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Butterfly Kisses
Laying here with you in my armsGently caressing you silky smooth skinMy hand running over you tender placesthe look of desire can't hide in your eyeslow moans and coos escape you lipsleaving butterfly kisses on you bodymy lips exploring you secret placesFeeling the heat rising off your bodymy tongue teasing your moundLow moans turns loud as my lips find you pearlnails scratches my back as you fight you bodyreaching the point of no return your body tenses upyou scream out my name as you ride the wave of pleasureas you come down your body shudderas I leave more butterfly kisses upon your body
A Soft Kiss
A Treat of loveI Touch Her Body So Soft and StrongHe Loving MoansOnly Make Us Closera Kiss From Her LipsDeep And TrustingTo Her NeckA Loving KissLower Only Going Where She WantsThen to Her BreastsThe Sound From Her Light My PassionSlowly Time Has Stopped In All Places But Our BodiesTo Her Firm Tan StomachA Feeling Of Wanting From HerAnother Soft Kiss Of PassionMy First View Is Breath TakingA Perfect Body For The Perfect LoveThen Softly As I Hear Her Call My NameI Blow A Soft Stream Of AirHer Body Shaking Like A Great Crashing WaveThe Need To Please Is All I Care AboutThen Another Soft KissA Soft Kiss of PassionI Receive Pleasure From Her PleasureI Want herShe wants meA Love That Tonight will Light the Star In LustThis Is The Moment I Create PleasureI Start With A Soft Kiss Of Passion LikeUnfollow PostShare
Sci-fi Cold Opening
On The Edge - 690
I'm out of control, okay dude?? I could be hungry and not for food. Lots of people can't hold me, I know there is more out there that will one day be. Fantasies and dreams are a waste, when a day comes I don't go through it with haste. But more times than were brought to mind, I was searching all lost, someone can find. Fire vs. water like me vs. myself and I, sometimes I love life but I still wanna fly. Away to a land where everything is right, people aren't assholes and never hurt enough to cry or fight. An easy street doesn't come into veiw, memories fade good or bad to me and you. Early events mean alot to some, future excitement may never come. Every life as a special reason, why must I be blind this season. Here I am walking on a ledge, help me please, I'm on the edge.
A Good Mans Bane
just for the simple fact that every interaction I have with ANY women ends up being some big ordeal about how they would not be right for me or how I am too nice or sweet for them. My ex was my first love, I bought her a 3 diamond ring for our engagement, and a land rover. I had found a great log cabin near my parents house that was not to far from Raleigh. I asked her to sign a prenump THE ONLY THING on the prenump was that she couldn't divorce me. a week later I found out she had been getting gang banged by her guy friends almost on a daily basis, it took me 3 years and a lot of special therapy just to see if I could put her out of my mind. I'm just about on my last damned band of trust with any one especially my family people I thought I was going to have an unbreakable bound with. I'm really sick of all this infatuation with the love of the morbid and lust for the bad. I'm about to get a boat and wait till everything fades the fuck away. Being a Good guy DOES NOT EVER
Flowe Tucci And Group Of Horny Chicks Fuck A Black Basket Ball Team
Flowe Tucci And Group Of Horny Chicks Fuck A Black Basket Ball Team
Hell is a fingertip trapped between my lips.Like a buttefly crushed on a vagrant cigarette butt.I forgot the real. Under some blur of flesh and scintillation.Foreign but familiar. Fragrant and coy.Lingering laps of dreams and visions.There I was, happy.If only for a moment in the poppies, on damp pillowsand sweaty, itchy sheets of linen.The gentle pull of teeth and bare skin.The hold.The swirl.The fade.And the flatly alert cigarette after.Sore spots. Pops and swells.Wet messes and lumpy puddles.But for one brief victorious momentvalidated.There.And of some minute use.
Truth Be Told.... Haha!!
Don't smudge my colors!! created @ 02/15/2012 01:27 pm mum expired.[NSFW][EVERYONE] I'm happy not high,I am living life like I won't ever die.This great feeling is like no one othersso chill the dozerand don't smudge my colors!!May not have all I need but damn it I be completeif you can't handle me at my worstyou ain't deserving to see me at my best beat.Haha!! Point given was it received?? oh no 60.0% (3 votes) its cuming 40.0% (2 votes) where do I go 0% (0 votes) yup 0% (0 votes) 5votes 37v
Let Me Tease
Now its time to think a thought no cheating now just let it come in time with all that matters its was what yousought. Let me tease your heart like you tease mine, hasn't been true before for you I'd cross the line. Time can be easy or hard if you'd like no cheating now choices, choices its either her or me. Let me tease you soul like you teased mine, hasn't been true before for you I'd cross the line. Learning to trust alright. no cheating now this could last one on one cuming all damn night. Let me tease your mouth like you teased mine, hasn't been true before for you I'd cross the line.
I drive myself up the wall wanting to kick and scream the whole way back down,I lead myself into deep waters that are starting to make me drown, I am driven by what life has to throw at me, but yet the more I want to yell, I open my mouth but nothing comes out,I fight myself and everyone around me, not with fists but mentally im full of doubt,I feel pain deep in my chest, I see whats around me with my eyes open wide,but still this instant I want to bury away and hide,What do you have for me that everyone else didnt,what makes you think that this time will be different,I care for others to hide my own pain and when the alcohol hits me it makes my body break,I cry tears that make my words tremble and my body shake,Whats this feeling that makes me live on,what keeps me up long hours.. im no longer strong,Who really knows me, what the fuck do you have to say,Your games are too simple and im getting too tired to play,my mind is distorted, trust is not an option, Im done with believing that
As my mind awakes, My body aches, But the feelings make me anticipate, For then sudden reaction, to self satisfaction, And what Im feeling now is only a fraction, Of the things ill feel as soon as Im done, Finding yourself your #1, Which at one point I wanted a gun, Going through this is never fun, But Im seeing myself for who I am, Put your mind to it anyone can, becoming someone different after being something for so long, Makes you feel accomplished while fixing your wrongs, Each step taken will be a stride for the weak, Emotionally better in words that I speak, Anyone can do it when they set their mind, I understand that choice will only take time, When your finished trying to refind yourself, It will get rid of the pain suffering and guilt, And fix what issues inside you have felt, Just remember that you can always ask for help.
Time is a neverending stopwatch that never counts down but counts further into the future,With every tick it cuts deep into your soul, every change, every reason, every beat of your heart that follows it to your demise,Where when you are gone from this earth, the only ones to remember you is the ones you made a slight impact on thier life,Their own stopwatch ticking to the end of their own clock, yet every impact that youve made becomes null in the instant that they too are dead,So what makes life worth living?What makes time disappear, is it happiness, worth, money.In a world thats already currupt, your pain and suffering dont mean anything to time, it still keeps ticking, things still change, things still happen for a reason even though the reason cannot be seen, or felt, none of which make sence.So why do we allow ourselves to continue to allow the difference. Cause time keeps going, they say everything gets better with time. So what the future is going to be the future
Virgin Suicide
She runs the blade across her wrist, Wondering if she'll get her wish, All alone she's in tears, Hears the ringing in her ears, Waiting for her life to end, She feels the anger that's within, I watch the blood run down her arm, It give me such alarm, I'm just her imaginary friend, If she dies my life will end, I touch her shoulder she starts to weep, The cut has went to deep, I turn away from her, I cant bare to see her suffer, She cries out don't leave me, Another friend that deceives me, I call out for her mom, But she's passed out on the lawn, I call out for her dad, But he's been very bad, She trusted the wrong man, She trusted Damian, If God would only take her in, But what an awful sin, Suddenly she pushes away, By her side I'll have to stay, I try to give her air, All that's left is despair, I start to fade away, What a horrible day, By her side I will stay, Until I fade away......
Pure Bred Bitch - 567
Wholesome from top to bottom, oh yes, guaranteedfreshness,quality brand no mess. Women can live with nosurgeryto please, got two hands full of prime grade A plus no grease. Fuck me, screw me, plug me full of 8 inches of lean meat, you can even put me on your lap if its a fucking seat. All I have seen so far is true, see for this to happen here's the clue.... To not break the law its simple just don't rape, okay, just adore the gifted lady the number one way. Men don't you know you can learn, how to make a slut burn itching burn?? The nicest man is one in a trillion or so, its hard to find the right one but you never know. He could be waiting for you, around the corner or up a flight or two. Go ahead and be an angel or a witch, but chances will be few if your a bitch. Ever met a pure bred bitch yet, tell her to go home-n-grow up before you forget.
Kneel To Nest - 558
By some all of it they claim to know, but then again those some won't go. They know the odds that they could catch, the beautiful dense type or smart dog go fetch. To me all is comfortable fun, even anal entry but I am not the only one. Call it a habit but I am into my own arts, close to me most of all I like male parts. When I am allowed to taste a 7 or 8 inch main, where few have gone for the good gain. It doesn't need a promise to lean into feeling, isn't requiring a fishing pole to excite the reeling. Put the erect male into wanting alot more, please thrust the penis on hertonguelove and war. Next to dinner oral sex is best, well deserved exhale to the rest. All of this is simple to one day be, the hard is exciting to Tricity. Yeah I kneel to nest, let me show you why I am told I'm the best.
Swapping Fishing Stories.....
So I'm riding in a van to the location for the shoot I was working on. The driver was a Native American who grew up very poor on the reservation. The front seat passenger was a guy who grew up in the Bronx. He was asking a lot of questions, really enjoying the driver's stories about hunting and fishing. I was also swapping a few stories about my childhood spent hunting and fishing with my family and friends. Bronx said he likes hearing stories like that because he grew up always wanting to hunt and fish and he couldn't. We were driving on the reservation when a woman in the back of the van, which was owned by the tribe, suddenly said, "Excuse me but I can't stay quiet anymore. I have something to say..." She went on to yell at the driver and me, calling us highly offensive and disgusting for hunting and fishing. She said her favorite saying is: Save an animal, shoot a hunter." Then she was quiet. We were all quiet for a few minutes. Then Driver, Bronx, and I started talking about s
Wretched Pleasure - 644
It feels so damn nice, but your heart is ice. Great vibrationshalt,when your erection is my fault?? Look past your beer belly,Here cums some white jelly. You need a dirty minded slut, so you can impress while you fuck her in the butt. No crying just to get you, why thaw your heart to sue. Ice is how its seen morefell out the window. that could be why you woke up outside the door. If you never love others, it will get cold under the covers. Then again for everyone, theres another to get it done. Ugly, undesirable little shit, get the fuck away you tiny bit. All it was is a wretched pleasure, all you could, that is sad, not exciting play, in short no fucking good.
Seven wise men with knowledge so fine, created a pussy to their design. First was a butcher, with smart wit, using a knife, he gave it a slit, Second was a carpenter, strong and bold, with a hammer and chisel, he gave it a hole, Third was a tailor, tall and thin, by using red velvet, he lined it within, Fourth was a hunter, short and stout, with a piece of fox fur, he lined it without, Fifth was a fisherman, nasty as hell, threw in a fish and gave it a smell, Sixth was a preacher, whose name was McGee, he touched it and blessed it, and said it could pee, Last was a sailor, dirty little runt, he sucked it and fucked it, and called it a cunt.
Where Mfkn Originally Came From
Please take a minute to read about the MFKN FAMILY. Which will and always be started from the Hearts of Rachelle(Bubzy) & Rob(Cruser). They both have left because they live for love not HATE!This is the Story of how MFKN got started back in 2009. For those of you who are new to MFKN please read it and understand where MFKN came fromFROM THE HEART OF MFKN BUBZY! Ok so If you are reading this you're about to find out what MFKN stands for and where it all came from. Matter fact this should answer all questions and guide you straight through. I once, not to long ago, had the worst day that I have ever had on this site before. Well that day probably turned into the best day, all because MFKN. My name had MFKN in it and my Bestfriend Cruser was helpin me out and talkin me through this really bad day well he decided to take the hearts out of my name and put cross bones and a pitchfork Cause he said, "what the hell is wrong with you? hearts do not describe you" he said, "when I see you I think
What up peeps get me drunk off my ass with the drinks u send and i will blaze u back
Go With Care - 513
Every day I dream of a man, who I would get if I could I would ya know I can. I sit at home and cry, loving is far away and I wanna know why..... Sometimes I yearn for my own death, needing to hear three words in one breath. But who do I think I am, who ever gave a damn?? So now I have to decide, in who can I confide?? The Lord is the only one, who will care when my life is done. Even when I was twenty I didn't know love, I fell off the wings of a dove. If it was possible, if it was okay, I know what my heart would say, I'm sorry, I am please believe, I am scared of anger please don't leave. After all I am poor can't afford loves costs, especially to you, you just increased my empty lots. I had cared now what do I say, go with care and remember yesterday.
Why Do Other People Trying To Break To Break A Couple Up That Are So Much In Love
The love The love that we have The love that we share The love is what we Share in every day life, We live in love we share, love all the time.But we lose are too alot of times too. We share the same bed, Share the same blanket, alots of things in life. Sometimes we lose the love of our lives. We dont want to lose them all, but some times we have to make a mistake in life. Love is suppose to be when you are happy with someone that you love very much. Love is when you care about that person that you are in love with. All you do is think about the one that you love. When you think of a person that you cant live without, or cant breath with out them, being able to talk to them and seeing them. When a person falls in love with someone. When you hear their voice again and you get this big huge grin on your face. When this person looks up at you and Has this big grin on their fa
Worse Still - 636
When is this life gonna get good, I wonder. I'd dream if I could. Tricks and treats keep on aknockin at my door, will someone ever listen-n-hear I don't want any more. One day I may be better, no longer lack, and it might surprise you I won't look back. After all why should I, give me a reason, no warmth or love in the change of any season. John was there but left me with a changed life, in 9 months Ireceiveda gift in 1 week he got a wife. Rob was around long enough to hold belief in his sword, Ken only wanted me on Saturday night in the back of his Ford. Everything is shit hitting the lonely fan, cuz no one tried and never knew it don't matter if you can. So soon I pray for a miracle or hint, that healing is complete and love was sent. Cuz I can't keep taken what hell I am givin, see it ain't that I am hopin for a storybook livin. I'm just getting tired of not being loved or trusted, and I'm tired of guys thinkin girls haven't lusted. Altogether
Without You
Without you there is no light Without you there is no dark Without you there is no happiness Without you there so sadness Without you there is no reason Without you there is no rhyme Without you there's only stillness Without you there is no time. Without you I am so empty Without you there is no us Without you there is no future Without a future what's the fuss Without you my life is empty Without you should I continue Without you my life's a mess WITHOUT YOU....... my love will end ... forever
Sex, Sexy Pics, Sexy Sex Possitions, Sex Stories And Sexual Fantasies.
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F.i.n.e. - Aerosmith
Hot wax drippin'Honey what do you sayI got a brand new recordThat I gotta playShe said not now boyBut I did anywayand I'm ready, so readyLip smackin' paddy wackin'walkin' the streetI got a rag top chevynow I'm back on my feetI get an EMHO woodywhen I sit in the seatcause I'm ready, so readyI got a girlfriend with the hoochy-coochy eyescause in the pink she look so fineShe got the cracker jack now all I want's the prizeYEAHI know these hookers down on 42nd street, butill-gotten booty's not my styleI'll take a rain check 'til I get back on my feetYEAH'Cause I'mAlrightYour momma says I'mAlrightYour daddy says I'mAlrightand my old lady says I'mAlrightWhip crackin' floozyway outta controlshe got a new kinda jellyin her jelly rollI got the right key babybut the wrong keyholeand I'm ready, so readyI'm a red hot pistoland I'm ready to fightI'm a 38 specialon a Saturday nightI'm gonna kiss your boo-boo honeymake it alright'cause I'm ready, so readyI g
Blow A Kiss - 550
To be with you without going over the line, its sometimes a sin but why can't you be mine?? What have I done or what do you fear I may do, that would ruin your life and hurt too?? To avoid lonely pain or a broken heart, stay true and don't tear hearts apart. So you don't have to touch, lick, or enter in, you may want to avoid loving, but what then?? Big boy your so built and your so strong, if ifs came true you'd be here and it wouldn't be wrong. For me to explain everything I honestly feel, I need to be alone with you, then you'd know its real. I'd sadly bid you goodbye if you want more, hopefully I can know why before. I don't try to ask for much because I know, the slightest wrong could make you turn and go. Can't blow everything and this won't hurt, I will not allow you to treat me like trash or dirt. Explain to me why I still miss, Your in my heart, thats why I blow a kiss.
Sometimes... Just Sometimes
Sometimes.... just sometimes I wonder... surprise!! I am a real human. Do ya ever wonder what others are wondering about. Besides sex. Today I am dressing down. I have sweats on that I have had for over 23 years. Does that make me less than you, hmmmm..... I wonder. I know for a fact, during sometime of the day everybody wonders. Right?? Its been reported, not too sure how, that everyone touches themselves where most people wonder if they do. That is everybody, everyday!! Did you ever wonder about that. Betcha did... I know I ain't perfect. Apparently not everyone thinks that way of themselves. I never wanted to think too highly of myself. I also wanted to understand and accept that everyone is most likely different than they appear. That adds some incentive to my outtings. When I am bored or would like to have a more exciting day I imagine everyone in just a tutu. Nothing else. That makes my day, in every known way!! Burdens seem easier to bear when I can chuckle or just grin. It
Superman was flying around the city looking for crime.When he noticed wonder woman laying out naked on top of a building.So superman thought to himself.......Hmmmm since i'm superman i can fly in get off and fly that's exactly that's what he did.Right then and there wonder woman says what the hell was that.then the invisable man said I don't know but my ass hurts.
Please Not Today....
For today, at least, please do not make me concentrate. When I concentrate I curl the toes on my right foot. Anyways, I think I rebroke my toes. Maybe I can get in to the hospital tomorrow because the bus doesn't run today. Shyt!! It doesn't run tommorrow cuz its a holiday. Damn!! Well this has happened before. I just let then kinda heal unalined. That is why the doctors say I have a deformed right foot. I was feeling kinda good this morning. Got up before my kids, while wondering why. I went to bed after they did. That is a guaranteed rip off. I should have slept later. But see I felt rested. The only time during my day when I feel at ease is when the kids are in bed for the night or gone. Great ideas are hatched wether they are here or not and awake or not. No carrying out of said idea can be completed with them not gone or awake though. Some day, hopefully not too far in the future, I am due a vacation. We were gonna have on the 8th of June but it got cancelled. Just because we ha
You Name This Blog Chapter One
You Title This Blog! I cant This blog is dedicated to my ability to be self depreciating, and still not suffer any ill effects from it! I only offer these things to be humorous..if possible. I used to be out there rolling up and down the highways. While driving I couldnt be one of those ppl who got intoaudio books and chit. They would put me to sleep. There's no job or life security in falling asleep behind the wheel ofan 18 wheeler.A sleepy driver no matter how many tires you are on, is fuken scary to me! Moving the hell on... I found amusement, education, friends and a new mental freedom in the CB Radio. I was shy about getting on it. Iwould hear all kinds of things being made fun of out there. I really became defensive when fat girls were made funof. I thought it was cruel. I took it personally. I was such a snooty patooty then. I got my feeling hurt whenever Iwould hear this crap! But I was much too shy to say a damn word about it! One night I was coming
Yntb Chapter Fourteen
You Name This Blog...I Cant! Part 14 Holy Mother Of Jesus! The calm I had earlier had been replaced with Linda Blair. My head was spinning faster and uglier than her's in The Exorcist! I needed a priest. I needed a drink. I needed something but for the life of me, short of a gun, I didnt know what it would be that I really needed! I dumped the coffee in the trash cans and went back in to the ladies room. I ran the cold water across my hands just wanting to sob. But the tears wouldnt come. My hands were screaming in pain and my mind was on total tilt! How dare he ask me to stay on the truck! Was this a sick cruel joke? There's no guarantees in this world. Why should I trust him? Why should I believe another thing that rolls off the lips of a human with a penis? So I bared my soul with him...Thank God thats all I did! Thank God I didnt take my clothes off and confuse this issue any more than it already was. He had a girlfriend. He had children and her child as well. Why should
Yntb Chapter Sixteen
YNTB.....I Cant! Part 16 I didnt know what hit me. I know who...but not the how. I was choked so hard I went unconscious. There was a knot and cut to my head near my ear on my left side. This is where the blood was coming from. I think he may have taken my head and slammed it against the truck door. There was blood there and at the bottom of the window. I was lucky it didnt go thru the glass. He was driving wildly like a maniac. One minute he was speeding like an Amtrak Train, the next he was swerving in and around other vehicles, I thought he was going to lay this big truck over on it's side. I was stunned, in shock..and the knowledge that I was in severe danger scared me, more and more. I didnt feel right in my head. I was woozy and felt like throwing up. My hair was sticky and matted with my own blood. I managed to get to the back of the truck in the bunk. I found the roll of paper towels and got a litre of water, to try to clean myself up.I was just smearing the blood. The
Yntb Chapter Twenty-seven
YNTB...I Cant...Chapter 27 (Emotional Preface) I always have lil unfinished projects lying around...Maybe I lost interest, maybe things got too emotional all wrapped up in them and I took a breather.....I think its both. I'm not so self- centered to believe that my life is any more interesting or even more screwed up than the rest of us...We all have our stories to tell... When I started writing YNTB...I wrote it to get it out of my head, to get it up in front of me to analyze. Maybe I would find clues, red flags and insight into me, and why I always continued to make a choice, whether conscious, or put myself into situations that would bring me pain. Why was I always so comfortable with conflict and crisis and pain? I was too familiar with those dysfunctional drama roles...over and over like its Groundhog Day everyday of my life...Massive amounts of years have been living out the scenarios without resoulution. With no completion..... For me, the
Time Is Tickin
Time is Tickin'Is it wrong that I am socialy different that I feel rightAs the years wash away as if i am trying to clean my mind of life with dirty experiences for clean ideasI dry myself off on a towel of wisdom to freashin up to the scent of adulthoodTime is Tickin'Concrete- Steel- Wood- Water- Air, God tell me why this is the formula for life, As that the Devil secretly addedthe equation of Misery, Greed, Lust, Deception, Solitude thus the recipe for death !I can do bad on my own, Ask the Court System, I dont need a church or a casino to help Time is TickinAge, hmmm you say it is everything, I hear it is nothing, We aint science projects, a Child is a small Adult. and a Adultis a big Child, TRUST ME - " Watch MTV, JERRY SPRINGER, GO TO LAS VEGAS, OR LOOK IN THE MIRRIOR "Time is TickinIt takes a Whole Village to raise a Child, But it takes a Idiot to only destroy that Village; dont judge me Im just here out of compasion for life; Just give me a wife, a house, a simple job, and a saf
As You Read This (erotic Fiction)
Imagine my warmth against you.... my breath on your neck. How thick I am inside you. How deep I reach. Then I want you to... Find that warm spot that's tingling for my touch. Reach down and let your hand do what you can imagine my mouth doing: Gently spreading your swollen lips, lightly tracing the edge -- tickling ever-so-slightly. Let your fingers lower themselves into that wettest of places. Use that wetness to lubricate your finger to better feel like my warm tongue on you. Light flicks at first, just enough to further arouse the swelling clit. If it helps you can use your free hand to squeeze those beautiful tits just as hard as you would like me to reach up and do -- as you change from light flicks into gentle circles. Circles that cause your hips to gyrate in time with me, circles that constantly change direction, causing even more excitement. Smooth gliding circles... slight pressure... restless bliss.Let your thoughts focus on me. Imagine my hands holding your hips to keep f
I Just Don't Know (erotic Poetry)
I JUST DON'T KNOWWhen I was young, I tried a girlShe said, "no," and we stopped hanging out.Up alone, a machine I was,Wanking twice a day!What sex was I did not knowCould Google help me out?All I knew was pubes of my own,Does that mean I'm gay?I began to scratch for anything,anyone I could grab,Guys and Gals wouldn't do,Fortunately I moved awayAnd to this day, I still don't knowWhether I like guys or girls,Too bad I cannot marry porn,Because that would be okay.
Happy Birthday Mom!!
Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. She will be 62. She is already forgetting things I didn't think she would soon forget. It kinda of does bother me but then again I forget certain things at the most inconveinent times. I figure if I hope for understanding that someone else would too. As we age, I would somewhat like to think we grow. It seems that some things go in reverse the older we get. I hope not everything does. At 17 I had to relearn to walk, talk and think. I don't really look forward to going through that again. I did learn to type in 9th grade but since the accident I mainly use my left hand. My right is slower and weaker but still works. For those of you who have any sort of problem with me or anyone like me. Speak the fuck up. I have recently attended a meeting and have learned the 'R' word. Its a nasty kind of word. The mentally and physically disabled are not 'retarded'. Its kinda like what you say is what you are. If you just can't and won't accept that some humans
Did You Ever Think??
Did you ever think what if today is the day the world stops turning?? What if today is the day I fall in love?? Did you ever think the person your talking to today might, just might be the last person you ever see?? Sometimes I think of such things. I use to wonder why. I mean why the fuck me?? I have been strapped to a bed in a hospital. I have been in the back of a police car and I have worn hand cuffs. Not because I broke the law but because I was lost. The officer said I had to wear them. Not true. I have also rode next to the officer, in the front seat. I have hugged an officer too. He wasn't in uniform. Relax already, it was my brother. Yesterday is but a memory, the future is but a dream, and today is a gift. Maybe unwrapped but you ain't gotta peak anyhow. Everyday can be better than the last. I should listen to my own words sometimes. There are times when I feel rotten and days when I am on top of the world. Unkind vibes or unkind words wreck my flying high mood. I could jus
If What You See
If what you see by the eye doesn't please you then close your eyes and see from the heart. Because the heart can see beauty and love more than the eyes can ever wonder. If what you see here doesn't rev your engine you are more than able to go elsewhere. I am but a maiden in a tower waiting for a brave soul. I will continue to wait forever if need be. Those that I have tried have failed. If your heart is as small like your eye, don't look at me. If your goinng to wrap your hands around my neck, I won't wrap mine around anything of yours. If you want to slap my ass, I will break all three legs.
Put Your Hand On My Leg - 502
The nights are growing longer dreaming of you is all I do, oh how strong the yearning is you know what I want you to put me through. How will others understand very few even really believe, those that may take the chance they may want me or accept defeat and leave. Every thought I already have is really alright with me, seen as wrong by my elders that is how it should be, you really favor my thinking therefore our feeling is free. Times that I am without you trials and errors nee grace, seeing couples kiss and hug my emotions; leather and lace, for the two of us it is great saturdays we hit every base. Come along with me, put your hand on my leg, go into the darkness, open your ears and hear me beg.
Bigger Isn't Always Better
The bigger they are the harder they fall, The bigger they are the harder they fall, The bigger they are the harder they fall. Is bigger really better after they actually fall?? Today do you feel tall?? Today are you the best to recall?? Can you catch and throw the ball?? Were you ever one to run in the hall?? The bigger they are the harder they fall, The bigger they are the harder they fall, the bigger they are the harder they fall. From further than you could dream I softly call, Can't scream, can't disturb, can't escape my hell, of which I always fall. Bravery can exsist in the short and tall
I Need Some - 426
Come on I'm hungry, sa-tis-fy this in me. Oh you taste good, kinda thought you would. Light is weak and dark is strong, you are gorgeously long. Your balls are a juicy treat, good to lick and eat. Upon a man's breast, good to suck and good to rest. Inch by tasty inch I take, so please cum for my sake. My phrase for eternity keep, enter me fast and go deep. Afterwards I could rape you, have you crying for me too. I can last all night, my crotch holds on tight. Oh please, I need some, him and him and this one.
I Welcome The Drama And Swearing
If any of you hate me for what ever reason bring it on bc i know you can not take any action against me in real life. All you can do is talk shit and swear and curse at me well i'm at my apt alone come find me if your guna take any real action try to take me down if not back the fuck off.
Colorado We Mourn With You.
As I said to Ann Rice, and author whom I enjoy reading on her FB page. She stated that we need to ban all guns to prevent further tradgedy in the future. He is my reply. Sorry to disagree here, but the gun has no agenda, no hate, no animosity, no predjudice. It is a tool like a computer or a kitchen knife. Why is it no one wants to ban knives? Don't people die from stabbings every year? What we NEED is to do a better job with our fellow people who's minds are warped and twisted. The gun didn't get up and do this. The person behind the trigger did. And don't give me the, "it wouldn't have happened if he didn't have a gun" story. Like we as a race didn't kill each other by the millions before guns were ever invented. If a person deciedes he wants to kill...he or she will do so. If not with a gun, they will find another way. Please I am begging you all, stop using the loss of life for a political debate. Let me further that by saying to Mayor Michael Bloomberg on tf NYC. That goes for
Have a facebook? Check out the page that my best friend and I have on there! Almost to 20,000 likes ;)
Girls Get Butterflies
Girlsget butterflies. Guys get boners. Girls play hard to get...Guys play to get hard.
Women Are Like Iphones
Womenare like iPhones: You have to touch them all over before they respond. Men are like Blackberries: Rub one ball and everything moves.
Steamy Sauna Part. 2
----NOTE----As a change from part 1, I was experimenting with the writing structure at this time, trying to figure which style was best for my writing. Hopefully you won't find this too confusing. :) ENJOY! Robin scented her neck with perfume, checking her hair in the mirror a final time when she heard the door bell. She smiled, checking her breasts before heading off to answer. She unlocked it, and turned the knob smiling as she saw Logan’s new appeal. He dressed in a rather casual manner, far better than the overalls at the center that day. He smiled at her with a look as if stunned: Logan: “Looking good there.” Robin: “Thank You, come in; I’m just about ready.” Logan stepped through and Robin shut the door behind him, her eyes vexed over his firm back and broad shoulders. He wore a dark clad t-shirt with skulls, roses, and a guitar of sorts. His aroma of aftershave wavered in the air as he passed by her. Those same familiar tattoo’s wer
Giving Away 2 Vips In A Halloween Theme Contest (nsfw)
Okay, here's the deal. I am giving away 2 VIPs (one month each) for a hottest Halloween pic. One for the guys, and one for the girls. You have from now until Halloween to submit your pic and get the highest rating. Here's da rulez: 1. Your pic must be Halloween themed. Jack o'lanterns, costumes, whatever you can think of. Be creative, and be sexy. 2. Your pic must involve you and be NSFW. Don't submit a random internet pic of some model. I will check to make sure that the pic has you in it. Pics will be judged based on highest rating and most number of votes. Message me for details and I will add your pic to my contest folder and will give you a link to post on your profile. Good luck, and happy Halloween!!
It Takes A Step By Step Attitude
It takes a step by step attitude from us to keep walking in Faith. Look we will make mistakes, but we need to ask for forgivness from God. We may make decisions that hurt others, but we need to ask for forgiveness and forgive. We may sit idle many times in our spiritual life, but we need to press the gas pedal and roar towards God and His plans for us. God is Patient, but he only promises us today. We may pass on and never fully receive his Free gift of eternal life. Sadly many miss that opportunity, they type GOD into their brains, but never move past that. We Christians need to be there for and help others know that God can change their lives, That God offers so much more than they have and all the hurt they carry. Be there for others and for those on the side lines. God only promises you today, we know not what tomorrow holds.-------Praise God and our Savior Jesus... Say this Prayer if you want to receive God into your life and have eternal li fe and change, from your sinful ways-
Freshen Up Your Look With Men's Scarf
It may seem a bit unfair that a lot of clothes and accessories are available for women but only few can be used by the male counterparts. One of the few accessories that can hype up the wardrobe of guys is Men’s scarf. Aren’t scarves for women? No sir. Men’s scarf has long been in fashion and will still be in the years to come. It can be used from casual outfits to the more formal attire. You can wear them with t-shirt and even in suits. Scarves are not only used to keep your neck warm on chilly seasons but they can also add color to the usual drab winter wardrobe. Only few men dare to be different and stand out through fashion. Only a handful will dare to wear catchy colors of clothes, but they can still express their personality and inner fashion sense through a strip of cloth wrapped around their necks. It’s really fascinating to see men don a scarf of playful colors and stand out from the crowd. How do you use scarves? The selection for men is quite limi
Rough (not My Words But Couldnt Be Better Said
I don’t want you perfect. The words that slide easy and right. The caress polished smooth. The stroke that is practiced. Your careful, measured force. Beautiful things, well crafted, to look at and touch and admire. I admire your art. But give me you rough. Give me your hands wrapped in my hair, ripping my head back, exposing my neck. Give me the breath ragged in your lungs. Give me the blows staccato with need. Give me the marks of your hands to carry away with me, unstudied and shadowed and stark on my skin. Give me the belt rising and falling. Give me your raw will, and the taste of my own blood in my mouth. Give me your teeth at my throat. Give me your anger. Give me your dark. Give me that homecoming shock of recognition as you enter me. Give me you, pure and unpolished and searing and strong. Give me you filling and stretching and tearing at my senses, give me you in the muscle locked tension of release. Give me you pouring through me like fire, and my fire rising t
Your The Reason
"Your the reason" Your the reason why I smile when I get up Your the reason why my day shine and bright Your the reason why my night feels glad I hope your not the reason I feel sad Your the reason why I survive... Thank you for coming into my Life..
Doc And Patient Dilemma
A man walks into the doctor’s office and says “Doc I think I am losing my mind?” the Doctor replies “Oh what seems to be the problem?” well the man replies “Well It all started a month ago… you see I have a woman comes in my room every night she baths me, feeds me, and dresses me and every night be I go to bed we have sex and then she comes back to bath me, feed me, and dress and every night for the last month we have sex and then she leaves and comes back the next morning… Doc this isn’t going to work?” The doctor looks at him and says “You’re a lucky man that you have someone to do that all for you… but I still don’t see the problem?!” the man takes a deep breath and says “Ok well than maybe you can pass on a message for me then” the doctor says ok to whom do you want me to pass the message on to and what is the message… the man than says “Tell your wife instead of us
Middle Name Thanks To Jslinsd
Soul Urge: People with the name Kilipaki have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.Expression: People with the name Kilipaki value community and balance, and are dependable and considerate. They often tend to gravitate to occupations where they can act as peacemakers or negotiators, or fulfill these roles among their friends and family. They tend to be conventional, responsible, family-oriented, warm and affectionate. They sometimes worry obsessively about those they care for. They work for harmony and balance in their lives, and respond positively to beautiful things
Read Me Please
Club Domination is looking for dependable people for all positions, We are a BDSM themed lounge but all are welcomed as long as they show respect for those in to BDSM. Feel free to stop by for more details come to Club Domination Or Contact. DJ Deviant Master@ fubar Oxidizing Angel@ fubar
Here I Am
This is my third attempt at typing this. I am not going to just give up. Dammit, I may be small but I have a habit of fighting hard and not letting anything get in the way. Ask me about it and I will tell you the truth. The same truth of the same damn fight everyday.When I started typing tonight, I was describing the election for President Of The United States and it was damn good. I am not sure I can remember everything. Romney doesn't believe in the American population if he was going to stop planned parenthood and abortions. We need to work together to make this nation better. We may achieve great things but never achieve the greatest until we realize that we are in this together. There may be people that don't want to work together and that is what is holding us back.The whole wide world needs to become more intellectual accepting. Even though there are different races and different religions. It never should have become a blockade. We all have the same color blood. We sleep at ni
Say Thank You With A Letter Instead
For about a week now, there has been many showing their thanks for Veterans. As a vet, Your welcome. HOWEVER Just stop. Stop... It really doesn't do a damn thing except remind us that the Government who we wrote a blank check to for up to our lives didn't mean one God damn mother fucking thing. Let me give everyone who may no know a Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard. of which ever branch. But if you encounter one. Ask if they pay for health insurance out of their pitiful pay. The answer is going to be Yes... That's right, our military has to pay for health insurance. I don't know how or why this is so. Other than the Insurance Lobby providing fellatio to enough congress and senators to make it happen. Now If you really want to thank our Military, Get off Facebook close out your web browser and Write a letter. Several actually. Print them off to your Congressman, Senators and hell yes the President. Telling them that it is Unamerican to have our Military pay for th
The Vasectomy
TheVasectomyTwo men are in the doctor's office, each to get a vasectomy. The nursecomes into the room and tells both men, "Strip and put on these gownsbefore going in to see the doctor to have your procedures done."A few minutes later she returns and reaches into one man's gown andproceeds to fondle and ultimately begins to masturbate him. Shocked ashewas, he asks, "Why are you doing that?" To which she replies, "We have tovacate the sperm from your system in order to have a clean procedure."The man, not wanting to be a problem and enjoying it, allows her tocompleteher task.After she is through, she proceeds to the next man. She starts tofondle him as she had the previous man, but then drops to her knees andproceeds to give him oral sex.The first man, seeing this, quickly responds, "Hey! Why is it that Iget jerked-off and he gets a blow job?"The nurse simply replies, "That, sir, is the difference between an HMOand Blue Cross/Blue Shield!"
Tipps, Wie Sie Das Beste Tablet Pc Pick-
Warum wrden Sie wollen ein Tablet Laptop? Kurz bevor ich mein erstes ein kaufte ich verwendet werden versuchen, herauszufinden, wann ich es zu benutzen. Ich definitiv erworben Notebook, warum wrde ein android tablet mehr werden verwendet? Wrde ich einen Weg finden, "Ruhestand" meinem Laptop, und verwenden Sie nur eine Tablette und Desktop? Ich bekomme den Job aus Wohnsitzes erfolgt etwa ein einzelner die Zeit, so dass ich mit einem Desktop beim Ausfhren, dass, da es eine ehrliche wenig Typisierung, zusammen mit einem greren Bildschirm bentigt ist sicherlich der Nutzung. Also, ich wrde mir fr meine durchfhren zu verwenden, die sich aus Mangel an einer Tastatur und erhalten einen kompakten Monitor. Ich wusste, ich wollte eine Person, aber was wrde ich es? Ich glaube, ich versuchte zu rechtfertigen Erwerb einer mehr Techno Gadget. Personen kaufen ein Tablet-PCs fr viele verschiedene Ursachen sie weit mehr tragbar, dass ein Notebook, diese leichter, die Batterie l
Isotopo Radioattivo Sui Vestiti Di Arafat Chiede La Palestina Per Riesumare Il Corpo Per Determinare Se Stato Avvelenato Da Israele
La nuova sonda nella sua morte ha cominciato questa estate, dopo un laboratorio svizzero ha scoperto tracce di polonio-210, un isotopo radioattivo mortale shopping online abbigliamento , sui vestiti ha detto di essere di Arafat. I vestiti sono stati forniti dalla vedova di Arafat, Suha, e consegnato al laboratorio della stazione televisiva araba satellitare Al-Jazeera. Separatamente, la signora Arafat ha chiesto al governo francese di indagare, mentre l'Autorit palestinese chiamato esperti russi. Morte di Arafat rimasto un mistero per molti. Mentre la causa immediata della morte fu un colpo, l'origine di una malattia sottostante ha sofferto nelle sue ultime settimane non mai stato chiaro, che porta a teorie della cospirazione persistenti che aveva il cancro, l'AIDS o stato avvelenato. Molti nel mondo arabo credono Arafat, il volto della lotta per l'indipendenza palestinese per quattro decenni, stato ucciso da Israele. Israele, che ha visto Arafat come un ostacolo
Don't Voice Your Opinion.
"If DIY and the internet have taught us anything it's that there's little point in giving everyone a voice. I don't care if I sound like a dictator but please SHUT THE FUCK UP. Keep that internal dialogue silent. It was never meant to be external." -The Endless Blockade. Sometimes even I break the rule, but seriously...nobody wants to hear it.
The Girls That Say That All Guys
Thegirls that say that all guys want is sex, are usually the ones who have only that to offer.
Sex Without Love Is A Meaningless Experience.
Sex without love is a meaningless experience. It is at the root of life and has to be understood fully to experience it. But there are stories where even very great men have fallen for sex from great heights to the shallows. True sex never fails as it is bondage between two souls that have come together. Basically, it is not the sex that gives pleasure but the true partner gives it. Therefore, sex can be termed as an art in itself, a kind of act that is good when properly enacted but to enjoy it thoroughly, it also needs the cooperation of the mind as well with a clear heart and soul. Sex is not just an act of pleasure but the feeling of togetherness, being so close to another person and being comfortable in the partner. If love can be termed as a result of chemistry between two people, sex is nothing but an act of biology between them.
You Don't Know Me ...
I walk naked talk to myself and love to make love all night to you love to smoke a cig and drink tell I can't walk I love to write about life love hate sex you and me ... just hanging out doing nothing... sun setting moon is full snow is falling on me when I dress in red and talk to much and not say a word or do to much thinking or not think at all... I may want loving just slow and soft hands on me and one I love it hard pulling telling me hot hot lies that you may love me that night... I wake and have my coffee cig walk the line .. you don't know me.. you don't know me... I walk naked talk to myself and love to make love all night to you love to smoke a cig and drink tell I can't walk ... you don't know me you don't know me.... I'll walk the line don't talk to me about this and that I walked the line you don't know me.. bY cHristhine
leeping is goodsleeping is badin a good bad waywe need sleeping to be thererejuvenation of the bodyrejuvenation of the spiritwhether we likeor choose to shunit is goodit is badit is good to doit feels oh so goodit helps us clear our headsit is badwe waste so much timewe should be up thinking instead OCT 7 what should I say It is the start of a new day a day of reopening the past life will get a new start through each new stroke through each new line books are fine books are great but when things come books may not be there time to take a look no pun intended at a new old way of writing the free kind the less money the more reaching kind the way that we call the world wide web my blog what a blog that is and was a public start of sorts to show some more of what is inside publicly freely of course colligraphy by bob JUL 15 Colligraphy Colligraphy has been a fun endevourthis I say to youLife is to be lived so I live itand writing that is for me nowand maybe
situations change things are always changingfor the bad and others for the goodsituations seem their bleakestjust before they changenothing in this world is stationaryfor that I am pretty surethings are always changeso never give up hopewhile thinking a situation will never changebe very sure things will changefor the bad or for the goodeach situation will be bad or good for a momentthen the situation will change againgiving a new resultthen again and again and againleaving us with a FEB 25 high school while in high schoolI could not wait to get outnow out of high schoolI wish I were still thereis it human nature to want what we do not haveis it looking back and only remembering the good timeswas it just easier with less responsibilitieswas it just more funlooking back I do know thishigh school was not nearly as bad as I thoughtit was actually a precursor for the futurea life with responsibilitieslife can not always be about fun and playwe must get along with those we
Halloween 2010 it is almost halloweenthe time for costumes and candygoing to strangers and getting candydressing up and having fungetting things for nothing but dressing upalways a great thing for kidsreliving or acting out our fantasyis also very accepted at this timeor just trying to scare your fellow personto make them laugh or to make yourself laughfor laughing is excitingit only happens once a yearso enjoy live and be scaryfor it is Halloween time Posted5th October 2010bybobby 0 Add a comment OCT 5 knowledge knowledge is learned through each actionusing your brain and learning new thingsknowledge is acquired by bothdeveloping oneself through thought is knowledgeknowing oneself is knowledge in itselfknowing what we do is alsoknowledge is developedknowledge is acquiredknowledge is also born in each of usknowledge is in each birthknowing what we doknowing who we areis the greatest knowledge of alland that each person has their part
And So We Continue
Welcome back. Lemme see where we left off gimme a second to double check ... bla bla bla ... ummm hmmm ... Ok there we are. Damian , his mom & younger sistermoved to a place of their own where she set the kids up in yet another new school, this was the 4th school in 6 years so it was hard for Damian and his sibling to keep any friends. Not that many wanted to befriend a goofy kid with thick 'coke bottle' glasses but he kept trying to make new friends. The new neighborhood was not exactly whhat he was accustomed to though, his last residence was down a dead end street with only the nextdoor neighbors grand kids coming to visit in the summer to hang out with when they were there. Now they lived on a busy street just a few blocks away from a downtownlike area, with all the cars flying past the front window it was kind of new for them but the kids adapted. With not knowing much about the area the kids had to play inside until his mom felt comfortable enough to roam the neighborhood
I Brought A Dog Home Today....
A few of our neighbors were shooting guns today and an old female Basset Hound took off running down the road. She was cold, scared, and didn't have any identification. I felt bad and didn't want her to get hit so I stopped. She walked up to my car and climbed into it. I asked several neighbors if they knew where she is from and none did. So she's in my laundry room, sleeping happily in a basket of dirty clothes and blankets. She's so pretty and sweet... I hope we can find her owners tomorrow. I suppose they're freaked out. They really need to get a collar with ID for her so the next time she busts out and runs away she can be back with them right away.
Sexasia Pt. 2
A veil waves outwardlywith a lascivious voice that says "Come!"the other veilswave repeating in different voicesamongst stifled giggles and merry.One chirps "No Applias, just Coreas here!"More giggles and glee.Applias, ones who have not shared the apple of the third eye of love, the childless. The saying goes ,"One cannot share the apple alone and nor share the burden of its fruit alone." The ritual is the pairing of Applias who give conception by the tasting of the apple birth fruit. In darker times, generals have shared the birth fruit to build armies. Fortunately, conception only happens three times for either party and then they join the Coreas, who as another saying goes "...have filled their bellies and reached the core of their burdens."The invitation is repeated by the first voice...U.U, Queen of Sexasia, the Matron of Copulation, the Passion Muse.The queen is always named "U"and the king "I", indicating the significance of their relationship together and the examp
Using Trampoline The Safest And Funniest Way
Trampoline is designed for a specific purpose and it can be fun and at the same time, dangerous.Trampoline partsincluding thetrampoline padsare made durable to stand pressure and for safety purposes. Trampoline is considered as one of the best ways to stay fit and in shape. Thus, find the most durable trampoline and always remember that safety really matters. There are many criteria that you need to consider in finding the safest trampoline. In-ground and enclosed trampoline is considered safe for both children and adult. Also, less cases of trampoline related injuries happened because of the enclosures around the trampoline device. In order to further enhance the safety of the device, it should be placed in a stable location and not in hill or incline areas. Lastly, supervision is high need especially for children who wants to play with the trampoline. There different types of trampolines and you can choose base on your needs. There are trampolines for children who want to
It May Have Been Said Before
Once you may think you have it figured out, something just might change and surprise you all. The way I heard it, today is the first day of the end. Hasn't it been that way since the world began?? Just a little FYI... things may get better and things may get worse, but I hope that you can believe that your lifetime is precious and its a gift to you. A gift given so you'll have time, time to have the time of your life. I hear ever so often to live life like there won't be a tomorrow, nope..... not me. I try to take each step surely. Excuse me but I was a livewire and I may not be so firey now. I was taught that life is too short to do things that don't really matter. You aren't so wrong if you think before you act. I may not read all the statistics, if more people would give instead take and love instead of hate, I am truley thinking that there would be less fighting and more peace. A true smile can brighten my day. The warmth of true love seems to let safety become more sure. I gues
Women Suck
lol Seriously the women on here are so lame and boring. All you sluts do is worry about making points and sad.
What's Up??
This morning was just like any other. The day dawned, night started on the other side of the world. It kinda seems like another soul or souls lost the battle to stay alive. I'm never claiming to know exactly how, its just a feeling. Right now ts 12:34pm and I am trying to figure so much out right at this moment. I think just maybe I should back out from attempting to reach anyone. It kinda seems possible, I lost before I could win. Hope that makes sense. Time will tell, I guess. I know things will keep on while I am gone. I don't brighten anyone's day or lighten anyone's load. I sometimes feel like a broken record when I ask everyone to treat others like they would like to be treated. The mean will keep on being mean and more will exit Fubar never to return. It is already written how things will go. You can remember me if you wish. I won't beg or tease. That is not me. I am just me, as I am not as you would sometimes wish or dream. I am just me, fighting for justice for those torm
A Woman
A woman is having an affair during the day while her husband is at work. Her 9 year old son comes home unexpectedly, sees them and hides in the bedroom closet to watch. The woman's husband also comes home so she puts her lover in the closet not realizing that her son is hiding in there. The little boy says ''It's dark in here'' The man replies ''Yes, it is'' Boy - "I have a baseball." Man - "That's nice." Boy - "Want to buy it?" Man - "No, thanks." Boy - "My dad's outside." Man - "OK, how much?" Boy - "$250" In the next few weeks, it happens again that the boy and the lover are in the closet together once again. Boy - "Dark in here." Man - "Yes, it is." Boy - "I have a baseball glove." The lover remembering the last time, asks the boy, "How much?" Boy - "$750" Man - "Fine." A few days later, the father says to the boy, "Grab your glove, let's go outside and have a game of catch." The boy says, "I can't, I sold my baseball and my glove." The father asks, "How much did you sell t
Possible Slogans Promoting National Condom Week
1. Cover your stump before you hump2. Before you attack her, wrap your whacker3. Don't be silly, protect your willy4. When in doubt, shroud your spout5. Don't be a loner, cover your boner6. You can't go wrong if you shield your dong7. If you're not going to sack it, go home and whack it8. If you think she's spunky, cover your monkey9. If you slip between her thighs, be sure to condomize10. It will be sweeter if you wrap your peter11. She won't get sick if you wrap your dick12. If you go into heat, package your meat13. While you're undressing venus, dress up your penis14. When you take off her pants and blouse, slip up your trouser mouse15. Especially in December, gift wrap your member16. Never, never deck her with an unwrapped pecker17. Don't be a fool, vulcanize your tool18. The right selection will protect your erection19. Wrap it in foil before checking her oil20. A crank with armor will never harm her21. No glove, no love!
Yeah, Just Maybe
I wanted to be here last night, but my daughter got a new puzzle. I had and have a big smile. I like puzzles and I like the mom, daughter time. It is a goth puzzle, so its mostly black. All the way from her dress to the black widow spiders. She is standing in a tower window with the moonlight shining in behind her. Plus, she go a discount. I know already that is a good thing. Still gonna try to type without correcting. I figure the real me would be nicer than the edited me. And all the feelings are more real. This isn't just a plain blog. This is my route of sharing the feelings from the top of my head to the tip bof my boot. When I am wearing my boots. When I am wearing any foot ware, just and FYI, I don't usually wear and shoes unless it is my slippers. More comfort is what counts. I will share stressed words with anyone that wants to argue with me on that fact. I want to reachout, still wanting to get noticed. Just for my poems and nothing else. I would like to be able to do kinda
Part 3
Week 3, Wednesday For our session today, just before we started, Justin told me that we had tried all possible methods that he knows to hypnotize me. From this session onwards, I don’t need any pendants, spirals or other things for me to get into a trance. He said I already knew how to get into the trance on my own. He suggested that from now on, we should shift our sessions from the living room to my bedroom. I agreed readily, in my mind, I was hoping for the session to start as soon as possible, so I could experience the wonderful feeling of being in a hypnotized trance. We proceeded to my bedroom which I used to with Isabel, before she went to ESU. Once we were in the room, Justin told me to lie on Isabel’s bed, and said once I lay on the bed, I’ll find myself falling into a deep hypnotic sleep. The moment I touched the bed, I feel myself falling into a hypnotic trance just like what Justin said. I found myself closing my eyes and going into a deep trance. Till
I Am Jean
Honestly, cuz I know no other way, there is no waste here in any way. I have looked and I have seen, no reason to be mean. I am not going to cry, if you know me, you know why. I have lost in love before, now I know when one closes there is another... open door. Our tomorrow may never show, if you never try, you'll never know. I'm no preacher, but you are a teacher. I loved, I lost and I learned, never trust, never care or you are gonna get burned. When your hope is all gone, sometimes you just need to move on. to everything there is a reason, and there is a blessing and loss in every season. I am me and I may not be your queen, the poet I am knows me, I am Jean. You will be the last resident to my heart, I am Jean, I won't love another so my heart won't be torn apart.
She Walks Beautiful - Amy Studt
She walks alone and when she loves, her love's so wrongShe don't need a manShe won't stand by what she can't standLike why like in wars you all stand in lineNow watch her pass you byShe knows her sins with humilityAnd reaches for the lightWith aching knees and back the way is hard to bearbut she carries it with a smileShe walks beautiful, she walks beautifulshe walks beautiful by herselfShe walks beautiful, she walks beautifulshe walks beautiful by herselfShe walks aloneshe's not invited to partiesso she's just aloneAll aloneto feel the high she bears the lowsShe doesn't call out like the others in the nightin despair and lonelinessShe walks beautiful, she walks beautifulshe walks beautiful by herselfShe walks beautiful, she walks beautifulshe walks beautiful by herselfAyaheaheah Ayaheaheah Ayaheaheah AhohohohAyaheaheah Ayaheaheah Ayaheaheah AhohohohAyaheaheah Ayaheaheah Ayaheaheah AhohohohAyaheaheah Ayaheaheah Ayaheaheah AhohohohAyaheaheah Ayaheaheah Ayahea
Dear Universe
Dear Universe, Thank You for all that you have given to me. From my birth to my present life. I realize that soulmates are people who enter our lives. And just as soon as they enter. can just as easily leave. after a lesson is learned. They are Angels who bring gifts And when we are in need of love, confidence and awareness of who we are. They come to us To remind us of our aspirations, to keep our hearts open and to keep on our paths. So knowing this I want to thank you for giving me for showing me that I am one step closer to Finding my ONE,TRUE,LOVE Knowing that I must stay true to myself Never get lost in someone elses life But to stay grounded and focused All the while being able to be loved and adored Like a smack in the face The Universe will take it all away If I am not paying attention And although it hurts I understand the pain And where it is coming from So I stand here Grounded Focused and Realistic And I understand That
If If Is Possible.....
With so much not happening, I do hope things get better. I can only try an help so much. The rest is left up to everyone else. No worries though, we will get through this. I'm not ill yet, so I am thankful of that fact. I had something all picked out to tell you earlier but the damn blog page didn't want to fully load. I got to get me a new hair brush. Terrible accident happened to the other one. All I had to hold on to was the head of the brush, which makes it kinda hard to brush with. No fibbing either. I have been straight out surprised by the lack of 'friends' help lately. I help when I can and I know people aren't here for the same reason I am, but come on.... If I am of any need, all you need to do is ask. If I can help, I will. Maybe you are just here to play the game or with yourself. That clearly is up to you. I still can't post mumms and it has been over 30 days. No problem... I am perfectly happy being an archangel. Sort of like Michael. I will like anyone that likes me
Yet Again
Yesterday I received some really sad news, my mom is in the hospital. She may get to go home tomorrow. She was told, before she went to the hospital, that she had the flu. I heard the pain in her voice when she called me, it hurt me too. I coulda sworn she got her flu shot, but she didn't. Me and my son did. On the brighter side of my life, I was going to ask my daughter to remind me of showing me her video making skills again. I don't know if this will sound strange or not, but I have more than enough ideas of how I would like to do the other five. Just need to find a quiet time, dammit. It has been said that life is unfair. I'm here to say it may suck sometimes, but it is not unfair. All good things come to those that don't insist it happens in the fucking second that they demand it. If you hurry your time along, you may forget to be thankful for the time you have been given to cherish what you take for granted. Just as always I try an make this my paragraph to wish you well. Sw
This Is One Of Those Days
This is one of those days, just one of those days,I want to remember for as long as I can. The angels in heaven must have been looking down on me smiling. I have proof, have you seen my ranking?? I didn't ever think it was possible!! 887 is a number that I feel blessed to have achieved. I would like to thank everyone that helped. I would like to continue to be here, when I can, for those that need anything. I like to help people and animals out. To make them feel better. However it may be possible. Yup, I do!! But I will not bend over fowards or backwards to do so. I was already a gymnast, so I could at one tim e do backbends. I don't like pain, its not my dang pleasure thang. So erase any idea you have of me bending foward. If you have any complaints with me ever, I can now say I don't give a good gawd damn. Its taken me awhile, some things do. I am not scared to admit now or ever again that I am brain injured. I am not a model or the most stinking educated, but I am a TwinklingSt
Momentous Day
It has been one of those days, not in a bad sense though. When you have positive proof that your child now knows something that you have known of for next to forever. I went and put leg warmers on today and my daughter said thanks, because she didn't know what they were. Anytime something like that happens, it feels kinda like I have made my contribution to the future of our great planet. It may be an itty bitty contribution, but still. Please don't be hating my shine time, I am working on my WOW facter. Boy, was it freezing outside. Its damn days like this I want to stay indoors for the rest of the winter. If I could, I would rather move to a warmer climate. Don't see it happening anytime soon though. It sucks, if I had a heated male personality to intertwine with it would be even better. I am in a relationship with my ideal man. He is all I have ever wanted. Even though we probably won't ever meet or mingle. It feels as though it is perfect. We have agreed that we want eachother to
Tiddies... Lol
All my life, since maybe age 10, I have been a big fan if wide hips and big booties. And usually it was an internal struggle just to resist turning around to get that look when a curvy bbw lady would walk past me. Not because I thought it was morally wrong or politically impolite. But more because if people judging me as pervy for being a natural male. That's how backazzwards the world has become for men. We get penalized for being the way God made us, as if we are the ones dressing women in tight slacks or just tights. But lately, I have developed better appreciation for the boob. Or as we call them where I grew up, 'tiddies'. Seems there has arisen a new fast food, carb-enriched generation of amply endowed women with top quality racks. Man, have I seen some truly outstanding examples right here amongst my friend contacts. And you know who you are ladies.{wink}. I regret that I did not have time to request all of your permission to include a complimentary photo of you in this post. A
Entry One...
It was what seemed to be a normal day for me, only I woke up next to you. Looking down, I smiled and moved the hair off your face and just looked at you for a moment. I got up and headed out of the room after giving you a soft kiss on your lips. You woke up and stretched. Looking around for me you figured I had been up for a bit and stepped'd see me later. So you figured it was time for a shower. Walking into the bathroom, you turned the water on and got undressed. You reached in and felt the temperature of the water with the tips of your fingers then slowly got in. The water felt good against your skin and you let your hands rub over your chest and sides. You leaned your head back and let the water flow over your head soaking it. Closing your eyes, you didn't seem to notice the door open. I had come in and undressed without you knowing. I slipped into the shower and quickly wrapped my arms around you. You jumped and gasped spinning quickly to see that it was just me. Relieve
Flags Of Dawn - Thrice
This darkness wouldeclipse our willa cold wind blowsacross these hillsa swinging gazefrom a hangman's treea crow's nest viewof what's left to seethe light that's formedof saints return the silence to the snowstill beneath the craters waitingfor this time to growso hold onhold tightopen daylightwe will overcomeso put away your fearthe morning star will soon appearand bring an endto this dark nightand we must run if we're to meet the lightwatered by the blood of martyrsblessed and blind as sons and daughterssleep with one eye openand live with both eyes shutso let's find the place where sight beginsand see the things that we saw when oureyes were bright and wet against the lightand hold onhold tightopen daylightwe will overcomeopen your eyesover the new sightfly the flags of dawn
Alright, Everything Is Just Peachy...seriously
I didn't go a think for a second that this would be easy. I know its hard to start out with. Hay bails, it could possibly get worse. I am not against anyone of any race or religion. I have friends around the world and may not need the lounge. Of course, I disagree. I am not requesting to know any secrets or mysteries. No passwords or bank accounts. By me asking you to come to my lounge, I am offering my company. Oooooo!! SCARY!! I am offering my friendship. No bling or nude pictures. Friendship is an important thing when it seems like everyone else is busy with others or just too busy for you. You decide, you are free to do that much. I shall leave it up to you. You could also copy and paste it on the address line. Might just work. CYA, if you wanna consider it an option.
Diary Of A Mad Shoveler
December 8: 6:00 P.M. It started to snow The first snowfall of the season. The wife and I took our cocktails and sat for hours by the window watching the huge snowflakes drift down from heaven. It looked like a Grandma Moses print. So romantic. We felt like newlyweds again. I love snow! December 9: We awoke to a beautiful blanket of crystal white snow covering every inch of the landscape. What a fantastic sight! Can there be a more lovely place in the whole world? Moving here was the best idea I have ever had! Shoveled for the first time in years and felt like a boy again. I did both our driveway and the sidewalks. This afternoon the snowplow came along and covered up the sidewalks and closed in the driveway, so I got to shovel again. What a perfect life! December 12: The sun has melted all our lovely snow. Such a disappointment. My neighbor tells me not to worry. We will definitely have a white Christmas. No snow on Christmas would be awful! Bob says we'll have so much snow by the end
How To Give A Lap Dance
Before You Start… Choose your song — something slow but sexy (think anything by Kings of Leon) will do the trick. And don’t feel obligated to make your lap dance last an entire song. Usually 60-90 seconds is all you need (and all he can take before he bursts through his pants). Then put a chair against the wall — you’ll need to use the wall for support — and have your guy sit in it so that his legs are spread open. You’ll want to stay within that triangle-shaped space between his thighs as you try these moves: The Sexy Lean Stand between his legs and lean you upper body forward, with your back arched and your butt up in the air, so he gets a hot view of your body. Put your hands on the wall above him, or rest them on the arms of the chair for support. Then tease him by inching your girls closer and closer to his face — but don’t let him touch — or dip forward even further and rub them against his chest. The Lotion For this
I Mostly Do As I Wish
I mostly do as I wish.... fun, fun, fun?? In the past when I could get away with it, it was more than fun. Sneaking a boy into my room was fun. Five fingering some smokes was fun too. I have matured, blah.... I am still young at heart. Anyone that really knows me can confirm that too. I just can't run, that is no huge let down. There is not one thing I am scared of, even death. I know I'll go to heaven and I am looking forward to the rest. The plus of no pain, excites me!! If I were to stop writing these on here, you people would maybe only miss my rates I do or my comments. IDK in fact to be true. In someway, finding out how I am doing helps me improve myself. Going through therapy, after the accident, taught me that. I am truthful, are you frightened yet?? I'm truthful to a fault, that is one way I got the nickname Angel. In too many ways, I have been told, I am like an angel. I can be hurt, but its different than alot of people. I see my losses as experiences and my survival as pro
Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don't
Better not start all over again, another faded love another wrongful sin. Keep saying never, never it is over, hot damned there is another another damn four leaf clover. I am tired a hell, and everyone might know but they can't even tell. Certainly isn't known by all, I don't want to crawl I don't really need to fall. I have been hurt before, I was safe with me hiding just hiding behind the door. You swept me off my feet, whenever you snap its like you are laughing at the person you beat. I am damned if I do, damned if I don't, no more playing around for me no more cast calls. The angel in me won't put up with anymore. I AM DONE, being damned if I do, damned if I don't its safer just being a concrete one.
Mmmmmmmm My Mindi Don't Need To Have You Here To Feel You Crashing Into Me I'm Better Off This Way, Yeah Not Hearing Me Complain And I Don
I don't need to have you here To feel you crashing into me I'm better off this way, yeah Not hearing me complain And I don't need to taste your lips I've satisfied my appetite Me and my dirty mind Been working overtime I hear your voice on the phone Imagine what you're wearing To do something right gotta do it myself, yeah. You left me here all alone I take matters into my own hands I just might burn in hell, yeah.
Ventiing Blogve
how can put this greatful what my grandfather left me and gave me over the yrs ,yea fell off wagon few times but you seen what i was good at. but my time make you proud of me not been fuck up like myy dear old dad, now i am ceo biggest wiindshild wiper co. of world yea keeping the house in scottdale,your co your house i got bigg shoes to fill ,you know good with my money 2 houses in Ny,one in canada and 2 growing co i did good so far but next ttime drop this on lap give me heads up ,and pass it my grand kids find true one run co.
Ventng Blog
some need get a clue, yes i have no fucking crush,,you want my crush so bad here it is no one i have not found her yet she got be 5'5to5'10 slim,no tatoos,long hair color don't care no red heads ,act like lady out side house, look repectable,not trashy ,no drugs,and not drunk, who loyle, stands by my side.. there got it good so stay out my sb and stop giving me your yahoo
What A Girl Will Do
16 years old. A late bloomer. Brought up in a world where impressionable young girls are told they must be skinny, they must be perfect. She stares at the covers of these magazines and knows she will never grace them. She has curves, short legs, stringy brown hair, pale skin…none of which are what defines ‘beauty’. Yet her eyes, deep pools of midnight blue, tell the story of a girl who wants nothing more than to be accepted. And her lips - full, pouty, the perfect shade of pink - hold back the words that would forever condemn her to misunderstanding. Can you not see how she pleads, how she begs for your embrace? You turn away from her advances, you know nothing more than the fleeting beauty that lies on the surface of those other girls, the perfect girls. So, for you, she pushes away her plate, denies the ache in her stomach. It gets easier. Each day she needs less to sustain, and she can already see her waistline shrinking. At f
Just To Show I Care
Everyone that gets these will know something that those that don't won't. What you choose to do with the information is up to you. You can ignore it has most peeps do or you could use it to your advantage. The next 25 people that come see me and like, rate, and fan me will get 100,000 fubucks. Its not so hard, right?? I will be helping others through out the day. This is no type of error. Just to see who reads these blogs.... just checking, because I am curious. I am hoping more than 25 try at least. Somebody out there can go ahead and wonder if anything they type is reaching anyone at all. Its okay, no one has any right to just ignore anyone at all. Everyone oughta know they have the power to block. Just like everyone should realise that if they are gonna be mean, they can be blocked. I do also hope each and everyone has a great day, then mine might be good. Take care and be nice, okay?? Its not so difficult.
Mr. Caulfield
Date of Birth 23 November1959,London, England, UK Height 6' (1.83 m) Mini Biography Maxwell Caulfield began his film career in a big way. He was chosen from among thousands of applicants to appear as Michael Carrington in the sequel to the most successful musical film of all time. Both he and his co-star, a fresh-faced young newcomer namedMichelle Pfeiffer, were hailed as "The Next Overnight Sensations" andGrease 2(1982) was going to make him a star. However, the film was a critical and commercial disaster, and his career was seriously affected. Despite a first-rate performance in the gritty and disturbingThe Boys Next Door(1985) and a convincing turn in theaward-winning TV movieThe Parade(1984) (TV), Caulfield's only widely seen role in the 1980s was his inspired portrayal of bad boy Miles Colby in the soaps"Dynasty"(1981) and"The Colbys"(1985). Since then he has appeared in a number of uninspired B-movies and direct-to-video schlock. However, it was his stage work
Dense Yeah, Sometimes
I am an average woman. Sugar and spice, and everything nice. Cherry pie served hot and tender. I am even dense sometimes but I ain't fucking stupid. So it is like get the message. I already know that it don't really matter how many people you tell, there is always some that don't have a clue. I have tried to get the news out, in my blogs, that I am not interested in anyones push up pop. I would like to find someone, but I don't really think its online. I have been used and abused by people I met online. I hold hope that something better is out there waiting for me. My someone knows I ain't a ragdoll or a bitching pyscho. He treats me like the person I am, not who he wants me to be. He can wait and not hurry me. Best of all, he accepts me and doesn't want me to change. May just be unimportant to everyone else, but see, it is all I ask. Knight in shining armor or a gentleman in jeans and no shirt, he is my dream, my one and only. He is smart but no smart ass. He is educated but not cor
Under The Suit
A lit cigarette hung carelessly from those beautiful lips Slightly disheveled but all part of the plan The best shade of blue With eyes to match the suit An eyebrow raised as he surveys the crowd Finding only faint amusement in these masses that surround Arrogance in his intellect Humility in his appeal this mingling the very epitome of seduction He would read to me lines from his favorite stories and run his fingers through my hair He would tell me about his pain and I would kiss it all away I want to remove each layer of that suit and find the man he is for only me I want to show him all the reasons why those who came before were never meant to be Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
It Doesn't Always Happen This Way
It doesn't always happen this way or that way. Overall the whole damn mess is hard to explain. Today was suppose to be kinda warm, but me being the strange person I am, wanted to keep the blinds closed. I have days when everything goes fine and I want to be seen. I also have days I would rather stay in bed and not be seen. I didn't feel that anybody was hurt, I just didn't want to jump into today. If I had to explain, I would be at a loss for words. That doesn't happen all that often. I guess it could be I'm not suppose to know just yet. I pray that everyone is okay. Everywhere they are near or far, over the seas, up the hills and every other place. I have heard seems like every year since I remember starting to celebrating Easter, people wonder how eggs symbolized the reason for this holiday. I kinda think the spring would open the reason for bunnies but has for the eggs, I think that would be the son dieing and coming back to life. Its not so hard to understand. Some need to search
The Best Part
Darling, I am still here, remembering your love and holding your heat, very near. Not as close as one day hope you are, in my heart, you are never that far. Closer than all the steps I will take apart, further than my love is from your heart. I wanted to help, when you need me, I want you to know you are not alone or have to be. Time will just tell me when, the withdrawing should begin. I feel that you are really happy and yet, I can't up and let go and forget. With every tear that falls, to you my heart silently calls. I somewhat need you to be happy, even though I know it can't be with me. I don't wish for you to change, not for me, time will pass, I know the day might never be, heard or felt within either of you or I, we may not be able to deny, straight or bent that it was true, it is as it should be you loved me and I loved you. The best part, will always be in my heart. The best part will always be, you have already, touched the soul in me.
Self Afflicted Mirror...
never are we anythingunless we find ourselvesthe task of introspectionisn't something to be shelvedthere is something to discoverwithin our fragile soulsdon't wear a mask for comfortlet your nature just unfoldwe might be handed bothersyet encompassed with a giftwe might start to sink in troubled watersthen find ourselves adrifteven though the world seems lostand perspective seems so hard to findour emotions cannot be tossed asidenor can piece of mind
Not A Diamond, But In The Rough...
i absorb the pain like a spongea gift i've had since i was youngi soak it ini bleed it outi breathe in sinthen leave no doubtas i approach the state of overloadi turn to stonei won't explodei fuckin' love this life i live alonethe weight upon my backmight weigh a thousand poundsit might never cut me slackbut still i stand my groundi am granite in a beach of sandnot worn smooth by many wavesi'm the peak that stands in darkest landsbut still i shine in my own way
Deadly Seduction
She sits there laughing at me with those deep emerald eyes, mocking me with those sultry lips drenched in crimson silk. Every flaw, every imperfection lies under her microscope. Naked and exposed in the middle of a crowded room. I am invisible in my dark little corner, yet her judgments burn a hole deep inside my desire to touch her. Her laugh rings out over the bustle of the bar, light and breathy. Some silly boy in uniform sits before her, noticeably uncomfortable and awkward, sweat beading on his forehead at the thought of having this goddess to himself. She entertains his advances, but only for the sport of it, she will not be his bedmate tonight, nor any other night. He leads her to the dance floor as a haunting melody pours from the speakers. A simple white dress clings to her shapely body, hugging her curves and showcasing her long legs, leaving little to the imagination. As she moves and sways through the crowd, the men stare with a deep longing and th
A Dream? (nsfw)
My thoughts I promised would stay hidden,But there is nothing that I can no longer do.They are no longer just in my head,The thought of you now runs in my body to.The idea of your lips running gently over mine,Warms my core and eases into my veins.I see your hands sliding down my body to their goal,As waves of you pound through my brain.As I lay you down and your mouth slowly parts,One last kiss before the rest of my dream begins.My hands now are moving,as they now their task.They slide your silk away To reveal what you have hidden.I slowly ease down my lips touch you all on my journey,The sweet taste of your skin reminds,a dream you no longer are.My hands move and begin to part your legs,I lick my lips because from me heaven is no longer far.My hand reaches you first slowly caressing the lips,As my lips inch across your belly,my fingers sense your aroused.My mouth closes near,longing and wanting to taste you.I kiss and lick your thighs,your time has come now.My mouth begins to savor y
Overcast Skies And Downcast Eyes...
distance overshadows everythingthere is no trace of strength to findmy body lacks the courageto keep itself in stridemy mind feels dehydratedlike a land not soaked by droughtmy soul gave birth the questionthat time turned into doubtmy essence feels unnourishedlike a nation beset with faminethe serene is phalanx'd by the nervishthe complete is reduced to fragmentthe clouds hang lowand darken up the skyhowever soft, it's not a gentle blowand the sky opens up to crythe deluge that is my tormentis like a stone upon my soulall the former that had lain dormantis beyond all of my controli am swallowed up in feelingsfrom a time so long agoi chance a glance up toward the ceilingfrom the floor beyond belowthe destined is never destinedif it's not the place you thought you'd endthe questioned remains a questionif the thought did not begin
Cloak And Dagger...
so many times i pass by youso many times you never knewi live my life in the blindspot of your gazeyou live your life without a glance my wayi see the pain you choose to hidei've often failed but i've always triedbut there is a reason you are blind toward meyou're shadow is often hard to seeit's not an acre of silence betweenit's the silence of the ocean, not seen
Training & Changing
Training and Changingby: Jess MoreauPart OneThe hearing in court had been brief. She had refused to press charges, and the district attorney had reluctantly accepted the plea agreement that his lawyer had put forth. He wouldn't go to prison, and he certainly deserved to go to prison, but he would not be getting off Scot free either. His wife would have him by the balls for the next two years. If he misbehaved, his butt was mud.He stood before the judge in prison grays and a waist chain to which his hands were tightly cuffed. Additionally his ankles were hobbled by irons that were connected to the chain around his waist. His wife eyed him from the gallery behind what was usually the defense table of the courtroom. She looked concerned, but she nodded to her shackled husband. The judge gaveled the proceedings to order."James Bartlet, you a fortunate man to have such an understanding and forgiving wife. It is only because she was willing to speak on your behalf that you have been spared l
Trample On The Free Men Parts I-x...
I.i know the wind will blowacross the seas and upon the hillsand twice deliver the unshrunk shrillof mankind's swollen illsnow it glistens free and flowingfalling from the treesand they march trampling on the freeII.a smoother race standing amidst the ruins and hollow wastedid the pressures for performancegive birth to habits some instill?you follow the footstepsyou marvel the dancehypocrites us allcan't we hear the captain's call"c'mon another kill!another pile upon the hill"the scales are being drawnand forces conquer freedomagainst this bloody dawnwe face a fruitless seasonIII.are we yet another crowd still left to drown?encompassed for the glory of the greedy leader's crown?left to his own ways he'd have us tortured or gravedor starved in the streetshe'd keep us broken with blistersand scorched by the heatwhile the passing of the moments lead us down a dull lifeand the nature of our questionshas us begging which is right"is it common sense to worry?and safe enough to blame?can we c
An Outspoken Source Commandeered My Mind...
a rippled candle scar streaks across the pagea rippled candle scaris seared across my faceit unlocks the pen that contains my ragei'm unswallowed and disgracedhate!hate!i hate myself today!every golden apple molds inside a dayblood intensifies the painwhilst sunlight stops no rainmy life is altogether course and set against the graini keep a tiny picturei've misplaced the little framei bear the burden of the imagei speak only to my shamepray!pray!i pray shouting from my knees!"do i harbour anger for a reasonor is this symptomatic of disease?and is it all the same to strayor am i stone mixed in with clay?regardless of the windfallit's my feelings i betrayand if only for my treasoni'm sure my debt remainsis there something else to say?oh yeah, i fuckin' hate myself today!"
Untitled 4
Walking these lonely streets of desolation This beckoning biting at his heels looming over his path he loses himself in the rhythm of his own footsteps echoing on the wet pavement The wind through the trees offers only a cold comfort Abandoned in thought Deserted Empty Not even the glow from a solomn moon offers any relief He wanders hopelessly unaware of his purpose Struggling to remember how he landed here No friendly faces No kind words or warm embrace to comfort him Dark shadows of his past the only companions within this barren wasteland Those that had offered their hands so seflessly, so unconditionally have all but vanished from his grasp Eternally cursed with the strangling desire to guard himself Alientated The wretched pains of longing chain him, holding himself captive and for what? For the memory of lies and deceit? For the dreams that were never real? For the heart that was never his to hold? Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
Forever To Be
I wanna stare into your gleeming eyes, Never telling any lies, Lose myself between your creamy thighs, No need for alarms, Pick you up in my arms, Make your body scream for mine, Hear your little wine, I wanna get lost deep inside you, Making you mine 'till the night is through, Assuring that forever yours I'll be, And mine you'll be......
Where Did I Go Wrong? - Steve Wariner
When you told me that you loved me, I believed every single word you saidThen you showed me you didn't mean it, you loved somebody else instead.I know you've got a right to find someone newbut I've got a right to feel this way too.[Chorus]Where did I got wrongWhere did he go rightI know I'd won the battle if I'd know there was a fightI can't stand the thought of never holding you tight.Where did I go wrong and he go right.There was something all around us like I've never felt beforeGuess I should have seen the warnings but I was busy coming back for moreI know you've got a right to change your mindbut I've got a right to be losing mine.[Chorus][Chorus]Where did I go wrong....he go right
After the second black eye, U dont get a third try, Eye, eye, eye,,,,, I am broken. i have been broken by you. ,! My heart and my head have been splattered in red, Silhouetted with rumors of him, broken you in my bed..! Broken, i should have broken your neck instead. I should have juiced him up till he bled, And carved up the memories of flesh and feed your coed bones to the dead. But No, ! I am one of the always broken, nice guys However, just Take your shattered broken eyes, take your black hearted soul and broken lies. And shove them up your see you later, broken alibies, I am Broken, My sunshine is broken,your future happiness is too. ,! I am happily,,,,finally ,,, now broken from you..!! Sent from my iPad
Destiny - Third Realm
I saw you in the darkness, waiting for a sign how long have you been waiting dear? Dark angel sent to help us rediscover love, how did we ever end up here? This is the way I have to go, heaven never called on me. Maybe I belong in hell, is this my destiny? I've walked this path alone, for many years it seems, how did I miss you all this time? Dark whispers echo through the sky, across the earth and now we drink the master's wine This is the way I have to go, heaven never called on me. Maybe I belong in hell, is this my destiny? I've walked this path alone, for many years it seems, how did I miss you all this time? Dark whispers echo through the sky across the earth and now we drink the master's wine This is the way I have to go, heaven never called on me. Maybe I belong in hell, is this my destiny?
Undertaker's Theme Song - Ain't No Grave - Johnny Cash
There ain't no graveCan hold my body downThere ain't no graveCan hold my body downWhen I hear that trumpet soundI'm gonna rise right out of the groundAin't no graveCan hold my body downWell, look way down the riverWhat do you think I seeI see a band of angelsAnd there coming after meThere ain't no graveCan hold my body downThere ain't no graveCan hold my body downWe'll look down younder GabrielPut your feet on the land and seeBut Gabriel don't blow your trumpetTill you hear from meThere ain't no graveCan hold my body downThere ain't no graveCan hold my body downWellmeet meJesus, meet meMeet me in the middle of the airAnd if these wings don't fail meI will meet you anywhereAin't no graveCan hold my body downThere ain't no graveCan hold my body downWell, meet me mother and fatherMeet me down the river roadAnd Mama you know that I'll be thereWhen I check in my loadAin't no graveCan hold my body downThere ain't no graveCan hold my body downThere ai
Life [it's Like]
it's like a wedding on the beach when its 30 degrees shivering so bad you cant enjoy the breeze it's like kissing in the rain with your eyes closed then you realize your're all alone it's like going out to catch a buzz with a friend or two and you see your ex there with someone new it's like not wanting to throw it all away and give up and you realize the other person doesn't give a fuck it's like seeing pictures of us at prom night and knowing i'll never get to say goodbye it's like getting ready for a date and not hearing from them till the next day it's like praying for you to stop loving them and you see yourself falling again it's like crying yourself to sleep knowing their feelings were'nt as deep
Im Bored Someone Entertain Me.
Our Rainbow
If only perhaps you were not as nice and sincere, Time would hold still and you could hold me more, dear. We were suppose to meet out of this worldly confusion, We were chosen to know the magic in eachother, isn't just an illusion. There is overall a real meaningful reason why, I met you here you aren't just another guy. You are so much more because you are my superman, Let all the others fly by you can have me, only you can. I am all for being fair each to has the right, To feel and grow but only you have me tonight. Without sweat or tears we will reach such heights, We know love and we know true love never bites. Our rainbow is in sight can you feel the calming breeze, Our rainbow is just for us cum on over and calm me, please!!
Cloak And Dagger...
so many times i pass by youso many times you never knewi live my life in the blindspot of your gazeyou live your life without a glance my wayi see the pain you choose to hidei've often failed but i've always triedbut there is a reason you are blind toward meyou're shadow is often hard to seeit's not an acre of silence betweenit's the silence of the ocean, not seen
I Wish I Could Wish Upon A Star...
maybe it is broken and bruisedand for far too long has been abusedmaybe i have said all there is to sayand maybe i can't go on like this another dayi wish that i could wishand wash away all of thislike the rain washes the earthand start over again from my birthi really don't have any answersthere isn't much of what i am surei have tons and tons worth askingbut really i think i'm lackingmaybe i wear it on my sleevemaybe i should throw it to the ground and leavei don't know why things are the way they arei just know i am bleeding from the inside, and life has been too hardi really wish that i could wishand wash away all of this
Who I Am
im just a broken heartedlady that bn hurt o bad by 2 married men which i was a fool to fall n love with they were separted from there wifes well one was the other a diff story but anyways i have had enough hurt in my life that it abt me now if a gd man cones alng great i be glad to have him as long as he understands one thing news years eve of 2013i plan on marrying myself to show ppl i dnt need a mad to be happy or to depend on i can do gd and bad by myself
Stuff Happens
If I was you, I would enjoy a place in which I could just unwind. I believe in Our Destiny, it will stay open till it can no longer. It ever closing just isn't gonna happen, its open all the time. It would be pretty neat if everyone believed in Our Destiny. I'm not gonna push and shove. I may not be able to buy bling for new members, but you are rewarded buy your own power to come by my profile and click the 'Our Destiny' pic. It is really easy!! Relaxing music and a stunning sunrise, a couple of friends, and low priced drinks. Sounds perfect to me. I have changed somewhat in my readings of any comments on Battle of the Bands or my mumms. It isn't that I don't care, cuz I do. I can decide on which band I like and I take a look at the votes on my mumms just not the comments. I have a fragile heart, if you knew me you would know that already. I am ready for almost anything everyday, except for walking. Its a curse, if you know my last name you know why. It is funny how things have a wa
I Chance A Glance...
as i wake up to the sunrisei seek your image to look into your eyesmy mind is flooded by thoughts of youand all the things i want to dolike hold you close and keep you nearand take away all your fearsand lift you up for the world to seemy hand in yours walking next to mei want to gift you all your heart desiresand cuddle you next to a raging fireand speak soft of love into your earand keep away any tearsand never tell you any liesand always treasure you as a prizeand let you know you are number oneand there is no other beneath the sun
Do You Have?
So, I have been asked on several occasions by several people "are you seeing someone", "do you have a husband or fiance?". In turn I always say no. Then comes the "why?". Well, I'll tell you the real reason why, mainly because I become bored very quickly with one person. If you can no longer hold my interest. It has also come to my attention that men really annoy the shit out of me. Either they are you're manly man who can do no wrong and very self absorbed, or they are a bunch of Pansy's hiding under their mommies skirts until its safe to come outside and play with the big boys and girls. I was also recently asked, "well, do you want a relationship?", my answer NO! "Do you want a fuck buddy?", me, NO! "Well, then what do you want?" Herm, hard question, considering I hate men and women a like, I have no clue. I suppose cuddling once in ever 3 blue moons would be acceptable, but that leads to shit, feelings get involved, shit gets complicated, peoples feelings get hurt, and over what, s
All The Time
Every second that we wish we had, is right here with us it is enough to make us laugh bad. We might have thought it ran away, but its still right here just another Fubar tainted day. Maybe you didn't notice yet, but we have our reason just another that can't forget. You can go ahead and trudge along, but ya know what?? it won't change your whispered song. The song that just began, when you were born and the first tear that ran. From the first breath you took, it has been seen you have got that fu look. You had it first, it always will be, just yours all the time all the time it is your destiny.
I Trust You Will Be Okay......
I'm still not too sure about going to the doctors. I'm still going in today, my arm wants me to. If I need to stop something in my life, I hope its anything but visiting Fubar. This here is my outlet, my connection to others that I would be incomplete if I didn't have this. I am all for making this site more popular. I understand that I am not important enough to help do so, but I can dream. I will give up on trying to right the wrong. I will not try to report anyone, cause there is usually something that drives each one of us. I don't want to interrupt any ones driven passion. I never have and maybe that is what makes me different. Please wish me luck today. I am going to really try to drag myself to the emergency room. If you don't wish to allow me to leave with nice and good hopes, just don't try to hex me with bad ones. I ought to be able to leave later on this afternoon, when my daughter goes to work. Just try an respect eachother while I am gone.
What You Are In My Life Love
A Rose That Once Stood AloneA solitary rose grew in the darkest corner of the gardenSurrounded by many othersYet remained aloneTime passed and trials came and wentOne dealt a severe blowAnd the rose began to wilt and witherForgotten...Then... as if by a miracle...There came a soft and gentle breezeFollowed by a ray of lightAs all the other roses fell into darknessThe solitary rose began to shineShining with a special light...And watered by a gentle cascade...A cascade of loveA cascade of selfless affection"I do... not now but forever..."Said the rose to the sunlightAnd there they remainA rose in full bloomWith her sunshine smiling down on her...You are my sunshine, my life, my very soulAnd I your rose blooming in the light of your love.
Carmina Burana
O Fortuna (O Fortune) Velut luna (like the moon) Statu variabilis (you are changeable) Semper crescis (ever waxing) Aut decrescis; (and waning;) Vita detestabilis (hateful life) Nunc obdurat (first oppresses) Et tunc curat (and then soothes) Ludo mentis aciem, (as fancy takes it) Egestatem, (poverty) Potestatem (and power) Dissolvit ut glaciem. (it melts them like ice.) Sors immanis (Fate - monstrous) Et inanis, (and empty) Rota tu volubilis, (you whirling wheel) Status malus, (you are malevolent) Vana salus (well-being is vain) Semper dissolubilis, (and always fades to nothing) Obumbrata (shadowed) Et velata (and veiled) Michi quoque niteris; (you plague me too;) Nunc per ludum (now through the game) Dorsum nudum (I bring my bare back) Fero tui sceleris. (to your villainy.) Sors salutis (Fate is against me) Et virtutis (in health) Michi nunc contraria, (and virtue) Est affectus (driven on) Et defectus (and weighted down) Semper in angaria. (always enslaved.) Hac in hora (So at this
All Of Everything
Inside the outer edge of existence somewhere between creation and destruction a warmth stir against a cool.The beginning has begun the end of the empty age whispers race across the dark moving the echo of energy toward all and infinite the very essences of time the origin of all things a whisper in the darkness pushed the counter.For what belonged to the empty was filled with wonder like the eye of a child what curious pleasure the awakening breathed inward to collect all it could this made the first laughter and out with that explosive uncontrollable burst slung light against dark giving view to what was collected in that one breath now thrust matter the recipe of total equal and sum.Energy time matter in that order obey or die this is no law this is the order of existence
Stupid People
Theres 1 person who thinks she has the power of every 1 honestly i think she needs to quit while shes a head. being owner of a lounge dont give you powers of demonics or archangels it just makes you stand out in the universe saying HEY I'M THE BIGGEST BITCH ON THE PLANET!. that's todays rant.
Salute Prices
Salutes Can Be Requested At AnyTime By Sending Me A Private Message SALUTE PRICES - 25 CREDITS
Homeless God.
Kink's back in the head. Wondering when I get to be the salami on this sandwich. Starts with some just friends elongated grab, Your boyfriend is watching."I-ching""Oh, I just wanted to feel your chest"Her fingers wrap around brass, and tug with a linger.Night drags along.Pot scores.And last beers in the fridge.I think of something clever to sayabout blankets, five-finger-discounts, and how your girlfriend is a steal.Just for tonight. Some magic way. Things wouldn't get weird.Things wouldn't be real.I could take.I can deal.Maybe it wouldn't be so badmaybe this will help.
" I Caught My Wife Cheating""
I stood as still as i could. and i watched. From the sound of her moaning, i knew that she wouls cum any second now. A couple more licks of this guy'a tongue, and she would go over the edge. My dick was now fully erect as i realized i was about to hear her climax at the touch of anothert man. suddenly he pulled away from her as if he too realized that she was about to cum. he lifted his head, and i saw his face, at the same time i heard my wife saw, "Please, John, don't stop! Eat my hot pussy! i'm ready to explode!" will resume later:)
" I Caught My Wife Cheating" Cont
She dropped to her knees and kissed my manhood through my pnats. her mouth continued to push against it as she began to undo my belt and zip down my jeans. as they bropped to the floor, she looked at my boxers, smiling at the fullness of my dick hiding behind the thin layer of material Without hesitation, she pulled them away, and i sprang loose. I looked down and watched as she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the head of my stiff dick. I grunted as i felt the forst warm touch of her tonuge across the sensitive head of my dick. It felt amazing. Up until that point, i just assumed that a blowjob was a blowjob. For the past ten years, the only mouth that had taken in my dick was Vanessa's. Sure i had enjoyed oral sex before Vanessa, but i had forgotten how different each woman sucks dick. To suddenly have another woman's tongue run up and down my manhood after ten years of the same mouth was unbelievable. In fact, i find it difficult to describe it adequately.
Why Guys Think With Their Cock
So I know men have the reputation for thinking more with their cocks than with their heads, and I wanted to contribute my two cents for why that is. I consider myself a good guy in general. I treat people, and especially women, with kindness and respect. I try to do the right thing and be a good guy. Ultimately, I try to be lead by the head on my shoulders. However , even I find myself being directed by my cock more than I am often willing to admit. Some will say that's because men are shallow or even dogs, but there's more to it than just that. When I am turned on and aroused... When my cock is rock hard and my pulse is pounding... I feel more alive than any other tome in my life... I feel strong... Powerful... Like I could do anything, and anyone for that matter... The feeling is incredibly addictive, so much so that even if I'm not actively seeking it out, if a woman triggers that in me, I am instantly hooked... Do women experience anything similar?
When I See You Smile - Bad English
Sometimes I wonder how I'd ever make it throughThrough this world without having youI just wouldn't have a clue'Cause sometimes it seems like this world's closing in on meAnd there's no way of breaking freeAnd then I see you reach for meSometimes I wanna give up, wanna give inI wanna quit the fightAnd then I see you babyAnd everything's alright, everything's alrightWhen I see you smile, I can face the worldOh, ohYou know I can do anythingWhen I see you smile, I see a ray of lightOh, ohI see it shining right through the rainWhen I see you smileBaby when I see you smile at meOh, yeahBaby there's nothing in this world that could ever doWhat a touch of your hand can doIt's like nothing that I ever knewHayAnd when the rain is falling, I don't feel it'Cause you're here with me nowAnd one look at you babyIs all I'll ever need, all I'll ever needSometimes I wanna give up, I wanna give inI wanna quit the fightThen one look at you babyAnd everything's alrightHay, everything's alr
And Ride
I could suck u sexy right inside, my lips and tongue u for a ride. I tried not to come i tried !Spread your wet soul lips out wide, tongue on silk lips, suicide, E on me, face and ride, grab my hair, pull up and slide, tongue your secret fingers glide,softly tantric just to please,Softly smacking light pain, tease from side to side. Like sway- ing trees.Our lips and tongues collide. Our juicy skin is sin inside,U can sit on me and ride
Divorced , seek females friends and single Opinions. Ohhhhhhppinions. Great need to questions, ,,,must study the deeper,, our human divisions. Been married last 20' years, ,,,,now not, LORD have mercy now, O M G, who is what?. Removed all words deemed to be sensitive, but amnot political, or correct, either one or both. Just Am American growth. Make stuff up, that's what I do poet, it's not who I am unless u know me and know it.... I ALSO IPAINT, most of the time ,,,,I write poems of my views of my paints in rhyme,, I'm not a painter, IPAINT, , I create the things that nobody AIN'T, thinking of now, and or, none of the time. ,I write poems of my views of my paints in rhyme,, I write like a girl, and I do write the SEXDRUGG,, I make stuff up and u should get to know it,,, usapoet. Sent from my iPad
I Am Broken
After the second black eye, U dont get a third try, Eye, eye, eye,,,,, I am broken. i have been broken by you. ,! My heart and my head have been splattered in red, Silhouetted with rumors of him, broken you in my bed..! Broken, i should have broken your neck instead. I should have juiced him up till he bled, And carved up the memories of flesh and feed your coed bones to the dead. But No, ! I am one of the always broken, nice guys However, just Take your shattered broken eyes, take your black hearted soul and broken lies. And shove them up your see you later, broken alibies, I am Broken, My sunshine is broken,your future happiness is too. ,! I am happily,,,,finally ,,, now broken from you..!! Sent from my iPad
Love Hate
I hate in love,,, I love in hate ; ain't this world,,,,, Just fucking great . ,,,,,!,,?? my words go out thinking of , you beautiful girl I hate and love ,, you fucking hoe ,I need you so ,, I need you,,,,I need you .,,,,i love u though ,!! So,,, . so leave me alone .!!! please come home ,,, Love does forgive its own. please come home ,,,,,??? prettiest girl I have ever known .!!!, I'm the only dude, ,,,lately,,, u haven't blown..!! I love hate u, I really do,,,!! I hate love and marriage too. I barely knew, my love hate grew, Rapidly in me, without a clue...!! U precious angel,,,You whore, !! I hate love you,,,more and more,,, 30 minutes ago I swore..!!! I would not will not,,, Love hate for sure. ,,,,,,,, So ,,,,,, every half hour,,, love turns to hate , I hope your misery is extremely,,,, so fucking intense ,,, so painfully straight... 30 minutes later,,,,,, you're my true soulmate ,, Everything about you is amazingly great,,!! , ! I'
"the Next Day At Work"
Bianca's next comment caught me completely off gaurd. "Tell you what, Lee. Why don't you sit over there on that chair until you catch your breath." Her eyes pointed over to a rocking chair in the corner of her room. I looked over at it and then back at her. I was confused and it showed. "Trust me. lover. Sit in the chair." I was intrigued and moved to the rocker and sat down, my dick slowly become limp as it relaxed from the great sucking it had just received. I looked over at this great vision of loveliness laying naked on her bed, wondering why i wasn't beside her. "I need to twell you something, and i hope you don't get upset with me over it," she started, her words coming slowly and carefully. too carefully to be serious. I could tell she was playing with me, but i had no idea what she was going to say next.
"the Next Day At Work"
"From the moment you agreed to take me for a ride, i knew that we would end up here afterwards. However, i wanted to do something a little extra with you tonight. so, i invited a friend you know to join us." My first thought went to that ass hole, my manager, who was having an affair with my wife. Just my luck, i thought to myself. ?now i have to share a second woman with him! "Would you mind if Myria joined us?" Bianca said, looking over at the open door. I followed her gaze and saw Myria standing in the door frame. Myria was another woman from the office. I guessed her to be about 35. She had very short blone hair and the deepest blue eyes i've ever seen. Her and Bianca were best friends, but i had no idea that did everything together.
Friendship First / Then The Auctions / Then The Pure Silver Ring/s ;)
I'm very genuine, sincere, and offer little to more than just your ordinary friendship. 
"my Week With Emily"
I handed her the note back and peeked at her as she read it. Her eyes were wide as she read my words. It was clear that she was turned on by my words. it was going to be a very sumissive slut all week long. Emily was the first one to get up as soon as the teacher dismissed us for lunch. She quickly left the room, not looking at anyone. Meanwhile, i took my time, engaging in small talk with some of the other men in the class. A couple of them watched as Emily spead past them, and then turned to joke with each other about how nice it would be to fuck her. I joined them and together we talked about how fine a body she had. After about 15 minutes i left the class and walked toward the singlebathroom. I knocked three times on the door and it flew open immediately. "I was starting to wonder if you were coming," Emioly said as i closed and locked it behind us. "I believe i said no talking," i commented as i unzipped my pants and pulled out my semi hard dick
Wet And Steamy Day ... Erotic Story...
Driving down a long dusty country road with the tunes blaring, we spend a quiet afternoon. The music is lightening our spirits and I reach over a stroke the inside of your leg. Rubbing it in small circles, up the inside of your thigh and then back down to your knee. I lean over and tell you I love you and am enjoying this time together. Along the way we find a small secluded grove of ancient oaks, beckoning us to pull up and stop... to commune with nature. You can't fight the force that beckons you and pull into the cool green canopy. We get out of the truck and I walk over and take your hand. It is so peaceful here. I lift up my face and you bend down and kiss me lightly, I open my mouth and the tip of your tongue reaches out and twirls around my tongue. I exhale and your tongue slips deeper into my mouth. I suck it and tease it with my teeth, dancing around it with my tongue. You pull me in tight and we stay locked in this kiss for a few minutes. Feeling our passion mount. I
Heavy Metal Christmas - Twisted Sister
On my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,a tattoo of Ozzy.On my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,Two pairs of spandex pantsAnd a tattoo of OzzyOn my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,Three studded beltsTwo pairs of spandex pantsAnd a tattoo of OzzyOn my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,Four quarts of JackThree studded beltsTwo pairs of spandex pantsAnd a tattoo of OzzyOn my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,Five skull earringsFour quarts of JackThree studded beltsTwo pairs of spandex pantsAnd a tattoo of OzzyOn my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,Six cans of hairsprayFive skull earringsFour quarts of JackThree studded beltsTwo pairs of spandex pantsAnd a tattoo of OzzyOn my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,Seven leather jacketsSix cans of hairsprayFive skull earringsFour quarts of JackThree studded beltsTwo pairs of spandex pantsAnd a tattoo of OzzyOn my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,
Hero's Are Hard To Find - Twisted Sister
Heroes are hard to findAlrightListenEverybody says they wanna change the worldEverybody's got a banner to unfurlMan, woman, boy and girlOn the corner down the road and up the blockThere's somebody who needs all what you've gotAnd they ain't asking for a lotWell, God knows you can hear the people prayingYou know you can turn away, you gotta give it a shotHeroes are hard to find, won't someone take the timeHeroes are hard to find, we need you, come on and tryHeroes are hard to find, you've got to cross that lineHeroes are hard to findIn the movies, in the news or on TVAll the heroes seem so different but you seeThey're the same as you and meIt don't matter who you are or what you've doneYou don't need to have a badge or knife or gunYou can be the chosen oneWell, God knows the world could use some savingYou know that we'll lose, you gotta give it a tryHeroes are hard to find, won't someone take the timeHeroes are hard to find, is it you, come on and tryHeroes are hard to find, you've got
Friends Online Poem
Friends Online We’ve never really metI’ve never seen your faceThough I consider you a friendThe best in cyberspaceSomehow we clickedwith more than just a mouseWe have talks over coffeewithout leaving the house. If ever I see you,My best online budI’d give you a smileand embrace you with a hug.To simply say thank youFor all that you doAnd for not taking me,At “face value”.
"the Last Few Days Of My Trip"
The next day as we walked into class,, Emily began looking for the guy who had taken her panties from me the day before. She scanned the room but he was noplace to be found. Suddenly he came into the room, and his eyes locked immediately onto Emily's He smiled and gave her a little wave. She looked down, embarrassed and shy. She looked over at me and i winked at her and then turned and gave the guy a nod. I leaned over and whispered into her ear, "just so you know, i told him that if he brought you back your panties today, that you would allow him to eat your pussy tonight. So i want you to think about that all day today. Tonight, you're going to cum many times."
Rap Song
Hoes turn tricks,bitches turn crazy,sluts turn free,whores do the deed,snitches turn dead or snitches get killed,drug addicts get high or drug addicts get jailed,baby mama's and daddies are too much for me to handle,my best friend that keeps coming back with lack of judgement toward me,i'm broke person living with parent until i move out with money,losers that i know tend to steal from me and i beat them down until they bring their weapons and police shows up sayin they cant do nothing at all in ghetto where i used to live at, It is not good to mess with bad crowds even in the past also,present so i turn my life around for the future to move on and be grown up instead
In My Eyes - Rage Against The Machine
You tell me you like the tasteYou just need an excuseYou tell me it calms your nervesYou just think it looks coolYou tell me you want to be differentYou just change for the sameYou tell me it's only naturalYou just need the proofDid you fucking get it?It's in my eyesIt's in my eyesIt's in my eyesIt's in my eyesIt's in my eyesIt's in my eyesAnd it doesn't look that way to meIn my eyesAnd it doesn't look that way to meIn my eyesYou tell me that nothing mattersYou're just fucking scaredYou tell me that I'm betterYou just hate yourselfYou tell me that you like herYou just wish you didYou tell me that I make no differenceWell at least I'm fucking tryingWhat the fuck have you done?It's in my eyesIt's in my eyesIt's in my eyesIt's in my eyesIt's in my eyesIt's in my eyesIt's in my eyesIt's in my eyesAnd it doesn't look that way to meIn my eyesAnd it doesn't look that way to meIn my eyes
Living In A Dream - Puddle Of Mudd
My teachers always told me I was dumb.They told me I was ignorant, that I wasnt the one.Their criticisms always put me down.It just makes me stronger to look at ware I am at right now.Livin in a dream, is what they said to me,and no ones stopping me, from livin out, livin out my dreams[X2]I cant beleive that your makin a fool out of me.So im a disease, at least thats what everyone thinks.I beg and I bleed, now my throats starting to bleed.Im not on the streets, sometimes this life dont make no sense to me.Livin in a dream, is what they said to me,and no ones stopping me, from livin out, livin out my dreams(You cant take my dreams away)And all the times you told me that I would only end up,but I will never end up like you, your nothin,and all the times you kicked me out,and pushed me down you know it only made me wanna be something.Livin in a dream, is what they said to me,and no ones stopping me, from livin out, livin out my dreams
"confronting My Wife"
Unlike last time, that ass hole's car was nowhere to be found. After all, this time i was arriving home when i was expected, not earlier. I grabbed my stuff and headed to the door, pausing for a second before sliding my key into the lock and heading inside. "Hey luv! i'm home!" I yelled, noticing the TV. on upstairs. "Lee! I'm so excited!" Vanessa yelled, jumping up and running down the stairs. "I missed you so much!" She exclaimed as she planted kisses on my mouth. We stood in the hallway holding eaxch other tight. vanessa continued to kiss me as she tried to talk. "Did you eat dinner yet? Are you hungry? I cam make you something to eat quickly." "Sure, i'm famished," i said as we headed into the kitchen. Vanessa quickly made me a sanwich and we headed into the living room to talk. "So, what did you do all week with me away?" I asked, my eyes focused on her. "Oh," she began, acting completely innocent, "not much. It was rather boring, to be honest. i hardly left the house all we
Master Hands - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Hold my head up, right foot backTake my hands down, shake my backPull my strings and cut my ropeRattle my frame and shatter my ghostAnd if I can't get back in lineThey're gonna break me downTill the broad daylight comes throughBreathe out, come aliveGive me a reason to feelTake my eyes and paint mybonesDrill my brain all full of holesAnd patch it up before it leaksThese memories come two by threeAnd if I catch these master's handsCould I spend my days on a discount revelryBreathe out, come aliveGive me a reason to feel
Home From Work I'd Come
Home from work I'd come, there you'd be, waiting lustfully for me, just in my T -shirt you'd be, in the hallway attacking me. Fast my pants would be undone, as we'd be kissing passionately, your hand searching for my hard on, stroking me, slowly going down on me. Leaning against the wall, you'd be sucking me deeply, with your mouth taking me all in driving me crazy completely. All the way until I'd explode, deep in your mouth, shooting my cum, loud moans of pleasure telling you, that I always enjoy you deep throating me
Pillsbury Dough Girl - All American Rejects
People say everyday that she's taking you away,And that we should leave her,Everytime I see her,I ask you why, and did she lie about those times with all those other guys?I could see it a mile away, yeah, you're with her everyday,The nights that you just missed,The things that you promised,They never stay (stay)She's never seen the sun,She wears shorts and I run away,[Chorus]He's dating Casper and he's afraid to ask her for his manhood back,Please give me my friend back,He's dating Casper, his heart races faster, just for her,Why can't we be like we were?First you skip but now you slip,Sure is sad seeing a guy thats whipped,Just a puppet to sink below, she's using you all for show.Back in the day, we'd come and play,But now you're asking if you may,Can't you see that she's not the one?She can't even see the sun,The nights that you just missed,The things that you promised,They never stay (stay)She's never seen the sun,She wears shorts and I run away,[Chorus]I'll ask her, will she rip my
I'm Stuck
That is right, there is no confusion caused by that statement, I hope. I am sorta liking now being able to tell certain things are going on, and yet Imiss being kept abuzz of other things. No worries, I can go as slow as it feels good to my arm or come and go as needed. Already found outthatthere are some impatient people on Fubar, old news I know. I know already that I have never been the life of the party, nor do I want to be. So there!! I don't want to hurry through life and that is why I am not saying anything about what I need to level. I wish to sit back and enjoy the ride more throughly. There is so many people I do not know yet, so many life's I have not mentally touched. Oh hey I am not a stalker, I just likehelping people out. If you have problems with that, you can just scratch your ass and get over it. Its not going to interrupt your precious life. Iam not being nice with hopes of being remembered, I am being nice because that is who I am. I am like an a
Teddy Bear - Zz Top Originally Elvis
Album: XXX (dusty's live cover of the old elvis tune.)(some of the lyrics are not listed)CaliforniaBaby let me beYour lovin? teddy bearPut a chain around my neckAnd lead me anywhereOh let me beYour teddy bearBaby let me beAround you every nightRun your fingers through my hairAnd cuddle me real tightOh let me beYour teddy bearI don't want to be a tigerCause tigers play to roughI don't want to be a lion'cause lions ain't the kindYou love enoughI don't want to be a tigerCause tigers play to roughI don't want to be a rhinoCause rhino's horn to gruffI don't want to be a cheetahCause cheetahs scratch your stuffI don't want be a lionCause lion's ain't the kindYou love enoughOh now baby let me beAround your cage tonightWrap your lock around my keyAnd turn it round just rightOh let me beYour teddy bearOh let me beHay hi ho teddy bearOh teddy bear
I Thank You - Zz Top
Album: Deguello You didn't have to love me like you didBut you did, but you did.And I thank you.You didn't have to love me like you didBut you did, but you did.And I thank you.But you took your love to someone elseI wouldn't know what it meant to be loved to death You made me feel like I've never feltKisses so good I had to holler for helpYou didn't have to squeeze it but you didBut you did but you didAnd I thank you.You didn't have to hold it but you didBut you did but you didAnd I thank you. Every day was something new,You put on your bag and your fine to-doYou got me trying new things tooJust so I can keep up with you. You didn't have to shake it but you didBut you did but you didAnd I thank you.You didn't have to make it like you didbut you did but you didAnd I thank you. All my life I've been shortchangedWithout your love baby it's a crying shameBut now I know what the fellas talking aboutHear me say that they been turned outI want to thank youI want to thank youI want to t
All I Can Say Really...
If sorry could fix everything, I'd say it a thousand times over. I can't understand why I hear your voice I'm my head... The low sultry tones sinking deeper into me every minute you punish me like this. I've only been this attracted to one man like this in my entire life. And I truly believe I'm my heart that if exposed to you much more... I'd walk away from everything I've ever known and believed in just to be with you. I don't even really know you... But I can't help but want to. Your this enigma that I want to give opaqueness too. It's just something inside of you that speaks to me and says please let me in... Please let me show someone I'm not a monster. I honestly and truly feel like I have given the finger to the fates because I can't handle the fact that I don't feel pretty enough for someone like you... That someone who is poetry I'm motion just by laying there and breathing slowly. I've always felt that I could handle anything that life throws at me... And I have... I've alway
Well Ain't This Just Special....text To The Ex
When I said I was done? Did you honestly think it was a joke? Evidentially not... So why call me after all this time asking me for another chance? Ugh! The answer was NO then and the answer remains NO! A same person would know when to walk the hell away but then again ... Your not sane are you? Lol... Because of you I no longer feel anything.. Outside of my bodies've killed who I used to be so why do you persist on taking what's left? Oh and you say you love me still... Wtf ever... I don't think I honestly can believe in a fairy tale and I sure as hell could never be with anyone again... I'm too old to play games with you and if I had a heart? You made damn sure it died with you. Please just walk the hell away and forget I ever existed... You did an excellent job of that in our 14 years of marriage.
I'm Serious
Not too often, but I am from time to time. It isn't just during 'that time of the month'. I won't make any quips about you trying to look pretty for the camera or cell phone, if you would just calm the fuck down about my spelling. I already tried to explain, that I usually only use one hand. Shoot me!! My right hand doesn't work as well. I am trying to type this with both hands. See, I know a bunch of Fubarins can't waste time waiting for me to type with both hands. Some of you have busy lives offline, others have busy lives looking behind their backs because of their rudeness and crudeness in the realm of mumms. I would, if I were that rude. Thank goodness I am not that rude.I can't say that so everyone will know, I'm not that stupid. So I guess it is good that not everyone reads these. Stay safe and don't be afraid to smile, it increases your face value and it maybe the only sunshine thatsome peoplesee. Peace for everyone is wished. You don't even have to do a stunt. Just stay
Hippie Me By Paul "hippie" Powers!
Hippie Me By Paul David Powers Whatever happened to the good old days @ Lived and loved all through the night Where is the music, songs, the free They bound us tight in security No more singing, no more dance We never really had a chance What happened to that Hippie Glow? Her hair that blew like driven snow Snuffed out by church & religious creed By hypocrites, who judge not free Who are these people of today? It’s not the children who once played But Hip Hop, Rap, Debauchery Why can’t you leave this Hippie be I loved those days, those days of old Of peace and love and stories told For as a Hippie I was Free I’ll still be one at 93!
When he quietly slips back into the bedroom with two cups of coffee she turns her face toward him and smiles as he sets her coffee on her night stand. He crawls back under the covers with her feeling her body heat radiating off of her. She rolls on her side facing him and reaches for the waist band of his boxer-briefs giving them tug. With a pout she says "No fair!". He lifts his hips and she slides them down his hips trailing kisses down his chest and gently raking the inside of his thighs with her red nails. He jumps and she slides lower and kisses him on one hip and then pushes him onto his back. She looks up at him through her lashes and smiles. He lifts one eyebrow and smiles back. She grips him and a small sigh escapes him.
"the Debt " Part 4
Kathy was amazed that Bob brought her to an art show. In the lobby of the libary there were tables set up with finger food and beverages. "Would you like a glass of white wine?" Bob asked. "Yes. Please," Kathy replied. She suddenly felt like she should be more formal with him. Bob left to go get the wine. She looked at the literature on the tables. The exhibits were all sculptures and paintings from local artisans. She thumbled through a catalog and Bob returned with thier glasses of wine. She took his arm and they strolled together moving from atatue to painting to sculpture and so on. Bob read the information about each piece from the catalog. They milled around enjoying themselves. Kathy was surprised, being a visual person herself, that Bob, who was much more the kinetic tyep, had a good grasp of what he was looking at. She filled him in on some details about style and art history. It was an interest of hers for a long time. Bob accepted her expertise graciously and complimented
These Don't Scatter In The Light...
when i was just a little boycockroaches were all i'd seesometimes i still have nightmaresand bugs crawl over mewhen i was just some fuck head's toymusic and drugs were the way of thingssometimes now, a whole lot olderand still i love to singmy mother has a sicknessdeep inside her braina disease i fear has passed to mesomething not quite sanevoices clog her reasonvoices whisper in her earvoices also seek me outis that something i should fear?on the insideyes the insidesomething's never been quite righton the insidelonely insidethese things are hard to fighton the outsidelovely outsidei fake it with a smileon the outsidevisible outsidedoes it show it's been awhile?
Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt
Did I disappoint you or let you down?Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown?'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun,Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won.So I took what's mine by eternal right.Took your soul out into the night.It may be over but it won't stop there,I am here for you if you'd only care.You touched my heart you touched my soul.You changed my life and all my goals.And love is blind and that I knew when,My heart was blinded by you.I've kissed your lips and held your hand.Shared your dreams and shared your bed.I know you well, I know your smell.I've been addicted to you.[x2]Goodbye my lover.Goodbye my friend.You have been the one.You have been the one for me.I am a dreamer and when I wake,You can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you take.And as you move on, remember me,Remember us and all we used to beI've seen you cry, I've seen you smile.I've watched you sleeping for a while.I'd be the father of your child.I'd spend a lifetime with you.I know your f
Today Is Tomorrow's Yesterday
I went to see my mom today. She ordered some OmegaXL for me. She got two months worth. The thing she evidently didn't remember is that my memory isn't that good, but I forgive her. She said I need to take four pills a day for the first two months. Never been really good at taking pills, even those chewable animal vitamins. My mom is doing much better. One of her admirers came over and gave her a donut. He left, she took a bite out of it and then asked me if I wanted it. I was already eating, cause she had given me the last little bit of roast and potatoes she had sitting in the crockpot. With me being the type of person I am, I didn't want to tell no. I am kinda glad neither of my kids went, because they have no problem with telling her no. She can be giving stuff away freely alot, but it is with a kind heart. I am no longer afraid to end up like her. My mom has done thebest in this life as she could do, as have I. We are two warriors on the right path. We have been on our own trail
The Ring A Woman At The Bar
this painting is name The Ring,is fabian perez paintings ,i like is style,more fabian perez painting is
I'm Not Sad
Iam not sad and in toto not half damn bad. I may hava a TBI, but I can still cherish communication eye to eye. My 'accident' was a blessing in every known description, so just take a minute to come on by and just quit your bitchin. I never will claim I am a sexy gal, I am smarter than that and I wanna be your pal. Just a TwinklingStar and very few know, to reach me it isn't that far you need to go. Type from your heart, in meaning what you say, you can make both of us celebrate today. It seems I will never be wealthy or rich,you canknow I will never be a heatless bitch. I care, if you can't excuse that, this won't work. Just jump into the Hadder's hat. Let it take you to where you wanna go, hopefully it won't, then you wil learn something though. Even if I am not just what you want, I am real and never meaning toever haunt. I wish to some how reassure you, we are strong, the day will come when we can carry on. I am not over joyous, but I am gl
For Starters
I knock, the door to the hotel room opens quickly, and I walk in the room and shutting and locking the door behind me. I'm standing before you in black heels, thigh high fish nets, short black skirt, white button up shirt that's unbuttoned and tied at the waist revealing a black and red trimmed bra. I'm in your arm the touch of your lips on mine feels like fire, a hot and demanding kiss filled with hunger and need that has been building for weeks now. My hands are running frantically over your body working to get you out of your clothes, you've got me pressed back against the wall your knee between my legs pushing them apart while your hand moves up my thigh, under my skirt, until it reaches my pussy to find that I'm not wearing panties and its bare, shaven clean just for you. I hear a low moan escape you as your fingers delve into the wetness there. I sigh and my knees go weak as your finger brushes over my clit. My hand finds its way into your shorts and closes around your cock strok
To Pay Tribute To Mountainscape Painter Albert Bierstadt
Fourth China Changchun, Northeast Asia Cultural Arts Week is one of the important contents of the "Famous Artists Exhibition in Jilin Province" will be held at 10:00 on June 9, 2013 in Jilin Academy of Arts Museum held, the exhibition will be on display I Province 25 of 77 famous artists paintings.Over the years, Jilin Fine Arts has formed a geographical and cultural characteristics of style and styles, artists and pulsating sync with the times, resulting in people's thinking can cause tremor frequency. Thus, "Albert Bierstadt" led to wider attention. After the unremitting efforts of several generations of artists, creative arts, Jilin Province in China under art history retained his place. Among these, the older generation of artists and arts formed character and cultural spirit, continue to promote the development of art in Jilin Province, they have made outstanding contributions to the creative arts Jilin paved the way forward. The exhibition concentrates Jilin Province since the
I Will Carry You - Clay Aiken
Yeah I know it hurts, Yeah I know you're scared walking down the road that leads to who knows where. Don't you hang yourhead don't you give up yet when courage starts to disappear I will be right here.[Chorus:]When your world breaks down and the voices tell you turn around. When your dreams give out I will carry you, carry you.When the stars go blind and the darkness starts to flood your eyes. When you're falling behind, I will carry you.Everybody cries, Everybody bleeds, No one ever said that lifes an easy thing. Thats the beauty of it, when you lose yourway, close your eyes and go to sleep and wake up to another day.[Chorus]You should know now that you're not alone. Take my heart and we will find, you will find, your way home.When your dreams give out I will carry you, carry you. When the stars go blind and the darkness starts to flood your eyes.When you're falling behind, I will carry you, carry you, I will carry you, carry you, I will carry you, carry you, I willcarry you.
Just Love
Not mushy at all, it doesn't take anything to send a mind warming thought, If only we had met sooner, everything is true luck to merely be caught. Really an event to be cherished, catching a glimpse of your thoughtful eye, There was every chance, you could of just gone on by, Perhapse it was not thought, to be a life changing choice, could be I was just some extra points, but you listened to your inner voice. You didn't know me as well as you do now, you didn't even check before to see if I was online, I didn't check before to see if you were logged in, wasn't a meaningful achievement of mine. Everytime I get the chance to share love, I want to let you know I am here, thinking of you and knowing you might be busy, I will always wait my turn dear. Just love isn't a wasted feeling, it means you spent time on us gently, I am not taking it for granted, just love is just wonderful and not to just me.
I'd Like To Say I Understand
If you know me, the you know I haven't got all my shit totally together, but where I come from a crush is something that don't up an disappear. Right now I see you shaking your head and maybe thinking that I am too old fashioned. Maybe I am, but see I had four secret admirers and now its back down to two. Four is the most I have ever had. I know already, that it is just a drop in the bucket for some. I am not you and you are not me....I know this is just one of many computer sites. It is nothing to some, something to some, and it is the best site to me. Some members can be sweet and some can be pricks, I have been working on handling their mood swings. It hasn't been easy, but I am stronger than I use to be. My momma didn't raise no cry baby. I don't often bullshit. For all the ones that are thinking they know that I am taking up useless computer space with my endless rants and feelings, I'm not doing this for you. It is and will always be my way of reaching those that do give a damn
"the Debt " Part 5
"Have you been to the male review?" Latasha asked. "No,i just got here. This is my first trip to sin city," Kathy confessed. "It's awesome!" Tracy the dealer jumped into the conversation. "I go at least once a month." " We can go later. You have to see it!" Latasha insisted. "These men are what you dream of." "I can dream quite a bit," Kathy joked. "It's a dream come true. After we finish here we can go. They stay open really late and i don't have to get up early tomorrow even though i'm working tomorrow night," Latasha said. "I'll get Bobby to get us some tikets to your show tomorrow and we'll come watch you," Kathy whispered in Latasha's ear enjoying the feeling between them. Kathy's intuition proved to be right on target. She proceeded to take this dealer rapidly and often. After just half an hour she had enough funds to cash out her contract woth Bobby if she chose to. She made a determined effort to not make a snap decision. She decided to think about it before she talk
Too Much Coffee Man
Thursday August 1, 2013 I'll take out my brain so I won't have to think. ..... remove my heart so I won't have to feel. My spine - bravery. Then liver, lungs, kidneys, stomach... Finally, I can relax.
I am okay, no problems here. Remember if your life doesn't have ups and downs, you are possibly dead. Fubar is different but kinda the same. There will be roller coaster that doesn't cost anything to ride. Yes, you can pay to enhance your ride, but you can enjoy some bumps and grinds without spending a cent. I am use to thinking, I am doing great and find out later I didn't do that well. You know what though?? The bliss is in the thrill of the ride and not in the finished result. Same pudding, different flavor... now that was cute!! I'm going to go somewhere today. Hopefully everything goes okay. Stay well and safe, it can only get better.
There May Be
No difference of opinion we are on two different planes, You want to sleep while it rains. I like to watch the drops fall and the wind blow, I am a nature lover just so you know. I'm going to fight, for mother natures right. You just may feel she has no sight, each and every single day or night. I think you have it all wrong, it say so in this waiting song, you don't need to wait the long, to let nature be strong. She sings in the early hours, through the city and country her tunes have unique powers. Every morning you can hear the many cries, has she attempts again for the wind to let you know it tries. To tell one and all, this is not the end everything isn't yet ready to fall. There may be no reason to regret, can you hear mother nature don't fear her, she doesn't want you to forget.
Mostly In The Middle
I don't mind having the same middle name as Marylin Monroe had before she became her famed self, but I am a little torn to shared middle names with Britney Spears. Michael Jackson didn't help with one of his songs, because it sort of pretold my future accidentally. I consider myself one of many, being named after family. That is precisely why I didn't do that with my kids. I don't like following, I don't want to ever be someone that is leading. I guess, in short, I am in the middle somewhere. Take that as you will or already have, but don't just toss the idea where ever, because littering is so wrong. I have older half siblings and younger half siblings, here is me in the middle again. I am not fully operational, but not bedriden; in the middle again. I am not in the middle class but not dirt poor; Oh my goodness there is another middle I am in. I am not a holy roller but I am not a satanist, Ifin I had to guess I am an average nobody, that may never amount to that much, but it doesn
No One Will See It Coming
At least I am free to dream, no matter how hard things seem. I know everything isn't yet at its best, I can wait for excitment and rest. To go hand in hand, to come together. To make all my life, so much better. One day life may not be perfect, but it will be grand. I will feel good and be able to walk, no one will see it coming. Someday it will matter when I have something to say and talk. Reality will rest and I will be completely healed, as I open the curtains, the beautiful truth will be revealed. As the seconds tick away and I drink from my mug, I will feel my sweetheart starting to give me a hug. It is really simple and I no longer have to dream, all that I know can feel what I mean. As I look down from up on a cloud, my whisper can be heard clear and soothing never that loud. No one will see it coming, you don't have to feel any fear, I know what and where, just not that sure when it will arrive here.
Its Not Me You're Looking For
I know, I know that you already knew that. Those that have chosen to stay friends of mine are in fact the people that haven't yet begged to be blocked, by being nice and not getting on my bad side. There is the option to block and I have used it. Doesn't mean that I am weak. It means that I chose not to have that person in my life. I just don't want their aura amongst the auras that I chose to be surrounded with. Life isn't exactly like Fubar, but they do resemble eachother. Not every door will automatically open and offer you a refreshment, but some will. Some kind hearted people are always ready to meet new aquaintances. If I decide to, I may choose to take and no longer associate with you. I am a woman, I am a citizen of the United States of America and I hold that right. Now go ahead and shake your head or your finger. You can delete any chance for you to take and come across anything I choose to type. It doesn't mean that I have to turn away from the computer or just turn away
A Chorus That I Need...
i need to hear such lovely sound the sound of your own voice i need the gaze of your gorgeous brown's to make my own eyes rejoice i have wandered down these lonely roads i have weathered storms from coast to coast always so empty always alone always my heart, heavy like a stone yet never so vacant as when you're not around my feet don't stand upon solid ground i feel no beating in my chest and my lonliness will find no rest as long as you are not around no pain endured can quite compare my lungs are empty exhaled of air i am hollow like a rotten tree without you
Delightful Lunch Encounter
Alone at night...she has plenty of time to think. She closes her eyes, thinking about her lover.... Goosebumps raise on her flesh as she remembers the taste of his kiss.... the taste of his cock...Even now, weeks later the memory brings her such joy... Her heartbeat picks up rhythm as she remembers.... her hands slowly moving over her body....starting at her neck...She barely touches her skin... letting her fingertips roam over her bare breasts... circling her nipples slowly.... a gentle pinch of her hardening nipples... to simulate the way his lips and teeth teased her so long ago.... She bites her lower lip....remembering his taunting bites at her neck and breasts.... hard enough to bring pleasure, but gentle enough not to cause pain.... She imagines something that has not happened yet...Her phone goes off during work.... the ring tone for a text message...She looks around to see if anyone is watching her at the moment. Noticing that she is basically alone in her little corner
"dark Meat For My Treat" Cont
"How could i have done that?" She wondered. " Who all was watching it? Whow would would see the tape in the future? Did Bobby even come in today?" She haven't seen him. Janet had taken this job to begin a career in the music industry, but in one swoop she had turned herself into a joke and probably the star of some hidden camera footAGE PORN SITE. cERTAINLY THIS WOULD HAVE TO BE HER LAST DAY AT THIS JOB, AND THIS CAME ABOUT BECAUSE OF HER long repressed desire for dark meat. It was all too much. as the day progressed Janet was itching to get out of her skin. It felt to her like bugs were crawling all over her and tears sat just under her eyelids looking for their first chance of esacpe. She managed to hold it together though. Manufacturing a smile for all of the men that would undoubtedly see the securty tape, she watched the clock counting the moments before the end of her shift when Janet saw a familiar sight. Casually approaching her desk was Bobby. He never exited through th
"dark Meat For My Treat" Cont
Flinging the door open as quickly as he could, he found Janet standing in the door way completely nude. her firm breasts presented her doller sized pink arolas with her stif nipples and the rest of her hot body. her hips framed a dark brown landing strip that led down to her swollen pussy mounds displayed be tween her legs like the cleavage of two mini breasts pressed against each other. Bobby immediately pulled Janet inside. Poking his head out he looked down the halway to see if anyone else had seen her. No one else was there. Closing the door behind him, he turned toward the nordic goddess. Her delicatly tanned skin was lovely. Her narrow nose and lips were refined and exquisite. And the devilish look in her eyes immediately made his dick hard. 'EWhat are you doing here like this?" Bobby asked feeling his thick dick pushing on the light cloth of his shorts. "Isn't it obvious?" Janet said with a smile. Bobby opened his mouth to speak but said nothing. "Look, i get it. Y
What It Means
I know he is out there, the man that will treat me oh so fair. He knows I don't make outragous demands, and he won't hit me even with his hands. I have halted in looking high and low, but when I find him I will know. Maybe he is somewhere in the east, my knight in shining armor my shy manly beast. He knows how to treat a woman right, and we won't need to fight. When we touch sparks may fly, and only the heavens will know why. The best is yet to come I know, to be loved is the way I choose to go. Some may think I am really wrong, and maybe they have already found their yearned for song. I know my dream feels the same' he too is tired of playing the endless game. I can hear him calling, as he feels my falling. there is a song playing in our dreams, and only we know what it means.
Just A Moment
Last night's discussion of life with the kiddos included talk of the Oxford Comma, Food, The Hunger Games, Toilet Paper, Video Games, and a myriad of other things. And then it got silly. My son asked what would I rather shower in and gave two choices: lava or a urine, vomit, filth mixture. Then my daughter joined in and the back and forth ensued. It really went off the tracks when my girl offered up anvils as a shower medium. It then went into the realm of the absurd with the number of anvils in a shower (daughter), then to the intellectual with the actual number of anvils one could survive in an anvil shower (me), then to the structural with how many anvils would a tub/shower withstand before falling through the floor (son), which led to a discussion of the weight of a standard anvil (both kids), then to the timeline of the usefulness and purpose of anvils throughout history (me), and then to the physical with wonderment and imagination as to how to make a shower tha
I'd Be Better Off
Some wish for more so much more than they might deserve that is okay for them, there are just a few that don't want the best instead of the flower, they settle for the stem. To be what life grows from you may remember the beauty more than the core of all, there is a good reason for everything that is or will be to wake up in the spring after slumber in the fall. What meets my ears whether good or bad there is a reason for what is heard, it gives me wings it gives me freedom to fly as high as a bird. Personally for me alone I'd be better off forgotten than take up space that is not my own.
No Safe Words
How I See
I wear glasses, first of all. My mind doesn't see me the way some others just might see me. When I look in the mirror, I don't like anything I see. I never wanted to be selfish or have any kind of an ego. I'm just this way, I think of everyone before I think of myself. I have learned some people think its wrong. So it is like wrong if I think of myself and wrong if I think of others?? WTF!! I have seen beautiful and that is not me, I have seen miracles, holding their glamor in my eyes even for just a moment, made me feel like a theif. I am poor in wealth and failing in health, I am not the best at anything, but I would like to think I tried. I never made perfect grades, but I did get numerous best attendence certificates. If some people can't make up their minds, they can't complain if I have trouble sometimes. If I even think they might be injured they do something to confirm it, when they have spent no time in the hospital. Then they make a distorted joke on head injuries. They are
It is midnight, the witching hour upon this All Hallows eve. I am alone, in bed.Asleep, yet not asleep.Restless for some reason, I cannot fathom.My skin prickles and itches with an unspoken desire. I shrug to myself. Nerves, I say. Such paltry folly of mankind.I roll over, and fall into a heavy delerium. I awake. And perceive a misty apparition. She is here. Never have I seen such beauty.Her long, thick, flowing hair. Dark and seemingly alive all of its own.Her skin, pale as a china doll's, and as flawless as a diamond.Her lips, full and ripe. Moist with a dewey nectar that I lust to taste.Her eyes; almond shaped, dark, and bottomless pools of eros.Her body is full and rubenesque. Well endowed and ripe. She is beautiful. Is this a dream? Am I not awake? I must be, for no such perfection has visited upon me in all my days. I begin to arise, but she places a perfectly manicured hand upon my shoulder, and I slump back onto the bed. As if she suddenly drained my energy.
Iwin Khai Cuộc Bằng Cờ Vua
CngTai iwinđiểm qua cchchơi cờ Vua iwinbn cht chuyện khai cuộc c 2 điểm rất cần ch khi bước vo cuộc đấu Cờ Vuaiwinsẽ gip bạn c những tiến bộ đng kể hơn. Tiền hnh thi cc bạn game thủ? Người ta thường hay ni những bước đi đầu lun quan trọng quả thật khng sai ,đối với Cờ Vua cũng vậy khai cuộc tốt sẽ gip chng ta chiếm được thế thượng phong, tạo được nền tảng cho trung cuộc v tn cuộc . Thứ nhất, mọi người hay sai lầm khi những bước đầu tin khng bảo vệ đến Vua v do chủ quan qun địch khng t̐
Kch Họt Cng Nhận Thưởng Bigone
Cc game thủ củaBigonethn mến. Như cc bạn đ biết, với những ti khoản đ hết $ vo hm trước, ngay hm sau khi đăng nhập bạn sẽ nhận được ngay 200$ để c thể chơi trnBigone, nayBigonexin thng bo một tin hot tới cc game thủ : Khi bạn đăng nhập hng ngy, bạn sẽ nhận được khoản $ gấp 10 lần m bạn nhận được hng ngy trước đy tức l 2000$ . Điều đơn giản để bạn được hưởng 2000$ ny l bạn đ kch hoạt ti khoản của mnh trn hệ thốngBigone. C rất nhiều game thủ đ chơi Bigone được một thời gian rồi như
Game Avatar 240 Giảm Gi Vật Phẩm
Sau khi ra mắt phin bảngame avatar 240, thnh phốAvatargửi đến cc bc nng dn sự kiệnAvatarGiảm gi vật phẩmđầy hấp dẫn. Thời gian: Bắt đầu giảm gi vật phẩm vĩnh viễn từ ngy20/11/2013 Nội dung: - Giảm gi50% đ mặt trăngcn1,000,000 xu/vinbn tại NPC Phi Hnh Gia. - Giảm gi từ25% – 50%Vật phẩm c gi mua bằng tiền xu bn trong cửa hng - Giảm giquay số bằng xu cn 15,000/lần - Giảm giph p đồtất cả cc vật phẩm p đồ tại Thợ Kim Hon Mua vật phẩm, chăm sc ngay khu vườn tnh yu. Chc cc bạn c thời gian thư gin vui vẻ trong thế giớiAvatarvui nhộn nh!
Remains In California Are Those Of Missing Boys
VICTORVILLE, Calif. (AP) — Bones found at a Southern California desert gravesite are those of two boys whose parents also were buried there, coroner's officials confirmed Friday. The remains are those of 4-year-old Gianni McStay and his 3-year-old brother, Joseph McStay, the coroner's division of the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department said in a statement. A state DNA lab confirmed their identities, the department said. Dental records earlier confirmed that other remains belonged to the boys' parents, Joseph McStay, 40, and Summer McStay, 43. Authorities haven't said when or how they died. The four vanished in February 2010 from their Fallbrook home in San Diego County, about 100 miles from the gravesite. … There were no signs of forced entry at the residence or in their SUV, which was found parked near the U.S.-Mexico border. Neither Joseph nor Summer had told family or friends they were leaving. When they were reported mi
Autopsy Planned On Baby Found In California Recycling Plant
VICTORVILLE, Calif. (AP) — An autopsy was planned on a baby girl whose body was found on a conveyor belt by a worker sorting out cans and plastics at a Southern California recycling center. Authorities said the body was found wrapped in a blanket Thursday morning at the plant in Victorville, about 85 miles north of Los Angeles. Homicide detectives from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department were investigating. The infant’s age was not immediately known, but authorities said she appeared to be a newborn. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Cindy Bachman said Friday that there were few leads in the case. ‘‘No one has come forward to identify the baby,’’ she said. ‘‘So until the autopsy is done, there are a lot of questions that can’t be answered.’’ The recycling center serves residents and businesses in the high desert region northeast of Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains. It’s the latest case of
Just Maybe...
I have strange thoughts and I know for a fact not everyone does. I am no murderer, but sometimes I would like to see if some guys long dingy would work as a dress up tie. At least I didn't say bow tie, ya know?? Just maybe to slap some bloody sense into them. Damn!! I know for a fact I am not that easy. I have wants and yearnings, but to be mistreated ain't on my list. I have been used and abused and nearly killed. That is not what 'love' is to me. I know not everything will be perfect, but there has to be level ground somewhere. Not to hard and not to soft. No doggie piles or slippery mud. The stars are shining as we approach the table where we will be dining. If if was ever taken serious, I would be lucky. I say it alot and not because I might not want to try. Its because I can't see the future. I know things can go right and I know things can get fucked up, and I just happen to not want to the screw upee. I don't want to ever hear, but you said it would go this way and it didn't.
"my Girlfriend The Cum Slut"
Now to start with it's just fiction and had not one fucking thing to do with any woman on this site! I guess i'm a relatively good looking man but Sharon is a reaal knockout. She has a gorgeous face with full lips and thick, lustrous jet black hair. She has great legs and a nice firm body with natural 36DD's really big breasts, she is what you'd call stacked. I mean you just have to see these breasts to believe them. They're not only amazingly big, but firm as well. And they stand right up. No sag at all. when she agreed to be my girlfriend i couldn't believe my good fortune. She could have had any number of men but she chose me. Just blessed i guess. But that was then, this is now. We had been together a few years and things had begun to go atale. We got along fine, quite well in fact, but our sex life had deteriorated, Back when we first started dating Sharon couldn't get enough of my tongue and dick. She was horny all the time and i was more than willing to satisfy her needs.
"my Girlfriend The Cum Slut"
We invited him in and offered him a glass of wine. The three of us sat down on the sofa with Sharon seated between Mark and myself. I can only imagine how she must have felt sitting there bewteen two horny men, one of them a total stranger! Sharon was the center of attention and she decided to play it for all it was worth. After a bit of small talk, and some more wine, Sharon leaned forward to put her wineglass on the coffee table. She sat back up and put one hand on my thig and the other on Mark's She slowly, gradually inched her fingers up our legs to our crotches. The wine must have really loosened her up. I don't think she would normally have been that brazen and bold. It wasn't like Sharon to take the initiative, eppecially in a new situation. She proceeded to rub the very, very prominent bulges through the matrial in both our pants. She then looked at me and said, "It's only polite to let our guest go first." Sharon turned to Mark and, without hesition, unzipped his pants and
Rhymeschemin' : The Next Chapter.
Vs. 1. Rhymin'. Time-In. Back once again. It's-The-Next-Edition-Of-The-Proto-Rhyme Trend. Kickin'-back-thinkin'-just-what, to say. Still-doin'-it-Right. Not any old way- and-into-The-Bumpin'. The-Trumpin'. Got-Ya-all-Stumpin'-still-Others-in-the-Rhyme Game- ruin-The Funk-tion.They-think, to-Dethrone-me. Not-Today-Homee.The-Second-Chapter-Schemin'- now-begins, with a 'Roni'-like-Red, Yeah, Riding Hood. I-see-her-on-The-Trail-off-into-The-Woods. And-That Big-Ass-Wolf, not far-behind. I-had-to-do-somethin',to-keep-her-alive. I-got-ahead-of-him. Then-got-in-his-way, with-a-big-slab-of-beef, from the USDA! He-got-ta-Grubbin'-On. Nothing went wrong. And-Lil-Ol-Red, still-singin'-her-Song. Rhyme-Schemin'! Vs. 2. You know Rapunzel. The One with The Hair? I'll-give-ya-The-Real. And-ya-just might care. I-saw-her-at-Wal-Mart. Doin'-her-shop-pin'. Locks everywhere-she-was-Hip-ta-Hop-pin'.
Just Hoping You Know
Maybe its just me and that is really okay, I know you know I know I like it that way. Less corruptive for sure just me, myself, and I, in every know way can't very well over occupy. Maybe it is known by all, You know the ones of which I mean fat, short, skinny and tall. They know it to be true, or at least they should I am me and you are you. can't deny in some way we are the same, we visit Fubar with some hope of a hint that this is just not a game. To spend so much of our lives, being somewhat safe from the gun shots and knives. Maybe just a few hours, away from the real world and all the desires that slowly devours, the souls of those that can't fall in love with a giver of a rose. A simple gift given, and yet forever it helps out your online liven. I would like to thank you before you go, you are appreciated just hoping you know.
Khung Giờ Pk Tự Do Trong Kh Phch Anh Hng
Qy game thủ thn mến, Tronggame khi phach anh hungth hệ thống PK l một trong những điểm hấp dẫn m kh game online no c thể mang lại cho bạn cảm gic thch th như ởkhi phach anh hung. Khung giờ PK tự do trong kh phch anh hng trong một ngy sẽ c 2 khung giờ người chơi c thể PK tự do tại tất cả cc vng lnh thổ m khng bị trừ điểm exp khi bị chết : Khung 1 : 10h-11h Khung 2 : 15h-16h - Thời gian cn lại trong ngy sẽ được tnh bảo hộ như sau : + 0h-6h : hệ thống tự động bảo hộ miễn ph - Bốn khung giờ bn dưới bảng no sở hữu thnh Trấn Danh sẽ phải dng tiền quỹ bang để mua b
I promise to fuck you on your knees. I promise to take you as I please. I will fuck you, lick you, beat you some more. Ravage you, consume you, like a dirty little whore. Cuff you, chain you, your hands and wrists I will bind. As you swallow every drop, I'll growl softly.. "you, are Mine."
Cho Thu Kho Xưởng 25000 M2 Kcn Nam Thăng Long
Kmass cung cấp dich vụ tm kiếm cho thu kho , cho thu xưởng tại H Nội v một số tỉnh miền bắc Việt Nam. Cho thu kho xưởng 25000 m2 KCN Nam Thăng Long Diện tch kho xưởng: 400 m2 – 3000 m2 Thời hạn thu mở Gi thu xưởng: đm phn ch trung tm H Nội 12 km v Sn bay Quốc tế Nội Bi 23 km Hiệu quả v tiết kiệm thời gian, xin Qu vị lựa chọn dịch vụ tm kiếm BĐS của Kmass. Để được tư vấn v cung cấp thng tin đầy đủ, xin Qu vị hy cung cấp thng tin v yu cầu đầy đủ cho Kmass. Lin hệ: 1. Nguyễn Đnh Khim (Mr.) 0944 725 310 2. Trịnh Thị Vn (Ms.) 0944 716 7
Giới Thiệu Về Một Hệ Thống Tổng đi Telephone
giới thiệu về một hệ thống tổng đi telephone PBX l một mạng telephone ring được sử dụng trong một cng ty. Những người sử dụng hệ thống tổng đi telephone san sẻ để thực hiện cc cuộc gọi telephone bn ngoi. Một PBX kết nối cc telephone nội bộ trong một doanh nghiệp v cũng c thể kết nối chng vo mạng telephone chuyển mạch cng cộng. Một trong những khuynh hướng mới nhất trong pht triển hệ thống tổng đi telephone PBX l VoIP PBX , cn được gọi lࠠ IP PBX , trong đ sử dụng giao thức Internet để truyền tải cc cuộc gọi. hiện tại , c bốn ty c
"a Little Fun With A Buddy Of Mine Some Years Back"
Trish could sense the guy above her was very close by the way he slammed up into her ass. Her cheeks were practically split apart by his angry hands working to make as much room in her ass as possible his black dick. They both bucked her amd fucked her and Trish was sandwiched between, sucking away at her fingers, screaming for more, and getting it all. Suddenly the beginings of a big delicious climax was upond her. She knew this one would take her places she'd never been before. She felt like a fruit so full of it's own delectable juices it should have been plucked days ago, but instead, it still hung on the tree, ready to fall off any second. All of her holes were so full, she didn't know how much more she could take without rea aching that explosion. she felt one more thrust from above, into her ass, so far in she was sure it would pass right through into her pussy. nd the stirrings she felt a moment before intenseified. "I can feel it. It's starting to take me over. Keep fu
What To Do?
turning 40 in a few weeks and have no idea on what to do..any suggestions would help greatly...
Kinh Nghiệm Rt Ra Trong Việc Tham Dự Hội Thảo Du Học
Bạn đang c dự định đi du học v lựa chọn nước m mnh muốn đến, nhưng bạn chưa hiểu r về n hy đến với nhữnghoi thao du hoc Thuy Syhọ sẽ gip bạn.Ngy nay với sự ton cầu ha, mọi thứ trở nn dễ dng hơn bao giờ hết. Nhưng bạn khng biết phấn đấu chắc g bạn sẽ đạt được điều mnh muốn. Với những hội thảo du học được tổ chức ra nhằm gip bạn hiểu r những thng tin m minh chưa biết.Liệu du học c l qu kh hay khng? Những thủ tục g trước khi đi du học bạn cần lm? Tm học bổng, chuẩn bị hồ sơ
Chăm Sc Da Với Dầu Oliu
Khng chỉ c tc dụng với sức khỏe, dầu liu cn được xem l một trong số những thần dược c khả năng đặc biệt trong việcchăm sc sắc đẹpcủa phụ nữ. Nhữngtc dụng của dầu oliusau đy sẽ gipchăm sc damặt đng cch, hiệu quả. Kem dưỡng ẩm Đối với người c da kh, da lo ha hay da bị nứt nẻ vo ma lạnh, bạn c thể sử dụng mặt nạ dầu liu. Cch lm như sau: cho vi giọt dầu liu vo 1 tha mật ong v 2 tha sữa, khuấy đều rồi bi khắp mặt v cổ. Thực hiện thường xuyn, da bạn sẽ khng cn kh nữa Tẩy tế bo chết Dn
Tẩy Lng Nch Từ Dầu Oliu
Ở lứa tuổi dậy th, lng c xu hướng pht triển mạnh hơn ở vng nch v bikini, thậm ch l cả ở nhiều vng như tay, chn, mặt… Lng pht triển nhiều khng ảnh hưởng g đến sức khỏe m ngược lại, chng gip bảo vệ cơ thể chống lại cc tc động từ bn ngoi như kh hậu qu nng hay qu lạnh. Mẹo chữa nm da bằng dầu liu Cch sử dụng dầu liu hiệu quả để chăm sc da mặt Tuy nhin, nếu xt về mặt thẩm mỹ, tuyến lng rậm rạp khng chỉ gy mất thẩm mỹ m cn đem lại nhiều phiền toi, đi khi ảnh hưởng tiu cực đến tm l bạn gi v t nhi&
Cch Tẩy Lng Tại Nh Hiệu Quả
Lng chnrậm rạp khiến cho nhiều chị em phụ nữ cảm thấy mất tự tin. Để gip cho cc “eva” khng cn phải lo lắng về điều đ,Thẩm mỹ Quốc tế Ballysẽ bật m những b quyếttẩy lng chn tại nhđơn giản, hiệu quả m khng hề tốn km. Mật ong Mật ong gip tẩy lng hiệu quả Nguyn liệu: - 1 chn đường - quả chanh 1 tha mật ong Cho đường, chanh v mật ong vo nồi, đun si đến khi hỗn hợp chuyển sang mu vng. Vặn nhỏ lửa v đun tiếp đến khi hỗn hợp chuyển sang mu nu vng. Dung dịch được để nguội đ&#
Tẩy Ria Mp Hiệu Quả Với Cng Nghệ Cao
Tẩy lngkhng cn qu xa lạ với chị em phụ nữ, song cch tẩy lng như thế no để đạt được hiệu quả lu di khng phải ai cũng biết. Nhiều chị em rất khổ sở với đm lng di, rậm rạp, thậm ch l đen nhnh ở trn mp v mất đi vẻ nữ tnh. Ngy nay, với sự pht triển của cng nghệ cao, liệu phptriệt ria mpbằng cng nghệ Nano IPL E – Light Pro được coi l giải php hữu hiệu của nhiều chị em. Hiện tượng phụ nữ c ria mp rậm l do nội tiết tố androgen kch thch sự hoạt động của cc nang lng. Nguyn nhn dẫn tới tnh trạng ny l do yếu tố di truy
You Are Dealing With The Actual Bags Home Chanel Web Page
Classic Custom Purses LTD started within The month of january 2007 through Annieth Wollery Fashionista head office within Birmingham. A separate extractor having a enthusiasm with regard to searching probably the most unique classic labeling round the just about all globe. Delivered from the Entrepreneurial history along with eager feeling within the high-end style. Classic Custom Purses On the internet offers rapidly get to be the planet's greatest degree of self-confidence within an genuine classic online shop as well as offered someone to a lot of top rep associated with genuine traditional Lancel handbags within luxurious stores, such as video games, Impeder Hong Kong division shop as well as professional great focuses on. Searching for much more shops as well as stores for that buy of the brand new clothing associated with enjoyable, however occasionally all of us can't take time to do that. As well as if you would like some thing because sought after like a Chanel bag, all of us
World Best Luxurious Loewe Amazona Bags Manufacturers
Brand new Loewe Bags Sale wealthy individuals not just help to make China's household marketplace has turned into a destination with regard to luxurious manufacturers, using the quick improvement associated with China's travel and leisure business, bears the money from the Chinese language individuals buying energy overseas, allow manufacturer shop clerk had been having a laugh. In the united kingdom, within Oct '09 the actual Chinese language customer within Relationship Road, Oxford Road as well as Regent Road 3 industrial road investing elevated 127% when compared with Sept 12 months upon 12 months within 08 elevated 21%. Chinese language customers Primark division shop this type of typical fundamental detour, proceeding directly with regard to PRADA, GUCCI shop. Therefore most of the best shops within the recruitment associated with product sales personnel who are able to talk Mandarin. Last year following the economic crisis within many years, The far east is actually obviously
Sản Xuất Tvc 3d L G?
Sản xuất tvc 3dl g? TVC ( Television Comercial ) l thể loại phim ngắn quảng co trn truyền hnh. Để thực hiện một phim quảng co đi hỏi phải c một hiểu biết nhất định về quay phim, mỹ thuật, thiết kế, truyền thng… Hiện nay, bn cạnh việc sử dụng cc chiến dịch PR lu di th doanh nghiệp vẫn ra sức đầu tư kinh ph dnh cho quảng co. Bởi khng thể phủ nhận được sự lan toả nhanh, rộng v hiệu quả của quảng co trong việc diễn giải cc thng điệp marketing, định vị thương hiệu trong lng khch hng mục tiu. Điều đ cũng khẳng định quảng
Downwards 23, Store Rally Towards Stun Cowboys
ARLINGTON, Mississippi -- Should it Flynn's keep going beginning in place of Aaron Rodgers, it's a outstanding a particular. Flynn threw 3 touchdown hands in your further about half, Eddie Lacy found typically the profiting status even on a 1-yard jump subsequent to a particular interception from Tony Romo sent these products one additional risk, and then the Renewable Fresh Packers equated the comeback through franchise's back ground in any 37-36 win over typically the Dallas Cowboys concerning Sunday. Romo chucked only two interceptions in your end 3 or so minutes, the pioneer a particular rendering Renewable Fresh chances for ones go-ahead status aided by the Cowboys it is in place to move through typically the clock accompanied by a 36-31 live. Lacy scored with the help of 1: 31 to get for the purpose of Renewable Bay's to begin with live considering that to begin with one not to mention
Cch Chăm Sc Trẻ Sơ Sinh 1 Thng Tuổi
B mới cho đời, cơ thể đang dần tập thch nghi với mi trường xung quanh nn đi hỏi cần được chăm sc cẩn thận, tỉ mỉ. Cng tham khảo một số b quyếtchăm sc trẻ sơ sinh1 thng tuổi để b c thể pht triển ton diện nhất cc mẹ nh! Cho b b sữa Ảnh minh họa Cho b b l khoảng thời gian tuyệt vời với cả hai mẹ con. Đy l lc b cảm nhận được r nhất sự ấm p từ vng tay mẹ, khun mặt yu thương cng giọng ni tru mến của mẹ. Bạn nn cho b b ngay sau khi sinh 30 pht để sớm c sữa non. B cần khoảng 150ml sữa/kg mỗi ngy. Trước khi cho b b
Sweet Song
My sweet songIt's been a long timeWhat'd you come around here forCause that old love is goneAnd I've since carried onThought I was rid of you for sureOh my sweet sweet song, you don't sound sosweet no morePlease don't sing to meCause it hurts me to hear the melody that wasGood to me beforeOh my sweet sweet song, you don't sound sosweet no moreOh you said love was forever and you told melove would neverBreak my heart, and I believed you as I fellThat's all over, let it go,You're just a song I used to knowAnd your fantasy, it don't work for meGo and pick on someone elseOh you said love was forever and you told melove would neverBreak my heart, and I believed you as I fellThat's all over, let it go,You're just a song I used to knowAnd your fantasy, it don't work for meGo and pick on someone elseMy sweet songGuess I'm stuck with youAnd someday, I'll find the love I'm looking forThen my sweet, sweet song won't sound sosad no moreMy sweet, sweet song, I'll guess I'll always be yours
Good Morning FU Friends.
Yall Cum In And Party Up Fubar Lounge: Club Tantalize X All Genres Dj Slammin Live On Air! Http://
The Ring Leader (book Idea)
The Ringleader steps out onto his stage and announces for the first act of the night will be the Eater of Flames. The man who can eat fire so well that seconds after he swallows the flames he can project them from his throat just as a dragon would. The Ringleader steps off of the stage and back into the shadows and is replaced by the Eater of Flames. The first act begins with the juggling of the batons that he swallows the flames from just to show they are real and in fact not a trick of any sort. Then he begins to light the three batons and begins to juggle them once more and during the juggling he inserts a baton into his mouth and douses each flame in turn and drops the batons. Belching smoke and a god-awful smell of sulfur he apologizes to the audience and holds up a finger as if to say “just a second ladies and gentlemen”. With a look in his eyes that nobody recognizes he knows something has gone horribly wrong and this will be his last performance. As he begins to b
Cng Nghệ Cryolipolysis Giảm Bo M Khng Cần Phẫu Thuật
D đ p dụng một chế độ ăn uống king khem v tập thể dục thường xuyn nhưng lượng mỡ thừa trn cơ thể của bạn khng hề giảm. Hy nghĩ đếncng nghệ giảm bo Cryolipolysis, mộtcch giảm bo hiệu quảv nhẹ nhng từ tất cả cc khu vực trn cơ thể m bạn mong muốn. Bạn sẽ c được một vng eo thon thả, thon gọn v một thn hnh quyến rũ đng mơ ước. My điều trịgiảm bo bụngtại Thẩm mỹ Quốc tế Bally Nữ giới v một số tc hại của bệnh “bo ph” Bo ph được coi như “ kẻ th” đối với sắc
Giảm Bo Cấp Tốc đơn Giản Với Liposonix
Bạn đang c nhu cầugiảm bonhanh nhấtđể c thể tự tin diện những chiếc đầm gợi cảm nhn dịp dự một sự kiện quan trọng hay đi tắm biển cng bạn b theo kế hoạch đ định sẵn? Bạn băn khoăn v vẫn chưa tm ra giải php hợp l? Liposonix- cng nghệ giảm bo ưu việt nhất hiện nay sẽ gip bạn khng cn phải lo lắng về điều đ. Tại sao lại chọn Liposonix? Tập thể dục giảm bo, thực hiện chế độ ăn king, uống tr thuốc giảm cn,… – cc phương php giảm bo truyền thống ny c thể đem lại kết quả nhưng đi hỏi b&
Tablet Android Shop De Compras Para Los Nios: Haz Tu Tarea
Tablet android Shop se esperan al comienzo de las listas de vacaciones de muchos nios, pero los padres necesitan hacer su tarea primero. Gama de tabletas de nios de juguetes educativos que funcionan ms como mano dispositivos de juegos para Android correspondientes productos o servicios tabletas bueno para toda la familia. Si usted est haciendo compras para el hijo de alguien ms, tenga en cuenta que algunos padres y expertos se oponen a los nios usar tabletas completamente, y muchos creen que el tiempo de la pantalla debe limitarse. TABLETAS DE JUGUETE Estos productos estn hechos para nios y juegos educativos caracterstica y libros electrnicos. Son juguete ms que productos y servicios pertinentes de la tableta. Ellos estn envuelto en plstico resistente, durable, pero tambin pesado y torpe. Aunque algunos son Wi-Fi correspondientes productos o servicios capaces, no proporcionan acceso completo de productos y servicios relevantes a la Inte
Exilis Tạo Vng Eo Săn Chắc Da Một Cch Thng Minh
Cch giảm mỡđối với những người bị bo ph hiện nay đang được rất nhiều người quan tm. Bệnh bo ph hiện nay cũng đang phổ biến khng chỉ với nam giới hay ring ở lứa tuổi no cả. V ring đối với phụ nữ, bo ph l mối đe dọa số 1 đến sức khỏe cũng như thẩm mỹ. Nhưng lm cch no để pht hiện những dấu vết chảy xệ trn mặt, bụng cũng như cc vng bo trn cơ thể? Bo ph l dấu hiệu của sự trệ v lo ha m phi đẹp lun muốn n trnh cnh lu cng tốt. Cc m mỡ ở m, quầng mắt, cằm, cnh tay, bụng, vng eo, đi cộng với
for my children nobody can truly take you away from me under lock and key blocking me from flesh and blood a part of me not forgotten so far away, yet here with me a time will come when my daughter and my son will not be stuck or unable to choose they will always have an option
Lấy Lại Vng Eo con Kiến Nhờ Exilis
Bo ph lun l cơn “c mộng” đối với bất cứ ai l phụ nữ. Người phụ nữ thng minh sẽ biết lựa chọncch giảm bo bụnghiệu quả nhất để nhanh chng lấy lại thn hnh thon thả của mnh sau khi sinh hoặc sau khi c hiện tượng thừa cn. Vậy lm cch no để lấy lại được vng eo con kiến, thon gọn? Nguyn nhn phụ nữ bị bo ph Bạn c biết phụ nữ Nhật Bản t bị bo ph nhất thế giới? Nguyn nhn l do họ rất biết cch chăm sc bản thn. Nhật Bản l một quốc gia hải đảo nn nơi đy l một trong những đất nước tiu thụ c nhiều nh
Definitely More Than I Expected!
I gotta give "MAD PROPS" to all of you here at the BAR. Every woman I've been fortunate to chat with pm poke and so on have shown nothing but love towards me. I'm even getting Likes and high fives from some of you men out here too. Real peoe just recognizing real people. It's a refreshing change from all the other BS sites floating around out there. Looking forward to meeting more awesome people here, I've broadened my search now to more than just locals cuz I can tell I'll be selling my sell short if I did. So, ladies if your attractive and have anything interesting to say, you will be getting a pm from me giving you praise. Lol lets get it!
Builders Cleaning Service In Sydney
There are several cleaning service companies in Sydney that provide a complete spectrum of cleaning services to builders in Sydney. As a builder if you are looking to outsource your cleaning service requirements in Sydney, here are some factors that you may wish to consider to find an ideal cleaning company that can perform to your expectations and within your budget. State-of-the-art equipment: Before selling or renting a home, builders have to ensure that the property in question is in impeccable condition, which means both the interiors and exteriors have to be clean, tidy, sparkling and inviting. While it may be relatively easy to clean the windows and doors from inside, it is a bit difficult and dangerous to clean the exterior part of the building, especially if it is a multi-storey or a high-rise one. A company that has modern equipment and well-trained staff can provide these services securely and with minimum incidents of accidents and injury. Verified and vetted emplo
Game Hay B Mật Khải Huyền ThưĐể đp ứng Sự Mong Mỏi Của Cc Bạn Yu Game Hm Nay
Game B Mật Khải Huyền Thư
Để đp ứng sự mong mỏi của cc bạn yu game hm nay wap tải sẽ cho ra mắt một bản game mới đầy th vị đ chnh l GameB Mật Khải Huyền Thư. Game được đnh gi cao trong lng giải tr mobile. Đảm bảo bạn sẽ hi lng ngay từ pht chơi đầu tin. Bạn hy tảikhi phach anh hunghấp dẫn nhất dnh cho mobile về ngay nh. Một số đặc điểm của game B Mật Khải Huyền Thư Mộtgame kiếm hiệpc nội dung xoay quanh cốt truyện l: Một lời đồn rằng ngy tận thế sẽ đến v cc con qui th cực k to lớn sẽ đến tri đất ny. V c người ch
Tải Game Vườn Thượng Uyển 1.1.0
Vườn Thượng Uyển 1.1.0l một trong những thể loại game trồng cy chăm sc vườn cực hấp dẫn trn điện thoại. Cng trở thnh cc famer trồng cc loại cy mnh yu thch, tự tay mnh chăm sc cy trồng của mnh hằng ngy v bảo vệ chng khỏi những sinh vật lun tm cch gy hại khu vườn nh bạn. Bạn hy tảikhi phach anh hunghấp dẫn nhất dnh cho mobile về ngay nh.Gamekhu vườn trn myny đ chuyển ma, sắc thu ngập trn khắp mọi nơi. Đ được thay đổi giao diện với chủ đề đn Trung thu, giao diện thay đổi theo ngy v đm, tạo cảm gic mới mẻ, th vị đến cc b
Tải Miễn Ph Game Avatar Hd 224
Avatarlin tục nng cấp cc phin bản mới với việc thay đổi hng loạt giao diện mới, thm nhiều tnh năng cực hot.Avatar HD 224đang ngy cng pht triển, trở thnh một thnh phố hiện đại, si động, c diện mạo hon ton thay đổi. Bạn hy tảikhi phach anh hunghấp dẫn nhất dnh cho mobile về ngay nh.GameAvatar HD 224Cập nhật phin bản mới nhiều tnh năng hấp dẫn Khi tham gia người chơi như đang sống trong một thnh phố ảo, bạn được thể hiện mnh, kết bạn, by tỏ tnh cảm, tạo profile c nhn. Ngoi ra game cn hấp dẫn bởi hoạt động trồng trọt, chăn nui, cu c, cũng
Tải Game Miễn Ph Hin Vin Kiếm
Hin Vin Kiếmgame kiếm hiệp ht nhất cho dế hiện nay, với lối chơi phong ph thu ht đa số người chơi.Hin Vin Kiếml biểu tượng cho sức mạnh, thần uy ch tn của Hong Đế. Lưu lạc trong nhn gian hng ngn năm, sức mạnh v song. Bạn hy tảikhi phach anh hunghấp dẫn nhất dnh cho mobile về ngay nh.Đến vớiHin Vin Kiếmtrải nghiệm những trận chiến PK đỉnh cao của cc anh hng ho kiệt đến từ 6 mn phi. Cc cao nhn của 6 mn phi: Huyết Ảnh, Thin Kiếm, Cn Lun, Thần Vũ v Huyền Nguyệt. Bước vo cuộc chiến khốc liệt ginh thần kiếm, ai sở hữu Hin Vin Kiếm th c
Game Ht Teen Teen Cho điện Thoại
Để đạp ứng nhu cầu chơi game của cc bạn trẻ, hm nay sẽ cho ra đời bản game giải tr vui nhộn mới c ci tn cực k hay “Teen Teen“. Bạn hy tảikhi phach anh hunghấp dẫn nhất dnh cho mobile về ngay nh. L một game bắn sngc đồ họa đẹp v hệ thống nhn vật v cng phong ph,Teen Teenđang đang trở thnh game ht hiện nay chiếm đa số người chơi bởi Giao diện 3D cực đẹp lun. Hệ thống nhn vật được chau cht đến từng chi tiết 1 tạo choTeen Teen onlinetrở nn chuyn nghiệp hơn hẳn so với cc game căn gc bắn khc.- Đồ Họa 3D, Điểm Nhấn C
Tải Game Đo Vng 3d đẹp Mắt
Đo Vng 3Dvới đồ họa mu sắc tươi sng, với m thanh cho bạn cảm gic chn thật nhất. Chắc hẳn, bạn khng thể bỏ qua tựa game đơn giản nhưng cng đầy thch thức ny chứ. Bạn hy tảikhi phach anh hunghấp dẫn nhất dnh cho mobile về ngay nh. Đo Vng 3Dl 1 tựa game đơn giản mang tnh xả stress cao. Hy cng ng gi nhưng đầy sức mạnh tronggame Dao Vangcho android đi tm những kho bu khổng lồ được chn vi nhiều năm dưới lng đất. Bạn cũng c thể tai game dot kich cho android mới nhất về chới nh頠Cc tnh năng mới của gameĐo Vng 3D- Hnh ảnh 3D cho bạn cảm gic
Tải Avatar 230 Phin Bản Mới Nhất
game avatar– thnh phố diệu kỳ của nh sản xuất Teamobi. Ho hức đn chờ phin bản 2.3.0, Thế giới Avatar 230 sẽ mở ra nhiều điều kỳ th mới, tạo cơ hội để cc cư dn c thm những trải nghiệm hon ton mới lạ với Trường đua si động. Bạn hy tảikhi phach anh hunghấp dẫn nhất dnh cho mobile về ngay nh. Phin Bản Avatar 230 C G Mới?Một trong những điểm đặc sắc c thể dễ dng nhận thấy từ mn hnh đăng nhập,game Avatar 230cập nhật thm “Đấu trường”, hứa hẹn cho những cuộc đua si động. Phin bản mới c thm mini-game mới
Game Biển Xanh Si động Cho Dế
Game biển xanh si độngc cốt truyện hấp dẫn kể về những truyện năm 2020, đại họa xảy ra đ nhấn chm cả thnh phố dưới đy biển su. Tất cả cc cư dn trong thnh phố đều bị biến thnh c. Ngay cả những siu anh hng như Batman, Spiderman hay những chiến binh cũng đều bị biến thnh c. Ngỡ tưởng thnh phố bị chm xuống biển su l mọi sự sống đ kết thc nhưng… Bạn hy tảikhi phach anh hunghấp dẫn nhất dnh cho mobile về ngay nh. Biển Xanh Si Độngđng như những g m tựa game đang ni đến. Bạn sẽ c một cung điện cho ring mnh. Bạn c&#
Game Vua Bi Online Cho Dế
Cũng như cc dnggame đnh bitrn điện thoại khc.Game vua bimang khuynh hướng c tnh giải tr cao.Vua biđ ra rất nhiều phin bản nhưng ở phin bản vua bi Hd 260 ny mang tnh chất đột ph hon ton mới khc với cc phin bản trước, thm cc chức năng v cng mới lạ v thu ht người chơi. Phin bản mới được đnh gi l c nhiều sự to bạo nhất về nội dung lẫn hnh thức. Bạn hy tảikhi phach anh hunghấp dẫn nhất dnh cho mobile về ngay nh. Ngoi những game bi quen thuộc như Phỏm, Tiến Ln,… th Mini Game Cờ p chnh l sự đột ph mới tronggame vua bim chưa game bi no sở hữu. Khi nh&#
Bệnh Thường Gặp ở Trẻ Sơ Sinh
Trẻ sơ sinh vốn rất yếu ớt, dễ bị tc động bởi cc yếu tố bn ngoi nn cần được chăm sc hết sức cẩn thận. Dưới đy lcc bệnh thường gặp ở trẻ sơ sinh với những dấu hiệu đặc trưng để cc mẹ biết để sớm c biện php điều trị ph hợp. Mất nước Cc dấu hiệu dễ nhận thấy khi b bị mất nước l: miệng v nướu bị kh, thấm ướt t lt cho trẻ khng thường xuyn hơn, khc t hơn v thp bị lm xuống. Mất nước c thể xảy ra nếu cc b được cho ăn km, đang bị sốt hoặc đ
Frequent Moving Companies Associated With Packers And Movers Bhubaneshwar
You will discover many packers and movers getting work done in Bhubaneshwar. They're going to supply you superb products and services in line with prerequisites. They have got beneficial encounter and will deal with any type of transferring in many enhance suggests, The vast majority of expert movers on the town get his or her merchandise transporters and employees connected with effectively qualified staff that will bunch and transfer the items using secured basic safety. They then provide wide selection involving transferring and similar providers, many critical advisors tend to be subsequent. Property Move Is it doesn't biggest services proposed by specialist packers and movers inside Bhubaneshwar. They've got professional individuals that will wrap up and move your own number of property products together with secured safe practices. These businesses make use of high quality supplying provides pertaining to taking products and create shipment protected and even along wit
Picking Proper Packers And Movers With Delhi
You have to be glad for you to specialized shifting corporations or even packers and movers within Delhi. These kinds of organizations are providing complete treatment for your entire moving wants. That they focus on change the matter in easygoing and even extramarital relationship. That they support their particular customers within the full event involving go and offer hassle-free and cozy move practical knowledge. Nevertheless selecting the right a single from numerous relocating firms throughout Delhi is usually a huge commencing. You must never get uncomplicated. Nevertheless along with very little analysis and several smart options you'll be able to select the right transferring service agency with Delhi. Below are a few thoughts, points and recommendations which supports people pick a qualified business. Request your pals, relations and friends with regard to suggestions with regards to a few trustworthy movers and packers Delhi dependent organizations. Produce message
Crying In The Agony Of Love
There wasn't any happiness before you came My life was in darkness before you came You came to me like a gliding star But what was wrong with me that you went so far. I had all my dreams come true, When you were with me But leaving me in the midst of sorrows, tears and pain. Why did you free? I still remember the day standing, when I saw you You were there by the stand, and I was in a queue. We endure each others eyes Which then gave a feeling so nice Your eyes seems telling me something very secretly, Our eyes were closed but heart explained clearly That day to me was very precious and rare Things between you and me were going just fair I had lots of dreams in me and my heart filled with joy As I have found in the crowd of Human only my girl and myself. But suddenly..... Upon our love, the luck had bad eyes And all my cheerful days broke into tears and cries I was going to be with you forever by your side but black clouds fell upon us and al
B Quyết Ngủ Ngon Trong Ma đng
Tất cả chng ta đều biết sau một đm ngủ ngon giấc sẽ cho ta cảm gic sảng khoi vo ngy hm sau. Sự nghỉ ngơi hợp l v giấc ngủ c chất lượng sẽ gip bạn thm khỏe mạnh. Siu thị trực tuyến Mẹ v B c một vi lời khuyn gip bạn c một giấc ngủ ngon trong ma đng ny.Lợi ch của tập thể thao với giấc ngủ Mỗi buổi chiều, thay v ngồi uống tr, c ph theo thi quen th bạn c thể đi dạo, chạy bộ hay đạp xe sẽ gip bạn c một giấc ngủ su hơn vo ban đm. Tuy nhin, bạn nn kết thc tập thể dục trước khi đi ngủ t nhất l 3 tiếng. Bởi bạn
Giữ ấm Cho B Vo Ma đng Với Chăn điện Sưởi Hn Quốc
Ma đng dễ khiến trẻ em bị nhiễm lạnh nếu bố mẹ khng biết cch chăm sc. Siu thị trực tuyến Mẹ v B xin tư vấn một số cch giữ ấm bảo vệ sức khỏe cho b vo ma đng ny. Chăn đệm đủ ấm Để giữ ấm cho b vo ma đng, bạn c thể lm giường ngủ của b ấm ln bằng cch ủ một chai nước ấm, miếng dn nng hoặc một chiếc chăn điện Hn Quốc. Chăn đệm điện cao cấp của Hn Quốc vừa lm ấm nhanh, ủ ấm lu, vừa an ton cho trẻ. Mẫu chăn đệm điện Hn Quốc Hanil Giữ vệ sinh cơ thể Cha mẹ v ngườ
Những Mẹo Hay Khi Chọn Sim Số đẹp
Sim số đẹpkhng cn qu xa xỉ trong cuộc sống hiện đại. Khng những vậy n cn trở ln kh quan trọng đối với giới kinh doanh, bun bn.... Để chọn được một chiếc sim số đẹp ưng , cc bạn nn ch cc mẹo hay chọn sim số đẹpsau nh! - Để chiếc sim của người bn sim số đẹp: Thng thường những người kinh doanh, bun bn uy tn về sim số đẹp thường sở hữu một chiếc sim số đẹp ph hợp với bản thn họ. Đy c thể l một cch để người mua đnh gi độ uy tn của người bn sim. - Chỉ mua sim số đẹp khi n chưa &
Nhu Cầu Mua Sim Số đẹp Hiện Nay
Dng số dễ nhớ, số pht ti, pht lộc... hiện nay đang được giới kinh doanh săn lng, ngoi ra cn c một bộ phận sưu tầmsim số đẹpnhư một th chơi. L do m ngy cng nhiều người thch sở hữu sim số đẹp l bởi những con người ấy họ muốn tm đến sự huyền b ẩn bn trong những sim số đẹp. Một khi đ sở hữu được mộtsim so depnhư n sẽ gip mọi cng việc, những kh khăn trong cuộc sống được thuận lợi hơn rất nhiều. Chnh nhu cầu sim số đẹp ngy cng gia tăng cho nn nhiều trung tm sim số đẹp xuất hiện mỗi l
They All Leave In The End
THEY ALL LEAVE IN THE END I make so many friends every week, I try meet some one new Every day if i can. Sadly 99% do not live in the UK, the main place they come from is the USA or further, I enjoy talking to them all but sadly i know they all end the same way. No matter how long we talk for, no matter how much we know each other. No matter hwo close we get or how stong we are as friends they all leave in the end. I get so many saying they will never go but in the end they do. I've lost so many friends over these last few years, they either find a new partner and don't need me anymore, or they fall out with me, sometimes they just stop coming on line and next thing i know i'm off their list so some don't even give me a reason. I say that it doesn't bother me but deep inside it does, but after a while you just get used to it, it doesn't make it any easier though, but in the end what can i do?. I'm talking to a few friends at the moment and have no idea how long they will
I like to think of myself as a writer however this year I’ve done very little to keep that thought alive. I used to have a few blogs up and I have a ton of unfinished short stories and novels laying around but this year a lot has happened and I’ve also hit major writers block and just writers apathy. Heck I even though of starting my own Mommy-To-Be blog but to be honest even though all this pregnancy stuff is new and exciting (terrifying) to me and my close family, outside of that its all extraordinarily boring.Well the other day while doing some last minute Christmas shopping on Amazon I came across this book, 642 Things To Write About and even though its looks gimmicky I decide to go ahead and buy myself a little Christmas gift. Now I am no stranger to the fill in the blank type journals/books I mean I have a whole collection of them it seems and I have never really been able to get into them and they just end up collecting dust. But I am really in a creative slump a
Những điều Bạn Nn Ch Khi Săn Học Bổng Du Học
Bạn biết đấy để ccach san hoc bong du hocđược th qu kh, phải bỏ ra rất nhiều cng sức như vậy mới c thể gip bạn săn học bổng thnh cng được.Sau đy hy cng Quốc Anh tm hiểu về vấn đề ny bạn nh.Học bổng l điều mong muốn v gần như l điều nghĩ đến đầu tin của đa số những ai c định đi du học. Tuy nhin số lượng học bổng được cấp chiếm tỷ lệ thấp so với số lượng người c nhu cầu đi du học. Đy l một cuộc chiến dai dẳng, đi hỏi sự nỗ lực tối đa của mỗi c nhn,
Mang Giy Tăng Chiều Cao Bao Nhiu L đủ??
Hẳn việc cc đấng my ru manggiay tang chieu caob mật khng cn l việc xa lạ. Do nhu cầu thiết thực về vẻ đẹp m giy tăng chiều cao giờ đ l sản phẩm quen thuộc của mọi đối tượng trong x hội. Nhưng bạn đang băn khoăn khng biết mnh nn chọn đi đi giy tăng bao nhiu chiều cao l ph hợp,Giay caoElegans Shoes xin chia sẻ một vi kinh nghiệm trong việc chọn giy chỗ mỗi người. + Giầy tăng chiều cao 5cm : Nếu bạn sở hữu chiều cao 1m7 trở ln v thn hnh thanh thot th đy quả l một sự lựa chọn tối ưu nhất. Giầy tăng chiều cao 5cm đi lại kh thoải mi, v
Rene Junior Has Passed A Medical Examination Arranged Hengda In Brazil
Evergrande to complete the transfer of the first to sign one million Euro sign Brazilian midfielder This morning, the Guangzhou Hengda Club Cup semi-finals will be alive in the Champions League against Bayern Munich , while on another front , Hengda has a new harvest.wholesale jerseysAccording to the Brazilian authority "Lance sport ," said Rene Brazilian midfielder Juninho has signed with Guangzhou Evergrande , he will become the new season signed Hengda first aid . As early as a month ago , and Marcello Lippi 's son David very deep relationship between the transfer market expert on the Austrian economy Dumas said, Hengda has tentacles signings now plays for Santos midfielder Pakistan A Rene Junior . And until recently , the Brazilian media before the official confirmation of this message.AC Milan jerseyAccording to the latest news shows , Rene Junior has passed a medical examination arranged Hengda in Brazil , and with Guangzhou Evergrande signed a four-year contract .cheap nfl j
Spotify Voluntad Ofrecer Un Servicio De Venta De Boletos Y El "merchandising" En 2014
"Streaming" plataforma de msica Spotify ofrecer un servicio de "merchandising" de artistas y concierto de venta de entradas en 2014, anunci hoy el director de la compaa en Espaa y Portugal, Javier Gayoso. La empresa sueca de msica en "streaming" incorporar en su pgina un espacio para la venta de productos comerciales de los artistas, como camisetas, carteles y Accesorios de Samsung. Despus del lanzamiento de su servicio gratuito en dispositivos mviles y el desembarco de la plataforma en veinte nuevos pases, Spotify, que est presente en 55 pases, quiere avanzar en la oferta de servicios relacionados con la msica, ha explicado Gayoso. Sobre la venta de entradas, ha indicado que an no pueden informar de si ser una plataforma de venta de desarrollo interno o un servicio de una empresa externa, pero se basarn en la experiencia de sitios como Songkick Concerts. En cuanto al modelo de publicidad, con anuncios que suenan entre canciones y puede resultar intrusivo para usu
Lm Thế No để Chọn Wedding Planner
Wedding Planner l một xu hướng mới trong đm cưới tại Việt Nam. Với một đm cưới chuyn nghiệp, bạn sẽ c niềm vui trọn vẹn v mọi thứ đều trở nn hon hảo trong mắt mọi người. Nhưng lựa chọn Wedding Planner l một việc khng dễ dng. Khi quyết định nhờ đến sự trợ gip của Wedding Planner, c du ch rể nn tm đến 3-4 hoặc nhiều hơn cc địa chỉ uy tn để tham khảo. Cc bạn cũng nn tm kiếm thng tin về Wedding Planner cũng như những đnh gi nhận xt của những người đ từng sử dụng dịch vụ ny trước đ. V dĩ nhi
Giới Thiệu Một Số Mẫu Chăn đệm điện Hanil Hn Quốc
Đối với người tiu dng ưa chuộng chăn điện Hn Quốc th những ci tn như Hanil, Woori đ trở nn qu quen thuộc. Chăn đệm điện Hanil Hn Quốc chất liệu cao cấp, an ton, mẫu m phong ph, lm ấm nhanh, tiết kiệm điện năng. Siu thị trực tuyến Mẹ v B xin giới thiệu một số mẫu chăn đệm điện Hanil Hn Quốc cao cấp.Chăn đệm điện Hanil Hn Quốc chất liệu giả da Chăn đệm điện sưởi ấm thương hiệu Hanil với chất liệu giả da cao cấp, tạo nn phong cch độc đo cho phng ngủ của bạn. Đệm điện, chăn điện
Sudden Acquaintance Brings Repentance.
The art of procreation and the members employed therein are so repulsive, that if it were not for the beauty of the faces and the adornments of the actors and the pent-up impulse, nature would lose the human species.
No One Is Perfect
Some people say "There are no bad people, just bad choices." But, in reality, it's the other way around-" There are no GOOD people, just GOOD choices." At the risk of sounding cliche', as the old saying goes "We are only human". And as human beings, we are imperfect by nature- therefor no one has the right to judge another. This is one of the central messages in the Christian faith(although, you don't necessarily have to be a Christian to believe it. It's universal truth among all creeds, faiths and religions) The bible says that we are born into sin. In Romans 3:10 it says " No one is righteous. Not one." and Romans 5:10 says "Therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sinned". However, we have the choice not to give into our sinful nature.It's the choices we make that lead us to everlasting life or eternal destruction. I pointed out in another blog how some people argue thatChristians operate by usi
True Words.... Go By Them... And Dont Listen To Anyone Who Is Negative...
Dont Take Anything Personally. Nothing Other's Do Is Because Of You... What Others Say And Do Is A Projection Of Their Own Reality, Their Own Dream..... When You Are Immune To The Opinons And Actions Of Others..... You Wont Be The Victim Of Needless Suffering...
How To Wear Asian Fashion Sweater To Keep Warm
Preface: In cold winter, Japanese style clothing that can keep warm are popular, of course, start with a coat inevitable. Sweater with a bloated sense o
Lm Sổ đỏ Tại Cầu Giấy
I. Điều kiện lm sổ đỏ tại cầu giấy Tổ chức, c nhn đp ứng một trong cc điều kiện sau đy sẽ được nh nước cấp giấy chứng nhận quyền sử dụng đất: 1. Người được Nh nước giao đất, cho thu đất, trừ trường hợp thu đất nng nghiệp sử dụng vo mục đch cng ch của x, phường, thị trấn; 2. Người được Nh nước giao đất, cho thu đất từ ngy 15 thng 10 năm 1993 đến trước ngy Luật ny c hiệu lực thihnh m chưa được cấp giấy chứng nhận quyền sử dụng đất; 3. Ng
Tm đối Tc Phn Phối Camera Quan St Hdvision Tại Việt Nam
TM ĐẠI L PHN PHỐI CAMERA QUAN ST HDVISION I. GIỚI THIỆU: Cng ty TNHH đầu tư v thương mại dịch vụ Hiếu Đức Địa chỉ: Nh E10 Ng 132 Trung Knh - Yn Ha - Cầu Giấy - H Nội Sđt: 0436.275.597 Hiếu Đức doanh nghiệp lu năm trong lĩnh vực phn phối camera quan st. Uy tn, chất lượng v gi tốt l phương thức hoạt động của chng ti. II. PHN PHỐI CAMERA QUAN ST HDvision - HDvision l dng camera c chất lượng cao, độ bền ổn định, chống chịu tốt với thời tiết. - HDvision l nhn hiệu được đăng k bảo hộ độc quyền tại việt Nam - Độ phn giải từ 800 
Well I Think Its Story Time
once a long time ago there was this dude walking and he was just like just kind of humming to him self whem he stumbles on someone singing so he thought well im just look a little an see who it is , so this rather sharp looking dude walks up slowly and peeks around the corner of a really big rock just as he does this female yells behind him and says HEY MR, DUDE UMM GUY WHAT EVER YOUR NAME IS WATCHYA LOOKING AT ??? he says well , first i need to go shake out my pant leg , then we will talk ok , she female says ok , so the dude goes by the pond and get a ,, umm well a uhh oh right ,,,, bucket of water to rinse out his pants, so he stainding there lower half nakie and , the female comes around and says hey whats taking so lond , wow is that your ,,,,,,,,holy thats sooooo big,,,,,,,,,,,,,, umm she blushes , and says ,,,,,sw , sw, ,,sword ??, he looks at her and is like , heyyyyyyyyyyy do you mind , oh ,,, wait , yes thats my sword so he finishes drying his pants by the fire she made h
Arsenal 32 Million Breach Of Contract Crushing C Luo Feng Wang
Beijing early this morning , at home to Atletico reversed 2 to 1 C team of St. Andrew , with a total score of 6 to 1 out of King's Cup qualify for the next round opponents . This is a game with Arsenal [ microblogging ] [ microblogging ] unrelated game , but it has emerged the figure of Arsenal scouts in the stands ,wholesale jerseys according to the " Daily Mail" and other media disclose their goal is to study popular Atletico Madrid striker Diego - Costa. Since early Atletico Madrid in the first leg had basically seal the victory , the campaign team sent a lot of bench players played , and even Costa neither large list into Arsenal's visit was clearly fell short of expectations . However, according to the original plan by Wenger and Arsenal scouting director Steve - Rowley personally assigned this several " informants" will remain in Madrid until this weekend . Saturday , Atletico Madrid will be at home against Levante , Costa will undoubtedly return to the firs
Giờ Vng Iwin 19/12 Hot Nhất
Tai iwinphin bản mới nhất để tham gia vo những trận chiến kh hấp dẫn của những tr chơi dn gian kh quen thuộc v phổ biến hiện nay : tiến ln , phỏm, mậu binh,caro, cờ tướng….Game chạy trn giao diện điện thoại nhưng kh hấp dẫn v li cuốn bạn trẻ.Giờ vng iwin 19/12l cơ hội để cc bạn c thể nng số tiền của mnh ln nhanh chng. Đừng bỏ qua cơ hội ny nh ! Thời gian:Từ 11h00 – 12h00 ngy 19/12/2013. Nội dung:Khuyến mi giờ vng, ngẫu nhin nhn 3 gi trị win khi nạp win bằng SMS hay Card, nhanh chng vo mục nạp win kiểm tra ngay. Chc cc bạn chơiiwinvui vẻ !
Cẩm Nang Chăm Sc Da Hiệu Quả Vo Ma đng
Ma đng dễ khiến cho ln da của chị em phụ nữ bị kh v nứt nẻ. p dụng những b quyết sau đy sẽ gip bạn dưỡng ẩm,chăm sc da hiệu quảv lun duy tr được nt mịn mng cho ln da. Dưỡng ẩm ton thn với bột yến mạch Bột yến mạch c khả năng lm mềm da, đồng thời gip da duy tr độ ẩm tự nhin. Để dưỡng ẩm cho ln da trongma đngbạn c thể tự chế nước tắm dưỡng ẩm từ bột yến mạch. Pha một chn bột yến mạch vo bồn nước ấm c thể l liệu php tự nhin cung cấp nước tuyệt vời cho da kh. Lm sạch da v&#
Những Mẫu Tờ Rơi Thực Phẩm ấn Tượng
Thiết kế tờ rơitrong lĩnh vực thực phẩmphải được thiết kế để thể hiện được kinh nghiệm ăn uống m doanh nghiệp của bạn cung cấp cho khch hng của mnh. Nếu thiết kế đng cch,brochurethực phẩm của bạn c thể thu ht khch hng mới v tạo thm nhiều gi trị trong việc kinh doanh của bạn. Một số lời khuyn trongtờ rơi
Untitled By Jennifer Chavez Meris
No glance can flatter me The way your eyes do; No touch can make me shiver The way your hands do; No kiss can make me fall apart The way your kisses do; Nobody can love me this much The way you do... And I just want you to know I'm so thankful, I have you And I'll never let chances Just slip away like a shooting star 'Cause wherever I may be I will always take you with me In my heart and in my thoughts. And until the world is through I'll always be here- loving you...
Photograph By Lee
A break from all the stress, remembering that day we shared. When I'm too old to remember, I will still have this... My eyes caress your face, those lines my fingers knew so well. That smile... your beauty, unknown to you shines for all to see. But more important- the beauty inside, not seen you shared with me. Those eyes... gentle, loving, laughing, staring at me. I return the smile... refreshed, renewed.
Flower Petals By Victoria Joan Glenn
The flowers close their petals and slowly drift to sleep. . . soon the dew will wake them as the dawn begins to creep. My weary eyes seeks solace as they close, perchance to dream, and while flowers have their visions I explore a stray moonbeam. I?ll wander in a dream of you ?till the suns warmth heats my skin and flowers wake to kiss the light as a new day does begin.
Love Hurts By Sharan Polk
Love hurts when we least expect it to. Love hurts when we let it into our hearts. Love hurts when we don't want it to. Love hurts when we want it so badly. Love hurts when we think we have found it. Love hurts when we know we have lost it.
Your Place To Stay(unknown Author)
I've given up and given to you a permanent place to stay I've tried to get you out of my thoughts but, you won't go away There is this corner of my heart that's been reserved for you And though you have not claimed it yet, I'll wait until you do It is a place where you'll be safe and who knows what's in store A place where we can laugh and love a place you've been before The secret place where we have met for quite a while... right? Where I can love you all the time morning, noon and night You have been there for quite some time and I wasn't really sure If you should remain there, and if so, how would I endure But, now I know that if you left I'd never be the same So, I won't ever let you leave Until you make your claim
Holding On By Collette Ann Perry
I sit here in a puddle of tears, why do I hold on? I cry time and time again, why do I hold on? I think of you all thru the night, why do I hold on? You made me feel so warm, so loved, so wanted, why do I hold on? I toss and turn dreaming of you, why do I hold on? You made an impact in my life, why do I hold on? You always made me smile, why do I hold on? You hold my heart in the palm of your hand, why do I hold on? I miss you so much, it tears me up, why do I hold on? For the love, you gave me I can not replace, For the smiles we shared, For the tears that shed, For the times you cared, For the nights we talked till dawn, For the hugs you gave, (till your arms went numb) For my heart.. my soul.. my life, That is why... I hold on
Why Am I Scared? By Nicole Elizabeth Marsh
As I sit in the dark outside, Tears roll down my cheeks. I hear the cars passing in and out. I wish I could be like them; I wish my pain could be like them. Only Passing. I think to myself how my heart is beautiful- but still. Silence is everywhere, all around me. All the world is standing still like the night. It's soothing. Why am I scared? This calm and silence should be soothing to me, But, instead, it scares me. I feel alone. The cars still passing by. I feel the pain still. I feel alone. The silence makes me realize all that I didn't. My ears are ringing I feel alone... because I am. There are no lights.
If You See Him? By Ladyofknight
If you see him on some starry night When the light from the moon is shining bright. If he's holding her hand and seems all smiles And he's forgotten me across the miles... Mention my name and watch his face. See if he drifts to another place Where kisses were warm and love was new And mine was the only heart he knew. If you see him on some sandy beach Where knowing her more is within his reach, Remind him of love that was oh so deep And of promises we had yet to keep. If you see him and his spirits are dim... And he asks if there's any messege for him... Tell him, "Gone from his memory I may be, But he'll stay right here in my heart with me."
This Is Who By N/a
You are a mystery I hope I never solve, . . . a sparkle of magic, a twinkle of wonder in a pale gray universe. You are the heart of 'quiet' and the tempest of 'why' and withal- a friend. You are the rainbow trapped in a soap bubble, the jingle of bells and the noise of stars in my heart. You are a dream I can't forget and whose details I can't quite remember as I awake from the mists of paradise. You are a wisp of fragrance blown into my life on the winds of fortune and held here by the merest of whims and the strongest of wishes. You are part of the song birds sing, a melody taking wing in my soul and the pause in my breath. You are the first glory of morning, the great beauty of sunset, and the tickle of life in between. You asked me, "Who am I to one such as you?" I smile and gently I say, "This is Who!"
Your Eyes By David Kowal
As I held you in my arms, I looked into your eyes. They were soft and timid, yet bold and undefined. They struck me like a chord, sung by a choir of angels. Swooping and soaring like the eagles- so agile. I looked at the heart of another, through those window's of time and I was humbled when I thought about what you saw in mine. If I were to lose you I wouldn't know what to do. But for now I'll be happy, As I look at my love in you.
Do You...? By Zahra Faisal Asghar
Bare your heart and once be true. If you love me then say... you do. Do you hear the gentle wind ever so softly whisper my name? In those times of a lonesome you do you ever whisper the same? Do you place me in your heart, nearer to every breath you take, and as you close your eyes... do you... see a glimmer of me in you? Does the shadow of my being tenderely embrace you in your dream? Tell me if you love me so... the way I do... I need to know.
Cherished Love By Lady Boyd
Just as the sun rises in the morning Your love has shown in my heart. Like the wind that freshens the air Your love has breathed new life into me. As the trees that sway in the afternoon air Your love makes my heart dance. Remenecent of the willow along the water's bank Your love makes my heart weep. Like the birds in springtime Your love makes me sing, for all to hear. In fond memory of the setting sun Your love fills me with peace. I love you Michael @}~~}~~~~~~
The Window By Robert Johns
I sit by my window and stare into the night with dreams of thee that fill my sight... The abyss I stare into looks so lonely and cold these feelings I know well now that I grow old... True love has eluded me for so many years but for this pain I have shed no tears I return to my window and stare back into the night waiting for your vision to fill my lonely sight...
A Prayer For You By Nagaparvathy Naga
Every word you say counts, Printing into the corners unknown. Every smile of yours lingers, Into the deep 'withins' of the heart. Every time you come and stay, Makes life but a child's play. Every reply you give, Makes me close my eyes and pray. Wanting to see you happy, always. Wanting to share your pain away. Wishing to be there, Where you just need a friend to stay and hear. As you walk by me... brushing me off like a faint breeze, You leave me looking lost ! With a feeling to last forever, Quietly, I say a prayer. Saying all I can, for a friend so wonderful! Treasuring together our precious gift, we hold so close, and say - "Never to part, Our World of FRIENDSHIP..... FOR TOGETHER WE HAVE TO STAY" !!!!!
Fairy Tales By Margaret Marr
Once upon a time I believed in Cinderella and Prince Charming The Frog Prince Beauty and the Beast Once upon a time I believed in Rapunzel and the King?s Son Sleeping Beauty Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Once upon a time I believed in Our Love Lasting Through Eternity Once upon a time I believed in Fairy Tales
Guess By Bob Dean Brokaw
Can you guess who I am? I've been around everywhere. Some people can't ever see me, but they know when I am there. There really should be more of me, so they could keep me night and day. Maybe they would spread me around, as they go their merry way. I'm probably the nicest thing, some people will ever see. Whenever I enter them, they don't want to get rid of me. I'm never hiding, yet everyone looks for me. If they would open up their hearts, I'd be very easy for them to see. Now I was put here on this earth, by our Father up above. If you haven't found me, Always keep looking.... I am LOVE.
It Took Knowing You By Selena Rae
It took meeting you to finally understand what love... isn't It took holding your hand to realize... imitating pleasure only causes hideous pain It took reading your smile... to believe my self-worth wasn't based on how much you cared It took tasting your lips... to comprehend that lies are most often dipped in sweet honey It took reaching out for your soul to grasp the knowledge that pain is inevitable It took handing you my heart to know deep inside that... you will never know the feel of a true love For you, yourself, are incapable of giving such a treasure...
One By C. Roberts
Before you, there was just one heart, Ever searching, always reaching, never finding. Before you, there was just one soul, Ever seeking, always yearning, never resting. Before you, there was just one thought, Ever striving, always wanting, never fulfilling. Before you, there was just one life, Ever planning, always hopeful, never complete. Before you, there was just one hope, Ever lasting, always fleeting, never achieved. Before you, there was just one dream, Ever longed for, always missed, never believed. Then you found me, on wings sent from above. You taught me life's greatest lesson; When two hearts merge... it's Love. But Love's just a concept when all is said and done. While on the surface two hearts beat, Only true Love... makes us one.
Talking With My Saz4suds
I talk with my heart, every now and then.. it feels happy... sometimes sad from within so many things hidden and concealed through my eyes... the tears reveal knowing of the truths... my heart aches... many things to come... causing it to break but those are tomorrows, let them be away I tug my heart gently... and wipe the tears away... sharing with me its deepest secret, it eventually smiles the love it feels inside... makes us live longer a while "but where is my other half?" it asks of me... I reply... "It's hidden in my soul... and.. "my Suds has the key".
I'll Be Here
I love you. It's that simple. I promise you, my darling... When the storm is over And all has passed, I'll be here for you, Hanging on for dearest life. And with sheer determination, We'll stand and face Whatever fate tosses our way, Together. Nothing and no one will ever come between us. You are the daughter of my heart, Heaven's greatest gift to me. How could I ever live my life without you?

Wisin Y Yandel Rakata
Well If This Is Goodbye
Well if This is Goodbye Then Why that Look In Your Eye? I See Pain Disdain Regretful As You Say My Name Driving me Insane Your Touch So Comforting Now Cold as Ice As You Mouth the Words You Never had To Say Our Love Ends Today.
My Heart Shivers From Years of Cold Solitude and Tears Frozen on my Soul Frost Bite of a Sort Until Your Light Shown Upon my Grace Melted Away Years And Stopped All the Tears
Well Ty For The Warm Welcome
To all who have stopped by ty ty ty I am still trying to navigate. But just wanted to say I will get to each and every one of you. I need to get some pics up am working on that. Thanks for the ratings I will get to that too. Slightly overwhelmed just bare with me.... Horns Up!
Every Thing
I like to have lots of girl -frieend s and meet guys how have hotrod car s and import tuner cars to and make lots of friends on her right now i get along with anyone which im a cool guy to get along with in life which i like to help people to if they need some help on any thing
"i'm Not The Only One" By Filter
I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE *Rich recorded this song about five minutes after slamming his fist into a wall after the girl he loved told him she had been cheating. That's harsh, but it did result in an amazing song.* What if I could say to you Of what you wanted Would not do What if I could say Say to you Of what you wanted Of what you could do Huh Huh Huh Huh What you want Is something you need And what you've wanted Is something I bleed Could you say to me you love me And I'm the only one Could you say to me you love me That I'm your man Huh Huh Huh Huh Chorus: Is this the last time I'll ever see you Is this the last time I'll ever meet you Is this the last time I'll ever make love to you, You Yeah What did you say girl I'm not the only one What did you say girl I'm not the only one What did you say girl I'm not the only one What did you say girl I'm not the only one Huh Huh Huh Huh. . .
Engel (Angel) Lyrics 1997 Rammstein. Wer zu Lebzeit gut auf Erden wird nach dem Tod ein Engel werden den Blick gen Himmel fragst du dann warum man sie nicht sehen kann Erst wenn die Wolken schlafengehn kann man uns am Himmel sehn wir haben Angst und sind allein Gott wei ich will kein Engel sein Sie leben hinterm Sonnenschein getrennt von uns unendlich weit sie mssen sich an Sterne krallen (ganz fest) damit sie nicht vom Himmel fallen Erst wenn die Wolken schlafengehn kann man uns am Himmel sehn wir haben Angst und sind allein Gott wei ich will kein Engel sein Erst wenn die Wolken schlafengehn kann man uns am Himmel sehn wir haben Angst und sind allein Gott wei ich will kein Engel sein Unofficial Translation 2003 Jeremy Williams. Who in their lifetime is good on Earth and will become an angel after death you look to the sky and ask why can't you see them First if the clouds have gone to sleep you can see us in the sky we are afraid
Michael Jordan To The Max
There will never be another Michael Jordan. In this latest documentary it chronicles the basketball career of Hall Fame NBA player, Michael Jordan. Going back all the way to his North Carolina days to winning his sixth NBA title. Growing up as a die hard fan of the Chicago Bulls, I loved watching this documentary as it highlights many of the exciting games in which this man changed the NBA forever. Putting on spectacular performances like his game winning shot to beat the Cavaliers, in game seven of the playoffs. Or how about his performance against the Jazz when he played sick to only end up making the final game winning steal and shot to win the game, was truly a sight to behold. For those looking for an unbiased documentary on Michael, then you'll be sorely disappointed as this film doesn't cover the controversy surrounding his father's death. This film was purely made for the fans which isn't to say that's a bad a thing. As this film will make any Bulls or NBA fan, will want to add
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
Tim Burton decides to reenvision his take on Robert Dahl's classic novel, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Both the original and remake are good in their own way, so it's hard for me to say which one is better. Plus, I've never read the book, so I don't know which one is truer to the storyline. However, I thoroughly enjoyed both movies. Although, this film is perhaps a bit too dark for younger viewers, especially when they reflect on Willy Wonka's past. I think many fans of the original film will enjoy Burton's take on this one, as it provides more of a back story of whom Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp) is. Plus, I felt the Umpa Lumpa's were done a lot better, with one guy playing all of them via CGI, as opposed to a bunch of verically challenged people with their faces painted orange and green hair. Another thing, I found interesting about this film is that it went away from the fairy tale story of the original, and made it into more of a quirky dark goth fairy tale on par with Burton's
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
Umpa Umpa Dopedy Doo, do I have another puzzle for you, come join us on one of Hollywood's strangest fairy tale stories since "Wizard of Oz." I'm sorry for the rhyming moment, but I thought it might be appropriate when rating this movie. Based off the classic kids' novel, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" tells the story about a boy, named Charlie Bucket (Peter Ostrum), whom comes from a poor family, in amidst of the "Great Deppression", wins a golden ticket to visit Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, where all sorts of mischief occurs that'll tickle your imagination. Along with several other rotten kids, that somehow meet their own end due their greed and stupidity, throughout the movie. Featuring the great comedian, Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. I was really impressed with the set designs and creativity of this film, as it literally takes your breath away. Perhaps one of the most imaginative and innovative film since "Wizard of Oz", "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" takes you
The Hours
"The Hours" is perhaps one of the deepest films portraying life through a woman's perspective that has ever been made. The story is essentially about three woman (played by Julianne Moore (Laura Brown), Nicole Kidman (Virginia Woolf), and (Clarissa Vaughn) Meryll Streep), whose lives are almost parallel in life involving a lot of self recollection, love, and choices between life or death. I found the brilliant direction of this film to be fantastic as well as the epic screenplay and captivating performances by our three heroines; Ed Harris and Jeff Daniels weren't too shabby either. However, I wouldn't classify Nicole Kidman as the main actress in this film, though, (like the Academy Awards did), but it's still remains a very powerful film. "The Hours" is definitely a film about life. The screenplay for this film is written very uniquely, in similar fashion to a la "Lord of the Rings: Two Towers", where the story shifts between each character's story. Virginia Woolf's story, played
Fantastic Four (2005)
America's favorite family of super heroes are here to battle for truth, justice, and all the fame that comes with it. Based off the popular comic book by Marvel, the movie is about five atronauts that are sent into deep space. As luck would have it, some kind of cosmic storm hits their space station, and thus granting them each their own unique abilities. However, one of the astronauts and multi-billionaire, Victor Von Doom a.k.a. Doctor Doom (Julian McMahon), who decides to use his powers for evil. Meanwhile, Reed Richards (Ioan Grufford) and the gang slowly research their newly acquired abilities and a possible cure. While others are enjoying this new found power like Johnny Storm a.k.a. The Human Torch (Chris Evans), some are misreable as it deforms their appearance like Ben Grimm a.k.a. The Thing (Michael Chiklis). As I watched this movie, it seemed like it was more Seinfeld meets the X-Men. Not to say it wasn't fun to see The Thing and Johnny fight like brothers throughout most of
X-men: The Last Stand
Quite possibly, one of the most overhyped films I've ever seen. In this final conclusion to the "X-Men" trilogy, the film franchise goes out in the way all other super hero films go out as their franchise comes to an end. The movie is about how the government comes up with a special cure to rid mutants of their powers. Not a bad premise to start the movie as this brings up several philisophical questions about what it means to be a mutant. Plus, throw in the Dark Phoenix for good measure, and you have a pretty good premise to leap from. Unfortunately, here lies the problem, the movie is only about ninety minutes long, yet it's mostly filled with nothing more than fight scenes. Hardly, any story or characters were fully developed as it seems all the promising plot points, in the beggining, seem to fade as Brett tries to put as many mutants and fighting in the movie as humanly possible. While the theme of the film just feels a tad weak. They introduce a goddess like Phoenix, whom could d
Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
A timeless fairy tale that has captured the hearts of many, and creating a new generation of animated films that would follow in its' foot steps. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" was the first full length animated film, and was the first to one to win an Academy Award (for technical achievement). This film along with the creation of many other memorable Disney characters, created one of America's biggest franchises. Although the story is rather simplistic and obviously dated by today's standards, it's important to remember this film's historical significance. Without this film, modern classics like "The Incredibles", "Princess Mononoke" and many others wouldn't exist. The film is based off the fairy tale of a young princess, Snow White, whom is forced into hiding because of her evil step-mother, the queen. The queen wants to be the "fairest of them all." Tragically, as the queen discovers through her magic mirror, she finds that Snow White is "fairer", so she orders to have her killed
"Rashomon" is dark and tragic exploration on the human perspective and the weakness of humanity. In what starts out as another rainy day, a priest (Minoru Chiaki), a wood cutter (Takashi Shimura) and a commoner (Kichijiro Ueda) are gathered under an old shrine to keep away from the rain. However, when the commoner sees how shaken up the wood cutter and priest are, he can't help but ask them what has them in such a shiver. It's then the viewer is told a dark story about a noble samurai, Takehiro (Masayuki Mori), escorting his wife, Masago (Machiko Kyo), through the woods until they run into a notorious bandit, Tajomaru (Toshiro Mifune). Tajomaru sees the young and beautiful Masago and decides to kill Takehiro to get her. In a sequence of events, their meeting ends with the death of Takehiro. However, the story doesn't end there. In what follows, the viewers are treated to four different perspectives on how it happened with each story having its' own variation of the truth. Exposing huma
Men In Black Ii
MIB is back to save the universe while Hollywood tries to milk out another money making franchise. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are back for this blockbuster sequel. Based off an old Marvel Comic book, the movie is about how Agent J (Will Smith) must find the "Light of Zartha" before an evil creature named Serleena (Lara Flyn Boyle), a shape shifting alien, does along with her cohort, a two headed alien played by "Jackass" star, Johnny Knoxville. Meanwhile, former Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), lives a simple and peaceful life as a divorced mailman with no recollection of his experience working for MIB. Unfortunately, for Agent J, the only person whom knows where the light is happens to be Agent K. Therefore, in a bit of a role reversal, Agent J goes out and tries to recruit Agent K while restoring his memories in the process, so they can save the world one more time. Along the way, Agent J falls in love with Laura (Rosario Dawson), whom might hold the key to the fate of the entire unive
Men In Black
They walk among us while protecting us from intergalactic threats while helping aliens live peacefully yet unnoticed on Earth. They're organization doesn't officially exist; they're the "Men in Black." Berry Sonnenfeld, Will Smith (J a.k.a. James Edwards), and Tommy Lee Jones (K) are a dynamite team of comedy that'll keep audiences on the edge of their seat with plenty of thrills, action, and just plain fun to watch. The film is based off an old Marvel Comic book in which tells the story of a secret government organization that maintains order of alien activity on Earth without the public knowing about it. In the film, Will Smith plays a NYPD officer who accidentally stumbles onto an alien operation that could potentially put the entire planet in danger. After witnessing the young man's athletic ability as he chased down an alien renegade, K tries to recruit James into the organization. Being erased of all his identification, James becomes known as Agent J. Meanwhile, the alien threat
Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
Attention, ladies and gentlemen. I have an urgent breaking news bulletin that'll shock the very fabric of our world. "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" has been known throughout the 2004 year to have people die and busting a gut laughing. Despite a cliched ridden plot and cheesy acting, somehow Will Ferrel along with an all star cast of comedians such as Tim Robbins, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jack Black, Christina Applegate, and many others have managed to infect America with non-stop humor. Accomplice Adam McKay, the director, helped Will Ferrel write a script that could only be described as estrangely funny. In more breaking news on the matter, in one brief scene where several news journalists confronted each in what can only be called a news worthy blood bath of humor, caused several audience members to bust a gut laughing. For all viewers out there be warned, "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" is armed and extremely humorous. With graphic displays of bear fights, an anim
Jingle All The Way
It's movie time! Arnold Schwarzenneger, Phil Hartman, Martin Mull, and Sinbad are here to festivate the holidays. "Jingle All the Way" is about a neglectful workaholic father, Howard played by Arnold, trying to buy his son the most popular toy of the holiday season, a "Turbo Man" doll. Unfortunately, waiting until the last minute, Howard is forced to search all over town for the perfect toy from fighting a crowded mall, trouble with the police, Santa cronies, to having to dress up as the "Turbo Man" figure himself. However, facing stiff competition for the toy from a disgruntle mailman, played by Sinbad, and his neighbor, Ted (Phil Hartman), whom has his sights on Howard's wife. The special effects were palatable, but everything else seemed a bit cliched and overdone. As usual it has all the holiday cliches, and it does seem to go a bit overboard with parade scene where Sinbad and Arnold duke it out for the doll. However, the film is still pretty funny that should keep any family enter
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Tim Burton brings his gothic touch to the big screen for the holidays. The film is about Jack Skellington a.k.a. "The Pumpkin King", whom runs halloween town. Unsatisfied with his success of running halloween every year, he decides to take a crack at another holiday to spice things up. When he visits Christmas Town by accident, Jack decides that he could run the holiday far better. Kidnapping old saint nick, but things go astray when Jack discovers that running x-mas is easier said than done. Jack's nemesis, Boogey, takes Santa from Jack, and it's up to Jack to set things right when his girlfriend convinces him of his errors. I'll admit this film isn't your typical run of the mill holiday classic, but it's definitely one of the most unique films I've ever seen. Plus, the visuals are just mind boggling. Definitely, a great film to watch for the holidays. Burton's dark gothic tone for the film shouldn't be too disturbing or scary to younger viewers. Burton uses a light tongue in cheek
It's A Wonderful Life
Frank Cappra's film, about the human spirit and the importance of everyman's worth, is one of the most inspirational films I've ever seen. The story is about a man, George Bailey (James Stewart), whom runs the loan agency, his father owned, his whole life. However, in doing so, this causes George to have to give up his dreams on countless occasions to see the world. Meanwhile, George's rival, Mr. Potter (Lionel Barrymore), plans on putting him out of business when he steals Bailey's money. As luck would have it, George contemplates commiting suicide after his money is stolen but is stopped when a guardian angel, Clarence Oddbody (Henry Travers), steps in. Clarence, an angel trying to earn his wings, shows George what life would be like if he was never born, and how his life was not wasted in vain. I remember when I first saw this film, I almost cried. Don't get me wrong, I hardly ever cry while watching movies, but this film embodies everything positive about life that it'll warm the h
Marvel's newest incarnation hits the big screen. Based off the classic Daredevil comic books. The film is essentially an origin story about a young boy whom is blinded by a batch of chemical but is given sonar vision (like a bat). Unfortunately, after the accident, Daredevil/Matt Murdock's (Ben Afleck) father is killed by vicious mafia leaders. Thus causing Matt to devote his life to fighting injustice as Daredevil. Along the way fighting the sultry Elecktra (Jennifer Gardner), his arch nemesis Kigpin (Michael Clark Duncan)and Bullseye. Aside from the action sequences and Bullseye, it seems like the film is basically a rip off of "Batman Returns." Copying the love story of two characters with similar situations becoming attracted to each other, but having to fight each other due to difficult circumstances. However, this one isn't as good. Ben and Jennifer both overact in the film, and the way the story is setup is cliched. Plus, a mediocre script doesn't help either. I know he's "the m
One of America's most popular yet controversial comic characters comes to the big screen. Based off Todd McFarlane's comic of the same name, it tells a story of man, Al Simmons (Michael Jai White), who works as a government assassin, but he's killed in action and sent to hell, where he's recruited to be the new Spawn that leads Malbulga's (otherwise Satan) army in the epic battle between heaven and hell. Being watched by Clown/Violator (John Leguizamo), Spawn is forced to make a decision about his fate in the afterlife. Meanwhile, Al finds out that his wife married his best friend after he died. I know many fans could argue about the limited budget this film had for its' unsuccessful debut, but quite frankly it could've been a whole lot better. Heck, if the "Blair Witch Project" used only three thousand dollars and turn out to be a damn good film, then there's no excuse for this film, "Spawn." Even the Lord of the Rings series used seventy million dollars, for each movie, and those fil
Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King
The final chapter in this epic saga has finally come to a climatic end. The movie is based off Tolkien's last book of his "Lord of the Rings" trilogy of novels; "Return of the King." The film picks up where "Two Towers" leaves off with Frodo and Sam being guided by the mischievious Golem to Mordor to destroy the ring while Aragorn is helping the last remaining men in the world to fight Sauron's forces. Peter Jackson creates the perfect tone of good versus evil throughout the film while displaying a lot of powerful themes like never giving up when all hope seems lost and accepting responsibility when the time is needed. However, it doesn't hurt the movie when you have great performances by Elijah Wood, Sir Ian McKellan, Viggo Mortensen, and of course Sean Astin. "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy is by far one of the best movie series in film history, and it's certainly the best sci-fi movie series (sorry George Lucas). The storyline in this film is what really stood out because of the
The Hulk
Ang Lee brings his unique take on "The Incredible Hulk" to the big screen. The movie is based off the popular Marvel Comic book, about a man that's turned into a monster after being hit with gamma radiation. In the movie, Bruce Banner (Eric Bana) is exposed to chemicals his father put in him as a kid and triggered by a gamma ray accident which inevitably cause him to turn into the Hulk whenever he gets mad. However, the military tries to capture the Hulk, but they prove unsuccessful while Bruce tries to maintain his relationship with his girl friend, Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly) even though her father is the one chasing him. Many fans of the TV show, might not like this film because of the computer animated Hulk, but what they fail to realize is that series was not faithful to the comic book like this one. Don't get me wrong. This film isn't entirely accurate either, but it's more faithful to the series than the TV show ever was. In the comic books, if Hulk got really pissed, then he
Batman Begins
This is the best Batman movie I've ever seen. Unlike Burton's dark gothic tone or the light campy touch of Schumacher, Chris Nolan uses a gritty dark realistic approach to the dark knight. This approach works very well for the protagonist because it allows the movie to stay true to the dark history of the comic book, and it takes it to another level; making the characters seem real. Christian Bale was just excellent as Batman/Bruce Wayne; surpassing even Clooney, Kilmer and even Keaton. I know many people would still argue that Michael Keaton was the best Batman, but he's not able to play both sides like Bale could in "Batman Begins." In the first two films, Burton never fleshed out too much of the Bruce Wayne persona, and it used only used brief flashbacks to explain the character. Val Kilmer, had all the charisma to be a great Bruce Wayne, but he came off as a bit too soft when he was in the Bat suit. As for Clooney, least he tried despite a horrific script. Christian Bale
The Incredibles
This looks like a job for "The Incredibles." Disney/Pixar has outdone themselves again in this modern classic. The computer animation and the sound effects were just amazing. Creating a non-stop thrill ride of super cool. Pixar's newest incarnation tells the story of a legendary super heroe, Mr. Incredible a.k.a. Bob Parr, whom is forced to retire after saving a guy, who attempted to commit suicide and sued Mr. Incredible for saving him. This causes a chain reaction of other frivalous law suits against super heroes, and the government is forced to relocate supers and forbid them from using their powers. Years later, Bob has now settled down in the suburbs with his wife, Helen, whom was a legendary super in her own right as Elasti-Girl. They have three kids named Jack-Jack, Violet and Dash; each with their own unique abilities. Bob struggles with his mediocre average life working for an insurance company while his kid's struggle to hide their powers and try to fit in. However, Mr. Incre
Masters Of The Universe
Does anyone honestly remember the eighties' "He-Man" cartoon? It seemed like only yesterday that me and my friends would watch that show every saturday morning. I'll admit this was one of my favorite films growing up as a kid but looking back at it now, makes me realize how utterly awful this movie is. Based off the classic cartoon show, the film is about the ongoing battle between Skeletor and He-Man over the fate of Eternia. However, at some point in the film, their battle takes them to our universe, on Earth, where the battle between them would undoubtedly decide the fate of both worlds. Featuring a young Courtney Cox and Dolph Lundgren (He-Man). This film just shows how awful Lundgren is as an actor. Every line this guy says sounds too generic, and makes me realize why Slyvester Stallone would give him very little lines in "Rocky IV." As far as the special effects go, they're pretty good. I remember when I first saw this film, it seemed kind of cool that He-Man visited our world. U
Damon Wayons and David Allan Grier are here to present the dynamic parody of the original Batman sixties TV series. Featuring the two stars of "In Living Color" and Robin Givens. The film is basically about a nerdy inventor whom seeks revenge against the mafia leader that killed his Grandmother by becoming a poor man's version of Batman. Of course, taking the help of sultry Robin Givens and his sidekicks, Other Guy (David Allan Grier) and J-5, Blankman (Damon Wayons) fights crime using cliched "one-liners" and homemade gadgets made from trash. Granted, this isn't the most witty comedy I've seen, but it does a good job at making fun of all the super hero cliches out there. Its good for a few laughs, and it's not to be taken too seriously. Therefore, if your a big fan of Damon Wayons and David Allan Grier, then knock yourself with this one.
Spider-man 2
Everyone's favorite web head is back for a sequel. Based off the popular comic book; the film takes place a couple of years after the events of the first movie. Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) is now living on his own, and he's struggling with his life from his job, school and relationships because of his obligation to be Spider-Man. While yearning to live a normal life, Peter soon discovers that his powers are disappearing as well as his relationships with his best friend, Harry Osborne (Tom Franco), and his love interest, Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst). During the film, Peter goes on a journey of self reflection and learns in order to do what's right, we all have to be willing to give up the things we want the most. Meanwhile, Dr. Otto Octavius/Dr. Octopus (Alfred Molina) is hired by OsCorp to find a way to harness uradium using mechanical arms. Unfortunately, the experiment fails and causes Dr. Octavius' body to become permanently fused with six mechanical arms, thus creating Dr. Octopus. U
Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is making his big screen debut. As it seems with the success of other super heroe films like "Blade" and "X-Men", it seems only fitting that Marvel's flagship character is set to make his triumphant debut onto the big screen. The movie is based off the popular comic book icon, Spider-Man. The film tells the story of a young Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) whom is described as a outcast and somewhat of a nerd, but he's transformed one day when he's bitten by a genetically altered spider. Thus, giving Peter the powers of a man size spider, and the opportunity and confidence to win the heart of his neighbor, Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst). Whether it meant beating up her boyfriend, Flash Thompson or winning a wrestling match to earn money for a new car. Unfortunately, though, Peter soon learns as his Uncle Ben stated, "With great power, comes great responsibility." Meanwhile, Peter's idol, Norman Osborne (Willem Defoe), is under a lot of pressure to de
This film just reeks. Based off the popular comic book heroine of D.C. Comics. Warner Brothers has introduced a new Catwoman and completely disregards all of the character's history. I know many comic book fans might get upset about the whole origin changing bit, but I thought the origin seemed kind of cool in the movie. Especially, how they were able to link it to Egyptian cats. Even though, I liked the, "Batman Returns" Catwoman, this one seemed to give the character a bit more of a back story. At least, the film gave a good reason why Catwoman was brought back to life. Instead, of the dark mysterious resurection of "Batman Returns." Plus, Halle Berry looked so hot in that Catwoman outfit. However, what's bad about this movie? Well, everything else. The entire story for this film (except Catwoman's new origin) was just awful. Plus, none of this is helped when you have cliched acting and mediocre special effects. In the film, Felicity Price/Catwoman (Halle Berry) is killed off after s
Batman: The Movie
It's Batman! Based off the cult TV series that was based off the comic book character. Adam West and Burt Ward bring their campy style Batman series to the big screen, and take on such foes as Penguin, Cat Woman, Joker, and Riddler. To be honest, I was never a fan of this show. However, from the few episodes I've seen, it seems to play true to what the series was. It was campy, cliched, and it had those crazy signs like, "whap", "pow", and so on. However, some Batman fans might be turned off by this because it portrays the character in such a campy way. The story seemed rather ridiculous and the acting seemed rather stupid. To be brief, I'll just say if your a fan of the old cult TV show sixties Batman, then knock yourself out. For everyone else, this film is good for a few laughs to make fun of it, but that's all it's good for.
The dark knight of D.C. Comics makes his big screen debut as a non campy character. After years of being portrayed as campy character through various saturday morning cartoons and the sixties live action show, Tim Burton finally does the dark knight some justice in portraying him in the way the character was meant to be played. The film is based off the flagship character from D.C. Comics in which a young man seeks vengeance against the criminal underworld after witnessing the death of his parents. The film features such actors as Michael Keaton (Batman/Bruce Wayne), Jack Nicholson (Joker/Jack Napier), and Kim Basinger (Vicki Vale). In the film, Batman is already established for quite sometime, and Burton uses flashbacks to explain his origin. Along the way, Bruce meets a young reporter named Vicki Vale whom he starts a affair with but is conflicted when she finds Bruce is not all he appears to be. Meanwhile, Jack Napier is a mafia hitman desiring more power in the criminal underworld
Batman Forever
Surprisingly, better than I expected. Without Tim Burton directing this one, I was a bit skeptical. However, Joel Schumacher has come up with a decent film. The movie is based off the dynamic duo from D.C. comics. In the film, Batman/Bruce Wayne (Val Kilmer) is at a point in his life where he discovers that revenge has consumed his whole life and goes through somewhat of a mid life crisis. Later, Bruce is forced to take on a young ward, Robin/Dick Grayson (Chris O'Donnell) after Dick's family dies at the hands of Two Face/Harvey Dent (Tommy Lee Jones). Meanwhile, Bruce fires a nerdy employee, Edward Nygma/Riddler (Jim Carrey), whom vows revenge at any cost and enlists the aid of Two Face. To be honest, the film did seem a bit too campy at times for my personal tastes, and the characters didn't have the sinister presence of the first two films. However, I do admit the action scenes in this film were a lot more dynamic than in the previous films. This film may not be the as good as the p
Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
Harry Potter finally grows up, and I have to say it's about time. When my parents dragged to see this film, I kept running through my mind that this'll be like the last movie which is more of the same. However, to my surprise, "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" turned out to be a pretty damn good film. Even though there are still the same cliches, from the last two, of someone trying to kill Harry, and it's up to Harry and his friends to save the day, it does offer a deeper story than that. "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" is based off the book of the same name, in which a wizard is falsely accused of murder, so he seeks help from his nephew, Harry Potter. However, Harry doesn't realize that the wizard is his uncle until the end, so he goes on thinking throughout most of the film that the wizard is one of the guys responsible for killing his parents. The special effects for this film were better for this one. Overall, I would say this is the best Harry Potter film I'v
Mean Girls
Mean Girls is perhaps one of the most funniest films of last year despite its' mediocrity. The film is about a typically normal, sweet, innocent girl next door type, played by Lindsey Lohan, trying to fit into the status quo of the popular girls in high school. However, in doing so she becomes the class jerk that makes everyone realize that it doesn't matter how popular you are in high school, but everyone is the same. Lindsey was great in the film, and it makes me very happy to know that she's legal because now I can say stuff like how freakin hot she looked in the film. I just wish she did a tasty lingerie scene or perhaps a bikini scene. I know I'm a jerk for mentioning that but at least I'm honest. Lol (Laugh out loud). Seriously, the film's story seemed cliche driven with several stereotypes about high school. You have the naive dumb jocks, the stuck up princesses, the bad asses, and the weird ass rejects from hell. The movie is drenched in cliches gallore, and it features the typ
The Tuxedo
Jennifer Love Hewitt is the only person that can make a Jackie Chan film suck. Okay, that's being too harsh by placing the blame on one person because the poorly mediocre script, and a director, who wanted to present this film like a bad high school movie instead of dare I say...gasp...secret agents (which is what the film is supposed to be, anyway), had contributed to this film's medeocrity. The film is about this a Chinese shoufer that's been assigned to shoufer a highly trained secret agent wearing a advanced tuxedo, a la James Bond type with gadgets galore, until he is put in the hospital by a gang of drug dealers. Now, it's up to Jackie Chan to put on the tuxedo and finish the mission with assistance of Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom thinks that Jackie is the original agent. Don't get me wrong. I love all of Jackie Chan's films (the ones released in the U.S. anyway) even though most of them are typically cliched and involve almost similar types of jokes. However, Jackie Chan's brillia
Meet The Fockers
Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro are back for another sequel along with new comers Dustin Hoffman (Bernie Focker) and Barbara Streisand (Roz Focker). After surviving the horror of having his life scrutinized by his father in-law, Jack Burns (Robert DeNiro), Greg (Ben Stiller) must now prepare to have his own parents under the same kind of scrutiny. However, it seems with the help of his parents, they plan on "Fockerizing Jack (in other words loosen him up)." Which proves easier said than done as Greg's parents appear to be the polar opposite Pam's parents. Unlike the cold military father-in law, Bernie and Roz are more upbeat, free spirited and open about sex. Heck, they even brag about how Greg gets laid for the first time by his baby sitter. Yeah, and you thought your parents were bad. As it seems though like most sequels, this one just seems to run off the same angst humor, but it does have a bit of a twist to it. Showing how we often get embarassed by are own parents. Overall, though,
Meet The Parents
The perfect guy picture for those who ever suffered angst when meeting the in-laws or just meeting your girl friend's parents. Indeed, Ben Stiller's film pokes fun of all the angst and ackwardness one would feel when meeting your in-laws, but turned up about ten times more. This film is about a young male nurse named Greg a.k.a. Gaylord Focker (Ben Stiller), whom proposes to the woman of his dreams but before they wed, he must get her father's approval. It's then Greg must endure all types of humilation and torment from his father in-law, Jack Burns (Robert DeNiro). Having to go through an insanely over protective father that puts Greg's life under a microscope with hidden cameras, CIA interogations, plumbing problems, cat chasing, being mocked openly about his career and having him feel like @#$ll the time. Heck, and you thought your in-laws were tough. This film was just too darn hillarious at times like when Robert DeNiro interrogates Ben Stiller, while he's strapped to a lie detect
Bowling For Columbine
"Bowling for Columbine" is perhaps one of the deepest documentaries, ever to capture the violent nature of American life. Michael Moore's documentary, "Bowling for Coumbine" is based on the tragic events at Columbine, where two high school students shot their classmates before pulling the trigger on themselves. From this event Moore goes over other tragedies like a boy shooting a girl at an elementary school and many others, in an attempt to explain our violent nature. Of course, like most of Moore's documentaries, this one partially serves for his own political agendas like his stance against the NRA and Wal-Mart, but he's able to raise a lot of key questions about our society. Going over how the media overblows everything to be more dangerous than they actually are, and how it causes us to learn how to descriminate against minorities (specifically African Americans). Even offering enlightening interviews that offer various people's opinions on our violent nature from the likes of Mar
Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers
Peter Jackson and company return to continue the epic story. Based off a series of novels by Tolkein, the film essentially picks up where the first one left off. Frodo (Elijah Wood) and Samwise (Sean Astin) are on their way to Mordor to destroy the ring before Sauron can get a hold of it and take over the world. Along the way, they bump into a suspicious character, Gollum (voiced by Andy Serkis), that also has his eyes on the ring, so he tries to manipulate our two heroes to reclaim it. Meanwhile, Aragorn (Viggo Mortenson), Legolas (Orlando Bloom), and Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) continue their search for Merry (Dominic Monahagan) and Pippin (Billy Boyd) after they were kidnapped by Orcs in the last film. After the two naive Hobbits escape, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Merry and Pippin discover that Sauron plans on weakening the human kingdom of Rohan by controlling their king. However, once Gandalf (Ian McKellen) saves the king from Sauron's spell, it's then that our heroes discover that Roh
Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring
Perhaps one of the greatest stories ever told makes its' cinematic debut. Based off a series of novels by J.R. Tolkein, the film is about how Sauron (a.k.a. Satan) gives away several rings of power to each of Middle Earth's kingdoms (Elves, humans, and dwarfs). Unknowingly to everyone, Sauron creates another ring, one which is capable of ruling all the other rings, thus allowing him to take over the world. An epic battle rages on until Eliciador, human ruler of Gondor, vanquishes Sauron. However, because of Eliciador's greed, the ring isn't destroyed. Eventually, a series of events happen where Bilbo Baggins (Ian Holm), of the Shire, finds and keeps the ring, and uses it to save the world. However, once Bilbo and his sorcerer friend, Gandalf (Ian McKellen) discover the ring's true origin, and how Sauron's life is tied to the ring. Thus, almost assuring of his return. Gandalf sends Frodo (Elijah Wood), Bilbo's nephew, and Samwise (Sean Astin) along with a group of warriors to go to Mord
America's favorite fat cat finally makes his big screen debut. Following in the footsteps of other animated characters brought to the big screen like Scooby Doo and George of the Jungle. The story is essentially about how Jon Arbuckle adopts Odie to impress a veterinarian girl, but when Odie runs away, it's up to Garfield to save him. Garfield is brought to life via computer animation while the other animals are real. The animation is fairly decent at best, and the story is bit simplistic for my taste. However, the film did seem pretty funny at times like when Garfield tried to get Odie to fall for his trap. It kind of reminded me of my youth watching the cartoon as a kid. I think parents and children will enjoy this film. Parents can enjoy it because they grew up with the character while kids will love it because...its Garfield damn it! Overall, "Garfield" is a great family film.
50 First Dates
Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore heat up the screen together again, in another romantic comedy. The film is about a hawaiin resident marine biologist, played by Adam Sandler, whom has a reputation for having one night stands with several female tourists. However, things change when he falls in love with Drew Barrymore, whom plays a woman that has suffered severe brain damage due to a car accident a year ago. This accident causes her to be unable to form new memories after each day since. This situation puts Sandler where he has to make Drew fall in love with him every day, so they can be together. Like all Sandler films, the story is predictable and cliches are abundant in the movie, as well as the typical weirdo played by Rob Schneider. Fortunately, Sandler and Barrymore display the same chemistry that made the "Wedding Singer" a good comedy. The film is great for a few good laughs, but don't expect anything witty about it.
The Punisher (2004)
"The Punisher" is one of the most intriquing super hero films I've ever seen. The film is based off the popular Marvel comic book character. The story begins with an undercover cop, Frank Castle (Tom Jane) busting a son of a mafia leader, Howard Saint (John Travolta), in a drug shipment. However, when Howard finds out about it, he orders to have Frank's entire family killed at a family reunion. Frank, being the sole survivor of the massacre, vows revenge, and dedicates his life to punishing the guilty and aiding the innocent using nothing but guns and violence. The good old American way! The story is basically your run of the mill revenge tale, but the direction and character development engulfs the viewer into the film. The visuals were intense allowing for people to see the violent life Frank leads after becoming the Punisher. However, it seems like the film goes too far out it's way to show excessive violence. In one scene, you see Frank cut a man's head in half with a knife. Oh yea
Batman & Robin
Out of all the films I've seen, this one just plain sucks. I wish I could say something positive out of this film other than saying that this is probably the only film out of the series thus far (except for Batman Begins) that shows a deep connection between Alfred and Bruce Wayne. Also, how it seems that George Clooney will most likely be unfairly blamed for all of this film's follies. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to say he did a great job at being Batman but with lines like, "Batcredit card, I never leave the cave without one", would make any actor look stupid playing Batman. The film is based off the classic DC characters, Batman (George Clooney) and Robin (Chris O'Donnel), where they have been together for a while and have gotten on each other's nerves. Throw in Batgirl and Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenneger) with him trying to intimidate us with his "Terminator attitude" trying to cure his wife, but I'm not too scary to sing songs like, "I'm Mr. White Christmas." Also, lets no
Superman Iii
"Superman III" is perhaps one of the biggest disappointments of all time. The film is based on the popular flagship character from D.C. comics. In the film, a powerful business man tries to create a super computer, that can control weather, to take over the world by enlisting the aid of a bumbling computer whiz played by Richard Pryor. In their grand scheme to bump Superman out of the way, they create a special red kryptonite that turns Superman into a bad guy. Meanwhile, Superman's alter ego, Clark Kent, gets reaquainted with his old high school sweet heart, Lana Lang. For those of you that's expecting the same magic that made the first two films great, this movie fails to live up to it. The direction seemed lacklustered at times, special effects were mediocre, and the storyline was uninteresting. Another disappointing sequel. In the film, the story is written in a third person point of view by illustrating Richard Pryor as the main character. I remember growing as a kid various Su
School Of Rock
To simply put it, "The School of Rock," rocks. In an era where most kid films generally suck, "School of Rock" reminds us of the times when kid movies actually used to be cool like the Home Alone films (the first two that is). The story is about an out of work rock musician played by Jack Black, living with his friend and former band member, trying to form a band for the battle of the bands, but he's forced by his friend's girlfriend to get a normal job. However, as luck would have it, his friend gets a call to be a substitute teacher at a private school, so Jack goes and poses as the new wood be teacher. Don't get me wrong. This film still has the typical cliche father figure teaching kids about confidence and all that feel good crap we expect, but it does it in a unique and funny way. For example, in the film, Jack teaches the kids about rock and roll, and how to stick it to the man. "School of Rock" is a hillarious film that many families will come to enjoy. Jack is simply funny
"Ran" is perhaps one the best films of all time. The film is an adaptation of William Shakespear's classic play, "King Lear." Ran tells the story of a powerful sixteenth century Japanese warlord, Hidetora Ichimonji(Tatsuya Nakadai), whom decides to retire and give his three sons his land by dividing it equally amongst them, but leaving his eldest son, Tarotakatora (Akira Terrao), as the main ruler of the three kingdoms. Falling prey to false praises from his treacherous sons Tarotakatora and Jiromasatora (Jinpachi Nezu), King Hidetora feels comforted in his decision. However, his youngest son, Saburonaotora (Daisuke Ryu), is banished by the King because Saburo was the only one who cared about his father to tell him the harsh truth. Backed by his own selfish pride, Lord Hidetora witnesses the brutal truth that Saburo was right. His kingdom collapsing around him as his two eldest sons fight for power. And Lady Kaede (Mieko Harada)who is wife of Tarotakatora, has her own plans of seducing
Blazing Saddles
"Excuse me while I whip this out." Yes, Mel Brooks puts together one of the most controversial yet funniest parodies ever created. The film is about a small town named Rock Ridge that's terrorized by a bunch of gunslinging bandits, so they send aid to Governor Lepotomane's office requesting for a new sheriff. However, the Lepotomane's aid, Hedley Lamarr (Harvey Korman), wants to build a rail road through Rock Ridge and needs all the inhabitants to move out for his own financial gain, so he stages to have an African America ex-railroad worker, Bart (Cleavon Little), to become their new sheriff. As one might expect, Bart isn't treated to the warmest of welcomes as the town folk are ready to shoot him on sight when he arrives. Fortunately, in a Mel Brooks way, Bart uses his gun and takes himself hostage causing the town folk to become concerned after they were going to shoot him. I couldn't stop laughing when Bart did that. I mean it's like he said to himself afterwards, "Baby, you are so
The Mask
Ssssssmoking!!! Jim Carrey stars in a action comedy based off the comic book by Dark Horse. In which a nerdy bank teller, Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey), goes through life as basically a "push over", and never has any luck with the ladies. Putting up with an annoying boss, a @#*^&and lord, and rip-off mechanics. Just as his life couldn't get any worse, he finds a mysterious mask, that supposedly contains the Norse God's, Loke, powers. Granting Stanley the powers similar to a cartoon character in which to obtain all the things he's ever wanted. Thus, turning him into a love crazed wild man trying to woo the likes of such babes like Cameron Diaz. However, after beating a mafia group to the punch on robbing a bank, Stanley finds himself in all sorts of troubles as he must take on the police and mafia all while trying to clear his name. Jim Carrey of course uses his slapstick humor to add to cartoon superhero, and the special effects are solid. The film is cliched and the most of the characte
Bad Santa
"Bad Santa" takes everything we all hold dear to Christmas and obliterates it with cursing and fowl low brow humor, and I absolutly love it! The movie is about a drunken middle aged Santa (Billy Bob Thornton) that hates his job and plans to rob the mall, where he works at, with help from his would be sidekick elf (Tony Cox). However, along the way some little fat kid starts to warm the old crook's heart, and Santa must decide to either help the kid or stick to his usual plan of drinking, robbing, and women. Plus, John Ritter as the mall supervisor, who's appalled by Santa and elf, is hillarious. In one scene, John tries to fire Santa because he was caught having sex in the women's dressing room. However, Santa and elf turn it around and make John look like he's racist against midgets. Uttering hillarious lines like, "Pretty soon you're gonna have whole bunch of these little *****ers with protests signs," by Santa. Terry Zwigoff does a great job providing a comedy that adults can enjoy
"Collateral" is one psychological thriller that doesn't fail to disappoint. The movie is about a New York cab driver, Max (Jamie Foxx), whom unknowlingly give a ride to a professional hit man, Vincent (Tom Cruise). During the ride, Max promised to be Vincent's personal driver for a fee of six hundred dollars. However, things start to get out of control when Max sees a dead body fall on top his cab. Michael Mann's use of cinematography and direction immerses the viewer in the environment of the film. As tension grows with Foxx and Cruise in the film, the viewer is unable to take his/her eyes off the screen. Michael Mann's latest film is a true example of how immersive a movie can be. The cinematograpy captures the theme of the film quite well. Allowing the viewer to feel as if he/she is inside the cab riding alongside Max and Vincent. Like when Vincent tries to kill a guy in a night club and results in shooting several innocent people, the light and the atmosphere create the perfect
Hotel Rwanda
Hotel Rwanda" is the most inspirational film, about hope within a troubled society, that I've seen since "City of God." The film is based off a true story, involving the 1994 Rwandan tribal conflict between the Tutsis and the Hutus, about a hotel manager, Paul (Don Cheadle), struggle to servive as he uses his hotel as a shelter for Tutsi refugees. Like "City of God," this film illustrates a sense of hope within a society that would make anyone feel that there is no reason to survive. The dark direction and story are the best feautures because it shows the world's ignorance to the Rwandan crisis, and the dark prejudice of African society. Don Cheadle and Sophie Okenedo are simply brilliant in the movie by dishing out Oscar-esque performances. Overall, "Hotel Rwanda" is one of the most powerful films I've ever seen. Don Cheadle's performance was top-notch in this film. Don portrays his character as a man whoms only concern is to protect his family, but he is thrown into a frustrating
Mr. Deeds Goes To Town
"Mr. Deeds Goes To Town" is one Cappra's best films ever. The story is about a small town poet named Longfellow Deeds, residing in Mandrake Falls, who inherits twenty million dollars from his rich uncle after he dies. However, when Deeds goes to New York to collect his inheritance and use it to help the needy, he soon finds himself a victim of modern society with every rich mongrul trying to take advantage of him from lawyers to phony relatives. Babe Bennet, played by Jean Arthur, is a newsreporter who pretends to get close to Deeds to cover his exploits, but she soon finds herself falling for the labeled "Cinderella Man." Frank Capra's direction in this film is very powerful and makes up for some of the scripts minor flaws. The chemistry between Jean Arthur and Gary Cooper was genuine while dishing out intelligent humor; a quality lacking in many of today's modern romantic comedies. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect when I first saw this film, but anyone who sees this won't b
Mr. Deeds
I'm honestly at a lost for words about this film. I loved the original film because of its witty dialogue and character development which this film lacks. "Mr. Deeds" is a remake of the 1936 classic, "Mr. Deeds Goes To Town." The story is about a small town Pizza Owner and Poet named Longfellow Deeds, living in Mandrake Falls, who inherits forty billion dollars from his uncle Blake after he dies. Unfortunately, Deeds finds himself a victim of circumstance when he learns that Blake's investors are trying to sell his uncle's company. Meanwhile, Faye Bennet a.k.a. Pam Dawson tries to get close to Deeds to cover his exploits on her news show, but she suddenly starts to fall for the guy. I have to be honest when I say that I think Frank Cappra would shoot himself in the freakin head if he saw this. Not only does this film take everything that was good about the original, but it spits it out and tries to pass off something else. Another remake gone bad. Everything from the acting and dire
Every now and then a few films will come out that'll redefine the standards of what a movie is, and "Memento" is definitely one of those rare films. Christopher Nolan's dark direction for this film has audiences constantly guessing what's going to happen next while Guy Pearce and the rest of the cast deliver spectacular performances. The film is about a man, Leonard (Guy Pearce) on mission to find and seek revenge against his wife's murderer. However, Leonard suffers from a short term memory loss preventing him from constructing new memories due to an attack when he tried to stop his wife's murderer. Thus, he can only remember who he is and everything leading up to the incident, but he can't remember anything for more than two minutes after that. The only flaw this film does suffer from is that it may come off too disturbing for the faint of heart, but it's definitely worth seeing. "Memento" is by far the best film of 2001 by creating the idea that memories of one's past isn't always a
Jewels Are Cut From More Than Precious Stone
Jewels are cut from more than precious stone. A life, too, is cut to catch the light. No beauty is refracted when a lone, Isolated stranger rides the night. Can you be jewels to each other's sun? Each needs a light to shine upon the heart, Awakening the loveliness that one Never could reveal if still apart. Do, then, both shine and give refraction, So you may be both source of light and jewel. Have each the strength to translate into action A love that is both sparkling fire and fuel. When two are one the sun and jewel can play: Now each heart will the other's light display. by Nicholas Gordon
Grown & Sexy
Well, I'm finally 31! I odn't feel like I'm 31, at least I don't think I do. I think I feel 27 still....lmao! Everyone says that I haven't changed.... so I guess in their eyes I'm whatever I was when they met me. (In some cases 12!) I takee it as a compliment. But it makes me think, have I changed? Yeah, I know i'm a mom and I have a career that I love. I drive a nice car and live in a new house in a nice part of town... but I wonder, is it possible not to change?? I look back on some of my choices I've made. (Not the best at times) but they were my choices that have helped me to become me... I'm a lot of things, or at least that how I seee myself. Through it all I tried to remain honest to myself and I tried to not allow others define me. I am me... that's it. Tiffany
Thinking Of You. . .
Thinking Of You. . . by Amanda E. Rogers As long as my dreams are always of you As long as a couple means only two As long as forever contains me and you I'm thinking of you... As long as the moon shines in your eyes As long as faith will never die As long as there's love between you and I I'm thinking of you... As long as our eyes meet in burning flame As long as trust means 'no one's to blame' As long as the hurt ends in no shame I'm thinking of you... As long as we survive as a pair As long as I know that you'll always care As long as love remains true and fair I'm thinnking of you... As long as the calm follows the storm As long as the need becomes well-worn As long as I'm safe and left untorn I'm thinking of you... As long as your love keeps me from harm As long as we're together, I'll always be warm As long as I stay wrapped in your arms I'm thinking of you...
When A Heart Breathes
when a heart breathes by lorie ann hammond I ask people what love is... They usually tell me different things. They say it makes a heart breathe, I think it makes reality from dreams. My mother told me a story when I was a child. She said, "God gave it to you when you were born." "With His own breathe, He blessed you with his own," "that, my dear child, is how much you're adorned." My brother told me, "When Ronda found me, I was lonely." "But when I looked into her eyes, my heart could breathe." He also told me, "You'll find that someone." Growing up I didn't know who that could be. He said, "Love does make reality from dreams..." I know, because God gave it to me." I know now by what this means, for when I look into your eyes, my heart br
You Make My Spirit Soar
You Make My Spirit Soar by Neil Bruce Ennis I look into your eyes, I'm falling Into you. I'm soaring In the azure sky In places and ways I never thought possible before. I touch your skin An electric tingle thrills me, I'm hectic As I wish your touch Would linger on me forever. I smell your scent the fluttering wings Of butterflies tremble in my stomach, As I long to immerse myself In all of you. Each little thing about you Makes the thought of life Without you, Seems as unthinkable As eagles that have never flown.
Who Are You - I Need To Know
Who Are You - I Need To Know by Carole Ann Beautiful poems, Long, loving talks, Blue skies & tender, Bright sunshine - a walk. Romantic & Sweet, My Sexy desire, This heart fell in love, All passion - all fire. Are you what you say? I've seen it to be true... Or are you what you do? For I've seen that clearly, too. Degrader of women, Sex without love, Selfishly using, No light from above. "We just used each other..." This is not true, you were the user it's her world that blew. "Can't understand doing a friend..." How horrible - grotesque. Words no "man" could defend. I've heard you speak... I've seen you do all... There I was... again... All alone in the hall. It's all true - it's all real. You can't understand.. I know who I am - And me, I can't scam. God, help me decipher, I want to be sure. Was it all the disease, Or is there truly no cure?
You Will Soon Be Gone
You will soon be gone by M.R.S. I must confess I didn't think you and I would last They said you were too young and I, of course, too old But you, for some reason, have touched my heart like no other Everything I do, everything I think... you're not far from my mind You're my life That will be the downfall of our love You will soon complain That I'm all over you, you will soon say, "you're too nice," and then you will soon say, "It's not your fault, it's mine." You must understand this is the only way I know to love I think and always have thought that to please is to love and be loved, But I am wrong It's to make unhapy and to make sad... is to love and to abuse and to cause pain ... is to be loved?
A Dream Come True
A Dream Come True by Amanda M. Morgan As the star-lit sky climbs across his eyes, And the silver moon shoots down the skies, The lady walks along the streams; He watches and gazes imagining a dream. She reaches out and grabs a star, And with a kiss places it in his heart. He takes her hand and walks by her side- A tie through love never to subside. She calls out his name, he wakes from his dream; Then he looks to his side, and finds her asleep.
Always, And Forever, You
Always, and Forever, You by A. Greco Why is it, I love the ones Who I can never have You are my inspiration You make me want to love You are the joy in my life And I know you know it Because you look at me With your gorgeous blue eyes And you make me smile With the look you always give Your bright smile Can take all the demons away And when you speak I get chills down my back The touch you give Is higher than heaven Forever you will be my Crush And never will I forget The days you filled me with joy And the times you made my life complete.
Fire Song
Fire Song by Margot Bollock There is a cavernous chill outside. The sun is simply done With this day. And so are we. The night is brimming with marvel. While the sap whistles And boils in the burning wood, Orange flames joggle your face And gently suck attention from it. Our eyes are locked with bewitchment. I can sniff arson in your skin. I feast on your language. You swoop into me Like a blackbird zeroing to seed Or a hawk to prey Its talons raking stars from the sky. My eyes are glazed from the fresh winds Of our breath. My heart is a mare Galloping me to limbo.
To My One And Only Love
to my one and only love by Sanjay Patel i need not look toward the moon when you are the beauty of my life i need not seek the sun when you are the light of my soul i need not search the heavens when you are the very beat of my heart the universe is but an atom of my love all of which i find in you and with every breath i take i think of you, my love you are but a piece of moon on earth which i can never forget and if i was granted but one wish to make i would wish for thy eternal happiness i will love no one but thee till the day i die and then beyond...
Only You
Only You by Chastity Rebecca Barwick There is a special place in my heart... only you can see. No-one else even knows it's there.... it's the tender side of me. There is a special place in my life... only you can fill. Everytime I feel the heat blazing in my soul... I know our love is real. This is a special time in my life... I share with only you. The way we laugh and talk and care... like only lovers do.
I Wish It Were You
I wish it were you by Ann B Johnson A soft touch, holding hands he says his love is true It isn't fair, I know, but.. In my heart, I wish it were you When I watch the boys play or the baby learns something new A special moment to share In my heart, I wish it were you The mountains green against a clear sky White sands and the ocean so blue A day together as a family In my heart, I wish it were you Making love, Living life In my heart....I wish it were you.
CoNfUsEd by Lourdes Villamor I don't know what's happening I don't know what to do- But I know one thing for sure... I'm infatuated with you. However, it's not so clear How you feel about me. My heart was closed for good Yet, I thought you found the key. One minute, for me, You seemed to care Then the next minute... You act as if I'm not even there. I wish you could let me know What you are thinking. Maybe I won't be confused anymore, Maybe my heart will stop wishing. I wish you would let me know What you are feeling inside. You don't have to be afraid, Your feelings you don't have to hide. I've been so confused lately. To you, I don't know what to say. Sometimes, I don't feel anything, and other times, I don't want to take my heart away. Every time our eyes meet, It seems as if they're saying... That you need me, and that I need you Or maybe they are just lying. Just tell me, tell me how you truly feel- maybe we can be together and o
A Kiss By Wildsweetone
A Kiss by wildsweetone A Kiss Across the room she saw him looking at her lips. He liked her lipstick, was hanging out for a kiss. Melding lips, melding bodies. Warmth enveloped her lingering mind fancying his body against hers. He crossed the room, a direct line eyes, deep liquid molten gold stared at her lips, her tongue softly stroked full lower lip. Eyes stayed on her tongue, parted lips welcomed his interest. Without waiting for an answer, without asking the question, he leaned forward traced tingles across her upper lip with his tongue. Shivers slithered through her spine; chin raised, eyes open. Tongue slipped in warm mouth, danced sensual belly dance eliciting deep soul moans. Tracing her teeth, his mouth first soft, turned hard, needy against her own. She sucked his tongue deep, the tip trailed silver sparkles inside. Whimpering, she met his tongue, rubbed slow, invited his hot need to stab her aga
A Romantic Rendezvous
A Romantic Rendezvous by Debbie A romantic rendezvous Shared between me and you At our favourite l restaurant We both know what we want We share a bottle of wine Your hand touches mine A moment passes between Our obvious love is seen Few words are spoken A spell is cast, unbroken Shall we? You say to me I nod my head happily We walk to the car Traveling not too far To a deserted place You caress my face I smile at you lovingly We kiss passionately Arms around me in this space Hold me in a loving embrace You turn the car key Home we go, you and me Home to our marital bed Shared and enough said
Pillows Behind The Headboard
Hot summer nights, wild, wild lovin windows open to the hot night air night breeze teases our sweaty skin we writhe and cry out crazy words shouting moaning the bed's squeaking The headboard's banging, loud and steady like a big bass drummer keeping time until even we can't take noise any longer, stuffing pillows tween the bed and the wall to muffle the sound of our frenzied desire I hear loud knocking upon the door open up! open up! this is the police! Is someone in there being kilt? open up or we will break down this door! neighbor's said someone's being injured stumbling naked, my robe forgotten Smiling sheepishly I let them in as they look me over and shake their heads you smile and wave from beneath the sheets they stammer apologies, then quickly leave us I lock the door, and return to your side we laugh like kids and wriggle together where were we, before being interrupted? I think I remember, but refresh my mind give me some help with this, lets
Erotic Explorations
The secret world of smooth warm flesh your graceful curves delight my eye they call my fingertips to explore them such a wondrous geography, paradise I ache to be your favorite native son, born to love each rise, and silken valley, humbly bow my head to drink so deep from your wellspring of sweet desire I long to quench my lusty thirst in you parched, like a desert nomad's throat dream of the day when you float above find sweet release, like clouds and rain your hands reach out, to take my face and pull me to your waiting breasts to suckle you long as a greedy child lulled by the music, of your hot breath your fingers plow furrows in my hair and trace my brow, fever flushed softly croon song of love to me need binds me tight to your side do you feel me throb so deep inside? a counterpoint to your rolling motion? my growling voice echoes in the room your name kisses my lips and tongue trembling thighs, so graceful spread heaven's gate open so wide
A Simple Lust
A Simple Lust A simple lust Is all I yearn for: A desperate anguish in Love's deepest well, I seek to die for... A nightingale she was Singing aloud to my soul: "How far would you go," She asked me, "Till you accomplish That treasure that you seek?" Mesmerised and spellbound Was I, as I soared Through winter's age Searching for a love That knows no pain.
I just want to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome. I must say that I really didn't expect such a welcom. Sorry that my page is kind of blah right now, but I will make some changes soon, so keep checking it out. Magan
My Life
My Life by Stephen Babcock If my life is the question, she is the one who answers it. If my life is the wind, she is the scent that sweetens it. If my life is the sky, she is the cloud that softens it. If my life is a picture, she is the color that brightens it. If my life is the sea, she is the light that reflects off it. If my life is with her, she is the one who completes it.
The Betrayal
The Betrayal by Velma Carbajal The rose has fallen and its perfection faded; its beauty tarnished, no longer wanted. The rain has fallen and the stream has flooded; its intensity remains but no dignity left to be bonded. This union, strong, its formation has a reason; its clarity left no salvation, now it's gone, claimed by the season. The truth left no room for denial as its secret uncovered; Its taste, bitter and final, can no longer be recovered. The vow was broken and its meaning forgotten; its words left unspoken and its value not worth a token. The storm has passed and the river derailed; its strength has subsided and its destruction unveiled. The betrayal no longer a mystery and innocence now a crime; the game left misery and a wound to be healed with time.
Becoming One
Becoming One by Michelle M. Schoone Gentle Touches Caresses Bodies Entwined Passionate Kisses Lips So Devine Hearts Pounding Racing Eyes Mesmerized Two Souls Searching, Seeking Love Undenied Finding, Feeling Becoming One Inside.
Kiss by Aphrodite When you kiss me Part of my soul drains away And becomes part of you And I feel you do the same. I feel you become closer to me; I feel so loved And I feel the ecstasy That only you could bring. I feel I could cry For I had stopped dreaming, long ago, Of finding the perfect guy And even as the moment ends And our lips begin to part I can still hear the pounding Of my fragile heart. Now the kiss has passed But the feeling doesn't leave As I fall back into your arms And begin to dream....
I Love
I love by g0thic I love you near, I love you far, I love you wherever you are; my life for you, my love for you, my hopes for you are great. I cry tears of joy, tears of love. Even tears cannot express what I feel inside. Life is fun, but love is beautiful. Love is joy and friendship, happiness, euphoria in everything I do for you. Love is more than words can express, more than the look on many faces, the touch of hands, the words at night. Love is more than I will ever understand. And that, my love, is why I love you.
White Anger
White Anger by Steven Mather How desolate now the silent song once born within your swan's throat; false honey voice and silven words, bringing light in sugar sandwiches and turning each and every moment, to fools' dishonest gold. What grinning lies behind your goddess mask, now hardened to the battered hearts; shattered, bleeding in your wake? Shimmering, glistening, radiant eyes. False promise glows within those pools; turning heads and making fools. Where once I thought they gazed with lust, your loveless, vacant frigid eyes, deeply probing, searching, seeking. No! Never was your gaze for me. Only for your own reflected image, which was and is your one true love.
A Friend Most True
A Friend Most True Wendy Hinson 04.03.99 I need to know if youre my true friend, will you be by my side until the end? Can I tell you my secrets deep, and trust them in your heart youll keep? We are neither of us without our flaws, can you accept mine as I will yours? Ill be a shoulder to cry on when youre blue, will you be there for me when I need you? No matter how busy I will make time for you, if you are busy will you make time for me too? I will take your hand and comfort your tears, will you hold me and soothe my fears? I will give you joy and many warm smiles, can we share that even across many miles? I will not forget whats important to you, will you remember whats important to me too? With you my most favourite things Ill share, If only I know do you truly care? If you can accept me as I do you, then I will know you are a friend most true.
The Best Of Friends
The Best of Friends Jill Wolf, sent by Wendy Hinson The best of friends, Can change a frown, Into a smile, when you feel down. The best of friends, Will understand, Your little trials, And lend a hand. The best of friends, Will always share, Your secret dreams, Because they care. The best of friends, Worth more than gold, Give all the love, A heart can hold.
You Were There
You Were There Beth Ensminger, sent by Krystine Ose When no one was there for me And I thought that no one cared When the whole world walked out on me And I thought I was alone You were there When the one I cared about the most Could care less about me When the one I gave my heart to Threw it in my face You were there When the person I trusted Betrayed me When the person I shared a lot of memories with Can't even remember my birthday You were there When all I needed was a friend To listen to me whine When all I needed was someone To catch my tears You were there When my heart hurt so bad I couldn't even breath When I just wanted to crawl up and die You were there When I started to cry After hearing that sad song When thew tears just wouldn't Stop falling down You were there So you see I will be there until the end This is a promise I can make If you ever need me Just give me a call I will be there just as you were there for me
A Friend Is Someone...
A FRIEND IS SOMEONE... Krystine Ose A friend is someone who cares Someone who is always there A friend is someone special Someone who you can tell everything A friend is someone who will never betray you No matter who doesn't like you A friend is someone you can trust Someone kind of like you
A True Friend
A TRUE FRIEND Ashley Montgomery A true friend never walks away A true will always stay A true friend looks out for you A true friend will guard your secrets Like a precious gift A true friend is there for you To give you a helpful lift A true friend tries to make you smile Tries to replace that frown They may not always succeed But they rarely let you down These arms for you are open This heart for you does care And when I think you need me I'll try to always be there I'll listen to your fears I promise not to laugh Comfort your falling tears I'll make this friendship last I'll keep you near to my heart I'll always hold you dear Even when we're miles apart Even when you're here I hope I am to you Everything you are to me For the friendship we have Is a special one indeed.
All Roads Lead Back To You...
ALL ROADS LEAD BACK TO YOU... M. A. Dolly Cold black stone Left me standing here all alone A road Ive found no end So many bumps and turns Still you leave me with another bend Twisted and curved I follow Deep within my heart cold and hollow Winding and turning I continued on So many roads have come and gone One day I set out to find the right path Frustated, sad and confused Only to find myself feeling its wrath I moved along, My Soul, tormented and bruised Standing at a fork in this God forsaken place Tired, scared and all alone Tears of sorrow streaked my face I fall, hitting hard, the cold black stone A gentle touch upon my shoulder Not knowing, not willing to understand I turned to see you standing there Outstretched arm with a helping hand......... I thank God for the day you were created And smile each time you look my way The road has warmed and all my sorrows were tamed Within my heart your friendship and love will always remai
Are You My Friend?
ARE YOU MY FRIEND? James Brinkworth Will you be there when I'm down, And catch me when I fall? Will you hold me when I need To feel the warmth of your touch? Will you laugh when I laugh, And cry when I cry? Will you let me rant and rave, When I need to let off steam? Will you discuss those painful things, That you'd rather not think about? Like the times we've hurt each other, And promised would never do so again? Will you say the right thing, When all I've heard is the wrong? And tell me soothing words, That make the pain I feel subside? Will you understand me when I say, "I can't see you now, go away"? Will you come back when I call, As if nothing happened at all? If you'll do these things for me, And keep smiling all the way. If you'll be with me through the bad times, As well as the good. Then truly you are my friend, My pal, my mate and my confidante. And that means so much to me. I thank you dearly, for being there, You, My Fri
TOMORROW Renee Franklin - Dec. 2, 1997 In my darkest hour... In my deepest despair... Will you still care? Will you be there? In my trials and my tribulations? Through all doubts and frustrations? In my violence... And my turbulence? Through my fear And my confessions? In my anguish... And my pain? Through my joy and sorrow In the promise of another tomorrow I will never let you part For you, are always in my heart.
GOLD Ellen Strauss A heart of gold will never rust It is too precious and too fine Those who know it think it to be Sweeter than the sweetest wine. More valuable than any treasure Shining brighter than anything known It's love is stronger than any weapon Those who know it are never alone. Nothing else like it on this earth Hearts of brass and silver cannot compare To the beauty and warmth it offers each day And with it my soul shall never be bare.
What You Are To Me
WHAT YOU ARE TO ME 6/12/95, Ruth M. Ross A quick glance, a tender smile, I am caught in a spell. A gentle touch, a warm embrace, I know that all too well. A soft voice, an unspoken love, Across the way I see. A kind face, an inner beauty, That's what you are to me.
Friendship, Sonnet #2
FRIENDSHIP, SONNET #2 1996, Melissa Kress We had a friendship pure and true, A friendship time could never cease, That in sad moments, could renew, And bring to us release, We had a friendship, you and I, That was taken much for granted. We thought that it would never die, Much like the seed that we have planted. And in such haste did we forget, The love required to grow, And at our feet it shall be set, Drowning from feelings never shown. Maybe we can save this seed before its time is through, For I've never had a friendship, as the one i have with you.
The Perfect Friend
THE PERFECT FRIEND S.J. McGrath I thought I had found the perfect friend, But it only took about a week for that to end, I thought there was hope left in my life, But as it turns out, it was only added strife, I thought for once I had done something right, But I quickly corrected that oversight, I thought I wasnt useless or a bore, But I was all that and even more, I thought there was a purpose to my days, But that was only a very short phase, I thought you werent like all the rest, But like those before, you failed the test, I thought you would stay with me, at least for a bit, But you decided it was better just to quit, I thought life was worth living for a moment in time, But the life I wanted could never be mine, I thought the hunger inside had been fed, But now I know, I was just being misled. And now I think Ive found another perfect friend, How long before my heart is broken again?
"no Friend At All"
"NO FRIEND AT ALL" L.J.A. ~I once had a friend, who was a wonderful girl Being her friend was like haveing a bright, new pearl She was the best, she was so much fun But then one day she decided that she was done She would not talk, She would not play So I was left alone, left alone all day To tell her how i felt.. Well i didn't have the guts Yet everyday the pain got worse like big paper cuts This girl would get mad even when i would try to call I had a friend, A really nice friend, a friend that was no friend at all
Morning Glory
I awaken to the glory of the morn', sunshine streaking, birds cheerfully cheeping, another day is born. The Morning Glory inaudibly climbs, and shares its shy beauty, so rare. And, we know that behind its mystery, Our Creative God is there. He blesses us with sunshine, He blesses us with rain, because it's only through the showers, that do we not, remain the same. So, as this new day awakens, and I'm cradled securely in Your arms, May Your love forever keep me safe, and sheltered from all storms.
4 Word Letter
Love is a four letter word even though it is not supposed to be..because it is so beautiful. Money is not a four letter word even though it should be because it nasty and bitchy. I want to make love and money but obviously i can't do both at the same time. Love and money must hate each other because apparently I can never have both at the same time. I used to have money but no love and I was dying from not beeing loved. Now I have love but no money and soon be dying from hunger, yet please don't give me any money and don't take away my love. If i could only exchange my love for money..just forget it. And if I had a choice, I'd rather die in the arms or my darling. If I had to anyway.
Your Clit....
It was just after 9pm when you finished your shower The scent of jasmine perfume followed you to our bed With a seductive smile, as you dropped your towel I admired Absolutely beautiful breasts begging to be kissed softly I heard you whisper as only a lover can whisper to me Take me to paradise my darling give me three tonight I lifted back satin blue sheets as you giggled, climbing in I then climbed out, kneeling at the edge of the bed I gently pulled you to the edge and you parted your thighs With the most tender of patience I ran my tongue over your lips Slowly, oh so slowly toward the clit that begins to swell I have never rushed your orgasm I let them come slowly to you Slowly, softly, your fingers run through my hair as you moan Trying hard to catch your breath as I slurp all you release I wiggle my tongue deep into your opening as you contract Over and over you squeeze until you cry out my name
Imagine Yourself
Just another tale from the demented mind of a badboy... Hope it is well received. And as always I am more than willing to act out any fantasies I post or any that the ladies in here would care to share. Licks and kisses for the ladies Badboy in St. Louis Imagine yourself sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing only a black velvet choker which accents the smooth lines of your neck and shoulders, and sheer thigh-high black stockings which give your firm legs a delicious sheen. As I walk in, I catch a faint hint of your perfume- something delicate and quite exotic, unlike anything I've ever smelled before. I get even a stronger dose as I crouch beside you and kiss you gently behind your right ear, inhaling your clean, fresh smell along with that wonderful perfume. Pulling back, I look for a moment into your clear dark eyes before kissing you, gently but firmly, on your velvet lips. After a moment, we break the kiss, only to start another, with more passion in it.. and the
The first time I actually fucked someone it was more happenstance than planning. I mean, Bianca and I had been at the "anything but" stage for three or four weeks, which seemed like eternity. I later found out it was barely a microsecond compared to the lengthy "anything but" experiences of most people I knew or would later meet. But at the time, it seemed like forever. Bianca and I were dying to fuck. She had sucked my dick and made me come -- though I always had to help a little with my own hand before I could come in her mouth. I had eaten her pussy and made her come, something no other lover, including her three female ones, had done for her -- not with hands, mouth or cock. Bianca fancied herself a slut, in intention if not in execution, and would have hopped into bed with me in an instant if there had been a bed available. But the reason we hadn't fucked was threefold. First, we lived with our parents. Each time we'd had oral sex, it had been in
We have time for one more caller, you're speaking with the doctor, what's you question!?!" "Doctor Cossett, my husband and I have been married for twenty three years and the zip has really gone out of our sex life, do you think you could give me some tips on how to liven things up a little bit?" "Well caller, we're almost out of time, but I have found that changing the venue of your love making can add a whole new dimension to the way you feel about each other, and I don't mean doing it in the kitchen instead of the bedroom, try taking an afternoon at a nice hotel, or maybe going on a picnic and making love by a babbling brook, use your imagination, good luck, caller, and this Dr. Olivia Cossett signing off for another day, see you tomorrow, good night!" "Whew, Freddie," she said to her engineer behind the glass, "after listening to three hours of that, you'd think nobody had a happy normal sex life!" "Oh, I don't know," Freddy said with a laugh, "the guy who liked to dress up in his w
I Wanna Be Seduced
Am i hearing you whispering ? I want to be seduced I want a man to take me out to dinner I like to see his eyes getting moody Thinking 'bout the thought of what flirtin's gonna to I want him to be real cool I want him to think about gettin' me right into bed Have a chat about the Magna Charta, flirtin' my heart strings "Something's gone" he said I might demure politely, But very slightly If he tries to fondle my knee But I'm relatively certain I'll compromise if I know me I want to be seduced I want a man to talk to me suggestively I'd like to hear him say he'll be with me tomorrow morning Drinkin' hot jasmine tea. I want him to make me laugh I want him to make a point of touching me when we talk Leaving all the jealous girls in the bar To mumble in their beer and garb You know it only happens when I'm nappin' noddin' in reverie But I wouldn't mind a man Who wouldn't mind seducing Right from the minute that we'd been introduced I wouldn't mind a m

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