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Far Too Much
too old to be alone and untouched too hot in spirit to be dead cold too much of everything empty too little love too many memories
Farts = funny. Deny it if you wish, but deep in the heart of your bottom you know it to be TRUTH.
Farting Lol
The art of farting is practiced by many, perfected by few. Perfecting the art of farting is a somewhat long, difficult but rewarding road to travel down. It is the symphony of foods and body function that causes this reaction we all long to occur. This guide teaches you the methods and mind set used by some of the worlds leading fartology organizations. 1. Your mood will play a major role in farting. Having an "I can't do it!" frame of mind will not accomplish anything. When it comes down to those final moments when its release or hold time, you just have to repeat again and again, "Just let it happen... its ok..." 2. Diet is another heavy influencer. If you're a grazer (or vegetarian as they preferred to be called) you're partly on your way. If you're older and are using shit assistance substances such as prune juice, you too have a good start. The real winners are your average North American men. Statistically Sunday is prime time nation wide for fart releases. Not only fart re
The Fart Chart
1. AMBITIOUS : Always ready for a fart 2. AMIABLE : Likes to smell others' farts 3. ANTI-SOCIAL : Excuses himself and farts in private 4. AQUATIC : Farts in bath, then breaks bubbles with toes 5. ATHLETIC : Jumps in the air, farts 3 times, and kicks his heels 3 times 6. BEWILDERED : Can't tell his own fart from others 7. BIG BULLY : Farts louder than others 8. CARELESS : Farts in church 9. CHILDISH : Farts and then giggles 10. CLEVER : Farts and coughs at the same time 11. CONCEITED : Thinks he can fart the loudest 12. CONFUSED : Face is so much like an ass, fart can't tell which way to go 13. CUTE : Smells your farts and then tells you what you were eating 14. DAMNED MEAN : Farts and then pulls the covers over his wife's head 15. DISHONEST : Farts and then blames the dog 16. DISAPPOINTED : Fart doesn't smell 17. DUMB : Enjoys other farts, thinks they are his own 18. ENVIRONMENTALIST : Farts regularly but is concerned about the pollution 19. FOOLISH : Suppresses
So we are all sitting on the couch watching TV and Riley (9mths) is standing up holding on to the couch.. and all of a sudden.... BAM!!!!!!!!!!!! She farts so LOUD that she scared herself! :) I kno. it may not seem to funny. but omFg I thought that it was so funny just the look on her lil face.. And everyone got up and was like.."IM SO NOT GETTING THAT ONE!" and left mom to do it! ggeeeezzz.. thankx. poor Riley has a stomach virus.. so if she farts.. its just slides to speak.lmao. I feel bad.. BUT this was the funniest thing 2night. ;)
Farts Are Funny. Mostly.
This woman should be hung from the city gates as a warning to others. Here
Farts Force Flight Finish
Thomas B. O'Malley might loan this sweet young smelly thing his flatulence medicine!! Flatulence brought 99 passengers on an American Airlines flight to an unscheduled visit to Nashville early Monday morning. Advertisement American Flight 1053, from Washington Reagan National Airport and bound for Dallas/Fort Worth, made an emergency landing here after passengers reported smelling struck matches, said Lynne Lowrance, a spokeswoman for the Nashville International Airport Authority. The plane landed safely. The FBI, Transportation Safety Administration and airport authority responded to the emergency, Lowrance said. The passengers and five crew members were brought off the plane, together with all the luggage, to go through security checks again. Bomb-sniffing dogs found spent matches. The FBI questioned a passenger who admitted she struck the matches in an attempt to conceal body odor, Lowrance said. The woman lives near Dallas and has a medical condition. The
Farting In Bed (as Posted In A Bulletin)
This is a story about a couple who had been happily married for years. The only friction in their marriage was the husband's habit of farting loudly every morning when he awoke. The noise would wake his wife and the smell would make her eyes water and make her gasp for air. Every morning she would plead with him to stop ripping them off because it was making her sick. He told her he couldn't stop it and that it was perfectly natural. She told him to see a doctor; she was concerned that one day he would blow his guts out. The years went by and he continued to rip them out! Then one Thanksgiving morning as she was preparing the turkey for dinner and he was upstairs sound asleep, she looked at the bowl where she had put the turkey innards and neck, gizzard, liver and all the spare parts and a malicious thought came to her. She took the bowl and went upstairs where her husband was sound asleep and, gently. Pulling back the bed covers, she pulled back the elastic waistband of
Fart Football
Fart Football An old married couple no sooner hit the pillows when the old man passes gas and says, "Seven Points." His wife rolls over and says, "What in the world was that?" The old man replied, "It's fart football." A few minutes later his wife lets one go and says "Touchdown, tie score." After about five minutes the old man lets another one go and says, "Aha. I'm ahead 14 to 7." Not to be outdone the wife rips out another one and says, "Touchdown, tie score." Five seconds go by and she lets out a little squeaker and says, "Field goal, I lead 17 to 14." Now the pressure is on the old man. He refuses to get beaten by a woman, so he strains real hard. Since defeat is totally unacceptable, he gives it everything he's got, and accidentally poops in the bed. The wife says, "What the hell was that?" The old man says, "Half time, switch sides."
Fart Football
An old married couple no sooner hit the pillows when the old man passes gas and says, "Seven Points." His wife rolls over and says, "What in the world was that?" The old man replied, "It's fart football." A few minutes later his wife lets one go and says "Touchdown, tie score." After about five minutes the old man lets another one go and says, "Aha. I'm ahead 14 to 7." Not to be outdone the wife rips out another one and says, "Touchdown, tie score." Five seconds go by and she lets out a little squeaker and says, "Field goal, I lead 17 to 14." Now the pressure is on the old man. He refuses to get beaten by a woman, so he strains real hard. Since defeat is totally unacceptable, he gives it everything he's got, and accidentally poops in the bed. The wife says, "What the hell was that?" The old man says, "Half time, switch sides." REPOST FOR HUMOR.
Farting In Public
Fart Football
Fart Football An old married couple no sooner hit the pillows When the old man passes gas and says, "Seven Points." His wife rolls over and says, "What in the world was that?" The old man replied, "It's fart football." A few minutes later his wife lets one go and says "Touchdown, tie score." After about five minutes the old man lets another one go and says, "Aha. I'm ahead 14 to 7." Not to be outdone the wife rips out another one and says, "Touchdown, tie score." Five seconds go by and she lets out a little squeaker and says, "Field goal, I lead 17 to 14." Now the pressure is on the old man. He refuses to get beaten by a woman, so he strains real hard. Since defeat is tot
Fart. Yeah, I Said Fart.
If you sit on my couch without underwear covering your butt, I'm going to have to ask you to not fart. hehe. I said fart. Hey, wait a minute. Why the hell are you in my house, on my couch and sans sous-vêtement?
The Fart !
A lady walks into a BMW dealership. She browses around, spots the top-of-the-line Beemer and walks over to inspect it. As she bends over to feel the fine leather upholstery, she inadvertently breaks wind. Very embarrassed, she looks around nervously to see if anyone has noticed her little accident and prays that a sales person doesn't pop up right now. As she turns around, her worst nightmare materializes in the form of a salesman standing right behind her. Cool as a cucumber and displaying complete professionalism, the salesman greets the lady with, "Good day, Madame. How may we help you today?" Very uncomfortably, but hoping that the salesman may just not have been there at the time of her little 'accident', she asks, "Sir, what is the price of this lovely vehicle?" He answers, "Madam, if you farted just touching it, you're going to shit yourself when I tell you the price."
Farting All The Time
Doctor, "What seems to be the problem?" Patient, "Doc, I've got the farts. I mean I fart all the time," The Doctor nods, "Hmm." Patient, "My farts do not stink and you can't hear them. It's just that I fart all the time. Look, we've been talking here for about 10 minutes and I've farted five times. You didn't hear them and you don't smell them, do you?" "Hmm," says the Doctor, He picks up his pad and writes out a prescription. The patient is thrilled "Great doc. This prescription, will it really clear up my farts?" "No," sighs the Doctor, "The prescription is to clear your sinuses. Next week I want you back here for a hearing test."
Farts With Lumps
The teacher asked little Johnny to use the word " definitely " in a sentence. Little Johnny replies, "Teacher, do farts have lumps in them?" The Teacher says, "Of course not Johnny," To which Johnny replies, "Then I have definitely shit my pants".
Fart In Bed
Fart Dance Lol
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Farther Away
A man was given the job of painting the white lines down the middle of a highway. On his first day he painted six miles; the next day three miles; the following day less than a mile. When the foreman asked the man why he kept painting less each day, he replied, "I just can't do any better. Each day I keep getting farther away from the paint can."
MySpace Codes & MySpace Layouts
He who farts and runs away. Lives to fart another day.
Farts Are Funny
someone sent me this today. i find it HILARIOUS. i'm also thinking maybe... new career?
Fart In The Duck
Farts On Haters!smoke Of!
Silent But Deadly (SBD) Fart The type that remains totally inaudible, yet somehow causes all the occupants of a room to collapse. Can smell like anything, nasal investigators rarely have time to distinguish an odor. Eggy Fart Smells very much like rotten eggs (or Hydrogen Sulphide). A powerful odor which tends to put people off lunch. Often rips out in the fashion of a Bunbuster. Windy Fart The sort of fart which goes 'Whoosh', and is more felt than heard. A little like an SBD, but louder and considerably less toxic. Growling Fart Happens deep within the rectum (and therefore has no smell). Somehow never meets the light of day. Tends to growl like a dog at the vets. Worrying Fart The kind which seems to be a fart right up to the point at which you release it. At this stage matters become less sure, as it feels too solid for comfort. You go to the bathroom and check your underpants at the next possible opportunity. Prelude To A Poopie You feel like you have got a large beefy one,
Ever pull someone's finger and hear a weird noise come out of his or her butt? Ever sit in a tub of water and see bubbles come out of your hiney? This strange noise and vibrating sensation that came from your butt is most likely caused by a fart. A fart is a combination of gases (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, methane, and hydrogen sulfide) that travels from a person's stomach to their anus. When a person swallows too much air or eats foods that the human digestive system cannot digest easily gas becomes trapped in his/her stomach. The only way for this excess gas to exit the body is through the anus. The gas that makes your farts stink is the hydrogen sulfide gas. This gas contains sulfur which causes farts to have a smelly odor. The more sulfur rich your diet, the more your farts will stink. Some foods that cause really smelly farts include: beans, cabbage, cheese, soda, and eggs. A scientific name for a fart is flatus or flatulence. The word fart is just one of
Fart Football
An old married couple no sooner hit the pillows When the old man passes gas and says, "Seven Points." His wife rolls over and says, "What in the world was that?" The old man replied, "It's fart football." A few minutes later his wife lets one go and says "Touchdown, tie score." After about five minutes the old man lets another one go and says, "Aha. I'm ahead 14 to 7." Not to be outdone the wife rips out another one and says, "Touchdown, tie score." Five seconds go by and she lets out a little squeaker and says, "Field goal, I lead 17 to 14." Now the pressure is on the old man. He refuses to get beaten by a woman, so he strains real hard. Since defeat is totally unacceptable, he gives it everything he's got, And accidentally shits in the bed. The wife says, "What the hell was that?" The old man says, "Half time, switch sides
The Fartman
THE FARTMAN COMETH I must warn you all of a being foul and vulgar. Please heed my words, for this way the Fartman cometh. I know what your thinking, Jeff you have lost your sanity (maybe but that will have to wait for another blog), Fartman? What kind of joke is this? Sorry no joke the danger is always near. I was there when the elevator doors opened, the stench, the pealing paint, the scorch marks and the bodies on the floor with the look of horror and suffering frozen on the faces. Six bodies laying asphyxiated, ass-fixiated? laying on the floor. Who is this Fartman? you ask. Not who, but what, thats is what you should be asking. Fartman hides his appearance. He looks, if you could see him, like a big brown eye, a big brown harry eye. Alarming I know, that is why he wont let us see him. He starts out so innocent, pull my finger, isnt this fun. This is only the beginning, his true colors soon come out. I was at the elevator, I have seen so I know. He is always after us. Think
A fart is a pleasant thing, It gives the belly ease, It warms the bed in winter, And suffocates the fleas. A fart can be quiet, A fart can be loud, Some leave a powerful, Poisonous cloud A fart can be short, Or a fart can be long, Some farts have been known To sound like a song...... A fart can create A most curious medley, A fart can be harmless, Or silent , and deadly. A fart might not smell, While others are vile, A fart may pass quickly, Or linger a while...... A fart can occur In a number of places, And leave everyone there, With strange looks on their faces. From wide-open prairie, To small elevators, A fart will find all of Us sooner or later. But farts are all bad, Is simply not true- We must never forget...... . Sweet old farts like you! My Mother in law
Farthest Galaxy Found....maybe...
By Clara MoskowitzStaff Writer @ SPACE.COMposted: 12 February 200811:38 pm ETAstronomers have glimpsed what may be the farthest galaxy we've ever seen, providing a picture of a baby galaxy born soon after the beginning of the universe.Images taken with the Hubble Space Telescope have revealed the galaxy at almost 13 billion light-years away, making it the strongest candidate for the most distant galaxy ever seen, said European Southern Observatory astronomer Piero Rosati, who helped make the discovery.Since the galaxy is so far away, its light took ages to reach us, so what we see now is a snapshot of how this galaxy looked 13 billion years ago. At that point in time, the galaxy would have been newly formed, so the new observations provide a baby picture."We certainly were surprised to find such a bright young galaxy 13 billion years in the past," said astronomer Garth Illingworth of the University of California, Santa Cruz, a member of the research team. "This is the most detailed loo
F/a/r These Angels To Become One. Angelgurl And A Gem4life Just Got There Halo!!!
An old lady came into her doctor's office and confessed to an embarrassing problem: "I fart all the time, Doctor Johnson, but they're soundless, and they have no odor. In fact, since I've been here, I've farted no less than twenty times. What can I do?" "Here's a prescription, Mrs. Barker. Take these pills three times a day for seven days and come back and see me in a week." The next week, an upset Mrs. Barker marched into Dr. Johnson's office:"Doctor,I don't know what was in those pills, but the problem is worse! I'm farting just as much, and they're still soundless, but now they smell terrible! What do you have to say for yourself?" "Calm down, Mrs. Barker," said the doctor soothingly. "Now that we've fixed your sinuses, we'll work on your hearing."
Farting Preacher
Can I Please Get An Amen? LMAO!!!!!
Farting At Work - Part Two
>>JAILBREAK: When forcing a fart, several forts slip out at a machine gun pace. This is usually a side effect of diarrhea or a hangover. If this should happen, do not panic. Remain in the stall until everyone has left the bathroom to spare everyone the awkwardness of what just occurred. >>COURTESY FLUSH: Flushing the toilet the instant the fart hits the water. This reduces the amount of air time the fart has to stink up the bathroom. This can help U avoid being caught doing the 'Walk Of Shame' >>WALK OF SHAME: Walking from the stall, to the sink, to the door after you have just stunk up the bathroom. This can be a very uncomfortable moment if someone walks in and busts you. As with forts, it is best to pretend that the smell does not exist. Use of the 'Courtesy Flush'. >>OUT OF THE CLOSET FARTER: A colleague who farts at work and is damn proud of it. You will often see an 'Out Of The Closet' farter enter the bathroom with a newspaper or magazine under their arm. Always look
Fart In My Duck
remember J's favorite Video they did this one with English subtitles wonder what subtitles you would all come up with and hear in this one
Farting In Rythm...hehe!
You are on a bus, when you suddenly fart. Luckily the music is very loud. So every time you fart, you time it with the music. When you start making your way to the door as you exit the bus Everybody is throwing dagger looks at you, and you suddenly realize. ............ You're listening to your IPod !
Farting In The Office
I'm sure anyone who works in an office has seen the movie Office Space? If you have not, I highly recommend it! One critical aspect of office life that is missing from this movie is the office fart. The office fart can attack anytime and anyplace. If you work in a cube, what happens...? You fart into the soft material of the chair.  The small cube walls lure you into a false sense of security so you launch them freely.  BUT, they DO NOT prevent your neighbor from smelling your anal juices.  They will smell it! So what can I do I hear you ask? Best method is to release a tester. You release a small part of your fart, and then wait 5-10 seconds to see if it smells.  If it does not, then release the whole salvo into the chair (silently). If it does smell, you can release the whole thing but do so at your own risk as you will gain a reputation in the office.  You will be called names such as "Smelly ass", "Fart pants","stinky bottom" etc. Sometimes even when the testers are O
Fart Proudly
I read this and liked it so decided to post it for others to see. It appears this is something Ben Franklin would state, if he were still alive. In these troubled economic times, it’s good to know that our dearest founding father is still the wisest.  I offer up to you Mr. Franklin’s notorious essay written in 1781 while he was living abroad as United States Ambassador to France.  Presidential candidates and US congressmen please take note. It is universally well known, That in digesting our common Food, there is created or produced in the Bowels of human Creatures, a great Quantity of Wind. That the permitting of this Air to escape and mix with the Atmosphere is usually offensive to the Company, from the fetid Smell that accompanies it. That all well-bred People therefore, to avoid giving such Offense, forcibly restrain the Efforts of Nature to discharge that Wind. That so retained contrary to Nature, it not only gives frequently great present Pain, but occasions futu
Fart From Hell
Holy shit I just farted and almost killed myself...Everyone's suppose to love their own Brand...but fuck!the was pure Evil what came out of's up there with the gas they used for genocide in WWII...When it came out, I swear I heard children cry in the far, faint is a sad day for America...and my ass.
Fart By Nick G.
I fart real quiet and I fart real loud My fart can knock out a big asian crowd   Godzilla got nothing On my massive farts My farts pierce through the nostrils Like pointy darts   They sometimes sound funny They sometimes sound deep Boy do all my farts Really give me a creep You can't see it pass Through the air or the sky Sometimes when you smell it You'll seem like you're high   The one's that are worse Are the one's that are silent My farts fight on their own Yes they are real violent   So next time you see me Angle my butt in the air You know I'm going to fart And that I really don't care  
The Farther I Go
I wrote this December of 2005.    I’m sitting just inside the center of the universe Might as well be another black hearse Hands reach out to touch the nearest thing Streched clear out into the unseen Can see you with my eyes feel you with my soul The closer you come to me the farther I go Can see you with my eyes feel you with my soul The closer you come to me the farther I go I spend my time all alone in the dark Closer to the world yet farther apart My heart yearns to be one with the earth But I’ve been separate from everything since the day of my birth Lonliness consumes my heart The harder I look the more it gets dark I search within my self hoping to see all I can find is an emptier version of me I can see you with my eyes I can feel you with my soul The closer I come to me the farther you go I can see you with my eyes I can feel you with my soul The closer you come to me the farther I go. You reach out your hand to touch I am just not into feeling that much I try t
A Farwelll
I love you more than words can say I have found great joy and happiness being with you yet, i have also seen my worset fears come true You love your cocaine You love your booze Those are your poisons and you are mine I beg you to stop go on about how they are killing you well you are truly killing me For years your the one i wanted The one I compared most to But, now i have found a breath of life I do wish you could find yours too But, I can no longer hold your hand I can no longer be by your side. I am sorry i have failed you Sorry i wasnt stronger Maybe this is what they were all warning me and you about not the good but the hurt we will now feel and the hole that we will now have I didnt mean to break your heart but please dont cry I have done that enough for the both us Just remember the good times try to forget the bad but now its time to let each other go and know that it was love it was deeper and true then most will ever know but if we try
Farwell To A Love One
Today I lost someone very special to me. He was my idol,role model and my best friend in life. My father is someone so special to me nobody could replace him at all. The fondest memory I have of being with my father is when I was a little girl in my strawberry shortcake pj's and ready to go to the Bakery and pick out my favorite donut. Yeah gotta figure a little girl with two little pig tails, pink fuzzy slippers, and the biggest fuzzy robe her father could buy her. So this girl was all dolled up ready to go to breakfast this morning with her PAPPA. I didn't get that breakfast at all today. When I turned 16 years old my father gave me a necklace with two key's on it. One key is to my heart and the other key is to my body. I plan to marry somebody and pass those over to someone on that special day. They will hopefully have the same meaning as they do to me when they receive them. I did however go shopping and bought a brand new outfit cuz I wanted my PJ's again and had to fi
Far Yet Near
Many friends here write and say that they wish they didn't live so far away. True, many of us live in different countries, but that doesn't mean that we can't be close. If you have somebody in your thoughts, in your heart and in your daily prayers, that person is much closer to you than you think. It's ironic that many neighbors who live next door to each other are actually more distant than those of us who live in different countries. Why? Because there isn't that emotional and spiritual connection between many neighbors. The next time you wish sombody lived closer to you, just keep them in your thoughts and in your heart. They will be closer than you realize. Hugs,lolly
A grade school teacher in Kentucky asked her students to use the word "fascinate" in a sentence. Molly put up her hand and said, "My family went to my granddad's farm, and we all saw his pet sheep it was fascinating." The teacher said, "That was good, but I wanted you to use the word "fascinate, not fascinating". Sally raised her hand. She said, "My family went to see Rock City and I was fascinated." The teacher said, "Well, that was good Sally, but I wanted you to use the word "fascinate." Little Johnny raised his hand. The teacher hesitated because she had been burned by Little Johnny before. She finally decided there was no way he could damage the word "fascinate", so she called on him. Johnny said, "My aunt Gina has a sweater with ten buttons, but her tits are so big she can only fasten eight." The teacher sat down and cried.
A Fascist Bitch??? Wtf Baby J, Even You Can't Be So Stupid!!!
fascist 1.a member of the Fascisti; a member of some similar party: Nazi, Falangist,ect. advocate of fascism or fascist principles. fascist 1.pertaining to Fascists or Fascism 2.relating to fascism or fascists; also,adhereing to or supporting fascism. fascism a political group, an organization, a club, from Latin fscis,a bundle or packet. 1.the doctrines,methods,or movement of Fascisti. 2.a system of government characterized by rigin one-party dictatatorship,forcible suppression of the opposition(union, other, especially leftist, parties,minority groups,ect.),the retention of private ownership of the means of production under centralized governmental control,belligerent nationalism and rcism,glorification of war,ect.: first instituted in Italy in 1922. 3.the political philosophy and movement based on such doctrines and policies; fascist behavior. See also Nazism. ****** I don't have to tell anyone about the Nazi party and what a Nazi is. What I wo
Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism By Dr. Lawrence Britt Source Free 5-28-3 Dr. Lawrence Britt has examined the fascist regimes of Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Franco (Spain), Suharto (Indonesia) and several Latin American regimes. Britt found 14 defining characteristics common to each: 1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism - Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere, as are flag symbols on clothing and in public displays. 2. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights - Because of fear of enemies and the need for security, the people in fascist regimes are persuaded that human rights can be ignored in certain cases because of "need." The people tend to look the other way or even approve of torture, summary executions, assassinations, long incarcerations of prisoners, etc. 3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause -
A teacher asks her class of 3rd graders to use the word "fascinate" in a sentence. She calls on a small boy sitting in the front row. "I saw an airshow. And it was very fascinating." "Good, but I wanted you to use the word 'fascinate,' not 'fascinating.'" She then calls on a girl sitting off to the left. "I saw some monkeys. They were very fascinating." "Good, but I wanted you to use the world 'fascinate,' not 'fascinating.'" Billy's hand shoots up into the air and she calls on him. "Teacher, teacher! I got one!" "Go ahead, Billy." "My sister's shirt has ten buttons, but her tits are so big she can only fascinate."
A teacher asks her class of 3rd graders to use the word "fascinate" in a sentence. She calls on a small boy sitting in the front row. "I saw an airshow. And it was very fascinating." "Good, but I wanted you to use the word 'fascinate,' not 'fascinating.'" She then calls on a girl sitting off to the left. "I saw some monkeys. They were very fascinating." "Good, but I wanted you to use the world 'fascinate,' not 'fascinating.'" Billy's hand shoots up into the air and she calls on him. "Teacher, teacher! I got one!" "Go ahead, Billy." "My sister's shirt has ten buttons, but her tits are so big she can only fascinate."
Fascist Pig
"Error: you're temporarily blocked from commenting because you have repeatedly flooded the cherrytap servers. your account has been flagged as abusive. continueing to flood our servers will result in it's deletion. try again in 10 minutes. play nicer next time. --babyjesus aka the fascist antichrist, i know." and i wan't even bombing. I was just droping daily messages...argh, he really need in invest in a better server...
Fascism Anybody?
(Originally posted on January 5, 2007)In 2004, a man named Lawrence Britt wrote an article about the 14 early warning signs of fascism and compared it with what was going on in the United States at the time.A few days ago, Heather Wokusch wrote a follow-up article about what is currently going on.It's not good news.Now don't get me wrong. I am not stating that we have a deeply fascist government right now. These are the early warning signs.And if you think that it can't get worse for your rights and liberties, well, Bush wants to read your mail.tag: fascism, George Bush, politics-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-Ave Satanas!
Fascist America 10 Easy Steps
G2 Search this site In this section To the max Why a woman's place is in the kitchen Another side of Bob Dylan A short history of men standing on boxes ' Fascist America, in 10 easy steps From Hitler to Pinochet and beyond, history shows there are certain steps that any would-be dictator must take to destroy constitutional freedoms. And, argues Naomi Wolf, George Bush and his administration seem to be taking them all Tuesday April 24, 2007 The Guardian Last autumn, there was a military coup in Thailand. The leaders of the coup took a number of steps, rather systematically, as if they had a shopping list. In a sense, they did. Within a matter of days, democracy had been closed down: the coup leaders declared martial law, sent armed soldiers into residential areas, took over radio and TV stations, issued restrictions on the press, tightened some limits on travel, and took certain activists into custody. Article continues They were
Nikoll, a grade school teacher in NH, asked her students to use the word "fascinate" in a sentence. Molly put up her hand and said, "My family went to my granddad's farm, and we all saw his pet sheep it was fascinating." The teacher said, "That was good, but I wanted you to use the word "fascinate, not fascinating". Sally raised her hand. She said, "My family went to see Rock City and I was fascinated." The teacher said, "Well, that was good Sally, but I wanted you to use the word "fascinate not fascinated" Little Ben raised his hand. The teacher hesitated because she had been burned by Little Ben before. She finally decided there was no way he could damage the word "fascinate", so she called on him. Ben said, "My Grammie Martha has a sweater with ten buttons, but her boobs are so big she can only fasten eight." Nikoll sat down and cried.
First time doing a blog so not sure if i am doing this right! Here we go. I cannot stand spiders, but I have been very fascinated by this spider that hangs out in the back yard near the door. I watch it almost every night. Very interesting seeing it make its web and kill its prey. Very strange but it does not change my opinion of them just intrigues me!
A teacher asked her students to use the word "fascinate" in a sentence. Mary said, "My family went to the New York City Zoo, and we saw all the animals. It was fascinating." The teacher said, "That was good, but I wanted the word fascinate." Sally raised her hand. She said, "My family went to the Philadelphia Zoo and saw the animals. I was fascinated." The teacher said, "Good, but I really wanted the word fascinate." Little Johnny raised his hand. The teacher hesitated because Johnny was noted for his bad language. She finally decided there was no way he could damage the word fascinate" so she called on him. Little Johnny said, "My sisters sweater has 10 buttons, but her boobs are so big she can only fasten 8."
Sorry fans, friends and family...I finally figured out how to upload a bunch of really beautiful photos to my stash. Unfortunately, did not realize you can't upload NSFW photos to a stash so....had to rip them all down or potentially be deleted completely from Fubar. Ugh. Very frustrating. For the very few of you who were quick enough on the draw and got to see some nekkid naughty bits, well God bless ya' and thanks for playing. When I level up, i'll get some more photo privilieges and gradually add them back. Until sweet and charming disposition, sparkling wit and engaging personality will have to suffice to keep you entertained. :D Thanks to all my babies! Muah!!! SoulKiss (Michelle)
Fascination With The Female Body
I guess I have been fascinated by the female body since I was just a small boy. It is unclear to me when the fascination began. It could have been when my young female cousin pulled down her pants and squatted to urinate and I noticed a distinct difference in our bodies. Or perhaps it was when a group of us boys and girls in the neighborhood went skinnydipping in the canal behind our neighborhood and even more differences were revealed. Or perhaps my real fascination began when an older female cousin came to the house with her newborn baby and she breastfed the baby as I sat on the couch beside her. Or when I accidentally walked in on a female cousin who was taking a bath. Finding my brothers' stash of men's magazines with adult women on display nude certainly played a part. So suffice it to say, I have been so very obsessed with the female body since well before puberty. And my neighborhood was chock full of pretty females of my age or older, many of whom played a part, either
Fascist America
US National ID Cards by May 2008 October 30 2006 At large, the American people are still unaware of the issuance of the Real ID card forthcoming in May of 2008. This new national/international ID card, and its interactivity with national/international databases, can access our medical, financial, driving, Social Security, license(s), firearms registrations, and political status inside its high tech/little nano brain. In essence, it holds our private lives on a swipe-able card that is then privy to any organization, retailer, or person requesting our identification or our money. In other words, our life histories accessible upon command from one 2X3 inch card. Having no choice but to comply, most American people will accept their new national/international ID card. It is my understanding that without the card, we will be denied bank accounts in the United States of America, a driver's license, and the right to fly on airplanes unless we have been issued a Real ID card. One
The Fascists Have Spoken-and They Are Us
why hast thou foresaken me.....???? the cry echoes throughout one's consciousness, even as it is pretty fucking obvious that there has been no 'foresaking' outside of what we do to one another here....leave this god stuff to the mythmakers, in other words. the reality? a reasonable desire, to have a tranquil outing, is cut short with the sudden presence of an old man lying on the floor, passed out or unconscious, his one leg twitching and his midriff exposed....he has this huge gash on his forehead, with crusted blood jagging along the edges of it. my partner calls security despatch for protective services-a medical response team required asap.... and... they respond... where is this person located?(they have acmeras in the station-duh) west side upper platform they respond... do you have a description of the individual? (wtf????) on and on-here a person is lying on the floor, yes he quite possibly is drunk and passed out, but just as possible, even if he is drunk, is t
Fascists Lyric Sheet
History’s gone leaving us with no memories It seems they’re gone far away from our ideologies As I see before my eyes everyone is forgetting what they have done but ourselves and you can’t show yourself up, and you can’t hide and you can’t say Whatever you want with no one to blame you Shame on fascists So tell me what’s wrong? Shame on racism And our own Did we really forget what happened last time, with all those fascists ‘round Most of us got scared and lost their Houses, were burned down It’s not only about them If they’re getting so strong With complicity of politicians They’re closer to their goal
Fascinating Biology Facts
 Fascinating biology facts> The largest cell in the human body is the female egg and> the smallest is the male sperm.> It takes the food seven seconds to get from your mouth to> your stomach.> One human hair can support 3 kg (6 lb).> The average man's erection is three times the length of his> thumb..> Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.> A woman's heart beats faster than a man's.> There are about one trillion bacteria on each of your> feet.> Women blink twice as often as men.> The average person's skin weighs twice as much as the> brain.> Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself when you are> standing still.> If saliva cannot dissolve something, you cannot taste it.> Men who read this are probably still busy checking their> thumbs
Fascinating Biology Facts
The largest cell in the human body is the female egg and> the smallest is the male sperm.> It takes the food seven seconds to get from your mouth to> your stomach.> One human hair can support 3 kg (6 lb).> The average man's erection is three times the length of his> thumb..> Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.> A woman's heart beats faster than a man's.> There are about one trillion bacteria on each of your> feet.> Women blink twice as often as men.> The average person's skin weighs twice as much as the> brain.> Your body uses 300 muscles to balance itself when you are> standing still.> If saliva cannot dissolve something, you cannot taste it.> Men who read this are probably still busy checking their> thumbs
A friend told Me to do a blog so here goes…I was bored googling good V for Vendetta pics for a picture a friend asked Me to do, when googling this I found an Article by Ted Baehr in which he summed V for Vendetta as “a vile, pro-terrorist piece of neo-Marxist, left-wing propaganda filled with radical sexual politics and nasty attacks on religion and Christianity”I shall assume the idiot has never seen the movie, REALLY sexual politics? They showed no one having sex, at most you saw two woman kissing WOW that will disrupt the morality of the world.  Pro-Terrorist, if anything the film was anti-fascism… that guy is probably all for complete utter government control. Attacks on religion? Hm, so being a humanist and believing in people having equal rights, one where they do not live in fear of the controlling class, and not have to worry about being tortured and killed if they spoke out is attacking religion.. thanks for telling Me. Neo-Marxism to say that the peo
20 Fascinating Facts About The Natural Healing Power Of Bananas (repost)
20 Fascinating Facts About the Natural Healing Power of Bananas Here is a story that even a monkey would go ape about. A professor at CCNY for a physiological psych class told his class about bananas. He said the expression 'going bananas' is from the effects of bananas on the brain. When compared to an apple, it has four times the protein, twice the carbohydrate, three times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin A and iron, and twice the other vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in potassium and is one of the best value foods around. No wonder monkeys are so happy all the time! 1. Energy Boost: Bananas contain three natural sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber. A banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. Research has proven that just two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. No wonder the banana is the number one fruit with the world's leading athletes. But energy isn't the only way a
Argh.   Fu has the facisim.   'nuff said.
Fascinating Romantic Feelings Released By Essential Series Of Dress Outfits
  Various casual dress outfits are almost one of summer fashion items which have the largest amount, changeable designs and various styles can create different modellings. Especially in midsummer, variety of fashion dress outfits combine the most beautiful scenery line of streets, you can feel the strong romantic feelings released by all kinds of dress outfits   The small detail process on shoulders is conspicuous, proper for girls gain an pleasant feeling. Black is the most classic color which makes you look thinner. Square large size hand bag is cool, looks both capable and gentle, this is the most IN girl style!   The quietly elegant color, can well promote female graceful and restrained temperament, belongs to summer pure and fresh dressing up series. Bowknot on the top of head is very cute!   If you feel the dress outfit style is too onefold, then choose the dress with some brilliant design on the back. Multi-layers of lace lap, promoted the overall sweetness degree.   Fo
Fascism Anyone? Laurence W. Britt
The following article is from Free Inquiry magazine, Volume 23, Number 2. Free Inquiry readers may pause to read the “Affirmations of Humanism: A Statement of Principles” on the inside cover of the magazine. To a secular humanist, these principles seem so logical, so right, so crucial. Yet, there is one archetypal political philosophy that is anathema to almost all of these principles. It is fascism. And fascism’s principles are wafting in the air today, surreptitiously masquerading as something else, challenging everything we stand for. The cliché that people and nations learn from history is not only overused, but also overestimated; often we fail to learn from history, or draw the wrong conclusions. Sadly, historical amnesia is the norm. We are two-and-a-half generations removed from the horrors of Nazi Germany, although constant reminders jog the consciousness. German and Italian fascism form the historical models that define this twisted political w
Fascinating Tourist Destinations To Explore In Nepal
Planning to travel to Nepal? It is one of the lot approved afterwards biking destination in the world. There is no abstinent the actuality that attributes has been absolutely fractional to Nepal as it is one of the lot of arresting regions in the world. On the arctic areas, there are the majestic mountains about extensive to the sky and in the south there are continued stretches grasslands, affecting the horizon. Nepal is the most beautiful country which is truly very worth to visit and explore. This astounding country is made up of picturesque landscape and is also rich in culture and history. The Kingdom of Nepal also provides the best trekking facilities in the entire world. This fascinating country is also the richest country in the entire globe in the terms of biodiversity and its altitudinal variation. This splendid beautiful country is speckled with myriad of tourist attractions and destination which absolutely will enhance the beauty of tourism in Nepal. Nepal truly offers
Fascinating Flower Festivity At Your Mouse Tips
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Fascinating Kerala Voyage And Accessible Munnar Packages
  India’s idyllic state, Kerala is also known as the gods own country, and a paradise to the tourist of the entire world. Located on the southern part of India, it has been one of the most prominent tourist destinations in today’s world. Travel in Kerala is a lifetime experience where a visit is must once in your entire life. The boundless beauty of the nature and the unparallel destinations has now become the leading tourism state of India. Kerala offers a wide variety of travel packages and costs according to your budgets. It is a dream coming true destination. The gorgeous beaches, dense coconut trees and the lush green scenery offer a breath taking view of the place. Kerala is an opportunity for you to explore the unparallel beauty of the nature at its best. It is a paradise to the south. Kerala travel agencies offers an exciting tour packages which includes the top places of the gods own country.    A travel to the multicultural society is worth experiencing and giv
Fascination On A Hot Day
It is because I don't have you that I crave you Gone to soon ..Only the taste of you left in my mouth  Tease... Savoring your smell Liquid coolness sliding down my throat Droplets escaping my mouth  running down my neck Sliding down down.. Ecstasy, driving me mad.. What I wouldn't do to have another cup of you.. Sweet delectable..  Slow brewed Iced Tea.   What?! Iced Tea needs love too! And, I'm really craving it.. *sigh* Anywho, what a lovely day to write and Ode to the deliciousness that is Tea. Thank you Tea Gods for the gift. :)
Fascism   check out these links and ask yourself, "what's really going on?"
Fase Pretty Inicial De Google Aplicaciones Android Desarrollo
Un grupo de herramientas puede ser utilizado por los desarrolladores de Android en lo que respecta a la mejora de aplicaciones Android. Kit de Mejoramiento del programa de software (SDK) proporciona estos enfoques, así como mediante la utilización de un Eclipse plug-in identificado como Android Herramientas de Mejoramiento (ADT) o tal vez la línea de comandos. El desarrollador, posiblemente, puede ser admitido estas formas de equipo. Los desarrolladores de aplicaciones Android optan por trabajar con Eclipse, aunque el desarrollo de la aplicación sólo por la razón de que se le puede dar el engranaje importante a la mano en cualquier momento que lo requiera. -comprar tablet Sin embargo, no es ciertamente la movilidad en un sentido que los desarrolladores pueden hacer uso de un IDE distintivo o editor de texto sencillo e invocar las fuentes en la línea de comandos, así como con secuencias de comandos. Jugando con esta herramienta de línea de comandos situación se llama manualmente a trav
Fase Abbastanza Iniziale Di Google Applicazioni Android Development
Un gruppo di strumenti può essere utilizzato da sviluppatori di Android per quanto riguarda il miglioramento delle applicazioni Android. Programma software del kit di miglioramento (SDK) fornisce questi approcci, nonché utilizzando un plug-in Eclipse identificata come Android Improvement Tools (ADT) o forse riga di comando. Lo sviluppatore può eventualmente ammissione queste forme di attrezzature. Sviluppatori di applicazioni Android scelgono di lavorare con Eclipse anche se in via di sviluppo l'applicazione solo per la ragione che ti può dare l'importante ingranaggio a portata di mano ogni volta che lo richiedono. Ancora, vi è certamente la mobilità all'interno di un senso che gli sviluppatori possono utilizzare un IDE distintivo o editor di testo semplice e invocare le fonti sulla linea di comando, nonché con gli script. Giocando con questa linea di comando situazione è chiamata manualmente attraverso gli sviluppatori. Ma, l'accesso per la varietà di attributi manterrebbe esattament
I'm really getting tired of being there for people and then having them turn their cheek to me when I need them in return.
Fashion Rules
1. Wearing a t-shirt in the pool can hide your massive girth, and no one will figure out that’s why you’re wearing it. 2. Wearing sandals in any type of weather, be it snow, rain, or hurricanes, is as appropriate today as it was in Jesus’ time. 3. Wearing socks with sandals not only keeps your feet warm, but it also allows them to breathe. 4. Popping your color lets everyone know how seriously cool you are. 5. Wearing a pink shirt is like wearing a sign that says “I am awesome and I don’t kiss boys.” 6. Clipping your cellular phone to your belt, the top of you pants, or the outside of you pocket lets everyone know that you have a phone, and thus you are popular enough to have people call you, and you definitely are not a douche. 7. Dressing “Goth” is also intelligent in any climate, all that black in the hot sun just screams “I’m a genius!” 8. Buying jeans with holes in them shows everyone that you are rich enough to afford jeans with holes in them. 9. Mustaches are not just fo
"The fashion police are here to arrest you for wearing that travesty of an outfit!"
Fashion Parade
Fashion Parade by MrFadedGlory73 © In a couple of weeks I'm running a large party with a group of friends. The organisation side of things is hotting up and there is a flurry of activity in my social circle with all our friends getting ready for the party. On Saturday just past, my wife Samantha decided to go out shopping with her friend Erica to buy clothes for the party. The party is nominally black tie, but the 'understanding' is that it should be a place where people feel comfortable with a more sexy take on the theme. Samantha and I have known Erica since we moved back to London about 6 months ago. We met her through mutual friends at a 'welcome back' party and instantly had that connection with her where you know you're going to be close and firm friends. I can't deny that I thought she was attractive when we first met. Her parents were Spanish but she had lived in the UK all her life. She has deep green eyes, subtle pouting lips, chocolate brown skin and dark wavy hair t
Fashion Show To Benefit The Boys And Girls Club
Hosted By: orianna kurrusWhen: Friday Jan 26, 2007 at 8:00 PMWhere: Mary Help Center6400 E Chelsea StTampa, FL 33610United StatesDescription:orianna kurrus Click Here To View Event
Fashion For Genocide
by Dr. William Pierce A month ago I told you about the murder of two White girls, Tracy Lambert and Susan Moore, in Fayetteville, North Carolina, as part of the initiation of new members into the Black and Hispanic Crips gang. I'm still receiving comments about that program. Apparently many listeners -- especially those with Internet access -- checked out the facts as reported in the Fayetteville newspaper, and they were shocked that, just as I said, there was no media coverage of these terrible murders outside the Fayetteville area. They were shocked that virtually all of the mainstream media around the country would deliberately hide the news of these racially motivated murders from the White public -- and these were the same media which had made such a sensation about the killing of a convicted Black drug dealer and his girlfriend in Fayetteville by a White soldier, James Burmeister, in December 1995. But really, no one who has been listening to my broadcasts should have been
Fashion Show And Pink Ribbon Ball
A sense of being what people call hot Coming to the point of peace Fashion and the time before Throw out a shirt that lacked the style Not the fact I have not outgrown the cloth The sight of all to see Even if the color black merges with white Eyes cover my appearance What color is considered The color that must be worn Summer comes too early And gold seems to lack its luster Maybe it was my shoes That led me to lost time If life was a fashion style I'm outdated and forever gone. Dressed to kill straight to the teeth Cloaked with style Some people look at someone And scream out where did you get that Those who remain Will say the fool looks like hell Looking sharp and smelling good You must ask yourself Does my butt look big in your jeans?
Fashion Designs By Satan
Ok, it's summer time and it's hot as hell and shows no signs of cooling down for a long time. Being as how it's so hot, people's brains are being fried to the max. I realized this when I went to the mall the other night. Everywhere I turned people were wearing the ugliest things on their feet. Sure they're called shoes, but these shoes aren't just regular shoes, these things are called Crocs. If you don't know what a Croc is you need to get out a little bit more, hit a mall I don't know if it's a fad or if it's really the real thing. Crocs aren't made specifically for men and women, they're made for everyone. That's right, men, women, kids, and God knows what else can get a pair of crocs. Crocs, if you haven't noticed are plastic shoes with holes in them. Well actually, they're rubbery shoes that when worn mold to your foot as they warm up. The holes are for circulation and there's a strap on the back to hold the shoes in place. The shoes were originally made for
if i told you that i like you would you say you like me too if i told you that i needed you would you say you need me too if i told you that your all i want would you be my everything if you told me you liked me id say i like you too if you told me you need me i would say i can't live with out you if you told me i was all you wanted i would be your everything and more if i wanted to be with you would you want to be with me too if i say id die with out you would you be with me forever if i wanted to leave with you would you leave with me too if you wanted to be with me i'd say your my everything if you say youd die without me id make it so we never part if you wanted to leave you know i'll go anywhere for you if you say you love me i'd say .... yes i love you too
Fashion No No's
As we all get older in the Pagan Community, it is easy to get confused about how we should present ourselves. We're unsure as we try to be nice and harmonize with the fashions that younger members of our community have adopted. So I've made a sincere study of the situation and here are the results. Despite what you may have seen on the streets or at Pagan gatherings, the following combinations do not go together and thus should be avoided: 1. A eyebrow piercing and bifocals 2. Pony tails and bald spots 3. A pierced tongue and dentures 4. Ankle bracelets and corn pads 5. Nipple jewelry and a gall bladder surgery scar 6. Midriff shirts and a midriff bulge 7. Tattoos and liver spots or varicose veins 8. Belly-button piercings and old pregnancy stretch marks 9. Skyclad and Depends. Please keep these basic guidelines foremost in your mind when you shop.
Fashion (the Evil Version)
That's a nice shirt you have on Especially what you consider a skirt I'll never be someone that could fall into low class Dropping seven thousand on a few handbags Heavy fashion styles consumes my accounts But of anything I can say from about myself I'm someone that defines glamorous. Too much jealousy will hurt everything you think Walking in shoes that bludgeon my feet Just enough makeup to live the ultimate dream But with how I am and with the things I flash I'm someone who lasted shorter than the newest trend A living tragedy that never goes out of style. I'll travel to those fancy fashion awards With people that don't know what the hell is going on Velvet chairs that flake my skin Maybe finally I'll get the award for best kneecaps The flashing lights that cover my every movement All thanks to the clothing that now makes me a bitch.
Fa-shizzle My Nizzel...wizzel!
Atlanta considers banning baggy pants 1 hour, 4 minutes ago Baggy pants that show boxer shorts or thongs would be illegal under a proposed amendment to Atlanta's indecency laws. The amendment, sponsored by city councilman C.T. Martin, states that sagging pants are an "epidemic" that is becoming a "major concern" around the country. "Little children see it and want to adopt it, thinking it's the in thing," Martin said Wednesday. "I don't want young people thinking that half-dressing is the way to go. I want them to think about their future." The proposed ordinance would also bar women from showing the strap of a thong beneath their pants. They would also be prohibited from wearing jogging bras in public or show a bra strap, said Debbie Seagraves, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia. The proposed ordinance states that "the indecent exposure of his or her undergarments"
Fashion Show
Okay the annual Harley Fashion show is tonight, I am working backstage security. How hard can this be? I think I will post myself around the ladies changing area that way if they need any help I will be right there. Seriously though 15 dollars at the door gets ya open bar. How is that for a deal. If you are close to Sandusky State Theater in downtown Saandusky, Ohio come on in, it will be worth it.
Fashion Trends That Make Me Want To Drink Bleach Vol. 1
My blogs are few and far between, and I doubt that many people care, but now and then something inspires to write on here. In today's case, it happens to be the following:Plaid fucking shorts. I don't know what asshole decided these were "in style", but he should be strung up from a tree and beaten with a nail-covered bat. I seriously cannot begin to understand how a female can look at this......and not just point and laugh. Everytime I see a fuckin' guy who wears these fucking things, I wonder what's going through their head. "Yeah, I need some shorts. But...I want to look like I'm about to go play golf at any given moment. Oh, and I also want to look absolutely ridiculous." Well,'ve accomplished your goal. Buying these shorts should guarantee that for the next 5 to 6 years, your penis will not come within 3 feet of a vagina. You should have to sign a fucking waiver upon purchase or something....."I, ___________, agree to not engage in sexual activity with a female for the n
Fa Shizzle..nizzle..yo Man My Pants Yo! Baggy pants ban "unconstitutional," rules US judge Tue Sep 16, 2:02 PM ET A Florida judge has deemed unconstitutional a law banning baggy pants that show off the wearer's underwear, local media reported Tuesday. A 17-year-old spent a night in jail last week after police arrested him for wearing low pants in Riviera Beach, southeast Florida. The law banning so-called "saggy pants" was approved by city voters in March after supporters of the bill collected nearly 5,000 signatures to put the measure on the ballot. The teen would have received a 150 dollars fine or community service, but he spent the night in jail due to a history of marijuana use, the Palm Beach Post newspaper said. "Somebody help me," said Palm Beach Circuit Judge Paul Moyle, before giving his decision. "We're not talking about exposure of buttocks. No! We're talking about someone who has on pants whose underwear are apparently
Fashion Statement...
I'll never forget the year I started the sixth grade. Twelve years old, my mom moved us to Puyallup, Washington to start a new life with her on again off again fiance, Gary, who, creeped me out, to say the least. Before I knew it, were talking a month later, we moved yet again from the stinky Puyallup town down wind from Tacoma to a three bedroom apartment, walking distance from the Puget Sound, golf course area living, as far away as she could afford, at the time from her then astranged fiance Gary. THANK GOD! It had been a good two years of him in and out of my life. I remember waking up to broken glass and our house awry from their violent fights. Of course, it wasn't like it was anything new. My mom fought with my dad just the same but there was this one time I got up to go to school and my brother's and sister's graduation pictures littered the floor along with the broken glass and I always thought how disrespectful it was to trash a picture of your supposed love of your
Fashion Tips For Baby Boomers!
A lesson in fashion..................... Many of us are over 50, WAY over 50, or almost 60 and are quite confused about how we should dress and present ourselves. We're unsure about the kind of image we are projecting and whether or not we are correct as we try to conform to current fashions. Despite what you may have seen on the streets, the following combinations DO NOT go together and should be avoided at all times: 1. A nose ring and bifocals 2. Spiked hair and bald spots 3. A pierced tongue and dentures 4. Miniskirts and support hose 5. Ankle bracelets and corn pads 6. Speedo's and cellulite 7. A belly button ring and a gall bladder surgery scar 8. Unbuttoned disco shirts and a heart monitor 9. Midriff shirts and a midriff bulge 10. Pierced nipples that hang below the waist 11. Bikinis and liver spots 12. Short shorts and varicose veins 13. Inline skates and a walker And the ultimate in what counts as 'Bad Taste' in fashion for the 'Older fol
Fashion Accessories You know, there are those moments when only the very best will do for your legs. I'm thinking hot dates... those wildly optimistic days just after pay day.... those occasions when someone offers to buy you a present... Here are some luxurious stockings. They're inexpensive and your legs deserve it. Stockings combine elegance with sensuality, yet can still be the practical choice for daily wear. Choose from a range all at prices that mean you can afford to wear them daily! Fantastic designs and great colours FROM- latest stockings from the weird to the undoubtedly wonderful. FISHNET STOCKINGS Fishnets are everywhere and it's no surprise. They're incredible sexy both to look at and to wear - and unlike sheer stockings they're very hard to ladder! EVERYDAY HOLD-UPS The sexiness of stockings with added convenience. Modern hold-ups aren't like the horror products of years ago that kept falling down. These are all sheer, sexy,
Fashion Jewelry, Costume Jewelry @
Jane Marsh is a business owner and fashion enthusiast who has serious passion for fashion jewelry, women's accessories, costume jewelry, and wholesale clothing .
Designer Clothes Fashion Accessories Buy men's fashion online
Fashion Statement Titled Surpise!!
->Eric Maste...: LMFAO!!!! wowzas.. very gentlemen like yanno? I would prob cut it up into little beaded like sections and make a necklace outta it for you too sport Eric Maste...: suppose u are in a bath room stall smoking a cigarette suddenly a penis comes through the hole and the voice on the other side says "surprise me" what would u do? ->Eric Maste...: giver.. Eric Maste...: question for ya   I dont get em too often, but when I do.. whudda hoot! By hoot I mean cocksnot... Later days.  
Fashion Trends
Dead is the new unambiguous. Bipolar is the new undecided. Heavily armed is the new born again. Bald is the new head... and the new crotch. Hairy is the new face. Sheepishly admitting to having an STD is the new flirting. Purell is the new face of fear. Finding the time that's right for you is the new impotence. The smiley-face emoticon is the new "sincerely yours." Smoking is the new outdoorsy lifestyle. Looking forward to insanely expensive private schooling, thousand dollar a week nannies and soccer is the new yuppie birth control. Misinformed is the new patriotic. Veganism is the new "tastes like chicken." Serotonin uptake inhibiting is the new crowd control. Texting is the new talking. Talking is the new singing. Singing is the new hubris. Gay marriage is the new "be careful what you wish for." And finally, and only because I really need this to catch on, forty-four years old is the new thirty.   :D
Fashion Tv Blacked Out For Obscenity
The Information and Broadcasting ministry in India suspended Fashion TV broadcasts for airing obscene fashions. Apparently some of the runway models were bare-breasted while strutting their, um, stuff. The ministry sighted upper nudity as being “…against good-taste and decency.” The lesson, I guess, is if you don’t have good-tasting breasts then you are obscene. For more  BlastFM keeps its nudity behind the microphone so you don’t need to worry about seeing something offensive. Just listen Baby!      
Fashion Designer Lagerfeld Against Same Sex Marriage
When I think of men fashion designers I assume they are homosexuals. That attitude has change now that I read what fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld said about gay marriage. He’s totally against it. Imagine that. You could have blown me over with a feather. For more BlastFM is does not have a bias bone in its body. BlastFM doesn’t have bones just great rock music.
The Fashion Trend For Uggs
In addition to these configurations, the ugg boots are in every single dual-use materials, workmanship is very particular about one is 100% fur imports in Australia, and other types of raw materials are all green, all pass through the import and export inspection before use. Relative instruction sheet is concerned, are generally made with fur, a pair of boots could be reduced to, which did not add water at the end of the tin, insole is inactive, and boot mats are not using the same fabric material is the use of ordinary wool or fake fur, in the uggs on the sole there is no 'R' registration label. Overview of the above points, we can very accurately determine are single and instruction sheet The price for the ugg boots, then, if it is around 100-300 block, then it would no doubt it is true or not, and will buy when the trend is slightly ,700-1000, about the price of a moderate (this is in China, , domestic manufacturers out of the price, we all know that, if produced in China and low
Fashion To Rememeber!
is still getting a kick out of crocodile cowboy boots and blue striped suits! LOL... oh, and gumdrops! :P
Fashion Clothes For Teenagers
Teenage is the age when everyone is very conscious about appearance and really wants to look trendy and fashionable. This is true for both girls and boys. When it comes to teenagers clothing, there is a huge variety of clothes that are worn and are in fashion from time to time. Teenagers also like to show their individuality and dress in a certain way to convey their point of view. When we consider teenage fashion and clothing, one thing that comes to mind is as many separates as possible. This means that you get separate items of clothing and then wear them by matching and contrasting. This tends to be not only highly fashionable, but also makes a strong statement. When it comes to clothing, it is important to be yourself and not lose your style in the prevailing trend. You should make sure that you have some pieces of clothing that suit you the best and you feel and look great in. There are many brands out there that specialise in clothing for youngsters and teenager
Fashion Test How Many Brands Do You Know In “gossip Girl”
  Gossip girl first to third season is being hot broadcasted. Now about the filming forth season, fans must be very excited about the new season fashion big opera. In drama Blake Leighton Lively and Meester can always keep their fashionable position. Just like stacking up against each other in secret. Now, let us make up a review about splendid peerless big-name clothing from season one to season four, just test your fashionable degrees. Japanese fashion   Blake Lively wearing Diane von Furstenberg 2010 early autumn new style showing attractive curve, and Meester Leighton is a pencil skirt tight Gucci - one word, hot! Wholesale fashion   Leighton Meester yellow lace knitting unlined upper garment deserves to go up the small red skirt, fine bird's peach heart small bags, loliness stylish rider is dye-in-the-wood.   This is the first four seasons gossip girl Callahan, a new character Alice will be and will become very popular objects. Green leopard grain wipes bosom little short s
Fashion And Cheap Omega Replica Watches On This Christmas
In 1889, four years later, Louis Brandt and Fils became the largest producers of watches in Switzerland, with a production rate of more than 100,000 watches. But this fact did not stop the exclusivity of the Omega Speedmaster 3534.70 they produced, for example, the repeater of the minutes, developed in 1892 in partnership with Audemars Piguet, and probably the first wristwatch of this type. The Omega Speedmaster 3534.70 name made its debut in sport in the international competition of balloons to the Gordon Bennett Cup in 1909. The British Royal Flying Corps decided to choose Omega watches in 1917 as official timekeepers for their combat units, like the U.S. Army in 1918. Omega had their first victory at the observatory time competitions in Neuchâtel in 1919 with their chronometers winning the competition. This was followed with a score of the top up until 1971. Competitions 1933, 1936 and 1946 were some of the most notable of Omega. In 1957, the “Omega Speedmaster 3534.70&rdquo
Fashion Element Tag Heuer Replica Watches
  When buying Tag Heuer Replica Watches can often be a case of "buyer beware" not all replicas are born equal. There are any number of websites that sell replica Tag Heuer, and even some unscrupulous trying to pass for authentic pieces.. In a note of ethics is the cost of original manufacturer's income? My personal opinion is a resounding no for the following reasons. Firstly most people buying Tag Heuer Replica Watches do it for the economic benefit and give an opportunity to own a brand watch that would otherwise be available. Secondly, it helps promote the desirability of a particular brand. My third and final point is that without a market for replica brand is known that more than a handful of very wealthy buyers therefore limiting sales of its multiple spin-off products. Before you buy a good indicator of the quality you can expect is:1: How long has the provider in the business.2: Can you talk to them before making a purchase?3: Are you able to track the delivery of your new wa
2011 Fashion Coach Handbag
In hindsight, perhaps last season’s demure, ladylike coach handbags show should have tipped us off that coach handbag 2011 would be a wild, colorful ride through safari and Asian kitsch. Creative director Marc Jacobs doesn’t like to go in any one direction for more than a few moments at a time, and a collection with a strong point of view is always a good indication that the next collection will be just as strong, but in the opposite direction. Instead of last season’s dozens of neutral variations on the classic Speedy theme, coach gave us loud, colorblocked clutches and small shoulder bags that screamed in artfully clashing technicolor. Logos were visible (this is coach handbags, after all), but other than a few clutches that proclaimed coach in all capitals, the famous monogram was less obtrusive than it usually is in the average coach collection. These coach handbag will surely leave some heads shaking, particularly among clients who saw Fall 2010 as a possible re
Fashion Video Game News, Fashion Video Game Articles, Fashion Video Game Information, Video Game Columns, Game News, Fashion Game Articles, Fashion Ga
Fashion Video Game News, Fashion Video Game Articles, Fashion Video Game Information, Video Game Columns, Game News, Fashion Game Articles, Fashion Game Information,Fashion Video Game Headlines, Fashion Game Headlines Fashion Video Game News, Fashion Video Game Articles, Fashion Video Game Information, Video Game Columns, Game News, Fashion Game Articles, Fashion Game Information,Fashion Video Game Headlines, Fashion Game Headlines RSS Feed PCs to acquire Kinect ‘in a formal way’ – ms CEO Posted by admin on January 8, 2011 [Edit] 0 comments CES 2011: Steve Ballmer tells BBC that motion-sensing method will make its method to glass windows systems…eventually. At  2011 customer Electronics Show keynote address, ms CEO Steve Ballmer developed a terrific offer near to the Kinect, the Xbox 360′s motion-sensing system. The camera-based, controller-free peripheral shipped 8 million products last year, three million over the five m
2011 Fashionable Cowgirl Clothes
Planning to help your child to put over a girls cowgirl fits and pull away a cowgirl look? Then worry no more! There are a great offer of trendy cowgirl attire along the lines of cowgirl skirt, cowgirl hats and boots in addition to other accessories obtainable in shopping center department stores and on the net stores with range of choices based on design and color that you just as well as your small lady can select from. Consider the strategies that people need to help you to create a decision the ins and outs of a real trendy cowgirl appearance for the toddler. Girls cowgirl outfits could possibly be tricky at times because the cowgirl wardrobe calls for a specific thing boyish appearance but that will not be considered a difficulty especially to individuals that want to grow to be remarkable and girly. Girls cowgirl outfits originated in the western facet of America where ranching and farming are the well-known type of livelihood especially during the earlier times when even ladies
Fashion Jewelry
Charm Bracelet, The little old woman took the slate from her nose, and havingread the words on it, asked, "Is your name Dorothy, my dear?" "Yes," answered the child, looking up and drying her tears. "Then you must go to the City of Emeralds. Perhaps Oz will help you." "Where is this city?" asked Dorothy. "It is exactly in the center of the country, and is ruled by Oz,the Great Wizard I told you of." "Is he a good man?" inquired the girl anxiously. "He is a good Wizard. Whether he is a man or not I cannot tell,for I have never seen him." "How can I get there?" asked Necklace, "You must walk. It is a long journey, through a country thatis sometimes pleasant and sometimes dark and terrible. However,I will use all the magic arts I know of to keep you from harm." "Won't you go with me?" pleaded the girl, who had begun tolook upon the little old woman as her only friend. "No, I cannot do that," she replied, "but I will give you mykiss, and no one will dare injure a person
Fashion Necklace
Jewelry BoxesEvidently the Munchkins weregood farmers and able to raise large crops. Once in a while shewould pass a house, and the people came out to look at her and bowlow as she went by; for everyone knew she had been the means ofdestroying the Wicked Witch and setting them free from Necklace,The houses of the Munchkins were odd-looking dwellings, for eachwas round, with a big dome for a roof. All were painted blue,for in this country of the East blue was the favorite color. Toward evening,  Charm Bracelet,  when Dorothy was tired with her long walk andbegan to wonder where she should pass the night, she came to ahouse rather larger than the rest. On the green lawn before itmany men and women were dancing. Five little fiddlers played asloudly as possible, and the people were laughing and singing,while a big table near by was loaded with delicious fruits andnuts, pies and cakes, and many other good things to eat.Diamond Rings  
Fashion Bracelet
"That is true," Jewelry Boxes said the Scarecrow. "You see," he continuedconfidentially, "I don't mind my legs and arms and body beingstuffed, because I cannot get hurt. If anyone treads on my toesor sticks a pin into me, it doesn't matter, for I can't feel it.But I do not want people to call me a fool, and if my head staysstuffed with straw instead of with brains, as yours is, how am Iever to know anything?"Charm Bracelet, "I understand how you feel," said the little girl, who wastruly sorry for him. "If you will come with me I'll ask Oz todo all he can for you." "Thank you," he answered gratefully. They walked back to the road. Dorothy helped him over thefence, and they started along the path of yellow brick for theEmerald City. fashion Necklace, Toto did not like this addition to the party at first.He smelled around the stuffed man as if he suspected theremight be a nest of rats in the straw, and he often growledin an unfriendly way at the Scarecrow. "Don't mind Toto," said Doro
Fashionable Romantic Braces Dresses Show Sweet Temperament
  In the romance of summer, the girls can’t wait to put on sweet fashion dress to show their own attractive glamour. With both comfortable and sexy romantic, braces dress is naturally everyone's first choice. next let's take a look at several pieces of the 2011 summer popular braces dresses !   Glaring contrast color match Contrast color match is this summer's big hot point, sweet rose red and elegant sapphire blue show the moving charm of youth. This loose version of cotton braces dress, is full of summer breath of enthusiasm, give you a feeling of very comfortable and pleased. Soft material underlines the elegant modelling, romantic and sweet, cool and refreshing dressing up is very suitable for holiday at the seaside of.   Blue gradient Boob Tube Top braces Blue gradient Boob Tube Top braces, light chiffon material foil out elegant temperament as the goddess, tall waist modelling well show tall and slender figure, on the vision has the effect of stretching. Elastic wrap
Fashion Trendy Ugg Shoes
Railcar ugg sale is trumped-up in so countless options ranging from significantly more rewarding child to substance plus the ensign and combinations are private ugg boots outlet unspeakable. In subject, a chick can aspiration from the nastiest, probably the most astounding effect and be whiz to produce out the design inside a short traveler reward. Also suede hid and breathtaking design to some produce can acquire all from the becoming utilised to produce a UGG Classic Tall boots squeeze. Some Brainwash vagrant purses also a mixed header of supplies put on in them. being an picture tack or likely a cervid might use a strip of child or ugg boots australia overseas pockets. Traveler plastic bags is often put on over a direct or irascible human body or their hobo bags, private coach internet which have two units of handles. it is effortless to useless the glenohumeral joint belt and own the flurry by fairing. Erst you could have a legitimate Railcar winnings, specific if it is actually ob
Fashion Men's Swimming Trunks
  Fashion men's swimming trunks cut triangular comfortable fit for men like the sun and concise set    • style features: simple triangular swimming trunks, tailored fit, designed for men like the sun concise design, front leg purple letters printed on both sides, reflecting the elegance of noble men temperament.      • fabric Features: fabric feel smooth, strong and light weight, good flexibility, strength, wear comfortable and not tight. More wear-resistant, wrinkle resistance than any fiber. Heat resistance, good corrosion resistance and dehydration, fastness and durable.     Immediately become the focus of the beach, keep them coming back explosion, so you pocketed the eye!    Sexy but not exaggerated draping definitely make you full of confidence!    In addition to the beach, where else then you have the opportunity to show your male line? The envy of everyone to enjoy, look it       swimwear,One piece swimwear,
Fashion Style Of Ladies Jackets 2011
When individuals include the words jacket when they are speaking, they usually are speaking about the types of clothes that have already long fleshlight sleeves and which always cover the entire body from the section of the neck as small as the part of the a waist. Today, the words jacket is oftentimes used interchangeably with the help of the term dress.Before the North Face Jackets mid-nineteenth one, there were apparent differences from a jacket and also a coat. Pretty for a jacket to be reduced with its duration reaching under the human stomach and it is in addition lighter.The period "jacket" derived from the Swedish term "jaquette" so this means the coat that any man sports in the evening. The term may as well mean the meet that a lover is suitable to wear, the latter is often known as girls jackets. Jackets are usually would always serve as clean clothing. But yet, besides that purpose, some jackets are usually used thanks to the fashionable models they bring with t
Fashion Women's Moist Cloth Jackets In Winter
Could leather jackets are a couple of the most popular outerwear available on the advertise and there is no symbol of that replacing in the forthcoming. They offer friendliness along with defense against wind and also rain though giving you a sexy and incredible look to boot. If fleece and also puffer coats usually do not fit into your cool temperatures wardrobe, it may be worth your time, effort to look in North Face Outlet women's wash rag jackets. The variety of wash rag coats for females is rather substantial so finding the excellent one can receive a bit of checking. Whether you opt to shop online and at neighborhood department stores, it will be possible to find several different styles of jumper and types involving leather available through either outlet.SuedeAny suede leather hat is one of the classiest kinds on the marketplace. The soft and supple substance is a lot more women and sensitive than normal leather, however offers quite a lot of the same health benefit
Fashion Beautiful Ugg Shoes Do You Like?
  1 Buy Ugg Classic Tall Boots Knockoffs 2 Discount Ugg Fashion Boots Knockoffs 3 Official Ugg Knit Boots Sale 4 Discount Ugg Classic Boots Clearance 5 Discount Ugg Mens Boots Clearance 6 Cheap Ugg Kids Boots For Sale 7 Genuine Ugg Jimmy Choo Boots For Sale 8 Sell Ugg Bailey Button Boots Outlet 9 Cheap Ugg Classic Mini Boots Outlet 10 Cheap Ugg Classic Short Boots Online Sale 11 Official Ugg Casual Boots Clearance
Fashionable Suicide
The pain etched in stone, temptation bleeds into the wounds of the failed youths. This world is a big joke to us now, and everything is a fad to us now, the knife cuts smoothly to the bone, the hangman's noose is their new necklace-the darkness follows us in the shadows-watching till it overcomes us-why does everything seem so perfect when everything is so rotten? The knife is the new god and the gas the air they want to breathe, everything succumbing to the new fads. Revolving around what they think is bad, and what they think is false for they are the new sheep, the new wave. Lifelines destroyed as they follow the next one. Broken veins pulse out at us, as we squint to see the sun, we burn but the feeling calms the faithless. Overdose is the diet of them now, the pills swallowed on quantity, taken to feed what they feel the need asks for next-as it begs for the things that we hate-the fad overcomes what was and used to be, it is the now. Cannot underestimate the becoming
Fashionable Felines
Cats don't think you are properly dressed for a date until you get some cat hair on your outfit.   
Fashion Jewelry Coupon Codes
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Fashion Brings Us Pleasure And The Comfortable Life Style
Fashion brings us pleasure and the comfortable life style.So many of people pursue it and take it as a dream.Come here and take your few minutes, we can make your dreams come true. Cheap handbags with high quality designer show for you. All of our Hermes handbags are well-designed according to the standard of guaranteed manufactures, using high quality raw materials. It looks and feels just like the real one. You can’t even tell the slightest difference between our products and the authentic ones.Hermes bags and Chanel bags are your loverly brands, you can choose from our website show window. You seach these handbags and we are your best friends. The best quality, low price,satisfied services for guanteed 45 days money return. And all orders will be delivered within24 hours! all emails will be replied within 24 hours during working time.Our Email:  
Fashion Friday: Transform Summer Styles Into Fall Fashion
  It’s officially October, and, while I’m fully aware fall actually began September 22, I was busy celebrating homecoming and embracing the last hints of summer weather. Now, though, the leaves are changing, and the air is crisp; autumn is here. The problem is, I still have a wardrobe that centers around summer.Update my wardrobe with the latest styles of cheap fashion womens clothes! Sure, I brought some gloves, a shearling hat and a faux fur coat or three, but I think I’d look legitimately insane sporting any one of these pieces on the arts quad so early in the season. I’d still like to be able to transition my wardrobe into fall more gracefully. So I’ve come up with a couple of guidelines for bridging the gap between summer and fall style. 1. You don’t need to pack up all your brights and florals yet! Layering them with a blazer or denim jacket will not only keep you warm, but will shift such pieces into subtle fall territory, by creating a per
Fashionable Plus Size Women’s Clothing - You Can Still Look Absolutely Stunning
There is nothing wrong if you are slightly bigger than what you should ideally be. More than 60 percent of women look for extra size clothing these days. Plus size women’s clothing is a term used for the dress size of 12, and sometimes above that. Until some years ago, bulkier women had difficulty in finding dresses that go well with their sizes. However now they can easily find designer jeans, trousers, tops, and skirts over the internet. These dresses are usually designed with flattering styles, and the best fabrics are used in designing them. There are a number of online stores that endorse the best quality plus size women’s clothes . These dresses can be purchased for regular wear, parties, for the gym, and many other purposes. You can easily find and shop for XXL sized lingerie, blouse, skirts, and others. These designer outfits are available in different sizes, colors, and patterns. There are many types of sportswear that are designed specifically for overweight w
Fashionistas Rejoice! Miss Kl Has Gone Mobile!
For an extreme retailer, only an extreme app developer would do. Xtreme Labs is excited to announce that we’ve launched the Miss KL app for iPhone. Miss KL is a brand-new women’s only division of Karmaloop, the online destination for streetwear more-
Fashionistas Rejoice! Miss Kl Has Gone Mobile!
For an extreme retailer, only an extreme app developer would do. Xtreme Labs is excited to announce that we’ve launched the Miss KL app for iPhone. Miss KL is a brand-new women’s only division of Karmaloop, the online destination for streetwear more-
Fashionistas Rejoice! Miss Kl Has Gone Mobile!
For an extreme retailer, only an extreme app developer would do. Xtreme Labs is excited to announce that we’ve launched the Miss KL app for iPhone. Miss KL is a brand-new women’s only division of Karmaloop, the online destination for streetwear more-
Fashion Week De Paris : Jean Paul Gaultier Demenage, La Chaussure Criniere De Loewe...
Jean Paul Gaultier déménagePour présenter sa collection Automne-Hiver 2013/2014, le couturier français a délaissé son habituelle rue Saint-Martin pour la Salle Wagram. Une salle qui rappelle de bons et vieux souvenirs à plus d'un puisqu'il s'agit de la salle de ses débutsgrossiste chaussure femme . Les chaussures crinière de LoeweA chaque Fashion Week son lot d'originalité. Samedi soir, lors du défilé Loewe Automne-Hiver 2013/2014 notre regard s'est arrêté sur l'arrière des chaussures. Pour certaines, elles étaient agrémentées d'une crinière type crinière de cheval. Plutôt originale comme idée pour twister une tenue, non ? Vanessa Bruno se met aux paillettesNe jamais dire jamais. Car, qui aurait pu croire un instant que la styliste Vanessa Bruno dévoilerait une collection un brin bling-bling, à l'opposé du style bohème auquel elle nous avait habitués ? Et bien pas nous. Mais on doit avouer que cette audace lui va plutôt bien, car la collection Vanessa Bruno Automne-Hiver 2013/2014 es
Fashionable Soccer Competition Clothes
The NO.1 Greece (total worth: 76.1 million euros) price index: 3Euro 2004 mythological scene seems to repeat itself again. 16 teams to participate in the European Championship, Greece players total worth is only ranked 15, Maillot Espagneabout 76.1 million euros. The most expensive team is playing for Bundesliga club Schalke 04 was born in 1992, teenager Papadopoulos (Kyriakos Papadopoulos), worth approximately € 9,000,000. Obviously, the Greek team worth ranking and the country's poor economic performance disappointing. Is such a standard civilian team in the qualifying unbeaten record of 7 wins, 3 draws, Group F 1 to qualify for the finals. Even more unusual is that the Greek national team under the leadership of the Portuguese coach Santos (Fernando Santos), retained the idea of ​​the tactical defensive back in 2004, and a greater emphasis on the counterattack in the speed and efficiency - there are indications that, Soldes Maillot de footin 2004 Greek mythology may
Fashionable People Have Been Needing To Own Luxury Custom Louis Vuitton
The scene Marc Jacobs set at his evocative show for Louis Vuitton this morning was that of a grand hotel. Out of fifty numbered rooms lining the runway, models emerged in varying states of dress and undress. One wore a flower-embroidered double-breasted jacket and matching briefs with her platform sandals and fifties wig, an echo of a silhouette Jacobs showed in New York nearly three weeks ago. The pajamas of that collection reemerged here as well. More often, though, he conveyed a sense of intimacies exposed—the walk of shame, some called it, which fits with what he was saying backstage about our exhibitionistic and voyeuristic tendencies. There were lace-edged negligees under sweeping astrakhan coats, printed silk brassiere-and-slip sets, and peignoirs lined with plush fur. Daywear, too, evoked the boudoir: Skirtsuits were stitched with degradé embroideries, deep feather hems decorated oversize men's coats.  Actuality that fashionable women of all ages have been needing to o
Fashion Guide To Prom Dresses 2013
Fashion Guide to Prom Dresses 2013Ruben LiceraIf you are excitedly preparing for your prom, probably all you are thinking about is what could be the fashion statement for prom dresses for 2010. Surely you would not want to go to the most popular night of the year wearing an out-of-fashion prom dress. Of course everyone wants to shine, to get noticed, and to be competitive for the prom queen award. And knowing what is trendy this year will get you above it.Maybe you have searched over the web, flipped a lot of magazine pages, gone through window shopping, asked for your best friend's advice, or even consult a fashion designer on what is totally "in" this year. But now, let me summarize all that you've got so far and provide you with a simpler fashion guide for 2010 prom dresses. The typical popular styles for dresses for prom this year are short fitted dresses, like those you have seen the stars are wearing at Hollywood. All you need is to make your prom dress sparkle and shine a
Fashion Flat Shoes Showed A New Style
About fashion, different people have different interpretations, like a thousand heart 1000 Hamlet. Maybe some people think, a trendy unique hairstyle is fashion; Some people believe that fashion is wearing a set of avant-garde clothes .... . Fashion artistic taste of life, when known service also still quality! "Fashion", "", "every moment" is the flow of time, "fashion", "still", "high", is noble, focus on quality and a feeling of beauty, embodied in the spiritual and material enjoyment. Wear and match, has long been considered to be the most intuitive fashion embodied. Opinion Tony Meng Li, in fact, it is so. Put aside the clothes aside, from the choice of shoes can determine whether a person has a stylish taste. Filled with high-heeled shoes, UGG boots boring, perhaps your pair of exquisite beauty of Tory Burch Angus Flat Espadrille Slip-On will become a fashion in the eyes of passers-by. Fashion is so simple - you can wear it in the foot. With the advent of spring, the streets mo
Fashionable Handbag For To Enjoy The Sunshine
Decide on Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Gallier Bag For Summer season FashionThere's a new addition to the Galliera family and it really is wonderful with a capital ! The Louis Vuitton Azur Galliera GM Bag is stunning and everything I anticipated. I have usually Authentic LV Men nonetheless it appears a lot more gorgeous about the Galliera.What is wonderful regarding the Galliera is it comes in two sizes, PM and GM, and the two have a lot room! I'm five foot so I personally enjoy the PM, but when you are taller I would say go for your GM. I love big bags, and I am dying to include the Galliera to my collection! Whilst shopping a single day, I did possess the luxury of going into Louis Vuitton and making an attempt within the Monogram Galliera PM.Identical size and design just distinct pattern. Everything I had heard regarding the handbag was correct! It had been gorgeous, match cozy on my shoulder, plenty of space Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags fit my whole total dresser in it, a
A Fashion Guide To Follow While Purchasing Plus Size Clothing For Women
Earlier, heavier women found it difficult to get trendy clothes though they had a burning desire to wear the latest fashion outfits. But, this is not the case now. With a growing competition among the dress designers and various brands in the market, most of them have started manufacturing fashionable plus size women’s clothes. Therefore, if you are a plus size woman, then you can leave your worries about your clothes behind. Shopping for fuller figure clothes You can find a number of online garment stores providing unlimited plus size women’s clothing. Nevertheless, whether you are buying from a retailer or from an online store, you just cannot blindly get a dress; there are a few things to consider before making a purchase for fuller figure clothes. Tips to buy plus size clothes•It is crucial that you avoid buying dresses that are shapeless. Never buy oversize dresses that lack shape. These kind of shapeless dresses hide the good and bad features of your body and mak
Fashion Dresses For Women.
Traditional evening dress design need fabric, in night communication for purpose, for luxury, and warm night to cater to the atmosphere. Selecting material is light fabric, such as flash satin luxuriant, noble materials some.Different figures suits different plus size evening dresses. Women who are petite suit for delicate and exquisite-suitable ones, such as high waist, yarned face, the waist discounted gowns, to modify the figure scale. And what’s more, they should try to avoid loose skirt and rotator cuff design also should avoid much exaggeration. Last but not least, their upper sides can be more changeable as evening dress design is proposed to be with V micro low waist designs in waist line, only as to increase the slender feeling. While for women who are tall, they are the figure of the elderly-born clothing, any style of dress can be tried, especially with marriage gauze of fish, can show more slim figures. s size evening dress is refer to the formal grown wearing af
Fashion Tips: Robes De Princesse
  Bien sûr, vous étiez une de ces filles qui ont rêvé une fois marier une robes princesse. Qu'est-ce qu'on se trompe pas? Bien sûr, l'imagination d'un enfant dans l'un des plus grands moments de veille de l'illusion est la robe de mariage parce que cette robe est associée à une conception de corps du raccord avec une grande jupe de vol. Comme une princesse, non? Eh bien, ces robes de princesse ligne sont parfaits pour les plus romantiques, puisque dans la plupart des cas sont également présentées avec une profusion de dentelles et de détails qui enrichissent encore la conception et le modèle ci-dessous ces Aire Barcelona, Elie Saab pour Pronovias et Cymbeline. Conseils mode: robes de princesse les trois heureux si vous souhaitez ajouter une sophistication de conception supplémentaire, optez pour des articles comme des plumes peut être une valeur sûre. La combinaison de cette jupe de type avec un corps sexy avec des détails vous laisser marié voix et d'autres invités, vous ne pensez
Fashion Korean Dresses & Skirts Create 2013 Trendy Style
  Retro styles, build sweet atmosphere, mini wholesale cheap dresses as a sex symbol, always let a person fondle admiringly. To hide your meat buttocks, let your leg slender perfect show.   Retro + tall waist miniskirt, the popular elements of this year is a collection of two must-have fashion item, with the preceding paragraph is loose T shirt, is also not the casual sweet?   Grass green dotted pleated skirt, both low-key and eye-catching. Mix - Retro sweater, especially for those girls who are afraid of cooling as skirt control, this dress is absolutely for their love, and mini skirt for girl who was not ask too much.   Black mini skirt is super all-match, exquisite belt with black mini skirt, fashion and will not be too monotonous, cake skirt styles and agarics edge overlap together, slim and cover the meat, very long legs.   Autumn is time to reveal legs, do not worry about the charming slender leg. Mini skirt is a must-have item, sexy mini skirt can best outline female en
Fashion Tops Match With Shorts In Cool Autumn
  Preface: This season, hot and cold change is so big ah. Are you worry about what to wear in order to resist the morning and evening temperature and make yourselves cool and comfortable all day? As a preferred cowboy pants bunt, upper body a simple long-sleeved shirt, so you live in hold temperature while also tide flavor yet. Here let author recommend 10 styles for denim shorts and a long-sleeved shirt mix together to become this season's streets up girl!   Recommended with paragraph 1: waist denim shorts + sailor style sweater Matching Skill: very simple striped sweater with high waist denim shorts, two pieces of a single product should be a lot of people will have it in the closet who are able to take so you can then with a jacket, will be more layered.   Recommended with 2: lace skirt waist small light-colored long-sleeved denim shorts + Matching Skill: openwork crochet, tethered thin black waist belt, reveals women's ladies temperament. Then with casual denim shorts and ca
Fashion Barbour Barbour
Barbour jackets are a lovely way to keep your barbour jacket sale make feeling alive. As you long for wear the vest and long for stab with Barbour jackets your acquaintances popular a special function before accomplice, you long for every time stay liked by the inhabit popular detailed event. You can match the vest with some of your favorite mens barbour jacket dresses as its combination enhances your front. You intend to look diverse as you encompass incomplete excellent of wearing winter clothes. But by choosing this vest, you can foster your clothes with winter stuff. Your taste and excellent would beyond doubt appeal others. Vest popular striking flag can form your personality superb and this is the preeminent occasion, as you can foothold your favorite decorated vest. 
Fashion Korean Styles Of Sweater In 2013 Autumn
  Dark green sweater matching with black shirt, red wide-brimmed hat and wine red clutch, classic vintage retro style, looks creative and special. Especially dark green and burgundy colored makes funny. Let’s have a look at the Korean women clothing for sweaters matching styles.   Red sweater to wear with black shorts, polka dot shirt and oxford shoes, England style is very eye-catching. Round collar sweater with shirt reveals a touch of elegance, and with a high waist shorts, making girls look taller.   Fluorescent pink sweater, white shirt, denim jeans, flats and scarf to match together, will make you look creative and energetic. Fluorescent color is bright in autumn; and sweater and scarves are not only warm and comfortable, but also good items for different dress styles.   Fluorescent orange sweater, denim jeans and short boots to match together, is really perfect cool style for this autumn. Fluorescent orange sweater is simple but fashionable, matching with jeans and
Fasion Jewelry In 2013
 A pair of Amethyst beads earrings, a bracelet that has been set with Rose Quartz cabochons, a pendant of a polished pieces of Tigers Eye and a necklace of Amazonite beads are just a few of the handcrafted designs and Jewellery UK were able to create me all these unusual jewellery designs each one is unique to myself with my own individual design.   All the semi-precious gemstones have their own birth month and if you are to wear a piece of handmade jewellery that has your birthstone set in it is said to be very luck. That is why I had the Amethyst earrings made because my birthday is in February and the natural semi-precious stone of Amethyst is the birthstone of February. Jewellery UK made these lovely unusual jewellery designs for me and I often wear these lovely earrings. If you know the birthstone of a friend or loved on a piece of handmade jewellery that includes that stone makes a perfect gift and it is a gift that shows you have given them some thought.   If children become int
Fasle Front
By April Terry She put up a front, Pretends all is well. But on the insides, Slowly she dies. Once she had it all, And everlasting love. She'd always been told, Love conqures it all. Now she knows, Just what a lies that was. Everything is gone, Inculding her love. She is left alone, To whittler away. Each day looms darker, As she submits to her forlornness. She supresses her thoughts, For all is lost. Life itself, Has lost its' purpose.
Fast Food In Africa
More Funny Videos at GOYK.COM
Fast Forward
Promoter: Future Sound & Nocturnal Commissions Date & Time: Saturday, October 14, 2006 - 10:00pm to 6:00am Lineup: Jungle Room: Nicky Blackmarket ( London, UK ) MC Skibadee ( London, UK ) MC Shabba ( London, UK) Mystical Influence Crash Prime & Frankie Gunns Animal Slip N Slide Kaiser & Mighty Joe Carnage MCs: Caddy Cad Scarbred Lugah D Nub Frequency Hardcore Room: Anabolic Frolic ( Hullabaloo ) Awesome By Association Frisky vs Tranzit Scoots vs EnD Dynamic vs George (WSR) S-Capade vs Xphox Lou Cabrasi vs Leela Lucy Ford vs Scartat MCs: FlyBry Everybodies Daddy Weitom Venue: Docks, The, 11 Polson St. Map It Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Info: 416 330 INFO Admission: $20 EARLYBIRD // $30 ADVANCE Music: Hardcore, Jungle Extras: Licensed Area, Concessions, All Ages, 99999 Capacity, 2 Room(s), Special/Rave
Fast Cars: Germany Vs. America
I am an america from PA but I think germen sports cars will out do american sports cars. Eample: Audi RS4 vs. Cadilac STSv, who do you think will win?
Fast Forward
My fiancee has now left me and I lose the trailer I was living in and move back in with my mom.I end up throwing every thing away except about four boxes that has pictures and some other stuff.Everything else is thrown away because of the roaches being so bad and I didnt want any memories anyway.Me and my son have seven pairs of clothes to our names and only one pair of shoes.I cry for three days without talking eating or sleeping.After then I finally talk and tell what has happened.I continue crying for a week.I no longer watch tv or even go out of bedroom because I dont care anymore.I just exist.The second week I come around and start talking online I make the net my world.I make sure my son gets to school I get my other son every other weekend.My life goes on.I meet interesting people on here who without them I might still be very upset.To those of you who helped me get over something very difficult I would like to take the time to personaly thank you.Wes you are over seas and servi
Fast Leather
Fast Leather by lulubabe © "Bastard!" I fume as I march down the street one night. "Bastard! Bastard! Who does he think he is? How could he do that?" I lean against a wall of a pub and then turn and kick it, but my heels are high, 4" heels, pointed toes with studded ankle strap, and it hurts bad. "Fuck fuck fuck!" "You know, talking to yourself is a very bad habit" drawls a voice from a doorway. "Who's there?" Slowly you step forwards, 6' of denim and leather, your eyes shaded still. "What's the prob, sexy?" I'm still raging. "The problem, sexy" I say, pacing up and down, "is that my boyfriend is a fucking huge fucking wanker and fucking fucks me off." "Bad night, sexy?" "Oh yes. He's dumped me for another man." "Well that's a fucker alright." You offer me your cigarette, but I shake my head. "You're stressed, hon, you need to chill out." "I don't feel like chilling out, I feel like being very, very violent, I want to get physical, I want to fight, I want t
Fast Food
I'm hungry, but the food just runs from me, I'm lonely but nobody seems to know me, I'm an exibitionist, hybred with a lyricist, Stand up and cheer with this. I'm all alone, from an unhappy home, in a room full of folks, should i tell a joke? can i bum a smoke? both reply nope. So i kick a flow,now they all know i'm dope. But no, dont jock Drow, just stop and watch the show, just stop drop and roll. I take bitches deep like to the elbow hell no is what i was told,its been a minute now, and my souls got old, the coals got cold, never will i fold , untill the truth gets sold, for whatever its worth, to most its dirt, to me its earth, no matter how much it hurts, i elect to tell the truth untill the hearst. lost my faith in the church, trivial pursuit of pain, by way of neolithic brain taming, stone age sling blading, all the while sun bathing in the acid rain. summertime gets drastically changed into the last thing one would car
The Fast And The Furious 1, 2 & 3 (mv Fan Made)
The Fast And The Furious Tokyo Drift Music Video
Fast Nd Furious Remix
four moons have past watching you hunger seeks me out but i refuse the call searching for an answer from this devious curse knowing my pain will end with that first bite hearing in my mind that first fatal scream seeing your fruitless attempt to flee a smiles cracks my face for i know what pleasure the chase is fasting continues til next moon phase
The Fast Draw!
The world record for drawing and firing a single-action revolver using a 'traditional' style of draw in an Index contest in the 8' Standing Blank event was set during the 2000 Canadian Championships in Cochrane, Alberta by Howard Darby. It should be remembered that the time of 0.252 included a reaction time of approximately 0.145 before the actual draw was initiated. This shooter was using one of the many fanning styles of draw to accomplish this record. 0.000 - 0.145 seconds Waiting for the light - In self testing, this shooter has determined that it takes him an average of 145/1000ths of a second to react to the light. The gun hand and 'fanning' hand are close to the gun prior to the light signal (a hand-judge sits behind the shooter to make sure that no contact is made prior to the signal). Notice that the index finger on the gun hand is outside the trigger guard, but positioned to enter once the light comes on. This shooter utilizes the "slap-cocking" method.
The Fastest Man Alive!
THE SIXGUNS OF BOB MUNDEN He stands with his gun hand poised slightly above the smooth one piece ivory grips of his holstered .45 Colt Single Action. His gloved left hand is ready to slap the hammer back as the .45 is drawn, that is to say fan the hammer of the heavily modified Colt. You, having accepted the challenge to see the draw as it is made, are almost as tense as he is. Then it happens. You don't see it. All you see is the muzzle flash as the gun is fired. Why didn't you see the draw? Certainly your eye can move faster than the human hand! Not so. It takes fifteen one hundredth's of a second to blink and Bob Munden, the Fastest Man Who Ever Lived, has just drawn and fired a Colt Single Action .45 four and three-quarter inch barreled gunfighter's favorite sixgun in less than two one hundredths of a second, .0175 seconds to be exact. You no longer doubt that this truly is the fastest man who ever lived! Now he readies to shoot not one but two shots and hit two balloons p
Fast Food Free Style
Ok, this cat lost all his credit after he spit the very first line! SINCE WHEN DID MCDONALDS HAVE LETTUCE ON A DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER???
Fast Cars By Aesop Rock
Faster Pussycat
Fast Fixes For A Bad Mood
________________________________________________ I FOUND THIS SURFING THE NET AND THIS IS FOR ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE OR EVEN HAVE BEEN IN A BAD MOOD....MUCH CHERRY LOVE.....Tammy ________________________________________________ ~~Fast Fixes for a Bad Mood~~ The worst thing about a bad mood is feeling like you’ll never get out of it, but with these four fast fixes you can learn to shake off your bad mood in a flash and get on with your day feeling happier and more vibrant. With these fast fixes in your tool kit, you’ll always be able to shake off a bad mood so that you can have as much fun as possible. The better you get at stopping a bad mood, the better you’ll feel overall, so why not get to know five fast fixes that can help you feel great in a matter of moments? With these fast fixes, you'll be able to say goodbye to a bad mood in a matter of minutes. 1. Pack An Emergency Bad Mood Kit An emergency bad mood kit can mean the difference between spending your
Fast Food
Nutritional study puts fast-food meals in poor that is something to read about on the front page of my Local Newspaper.... Are there really any people still out there that do not know that BK or McDonalds are not healthfood??? this is the idiot who actually researched this for the paper... By Ben Antonius FAIRFIELD - Newsflash: A study finds that fast food makes you fatter. Dah No SHIT!!!!! My mom has been telling me that for over 20 years and she did not even have the million it took to do the research.
Fast And The Furious , Tokyo Drift
there it go ( the wissel song ) Music Video Codes By Music
Fastball-the Way
They made up their minds And they started packing They left before the sun came up that day An exit to eternal summer slacking But where were they going without ever knowing the way? They drank up the wine And they got to talking They now had more important things to say And when the car broke down they started walking Where were they going without ever knowing the way? Chorus: Anyone could see the road that they walk on is paved in gold And its always summer, theyll never get cold Theyll never get hungry Theyll never get old and gray You can see their shadows wandering off somewhere They wont make it home But they really dont care They wanted the highway Theyre happy there today , today The children woke up And they couldnt find em They left before the sun came up that day They just drove off And left it all behind em But where were they going without ever knowing the way? Anyone could see the road that they walk on is paved in gold And its always su
Fast Cop
In most of the northern states, there is a policy of checking any stalled vehicle on the highway when the temperatures drop down to the single digits or below. About 3 a.m. One very cold morning in March 2004, a state police Officer responded to a call: there was a car off the shoulder of the Road on the outskirts of Berea. He located the car, stuck in deep Snow and with the engine still running. Pulling in behind the car With his emergency lights on, the officer walked to the driver's door To find an older man passed out behind the wheel with a nearly empty Vodka bottle on the seat beside him. The driver came awake when the officer tapped on the window. Seeing the flashing lights in his rear view mirror and the state Policeman standing next to his car, the man panicked, jerked the Gearshift into "drive" and hit the gas. The car's speedometer was Showing 20-30-40 and then 50 mph, but the car was still stuck in the Snow, wheels spinning. The policeman, hav
Fast Forward
Have you ever felt like you accidentally hit the fast forward button on your life and every things still happening around you, but your only existing from a different perspective? Everything between now and September 25th, 2006 has seemed like this drama filled blur of events that I can barely remember details of. But I don't feel like I'm slowing down...only moving continuously, only just noticing the difference in my life. I cried tonight, it felt strange...all of a sudden WHAM felt like everything slowed down for a few moments and I realized all the shit I have waded through in the last 6 months. You know what I realized? I'm sooo happy my life was going on faster then me because any longer in any of that time of my life would have been inhumane to myself. That really sucks huh? I'm sitting here now shaking my head at myself with this twisted little smirk on my face while I feel the walls crumbling down around me. Honestly I would really like to crawl under a rock for eternity and c
6 Fast, Healthy, Recipes For Frazzled Parents
"Knowing kids-and parents-need to eat healthy food is one thing. Getting them to do it is another. For starters, kids of all ages tend to hate at least one thing-say green beans-and devour tons of another, like grapes. Don't worry about a few extremes; if your child's diet over the course of a week, on most weeks, is balanced overall, that's fine," says pediatrician Jennifer Trachtenberg, MD, mom of three and author of Good Kids, Bad Habits: The RealAge Guide to Raising Healthy Children. "That said, the more fun food is, the more likely kids are to eat it, especially when it comes to veggies and breakfast, two things they often resist," adds Dr. Jen. "Here are some super-easy recipes that can get even teens to eat smarter." 3 TEMPTING BREAKFASTS Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes Every kid loves these. To regular pancake batter, add oats, raisins, chopped walnuts-all excellent fiber and nutrition boosters-plus some cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar. Pour into fun shapes like snowmen, Mick
Fast And Furious
by Dr. William Pierce Last week I gave an interview to an English-language radio station in Teheran. The program was "The Islamic Voice of Iran." We talked about a number of things, including Ariel Sharon's visit to the White House, which was taking place at the time, and about President Bush's popularity ratings. The Iranian interviewer asked me whether Bush would take a more sensible, pro-American policy in the Middle East or would continue taking orders from Israel, to the detriment of American interests, the way the Clinton administration had. Of course, I explained to him that there was really no difference between Republicans and Democrats in that regard. They both dance to whatever tune the Jews are playing at the moment, and that George Bush would no more dare to disobey the Jews than Bill Clinton would. I told the Iranian interviewer that there are minor differences between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, with the Democrats pandering a bit more to the welf
Fast Update On Me
hello friends and fans, well i have landed the all time job and starting monday i will only be worken one job as then i will be maken more money an hour then having both jobs put together, so what a big relief now i can start resting and relaxing and be on here more often, see yall soon
Fast Food!!
J.C. finished. The Bungee Corps First Comic Book. You contact him for an issue
Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
Faster-than-light Movie Take: Spider-man 3
Do film reviews really matter when Spider-Man 3 raking in billions of dollars at the box office is more certain than death, taxes and Paris Hilton being forced to pick up the soap bar in the prison shower? Alas, many fanboys are lashing out at S-M 3. They're lashing out at the bloated look of the picture. The overly-produced fight sequences. The reported $200-plus million budget. The musical numbers (not the least of which being Peter Parker going emo Saturday Night Fever in Manhattan). Too many villains. I will say this. I liked the movie. It was on par with the original, but nothing thus far will top Spider-Man 2. The action scenes were a bit too surrealistic, taking CGI to new extremes but simultaneously zapping the humanity left in these extraordinary heroes and villains. Acting -- well, it is an action/fantasy film. Nobody will win awards here. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst have pretty much put their stamps on Peter and Mary Jane Watson. Finally, James Franco's Harry/Goblin c
A Fast But Enjoyable Weekend
Good Morning. I trust your weekend was a good one, hopefully anyways. Back to work Monday, yuck…The weekend started out like a frenzy for me with Mandy’s Softball team arriving for dinner at 5:45-6:00 and at 5:15 I figured I would start the grill and get the hamburgers ¾ of the way done incase there were cheese burger lovers in the group. Well, 5:15 came along and Bonnie asked whether or not I picked up any NON-meat items to cook? “I said! was I supposed to?” Apparently one child on the team is a vegetarian and does not eat meat. I guess that is the definition of an vegetarian, but anyway so I mentioned to her that someone needs to get the burgers on and WATCH them…so they don’t burn…oh you know where this story is going. I leave and rush up to what is called Vitale’s Market a great place for sub sandwiches but again Melissa the one who does not eat meat would not do a sub although I guess I could have gotten her a meatless sub or vege-sub…anyway Pasta Salad and Potato salad w
Faster-than-light Takes: 24 & Lost Finales
If you're seeking the talkback forums for season finales to Grey's Anatomy or Heroes or House, you're going to be seriously disappointed. In addition to still being miffed at CBS' decision to ax Jericho (right at a final scene that doesn't deserve to be THE FINAL scene), mixed emotions abound regarding the season finales of 24 and Lost, my two favorite regular network dramas. There is a consensus that season six of 24 was a letdown, especially after the break-through brilliance that was season five. The problem may be that 24's producers and writers were too complacent, lazy and taking for granted the viewers' loyalties. They hit a brick wall finally. What else can you do in a 24-hour timeline to prompt Jack Bauer to again save the world? In the 24 universe (over six seasons) we've already seen America nuked twice, three constitutional crises, the presidency change hands - what, five times? - more of those dastardly moles, more of the infamous Islamic/Russian villains, and more comp
Fast Times At Ridgemont High -mr. Hand
Fast Food Places
I was listening to talk radio ealier and the people talking got into about Food places that were "Girlie" or "manly" and i never really looked at it that way. Never thought of anything in genders..I wonder if others think like that!! Well that is all Im really bored..if you couldnt tell :)
Fastlane Lyrics - Esthero (featuring: Jemeni And Jelleestone)
Jemeni: "You can tie my hands behind my back and lick your initials in my neck.....foreplay does nothing for me, but commitment makes me wet. I already know you're having an affair with words....but boo...i'm married to vocabulary leaves most men wary...I need to know....can you get into it?" This is so torturous, I know that I shouldn't, but I can not resist Just what is it that you are weaving that's keeping my body from leaving? Your presence is lingering longer than I thought it would And I feel that I should succumb to your majik cause I know you're just as� Strong as an earthquake, bright as a shinin' star I remember the fragrance, I just couldn't believe I'd come so far for Love in the fast lane, as my sanity quickly passed me by Yeah I left it all behind Battling, battling, these feelings are traveling Quicker than a flick of lightning, you were tightening Round my heart and won't slow down Burning hotter than the world underground I'm feeli
Faster-than-light Takes: The Results Of Hooky
Due to my creative escapades from work lately, I've somewhat caught up in my movie-watching th, be it at the cineplex or checking out videos at the library. So for all 2 or 3 of you who might care, here are my recommendations: * Mega-egos of the Hollywood: At Wit's End ... er ... Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End -- If you've seen the first two movies, or if you even have a vague recollection of the first two flicks and what they were about, then you've basically seen Pirates 3. Ah, yes, my friends Connie and Chip will beg to differ and perhaps disown me as a friend. But really, if there has ever been a blockbuster Hollywood trilogy based on something as relatively trivial as a theme park ride and yet so relatively unforgettable, it's Pirates of the Caribbean. Fun, perhaps. Unintelligable, most definitely. Sure, it was a riot watching Johnny Deep "fear and loathe" his way through the incredulous trilogy. Sure, it was funny seeing Keith Richards show up as his non-sensical dad
Fast Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream-filled Cupcakes
Fast Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream-Filled Cupcakes This recipe could be called "Instant Party." iVillage food expert Rori Trovato made these festive cupcakes for her niece's eighth birthday bash and won the best-aunt award! Credit: Rori Trovato Servings: 12 cupcakes Ingredients: * 12 chocolate cupcakes * 2 pints cherry chocolate ice cream (or your favorite flavor) * 1 pint chocolate frosting Directions: Using a tablespoon or a large melon baller, scoop out about a golf-ball-size portion of cake from the top of each cupcake. Soften the ice cream slightly and spoon a scoop into each cupcake cavity. Place the frosting in a piping bag with a star tip and pipe the frosting over the tops of the cupcakes. Freeze for 1 hour. Can be made up to 4 hours in advance.
Faster-than-light Take: Ocean's 13,000
If you've seen Ocean's 11 and 12. Then you will have seen part 3. Okay, the second one was a bit convoluted even the most fervent of Ocean's fans. Part 3 equals the fun of the original, with each team member doing something a bit more useful toward the ultimate goal - in this case ripping off Al Pacino's new casino/hotel and giving the money to charity while gaining revenge for a fallen friend. Clooney, Damon,, are, well, Clooney, Damon, Pitt in Ocean's style. Pacino does a good turn as an arrogant villain as does Ellen Barkin as his meek assistant. If you follow celeb gossip (which I try not to), you will get some subtle in jokes between Pitt and Clooney. Those guys are obviously having fun on screen and that's part of the magic about these movies. Nice turn from Eddie Izzard. Man, he would've made a kick-ass villain in "24" if he had not have gotten the FX gig "The Riches." And who knew good ol' "Super" Dave Osborne could act!? Okay, it wasn't really "acting" but he
Faster-than-light Take: Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silly Comic Book Adaptation
I've never been a terribly big fan of the Fantastic Four. I mean, the comic concept is intriguing, but I fully never could get into the characters, be it the good guys or the villains. The first movie failed to increase my expectations. Then again, most comic book adaptations hitting the big screen wastes viewers' time with exposition. You tend to wait for the sequel to actually have fun. So you do get that with Rise of the Silver Surfer, which I saw Father's Day afternoon. The tongue-in-cheek humor and awkward dialogue remain, but at least we don't wait forever to get to the main action or scenes of bombastic CGI excess. Of course, as a guy, Jessica Alba could portray a deranged serial killer or a renowned buttoned-down physics professor and I still would drool in her presence. Doug Jones modeling (and Laurence Fishburne providing the indistinguishable voice) does kick ass as the Silver Surfer, really a misunderstood extraterrestrial. Aren't they all? If anyone plays a better a
Fast Chili Con Carne, Low Fat, Award Winning!
1 lb minced beef, low fat 1 fresh chili 1 medium onion i clove garlic 1 splash Tabasco sauce 1/2 cup tomato sauce 1 tin chopped tomatoes 1 tin kidney beans Dad used to make this, but I make it better. Cook meat and onions with a splash of oil in large pan with tomato sauce, garlic, chili and Tabasco. Add more of the latter if you want more zing. When meat is browned and onions cooked through, add the last ingredients and simmer for 10-20 minutes. Serve with rice and fresh baked bread or mashed potato.
The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift
I was watching "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" the other night after buying the DVD and there was this very enlightening philosophical scene in Scene 10. I watched it once before, months ago when I downloaded it and forgot about this part. There is a scene where Sean and Han are on this balcony overlooking a rooftop soccer field and Hachiko Square in Shibuya – Tokyo. Hachiko Square is Japan's equivalent to New York's Time Square. Hachiko Square by Shibuya Station is the world's most busiest pedestrian crossing. People cross from 5 different crosswalks at once, simultaneously, stopping all traffic. I posted a couple of recent videos in my stash showing the phenomenon and one of Shibuya Tokyu Tower number 2 on which the soccer field is on. The square by Shibuya station is famous for neon, gigantic TV screens and people. This crossing is the one featured in many a music video and films like Lost In Translation and The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. The pedestrian cros
Faster-than-light Take: Live Free Or Die Harder With A Vengeance
You know that feeling of excitement and dread you get simultaneously every now and then? That's what I got upon first hearing of the development of a new Die Hard flick. The first two reign in my mind as the best modern-day action movies ever. The plot is simple yet nearly flawlessly executed with shear fun and awesomeness -- Cop estranged to his family is simply at the wrong place and the wrong time, kicks serious ass in the tightest of situations and saves the world. What is there not to like? Die Hard 3 was decent, but just didn't move me as its predecesors did. No Holly Gennaro. No scumbag reporter. No "Let It Snow" at the end credits. It just didn't feel right. Frankly, neither does Live Free or Die Hard, where Bruce Willis simply goes old school on cyber-terrorists bent on bringing the U.S. back to the Stone Age. On the whole, it's absurd fun. I won't deny that. But even moreso, it's almost like an entire season of "24" crammed into 2 hours. Man, John McClane can really make a
Faster Than Myspace...ct Has Sucked Me In!
That's all I really wanted to say for now. Really, I've only been on here 3 days (I'm still cursing you for this btw Dave), and already I check CT first over myspace. :) It was time for a change goal is to see how many myspacers I can get to make the switch too! xoxo
Fast Xp Prank
Video Hosted by: Fast XP Prank
Fast Food!! Bungee Corp Go!!!
Well, it was a long time coming, and WAAAY later than I expected, but here it is! This thing has been in development for over 1 1/2 years. The story itself has been working for over 12 years! So with a small sigh of relief I'm proud to present it to the world! Check out the website and see the newly updated Crew Member pages, the Gallery, and read up a little on the history of Arcadia in the Story section! (I actually had the book since April. But the listing went up early this month, and I just finished the website update this afternoon, so now I can make a real announcement!) The next comic is already in development. Fast Food #1 will take place almost 2 years before Special Order and will tell the story of Katie's first day at Arcadia. There series will continue on from that point and I will be releasing the remaining issues in between the regular
Faster-than-light Take: 1408: The Room With Bad Room Service
It's been often said or considered that our worst fears are not the fully realized, but the unrealized yet perceived. Or sins, regrets or horrors of our pasts. The uncertainty of what's "real" or not. The real Perhaps this conundrum is more terrifying than a mutant monster or knife-wielding slasher chasing you. It's this kind of psychological terror that makes "1408" an effective flick, which is based on a Stephen King story. John Cusack, just turning 41 on June 28 and more than 20 years removed from "Sixteen Candles," "The Sure Thing" and "Better Off Dead," hasn't lost his edge. I quite enjoyed his character of Mike Enslin, a novelist estranged from his wife after their young daughter's death, and a disbeliever of many things -- Hope. God. Love. His cynicism for the very subjects he writes about – the paranormal – leads him to be more jaded. He tours sites that market themselves as haunted, only to mock their supposed supernatural qualities in his books. And to a certain extent, b
Faster Connection!
I Just Recieved My Sprint Card Wow What A Difference Now I Wont Get Stuck! Lol. Now I Can Rate Peoples Pics And Stash Just Letting My Friends Know I Didnt Forget Ya On Rating.
Faster-than-light Take: Transformers, Or When Is G.i. Joe The "real" Movie Coming Out?
I admit it. My pre-adolescence consisted mainly of collating now virtually worthless sports cards and G.I. Joes. Played "war" with my vast army of little plastic men and women quite often. My childhood best friend and I often spent whole Saturdays at each other's houses, seeing which of our vehicles could out-duel each other in battle -- the Skystriker vs. the Rattler. The HISS tank vs. the Wolverine. Who was hotter? Lady Jane or Scarlett? I wasn't too much into Garbage Pail Kids, Masters of the Universe, Thundercats or, yes, Transformers. I had a few: Optimus Prime, Rodimus Prime, Predaking, Scourge, among a few others. They made for a few memories, but nothing as long-lasting or comprehensive as G.I. Joe. Still, I held reverence for the cartoon series (not so much the animated movie). So again, think of many geek hearts that leapt for joy upon hearing of a big-screen, non-animated Transformers film. Only for those same hearts to sink, go into arrest and wither away upon hearing Mi
Faster-than-light Take: Sicko - The Insurer Will See Your Money Now
Is Michael Moore's latest "documentary" "Sicko" slanted? Is the pope Catholic? Is Paris Hilton stupid? We know the answers to these questions. Although not as incendiary as "Bowling for Columbine" or "Fahrenheit 9/11," "Sicko" does state its case for universal health care. Or some semblance of it that wouldn't upset conservatives. Moore indeed rails against health insurance companies and pharmaceutical firms, their top officials who actually make medical decisions rather than doctors, and their lobbyists and paid whores in their highest levels of government. There is the occasional dry Michael Moore wit present, but nothing over the top. But there's a larger agenda at stake in "Sicko." It's a mindset that has driven corporate America into a profit-led, me-only mentality with which the wealthiest can get away with murder - figuratively and somewhat literally speaking. What happened to that classic Christian philosophy of being my brother's keeper, of doing what it takes to ensure a l
Fastest Way To Say I Love U....
Faster-than-light Take: 2-4-1! The Simpsons Movie & Sunshine
Incredible that a busy last few days of work, sleep and frivolity allow me enough time to catch two theatrical releases in one day! The Simpsons Movie, it goes without saying, is near eeeeeexcelent LOL You need not be a die-hard, haven't-missed-an-episode (I've missed only three!) fan nor a novice to enjoy the years and millions of buckaroons spent by Matt Groening and company on a film version of America's most hapless animated family. The movie, really, is just an extended episode. What else could you expect? It crams appearances by practically every primary, secondary and tertiary character into the 80-plus minutes. But aside from quick sight gags and throwaway dialogue, The Simpsons Movie dares not push the boundaries. It doesn't need to after all these years. The plot is simple enough and yet rather familiar: Homer's incompetence (in this case, VERY improper disposal of pet pig crap) further condemns the less-than-friendly environmental status of Lake Springfield, leading gove
Faster-than-light Take: The Bourne Ultimatum: Even Amnesiacs Get Theirs
The Bourne Ultimatum is, well, what you'd expect. Total awesome yet intelligent kick-assness. This MAY be the end to the Robert Ludlum Bourne trilogy, and what a potential finale it is! It sort of picks up from The Bourne Supremacy as Jason Bourne/David Webb (really can't imagine Matt Damon not playing the role at this point) trying to find his way back stateside from Europe. Of course, he gets sidetrack. Several times. Badly. And even when Bourne - desperate to discover his true identity and who is responsible for him becoming a human lethal weapon - returns to the states, he gets sidetracked. Again. Many times. Badly. Damn those pesky operatives and local police. Doug Liman, the director of The Bourne Identity, showed a penchant for thrilling action without getting gory or exagerrating. When director Sam Greengrass took over for part 2, he racheted up the tension to a new level and artform. Some people may not like his herky-jerky, seemingly endless fast motion camera work, whi
Faster-than-light Take: "superbad" Is One Badass Mutha
Another busy week in Senor Ortiz's life culminated with my car practically turning into a hovercraft during last Thursday's deluge. (Looks like I'm gonna have to deal with my current car issue a bit sooner than anticipated.) Amazing that I got anything accomplished for work before the flooding got really bad. Now Hurricane Dean has us in his sights. Well, more like Brownsville and parts of Mexico south of there. I'm giddy with anticipation. Some of ya know how geeked up I get when a super hurricane approaches the mainland. I've got my tracking map out -- something my uncle and I first learned together listening to NOAA radio, trying to make sense of barometric readings and trajectory when I was all of 6 or 7. I'm quickly becoming nostalgic of more notable hurricanes that have struck Texas in my lifetime: Gilbert, Alicia, Allen. It shall be interesting as the week progresses. In spite of my busy schedule (including a postponed birthday dinner for my aunt), my pimps-in-crime Marti
The Fast And The Luxurious
Faster-than-light Take: No End In Sight -- How Not To Plan An Invasion
Ah, here I am at the end of another supposed semi-"vacation," which was relatively okay. Some fun was had, and some sleep was caught up on. Some exercising was done, and reading was enjoyed. Now it's back to work and looking ahead to one of my favorite seasons! Time grows short as I must decide on a new set of wheels, fall travels, and lamenting why we're barely to mid-September and retail stores are already stocking well up for Christmas! To the movie review -- indeed many documentaries have been spurred by the Iraq war. We've had Fahrenheit 9/11 (merely mocking the Bush regime's approach to the aftermath), Control Room (the Arabic news outlet Al Jeezera's view of the invasion), Gunner's Palace (American troops' POV of the invasion), Why We Fight (war profiteering) and myriad of other films of much darker, conspiratorial shape. It's no wonder that the new documentary, No End in Sight, has White House insiders spooked, according to reviewers and political observers. The two-hour
-fast Sex-
Eddie wanted desperately to have sex with this really cute, really hot girl in his office... but she was dating someone else. One day Eddie got so frustrated that he went to her and said, 'I'll give you $100 if you let me have sex with you...'The girl looked at him, and then said, 'NO!' Eddie said, 'I'll be real fast. I'll throw the money on the floor, you bend down and I'll finish by the time you've picked it up.' She thought for a moment and said that she would consult with her boy she called him and explained the situation. Her boyfriend says, 'Ask him for $200, and pick up the money really fast. He won't even be able to get his pants down.' She agreed and accepts the proposal. Over half an hour goes by and the boyfriend is still waiting for his girlfriend's call. Finally, after 45 minutes the boyfriend calls and asks what happened...? Still breathing hard, she managed to reply, 'The bastard had all quarters!' Management lesson: Always cons
Fast Food Serenade
Yesterday, I took my nieces and nephew to their track and football games. I was the head cheerleader for them. It was early in the morning so we decided to get some breakfast before hitting the field. My nieces, being the high class eaters that they are, wanted to eat somewhere classy like IHOP. The place was jammed and we never would have made it out of there on time. And we were starved. My nephew was ok but the girls and I were dying for food. It's the XX gene that sets us off when we're hungry. Don't ever annoy us during feeding time or you just might lose a limb. We hit the road again in search of some morning sustenance when I saw that mecca of artery clogging. I haven't eaten at Burger King in a good long while so I thought, "Why not?" As we entered the place and looked at the menu, things seemed to be going pretty normal for the fast food world. There were workers busy doing nothing and others laughing and telling jokes to each other. I placed my order and the
The Fastest Way To "to Physical" With A Woman
The FASTEST Way To "Get Physical" With A Woman >I believe that one of the "secrets" of GETTING PHYSICAL with a woman is knowing how to create a MASSIVE amount of what you just might call "animal magnetism". And I've developed a system for creating this POWERFUL attraction that I call "Power Sexuality". If you want to learn more about it, then take a minute and check THIS out: ***QUESTION*** I have been using your techniques for the past month and my "popularity" is soaring. I would like to thank you for finally saying what I have thought for years. Here is my question. About 5 years ago I used to go to this bar and there was a server that I was just ga ga for. Back then I was very shy and reserved. We talked here and there nothing ever happened more than that and that was only when she brought me my drinks. Well, this weekend was my first weekend out since I moved back home and she
Fast & Furious
Faster-than-light Take: Across The Universe In A Yellow Submarine For Tomorrow Never Knows
It occurred to me I've just watched my 17th or 18th movie at a theater this year alone. A huge personal record, especially considering I get to see perhaps 10 flicks at the cinema per year on average. Most of these have been solo trips, either out of timing or because I don't want to be seen with any of you. Just kidding!! It's still National Sarcasm Month. It may also surprise some of you to know that I actually made it out to a film musical. At the theater. Really. I mean, it's not that I'm a fan nor a hater of musicals, may they be stage or screen. I'm just indifferent. But it has to be material that truly captures my imagination. I've enjoyed the '80s version of Little Shop of Horrors, as well as Godspell, Joseph and the Technicolored Dreamcoat, the movie version of Jesus Christ Superstar, been a part of a high school production of JSC, seen the Waters version of Hairspray and, thanks to a drunken late night with some pals, Moulin Rouge. I guess you could count the original
Fastest Snakes In The World-deadly Black Mambo
The deadly black mamba of eastern Africa can cruise at a speed up to 7 miles per hour (11.27 kilometers per hour) in short bursts. That's fast enough to catch up to a human on foot.Black Mamba Profile Black mambas are fast, nervous, lethally venomous, and when threatened, highly aggressive. They have been blamed for numerous human deaths, and African myths exaggerate their capabilities to legendary proportions.For these reasons, the black mamba is widely considered the world’s deadliest snake.Black mambas live in the savannas and rocky hills of southern and eastern Africa.They are Africa’s longest venomous snake, reaching up to 14 feet (4.5 meters) in length, although 8.2 feet (2.5 meters) is more the average. They are also among the fastest snakes in the world, slithering at speeds of up to 12.5 miles per hour (20 kilometers per hour).They get their name not from their skin color, which tends to be olive to gray, but rather from the blue-black color of the inside of their mouth, whic
Fast Money
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Fast Food
what is your favorite fast food place ?
Faster-than-light Take: Beowulf Fights In No Country For Old Men
I somehow made a return to the cineplex this weekend in spite of another ultra-busy period of my personal/professional lives. Simply a miracle. First up -- the mere mention of Beowulf is enough to trigger memories of pouring over an excruciatingly long epic poem in primary schooling. Containing 3183 lines, Beowulf attained national epic status in Great Britain long ago. The poem actually is not so much about myth, but about legends. The author - whoever he was - crafted the piece probably a few centuries after Christ's birth primarily for entertainment. It does not separate between fictional elements and real historic events. But this does not prevent individuals from forming their own vision of Beowulf who may or may not have been. And because it is a story told in historic perspective and features fantastical, epic events and characters, Beowulf passed down through the ages by oral traditional no doubt has been twisted and turned every which way. That leads, not surprisingly, to v
Fastway - Heft
My, my said the beggar man What you give and what you take Are two different things Eat up what you've got Evil winds that drag your bones to rot Evil winds that'll set, set me free Suicide of the first division Found dead with a noose wrapped around your head No one cared to raise an eye Don't it make you wanna' scream, scream till they cry Evil winds that'll set, set me free Please brother can you spare me a dime To buy some bread and a bottle of wine I'll never ask for anything again Just help me, help me to survive Evil winds that'll set, set me free Please brother can you spare me a dime To buy some bread and a bottle of wine I'll never ask for anything again Just help me make it through the Help me make it through Help me make it through Help me make it through Make it through the night High tide like a wishing well The thoughts of Balrog flowing through my head Please time won't you take me back To the lands and paths
Fast Taco Soup
Fast Taco Soup It's a fiesta in a bowl! If you like a little spicy heat, add a seeded, chopped jalapeno along with the beef or a pinch of chili powder along with the taco seasoning. Servings: 4 Ingredients: * 1 tablespoon olive oil * 1 pound lean ground beef * 1 can corn, drained * 1 (15-ounce) can dark red kidney beans (do not drain) * 4 cups low-sodium tomato juice * 1 package taco seasoning * Tortilla chips, for garnish * Shredded cheese, for garnish Directions: Heat the oil in a medium skillet over medium-high heat. Add the beef and cook until no longer pink and starting to brown. Drain well and set aside. Meanwhile, combine the remaining ingredients except the garnishes in a large pot and bring to a boil. Add the hamburger to the pot and simmer for about 10 minutes. Serve with crushed tortilla chips and shredded cheese.
Fasting is a precious opportunity to get closer to GOD and help our spiritual priorities. We can intensify our prayers and focus them so GOD can work on our behalf to fullfill them.
Faster-than-light Take: I Am Pondering I Am Legend
Richard Matheson's 1954 novel has been adapted three primary times for film. Each movie has remained basically faithful to the book, but not without deleting some other major reference or plot development. The Vincent Price vehicle, in hindsight, was a miscast. The early 70s version with Charlton Heston still in his Ten Commandments phase, somehow mixed up social revolution and blaxploitation in the process. As far as big-budget blockbusters go, this Will Smith I Am Legend makes for enjoyable reviewing. Special effects are awesome, as a New York City (and by imaginary extension, the world) is rendered dead and vacant by a virus that mutated from a cancer cure. Smith's rather ripped military scientist, Robert Neville, traverses Manhattan's deserted streets by SUV (or in one case, a Mustang) and goes through apartments and stores, collecting all he can in the way of non-perishable food or even DVDs. The "survivors," in a sense," are not the traditional vampires in Matheson's books
Faster-than-light Take: Sweeney Todd And The World's End (five Years From Now)
A miracle of sorts has happened: Watching TWO film musicals on the big screen in the same calendar year. Amazing. Not since my late junior high school years and falling instantly for cinematic versions of Jesus Christ Superstar, Godspell, Little Shop of Horrors, Tommy, Grease, West Side Story and Top Secret (dammit people, that IS a musical!) had I felt exuberant over musicals. But you know, the planets and closest constellations (not to mention the right plot, songs and casting) must first align to create the perfect storm for me. I'll keep this review of Sweeney Todd brief. It's bloody good. Pun and no pun intended. As I said on my MS calendar, it was another role Johnny Depp seemed destined to play, even when he first joined forces with Tim Burton for Edward Scissorhands. Still fresh of 21 Jump Street and film fans were beginning to take notice 16-17 FREAKIN' YEARS AGO! Burton has made a career out of reveling in the truly ghoulishly, sardonic, mischievous delights that reign
Fast And Beautiful
Fast Tortellini Alfredo
1. 1/2 cup PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Spread 2. 1 cup milk 3. 1/4 cup KRAFT 100% Grated Parmesan Cheese 4. 2 (9 ounce) packages refrigerated three cheese tortellini, cooked, drained 5. 2 cups frozen peas 6. 1 1/2 (6 ounce) packages OSCAR MAYER 96% Fat Free Smoked Ham, chopped 2. Cooking Directions 1. Mix cream cheese spread, milk and Parmesan cheese in large saucepan. Gently stir in tortellini and peas; cover. 2. Cook on medium-low heat 5 min., stirring occasionally. 3. Stir in ham; cook an additional 3 to 5 min. or until heated through, stirring occasionally. Yield: 6 servings
Faster-than-light Take: I Know What Cloverfield Is!
Yes, this is directed at all the haters out there. The ones who deny that the movie actually met or even exceeded your expectations, but can't bring yourselves to admit as much. Rarely does a film meet the prior hype. Recall the enormous buzz from the teaser attached to Transformers last summer. It worked! Think of it this way: Outlets such as Ain't It Cool News and the Austin Chronicle don't freely give out four stars or glowing praise unless the flick utterly warrants it. Cloverfield does. For those who haven't seen it or those who still think there must be easy meaning to everything, don't worry about the title. It means relatively little. Think outside the box for once in your life. The filmmakers, mainly producer JJ Abrams and director Matt Reeves did. They essentially jettisoned all conventional rules of the sci-fi/monster genre and made a new kind of flick. It's a giant monster thrill ride (even with a bleak end) - just as every monster movie should be. In the grand tradi
Fast Growning Lounge Hope To See Ya There Come join the fun we do have a blast here. ~Babygirl
Faster Then A Speeding...out Of Control..spy..
Good Morning. As we sit here onward to each of our daily routines a spy satellite is heading towards earth out of control. WASHINGTON - A large U.S. spy satellite has lost power and could hit the Earth in late February or March, government officials said Saturday. The satellite, which no longer can be controlled, could contain hazardous materials, and it is unknown where on the planet it might come down, they said. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the information is classified as secret. "Appropriate government agencies are monitoring the situation," said Gordon Johndroe, a spokesman for the National Security Council, when asked about the situation after it was disclosed by other officials. "Numerous satellites over the years have come out of orbit and fallen harmlessly. We are looking at potential options to mitigate any possible damage this satellite may cause." Hmmm imagine that a Greyhound Bus sized Satellite is heading towards earth and they can’t stop i
Faster-than-light Take: U2-3d -- Love And Peace Or Else
What else can I say? Listening to U2, one of the great rock bands of all time, is a pleasure. Watching U2 in concert (as I've done twice) is an adventure, nearly a life-changing, inspirational experience. But seeing the super quartet of Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen in U2-3D at the IMAX Theatre is something else. Awesome isn't just the word. There's something about these talented, charismatic gents that we first met as restless young Irish lads in the early '80s. Something that grabs onto you and never lets go, something that compels you to love yourself, love others and to always look toward a better tomorrow. Seeing the band perform on the truly big screen in an amazingly state-of-the-art/three-dimensional technology -- it's like having a Bono standing right over you! It's like The Edge is just killing riffs in your living room (well, in this case, the front row of the theatre). And you're not just watching a concert film. You're IN the film, right along with
Fast Recovery
Tuesday, January 29, 2008 Fast recovery Even when you are thoroughly committed to staying positively focused, life can get in the way. Though you may have the best of intentions, there will be times when you veer off course as a result of your own actions. When that happens, don't beat yourself up about it. Just recognize it, accept it, learn from it, and get moving again in a positive direction. Winners and losers will both stumble. The difference is, winners have learned to quickly get back up. If you make a mistake, or lose your temper, or allow yourself to become distracted, it's normal and natural, and not the end of the world. Though it is painful when you've disappointed yourself, you have the opportunity to make something positive out of that pain. It is indeed a good thing to realize that what you have just done was not the best choice. For now you can move forward with a renewed and stronger determination. When you know you've stumbled, decide to rec
Fast Food
Ok so I freakin hate it when I go to a fast food drive through and ask for ketchup. I get back to my office and there are 2 packs in the bag. WTF I mean I don't need the person at the window to be the ketchup police. Nor do I need them to watch my ketchup intake. I mean WTF are these people getting comission on how many packs of ketchup they save......
Fast Planes
I like watching things go boom!
Fast And The Furious
Music Video:FAST AND THE FURIOUS (TRAILER) (by Game Trailers)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Fast Times In Muncie, In
After getting trashed at bar, man wakes up just in time in garbage truck Associated Press Mar. 29, 2008 09:35 AM MUNCIE, Ind. - William M. Bowen woke up after a night of drinking with friends and realized he was inside a commercial trash-collection truck full of waste. The driver had just emptied a commercial trash bin into his truck and was about to activate its compactor when he heard Bowen screaming. "He looked up and this gentleman was standing out the top of our truck," said Larry Green, market safety supervisor for the Rumpke waste disposal company. Green said the only thing Bowen said to the driver was that he was cold. "This gentleman was extremely intoxicated," he said. Bowen told police he had been drinking with buddies at a Muncie bar until about 3 a.m. Thursday. But he said he didn't recall how he ended up inside the trash bin, and he wouldn't tell police who his drinking pals were. Bowen was treated for minor injuries. "I'm just glad it
Fast Weight Loss Diet Tips!
Fast But Does The Job
Looking for a place to hang and relax... Come check us out! Come in and have a drink Listen to the tunes... Exotic Retreat is the place to be... So come hang out with us... Lay on the beach... Be served by the sexiest beach babes around So click the pic above for your free ride to paradise! You wont regret it!
Fast Food
hey hows it going idk about u but im tired of going into fast food resturants and seeing fat kid approved food go fuck yourselves with a fucking loaf of bread stop shoving this fattening thing in my face when i go to fast food resturants i know its bad for me but i dont care i like it im still going to eat it im tired of seeing these signs that tell me how bad of i diet im on ur not eating that so were gonna put fat kid approved for the people who want to eat a healthy life style u wanna eat an alternative healthy lifestyle grow some vegetable in ur back yard and make a salad stop cluttering up my fat filled menu with ur low carb crap ok for all the dieting u do and the make over u get and all the other things u do to make u more attractive ur all gonna grow old ur all gonna get wrinkles and u all will eventually die so yea the super sized fries arent good for u but neither are the pesticides in ur salad alright so basically were all choosing how were gonna die let me kill myself in pi
Fast & The Furious 1&2- Fire
Fast Fubucks
Fast As You Can...
A warning for the next one... "I let the beast in too soon, I don't know how to live Without my hand on his throat; I fight him always and still Oh darling, it's so sweet, you think you know how crazy How crazy I am You say you don't spook easy, you won't go, but I know And I pray that you will Fast as you can, baby run free yourself of me Fast as you can I may be soft in your palm but I'll soon grow Hungry for a fight, and I will not let you win My pretty mouth will frame the phrases that will Disprove your faith in man So if you catch me trying to find my way into your Heart from under your skin Fast as you can, baby scratch me out, free yourself Fast as you can" _________________________________________________________ -REL
Fast Food Employment Is For Kids!
Ok, when did the fast food industry become so damned cut throat? Just recently I started working for Wendy's out in Urbandale and I have noticed that, once again, ignorance rules the company. I don't want to say that I hate this job; but, it does leave much to be desired. Mostly in the way that it is run. Right now I don't understand why they even bother making out a schedule for the employees, the way it is right now you MIGHT get off when you're supposed to, but most likely it will be an hour or two beyond your scheduled time. Typically in a place like this you have three shifts, the lunch rush shift, the evening shift and the late night shift and they overlap each other to allow for shift change, clean up etc. Not here! Its more of a ... as I like to call it, clusterfuck. You have people getting off and coming in at all different times which causes mass confusion when it comes time to change shifts and do clean up. For instance, they have had me working the first drive up window ..
Fast Facts About Meth
Now anyone that knows me knows i love to learn and below in another entry i was talking about another type of drug. This one was linked to that one so i decided to check it out. I think you should read this. Fact: Methamphetamine use among high school seniors more than doubled between 1990 & 1996. Fact: Women are more likely to use meth than cocaine. Fact: The average meth "cook" annually teaches ten others how to make meth. Fact: Every pound of meth produced leaves behind five to six pounds of toxic waste. Fact: Seizures of clandestine meth labs in the Midwest increased tenfold from 1995 to 1997. Fact: DEA has identified 20 Mexican meth trafficking organizations in the Midwest. Fact: Methamphetamine accounts for up to 90 percent of all drug cases in many Midwest communities. Fact: Methamphetamine kills by causing heart failure, brain damage and stroke. Fact: Methamphetamine-induced paranoia has led to numerous murders and suicides. Fact: Metha
Faster-than-light Take: Knight Is Darkest Before Dawn (get It?)
If you think about it, filmmakers have raised the bar on comic book cinematic adaptations. Spider-man 2. X-Men 2. Iron Man. We left it to Christopher Nolan to plunge to the darkest depths of the human psyche to not only determine what makes a modern-day hero, but what determines the development of a flawed, tormented hero who is seen as a pariah to others. And what are the consequences of his/her actions and the ethics behind it all? Nolan (of Memento and Insomnia fame) mined these depths to near perfection in Batman Begins. And he crossed the line with The Dark Knight. Good lord! It's basically a dark, gradual tragedy for all involved. All the main characters not only must make crucial, horrible choices, but their complex ethical dilemmas. Apply to that very solid acting performances by Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and, yes, Heath Ledger. You see, Tim Burton's Batman has a place and purpose. It was a comic book adaptation in a more color
Fast Online Cash
Fast On His Feet
A man in the Florida supermarket tries to buy half a head of lettuce. The very young produce assistant tells him that they sell only whole heads of lettuce. The man persists and asks to see the manager. The boy says he'll ask his manager about it. Walking into the back room, the boy said to his manager, 'Some asshole wants to buy half a head of lettuce.' As he finished his sentence, he turned to find the man standing right behind him, so he added, 'And this gentleman has kindly offered to buy the other half.' The manager approved the deal, and the man went on his way. Later the manager said to the boy, 'I was impressed with the way you got yourself out of that situation earlier. We like people who think on their feet here. Where are you from, son?' ' Canada , sir,' the boy replied. 'Well, why did you leave Canada ?' the manager asked. The boy said, 'Sir, there's nothing but whores and hockey players up there.' 'Really?' said the manager. 'My wife is fro
Fast Times At Lincoln Elementary
my mother and i returned to Fort Wayne. Just in time for me to begin kindergarten. The First day of classes. they had us all sit down outside of the hallway for our grades. I knew that i should have started kindergarden the year before, so i walked down the first grade hall and sat with the other kids. After the teachers came to call out the names of the kids in their individual classes, i was the only one left in the hallway. The teachers checked and rechecked their rosters looking for my name, they asked me at least 10 times what my name was and what grade i was in, and i replied each time "My name's quay, and i'm in first grade" One of the teachers walked me to the principals office, trying to find the right place for the lost little girl. As i sat in the lobby watching the receptionist look through the paperwork for "Quay Bowen", my uncle Corey, who was in the second grade came in to the office to get his asthma medication. When he saw me, he chuckeled, "Wow Quay-ana your fir
Faster-than-light Take: Tropic Pineapple Thunder Express
August seems to be the battleground for low-brow comedies nowadays. As some of you know by now, Pineapple Express -- though it be from the Judd Apatow-Seth Rogen, et al juggernaut - is not exactly a bust-a-gut, "ooohhh my lord" laugh-fest a la The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Superbad or Knocked Up. It has plenty of moments, and definitely a stoner flick. As we all know by now (i.e. Harold and Kumar, Half-Baked, Grandma's Boy), stoner flicks are cool, hilarious as hell and even pretty witty in a sickly subversive way. But Pineapple Express pays tribute to the cheeseball buddy/crime movies of the '70s and '80s. And it works at that. Rogen again plays the stumbling straight man perfectly while James Franco is a revelation as his dope-dealing "pal" and slacker. And hey, Gary Cole just needs to stick with these irreverent comedies. Sure, he made a name for himself in Midnight Caller and American Gothic, but jeez, he just kills it in Office Space, Family Guy, Harvey Birdman, Dodgeball, Talladega
2 Fast 2 Furios
Fast Lane Daily
Fast Facts About Christmas
Each year, 30-35 million real Christmas trees are sold in the United States alone. There are 21,000 Christmas tree growers in the United States, and trees usually grow for about 15 years before they are sold. – Today, in the Greek and Russian orthodox churches, Christmas is celebrated 13 days after the 25th, which is also referred to as the Epiphany or Three Kings Day. This is the day it is believed that the three wise men finally found Jesus in the manger. – In the Middle Ages, Christmas celebrations were rowdy and raucous—a lot like today's Mardi Gras parties. – From 1659 to 1681, the celebration of Christmas was outlawed in Boston, and law-breakers were fined five shillings. – Christmas wasn't a holiday in early America—in fact Congress was in session on December 25, 1789, the country's first Christmas under the new constitution. – Christmas was declared a federal holiday in the United States on June 26, 1870. – The first eggnog made in the United States was c
"fast Track" Adoption Ends In Suicide
** I remember the day I found out Cindy died I had been on the website and a mutual friend emailed and told me. I had spent many countless hrs chatting with Cindy in the birthmothers room on She is missed by all of us who had the opportunity to be blessed in knowing her.**** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Press Release (PRWEB) April 13, 2004 -- Susan Burns, Psy.D. is undoubtedly proud of her book "Fast Track Infant Adoption" which provides prospective adopters some ideas on how to go about soothing a frightened young woman's fears and making her feel she is making a good decision for her child. But, there is one angle her book does not cover: How will your adopted child's natural mother feel when she finds out how proud you are of the methods you used to talk her out of her child? How will she feel when you break all the promises you made to her? Burns writes: "Without an agency's interference, (the child's parents) and (the peopl
Faster Harder Deeper More!!!
Catchy title I think. It resembles the title to a 4NonBlondes album in the 90's. People are so driven by sex they will probably read the title and automatically think I'm writing sex stories. Sorry kids I save that for my personal time at home, and I get paid for my stories. Everyone should know that nothing in life is free, not even freedom of speech. I'm rambling.... I woke up this morning with what "Liza" would call, a little song in my heart. There was almost a half-cocked smile on my face before I took my first 4 steps into the bathroom. Maybe it was because I slept in. Maybe because my house smelled like my sweetpea candle. Maybe I had another crazy sex dream that I don't remember. I seem to be notorious for that, roll around in bed all night, moaning and shaking, wake up the next morning and don't have a clue wtf you're talking about. Maybe it's because I'm taking a small vacation from work and I'm allowing myself to decompress and finally let all the political b
Faster Pussy Cat/yor So Vain
The Fastest Growing Metal Station On The Net!
God's Forsaken Radio is one of the fastest growing metal stations on the net. We stream on multiple websites, and are continuing to grow. There are 13 top knotch dj's to fulfill every metal need that play all genres of metal. We have 19 promoters for the station which promote not only on the net but also in their home town looking for local unsigned metal bands that deserve airplay. Our staff takes pride in their work and are committed in helping the station grow. So what are you waiting for come and listen to the best metal station on the net!!!
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God's Forsaken Radio is one of the fastest growing metal stations on the net. We stream on multiple websites, and are continuing to grow. There are 13 top knotch dj's to fulfill every metal need that play all genres of metal. We have 19 promoters for the station which promote not only on the net but also in their home town looking for local unsigned metal bands that deserve airplay. Our staff takes pride in their work and are committed in helping the station grow. So what are you waiting for come and listen to the best metal station on the net!!!
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Fastest Way For A Married Man To Get A Divorce
Three women, one engaged, one married and one a mistress , are talking about their relationships and decide to amaze their men. That night all three will wear black leather bras, stiletto heels and a mask over their eyes. After a few days they meet up for lunch. The engaged woman: 'The other night when my boyfriend came over he found me with a black leather bodice, tall stilettos and a mask. He saw me and said, 'You are the woman of my life. I love you. Then we made love all night long. ' The mistress: 'Me too! The other night I met my lover at his office and I was wearing the leather bodice, heels, mask over my eyes and a raincoat. When I opened the raincoat he didn't say a word, but we had wild sex all night. ' The married woman: 'I sent the kids to stay at my mother's house for the night. When my husband came home I was wearing the leather bodice, black stockings, stilettos and a mask over my eyes. As soon as he came in the door and saw me he
Fast And Hard
Fast Lane
Rules 1 Rate All Riders and Founder 2 When joining in the request say "joining the fast lane" 3 Only saluted Fubarians Are able to join 4 When Done Messege Devilish DD sayng your done then ill add you Founder ۞™ Đểvỉ₤ϧĥ ÐÐ © ۞@ fubar Riders 1 ღஜDa®k Kittÿஜღ ♥Fo®eve® In Da®kne§§♥@ fubar 2 ONE&ONLY SYCHO~!~ FUBARS RESIDENT PATIENT~!~Rating Revolution~!~/CLUB FAR@ fubar 3 DJ DISTURBED~!~ RATE SPANKER,LOST LEVELER~!~OWNED BY DEVILISH DESIRE ~!~WOOHOO@ fubar 4 carolina@ fubar 5 B1tch™ ~The Pegasus Project~ SBG*Club United*FU-Bomber*Click Club@ fubar 6 ♦CinDragon♦Founder of ClubMystic♦PegasusProject♦FuAngel♦I.B.I.C♦@ fubar 7 "Bottoms UP"@ fubar 8 ◊ Łiℓ§yηfùℓОη&#
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Fast Sex !
Dougie wanted desperately to have sex with this really cute, really hot girl in his office... But she was dating someone else. One day Dougie got so frustrated that he went to her and said I'll give you $100 if you let me have sex with you... The girl looked at him, and then said, 'NO!' Dougie said, 'I'll be real fast. I'll throw the money on the floor, you bend down and I'll finish by the time you've picked it up.' She thought for a moment and said that she would consult with her boyfriend. So she called him and explained the situation. Her boyfriend says, 'Ask him for $200, and pick up the money really fast. He won't even be able to get his pants down.' She agreed and accepts the proposal. Over half an hour goes by and the boyfriend is still waiting for his girlfriend's call. Finally, after 45 minutes the boyfriend calls and asks, 'What happened...?' Still breathing hard, she managed to reply, 'The bastard had
Faster Fubar?
Well don't know who'd be interested in this but... Fubar subscribes to a data mining service called "Google Analytics". Basically a cookie that tracks all the pages you visit on fubar. Really kinda harmless in my opinion, falls under what i term and a bandwidth waster. Whenever you click a link look at the lower left information bar of your browser and you'll see something like "" which is the server recording your activity. If you use Firefox browser you can use a plug-in called "CustomizeGoogle" which allows you to block the Google Analytics plus a number of other time wasting ads and such. Read more here
Fast Driver
My mom has a lead foot, so I was not surprised when a state trooper pulled us over as we were speeding through Georgia. Hoping to get off with a warning, Mom tried to appear shocked when the trooper walked up to the car. "I have never been stopped like this before," she said to the officer. "What do they usually do, ma'am," he asked, "shoot the tires out?"
Fast Calling And Talking
Nah, this is not a blog about auctioneers or radio prize winners (though they never say that caller number one will be the winner, but you gotta be fast to get on hold to be number 10!). This is a blog about being sustained with soul food - and the menu does not have collard greens on it (which I have tried to cook and failed at), nor bbq ribs (which I can do, but not as good as my Grandpa always did) - but rather about finding the humor, admiring a show of responsibility, and a little known quirk much like drunk dialing - as far as rambling and half spoken sentences - but brought on by a fast, not a fast drink. And just for fun, I will add in a narcotics critique. Well let me start with the bottom. Darvon and I do not get along. It makes me sleep, but I am still awake - I dislike roaming on the rim of the dreamlands, either I am there, or I am not. Two eyelids DOWN to Darvon, because of my consciousness still being UP at the same time. The reason I was able to discover this narcoti
Fast & Furious: Fearless Females Exclusive Featurette
Fast & Furious: Fearless Females exclusive featurette
Fast And Furious
i was really looking foward to this one. it had a story that was kinda like the 2nd one i think... racing to earn a spot on the villians crew, anyway it didnt feel like the older one even tho the cast was there. still better then tokyo drift tho.     ( o )( o )( c         2.5 bewbs
Fast And Furious
so as always every thursday night i watch movies at the theatre that i work at. and last thursday was the night i had been waiting for quit some time the new Fast and Furious came out and boy was i happy. i love to watch the fast cars and the hot girls and this movie lived up to its name it was the best out of the 4 set and i cant wait to sit down and watch it again
Fast For Darfur
Even if you want to fast for a single day, you can sign up at: I will be fasting for 16 day for each aid worker agency that is among the 16 that were expelled from Darfur by the Sudanese regime.
Fast Twitch
I wanted to tell you a joke that didn't use my life as the punchline but it was the only one I knew. I remember writing secret messages.Codes for the words and syllablesif you counted em out there was a numberthat number corresponded to a letterthat letter spelled a sentence sometimesIneedtogetoutofherehelphelpshestoppedlovingme crawling sprawling scrawled little cries for attention, and sometimes legitimate pleas. Sometimes it was the third capitalized letter, sometimes it was the only capitalized letter or just a simple downward column. It's fun.It would trick the reader if they ever saw it.It would trick me into thinking there was more there. ... Wanna try one? Alright.... Summer was the most cruel. October delivers us from the heat, delivers us pleasant smells, orange leaves, strangers that smile to us on damp streets. Mostly I just keep to myself, my hands in my coat, eyes on my shoes. Except every once in a while... I bump into a phantom. This could be an old friend lo
Fast Food Mafia
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Fast Sex
  Fast sexEddie wanted desperately to have sex with this really cute, really hot girl in his office... But she was dating someone else. One day Eddie got so frustrated that he went to her and said, 'I'll give you $100 if you let me have sex with you...The girl looked at him, and then said, 'NO!'Eddie said, 'I'll be real fast. I'll throw the money on the floor, you bend down and I'll finish by the time you've picked it up.' She thought for a moment and said that she would consult with her boyfriend...So she called him and explained the situation.Her boyfriend says, 'Ask him for $200, and pick up the money really fast. He won't even be able to get his pants down.' She agreed and accepts the proposal.Over half an hour goes by and the boyfriend is still waiting for his girlfriend's call. Finally, after 45 minutes the boyfriend calls and asks, 'What happened...?' Still breathing hard, she managed to reply, 'The bastard had all quarters!'
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Fast Forward
Fast ForwardA hole in one…the petals are wilting. A breeze arrives and it suddenly freezes. Snakes of Christ, the venom is flowing. My veins collapse and everything glows in a shade of blue.I bite on your lips, the sugary sweet taste of your pain…I can taste all your screams in a lightning-like kiss.I’m watching the clouds rush on by…fast forwarding past the grayest sky. I see you in a vision an apparition gone awry...then back in its course and into my life.I take a deep breath and feel the electricity surge around my seams. Can’t help but think that I’m fading away here…no tears to be cried for the ducts have all dried and I’m stuck inside this question mark. The leaves have departed from the trees, the seeds are all hollow, the stillness is shallow and this silence speaks volumes…my faithful companion.The years they fade in and then fade out…the lines on my face much deeper now-and the friends that I had are nowhere to be found because everyone changes and hardly anyone r
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Fast Update
did ya know once a few people know things like this about you ... and you post a blog to inform them whats going on so you can go to bed and sleep you kind of have to keep posting blogs or you get the hell harrassed outta of you for not keeping peeps informed   I think I liked it better when you fuckers hated me   lmaooo   lots of pain still    wacked out appetite still   tired a lot still   YAY me   specialist app friday a week with the uroligist   love most of you ... * sticks out tongue *
A Fast Look About Gift
Are you currently interested to buy some gifts? In fact I dislike doing this job as I am really bad at choosing gift. The great point is that you now have access to numerous websites that will offer you reviews of the various gift which exist. In order to enable you to make your decision I'll be speaking briefly of 3 gifts and I hope that it'll be useful for you. When choosing your gift you'll have a difficult time choosing among the various models which exist. Moreover the gifts may also vary a good deal depending on the event. For example a birthday may require a different gift than Valentine's Day. Lovers will choose perhaps to give a box of chocolate. One French post which has recently grabbed my attention is gift ideas ( idee anniversaire ) and may be worth taking a look. You could also consider the possibility of giving watches. Whether it's for man or woman watches may be appropriate for both of them. Watches can be acquired at different price range and also co
Fast Update
fair few of you farkers have been asking me where this whole medical mess stands typing it once is way easier than 10 times I still deal with pain daily the plus side is it stops me from nothing .... In fact standing can cause me horrible pain but throwing my leg over my head or crawling under shelves to haul out boxes of stock does not. If its gonna hurt there is nothing I can do to make it or stop it. I am an odd odd person. My last blood test showed a minor kidney function dive so I am back to letting them suck blood out of me every few days for now ....weeeeeeeeeeeee good times saw the let me look at your VaJayJay doc today .... we are finally going to take action and shove something in no no places to stop me from doing the monthly cycle thingy crap 2 to 3 times a month. Good news for you all and I think the prospect of a less bitchy Helly deserves major blingy blings and stuff. chop chop !! The big thing is finally a Doc has agreed witih me and I will undergo MINOR day s
Fast Phils Gas Station
Fast Food: Please Drive Through
  It shouldn't take someone a long time to order at a fast food joint, you really dont have that much to choose from. You should know already what you getting. Take any burger joint, you have about 6 to 8 different versions of burgers.  Maybe 1 to 3 different versions of chicken sandwhiches.  A fish sandwich.  Chicken nuggets or tenders or strips and a salad.  That's basically it.  Just pick a number. Close your eyes and point at the menu.  Choose that one.  No matter how you do it, it shouldn't take that long to order from a fast food joint. Dont get me started on a chicken place. You're just choosing the part of the chicken, the side(s), and the drink. Get in, order, and move to the side.  What's worse is those who are waiting in line and still dont know what they are getting by time they get to the counter.  One of the most easiest things in the world to do is order from a fast food joint.  Then you have those who bring the whole family to the counter, and 2 of them have no idea te
Fast Ignition----slow Burn
They had gone in and out of the attraction several times.   When he walked in the room, a shiver ran up her, a tingle ran through her scalp, her eyes watered, and her guts dropped.  A wave of want came over her.   “Hi! Come here and give me a hug.” He smiled and opened his arms with that huge, inviting grin.   “You look awesome!”   She almost jumped into his arms, a little scared because she wanted to give herself completely and feel a lot safer with him.  She melted into him, looked into his eyes, kissing his full cupid’s bow lips and pulling back quickly before pushing past them with her tongue.   “How’s it going Vanessa?  Are you giving yourself this kind of love?”   He pulled her in, not caring about the twenty other people in the room chatting and hugging after the meet up which dealt with increasing social intelligence and reading body language.  His tongue parted her lips and wet caressed, soft and rough, the sl
Faster Than The Speed Of Light - Bonnie Tyler
I don't want to let another minute get byThey're slipping through our fingers, but we're ready to flyThe night'll be our cover and we'll huddle belowWe got the music in our bodies and the radioAnd when the morning arrives it'll all be goneDisappearing in the crack of dawnWe better make our move now before the sun is awakeIt's time to put up or shut up and to pick up the paceAnd I don't want to let another minute get byLove is going to get us while the moon is in the skyWe may be running out of night, but never running out of steamWe're acting on a hunch, and we'll be acting out a dreamThere really isn't any time to loseThey're going to catch us if we wait until it gets too lightYou're such a pretty boyLet me show you what to do, and you'll do itBut you gotta move fasterFaster than the speed of nightFaster than the speed of nightFaster than the speed of nightIt's all we ever wantedAnd all we'll ever needAnd it's slipping through our fingersFaster than the speed of nightFaster than the s
Fast Ignition---slow Burn
They had gone in and out of the attraction several times.   When he walked in the room, a shiver ran up her, a tingle ran through her scalp, her eyes watered, and her guts dropped.  A wave of want came over her.   “Hi! Come here and give me a hug.” He smiled and opened his arms with that huge, inviting grin.   “You look awesome!”   She almost jumped into his arms, a little scared because she wanted to give herself completely and feel a lot safer with him.  She melted into him, looked into his eyes, kissing his full cupid’s bow lips and pulling back quickly before pushing past them with her tongue.   “How’s it going Vanessa?  Are you giving yourself this kind of love?”   He pulled her in, not caring about the twenty other people in the room chatting and hugging after the meet up which dealt with increasing social intelligence and reading body language.  His tongue parted her lips and wet caressed, soft and rough, the
Fast Car Loan Processing
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Faszination Katharer..."in German"
Faszination Katharer... Vor noch nicht einmal zwei Jahrzehnten wusste kaum jemand, wer die Katharer waren, geschweige denn, welche Rolle sie in der Geistesgeschichte und Historie Europas spielten. Durch zahlreiche wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichungen und vor allem Romane hat sich das grundlegend geändert. "Das verlorenene Labyrinth" von Kate Mosse oder "Der heilige Gral und seine Erben" von Baigent/Leigh haben viele Menschen, die sich nur am Rande mit religiösen Dingen beschäftigen wollten, auf den Geschmack gebracht. Was aber steckt wirklich hinter den geheimnisvollen Katharern? Wichtig waren sie wohl, denn extra für die katharischen Häretiker wurde die "Heilige Inquisition" als Universalwaffe der katholischen Kirche gegen missliebige Gruppen erfunden. Das deutsche Wort Ketzer lässt sich etymologisch auf Katharer zurückführen (angeblich stammt die Bezeichnung von einem Kölner Bischof aus dem 12. Jahrhundert) aber das sollte nicht der einzige Grund sein, sich mit dieser bedeutends
Everyone walking in the room You tell me you love me and I am so cute I am fat for my age and you see that You tell me you are cute and pudgy I can see by your own looks Someday you will look in disgust I am just a girl with a heart that is huge WHen you look at me you say I am cute I am fat and no one will care Will I ever see a love like so many do this day Will my prince charming come my way I will look in the mirror and be overweight I will not have a chance to escape I hope that some day people will see the inside Not what lies on the outside Yes I have rolls and yes i can see what it does Yes I can exercise I travel miles and miles I am just a girl looking to be loved like the rest What is my hope in a world with so many judgements If I knew this was coming I would kill myself If I knew I would be hated for the way I look I would have never come here If you knew I was only 2 years old would you continue to laugh at my rolls What is gonna be different when i
OK so its only been a week and i look as though ive gain 37894730 this point i wanna starve myself....i havnt been eating things that are bad for u...had tons of water...i mean come on i should something i shouldnt look fatter than i already do...its so discusting...god when i look in the mirror all i see is all this fat on my stomache it sucks...
Ugh I am so sick of all this crap... Its like on here, I don't have any worries about being a big girl cuz I get so much support from people on here...and its like, in the real world, people don't mind talking to me and being friends with me, but i'm usually not counted as GF material becuz they all worry about being seen with a fat fucking hoo. Why can't I find a guy close to me that likes me for who and what I am? I am not gonna sit here and starve myself cuz i've "got a cute face, but i'd be so pretty if i lost the weight" have no idea how many times I have heard that in my life. Wow, I'm 250lbs. I have forced and forced my self to lose weight cuz I thought that maybe a guy will like me if i'm skinny, and then i realized that if a guy really cared, he would like me skinny or fat. But seriously, I'm just sick of this shit against me cuz I'm fat. Fuck.
im just siting out side looking at the stars in the sky and talking to man in moon tonight...trying to make sence of why thang happon like thay do why must u hurt some one to fell better..why must u talk behind some ones back... why do people treat u bad becouse of the way u look.... god mad us all and he did not make a mastake... he knew what he was doing this world would be a boring place if we all looked the same way yes im a big mad and proud of it... yes it makes it hard to find a girlfriend... but if u look on the out side u are missing the real person... please take the time to look inside u might be surprised what u find i am a big bear on the out sid but as tamed as a lam... im tired of puting a frunt i hurt and cry like everone els... so why can i be treated like a man not a boy.. and i love everone so why cant yall love me fore me and not tell me how to chang my life and just be my friend...i wont bite unless u wont me two to next time
good day all why is it that my profile attracts a bucket load of Fat people??, now before you start deriding me and calling me names I,ve nothing against porkers some of my freinds are bloters and some woman really are bbw, but none whove approched me on here so far are, and why do they have the most revealing pics?? keep it covered its not big and its not clever..well actually it is big but hey you know what I mean
fatness... does it really bother you so much, that you need to lump it in with the coruptness of the world and the fact that people are turning their backs on God? Quite interesting. Because no where did I ever see that being just a little fat was less of a sin than being really fat. So take your "sort of" fat bodies, and your very fat heads and go fuck yourself with a condom full of bees ~ ya fat haters.
i hate when other people who are skinny put fat people down i think that skinny people need to get a life it is discreamanition im fat and proud of it
If I look in the mirror or pictures and don't really like what I see, how can anyone really say they love me?? Being nice has its faults too, sometimes I hate myself because I am not like you. If you love yourself, place you on the highest shelf.   The way I see your beauty its wrong to teach, anyone can figure it out, you are out of reach. May be seen as easy, don't fucking make sense to me.  I never wanted to love me though, never really wanted a nasty ego.   You can called me dumb or confused, but I have been thrown away after being used. Can't make anything easy, thats just the sad truth be known as me. I know life is not going to be anywhere near perfect, but I also know I am a clay defect.    I am a learning manuel, when does the test start so I can stand apart from hell. Everyone I meet is cheating, burning calories while they are eating. I hear a hungry riot, while I am screaming I AM ON A DIET!!      I just may not be fat, and I don't need to be your pussy cat
Fatal End
Her eyes begin to glisten, as she thinks about the past. The memories that haunt her, her happiness never last. All the things she wanted, and eveyone who loved her. Nothing went un-noticed, no matter who was there. The tears begin to fall, as she looks into the mirror. Praying to the heavens above, to find a fatal cure. She wants to forget it all, and slowly fade away. Knowing that tomorrow, is another painful day. She always has a smile, and a hug to give to you. Even thought in return, she gets all of the abuse. Never would she think, so badly of your passing. Nor would she bring you back, to a torment thats ever lasting. He drags her to his room, each and every night. He throws her on his bed, where she begins to fight. She starts to scream out loud, while her cloths are being ripped. He's quick to shut her up, with a deadly grip. She looks into his eyes, knowing he'll soon be done. He kisses her on the lips, and calls her his spec
Fatal Ramblings
"Journal daily....embed the emotions into the parchment and ink so that it becomes a testimony rather than baggage." I saw that on someone's web site and I really liked it and it makes a lot of sense. So I thought about it a bit and decided that I really should try and adhere to that ... or at least update this journal since its been awhile. Since I never know where to start I'm just going to pick a place and start so this will end up the usual jumbled assortment of my thoughts. Have a little faith...that is so hard sometimes ...especially when I've been conditioned to believe that the sky is constantly falling on me...and usually it is. I did come across a song and some of the lyrics were those wow lyrics... Oh but dont bowl me over Just wait a minute well it kinda fell apart, things get so Crazy, crazy Crazy..theres a word I know a lot about : crazy: Adjective Inflected forms: crazier, craziest 1. Affected with madness; insane. 2. Informal Departing from proportion
You can't possibly think these are real, since most (all?) of them are known models. you are beautiful the way you are, please dont let society get to you and brainwash you into thinking this is beautiful and no one will like you unless you wear a size three...learn to accept your body and the way you look because thats who you are..and if someone tries to change you then FUCK EM!!!!!
It's like time stops moving in that instant, that moment when you realize that tomorrow no one person will look into your eyes. The rodents have started to use little pieces of me towards their own abuses. I'm part of the cycle that begins and ends underneath. I appreciate the visits, but the pain I'm causing, with just my Name and Dates, doesn't really mean anything anymore, i can't feel. I've noticed that you've grown quite a bit and that your hair is much longer than before, it seems a warm place to be I'm very cold. The dirt is heavy ladden and minerals have started to seep into my prison these scavangers just another way to ensure constant regeneration.... I left you without word, without choice without conscious, without goodbye... And I burned for it...deep inside.
A Fatal Attraction To Trouble
A Fatal Attraction To Trouble -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 2006-01-01, 11:27AM MST You were the mugger/robber at Awkatukee theatres two nights ago. I was the man who robbed you in return. Did you honestly expect me to just hand over my wallet to you? I’m a foot taller than you. Did you honestly expect me to be scared of your kitchen knife? I love how you peed yourself when I opened my trunk and cocked a shotgun in your face. Did you honestly expect me to let you call my girlfriend a whore? I used the money from your wallet to buy her some New Years lingerie. I threw your clothes in the dumpster behind Best Buy, across from the theatres. Are you still tied with jumper cables to the handicapped sign pole? I hope not. Thank you for the use of your credit card. You can get away with not showing identification at Safeway, Chevron, and many other places. You just saved me a fortune on a
V1 Born to a begger she does the same emptiness creates the hunger strikes walking in shoes worn and rugged left by her father to feel his shame chorus fatal are the words that bind peeking through the hands of time everything is nothing as she slips to fall on her belly she is left to crawl V2 he has a past bought on suspicion behind bars while his mother they bury discussions of death penalty of lies he's a boy behind a man's disguise chorus fatal are the words that bind peeking through the hands of time everything is nothing as he slips to fall on his belly he is left to crawl
A Fatality In This, Watch At Your Own Risk.....lions And People Bad Combo
Fat And Loving It....
An Interesting Rant on Being Fat
A Fatal Influence
by Dr. William Pierce I've just finished watching the television news showing the latest round of bloodletting between Jews and Palestinians in the Middle East. It's certainly good to see that the Palestinians finally have learned how to improve the kill ratio. For a long time it seemed that for every Jew killed by a Palestinian, the Jews killed 100 or so Palestinians. Things are a bit better now. But the bloodletting is not the most interesting aspect of the news about the Middle East. The most interesting aspect is the response of the politicians over here and of the media over here. All of us, of course, view the world through our own prejudices. Despite my prejudices, though, when I watch the news I do try to imagine how other people, with different prejudices, are reacting to what I am seeing. I see George Bush and the other politicians over here desperately sucking up to the Jews by demanding that Yasser Arafat "stop the violence," that Yasser Arafat "call off his terrorist
Fat Animals
Fatal Kiss
See her eyes, they're sweet and blue Hear her voice, with sweetness, too Look at her heart, feel the pain Look at her mind, she's insane Find the blooded tears she shed Hear the cruel words he said Blood has remained in her mind The day she left life behind After death, she took the phone Gladly, now, he was alone He smiled and came, without a word Unready to face vampire's world One cold smile, a fatal kiss Forever took his life of bliss The vampire has revenged her tears The insane girl forever cheers
The Fatal Attraction Test
The Fatal Attraction Test 1. Have you ever tried to lure an ex into the bedroom in order to win them back? Y or N 2. Have you ever checked or tried to check an ex's Voice mail, Cell phone, address or emails ? Y or N 3. Have you ever called an ex's family and tried to get them involved in getting the two of you back together? Y or N 4.Do you call their work? Y OR N Hobbies & Interests 5. Someone you really like tells you they are not interested in a relationship with you. Do you: A. Drive to their house at 3am. B. Except it and move on. C. Leave numerous emails, love letters and follow them around the Internet. Favorite Gadgets 6. Your at a party and you discover that your ex is married. Do you: A. Say nothing about your ex and change the subject. Occupation B. Tell everyone that you and the ex are destin to be together. C. Make up nasty stories about the ex and hope she leaves him. 7. Do you have photo albums of your ex's ? Y or
Fatal Things To Say To Your Pregnant Wife
17. "I finished the Oreo's." 16. "Not to imply anything, but I don't think the kid weighs forty pounds." 15. "Y'know, looking at her, you'd never guess that Pamela Lee had a baby." 14. "I sure hope your thighs aren't gonna stay that flabby forever." 13. "Well, couldn't they induce labor? The 25th is the SuperBowl." 12. "Darned if you ain't about five pounds away from a surprise visit from that Richard Simmons fella." 11. "Fred at the office passed a stone the size of a pea. Boy, that's gotta hurt." 10. "Whoa! For a minute there, I thought I woke up next to Willard Scott!" 9. "I'm jealous. Why can't men experience the joy of childbirth?" 8. "Are your ankles supposed to look like that?" 7. "Get your *own* ice cream." 6. "Geez, you're awfully puffy looking today." 5. "Got milk?" 4. "Maybe we should name the baby after my secretary, Tawney." 3. "Man! That rose tattoo on your hip is the size of Madagascar!" 2. "Retaining water ? Ye
10 Fatal Online Dating Errors
Some men have absolutely NO sense of etiquette when they're trying to contact women online. During all my years of coaching, women have told me some amazing things men have written to them in emails. Many men feel they can just say anything in an email when they are trying to get a woman to go out with them. If they said those same things to a woman in a bar or on the street, they might get arrested, or at least slapped. But when they're hiding behind the secrecy of their computer, too many men get abrasive and crude. Here's my list of 10 things NEVER to do when you're online trying to get a woman to go out with you. Some of these are obvious; some you'll swear I'm making up! But all of them are things men actually do. Top 10 email turnoffs for women 1. Don't ask her how much she weighs or what her measurements are. You might as well just tell her you only want to sleep with her and you have no interest in getting to know her, because that's what she's going to think if you ask he
Fatal Addiction
Rip me apart, go on and teart me at my seams. Ive caged the pain and released the rage,its because of you i am the person i call me, ever cold and dead like you never thought id be. I tried to hold on, but in the end it was just too much, i had no choice but to let go, there was nothing left to hold. This pain will ever make it all ok, dead silence cant ever make it all right. But wait and see, there are so many ways to survive,see? Im still alive. To you its all a game, you cant even look me in the eyes and call me by my name. This is our life, never to be the same. Rip me into pieces. Just snip off one more small piece of my heart. Walk with me and tell me how it feels to live in the dark, about the way it feels when youre falling apart. Dont try to tell me that this is my fault when you are the one always refusing to talk. You cant keep fighting this addiction, and youll never make all those pieces you took from me a whole. Cant you see this is a fatal addiction we have? We
Fatal Foaming Action
Fatal Foaming Action 2007 Darwin Award Nominee Unconfirmed by Darwin (10 March 2007, Scotland) James, 26, was working on a new house when he was unexpectedly confronted by a malfunctioning cannister of insulating foam. "The operative picked up one of the cans and gave it a shake as recommended. A pressure explosion occurred when the can burst (and) the bottom section hit him on the chest. The impact was so severe that the bottom section crumpled and wrinkled to some six inches, resulting in his death." A safety alert was issued, warning of the potential for cans of Evo-Stik Expanding Foam to undergo lethal decompression. But the warning was retracted when it was discovered that James had, for reasons unknown, applied a blowtorch to the pressurized 500-ml cannister
Fatal Attraction By Rennyworks
I'm beckoning unto your call Like a moth to a flame Just don't burn me My heart, my soul, or misuse my name Just continue to be warm and inviting, As I continue my pursuit to your inner lighting The glow ... the aura... of your presence, Reflects the truth in love ... its beauty...its essence I do, I will, but I won't... Like you, have you, hurt you An original...from my lips to yours Kiss! Kiss!
Fatal Mistake But I Did Not Get Sucked In Again But That Is More Than Can Be Said For The Electro Magnetic Dust..
I made the fatal mistake of looking at Slap and Tickle because of a message on my Hotmail account. There were messages and I had to reply saying I no longer did Slap and Tickle and to leave an Email address if they wanted to keep in touch. That should bring forth no responses and a I can wash my hands of it. Pah. Anyway, I made notes that I no longer did Slap and Tickle and thanked everyone, as you do. Well, you try to thank people on Fubar and so far not one Bouncer has come out of the pipes or bottles. Anyway, I managed to get out of Slap and Tickle without any regrets or remorse and hopefully will not need to go back there again. Funny really, I had 100 friends on there, all of whom asked to be a friend. However only three people ever bothered to keep in touch, the rest was just to get their numbers up. Not that I care because it helped making the break from the place. The only thing it was good for was using my imagination but then there are things to write here and at ho
Fatal Wartime Tube Crush Marked
Fatal wartime Tube crush marked 173 people died, including more than 60 children Victims of the Bethnal Green Tube disaster in London have been remembered at a special service marking its 65th anniversary. Survivor Alf Morris spoke to the BBC about his memories of the deadly crush. It was one of Britain's worst civilian disasters during World War II. On the evening of 3 March, 1943, a crowd of people were descending the steps into Bethnal Green underground station to take shelter from an impending air-raid. Suddenly, they surged forward and in the crush 173 people were killed and more than 90 injured. Crush censored A high proportion of the victims were women and children, some younger ones babes-in-arms or holding hands, as they made their way down the stairs. The disaster happened on one small stairwell, in the capital city, as people followed their routine to take cover from the coming bombs. But the incident was censored from the wartime moment t
Fatal Addiction
Rip me apart, go on and teart me at my seams. Ive caged the pain and released the rage,its because of you i am the person i call me, ever cold and dead like you never thought id be. I tried to hold on, but in the end it was just too much, i had no choice but to let go, there was nothing left to hold. This pain will ever make it all ok, dead silence cant ever make it all right. But wait and see, there are so many ways to survive,see? Im still alive. To you its all a game, you cant even look me in the eyes and call me by my name. This is our life, never to be the same. Rip me into pieces. Just snip off one more small piece of my heart. Walk with me and tell me how it feels to live in the dark, about the way it feels when youre falling apart. Dont try to tell me that this is my fault when you are the one always refusing to talk. You cant keep fighting this addiction, and youll never make all those pieces you took from me a whole. Cant you see this is a fatal addiction we have? We
Fat Americans Update
This is quite pathetic. . . . 100 camp out for Chick-fil-A opening CHESAPEAKE, Va., April 10 (UPI) -- The grand opening of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Chesapeake, Va., drew a crowd of 100 overnight campers -- including many veterans of Chick-fil-A openings. The campers spent the night in tents set up in the restaurant's parking lot and in the morning were each awarded 52 coupons for free chicken at the business, The (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot reported Thursday. Libby and Jake Knupp, the first two people in line when the doors opened Thursday morning, said this was their 15th Chick-fil-A grand opening. "The next one is in Roanoke," Libby Knupp said of the couple's future plans. Derrick Ward, owner and operator of the location, said the opening went as smooth as could be hoped. He said each of the first 100 customers -- or "The Herd," as they call themselves -- were presented with 52 coupons after putting on T-shirts and hats given to them by employees.
Fatal Accident!!
Fatal Clashes In Mongolia Capital
Fatal clashes in Mongolia capital Dozens of people are reported to have been injured in the clashes Five people have died in violent protests in the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator over alleged electoral fraud, says Justice Minister Tsend Munkhorgil. More than 300 people were hurt, he said, including many police. Hundreds of people have been detained. The president has declared a state of emergency and curfew, and parts of the city have been sealed off. Opposition supporters question early results from Sunday's parliamentary poll, which the ruling party won. Preliminary returns suggest the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP) has taken at least 45 seats in the 76-seat parliament, but the opposition Democrats allege fraud. 'Necessary force' Several thousand people gathered on to the streets of the capital after the preliminary results emerged on Tuesday. The ruling party headquarters were set alight and government offices were looted. Paintings
What's that lying in the leaves so still? An empty shell of self I'm alone and dying It's just a fatal beating of my heart When you look into my eyes you see A shattered me, you see And if you listen very close You'll hear a muffled scream A dream you never want to visit It's just a fatal beating of my heart What's that floating in the stream It seems a broken dream It bleeds for promises forgotten Another fatal beating of the heart What's that lying in the road ahead I guess you tried to hit the brakes too late It's dead weight my fate You drag beneath your tires Another fatal beating of my heart No chances I'll survive it It's just a fatal beating of my heart
Fat Ass Bitch
these .89 cent nacho's from Taco Bell are kinda good...     that is all   Happy Caturday folks!
Fat Ass America
15 million children will die this year from starvation. Americans collect disability checks for obesity. Why are we paying people to get fat???? No money, No Food. Seems like a self correcting problem.
Fat Ass!
i haven't worn jeans for almost 2 years cos none of mine fit my fat ass!well guess what???
The Fatal Hairdo
There's this guy who you might have seen walking around town with two huge dreadlocks, one on each side of his head. One day he decides to get them cut off. So he's off to the hair dresser, and of course they can't get the clippers through his hair, so out come the biggest pair of scissors you've ever seen. They start to hack into one of the dreads and get about halfway through when he starts screaming and runs out of the shop. His girlfriend finds him dead in their flat the next day. The coroner found that a nest of red-backed spiders had moved into his hair and started biting him when the scissors cut the nest to bits.
Fatal Weakness...
Fatality Of Our World
Thery'es a war going on, for everyones mind you may not have known, but soon it will be shown wherever you may be, you'll hear it on the t.v. no matter where you run, all our lives our done   DON'T YOU SEE! WHAT THIS MEANS THE TALE OF OUR LIVES WILL BE NOTHING BUT THAT CAN'T THEY SEE WHAT THIS MEANS!FOR THIS FINAL STAGE THEY HAVE SET WHAT IS IT THEY DON'T HAVE YET control   So speak your mind, try not to confine your thoughts in your brain, if they are they'll die in vain so resolve your heart, make a final stand for when they come for you, it's first death's that they will choose!   DO YOU SEE WHAT THIS MEANS THE TALE OF OUR LIVES WILL MEAN ONLY JUST THANT CAN'T THEY SEE WHAT THIS MEANS! FOR THE FINAL STAGE THAT THEY HAVE SET WHAT IS IT THEY DON'T HAVE YET   IS CONTROL! THEY DON'T WANT ANYONE ACTING OUT OF TURN!NO MATTER WHAT WE DO IT WILL LEAD TO HURT! IS THERE ANYWAY TO LIVE, IS THERE ANYTHING THAT WE CAN DO TO GIVE....   we need a fighting
Fat Bottomed Girls, You Make The Rocking World Go Round!
Well let's see Hmmm. Stephen is a douche Bag. Well now that's out of the way. The weekend was alright. It was my baby cousins bday today. Well she turned 8 so I guess she's not a baby anymore. I am in just an awesome mood right now for some reason. I want something to snack on I just don't feel like walking downstairs to get it. LoL I know I'm a lazy ass. I needa go to a good ass concert. To bad I have no one to go with. ~pouts~ Well sometime this week my bitch ass cousin Emily and I are gonna go see Jackass 2. I hope her BF won't be a dick about it or she'll back out. I start work in a week. I'm so excited! ~happy dances~ Well I'm done writing for now but if any of you would like to bring me a diet pepsi It'd really make me happy!
Fat Bitches? i had this guy delete me from his friend list and send me a message becuz a "friend" told him she didn't want him to have any fat bitches as friends...How sweet...I told him I felt flattered that she was threatend by me... Lmao if I wanted drama I would have stayed in High School...Lol having a great day that made my day... :)
Fat Belly
A little boy walks into his parents' room to see his mom on top of his dad bouncing up and down. the mom sees her son and quickly dismounts, worried about what her son has seen. She dresses quickly and goes to find him. The son sees his mom and asks, "What were you and Dad doing?" The mother replies, "Well, you know your dad has a big tummy and sometimes I have to get on top of it and help flatten it." "Your wasting your time," said the boy. "Why is that?" the mom asked puzzled. "Well when you go shopping the lady next door comes over and gets on her knees and blows it right back up."
Fat Bottom Girls
Fat Bottomed Girls
Hehehe My theme song?
Fat Bastard Seen At Shea!!
300-pound man crushes fan at Shea BY ZACHARY DOWDY Posted April 11 2007, 10:20 PM EDT Ellen Massey always counted being struck by a baseball or a bat at Shea Stadium among the hazards of being a Mets fan, but she never thought a 300-pound man would come crashing down the stands -- and onto her. That's what the Manhattan resident, 58, said happened on Monday, Opening Day at Shea. Shortly after the seventh-inning stretch, she said, a man dressed in a green Army-type jacket tumbled from higher seats and onto her back, knocking the wind out of her and, ultimately, causing serious injury. "I only know he came flying," Massey, 58, said Wednesday from her bed in Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx. "I was literally not able to breathe for about half-a-minute or so. The first thing I was aware of was not being able to breathe, and then when I was able to breathe I was aware of the pain in my lower back." Massey, who is a lawyer, is scheduled for
Fat Bottomed Girls - Queen (vid Included!)
oooh you gonna take me home tonight. oooh, down beside that red firelight; oooh you gonna let it all hang out. Fat bottomed girls, You make the rockin' world go round. Hey I was just a skinny lad Never knew no good from bad, But I knew life before I left my nursery, Left alone with big fat Fanny, She was such a naughty nanny! Hey big woman you made a bad boy out of me! Hey, hey! I've been singing with my band Across the wire, across the land, I seen ev'ry blue eyed floozy on the way, hey But their beauty and their style Wear kind of smooth after a while. Take me to them lardy ladies every time! (C'mon) Oh won't you take me home tonight? Oh down beside your red firelight, Oh and you give it all you got Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round Fat bottomed girls you make the rockin' world go round Hey listen here, Now I got mortgages on homes I got stiffness in my bones Ain't no beauty queens in this locality. (I tell ya!) Oh, but I stil
Fat Belly Shaking
Fat Boy
Tonight I thought I would write down the lyrics of a song that means alot to me....It isn't a famous song...but with me had and still has profound meaning. It's called FAT BOY. Fat boy goes to the pool, Sees his reflection Doesn't know what to do He feels little inside And filled with pride Oh fragile flame Noone sees the same Fat boy goes abot his day Trying to think of funny things to say Like "This is just a game I play" And,"I don't like me this way" Oh fragile flame When no one feels the same Hush, sleep don't think, just eat You're daddy's little boy, Your mama's pride and joy You know they love you But not because they hold you Fat boy says, Wouldn't it feel nice If I could melt myself like ice Or outrun my skin and just be pure wind Oh fragile flame...Sometimes I feel the same.
Fat Bitch!!!!
So this fat girl named Lacinda. The bitch I was talking about before has been emailing my friends and shit telling them that I am using men. Hmm if i was I think Id be bankin right now and drivin something better than an 04 Eclipse. lol HELLO!!!! If i was using men I wouldnt have to work and I wouldnt be living on on post housing. (my soon to be ex hubby is army) Therefore if u get a msg believe her or dont I couldnt give 2 shits less, because if u do, than hey its your loss you didnt get to meet me yourself. Anyways toodles...
Fat Bitch
"Fat Bitch!"? That's all you got? I eat "fat bitch" like a cookie, the crunchy sweetness satisfying all the way down... with a nice sugar buzz when it hits my bloodstream. Yeah, I'm a fat bitch, alright. I won't get out of your way. I won't change myself to make you feel better. I won't take your shit. And I most assuredly won't feel ashamed. I'm a fat bitch who holds her head high and knows who I am and is not intimidated by some small-minded bully trying to intimidate with hate and ignorance. I'm a fat bitch who eats what she likes and makes love when she wants and lives and loves OUT LOUD. I'm a fat bitch who won't shut up or get out of your way. "Fat Bitch!"? Why thank you! I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm not here to please you. Your opinion of me is not my concern. This fat bitch is here to live MY life on MY terms. Fat Bitch, indeed. Kathy Barron, copyright 2006
Fat Bottom Girls
Fat bottom girls make the world go round. Not to mention make it alot better place place. Thank god for big girls.
'fatboijordan' Another fucking downrating bitch ass fake account. Rated my "I Love My Friends" tag a 4. What a Bitch! So just a heads up, the bitch's links are below. View Downrater Block Downrater Leave Comment For Downrater
Fatboy Slim- Rockafeller Skank
9 Fat-burning Eating Tips
9 Fat-Burning Eating Tips Now don't get all excited. We don't have any magic wand solutions that will take the place of exercise and eating right. But we do have a few foods that could help you on your journey to rid yourself of excess flab. Hungry Girl's here with the scoop... LEAN PROTEIN To put it simply, protein takes a lot of effort for the body to break down and digest. A lot more than, say, fat. So while your body is working hard to process that protein, you're burning calories. HG tip -- eat fish! Chances are you're not getting enough of it. Not only is fish a fabulous source of lean protein, BUT many types are full of those Omega-3 fatty acids you're always hearing about. Beans are also a wonderful source of protein. And it's no secret how we feel about our friend the soybean. (Let's have a cheer for veggie patties and soy-meats!) WHOLE GRAINS Belly fat is not particularly cute on anyone (except maybe babies), so it's exciting news that whole grains can do a num
this creature is old and probably going to go extinct...
Fat Brunette Posing
Hollywod's hottest Sweet teens digging deep in the ass Celebrity Toons from Movies and TV Full access to all XXX Over 1 million fake images of celeb Black lesbians eating chocolate snatches MILFS getting fucked by MassiveBlack Cocks White pussies RIPPED by the Black cocks Asshole and buttfucking session by pregnant Exclusive video and pictures
Fat Brunette Posing
Real Live Farm Sex! Jurassic Cock, Real Ex Girlfriends, Pimp... Hollywood VIPs Bare All! Hot 18 ears old girls Real Live Farm Sex! 100% Real Milf Submissions Real Live Farm Sex! Cheating gfs - everything 100% real! Hollywoo
Fat Bastards Have Shot At Nirvana
The M hotel in Las Vegas is giving away LIFETIME BUFFET.
Fat Burning Furnace Review
Fat Burning Furnace is a popular weight loss program created by Rob Poulos.
Fat Chick Facts
Big Beautiful Woman From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from BBW) The phrase "Big Beautiful Woman" (commonly abbreviated as BBW) is used by its proponents to denote an attractive, self-confident "woman of size". BBWs are also the focus of a subculture with interests centered on the acceptance, support, and admiration of fat women. Exceptionally large women are called SSBBWs, with the SS standing for "super size". Recently, "Hypersize" has come into use to describe women upward of 500 pounds. The term "BHM," which stands for "big handsome man," is not nearly as prevalent as the term "BBW." Men who are attracted to BBWs are known to the world at large and the media as "chubby chasers" or "fat admirers" although many men who admire such women do not use either term to describe themselves. Some of these men are attracted exclusively to BBWs, while others are simply attracted to good-looking women regardless of size. There are also a large number of lesbian women wh
Fat Chicks
why if youre gonna be a fat chick do ya have issues with ppl not being attracted to fat ppl?? sheesh grow the fuck up or diet
Fat Chicks Not Allowed
Funny Pictures
Fat Ct Whores
There is one thing i dont understand about this site.... i cant post a mumm asking what choice a guy would make between testicles if he was forced to have one removed and then threaten to have my account deleted but some fat bitch can post nude pics of herself and have nothing done to her at all. I mean i figured talk was one thing but there seems to be some hypocrissy in the CT official ranks of what they are deeming NSFW. hell, a fully clothed picture of my gf's butt (she is wearing sweat pants) was rated NSFW but yet i see peoples clothed asses all over this site and those pics arent NSFW. Oh well, atleast im not missing out on much since if i ever actualy do get removed from this site ill just have to spend my time socializing in a real bar getting hammered instead of pretending im in one on the internet LOL
Fat Cow
Fat Cat
Fat Cat I've got a cat who's fat, a fat cat that sat. A belly so round, he can't get around, a fat cat at that.
Fat Chick
I'm a fat chick. It's something that I openly admit. But I truly believe there are a few different kinds of fat chicks. For example, there is the so fat that she can't even leave her house, fat chick. I often wonder how in the holy hell they got to that point. They usually have 3 options. They can either be crane-lifted and specially transported to some weight-loss facility, they can call Richard Simmons, or sadly, they die. Though, I think I might wish for death if I had to listen to that for any length of time. Then there is the so fat all she can wear is a mu-mu, or the less offensively named caftan, fat chick. She may be a bit more mobile than the aforementioned fat chick, but unfortunately, the mu-mu/caftan is generally partnered with the dire need for a shower, bath, or a hose-down. Next we have the very uncomfortable with her fatness, fat chick. These are women who are definitely large, but they've given in to the stereotypical fat chick role and
Fat Chicks/bbw
i have read some fucked up mumms on here about BBW/FAT CHICKS but when intelligence is lacking and ignorance overcomes the small minds the end result is some fucked up people in the world and hateful comments and bashing takes place. SO I REPOSTED THIS BLOG IN HOPES TO CLEAR SOME SHIT UP ABOUT FAT CHICKS/BBW!!!! Big Beautiful Woman From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from BBW) The phrase "Big Beautiful Woman" (commonly abbreviated as BBW) is used by its proponents to denote an attractive, self-confident "woman of size". BBWs are also the focus of a subculture with interests centered on the acceptance, support, and admiration of fat women. Exceptionally large women are called SSBBWs, with the SS standing for "super size". Recently, "Hypersize" has come into use to describe women upward of 500 pounds. The term "BHM," which stands for "big handsome man," is not nearly as prevalent as the term "BBW." Men who are attracted to BBWs are known to the world at large
Fat Chics
There's been a lot of crap lately about fat girls, BBW's, fluffy, chubby women. Whatever you want to call them. I saw in one MUMM a response that asked "how much validation do fat girls need". So I think I'll take the time to answer that. First a few questions though: 1. How many 'no skinny chics' t-shirts have you ever seen? 2. How many "skinny" women were ever told "you'd be so pretty if you weren't so skinny"? 3. How many "skinny" women have walked through a store and were pointed at by some rude child that laughed and said "mommy look at the skinny woman over there"? How many "fat" beauty/homecoming/prom queens do you know? None! Right? That's because "fat" people aren't the beautiful people. If "fat chics" need validation then give it to them. Lets face're all begging for validation.......A/R/F me please, someone buy me a blast, prove i'm popular, prove to me i'm worth knowing, pay me fubucks to look at my pics (WTF??) no one is
Fat Chunk Volume 2
  Not only does Jamie Smart make insane comics that make me laugh out loud and shit, he also oversees this anthology.  The first volume "Robots" was pretty good (in all honesty, any anthology will have stuff you like and stuff you don't), and volume two "Zombies" is available from Slave Labor Graphics now.      
Fat Cat!
My cat Syxx is fat. Proof! My other cat Charlie can't lay on his back like Syxx can.   yea, I was bored.
Fat, Chubby Women And Their Pathetic Desperate Attempts
    It amazes me what sum fat women would do just to get attention. Bad enough they gotta photoshop their own pics....and now this? lol
Fat Doesnt Mean Desperate
ok yepp im a fat chick im a fat chick cuz i eat i eat cuz i like it yet still im sexy ive never been skinny nor do i want to be just my choice but just because im fat doesnt mean i want to cam,phone bone cyber or any other internet bullshit some guys seem to think i want to do i dont have low self esteem and the only "good" pics i have ar the ones posted anyother "good" stuff i save for my boyfriend with whom i live and one more thing guys ummm we arent as impressed with your cocks as you are ty have a nice day
The Fat Disease
Being fat is an epidemic in the US so they say. But they never take the time to show one other side of the coin. I have Cushings Syndrome. Its the "fat disease". My body makes a chemical which is absorbed into the thyroid and caused me to gain weight at an unimaginable rate. You also get this hump on your back right below the neck. I gained 200 lbs in 6 months. And they thought I was just over eating. I had not changed my eating habits in that time. I did try to change things like going vegetarian for awhile to no avail. Millions suffer from it and most are undiagnosed. There is treatment for it but it is mostly a diet and some thyroid meds. After I divorced in 2000 I went into therapy cuz of the divorce and started working on losing the weight. I lost 150 lbs in a year and a half but it doesnt appear anymore will come off. The moral of this blog is, maybe, just maybe some of those people the skinny people make fun of cuz of their weight may just have no co
Do you think your hot or not I can tell you first hand everyone I see I want them to look at me As one of the greatest poets to ever walk this land I am just a man I have loved a many beautiful women They have in turned loved me I have seen them cheat I have watched them die I have seen the very best of these I have seen the very worst of these SKinny, fat, chunky, a stick To me it does not matter It is the mind at work that really matters As I age I see it more and more The women around me want to see me as just a guy next door Which if that is how they feel They dont see the man who can love them with more than any But as a friend I will make sure you do not falter Your eyes are of yours you are that very beholder What you see is what you get You dont put blinders on after the first time to bed That should just be a love testament So if you have piercings, tattoos and all If a person judges you Pretend they are a wall Your true love is right near by Jus
angels draped in gold stand around me with smiles upon their faces welcoming me home with open arms.itry to take a step but i cannot move. i look down to see my feet planted firmly on the ground. i dont know why i cant move. i call out to them as they move away but my voice falls on deff ears. is this my fate. is this gunna be my eternity? watching all the others walk through those golden gates while i stand here never moving.
You walk by me on the street Memories of us painfully replay so vividly What you did, never to be forgiven Eternity isn't on your side Forever to see the faces of the ones you hurt. Come near me again. See me one last time As the lights fade around you, the blood on the knife I hold runs to my hand and dries. Thoughts run through your mind You ask for forgivness. TO LATE!! Forever to walk this earth alone. Your fate is sealed. I may go to hell, But I got my revenge and only a bruise to remind me!
Fatel Night
Fatal Night Two young Lovers Walking hand in hand Fingers entwined Bodies somtimes touching Whispering words of love to one another Sharing secerts A sudden Bang Is it fireworks? Your pulled away form me Blood Covering us I run to you Holding you in my arms Whispering softly I love you Please Don't Go In my arms you lay Your final words I Love you still in my mind This mis dedicated to Donald "Ducky" O'Donnell I miss you Ducky, still thinking of you every Day
FATE How do you explain Fate? Is it destiny or opportunity? What does Luck have to do with it? Should you grab it and run? Or let it run its course, By nature it is uncontrollable, By nature it is unmistakable, Fate is a silly thing, Fate is a beautiful thing, Question is, is it attainable? Have Faith, stay the course, Because in the end, after all it is, Just Fate
Fate (v4v Haiku)
Fear Knives. Vendetta. Vengence. Dancing. Growth through pain. Pancakes. Destiny. Written By: Mahala Anne Campbell
Fateful Evening
Fateful Evening by silent_submissive © It was an evening like no other. The events which changed my life forever. While now I may start at the end of my journey, I feel that it is important to do this tale justice, in remembrance of my Master. He was my life. He captured my heart and soul and understood me so well, unlike any other individual past or present. He loved me, I enchanted Him, He was all that was good and just in this world. He led me with an iron will, and embraced me as if I were His long lost lover. I first met Him, on an online chatroom, usual conversation and exchange of pleasantries. Even from the first moment when we spoke I knew that He was the one who I would spend my life with. Almost a year we chatted, role-played, shared pictures, spoke on the phone, learnt about each other in ways that may not have seemed as realistic as we weren't together as flesh and blood. The moment came almost a year later when in my private mailbox, my secret one, that del
Is it possible to make a decision that messes up our fate? Or does God help us with all of our choices therefore determining fate? Or is life really just the results of choices made and roads chosen, and therefore we determine where we end up... which defeats the entire Fate theory. I like to believe that we make decisions based on our religion, personal experiences, and our moral beliefs. Does that make fate a reality? You be the judge... just words to think about... -Sherrie
The Fate Of Romipen... (gypsyhood)
Love has no bars, Love has no rules. Hearts get broken When people become cruel. I remember the day That I fell in love with you, It is so crystal clear, I knew in my heart that we'd say "I do." My love grew over the months That you were away from me; I knew that forever with you Is where I wanted to be. If only we'd known The next act of that play, We could've changed it, And we'd be together today. Instead, we're with someone else That we really don't love; Our hearts are with someone else As we wish upon the stars above. A love like ours is forever That I know to be true, If we ever are together again, I'll never leave and that's my promise to you. © VICKI JOINER WRITTEN NOVEMBER 18, 2000 COPYRIGHTED ON: 2004-09-22 14:46:17
Fate’s Confluence By “kuba”
Fate’s Confluence by “Kuba” Thunder sounds and fires burn Wind-swept mountains and dew-soaked fern Untamed calls that know not time Captured in this soul of mine Veiled within a play of light Silent treading through seas of night Thou cannot know the sights I’ve seen The forgotten names of where I’ve been Lest thou know one world alone Tending seeds of sin you’ve sown Still crafting spears that pierced my side My subjugation begets your pride My heart still beats, but blood runs dry Dare I say my end is neigh? What cruel whim, what cruel fate Would cast me through perdition’s gate Thou hold the keys to grief’s refrain While courting death, doom and bane Hath thy judgment’s craft been made? Hath thou clasped the sword or spade? Recall the fires that doth rise In the deepest deeps and skies Fearful symmetry of work divine Captured in this soul of mine. -July 15th 2006-
Deep within the crystal I look. Many powers it has took. Karma seems to fill the air. Men venger to the dragons lair. Only one brave soul shall return. The end is near and evil shall burn. ~Gwendolyn A (Pepper) Coyne 1994
find i can no longer fight what has already been set in stone before i existed.all my adult life i have strove for things i was never ment to posses wich others find so commen and normal. somewhere over the long fight i forgot that you shouldnt fight the waves of existence you should ride them let them carry you to and fro.and for some reason ive been stubborn and pig headed all this time i yearn for the time when i was young care free and everything was ahead of me but those times are no more i must realise i have lost the good fight and quit fighting that wich is natrual once again i find myself pulling my hood over my head and slowly turning away from the light and life and walking into the shadows where im at peace taking but a moment to slowly turn around and see what was or could have been my salvation my joy my hopes and dreams the sunlight that i shall not feel unless its reflected off the moon i feel i must walk in the dark and not set foot in the day time realms again my co
Fate.... Aka Insipration Found
Fate… Song by Steven, no music, but its no poem… A flawed fantasy a wanted vision to one All the bad I’ve done never be undone Struggled hard on life just to get me through It never seems to end, seems to end with you Fate keeps me down away from your love I’d pray to the god I don’t know from above It’ll never ever work we know it for true But I still wanna fight, gonna fight for you I do what I can to the end of the day You seem to always smile at the things I say Somewhere deep inside life seeps through My day never ends, never ends with you Fate keeps away, the touch of your love I thank god for your gift, for you from above I’ll never get to keep I know it is true But I’m still gonna fight, wanna fight for you Another long day it’s near the end I keep you in my mind, your thought I defend Won’t let go, won’t let go You see me and you smile, but you still drift away All I can do is sit back and say… Fate stops the touch, the touch of your love
Tempted though he should've died, at more then one time, despite trying he still survived. He danced with the devil later on, but his unknown gift would later be his first born. He dug through alot, and he aims to prevail,almost 10 years since it began .When he found out of his destiny,what he started was no longer a mystery, but it made sense, he challenged it, challenged destiny. He saw some natural blues, and some greens aswell but it unfolded him. At one point he didn't want to be, but its over now, he knows and after years his power has become as Shakespear called it "To be." It could work, or take him only so far, he doesn't know where it is next, but its that much more far.
The Fate Of Nature
It’s the End of the year and I sit and wonder how much time is left. What will the New Year bring? What will be important in this New Year and what will be left behind? A road that’s never built can never be traveled. A road that is not traveled will eventually grow over as if it was never there. It’s Funny how nature takes care of these things with out our help. Fate never built a road and nature never waited on anyone.
Fate And Destiny
"It is still best to wait for the one we want rather than settle for the one that is available.It is still best to wait for the one you love than settle for the one who is around.It is still best to wait for the right person. Because life is too short to waste on the wrong one."
The Fate Of Sylvia Browne
1/30/2007 Dear Readers: In this newsletter I will do the Astropsychological profile of self proclaimed psychic Sylvia Browne and ask my many thousands of readers to participate in a very special request. I was watching Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN Fox News tonight in a very hot debate against Sylvia Brown involving Robert Lancaster ( and James Randi ( As you may already know, on the Montel William's show she announced the death and location of Shawn Hornbeck's body creating tremendous emotional pain to the parents Pam and Craig Akers. This dramatic story ended up positively when he was found alive a short distance from his home. This could also open a can of worms where people may decide to join and ask for their money back, again the stars have spoken and I will tell you more in time. For years Sylvia Browne benefited from her international exposure on the Montel William television program and Montel, being a shrewd
The Fate Of Sylvia Browne Part 2
1/31/2007 Hello all: Well between "And The Rest Of The Secret" and the recent Sylvia Browne dilemma my mail box is literally exploding with all sorts of feedback. It is impossible for me to answer every one of you personally so I picked a few interesting topics and will share them with you. Again remember I am not here to bash anyone including Sylvia Browne, I am much too confident and secure with myself to do so with anyone. I am here to expose the truth and as mentioned many times before people can only relate to me because of their experiences, education and most of all their natal UCI (or Unique Celestial Identity). You may perceive my work negatively because all of the above but it seems that people do not read my newsletter to the end or with an open mind and let their own ego or fears interfere with my message. So read my work objectively, use common sense and don't let your own personal feeling interfere with your good cold, and critical judgment. Realize tha
Fate Or Coincidence
I no longer look at him as my lover, though he was in so many ways. I no longer look at him as my friend, though he was more than that simple phrase portrays. Let it be, as the Gods look upon me, with faith regarded, set me free. Free of the ties which bare me to the one who laced my nights in fire. Take me back to the moment when time didn’t exist and my lungs held no breath, for I fear without him all time has stopped and I shall never breathe again. Yet as I have so loved, let him so love, as I have so breathe so shall he. Be it fate or coincidence, let happiness be in his arms soon, for I know it tires in loneliness, because he is so fine that every star in the heavens has dimmed in respect for his presence. This symphonic spirit in mortal guise has so captured the essence of human perfection that every emotion is green with jealousy for the desire to play across his face in the merest of moments is too great. Oh, were I his happiness!! For to light up his eyes, rosy his cheeks, an
Fate And Choices
so much time wasted so much time gone now that fate has once again come and gone taking all my pride and knocking down my spirit if i screamed would anyone hear it? life is full of choices some good and some bad but what if a choice was something we never had no one chooses to lose those that mean so much or to have their heart taken away by someone who only wants to mess it up fate is that one thing that makes our choices we make a good or great thing or one huge big mistake i hope and pray that fate will be kind because this mind and heart are far from blind looking and searching hoping for the day things will look brighter and for a love that wont go away knowing it is out there if only the eyes of my soul can see somewhere someone is waiting just for me
Fate Sometimes Kicks You In The Face
My room mate and her boyfriend are suppose to get married Wedensday night.He found out today that he has bone cancer in his neck.Everyone is understandably upset by this news.The only thing I could tell her was not to fall apart now because no matter how scared she was he had to be 10 times more frightened.I told her to save her tears for later and to live her life with him for as long as she could and be happy.I know that would be hard for anyone to do,but there will come a time for tears and anger later.So the only thing I can do for them both is be here when they need me.
maybe it's fate that we met and maybe it's fate that we went our different ways whose to say noone can tell me how it happened and why it happened some say what does fate have to do with it noone can really explain it to me why do these things happen and why are they happening to me why all this pain tell me what is fate why do thing happen than they go bad can someone tell me please what is fate and what does it have to do with anything that happens to people by Melissa Dumler
Fate's Path?
"We walked together down the path that leads I know not where. It matters not, for we, Together, will abide whatever fate Has planned for us. Forever." Ferventlove
FATE Current mood: crushed Category: Life My Heart Was Broken Just today. I never saw it coming. As soon as you think life is finally going your way, Fate thrusts it stealy knife into your heart! You think you made the right choice slowing down to take a breath. But then you find it turned round to kick you in the ass! I never thought fate would be so cruel to take my love from me. I just wanted to clear my head To make sure my judgement wasnt clouded. I needed to know my path was right. But taking that breath open the door to pain in my life. Fate tries to console you by telling you " you lost a lover not a friend". So maybe my heart wasnt broken. But its got a hell of a crack in it and hurts like it was. To Fate I say FUCK LOVE!
Fate Knows
He tapped on my window as he was passing thru. He said it's "Been a long time since I seen the looks of you." "I bet you've been wonderin' just where have I been" I told Mr. Fate that it was good to see him again ... We sat down and shot the breeze and told a couple lies We talked about the fact there are just no real goodbyes. He said "Believe like me and I know you do of the heavens up above" You'll always get another chance to see the ones you love. With that thought he left the house his cider was still warm I pondered on about my past and the knowledge he'd informed. I watched him walk into the mist as his image slipped away. I knew just then that Fate was right and I'd see them all one day
Within those lonely hours; where the hunted howl in breathless cries to the newborn moon; the naked thought of innocence-lost lingers within the trembling wisps of fog that rise from the virgin waters. It was the smooth elegance in her movement, as fingertips traced patterns in the shallow puddle composed of the tears the soul had bled before time could cover the raw exterior of newly inflicted wounds, that summoned the attention of being. The evanescent shadowed thought coveted the infinite forces of life that whirled in soft whispered hums along the trenches of past and now. Reflection of face distorted in wretched illusions resting upon the rippled lines as water surface dances to the rhythm of touch and from pain-clutched lips the gasp for untainted air comes in discomposed deliverance Paeans
Is fate more comforting or threatening?
Do you believe in fate? Destiny? Soulmates? I don't. I believe we are all we have. It's up to us to put into action our love, or any other emotion that is out there. So why is it when you fall in love, it seems like it throws all of that into the wind? And for that matter, why is it that we lose our minds when we fall in love? And in some cases, our individuality. I mean, you think you have your life going in one direction, you're world is set into place. Then you fall in love and just like that, you're willing to give it all up. Crazy. I dunno. Just thinking...
Fate And Circumstances
Fate And Circumstances by Missy As words flow across the screen, Relationships are discussed Positions dreamed, Frustration intensifies. You say fate has brought us together But circumstances are keeping us apart Will fate and circumstances ever let us be as one?
Fate Has Brought Us Together
You can't fight fate You can't fight destiny No matter how far away you are What's meant to be will always be I don't believe fate could have brought a more perfect person in my life For if one even exists I know of them not Fate has brought us together Destiny has sealed our lives I'll live with you forever In perfect love and perfect trust Take my away from this place Where my heart is torn in two Keep me safe in your arms I'll do the same for you
Fate Or Destiny
"People often meet their destiny on the road they take to avoid it" - French Proverb Many people talk of Fate and Destiny as if they are one and the same thing, but it may be interesting to examine the subtle difference between the two. It is believed by many that before we are born we make definite choices as to what we wish to learn, and the aim we want to fulfill during the coming life. It is a Spiritual decision which is rarely remembered once we are born, but in hindsight we often see that events and circumstances have led us unknowingly onwards towards our chosen destination. So our Destiny could be classified as our own personal Star. It is the Spiritual Will of the person; a deep inner need; something that drives us to do what seems impossible. It nurtures us with hope in our darkest moments; enables us to dream of better things, and resides in a place where we are destined to find our fulfillment. Destiny is what we are here on earth to achieve. It is
Fate Everything falls around her. The world fades away. Everything fails to come forth. Shes all alone on a silver kind of day. No one will every feel the pain and sorrow she feels everyday. Not know what lies before her. wether its dead or alive. Wether she has a future at all. Not knowing wether she'll wake up from her sleep. From her cold dark dreams. Wether she'll come forth and show the world. Or fall back and watch it get torn apart. Wether she'll see herself grown. Or lying in a coffin somewhere in the cold hard ground. Wether she'll be at her best friends wedding. Or watching from a distance. What will happen to this dead dreaming girl. Will she have a life. Or make the biggest mistake of her natral born life. I guess we will see what happens with this her. we will just have to wait and time will tell. But if this her does fall out of place. I do hope there will be great hope from her peers. To help her to not do the wron
Fated To Be Friends html?hpid=moreheadlines Fated to Be Friends one defied orders to leave the other behind to die; decades later, the rescuer saw his patient in traffic: 2 chance encounters sparked a lifelong 2-member fraternity By Steve Hendrix Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, July 1, 2007; C01 George Serkedakis and Ken Myers may have been in their last parade. They rode together on Memorial Day in a parade in the District, a couple of elderly vets of the Battle of the Bulge in a ceremonial Jeep. But Myers is closing in on 87, and Serkedakis, at 93, is finding it harder to muster the energy. They have nothing planned for the Fourth of July; neither is sure he will make it to the 99th Infantry Division Reunion in September. "I was really scared he was going to fall out of that Jeep," says Serkedakis's wife, Faye, 70, on recalling her husband's last public excursion. "They are slowing
Fate Or Destiny?
Fate or Destiny? "People often meet their destiny on the road they take to avoid it" - French Proverb Many people talk of Fate and Destiny as if they are one and the same thing, but it may be interesting to examine the subtle difference between the two. It is believed by many that before we are born we make definite choices as to what we wish to learn, and the aim we want to fulfill during the coming life. It is a Spiritual decision which is rarely remembered once we are born, but in hindsight we often see that events and circumstances have led us unknowingly onwards towards our chosen destination. So our Destiny could be classified as our own personal Star. It is the Spiritual Will of the person; a deep inner need; something that drives us to do what seems impossible. It nurtures us with hope in our darkest moments; enables us to dream of better things, and resides in a place where we are destined to find our fulfillment. Destiny is what we are here on eart
Fate, Thoughts, And Complete Honesty....
I have never been one to believe that I actually meet anyone without some help from Fate, or a very good reason. Every person that I have ever met in person walks away, remembering me. Even years from the moment they leave or I do, they still remember me down the road. Every person...I have left an unseen mark upon their life... It is not bragging or bullshit, but truth. Just ask any of the ones that truly know me. I don't ask people to be a friend unless I see something within them. It is hard to explain, and unless you really know how I am, you won't understand. Those that know me or are getting to know me are learning still that I am not as great as they think me to be...I am just me. I don't pretend to be someone I'm not, I don't lie to you, and if you need me, I'm almost always there. My friends will vouch for me on this one...I would sacrifice almost anything for THEIR happiness. But then again...there is my happiness that I rarely ever look at. It isn't easy for someon
Fate Vs. Destiny A Chapter From My Book.
Clifford’s Funeral Home Sunday March 2001 11:00am Taylor stood inside the door every time she got close to escape for a few minutes of private time something or someone brought her back into the main room. She was suffocating, so many faces passing by her most had no clue what was really going on. They were there to mourn the death of a young man gone before what they believed to be his time. Looking around she never felt so alone. Her sister and her mother sat at the front of the room oblivious to all that had happened, all that was said. Lynn stood strong accepting the false promises given to her from Taylor’s family. She realized growing up a lot of them said what they needed to, to justify there actions for the past. The display Taylor had seen that afternoon disgusted her, their family was unable for one day to set aside petty differences to say good-bye to someone they all claimed to love and yet, never attempted to see. Her Aunt Trisha and the youngest of her m
I have realized something over the last 3 months... If you're single, why not just enjoy it. see the world around you. Look in differant areas. Never settle!!!Don't make it your lifes goal to find that "one". When you think you have found them and their only interest in you is to see what they can get and hurt you, never chase them. let them go their own seperate way. never plot revenge... it makes you as low as that person. When you are meant to find them, fate will make it so you are both in the same place at the same time... Trust fate. till then enjoy your life to the fullest. To a certain person.... You're on your own honey. :)
Fate And Circumstances As words flow across the screen, Relationships are discussed Positions dreamed, Frustration intensifies. You say fate has brought us together But circumstances are keeping us apart Will fate and circumstances ever let us be as one?
Fate Chances .........did u make the right turn in your life? I can't help, but think that some people are just meant to be in your life. You have a chance after re-connecting with people to decide rather or not you want them in your life or not. I feel that you have a handful of people that you meet up with time after time because for some reason they are suppose to be in your life. If the decision is made to leave take a left at the Y in the road instead of taking a right, we may never know what could have become of the fate meeting again. I think of this often. There are a few people that I have bumped into more than once or even twice over the last 9 years. So I can't help, but feel this way. I think that when we are hit with these "fate chances" as I call them. We can take a right or a left.....Which way are you going to take? I also wonder.....Did I/You miss my "fate chance" and the love of my life? I will now give those "fate chances" a real go now that I know this. Now the q
Fate And Destiny
Another sleepless night, so many thoughts run through my head. Countless hours of worrying, trivial things that were said. As a child things are different, we tend to rush our lives away. Precious years that go so fast, defining moments every day. We rush age 13 to become a teen, and age 16 to drive a car. Age 18 to say goodbye to high school, and age 21 to get into a bar. Minutes turn into hours, and hours turn into days. Days turn into years, as the memories fade away. We make decisions with our lives, not knowing where the roads will lead. All the prayers made to God, for relationships to succeed. One day we meet that person, our lives begin to unfold. We see ourselves in the future, we think our fate has been foretold. But sometimes fate has plans, that we can not foresee. The love we thought would last, just wasn't meant to be. A child born out of love, leaves an everlasting mark. A love that once was true, suddenly fell apart. Thing
Fate Is Fate
This one is for you pal. You know who you are. And I feel where your feelings are at. Be strong, Cuz ive been there, and kinda still am. Listen to this for guidence. As we bounce on the same wave say you are over it,...But you know I see underneath. And broken trust...ive been there...its alright to cuss. When you walk by her, its ok to look out the corner of your eye.....but hold tight bro,..cant let her see you cry. Stand up straight...understand God has a plan,..and fate is fate. Ill be right by your side,...even though it dont mean much cuz it might feel like part of you has died. You have to make yourself better...even though its raining on you- play like its good weather. Put down the bottle that represents drunkness,...your better than that,...throw it saying forget this. And i cant tell you things get to where one day they are great., not totally standing on that stage yet, sometimes still battling out of a net. Find in you someth

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