times ex-significant others seem to appear out of thin air? Telling you that you meant nothing to them, that you were only a space-filler for their spare time. Plus you only look for relationships because you need something to occupy your mind because your life sucks... Wow, is that really how people view me? I don't use relationships as something to hide behind. Yes, I enjoy the company of a significant other (especially during tough times), but doesn't everybody? It amazes me how I could mean so little to someone I did so much for. I am not going to let what he says get to me, I spent countless, sleepless nights trying to put together scattered pieces of a puzzle that had no end. It took a long time to realize I was only a game to him, something he eventually grew bored with. He grew bored with the stability of a relationship, he grew bored with the idea of advancing in life and trying to make something of the time we have her
Those Lying Bastards!!!
Ok. So every time I log onto my myspace home page,(Yes, I still occasionally visit that god forsaken site) I see the advertisement. HOT GUYS!! HEY!!! However, this is meant to fool unsuspecting ugly girls like myself. What hot guys are on I'll tell you. The one's who have major issues. No matter how hot they are, no matter how sexy they are, someone out there is sick of their shit!! If they were just normal, hot guys, they wouldn't have to post an add on Not only that, but if I wanted to use an internet dating service, I think I'll go for the one that gives me a free personality profile. (Which by the way, was totally inaccurate. I don't have control issues, and I'm not spontaneous to the point of self destruction.) And for the record, no, I'm not a member of Nicci, my cousin, and I sat down and did the free personality profile to see what they'd say. So back the fuck off!
Blood Stained Love Letters
i know you work harder than me and your life is visably harder than mine its hard to accomplish much when you loathe nearly every aspect of your life i haven't felt pride in myself since i was a child when the world is small and the mind is ignorant knowledge is a blessing and a plague everytime i get my hopes up for something good it all seems to crumble down and go wrong i must've been born under a bad star eh? however through my dark a few stars burn, and you are one of them your happiness keeps me smiling while your pain keeps me bleeding the strain of being so connected to a choice few is relentless but i would not sever those ties for the world
A Surrogate Father
The Smiths were unable to conceive children and decided to use a surrogate father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr. Smith kissed his wife goodbye and said, "Well, I'm off now. The man should be here soon.." Half an hour later, just by chance, a door-to-door baby photographer happened to ring the doorbell, hoping to make a sale. "Good morning, Ma'am", he said, "I've come to..." "Oh, no need to explain," Mrs. Smith cut in, embarrassed, "I've been expecting you." "Have you really?" said the photographer. "Well, that's good. Did you know babies are my specialty?" "Well that's what my husband and I had hoped. Please come in and have a seat". After a moment she asked, blushing, "Well, where do we start?" "Leave everything to me. I usually try two in the bathtub, one on the couch, and perhaps a couple on the bed. And sometimes the living room floor is fun. You can really spread out there." "Bathtub, living room floor? No wonder it didn't work out for
Sonic Adventure 2 Music- Live & Learn
I Don't Suffer...
I doesn't suffer from insanity: I enjoy every minute of it!
There Is Hope For Breast Cancer!! Must Read!
Some Ppl
I really don't mind making pics or skins for people. In fact, I like doing it a lot. And most people have found that out by actually talking to me. What burns my ass is when people come on my page, don't rate, just look at what I have done and rip it. No matter if the skin or pic has my face and/or name on it. Now that is just plain freakin' rude. I mean I get private mails asking me to make pics for people, at least these people ask, but you know, it would be nice to be acknowledged for making these pics by at least clicking the little 10/11 cherry as you are looking at it and liking it so much. So yea, if you don't have the common courtesy to rate or recognize the person that has taken the time to make the pic or skin then dont make the time to ask for their help. DO IT YOUR FREAKIN SELF and see how it feels when ppl do it to you. One pissed off ~Dream~
11 Rulz Of Fubar
THE fubar RULES ONE If you're ugly, stop acting like you don't know it. The captions under you picture that says "top model pose" "sexy bitch" "arnt i hot" doesn't convince anyone. TWO To the people who have like 25,000 friends, are you serious? Nobody in this universe can keep up with that many friends. You're stupid. Go play in traffic. THREE Don't ever post pictures and say "OMG, I'm so ugly" "OMG,I'm so fat" because if you were, you wouldn't post them. FOUR Nobody cares about threats over the internet. Don't try to act hardcore with the keyboard. Fighting online is like racing in the special olympics; even if you win, you're still retarded. FIVE Making 20 bulletins a day about how you have new pictures and begging people to comment on them is pathetic. Make the bulletin once if you have to, and those who actually care about you will comment on your pics. SIX If all your pictures look the same, don't post them all. Please pu
Horizontal Or Vertical
I measure walls with purple plumb line snaps on conceding plaster. Distant urban murmur and dusted fingers, the only signs of hours laid like bricks. Hostess to inertia, you too would measure dimension and slide perception on an axis, plot and coordinate every possible move. Without a script or whispered prompts you too would stare for hours, measuring time by shadows on the wall Drilling make believe window scenes to witness world, a void of plumb line snaps away. ~M~
When Love Hits You
you feel it you smell it you sense it you hear it you float on it you sleep in it IF ITS REAL you cant describe it you cant put it into words you can get rid of it you cant live without it you cant forget it So remember when you got it you, got it hold onto to it tight nurture it to its fullest then find new ways to make it grow love is only what you put into it not what you take from it love hard love strong love long love unconditionally love always and you will be loved in return!!!
What The Angel See
why do people hurt each other . maybe this angel should hate too , but thier one problem with that is the angel care to much to hate or hurt any one . maybe the human in the angel and the angel have to watch and cry for them and put all the hurt and hate in the angel. take the angel back to heaven , so the angel can see up there.
You Know When...
You know when there is this one picture and that picture made you laugh SO hard And then one day that picture got ruined And you stay minutes trying to remember..... You know when there was this one song And that song made you sleep your whole life.... And then one day that song never helps and you stay for hours in your bed..... You know when there is this one place And that place always reminded You of the best thing that happened in your life... And then one day that place disappeared and you stay for days trying to remember..... You know when there is this one thing And that thing always made you smile And then one day that thing is gone and you stay months trying to get that smile back..... You know when there is this one person and that person always made u happy.... And then one day that person had to leave and you stay for months trying to gain that happiness.... You know when there is this one guy and that guy you loved so much And
An Email Recieved From Snookiemc
"It is the soldier, not the reporter, Who has given us freedom of the press. It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us the freedom to demonstrate. It is the soldier, who salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, who allows the protestor to burn the flag." Father Denis Edward O'Brien/USMC April Pendl Navy Wife > > Have a Blessed day!! > A. Joseph Kloock > > > Just a few things to remember the next time you think you've got it bad. > > You stay up for 16 hours or more to get something done. > They stay up for days on end to do more. > > < > > > You take a warm shower to help you relax or to get yourself going. > They go for days or weeks without running water. > > < > > > You complain of a 'headache', and call in sick. > They get shot, wounded and maimed and we allow our government to use > them a
Fuck all you pricks who screw up our lives And fuck all the insignificant fairy tale lies Fuck all your bullshit and fuck your disguise I swim in the river of bitterness and hate And I'm up to my neck in the waves of my fate Drowning in sorrow and floating a'sea Fuck all the ranting and lastly fuck me
The 5 Rules Of Flirting
F= Flattery - the fastest way to a guys or a girls heart is to find something you really like about them and then compliment them on it. just dont go over board and make sure your compliments come from the heart. L= Listen - get him or her to talk about what he or she really cares about and listen attentively. Bottom line: give him or her your attention, and you'll get there's. I= Interest - find a common interest. similarities give you something to do together and talk about - and it can fire up a relationship. R= Responsible - be careful and clear about youe intentions. don't hurt anyone, lead anyone on, or choose targets that are off limits. T= Trusting yourself - believe that you can catch his or her eye and survive the process no matter what happens.
YOU HAVE BEEN FUCKED! Spread the legs and go at it! Pick any of your friends and FUCK THEM! This is for any one you think is hot! RULES: 1- You can fuck the person who fucked you, of course. 2- You can fuck the same person as many times as you can (c'mon, ENDURANCE)! Be creative!* 3- You -MUST- spread the sex! At least 1 fuck is fine and dandy! 4- You should fuck in public! Be adventurous, damn it. Paste it on their user page so they feel slutty! 5- Random sex is perfectly okay! 6- Please, don't worry about same gender fucking, it's HOT. 7- You should most definitely get started fuckin' right away! This is about showing everyone how much you care for them and HOW BAD YOU WANT THEIR ASS! Make everyone feel a little loved (and roughed up!). Please don't take this too personally, BUT I JUST FUCKED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> F.U.C.K Stands For: Friends U Can Keep. So promise me We'll F.U.C.K forever! Send this to 10 people & 1 back t
Things I Get In My Shoutbox... Lmao
texascount...: hi are you single? do you like to talk on the phone? do you have yahoo messenger? what's your id? can you please answer all 4 of my questions please? Ummmm, is it not in my name if I am single or not??? I am thinking if it says "Girlfriend of *Big E*" I would say that is my boyfriend and I am NOT single and if he could read the profile would tell him the rest lmao -------------------------------------------------- strokerace35: Are you for real? Have you read your profile? Come on... do u think it typed itself lmao Apparently he didn't since he requested an add. -------------------------------------------------- I am sure there will be more to come from the clueless ppl, or maybe this will make them think twice... ok, nevermind, it won't lol Hoping to get some good ones from the sweet hearts =-)
When Is It Fair?
Tonight I sit here with tears streaming down my face. Not because of the day I had. My day was actually great. I had a dear sweet friend of mine pop up in my shout box. It has been some time since we have talked. I was made aware that her Fuhubby said his Good bye's on March 2nd and passed away on March 14th. I knew him but it was more so in passing the last several months. I knew of his illness, but it still leaves a feeling of complete loss. His blogs truly show a light that illuminates from him. He makes it very clear that if their is someone that you love to make it known. I know we are not granted the tomorrows. I know that at any given day our Father can call us home. I also know that life is not guaranteed to be easy, or without pain. Be it physical, mental, or emotional. Some of us are very great full to never have this hand upon us. Some of us have hand the hand dealt to us more than our fair share. The feelings that I have at this moment are those of confusion. We search this
Ughhh The Nerv
the nerv of some ppl...what just cuz ur a "man" n u what "balls" means u can ask a female what size her boobs i think not...most girls will take affn to that its disrespectful towards her exc when u DONT know her...yea yea yea i have heard all the lines tryin 2 butter u up tryin to get a "sneak" "peek" well guys guess what...thats NOT me yea i may show cleavage but thats about as far as it goes 4 some of u...some of the REALLY special ppl see more or has seen that doesnt mean ask u will get chewed out!! so plz do me a fav dont think just cuz u have "balls" means u can use them n ask me about my boobs its disrespectful!! oh yea n read my page 2 has more info thanks
When I first signed up on here I really enjoyed it. Met a lot of really great people, one in particular. But lately it seems all anyone cares about is NSFW pics... or rating pics NSFW when they shouldn't be... and leveling up. No body wants to chat anymore. And as for that one friend. Well her and I had become "best friends". However recently things have gone down hill between her and I. Not really sure how it all started. But awhile back I... well lets say I did a favor for her. She told me recently that she would be able to "return" that favor. Hmmmm yea hasn't been returned and in fact I now can't get her to return my calls, emails, etc. Guess so much for that "friendship" What a laugh, right? Guess you could say I learned my lesson. There's not much point to this blog... just needed to get some of my thoughts and aggravations out. Not yet sure if I'll leave this site for good. Although some of you may have already noticed I'm rarely on here anymore anyway... now
Help Trese, We Could Lose Her!!!!
Please help Trese. As many of you know she is in kidney failure and in desperate need of medical attention from a specialist. Due to a previous knee injury she has been out of work for nearly two years and has no medical insurance or the money to see this doctor. They are giving her a professional discount because she is a nurse which is going to help a great deal. So let's get her in there. She is getting sicker and sicker and we could possibly lose her. I think we can all pull together to show her how much we let's do it. Any amount is welcomed. If we all gave just a few dollars we could get her in there in one day. Mystic Illusions has set her up a Trese Fund on her site (see the link below). You can go there to make donations. Be aware that their meter isn’t working for some reason, but the money is coming in, although it still shows zero, we have had donations. Also, be sure to leave a note to say that your donation is for Trese so it w
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I'm a hopeless romantic. 2.I love Alan Jackson. 3. I got married when i was 15. 4I love ballet and jazz dancing . 5.I love to eat ice cream in bed. 6.I was born at home in the hills of Kentucky. 7. I hate to cook. 8 Summer time is my favorite time of year. 9. I cry when i hear sad songs no matter where i am.. 10.I am kinda shy believe it or not... I am sending this to...chell. Mark. Bobman101. All american reject. and Blue eyed devil.
Def Leppard - Dont' Shoot Shotgun ! Live Drums' By Marty Party !
Alex It was a very warm Saturday afternoon and I was at Bellevue Square, having a bite to eat when I saw her at the Nordstrom’s perfume counter sampling various fragrances. She was lost in the aromatic beauty of it all. As I approached I noticed that she had on very high quality clothing, designer labels by the appearance and she made them look good. She was in an eggplant colored dress that appeared to move even when she didn't, it simply flowed on her. It was a bit low cut and every so often you could detect the presence of what I assumed was a silk camisole. She had on very tasteful heels and was wearing glimmering stockings, the kind that requires a garter belt which I could just make out under the silky dress if I watched carefully. "Hot" came to mind as I admired her beautiful brunette hair. Her make-up was applied flawlessly and she had chosen a soft pink lipstick that seemed to have a hint of white floating above the primary color. From my proximity she appeared to have
Happy Birthday Sis!!!!
JUST A NOTE TO ROBISUE TO SAY...... GO SHOW HER SOME LUV.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS LOVE YA robisue(Club F.a.r.)Fu- owned by"Cory"@ fubar
Pay To Angel
Free Comments & Graphics
Dont Worry Be Happy!
Great Presidential Material Here Wouldn't You Say????????
[IMG][/IMG] When you are faking a pose for a camera photo opportunity, at least you can get the phone turned in the right direction! And this wants to be your President??????
Getting To Know People
hey everyone, whats up, i'm dave...i joined fubar cause i thought it'd be a great place to get to know people...and well i havent really had any conversation with this is more or less an invite for people (hopefully ladies) to get to know me better. message, put stuff in my shout box, rate me, fan me, add me....i will reply/return the favor...thank you all for taking your time to read this, i appreciate it. -dave
His eyes fell down the old brick road, that path to the unknown earth colored and fractured… Cherubim sighs, takes his first step forward while haunted by whispers.. and adorned images swiftly clash with those words uttered, he claimed sight upon a raven poking the eye of a corpse repeatedly snatching miniature bits at every turn, related him to his heart and mind while whispers stabbed his ears along with a voice that was poisoned by those wretched whispers too. That voice which salvaged him long ago from the eternal wait at the gates of Byzantium but only to show him the way back to that rock he sat on, side of the gates , by the means of a tender kiss. His torn wings never seized to bleed…
Hold Me Now.
Hold me now, Hold me tight. Wrap me in your gentle strength, Embrace me warmly, So I can melt. You were the love, I can’t for get. The memories still exist. Time could never erase it all. My heart remembers your warm caress. The way it felt when our lips touch. Your hands softly holding my back. In those moments we took flight. We danced and sang under those moonlit nights. Embrace me now, Hold me tight. You will always be a fond memory in my life. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserve
Don't Feel Helpless Again!
Introducing the new and highly improved HELP page! (Just click on the 'Help' link on the gray headerbar!) Get answers to your top questions, find easy links to the fubar Bible and Support Lounge, and meet your Bouncers! To find out news and updates about the site, check in everyday and read the blog for news updates.
My Meeting With My Daughters Teacher( Friends And Family An Fans)
well i met with my daughters teacher and he still has his head attached so i didn't tear it off . i calmly informed him about what his comments do to a little girls self image and he didn't like it but recommended he take a few classes or read a few books on the subject. i didn't take any crap and i was sweet as can be . but i let him know i was pissed and was not going to take any crap . i took my friend thats on the school board and that helped me not get bullied much . but he has to watch his mouth now . he was lost when i informed him i know what i was talking about because i had had an eating disorder and at one time weighted 87lbs @ 5'7'' not good and i will not let my daughter go thou that . so for now teacher still has a head and has to watch his mouth . ty to everyone who left comments on my mum and all my friends and family . love you all ann
Dirty Deeds Radio ~ Dj Dragon
Cause We All Need Some Laughter In Our Lives...
An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living in a nursing home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked him if there was anything wrong, "Yes, Nurse Tracy," said Mr. Wallace. "My Private Part died today, and I am very sad." Knowing her patients were a little forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Wallace. Please accept my condolences." The following day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out of his pajamas. He met Nurse Tracy. "Mr. Wallace," she said, "You shouldn't be walking down the hall like that. Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas." "But, Nurse Tracy I can't," replied Mr. Wallace. "I told you yesterday that my Private Part died. "Yes," said Nurse Tracy, "you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?" "Well," he replied, "Today is the viewing.
Its Crazy How Your Killing Me!!
ITS CRAZY HOW YOUR KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you've got something burning up inside, It's so unhealthy but so good for me! loved me would you tell me? relationship thing. A fire under you is so fulfilling, I fear there's nothing more. I'm giving you, the choke hold, My flirting with disaster is mighty loved. Ugggh you, you're so bold, My wanting to kiss you still is not enough. I'm getting over, all the comments. I'm feeling statements made by people are nonsense. I'm getting stronger, by the minute. You are the sweetest thing I've found since whenever, You're the only way my time is measured. You might be the silent type, but your appetizing louder now. It's crazy how you're killing me. I like to look at you, I love that smell on you, And I like it natural, No need for chemicals. Foggin up my senses You're making me sensless You're calling it sexual. And you're going to get yours. Might even be today. And it ain't no thing because I'
Stragnth Of The Heart
What makes the heart pounds, what makes the heart stronge, what makes a heart honerable to the one that holds it, to have such a heart is not to back stab friends or to be mean or to shove religon in ones face but is to be kind to others and to save others lives and not take lives, this world today is full of murder and death and pain and sadness, as u read this ur gonna be thinking is she nuts for typeing this no im not nuts im just telling the truth on what i hear and see, even the sex today is out of control the deasess r killing ppl, ppl raping ppl, whats wrong with with this world and the ppl in it............. ya i know its money and the power behinde it thats the part that currupes ppl and other things........i can go on and on but i want to know what ur thoughts r about what i just said.......
You Know You've Been In Iraq Too Long When...
You know you've been in Iraq too long when... When mortars land near your compound and you roll over in bed and think "still way off, I got another 5 minutes" When you start humming with the Arabic song playing on the radio on the shuttle bus Every woman that reports to your unit starts looking attractive Every guy that reports to your unit starts looking attractive You walk an extra 6 blocks to eat at the KBR (contractor run) dining facility to have the exact same food they are serving in your dining facility because you think it tastes better You actually volunteer for convoy security duty because you still haven't seen the country yet You start picturing your wife in traditional Arab dress The contractors have more fire power than the military combat units. (This is true) You take the time to add your lines to this list You've spent $200 dollars at Haji mart on DVDs buying Basic Instinct, 9 and ½ weeks, and Body of Evidence just for the sex scenes
How Sexy Are All My Friends? Copy and paste the link to take a test to see just how sexy you really are. I scored pretty high, right on!! cc
Pervs/a'holes And The Breeding Ground
I am starting to think... after a few days here nonstop that this is the breeding ground for pervdom (which isnt so bad mind you- til it goes on and on and on for hours and days and such) and being a total d*ck (YOU know who ya are and what im talking about) What is it about the anonymity of the internet, that causes "normally" civilized people to turn into crass, inhumane, disrespectful, incoherent, ludicrous, asinine b*st*rds to people they dont even know? The Million Dollar question of the day!!! *kttn*
828pm 4/1/08 Goodbye Ppl
what can i say....besides this fubar shit is a world of its own.... and many of u on my friend lists have become true ppl in my life.... some of u i have not met... but make me smile when i need it most...and others have become friends in rl f2f encounters.... so now that my work season is here.... i wont be on fu like i am now.... so ive decided to delete my fu page... so that i will not be distracted by computer drama...when i need to concentrate on work... (haha) april fools fukrs :) not deleting my page.... but its tru...i wont fu as much as i do now. so what the fu.... T-8 dayas till departure :)
Your Eyes
I love your eyes, those beautiful twinkling eyes, They speak of a thousand things. It glows and I drown in its intensity, I would love to stay there forever. It evokes memories, And leaves an imprint on me To Always know That your eyes will be apart of me.
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Shyt Might As Well Pimp Myself While Im At It Lmao
Newest Ppp Pimps N All
=== '¤Ła$Ŧ♠oƒÅ♠D¥inßŖΞΞd¤Madam of Pu$$yCat Playmates' spewed forth the following at '2008-04-02 22:10:01'.. > > > > > > INTRODUCING....THE PU$$YCAT PLAYMATES > > > This is a new fubar fam that was created for sexy women who know how to have fun & who don't take "net life" quite so seriously. It will be kept small & drama free!! > > > > PURPOSE: > ~To have fun!! > ~To help each other as needed (bombing, leveling, etc.) > ~To be pimped for fubucks > *2 things can be purchased from the Playmates > ~Personal salutes (sfw/nsfw) > ~The Playmate (daily/weekly) > *Please see blog "salutes & rentals" for further details > > > > CONTEST & AUCTIONS: > Occasional contests & auctions will be hosted on the home page & on the Playmates pages. They will be open for anyone to participate, not just the Playmates. If a Playmate would like to host a contest or auction please let LAST OF A DYIN BREED know so she can notify all Playma
My News. I'm A Mommy.
I have a new addition to my family!! Meet Enza! She was born yesterday and I will have her home by the end of May! A litter of 5 males and 5 females. 4 hours old. She joins: Cooch the Pooch, Rosie Bubbles, Sid and Nancy ( all hamsters), Bonnie and Clyde (Guinea pigs) and Curly and Shemp (fish)...Moe and Larry have gone to the big tank in the sky, Marina
April Poem-a-day Challenge Day 3
Today's prompt in the April Poem-A-Day challenge was to write a haiku. More specifically, it had to describe nature, reference a particular season and juxtapose 2 different sensory images. I drew on my youth for this one (and the reason why fall is still my least favorite season lol). A chill in the air, the sound of abandoned leaves. Play time is over.
I have said this before in my blog that 99% of the people on this site are fake but I want to add that 99% are also LOSERS lol. I love how people attack others at a moments notice to try and make themselves look "cool". Have you ever stopped to even think what you're doing? You aren't making yourself look cool, you are making yourself look like a damn idiot haha. The only reason you don't understand that is because all of the other idiots on this site are just like you and they think it's cool too. So basically you are only cool when you are with the other idiots from this site lol. Did that make sense? Sure it did, think about it. Anyway, I love how this site has managed to gather so many freaks in one place. It's like the worlds biggest idiot festival and I love watching you losers! Thank you for showing me that I just happen to be pretty great. I'm so glad I don't have the mental problems that many of you have. Happy day! :P
99.7 The Blitz Is Now 99.7 The Rock?
Ok heres the deal for anyone that doesnt live in my remote area. Yesterday my Favorite New Rock Station Stunted. Basically meaning they went off air with only a message that it was rebooting and would be back on air at 5pm Today. Well this basically let them change format. You can listen online now which is nice.... Butt.. Ive Been Listening to them since they came back on air and the Newest Rock Song ive Heard.. Is Three Days Grace. Other than that its been a continuouse stream of 80's and 90's rock. DONT GET ME WRONG! I LOVE THAT ROCK TOO! BUTT!!!!!! I have 5 other stations to choose from if i wanted to listen to it. THIS WAS THE ONLY F*CKING STATION THAT PLAYED NEW ROCK! Now they have takin that away from us.... Looks like its time for me to invest in satalite radio.... Thanks for reading my Vent! ~Sean Plus..I havent Heard One DJ Come over air as of yet ... Sounds all automated...
Let Me Sum It Up For Ya.
Ok...the events over the past few months can EASILY be covered like it goes. I got cheated outta my relationship with my wolf cause my "friend" was jealous that I had her and since he wanted to have something to fuck on the side cause his girlfriend wasnt doin it for him, he decided to lie to me and get my wolf. She left me, and went for some guy in austin, meanwhile, I was aggrivated up till a month or so later when I found out ALL said info above. Well now she doesnt want a relationship and is unsure of me cause of how it was handled which makes me hurt more cause not only did I loose my pride and joy a second time, BUT it was a "friend" that did it too...someone whom I have known for 14 of my 19 years of life. I got back into master sword:continued to help with my depression that resurfaced about the time I found my life hopeless in every aspect and tried to kill myself of asphixiation, and I have not stopped playing MSC yet. Today, I was supposed to spend ti
Give Her A Thumbs Up
I Don't Tell Me
First Time
She was late. Although I think there was nothing she could have done, it wasn't her fault the plane got delayed. But I was sitting at the airport for 3 hours now and I was getting real anxious. Finally we would meet in person. For months we had been chatting and talking and sending emails, and today was our moment of truth. Unfortunately I looked like a wreck, cause I hadn't slept for days. I was too nervous to sleep. So here I was looking out for her. So afraid I wouldn't see her... but I couldn't not notice her. It was like a ray of sun walking through the hallways. I was rooted, but somehow I managed to move my arms and get her attention. She was even more beautiful than I imagined. Our first hug was very intense, we couldn't let go. But I had to make sure this wasn't a dream. My fingers felt her nose, her eyes, her cheeks. They went through her hair as my lips softly touched hers. And at that moment I knew it. We didn't have to say a word, we both felt it. Tonight would be ano
Comeing Out As A Bisexual
i am a single mom of 4 and they have just found out mommy is bi and im haveing trouble telling them the reason why i like both men and women so could some of my friends and fans and family plzzz give me some advice on how i am to talk to them about this
Feed The Animals....
Please go do this and also book mark the page so you can please try to do it daily to help the animals out! Thanks everyone ! Hi, all you animal lovers. This is pretty simple and not a scam! The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on the purple box "fund food for animals" for free. This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know. AGAIN, PLEASE TELL 10 FRIENDS!!!
future paths this is my life on the wrong side of the tracks nothin in between, just the bare facts, brought up in a dump no shoes on my feet, left to fend for my self n wander the streets, always lookin for somewhere to call my home, not findin this place i continued to roam, wanderin around n left to ponder, the thoughts in my mind that fill me wiv wonder, dreams will come n dreams will go, but pittsburghs callin n thats all i know, gotta break free n find a way out, of this place called England thats left me wiv doubt, doubts of myself, doubts of my place, but all doubts will subside wen i look on ur face, lady liberty holds nothin on you, ur the face of an angel, of someone i knew, someone i havent met but soon will, wen our worlds collide the mortal world stands still caught up in a moment of pure perfection n bliss, then the moment we've waited for...we share our first kiss. the life of a warrior hidden within, is striped of all broken sin, cleansed from ur
What The Phuck!!
Come Join Us Tonight In Dirty Addiction Lounge And Welcome Our Guest: Come In And Watch Him Burn This Phuckin' B*tch To The Ground It's Only Happening In Dirty Addiction Lounge Tonight @ 9 EST So What The PHUCK Are You Waiting For? Click The Pics To Get There
I Think I'm Done Now
I think I am done fighting this battle. I'll never get where I need to be, so I am going to finish by dropping out of the race. Who wants to fight til the end and still lose? Not I. I want to forget I even entered this race. It's not for me anymore. I am not a fighter.
A Nother Ok Cupid Test
Your Score: Catwoman You scored 27% True Darkness Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, first appeared as an adversary of Batman, later they became lovers and later adversaries and lovers again... She is a whip-carrying burglar with a taste for high stake thefts. She is more an anti-hero than a supervillainess. How Selina came to be Catwoman: When she was thirteen, Selina discovered that the Hall's administrator was embezzling funds and confronted her. In an attempt to cover up the illegal activities, the administrator put Selina in a bag and dropped her in a river to drown (like a cat). Selina was able to escape and return to the orphanage where she stole documents exposing the administrator's corruption and sent them to the authorities. She also took the opportunity to steal enough money to live on before going back to the streets. if you had no restaints you would be sneakier. There are some things you would like to do, but you feel you shouldn't. But even if you always did what you wan
Department Of Human Services Is A Joke
can you believe that department of human services would be willing to keep a child from his mother claiming it is best for the child yet not caring that the child is getting worse because of it. only in iowa would department of human services get away with this crap. The television stations claim that they have it rough doing this to families and that they should be commended for this yet they dont talk to any of the families that have to go through this just to find out the facts of it but instead they just go off of what the department of human services has to say about it.
I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i get to sit in a chair and answer phones for 9 bucks an hour! wooooohooooooooo
Wal-mart Bias?
Bad Kitty Has Gone Crazy! Loco! Insane! *see Inside*
During my Happy Hour we are all gonna get CrAzY! I have 2 albums with 100 pix each - 200 pix in all Here's the payout: rate 200 pix 10's get 10,000 fubucks rate 100 pix 11's comment on each get 20,000 fubucks. During the HH I will write down all who complete the challenge and contact me thru private message than I will draw a name and that person will win a 3 day blast! So Let's get cRaZy! This Kitty only brings Good Luck! So Stop on by during my very First Happy Hour! Come Level Up On Me, The Best Fu Owner, and The Love of my Life! ~☠~. Bad Kitty .~☠~ @ fubar My Fu Owner ~ Haŵk@ fubar My Baby ~ The Bad Wolfy@ fubar I Hope to be seeing YOU! My Happy Hour begins Friday @ 7PM (PST - Fubar time)8PM MT, 9PM CST, 10PM EST With you there it will be just Puuuuuurfect!
Happy Birthday Kaliko!!!!!!!
Today is a VERY special day! Show Kaliko some love for his birthday! Birthday Cards, Drinks,Blasts, Tickers, FuBling Packs, Happy Hours...ALL THAT GREAT encouraged!!!! Stop by and show him some love! CLICK HERE!!! Click here and buy him a drink!!! CLICK HERE!!! Buy him a gift!!! CLICK HERE!!! Kaliko, we love you and hope that you have a great day!!!!!! From all of us!
Well, if I am friends with any of ya'll on myspace, I'm not there anymore. Myspace deleted my acct cause of my rebel pics that I uploaded the other day. I will not create another acct there. Anyways. Hope ya'll are doing good. Redneck
For All You Ladies Out There?
I am looking for women who would like to swap nsfw pics with me..... Either through email.... or camera phone..... preferably over cam phone though. If you are interested in swapping pics let me know and we will exchange our information later.
The Light And The Glass - Coheed And Cambria
Slowly the pen touches paper in the guidance of the words that you write. Memories roll in; of the things you once did and who you had shared them with. Is somebody thinking of you? Did I bother telling you this, with the words that cross teeth and jump lips? A poor choice of words, in wanting to tell you anything. But words don't come with ease. They're forever my hurt. Would it really matter, if you were to count the days left with your hands? Your focus secure and the loves you left; well smiles staged in photographs here until... You, you left the light on. There's a chance I might have tripped, girl You were there to hold on. [Chorus:] Ignoring the words of your obnoxious little brother; kill or be killed spilled the words from your mother. I'll lay awake for a while. I'll leave the light on a while. But you couldn't last a lifetime. Caught between here and the days of it; carving her name across your arm with every wish. It's hit or miss... her. I told you
You Think You Still Have Rights??
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Fly Beneath My Heart
every heartbeat inspires me Watch the wind fly beneath your heart, While you cry for happiness. Dreams have opened her wings, Welcoming you to fly to ever wonder. Where there is a hand of Love, putting his hands out to caress you. Your eyes fill with passion, As you melt away under the warm of the burning candle.
Just A Story
Everybody I know who has a dog usually calls him "Rover" or "Spot". I call mine Sex. Now, Sex has been very embarrassing to me. When I went to the City Hall to renew the dog's license, I told the clerk that I would like a license for Sex. He said, "I would like to have one too!" Then I said, "But she is a dog!" He said he didn't care what she looked like. I said, "You don't understand. ... I have had Sex since I was nine years old." He replied, "You must have been quite a strong boy." When I decided to get married, I told the minister that I would like to have Sex at the wedding. He told me to wait until after the wedding was over. I said, "But Sex has played a big part in my life and my whole world revolves around Sex." He said he didn't want to hear about my personal life and would not marry us in his church. I told him everyone would enjoy having Sex at the wedding. The next day we were married at the Justice of the Peace. My family was barred from the church from then on. When m
At Mclean School, Playing Tag Turns Into Hot Potato
At McLean School, Playing Tag Turns Into Hot Potato By Michael Alison Chandler Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, April 15, 2008; A01 A playground pastime is getting a timeout this spring at a McLean elementary school. Robyn Hooker, principal of Kent Gardens Elementary School, has told students they may no longer play tag during recess after determining that the game of chasing, dodging and yelling "You're it!" had gotten out of hand. Hooker explained to parents in a letter this month that tag had become a game "of intense aggression." The principal said that her goal is to keep students safe and that she hopes to restore tag (as well as touch football, also now on hold) after teachers and administrators review recess policies. The decision has touched off a debate among parents. Some call the restriction an example of overzealous rulemaking that fails to address root problems and undermines children's development; others say it's best to err on the side of caution.
Hump Day
Good Evening my friends and family I wanted to wish you a great Hump Day. We are halfway threw the week. Tom SEXY & HOT COMMENTSCLICK HERE!
Wondering .....
Don't mind me, just being a little existential for a moment. :p I was just wondering ... is there something you really wish/hope for? It could be a person, place, thing or event. What is it that you really, really want?
The Cuffed Angel (my Lounge)
Come check us out...We are brand fukkin new & worth taking a look at! Broadcasting a mix of music sure to satisfy you all.
Watching Movies Online
The quality is hit and miss, but most I've watched are pretty good, just some have so many parts to it. Today I watched Prom Night and Street Kings and they are still in the theaters or just released in the theaters. Hope you enjoy!
Glasgow Rangers' Steven Whittaker Post Sporting Lisbon
Glasgow Rangers' Steven Whittaker Post Sporting Lisbon Barry Translates for Darcheville After Sporting Game Sporting 0-2 Rangers - 10-APR-08 CIS Cup Final ( Penalties ) Watch More Videos       Uploaded by Sporting Lissabon v.s Glasgow Rangers UEFA Cup 10.April
"man Rules"
MAN RULES: 1: Under no circumstances may two men share an umbrella. 2: It is ok for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: a. When a heroic dog dies to save its master. b. The moment Angelina Jolie is standing in front of you and starts unbuttoning her blouse. c. After wrecking your boss's new car. d. One hour, 12 minutes, 37 seconds into "The Crying Game". e. When she is using her teeth. 3: Any Man who brings a camera to a bachelor party may be legally killed and eaten by his buddies. 4: Unless he murdered someone in your family, you must bail a friend out of jail within 12 hours. 5: If you've known a guy for more than 24 hours, his sister is off limits forever unless you actually marry her. 6: Moaning about the brand of free beer in a buddy's fridge forbidden. (However complain at will if the temperature is unsuitable.) 7: No man shall ever be required to buy a birthday present for another man. (In fact, even remembering your budd
One Month
One month from today, I will be moving to Texas and I just looked at my closet and I do not have many tank tops. I'm fucked. I nearly died of the heat yesterday and it was only 80 here yesterday. Ugh. -Smexi
Love On The Internet
Though I wasn't looking for anyone new, One day I got shout and in it was you. Charming, sensitive and so debonair, I strongly resisted it go anywhere. But the messages and shouts captured my heart, Filled me with passion almost from the start. Love on the Internet, how could it be? These things just don't happen to people like me. But doves and butterflies flew into our lives, Carrying messages we could not deny. Each person has meaning and love to express, And we could deny our hearts nothing less. It's a beautiful love that is growing between us, Something beyond any words we discuss. Much deeper than LOL, cyber kisses and such, Far down to our souls, beyond human touch. My love's not confined by what it can see, I feel you, I taste you, I experience your dream. Close my eyes, and I envision what in my heart I can hear, "Love knows no boundaries, no distance, no fear." It's the soul that captures God's love in a way That eternally melts hearts together
OK, so here was the friend request: Here's the resulting conversation. Start from the bottom. The asshat never bothered to read my profile or anything. I thin khe gave up when I started talking about the fruits and stuff. ->Sydneyguy: So are you going to answer my question? ->Sydneyguy: Big enough baby, big enough. Sydneyguy: wht size is ur tits ->Sydneyguy: Yeah, we do, but we just started being able to get them again.... will you fuck one of those? Sydneyguy: do u get Afonso mangoes?..sure u don't. ->Sydneyguy: You can still get them, can't you? YOu're not that backward are you? Sydneyguy: this is not cantelope season in Australia ->Sydneyguy: Would you stick your dick in a cantelope? Sydneyguy: no pets, but i pet my dick ->Sydneyguy: Dammit. No pets? Sydneyguy: i dont have dogs and i hate pets ->Sydneyguy: I'm not going to add you to my yahoo without knowing what you'd do for me... I don't add just anyone... I've been wanting to see a
Curling around, CAT-like Lips softly enveloping the head "No. No more than a kiss. Or, no more than a kiss for you." A whimpered, "Yes, Sir." One finger enters The gasp silences the squeal Hair tickling his thighs Caressing kisses beg to be nourished Two fingers Separating, circling Inserted, stroking Hips matching his hand's rhythm Kisses descending "Careful." A pout, though purring Driving back, meeting the third A sip of his sweetness Back arching, begging Tongue tracing down Swirling around his sack Then, four Passionate pleas: Denied Fisted, furiously Moans turning to deep groans Uncontrollably coming Deep, justified thrusts Faster . . . faster, still Shaking, shamelessly Overcome with ecstasy "No." Ignored, again Swallowing his shaft Tantalizing torture persists Bobbing, increasing suction Fingers expanding, twisting Stretching even more Continuous, excruciating climax A firm hand on the neck Explosion nearing Pumping vigorously Filling bo
Say I, The Story Of Those Who Prayed
She whisked away my soul, said I, to the demon who stood before me. She left me free to roam, said she, in a far and distant memory. Here I have seen exposed, said I, men and women burning gingerly. I will follow my muse when he goes said she, as she whispered on the fleeting breeze. Your essence will leave you soon, to me, such fleeting breaths are your last. But I have not lived long enough to rue, to her, to deport my baby from the nest. Your child will not know your rule, to me, nor a name to pick you from the mass. He has your eyes, and your fierce love, said she, in my dreams I can hear him cry. And with a handshake our time is up said he, is there noone to say goodbye? What do you wish to trade? asked the demon That only she lives and mothers my son and that her affection for him never wanes that he may go on and forever love.
She Had The World - Panic At The Disco
From their new album... it has a cool funky sound. I'm addicted :) Plus yanno, it reminds me of my life :/ She held the world upon a string But she didn't ever hold me Spun the stars on her fingernails But it never made her happy Cause she couldn't ever have me She said she won the world at a carnival But she could never win me Cause she couldn't ever catch me I, I know why Because when I look in her eyes I just see the sky When I look in her eyes Well I, just see the sky I don’t love you I'm just passing the time You could love me if I knew how to lie But who could love me? I am out of my mind Throw an old line out to sea To see if I can catch a dream The sun was always in her eyes She didn't even see me But that girl had so much love she'd wanna kiss you all the time Yeah, she'd wanna kiss you all the time She said she won the world at a carnival But I'm sure it didn’t ruin her Just made her more interesting I'm sure it didn’t ruin her Jus
Your Attendance Is Requested
LocNLoad67 & CCA would be honored if you would attend the celebration of our love together by the joining of our hands in Fu-marriage. Friday, April 25th at 10:00 eastern standard time In Aces up lounge. We look forward to celebrating our union with you!! Ivory Tigress will join the to in happiness so be sure to be there down below are the links to both lounges be sure to subcribe
Words From My Mind....
Walls built long ago, Begin to decay as time flows. Surrounding your heart to stop the blows, Fending off the pain and sorrows. Joy and life is all you sought, Yet turmoil and confusion are all that is brought. Why does love always seem to end in pain? Threatening to tear you in twain. Once again to the keep does your heart go, Seeking solace and refuge from the world’s woes. -------------------------------------------------- Dark horizon up ahead down this road that you are led. Walking out of the light down this dark road Alone you shoulder this load. Sun casting your shadow at your feet First meeting the darkness you now greet. "Merry met and Merry Be!" "Strangers no longer are we." The darkness is where you met your soul Alone with this shadowed self are you WHOLE. -------------------------------------------------- Step back from the darkness, All you have done you now bear witness Do not look into the light For there you will l
Jerome Rice Aka 'jrice'
Jerome Rice aka 'JRice' Rated my "My Picture" a 3.Anyways, this downrater's links are below View Downrater Block Downrater Leave Comment For Downrater
They say love never dies But it does leave an empty space Where a heart should be. I cried a thousand tears I died a thousand deaths Will I survive? Will my love return? I danced a million dances And prayed as many times. Will it help? I think not. So, shall I live or die? Life’s so wonderful Despite the sorrow. I’ll live and remember And learn to love again. written by:(head enforcer)
Going Offline For A While.
Seeing how I am having almost every weekend off with nothing to do than sit at my pc all day and night. I am going to log off for a while. Not sure how long yet. I know that I am pretty bored today and will be rearranging my livingroom which involves moving my pc around. That should take all night, but do I really want to allocate as much time as I have in the past chasing points? Guess I should be out in public (YUCK!) looking to meet some more friends that I can spend time with out in the real world. Kinda sux to make this decision after my VIP was just renewed, but I must find a better way to spend my time that doesnt leave me sitting here alone watching these sunny days slip past. My days of traveling are about over with. Need to concentrate on my new job so going places are out for now unless I want to move out of state to a new store, which wont happen for at least another 2 years. My main jist of this blog is to let you all know that I may not be replying immediately to m
Fatty Fatty Fatpants
Let me begin this blog with this statement: Yes, I do realize that I’m not the thinnest, most attractive woman ever. That being said, this site is like on big ego boost for me. It has absolutely nothing to do with the comments or ratings or gifts. It has to do with the endless stream of fatties in lingerie that constantly appear on the asshole rotisserie at the top of the page. Seriously people, I do realize that fatties need lovin’ too, but damn. There’s no way a man could ever be enough for bitches that big. In nature, when the female of a species is that much bigger than the males, three or four males have to jump on her back to mate. That’s usually only in reptiles and amphibians, though. In humans, where females are smaller than males, you should at least be able to tell where the sex hole is without lifting up a front butt. Chances are, if you’re humping a wet spot it’s just a really sweaty roll. But hey, if it gets you off who am I to knock it. Just don’t post pictures
Piss Me Off
below is a conversation i had with some guy. it just pisses me off...yes fubar is fun and not serious...but damn, its not like it was a stupid mum... and i needed to be told how dumb i am! its a freaking display pick of a pin up! if ya dont like it skip it!(if reading the below, start from the bottom) me: your right..its for if you get off on rating low like that..have at it... but its not very friendly ... and im gona block ya now... have fun jeffreyramz7: this is fubar.... jeffreyramz7: have to tell ya its not that important to my life to worry about someones rating....sorry me: but a 2??? have to tell ya darlin, your in the minority...if ya dont like it please dont rate it...there no gun to your head! jeffreyramz7: just lookin at the animated pic me: damn a 2?
Social Networking
You know I started this whole social networking like most of you did at myspace. I got the codes and hooked my page up. Then the lovely people at myspace kept changing everything and the codes didn't work anymore, so I went on to bigger and better things.   I found tagworld. They let me have multiple pages, host files and use javascript. They had this voting thing, you go to a page and you either vote or you didn't. Well I used the javascript in my page and made it so if you visited my page you voted, wether you wanted to or not. I was playing music on my profile and they didn't like what I was doing I guess, cause they took the use of javascript away from us, and stopped letting us upload just any file type. Here recently they reset the whole site and I lost all my files and info I had on there.   Oh well on to bigger and better things I guess. Been through friendster, and hi5, bebo, colonies, who knows how many forums, and that's when I started socializing.   Then I found los
Boys Night Out
Come See The Sexiest Men On fu Tigg Daddy~Pray For Allyssa~Michelle's Fu-Hubby~@ fubar DjDragon R/LBoyFriendToTink69 PlayboyOfClubTwisted OwnerOfTheShortBusCrew TamedByRogue&LirpaLoo@ fubar LORD SKULL™ ~ METALBOX ~ HEAD OF SKULLS ANGELS ~ ENFORCER @ WICKED@ fubar Wild Horse ~Lounge Expert~ ~Fubar's 12th Prophet~@ fubar ¤¶ÐJ PUЙK™∞HÅЯ£€¥BÅB¥§ HUBB¥∞¤♫§B®ÃÐIØ FÃIMIL¥♫@ fubar duey@ fubar ~♫ÐĵṔḥḯḻḂṹṝḡ360♫~Dirty South Crew 4@ fubar ¶PÃIЙT€Я™¤Ð§Ç¤ØWЙ€® §PI®IT £€V€£€®§ &§PI®IT§ Ð€Й¤♫§B®ÃÐIØ FÃIMIL¥ @ fubar
Coffee Adventure. 1
"My good man..." The pimpley clerk turns to me and yes, clerk, not barista "You got faggotry in my machiato, nut just faggotry, but sprinkles, and fuckdust and spirals of sugar! TAKE IT AWAY!" I might have flung scalding coffee in his eyes. "and not the good kinda faggotry like this- " After explaining my love for the kids in the hall, and the lasting cultural relevance, the kid behind the counter continued to scream about his boiled eyes and mauled face. I think under normal circumstances, he would have thanked me. This is starbucks after all... god only knows how I ended up in such a god forsaken stinkplot full of would-be hipsters, "screenwriters" and ...oh dear god... chai drinkers! Oh right... because no one in Kansas has heard of anything but a creamy double frap mocha latte with triple chocolate shavings, grande, half cream, nonfat whipped spray, light frothy foam, with a dancing whisper of nutmeg, quickorder with a GIGANTIC scone that was flash frozen and shipped f
Where oh where did kins poof to now???? This is like playing Find Waldo :s
Had To Make A Blog Since Stash Didn't Work
Do What Y'all Gotta Do....
Guess it's blog time, since I'm just sittin' here and I'm BORED OUTTA MY FUCKIN' MIND!!! Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm on here maybe 2 days out of the month (I drive a truck, so I'm on the road CONSTANTLY). Well, my truck is in the shop, and I'm just in the house (and suffering from major cabin fever lol). So this week, I have been on Fubar a shit load. And maybe I'm just new to this whole thing, but WOW, what's the big thing now? Bidding for pictures, or fu-ownership? Rate and comment bombing for "fu-bling"? Opening your "sweet treats" folder for a blast or happy hour? Good lord, I guess I'm just seriously out of the loop. I've been hit up in the shoutbox, inbox, and profile comments to rate, comment, repost, "whore-out", and down right purchase shit for a varied group of people on here. And for what? A chance to see you all over my homepage for a week or two? Honestly, as much as that scroll changes, I see all of you about 137 times a day anyways. Just had me real confus
This Must Be Love
Many,many years ago on a bus in Minnesota a pretty woman was on her way to Arizona, An army soldier seeing that the young woman was being harassed by three sailors, he proceeded to sit down next to her and sparked up a conversation as if they were best friends. They kept in touch for years though just letters a few hours on a bus started a relationship that would last a lifetime. The next time they met when he was on leave and they married. After seven children I was born. When my dad was 45 he died leaving my mom to raise us by her self. She never dated or remarried. Before she died at the age of 83 I asked her why she never dated or remarried. She said simply “ how could I am still in love with him and he is my husband no one else would do.” What a man to model my life by. In her eyes he was perfect. That the type love I am searching for, Undying and unlimited.
This Is Me
Okay so a few of you have asked me to describe myself and for those of you on here who know me leave comments if you think im missing something ok? S here i go my name is Jessica i am a mother of one beautiful 7year old little giant named jade i am 6' tall and i am very stocky i look like a line backer and yes i am being honest or an amazon if it fits better . i am in a relationship an have been for the last 5 years with the same gentelman named Jason. In fact we just had our 5th anniversay together YEAH!anyways as i was saying i am a stay at home mom for reasonsii will explain shoukld anyone need a reason. i love artistic stuff I am a painter as well as a writer and a backup vocalist. I love music i love dancing and singing as well as just hanging out with friends preferably sober because i just am not a fan of drinking. i am very artistic as i was saying i knit crochet read write draw needlepoint cross stitch paint and i love scrapbooking i love taking pictures and cant stand silenc
What Are Your Priorities Today?
What are your priorities today? "Most people are so busy knocking themselves out trying to do everything they think they should do, they never get around to do what they want to do." -- Kathleen Winsor When we clearly set an intention, our conscious and subconscious minds mobilize to help us meet that intention. At the start of each day, thoroughly review what commitments you have made to others for the day, and decide what commitment(s) you will make for yourself. What can you do today that will move you one step closer to your personal goals? Own your power to choose to meet your own needs. After all, we are much better able to help others when our own needs are met. And at the end of the day, when you've honoured your commitment to yourself, acknowledge your success. "If you want to make good use of your time, you've got to know what's most important and then give it all you've got." -- Lee Iacocca
Crystal Rainbows
Crystal Rainbows by Late Nite Fantasy© You gathered my song from colors of dimensional pathways, composed in weeping rains. You breathed upon my inner labyrinth a second skin; I wrapped you round my exposed roots and love grew a new concert. Into one musical movement we danced upon concrete walls with no marbled halls spun from celestial heartbeats where our symbiotic voices once vibrated in tune with the symphony.
Fu-bucks To $ Equivalents
Thanks to Heartistic Soul for this helpful chart! STICKY BULLETIN = 250000 1 TICKER = 250000 1 DAY BLAST = 375000 1 Bling pk = 599500 3 DAY BLAST = 600000 7 DAY BLAST = 1000000 30 DAY BLAST = 2500000 HAPPY HOUR = 5000000 $1= 50000 fu bucks $5=250000 fu bucks $10=500000 fu bucks $20=1000000 fu bucks $50=2500000 fu bucks $100=5 million fu bucks An 11 during hh is worth 57 points/fubucks
Own Me For A Month!
I'm in another auction. Cuz you know I'm such a whore and stuffs :| Yeah. Go bid. And if you wanna just randomly donate fubucks to me, that would be just the most amazingest thing you could do :D :D
This week has been the most stressful time that I have ever had, even moreso than all that crap at Canisius. Tuesday, my health insurance notified me that they stopped covering me in March. (No wonder I haven't been able to fill my prescriptions.) Wednesday, I had a meeting with the director of Early Ed., which I had expecting to be about me still working with Luke next year, even though the state wants to get rid of 1:1 aides. The meeting went quite differently than I expected. The state is getting rid of 1:1 aides. However, Luke and another child are still staying on and will be getting the support they need; just not from me. The two most senior 1:1 aides have seniority priority over me. Wednesday I felt as though my heart and stomach had been grabbed and wrenched. I was devastated; I still am. Not only was that job absolutely perfect for me, I love my immediate co-workers, and I have a very very very close bond with Luke. I was offered to stay on through the summer and next y
Your Touch..
have never wanted anything in my life As much as I want you When you whisper such sweet love In my ear when we talk You make me melt into a puddle Of complete helplessness You have become my every waking thought And my every dream at night I breathe in so hard Trying to catch my breath when we can't talk I close my eyes so tight Hoping when I open them you will be there But I know I have to wait Until the time is right It seems so far away That I think I am losing my mind I want to breathe in your scent And keep it with me all day long I want to taste your love for me By kissing your sweet lips I want to feel your body next to me So when you leave for awhile I can hold on I just want you to know That I really do love you How can you ache and crave for someone's touch When you have never felt it? I do this for yours, though, And the yearning grows more each day When the day comes and we are together You will always know and
Updates For Wednesday 5/7!
Good Morning Everyone! Profile of the Week: Fallen Angel ~ Demon Crew Co-Founder~ Member of the Stiletto Girls~FU OWNED by MASTER CAINShe needs 1,331,144 points to GodMother. Lets really get cracking on her stuff and see if we can knock those points down!! Reminder....We will have our weekly meeting tomorrow night (Thursday) on Yahoo at 9:30pm EST. ************Special Demon Crew News*************** Ashley is hosting a Happy Hour tonight at 6pm EST, make sure to support her and use as many of your rates as you can during this hour!! ************************************************** If you have any questions feel free to ask myself, Lori, or Scooter for help!
ccpro CCPRO is a new automated marketing system. The Carbon Copy Pro System helps a new person to make sales while learning to market and brand him or herself. When someone goes to your carbon copy pro site and fills in their information you have professional closers that follow up and call your prospects to answer questions and get them started in your business. That eliminates the hassle of having to follow up and close your own people when you have no credibility or success story. Carbon Copy Pro is a marketing system that provides an automated solution for promoting a "top-tier" direct sales opportunity with a company called Wealth Masters International (WMI). WMI is an extremely reputable company that offers financial education products that are in high demand these days.
Hornyscopes!! OK if this doesn't really paint a picture, not much will! I would have to say this is pretty close! AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19 Ruling Planet: URANUS. The God of unexpected sexual twists and turns Aquarians make much better friends than lovers, but when a typical Aquarian gets some bang-bang, it's more an intellectual experience than an emotional one. Looks aren't important to Aquarians in a relationship, it's the mind and spirit of a lover that turns Aquarius on.They are very entertaining in bed and are probably the most inventive of all the signs.Mental stimulation is more important to them than physical, which means that pornography gets them hot! Aquarians are impatient and like sex to be fast and satisfying. They are very particular about hygiene and contraception and sleeping around holds little interest for them. FAVE POSITION Mutual masturbation. BEST SEX TOY A Dildo. Whether gay, straight, male or female, Aquarians will have some fun with this
Can I purchase happy? Can I bargain success? Can I bribe love? Can I buy a vowel? I squint at the very notion, making my eyes even more invisible. God damn it I'm hungry. But for something specific. I mean, liver and couscous is great, and so is jalapeno doused salt-batter fried food, But where's the love? And the return trips to a buffet of welcoming marsala sauce. My head's shaved. And my shirts need pressed. And my job needs found. *shrugs* me and my puppy are going to bed. My parents are coming in tomorrow. Dinner, guilt trips, nagging, and hectics. Status Quo. Gotta love it. I've yet to celebrate my lack of homework assignments, and near conclusion to my education beyond video game marathons, and Frasier seasons running in the background. Vanilla cappucinos await. Along with something cheesey and sweet. Gotta live for those small over-indulgences. And yes, shaving my own head was an exercise in insanity. Watching things fall
Mrs I Got Them Hatin Is Also In
I'm in my 1st auction MRS. I GOT E´M HATIN@ fubar So please come and click the pick below and bid on me, you will see its worth it! If you got time you can also Rate, Add and Fan the host of the auction, she needs a lil help to go to godmother I'm a queen, I'm a Diamond!!! ~*~ but I'm still your cutemommy82 ~*~ owned by BiG PoPpA@ fubar
45 More Bling
I Need 45 ppl to do this to win my prize of my first Happy Hour.. if you can please.. fan/rate/add her.. tell her I sent you..must write my full name in your friend request "dina rocks| Owned by Texas Camaro Nut" Stephanie Lynn@ fubar ps. can ya please let me know if you did i can keep count myself. dina rocks | Owned by Texas Camaro Nut@ fubar ********************************** THE 15TH & 45TH PERSON TO DO THIS..WINS A BLING.
Name That Tune Round 13!!
Name that tune! Band and song title! First to comment gets 5k FuBucks! I will be playing this game all day so watch for my blogs in your bartabs! If you know the answer but don't want the bucks pls comment but don't give the answer so somebody can win the bucks! well I used to wake the mornin before the rooster crowed searchin for soda bottles to get my self some dough brought em down to the corner down to the country store cash em in and give my money to a man named "blank" old "blank" was a black man with white curly hair when he had a fifth of wine he did not have a care he used to own and old dobro used to play across his knee I'd give old "blank" my money he play all day for me (chorus)goes here :P he looked to be 60 maybe I was 10 momma used to whoop me but I'd go see him again I'd clap my hands, stomp my feet tryin to keep in time well he'd play me a song or 2 then take another drink of wine (chorus)goes here :P on the day old "blank" died
Happy Mother's Day
To all my friends & family!! A couple of people i really care about reminded me of a few things as they were sharing parts of their lives with me & made me think!! So i figured i would share some with you!! To all the mom's who raise their children alone without any help from Anyone!! Happy Mother's Day!! Sometimes you have had to be both the mom & dad!! Thank You!! To all the moms who are seperated from their children for one reason or another You need to know your children love you & always will!! The distance in miles does not stop love!! Happy Mothers Day!! To all the dads single by choice or not you have done your best and your children love you!! Happy Mother's Day!!! Some of the men that i know are both mom & dad!! Thank You for being who you are & the sacrafices you have made in one way or another!! To all the divorced parents Happy Mother's Day & Thank You all for being who you are to your children & for loving them!!!! Thank you for being both parents if & whe
My Niece Is Here!
My niece is here and she is having a birthday today!!!! Show her lots of lovin!!!! Tell her that Trouble sent ya!!!! ~contentinmyjunk~@ fubar Send her gifts and stuff!!!! Love ya babe!!! Brought to you by Miss Trouble™ Club F.A.R Team Capt - Suave's Fu Wifey@ fubar
Why Men Wear Earrings
A man is at work one day when he notices that his co-worker is wearing an earring. The guy knows his co-worker to be a normally conservative fellow, and is curious about his sudden change in "fashion sense." He walks up to him and says, "I didn't know you were into earrings." "Don't make such a big deal, it's only an earring," he replies sheepishly. His friend falls silent for a few minutes, but then his curiosity prods him to ask, "So, how long have you been wearing one?" "Ever since my wife found it in my truck."
Important Warning From Pakistan
This morning, from a cave somewhere in Pakistan , Taliban Minister of Migration, Mohammed Omar, warned the United States and Canada that if military action against Iraq continues, Taliban authorities will cut off America's and Canada 's supply of convenience store managers. And if this action does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by Dell and Sprint customer service reps. It's getting ugly, folks.
Hoehunter Goes To Venice?
Rules For Mandi
Rules for Mandi no hun we cant handel you so just kick back and relax and for godsakes take your meds lol...AND CHILL.
Women Like..
a beef eater I supose.But me,I like to eat P#ssy myself.
I know when looking for a bombing family, you look towards one with family loyalty.With the family I'm going to start,there will be loyalty,as well as respect from your brothers/sisters..Most important, support when you need it! It won't be like anything you've seen, on this site or any other.. What I'm proposing to do is accept members on a bike club rule system. You must prove your loyalty to become a member of this family.However you will not be asked to do more then show your willingness to bomb/level as needed, and prove that you can be a trusted and loyal member of this family..As such a probationary period(prospecting)will be necessary. Club patchs will be given out as loyalty to the family as shown..Any questions speak to a club officer..President, Vice President, Sgt.@Arms& Security, or Secretary..This is proving to be one of the greatest family's on Fu,Join us now! If you have what it takes you'll have an full patch like this one! ¶PÃIЙT€Я™ Pre
Sick Of Stupid Crap
I don't accept requests without a salute pic. I tell people this in a polite way even though it's stated more than once on my page. I had one of these conversation with the person below early yesterday. Then last night I got this: 11:30 PM Revolver -...: Hmm so you're divorced. What a surprise that is.... 11:44 PM ->Revolver -...: not sure what thats supposed to mean but whatever i guess 11:45 PM Revolver -...: It really wasnt meabt to be rude, really. 11:45 PM ->Revolver -...: k (After this point, I closed the top on my notebook & went to bed.) 11:46 PM Revolver -...: Just ignore me. You have your ways and that is just fine. Take care Hun. Directly after this exchange: Revolver - The ... re-rated you a '1' from a '10'! So, this morning I said: ->Revolver -...: funny... you insult me, saying it's not surprising i'm divorced... i mean how is that anything other than an insult? i reply, you say you meant nothing by it... i say k & go to fucking bed. then you get pissy
Its Only Two Hours Plz Help
The Watcher Is In A 2 Hour Bombing Shoot Out Tonight. He Needs His Family And Friends Help. He Was Admitted Into The Hospital This Afternoon For Chest Pains And Will Not Be Able To Work On His Own Contest. He Is Planning On Giving The 1st Place Prize To Another Fu As A Surprise (If He Wins It). All Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated. The Contest Starts At 6 PM Fu-Time, 8 PM Central, and 9 PM EST. Below Is His Contest Link. (repost of original by '~CONFEDERATE BOMBER FAMILY OF FUBAR ™©~' on '2008-05-15 13:58:57')
Hmm Wtf
ok cupcake i was trying to be nice but you wanna play games go ahead you hit everyone in thier sb and on yahoo driving peeps nuts ya know what we will have a nice and keep my lounge out of you little pisses mood ok if f*ck with my lounge dude your gonna have to deal with me by the time im through youll wish you never met me so if your smart back the f*ck off
Try This Again Lmao
Well on the first one I didn't agree with any they picked out for me lmao. Used a dif pic and got totally dif ppl lmao...
Fu-angels Team 1 Sha Just Got Her Halo!!!
ARE THERE ANY ANGELS OUT THERE... HIT ME HEART OF FIRE UP AND THEN FAN, ADD AND RATE THESE ANGEL'S TO BECOME ONE OF THEM. LET'S KEEP IT GOING SO WE CAN ALL GET GOOD FRIENDS.... ALSO, NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE NO GODFATHER OR BE PAST A CERTAIN LEVAL TO BE AND ANGEL. THIS IS JUST TO MAKE GOOD FRIENDS... REMEMBER TO FAN ADD AND RATE ME AS WELL LOL!!! "Heart of Fire"~Co of E.D.F.B.~ Club FAR~ I customize pic's!!! ~?PH3NOM3N@L UNBR3@K@BL3 M3?~ ?Thyckie Thyck? Club FAR ? The CoCo Diva (SpritLeveler) CaSpEr...W.C. M.(under boss purdyfam) NO FAKE PEOPLE PLEASE!!!!I WILL BLOCK YOU’RE A** ~*Deliciously Evil*~ **Member of I.B.N** ******JUICY DEE****** Angel Eyes Club F.A.R MEMBER Special R Kay Brown Eyed Beauty~Club F.A.R. Member and Proud Official Greeter of Club F.A.R.~ ~?LiL ShAwTy?~ (*BUST IT BABY*) FU-ANGEL!
And it's familiar this fact of flame of indulging images the salty dust devil winds spitting into silver helmets through shit splattered wings the beginnings and endings in which i salute the sun because i know it has to come today because a dream is like a nail becasue this room peels back the whole in my cup and so i tell you whoever you are plastic pen, paper, dicitonary i tell you the policemen sing the sanitation men whistle the distended body of military parades fly flags in wounds of dead words and the sad look of tribal warfare points every secound between sockets into the same flame of the zero hour and i know it has to come from me
Good Enough
I just absolutely LOVE this song ....... It is beautiful ...... There was a time when I FELT this song ...... BUT i learned to say NO .... and now I feel Good Enough for MYSELF .....still love the song ......
My Pimpout From Stewie
I JUST WANTED TOO KEEP THIS RePost This! She Deserves It! (repost of original by 'StewieGriffin - FuBaRs ONLY Source For Games, Fun, TV & More - PLS RATE PAGE!' on '2008-05-17 20:41:01')
9 Words Women Use
1. FINE This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up! 2. FIVE MINUTES If she is getting dressed, this means a half hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3. NOTHING This the calm before the storm. This means something, and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with NOTHING usually end in FINE. 4. GO AHEAD This is a dare, not permission. Don't do it!! 5. LOUD SIGH This actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she's wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of NOTHING.) 6. THAT'S OK This is one of the most dangerous statements a woman can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake! 7. T
A Swinger Couple Gave Me Thier Number
You can find me on the days and venue below: Sundays at Eisley*s, hooka louge and bar (just east of the city's square) on the cornner of Hickory St. and Industrial (212 E. Hickory Street, Denton,TX 76201). Every Sunday is Karaoke from 10 pm to 2 am. Tuesdays at Tx 8 Ball Bar and billiards 218 W. Oak St. in Denton, TX 76201. Karaoke, Contest Prizes, and Music Mixes 10 pm to 2 am CALL ME. 940 - 300 - 4454 Anytime day or night.
Vip Blingy Contest!!
VIP and 1 BLINGY PACK It's gnna be your choice if you win A Month VIP and 1 Blingy Pack! The contestant with the most comments at the end of 12 days will win the two prizes You may also win fubux on this one if you reach at least 2500 comments I will multiply you r comments by 10 and thats what you'll win (example2500x10 =25000) A FEW SIMPLE RULES ... The most comments wins the Grand Prize No NSFW Pics Or Course. Must Have At Least 2,500 Comments To Win Any Fubucks. Self Comment Bombing Is Allowed And Encouraged. Bombing Families Are Also Allowed To Help. Anyone Being Disrespectful Or Bringing Any Drama To The Contest Will Be Removed Immediately. You don't have To Be My Friend Or Fan To Rate or comment,but it will be helpful as i may post blog's or bulletins throughout the give away.However You MUST Have A Salute And Be A Level 5 And Above To Take Part. Please private message me with your entry pic NO shout box or profile comments they will be
Morning Glory Muffin
Yield: 10 muffins Ingredients * 1 cup all-purpose flour * ½ cup whole-wheat flour * 2 teaspoons baking powder * ½ teaspoon baking soda * ½ teaspoon salt * ½ teaspoon cinnamon * ¼ teaspoon ginger * ¼ teaspoon cloves * ¼ teaspoon nutmeg * 1/3 cup oats * 1 whole egg * 1/3 cup 2% milk * ½ cup applesauce * ½ cup maple syrup * 2 tablespoons lemon juice * 2 teaspoons vanilla * 1/3 cup crushed pineapple * ½ cup shredded carrots * 1/3 cup diced apple * ¼ cup raisins * ¼ cup walnuts Procedure 1. Preheat oven to 350°F. 2. In a large bowl, combine flours, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, and oats. 3. In another bowl, combine egg, milk, applesauce, maple syrup, lemon juice, and vanilla. 4. Pour egg mixture into dry ingredients and stir just until all ingredients are moistened. Do not over-mix. 5. Stir in remaining ingredients: pineap
The Girl U Pick To Take Home To Mom
Yep I returned...Seems this one has been on my mind for awhile..I soo love talking to friends and getting the side that makes the most sense..This Blog goes out to those wonderful men who have two sides to every move in their life...He grows up and falls in love..has kids..figures out he loves his wife no more she is not for him for some reason or another..He gets lonely..Ahhh the internet..the place affairs and dreams are made of.. Said He finds himself a sweetheart online, she is sweet and kind and kinda set in her ways..mind u lets remember he left his wife for such things cause she wasnt adventures, he cant be him with that ex wife...BUT never does said He see that is new sweetheart of choice kinda resembles his EX...soo goes the courtship, she is perfect he knows her..they share it all... NOW ladies are u ready..the ladies I am referring to..Said She, not at all like the sweet girl..our Lady she is open,loving,enjoys sex and fun times, loves to get dirty do all the things said
Busy Busy Day
Tomorrow I have 9 interviews to do then my Evals with my DM, gonna be a long ass day.. wish me luck, I need to hire 8 peeps for the store am opening up.. I'mma be a drill sargeant during the interviews.. should I make em
I Wish...
...that certain people would quit saying the same fucking thing over and over and over again, when they KNOW that I see things from a different point of view than they do. Then they wonder why I want to die...
I Miss It
i want to have it back...i want it back i want sumone to love me back the way i love them...i feel soalne and neva gonna find em
Memorial Day Tribute!
They Have Given Us So Much Don't You Think Its Time To Give Some Back? I Pledge To Love And Support All Members Of The Military I Will Do My Part And Stand Behind Them 100% No Matter Where I Am No Matter How Bad Things May Seem .. I Know They Give It Their All And I Am Willing To Give Back To Them I Thank You All For Putting Your Own Lives On The Back Burner To Protect Our Country And Give Us Our Freedom .. Support Our Soldiers Both Past And Present They Have Done And Are Still Doing A Tremendous Job!!! Go To Your Friends List Now And See If You Have Any Past Or Present Military Members If You Do Send Them A Thank You Pimp Them Out Send A Gift Or Buy Them A Drink Something Is Better Than Nothing At All... If You Don't Have A Member Of The Military On Your List Find One And F/A/R Them Do This As A Token Of Appreciation In Honor Of The One's Who Have Served And Came Home Hurt And In Memory Of Those We Have Lost!!!! And For Those
Friday Part 3 That Afternoon
Friday Part 3 that afternoon By Caty the Ghost © 2008 Lynda walked in as I was checking out my new self damn im a hot little bitch. “Woot where did Tomboy go?” ‘Im right here sexy like what you see?” “Sure do sexy can’t call you Tomboy any more as long as you look like that.” I just gave her my sexist smile and did a shimmy I thought shed take me then and there but she told me. “Its lunch time beauty queen so shall we go show off the new you.” We strolled out of Becky’s Salon and damn I had my arm around her waist like I was love struck puppy. Lunch was on the patio by the pool Kesha gave me a smile and whistled at me then so did all the other girls. Looking at Kesha I decided to have some fun with her about then the guys wandered down and let lose a couple of wolf whistles. Damn I have never gotten that kind of reaction before. I smiled at them hell I was still naked and not caring who saw me. Ok what’s with my new slut girl persona? Sandra is coming along ni
You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Too.
Here's to woman! Would that we could fall into her arms without falling into her hands. -Ambrose Bierce
Caution !!
Caution !! John the farmer was in the fertilized egg business. He had several hundred young layers (hens), called "pullets", and ten roosters, whose job it was to fertilize the eggs. The farmer kept records and any rooster that didn't perform went into the soup pot and was replaced. That took an awful lot of his time, so he bought a set of tiny bells and attached them to his roosters. Each bell had a different tone so John could tell from a distance, which rooster was performing. Now he could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report simply by listening to the bells. The farmer's favorite rooster was old Butch, a very fine specimen he was, too But on this particular morning John noticed old Butch's bell hadn't rung at all! John went to investigate. The other roosters were chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing. The pullets, hearing the roosters coming, would run for cover. But to Farmer John's amazement, old Butch had his bell in his beak, so it couldn't ring
True Love
Overstanding My Skirt
Twinkle, Twinkle...lil Star :)
Hey y'all! Lil Star Needs 50,000 comments to win her first Happy Hour! Right now, she has 10,221 of those comments. There's no time limit, but I'm sure she'd appreciate getting it done. Click the link below, and drop her as many comments as you can--I know she'd appreciate it! Also, rates count as ten points, so rate the picture while you're there, please! This bulletin brought to you by : ~*~Cotton Candy Kisses~*~ the Shadow Bombers Fu-owned by ‡±(Tarheel±Tilley)±‡ Proud B/F to Hunny27@ fubar
Come And Chat
come chat with me in my lounge temptation
Fireside Romance
Heat Of The Night by LateNiteFantasy© In the heat of the night Having sipped our wine We sat by firelight Onto pillows to recline We had cuddled close I lighting the fire Embraced longing Of a romantic desire From an outside chill Cloud covered sun To snuggling close In warm fireside fun Night of enchantment As passions ignite Hot stirring embers Into sparks of delight The radiance shines Love overflowing Intimate hungers By firelight glowing Into arms of longing Flames enhanced Wrapped in glows Fireside romanced Time lovingly spent Creating a spark Red hot embers Aroused in the dark
The Wooden Bowl
I guarantee you will remember the tale of the Wooden Bowl tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. The Wooden Bowl A frail old man went to live with his son, daughter-in-law, and four-year old grandson. The old man's hands trembled, his eyesight was blurred, and his step faltered. The family ate together at the table. But the elderly grandfather's shaky hands and failing sight made eating difficult. Peas rolled off his spoon onto the floor. When he grasped the glass, milk spilled on the tablecloth. The son and daughter-in-law became irritated with the mess. "We must do something about father," said the son. " I've had enough of his spilled milk, noisy eating, and food on the floor." So the husband and wife set a small table in the corner. There, Grandfather ate alone while the rest of the family enjoyed dinner. Since Grandfather had broken a dish or two, his food was served in a wooden bowl! When the family glanced in Grandfather's direction,
Windows Errors
On The Verge Of Everything
It\'s funny, how we start life so young, and spend over a quarter of it merely learning to live. They say you can do anything you want, become anything you want. We live in the land of the free, so why shouldn\'t our bounds be limitless? And yet as we get older, people laugh at our original dreams and ambitions. What adult still entertains dreams of being President or an astronaut or a rockstar? None of them do. We are told simultaneously we can do anything, and inversely indoctrinated to fit the status quo - to settle down and have kids, to become blue collar button-down Oxford psychopath slaves. Some people are not so easily forced into the same box as others. --- I\'m young, I\'m only 18 years old. And yet I\'ve seen things and been through things that would make most people crap their pants in a pure terror, overwhelming anxiety. Living on the edge is the only thing that keeps me going at times. It breaks the mundane realities of the real world. All those nights of
How's Your Love Life?
I keep seeing all these mumms and posts about true love and soul mates. Judging from my prior experience, seems like its all a bunch of hooey to me. Kind of like the J. Geils song: "You love her, and she loves him, and he loves somebody else, you just can't win." That's a little more realistic.
The Dragon Rock
This story begins with Once Upon A Time, because the best stories do, of course. So, Once Upon A Time, and imagine if you can, a steep sided valley cluttered with giant, spiky green pine trees and thick, green grass that reaches to the top of your socks so that when you run, you have to bring your knees up high, like running through water. Wildflowers spread their sweet heady perfume along the gentle breezes and bees hum musically to themselves as they cheerily collect flower pollen. People are very happy here and they work hard, keeping their houses spick and span and their children's faces clean. This particular summer had been very hot and dry, making the lean farm dogs sleepy and still. Farmers whistled lazily to themselves and would stand and stare into the distance, trying to remember what it was that they were supposed to be doing. By two o'clock in the afternoon, the town would be in a haze of slumber, with grandmas nodding off over their knitting and farmers snoozing
Fu-angels Team 2 Countrysissy And S.d. Chick Got There Halo!!!
An Asshat
Fu-angels Team 1 Emilyimax Just Became A Double Hitter!!!!
ARE THERE ANY ANGELS OUT THERE... HIT ME HEART OF FIRE UP AND THEN FAN, ADD AND RATE THESE ANGEL'S TO BECOME ONE OF THEM. LET'S KEEP IT GOING SO WE CAN ALL GET GOOD FRIENDS.... ALSO, NO YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE NO GODFATHER OR BE PAST A CERTAIN LEVAL TO BE AND ANGEL. THIS IS JUST TO MAKE GOOD FRIENDS... REMEMBER TO FAN ADD AND RATE ME AS WELL LOL!!! "Heart of Fire"~Co of E.D.F.B.~ Club FAR~ I customize pic's!!! ~?PH3NOM3N@L UNBR3@K@BL3 M3?~ ?Thyckie Thyck? Club FAR ? The CoCo Diva (SpritLeveler) CaSpEr...W.C. M.(under boss purdyfam) NO FAKE PEOPLE PLEASE!!!!I WILL BLOCK YOU’RE A** ~*Deliciously Evil*~ **Member of I.B.N** Angel Eyes Club F.A.R MEMBER Special R Kay Brown Eyed Beauty~Club F.A.R. Member and Proud Official Greeter of Club F.A.R.~ ~?LiL ShAwTy?~ (*BUST IT BABY*) FU-ANGEL! ? ? White Chocolate ? ? Wifey to ~Will~
Thought Of The Day
"Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength." - Eric Hoffer
Check Out My Website, Blog, Articles
I run a website The Thyroid Support Group of VA for thyroid and other endocrine disorders while focusing on healthy lifestyle choices. I also write a blog on that website and I post articles on Check out my website for details!! View articles I write for focusing on healthy living and lifestyle choices, how to maximize your own happiness, finding your inner self and of course, articles I write about the thyroid gland. How To Make Time For Yourself When You Are A Caregiver My website: My blog:
Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love (music Video)
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
I can't upload pics at all....hence the reason for not having a salute or a nsfw folder. I will take a salute to put up in a blog so u can see even if its not verified and for being patient and just cuz I am feeling like sharing myself lmao i got one pic for ya.
New Dream Teammember
~Butterflybaby Is A Precious Love~ Fu Angel ~@ fubar WELCOME TO THE TEAM
Love's Dark Side
Obsession, jealousy and lies by sign Ah, love… when we think about it most of the time, it's rosy. A place where comfort and passion blend to create a feeling we all want, need and crave. But what about when love turns bad? Obsession, cruelty, jealous rages, infidelity - all of these are part of the romantic road as much as (if not more than!) candlelight dinners and lust-filled nights. The good news is, love's dark side can be categorized astrologically. If you know what negatives to look for with each sign, then you can avoid falling into their traps! Below is your guide to the dark side of each sign in love. Gemini When a sign is represented by twins - that's right, two people - duplicity can rightly be expected. What will shock you with Gemini, however, is the degree to which their personalities can be split. The true pitfall? You'll get so caught up in their positive qualities that you will barely be able to believe the depth of their negative ones. This will only be compl
The Last Night
Yes I have my passport back, as well as my driver license, and even my cash. Its my last night here. WOW, what a 2 week adventure. I'll be on the plane tomorrow unless the police by tonight. I'll write more once I'm back in the states and some of the drugs have worn off. luv u Tara
Modern Day Uncle Fester
The Reason I So Appreciate Those Who Read My Profile.
In e-mail: Skirt Fetish: Thanks for the photo rates! :) Country1982: you welcome sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do u do any private shots?????????? Skirt Fetish: Have you read my profile? Country1982: yes i did but i believe in saying what is on my mind and u are sexually hot and i love giving oral and have the means to travel so i say what is on my mind. sorry if i offended u . have a great wkend! Skirt Fetish: i understand. and im not trying to be rude, but i highly doubt that we will ever be sexual together. :) you have a great weekend as well. Country1982: yes i doubt it 2 but life takes many wierd roads so i never say never. u r still very attractive and sexy good luck in learning golf Skirt Fetish: my answer is still no. please respect that and stop pushing the issue. thank you. THEN In ShoutBox: country1982: i'll stay in touch and who know we might just bump uglies some night! Skirt Fetish: probably not country1982: never say never/ have a great wkend Skirt Fetish: im
Klayton Of Celldweller-2
True Side Of Me
New Fu Owner
Introducing my new fu owner Demented187 OF FIREY HEART & SOUL FAMILY Go show him some mad luv ... F/R/A Him Rate his pics He dont have many ... Lets show him some fuluv ~~~Demented187 OF FIREY HEART & SOUL FAMILY.....Security~~~FU Owner Of 'MZ.BELLE'~~~ @ fubar
Three Days Grace - Pain - Three Days Grace I know that this week I have been a huge mess. Seems like the breaking down all the time, doesn't do wonders for the eyes. I can seriously tell that I have been sleeping very little and very restlessly. When I looked in the mirror the bags jumped out at me and almost scared me. As well as having the ghostly white coloring... Damn it, it makes me look old and ill! I wish that I could say I was all right, but I can't. I am unable to hide the pain that has taken over my heart and my body. This topsy turvy mood is atrocious. I can actually be smiling and laughing at one moment, and crying and not wanting to talk to anyone the next. I wish there were a mask to hide the pain, the pain that surely shows in my eyes and face. I need to feel strength somehow, I am so sick of this weakness.
June 7th -battle Of The Dj's Winners
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"Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time. It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other." - Leo Buscaglia
Pavlik Retains World Title In 3 Roun
Pavlik retains world title in 3 rounds By JOE SCALZO Vindicator sports staff ATLANTIC, N.J. — Let the record show, Kelly Pavlik did break a sweat Saturday night. Granted, much of it was due to warming up, but still. When you last as long as Gary “The Rocket Man” Lockett did, you take all the moral victories you can get. He sure didn’t come close to a real one. At the 1:40 mark of the third round, after Pavlik’s third knockdown of Lockett, referee Eddie Cotton stopped the first middleweight title defense of Pavlik’s career, putting an end to the “fight” in front of 7,168 fans at Boardwalk Hall. Gallery: Pavlik Pounds Lockett « prev | next » June 7, 2008. Kelly Pavlik, the humble hero of Youngstown, defended his middleweight title against Welshman Gary Lockett in Atlantic City, N.J. Pavlik stunned Lockett in the opening round Saturday night, dropped him to a knee twice in the second and by the third round Lockett's corner had thrown in the towel. Enlarge phot
Who Is Going To Survive On The 14th?
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Intellectual Seduction
intellectual seduction Category: Writing and Poetry Please allow me to slip into something a little more comfortable Something like, your mind I’m stimulated by your kind Because thought processes excite me Deep and Wet with the waters of critical analytical thinking Flowing like the rivers of time Can I gently caress your intellect? With concepts that I have created with mine As I undress your thoughts with my eyes I know what you want because imagination never lies The truth is all in your head I know, because so Am I It’s actually better that way Wetter that way Because these creative juices never stop flowing All the while knowing What I wanted you gave me a piece of your information Must be intimidation that has you seemingly nervous must be your first time Sharing your mind Don’t worry it won’t hurt But you might get addicted Because once you get the feeling it’s hard to stop no longer being restricted By physical limitations ha
Whats Love...really??
Some food for thought...this is LOVE. "Love is a basic dimension of human experience that is variously conveyed as a sense of tender affection, an intense attraction, the foundation of intimacy and good interpersonal chemistry, willing self-sacrifice on behalf of another, and as an ineffable sense of affinity or connection to nature, other living beings, or even that which is unseen. It manifests itself in feelings, emotion, behavior, thoughts, perception and attitude. It influences, underlies and defines major patterns in interpersonal relationships and self-identification." How do you like those apples?
Show Her Some Fu-love Please And Rate The Pic Too
Can you help rate this pic please.It's for Booboo and show her some fu-love to.
A Sharp Tongue...
A sharp tongue can cut my own throat.
Super Klutz Strikes Again...
Well holy schnikes. Just when I thought I was finally becoming more graceful, I have to go and prove just how much of a klutz I am. Either that, or show the world that I am starting to get old, haha. A few weeks ago I found myself re-arranging my bedroom in a more Feng Shui style. Supposedly, this should bring good energy to the room and help me sleep easier. I love the way it looks now, but sheesh, my hip hurt something awful about 3 hours later. I should NOT have been moving all that heavy furniture alone, but what else was I supposed to do? Later, at the bar, I tried to dance, and ended up stopping because my left hip was popping like corn. I tried my best not to look like such a square white girl as I hobbled over to the bar. I figured a few more beers and the good energy in my bedroom was all the consolation I was likely to get. The following week, my lil kitty Ahviendha ran away from the house, and I have spent hours, every two or three days combing the local pounds an
Help Her And Him Level Up To 22 Please
Can you help them level up to 22 please. Mississippi Princess@ fubar She needs 19,461 to go! and he needs 26,750 to go! mikey owner of nothing and nobody@ fubar show them some fu-love to their pages please.
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Omg I Has A Happy Hour
Thats right 7pm FUBAR time thats 10pm est time THIS sunday night I am hosting My first Happy Hour So please save some of your 11's and if you have time plz rate my stash. MOST OF ALL HAVE A GOOD TIME AND THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE... ۞§hay'sWorld۞@ fubar ALSO WOULD LIKE TO THANK METAL FOREVER FOR MAKING THIS HAPPY HOUR HAPPEN...SHOW HIM FUBAR LOVE TOO Metal Forever@ fubar
By And By
By and By by LateNiteFantasy© By and by, you and I do love. My minds eye we both fly, heaven above. Down to earth we test worth, bodies entwined. Near the hearth close like birth, single mind. It seems surreal, some new deal, A dream. Inside I feel something to real, you scream. Your body shakes, the bed quakes, strong spasms. Something not faked, quaint little lakes, multiple orgasms.
Blonde Joke 4
Blonde Joke #4 by LateNiteFantasy© Down the stairs she ambled with her swinging yellow hair Opened up her mailbox but she found no letters there. "Damn," she said and turned around and went upstairs, and then Minutes later, she returned and looked inside again. As the day went on, I saw her looking frequently. Since it was a Sunday, there was no delivery. I approached the lady, for she truly was a fox. Asked her why she kept on looking in the empty box. She replied by telling me someone was being wise, They had found a way to trick her right before her eyes. Programmed her computer so it told a lying tale Kept on misinforming her that she had gotten mail.
There's a shadow just behind me, shrouding every breath I take, making every promise empty, pointing every finger at me. Waiting like a stalking butler who upon the finger rests. Murder now the path called "must we" just before the son has come. Jesus, won't you fucking whistle something but the past and done? Why can't we not be sober? I just want to start this over. Why can't we drink forever. I just want to start things over. I am just a worthless liar. I am just an imbecile. I will only complicate you. Trust in me and fall as well. I will find a center in you. I will chew it up and leave, I will work to elevate you just enough to bring you down. Trust me. Mother Mary won't you whisper something but what's past and done. Trust me. I want what I want.
Raven Totem Magic, Healing, Creation If a raven totem has come into our life, magic is at play. Raven activates the energy of magic and links it to our will and intention. With this totem, we can make great changes in our life; the ability to take the unformed thought and make it reality. The raven shows us how to go into the dark of our inner self and bring out the light of our true self; resolving inner conflicts which have long been buried. This is the deepest power of healing we can possess.
Html 26
INSERT TEXT HERE ***special thanks to Fat Sonny, who's code for this bulletin i blatantly stole :o
cogent KOH-juhnt, adjective: Having the power to compel conviction; appealing to the mind or to reason; convincing.
Full Moon
Lay By Lady Katherine
Lay Lay upon my thicket bed share my flesh tangle sheets-dampen pillows Lay upon my wicked body share my soul Desire my lust Hunger for my thirst. Lay upon my spirit. feel my gentle breathe carrassing your every want. Lay upon me needs feel my flame,my inner heat, Scorching,enduring my fire within. Lay upon my passion, Bite upon my skin feed my darlin-like the master of the nite. Lay upon my chest,hear the rumbling of my heart. Pumping my blood,within the molton lava of seduction.within my burning womb. Lay upon the thicket bed_feel what is insdie me. Flesh of my flesh. Desire of my desire. My life within yours. Give unto me all of your desire. Unite me with your passion,burn me like a scorching river of erotic stream. Savor me with your hunger Dig into me with all of your essence.Do with me,as a master to a slave.Chain me,tie me,till I can't breathe,Smother me with your greatest power.Make me yours_bring me to my knees. Make me beg for that place I need to
It is not length of life, but depth of life. - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Country Girl With Corn
I am your naughty country girl playing in the barn where I found an ear of corn. MMMMMM!!!!!!! What fun can I have with it?! CUM on over to the wild side and see what I do with the corn!!! CUM see the video "Sweet Corn Fun" that goes with this set. You will be surprised how many times I squirt and cum in the video. XOXO Love XOXO Exotic Flame -- Hugs and Kisses Exotic Flame
Thanks To Xciteme For This Great Bully!
MORTICIA / REAL LIFE GF OF SGT. RAIDER!!!, I'm a Sarge's Bad Girl and Stiletto Girl!@ fubar Can ya help me level. I'm at about 65K and I'm tired of being stuck at this level. Anything helps! A gift blast, bling, rates, etc. :) MUAH! Morticia Go rate 100 pics or send her 1 bling and I will morph you!! Get busy people! offer expires as soon as we get Morticia leveled!!! Message Unbreakable when you are done
Sex Games From A To Z {u V W And X}
Under No Circumstances. You gotta love this one, and it is a game of mind over matter. It also requires a hell of a lot of willpower. Without ting your partner's hands or confining him or her in a way, announce that he or she cannot touch you no matter what you do. That means you can't touch a woman if she does a lap dance or even if she sucks your dick. Same goes for the women. No touching whatsoever or you will have to pay the penalty. My suggested penalty is that you must perform oral sex on your mate for 12 hours straight if you fuck up (hehe). Vision Quest. Bet your partner something sexual in nature and then go outside. Pick a certain item such as a red canary or a squirrel or a butterfly. Whoever is the first one to spot the object--and yes, it must be verified by the other party to prevent cheating--wins the game. If you really want to get creative, play that old favorite Cars and pick a certain make or model of vehicle beforehand. Whoever's turn it is when that type of car
Welcome New Friends
please note that i will not tolerated being direspected,i will delete and block,i have nsfw pics up for you to enjoy if wanting to they cost 50 if anyone wants of my list tell me now.i hope we enjoy each others friendship and have fun ty susan
Our Moment In Time
Our Moment in Time by LateNiteFantasy© OUR MOMENT IN TIME Come with me. Let me take you by the hand And lead you to a higher place. Let us escape from reality for a while. Let me take you where time stands still; Where we will leave duty And responsibility behind us. Let your spirit break free, Untethered by the chains of life. Let me bring you to my lips, My arms, my waiting love. Drink in the nectar from my fountain And let me drink from yours. And if, in our moment, I should say “I love you” Please don’t turn away Or make too much of it. For, at that moment, When we are one in body and soul I do love you so. All too soon, our flame Will flicker and die, And our dance will end. Let me matter to you As you do to me. For in our moment in time You are my love, my Angel My salvation from loneliness. I would wish the dream to last forever; But, too soon, we will awaken; The dream will fade Into a pleasant memory; And we will go on to mee
Fu-own Me!
Yea so I need a Fu-Owner to spoil me. Lol.
Inferno by LateNiteFantasy© His tongue,the wand of dreams flicks against her lips she quivers with delight as she raises high her hips His hands keep her steady as the inferno burns within her juices flow like waterfalls running off his chin She begs and pleads and whimpers please fuck me with your tool she wants him he wants her as they both begin to drool Suck my cock he whispers fuck me hard she cry`s the inferno it is growing they can see it in their eye`s He enters her with passion she moans i`m loving this she feels his tool engaging in the inferno moist abyss He explodes with a roar for him its not the same to extinguish the inferno thats become an eternal flame.
The Last Letter I Will Write My Ex.
She sent me this video. attached to a letter i wrote her on the 1st of june. Assemblage 23 - Maps of Reality (Lyrics) This is the response i sent back to her. that was funny. the only thing i am guilty of is loving you. i had always taken the blame for you. if you think you won. yes you did. you defeated me. you broke me. even now i still stand up for you. i just want to start my life over again. the blame has always been on me. because i did what i could to try to save our marriage. I shouldn't have ever listened to Lydia and my dad. but you see where they are now. please don't ever contact me again. yes i do still have feelings for you and your daughters. but i want to live. i will keep my promise to them. that at least shows them i still love them. good bye Sabrina king. have a wonderful life. and that said, i know she is probably someone on my friends list. but i stand by who i am. but right now i want to start my life over again. i lived as a slave just to make her h
L;ast To Klnow Lyrics From A New Singer
If there's a reason, that you're leavin' won't you tell me why So many questions, left unanswered You keep them all inside when im with you, when you're near me You feel so far away You wanna hold me, you need to tell me, but there's nothing you can say Chorus I was the last to know, the only one who couldn't see I was the last to know How much you wanted to be with me If only I had known That I was tearing you apart If only you had known I would have given you my heart Too scared to let you know How much I need you I need you here to stay and if you're feeling, the way I'm feeling then I wish that you would say It's such a waste of time, to have to say goodbye if we both feel the same if we nver say what we are feeling then we have ourselves to blame
Sometimes the hardest words to say can make or break a heart Sometimes the smallest thin will tell you if you'll ever part Don't need some flashing light or neon sign to read your mind They say that truth like this is hard to find Chorus I, never knew what trust felt like I never knew what love felt like I, never thought that this could be I, don't fall in love that easily It takes a lot for me to open up to anyone It takes some time before I do, I usualy up and run But in my night, your sun is rising up into my sky I never falter, try to reason why Chorus Bridge It's such a cliche, that we ended up this way Boy meets a girl and girl falls in love and I'm the one who's usually cynical I'm the one who knows it all But i never knew that I I would come undone for you!
Just My Luck
I called my Dr's office yesterday afternoon, to let him know that I still had pain. He was busy at the moment, and they called back at 430, saying that he had left, and that they would let me know what my next step was. They call me this morning, to let me know that he's on vacation til after July 1st. I a little miffed, because I have 2 days of pain pills left, and I need them sometimes. Back to Alleve I guess. On a side note, I've gone against Dr's orders, and have started walking on our treadmill. I rested it for 2 weeks, and the only time it's felt good is when I'm walking, so walking I shall do. Besides, I need to do something to lose a few pounds.
im sick of hurting.i wish i didnt have to but i guess its what life is all about.people come and go and they always leave there mark weather you like it or not . it sucks and people are fucking mean
Celeb Prom Date
Celebrity Prom Date Quiz by Funny Quizzes!MySpace Quizzes | Stupid Test | Fun Quizes.
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr Fucking Grrrrrrrrrrr
Supreme Court Rejects Environmentalists' Border Fence Case
WASHINGTON, DC, June 23, 2008 (ENS) - The U.S. Supreme Court today decided not to hear a plea by two environmental groups to limit the Bush administration's power to waive laws in order to construct a fence along the U.S.-Mexican border. In April, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced that he was waiving 36 federal laws, including the Endangered Species Act, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, the National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act, and the National Environmental Policy Act, in order to speed up construction of over 300 miles of border wall. In their lawsuit, Defenders of Wildlife and the Sierra Club allege that the secretary's use of the waiver is unconstitutional. They argue it would take an Act of Congress to set these laws aside. Congressman Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat who chairs the House Committee on Homeland Security and 13 other Members of Congress, including six committee chairmen, submitted a brief urging the Supreme Court t
Plz Passon.sun Dancer's Killed Another Seriouse!!!!
Just heard from Philenese Slaughter that JJ Kent and Cat were in a terrible wreck on the way back from the Sun Dance. Cat was killed immediately and JJ is in Critical care. They are traditionalists who have been attending and participating for some time in the Sun Dance. Although Cat is gone she needs prayers for her journey and JJ for recovery.Please say a few prayers for them. Thanks, red tree woman
Why can't you stay in the bed that we lay in the bed that we made whatever it may just please stay stay in the bed that we made
Re: Government Permission Required For Parents To Kiss Children
RE: Government Permission Required For Parents To Kiss Children ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 26 Jun 2008, 13:40 Government Permission Required For Parents To Kiss Children Sweeping new policies set to be introduced in the UK will mandate parents to get government permission to kiss their children or take them to the swimming pool in public, measures that are "poisoning" relationships between the generations, according to respected sociologist Professor Frank Furedi. http://www. prisonplanet. com/articles/june2008/062608_government_permission. htm
Circumference Of Us
Circumference of Us by LateNiteFntasy© "I'm caught in your concentric circles." Dark a moment ago before I awoke to your breast in silhouette shadowed in twilight. I imagine my form its shadows curving over you concentric darkness slowly covering you. Before the first fingers of sunlight caress us we slip in our faint sphere encircled in sensation. Later we roll in sunrise, slip from each other's arms still curled from the night, in the circumference of us.
Special Prayer Request...please Read
I ask ALL of my FU FRIENDS, REAL LIFE FRIENDS, FELLOW FUBARIANS to come together as one and PRAY for a very good friend of mine, A member of CLUB UNITED, and Leader of the pack...LETS RIDE. He is going in for Surgery Tommorrow Friday June27. Im not going to share the personal nature of the surgery but i DO applore you ALL to please take a moment from FUBAR and say a prayer for this AWESOME guy. A friend who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. I also ask you visit his page and give him some FULOVE to let him know he is in your prayers.... I RARELY ask for much from anyone...but I AM NOW!! PLEASE GIVE A PRAYER to my BRO Jeff...AKA Wizard3461 This Bulliten copied and altered by ©§nIpEr ® H@rleyBaby69s SECS SLAVE
Fook You If You Dont Like It
thats right fook you guss!i dont give a fuck if you like who i am or if you like what i do. im a stripper, a carpet tech, a receptionist and swim instructor. i love to dance sing listen to music and have also a body modification freak and concrete kinda shoe sex junkie hahahahahha gotta love wendy o and that kickass band the plasmatics. im also extremely anti religious.I may be a dirty sinner but i'll never stop because you dissaprove. about regrets i have a few my biggest being an issue in my tummy tum.thats life. This is me.Im not taking shit from anyone fuck with me all you want.ill fuck your day up :)
Lost In Bookstore
A friend and her young son, Reid, were browsing in a large bookstore. Engrossed in making a selection, my friend had lost sight of her child. "Reid!" she called out, racing through the aisles. "Reid!" Just as she spotted the boy, she bumped into another customer. "Pardon me, ma'am," he said, "but most folks come here because they already like to read. No sense in wasting your time trying to convince them."
Snipers First Happy Hour 6 Pm Fubar Time
An Evening For Two
An Evening for Two by LateNiteFantasy© Lovers meet, Feel the heat Candlelight, Fire bright Shadows dance, Wicked glance Sip of wine, Limbs entwine Arms enfold, Hands grow bold Fingers seek, Knees grow weak Eyes implore, Ask for more Lips excite, Tease and bite Tongues glide, Slide, collide Hearts pound, Fevered sound Groins press, Rub, caress Passions rise, Throaty cries Clothes are shed, Beside the bed Bodies join, Groin to groin Stab and thrust, Lost in lust Sighs and moans, Gasps and groans Mounting force, Hot sweet source Heaving rush, Flooding gush Weakened bliss, Deep wet kiss Wrapped in pleasure, Nighttime treasure Lovers sleep, In hot damp heap I love you - I know you do You are wonderful - Yes, I know I am You make me feel like a queen - Your supposed to feel like a queen No one has ever loved me as you do - I am the man of your dreams We will be together always - Oh yes we will - Marry me Oh yes, yes I will marry you
Elmo Bling Auction/closed
OK No Drama I'm sick of it! I'm going to auction off an Elmo bling if this goes well I may a jet as well. So I started the bid on elmo @100k Please place all bids here cause my sb is nuts and I don't want to miss a bid. This Auction will Close Wednesday @ 10pm eastern!
Just Because
Yeah. That's It
I had no choice but to hear you You stated your case time and again I thought about it You treat me like I'm a princess I'm not used to liking that You ask how my day was You've already won me over in spite of me Don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are I couldnt help it It's all your fault Your love is thick and it swallowed me whole You're so much braver than I gave you credit for Thats not lip service You've already won me over in spite of me Don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet Don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are I couldnt help it It's all your fault You are the bearer of unconditional things You held your breath and the door for me Thanks for your patience Youre the best listener that I've ever met You're my best friend Best friend with benefits What took me so long I've never felt this healthy before I've never wanted something rational I am aware now I am awar
They Get It!!
People Dissin On Nuthin
i cant believe people call me a whore on here how am i a whore wehn i have 2 beautiful kids an a great man that takes care of them an that makes me a whore i figure a hore is somone that sleeps wit fuckin everything an everybody so whomever called me one must be one themselves cause odviously they dont think before they say shit jus cause im 19 that dont mean shit age is jus a number an i know hwo to take care of my self
Guy Who Killed Two Gray's
Beauty From Pain
Beauty From Pain Life is far from simple. Soul searching for numerous years, I found myself often wondering Why I kept shedding all the tears. I've cried my share of oceans, Deep purple and Hawaiian blue. But something wonderful happened... The day that I left you. I realized you never loved me, It was all just a game. Reality whispered in my ear "To him it's all the same!. Fish don't need bicycles... Don't waste your precious time. Try relaxing in the summer sun With a Margarita, salt and lime." Reality clearly spoke the truth, As I watched the waves roll in. My drink was cold like you, And the sun warmed my heart again. In the end, I owe it all to you, Realizing selfish people simply have no place. But beauty from pain I grasp on to... And I surrender to with grace.
Short Sweet Love Poem
Short Sweet Love Poem by LateNiteFantasy© Short Sweet Love Poem I want to taste that cotton candy desire from your skin Drizzle honey down your spine so that my tongue can play along that sweetened trail I long to inhale the spices from your pores Kiss the cherries from your lips And drink the nectar from you until we're both too sated to move.
She's A Beautiful Girl * Stalker -i Don't Know The Title Yet
you watch me i see you all the time where ever i go i know you're around it's a strange mix of fear and curiosity that makes me search crowds for your face you stalk me you say i'm exotic a strange and quirky girl who arouses a mixture of curiosity and lust that makes you seek me out restlessly and covet me you want me but i'm not yours and i never willingly will be a combination of anger and desire is painted on your face when i see you it makes me afraid afraid to go out at night to drive aimlessly and feel the excitement that beautiful life freedom and peace that i used to own is fled because you showed up what will you do when you finally decide that i'm not going to evade you any more? that is my greatest fear terror and panic sometimes grip me in the night why can't you leave me alone? one day i'm afraid that you'll grab me on a darkened street or in my own home and spirit me away i ponder and wonder what it is th
4th Of July Waterfront Good Times
Before I get into the 4th of July I wanted to mention I saw Wanted yesterday. I thought it was very good. Yes at the beginning the story did start out a little bit slow. But that part of the story was pretty important because it shaped a lot of the movie. For some of the boys and some of the girls yes Angelina looked amazing in this film. I think all the Tattoos helped. Of course it was a shot um up kind of movie so the action part of it was pretty good. I won't say what the plot twist was (isn't there all ways one in the good action movies) but I liked it and thought it was pretty good. Hey if you like That kind of movie or Angelina you should like the movie. Before the movie there was a preview for the new Mummy movie. I'll admit when I heard that their was a new one I thought "Why" but after the preview this one looks pretty good, oh yeah and Jet Li plays the "Bad Guy" it looks pretty sweet. So on the 4th of July I did make it down to the Marina. I wanted to g
Batman Vs. The Dark Knight
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Everything Is Beautiful
That Makes A Change To Have A Title Before You Are Finished.
It has taken me three days and two murders to finish editing and writing one story. I feel for the people who will proof-read it though and judging by the gasp of despair, from he who knows all, the Title of the book is too long and convoluted. Anyway, it is one down and six more to go, so maybe in a month of Sunday's it might be finished. Not that it matters because we will not be going to Goa until November 2009 so there is plenty of much needed time I must thank everyone for their wordless support because silence speaks volumes as the baboon almost said in a manner of speaking right at the end after one of his troop was unseated due to a delivered apology from Beryl for his stung seat. Beryl is more than just a honey-nosed bee she has a sting in her tail but love in her buzz-box, bless her. OH the Title, yes it is too long but it is food for thought. He who has the compeetoes, his words, asked if I wanted a spinless book again so I pointed out that it was just a base t
070814 Kiss Fortune
Love is anything but free. Work at it, try, risk, listen and wait right now but be available and the returns will be great.
My Ridiculousness
I know I am just being ridiculous but I can not help myself. I have a boy and I love him but I can not help but feel I am over saturating him with my presence. I want to be able to just give him time away but it hurts me when I don't get to see him or hear from him. I feel like I have nobody all my friends are to far or to busy to hang out with me anymore, things are just so different than it use to be. I use to be without a guy just fine I don't know why he effects me so. I just wish I didn't have to ask him to hang out with me every time. Today has been a worse day than normal. I was so ready to hang out with him after work I brought over my computer and my cuddle blanket and he just took off after work and hasn't called me since I was really looking forward to seeing him today too... so much suckage ... I'm not okay. ~All I ever wanted was to be rescued from myself~
The Nude Revolution (nudist
Courage! Watch This Woman Speak Truth!!
A guy and girl were fucking and when they were finished, she started stroking his cock. He said " Oh, do you want some more? " She replied No, I'm just admiring it, I used to have one." My friend John sent it to my phone I thought it was funny
George Carlin On Aging
George Carlin on age 102. (Absolutely Brilliant) Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids? If you're less than 10 years old, you're so excited about aging that you think in fractions. 'How old are you?' 'I'm four and a half!'You're never thirty-six and a half. You're four and a half, going on five! That's the key! You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead. 'How old are you?' 'I'm gonna be 16!' You could be 13, but hey, you're gonna be 16! And then the greatest day of your life .. . You become 21. Even the words sound like a ceremony. YOU BECOME 21. YESSSS!!! But then you turn 30. Oooohh, what happened there? Makes you sound like bad milk! He TURNED; we had to throw him out. There's no fun now, you're Just a sour-dumpling. What's wrong? What's changed? You BECOME 21, you TURN 30, then you're PUSHING 40. Whoa! Put on the brakes, it's all slipping away. Befor
My Lil Sis Joined Today Hit Her Up
Stay Away, Come This Way...
You told me to stay away you told me to take this way you told me go away you told me come this way make up your mind he wants me he wants me not he wants me he wants me not i'm not sure im confused give me a proper sign am i for you are you for me
Blue Rodeo: Rain Down On Me
Cutting Crew
One More
MissHoneyPie Needs 178,217 To Henchwoman..So Let's Help Her Out Also.. Miss Honeypie
some asshat marked one of my APPROVED salutes nsfw. dick face. grrrrrr
What I Can't Post On Myspace
I have a friend that's still number one on my friends list unless of course he dumps me off there too. I met him back in April and he had me with his silver rings and tattooed hands. We were discussing tattoos and tattooing and he said he had wrist problems and when he first touched my wrists to compare how small his were like mine, I fell for him. May 30th I would say he walks into my room after I let him in and I'm sitting there with a hammer minding my own business and taking a break from hanging up tin signs all over my new room. He invites me to his room. Off and on in June we sort of saw each other and though he broke it off twice we always drifted back to each other. I never started any of it but treasured every moment of it. At the beginning of July I move into the same room with him and for two weeks I'm in pure bliss, but knowing that he's a) intoxicated and b) schizophrenic this wasn't going to last. It's a blessing in disguise cause now I was able to qui
A Whisper
Some Times You're The Prince, Sometimes You're The Frog
Cyanide & Happiness @
Trying to figure out what gives more points and such.
From Childless Mother To Another
Sweet lady, my friend of sorrow, My Shoulders are here if ever you need to borrow. Nothing can replace the unborn life that is lost, Alas, because of false love, the child paid the cost. The pain you feel, I too have known. So rest assure my friend, you are not alone. For many years I have mourned, The death of my child because of a love scorned. Even today, I still feel the hate, I wanted my baby, but now it's too late. But still You and I can not let our hearts turn cold, We still have a chance to have another baby to hold. We lost our children because of the beast, Who burdened our lives, And on our fear they did feast. Now the beast are gone, No More shall they stay. Without them in our lives, slowly the fear will go away. Remember it is they who could be to blame, Either way, in the end, it is they who shall burn in the flame. Our strength shines through for they prove themselves weak. Think on them no more, for now Your inner peace yo
Thank You Everyone
This is just a quick thank you to everyone that helped me make God mother. It's been a busy 2 weeks getting here but I've finally made it. There are way too many folks to thank right now. I've got to go thru the lists and make sure I give everyone the proper fu love they return. Special shout outs go to Bull and all of his loving friends, to Fat Sonny and friends and to the Shadow levelers. Without you I would have never made it. And of course special love to all of my friends that have been there for me through out this process. I truly feel loved. You all freaking rock!!!!!
He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own. — Confucius
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Wanna Watch It Grow
[As arrogated by James Earl Jones} When his first attempt ended in complete failure, Jimmy Komet took it hard. But he NEVER LOST SITE OF HIS DREAM Now, he’s at it again. Did he learn nothing from his previous failures? Clearly, he did not. Is he a moron? or is he better prepared? My money is on Moron. [cough] To be considered for the right to be judgmental, please visit the following web site link to Halley’s Komet: the wildest ride in the Universe” and click on subscribe. Now a message from Jimmy--I was the voice of Darth Vader you know…! [cough] And now Jimmmy A call out to all my friendz- ever wondered what went into starting a lounge from scratch and watching it grow, change, evolve and soon become a popular place to meet interesting people…with music you know and love. I invite you this opportunity to do that. Visit my lounge and click subscirbe. I am there on occasion, but at the moment I am lining up things behind the scene.
Turning The On And Off Buttons!
I just think its time to let go since basically,you have been playing with my feelings and my emotions. What happened if I may ask? One min we were crushes and talking about fu marriage and then I see a Love Story on another woman's page? I am stronger then this bull crap that's for sure. I am sick of the other chick always coming to my page and being super damn nosy with my blogs,pictures,stashes, but does nothing. I am way better then she is and I feel I will complete this to an end of this blog right now. There is an on and off button to the computer life world and I am doing it now.
massaging your toungue with mine i begin to kiss down your body : softly kissing your lips i move my hand down to your leg and i begin to trace my finger tips over your inner thigh only slightly touching your pussy ****: and then : one hand cupping your breast the other supporting my weight : slowly circaling your nipples with my toungue on ****: mmmmmmmm : lay you down and i begin to kiss your stomache makeing my way slowly to your breasts : take your hand and lead you to the bed : gently bighting your shoulder your nails scratching my back ****: very nice : feel your hands on my bald head hear you moan softly : kissing your neck down to your shoulder ****: mmmmmm Above is a shout box conversation i had with a woman who out off no where blocked me. Who she is isnt important her comments are marked with **** my question to the ladies is what do you think or guess is the reason she blocked me?
Comments & Suggestions
Hello everyone and ty for comin to Soldiers Playground2!! We always look foward to ur comments, suggestions and support. So feel free to leave us a message and tell us what you think, feel, whatever!! Also don't forget to show the love, support, respect to our soldiers, veterans and lets not forget our families!! Without the families there would be no respect, support to them soldiers & veterans!!! American Soldier - Toby Keith
Karadzic 'worked In Serb Clinic'
Karadzic 'worked in Serb clinic' Captured war crimes suspect Radovan Karadzic was living in Serbia's capital Belgrade and practising alternative medicine, Serb officials say. He was sporting a long white beard and calling himself Dragan Dabic, said Serbian minister Rasim Ljajic. The former Bosnian Serb leader was arrested on Monday near Belgrade after more than a decade on the run. He has been indicted by the UN tribunal for war crimes and genocide relating to the war in Bosnia in the mid-1990s. The UN says Mr Karadzic's forces killed up to 8,000 Bosniak men and boys from Srebrenica in July 1995 as part of a campaign to "terrorise and demoralise the Bosnian Muslim and Bosnian Croat population". He has also been charged over the shelling of Sarajevo, and the use of 284 UN peacekeepers as human shields in May and June 1995. THE CHARGES Eleven counts of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and other atrocities Charged over shelling Sarajevo during t
Double Poster
Double Poster I'm calling this a "double-poster" probably as a once-subconscious allusion to the 'Dennison' neckbrace that I wore, but also because I'm going to post two poems from what I've just decided is my sucking period. In the midst of a conversation with my friend Mel, I flashed on a couple of concepts anchored to "mayonnaise jar" and "partners in crime." I thought it was a single poem, but it was two poems probably centered on a park somewhere in Washington, DC (shortly before I died? Too much to explain) Nine days later I wrote another poem that deserves a separate post: It stuns me and should speak to someone. Illuminated Chimney-Hopper Bug light Circumspection In a mayonnaise jar Eating at castle walls On Harpies' toes And scraping at bits of gut From the sides of an irritated Psyche Hanging in a basket In the marketplace Conversing with idols About Union Rules. Forest Fire Glimmering In stolen truths Consuming locked chambers On tongues of flam
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Click on above banner and come on in to the Texas Music Mania for a whole new experience!! :D NOTE: 10,000 Fubucks for every new member bringing in 5 new members joining!! Hiring all staff!!! Let me know if you are interested! Created by DJ Devine ~Owner @ Texas Music Mania~FuLuv Bomb Squad Asst Officer~ All 4 Drama Free Zones ~
Morning Meditation Part 1
Member Ship Blog
Please go to this blog for a quick way to rate members. Just click on their picture and it will bring it up. Save to your favorites or just go to Micki's room and find it.
Needs Lil Less Then 2000 To Go To Hit The Mark
come one and help a great guy out im out of comments and hes doing it alone rie now help help help
"sounds Of Love Felt In A Mississippi Morning"
"Sounds Of Love Felt In A Mississippi Morning" ~~~~~ Baby calves bawling, a cow mooing, hay in the field being cut, Children's laughter, blue jay's imitation, chirping of crickets in early morning, Lawn mowers cutting, tillers tilling the soil in a garden, fresh breeze tickling a nose. ~~~~~ Cats meowing reminding its time to be fed his morning breakfast, Puppy barking and chasing a butterfly as bumble bees hover in mid air, Sounds of a new day beginning floating on the breeze hinting of rain. ~~~~~ Heart beating, yearning to follow the dreams that were dreamed in sleep, Flowers blooming, bees gathering nectar, a love story waiting to be written, Music playing, picture speaking to the loneliness within a hopeless romantic. ~~~~~ Words spoken or written unlocking feelings that stir the immortal soul, Opening eyes to the wonders and joys of living life to the fullest, As a composer sits and writes another love song just for lovers in early morning. ~~~~~ Far off mountai
No Master
No Masters If you liked school, you'll love work. The cruel, absurd abuses of power, the self-satisfied authority that the teachers and principals lorded over you, the intimidation and ridicule of your classmates don't end at graduation. Those things are all present in the adult world, only more so. If you thought you lacked freedom before, wait until you have to answer to shift leaders, managers, owners, landlords, creditors, tax collectors, city councils, draft boards, law courts, and police. When you get out of school you may escape the jurisdiction of some authorities, but you enter the control of even more domineering ones. Do you enjoy being controlled by others who don't understand or care about your wants and needs? Do you get anything out of obeying the instructions of employers, the restrictions of landlords, the laws of magistrates, people who have powers over you that you would never have given them willingly? How is it that they get all this power? The
Dom For Sub
I am a Dominant Male. I am seeking a female submissive to be owned with whom can learn and grow, and become all she is capable of being. I seek what I hope will be my last relationship, with the best submissive in the world. I wish for her to take my hand and move into what I anticipate will be a long and rewarding journey for us both. I am intelligent, perceptive, witty, adventurous and exotic; I am educated and well read I am a great cook, love to be in secluded places, but also love what large cities have to offer as well. I am open and honest trustworthy and very sincere in my desire to find a submissive in all ways. I am stable, supportive, insatiable, nearly limitless, controlling, strict, demanding, and creatively perverse. Yet, I'm very sane and much more than a good friend to those that need one. I am a deeply committed, loving, sensual and passionate man. You will find your submission may be a gift but so are my direction, dominance, guidance, heavy hand, and security, all
Team 2 Fu-angels (revised)
Are You Ready For Some Football?
I will admit that saying Isn't really the right one. But that being said Football Season Starts this weekend. Yes some would say preseason doesn't count and maybe they are correct. If you get NFL Network then on Saturday you can watch the Hall of Fame inductions and speeches. I'm sure after the fact you will be able to see them on other sports shows and maybe it will be on line. Then on Sunday at 8pm on NBC the first real Preseason game The Hall of Fame Game is on. It will be the Colts vs. (my) Washington Redskins. I have no idea how long any of the starters will play or if they will at all, but it is the HOF Game they should play them all. I think it is good that Art Monk (former redskin) is being inducted. I think this game will conflict with the X games but maybe not I'll have to double check the times. I have real trouble watching presaeason football games, but that being said I like watching the Big Time ones like HOF and what ever the call the one from Japan or
Thoughts On My Mind Right Now..
hello everyone good morning been up super early here since I would say give or take since 5:30am. Waiting patiently for this surgery to come and go. I also am waiting for a special day tomorrow.
Sometimes I Can Be So Evil, Lol.
Sometimes I just can't help myself when people shoot this kind of stuff at me in the shoutbox. Of couse Persia wanted to get in on the fun too. Anyone who knows us, I hope will get our sense of humor (start at the bottom): Per§i...: do you have yahoo? i wanna show you my 9 and 3/4 inch cock. Come on baby you know you wanna see. Per§i...: hey sexy, wanna see my cock? ->rebeldriver28: so am I. Wanna see my cock? rebeldriver28: im all hard an hornny lol Funny how he didn't want to play anymore after my response.
More About Me
Im 4 yrs in remission of hodgkins cancer.since my diagnosis and since being in remission, i have learned to slow down and take more notice of the really important things in life, and to appreciate everything to the fullest.i dont overlook the simpler things now and i dont worry about the trivial stuff. im really friendly, easy going, like to flirt and love to meet new people. i have no tolerance for liars or people who cant just be real about themselves,their lifestyles, or their agendas in general. i wont deal with ignorance or drama as i feel too much time and energy are wasted that way, and really,why fill your days with the negative? i have a good sense of humor and a knack for making people smile.i tend to find good in people and dont even look for the bad. i feel we are each responsible for our own happiness and i try to live each day to the fullest, with a smile on my face, and because of that im a pretty happy person all around.
Psychology And Neuroscience: Implicit Change Detection
Check This Out!
Wow have I got the goodies for all of you to help you on leveling up. These are some great links to help you go about your search to make leveling easier. You get more points and it's easier to level with a lot pictures and stash. Check these links out. Thank you to The Confederate Bombers for sharing them. Please stop by and show them some love. MUSIC: GAMES: PSYCHEDELIC ART ANIMATION CODES: YOU HAVE TO REGISTER TO USE IT, BUT IT IS FREE. IF YOU HAVE PICS THAT YOU HAVE SAVED TO YOUR COMPUTER, YOU CAN CLICK ON THE UPLOAD LINK AND LOAD THEM TO MAKE YOUR OWN CODES. THIS SITE WILL ALSO ALLOW YOU TO MAKE THE PI
Made By Ceo Lol I Sooooooooo Love This
Send a JibJab Sendables® eCard Today! Send a JibJab Sendables® eCard Today!
I had to go to court today to be a witness for the city. I saw a guy take a bunch of stuff out of the store I was in go out side and then come back in and try to retun it for money. This whole thing is on video. When store security tells him that they have him on video stealing the stuff and so not only does he not get any money but to never come back to the store the guy gets mad and acts offended yelling out F bombs like it is going out of style. When store security tells him to leave he threatens to stab the security officer. So we go to court and he gets a deal they drop the second count the count were he said he would stap someone and he pleads no contest to the theft count. This is is sentence. 365 days in jail of which 355 days are suspended and of which the other 10 days will be on a work crew. he also gets 2 days off of that for time served. He also got a 5,000 dollor fine of which 5,000 doolers was suspended. Love the court system ( YA RIGHT )
Call Me When You're Sober
Get Evanescence - "Call Me When You're Sober" Official Video Video! | Get more Videos
Emblem And Seal
History Of The Marine Corps Emblem And Seal Marine Corps Emblem and Seal The history of the Marine Corps emblem is a story related to the history of the Corps itself. The emblem of today traces its roots to the designs and ornaments of early Continental Marines as well as British Royal Marines. The emblem took its present form in 1868. Before that time many devices, ornaments, and distinguishing marks followed one another as official marks of the Corps. In 1776, the device consisted of a "foul anchor" of silver or pewter. The foul anchor still forms a part of the emblem today. (A foul anchor is an anchor which has one or more turns of the chain around it). Changes were made in 1798, 1821, and 1824. In 1834 it was prescribed that a brass eagle be worn on the hat, the eagle to measure 3 � inches from wingtip to wingtip. During the early years numerous distinguishing marks were prescribed, including "black cockades", "scarlet plumes," and "yellow bands and tassels." In 1
George W. Bush
George W. Bush Quotations George Walker Bush 43d president of the United States (2001–) Lived: 1946- Quotes related to September 11 and the Attack on Iraq "Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward. Freedom will be defended!" -President George W. Bush, September 11, 2001 "The best defense against terrorism is a strong offensive against terrorists. That work continues." -President George W. Bush, October 13, 2001 "We will not tire, We will not falter, We will not fail." -President George W. Bush, October 26, 2001 "For states that support terror, it is not enough that the consequences be costly-they must be devastating" -George w. Bush at a speech at The Citadel, Dec 11, 2001. "I gave them a fair warning" -President George w. Bush, Oct. 8 when deciding on military action against the Taliban "These acts shattered steel, but they cannot dent the steel of America's resolve." -President George W. Bush "We must take the battle to the
General Lewis B. "chesty" Puller
General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller Lewis Burwell Puller One of the greatest US Marines Legends and highest decorated Marine in History Lived: 1898-1971 Recommended Books on Chesty Puller Marine!: The Life of Chesty Puller "Paper-work will ruin any military force" - Lieutenant-General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller "You don't hurt 'em if you don't hit 'em." - Lieutenant-General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller When an Army captain asked him for the direction of the line of retreat, Col Puller called his Tank Commander, gave them the Army position, and ordered: "If they start to pull back from that line, even one foot, I want you to open fire on them." Turning to the captain, he replied "Does that answer your question? We're here to fight." At Koto-ri in Korea - Chesty Puller at Koto-ri in Korea (From "Marine: The Life of Chesty Puller" by Burke Davis) "The mail service has been excellent out here, and in my opinion this is all that the Air Force has accomplished during t
General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
H. Norman Schwarzkopf Retired US Army four-star General. Commander of the allied invasion of Kuwait 1991 Lived: 1934-- "I am quite confident that in the foreseeable future armed conflict will not take the form of huge land armies facing each other across extended battle lines, as they did in World War I and World War II or, for that matter, as they would have if NATO had faced the Warsaw Pact on the field of battle." - General H. Norman Schwarzkopf "As far as Saddam Hussein being a great military strategist, he is neither a strategist, nor is he schooled in the operational art, nor is he a tactician, nor is he a general, nor is he a soldier. Other than that he's a great military man-I want you to know that." -General H. Norman Schwarzkopf 1991 "We need to destroy not attack, not damage, not surround. I want to destroy the Republican Guard" -General H. Norman Schwarzkopf 1991 "I feel that retired generals should never miss an opportunity to remain silent conc
Raw Magic
Leveling 911
Okay so many of you are wondering why im so eger to level..well im not new to Fubar. My account deleted by my ex boyfriend so now im starting from scratch. i need to get back up to at least level 12! So the littlest help would be awesome. so Bling,Rate,Fan,Comment,Add Im always lookin for cool new friends also! and i ALWAYS return the fav. Thanks x0x0x0 Crystal
Homefield Advantage Can Help And Hurt
By Dominique Dawes Sports Aug 8, 4:52 am EDT BEIJING – If everything turns out the way it should, the women’s gymnastics team gold medal will come down to the Chinese and the Americans. Several factors could help or hinder China – the home crowd. Then, many people talk about an Olympic “homefield advantage,” there is no guarantee that competing on your home turf is an advantage at all. I got to compete in my “backyard” at the 1996 Atlanta Games, and nothing could match that experience. The fervor of the fans was motivating, but it also was something that I or my teammates could not avoid. Whether I was reading the paper, watching television or walking down the street, I would be bombarded with Olympic news, predictions and analysis. And while I was considered a veteran due to my previous Olympic experience in 1992 in Barcelona, those games did not prepare me for the pressure I felt while competing on U.S. soil. Those high expectations placed a great amount of pressure on me and
Grey Muzzles
Older therians who have gained respect in the Therianthropy branch of our family tree
In The Company Of Wolves
In the Company of Wolves by WolfBard (D. J. Sylvis) when the moon crests the hills giving each tree a black pool-shadow the wolves wade in the forest wet themselves in the darkness shake it from their fur in clearings of light their eyes are stars their teeth comets their tails galaxies they are constellations of the night they roam the universe they run as Diana's companions laugh as her silver arrows and their iron teeth harvest the hunt's bounty they hide in her moon cloud around her with breath they are brave of soul clear of eye and mind they are strong of jaw they are loyal-kind they are keen to scent quick to 'fend their kin they are hot of blood they are slow to sin grey brown white black blonde ear tail paw claw tongue they play as a pack and they melt together so that one is part of all and all become one they prance through the forest they track through the sky they are noble in friendship and single in thought i join them i
Made By Freya :)
Hey I am sure you know the Beautiful Cali Rain! Well she needs our help she only needs 29k to become an insider. So if you have a few minutes swing by her page n drop her some love. Spank ya and repost if you don't mind :-) Cali Rain@ fubar
Time To Get Real About The Subject Of Rape. (reposted With Added Thoughts)
Posted this some time ago and feeling the need to repost it with some extra thoughts at the end so here goes... Ya know....I have read a few blogs on here and figured it was time to write one of my own....I will be funny or serious depending on topic but this topic has gotten to me a lot lately. I have been talking to people (who and what details are between me and them) and have heard of something that just bugs and irates me to no end. Rape The dictionary defines it as: rape1 (rp) Pronunciation Key n. The crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts, especially sexual intercourse. The act of seizing and carrying off by force; abduction. Abusive or improper treatment; violation: a rape of justice. Why do people (yes I say 'people' because both men and women can rape someone) feel they can do this and get away with it? Why do people feel the need to violate others like that and not even think about what it does to their victims? Why does this even happen at
I'm Yours By Jason Mraz
Well you done done me and you bet I felt it I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted I fell right through the cracks and now I'm trying to get back Before the cool done run, I'll be giving it my bestest And nothing's going to stop me but divine intervention I reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some I won't hesitate no more, no more it cannot wait, I'm yours Well open up your mind and see like me Open up your plans and damn you're free Look into your heart and you'll find love love love Listen to the music of the moment, maybe sing with me? I like peaceful melodies It's your God-forsaken right to be loved loved loved loved loved So I won't hesitate no more, No more it can not wait, I'm sure There's no need to complicate, our time is short. This is our fate, I'm yours I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror And bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer But my breath fogged up the glass And so I
Morrigan By Danielle Dee
Morrigan by Danielle Dee The Morrigan is a goddess of battle, strife, and fertility. Her name translates as either "Great Queen" or "Phantom Queen," and both epithets are entirely appropriate for her. The Morrigan appears as both a single goddess and a trio of goddesses. The other deities who form the trio are Badb ("Crow"), and either Macha (also connotes "Crow") or Nemain ("Frenzy"). The Morrigan frequently appears in the ornithological guise of a hooded crow. She is one of the Tuatha Dé Danann ("Tribe of the goddess Danu") and she helped defeat the Firbolg at the First Battle of Mag Tuireadh and the Fomorians at the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh. Morrigan Origin The origins of the Morrigan seem to reach directly back to the megalithic cult of the Mothers. The Mothers (Matrones, Idises, Disir, etc.) usually appeared as triple goddesses and their cult was expressed through both battle ecstasy and regenerative ecstasy. It's also interesting to note that later Celtic goddesses
Just a little heads up that little orl'y owl fucker is running his mouth telling people im scripting and says hes going to mike with the proof lol what because i leave lot's of comments hey jd you wanna grow a set of fucking balls and come see me you know where i am you half a fag!
Join The Tattoo Train!
Blind Faith
School System Found Out The Civil Liberties Union Bites Hard
Good Morning. Yes it has been a long time since I have brought out the Rainbow Card… However, this morning under “Today’s Picks” on MSN it was blatantly right there and in the public eye.” Principal’s outing of gay student roils Fla. Town “ PONCE DE LEON, Fla. - When a high school senior told her principal that students were taunting her for being a lesbian, he told her homosexuality is wrong, outed her to her parents and ordered her to stay away from children. He suspended some of her friends who expressed their outrage by wearing gay pride T-shirts and buttons at Ponce de Leon High School, according to court records. And he asked dozens of students whether they were gay or associated with gay students. The American Civil Liberties Union successfully sued the district on behalf of a girl who protested against Principal David Davis, and a federal judge reprimanded Davis for conducting a "witch hunt" against gays. Davis was demoted, and school employees must now go through sensitivi
All the gold which is under or upon the earth is not enough to give in exchange for virtue. - Plato
My Life
my life is nothing i work at a shitty pizza place im 25 no house no kids no car no money i see people around living life its fulliest i just cant do that i have a stick up my ass im a bitter jerk who hates most people. people cant handle who iam i speak my mind and speak the truth im tired of y life failing though i probally wont live to see 35 i will be murder because of something i said i can be as asshole but why be nice i was never treated right made fun of in highschool beat up in middle school ridaclued now because my teeth are imperfect or iam a chubby basatrd or i dont shave and have a huge beard you knwo what fuck off and accept it im just done trying to be the person the want Primer
Why do I feel so lost even though I'm surrounded? There are those who say they love me Will I ever know they do? I wonder if it's possible to feel true love Is love something real or imagined? I know I want to feel it I hope it doesn't burn Which is real? Love or desire? Desire to be loved Love of being desired I sicken myself with what I fail to feel Why do I open myself this way?
Men Have Better Friends
Proof that Men Have Better Friends... Friendship among Women: A woman didn't come home one night. The next morning she told her husband that she had slept over at a friend's house. The man called his wife's 10 best friends. None of them knew anything about it. Friendship among Men: A man didn't come home one night. The next morning he told his wife that he had slept over at a friend's house. The woman called her husband's 10 best friends. Eight confirmed that he had slept over, and two said he was still there.
Canadian Sioux Fish Chowder
1 cup chopped onion 4 cups cubed potatoes 1 tbs salt 1/8 tbs pepper 5 cups raw fish, cubed, 3/4" 1 qt boiling water 2 cups milk 1 cup half & half 1 sprig parsley or chives for garnish Add potatoes, onions, salt and pepper to water. Cook about 10 minutes, until vegetables are soft, but not completely cooked. Add the fish and cook 10 minutes. Add milk and lhalf & half, stir and heat 15 min longer. Do NOT boil. Serve with parsley or chives.­/2dso0jfli7ve3 I AM INVITING YOU TO COME AND JOIN ME AT MY NATIVE PRIDE NING PAGE I AM THE OWNER OF THIS SITE . ! THE LINK YOU NEED TO JOIN ME THERE IS LISTED ABOVE.THANK U RACHEL! Andrew Vasquez
Poem About Being On Line
Love! Me @ Oh... his kiss was so soft & sweet But was it real Oh… my mind is such a blur Does he want me for me? For he has seen so much of me Even before tonight Damn! I wish his mind I could read Does he see what I have to? Truly offer or just the Pictures of me on my Profile post Oh… How I want his words, Touch and kiss to be true But how shall I ever know Now I wish I hadn’t given it All up on-line Please let him see me for me An not just as a private picture Oh… will I ever know By Mike Bell 01/16/2008 In GOD all things are possible/ Our God is a Awesome GOD
Stolen From Your Mom
1. Go to (don't sign in) 2. Type the answer to your question in the "search" box 3. Pick from pictures on the first page only What is your name? What is your relationship status? What is your favorite color? What kind of car do you drive? Who is your celebrity crush? What are you listening to? What is your favorite tv show? What kind of phone do you have? What is something you do a lot? Whats your favorite character? Whats your favorite dessert? Whats your favorite non alcoholic drink? Whats your favorite alcoholic drink?
Gustav Pa #26
Greatest Guitar Player Ever!
Stevie WAS God! My idea of heaven is walking down a dark empty, wet street hearing his guitar playing coming from a small seedy dive, walking in, sitting down at the bar, ordering a beer and sitting back listening to him jam for the rest of all eternity. someday..... XOxo~Andrea
Remedy- Seether
Music Video:REMEDY (by Seether)
No Expectations....
the first one was so easy....standing outside the smoke filled club, trying to get some air and a sense of balance while leaning precariously against the light standard, she had no idea what was to come... the shadows were transparent at first; through them one could readily make out the backdrop...the cars down the street and the sidewalk...curb...everything was normal and still, even as the sounds and vibrations from within the club coursed through the night breeze.imperceptibly the shadows started to gel, solidifying and shape shifting, sharpened edges forming as they approached from behind her...were she to have noticed she would have thought this to be taking place in a quick-paced slow motion-thanfully she wasn't made aware, at least not until it was too late, where the pain was an intense yet brief descent into a death immediate and final. and extremely messy, as the blood splattered the wall of the club and gushed out of her throat and chest cavity, spraying the sidewalk, for
Damn Bitches!!!
ok here it is. i'm tired of bitches saying how i'm a tease and an ass for saying that they r pretty and what not. but not only do they talk shit to other men but the one thing i talk most about is my WIFE and SON!!!!!! pay the fuck attention u stupid cunts. i'm a happily married man. back of my nuts. and how dare yall try to say that i'm a tease and all this shit when yall r the ones trying to get into my pants from the other side of the fuckin country. i don't want to hear it anymore. my wife thinks this shit is funny as hell but i'm getting tired of it. NO i'm NOT goin to fuck u. NO i'm NOT goin to leave my wife and son behind to go c u where ever the fuck U r just so u can fuck me. bitches back the fuck off. i am over it.
Southern Thinking
Georgia: The owner of a golf course was confused about paying an invoice, so he decided to ask his secretary for some mathematical help. He called her into his office and said, 'You graduated from the University of Georgia and I need some help. If I were to give you $20,000, minus 14%, how much would you take off?' The secretary thought a moment, and then replied, 'Everything but my earrings.' ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ****** Alabama : A group of Alabama friends went deer hunting and paired off in twos for the day. That night, one of the hunters returned alone, staggering under the weight of an eight-point buck. Where's Henry? the others asked. Henry had a stroke of some kind. He's a couple of miles back up the trail, the successful hunter replied. You left Henry laying out there and carried the deer back?' they inquired. A tough call, nodded the hunter. But I figured no one is going to steal Henry! *****
Don't Make These
There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth -- not going all the way, and not starting. - Buddha
Big Brother Win For Rachel Rice
Big Brother win for Rachel Rice Rachel Rice has been named as the £100,000 winner of this year's Big Brother, beating bookies' favourite Mikey Hughes into second place. The trainee teacher, 24, was greeted by cheers and fireworks as she left the house after 93 days. Australian Sara Folino, 27, came third ahead of fourth-placed chef Rex Newmark, 23, and 26-year-old Darnell Swallow was fifth. Viewing figures for the ninth series have been the lowest yet. 'Quite flirty' Rachel told host Davina McCall she had put up with accusations from her fellow housemates that she was fake and had sat on the fence by "being true to who I am". FINAL BIG BROTHER POSITIONS 1. Rachel Welish 2. Mikey Scotish 3. Sara Australia 4. Rex English 5. Darnell American She added: "You dream about going into Big Brother, that's like a dream, and people say you'll never get in and then when you win… it's amazing." Blind radio producer Mikey, 33, told McCall he was proud t
You Drama Queen-susan Lucci Wanna Be's Finally Pissed Me Off
ADULT LANGUAGE-PARENTAL GUIDANCE ADVISED!!! Leave now if you're easily offended. Fair warning, you fuckers have finally pissed me off, and that's no simple task. I'm without question the most easy-going, mild-mannered person on this site, if not anywhere. But you fucking drama queen, Susan Lucci-wanna bes have finally managed to piss me off. I"ve been on this site since Jan 2007, I've seen people come and go, the vast majority I really couldn't care less what they do. But I've also had several friends, close friends, REAL friends also be driven away by you ameoba's and I'm finally fed up. Another wonder, true, REAL friend has decided to delete her profile and leave. But the bullshit continues without any care or concern for the feelings of others. First, there was Lori. She what the very first person I met on here. Guided me through the site, showed me what to do, what each area of the site has, and turned into a very good, true friend. One I thought would never leave, but she
Can't See Air, But We Know Its There.
The sun's the life giver. . . I talk to it like you would to a god. --Peter Firth Having a Power greater than ourselves to believe in is like knowing the sun is in the sky. There are days when the sun shines with a brilliance that lights up everything around us - tree branches, snowflakes, and the faces of our friends. When a seed is planted, it is the sun's warmth that invites it out of the ground to grow into a fruit or flower. The sun is the center the earth rotates around. The sun gives warmth and light to the earth, sometimes in ways we don't always notice. There are days we do not see the sun - it is obscured by thick clouds. Yet even on these days, we know the sun's rays still reach the earth and nourish her. A Higher Power nourishes and warms our lives the same way the sun does the earth. Some days we easily see the presence of such a power in our lives, and other days we cannot see past the clouds. But A Higher Power gives our lives a light-filled center and nourishe
Inconveniant Youth
Inconvenient Youth: Brainwashing Teens With Climate Hysteria By Noel Sheppard (Bio | Archive) August 17, 2008 - 13:58 ET A new group has been launched to brainwash America's teenagers with a "youth-focused version" of Nobel Laureate Al Gore's hysteria-filled and factually inaccurate schlockumentary "An Inconvenient Truth." Even scarier, its founder is the daughter of a key partner at the venture capital firm Gore joined last November. Based in Menlo Park, California, Inconvenient Youth is a non-profit group looking to "mobilize young people to educate their communities about environmental science" in order to solve global warming. Isn't that sweet? Now Gore's got kids brainwashing other kids to further climate hysteria in the hopes that Congress will eventually enact a carbon cap and trade program that will likely make him a billionaire. As reported by MarketWatch Friday: Story Continues Below Ad ¡ý Inconvenient Youth, a new non-profit, non-partisan network f
Adult videos, sex toys, lotions. I have 5,000 products in my store come visit me.
On Wings Of Love
On Wings Of Love You came into my life Cutting through the air like a knife Such a beautiful thing to see As you rushed over the trees Your golden wings spread wide Seeming to fill the sky Coming from above On Wings Of Love I wondered about life With all its misery and strife So long have I been alone Then off your wings the sun shone Lifting me up to the sky On stronger wings I now fly Together we will face whatever comes When we join as one under the sun All your cares and fears with me you can share Whenever you're feeling down, I will be there Whenever you cry, I will kiss away the tears On Wings Of Love, I will chase away your fears Come soar with me now above the trees Where together we will be free Wing tip to wing tip for all of time On Wings Of Love
Reporter Getting High. Bwhaha
Sugarcult - Memory
Nickelback - Too Bad
Ireman Asshole, Rating Pics 5.. Click The Pic And Rate Him Back ;)
Caa #31
I have a request for one of my angels and her family, the has been a death in her family. She will need angel prayers and strength to help get her through this tough time as will her family.
Purposeful Determination
Purposeful determination What is the difference between desperation and determination? The difference comes from having a positive, meaningful direction. The energy of desperation is wasted on self-pity and negativity. That can lead to destructive behavior, which only makes the sense of desperation worse. Yet by choosing a positive orientation, you can always transform the self-defeating energy of your desperation into solid, potent determination. By applying that energy toward a positive purpose, you can make great and valuable improvements in your world. If you become dismayed, discouraged or even desperate, recognize that there's a positive opportunity. For it signals that you are ready and willing to be genuinely determined. And when determination fuels your actions, those actions bring real results. Persistence, effectiveness and power flow naturally and solidly from purposeful determination. Just one step away from desperation is the energy of determination. Take t
Well the big surgery day is coming up. I woke up early and got my blood work done, this is for clearance for the surgery. My personal doctor also upped my bp meds from 20mg to 40mg for 'optimum blood pressure for surgery'. I told her it was high during my physical because it was the day before our Disneyland trip and I was still packing. The down side is that the lesser dosage made me tired so this one does it faster. Other than that I'm just really nervous, as I dislike common surgery type stuff like, pain, cutting, bleeding, pain, not being totally under the anesthesia and did I mention pain? Oh yeah, speaking of pain, my mother decided to ignore my assurances that I would be okay by myself since she'd be caring after my aunt who is also having surgery this week (different kind folks, different kind) and TOLD my aunt about my procedure so now I'm really annoyed, too! Anyways, the surgery is Wednesday morning. When I am not sleeping away the unrelenting pain I will probabl
Goin Down To The Country--canned Heat
Women's Safety Tips
A group of rapists and date rapists in prison were > interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim and > here are some interesting facts: > > 1) The first thing men look for in a potential victim > is hairstyle. They are most likely to go after a woman > with a ponytail, bun, braid or other hairstyle that can > easily be grabbed . They are also likely to go after a > woman with long hair . Women with short hair are not > common targets.. > > 2) The second thing men look for is clothing. They will > look for women who's clothing is easy to remove > quickly. Many of them carry scissors around specifically > to cut clothing. > > 3) They also look for women on their cell > phone, searching through their purse, or doing other > activities while walking because they are off-guard and can > be easily overpowered. > > 4) Men are most likely to attack & rape in the early > morning, between 5: 00a.m. And 8:30a.m. > > 5) The number one place women are abduct
D.o.d. For Monday Is Zorack!!
We had the DOD before but alot of you new members wasnt in the group yet. Everyday Zorack was one of the first to go rate and everybody kept picking her for DOD for the next day even though she had already been!! So I decided it was only fitting that she be the first one. I know its a couple hours early but I am posting anyways. The DOD for Monday is Zorack!! Remember hit her hard, because she will be picking the DOD for Tuesday!! ZØRÁÇK SHADOW BOMBER FU OWNER OF Z MAN meber of Rating Revolution STAFF@ fubar
Foxy Lady--jimi Hendrix
Tuesday Opie And Anthony Links: New O&a Videos Online, Awful Acting By Athletes, Looking For Lactating Moms, New Videos Online
Listen to Today's OPIE & ANTHONY Show on AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) Holy Schmoley, the Opie and Anthony Show has made it to TUESDAY without blowing up. It's a miracle, says us!! We've got a heck of a show in store for you kids, so let's all strap in, put on our laughing hats, and get ready to chuckle...or something. New Opie and Anthony Videos: Thanks to the editing skills of our own Sam, we have some great new videos to share with you: B.D. Dave the intern watches '2 Girls 1 Cup' Kosher Sports with B.D. Dave the intern Awful Acting by Athletes: It's no big secret. Athletes really shouldn't be acting. Michael Phelps drove that point home over the weekend on Saturday Night Live and Shaquille O'Neal has been making bad movies since...forever. We're probably missing a bunch, so if you think you have a good example of an Athlete acting poorly Email our own E Rock with your ideas/examples. LOOKING FOR LACTATING WOMEN ASAP! Hey ladies! Do you have lactati
Doctor Pt. 2
I heard from the doctor, finally, yesterday. My liver is clean, so that's nice. They told me some other things that I was pretty well aware that it was going on (please don't ask what, it's a bit personal). But, I'm not dying, on a good note. I'm still coughing up blood, but I'm associating that to A) being sick for the past two weeks (I'm still sick, but I'm almost pretty much over it), and B) switching from regular cigarettes to menthols. I don't really know how that might affect it, but I think it does in some way, shape, or form. So, yeah. Thank you to everyone for your support. You guys are really great.
Another Lil' Wayne Diss (lolipop Remix)
Not Feeling Like Myself Tonight
Tonight is one of those nights. I'm not sure what's going with me or why this is the timing. I just feel completely overwhelmed yet completely alone.Sometimes late at night I get to thinking or feeling this way and it's odd because im not a very mopey kind of girl and nothing brings it on. I guess all day I'e been hinking about the strangest things....old health....memories....past relationships that I will never quite understand the loose ends. I wish I could just put everything aside and smile at where I am....But no matter how happy I think I am, I know there's a lot missing. And I guess I'm just not sure how to fill that void. I guess pain is only skin deep, unless of course, it burns through every inch of your body....
1 Week Later...unfu Believable!!!!!!!!
so i wake up this morning with my dad telling me we have to put 1 of our dogs to sleep 2day...apperently....rex had cancer in his spine. so....this is 1 fuctup week. its like god himself/herself has said "kiss my ass" to my father and sister. this crap....has got to stop! rp
Tom Jones
It's not unusual to be loved by anyone It's not unusual to have fun with anyone but when I see you hanging about with anyone > It's not unusual to see me cry, oh I wanna' die It's not unusual to go out at any time but when I see you out and about it's such a crime if you should ever want to be loved by anyone, It's not unusual it happens every day no matter what you say you find it happens all the time love will never do what you want it to why can't this crazy love be mine It's not unusual, to be mad with anyone It's not unusual, to be sad with anyone but if I ever find that you've changed at anytime it's not unusual to find out that I'm in love with you whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh
Thank you to everyone for becoming my new friends. I'm stil learning the setup here so bear with me. I'm off on a vaction this week, wont be back till Oct. 2. So ya'll have a great coupla weeks and I'll be back to figure this thing out !
No Name # 3
You wanted it your way. I could tell from the sparkle in your eye as soon as you opened the door that tonight was going to be the night you had been teasing me about for quite a while. You were wearing a red silk negligee, with spaghetti straps and lace in all the right places. You had the mood all set when I entered your house, candles were lit, the stereo had Harry Connick playing, and dinner, with chilled wine, was on the table.   We enjoyed our dinner, then you get up, walk towards me seductively, and gave me a long, deep, slow kiss. Before I could respond you backed away, shimmying and beckoning me to follow you. I get up and you take my hand, then have me close my eyes. I do, and let you lead me.   When I open them again, we are in the bathroom, which you have set up with more candles for lighting. As soon as you close the door, you push me up against it and give me a deep kiss, full of passion and promise. Your hands are all over me, rubbing my sides up and down, running thr
Dick Tales (and Its Not About A Penis)
Okay, so you want to know what an asshole my ex-fiancee is? He's only been my ex for twelve hours. No joke. The last two days he had been acting different than usual. Like somehow, nothing mattered to him and he was like... giving up. So, I called and gave him my two cents (which is something I was doing a lot with him. Trying to get him on the right track in life. If not for me, then for his daughter). Needless to say he came back at me with the fact that he wasn't ever really in-love with me. After spending a year and getting him where he could do things and life would be better-- he just shut me down. I wouldn't say I was a bitch about it. All I did was praise him and tell him how much I loved him. Then to have him do that?! He's such a dick.
Double Team!!!
I Made This For Him
George Takei Marries Longtime Partner
In this image released by The Rafu Shimpo, a bagpiper leads Brad Altman, second left, and actor George Takei from their wedding at the National Center for the Preservation of Democracy to a reception at the Japanese American National Museum, in the Little Tokyo section of Los Angeles, Sunday, Sept. 14, 2008. Behind Takei are fellow 'Star Trek' actors Walter Koenig, partially obscured, and Nichelle Nicols. (AP Photo/The Rafu Shimpo, Mikey Hirano Culross
John Kenneth Galbraith
Where humor is concerned there are no standards - no one can say what is good or bad, although you can be sure that everyone will.
19k To Level!!!
Guilty Of Love**Crime Of Passion**Hardwolf's R/L Woman@ fubar
This Is The Rite One Now U Can View This One 16k To Level
~Jenna~@ fubar i got it under control trust me lol
Hurricane Ike
I have watched news coverage after news coverage about Hurricane Ike tearing the Texas Coast apart. And me being Born and raised in Texas it effects me, my family and all the others here. I have helped where needed and still feel that so much more could be done.God has his ways of helping, I just hope everyone can rebuild and start their lives over on a positive note. >> What does other fellow Texans and such think..
Join The Revolution!!!!
"> The Rating Revolution is a group of levelers that band together to help other fubar members level up!! WE HAVE CERTAIN CRITERIA WE LOOK FOR BEFORE WE WILL DO A LEVELUP!!! 1. As long as they have 100 pictures we can level up to 20,000 (level19 and under). Rockstar or higher if they have over 500 pictures plus stash items we can level them up to 50k, but of course family members get first priority..If you need leveled please message the homepage!! 2. Must have at least 100 pictures and stash..Also the 100 pictures must be not ripped and NSFW pictures because you get no points for ripped pictures or for NSFW pictures 3. They must be online so they can return rates. When they return rates it will make their total go down faster. 4. The only thing we ask is that the person being leveled rates the profile and fans the people helping them level. If interested in becoming a part of a AWESOME Leveling Family.. Please click the link
The Bbw Lovers Train
Twins Sweep White Sox, Move Into First Place
By DAVE CAMPBELL, AP Sports Writer 30 minutes ago Minnesota Twins shortstop Nick Punto, second left, is welcomed by teammates Joe Mauer, Brian Buscher, and Joe Nathan, from left, after he scored the winning run during the 10th inning of a baseball game against the Chicago White Sox on Thursday, Sept. 25, 2008 in Minneapolis. The Twins won 7-6. MINNEAPOLIS (AP)—Alexi Casilla singled in the winning run in the 10th inning Thursday night and the Minnesota Twins beat the Chicago White Sox 7-6 to move into first place in the AL Central by a half-game. Casilla’s soft hit into short center off Bobby Jenks (3-1) scored Nick Punto and led to a wild celebration on the field at the Metrodome, capping a three-game sweep by the Twins. Joe Nathan (1-2) pitched two perfect innings for the victory, part of a Minnesota bullpen that totaled 6 1-3 scoreless innings and surrendered only two hits. Carlos Gomez made up for a costly defensive mistake during a six-run fourth by the White Sox—who
had to put all my humor in a nsfw file, cuz some stupid little pussyfied mother fucking cunt bitch, found a dogs ass, offencive, fuck that stupid fucking gay ass shit, i dont like nude pics, but i cant log on without getting a pic of a slimy fucking dick, popping up, and they arent fucking marked or private, what the fuck!!!!!
Am I alone in your heart? Have I hope with your heart? She's such a teaser, she's such a star. Give me a reason or gimme a chance. Am I alone in your heart, or am I alone?... It tears me apart. Doing all I can do, just to be close to you. Every time that we meet, I skip a heartbeat. Always up for a laugh, she's a pain in the ass Every time that we meet, I skip a heartbeat. Give me an evening, or give me a night. I'll show you the time, of your life. I'll walk you home safe, from the dark. I'll give you my jacket, I'll give you my heart. But she won't come dancing tonight, She's having the time of her life. Doing all I can do, just to be close to you. Every time that we meet, I skip a heartbeat. Always up for a laugh, she's a pain in the ass. Every time that we meet, I skip a heartbeat. I do love, she does a heartbreak. I did love, till she broke my heart. I do love, she does a heartbreak. I did love, till she broke my heart. I do love, she does a heart
Fu Owner - Scarecrow (pimp Out #1)
Scarecrow He is kind hearted, sincere, giving, good looking and has an awesome sense of humor! He enjoys writing poetry (ya really need to read his work!), as well as, writing music. He also does amazing graphics! If Scarecrow isn't already on your friends need to go add him! Don't forget to tell him Gem sent ya!! Scarecrow *owned by ♊aGEM4life♊ owner of ♊aGEM4life♊*Spankers Club*Shadow This bulletin brought to you with love by... ♊aGEM4life♊ [Shadow Leveler]ღOwned By/Owner Of Scarecrowღ
I Have 2 Of The Best People In My Life
i think i've got to be the luckest girl on fubar and in person i have 2 of the worlds best people in my life my sister gothique who never let me throw pity partys and she never ever let me be a fallower.....we have had our diffrences in the past but beause of that we grew so much closer we bacame more then friends we became FAMILY in my eyes there's no one who will ever come as close to me as she has please go and show her love fan add rate blast bling update her vip please you'll never have a friend like her ღ GothiqueTemptationღ Owner-DSG&D ღGio's RLPrincess ღ Co-Owner of LDC@ fubar Now theres my heart and soul Lord Lestat he has been my back bone for almost 2 wornderfull years he's shown me that there are good men out there some call him strang i call him my love he has also never let me throw myself pity party's or be a fallower we too have had our diffrences but again because of them it's opened my eyes's to a man i fell harder in
Poem By Shadow
Passionate words Whispered into my ear. Down your cheek rolls a tear. I brush it away And asks what's wrong. I've waited to be Loved for so long. Your soft caresses Sends shivers up my spine. Your lips bring kisses Sweeter than wine. No one has ever made Me feel like this. You make me senseless With just one kiss. Deep within my soul Sparks desire. The sensuality in your eyes Could set ice on fire. I feel so warm and secure In your warm embrace. I love to memorize the Features of your face. Your touches tease. Your kisses please. You kept my heart from breaking. You eased all aching. I freely gave my mind, Heart and soul. I felt you give the same Then I lost all control.
Leveling Help #4
BADBOY$$$ I NEED CRUSHES@ fubar 8,400 needed to level him
Men Can Be Kind
So today i recived a email that made me smile. I have been trying to loose weight and have been doing a damn good job, the past week alone i have lost 7 pounds just by eating healthy and walking. and this is with eating 3 healthy meals a day! dont starve your body, feed it energy. So i wanted to share this email.. since its so sweet and i know many woman can apply it to themself and feel happy too!..... "Hi Kitty, OF COURSE I'm gonna take time out to say Hi to you. I am like WHOA you are beautiful whenever I see your pictures. I KNOW that you are losing weight, and I hope that its for health reasons and because you wanna feel better. BUT if you are losing weight because you think it's gonna make you more beautiful or thinner is sexier, I will tell you now that you are SUPER DAMN BEAUTIFUL now, If you were my Gf I'd love you like no other could, and find myself LUCKY as hell to have such a beauty wanna be with me. SO yeah you do your exercise and drop as many pounds that you wan
My Ideal Sex Position
Your Ideal Sex Position is...Cowgirl Fun. Wild. And deep.Saddle up and ride him all night long.Only for those who feel they're strong! 'What is your Ideal Sex Position?'at
Rosemary Lane
Rosemary Lane *originally written approxametly the 12th Century* When I was in service in Rosemary Lane I won the good will of my master Amberdine Until a young sailor came there to stay And that was the beginning of my misery He called for a candle to light him to bed Aand likewise a silk hankerchief to tie up his hair To tie up his hair as sailors will do, "And third my pretty dar'ling, will you come too?" Now this may seem young and foolish, she thought it no harm To lie on thebed to keep herself warm And what was done there, I shall never disclose But I wish that short night had been 7 long years So early next morning this sailor arose And into my pockets 3 guineas did throw Saying"Tthis I will give and more I will do If you'll be my dar'ling wherever I go" Now if it's a boy, he'll fight for the King And if it's a girl she'll wear a gold ring She'll wear a gold ring and a dress all aflame And remember my service in Rosemary Lane Whe
My Tower
I will hide from sight By returning to Tower walls And due to cruel spears Remove my Light. It will always remain To those that have entered there My hearts wonders of joy and love Seen by just a few now, due to attacking Pains. Place myself out there for the world "Drama" I will no longer be accused Though at this time I will bear that cross I start nothing but will end it And tearfully accept your lashes, I protect your Karma. The Lady returns to Ascholate An Amaranth Lily never to fade High above a frozen lake The ones in her heart never forgot.
Nature Helps Ground Me.
Stars have always helped me to get things into perspective . . . I tried to let the starlight heal something deep in me that hurt. --Madeleine L'Engle For a long time, people have used stars to find their way in the dark. Many a lost soul has been guided by the North Star or the Big Dipper. If we watch the sky at night, we can see thousands of twinkling stars. They are our friends. They remind us how small we are. They remind us of the vastness of the universe, of the power and beauty that surround us. Starlight in the sky, or reflected on a lake, can comfort us when we hurt. With safe and open arms, nature accepts our sorrow, no matter how we express it. Starlight, like all of nature, reflects a light that comes from way beyond us. It is that light that heals us in a deep and quiet way. How has nature comforted me when I am troubled?
I'm in a contest..if you are interested here's the link..I think..if I can be so lucky and actually work things
When u r in an good mood u usuall end up smiling all the time .When u r not u are usually down all the time and u don't feel like doing anything at all for that day u know.But smiles are always great and enjoy to see them on every one on nice days. By Suck It
Kiss Me, Sux Me, Bail Me Out
Freddie Mac is depositing cum stained cash into Fannie Mae's pecuniary pussy. AIG is teabaggin' the Lehman Brothers… And all of this financial fucking is gonna be funded by the U.S. government. Or, in other words, YOU and I will be shelling out 1 TRILLION dollars so that a select few could delight in a phantasmagorical orgy of financial free love. Well, Treasury Secretary Paulson, President Bushtard, and members of the House and Senate… The Lex-inator is horny as hell, and he wants some financial fellatio of his own. I want a government bailout as well, dammit!! In order to expedite the alleviation of my swollen monetary nutsack, I have run the numbers for you so that you can get me off quickly. My Son…Look at him. He's Sad. Wanna help me turn his frown upside down? Here's how. He needs support from me for the next four years. Total Cost? $36,000. Oh Hell, he's a great kid and he does have a Birthday coming up…let's make it an even 40K. He has also
This Is A Rant Fucker!!!!
Fucking pissed off.... What can I say....? I have not had a good rant in such a long time... i think it’s about time... I have no bad things to say about my girlfriend Shiranui she is the one light in this darkness though you’re a cheeky fucking shit at times I still loves you! [RANT BEGINS HERE] Ok... so firstly my ex is a tard... I don’t really care what you fucking think of me but stop using my real fucking name in your blogs and shit.... I don’t do that to you! I at least HAD the decency to not use it! Suzan....SUZAN.....fucking sue.....SUZY.... there now we are partly even... not close but it will happen. I feel the need to say something... Shiranui did not make me change... SHE actually likes me as I really am... the darkness, the light, the evil... she holds me up and does not tell me to hide who and what i am! I love her... and i was the one to tell her that first... i remember that day... i came online and told her i needed to say something and that
Time To Pull On The Bootstraps And Get Going Again
As some here know I had some rather bad news recently. The left side of my larynx is paralyzed/nonfunctioning. This is the final result of a surgery 12 years ago which nicked/cut the nerve controlling that side of my voicebox, so while I can speak (some) there is neither volume nor staying power to my voice. Thus I have not been around much online as I most enjoyed talking via audio. Yes, of course, I can still type - but doing that for a living leaves me hating to do it in "chats". I will adjust and I will make do with what I have, tho carefully as continued strain on the remaining right side that works is NOT a good idea. So no more 2 pots of coffee per day, nor much of any thing that has caffiene in it. Yes I will still enjoy a cup of coffee or even two a day, but that's a far cry from what I used to drink. No more chocolate binges either -not that I would do so often. And, yes, as all doctors do, the specialist wants me to quit smoking --- that one may take more than loosing my
9/11 Wtc Demolition Sequence Finally Revealed
Hehe What A Moron..then He Blocked Me
PukinDog14...: but dick you are dismissed os on your way!! ->PukinDog14...: and btw so am i PukinDog14...: excuse me who gave you your rights though oooooo that';s right JA FREEDOM of Speech in the 5th grade you forgot ->PukinDog14...: and blogging what you did is not gonna earn it ->PukinDog14...: respect? yuo gotta earn it before it can be given PukinDog14...: im not one of your uneducated , unemployed asses I have both and retired military so give some respect somewhere!! PukinDog14...: AS I SAID B4 I expressed it before it happened PukinDog14...: well quite a few reside on my list...yet it was a sband and wife crowd and another...but tell your crew they sat there and fucked me first not me ->PukinDog14...: if you knew what it was to be a leveler yud understand our bartabs roll sometimes we dont see it PukinDog14...: hey i rated and re-rated numerous times 400-750 at a pop for each that were on my friends l not one ever came back ->PukinDog14...: buddy yu do it one of us y
Thanks For Helping Me Disciple!!
I am now a Disciple now because of you!! I want to thank everyone that helped me get there!! Several of my close friends spent hours on my page until they rated every pic of mine!!! Please know how much I appreciate it and you know who you are!!! I am not even gonna begin to start naming people!! Because I know I couldn't possibly get everyone that helped!!! So if you helped me.... Know that it was VERY appreciated!!! Once again.... you know who you are!! If I missed Thanking you while you were rating me, I am truly sorry, I wasn't always on and it was hard to keep up!! So Thank you all for everything!!! But there is one person I will specifically name..... Jake!! I truly could NOT have gotten leveled without him!! He has spent countless hours rating me and logging in me rating others when I couldn't be on. Not to mention getting his friends to come rate me!! LoL So go show him lotsa love Please!! He truly deserves it!!! Jãkξ Thξ §Ñåkξ Real Life B/F o
Can You Help?
Im looking for a great guy one isnt the much older then me. who isnt just all about his self and will be there for me when i need him as i would do the same for him.So do you know anyone like that? is it you? hit me up!!!
New In Gmail Labs:goggles
Monday, October 06, 2008 6:25 PM Posted by Jon Perlow, Gmail engineer Sometimes I send messages I shouldn't send. Like the time I told that girl I had a crush on her over text message. Or the time I sent that late night email to my ex-girlfriend that we should get back together. Gmail can't always prevent you from sending messages you might later regret, but today we're launching a new Labs feature I wrote called Mail Goggles which may help. When you enable Mail Goggles, it will check that you're really sure you want to send that late night Friday email. And what better way to check than by making you solve a few simple math problems after you click send to verify you're in the right state of mind? By default, Mail Goggles is only active late night on the weekend as that is the time you're most likely to need it. Once enabled, you can adjust when it's active in the General settings. Hopefully Mail Goggles will prevent many of you out there from sending messages you wis
Stormy Soul
my souls a storm Softness of you in the heat in me, the heat in me is the softness and kindness of you My heart is hard from life but in time with you I have light and warmth of soul that come from your heart. In the light of the day I want to leave you more but you will not take. I the center of the storm my heart want the love of your mind body and soul.
Fox On Fox, However Only One Survives
Good Morning… Have you ever had the red light come on in your head telling you not to do something? It’s like that special warning we each get from our conscience letting us know, perhaps we better not do this or that. Well apparently Mr. Tommy Fox of Tennessee either neglected the light and alarm or the system was turned off all together. Tommy Fox was driving home from his job in Dover Wednesday at about 11 p.m. when a beautiful red fox dashed in front of his SUV. After he ran over the fox, he stopped his GMC Jimmy to get the fox to cut off its tail for a souvenir, and he put it in the back seat, said Dale Grandstaff, a Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency wildlife officer. "The tails are real bushy and pretty and thick this time of year," I am wanting to give this guy the benefit of my doubt but this guy ran that fox over intentionally to get that tail! Things took an odd turn when Fox heard a noise coming from his back seat and realized the fox was alive — and not happy. I am also t
Getting Insane
Who knows if this blog will stay up or ended up getting deleted. But things on here are getting beyond stupid. Blings that are going for basically over 30 bucks?? WTF! The newest blings have to be some of the stupidest things. 50 credits for a treasure chest. 100 for a blinking heart...and let's not forget 1000 for a damn pony? Um...seriously WTF! Between the $100 people are putting into HH's, the $15 to $20 for VIPs ($15 being if you bought it yourself), the $5 for stickied bulletins, the bling packs, the blasts, even people who pay for tickers....WTF! Seriously....something is just beyond fucked. Look at other sites with millions of accounts on there and you don't have to pay. I know the reasons why this site was originally created but I think greed has become a huge factor in what runs it now. This site in a way is becoming like these big companies the people bail out. Like AIG....millions went to bailing them out of trouble and what happens?? Their execs go on a tri
Herbed Corn Chowder
HERBED CORN CHOWDER 6 slices bacon 1 medium onion, chopped 1 medium green bell pepper, diced (or 1/2 cup frozen green pepper) 2 cans (16 ounces each) cream-style corn 2 cans (10 3/4 ounces each) potato soup 2 cans milk 1 tablespoon snipped fresh chives 1 tablespoons finely chopped fresh parsley 1 teaspoon chopped fresh dill or thyme Cook the bacon in a large pan. Add the onion and bell pepper and saute in the bacon fat until softened. Add the corn, potato soup, and milk to the pan; stir until smooth and hot, about 10 minutes. While the chowder is warming up add the chives, parsley and dill. Yields: 8 - 10 servings
Oven-baked Onion Soup
Oven-Baked Onion Soup 4 tablespoons unsalted butter 6 cups yellow onions, thinly sliced 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 6 cups beef broth 1/2 cup dry white wine 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper 3 tablespoons brandy 6 slices French bread, toasted 6 slices Gruyere cheese 2 ounces Parmesan cheese, freshly grated (1/2 cup) Melt butter in soup pot. Add onions and saute of medium heat until lightly browned. Add flour and blend. Stir in beef broth, wine, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 10 minutes. Remove from heat and add brandy. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Place slices of bread in the bottom of 6 individual ovenproof soup bowls. Ladle soup over bread, top with Gruyere and sprinkle with Parmesan. Bake until cheese melts, about 5 minutes. Serve immediately.
Leveling Help #15
CD(WWS LEVELER)FU~WIFE TO SEXYMANINOHIO & FU~OWN BY STORMWOMAN(OWNER OF@ fubar 74k to level do what we can has over 1200 pics and valid salute
Uggh Upset Today
So I come home today and I find that I have alot of messages, alot of comments, and picture comments so I start going through the messages and I have one from Fubar support so I open it up and it says that one of my pictures have been removed. At first I thought it was a picture that was NSFW and improperly marked. So I didn't pay much attention to it, then I started reading my picture comments and I have a few comments from this Fornicates on this picture thats been removed and she was saying things like fake and such. Well I look at my pictures and find that my salute which was verified on the 04th of October has been removed. Why? Cause this girl reported my picture as NSFW and then kept at it until my picture was removed. I was so upset that someone would do such a thing, but its all because she sent me a friend request the other day, after rating and fanning me, and I denied her. I mean thats pretty shallow and low to do that to someone who you've never met or talke
The 213 Things Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The U.s. Army
I ran across this many years ago. I still think it is hilarious and thought I would share. The Skippy List Explanations of these events:a) I did myself, and either got in trouble or commended. (I had a Major shake my hand for the piss bottle thing, for instance.) b) I witnessed another soldier do it. (Like the Sergeant we had, that basically went insane, and crucified some dead mice.) c) Was spontaneously informed I was not allowed to do. (Like start a porn studio.) d) Was the result of a clarification of the above. ("What about especially patriotic porn?") e) I was just minding my own business, when something happened. ("Schwarz...what is *that*?" said the Sgt, as he pointed to the back of my car? "Um....a rubber sheep...I can explain why that's there....") To explain how I've stayed out of jail/alive/not beaten up too badly..... I'm funny, so they let me live.The 213 Things.... 1. Not allowed to watch Southpark when I'm supposed to be working. 2. My proper military
My Awesome New Owner's!!!!!!!
MY AWESOME NEW OWNER'S!!!!!!! I would like to introduce to you cynzdreams & naughty by nature be sure to check them both out they rock !!!! ~ CynzDreams ~Owned by SouthernOutlawBiker~Shadow Leveler~@ fubar Naughty by Nature~Fu-Owner of ☠Craven Moorehead, $Dj' BABY BOY${D.S.C}, Choppie ~Spankers~@ fubar BROUGHT TO U BY $Dj' BABY BOY${D.S.C}Pimp of the Pu$$cat Playmates Owned by ~ CynzDreams ~& Naughty by Nature~@ fubar
Rip "worlds Greatest Fighter Pilot"
Ethan A. "Al" Grant 1922 - 2008 Ethan A. "Al" Grant was called home by his Lord on Oct. 7, 2008, at his home in Fort Walton Beach, Fla., surrounded by his family. Al was born on July 31, 1922, to Dewey and Verdia Grant in Bristow, Ind. He lived a full and adventurous life in the U.S. Air Force, serving 32 years of active duty, and retiring in 1973 at Eglin Air Force Base as a lieutenant colonel. Al served his community as a Fort Walton Beach City Councilman and as a State Republican Committeeman. He owned and operated Al's Appliance for many years in Mary Esther, Fla. He retired a second time and began a third career as a successful real estate broker and appraiser. Al loved his greenhouse and garden. He spent countless hours taking care of his beautiful flowers and vegetables. His Indiana farm roots never left him and he passed looking over his prize garden. Al was a faithful Rotarian, serving for close to 25 years with clubs in Mary Esther, Fort Walton, and Navarre. His l
Contest Contest!!! 25 comments ill open nsfw salute 50 sfw salute 100 nsfw salute if u go over a hundred send me a message and we can chat :) once you leave the comments send me a message and ill give you what u deserve. thanks!happy commenting!
For The Women. Ladies Read This!
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends". A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can control in a relationship is you. Avoid men who've got a bunch of children by a bunch of different women. He didn't marry them when he got them pregnant, why would he treat you any differently? Always have
Missed Opportunity
It's frustrating when you realize you've missed a big opportunity. Though you cannot go back and change the past, there is something you can do. You can choose to transform that regret for a missed opportunity into enthusiasm and commitment for seizing a new, even better opportunity. You can decide to look forward, realizing the importance of what you missed, determined to find another path to the same kind of fulfillment. Don't be envious of those who had the foresight to grab hold of the opportunity that you missed. Instead, be positively inspired by the success they have enjoyed. Now it is your time to move toward a similar success. Whatever may have or have not happened in the past, now is the time to act. Specific opportunities will come and go. And new opportunities are always available to those who are willing to do the difficult and challenging work they demand. Choose to make your own best opportunity from the way things are right now. With your focused commitment
Quote Of The Day
I figured I'd get back to this, it helps from time to time. I'll post a quote a day, something that strikes me as worth repeating... Dr. House: "We are selfish, base animals crawling across the earth, but 'cause we've got brains, if we try really hard, we can usually aspire to something that is less than pure evil."
Stolen From Sherry
What Your Name Says About You Your name says that you are mostly: Passionate but flighty Your name also says you are: Fiery but unbalanced Artistic but extreme Intuitive but high strung What Does Your Name Say About You?
who would you rather drive home Obama or Mccain who would be funnier shit faced
Love...something I Wrote For A Frenz Wedding
When true love shines, one cannot help but stare; stare at the radiance of the flame, at the purity of the light and at the heat of the intensity. ~*~...~*~ When true love beats in the hearts of men, one cant help but try to listen in; to the rhythm of the beat, to the clarity of the tone, to how two sounds combine to form a perfect harmony; a sound so beautiful, it makes you ache...ache to be loved in a way such as theirs. ~*~...~*~ When true love is given a voice, one cannot help but pay attention; to the sincerity of the words, to the unwritten command, to the determination of the spirit to break free and exclaimed to the world their love for each other, be it a whisper or a shout, regardless of who is eavesdropping in their private conversations of love. ~*~...~*~ What God has joined together, no man shall part. What is set in stone was set there for a reason. S.A.P
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Foamy - Once You Go Black
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Best Tattoo Woot Thanks To All
Ready For Some Fun!!!
Gotcha,,,,now lets have fun!!! WE READY We Ready - Archie 1ST HH IS AT 2 FU TIME Kelly ♥ Jade's BFF ♥ ~Bandit Girl~ {{ The Pink Ladies }}@ fubar 2ND HH IS AT 3 FU TIME ♈ J A D E ♈ nates munchkin ♥ ~Bandit Girl~ {{ The Pink Ladies }} ©@ fubar 3RD HH 4 FU TIME NaTe -- Jades RL Boyfriend -- The Pink Pimp --@ fubar 4TH HH AT 5 FU TIME ~cruel but cute~@ fubar 5TH HH AT 6 FU TIME Canadian ® - Mr. Sweetness - Sweetheart ♥(Slave to CRUEL BUT CUTE) (FU OWNED B
One...two...killa Klowns Comin For You
All My Fu's, I Introduce One of My Amazing Fu-Owners... K¦££À K£ðwÑ Go show this wonderful guy what you've got! Rate Him! Fan Him! Add Him! Bling Him!
30 Randoms
I absolutely love Christmas and my house looks like Hobby Lobby or Michaels vomited everywhere starting the day after Thanksgiving. I put up 4 trees and they each have a theme; Snowbabies, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Colts, and a Blue/Silver/and crystal…am working on an Irish one… My favorite movie is Top Gun with A Knight's Tale as a close second. We own around 1200 DVDs…it's a sickness… As you can tell, I do not have hobbies, I have addictions… I used to have my nipples pierced… I have a trinity knot tattooed on the top of my left foot…I'm not pagan, I'm not catholic, and I'm not obsessed with the TV show "Charmed." but thanks for assuming! :-p I am obsessed with collecting make-up bags, purses, and make-up… When I have time to read, I'm always picking up something uplifting (insert sarcasm here) the Holocaust, prison systems, crime, slavery… it's all fascinating to me… I have a huge crush on Dwight Freeney of the Colts…yummy ;-) I played baseball/softball
Downrating Asshat!!
SHE RATED A 10,,, THEN WHEN HE DIDNT LIKE HER NO MORE... SHE RE-RATED A 1... WHAT A FUCKING ASSHAT!! Southern*Poptart* Chaos: DJ RealFuqinEvils *Deadly Combo Fugirl*@ fubar
My Love
I belive in love !@ first sight I belive love has wings and takes flight I belive our heart has many strengths. I belive we love in many lengths My heart knew love , the minute you walked in the door. My heart flew and touched your heart . different nothing like before. My heart knew you were my destiny I came into your life when you needed a friend. You came into mine to show me ,how to love without an end. Inseperable we become. Sharing our laughter with the sun. Written by me.... Mysti
Creation Or Destruction
if you could destroy or create what would you rather do? That was a question I got on a previous entry. Yay, feedback. Feedback makes me feel like my opinion actually matters to somebody, so I like it! Hooray for feedback, hooray for being honest to the point of crudeness. (Wow, and the last entry was about dishonesty, too. I’m just full of irony today.) I remember first thinking about creation versus destruction a long time ago. In fact, it was so long ago I don’t remember what caused me to think about it. But it didn’t take long for me to decide that creation and destruction are essentially one and the same, just like Good and Evil. (But that’s another entry.) Every time something is created, the world changes, even if only a little bit, thus destroying the previous way that reality was. And every time something is destroyed, a new reality is created. It’s all very metaphysical, but then, I never meta physical I didn’t like. (Sheesh, what is up with the jokes today?)
New Question.
Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton were riding a donkey at the edge of a cliff. The donkey stumbled, and went over the edge, taking all three with it. Who was saved? AMERICA! Help keep America as a representative republic, and NOT a socialist state!
Need $$$$$$$$$$$$ Look In Here!
Truely Greatful
I have been going Through a rough patch in my life Health wise .I've been really stressed and confused over it . I have amazing friends that stand by me and support me Through it all .But there is one certain friend i need to let know how much he is appreciated .Clay Hun you are absolutely Amazing in so many ways i know words could never describe exactly what a true friend like you means to me .You may not think this but you are truly an Angel ,Your incredible .You take and set your personal life and issues aside to make sure i have someone there to listen to me to make sure i have a shoulder to cry on .Your there to tell me not to cry ,that everything will be OK . Your there to put a smile on my face whether i need one or not .You listen to me whether i am aggravated ,happy,sad or just simply rambling on about meaningless stuff that makes no sense.You pick me up everyday and make me understand that no matter how many hurdles there are to jump over in life that they
The Little Word Out Has So Many Uses...
Have you ever looked at all the uses of the word “OUT” oh yeah… I mean what other word can Outdo Out? I really never realized the amount of words that combined with the word out had so many meanings. It’s Outrageous if you think about it. One could Outtake, outplay, outrun, outride at an Outing…Or outstare, outwit, outthink, and do it all outside! You could also be an outcast, from someone who outdid you. Shhhhwwwy…where were we? Oh yeah outstay, outwork, outgrow, outtalk, outset…not sure if that is the Volleyball version or not…I will check it Out…There are Outages, there are things that are just plan out of here. One could strikeout and Fly out but those words preempt the word so we will not use them…ooops too late I did, you could be called Out, singled out left out…but we are looking to Outbid, Outsize, Outrank the Outcome of all the uses of …OUT, holey smokes there are so many more words but I do not want to steal them all from you and be Outfoxed…So I will just setout to stop wi
ok only reason why i did this is for a friend that wanted to hear me sing i hate my voice but others seem to like it not sure why
The Loss Of Our Dog
imikimi - Customize Your World
Survey Says
Your last kiss,​what does it remind you of? - the taste of lipstick.. what is that, chapstick with dye in it? Who would​ you want to be tied to for 24 hours​?​ - someone without BO The last compliment​ you received?​ - "you rock" What was the first ​thing​ you did this morning?​ - sat on the couch and asked for coffee.. then my daughter pretended not to hear my thru her headphones.. Who was the last person to call you? - my daughter How'​s your heart ​been lately?​ - getting back to normal but some weird shit was going on not too long ago. Why aren'​t you in bed? - watching Scrubs.. Last person you went out to dinner with?​ - Sherry Chris Stephanie Hollie Nick and Logan. Are there always other​ fish in the sea? - I guess but if you are in the mood for a specific fish, do the other ones matter? Did you ever see the movie​ Pearl​ Harb

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