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Good Morning all.

Well, the good news is the doctors are slowly reducing Krystyn's pain meds, so she's a little more alert. The drawback to it is she has to deal with a little more pain. They've also started her on an assisted physical therapy for her non casted leg and her arms. Basically someone comes in and moves them, lifts them, and massages them. The purpose is to at least keep those parts moving so the muscles there don't atrophy or weaken much. 

No word on when she can move closer to our parents, but she'll probably need full time physical therapy for about a week, then she can actually stay at our parents while she undergoes the rest of her treatment. Hopefully within the week. 

One other bit of good news is the neurologist thinks her brain is healing nicely. Lord knows it definately got shook up, but according to her, there doesn't appear to be any major/deep tissue damage, and surface bruises seem to be doing ok. Thankfully there are also no signs of clotting or blood vessels bursting. 

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

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