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 it is peaceful and quiet on the roads today , the drinkers and partiers are still in bed , resting from being out all night . it is a nice day to take a lil drive somewhere and find a nice lookout to stop and admire the beauty of nature .  Sunday is a day of rest , a day of reflecting on the on week gone by , and a day to start planing the week one .. i must fil up my schedule with some fun things to do , and drag myself out of this house ...  too much life goes by , in indecision , too much life's essense drains in misery and in sadness . i must find the joy of the spirit , the peace of the soul ,the wisedom of understanding ..  and let go ...  time to spend some time with god , reading my bible etc , singing praise songs ... fellowshipping with other christians . 
Aarzelde Voor Een Lange Tijd, Uiteindelijk Won Een Geliefde Moncler Jas ~ ~ Om Een ​​kijkje Te Nemen Oh
Moncler winkel op Taobao verkopen dit jaar, lijkt het veel meer dan normaal. . . Na het stellen van veel mensen vinden vertigo, prijzen gemengd Wiens Wiens echt zien babyfoto's zien niet de slechte. . .Het verzamelen van goede baby, Iedereen heel groot prijsverschil. . . Maar hun psychologische laag, in principe geen echte Taobao, Zan, maar de arbeidersklasse Pathwalker, op de lijn die je kijk echt. . . Noch te lage prijs te kopen. . . Lees online in ons forum gezien zusters beschreven Berichten uiteindelijk besloten om u betaalbare, Hemel is vriendelijk voor mij en ik hoop dat ik in staat om een ​​kwaliteit te kopen naar moncler nederland Oh. . .I is gefotografeerd 11.2, toevallig hier in Beijing nr. 3 voor Blizzard! . . Koud koud (of groene bladeren na bepaalde klachten, ha ha ha). . . De verkoper levering snelheid zo snel, logistiek oprecht tot 's middags te dwingen op de 3e koeriersbedrijf aan de telefoon te vertellen me koerier, maar helaas het postadres van het bedri
Remember Our Soldiers
    A Different Christmas PoemThe embers glowed softly, and in their dim light,I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight.My wife was asleep, her head on my chest,My daughter beside me, angelic in rest.Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white,Transforming the yard to a winter delight.The sparkling lights in the tree I believe,Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve.My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep,Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep.In  perfect contentment, or so it would seem,So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream.The sound wasn't loud, and it wasn't too near,But I opened my eyes when it tickled my ear.Perhaps just a cough, I didn't quite know,Then the sure sound of footsteps outside in the snow.My soul gave a tremble, I struggled to hear,And I crept to the door just to see who was near.Standing out in the cold and the dark of the night,A lone figure stood, his face weary and tight.A soldier, I puzzled, some twenty years old
Análisis De Mercado Smartphone 2012 Q3
Mercado de los moviles baratos android sigue creciendo y prosperando como los dos gigantes en el dominio (Android y iOS) batalla por el mercado de acciones. Las firmas de análisis de datos han terminado de analizar las ventas del tercer trimestre de 2012 de los teléfonos inteligentes, y he compilado una retransmisión breve informe de los resultados publicados. Análisis del mercado de Smartphone (Q3 2012) De acuerdo con International Data Corporación informes transmitidos por El porcentaje global de Android en el mercado de teléfonos inteligentes ha aumentado un 75%. En el 91,5%, el crecimiento interanual de Android es casi el doble del crecimiento total del mercado de teléfonos inteligentes (que se sitúa en el 46,4%). Del total de 181,1 millones de unidades de teléfonos inteligentes vendidos en 2012 Q3, 136 millones impulsado por Android. De los 181,1 millones moviles chinos android, 26,9 millones eran iPhones. A pesar de que el lanzamiento del iPhone 5 ha perjudi
It's Best To Purchase Gucci Sun Shades Unless You Will Need Prescribed Lenses
 It's best to purchase Gucci sun shades unless you will need prescribed lenses They are doing market genuine Oakley Sunglasses Outlet , when they can stock these.To keep your Gucci sun shades directly from Gucci's internet site, however, you not have the option of trying the sunglasses upon initial. It is possible to select Gucci sunglasses for guys, ladies or unisex designs. You are able to select from plastic material or even metal casings. The actual casings come in many different darkish colors. In which come rimless udfghxdf. They're extremely expensive, so you want to be able to Buy Oakley Sunglasses use them without stressing regarding strolling into a lamppost. Using a damaged nostril is never in style. Gucci sun shades aren't sufficient to use above your family spectacles.Gucci shades also enhance all of the other nice as well as costly belongings you could possibly get coming from Gucci, which includes diamond jewelry, purses, perfumes, belts, purses, sneakers and clothes to
Iso Pdf
ortion. Peening shall not be used on the internal layer (root) of the weld metal nor on the fina layers unless the weld is postweld heat treated. WC-4410 PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN BEFORE WELDING WC-4424 Surfaces of Welds WC-4411 Identification Storage, and Handling of Welding Materials Each Certificat Holder is responsible for control of the welding electrodes and other materials that are used in the fabrication and installation of components (WC-4120). Suitable identification storage, and handling of electrodes, flux and other welding materials shall be maintained. Pre- cautions shall be taken to minimize absorption of moisture by electrodes and flux WC-4412 Cleanliness and Protection of Welding Surfaces The method used to prepare the base metal shall leave the weld preparation with reasonably smooth surfaces. The surfaces for welding shall be free of scale, rust, oil, grease, and other deleterious material. The work shall be protected from deleterious contamination and from
The Gun Grab Cometh......
December 31, 2012 by Bob Livingston Whether the gun grabbers orchestrated the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre or just saw it as the perfect opportunity to rip the heart out of yet another Constitutional amendment, before the bodies of those slaughtered babies were even cold the 1 percent were signaling that 2013 is going to be a tumultuous year for gun owners — and liberty. Senator Dianne Feinstein (Fascist-Calif.) announced on her website on Dec. 17 that she was introducing a bill in January to “stop the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of military-style assault weapons and high capacity ammunition feeding devises.” It will ban 120 specifically named weapons, including handguns and shotguns, and strengthen the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban, which expired in 2004. According to the outline of Feinstein’s bill, it will grandfather in all legally owned weapons, but it will require they be registered and the owner fingerprinted. It will require a $2
Her beauty shines in my mind,Long after I close my eyes.The memory will still lingers,Long after our days goodbyes.Even beyond her smile,Deep does her beauty run.Each night I see her,I'll try learn more about this one.I will look for her smile,As each of my days end.And learn more behind her smile,And each night begin again.
The Brunette & The Genie
The Brunette and the Genie  A brunette is walking through the country, when she finds a bottle. She rubs it, and you guessed it, a genie appears. The genie says, "You are allowed three wishes. But, I must warn you, anything you get, all the blondes in the world get twice as much." The woman says, "Okay. Give me a nice house." The genie replies, "You now have one nice house and all the blondes in the world have two." Then the lady says, "Give me a gorgeous man." The genie replies, "You now have one gorgeous man, while all the blondes have two." The lady says, "For my last wish, Genie, see that stick over there? Beat me half to death with it."
Belstaff Has Resisted Their Design Ideal And Lead The Civilian Route
Fit with to get climbing plus traveling, belstaff jacket by using deluxe style and design preferred concerning youngers, years amongst 20-30 year-old. To get teenagers, belstaff uk is a exceptional design and style those of you that strategy to design kinds. Never absolutely everyone here is a coat, nonetheless Belstaff Bags uk is most likely the quintessential. Mix off level of quality, a relaxation people stretch for any strategy together with the freshest styles they give all of get them to be the best advisable article content for yourself. Even now you must never often be quick with your number of a Belstaff Men Blouson. Finding different with the volume of issues is often extraordinary for any browsing. The first an individual is most likely the in fact that coat you pay for really need to fit with in concert with the strategy wholly together with the upcoming matter is most likely the in fact this in any respect conditions check making use of the freshest layouts. Them is most l
Points For Gonzaga (6-0), Which
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Julio Jones Jersey . -- The Jacksonville Jaguars have re-signed running back Keith Toston and waived rookie linebacker Brandon Marshall again. Toston spent the preseason with the Jaguars before being waived on final cuts. He was re-signed last week and returned two kickoffs for 49 yards against Green Bay. He was waived Tuesday, replaced on the roster by Marshall. Toston could be active again Sunday against Detroit since Maurice Jones-Drew (foot) is out and backup Montell Owens (shoulder) has missed more practice time. Maybe more pressing for Jacksonville is the health of its secondary. Safety Dwight Lowery (ankle) has been ruled out against the Lions and starting cornerbacks Derek Cox (back) and Rashean Mathis (groin) sat out practice Thursday. Cox and Mathis were limited Wednesday, but its unclear if they had setbacks. Roddy White Youth Jersey . -- South Carolinas first play was a debacle. Roddy White Authentic Jersey . Barcelona, meanwhile, edged out Valencia 1-0 t
Goal Victory While The Team That Made
LONDON -- Manchester City dropped two vital points in the Premier League title race on Saturday, drawing 1-1 at Stoke to hand the initiative to reigning champion Manchester United. Tony Gonzalez Falcons Jersey . City recovered from conceding a sensational volley by Peter Crouch to salvage a point thanks to Yaya Toures deflected long-range effort later in the second half, returning to the top of the standings on goal difference. However, United can reclaim the lead and push three points clear with eight matches to go with a victory over Fulham in its game in hand on Monday. "We wont know until the end of the season if its a point gained," City assistant manager David Platt said. Arsenal pulled three points clear of Tottenham in the battle for third place by beating Aston Villa 3-0, hours after seeing its north London rival draw 0-0 at Chelsea. The result kept Spurs five points ahead of Chelsea, which is in danger of missing out on Champions League football for the first time since 2003.
Walter Mitty's Second Amendment
Once upon a time, there was a people who inhabited a majestic land under an all-powerful government. Now this government had the resources to control practically every aspect of human existence; hundreds of thousands of "public servants" could access the most personal details of every citizen's life because everyone was issued a number at birth with which the government would track him throughout his life. No one could even work in gainful employment without this number. True, the government left certain domains of individual action largely free, particularly matters concerning speech and sex. These activities posed no real threat to the state. When not used to entertain and divert, the power of speech was used principally to clamor for more or better goods from the state, or for "reforms" to make the state work "better," thereby entrenching the people's dependency. And insofar as sex was concerned, well, the people's behavior in this area also really had no effect on the scope of st
If we can not respect another How can we expect them to respect us If we can not respect someone’s beliefs How can we expect them to respect ours If we can not respect another’s race How can we expect that race to respect us If we can not respect others How can we expect respect in return Everyone expects respect No matter who they are The only way to gain it Is to start treating everyone As a friend, a brother, a sister As part of our extended family No matter what colour or creed they are Only then you will start to get The respect you so dearly crave
Love's Sonnet
Love is an endless labryinth A pitfall into the black abyss Descending.... Torment fueled by your obsessions Your tears inspire my desire The pain makes it real Love is wielded in a blow An inducent of fear into your heart Blasphemy.... The savage plunder of a silken temple Producing a red river in which the bodies of children float Love is the Kiss of a razor The sting your soul craves Death.... The teardrops of the flesh Is this blood? Love is spun in ebony wings Branded by your insanity Emptiness.... Glutenous darkness consuming your will And your love is my life
Positive People
Positive People thier amazing they make life so much more fun ..  they encourage other to do amazing things ,  They amazing things themselves ..    It's not not enough to stay in your comfort zone , you have to go beyong that   yuo have to deal with the real issues , that stop from living the life you want ..  if you don't things won't ever change .  You have to make them change , by your own words , your own actions ..  and you have be around positive people who belive you can do things ..  who believe in you more then you do yourself at times ..  push yourself hard ..  then pusher yourself even harder then that ..  beleive in yourself    And hopefully youll find giving me them something too , because theres too many takers in life . people who don't care about others , and don't care what happens to others .. do you want to be a giver and give back and make this world a better place by doing so .. or a takers that takes untill theres nothing left to take ?  giving re
Why Is It
Stupid Man...*)
 Stupid man. Go on the run yeah run, run that's all you've done. Stupid man. They say your stupid man. Your all fuck up in the mind. Stupid man. You eat women's heart throw them away like the dog you are.  Stupid man. You drink blood to feed off others to stay alive. Stupid man. Writing is on the wall. Stupid man, stupid man, stupid man you are.                                                                                                                                                                                                       bY LoVe GiRL...                  "You think got me"                                             Yr.  1213    mo. 1/30/13                                                                                                      time:   3:37 PM  
I Ain't Your Momma - Maggie Rose
I'm puttin' on pearls, I'm puttin' on pumps, got a little lace apron on meGonna make you stop, gonna make you wanna watch me do the laundryGonna put some fun back in this ho-hum honeyGonna be so hot you'll think it oughta cost you moneyYou ain't gonna wanna leave home, 'cause I've got it goin' onI will be most anything you wantI'll be your laughter, I'll be your drama, I'll be your best friend, I'll be your loverYou can be my baby any time you wannaBut I ain't your mamaNo, I ain't your mamaI won't make your rules, I won't wipe your nose, I ain't gonna check up on yaStay out all night long as that sunlight don't end up tellin' on yaI won't be your boss, I won't be the bad cop babyBut I'll be the one you just wanna love like crazy'Cause I'll do all those things that make you wanna singI'll say your name, make you wanna do the sameI'll be your laughter, I'll be your drama, I'll be your best friend, I'll be your loverYou can be my baby any time you wannaBut I ain't your mamaNo, I ain't you
The Walking Dead Links, Updated Weekly.
Links for Season 3 Episode 12 (3/3)    Links for Season 3 Ep 11 (2/24)  Links for Season 3 Ep 10. (2/17) (Watch the Vidbull link on this next link)   Link for Season 3 Ep 9.  (2/10) & & 
Inspirtational Words
Decide what it is that will make you happy, and rise above and remove the negative from your life,and let the happy ending you want begin
Htc Lumia 920 - Best In Cost, Function, Design
Nokia Lumia 920 is a Smartphone and like other high-end cell cellular mobile phones, it also has some extra-ordinary features but being an ultra-modern device is just one of the reasons behind its popularity. The Finnish producer obtained 3 million booking prior to the release of its significant Lumia cellular mobile cellphone and this huge popularity shows that there is more about this simple looking cellular mobile cellphone than satisfies the vision. The best part of this much discussed mobile cellphone is that it gives more comfortable hand feel than its forerunner and any other cellular mobile cellphone in the market. Where other devices look best, it seems best. It can be seen on the web and also on significant cellular stores. Htc is active completing the looking forward to 3 million buys and for this reason you might need to wait for the top selling black tinted edition. New Htc Lumia comes in black, off white-colored, red, yellowish and white-colored colors. The colors are s
Sb Creeper Call Him   Are you single I been working a lot   Call me Jason please 205-381-8733 see I'm not that far from you birmingham you are so cute and sexy   Still gave his ## after unanswered messages and denied fu proposal. call him   I just called and texted you what happen you texted me lastnight Jason you forgot 205-381-8733
Introduced Low-cost Alternative To The Nexus 7: Gainward Galapad 7 Tablet
The company Gainward has made especially in the area of ​​graphics cards a name. Now I convert something has gone astray and the new Gainward Galapad presented 7, a new 7-inch tablet PC that will appear as a competitor to Google Nexus 7th wholesale tablets The Gainward Galapad 7 Tablet PC offers the same as the Nexus, 7 Tablet PC has a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor at 1.3GHz, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. There is also a 7-inch IPS touch screen display is used, which supports a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, a little less so than the Nexus 7 with 1280 x 800 pixels. Continues to offer the tablet computer on the wireless network, a 2-megapixel camera, a 3500mAh battery for the power supply and a TF card slot for memory cards up to 32GB. Price as are the equivalent of € 159 in the space, which is much cheaper than. Competition from Google However, one can only get the Galapad 7 Update on the import, the shop "Panda Will". The technical data / specif
The Book Of Evil Jessie
Day turns into night you come out of the  Shadow and try make pease with your demon ,but you can't your thurst for blood over takes you ,you became a monster, addicted to blood and heart beating every. Time someone walks past you ,you hear the heart beating, you see your pray. andthey fall like rose in the snow
Walking Dead, Kinda A Mumm
  Since Vince said I need to do this.....SPOILER ALERTS are in here.....       Who watches this show? I do...and I love it. It's probably hands down my favorite show. I watch it every week and somehow come up with different emotions about it. Sometimes it's just a slow show with nothing much going on. Other times everything happens so fast, you can't keep up. Tonight's episode left me holding my breath a few times. I really thought that Merle was going to kill the governor.  Really, why didn't he ram him with the blade on his arm? Anyway, it was sad and I wanted to cry when Daryl had to kill him. Probably the only time I've wanted to cry during this show. Anyway, back to the governor....he needs to die. I'm really hoping that it happens on the finale. If he does die...I know that I wouldn't want him to die by the "hands" of a zombie. I just can't figure out who I want to kill him, lol. Here are my people and why. Andrea:: Cause he fooled her for so long and she finally wised u
Now Women Can Meet Their Fashion Needs In A Cost Effective Way
When it comes to women’s clothing needs, unquestionably, the choices are plenty. For every season, summer, winter, fall or spring, women have innumerable options of fashionable dresses that are comfortable as well. Though there are a lot of choices, when it comes to the cost, there is always a second thought to getting those dresses. However, these days, women need not worry about the cost. There are many ex chainstore wholesale clothing outlets that are functioning specifically with wholesale clothes for women. Why wholesale clothes for women Women’s clothing include a big list: tops, skirts, jeans, pants, shorts, shoes, and more. All these can be bought at a very low cost at the ex chainstore wholesale clothes. This even includes the ever in demand Fuller figure clothing for women. You can buy cheap clothes for women with a good quality and isn’t this awesome? Why buy at the wholesalers Since fashion changes for every season, new kinds of apparels keep
Falling For A Guy
Falling for a guy, falling from the sky.... ask me to leave this behind... and I pray I falling for a guy from the sky.. ask me to leave this behind.. take time time to think I just ask him to here my feelings ask him to here my heart just this night falling falling just take this time to think think what he can have the truth is what hurts hold a gun to my head he's  never coming back this is not my words in my head never will come to me again falling for a guy, falling from the sky... ask me to leave this behind... good night my love as I sleep tonight thinking of you of boxes of hearts in the sky of colors of love all over me in a deep dream falling down falling down in love ask me to leave this behind.. sleep deep sleep deep for your love will never come by just ask me just ask me yes yes dear love dear love I'm falling from the sky this night as I sleep thinking of you love boxes hearts falling for you from the sky I sleep tonight thinking of you deep deep dream of love    LoVe Gi
Free The Three!!!
Shortly after three eight-year-old boys were found mutilated and murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas, local newspapers stated the killers had been caught. The police assured the public that the three teenagers in custody were definitely responsible for these horrible crimes. Evidence? The same police officers coerced an error-filled "confession" from Jessie Misskelley Jr., who is mentally handicapped. They subjected him to 12 hours of questioning without counsel or parental consent, audio-taping only two fragments totaling 46 minutes. Jessie recanted it that evening, but it was too late— Misskelley, Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols were all arrested on June 3, 1993, and convicted of murder in early 1994. Although there was no physical evidence, murder weapon, motive, or connection to the victims, the prosecution pathetically resorted to presenting black hair and clothing, heavy metal t-shirts, and Stephen King novels as proof that the boys were sacrificed in a satanic cult ritual
The Wolf
The wolf wanders alone. Most think of him as the predator and avoid him or are leary. Others condem him for the actions of his ancestors and other wolves. Yes he desires the pack but the pack also brings competion and a certain trust. This wolf can not afford to be hurt again so he goes it alone, byhimself and drudges on. The few that do seek the frienship of this wolf, find a true friend and a loyal companion. He may not fully give himself to them because he knows that eventully he will be wandering alone again. This Wolf will protect at all cost those that are vulnrable to other preditors. And he will shed blood if needed. He lives by his own rules and and sometimes that leads him into deadly fields. But he has the cunningness and wisdom to always escape without to much of a scar. Oh yes his scars remind him of his past and make him leery of his future. But he keeps going. Is he a Hero or a misguided loaner? We shall see. Do not avoid the wolf,,,because he will avoid you if that is b
Booyah! we are.......the world known as my blog!! and I am the king it's good to be king.... i don't know what the fuck to write so I'll do a little dance! *dances my ass off with precise cheeseness* oh yeah! expect better stuff soon..........or else! mwahahahahaha

To Aj Aka Simply Phenomenal & Kace
I know a lot of you know Simply Phenomenal and some of you don't but for those who don't you're missing out on a great person & a great friend but for those of you who do even if you don't know him personally that's awesome keep showing him love cuz of everything that's been happening to the poor guy. Now the reason this blog is dedicated to him is because I want him to know that he's done a lot for us and he might not even know it cuz we don't really show it to him so I'll let him know down below the line so here it goes. ------------------------------------------------- AJ, You've been there for us more than you know. You make us laugh, you make us feel like we're a person and not some outcast. You actually give us something to look forward to every single day when we wake up in the mornings and when we go to bed at night. You truly are phenomenal and a great person to know. When you're in the ring you make your fans happy and you make them want more. When you're out of the r
Sitting In The Dark
hello... who am I talking to? hmm maybe you or maybe myself, but most likely no one. But if I am talking or rather you are reading then I guess someone has deemed this to be worth looking at. So I will do my best not to saturate this section of Lost cherry in piss. Now that the hello is out of the way what the fuck is this blog about. Hmm well it is an anilization of perhaps a dull and benine speciemen of human life to most, but to others a seacrt deep chasm of darknes light and grey.... Perhaps you will find me to be to your liking and nibble upon me until you are full. Or perhaps I will be blasbify to thy sence of taiste and you shall spit me out taking none of me with you. Perhaps that is what you have done and of course then you would no longer be reading the words wich are spawning from the cage I call my mind. For those who have gotten a nibble and have not spewed regeritating it up, perhaps a part of me will lingure in you and you will look upon the world, if only fo

you don really wan it wit tha crew/alla us rollin up on u/cuz all it takes is one hit to tha chest/to put ya punk ass to rest/cuz we simply tha fuccn best/n i dare a nigga to call my claim/we take aim/end up on tha barbaque/told y'all all i was realler then u/eat u up real quicc like a beast/on that silence of tha lambs shit/hello calreese
Hey friends If anybody is wondering why i'm not on here all the time well because i'm busy with school I went back 2 weeks ago and now I have so much assignments that I need to work on them. I will try my best to come here and keep in touch. See ya Kasia
Cigarettes And Tampons
CIGARETTES AND TAMPONS A man walks into a pharmacy and wanders up & down the aisles. The sales girl notices him and asks him if she can help him. He answers that he is looking for a box of tampons for his wife. She directs him down the correct aisle. A few minutes later, he deposits a huge bag of cotton balls and a ball of string o n the counter. She says, confused, "Sir, I thought you were looking for some tampons for your wife? He answers, "You see, it's like this, yesterday, I sent my wife to the store to get me a carton of cigarettes, and she came back with a tin of tobacco and some rolling papers; cause it's sooo-ooo--oo-ooo much cheaper. So, I figure if I have to roll my own ... so does she."
im off today lol seeing as its 12:20 am on friday and i get to go to the fair tonite neone wanna cum with me just let me know
Fantasy Artist
James studied hard He wanted to work for an advertising agency Designing adverts that would stun the world He loved his art He fell for a girl called Sarah They were together for six months But in time Sarah lost interest She found him a little dull And found somebody else to impress James was devastated and crept silently into his shell He rarely went out and immersed himself in his art He still did his studies and got good marks But nobody notice him slipping away Into a world of his own He started to hear voices Telling him to paint pictures of demons and devils Telling him to start cutting himself His parents took him to see a psychiatrist Who recommended a spell on a mental ward So he could receive the appropriate treatment James was somewhat concerned He didn’t quite grasp what was happening And the voices kept telling him to harm himself So he slashed a knife across his throat They moved him to the Intensive
Defending The Realm
The soldier raises his gun one last time The Nazis are on the march He is out numbered but he refuses to yield They are fighting in the streets He is situated at the corner of a building He shoots at the enemy He takes out three German soldiers But another seven remain One of the German soldiers and takes aim And kills the brave British soldier He falls to his knees And then keels over He breathes his last breath The war continues but the soldier has done his job He resisted the evil tyrants Back home his wife and child wait for news of their husband and father Some days later a letter arrives in the post The wife opens the letter with tears in here eyes She know by the envelope that the news is bad As she reads the letter she sobs uncontrollably Many years on the wife is in France to visit her husband's grave Her grown up son accompanies her They stand by the graveside and read the inscription "A beloved husband and
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Time To Get Hallowicked
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Omg Lmfao
Sally jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: "How is my little boy? Is he going to be all right? When can I see him?" The surgeon said, "I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it." Sally said, "Why do little children get cancer? Doesn't God care any more? Where were you, God, when my son needed you?" The surgeon asked, "Would you like some time alone with your son? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to the university." Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good-bye to her son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair. "Would you like a lock of his hair?" the nurse asked. Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said, "It was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the University for Study. He said it might help somebody else. "I said no at first, but Jimmy said,
Heartbroken beautiful pieces of the past shattered torn broken on the floor try to move on but the heavy chains hold strong chains that were once your warm embrace they imprison me now to soak in my misery and loneliness in the dark dungeon of the lost cold damp lonely it swallows me whole swirling in my memories of you and me those soft lips endearing eyes sweet smile all turning slowly to sobs glares and frowns What was so alive what had such warmth is now but a cold dead corpse rotting slowly in my mind The love and joy i used to know the laughs we shared the love we made all vaporized within one pathetic moment and the love that took so long to build all destroyed burned crushed in a lightning flash Pat, i will always love you even if you don't love me. I am heartbroken.
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1. I am a neat freak, everywhere except my computer desk. 2. I shake my leg all the time when I am just sitting. 3. I never wear underear when I am home, even if I am walking around the place outside. 4. I shave my pubic area and baby smooth balls, even though I am presently single I still do it...must be habit now..:) 5. I hate talking on the phone but like chatting alot on line go figure. 6. I am man, so I masterbate almost daily...:) Missy Playmate MISS FOXY BRIT KC Gabby
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 1. Bite my lip when I'm nervous 2. I clean my house next to nakid sometimes even nakid. 3. Change my hair color every 2 to 4 weeks 4. workaholic 5. My bra's and thongs always have to match 6. Sleep nude because I can't stand sleeping in pj's feel like I'm tied up Tag your it Seahunt covluv269 stunner val budman Michael
Dawg Fans
Yes its true we lost to Vanderbilt... So what? Are we not gonna ever play football again? The output that was demonstrated by some of the fans yesterday was uncalled for.. plain and simple we got beat.. It sucked! But im not going to hide under a rock! Im Not going to accept all the bullshit that the AJC wants to slam us about.. Im damn proud that Sonny Perdue stood up for UGA and said "that aint right". Im still as big of a georgia fan today as i was yesterday before the game.. Unless you play for dawgs you've got no right to question those players that put forth the effort yesterday! Yeah we not going to play for the SEC title this year.. But we can still go 10-2 and have the chance beat.. Auburn, Florida, and Georgia Tech this year... We need to rally around our boys and not let the negativity of this loss get to our players. It makes me sick the way some of our "so called" fans were acting yesterday.. I also hate the way ESPN decided they need to rip the Shit out of us.. Im the Geo
Out with the old....In with the new. Out with the ones that chose to be untrue. In to the ones that wish to not part... And the one that won the key to unlock my heart. © Tanya Lanea Carson 2006
why is it that the best people in life find death so early. it is said death is part of life, but really its just the end, a bitter end. i guess coping is always harder when its someone you know...
Angelmorn My Lc Wife
Some Thoughts
just felt like getting a few things off my chest, that I find kind of irritating. First, I would like to comment about originality; My lostcherry friend updated their photo so I rush over and the only thing I can think of to say is POP, I got your cherry... I find this to be really annoying for some reason. Some may think that it is perfectly fine, but to me it just seems that you really have no opinion on that picture so all you can think to do is put pop. I do not try and comment every single picture that people upload, however I do try to at least rate them all. And if someone has a shitload of pictures it is really hard to come up with things to say. Well for me it is, I prefer to not talk about shoving my tongue deep inside you or other stuff like that, I may allude to it, but I am not very likely to say it like that. What I like the most is if someone puts captions on their pictures, gives you something to possibly answer too while letting them know you saw their latest picture
Greed:Medium  Gluttony:Medium  Wrath:Low  Sloth:Medium  Envy:Medium
I Long To...
I long to feel the fire with in burning on high for life to be in my every being I long to be held tightly through the cold night I long for a long loving tender kiss I long to be bitten on my neck, followed with soft kisses I long to have the light touch of your fingers on my back, tummy, around my belly botton I long to be woke with loving words I long for you as well as friends I long for a live
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Where R All Da Lesbians
My Sign...
Leo Since you are such an attention craver, you are into wearing the sexiest clothes and going straight for the sexiest person in the room. You like secure people who are genuine and have a good fashion sense. In bed, you like to get all of the attention, so you need a partner who can worship you for the hottie that you are. You like to dance and strip for your partner and you enjoy buying the sexiest lingere for yourself. Sex matches: Aries, Sagittarius, Libra Take this quiz at
These words from me to you, They come before your eyes, Seen and read by you, Allowing you to see me, As I am, standing before you, Warm, solid flesh and blood, Your eyes on mine, sinking deep, Reading from the very pages of my soul. Each letter bold upon this ethereal parchment, Vivid as the gilt heart upon my sleeve, Each lettered key, stroked tentatively, The letters forming these words, Emblazoned on this page, Each sentence I press and enter. They are the work of this chaotic mind, They are the expression of this impassioned heart, They are the finger's touch of this yearning soul, Words penned not with ink and quill, But with hand, heart and mind, Untouchable and floating in this static air. I would have them touch you, As I would have my hands touch your flesh, I would wish them falling from your lips, As I would have you spilling into my mouth , I would have them sink deep into you, Move you to your very depths, As I would have you move within
Break The Chains Of Blame
by Bryant H. McGill, December of 2004 Do not forget the others That host of fellow men Cousins, sisters brothers Though different still we’re kin No man knows the design Or the reasons for our difference Let’s accept and thus resign This very harmful pretense We can build from our strengths They needn’t be the same Breaking all the weakest links That chain us to our blame We can then make honest choices About the ways in which we live And listen to brave new voices That freely, take and give
Stupid Question
ok...reading profiles and blogs and mumms I have seen some different thim=ngs. But the thing I want to know is WHAT IS
I Love Women
Women are the best, they like to have fun get alittle kinky, an still love you in the morning.
How can i show her the love i have for her in my heart, the trust i have, the faith, how in this small world would i get ever so lucky as 2 call her mine. In the Past i used 2 the think LOVE was a 4 letter word for FUCKING STUPID and at times i still do because the one person that u truly love can bring u 2 your knees crying asking why but at the same time can have u so happy jus because they feel the same way so how can i so u the love that i have with out hurting in return?? i guess thats the >? ill never have answerd
I first heard this song while i was on my way home from the hospital i had spent to long fightting weeks in ICU fightting for my life. I am a survivor of a Basilar Tip Aneurysm My Late Grandfather who pasted away some years ago was my Angel that saturday evening. And my Parents Who came to my call with no questions asked that day. To the Ems crew and the staff the flew me to another hospital thanks. and to all the surgerns and nurses and family who was by my side thanks. This man tells it all from beginning to the end. Everyword is true. and the places he talks about I have been there and the decisons were hard to make. Thanks Family for makeing the right ones and for the Treatments that were given me in those 24 hours Thanks each and every one Live Like You Were Dying Video - Tim McGraw lyricsTim McGraw Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by VideoCureMyspace Layouts
-Come over- Come on over and we'll go to our favorite hiding place. Baby we'll chill and sway. That warm spot between my thighs is for only you to lay. I love the way you feel and touch me; But oh no honey don't you treat me like no hoe. You gotta love me and want me. You gotta work me slow. Take your time and play with me, baby don't put up no fronts. Relax your mind and think of me as one of your Philly Blunts. Inhale my scent through your nostrils, deep into your lungs. Explore every part of me as we wrestle with our tongues. You'ca go down town; answer my call from the south. I don't have a problem with it, when you're done you'ca just PUT IT IN MY MOUTH!! Then when were done. We'll begin all over. Right from the very start. Only this time I wanna make sweet, crazy passionate love that eminates from the heart. So COME OVER...
Facts Of The Flag
The United States Flag Code stipulates that as the symbol of a living country, the flag is considered in itself a living thing and should be properly displayed and cared for. The code outlines the proper ways to display the American flag. Raise the flag briskly. Lower it ceremoniously. Never allow the flag to touch the ground or floor. Do not fly the flag in bad weather, unless it is an all-weather flag. The flag can only be flown at night if properly illuminated. Otherwise, it should only be flown from sunrise to sunset. The flag should always be allowed to fall free. The flag should never be used to carry, store, or deliver anything. Never fly the flag upside down except to signal an emergency. Ceremonial When hung over a sidewalk on a rope extending from a building, the stars are always away from the building. When the flag is hung over a street running east to west, the stars are always toward the north. When the flag is hung over a street running north to south,
Oh Times
BLEh is pretty much the word to sum up the events of the past year in my life There comes a point when you feel the need to make a change and i feel one of these points is coming and searching for me and im in search of it looking for one key thing to show me the events that are to come. A job a relationship something to come along hit me in the haed and make me realize what im meant for. Cause as things are unfolding now i look back at myself and imagine what people see in me and at the moment i see unattractive un-needed and that "Someguy" factor. im tired of being "someguy" i dunno 6 am rants YAY
Life Is..
Life without friendship... is like the dawn without the sun. Life without friendship... is like the sky without the moon when the evening has begun. Life without friendship... is like a rose without rain. Life without friendship... just wouldn't be the same. Life without friendship... is like a ship without a sea. Life without friendship... just could not be without a friend like you for me.
Regardless of how many times I ask for help, it seems on 2 or 3 friends come to my aid. Those few know who you are and I am extremely appreciative of everything you've done for me. I have 150+ friend, fans and family, and only 3 help me...that's pathetic. I just need to vent, I'll be ok in a while
About Me
I know I am not skinny, I know i am not all that. But you know what I know. I can make you smile, I can make you laugh. I am me and I am not about to change for anyone. I love myself all of me being think is beautiful. I can get my groove on like or maybe even better then most. I love sex and I give it my all making sure to please not only myself but my partner as well. I am a great friend, mother, wife, daughter, and sister. So if you still want to give me a holla after all of that feel free. I would love to chat.
And I Thought That It Was A Best Ass Contest.....
If I had known that it wasn't just a best ass contest but that it was a naked ass and pussy then I wouldn't have entered the contest. How fair is it to everyone else if some of the pics in the best ass contest had bare naked pussies showing in it. That is what I would call cheating!!!!!!!!!! I would say for you to go and see for yourself but I am not going to even promote this contest that I am in...I would rather lose the contest than to lower myself to have so little self respect to go and show the world the trash that some of thesepeople are showing, I can't call them ladies since they don't act like ladies........... So, since none of you are my mother, doctor, or husband then none of you will ever see any naked pics of me or anything close to it.....I will ALWAY'S have clothes on !!!
The doctor said, "Joe, the good news is I can cure your headaches. The bad news is that it will require castration. You have a very rare condition, which causes your testicles to press on your spine and the pressure creates one hell of a headache. The only way to relieve the pressure is to remove the testicles." Joe was shocked and depressed. He wondered if he had anything to live for. He had no choice but to go under the knife. When he left the hospital, he was without a headache for the first time in 20 years, but he felt like he was missing an important part of himself. As he walked down the street, he realized that he felt like a different person. He could make a new beginning and live a new life. He saw a men's clothing store and thought, "That's what I need... a new suit." He entered the shop and told the salesman, "I'd like a new suit." The elderly tailor eyed him briefly and said, "Let's see... size 44 long." Joe laughed, "That's right, how did you
My First Lesbian Experence
My first lesbian experience Category: Romance and Relationships I was only 14 and me and my best friend were hanging out . We were watching sat night live and she was like oh so hot pat is my friend girl im like im not sure but said would you ever kis a girl . Her reply was leaning over to me and laying a nice lip lock on me then we started to fondle each other . I was wearing only a t-shirt and she was too . we both began by touching ach others nice firm round breasts . She was very sexual and layed me on my back took my shirt off began kissing me on my lips then working her way down to my boobs . I was really liking it and she worked to my nicly shaven pussy and nibbled my clit and then licked my pussy till i was moaning . I was really in extcy then she began fingering and i started to cum and she was liking it . I enjoyed it very much then later i did her we had a amazing night .
Melina And I Fooling Around
To You And Yours
Texture My Words
I'll Go To Jail
Tommy will go to jail for ... Making lewd remarks to your arresting officer 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
Most everyone pretty much knows about my wonderful mother passing away this past 9/11/06. The day before, during 9/11, and after were my darkest hours.. I honestly must say. However, Ok.. so every many positive things have happened that have brought joy to my heart for Mom. Therefore, despite the trajedy of her death... many wonderful things did happen: people from all over the world in our family were together, she would have been so happy to have seen all those people ( I do not think she realized how many people really loved her), and it has brought us closer in my family..(if that is even possible lol).. and all of these things would have made mom so proud!! I would just give anything to have known that on Sunday, the day before she died that was going to be our last supper together.. We were all at her house for the annual birthday of her husband.. She was so sick and tired from staying up the night before painting the kitchen.. by the time we all got there to hang out wi
Here is how Cherry Tap defines it..... What is considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work)? A photo is deemed NSFW if it is: * Explicitly sexual in nature (suggestive) * Overtly tasteless * Slandering to any person or ethnicity Yesterday I had to change the folders that I posted some of my photos in... It seems that some of my pictures were deemed NSFW... I have a couple that just don't understand why... For those I will put them In a Folder titled : NSFW by CT. One of the pictures I am blowing out a candle...But the body art one was fine!! I know that some of these thoughts may be out of line.. But If the folder is titled ( ADULT) ....To me that means proceed at your own risk !!!! CHERRY TAP formerly know as LOST CHERRY makes me think 18 and older...Just by the name.. If that is the case.. Why do we have teenagers that are 15 and 16 years old on here ? Saw two yesterday ! And yes they even said so in their profile ! Teens under 18 need to be on a d
My Mind Is....
Passing Time...
Who Was the Last Person You.. 1. You hung out with? sister 2. Rode in a car with? my sister/aunt/cousin/mom 3. Went to the movies with? sister/sister's fiance/charles 4. Went to the mall with? charles 5. You talked on the phone to? charles 6. Made you laugh: lol...charles... W O U L D . Y O U . R A T H E R? 1. Pierce your nose or tongue? tongue 2. Be serious or be funny? Funny 3. Drink whole or skim milk? whole bitches 4. Die in a fire or get shot? shot 5. Spend time with your parents or enemies? parents A N S W E R. T R U T H F U L L Y. 1. Do you like anyone? ya 2. Sun or moon? sun... the moon shines with someone else's light
Black Or Blue?
Black Or Blue? Fucking Stone Cold This woman goes into a funeral home to make arrangements for her husband's funeral. She tells the director that she wants her husband to be buried in a blue suit. He asks, Wouldn't it just be easier to bury him in the black suit that he's wearing? But, she insists that it must be a blue suit and gives him a check to buy one. When she came back for the wake, she sees her husband in the coffin and he is wearing a beautiful blue suit. She tells the director how much she loves the suit and asks how much it costs. He says, "Actually it didn't cost anything. The funniest thing happened As soon as you left, another corpse was brought in, this one wearing a blue suit. I noticed that they were about the same size, and asked the widow ift she would mind if her husband were to be buried in a black suit. She said that was fine with her. So.... I switched the heads."
Daddy's Empty Chair
DADDY'S EMPTY CHAIR A man's daughter had asked the local minister to come and pray with her father. When the minister arrived, he found the man lying in bed with his head propped up on two pillows. An empty chair sat beside his bed. The minister assumed that the old fellow had been informed of his visit. "I guess you were expecting me, he said. "No, who are you?" said the father. The minister told him his name and then remarked, "I saw the empty chair and I figured you knew I was going to show up." "Oh yeah, the chair," said the bedridden man. "Would you mind closing the door?" Puzzled, the minister shut the door. "I have never told anyone this, not even my daughter," said the man. "But all of my life I have never known how to pray. At church I used to hear the pastor talk about prayer, but it went right over my head." "I abandoned any attempt at prayer," the old man continued, "until one day four years ago, my best friend said to me, "Johnny, prayer is just
Alone In Love
Upon awakening in the morning light I can feel the emptiness surround me. I who profess an undying love have nothing in return but my aloneness. Somehow I have convinced myself of being loved by the one I profess my love to so freely. My reality is lying alone where the only warmth I feel is that of my passion for this forsaken love. As I dream I fantasize of a love I desire to be yet shall never be. I have grown to know that being in love is the loneliest experience one can ever know if its recipient does not nourish that love. In knowing this entire. Why can't I just lay this feeling aside? Why can't I cast it away as it has been so easily by its intended? For I know it is neither welcomed nor wanted. Somehow in knowing this it does not make my love any less a reality to me. Thus, I shall allow this eternal flame of love to burn on within me. As I continue to believe that all things are possible as long as one has faith in love and life.
Male Multiple Orgasms
There are those who have claimed that men can learn to have multiple orgasms, and are quick to point out that for a male, an orgasm is not the same as an ejaculation. This is not new and the concept has been useful for years in describing the sexual experience and response of men with spinal cord injuries. A man without sensation, say below his chest, could have a physical ejaculation without experiencing the usual emotional counterpart. That is, the mechanical muscular spasms that propel the ejaculate out the end of the penis could occur, but in the absence of physical sensations from the pelvic area, the man would have no awareness of this response and would not experience the psychological excitement of orgasm. Ejaculation is physical, orgasm is mental. A man with a spinal cord injury might psychologically, therefore, experience an erotic high that he identifies as his orgasm, but this mental event is totally independent of what is happening with his penis. Thus, men can have an eja
Love And Lost..
I have sat and gotten so upset last night and today that it doesn't appear I will be going to work today. Who really cares any way when you think about it. I don't care if anyone reads this blog but i have to get this out b4 I explode. As most of my friends know, I am married and I am very unhappy. I stay because i know if I leave i will not be able to see my kids. Just the fucking thought of that is ripping my fucking heart out. i will die when the day comes that i'm told I can't see my son everynight as he lays down to go to sleep. But how long does a peson continue to stay for that. To put up with the pain, to know the person you live with you don't love. To know you can be happy with someone else. Or is this just a pipe dream like everything else in life. You work your ass off to do the best you can, you do everything you can only to recieve nothing. to be totally fucking honest I'm sitting here alone in my house and I can see why ppl would blow thier fucking bri
So, I went to MEPS today and as some of you know I am still overweight so I have to go back January 8th. Thats sucks but you'll have that. The girl I rode down with and who I had to room with was a weirdo. She was a rich little 17 yr old Marietta girl. She has been arrested 3 times, pulled over by cops 8 times, done numorous drugs, and 7 guys in the past month according to her. She was so ditzy it scared me a little. Some other girl wasn't informed that we would be getting into our bras and panties so unfortunately for everyone she not only went commando and had to get underwear from MEPS but also didn't shave. I have NEVER seen so much hair on a females body in my life. He armpit hair alone was longer than any mans I have ever seen, but she had long hair on her stomach, legs, and bikini line also. Did I mention she had REALLY dark hair so it stuck out quiet a bit? YUCK!!!! Atleast this time when I go back I wont have to deal with the bullshit, just height/weight, and I'm out.
More Me!
[b]You Are 27% Selfish[/b] [img][/img] In general, you are a very giving person who treats others very well. But at times, you insist on getting your way - when it matters most to you. [b]How Selfish Are You?[/b] [url][/url]
Music Video:MY GIVE A DAMN'S BUSTED (by Jo Dee Messina)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
The Best Chrismas Tag Contest Winners!!
Merry Christmas Comment Graphics Congratulations to the winners of The Best Christmas Tag Contest! 1st place winner is crazysanta (Happy Birthday to me)@ CherryTAP With 14002 votes 2nd place winner is~X~Just Meee~X~ Proud~ Rider~X~@ CherryTAPwith 11588 votes 3rd place winner is THE COWGIRL IN PINK~HEAD OF THE COWGIRLS &COWBOYS OF CHERRY TAP~WIFE TO JAMES THE GUNSMITH~@ CherryTAPwith 1023 votes! Thanks to all who entered you all did an awesome job on your Christmas Tags! You are all winners to me. Merry Christmas Comment Graphics
I have had some crazy days lately,everyone seems to want me or my just want some wild,kinky filled sex.I honestly dont think that is wrong.Something that definatly has handcuffs and spanking involved. That is just foreplay.For the main course(lol)I would like to be given the ride of my life.Hot,wild sweaty with no mention of love,just give it to me harder,trust me I can handle it. If your lucky,I will swallow.Yes you all you KNOW where my mind is,does any one want to help!!!!!!!!
Dom & Sub
Submissive (BDSM) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In human sexual behavior, a submissive is one who enjoys having any of a variety of BDSM practices performed upon them by a "Dominant"; or one who holds a submissive position within a relationship based upon dominance and submission (Ds or D/s). This enjoyment can spring from a simple desire for submission or an enjoyment of the interplay of wills involved in such a scenario. A submissive is also referred to as a 'sub', where the dominant in a D/s relationship is the 'Dom.' The main difference between a submissive and a bottom is that the submissive ostensibly does not give instructions, although s/he does set limits on what the Dominant can do. There are also indications that submissives substantially outnumber Dominants[citation needed], in both males and females. Professional Dominants provide stimulatory services (which may or may not include sex) for those unable to find a compatible partner for this activity. In
Rating Profiles....
uh... i thought when we rated profiles and pics it was suppose 2 b anonymous... not that i dont mind seein whos rating what... but i know theres ppl who are haters who like 2 post that someone is a 1 or whateva without the backlash of someone actually knowing... wassup wit this??? yall think this is a good thing???
Translations For Men
These translations are for all of you wonderful women out there, so that you will know what we really mean when we say... "IT'S A GUY THING" Translated:* "There is no rational thought pattern connected with it, and you have no chance at all of making it logical." "CAN I HELP WITH DINNER?" Translated:* "Why isn't it already on the table?" "UH HUH," "SURE, HONEY," OR "YES, DEAR" Translated:* Absolutely nothing. It's a conditioned response. "IT WOULD TAKE TOO LONG TO EXPLAIN" Translated:* "I have no idea how it works." "TAKE A BREAK, HONEY. YOU'RE WORKING TOO HARD." Translated:* "I can't hear the game over the vacuum cleaner." "THAT'S INTERESTING, DEAR." Translated:* "Are you still talking?" "YOU KNOW HOW BAD MY MEMORY IS." Translated:* "I remember the theme song to 'F Troop,' the address of the first girl I ever kissed and the vehicle identification numbers of every car I've ever owned... but I forgot your birthday." "OH, DON'T FUSS, I JUST
For You Deb
Age Is A Number...
I've often been told I look younger than I am so when I saw this site, I thought I'd see just how young I appear. See my page at the Age Project It's been interesting. Thought some of you might want to try it out.
Foggy Night!!!!
There upon the foggy night A dark and dreary, solemn sight And we with simple words that bite Did lie alone that somber night. There upon the foggy night My soul, it yearns for something bright These aches, I pray, perhaps they might Soon disappear to healing light. There upon the foggy night I hear you crying, an awful sight While tears of pain in downward flight Cascade along your cheeks of white There upon the foggy night The moon-rays shone from starry height And as I held you near and tight I whisper words so never trite: “I love you” There upon the foggy night.
Soulmate Or Not?
A Soul Mate: 14 signs of a soul mate 14. If you argue and fight with them, you still cant get them out of your mind... 13. When you're on the phone with them late at night and they hang up but you miss them already when it was just five minutes ago... 12. You read their texts over and over again... 11. You walk really slow when you're with them... 10. You feel shy whenever you're with them... 9. When you think about them, your heart beats faster and faster... 8. You smile when you hear their voice... 7. When you look at them, you can't see the other people around you... all you see is him/her... 6. You start listening to slow songs, while thinking of them... 5. They become all you think about... 4. You get high just from their scent and their kiss... 3. You realize that you're always smiling to yourself when you think about them... 2. You would do anything for them... 1. While reading this, there was one person on your mind t
So i havent been on in a while. And when i do come on its just for a few minuites. I went outta town for new years cuz we went to a place where im old enough to go to a bar (you have to be 19 here). So me and some friends went and had a blast. Except one night i got drunk and my friend pissed me off. So i tried to run like 50 blocks back from the bar to the hotel at like 3am with a tiny tank top and some small jeans on...yeah not a good idea. My friend ended up following and all we remember is making friends with some guy that works at a gas station and him calling us a cab. I was so fucked up. And yeah i got really sick when we got back. And yep i definatly have broncitus and pneumonia both at the same time..its fucked up. But yeah theres my explination for ya :P Sorry i havent been on. Msg me if u want. -Caitlin
Kiss - Because Im A Girl (read The English Translation At The Bottom... I Have Felt This Way Many Times}
Hit The Limit
I just recently started using this site and now I have hit the limit on pictures I can put up. Come check them out and let me know what you think. Once I am allowed to put more up I will.
i see someone has a "crush" on me.. how cute!♥ one question.... who??? :)
Hi! I'm new to cherry tap. If anyone can help me with my page please let me know. Thanks!!!
Uchiha Clan
Hey all. I'm forming my own family on here called the Uchiha clan. If you would like to join just let me know. And as soon as i reach level 10 n can create an lounge I will. I just want to have a group of my friends together and get to kno each other and have some fun. So get back at me with you replies. Yours truely, Yung Sykosys, That freaky leader of the Uchiha Clan
The Mists
UNBELIEVABLE POEM!!!!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN The Mists I come upon a lake nearby, Not knowing what surely may lie. I pick up a stone or two, Skipping them across, There was nothing else to do. Thinking of you holding me tight, Wondering if this will be my last night. A suddle tear falls from my eye, Like a drop of rain falling from the sky. Wondering if you would ever take my heart Or break it, beat it, and tear it apart. Beating, pumping, yearning for you, Is there truley anything I can do? A shadow appears before my eyes, Like a rolling fog, it passes by. A hand raises from the lake, Is this a chance that I must take? A calming voice fills the air My senses are highten, should I dare? The touch was gentle and full of grace, Was I to belong to this mysterious place? I grasp the hand and firmly hold Pulling the phantom, oh so bold. Ermerging from the water deep Wondering what it wants with me. A woman appears be
Pit Bulls
PITBULL GENOCIDELETS STOP MAN'S BEST FRIEND FROM BECOMING ONE OF MAN'S RECENT MEMORIESThere is currently a bill going through that will ban the dog breed pitbulls from the United states. A breed who has gotten a very bad name, of all dog bites from all breeds of dogs, pitbulls rated number 4 FROM THE BOTTOM. So to eradicate a species based on something that is not the fault of its own, like any animal it learns to adapt to its environment. Any one who owns a pit bull know that he breed is one of loving and caring nature.Breed / Percentage of BitesMixed Breeds - 34%Shepherds - 7%Labs - 7%Rottweilers - 6%Boxers - 4%Chows - 3%Pit Bulls - 2%As you can see, pit bulls are extremely low on the list compared to other breeds which do not have the negative reputation which society has given pit bulls. Approximately 77% of all dogs pass the temperment test, while a whopping 95% of pitbulls pass. As a breed the pitbull does better on the temperment test than retrievers, labs, dalmations, and almo
I Thought !!!
I thought of ways to tell you , all the love I have for you, I thought of words and jewels, perhaps a rose or two, I thought of all the ways to tell you... Then it dawned on me, the best way to tell you that I LOVE YOU, was to show you everyday, so I'll show you that I LOVE YOU, by standing right by your side, through all the daily trials...
All Is Finished
All I Need Is.....
all my friends and fans, if youve got a just askin for at least 10 comment bombs from each of ya if everyone does it, we will be in the lead again... plz stop by and give me just 10 comments, a few minutes of your time.... thank you for being patient... ash
Need Help
need friends ,comments ratingsand most of all gitfs i will do the same for you thanks love to all my ct friends
Cherokee Dawn~
Cherokee Dawn I awaken to the silence, Softly it wraps around the world; Dreams still float upon the air, Not yet ready to loosen their memory. Quietly I step outside, The sleeping world unaware that I am there; Above me the sky is still dark, Stars still glimmer, but the moon is low. All about me the air is hushed, Breezes gently ruffle my hair; caress my cheek First morning song of the lark gently wafts across the valley, Seems for me she sings alone. In the east there now is a faint luminescence, A hint of pearly tones etch the edges of the tree crowned hills; Strong and tall they await the coming, Of a new day, filled with promise. More light gently flows westward, Now across the valley I see a vision; The hills are wreathed in a living mist, It moves, touches each thing in it's path. The sky now is filled with glorious colors, blue, cerise, lavender, the hues of dawn; Mists slowly ebb backward into the forests, Retreating, going home to await th
Libra Horoscope Daily
My Bad Week
OK sonme of you know about my bad neck.... in case u dont, i am suffering from a now 2 bulging discs in my neck. well on tuesday i went in for my steropids injection treatment nad ended up with 50 injections within 20 minutes, and let me tell u they were extremely painful and i do mean painful in the most serious way. i fucking passed out form it basically. Now the day before, my company had a meeting with all of us and basicallt told us we were bankrupt, and all being laid off, so now i have no job, no money im on lni for my neck but whos going oty hire somoene with my neck problems... i have 50k in student loans to pay off and many other outstanding bills,,, so its a wonder im not even more pissy grumpy and gernally not in the mood to deal with anyone
For The Love Of A Wolf
 As I sat looking into those lovely blue, grey eyes of hers, I wondered how I ever could have been so lucky as to have attracted this lady's attention. I caught my reflection in the water glass of the restaurant I had taken her to. Just a medium looking fellow I am, with dark brown hair and eyes. I am tall, but the thinness subtracts from that, barely held off by my broad shoulders.  "Ah well," I sighed silently, "guess its the imagination and the personality which counts here."  I grinned and winked at her, enjoying the way her eyes lit and the slow way her smile spread.  She took my hand and asked, "And what may I ask brought that grin on?"  "Hmmn?" I replied, "I was just wondering when you were going to tell me your name."  She laughed and said, "Now I already have told you my name, Lady Wolf, what more can I tell you which would mean anything?"  She finished this off with a grin of her own, that sent images of a wolf stalking its prey into my mind.  Now this i Two Of "the Erin Chronicals
1916, Dublin. For seven hundred years, Ireland had been forcibly occupied and opressed by the Crown. Now, a Rebellion was about to emerge. It would change the very fabric of Ireland forever. Erin was about to find herself in the mist of history. She would become closely connected to people of great influence in Ireland.She would find in herself a voice, she never knew she posessed. Her facts of her family history would evolve a passion for the causes that faced Ireland as it struggled for Liberty. She would meet the key players. Makeveicz, Pearse, Connolly and Collins. She had learned much of what she knew from the papers in American and by listening to her grandfather, Seamus and other members of The Brotherhood.But what she saw and experianced in Dublin,set her own her way to facing the realities.
Birth Day
hey all my friends and fans this sunday the 25 of febuary is your Darling Devil Duckie's Birthday... thats all i got just let'n ya all know
Do You Know Me?
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i hate greyhound. i got home 5 hours later then i was supposed to b/c goin into nyc the driver got lost. then leavin penn station n jersey the bus died. so the trip home was 5 hours longer then anticipated
Omg Tonight Sux.... ass! Someone shoot me and put me out of my misery..
Not Broken....
Nothing broken at work today! Yeah! I still get teased by everyone I know, about my broken rib... The patients, colleages, friends, family, everyone! But... (knock on wood) still nothing broken again in 4 months *smile*. (Tell nobody about the blue spots and bruisings on my legs!) Okay, I'm in a crazy mood. Just came home from work and in 8 hours I have to be there again... That s*cks!!!
"broken Hearted" By Me!!
Everyday I sit and cry, Because I'll Love you till, The day I die. Time moves so slowly, When you are lonely, For the one that you Love. I wish I could fly like a dove, To see the one that I Love. I sit and wait and wonder, I feel like it's a spell I'm under, I can't break free, I wish you would be with me. But I can't change whats In your heart, I knew that from the start. I can only try to start anew, Without you by myside. Take-Care my Love for you have Two hearts and I have none. I gave you my all, I hope you can stand tall. I think of you and sign, There's nothing left but to say.... GOOD-BYE Wrote after a very hard break up. Only thing I've ever written.Hope you enjoy.
Im Scared
Aj's Heart Cath
Aurora's Heart Catheterization will happen within 2-4 weeks of today. I'll get the actual date very soon, and will post it. Within a month of that they'll have to do the surgery. AJ is doing very well right now, but she needs the surgery, she is showing signs that she is in need of it. So keep those prayers comin!
Ever Have Something Happen That Made You Go Wtf?????
True story. Call it freaky, coincident or just plain unnatural... I do have witnesses to both incidents. On or around August 20 someone that I had seen over the last couple of years came back into my life (hence the loving someone blog). On a Saturday he asked me if I had any earrings he could wear, I found a pair of red dice and he put them in. We leave to go run around for a bit and on the way to his house we are driving down the road and what is smack dab on the centerline. A pair of red dice that you would hang from your rear view mirror. Needless to say we stop and pick them up. Brand new, not a mark on them. Have you gone WTF yet, I know we did and still do. There's icy day in December we are driving home after a weekend of pretty intense partying. We are driving on the same road and at approximately the same area where we found the dice we run over a stuffed animal. We back up and pick it up. It is a bear in a prison uniform (hat, shirt, and a black
Innocent Children Wheres Their Protection?
Our System Sucks when IT comes to Saving a Helpless Harmless Child from Physical / Mental & Sexual ABuse especially at the Hands of their own Parents .. A Child I have known since she was very young went to the day care next door to me There was always thoughts of abuse going on So Her teacher my best friend reported this to Social Services She almost Lost her job over this... and then at the age of 5 McCayla Watkins was taken out of the day care and for the past 5 yrs Social Services has been involved and called in to this Home repeatedly Doing nothing about this.. there are also 2 other siblings in the home .. They Left Poor Helpless McCayla in the Hands of her abusive Father .. Neighbors said he was a very violent man... Now Poor Little McCayla has been Murdered by her father Due to OUr System not doing their F'ckn Job... Upon the investigation of her death The Sick bastard and Step Mother said she fell down the steps which has turned out to be untrue ... further investigation They
Everything In Its Own Time
To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the sun. A time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted; a time to kill and a time to heal ... a time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to mourn and a time to dance ... a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing; a time to lose and a time to seek; a time to rend and a time to sew; a time to keep silent and a time to speak; a time to love and a time to hate; a time for war and a time for peace.
Revolution ....Re: To do again ........Volute: A spiral shape ............Tion: Denotes action ................................noituloveR ......................niaga od oT :eR ...........epahs larips A :etuloV .......noitca setoneD ;noiT Revolution ....Re: To do again ........Volute: A spiral shape ............Tion: Denotes action ................................noituloveR ......................niaga od oT :eR ...........epahs larips A :etuloV .......noitca setoneD ;noiT Revolution ....Re: To do again ........Volute: A spiral shape ............Tion: Denotes action ................................noituloveR ......................niaga od oT :eR ...........epahs larips A :etuloV .......noitca setoneD ;noiT Revolution ....Re: To do again ........Volute: A spiral shape ............Tion: Denotes action ................................noituloveR ......................niaga od oT :eR ...........epahs larips A :etuloV ....
I is throat is all scratchy and wanting me to make big hurty coughs that leave my throat even more scratchy.
i just got home from the emergency clinic. ive been there for 7 hours :(. so im glad to be home. but anyway im pretty sick so i wont be on to much elexa
Papi Rh In The Cup Of Joe Contest
Hello friends and fans I'm In the Cup Of Joe Contest. Please show your love and vote for me. Thanks RH
About Me Updated
Life is exactly what I thought it would be work eat sleep and do it all fucking over again. Name: Rpg Gamer Mark(Live On Webcam) Gender: Male Occupation: Dishwashing Bitch/Prep Cook Location: ROCK BOTTOM IN,MASSACHUSETTS,UNITED STATES, Date of Birth: 13th Jun 1982 Looking For: Friendship, Interested In: Women Political Views: Who Cares What Rpg Gamer Mark(Live On Webcam)'s Up To:Cherry Tap Current mood: Artistic Where I am:Massachusetts I'm listening to: 107.3 Waaf,Metallica,Tool,Eminem I'm watching: Boston Red Sox,New England Patriots I'm playing: Final Fantasy Xll,With myself I'm annoyed at: Fake friendships/bitches online I'm loving: How fun the internet world is I'm hating: Imatureity Offline I'm looking forward to: New friends on here I'm IMing: Anyone that I want to I'm shopping at: Walmart/Cheap Retail Stores Rpg Gamer Mark(Live On Webcam)'s Favorites: Favorite Music: 107.3 Waaf, Metall
Thank U All,my Dear Friends!!
such a joy,2 receive all ur gifts and good words...may ur life be[also]full of happyness and true thrills of real love!!!again,tx all...and GOD be w ith u!!!!
I just want everyone to know, that I thank all of you that helped me out and who helped my grow in Cherry Tap! Make your Comments HEARD using
Real Friends
A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift. A friend is someone we treasure for our friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who fills our lives with beauty, joy, and grace. And makes the whole world we live in a better and happier place.
* Anything Goes! *
Just click the rabbit
"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance--that principle is contempt prior to investigation." -Herbert Spencer
True Friends
I cant begin to tell you How I feel for you,my friends You are so dear to me Its true our friendship has no end. When things are down and lonely And no one seems to care I dont even have to say a word becasue your always there You always see the good in me When I just see the bad You bring a smile to my face When Iam feeling sad. I want to say "I Love You" And I tahnk Him every day For sending such a special friend Into my life this way And kf I learn on thing on earth I hope that it can be I'm just as good a friend to you As you have been to me.
Love The Words To This One
A Truckers Story
THE FOLDED NAPKIN I try not to be biased, but I had my doubts about hiring Stevie. His placement counselor assured me that he would be a good, reliable busboy. But I had never had a mentally handicapped employee and wasn't sure I wanted one. I wasn't sure how my customers would react to Stevie. He was short, a little dumpy with the smooth facial features and thick-tongued speech of Downs Syndrome. I wasn't worried about most of my trucker customers because truckers don't generally care who buses tables as long as the meatloaf platter is good and the pies are homemade. The four-wheeler drivers were the ones who concerned me; the mouthy college kids traveling to school; the yuppie snobs who secretly polish their silverware with their napkins for fear of catching some dreaded "truck stop germ" the pairs of white-shirted business men on expense accounts who think every truck stop waitress wants to be flirted with. I knew those people would be uncomfortable around Stevie so I clo
Eureka Springs
Took my daughter to Eureka Springs Arkansas for her 21st birthday on May 4th,5th and ending on the 6th.We had a blast. The first day we got settled into our hotel room, decent place called The Budget Host Inn. Cost only 42 bucks a night, it had 2 full beds.Then we went to the downtown area checked out the cool shops there and had dinner at a place call The Pied Piper Inn and Cat House.Got her a T-shirt there.We had hummus and pita bread for an appetiser then I had a Porter House steak with a couple of Corona beers, she had a Hawaian chicken sandwich and a couple of Bud Lights. The food was awsome.We headed back and later that evening we went to a biker bar called Shawbees and got a bit toasted and ran into a couple of Arkansas boys. We followed them back downtown to a place called the Tiki Bar. You pay 5 bucks then the drinks are a dollar for the rest of the night.Needless to say it was party time!Next morning woke up to an incredible hangover but with much pushing and shoving from my
What Body Part Are You Attracted To?
You scored as Face. You are attracted to: faces. You are a face person.Face92%Penis42%Abs/Stomach33%Butt8%Boobs8%What Body Part Are You Attracted To?(pics) ver. 2.0created with
In Honor Of Mother's Day
New 'Anti-Abortion Pill' Kills Mother, Leaves Fetus Alive The Onion - May 10, 2006 - Issue 42•19 NEW YORK—Pro-life advocates celebrated approval of the new anti-abortion drug UR-86 by the Food and Drug Administration Tuesday, calling it a "safe and effective method" for terminating pregnant women while leaving their unborn children unharmed. Pfizer, manufacturer of UR-86—dubbed the last-morning-ever pill"—said the drug is intended only for occasions when the mind-set or politics of the mother threaten the life of the fetus. "This drug is designed for extreme cases in which the mother cannot or should not be saved, or when her health has been placed before that of her unborn child," Pfizer spokesman Anthony Wright said. The orally ingested drug first tests for the presence of a fetus. If the outcome is positive, a near-lethal dose of barbiturates is released, which induces a coma in the expectant mother until the child is born, at which point a second, fatal dose is relea
Things I Like And Dislikes.
Hi there I thought I would tell you alil about some things I like and dislikes ok. Dislikes men who are rude and rude people, Dislikes people who are fake and rude online. Dislikes myspace everyone thinks its soo cool but not like this site myspace has alot of child perves on there and even cops too you have to be careful and who you talk to on there and also who the kids talk to on there also. Likes I love kissing and cuddling caressing a nice a body. Likes I luv to cook. I love all kinds of music except mexican sorry cant understand it hehe. Likes I luv to see a woman on a toilet its soo erotic yes of course its private and taboo but soo beautiful realy. Likes I luv sex toys of course who dont. Likes I have kinky pics up yes but I dont eat share or wear it ok. Likes I have listened in as a woman went to the bathroom and yes some of you women have also but of course alot are shy or wont even admit it but still have done it hehe. If any of you have any other questio
Single Again!
I fucking love it!
Pink Tears
The time for life Has come and gone. Another tear was shed. Two weeks ago, Yesterday. I feel, A daughter was lost. The tears have fallen, The pain still not clear. Up to heaven, Little one. Your brothers are waiting there. And so I lay my head down, And shutter in the night. The life that lost still too new. Shedding pink tears, As she takes flight.
No Gas Tomorrow!!! {repost}
In April 1997, there was a "gas out" conducted nationwide in protest of gas prices. Gasoline prices dropped 30 cents a gallon overnight. On May 15th 2007, all internet users are urged not go to a gas station in protest of high gas prices. Gas is now over $3.00 a gallon in most places. There are 73,000,000+ American members currently on the internet network, and the average car takes about 30 to 50 dollars to fill up. If all users did not go to the pump on the 15th, it would take $2,292,000,000. 00 (that's almost 3 BILLION) out of the oil companys pockets for just one day, so please do not go to the gas station on May15th and lets try to put a dent in the Middle Eastern oil industry for at least one day.
Weird/funny Images I Found While Browsing This Week - 05/15/07
Feeling So Down
Sitting here on CT while Rudi is napping. I am feeling so down today, really struggling to keep my head up. Every time I look at him I realize tomorrow at this time I wont be with him and it is absolutely killing me. Why does LOVE have to hurt? My heart feels like it is breaking =( These past three months in Germany have honetly been the best three months of my life. This man has given me more and shown me more then I can even describe. The one man after many years that has been able to tear all my walls down and totally crawl into my heart. My soulmate, I never believed that I had one, but I sure do now. He is truly my Angel. The man that holds the keys to my heart....
By KATE BRUMBACK, Associated Press Writer Fri May 25, 10:50 PM ET MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Hogzilla is being made into a horror movie. But the sequel may be even bigger: Meet Monster Pig. An 11-year-old boy used a pistol to kill a wild hog his father says weighed a staggering 1,051 pounds and measured 9 feet 4, from the tip of its snout to the base of its tail. Think hams as big as car tires. If the claims are accurate, Jamison Stone's trophy boar would be bigger than Hogzilla, the famed wild hog that grew to seemingly mythical proportions after being killed in south Georgia in 2004. Hogzilla originally was thought to weigh 1,000 pounds and measure 12 feet long. National Geographic experts who unearthed its remains believe the animal actually weighed about 800 pounds and was 8 feet long. Regardless of the comparison, Jamison is reveling in the attention over his pig. "It feels really good," Jamison said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "
Easy Way To Love
APPLES and WINE Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they sometimes take the apples from the ground that aren't as good, but easy. The apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who is brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree. Now Men... Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it's up to women to stomp the shit out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with.
Thanks For The Add
Distraught, depressed, I'm hurt and angry, Torn apart with shattered dreams and a broken heart, As the days break and the mornings bloom, I see no light only darkness and gloom. This broken heart I can nurse no more For it is in pieces, shattered on the floor, Please god, hear my cry and heed my call, Show me the way or show me the door, Ive had enough, I cant take no more. So this is me, telling you, Telling you I want to die, knife to my wrist and gun to my head, Now you all know I wish I was dead. As the blade runs up I scream in pain, Oh my god, I sliced a vein, Now thats over there's blood on the floor, I couldn't stop cutting, So I cut more and more, I lay on my bed with a blood stained sheet, Now my death, I'm ready to meet, Wanting to die makes me glad Because its far much better than always being sad. Laying on my bed with an inch of being dead, I woke up from this dream and started to scream, I realize now That was a vision, That was me, Tha
Doom I see you body everywhere I feel my fingers through your hair I taste the blood on your hand I hear the screams as Death ran I smell the death in the room As the Fates seal you doom.
Joe Cocker John Belushi Feeling Allright
Thinking Of You
Posssible Song
I dont wanna be on the outside looking in. I have been there before,i dont wanna do it again. So come on baby, open up and let me in. Im sitting here with pen in hand, thinking about all that could be. Us walking hand in hand down by the sea, strolling thru the park long after dark. I dont wanna be on the outside looking in Ihave been there before i dont wanna do it again. So come on baby, open up and let me in. I will be there for you baby' I wont ever let you down. when ever you need me hony, just call my name and ill be there. I dont wanna be on the outside looking in, so come on abby let me in.
I Hate People Who Steal,,,
Their is a member on CT that is my neighbor. She has been out of prison for a couple months. She served 14 months for fraud and failing a drug test for crack cocaine. Well when she got out of prision she befriended me everyone was telling me that I need to watch my back cause she will steal anything she can get her hands on. Well the other day I was taking a nap with my son when I woke she has done stole stuff off of my porch. She admitted to her BF that she took it. So if you hate theives as much as I do pay her alittle visit and let her know. I give everyone the benifit of the doubt before this happened I would do anything for her. Now she isn't welcome at my house anymore, You don't steal especially from someone you consider to be a friend. Here is her link and that is not her actual pic. twsted bitch@ CherryTAP
She Is......
This is a poem that I found that I believe all Masters and Dom's should have the opportunity to read and reflect on. She is My property. She is Mine to use and abuse To do with as I please and without question To take when I desire She is My property, HOWEVER, She is My most treasured property I will defend her to the death I will do nothing to hurt her I will allow no one to hurt her My life means nothing without her I will guide, protect, feed, love, shelter, and honor her She is My most treasured property. author unknown
NOTE: I do not have "autostart" music on my profile,for a reason. My 'puter is old and slow, just like me. So maybe think about us old farts when ur making your profile. Sometimes I'd like to interact with someone but their profile is so large and graphic intent, I can't even open it. Especially in the evening when servers are super busy on here....Just something to think about....g
Happiness Is A Journey
Happiness is a JourneyWe convince ourselves that life will be better after we get married, have a baby, then another. Then we're frustrated that the kids aren't old enough and we'll be more content when they are. After that, we're frustrated that we have teenagers to deal with. We'll certainly be happy when they're out of that stage.We tell ourselves that our life will be complete when our spouse gets his or her act together, when we get a nicer car, are able to go on a nice vacation, when we retire.The truth is, there's no better time to be happy than right now. If not now, when? Your life will always be filled with challenges. It's best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy anyway.One of my favorite quotes comes from Alfred D. Souza. He said, "For a long time it had seemed to me that life was about to begin - real life. But there was always some obstacle in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, or a debt to be pai
A Poem I Had Wrote For A Friend Before He Killed Himself
This poem was written a few months before my friend killed himself. He had made many attempts at it and had not succeeded. The day he did changed my life forever and suprisingly for the better. I had made an active desision to live drug free and have been since.this man was and still is the bestest friend I will ever have. here on cherry tap I will call him BH. MY DEAR FRIEND HELMS BY Melissa As I watched him walk away, I felt this unbearable pain he yelled the words Ill see you in another realm, In my head I said WHY? my dear friend Helms WHY? my dear friend Helms Why??? I know he said not to cry but he said he was gonna die So WHY?,why not cry so what am I supposed to do All i want is to help him My dear friend Helms I know he can makle it if only he would take it the love of a friend a friend to the end but he wont I can try to understand. I know he will be happy when he finally reaches his end so all i can say is Goodbye my dear friend Helms good
2 Tough Questions..
Question 1: If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already, three who were deaf, two who were blind, one mentally challenged, and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion? Read the next question before looking at the response for this one. Question 2: It is time to elect a new world leader, and only your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three candidates. Who would you vote for? Candidate A. Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologist. He's had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day. Candidate B. He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium in college and drinks a quart of whiskey every evening. Candidate C He is a decorated war hero. He's a vegetarian, doesn't smoke, drinks an occasional beer and never cheated on his wife. Which of these candidates would be our choice?
More Than Words Can Explain
It's a blessing That I don't deserve To be with the greatest Guy in the world It's been fun Being your friend But all this time I wish we were more Then back then The smiles that you brought Upon my face Was never matched By anyone so great I hold out my arms Just to feel you there To know that You always care I can feel it Deep in my heart And I know you've felt it Right from the start The closest friends To the very end The times That were apart Seems like years Begin to dart The times we've had Goofing around Will replace all the times I was ever mad I can't remember that awful fight Or the days and nights We spent close to fright Of losing what I loved so much A friend whom I wanted To be so much more He's the only guy Who can lift my spirits With his random jokes And peculiar faces But don't be fooled by whats outside He has a heart of gold On the inside I love him dearly For everything he is And I wont change that Because love is
Almost There!
I've only 400 points to go. Help me out and let me know you were here and I'll hit you back! Thanks! Cami
Hey Locals
Well me and my girl have a purposal... We are looking for some guys to come hang out with us tonight...we are going to pints and quarts in olympia.. well lacey.. btw my girl is spoiled79 you can view her on my family list
I might be PREGNANT!!!! Me and Walter are GREAT! We live together, getting along wonderfully and tonight I took a pregnancy test and it was a faded line but a faded positive line!!! Awesomeness. I'm kinda scared but excited all at the same time! So I'm hoping I am. UPDATE!!!!! I took another pregnancy test yesturday and it says That I AM pregnant. I'm excited but my parents are bringing me down. I'm not married and I already had a child for a loser. So my mom tends to remind me of this. Your not married AGAIN. yadda yadda well ya know what FUCK IT. If it don't work out with me and Walter I'll have the two kids I want and the rest of the world can kiss my ass.
A Little Boy
A little boy asked his teacher if he could go to the bathroom, so she said yes. When he went to wipe his bum there was no toilet paper so he used his hands. When he got back to class his teacher asked, "What do you have in your hand?" The boy said, "A little leprechaun and if I open my hand he´ll get scared away." He was then sent to the principal´s office and the principal asked him, "What do you have in your hand?" So the little boy said, "A little leprechaun and if I open my hands he´ll get scared away." He was sent home and his Mom asked him "What do you have in your hand?" So the little boy said, "A little leprechaun and if I open my hands he´ll get scared away." He was sent to his room and his dad came in and said, "What do you have in your hand." So again the little boy said, "A little leprechaun and if I open my hands he will get scared away." Then his Dad got really mad and yelled, "Open your hands." The little boy opened his hand and said,
6 Feet Under In Roswell New Mexico
7/2/2007 Hello Readers: As always I am trying my best by "harassing" you to pay attention to my predictions and build enough Cosmic Consciousness to understand and accordingly use the "Cosmic Code" at your advantage. Back in June the 12th I gave a series of dates to George Noory on Coast To Coast. Click here July 2007: +2nd 2007 is one of them where the keywords once more spoke for themselves pertaining to the current news. Here are the keywords for the next few days. I am also expecting more explosions, earthquakes and shocking news until the next date of July 13th. (+) Cosmos News/Nuke/Weird news /Surprises/Explosions/Shocking news/ Earthquakes/Volcanoes/Tornadoes/ NASA/Aeronautics/UFO. 1) UFO NEWS - Art Bell shows on the UFO crash in Roswell. Roswell aliens theory revived by deathbed confession. Click here Results: "oh yes, it was real after all ..." But I know this to be a fact since 1956 when they started to bug me in my bedroom. After 4 soli
I'm In 2 Contests--come Show Ur Support
To all my friends and family,, I am in 2 contests, the first one is 4th of July: here's the link to that one: the 2nd one is for Hottest Uniform Contest and here is the link for that one: The only way that I can win is from you guys rating and commenting my pictures, so show me that serving during Desert Storm was appreciated!! You can rate once and comment as many times as you want!! much love and blessed be Lena aka mistress dark angel
ok.. she is officialy pissing me off.. a week ago she bought a dog, calls me before she does, says Dominic can we please have a puppy, ill take care of it. So of course being the nice guy i am says yes, thats fine, as long as you take care of it.. well i get home today find dog shit, his bag off food, his water dish, and soda split all over my room.. and she was here like 10 mins. before i got home.. oh thats not all.. Monday a friend of mine from the military got home, which im happy to see him home, that is if he would call me and tell me "hey im home, wanna hang out", but no he doesnt why i don't know? 2 Nights ago we are watching a movie SHE wanted to watch.. Shooter.. well he calls and she leaves.. we were happy and cuddling on the couch and she leaves, and says ill be home in 5 mins.. i didn't see her until the next day around 12pm.. Yesterday she came over last night again, and said ill be back tonight, well i called her at 12 when they got out of there movie.. and asked her she
Just Something Interesting....
I Still Havent Found Her
who wants 2 b my ct wife. sen d me a private msg if u want 2 b my baby :) maygen
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I am a simple person, a romantic, an idealist and realist, but neither of them at the same time. I enjoy hearing that you wish to give me things and take care of me. I love feeling as if someone has cared enough to miss me and wish me a good day if that is all they have time to say, but all that I love and enjoy is sometimes a lie to make someone else feel important. I am ashamed of myself for believing sweet talking and one liners because I thought, "perhaps they could just mean it." When there are forty other girls you say the same thing to and who act accordingly, I feel no more special than a face in a crowded room. People feel and people are real, giving into you is hard to do, but I allow myself to do it. Why put stock in something you can say but never really mean? I have a heart, it's been damaged plenty and though I do not worry about the past, I worry of the future. Maybe I should blame some of it on myself, because, then again, only you can be swayed to believe in it if you
I Love To Resist!!!
shawn will go to jail for ... Resisting arrest while having sex 'What sexual activity will you go to jail for?' at
2nd Place
Thank you to every one who stopped by my contest pic and left comments on it for me. I came in second.
My Guestbook
Please sign my guestbook...I would really appreciate it....
So, I just found out that I have less than a week to find a new job,because my current boss is being a complete fucking dick, and not only that, but the guy I'm living with , who happens to be the love of my life, is not making anything easy on me. I'm just so close to saying fuck everything and move away so no one can ever find me again, I can't stand living with people that don't listen or understand me. He thinks everything has to be about him because he has a mental disorder... so what.. his life isn't more special than mine or anyone else's... I'm just so sick of hearing the same shit day in and day out about how he's so sick of having to take the medications his doc says he has to take for the rest of his life and BLAH FUCKING BLAH. Sometimes, I just don't know what to do or say because he never lets me try to think shit out before doing it.. because he moves a million miles a min and it drives me absolutely nuts... I just wanna run away and never come back sometimes, but I find
Down Rating People's Profiles
If there's on one thing on here people do is down rate other peoples profile you know who u all are that do well if anybody down rates my profile i will find out who did it..because for one thats just immature and down right stupid because you have nothing else better to do. So if ur going to down rated others
For The Ladies!
Share this with other ladies..... You'll make someone smile, another rethink her choices, and another woman prepare. They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them and an entire lifetime to forget them. If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourselves for a relationship that's not meant to be. Slower is better. Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no, you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Don't settle. If you feel like he is stringing you along, then he probably is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. T
!!!!!!!!!??????don't Ask
so beautiful, so young, so wet let me be your first, last, and your next da one who dicks you down every night da one who gives you orgasims as if you were in flight da one who places his tongues between your clit da one who has you gripping da sheets yelling that is it let me be da one who turns you over having you feel lucky as a four leaf clover i feel you cumming with passions of joy always considering my dick your favorite toy. so after the togetherness of so much fun, let me be da one who makes you cum, cum, cum da prodigy
Please Come Vote For Me
hey everyone please come vote for me on this really cool site, im in these battles and need help pls pls pls ty ty it will only take a min and you will probaly love the site too please vote for me on all 3 pls. pls repost so everyone can see or a sticky would be awesome ty ty the battles are best smile between me and my babys daddys new gf cutest baby with my baby and another baby and would you rather ( have sex with ) between me and my babys daddy so pls come vote for me ok? pls repost and help a girl out ty embyr
Shake Your Booty
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Repost ~who's Left
I just deleted over 800 friends that I felt didn't care if I was their friend one way or those of you left are hopefully my real friends and hopefully I am not just a number to you....I don't turn down friends requests to anyone :-) I always like to meet new people and hopefully get to know least a little :-) Hugs and Kisses! ~Lucie WwW.SparkleTags.Com
Life Savor Flavors
A teacher was doing a study testing the senses of first graders, using a bowl of Lifesavers. The children began to say: ">Red............cherry," ">Yellow.........lemon," "Green..........lime," "," Finally the teacher gave them all honey Lifesavers. After eating them none of the children could identify the taste. "Well," he said, "I'll give you all a clue; It's what your mother may sometimes call your father." One little girl looked up in horror, spit her Lifesaver out and yelled: "Oh My God!!!! They're assholes!"
Two Prostitutes
Two prostitutes were riding around town with a sign on top of their car which said: "Two Prostitutes -- $50.00." A policeman, seeing the sign, stopped them and told them they'd either have to remove the sign or go to jail. Just at that time, another car passed with a sign saying: "JESUS SAVES." One of the girls asked the officer, "How come you don't stop them?!" "Well, that's a little different," the officer smiled . . "Their sign pertains to religion." So the two ladies of the night frowned as they took their sign down and drove off. The following day found the same police officer in the area when he noticed the two ladies driving around with a large sign on their car again. Figuring he had an easy arrest, he began to catch up with them when he noticed the new sign which now read: "Two Fallen Angels Seeking Peter -- $50.
Dear Sheri l wethrill, This email message is sent to you from to confirm your signature as "Sheri l wethrill" on the online petition: "equal rights for the juggalo religion" hosted on the web by our free online petition service, at: Your signature on the petition is already complete, and there is no need to reply to this message. Your signature number for this petition is 2901. At, we host the petition you've signed, but we didn't create it. If you would like to comment on the petition, or otherwise communicate directly with the petition author, you can contact the author at: joel dinovo, fellowship of juggalos and the ny juggalo nation -- * -- Please contribute $1.00 or more to PetitionOnline and help maintain this premiere free speech forum. Your contribution is completely voluntary -- and generous sup
Test - Unique MySpace Generators
for those of you who havent stopped by my page and dropped some rates i invite you to do so its happy hour i will gladly return the rates ask anyone im true to my word
Help Her Out
Guess my friend shaniqua needs some major help, she is less than 16,000 points away from leveling. she returns all love sent
Contact Information
my phone number to reach me is 680-9063. Pleaseno late calls
I Am A Musician Check It Lol
Check my crappy music out, i'll love you forever lol. :):)
At Last
At last it would appear as though things might be finally going my way. Things are going great with my job working for a press company. I've also found a sweet deal on a mazda 626, I just hope that doesn't fall through. The ex also continues to bury herself in her own stupidity. Then, to top it all off, I've been reunited with a couple of old friends of mine that I haven't seen in year. Maybe I should knock on wood to make sure none of this goes up in my face.
I was just outside and there were between 6 and 8 bats flying over my house. I thought that was so cool to see. They were swooping around catching mosquitos. I really need to put up a couple bat houses in the trees out back. I know, I'm weird. I like bats, what can I say?
Yesterday omg was one of the worst days ever. My mom and dad came over to get the bill for our cellphones they were gonna pay it for us. nice huh.. well dennis got mad. mom wanted me to go in case they needed one of us. So I go and when I come back dennis comes right out to me. and says either go with your parents or stay with your husband. WTF!?!? I could not take anymore.. I've been soo depressed, trying to be happy and its just not working anymore. I'm scared all the time.. my bubble has finally burst open and I just don't feel safe anymore... whatever comfort I had is now gone.. I come up and all my clothes are on the ottoman. suitcases.. my computer, 360, ps2, dvd player and my gamees.. allll on the table. said the animals stay you can take what you see. I was like omg.. wtf is happening. Omg.. i was sooo I dont even know how to explain it.. This is my husband and he is saying either leave or stay. He says I need to get a job, stop being a baby and I need to grow up. Hes
Higher Mind
Don't mistake my works for love poems or words of sorrow Make no assumptions that I am making promises of tomorrow Never listen to the line of grapes rumoring that what I wrote was drama Stay in anticipation of the message because it aint about mama Assume not that you must read between the lines You may turn the opposite direction if you read the wrong signs I find it unnecessary to paint with words of heartache I wont jot down the names of whos made my heart break Never am I inclined to share stories of feeling suicidal And you wont hear of my fallen heroes or current idol I wont share my horrors or nightmares or dreams Because even in the real world nothing is what it seems I wont speak of my heritage or the land I call home Or my candy apple Cadi pimped out with chrome This artist doesnt speak on political views or oppression Nor does this creator compose lines of angst or aggression There will be no production of meadows, butterflies
Do You?
Do you know how you make me feel when you look at me like that? do you realize how your words shape my day do you feel the way my body trembles when you get close to me do you know how you take my breath away with just a kiss... the distance may be great but it will not last forever and then my life will really begin i am happiest when i can take care of you when i know the little things i do are appreciated and done simply out of love i look forwarding to greating my day with a smile just because i woke up in your arms to carry our child would be the greatest gift you could give me with only giving me your name coming close to help me raise my son into the man i know he can be all because of you and the influence you are over him I have never wanted or needed anyone so much in my life with your arms wrapped around me i know i am safe and that i have someone to hold on too someone strong enough to protect me from myself and push me when i get too comfortable and
Blocker Mumm Nut Crack WOW..what a MUMM..I love the night shift MUMMERS..
Steph At Home
Jacqlyn's Slide ShowAdd to My Profile | More Videos ~*~♥~*~♥~*~♥~*~♥~*~♥~*~♥~*~♥~*~ When Jacqlyn Nichole was born on Oct. 1st I (RavinJuggalo) came home and put Pics up on my Profile. You all showed me so much love I didnt think this site still had people like that on it. You all Proved me wrong. But now My Beautiful Fiancee' & Baby are home and the pics are now on her profile too. Please go show her some Love. She had a rough few days in the Hospital. ~Skitz~@ fubar Thank you in advanced, You guys & gals are the GREATEST!! Please!! REPOSTrepostREPOSTrepostREPOST This Bulletin Brought to you By: RavinJuggalo ~Juggalo Mafia~@ fubar and MCL to all my LOs and LETTEs out there!
If My Words Could Speak
If my words can only speak. It would tell you that I am sorry. I am sorry for your sorrow. I am sorry for your pain. I wish I could take away all that confusion. I wish I could heal those feelings. If my words can only speak. It would tell you lets start again. Give me a chance to be in your lives. Give me a chance to make things right. Please trust in me again. If my words can only speak. It would tell you that I am your father. I always will be there for you. Even if sometimes you don't feel it. If my words can only speak. It would say........I love you. FROM YOUR DAD SEAN BATES
Pt 3 Monica Wants More Piedaddy
This chick can't get enough of me!! Maybe its love, maybe its not the same girl! Lmao. This chick is relentless and a glutton for punishment. She also gives up easily when the going gets tough. monica@ fubar monica: care to chat??? ->PieDaDDY: hello. what would u like to chat about? monica: anything monica: flirty ->PieDaDDY: where ya from Monica? monica: wanna see me naked monica: from california ->PieDaDDY: oh and how would I go about seeing you naked? monica: vote me on my site??? monica: can you sweetie?? ->PieDaDDY: vote for you? Oh you mean rate your pic on Fubar and I get to see you naked? Thats easy monica: no..not in fubar..on my site ->PieDaDDY: if its your site how come you need me to vote for you? lol Isnt it your site? monica: i mean on our site monica: lol ->PieDaDDY: well what kind of site is it and what am I voting on? monica: can you vote?? monica: all you need to do is to get a member ID as a proof that you voted will get t
Just Wondering....
So, Working alot, taking time for my family. Friends are awesome and have been very supportive. My daughter who just came home, is finding a place and moving out. She needs to be allowed to grow up huh? Even if I dont want her to go, she has to and I know that. Samantha will be going as well by year end. I will prolly have my grandson till she gets to NC and gets settled, finds work, then I will send him up to be with her. So, by year end, I will just have Allyson home. Ughhhhhh... Broken heart is trying to mend. And all my kids are going away. Times lately have seemed sad, and I havent been myself alot. I probably wont be myself for a bit yet. So continue to bear with me my friends. Life seems like it keeps throwing me backwards instead of forwards. I dont know day to day anymore what its gonna be like, whats gonna happen or what my schedule will even be. I dont like it being in such dis-array. I like schedules. I like plans. I like knowing what I am doing and what direction I
Bird Of Power
Inspired by Earth Magic, by Claire Nahmad (Inner Traditions, 1994). Ever wish you could fly? Your sun sign is traditionally associated with different birds that can carry messages to the Great Spirit for you, offer spirit-support and healing, or sing a song for your soul. Find out which birds are your horoscope birds of power here. SIMPLE SOLUTION: Aries, March 21-April 19: vulture, magpie, robin. Taurus, April 20-May 21: dove, sparrow, swan. Gemini, May 22-June 20: parrot, linnet, eagle, finch. Cancer, June 21-July 22: seagull, owl, white peacock. Leo, July 23- Aug 22: peacock, rooster, eagle. Virgo, Aug 23-Sept 22: rooster, magpie, parrot. Libra, Sept 23-Oct 22: dove, swan, sparrow. Scorpio, Oct 23-Nov 21: eagle, vulture. Sagittarius, Nov 22-Dec 21: eagle, peacock, bird of paradise. Capricorn, Dec 22-Jan 19: owl, falcon. Aquarius, Jan 20-Feb 18: cuckoo, albatross. Pisces, Feb 19-March 20: swan, stork, sandpiper.
Contests And Friends
Well I have decided since my so called friends can't help me ever win anything why the hell should I be on here. Once my VIP is up I am deleting my account. I post bulletins asking for my so called friends to help me bomb my pic in a contest but guess one ever bothers to help me. I have helped many people in the contests they have entered but can I win a HH or VIP or anything? No, and the reason is because it seems all my friends care about is themselves. If I do end up staying here I will not help anyone in a contest again and will only look out for number 1, myself. I thought I left my loner days behind me but it seems as though I am still alone in anything I do. Larry
Love ???
i am writting this blog in a very depressed andgry state of mind.any one that can talk to me or help me to understand is greatly appreciated.. ok,i have been the type of person to always believe in love and want love in my life.i have always wanted to have a family and get married.thank the good god above all my wishes and prayers came true.i met the most wondrful woman in the world and my life was great.just when i thought it could not get any better she had my only child a beautiful little girl named jasmine.for 2 more years my life was great and my heart was full of happiness.on march 27,2006 my beautifull wife died in wal-mart from a heart attact at the age of 24.from that point until now my life has been shit,the only light that comforts my heart is my little girl.that is love and made from love.. i hate being single and i hate the dating hear a woman say they want a good man really pisses me hear people that are not happy in there relationship pisses me off.peo
Agent Graves
Graves was an out standing soldier from the get go .He picked up quickly on the skills he needed to stay alive . We at the bureau saw great potential in him . Thus why we appointed him lead agent in the field . His main weapons to side throwing hatches two desert eagle 45s and one spa shotgun . He has the ability of a great warrior and leader. We had found graves snooping around one of the ex body farms that the facility had started he was able to find traces of selanum in the soil . Wedont believe he was ever infected but he doesnt seem to be a bit above average . For now we will keep him in his position but if thing do go wrong we have other teams to take him and his small crew out
~ I Hate Winter And Snow ~
hehe Yea dear lets get some beer and chips and set on the balcony and watch the idiots drive in the snow :) hehe Watch the 1st one he hits 10 times before he stops lol
9 Words Women Use
Understanding words women use 9 words women use 1.) Fine : This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up. 2.) Five Minutes : If she is getting dressed, this means a half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given five more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house. 3.) Nothing : This is the calm before the storm. This means something and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with nothing usually end in fine. 4.) Go Ahead : This is a dare, not permission. Don't Do It! 5.) Loud Sigh : This is actually a word, but is a non-verbal statement often misunderstood by men. A loud sigh means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you about nothing. (Refer back to #3 for the meaning of nothing.) 6.) That's Okay : This is one of the most dangerous statements a women can make to a man. That's okay means she wants to think
Im Back!
Hey hey, ive been offline for quite some time and im sorry that i havent kept in touch its been a rather rough 6 months. but im back and hope to talk to yas soon. luv...Kitty
Whata Goober.
Soooo my boyfriend is silly and randomly attacks my face[or whatever else]. Well he was like gnawing and sucking on my cheek and I told him to be careful not to leave some weird hickey. Sure enough that night I look in the mirror.. and I have a hickey on my face. Rawr @ him. haha he felt all bad tho.
just so people know i have not been online much as im sure you can tell. ive been really busy. drop me a line if you've been rating me and i have not been rating back honestly i have not been on and i would love to return all the love. For those who may be concerned for me please don't be. Im quite happy, and ali and i are doing well. Love you all and i hope that things are going well for everyone else.
New Screen Name
My new screen name goes with my new attitude.. along with that listen to track 4 it also part of my new attitude... with my new attitude..
How Am I Feeling
this week i was fighting a cold and it turned into a little sinus infection. I am feeling better now
Sin's Retreat
Hey guys, i know alot of you have joined the lounge, but usually it's just the four of us talking there... you know any time i'm on, that's where i'll be... and i know some of you at least PRETEND you wanna talk to me... i'm hoping also you'll come visit and lurk there when i'm not there and get to know my other friends as well, those that are in there most often are some of my closest friends on here and i'm sure if you get along with me, you'll love them too! so... PLEASE come visit Sin's Retreat Click here to enter the lounge and lurk and/or talk with the rest of us Sin
Moosehead@ fubar
Please Click the 2nd Pic to Bid
My Newest Poem Written 12/15/2007 (looking For A Title Any Suggestions)
I want to wish you Happiness, Upon you, as you embark on a new journey. For the Lord and the angels in stow their bless, Into your heart, life and soul unconditionally. As your journey begins with uncertainty, The Lord, your partner and in your friends you can find strength. For you have the heart that has the capacity, Of Love, Understanding, Compassion, and Faith. To navigate through the uncertain world, We all live in and call home. With your love in your heart, your Family will be like a sword, Cutting through any evil, and hard time that may loom. What you have accepted into your life, Is worth more than all the worlds Gold, and Silver. For you will shape the Heart, Mind, Soul and Life, Of a Young, Innocent, Imaginative, and Curious Dreamer. By: Michael Citty 12/15/2007
Why Is It?
That when you are in need of your best friend and need her for some mental support she isnt able to talk to you or even notice you but when she needs your help she wont stop bugging you till you have given your last breath on the subject she is dealing with? at times i just wish i would have never met some people in this world and then i would have to deal with this crap i am going through! i do care about my best friend but i feel she is just not there enough for me when i need a friend, She always shows up online when she needs help from me,but i cant seem to reach her when i need help just once.
Hey people, my loving hubby is in a contest for a 6 month VIP!!!!! Please help him to win. He is a great guy, and I love him very much. He deserves this win. Why??? You ask, well, because he has put a lot of his time into making things work on fubar. he has been here for all of our friends, and family members. PLEASE HELP HIM TO WIN THIS. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO HIM. THANK YOU ALL IF YOU DECIDE TO HELP, IF NOT THEN DON'T ASK US FOR HELP!!!!!!! HERE IS THE LINK FOR YOU TO HELP... THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ THIS BLOG. MANDI A.K.A. AMANDA THE SEDUCTRESS 69
Merry Christmas To All
I want to wish all my friends here on Fubar a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year and let us also remember the ones that can't be with their loved ones at this time and the ones that have lost loved ones this year as it will be a sad time for them and also remember if you drink please don't drive and again Merry Christmas to all. Your friend always: DJ Midnight Rider~Owner of House Of Dreams aka: Steve
well im here on fubar looking for all sorts of things. Not sure i can narrow them down. but im up to new freinds and anything else i can get. so please dont be afriad hit me up you all have a happy new year
I was so blind Why did I not recognize all the sadness drowning in her eyes? I was too busy to take some time and ask her what was on her mind I was so blind Now I see her cries for help, all the cards she had dealt She was just waiting for them to run out Is that what life is all about? Just waiting for it all to end, or asking why did it ever begin? It's not supposed to be like that You can't just lie around like a door mat Let people step all over you and wish the wind would take you to wherever it blew I didn't see that's what she did She hid Why couldn't I find I was so blind She is gone now I just cry and ask how I let her slip away It gets harder everyday Now I sit in sorrow, Wishing there was no tomorrow I was so blind
Honey Bear How's it Going I'm the Co-Founder Wolves of Wiccan Society We are Currently taking Aplication's for Bombers.If your interested Please send a Friend Request to Myself, Lord Wolf, + Stormwomen40 Links Below an Blog Links Ty Blessed Be Honey Bear: Stormwomen40: Lord Wolf Profile Link: Wolves of Wiccan Society Headquarter's Profile Link: Lord Wolf Blogs: Wolves of Wiccan SocietyHeadquarters:
Would You
Y = Yes N = No M = Maybe Would You? [_] Come To My House To Do Nothing But Chill? [_] Slap Me? [_] Kiss Me? [_] Let Me Kiss You? [_] Watch A Movie With Me? [_] Take Me Out To Dinner? [_] Take A Shower With Me? [_] Take Me Home For The Night? [_] Let Me Sleep In Your Bed? [_] Repost This For Me To Answer Your Questions? [_] Lock Me In Your room And Take Advantage Of Me? [_] Let Me Make You Breakfast? [_] Tickle Me? [_] Let Me Tickle You? [_] Stick Up For Me Uf I Was Being Put Down? [_] Instant Message Me? [_] Greet Me In Public? [_] Hang Out With Me? [_] Bring Me Around Your Friends? Do You... [_] Think I'm Cute? [_] Want To Kiss Me? [_] Want To Cuddle With Me? [_] Want To Hook Up With Me? Am I... [_] Smart? [_] Cute? [_] Funny? [_] Cool? [_] Loveable? [_] Adorable? [_] Great To Be With? [_] Attractive? [_] Mean? Have You Ever... [_] Thought About Hooking Up With Me? [_] Found Yourself Wanting A Ki
Get Paid
Lounge Creation
Hey everyone. Just wanted to let yall know I created a lounge, and would love have you join me there sometime. I also need someones' knowledge on creating my skins, or background image in the lounge. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Hopefully see you all there soon! xoxoxoxo Cindy aka TOBE
Hello To All
I´m new here, i think a this rigth? Comments welcome....
Time to join my auction.. Have you ever wanted to be bid on.. Well here is the place to go.. going to run the auction for two weeks.. All that is needed is for you to let me know that you want in.. Send me the link to the pic you want to use and what is your terms for the bidding.. Lets have some fun and see what you can win..
Looking For Some Hardcore Fun?
As Soon we are moving to VA as soon! My Parents gave me huge Cash for spare money!! I should say thank you to my father!!! I just missed them!! but in NY has no jobs for me!!! Time to Leaving NY!!!! Oh Well!!! I am happy That I have GF from Fubar!!!!!!
Please Come By To Stripper Lounge Thanx You
click the picture it take you there
5 Days Left
Im down to 5 days left on the contest...Some pretty amazing peeps have come to help me out!!! But I do need more help if Im going to win this thing lol....Help me win my first contest ever!!! I will repay the favor!!!! Just click on the link below and Bomb away
A dear friend of mine posted this in her blog the other day. I loved it so I thought I'd share. I believe in the Goddess and Her Greatness. I have felt Her power, love and glory. I am Her priestess, Her daughter, Her vessel, Her instrument. I cannot believe that She would have chosen someone worthless to be Hers. Therefore, I cannot be worthless. My life, my efforts, my struggles, even my doubts, have meaning. I am human, She does not expect me to be a goddess as well. She loves me for who I was, who I am, and who I strive to be.
A Sure-fire Sign I Spend Too Much Time On Here
I realized this morning, I spend entirely too much time on here :|. But I don't think I can stop coming on LOL. The warning sign: having dreams about fellow FUBARIANS. I'm pretty sure that's a sign. I told someone I had a dream about them & they're probably seriously considering blocking me as a friend LMAO. I think I share too much LOL. I've had dreams about various MuMMers before (mainly orgy dreams 8-P), this one was weird cuz we were just hanging out, doing normal stuff LOL. I hope I'm not the only one who has dreamt like this :-S.
Thursday 9-11pm Cdt
Work Sucks
It seemed like a great idea at first. Get a pay raise, and leave all the bad stuff that had been happening at Food Lion. So, talking to my current boss, I decided yes, I would give it a go. After two weeks I began my new job. Basically janitor at Mc Donalds. After months with the company it has become apparant, that no, it wasnt as great an idea as I had thought. No offense, but when you get a large group of women in the same place, theres alot of talking that goes on. Never good. As much as I have to do, 9 an hour is not enough, and 8 hours a day is never enough time to do it all. I hate my job, and I hate always feeling like I get taken advantage of. Its about time that I once again, move on. Work dosent suck, Mc Donalds does!
Heros !
EMS Tribute
Mad Love
I got nothing but mad love for my Fantasia family... MadMac
Red Fridays
Will you give this to my Daddy? As a Company, Southwest Airlines is going to support 'Red Fridays.' Last week I was in Atlanta , Georgia attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed one of the greatest acts of patriotism I have ever seen. Moving thru the terminal was a group of soldiers in their camos. As they began heading to their gate, everyone (well almost everyone)was abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and cheering. When I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being applauded and cheered for, it hit me. I'm not alone. I'm not the only red-blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops and their families. Of course I immediately stopped and began clapping for these young unsung heroes who are putting their lives on the line everyday for us so we can go to school, work and home wi
03-27-08 (amazing)
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I was going to write a mumm about this but I seem to have been banned from them for making rude comments haha oh darn. Anyway, I was curious if I happen to be the only person on earth who finds nascar to be the most moronic "sport" ever devised. I have never understood the concept of sitting in front of a tv screen or sitting at a race track just to watch a bunch of hicks in cars drive in circles for hours. The sick part about this nascar BS is that it is the most popular motor sport in the USA. This scares me to think that there are so many people out there who get a thrill from watching dumb little cars going in circles. To be perfectly honest, the only reason I have actually watched nascar was for the crashes. That is about the only exciting thing that happens and unfortunately, in many cases, the person in the crash is hurt or killed. So what is it that makes this garbage so popular? NOTE: Trust me, one of two things is gonna happen here, ONE: nobody is gonna respond
Sorry Everyone
Sorry everyone about not being able to get to you all for so long... we are offline at the moment and do not know when we will be able to get internet back... money has been tight since i lost my job back last june from a place that was making us the money... i am getting ready to go sell cell phones for a company this wednesday and hopefully we will be able to get things paid off and get ourselves back up and running soon... miss everyone!!!!
Disturbed's 2008 Tour Dates
April, 26 2008 07:00 PM - Edgefest , Little Rock, Arkansas - check out for more info April, 27 2008 07:00 PM - Cotillion , Wichita, Kansas - April, 29 2008 07:00 PM - Aztec Music Hall , Amarillo, Texas - April, 30 2008 07:00 PM - Cain’s , Tulsa, Oklahoma - May, 2 2008 07:00 PM - Shrine Mosque , Springfield, Missouri - May, 3 2008 07:00 PM - Beale Street Music Festival , Memphis, Tennessee - May, 5 2008 07:00 PM - House of Blues , Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - May, 6 2008 07:00 PM - Valarium , Knoxville, Tennessee - May, 8 2008 07:00 PM - House of Blues , Orlando, Florida - May, 9 2008 07:00 PM - Sloss Furnace , Birmingham, Alabama - May, 11 2008 07:00 PM - The National , Richmond, Virginia - May, 12 2008 07:00 PM - House of Blues , Atlantic City, New Jersey - May, 14 2008 07:00 PM - Bogart’s , Cincinnati, Ohio - May, 15 2008 07:00 PM - Piere’s , Ft. Wayne, Indiana - May, 17 2008 07:00 PM - Columbus Crew St
less then 1000 points go up a level HELP!!!!
I see! Oh my how do I see! The straining under my hands Struggling to not breathe Small elliptical bubbles rise As the air becomes stale in your lungs. Oh my! *smirking* How long before you will panic? How long before you tempt to take that breath? How long before your eyes bleed? Oh wait, Oh yes, there you are . I see! I see your eyes, you are telling me to stop. Stop being so petty all I want is for you to take that last breath Let me feel you , let me feel you panic, let me feel you give up! I want to see you smile one last time. Please do.
My Nsfw Folder
It seems I need to post this again. ON a side not there is a way to be granted access. Thats to buy me a blast. Dont cry to me and tell me that there is other porn on the internet you can see for free. I know that but if your that determined to see my nudes you know what i want.
Dumb Ass Chicks!
Why? That's the magic question that none of them can ever answer. What is it about me or what's going on that made you do what you did. I never get an answer. It's been that way for awhile now. I'm a listener by nature. I've made more friends in my little life time that it hurts to think that I've lost just as many as I've gained. The one thing that always comes back to me are the ones that fuck up. For the hundredth time in my life i was lied to. Now it normally wouldn't hurt that bad, but it was for nothing more then a loser who wouldn't deserve to lick my gooch. This is the type of piece of shit you slap your daughter for bringing home. This dude deserves to get his ass kicked by the world. I don't even know the little prick, but not one person I've met that knows him likes him. The one person that's most IMPORTANT doesn't get the hint that there're better guys right in front of you. Ladies! If you wanna find a good man just open your eyes and stop being stupid.
Broke Under 260!
Weighed in at 258.5 lbs this morning. Had a good weekend so that helped to break that 260 barrier. Work is sponsoring private lessons for the rest of this month until the competition on the 29th so now I am practicing 3 days a week. This will help nicely to keep that weight going downward.
This Is Too Funny ????????
----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: ~*Love & Let Go*~ Date: May 8, 2008 4:22 PM I LOVE YOU HONEYA man escapes from a prison where he's been locked up for 15 years.He breaks into a house to look for money and guns.Inside, he finds a young couple in bed.He orders the guy out of bedand ties him to a chair.While tying the homeowner's wife to the bed, the convict gets on top of her, kisses her neck, then gets up and goes into the bathroom.While he's in there, the husband whispers over to his wife: 'Listen,this guy is an escaped convict.Look at his clothes! He's probably spent a lot of time in jail and hasn't seen a woman in years.I saw how he kissed your neck.If he wants sex, don't resist, don't whatever he tells you.Satisfy him no matter how much he nauseates you. This guy is obviously very dangerous.If he gets angry, he'll kill us both. Be strong, honey.I love you!' His wife responds: 'He wasn't kissing my neck.He was whispering in my ear.He tol
Mr. 7,000,000
haha your turn Hanson Lover lol :P
Holy Hell Jesus!
Saving For Spotlight!!
I am saving for spotlight, but I need fubucks!! So this is what I am offering: I am selling custom made graphics for 5k!! Here are just some examples of what I can do: Or just check out my "Made for others" folder, or my "Stuff I have made" folder!! If you want to just make a donation, then you will get a custom salute!! Any donation over 200k will get you a custom salute and a FREE graphic!! I would love to get the spotlight for my birthday on August 11th!!!! Please help!! This message from: Silentlizard - Greeter for Dirty Deeds Radio
Wouldn't Recommend This Guys
THE MIRACLE OF TOILET PAPER Fresh from my shower, I stand in front of the mirror complaining to my husband that my breasts are too small. Instead of characteristically telling me it's not so, he uncharacteristically comes up with a suggestion: 'If you want your breasts to grow, then every day take a piece of toilet paper and rub it between them for a few seconds' Willing to try anything, I fetch a piece of toilet paper and stand in front of the mirror, rubbing it between my breasts. 'How long will this take?' I asked. 'They will grow larger over a period of years,' my husband replies. I stopped. 'Do you really think rubbing a piece of toilet paper between my breasts every day will make my breasts larger over the years?' Without missing a beat he says 'Worked for your arse, didn't it?' He's still alive, and with a great deal of therapy, he may even walk again although he will probably continue to take his meals through a straw.. Stupid, stupid man
. . . .
Hey Everyone This is my bestfriend ...addict ...addict@ fubar She's had a fubar account for awhile now She just started to use it again I was wondering if you'd take some time out of your day to go and Add, Rate, and Fan her. She loves new friends, and I'm hoping we can get her to stay this time. Let's see if we can make her feel welcomed back here on fubar. Hopefully she won't leave again. Can we do this? I think we can. Let her know reLLa sent ya. x0x °o.O[reLLa]O.o°@ fubar
Almost Legal
My Goodies Auction
♥I've Got Goodies Up For Bid!♥ ♥I'm Having My Own Personal Auction And You Can Have A Little Of My Sweet Goodies!♥ ♥Follow The Link Below To Get To My Goodies Folder. But Wait! Have You F/A/R'd Me?♥ ♥Well What Are You Waiting For! ♥ ♥Come On And Bid On Your Very Own Pink Goodies!♥ *Pink0828 *@ fubar My Goodies - Petey Pablo ft. Ciara
Ok so I know it has been awhile,I have had alot going on.Where to begin....hmm..Well my biggest issue for the month is July 28th @9am I have a appointment with a cancer doctor in Statesboro,Ga because they think I may have skin cancer.Great news right,uhhh "FUCK NO",I am just a bundle of screwed up emotions and am not dealing well with this newest "shit on my life run".I am tired of feeling like shit,feeling I look like shit,and being treated like shit.I think I have lost me,I cannot see any good in my life at this time,I know it is there somewhere just blinded for the moment.This weekend I am throwing all my kids except my youngest a birthday party,so I hope that goes well,and the weekend after I am going to Atlanta to have a vacation for the first time in 5 years.My ann. is the 13th of June so it worked out.But anywho missed you all,please remember me.
Standing Still
A mother and child see each other for what seems like the last time, her ex-husband doesnt know he has crossed the line. Who ever knows if they will be reunited again, seems loving that man was her only sin. Democrates fight each other for their place on the ticket. Both are at each other's throats, in it to win it. The grand ol party nominee runs unopposed, seems that war and politics is all the man knows. As the world still turns all around me. Life continues to go on with or without me. And I'm still left here standing, unable to move. Stuck right here, still as can be. Husband and wife look back at their first home, as the bank forclosed, the streets they now daily roam. Factories and big business close down every day. How did the economy turn out this way? There is a man dieing alone, no one around that seems to care. he is drawing on his last breath, no family with love to share. Next door a boy's home is not safe for him to stay. Where is his hero? Why
You have made it this far... I'm impressed. Now, about the name 'seppuku' - it is a Japanese word meaning "ritual suicide". This is my fighting name; Paul Buentello already made the name I wanted famous (The Headhunter), so I had to search and search to find something 'appropriate'. I call myself 'suicide' because anyone who fights me is committing suicide..... I began training in muay thai kickboxing when I was 17. Then I trained in a real mixed martial art for 5 years, a combination of aikijutsu, silat, and kali. Then last year I began taking judo and American Freestyle jujitsu. This year I started training in boxing. Look out 155ers, I'm dropping down to your weight class to wreck some shit and I'm bringing my 'A' game [so don't 'B' caught slipping or it's 'C' ya when they wake you up ;)]
Sitting here trying not to think about you but thats all I can do right now besides cry Why did it have to happen teh way it did?? sitting here looking at the pictures fo you staring off into space thinking about how happy you made me about how you made me feel so special like i was the only one around even when there were others around Sitting here thinking about you looking at your pictures and the pictures of us crying all over again wondering how i'm going to get over you since i gave you my heart an fell harder for you then I thought i was going to Wondering if I give you time an wait around for you or If that will just be stupid on my part and maybe I should just move on even though it will be hard because i still love you to death and still want to be with you sitting here tryin not to think of you and wondering what I did wrong to screw it up an wondering if I should wait around like you said since u just need time or if I just need to start tryin to move on W
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The Pastor's Ass
Can't get much closer to the truth then this! The Pastor's Ass The pastor entered his donkey in a race and it won. The pastor was so pleased with the donkey that he entered it in the race and it won again. The local paper read: PASTOR'S ASS OUT FRONT. The Bishop was so upset with this kind of publicity that he ordered the pastor not to enter the donkey in another race. The next day, the local paper headline read: BISHOP SCRATCHES PASTOR'S ASS. This was too much for the bishop, so he ordered the pastor to get rid of the donkey. The pastor decided to give it to a nun in a nearby convent. The local paper, hearing of the news, posted the following headline the next day: NUN HAS BEST ASS IN TOWN. The bishop fainted. He informed the nun that she would have to get rid of the donkey, she sold it to a farmer for $10. The next day the paper read: NUN SELLS ASS FOR $10. This was too much for the bishop, so he ordered
Experience Or Lack Of?
Obama's 143 Days of Senate Experience Just how much Senate experience does Barack Obama have in terms of actual work days? Not much. From the time Barack Obama was sworn in as a United State Senator, to the time he announced he was forming a Presidential exploratory committee, he logged 143 days of experience in the Senate. That's how many days the Senate was actually in session and working. After 143 days of work experience, Obama believed he was ready to be Commander In Chief, Leader of the Free World, and fill the shoes of Abraham Lincoln, FDR, JFK and Ronald Reagan. In contrast, John McCain's 26 years in Congress, 22 years of military service including 1,966 days in captivity as a POW in Hanoi now seem more impressive than ever. Think about IT!!!
I Was Tagged By Tracy
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 6 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.... 10.I have a crush just for the sake of having one. 9. I don't smoke 8. I love ice cream 7. I love my boys but always wanted a daughter. 6. I love my Fu friends 5. I love to edit photos. 4. I love animals 3. I rather be working then sit at home 2. I hate the cold weather 1. I am a fubar addict
I Remember You
I was crusing around today just blasting the Ramones and making faces at other moterists. It was fun and it really make me think back to when I was younger. I used to do that all the time. It seems like lately i've sorta lost touch with the fun person I used to know who was me. Haha! Anyway, if you see some crazy person driving around blasting music and making faces don't call the cops. I'm mostly harmless ;)
Im in a neverending auction...come check me out and place your bid..thanks heres the link:
This is an actual letter from an Austin , TX woman sent to American company Proctor and Gamble regarding their feminine products. She really gets rolling after the first paragraph. It's PC Magazine's 2007 editors' choice for best webmail-award-winning letter. Dear Mr. Thatcher, I have been a loyal user of your 'Always' maxi pads for over 20 years and I appreciate many of their features. Why, without the LeakGuard Core or Dri-Weave absorbency, I'd probably never go horseback riding or salsa dancing, and I'd certainly steer clear of running up and down the beach in tight, white shorts. But my favorite feature has to be your revolutionary Flexi-Wings. Kudos on being the only company smart enough to realize how crucial it is that maxi pads be aerodynamic. I can't tell you how safe and secure I feel each month knowing there's a little F-16 in my pants. Have you ever had a menstrual period, Mr. Thatcher? I'm guessing you haven't. Well, my time of the month is starting right no
ladies i luv performing on cam holla at cha boi with ur yahoo
You? Own Me?!
YES YOU CAN! On here at least. " *RATE MY PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!* Please ask other people to rate my photo too. :D Thanks babes! Please rate my photo so I win first prize in the auction. Repost this if you'd be so kind. Thank you!!!!!! :P Auction has been extended until further notice due to complications involving the pc of the auctioneer. :P
Contest Details!
The time has come to post the details of my fubucks and bling pack contest. Please note, THERE ARE STILL PLACES LEFT if you would like to take part. THE PRIZES The first three people to reach 30,000 comments against their picture in my album will receive: First person 2,000,000 fubucks!!!!! Second person 1,000,000 fubucks!!!!! Third person 500,000 fubucks!!!!! AND The person with the most rates at the end of the contest will be given 25 gift fubling credits!!!!! If you’d like to take part, please private message me your photo link and I will save and upload it to my album and advise you of the details. DETAILS
You're It
Instructions… Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “You’re it” on their profile and asking them to read your blog. You can’t tag the person who tagged you. 1. I've never been married and have two children 2. I love to travel 3. I have worked for the same company for 22 years 4. I always sleep naked 5. I enjoy the passion that egnites when kissing 6. I have had a poem published 7. I always had a secret dream of being a singer 8. I am bi-sexual 9. I love fubar 10. I collect roses and teddy bears (some unicorns and dolphins too) I choose the following 5 people to put in the spotlight (sorry if you’ve already been tagged) desertdrew ssmopar7298 xray283 vegas cowboy pokerplayer
Leveling Bully
LETS LEVEL THESE CLUB UNITED MEMBERS!!! OK everyone, these members need less than 30,000 to level, lets do this!!!! OG Mexican! **CLUB UNITED**@ fubar swtlildvlgrl~Club United&Life Savers~@ fubar billydaman68~member of CLUB UNITED@ fubar Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and you can have me forever!@ fubar Momma Bear...CLUB UNITED@ fubar redhottlover & lil_miss suckit /Club United/.@ fubar ice ~* MEMBER OF C.L.U.B F.A.R*~And~*C.L.U.B U.N.I.T.E.D*~@ fubar JaimersSquat¢¾R/L G/F OF DARK_WARRIOR¢¾~*~CLUB UNITED~*~Fubar world cruise~*~Owned by Be@ fubar CLUB UNITED@ fubar
I’ve Changed My Mind
Okay so most of the people in my world know that I am going into the hospital Thursday July 31 to have a hysterecomy, granted there are a few that do not. I hate to say this but sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't just live with the pain I am dealing with until menopause hits. I have been seeing doctors for years, yes YEARS over the problems that my monthly vistor brings, I have been given one bullshit reason after another as to what is causing the monthly bitch to be so damn bitchy, the doctors had my history, including my family history. I honestly sounded like a broken record with each new doctor telling them, 'both of my grandmothers had hysterectomies at relatively young ages, I do not know why and my mother had endometriosis and went through menopause at 38.' Did they ever once decide that they should look into this? HELL NO! What I have been told: ~Stress ~Two Children too close together (how about the fact that I have had this problem before I even had children???)
Come Join In
Fall For You
I want someone to fall for me
To: Laura From: Randy Sewell Have you ever thought, of how love would be If you took a chance and hooked up with me to look in my eyes, and see how i feel to know in your heart, Our love is for real to never have questions, fulfilling your dreams each one that we conguer, is simple, so it seems to know that i,m there, to hold you at night My arms wrapped around you, i'm holding you tight and when we would kiss how sweet it would be the taste of your lips, would mesmerize me i'd show you i love you each and every day But first you must let me, so what do you say
Msrain's Birthday Weekend
It was a spontaneous thing to do.. but I decided to take MsRain to the Pacific Ocean for her birthday. I just came into the house from working outside, said get a few things together we are leaving. She asked me where we were going and I told her... THE BEACH! You should have seen the look of surprise on her face, it was beautiful. She was so excited, never having seen the Ocean before. So she got some things together and we left for the coast. We went down Hwy 30 in Oregon all the way to Astoria and then headed south on Hwy 101. As we cruised down the coastal highway we came across a nice little state park to take a break at... Ecola State Park. There she got her first look at the Pacific Ocean. While we were there, there were ELK grazing by the park; not more than a 100 feet away. She had never seen them before (at least not that up close & personal). All along the way, I got to show her so many beautiful things here in the PNW. Our pictures will show you only some of i
Help Me Find My Car.....
My car was stolen from Evansville, Indiana and I think that it might be in Lousville, Kentucky.. Call me stupid or niave or whatever, but I let my friend, actually I was dating him for awhile, he wanted to use my car and he said he would be back in 20 or 30 min and that was on Friday Night.. it has now been 37 hours and I have not heard from him.. I reported it and maybe if any of u all are out and see it cruisin in the streets, you can help me out and call the police for me so I can get it back, there is a pic of it on my front page and the pic of the guy that took it.. It is a dark green 99 Toyota Corolla, 4 doors, sunroof, dark tinted windows, and Indiana plate number 349 AAK.. Might be located at the apartments on the corner of Preston and Liberty... *Anyone with information can just call the cops and they know how to get in touch with me....Thanks for any help...
Midnight Illusions
Dear Barak, Hahahahaha
Friends are the Gift God Sends Our Way As we walk our path of life, We meet people everyday. Most are simply met by chance. But, some are sent our way. These become special friends Whose bond we can't explain; The ones who understand us And share our joy and pain. Their love contains no boundaries. So, even we are apart. Their presence enhances us With a warmth felt in the heart. This love becomes a passageway, When even the miles disappear. And so, these friends, God sends our way, Remain forever near."
On The Block
My Everything
Little simple words like this mean everything in the world to me... cantsleepclownswilleatme (11:48:09 AM) : i love ya cantsleepclownswilleatme (11:48:18 AM) : sweeeeeet dreams, dream of me :) shav (11:48:18 AM) : i love u to so much cantsleepclownswilleatme (11:48:24 AM) : muahz shav (11:48:29 AM) : muahz
For Dee
Moved About Me For A While
So most of the stuff on here was old so I figured why not update. Though it's not like anyone will read this far as it is since I'm a guy lol. I'm 21, born in Puente Alto, Santiago(Chile) and adopted at 6wks. Lived in Texas all my life and in the past few years seen a great deal of it traveling from Southwest of Houston to Austin, Waco, Dallas, Spring, Beaumont, Port Arthur, San Antonio and so many places in between. For the time being I'm in school to be a mobile installer(car audio) which is taking up ALOT of my time right now. The school goes beyond just mobile installs to custom box building, carpeting/vinyling, tuning ports as well as full systems, box design, custom interiors, alams etc. As far as this places goes I've made some really good friends here and some not so good ones too but c'est la vie. I was here once before as you can see in my salutes but quit for personal reasons and now am back. As of June I will have been here 2 years give or take. Well that's about all
Where did fawn go? Any one know? Missen her! Chris out!
Where The Angel Flies
Where the Angel Flies Subtle thoughts and cold lips watching the warmth leaving your body as we kiss Dead leaves fall on what was once a warm embrace Tears roll down my cheeks, lips, and face I release your hand and close my eyes Hoping that you are where the Angel flies Sitting alone the cold, dank, dark Fighting away the demons, devils, and larks They sing for you and what you have done For the terrible creature you have become I fight for you with every last dying breathe Because I know there is good in you, so my soul will not rest I cling to you with crying eyes Because I know you are not where the Angel flies I cannot back down, and I cannot let go To see you lie there listless, my blood will flow With pain in my heart, I beg the gods to hear my cries Take me where the Angel flies Let me show them, and make them see Exactly what you mean to me So that they know how much you did sacrifice And that this terrible turn of events was just a roll of the d
Come On Out To The Real Red Dragon Lounge And Rock Out With Me!
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Mini Me!
Ghost Rider Needs His Friends & Fans To Help Out A Great Friend
Sexy Comments & Profile GraphicsTHIS GOES OUT TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FANS WHO CAN HELP MY GREAT FRIEND OUT DURING HIS HAPPY HOUR TONIGHT @ 9PM ESTJUST CLICK THE LINK BELOW dj baty donjuan bat enforcer@vampy's vampire cave@ fubar Party Like A Rock Star - Shop Boys
My Life
WHAT What did I do to make you so mad What did I do to make things so bad What did I do To get you pissed off I Wasn't even there, I THINK YOU FORGOT. So How did I do it when I wasn't even there you make it my faut and say I dont care What did I do I think you Forgot. So How did I get stuck here in this spot. What did I do..... help me find my way out
Please Pray For My Daughter Jessie..diagnosed With Melanoma 8/27/08
My beautiful 13 yr old daughter was diagnosed with Cancer today and would appreciate for her to be in everyones prayers.I wont really find out much until she sees the specialist on Friday and I will update this then.PLEASE keep her in your hearts. The appt. went well today.Atleast this dr wa able to give me some information unlike the dr. who removed the moles.Jessie does have a rare form of Melanoma that isn't usually found in children.On Tuesday Sept. 2nd we will start going through the Hillman Cancer Center which is widely known for the best of the best. Jessie will have to have more of her back cut out and skin from her leg to cover the wound.She will also have a Lymph Node biopsy to see if it has spread.I will update this more when I know more. Please keep Jessie in your prayers! 9-24-08 Well yesterday Jessie had the dye test to determine which lymph node was going to be removed to see if the Melanoma had spread.They discovered the Lymph was being equally distributed to
Changing Things Around
Here lately alot has occured that it has put me in some bad situations but somehow I seem to pull through them on top. I have been put through the worst things that a heart could bare in choosing between those you love and those you deeply care for. But I have made my decision to stand tall and not give up on what I feel is best for myself and what seems right for me. I have dealt with the stress of my ex trying in every way that he can to get me back that I finally put my foot down and said no more. Things are alot different and hopefully he will see reallity as it trully is for everyone. Things dont always go the way that you want it to go and we have to deal with the consequences!
List 5
Catherine K. Fagan, 58, New York, N.Y. Patricia M. Fagan, 55, Toms River, N.J. Keith G. Fairben, 24, Floral Park, N.Y. Charles S. Falkenberg, 45, University Park, Md. Zoe Falkenberg, 8, University Park, Md. Dana Falkenberg, 3, of University Park, Md. Jamie Lynn Fallon, 23, Woodbridge, Va. William Fallon, 38, Coram, N.Y. William F. Fallon, 53, Rocky Hill, N.J. Anthony J. Fallone, 39, New York, N.Y. Dolores B. Fanelli, 38, Farmingville, N.Y. Robert Fangman, 33, Claymont, Del. John Joseph Fanning, 54, West Hempstead, N.Y. Kathleen (Kit) Faragher, 33, Denver, Colo. Capt. Thomas Farino, 37, Bohemia, N.Y. Nancy Carole Farley, 45, Jersey City, N.J. Paige Farley-Hackel, 46, Newton, Mass. Elizabeth Ann (Betty) Farmer, 62, New York, N.Y. Douglas Farnum, 33, New York, N.Y. John W. Farrell, 41, Basking Ridge, N.J. Terrence Patrick Farrell, 45, Huntington, N.Y. John G. Farrell, 32, New York, N.Y. Capt. Joseph Farrelly, 47, New York,
DO you own war related stock?
Alberta Code
This is a cool friend to have. Please stop by and show her some love. alberta@ fubar This pimpout brought to you by: blaclie22 ~Freelance Bomber~Confederate Bomber~@ fubar
What Love Does.......
Why something so spendid leaves me torn, writhing in pain on the floor of of my heart. Crying a river of tears only to sail down them lost, not knowing where to turn. Then comes the emptiness that rips out my soul leaving a void that never really heals. Agony is my only reality now, as the pain is seething from my heart, leaving little peices scattered everywhere. Never again to be mended... Never again to be used... Never again to be loved...
I'm In A Tattoo Contest-please Help
Good News For Once...
Okay, for once I have good news to tell everyone. I got a letter in the mail the other day. It was from my Mom, whom I haven't talked to in almost 4 years. At first, I didn't know what to do with it. After some serious thought though, I decided to call her. I'm really glad that I did. Even though her and I haven't had what you would call any type of real relationship, I always wanted her in my life and now I am getting that chance. I have been on the phone with her for about four and a half hours now and I think that we have made some really great progess toward having a good relationship. I will admit though, that I still have my doubts, but I'm not going to let that come between me and my Mom. I don't want to lose her again.
Yupp Poem
"COME AND FIND ME" Searing pains running through this ever so cold and lonely heart of mine, I feel as if i shall only perish yet an old man all aone in this life, constantly and slowly derriating away. I sit and do nothing but spin out these here words of my poery every day, just wishing and dreaming i was with my love instaed. Having not a single thing around me but open air. poem "COME AND FIND ME" Searing pains running through this ever so cold and lonely heart of mine, I feel as if i shall only perish yet an old man all aone in this life, constantly and slowly derriating away. I sit and do nothing but spin out these here words of my poery every day, just wishing and dreaming i was with my love instaed. Having not a single thing around me but open air. Hearing the train whistle blaring in the background, I do sit and ponder whether or not i should go and just ride the rails.Getiing away and traveling the countryside, running from my pains. Gu
Financial Matters. . .
THE FOUNDATION “To take from one, because it is thought his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers, have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, the guarantee to everyone the free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.” —Thomas Jefferson INSIGHT “The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools.” —Herbert Spencer “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.” —Barry Goldwater “I mean to live my life an obedient man, but obedient to God, subservient to the wisdom of my ancestors; never to the authority of political truths arrived at yesterday at the voting booth.” —William F. Buckley “So I became a newspaperman. I hated to do it but I couldn’t find honest employment.
So many,I have witnessed being unsure, how exactly Halloween started. It all started with a MUMM. Now I'm calling and finding that some of my friends never really knew why Halloween began. This saddens me to no end. So, I looked it up and found this: Halloween, or Hallowe’en, is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31. Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, visiting "haunted houses", carving Jack-o'-lanterns, reading scary stories and watching horror movies. Irish immigrants carried versions of the tradition to North America in the nineteenth century. Other western countries embraced the holiday in the late twentieth century. Halloween is celebrated in several countries of the Western world, most commonly in Ireland (where it originated), the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and occasionally in parts of Australia. Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain. The
Some Of What I Have Been Up To
I have been busy with the changes of life and helping others with things that I have neglected to write blogs or notes online, so here I go to catch you all up to what has been going on with me. First I have met a special lady that I love a lot and am seeing where it goes. She put a smile back on my old sad heart and is showing me that I am not done with the happiness. I hope I do some of the same for her. It is not all ways good and we have a lot to lean about each others but it is fun again to learn. She is unique and has made me feel things again. Making her happy is letting me enjoy cuddling, sex, kisses, hugs, and just being with some one again. I have hope that it will work out and for a time I thought I was done with that part of my life but now it is looking up. Next I have been setting up to move from this apartment to a new place but I am still not sheer where that will be. It is some what scary to move but I think it is for the best. You know eve
As most of my close friends may know I have made claims of increased senses in a spiritual sense. A word to class my self as is "medium" although I hate the term… its too widely used in our ever growing world of entertainment. The claims made in most cases have been proven and confirmed by friends, family, and even acquaintances. I indeed use the part of the brain that can perceive and interact with the "other side". Today, I spill the beans and give off some answers to the questions and provide a brief biography on a different aspect of my life that isn't commonly shared with most. A commonly known fact of supernatural interaction is that children from birth to about eight are more perceptive of their environment and what surrounds them. In most cases a child interacts with the paranormal. Imaginary friends, random laughter, talking to them self, "a monster is under my bed/ closet", doesn't that make you think just a little? In my childhood I had no idea of my capabilit
Need Freinds Rtf
come be my freind i will rtf, thanks
,..and Then He Fell Off The Face Of The Planet
>> known alias 'lux', 'luxus' and 'luxus hexx' >> birth name 'David Christian Kennedy' >> point of origin - grand rapids, michigan >> last known location 'phoenix, arizona' >> last documented time of activity 'july 2007' ... sorry everyone, i dissapeared again.. anyone who knows me.. knows it happens off and on.. just remember im never gone for good... youll never be that lucky =)... im about to head to bed for the night... but wandered back here -- and i feel quite lousey about leaving this place and so many friends for so long.. and i do miss ya all... honest what happened since i moved to az.. ? ugh.. well.. not a hell of a lot.. but life became difficult mainly due to not paying for my car for 3 monthes.. and a little bald guy came to my door one day.. to take it away... im still saving up for another... and i work ridiculously far away. --- so... i take a bus. it sucks -- its a 3 hour trip. yep. 3 hours. -- so why not get a new apartment thats closer? or a new job
The Birds
I watched as the birds flew overhead. Wondering if there was any true destination or just going to where the urge took them. Just as my life, the destinations not always clear cut. Willing to vary the coarse because what seemed off track was appealing. It’s these side tracked journeys, these courses, that have brought good times and bad. Much like the birds overhead, circumstances dictate the path I take. Be it the weather, nourishment, happiness or just free will. When I look at my journey, my destination is clouded. Clouded because of free will, the want of happiness, the pursuit of the easier softer route, all of these can have effect on the journey, but the destination is never known. Maybe I should look to the birds more often? It’s not I that decides where the journey ends or what the final outcome will be. It’s my choice to enjoy the good, accept the bad and continue forth.
My Auto 11's Will Activate On Saturday
- Lets GodMother with her auto 11's }i{ B®óωπ€¥€§ }i{@ fubar
Pics, Rates, Hh, Wtf!
Steak Soup
STEAK SOUP 1 1/2 lbs chuck steak, cubed 4 tablespoons butter 1 (16 oz) can tomatoes, cut up 3 tablespoons beef base 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon pepper 1 cup chopped onion 1 cup chopped carrots 1 (10 oz) package frozen, mixed vegetables 1 cup celery, cut in 1/2-inch pieces 1/2 cup butter 1 1/4 cup flour 2 cups water Brown steak in the 4 tablespoons butter. Add 6 cups water, tomatoes, beef base, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil; reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Add the mixed vegetables, celery, carrots, and onion. Continue to simmer, covered for 30 minutes. Combine the 1/2 cup soft butter and the flor and gradually blend in the 2 cups water. Add to the meat mixture. Cook and stir until the mixture is thick and bubbly. Makes 12 cups
Auto11's. Are They Evil
Why is it that everyone with Auto11's think all we lowly people with out them only just want points? I know I need the points, and have rated their asses off, but I need rates too. Wonder if they will ever remember all of us who have rated all their stuff later when the activatd bling wears off. My bet is maybe never at all :(
The Swan
The Swan Graceful elegant birds the swan seems to glide through the water leaving hardly a ripple behind. Its persuasive beauty reminds us to move gently through the currents of life and not battle them. Swans are one of the fastest fliers. During migration they fly in V formations at great heights. Their wing beats are slow but steady. This gives them the endurance needed to reach their destination quickly without tiring. Those with this totem have the same abilities and should observe, then apply, the movements of swan when pursuing goals. The swans large wings embrace the sky collecting and storing knowledge from the heavens. Their white plumage reminds us of the wonder and innocence found in the purity of spirit. Their long slender necks serve as a bridge between the mundane and the extraordinary. Upon this bridge lies the wisdom for spiritual realization. The swan mates for life. Courtship involves mutual bill dipping or head-to-head posturing. They ar
If I Was Your Girl ..the Things I'd Do To You...
Janet Jackson - If if i was your girl... Sittin' over here Starin' in your face With lust in my eyes Sure don't give a damn and Ya don't know That I've been dreamin' of ya in my fantasy Never once you looked at me, Don't even realize that I'm wantin' you To fulfill my needs Think what you want Let your mind free Run free to a place that no one dares to How many nights I've laid in bed excited over you I've closed my eyes and thought of us, A hundred different ways I've gotten there so many times I wonder how 'bout you Day and night, night and day All I've got to say is Chorus: If I was your girl Oh the things I'll do to you I'd make you call out my name I'd ask who it belongs to If I was your women, The things I'd do to you But I'm not, so I can't, Then I won't But, if I was your girl Allow me some time to play with your mind And you'll get there again and again
Black Avenger
My hands shake in anticipation. My mind is thousands of miles away at your side. Dark thoughts do i see satanic scenes teasing me. your wicked way has captured me. I feel your gentle hand touch upon my cheek I relax into you. I feel your heart beat next to my bosoms. Your soul cries out to me in the night. You have captured me. My heart sees only you, but the distance that lies between us. My blood flows through your veins and your blood threw mine. The link that has us bound. Your face I see in my dreams when I close my eyes you are there. I fear nothing in life now. Death could not even conquer me. My will is strong I will live, if only to get a glance of you. To touch your face to feel your skin, to feel this good must be a sin. Forever you will always be a part of me my dark avenger
What Is Your Favorite Halloween Candy
the title says it all pretty much!
Amish Casserole
INGREDIENTS: 1 pound ground beef 1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed tomato soup 1/4 cup brown sugar 1/8 teaspoon black pepper 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed cream of chicken soup 1 (12 ounce) package wide egg noodles 10 slices American cheese -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIRECTIONS: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add egg noodles and cook until tender, about 7 minutes. Drain and return to the pan. Mix in the cream of chicken soup until noodles are coated. Crumble the ground beef into a large skillet over medium-high heat. Drain the grease, and stir in the tomato soup, brown sugar, pepper and salt. Spread half of the beef in the bottom of a greased 2 1/2 quart casserole dish. Arrange 5 slices of cheese over the beef. Top with half of the noodles, then repeat layers ending with cheese on top. Bake for 35 minutes in the prehea
Bomb Scarlett !!!
Yes Scarletts in a Contest and needs YOUR HELP She is ALWAYS Helping Others its time to HELP HER !! Well whatcha waiting for .. hee hee Thanking Y'All
Jus Me Hh Pimpout
Double Trouble Happy Hours
DOUBLE TROUBLE HAPPY HOURS.. These Sexy Ladies Are Having Back 2 Back Happy Hours On Tuesday Oct.28 .. 1 p.m & 2 p.m .. VA's FyNeSt Is Having A Happy Hour On Tuesday Oct.28 2 p.m Fu-Time.. Be Sure You're There To Show This Sexy Momma Some Of That Fu-Luv .. Rate/Fan/Add & Even Bling Her ..Show Her She's Loved VA's FyNeSt
The Wiccan Rede
Okay y'all, here's the rede. I know it's kind of long, but it's worth reading, and worth knowing. Trust me. Bide within the Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust. Live you must and let to live, fairly take and fairly give. For tread the Circle thrice about to keep unwelcome spirits out. To bind the spell well every time, let the spell be said in rhyme. Light of eye and soft of touch, speak you little, listen much. Honor the Old Ones in deed and name, let love and light be our guides again. Deosil go by the waxing moon, chanting out the joyful tune. Widdershins go when the moon doth wane, and the werewolf howls by the dread wolfsbane. When the Lady's moon is new, kiss the hand to Her times two. When the moon rides at Her peak then your heart's desire seek. Heed the North winds mighty gale, lock the door and trim the sail. When the Wind blows from the East, expect the new and set the feast. When the wind comes from the South, love will k
The Code...
Halloween is supposed to be about fun and kids gettin wired up on tons of candy. I know the original purpose was to celebrate satan and his minions but it seems that we have just given him too much free reign and power over this earth. Its not safe to take your kids out to trick or treating nemore bc some sicko could be puttin nething from lsd to meth in their candy. Its too dangerous to take them to any kind of carnivals or parties bc either somebody could snatch them out from under your noses or somebody could put alcohol in the punch. You cant watch decent television with them bc hollywood seems to think that movies like Halloween or friday the 13th or nething with freddie kougar is great tv. The new scary movies are even worse-- all serial killers and psycho paths runnin around killing half naked college girls. Come on people even the cotumes are gettin gory whatever happened to making things simple and innocent and keepin our kids away from the things that could harm them i dont e
My Parents And Their Divorce
Page 3 My parents divorced in 1980. A pessimist would say that I was the cause that extended a bad marriage eight years longer than it should have lasted. I remember a long custody battle between my parents that eventually landed me and my sister with my mom. We were with her for about a year until we were deemed old enough to pick who we wanted to be with. We both decided to live with dad. I think the reason we decided to live with dad was because mom was making some pretty questionable decisions at the time. She was dating some guys that I was not very impressed with. The one she ended up marrying was the worst of the bunch. Mom married a guy named Michael McShane sometime in 1984. This guy talked a good game, didn't have the sack to back anything up. He was a habitual in the fact that not one shred of spit that exited his mouth had any truth to it. This man drove a wedge between me and my mom that took years to repair. wasn't having too much lu
Soldier Of Life!
Im just one of many soldiers in the jungle of life my notepad is my rifle, my pen is my knife medals from my battles decorate my chest but the scars on my heart remind me best with determinatio­n I keep on marching, boldly facing whatever comes my way I reflect on the battles survived and embrace the current day I ignore whatever pain at times I may feel I smile at friendly faces and hope someday to heal Battered, Heartbroken and Hurting Yet I go on doing, never acknowleging­ defeat proudly marching like a soldier till my tour of duty is complete written by Some1special­2k
Bacon And Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms
Ingredients: ------------ 8 oz. cream cheese, softened 4-6 strips of bacon,fried and crumbled;reserve fat 1 small onion, finely chopped 20-25 large mushrooms, stems removed about 8 mushroom stems, finely chopped Instructions: ------------- Saute onion and mushroom stems in bacon fat until tender. Drain off excess fat. Mix crumbled bacon, onion and stems with softened cream cheese until the mixture is workable. Stuff each mushroom and bake at 350 degrees F for 10-15 minutes. Finish under the broiler just until tops are golden
Unseen 9/11 Footage Finally Being Released By Fbi, Doj
Unseen 9/11 Footage Finally Being Released By FBI, DOJ ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Paul Joseph Watson Date: 11 Nov 2008, 18:10 Unseen 9/11 Footage Finally Being Released By FBI, DOJ The FBI and the Department of Justice have released ten new videos relating to the events of 9/11, three years after a freedom of information act request for the footage was submitted.http://www. infowars. net/articles/november2008/111108Footage. htm
Goofylady On The Auction Block (closed)
GoofyLady's on the Auction Block! Buy her with Bling! Minimum Bid is a 5 credit bling Bid individual blings or bling packs. Here is what she is offering. No time limit. Click on the picture below to make a bid. ****************************** This bulletin was created by: Carrie ******************************
Kitty Cat Train
The Rules: 1. Stop by Swthuny's page and rate her Smokey the Cat folder... Start with this pic... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Riding the Kitty Cat Train." 4. Private message Carrie when you have completed rating each party guest. She will make you a thank you tag... And add you to the guest list... 5. When new people join the party... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request 6. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. 7. NO DRAMA... You agreed to the rules... So, be sure you follow through... No cheating... Please... ****************************** Below is the gift tag you will receive... Feel free to save and upload your tag or rip it... But if you rip it, you will NOT receive points when someone rates it on your page. Please leave me a co
About The Group November 17th
All i can say is w0w!!! We as a brand new girl group have really been accepted with open arms to the fu-community!! This is Our 6th day running and OMG we have Some really AWESOME FANS & FRIENDS already!!! And as for the girls that have joined the group so far, they are the most awesome bunch of ladies i have come across in a really long time!! I am so proud of what we have all done so far as a group, and i just really hope that we can continue to move up in every area.. Again Today is our 6th day as a group & we are ranked #76 w00t!!.. I think this is a fun little past time for all of us and i think we are all enjoying each other!! And i just hope that we can continue to keep it fun and layed back becasue that is the main goal!! If you girls have any ideas we would greatly appreciate your imput we are trying to make this about all of us not about officers or who founded the group, we want to try and make everyone inolved !! as we grow though we are going to have to find ways to
Make This Pu$$ycat Purrr....own Me
Steve Vai - "tender Surrender"
Dumbass Hall Of Fame.
So I'm out with my friend Timmah tonight. We're hanging out for the first time and we're eating at Red Lobster. I'm drinking my Cherry Coke and having a good time chillaxin' and eating good grub with my bomb ass diggity friend. I finish drinking my Cherry Coke and get all excited because I see cherries on the bottom of my glass and I say to Tim "They put cherries in my bottom!!!!!!!" Cos I was just so excited it came out wrong. I think I have officially taken the cake for dumbass hall of fame in a fancy restaurant. Hands down. Let alone my horrible snorty laughter made itself known several times tonight when we saw Role Models. Embarassing stories needed. Please feel free to share? :s
And what? I suppose I should say something here, yeah? God knows I can run my mouth, Question is what the fukk do you want to know? Beautiful Sicko, that's me. I can love and protect like an angel. And I can tear your heart out of your chest as easily. There's nothing high maintenance about me. Don't let the pretty face fool you. I strap on a tool belt for work and get dirty. But I clean up pretty fukkin nice. ;) I'm here for pure entertainment purposes. I am not looking for the love of my life, Or the next man to fukk backwards. Don't waste your time. I just need to distract myself often from the insanity in my brain. Sometimes the best way to do that is to drive others mad. Haha. Twisted, Kinky, Fukked Up. I like who I am. If you come here to get your Perv on, No fukkin thx. I got a sick enough mind for both of us, Trust i can make myself cum. If you came here to start drama, Walk away now. I am not known for playing the games. Your breath will be wasted. I
To Our Friends
i am writing this with love in my heart and happier than i have ever been!! Harley and i have found eachother and have fell in-love..but We have lost friends due to Our happiness...We cherish Our TRUE friends that have stuck by Us and are happy We are in-love and happy...We wish to keep and show love to Our true friends and have clean fun on this great site FuBar..We only ask respect of you as We give that respect We hope to keep Our friends but also understand We will lose some that only wanted Us to play with and not because they wanted Us to be happy!..We love and appreciate Our awesome true happy and keep the love flowing and We will keep being Harley and Rose, the same people We have always been..just now We are happy and in-love..thanks so much with respect always...Your friends.....Rose and Harley1961.....hugssssssssssssssssssssss
~*~* Sara *~*~ .."the Pegasus Project Asst Team Leader"
She needs rates to level please help her
Just Chat
i am so aggravated everyone automatically assume you are on here to cyber or webcam or to show explicit pics of yourself and if that is what ones choice is then thats fine but damn say more than "hello i am horny what r u doing ? wanna cam ? naughty pics ?" just say hello how was your day anything exciting going on or possibly how is the damn weather . for christ sake this is a site to have fun on not automatic porn or us .. someone just be real and sincere for a change .. i don't wanna fall in love them or have them move to a new state hell i just want a friend to chat with ,, so i have ranted i feel so much better
Warning Signs
Paying Attention To Red Flags Just as the universe wants to provide for our needs, it also seeks to protect us from dangerous situations, destructive relationships, and even minor inconveniences. Frequently in our lives, perhaps everyday, we encounter psychic red flags warning us of potential problems or accidents. We may not always recognize the signs. However, more often than not, we may choose to ignore our intuition when it tells us that "something just isn’t right." Red flags often come in the form of feelings urging us to pause for a moment, listen to our intuition, and reconsider. We may even experience a "bad" feeling in our bellies. This is a red flag letting us know that there may be a problem. We may not even know what the red flag is about. All we know is that the universe is trying to wave us in a different direction. We just have to pay attention and go another way. We may even wonder whether we are paranoid or imagining things. However, when we look back at a situa
He laid her on the table so white and clean and bare his forhead wet with beads of sweat he rubbed her here and there. He touched her neck and felt her breast then drooling he felt her thigh the slit was wet and all was set he gave a joyous cry the hole was wide he looked inside all was dark and murky. He rubbed his hands and stretched his arms then . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . STUFFED THE CHRISTMAS TURKEY!!!
Suicidal Muslims... Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim terrorists are so quick to commit suicide. Let's see now... No Jesus No Christmas No television No cheerleaders No Nude Women No car races No football No soccer No pork BBQ No hot dogs No burgers No chocolate chip cookies No lobster No nachos No Beer nuts No Beer !!!!!!!! Rags for clothes and towels for hats. Constant wailing from the guy next-door because he's sick and there are no doctors. Constant wailing from the guy in the tower. More than one wife. You can't shave. Your wives can't shave. You can't shower to wash off the smell of donkey cooked over burning camel dung. Your bride is picked by someone else. She smells just like your donkey. Then they tell you that when you die it all gets better! I mean, really, is there a mystery here?
Angel Or Demon??
WTF is this shit? IDK...I'm probably more demon than angel...oh and see the new bling!! I'm such a star wars geek. i'd soo have buttsecks with yoda
Starting Treatment
I met with the radiation dr last week and here is what my treatment will look like. This Monday I have a CT scan to see if the cancer has spread. On Tuesday I go in to be Tattooed with the marks i'll need for my radiation. On Thursday I meet with the Chemo dr. So by Monday I will be doing radiation M-F for 15 minutes a pop and having chemo once a week for 3 hours. This will go on for 8 weeks...or until it's gone. They are trying to get it to shrink without surgery. I will being staying with family in ID during this 8 weeks and from the side effects of the radiation alone I don't foresee myself being able to get online much, if at all. Please keep me in your prayers and as always thanks for the awesome friendships.! Much love to you all and happy holidays, Jackie
Top 10 Things Not To Say To A Cell Phone Sales Rep. Lmfao
This is for you AT&T Reps, however, a lot of it applies to all of us. LMFAO #10...But my bill says AT&T now...... Ok signed up with Cingular, you have been billed by Cingular for years, and your phone says Cingular on the outside. The only thing that has changed in your world is the logo on your bill. Let me put it into perspective...If you buy a box of Frosted Flakes, and your wife puts a picture of the Lucky Charms guy on the box, does the contents inside magically change into pink hearts and yellow moon marshmallows? Convert over or deal with the reality that you signed up with the wrong team. #9...Best Buy sells the RAZR cheaper.... It’s called a promotion. Their reps are hourly employees which mean no commission is paid out. Best Buy keeps that commission for themselves. It does not phase them to cut into their own commission to get gross adds which allows them to hit a bonus payout. Plus they can mark up a refrigerator $200 to make up to $100 dis
Merry X-mas
i have auto 11's on. merry x-mas
How Do I Do This
i got hurt...and what is worse is i liked him....i thought that we were friends....but now i am not sure if we can be...i feel hurt and used...he didn't mean to but he did...i want to forgive wait...i do forgive him but i will NEVER forget today...i can never forget the pain i felt when i stayed waiting for him...when i thought that maybe just maybe he would show..but i gave up...i just let it all go...he didn't come he wasn't here...and it hurt...i am sorry that i over reacted but it think that another "wedding" i was to have didn't happen...another time of getting hurt..another time to lose that little trust i had gained... how do i say that i want to be friends but i am not ready...that i want to talk to him but am worried that i will get upset...why do i feel like this
Today I shed a tear for you Please know that I am near by and hear a wisper of sorrow Yet you hide your sadness from me. I too am sad that you haven't turned to me to share your heart A dove has stopped flying... A wisper of sorrow... Today I shed a tear for you... To my ear I hear your cry Shattered is your heart I am to listen for no one else will A wisper of sorrow hits my open ear As words finally flood my heart of what you have said Today I Shed A Tear For You
71k To Level
Ok my finest leveling friends,,, Please give Art a hand, only 71K to level!!!! art r/l boyfriend to heather@ fubar
Best Of Dj Benz 2008
Download Mixtape | Provided by my best mixxes this year from me. 4 you. Happy New Year
She Needs Your Help
Okay you guys have TOTALLY rocked with helping people get spotlight since I started doing this. Since I got spotlight we've helped AbbyNormal, DevilGirl, RavinJuggalo, MattDeizel and Pyschocial all get the spotlight. FTW should have it here soon. Now we've got a new one to help and this girl just totally rocks! Part of why she hasn't had spotlight yet is she's been too busy helping others. She's helped me and I'm sure she's probably helped you in one way or another! So let's help her get the spotlight. She's got about 3 million before she hits level 26 so you can rate her a little bit but don't go too nuts. We don't want her to level before she goes for spotlight. ♥Naughty Grace Kelly♥Member of ~Dangerous Curves~@ fubar Remember any little bit helps her!
Fan Train
Inaugural Events Jan.18-21-2009
Sunday, January 18, 2009 Inaugural Kick Off Time: TBD Location: Lincoln Memorial (The Kick Off is free and open to the public) Monday, January 19, 2009 National Day of Community Service Event Time: TBD Location: TBD Concert for America's Children Time: TBD Location: Verizon Center (The Concert will be free, but tickets will be required. Visit for details) Tuesday, January 20, 2009 Swearing-In Ceremony Time: 11:30 am Location: US Capitol 2009 Inaugural Parade Time: TBD Location: Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Commander-in-Chief's Ball Location: National Building Museum (This event is by invitation only. Those invited will include wounded warriors (Purple Heart Recipients), families of fallen heroes, and spouses of deployed military) Neighborhood Inaugural Ball Location: Washington Convention Center (A portion of the tickets will be reserved for DC residents. Visit for further details.)
Two Little Boys, Priceless
After a hardy rainstorm filled all the potholes in the streets and alleys, a young mother watched her two little boys playing in the puddle through her kitchen window. The older of the two, a five year old lad, grabbed his sibling by the back of his head and shoved his face into the water hole. As the boy recovered and stood laughing and dripping, the mother runs to the yard in a panic. Why on earth did you do that to your little brother?!' she asks as she shook the older boy in anger 'We were just playing 'church' mommy,' he said. 'And I was just baptizing the name of the Father, the Son and in...the hole-he-goes.'
Kent Duchaine
I saw this guy last night at our local Arts Centre. Not the greatest thing I ever saw there, by any means, but it was a pleasant enough evening. Lot of old guys in the audience though. I think I must like old man's music or something.
The Tears Of A Clown
In everyone`s life there`s sadness, it comes from all around. but no other sadness is greater, than that of the tears of a clown. I wonder through life just searching, for that lady that just can`t be found. my days are filled with sadness, like that of the tears of a clown. again my heart has been broken, and stepped on as it hits the ground. and suddenly i feel the sadness of that of the tears of a clown. so next time you`re tempted into betraying, the love that`s always been around. remember me and soon you will see, how it feels to be that poor clown. jocko65 1-23-09
How Will I Die
July 4, 2016: Stomach ruptures during hot dog eating contest. You enter a hot dog eating competition and are surprised to discover you're actually very good! It's down to you and one other person. You've already eaten 70 hot dogs and the other person just finished their 70th hot dog. It's a tie. If you eat one more hot dog you win! You're so full you can barely stand it, but your friends are all cheering you on, so you eat one last hot dog. Before you finish off the final bite, your stomach explodes and you die. When Will I Die by fun quizzes! » » Internet Sweepstakes - IQ Tests - The Dumb Test « « Quizzes | Hollywood Movie Trivia Quizzes | Dumb MySpace Quizzes
Attention Lounge Staff and Members of Haunted Passions Auction to be held 1/27/09 Starting at 12pm noon Bring as many as you can to the lounge and get them to join as members it ends on 2/2/09!Hurry! Hurry!Hurry! 1st Place- gets a bling and ticker 2nd Place- get a bling and a pic 3rd Place- gets Rated all pictures added to Camos sweet Family with an a SFW Salute! ~ALL PLACES GET FABULOUS BRAGGING RIGHTS TO THE LOUNGE ALSO~
Down Raters
Im making a list of all who down rate me...feel free to down rate them yourself! babygirlwade...cant get her link she has me blocked
All Things Must Pass--my Boy George Harrison
Help This Hottie Please
My 1st Auction
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All Is Well With Mah Nose!
Well, I just got home from seeing the doctor that did the skin graft on my nose. Hard to believe its been almost 3 months since all of that but I wanted to let you all know that things are healed up and looking good. As I told the doctor, its not perfect like one would hope but I can live with this nose. In the beginning he was thinking he may need to do some further surgery to build up where the cancer was a bit deeper but that wont be necessary! I am SO grateful for that. As of today, he has released me. I want to thank you all again for all of your love, prayers, well wishes and support through all of this. Its a true blessing to have the wonderful friends that I have here on the fu. Without you I would have been a worse basket case than I was. Love to you all! You are the best!
Adding On Yahoo
for all you sexy ladies that wish to add me on yahoo.. just hit me up here on FuBar and i'll get ya my id to add..much quicker and more fun
i'd like 2 thank everyone who told me happy birthday today... you know all you so called friend who forgot thanks so all you who remembered thank you a bunch and you might not get a present but you'll def. get a happy birthday. to all you so called friends who couldn't take 5 seconds of you time to msg me comment me or txt me on my birthday... don't expect shit from me.. just sayin so i'm going 2 go drink another couple shots of absolute and raise my right hand with my middle finger up hehe i'm a bitch i know
Threesome Tag
Threesomes Share Now, here's what you're supposed to do...and please do not spoil the fun. Start a new note, delete my answers and put in your own. Tag your friends and tell them to tag you. The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known things about each other. Three Names I go by 1. Katiemae 2. Mommie 3. Aunt Kakie Three Jobs I have had in my life 1. waitress 2. manager at Taco Bell 3. nurse Three Places I have lived 1. Georgia 2. South Carolina 3. Hell Three TV Shows that I watch 1. Sons Of Anarchy 2. Breaking Bad 3. Secret Life of the American Teenager Three places I have been 1. Georgia 2. South Carolina 3. Flordia Three people that e-mail me regularly 1. My school friend Angela (stupid FWD shit jokes) 2. My BFF Tommy (HOTTIE guitar player) 3. My friend Marcus Three of my favorite foods 1. Mexican 2. pasta 3. meatloaf Three things I would like to do 1. Go on vacation 2. Move out of my mother in laws house 3. Travel Thr
The Light
Down and out, frayed abandoned. Don’t know which way to go Wishing things would get easier Yet they are getting harder by the second Hoping to see the light But seeing nothing nothing but darkness Wondering where things will turn Where they will go Where I will be. H oping to see the light. Day by day night by night.
Jojo Has Auto 11s; Level Her By Her Birthday!
JoJo ~ Ecuadorian Goddess ~ is running Auto 11s! Ecuadorian Goddess JoJo is now approximately 500,000 to Godmother! Ecuadorian Goddess* Help JoJo level by her birthday, March 25th!!! Check Us All Out: Sarge's Bad Girls
Prayer Request Blog
GnbRebel Slave To MZ.BELLE & Proud Memeber Of Carrie's Bad Boys Club & A Llama Leveler@ fubar I was told this morning that GnbReb "Nick" had to go to Virgina to be with his family.His grandfather is having surgery and there not sure if he will make it through-so Llamas keep Nick and his family in your thoughts and prayers please!Nick were here for ya if ya need anything! Keep us updated as you can(((Hugzz)))!
Everyone Gimme Your Yahoo. Im Goin M.i.a.
wassup to the 2 ppl that gonna read this. imma be 4 real n str8 to the point: i made a good number of friends here, that i do love. so listen. to those that wanna keep in touch, get @ me. brooklynrko6 my yahoo screenname or im on there A LOT more than im on here. cuz honestly.....fubar is gettin boring. its not like the days on the underground. now ppl bitch wen u rate them a 9(like how many ppl are really 10s? I'm not even a 10. ) n except 4 liquid city, i dont see a hip hop lounge(cuz i like hip hop more den rap) so to all that wanna keep in touch, get at me. feel free 2 add me. but dont look 4 me here. no im not deleting my page. but if all the friends i have are on my sidekick or meet them in person, and its more exciting on twitter n myspace, whats the point to b here all like dat? without further delay, im goin M.I.A.(from this page only) ya no were 2 find me. -Benzi
Something I Wrote
I am a beautiful disaster. I am a wonderful chaotic ball of nothingness. I am a breathtaking mistake that you will surely regret. I am a soulful heartless bitch who takes pride in others pain. I am the useless reminiscence that haunts your nightly thoughts. I am so far from emotional attachment that I’ve become numb. I am longing for the one who doesn’t exist. I am happily miserable. I am jovially dismal. I am filled with emptiness, yet I have everything to give. I am an attractive calamity. I am a beautiful disaster, therefore, no one will have me.
The Difference Between Real Knowledge & A Phd
It has comes to my attention that now days most people that go to college love to use their fancy degrees to make themselves out to be better than someone who hasn't. I am not saying all of you do but for those that do this piece is for you . So Shut up listen and be prepared for the lesson of your life. Fist thing what exactly is a PHD. It is a piece of paper that tells you that you are smart when in truth who needs it. I never went to college and I had teachers my freshman yr in high school telling me I wrote better than most 5th yr college students. So you know what that means that means that as a 9th grader I was writing better than most people that already had one or two degrees. If I was that good you are probably asking yourself well if your that good why are you not in college then. Well I will tell you now because I have real knowledge. I don't need a piece of paper to tell me I am smart I know I am. Why spend all that money on a piece of paper think of the material that a
Fear To Get A Broken Heart Again
I see the dream girl in sight so everything’s going to be alright But…I better can hide my warm beautiful feelings I better keep my love for you in secret It seems there’s nothing else what I could do But still I say it to you Very difficult to live with - THIS - But still I pray for that one and only… That one and Only - KISS - If I could make a romantic movie It becomes a perfect love story with much sensation, romance and glory I get a shaming little laugh when I hear your name You’re everything in my eyes You’re my living flame And give many BUTTERFLIES Even through the deepest of my little shying heart One-million flying butterflies through my tender body They all flying apart But, I don’t dare to try to make a step in front of you because I’ve fear of something Fear I never knew So maybe I can better try to keep seeing you like a friend Because my fear’s to get a broken heart again
he skalks his his prey carefuly silently he moves closer senseing the direction of the wind as as it moves over his bare arms and face being sure to stay downwind he moves ever closer awaiting his moment the deer faises his head testing the air for the scent for any sign of a threat listening for any sound watching for any movment the hunter freezes as its prey raises its head slowing its breathing holding perfectly still senses impossibly keen watching waiting patient as the forrest around it scitishly the the deer looks around a large buck in its prime it knows well the the laws by which it lives senseing no threat the morning is warm the breeze gentle and the dew on the grass and flowers that its feeding sweet and quenching one last time the buck surreys the glade and the others of its kind around it
The 4th Reicht Is Here
GIVE Mandatory Service Act Strips First Amendment of “Volunteers” * Text size * Larger * Smaller Kurt Nimmo Infowars March 24, 2009 On March 18, Rep. George Miller, a Democrat from California, tacked an amendment on H.R. 1388, entitled “Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act,” or GIVE (to government), Obama’s plan to require mandatory service for all able young people. Miller’s amendment will “prohibit organizations from attempting to influence legislation; organize or engage in protests, petitions, boycotts, or strikes; and assist, promote, or deter union organizing,” according to, a site that tracks Congress. featured stories GIVE Mandatory Service Act Strips First Amendment of Volunteers Obama’s call for a “Civilian Security Force” during a campaign speech in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In other words, Obama’s “volunteer corps” act, passed by the House with a 321-105 margin and requiring the government to develop
Just An Update
I have not given up on the dog park. After the last visit I noticed Baxter hind legs would get stiff if he had been laying down for a while. I don't know if this is from the douchey guy laying on him or from just all that running. I think I have stated before I don't run. I am pretty sure it was the douchey guy though. The past week has been a working week. I watched 2 episodes of The Dog Whisperer. I now am fairly confident that I am a certified Beast Master and I expect my loin cloth uniform in the mail any day now. The main thing I learned from Ceaser is that my dog is fine and that I am a total mess. The problem at the dog park happened because I did not put Baxter in the right frame of mind to begin with. I am also a terrible person and I should probably be wearing a muzzle out in public. So we have been working with other dogs in the neighborhood on being a less aggressive. I say we because this takes a lot of work on my part. Last night a fairly good looking guy s
Is This It?
Will my spirit just leave this bodily vessel? With all the things God does, I do not do anything. I do have a disability... my skin and bones are not me.. just a facade.. I moved over for others.. what a thing to do.. they have not bled, shed tears, become dry.. they take.. make fake.. lose all, create our fall.. suffer for this land.. all at their hands.. rid our problems? No.. keep us in a daydream.. this is not the way.. the end of our days..not Apocalypse.. no deliverance.. New World beyond my door . . not really so. With intrigue and intensity . . we will find just a new fascist dominance.. don't ask why.. yet show me the way.. to the Higher Power... to nature.. to the gods.. to the one God.. to the essence of our humanity.. be it one.. from Alpha to Omega.. will our spirit die?
Do You Dare.....
day in and out you perform for them they come from miles around to watch you to listen to your words but they never see the darkness lingering inside you you only show what they wanna see i asked you once do not cower from me show me the real you no need was there to hide i would never harm you each time they called to you you went leaving me alone only needing me when you had no one to listen to you can you not see me can you not feel what i offer they offer you nothing but a shot at a spotlight a fickle one  at that they will soon tire of you then what will you do
A Love Letter
The Storm We Carry
 storms are resting on my shoulders,releasing the the power of lightning,undoing the the burdons that are aquired, building the pressure daily,to break the carriers spirit,slowly over time to replenish itself. pelting the skin like rain,corrupting the spirit to break,giving the weak seemingly endless power, the weight forcing the stoppage,gathering the strength to carry on,willing the spirit to great feats. unified the spirit and storms are unbreakable,uncontrollable they are furious and free,never controlled only maintained
The Final Goodbye
Dear You Know Who You Are, Goodbye to the end of a era, Hello to the start of new beginnings . I lost a few friends but what else is new. Ask Me if I'm hurt and I'll tell you no. Ask me if it will ever be the same most likely it won't. Yes I have changed so what you wanted me to. It's not my fault it blew up in your face. I'm not to blame because you got what you wanted. Call Me names, spit on me do what you want I no longer have you around so why should I give a damn. I'm better off anyway. You say I was a friend, you say I was fam, but I was nothing but a invisible ghost you never really cared. I wasted many a night trying to make you smile. Good Luck without me on that now. Your drama with a capital D and I get plently of that without your help so here is to your new life without me. Here is one last toast I hope it will be as you planned because this will be the last time you ever see me. Remember the laughs, remember the hugs, because never again will that happen. I can stand alo
Watch Out For This Guy......
Randy the Vampire... jerk is going around & stealing pictures. Don't bother downrating him, just block him right away...try to do it when he's not online since he'll be able to get to them before you can block him. There's nothing you can do but set your profile to "friend's only" & mark your folders the same.Just a head's up so he doesn't get yours, too! Brenda
Day Two - Even Better
Day Two of the Bamboozle was today. Finally got to see Gwen Stacy, after a gazillion other tries. The were great! A Day to Remember was phenomenal. The hilight was seeing Taking Back Sunday and No Doubt. No Doubt had an actual circle pit,. believe it or not. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was there. Who on earth moshes to No Doubt? Be real!
The Varieties Of Biblical Marriage
by Vorjack We hear a lot about “biblical marriage” these days. Some of us might not be clear on what that means. The website Religious Tolerance has provided a helpful article on the types of marriage found in the pages of the bible. Here’s a summary: Polygynous Marriage Probably the most common form of marriage in the bible, it is where a man has more than one wife. Levirate Marriage When a woman was widowed without a son, it became the responsibility of the brother-in-law or a close male relative to take her in and impregnate her. If the resulting child was a son, he would be considered the heir of her late husband. See Ruth, and the story of Onan (Gen. 38:6-10). A man, a woman and her property — a female slave The famous “handmaiden” sketch, as preformed by Abraham (Gen. 16:1-6) and Jacob (Gen. 30:4-5). A man, one or more wives, and some concubines The definition of a concubine varies from culture to culture, but they tended to be live-in mistresses. Concubines
I am up for auction in Mz Chaos new auction. Please rate my pic for prizes for most rates and please bid, I'd love a blast, bling or VIP. So please check out what I'm offering ;). Here is the link to my picture and offer. Thank you all.
Zomg! Thrilled!
I am so thrilled right now I could scream and dance! Omg, did I really say that? Yes, I did!!! Having had my name on the list for the shelter here in town as well as a transitional place, the transitional place just called!!!! I have a one on one interview there tomorrow.   Some of the things she told me during the phone interview included: its a clean and sober house 10 women living there (beats the shelter of 80) Currently they have 2 openings :) You need to be there at 6pm M-F for dinner and case mgmt random UAs and BAs (bring it on!) assigned some type of chore for the upkeep of the house groups, that include Processing Group, Community Group as well as Recovery Group Assigned a contact counselor Curfew the 1st month is 10pm  lots of structure and encouragement as far as change in jobs, schooling etc I am totally stoked!!! I wanted this over the shelter cuz here they encourage you to get out and do things rather then go to bible classes and not work the first 9 mo
Heres What You Have Been Waiting For (breaking Dawn Info
Robert Pattinson Will Star in Breaking Dawn May 19, 2009 · View commentsComments in Robert Pattinson If there was ever any doubt that Robert Pattinson wouldn’t be appearing in the fourth movie of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, he has confirmed to the Hollywood Reporter that he’ll be appearing in the film– Pattinson told The Hollywood Reporter that he is committed to starring in the final outing to date but doesn’t know when backers Summit Entertainment will begin production because of the actor’s jam-packed shooting schedule. He also talked a bit about the fact he’ll be appearing as a flittering image of Bella Swan’s mind in New Moon–instead of just a voice: Said Pattinson, laughing: “You’re playing a figment in Bella’s imagination so I was trying to do it in a 2-D way. I hope it doesn’t translate onscreen as being boring.” The hardworking actor is taking a few days off after completing &ldq
He Is Fake,like His Love
you will not see me cry not one little tear he was not worth it he was nothing to me i swear i held him in my heart for a very long time but i had to release him i could not keep his tainted love it was to heard to bear he was never mine even if i thought he was he was just something that i placed my love on he was nothing,nothing i swear my eyes will not cry any tears i was willing to give up so much just to have him near but no i will not give up nothing to have that fake ass here his love is fake just like he is so i will not cry over him i will not i will not
What Makes A Friend
It's not what you wear, t's not what you have, it's not what or who you know It's the ability to share a laugh, It's the ability to learn and grow, it's the ability to enjoy warm company, it's the desire to reach out in need or listen when needed. But most of all it's the joy that being with the friend brings in warming your life. For those of you who read here, who care enough to know me, you bring such warmth to my days, Thank you.
Waste away I'm crawling blind Hollowed by what I left inside For you, just you I'm caught in place But I ignore what I can't erase I will run and hide till memories fade away And I will leave behind a love so strong Close my eyes theses voices say Haunting me, I can't escape For you, just you Time will always wait While I throw away what I can't replace I will run and hide till memories fade away And I will leave behind a love so strong [x2] I will run and hide! And I will leave behind! I will run and hide till memories fade away And I will leave behind a love so strong!
Run Rabbit
run little rabbit run   bean chasen you for years dove to  grab ya by the ears through the looking mirror                                                                   and the whole world disapeared  and im like, run   every thing's in disaray cried cause i lost my way turned into an ocean walked across with no delay cause its all a crazy dream and nothing's as it seems you aint the only one thats late for the party so run   so run little rabit                                                                               if i can see it ima grab  it                                                                                                                                                                     gonna keep pushing forward                                                        cause im mad as a hatter bout it but if i can catch the dream ima ditch reality the field mouse and me yo relax'n drink'n tee so run
Hmm Website??
so i've been debating about this for a very long time..lets say 5 I've been offered a buttload of times to make my own website or to become a porn star...but i was always afraid that my family and friends will find i always said no..with a big "N" lol.. well i was thinking bout it over a period of time..i kinda like the way betty paige did it.. u know how they did it privately..they had clients who would request ideas for what they want to be on the pic and they would pay for that set of pics..wasn't necessarly pornagraphic but more what there fantasy was. and the site and clients would be more private and keep the clients identity's at a low...and the pics would be in a tasteful artistic way.. do u think that would work?? and what are your opinions.let me cause my thoughts are all over the place.  
Mass Diving
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Today I am going to share with you dear readers a little something I learned when I entered this community over a decade ago as an unattached bottom/subbiegirl. That's right peeps! I wasn't identifying as a Top/Dom/MagnamousGoddess at the time. Anyhow ~ One of the BEST things my elders taught me was that if you were looking at someone as a possible partner, it never hurt to ask around about them and observe them to be sure they were what I thought. Easy enough in some ways, but challenging in others - as I was new and without all the resources I have on hand today... I learned to not only asking the person in question's friends but also the people who were not fond of them. Friends tend to be biased and enemies tend to tell their truths. It was through practing this techinique as a bottom that I learned the value it would bring me as a top. I still do this before truly befriending people because of how attached I get to those I choose to call friends. [It's a million times worse for
I'm In An Auction!!!
I'm in an auction, it's been a while, over a year since someone last owned me,  Come get yourself a hot, sexy fubar slave, well, sort of slave.  I'll at least do everything I offered, but you can ask my former owners and friends, you'll probably get more than you pay for.  
Needing Some Help
so yeah...  I am having like the worst fucking time trying to come up with this cool ass screen name... I mean what the hell...  I want it to be as cool as perfectly_inked... give you props sis.. it fits you well....  anyone got some ideas?

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