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The True Me..... Kinda
The True You You want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more relaxed, calm, and composed. With respect to money, you spend whatever you have. You think good luck will definitely be yours, someday. The hidden side of your personality tends to be methodical in your ways - with trouble adapting to the rules of society. You are tend to think about others' feelings a lot, perhaps because you are so eager to be liked. When it comes to finding a romantic partner, you make opportunities to interact with many people through club activities or a hobby, then select someone you like.Who's The True You?
A Bit Of A Dorky Poem I Know.. But Here It Is Nonetheless... Tada
Such a sin Beauty mourned and grieved within My bosom Fore, love is the fool that tempts me Love and my lover's heart alone Keep me burning into the night Brighter than the sun or the heavens themselves Stars falling at my lover's feet to ashes Oh what a sin To love thee
Vacation Time......
I started my 11 days of vacation time today. Didn't do a damn thing today except for sleep tell 2:30 in the after noon. It felt so good not to go to work on a Thursday. :D I have a lot of things to do tomorrow though. Nothing to excited planned for the next few days. We'll see what happens. I'm just happy not to go into work right now :D WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
What Is Love ?
Love is like an illness that we can't hide it for. Love is like a flame, We never know when it comes and heat us or burn us down. Love can make us happy but can make our life misserably.. Love is an emotion that is hard to show, Love also helps make a relationship grow, Love can be hard to cope with, isn't it true? Especially when the person you love doesn't love you. Love is a coma and go thing that sometimes may last long, It can also be a comforting word when all hope is gone. Love is kinds like it should be, Love is not an object that someone wants, Love is a great emotion this we all know, SO find someone to love and let your love flow
Pet Fish
PET FISH. . . A redneck was stopped by a game warden in Georgia recently with two ice chests full of fish. He was leavin' a cove well-known for its fishing. The game warden asked the man, "Do you have a license to catch those fish?" "Naw, sir", replied the redneck. "I ain't got none of them there licenses. You must understand, these here are my pet fish." "Pet fish?" "Yeah. Every night, I take these here fish down to the lake and let 'em swim 'round for awhile. Then, when I whistle, they jump right back into these here ice chests and I take 'em home." "That's a bunch of hooey! Fish can't do that." The redneck looked at the warden for a moment and then said, "It's the truth Mr. Government
Angel In Need!!!!!
I know how she feels and what emotions she is dealing with....I watched and took care of the love of my life who was fighting Liver Cancer for 3 years (doctors only gave him 1 yr) Be Sweet to her.....Encouragement is the greatest medicine you gave give her. Please show your love! Post her link on your front page.......Hugs M'Lady Tina
Have you ever felt the pain of broken true love? Oh but babe you have not You are the broken pain in my heart You were like a dart thrown at a dart board I just happened to be that dart bard
how do you get married here~~~~
But You Call Me A Racist
You call me "Cracker", "Honkey", "Whitey" and even "The Man" and you think it's OK. But when I call you, "nigger", "Kike", "Towelhead", "Sand-nigger", "Camel Jockey", "Beaner" or "Chink" you call me a racist. You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day. You have Cesar Chavez Day. You have Yom Hashoah You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi You have the NAACP. You have BET. If we had WET(white entertainment television) we'd be racists. If we had a White Pride Day you would call us racists. If we had white history month, we'd be racists. If we had an organization for only whites to "advance" our lives, we'd be racists. If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships, you know we'd be racists. In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights. If we marched for our race and
Spread This Video Everywhere And Make It Number One!!
I'm Pregnant!!!!
I just found out I am having a baby and I am so excited...That's just what i need to bring some excitement back into my life!!!!!I am going to be getting married too..I AM SO HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I hope you all are happy for me too!!!! MUAH!!!! Michele P.s. Yeah Right..April Fool's !!!
A Pause For Thought
When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her. Sacha Guitry After marriage, husband and wife become two sides of a coin; they just can't face each other, but still they stay together. Hemant Joshi By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher. Socrates Woman inspires us to great things, and prevents us from achieving them. Dumas The great question... which I have not been able to answer... is, "What does a woman want? Sigmund Freud I had some words with my wife, and she had some paragraphs with me. Anonymous "Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays." Henry Youngman "I don't worry about terrorism. I was married for two years." Sam Kinison "There's a way of transferring funds that is even faster than
Clumsy Me
Whomever said im accident prone was ever so right. The last 4 days have been nothing but shit, n all leading to me spending 4 hours in the ER yesterday. what a load of fun that was. What happened u may ask....???? Im gonna tell ya if ud just wait a a min lol... I was working and carrying something heavy n just wasnt payin attention, go figure, when i walked into a set of shelves so hard that i ended up with 2 stress fractures in my arm, & and awesome bruise from my elbow all the way down to the middle of my arm. My mom would be soo proud of me lol. Only good thing bout it is that now i get to slack at work for awhile. WOOHOO!!! lol. too bad i didnt get the good drugs for the pain, oh well. So thats the latest drama from me.... ~Jen~
Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just wishing you all a safe and Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!! Hugsssssssssssssss Julie Easter Images @
The Real Me
Since only one person on CT knows me in real life im am going to lay it all out here. For better or for worse. (keep in mind im having a rough day). First, my name is Adam, im 26 yo and until recently was living with my wife and 3 children. Due to many issues between us 3 months ago my wife asked me to leave. In doing so I finally got the help i needed for my Bi-polar disorder. Which she says is part of the reason for the seperation. I was forced to move back into my parents house since i don't have a fulltime job (i was a stay at home dad). My illness caused many issues that i didn't see until i was being treated for it. I now find myself looking for ways to win my wife back. She says she still loves me but has no feelings for me. I am not a social person, at least since i stopped drinking and devoted my self to my family. I am not sure what to do at this point. I am jealous of a a male friend she has, though she says it is only a friendship. She hasn't asked for a divorce,
Latino Vibe
You have seen them everywhere- in your favorite music videos con MTV3, on the internet, and winning at the Latin Grammys but you've never seen them up close- until now. 95.1 Latino Vibe presents- LATINO VIBE-RATION 2007! Coming to Phoenix May 19 and performing live at the Dodge Theatre: Residente Calle 13 Julio Voltio Illegales La Factoria Match & Daddy Addassa Toby Love Akwid Magic Juan Chelo Special Guest...DJ Kazzanova Tickets go on sale this Friday, April 13 @ 10:00am. Come out to the Dodge Theatre, enjoy free breakfast and drinks courtesy of Filiberto's and hang with the Latino Street Squad starting at 7:00am! Be one of the first to buy your way to LATINO VIBE-RATION 2007!
Why Do Things Seem To Change
as ive lived my life ive noticed one thing that never really changes peoples opinions of you change constantly and a majority of them say its because you start acting differently or you change but how come ive been told this many time over by lots of people ive actually cared for yet some of my more constant friends even agree i havent changed my personality or anything yet im told by others im different yet the feelings i have to these people are the same i care to much i guess hope someone can provide me with a explination to such a thing
Everything I Wanted To Say, But Couldn't Fit
First of all, thank you Maria for holding the contest to win a free blast. I want to thank all of my AWESOME Friends for putting their timeless efforts and hard work into helping me win this blast. You guys are truly AWESOME, and I couldn't have done it without you. I Love You All! I am Truly Blessed and so Thankful to the good Lord, for giving me the gift of meeting the most Genuine, Amazing, and Awesome people, from all walks of life here on CherryTap. I consider all of my Friends here like my own Brothers and Sisters, and I keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers every day, for the very best of wishes and brightest blessings that life can bring. I love meeting new people and making friends. Friends are like Angels. They love you, watch over you, defend your honor, send messages of love, hope, encouragment, and inspiration, they comfort you, brighten your day, make you laugh, cry tears of joy, are fun to hang out with, and are always there for you when you need them the most. C
Who Will Believe My Verse In Time To Come
Who will believe my verse in time to come, If it were fill'd with your most high deserts? Though yet, heaven knows, it is but as a tomb Which hides your life and shows not half your parts. If I could write the beauty of your eyes And in fresh numbers number all your graces, The age to come would say 'This poet lies: Such heavenly touches ne'er touch'd earthly faces.' So should my papers yellow'd with their age Be scorn'd like old men of less truth than tongue, And your true rights be term'd a poet's rage And stretched metre of an antique song: But were some child of yours alive that time, You should live twice; in it and in my rhyme. Written by William Shakespeare
Loneliness and bitterness Two companions forever more Locked for all time inside Never let loose or set free Release is something never found Freedom is but a shattered dream Soul searching a waste Optimisim a foolish notion Living without meaning or hope Dreading the light of day Waiting for darkness to finally settle Blessed peace once and for all The endless sleep and a final escape
Help Please
My daughters best friend got hit by a car walking to school this morning. He died this evening. I don't know what to say to my daughter. She isn't taking this to good.
Just Lucky I Guess
My heart may not be considered a worth while prize, with its duct tape and glue holding parts of it together. But someone came into my life and totally blew me away. I wasnt expecting him, not at this time, not in this situation, all I know is here he is, the greatest thing to have happened to me. I care about him very much. I know he cares about me too. He calls me beautiful, and calls me baby. Granted these are just words but they are better then being told you are sexy or hot all the time. I want to know that I am a beautiful person inside and out. I think he sees that side of me. He is sweet, smart, a great listner, caring, interesting, and most importantly funny. We have so much in common that it freaks us out. I have never met anyone like him. I am not revealing who he is at this time because we have both decided it best not for our privacy, but he knows who he is. I listen to his song over and over. I think about him all day long. When my cell rings and I hear his song I smile a
Yeyyy I'm Back!!
..finally i am back online... ..its good to be back, have missed chattin to everyone, hope you all doin good...and i hope you kinda remember me lol... I have used my time wisely while i couldnt get online tho, lots of stuff has happened in the last 3 months, some good, some bad...some productive, some inspirational,some silly,some downright rediculous hehe..but all memorable... some :-) hmmm..that about covers it lol sooo, hi to all and hope you have all had a great few months, hope to chatatchya all soon Beci xox
A New Ipod
Apple announced today that it has developed a tiny computer chip that, when surgically implanted, can store and play music in women's breasts. The "iBreast" will cost between $499 and $599. This is considered to be a major breakthrough because women are always complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.
Mmm Vote For Me????
i've entered My Babe Space and submitted a few pics . could you help me out by casting a few votes to my pics?? it will be highly appreciated my submissions are open the month of june. so you can only vote for me this month people. please cast a vote on me.
my "B" wasnt working so bomb the site for me thanks
Help Her And Comment Bomb Her Picture
:) For those who didnt know im offically back in ohio :P
Thinking About Leaving Ct!
Im torn trying to figure out what I should do. So I thought Id ask my family and Friends. I love CT but theres just so much going on with contests and family drama. I love my friends and family and would do anything for any of you as some or most of you know. So I ask you now should I stay or should I go?
My Guestbook
When you look at my profile, please Sign My Guestbook.
A Poem That Gives You Goosebumps... A drunken man in an Oldsmobile they said had run the light. That caused the six-car pileup on 109 that night. When broken bodies lay about and blood was everywhere, The sirens screamed out eulogies, for death was in the air. A mother, trapped inside her car, was heard above the noise, Her plaintive plea near split the air, "Oh, God, please spare my boys!" She fought to loose her pinned hands, she struggled to get free, But mangled metal held her fast in grim captivity. Her frightened eyes then focused on where the back seat once had been, But all she saw was broken glass and two children's seats crushed in. Her twins were nowhere to be seen, she did not hear them cry, And then she prayed they'd been thrown free, "Oh, God, don't let them die! Then firemen came and cut her loose, but when they searched the back, They found therein no little boys, but the seat belts were
PISCES: The Piece of ass¢¾ Caring and kind. Smart. Center of attention. Too Sexy, DAMN IT. Very high SEX appeal. Has the last word. The best to find, hardest to keep. Fun to be around. Freak in the sheets. Extremely weird but in a good way. Super good in bed. Good Sense of Humor!!! Thoughtful. A partner for life. Always gets what he or she wants. Loves to joke. Very popular. Silly, fun and sweet. lol I love these things...don't know how true this one is but yeah i like to get my own way, and i am fun to be
Seren Bombers Family
TIACINDERS/ROCKGIRLTIA:FOUNDER SERENE BOMBERS tracey 'spudbaby angel of mercy .seren bombers ' 'VampireGirl: Seren Bombers' Richtee. Member of Brits on Tour Seren Bombers Roxanne 'ur2gd2betru1' Seren Bombers Canadian_Hottie..."Seren Bombers"'s 'ALICIA~*~SEREN BOMBERS~*~ club F.A.R.~*~READ MY BLOG AND BOMB MY CONTEST PIC...PLEASE!!!LUV U ALL~' 'Mary~*~SEREN BOMBER*~*Club F.A.R*~ Wordman aka "Kiss's Homan"'s
That I havent been commenting I have been working A LOT lately but I will get to yall this weekend sometime I promise! Hope everyone is doing well!!
Every day, a male co-worker walks up very close to a lady at the coffee machine, inhales a big breath of air, and tells her that her hair smells nice. After a week of this, she can't stand it anymore, takes her complaint to a supervisor in the personnel department and asks to file a sexual harassment grievance against him. The Human Resources supervisor is puzzled and asks: "What's sexually threatening about a coworker telling you your hair smells nice?" The woman replies, "It's Keith. The midget"
Real Fruit!
Were you voted a hot cherry or a pretty face based on some pictures...were you beat by what you would consider a FAKE you know someone who has fell victim to mindless and overly repetitive voting? Looking to even up the score? Wanna be put head to head and voted on by real people? Here is your chance... Here at VNC we feel that anyone is game enough to do the show down...we have leveled the field and and want the beautiful people to put the real deal on CAM...thats right...on live stream right there in our lounge and have a show down and see if they can live up to the hype that a photo likes to give us...they say the camera doesn't lie, here at VNC we say the WEB CAM just gets rid of the bullshit! Interested to see if you are really the best...or a DUD like the rest of us average people? Then contact me via Ct email friend me so that you can get the updated bulletins.Join the lounge, to make certain you have a quick way in. Tell your f
You're Gonna Finish
"ready to finish what you started hmmm? meet me at my car after work" is what to not on you desk read. as i wait in my car i ponder just what got into you today? all the lookz, the flashez from under your skirt, and the touching... man. so i lay my head back and wait listening to the radio, thinking of what i'm going to do to repay for the raging hard on i had to deal with all day. a light rapping on my window drawz my attetion to your hesitntly smileing face, i can tell you're not sure if you really want to be here. "hop in sweetz" i say, as i lean over popping the door for you. slowly you come around and slide into the passanger seat. as soon as you're comfy in your seat, a reach over stroking your cheek with a wry smilez, i lean in a kiss you softly. i can feel your body relax some, my fingers sliding into your hair as the kiss deepenz and heat up. your handz roam my body, my free hand groaping your body before i pull your head back & smirk saying, "time for you to finish what you
wind... blow wind blow where ya gonna go what ya gonna bring are ya gonna teach the birds to sing are ya gonna teach me anything are ya gonna bring a cool sweet breeze or bring a storm to tear the trees are ya gonna blow my fears away bring them back another day or keep them here with me to stay will ya blow across a distant land fill yourself with dust and sand or make the waves roll on the sea a soothing sight for all to see will ya lift them to wash over me will ya stay with me a little while try to teach me how to smile or will ya just go blow away leave me all alone today never tell why you can't stay blow wind blow where ya gonna go... Jeffro
For Him
I've spent my whole life Dreaming of a love that's pure and true. Then you came into my life And I spent months dreaming of you. I told myself not to fall. I couldn't handle another heartbreak. I couldn't spend my life thinking, Am I just another mistake. I thought I had the world, Because suddenly I had you. I figured it was just a dream And that it would never come true. I had my heart in your grasp But you let me slip and fall. No matter how loud I screamed You never once heard me call. It was because she was around The one you wanted that was unattainable. You became overwhelmed with emotions And your obsession became unrestrainable. You know her heart is someone else's And it will never belong to you. However, you sit back waiting And refusing to accept the truth. You need to wisen up And act like the adult you are. Stop your moping around And life just might take you far. I can't believe I almost cried. Just because you chose to dump me.
For Real
omg I so love this band!
As SOME of ya'll know if u actually take the time to talk to me... my husbands currently deployed and were having problems.. dunno if were gonna stay married.... i dunno what to do.. im here stateside.. waiting... raising 2 kids.. ones 6 and the other is 4 months.. all alone.. nobody to turn to.. no true freinds to turn to.. and being in alaska.. im so far from family... im the type of girl that leaves my thoughts usually to myself and doesnt talk to much about umm or i try to put my mind on other stuff! at times like this.. i feel so alone.. i wanna talk to someone.. im so bored.. my kids r sick and everyones drinkin but i dont feel i should or i dont even wanna cause i dont want something to happen if they needed me or something.. ya know! ok well this isnt really going anywhere.. so i guess thats it for now.. im gonna lay down i guess... im just bored.. feelin alone! **sigh**
? to all if you put pics on your profile why mark them all private if you want people to see them why mark them private makes no sence can some one anwser this for me
Tattoo Survey
If you have at least one tattoo, do the survey, if you don't then pass it on! 1. Have you ever cried during a tattoo? no 2. When did you get your first tattoo? My 39th birthday 3. What was your first tattoo? My trademark "UnLoved Rose" 4. Which tattoo is closest to your heart?"UnLoved Rose" 5. Do you have a matching tattoos with someone? no 6. Do you have a tattoo that someone messed up on? no 7. Do you have anyone's name tattooed on you? no 8. What was the most painful tattoo you received? Haven't had a painful one, I guess I like the sting of the needle. 10. Do you plan on being heavily or moderately tatted? moderately but tastefully 11. Do you have a tattoo that you constantly have to explain? yes 12. Have you ever gotten an infection from a tattoo? no 13. What is the longest session you've ever sat straight? 3 hours 16. Do you regret having gotten any of your tattoos? no! 17. Would you consider ever getting any of your tattoos removed? no 18. What are you goi
Update On My Lufe
Just to let you all know today I got to court to let the judge know I still cannot find my ex wife. I needed to try and serve her the paperwork regarding me putting in for full custody of our children. All I know is she is still up in Fresno somewhere, she won't tell me where she is because she thinks I would turn her into the Army (which I would). She hasn't clled me in over 2 weeks now. So I am hoping the judge will just grant me what I have asked for. Here's some other news in my life right now...I am single again, I still have no clue what happened. Everything was going pretty good with the girl I was seeing. Last Monday she told me how happy she was to be with me and we started talking more serious. Tuesday we went out to dinner and to the bar and had a great time. We even planned a little trip for August or September. We did seperate things for the 4th because we each already had plans with family that day. Thursayd morning she gets kinda wierd on me in the morning telling me ma
The Game Of Love
What we thought was love and happiness? Is now gone all that's left is to move on. Say goodbye and walk away. Take your wounded pride put it aside. The game of love you have lost. Your broken heart is the cost. Count your blessings and pray. maybe You will win at the game of love one day. Just learn when to walk away. Your strong enough to say good bye. Don't hold back it's okay to cry love hurts sometimes
I Am Only Me
I am only me, that is all that I can be No more, no less, don't second guess I love, I laugh, I live and cry, I've wished at times, that I could die Some days I'm funny, others I'm not, Sometimes I'm in overdrive and can't stop I am a loyal and honest friend, You know that I'll be there until the end I am a mother, my children my greatest gift, The smiles on their faces always give me a lift I am a romantic, sensual, sexual, and passionate too, To the love of my life, I'll share this with you I can be sweet and shy or sassy and bold, I'm quite a handful, or so I've been told I am not perfect, I do have my faults, Like when I get scared I put up high walls Or I'm not as forgiving, as I'd sometimes like to be, Because when I hurt, I hurt deeply you see. My logic is all my own, at times misunderstood, Because I don't always do things for my own good I have many facets, like a diamond you see... I am only me. ~ Author Unknown ~
Part Three Of 4
Early in the morning I was awaken by Jacks light kisses on my body. I pulled him closer to me and he gave me a deep hot kiss that awoke my body even before my mind was full awake. I felt his hand slid in between my legs and found my clit. He slowly started rubbing and built me up to a fire pitch. He then rolled over on top of me and slipped deep inside of me. I raped my legs around him as he whispered sweet love words in my ear. The trust became harder deeper as he kissed me. I felt him every where all around me, in side of me I felt each word he said like a spell being cast upon me. Each wave was deep.. I was falling and not sure as to where I would land. And then my mind exploded in a million peaces and I not understanding what it was that my body was feeling, Not just my body, But my mind and my very soul. I began to cry. A deep hard cry some how I knew this was the beginning of the end. The end of what I was not sure but I felt a loss. Jack pulled me into his arms and held me as I
You scored as The Beast, Your alter ego is The Beast! But that is only a name... you are kind hearted and sweet, people just misunderstand you. The Beast88% Donald Duck88% Peter Pan75% Ariel63% Goofy63% Cruella De Ville38% Pinocchio38% Sleeping Beauty31% Snow White31% Cinderella13% Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?created with
Does My Name Fit Me?
K~crazy in a good way A~Hot R~smile to die for I~loves to laugh and smile ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~so does it fit me?? A: Hot B: Amazing kisser C: good kisser D: can kick ur butt E: has gorgeous eyes F: lowild and crazy adore you G: very outgoing H: cute I: loves to laugh and smile J: is really sweet K: crazy in a good way L: very good kisser M: makes dating fun N: easy to fall in love with O: has one of the best personalities ever P: popular with all types of people Q: a hypocrite R: smile to die for S: makes people laugh T: is a good person to be with U: Hott V: not judgmental W: very broad minded X: never let people tell you what to do Y: smile to die for Z: can be funny and dumb at times
Hi Long Time
hello just wanted to say hello to everyone and thank everyonefor the ratings and comments
well i just found out that my boy for 9 months and just found out where family. how cool id that
Susie Lee
Suzy Lee fell in love. She planned to marry Joe. She was so happy about it all, she told her pappy so. Pappy told her, "Suzie Gal, you'll have to find another. I'd just as soon yo maw don't know, but Joe is yo half-brother." So Suzie forgot about her Joe and planned to marry Will. But after telling pappy this, he said, "There's trouble still. You can't marry Will, my gal and please don't tell yo mother, cause Will and Joe and several mo I know is yo half-brother." But mama knew and said "Honey chile, do what makes yo happy. Marry Will or marry Joe, You ain't no kin to pappy!"
A teenage girl's first crush is . . . well, crushing. Her body isn't hers, nor is her mind. She finds herself shivering, shaking, blushing, Weak, tormented, sick, and going blind. And why? Because some guy might look her way, Then cast his eyes as quickly to the ground; Some special one, for reasons she can't say, Whose voice makes her feel faint when he's around. But now my crush on you has been returned, And so the two of us stand on some brink: It can't be love so young, and yet we've learned Love does its will, no matter what we think. Slowly, slowly now--we mustn't rush: Let's enjoy this first sweet teenage crush.
Well,,I'm outlawed from the mumms..was going to mumm...but can't(N),,i pissed on the mumms a few weeks ago...about the bouncer check when it 1st started wildly..i put a NSFW pic on there,,,well,,i was a pic of animal hold'n a hotdog like it was his picker..(B)8-p...don't think that should have been marked as nsfw..when the same ones i have in stash now,,,but where in photos an never marked as nsfw,,,so how long do you all think i should be punished for it...are should i have been???
Read This Please!!!!
STATE POLICE WARNING TO MYSPACE USERS* Please read this.....I hope that all of my Friends Post this and help keep our myspace friends safe. State police warning for online: Please read this "very carefully"..then send it out to all the people online that you know. Something like this is nothing to be taken casually; this is something you DO want to pay attention to. If a person with the screen-name of RatBonesBlakStar or contacts you, do not reply. DO NOT talk to this person; do not answer any of his/her instant messages or e-mail. Whoever this person may be, he/she is a suspect for murder in the death of 56 women (so far) contacted through the Internet. Please send this to all the women on your buddy list and ask them to pass this on, as well. This screen-name was seen on Yahoo, AOL, AIM, and Excite so far. This is not a joke! Please send this to men too...just in case! Send to everyone you know. Ladies, this is serious. Gentlemen,
I gotta say, the last few years have been hard. I have spent 36 out of the last 60 monthe deployed in Iraq. If your life is getting a littkle hard, gimme a shout.
Updates! Current mood: aggravated Just to let everyone know, everything is going great. The second trimester is way better then the first, I can actually take pre natals and not get sick. YAY! So hopefully that will give me more energy. I am getting huge, and hope to have a picture of the belly up soon. I have a Dr's appointment on the 28th...hopefully they will give me an ultrasound, and be able to tell the sex of the baby *hopefully a girl*. The boys are doing great, getting big, and the are trying to listen to mommy and daddy, but you know how that goes. Calvin will be starting school next year, 2008, and I am so affraid with all these shootings. I might just homeschool him, but then that doesn't give him any social skills. But now a days there are programs that you can put them in to get that social thing in there. He can say his ABC's and count to 10. I am going to start working with him on other things. He is a very smart boy, and will pick up on it quickly.
Fires Of Heart
Fires to the heart the of fire and life just staring at your liquid smiles and many faces of life. wanting to know who u are your mind burns into my heart my soul is on fire with passion and love for u the smoke i see is not blinding but clear clear as the blue eyes i see kissing your burning lips is like an high that i can not grasp i hold your heart, soul and life forever
Summer Of '07..
...well, it's over. The Summer of 2007. Labor Day usually signifies the traditional end of summer and it's back to the school, work, and somewhat "regular" routine that everyone experiences at some level. Summer memories from every year from back when you were weee big up until basically you can't remember anymore really. A whole big "remember when....OMG...remember this year, this time..etc" thing comes into play and summertime is really the best and most memorable time of year for these things to happen. Special unique relationships are formed, summer flings & random things always tend to happen during these summer months. Things and memories you never forget as well as those who you spent them with. Whether it be a BBQ, trip to a theme park, beach, to watch a sunrise or sunset with that special someone, a bonfire, backyard or block party, drunk moments & parties, late night phone calls that you never want to end, or ones that end too soon... anything really. It is what it is and it
9/11, Enough Already! (read Fully Before You Freak Out!)
(This post may seem unpopular at first, perhaps even enraging, but bear with me a second and read this through to the end, please.) I'm sick of hearing about 9/11 every year. Yes, it has had a great impact on our way of life, all of it bad, and I don't need a reminder of how the two worst criminals in American history, George Bush and Osama bin Laden, have become unwitting partners in destroying this once-great nation. On 9/10/01 the world was about the same as it is now: people got up and went to work, their kids went to school, and business was as usual. The economy was in the toilet thanks to the Bush economic policies that were the revival of the already-failed Keynesian supply-side economics called Reaganomics. My beloved Denver Broncos played a MNF game that night and I unfortunately saw Ed McCaffery break his leg in what would be the beginning of the end of his all-pro career. It was a typical day. 9/11 came and we all know what happened. America went through one of
The Mystery Is Solved
Ok I don't think anyone has a clue what the hell Corey Hart is saying in his song "Sunglasses at Night" so here it is...we can all sleep at night now. Artist: Corey Heart Song : Sunglasses At Night Lyrics: I wear my sunglasses at night so I can so I can Watch you weave then breath your story lines. And I wear my sunglasses at night so I can so I can Keep track of the visions in my eyes. While she's deceiving me it cuts my security. Has she got control of me? - I turn to her and say: Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades oh no. Don't masquerade with the guy in shades oh no I can't believe it! You got it made with the guy in shades oh no. And I wear my sunglasses at night so I car ` Forget my name while you collect your cla1 so I can And I wear my sunglasses at night so I carim. See the light that's right before my eyes. 1 so I can While she's deceiving me it cuts my security . . . Don't switch the blade on the guy in shades oh no. Don't ma
Finally lol got it done got everyone on my friends and family list rated and fanned wooooooo hoooo lol if for some reason i ahve left someone out please send me a shout and i will correct this oversight. love to all
My Comment Contest
My Husband
He cares only that I'm happy, Even when I’m not with him. If some seek on the wind love's traces, Some seek out the love within. All my pleasures are his treasures, Nor does he crave joy alone. All have claim on his compassion; No dark soul is on its own. Giving thus, so naturally, Each day he lights the love in me, Like candles on a sunlit stone.
The Wooden Bowl
I guarantee you will remember the tale of the Wooden Bowl tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. The Wooden Bowl A frail old man went to live with his son, daughter-in-law, and four-year old grandson. The old man's hands trembled, his eyesight was blurred, and his step faltered. The family ate together at the table. But the elderly grandfather's shaky hands and failing sight made eating difficult. Peas rolled off his spoon onto the floor. When he grasped the glass, milk spilled on the tablecloth. The son and daughter-in-law became irritated with the mess. "We must do something about father," said the son. " I've had enough of his spilled milk, noisy eating, and food on the floor." So the husband and wife set a small table in the corner. There, Grandfather ate alone while the rest of the family enjoyed dinner. Since Grandfather had broken a dish or two, his food was served in a wooden bowl! When the family glanced in Grandfather's
Thank You All Again
Another amazing Happy Hour, Thank you all so much for all the love you showed. x x x x x x x x x x x x When life seems unfair and uncertain, somehow you have the ability to ease the sadness and make me feel as if everything is going to be okay.... You have an amazing amount of strength that carries me through the rough times and a wonderful sense of humor that can turn the tears into smiles.... Knowing you're by my side.... knowing that I have you to lean on knowing that you will always be there, gives me comfort.... I am not just lucky to have you in my life I am blessed beyond words. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Thank you Shell xxxxx
ahhhhh!!! I’m going crazy! okay so I have 2 weeks left of my leave and I can take up till the 11th of October off but I'm already going crazy sitting at the house with the kids or when my grandma takes Lucian or even when I go over to someone else's house, I'm still going crazy. I need to get out with more social interaction with people, new people and guys. I realized I only have one guy friend that I can talk to and he is in Boise. HELP! I just need to get out more. I'm hoping to be able to get out a little more once I get somethings finacially set with some of my new bills. most likely next month which also will be my 22nd birthday at the end of the month. Oh, so lonely.
Words Of Comfort
The most destructive habit.....Worry The greatest Joy........... Giving The greatest loss........Loss of self-respect The most satisfying work..... Helping others The ugliest personality trait....... Selfishness The most endangered species..... Dedicated leaders Our greatest natural resource........ Our youth The greatest "shot in the arm"..... Encouragement The greatest problem to overcome........ Fear The most effective sleeping pill........ Peace of mind The most crippling failure disease..... Excuses The most dangerous pariah.... A gossiper The world's most incredible computer....... The brain The worst thing to be without........ Hope The deadliest weapon..... The tongue The two most power-filled words..... "I Can" The greatest asset.... Faith The most worthless emotion...... Self-pity The most beautiful attire.... SMILE! The most prized possession...... Integrity The most powerful channel of communication ... Prayer The most contagious spirit...... Enthusiasm
Getting Bored On Here
for the past few weeks it seems that things are slowing down on here..not sure why i have some many frineds.. and i have not leveled up in a while but who cares about leveling any ways.. i would really like to have friends that i can count on to talk to.. just not sure if this site is worth it with all the bouncer on here now.. it was never like this with lost cherry or cherry tap.. now fubar has bouncer.. and if you are signed in .. why do i need to put a code in to be on my friends page checking out their new pics?? what the deal behind that shit??? sounds more fucked up than anything here lately.. oh well just some shit off my mind here lately.. later ash
Hey Ladies!!!!
If you peek into my "Bad Boy" pics make sure to leave some comments! ;)~~ hehe Love to know what goes through your minds! Don't be shy!!! [M]
Why Is It?
Why do you do the things you do? How you treat yourself, and me too. I see you for who you are, so why can't you? You say you don't deserve me, But who are you to say that? You can't see what I see, You are not me. So think long and hard, And remember, I know you and see you for you, and you alone, So come to me, and let me show you, you Through me.
Want To Win A 3 Day Blast?
Enter the HOT Rocks Radio - Madhouse Contest to win: a 3 day Fubar Blast, a $20 Gift Certificate from the Hot Rocks Radio Boutique, an "Inside The Music" CD, a "Best of the Madhouse" CD, a Maroon 5 CD "It Won't Be Soon Before Long", AND a bottle opener/key-chain, a CD, and photos from Rogue Frequency.... CLICK THE MADHOUSE BANNER BELOW TO ENTER! ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE. MUST be listening to the Madhouse on Hot Rocks Radio, Tuesday October 2nd from 9pm to Midnight to be eligible win. Please close cover before striking and all other safety messages apply. Have fun Rock Heads! Join me in the HotRocksRadio Lounge by clicking on the picture below….
Here's The Thing...
I lost a friend..we had grown apart due to lack of communication. It is hard on me because I care so much about my friends. I don't really want to be social right now. I am sorry I am not leaving comments for everyone and I appreciate the concern you have shown me. I care about you all so much. I have only so much energy I can extend here for now. I have stretched it to its limits and in some instances extended it a bit too far. I have a serious crush on someone local. He doesn't know I like him so much and I won't tell him. But I hope he will be spending some time with me as often as schedules permit. I have a couple friends I adore beyond bounds and I want them to always know I will always adore doesn't just end. I love my closest friends. I tell them as often as I can so they know it. Bill is my best friend here in CT he is awesome and is there for me always. Thanks Bill for letting me come to you and unload some of the weight I take upon my shoulders.
why is it that the whole love and feelings thing has to be so damn complicated ? why does something that feels so right have to be so wrong? why is it that everytime i think of you my mind goes crazy with happy thoughts? why do you have to be so sweet and caring ? why do you even talk to me ? im just another female that come a dime a dozen... im nothing special... i just dont understand and my mind is filled with alot of whys ......
3 More Ghost Stories
Ghost Bite The scariest ghost story in my life happened when I was nine. As are most little kids, I was afraid of the dark. My little bee night light glowed through the my dark cloaked room. I tried to imagine a nice bright sunny beach, no use. As I pulled the covers up over my head, I heard a soft padding in my room. Like that of a small puppy. I tried to convince myself to just forget and fall asleep. The padding continued. It seemed to be getting closer to my bed. And it actually was. I peeked over the top of my covers and whimpered. There on my bed was a dent. It looked as if something was sitting on the side of it. And something was. All of a sudden in the place of the dent in my bed growled. I thought, "A ghost of a dog has come to kill me. It's mad!" But I had never harmed an animal in my life! I just didn't move, and breathed quietly, trying not to anger the thing. But it was no use. A rush of wind just came at me and I felt pain on the left side of my face. Then everything
The Rat Within
The Rat Within The flame of the candle flickered through the darkened hole of a window, the only evidence that the tiny cottage was occupied. Mammoth-sized rats had slowly eaten their way through the thatched roof, allowing the elements of nature to steal inside. One of the braver rats had made himself at home by soaking up the warmth of the candle, his silhouette outlined as one watched in the distance, a shadow of mystery, of darkness. Greta listlessly ambled towards the candle, acutely aware of the rat's presence, though not of the one that watched from afar. As she approached the rat, he did not move, he did not cringe, he did not twitch for he was accustomed to the young woman's presence. Nor did Greta fear the large, sparsely haired vermin, rather found him a comforting companion. It was lonely, locked in the cottage with no one about. Yet, she was safe here in this wooded haven of lost souls, which she had claimed as her home ten years gone by. Due to a cruel
Tired Of It...
Im tired of the fucking drama around here. Its a fucking website people. Whats funny is the ones that say they are here for "friends" are the ones bitching about the fakers. Get a life and get over it. Im tired enough of the drama that I have started removing the people who are reposting the drama bulletins. Its bull shit. Just like the dumb woman and her man that where saying they were gonna sue. Fucking get a life people. If you cant be on here to have fun and wanna bitch about people that are using scripts or whatever else then you dont need to be here. shit Ive just wasted time bitching about the whiners when i couldve been playing on the site. So if your one thats feeding on the drama kindly remove yourself. I dont mind the occasional bitch about things but when you have 20 bulletins about the same topic on your page thats a bit much. I dont even mind the bulletins about downraters but Ive had it with the drama.
About Me
Trying to update my ABOUT ME on my profile....but doesn't seem to be gonna stash it here for now.... YES, I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! YES, I SAID GIRLFRIEND! YES, I love to flirt! So, if you are a guy or a girl, hit me up! I'm all about real, fun, intelligent people....can you make me laugh? Can you make me think? Yes, as you might have guessed, I am BI. However, I am partial to women and will almost always give the friend request up immediately to them. What can I say? I'm easy....but NO....not EASY like I just love beautiful women. MEN...well, you'll have a harder time getting on to my list. But, WHATEVER you sure to leave me a message with the friend request or you will be DENIED more likely than not. I do enjoy chatting in the shout box sometimes, so you can give that a try too! *winks* *kisses*
1 Year Of Loneliness
Dear friends, today it is 1 year since the course of my life turned at 180 degrees, 1 year from the day i started this road... the lonely road. 1 year since i was brutally dumped with no explination, with no remourse with no "good bye". I feel like crying , crying for the girl that last year thought will die of sadness. Thank you all that had the patience of listening to my story and comfort me. I am alone on this road called love but i will bare my cross till the end. I just ask one favour from you, my dear friends:love the person that God sent to you coz some of us are not that lucky to be loved...and NEVER joke with the words "i love you"
well ive been defeated by a ugly anerexic chick wow lol im not even mad just confused but ill be outa here soon thank god
I Am Yet Im Not Poem
I am lonely yet surrounded by people. I am sad yet I can lead anyone to believe Im happy. I am scared yet I hide my fears. I am not wanting to go on another day yet I continue to breath. I am yearning to be happy yet the tears continue to fall. I am wanting good memories yet all I recive are the bad ones. I am wanting life yet I feel so dead.
Stop Child Abuse
Police Warning!
Police are warning all men who frequent clubs, parties and local pubs to be alert and stay cautious when offered a drink from any woman…Many females use a date rape drug on the market called “Beer!” This drug is found in liquid form and is available anywhere. It comes in bottles, cans, or from taps and in large “kegs.” “Beer” is used by female sexual predators at parties and bars to persuade their male victims to go home and sleep with them. A woman needs only get a guy to consume a few units of “Beer” and then simply ask him home for “NO STRINGS ATTACHED SEX!” Men are rendered helpless against this approach. After several “Beers,” men often awaken with only hazy memories of exactly what happened to them the night before, often with just a vague feeling that “something bad” happened. Please! Forward this warning to every male you know! If you fall victim to this “Beer” scam and the women administering it, there are male support groups where you can discuss the details of
this morning my wife found her father dead so it maybe a while before i can get in here and enjoy the fubar fun ive growed a cussom to all of you are great if you a preying person please prey for them they are in need of help thank you all for being my friends in the past and i look toward the future for your friendship, support and love thank you your friend tony
Pat & Stanley
Able To Feel
Sometimes your feelings can hurt profoundly. Yet wouldn't you rather have those painful feelings occasionally than never having any feelings at all? Your feelings let you know you're alive. They tell you, in ways that words cannot, who you are. Through your feelings, you discover what means the most to you. With your feelings, you're able to build rich, rewarding relationships. Feelings can indeed be messy and inconvenient, yet they're certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Without feelings, life would be terribly flat and empty. When a feeling seems to be uncomfortable or even unbearable, choose to dive more deeply into it. Somewhere in there you'll find something very positive, comforting and affirming. You feel because you are, and you feel because you care. Those are things about which you can genuinely feel great. -- Ralph Marston
Another Chapter From My Novel
Okay, here is another installment since many of you enjoyed the first. HAIRDRYER, ANYONE? The kitchen door opened from the garage and in walks Jeff and Meghan Ramlow carrying several shopping bags. “Oh. Hi, mom and dad. I didn’t even here the garage door open”, says David as he looks up from his plate of Chicken Jean Pierre. “Hey, mom. Hey, dad. How was dinner this evening?” says Kayla as she steps away from the refrigerator with a gallon of milk. “What’s with all the bags”, David says looking at them quizzically. “Yeah, I thought you went grocery shopping the other day”, say Kayla. “Well, to answer your first question; dinner was wonderful, as usual. Chef Giacomo prepared an exquisite dish with roasted red peppers that I just absolutely loved”, says Meghan Ramlow as she starts removing the items from the bags to be put away. “And to answer your second question”, says Jeff Ramlow, “I had to stop and pick up a couple of things, and your mother remembered a few t
Poem 3
A MILLION & ONE A million times you’ve always said you would love me forever. A million times you’ve promised me you’d always be there for me til end of time. Now you say it’s time to go and that love doesn’t live here anymore. Now you say you’re unhappy after a million smiles and a million sunrises in my arms. A millions times I’ve heard your voice whispering in my ears at night as if I’ve heard a million questions in my head. Now that I have all the answers; but I have no one to give me any questions. A billion tears have sent chills down my face as they flow down in the form of a waterfall. So many times I’ve questioned God and why he has taken you and your love away from me after so many years. I see you from time to time surrounded by walls of empty flesh; keeping me away from you as if I were a virus, plague or disease. I some times wish I had a million bullets; for what I don’t know at this point in time. I want to leave this place, this world, this galaxy caring m
Spice Girls
am i the only one who find this fucking funny as hell??
To The Godmother House She Goes...
Every now and then you find a friend who helps you out, whether it be rating things, being a boombastic comment bomber, or just being there as a shoulder to cry on, this lady has always been there for me... This is my second New Years wish so listen closely... Can you please go rate Mz Mic's things and help her to Godmother? I promise the love will be returned. Please rate, fan, add her, as well. She's a friend worth having, and a friend worth keeping... ~MzMic~ (Taken by MikeS) Please go show some fan, rate, add love to the suercalifragalstic blogger, too... ~/~ Sassy Laurie~/~Club F.A.R.~
Bitter. Nude. Comfortless.
Her life spills into her lap Making an attempt to expel all her madness Bitter. Nude. Comfortless she waits.. Only wanting to smile, she makes a final plea To detach from this anguish without an apology- Her thoughts all the same Imagination and heartache as lively as ever She looked at more veins she should sever She has sensations from where she has drained Her skin tingled with sharp pain Eyes catching every star an eclipse She smiled as she parted her lips Ashen and weak She could not speak All the things she once desired -have now been thrown into the Fire.
I have had severe migraines for as long as I can remember. I have tried several different meds but nothing has worked. They often get so bad I have to go to my doctor's office/hospital and get a pain shot and sleep it off. I went to see my doctor last month when I had a migraine for a solid week and had taken three pain shots in three days and nothing would make this headache go away. They put me on Topamax 50mg twice a day to help with the frequency of the headaches (which hasn't helped) and Zoloft well because I'm not the most emaotionaly stable person. =D I also was scheduled for an MRI which showed no brain bleeds or abnormaliaties. I do have an appointment with a neurologist who specilizes in headaches on Thursday (1-10-08) so hopefully we can get a handle on this. Love to all my Fubar Family and friends
Part 2
i guess i constantly keep thinking it....and im hoping that its just not words...i hope that im not being to forward and i believe that the meaning behind these words are geuine...they are for me and they mean very much to me this whole having your peorid shit is a bitch...and i yea it is what it is a chick thing... and i should just shut up and not contuine this blog but i want to write something...and i feel so stupid for everything i want to say..but i cant seem to keep preoccupied long enough to not think but .......god...eventually ill come out and say it in fustreation***.....BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
5 Yr Old Joke
The Kitchen Bitch >> >>A mother was working in the kitchen listening to her 5 -year-old son >>playing >>with his new electric train in the living room. >> >>She heard the train stop and her son saying, "All of you sons of bitches >>who >>want off, get the hell off now... cause this is the last stop! >> >> >>And all of you sons of bitches who are getting on, get your asses on the >>train...cause we're going down the tracks. >> >>The horrified mother went in and told her son, "We don't use that kind of >>language in this house. Now I want you to go to your room and you are to >>stay there for TWO HOURS. When you come out, you may play with your >>train...but I want you to use nice language." >> >>Two hours later, the boy came out of the bedroom and resumed playing with >>his train. >> >>Soon the train stopped and the mother heard her son say... "All >>passengers, >>please remember your things, thank you and hope your trip was a pleasant >>one. We hope you will
Pimpout #2
New Member To Flamming Hearts
Tired of those auctions that make you pay to enter????? Tired of those auctions you keep half of the winings??? Tired of those auctions that are open for a week?? Then join my auction!! Once i get 20 contestants It will be open for 2 weeks... The rules: entry fee 1 fubuck (optional) Donations will be accepted (not required) Send the link to the pic you want to be used (sfw) The things your offering to do once owned... ~*~auctioneer wont be held reliable for anything~*~
Great Big Ty And Disclaimer
First off i want to thank everyone who helped me get todays spotlight- you guys ROCK! second i wont be accepting all friends requests today.I rate and fan ALL my friends and inevitably i will reach my max limit on user ratings and fans so- I will try to rate everyone that rates me but the surest way to make sure i get back to you, especially today, is to send a request! sooner or later i WILL get back to you! LOL Ill tyr my best to keep up with my messages but that may get a little crazy too! Bear with me! Have a great day and hopefully looking at my ugly mug all damn day doesnt run ya off fubar till the morning! :P *smooches* ~Temptress~ aka Tina
Info On Me......
Hey Everyone...... I figured I had better do a blog to let people know whats going on I am going to be taking a vacation so I can pack my house up and move, I\'m still needing to find a place. So I wont be at my computer much and then I will be off line for awhile, not to sure how long until I get settled into my new place and all. Thanks for being such great friends and know I adore you all I will miss chatting with you :) I hope you all have fun & stay healthy and always ROCK ON!!! EYE\'S xoxoxox
Two Old Men
01-26-08 (hippies)
Jan. 26, 2008 Pardon my Elton John Vid ... I actually was going to have Bob Marley's "One Love" And somehow started listening to some older stuff from that era ... Next thing I knew it turned into either: A)Good-bye Yellow Brick Road B) "Daniel" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Or C) what you're have right now.. So I guess you can tell That I'm feeling a little like myself (Hippy and all) lol ... I guess that's a good thing ??? "damn hippies!" My profile does touch on that a bit ... I dislike to be categorize, but it's done all the time for sake of comparison And to give YOU an idea of: "what makes me tick" I'll reiterate my "hippy-ways" to you briefly: I'm pro-individuality but not countercultural I'm a peace lover and totally against the war but Support the troops and would fight for this nation if called upon. I love all people regardless of race, creed, religion or sexual orientation But I think I still give anima
Here We Go Again
Haven't been around much as my dad is back in the hospital. He wasn't even home a week when things got bad again. On Sunday he suffered a stroke at home and now has a blood infection. Basically it's a just wait and see thing now. His prognosis is poor but it's been that way before and he has gotten well enough to come home. I have always had a strong faith but now not so..I have watched my dad become a small frail man from someone big and burly. So as usual I am either at work or the hospital. Hope everyone is well and will talk to you when I can.
FIREFIGHTERS TEARS Body: The alarm rang, as it had so many times before. He was the first of the fireman up and out, Awakened from his bed at the station By the clanging of the bell. Engine 3 pulled out of the bay, Dispatch paged another station. And all the firemen aboard the truck Were tensed with anticipation "Sounds like a job, boys," He said as he donned his gear. And the young jakes smiled at him As they drew ever near. They turned onto his own street And he could see the fire's work He hoped their mother woke his kids To see their dad at work. His heart sank as he saw the home That he so dearly loved Going up in Smoke and flames As he donned his gloves. Aggressively he hit the fire And searched the rooms above. And with a flare of personal vengeance He saved what remained of his home. As he left the world of flaming hell He saw his little girl He ran quickly to her side and said "Honey, Daddy's here." He would never forget what next she said As he held her c
God Better Wear A Cup.....
Hi everyone! Its been a long time since my last blog but I’ve been in hospital for the past few days for yet more tests and scans. The news isn’t good. The cancer in my left kidney has grown and has also spread to my right kidney now. This, coupled with the mass in my liver, means I now have to go to hospital once a week for dialysis. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been feeling good for the past week or so - at least I know the reason now. The mass in my lung has grown slightly and there’s signs that its going to cross over to the other pretty soon which not only sucks but blows as well. Ironic really…… Again, I apologise if my obviously odd sense of humour wierds anyone out. I know how strange it must be for people to read this and notice that I’m joking around about whats happening to me but I came to terms with the whole situation a long time ago, I accepted the fact that there’s not a whole lot that can be done. So I generally stick my middle finger up at God and t
*love Forever Unknown*
*Love Forever Unknown* My head is spinning an i dont know what to do, Im so confused about this love i have for you. My heart is splitting in two, What is it you want me to do? I hope one day i might, Be done with this stupid fight. Do you even know what you want from this? What is your fantasy of bliss? I dont even know who you are, You are so fake, we all know by far. Being so confused with all of this, Not having a clue of bliss. What all do you really know about me? All of my information is right here and free. What do you even care about? or is your head just full of doubt? Walk away now before we are in too deep, Dont make this promise, if its one you cant keep. By: Emily "emmy" Delaine LeMay 1-20-08
Upgrade Time!
I'm in the MOOD to upgrade my guitar and more importantly my tone choices, which any guitar player will tell you...the more choices you have with a guitar...the fewer you need to get the job done! I recently saved my lead singer's guitar from a certain trip to the junkyard! He had purchased an Indonesian made Squire Telecaster for $200 (the new sale price) a while back. He loves a Tele and although we have other guitars available to him that are lots better...he insists on playing his Tele. So I installed a new set of Seymore Duncan STK's in it and rewired the whole thing and installed all new electronics. It sounded so good when I got done that it made me decide to go ahead with plans I'd been thinking about to redo my own guitar. We have a busy week coming up for RiverGard, so I will be making enough money to have some extra to throw into my equipment. I will be purchasing a new set of Seymore Duncan pickups for my Ibanez S470DXQM(HSH) consisting of a SH-2n Jazz for the neck, a
In My Eyes
Mistress is different in my eyes than most Dom/me because She knows She is human. She takes the time to learn, She doesn’t have the “I know it all” attitude. She is fairly new to the BDSM lifestyle, and isn’t above learning or asking for guidance. She built a communication bridge with me; She didn’t expect me to be 100% open with Her from day one. She doesn’t demand respect She commands it, She is a lady in all aspects and expects Her submissive to act accordingly. To me She is more than just my Domme; She is my best friend, my girlfriend, my mentor, my rock at times, my hero, and my role model. I can hear Her reaction to my last statement about Her “don’t put me on a pedestal baby girl”, and I don’t; I know She is human and has faults like everyone else. But I do hold the up most respect for Her. I know that if I have any kind of problem or just need someone to talk to that I can go to Her with out Her judging or criticizing, She listens and gives advice on how to fix the problem and
Our Cd Is Finally Done! 19 Songs
Some of you have been asking when the CD is coming out...well its here! If you havent heard our music, check out my "stash" some of it is in there. We also have 6 songs on our music page at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/LOCUSTANDSWYLLA If you like what you here....ORDER A COPY :) Support independent musicians!
Today does not seem any better then yesterday. In fact, it feels a little bit worse. How can I learn to hide my crying eyes and emotions? I want to be able to block them out from other people, but it seems I can't. Last night I jumped on a very close friend, and it hurt me more knowing I did that. I wish I could block things out like he can. Be able to set my mind to different things and have things to do. Unfortunately at this moment in my life, being a puppet on a string I don't have the capability to be doing other things. Last night I took 3 tylenol pm's. Sure they helped me sleep but they didn't stop the pain when I woke. How can I fall asleep in tears and wake up in tears? The walls I once had now are totally dimenished and gone. This may sound funny but at least I have American Idol to look forward to tonight, something to take my mind off of things even if it is just for an hour. Rudi you do own my heart and soul.......... ================================
Abunza Mlm
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Reward - Get 10,000 Fu-bucks!!!
i have dreams that you have forgotten me but in your dreams u think i cant forget about you but in your dreams you think u have me forever until the end of time but let me tell you something if i do still hold on is that a crime.
To all the memories made... My love shall never fade... I see the sparkle in your eye, I know I made you cry... To see that perfect someone... a dream come true... To watch what we could have had... Fade and trickle through To see you with another... a knife in the heart... Hoping, praying,and wishing we were never apart... True love... a brave and beautiful thing... Silent is the pain, Leaving that black stain... Why me? Why now? Is there some way i can turn this all around.... I see the end in sight... I thought about that night... You were mine for a while, at least I made you smile... I hold you in my dreams, I hold you in my heart... Try to think of ways, we could have changed things from the start... The sun is rising, another new day... In my dreams you never go away... I've lost you, never had you from the start... So why in the world is this still breaking my heart... Another love, another day, I never wanted you to go away... Your gone now, the end is near
"Sometimes The Best Lie Is The Truth, But You Know The Truth Isn't Always What We're Looking For..."
Are You In Love?
Take the Love Quiz at!Make Your Own Quiz
Because, sometimes, late at night, when the sky is full of stars, and the world weighs heavily on your shoulders, You know, deep down, You have made somebody smile, and have brought a happiness, no matter how trivial, into the light of their heart. March 5, 1995
i will be oofline for a bit after tonight. i will be leaving to go to trainup for kosovo tomorrow morning. will try and get online if i can find a computer that has internet.
well I have been playing this game and it is very addictive you can fight as a vampire or werewolf in battles with other people around the world if you wanna join just copy paste my links.first my wolves. now my Vampires. try it out it is a very fun game just pick one out and copy paste them the higher the number the newer the server is. new one lol its wolf
This is love... I was always yours to have you were always mine, We have loved each other in and out of time When the first stone looked up at the blazing sun And the first tree struggled up from the forest floor, I had always loved you more You freed your braids,gave your hair to the breeze It hummed like a hive of honey bees I reached in the mass for the sweet honey comb there God how i loved your hair You saw me bludgeoned by circumstance Lost,injured,hurt by chance I screamed to the heavens Loudly screamed Trying to change our nightmares into dreams The sun has come The mists are gone We see in the distance our long way home I was yours to have and you were always mine We loved each other.. In and out In and out In and out ...of time! ************************************************* I never thought that i could meet soeone like you! You are my friend You are my smile You are my everything You are a breathtaking reflection of God's heart for me Of how he persued me,and loved me
Come On You Know You Wanna.....
Rogerlee is gonna let me own this hottie? what is he thinkin? He must have lost his ever lovin mind! (repost of original by 'WONDER_WOMAN™_IS_OWNED_BY_LAIDBACKGUY_&_OWNER_ OF_ROGERLEE_{Come check out my stash/pics I have a co' on '2008-03-30 22:43:00')
Some Poems
My Heart.... My heart, Is slowly breaking. Peice by peice, I'm falling apart. The pain, Of not being able to see or talk to, The one I love, Is getting worse, With each passing day. It hurts, So much. I need him, Right now. My heart, Is slowly breaking. Rylee M I wish... I wish, He was here to hold me. I wish, He was here to love me. I wish.... He was here to tell me, "Everything's going to be ok... I love you." Rylee M The one I found (the other point of view from my friend DC's poem "Poems from a white prision") I saw him, In the white room. Looking so small, In the hospital bed, Eyes closed. I went to him, Put my hand on his chest, It was bearly moving. I traced his lips with my fingers, So soft, Like rose petals, Yet a little cold. I can hear his thoughts, He thinks I'm trying to seduce him. Even in his state, He's aware of all around him. I leaned down, I kissed his lips softly. I began to
Wanted Gifts... Updated
Here is an updated list of the gifts I haven't gotten that I want. I will update this as I get them. :D Hook me up and I'll see what I can do for you too :p Party Time: Beer Bong "Special" Cup of Joe Spicy Gifts: Blindfold Spanish Fly BIG PIMPIN GIFTS: Yacht Corvette Tropical Vacation Silver Motorcycle Million Dollar Mansion Trailer 64 Impala Big Screen TV Diamond Rolex Please hook me up VIC's and people... anything I can do in return for helping me out let me know!!! Thanks!!
My Wedding
imikimi - Customize Your World Love is the greatest feeling, Love is like a play, Love is what I feel for you, Each and every day, Love is like a smile, Love is like a song, Love is a great emotion, That keeps us going strong, I love you with my heart, My body and my soul, I love the way I keep loving, Like a love I can't control, So remember when your eyes meet mine, I love you with all my heart, And I have poured my entire soul into you, Right from the very start.
The Church Of Okra Frenchfry
Beware the false prophet!!! Oprah Winfrey will be letting out all the stops on her XM Satellite Radio program this coming year. Beginning January 1, 2008, "Oprah & Friends" will offer a year-long course on the New Age teachings of A Course in Miracles. A lesson a day throughout the year will completely cover the 365 lessons from the Course in Miracles "Workbook." For example, Lesson 29 asks you to go through your day affirming that "God is in everything I see." Lesson 61 tells each person to repeat the affirmation "I am the light of the world." Lesson 70 teaches the student to say and believe, "My salvation comes from me." By the end of the year, "Oprah & Friends" listeners will have completed all of the lessons laid out in the Course in Miracles Workbook. Those who finish the course will have a wholly redefined spiritual mindset -- a New Age worldview that includes the belief that there is no sin, no evil, no devil, and that God is "in" everyo
The Invitation
It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive. It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life’s betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain! I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own; if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, to be realistic, or to remember the limitations of being human. It doesn’t interest me if the story you’re telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself; if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own s
Well First Cunt On Fuabr
~Kaly~aka ~Blondie~ should be known as aka cunt or bitch.....and heres why... ~Kaly~aka ...: Ok let me get this on your LEVEL ..cuz I have a four year degree....FUCK YOU..and I dont need your lying ass ..there are enuff of those. ->~Kaly~aka ...: now its you whom doesnt know me.....try and argument more your i spoke truth and you took it that i would have cybered in a flash ....if thats how you feel i wont be able to change that and for a third time...SORRY I BOTHERED YOU ... ~Kaly~aka ...: You are a would have cyber sexed inna min...just save it. I rather honestly...just say you wanted to get off...and youre sorry...or keep going. ->~Kaly~aka ...: whatever not like most guys and i woud rather be honest then a fake so if thats enough to damn me then so be it again sorry i bothered you ~Kaly~aka ...: THAT IS WHAT I READ...most guys do not first meeting ...esp..say..Im HONRY AND HAVE NO dont even know me.. ->~Kaly~aka ...: an
Some people think that they hold all the power of the people around them... little do they know that it is not them that holds the power but that those around them do. To be concerned about your fate and your soul only deepens your thoughts and wisdom of life today. To to lose your self and your power, over another person. Do not hate for it will only haunt you.
Yo Momma So Stupid
Yo Mama so stupid, I told her to buy a color TV, she came back and said "what color?" Yo Mama so stupid, she stopped at a stop sign and waited for it to say go. Yo Mama so stupid, she gave birth to you. Yo Mama so stupid, she needs twice as much sense to be a half-wit. Yo Mama so stupid, when the pc said "Press any key to continue", she couldn't find the Any key. Yo Mama so stupid, she spent twenty minutes looking at an orange juice box because it said `concentrate. Yo Mama so stupid, I put a Scratch-N'-Sniff sticker on the bottom of the pool and she drowned. Yo Mama so stupid, she was on the corner with a sign that said "Will eat for food." Yo Mama so stupid, she got on an elevator and thought it was a mobile home. Yo Mama so stupid, she thinks fruit punch is a gay boxer. Yo Mama so stupid, she got locked in a meat locker and sweat to death. Yo Mama so stupid, she leaves the house for the Home Shopping Network. Yo Mama so stupid, she saw a billboard
Excuse Me A Few
Excuse Me a Few By: April Terry Excuse me a few, While I admire you. I just can’t help, But to watch you times. Your eyes are always, So full of love. Your smile’s so big, It brightens my day. Every movement, Done with such poise I just can’t help, But to sit and stare. When I was younger, I’d always hoped. That one day, I’d find the one. But never in all my life, Did I think I would. Now that I have you, I can’t do without. Who would of thought, I could love this much? Surly not I, But I am glad. Excuse me a few, While I fall all over. What can I say, You have such charm. Every time I see you, I fall over again. Head over hills, Just for you love. You spin my world, Round and round. You add meaning, Where it lacked before. When I was younger, I wanted my own family. And since I’ve found you, That’s just what I have. I always dreamt of arms, I couldn’t live without. And a touch, I just can’t get enough of. And love that purer, The
I'm Not Jesus - Apocalyptica Feat Corey Taylor
I am so in love with this song at the moment. _Check out the video on youtube :) _______________________________________________ Apocalyptica feat Corey Taylor Lyrics - I’m Not Jesus Lyrics Dirty little secret Dirty little lies Say your prayers and call me rare Save your soul tonight Drift among the faithfull Bury your desires Aberrations fill your head You need a place to hide And I am Do you remember me? And the kid I used to be? Do you remember me? Chorus When your world’s come crashing down I want to relive. Your god is looking down on me! I’m not Jesus, Jesus wasn’t fair! You confess it all away, But it’s only shit to me Your god is looking down on me! I’m not Jesus, I will not forgive! No I won’t! (2x) I’ve thought you were a good man, I’ve thought you talked to god. Your hippocratic messiah and child abusive turned satanic. Do you remember me? Do you remember me? And the kid I used to be? Do you remember? Do you remember?
Cussing Up A Storm
So my computer locked up a little while ago and I restart. While it was restarting i went outside with a friend of mine. Came back in and firefox was screwed up. I lost all my links that i had saved, that includes sites that I was a member of. I lost it all. Grr I had hundreds of links in diff folders and now they are gone. Firefox has been acting strange for a couple of days now, running slow and locking up. I know several people have mentioned it acting odd this week. Im teed now. there is no way I will ever remember all those sites i had saved.
Here We Go
what can i say the last 45 days have been a downward sprial with some high points along the way trying to quit smoking did well and started right back up time will tell where the spiral will end
Breakfast After
A genuinly nice young man asked a wonderfully nice young lady out for an evening of dinner and a movie, or a comedy club, or some such. She accepted, because she loved to go to the comedy club. They had a most magnificent dinner, and the club had the most awesome set of comics... the two laughed the night away. He took her home after the club closed, and on her front step they shared a good night kiss. He said, "I enjoyed our evening together more than you'll ever know." She replied, "It was an wonderful evening. You have the same type of sense of humor as I." He then asked her if he might be allowed to share breakfast with her. She said that would be a wonderful idea... she'd enjoy that enormously. He asked if they should set a time for breakfast now, or should he wait to ask in the morning. She said it might be better if they waited till the morning to decide a time for breakfast. He then asked if he should call her or nudge her.
I am having an ultrasound on my kidneys. There seems to be reason to believe I might have some damage. The test is 05/30/08 so if I am not on much, it's just I have alot on my mind. P.S. D-Day is my DIVORCE after 5 YEARS of waiting!
A Stable Mind
a stable mind, is all she lacks; once warm to weep for the minutest detail, then to stab and leave you to die screaming not even looking back... an unstable one, is destined to be solitary; lying to others, lying to herself, searching for a way out, by hurting, without the truth itself; creating a misery to drown herself in, yet complaining bout how life's hard on her... i'm unstable now, i'm unstable; playing the iron-skin, hiding behind the mask of insanity... whose fault is it now, the view from the outside...
Still Prego Sorry!!!!!!!!!!
well its me and i lost the only man that ever cared for me i guess he moved like i said its june and i just got back from the babys appointment i had to tell the dad that im not prego anymore because i felt he didnt want the baby anyway i know he would be mad if he found out i lied but i had to tell him. I just got scared and he did what i though he would he went away i want to call his grandma but to scared of what she will say im currently stayting with my bro and his wife not sure what to about the baby i love his father but oh well hes mine and thats all that matters well thats all for me..
Baby Update!!
So, I haven't been on for awhile. We don't have the net right now so the only time I get on is at Liz's and that's not very often. I thought I would get on here and give everyone another little update. The doctor decided to go ahead and keep the 21st as my Due Date. He says that since the Sono said the 7th, that just means that she is growing EXTREMELY well. So she will probably be a pretty big baby. Jason says she'll weigh atleast 8 mom says 8.5 LoL. I'm guessing a little over 7. I guess we'll be finding out before too long. I only have 3.5 weeks left until my due date, but the doc says that it would be perfectly fine and wouldn't suprise him at all if I went a week or so early. I have another appointment tomo and then after that I'll be going every week until I have her. Sucks for gas prices driving that far, but it means I'm getting close. It has went by SO fast. I can't believe she will be here any time!!!! I can't wait!!! I'm doing really good. Been having
Club Octane
Can U Believe??
This chic gave me a 4.. I mean come on.. Give me a break.. Can we say hater?? Wow..
A Special Thank You
I want to say Thank You!!! I want to say Thank You to everyone who helped me. Although I didn't win the contest I want to say Thank you to everyone who put forth such effort in helping me. If there is a time when you need my help please ask. Special thanks to The Spankers Club@ fubar I'd also like to send out special thanks to Rogue Bombers Family READ PROFILE IF INTERESTED!!@ fubar And also to the host DJ EDGE@ fubar
Dont Block If Your Gonna Bitch!
Ok I do not by any means aim to please everyone here. sorry its just not gonna happen. But if you decide to block me, go you! but you've got the fucking nerve to call me a cunt then don't go run and hide your bitch-ass with a block. I don't know you, i dont run my mouth about you. Don't go outta your fucking way to attempt to offend me and then run away before i respond! It's not like I can kick your ass online!! you might as well have the balls to relve in your success of pissing me off! or else whats the point of being a douche bag to me in the first place! Most of the offenders are upset about photos rates..let me explain something..I'm not rating YOU im rating your PICTURE so yeah if the lighting is messed up, theres snot hangin outta your nose or you look like your gonna shit yourself... don't expect a ten from me.. Sorry not gonna lie about it..FYI you get the same amount of points either way! I alway leave comments with bad rates. explaining why..If i tell you i can tell your go
Auction! Own Me?!*
What does the word change mean, What does life mean? In the past couple of months I have change my views and opioins on almost everything. I can't say that they are right or wrong. »But they are mine. I've been a bitch to alot of people and lost them, But I can't go back an change that only choice I have is to look forward. I have become more reasonable on stuff. I listen to people and give help to those who need it cause its in my heart to do so. I try to always give my advice when I feel it's need. I won't lie I still can be a bitch when I feel I need to be. But what's the use of spending time on people who are just want to argue and fight all the time. I am finally start to realize everything I thought was there isn't there. I don't want to be upset all the time, You only get one chance in this world, So why waste it on wondering what could have been, or being sad all the time. When I realized all this I thought I was crazy but, "You know, a long time ago being crazy mea
Fu Angels Whispers Haunt Me "cinda" Just Got Her Halo
"gave Up"
perfect little dream the kind that hurts the most forgot how it feels well almost no one to blame always the same open my eyes wake up in flames it took you to make me realize it took you to make me realize it took you to make me realize it took you to make me see the light smashed up my sanity smashed up my integrity smashed up what i believed in smashed up what's left of me smashed up my everything smashed up all that was true gonna smash myself to pieces i don't know what else to do covered in hope and vaseline still cannot fix this broken machine watching the hole it used to be mine just watching it burn in my steady systematic decline of the trust i will betray give it to me i throw it away after everything i've done i hate myself for what i've become i tried i gave up throw it away
Request For Prayers...
here we go again..... my aunt was rushed to a hospital in Sioux City yesterday with extreme back pain and pain in the arms.... apparently she had a heart attack. This morning they went up thru the main artery to check out her heart and it turns out that she has severe blockage, and not the kind that can be fixed with the stints that my uncle Denny had put in last year. They say she needs a quad- bypass surgery .... for those of you who remember, my uncle Jim has a 5-bypass just a few years back... and he is now passed on- which was devastating to me. This... is .... well she is my second mom. I'm praying to ask God to hold her and give her strength thru all this.... those open heart surgeries are ....ugh. very painful and very invassive. Not to mention your entire lifestyle has to change after. My aunt, like much of my family, is a smoker. One thing she is going to have to give up now, no matter how much she enjoys it. This is the third surgery in a year for her..... she had galbla
For All That Care
So it's been awhile since I have really been on here. I'm sure many of you have long since forgotten me. But for those of you out there that still remember me, I thought I would give an update of whats been going on in my life. 3 months ago I got out of my nine year relationship. THANK GOD! I have my own place, and am doing well. I was enjoying the single life and partying. No worries about doing what I wanted because I was finally free after such a long time. Three days ago I found out that I am pregnant with my first child. Now this pregnancy isn't really an ideal situation, as I don't have feelings for the father, besides just being friends. So I plan on being a single parent. Besides that I am soooooo soooooo sooooo excited. For the longest time I didn't really think I could have kids, but as it turns out I was wrong. And it's an amazing feeling to know that I am finally going to get the chance. I am desperately hoping for a girl, but I would love a little boy too. I wish you di
Afdd Me On Myspace
My URL is :
What Color Am I?
The Color Code * blue: 52% * yellow: 19% * red: 15% * white: 14% Blues Are Analytical Committed Compassionate Dedicated Deliberate Dependable Emotional Loyal Nurturing Seek Quality Respectful Sincere Thoughtful Well-Mannered Definitely Blue Congratulations, Cindy, you are a BLUE personality. The Core Motivation that drives you through life is "Intimacy". It is important to note that this does not mean sexual intimacy. BLUES need connection - the sharing of rich, deep emotions that bind people together. As a BLUE, you will often sacrifice a great deal of time, effort, and/or personal convenience to develop and maintain meaningful relationships throughout your life. BLUES seek opportunities to genuinely connect with others, and need to be understood and appreciated, especially by their partner. Everything you do as a BLUE has to be quality-based, or you won't do it at all. You are incredibly loyal to friends, employers, employees, and above
Lavender Love
Lavender Love by LateNiteFantasy© From seed I grew, like lavender, soaking up sunshine. At night, I dozed under the watchful eyes of the Cosmos. Morning dew dripped on my petals. I blossomed and offered myself to you... my blooms pieced and dried, to scent your clothes and linens. From my essence, I gave you aromatic oil, to soften your skin, perfume your bath, Soothing you with me. For I am lavender, fragrant with love.
Angels In The Storm
I lay my head on the pillow, My teary eyes sleepily fall shut. Black fills the peepholes, There I stand, in this endless rut. Straddling the chronic pain, Hope and faith quietly thrive. The fiery colors in the dark Remind me that I'm still alive. I see images of people... Even when I'm asleep. Some are old, some are young, Some laughing, yet others tend to weep. I wonder what they want of me, To them, what could I possibly suggest? It's more than my mind can handle, More than my heart can digest. I've never seen them in my life, They look homeless at their best. I wonder just who they are, And let my dreams do the rest. Nightly, they check in on me... They never speak a word in form. They must have flown here from the heavens... Just precious angels in the storm.
What A Beautiful Woman
RedheadedCherry ¢¾ Sarge's Bad Girls ¢¾ Club F.A.R@ fubar leave her love she's worth evey drop
Dumb Quiz!
Dumb Test by Fun Quizzes! MySpace quizes | Love Quiz | Fun quizzes
Free Fu Bucks
hey all 3,000 fu bucks offer all u need do is 100 photo comments shout box me for link
I'll Miss Yall!!!!
Just wanted to let yall know not to worry about me if yall dont see me the rest of this week and weekend... I'll be goin to my Mama's on Wednesday the 16th... Then up north on Thursday for a family reunion n wont be back in town until Sunday... But wont be back on line until Monday!!! I'll miss yall!!! Blessed Be, Sami Lee P.S. If yall leave love I'll make sure to return it when I get back!!!
Cash Only Auction! Closed
Hey You! Yes you guess what I am up for auction and this auction is a little bit different its not like any other auction bids, the only bids that are allowed in this auction are cash bids! no fubucks allowed! So why wont you...yes you come and make a big bid on me! I'll be waiting for you! OH and the cool and sweet part of it this auction is the auction ends whenever I decide cool isn't it so bid now and bid big! :) My BigDaddy won me with a $100 bling pack :P CLICK HERE TO GO BID With Much Love... SinfulBrat Owned By DaSweetIrishPrincess & Mia The Inked Slut
Help A Girl Out
Liberated Spice Liberated Spice Club United Owner* R/L WIFEY 2 Big Jimmy--DSC***Life Saver@ fubar This lady has been trying so hard to win a spotlight,, if you can help her in any way that would be awesome. She has made bulletins for alot of people, helped in leveling a ton of people and I just think she really deserves all the help we can give her. Thank you!!!!!
I'm In A Auction Bid Away Plz.
Birthday Today Poem!
its blackness over whelming, could it be, surley there was some mistake, on a day like today, never, but alas the sky was black and it poured its mighty waters, yet at the sight of rain i was rejoycing, for a miracal had on this day, rain, fantastic rain that covered its ground....rain sweet sweet rain, my birthday was today, and for the first time ever it stormed, i was happy to see such a sight, the rain taking over a hot miserable day...
My Immortal--happy Birthday Mama
U Want To Look?
Five Paragraph Order
"Five Paragraph Order" keyword "SMEAC" 1. Situation 1a. Enemy 1b. Time - Time of enemy intelligence. 2b. Size - Size of enemy (i.e. squad, battalion, number of enemy). 3b. Unit - Unit they are serving (i.e. Republican Guard). 4b. Activity - What the enemy is doing (i.e. Preparing position). 5b. Location - Position. 6b. Equipment - Weapons they have access to. 7b. DRAW-D – what the enemy will do upon contact (Defend, Reinforce, Attack, Withdraw, Delay). 2a. Friendly 1b. Higher - Next higher unit’s mission. 2b. Adjacent - Other units in reserve or assisting. 3b. Supporting - Supporting units. 4b. Attachments/Detachment - Lists if any units attached to your unit. 2. Mission - A clear and concise statement of mission to be accomplished Must contain the 5 W’s (Who, What, When, Wh
I've been sitting here wracking my brain for a while trying to figure out how to pay for shit. Lets face it. I'm broke as hell. I'm a single mom trying to make it, sob sob sob. I've always managed, and my bills get paid, there is just no room for extras. Now a gigantic extra has reared its ugly head. As a couple of you know, my daughter is severely handicapped. Beyond a reason of a doubt. She received her wheelchair a little while ago, and we haven't really had the need to use it because she was still small and could fit into a stroller. Autumn is going to be 4 this year, and Autumn is no longer small. She's over half as tall as me and weighs a forth as me. Thats usually not a big deal, but I'm handicapped as well. I can no longer lift her without doing damage to myself. It has now become necessity for me to get a van with a wheelchair ramp so I no longer have to move her from car seat to stroller to car seat and back. Not to mention, this wheelchair was custom made for her to help her
My Interview Today!
I thought I"d share this. I'm very likely going to leave the health care field, and I have a good job lead with a group life insurance company. Let me know what you guys think. I had the interview today, as you saw from my message and I'm feeling quite positive about it. The initial interview was me and two interviewers for about 10 mins. They got a good feeling about me and they moved me on to the stage two, where me and about 8 hours were in a board room and we were shown a presentation. We each then had another one on one discussion to see if we had any questions about the work. They will call me tonight between 7:30 and 9 to let me know if I"m advanced to the third interview. The company is responsible for selling group life insurance. That means I won't just call random people trying to sell them random insurance. I will be contacting only members of the union or group who have filled in their plan request boxes who have requested consultation from somebody T
Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and
Can I Be Your Slave!?!? ;)
So who Wants/Needs a good SLAVE? Well I am up for Auction~~~~~~Silverpixi's auction to be exact.....The auction ends the 24th of August....So ya need to come bid on me....and well heck...if I'm not what you are looking for..check out the others that are on the Auction Block! GOOD LUCK!!!! & Happy Bidding!!!!! [ photo: 4099075033 ] This was brought to you by ME!!!! HEHE
The Beta Male Manifesto
The Beta-Male ManifestoBy Christopher MooreFrom the first time we see the silver-back Elmo pounding his chest on Sesame Street, to the time that some silver-haired creep swipes our green Jell-O at the geriatric center luncheon, we are confronted with the commanding creature known in nature as the Alpha Male. And while we all accept that the limelight will always fall on the politicians, professional athletes, CEOs, and other Alpha males for whom leadership seems to come as naturally as handcuffs and perp walks, it is another breed of male, a lower-key, less-dominant variety, that actually directs human existence. The world may be lead by Alpha Males, but the machinery of the world turns on the bearings of the Beta MaleThe Beta Male in the Natural WorldA good example of the Alpha-Beta difference in the animal kingdom occurs among elephant seals. The elephant seal, a Toyota-sized species of pinneped, is so named for the male animal's prominent, trunk-like proboscis, which immediately bri
Hillbilly Hunter
A hillbilly went hunting one day in Georgia and bagged three ducks. He put them in the bed of his pickup truck and was about to drive home when he was confronted by a game warden who didn't like hillbillies. The game warden ordered the hillbilly to show his hunting license; the hillbilly pulled out a valid Georgia hunting license. The game warden looked at the license, then reached over and picked up one of the ducks, sniffed its butt, and said: 'This duck ain't from Georgia. This is a Tennessee duck. You got a Tennessee huntin' license, boy?' The hillbilly reached into his wallet and produced a Tennessee hunting license. The game warden looked at it, then reached over and grabbed the second duck, sniffed its butt and said: 'This ain't no Tennessee duck. This duck's From Mississippi . You got a Mississippi license?' The hillbilly reached into his wallet and produced a Mississippi hunting license. The warden then reached over and picked up the third duck, sniffed i
Wanna Be A Pink Lady? {{ Please Read The Bible! }}
Wanna be a {{Pink Lady}} Please read below ;P Click below to enter the pink ladies lounge! 1. Please rate, fan & add each Pink Lady - which you will find in my album of {{The Pink Ladies}} advise them that you are the newest member. 2. Please add {{The Pink Ladies}} into your name. 3. within a week of being asked to be apart of our family, please make {{The pink Ladies}} salute. This can be written on paper or somewhere on your body as your name and the pink ladies is visible (Must be SFW) & you must be wearing something pink, it dosent matter what shade of pink, and it can be anything from a top to a pair of earings or eye shadow ect, as long as it is visible. 3. from time to time come into our lounge and more importantly... have fun! ;) brought to you by [ J A D E ] ¢¾ nates munchkin ¢¾ ~Bandit Girl~ {{ The Pink Ladies }}@ fubar
Im Off To Bed ...
Nothing fancy .... My fingers hurt ... eyes are blurry .... I've got permagrin plastered to my face. Hell, I'm Tapped out. THANK YOU Everyone. I have had a HELL of a KICK ASS day. It's gonna take me weeks, if not months to return all the love. Rest assured, I will. From the inital rush of actually WINNING the Spotlight (I'm NOT going into details there .. UGH!) to the CRAZINESS of my page going BERSERK, Culminating in an EXCELLENT dinner with my kids for my Birthday. Looks like I've gained 176 new friends (Not too shabby for not having bewbs !!) .. I will rate and fan in the coming days, I have 316 pending messages .... GIVE ME TIME !!! LOL, and numerous photo comments. Im off to bed .... Thank you all, again. Goodnight.
were all have a wish in life wishing never end! were wishing all the time wishing that hope it come! ohh yea i am, i am a deeply dreamer!! my hope is never stop love is my big reason! wish in my birthday! wish every christmas! even in a new year! even in your day comes!lol from my heart is sincerely! you and you are knows! on what i am searching for! if you don´t i´ll be write in the next line! read me! feel me on what i saying! are you readay?! yea you are! i been searching on here! i been searching somewhere(any site)! i been asking any! i am talking to you now!.. i search for my sister! i do miss her lot! i wish to see her again! i wish to hug and kiss her! i am wishing! I am hopping! I need you! I can say to you!(((HELLLPP))!
More Thoughts
I was thinking, and I find it rather ironic that you got insanely mad at me for recording a tv show on a tape for an ex g/f of mine. Knowing that I never even seen her when she dropped the tape off. (her daughter brought it to the door and dropped it off). But yet its ok for you to have many (and I mean allot!!) "guy friends" on different sites, giving your number out to them, talking to them online, and phone... Giving some directions to your house, or sending them "private pix" of your self via yahoo or email. The most ironic thing is your current b/f... He started off as one of your "friends"... You going there to his shop "reading to him" for whatever reason you gave me. Some test or something I guess.. That comment still rings out loud in my mind that you wanted to end our relationship, but were scared to say anything to me....Oh wait you were "loosing your mind"...I forgot... Its just ironic... Baffles my mind really still to this day... The fact that you were "So in LOV
Well Im not realy a bloger but maybee I shoudl start doing them.. to help me out with my own mind..... Today I got to sleep in wich was F`in a AWESOME!!!! Now I have to go get a shower and then off to yep thats my blog...
Ripped From Several Of You !! Lol
Questions --- (1) Is there someone on ur top friends u would like to have sex with? MMmmm yes indeed!!! (2) Sex in the morning, afternoon or night? yes, yes and yes (3) Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke? ew no, but had to pull over for other people puking. NO puking in my car! (4) Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? nope (5) Shower or bath while having sex? shower, most definately (6) Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed? either/or, I can go both ways if needed. (7) Do you love someone in your friends list? Most definately!! With all my heart!! (8) Love or Money? yes, please (9) Credit cards or cash? Debit card (10) Have you ever wanted a best friend? Have had one for the last 28 years. (11) Camping or a 5 star hotel? Camping=pretending ur homeless 5-star hotel=Aaahhhhh, room service please!! (12) Where is the weirdest place you have had sex? Behind the screen at m
New Change Of Life
Hi I am new to Manchester TN. I have a one 10 year old boy. I would like to meet people and friends. I have been through alot. This year my parents both died within 6 weeks. Yep that close together and I was their caregiver. So I am in need of change and friendships. I moved from Michigan to TN. I love it in the south and found this town just love it here. It is so pretty. Hope to start a whole new life fresh. I am a very easy going person with great personality. I like to joke around yet very compationate to all. Hope to see you around ya'll!!!
Final Inspection Of A Soldier...
THE FINAL INSPECTION OF A SOLDIER The Soldier stood and faced God, Which must always come to pass. He hoped his shoes were shining, Just as brightly as his brass. "Step forward now brave Soldier, How shall I deal with you? Have you always turned the other cheek? Or to My Church, have you been true?" The soldier squared his shoulders and said, "No, Lord, I guess I ain't. Because those of us who carry guns, Can't always be a saint. I've had to work most Sundays, And at times my talk was tough. And sometimes I've been violent, Cause the world I've tried to protect, is awfully rough. But, I never took a penny dear Lord, That wasn't mine to keep... Though I worked a lot of overtime, When the bills just got too steep. And I never passed a cry for help, Though at times I shook with fears. And sometimes, God, forgive me, I've wept unmanly tears. I know I don't deserve a place, Among the people here. Noones ever wanted me around, Except to cal
Ok so here is the VIP runs ou Monday and I would like to know who is going to buy my next one? Also, who is willing to buy me a bling pack? So, depending on what size the bling pack on how many FuBucks I pay. Name your price and we will go from there lol. Would also like something nice for my number one... Let me know! Lots of FuLuv!
Happy Birthday Missing U Song: He's My Brother
Missing you is so hard this time of year. We shared our Birthday's throught out the year's. I look back at the pictures and see, how happy we both could be. But now every year The Bithday comes to just me. I miss you more than you could ever imagine I am so glad you r safe in Heaven. Tim my brother i miss u so i know your with me in my heart and soul. But every year its not the same my life without you make's the word Birthday a sad thing. But this year I made it throught the 23rd so i know on my Birthday my song will be heard. The song you that you play me every birthday since you have been gone. Will make tear's and smiles flow while I hear the song. Missing you is so hard this time of year. We shared our Birthday's throught out the year's. kisses your sister
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein
Afi - Prelude 12/21
This is what I brought you, this you can keep. This is what I brought, you may forget me. I promise to depart, just promise one thing. Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep. This is what I brought you, this you can keep. This is what I brought, you may forget me. I promise you my heart just promise to sing. Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa (Whoa, Whoa) Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep. This is what I thought, I thought you’d need me. This is what I thought, so think me naive I'd promised you a heart, you'd promise to keep. Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep. Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep.
All I Ask.
Running down that trail in the black of night. Listening to crickets chirp, in the moon's romantic light. We'll act like we're indestructible, and do the most dangerous things we can think of, yet not have a slight care where we'll end up. We'll sit out and watch the stars. And see if we can count them all. And yet, knowing its impossible, we'll do it 'til morning's call. And we'll probably fall asleep listening to nature's song, and holding each other all night long. And even if we never do, I'll still care for you. Cherish these moments because life moves fast and just love me back, it's all I ask..
For Him.
I love you. See? That was easy to type. To hear me say it makes you an extremely important person in my life. Have I been abused? Oh my god, yes. No, nothing physical, I fight back. lol. Could it hurt to actually feel the love that should happen between a man and a woman? I know waiting and sifting through does hurt. I’m a real person. Superficiality does not fit into my aura. The people who don’t take the time to realize that I am real and that I have feelings truly upset me. I hold that close to my heart and take it personally. It’s my nature. I live my life the way that I want to live it. I’m not extravagant, fake or untrue. I’m not an easy girl either. I enjoy my friends and family, why would I not enjoy someone extremely special in my life too? I have enough love to give. Especially to that one special man – Where is he? No, I’m not asking for volunteers and I’m not asking for help. I am asking that you don’t play with my heart. I’m fragile.
Under 500k!!!!
Ok Charmz is soooooo close to leveling....can we please go rate her up and get her to Godmother!!!! Çhå®mz DJ - HI-TECH SOUTHERN PRINCESS FUWIFE TO DJ GUN@ fubar
Auto-11's Are The Bomb!
BJ is a really smart guy...! The Auto-11 bling is the coolest idea yet! I went from needing 165K to leveling in record time! My fubux have increased according to the economy...I'm in the Fu middle class! LOLOLOL! I'm so glad my fubux are FuDIC insured! If you wanna level fast..enlist the help from your fellow Fubarians that have the Auto-11 fubling on. Start with your friends, they'll appreciate it!
Love And Relationships
Why Me Lord? If I ever did Love Lord,this is real My heart did she steal Years ago,I guess I was the fool To throw my heart in the love pool Why Me Lord? Deep within my being The Love is seeing How crossed up it can be So look deep inside and see Why Me Lord? I dreamed of you for so many years Just to end up in tears I don't think it should be this way So open up your heart and say Why Me Lord? (C)TJC2008
This is pretty much a rough draft, just so I could get the words outta my head. Time spent with the one I believed I loved. Together yet apart Never really together Living a lie. I thought I could change if maybe. Maybe if I could just Love A little more for the both of us. It's gone, vanished Never really there. The Love I thought I once had for you. You making sure That it was Never Really Ever there. Stolen, My world Stolen, My everything. Invaded was my life By a parasite, That used glamour To disguise itself from me Hopeful and Hopeless Blurred into one. Both cannot exist in the same domain They cancel each other out. And what's left is a void Our paths can never again cross If they do, it would be a devastating Only one, maybe none would be left standing Among the ruins. Gone are you from my mind Cast out of my heart I have found A way to rid myself of you! My greatest victory shall be Your fall from that pedestal And I s
Wwe Cyber Sunday Results - 10/26/2008
WWE Cyber Sunday Results - 10/26/2008 10/26/2008 by Ryan Gray WWE Cyber Sunday Results - 10/26/2008 US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona Report by: Richard Gray of Cyber Sunday Preview Match For The U.S. Championship - Shelton Benjamin vs. Fans choice of R-Truth, MVP, or Festus The US Championship match will be the dark match. It will air live on but I am covering it here on the website if I can get the official feed to load. Sorry for the delay, the WWE website hates me. The match is Shelton Benjamin defending the US Championship against R-Truth. R-Truth gets an early quick cover and the opening advantage. Tazz and Jim Ross are on commentary. Shelton begins a counter by catapulting R-Truth up, causing him to catch his chin on the top ring rope. Benjamin applies a side headlock on the mat. Killings gets to his feet and back him down with elbows. Shelton backs him into the corner but Killings fights out. They exchange right hands. R-Truth hit
I'm Letting Go
If the person you love causes you more tears than laughter, or if they can't give you What you know you NEED in it's entirety, the the answer should be clear... When you feel that the person you love loves themselves, or even another more than they could ever love you, It's time to let go. When mistakes are made and forgiven but continuously get thrown in your face, It's time to let go. When you can't turn to that person in a time of need and know that you are loved and cherished, It's time to let go. When you are made to feel that you are always wrong and everything is your fault, It's time to let go. When you are together and that person does not make you feel important and beautiful, It's time to let go. When you make attempts to try and repair the relationship and right the wrongs from the past but still always come to the same conclusion in the end, IT'S TIME TO LET GO
Would Ya Could Ya???
These 2 lil ladies are in giveaway's and could use a lil help .. if ya could spare just a few minutes and give them a few comments it would be SUPER!! Plz & Thank You In Advance!
We "run" to find somthing wetheir its something simple like an item we left behind that we forgot about but nomatter how big or how expensive if it has centamental value to us we can not leave it behind. This finds its way in my heart with past relationships nomatter how bad it ended or how wrong the terms are even how long ago it was I have to worry about them thats both girlfriends and just friends. I tend to have a really kind heart and soul so most people walk all over it lke a rug that noone ever pays any attention to. Im starting to throw away the true me and replacing it with some world hating asshole. I have thoughts about doing this and of how simple it would be but I the end i would endup looseing everything and everyone that i care most about. The one person that i thought was accepting me for me turned out to be nothing more than false hope.I have many friends of both sexes the ones that i have made in the last year have proven to be both good and badon the whole aspect of
Tiny Angels
Tiny Angel For You -author unknown- I am a tiny angel, smaller than your thumb; I live in people's pocket, thats where I hve my fun I don't suppose you've seen me, I'm to tiny to detect Though I'm with you all the time, I doubt we've ever met. Before I was an angel...I was a fairy in a flower: God, himself, hand-picked me and gave me angel power. We become His eyes, ears, hands, we become His special one. And because God is so busy, way to much to do: He said that my assignment is to keep close watch on you When he tucked me in your Pocket, He blessed you with angel Then he told me to never leave you, and I vowed always be.
Bettie Paige Train
Bettie Paige Train The Rules: 1. Stop by TxWildFlower's page and rate her Beautiful Pin Ups Folder... It's kind of big, so I am offering 2 tags for your help... Beautiful Pin Ups Folder 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Joining the Bettie Paige Train." 3. Private message Carrie when you have completed rating each party guest. She will make you a thank you tag... And add you to the guest list... 3. When new people join the party... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request 5. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. 6. NO DRAMA... You agreed to the rules... So, be sure you follow through... No cheating... Please... Click on this tag to go to the folder where you can pick up your tag... Feel free to save and upload your tag or rip it... But if
Can You Read This?
Body: Body: Cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! If you can raed tihs rpsoet it. OLNY RSEPOT IF YOU CAN RAED TIHS. CNAHGE THE NMUERBR AT TOP TGOHUH, "ONLY __ PEOPLE IN THE WORLD CAN READ THIS...CAN YOU?" Go up a nmuber if you can raed it... Ltes see how hgih we can get!
Important News And Info
Hello Darklings.This blog will be more on a somber and stressed out note than usual.There has been much turmoil going on in my little dark world.Not quite sure where to start...hmm... Let's start with my son.My son has had two major school issues in the last week.First he had his first real problem with peer pressure and something that he was told was going to be a joke turned into something more like theft.Lots of talks with his natural father,the school,other parents of involved children,SRO's, and his therapist.Just I thought the issue was dealt with he decides he wants to skip a class the other day.Sigh.... teenage boys are SUCH a handful.So now more talks with all these other people all over again.**the boy is only 14 after all** My daughter on the other hand has ALOT more problems.After getting good news and taking her out of her ESE classes and putting her into Gen Ed classes more things cropped up.I may have to have her class schedule changed yet again due to he
Various Ways To Make A Panty Dropper
Ever since I saw this drink on fu, I've wondered what was in it. I googled it and found a ton of different recipes. Here are a few of them. Enjoy!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Panty Dropper Recipe Ingredients: 1/2 oz Raspberry Vodka 1/2 oz Blueberry Schnapps 1/2 oz Cranberry Juice Panty Dropper Directions: Pour Stoli raspberry vodka and blueberry schnapps into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake, pour into a shot glass, and serve. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Panty Dropper recipe Scale ingredients to servings 1 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur 1 oz sloe gin half-and-half Pour kahlua and sloe gin into a tall, ice-filled glass. Fill with half and half, and serve. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ D's Panty Dropper Drink Recipe Ingredients to use: 1.0 part Cola 1.0 oz Rum 1.0 oz Tequila 1.0 oz Triple sec 1.0 oz OVAL Vodka Directions: Put 1 ounce of each alcohol in mixer glass,
All Alone
Each day I wake up feeling all alone, all I can do is sit and stare at the phone. Knowing you'll never call me again, but who am I kidding you hardly called me before. Its so hard not knowing whats in store. Everything seems so dark now and I'm so afraid, all I can do now is sit and draw the shade. Why can't I find my meant to be? Only then will things be brighter for me. Nobody knows how sad I am inside, for my true feelings are so easy to hide. So here I'll be all by myself, its time to put my heart back upon the shelf. I hope and pray that one day soon true love will come my way.
I Am Alone
Twisted, alone, I search for meaning. To be found, I think not. As a Gypsy, I roam. Searching for love lost. I once had in the grasp of my palm. I let it go. Mistakes made. No reason to continue. On this souless journey. Without you by my side. I am alone. Reaching, grabbing, I can't find. The meaning of life. A soul to match my own. Once was close. But now is far away. Distance from my heart. I had one close. But no more. She is gone from my life. I am alone. Beauty, love, are no more. In this time of wandering. I must start anew. A journey of lives. A journey of love. Love lost. Life no more. I am alone. Why should I go on? Without you I am nothing. Sadness consumes my being. I once had a soul full of hope. But that is no more. I held the key for but a brief moment. Not long enough to matter. Try as I might to get close again. You push me away. Cold as ice towards me. No hope for warmth. The love of your heart. Is out of my reach. I
I'm Married, Fu!
Well, it finally happened, friends: I got fu-hitched. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm pregnant with Rahm Emanuel's love child, or that I'm unemployed, or that I have low self esteem and want to feel loved and part of something that will give my life meaning. I just did it for love! Our engagement was incredibly romantic. It was dark out, stars glowing above. I was sitting at my table, cheap glass of wine in hand. T$$ was sitting at her computer, masturbating to clips of YouPorn, dildo in hand. I got down on one knee (not really, because that would make typing difficult), and I popped the question. Here's how it went: This text box says that I can remind you who I am or tell you a little about myself. I would hope that's not the norm for marriage proposals. T$$, darling, will you have my hand in fu-marriage? I promise I'll wash it regularly. Also, I can't afford a ring because I'm unemployed, but I'd be happy to get you an engagement kitty. And we
Alfredo Potatoes
Ingredients: * 2 large baking potatoes * 1 cup prepared Alfredo sauce * 1 teaspoon garlic powder * 1/2 teaspoon pepper * 1/8 teaspoon dried thyme * 1 cup (4 ounces) shredded cheddar cheese, divided * 1/2 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese Directions: Pierce potatoes several times with a fork and place on a microwave-safe plate. Microwave on high for 4-1/2 minutes or until tender. Allow potatoes to cool slightly. Meanwhile, in a bowl, combine the Alfredo sauce, garlic powder, pepper and thyme. Stir in 1/2 cup cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese. Cut potatoes in half lengthwise. Scoop out the pulp and add to the sauce mixture; mix well. Spoon into potato shells. Sprinkle with remaining cheddar cheese. Microwave on high for 45 seconds or until cheese is melted. Yield: 4 servings.
Almond Asparagus
Ingredients: * 3 tablespoons butter, divided * 3 tablespoons bread crumbs * 1 garlic clove, minced * 1/2 teaspoon dill weed * 1/2 cup sliced almonds * 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese * 1 pound fresh asparagus, trimmed and cut into 1-inch pieces * 1 tablespoon lemon juice Directions: In a skillet, melt 2 tablespoons butter over medium heat. Stir in bread crumbs, garlic and dill; saute until crumbs are golden brown. Remove from heat; stir in the almonds and cheese. Set aside. Cook asparagus in a small amount of water until crisp-tender. Drain; heat with remaining butter. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Spoon asparagus into a serving dish and top with the reserved crumb mixture. Yield: 4-6 servings.
Yo-yo Lip Gloss
YOYO lip gloss im weird i like fast easy stuff that help my lips stay nice and shiney and smooth this new lip gloss i found works well expecially the Krackalakin Clear. and the Rasberry is delish! Did you know :YOYO Lip Gloss is a fun retractable lip gloss that sits at the hip for easy access; pull the string and it extends 3 1/2 feet long, apply that sparkle gloss and then back to the hip!. Clip YOYO onto your schoolbag, purse, jeans, belt or pocket. Use
Giveaway 2 Win $50 Bling Pack! (done)
I'm in a giveaway to Win $50 Bling Pack. I need 40k in comments. Thanks too everyone that help with this! Hugs Here Is The Link To My Pic! If you would like to help me out! This Giveaway Is Brought to You by… JOHNNY{ R/L B/F 2 {{!Starry!}} } This Bulletin Brought To By: SinfulBrat
My Mumm...
December 12, 2008 @ 5:16 pm #41 of 46 LMAO'D???? Laugh My Ass Off'd??? Laughing My Ass Offed?? makes no sense and your an idiot you ruined my night I got called an idiot by someone who doesn't know proper contractions. Gotta love mummin'!
Christmas Carol Train
Welcome Aboard the Christmas Carol Train Deck the hall with boughs of holly Fa la la la la la la la la Tis the season to be jolly Fa la la la la la la la la Don we now our gay apparel Fa la la la la la la la la Troll the ancient Yuletide carol Fa la la la la la la la la ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You know what to do: 1~Rate all the pictures in my Christmas Carol Album--please comment on the last one 2~Rate/Fan/Add or Comment each of the riders below including the Engineer 3~Message the Engineer to be added and receive your tag 4~Have Fun and Enjoy the Ride!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Engineer MscFrk Riders ~Mz Attitude~ uʍop ǝpýsdn sǝʇýq puɐ xýl~RR Member~ ONE&ONLY SYCHO~!~ FUBARS RESIDENT PATIENT~!~Rating Revolution~!~/CLUB FAR/SLAVE TO DEVILISH DESIRE ~*~Desperatly Seeking Sanity~*~ B1tch™ ~The Pegasus Project~ SBG*Club United*FU-Bomber*Click Club Happily Taken R/L GF to Im4u2Inslave, Proud Military Supporter*~H
Do They Know It's Christmas
Nicotine: Historical background: • 1950’s 70% of adults smoked • 1960’s Surgeon general’s warning • Government attempts to cut down rate of smokers but cant get it below 25% • Smoking tied to lower socioeconomic groups • Tobacco companies emphasize smoking is just a habbit Tobacco company research • Health and government scientist focused otn the health risks of smoking • Tobacco companies research focused on nicotine o Found that rats would IVSA nicotine o Responding would go up when ½ dose given o In humans when given cigarettes with less nicotine IPI goes down puff rate goes up o When given cigarettes with more tobacco IPI goes up Puff rate goes down ACh: Acetyl Choline • ACh synthesized by taking choline and Acetyl CoA andvia an enzyme combining them • ACh is an excitatory Neurotransmitter • ACh acts on Cholinergic receptors o Nicotinic o Muscarinic • ACh is broken down by Acetyl cholinesterase (AChe) o Metabolites resulting are choline and acetic
Someone Come..........
Someone Come..... the voice in the sky is loneliness and the night is restlessness Someone Come..... abandonment my blanket no way to slough the fever Someone Come..... be there in the morning when I wake up with your silver thread to lead me Someone Come..... walk with me in darkness being one ... a shadow to my soul Someone Come..... give this body no limits slough the fevers with your cool hand Someone Come..... one last time I will wait for you Someone Come.....
Just Like This
Slowly I escape your grasp You tighten your grip But I slither away Running scared I fear my own footsteps Your shadow lingers behind Taunting my tired pursuit My eyes play tricks on me Making images flicker and dance Appearing larger then they are My heart is pounding My soul is weakening You growl in the distance Your fiery breath burns the small hairs on my neck I can feel your fangs sinking into me I cannot see you any longer My eyes have grown black and comatose I am suddenly stopped My feet are cemented into the ground I am sinking rapidly into your arms My screams muffled by your poisonous lips My body is still My heart slowly stops My breathing is suffocated You are sucking my soul from my body I am no longer attached I look upon myself through your eyes Screaming inside as I watch my body fall to the pavement I am trapped within you again You have won the chase. You are the cat and I am now your prey Forever lost in the depths of your evil we
Justin Wins 2009 Holiday Tournament!!
Lebanon fifth at tournament Israel Potoczny Jan 5, 2009 Lebanon’s Trevor Byrd and Justin Britt win titles at Holiday Tournament SPRINGFIELD — Behind tournament titles by Justin Britt and Trevor Byrd, Lebanon placed fifth at the Springfield Holiday Tournament on Saturday. The two-day tournament, held at Parkview High School, featured 24 teams from three states. Britt, the No. 1 ranked heavy weight in Missouri Class 4 according to, remained undefeated with a major decision (14-3) over Kickapoo heavy weight Casey Wiener in the title match. Wiener, 20-5, had posted an upset win over Willard’s Chris McMullin in the second match of the tournament. Britt, 23-0, posted wins over Lance Gregory (12-9), Nate Tulone (William Chrisman) en rote to the title match. Wrestling at 215 pounds, Byrd posted a 3-2 win over Central’s Sky Thomas in the title match. Thomas entered the match boasting a 21-2 record. Zach Drinkal, 15-10,
Dancing Spirit!
When she walks into a room the men stand still, a silence looms they look aghast upon her grace and then that smile adorns her face her air does sparkle, her warmth so apparent, you can see her soul, she's almost transparent. The transluscense of her delicate skin is glowing with radiance from deep within. she looks around, spirits dancing in her eyes, like stars of the heavens, twinkling in the skies Her waist is so tiny, her breasts almost bare She glides across the room, and all eyes do stare. she walks like a whisper, she makes not a sound her scent as she passes, it has you spell bound Her dress it is sheer and fits her like a glove, for some it it hard, not to fall straight in love all are in wonder, where is her destination, questions are answered, with quite a sensation.. She takes to the dance floor, and then becomes wild with the spirit of a stallion, the zest of a child. she gets lost in the music, her soul so awake to the ey
Home Is Where The Heart Is
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So It Begins
It was hard to decide whether I really wanted to write another blog, I have them all over the place and then today I realized that you know what people don't know me and some people actually might want to. So here I go again attempting to put into words who I am. I am a wife, mother, bitch, sweetheart, moron, genius, flirt, wiseass, and sometimes a joke, it depends if you are really willing to have a conversation with me to get through all my layers. Did you follow all that, get a hint of who I am yet, if so please let me know because I am still learning. I am a Italian/Irish Pagan New Yorker who moved away from everything I knew to be with my soul wanna question my marriage? I love my family even when I want to kill them and I would kill for them, wanna cross them? I have tattoos that I love and if I had the money would have so many more. I have fat, there I said it, so before anyone decides to make comments about it, guess what I know, I have never nor will ever be skin
"sorry"a Friend Wrote This And I Thought I Should Blog It
Please go show this adorable man some fu-love! He has auto-11's on! AND Make sure you donate all your fu-monies to this lovely lady; she is trying hardcore for the spotlight:
Need To Read This!
SEEMS SO MAY PEOPLE ARE SO CAUGHT UP IN THINGS THAT HAVE NO RELEVANCE WHATSOEVER IRL- TO ME ITS ALL SO PETTY AND I HAVE NO NEED FOR DRAMA IN MY LIFE..THIS SPOKE TO MY HEART TONIGHT..I STOLE THIS FROM A MUMM MADE BY WV REBEL AND HAD TO SHARE.... There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind. She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She told her boyfriend, 'If I could only see the world, I will marry you.' One day, someone donated a pair of eyes to her. When the bandages came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend. He asked her,'Now that you can see the world, will you marry me?' The girl looked at her boyfriend and saw that he was blind. The sight of his closed eyelids shocked her. She hadn't expected that. The thought of looking at them the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him. Her boyfriend left in tears and days later wrote a note to her saying: 'Take good care of your eyes, m
Valetines Auction
I'm up for auction again. This time for V-day: Here is what I offer: OWNED BY _____ IN NAME FOR 1 MO #1 FRIEND FOR 1 MO #2 FAMILY FOR 1 MO RATE ALL PICS 11 DURING HH TILL DONE RATE ALL STASH DURING HH 2 SFW PERSONAL SALUTE PIMPOUT ON PAGE FOR 1 MO 1 DRINK PER DAY DAILY COMMENT ADD TO YIM 1 PHONE CALL The higher the bidding the more I add. Ask me what you want? I do not need a VIP. If Bling packs are offered. I will use 1/3 of the credits on you. If a 65 Credit bling pack is offered i will give you 1 Auto 11 bling If a 135 credit bling pack is offered i will give you 2 Auto 11' bling's Anything higher and I'll give you 50 percent of the credits on you.
My Home State!!! Lets Win Team!!!!
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The Letter "c"
Rules​:​ It's harde​r than it looks​!​ Copy to your own note,​ erase​ my answe​rs,​ enter​ yours​.​ Use the first​ lette​r of your name to answe​r each of the follo​wing quest​ions.​ They have to be real — nothi​ng made up! If the perso​n befor​e you had the same first​ initi​al,​ you must use diffe​rent answe​rs.​ You canno​t use any word twice​ and you can'​t use your name for the boy/​girl name quest​ion.​ 1. What is your name:​ Carianne 2. A four-​lette​r word:​ core 3. A boy'​s name:​ Charles 4. A girl'​s name:​ Cyndi 5. An occup​ation​:​ Chef 6. A color​:​ Cerulean 7. Somet​hing you wear:​ Chonies 8. A food:​ Cheesecake! 9. Somet​hing found​ in the
80's Lyrics
do it without looking any of them up. I dare you. =P
Im In An Auction :)
Yes. I am in the big Fu owned auction 5 "happy valentines day" so... You can have your own Swede to valentines. Do you wanna let me be your date? If you look and dont wanna bid, please rate the picture :) LOVE TO YOU ALL!!! xoxoxoxox
Nectarine And Plum Galette
* Active Time: 15 minutes * Total Time: 1 hour 35 minutes INGREDIENTS 2 nectarines (12 oz), cut in 8 wedges 2 plums (8 oz), cut in 8 wedges 1⁄4 cup granulated sugar 1⁄4 tsp ground cinnamon 1⁄4 tsp almond extract 1 refrigerated pie crust from a 15-oz pkg 1 large egg white, lightly beaten 2 tsp turbinado (see Note) or granulated sugar PREPARATION 1. Heat oven to 425°F. You'll need a 15 x 11-in. rimmed baking pan lined with parchment or nonstick foil. 2. Combine fruit, granulated sugar, cinnamon and almond extract until evenly coated. 3. Unroll pie crust onto lined baking pan. Place fruit mixture in center, leaving a 1 1⁄2-in. border around edges. Fold edges of crust over filling, pleating and pressing dough together gently to hold shape. 4. Brush crust edges with egg white; sprinkle with sugar. Bake 15 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 375°F. 20 minutes, or
I Dunno
i dunno what fuck this is i just seen it said create a blog so made one said i dunno so i dunnno feel free to let me know u dunno either peace
Now Im Confused...
So today in class, everything was a bit rushed to make up for having yesterday off, we zipped through like 4chapters in less than two hours. Normally, this isnt a big thing, BUT its all medical terms and thats a lil harder to soak in all at once. And since we had yesterday off, our test day wasnt supposed to be til Thursday, to give us an extra day to practice and study in class... SUPPOSED to be. We go on lunch and come back, and go to lab where were told we're having out clinical done today instead of Thursday. Now since we work on each other while at school, I didnt get a chance to really practice but for a half hour on Friday. And yesterday Candypants was SUPPOSED to let me work on her... but we lost track of time and next thing we knew it was 11pm. So I didnt get a chance to study or practice at all, so Im a lil nervous about this test. Im taking the clinical part of the test, and much to my surprise Im nailing it all as she's calling it out. I noticed I wasnt doing one thi
Tagged I'm It
I got tagged by the beautiful DownUndaXena ... Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1.facts one :I am not actually red headed I'm blonde and i hide it go fig., but most people don't know that one 2.Habbit one: When I get upset i bit my lip 3.I hardly cry, so when I do over someone they should know they mean alot to me 4.It takes alot to make me jelious 5.I use to be one hell of a gothic person.and if you know me now your like no way bullshit!but true i did the whole witch craft thing, black hair white face emo looking stuff for a while thank god i grew out of that:) 6.My 2 babies are my world , I live and breath for those two , an
Cracker Is In So Much Trouble For This!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I hate chain crap like this "tag you're it" blog. (it's mildly annoying to force me to think about myself) 2. No matter if I am logged in or not my computer must be online at all times. I have been able to have the monitor shut off...but unless the power is out the computer is on 24/7. 3. I fall in and out of infatuation as often as I read a new book. For those of you that don't know how often I's roughly between 5-18 books a month. 4. I drool on myself, my pillows, my bed, wherever I pass out. I snore very loudly too! 5. I love to spoon with my back against his stomach I don't like it the other way
Thanks For Viping Me! Muah
£eadchucker ©® ( Fu-Hubby to my Devil's Angel)@ fubar   Thanks Leadchucker!  I REALLY needed it to help me level!  MUAH
i was so worred they going to take my dauther away but the court is pleaese that she going to school and her grades are up but she still refuseing to have a tuter to help her with her work the court told her she has to have the tuter to rase her math but she happy they tock a way the rise and shine person ( they are the person comein your home and help you to wake up the your son/dauther ) see my dauther dont want to go to school she used to skip school all the time makeing me think she is in school will the school called cps and the school tock me to court saying i netgled my dauther but i did not i send her to school but thinking she in school the court told her she better go to school or she will be place to a dentetion home so she realize there not jokeing she was so scared they will do that to her . will she still need provemnet and i am glad she is to going to school
Bombing Contest
I am in a bombing contest to win a VIP for a month. I need 8000 comments to win. So anyone that helps me, I will return the love. Here is the link to the page that needs to be bomb. Thanks in advance for any help i get!!! Oh and you will find you have to post a comment and then refresh the page to post another.
Only God Knows Why
ONLY GOD KNOWS WHY Kid Rock I've been sittin here Tryin to find myself I get behind myself I need to rewind myself Lookin for the payback Listen for the playback They say that every man bleeds just like me And I feel like number one Yet I'm last in line I watch my youngest son And it helps to pass the time I take too many pills, it helps to ease the pain I made a couple of dollar bills, but still I feel the same Everybody knows my name They say it way out loud A lot of folks fuck with me It's hard to hang out in crowds I guess that's the price you pay To be some big shot like I am Out stretched hands and one night stands Still I can't find love And when your walls come tumbling down I will always be around And when your walls come tumbling down I will always be around People don't know about the things I say and do They don't understand about the shit that I've been through It's been so long since I've been home I've been gone, I've been gone for
as i sit here on my bed staring out my window..... i wonder what it would be like to see you, to feel you, to hold your body against mine. I want to smell your scent and take it in, inhale deeply to enjoy your ever loving smell. As i sit and continue to stare i see your face. you look like an angel. like you jus walked right out of the clouds and into my room. i see you standing there in front of me. you are wearing a white silk button down shirt, white silk pants and no shoes. u gazed into my eyes and im stunned my by your look. you walk up to me and my heart quickens as you move closer to me. you grab my hand and swing me around into your arms then lay me back down in my bed. the bed is so soft with the white satin sheets. you help me as i undress and and in the distance the curtains are moving with the gentle breeze that flows into the room. the sun brightens up your eyes and u kiss me gently and leave a trail down my body! then once you get to the top of my panties u look up and sm
Tea Party
The Real Id And Your Civil Rights
The REAL ID Act of 2005 is U.S. federal law that imposes certain security, authentication, and issuance procedures standards for the state driver's licenses and state ID cards, for them to be accepted by the federal government for "official purposes", as defined by the Secretary of Homeland Security. Currently, the Secretary of Homeland Security has defined "official purposes" as presenting state driver's licenses and identification cards for boarding commercially operated airline flights and entering federal buildings and nuclear power plants. The Act is a rider to an act of the United States Congress titled Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief, 2005. The Real ID Act implements the following: * Changing visa limits for temporary workers, nurses, and Australian citizens. * Establishing new national standards for state-issued driver licenses and non-driver identification cards. * Funding some reports and
The "fakes Of The Week" Have Transformed?...
Check the blog below and to the left with the same title...don't forget to rate , tell your friends and post your comments as always and please don't forget to rate it a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 11..:D
Hair Color
Cabaret--liza Minelli
Stress..should I?
I slept in today. I missed my statistics class! dammit and i actually had a lab due. so whatever he covered is on the lesson he taught today. fuck. besides that i have a lot of other crap to do: sociology midterm 4/9 compare and contrast paper 4/9 history midterm 4/2 paper 4/30 psychology reading chapter 2-14 paper 4/1(i hope it's an april fool's joke) journal entry 4/1 assignment 4/1 english assignment 4/2 asignment4/9 paper 4/9 spring break 4/11-4/19 for some reason i'm not stress. what IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!??! for some reason
Just Thoughts
Just in the year that i have been on this site it has changed so much. Not exactly for the good either. I have made some good friends on here and met some of them in person but the site in general is goin to hell in a hand basket. The regular member cant get help without having to basically beg for it or pay for it. We help all the ppl that have their HH's or Autos but in my own experience...even when i help them cuz they want it....i don't get the help back in return. I do have a few friends that are always there when i need help but for the most part....this online popularity contest is more than that. there are alot of women that will do anything ( and i do mean anything to get what they want) and that to me is just crap. Gives real women with morals a bad name. Anyway...these are my thoughts on Fubar at the moment. I'm just tired of the bullshit
Inner Traveller (poem)...
INNER TRAVELLER   Speak to me-  Shaman of the Cherokee!   As one seeking knowlege  Of the Sacred Formulas-  Prepare me for my journeys;  Inward and outbound travels.   Though I know the Sacred Cloud  Will hide me from my enemies,  What can protect me  From myself?   With my spells to follow,  I can command Rabbit and Fish-  Yet I sometimes have no self-cotrol  Over some wicked, wayward wish!   Though I can cleverly conjure  Spider's seductive and winding web,  I am helpless- if not hapless-  
My Thrid Week As A Dj
WOW!!! What an exciting ride this has turned out to be!! Ya'll have been so great!!! I am having a blast meeting new peeps and hearing what tunes ya'll want to listen to.. I can't wait till my next week begins!! so ya'll come and join me in The Cowboys and Cowgirls from Hell lounge weds thru sat. 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm est...Or just pop on in anytime as we have the best DJs' around and we play music 24/7....Take care!! DJ Monkey!!!
Random Crap
  this made me giggle......HARD.   hehehe
We Bow To Nobody
I Didnt Write This
Don't read without tissues because it will make you cry if you have a heart..Her hair was up in a pony tail,her favorite dress tied with a bow.Today was Daddy's Day at school,and she couldn't wait to go.But her mommy tried to tell her,that she probably should stay home.Why the kids might not understand,if she went to school alone.But she was not afraid; she knew just what to say.What to tell her classmates of why he wasn't there today.But still her mother worried,for her to face this day alone.And that was why once again,she tried to keep her daughter home.But the little girl went to schooleager to tell them all.About a dad she never sees;a dad who never calls.There were daddies along the wall in back,for everyone to meet.Children squirming impatiently,anxious in their seatsOne by one the teacher called a student from the class.To introduce their daddy, as seconds slowly passed.At last the teacher called her name,every child turned to stare.Each of them was searching,for a man who wasn
I M Up For Auction For The First Time, You Want Me? Check Me Out Then Bid, Bid, Bid, I Have Lots To Offer U Won T Regret It (repost)
Mother's Day Auction Come Bid Now!!!
My Best Friend
A true friend never walks awayA true friend will always stayA true friend looks out for you A true friend will guard your secretsLike a precious giftA true friend is there for youTo give you a helpful lift A true friend tries to make you smileTries to replace that frownThey may not always succeed But they rarely let you down These arms for you are openThis heart for you does careAnd when I think you need meI'll try to always be there I'll listen to your fearsI promise not to laughComfort your falling tearsI'll make this friendship last I'll keep you near to my heartI'll always hold you dearEven when we're miles apartEven when you're here I hope I am to youEverything you are to meFor the friendship we haveIs a special one indeed.
Always start your day with a lot of… S E X S - SMILEE - ENERGYX - XCITEMENT so make S E X a daily habit, and youll always B SUCC SEX FUL! in LIFE.
I am still suprised by peoples doubt of their mortality. Deep in our minds we know death will come but we are scared and morose when the prospect of it creeps close through older loved ones getting sick. I have made it a point to try to not stress about too many things and try to enjoy the little snippets of happiness that break through the dense clouds of a miserable existence. For existence is what it is..when u spend 75% of your day working then u have no life. I have accepted my mortality..I have even thought about the premature emergence of it..but my harbinger of death will come when it is time and until then i want to be able to say man i had some good times.
ever been 2 a nude beach??????????
Software Downloads
Ubuntu 9.04 ISO's
House Hunting
I wanted this townhome I found in Rancho Cucamonga that was going for around 240k.  I bid 250 and went up to 255 and lost out, probably to someone who offered all cash! I cannot win in California!  Too many people with money while I struggle just to own.  Oh well, I still have a job.  I keep looking every weekend, put in my offers on the weekday, rinse and repeat until I finally get a place.  Eventually one will slip through the cracks, but it is brutal to do this, school, work, work out and right now, move!
Sibling Rivalry: The Story Of Romulus And Remus
Just a little Q & A about what one thinks they know... 1. Who was the biological mother of Romulus and Remus?Rhea SilviaRhea Silvia was the daughter of Numitor. Rhea was made a priestess by her uncle, Amulius, so she couldn't have children. However, the Roman god of war named Mars fell in love with her and Rhea gave birth to twin boys. 2. Why were Romulus and Remus thrown into the Tiber river as babies?So their great-uncle would think they were deadThe twins' great-uncle Amulius didn't want to be overthrown so he sent one of his soldiers to slaughter the boys. The soldier couldn't, so he put them into a homemade cradle and set them afloat on the river Tiber. Amilius thought that the boys were dead.3. What kind of animal found Romulus and Remus on the bank of the Tiber river?WolfA female wolf found on the boys on the bank of the Tiber river and instead of killing them for food the wolf took them back to her pack and fed them as she did her other cubs. A woodpecker also helped feed the
Elissa Dido
1. Elissa Dido was born in Phoenicia, which was part of which modern-day country?LebanonThe Phoenicians originated from the Mediterranean coast of present-day Lebanon. Major Phoenician cities included Tyre, Sidon and Byblos.2. Dido was the daughter of Belus, king of Tyre. What was the name of her brother?PygmalionPygmalion assassinated Elissa Dido's husband, Acherbas (referred to as Sychaeus by Virgil). According to legend, Acherbas appeared to Elissa in a dream and provided her with a ship in which she could flee Tyre and start a new life away from her brother.3. Dido is credited with founding which city?CarthageElissa Dido and her entourage crossed the Mediterranean and settled on the shores of modern-day Tunisia. They called their new city Carthage from the Phoenician words 'Qart-Haddasht', meaning 'New Land.'4. Dido made a deal with King Iarbus of Libya - he promised her as much land as she could cover with the hide of a bull. Dido cut up the bull's hide into very thin pieces which
I am so burned out cant wait to go on vacation, get some fishing and just relax,
Peace Out
I just barely got over a major blow to my health, only to recieve bad news about a realative.   So, basically I'm still recovering physically and now must deal with recovering emotionally.   I'm not gonna be in contact with people for a while. This is what I do. I close myself up to others when I need to focus on getting myself better. Sorry, but that is just who I am.   I don't really know what I'm gonna do, but odds are I'm gonna spend this week in Arizona. Don't know when I'll be back, or what I'm gonna do about work.
Rethinking Things
i got an offer to get fu engaged the other day, it came from a beautiful, funny and amazingly interesting woman so i clicked yes. lately she has been showing more of her true self and i`m not sure about it any more.   what do my friends think i should do, i`m all confused
A True Man
Love This Comeback !!!!!
  One of my sons serves  in the military. He is still stateside, here in  California . He called me yesterday to let me know how warm and welcoming people were to him and his troops everywhere he goes, telling me how people shake their hands and thank them for being willing to serve and fight for not only our own freedoms,  but so that others may have them also.  But he also told me about an incident in the grocery store he stopped at yesterday on his way home from the base. He said that ahead of several people in front of him stood a woman dressed in a burkha.  
Gran Torino
just got done watching gran torino for the 3rd time, and i`m not a big movie type of person i`m older than almost all on here except maybe trannygranny and a handful of others someone i really like a lot and value their opinion and friendship told me that she thought of me when she was watching the movie klover (h) i grew up i a neighborhood that was entirely irish catholic and is now like the one in the movie, mixed races and old and deteriorating housing stock. i also was raised with similar prejudices ,my fathers father not only looked like archie bunker but sounded like him too. although i have for the most part overcome that just by exposure to the world i come from the time when mlk was doing his marches across the south,the sds and the weathermen were blowing up colleges,women did not have equality and if you were queer you kept it a secret people my age are the bridge between the 50`s and the present no idea where this going, just got to thinking after watching the movie
Shit That Bugs Me
Ok I thought id just rant bout sum shit that i think is stupid or just plain dont like! First off I fucken hate Monroe piercings! you'll never been as good looking as Cindy Crawford once was, so pull out the piercing n make us happy.  Second thing is these Stupid ass Foreign language tats that every lame ass unimaginative piece of trash seems to get! You really wanna surprise me, go to china or the middle east and read sumthing there, anything i dont care just a random piece of paper! BUT the thing is u fucktards cant understand what that chicken scratch actually says! ooh wow u know what it says, well thats only cuz u half witted retard read what was writen in "english" under the chicken scratch! Another thing i dont like is star tats! How unimaginative can a person be? "But Tweek why are u haten on my tat?"  Because you only saw the tat in a crazy town music video then on damn near every Suicide girl, or u saw it on sumone else n just had to have ur star! how bout u be more origin
Finally An Answer!
Well, after days of trying to get an answer, my Son finally got his flight plans today on his home coming. Talk about till the very end. Never mind the fact that people have lives, but I guess the National Guard does not see that arrangements on this end need to be made for his pick up. He got his plans at out processing today after graduation from AIT. He gets to fly in tomorrow night @ 1125pm. The only plus side is that he flies in to the airport that is like 1 mile away from home. Which is good really since I have to be at work at 7am and leave at 6 in the morning the next day. The rest of the week is so gonna suck. I am going to be so drained of energy. I will so be looking forward to my vacation starting on Saturday. My Brother and Niece fly in tomorrow morning at 1030am in Norfolk. My Sister in law flies in on Fri..
Being Real
Hi! Being real is about loving ourselves for who we are. When one does this we are able to love another. Having a relationship with ourselves is key. When we do this we can have a relationship with another. Not everyone is going to like you no matter what and it doesn't matter. Be honest with yourself and others always. It's better to tell the truth to someone than mislead them and lie. Don't pull any punches with anyone tell them what you feel and be real about it. Some want to hear the truth, some don't. The truth can be ickky to someone and sometimes scary. When we get told the truth it makes us take a look at ourselves and some don't like that. Always be yourself and don't try and be someone you are not. Be who you are and shine with your true colors in everything you do.
Hey Dad!!
First off - HAPPY BIRTHDAY to day july 4th.  Today would have been your 71st birthday. It has now been 12 years since I got to see you - talk to you - listen to you - hug you - tell you in person how much I love you - and laugh together with you.  All the memories are so strong I feel as today was like 2 days before you died.  I talked to you on the phone before your surgery.  Do you remember what we promised each other on that day?  I do - and I try my best to keep that promise every day.   You wanted me to live my life as I knew and felt was in my best interest.  You did not want me to say *have a good one* - you wanted me to say : *I see you on wednesday dad* - I did as you asked me.  That following monday morning you had open heart surgery.  I woke up when I knew they were prepping you.  Couldnt get any rest after.  I knew what time they put you under for the surgery.  I talked to the nurse all morning.  She told me after one hour that all looked oki so far.  They did all they
♥ .£åÐïï. .sweetz. ♥ C O N T E S T
Political Correctness
Ok, I have heard enough small peeps want the word midget banned from TV!  I think the world is going to far with this non-sense. Here is my reply to all this non-sense. I am half Irish call me a Mck pronounced Mik, I am also 1/2 Italian so I guess that makes me a ginny. I also a little over weight so call me fat, I wear glasses at work so I am a Geek, damn monitors kill my eyes, I like country music, the outdoors boating and fishing so I am a Hick. Put all this togeather and you have me, I am not defined by my height, color, weight, ancestors birthplace or what I like. I am what God made me a human being. We all come in different shapes, sizes and color so small people of the world get over yourselves you are only victim of prejudice if you allow yourself to be. I will continue to use the "midget" when I see fit. It's a word and only a word!
Tied In Knots
The Journey of ReleaseWhen we become overwhelmed and things are not going as planned, it is natural to hold tighter to our goals and try to force things to go our way. In the process, we tie ourselves in knots, tensing our shoulders, jaws, and muscles throughout our bodies. Our mind tells us that this is how to get a firmer grip on a situation that feels out of control, but as we create knots in our bodies we are blocking the flow of our energy, exhausting ourselves by exerting more effort yet accomplishing less. At these times, though it may seem counterintuitive, our higher selves know it’s better to let go.This may not be quite as easy as it sounds. After the relief of our first decision to release, if we allow questions about how to get everything done to start again, the knots will be back before we know it. So we need to be aware that this is a process to breathe through. First, we need to let go of our idea of what the perfect outcome should be, and allow that the intellig
Virgo Horoscope For 7/9/09
Your ego has probably been feeling quite strong lately, and you may be feeling an extra boost of self-confidence, dear Virgo. Don't be surprised if this ego of yours gets somewhat threatened, however, when someone appears out of the blue with a fanciful attitude that is aggressive, opinionated, and not quite on the same track as you. You may find it hard to deal with people today, since they may be a bit spacey in general.
When you bear your soul to someone, what do you expect? Will they see what you want to show them? Probably not.  They will see what they want to see and not the whole. They will, depending on how they feel, about you or life in general, look for the parts.  They will find the dark parts and tell you how foul you are.  They will find the red of you angers, or the greens of your envies. But your soul in not a rainbow, white light split into colors.  It is whole, the way you are, not the parts of you.  It is more than the sum of the parts. When you find someone that will look at the soul and tell you truth of the total of what they see.  Then. You have found a friend.
Drowning Ones Sorrows
  One glass, Short, Tall, Lower the percentage, End toll the same, The carnage only evident the morning after, Amber, clear, flat, carbonated, The damage in time will tell, Motor functions blurred, Vision doubled, Never been to bed with a minger,
My 1st Auction Needs Ur Bid Plzzzzz
(1) Make of car cheaply made, looks good, but breaks down prematurely.(2) Make of car that sells for a low price but parts are expensive.(3) The only make of truck or van that give you multiple choice on what to do when they cut you off in the middle of the road. (Should I dodge him or ram him?)(4) Division of Chrysler that used to make good quality automobiles such as the Charger, but sacrifices quality for profit.Note: these definitions also apply to Plymouth and Chrysler. Dented Or Damaged Greatly Everyday Drips Oil Drops Grease EverywhereDies On Day Guarantee Expires Dreary Out Dated Grandpa Engineering
Into The Fire
This is the film, close to the third act and the misery It's not rain, you rapist werewolves It's God pissing down on you We'll die alone Cause I'll break off my own arms Sharpen my bones Stab you once for each time I thought of you Trying to take something You'll never be good enough to even look upon It's better to push something away that's slipping Than to risk being dragged down If you want to hit bottom Don't bother to try taking me with you I won't answer if you call Two heartbeats ended in hell Trying to break your fall This isn't a mob, won't need to change the names Everyone around you Has murdered someone, something sacred Isn't one nail without dirt under it Isn't any white cotton panties that aren't soaked and stained red It's better to push something away that's slipping Than to risk being dragged down If you want to hit bottom Don't bother to try taking me with you I won't answer if you call Two heartbeats ended in hell Trying to break your fall Into the fire Into
Phone Ettiquite
So, a few years ago, we had this crusty older alcoholic dude named Bryce in my department. I remember he would come to work an hour early, call his ex wife to talk to her & his kids, get thoroughly aggravated, then go outside for a "smoke" and come back in 30 minutes later reeking of alcohol (but in a much better mood).Now, the customer service center next door is normally popualted with kind helpful females that have a non-threatening voice; someone who's demeanor can calm down an irate customer. You know the sugary sweet type. And one of these helpful females (in fact the night shift team lead over there) was a big 6'5" dude named Deion. He was such a flamer that the local newspaper here had done a story on him in the "Style" section and interviewed him about his own line of clothing he was designing and having manufactured (I guess it never took off, cause he still works next door). Now everyone in my department hates to get a call from the customer service center, because they're o
Just Talkin
at times i wonder why i open my mouth, nothing i say seems to come out right.  theres days where i feel smaller then the dust on an old picture frame and other days where i feel i rule the world. some days i am a complet goof bal then the next day i feel like hiding from the world. i wish i could control the way i feel. maybe one day i'll figure it out. Mr. Sunshine
Week 6
Away                                         Home Texans                                            Bengals Ravens                                            Vikings Browns                                            Steelers Chiefs                                              Redskins Lions                                               Packers Giants                                             Saints Panthers                                         Buccaneers
Dear Honey
Dear Honey.... Mesmerized…. I have become completely lost in your eyes Your smile astonishing I guess it would be true for me to say you complete me Yet… how can I separate the two Infatuaghted by love and not lust from me to you It has been so long since I have even thought about uniting with a mate But everyday it become harder to fight when you step to my face So I have come up with a decision to you from me This is a gentleman’s plea Hear me out for what I say is true I want to hold your thoughts so close until I become apart of the and you I want to outline my affection with a kiss To only decorate your heart with my love that you would never miss If I had to make a choice between breathing and loving you Then baby I would use my last breathe to tell you I love you From your past… those dudes were wearing cover up masks with lies and cruel intentions And you are single now so answer this question If a gentleman could compile together the mos
Over Soon
The moon throws shadows In my room Sitting in the dark It shall all be over soon. A beautiful mistake Yet I hold no regret Your smile fades in the distance But I will never forget. My bleeding heart holds the pain Of a thousand fatal wounds Bless my weary soul It shall all be over soon. 8-1-09 (this one may not be done yet....havent decided)
Photos Of A Boating Accident: Just Minutes Before!!
Slow Hand
As the midnight moon was drifting through The lazy sway of the trees I saw the look in your eyes looking into mine Seeing what you wanted to see Darlin' don't say a word 'cos I already heard What your body's saying to mine I'm tired of fast moves, I've got a slow grooveOn my mind I want a man with a slow hand I want a lover with an easy touch I want somebody who will spend some time Not come and go in a heated rush I want somebody who will understand When it comes to love I want a slow hand On shadowed ground with no one around And a blanket of stars in our eyes We are drifting free, like two lost leaves On the crazy wind of the night Darlin' don't say a word 'cos I already heard What your body's saying to mine If I want it all night, you say it's alright We got the time'Cos I got a man with a slow hand I got a lover with an easy touch I've found somebody who will spend some time Not come and go in a heated rush I've found somebody who will understand When it comes to love I want a slo
Another Side
If I yell... From across the smoke filled room.. Will you take me home... treat me like any other... Take me away for a minute or two... Show me what its all about for a little while... Act like you care... Until the sun comes up? If I talk... From across the table... Will you bring me here again... Treat me like any other... Take me away for an hour or two.... Show me how passionate you might be.... Act like you care... Until your friends come over... If I whisper.. From the side of your pillow... Will you bring me here again... Treat me like any other.. For a day or two.. Show me how passionate I am... Act like you care... Until your family stays for dinner... If I breathe.. From my soul to yours... Will you bring me here again... Treat me like no other... Show me so much more... Act like you will always care... Until I breathe no more.
Fat Ass!
i haven't worn jeans for almost 2 years cos none of mine fit my fat ass!well guess what???
1st Year In College
i started colege last october it was on a monday i had three classes mind you they were all night classes im going to get to the point i failed 2of those classes and i had to take one over winter of last year im taking the other one either in winter of 09 or spring 10 anyways no body said college life would be easy im taking my time and takin advice as i shall go we were always told the first year is not easy
Just Remembering !!
 Myrna Joy Boyd, 72, of Wolf Point, died March 26, 2009, at Trinity Hospital in Wolf Point. Granddaughter of Chief Santee Iron Ring, the last traditional Chief of the Fort Peck Sioux, she was born to James A. Boyd and Florence Iron Ring Belton on Aug. 20, 1936, in Poplar. Throughout her life, she was known as an advocate for Native families, especially children. She was instrumental in getting a Senate investigation into the mistreatment of Native children in the State of Montana's foster care system, and was the co-founder of the Walks Far Society, which has been active as an advocate for Native children since 1979. She also was active in many other organizations that work in related fields, and was the Montana coordinator of the Trail of Self Determination Caravan, which was a nationwide march to Washington, D.C., that fought for Native rights. She was preceded in death by a brother, Wayne Boyd Sr.; sons, William James and Donald Wayne Whitright; and one daughter, Anita Ironcloud. Sh
Lori Yin On 944 Magazine
Click here for the 944 Cover Contest!
After All We All Are Human
A little bit of venting..or bitching however you want to take it.  Yes even I have those days. :)  Lets start off with..I am old school FU..been here almost 2 years...and I like the old ways.  I am where I am on here not because of people buying me stuff. or HH after HH...blast after balst..or ticker after ticker.  I got here from the help of my friends and to that THANK YOU ALL. I do like to level..but as I see with this is GREED and the abuse of friendships; I am not sure if I really give a shit about leveling. OVA a BILL to get a spotlight!!! thats fukking ridiculous!!  As my stat once said.." There is a person on the other side of the computer screen..with that said, there are feelings and a heart, not just a credit card and wallet."  People have to work hard now with all the shit that is going onwith our economy.  I know some of you just dont give a shit..but KARMA is a bitch. Remember that! Im not saying that people shouldnt spend money on what they want...but dont
Dunno Dunno
Dunno what to really write about... Right now I am feeling down and I dunno why. This weekend is suppose to be tons of fun. Having a Halloween party here at the house tomorrow, I am gonna be in scrubs and some weird ass wig, elton john glasses and have my complete face painted. My daughter is coming as well as a friend of mine and my daughters boyfriend, should be fun. The Saturday I am staying the night at my daughters, and at midnight we are going to Rocky Horror Picture Show... *YIKES* cuz I am a virgin to the show and it will be my 1st time attending with audience participation. Tonight I had to do a thank a thon type of thing for a few hours, calling and thanking the donors that helped with the fundraiser for the program I am in. That was kind of anxiety, 1st thought it was gonna be on tv cuz of where we were going, thank god it wasnt. Then I had everyone telling me what a great phone voice I had... yadda yadda Yes I have done plenty of customer service, BUT I had alot of anxiety
How To Beat Stress
Stressed out...try some of these relaxing tidbits :)1. Jam tiny marshmallows up your nose and try to sneeze them out.(This one is great to teach neices and nephews!)2. Use your Mastercard to pay your Visa bill.(Even better to call after doing it and say you didn't authorize it and want to know what the hell is going on!)3. Pop some popcorn without putting the lid on.(This one keeps cats and men occupied for awhile.)4. When someone says "Have a nice day" tell them you have other plans.(Like going the store to stock up on ammunition maybe?)5. Get a box of condoms. Wait in line at the check-out counter and ask the cashier where the fitting rooms are.(And if she's cute, always ask if assistance is available.)6. Dance naked in front of your pets.(Not recommended for anyone with a pet Gorilla.)7. Put your toddler's clothes on backwards, and send him/her off to school as if nothing is wrong.(You can get real creative here...especially if you put a dress on your son.)8. Read the dictionary bac
I Need It
Nothing else matters anymore, It's all about the one. The one thing that gives life, Or can even take it away. Tasting and craving it, Wanting and needing it. Every vein in my body Tells me to find it, drink it. I listen to it, Dreaming of the taste. There, now, the prey comes, Startled by my presence. A smile, a polite apology. A smile in reply, a quick movement. It's in my mouth now, Flowing down my throat in Pure ecstasy. Nothing else matters, The body falling to the ground. Now that I have it, I am alive again Forever wanting more.
Happy Holiday's
Since the earliest of times, trees, especially green evergreens, were worshipped by the pagans. To them it represented life and freshness. Since it was EVER green, it always had life. The trees were worshipped as symbols of life, fertility, sexual potency and reproduction. These pagan rituals of worship were then brought into the homes and set up as idols, with the belief that it would give men a heightened potency of sexual virility to procreate new life for their harvest god in the new year. The evergreen tree represented a "PHALLIC" symbol (the mans sexual organ of reproduction) set in an upright position.. Any wonder why people hang round balls on a tree? Is having a Christmas tree in your living room like putting a big, green, erect penis there to put presents under? And if so, how can one reconcile this practice with Christianity?   You need to put up a whole bunch of boobies and vaginas around the house to balance it out.
New Year Blessings
My Problem
The other day I was served child support paperwork on my 16 yo daughter whom I have not seen since her mom and her disappeared on me 13 years ago. Now I have no problem paying the child support. The problem I am having is that I found her mom on MySpace and sent her a message telling her that I wasn't going to fight it and that I would like to get to know my daughter. Her response to me was to block me from contacting her at all. Now I feel like that my money is good enough for her but I am not good enough to know my daughter. Now I live in Iowa and thats where the support order will go through but they live in Florida and to get court ordered visitation I have to either go there or hire a lawyer there and I can't afford to do either one. I currently have 5 of my children living with me. Any comments or advice would be helpful.
A Friendly Lounge Site You Should Join
please help me i need my friends here on fubar to join fubar/lounge/satinsensation  please message me or chat me about more info on the lounge and the link  im the promoter on the site looking for more fumembers to join in the fun meet and make new great friends whilst listening to cool music its never a dull moment in the lounge whilst were haveing a laugh and partying hard and tell your friends to join and  say wayno send you the invite and i would like to say thank you for taking the time to read my blog more blogs to come with this lounge keep an eye out for them thanks again
Payouts And Total Counts
I would like to know if anyone else has a problem in getting payouts for specific days with the right amouts posted. This is like the third time I have tried to get into the rating contests and I for one do not think that the person or persons running it is keeping a legimate account of the ratings. I know that they do not pay the amounts offered for the ratings and this is getting to be a habit with some of the payers.   I have gotten to the level I am at by rating only and when the person or persons do not pay what is posted it is very discouraging to say the least.   I can not afford all the frills of bombs and autos and sure as Hell no one will give them to me so I thought entering a contest would be a fun way to aquire these things.  But the way it is looking it has been fruitless and un profitable for me but not the one getting rated. There is 7 more days to the contest and I will see where it ends up. If not a fair contest I will be writing another blog and naming names
Last night I cryed, Tears full of fears..I cryed. Confusion building, Why? All i know to do it Cry.
Deaths Near Misses
So I guess one of the things that makes me uniqe si that Ive died atleast three times. The first two were from the same motorcycle wreck, no helmit went off the road and hit a metal pole. Life flight took me to Beaumont blinked out on hele ride, then again in ER, but they kept being able to bring me back. So a week went by and I came out of my coma on my 25th b-day, they let me know what happened, told me I cracked my skull, srushed the bones in my left ear (completely def), broken collar bone, blah, blah, blah. The third was alot less epic I was eating choked by the time someone came by I was blue, but once again I rebound well, cpr and Im back. On the way to the ambulance the EMS droped my strecher crossing the bridge form my house to carpport, good times good times. Well thats it for this one but there will be more stories of dumbfuckerry! 
Ridin Free
Ridin Free Every Biker understands,why a Dog hangs his head,out the window of the truck,while he's drivin.Cause we all wanna be,on the road ridin free,livin like Hopper and Fonda.Singin freinds don't let freinds,ride Honda's.
Feb 14
So this day is a lovey dovey holiday I'd just rather ignore. Now everyone thought that might have been just cause there wasn't a man to qualify for my valentine. So along came my valentine and I'd still rather just ignore that holiday. Look if I love ya I love ya and if I don't I don't. I don't need some stupid day to make me all lovey dovey and remind me to tell you I love you. I can see where a good majority of people might need reminded to pay attention to their mate but does everyone have to participate in valentine's day? Does anyone know of steak and blow job day?? March 14th is steak and blow job. I'd rather have a steak than a rose. Really I feel like there is too much focus on the financial side of valentines day. Back in the day when this holiday first transpired money was not the focus of it. The point was to remind everyone to show some love and money isn't needed to show love. You can get creative and make cards and crafty lil keep sakes. There are always tons of ways to s
A Chapter Ends, Reluctantly
I found myself unable to cope with the truth, to accept it. You were gone from my life, you were truly gone now. I fell to my knees and hot tears began to form in my eyes blurring my vision, not that I needed to see. In my mind's eye the events of three years played out clearly and I shook with a mixture of anger and grief. I kept questioning myself, questioning your motivation. How did this happen, how could it? A life I had invested myself into fully and selflessly. A little boy to care for now and to do it alone.   My greatest challenge and oppurtunity to present itself so far.   Fear in the pit of my stomach, how to balance a career and a son with no prospects and bills looming just around the corner. I look up from my writting and he's watching me with a smile. He doesn't look away, he laughs and touches my knee. Sensation washes over me and I muse silently to myself Perhaps, it wiill all be okay after-all.  
Ironman 2 Is Guna Be Fucking...rad!
This shit is guna be soooo god damn RAD! ...I'm super "jizzed" to see it.         oh.... and Oliva Munn will have a small part. (boner)  
The Wiccan Sabbots
The Wiccan Sabbats, or Holy Days Since Wicca is derived from ancient European agrarian societies, the Sabbats (similar to sabbath) are closely tied to the seasons and the calendar.  Wiccans claim that the Sabbats have been followed for many thousands of years by ancient cultures such as Nordic, Celtic, Greek, etc.  Following is a list of the eight primary Wiccan Sabbats. The dates referenced here are generally accepted by all Wiccans. Major Sabbats Imbolc, Feb. 2, Imbolc (imbolg), which means "in milk", is a celebration of fertility and designates the middle of winter.  Milk was traditionally poured out upon the ground as a type of offering.  Associated with this are the colors white, pink, and red, the amethyst, turquoise, dill, Dragon's blood, frankincense, rosemary, and wildflowers.  It is also known as Groundhog's Day, Candlemas, Blessing of the Plow, Disting, Feast of the Virgin,  Festival of Milk, Beltane, April 30 or May 1 Beltane is the first holiday of su
Thoughts and memories begin to swirl together, I am so tired I dont know whats real and whats not.  And I begin to reach farther and farther finally beginning to fall forward unable to grasp.  I keep falling and falling, falling into an endless pit, a black hole.  I feel that there is no bottom to this pit, I am going to fall forever.  I am reaching out for something, anything to keep me from falling for eternity.  Finally after what seemed like forever of falling I landed on a soft ground.   As I begin to stand the ground starts moving beneath my feet. I am now struggling to keep my balance, I do not want to fall.  I begin to scream for help, I open my mouth, but there is no sound.  I have gone mute.  I try whistling, kicking, swinging my arms, but nothing.  I can get no help.  Out of the blackness I hear this high pitched screeching, like nails on a chalkboard.  These black winged creatures start flying at me, attempting to peck at my face until there is nothing left
A Family Is Moving To Mexico!
A family is moving to Mexico! Dear President Obama: I'm planning to move my family and extended family into Mexico for my health, and I would like to ask you to assist me. We're planning to simply walk across the border from the U.S. into Mexico, and we'll need your help to make a few arrangements. We plan to skip all the legal stuff like visas, passports, immigration quotas and laws. I'm sure they handle those things the same way you do here. So, would you mind telling your buddy, President Calderon, that I'm on my way over? Please let him know that I will be expecting the following: 1. Free medical care for my entire family. 2. English-speaking government bureaucrats for all services I might need, whether I use them or not. 3. Please print all Mexican Government forms in English. 4. I want my grandkids to be taught Spanish by English-speaking (bi-lingual) teachers. 5. Tell their schools they need to include classes on American culture and history. 6. I want
Anybody At All???
Yellow Shirt
The yellow shirt had long sleeves, four extra-large pockets trimmed in black thread and snaps up the front.  It was faded from years of wear, but still in decent shape.  I found it in 1963 when I was home from college on Christmas break, rummaging through bags of clothes Mom intended to give away..  'You're not taking that old thing, are you?' Mom said when she saw me packing the yellow shirt.  'I wore that when I was pregnant with your brother in 1954!'     'It's just the thing to wear over my clothes during art class, Mom.  Thanks!'  I slipped it into my suitcase before she could object..  The yellow shirt be came a part of my college wardrobe.  I loved it.  After graduation, I wore the shirt the day I moved into my new apartment and on Saturday mornings when I cleaned.      The next year, I married.  When I became pregnant, I wore the yellow shirt during big-belly days.  I missed Mo
since i cant upload pics of me ...heres recent ones of me.....      
I'd walk to the ends of this earth To have another moment with you; Just to be held in your embrace Feeling that we are not alone, But together as one; Two magical lovers in the night. Our bodies gliding over the world To the harmonies of our hearts Reaching out to one another - Entwined through the body, mind, and soul Consumed in our blazing passion, Our two souls becoming one. Culminating any consciousness Only to surrender to our longing, A yearning for another fiery touch, A desired caress of our joining lips Engulfed in our swelling lusts Wanting one ultimate peak. An explosion of unrefined emotions, And our souls finally collapse To welcome release from all. We fall into sweet slumber As the auras encompass us: Most of all - Love.
 ... If everyone who has ability to see.. could for one week see in a fog. They would understand and see life a little differently ..of course senses are more acute .. but there are other sense that becomes apparent, you ou go on instinct .I have learned so much about myself as well as others from experencing this . I had to understand myself and others in a total new way as well as normal everyday things we take for granted...    Like we wake up knowing the sun will rise and the sunset will set ..the moon will guide us ..and the stars to enlighten in dark ..but what if you woke up and things where grey and not there for you to see .. a trust begins to take a different form. You begin to trust others to see for you and to guide you .. you rely on that trust in others to make things clear for you..seeing through them. You lose something in this process .. and you gain !My eyes are wide open now to everything..knowing what is real and who you can trust .. I have gained so much of inner i
it is your attitude at the beginning of a task that determines succes or failure so lemme say this to all them peeps out there if u have a negative attitude your always gonna be a failure in life that sounds harsh but its the truth hurts but if u have a positive attitude u can accomplished so many things in ur life and get stuff u never imagined of having... so ppl take my advised always have a positive attitude no matter wats goin on in your life if u do u will succeed.
Im Bored
Entertain me.   carry on.
so, this is my FIRST blog in this site. I don't know how long im going to keep up at it, but i figured i'd give it a try.    I really don't know where to begain, so I think im just gonna keep it short in simple.  I have the most amazing man in the world, Trinix420. He's perfect, and i have a son, who means everything to me. Those two man are the best people ANYONE could ever ask for, or ever want.    The end. 
She Rocks
RockUrFukinPrincess FuWifey to A Clown@ fubar
Answers To 5 Average Questions Active An Atlanta Own Chef
Oprah has Revere Ware Cookware own chef, as do most Flavour celebs. But certainly a private chef is a opulence that exclusive the lucullan and famous can afford, aright? Not so instantaneous. You may be popeyed at how soft - and inexpensive - it is to undertake a chef in Beleaguering. Here are answers to cinque inferior questions about an Atlanta personalised chef.1. Does a personalised chef come in every day to cook?Typically, northwestern Sakartvelo chefs get into your home one day a week to ready, although in both instances you can assemblage a chef in Beleaguering who module originate into your interior individual present Revere Ware Cookware period. It's a writer standard drill to make a chef who leave rise in and fix, and parting a variety of meals stored in the refrigerator or freezer for upcoming days.2. Do I bonk to do all of the marketplace shopping?One of the ravishing things almost Siege individualized chefs is that they do all of the shopping for the meals they prepare. Th
Welp i had my surgery 3 weeks ago. go for my follow up tomorrow. in a few weeks i have my scope to see if i have tumors in my bladder.. hopeing not. would kinda suck. someone asked me a question a few days ago that kinda terrified me... they asked if i was going to beable to have kids.. i stopped dead in my tracks... i don't know what my chances are now... and that scares me.. i REALLY want kids..   blarg
Only Music Lovers Would Understand This
I wish I could be like bob marley and just smoke my troubles away but since we are not the same and ima martian, I know everything is going to be alright so I just take off my shoes and relax my feet and just lean back and tey to do some writing. But I can't come up with anything I got writer's block like crazy. So my sweet tooth is acting up so I decide to take a trip to the candy shop. While I'm crusin down the street in my '64 I see some old head teaching some kids about gangbang 101. So I make it to the candy shop and I realize that my money is in my piggy bank so I paid with my blackcard cause they don't decline that. So on my back to the crib my boy calls me to tell me to be careful cause the block is hot and the boys in blue are out heavy. So as I get closer to home I notice that they're making everybody get down on the ground its crazy out here. So I finally make it home and thought to myself today was a good day.
C51 - Fubar Street Team (remix To 50 Cent - P.i.m.p.
"defeated Pain"
I listen to you scream my hand grasping the doo fearfully finding its handle my knuckles turning white in my head voices screaming with fright Standing firmly with my back to the wall Refusing to fall , deny you pleasure of seeing me crawl outside the wind is screeching splattering rain against the window pane adding to the disturbance in my mind Silence slaps me in the face hearing only the rushed pace of you tearing across the the room prying my hand finger by finger, from the door hearing only the lonely sound of the rain slowly going insane laying there , on a cold hard floor fighting no more
see i once seen this beautiful lil ladie that i feel hard for and  i still think she deserve better ' lil miss jen ' you got a tick you aint gonna be able to get rid of  hehehehehehe but i love you girl
Ha Well I'm Soooooooooooooooooorry...
That I've not had to suffer in life. Not going through hardships must make me a REALLY bad person. I understand that not everyone has a comfortable life and I'm in awe of what some people have gone through and come out the other end stronger and better than before. But just because I haven't doesn't make me a bad person, not everyone who lives has to have gone through one trauma or another to live a significant life.
Bahahahaha Was Bored So I Thought I Would Do This... Lol... Hope All That Know Him Get A Good Laugh Too....
Army Man he’s Sexy Dan    (Trace Adkins Badonkadonk) Turn it up some Alright turf, this is his favorite song You know that right So, if we play it good and loud He might get up and fight again Ooh, he put his beer down Here he comes Here he comes Left left left right left Whoo Husslers shootin' hitlists Throwin' minis getting him pissed Feelin' damn near 10 ft. tall Here he comes, Lord help them all Ol Dans got that look again, that look of I don’t care We all stop attacking, it ain't our fault It's so hard not to stare At that Army Man hes Sexy Dan Keepin' perfect rhythm Make ya wanna fight along Got it goin' on Like Donkey Kong And whoo-wee Shut my mouth, slap your grandma There outta be a law Get FuSheriff on the phone Lord have mercy, how's he even get that killin on That Army Man he’s Sexy Dan (Aww son) Now Honey, you can't blame him For what his mama gave him It ain't right to hate him For workin' that killin whimTurfs shuts down at two But we're hangin' out
Come With Me....
When these cold waters get too deep. You can look to me. My hand is never too far out of reach. It's there for you, just take it. I'll lead you to the beach. You can stay with me, stress free. You can call this island your home. You never have to be alone to face lifes obsticles on your own. We'll leave the problems of the world behind us. Where no one in the world can find us. Outside of the comnifes of a stress filled mind. Floating on cloud 9. All you have to do is open your eyes. You're not blind. Let me ease your mind. Look forward and not behind. Happiness isn't hard to find, when you have right guide by your side.
Just A Random Thought
Hey everyone I like to welcome you to my life I am a very adventurous person and I enjoy the outdoors. I love to just go outside and set under a tree or on a tree Maybe a good night to just set out in the yard and look up at the stars. Wouldn't that be fun? Of course if someone else would do it too.I always wander how ppl came to be, who was the very first ppl set foot on earth? Besides me and you when we were two. Do you ever wander how the first tree got here or how the dinosaur's were here in the first place? I believe in god, I really do but I just wander is he really like me and you? Does his angels really look over us everyday. Why do people live in fear? I don't know but I do it to. I am always afraid someone is going to come in and take my life away,maybe not even my life but the next person close to me.Does our prayers really come true? Or do we just get signs from god on what to do next? What do you think? This is my message to you, to tell me what you think. Thnx Tiff   Ja
No Title #2
“Well boss lady I’m a lonely girl I need a mate,” I joke “Really Des I need someone to spend eternity with me.” “Well dear the only advise I can give you is it’s your life don’t screw it up, I just want you to introduce whomever it is you choose before you turn them.” She says. “Of course boss lady,” I chuckle “Why on earth do you call me boss lady?” she asked then stood “Because it annoys you so,” I reply. She smile kisses my forehead and walked to her headwaiter and says something to him and walks off. After she walks off the headwaiter comes rushing over. “I was ordered to get you anything you need,” he says not even looking at me. “The boss lady is out doing herself isn’t she, I don’t need anything now,” I tell him but he doesn’t move “Are you going to stand there the whole time?” “Orders,” he said “Well
Anyone else having the shits with Google Chrome? I've uninstalled and reinstalled it several times, did two system restores, wiping out half my programs, as well.. Updated every damn thing, too.. All I get is a plain white page and the waiting icon stays going until the pop up comes forth with "kill Page' or "Wait".... but kill the page doesn't working.. click after click..       *click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click click.......................*
Its A Good Morning To.....
to get my period...   I think everyone needs a tampon today...   that is all   non bleeding vagina!   also i hate a few people and when i say hate i mean hate...
Chilly Autumn The Methods And Matching Of Wearing Scarf
As the weather is becoming colder and colder, adding a scarf around your neck is very necessary, then a piece of scarf having the feeling of both warm and  Asian fashion  will let you looks very cool in the street , the rate of second glance will boost.   A clear priority: individual skeleton design decoration Guide: generous simple black dress matches individual skull long scarf, showing the aristocratic
I cried out into the darkness of my soul, and you held me close to the light of yours. I spoke of the lust burning holes in my mortality, and you listened, drowning the embers  with your tears. I saw the eternity sacrificed for my forbidden love, and we shared the view from the sanctuary of your heart. I thought of the loneliness within my dreams, and you knew exactly how to open the prison of my mynd. I loved, and you loved me too...
In the darkness I sit listening to the clock on the wall. As the emptiness, and loneliness creeps back into my heart. Thinking of the love I have lost or ever hold again. Will it ever find me again? Or am I destined wounder this life alone in the dark? Never really finding the light. So much to get in the way. So many obligations in our lives to get in the way of true happiness. So many miles between us.To many things that get in the way of the happiness we all seek in this thing we call life. This solitaire life I led is safe for now. Time to raise the kids. Then maybe there will be time for me. Till then the loneliness will be my only friend.
Mexico Is Angry! Three Cheers For Arizona!
MEXICO IS ANGRY!    Three cheers for Arizona!   The shoe is on the other foot and the Mexicans from the State of Sonora, Mexico do not like it. Can you believe the nerve of these people? It's almost funny. The State of Sonora is angry at the influx of Mexicans into Mexico .  Nine state legislators from the Mexican State of Sonora traveled to Tucson to complain about Arizona 's new employer crackdown on illegals from Mexico .  It seems that many Mexican illegals are returning to their hometowns and the officials in the Sonora state government are ticked off. A delegation of nine state legislators from Sonora was in Tucson on Tuesday to state that Arizona 's new Employer Sanctions Law will have a devastating effect on the Mexican state. At a news conference, the legislators said that Sonora , - Arizona 's southern neighbor - made up of mostly small towns - cannot handle the demand for housing, jobs and schools that it will face as Mexican workers return to their hometowns from
[i've Got A Hopeless Memory]
Do not waste your sympathy~... Sorry I'm definitely on a Gomez kick.Picture time children. I have a new respect of everyone CRAZY enough to hand paint.Holy SHIT.I pulled the mask on my command spire and spent about ... 40 minutes dabbing with a 0.0 size paintbrush to spot fix. Looks pretty god damn good though. I have renewed confidence in my project.Not much is left to do.Shoulders.Peel mask.Put the head on.uuuh...yeah that's it.Hands are assembled. Everything below the shoulders is assembled and in place. Spot fix the shield? Spot fix the masks on the shoulders.Snap it together.Declare myself the great destroyer.   I am way sleepy.More than you would guess given the fact that I've sat very still doing some VERY frustrating things.That band... look at the waist/chestalright that chord there?It consists of a lead wirea frayed nylon cover3 tube parts2 end pieces.The three tube parts have to fit into the waist ni their preordained slotsthe end pieces have to fit in between the t
This Is Why I Don't Eat Healthy Stuff!!!
It is no secret I need to lose some weight!  I'm about 50 pounds heavier than I'd like to be and about 70 pounds heavier than I should be (according to medical charts at my current weight I should be 7' 7").  I haven't quite reached the point that small insects are getting caught in my gravitational pull and die of hunger whilst orbiting the orb that is my body but I am getting close ( I often see them flying past in a nice straight line and suddenly curve toward me and then quickly veer away with a very puzzled look on their little faces (you have to look quickly to see insect expressions but trust me they are time you are driving check your windshield and you will notice they all have very surprised looks...but I digress)).  So to this end I decided to try eating a bit healthier.  I bought a large container of fresh fruit salad from a local grocery store.  It looked wonderful with large chunks of various melons, whole strawberries, large chunks of fresh cut pineapple, an
Remember Me
Do You Know How To Farkle?
Hey everyone who is interested in joining the latest craze FARKLE is an amazing dice game but the name just makes it sound so naughty like it was made for FU.  We really need a Farkle ability bling or plain Farkle bling to celebrate the rage.  Don't leave us sitting in the dust Scrapper even FB has Farkle!   Now put your heads together all vote on my blog and send a message to the powers that be on FU that you want and need to Farkle!  Get a Buddy never Farkle alone.... it is always more fun to Farkle with others.  Let's have a FU FARKLE FRIDAY!!!
Racism And Other Ridiculous Assumptions
I was trying to go to sleep. As is a common happening for me, I found myself mad at the things I see no good sense in. I had to get up and do something about it and this is the first place I came to. When we see a person we evaluate any number of things about them in a fraction of a second. We are social animals by nature and depend on each other so it is important that we get in touch with someone before we even speak. We read their facial expression, their body language and their overall frame of mind the best that we can. As a young child I remember being confused and hurt when I realized that a great number of people see skin color before they even see a person's face or body language. I had never assumed that made any difference as I had much more important things to worry about, I suppose. I thought to myself, "How do people drop judgement on me for, not only something that I can't help, but something about myself that has nothing to do with how I feel or who I am, the spirit in
Too Effin' Early....
vallachie: you look so good mmmmmm 4:41am more To vallachie: thats kind of creepy but thanks 4:41am reply vallachie: im sorry 4:42am more To vallachie: the first part was fine...but i recommend leaving the mmmm part off 4:42am reply vallachie: yea your right     i started my day by teaching a lesson....i guess being up at the buttcrack of dawn really can be fruitful....
A Poem For An Old Friend
I have seen the stars amidst the moon lit skies reflect upon the oceans waves. I have witnessed the heavens join together with saltwater tides in the act of pushing sands to cover over my feet. I have felt the stinging air of a swift ocean wind as it pelted me with a beaches debris, but rarely in my life have I felt such a high as I felt when you hugged tightly me. When you spoke with me I cared not for any other conversations, your attentive ears were rivaled only by that of your splended speach, and into your eyes I was drawn as your expressive face erased everyone in this world but we. With such great energy you possesed my attention, compelled me to frolic and play as once i had in my youth, you jiggled my fat, and you rode upon my back, all the while tugging at my hearts reigns.
Mental convolution. Blur the lines of thought and action. I know. What has my mind gone and done without me? Again.  Succumb. To whim. Promise. Folly is my deepest sin. all aboard....
Spring Japanese Fashion Girls Dress Collocation Skills
Spring Japanese fashion girls dress collocation skills   In spring girls always give people a sense of bright and beautiful. They are the most happy and beautiful gens, just as nature spring brings us new happiness. In spring Japanese fashion girl is vigor and vitality.   Spring type body color characteristics analysis Skin color: pale ivory, pink, skin is exquisite, have transparent, Face took on coral pink, salmon incarnadine, peach pink glow. Eyes: dark brown, a bright eye color, amber, topaz eyes a lake blue, pupil is brown. Korean fashion shoes Expression in eyes: active, like glass beads as bright, flexible, feel the watery, Flaw: freckle is obvious. Hair: a downy maize, light brown, bright tea-colored. Lips: a coral red, pink, natural lip color is more prominent.   Spring girl coloring scope: Ivory lubricious grandma yellow color shallow the color of camel's hair brown serge golden warm gray bice bright red the deep shallow silver silver pink red pink peach pink peach pi
Spring Folder Auction
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A Sojourn Into The Night Air
Walking the dark streets, I can see how much has changed, the city that never sleeps,looks like a ghost town. Windows boarded up, cars speeding through the area with no intention of stopping. Where's the police when you need them.....No one would be foolish enough to come down here, not at this hour...Here and there the odd person is moving about, hurriedly, hoping to make it home and to safety. Across the street, a man dressed in a suit and trenchcoat is rushing along to the train platform. He is talking on his cell and padding along redfaced in the night. Stopping in front of an abandoned store front, he appears to be having signal trouble. He puts down his briefcase and begins the ritual of trying to re-establish contact. What occurs next happens all too often these days. Shaking my head, I continue on down the street. A howl and a dark form come through the shop window and engulf the man, the man panicked screams are drowned by the sounds of tearing sinew, cracking bo
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 40
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In the 40th episode of Janey Godley’s Podcast the mother and daughter twosome discuss current affairs including the royal wedding and Hugh Grant’s foray into investigative journalism, they then debate proper pronunciations of names including Will Wheaton’s. The mother and daughter raucously gallop through this episode poking fun at each other and the establishment, Kate Moss gets a slagging as does Cheryl Cole.     Ashley whips out a new batch of voices while Janey takes us back to her first ever blog, then the ladies talk about the day spent at an Irn Bru party; all this plus tales of a Lesbian Greek hip hop dance instructor and her fish hat making companion.   Please do comment on the Janey Godley Podcast At the following link:  
polymorphous \ pol-ee-MAWR-fuhs \adjective;    1.  Having, assuming, or passing through many or various forms, stages, or the like.
Check Out These Fabulous Styles Prior To Determin Your Best Wedding Gown
Pull out all of the stops and go for any sharp and vivacious glimpse in your wedding day using a gown that just won't quit. Cheap Maternity Wedding Dresses With particulars like one-shoulder necklines, draped swags, floral appliques and asymmetrical hemlines, there are lots of alternatives to peruse for the best wedding day ensemble. Cheap Casual Wedding Dresses whether or not you would like a playful and casual design, or even a grand and intricate showstopper, be certain to choose out a little something divine that you simply are heading to be delighted with many years on straight down the road. Melissa Sweet Solange Style Make a jaw-dropping entrance your groom won't shortly neglect during the Solange wedding Gown. Hailing in the Melissa Sweet Collection, Cheap Couture Wedding Dresses this silk Garza ball gown features a chic one-shouldered design and style using a ruched waist and gorgeous detail. Beaded floral appliques cascade straight down the entrance and part from the bodice
Top 20 Countdowns.... Vote Here! Genre- Rock
Pick your favorite song then i will count the vote and they will be played Friday nights! One genre a Friday! :D     Korn-"Get up"(ft Skrillex) Buckcherry-"Crazy Bitch" Queen-"Bohemian Rhapsody" Nickleback-"If Today Was Your Last Day Nickleback-"Rockstar" Lynyrd Skynyrd-"Sweet Home Alabama" Led Zeppelin-Stairway To Heaven Metallica-"Enter Sandman" GooGoo Dolls-"Iris Linkin Park-"Numb" Volbeat-"Fallen" Europe-"The Final Countdown" Lynyrd Skynyrd-"Free Bird" Black Sabbath-"War Pigs" Nickleback-"Burn it to the Ground" Nickleback-"Photograph" Saving Abel-"Addicted" Ozzy-"Crazy Train" Nickleback-"Far Away" Linkin Park-"In the End"
The Gop's "environmental Wish List" Is Horrifying (repost)
Photo: eschipul, Flickr, CC BY-SA Unless you've been hiding in a cave -- or perhaps a lavish, sealed-off compound -- for the last few months, you're likely fully aware that the GOP is in full-bore Tea Partying mode. Which means ultra-anti-regulatory sentiment and pro-corporate cheer-leading rule the day. Man, that was a lot of hyphens. Anyhow, Republicans have seized their moment in the sun to pursue a bill known as the 3-D Act (Domestic Jobs, Domestic Energy and Deficit Reduction). It's essentially what the New York Times calls "the right's environmental wish list" -- a series of 12 initiatives that include gutting the Clean Air Act, opening up pristine lands for drilling, and trampling the Endangered Species Act. Here's the abridged "wish list" from the NY Times, and my response to each entry: 1. Put oil and natural gas leasing on the Outer Continental shelf on a fast track, holding lease sales every nine months and making them dependent on commercial expressions of int
Moments Like This
Before going to bed, my five year old son sat beside me. He knew I'd been sick for a couple of days.  After a few minutes, I asked him, "what's up? Why aren't you playing?" He simply replied, "I just wanted to sit here with you before I fell asleep." That melted my heart and gave me a much needed smile.  Just sayin, it made me feel like the richest man in the world...
Words Just Pop Into My Head.......
Feel lost in the cold Forever alone Without you by my side I think I might die How did this happen? I am not quite sure I do not want to question what I have found As long as you are with me I will always be around. You brighten my heart with the words that you say I do not want to lose you Please don't take my heart away.
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And The World Would Cry
Looking around she see's nothing, no one, only darkness.She is alone, no one understands, no one sees what she see's.she see's not the happiness in love, she see's the broken hearts, the pain, the sadness.She see's not the joy of a new born, she see's the beatings, the molestaion and the deaths.She see's nothing like others do.she can see the blanket that has been put over their eyes, to sheild them from the cruel reality.The reality of the world they have yet to see. As darkness consumes her she sheads a single teara tear large enough to quench all thirsts,a tear larger enough to flood the world,a tear shead for the pain, the sorrow and the hurt.She closes her eyes and slowly lays back.Its her turn. she can feel it hovering over her.she takes one last breath as it passes over her. Now, looking down she realises it was for the best.She realises that she was meant to see it, to see it all.She was the blanket. Without her the world would see what she see's, the world would feel what she
It's True
  honey, your tan should be sun kissed, not dorito raped.        
How To Begin An Internet Product Sales Business - The 4 Actions To Developing An On-line Business
An internet product sales company is between the quantity of avenues available toward the standard dude or ladies that wishes to produce considerable income starting with small or no money. That's to not say that you just won't should hold out to create marvelous bucks concerning the internet or that it could possibly be considered a "get abundant quick" proposition. concerning the contrary you will should compare to in considerable time and work to create a prosperous internet product sales business. The vital is knowing what to accomplish which means you don't waste materials any of your important time or money.Here will be the actions you'll should hold to begin your prosperous internet business. in several instances all those new to online marketing forget a few of those actions and so are therefore doomed to failure or struggling for small return on their investment
Stay In Warmth And Fashion With North Face Jackets Wholesale North Of Manchester Face Jackets Cheap
  Body warmth change delay with climatic change. In summer, persons generally wear camisole because body warmth is raised above common which may not accept hefty dress. However, it's distinct in the winter months. Thanks to snowfall and breeze, the warmth inWholesale The North Face Vests some nations generally underneath to minus 30 qualifications celsius, which without down persons will frozen. At the beginning of times, down examines like stylish in latest tendency, but after seeming of Discount North Face Jackets , persons pack up in wardrobe as compared with use this well renowned jacket.Jacket appears a bit slim in freezing climate, Wholesale The North Face Vests persons generally aghast of freezing, although, you shouldn't have. Its northern border face coat is definitely a coat that hold body moderately hot with latest tendency styles. The North Face Men Gore Tex Jacket has become the main thing on technological parts, holding you moderately hot and well-appointed
The Storm
rain rolling down the windows the world seems at peace  waiting for the storm the peaceful existence we live in shattered  by flashes of blue and white lighting strikes again and again starting miniature fires  that are diminished by the rain this is how life works for everything fires arise in ppl and other ppl  fight to put them out its just the world works  nature has a funny way of imitation or is it us  do we imitate the world around us but with a diminished approach when the clouds vanish and the sun is out will we be around or destoyed  by the very storms of our natures or will nature seek our destructions  
Things That Make You Wonder
Have u ever woken up in the middle of the night and realize you have no idea how you got to bed or where your pants went? Do you ever wonder why right as your on the brink of blissfully falling asleep your cat at that moment decides to pounce on you scaring the crap out of you and then goes on to lick clean your whole face? How a highway could be full of cars but not have any slowdowns but you can go at an off time and only have a few cars on the road and everyone keeps stoping? How you could be fine and not have to go to the bathroom till everyone else decides to go and then you HAVE to go right then? Ever wondered what is going on in a squirrels head when it stares at you coming at it or when your in your yard and you see one just staring at you? If ninjas are real because if you've actually seen one you'd be dead or it wasnt a real one? What kind of hamburg do they use in taco bell tacos because it can't be normal? How a car can stall sit there and then start up and never hav
Chasing Cars
Kiss You All Over
Lost In Love
Sex Mad
Your dirty brain makes my dirty brain want to do absolutely filthy things to you
New York New York
I Wanna Go Home
If you step out of your world, and into mine. You see images, you cannot define. A world full of pain, sorrow and lies. Rejection, lack of protection, betrayal and denies. The world is secure behind, a wall. You're on the other side, of it all. Left in darkness, fighting alone. I can't fight anymore. I just wanna go home.
My Journey
A journey, that's what I'm on. I'm leaving soon, to find the ONE. I will search long, and hard. Go anywhere it takes me, no place is too far. To find my other half, the one made just for me. I have waited long enough, patiently. I'm not waiting anymore, I'm heading out. Getting rid of the pain, the self doubt. I am worth it all, and more. I will find the ONE I am searching for. Just be sure you are, ready for me. I am leaving this house, come February.
Outfield Assist
.Y. (AP) - Tim Connolly has not returned for the third period of Game 6 of the Buffalo Sabres first-round series against the Philadelphia Flyers on Sunday.Victor Cruz Jersey Guo Hongzhi became the second Chinese to quit the Dakar Rally after his car suffered gearbox failure on Wednesday. Matthew Stafford Youth Jersey . Veteran rally driver Lu Ningjun, of the Rely-Double Star Rally Team, who was expected to take part in the worlds most grueling rally for the seventh time, pulled out before the start of the event because his Chery Rely X5 had an oil leak. However, Lus teammate Liu Kun, taking part in the rally for the first time at the wheel of a Chery Rely X5, moved up in the standings after finishing 44th in the fourth stage, a 207-km trek from Jujuy in Argentina to Calama in Chile. Liu, nicknamed the King of Desert in China, is now 49th overall and the second Chinese driver to crack the top 50. Zhou Yuande is 38th overall. He finished 34th in the fourth stage in two hours, 45 minutes
The Sales Call (customers Side)
Hello, who is this She is not here miss   Yes, he is here What can I help you with dear   A special offer you say What are you selling today   I’m not really interested in this Excuse me miss   How many times do I have to say no And what will is take for you to go   Take the coverage you say Again I’m telling you NO WAY   “click”
It’s dark   and I’m deliciously scared   My flesh is raised when you touch my shoulder   Your hands move over my body like a priest removing a curse   I arch my back to receive more of the electricity   Your eyes are glowing     and I curl into you   My pleasure is pain   Excruciating   You hold me down as I try to escape   Your mouth devouring my breath   The weight of you is my shelter   Protected from the shocks   That render me unconscious
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The Shoebox
                                                                           THE SHOEBOX A man and woman had been married for more than 60 years. They had shared everything. They had talked about everything. They had kept no secrets from each other except that the little Old woman had a shoe box in the top of her closet that she had Cautioned her husband never to open or ask her about. For all of these years, he had never thought about the box, but one day the little old woman got very sick and the doctor said she would not recover. In trying to sort out their affairs, the little old man took Down the shoe box and took it to his wife's bedside. She agreed that it was time that he should know what was in the box. When he opened it, he found two crocheted dolls and a stack of money totaling $95,000. He asked her about the contents. 'When we were to be married,' she said, ' my grandmother told me the secret of a happy marriage was to never argue. She told me that if I e
I cannot ever find a way to throw these darkened thoughts away Need a place to hide. Its thorwn in my face everyday Guess thats the price I have to pay for what's inside my mind Alive [8x] I am alive I will never run away  Places inside My heart screams inside with pride Once I cried Now I wipe away the tears Once I died Now I'm alive Alive [8x] Little things tempt me everyday Constant pain is how I like to play Better not cross that line What's this in my head I didn't say
Masters Prayer
A Master's Prayer   My Last Submissive. A Master's Prayer?   My next Sub will be my last. She will be as devoted to me as I am to her. She will trust in my loyalty and my judgement. She will feel safe in my presence and still feel my protection in my absence. She will never mistake sensitivity and caring for weakness.She will share her problems with me. Not in an attempt to have me take them off her shoulders but as a pupil sharing with a tutor. She will take as much joy in learning from me as I take in teaching. She will take pride in the way that people respect my opinion. She will feel such pleasure when her friends consult me for advice. She will know that I will take responsibility for their welfare too. She will take pleasure in my pride of her too. As she goes about her duties at home or work, she will feel my eyes on her approving her intelligence and diligence. She will await eagerly the opportunity to share her triumphs with me and will revel in the
Deep Love
Deep Love flows water down the river Love raining of tears of pain flowing hearts at night moving faster falling stars make a wish Love last for ever Deep Love runs cold mist of the night let go Deep Love flows water down the river Love raining of tears of pain flowing hearts at night moving faster falling stars make a wish Deep Love    By Christine   
Day 219
Well, T thinks my parent is 'kick' and wishes that she, my parent, were her, T's, parent. T said that to my parent, across my chest, before i went home to work, and my parent said "i'd settle for parent-in-law". i was halfway out before the penny dropped...we had to call T back and let her know XD...we must have sounded like a house full of hyenas and lunatics we were laughing so damned hard. But my parent "proposed" to my best friend, whom i would like to date...the question is, did that save me? or fuck me?last night was T's last day at we won't see each other as much as usual (tears to be shed!)but she said she'd come back to visit (heads to be lifted!) and we're planning on a tentative P-ville excursion for DS and lunch in the next few weeks (pants to be darkened!)in other news, D test in 8 i know what to expect and sort of what to work on, i HOPE this will be the last time (prolly won't be, knowing my luck) gods help me
Day 221
Fuck the past two days i've been presented with as many dilemmas: Number one: T or another friend i've known considerably longer?The logical answer would be T, with whom i already have a stable relationship (at what stage i've no idea) and a planned excursion. However, my other friend, H by initial, is a longtime friend who is in need of something considerably more than a moody, retarded farm-boy with anger management issues and a penchant for hitting women (and i am most fucking CERTAINLY not speaking of myself). It's been said that at this point, she needs a gentleman...guess who is the only gentleman in town? At this point, one would be facepalming and muttering "Fuck." Would I be thinking with my dick on this? Both are, to say the least, stacked, H a little more than T, but still...Dilemma 2: Continue living in the states or go to britain?A friend of my parent is offering a few rooms in a flat in Britain. I have made it no secret that I would love to go to Britain... | Deal Keren Diskon Murah Dan Diskon Promo Indonesia
Fly Birdie!!
Ever wake up and feel you height has increased or your weight has decreased??  After 6 or 7 hours of peaceful sleep, it sometimes amazes me how much better I feel. By the power of sheer grace I am lucky enough not to notice my own limp sometimes. The doctor told me I would have it the rest of my life, sometimes I can disagree and thats great. Maybe someday, other than at graduation, I will have a meaningful walk. Hey it could still happen!! Right after I get my poetry noticed more, huh?? I could sit here, yeah, and blow sunshine up your aztec. Somedays I'm feeling the love that I would like to share and somedays not so much so. I have enemies and admirers. People that hate me and like me. Can't, for the life of me, figure out exactly why. I haven't given near enough of either to have earned either. I know I am not perfect and yet I know I'm all together ain't that discusting. To each their own on whether I am twinkling or dull. You have that right. I am not going to be like I will ign
Used Car Salesmen
      I write in desperation for a friend. Even though there are people in my conscience that appear to be even so much as a used cars salesman. They try to sell me their opinion, their religion, and most of all their friendship. I can’t just look, I have to buy something. And then as I leave I feel devolved and cheap. They yell and get frustrated at me. When all I wanted was a soul that doesn’t clash with the one I wear ever so carelessly on my shoulder. It has been abused and hurt so much that I give it away to almost anyone that wants it. What choices to I have?
Update September 2012
So as some of you know, I was out of work from April :(  in July I took on a venture selling senior supplement insurance, invested a lot of money in certifications, E & O insurance, business supplies; only to be led on, to wasting more in fuel costs etc.  So I was miserable with this venture and contacted an old collegue just to see how she was doing, she started an agency almost 10 yrs ago and was in need of an assistant to help her with her business and grow it more.  I started working for her last week, she is paying me 25% more than my last job and that is just a base..she is going to sweeten the pot with bonuses (got 3 bonuses today Coach, B. Makowsky & Kooba).  I am stoked, timing was everything...although I must commute 17 miles which takes 45-55 minutes :/  I work out of her home and can wear lounge clothes..woot woot!  Saves on make up and dress clothes :)  I will dress business when we have enrollment meetings..I am excited about this new venture with an old friend whom I res
Apri Neve Moda Gli Stivali Di Calore Travolto Settore Abbigliamento Per Bambini
Questo inverno, se si tratta di moda, o avant-garde MM, o colletti bianchi OL, hanno messo in piedi un paio di stivali da neve, più numerose star di Hollywood per dare una mano, il mondo ha scatenato una stivali da neve caldo. E questa mania della moda dilagante in più rispetto al mondo dei grandi, ha portato anche la moda per bambini a fare lo stesso. I giovani piedi teneri bambini più bisogno di scarponi da neve cura caldo! L'afflusso di donne che sembrano essere innamorato di stivali invernali. Perché? Pensano ad alta-top stivali sentire troppo femminile, meno di stivali sono gusti. Negli ultimi anni, i progettisti piace anche combinati farà impallidire gli stivali con i tacchi alti, dando una testa hogan interactive di pesce, cinghie e profondo a V elemento di fascino stivali. Questi stivali diversi con calma favoriscono MM è piatto con stivali col tacco alto grado di moda 100% per voi per creare la tendenza di vestire, indossare abiti con stile unico di una donna. Gonna Fishtai
Breast Cancer Awareness
        OK If you know anything about me, you know I support the cause! Breast Cancer doesn't run in my immediate family but it is a cause that I have always felt very strongly about....Every year I try to make sure to get the word out especially during October. A little awareness goes a long way! So with that said please be aware that October is all about the Pink.Its breast cancer awareness month so please show your support and wear some pink!! If you are like me and you don't really like pink....make an exception this month! I do it every October I wear something pink to show support! Breast Cancer knows NO Age, Sex, Race or class it does NOT discriminate everyone is fair game! Women as well as men. please don't think, It can never happen to me, or to someone I love. Truth is it can and does happen to anyone. Please take the time to remind all those people you love so much and hold close to your heart that its that time of year again to get che
Between us, there are so many miles Separately we share our smiles When I lay in bed at night I think one day together we will be But, that one day seems nowhere in sight I begin to toss and turn dreaming of you Then stop as I feel you near But upon opening my eyes You aren't really here I roll back over silently weeping Holding my pillow Thoughts of you begin to billow Like a dove with it's mate Soaring through the sky With such love and grace Together they fly Like theirs, my love for you is so alive There's so much of our life left untold No need to feel so alone
2013 Ndaa Expands Power Of Military To Detain Citizens
Kurt NimmoInfowars.comNovember 30, 2012 In response to widespread outrage over the National Defense Authorization Act passed last year, Congress is said to be working on a more Constitution friendly version of the legislation. The latest version was overwhelmingly approved by the House Armed Services Committee on May 8 and introduced the following week. “This year, through the incorporation of the Right to Habeas Corpus Act, the bill makes clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that every American will have his day in court,” a press release issued by the Armed Services Committee states. Is the NDAA 2013 an improvement over the previous version? At first glance, it would seem so. Consider the following clause included in the bill: Nothing in the AUMF [Authorization for the Use of Military Force] or the 2012 NDAA shall be construed to deny the availability of the writ of habeas corpus or to deny any Constitutional rights in a court ordained or established by or under Article
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Lets Delve Inside Shall We?
Arguing can be sexy fun too! Hello kiddies its that time again! Im sorry for the delay work has prevented me from writing this as scheduled. Now come on its time to be honest with yourselves and answer this question. Have u ever had an argument with a mate or spouse  and wanted it to turn into hot, wild, butt naked sex? Well I have so come with me and imagine this.....   Ur car pulls up into the driveway and I instantly smile. 'My baby is home' I think to myself as ur key turns in the lock. U come into the room, look at me and then u go upstairs. U never do this and Im annoyed so I follow u upstairs and as Im walking down the hallway I instantly thought about how horny I am! I get to our bedroom doorway and see u sitting there and she jumps! I walk in my eyes never leaving ur face. "So u can't speak to me?" U look up at me and she jumps again. "Don't start with me baby girl" I got giddy on the inside. "Don't give me that, y didn't u speak?!" U slammed ur hand on the dresser and she
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Social Media Marketing Tips That Will Up Your Game Asap
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Today is Wednesday morning and I'm feeling good. Just got finished with my online assignment in Psychology. Time to get married now. Get wife and kids. Thru playing games. I'm ready
Leaves Dent Out Of The Equation
THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. Colin Kaepernick Pink Jersey . -- Brace yourself -- just not your putter. In a proposal that would affect major champions as well as amateurs at their local clubs, the guardians of the 600-year-old sport want to write a new rule that would outlaw a putting stroke they fear is taking too much skill out of the game. The U.S. Golf Association and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club said Wednesday they are not banning the belly putter or the longer "broom-handle" putters -- only the way they are used. The proposed rule would prohibit golfers at all levels from anchoring a club against their bodies while making a stroke. The rule would not take effect until 2016. "We believe a player should hold the club away from his body and swing it freely," USGA executive director Mike Davis said. "Golf is a game of skill and challenge, and we think thats an important part of it." Three of the last five major champions, starting with Keegan Bradley at the 2011 PGA Championship, used a be
Enix, Edmonton And Minnesota, Recording 20 Goals, 41 Points And A Plus-1 Rating. Through 34 Games With
HARRISON, N. Joe Montana Womens Jersey .J. -- The New York Red Bulls have re-signed midfielder Lloyd Sam. The MLS team announced the deal Tuesday without disclosing terms. The 28-year-old Sam joined the Red Bulls in mid-August and had an assist in five games before suffering a knee injury in October. Sam played in England with Charlton Athletic, Leyton Orient, Sheffield Wednesday, Southend United, Notts County and Leeds. The Red Bulls went 16-9-9 last year, finishing with 57 points. Justin Smith Super bowl Jersey . Turner, 30, of Suwanee, Ga., was booked into the Gwinnett County jail in metro Atlanta just after 5 a.m. Turner spent barely two hours behind bars before he was released on $2,179 bond, jail records showed. A Gwinnett County police officer pulled over Turners black Audi R8 on Interstate 85 northeast of Atlanta after clocking the car at 97 mph -- 32 mph over the speed limit, said Cpl. Dashon Goldson Pink Jersey . PETERSBURG, Fla.
4 Leaf Clover
Four Leaf Clover If love is black and white why am I red all overI dont want to fightI just want to run for coverBut if you push me againIm telling you nowThat its the end , Its the end of your four leaf clover Of this one true loveTwo hearts that beat as oneWithout a doubtThree strikes your outDont wanna hear it anymoreIts the end,Its the end of your four leaf clover Lucky in the worldEverything that you doSeems to turn to gold for youBut you cant sell a heart thats blackWhat we had aint coming backCause its the end, Its the end of your four leaf clover Love is black and white There aint no shades of grey I turn my back to the windSorry things turned out this wayNow Im facing the SunCause its over, gonna find me a four leaf clover. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A True Inspiration, From A Personal Hero Of Mine.
“The Paradox of our Times"   Is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers. Wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but we have less. We have bigger houses, but smaller families. More conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees, but less sense. More knowledge, but less judgement. More experts, but more problems. More medicines, but less wellness. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often.
Devin Townsend Band - Vampira
Vampira Night. Follows me when you're gone.And now... how am I to carry on?But into the night......into the darknessI must be strong, carring on.Night, follows me when you leaveAnd tonight, my mind is under siegeSo into the night......into the darkness.Unto the morn, carrying on...Hate as your co-conspirerHe'll set your soul on fireHate, make the flame get higherKneel for me now...VAMPIRA!!!GO !!!HEY, HEY !!!Night, follows me when you leaveWith the sights, and the sounds you'd not believe.So into the night.Into the darkness
Feeding The Fires Of Desire
Rant #3: Women And The Decisions Us Men Have...
What would you rather do? Go out with a hot woman who treats you like shit or an ugly chick who's nice? God, where to begin. There's good things and bad things about both sides. But honestly, what would you rather do? On one hand, you got a totally hot banging chick who's stuck up and complete total bitch, which on top of that won't put out because she believes that no one's good enough for them. On the other hand, a nasty looking chick who looks like a horse's rectum who treats you good and wants to put out? Either way your not getting laid. The hot bitch won't put out and you aren't good enough for her. Simple. However, the ugly bitch wants to have sex with you but the thought of her naked is enough to make you want to felch* a jewish person's horse on passover. Another thing I hate is ugly women thinking there hot and hot women thinking there ugly. Look at the nasty bohemoth's on Rikki Lake, or the busted chicks on Jenny Jones, saying that they can get any man they want. Su

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