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The Auction
bid on me im cheap and easy...will do anything if the price is right :)   click and paste the link and make your bid...the links arent working sorry    
The 2nd Principle
  A free people cannot remain free if they are not both moral and virtuous.  It might not seem important but lessons from the past have taught that only virtuous and moral people are capable of freedom, because the main rule power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely can only be staid by the people.  Here in America, we elect our leaders and have a representative republic, the first new type of governance on the face of the earth that threw of the monarchy rulers.  As nations become stronger they become more corrupt.  Greed and power never has enough on their own and always wants more, in turn creating more masters and more oppression.  The Representative Republic was thus created on 28 principles that the founding fathers included in the framing of the new country – America.  They realized that a wholly democratic country, though ideal, would not work because everything would be needed to be voted upon before acted on.  The other problem would be to have unanimous v
I am sorry I have not been around as of late but I have had alot to do and think about. I will be moving to Indiana within a few weeks and have been working on getting things ready. I will try to be on more but wanted to let you all know what was up... talk to you all later
I Think I Am Misunderstanding The Whole Fan Thing
Let me know if I am wrong, but I thought when you fanned a person it is because your a fan of something you find interesting in a person. How can you Fan someone when you don't really know that person? My List is small but for good reason: Sugartastic: How can you not be a fan of her, she is an amazing writer with creativity coming out through every pore of her body...which not bad mine is better.  :) But back to her writing, she could get me excited about her wonderful day of doing nothing all by how she delivers it.And all around amazing wonderful person for what I know, or what I know from what she expresses in writing and conversation.She even told me about firefox spell check, which stopped me from looking a fool. Mrs. Badcrumble: She is one that I think I could relate to by the environment of people and influences I bring into my life.Anyone that know about the great Divine, how can you not like?Risky at times but over all shows that she is a straight up person and tells you
Sex And Romance...
I had a guy, the other day ask me if I liked "Romance".  Now I had to be honest, and tell him, I have never had romance.  I have heard of it, read about it, but never actually experienced it for myself.  Same man for 23 years folks, and nothing close to romance. *grins*  But that is another story. Well come to find out, after we talked for a little while, what he really meant was sex.  Now I am thinking, is he kidding?  He doesn't know the meaning of the word romance.  Can you imagine?  Thinking romance is sex.  It got me thinking.  Do men really think that?  Do they think that being bent over a sink with a toy up my ass, while he is fucking me romantic?  I find it sexy, but not romantic. *grins* Romance to me is showing you are thinking of them.  A delivery of flowers for no good reason.  Dinner made for me when I get home, romantic weekends spent in bed.  Sweet, naughty texts sent during the day.  A foot massage. Waking me up slowly with kisses and whispers.  Any and all of these t
Get Bound To The Sound!
Dj liltulip is on Dominate Radio 5-7pm eastern (in 30 minutes!!!  to tune in use: for broadband or for dialup 
Nightie Contest
I need all my friends and family to help me please in a contest for a Happy Hour:)Please read contest can only comment on my picture once a day but rules are on this page along with my pic..Thanks to everyone in advance for your help:)" target=_blank>$safe_uid_dname">href="" target=_blank>@ fubar Please be prepared to friend request to comment my pic contest starts at 8pm on August 1st and runs until August 7th:) The page is called the Candy Shop if the link does not work:) Kisses
Busted Blog 8/3/09!!
Normally I hold off on busting people so soon after I do a blog bust. But this one I just couldn't resist! B.C. Lioness Profile Link: This profile was sent to me this morning due to the fake yet verified salute: Any other time I would grab all my info and save the material for a bust at a later date. However I was a bit curious about this fake. She has a ton of photos full of modeling photos. After browsing through a few of them I realized she was invited to fubar by user Paul Andrew. Profile Link: If you read both of their profiles you'll noticed how similar they seem. Here is the first piece of their about me sections: B.C. Lioness: My name is Lindsey Lucillia “Lucy” Martin. I am 24 years old and I was born and raised in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. I presently live with my boyfriend in Victoria, British Columbia. I am a good old western Canadian girl. :-P LOL I have lived here in bea
My New Owner Rocks !!
MY NEW OWNER ROCKS !!   Go check her out and show her some serious fu luvinz. Fan her, Rate her, Add her, And tell her I sent you like the good lil fu slave that I am...  
December Hh's
For December, we should be able to get a break on Happy Hours. We should be able to pay a Hoilday rate of $45.00 for Happy Hours!!! That would add some more activity with Happy Hours. Any comments??
My Kumquat!
For those of you who know me well, know that one of my best friends on this site has been Hugh.... Hes my Kumquat and I'm his snow pea... hes stuck around for 3 years of my roller coaster life and I'm hoping you guys can help me ... I know Hugh will probably not agree with it.. but I am trying to get him Donations for Spotlight  (he will kill me actually)... He might abuse me for this or he might just send all the money back.. He will kill me so please don't mention that i sent you and i really don't care how much you send him could be 200 fubucks just make sure you say "spotlight Donation" as a message...   Hes going to kill me and Im going to laugh my ass off.....   Thanks for all your help.. please no matter what do not mention this blog to him!!  
Snuff - Slipknot     Bury all your secrets in my skin Come away with innocence and leave me with my sin The air around me still feels like a cage. And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again.   So if you love me let me go And run away before i know My heart is just too dark to care I can't destroy what isn't there   Deliver me into my fate If I'm alone I cannot hate I don't deserve to have you OOh, my smile was taken long ago If I can change I hope I never know   I still press your letters to my lips And cherish them in parts of me that savor every kiss I couldn't face a life without your lights But all of that was ripped apart, when you refused to fight   So save your breath I will not care I think I made it very clear You couldn't hate enough to love Is that supposed to be enough?   I only wish you weren't my friend Then I could hurt you in the end I never claimed to be a saint OOh, my own was banished long ago It took the death of hop
Randomness V2
1. I sing all the time. Truth is though, very few of you will actually hear me. Why? I sing horrible.   2. The only way I'll eat a bologna sandwich is with mustard only. Maybe I'm weird, I dunno.   3. Speaking of bologna, everytime I type it..I sing the Oscar Mayer song in my head. And yes, I really do know how to spell it without the help of the song.   4. I really should charge my phone every night. I let the thing get so low I end up having people think I ignore them.   5. Every time I go to Subway I get the same thing. I never change. I'm way too predictable.   6. There is a team on my bowling league that I really can't stand. The women are so loud it's crazy. I want to ram a bowling pin down their throat.   7. I swear, I'm really not evil.
I'm Not From Here
while cruising the news sites while her boss was busy, my mother stumbled across an article on KSDK about a pair of songwriters, one from Indiana (a real Hoosier) and the other from Saskatchewan (that's Canada for those of you that don't know Canada). they moved here and have since written a song about the bizarre quirks St Louis is known for. here are the lyrics and their video. i may be from here, but i'm not *OF* here. dig ?-----------Symmetry - I'm Not From Here(video link here -- )i just wanted some direction to a place i'd never beenas i listened intently for the street namesinstead he rattled landmarks and places long torn down"Go past the old Arena and the Famous Barr downtown,""turn left at the big Amoco" and right at the "Old Sears"I don't know what he's talkin' 'bout cuz, hey, I'm not from hereI'm not from here (I'm not from here!)I'm not from here (I'm not from here!)I can't your find your dusty buildingsI don't drink your k
Good Lawd...
Ever look at your bartab and the saying "beating a dead horse" comes to mind?
Wicked A Narcotic Or Neurotic?
I have been trying to adjust to this site and I'm failing miserably at it.. I know a few of you have been worried about me but I'm ok don't worry I'm a big girl with flesh coloured granny panties... I realize that at times i seem a little Neurotic and after reading its terminology i would have to agree.. Neurotic: behavior is not ousted socially acceptable norms... what i want to know is who determines whats socially acceptable.. I also believe im all of your crack..... hence narcotic... I also decided i dont mind being your crack... (laugh as you need to) so after careful examination i have deemed myself completely unstable   ENJOY!
Crash - and maybe burned in my Daybed.  Im soon down on my knees BEGGING for someone to hit me over the head with something so I can get som NEEDED sleep.  At least some rest.  I give almost anything for more than  3 hours!   Im sitting here looking outside and up on the clear dark blue sky.  It got flashies all over it!!  :) Maybe THATS where Yoda and my auto is? IT is a beautiful night - or rater morning.  The air outside is not warm - nor is it  too cold.  Just perfect for this time of the year. As every year at this time the heat comes back and stay for a few days - sometimes up to 2 weeks.  Feels like summer is back - but not to be fooled - it get you back if you get caught up in the *summerfeeling*.  Its the PERFECT time to get a cold that last all winter long.  Smart as I am - yes , even I have learned this over the years - I dress varm and dont get tempted to *run* along in short pants and t-shirts.  Oh no!  I put sweats on ( have to get the mail right?) And sometimes eve
A Reminder Of Obama's First Six Months' Accomplishments
(Some trival, some dangerous, all true) 1. Offended the Queen of England .2. Bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia .3. Praised the Marxist Daniel Ortega.4. Kissed Socialist Hugo Chavez on the cheek.5. Endorsed the Socialist Eva Morales of Bolivia .6. Sided with Hugo Chavez and Communist Fidel Castro against Honduras .7. Announced we would meet with Iranians with no pre-conditions   while they're building their nuclear weapons.8. Gave away billions to AIG also without pre-conditions.9. Expanded the bailouts.10. Insulted everyone who has ever loved a Special Olympian.11. Doubled our national debt.12. Announced the termination of our new missile defense system the    day after North Korea launched an ICBM.13. Released information on U.S. intelligence gathering despite    urgings of his own CIA director and the prior four CIA directors.14. Accepted without comment that five of his cabinet members cheated    on their taxes and two other nominees withdrew after they couldn't    take the heat.15
I really DO have some good friends! Right now my handyman buddy is on his way over to crawl under the trailer and re-attach my duct-work, from when I stepped in it...TWICE!  He had the brilliant idea of calling first and asking if I wanted him to pick me up a sammich when he went thru drive-thru to himself something...Isn't that nice???  
One Big Mistake
Well on Aug 9, 2009, early in the morning I did something really dumb. I was at a SCA event, started drinking some mixed drinks and six hours later I decided to go out for a pack of "smokes".  Well long story short, I got pulled over and ended up spending the night in jail.  Well today, Sep 15, 2009, I got a copy of the offense report.  I didn't know what the breath test final result was, I thought it was .080 BAC but it was .089 BAC.  In the state I live in now, WI, .080 is DWI which is six to nine months without a Drivers Linense.  I could use some advise, please.
Too Funny
BODY,.aolmailheader {font-size:10pt; color:black; font-family:Arial;} a.aolmailheader:link {color:blue; text-decoration:underline; font-weight:normal;} a.aolmailheader:visited {color:magenta; text-decoration:underline; font-weight:normal;} a.aolmailheader:active {color:blue; text-decoration:underline; font-weight:normal;} a.aolmailheader:hover {color:blue; text-decoration:underline; font-weight:normal;} Joke of the Day A Russian and a Redneck wrestler were set to square off for the Olympic gold medal   Before the final match, the Redneck wrestler's trainer came to him and said 'Now, don't forget all the research we've done on this Russian. He's never lost a match because of this 'pretzel' hold he has.   Whatever you do, do not let him get you in that hold! If he does, you're finished.'   The redneck nodded in acknowledgment.   As the match started, the Redneck and the Russian circled each other several times, looking for an opening.   All of a sudden, the
I Know No Other Way.
She's not here now. But that's Ok. She doesn't send me heart beats. She flaunts she teases, she turns her head walks away and expects me to follow. But now, I hold hands with some one else. Now I don't play her games. Now if she wants to play she has to come down of her perfect cloud. Still there are no rules that's fine because the only way survive here is if I let you. I am deadly, I am diseased. Does she dare risk infection? I have survived on stolen time. I know I have many things to pay for but I will not pay her. For she wants what she can't have. To be in her debt is to owe her everything, then she consumes you makes it so you can't think straight and can't see what is right in front of your eyes. I see all to clearly, so clearly it scares me at times. I am consumed by something else. I see that for all her seduction skills, she can't seduce me because only my mistress can grant me what I desire. My mistress doesn't tease or flaunt or need a seductress's skills. She knows she
The Children
Dear God: Why didn't you save the school children at ?. ..Moses Lake , Washington 2/2/96 Bethel , Alaska 2/19/97Pearl , Mississippi 10/1/97West Paducah , Kentucky 12/1/97Stamp, Arkansas 12/15/97Jonesboro , Arkansas 3/24/98Edinboro , Pennsylvania 4/24/98Fayetteville , Tennessee 5/19/98 Springfield , Oregon 5/21/98Richmond , Virginia 6/15/98Littleton , Colorado 4/20/99Taber , Alberta , Canada 5/28/99Conyers , Georgia 5/20/99Deming , New Mexico 11/19/99
Lost, Original Entry In My Diary Of Life
Lost somewhere unknown, so deep in the vast reaches of my mind. Seem to be cast adrift in an endless sea of dispair. Criss crossing through life, the roadblocks and detours many. Each leading me to another nightmare. Each nightmare hard to make any sense of. Each day spent consists of counting the minutes and hours trapped in this troubled life. Each day seems to pushing me closer to insanity.  Everywhere I look brings dispair. No corner or passage seems to save me. Destined to never escape this living nightmare. Freedom seems to not be an option, Seems my destiny in life is to dwell in this memory. Left alone to face this tragic form of life alone. Trying so hard to be an angel, but slipping closer and closer to the darker side of life.  Guess it is time to accept it and continue the present path till life itself ends.
Intimidation And Criminal Threats
Intimidation (also called cowing) is intentional behavior "which would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities" fear of injury or harm. It's not necessary to prove that the behavior was so violent as to cause terror or that the victim was actually frightened.[1] "The calculated use of violence or the threat of violence to attain goals political, religious, or ideological in nature...through intimidation, coercion, or instilling fear" can be defined as terrorism.[2]Threatening behaviours are supposed to be a maladaptive outgrowth of normal competitive urge for interrelational dominance generally seen in animals.Like all behavioral traits it exists in greater or lesser manifestation in each individual person over time, but may be a more significant "compensatory behavior" for some as opposed to others. Behavioral theorists often see threatening behaviours as a consequence of being threatened by others, including parents, authority figures, playmates and siblings. “Use of force is
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Rest My Love We Will Meet Again In Real Life
It is with great saddness to announce the passing of Mickey aka ~§r Då®k Kñïght ~ earlier this afternoon from a fatal heart attack. Here seen with his loving wife, his best friend, his life...HIS ENDLESS LOVE. May you rest in eternal peace. You will be missed by friends and loved ones but never forgotten. Losing a loved one is the hardest thing one can ever go through And Deb is going through some hardship in her time of loss. Please be kind and show your respect to ~Sexy Blōñdĭë~ ~Sexy Blōñdĭë~ and ~§r Då®k Kñïght ~ ENDLESS LOVE... FOREVER Bulletin brought to you by JoJolicious (repost of original by '♥JoJolicious♥ HAPPILY MARRIED TO ☆BULLIE09BLUES☆ Co-Founder of ECS' on '2009-10-29 20:56:16')
Aries and Sex The Ram is more of a tiger where sex is concerned and, like many other sleek animals, loves the hunt -- that steady pursuit of the ultimate prize. Aries is a physical and fearless lover and is blessed with the stamina to go all night long. They are not afraid to experiment sexually in their quest for pleasure, which means an open-minded lover is a must. The Mile-High Club must have been invented for these folks! It's safe to say that Aries' lover must be able to satisfy, or the Ram will move on. The dominant sexual partner will likely be the Ram, and while eroticism is important, a mental connection is also favored by this sign. As if Aries weren't passionate and demanding enough, they also want to be made to feel secure in a sexual relationship, lest jealousy rear its ugly head.   Funny how they get it right sometimes.  The beauty of generalization.
Do I Dare
The lazy streets are undemandingI walk into the crowd..In starbucks you get yourCoffee or that lemonadeWhere people dress just snazzy..Beauty so unavoidable everywhereIts there I sit and wonder "Do I Dare?"But on the cellphone I text to herI'm nothing I want to beShe was a super model..And one wouldn`t know theDifference would you?Modern namesLike jackie or mandyAnd modern bodies again..0n Beach BoulevardI never felt so lonelyNever felt so out of placeI never wanted something more!But on the sitesI am anything I want to be She was beauty model For Robert Powers... On the cellphone I amAny heightI am any age I want to beShe could be a caped crusader orSupergirl, even middle aged...And you wouldnt knowThe difference would you?
Own Tink! :)
Own Me. Click Picture to bid.    
Echoes Of Past::2
She felt him arrive almost immediately.  It made bile rise up in her throat and she gagged on it as he descended upon her. "Hello Vela." he growled in a thick Drekorian accent. He was a massive beast, even by dragon standards, standing over 34 feet tall, all black sinew and scale, and he absolutely reeked of evil.  Yes, he was more than tainted by Tenebrae and belonged more on Bludloc with the Shadul then he did here on Dreckor. "Skul'ka" she nodded up at him, trying and failing miserably to cloak her fear. She had known one day that she would have to face him again, but why now, when she was so illy prepared and nearly drained of mageic? The Ophir and Teneb were always in conflict, as was their way, but it was time for it to come to a head and for the balance to be restored once again, in this, the 19th Mageic War. This was only the beginning. 
America's Agenda Blueprinted By A Convicted Felon?....
Check the blog below and to the left with a similar title...don't forget to rate , tell your friends and post your comments as always and please don't forget to rate it a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 11..:D
Paranormal Activity
I don't normally feel compelled to blog about the movies I watch, but this one is different. I love scary movies, but alas I hardly ever see a good one anymore - one that is actually SCARY. Paranormal Activity is an exception. It is the first time in many years that I have felt my skin crawl whilst watching a movie, and it is the first time in just as long that I've laid in bed awake a while, feeling uneasy. I don't want to give anything away about the movie, so I'll just say that if you're a fan of the genre then watch this one!  
In The Cold Of Tonight
I’m so Lonesome.In the cold of tonight..I see the light in you.That fires my soul.That heats my night.And I wanna hold you tight..In the cold of tonight.You have a way.That saves my day.I want you.To want me.Wont you say.You want me too.I wanna stroke your hair.As if it was my everyday.Or do I just fade.In the cold of tonight.Copyright ©2009 Vernon  Reese
To Put Confusion Straight
Ok There are some people on here who are confused at the moment i am currently at home but on 25-12-09  or 12-25-09 night time on a train called the XPT  i will be leaving Sydney to go toMelbourne arrive in Melbourne on Boxing Day Morning Boxing Day is a public holiday in australia then i get on a 2nd train from Melbourne To Ballarat for Christmas Holidays until about the 11-01-10 or 01-11 or possibly 01-25-10 or 25-01-2010 to see my brother and my new sister in law and my new neices and my aunt and uncle and my cousins and my 2nd cousins and my sister and her boyfriend for christmas and the new year which will be fun i hope this clears up any confusion people from BRUCE ps it's official  i willl be away for 4 weeks people  until the 25-1-2010 or 1-25-2010
Terrorism... Poor Kids
That's right folks!! Terrorism, the Church of PedoPriest has engaged in an act of terrorism and Us at the Arach of Atheos Newspaper has uncovered the new story!We uncovered this story of their Newest member, formerly known as Lord Spinoza. Spinoza had given his life over to god! In the most faithful of all acts He had done what god commanded of him, as has uttered those four words JESUS IS THE GREATEST, he blew himself up while on a bus full of teenagers on their way to Christian campIn this statement released to the media, as well as us those at the “Arach of Atheos” paper, you can see his statement below.  Okay you conspiracy theorist, we all the AOA newspaper, thought it all a little too suspicious that a priest by all accounts on good terms with everyone would just one day decide to commit an act of terrorism and blow himself up.. that was until we found this floating around this secret order of pedophile priest newsletter. In it you see that it was NOT a random act,
Welcome To America
WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Press 1 for English. Press 2 to disconnect until you learn to speak English. And remember only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, JESUS CHRIST, and the AMERICAN SOLDIER. One died for your soul, the other for your freedom. If you agree... copy and paste in your ...status or repost
How Do You Make A Rock Pokemon
how do you make a rock pokemon well i know how you dont make a one thanx to dre i know you dont put a rock in your gameboy advance sp  close the screen and STOMP on it cause then not only do you not have a rock pokemon you no longer have a gameboy either. sometimes i wonder about that boy i love him but he comes up with some of the strangest shit. i gave him the gameboy for christmas his sister gave him a pokemon game and he tried to give his self a rock pokemon. at least he didnt want a water, fire  or electric pokemon. cause that could of got messy depending which one it would had been real messy. but i would had laughed and i still did when he told me why there was a rock in his game and why the screen was broke i think my daughter wanted me to punish him but it was to funny
Is It Luck
So not so long ago in freshman year of highschool I was asked by my teacher to write an outline and thorough 5 page essay about goals I set forth to acheive. Being the sarcastic, rule bending, lil wench of a student I was.... I wrote a thorough, well thought out essay about learning all of the things I need to know about goal that I would be a wonderfully successful goal setting adult. Somehow I still managed to get an "a" on the the very top of the paper in red scratchy ink letters read: "Brianna, I have always enjoyed your writing and I truly have an appreciation for you passive ways, when it comes to bending the rules. However, I truly hope somewhere in time you do learn how to set goals and you make some...then meet might be great someday and people will expect more of you. I hope you know you will be asked to do this again sometime." OH Mr. Lincoln in all his hard edged teaching and exciting literally moments (fact one time he jumped on the de
Assholes On Fubar
hello there are assholes and losser on here and heres a few me and my gf quit a lounge cuz of highschool bullshit  the name of the lounge is full throttle all they did was eject ppl for fun plat only music they like and talked about useing drugs so we quit and all they want to do now is bug us here a sbox frogonna go hitlist the rest m one of the losser dickmasow oooooooooooooooh poor night merc repels anent working he dude its a game grow up i feel sorry for your kids what they must be learnning from u. all u doing is being a ass fu full of them so hitlist all u want dont bug me any lol losser like u why alot more ppl leave that lounge so go hit your bowl whatever els u and the rest of u losser do  u not bugging me and wow u can shout box ppl and block them wow losser
? Work
PILE the bodies high at Austerlitz and Waterloo.Shovel them under and let me work?         I am the grass; I cover all. And pile them high at GettysburgAnd pile them high at Ypres and Verdun.Shovel them under and let me work.Two years, ten years, and passengers ask the conductor:        What place is this?        Where are we now?         I am the grass.        Let me work.
i really need help. i love this person so much i feel like they don't want me to get close cause of their own personal reasons but how am i to make this work please me. i really need it please leave comments  
I've decided to write you in pencil, for from now on. #2 lead, like most things, isn't permanent. Unless it gets under your skin. I have a mark like that on the underside of my left arm, where Jennifers pencil tip punctured me in the 6th grade library. A forever reminder of a moment in time that when it was happening seemed to just pass by, as unimportant as the thousands before it. On paper, however, lead is as fleeting and fragile as the times we record with it. It softens and blurs with time, as do scars and painful memories. Pencil understands that what we say today, we may or may not mean next week. That's why it is so agreeable with erasing. I've countless letters to you, missives I shall never send scrawled on note paper, white paper, journal paper and scraps that fell readily to hand when I was moved to speak with you. It's much like I have landed in a cut rate Stephen King/ Nicholas Sparks mash up. Horrifying. All of these thoughts that I can never send were written in pen. Th
Tired Of Pundit Rhetoric
Tired of Pundit RhetoricI am an American, born and raised in New York and traveled to ALL the states throughout my years as well as well traveled in all continents with the exception of Antarctica. I have not led a sheltered life and believe in the United States Constitution wholeheartedly. I am a proud mother who's only son is serving his third tour with the United States Army fighting in Afghanistan as a result of the terrible terrorist act on 9/11 that claimed 6 family members their lives. I was one of the lucky ones who barely made off the 74th floor of WTC 2.I am a fiscal conservative (by not spending more than I make nor have any credit cards, outstanding loans or debt) , a registered Independent, a conservationist, environmentalist, humanist and spiritualist.I read and watch the news from a variety of sources (local, national and international) to form a well rounded awareness of what is going on in this place we call earth and I have to say one thing... I am tired of all the so
Sound The Alarm
Lie to me honestly I hear, but still, I don't see Just where the actions meet the words You just sound the alarm Racing pulse and boiling blood At fever-pitch Another finger-pointing mob With stones to throw But if it truly mattered And if you truly cared It would be altogether different Let the sirens scream But leave me alone to decide And leave me to what I might find Starving to understand You swallowed the lies Eager to spit them out To feed the masses And the guilt they hide Answer me honestly No more false transparencies Just where does motive meet concern? You just sound the alarm Spreading fear to bury trust To distract Until, lost and scared Frustration forces blame But if it truly mattered And if you truly cared It would be altogether different Let the sirens scream But leave me alone to decide And leave me to what I might find Starving to understand You swallowed the lies Eager to spit them out To feed the masses And the guil
Moron :)
Sid: Well i really don't care about what you don't care my world i don't call people morons have a nice day Suga Lips: I know what you stated and I really don't care. Most people are morons Sid: i never said you were...i was just stating that it's mean to call someone else a moron Suga Lips: I never said I was nice Sid: well some people are not blesssed wit much intelligence...and it's mean to call anyone a moron just move on Suga Lips: I never said you said it. I was just stating that only a moron would think a simple question was a come on Sid: who said you were? that is far from what i meant...anyhow it's nice chatting with you..and see you around Suga Lips: I'm not a moron Sid: you might've thought it cause of my reply...who knows with online texting and no body language you could never be sure.. Suga Lips: I don't think you're hitting on me just because you asked about my status
Surgery Outcome!
Surgery was a success!  (so far)  The two procedures lasted a total of about 7.5 hours from start to finish.  The had to go in on her right side (underarm) move the heart and lung out of the way and remove 5 discs from her spine.  (They had begun to fuse together with the progression of the Scoliosis rendering her spine 'not flexible' for the second procedure)  That procedure lasted about 1.5 hours.  The rest of the surgery was to go in through her back, realign her spine using pins, rods, and screws (from what was told to me) to reduce the curvature of 80+% to around 20-25%.  The whole surgery was a true success.  She was sent to recovery where my sister and brother-in-law were able to go in and see her when they woke her up.  She was saying she felt 'sore' but that was it.. and then complained she was hungry :)   She is currently in PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) where she was expected to be for about 48-72 hours, however, based on her responses to everything from the surgery t
Bad Drivers
I hate bad drivers. they clog more than the road, they clog life, the planet, the future, the ever living peace of mind we all want. Thank You for your time.
My Dating No No List.
I'm typing up my own dating No No list. I will update it from time to time. Here it goes.. 1. If you use a bicycle as your sole means of transportation, I'm not gonna date you. 2. If you allow your pants to sag below your cheeks, I'm not gonna date you. 3. If in your default pic you are holding a alcoholic beverage, I'm not gonna date you. 4. If you have a dozen or so pics with you in the "myspace pose", I'm not gonna date you. 5. If you don't make friends with soap on a regular basis, I'm not gonna date you. 6.If you have a pink shirt in your wardrobe, I'm not gonna date you. 7. If you think cRap music is cool, I'm not gonna date you. 8. If the term Woop Woop is in your daily vocabulary, I'm not gonna date you. 9. If you ask me what kind of tattoo I think you should get, I'm not gonna date you. 10. If you drink more than once a week, I'm not gonna date you. 11. If you don't have steady employment, or are not self sufficient, I'm not gonna date you. 12. If you got a
I am not anything special I walk I talk endlessly I breath I am not something special I break down and cry I vie for others that dont even know I am there I dont care if I hurt that might just make me want more or less I wouldnt want to be special I only need a bit of time not all attention on me But you showed me something special   (to be cont)
Maybe Not So Happy, But...
WALK Pantera Vulgar Display of Power Can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistence One step from lashing out at you... You want in to get under my skin And call yourself a friend I've got more friends like you What do I do? (Pre) Is there no standard anymore? What it takes, who I am, where I've been Belong You can't be something you're not Be yourself, by yourself Stay away from me A lesson learned in life Known from the dawn of time (Chorus) Respect, walk Run your mouth when I'm not around It's easy to achieve You cry to weak friends that sympathize Can you hear the violins playing your song? Those same friends tell me your every word (Pre) (Chorus) Are you talking to me? No way punk
Chicken Wire *joke*
An old man in Mississippi was sitting on his front porch watching the sun rise. He sees the neighbor's kid walk by carrying something big under his arm. He yells out "Hey boy, whatcha got there?" Boy yells back "Roll of chicken wire." Old man says "What you gonna do with that?" Boy says "Gonna catch some chickens." Old man yells "You damn fool, you can't catch chickens with chicken wire!" Boy just laughs and keeps walking. That evening at sunset the boy comes walking by and to the old man's surprise he is dragging behind him the chicken wire with about 30 chickens caught in it. Same time next morning the old man is out watching the sun rise and he sees the boy walk by carrying something kind of round in his hand. Old man yells out "Hey boy, whatcha got there?" Boy yells back "Roll of duck tape." Old man says "What you gonna do with that?" Boy says back "Gonna catch me some ducks." Old man yells back, "You dang fool, you can't catch ducks with duck tape!" Boy just l
My Flowers Are Real...
You Are Real No matter what, you are always yourself. You don't know how to be anyone else. You are honest, authentic, and comfortable in your own skin. You embrace your faults. You expect everyone else to be as transparent as you are, but you're not always so lucky. You're in search of the good people in this world, and as you find them, you make friends for life. The Flower Test Blogthings: Cheaper Than a Therapist
I have spend decades watching people and trying to get a good grip on how humans think. yet it keeps raising one question over and over. Here are a series of questions that pertain to that one question in a round about way. Why do people that say every living thing should be protected swat misquitoes? Why do people that say we should save energy and not pollute make fun of those who hang clothes on a line rather than use a dryer.  Why do they say loud pipes save lives, but they do not want you to have a loud car? Why do those opposed to testing drugs on animals buy drugs for their ill family members? Why do people who oppose eating animals wear leather or eat gelitan? Why do people say they want to be treated like everybody else unless you do then they don't like it? How can a person that says they hate all bigots not consider themselves one? Why do those opposed to violence call the police?  It goes on and on and I do hope that you will free to add your own questions to the list. Whi
Free Concert
      The BIG O! Throws a huge free concert every summer. I have to share two things I saw tonight. While standing in the Porta potty line with my daughter, three drunk women walk up to the line next to us. 2 40's sisters and their niece. The niece doesn't look old enough to be in public drunk, but she was. Niece thinks she can walk to the front and be cute to the male.  He tells her to go back to the end of the line. Long story short... They make friends with the young guy and lady in front of them. By the time they get up to the front the young guy lets the ladies go first. While aunt #2 is going, aunt #1 Is officially introducing Daniel and Niece. I have a pic. titled "Nothing like having your aunt hook you up... at the porta potty.". When I get back to our site, this guy asks a friend of mine if he could have some pizza. Dion ( my friend) look inside and sees: 3 pieces and a couple bread sticks. The guy pulled a $20 out of his pocket and said "I'll give you $20 for that." Dion
well i got no idea where to start just looking for something more in my life.  i am 26 .m. leavenworth  kansas. i have been hurt a lot so i dont let eole get close anymore but i have done it for so long it feels like i am running. to be alone is that what i am meant to be .
Why Oh Why
I always ask myself why.  Why do I never trust? Why do I always ask to many questions? Why isn't anyone every good enough?  Why do I always go for the wrong person, knowing they are going to break my heart?  Why didn't I see what was going on?  Why did I still love him knowing what he did?  Why did he choose my heart to break?  Why wasn't I smart enough?  Why wasn't I pretty enough? Why wasn't I interesting enough?  Why wasn't I good enough? My dad says I have always asked why.  He said I wanted to know why the sky was blue?  Why I had to go to school?  Why was I the only sister with 3 brothers? Why are the flowers all different colors?  Why is chocolate brown when it should obviously be purple (when I was 4 and in my exact words)? Why is ice cream cold? He said at one point he and Mom thought about changing my middle name to why.  I could not even be told to clean my room without asking why it needed to be done when obviously it was just going to be messed up again.  Well now I sit he
My Close Friend Check Him Out
thedragonis32@ fubar
"Men have two emotions "HORNY"​ and "HUNGRY"​ so if you see him without an erection make him a sandwich!"​ "If electricity comes from electrons , does morality come from "MORONS?"​ "Whatev​er you give a woman, she's going to multiply. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her."  So - if you give her crap, you will receive a bucket full of sh*t! GAMES FOR WHEN WE ARE OLDER 1. Sag, you're It. 2. Hide and go pee. 3. 20 questions shouted into your good ear. 4. Kick the bucket 5. Red Rover, Red Rover, the nurse says Bend Over. 6. Musical recliners. 7. Simon says something incoherent. 8. Pin the Toupee on the bald guy OLD IS WHEN: 1. Going bra-less pulls all the wrinkles out of your face. 2. You don't care where your spou
Random (very) Short Story....may Come In More Parts Soon ...
i think you'll find that i have come to take your soul. ''but why?!?!'' i don't like the way you use it. i gave you warning, now you will know how heartless feels. end of. hurts, doesn't it? *evil laugh* i love the way bad blood runs when its spilt.....
Ghost Of Me
I have came a long way since my childhood. I have been beaten and bursed for no reason but I managed to keep myself together somewhat. Right after I turned 16 everything went down hill. Thats when I started cutting and pill popping. These habbits brought somewhat comfort but never did fiix anything. I was taken from my home at the age of 16 also because of a long story. I attempts suicide several times after that. I almost completed my goal but someone found me in enough time to save me. I was just about gone on my own sleeping med. I managed to pull myself together enough to be placed with my father. Around christmas I tried once again to commit suicide because fighting ewas getting bad and I was always alone. My friends knew what I was planning the whole time and didnt say anything. My mother called and she noticed I was talking wrong and picked me up. After I while I left her due to abuse once again. I dont pill pop or cut anymore
The Garden
I watched her as she walked towrds me with tears in eyes. They had taken her true love from her. They where soul mates meant to be together for ever.  But they called him a trader. The war had gone on  for so long, Her love was tired of the war . He had been fighting for over a thousand years. The war was still going strong in heaven. It seemed like it would never end. She begged me to help her get her love back fromthe prison that he was held in.  I was not able to help her for to do so would mark me unfairly.  She had decided to take things in to her own hands she went to the king to beg him to let her love go. But he would not even hear her plees.  Instead he made her marry someone she did not love. Her heart was breaking with every secound she was away from him.  THen she was mis judged and thrown from grace. Her true love saw her die.  It broke him to the very core to not be able to save her from her death. May be one day the lovers will be one once again.
Slow Sexy Strip Tease Video Just Uploaded!
Ask and u shall receive! Just uploaded another video, this one a strip tease!
Football Tirade
Ya know what Brett Favre...Fuck you. Learn when to quit and call it a day while you still have some mother fucking pride! Between you and Childress you took what was an AMAZING team and drove it into the ground with your bullshit male posturing. Oh noes! Moss didn't hustle to a TD catch...well the rest of the fuckin' team has nothing together least w/ Moss on the field we had another deep threat to take the pressure off Harvin...So thanks assholes....You've ruined my Sundays and I want nothing more than to punch you both in the goody bag.
Admission Watch
Admission Watch Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) invites applications for PG Diploma in Advanced Computing and PG Diploma in Wireless & Mobile Computing and other courses College of Agribusiness Management, Udham Singh Nagar invites applications for Admissions to two years full time Degree Programme of Master of Business Administration 2011-12. Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi in collaboration with Security Skills Council India Limited, New Delhi invites applications for PG Certificate Course in Security Operations, One year Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Security Operations and one year PG Diploma in Fire, Safety & Disaster Management. National Institute of Bank Management, Pune requires applications for the Post Graduate Programme in Banking and Finance. Indian Maritime University, Chennai starts Diploma in Nautical Science Leading to B.Sc. (Noutical Science) Programme.
A Little Bit Stronger
Been Missing In Action
hello everyone! i've been being kept very busy for a while. it took 2 years of stupid ideas to finally get a diagnosis on why my little guy stopped talking. and we heard every excuse in the book. he is severely autistic and the light of my life. his teachers and i are pretty sure he can actually read and loves anything that has words. i am doing art therapy with him. he has a speech therapist and an occupational therapist. his specialist does the sensory therapy....doesn't seem to help much though. ric and i got divorced this sept. we call the divorce my birthday present, lol. an act of congress pushed the divorce to a top priority position. we had thanksgiving at my daughter's. i made the goodies and took them there so her and her family would have thanksgiving. my other daughter had to cancel thanksgiving plans cause her oldest son has strep throat and mono. he better quit kissing those girls at school, lol. i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and the holiday season is
The Glow Radio
"THE FURGATHON" LIVE FROM CHICAGO is still going strong Live Now!!! The Reverend DJ Furg & His Church Of Rock is spinning music,taking phone calls Live on The Air for Twenty Seven Hours non-stop; stocked up with Monster Energy Drinks, Turkey, his Bible & Music   next up is The Mistress of Hard Rock & Metal; "Thee Witch" starting at 6pm Pacific/7pm Mountain/8pm Central/9pm Eastern next is Tony the Misfit with his Freak Show featuring the best in Rock, Alternative, & Metal Music starting at 9pm Pacific/10pm Mountain/11pm Central/Midnight Eastern   Tune in to The Glow Radio on iTunes; you can find us under Classic Rock in The Radio Directory or you can go to our website at: ___________________ Tune in and enjoy the best tus anyhere on the Web.  The music community for the coolest cats in town!   
You Have To Read This......
SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: isnt a black russian kahlua and vodka? mb the tard said: yup SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: then why would you use chocolate milk for a WHITE russian??? isnt white after you use CHOCOLATE milk......... mb the tard said: A white russian is just a black russian with cream. SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: lol...but not chocolate milk! Chifan fulover of Chaotic Princess said: a debate is more fun when both parties are wrong [image] SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: how am i wrong?? Chifan fulover of Chaotic Princess said: White Russian recipe2 oz vodka1 oz coffee liqueurlight creamfor a black or white russian you NEED coffee liqueur(kahlua)without kahlua its just vodka and cream or milk SUPERMAN231 AKA BROOKLYNS FINEST said: so where does this recipe say ANYTHING about chocolate milk?? Chifan fulover of Chaotic Princess said: Nowhere
Incest Da Best, Put Yo' Sistah To Da Test...
From another site, from somebody on my friends' list.. I just wanted to share...     What it says...   Jack - What do you think of incest? Her - It's distgusting Jack - I see. Is there any other info you want to know of me? Her - Nope, not so much Jack - We still could've been friends. I just asked. I didn't mean you. I'm into it, but fine, too bad. Bye Her - That's gross, dude. Seriously, you fuck your sister, then? Fucking distgusting! No wonder people block you cuz you're fucked in the head.   Naturally, I cleaned up what it says with some proper spelling and punctuation.. but hell, I ain't perfect, either...   now..   WHO YO' BRUDDAH!!!!
17 National Debt Statistics Which Prove That We Have Sold Our Children And Grandchildren Into Perpetual Debt Slavery (repost)
What we have done to future generations over the past 30 years is absolutely criminal.  30 years ago the U.S. national debt was a bit under one trillion dollars, and at that time it was considered a huge national crisis.  Today, the national debt is 14 times larger and the years ahead look absolutely apocalyptic at this point.  We have literally sold our children and our grandchildren into perpetual debt slavery.  We have accumulated the biggest mountain of debt in the history of the world, and our children and our grandchildren will be burdened with it for the rest of their lives.  All of our politicians keep talking about how it is vitally important that we do something about all of this debt "soon", but they just can't seem to stop wildly spending our money.  They keep telling us that now is not the time for deficit reduction because it would harm "the economic recovery", but the "right time" for deficit reduction never seems to come along.  The national debt statistic
The Ojoutlaw Band Hellbound Store
  O    OjOutLaw HELLBOUND store at All OjOutLaw albums - tracks - mp3 and CD's - Fan favorites & new releases available now at the OjOutLaw HELLBOUND store. New remastered compilation of the Early OjOutLaw demo tapes - BREAKING EVEN - now  available at the HELLBOUND store. Tour T-Shirts - Hoodies - Caps and limited edition promo posters also available - with 2011 range now available.   NEW ALBUM - HELLBOUND set to be released early 2011 - hear our new singles at OjOutLaw music previews & news at OjOutLaw singer/songwriter Dan O'Brien on Facebook -
Words That Should Describe The Body Of My Blog, But This Title Text Field Is So Big That I Am Confused About What Goes Where. Title, Body, Birds, Bees
Blogs were kinda messed up before. What is this nonsense? CRAP. The title cut off my "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Gallactica." It earns zero Schrute bucks.
Lounges To Avoid
this is only a list based on my own personal experiences of the lounges. I'm in no way slandering the lounges so don't go moaning about it, it's just my opinions, the lounges mentioned may be ok with you i don't know, but they didn't work for me so I've listed them. If you're interested in my opinions, read on. .....Snake Eyes Radio: This lounge is full of very strange and undesireable people in my opinion. If you're like me, a normal everyday person who's on this site purely to pass the time, my advice is that you avoid this lounge as it's full of perverted people and people who generally don't seem stable. Many of the lounge members seem to have an irony deficiency, and are unable to grasp the simple concept of SARCASM. Furhermore, they are quite cliquey and cannot be wrong, because if one lounge member doesn't like you, they all decide not to, even if there isn't a discernable reason. :| .....Pergatory Dance Party: This lounge contains idiots. They are very cliquey in thi
Nature abhors annihilation.  -  Marcus Tullius Cicero
Keeping The Light (extinguishing The Light, Part 3)
"What was this feeling?Sharp... and coldwarm around cold..."The priest gently traced a pair of fingers over the steel protrusion growing from his chest, pulling back red tingling warmth.He had just enough time... but not the strength, to praise his god once more before sleep.He slid from the blade like a thin branch bending with the wind.Leaves strewn about, severed from the branch, hacked from the limb, as Kei went through the God king's church chopping away, stripping the bark- until all that was left was the root.Dyroneus had not even stirred from bed. Making prism and light dance overhead as he felt each of his faithful fall.When he was certain all was still, he emerged from his chambers, and parted the great iron doors to the balcony overlooking his chapel. His crimson gilded robes flickering against the moonlight streaming from the hall's many windows and overhead. All temples to Dyroneus were built as solariums. However what was brilliant and dazzling in the light of day had a q
Daytime Running Light
Daytime running light is short for drl which is a new type of signal light, mainly used under the conditions of bad weather, such as foggy, heavily rain day, etc.   Daytime running light has lot of advantages over the traditional lights. It is more energy-saving, environment protecting, no radiate, no light pollution. Moreover, life of daytime running light is up to 8000hours, nearly equals to the life of vehicle! Generally, color temperature is 6000K.   Here I introduce one kind of drl: This led daytime running light is with 5pcs high power and good glow. on the shell-line impact-resistant, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant material made of PC,placed on line two car grille below the headlights, suitable for snow, fog use 1:Type: 19cm 2:LED quantity: 5 LEDs 3:LED Specification: 5 mm(high power) 4:Color: red,yellow,green,bule,white,amber ect,all colours are available. 5:Voltage working range: 12VDC   Many customs think daytime running light is mainly used to d
More About Paternity Fraud
Clinging Like A Fabric Sheet
Submission by Bitchcake   Dear Ninja:What would be the most effective way to rid one's self of a clingy and pathetic bitch that has no real life of her own and must leach off of others?   Dear Bitchcake: People like this are hard to shake off, but it is possible. It takes careful non-planning because they actually self-destruct. When they start to slip up (like they ALWAYS do), have someone on your side available to screen shot some not-so-lovely evidence on her that you can quietly, or publicly, use to humiliate her into going back into the cave she crawled out of. If this fails, a pre-paid throw away cell phone and her local power company's phone number could be used to indirectly cause a power outage.
Dear Ninja, How do I cure my wife's sick obsession with anal beads? It was fun at first, but now I walk with a weird gait. Yours Truly,Butthurt in Brooklyn   Dear Butthurt, Have you tried and butt plug? She can't shove those massive beads up there if it's closed for business. You might have to go to the doctor and get a note as well. Or you can find a random hooker off the street to offer her up instead of yours. That 20 bucks might be a wise investment if you want to walk and poop right again.  
I found a website that has old pictures from my capital city. It's so weird seeing how much that place  had going on. I really wish I could go back and see what it was like then. Why is it that a city that could have so much going for it...fails? I love my capital city, but it's fading. They are destroying beautiful buildings to make parking lots. There is so much vacancy...................I don't know.   I'm sure this isn't making sense..but oh well. If anyone is interested in seeing what my capital city USE to look like, here is the link.
New Week 1
A new week is upon me and i find myself going thru the same old motions over and over and over and over and it sucks massive. Doing the same old thing day in and day out is prob one of the reasons we all get into so much trouble.  stagnation does not work for water or human beings. Here is a tip from me to you if you find yourself getting bored talk to someone. remember getting into a disscussion is an irish tradition. all i shall say for now so have a nice day.
Word And Acornym Of The Day
Word of the Day:: Leaker A guy who constantly leaks cum when he is horny "David is such a leaker."   Acronym of the Day:: JYFIHPJam Your Fingers In Her Pussy. Q: "I just met this girl who I think really likes me and I like her and we're going out on a date tonight. I don't want to ruin this, what should I do?" A:"JYFIHP"   Don't forget to use these today!! And Guys remember....When you JYFIHP, don't be a leaker   Love you all!!!
A Better Tomorrow
I never knew there would be a better tomorrow But you've come into my life and taken away all my sorrow My days of sadness are a thing of the past Because I have found true love at last My days of emptiness are gone for good Because you fill a void in my heart that you should You've opened a window You've shown me the light And my love for you will continue to burn bright.
~hold Me Close~
Hold Me Close  Hold me closely  Tenderly hold me closely for a long time  until our breathing has become united and in sync...  say no words to me let your warmth  and your strength caress me  engulf me envelop me into the very center  of your soul  where i find saftey  peace happiness and hope..  that you will always be the one  to hold me close and shower me  with love forever........    ~Ragdoll~
nothing is a thing of nothing I find I the mind all the time nothing is here around,us is part of us but we do not know what to do with this nothing it has so much in side like information you need to get to one place to the next nothing is so smart it know you before you know your self nothing runs hide and be gone for times of the unknown but then its back here seeing clear showing time of full moon nothing is smart like that. Then the nothing is bad and moody put in its place... you try to make nothing be good but nothing can not put the nothing in its place... nothing has power great power of the Black Wolf. running wild in rain blood falling in the river nothing will go on down this river just blood of nothing this is true the nothing will flow down of tears of love river love blood flowing love of nothing.
A Message For You, The Readers Of My Blogs
Hey, you out there....   ...Yes, you. I have something that, for some reason, I just felt an incredible urge to share. Don't get me wrong, I barely know you. So, what I have to say may not really affect your life at all. But, it's still something I am going to say, so please listen to me. It's not your fault. You're just a human being like the rest of us. Even successful people have problems. And something else.... You are not a failure. You never were. You may feel like that you are not doing anything with your life, that all day long you do "nothing". But I just want you to remember this....
Rampant Unemployment = The Death Of The Middle Class - 40 Facts That Prove The Working Class Is Being Systematically Wiped Out (repost)
Without an abundance of good jobs, the middle class in the United States is going to shrivel up and die.  Right now, rampant unemployment is absolutely killing communities all over America.  Hopelessness and poverty are exploding and many are now wondering if we are actually witnessing the slow death of the middle class.  There simply are not nearly enough "good jobs" to go around anymore, and even many in the mainstream media are referring to this as a "long-term structural problem" with the economy.  The only thing that most working class Americans have to offer in the marketplace is their labor.  If nobody will hire them they do not have any other ways to provide for their families.  Well, there is a problem.  Today wealth has become incredibly centralized.  The big corporations and the big banks dominate everything.  Thanks to incredible advances in technology and thanks to the globalization of our economic system, the people with all the money don't have to hire as
Still Bleeding
She sat clutching her head in her hands for sometime, feeling the cool breeze blow her hair around. Why couldnt she just think clearly? Why couldnt she just be normal. She hated feeling broken. She hated the self sabatage. She hated what she had become. What it had made her. She hated that she let it have any effect on her. She hated that it effected such important things. Hated the anger and shame. Hated the feelings of mistrust it left her with. Looking up at the sparkling black sky she let out a long heavy sigh fallowed by tears of hate as the memories flowed through her mind. They poured from her eyes uncontrolably, running down her cheeks forming a pool on the ground where she sat. The once green grass withered away and died. She was so toxic that she cried poision. She couldnt let anyone close enough to try to cure her. They always ended up infected. She just couldnt be open, couldnt pull down those defences. No matter how hard she tryed, or how badly she didnt want to let the po
Army Pfc. Wilfred D. Bellard
Died April 4, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 20, of Lake Charles, La.; assigned to 41st Field Artillery Regiment, Fort Stewart, Ga.; killed in a vehicle accident in Iraq.
Will North Face Jackets Be In Style And Design Again With 2012
The popularity of a pattern relating to the medieval circumstances which often acquired its best in the renaissance intervals has not though waned until recently. Consequently as soon as possible persons search for to be able to decide to wear most of these Halloween outfits every time they setup Renaissance Fairs. If you seek to Buy North Face Denali Fleece Jackets acquire outfits through that dead age there are various not internet and online the North Face outlet sellers that will promote authentic-looking renaissance costumes. However it's better to refrain from affordable supplies or maybe gowns which might be terribly built since these can indulge the glance provided by the costume garments. The obvious option to find out concerning American own manner is actually enjoying a superstars for the on the inside upper adventure American ancient fashion apparel. They may be Buy North Face Denali Fleece Jackets one of those set of individuals who are generally onto trends
More Rockets Fired At South Despite Reports Of Ceasefire
Palestinian rocket and mortar attacks on southern Israel resumed on Sunday evening and continued into the early hours of Monday after a lull during the afternoon. In the morning, more than 20 rockets were fired at southern cities. Three Kassam rockets fired from the Gaza Strip after midnight on Sunday landed in Sderot, the Eshkol Regional Council area and on the outskirts of Ashkelon. No injuries or damage were reported in the attacks. The rocket attacks continued despite reports that Hamas was seeking an immediate ceasefire with Israel. Late on Sunday, the Israeli Air Force struck terror cells attempting to launch rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel.air yeezy 2011 It was not clear if Palestinians were injured in the airstrike. Prior to the IAF action, two rockets were fired at Ashkelon. One was intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-rocket shield, and another fell south of the city in an open area, failing to cause damage. Minutes earlier, the color red rocket alert had been activated
Marine Pfc. Jose Gonzalez Rodriguez
Died May 12, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 19, of Norwalk, Calif.; assigned to 1st Supply Battalion, 1st Force Service Support Group, Camp Pendleton, Calif.; killed in Iraq when unexploded ordnance he was handling detonated.
Woman Runs Down Casey Anthony Look-alike
Published: 15 July, 2011, 22:34 Casey Anthony (C) sits with her attorneys Cheney Mason (L) and Dorothy Clay Sims (AFP Photo / Getty Images)      There could be a downside to looking a little bit too much like Casey Anthony, and an Oklahoma convenience store clerk can vouch that doubling as the doppelganger for the recently acquitted alleged baby killer isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. And, as a result of her remarkable resemblance, Sammay Blackwell of Chouteau, OK can truthfully say that the only thing that is cracked up now is her pickup truck.    Blackwell was working a shift at her shop a few days after the not guilty verdict came through when a suspicious woman walked into her store and eyeballed Blackwell. She says that customer Shireen Nally looked "strange, very suspicious" and, after meandering around the shop, told her that "You look like Casey Anthony.” Just like the trial itself, the story doesn’t end right there where it should. When Bl
What Do You Think?!
A worried woman went to her gynecologist and said: 'Doctor, I have a serious problem and desperately need your help! My baby is not even 1 year old and I'm pregnant again. I don't want kids so close together. So the doctor said: 'OK and what do you want me to do?' She said: 'I want you to end my pregnancy, and I'm counting on your help with this.' The doctor thought for a little, and after some silence he said to the lady: 'I think I have a better solution for your problem. It's less dangerous for you too.' She smiled, thinking that the doctor was going to accept her request. Then he continued: 'You see, in order for you not to have to take care 2 babies at the same time, let's kill the one in your arms. This way, you could rest some before the other one is born. If we're going to kill one of them, it doesn't matter which one it is. There would be no risk for your body if you chose the one in your arms. The lady was horrified and said: 'No doctor! How terrible! It's a crime to kill a c
Benefits Of Leasing A Professional Packers And Movers
If you are going to shift your residence, first you have to decide that have you to do it by own or go with a professional shifting service provider. Relocation by self is money saving option for the people but they face lots of hassle and difficulties in it and have to spend their lots of time may be one or two weeks. If the moving person don’t have any earlier experience of shifting, it is very difficult for them do properly handle all those things. So be careful in taking your decision because safety of belongings and your time are most important factors and don’t take risk for saving few bucks. In relocation done by own, first people have to pack their all household belongings. It is the most important as well as most frustrating task of relocation. A typical home contains several glassware and fragile items, week electronics belongings, large electronic appliances, big furniture and packing all of them is really very irritating task and if you done a small mistake, it
Just Keeping It Real
Here I am, on the floor. Safely secured, behind a locked door. Suddenly, there's a knock. Someones trying to get in. I'm not budging, can't crack it, not again. I'm not trying to be mean, just keeping it real. I could never explain to you, how I feel. You can't come in, because that spot belongs to someone else. If I said anything different, I'd just be lying to myself. That position is filled, no longer exists. I'm just telling it, like it is.
Many Cars Have Already Install The Led Daytime Running Bulb
When refer to the led daytime running bulb,we will find it is not a easy thing to find that some cars have been installed the led running light in daytime.The led daytime driving light is not for lighting,but for let your cars found by other drivers.It just look like flying wing and really very nice. As a high quality car brand,Audi series cars alway receive people’s attention and recognition.This A4L 1.8TSI models have been equipped with led daytime running light. The day time running lights that many cars equipped with are usually halogen bulbs not the led daytime running light.In fact,when compare with the halogen bulbs.The auto led day driving lamp will really bring us more benefits for it is more energy-efficient,have a longer life span and are more environment-friendly. Audi A4L 1.8TSI car is equipped with 1.8L turbo direct injection engine, the engine’s maximum power reaches 118kW (160 hp).This 1.8T A4L car has launched two models-manual and automatic.It is equi
Professional Packing And Moving Companies
Moving to the new location with your entire goods is a very painful job. One should have to face many problems at the time of relocation. The work of shifting requires proper knowledge and technique to make the relocation smoother. One should have to take advice of experienced packers and movers for their resettlement. There is various good packing and moving companies who offer you the hassle-free packing and moving services. The do their best to make your relocation successful. They take your all tensions of relocation by providing you the solution of all types of relocation problems like: residential relocation, commercial relocation, etc. Al these moving companies have trained workers who work efficiently in a planned way. They handle each and every situation very peacefully without any blunder. As they are ready to reduce your all burden of relocation so for that they do your full work of relocation like: packing and unpacking of goods, loading and unloading of goods, moving of g
Papa Roach - To Be Loved
"To Be Loved"Listen up, turn it up and rock it outparty on, I wanna hear you scream and shoutthis is real, as real as it getsI came to get down to get some fucking respecttaking it back to hardcore levelyou better be ready, put your pedal to the metaltaking it back to hardcore levelyou better be ready, put your pedal to the metal.Go!Whoa I'll never give inWhoa I'll never give upWhoa I'll never give inAnd I just wanna be, wanna be lovedWhoa I'll never give inWhoa I'll never give upWhoa I'll never give inAnd I just wanna be, wanna be lovedI want dominationI want your submissionI see you’re not resistingTo this temptationI’ve got one confessionA love deprivationI’ve got a jet black heartIt’s all fucked up and it’s falling apartWhoa I'll never give inWhoa I'll never give upWhoa I'll never give inAnd I just wanna be, wanna be lovedWhoa I'll never give inWhoa I'll never give upWhoa I'll never give inAnd I just wanna be, wanna be lovedI’ve got another confe
ThatsSoMeee "If I left you   Would you cry for me?" *Of course, I cant't control the tears of joy.*
Passion Of A Stranger
One night as you decide to out for a night on the town, you decide to wear a short black skirt and a red lace top with a black short jacket. your careful to show enough to make them stop and stare. As you are driving to a small local club, something catches your eye, a new place that you have never been before. The look of the place is somewhat alluring to you against your better judgment you decide to stop in and check it out. When you walk in the place is dimly lit and threes is only a few people in the bar, you decide to have a drink before you leave, you slowly walk up to the bar when you feel that there is someone watching you. You play it off and move to the bar, as you sit a the bar sip at your drink you feel someone slid down on the stool next to you. he accidentally rubs your arms, as you turn to say something he apologizes and introduces himself (me), as you turn to introduce yourself your eyes meet and you see a fire and passion behind his eyes that you have seen before. As
In Detroit
Ottawa, ON (Sports Network) - Jason Spezza and Nick Foligno each scored twice as Ottawa downed Montreal, 6-2, in preseason action at Scotiabank Place. Ryan Grant Jersey . Spezza also added an assist while Bobby Butler chipped in with a goal and an assist and Chris Campoli had two helpers for the Senators, who overturned a 4-2 loss to the Canadiens on Friday. Brian Elliott turned away 27-of-29 shots to earn the win. Ben Maxwell and Tomas Plekanec notched goals while Carey Price took the loss for the Habs after allowing all six goals on 30 shots. Authentic Ryan Grant Jersey . Fleischmann, 26, has four goals and six assists in 23 games this season. Last year, he had offensive career-highs with 23 goals and 28 assists. Hakeem Nicks Jersey . Jack Cust added a two-run homer for the Athletics, who have won three of four and seven of 10. Joe Blanton (4-10) held the ice-cold Phillies offense to four hits and a run in seven innings, fanning five and walking four. 
Major League
WILMINGTON, Mass. Authentic Jay Ratliff Jersey . (AP) -A spirited practice was over. Most of the Boston Bruins were back in the locker room. But not Marc Savard. With his return from a 24-game absence just days away, Bostons best playmaker kept working on the ice with a few teammates on Wednesday. It felt like the Boston Marathon, said Savard, sidelined more than seven weeks following a Grade 2 concussion. They made it pretty tough today, but I got through it. I gave everything I had. So it was a good test. His next challenge comes in the opening game of the second round of the playoffs in which the sixth-seeded Bruins will have home-ice advantage against the seventh-seeded Philadelphia Flyers. The matchup was determined when eighth-seeded Montreal beat top-seeded Washington 2-1 Wednesday night in Game 7. If Washington had won, Boston would have faced fourth-seeded Pittsburgh, the team Savard was hurt against when he absorbed a blindside hit from Matt Cooke. But after Wednesdays practi
Truth In Numbers.
Obama claims to have done so much and needs four more years to go at it huh? Think we can afford it? You be the judge: That sure ain't Bush's fault. lol.
Is It Wrong...
... That this made me smile a little bit?   I woke early one morning,The earth lay cool and stillWhen suddenly a tiny birdPerched on my window sill,He sang so lovelySo carefree and so gay,That slowly all my troublesBegan to slip away.He sang of far off placesOf laughter and of fun,It seemed his very trilling, Brought up the morning sun.I stirred beneath the coversCrept slowly out of bed, Then gently shut the windowAnd crushed his f***ing head.I'm not a morning person.-Author unknown
My Doc...
This is for you... You are always there to help me evrytime I need you... You said HELLO and i knew we would never be apart... You are my BEST FRIEND... You always look out for me...You always take care of me... You are my EVERYTHING... I could not breathe WITH OUT YOU... You are MY HEART... You are MY MIND... You are MY EYES... You are MY BODY... You are MY SOUL...  I am sending this to say THANK YOU sincerely for all tha you do for me.... THANK YOU DOC  i really do appreciate everything you do.... CARRIE NICHOLS FEBRUARY 28.2012  
Hey Kids, hope all is well. Just a reminder to follow the blog if you wish to keep up with the ever changing, new and exciting stuff that we have to offer out here. And yea, there's more stuff I am working on of course....but before we go forward, let's take a little step back... I've been kicking this idea around forever now and I finally got up enough energy to actually do it. lol. Not everyone can go back and look through over like 600 blogs to see something they missed. People can't be here every day, every week or whatever. That's called life. So, I've decided to create an "archive" of previous blogs. Please be advised that all originals will still be posted in "Real Fu-Kin Life" until it's time for them to hit the archived links. Based on demand and questions I have received, I've decided to break them down into three "archive" blogs with the following titles: 1. Fakes of the Day 2. Musings, Rants & Cons 3. FuSocial. The fakes of the day posts will contain all of t
You All Really Need To Read This
“When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I’ve got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes. Suddenly I didn’t know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce. I raised the topic calmly. She didn’t seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why? I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn’t talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; she had lost my heart to Jane. I didn’t love her anymore. I just pitied her! With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our house, our car, and 30% stake of my company. She glanced at it and then tore it into pieces. T
There are so many thing left unsaid,,,unfinished,,unresolved,,,SOmetimes you just want to throw in the towel,,,I can close my eyes and hear your voice in my head,,,I can see ur lips ,,,,smell your breath on my neck ,,,, feel your hands on my shoulders tightening ur grip,,,,whisper in my ears,,,,I can feel my stomach tie up in knots with anticipation,,,, I can feel the longing,,,,the aching ,,,,the desire,,,,,THEN I open my eyes and its gone,,,, Its seems like you leave me alone for a few days and then do something to catch my attention,,,,you know that I am trying to move on,,,,but cant,,,,Every time I see you,,I lose my breath,,,,Its not fair,,, I know that it is all my fault,,,I just couldnt help but to fall and you made it so easy,,,,You knew what u were doing to me,,,,so I will not take all the blame,,,Every day I get stronger,,, One day I will find "HIM" ,,,my lover,,my Dom,,,my best friend,,my soul mate,,,,but I know that I do not want to be one of MANY,,,,I want to be the ONE
Random Info About Me:
Random Info About Me: I was raised in Arkansas, lived in Louisiana, then came back to Arkansas Lixated & I met on Fubar & have made our lives together here in Arkansas He won't find a more faithful mate I have had fun shopping in a hardware store & I don't like to shop, so I can have fun anywhere My IQ is above average, let's say, though I was born blonde (look for my eyebrows) My dad had a used car lot so my gift of gab is hereditary Growing up, our family also had a restaurant, a beer joint, & a teen hangout My jobs have been as varied as a warranty clerk in a Beechcraft airplane dealership to everything but running the press itself at a newspaper (typos in print, or finished copy, are nails on a chalkboard to me... blase' homophone usage errors have me asking if getting it right is Old School) My last full-time job was as dealership accountant for a Chrysler dealer My last part-time job, and best ever, was for Thunder Roads Arkansas, selling ads for the state-wide motorcy
Ok people... for all those guys who pass around their number to everyone... i dont want your number. so dont give it to me... maybe if i asked for it, yeah thats fine because im interested in you... but if im not even talkin to you and you just throw your number at me... yeah im never gonna text you or call you... reason why i dont text is because i get a number and start texting... then an hour later the person disappears... ummm... not worth it to me.. sooo the little number who read this, you have been warned..
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July 7,2012
Lix & I had a big day at Magic Springs Amusement Park & Crystal Falls Water Park in Hot Springs, AR planned, ending with their concert series featuring Gretchen Wilson. We even planned to stop at IHOP in the Benton area for breakfast on the way home. We were concerned with a chance of rain in the forecast.. yeah, right... Arrived early.. before 11 a.m. and got a pretty good parking place not the LAST row where we had to park the last time we were there. The line to enter the park wasn't too long either! We got a locker to stow our stuff in and decided not to change into of our swimming suits yet.. to go ride the rides while we had the required attire. We found a ride we had not ridden on our other trips, Twist & Shout! a roller-coaster. There was a line with not a long wait, and we enjoyed the thrill ride. Coming off the ride, we walked toward the park's "street" side by side, chatting about what we liked and comparing the ride to others. When I stepped off the platform, I didn't
Fake Of The Day 7/10/2012
Been awhile but this is so stupid and outrageous why not?..ready.... This user : With these pictures including tons uploaded today even... ..and of course no salute. Can be found at: ..and of course, credit hungry. Why here's its' status: The only thing this dude or fat walrus looking to con credits is in need of is a salute. ..and the mindless keep spending. Amazing. Peace.
土鳖王八  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 你躲躲呀你躲躲,你求救呀你求救; 你爸爸呀你爸爸,是鹏皇呀是鹏皇; 你爷爷呀你爷爷,是乔皇呀是乔皇; 你祖祖呀你祖祖,是万皇呀是万皇; 一脉相承呀血统纯正,血统纯正呀血统纯正; 整治得我呀生死两&
Sunday July 15
Good Morning all. Well, the good news is the doctors are slowly reducing Krystyn's pain meds, so she's a little more alert. The drawback to it is she has to deal with a little more pain. They've also started her on an assisted physical therapy for her non casted leg and her arms. Basically someone comes in and moves them, lifts them, and massages them. The purpose is to at least keep those parts moving so the muscles there don't atrophy or weaken much.  No word on when she can move closer to our parents, but she'll probably need full time physical therapy for about a week, then she can actually stay at our parents while she undergoes the rest of her treatment. Hopefully within the week.  One other bit of good news is the neurologist thinks her brain is healing nicely. Lord knows it definately got shook up, but according to her, there doesn't appear to be any major/deep tissue damage, and surface bruises seem to be doing ok. Thankfully there are also no signs of clotting or blood ves
沾花微笑  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 在中国卡扎菲的强力操纵之下,为了自己永霸职位,永不退休的私欲,所以我们看到的是其走狗的人、其跑腿的人发狂般的,千方百计地,要来抓我进精神病院或者枪毙。或者第四次搜脑子。现在更是天天在我家
Nike Chaussures Homme
the material is soft,Chaussure Nike TN and NIKE AIR MAX TN the style is changed from long to short, also the unique are permeability and bright appearance. Also Nike introduced Nike Kobe series, with bold yellow color, it is hard for youngers to move their foot into other brands. You can find Nike 6.0 Shoes for children in a wide variety of colors and styles, the most common being black, dark blue, red, white, and pink. Look for cheap air max shoes that are well constructed, flexible, durable, and that fit your child well and your child will be ready to begin learning martial arts sparring moves, the safe way. You might still have doubts about these DC Life Boost LC Running Shoes with regards to it being a running shoe, lovers nike shoes but who knows,Nike Chaussures Homme and tn nike it might work perfectly just as their Skate shoes are doing. Look for these in stores in Fall 2011. tangible leather allows your feet to breathe. This last wishes as stop abbreviate moisture an
Loyalty Is It A Past Trait Or Do People Know What This Is
So I have been back on Fubar for a couple months now, left for reasons only known to a few TRUSTED people My comeback has been good for the most part except for the fact that someone I love like a brother has been burned by so called loyalty...yep thats it LOYALTY....the term we SDMF'rs use and LIVE by....someone who shall remain nameless was on staff at my brother's lounge and i was all good till he didnt get his way and while he was a staff member in the lounge he was working to steal members from ours...see im old school fubar you dont stab people in the back by stealing members LOYALTY what does that mean?? loyal to someone when it only is convenient for a little while??? LOYALTY is 100 percent all the time.....get that through your head people!!! My brother is the type of guy who would give the shirt off his back to anyone if they needed it and he doesnt deserve the treatment he has been getting MAKE a DIFFERENCE see your heart and return to his lounge and make it what it needs
Let Me Tell You How It Was, And Went This Time Around.
     Frist off let me start by saying im a recovrying alcoholic. So my relationship with my dad and step mother has not been the best. I was the tornato in there lives. My dad has my kids. has had them for 3 years now, that has been hard on me. Going to AA changed my life for the better. My hole world changed,I became a new better me.      I went to Florida last week" 7-23-2012 thou 7-29-2012" My step mother was sick and my dad had to work some. Thats ok, I got to spend time with my kids played tea party, colored, bake cookies. I bought them things for school. Went to some great AA meeting. We also seen Winter and the other sea life at the clearwater aquarium. It was so nice to be a part of my kids life and not have a drink, or even want a drink. It was a hole new world for me.      On the day I had to get back on the plan to go home. My family was sad I was leaving. The first for me....... They never miss me like that. My dad told me, when I get good and seattled with a good job and
My Plea
They say the eyes are the gateway, to the soul. Stories lie within them, yet to be told. But not everyone, cares to look. They only want, what can be took. To add to the pain, not to take it away. To gain from it, it pains me to say. That I have closed my eyes, due to the pain. I don't wanna play anymore, tired of the game. I hope and I reach only adding, to the tears. Bringing to life, my worst fears. That there is no good, left in this world. That this plague I'm corrupted with, can never be cured. How can I be strong, when I feel so damn weak. So here I am on bended knee, please hear me. For this is my plea. I'm begging you to prove me wrong, somebody.
Things You Shouldn't Do For Kicks...
Not only are these things you shouldn't do for kicks, but things that you should NEVER EVER have your friends do to you at a bachelor party. Those people are not your friends.You'd think that, no matter how drunk you were, you wouldn't agree when someone said "Hey, let's see if we can fit this in your penis..."Oof. Really, I'm a girl and I'm crossing my legs over this one...So apparently, though insertion of foreign bodies into the urethra is unusual, it's not all THAT rare. And when we say "insertion", we're talking about way more than the tip of the swab that you get when you're tested for STDs (which is something that everyone should have done, btw).This particular study is actually a description of two case studies. The main point of the paper is this: if you have something inserted far into your urethra, DO NOT PULL IT OUT. Pulling will not work. If you're are unfortunate or stupid enough to have this happen to you, hie thee to a urologist, and hope that your erectile
My Gramps Pulled A Stunt From Beyond The Grave.
Okay you know how every single time you go to a funeral the song as you walk out into the light is sad has heck and you wanna cry and everyone around you is crying. Today no one cried and we walked out to the song as the saints go marching in. Great grandpa you will be missed but you shocked and surprised us all today lol.
*baby Shower Lotto
(Materials- Calendar with large calendar month dates, highlighter pen, and normal pen).   Have the calendar of the month that the mother-to-be's baby is due at the front door for guests when they arrive. Each day is divided into two parts: am and pm for the guests to choose from in picking the date and general time the baby will be born. Make sure to have the due date highlighted. Guests can "buy in" to a lotto ticket for a certain day (am or pm) that they think the baby will be born. The guest who guesses closest wins a baby shower gift, of course given after the baby is born. The fun part of the game is that the lotto tickets can be purchased by using something other than money that is useful to the parents. Instruct guests beforehand that a lotto tickets may be purchased with a diaper pack, baby bottles or baby wipes, etc
Better Life
My mom just called me. She's out on one of her crack binges, outside looking at the sky, dreaming about a better life. she says if im strong enough to stay clean and sober, she can too. i reminded her she was clean for two years before.  it makes me sad to still see her stuck like this after all these yesrs. I would love for her to get help again. I always will believe in her, even when everyone else has given up. Good luck to you mom, if youre serious, im behind you 100%    By the way, tomorrow is Rick's (ive talked about him in my RIP blog post) funeral. I am petrified to face it, and I dont know what to do. I dont want to regreat not going, but im just not okay to be in that situation. UGH. He would kill me if i didnt go :( omg i miss him so fucking much. He shot himself right in front of his mother. his kids were in the next room...i cant even imagine. and just a month before he wanted me to move back in with him. Its justn not real yet. I cant face it. Obviously a big part o
New Dildo Dens Listed....
Google shopping does NOT like the words "dildo" and "den" in an item description and has rejected my items when I list them this way.  So, it is back to the drawing board for me on "names" I may not even name the damn things because they are such a verstile pouch.   Anyway, I listed new items... along with the dildo dens, I made Nothing 'butt' Aprons (Thank you boopsie for that name, which WAS NOT rejected) ,  a few new "heavier duty" dog toys made from recycled denim a custom bag for peace AND all that and a simple brown costume suede bag.  I do not have a VIP at the moment.  So, you will have to view more pics here or here   I'm still running a studio sale 30% off all of my products and if you leave a comment on artfire (you don't need to be an artfire member to do this) you will receive an additional 5% off at checkout! Like GREENING DRIVE CREATIONS on facebook and receive a coupon code for FREE
Just A Rant
So in all my years of living I'v come to the fact that I see more Misery than Glee, more Fear than Courage, more Puppets than Masters. They say "United We Stand & Divided We Fall." Yet we fall time & time again because theses no individuality, No perseverance. Saddening to see I live in a world where were taught in our schools "do as I say" and not what you want to do. Were taught to take and follow orders & ask for permission to do what we want. And shall we get granted that permission is up to our so called "Authority." Were not taught Individuality & Singularity. Were not taught to Interact with each-other. No REAL Knowledge is learned in schools. They teach us how to "GET BY" in life, not what we need & should know. The most sucsessful people in the world "DO NOT" have an Education*. You don't need to go to school to be smart. THEY DON'T TEACH YOU SHIT! THEY TEACH YOU ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN SCHOOLS! Besides Reading & Writing, thats all you nee d to know. SLAVES KNEW HOW TO DO THAT
The Ramblings Of A Mad Man:
I sit alone in the dark thinking to myself. (how can i make the hunger stop) Death sits and watching my every move whiting for me to take my next life. (i know what i must do) out of no where i jump out and grab a random prison dragging her in to the darkness. my black finger nails taring through her flesh my lust for her` life to be extinguished is over powering. the screams in the darkness is ear shattering as i bite in to her chest going for her still betting hart i tear through the ribcage (all most there)I'm covered in her blood. the intensity of my hunger is over powering i must consume her hart.(that's only way to make it stop. i must make it stop)i pull away i look down i see it. (it still beats)I rip out her heart and I bight in to it like a apple. her lifeless body lye at my feet. a hand touches my solder i turn to kill again death smiles and shakes a mocking finger and walks passed. he bends down to her lifeless body kissing her cold lips of her corps sucking out her inanest
Heart, what is heart? It is an organ inside your chest that is constantly pumping blood, and when it stops, you die. But heart is more then that; it is a piece of our souls that we carry around with us. Clutching and hiding, protecting, and when we want it to be given least of all, it slips out of our grasp and belongs to someone else weather we want it to or not.   Once it is given it is gone. Nothing we can do can stop that and usually this giving is a wonderful thing, but for some of us, the giving is always painful. I can usually manage to grasp it tightly and keep it from going, this time I’m not certain weather I caught it in time. I know I didn’t want to but I hope it did catch it in time for my heart cannot take another break. Like when the blood stops flowing if I was to have given it away for nothing yet again, I would be as dead as a live man could be. She is special and holds a piece of me but it remains to be seen as to how large a piece it truly is.   Hope
Want to win a boomy?     Rules:   1. Make me a salute with you in it 2. Incorporate a skull into the salute 3. Be creative 4. Must not be NSFW!   Have fun with it! I will have a third party judge the pictures, that way it'll be totally fair! The winner will be picked and announced Nov. 03, 2012! I can't wait to see what you all will come up with,have fun and good luck!!!   1st place = Rock Star 2cd place = Autos 3rd place = Boomy
Samsung Pode Lançar Celular Com Tela Flexível Na Ces 2013
Já faz um bom tempo que ouvimos falar das telas flexíveis, mas parece que finalmente elas estão prontas para chegar ao mercado de smartphones. Segundo a BBC, a Samsung deve lançar um novo celular com esse tip ode tela já durante a CES 2013, em janeiro. Diversas empresas vem desenvolvendo suas próprias tecnologias para telas flexíveis, se destacando LG, Nokia, Sony, Philips e Sharp entre elas. A LG já chegou a lançar um tela E-Ink flexível, mas é provável que a Samsung seja a primeira a trazer uma tela AMOLED para os smartphones. Que tipo de smartphone estará a empresa coreana criando? Um novo top de linha? Um celular com tela apenas mais resistente pela sua curvatura, ou totalmente flexível? O que você gostaria de ver nesse aparelho? Leia mais sobre smartphones em Efox smartphones.
Twenty Things A Mom Should Tell Her Son
1. Play a sport. It will teach you how to win honorably, lose gracefully, respect authority, work with others, manage your time and stay out of trouble. And maybe even throw or catch. 2. You will set the tone for the sexual relationship, so don't take something away from her that you can't give back. 3. Use careful aim when you pee. Somebody's got to clean that up, you know. 4. Save money when you're young because you're going to need it someday. 5. Allow me to introduce you to the dishwasher, oven, washing machine, iron, vacuum, mop and broom. Now please go use them. 6. Pray and be a spiritual leader. 7. Don't ever be a bully and don't ever start a fight, but if some idiot clocks you, please defend yourself. 8. Your knowledge and education is something that nobody can take away from you. 9. Treat women kindly. Forever is a long time to live alone and it's even longer to live with somebody who hates your guts. 10. Take pride in your appearance.
Android Tablets: 6 Erstaunlich Verwendungen Für Ein Android Tablet
Android Tabletten sind dieses Jahr must-have tech item! Wer würde nicht wollen, werfen ihre schweren alten Laptop und Rock eine glänzende, neue Schiefer? Nicht nur würden Sie sehen super cool, aber youd genießen auch einige der Vorteile, wie Monster Akkulaufzeit, großen bunten Bildschirm und android paddie viel gepriesene Benutzerfreundlichkeit und reichlich kostenlose apps! Ein Tablet-PC wird immer ein Geschenk des Himmels während Ihres pendeln sein, in der Cafeteria oder sogar im Büro, aber es gibt clevere Anwendungen für diese vielseitigen Tabletten, die Sie vielleicht noch nie gehört haben und kann ein paar Augenbrauen heben! 1.Portable Flatscreen TV TVs sind in der Regel ziemlich groß. Das ist ok, wenn Sie einen Blockbuster im Wohnzimmer sehen wollen, aber was ist, wenn Sie wollen Ihre TV mitnehmen? Bringen Sie einfach ein bisschen Klettband auf der Rückseite des Tablets und befestigen Sie dann bequem platzierten Streifen von Klett rund um das Haus, wo möglicherweise wollen eine
I'll be the bad guy, I'll take the black eye, When I walk out, You can slam the door, I'll be the S.O.B, If that's what you need from me, So you don't have to love me anymore. When you and our friends talk, Make it all my fault, Tell em' I'm rotten to the core, I'll let it all slide, Get um' all on your side, So you don't have to love me anymore. [Chorus] I will keep, All those memories, of the good times. Yeah, there were some good times. So when you think, Of you and me, They won't even cross your mind. If the wine you're drinkin, Leads you to thinkin, That you want what we had before, Girl you can call me, I'll let it ring and ring, So you don't have to love me anymore. Yeah, I will keep, All those memories, of the good times. Yeah, there were some good times. So when you think, Of you and me, They won't even cross your mind. If you need me to make you cry, I don't want to but I'll try, So you don't have to love me anymore.
Im complex and tempermental.I have hidden secrets that even the bestest of friends dont know.Theres things hidden deep in my walls that many try to see, yet are unable to grasp. If I let you in its your job to cherish that gift I just gave to you, not take it for granted or even look passed it. If youre unable to understand it then you try to...if you never try you will never find what it is I hold. So much thats left unseen about me, its the ones who take the time out, that get to see the me thats hidden. I dont open up much and I leave so much a mystery. So many are captivated, but by what?A look?The mystery?The challenge?They have no idea what it is that draws them near, but yet they fear....And when they allow that fear to take hold....Its when they let go...
I Am Too Curious For My Own Good
I want something else. I'm not even sure what to call it anymore except I know it feels roomy and it's drenched in sunlight and it's weightless and I know it's not cheap. Probably not even real. We’re all made of stories. When they finally put us underground, the stories are what will go on. Not forever, perhaps, but for a time. It's a kind of immortality, I suppose bounded by limits. It's true, but then so is everything.
The One
" The One " I am a tree , My fruit is bittersweet .Ripened with all trial,My roots go way down deep. I am a river ,Heaven is my source.Petitioned by desire,with grace I take my course. I am a precious ointment,smoothed on burdened browRefreshing scent my sweet perfume,anointing those who weep. I am the Northern Star,leading slaves to freedom.They follow me til they be free and rest beneath my brightness. I am a heavenly language ,no worldly man can speak.Nor the Angels who watch and wonder,Known only to the weak. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
2013 And Beyond
Love Can Heal
Love can heal a wounded soul. We all have scars from our past. Scars on wrists and throats can be healed with time but there are some scars which are much deeper than those on the body. They are the scars on our hearts, minds and on our souls which take a long time to heal. Embrace people who love you because love has an amazing power to heal and bring radiance in our life..
The Little Things
Did you ever wonder why people come up to you ?. Did you ever have the feeling that when ever someone new comes to you it always seems like they want something. If your in a bar and just being there to enjoy a drink meet up with some freinds and chill out a little.There is always a person who out of no where ask you" how are you " whats up ? or something along the lines.Most people you talk to will say that it is anoying that they dont want to be bothered that they just want to be left alone talking with there friends. id have to agree on most parts it dose get tirring after hearing the same line agein and agein. But i wonder did anyone think that the person that had the courage to come to a complete stranger and even say hi. maybe just maybe want to be freinds? just wanted to hang out maybe buy you a beer and say hey i think your pretty cool. No where says that just becuse i talk to you i want something or even they had any attenions to begin wiith. so why ? why so protective over a f
You Can Guide
“And think not you can guide the course of love. For love, if it finds you worthy, shall guide your course.”
If I Died Today - Tim Mcgraw
If I died today, Who'd turn off my coffee pot? Would there be a street parade? Would I just be an after-thought? If I died today, Would I still be a waiter? Could I fly around like superman? Would I make the Sunday paper? [Chorus:]I wonder who I'd see, Cryin' standin' over me. Who would just send their regards? Would anybody say that "at least he's in a better place?" And who would get this old guitar? If I died today, Would my mama keep on prayin'? Would my buddies go out drinkin? Would my alarm clock keep on blinkin'? If I died today, Would I need to be ashamed? Would I be easy to forget? Could I live with my regrets? [Chorus:]I wonder who I'd see, Cryin' standin' over me. Who would just send their regards? Would anybody say that "the world will never be the same?" And who would get this old guitar? If I died today, Would I see my room from Heaven? Would my family talk about me, At Christmas and Thanksgivin'? [Chorus:]I wonder who I'd see, Cryin' standin' over me. Who would just send
Biology Homework Forgotten
Well, thanks to the LC, I have put away my Biology homework. It's this new blog feature...I can't stop reading and posting! I love it! Thanks BabyJesus! I knew you heard my prayers! I was so happy to see this new feature! Thanks to my friend LI(V)ID?? noticing this first (and the sound of the gunshot scaring the bejesus outta me) I had something more interesting and fun to do besides boring old College Biology! Post away Cherries!!! I love a good read!
BOYS A heart is not a play thing, A heart is not a toy. If you want it boken just give it to a boy. Boys, they live to play with things, To see what makes them run. But when it comes to kissing girls, They do it just for fun. He'll never give his heart away, They play girls just for fools, Until she gives her heart away, They play it cool. Every chance you get to see him, Your heart begins to dance, Your world revolves around him, Theres nothing like romance. Never fall inlove my friend, You'll find it never pays, And though it causes broken hearts, It happens everyday. You'll wonder where he is at night, You'll wonder if he's true, One moment you'll be happy, The next you'll be blue. Never fall in love my friend, The price you pay is high, A choice between love and death, I think I'd rather die. When I say dont fall in love, You'll be hurt before I'm through, You see my friend I ought to know, I fell in love
Since I was small I had always sought to believe that everyone was good. Naive as it was, I was pure. I looked at people at "face value" and saw what I know everyone can be. I believe that everyone is good at heart. I don't care who you are, what your lifestyle was/is like, anything. I believe that you were born pure and you didn't know what hate was. Hate is taught. It has to do with your enviornment. Now, this is pretty common sence so I don't feel like I need to explain, but some people don't agree with this. Some think that surroundings have little, if any at all, effect on someone. I'm sorry, not so. Everything is taught to you and it's up to you (as soon as you're mature enough to come to a conclusion from your own gathered thoughts) to decide how to act. I can see if someone were to grow up in a white family and grow up racist. They are "brainwashed", shall we say, into thinking like this only because their family is like that. That's not their fault if that's all they ever
I Love You
I love you with a permanence That endures the passing years. I love you with a joyfulness That subdues all doubts and fears. I love you with an honesty That was born within my heart. I love you with the calm belief That we will never part. I love you with a confidence No earthly force can sever. I love you with the certainty That I’ll cherish you forever. I love you with the humbleness Of one who has been blessed. I love you with the reverence Of all that word suggests. I love you with a fervor That time cannot reverse. I love you with the truest love That poets put to verse.
Fear And Loathing My Feelings
This is something I've grown accustomed to keeping to myself. I had this friend that keeps reminding me that keeping my feelings bottled is a bad thing. Although I know I can talk to several people about things. I fear misinterpretation in some form or another. Let me start by saying, love is a confusing bitch. There are so many ways for it ot be misread and there are so many kinds of love. There is someone my heart aches for that I have kept ot myself I have expressed it subtly to her as well as my best friend. This is not a person on the LC she is a dear friend that has be come engaged to my best friend. The three of us were close when they hooked up and I don't hate him for being with her; or her for choosing him - I'm not clear on how to discribe the love for them, it isn't lust, and it's more than friendship and different than one would have for family. These are friends that in some ways I have gone through hell for or with. I so want to be around them again...
Thursday Questions
#1 State you live in #2 Fav vacation Spot #3 Who's your lost cherry sweetheart? #4 Celebrity crush? #5 If you could live anywhere in the World where would that be? Just some random questions i am bored feel free to ask me too :D
Awww...your What Hurts?
I sometimes wonder when grown folks get back to acting like grown folks. In between my "rate my profile" bulletins that I post on a regular basis...LOL...(oh if you haven't please rate my profile....LMFAO) I have been reading more of the "she's fake, he's mean, she's dumb, he's a player" type bulletins. Maybe it's my perception of life and online communitites but I think that no one is going to get along all the time. People are individuals with their own style, way of doing things and measure for acceptability. What drives me nuts is the whiney, baby bullshit that follows. Okay someone hurts your feelings, truth be told, it's not the last time that will happen. The peace is not necessarily "stopping them" but in how YOU handle it. There is a law of physics that says "for every action...there's an equal and opposite reaction". I don't see where it says that that reaction mimicks the same dumb shit that people bitch about. You don't fight fire with fire.....water puts out
Funny Knockout
Dildo Prank Call
The Feeling Of Being Used
So I just don't understand why I am constantly used. I bend over backwards and make people happy. I wear my heart on my sleeve and trust everyone and I get nothing in return but hurt feelings. I constantly get used over and over and I can't seem to change it. Everytime I get my hopes up I get kicked in the face. When will it end? I just want someone that will love me the way I should be! I want REAL friends that won't talk shit about me, I want real friends that won't be judgemental, I want a family that doesn't make assumptions. I just don't know what I have to do to get what I want. How do I have to blow for a decent break in life. ANYONE? I didn't think so. Oh and letting go is harder then I ever thought. Never had to let go of something like what I am now and its making for a difficult time.
My First Time
Well thanks to everyone who popped my pic cherries and such . this wa smy 1st time here and this place is pretty cool. I love korn, tattoos( don't have any but saving up for a big first tatty on my back) I'm here in canada just had a bday and hoping to get loaded this weekend Anyways check in later
You are 75% stoner You are a fairly regular stoner. You are probably the kid who is always smoking up at the back corner of the parking lot of your high school. You like experimenting with other stuff – although you are too clever to really get addicted to anything. Take this quiz at
Sat... 9/30
Ok so it's now 3:30am in NY.... I just got home from work... OMG it was so borring.. I't be like watching a snail race.... Ther was a total of 8 people that came in tonight.. 6 were durring my shift... most were all in 2 hours out of 6... so for the other 4 hours I was watching the door... So yeah... Worked sucked a big one... The girlz were pissed cuz they were maken no money.. I actually made more then everyone cuz well I get paid by the hour and maybe get a bonus for "solving" a problem.. ;)... But yeah so now it's time to get to sleep so... ttyl..
Man I Am Tired..
So I worked my ass of today, and it paid off. My old partner and best friend will be getting out of jail on bond, so he can get the medical attention he needs, (long story), anyways he's getting out under my supervision, and has a sentancing date in December. He's only doing a couple months, which he could do it standing on his head, but he's out untill then, thank god!!
More Friends Family N Pics
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You Are My Forever Love
You Are My Forever Love I'll always remember our first days together those magical times when our love was so new I remember the wonder we felt in our closeness, the passion and joy I discovered with you... Somehow it seemed we were meant for each other, you made me feel cherished, complete, understand, And I knew if I walked by your side through the future, I'd always be happy and life would be good... Time has brought change to the world that we share, but the sweet, simple truth that I knew from the start Is timeless and changeless forever and ever I need you and love you with all of my heart. I LOVE YOU BABY!
Holidays A time of the year Most people look forward to Spending time with friends and family For me it is a day sitting home alone Just another day of the year Nothing is open thou and there is nothing to do Every one saying how great it is All just wants me to get sick As I have no where to go Or nothing to do No one to spend this holly time of the year with It just makes me depressed and wishes it would all be over with By Scott Homan 10/11/2005
well lets see im sick it sucks i hate it . i am bored out of my midn as always. this is my first blog on here. wish i had something interesting to say but im kind of a boring person . so hmmm what to talk about . well i have 3 days off well 2 now. work sucks so much. i work with this guy who i cant stand and wish i could beat the hell out of . but i dont want to lose my job . soo i guess that all for now peace trevor
10,000 Maniacs -- Verdi Cries
I love Verdi Cries by 10,000 Maniacs because it's both a beautiful song and a lovely poem. Like many of the best songs, it's a simple one -- it's just images of a vacation, and reminds us of those happy memories we all have of such times. Verdi Cries by 10,000 Maniacs The man in 119 takes his tea all alone. Mornings we all rise to wireless Verdi cries. I'm hearing opera through the door. The souls of men and women, impassioned all. Their voices climb and fall; battle trumpets vall. I fill the bath and climb inside, singing. He will not touch their pastry but every day they bring him more. Gold from the breakfast tray, I steal them all away and then go and eat them on the shore. I draw a jackal-headed woman in the sand, sing of a lover's fate sealed by jealous hate then wash my hand in the sea. With just three days more I'd have just about learned the entire score to Aida. Holidays must end as you know. All is memory taken home with me: the opera, the stol
Think Your Pics Are Safe? Well Check This Out!
Ok... so you whine bitch and complain about your stuff being ripped copied and stolen. Well, newsflash.. everyone on the internet can access your files to copy! Try this.. Go to and type in your online name. I would venture to say that you will appear in one of the first three options, and guess what, it's your lost cherry id! Here's mine... lostCherry user: The Perfect Sarcastic Bitch Returns (140421)The Perfect Sarcastic Bitch Returns's recent blog posts:. Child Predators (worth the watch). 2006-10-05 (22 views) (3 comments) ... - 69k - Cached - Similar pages So don't be so nieve people! Don't post stuff you don't want spread all over the internet!!!
Luv 'o Meter
Created by was hopin' for a "69"
Dumbass Of The Day
Sooo I'm reading bulletins .. yes I actually read them and not just post and repost...and what do I see? A young lady had just posted a bulletin and was very proud of it being her 17 and a half birthday....Ummmmmm...genius. Mind you, she lied on her profile. Wanna see the bulletin? Oops...can't that account has been deleted, no minors on Kids.
Gotta Man
this nigga lookin' like love, no doubt Sophisticated thug keep me guessin' Said it would be a blessin' just to watch you undressin' Callin' you daddy, late nights I'm layin' on your chest And, stay reminiscin' bout the rest And, how they less than, trying to come between what we share Can't compare, could have been left But when it's mine, I never share, fight to the death If need be to prove that, wounds from your war Other bitches couldn't soothe that, broke from a bad back I'm holdin' you down, throwin' dirt with other bitches But them other fishes drown, locked in, for however long I'm playin' it smart, court dates in other cities There I'm playin’ my part, wif-ey, in ya life see Forever be us, passenger side of a Bentley Or the number 2 bus, tell the whole world, papi EVE don't want nobody else, with other niggas pick and choose But you, I'm keepin' for myself All my peoples thinkin' I'm delirious But the love I feel is serious Couples of the world, no compar
I'm Board
I Just want a female to get naked with me I got my web cam fired up sound is on ready to play. want to get naked with me check out the web cam player on my page click on enlarge screen to join me live I can my the room private with ya wanna get juicy
Real Life
i want to apologize to Aall my friends here. Right now real life is needing quite abit of my attention lately. So i have not been here very often. That doesn't mean that i don't think about Yyou and wonder how Yyou Aall are doing. Especially the Oones that i talk with individually. Hopefully, things will settle down soon and i will be back pestering Yyou. i do hope that Yyou Aall have had a wonderful Halloween. Know that i am wishing Yyou Aall the best right now and still think of Yyou often. Hugs.
Lyrics: Honor Those Men
Daughters and mothers weep and cry As dutiful fathers bleed and die Their sons and their brothers with fathers fall too, Loving their families and all they hold true They scrape the last breath out of their lungs They bleed their last drop in pools that run With flesh they forge real the truths their hearts hold In hopes their young children in joy will grow old We must honor those men who gave up their lives Loved by their children, their friends and their wives They live in our memories each day we are free They gave us this freedom; their death their decree
Get Ridden By 3d Lover
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The Coma And Oral Sex...again
A husband and wife are driving along and get in a terrible accident. The husband sustains serious injuries � broken leg, broken ribs, a concussion � but the wife is put into a coma. She lays in the hospital in this coma for a year with no response. One day, a nurse is giving her a sponge bath and rubs her "down there" and the lady lets out a little moan. Stunned, the nurse goes to get the doctor. The doctor doesn�t believe her, so the nurse repeats the procedure to prove it to him; again, the lady lets out a little moan. The doctor tells the nurse to call the husband. The husband comes in and the doctor says, "I don't quite know how to tell you this, but we've had a response out of your wife," and he proceeds to explain what had happened. The doctor then says, "This may sound a little weird, but we think your wife might come out of the coma if you go in and have a little oral sex with her." The husband�s a little weirded out, but he says "I want to help, so I'll do it," a
Omg Life Sucks
Poems From The Heart...
My Missing Parts   Why were they taken, Way before their time? You must have be mistaken, Maybe the wrong place or time?   Their love I do still feel, Even though you've stolen them, Is there a time I'll fully heal? My mind races with memories of them.   Their hearts were huge, Their smiles so bright, I've lost my refuge, Ihope what you've done is right.   Never whole will my heart ever be, Thanks to what you've done, Can't you see, You've done've won.   Right here and now, I break out a cry, Wondering how,
I'm on my way to Aruba for a photo shoot, so excited! I'll have new pics for Cherry when I get home! Cat
Installment 1
she wandered the streets wondering where she should go. where was she now? the girl had no idea. the streets were cracked pavement full of graffiti and telltale spots of dried blood. a war had gone on here. dead bodies, invisible to the naked eye, were sprawled all over the place. the girl was not afraid and calmly stepped over every one. the street signs were broken and faded. there was no way to tell where she was or how much further she had to go. the street lights flickered on a off, lighting her way. a rustle from a bush didnt frighten the girl. she hissed silently and heard a soft answering hiss. "good" she thought. "they're in position". tonight was the last night, a final battle, a final day to the war...but first, the girl needed food. she was an innocent-looking girl of 10 or 11 years old, she couldnt remember anymore. it had been too long... footsteps from around the corner. "excuse me little girl?" a young man said hesitantly when he saw her. "wha
Internet Pet Peeve
If you can read and write (in English), then you should be able to use at least semi-proper English. My biggest pet peeve with the internet (mainly bulletins like those found on myspace and l33t sp33k) is that it isn't real English that everyone can understand. I bring this up now after seeing a mum concerning a "bulletin" where only a linguist may be able to read it clearly and without mentally adding in or re-spelling certain words to make sense out of it. I see these kind of bulletins all the time on Myspace and I generally don't bother replying to them. Every so often, I'll find someone online that talks to me like that and I'll explain my pet peeve and they'll stop talking to me or will take the time to properly spell things out. Is this really so difficult to achieve? I've seen people misspelling "cat" on myspace...and these are literate people, I've talked with them quite a bit outside of myspace. How painful can it possibly be to take the extra 2 minutes to typ
How Fast???
Wrath And Condemnation
As we venture through the Elysian Fields and to the holy abysmal depths of hell we begin to see the message. The message that was said to have been lost eons ago. As we present this message that’ll shake this world it will be but a figment of the imagination since nothing presents good news than subliminal messages in the ear. These messages that we saw was part of a script that we shall proclaim it with exaltation. In exaltation we say: These beginnings of an ending are so unclear yet these endings of a beginning are so unclear also. Although this could be understood or misunderstood like an idea. Therefore we compromise the ideas that The beginnings of any beginning are clear-and-the endings of any ending are also clear. To such an extent thy can be so clear and nearly precise that the slightest provocation will not cause a flinch. To such an extent they can be so blurry with muddled obsolete that disorder and chaos are friends. To such an extent there is tha
Do This Survery You'll Be Amazed!
Do this survery you'll be amazed!
Great Lyrics
I never thought I'd miss you Half as much as I do And I never thought I'd feel this way The way I feel about you As soon as I wake up Every night every day I know that it's you I need to take the blues away It must be love love love Nothing more nothing less Love is the best How can it be that we can Say so much without words Bless you and bless me Bless the bees and the birds
Full Moon??????????
At least I'm not the only one but it's so sad to see everyone so down is it the full moon???
Missing You :
Missing You : i've been living my alone trying to get you out of my life but after all this time i can't help myself but miss you you're once a dream that came true an illusion that turned to reality but suddenly, things turned differently the way they used to be untill such time i have no choice but to let you go you're the reason for my sleepless nights coz you keep stayin' on my mind i can't help myself from crying coz i'm missing you so much all the pain & sadness are bound inside my heart all the memories are still preserve in my mind i miss you so much coz i can't hide the fact that i'm still inlove with you my life will never be the same again now that you're gone i'll be trapped in this loneliness forever unless a girl like you will bloom into my life again.... I thought this was a letter I would never have to write, I hoped my tongue was something I could bite. I've realized its just something I cannot do, Here are my feelings, just a
There Is No Spoon
All works of Razorwolf are created and produced by Wolf himself using MadTracker 2.0 Meant to drive the blood and stir the senses as to what defines real. "What is real? What is it that defines real? If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain"
Seems to me its almost even here with everyones blogs (hostil vs. honesty). Don't get me wroung, freedom of speech is good, but lets not freak out and lose love for another human being. Contests..points.. bah, they can have it. I just simply wanted to meet new people, and not cause I want to see yur yau yau..k. Remember good friends are hard to find.
Love You Forever By Robert Munsch
A mother held her new baby and very slowly rocked him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And while she held him, she sang: I'll love you forever I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living My baby you'll be. The baby grew. He grew and he grew and he grew. He grew until he was two years old, and he ran all around the house. He pulled all the books off the shelves. He pulled all the food out of the refrigerator and he took his mother's watch and flushed it down the toilet. Sometimes his mother would say, "This kid is driving me CRAZY!" But at night time, when that two-year-old was quiet, she opened the door to his room, crawled across the floor, looked up over the side of his bed; and if he was really asleep she picked him up and rocked him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. While she rocked him she sang: I'll love you forever I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living My baby you'll be. The little boy grew. He grew and he gre
Sexual Ethics
When I was younger I used to think having sex just for the sake of pleasure, or god forbid for money, made you a "dirty" immoral person. Why did I think this way? Because I was raised catholic. But this type of attitude is not limited to one religion or religion in general. Our society is obsessed with sex but at the same time condemns most types of sex as "evil". Casual sex is glamorized in the media but also gets you labeled as a slut (at least if your a woman). But where does this strange attitude toward sex come from? In the time before birth control and paternity tests there was actually a practical reason for telling young women that sex before marriage and sleeping around was immoral. Women, since they were not allowed to work, could not support a child without a husband. So, assuming your family didn't kick you out for being a slut, it was the father who would have to continue to support his daughter and her child. Adultery, it could be argued, has t
I Know A Place
I KNOW A PLACE I know a place… Where we can go Where souls can touch And no one need know It’s pleasant and affectionate Yet teasingly cool An anonymous delight For love’s favorite fool A haven of the promiscuous Where there is no need to be shy And clothing is optional And lust will never die Where Handcuffs, silk sheets and satin lips reside And people know what they are used for A place for naughty whispers Where your conscience is checked at the door This place where sex is casual And kisses mean more A place of a heart’s devious design Where lovers are kings and queens Where you’ll willingly give into desire Because it’s just as easy as it seems You’ll become a romance junkie Intoxicated by love’s alcohol Taking shots of cupid’s tonic And that’s not nearly all Even angels are voyeurs here When hands discover themselves between thighs And demons reflect upon true love As they hear our pleasure filled sighs So ke
"God is dead." ~ Friederich Nietzsche "Nietzsche is dead." ~ God "Yeah, real mature, God." ~ Nietzsche "I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you." ~ God "Well then you're an awesome and cool philosopher who gets all the ladies. Nyah." ~ Nietzsche "Oh, that doesn't count." ~ God "Hey, don't call it if you can't stand the fact that I found a loophole." ~ Nietzsche "It's not a loophole, it's retarded." ~ God "If I had a gun I'd shoot you." ~ Nietzsche "Too bad I have a bulletproof vest" ~ God "Yeah well my bullets go through bullet proof vests." ~ Nietzsche "Nuh-uh, my vests made of titanium and nothing goes through titanium." ~ God "Well then I'd shoot you with a laser that melts the titanium and then kills you." ~ Nietzsche "No way, this is special unmeltable titanium, you can't melt it." ~ God "Yes I can, my laser has infrared, and like, ultraviolet light combined that melts even unmeltable titanium." ~ Nietzsc
My Sweet Prince
You light the way on a moonless night, You're my shelter when it rains. When you're around, all the wrong's made right. You've all the glory without the pains. My knight and shinning armor; an angel sent to me from above. Always I'll cherrish and honor... Forever I will LOVE. ~Gwendolyn A (Pepper) Coyne feburary 11, 1999
IF YOU... If you woke up this morning with more health than illness, you are more blessed than the million who won't survive the week. If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture or the pangs of starvation, you are ahead of 20 million peoplearound the world. If you attend a church meeting without fear of harassment, arrest, torture, or death, you are more blessed than almost three billion people in the world. If you have food in your refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75% of this world. If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish someplace, you are among the top 8% of the world's wealthy. If your parents are still married and alive, you are very rare, especially in the United States. If you hold up your head with a smile on your face and are truly thankful, you a
I Wonder
I Wonder I wonder if he thinks of me, When it’s quiet and he’s alone? I wonder if he remembers my number When he looks at the phone? I wonder if he remembers the smile, I gave so freely to him? Or our special talks, When all the lights were dim? I wonder if he ever stops, To think of me now and then, To wonder how I’m doing, And wonder how I’ve been? I wonder if hurts inside, Whenever they play our song, I wonder if he yearns for me, When a couple strolls along? I wonder if the memories, Keep him awake at night? I wonder if he wishes, We’d never had that fight? I wonder and I question, Until the wonders run out, But mostly I wonder if he ever wonders What I am wondering about?
Add Me Say Hi!!
Fucc Wtf!!!
Sugar Is Sweet
SUGAR is SWEET All the world is a stage and we just the actors spewing forth rehearsed lines? Then let my words stand the test of time and like sugar crystals sweet and delicate melt within the mind let my words be love to a wandering soul teasing the taste buds ending sour let my words quench the needs and cover the sweet heart in candied bliss someone once said let them eat cake I say feed them on dreams dreams as sweet as cotton candy dreams that last as long as an all day sucker formed from crystalline sugar so very SWEET the visions of winter need not be cold nor the night be old
I walk the path of life. Occasionally a fork comes along. I choose Sometimes I choose the best path, sometimes not... Then a fork comes along and the path I choose is blocked... Or it comes so fast I take turn before I know I had a choice.. As the path behind me grows longer... I realize.. The best part of life is not the path but what I see along the way... Look both ways as you go along.. Look at the path next to yours.. Enjoy what the path brings, learn what the path teaches.. It tells you which fork to take next.. You can only walk one path.. Until the next fork comes along... when it does... Choose wisely!! You can only wak one path....
Ahaha New Pics Soon
Yay I'm getting my hair done on Saturday. Something different for sure since I'm always opened on trying new things. I'm not going to mention what I'm getting done but it will be a tad different.
One Rainy Day I Went To Do My Laundry
One rainy day I went to do my laundry. The Laundromat was the small one on the corner, it was empty the way it usually is on a rainy afternoon. I have on gray sweats and a tight black baby-t. The t- is short, so my lower stomach is showing. The top of my tattoo peaks out from my sweats which are rolled at the top, because they are so big on me. I always wait til' I have no clothes left, so I don't have any underwear on. I put the darks in the first two machines, then the lights in the next two. Next my bras and undies, I like to wash them separate so they won't get ruined. I put soap in all the machines, put in the money, and start all the machines. I sit on a machine and I open my Cosmo-magazine. What a crappy day... The machine moves gently, I feel a tingle rise within me. I scoot back on the machine and part my legs slightly. The vibrations from the machine feel good on me. I put my magazine on my lap and slide my right hand under the magazine. I rub myself gently over my sw
What Is Ur Sexual Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 122 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
How Is It....
...That a pulse exists in a bloodless heart, ...That silence is louder than a horde of screaming banshee at Samhain's, ...That a word, just one, can determine hatred or love, life or death, wealth or poverty. ...That selfiness precedes like or love ...That trying really isn't worth it, just do it, and let it all go.
Animations!! I Need Some Help!!
I want an animation of me turning into a dragon but i don't even know where to start!! Could some one give me some pointers or even create one for me!!! Any help would be greatly apreciated!
Vote For Me Plz... Far Far Behind
You Think You Know...
...but you dont, so just keep your trap shut/ dont need your shit,and you just dont make the cut/ your not the kind of people we fuck with/ so back the fuck up and suck on this fat dick/ I try to play nice, and not hurt your feelings/ but Im sick of your bullshit, hearing your voice even leaves me reeling/ and I cant keep playing this game you enjoy/ back the fuck off and go find someone else to be your toy/ Im not the whipping boy, or the scape goat/ I will leave a crimson river flowing from your throat/ cuz Im thru with all this confusion/ dont need your lies, its just an illusion/ and its not worht my time, my talent or my heart/ you've got being a loser down to an art/ and I want no part of your hatred and idiocracy/ and I'll say what the fuck I want, this is A FUCKING DEMOCRACY/ and you make me sick worse than the flu/ I'd kill myself if for a moment I was you/ so back the fuck off and be glad Im letting you walk away/ take your life, and your bullshit, Im done, nothing more to s
I have come to realize that Clint Eastwood is freakin' hot in "Hang'em High", I mean this guy had it going for him. He's soooo hot back in the day. I shall marry a guy that is as hot as that bad-boy face, cowboy thing. Hahaha.
Nice guys and girls We are many though we may feel few The ones overlooked and ignored Forgotten about and bypassed Never to be taken as true We are always there And always will be No matter what the cost Willing to lend and ear or a hand Everything for those we love One day after another without complaint Happy to be with those in our heart Feeling whole and complete Never doubting our hearts content 'Til the day comes when it all crashes down Without warning and no clue to show Why it all ended so brutal and cruel We stand by and watch many of you Deny and forsake us anew To watch you in new endeavors With your new mate Who treats you like dirt and ways that we hate Never to be treated the way you deserve We watch and we see how it could be But we wait and we hope That in the end you will see What we've known from the start "You belong with me"
Freedom Isnt Free
You stay up for 16 hours He stays up for days on end. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. He goes days or weeks without running water. __________________________ You complain of a "headache", and call in sick. He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward. __________________________ You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends. He still fights for your right to wear that shirt. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He clutches the cross hanging on his chain next to his dog tags. __________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. He knows he may not see some of his buddies again. __________________________ You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls. He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists. _________________________ You complain about how
Places To Be Naughty! Add Your Place To The List!
Places to be naughty!!! Add a place to have sex 1. the bed 2.The car 3.bathroom 4.pool floor 6.the sofa 7. Mutha F'in School 8. in da shower 9. on the counter 10. on the beach 11. in a hot tub 12. on a trampoline!!! a tree house 14. in a lake 15. Outside in the pourin rain 16. in a mr. john (portapotty 17.back row at the movies 18.the park's bed 20.front steps 21. someone elses car...while they're drivin the locker rrom a pavilion 24.on a baseball field pitchers mound at night 25. in a public bathroom 26. a park slide...haha i bet aint none of ya thought of that 27. Granny's rockin Chair 28. In my room *wink* 29. a roof top 30. in public 31. in an ikea room!!!!! 32. ON the dryer 33. On a boat 34. Sauna room in public, yep and a kid walked in absolutly horrible 35.Reynan-dressing room of Nordstroms 36.At my work; Marriott Hotel, just check in a room when we arent busy and go!!! 37. D'Anna---in a tanning bed!
" I Believe "
Mother To Son
Well, son, I'll tell you: Life for me ain't been no crystal stair. It's had tacks in it, And splinters, And boards torn up, And places with no carpet on the floor- Bare. But all the time I'se been a-climbin' on, And reachin' landin's, And turnin' corners, And sometimes goin' in the dark Where there ain't been no light. So boy, don't you turn back. Don't you set down on the steps 'Cause you finds it's kinder hard. Don't you fall now- For I'se still goin', honey, I'se still climbin', And life for me ain't been no crystal stair. LANGSTON HUGHES
Memory Lane
I stumbled on this photograph It kinda made me laugh It took me way back Back down memory lane I see the happiness... I see the pain Where am I... back down memory lane I see us standing there Such a happy happy pair Love beyond compare look-a-there look-a-there The way you held me... no one could tell me That love would die... why oh why Did I have to find this photograph Thought I had forgot the past But now I'm slippin' fast Back down memory lane I feel the happiness... I feel the pain Here am I... back down memory lane I'm in the sunshine... I'm in the rain I don't wanna go traveling down Faster than the speed of sound Back down memory lane Be still my foolish heart Don't let this feelin' start Back down memory lane I don't wanna go... save me save me
=== 'BEST BACK TAT CONTEST NEED PPL' spewed forth the following at '2007-02-18 12:29:10'.. > > heres lin > k
Free To Join And I'll Give You 11
Seasons come 1st the new arrives,sprining up like majic out of the ground all around us,look up out of the blue its true they spring out green waving at us,then the fall kina like life,everything gets dull,dingy,dry,and then the ulltiment,die,but un like winter ,then spring will bring it all back,death wont.Think about a loved one or close freind,thinkabout,the seasons come and go. just thinking was bored too . this is a free and enjoyable site so sing and i'll give you 11
Lol Just For Fun!
If you really reply to this i might consider you but i mainly thought this was just funny and thought oh what the hell maybe someday i'll actually start using this. lol so either for shits and giggles or if you really want to you can comment on this. Fill OuT :) 1.) Name - 2.) Hair/Eye Color - 3.) Height - 4.) Location - 5.) Favorite Music - 6.) Favorite Movie - 7.) Favorite Food - 8.) Favorite Song - 9.) Do You Smoke? - 10.) Do You Drink?- 11.) Do You Like To Party? If NO Then Why ? - 12.) Whats the longest Relationship you have ever had? - 13.) How long ago did you/gf break up? - 14.) Have you ever cheated on your gf? - 15.) If we were gonna go on a date where would you wanna go?- 16.) How long do you wait to have sex in a relationship?- 17.) How many people have you slept with? - 18.) What kind of movies do you like? - 19.) Do you like roller coasters?- 20.) Do you like going out to dinner? - 21.) How Often
Am I Easy?
You are 50% easy You are not very easy. You like to at least date someone before sleeping with them. For you, sex is about more than just the pleasure, although you do get a lot of pleasure from it. Take this quiz at Are My Everything!! I Love You With All That I Am!!
William *Please Read my Profile / Blog*@ CherryTAP
What Does Mod Mean?
ok i know alot of you know this lol but i get asked this quite often. If someone makes you mod in a lounge, you have the rights to ban and unban users you also have the right to delete conversations and edit the lounge skin The only one that can make someone mod is the lounge owner
Our Birthdays!!
Hi to all my friends our birthday list was a good big turn out but for some reason the list was taken off the site here soo if you would all please add your bithdays here again this way we can all keep in touch and celebrate all together ok.. thank you all for your time.. your friend. Jay
The Best
"I feel so lonely without my wings, I can't find me, and my heart can't reach you, I feel lost without you to bring the day to my heart, Every time that you wake up the dream that you use to make part, And you're so far from me, And I'm so near of you, I don't know what I see, I don't know what to do. Why don't you wanna believe in me? That you're the best, and I'm the best for you. Why you're the only that don't wanna see? That I'm the best, and you're the best for me. I can't rush the hours but I can give you flowers. I can't choose the wheather but I can love you forever, I can't make you fly but I can hold you when you cry, I can't give you much money but you'll be always my honey, And you're getting so far from me, And I can see me so near of you. I don't know what do you see, I don't know what you're going to do. So why don't you wanna stay with me? If you're the best, and I'm the best for you. And why you're the only that don't agree? That I'm the be
So Sad
i am very sad today because my husband deployed yesterday.i can't wait till he is home safe with me.
Stupid Blog
hey all i am bored out of my mind so i thought i would write a blog. i named it stupid blog cause as you can see it is a stupid blog. i never know what to write about cause i dont know what people want to hear about. so if there is anything you would like to hear about or discuss please let me know.
Women Vs Men ...joke
WOMAN'S PERFECT BREAKFAST > >She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee. Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box. Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week.Her boyfriend is on the cover of Playgirl. >And her husband is on the back of the milk carton. > _____ > >WOMEN'S REVENGE >"Cash, check or charge?" I asked, after folding items the woman wished to purchase. >As she fumbled for her wallet, I noticed a remote control for a television set in her purse. >"So, do you always carry your TV remote?" I asked. "No," she replied, "but my husband refused to come shopping with me, >and I figured this was the most evil thing I could do to him legally." > _____ > >UNDERSTANDING WOMEN >(A MAN'S PERSPECTIVE) > >I know I'm not going to understand women. >I'll never understand how you can take boiling hot wax, pour it onto your upper thigh, rip the hair out by the root, and still be afraid of a spider. > _____ > >MARRIAGE SEMINAR > >While attending a Marr
My Plans
Well folks I will be traveling to Kentucky and Denver over the next 3 weeks.. Id offer to meet ya guys in the areas, but my time is pretty tied up, not to mention I dont need runing into DJ Dumb Ass or Hop-A-Long Swabbie... Yes I know they couldnt do anything, look at their stupid threats LOL.. And anyways for our Texas Marine, I think we would just put a stick in his wheels or something.. Rule One.. Know always who you are gonna Push, Cause if you don't, you dont know who is going to push back.. Thats what I am.. the Unknown. But anyways, I have the chance to embark on a perfect job in the next 18 months.. This is gonna Rock!
Back To Work
Just wanted to let you guys know that I just went back to work last week after quite a few years of being a stay at home mom. It's only part time but it's going to take me some time to balance everything out. Forgive me it if takes me longer then usual to return comments, rate your pics/stash and get to your blogs. Hope everyone has had a great start to their week!!
Do You Still Love Ur Ex?
do u still luv ur ex???? ur over him/her!!u have little to no feelings left for this person. u have moved on and are ready to find someone else. Take this test
Excerpts From A Cat's Daily Diary
Day 683 of my captivity: My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength. The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape.. in an attempt to disgust them , I once again vomit on the floor. Day 722: Today i decaptitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at their feet. I had hoped this would strike fear into their hearts, since it clearly demonstrates what I am capable of. However, they merely made condescending comments about what a "good little hunter" I am. The audacity! Day 802: There was some sort of assembly of their accomplices tonight. I was placed in solitary confinement for the duration of the event. However, I could hear the noises and smell of the food. I overheard that my confinement was due to the power of 'all
Jews In Mexico
two Jewish men, Sid and Al, were sitting in a Mexican restaurant. Sid asked Al, "Are there any people of our faith born and raised in Mexico ? Al replied, "I don't know, let's ask our waiter." When the waiter came by, Al asked him, "Are there any Mexican Jews?" and the waiter said, "I don't know Senor, I'll ask the cooks." He returned from the kitchen in a few minutes and said "No sir, no Mexican Jews." Al wasn't really satisfied with that and asked, "Are you absolutely sure?" The waiter, realizing he was dealing with "Gringos" gave the expected answer, "I will check again,Senor!", and went back into the kitchen. While the waiter was away, Sid said, "I find it hard to believe that there are no Jews in Mexico, our people are scattered everywhere." The waiter returned and said "Senor, the head cook said there is no Mexican Jews." "Are you Certain?" Al asked once again. "I can't believe there are no Mexican Jews!" "Senor, I ask EVERYONE," rep
"dream Free"
Dreams live within the Hearts and minds of the free Freedom will never die Dreams will never end 'No' is never the end Only the begining We are the people of free minds We are a world of bright dreams Falling into darkness Words will never shut out the lights Stones will never make us blind to our dreams To my dreams Of one world Of equal people So help us
Us Marines On Fubar (updated 12/08/07)
U.S. Marine Corps The Retro Homicidal Werewolf Killer ButtercupParents: Gryphon321 and Military Dad (Veteran) Sister: BAngel1982 (Veteran)Brother is in the Army JoeMarine Sexy Marine T4MinusCherry Mike first2fght1Enganged to:~CHARMED~ Sarge RamZnation sungoddessvDeployed to:Iraq FoxxF
Love is a funney thing u never knoe when u r in love or in heat ( yes in heay ) ( man is no diffent then the common dog . ) When we wonte somthing we take it. WE dont sniff others butts to find out if u r a perfect mate. No we wine an dine u. Some are forceful wile other are timeit an week. When we're hunger we hunt an forage We do what we can to find a mate. Like most anemials their is an Alpha and then the rest if we wonte a pice of the action then we have to fright for it. We might not know it but anemials have a better understanding at love an life then we do.We should pay attition an learn from them. Who knows what we will leqarn from them mabye the meaning of life. (Mabye it's LIFE if life deail with it the up's and downs cause life comes and goes what we do with it is our chose.) Me I have made my bead now it time to make your owen
All About The Points
Im not about the points, PLEASE if you are going to buy me a gift do it because we have talked and become friends or at least friendly and something in the gift shop made you think..."Buck would like that". DO NOT buy me gifts because I rated your pics/stash/blogs/ ect. If I have taken the time to rate your pages its because I found you interesting enough to spend my time on, not because I want anything in return. Yes the points are cool, Its nice to be high in the lvls, I love getting a "10" all of that is what makes this site FUN. But if your only buying gifts as "payment" save your bucks. This is a general blog and not directed to any 1 person its just a little insight into who I am. Thanks for takign the time to read this, Buck
My Page Theme Song
Well its by Plies featuring Pleasure of pretty Ricky and its called "Get You Wet" so fellas get that for ya ladies and ladies enjoy it ha ha its a real song and best believe it describes me ha ha hint hint
Down Rater Bombers
when the fuck did just talking to people go away i can't even have a decent conversation any more cause i am making my list i am bombing so and so who fucking care unless u wanna play on line darts or shoot some pools that's the only bar compettition i rember pulls the stix out yo ass and fucking enjoy what this place is here for. this place has turned into a popularity contest and i don't give a shit if i am popular u know where i am if u wana talk hit me up if u wanna tell me how i got to answer emails make a list or bomb some don't fucking bother xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hopefully someone ur willing to talk to my head hurts.
Poem For Dad
As soft winds sweep away the days I look back on life through a haze. Remember playgrounds, parks and friends, In childlike gaze that never ends. The laughter in a game of catch, Shall memory ever attach... To innocence in youthful eyes, Catching the ball to Dad's surprise. I recall my first bike, first wreck, Who picked me up, said, "What the heck?" Convinced me to give one more try, While, knees skinned, I forgot to cry. Just the joy knowing he was there, Making him proud my only care. There was nothing I couldn't do, My heart held fast that to be true. Though teenage years were kind of rough, I sure wasn't too big or tough. You taught me to defend what's right And never back down from a fight. So I learned the hard way to stand, Still, with each lump, I found your hand. Drawing from you an inner strength, And stubborn pride of equal length. But there the line of fate was drawn, As though I blinked and you were gone. I found myself facing the sun, Not
Sexiest Texan Girl Contest-now Open
Papi RH@ CherryTAP Sexiest Texan Girl Contest Hey ladies lets see who is the Sexiest Texan Girl Current Votes Updtaed Nightly at Midnight CST Ratings Will Only be used in a tie Current Contestants. JoJo Votes-8 TexasCherry Votes-4 Chelsey Votes-472 SWEET SEXY LATINA Votes-1920 Texas Tea Votes-275 Punkyzan Votes-5 Cheeto Votes-5 Alexis Votes-5 Abby Votes-12861 Angildna Votes-4 Jen Votes-7 Nicki Votes-32 TxGirl4Fun Votes-1861
hows this for a change (great words)
Dear Santa...
as you all know: start from the bottom and work your way up! heh. i totally said "dear lard". Captain Le...: "dear santa, i know it's not xmas but if you could do me a favour, that'd be great. can you send cakey a man with a big willy for her b'day. thank you, love legobot" ->Captain Le...: i need all the wishes and hopes i can get! so thank you! Captain Le...: i'll be wishin a b'day humpin on ya. ->Captain Le...: chucks, fucks... i hope i get the best of both worlds... Captain Le...: laughin's good for you and it's nearly your birthday so i think you deserve a few chucks. ->Captain Le...: i'm fucking dying over here.. between you, ian, and scottie? dear lard im spent! hahahahahahaha Captain Le...: i can guarantee you, if i do come and visit, you will not be able to keep your hands of my 'ball head' ->Captain Le...: fine! ball head! Captain Le...: well, i'll have the art work, so ner. ->Captain Le...: im dowloading it for free.... hahaha
my lord i was the drunkest person in town last night, i ripped that dancefloor up like i was on a mission lol, but shit do i feel it now. looks like its gonna have to be hair of the dog for me
Fate Or Destiny
"People often meet their destiny on the road they take to avoid it" - French Proverb Many people talk of Fate and Destiny as if they are one and the same thing, but it may be interesting to examine the subtle difference between the two. It is believed by many that before we are born we make definite choices as to what we wish to learn, and the aim we want to fulfill during the coming life. It is a Spiritual decision which is rarely remembered once we are born, but in hindsight we often see that events and circumstances have led us unknowingly onwards towards our chosen destination. So our Destiny could be classified as our own personal Star. It is the Spiritual Will of the person; a deep inner need; something that drives us to do what seems impossible. It nurtures us with hope in our darkest moments; enables us to dream of better things, and resides in a place where we are destined to find our fulfillment. Destiny is what we are here on earth to achieve. It is
Maybe Hmmmmmmm
Maybe ...... we were supposed to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that, when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. Maybe . . . when the door of happiness closes, another opens; but, often times, we look so long at the closed door that we don't even see the new one which has been opened for us. Maybe . . . it is true that we don't know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives. Maybe . . . the happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. Maybe . . . the brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past; after all, you can't go on successfully in life until you let go of your past mistakes, failures and heartaches. Maybe . . . you should dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go, be what you want to be, because y
Odd Names...
One of the guys in production was putting the magnet on the back of a badge when the name on it jumped up and smacked him. He got such a kick out of it he had to share with everyone. And since I nearly fell out of my chair laughing I have to share it with everyone else. Gene Pool I'm not kidding. I promise.
Let Her Go
Kiss Me
Kiss me Kiss me here, Kiss me there kiss my eylids, kiss my hair Kiss my neck, kiss my lips glide your hands accross my hips Kiss my passion, kiss my desire One look at you lights me on fire Touch my cheek and kiss my fears fade them away with a kiss that sears Kiss my frown and make me smile Oh, my baby, how you beguile Kiss my smile, capture my laughter My smile will be bigger, when the kiss is after Kiss my heart, in figurative Kiss my soul and make me live Kiss away all my tears hold me close and ebb my fears Kiss my confidence kiss my pride don't make me feel like I have to hide Kiss my todays and tomorrows too for with you here they are bright in hue Nikki L.
Evil But Funny
Blind people are fun to practical jokes on…….they never see it coming When a house near a large airport goes up for sale…….sell it to a deaf person….they won’t complain about the noise If a blonde is annoying you, give her a card that says “turn this card over” on both sides…..then just sit back and enjoy the fun Stand in front of a candy store handing out Ex-Lax as free samples of a new candy….then check the papers the next day to see if the sewer backed up. Tell your grand mother that the latest fad is to go braless…….just watch where you’re walking if she believes you. Ask your Mexican friend if he bought the latest DBD Ask the next person you see in a wheel chair what kind of gas mileage they get on that thing
apperantely when a baby poops in his diaper you arent suposed to swat him in the nose with a rolled up newspaper
To Lose The Chance To Be With You
your hair flows like thegentle breeze blowing through a garden of red roses... your eyes sparkle like the glistening stars in the warm night air...your skin is so soft and gentle like a new born baby crying for attention...the curves of your body beat an hour glass times ten... i get speeding tickets every time i think of you, because my heart races 1,000 miles a minute... your sweet aroma stops me dead in my tracks, like the lonely stop sign on the corner...i wood be but in heaven if you was to stand by my side and become my lady, lady i would die if i was to lose you and the chance to become your man i would have to drop to my knees and die... by lonely white wolf
PARTNERS Side by side we race through the night, With blaring siren and flashing lights. A life’s at stake, a precious soul; Perhaps too late, or beyond our control. Times like this have come before, Never quite knowing what’s in store. When we arrive, our actions are as one; No thoughts need be spoken, just simply done. To soothe a child’s cry, to ease the pain; Knowing times like this will come again. Though it’s done many days a week; The bond between us is quite unique. Different than that of man and wife, For we can say we’ve saved a life. To some it may just seem routine; The things we’ve done, the sight’s we’ve seen. But you and I know it’s changed our hearts, The ways we’ve seen lives torn apart. And seen life begin new and fresh; All the while praying we’ve done our best. Some day another will take our place; A youthful still unknowing face. But never will time cloud my view, Of all the things I’ve shared with you… For we a
Are You On My List?????????????
OK PEOPLE I HAVE 9142 FRIENDS ON MY FRIENDS LIST AND MORE THAN 3500 OF YOU NEVER RATED MY PROFILE OR BECOME MY FAN EVEN THOUGH I DID BECOME A FAN OF YOU.... AM I NOT WORTH IT????????? AND IF YOU LIKE TO STAY ON MY LIST PLEASE BE KIND AND CHECK IF YOU DID OR NOT ,AND PLEASE HIT ME UP WITH HELLO AND I'LL RETURN THE LOVE TO ALL...BECAUSE I'M GOING TO START DELETING WHO EVER IGNORE THE FACT TO RATE AND BECOME MY FAN.. JUST CLICK ON THIS LINK BELOW TO FIND OUT ۞WÌLÐÇÄŦ۞® õWñÈR õҒ WÌLÐÇÄŦ ŦRÄÌñ ñ LõÚñGÈ۞@ fubar THANK YOU SO MUCH AND HAVE A GREAT EVENING AND BETTER HUMP DAY HUGS AND KISSES ۞WÌLÐÇÄŦ۞ To all my friends and the comments bombers............... My friend entered this contest and she want 35,000 to win her happy hour can you please help her to win this contest please :P:P:P I'm sure you're not going to let me down,if each one of you will give 1 rate and 20 to 30 comment she will be ok and
The End Of Chapter 4
The next two day’s went by in a blur I though my self into finding out all I could…which was not more then what they want you to know. Jack was not in class and we where told he would be out for a week or so. I was happy for that. I was not ready to see him yet. To say he had not hurt me would be to lie. He had hurt me but I had to lock that away and push forward. We (the young one’s) where told to meet at the gathering temple at 8am Saturday morning to help set up. The main room was a large round room with a large alter in the center of the room. Candles were being placed around the alter and a make shift bed was being set up. I was told that we would be setting in the back and would just be watching. At no time where we to speak, And we where to be robed and to stay robed. We would be able to join in on the party after. After we done setting up I was tired from the early morning wake up’s and late nights and wanted to nap before everything got started. I woke up around 8pm and g
just a average guy with big heart but everytime i meet someone and we talk i get lets be friends or they look at my weight or i doint have a ass load of money and they dont bother to talk to me again .3 years of being alone is doing a number on me and i am starting to loss my mind doest any woman want a decent guy that will treat them with respect honesty and be there for them but just seems like i get screwd over every time getting use to it tell me what u think
You are friendly, kind and caring Sensitive, loyal and understanding Humorous, fun, secure and true Always there... yes that's you. Special, accepting, exciting and wise Truthful and helpful, with honest blue eyes Confiding, forgiving, cheerful and bright Yes that's you... not one bit of spite. You're one of a kind, different from others Generous, charming, but not one that smothers Optimistic, thoughtful, happy and game But not just another... in the long chain. Appreciative, warm and precious like gold Our friendship won't tarnish or ever grow old You'll always be there, I know that is true I'll always be here... always for you.
All You Members, Please Check It Out !
how many 11's do you get to give.... is it a daily thing, or just one set amount ????
Another Damn Flare-up!!
Some days it just doesn't pay to be alive. I don't know how many people are aware of my disease or know what it is. I am not here now to educate you, if you are reading this I'm sure you can find some info online. I am here strictly to try to maintain my sanity and get through the fucking EXCRUCIATING PAIN that I am currently in. It is such that I am basically trapped in my own fucking mind. I can barely walk right now. This means that I must use a goddamn wheelchair to get around. I'll be 30 on 09/09, yet I feel 130. A crazy, horny guy trapped in the body of a doddering old man. I know life ain't fair, but shit, enough is enough. I know that the docs can do more to control my pain, but it seems that they are afraid of my becoming an addict. This seems to me to be counter-intuitive. wouldn't helping control my pain be more conducive to my mental health? Don't make no sense to me, but I'm the guy trembling with tears streaming down his face.
No Luck Here
I posted a bullitin the other day asking for some help with finding the sister I have and have never met. No only has it not gotten me any results but it has not even been reposted. Maybe because i didn't write 'repost pllz' nno one thought I wanted to have it reposted even though I clearly asked that in the bulletin. Oh well I will try other places where maybe I can get some help. Thanks Blessings to all.
I Need Some...
Attention. Really bad. I need to be touched. All I do is work. I need a woman. I'm almost 30 and I'm all alone.
I Dont Get It
I dont get it why does love have to be so cruel? you treat someone like a queen and do your best to provide for them and they say they love you and appriciate everything you do for them but thats not enough. you get stressed out and have problems in bed and your the bad guy. they say they have needs and you cant give them these needs. you know i have needs to i need to have less stress worring about money from day to day cause your helping some out that you love very much and again thats not enough. i just dont get it why is love so cruel to me.
Uncomfortable Survey
1.Name your last ex? Greg 2.Did you love them? Absolutely. Still do, in a "soooo do not ever want to get back together" sort of way :) 3.Do you miss him / her? Nope, 'cuz I just talked to him in AIM, and Wednesday we went to see "Stardust" and out for dinner. 4.Do you like anyone now? Hmm. I think there are people I find attractive and interesting, but there isn't one particular person tugging at my heart. 5.Have you ever had your heart broken? My second boyfriend ended our relationship very abruptly and for no specified reason, which did break my heart. It took me a long time to figure out what had happened. 6. Have you ever hidden the way you felt about someone? I pretty much don't hide anything. I'm complicated but open RANDOM UNCOMFORTABLE ? 7.Do you wear thongs? Sometimes. 8.What are you afraid of? Heights. And hurting people. 9.Do you watch porn? Not usually. Boringgggg 10.Are you a naughty or nice person? I'm like most people -- a li
1 Day To Go
well folks i got one day to go before i dance for12 hours straight at my local to raise money for the childrens cancer unit at the qmc in nottingham i love charity work i have been doing it all my life but i have never danced for 12 hours straight but its all for a good cause so it will be worth it so any tips on how to keep goin would be great xxx
Harry's Been Stolen!!
Harry, my pal that has lived on my front porch swing for 10 months has been stolen while I was out buying meds for being sick...he was wearing his very own Mickey Mouse ears too :( I even had his Halloween outfit ready to go, and now some asshole has taken my Harry!!! Not to mention I had a small wrought iron banner stand with a very cool pirates skull n crossbones banner and they took that too!! I've lived here almost 5 years and never have had one thing taken, and now this within two hours... Harry always kept me company when I would sit and sip my coffee, wine, water, and just listen to me talk, he was a very good listener. Not been a good month... losing my childhood friend, my cat, new management at work and changing our work hours, and now Harry.... :(
I Hope I Get It!!!!
Well folks, I had an interview today for a new job. The position is for a Technical Support Agent, Level 2. Working for Xerox here in town. The interview was very cut and dry, but I had to do up a hand written letter telling Xerox why they should higher me. I really hope I get the job, I need it so bad, to support this large family of mine. The bills are getting bigger by the day and being on Social Assisstance sucks ass. I hate having to leech off of the government, I would rather be working for a living. So I need you all to say a little pray and send the "good vibes and luck" my way. I will let you all know if i get it or not. Jason.
Send In A Private Message
Answer this for the person who posted this send it back to them in a PRIVATE message and then repost it for yourself! 1. Would you have sex with me? Answer: 2. What positions would u want to b in? Answer: 3. Would u suck/lick me ? Answer: 4. Would u sex me hard? Answer: 5. Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? Answer: 6. Would u let me pull your hair while i did you? Answer: 7. Would u do me in the shower? Answer: 8.Would u hancuff me or tie me up to the bed and then do me? Answer: 9. Would u have 3-some with me? Answer: 10. What about me makes u want to have sex with me? Answer: 11. Would u talk dirty to me while we sexed? Answer: 12. Where would you do me? Answer: 13. Would u do me in front of people? Answer: 14. Would u do me again and again? Answer: 15. Would u do me in the rain? Answer: 16. Would u mind if we did it like a porn star? Answer: 17. Would u have phone sex with me? Answer: 18. Would u c
Next Week Shows
There will probably be another Thursday afternoon and possibly one night time show that will be unplanned if i can't sleep that night, so please keep an eye on my status for "on cam". For those of you that missed the show, or want to know how to make it to the next one, instructions are listed under the HOT SEX post in this blog ;)
Answers Ladies :!?! Hehehe :)
Answers Men Would Like to Give to Woman's Stupid Questions, But Never Will 1. No we can't be friends; I just want you for sex. 2. The dress doesn't make you look fat, its all that fucking ice cream and chocolate you eat that makes you look fat. 3. You've got no chance of me calling you. 4. No, I won't be gentle. 5. Of course you have to swallow. 6. Well yes actually, I do this all the time. 7. I hate your friends. 8. I have every intention of using you, and no intention of speaking to you after tonight. 9. I'd rather watch a porno.
Afk Means -
Away from keyboard ttyl means talk to you later ttys same thing with soon bbl - be back later L2R - learn to read Sorry, had to post this, no matter which of those i put in my status as i try to go to bed, i ALWAYS get one person to ask what they mean... oh by the way - "do you have yahoo and a cam?" means "i didn't read your profile but i REALLY want you to block me" really, it does... ask ANY girl on here. with that thought, i'm goin to bed
Take Me As I Am
This is Sooo Me right here Its just what I want. Baby, don't turn out the light I wanna see you look at me Whisper only truth tonight Not just promises and empty fantasies I don't need a bed of roses 'Cause roses wither away All I really need is honesty From someone with a strong heart A gentle hand Who'll take me as I am Baby, I need for you to know Just exactly how I feel Fiery passions come and go I'd trade a million pretty words For one touch that is real I don't need a bed of roses 'Cause roses wither away All I really need is honesty From someone with a strong heart A gentle hand Who'll take me as I am From someone with a strong heart A gentle hand Who'll take me as I am
A Dead Heart
One Soul, looking everywhere for that true love but the eyes see only black as night, trying to find a speck of light...the heart go's from red to black...the wing's chain down to the center of the earth core the heart becomes to ash...using all the strength to open the eyes a breeze going through the ash of the heart... the breeze carry the ash into the wind's, the blood runs brown on the flesh...eye's open and consomme by fire...blood seeking though the concrete and forever screaming the name... eye lid's wide open...but no eyes to see anymore...but still screaming forever the name
A well-known speaker started off his seminar by: holding up a $20.00 bill. In the room of 200, he asked, "Who would like this $20 bill?" Hands started going up. He said, "I am going to give this $20 to one of you but first, let me do this. He proceeded to crumple up the $20 dollar bill. He then asked, "Who still wants it?" Still the hands were up in the air. Well, he replied, "What if I do this?" And he dropped it on the ground and started to grind it into the floor with his shoe. He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty. "Now, who still wants it?" Still the hands went into the air. My friends, we have all learned a very valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in value. It was still worth $20. Many times in our lives, we are dropped, crumpled, and ground into the dir
What Is Your Personality Recipe?
Cassandra- a pinch of wealth- 1 1/2 cups of seduction- a pound of promiscuityBoil together and serve. 'What is your personality recipe?' at Highlight the white area
ok so i see on my profile that i have trackz. first of all i have no idea what that is second the songs that are on there i dont even know. how do i go about changing them and getting the ones i want on there. if you can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. hugs and kisses to all
Wow Its Been Awhile
Ok, I have not been on here in forever!! I'm such a slacker in that department however as anyone who knows me knows I have been super busy! I recently got a rather large promotion at my full time job which starts on Monday (yea for me although its a little scary) and am still working at least 20hrs per week at my part time job. Needless to say my social life has severly suffered lol but I guess it will all work out one way or another. I have to get back to work but I just wanted to give an update and a shout out to all my friends who I miss more than they know! LOVE YOU ALL!! Meow, Love Kitty
Blog, Do Not You Mean Blogs Away. Entry From October 2007.
Back entry from 6th OCTOBER 2007. Note: A trip to India in November 07 was most memorable to the point of missing a flight, spending a night in Manchester, driving to Heathrow, flying scheduled to Bombay, transferring to Dabolim in Goa then onward to our hotel complete with all the modcons we need to exist there for three weeks. And now we leave 2009 to go back in time from whence this blog originated. (Well I had to edit it for reasons not necessary to mention.) OK back to 6/10/07 entry. The days fly by and I still have writers block but Blog block seems to have resolved itself. Him who knows all has just been unblocked by being painted in the most disgusting gunk manufactured by a leading dermal company. I have bits of it all over the carpet to prove it and he has gone out with the administrator of said detox who happens to be my friend but the walk will do him good and give me time to cool off after clearing up the mess. Midi is playing up and not receiving my Emails and I
New Here
New Lounge
/>From: CHANTELLE PAIGEDate: Oct 13, 2007 3:15 PMORIGINALLY POSTED BY CHANTELLE PAIGE!Please repost...1 woman in 8 will develop breast cancer in her lifetime! If detected early, survival rate is 95%. By clicking the banner that I've posted below, you are helping fund freemammograms to detect cancer for low income women in need. All YOU do is click . No tricks, it's real... CHANTELLE PAIGE clicks every day, will you?PLEASE CLICK THIS BANNER, then you need toclick on the pink button, it takes a few thousandclicks to pay for each mammogram!CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please REPOST by pressing reply,then copy and paste.
Optical Illusion
Do you see her spinning clockwise, counter-clockwise, or both? Instead of concentrating on her chest, concentrate on the woman's movement. If you see her spinning clockwise, that means you're using the right side, or more creative side of your brain. If she appears to be moving counter-clockwise, then that means the left side, or more logical side of your think muscle is superior. Here is the original link:
Abortion Facts.. Get It Right
Read this.. Let me know what you think! Define "Alive" Alive means that this being is growing, developing, maturing, and replacing its own dying cells. It means not being dead. Define "Human" Human means one of the biological beings who be-longs to the species Homo Sapiens. Such beings are unique from all other beings in that they have 46 human chromosomes in every cell. Such beings do not belong to the rabbit family, the carrot family, etc. Define "Person" Person is defined in at least a dozen different ways, according to the field or discipline in which you define it. In theology it usually means when the soul is created. In law (in the U.S.), personhood begins at birth. Other countries have ruled that it begins at different ages. In medicine and natural science, person usually means when the being is alive and complete. In philosophy it has multiple meanings and shades of meanings. We strongly suggest that no one use this term without first defining precise
Bloody Mary!!
BLOODY MARY!! Urban Legend: Chanting "Bloody Mary!" thirteen times in front of a candlelit mirror in an otherwise dark room will summon her vengeful spirit. The Story: Go into a room with a mirror and turn all the lights off. Bathrooms seem to be perfect for this since they almost always have a mirror and are usually dark at night with the lights off and the door closed. Light a candle, look into the mirror, start chanting "Bloody Mary" . You have to do this 13 times, of course. You should see Bloody Mary behind your left shoulder after the thirteenth time. Beware, she has been reported to 1.) Kill the person calling her, 2.) Scratch their eyes out, 3.) Drive the person mad or 4.) pull the person into the mirror with her. This is an old legend, it has been around for ages. A folklorist, Janet Langlois, published an essay on the legend back in 1978. At that time, the legend was wide spread across the USA and a popular slumber party ritual done by girls as well as boys. No on
I just wanted to say thank you to all those that sent me birthday wishes! That was Awesome of everyone! XO♥XO♥ Since i have not been able to personally thank everyone Im posting this for right now!. XO'S AND ♥ To everyone! Vixen Panther
so im really gettin sick of hearing certain ppl say "ohhh she is using a script to get her rates"..Just because i work my ass off that means im cheating?...Yeah i AM a rate whore. It dont bother me when ppl say that. Most of them are my friends lol. Here is a quick guide to gettin rates. 1. make sure you dont have a life. 2. rate rate rate and rate some more. It takes me about 6-7 hours a day (yup i REALLY have no life.) I really am a nice person and im gettin reallllly irritated with some ppl on here. ANYONE can be a high rank if they really want it and have the time to do it. I DONT FUCCIN USE RETARDED SCRIPTS..I DONT BUY MY RATES...I just have really great friends who helped me get to where i am and alot of free time. -Ash SO if you are one of the ppl who think i cheat..DELETE ME. k thx.
Come help Mr.D get his last 6,000 comments so he can have his first happy hour. click the pic below and leave as many comments as you can this morning please.
This One Is To All My Friends And Thankyou!!
Here's my stats... Congratulations! Your happy hour was a great success: lots of people gave lots of love. 687 members leveled up during your happy hour: Thankyou for everyone that rated my things, added or fanned me... Thankyou to all the levelers... You guys are Super-fantasic, Calafragilistic, and Boombastic! Thankyou I love you all so so very much, and yes I Godfathered!
Ain't That The Truth!
It ain't the smoke, it's the fire that gets the burnin' done If it wasn't for the bullet, nobody'd fear the gun It ain't the bark, it ain't the growl, it's the bite that hurts Thunder's just a noise, boys, lightnin' does the work
Lol.. I Don't Understand.
So, my status was: Lonely...Again=/ and (This person) said: How can a girl with huge tits be lonely I don't get it (Me): How can you find that appropriate to say to someone? Forget I have a face or a personality or anything...It's just the tits... (This person): If just the tits why u worried then?? hmm u r dealing with the best don't try to lecture me hun I say it for a reason gn. (Me): Not worried. No lectures. (Direct quotes-- hence the lack of puncuation on his part...) Okay, I think the thing that pissed me off the most was when he said "You're dealing with the best..." I'm like, I'm sorry-- did Kanye West just step in here? Who the fuck do you think you are? Honestly, he needs to get a clue. And he needs to realize that I'M the best ( I thought that I would share some more ignorance with you all. It's good times ;) Vote and comment :D I like comments. (I deserve them cuz I'm the best! -snorts-)
I Have Fears To...
Okay, Well I was in the hospitle for about a week and a 1/2 I just got home... Yesterday that is. I almost died, I felt like shit... I was scared, My best friend david feel asleep next to me a menny of night. I woke up once to him crying, No he is not a pussy. I am just his best friend...I love that man.. He has never left my side. But that scared me that he was scared, about a week before that i hurd him talking about me to his fuck buddy... Saying he did not know how much longer i had, and that scared him...he said he would go crazy without me... I don't want him hurting, but i cant stop it. I am doing better now but the docs said that there not sure HOW LONG ME BEING WELL IS GOING TO LAST opps caps sorry.... I just hate to see anyone hurting over me... David is like my best friend and brother, never left my side. He is a sweet heart.. Idk...I am just ranting but at the same time... VENTING... well im going to go thanks for listening... Sk
Todays Horscope
todays horscope Someone is trying to overload you -- or themselves -- with more work or stress than is realistic. Today is perfect for identifying deadwood and clearing it out of your life, so be ruthless about it! ~~~~~I can name a few deadwood things in my life that need clearing out, but it takes strength and will and i have neither~~~~*sad face*
Monday Cleaning Update
I will be cleaning up my friends list.. to start off with I am removing all friends.. I will be going to my fans list and readding friends from there. If you are my fan you will be getting a friend request and at that time i will make sure i have you fanned and rated has well. I know this may piss a few of you off but hey this is my page do what you gotta do.. to those of you that stay thanks and lots of love. keep in mind i have 15,000+ fans it may be a few days before you see my request in your box again but you will get it if your on my fan list If you want to be added has a friend during this time if not already a fan become a fan. Until I finish adding people from my fan list NO requests will be accepted. Its not fair to those who I knocked off when cleaning, that have been on my list awhile now. I promise you that if you are a fan you will get a friend request from me in your box. At that time you can decide to accept it or reject it. But I will NOT be accepting right now.
Who Wants To Share
I have been working on something like a fubar magazine for alittle while now. I am looking for some people to share what they think of fubar. A picture of you and your story will be used so you'll get all credit. You can send your story here or Private Message, whichever works :-) As a bonus i'll pay $3,000,00 fubucks right away for the first 5 stories i get.
For anyone who wants to read this. I would like to express my thoughts about ratings. I dont downrate anyone. I would appreciate it if anyone who visits my page to please not downrate me. If you rate me, I will be happy to rate you. I dont make it a habit to rate the guys. No real reason, just prefer to look at all of the lovely ladies on here. Sorry guys! But if you rate me and I see it, I will be happy to return the favor. Well thats it, just some random rambling!!! Have fun all.....
Im Very Pissed About This
Blessing Or Curse
Thought For The Day
When you're right, no one remembers. When you're wrong, no one forgets.
many have assked me why I am stressed and depressed well alot is going on right now in my life. I am having a problem with my hands that is affecting my job, another is dealing with a friend and what she is going with her. I wonder if a friend is a friend when you try toi help them and they seem to ignore you when you are just trying to make sure that yourself doesn't get lose in the process of helping them. how far do you go to help someone that you care about without giving up more than you have.
10,000 Comments For Vip
hello every one can any of you stop by and drop me a few comments. i need 10,000 comments for a vip click on pic plez and thank you
18 Love Questions
If you opened it you have to start: [01] Do you ever wonder what your ex is up to? Dont really care lol. Hes in rehab til March 29th 2008. I hope it works. I would love for him to clean up his act & step up to the plate for his girls sake. [02] Have you ever been given roses? Yes! Honestly I HATE IT!!!! I am so allergic to flowers lol. [03] Whats your all-time favorite romance movie? Hmmmm Goodfellas. Come on do i look like I get all mushy like a girl? [04] How many times have you honestly fallen deeply in love?.. A few times. I usually like to prevent that from happening cause you only get hurt when you open yourself. [05] What’s your current problem? Being in debt [06] Have you ever had your heart broken? Hello, Im a girl how do you think ive become so tough lol. [07] Had a Long Distance Relationship? Yea his name was Mark Pooly I was going into my senior year in Lake Havasu & he lived in Bullhead City & moved to Tucson. We were engaged but he married hi
Love A Joke
Love a joke Love, what a joke it can be A farse of humanity To be in love is such a lie A feeling called lust is reality You say you love, but is that true Do you have a clue? What true love is, I think Is just a story told to fool What is love Oppisite of hate The best discription as of yet Is just an insane feeling one gets Look at the Chaos love brings Death, murder, sadness ,failed Empires Does one really want that? Or maybe a nice hobby to keep the mind set Love is not for me Is not for anyone, I think Should you fall in love Run, run away my friend cause it will end all.
Letter From Santa..
Dear Friends, I have been watching you very closely to see if you have been good this year and since you have I will be telling my elves to make some goodies for me to leave under your tree at Christmas I was going to bring you all gifts from the 12 days of Christmas, but we had a little problem. The 12 fiddlers fiddling have all come down with VD from fiddling with the 10 ladies dancing, the 11 lords leaping have knocked up the 8 maids a-milking, and the 9 pipers-piping have been arrested for doing weird things to the 7 swans a-swimming The 6 geese a-laying, 4 calling birds, 3 French hens, 2 turtle doves and the partridge in a pear tree have me up to my sled runners in bird shit. On top of all this! Mrs. Claus is going through menopause, 8 of my reindeer are in heat, the elves have joined the gay liberation and some people who can't read a calendar have scheduled Christmas for the 5th of January. Maybe next year I will be able to get my shit together and bring you the things you want.
Repeat Blog
just in case ya missed it on my profile :) i want lots and lots of gifts! mwahhhhhhh
Our Very Own Up For Grabs Bid Ladies Have Fun
Ok ladies up for bidding our very own :D Anything goes he has no limit on what he will do for highest bidder! Bidding starts at 6pm till 9pm bids can be place in fubucks, vips, big pimping gifts, and or blasts anything well be accepted for bids! Winnings will be paid to me Tesha and he is not urs until u have paid me the fubucks all other items gifts vips blast all go to the man! any questions plz ask and ladies bid away who wouldnt want this HOTT MAN!!!
New Job
Well today was my fist day, so far so good. Job is cool, for the most part I am my own boss (after training) and will be on the road a lot. In other news my Grandfathers health has deteriorated and it doesn't look like he will be around for x-mas (most likely he won't make it to the end of the week). So not much else...with everything in life when the storm clouds seem to open up and let the sun through there are more right behind them to block it out again.
A Story I'm Working On.
Iron man. By Dean Good. It was the winter of the year of our lord 1605. It was one year to the day since John Marlow had been condemned for the murder and mutilation of the Priest’s wife Margret Church and her unborn child it was a most terrible crime indeed. The priest wife a lovely woman always smiling and never to busy to stop and talk. The one thing I’ll never forget is her eyes. She had the most beautiful hazel eyes that would have melted the coldest hearts. Margret was found with her internal organs spread all over the bedroom floor. And her head was severed from her body. The unborn fetes was found inside the stone fire place. It’s head had also been severed from it’s body. Then it was thrown into the fire place. The two halves of the unborn child were burnt to a dark charred black. It took all the strength I could muster to keep from vomiting when I pulled the two pieces of the little black corpse from the fire place. Le
I Need You
To My Friends
good morning, with nearly 3000 friends i would have had to start last july 4th to wish each and everyone of you a happy holiday and a fantastic new year. not much of a "god fearing" man, i truly believe in the freedom to believe and worship as one see's fit to. thats america. thats why i want to also take a moment to thanx all our women and men serving in this great country's armed forces. may you all have a great holiday, that is as great as possible knowing what you deal with on a daily basis. may you all return to your family and loved ones soon and safely!! so enuff of the mushy shit, please celebrate smart. drink, don't drive. love, don't 2008 with love, dirtydano p.s. now that i got that out of the way it's time for a cold one! ta-ta.
About My Study Habits
For those of you who have read my other blog regarding my study habits... I took on 20 units Fall quarter and I just found out I got all As and Bs...which is good considering I have two kids and an important job. Yayyy me! Thanks to everyone who still showed me love while I was away. I'll be back for a little while, until about Jan. 7, then I'm back in school and gonna take on 21 units. Wish me luck! HOpe everyone had a great Christmas!! Teresa
Big Pimpin Baby 2
Ok you sexy cherries come on and show some love to so wonderful and sweet cherries, rate and fan these wonderful people profile's They are some of the best people on here and my greatest friends they all return love given to them Naughty Cowgirl~Taken no use in asking you cant have my yahoo get over it@ fubar ~mzblüÐëmØn*ëngÅgëÐ TØ blüÐëmØn*~@ fubar *~Kick A$$ Bi@tch~*@ fubar **CANDY APPLE**2nd alarm hottie & dh diva & OWNER of HOTTIES R US & treasurer of The IRA Bombs@ fubar Kinkstar Sin *READ PROFILE* Fu Owned* LOL Family@ fubar Zatanna@ fubar BabyT@ fubar jiggy@ fubar ALSO DONT FORGET TO STOP BY AND SHOW ME SUM LUV ALSO, PEACE Blaze/TCS Security@ fubar
I really want to know what the current fascination with shaving is. I mean whats wrong with a bit of body hair? Its meant to be there, if it wasn't it wouldn't grow in the first place. To me you have to blame the porn industry for the fact that every women know things she has to be completely bald down stairs. And they are only doing it for a) hygine (i mean one money shot and your there for hours trying to clean it out your hairs) and b) so it doesn't obscure the filming. I mean its the same reason that there is a huge fascination with anal sex. Its in Porn so all men think its normal and expect there women to do it. But porn isn't real life, so why copy it? to paraphrase David Ducnovy from Californication, when im eating a girl out I like to know shes actually passed puberty. Im not talking some 70's afro, but nicely trimmed is so much better. And its starting in men now as well. I mean if your a cyclist or swimmer or whatever, then yeah shave your arms legs etc, but if your not i
What I Am
I was that which others did not want to be. I went where others feared to go, and did what others failed to do. I asked nothing from those who gave nothing. And reluctantly accepted the thought of eternal loneliness... should I fail. I have seen the face of terror; felt the stinging cold of fear; and enjoyed the sweet taste of a moments love. I have cried, pained, and hoped...but most of all, I have lived times others would say were best forgotten. At least someday, I will be able to say that I was proud of what I was.
Being Reborn
Being Reborn Is there a such thing as being reborn? Well, I think not. You will always be who you were from the start. If you ever done wrong one day in your past. There are those humans who will make it last.   This is a human world no matter what you may say. Cesar stands around just waiting on your pay. From the ache in your back to the pain in your feet. You fight through a day you never defeat.   Payday comes around and you finally get home. Only to find bill collectors calling you on the phone. You bow your head and fall to your knees. While Cesar lays claim to your hard earned deeds.   You pray to the Lord asking what must I do? To survive in this life that we all must go through?
Angel Of Death
Angel Of Death he sits high on his throne, judging us with his extravagent mind. telling us we better watch our backs, for he is follwing our every move. he is ready to strike, ready to take our life. his weapon is only his mind, for which he strikes with great strife. he was an angel rejected from god, he had passion for anger and never followed orders. he was always interested in death, and always felt as if he were consumed by darkness. Then one day when he felt as if god were a tyrant, he crossed the line, he went to far. god closed his door for faith, which to begin with was barely ajar. he hated everything and he hated everyone. he soon became consumed with darkness and anger, his passion for living no longer existed. He roamed the earth lonely for many years. untill one day a strange being came to him in a quarrling deal. telling him he could rule the earth and control lives. the angel was interested, so h

nothing in this world i want more then you nothing in this world will change the way i feel for you nothing will change the way you make me feel nothing will change the way i look at you nothing will ever change what we have together. nothing will change the love i have for you, nothing will ever come between us or tear us apart. nothing will keep me from you, nothing will keep me from being there when you need me nothing will keep me from the one i love more than anything by:april peterson in this world.
Cleansing And Consecrating Sacred Space
CLEANSING AND CONSECRATING SACRED SPACE Pick up broom and sweep the circle as you walk inside deosil. Repeat: Sweep, sweep, sweep this place By Powers of Air, I cleanse this space. Pick up the incense and walk around the circle. Repeat: Light, light, I light this place By Powers of Fire, I cleanse this space. Pick up the Chalice. As you walk deosil, sprinkle water and repeat: Liquid. liquid I wash this place By Powers of Water, I cleanse this space. Pick up salt. As you walk deosil, sprinkle salt and repeat: Salt, salt, as I walk this place Powers of Earth, cleanse this space. Return the salt to the altar. Stand in center and repeat: Spirit, Spirit, fill this place Powers of the Ancient Ones, consecrate this space. I now direct the energy of the Universe to forever fill and bless this place. Lay hands upon altar and say: This altar is dedicated to the Lord and Lady of light.
Goodbye For Now.
Hello everyone! As some of you know I'm in the process of moving back to Florida. Because of that my internet bill will not be paid for this month. So I will be losing my connection either tomorrow or the following day. And after that I'll be moving down in about 6 weeks. I'm not sure how soon I'll have my connection back once I'm there.. it could be as soon as I move in or a couple months later. So I'm more or less writing this so when I finally get back I don't hear a lot of "omg where have you been??". If you want to keep in contact with me while I'm gone leave me your phone number and good times to call in a private message. ^.^ Though I can't promise I'll be able to. Alright.. I'll miss you guys. Well.. I'll miss some of you. XD Ja ne. Oyasumi! P.S. Large possibility of a lot of new pictures upon my return.
My Auction Bully
COME BID ON THE SEXXY DJ WYLDONE~MGR OF ACE CAFE~ please click pic to bid on me 1. will rate every photo u have 2. rate every stash and mumm and blogs 3. will add to friends and family 4. will leave a comment everyday for a month 5. will send a gift everyday for a month 6. will add "owned by" for a month in my name 7. will rate fan add who u want me to please click pic to ck out the ace cafe also
About Rabbi's And Priests
A priest and a rabbi were talking when the rabbi asked the priest about confession. "I have an idea," said the priest. Why don't you sit with me on my side of the confession booth and hear it for yourself? No one will ever know. A woman came into the booth and said, "Bless me Father for I have sinned." The priest asked, "What did you do?" "I cheated on my husband." "How many times?" "Three times." "Well," said the priest, "Say 5 Hail Marys and put 5 dollars in the offering box." Another woman came and said, "Bless me Father for I have sinned." The priest asked, "What did you do?" "I cheated on my husband." "How many times?" "Three times." Again the priest said, "Say 5 Hail Marys and put 5 dollars in the offering box." Then the priest said to the rabbi, "Would you like to do the next confession?" The rabbi started to object, but the priest said, "Go ahead. It's easy." So another woman came in and said, "Bless me Father for I have sinned." This tim
Titty Twister (come Get Drunk!)
Come on in to the TITTY TWISTER!!!! This is a FAN/ADD/RATE bar! It’s a great way to have fun, have a few drinks and meet new people! HOW TO BECOME A PATRON: To become a patron all you need to do is Add/Fan/Rate and buy a drink for EVERYONE in the bar! HOW TO BECOME A BARTENDER, BOUNCER ETC.... 25,000 fubucks will get you a position in bar (as Bartender, Bouncer, DJ, Stripper, Designated Drunk Guy/Girl) 25,000 fubucks will get you your own table (as Waiter or Waitress) 50,000 fubucks will get you BOTH, your own table and a position in the bar ALL WHO HOLD A POSITION IN BAR (Bartender, Bouncer, DJ, Stripper, Designated Drunk Guy/Girl, Waiter, Waitress, etc.) WILL BE ENTERED IN A MONTHLY DRAWING FOR A 7 DAY BLAST OR 1 MONTH VIP!!! THE RULES ARE AS FOLLOWS... 1. You MUST fan/add/rate and buy a drink for EVERYONE in the bar! 2. You MUST have a salute to enter the TITTY TWISTER 3.If you were invited by someone or found this bar through som
Dumbass People
GREEN EYED BANDIT@ fubar this is a Downrater
Co Leader (feb 8 2008)
Great New for Space Hottie's Family We have a new Co-Leader, after lots of hard thinking and conferences to find out who would be best to help our family grow to it's full potential and find the person most liked by all we have found our person. I know you are all wanting me to shut up and tell you so I want to welcome LordGarfield as Co-Leader of Space Hotties. He will keep his title as Bartender to so he will be our first to hold 2 titles for us! Please understand he is a partner in this and has Baby Girl and my full support in anything! I have the utmost respect for LordGarfield and know we have all made the right decision on this matter! In the time he has been with us he has done many unselfish acts of kindness for us all! LordGarfield "Freedomguy63" *Love the FU-Bombers* Family " Space Hotties Bartender & C@ fubar This decision was not mine solo it is the decision of the majority of the family! I am pleased to have you as our partner in all family
Are You It?
YOUR IT TAG cuz Furby said Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Weird/Random Facts 1.- I was born naked 2.- I can make wookie noises 3.- I drink lots of soda 4.- I once fell off my roof 5.- I have never been on a cruise 6.- I have road rage 7.- Love to make people laugh 8.- I hate Iraq 9.- Dont care what people think of me 10.- I busted my front teeth out with a skateboard I will Tag People at a later Date
Live In Fear.....thanks Ac1d_eyez
Our paths have crossed and your heart desires me "but you live in fear" We've talked , we've laughed and even cried together and your heart desires me, "but you live in fear" We have had intimate moments and now you desire to feel my flesh next to yours and your heart desires me "but you live in fear" You know I have accepted you for you and will always love you freely,unconditionally and always give you what your worth,and your heart desires me "but you live in fear" You want me there to hold you, to be your best friend, to take care of you , to wipe the tears away, to respect you, to love you, to care for you as well as your kids, to make love to you, to go for long walks with, to enjoy every aspect of life, to run to when your scared, to dump all yoour burdens on when you feel the world just dont care, to just be your every thing for all eternity as if our souls have collided, so you can give to me your heart, mind, body, and soul and your heart desires me, "but
You're It!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1---My favorite city, New Orleans. 2---My most oddball food to eat is Gator meat. 3---I hate that it can be HARD for me to make new girl friends. 4---I eat Sweet Gerkin pickles with peanut butter 5---I hate VA, born and raised but would love to get out of here. 6---i am addicted to text messaging 7---I hate BEER 8---I collect monopoly games, different boards and play with them. 9---Never done drugs or smoke 10--I get along with guys way much better then girls. Now...Who's next???? THESE 5 PEOPLE ARE TAGGED! Bonnie Bell Sexy Scout Fireman Mark Deep SlowLicker Legend
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1) I am a brunette. 2) I watch Soap Operas sometimes. 3) I get wild when I get drunk. 4) I don't like horror movies. 5) I went to college and never earn an hour. 6) I like purple. 7) I am 5'3". 8) I am always tired. 9) I like romantic comdies. 10) I love my best friend!
Getting Older...
As we grow up we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You'll have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back...
Daddy It Hurts
Body: daddy it hurts!!!!!!!! :( this is SOOOOOO SAD im not kidden! Body: IF YOU HAVE KIDS YOU WILL BE AFFECTED BY THIS STORY . IF NOT YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. THiS iS A TRUE STORY AND iF YOU DONT PASS THiS ON YOU DONT HAVE A SOUL!!! PEOPLE THAT DO THESE KINDS OF THINGS TO THERE KIDS SHOULD BE SHOT AND TORCHERED SO THEY CAN SEE HOW IT FEELS. My name is Chris I am three, My eyes are swollen I cannot see, I must be stupid I must be bad, What else could have made My daddy so mad? I wish I were better I wish I weren't ugly, Then maybe my mommy Would still want to hug me. I cant do a wrong I cant speak at all Or else im locked up All day long. When im awake im all alone The house is dark My folks arent home When my mommy does come home I'll try and be nice, So maybe ill just get One whipping tonight. I just heard a ca
New Lounge Name
please help me I need your help in giving my lounge a new name its on mumms but only my friends canvote/ thank you
Not Listening
Have you ever wanted to scream out everything inside you felt? To take a pen and let your heart bleed into your ink, and upon the paper? It rips you apart inside, wanting, and needing to be said, needing to be let out... I have this feeling inside, I feel the need to scream and let everything out. Where do I begin though? Where does it end? Sadly I don't believe it will ever end. This feeling comes, and goes, each and everyday. Taking it's way inside and conjuring up past memories, or even things of tomorrow we worry about. It plays inside hour after hour eating at the mind, atleast once an hour something will jump about inside, and you want to let it out, but you know if you do more will come. Is it worth the stress? Is it worth crying over? Is it worth feeling anything over? Obviously there are feelings if it's making you feel this way to begin with, maybe not to others, but still it plays apart inside of you. It makes you tick with anxiety, pulsing truth reverbing in the ears, angst
Help Level Please
MY DAUGHTER IS TRYING TO LEVEL GO BY HER PAGE AND SHOW HER SOME FUBAR LOVE. ღ~^Heather^~ღOwned by Scott(slj768)ღ &Owned by Dark Defender ღ & Owned by DJ Dark Skillz ღ Wifey to Dark DefenderMe@ fubar
Bid On Me (auction Over) Thanks
I am in an auction, if you want own me, come and bid on me.Click on pic to see what I have to offer..
well lets start off with i got laid off from work. at 3:45 today i was called into my bosses office where i work and he told to have a seat and he said i have to lay u off. i asked why he told me the most meanist thing i ever heard from a boss he siad that i was to fat and that i cant keep up with the othe employees witch is wrong, and he told me that if i lose 50 lbs in 2 weeks he will higher me back witch is imposiable. so me and him got into a lil arguement and i chose to leave without doing something stupid but the ass hole followed me out and i slamed the door in his face.. then i leave call my mother and told her about it cause i worked with her and she is right under the boss she went bannas and got upset and called the big big boss and had a shouting contest with him and he told her the same reason he fired me. well my mom hung up on the big boss lol.. at the end of the day my boss asked my mom to go in to office and talk so she did and it got real loud in there real quick
Done With Games...
Well where to begin? I have been lied to, to death. I can't trust a word some people say. And to have to catch someone in a lie numerous times, you'd think I'd learned right?? Nope. Not me!!! I don't know what is wrong with me, I am to trusting. I let people walk all over me. Well ladies and gents. I am a new me. I had a lot of things happen today to change my outlook on my life. So if I don't seem as friendly, or I don't seem like I want to be bothered, chances are, I don't. So if I don't answer you, don't feel left out. You won't be the only one. All I can say is that certain people made me this way. And a cold hearted bitch is what I am becoming. So please, no sob stories, no guilt trips. I have had my fill and then some. I am simply done with the games!!!
Day Two
Temp Postponed................fubar Party ~ July 19, 2008 - Tulsa, Ok!!!
Alrighty, we had a BLAST in Arlington, Texas in April for our FIRST Traveling Sistas Fu Party! See my three folders of party pictures!!! ++++++++++++++++++++ OUR SECOND FU PARTY HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO AN UNCERTAIN DATE ++++++++++++++++++++++ XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOur SECOND Traveling Sistas Fubar party will be in Tulsa, Oklahoma scheduled for Saturday, July 19th at SoCo's Bar and Grill. (918) 477-7551 8161 S Harvard Ave Tulsa, Oklahoma The band will be Usual Suspects and will start by 10:00 PM. This is their myspace page: Some of us will be there by 9:00. Rock / hip hop. There's a separate room for karaoke and smoking. They serve delicious food until 1:30. So far going: ~ Barb ~ Tulsa's Angel~ Club FAR Team Captain/Sarge's Bad Girl/RisingStar ~@ fubar ~Bev ~ tarnishedhalo@ fubar ~ Deb ~ from TX
My Brother
On April 5th my brother has been dead for 10 years and I guess I've been thinking of him a lot lately. He would be 31 years old now IF he was still here. I really miss him. He was my best friend and little brother at the same time. I think of him all the time it's just certain times I think of him more often and this is one of those times. I love him dearly and at one time I was afraid I would forget him but now after 10 years I know that is not possible.
In a time of serious pain I found hope and comfort in his arms.These fleeting moments made me happy.Now these memories cause me so much more heartache.In a time of such desolation his smile gives me hope. Hope has no bearings on my rational thoughts anymore.In my time of need he turned his back .However part of me clings to hope.Am I just another lost cause?,is the question that weighs heavily on my heart. Finding the strength to stay hopeful is very hard.I only hope one day to be back by his side.In his arms as his lover,his friend and his soul mate once again .In a ridiculous way I cling to this hope.Now I just need to let go of this ridiculous hope for my own heart. I need to find my own smile and regain my heart.If I'm unable to do that then there is no hope.So now I'm a fading memory and a lost cause clinging to the hope of keeping my sanity.
Bad Week
still suspended...auditing didnt find my ticket so now its turned over to surveillance..if they dont find it i will be job hunting:-( please keep your fingers crossed and keep me in your prayers thanks friends, Berta
Whats up sexy? I was about to send you the sexiest thing you have ever seen in your life....but then the mailman told me i couldnt climb in the mailbox......aint that some Send this to 10 of the sexiest people you know. If you get it back, then that means you really are sexy TAG YOU'RE IT!! SEXY... YOU HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED ONE OF MY SWEETEST FRIENDS ON MY LIST ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED YOU HAVE TO TAG 5 OF YOUR SWEETEST FRIENDS AND LET THEM KNOW THEY ARE SWEET ; ) (((HuGs))) xoxoxo me ; )* FAKE FRIENDS: Will ignore this Send this 2 at least 5 ppl including me if u care 4 me!!!
A Title Sounds Like A Bad Idea
i sat up and stared at you last night. it's funny because i always found "that person" to be a bit creepy. but things change so damn fast. i realized last night that your snoring doesn't bother me. and that your moaning is actually kind of cute. that i get upset when you turn over in bed, and that one's not even your fault. that your morning breath doesn't really smell that bad. and that your hair looks way goofy but way cute when your sleeping. but you know what the biggest things that i realized were? that you didn't get mad at me when i probably kept you up all night. that you may have turned over, but the second i touched your shoulder you were back with your head on mine. that every time i went out for a cigarette you shifted over to my side of the bed and attempted to hold onto me... and that when i wasn't there you sank back into the pillow. and that when i kissed your forehead... you immediately told me that you loved me. every single time.
Im In A Bombing Contest
Eric your favorite photographer is in a happy hour BOMBING contest and needs your help!!! It begins Friday 25th April 2008 @ 12:30pm Fubar time! The FIRST one to have 50,000 comments on their picture gets a HAPPY HOUR!!! The END DATE for the contest will be Friday 30th May 2008 @ 12:30pm Fubar time! Show the host some luv!!!! tra71 (W.I.S.E UK Friend, UK Leveller & Rising Stars)@ fubar
40k To Fu-queen!
Show this awesome lady some love. She is only 40K from Fu-Queen!!! She has a ton of pics and stash, so get rating her stuff already! You wont be sorry. ♥ Lori ♥ "ScOoTeR's wife /DemonCrewMember PM ShiftLeader@ fubar
Across The Miles
Across the Miles... Every day I think about you, and I yearn to see your smile. Though I miss you terribly I can feel your love, across the miles. Promise me that our love will never fade or disappear, but will always shine as bright as the sun. From the bottom of my heart, I swear that You'll always be the only one!
Can You Help Me Level Up
Hello friends, family and fans, I am trying to level up. Can you please help me by rating my pics and stash? I know some of you have already rated everything in there and I appreciated it greatly. For those of you that have not rate or commented on my stash and pics if you wouuld like please do. It will help me level up to the next rank. Hope you all have a great day!
For My Wife
the way i feel everyday and every moment i am with you my love i always want to be your hero and your everything , you are my hero and always have been I LOVE YOU .MARK
1984 Is Now
1984 is now vibratting our illeagal sounds the thought police have the control give way to the rise of the proles o'brain has lost his mind victory mansions are on fire tonight ministry of love will put up its fight hate week has begun right big brother is watching you all the sheep have no clue telescrenes are the tool of the game loss of free thought is a crying shame just lost hairs from the lions main war is peace what the hell is up with that freedom is slavery i cant get by with what they gave ingnrance is strangth the 3 states desire is to terminate 1984 is now 1984 is now 1984 is now (i dont know about this one, it needs alot of work)
Everyone has one song at least that brings a tear to their eye, what's yours? One of mine played a little while ago, and i'm bored so fess up. As for me, brothers in arms by dire straits always did it to me. I'm a sucker for songs dedicated and written especially for someone too.
Morning by LateNiteFantasy© The cold grey light of day I feel it braking into my dreams The blackness dispersing, the mist hanging still I open my eyes, and see, you!! Yet you are still a slumber dreaming your dreams of might and magic of things lost and found of happiness and warmth, love and security I see your eyes flutter as day breaks through I feel your body stir next to mine as dream evaporate I lean over, I kiss your cheek, I see you smile Your eyes still closed you kiss me back Your only words; "good morning"!!
Gotta Love Memoire
Ok all friends and family. Here is your chance to meet one of the realest people on here. She will always have your back. Will be there for you when you need comfort or just need a friend to talk to. Please Fan/ Rate/ and Add you will be so happy you did. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo BhamBuggy Mèmºî®è ™ Ñè׆ кº®~ Fµ ♥² §îñ@ fubar
Need Prayers
to all my friends here i am gonna need some prayers from the FEW good friends i got on here..i had to hospitalize my son last week for reasons i would rather not say but some of you may already know..that there has been tuff when he calls me almost everyday wantin me to come pick him up when i just cant...hopefully he will be able to come soon..then we got a letter from childrens hospital tellin us that they found not only scholiosis on liberti but a mass at the base of her spine so tomorrow we got to go see a neurosurgeon to see what they are going to do about it i am scared cuz with your back ...its nuttin to mess with. so i am calling on all very few good friends that i got here to give my lil ones a lil prayer or two...thanks guys and i will keep you posted as soon as i find out
Sanskrit Salutation To The Dawn
Listen to the salutation to the dawn, Look to this day, for it is life, the very life of life, In its brief course lie all the verities and realities of our existence, The bliss of growth, the splendour of beauty, For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision, But today well spent makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look therefore to this day. Such is the salutation to the dawn.
Shooting The Breeze
Shooting the Breeze by LateNiteFantasy© Shooting the Breeze in fluctuation contemplation a rocking sensation while life's at ease reminiscing memory kissing tomorrows wishing watching growing trees triggering a smile aimless for awhile going a porch swing mile just ... shooting the breeze
Crystal Tagged Me
Crystal Tagged me. Gote 5 people and use 1 word. 1. Where is your cell phone? home 2. Your significant other? gone 3. Your hair? mixed 4. Your mother? died 5. Your father? alive 6. Your favorite thing? travel 7. Your dream last night? erotic 8. Your favorite drink? pepsi 9. Your dream/goal? successful 10. The room you're in? work 11. Music? oldies 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? moved 14. Where were you last night? work 15. What you're not? successful 16. Muffins? chocolate 17. One of your wish list items? house 18. Where you grew up? BROOKLYN! 19. The last thing you did? pics 20. What are you wearing? hoodie 21. TV? nope 22. Your pets? none 23. Your computer? mine 24. Your life? sucky 25. Your mood? pissed 26. Missing someone? NO 27. Favorite Store? watches 30. Your summer? sucky 31. Like someone? everyone 32. Your favorite color? none 33. When is the last time you laughed? today 34. Last time you cried? year Violets, Joy, Ozzyfreak ,
Finding Love In Uniform - Military Dating Online offers you the chance to contact and connect with thousands of military people. By using a membership you can begin the process of finding a relationship that will endure, or even just finding a good friend that you can share company with - someone that may have the same values and interests. THat is my place. my username here is nicolebaby.
You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? bedside table 2. Your significant other? missing 3. Your hair? red 4. Your mother? gone 5. Your father? gone 6. Your favorite thing? contentment 7. Your dream last night? my daughter 8. Your favorite drink? coconut rum 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? Bedroom 11. Music? blues 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? rich 16. Muffins? banana nut 17. One of your wish list items? travel 18. Where you grew up? Mississippi 19. The last thing you did? coffee 20. What are you wearing? lingerie 21. TV? sports 22. Your pets? none 23. Your computer? laptop 24. Your life? con
Just A Final Note To All!
There may have been a few of you that I missed in doing my personal farewells, and I am sorry if I did not mention you, but please know that that in no way diminishes your part in my life! It has been great to have been here for as long as I have! For those who want to keep up with me, ask me for messenger info...these are the two I use most often: Yahoo!: musicalenigma76 MSN/Windows Live: or you can find me at: Everyone please take care of yourselves! If ever you will need a friend, seek me out...I'll be looming around cyberspace somewhere! Farewell! Rob "The Enigma AKA The Black Winged Angel" mp3 downloads | Gary Jules MP3s
Jet For Auction Or 20pt
Why Every Guy Should Buy Their Girlfriend Wii Fit.
Why every guy should buy their girlfriend Wii Fit.
What I Am Going 2 Be Doing On The 4th Of July
Star 102.1 Your #1 Hit Music Station brings you the StarJam 2008 WHEN:, July 4, 2008 WHERE: Patriot Park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee WHO: Boys like Girls, Good Charlotte, Metro Station, and Ace Young TIME: Concert starts at 5:00pm Fireworks start at 9:30pm We'll see ya on the 4th at Patriot Park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Come enjoy the FUN if you are close enough and enjoy these groups
# 1
Sex Fun!!
if we................???????????? Body: Body: sex,sex,sex If we had sex"....... If We Had Sex....GAME. don't be scared. you never know who really wants to do you! (Reply so only I see it and Repost so others can fill it out). SEND REPLY IN AN EMAIL 1. Would you be in control? . 2. Would you whisper in my ear? 3. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue? 4. Would you say my name? 5. Would you go down on me? 6 . Would you let me give you a hickie? 7. How many rounds would we go? 8. What would you wanna do afterwards? 9. Would you take off all your clothes then take mine off slowly? 10. Would you lick and bite me all over? 11. Would you like to play or get straight to the point? 12. Would you want me to take my time? 13. Would you want me to go fast or slow? . 14. Where would you wanna "do it"? 15. Would you be loud or quiet? 16. Would you mind if i liked
Post 1
have a very shy personality when it comes to meeting new people. I like my sexual partners to be full of energy and I want them to like exploring new things. I like the bar scene, but prefer not to go out alot. I like my partners to talk alot in the bedroom. I love sex, but I'm more interested in long-term relationships/marriage after a long dating period. In the bedroom, I tend to like kinky, experimental sex. Some of my favorite positions are doggy and reverse cowgirl. I prefer one-on-one sex I'm am always willing to try some light bondage or blindfolds. What are your favorite musicians or bands?: Metallica, Godsmack Tell one of your favorite sexual fantasies. Don't hold back!: My ultimate fantasy is to make love to just one special guy in a rainstorm in the middle of summer. What location do you fantasize about for a sexual encounter?: A dark back alley What types of sexual activities turn you on?: Giving Oral Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Toys (Vibr
Hired What? Crack Whores?
Today's Kick in the Ass goes to the NFL. From ESPN - The NFL has hired experts to study game footage to determine whether players are displaying street-gang hand signals as part of their on-field celebrations, the Los Angeles Times reports. "There have been some suspected things we've seen," said Milt Ahlerich, the league's vice president of security, according to the Times' report. "When we see it, we quietly jump on it immediately, directly with the team and the player or employee involved to cease and desist. Period." This one is right up there with the satanic symbols on Proctor and Gamble products causing people to boycott them. All I can guess is that NFL execs eat, drink, and sleep in their boardroom and have not had sex since high school. Seriously, I don't even know where to begin, it's so ridiculous. One player raises a good point - with all the fraternity and other non-gang hand signs, coupled with the fact that no two gangs use the same sign, what would an "exp
Trixter And Poison
I went to Rockfest with Tony and Rod last night and it was freaking awesome! Most of you probably have no clue who I am talking about, but those of you who were really into the 80's hair bands will know. First I saw Trixter ("One In A Million" "Give It To Me Good"). They were great, not to mention hotties, even without the long hair. After the show, I was able to meet them. All four of them signed my bandana, and let me get a pic with each of them. That made my night. I wasn't expecting to get to meet any of the bands. Then Poison came on and let me say that their concert was the best concert I have ever been to. And they look damn good for their age, they are aging a hell of a lot better then Def Leppard and their music still rocks. They haven't sold out. I can die a happy woman now. I have saw my three favorite bands in concert. I took LOTS of pics and as soon as I am able I will share them. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay and see Boston. But thats ok. I don't think they
My New Midget! :)
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Timber_Wolf_bartender@howl@the moon@ fubar
Top 10 Things Poets Shouldn't Worry About
Top 10 Things Poets Shouldn't Worry About by LateNiteFantasy© with love Top 10 Things Poets Shouldn't Worry About A sage once remarked that "Worry is like a rocking chair: It'll keep you busy but won't Take you anywhere." Poets tend to place too Much emphasis on what Others think about their work, Thus here are the top ten things We shouldn't worry about. 10. The correct style. There is no such thing. 9. If others will like my poem. 8. Has the theme been addressed before. 7. Will it be misunderstood? 6. Is it politically correct. 5. Is it too sexual. 4. Will it be offensive? 3. Have I rewritten it enough times? 2. Will anyone read it? 1. I shoudn't be writing. We have as much right as anyone To write poetry or any other style You may chose. Let your heart dictate The message. "Don't worry, write happy."
What Gives?
will someone please tell me where all the decent men are? i mean, i don't believe in long distance relationships and that leaves me pretty much screwed in the men department cuz the men around here are scum. and i thought i could be gay maybe but the though of munching carpet really makes me sick. (no offense to lesbians, but it's just not me) i just don't understand. all these guys that like all this kick ass music and chillin out drinking beers wanna be with a girl who's like "ewww beer is nasty, and wtf are you listening too?" WTF man!!!! they got chicks like me out there who will drink anyone under the table and be jamming out some wicked shit and they want a whiny bitch. well more power to you! hope you're fucking miserable for the rest of your pathetic life!!!!!! (i'm sure you will be) anyway that's all i have to say.......
Our Rights...???
Are we losing America a piece at a time??? Every now and then I see something that bothers me as a person and as an American. There have been numerous occasions over my life span where I just couldn’t remain silent. This is just one of them. Recently I read about a restaurant in Philadelphia where the city council ordered the owner to remove a sign that read "Only English spoken here". He doesn’t have the right to put a sign like that up on his property, or does he? I really do not know any more what rights will be left to us. Maybe the owner knows only English. Do we have to learn every spoken and written language in the world to accommodate every one in the world just so we don’t offend anyone? What do you think? Here is what I feel. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I respect every ones rights and I think we should respect the sanctity of a nation. I believe very stron
For A Devine Friend
When I look into your eyes I see that you've been broken When I kiss your lips I taste the pain Of despair left unspoken This wicked game we know as life To you has been unfair My soul aches for you I feel you no longer care Along your journey You lost your way You lost your spirit I close my eyes and listen, your hearts crying I can hear it Let me touch you, let me heal you And make you whole Let me love you and Mend your broken soul.
Only If I Could...
I would want to taste the flavor of your lips, I would want to feel the rhythm of your hips. I would want to travel through your mind, To see what treasures I can find. I would want to absorb the sweet aroma of your presence, Your persona is welcoming and so effervescent. Honey, of all these things that I say are true, Not just because I want to be with you! Last, but not least, and not the necessarily the end, If nothing else were to happen, I would still wanna be your friend.
More Than That
More than that A man comes home tired from work as he comes thru the door. He gives his wife a kiss on the check and nothing more. There are things about the day that, she wants to share. The husband turns on TV and sits in his favorite chair. He pretends to listen as surfs the TV And the wife wonders why won’t he listen to me? After a couple is married, so quickly fades the romance. But, a wife still wants to go out for a dinner and a dance. They say, a woman is from Venus, a man is from Mars. Too often, she sits alone while; he’s with friends at the bars It’s so hard to figure where to place the blame. A woman marries a man to change him while, he hopes she stays the same. Two people living together but, living separate lives. It’s the difference between husband and wives. As the years mount up the marriage runs it course. There’s a fifty percent chance, it’ll end up in divorce. Seems a ma
I Hate Girls
So, there is a specific person on here (who shall remain nameless) who is really starting to get to me.. again. If you know me at all, I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. Anyways, so I don't talk to her, don't look at her, don't acknowledge her in any way, NOTHING, yet she had the nerve to comment on someone else's blog about ME, saying that I'm fat and whatever? Ok, so I know that. It's not like you're not saying something that I don't know, but good lord. Look in the mirror once in a while. You're not exactly Miss Skinny either! And you're so perfect, but who was the one who got their account locked and had to make a new one? Who was the one who STILL can't change statuses? Not me. :) I probably shouldn't even be blogging this, but it's really starting to get to me. After all this time, she still has to say stuff? Wtf? Grow up already. One last thing - I'm sure that someone is going to run back and tell her I posted this, but that's ok. I really don't care. :)
Add Me On Myspace
Have you added me yet on myspace? if not do it now. When you do please in the comment section of the request say your from here so i know to approve you. thanks..
Xxx No Title Xxx
Nothing makes sense anymore i feel like I'm shut out by a door why doesn't anyone understand me is it so hard to see what i see since my problems seem never ending my heart isn't worth mending your the voice i hear inside of me that tells me to keep going, to stay alive ill just think of you and i will survive i know you don't love me and thats fine but on the inside when you talk to me you make me shine
Can I Just Get A Rate?
Please Rate me in my contest - even though the contest is technically all about the comments - Rates count too! Just click the pic and rate me! & I would love it if while u r there u leave some comments! :D TY all help is appreciated so much.
Bobo De Camarao *shirmp*
salt and pepper to taste juice of 1 lemon 200 ml of coconut milk (the bottled, thick kind) 2 tbl of dende palm oil 3 tbl of olive oil * Season shrimp with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Let stand for 1 hour. Boil the shrimp shells in water with cilantro leaves. Let simmer for 5 minutes, strain and use this broth to cook cassava pieces until tender. After cooking cassava, puree it in blender or food processor with the broth and 10 shrimps. Saute onions, red peppers and tomatoes in olive oil Add shrimp and let cook for 5 minutes. Add cassava puree, coconut milk and dende oil. Let boil for 2 minutes * (LOW FLAME, STIRRING ALL THE TIME). When ready, the consistency is that of VERY thick soup. Serve with rice and "farofinha de dende" * (Recipes below) * Farofinha de dende: Saute finely chopped onion (about 1 tablespoon) in Dende oil. Add manioc flour (funny looking subproduct of cassava-resembles sand, and tastes like nothing until you season it LOL! Stir c
Just wanted to let everyone know that my father came home from the hospital today!!!!! He is able to walk pretty well on his own and although gets tired rather quickly, he is on the road back. Thank you sooooooo much for all of your thoughts and prayers throughout the past almost 2 months...they helped enormously!!!! As I had mentioned in the past, he IS a tough "old codger" and at 80, any additional time we have with him is indeed a blessing!! I DO have the best friends ANYONE could ask for on Fubar! I love you ALL!!!!
It's Deviant
I've got some of my best art and stuff you won't see here on, if you would like to check it out. You have to click the text under the pic to make the link come up. Once you are there click each pic for a bigger view. Desert Sycamore by ~TimLaSure on deviantART
My Ultimate Vision Of You
My Ultimate vision of you By RedyFrLuv A special and awesome vision of you Dances in my mind I can feel you so close Yet you are so far away In every breath I take, you are there Every beat of my heart beats with yours A warmth and feeling of passion unlike any other Your soft, alluring and dreamy Your sweet and full of passion Your caress....So full of warmth and desire Your presence very really to me Yet hard to grasp from the air around me Your skin......So soft and pleasing to touch Your body......So perfect and conforming to mine I can feel you so close But somehow you elude me You are the sunshine in my vision Drawing you ever near to me I need you in my be my strength I need you in my bring happiness I need you in my bring purpose I need you in my make me complete XOXOXOXO RedyFrLuv Original poem
Do You Have Myspace?
Do you have myspace? http://www. cotaforleilae. com/ Her Mom is memeber of Hero's and Mafia on myspace...http://www. myspace. com/i_luv_leila_n_marcus Add her to ur friends list if ya do have myspace and help spread word to your friends too. Thanks
What Places Would People Love To Go
I would love to go to Japan.
Romantically Hopeless
Just another face in the crowd She doesn't fit in but she doesn't stand out A "Hello" from a stranger makes her day Breaks the monotony of all those who look away She feels selfish for wanting some attention Mom and Dad didn't give her much affection He doesn't believe in soul mates Being alone seems to be his fate Rejected for things he can't control His undying love a woman will never know Longing for acceptance in a woman's eyes Like an old band-aid he gets tossed aside Then one day their eyes meet Just a random encounter on the street He smiles and says "Hi" She blushes and replies It's now the story begins Their hearts know how it ends She will love him for him He will never doubt again Joined at the soul Two halves of a whole
Radio X's Auction
Radio X strong-armed me into his auction. Blame it all on him! :p If you can't bid, just rate it..mmmk? ♥ Thankies. :)
Apocalyptica-i Dont Care
Apocalyptica- I Dont Care Try to make it through my life, in my way, there's you I try to make it through these lies, that's all I do Just don't deny it Just don't deny it and deal with it, yeah Just deal with it You try to break me, You wanna break me...bit by bit, That’s just part of it If you were dead or still alive I don't care, I don't care And all the things you left behind I don't care, I don't care I try to make you see my side Always trying to stay in line But your eyes see right through That's all they do I'm getting tired of this shit I've got no room when it's like this What you want of me just deal with it (nothing can care about, nothing can care about) (you won't be there for me, you won't be there for me) If you were dead or still alive I don't care, I don't care And all the things you left behind I don't care, I don't care
Get A Freakin' Clue!
Ok...maybe I need to clear up a few things....I came back to fubar because of some very precious friends that is on here...I am not against making new friends but I am also becoming so jaded against new people because of all the jerkwads out there that doesn't seem to get a FUCKING CLUE on how to respectfully treat a person!...wanna be my friend? then get to know me!...I don't want to give you my freakin email or IM!...Want to truly get to know me? Then I suggest you do it in the same manner that I try to get to know people...I look at ALL their pics...I look at the things they post...blogs, stash, etc....if you can't do these things then you are showing me by your actions that you don't fucking care to know me and all you want is eye candy and sex talk....if this is the case...move on down the FUCKING LINE! Don't waste my time when I can spend it on more fruitful things spending time with my friends who RESPECT me and CARE about ME... thanks you for your time Love to all
Kegeling - A Lifelong Practice
Kegel exercises: How to strengthen pelvic floor muscles If you do them the right way, Kegel exercises can help you prevent or control urinary incontinence and prepare for childbirth. Find out how to perform Kegel exercises correctly. Kegel (KAY-gul or KEY-gul) exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which support the uterus, bladder and bowel. If you do Kegel exercises regularly and keep your pelvic floor muscles toned, you may reduce your risk of incontinence and similar problems as you get older. Kegel exercises can also help you control urinary incontinence. Learning how to perform Kegel exercises properly can be tricky. How do you know whether you're working the correct muscles? Here's a guide to perfecting Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises: Who can benefit CLICK TO ENLARGE Female pelvic floor muscles Many conditions put stress on your pelvic floor muscles: Pregnancy Childbirth Being overweight Aging A chronic cough A genetic predispos
Little People In Contests
Sometimes I wonder why there are Contests. Us little people on Fu dont have a chance with the well known people on here. they bring all their friends in and then some and we get creamed. what about us? when will we get a fighting chance? we dont know how to make those fancy bullys and have anything like that. does anyone feel like that
Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge Just this side of Heaven is a placed called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, thatpet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water, and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and time going by. The animals are happy and content ,except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run fro the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted,
Hva Innebærer Dette?
Ja David, det innebærer at dr Zimmerman var klar over dette. Og det betyr at "You're Judas" "I Don't belive you, you're a liar" var en gedigen bløff og bevisst feilsporing (som alt annet Dylan foretar seg). Og han ledet Judas-myten inn blandt godtroende og snille mennesker som et mål og ideal. Vi er alle Judas som slektninger av Maria som kristne. Dylan er en skurk, i klasse med Stein Rivertons romanskurker fra tidlig 1900-tall. For oss andre innebærer det at Jesus' virke ikke ville vært mulig uten Maria. For det første er det ikke mulig som egypter å forklare jøder (eller noen andre) hva religionen går ut på. Det er ikke mulig å bli frelst egyptolog. For det andre er det to elementer som spiller inn i det problemet: Økonomi og Seksualitet. Begge deler er totalt fraværende som et mål eller noe interessant i Jesus' taler. Hvis ikke Maria hadde skapt fast grunn via pengekassa og sin seksualitet ville Jesus umiddelbart rotet seg inn i vanskelige dialoger om Anubis. Ogsåvidere.
Ill Be Laughing For Days
> Skinny little white guy goes into an elevator, looks up and sees this > HUGE black guy standing next to him. > >> The big guy sees the little guy staring at him looks down and says: > "7 feet tall, 350 pounds, 20 inch private, 3 pound testicles, Turner > Brown." > >> The little guy faints and falls to the floor. > >> The big guy kneels down and brings him to, shaking him. The big guy > says: "What's wrong with you?" > >> In a weak voice the little guy says, "What EXACTLY did you say to me?" > >> The big dude says: "I saw your curious look and figured I'd just > give you the answers to the questions everyone always asks me..... I'm > 7 feet tall, I weigh 350 pounds, I have a 20 inch private, my > testicles weigh 3 pounds each, and my name is Turner Brown." > >> The small guy says: "Turner Brown?!...Sweet Jesus, I thought you > said, "Turn around"
For My Crush -- # 001
It's not to explore whether or not will we spend the night together? It's to fulfill a mutual desire never to spend a night apart!
Beef Wellington
Beef Wellington 1 2 - 2 1/4 pound beef tenderloin 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 shortening 1 beaten egg yolk 3 tablespoons water 3 tablespoons cold water 1/2 cup deli or canned liver pate 1 beaten egg white Bordelaise sauce If roast is long and thin, fold narrow ends under and tie. If roast is flat and wide, tie crosswise in 2 or 3 places to form a rounder roast. (Finished shape should be about 7 x 3 1/2 inches.) Place meat on a rack in a shallow roasting pan. Roast in a 425 degree oven for 30 minutes. for a 2 pound roast(35 minutes for a 2 1/4 pound roast). Remove from pan. (remove strings if tied.) Refrigerate for about 10 minutes to cool surface. Meanwhile for pastry, combine flour ans 1/8 teaspoon salt. Cut in shortening till pieces are the size of small peas. Combine egg yolk and water. Add to flour mixture, tossing with a fork until all is moistened. (If necessary, add 1 to 2 tablespoons additional water to moisten.) Form into a ball. On a floured surface,
Ranting Of A Madman (excerpt)
I have seen Death face to face. I told you earlier he is no stranger to me. Some say what I have is a “gift”. Others call it a power, or a curse. Call it what you will, and scoff at me if you dare, but I do see him. I see things that other humans do not see, or care not to see. I hear things that others only dismiss as the humming of a bug or insect. I always have. Does this also qualify me as mad or crazy? Because I see and hear things that others do not. I guess even I myself would deem someone nuts who was talking to something that I could not see. But, that’s our society’s way of thinking today. “Lock them up in the psycho ward and throw away the keys.” That’s what we would say….Imbeciles. As Jesus Christ himself once said from the cross as He was being crucified, “Father, they know not what they do.” No truer words were ever spoken in all of history. Humans are afraid of what they do not understan
Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or to help you figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be (possibly your roommate, neighbor, coworker, long lost friend, lover or even a complete stranger) but when you lock eyes with them, you know at that very moment that they will have a profound affect on your life. And sometimes things happen to you that may seem horrible, painful, and unfair at first, but in reflection you find that without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential, strength, willpower, or heart. Everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance or by means of luck. Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness, and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your soul. Without these tests, whatever they may be, life would be like a smoothly paved, straight, flat r
Firefighter Tribute - Bon Jovi - It's My Life
I Have A New Dog
Please Delete Me If...
If you are racist or you have an issue with gay marriage and can't even attempt to give me an intelligent reason why, please delete me. I won't cry I promise. I have recently found myself involved in many discussion that involve either gay marriage or racism. I don't understand how people can honestly judge people by the color of their skin. Stereotypes irritate me. Judge people for who they are. Not from things in your past. I have not found one person who can give me a reason that gay marriage shouldn't be allowed. Well one that doesn't come from fear or ignorance. I hate people. I hate that they are allowed to be ignorant. How is it possible that it still exists?
Helpin Da Flirt
Ðå F£ì®Ŧ Needs a little luv …Okay… needs some of your hard earned fu-money…LMAO He is saving for spotlight & needs you to spot him sum $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ No donation is to small…just show him that you luv him!!! Ðå F£ì®Ŧ-þÏMþ †ð ŦhÉ þû$$¥Çㆠþ£ÃŸMÅŦ€§{W.W.S leveler}@ fubar

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