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Feel Me Cum
I feel you in the night when I turn off my light I feel your body against mine while I’m holding you tight I feel your breast against my chest I feel your heartbeat I’m starting to sweat I slowly rub and touch parts of your body my penis is enlarging as you stroke it with your hand you begin to get moist I could no longer control myself I slide it in and started to begin It felt so good It felt so smooth you start to scratch my back as I pump with all my strength the music starts the strobe light is on the bed is pounding the springs are breaking you begin to grown I began to moan I lick your breast as you touched my chest It begins to get faster as the music gets heavier you tie me to the bed and pour me down with oil you start to ride me your hair is in my face while I now softly kiss your lips as we both felt a since of power here it comes “OH MY GOD” you feel a tingle You feel me CUM.
Feelin Kinda Evil
I am the bad taste in your mouth, the bitch That will prove karma as truth, your fall From grace, the pebble in your shoe, the One whore who won’t let her world end Your conscience will love me, obsessed It will haunt your ass playing fair is fair But I give you credit for intelligence Your eyes read “this space for rent” You stare at me vapidly, tongue Swollen, parched, thirsty for an opinion Some water of the third world You can spit in my ear and pretend You have capacity for this You smile at me stupidly, your Grin says idiot, while your words Declare lack of substance, eyes Vacant, mouth blathering, lies bubbling To the surface, swamp gas should smell so bad I am the bastard in your past, the child Of ill love that won’t leave, the fucker in Your rear-view, and I’m giving you the finger I am the acid indigestion, the meals That stop only to repeat, the burning On your insides, the fire in your throat You’ll die to be as good as me, your Eyes
The Feeling Of Love.......
This feeling of love that I have for you, A feeling so strong, so special, so new. You give me the gift of happiness each day, Never have I known it could be this way. You have given your love regardless of cost, With my heart in your care, I will never be lost. Or never again wonder what love really means, For now I do know it means so many things. Understanding and caring, through good times and bad, Sharing emotions, should they be happy or sad. Being there for each other through laughter or tears, At each other's side for the rest of our years. My only wish is to be with you, my love, For each day I pray to the heavens above. That you always remember my feelings for you. A feeling so strong, so special, so new!
Feelin Fruity?...
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Feels So Good
This is how it feels, exciting the raw pink. Slow, slow at first, little spark of thought Ignites into torrid fantasy. Deliciously, tortuously slow, Middle finger slides across sensitive skin, Dipping into warm pink folds, Circles of arousal, Hips lifting in supplication to the Goddess of the hand. Faster now, reaching for the Firm, waxy clit. Blossom opens its petal to receive a stroke, Sticks out her moist tongue to taste the fingertip. Raw pink, Tender hot flesh oozing spicy juices. Cums now, cums now No awareness except the rapture, Imploding red blossoms behind clenched eyes, Nipples massaged, tweaked to fullness, Barely touchable in their ecstatic extension. Thighs and cheeks soaking into the sheets, Sticky, heated sweetness-musk, Gift from the raw pink. Pulse beat spreads throughout, To lips and eyelids from still-throbbing clit, Coursing up through fluttering belly To distended nipples, to lips pursed for breath, Raw pink sleeps satiated.
anger hate & even despise are some the feelings you have 4 me i can tell by that look in your eye's your days here are about 2 come 2 pass 4 im about 2 toss you out on your homeless ass tbc
Feels Like Home
Feels Like Home by LukkyKnight © It had been a long day, mostly on his feet, but the drive home provided a decompression interval as the music soaked away most thoughts about work. Opening the door more music greeted him - a CD playing in the living room, one of her favorites - so he leaned his head in there while shrugging off his coat. Curled up on the couch, dozing lightly, a book in her loose grip open on her lap - not exactly what he'd expected since she tended to be a night owl. Still, it was a charming sight with her hair spilling down onto her shoulders, and so much better than the years of coming home to an empty dark house. He walked to the kitchen, kicked off the shoes and splashed some cognac into a snifter, taking a sip before returning to the living room. Setting the glass down he gently dislodged the book from her hand - a familiar title, laced liberally with explicit sensual passages - and laid it on the coffee table. Surprised that hadn't awakened her, he set
Feelings In The Soul
I believe that there is someone that you love for the rest of your life. I believe I have finally found that man. I love him so deeply and true. I didnt know you could love one person this much, other than kids. But I do. I have given him my heart, soul, and body. He is someone that I see myself with for the rest of y life. He supports me in everything that I do. I didnt know that this love, that i have was actually real til one day I looked in my heart and realized it. We have a true and honest love and I believe that it is true love. I hope that him and I stay together til there is no more time in life! He knows who he is!
I just not sure how to feel or what to do about things. My cousin passed away Sept. 21 which was a major shock to everyone we had actually started getting close again and talking more now Oct 20 I lost my papaw I Know he wanted to go and I hated seeing him suffer but I miss him terribly I know I have to be strong for my babies and carry on but its just so terribly hard I miss them both and feel so bad for all my other family especially the ones closest to both of them. Just pray I can be strong for my family especially the kids and I know the answers for my very questionable lil girl. Thank you all.
Wanting, lusting, to be held, to be loved, to feel warmth, to feel your beating heart. Wanting to be sheltered from the cold, heartless winds. Falling into invisible arms; into an abyss of love. Wishing, hoping, that my desires will be filled; my desires of loving warmth. Wanting to be held, comforted, loved. Dreaming of passionate embraces, of tender kisses, loving words, romantic nights. Waiting for undying love.
There's no word strong enough to explain my feelings for you, No one in this world can make me feel the way that you do, The way I feel when I'm wrapped in your arms, It's a feeling of security free of harm, The way I feel when we kiss, I can't even describe a feeling like this, The way I feel when you hold my hand is that anything that I want to do I can, From the very first time that I touched your face and the sweet feeling of your embrace, That's when I knew I am going to love you forever and to me I will leave you never, To me nothing in this world is more important than you, I would do anything you ever asked me to do, I will stand by your side through thick and thin, And I will be here to love you until the end.
Confusion Frustration Anger Hurt To name just a few Helplessness The need to scream You wonder why Enlightenment Frustration yet again Hope Hope taken away Tears Guilt You wonder why Unanswered questions Broken hearted
Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
The Feelings
The feelings i have are so true wondering why i feel this way about u when ur with her and not with me you say u think about us sititng in this chair...wishing u were here with me praying that one day my wish and dream will come true but untill that happens i will just keep wishing and praying untill that lucky day comes. and u are here with me saying those wonderful words to me.
Feel Good About Life, Give It Positive Effect.
ef•fect 1: PURPORT, INTENT b: basic meaning :ESSENCE 2: something that inevitably follows an antecedent (as a cause or agent) 3: an outward sign : APPEARANCE 4: ACCOMPLISHMENT, FULFILLMENT 5: power to bring about a result : INFLUENCE Friday, October 26, 2007 Feel good about life When you can change things for the better, do it. When you're unable to make any changes in the way things are, you still can change the way you feel. And your feelings will end up changing your world. Because your feelings have an effect on what you do from moment to moment. The person you feel like being is the person you will become. The life you most feel like living is the life you will find yourself experiencing. Feel good about your life, and almost immediately your life will begin to align with that feeling. In each area, on every level, you'll start creating the results that validate and fulfill the feelings. It may at first seem ridiculous or impossible to feel
I wish i were too dead to cry You dont need to bother I dont need to be I wish i were too dead to care if indeed i cared at all You dont need to bother I dont need to be song lyrics
Feel You
I feel you in my arms a whisper in my ear a passionate kiss pull on my hair don't let me go squeeze me harder a nibble and lick to feel the pleasure building oh how sweet love can be hold on for the ride hope it lasts forever..
Feeling The Love
the feeling of love in ur soul many people think they know what love is... many people have found true love... then there are people who love for the wrong reasons.... love is a feeling not an act.. love is an uncontrolable emotion that is soul drivin to the core of ur inner is a persation of lust , desire , need, and comitment....when ur in true love ur soul , mind, body, and desire linger for the other, wanting to touch, hold , communicate, and caress every part of each others individual lifes... uniting ur lifes as one unit,, sharing and exploring together in unity..i guess the question is though, can love ONLY be found from the OUTSIDE/IN?.. ppl meet a person starting with a physical attraction between two beings.. then they get to know each other and build the trust and desire....does it have to be this way... loving outside/ in?.. or is it possible to love INSIDE/ OUT.. knowing someone before u ever lay eyes on them... wanting to touch and hold.. having the des
Feelings Of Life!
Life as we know it could not exist Without love joy and happiness Without lessons heartache and sadness What would life be without these Dull boring lifeless is what I believe The excitement of not knowing destiny Lessons learned with every step Love lost and gained along the road We live for these things Yes, there are many others But these are the ones that make up those Feelings Is what makes up a person’s life Weather they know it or not Weather they admit they feel or not Most of us try not to Feel that is because it does hurt But yet something that hurts And brings so much heartache Brings so much happiness and joy Part of our feelings is our life lessons The other part is our life lived.
Feeling Used.. And Not Wanted Anymore
y is that i find what i think will make me happy then it turns around and makes me feel used... i guess im not ment to me worth a dam thing to anyone.. so fuck it i dont even know y im here anymore... maybe i shouldnt be
Feeling Yucky
Probably just a pinch of the flu ... but, I am feeling very achy and pain all over my body. I guess all these late nights and early mornings have finally caught up to me. I guess I better take the hint and slow down and rest. Darn... and I had plans to rape my husband tonight too since I could not rape him last weekend. I am canceling my meeting tonight and will go to bed early. Do I ever feel horrible.
Feeling Crappy
Okay to all my dear friendz
Feeling Blah
Been a pretty quiet weekend... a bit boring. I didn't continue my cleaning from yesterday, just didn't feel like it when I got home today. Didn't eat supper, just not hingry for anything. Went to see David in a Parade today. Maybe that is a little of what has me down. I watched him go by, walked along with the band taking pics of him playing, walked him to his Mom's car... and then headed home. I just wish I could be more of a father.. a better father. Was going to put pics of David up for family tonight, but I guess I don't feel much like doing that either at this point. I know its more than the just not being there for David.... more on my mind that I have to figure out. The answers willcome in time. I just have to be patient.
Feel Not Sorrow
Feel Not Sorrow Feel not sorrow on my behalf As I slip into the past For my greatest accomplishment Is a legacy that will last I’ve dedicated the bulk of my life To the service of my neighbor But I’ve been rewarded time and again For the fruits of my labor Long ago I decided to become A member of the “brothers” Not fully knowing at that time They were unlike all others Firefighters share a brotherhood Only we can understand Helping keep death and loss at bay Though woefully undermanned I’ve seen many of my peers step up Above and beyond the call Risk their lives for perfect strangers Their backs against the wall Even after their acts of heroism Are acknowledged with medals Still what remains as their bravest act Has lifted them to this level For merely signing up to do this job Takes a special breed It’s the willingness to risk so much That’s their most heroic deed It’s their bravery and dedication That sets them apart This is what makes
Feel Free
feel free to check out my myspace stop by anytime
Feeling Whole
I am starting to finally feel whole again. It has been a long time since i have felt this way. I met a great man who treats me the way that ive always wanted to be treated. He loves me for me, including all my faults. He knows my thoughts and can complete my sentances even before i start them. He accepts my kids as if they were his. And althought we both have been through hell somehow we found something in one another that broght us together. Its hard sometimes to try not to wonder if whats happened in the past is going to happen again, but i can only hope that the love he says he has is stronger than the rest. Cause this heart of mine is tired of building walls just to have them knocked down. Only time will tell.
I climbed up the door and opened the stairs, Said my pajamas and put on my prayers, Then I turned off the bed and crawled into the light, All becuz you kissed me goodnight! * Next morning I woke up and scrambled my shoes, Picked up my eggs and toasted the news, I couldn't tell my left from right, All becuz you kissed me goodnight! * That evening at last I felt normal again, So I picked up my mother and called the phone, I spoke to the puppy and threw Dad a bone, Even at midnight the sun was still bright, All becuz you kissed me goodnight!
I have no idea, about my feelings, mixed emotions rush Through me, to the point of no escape! Feelings of loneliness, runs through my veins, Not knowing which way to turn. I can not hide from the pain of losing someone real close To something beyond my control. Crying in the night, for no reason that is good enough to Say "cry for it till then." No one to turn to in this hour of my darkest need or want, To hide from the hurting. Drowning inthe pit of forever, nothing to save, From the bleeding in my heart. My life seems to be empty without you here to keep me sane, From my destructive self. Mixed emotions run through my veins, Nowhere to hide, Nowhere to run, And no one to hear my cries! done by christine
* Feel Me?
~Soulmates~ Karma is a responsibility shared between soulmates~ Someone mentioned to me the Possibility of soul mates today and it made me think for along time about what he said~ he said this “ I believe there is a soulmate for everyone, someone who is drawn to you by the traits and qualities others have called flaws. They love and respect you for who you are and what you stand for regardless of what other people think. And don’t try to change or mold you into what they consider right.”~ I think Craig was more right then he knew at the time~ how often have you just stared at someone and just wondered about them who they were what makes them tick~ your sitting there going through the random pages of quazi odd internet friends on myspace or a similar mindnumbing destination, and this one person always makes you stop and look deeper into the pages of there life~ Maybe its how they look … maybe its what they say .. in Your case maybe I loved you fo
Feelings Of Dread...
Ever get the feeling something really bad is going to happen? Ten minutes before I had to leave school I got this extreme anxiety. I was freaked for no reason! The same anxiety you get when you have to speak in front of a big crowd. You feel exposed and vulnerable. Only way I can explain it. I still feel it. I'm jumpy and paranoid. I was shaky on the drive home. I was so overwhelmed and distracted I couldn't drive! I tried to shake it off w/ some good music but nothing. I have incredible insight and I consider this a premonition. No visions just feeling. Call me crazy but this happens all the time. We'll see. I feel stupid for blogging about it but I had to get it out. -REL
Feelers Mixed
yeah yeah here I go again... why do I fall so easily? Why can't I be hard as nails? I am just an old sucker that has lost the flavor... let me ask.... cause I am going crazy... oh hell that was great, had a damn brain fart and forgot what I was going to say... will write again when my head is cleared up... sappy tears are fallin and I hate it when I cry..
Feelin Very Hurt!!!
I was seeing this guy from August till about the beginning of November and just recently broke up about 2 weeks ago. I understand why it needed to be done, but not the way he did it. He did it over the phone while he was in LA instead of doing it in person...i really thought that was a cowards way out. What pissed me off was that he was supposed to come back on Sunday. He had me think the whole time that nothing was wrong and that he would be home on Sunday. Well low and behold he had one excuse after another as to why he couldnt come back that sunday. So then he said he would be home on Monday, and once again he had another excuse and that was when he told me that we needed to be friends, get to know each other better, get that understanding of each other, and then get back together again to have a healthier relationship. I told him that I wanted to do it in person because its just wrong of the way he did it. I know that he had it planned the whole time, to not be coming back here to
Feeling Like Sh** Today
What a lousy Tuesday. I am feeling so bad again today. This all came down on me Sunday morning when I woke up. I spent my day yesterday at meetings and then I had a meeting again this morning but came home for lunch and am just about to go to bed now (2:45 pm) I have aches in my joints and just feel weak all over. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow for I now am behind schedule and need to catch up.
Feeling Bad
Feeling Invisible
y do i feel like im not here y do i feel like im not worth anything y do i feel like i should just stop living maybe cause i get ignored maybe cause i get made to feel that way at times maybe because i have had to many ppl tell it would be better for OTHERs if i was no longer around y do pple think they can treat ppl like that.. maybe i am at times a door mat for others
Feeling Invisible.. And .........
i must be invisible cause... important things said don't get noticed by the one that should i hurt inside and it don't matter i can cry and it goes unnoticed i can say nothing and you take it as fact ( or so it seems) you talk to other and not to me you care more for other and not for me you say i love you to others but not to me so i guess i should just be invisible cause in some ways i already am.
So I have two issues one guy I have been seein hasnt called me back in days not even to say been busy catch ya later uses his kid to tell me! How do i feel fuck it He'll want me sooner or later plenty fish in the sea!Then thanks giving my youngest 2 were basically abandoned for thanksgiving was told by her only family is invited i should feel rejected but I dont I'm happy i was home with the boys and not in jail or even homeless like i was a few short months ago the way I look at it is i could be upset but why life hands u lemons u make lemonade and im movin back up in the world so look out here I come and when im lookin down on the ones who have hurt or rejected me im gonna have one big ol laugh on them! Either way thanks for reading i was in the need to rant.
feeling like it wouldnt matter if i was here feeling like i dont matter feeling like im just someTHING to be used something to be played with something to be joked at something no worthy of being around feeling that im on the outside looking in feeling that i should just not be around feeling that i should give up and die feeling that noone would care if i was gone feeling ppl would be happy to see me gone forever feeling it would make everyone glad im no longer takeing up space on this planet feelings ... yes I HAVE THEM!
Feel So Down And Out
Alone by *liquid-venom on deviantART apparently not much of what i say means anything to anyone. I know u'll say YEAH IT DOES. but i know it doesn't. can't say anything to guys cuz all they want to do is stare at your breast and that's all they want. and Pay attention to. sometimes i do wonder if anyone would really notice if i moved away, died, went into a coma...only thing most would miss is my boobs. But i know not me. ever since i graduated I haven't gotten to see much of my friends anymore. I miss them like crazy. miss them making me laugh... helping me when i wanted to cry. now all i feel is that im alone. I don't really feel that i have someone I can go to and Tell my life to and my every feeling. No one. Don't have that person to tell me it will be alright and me have the feeling Yeah it will be. I have people that are interested in me but then the next minute their gone & don't talk to me again.So its like why get my hopes up for anything that never turns out.. and im alw
Feeling The Moment - Feeder
Feelin Blah Today
Haunting memories, control thoughts Dark shadows all around Blinded by agonizing pain Curled uncaring on the ground Happiness left long ago Darkness and heartache abound Screaming, moaning, cry's of grief Are now the only sounds Nothingness wraps around me Blanketing my soul Needing you to hold me My life has become so cold Trying to go on without you To me an impossible task Living without your love I don't think that I can last *********************************************** Dream of love, when night blankets the earth, dream, You shall not touch it, it won't know you, Scream, bare your soul in light and just scream, Do not hesitate, whatever you do. See, open your eyes and truly see, Lives colliding brutally into lives, Debris falling on top of debris, Thrives and although it falters, love thrives. Closing your heart is like love closing, Never found again, but in dream, never, Decomposing soul, souls decomposing, All lost faith in
You put the world on my shoulders and i take it all. You don't say thank you you just act like its nothing. I try to be strong try to hide my feelings for you. I make it so you don't see all the hurt I have inside. I wish you would help me, instead of me helping you. I can't let you down thats how you make me feel. So now I'm saying sorry for my own Feelings.
Feeling Betrayed
You came to me for help, i gave you my all. I went out of my way to help you and for what. You got what you wanted now your friend is pushed aside. You used some one's friendship to achieve your goals i hope your happy with the results. If thats your kind of friendship no thank you i will pass i dont need it. It is better to be alone then have so call friends abusing friendship. proves my point alone in darkness is by far better then the so call light. my destiny was the cold path of darkness and it is what i shall follow. Dont claim to be my friend you are not nilla is not for this dark one. Cold and hard is what you push me to now live with it. Some may not like this blog and at this point i dont realy care any more. Enjoy my art but no more will be given this dark one shall go where it was writen . I am a Dark Master and that is what i shall be. I wish you the darkest of nite CreedOne Last BreathMusic Video Codes By Music I
Feelings(cant Remember The Date)
When you hurt, i hurt When you cry, i cry Everything you feel inside Undying love i have for you Everything i've said is true Without you, i'd be lost No life for me, i'd take the cost Cut me now, to see i bleed No pain could hurt me now with you beside me Stay with me now right by my side You and me against the world we'd stride i sit here now what i say is true You're in my heart and i love you
Feeling Pain ... Published
Pain is a sensation I have often felt, in many different forms with pain I have dealt. The pain of the body from cuts, illness,scrapes, punches, wrecks, and the pain of birthing labor. Pain of the heart when you love some-one or when your worried over a sick son. Pain of the mind when time has made you old when you have no-one and the days grow cold.
Feeling Great!!
this happens to be one of my favorite music videos, that happens to show my feeling on that touchy subject of falling in love. an this is the time of year where love is everywhere.i am hoping this happens to me very soon. watched most of my freinds find this kind of love an are very happy. i only get to sit back an write about it. as i have always said~~ MUSIC IS MY BOYFREIND ~~ it seems i have trouble communitcating the right way with alot of guys. but only one has touched my heart to wanna make me be a fool of myself to see if am anything he might want to seek out an find. so i tell the tale of~~ ONCE UPON A TIME ~~ and end it with ~~ AN SOMDAY WILL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER ~~ so to the ones that know me, expect to see alot of physical changes in me this comming year. i am going to make this the best year yet. to all that are in love bless you!! to all who are seeking but not finding, QUIT SEEKING.. YOU JUST MIGHT FIND. there is someone i am hoping will see in me what i already see
Feelings of despair, Feelings that u don't care Feelings of being broken, Feelings of words not spoken Feelings of you are always true, Feelings of being with you Feelings of being incomplete, Feelings that we will never meet
The Feelings Of Guilt
If you think for just one second That I don't feel a thing When I look into your eyes Or even say your name If you think but for a moment That my heart doesn't skip a beat When you walk into the room Or when our eyes finally meet If you think for just one minute That I can live without your smile When your eyes light up my days Or your touch takes away my trials If you think but for a moment That I don't long to kiss your lips When you look at me and smile that way Just remember this... You mean the world to me Your friendship is so true Would it be too bold of me To tell you I love you...?
Feel The Pain
Night and day Something is in me What to say My mind is not free A friend you where Filled with words of care and wisdom Then you disspear which is not fair Acting like you do not care Messages i send to you Ingoring me in every way What in the hell did i say? Everynight we talked and a nice time Had to end our friendship in its prime Your picture sits before me Beauty i see, yet you dont want to talk Sitting here writing in chalk Right in from of your eyes Which fuels these words and my cries Pain you feel i am sure it is there Nothing truley can compare Right i am, waiting for a day That you will speak to me again someday Your face your eyes i can never forget I have not changed, want to make a bet? Time has elapsed, still no answer Am i the source of your emotional cancer? Persistant and true, nothing left to do All i want to do is have a chat with you To me it seems i might have made a wrong Can you give me time to fix it, alright?
i feel blah today.. enough said.. -hands out candy canes and gum drops- mauhs :)
Feeling Melancoly!
I thought I had the emotion covered up, but everyone around me keeps asking if I am alright. I just tell them it is my allergies. In part it is, but not totally. My life could be very much different. I gave up things and also had things ripped from me that would have torn up a weaker person. I keep things well hidden behind the walls I have built. I grew up knowing that people will take something from your life and twist it like a knife and cut you to pieces. Even my closest friends don't know what lies deep within these walls of my soul.
Feelin Kinda Dirty
give me what you got even if its sin just open up my legs baby and slide your fingers right in then let me get on top and ride your chin as you lick my clit i say please dont stop till my g has been hit
The Feeling That I Endure
theres feelings that i endure i dont know what to do cause its been a while since i have felt like this. it seems everyday life gets a whole lot better for me when all i used to dois struggle. i still endure some of the pain and wished i could just let that go let it be but i cant there some things that i still hold on to and not many people about that. life is got to be so complicated for me but easy for others i dont understand what i do understand is you gotta go thru the bad to get the good but its seems for ever with me. i miss the happnees i once had now i have all the sadness and it hurts to the point i cant breaher and i cant sleep at night. i talk about this all the time and in response all i get is the you will be okay well her is what i got to say about that if imma be okay then why have i been feeling this for like since i was in 9th grade wehn im now graduated four years lata now going on six years still feel the same way so tell me why. life is ruff not
A Feeling
A feeling so deep,a feeling so pure A feeling of comfort,feeling secure Feeling special,a feeling of goodness A feeling of care,a feeling of trueness So close so near so much love we share A feeling of emptiness if you weren't here Do not ever want to let this feeling i feel go Let this be something i'll forever know What would i feel without you Like i'm in a dark place all lonely In a cold cold room, with no one to hold me But while i'm with you I feel like i'm in paradise Your everything i want I never want to leave this place I'm not goin even front You make me feel good with all that you do I feel LOVED when i'm with you.
Feeling A Little Stressed??????
Feeling a little stressed???? Life getting on your nerves? Can't stand the pressure? Here's a new relaxation technique that might help ... Sit comfortably ... Close your eyes halfway to dim the light. Take a deeeeeep breath ... Are you concentrating? Clench and unclench your fists. Feel the tension moving to your hands? Now slowly ... pull your arms back as far as you can ... AND... Whack the person next to you really hard! Doesn't that feel better?!? Consider yourself whacked.... ....HAVE A NICE DAY!....
Feeling Grinchy
Today has not been my day for having the Christmas spirit. First, I am still struggling to pay my rent. This isn't being helped by the fact that I am getting zero job interviews or offers. Second, I had to go to Wal-Mart to get a few things. The place was crowded. Check-out lines were long. And what really pissed me off was that there was this woman in the "20 items or less" line with at least 30 items. Not only was she clearly over the limit, her family kept adding new stuff to be bought while the cashier was ringing her up. Not helping things is that it has been cold and couldy here in AZ. So I feel even more depressed.
Well I know the words, but I can't really speak them.... To you And I hide all the pain that I've gained with my wisdom..... From you And I may end a life, by what I hold inside All the things that I live with I can't easily hide And I'm left here with nothing, nothing to live for.... But you It's not easy to hide All this damage inside I'll carry you with me Until I'm not alive When you look at my face, does it seem just as ugly....To you? I can't seem to erase all the scars I have lived with....From you I'm so sick of this place This taste in my mouth Cause of you I can't figure what I'm all about And I'm left here with nothing, nothing to live for....But you It's not easy to hide All this damage inside I'll carry you with me 'Til I'm not alive
Feel This ..
You Make Me Feel Nothing Nothing But Pain Pain's All I Feel Feel It Now Now It Wont Stop Stop This Feeling Feeling The Razors Kiss Kiss My Lips Lips So Softly Softly Killing Me Me Feeling Your Embrace Embrace The Angels Final Prayer Prayer Is All I Have Having Nothing Left Left Handed Catchers Mit For My Life Life Is All I've Got Got To Let You Go Go Far Away Away From You and My Memory Of You You Make Me Go Insane Insane Thoughts Of Suicide Suicide Is A Pleasure I Cant Afford Afford The Pain Pain and Pleasure Pleasure and Love Love Means Nothing To You You Break Me Me and You You Make Me Want To Be A Better Person Person At Random Is Who I Want To Hurt Hurt Is How I Feel Feel This?
Feel Good About You
I am passing this on to you because it definitely works and we could all use a little more calmness in our lives. By following simple advice I heard on the Dr. Phil show, you too can find inner peace. Dr. Phil proclaimed 'The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started and never finished.' So, I looked around my house to see all the things I started and hadn't finished, and before leaving the house this morning, I finished off 23 Miller Lites, a bottle of Absolute, a package of Oreos, the remainder of my old Prozac prescription, the rest of the cheesecake, some Doritos and a box of chocolates. You have no idea how freaking good I feel. Please pass this on to those you feel might be in need of inner peace.
Feel Good About You!
I am passing this on to you because it definitely works and we could all use a little more calmness in our lives. By following simple advice I heard on the Dr. Phil show, you too can find inner peace. Dr. Phil proclaimed 'The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you have started and never finished.' So, I looked around my house to see all the things I started and hadn't finished, and before leaving the house this morning, I finished off 23 Miller Lites, a bottle of Absolute, a package of Oreos, the remainder of my old Prozac prescription, the rest of the cheesecake, some Doritos and a box of chocolates. You have no idea how freaking good I feel. Please pass this on to those you feel might be in need of inner peace. I got this from Sleazy Rider!
The Feeling Of Belonging Is A Gift.
The feeling of belonging - knowing that we have a place - is one of the most important gifts that two partners can give to each other. When we agree to commit ourselves to a partnership, we give each other the key to our daily lives. We allow our mate to be there with us in a way we would not let others. That means that we can expect to have a place that does not have to be renegotiated every day. This feeling of belonging is a gift, but it must be received. In essence, we say to our partner, "I take my place here in your life because we have our relationship. I will relax. I don't stand at the door and knock. We have already told each other that we are included in each other's lives." This sense of belonging stands in sharp contrast to those feelings of isolation and alienation that we can feel in so many ways. It does not mean that one partner owns the other or that no boundary or separateness exists. But the joy of connection frees people in relationships to fulfill themselves an
Srength,Power,Love,Devotion... Happiness,Joy,Courageous,Serenity... Yes,No,Maybe So... Will I,Wont I,Can I... Deep,Passionate,Creative... Long Hair,Short Hair,No Hair... Will,Purpose... Problem,Solution... Up,Down... Backward,Foward... Temptation,Meditation... Pain,Fear... Hot,Cold... Exquisite,Gem... Do You Really Care,one way,or the other??? Do you base your whole entire life on what other people think of you??? Do you,... i'm asking... Do you??? To that special man out there... If I told you that I love you in front of you an your friends,would you embrace me,or would you be ashame at who's looking/listening... If I call you,would you ignore my call... If I made you mad,would that change the way you feel about me... If I told you I had Only guy friends,would that intimidate you... If I hug one of my guy friend
Feeling A Lil Country Tonight
Feeling Really Sh*ty Today
Today is the day my wife left. So ill be having my up & down moods
Feeling Lucky?
I'm giving away 300,000 Fubucks! I've selected a photograph at random from one of my folders. The first three people to leave a comment on it will win 100,000 fubucks each. * There is no time limit on the contest. * When the photo receives 3 new comments, I will notify the winners, leave a comment on the photo, and write a new blog. No one will be notified until there are 3 winners. * Questions? Give me a shout.
Last night, today, tonight I've thought of you, Your fear of loving me, your fear of pain, My own reluctance soon to love again, And why we often flee what we pursue. I've thought: if we could make time disappear, Prune past and future, make the moment flower, Lobotomize all save this single hour, Then we could love with neither hope nor fear. But when we pause to watch the moment flow, Beneath we see eternity and space, So thin a moving film is time and place, Removing us, and all we love and know. I cannot but anticipate the end: Desire a lover, yet fear to lose a friend.
Feeling Like Shit
ok so everyone i know is popping out babies. i mean its like all my friends and family r drinking something special and leving me out. If u know me real well u know i want kids. it's starting to piss me off that everyone else is having babies (some who don't deserve them) and i'm left in the dark.I'm sick of hearing about them having babies too. It's babies this and babies that. maybe i shouldn't be acting like this but i'm going mad already. question is do i have a right? ok peace gotta run listen to my sister in law complain about one kid well ,get this, shes pregnant with another!!! Y.
Feeling Dooped I never write about what's going on in my personal life, but had to get a few things off my chest. This should be a mumm I have been in a relationship with a man for a little over a year now. We met online. Fell head over feet for him. He says that he is going to move here to be with me, and yet he seems to have a few excuses as to why he can't come when he says he is. I am starting to believe that I was rooked...BIG TIME!! A HUGE ASSED cell bill, to add to it as well! I just feel wronged is all. Kinda blows my trust for ppl. I told him that I was not willing to wait for him anymore and he said to me...well do what you want to do. Now...if he truly loved me don't you think that his response should have been different than that? Anyhow...that's enough for me for one blog! Thanks all for reading...Becky Leanne
ever get the feeling that sometimes.. people are just to worried about leveling..or moving up the ladder? Sometimes.. you need to stop and think.. which is more important.. friends or points.
this feeling i cant let go of its something that i feel inside cause every time i touch you everytime i look into your eyes i see the beauty so deep inside and i fall in love with you all over agian you make me feel so alive this feeling that i cant hide and this love i cant deny cause it feels so right every night your in my arms your lips so close to mine, the scent of your skin, the desire i find dancing in your eyes but my feelings for you its something that will never die its something i will hide away deep inside un done
Feeling Lost And Alone Again...
cant stop the rain from falling, it hides the tears i shed.. longing to feel you next to me.. holding me so close.. wishing i could kiss your warm lips, to make me forget the pain your absence has left.. i know we will never be.. but i have the dream of someone.. If the only way to be together is in my dreams... Then I will sleep forever.. I MISS YOU..
© By Samantha James Sometimes I sit and stare I think and hope that life would be fair Nobody seems to get it They just have no clue That I can be a friend that is really true Everybody whispers All the laughs, the jokes, nobody cares The way they all make fun of my frizzy red hair If only life could be easy I wish that life could be fun I wish I didn't have to run and hide
Feel Free To Show This Guy Some Hate
Not to be confused with showing some love.... Ratings of 1 preferred LOL "Da Sox" A nice gentleman that shoutboxes you asking you for your IM and then calls you Cunt and other colorful expressions after simply explaining you don't just give out your IM to everybody that shoutboxes you. A nice piece of work this guy. Thanks!
Feeling Bored And Lonely.
Looking for a very sexy, and beautiful sharing lady to explore te beauty of a cyber sexual experience. Any takers? Carlos
Is this normal? I'm not sure I've felt like this before. I mean sure I've gone through the whole he's so cute... Ohh My God! What do I say? You know how your mind is in a million places at once... And then that certain somebody walks in and all the doubts, worries, and complications that were spinning around in your head are totally lost. This isn't right... Or fair... This isn't the girl that I've known for so long... Come on you ask anyone that knows her... And they will flat out tell you... She's harsh... Mean... Ruthless... And that's coming from friends... She's that girl that has been in fist fights with random guys since back before anyone can remember... Well at least that's what all her friends say... To the guys she's that girl that can't handle commitment... That girl that's with any guy just for the attention... All the girlfriends and best friends say that she's that hopeless soul that isn't capable of being loved because she flat out don't know what it is herself.. I
Feelings Recently
Losing Control Daily. Getting Harder Not To Cut Myself Wide Open With My Dull Blade. Going To Snap Soon. Yes I'll Regret It For Years To Come. Just Can't Take All The Stress. It's Annoying. Calling For Help Would Work. Only Problem Is ... I'm Too Ashamed To Ask For It. Afraid He'll Be Mad. A Part Of Me Knows He Won't Be. He Would Try To Help. I'm Being An Embarassed Coward I Guess.
Feeling Of Love
To the one I love When I saw you..I was afraid to talk to you... When I talked to you..I was afraid to hold you.. When I held you..I was a fraid to love you.. Now that I love you..I'm afraid to lose you.. Yesterday is a history...Tomorrow is a future.. and today is a gift..Thats why it's called the present.. I was born when you kisses me...And I died when you left me.. But I lived for two months...You loved me.. Untill there was you...I cried myself to sleep.. While I had you, I fell asleep with a gentle smile on my face... Before I lost you..I worried myself to sleep.. Now that your gone..I sit up at night,waiting for you to come back.. Today I'm going to tell you I love you, incase tomorrow never comes. done by Christine
Feel Like Giving Up
this is rated nsfw cuz feelings can be said here which may be alittle offensive...reasons being that at times when i go online icant seem to fins the right person, im either too fucking old, too young?lol out of shape cuz i take heart meds which is to help me get better......what is with this world do you have to be a buffed out muscle head (not really much wrong) poser who looks like brad pitt with and overexcersized arms and chest? what the fuck happened to the normal guy who lives to love his woman and the woman who just loved her man for who he was not what shape he is or has in his friggin pockets..gets tiresome to hear "Oh i wish you the best of luck" fuck luck sux, if i didnt have that luck which is bad then i wouldnt have any luck at all i guess....think about it next time when you go to look for lust and love people....IT ISNT THERE AT ALL
Feelin Pathetic
so im feeling pathetic. still kinda hung up on the married guy, although i know i shouldnt be. if you've ever been in love and for one reason or another it hasnt worked out and trust has been broken then you know how hard it is to stop loving someone. time and effort were put into that relationship - at least by me. he's over it and was able to turn his back and go home. me, im left to pick up the pieces by myself. so, how am i going to do it you ask? im moving. im leaving this sorry ass state to go to another one! LOL. my sister lives in Indiana and has been bugging me since i moved here and had my life fall apart to move up there. i have finally decided to do it. i am scared to death, but feel that it is the best thing to do. i have two kids and am on the brink of an emotional breakdown. i realize i need that support, ya know? my dad has been great the last few months, but god only knows how long that will last. he is the reason i moved here and then he dropped me like shit on
So I am liking this guy, he is an absolute sweetheart. But I am scared. I haven't felt this way about anyone since my ex (who I fell truly and MADLY in love with) so I know if I continue liking him I could feel the same way about him. He likes me too, but I fear he won't when he meets me. I fear that someone else will snatch him up before I have the chance to. I fear that I will fall more for him and that I won't be able to keep him or he won't feel the same way about me. I feel like a school girl with a major crush, the butterflies and heart skipping beats and it feels great. Yet I am scared if I get too close I will end up getting hurt. So I take things slow, but it is SOOO hard to with him! I have been single for a year and a half, its about time I find someone special, could it be him? Is it a chance I am willing to take? Is he worth it? Should I get my hopes up? Yes. I think I will take the chance. I know the risks, and he is DEFINITELY worth it! Wish me luck!
Feelings- Love, Why Does It Have To Hurt So Much?
I was swimming across the sky Clouds and angels by my side Then I realized that I was lonely And it wasn't such a good thing I was flying in paradise In that ocean of dead lights I was looking for your smile in the wind But there was nobody there this morning I was swimming across the sky Clouds and angels by my side Then I realized that I was lonely And it wasn't such a good thing I believe in your smile everyday But I know that you're far from my way When I talk to the moon I can hear you In the dark I can see, I can feel your light I was swimming across the sky Clouds and angels by my side Then I realized that I was lonely And it wasn't such a good thing I was flying in paradise In that ocean of dead lights I was looking for your smile in the wind But there was nobody there this morning I believe in your smile everyday But I know that you're far from my way When I talk to the moon I can hear you In the dark I can see, I can feel your light
Feeling Down?
With people’s desire for tranquility and stress relief stronger than ever, fresh research takes an insightful look at flowers and the important role they may play in our daily lives. A behavioral research study conducted by Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D., of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, reveals that people feel more compassionate toward others, have less worry and anxiety, and feel less depressed when fresh cut flowers are present in the home. “Other research has proven that flowers make people happy when they receive them,” Etcoff says. “What we didn’t know is that spending a few days with flowers in the home can affect a wide variety of feelings.” The Home Ecology of Flowers Study at Harvard uncovered three main findings: Flowers feed compassion. Study participants who lived with fresh cut flowers for less than a week felt an increase in feelings of compassion and kindness for others. Flowers chase away anxieties, worries and the blues at home.
Feel Like Hiding???
"Empty As Me" The brightness of a summers day can dance upon your window pane The drowning sound of falling rain can be enough to drive insane When you sit all alone in an empty room left only to consider the upcoming gloom But its all up to you if you let it consume or open your mind and offer to bloom Grow from the person they all know today rise up to the sun and ride out the ray Its all pretty easy if you just find a way to harden your voice and ask them to stay Stay in the dark and continue to hide all of the fears you have deep inside All of the evil things that trouble your mind all of the thoughts you dont want them to find So you hold it all in and dont let them see all of the person you know you can be So consider these words I know you'll agree that all of you have felt, just as empty as me
Feeling Lost And Empty
Sometimes we hold our feelings back, its just one of those things thats hard to hack! When I see you every day, I cant believe these things are so hard to say! The things that we say just barely make sense, and still things between us are very tense! If I could say just one little thing to you, it would be how much your friendship means, and to you I will forever be true! As I sit and long for your touch, I know that this is all we have which will never be much! Its amazing how quickly our feelings grow, I want to be with you more than you will ever know! For now I know I must let this all go, Just all of this I need you to know!
Feeling Entrepreneurial
en·tre·pre·neur /ˌɑntrəprəˈnɜr, -ˈnʊər; Fr. ɑ̃trəprəˈnɶr/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[ahn-truh-pruh-nur, -noor; Fr. ahn-truh-pruh-nɶr] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation noun, plural -neurs /-ˈnɜrz, -ˈnʊərz; Fr. -ˈnɶr/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[-nurz, -noorz; Fr. -nɶr] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation, verb –noun 1. a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, esp. a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk. 2. an employer of productive labor; contractor. –verb (used with object) 3. to deal with or initiate as an entrepreneur. –verb (used without object) 4. to act as an entrepreneur.
The Feel Good Blog
Thats right, Ahh yes, will be daily postings of my goings and achievements. How boring huh.
Feeling Better
01-30-08 Well it's Wednesday, and as most of you know I am feeling alot better. Though I really still dont know what happened I think I'll be on my feet good enough to go back to work tomorrow. I went to the doctors on Monday and that was a waste of 55.00. He did'nt even do a blood test, just looked at the rash and told me it was an extreme abnormal allergic reaction. Like I did'nt already know that lol. He wants to give me predisone which is a steriod. I've had this once before and it made my heart race like crazy, I took myself off of it in 3 days. I tell him this and he says it's the only thing he can give me to break the cycle. So I go get my medicine and I go home. I make myself something to eat etc. Time to go to bed I have a fever thats raging. I wake up I'm soaked in sweat from head to toe, next 5 minutes I'm curled up tight in the covers trying not to let the chill going up my back freeze me to death. The next morning I get up the fever is still there but not bad anymore.
If I could whisper in your ear I'd know just what to say, If I could hold you close my dear I'd do this everyday, If in your eyes I could take one glance I know with your love I'd take no chance, If ever one day I were to lose your love my mind could not erase the love, joy, and smiles you've put on my face, Not one day do I want to live without you, Not one moment are you off my mind, Be with me forever, until the end of time
Feelings Of Desire
in the mist of the night i feel Your the warm breath on my neck the touch of Your fingers on my body in the Dark of the Night i feel the passion and Desire Building with my hands tied behind my back i feel hot Wax dripping down to my breast the tingle from within awaiting more pleasures my breast are awaiting Your touch Please pinch them Sir make me squirm the smile on my face awaits a kiss from Your lips please Tease them Sir.. i feel Your hand on my ass You spank me gently then a bit harder and again i feel the heat building teach me to be a good Submissive show me Your Desires take me and mold me to a better Person give me the strength that i need in this crazy world passion and desire is what gives life more Zip and the Passion to feel more connection to others show me Your world Sir bound my hands and my feet take me places i have never been before......
Feelings For Somebody
If you have feelings for somebody and you think their strong but afraid to tell them.But You never saw them in person is it possably to love somebody you never met?I mean I feel like it is.I cant stop thinking about this person and drives me up the wall no matter what i do or where Im at the person is in my head.Or should I just let it go cause its never going to happen in the real world:( ....
Feelin' Kinda...hmmm...
Tear out a fresh piece of my heart and leave it hollow. It doesn't hurt; I've gone too numb to feel it. My life, my love, my shattered dreams lie scattered As I watch this world collapse upon itself - Hear every agonized cry and see the utter despair. I mourn, not for myself, but for a life I couldn't live, A life too bright to bear, a happiness too heavy on my soul; And so I weep, inside and out, and feel the strain - My burden borne on crumbling shoulders, Slipping from my body to break apart at my feet.
Feeling Fucked!
Yeah WOW...........My FIRST blog. This week has been an absolutely Fucked up week. My boyfriend of over two years left me for some ugly ass bitch on here........My grandpa died who I loved more than anyone else on this earth. I really expected to have my man by my side through this awful ordeal but no such luck. Its all good, I will recover!!! FUCK YOU KYLE AND YOUR DUMB BITCH!!!!
Feeling Pretty In Pink
Make your own Glitter Graphics
deception.. where truth is often said to meet its end through the conception of lies we defeat what we amend aggression.. where we prove our weakness and our strength which keeps our affection from advancing to its full length obsession... the willingness to make your relationship survive along with sessions of tears that make you wish you'd die deflection... avoiding those that truly care, truly un-aware that you cause your own depression when you avoid her stare Emotions...
Feelings And Thoughts
Okay here goes, this is how I am feeling right now and feel I need to get it out of my head but don't want to bother Jeremy with it cause he has enough on his plate worrying about the racecar. They say god puts on you what you can take, and I believe that and I feel that god must think I am really strong cause I don't think I can do this. All I want in life is a home of my own, and Jeremy to be able to race. Every time I think we are getting on track we get slapped in the face. I think I should get a second job to help pay things off and save money, but I am afraid that we will spend the money if I earn extra. I just don't know what to do and feel that we are drowning in debt and there is not end in sight. If anyone knows what I can do to take steps to help us get out of debt and start to move forward to buy a house let me know, I just feel so down and like doing my best just isn't good enough, these are just my random ramblings sorry to put it out here.
Feeling Blue Right Now
Well i just came back from my uncles wake and 2morrow is the funeral i got to get up early to get ready and go.I am sad but yet i am okay its just sad to know he passed already.He is in no pain and not suffering anymore so that is a good thing.May he rest in Peace!I keep his memories alive inside my heart.I am glad before he passed i told him i love him and he told me back.He knew he was dying and did'nt wanna go through anymore mood right now is saddness but yet i am like okay with it.well thanks for hearing me out hugs xoxoxox kisses2
You ask me why I do not write something....I think one's feelings waste themselves in words, they ought all to be distilled into actions and into actions which bring results. - Florence Nightingale
Im starting to be confused Dont know what I really feel I think I know Yet Im afraid to know Not knowing for sure Your feelings inside I know your scared And I totally understand Know you want to wait Before you speak your feelings Im tryin to keep mine limited Yet it gets harder daily I realize how much you mean How much I care And I cant help but wonder How alike our feelings are
Feelings As I wake by your side, My feelings for you I can not hide, I touch your face in the morning light, Being with you just feels so right You make me feel like I'm a queen, Like being inside an awesome dream, Although this is real, that I know, As the love that surrounds us continues to grow I think of what the future holds... Marriage, children, us growing old, And as I lay, with you dear, I'm just so glad you're mine, you're here.
When you are by my side My heart beats with more intensity, My blood flows though my veins Like a hurricane, faster than ever. When I think about you, I know that you are really far away from my eyes It just makes me calm, that you are really close to my heart.
Feelin Carazzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy
Listenin to Sublime and feelin CARAZZZYYYYY. Thought i'd share that with all ya'all. EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT DAY AND NIGHT XOXXOXOX
Feeling Lonely...
Friday night and here I am feeling sad and lonely, another day is almost gone And I need something...I dont have that "something" in my life Yesterday it was Valentine's day But for me it was just another day anyways... I should be happy because I have my kids :) my 3 beautiful kids Do you care for me??? I need kisses I need hugs I need you in my life hurry up...don't waste your time because I am needing you.. in my life Ana
Feelings are a very powerful tool we have to be happier. Many times we come to the break-up of a relationship we are unable to understand why we did not anticipate that. Go back and look at your feelings during your relationship. Did your feelings not tell you about this? Let us find out more. Sometimes we get confused in a relationship. We seek advice from friends and family and discuss and think about what may be going wrong. We do not pay attention to what our feelings tell us. I have seen instances when couples break- up though their feelings tell them differently. This couple never forgets the ex. Partner because the break-up can never be complete. Had they listened to their feelings instead of focusing on small arguments, they would have realized that they cared for each other and were not ready for break-up. Have you observed your feelings with your friends? Some of them you like instantly while you never like some of them despite any arguments having taken place. Our su
Feeling Blah!
I woke up feeling pretty good this morning. Logged on to Fubar and now I feel blah. So much emotion and feeling going through me that it has left me with a sense of being confused. Anywho~ I need to shake it off whatever it is , cause in the END~ the only thing that matters is My Son. You learn as you are growing up that some people wont be true~then you get older and learn that somethings just never change. Words to live by: ~DON'T MAKE SOMEONE YOUR PRIORITY WHEN THAT PERSON ONLY HAS YOU AS THEIR OPTION~
The Feeling
The feeling of your fingers as they tantalize my skin, are like the many butterflies that I'm hiding deep within. Your lips, as hot as embers burn a river through my soul, your touch so hungry connects with me to make me whole. Your arms are like a fortress that enclose my very heart, and your skin is like a canvas upon which I can create my art. The ride upon which you take me every time that we make love, is like a drug to which I'm addicted and I can never get enough....
Feeling Sick
Hey everyone! How is everything going? Me? I am feeling so sick today, I know its because I am pregnant but today I felt like I had threw up my stomach. Anyway, my babys daddy wanted another chance with me and I told him no because I cant go through that again, if I give him another chance he will just end up leaving me again. So, we decided to just go ahead and be friends, so tonight he is coming over with me to watch amovie. Does anyone think that is weird? Let me know!
The Feeling That You Get
It's that feeling that you get at the bottom of your stomach. There's something that rips and tears at every fiber of your existence. All at once you're terrified, exhillerated, afraid of what might happen, and curious about "What if?" What if something happened? What if nothing happened? What if it went away? What if it was permanent? What if things went the way you had planned? What if nothing goes as planned? What if this isn't anything like I had imagined? WHAT IF? There's also the question of "Why?" Why did I choose this? Why did I do this? Why am I trying to make this something so exciting when it scares the hell out of me? Why did I take this turn? Why do I want to do this? Why is everything so twisted and confusing when all I want to do is this one simple thing? Why would this happen to me? Why did this happen to me? WHY? One more question you might want to ask is "When?" When did I get in to this? When did my fate get decided? When does everything come into focus a
now i know some peolpe might read this and some wow what a sorry sob. or bastard. but its bout that time i vent my feelings out. well i met some one on here n i thought things was goin well. but this person had told me some thigns n stuff n really didnt think nothign of it and crap but then when i come up n voice my feelings n crap its like f u and moves on to some one. ever have some one tell u that they love you then come up and say that same line to another guy aqnd then blame things on u. wel that is what happen here she blames things on me when in fact she should balme herself for takign what i said the wrong way. i feel that things wasnt goint o go good and that i was a rest stop sorta speak for her til she got with the man she really wanted. well then come to find out she changed things on her page n im like mmmm she was saying oh i love you day b4 valentines day the nextr thing i know she saying to another guy. then i get blocked n i asked her wth was goin on and she comes up a
Feeling Blue
I want soo bad to find the right guy! You know though some guys wont go out with you because you are pregnant and they think you are going to pin the baby off on them, I would never do that. I just want someone who is going to be real with me and who is going to love me for who I am. Yes, I thought I was in love with someone and I had sex with them but, everyone makes mistakes but I refuse to let my baby be a mistake, he/she will be a unplanned blessing....I love the fact that I am pregnant and yes I do feel sick a lot, but I know I will be a good mom and I hope to always be there for my kid and since David has decided to be there the kid is also going to have a dad and thats a important thing. Everyone, I love being pregnant and if you are a mom or you are pregnant and have advice then let me know...I am blue because I want to find the right guy and I know he is out there I just have to search for him or have him come to me.
Feelin Low
Ay yo, brotha feelin mighty low ova here an shit,what I thought was helpin out my fam,call helpin out my man an lookin out when i saw sumthin I aint think wuz right,only end up messin stuff up an end up wit him losin the woman what made him happy. Like I came on here ta holla at sum chicks an meet new friends an shit an end up ruinin sumthin for sumbody that be like in my heart yo ya heard? Like that dude aint done nuttin but look out for my ass an shit since I was a kid ya heard? I mean he taught me a lot about stuff ya feel me? An like I just can't eva make up to him for what I did an shit. But it's like my mans always told me every man got to own up to his actions. They aint even my words ya heard? They his words but I do feel them for reals. So Imma own up ta this one,everybody mad at me an shit,Big T,Kano,my bol,my old man,an I don't know how ta fix it I just fuck shit up an know its too late ta fix anything an I feel like muthafuckin shit.
My eyes have witnessed so much pain in this world I tread upon Will your anger continue to infect those around you Can a heart ache ever be mended or will blackness forever fill your veins Do we entail the ensample to leave on for those to laugh & scorn at Can love be forever at my finger tips and dicarded ever so frequently As the victims remain in the wake of my past, I can not go back now Its forever burned into enternity and I shall not live in regret or shame I have no one else to blame for this heart ache and pain
Feeling Good
well after a long time of not feeling worth a damn emotionally i have to say im back to my old self thanks to my mandy who has shown me people can love one another and not expect them to change at all yes its true i have found someone that loves me again
Mar 2, 2008 12:16 AM I don't care if this is posted or not or who reads it... I've spent days trying to figure myself out and whats wrong why I'm hurting so bad.. and as much as I stumble I keep pushing.... maybe I was inlove with you and never realized it.. I don't know... but it seems to make sense why everytime I talk to you I hurt.. knowing I'm not the only one in your life right now that you adore.. and maybe I'm just selfish and not used to "sharing you" Maybe I just donno.. meow....I hate that it bothers me and it pisses me the fuck off cause i wish it didnt i know I want you happy and I know we arent goo for each other but im still hurting.. and down fucking blame yourself cause ill stab you.... It's my fault for hurting... and i;ll be okay eventually... I'm glad this happened... I love you.
Feeling The Luck Of The Irish?
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Feelings Of Drowning
Feelings of Drowning This feeling of emptiness is slowly taking over my soul, Causing me to feel more distant and less bold. Shivering in the night due to its black cold, This night is starting to get some what too old. I feel as though I'm treading water that is weighed down, And not even honored by the comfort of one simple repeating sound. As the seas blackening starts to surround, And this body and its wishing to touch, once more, the solid ground. Alone in the cerebral juices of my mind, Teeth slowly starting to grind. Lost in the cracks of man-kind And for someone to discover me would be this century's greatest find. But to tell you the truth no one will be. Finding me, No one will see the inside of me. And this emotional tempest burdened sea, It resides deep inside. To many nights I have cried, With not even one tear taking a ride, Down this cheek as I watch it die. Built up feelings of unresolved meditations, Wil
Feeling Down
So I went to a wedding today. It was last minute decision to go. I ran into a parent of a boy I used to watch 15 yrs ago. Talk about feeling old, his 18 now out of school. I would have to say the wedding was different. Right before the wedding started they had a slide show of picture of the Bride and Groom at different ages. Which was a nice touch. During the wedding the groom was crying and the bride was wiping away his tears and you could see then say I love you during the ceremony it was so cute and touching. But then i was reminded why I don't like weddings. It made me think of my bother never getting married, not around. Also it made me feel lonely, How lucky some people are to have some to go home to, to have someone next to them in bed when they wake up in the morning and when they go to bed. Someone they can and want to show off to world. I know someday my turn will came but when?
Feeling Lonely
Feeling sad and alone. The one i love and long to be with is far away, and i crave his touch. now, i'm depressed and tryint to keep my mind on something else, but it keeps going back to him. Back to the sound of his voice, those beautiful brown eyes, even that little wave in his hair. I can't stop thinking of him. I know soon we'll be together again, soon i'll hold him in my arms. I just hope that day come's soon.
Feeling Really Broken....
Sometimes I wonder what it is that went wrong I wonder is this is like some silly song. Do you wonder what it would be like If we’d not had that stupid goodbye Did you know I couldn’t even cry I couldn’t even look you in the eyes I didn’t want to let you go It was so hard to tell you “I know” I still don’t even understand Why we needed this to end I hate how this feels This cant be real Things seem so wrong now that you’re gone And it seems you’re moving on. So tell me what to do How do I stop loving you? The memories of our two weeks Repeat in my head… Of those nights we spent in bed. My heart continues to skip a beat, Everytime I hear the phone ring. So baby if you’re really gone… Tell my heart, to just move on.
if it feels good do it
I hate the way I am feeling, I feel empty inside my body I feel like I am just a hollow shell just left here on this earth to make other people. Well when is it my turn to be happy. I miss my happiness, my world. I want it back.
Somedays i'm up and somedays i'm down. my life is a roller coaster of emotions. I think that this is really the only way that i know i'm still alive. Though i have to admit that sometimes i think that everyone around me would be so much better off with out me. i only hope that after i am gone that m kids will be well taken care of. No i'm not suicidal. don't freak out on me. just tired of feeling usless. i know it will get better. i just have to wait. 03/18/08
I never really knew you You were just another friend But when I got to know you, I let my heart unbend. I couldn't help past memories that would only make me cry I had to forget my first love and give love another try So I've fallen in love with you and I'll never let you go I love you more than anyone I just had to let you know And if you ever wonder why I don't know what I'll say But I'll never stop loving you each and every day My feelings for you will never change Just know my feelings are true Just remember one thing I Love You!
Feelings Vs. Thinking
Feelings vs. Thinking When it comes to you, do you primarily think or feel first? Most of us go through life feeling first. We tend to allow our hearts to do our decisions for us. But feelings, although good at times can be misleading. Misleading because they can be there one minute and gone the next. They are fickle, leading us to make dangerous or foolish decisions, that may think are right because we "feel" it. Feeling something does not make something healthy or right. Feeling something can seem justified because it may feel right or because it comes from our heart, but in reality feelings have caused lots of undue hardship amoung crowds of people, sometimes for no reason. For instance, alcohol intensifies your feelings whether at that time or feelings you may have kept hidden. A famous motto goes...if it feels it. Think back to all the times you yourself have gone by that. Where did it get you? Dont get me wrong, feelings are strong and many of them are good, but if
Why is it that when you are having such a good day some people aim to ruin it. Well this happens to me all to often & now it's gone beyond a joke where i honestly don't give acrap about what people think about me. No one has never even given a shit, no one even asks whats wrong no more & it's all because i'm a good for nothing person that no one has or will ever care about ever! I seem to take everyone for who they are but no one ever returns it. I'm going to stop caring for people now & what they want or think about absolutely everything & see how they feel or think about it, then & only then will they truly understand what i go through but until then no one will ever know. If you have any interesting comments i'd like to hear them & maybe take them into consideration too!
i been thinking of this girl every day .she is so perfect in every way. i been dreaming about her every night. but thats the omely way ill be in her life. she way out of mt leag but i still love her endlessly
I don't wanna rush this thing I don't wanna jump the gun I really wanna say those three little words But I'm gonna bite my tongue Yeah, I'm just gonna lay on back Leave it on cruise control I'm gonna hold it all inside Till the right time comes down the road [Chorus:] I got a feelin' My head's a reelin' My heart is screamin' I'm about to bust loose Bottled up emotion It's more than a notion It starts with an "I" And ends with a "U" I got a feelin' Are you feelin' it too I guess I've all but said it now So much for hopin' you'd go first Don't leave me hangin' out here on a line Baby, it's your turn Say you couldn't sleep last night Swore that you could feel me breathe Had you wantin' me there by your side Yeah, baby I know what you mean [Second Chorus:] I got a feelin' My heads a reelin' My heart is screemin' I'm about to bust loose Bottled up emotion It's more than a notion It starts with an "I" And ends with a "U" I get a feelin' You're fee
My heart is breaking and theres nothing i can do about it. It hurts and its sad. I used to have a wall around it but that has broken down over the years and now there is nothing left but a bunch of bricks in a pile. I need to rebuild but i know its very hard and will take time. Its always hard to find the glue to hold them together. I need a change in my life. I want to start a family and be happy once again. Its hard to hold my head up when my heart is so down.
Feelings When I Paint
ok i am going to tell you what i think about when i paint my bikes. well when i first started painting my bikes my girl friend just broke up with me so i was very sad and thinking of how i wanted to paint her on the tank of my bike. or even maybe the hood of the convertible. as many people know me in real life they know that for 1 i don't paint that good and for 2 i never painted her on my bikes or my car. i get people asking me to use my air brush and paint flames and things on there helmets or bikes and i really dont mind doing it but i want to learn how to do roses. now when i paint tho i still think of her and what she ment to me but that will always hurt so i try to think about only my paint when im painting but you never know what is going to pop in your mind .
Feeling You
I Can Feel You... You're far away, but, I can feel you. You exist in my every breath, in every beat of my heart, adding a spectacular sizzle in all the right places. Even when I close my eyes, I see your face and feel the fire of your caress. Your presence is a tangible thing... yet as hard to grasp as the air. I reach for you, but you elude me. Still, I can feel you; the softness of a petal, a warm wind on my cheek, a ray in my vision, a distant light that ever draws me near.
Feeling Old
I know I'm not old, no one needs to tell me. I just am starting to feel that way bcuz my youngest, my little baby is turning 4 next week and it's so hard for me to believe. There was a time where we didn't think she'd make it to her 4th bday. She was born 4 months early, 1 lb 6 oz, and she was having all these infections in the NICU and had to have open heart surgery when she was only a month old (and was only about 2 lbs at the time) she had so much trouble breathing and she had bleeding in her brain, which has caused her to have cerebal palsy. She's blind in both eyes, can't walk, can't eat by mouth, can't speak and will probably be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. But she's here. She's made it to her 4th birthday, been through over 10 surgeries in her 4 years of life, and she's amazing. My little miracle baby. I wish so much for her to have a normal life, like her sister should have, but I'm so blessed she's even here, and what's normal anyway? Also hard to believe for a
Feeling Complete
Jesus you have brought so much love into my soul, thru You, You've made my life so complete & whole. Within my heart each day I feel Your love flow. Sometimes I get caught up in wordly things, stumble & fall which makes me feel like a baby just learning to crawl. When I call out His name & say "Jesus, please forgive me, I have sinned & drifted away". I feel Him reach out His hand to help me get back on my feet & once again I feel complete. Written By, Lisa/Prtyeyes 8-29-04
What do you do when you give your heart to one?You know no matter what happens he will always have it and you never want it back.You try to move on and its just not there to do.How do you move on or can you?Love hurts but it also stinks.No one ever said Love would be easy.But God why does it have to be so hard? But deep down I don't regret giving my heart to this person.He made me take a good look at myself and let me know I'm a beatuiful person on the inside and out.I didn't have to wild and crazy to prove it.I just had to be me and only me.I guess it is true there is someone out there for everyone.But when you find then let them know how you feel and don't be afraid to be yourself and not someone your not.If it is true to your heart and feels then it worth being true back to.When you do hold it and never let it go no matter what you need to do and always be honest and true to that person no matter what.Always talk and work things out.But don't be afriad to ever Love and don't judge
Feeling Fruity
You Are a Strawberry You are friendly, outgoing, and well liked by many people. You are popular, but there's nothing you ordinary or average about you. You a very interesting person, and you have many facets to your personality. Sometimes you feel very conflicted. Your different sides of your personality pull at you. You are a very sensual and passionate person. You are fiery... you can't help it. In general, you keep your passionate side under wraps. You are only wild in private. What Type of Fruit Are You?
Feeling Alive
Feelings And Emotions
Are feelings and emotions worth having? At this point and time i am pondering that question myself. Not sure if they are or not. Dont get me wrong about it but it seems like when you put your feelings out there and wear your heart on your sleeve it leaves you vulnerable to get hurt and cause you pain and get your heart broke and crushed into pieces!!! Is it time to go totally emotionless? I am tired of being hurt and feeling pain!!!!
Feeling Sinful?
Then come join us in CLiCKYCLiCKY
Turn to me, give me your tired soul, let me hold it for just one night, Let me keep your tired eyes with in my sight, fight away all those broken goodbyes, dead emotions brought to life, but in the end Ive had the coldest heart. Coldly stirred and layed to rest, I fought among all the best, and while you stabbed and landed your blow, you've not the strength to over throw. you're crying out for help no one is willing to give, its not enough for will. Overflow....let me carry you through the current even as you've spearred through my severed heart, severely beated, badly scarred, the most broken of them all I proceed, dont know how to stop. Would you all but leave me here, tear away at me while i lie here beated, rip at my soul taking pieces for your own? Ive carried you this far, and it is here when Ive broken down you've made your wreckless change. It's all thats wrong even when you've said all the right things and the time has come to throw me away, just like I knew you wo
The Feeling Of Love
like embracing a light through the darkness one that scares you yet entices you to grab ahold and learn whats on the other side, the feeling of warmth on a summers day as the wind caresses your skin and the sun shines down from the heavens above or the sound of the ocean as it crashes up against the rocks and the shore. showing you that life goes on forever more
Every time I wake up, I physically feel like crap. Now its my kidney,leg, and everythin else. GAWD!
Feeling Sixteen
Sixteen Again When I think of you- I get lost… Carried away by sweet memories… Of your hands on my face, Sliding up to my hair- Getting lost in brown locks And pulling me in for a kiss. One Kiss… Two.. Don’t stop. I can feel my heart beating faster.. My breathing struggling to keep up.. Three…Four… Have I told you lately that I want you? Getting lost in your eyes, As I rest my forehead against yours, Don’t tell me I’ll have to send you home. When I think of you- I simply smile… At the comforting thought that just maybe, You are thinking of me too. That you are imagining our moment, Shared in dark, empty spaces Feeling sixteen again, Nervousness being replaced by desire For once, finally, Not caring about doing the right thing Just the sweet thing, The satisfying thing, The perfect thing. Imagine all yet to come.. And simply smile. Five…Six...Seven… Don’t stop. Steamed up windows and dark parking lots- I can’t take much more before I Need y
F E E L I N G S ...
Your feelings let you know you are alive. They tell you, in ways that words cannot, who you are. “Sometimes your feelings can hurt profoundly. Yet wouldn't you rather have those painful feelings occasionally than never having any feelings at all? Through your feelings, you discover what means the most to you. With your feelings, you're able to build rich, rewarding relationships. Feelings can indeed be messy and inconvenient, yet they're certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Without feelings, life would be terribly flat and empty. When a feeling seems to be uncomfortable or even unbearable, choose to dive more deeply into it. Somewhere in there you'll find something very positive, comforting and affirming. You feel because you are, and you feel because you care. Those are things about which you can genuinely feel great.”
Feeling Love
A gentle brush against my skin A soft kiss upon my lips My mind swirls from burning passion As into your life my love slips The twinkle I see in your eye Your heart’s beat I now hear Lives that crossed unexpectedly Things that with each we shall share Kind words spoken softly Arms holding me in an embrace Your strength comforts me Your finger slowly traces my face My hands wrap around you Our bodies press together this day Feeling the warmth of your being Unlocking my heart on your own way Freedom I now feel inside me Locks securing my heart now undone The promise of forever love you whisper Our bodies explored we become one Take the passion I now hold Free it from my inner self this day Fill each with the others nectar Enjoying our bond in a special way I know I have felt true love now The feelings we have for each I know Days will pass us slowly by And with each this love will grow © Tall Mountain Dreamer April 7, 2008
Feel The Same
My love for you grows Becoming stronger each day Im scared of getting hurt Yet love this feeling Im happy all the time Proud to say Im your girl Cant help but want to be by your side Even though I know I cant be Yes I worry you ill find better That my love wont be enough But Im hoping you wont want another You are my love, my world I just hope you feel the same way
Feel Empty Inside
do you ever feel empty or dead inside wishing to run wanting to hide to just let go of the pain you feel to just fake it and fuck all the real wondering why or how you got here thinking and crying living in fear not knowing where you should be knowing inside you need to be free wondering how the dark side can be hoping and praying the light you will see wishing just for once you would win the race and lift yourself up out of this place closing your eyes dreaming for you thinking of noone just being true to be free and run away fast not worried inside or living the past to take that one final step and just know you are done standing still refusing to run looking ahead and just see the light just finding peace if for only one night done by christine . may 8th 2008
Feeling Guilty......
my past came back to bite me last night, I thought I had put it behind me. Didnt sleep for shit last night and someone Im crazy about doesnt wanna talk to me...... I wish i could fix this, knew what to say, what to do...... its been half a day and shes running around in my head drivin me nuts (in a good way) but still, I miss talking to her, I miss her telling me to shut up cuz i talk to much. ....... and now I wait..... and wait.... and wait..... for a sign, or just for a hello...... I want to make it right, I dunno how I can cuz its from my past, how to convince her im not the boy I was 10 years ago..... man i was such a player back then, I feel like shit now...... I know I should forgive myself and move on but for the time being, Im gonna keep feeling like crap..... I guess if I dont hear from her I may have to move on but , this one is gonna be tough, I fell hard and fast for her, not something I wanted to do, but it still happened. If u are reading this I love ya babe, even t
Feeling Of Falling Apart Again.
Ever had that feeling, where someone claims that they love you, and then they just rip your heart out, and stomp on it just to pick it back up and give it back to you, but you realize that it was all a dream, and your unsure about what someone did in the first place. It almost hurts to talk about it, and all it makes you want to do instead of smile, is to cry, and listen to all kinds of sad songs. It makes you feel like you lost the only love in your life, even after you gave this person everything you could ever give.
Feelin Freaky
sexy chocolate loli pop turn me over and hop on top puch inside until you reach the spot and poke it until my cherry pops sexy carmel sugar sweet body banging..knocked me off my feet tap my ass.. lets have some fun and show me where it weighs a ton freak me until my body goes numb pick up speed until you finally cum kiss my nipples and run my fingers through my hair then turn me over cuz we now yet there
Feeling A Little Guilty
I'm feeling a little bad today, but I don't know who to blame. Last night, I saw some major fashion disasters and I couldn't help it, I laughed. One was an elderly woman wearing a micro-mini skirt, the other was a very heavy woman wearing a mini-skirt and a belly shirt. I just don't know who to blame for these fashion faux pas. Is it the person who bought the item, for thinking the could pull it off? Is it the salesperson, for not being brave enough to tell the customer that the item really didn't look good? Or, is it the friends and/or family of the person for letting them leave the house, knowing they were going to look ridiculous? Please, give me some feedback here so I know where to lay the blame.
I am not to sure on how to start this blog. Its about someone special in my life at this point in time. Some of my freinds will know who it is about and some will not. But if this person reads this blog they will know its about them. There is someone special in my life who has been there for me when times were so hard for me. When i was thinking all else failed he was there. Me and him have had alot of deep talks about life and things we wanted out of it. We have both been so hurt with realtionships and have been used in them as well. But at the point in my life where i was ready to give up and just say fuck it. He popped up.And out of the blue just started talking to me and understood wat i was feeling but at the same time we were kinda leary on things. But then when he got to know me and i got to know him i seen that he was somewhat a male version of me and its scary. Cause that is what i have been searching for all my life was someone like me. And the last few months he has started
Feeling Bad
Sorry if i've upset anyone or ignored anyone the past couple days. I've just been feeling kinda down and out and had a stupid feeling that I wasn't appreciated. So if i've pissed anyone off - I deeply apologize. I loves all my friends..... I can tell you what I do, I can tell you how I feel, I can share my perspectives, On the things I think are real. But actions don't define me, Nor do goals which I aspire. Such dreams are not distinctions, I'm not measured by desire. If I say what I believe, Would you know the real me? If I shared such convictions, Would that really make you see? You can't define your essence, Using words like an or a. Indefinite articles Haven't anything to say. Who you are can't be described By what you think, say or do. Your soul has no need of masks, It's the purest part of you. I am greater than my parts, I'm more than my works could be. If you ask me who I am, I will tell you I'm just me.
Feeling You Near
Waiting for you to call my name, waiting on you to bleed a tear. Your emotions are hard to follow and see when I'm trying to get near. Your smile is as rough as a jagged edge sword. I can't seem to make you happy anymore like we use to be. My heart is in pain when you turn away. It hurts so deep I feel you slipping out of my fingers. I want to hold you for the rest of my life, in my heart and in my arms. You have shown compassion and love to me, that I've never seen or felt with anyone else. Everytime we touch I'm left speechless and needing you more. I feel safe at night with you laying near me holding tight I feel so right being with you and noone else. Say you feel the same, keep loving me with a deep desire and never let go.
Feeling Jaded?
The wonderful woman in the link below is so close in getting a spotlight and i was wondering if any of my friends could spare a few Fubucks for her to get this? She will repay all of u right back as soon as she gets it. pretty much u can say it is just a loan for now and that is it. So if u can spare a few for this wonderful girl from down under. that would be awesome!!! Jade.... ♥ Nate's Munchkin ♥ a member of the Dream Girlz ..... ˘ľ@ fubar Thank u all in advance!!!!
Feel The Bleed?????
now keep in mind i am a lil out of mine right now but this and try to tell me that you can not sympathize with at least one thing..... Have you ever just thrown your head back or just wanted to and scream what the fuck are we really all doing here...sometimes things just dont feel natural(but then again what is natural anyway?Can you give a true definition of natural and not websters but a real definition?)or nothing falls into place.Maybe for a month a year everything falls into place and then in one fatal swoop your back to questioning why? Just want to scream please just LEAVE ME FUCKING BE!!!! who ever the hell it is pulling the "strings"--go find someone else to have "your fun" with torture,charm, elsewhere cause i am about to break. Ever think that maybe that is the point. We are to whoever is out there bigger and beyond us just like livestock or wild horses..animals...beasts meant to be wore down....our will stripped our pride broken? Huddled masses of a cruel jok
Feel The Passion Become Mine I want to feel your passion become mine, Behind closed doors we’ll share a secret Your pain echoes my own, Your passion becomes mine. Within you my heart is kept, A single beat matches my own Your soul holds my destiny, My eyes hold your fate. I want to become everything you fear Everything you despise and hate Arouse the heated desire to destroy me, And then love me even more. Let your passion become mine, Erotic fantasies of an eternity Washed in longing of one embrace Your howls are in my ears, Beg me for more… Behind closed doors we’ll share a secret Between love and hate we collide Your pained passion becomes mine.
Feeling Depress Today
Am feeling real low and down. I relize today my money i have non and work wont work me. My life suck bc i am at home and have no life. ALl next week am going to home alone no where to go or anything. Can someone help me plz
Feelin Shitty, Needed To Write
may this tongue never taste may my ears never hear the pain that i have caused the pain that i must bare may my skin never touch may my hair never blow should i break this promise: i will never let you go
The Feel Of You
The Feel of You by LateNiteFantasy© Your lips so soft As they gently kiss mine The heat, the intensity Of this moment in time. The warmth of your body The way feel while inside Makes me want An orgasmic ride. Pulsating and throbbing As in and out I go My body rivetting in pleasure As you're about to explode. The wetness, the heat Two bodies entwined A moment never to be forgotten Savored forever in my mind. Confucius Says... "Man who masturbate only screwing himself."
Feelings Sometimes I feel like am going out of my mind Seems like I never understand I just need to unwind Its not like I wake in the morning and wonder if its all right Because when I look around all I can see and hear is the fight Tawnya Read Copyright ©2008 TawnyaRead
Feelings So Real
And so it came to be this isolation that I am I can only look to me to find the way it all began - this confusion, constant hunger for something more than this I strive to find this being that I envision, yet seem to miss. Could it be that I am empty- or maybe a little lost? Could it be that I am lonely, or seek happiness at any cost? This never-ending Something that I am living deep inside, depicts the illusion of myself and all I have to hide. Thinking. Can't stop thinking. Think of you. This. That. That Life. That day. That dream was mine. A utopian dream. Your aura; struck me like lightning to a tree. Pointy, like a star, you shone. So bright, yet not shining as a star would, But as apparent as white chalk on a blackboard. You would not show off like a star. Yet you did burn so hot, so fiercely, so explosively - you were a star in my eyes. But like all stars, you died. That gas was gone. No pull between us. The atmosphere was dry and I
Feeling Emo
I dont know what my problem is this morning! I am going back home possible tomorrow but for sure by sunday. I should be totally excited to go home and see my fam and friends. I mean part of me is but other parts aren't. Going home has its up and downs. There things I have to face (like my father) that I don't want too. I have only seen him once in the past year. Needless to say we don't get along. Maybe I am just not getting the attention I want at the moment. I am probable being over-dramatic and needy but I dunno. I am just annoyed with somethings and feeling bad for other things. Like the letter that was waiting on my desk when I woke up this morning. Or maybe just feeling down for some reason. I have so much I need to do but can't find motivation to do a single thing. Ok I am gonna go back to my corner!
I keep looking for comfort from you i sit and wonder if your love is true you see me crying inside you have to know I'm dying don't you see these tears don't you see the hurt from so many years the little girl that was hurt so bad is now 29 years old and utterly sad no one to listen or even to talk to recalling memories that hurt me through and through the things you ask of me it triggers a memory memories I'd rather forget memories embedded in my mind, completely set the hurt, the pain and anger won't go away I wonder who "loves me" and will turn their back today I can't explain how I feel inside Feelings of abandonment rush in like the tide Ghosts haunt me no matter where I go I do love you still, that you should know I wish you could understand I would be there holding your hand I would take away all your pain So in the end, you'd have a life to gain but for me, darkness is all I see No happiness for this little girl is to be The adult lives her life takin
Feeling Used
I don't know what you want from me but I am not your toy I try to be all that you want but that is not enough What have I done that you would choose to hurt me as you have I guess that when you said you cared that I was all you needed when you said you loved me wanted me it was but for a season I think that maybe in your mind the season has lasted a season too long
A Feeling
I feel for you I yearn for you I bleed out how I feel dont you see all that I give to prove how much I care I would give you my heart and last breath to know of your passion , your desire, and your love and here I wait befor you bleeding my being with a feeling of undieing love for you. So why do you look away what must i do to prove to you that my feeling a feeling of love is sincere?
Feelings Of Insignificance
This, most likely, is not news to anyone, but I find it fun to think about now and again, particularly if I'm in a philosphical mood which leads me to start pondering the meaning of it all. The earth on which we live is 8,000 miles in diameter. Putting this in its place, our solar system alone and the only part of the universe we even have a vague idea about, is almost 8 billion miles across its span. It's pretty hard for me to comprehend what 8 billion of anything looks like and yet this pales into insignificance if we consider that our galaxy, the Milky Way, contains more than 200 billion stars and potentially solar systems. Travelling at the speed of light it would take 100,000 years to get from one side of the galaxy to the other. The known universe encompasses only a proportion of what is theorised to have been produced by "the big bang" and yet we are aware of the existence of over 100 billion galaxies. I say the "known" universe as many people hold with the theory that our
Feel This
It's gotta be this one You don't have to fake it You know I can take it What if I told you your tears haven't been ignored? And everything that was taken can be restored? Feel this Can you feel this? My heart beating out of my chest? Feel this Can you feel this? Salvation under my breath It's gotta be just right The soul and the spirit The chord and the lyric What if I told you that innocence is yours? And the beauty you have now is brighter than before? Before Feel this Can you feel this? My heart beating out of my chest? Feel this Can you feel this? Salvation under my breath (...feel my soul...) Let go Let go and believe Let go Let go and believe Feel this...
Feeling Sad About Stuff
# 4 - Feelin Nutts
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Feelings.. Nothing More Than Feelings..
So sitting here thinking what I can do to make myself feel better. Realizing what makes me happiest is to make a difference to someone else. It could be the smallest thing, a smile, a laugh, a joke. It's all the sweeter reward, when it's someone who is down and you can really tell their day has been lifted. When working I had a habit of waving to 15-25 people every morning, and guess what.. they got in the habit of waving back and smiling. That along with an individual hello/good morning to each child as they walked on the bus. Middle schoolers had a habit of just looking at me like I was crazy or walking by with their Ipods secure in their ears, seemingly oblivious. I would still get a nod and smile from a handful and a couple with heartfelt return greetings. My elementary students were similar in a sense but the younger ones would really brighten up with a greeting. A few even would give me a hug as they entered the bus, even though I was unable to return the hug, company p
Feel The Same
When days go by and you say nothing, it really tears me apart... It feels like someone has reached into my chest and pulled and ripped my poor heart... Please dont ignore me, i cant stand the pain, i dont like the way this feels... Find some way, some way at all, and let me know you're for real... Pick up the phone, pick up a pen, write me, text me, whatever.... Let me know you are thinking of me cause i am thinking of you, forever... Know that i love you with everything i have, for worse and for the better... That is why i wrote you this poem, and this sweet little letter... you know i miss know i love you...that will never change....i just hope that with everythng you really feel the same....
Feeling Alone!
Things have begun to change for me and now I am getting this odd feeling that I am alone through all this. Its been really tough for me to handle but I can deal with this pain anymore. Bair and I have bben growing distant since we found out that I was pregnant. He acts like he doesnt want to be involved or anything like that. Maybe I am better off alone any how than I can focus more on the child or children that is on the way. Its bad when your ex does more for you than the one that you are with. And that deeply hurts me in so many ways but I am strong and I know that I will pull through it anyway. I really dont need a man in my life unless he wants to deal with the package that I carry. I feel in my heart that I really dont need to be in a realtionship with anyone at this time but focus on myself and the baby that I am carrying! But I just dont know how to break the news to Bair or how to handle the situation all together! Hopefully the answer will come very soon!
Feelings Feelings so raw and exposed, Feelings bare before the world, Feelings of fear and loss, Feelings that have no meaning, Feelings of isolation that eat at the soul, Feelings that last forever, Feelings of passion and love, Feelings never shared, Feelings of never being good enough, Feelings shared yet discounted, Feelings for you that will never fade, Mordechai
Feeling As A Child
Feeling as a child would In the comfort of your arms. The sweet song of your heart plays As my head lies upon your breast. Thoughts of you wash over me like a deserted beach gently touched by the cool sea. My soul, the cracked dry earth, until you come, like the soaking rain Filling me to overflow. My heart takes flight beyond the place where land meets sky. A heaven some can only dream of.
Feeling Lost And Behind
I just can't stress enough how wonderful you guys are. You totally rock! I'm feeling rather overwhelmed at the moment, trying to return fumail and gifts and love. OMG! I shall never get caught up. If you haven't received your thank you, don't fret. I'm getting to you. :) I did amazingly well in my HH today. You guys again... ROCK! There is no other word for it. I've scored about half a million points today in my HH alone. That is because of you guys! YOU did it!!! I have received so much birthday loving... cakes! We should most definitely have a party. I received enough cake and beverages to feed all of fubar!!!! Oh stars! What a day! It's been absolutely amazing. As far as my HH goes? Well, I've had about 4 so far. I think today was number 5. But, it could have been 4. Anyway, I've never seen my bartab go that fast, even when I have actions set to "everything." It truly has been amazing. I hope you can feel the love I have for each of you. You all hold a piece of my heart. S
Feeling Lucky
DO YOU FEEL LUCKY? PebblesinAZ is Lucky #13 Baby! So, let's have some fun! Fan/Add and Rate my Profile if you haven't already! Rate the 100 pics in this album... ...for $5000 FUBUCKS! Every 5th person to complete the folder will receive a KITTEN BLING! Next... Rate the 100 pics in this album... ...for a TY SALUTE. (Must Rate First Album prior to rating this album!). Every 5th person to complete it will receive a DIAMOND BLING! Also... One of my BEAUTIFUL BFF's Jilly is going for a Birthday Spotlight! Click her link and donate $100,000 FUBUCKS or more and I will come Sp@nK your page and leave you a KITTEN BLING! Just Jilly ~~~~ Owned by Tappinit~~~~Soon to be owned by another, could it be you???~~~~@ fubar Be sure to bid on the Naughty and Nice FUs in My Auction. Bidding closes on June 20th so don't miss out! You can also bid to be Tag Teamed by my Beautiful friend Pink and I. Just click this pic... Super Sweet Owner
Feeling The Waves
Feeling the wave he smiles and aches, she washes over him, love overwhelms him. Her beautiful hands on his heart once more, he allows her memory to flush through him. Feeling the pain he smiles and aches, knowing she is gone, loss overwhelms him.
Feeling Alone
Why is it we as people can feel so alone even when we have people who care about us around. I mean I feel like I am missing a big part of me and untill that part is filled I cant get my life on track. I know it sounds sappy but it is true, I felt complete once and then it is like one day it just disappeared ,with out any notice I wasnt whole anymore. I dont know why or what i did to make it go away, but it seems just like when things seem to be exactly how i wanted my life to be that is when it goes down hill. I think my life will always be like this because of everything I went through in my life I have a hard time putting my trust into anyone,everytime I put it into someone it seems like they do something that reminds me of a past exsperience and my trust of them goes out the window and i start questioning everythign they do and why they do it . Then I get the same old line of I aint like everyone else, yet i catch them in things like talking bad behind my back and not being willing
Feeling Lost
Ok, check it, I'm like so new to this stuff. This is an old computer and it's pissing me off! Shoot even my man can't help me now that's totally messed up! PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Feeling Down
Been feeling down on myself lately..and did some serious thinking last night. Part reason I feel like couple of my closest friends have left me. Even though they said they still care..I have taken it personally. Anyways,, I am done feeling that way. If they leave..or don't care no more..guess they never really did. Another reason been feeling I have gained a bunch of weight this past year. Didn't actually know how much til I weighed myself lastnight. was enough to get me motivated. Today is a new day..I start my dieting. UGH. I am also getting a new bike. I will get myself motivated..if it kills me. Anyways, I am sure I been moody with a few of my friends on here..and just letting you all know..why. Todays beginning of a new me. Well I am off to work right now.. have a great Tuesday!
im in kosovo, and im bored and feeling useless. i wish i was in the sandbox, doesnt matter which on a peacekeeping mission here. im not a peace time soldier, i discovered that when i was doing the bulshit training to come here. im a war time sodier.i have to be in danger, doesnt matter i could get killed. i am happy when im in danger. i dont fear death. i dont feel the same way as alot of the guys i deployed with do.
Feels Damn Good......
Just tested my hood ring....oh my god!!! It set me off as soon as I touched the bullet to my clit....WOW
Feeling You
FEELING YOU Feeling your warmth, Feeling your touch, Wanting you now, Feeling your mouth touch mine, Feeling the erotic passion you unlock inside. Feeling your fingers run down my bare back, The goose bumps come out from your very touch. Feeling your heart beating in time, Feeling you deep within my being, Feeling the desire that burns my body, Knowing I want you and I can’t let go of all the feelings. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserved
My Heart has been shattered, Into millions of little pieces The peices yet so small, Neither tape nor glue can mend this heart. My heart has been shattered, Into millions of pieces The pieces so small, Not even god may fix them. You have shattered My fragile heart You may say your sorry But that means nothing, I just want my Shattered heart back together again. My heart has been shattered, Into millions of pieces, The pieces yet so small and red Neither tape nor glue can mend this heart back together again.
I lie in my bed, Images of you run in my head. Tears rush down my cheeks, Memories of you make me weak. I can't help but to weep, Therefore I cry myself asleep. And when I awake, I feel my heart break. Still under the cover, Knowing me and you are over. Holding back my tears, Wishing you were here. I thought you were the one for me, But I guess it wasn't meant to be. Getting ready for the pain to start, Smiling to cover my broken heart. Crying inside all day, Wondering why you did me this way. Still in my heart will be, A special place for you and me.
Feeling Crappy Lately
Just an update on me. I been feeling crappy lately and Thursday I had a siezure. I had one last year also. We didn't think it was anything but now that I had 2 of them. I had a CAT Scan done today and he didn't get the official report yet. He said he doesn't see anything out of the ordinary except I have more gray matter than I brain looks older than it is...I have no clue what that means. He is sending me to a neurologist. I will let everyone know whats going on.
Feeling Frisky
Feeling Frisky The young Farmer Brown made an appointment with the family doctor regarding sexual problems he was having with his wife. "Now listen, Luke," the doctor advised, "you have to be more loving to your wife. Give her lots of hugs and kisses. Show her how much you care." "Well, I do the best I can, Doc," the fellow cried. "You see I'm up before the sun rises, working in the field until dusk. I'm just too tired." The doctor thought for a moment and then said, "Take a shotgun with you next time you work in the field and shoot it off every time you're feeling a bit frisky. When your wife hears the noise, she'll come a- runnin'." About a month later Farmer Brown went back to the doctor.... this time really depressed. "What's wrong" asked the doctor. "Didn't you take my advice?" "Yep, I sure did, and everything was going great until hunting season started last week," moaned the farmer. "I haven't seen her since."
Feeling Lost ... Needing Sumone
The virtue of angels is that they cannot deteriorate; their flaw is that they cannot improve. Humanity's flaw is that we can deteriorate; but our virtue is that we can improve.- Hasidic saying Frozen by ~SpazzyDragon13 on deviantART If questioning would make us wise, no eyes would ever gaze in eyes; if all our tale were told in speech, no mouths would wonder each to each. Were spirits free from mortal flesh and love not bound in hearts of flesh, no aching breasts would yearn to meet and find their ecstasy complete. For who is there that lives and knows the secret powers by which he grows? Were knowledge all, what were our need to thrill and faint and sweetly bleed? Then seek not, sweet, the "if" and "why" I love you now until I die, For I must love because I live and life in me is what you give... Poem by: John William Waterhouse These Are My Wings by *rejectedangel18 on deviantART When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you hav
FEELINGS Feelings suppressed to the depths of my soul Wanting your love to make me feel whole Longing to tell you just how I believe Yet afraid you'll remove your presence from me Wanting to give you all that I am To give you the world if only I can But there are limitations placed on the boundaries of love Awaiting the guidance and help from above Sometimes I grow weary for my wings to soar Awaiting the day I become faithfully yours Many a night I lie aware in my bed With visions of you; flooding thoughts in my head Memories of moments I spent in your arms The security I felt; being safe from all harm Yearning to have that feeling again Wishing these moments never would end My visions of love are a moment in time Where the world melts away……..and for an instant you're mine But these wishes of mine are just fantasy Having no real meaning; remaining a dream So I'll stay lost in this dream world of undying love Till my Fa
~never say I love you..... ~~~if you really dont care..... ~never talk about feelings....... ~~~if they arent really there.... ~never hold my hand..... ~~~if your gonna break my heart.... ~never say you are going too..... ~~~if you dont plan to start.... ~never look into my eyes.... ~~~if all you do is lie.... ~never say hi.... ~~~if you really mean goodbye.... ~if you really mean forever... ~~~then say you will try... ~never say forever.... ~~~cuz forever makes me cry.........
Feeling Shitty
Staring into space, my mind feels broken, trying to feel something but there's no emotion, My mind feels empty and my heart is numb, How long with it last, will I ever overcome, I feel this pain, hurt, mistrust and fear, I feel so empty, nothing far, nothing near, There is such great sorrow, here deep inside, I feel so much anger, feelings I try to hide, But to hide them, where do I start? So I go living with sad mind and heart....
Feeling Down
It is rare when I feel down because of nostalgia, but I've been looking at my old pics of Russia, and feel really fuckin nostalgic. I wish I was there right now, driving to my village house or hanging out downtown with friends. Or having week long vacations *sigh I wish I could get up and go back for at least a month, but thats so not possible. Not until 2010 :(
Feel Free To Make Corrections And Say Wat U Want...
INTRO... Her head spins and her emotions are screwed. Who knew that the only thing she grew up to know and understand would soon become her down fall. Everyday seemed to be the same. Somedays better than others, but when it came time for bed the same thoughts ran through her head. The thoughts of drugs becoming her life. Never having done them and never having to. Yet they would be the base of all her problems, and the source of all her pain. The thoughts of death becoming something she isnt afraid of seeing, of it becoming something she wants to happen, not only to her but to others as well. ************************************************* PART ONE... To sit and watch became too painful. To sit and wait seemed too long. There was nothing she could do, it was now to late. Things were never going to change. As if her lifes plan was already set in stone somewere off the earths surface, never to be touched by any one. Things only got harder for her as the days see
Feeling Shitty
Well another day down. I haven't had a good day today. I feel rather I keep hoping I get to feeling better, but sometimes it is hard to believe I am going to. Yeah, just rambling here, nothing important really. Hell I don't even know why I am writing this. I guess just for a place to put my thoughts and what I am thinking at this very moment. Sorry if I bored you. Dee
Feeling Old?
Let's face it: When you hear that Prince, old 'Purple Rain' himself is getting a hip replacement, you have to wonder how much longer the rest of us have.
Feeling Whole
It feels like what has left has came back to me...I waited 8 long years for it to come back to me... Somepeople cant except my new found happiness
Feeling Dark Today
Entering in spite of Rowes and Wades No hose and sink, unwanted yet chosen No lessons learned, but spiritually alert I think, I wonder, somewhere it was understood. See, Love is supposed to work Unconditional love, the love of a child How the hell, did we get so old, jaded and so cold? It's not designed to be this way I think deep down, we know. This world, our lives, so much to grasp Who played this false, stacked the deck? When was it stolen away in the night? Leaving a bloodless corpse in its stead. Crowds in life, and in our homes, so many It's hard to find ones self alone, isolated By familiar faces, once warm arms, hands, lips It is by this visage that one becomes abandoned Hearth, heart and home now become the other. I think the old toast, so old now, was prophecy For in it hearth has turned to 'Lofty timbers, the halls around are bare, echoing to our laughter, as though the dead were there'. I believe it was not to be this way Is it? Th
Feeling A Little Sad....
Well last night I didn't get to talk to my man...and as a result...I have had a crappy day! Go figure. Well I guess I missed him ealier today because he was online and I wasn't. I miss him so much. I want to talk to him so bad. Grrrrr..... Susan
Feeling Old
My oldest daughter is getting married in October 2008, and my middle daughter is graduating high school in December2008. It's hard to believe they grow up so fast. Just seems like yesterday they were singing into there hair bruch in the mirror and asking me to kiss there boo boo's. I don't want to look at it as letting them go or getting old but as a new chapter in all our lives. My hubby will always be here and that's all I need.
Feelin' Groovy
59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin Groovy) (Remastered Version) - Harpers Bizarre Are You Feelin' Groovy? Join the Hippie Train! It's easy! Just fan, rate, and add everyone who has joined before you... or leave a comment on their profile if they are already your friend. In the friend request, or comment, put "Joining the Hippie Train" or "Feelin' Groovy" or a phrase from the 70's (let's see just how good your memory is!) When you are done with everyone on the list, send me a private message so I will know to add you. We are all here to have fun, so no drama please! In my dreams...or yours? ~*~Shadow Leveler~*~Fu Angel~*~Fu Bad Girl~*~The Pegasus Project~*~@ fubar ~TexasAngel~Rating Revolution Crew Member~@ fubar ~sensual-breeze~
Feeling Groovy?
59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin Groovy) (Remastered Version) - Harpers Bizarre Are You Feelin' Groovy? Join the Hippie Train! It's easy! Just fan, rate, and add everyone who has joined before you... or leave a comment on their profile if they are already your friend. In the friend request, or comment, put "Joining the Hippie Train" or "Feelin' Groovy" or a phrase from the 70's (let's see just how good your memory is!) When you are done with everyone on the list, send me a private message so I will know to add you. We are all here to have fun, so no drama please! In my dreams...or yours? ~~Leader of the CONVOY ~*~ Pilot of Fantasy Flight ~*~ Shadow Leveler ~*~@ fubar ~TexasAngel~Rating Revolution Crew Member~@ fubar ~sensual-breeze~
Feeling Down
When you only have eyes for one person and the one that you like is talking to other ppl what do you do? How would you feel? What emotions should you express??? I really feel like crap because I don't think that this guy wants to be with just me...maybe i am not as pretty as the other girls...
Into the darkness I search for my love, but like a firefly that sparks its beauty, I see for only a moment. I wander, hoping, looking....There it is, I see its spark I run hoping to catch its and to hold it and to embrace the sweetness to my heart, but to my avail it is just the firefly dancing in the night just out of my reach....
Feels Like Rain---buddy Guy
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Feelin Luv'd Rite Now...
Ya know, when I first heard about i was thinking "it's just another myspace rip off" (i had 4gotten bout cherry tap which i used to have an account on b4 i 4got it all lol), but i went ahead and tried it out. I must say, this place roccs!! Everyone that has a/r/f me thank you so much! I can rly feel the love. If I havn't shown you any love bacc, plz dont hate, i'm just on dial up. Plz dont stop luvin this fat dude, he need's all he can get. So my FuFam, you guys rocc!! Thanks 4 making this a great experience so far.... fattie
Feeling Kinda Stupid
I am feeling stupid I jumped into something With my eyes shut. I thought not with one head But instead with another. To all those I offended I humbly ask For forgiveness. I do not expect none. I am so stupid.
Ok I wrote this earlier this week but haven't had a chance to post it until now........Thoughts circling around I need to get away and free my mind. Why do I miss someone who never took a breath? Is it because they were a part of my heart and soul or just my longing for a child of my own. Why would this one hit me harder than the others. It's made me feel that I am not meant to be a mom, I believe god puts on you what you can stand and that going through things makes you stronger, but I don't think I can take much more. I have a big heart and think I am a decent person. When I try to talk about this I am told it just wasn't meant the time and so I keep it all bottled up. I have also been thinking alot of my daddy I have never set down and cried about him, I miss him so much I remember his smile and laugh. The way he would switch words around and all his little nick names he had for people, but most of all I remember him sitting on the couch playing guitar, or watching the race or the c
Well it is one of those days that I am feeling that I might be losing my best friend and she dont even know it. I know it hard but it is how I am feeling she may not see it but I do. I not sure what i want to do but I know I want to run and hide but I cannot. I want her to know I do love her as my sissy and always will. Well I have to go now but maybe she will write me back sometime.
Feels Like Rain John Hiatt
Down here the river meets the sea And in the sticky heat I feel ya' open up to me Love comes out of nowhere baby, like a hurricane And it feels like rain Underneath the stars lying next to you Wondering who you are baby How do you do? When the clouds blow in across the moon And the wind howls out your name Feels like rain We'll never make that bridge tonight Across lake Ponchartrain Feel like rain Batten down the hatches But keep your heart out on your sleeve A little bit of stormy weather, that's no cause for us to leave Just stay here baby, in my arms Let it wash away the pain Feels like rain
Feeling No Pain
That Census report gives a snapshot of the economic status of American families in 2007 — that is, before the financial crisis started dragging the economy down and the unemployment rate up. It’s a given that 2008 will look much worse, so last year was as good as it will get in the Bush years. Yet working-age Americans had significantly lower median income in 2007 than they did in 2000. (The elderly, whose income is supported by Social Security — the program the Bush administration tried to kill — saw modest gains.) Meanwhile, poverty was up, and health insurance — especially the employment-based insurance on which most middle-class Americans depend — was down. But Republicans, very much including John McCain and his advisers, don’t believe there’s a problem. Former Senator Phil Gramm made headlines, and stepped down as co-chairman of the McCain campaign, after he described America as a “nation of whiners.” But how different was that remark, really, from Mr. McCain’s own declara
Feeling Rushed????
To move forward from the last one sent to you, the Jeffrey Brantley & Wendy Millstine book used indicates regarding “FEELING RUSHED” the following: “A wise person once said, “be quick but don’t hurry.” Feeling rushed drives one to hurry. Constant hurrying can lead to mistakes, accidents, and even burnout. Try the following practice when you find yourself hurrying. It can help you become more relaxed – and quicker! 1. Whenever you feel rushed, stop and breathe, listen, or move mindfully. 2. Affirm yourself. For example, “I remember that I have all the support I need.” 3. Center mindful attention on your breath and body sensations for a few breaths. Reconnect with your body, and allow the flow of all sensations. 4. Notice any thoughts or chatter in your mind. Acknowledge the mental story without fighting or following it. 5. Attend mindfully to breath or body sensations for a few more breaths. 6. Recall a specific source of personal strength or suppor
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Freak It Like You Want It - Kilo Ali HERE THE FREAKY TRAIN FOR ALL THAT FEEL IT GOING DOWN ON FUBAR! JUMP ON AND RATE/FAN AND ADD ALL ON THIS TRAIN! PLEASE E-MAIL AKAMRS. T TO BE ADDED TO THE FREAKY TRAIN. ~AKAMRS.T THE DREAM TEAM ~ DYLON'S DIVA MAFIA~ CLUB F.A.R.~SHADOW LEVELERS~@ fubar BIG POPPA Ya Heard : if i aint caressing them im undressin'em@ fubar The Dream Team Organizer & Member of Dylon's Divas Mafia Fubar Queen07-08@ fubar Daddyslilangel * DREAM TEAM BOMBER* GF of Mr Keep it Real, member of the hot momma club,FU BAD GIRL
Feeling Yucky
Ugh!!! Why can't this illness, infection, whatever it is go away. I hate feeling like this. I haven't been able to hear properly in about a week. The antibiotics seem to be working, but I am so impatient. This sucks and it hurts. My right ear feels like it's going to explode. I haven't been this sick in years. It is not fun. Not that I really had any plans this weekend, but it would be nice to look in the mirror and see a healthy person instead of someone who looks drained and puffy. I am optimistic that I will get better. I just have to take care of myself and just rest. I will get better. Oh and then Hurricane Ike is churning in the Atlantic. This one can go anywhere. I just don't know anymore. 4 years ago, we were hit with so many storms it was record breaking. I had an infant then too. Now it's 2008 and it looks like the same pattern is happening. No more children for me. Hee hee. If Ike strengthens anymore and does hit by us it is going to be bad. Well either way it's going to
how doyou tell some one how you feel whene you scared about how there ganna react
Feelings Get Hurt
why do some guys think that you like to be talked to in a certin way ? Do they think if they talk that way to you that you will be impressed? And do they kiss there mother with that mouth? I mean come on its ok to a point,but some take it over the edge and it hurts SOME of our feelings but we never say anything. So agaim I dont get it.. why do they do it?
Feels Like Rain- John Hiatt
Down here the river meets the sea And in the sticky heat I feel ya' open up to me Love comes out of nowhere baby, like a hurricane And it feels like rain Underneath the stars lying next to you Wondering who you are baby How do you do? When the clouds blow in across the moon And the wind howls out your name Feels like rain We'll never make that bridge tonight Across lake Ponchartrain Feel like rain Batten down the hatches But keep your heart out on your sleeve A little bit of stormy weather, that's no cause for us to leave Just stay here baby, in my arms Let it wash away the pain Feels like rain Feels like rain - John Hiatt
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some people have been wondering whats wrong with me well heres whats been on my mind for a long long time . for 6 years i have been single i have tried not to be i have tried to be myself i have tried to be that ass hole that most girls seem to want but i cant be an ass hole . that is not me , its not who i am . yes i have had feelings for a couple sweet women onlinebut after a while i fuck that up i dont have that special someone in my arms , to hold , to look deep into her eyes so i can see just how much i meen to her . i know it sounds stupid , like im makin excuses but i am so tired of goin to bed alone , im tired of fallin asleep with my pillow in my arms wishin that it was someone . im so tired of everywhere i go or look theres a happy couple makin me depressed cuz its something that i want so damn bad it hurts abd cant get no matter how hard i try . i have even tried to let her find me but thats never worked either . i try to be that rare nice guy out there that wome
Please don't tell me not to cry Please don't say there was a reason why You don't know what I am feeling Or how much I hurt The wet spots are from tears on the collar of this shirt You think I should go on with life Forget about it and be strong But deep down I am sad, and don't want to go along I don't expect you to understand why For no apparent reason I break down and start to cry My life has changed forever, you see And that is why I am not acting like the same old me So please don't try to act like nothing happened Because it's changed my life forever I will never be the same again Not today, not tomorrow, but never The best thing you can do for me is just be there Just like always, my friend My broken heart is hurting bad And it will never mend
Feeling Down
Feels Like Letting Go
Oh my love help me open my heart again tear it open let the rain fall in wash this hardness underneath my skin oh my love let me hear your voice come through I wanna know the love inside of you make this dark heart believe in what is true Pre-chorus I know that in the dark there's a fear of letting go I know that in my heart that I fear what I don't know Chorus and this feels like I'm letting go and this feels like I'm letting go I'm letting go it's hard to trust when your hearts been broken times before you pull the curtains and you lock the doors swear you'll never go out anymore Pre-chorus Chorus Bm well I'm stepping out I can't see there is no sound a seeming void becomes a solid ground I sight I lost becomes a faith I've found chorus I'm letting go, I'm letting go I'm letting go, I'm letting go I'm letting go, I'm letting go letting go, I'll let it go
Feelings Of A Confused Heart
Just a room in your apartment And a window letting in Light from streetlights down below And the stars from up above Just a woman lying close To the man she truely does not know Though the room is dimly lit Moonlight gently bathes us there Words unneeded! As he gently kisses her head Knowing she will soon leave Cause there is no reason for her to stay One more night of stolen bliss Then the cruel light of day! So for now let passions stir And the world shall fade away Lovers now, but not for long Still playing those cruel games I care not what the world may say Problems now or problems past I took my chances with fate Our stolen hours have engineered All I know is that I hav feelings And this memory will always last!
Feeling & Life
Life is a game you will never live the biggest challenge is to find away to live happy & comfortable. But then you still have the challenge of keeping your life that way. We hurt,we cry, we falla part & pray but it doesn't seem to change. We move along & hope for better things to come. The thing is they can but don't aways. That where we need to adjust our lives to a number of different things???????????
Feel My Pain
Thinkin about those days Got my mind in a haze You think you may know me You can't even remember my name The day you remember who I am Is the day I pass Than you remember all the things that I have done for you Is it the pain that you have caused me Is this why you decided to talk to me After all these years I have sat here wondering if I was ever all you said I was Drifting from thought to thought Leaving things behind Without notice Got you wishing things were different Wondering what it would be like to go out with a guy like me You will only know if you try But when you try Will probably be the day that I die I will leave this world with pain You will be suffering and I will look down and laugh You say that you care But in reality that you don't I always stood by what I believe in Never would have left but you made me leave Never showed the love that you said you would How does it feel when I am gone I
Feelings Sometimes I sit and stare I think and hope that life would be fair Nobody seems to get it They just have no clue That I can be a friend that is really true Everybody whispers All the laughs, the jokes, nobody cares The way they all make fun of my frizzy red hair If only life could be easy I wish that life could be fun I wish I didn't have to run and hide
Feeling Pensive And Melancholy
Have you ever sat and just wondered why? I ask this because I find myself sometimes just wondering why. Why I am the way I am, why I do the things I do, why I just can't seem to get a filter on this whole brain/mouth thing... Just simply why. I have so much to be thankful for, but I just never seem to be satisfied. I am always driving myself crazy to get and be better.. It's not that I am not happy with myself, I just feel a desperate need to be better for the people around me. Two failed marriages latter, I still am left wondering why I can never be good enough. I mean, I am a decent looking guy, I treat women well, to the best of my ability. I have my own home, and a good paying job. I guess I just haven't found the right one yet. So I wonder again, is she out there, will I ever find her, do I know her now, or have I passed her up in my "infinite wisdom"? Sometimes I even wonder if all the things I focus on to make me better for "them" are actually driving "them" away
Feel The Rush ~ Adrenaline Train
FEEL THE RUSH The Rules: 1. Stop by my page Boopmebaby and rate Adrenaline folder... Start with this pic... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment.. "Feel the Rush" or something like that... 4. Private message me when you have completed rating each party guest. I will make you a thank you tag... And add you to the guest list... 5. When new people join the party... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request. 6. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. 7. NO DRAMA... You agreed to the rules... So, be sure you follow through... No cheating... Please... Below is the gift tag you will receive... Feel free to save and upload your tag or rip it... But if you rip it, you will NOT receive points when someone rates it on your page. Please leave me a comment so I
Feel My Fire
Feel My Fire Your eyes gleam with pure delight As I stand naked in your sight A woman full of fire Wanting to please your every desire Tonight there will be no rest Feel my fire Running along your skin Heating your blood within Pumping so hard and fast through your veins we lay down on your bed In my hands I gentle guide your head Down to my full soft breasts awaiting the softest caress From your warm mouth suckling on each rosy crest Hear me moan and sigh with pleasure My fingers wrap around your manly treasure Stroking and squeezing rubbing the sensitive tip My warm body grinds into your hips My womanly nest wet and ready for the ride As you gently part the hot folds thrust deep inside Now Baby keep your eyes open and see That it is just you and me I grasp your hips drive you in deep Feel my fire wrapping around you completely Hard and fast Breathing coming in loving gasps The fire burning out of control With one final thrust together the ultimate go
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
Feeling Lost
Have you ever felt like you were losing yourself in the process of finding yourself? Well, that is exactly how I feel. Just when I thought I was finally getting my life together, life gives me a punch to the gut. I feel like a lost little girl, scared and confused. A million thoughts are racing thru my head... why am I here? What is my purpose? Does anyone really know their purpose in life? I always seem to have answers for all of my friends but what about me? I have no answers for myself. I feel too much, and it scares me. What is one capable of doing to hide these feelings? I am tired of being a clown, smiling thru my sadness. Is this feeling called depression? I'm tired of asking everyone what is wrong... why the hell can't anyone just ask what is wrong with me? I am ready to vent; ready to cry. My chest hurts. My head hurts. My heart hurts. I don't even know what happiness is. I feel it sometimes, at least I think I do. But then once I reach the point where I
Feel The Boobs
Feel My Boobies
Joe Is My New Owner Of The "Feel My Boobies" Auction He Is An Awesome Person Please Stop By My New Owner's Page & Add/Rate/Fan Joe! joe aka joe@ fubar
I didn't know I could love anyone as much as I love you for the sound of your voice, makes all my dreams come true. You walk into a room, and I know you have arrived; my heart skips a beat when you walk up to my side. I hope this kind of magic stays forever between us two, and the whole wide world will know that God sent me you.
Feel The Pain-dinosaur Jr.
I feel the pain of everyone then I feel nothing I feel the pain of everyone then I feel nothing I feel the pain of everyone then I feel nothing I feel the pain of everyone then I feel nothing is P to me ? you won't wait to see screwed us both again about as close as you dare I feel the pain of everyone then I feel nothing I feel the pain of everyone then I feel nothing is it up to me ? On't wait to see screwed us yet again about as close as you dare hey now, take it back get off me, you're sad trailin' on your scene just try and keep it clean
People can change IF they want to. Everybody makes mistakes, it just depends on if you learn from them or not. The ones who do, SHOULD be given a second chance. The ones who don't, really don't deserve it. Life is too SHORT not to forgive..... You might be missing out on TRUE HAPPINESS......
Feeling Lonely
I think I've been feeling lonely and didn't realise because I'm surrounded by friends and colleagues from work . My boyfriend lives in Japan and the last time I saw him was in April which is six months ago . We were talking about marriage two years ago but I don't think that's ever going to happen if we don't see enough of each other . I work for most of the day , I get a salary wage so I don't get paid for overtime , I have lunch in a cafe with my work friends but when I'm at my apartment I'm all on my own . A lot of things I don't get time for and before I know it months have passed by . My work contract finishes on December 15th then I restart work in February (I think) , but I'm tempted to quit and go back home but I haven't decided yet , but I'll keep working until December 15th before I decide . I've been a bit doolally recently and been trying to fix things .
Feelin Depressed
Lately I have been taking alot of heat from people. I have tried to be strong and not let it get to me. The more people treat me like a punching bag the more I am like why am I even here. I mean I know what its like to be hurting but why keep taking it out on a person who genuinely does care? I may not always say the right thing.. I may get hurt easily but I only get hurt if you mean something to me. I feel like lately I can't do anything right. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong. I am starting to feel myself fall into a depression and I hate that.. It has been years since I have felt the way I do right now. It took me losing my grandmother last month and then feeling like I am losing people I considered friends for me to feel as horrible as I do. I just wish I knew who I could let that wall down for and not have to be scared they are going to hurt me... I have all this stuff going on already and I still have a divorce to worry about next month. It should be easy but nothin
getting married an being in love with the most wonderful man in my life... BRYCE is my everything he is my world... my heart.. I have nevr felt this way bout ne one in my life he makes me laugh , smile an he loves me for me...We are gonna be together very soon an i can not wit.. i know iam goin to cry when i see him.. but he has my heart n my soul my love is his for life.. wisconsin is goin to be my new home an he will be there an he is the love of my life.. my daughters are goin to be movin as well ... next june my youngest is commin to live with us an my oldest an her maaaaaaaaaaaan re movin with us.. i cant wait to see lil man he is the sweetest young man so smart an he has a big heart like his daddy...I Love U WITH ALl my heart Bryce kissess
Feel The Accomplishment
Give your attention to what you're doing while giving your passion to where you're headed. Although the process of achievement can be tedious and challenging, there's no reason why you have to let it get you down. You have what it takes to do what must be done. Simply stop fighting against the efforts, stop imagining and complaining about how hard it is, and just do it. Don't let your emotions be negatively influenced by the difficulty of the task at hand. Instead, base your feelings on the positive outcome you'll achieve once that task is done. In your mind, fully enjoy the successful achievement while you're working to make it happen with your actions. Feel the joy of accomplishment even as you are creating that accomplishment. The work you're doing has a purpose that means something to you. As you do the work, feel the purpose. You can work your way cheerfully through any obstacle as long as there's something truly desirable on the other side. Feel the satisfaction of a
well when you have feelings for someone.why is it you have a hard time telling them. i think well in my case i think i get scared cause i've been thru alot. don't want to go thru it again.i also don't like comparing anyone to the asshole that put me thru hell. some of you that are my friends on here know some of that situation.I just want happiness i think i deserve it.then again maybe i don't who knows not me.but i do have feelings for someone.when i talk to him its like the sun is shining so bright.when he's gone its so gloomy.he makes me smile from ear to ear. he is amazing. i just don't know how to tell him. i guess one day i will but hopefully soon cause there ain't no sunshine when he's gone
A Feeling I Can't Explain
It's just a feeling I can't explain, Am I going insane Just to hear you say my name. Am I walking through sunshine and rain. OH! That lovely feeling I can't explain. OH! That feeling when you look at me. Forever I hope you and I will be. To be with you I'll swim through the sea. Am I walking through sunshine or rain. OH! That wonderful feeling I can"t explain. OH! That feeling I can't explain. Am I going insane. Just to hear you say my name. I know I'm walking through sunshine not rain. OH! That lovely, wonderful feeling I can't explain. Loving you... OH! That's the thang, That's the feeling i couldn't explain.
Feelings And Understanding
Feel Free To Copy And Pass On
Girl: Slow down. Im scared. Guy: No this is fun. Girl: No its not. Please, its too scary! Guy: Then tell me you love me. Girl: Fine, I love you. Slow down! Guy: Now give me a BIG hug. (Girl hugs him) Guy: Can you take my helmet off and put it on? Its bugging me. In the paper the next day: A motorcycle had crashed into a building because of brake failure. Two people were on the motorcycle, but only one survived. The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy realized that his brakes broke, but he didn't want to let the girl know. Instead, he had her say she loved him, felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so she would live even though it meant he would die. if u r really loving some1 frm ur heart..... then send this msg to atleast 9 people(including me) If u r getting 3 back ur love is always with u..... THIS IS NOT A JOKE...... tonight the 1 u love will suddenly want u, miss u, n fall 4 u more FRIENDS ARE LIKE BALLOONS ONCE U LET THEM
Feel Like Breaking
I feel like going out & getting fucked up, Drinking or whatever. After 13 yrs of being clean. This is the first time in 13 yrs that that thought has crossed my mind. I am hurt and broken beond recognition. My heart aches with a pain i never thought i would feel again, because i wouldnt let any one get close to me again, not close enough to Break my Heart. But I am human and I finally let the walls to my so tightly gaurded heart down and let some one in. Im not blaming any one for what happened, I blame myself for being so insecure, yet stupid enogh to open myself up for the pain that i should have known would come. It always does, hmm so i guess that doesnt say much about me, But as hurt as i am, and as stupid as the thought of breaking my sobriety was, it was just a thought. I am too damn strong and proud to take steps backwards. My Children are too important to me & my Honor is my life. So even tho I thought about it. I WILL not do it. I am better then that !!!!!! I know that, I just
Feeling Used
Cant help it I am feeling used. And at the same time I guess I am using you. I hear what you say behind my back. Friends arent supposed to talk smack. You need me so you lie about what you say I need you so I pretend everythings okay. Both of us are wrong, neither of us is right Better this way then to fuss and fight I wish we could say what we really want Instead of hiding and putting on a front You do it your way and i'll do it mine keep talking smack while i act like everythings fine one day you aint gonna need me anymore is that the day you tell the truth and show me the door? one day i aint gonna need you either is that the day we go seperate ways and take a breather? once upon a time our friendship was strong hell we have been friends for so long what in the world has happened to us why are there problems we cant discuss i wanna get through this, i want us to be all right though i know it will not happen overnight please lets stop and think about what we a
Feel The Rush
Have you ever been overcome by a gust of shame or sorrow Have you ever cried over thoughts of what to come tomorrow Do you ever suffer for things you cannot help Do you ever get weak even though your body functions well Can you feel the pain that lingers deep inside Can you feel the hurt that joyful expressions just cant hide These are things surround that just wont go away These the things that define and remind me, there will be better days
The Feeling Of Pending Doom
I feel pending doom, as if someone is going to die. The feeling is coming more and more instance every day. I know no one is going to die but that is how I feel. The feeling is coming from my heart, It isn't something that someone can help me with, no one can fix. I hurt more and more and more everyday. I have hope that everything will turn out for the best, but I just don't see how it can. like today I am sitting here hoping that the feeling will go away begging for the feeling to go away. But i know it will never go away.
Feel Like Crying?!!
so you have a new girlfriend....i don't even care about that because there is one guy i wouldn't mind spending every single day with...but i just want to know why you can't make enough time for me, to make me feel like i'm worth a damn to you! i know that you love me, and you always will. i just don't understand how you walk away one day, and take away everything that seemed so normal and so perfect to me! i don't understand how you just one day wake up and realize you're not in love anymore! i don't know how to make this seem okay when you can't even make lunch plans with me, if nothing else! i want you to come here one day, pick me up, and take me out to lunch..and maybe go shopping at home depot..and tell me what you plan on making next! that sounds so stupid, but i miss you! i can't even tell you what's been going on recently because you're not here anymore! so many things have changed along the way these last few months. i need your opinions on everything, your guidance! i need to
Feel Me In The Wind
She says i believe that if we touch we will be lost in passion He replies when looking at you i want to place my arms around you pull in your warmth into me and smell you skin, their beating of your hearts beat as one. Her lips whisper i find myself wanting to reach out and caress your face with my hand He feel her breath upon his ear She says listen to your breath Feel my breath hot with the touch of our lips yes he whisper in her ear the heated passon and soul of me traveling to your body through time and space and want for nothing but the touch of our skin. My eye see beauty and life in your body and skin The desire of my heart pounding My lips My soul my touch so soft as my heart wants the for time stand still Embrace the wind upon you skin for its touch is my want and desire of your inner soul. Embrace the sun for it is me from afar to warm your heart
I wish sometimes we didnt have them.. Thats all
Feelings At The Time
Image Author: cswandering Word count: 142 What you see is what you get No in between the lines Eyes deep and experienced In the pain of telling lies Arms strong from the life of picking up the mess Caused by those who claim to care The heavy burdens of others test Just seemed to much to bare To ease her starving mind Knowledge is not always learning I am opening my eyes The teacher of life's lesson Are you listening to me? I can save you from the pain Let these words set you free With pen in hand and an open mind I write these words on your heart Hearing is the first step Listening is the hardest part I wrap my arms around you all I hope you all grow strong My will seems extreme I refuse to let you fall I will hang on with all that I have Because its only an image that you see Looking into the lake Not the real me So the mis truths I now forsake
Feelings At The Time
The Wind and Why Author: cswandering Word count: 442 I am always on a one way street going the wrong way I am on the road less traveled I know every pebble along the way Nothing can make me fall I know the places in the shade The places no one else can see I see the shadow of the leaves Leave me be if you please Don't tell me how to walk When your at a dead end I see the sun through the trees I 'll always be your friend Fear has taken hold Youth replaced by old Too scared to take the trip Left alone out in the cold. Remember im still around Even when the dust is heavy You can't see your own hand in front of you I 'll be there to slap you in the face I am reality The one you have avoided I am the future Only a bit contorted Follow me You could try I break the rules I don't pry I am only a rebel to those who don't strive I am not a threat to them they are threats to themselves They walk heavy footed killing everything in their path I watch the fickle
Feelings At The Time
Looking into the mirror Author: cswandering Word count: 89 something dark awaits you,do you dare to venture in, closing eyes were darkness lies embracing full misery...Hold a moment, feel a warmth,its possible the sun is late our eyes are closed ...waiting for the next wandering victim...He stubles belongings scattered... but can he pass the test.. the eyes begin to open ........RUN RUN...the nothing has begun.........the saddness is to much i want to give in......I cant fight.........wait I see ........the late misery has won.......CS. Wandering.
Feeling The Coldness Even More
Feeling Hurt
Don't ya just love the public? NOT!! wish they'd all just fuck off!!! I'm not looking for sympahy and lies on this one, because if you tell me theres nothing wrong with me then quite frankly, your blind! I'm over 16stone which is around the 230 pounds mark for those of you in the states, at 5ft thats not what i should be at all, to be quite honest ive been thinking about it for a while now and i am alone in this fight of my weight issues, and im not getting no help with support at all, been told theres nothing wrong with you isnt support its a contradiction and its hurtful. Chris is also over weight but because he thinks theres nothin wrong with him, 'cough' bullshit 'cough' then theres nothing wrong with me, i wouldnt call a 5ft girl weighing in at 16 stone size 24 at 22 years old is nothing wrong with me. im gonna be dead and burried by the time in 40 and so is chris. It pisses me off how i got myself to a size 14 befor moving to kettering i was fit and healthy and i had
Feel Free To Do This For Me If You Are Bored Enough..
"I want to know 36 thing​s about​ you. I don'​t care if we never​ talk,​ never​ liked​ each other​,​ or if we alrea​dy know every​thing​ about​ each other​.​ Short​ and sweet​ is fine.​.​. ​You'​re on my list,​ so I want to know you bette​r!​ BE HONES​T COPY FROM HERE THEN SEND DIREC​TLY TO ME IN A MESSA​GE THEN,​ REPOS​T THE EMPTY​ QUEST​IONS AS A BULLE​TIN. ​ " 1) Can you cook?​ 2) What was your dream​ growi​ng up? 3) What talen​t do you wish you had? 4) If I bough​t you a drink​ what would​ it be? 5) Favor​ite veget​able?​ 6) What was the last book you read?​ 7) What zodia​c sign are you ? 8) Any Tatto​os and/​or Pierc​ings?​ 9) Worst̴
Feelings Of Love
When you find that special someone, That someone that makes your heart skip a beat. You look forward to being with them and simple things slip your mind Like sleeping and remembering to eat Your thoughts are always with them and hearing from them makes your knees go weak And the times that you can be together, The opportunities you will always seek Being in love is the greatest feeling in the world You always feel that person's arms around you But the flip side of that love is when you realize that person doesnt return the love Then you feel the earth crash around you
Feels Like Screamin
I told myself that I wasn’t going to be emotional today. I told myself that I would think of ya’ll with a smile. A smile does come to my face when I think of ya’ll along with tears. I guess that is why I’m in rare form today because while I’m acting so silly on the outside I’m crying on the inside. Today it feels like it did when I got the news that ya’ll had left us. It didn’t hit me until I was sitting there about to ice the pine apple cake. Then it hit me & I didn’t want to do it. I wanted no part in making that cake. I told Mama I wasn’t going to do my best on them that I refused. She asked did I want her to do them. I told her no but she ended up icing them for me. My heart wasn’t in arranging the pine apple like it normally is. I didn’t even want a pine apple cake to be done this year. As I was making myself do the pine apple, my mind wandered back to the last gathering with Glenda. She loved my pine apple cakes. Heck s
i don't understand why when u love someone they have to do things to hurt your feelings. i have had it happen to my a lot and always at the same time of the year why s it that they do that too me is it because they really don't care or are they being selfish? either way i don't know but i do know when u love someone u don't do that too them.
Feeling Like Sh*t
I really am feeling like that...and i really don't know what to do... I do everything for him... I give my everything to him... and i always do something "wrong"... I always piss him off somehow... it seems like it's never good enough... I'm not good enough... I love him with all my heart...more then he will never know... but it's not enough... i'm feeling like shit... can't you tell?!...
i realized today that the pain i went through with my boys when they passed hasnt gone away. i mean i knew the pain would never go away but i guess i didnt think i could feel this way again. it felt like i was losing them all over again. i got a call today from the woman (from the funeral home) that helped me after i lost my boys. she works at the funeral home and i never thought i would be someone she would call for help. i went there today and found out there was another young couple that had just lost a baby. she wanted to know if it was ok if i met them since ive been through it. i met the couple and i knew how much pain they were going through. its the worst pain a person and definitely a mother can go through. i hugged them and told them i was so sorry. i just wish i could make it easier for them. having to go through this is something i wish noone would have to go through. but im glad i went there today because if there is anyway i can help someone i would love to and do anythin
Feelings And Whatnots
i was in a thinking mood today, well lately i have been in a thinking mood, and for those of you who do not know everything has just been crashing down, in my little world. i thought i was strong and hell maybe i still am. whenever i try to be selfless i come off as being selfish. whenever i try to cry i feel like i am showing weakness. whenever i let go and scream like i want to i hurt peoples feelings. i am tired of being the strong one and i am tired of being the one who always knows what to say and really in the end i dont know who else to blame but myself. so is it really my fault for wanting to be alone? i feel like i am doing the right thing for myself but then again how do you know what the right thing is when everyone else thinks the "right thing" is wrong. letting go is so hard, and when you can't let go to the past how can you move forward? when the past and the present has you so screwed up that you can't even think how can you really have a future? all the arguements and a
Feeling Warm And Creepy In Mexico
That is a strange title but that is just what I am at present. It is beautiful here in Mexico and we are at last having some sunshine. As for creepy, well I just had one of those creepy messages that wished me and my family well and all the good things that are to be treasured and that my profile is wonderful and they are extatic about finding my profile. I have these usually on mywasteofspace and they are usually from Africa. It really spoils my day. Ah well, it is pleasant here at Starbucks at, well, I don't remember the name of the resort but it is near Cancun and is one of those all inclusive ones. We have found a free wi-fi connection and I have finally managed to collect my messages properly rather than from a hot and noisy internet cafe at the hotel. Pah, I don't know why they do not have wi-fi in at least one area of the resort. You know there are some rude people on the planet and why they have to come and get into my space I will never know. The usual, empty field
Feeling Fantastic!
Hello sun sprouts! Ok, day 5 with no tea (zoomy tea) and I feel great. Finally made my way into the wheat grass hut. Yum/yuck, I drank it down and shot it up, (in the nether region) ZOINKS! Felt a difference almost instantly, it's actually quite refreshing... he he he... Why did I wait till wed? Stubborn! We fasted on Wednesday and though I thought I'd be hungry it was totally fine, well except for the emotional detox. I got cranky and my liver flared with a wee bit of anger and growls. Only one guest was injured. Thursday morning - colonic at 7am - HELLO! Though it was glorious, the downside of living on sprouts is the (how shall I say) GAS! Good lorrrd. Digestive enzymes certainly help. They're also really great when you're eating any cooked food. I take them daily without fail. But the best thing about yesterday was that I got to sit in with Anna Maria Clement and watch her do live blood analysis on the guests. REMARKABLE! There is no doubt in my mind that the terrain does
Feelings Of A Lover.....
like the barren earth i erode away when the tears from her eyes pour like the midsummer rain... like a dozen birds my worries flock away as she comes and sits right next to me and snores away.... like an artist i draw my way out of a portrait when the passage is walled away,never like the sunlight when night comes it crawls away ....still cannot question such a wonderful day written by tinaye... (what makes a writer is not the constant change in time ,but the adamant change in constant)that also written by me(smile)
Feeling Unwanted?
There are times When I just feel unwanted here. However there are other times when I feel overwhelmed any one else feeling like this?
I hate feeling like everything i do isn't good enough. Like things should b better than they were b4. Sometimes the slightest things will set me off like a ticking time bomb n i'm going 2 explode. I just wanna scream out at the top of my lungs "FUCK U"!!! Bury myself under a huge pile of blankets n never come out. I wish there was a way that i could make all pain vanish, but we all know thats impossible. I know i'm not perfect, n in fact, nobody is...we all make mistakes n sometimes we learn from them....I try not 2 fail at the things that r important, but i trip n fall right over them alot, i just pick myself up n try again. Eventually i will stop tripping. Everyday i wake up i think 2 myself, "is something wrong"? i dunno, its just a feeling n usually my feelings r right. I just never find out until l8r on. I hate these feelings. Life is what u make of it so make it right.
Feelings 4 Ya
Sometimes wen i look n2 ur eyes its like starrin n2 an unknown gallexy I get lost in ur arms feels like heaven n between them Ur body feels so warm against mines I love it wen u put ur arms around me as were walking in the park The way u take ur hands n brush ma hair away from ma face n kiss ma forhead Holdin ma hand walkin thru da park jus enjoyin each oda Love it wen u lick dem lips baby it drives me crazy I know u nside out We got dat strong connection, like our souls r ment 2 be I feel like im n another world wen im wit u my problems r gone Cant breathe wen ur gone, need ur oxygen n ma system U got me head ova heals fo ya boy!! Da only thing i ask is dat u love me foeva n neva break ma heart!!
Feeling This Song
BeyoncéSingle Ladies Music Video Codes By Music
Feeling Good Again...
I have a difficult time with change. Change in my schedule, change in my environment, change in job, change... I dont do change well! So, just recently I made a huge change, again, in my life and I find Im doing better than I have in a long time! Im getting back to my workouts and loving it! Im feeling happier, and so Im finding Im excited about the approaching new year too! So, do you think maybe Im dealing with change well for the first time in my life? :) I think maybe so!
Feeling Blue
Well 2009 is aproaching people another day or so lol ....But im feeling a little Blue was on facebook looking at some pictures some of my family members posted and it just reminded me about how much i miss them ....My holidays where pretty quiet spent it with my mom and her boyfriend and his parents split about 4 years ago time flies let me tell ya....i think the first xmas with my parents being apart was the hardest but for some reason i still find it a little hard with my father being 13 hours away i see him maybe once a year or 2 years and thats being generous we barely keep in contact we talk once a month....but all in all i cant complain i have my health and some family members around years resolution is gonna be hard i decided to quit smoking and cut junk food out of my life :s wish me luck lol but i have to do it for my health and myself im sure im gonna have my moments but ill survive......I hope all of my friends have had a verry merry xmas and have a ha
Feelings .. (part 8)
angel eyes that old devil scent - they glow unbearably bright! need i say that my love is mispent - mispent with angel eyes tonight - So drink UP all you want! have fun - you have no commitments - The drink and the Laughs are on me! Pardon me - but ive got to know - do you love me? or No? Ive got to find who is now number 1 - me or the alcohol!? and my my angel eyes (your bright blue eyes) arent shining so bright anymore but know..... Im going to love you! Like no ones loved you - come rain or come shine!! High as a mountain - deep as a river - come rain or come shine! I guess when you met me - it was just one of those things - but DONT ever bet me - cause im going to be true if you let me - YOU are going to love me - like no one has ever loved me - come rain or come shine! Happy together - unhappy together - and isnt it fine! Days may be cloudy or sunny - we certainly are out of money - BUT im with YOU always - im with YOU rain or shine!!!!!!!!!! Because
Feeling Down
I've been feeling pretty down recently, and i don't really know why. Maybe it's because i'm so far away from my friends. I'm not sure, but i do know that it sucks, because i haven't been depressed in a long time. I'll feel fine when i'm on my meds because they're designed to stabilize my mood, but when they wear off i feel like shit again. I guess it really doesn't matter that much, but whatever
Feel Like I'm On Top Of The World
I made the President's List of Academic Excellence. I feel pretty good about myself especially since I've been out of school for almost 10 years. Keep smiling and work hard and you can achieve anything!!! Ciao!
Feeling Ugly
I keep looking at these people go across the screen..such pretty women and handsome men..So what am I doing in here? I look awful compared to them..what can I do? I feel ugly!!
You stand,tired of the surrounding Torn and fragile You desperately looking For a way out Its not the first time The feeling has spoken You have always deny its existence Rejecting it Pushing it away When it emerge from Your own shadows You fear,powerless against The vulnerability that has overtaken your soul Slowly moving itself to Your heart Your life, once again Standing in this stationary lonesome When what seems to be right is wrong Escape, is no answer You've been there before Nothing is going to stop This rising feeling
Feel Free To Sign My Guest Book
Tuesday, September 12, 2006 Feelings....... Current mood: confused Category: Life I hate feeling the way that I am feeling, right now. I'm so unsure about everything. I'm so confused. I'm so excited and scared in the same sense. How can one person feel all of this at one time. And to top it off, I'm anxious, hyper and eager in the process. How can one person, make another feel all of this. And what does it all mean. But I guess, it's easy when the person is vulnerable to all these feelings, very easily to begin with. What does one do when they are but a "lost soul" trying to figure out, who they are, where they belong, what makes them happy, and where do they fit in.... Someone who is like a lost "little girl" in a grown woman's body. Waiting to be loved, by one special someone. Hell, she already could be, and just doesn't know it. I've been told to look deep inside myself for the answers, but I don't have a clue, as to how to do that. I've been told that th
"feeling Like Shit"
If I don't put it to pen I know that it will all explode. I feel that I've left everyone in my life down. From my ex, to my own children, my mother, and all my friends although I don't think I really have any. I think who I hurt the most has been myself. Yes, I think I let myself down the most. I've put off advancing in my life and it's taken a huge toll on my health both physicaly and emotionaly. Sometimes I'm up and sometimes I'm very down and when I'm that low in my life ....... well I would'nt want to say where I'm thinking then. I put myself in this place and I guess its up to me to climb out of it. My life hurts and everyone I touch it seems hurts too. I have several choices in my life now and I really doubt that ending it is an option only because of my faith also which I question. I can get off my ass and take chances or I can sit here and wallow in my hate, fear, and guilt. I guess, in the end .... it will all be up to me.
the driving force behind my desires is the simple act of giving. i desire to give totally. to save nothing for myself. Even in the pain inflicted, i give myself to Him, for His pleasure. Do i feel the pain, yes. But more then the pain is the desire to please Him. i give by accepting the bruises and the pain inflicted.
Feeling Left Out
so i was on my facebook page today and i saw a LOT of peeps i graduated from high school with and i feel really left out. the majority of them are married with kids. when will i get my happy ending? is it even out there? all i want is a great guy who isn't afraid to admit he wants to be with me for who i am. im so sick of bein lonely. im so tired of bein shit on. is my prince out there somewhere? cuz im beginning to give up hope. i'm gonna be 31 2 weeks from today, HELLO ppl im so not gettin any younger. ok so i don't wanna get married tomorrow, but i'd like to meet a great guy get to know him and go from there. all the good ones are taken. everytime i see an attractive guy i think hmmm he's nice, but then i see the wedding ring on his finger. or hes single and guess what its like hey Lis, you're great but i like you as a friend and i'll always be there for you. story of my fuckin life. guess what i got enough friends. i want somethin more. so i give up. im so done. ttfn
Feeling Frisky
feeling frisky anyone want to play????
They suck. I suck. You suck. :'(
Feeling Alone...
Its been a while since i posted anything. I did an overnight toy mod where i was up all night and by the time i got here, i didn’t feel like writing. While overnight, i received word that I mad department manager of toys. I’m now the Dept Manager! yay me. Yesterday was my first day as manager. it’s a whole new set of hours than im used to and i have to adjust. i came home and i was so worn out, tired, and sore that i showered and fell asleep til 9pm. woke up, stayed up waiting a while then crashed back out til 2am. When walking home yesterday i picked up a handful of snow. don’t know why, just did and let emotion flow into my mind. Cold, growing wetter as it melts in the warmth of my palm, water tracing my fingers as it drips off. hurt slowly flowing up my arm as the coldness sets in.. but feeling made me feel alive. I miss someone terribly right now and i keep on missing her.. it’s hard to handle.. I’m broke as hell. come on thursday, i need my money…..
Feeling Positive At The Moment
recd figured i'd share ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other. THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want. FOUR. When you say, 'I love you ,' mean it. FIVE. When you say, 'I'm sorry,' look the person in the eye. SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married. SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight. EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dream. People who don't have dreams don't have much. NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely. TEN. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling. ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives. TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly. THIRTEEN. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, 'Why do you want to know?' FOURTEEN. R
*feel The Wind*
Can you feel the wind As it blows through your soul Can your heart find its way When it knows not where to go. Would your path lead to me If all in you was clear Am I anything in your heart That you truly hold dear. I will wait patietly For to ease in your mind Even till the winds never blow Till the end of time
Feel Like It
Feel like it Those mornings when you're reluctant to get out of bed are the very days when you'll gain the most by going ahead, getting up and getting started. The challenges you've been avoiding are the very ones that will compel you to make the most progress. Step eagerly forward and do the hard stuff. Jump in and tackle the difficult challenges. Life is about making a difference. The bigger the challenge is, the more of a positive difference you can make. Don't focus on the discomfort you may have to endure. Instead, go ahead and feel the extreme sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that come from moving forward and doing what must be done. Instead of forever regretting the missed opportunities, wake up and seize those opportunities. Make full and productive use of the priceless moment that is right here in front of you. If you don't feel like it, choose to make yourself feel like it. By the time the day is done, you'll truly be glad you did. -- Ralph Marston
Feeling Disposable
Why don't some people realize how much you care? You put some things off for them. They don't even pay attention or at least you don't think they do. Should you give up? Or continue hoping they will realize how much you care?
Feeling Good
I know I haven't been on as much lately. I will try to start..but been busy working..and exercising..and just bunch of running around. Today I did my first week weight in at weight watchers. I lost 6.8lbs. I know I can do it on my own..I have in the past..but I need a little incentive..or inspiration I guess. This way,, I know I am spending 12 a week.. I will want to do it LOL. I did 3 1/2 hrs of exercise on my wii this week. I am starting to really enjoy it. With all been going on this time at night..I am usually extremely tired. On another note.. just to let you know..I will be having a HH tomorrow. Stop by and show some love please. Hugs...
I just don't know anymore about the way people are. I used to think there was good in everybody, but I do believe that I am finding that the good that should be in everybody dissipates whenever they don't get their way. I have feelings for somebody, somebody who has the ability to make me truly happy, but at the same time this person makes me so mad I want to rage, but not violently at her, I'm not that kind of guy. I know that I'm not perfect, and everybody makes mistakes, but there are times where I know that I'm right, and I just need for somebody to agree with me on how I feel. I don't need them to fix my problem, just agree with me so I don't feel so alone in the way I feel. I know that I need to improve my life, and I do believe that if I would have made better decisions in my life that our relationship wouldn't have turned out so bad, and I do still blame myself for us not being together... And no matter how much anybody else wants to tell me different, that feeling w
You look into my eyes and see things you don't understand. Am I a mystery? You look at my smile, You search for something that isn't there. Am I a mystery? You listen to my voice, and call me an angel. This angel is flesh and blood, Not a doll to be put on show. You see - I'm not a mystery. I am me. I am flesh and blood. Touch me; I wont break. There's no mystery here. Caress me; feel the warmth. I'm not a mystery; I am Woman. Here I am - desires abound, Relentless and sensuous - yours to caress Like a flower; make me bloom. Don't stop; not even to rest! No mystery here; Just a Woman. I feel the weight of your body against mine, Your heaving breath upon my skin. The most gentle touch on my thigh, The soft nibbling on my breasts - Moving slowly in a downward motion. Now you see, I'm no mystery; I am YOUR Woman
Have a heart! Anything less is like a fart!
A Feeling Of Extacy Fading
your arms your hands your voice your smell a feeling of extacy your arms no longer wraped around me your hands no longer caress me your voice no longer sooths me your smell no longer surrounds me my extacy fading into the mundane
i sit here and wonder, why do i always do everything wrong, why am i still alive. my life isnt worth shit i just keep going through this pain. missing the only person i love more than ne thing. why cant i see the light. is it not my time it sure feels it. i need to get out of this wicked world. is there anyone who cares, is anyone listening,of course not. they dont feel how i am feeling relationships only push me away. seems every time i try i just cant keep going on like this so i just go to that empty room and cry over that special someone who means so much to me dearly. wish things could of been different,so i cut myself and hope i die. but its not my time why i am so confussed. plz help what do i do.i dont know. should i just lye here and hope i die.....
Feelin Love
You make me feel like a sticky pistil Leaning into her stamen. You make me feel like Mr. Sunshine himself. You make me feel like splendor in the grass where we're rolling Damn skippy baby you make me feel like the Amazon's running between my thighs. You make me feel love You make me feel like a candy apple all red and horny You make me feel like I want to be dumb blonde In a centerfold, the girl next door. And I would open the door and I'd be all wet With my tits soaking through this tiny little t-shirt That I'm wearing and you would open the door And tie me up to the bed. You make me feel love Lover I don't know who I am. Am I Barry White - am I Isis? Lover I'm laced with your unconscious, I will be your Desdemona
I've hidden my thoughts away, But it seems the unveiling is today. I just may have to leave you in dismay, Possible I may have to blow you away. It seems you all walk in fear, when you see me clearly don't even come near. I don't want to have to rip out your mandible, My hate isn't something that you can handle. I have a thought I'll devour your soul, After blood spills I look to the moon. I can't help that I feel I need to howl, They don't understand they are dealing with a loon. Killing everything I love I only have hate, Seeing you fall from above makes me debate. Whether there is only lies, it's starting to attract flies. Now at the close of this I am weak and weary, I don't know how to look close enough with my vision. I asked you to look clearly, But I've made my decision an incision. END
Feeling Helpless.
So I spent the better part of last night stiching up my mothers dog, because we live in the country and there are no vets open past like 5 pm. Sadly enough it was MY dog who attacked her dog. My dog is a pit and has never attacked anything or anyone in her whole life. Now im stuck trying to figure out if I risk keeping her. If it was just an isolated action. Im afraid that now she has gotten a taste for blood she is never going to be the same loving dog that I cherish. I dont know what to do. I feel so helpless. I was barely able to save my mothers dog so it was serious attack. But today my dog is acting like nothing happened. Ive been raised around big dogs and dangerious animals my who life and in any other case I would have sadly put the animal down. But I truely love my pit and I just dont know what to do. Whats worse is that because I live up in the mountains in a town full of tweekers my dog is my only friend up here. I would break my heart to have to put her d
Feel Me Up
Day by day you allow me to feel great, my words are actually questioning fate. I don't know what path to choose, late at night I wander with blown mind and fuse. Can't love again, frightened of loss and pain, maybe I could heal when I notice my gain. Suppose to do so much alone, just favors asked because I worship the bone. Not many offer help so they can't see, they aren't here for themselves or me. Need a lifetime partner or mate, to raise my spirits with love not hate. Hear me I feel you can listen, I want you to know your one in a million. See me I don't want the same, my heart sunk when I found out its a game. He is my only evidence of lifetime love, gonna look for feeling again even if its only from above. I am not angry just down and sad, feel me up because I don't have what I had.
Feel Free To A/f/r These Profiles
> > > > > they will love you unconditionally and even try and convert you - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED
Feeling Lost...
so I went to clean my hard drive off, got a virus on it... thought I had everything backed up properly... decided to step down from vista to xp in hopes of having a few more gig's of hard drive space... installation went as normal... xp installed, had to spend an hour getting all my driver's loaded, then went to go reinstall my graphix program's from the cd's I just burned not even three hours prior... redundancy error's start flying up, I get the program to install finally, go to slam my plugin's into the folder, double click the familiar icon I have come to love, I even have it set in the same place as it was on vista... I know the movements to that icon by heart... my virus scan goes off, one of the preset filter's in now a virus... I dump the install, try it again with out the plugin's... run's fine... time to put the plugin's back in... double click... virus warning again... maybe I should of just left it all alone, stayed on vista, cleaned the virus out, but I needed the few extr
Feeling Unloved
maybe its pms or something.. but im very weepy and sad and pissed off. you get no love here less you have autos runnin or bombers going. Cant be poor and level here for sure. and this list of ppl to bomb.. who made it? the ppl that HAVE that bombers? Is that why other ppl didnt get added? lol Ill take a midol and get over it.. just needed to type it lol just BLAH
Feeling Good And Wanting More
Yup I feel pretty good right now. I am content. I like a lot of things about my life. But I need more. Isn't it crazy when you know you need something but you cannot put your finger on what it is. You don't want to settle, but you don't know what you want. I'm really passionate about life and very driven. That does not always make the people around me happy. I always get asked why I want more, why I need more, why can't I be satisfied. All this does not mean that I am upset, frustrated, angry, etc. I accept life as it is. Opportunities come up, but not when and how I want them. As far as my profile is concerned, this is kind of an experiment. I am not putting up a picture or personal information. Yeah, I am lazy, but I also want to see how people react only to my thoughts. You don't even get to know my age, gender, background, nothing. It will be interesting to see what kind of responses I get, if I get them. Oh well, guess we'll see what people think, assume
Feeling Good
went out friday got f-cking wasted.give some love bored now
Feel Like The First Time
Do you ever really feel like no one really understands you? I so feel like that right now. It's a really bad feeling. K well i just wanted to share little. Good Night.. or Good Morning.. whichever..
Feeling Lost(salvation)
I'm So Tired I can't Sleep. I Choke Every Time I Try To Breathe. I Am In Way To Deep. Why Am I Falling From Grace. I Stubble Every time I Join The Race. I Am Like A Beat Without Bass. All I Want Is A Taste. I Will Never Be Free. The Chains Bind Me Holding Me Down. Never Letting Me Obtain The Crown. Where Is My Salvation That I Deserve. I Just Want To Fly To The Sky So High. Just One Time I Want To Reach Cloud Nine. But I Keep Fighting. I Will Never Surrender. I Am To Strong To Give Up. My Will Can't Be Broke. I May Be A Picture Torn. I'm Like A Rose With A Thorn. But As Long As My Friends Continue To Care. I Will Continue To Be Strong. I Will Continue Down The Trail. Down TO Salvation Row.
Feeling Much Better
dark cold two oclock in the morning last night i mean this morning side of the road in grass valley transmission fried and smoking from a 138MPH hight speed chase through placer county got away again transmission done door open broken glass from the black berry brandy mixer in my arm all over the road in my hands throwing up on the side of the road bloody nose carpet on fire side of the car on fire just a small fire from cigarettes and alchohol stereo so fucking loud playing let the planet burn laughing, bleeding, throwing up blood, covered in white dust, sweat, and maybe gunpowder? maybe cocaine maybe gunpowder mixed with cocaine black car (on fire) black heart *on fire* black magic to get away this time her laughing "your fucking ride is through Mood" "how do you feel doll" she is always a cunt at times like these i try to stand fall to my knees laughing choking "i feel back to normal, think i am over the flu"
Feeling Confused?
Hello, and welcome to the Mental Health Hotline. * If you are obsessive or compulsive, press 1 repeatedly. * If you are co-dependant, please ask someone to press 2 for you. * If you have multiple personalities, please press 3,4,5 and 6 * If you are paranoid, we already know who you are and what you want, but stay on the line while we trace your call. * If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a small voice will tell you which number to press. * If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be transferred to the mother ship. * If you have short term memory loss, press 9, if you have short term memory loss, press 9, if you have short term memory loss, press 9. * If you have a nervous disorder, please fidget with the # key until a representative comes on the line. * If you are dyslexic, press 696969696969. * If you have amnesia, press 8 and state your name, address, phone, date of birth, social security number and your mother's
Feeling Down
Today is very tough for me. I miss someone very much, and there is no one i can talk to about her. We have made plans and i have every intenion of acting on them, it sjust sometimes its so hard to be without this person. This is the only way i can communicate my feelings for this person. I dont know who will read this. I guess it doesnt matter these are my thoughts and i need to get them out.
Feeling Lucky?!
Feeling Lucky?! Do you feel lucky? I do! Because you are watching me. And enjoying every minute of it. If you're giving away kisses, I will take some here and here. Wink! Wink! Cum see my full back striped panties. Cum on over to the members sextion to see what I use as a toy. I light up my sweet, luscious, curvy body. How lucky do you feel now!? XOXO Love XOXO Exotic Flame -- Hugs and Kisses Exotic Flame
A Feeling
Take time and listen my heart beats for you and only you always in my mind its my dream I will not resign I love the way you make me feel Id make a deal with the lord himself to conceal this feel keep it always with me never to lose touch you'll be in my thoughts till I die never to lose something I love so much. Never to stop talking about what you do to me, always to let people know what kind of feeling is inside of me, warm sensation goosebumps appear tears in my eyes I hope you never disappear its a fear you could call it a nightmare. Ill be thinking about you always right till the day we meet until that day comes Ill never forget the day I seen..... MY TRUE LOVE written 03/23/09
Feels Good!
It's a great feeling when your teenage son calls you during spring break and asks you do get on xbox live to play! He has called twice today. And says he is calling at 5:00 to tell me to quit working and get on to play with him. And it feels good when he wants to spend the whole break with you. But I did say he had to stay with his Mom a few days lol. He is my world.
Feel Free To Join Me!!!
Feel Free To Join The Best Saloon in Fubar!! Whiskey Falls Saloon!!!
Feel Bad Dad
i feel bad, my lil princess works as a counselor in a home for troubled teen girls. two of them were arguing and she went to go diffuse the situation when the girl that was in her room slammed the door. it pinched off the tip of her middle finger, taking all the meat from the bone up. she went to the trauma center and they flapped it and closed it over the bone. instead of going home after this she went back to work to talk to the girl to tell her she wasn`t mad at her. the girl is one of my daughters favorites and she knew it was an accident. she made sure she lost none of her privileges and took her to lunch today i feel bad i wasn`t there to hug her but i am so proud of her for thinking more of her young charge than her own injury. 
Feeling Better
After talking to a few close friends.  I feel much better.  If a person wants to be mad at you there is nothing you can do to change it.  You have to sit back and let things run there course.  There are no words that will express my sorrow and consern for the loss of what was believed to be a great friendship.  You will be in my heart and prayers.
Feeling Reflective Tonight.
Are we destined for our life's events? or Do we create our own destiny?
Feeling..i Dont Know
I went to my parents friday night to go mushroom hunting. I didn't find any but had a nice times with my parents.  I am not sure how to feel though about something.  My dad was sitting in his chair..just kinda.. I dont know. Like something was bothering him.  I worried it was my kids..but they were fairly behaving for them. He is not one to deal with little kids and how they are though.  Anyways.. he got up..and said "Nicole..comeback here with me. I was like..omg..whats this about.  Anyone who knows me..knows I have always had a fear of my dad..and have always tried my best to please him. I still do. I do not know why..I am grown up now..and shouldn't worry so much about what he thinks at times but I do. My dad is a pessimist..and always looks at the bad side of things.  That is why I am partly the way I am..although I try not to be so much like him.  Well we went back to his spare bedroom..and he shuts the door.  He said "Nicole if something should ever happen to me or your mom.. I w
I feel temporary to your world.... You have the strangest effect on my world.... I feel out of sorts and full of loneliness....... You say you want me for ever yet make me see temporary.... Your eyes say it all...... Maybe in another time and place we wouldn't have been so TEMPORARY
Feel My Pain
I want you to hurt like I do. I want you to feel this pain. I want you to bleed from the inside out. And I want your tears to fall down like rain. I want you to look in the mirror, and despise the person that you see. I want you to wake up in the middle of each night, your arms reaching out for me. I want you to feel so alone and to wish for me to be where you are. I want you to think back to the times when you inflicted the worst of my scars. I want you to face each day with the knowledge that Im not there. I want you to hurt so badly that the pain you can no longer bare. I want you to feel the way I feel when I live through each and everyday.
Feelin' Kinda Weird
*To see the devil in your dream, signifies fear, limitations, and negative aspects of yourself. You may be harboring feelings of guilt. It is time to release these feelings. Alternatively, the devil represents intelligence, cunningness, deception, and cleverness. To dream that you fight off the devil, indicates that you will succeed in defeating your enemies. To dream that the devil talks to you, suggests that you will find certain temptations hard to resist even though you know it is not in your best interest.* *To dream that someone or something is evil, denotes a repressed and/or forbidden aspect of yourself. This part of yourself may be seeking recognition and acknowledgment. Alternatively, evil may also be a reflection of your strong, negative emotions like hate, anger, etc.* *To see your own family in your dream, represents security, warmth and love. It could also symbolize bitterness, jealousy, or rivalry, depending on your relationship with your family. Alternatively, it
Feel Good Inc. Lyrics
Hahahahahahahahaha,Feel good....Sh-pah sh-pa, sh-pa, Feel good, [x9]City's breaking down on a camel's back.They just have to go 'cos they don't hold backSo all you fill the streets it's appealing to seeYou wont get out the county, 'cos you're bad and freeYou've got a new horizon It's ephemeral style.A melancholy town where we never smile.And all I wanna hear is the message beep.My dreams, they`ve got a kiss in, 'because I don't get sleep, no..Windmill, Windmill for the land.Turn forever hand in handTake it all in on your strideIt is sinking, falling downLove forever love is freeLet's turn forever you and meWindmill, windmill for the landIs everybody in?Laughing gas these hazmats, fast cats,Lining them up-a like ass cracks,Ladies, homies at the trackIts my chocolate attack.Shit, I'm stepping in the heart of this hereCare bear bumping in the heart of this hereWatch me as I gravitateHahahahahahaa.Yo, we gonna go ghost town,This motown,With yo soundYou're in the placeYou gonna bite the dus
Feel-good Time!!!
u come to me with scars on ur wrist u tell me this will be the last night feeling like thisjust came by to say goodbye i didnt want u to see me cry i am finebut i know its alrightthis is the last night to spend alone look me in my eyes so i know u know i am everywheres u want me to be this is the last night u spend alone wrap u in my arms and i wont let go i am everything u need me to beur parents say everything is ur fault but they dont know u like i know u they dont know u al alli am so sick when they say its just a vase u'll be ok ur finebut i know its alreghtthis is the last night to spend alone look me in my eyes so i know u know i am everywheres u want me to be this is the last night u spend alone wrap u in my arms and i wont let go i am everything u need me to belast night away from methe night is so long when everything is wrong and u give me ur hand i will help u hold ontonighttonightthis is the last night to spend alone look me in my eyes so i know u know i am everywheres u w
The Feel Of Rain
Well it has been a nice day so far the rain pouring down on the earth. Kissing the moist ground with it wet lips, the rush that moves threw me as I go out into the storm. Feeling its power around e, curessing me with the wind as my hair blows around. The touch that feels as if it is lovers gental cureses. My hopes and dreams are flying on the wind into my heart and into my head.    
I lose myself in the pain of art not to feel happy and accepted but to realize I am alive… That is the latest status that cant begin to describe the overwhelming feeling of confusion and loneliness that plagues my mind. I find myself back and forth between numerous hopes of futures that are only baring down present goals. I try to use this pressure as fuel to help my struggling soul dive through a valley of darkness and pain, but the sorrow is so unbearable I see no way out. I circle around viewing my options, hoping for a break, some kind of gap for me to slip through and lift this burden off my shoulders. I see this small glimmer of light, maybe it’s my way out, venture toward the distant beam. Wrapped in solitude it seems so appealing, but like the valley it’s only a mask for its true ugliness. The feeling of being alone had chipped a small crack into my shell of hopelessness. Being alone pushed me over the already small edge my weathered fingers clenched tightly to year after y
Dream ov yo !  Yo dun remember me but I remember yo, I ly awake n thin ov yo wanderin iv yo thin ov me 2. Lyn here watchin time go by, Wanderin iv yor do n alrite.  Tha dayz r long , Tha nitez r  slow n im juzt want n it 2 pass.  Pass me by lik a cloud n tha sky.  Roman not noin where or wat I'll go by.  I feel lik a raindrop fallin from da sky, Fallin down in2 tha ground trin 2 soak up tha soil an tryn 2 hide, Hide from da pain i feel inside.    Lyn here dreamin ov yo watchn my life pass me by, I try 2 think n i wander why, Why my  life is so dry inside, Like tha creekz on a hot 4th ov july. All withered and dried away. MY sole is empty my mind iz a drifter so how do i stop all thiz swifter. How do i make it threw this long thriften time? Dun say im up tite with muh emotional prim, I try so hard 2 fafill tha time.    I look n tha mirr n see yor face, an it takez me back 2 r special place. I turn away  n tak a deep breath n relize wat all iz left. I'd  giv up everythin juzz 2 find yo,
Feeling Help Less
I so don't know what to do.  I use to be really good at pulling the family out of a tight spot finanically . Meaning I use to be able to figure out how to pay bills or get the help we needed to pull our selfs back up. But now, I dont have that magic any more.  All I keep thinking is if my son doesnt get back to work,  or if hubby cant get any over time in. It won't take long before we will have to give our home over to the bank because the money just isnt there. And the worst part is ,  I feel for hubby the most.  He will once again feel like he is a loser that he cant provide for us. And I will to,  cause I couldnt think of any way to pull us out of this dam mess.  I PRAY FOR A MIRCLE
Feelings Of Love
Song in my head...   Feelings Nothing more than feelings Trying to forget my Feelings of hate Imagine Beating on your face Trying to forget my Feelings of hate Feelings For all my life i'll feel it I wish I'd never met you You'll make me sick again Feelings, oh oh feelings Of hate on my mind Feelings Feelings like I never liked you Feelings like I want to kill you Live in my heart Feelings Feelings like I wanna deck you Feelings like I've gotta get you Out of my life Feelings, oh oh feelings The hate's in my eyes Feelings, oh oh feelings You're not very nice  
Feeling Of Her Soft Lips
Feeling Of Her Soft Lips   My Fire stands waiting for me Her passions I can hear Though she stands far off now Our time is drawing near Many miles over open road I travel on swift wings Till I stand before My Fire My Fire is my brass ring Our eyes lock for the first time As I approach My Fire My hand strokes soft skinned cheek
Feeling And Love
i always beleive feeling and love is control by god we can't control how we feel for someone but we chose to with hold it in or  behonest with the one we have feeling for when have feeling for someone it doesn't mean your in love with  but most of the time we or we really care for that person today generation doesn't beleive you can have feeling or fall in love by just hearing an person voice but i learned the reason why some people don't these days is cause there away to  admitted or refuse to beb loved or doesn't wat others to have feeling but for the must it's because their afraid to let themself to loved or reject true feelings cause they been hurt in an past relationship or cause of an bad child hood pass from my exprince in this i refuse to be love since i refuse to be loved i couldn't love cause i refuse to trust and fell comfortable with someone but in the last three days i found an person i really feel comfortable with. when you find an person you feel comfortable with your fe
Feeling Terrible
I am still feeling god awful. Now I am getting the severe blech with it. I have the pain going on and now its semi like flu symptoms. I better feel better tomorrow, we are suppose to be leaving around 5 to go to Montana for the funeral. I am not taking my laptop, so you wont see me online till sometime Wednesday evening.  All day today I have been laying here dozing off and on and still feeling horrible. Was gonna go back to dr today, but would you believe I feel too horrible to go anywhere?
Feelin A Lil Naughty!
  I'm feeling a lil naughty and froggy today... Send me a horny toad and I'll make you a NSFW or SFW salute (you pick)! :)   w00t w00t Fukkkk the haters!  
Feeling Cheeky Today
I guess I am in the mood to set something on fire. If not the house then it might as well be you.  
My life has been a rollar coaster. My relationships with guys have been a rollar coaster. But my last relationship with a guy it had a positive and negative impact in my life. The only thing i didnt expect out of that relationship was my heart having walls around it. I knew in my mind my relationship was over with this one person but i didnt know that i had closed my heart off to being open for love again. It wasnt until i got with my current boyfriend that i realized how closed my heart was. The mere thought of losing him scares that crap of me. I have never loved him like i had anyone else i have been with. But i dont want to go back to being how i was before him. who knows anymore. there is only so much i can say or do to tell him how i feel. It is up to him what he wants to do.
*feels Like A New Woman*
Man, I needed that... got away from the city for the entire weekend... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh talk about relaxing! Played penny slots up in Central for the entire night Friday into Saturday morning and finally made it up  to the cabin for a night a couple of days, damn it feels good.  The "boys" in our family need a good lesson on how to clean, it was pretty bad.  Though, they did clear about 5 ft down in the "hole". *dances* I'm vowing to get up there more.  It really needs a good cleaning, a paint job, some perennial plantings and tree clean up. The pine beetle is beginning to get to our trees and we need to get them cleared. Phew, great excuse to get up there more...hehe *grinz* Now I just gotta figure out how to get my net connection working and things will be 100% groovy.   ♥ most of you PoStaL  
Feelings...nobody Cares About Mine...
A lot of you have been wondering why I've been so upset the last 2 days. I had a friend named Brian (his name on here is Badazzdodge) and he and I were really close. This past weekend he met a woman (Vellarian) and apparently she's his whole world now. Which is whatever. I had been feeling some weird feelings for him that I thought at first were just strong feelings of friendship. Problem is, I have a boyfriend who I've been with for 6 years that I love very much. I told Brian how I feel and that I was worried we wouldn't be as good of friends with his girlfriend because that always happens. Females these days are very jealous human beings. I know it because I can get jealous too. I told him about my TOTALLY rational fear of his girlfriend not wanting him to have female friends. He said he would never let that happen and that when he got home from work he would set aside time for us to talk. @ 9 p.m. last night I told him to text me when he would be available, which he never did. I saw
Why Is t when you pour your heart out to someone,90% of the time you et the anwer"I dont  know what to say or WOW?"I feel like i have put a damper on our friendship by telling this person how i felt.Was i wrong for doing it?
Feels Like Home
I'm sitting here, watching How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days. I somehow forgot that my wedding song was in it.  The second I heard it, tears filled my eyes.  I just wanted to be happy and loved and safe.  He used to make me feel like he was home to me.  I miss feeling that way.  Fuck this hurts.  I'm ready for it to be over so I can truly move on.  And that hurts too. Somethin' in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myselfMakes me wanna lose myself, in your armsThere's somethin' in your voice, makes my heart beat fastHope this feeling lasts, the rest of my lifeIf you knew how lonely my life has beenAnd how long I've been so aloneAnd if you knew how I wanted someone to come alongAnd change my life the way you've doneIt feels like home to me, it feels like home to meIt feels like I'm all the way back where I come fromIt feels like home to me, it feels like home to meIt feels like I'm all the way back where I belongA window breaks, down a long, dark streetAnd a siren wails in the nightBut I'm alri
Its hard to run from a feeling that haunts you every now and then, painful to tell your heart that you don't need it to keep on pretending that you are better off alone when in fact you feel so empty. But why take chances if you see no hope? why try if theres nothing to win for? Sometimes it pays to wait, never hurry. Let infatuation die a natural death and give birth to true LOVE when its time...
Feeling Uninspired....
sucks left sweatry nipples.... :( *sigh* The hotel had to have tight buds so that the arrangements looked top form for Thursday... I didn't take pics cause most of the arrangements weren't blooming yet .... *sigh* and here I sit..not wanting to design the leftovers... *sigh* at least with all this sighing, I'm getting air to the noggin. ♥ Postal
My mind spins through bits and pieces of the past that seem to make my heart cry yet hold on longer... yet somehow it still seems to hold on to nothing... and at the same time the memories mean so much, yet there worth nothing more then just parts of the past that are now only real in my mind!! what good is that if it cant rewind me back to the time when i could touch you.. smell you... and most of all to the time when you were mine and i was yours.
Feeling Down Lately
Sorry not been much of  a friend lately.. just not been feeling up to being on here much lately. Just want to say thank you to the very few who actually show me love on here lately.  I appreciate everything you do..and for who you are. I have thought of deleiting ..but I know I will regret it once I have. Anyways..just wanted to say thank you again..for being there. xoxo
Feel The Breeze
as i feel the breeze blow on my face i close my eyes and see you face your smile, you bright eyes i think about our first kiss how our lips touched and our hands searched our bodies as we kissed we drew closer towards each other till we coildnot get any closer our kiss searching and explorling i felt your breath as you were searching for air as we kissed  not wanting topart to breath i draw you closer to me holding you tight not wanting to let go i open my eyes and see the deep blue sea the clouds in the sky and im all alone feeling the breeze on my face i close my eyes again and wish you were with me once more      
A Feeling
 A feeling the sun shines thru the haze of the day as you watch the blue blue sky. Just as life seems a maze And your confused by the events of the day. When you think your carring the world on your shoulders.and That no one cares. You need a laugh you need a hug you need to wipe the tears away. Stand up take a deep breath and face the day. Grab your paint brush and paint the it comes to you. Know your not alone in feeling this way. Break thru the haze of the day.Send the feelings aray.Break yourself free.You know thats the key.
Feels Like Tonight
You, you got me Thinking it'll be alright. You, you told me, "Come and take a look inside." You believed me, In every single lie. But I, I failed you this time. And it feels like tonight. I can't believe I'm broken inside. Can't you see that there's nothing that I wanna do, But try to make it up to you? And it feels like tonight, Tonight. I was waiting For the day you'd come around. I was chasing, And nothing was all I found. From the moment you came into my life, You showed me what's right. And it feels like tonight. I can't believe I'm broken inside. Can't you see that there's nothing that I wanna do, But try to make it up to you? And it feels like tonight. I never felt like this before. Just when I leave, I'm back for more. Nothing else here seems to matter. In these ever-changing days, You're the one thing that remains. I could stay like this forever. And it feels like tonight. I can't believe I'm broken inside. Can't you see that there's nothing that I wanna do, But try to make it
Feeling Philosophical
I hope I spelled that right LOL anyhow.. My current status is bound to make people think naughty thoughts while infact I am curious if this is possible. So it's whats on my mind at this very moment. I am feeling sort of meloncally and self isolating myself from the world around me. This will happen now and again until I am feeling more capable of living life as I once knew it..or something like that.     I miss you all very much so keep in touch. Most have my yahoo or number..USE it ;)   and thank you to the few of you that have kept in touch :)
Feelings Of A Broken Heart..
If I sleep forever, I won't have to hurt anymore. I won't have to be alone, I won't have to act. I won't have to waste the sunlight or fight the moon..... I can just sleep forever
Feeling Sexy And Sensual
Today was an interesting day for me. I went to the city to look for school supplies for my kids, but instead I found some tantilizing tidbits for my Daddy and myself. It is because of him that I purchased these things. When you get new panties and bras that make you feel sexy and sensual it blows your mind away. When I see the look on my Daddy's face it gives me pleasure beyond my wildest dreams. To see the excitment and knowing what is waiting for me when I did a job well done it is worth every penny. Daddy I cant wait for you to reward me. I also purchased a pair of black high heeled shoes that make me look and feel sexy. My legs seem to go on forever. My bras and panties are a matching set. I got a white lacy bra with shear white g string. You can see everything. It makes me feel so excited when I wear them, not leaving much for the imagination for my Daddy to see. Another one I bought was a grey set, they too make me feel like I never have before. And finally  a blue set. they mak
Feel Like A Failure
well here i am  back in florida for almost a month after movin away to nc for a few months thinking it was the right thing to do to move away to be with someone,and yet it was like i never really knew the person..i think to myself did i move to fast or just needed to get away from here  i dont really know..again i opened myself up to be with someone like i allways do and things never seem to be right about the other person or hearts been broken so many times i dont even have one anymore. maybe its not ment to be for me to have a succesfull relationship with anyone cause im allways getting burnt in one way or another. either through playing games,cheating,lying,mistrust,not being open,hiding things behind your back and whatnot. i guess im too nice  i have a heart of gold and dont mistreat anyone bad and has respect for others but have i got that in return  not really if ya think about it cause im allways alone in the long run. they say they love you and this and that  show y
Feel Free To Feel
Dearest You,Thursday you mentioned expressing feelings. I spent most of Friday soul searching. And what I have found sort of scares me. When my dad died, I vowed to never give my heart so willingly to another living person. (Even if it was in a totally different manner of loving.) It was too much for me to take as I watched them lower his casket. It broke my heart so fully, that I shut down towards every other person that existed. And then I met you. I felt something when I first looked into your eyes. An uneasy stirring feeling in my stomach. Like some sort of animal rattling it's cage, in a feeble attempt to escape. Then the night you kissed me, the bars of the cage seemed to explode with an energy that I can't describe. And whatever was locked away within it's bars has escaped. I feel like I'm out of control, and I love it. I love feeling like I can walk on clouds with you. I love feeling so free to feel. To allow myself to let every emotion that passes through me play out on my fac
Feelin' Froggie, Just Jump!!!! Auction
FEELIN' FROGGIE,JUST JUMP!!!!100k to enter min. bid 500kopens sept 5th 5:00 pm fu timecloses sept 15th 5:00 pm fu timelast chance to enter sept 5th at 4:00 pmRules are simple:You must Rate, Fan and Add me,If we aren’t already friendsRe-rate, if we are You must rate this blog and leave a commentThat you would like to enterSend me a Private Messagein the message include:The link to the photo you would like to useA list of what you are offeringIf I don’t receive a Private MessageYou will NOT be entered! No DRAMA!I will not think twice about deleting or blocking anyone that causes it!You are responsible for getting people bid on you!All bids will be converted to fubucks Cash bids outweigh fubucks only bids,but must equal or be higher in value then the fubucks bidsYou have the right to acceptOr reject any bid andto close Your auction at any time! I am not responsible for payment of bids or completion of offers!
~feelings Of Destiny~
Feelings of destiny, point toward chaotic skies. Violent storms consume you. The winds push at your back and leave you with no control. You embrace the torture. The emptiness inside, now filled with a lust for fear. And a desire to touch the face of death.  
Feels Good!
It feels so good having the power to make u look at this blog for no fucking reason. Who's my bitch? Damn rite YOU ARE! Now close it I'm done!
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Feel Inside Me
feel my heartbeat. it bleeds for you. feel my heartbeat cause its for you. my life just begin. with you forever. listen to me. let me softly whisper in your ear. how you make me go crazy. how i want you in my arms. let me gently hold your hands. let me give you endless passion.
Feelin Low
Well its another lonely nite for me tonite.. No one to cuddle up to or hold while I try to sleep... Its killing me slow but surely.. Crying cuz he is locked up for 6 more months if not longer.. Hurting cuz he has lied to me and cheated on me.. I cant leave I have no where to go my family is all up north and its just me down here....This aint right I shouldnt be livin like this. I have a few friends down here but its still not the same.. I just wish I could turn back time and everything would go back the way it was. When we first got together and there were no lies and no cheating......
Why do i feel the way i do?Why is it that every moment i have is filled with t
Feelings For Feelings For You
When times get hard i think of you  When i feel alone i hug my pillow n wish it was you...  When i need a smile i play our song  I'm reminded you love me  Although the distance keeps us apart  I find my self a little each day Starting to Fall more in love What we have started as a friendship Then slowly started to become more real I'm worried one day you'll walk away Which is why I never thought to tell you the feelings I started to have... the day we met was one I'll never forget You called my phone and said 'I'm fallin for you' I felt speechless unsure of what to say Sitting there listening to you A tear rolls down my face 'I'm falling for you too' I reply Every day that goes by I want you to be with me Side by side is how we should be
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You are beautiful. Wont you believe this? A color, a shade that doesnt exist. My existence is greater, By your existence. Just when I think I know you, Completely I find out there is so much more, To learn. Could you shine any brighter? Are you of this world or are you simply A dream? Your book is written in a language called Love. Cant you see that I am here, For you. You make the sun burn Brighter. Colors more Vibrant. If you are lost, Let me guide you. If you are losing your grip, Give me your hand. For I will never, ever let you down. I just want to be there With you. Because I believe In you. For you are a rose in a garden of daisies.
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I still ache for you baby and i want/need more of u. u are my cocaine. why does it drive me insane when u don't talk to me and when u do i act like a little girl. i crave i need i want you in me beside me with me but we can't and it hurts badly. You are my cocaine. i am addicted and can't fight it any more!!
Feelings Vs Males
okay so, you wanna discuss your feelings with a male. wait stop right there. because one males don't understand feelings like we do,and two, if they are assholes. they really don't give a fuck about how you feel. now sometimes you'll get lucky and find a male who is truely understanding and will listen to you, and try to help if they can.but this is really rare. so, how do you deal with this? this is really quite simple really 1. find something that you find funny to get your mind off of these feelings that you are having 2. always remember that you are never alone, because somewhere there is another woman who is feeling the same way you do. 3. and most importantly always know that the pain does go away, but it is up to you, to rid yourself the pain of the male causing it. 4.spend time with friends and family members, because they truely care and want you to be happy. 5. avoid anything that would cause you to think about those feelings, because it will only make matters worse.
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Feeling Baby Move...
I've read that it feels like "butterflies" or "a fish swimming" or some other gay thing like that.  In actuality, it feels like baby is pinching and poking my uterus from the inside and is getting stronger...started feeling this a month ago.  Oh, there it goes again, lol.  Baby is always more active at night...p'haps 'cause that's when I am movin' around... I am going to be a mother.  Never would have guessed it...and as cheesy as it sounds, I am going to have a baby made from love.  I absolutely adore the father, and I couldn't imagine a better daddy for baby to be.  Being so in love kinda hurts... Wow, betcha can't tell I'm pregnant and full of hormones, eh?  :p  Kay, I'm done being cheesy...
Feels Like Love By Tony Lucca
Does it keep you up at night?Does it chase you in your dreams?Does rip you up inside, tearin at the seams?Does it burn up like a star, falling from above?Does it feel like Love? Does it make you wanna die,or simply fly away?Does it make you want to scream, when there’s nothing left to say?Does it somehow set you free, when it all comes push to shove?Does it feel like love? Because it feels like me Does it give you what you need, when you’re forced to do without? Does it help you to believe, beyond the shadows of a doubt?Even when he’s gone, it’s you he’s thinking ofDoes it feel like love?Cause it feels like love... Will you follow it wherever it may lead you?Will you turn and walk away?Cast your fears of forever asideand trust that it’s here to... stay When you wear it on your sleeve, it’s hanging by a threadYou’re countin butterflies, as you lie awake in bedItâ€&trade
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Feel Depression Sinking
Those who are my real friends know that I lost my job in May.  I have been trying to find a job since, applied to over 80 plus jobs, had 3 interviews only and no job offers.  I feel depression sinking in, I cant sleep, my stomach hurts constantly and I find myself always crying.  I worry constantly, how I am going to eat, how will i pay my bills i feel like its hopeless.  Optimism is becoming harder and harder to achieve.  I will be getting help through Vocational Rehabilitation, which helps people with disabilites find jobs.  I was on the waiting list for several months and just now got off the list, and my unemployment runs out it two weeks.  Even though I plan on filing for emergencey benefits, I cant help but think the absolute worst.  I went to a psychiatrist, which is a requirement in order to get help through VR, and I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.  I am sorry if my statuses have been overly negative but I haven't been feeling really peachy lately.  Thank you to the
I can't really put how I feel into words right now, all I know is that I feel empty. I'm so bummed out and blah, I can't figure this out anymore. I can't figure out what I want to do with myself, my life, I sure as hell can't figure out guys...but then again they can't figure us ladies out either. Is there really any point to even try anymore? Is it worth the risk of getting hurt even though you've been hurt too many time already. Why does every guy I meet have to be the same? They straight up tell you they like you or make you believe they do and then all of a sudden screw you over. I know guys mature at a slower rate then us, but in all honesty I doubt they'll ever grow up. You find someone who has everything in common with you, you can't wait until you wake up in the morning to talk to them, you think maybe this time it'll be still the same. Its hard to be the nice girl with the great personality, the cute girl who would do anything for anyone, the girl who sees the b

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