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Point Whore.
My lovely friend bought me an Auto 11 bling. Since it's close to the holidays, idk when to use it. help me decide? i looked at the HH schedule and there's about 22 HH's in a row on thursday. do you think that would that be the best day? help :(
Letter To My Love
dont cry mah love i promise its all okay its not over its just a bit delayed dont fret for me mah heart dont fall into the pain smile because you know that i'll see you again dont worry about tomorrow just live your life for today dont take for granted anything that makes the hurt go away dont think that i dont love you or that i never really cared dont think that because im gone away that now for you theres nothing there dont forget how much you love me how im always on your mind the memories will hurt for now but will make you smile in time for now i have to leave you and go to that tavern in the sky and i ask these things of you because i never want to make you cry i never want to be the cause of a single tear that you may shed although i may be physically gone our love, our past, is never dead please dont ever forget me its selfish to want i know but when you find that one to replace me i want a part of your heart that she can never go keep me inside your heart and so
You Got To Be Kidding Me
You Got To Be Kidding… A man was lying in bed with his new girlfriend. After having great sex, she spent the next hour just stroking his penis, something she seemed to love to do. Enjoying it, he turned and asked her, 'Why do you love doing that?' She replied, 'Because I really miss mine.'
Her World
Watching her world go round Her dreams cracking Her image shatters Her mind is racing Her heart is falling apart Watching her world go round Her eyes are soaked Her fears are becoming real Her love becomes hate Her body is a toy Watching her world go round Her time is wasted Her thoughts become torn Her head is cloudy Her hands are shaking Her world has stopped Her dreams come true Her image is beautiful Her mind is calm Her world has stopped Her heart is healed Her eyes are dry Her fears are not real Her body is hers Her world has stopped Her time is cherished Her thoughts are to believe Her head is clear Her hands are held She never thought That her own head Could be an illusion October 25, 2006
Merry Christmas And Such
To whatever you are celebrating, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ♥ you all! Tawnya
Hazeleyed Soldier Is Having A Happy Hour!!!
Siouxsie And The Banshees. Fuck 'em.
Da Sid Vicious døde i 1979 fikk det konsekvenser også for den kvinnelige delen av punkbevegelsen. Sid startet Flowers Of Romance i '76 med kun kvinnelige bandmedlemmer (som han kastet ut etter eget godbefinnende) og seg selv på vokal. Et kortlivet projekt. Men først og fremst spilte han trommer for Siouxse på punkfestivalen på 100 Club i '76. Det var en (om enn ikke reell overfor Sue som person) støtteerklæring som hun ikke kunne eksistert uten. Da Sid døde forsvant hennes gitarist og trommeslager umiddelbart. Og hun fikk støtte av Budgie som gikk fra sin støtteerklæring av jentegruppa Slits til å bli trommeslager og ektemann til Siouxsie. På gitar trådte Robert Smith fra Cure inn. Robert Smiths Cure er som navnet tilsier en forsøksvis helbredning av krisen som Sid satte igang. Det er lov å være lei seg. Boys Don't Cry selv om Sid er død. Osv. Det er dessuten lov å sminke seg og være litt Goth selv om man er mann. Lalalala. Siouxsie hadde derfor en delt vei å gå.
To the winter of my soul I come, encircling me in quixotic rhythms unknown to one as humble as I. To the edge of the abyss yawning deep before my trembling toes as they inch closer and closer to its inky depths. Into the moment a whisper floats, "Draw back. Remember your life is not yours to own . . . soon, so soon, comes spring, rebirth the inevitable answer to destruction but hold fast the memory of those moments on the precipice.. reminders of the cycle, when next your toes shall dangle at the edge of the abyss in the winter of your soul."
Cynde Is Just 400k Away.
~Cynde~Member of Rate Spankers has AUTO 11s!!! Cynde is so close to becoming fubar's next Disciple. She is a really good friend and is never shy about returning the rates. Her Auto-11s will be active until 9PM EST/8PM CST/6 PM fuTime. Thank you and have a great night. ~Cynde~Member of Rate Spankers@ fubar Brought to you by..... cAUSE iM tHE fCKiNG pRiNCESS..dUHH@ fubar and RedZ28@ fubar
My Nsfw Pics...reserved.
They will now only be available to family. If I like you, you will be added to my family and you will be allowed to view them. I'm tired of the annoying requests for my pics and ppl just friending me to see them. I will not accept family requests unless I like you and have talked with you. I will also add ppl to my family if I see them worthy. :) No fakes or BSing idiots. Genuine ppl, get genuine things. That's how I am.
Speak English!
So my first week in Germany (Jan 1988), me and my buddy Marty head downtown, and wind up having a beer at the Irish Pub. As I'm sitting there sipping on a very thick and very warm Guinness, a local walks up to the cigarette machine and puts a few marks in it. It doesn't dispense any product and he's very annoyed, and as he turns away, he sees that I was watching what was going, and grinned at me and said something. I had NO IDEA what he was saying, but since most Germans do speak English, I said "oh I'm sorry I only speak English" and he gave me a "what a dumb-fuck" look and walked away. My friend Marty busted out laughing and said "Dude he was a Brit.. he WAS speaking English". :P (Next time slow your words down and enunciate properly!)
Meet Dark Defender
Since I've met him, he has been absolutely wonderful to me... please go stop by his page and F/R/A him if you havent yet, or drop some rates or bling to him to give him some points. Dark Defender "Fu Hubby To Italian Princess"&"Sweetheart To Pr Mamii@ fubar
The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun
Please Take Some Time To A/f/r He Will Return The Love
imikimi - Customize Your World! ~Bratt~ has her first new owner for the New Year. Come check out WASTNTIME and A/F/R and show him lots of love and tell him ~Bratt~ sent ya:)YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID! HE WILL RETURN THE FAVOR
010408 Plato
Ignorance, the root and the stem of every evil.
Cruz De Madera Michael Salgado
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Gods Forsaken Radio Has A Beast!
Leving Blog 259
wolfsub2001@ fubar 105k to level
Gentle kisses Whispering tears Listen closely To what the heart hears All the joys Worries, and fears Panic sets in As the end nears Never so much agony Displayed throughout the years.
i am to be a mother that was a shock to me never was this meant to happen like this not to me i was to be married first but no i was to have a guy that was willing to be there but no the daddy of the child doesn't care he doesn't want to be there i am keeping the child to raise i will NOT give it up i will be a good mother.... but my child will not have its father it will only have me
Caa #72
A friend stopped by to ask for prayers for her friends' 16 year old nephew who was in a bad car accident. Please send up angel prayers of healing, comfort and strength for the nephew, his family and friends. Doc
A Special Life
When I woke up this morning, my thoughts turned to you Thinking of all the special things that you do You were always there for me You were always by my side You were the only one with which my true feelings I could never hide I'd push you past your limits But yet, you'd always still be there You couldn't help but to smother me With all your love and care I've made my mistakes and I've done my time But you've always been the perfact mother And I can't believe you're mine!
Patience Your words vibrate through my soul Awakenings and racing thoughts on the go My heart has been hit You need to know My friends flash warnings Love and concern casts their doubts How could I know They steer me away In the shadows I stay Not letting go My mind has lost control I just don't know Ulterior motives Player on the move All possibilities What do I have to lose I voice my fears Heart already shakes and quivers You listen and feel "Patience" you reveal I'm scared I'm excited I'm anxious I'm delighted Emotions unlocked I let you in Feelings enhanced There's no return Your words sing to me Time soars by I'm entranced by you Pure laughter and joy I feel a great loss When we're unable to talk I can never get enough You've become a part of me I follow my heart It's all I can do Time will tell If our love is true "Patience" you say Patient I will be Shutting out The voices surrounding me
Tortured Dream! I dream a tortured dream of us in another realm your are a perfect gem but he's at the helm my heart is snapped, like footsteps on stems the room begins to spin and i throw up phlegm I dream a tortured dream you are there screaming but I'm nowhere to be seen your perfect in your being but i cannot alleviate the pain Your eyes are glassy they seem hollow my heart it bellows, in agony as i watch this distorted reality I dream a tortured a dream a dream where we never met a dream where we were never in love A dream where i was angry and alone a dream where my heart was cold like stone A dream in which I had a gruesome grimly grimace No Hope, no candle light dinners, in this dream i lost innocence I awoke from a tortured dream! You were there by my side, all my fears and doubts subside You are my strength deep inside you are the moon and i am the tide, you are the reason i rise i see hope in your eyes those eyes that see through this g
Why Did Jesus Fold The Napkin?
Why Did Jesus Fold The Napkin? This is one I can honestly say I have never seen circulating in the emails so; I'll start it, if it touches you and you want to, forward it. Why did Jesus fold the linen burial cloth after His resurrection? I never noticed this... The Gospel of John (20:7) tells us that the napkin, which was placed over the face of Jesus, was not just thrown aside like the grave clothes. The Bible takes an entire verse to tell us that the napkin was neatly folded, and was placed at the head of that stony coffin. Early Sunday morning, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and found that the stone had been rolled away from the entrance. She ran and found Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one whom Jesus loved. She said, 'They have taken the Lord's body out of the tomb, and I don't know where they have pu
What Is A Cowboy?
1 : one who tends cattle or horses; especially : a usually mounted cattle-ranch hand 2 : a rodeo performer 3. A hired man, especially in the western United States, who tends cattle and performs many of his duties on horseback. Also called cowman, cowpoke, cowpuncher, also called regionally buckaroo, vaquero, waddy. 4. An adventurous hero. a cowboy is man with guts and a horse
Words Of Pride--written By My Fu-hubby And Love Okwaho
One day, Jay, a great friend now departed, asked me how she could live the old way without any fears of being wrong in her choices. She was so humble and kind in life that I couldn't refuse her some kind answers... What I didn't know is that she was already dying of a real bad disease, in fact, both of us ignored then the disease that was taking her life away... So, on her questioning, I sent her this little text file... "Live your life in a way so, that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about his or her religion; respect others in their view and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, and beautify all the things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide. Always give a word or sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respects to all people and gro
Yeah so my husband is weird. He told me to take my shirt & bra off and sit here at the computer. A dare, I guess?
Fubar Video Salutes?
we've been kicking around the idea of doing some tv commercials for to help spread the word about the site. if anyone has a video salute that you've already made for fubar, or had thought of making one and wanted an excuse, please post a *link* to the youtube video (youtube only please and make sure it's a link.. don't embed it here.) in a comment to this blog or in a PM to me if you're shy... but if you're shy, why are you here? :D in the video please include your uid or fubar custom url. the uid/url can be hand written or spoken, but i need to know how to find you. for example, my uid is 1 and my custom url is feel free to say what you like most about fubar, why you use it, any interesting stories you might have from using the site, or whatever else you want... (keep it legal please, i'm too fragile for the pokey). there isn't a plan to include any of these in the commercial, but you never know what'll happen (i'll contact you and ask permission fir
Drink Toast (joke :p)
Once upon a time in China, there was a wedding dinner. The dinner occupies only half the restaurant. The other half was occupied by some Caucasian tourists. As the wedding couples hop from table to table to toast the guests, the cheers of 'GAN BEI' (happy & joyous drinking) gets louder and louder. One Caucasian gets more and more irritated as the couple get closer to him. 'GAN BEI.........GAN.........BEI.........!!!' the cheers continued. Finally, the irritated Caucasian couldn't take it anymore. He stood up on his chair and shouted, 'IF YOU CAN'T PAY, THEN LET ME PAY FOR U!'
Life In Our Daily Fast Track
Well happy New Year to you. Bet you wish you had a dollar for everytime someone said that to you. Did you make a resolution? Mine was to keep writting more in my blogs, and work on my grammer too. Was your resolution to lose weight, or stop smoking, or be a better person? What about a resolution to slow down, and take a good look around you? Don't look at what you want to see, look beyond that, and really see what is around you. You might be suprised. Trees, the ground, the sky all working in harmony. Close your eyes and listen, what do you hear? Birds, loud noises by cars and trucks, city life? You might be surprised what you hear like your spirit talking to you, or animals trying to tell you something, or you might hear life. Our pace of our lives is so fast that we miss far to much. Make a possitive resolution for 2009 to slow down, and take a minute to really see whats around you. Discover something that you might not have seen or heard before even though you have looked at it or h
Zakk Wylde's Father Loses The Fight...
On Monda​y,​ Janua​ry 19th,​ Zaak’​s Wylde​’s fathe​r passe​d away due to compl​icati​ons from his fight​ again​st cance​r.​ The follo​wing is a state​ment from Zakk regar​ding his passi​ng:​ My fathe​r,​ Jerom​e F. Wiela​ndt who serve​d as an inspi​ratio​n to me and my music​ throu​ghout​ my life,​ has passe​d away from cance​r.​ His influ​ence on my life and the life of other​s has motiv​ated me in ways that have been both unexp​ected​ and profo​und.​ My fathe​r spent​ his youth​ as a orpha​n in New Jerse​y who was subse​quent​ly draft​ed to serve​ his count​ry.​ A World​ War II veter​an,​ he parti​cipat​ed in the event​s of D-̴
Humorus& Light-hearted
Pastor: Will you answer me right now These questions, as your wedding vow? Groom: Yes, I will answer right now Your questions as my wedding vow. Pastor: Will you take her as your wife? Will you love her all your life? Groom: Yes, I take her as my wife, Yes, I'll love her all my life. Pastor: Will you have, and also hold Just as you have at this time told? Groom: Yes, I will have, and I will hold, Just as I have at this time told, Yes, I will love her all my life As I now take her as my wife. Pastor: Will you love through good and bad? Whether you're happy or sad? Groom: Yes, I'll love through good and bad, Whether we're happy or sad, Yes, I will have and I will hold Just as I have already told, Yes, I will love her all my life, Yes, I will take her as my wife! Pastor: Will you love her if you're rich? Or if you're poor, and in a ditch? Groom: Yes, I'll love her if we're rich, And I will love her in a ditch, I'll love he
Copyrighted Material Do Not Copy!!!!
Pms=parked Motorcycle Syndrome
PMS Let me start off by saying this article is rated PG-13. We will be talking about PMS. That’s right, a condition known as Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. I was sitting on the couch a few days before Christmas looking outside at the snow falling, when it hit me like a rock thrown from a passing car. You could see it coming, but just couldn’t swerve out of the way fast enough. I had ALL the symptoms! Nervousness, sweaty palms, irritability, pacing back and forth through the house, and the urge to pile up credit card bills from purchasing chrome on every motorcycle internet site I could click on. Ah, safety chrome, the visual beauty that makes our bikes our own, and raises an eyebrow to every oncoming motorist and onlooker lusting to have a bike of their own. I never realized what was causing me to act this way. I thought in the beginning that it was just my aging body. Then I remembered, as a young teen the symptoms started after the purchase of my first motorcycle. I would si
Damn Laptop And Att
begin rant/vent grrrrrr my wireless connection sucks! not only do i have to deal with low signal most the time in my house, but the wireless connection stalls and when i start it, i get "no wireless device connected" hALF the time. when that doesnt happen i get an error code that says usb device cannot start. ive uninstalled and installed it twice.... guess i should go in to the damn att store.... fuck fuck fuck dammit all to shit!!!!!! end rant/vent im done.... should i throw my computer in the bayou?
A Shameless Plug
Thursday, June 1, 2006—Why a Duck? Now, being a red-blooded American male, I firmly believe in the coffee break. My coffee maker gives me one hour to brew and drink however much coffee I'm having that day. At the end of an hour, the coffee maker shuts off, thus preventing the coffee from cooking to the bottom of the pot and ensuring me of a perfect cup of coffee every time. I have only one complaint about my coffee maker—and it's the same one I have with every coffee maker—is that I can only get five cups of coffee out of it, even though it says I'm making ten cups. I don't know anyone who gets more than five cups out of their coffee maker, so this is something that needs to be addressed by the manufacturers. When Carol and I got married, we received several coffee cups in our pattern and they were very cute, but awfully dinky. They're way too small to drink coffee out of, but they're just right for a snack of chips and salsa. Now that I've rambled on about that, back to business
Yet Another One
customization of the fixation of the mental frustration and all of it will only lead to more aggravation my mind will only bring your devastation im so confused and often misused im gonna blow cause im a bomb that can't be defused i divide my hate from my love i will get high and fly away like a dove get high and get a back rub drink til im numb and if my breath ends up smelling like rum just reach on into your pocket and give me some gum and the bud is so yum yummy in my tum tummy my face that you have a distaste oh how funny
Miss Being Mrs
Loretta Lynn   More CMT Music   More CMT Music Videos I lie here all alone In my bed of memories I'm dreamn' of your sweet kiss Oh, how you loved on me I can almost feel you with me Here in this blue moonlight Oh, I miss being Mrs. tonight Like so many other hearts Mine wanted to be free I've been held here every day Since you've been away from me My reflection in the mirror it's such a hurtful sight Oh, I miss being Mrs. tonight Chorus Oh, I miss being Mrs. tonight Oh, and how I loved them loving arms That once held me so tight I took of my wedding band And put it on my right hand I miss being Mrs. tonight Repeat Chorus Oh I miss being Mrs. tonight
Somebodys Hero
She's never pulled anyone from a burning building She's never rocked Central Park to a half a million fans, screaming out her name She's never hit a shot to win the game She's never left her footprints on the moon She's never made a solo hot air balloon ride, around the world, No, she's just your everyday average girl (but) She's somebody's hero A hero to her baby with a skinned up knee A little kiss is all she needs The keeper of the cheerios The voice that brings Snow White to life Bedtime stories every night And that smile lets her know She's somebody's hero She didn't get a check every week like a nine-to fiver But she's been a waiter, and a cook and a taxi driver For twenty years, there at home, until the day her girl was grown Giving all her love to her was her life's ambition But now her baby's movin' on, and she'll soon be missin' her But not today, those are tears of joy runnin' down her face She's somebody's hero A hero to her daughter in her weddin
Should I Just F*ck You Or Make Love??
Men, I would like to pose a question to you and I hope that you will be candid enough with me to answer my question honestly. You will help the female gender out tremendously! Do you want me to say...'Baby, you make me wet and I want you so so much! Please...please MAKE LOVE to me! I'm begging you! I need you to fill me up until I explode from YOUR passion and mine! OR Do you want me to say...'Oh MY God! You are driving me insane!!! I'm so hot and needy for you! I am so so wet and my pussy aches for your attention! Please FUCK ME! PLEASE! I want you to take your beautiful cock and FUCK ME HARD until EVERY orifice on my body is filled with your cum! I want to be yours and only yours! Now...ladies...which would you prefer? Do you want a man who can make you tremble from his slightest touch...make you wet just imagining what he will do to you? OR Do you want a man who can make you ache the next day and night with his attention? P.S. I'm gonna give you a hint...I
Who Will?
Ridin' in the drop top with the top down Saw you switchin' lanes girl Pull up to the red light, lookin' right Come here, let me get your name girl Tell me where you from, what you do, what you like Let me pick your brain girl And tell me how they got that pretty little face on that pretty little frame Come on and lemme show you 'round Let me take you out, bet you we could have some fun girl 'Cause we can dress it up, we can dress it down Any way you want it done girl Or we can stay home, talkin' on the phone Rappin' 'til we see the sun girl Do what I gotta do, just gotta show you that I'm the one girl Well I'mma freak you right, each and every night I know how to do it insane girl 'Cause I can make it hot, make it stop Make you wanna say my name girl
-it Is The Middle Of This Day-
-it is the middle of this day- ------------------------------------------------- The Sun is hidden behind these dark grey clouds that have teased us greatly with rain, but given none... I feel a tickle in the back of my neck, could it be what I believe it is? It seems when this happens a twist of reality comes my way, bad news, good news, it does not matter... I have no other choice but to wait it out. Today will be a slow day for me, I have made my coffee but have no creamer. It really pisses me off, and I know when one thing goes unbalanced the rest follows. Like quicksand, you cannot even try to escape, it will pull you down regardless of your screams... Such a fucked up world to play with me daily and keep me from this cleared path I have worked on for years, cropping and studying and learning my location... Detours are everywhere, always, and it is not my doing. I am convinced of it now. I did not give any permissions to accept anyone to touch or use my things, but it is bec
Continued Success
When momentum is on your side, use it. When you're going strong, keep going and become even stronger. Don't let your success stop you from continuing to succeed. Before the goal is accomplished, have another goal ready and waiting to take its place. Each accomplishment opens the door to many more opportunities. Each success paves the way for even greater success. When the job is done, celebrate the victory by setting your sights even higher. You've firmly established a positive pattern, so keep it going and improve upon it. The value you've just created can now be put to productive use. Just imagine what is now possible. Great accomplishments are built from small successes. Keep the momentum going, and there's no limit to what you can achieve. -- Ralph Marston
Luvthisangel Has Autos On!
Luvthisangel is only 4.5 million to Disciple Come and show some love! Get mega points Over 1,800 pics to rate Ends at 4:00pm Fu-time on Saturday (PST) ********************************** Lovingly dedicated to Luvthisangel by Carrie
Lovers Or Friends
at one point we lovers, and so totally into each other. and then something happened that changed all that. now we are talking again, trying to make a friendship work but its hard seeing as our feelings are still there. it makes me wonder if we are better as lovers or friends. when we were together everything was so totally amazing. the way things felt were great. and now that we are talking again and feelings have been shown there is a lil of that amazing feeling back. but at the same time theres a lil voice in the back of my mind tellin me to be careful and to not let myself fully fall for you again. as the hurt i handled last time is a hurt im not sure as i can handle again. i never really let you see the way it hurt when you turned away, even became friends with her but it still hurt. to this day thinking about it hurts but i dont regret it cuz what we had was great. and the feelings we had together is something that nobody could ever regret. now that we are trying to be frie
Loosing My Friends
Who likes the new rating issue? Im loosing alot of friends over this that pay alot of money here for enjoyment of a game. And thats all this is or was!!!! how many people are going to leave over this befor they decide hey were loosing money guys??? so let me know how you feel stay n fuba or go somewhere elese?
My Recruiting Tags Easy Excess
Evil's Big Auction
BIG EVIL'S AUCTION IS NOW OPEN!!! COME SEE WHO HE HAS UP FOR SALE!!! UP FOR AUCTION: BIG EVIL Evil is offering rate all pics 11s. rate all stash, buy 3 gifts a week. buy daily drinks, add to fam and friends, and add to yahoo. RED Red is offering for one month ur name in hers, rate all pics in hh, sfw salute, add to top friends and fam, random gifts, daily drinks sound good" HARLEY Harley is offering Harley video salute, 5 personal tags made, 1million in fubucks, and your name @ the end of his for 30 days, 100 11's for a month...keep ya shitfac*d for 30 days...added to his family, top friends list. VIOLET Violet is offering rate all pics and stash 11s durin hh, owned by in name, num 1 fam and friends and a sfw salute. DEEJAY TWISTA Twista is offering all pics/Stash Rated 11,custom skin and pic made, 1 bling a week for a month/put ur name in his(1month). SEXUALDESIRE
Im In A Auction
Pill Counter 3
profiles of an addict working in a pharmacy, especially one that doles out methadone like candy on halloween, is never mundane. we have addicts of every shape, size, color, socioeconomic status, etc. the madness of people in the heights of drug-induced states are always intriguing. today's flavor: "you ever seen one of them there wild pigs?" he asks my boss, jeff, this. my boss hunts deer. alot. "yeah, i want me one of dem. get one of 'em for me and i'll pay you for it." jeff: alright, x "a wild pig, i'd pay you. get me one" he goes on and on. his medicine is ready but he's obviously taken plenty of something already. he's currently disabled and draws social security like a retiree. he's on low income medical aid as well which means tax dollars pay the normal copays for his medication so he can buy weed. he has long, stringy hair. a goatee of some kind. he smokes. he's hollow eyed. he plays the drums in a cover band that i hear is pretty decent. with that being
Thank You From Poison Ivy
Thank you friends from the bottom of my heart for helping me becoming a Godmother! Poison Ivy ***************************************** Sincerely and Lovingly Created by: Carrie
I Find This Funny
After my salutes disappeared the other day, I tried re-submitting the last one I'd done. Now bear in mind this salute had been official for over a year, then read the below message I got. "I have rejected this submission as a salute, because your sign is too small to be read properly. Please click the blog link below and follow the instructions on how to make a proper site salute." It didn't matter by the time I got this, but still made me laugh.
Zombie Zombie
Just found this amazing vid, would love to hear what y'all think.
Writing A Story For My Website, Check It Out
I have just finished chapter one of a series of stories I will be writing on Open Road Biker. I hope yall will check it out and tell me what you think. It will be on the site on Friday so please bookmark it and check back. Here is a little teaser; Small Town Troubles Sometimes I am not really sure how I got here, another two bit town, a hang over, and a cheap motel. It seems like so long ago when I was doing the whole family thing. You know the "American Dream" where you have a job, two cars in the drive, a mortgage, and a wife and family that you provide for. It all seemed to go bad quick, but more about that later. Time to push on, can't let any grass grow around the bike. Just wouldn't seem right staying any where too long, not anymore anyways. The last town I was through wasn't too friendly so I had to head out of there sooner than planned. You see every so often I try and slow down for a few weeks, take a little job turning wrenches, flipping eggs, bailing hay, whatever it
I Miss Him...
Today in the morning some guy said "I like your lipstick" WTF?? Is that a compliment, or does he want the same one? Also, I got a prank call, in which some loser told me how he would love to get his slimy throbbing cock inside my ass. Nice...
I Hate You All
apparently i don't have the internet. stupid people want money for this stuff. really come on. i'll be back later this week or next so don't forget... * send me love * buy me bling * get me a fucking pony already and sarah sucks ass but it's okay because it's my ass and i like it.
In Pieces
Title: In Pieces Composed: 10/13/07 Format: Prose I feel as if I am being smashed in a million little pieces... I want to pick myself and put me back together... But I am waiting for him to come and help...he says he wants to come help...I believe him...but he just isn't around... In the meantime... I remain broken... I can't stand the agony, and so I decide that... I'll put my hands together, so I can work I'll put my mouth together so I may eat But now I am putting my eyes together so that I can see... I see me for what I am, and don't like being shattered... Don't like putting my rebuilding on hold for an empty-feeling promise of aid I can't yet seem to put my heart back together...some things that get broken are harder to mend...but I still have to try...
Poem Called : I Love You, I Love.... I Love You
Soaring. So close to the teasing winds, as love's lungs breathe life into our once hollow chests. And motionless veins suddenly ignite the need to flow steadily; beating peacefully. Lush green fields sway beneath performing clouds. Purity and holiness... Reflecting pinks, yellows, whites and gold linings... We lay on a checkered blanket. As rolling hills run rhymes into our minds. The pollen-scented breeze carries our love to God's heavenly kingdoms, where angels plant promises into the nourishing soil of unfolding futures. Bountiful blessings pour from spirit creatures. The angels swoop above and smile as with shining expressions of ardent affection, we exchange passionate gazes. Blue eyes meet brown, and lazy afternoons stretch into midnight galaxies. One look overturns the hours, into which we Dance. Your firm grip pulls my waist into your tall frame. A lingering kiss waves me goodbye as you push my body away, yet you still hold m
Material: A Flamenco And Etude Opus 2
The flamenco, for the most part is completed...the etude is coming good...I have been wanting to record a little of the flamenco and put it up as a preview...upon completing both, I may have enough for a pre-demo...
Has Love Become A Victim Of Instant Gratification?
THIS ARTICLE IS PROTECTED BY COPY WRITE PLEASE DO NOT REPOST THANK YOU Out of curiosity, I recently looked up the definition of the word love on, and to my surprise there were 28 definitions on the subject. The words that appear most in each definition were affection or passionate affection. I realize that today's society is extremely fast paced. Fast food, fast cars, fast women? We've become so obsessed with the "fast" concept, that we now believe love should be fast. Which brings me to the point of this article: Online dating. Online dating has actually become a part of American culture. Why not? You can meet people from the comfort of your own home and not have to worry about face to face rejection. I've seen quite a few women(including myself) fall victim to the instant gratification of online dating or relationships. First I'm going to look at why we do this. The world demands so much more from us now a days that we are so busy with our own lives t
My Poem5
I see you across the golden plates of my heart I see you move I see you breath. Then we touch excitement enters. Suddenly I feel lost in a world of confusion and love. I gave it all to you in your hands lyes my sanity, my love, my heart. Know you have all of me know I see I would give the world just so we could be!
Sick Sex (down To Up)
Ah, I love my little Dutch friend ->Sandros: it s because I shaved them Sandros: this feels a little strange, Father ->Sandros: good boy, there we go Sandros: yes Father *squeezes ->Sandros: could you fondle my testicles while I insert this Michigan cucumber? Sandros: yes Father ->Sandros: ofcourse, you can call me Father; il ike it that way Sandros: you know whats best for me, priest ->Sandros: maybe we can first insert a cucumber in there to loosen it up? Sandros: oh oh, now what? ->Sandros: oops, it doesnt fit,hmm Sandros: *spreads cheeks ->Sandros: well, then , spread your cheeks! Sandros: yes priest i know. and i dont wanna go to hell, i wanna go to heaven! ->Sandros: if you tell, you know you will go to hell, right? Sandros: yes mister, yes, im a very big boy, i can keep secrets, i promise ->Sandros: no, sweety, it will be our little secret; you are a big boy, right? big boys keep secrets Sandros: do i have to tell mommy about this,
The So Called Friend Who Could Have Helped Him And Didnt Speaks
THIS IS WHAT THE SO CALLED FRIEND SAID TO ME ABOUT JESSE...YOU MAKE THE DECISION...HOW CAN YOU CALL THIS PERSON A FRIEND... Charmy: we need to talk DJ City Girl: We need to talk when all I have been getting is bombarded by people I don't know if it's from your lounge or Inc's lounge Idk but seriously........I'm getting blammed for a suicide that you know damn well no one can be blammed for a suicide and also calling my marriage Charmy: i dont care about your marriage I CARE ABOUT MY FRIEND how reached out for YOUR HELP Charmy: u knew jesse was a good person and u played him telling him u loved him Charmy: then u tell him u wont talk to him about not killing him self DJ City Girl: It doesn't mean that I fucking caused his damn suicide. I loved him and then when we became just friends I loved him as such we both knew that understanding. Charmy: are u in the medical field or what Charmy: because u would have called someone to help him Charmy: an
It Takes Two To Tango.
Monday, March 2, 2009 Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22) You may be a bit bent out of shape today as the earthy Taurus Moon visits your sexy 8th House of Shared Intimacy. You might attempt to keep things light and easy, but you keep getting dragged into passionate discussions about your feelings. If romantic energy is present, follow it without being too aggressive. But don't attempt to trick anyone into something they aren't truly feeling. It takes two to tango.
Whats A Letter?
It makes you think! Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, & enter yours. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real... nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun! 1. What is your name: Tracy 2. A four letter word: Tits 3. A boy's name: Tyler 4. A girl's name: Tia 5. An occupation: Tax Auditor 6. A colour: Teal 7. Something you wear: T-shirt 8. A food: Taters 9. Something found in the bathroom: Toothbrush 10. A place: Tennessee 11. A reason for being late: Tar hole 12. Something you shout: Tits 13. A movie title: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 14. Something you drink: Tea 15. A musical group: Tantric 16. An animal: Turtle 17. A street name: Tuscan Dr 18. A type of car: Trans-Am 19. The
Casper The Friendly Ghost
Wanna Own Ctgirl ? You Know You Do !!
WANT A PIECE OF ME???? I'M Up for Auction!! Some come on and Get Some!!! You Know U want Too!!! CTGIRL!!!! Click the picture to get to the Auction! Music Playlist at
Its A Beautiful Day
Tuesday, March 3, 2009 Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22) The Moon's entry into versatile Gemini this morning probably grabbed your attention, revealing countless new options that are interesting enough to explore. Unfortunately, you cannot go down more than one path at a time. Play through the possible scenarios in your head, pick the one that is most resonant to your thoughts and feelings, and then do something about it.
Something I Wrote
Written by me This is the first time ever posting my work. ........... Extending her heart into his arms, to cradle her lovingly within, bringing her closer to life. Their heated breaths exhale. She kisses him softly, gently placing a finger to his lips, "I've no need to say a word, we can tell it in each other's eyes." Blood flowing rapidly through their veins, their hearts getting weaker with love. An overwhelming feeling of happiness, Surrounds their embracing bodies. Kissing deeper and deeper, tongues dancing in a trance of passion. The beating of their hearts; heavier and faster, yet still in perfect unison. Such real true Love and emotion, An unbridled feeling and passion, races in these two hearts apart, for one day to beat as one.
Jamies Story Part 2
"Come 'ere, baby," Vic ordered, as she rolled on the bed with here legs splayed lewdly, and her vagina gaping and dripping with pussy juice, how ya like your new bed room!?!" "Really," Jamie asked softly, "you want me to live with you?!? "What the fuck do ya think I've been talking about, ya dumb cunt, now get over here and lick me clean," Vic said in an exasperated voice!!! "Yes, ma'am," Jamie replied quickly, as she lowered her warm mouth to Vic's bulging bare pussy! Throwing her head back and slightly arching her back, Vic pushed her pubis hard into Jamie's insistent mouth and thought how lucky she had been to find such a pretty little cunt lapper!!! Jamie on the other hand, was drowning herself into her first real sexual experience, and loving every second of it, as all at once, Vic moaned long a hard, and Jamie knew that her dom was climaxing in her mouth, what a feeling!!! While Vic was panting like a over heated dog, Jamie gave her now throbbing pussy tiny little kisses all over
2 Tickets To Paradise
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Leveling Blog 422 needs 236,705 to level!i can't get it to copy her link with pic lol!She has Auto's on!!
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Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. Before you buy into the myths that gay adoption poses an unsafe environment for ... Since the anti-gay marriage victories in the 2004 elections, anti-gay ... Feb 17, 2009 ... Group fights ’anti-gay’ adoption bill in Kentucky. ... All Children, All Families Press Conference on LGBT Adoption (Part 3 of 3) ... Mar 6, 2009 ... Read the 365gay featured news story Kentucky anti-gay adoption bill advances , for information
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Angels Cry When Stars Collide
Your Heart Takes Love Seriously You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free. In love, you feel the most alive when your lover is creative and never lets you feel bored. You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring. You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please. Your ideal relationship is comforting. You crave a relationship where you always feel warmth and love. Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment. You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred. In this moment, you think of love as commitment. Love only works when both people are totally devoted. What Are The Keys To Your Heart?
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I Love Them You Should Love Them Too!!!
To My Love!
My heart is aching and feels so empty, I wish you were here with me now. we have been through so much heartache, and been through so much hell. I miss you so much I can't help but hurt, I hope you read this for whatever it's worth. we have had so many bad things said, I hope I never hear them again. You gave me hope of an ever after, But it faded away too soon after. If we can't be together I wish you the best, And I will try dealing with the rest. The silence is hard to take, it grows more lonely every day I wake. I love you too much to even move on, I still can't believe your even gone. So my dear love I will be loving you still, And I know I always will. @}-{-- Tammy Rose Duysen --}-{@ (C)Copyright 2008
Untitled......march 9, 2009
March 9th, 2009 All my life I've been asking my self why me being dead would be so much better, than me being alive. Why death sounds so peacefull to me. I realized its not the death I want. Its the feeling of never being hurt by anyone anymore. Its the feeling of peace Im longing for. Being alive has only brought pain and suffering. When I dream the dreams of death, Im not affraid of it. I dont run from it. Instead I welcome and embrace it. In my dreams, all I do is re-live the painful, tourcherous, days. The days the people I loved, leave me. They leave me aone in this dark abyss. Theres no one to be there for me. Eeveryone says they will stay and be there for me, but they leave and hurt me more. They say they love me and when I need them the most they up and leave me. In my time of need, I only ever have myself. Will I ever find someone who will stay? Will I ever find someone who will love me and be there for me? In my drams I never have to worry about that. Death is
Women Or Cunt You Choose
Teach Me To Let Go
Teach me to stop caring When I think of what we were Teach me to stop crying When I see you there with her Show me how to live again When you're not here with me Show me how to fight the fact That we're not meant to be Tell me that I'll be alright And my life will be okay Without you right here by my side To hold my hand each day Let these teardrops wash away Don't let this heartbreak last... Let me let go like you did For you've forgotten me so fast
A Warning Ladies.....
DO NOT!!!! I REPEAT. DO NOT DO THIS!!!!! WTF was she thinking. Here is the real question; What the hell is that second hole underneath her belly button?
Department Of Veterans Affairs
February 27, 2009 The Honorable Barack Obama President of the United States The White House Washington, DC Dear President Obama: On behalf of the millions of veterans represented by the veterans and military service organizations that have joined our effort, we write to express our serious concerns about a policy proposal that has been discussed this week in conjunction with the release of your first budget. We have been told that your Administration may be considering a proposal that would allow the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system to bill a veteran’s insurance for the care and treatment of a disability or injury that was determined to have been incurred in or the result of the veteran’s honorable military service to our country. Such a consideration is wholly unacceptable and a total abrogation of our government’s moral and legal responsibility to the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms. As
"ripping" Takes You Back To Their Default Gallery
Only a slight inconvenience.
Women's Rules For Women On Dealing With Men
I just new there was some kinda training going on... Women's Rules For Women on Dealing With Men 1.Do not say what you mean. Ever. 2.Be ambigious. Always. 3.Cry. Cry often. Tell them it's their fault. 4.Bring things up that were said, done, or thought years, months, or weeks ago. Get mad when they don't remember. 5.Make them apologize for everything. 6.Stash feminine products in their backpacks and in their books as cute reminders that you were thinking of them. 7.Gossip. Gossip about everything that walks. 8.Play Alanis Morissette's "You Outta Know," loud. Look at them. Smile. 9.Look them in the eye and start laughing. 10.Cry. 11.Get mad at them for everything. 12.Discuss your period in front of them. Watch them squirm. 13.Hold grudges. 14.Demand to be e-mailed. Often. Whine when they don't comply. 15.When complimented, make sure to be paranoid. Take nothing at face value. 16.Use daddy as a weapon. Tell them about his gun collection, his quick trig
True Friends
A true friend is someone who likes you for who you are and not judging your looks or background or where you came from. A true friend is someone like you. I will be hoping to talk to you and read back frm you. Good Morning and have a wonderful new day.
i'll be makin my lil pimp picture for those that donated to my spotlight. i didn't forget anyone. i'm just a lil tired tonight. thanks to everyone to helped me get here hugs n cuddles to all. xoxo lisa
Deep With In
Reality.....(4 Time-x 2 Read)
Death, departure, walk away, walk out Should I or should I not pout Family and friends Lovers and one-night stands I have loved, lost and lived How do I trust, how do I love again I should move on, it's all in my past But my pain remains, continues and lasts This pain lingers in my heart, mind and soul Damn it - why is this world so cold How can I have faith in God and family When people I love are taken from me Where can I find true and loyal friends I'm sick of the lies, fights and revenge Hurt continuously, hurt at a young age How do I love again with all of my rage How do I get past all of this, show me a sign So I can leave my sadness, pain and crying behind
Warmth And Smail
hay all,i am shy to say but every one knows with the sharp eyes you can see the beauty of girl but with your nose you can feel the find something odd ................ if you have faceing such a problem than share i have an idea. okay
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Show Love To My Top Friends.. Keep It Alive
I have tried several times to post this MUMM tonight. The internet has been Sketchy so , three times I have lost it. I finally drank a Mountain Dew and woke my brain up-- and wrote it on Notepad so I wouldn't lose it all. OK, I have 9 ladies who stay in contact with me on more than a regular basis. Through times of my illnes and Injuries they have been there.. Will you help them out? Will you do me a favor and take time out of your life to rate tehm, and send thier profiles on to your friends in another MuMM and help them out. I believe that Friendship and Love require two things to prove its validity, and to make it work, or sustain it. 1.) Action - Friendship and Love is not just a feeling of "warm tingly fuzzies". It is somethign which displays itself in ACTIONS.. I am trying to be creative and give back a small token of ACTION to honeor their friendship to me... 2.) Time - It takes time to develop a friendship. It takles time out of my life, and your life to re
The Big Tiddee Biker Bar
/¤t=spirit_bike.jpg" target="_blank">
Saturday Profile Comment For Fu-friends
I'm still on vacation but send ya'll some LUV.Thanks for the LUV bk Miss ya Unabear
Dollar Math
"If you had one dollar and you asked your father for another, how many dollars would you have?" Vinny raised his hand and answered, "One dollar." The teacher shook her head. "You don't know your math." Vinny replied, "You don't know my father." 
Sneaking In The Bar To Meet With Ex.
I have been thinking for the last two nights about meeting my ex in a bar and getting hot and hotter and wondering if I would be drunk enough to take him somewhere that he has not seen in a long time. Should I show him what his missed? Or still let him think he is the s.., Should I smile all kind and sweet then leave him wondering where I went? I was thinking of a nice hotel with lights, camera, action and the rest. But, I just can't decide if I want a long island iced tea or just let it ride?
Build a wall of books between us in our bed repeat, repeat the words i know we both said relax into the need we get so confortable remember when i was so strange and likeable i just want back in your head i just want back in your head I'm not unfaithful but I'll stray When I jerk away from holding hands with you I know these habits hurt important parts of you remember when how sweet and unexplainable nothing like this person unloveable *did you write this?*   A brief communication from the nether reaches of ex~dom, one of those small and forgotten holds that is rarely heard from. So... it grabs the attention. Toys with heart strings left dangling, ones that perhaps should have been burned to nubs long ago. All in a passing moment, this shudder goes through ending in the stark realization that a well chosen gathering of syllables can still hold power over you.   Here's the true point of note. I COULD have written that. Every word, and meant it. Eerie how aptly those words put toge
Wild Wild West Auction!
I'm in the The Wild Wild West Auction. It starts April 12th ends on April 18th. Come on by and make a bid on me. Auction Brought to by: Fu-Owned Auction 6 " The Wild Wild West " TώåunεVålêntïnô™ §Ë®@ fubar Bully Brought to By: ♥BRATTE♥@ fubar
INTRODUCING~TORNADO COMMENT BOMBERS~We are a new family here on the Fu and want to have some fun.BUT...As with all families, we have to have some rules.#1 - Everyone is required to Rate/Fan/Add ALL family members. This can be easily accomplished because their is a folder that has every members picture in it. Each one is ripped so that you can go directly to their page. If it is found that you haven't done so, you will be asked to correct the situation or submit your resignation. Those are the only 2 choices.#2 - If you are CURRENTLY in a contest or have one coming up in the near future, DO NOT ask to join this family. The reason is, we are about fairness to all family members and if you are just joining for help, PLZ DON'T#3 - There will be NO MORE THAN 2 family members in a contest at the same time. Before you enter into a contest, please submit a request to the homepage for approval. #4 - You must NOT have your bartab turned off. It will be the biggest way to contact you and when the
Can We Say Pathetic???
Mar 31, 2009, 3:10 pm Yeah that's me...I been over on My Yearbook deleting the hell out of stuff...Preparing to close all my profiles and crying at the same time...Why the hell for??? Maybe because I have been on there for almost 2 years and made a lot of amazing friends...And lost just as many...They find some dream person and all of a sudden they forget the one who listened to them cry...laugh...piss and moan...bitch and whine...yada yada yada...I've always been there with an open ear and a strong shoulder for anyone who needed me...And it amazes me how quickly they forget...But the ironic part is...When that dream match all of a sudden becomes a nightmare...They remember your name and coming crawling or matter...back to start the process all over again...And being who I am...I sit there and listen to them and play the sounding board and mop to dry up the tears of the jerk or wench who broke their heart...Oh well...Such is my life...
Outer To Inner
Decisions so blurry so unclear these altering changes forms mystical tears A blacken rose plunders to the ground broken and open, a source of light The truth inside pours out to night breathing freely for all to see The outside was known but within was never told Too late, because the rose has fallen they never knew but will today A day of conclusion and all the truth some shall be broken and torn apart Those so close will feel internal pain others may see it as a changing lane The crushing elements of that night is a beginning for some to a fruitful life We learn we fall into the deepest holes we climb we rise to heavenly sky's In the end it was never about them but only the one that sees it all
Criss Angel-"mindfreak", Feat. Klayton Of Celldweller
Britain's Got Talent
So Near Yet So Far
You are my hope you are my inspiration you make me hold on when i feel like letting go you came into my life when i no longer cared but then you made me see the person i could be you have saved my life you have made me strong you are the person i have waited for this long you are so brave you make me proud I'm so happy now you have gave me a life i wish i could be there to know you really care i know you'd keep me safe i know you'd be my cure i would feel so free i could be the real me we are so far apart the distance is killing me i cant feel you close i fear you will go so I'm writing this cuz i need you to know my dream is to be with you to see your smile for real to know that all this pain i no longer need to feel dreams don't come true they stay in my head but without my angel i know I'd be dead
there cums a point in ur life when you think back on the past well wat if i would hav have done this or this would u stillb here wat if i didnt lose weight and stand overweight would i still love my life? or since i lost the weight would that homecoming king till look at me if i was overweight as he does when i skinny? this world is cruel and hate ful and not only judges u by ur money but ur looks now every 1 tells me im speaical im a angel i tell em there blind and dnt kno wat there takin bout bu then i dig deep in my heart and see y they tell me this i c soemthign some of this world dnt hav 4 every1 i hav a heart so do the girl whos over weight or the pouplar girl whos in love w the geek go 4 ur dreams dnt hold back bc at 1 time in ur life ur goin 2 look back be lik damn i wish i wouldve gone 4 it  
U.s. Soldier Vs. Fox News
Whats Up
well its monday and im drunk again looking for something to do if you know what i need to do on mondays let me know
[you Must Be This Tall To Ride...]
Man, I kinda stink. At least I think that's me.Anyway, uuuh what did I want to say here?*scratches his head*Oh, a cousin of mine (and I have a HIGH opinion of all [0%]of my relatives) asked me what happened with my last job and I explained that I was working 55-60 hour weeks for 2.50 an hour. Her comment was "eww welcome to the real world" I saidand I quotein front of her second bastard son "what fucking real world pays an american citizen 2.50 an hour?" I was being disrespected, underpaid, and underappreciated, so I denied them the gift of me as a good will ambassador from the american government. Now on to "what I want"... Which was why I started this blog- and I'll be honest. Still no fucking clue. I apped for a porn shop clerk position tonight, and I said to myself "man this will certainly further my goals and ambitions". I don't have a heart anymore. What keeps me up at night isn't heaving bosoms and sweaty thighs covered in chesty gasps I seriously don't give a fuck ab
First Hire
=== 'Bluedemon Owner Of Demon House*KO/Forbidden Family*' wrote the following at '2009-05-02 19:44:19'..>> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > For More Details Visit Demon House Home Page> > > DemonHouseHeadquaters@ fubar> >
It's Always Raining, But Not Now
I slept a couple of hours I think, woke up laughing with tears. With all this pain I've suffered God, how can I laugh? He tells me "You finally let me use you. You didn't say what you wanted to, but you've became my good and faithful servant. I've spoke through you, to someone. I was a vessel to someones heart. I've been waiting for this my servant. You may lose some sleep at first, but you did it, and for this I'm proud. I have a destiny for you, not one that will always make you happy, but in the end, just trust me, it will be bigger than you ever imagined. I know it hurts but your trust in me is a big reward in the end and thank you for finally doing as I say. For so long you haven't and finally the day has come. From this day forwad, you'll follow in my footsteps. Now what better way would you want to live? In my glory is where you are, stay there and you'll be a happy man. I can't say it will be painless but it will be in your best interest. I will not tell you now my child, but y
One Of The Cooliest Classic Movies By Roger Corman Presents
Vampirella Rocks.    
Your heart reveals true beauty, the face does not.
Clint Eastwood Lyrics
Ooo ooo ooo oooI ain't happy, I'm feelin' gladI got sunshine in a bagI'm useless, but not for long the future is comin' on I ain't happy, I'm feelin' gladI got sunshine in a bagI'm useless, but not for long the future is comin' on,It's comin' on, It's comin' on, It's comin' on, It's comin' onYeah, ha Ha!Finally someone let me outta my cageNow time for me is nothin' cuz I'm countin' no ageNah, I couldn't be there, now you shouldn't be scaredI'm good at repairs (s'all simple), and I'm under your snareIntangible (aww dawg), I bet you didn't think so I command you toPanoramic view (you?),Look I'll make it all manageablePick and choose (hmph),Sit and lose,All you different crewsChicks and dudes,So who you think is really kickin' tunes?Picture you gettin' down in tha picture tube,Like you lit the fuseYou think it's fictional?Mystical? maybeSpiritual?Hero whoAppears in you to clear your view (yeah) when you're too crazyLifeless,to know the definition for what life isPriceless,To you because I
Controlling The Course Of Time
Let’s think about Time for a moment, every second we are effectively influencing the past, as even right “now” is now in the past. So every split second you have several choices and the cause/effect from those choices can effectively create an infinite number of parallels or paths that you will end up taking based on your choices. You see the problem with our society is that we’ve become so afraid of people “stealing” ideas that we’ve been stifled when in all reality your world is only limited by the confines of your imagination. Profit driven infrastructures are not helping humans. Whatever ideas that you have realized, if you start sharing those ideas and more people start thinking about them you will be effecting more and more as time goes on, becoming 4th dimensional in nature, an entity that creates realities that change with time. This is how you shape the future to how “you” want it to be.So let’s just say that somewhe
Do You Agree?
Tell what you guys feel about death.Is it a part of life,do you wish be immortal,or do wish to at least want to cheat death?comment on this?
Hope I don't get in trouble for the bi-curious george post! They don't even have genitals so it's ok, right?
Leveling Blog #443
HotRod@ fubar I seen a bulletin asking for help Godfathering this guy-its also his Birthday today!! So please lets help him Level:)Less than 60,000 to go!
Daddy's Here...
Don't worry I'm here You can sleep now son Ain't no nightmare gonna get you I'll hold you close Keep you safe from the other ones Protect you from the evil ones Quiet your mind and rest assured Your boogey men have no power here I'm here to clear out all the shadows No more monsters under your bed I can't promise you the world All I can do is swear to keep you warm Save you from the evil that men do The world is a nasty place I'll always be by your side I love you baby boy...
My Life In Lyrics
She hangs around the boulevardShe's a local girl with local scarsShe got home late, she got home lateShe drank so hard the bottle achedAnd she tried, and she tried, and she tried, and she triedBut nothin's clear in a bar full a fliesSo she takes, so she takes, she takes, so she takesShe understands when she gives it awayShe says* Man I gotta get outta this townMan I gotta get outta this painMan I gotta get outta this townOutta this town and out of L.A.She's got a gun, She's got a gunShe's got a gun she calls the lucky oneShe left a note right by the phoneDon't leave a message 'cause this ain't no homeAnd she cried, and she cried, and she cried, and she criedShe cried so long her tears ran dryThen she laughed, then she laughed, she laughed, then she laughed'Cause she knew she was never comin' backShe said[Repeat *]It's all she loves It's all she hates It's all too much for her to takeShe can't be sure just where it ends or where the good life beginsSo she took a train, she took a trainT
I am an outlaw immortalI don't need a portalTake you to the top I won't stopFeeling this hip hopA new kind of popApproaching the next stageThey released me from my cageI was behind bars but now I reach the starsCapitol K.-Y to the N-A that's how I playTo God I always pray these words that I conveySending out a message to my peepsI'am playing this tune for keepsReminiscing about those I've lostIt's a shame and at what costThey passed away back in the dayNone of us are here to stayDon't try and preach the wayI'm on the next level I'am groundedA higher power yeah I've found itIntroduce me to a hottie yeah i'll pound itTake me how you want cause I don't care how I soundedOut loud I'm proud. Busting up the crowd. Just the way i vowed.Chilling like a villan, get yourself some penicillan, if your willingHardcore Before I'll show you whats in storeMaking you want more, Ive always been poorNever was a whore, Battled in the warA soldier barracading my doorAfter an invasion I end up sore Queen
Fuji Xerox Autralia
FujiXerox Australia is the leading provider of sustainable and environmental friendly office equipments and Document Management Solutions for organizations of all sizes. Their focus is to deliver quality printed documents and presentations upon which all business decisions are made, help clients to efficiently convert electronic media into paper and to make document workflow smarter thus resulting to efficient of business processes.   With their experience and knowledge, FujiXerox designs and implements document solutions that fit the requirements and needs of any office, print room, commercial printer or publishing environment. Their wide range products include Multifunction Devices, Printers, Copiers, Production, Software and Business Development.   Multifunction Office Equipments   FujiXerox features versatile sustainable and environmental friendly multifunction all in one printer to print copy scan fax office documents and presentations perfect for even the most demanding app
Hope I Make It Another Day
right now im in such a serious state of depression I feel like ending it all... im about to go into bankruptcy, may lose my car... no matter how many hours i work, cant make ends meet. on top of that Im taking care of my parents. dad has 2 types of skin cancer, luekemia, diabetes and heart condition. mom has scoliosis, ostioperosis, diabetes, some type of kidney problem they are still looking into.... Both my Siblings (older sisters) live out of state, Illinois and Iowa. everyday gets harder and harder for me.. If I take my own life it would void my $75,000 life policy and all my debts would be on my parents shoulders... what am I to do??????  
An Older Work, But A Good One. More To Come
The town was dead and silent, the smell of the sea hanging thickly in the morning air.  There was nary a cloud in the sky, displaying the full brilliance of the heavens God had wrought. This was a perfect night. A night where spent lovers might whisper sweet nothings into each other's ears. A night so perfect that even the slightest change in the air might somehow defile it, as a chilling north wind might defile the petals of a rose. On the silent street he seemingly materialized from the ether of the darkness, stepping from the perpetual nothingness of the shadows. He was tall by even tall standards, towering nearly seven feet above the ground. And yet there was something gentle about his demeanor and posture. He seemed relaxed, and uncaring, his hands jammed deep into the pockets of a dusty black coat. But one look at his face would cause even the mightiest of angels to tremble in fear. He was handsome enough, but it was his grin, his sinister grin. It was the grin of a cruel child
Kenneth Your In Deep Dodo.
Dear KENNETH, You wait till I get my rock climbing hands around your neck. You told me that you were sad that 360 was closing and that you found a cute place to go. Ok ok being blonde and not wanting the headache of looking at all the kiddy sites "I said" where lol. I would or thought of Myspace, Facebook, Multiply, Tagged, or even Opera, Nooooooooo you picked a bar. You never told me it was a meat market where I would be considered "fresh meat". No shirts, shoes and in some cases pants lol and cowboy hats.  Well ya better get your Arse in here and help me navigate, I had a picture viewed as not so good and I put up one up wearing a dress you can see through and its ok sheesh. Could use some big screen TV's to watch football lol. Huggs ya you little Shyt.
Where The Name Comes From.
Bisclavret By Marie de France Since I'm making lais, Bisclavret Is one I don't want to forget. In Breton, "Bisclavret"'s the name; "Garwolf" in Norman means the same. Long ago you heard the tale told-- And it used to happen, in days of old-- Quite a few men became garwolves, And set up housekeeping in the woods. A garwolf is a savage beast, While the fury's on it, at least: Eats men, wreaks evil, does no good, Living and roaming in the deep wood. Now I'll leave this topic set. I want to tell you about Bisclavret.
Poems Of Life........
I"m standing in the rain, trying to wash away the pain. I can't let you know how you hurt me so, from all the times you led me astray. I hear you say "I love you.", but it don't feel the same. Something in me tells me to run away. Leave you behind me and let it all go. Leave you behind me that's what I must do. Yet.....  I'm still standing in the rain tryin to wash away the pain of you. Lookin at you now, it's just not the same. All I can see is the pain. You made me believe so much in you. That I don't know what else to do, but.... Leave you behind me and let it all go. Leave you behind me, that's what I must do today. Hours have turned to day, days ahve turned to months. I lay awake lost in a world of unknown. Wondering where and what I did wrong. Why do I lay alone? Why do I feel so broken? I gave you everything I had, everything I was. And you took it and tour me apart. I wanna scream, I wanna cry, but I try and nothing comes out. The fear of loosing you has become reality, leavi
Poem Story(unfinished)
She opened the door, With a silent ease, Knowing to be quiet, Her Lord may not be pleased. For the library is private, Her Lords domain, But her curiosity, Won't settle in vane. She has been to this room, Many times before, But she has never alone, Walked through this door. She just wants to see, What it is he likes to read, She has a strong desire to know, It's a burning, a burning need. As she steps inside the library, Her heart begins to race, For there are so many memories, In this forbidden dark place.   Her eyes roam around, In a wondrous look, As she pans the room, Gazing upon each and every book. He has books of love and war, All covered in dust, There are true stories, And some filled with lust. His collection is massive, Impressive in size, But a glance straight ahead, And a single book captures her eyes. A story of a great ship, And the heavens above, That brought together two hearts, That would forever be in love. She walked on tiptoe, Closer to the book s
One Day Closer
I never said I wanted this This useless thing called life is fucken full of shit I can't decide if I should die Or contemplate the sins I've seen within the signs I've tried to see, something in me Something that tells me what my future paths will bring But of the paths that I seek They all show me that life is not what it seems One day closer No more ever When evil calls And makes a stand I will be there to hold up my bloodied hands My eagerness for death then shall be put aside I hate you, and your kind Your senseless way of life is fucken worse than mine Your not immortal, and you know this Just one day closer then your life will not exist The time is near, your final breath And soon you'll know what life will be like after death Your lifeless eyes, they stare at me You should be grateful that I let your soul go free I have to make, the most of this This sickness that I have that only death can fix I'm not immortal, and I know this Just one day closer then my life will not exist
Fa-18 At Just Under Mach 1
Day 1
I'll be posting one of these a day. Hope they make you laugh. [fml means "fuck my life". No these did NOT happen to me.     Day one: "Today, I was talking to my only grandson about how I was going to the dentist to get my teeth fixed and how it was going to cost a lot of money, he replied saying "Who cares, you're going to die soon anyways". FML"  
Or So It Seems...?
that sinking feeling that feelings from another person have faded or just stopped. i have no idea why. i know i didnt do anything to cause the distance or the obvious drop. i havent gotten a single explanation or response or anything more than a hello then nothing after. this is what i get though! this! having feelings for someone. and its not because its easy haha. no...not when it happened unexpectedly from online. then realizing i would be traveling quite a way to see this person. knowing that i would make the money to do that. understanding the fact, it might not work out but...gotta try. but.. now? i have the thought it was just a thought by the other person. and im stcuk here like a fcukin fool with my thumb up my ass. i dont feel heart broken though..i feel stupid. maybe im just paranoid and thinking too far into bad things? but i doubt it. im not really a moron...i can tell when something is up. its either im just not what this person wanted, she came to her
Hunting Pairs
A group of friends went deer hunting and paired off in twos for the day. That night, one of the hunters returned alone, staggering under the weight of an eight-point buck. "Where's Joey?" the others asked. "Joe fell and broke his ankle. He's 5 miles back up the trail," the successful hunter replied. "You left Joe laying out there and carried the deer back?" they inquired. "A tough call," nodded the hunter. "But 
No Roads Left
"No Roads Left"Standing alone with no directionHow did I fall so far behind?Why Am I searching for perfection?Knowing it's something I won't findIn my fear and flawsI let myself down againAll because[Chorus] I runTill the silence splits me openI runTill it puts me undergroundTill I have no breathAnd no roads left but oneWhen did I lose my sense of purpose?Can I regain what's lost inside?Why do I feel like I deserve this?Why does my pain look like my pride?In my fear and flawsI let myself down againAll becauseI let myself downIn my fear and flaws[Chorus]I runTill the silence splits me openI runTill it puts me undergroundTill I have no breathAnd no roads left but oneNo roads left but oneIn my fear and flawsI let myself down againAll becauseI runAnd the silence splits me openI runAnd it puts me undergroundBut there's no regretAnd no roads left to run
If Only You Knew
If Only You Knew ...................................You are my everything, my one and onlyWith out you, I just feel too damn lonelyI adore the sound of your voice and your beautiful smileThat is why thinking about you makes it all worth whileI dont know why I do the things I doMaybe it's because I love you.You are the greatest thing that's ever happened to meWhen I try and dream at night youre all I ever seeI try to remember the good times we hadKnowing you're not with me makes me very sadI would do absolutely anything for youThat is why I love you the way I do. I try to imagine how things would beIf you were here right now with meWatching movies or just hanging outCause baby, that's what I'm all aboutYou know that I am always here for youThru all the good and bad.
Joining Fubar
I love being part of this awesome group of people :)...
Can You Handle 9.5inches Of Black Cock?
I have a 9.5inch thick black cock.............. How would you please my BBC? If serious, then lets hook up for real and see what you all about.
T-shirts For Sale Take A Look At Them
  Come visit my store on CafePress!WICKED TWISTED SHIT FOR SALE  
I Dreamt Of You...
I dreamt of you last night.....I was on my knees, my arms stretched out besides me. My hands gripping the quilt in tight clenched fists. You behind me. Sliding slowly, inch by inch, into my tight, hot, wet channel. Only to retreat to the point of almost pulling all the way out of me. I whimper at the loss. Your hands tighten on my hips. You plunge into me. I scream. You thrust faster, harder, deeper. My sobs of ecstasy fill the air. I'm slamming up against you as hard as you are slamming into me. We ride that fine line between pain and pleasure. I feel your body tighten, coil. My body pulsing around yours. We explode, shatter. You collapse upon me. Neither of us can draw a steady breath. Your arms enfold me.Last night I dreamt of you....
Just Feel Like Sharing With Fubar
I am sorry to hurt your feelings my loveI should have kept my promises as I have told youBut I don't know the reason why I did wrong to youI felt sad when I show your tears rolling on your cheeksI know you are very upset over meand don't want to talk to me eitherIf you feel that I had hurt you by unpleasant wordsthen please forgive me and accept my sorryDo not stop talking to me my love If you do so, my heart will burst into thousand piecesYou know how much I am in love with youand without you my loneliness will take me to hellAlways, there is a special place in my heart for youwhere my love for you is so passionate and trueNo one can melt my heart like you donor clutch my soul to give me new life like youMy love, please talk to me again and I promise your love in my life will be pleasant until my end    
A Cry For Help
A Cry For Help I am invisible Everything I do is wrong I can’t speak, I can’t move I am a prisoner of my own life I do not feel loved For everything that I do, I get hurt. Tears swarming in my eyes Pain taking over my body My heart shatters again and again I am the hated one. I sit alone in the dark corner Hoping and praying that someday, it would be different But everyday it’s the same thing. The tears stain my pillows The scars won’t go away I remember thinking Maybe…someday… Someday will never come, for I am the hated one. No one loves me No one cares I am invisible No one knows I’m there But I am here Can’t you hear me shout? Crying out for help? The pain in my heart. You are blind, All you can see is the preferred one The one you compare me to All you ask is “why can’t you be like her?” But I can’t be like her Because I am me Once in the embrace of darkness, I cry once more. Why don’t you love
Independent   It's time for me To do better things with my life Fulfill my dreams, accomplish my goals. Don't be scared I'll be just fine. Go out into the real world Learn more about politics Find out how hard life really is But how beautiful it is at the same time Go to college Have my own apartment Marry the man of my dreams. And when I make a difference, you'll look proudly onto me and say with a smile "that's my daughter" I'll fight for many things as for now I'm fighting for my freedom For the will to go out into the real world You say it's hard and I'll never make it Don't underestimate me. I'm a strong person how can I learn about life while being sheltered all my teenage years? No parties to go to No hanging out with friends I don't even know how to do things on my own But I'll try ill try to succeed in life And I swear I'll do it I know I can I'll make a difference in this world Be independent, be famous Be ME. It's time to let me go.  
Reslut Please And Ty Http:...
reslut please and ty http:...
Ava Adore
It’s you that I adore You will always be my whore You’ll be a mother to my child And a child to my heart We must never be apart We must never be apart Lovely girl You’re the beauty in my world Without you there aren’t reasons left to find And I’ll pull your crooked teeth You’ll be perfect just like me You’ll be a lover in my bed And a gun to my head We must never be apart We must never be apart Lovely girl You’re the murder in my world Dressing coffins for the souls I’ve left to die Drinking mercury To the mystery of all that you should ever leave behind In time In you I see dirty In you I count stars In you I feel so pretty In you I taste god In you I feel so hungry In you I crash cars We must never be apart Drinking mercury To the mystery of all that you should ever seek to find Lovely girl You’re the murder in my world Dressing coffins for the souls I’ve left behind In time We must never be apart And you’l
About Me To All
I was born June 7, 1973 to Patricia Ann and William David Jordan. Growing up life was hell for me. Growing up I was physically attacked by a bully non stop on a daily basis having lunch money stolen every day and then having my nose broken every afternoon by the same bully just for having scoliosis, being legally blind 20/200 vision right eye and left eye not much better, and for having attention deficit disorder.  The taunting continued through my high school years where I was gang tackled by the school football team and beat on by the players and called awful names by both faculty and students. I was not the best student in school due to my A.D.D but only three people out of the entire school’s faculty believed I would make it in that cruel outside world. One was a guidance counselor who I truly owe a debt of thanks along with my History and Latin teachers.  While in that school I was placed in classes that made me feel all but worthless due to being placed in  learning disable
Pattern Of Pain
WithholdingThe most common form of withholding is what we commonly call "the silent treatment," but withholding encompasses any unwillingness to express your true feelings. It also includes an unwillingness to give support, praise, or positive attention to the people you love. We have all known someone who is impossible to please, and many of us have suddenly found ourselves at the other end of a chilly silence with no explanation. At the same time, many of us will recognize our own tendency to withhold our emotions rather than express them. Most of us have seen both sides of the withholding dilemma. Emotional pain is at the root of our tendency to withhold, and withholding causes pain to the people subjected to it. It is a dysfunctional pattern that creates a breakdown in communication and understanding.No one deserves to be subjected to withholding. Feeling ignored, disrespected, or shut out, and to not know why, is a terrible feeling. The first thing to remember if this is happening
Curtain Rods --- Priceless‏
On the first day, she sadly packed her belongings  into boxes, crates and suitcases. On the second day, she had the movers come and collect her things. On the third day, she sat down for the last time at their beautiful dining-room table, by candle-light; she put on some soft background music, and feasted on a pound of shrimp, a jar of caviar,and a bottle of spring-water. When she'd finished, she went into each and every room and deposited a few half-eaten shrimps dipped in caviar into the hollow center of the curtain rods. She then cleaned up the kitchen and left. On the fourth day, the husband came back with  his new girlfriend, and at first all was bliss. Then, slowly, the house began to smell. They tried everything; cleaning, mopping, and airing-out the place.   Vents were checked for dead rodents, and carpets were steam cleaned.   Air fresheners were hung everywhere. Exterminators were brought in to set off gas canisters, during which t
A Farmer In Love
Guy walks into the bedroom carrying a sheep in his arms and says,"Honey, this is the cow I make love to when you have a headache." The wife, laying in the bed reading a book, looks up and says,"If you weren't such an idiot, you'd know that's a sheep, not a cow." The guy replies, "If you weren't such a presumptuous Bitch, you'd realize I was talking to the sheep."
(day 2)
it is day 2 as you can see and i failed in getting my weight but i see that i mit weigh atleast 220 pounds give a lot or take a i ate cearl,for lunch i really didn't eat much but some fruit.for dinner a salad and home made mac&cheese.i hate my family well my older brother he calls me gay for not eating meat.which he dose to anything that isn't like him.i hate him.but i see that he just dosen't under stand anything that isn't normal to him,who has a baby momma and a second on the way.both of them figth nearly all the time beacuse of the kids,how get's on his neavers,they don't know how to act,o the baby momma has an other kid that's not his so she has two and a third on the way,he has one and another on the you got to take care of two kids and worry about another soon.all i have to do is not eat meat.
Phrozen Apocalypse
I'm the Phrozen Body Boy and I am here to kill youYou will all fuckin' bow to me and I will prove your God failed youBurn a church and I will fuckin' execute a priestCause I am the fuckin' antichrist and your punk life will soon deceaseI'm the Phrozen Body Boy and I am here to kill youYou will all fuckin' bow to me and I will prove your God failed youBurn a church and I will fuckin' execute a priestCause I am the fuckin' antichrist and your punk life will soon deceaseActin' like a punk bitch, frontin' like a little boyI'm the frozen one bitch here to destroyFrontline bitch time to start the fuckin' warCrucify a Christian gettin' off to the goreI know you run your mouth kill your kid before he's bornI'll execute your wife so she'll never have to mournWatch which side you pick cause Heaven's gonna fallCause I got the Christ head and I hear daddy callI'm still the Devils son until I overtake the throneI'm as bad as they come with a chrome to postTell me where the blessing's at while I'm s
Music is the shorthand of emotion.  -  Leo Tolstoy
Scatterd Peices
If my soul were made of glass I'm sure that you would see It's cracked in many places And it's hard to tell it's me The cracks started long ago I can't remember how Perhaps it was my childhood I really don't know now I can't remember younger years No matter how I try But it must have started there When I began to live a lie Drinking parents do confuse Mixed messages all around What's a child suppose to do When hatred does abound They love us when we all behave That's all fine and good But when you start to be yourself They make their rules understood Do as I say; not what I do It's a crazy mixed up place Especially when you're growing up And it's always in your face Do I try to please Or should I run and hide? It really doesn't matter When no one's on your side Too busy parents never listen What's a child to do? They don't know who they really are Am I me.....or Am I you? Yes, I'm sure that's where it started So very long ago It only goes to show you A child reaps; what his par
Iran Judge Urges Arrests Decision
The head of Iran's judiciary orders a decision within a week on prisoners arrested after June's disputed elections, reports say.
Current mood: anxious   Waiting     Wanting,lusting,to be held,to be loved,to feel warmth,to feel your beating heart. Wanting to be sheltered from the cold,heartless winds.Falling into invisible arms;into an abyss of love. Wishing,hoping,that my desires will be filled;my desires of loving warmth. Wanting to be held,comforted,loved. Dreaming of passionate embraces,of tender kisses,loving words,romantic nights. Waiting for undying love.
Here Is A Test!!!!!!!
Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you're alive, it isn't.
A Blonde Tattoo
A blonde is showing off her new tattoo of a giant seashell on her inner thigh.          Her friends ask her why she would get such a tattoo and in that location.                    She  responds:
You Must Be An Angel
YOU MUST BE AN ANGEL................... You must be an angelSent from the heavenly skiesFor I see such beautiful heavenWhen I look into your eyesYou must be an angelSent to watch over meFor I taste sweet, sweet heavenWhen I kiss your lips tenderlyYou must be an angelSent to keep me from harmFor I feel warm tender heavenWhen I embrace you in my armsYou must be an angelSent from Heaven aboveFor I am taken to HeavenWhen I have you to loveYou must be an angel.
Study: Consuming Cannabis Has Little Effect On Brain
SNM SmartBrief | 07/31/2009 A review of literature on neuroimaging studies that used functional imaging, including SPECT, PET and MRI, and structural imaging found that cannabis intake has "minimal" effect on brain function. Cannabis users perform cognitive work in the same manner as with the control subjects, the study said. The international team of researchers studied literature published until January this year. eNews Park Forest (Ill.) (07/30)
I'm Layin Down Some Rules Here.
First off, I'm not your sweetie, honey, sugar pie, sexy lady, and whatever lame name you have come up with to call me.   I'm married, enjoy every minute of it, even the bad. I am not interested in being involved in an e-lationship, e-sexin, sending you my nude pics (that's just disgusting anyway), or seeing yours. I don't want your number, address, email, AIM screen name. I am only on here to make friends, have a good time, and be myself, and if you can't accept that, then gtfo my way. Have a nice day :)   sillysllap
8//2/09 Dilbert
Better As A Memory
I move on like a sinners prayer I let go like a levee breaks Walk away as if I don't care Learn to shoulder my mistakes I'm built to fade like your favorite song Gettin' reckless when there's no need Laugh as your stories ramble on Break my heart, but it won't bleed My only friends are pirates That's just who I am But I'm better as a memory than as your man Never sure when the truth won't do I'm pretty good on a lonely night I move on the way a storm blows through And never stay, but then again, I might. I struggle sometimes to find the words Always sure until I doubt Walk a line until it blurs Buildin' walls too high to climb out But I'm honest to a fault That's just who I am I'm better as a memory than as your man I see you leaning, you're bound to fall I don't want to be that mistake I'm just a dreamer and nothing more You should know it before it gets too late Cause goodbyes are like a roulette wheel You never know where they're gonna land First you're spinning, then you're standin
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Underwater   The great thing about dreams is that you can live anywhere. Being underwater can be a potentially threatening experience, as with drowning. However, it can just be the place you are, hanging out with the other dream characters. Dreams of this nature may be wish-fulfillment, especially if you have an affinity for ocean life at some level. It may also be a desire for escape from the more mundane experiences of land-locked living.Perhaps the most interesting effect of underwater dreams is when the appearance of the dream environment seems as if it is underwater even when it is not. People may be moving in slow motion, you may feel particularly buoyant, or there may be aquatic life intermingled with the above-water scenery. In dreams of this type, the dreamer may be feeling a need to escape or slow down the pace of life in order to observe the circumstances more accurately. If you have been underwater in a dream, do you recall feeling like it was a normal environment for y
Pool   Swimming in or lying beside a pool is the ultimate wish-fulfillment dream for many people. The rest and relaxation of sunning outside is a wonderful invitation. However, depending on who is in the pool, you may be missing out somewhere in waking life. Evaluating this message depends on who is in the pool and what they have in common with people in your waking life. Perhaps you need to be less of a watcher and more of a joiner. Do you feel as though you should be 'part of the action' instead of on the side, sunning yourself? If the water seems somewhat unwelcoming, there may be underlying feelings that the pool represents something you are being lured into against your will. In this case, the occupants of the pool may be people whom you generally trust, but also have some misgivings about.
Problem-solving   Problem-solving in a dream situation and solving waking-life problems through dreaming are two very different experiences. The former is a dream event while the latter uses the dream event to address waking concerns. In dreams, you may find yourself able to solve more problems than you normally do in waking. Problems that you can solve in dreams are virtually limitless because you are not bounded by logic. Many times this can work to the dreamer's advantage. If you are able to solve problems effectively, it is a reflection of untapped competence in a particular area of your life. The idea of problem-solving through dreaming comes from the saying, Let me sleep on it. The ego is designed to differentiate which ideas are allowed to enter consciousness. Consequently, some thoughts are dismissed before they even get a chance for deliberation. The problem is that most of us are prejudiced by our experience to eliminate potentially good solutions to our problems. This is
Yoga   If yoga is a feature of your waking life, then dreams of it usually do not have substantial interpretative content -- they are merely replays of normal events. However, if you are not a yoga practitioner in waking life, this dream may indicate a desire for more mind-body balance or harmony with the universe. Or, it could indicate some sort of reference to a convoluted situation in your life.
For You
If I was one thing, I'd be a candleLighting the way so you can handleYour life easier without woesNot having to fight with your foes.I'd help keep you from stumbling overThings blocking your path to an open door.If I light your path, life is easier,Even strong winds, my light will not deter.No matter what, I'm here for youTo cheer you up when you are blue.Do not fret when times get tough,If things look down or kind of rough.Just remember, I'm always here,In your heart, close and near.I will help you out in every way,Happiness and love in your heart will stay.Don't blow me out, that's one requestUnless it's me you do detest.I do not try to hurt anyoneThat isn't good or any fun.But one day you may leave me behindYou may no longer need my light to shine.If that day comes, go on your wayAnd I will hope to see you again one day.If one day, I don't appear,Do not worry, do not fearI may be gone, but in your heartThe light I gave you did not depart.It will be there forever and a dayTo always b
 DangerousOkay, so I was pissed off and that probably wasn't the best time to suddenly accept an invitation to meet a stranger in a bar but frankly, I just didn't care anymore. My boyfriend was a no show for the third Saturday night in a row. He always had a good reason for it but enough was enough. We were on a downward slide toward a break up and the reality was that I had dressed up expecting a good time and I was stuck at home again. Well, no more I decided! If he thought I was staying at home waiting for him again, he had another think coming. My dark brown hair was fixed and hanging in loose curls down my back. My makeup was done, I had on a white dress with fringe at the hem that was made for dancing, and by golly I was going out! I slipped my high-heeled sandals on and ran my hands up my long legs to smooth out my pantyhose. I'm 5'8" and the heels added 3 inches to my height. My boyfriend is 5'11" so they put us at the same height but the guy who had been flirting with me onli
Now What Have I Gotten My Self In To....
So i roleplay on line in a few diffrent places. well i happend to meet this guy who i found funny as hell and redicules but i always keep my self to myself when it comes to this whole rp thing. i find to many girls get causght up in the RP and fall in love with fake peopel. so any who  i find out this guy is a kid, and one who is crying for help big time. he stays up playing rp's till 7 in the morning then trys to go to school and stuff but no one stops him form doing it. i find out thia kind of stuff anf through Rp friends have to get him to call 911 cause he trys to kill himself whil in game.... most tell em let the kid kill himself rid the world of a nother emo kid. well i cant be like that i care a littel to much co i have been talking to the kid for a year and a half now. and he wants to come live out where i am, weird thing is hei folks are all for it ...i find that odd. my folks woudl never have giving me up to so randoem person that hardly know. well anyway befor school starts
Been Sick
Hi my friends sorry I haven't been around but things happen. Spent 2 days in the hospital. I'm doing better but it was a very scary time. I think I scared milkyyyway out of her skin or at least her shoes. I'm not going to go into it here if you want to know just send me a message. I hope to be on here more in the coming weeks.
The Homecoming!
Alright!  All the waiting finally paid off!  Gotta tell you, with the way things we're looking, I didn't think it would be happening today.  I lucked out however, found some cheap insurance ($6 a month!)  and was able to seal the deal!  So now comes the best part....  The customization!  I've already been looking around at various tanks, rims, handlebars, grips, and seat covers, and anyone who really knows me knows they'll see a couple things that just scream my name on this bike when we get there.  The paint isn't bad at all, but I'm not for sure about the shade of red.  I've actually been thinking about going black with the tank, and recovering the seat in red leather, as well as having whatever rims end up on this bike being powdercoated red.  The handle bars are comfortable enough so far, but still thinking about changing them with some black Z bars.  Handles like a dream though.  Gets up to speed quick, real quick!  I cruised around for a couple hours after getting it.  I mean, it
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Georgia Rep. Tommy Benton (r-jefferson) Favors “caning” And “executions” For Marijuana Crimes Atlanta, GA: State Republican lawmaker Tommy Benton (31st House District) favors "caning" minor marijuana offenders and "executing" those who sell the drug, according to recent correspondences sent by the representative to two of his constituents. In a July 29, 2009 e-mail to a constituent, Rep. Benton wrote: "Thanks for the email. We will have to agree to disagree on this and whether or not money is wasted (by mandating the state to prosecute minor marijuana offenders). I am opposed to the legalization of marijuana. I think we should go to caning for people caught using and maybe execute dealers. [emphasis NORML's] That would solve the problem as well. That is what they do in Singapore and they don't have a drug problem." Caning is a form of corporal punishment consisting of up to 24 violent lashes with a long rattan cane that has been soaked in water. The procedure inflicts intense pain and deep
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Dirty Talk
You will be delighted as your man turns into putty before your very eyes in seconds as you slowly, sensually say these easy, simple phrases. You will have power over your lover that you have never known. Dirty Talk How To Talk Dirty
Win 1,000 Fubucks!!!
I will be posting funny quotes from movies and t.v. shows.. All you gotta do is know who I am quoting! Simple as that. If you think you know who I am quoting the send me a P.M. with who you think i am quoting.
Dead And Alive (the Thoughts Of Mem Chapter 4)
To Die Is To Live. To Stop Breathing Is Devine. But Can Something Be Truely Dead While It's Still Alive? I Believe So. Here's Why? Take A Person Who Is Truely In Love With Someone. They Give Up Something To Gain Something In Return. Their Single Life Dies As Their New Life With The Person They Love Begins Like A Baby Being Born. Now Take The Same Person. The Person He Or She Loves Hurts Him Or Her In Some Way Or Their Loved One Passes Away And It Affects Him Or Her Badly. Yes Their Single Life Returned And Yes Their Other Life Died But So Another Piece Of Them.....Their Heart. A Person Who Is Hurt May Or May Not Love The Next One Like They Should Because They May Have A Trust Issue. But I Say To You Never Give Up. Always Keep Trying. Never Let A Piece Of Your Heart Die. Because One Day You Might Hit The Jackpot. You Might Find That One That Would Lead You To A Living Death. To A Life That You Would Never Want To Leave. As It Is Written As So It Shall Come To Pass: Quote The MEMesis NEV
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Major Skull Fucking
I just found out that I got Herpes from Sophie... chick i meet online here... met up with her... from Greeneville tn and her number is 423-329-3590. Now she denies it and won't even talk to me so now im stuck with my warts think this will bring my score of a 10 down?  
Free Mp3 Download
FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD What is MP3?MP3 is a revolutionary digital audio format developed by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Thompson Multimedia in the late 1980s and brought to the mainstream through the Internet in 1997. MP3 is short for MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group) Layer - 1 , the group that help make MP3 an international standard. MP3 is a compressed audio format that allows for smaller file sizes with similar sound quality to PCM WAV format, the format found on normal music CDs you would buy in a store. MP3 is a type of audio codec where processed by significant compression from the original audio source with very little loss in sound quality. The compression up to 12:1 produces a very little degradation. Tighter compression can be achieved, but it will effect in sound degradation results.To obtain certain compression, we must adjust the bit rates. The standart bit rates (near cd quality result) is 128 or 112 kbit/s. Many people claim that low-rate MP3 files sound better than Real
Music Dejur
Whitesnake-Slide it in 25th anniversary ed.
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Mark's Blog
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Star Alliances
Star AlliancesMMORTSspacecombat
Total Insanity
when you sit and think about things and people who have entered and left your life,sometimes it makes you wonder what went wrong in the timeline of life.Then you think to yourself were they really friends or were they just full of shit and got as much out of youas possible. like an ex wife who says she raised her kids on her own with no help,but she must have forgot about the 30,000 worth of furnishings she took when things got tough and didnt want to work anything out,so i feel used and betrayed,lo0st friends because someone else talks to much shit and you suffer for some one elses mistakes,i think that e1 who has ever left me or done me wrong will someday realize that im not the ignorant bablling fool they think i am or the whiny bitches they all are
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My Favorites...
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♥my Absolute Fav♥
Okay, so this is my favorite entry from the book because I know this is how my parents felt: Even though this is mainly about motherhood... I know my father felt the same way... so I assume it is safe to say that fatherhood changes a man just as motherhood changes a woman, if not on a more intense level. "...when she cried her deep soulful cry, I was filled not merely with panic but with passion.  I loved her even more for not being beautiful. But was she comfortable?  Were those sunbeams perhaps a little too strong?  Did they cause her a moment's inconvenience?  I would smash the sun to smithereens if they did.  It would be the work of a moment: nothing easier.  I would weep tears of anguish the while.  There seemed to be lots of anguish about.  I only had to imagine her suffering anything at the hands of anybody and I sprouted claws and fangs.  I would tear her assailants limb from limb. Motherhood seemed to have turned me, overnight, into a sabre-toothed tiger"
Archetype Marq
With 35 Mill left to Angel... ♂ΆяčнзŦұpє™ (B.K.P.S.)♂ Help him get his Wings... 100lbs of Awesome in a 10lb Bag!!! Brought to you by: ☼KrαzчkσnFíDєnT☼™ (FU-Owned by Kara)
A Shadow Among Souls
Ohm On The Range
Oh give me a ohm where the Buffalohm roam Where the Volts and Amperlope play Where Resistance is low and the electrons do flow And the Capacitors store you away. Ohm, ohm on the range! Where the Volts and the Amperlope play! Where Resistance is low and the electrons do flow And the Capacitors store you away.
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Its A Wee Wee!!
Okay so I was over at iDaHo's tonight and she tells me this story about the lady she works with having a garden and bringing this to work because it reminded her of her... this damn thing has a wee wee!!  
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Chapter 3 Fighting The Urges
Fighting the urges   I pulled into the parking lot and parked my Volvo.  I searched the parking lot to find Bella’s face.  Her Old beat up Chevy pickup was where she always parked it, but she was nowhere to be seen. I anticipated on seeing her, which made trig and history go by extremely slow.  Finally History was over and it was time for lunch, I rushed to the cafeteria in anticipation.  Bella was in the lunch line with Jessica and Mike; she didn’t get any food just a soda.  She returned to her table and I started talking with Emmett and Jasper we were laughing at our hair entirely saturated with melting snow.  Rosalie and Alice leaned away from Emmett as he shook his wet hair in their direction.  I listened hard to hear the thoughts of the people sitting with Bella.  Apparently Bella was staring at me; at least that’s what I was reading in Jessica’s mind along with some other stuff I already knew. I looked over and met Bella’s eyes.  She dropped her he
Irrefutable Proof Icty Is Corrupt Court/irrefutable Proof The Hague Court Cannot Legimimately Prosecute Karadzic Case
Irrefutable Proof ICTY Is Corrupt Court/Irrefutable Proof the Hague Court Cannot Legimimately Prosecute Karadzic Case crimes tribunals are only as effective as they are true tools of international social justice for bearing genuine historical record.If anyone doubts what I am saying,  reexamine the political show trials of both Jesus and Socrates.In the case of Dr Karadzic currently in the Hague, my eye witness testimony proves the Hague was never a true tool of international social justice from its very conceptions/construction phase.This legal technicality indicates the Hague must dismiss charges against Dr karadzic and others awaiting trials in the Hague jail; like it or not. If American criminal Madoff stood in front of court that was as seriously corrupted, flawed and compromised as the Hague, he would have to be acquitted or transferred to another cou
May Angels....
May angels rest beside your door,May you hear their voices sing.May you feel their loving care for you,May you hear their peace bells ring.May angels always care for you,And not let you trip and fall,May they bear you up on angel’s wings,May they keep you standing tall.May they whisper wisdom in your ear,May they touch you when you need,May they remove from you each trace of fear,May they keep you from feeling greed.May they fill you with their presence,May they show you love untold,May they always stand beside youAnd make you ever bold.May they teach you what you need to knowAbout life here and hereafter.May they fill you always with their loveAnd give you the gift of laughter"
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Time Or Distance...
Time or distance cannot touch the friendship of the heart.
How To Grip A Golf Club
The key to a good golf swing starts with knowing how to grip a golf club. There is no one right way to do it although there are some definite wrong ways to go about it. The important thing is to understand your own grip and how it affects your swing. Then you can make changes to fix any problems you are experiencing. Here we will tell you about some basic grip styles and also discus ways to make changes to fix common problems.There are three basic types of grip styles: baseball grip, overlapping grip, and interlocking grip. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is no one right grip and in fact some people will use different grips with different clubs. The first, the baseball grip, is just like it sounds. Your two hands grip the club individually with each balled into a fist right next to each other. This is a very natural feeling way to hold a club and that is why many people start with it, especially if they do not have any lessons to start. The problem with the baseb
My Whiskey Lullaby
I am tired everyday of seeing my children torn apartwhen I drop my daughter off at daycare my youngest is begging me to take him away,I am tired everyday to see all of my children begging to stay with me,but they must go with their motherI am tired everyday of losing more and more of what I am,and becoming more and more of what I left behind so many years ago.I am tired of losing everything, my family, my life, my belongings, my self.I am tired of waking up every day knowing what the day brings, shame, sorrow, and pain - for things I have lost, the things I have done, and the things I should have done.The whiskey barely works anymore, so I drink more and more.The more I drink, the better it gets, and the less I remember.Every night, the whiskey gets lighter, so I drink more and more, waiting for the day that never comes, the eternal slumber, the final drink.This is my Whiskey Lullaby...goodnight.
Get Nekkid With Me!!!
Join me for my Saturday morning radio show at 8am eastern!!! Get connected & happy listening! Of course Stay Nekkid!
Diamond Cut Girl
He wants a girlwith diamond cut legsliquid silver inbetween. He wants a girlwith silken spun armsfor holding him while he dreams. He wants a girlwith Jade deep eyesgreener than jealousy. I’m wanting himto hold me tightbut it’s only her that he sees.
I, The Penis...
I, the Penis, request a pay raise due to the following reasons:1. I do physical labor.2. I work at great depths.3. I plunge head first into everything I do.4. I work weekends and holidays.5. I work in a damp enviroment.6. I work in dark areas with poor ventilation.7. I work in high temperatures.8. My work exposes me to disease.Dear Penis,   Your request has been denied for the following reasons: 1. You don't work 8 hours straight. 2. You work in short spurts and fall asleep after each brief work period. 3. You don't stay in your designated area and are frequently found in other locations. 4. You don't take initiative and must be stimulated to start working.5. You leave your work place messy at the end of your shifts.6. You are unable to work overtime or double shifts.7. You sometimes leave your designated area before completing the assigned task.8. You have constantly been seen entering and exiting the work place with 2 suspicious bags.                Sincerly,                  
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My Fantasy Land
Dark clouds fill the sky, the thunder rolls, and lightning flashes brighter than anything I've ever seen before. This is a place of darkness where no soul lives. To me this is a perfect place to be. My heart is troubled and I am feeling weak, but there are no people around to speak. No people, no sun, no flowers, no fun. I escape to this place to be alone. Here nothing can bother me except my own soul. I stay in this place with the dark clouds, the thunder, the lightning. As I sit on the ground covered with dark sand, my heart is content in my fantasy land.
Mother's Creed
I am the mother of an American Soldier.I give my complete and unwavering support to my soldier. As my son serves the people of the United States, so I humbly offer up prayers for his safety and the safety and health of those he serves beside.. I respect his choice to adhere to a strict moral code and a system of values that has preserved our country over two centuries. I accept that my soldier's first duty is to his country and I understand that this sacrifice he willingly makes is what keeps our nation great. I will never expect anything but the best from my soldier, for I know he is capable. I know that a soldier's heart is true and stromg, and that my soldier will endure. I will never abandon my soldier, my son.  I will love him unconditionally. He will  know I am there with him, even when he is alone.
Special Force's Creed
I am an American Special Forces soldier.  A professional!  I will do all that my nation requires of me.  I am a volunteer, knowing well the hazards of my profession. I serve with the memory of those who have gone before me:  Roger's Rangers, Francis Marion, Mosby's Rangers, the first Special Service Forces and the Ranger Battalions of World War II, The Airborne Ranger Companies of Korea.  I pledge to uphold the honor and integrity of all I am - in all I do. I am a professional soldier.  I will teach and fight wherever my nation requires.  I will strive always to excel in every art and artifice of war. I know that I will be called upon to perform tasks in isolation, far from familiar faces and voices, with the help and guidance of my God. I will keep my mind and body clean, alert and strong, for this is my debt to those who depend upon me. I will not fail those with whom I serve.
Nco Creed
Army NCO Creed No one is more professional than I. I am a Noncommissioned Officer, a leader of soldiers. As a Noncommissioned Officer, I realize that I am a member of a time honored corps, which is known as “The Backbone of the Army”. I am proud of the Corps of Noncommissioned Officers and will at all times conduct myself so as to bring credit upon the Corps, the Military Service and my country regardless of the situation in which I find myself. I will not use my grade or position to attain pleasure, profit, or personal safety. Competence is my watchword. My two basic responsibilities will always be uppermost in my mind — accomplishment of my mission and the welfare of my soldiers. I will strive to remain tactically and technically proficient. I am aware of my role as a Noncommissioned Officer. I will fulfill my responsibilities inherent in that role. All soldiers are entitled to outstanding leadership; I will provide that leadership. I know my soldiers and I will
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New Moon Soundtrack Finally Out
New moon's soundtrack is finally out in the stores I already have it and its an awesome soundtrack   First song on the soudntrack is called meet me at the equinox-look it up on awesome video and song.     Yay one more month till new moon comes out
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Advice On Clothes!
As you all can see i'm more bottom heavy than top, which is fine, B's to C's are good no more back problems   BUT WHAT CAN I WEAR THAT CAN COMPLEMENT THEM?   for the party I mean, i'm thinking of either dressing up in my black dress or in my new black and pink outfit.  Unless there is some other advice like, well not apple bottom jeans lmao more like mellon bottom jeans for me if you ask me... but something mini skirt, skirt down to my ankles, tight pants baggy pants ect ect.   I want to complement my big ass   ;;dances to sir mixalot's baby got back;; NSFW GALLO
Lost N Found
Kiss The Flag
Don't shoot until you see The red and white And blue in my eyes They say we're straddling fences And it's not so comfortable He thinks he grew up to be boring And so he goes to change his life I saw you get up on your toes But don't step back too fast Or you'll cut yourself in half I wanted, All I wanted was to find Something here inside of me they couldn't keep They woke up to hear me screaming Just shoot until you see The red on white And blue in my sky The proof is in the pictures And it's not so comforting He knows that one day they'll ignore him And push him to the side He said he'd kiss the flag before he died He took one for his country She said I'd do anything to have him back I wanted, All I wanted was to find Something here inside of me they couldn't keep They woke up to hear me screaming God help us God where are you in this fight? Cause no one knows whose side you're on Anymore, anymore I'm lost and by myself When this ends Will freedom be the casualty Or will it onl
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You Should Add Me Because Your Hot.
Wait...did they change the blogs back to the way they use to be? Let me try something.... I hope to God they did!! Anyway, I get back on here and see 3 friend requests. Two of them are blank, auto deny, and one actually has a few sentences. Shock, I know! So I'm reading it and it's the typical, I'm going to give you way too much information about myself in hopes that you will add me. But at the end of it he added.."You should add me because your hot" [yes I know that it's wrong in the you know why ;)] Seriously, why do people do that? Do they think that since they called me hot I'll add them? Do they want to have these so called hot friends to make themselves look better? I really don't get it. It's almost as bad as the guys telling me I have "dick sucking lips". Yes, I've had that said to me. =/ Anyway, just needed to vent. If the blogs are back to normal, I may just cream myself. [prays]
To All My New Friends
the soft smile,   is what you have, everyday of the week, everytime i talk to you, the soft smile is a good quality to have, it what warms the heart, it helps when you are down, thats why i call you a friend, keep that soft smile, amen to you my friend, thats they way it is..   huggs and kisses bedrock
Mannequin (lyrics)
MannequinPlayed I've been fuckin played I've been fuckin played I've been fuckin playedChanged yeah you haven't changed yeah you're still the same you haven't fucking changedQuit comin around like you act hard.You sick bitch, Oh my GOD!I know he's comin for youI feel this it's way in my mindI find I can't hideYou fuckin bitch! Just get away from meAnd you know everything'll be OKOh, I feel bitter inside knowing that I just cannot get awayFrom this pain that you're causing meI could never love someone who's so fakeWe do it just like thisYou say you know all about meYou know the inside of my worldThen why the fuck do I feel so cold[Chorus]We do it just like thisYou say you know all about meYou know the inside of my worldThen why the fuck do I feel so coldI see right through your plastic face.Which I love to degradeI know he's cummin on youI can't wait until you fuckin bleed again and again yeah you fuckin bitch.Just get away from me.And you know everything'll be OK.Oh, I feel bitter insi
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Boston Accountant Certified
When it gets to taxation and auditing services the employ of an boston accountant certified is essential to view for. This is a type of accountant that has existing qualified to care accounting practices. Different practices can be handled by this type of accountant. General taxation preparation services can be proposed. This includes income tax preparation. Record saving and auditing functions are also used here. An accounting of this type will be single that is real useful to function with. This is because of the needs of this case of worcester accountant to work with an ethics code. This is a necessity in that by working with general morals that an accountant will be certified to handle it can be easy to get a occupation to keep from getting in financial or lawful problem. What forms an cambridge accountant certified helpful is that this individual is one that has complete the United States Certified Public Accountant Examination. This is an big test that function
Only God Can Judge Me Lyrics
[Intro: 2Pac]Only God can judge me, is that right?[synth voice] Only God can judge me nowOnly God baby, nobody else, nobody elseAll you other motherfuckers get out my business[Verse One: 2Pac]Perhaps I was blind to the facts, stabbed in the backI couldn't trust my own homies just a bunch a dirty ratsWill I, succeed, paranoid from the weedAnd hocus pocus try to focus but I can't seeAnd in my mind I'ma blind man doin timeLook to my future cause my past, is all behind meIs it a crime, to fight, for what is mine?Everybody's dyin tell me what's the use of tryinI've been Trapped since birth, cautious, cause I'm cursedAnd fantasies of my family, in a hearseAnd they say it's the white man I should fearBut, it's my own kind doin all the killin hereI can't lie, ain't no love for the other sideJealousy inside, make em wish I diedOh my Lord, tell me what I'm livin forEverybody's droppin got me knockin on heaven's doorAnd all my memories, of seein brothers bleedAnd everybody grieves, but still nobo
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Monster Fish.
Where do you see this in a year?How about five?A little more sinewy, a little less hairthe lines on your face a bit more defined. Think you can still fuck twenty somethings with self-esteem problems? Would you rather just find your sweat pants and find a good box set to readforget the whole damn thing ever happened. Forget paychecks, obligations, and dirty laundry.Just lock yourself inside with phantasms of fantastically busty strangers, all-nighters of bite marks and soft salty flesh. I'd rather count the shadows on your face by candle-lightblow out my hips, and possibly proclaim myself the son of god. You'd enjoy it too.That part I was always good at. Its the loving you partthe respecting partthe wanting youas opposed to desiring yourealizing you rather than worshipping you I was always good at the in out, hello goodbye, you're welcome.But more importantly goodbye. Makes me wonder who is really to blame? You for being just-so, and perfectly destructable?Someone just three st
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Fine Mist - 5/27/09
  FINE MIST Sarah Q. Morgan’s Poetry Workshop   Too light it comes down Not hard enough to cleanse you bringing you down even further each tiny drop of water hammering on your Rock of Gibraltar until you are nothing withered to but a pebble holding back on throwing the first stone for you know this will pass evaporate into nothing until the sun can shine again like the rainbow born from storms so too you will smile again
The Most Popular Ugg Styles Recommodation
We can see that ugg boots will be one of the most popular boots again in the following year. Most people like its simplicity, fashion and comfort. They are the affinity of many celebs and maybe that’s an important reason why ugg boots are popularized so quickly.   Today we will have a look at some of the most popular uggs styles. 1.      EMU Boots Though EMU boots have been around for 11 years, they are still favor of countless young women in this year. If you want to own a timeless fashionable boots, EMU is the right style for you. They are beautiful, durability and comfortable. 2.      Frye Boots Frye Boots is the most common style which is fond by celebs, such as Ann Hathaway. When selecting a pair of Frye Boots, you have a lot of styles and colors to choose from. T
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Forests can seem magical, daunting, majestic, sacred, dangerous, or phallic. Forests exist in a dream context as something to be enjoyed, embraced, avoided, or traversed. These ideas are central to the interpretation. If a dream is spontaneously set in a forest, then the forest should be considered as a peaceful, benevolent setting or a more dangerous setting. These dreams say something about how the dreamer is experiencing their waking environment. If the forest is somewhere to go, then who goes in and for what purpose (to acquire or avoid something) is prominent. If it is a singular journey made to acquire good, special powers or wisdom from a forest- dwelling hermit, then the forest is a place of trial and transition. A forest as a hiding place may show that the dreamer is reacting against a feeling of being overexposed to technology and modern business. The desire is for a time of renewal and the majesty of silence in life. A mixed-couple (in either gender or orientation) journe
Bread Bag Boots
Walking the dogs at 4:30 a.m. on the third day of the twelfth month of the ninth year of the twenty first century gives an opportunity to notice things and think about the traditions of the past and the present. And stuff. Should a United States  flag, presented upon a pole, be a statement to the world, or an individual display of respect for all that it represents - and it just happens to be visible to others? Does it matter?  I used to walk to school with the colorful dots of  Wonder Bread bags flapping out of the tops of my winter boots. You never see that anymore. It was an excellent barrier to the wet winter snow, and hours of playing outside in it gave plenty of opportunity to use that amazing Wonder Bread shield. Every morning I would flap to the flagpole with the tightly triangulated flag held in hands that knew this was a very powerful piece of cloth - you could tell by the strict  instructions given on how it was to be hoisted, brought in if it rained, and properly fold
Blessings Although the word is something of an antique in many circles, the idea of a blessing is a powerful one in the human experience. Consequently, giving, seeking, or receiving a blessing are important dream events. Many times, dreams include some kind of conveyance that will fall into this category. The idea of a blessing was central to many ancient cultures. When preparations for death entered its final stages, the dying patriarch or matriarch of a family would convey last wishes or hopes for affirmation onto members of a household. This was a deeply spiritual act that conveyed peace or power onto the next generation. To be overlooked or rejected during the blessing was a sign of disfavor or judgment. These things can come across in your dreams based on the subjects in them and the amount of reverence you have toward them. In more contemporary times, we can look at these blessings or conveyances in terms of complete versus incomplete relationships. Especially wit
Need A Free Shoutcast Server? Heres How To Get One!
Trying to find a Cheap Shoutcast server or just tired of paying for one? Why dont you get a FREE one instead? How you ask.... it quite simple. There are many sites that offer free ones but they dont allow you to stream out side of there web site they give you... or can you. With a simple work around you can! Dont beleive me, check out mine at the whisky lounge. now heres how I did it. Go to and make an account and install the server, it will give you several choices of server locations to choose from. Then will give you the ip and port, setup sams ( or your favorite streaming software) to stream to that server. change player in lounge to the new server, and start streaming. Listeners will need to open up the page that is setup for your server just long enought to hear music. Have them press play in your lounge player and close out the listen2myradio page and POW!!!! You are using your 100% free shout cast server out side of their site. Still d
C51 (pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here) 2009 Lmaooooooo
wtf is a blog anyway? blog! blog it..your move creep! hahah ok. its almost christmas and i havent gotten people anything. thats what happens when youre broke as willie nelson. but its the thought that counts and my artwork is going to be what i thought up. or what im thinking up. personalizing and utilizing all my skills and arsenal of creatures robots viruses and whatnots. hopefully that will be better than socks as gifts. if not well...too bad haha. i got a shitload of artwork to wont be a bother of course...i just need that damn sun to come out so the paint dries faster. then....the new year is going to be a huge step into music art and media with me and my friends. no giving up but moving up. after all these years of jammin practicing creating and hustling...its time to take the next step. i dont need anything for xmas...i only need to know the people i do. maybe one day i'll find a girl that is cool with what im doing and wont bullshit me
dolorous\DOH-luh-ruhs\ , adjective;1.Marked by, causing, or expressing grief or sorrow.
Heaven's Devil's Playground!!!
Heaven's Devil's Playground is and awesome laid back place to hang out! Come join in on the fun! If ya can't reach me jump on in and see if ya can find me!!! A place with fun people, sexy ladies, and hot guys!   Can't wait to see you! ;)
Gotta Love H.l. Mencken :) On Goddesses..
To be in love is merely to be in a state of perceptual anesthesia - to mistake an ordinary young woman for a goddess. H. L. Mencken
Heartache, Why Do You Stay???
Heartache, Why Do You Stay?     Love you,Hate you....REPEAT!!Love you,Hate you...REPEAT!!Tell me,heartache,why do you stay?I loved you in my mindfor a very long timebefore you even noticedI was actually alive.You held me in your armsfor such a short time,loving my body,denying my heartand everything 'emotions'would add to the sex.Hate you,love you.....REPEAT!!Hate you,love you...REPEAT!!I never asked for anythingfrom you.You never felt anything for me.You needed an outlet,and I opened mineto please you,hoping to make you feelwhat you never would,but what you swore youheld dear for anotherwhile taking me in your bed.DAMN,heartache, why do you stay?Love you?Hate you? emotions strings,no ties,just entwined bodiesdrenched in lusty sweatseeking release of painthrough each other....but I couldn't hold to the no emotions.....Hate you, right?No, love you.....heartache,why must you stay?Don't you get it?Without you,I'd be whole?I can't just be a nothing
Ok. I'm sure if anyone took the time out to read this blog, I'm gonna guess the majority are going to think I'm a cold-hearted bitch for what's to come, but I don't care. I'm already sick and fucking tired of hearing about this, just as I was sick and fucking tired of hearing about 9/11. It's a tragedy. I get it. 9/11 I was more tolerant with because it happened in our country. However, it covered the news for years and was irritating. Just like this Haiti thing is. I can't turn on the weather channel or any fucking news channel to see what's going on in the city, state, country, or world without that stupid thing taking up every second of air time. I get it. It's terrible. It sucks. Really, I do understand. However, what about our country? Why are so many people wanting so badly to help out all these other fucking countries when we have huge problems here as it is? There are plenty of children in this country that are homeless or orphans that need to be adopted. There are plenty of
perambulate\puh-RAM-byuh-layt\ , intransitive verb; 1.To walk about; to roam; to stroll; as, "he perambulated in the park."transitive verb:  1.To walk through or over. 2.To travel over for the purpose of surveying or inspecting.
Erotic Poetry To Heat Your Loins
i got this message today. just now actually. i had to rub one out to it and so i couldn't help but share it's magnificence with all of you. hope you enjoy it as much as i did.... i climbed in bed and from there it was oh marklino, ignite my fires, baby...   A posted thought, a phrase, sentences jumbled on lips,Spilling imagined secretslust brings forth the energy.Thrusting, groping, clawingbarely holding on.Good sense banishedher sexual spell absolute.He knows it's wrongto want, to ache, to yearn.Volatile thoughts ignite firefuel burning, cinders bright.Dark, muted light, as onetwo shadows in motion in twilight.She rocks, he fills the voidshe is open, he is all, everything.Blood beneath the skin,nails bring forth the lines.Hungry mouths, tonguesexpertly dancing with the other.Complete, absolute release, still, content, together, resting.Quick breathes, open hearts,till he responds to her touch, again. god i just read over it...i want him to fll my void again. i'll be back.
Some Dark Writings
as i walk threw the valley of death. start looking back on life. i challenge every beast and demon i come accross. they laugh and turn away. i find death himself and challenge him he turns and walks away from me. i ask why will he not take my soul. all he says is cant due to my soul has already been stolen by someone. i ask the gods why is it that i am being punished. the images of you come to my dreams and the memories of all teh pain i had caused. i tell the gods to take the ari from my lungs for all of time. instead they make me suffer by fibing me hope and then shut the door on the path just as i get close to my dreams
Benefits Of Energy Magnetic Motors
Generating free energy with the use of solar panel and wind turbine has always been a popular practive by many homeowners, However, do you know that you can generate even more energy by using free energy magnetic motors? Click here to read more - Permanent Magnet Generator and How To Build A Magnet Motor If not then you are not alone because this energy is fairly new on the scene. Although they are relatively new, these motors are quickly establishing themselves as a reliable way to produce energy which can power your home. How Do These Motors Work? These magnetic motors work by using the abilities of magnets to create perpetual motion. The best part about these motors is the fact that they create this energy by themselves. That's right, no wind, sunlight, or any other source of energy is needed for these machines to do their thing and these are not the only benefits these magnetic motors will provide. How Can Such A Motor Benefit A Household? • Since these motors are small e
A Photo Comment So Very Sweet
THE PHOTOGRAPHY A first glance at this beautyful face,Made me curious for a further pace,I hope that it is not a mortal sin,If for a moment I admire your skin,Delightful gloss and a delicate reflect,Only trained artist eyes may detect. I see sadness in your beautyful eyes,Maybe that is why we had quick ties,Your luxuous lips in a smiling pose,And I see you as a blossoming rose,I saw the face of unconditional love,In this humble photography above. Your rounded shoulders seem strong,I see them delicate, am I being wrong?Your body is full of infinite generosity,A sign of femininity and mother's vitality,If I omitted some of your amazing aspect,It was because I want to prove my respect. Not because I thought you'd be prude,I just didn't want to be cruelly rude,For you have so much noble sentiments,I didn't want to do things I'd have repents,For you have shown me only pure love,I saw it all on this humble photo above. I hope I made you smile today, friendHuggies   This was left for m
cupidity\kyoo-PID-uh-tee\  noun; 1.Eager or excessive desire, especially for wealth; greed; avarice.
My Shaking Pen....its Been A Long Time
The strength to the pen Is the outlet of the mind Writing in any form Is distinguishing from the divine When one writes of inner woes They release what haunts there mind There memories can disappear And reform on the lines Any pain put to words Any sorrow set to rhyme All your life's ambitions Are only to be defined A word is worth only as much As the purpose for it use So all who read what you have written Can't comprehend whats to confuse For how much of a life can really be deduced From a simple word or phrase Set upon a line or two?If you guess you don't matter Then I guess I was wrong To think That you mean the world To a horrible loser Like me But you do mean more than Anything that life has To offer If you decide that I can help You to hang on a little longer Then talk Talk to me and tell me that you Feel like you don't matter To me I will listen than tell you the Simple truth of life, that you Are wrong You guess you don't matter? Well, I guess you do... To me. Dazzling... T
[kill It With Fire!]
You don't even want to know what I stuck my hand in today.But I got the biggest... second biggest mess out of my house.Four hours of dishes, peppered with a workout, dinner, one break, some laundry, and a shower. Got some loose papers to toss, and some HUGE book filled boxes to move, and some trash to pick up in the garage Soone more trash run, dust, store and clean the dishes I actually use, laundry, this house is suddenly habbitable. I am NOT doing a deep clean for the floors, it is snowy outside, and the first step my dog takes into this house will ruin all that. Might run the shop vac on the corners what the fuck am I gonna do about this couch?Burn it? I need it to sit :/ Buy a new one in 3 days? ... okay maybe not three days.40? anyhow she winked at me today, and I thought I had imagined it.Then she admitted to it. That was nice. Still killin it at work.Even if I fuck off for at least 30 minutes talking to her. I also managed to ... *loses train of thought
The Many Benefits Of Hydrogen Peroxide (repost)
By Dr. David G. Williams Posted July 17, 2003 (Original title: Hydrogen Peroxide - Curse or Cure?) When it comes to hydrogen peroxide therapy there seems to be only two points of view. Supporters consider it one of the greatest healing miracles of all time. Those opposed feel its ingestion is exceptionally dangerous, and only the foolhardy could think of engaging in such behavior. Before either condemning or endorsing hydrogen peroxide, let's take a real close look at what we're dealing with. If any substance is interesting, it's hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide should really be called hydrogen dioxide. Its chemical formula is H2O2. It contains one more atom of oxygen that does water (H20). By now everyone's aware of the ozone layer that surrounds the earth. Ozone consists of three atoms of oxygen (03). This protective layer of ozone
Do Not Purchase The Ipad You Will Be Very Disappointed
DO NOT PURCHASE THE IPAD. YOU WILL BE VERY DISAPPOINTED. No flash support meaning you will not be able to visit 75% of the internet. You can not Multiask. No camera. Your apps ported from the phone will not be full screen. Not to mention the $800 unit only cost apple UNDER $300 to build. So how much does the $500 unit cost?
Learn How To Make Solar Cells
Photovoltaic energy is electricity made from light. Solar cells are devices that use photovoltaic energy. They soak up energy from sunlight and turn it into electricity. Solar cells can be used to power a small gadget, such as a personal media player. They can be combined into large panels to produce electricity in a power station. Click here to read more - Build your own solar cell and Home Solar Power Systems People today use solar energy in many ways. One way is to use the heating effect of the Sun. Another is to make electricity from sunlight. Both these forms of solar energy are renewable. Thermal energy Every day, thermal energy (energy from heat) reaches Earth from Sun. It warms buildings and other objects. This is called passive (unmoving) solar power, People have always used this energy for warmth. Active solar power systems use pumps or fans to move heat around. They also use panels to collect the Sun’s heat. Dark panels with pipes running through them are set up in
Talk About Bad Luck
SAN BERNARDO, Chile -- The Desarmes family left their native Haiti two weeks after the devastating Jan. 12 earthquake, joining the eldest son in Chile for what seemed a refuge from the fear and chaos of Port-au-Prince. Their sense of security lasted barely a month. It was shattered at 3:43 a.m. Saturday when one of the most powerful quakes on record shook a swath of Chile. All the Desarmes' immediate family survived both quakes. But twice cursed, the family now sleeps in the garden of a home that the eldest son, Pierre Desarmes, found for them just south of the Chilean capital of Santiago. They fear yet another temblor will strike. "I left my country and came here because of an earthquake," Seraphin Philomene, a 21-year-old student and cousin of Desarmes, said Wednesday. "And here, the same thing!" "My God, I left my country and I didn't die, but I'm going to die here!" Pierre Desarmes, 34, managed to get his family out of Haiti. His parents, two brothers and their famil
Here's An Idea....
          Here's an idea....    An engineer ( probably from Israel ) has the near perfect solution for airport security!   Here's a solution to all the controversy over full-body scanners at the airports.  Have a booth that you can step into that will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have on you. It would be a win-win for everyone, and there would be none of this crap about racial profiling and this method would eliminate a long and expensive trial. Justice would be quick and swift....
The greatest remedy for anger is delay.  -  Thomas Paine
Sorry For The Emo Content...
The blade does linger,teasing like a lovers touch,be sure to strike true.
You are what you are.  -  Bill Parcells
Narly's Newest Bulletin Design!
I Hate Myself
I hate myself forfeeling the way i do. for believingeverything that otherssay is true.I hate to look in the mirrorand see emotion there.emotion so strongMeaning that i care.Careing is fragileas so is glass.just waiting for thingsto crumble and me fallback on my ass.I hate myself forseeing the real methe selfish personthat i have become to beI want to much.i love to muchi feel to much.believe to muchI will hate myself moreif i dont listen to my heartbecause if i dont heed itmy would will fall apart...
[4 Years Later]
  What you thought I'd spend money on this site to mark the occasion? Maybe I'd beg and plead for pointzes omg! Nope.I've seen the whores the fakes the jaggalos the martyrs the advertisers and the garage rappers all come and go. If you haven't figured it out by now, you haven't spent more than 30 seconds on me. I'm not here for that. I'm not sure why I'm here. Seriously.The amateur porn that it was is pretty much gone, and 90% of you are very boring. But then there's the 8% I like to mock, the 1% that shock meand the 1% that engage me. Thanks for that. So how did I celebrate this momentus occasion? Mostly in my garage. I didn't get everything I wanted done today. I probably need oneONE last layer of primer, and there's a set back, some paint pooled in the head/visor and ... gunked up the part the mixture was too wet, and I didn't move the piece enough when I was applying the paint. Woopses happen. While the paint was drying I popped back inside and sanded my Gouf's sword
May I Kiss You
MAY I KISS YOU? I ask if I may kiss you.You just smile; no answer is necessary.My initial kiss is just a flirting of our lips.My tongue lightly flicking -Like I am asking, "Do you want me?"The tip of my tongue runs all around your lips. Touching every part,Inside and out -Over and over again.Tickling you, tickle, tickle, goes my tongue.Now I press my lips gently to yours.Rubbing your lips back and forth against mine.My kisses are hot and fast.I cannot rest long in any one place.I have such a need to go on.I trail kisses of passion all over your face.Then back to your mouth.Our tongues dance together.We are exploring.I circle your tongue with the tip of mine.You echo the pattern back to me.I lick the sides, underside and the top.You echo back.I suck your lower lip.You echo back.We repeat, repeat, repeat.The sensations are driving our emotions.We are wild for each other.You thrust your tongue in and out.The movements are rhythmic and stabbing.Simulating our love making during mating.I a
This Is The Sound Of John Denver Being Strangled...
ahhh...  rocky mountain high...  i once heard that pot smoked at alpine altitudes delivers a much more intense high.  stupid hippies...  anyway, i'm still removed from the face of the earth, but i wanted to check in via my trans-demensional teleweb transceiver thingimabob to let everyone know that i'm starting a new chapter in life.  i accepted an engineer position with a company in denver, and i'll be moving there later this month.  (anyone there know a good real estate agent?)  i'm really excited.  i have so much to do to get ready that i don't know whwere to begin, and my mind is all a-whirl.  it's only 10:26 am here, but i think it's time for another celebratory beer.  prost!
Bram Stoker's - Legend Of The Mummy
Sunday Is Over And Past Time To Sleep
is feeling down and really discontented.. I'm going to lay down. Message me or text if you want to talk..
I Wasnt Asking...
for sympathy. i also wasnt asking to have my condition downplayed to a lack of dental care. this condition aka epilepsy has been a monkey on the back of my brain since i was 17. im almost 34. its a fcuking concern to me if i like it or not. i have to deal with it...others may have to see it happen to be concerned. but then again...i would end up feeling bad for them having to experience seeing me under control of an incurable condition that makes me literally lose my mind for more than a few minutes each time. there for losing time off my life with each "episode". however much brain damage has happened im not certain. i will make sure that this condition is no big deal to some...even if they "know" me. i will make sure that whenever another side effect or "episode" happens...i'll keep it to myself. so i dont waste someone's time with my not so attractive parts of my life. its a good thing to know that even when i hear certain things that the hypocrasy bleeds through like a
Forbidden Passions
The night has come for our fun to beginThe coalescion of our secret sinAs the lust waxes and wanes like the crescent moonThe fire stoked so high you begin to swoonAs my hands stroke down your face and neckMy lips so tender as I expose your breast Kisses rain across your flesh, Tender nips of loves caressI lay you back upon the bedMy whispered words rattling inside your headMy hot breath caress your thighsMy hands moving slowly to toss your pants asideWhen desire flares and your treasure I findSweet strokes of my tongue as I wish you were mine Lips so wet as you whimper my namePulling my hair as I drive you insaneGrinding yourself against my faceMovements so fast I have to keep paceYour body tightening as your pleasure riseBucking your hips as your body writhesYour love splashing onto my tongueSwirling myself against your stiff little nub My cock so hard as I kiss up your bodLips so hungry as I send praise to the godsMoving slowly as our bodies entwineFeeling your hips grind so hard
Odds And Ends
In 1980, A Loaf of Bread Cost 51 Cents Jimmy Carter is president of the US President Carter announces punitive measures and embargoes against the USSR in retaliation for the Soviet invasion of AfghanistanMount St. Helens in Washington state erupts in a violent blast estimated to be 500 times as powerful as the Hiroshima atomic bombRonald Reagan is elected the 40th US president in a sweeping victoryUS Representative Michael O. Myers is expelled from the House for his role in the Abscam scandalHewlett-Packard announces release of its first personal computerMicrosoft announces their version of UNIX, XenixChristina Ricci, Chelsea Clinton, Venus Williams, Jessica Simpson, Macaulay Culkin, and Jake Gyllenhaal are bornPhiladelphia Phllies win the World SeriesPittsburgh Steelers win Superbowl XIVNew York Islanders win the Stanley CupThe Empire Strikes Back is the top grossing film"Lady" by Kenny Rogers spends the most time at the top of the US chartsU.S. viewers get caught up in the "Wh
The Video Bp & Big Oil Don't Want You To See [video]
I don't care much about the fu-owned thingy but I just realized something. When someone raises your value sky high where no one can buy you, You lose the chance on gaining more fu-bucks. And it is bad enough when you buy someone and you end up losing money when someone purchases them from you. So, my theory is, if you want to help your friends out maybe you should not rack their price up so high right at first. Let them be handled/fondled a bit before you lock them up for 2 weeks. Just a thought. :D   I hate being asked for salutes....I like to give them when I feel like it. It sure would be nice to go on vacation. Not have to worry about anyone, not even myself. I look into the future and I know that is NEVER gonna happen. Am I a bad person for getting revenge for my son? This kid in Jiu Jitsu was a bit too rough on my 12 yr old son. My son didn't show that eh was hurt but I saw what the kid did. Then after class I asked my son if he was ok and he told me that the kid (who is 15
[because I Needed Something To Do Before Breakfast]
What's your name spelled backwards? Rumplestiltson. What did you do last night? Sex with a panda, actually it already appeared in a blog. The last thing you downloaded onto your computer? ... "Carli Banks Site-rip" Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery? Yup. Last time you swam in a pool? uuuh... its been years What are you wearing? Boxers that are one size smaller than I'm accustomed to How many cars have you owned? 3 Type of music you dislike most? ... I dunno. I hate a LOT of music. If I HAD to choose... girl-pop. Are you registered to vote? Nope. Do you have cable? Yeah. And I think about canceling it at least once a week... I mean, shit. I can get MLB on my PC, and ... hulu. What's the point? There's about 8 months out of the year I only have Food network on, and ... since they went to this GOD awful reality/competition format without demonstrative programming, I really don't see the fucking point any more. What kind of computer do you use? A working one. Ever made a pra
Anna Featured Testimonial From Anne C I Am Very Honored To Be Given The Opportunity To Sing Don's Praises. He Is, Quite Simply, An Amazing Man!
Featured Testimonial from Anne CI am very honored to be given the opportunity to sing Don's praises. He is, quite simply, an AMAZING man!My life was enhanced when I met Don. Time spent in his company has never been anything but wonderful!! He is one of the most stimulating people I have ever had the pleasure of adding to my life.Conversations are endless and always enjoyable. He has led quite a life and is happy to share it. In turn, Don is an incredible listener. He absorbs everything you tell him and is not a judgmental person.Talent? He's got it!!! If you enjoy music, HE IS THE MAN!!! Don is a born entertainer!!! I could sit and listen to him play and sing for days!!! There is nothing like it! My daughter has me play tracks he's recorded over and over for her, LOL!I could go on and on (and on some more) about this man! Don has truly touched my life and the lives of my friends and family who have had the pleasure of meeting him and spending ANY amount of time in his presence!!
In The Dead Of Night
In the dead of night, There is never any rest from the fight. The hurt inside screams; The tear streams. Demons wage war with all their might. Never ceasing in their attack, Through the multitudes they slice and hack. Always chanting for a sacrifice; Heavy is the asking price. Then all goes black.   Written by Danielle K.
Our Lady Sing's The Blue's...
Melissa Etheridge - I'm The Only One
Please baby can't you see My mind's a burnin' hell I got razors a rippin' and tearin' and strippin' My heart apart as well Tonight you told me That you ache for something new And some other woman is lookin' like something That might be good for you Go on and hold her till the screaming is gone Go on believe her when she tells you nothing's wrong But I'm the only one Who'll walk across the fire for you I'm the only one Who'll drown in my desire for you It's only fear that makes you run The demons that you're hiding from When all your promises are gone I'm the only one Please baby can't you see I'm trying to explain I've been here before and I'm locking the door And I'm not going back again Her eyes and arms and skin won't make it go away You'll wake up tomorrow and wrestle the sorrow That holds you down today Go on and hold her till the screaming is gone Go on believe her when she tells you nothing's wrong But I'm the only one Who'll walk across the fire for you I'm the only one Who
Save You.
From astray, I gaze.Feeling utterly helpless;Useless.Seeing that you hurt.I can't save you from the world,No matter how much I wish I could.I see.I feel.I hope.I fume with denial.Every breath of air,is another taste of it.Another moment of the hopethat I can make all the bad disappear.Demons lurk around every corner,just yearning for a taste.Eager to play, and cause you to break.and I know they'll laugh with accomplishment,when your life is shatteredand you're laying on the floor.Every taste they get, they saver and just crave more.They find amusement in pain.Why? We'll never know.Because when you get too close...They slit your throat.And they merely giggleas you gasp,reaching for life,that's slipping away...Further and further every second.The darkness closing inhappens to be your last sight.And then you wake up from your 'nightmare'only to realize it wasn't a dream.It's your reality.
Not Always Right| Suffering From A-salt
Library | Alabama, USA (I’m the director of our small-town library. One of my summer volunteers is a 16 year old girl who is a diabetic. She works the lunch shift, and I allow her to eat her lunch at the checkout counter.) Patron: *to the volunteer* “Hey, can you tell me if you have this book?” *hands over a sheet of paper* Volunteer: *putting fork down* “Yes. It’s over here. I’ll go get it for you.” (She walks away. I notice the lady at the desk sniffing the air. She looks around, clearly sees me staring at her, and proceeds to take a large bite of my volunteer’s food. She obviously doesn’t like it, and takes a large container of something out of her purse and dumps it all over the food. She takes another bite, and looks satisfied.) Volunteer: *coming back* “Here’s your…wait. Why are you eating my lunch?” Patron: “It was a free sample. And I must say, whoever made it is a terrible cook.
Girls Night Out
Tonight I finally get to meat my Master's other slave. He promised me that me and her will have tonight alone to see how things go with each other. I was so excited I was dancing around. I had the house clean, dinner was cooking and the kids where over at there grandma's. I had taken a nice long hot bath and was in my kajira out fit my Master got me. When my Master pulled up with her in the car I was waiting for him and her at the door. "Hello Mine, I am glade you did what I told you to do. Now show your chain-sister to the bathroom so she can shower and change." "Yes Master." Grabbing her hand I showed her the bathroom and put her suit case on the bed so she could change in the room. When I was done I went back into the kitchen to check on dinner . My Master was sitting in his chair watching me. "Mine I have decided to stay home to watch and make sure nothing goes wrong with you two. But do not worry I will not stop you or join in unless you both say it is ok for me to join. Now c
Why Is It That....
(Well being that this is my first blog on here and honestly very few people will even read this, I will do my best to keep it short.)   Several times in my life I have often wondered why it is, that until someone is missing in your life, whether it be from them just not being a part of it, or from illness/injury that no one truly cares? That person just exists sometimes, until they are gone, it is like a realization that "Oh Shit" I lost someone important, especially when someone dies. It irritates me to no end, when your at a funeral and you listen to all these people who where never there for the person crying and all like "I miss them, they were so great, why did this happen" ect ect ect. this applies applies to non death related  as well! Seriously if you really gave a shit why didn't you say something then? why didn't you remind that person how much they meant to you. Why does it take them being gone and you losing out for someone to get a clue about what they meant... Too ofte
Seashore Maternity Wedding Party Dresses
Are you searching for seashore maternity wedding dresses when you lookup for inspiration for the desired destination wedding? Well... you are in luck! There are a lot of possibilities of Dressok these days for seashore casual wedding party dresses. Even for pregnant brides-to-be! All you must do is make the most suitable selection based on in which your ceremony will consider place. One huge benefit of weddings in another country will be the cost of seashore maternity wedding party dresses!Christian Louboutin Sale As they are ordinarily informal and lightweight they are generally very much less costly than typical wedding party dresses. Top points for selecting seashore maternity wedding party dresses Where have you been preparing to obtain married? On the seashore itself? Or in your garden / chapel of your hotel? Allow the area of your seashore wedding party effect the design of seashore wedding party apparel you choose. The essential to accomplishment is acquiring one of the most a
The Significance Of Wedding Party Morning
A wedding party is in fact a specific celebration in life. Christian Louboutin Sale It is total of magical moments which couples certainly not overlook until their death. Each and every single man desires to create it memorable. They attire beautifully and put on stylish pieces of diamond jewelry on this specific day. The significance of wedding party morning is so significantly that bride purchase stunning wedding party gowns to turn into the center of dresses are this type of an chance for just about any bride to display their different perception of design and also to truly create a style statement. It is definitely an expression of your personality, so do not maintain back; Inexpensive bridesmaid dresses Allow your imagination operate wild! Gone would be the times in the plain 'meringue' design wedding party gowns having a small cute well-placed bow; Now couples have turn into far more style conscious plus they are attempting artist bridal gowns as nicely as othe
The Drakness 1
I am the darkness that fills your fears.The darkness that embraces you as your eyes fill with tears.I haunt the shadows stalking my prey never seen never heard.I am the thing that goes bump in the nightI hide in your mind bringing your darkest fears to lightI am the darkness that engulfs you at lifes final certainty.I am the demon that tortures your souls for all eternity.I am the uneasy feeling in a dark alley.I twist your dreams and desires to my own demented desires.I dance in the shadows cast from hells own fires.I lead the army of demons come to feast upon your rotting flesh.I am the darkness that haunts your past.If you see my form your life wont last.
Whispering The Time Away
Watching as my red blood drips White birds scatter as I touch my lips Floating away on their worldly trips   Leaving nothing but water     Touching my hand to a withering tree   When will I open my eyes to see   All the creatures staring at me   I am nobody's daughter
if you had an unlimited amount of mumms to post, because fubar says they are expired, how many would you do. A20 or less B. Twenty-one or more?
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I Tried To Be A Nice Guy
To Spankable ...: i couls go on for hours tallkin about whats wrong with the guys   cancel Chat 6:53pm reply Spankable ...: SO COULD i ... gross... one of my best friends is into slutty , over made up blond trash with no tits and fat asses and skanky mexican whores .. and he wonders why i delted him ... he " likes them and lustes all over their asses and i never got one fking comment or rating from his stupid ass..though he says oh your ever   cancel Chat 6:56pm more To Spankable ...: really could....well you know what....   cancel Chat 6:56pm more
Human Body
In my body you search the mountain for the sun buried in its forest. In your body I search for the boat adrift in the middle of the night. …and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes… and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes. We touch Heaven as we lay our hand on a human body. Breathe your life into my soul and know the greatest story ever told is you and I... I know where you are with my eyes closed, we are bound to each other with huge invisible threads, our sexes muted, exhausted, crushed, the whole body a sex—surely this is the most blessed time of my life... We are two sides of the same magic... I long for him most during these long moonless nights. I lie awake, hot, the growing fires of passion bursting, blazing in my heart. that boy who told me: pass some honey from your hive I answered: give
Plans And Waiting
Today I infiltrated the craigs list sight to find new partners that i felt comfortabe sharing this Minor sex obsession with. We narrowed it down and discovered fakes suck... which is sad because so do I! First guy was 8th grade in computer class... Tonight we will dine on jd... a tastey treat for a tastey day... He is driving all the way from ky to let us have a good taste of him and be taken to new hieghts in his sexually explicit fantasy world. You see my friends.. He has never fucked a man, I want to see them It might be a crowning achievment for this year.. Last year it was Double teaming a 18 year old virgin after helping her ditch school with the mistake... It was my acheivement because he couldnt get it up... So i just took her and made him watch... once she was broke in he fucked her with good measure... His fantasy scared him to som unknown an un measured extent. That amazes me because we live in a country where the only safe way to expess yourself is sexually. You can keep th
More Mini's
(¯`v´¯).`·.¸.·´ ♥¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨) (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸     ╔╗♥║║♫═╦╦╦═╗♫╚╣║║║║╔╣╚═╩═╩♫╩═╝   ╔═══╗ ♪║███║ ♫║ (●) ♫ music = LIFE╚═══╝♪♪   injection┣▇▇▇═─ ECG√v^√v^√♥ Band Aid( ̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅ ̲̅]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅ ) ☆┌─┐ ─┐☆ │▒│ /▒/ │▒│/▒/ │▒ /▒/─┬─┐ │▒│▒|▒│▒│┌┴─┴─┐-
Snack Sword
…………….(_)……………(___)……………(___)……………(___)……………(___)./\_____/\__/—-\__/\_____/\.\_____\_°_¤ —- ¤_°_/____/………….\ __°__ /…………..|\_°_/|…………..[|\_/|]…………..[|[¤]|]…………..[|;¤;|]…………..[;;¤;;]………….;[|;¤]|]\…………;;[|;¤]|]-\………..;;;[|[o]|]–\……….;;;;[|[o]|]—\………;;;;;[|[o]|]|—|………;;;;;[|[o]|]|—|……….;;;;[|[o]|/—/………..;;;[|[o]/—/…………;;[|[]/—/………….;[|[/---/..............[|/---/....
Leo And Angry Eyes Part One
"Look kid, I know you're hurt, and I know you've lived most of your life lonely. I get that. You're upset and you're mad, I know, because you've got angry eyes like mine..."  Thats the last I ever heard from the old man outside my building.  He never smiled, but every day, I passed him as I left for work. And he just looked down, like a man condemned to die. Maybe he was, who knows? He told me once his name was Leo and i just smiled. I never had to say a word, somehow, he already knew my name.  Leo never said much, but when he did speak, his eyes twinkled like glistening water, and i almost suspected he was father time.  He'd look at me sometimes and id hear "Hey kid, why so down?" He always gave me hope. Even when his clothes were wore down to rags and some people called Leo a bum, he never asked for anything.  He wasnt a hard man, just proud. Too proud to ask for ANYTHING. He'd survived two wars and came home to nothing, being proud wasnt too much to ask for.  Leo simply gave. First
The Sky Is Falling - Skynet, The "cloud," And Aws.
As everyone who keeps an ear to the ground with tech news probably already knows, AWS has suffered issues with their Elastic Block Store service in their US East region over the past few days. I won't go into the nitty gritty details of what Elastic Block Store (EBS) is, but I'd like to take the time to dump some thoughts (thank goodness I wasn't impacted): You'll see people yelling about this being a disaster, and while if proper backup procedures weren't followed, it definitely was, I think this is a huge learning experience. So let's take what we know about datacenters and compare it to what we know about the cloud, and perhaps we'll see why some people were heavily impacted, while others were not: Datacenters: Physical hardware can fail. Must have backups and plan to be as redundant as possible. Must compare a worst-case scenario and run a bit of a cost analysis against what an acceptable loss is (is cost of protection greater than the cost of loss). In the event of failure
The General Public...
Working with the general public is killing me inside. Day in and day out I'm being yelled at for shit beyond my control and it's literally making me hate myself. It's ruining me. I've never been the easy going, happy go lucky type...but fuck! I'm sick of being so bitter and hateful. I've had it with people thinking the world revolves around them and that they will get there way if they yell the loudest. It's tiring. If something goes wrong and it's my fault I have no problem taking the blame, apologizing profusely and doing whatever I can to make the customer happy, but when it's something like a manufacturer pushing a purchase order for something out to a later date I can't change that. I can't call up Rowe or Lane and say "Hey! Hurry the fuck up! This idiot needs his recliner yesterday!" Honestly, if an ottoman or an end table is going to ruin your day you should look deeper into yourself and realize that it isn't the end of the world if you have no place to set your glass for an ext
I used to dream of eyes so blueAnd loving arms to hold me.I used to dream of heroic knightsAnd how gracious they would be.I used to dream of how I wouldn’t settleFor anything less than best.I used to dream of how he would majesticallyLay all fears to rest.I used to dream of fairy tales,How wondrous would they beI used to dream of story booksAll patterned after me.I used to dream of a lot of things,But the moment I met you,I immediately stopped dreaming,Because all of my dreams came true.
Near You
'Neath velvet cloth of night and shadows,my heart confessed its thoughts to the wind.I could feel your smile from a distancewith the touch of your closeness profound.The sun reached behind a fading sky,so the moon could take its proper place.Day to darkness, brightened by the stars,leaving upon the blue watersa shimmering portrait of your face.You, with all your savoring sweetness,tenderly pierced the walls of my soulas you wove a new tapestry withthe golden threads of your hope and love.Yesterday you offered me courage,today you endowed me with your strength.Every moment together, a gift.Every day a celebration of life.How lovely the music of your heart.You are the air I breathe, sound I hearand the spirit that gently moves me.I don't wish for the moon, I have the stars.
Missing You
I'm missing you like crazy I think I'm going mad I simply can't stop thinking of the special times we had. Each moment lasts an hour Each hour lasts a day The clock is ticking slowly Just because you went away. I need you here beside me I just want to see your face To feel your precious heartbeat And be lost in your embrace. I gaze out of the window And look up at the moon I play the waiting Game And pray you'll be here soon. They say hope springs eternal Well I only hope it's true For I can't bare the emptiness That comes from missing you.
Man where does time goes when you have kids they ae board one sec and than the next thing you relize us that they are going off to college
I Got Your Back
I am a small and precious child,my dad's been sent to fight.The only place I'll see his face,is in my dreams at night. He will be gone too many daysfor my young mind to keep track.I may be sad, but I am proud.My daddy's got your back. I am a caring mother.My son has gone to war.My mind is filled with worriesthat I have never known before.Everyday I try to keepmy thoughts from turning black.I may be scared, but I am proud.My son has got your back. I am a strong and loving wife,with a husband soon to go.There are times I'm terrifiedin a way most never know.I bite my lip, and force a smileas I watch my husband pack.My heart may break,but I am proud.My husband has got your back. 
Use These Hints To Pick Out That Perfect White Wedding Dress For Your Unique Day
Most western women put on white on their wedding days. Even brides who are getting their next stroll decrease the aisle normally opt for a white bridal gown. Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses Like all traditions, the white wedding is available to interpretation. Historians inform us the fact that custom started in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert. Before that time, English monarchs rarely wore white. But when probably the most effective woman that is known wore a white gown, for better or worse, Cheap Wedding Party Dresses she began a style trend. The white gown shortly grew to become a symbolic representation of innocence, chastity, and devotion. Inspired by their storybook romance, the Victorian Era was accountable for many of our modern symbols of love. one of them may be the white wedding. Embraced nearly instantly through the elites of society, it took additional than a century for center school brides on each sides in the Atlantic to adopt the trend. Cheap Mother of
Nyc: An Erotic Masquerade
Halloween reminds me of one of the sexiest, most erotic times I had, even though it didn't occur on Halloween, though. It did involve masks, though.While I was away on business in Chicago, I had to go to a masquerade ball. The dress code for the ball was black tie & gloves but no full face masks. I dressed up in a tux with a black Carnival mask & driving gloves & went to the hotel ballroom.There were plenty of women there with hot bodies. As far as looks went, you really couldn't tell much with the masks on but my eyes trained on one lady in particular. She was tall with a tight, aerobicized figure & a very slinky backless pink gown with elbow length black silk gloves. This lady definitely had her A game going. I went over & spoke to her when she went towards the bar. Her name was Lina. It turned out that she was a personal trainer (athletic women: my biggest weakness). She was in town like me for a couple of days & even though she had to make an appearence at the party lik
The Trend Of Wedding Dresses Fall 2011
Are you getting married this fall? perhaps you still need to find the perfect wedding dresses or want some suggestions on how to design your gown to being in keeping with the latest bridal trends. Do you want to get some beautiful but Cheap wedding dresses?Get inspired with these Fall 2011 wedding dress trends and ideas. Romance is huge for Fall 2011 wedding gowns. so\ft layers of tulle are very popular trend across all pirce points and bridal gown designers. but it is not the straight across neckline which has dominated for the last several years. Gently shaped sweetheart strapless necklines are softer and more feminine than the straight ones, and they also tie in beautifully with the 1950's flavor that many of the tulle gowns have. The tulle skirts are often artfully layered for a modern update to a classic style. Natural waistlines will be another key trend for Fall 2011 weddings.To bring emphasis to have waist , designers often accent the area with a special belt or sash. Beaded
Trick Or Treating
the night is cold and dark yet little ones are out and about trick or treating from door to door goblins and ghouls running through the park listen closely and you can hear them shout fill our pumpkins with candy, more, more, more!
Why Lie When You Get More With The Truth
ok so i dont get why these guys got to run some lines they know are bull shit...come on just tell the truth...if you only on here to find someone to hook up with come right out and say it....if you are married and fucking around on your spouse let everyone....liers are the worst things ever....i would rather be beat the lied to
Lullaby I know the feeling of finding yourself stuck out on the ledge and there ain’t no healing from cutting yourself with the jagged edge I’m telling you that it’s never that bad take it from someone who’s been where your at laid out on the floor and you’re not sure you can take this anymore So just give it one more try to a lullaby and turn this up on the radio if you can hear me now I’m reaching out to let you know that you’re not alone and you can’t tell, I’m scared as hell ‘cause I can’t get you on the telephone so just close your eyes well honey here comes a lullaby your very own lullaby Please let me take you out of the darkness and into the light ‘cause I have faith in you but you’re gonna make it through another night stop thinking about the easy way out there’s no need to go and blow the candle out because you’re not done, you’re far too young and the best is yet to come
Work At Home Jobs
cnnmoney work at home jobs how to lose weight
After Much Speculation, Blue Jackets Retain Nash
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- mulberry bags The Columbus Blue Jackets wound up pulling off the NHL Trade Deadline deal involving the biggest names. Only it wasn't THE trade. The question that will be asked for months -- even if a deal is done this summer -- is whether the Blue Jackets, who trail every team in the NHL standings by at least 11 points, were overly cautious by hanging onto Nash. After all, there were no other premier players on the market, and Nash might have yielded a king's ransom from a team desperate to add a player so skilled- mulberry sale . Or, by contrast, did the Blue Jackets shrewdly drive up Nash's market value for later this year, when teams won't be under the severe salary-cap restraints they are now, and might offer even more for the type of All-Star player who only infrequently reaches the trade market. "I still plan on winning here," Umberger said. "There's no such thing that says this has to be a three- or four-year thing. With pieces like Jack (Johnson) comin
Then - Brad Paisly
I remember trying not to stare when I first met you, you had me mesmerized and three weeks later in the front porch light taking 45 minutes to kiss goodnight I hadn't told you yet but I loved you then but now your my whole life now your my whole world I just can't believe how I feel about you girl like a river meets the sea, stronger than its ever been we came so far since that day and I thought I loved you then and I remember taking you back to where I first met you you were so surprised there were people around but I didn't care I got down on one knee right there and once again I thought I loved you then but now your my whole life, now your my whole world and I just can't believe the way I feel for you girl I can just see you with a baby on the way I can just see you when your hair is turning gray what I can't see is how I'm ever gonna love you more but I said that before and now your my whole life, now your my whole world I just can't believe how I feel for you
Your Every Thought And Breath
Your Every Thought And Breath by Poet Robert J. Neal on Thursday, March 8, 2012 at 1:27pm · To know that I am in... Your every thought and breath... And that you Love me completely... Truly touches my heart in ways... That leaves it skipping a beat And I am left breathless... As I hear you say... That I make you smile from your soul... And that your heart is beating for me... And for me...alone Which has me trying to catch my breath... So that I can offer Praise to God... For orchestrating Our Love... And the music...that has Our spirits dancing within... To the tune...He is humming And I just want to say... That I love you in ways... That are simply...beyond expression!!!                              Written By...Robert Neal
Retardation Song
Retardton, mental retartdation,retardation its a game we play, first put your hand like this then put ur foot like this, hand like this foot like this , duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Sitting here wishing I knew what he wanted Wishing I knew if it were me Sitting here wondering how much I mean to him Wondering if he cares how much he means to me Sitting here waiting for him to call Waiting just to hear his voice again Sitting here hoping that it's not just short term with him Hoping we will be together for a very long time Sitting here knowing I want him Knowing it's all in my head Wishing I could get over him Wondering how long the pain will last Waiting for reality to hit Hoping I can survive this pain once again Knowing it's not gonna be an easy road to travel again Wanting it all just to be done and over with
Wish You Were Here
Wish you were here In my empty arms Touching your heart with mine feeling our senses rise knowing thatwe combine into something. That makes us feel as one no longer two How I want to touch you in all your warm places making them warmer, with each of my breaths too hot to contain too hot to remain within your aching flesh Touching you with my knowing hands. That learned to love you the best learned each hidden place that takes your breath away and leaves you wanting more How much I want to bind you tie you with my soul locking you to my body and never letting go. Never let you know...Another. No other would love you so How I want to enslave you have you kneel at my feet take me in your hungry mouth
On My Mind...
Birth a beautiful and yet depressing process. Growing up is fun but always sad. Adulthood rewarding and painful, Is there ever a time in life that is not depressing, sad, or painful? From the moment that you are born you start to die. Which would mean, you are only happiest on your death bed?
Discover The Mysterious World Of Egypt
Egypt is one of the most fascinating countries of the world. It is one and the only country which has incredible mysterious culture and customs and practices quite different from the rest of the world. Officially this Arab Republic of Egypt is in north-eastern Africa bordered by Israel and Gaza Strip to the north-east, Sudan to the south and Libya to the west. The country is mainly bounded by the Mediterranean and Red Seas and geographically dominated both by the Nile River and its fertile well fed valley but by the eastern and western doom by the deserts. But it is one of the most tourist loved places of the world hunted by international tourist worldwide. Egypt is perhaps best known as the home of the ancient Egyptian civilization with its intricate wonderful temples, hieroglyphs, mummies and pyramids. Egypt Tours stimulate the imagination of every visitor and capture the attention and memories to the incredible dramatic world of ancient culture and traditions. There are lots o
Coming Undone
I Feel Good - James Brown
Wo! I feel good, I knew that I wouldn't of I feel good, I knew that I wouldn't of So good, so good, I got you Wo! I feel nice, like sugar and spice I feel nice, like sugar and spice So nice, so nice, I got you When I hold you in my arms I know that I can do no wrong and when I hold you in my arms My love won't do you no harm and I feel nice, like sugar and spice I feel nice, like sugar and spice So nice, so nice, I got you When I hold you in my arms I know that I can't do no wrong and when I hold you in my arms My love can't do me no harm and I feel nice, like sugar and spice I feel nice, like sugar and spice So nice, so nice, well I got you Wo! I feel good, I knew that I wouldn't of I feel good, I knew that I would So good, so good, 'cause I got you So good, so good, 'cause I got you So good, so good, 'cause I got you
Drives Me Crazy....
READING IS FUNDAMENTAL! I cannot say that enough...overused...maybe so, but true. It really "Drives Me Crazy..." when people asks questions that is common knowledge. And hell, if its not common knowledge you can 99 percent of the time READ about it someone and get your answer! Even down to the simplest things...take for instance Fubar. It doesnt hurt to actually take the time to READ someone's profile. People will send me blank friend request, etc etc and then when they're ignored they ask "why". Well if you READ my clearly states..."Blank Friend Request Will Not Be Accepted". That is a huge pet peeve of mine here on Fu. Its inevitible that idiots will be idiots and overlook the "About Me" section...but that doesnt fly my way. And its a quick way to get your ass denied as a friend. Yes, I am just ranting....hey look! Its my first blog....Im going have to follow up....on a much lighter note though!
Your Own Disease
It is possible, to be your own disease. To send yourself crashing, to your knees. To cause your own pain, your own fear. By never allowing anyone, near. Near you and your heart, you're always on guard. Going halfway, but never too far. Just far enough, to regret holding back. Feeling like your damn soul, is under attack. Because you won't allow yourself, that shot. That opportunity to give it, all you got. I have no one but myself, to blame. I sit and I cry, cursing my own name. You are strong yes, but still so damn weak! Get over that shit, and speak. Say what's in your heart, what you feel. Stop fearing what can happen and, make it real! You'll never forgive yourself, if you don't try. Leave the bad stuff behind, let it die. Put it to rest, fight back. Suit up for battle, you own the attack. You are responsible, for the way things turn out. Make them happen, don't live in doubt. Know you're worth it, and you can pull through. Do it for no
Creeping shadows drift across the scene. Watching feelings mix... logic careen. You breathe deep I breathe too. You know just what I want to do. I see my reflection in your eyes. In them I can't spot any lies. What I want you want too. Thickening tension I break on through. A little bite upon your thigh. The joy I get with your lustful sigh. In every single loving stare. Moving fingers through your hair. I grip tight and pull you to. Ghost your ear to hear you coo. Whisper what I want you to do. You grow wet from the tension now released and now they cannot be ceased Your face goes flush and your heart beats fast You forget every misery in the past The images burst across your mind As your body begins to grind Across my tongue and to my lips Feeling it from your head down to your hips You wonder now how you made it another way and I thank God that it's Saturday. See you soon.
You Forget The Spring Published In Next Month
Her hand holding a mouthwatering flowers in one Nike Mercurial Superfly hand is not a waste of time from the phone's number keys to. Dial out the phone rang a few times, the microphone that one finally someone picked up. "Well, my," she softly replied. "Qi, I miss you, you receive flowers and cards?" Eagerly off Liren said. Yin Shangqi Enliaoyisheng, be considered to answer his questioning. "These days, see you, I'm really mad, Qi, do Nike Football Cleats not work overtime, to accompany me to go out to eat okay?" Yin Shangqi pause for a moment, then said: "No, you forget the spring published in next month? While we say that it really bother me to work!" "I miss you, Qi, your pity on me and I really want to see you, I just ask to see your face and your meal, so that you Nike Superfly are unwilling to do?" "But ..." Yinshang Qi Yao Zhaochun. - "I swear not to disturb your emotions at work, we eat dinner, after dinner I immediately send you back to Nike Mercurial Superfly the company." Yi
The rape of the earth comes more fleeting For we are the destructors and yet we don't care Hope fades like the setting sun Darkness falls fast For I will be the night Dark and eternal That the world come to this I really know not But I surely just At this walk of life Now I stand Powerful with might That all who see The dreams I write
Trendy Asian Fashion Ladies Clothing For Women
    Latest 2012 summer fashion dresses are hot sale at wholesale clothing china online B2C shop, available in various Asian fashion styles, including evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses, party dresses, cocktail dresses, casual, club dresses, prom dress.   Pink is the favorite color of girls that not only highlights great temperament, but also expresses delicate and cute feeling of little girls. The delicate lace has a unique charm. It looks lovely, and the version is used with this year's most popular Puff sleeve that charming and stylish. Next Asian fashion clothing online shop will brings you several new styles of ladies clothing for spring and summer.   Beautiful and comfortable chiffon dress design style is the most popular in spring. Warm and comfortable color tone, coupled with flowers adornment in full bloom around collar, even has some unique flavor. The elasticity of the fabric, it is self-cultivation, perfectly show physique. It is a good match.
Thoughts Of An Insomiac
JUNE The light is onIn the darkThe rain is in waiting in lineWhen you're hiding and drivingEverything in between the clouded skyMy eyes are seeing visions of JuneThe tears are falling flowing too soonWhen you know there's nothing stop the painThere's nothing stop the pain againThe enemies of JuneWalking across the surfaceComing close to youDriving itself in your spaceFighting for JuneFighting for youEnemies, enemies of June is in youIn you, yes youWhen you knowThat you're thereAlmost drowning in your own tearsJust remember I was standing right where you wereThere's nothing stop the June inside
By No Claim
By my way of seeing things I am by no means claiming I am the best. Even it seems that I have more heart than most of the rest. I believe if you want friends than be friendly. Therefore I am asking here and now, if you want to pretend then be gone, just get the fuck away from me. I don't want any games played!! Its not proposing way too much at all to ask that you be real. Tell me the truth and I'll do the same. I already know that this isn't the way to go to find true love. Evidently true friendship may be asking too much from everyone. But I will promise I can be a friend. I don't use or abuse people. Just as I hope to not be used and abused. I have never lied and that is the truth. It just isn't in me to lie and I ask that no one stoop so low as to lie to me. That alone is disrespectful and if you can say nuthin nice then don't say nuthin at all.
Why do I wonder why you flirt the way you do? Why do you not care how it hurts me?  Why do you lie about what you do? Why do you hide who you talk to? why do you hide what you talk about? why dont you tell me the truth? Why cant you see how bad I hurt? Why cany you tell me you love my with out me asking you? I love so much some times i hate you. I hurt and you dont even know. Its seems you dont care. why cant i even be your baby? why do I just have to be your hun. I HATE that word. Im not your sluts you talk to Im your wife. Why do I do the shit I do for you? Because Im in love with you and I would walk the ends of hell for you. Thus why I wanted to marry you.  why am I sad? why do I go to bed crying? why do I feel alone inside? why do I feel alone all together? why do I question why? why cant I voice how Im felling? why do I dont want to you to touch me the way I want you to? why do I feel like we are more like room mates than husband and whife? I just want my husband not a room ma
 I'm a Paper U can Write your Feelings Scribble yourAnger Use me 2 Absorb ur Tears But Dont Throw me after use Cuzwhen u feel Cold I'll Burn myself for U.
Quotes I Like
~ Genius is another word for magic, and the whole point of magic is that it is inexplicable. ~   The most beautiful clothes that a woman can wear are the arms of the man she loves.   We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are.   When you completely trust a person without any doubt, you'll finally get one of two results - a person for life or a lesson for life.  
Monster Beats Studio Ferrari Carbon Limited Edition
although in the event you such as this design and design ideas of Monster perception of reduced amount with this a complete whole lot a complete lot more Beats By Dre emphasis,then the monster beats Solo HD will not allow you down, but on this regard Solo HD can only be believed to be considered a complete whole lot moregenerally, the individual voice is not really excited,a treadmill could be a wise investment decision. But with the numerous organizations around selling treadmills, there is an array of choices to choose from.Within this article, and what exactly is the probability of that sort of occasion recurring? It may possibly have been due to a storm with the like they haven't observed inside a hundred years, or it may be that your timeshare is inside the path of hurricanes that strike every single three.3. How much would you might have spent on holidays or else? Timeshares are not a great investment decision for a speculator who is not going to utilize them. They don't improve
Monster Beats Sale Monster Beats Side Panel
The actual quality of the headphones is also very good, the headphones have built-in noise cancellation that basically cancels out the surrounding sound so that you are endorse only in the music. This feature of the headphones work really well Beats By Dre. A slight problem that we and many other people have experienced when using this headphones is the fact that the sound leakage that come from the cheap beats by dre headphones while use is quite loud, for example if you were sitting on a bus then you bet that at least half of the bus will hear your music.Open monster beats by dre headphones, such as foam ear-pad models and several sports designs, are acoustically transparent and enable outside sound being heard with the monster beats by dre headphones wearer, however, many from your sound will likely be audible to anyone near to well. They work effectively with portable devices, minus the worry of pulling or damaging thin wires, or getting tangled within them. Sealed models are ideal
The Doors - Live At Holywood Bowl -1968
I feel it in my heart. Growing in my soul. My spirit is free. Because you have a hold. On Me.   Funny how this sounds. Being captive yet emancipated. Being held down and stared down. Loving every minute of it.   I feel free when you hold my hand. Free my heart to love you more. This virtual love is beyond the physical And better than any romantic lore.   You leave me speechless every time The many ways you show your love You leave me breathless Every time And send me up above   If there is a heaven. You are mine right now. Right here. And I'm loving every moment. Spent with you.   Loving you every minute. Me ;)  

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