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Yesternight ... while sitting by my window side. holding my pillow tight, looking with crave into the gloomy sky, I see the shimmering of the stars & the moonlight The cool breeze of the night caresses my face in a soothing way & sends a chilled feeling down my spine then I saw a shooting star cut accross the sky I instantly made a wish to make this a special night I wished for a thing I could cherish & call mine there & then your ravishing looks appears in the moonlight While thinking of you and how magical the night has been I gently fell asleep and dreamt of you and yesternight ...
Stupid Tourists
We were hiking in Smoky Mountains National Park Oct 19, 2006 when we came upon a group of about 10 people, with kids, all looking uphill. When we came up, one of them pointed out the object of their attention. About 175 yards uphill from us (very steep hillside) was a full grown black bear, looked to be around 400 pounds. The Darwin nominees for this story are the middle-aged couple who had already climbed up the hill to within 20 feet of the bear, and was annoying said bear. Their intention was to drive the bear down the hill to the group of people on the trail so they could all get a good look. . . . We quickly decided we were standing in the shallow end of the gene pool here, and quickly left. Since I did not hear screaming or growling I must assume these people did not make full Darwin eligibility, but they are certainly worthy of recognition. These people should not be breeding. Submitted on 10/26/2006 Submitted by: Dennis Meador Reference: Eye Witness Acc
It Was Me
Santa came calling late last night while you were snuggled in bed Didn't you feel the gentle touch and the kiss upon your head Why did you have that sneaky grin all over your pretty face Feeling all around knowing Santa's here some place Santa knew you weren't sleeping so on your lips he placed a kiss You moved around and snuggled down Santa wanted more of this He saw you bat an eyelash as he lay down close to you He knew without a doubt he could do what he wanted to do He heard you whisper"oh Santa"what are you doing to me" "I love this give me a kiss"I'm as happy as I can be Then you pulled ole Santa close and held to him real tight Said"hurry please make love to me"my husbands coming home tonight You can't fool ole Santa he knows you were wide awake He was getting his present he's Santa for goodness sake And with his holly jolly self he gave a ho ho ho He said with a grin I'll be back again Santa loves you so Don't think for a minute you foole
Slaves Of Society
Why is it that we always question the reasons behind the truth of the Soul. I know I am one of those, I see ap problem before it comes and going against the cycle of life. I stand by like a slave and except the one that is told, as long as our own self-gratifaction is fulfilled we forget the truth of the soul. We as a society are wrong being like this and making these choices. Remember the constitution is as valid today as it was when it was written, as it was written. JAy
Purity once had a name, And beauty once had a face. Life once had a meaning, And once I was safe. Once there was freedom, And once I could laugh. Happiness once was alive, And once I had another half. Once I shared her love, Once I was by her side, Once I felt I fitted, So quickly that died. Her grace so great, Her beauty so vast, All I ever wanted, Was for it to last. Fate maybe had another plan, Or maybe she had another love, But it all fell apart, The hand too big for the glove. Now it's all died away, Happiness, joy, love; all memories. Now I walk alone in this dark, dark world, With no light to guide my way.
Love Is So Many Forms
i have dated different kinds of guys now. i have dated a guy that claim that he was "bi" but found later that he was gay, i have dated a guy that was head over heels for me and didn't know what that true meaning of love but want to get to married to me, i have dated a guy that want to open his soul to people because he didn't want to get hurt, and guy that was a control freak. i think i have dated every kind of guy out there but the sweet, romatic, loving kind. i think i found him. i think i found "Mr. Right" i never beleive that was a true thing i until meant him.i put my classifed online and had a whole bundle of guy reply it bu this one just open his heart to me. it was wonderful to loved again.he know how to show his love for his ladies. i was always tol there is always one true love out there for you out there you just have to find them. so when they show up don't let go. it hard to find them. you can doing it my way the hard way experiance with other people or the easy way which
Melted In A Kiss
Your eyes were softly sparkling Like the sea of stars twinkling They were like a magnetic drawing me in Ever closer till I’m touching your skin Smooth ever so smooth you glide on in Till your loving arms wrap around me Your moist wet lips cover mine in hunger Long and passionately wanting more You rock my world there’s more in store My heart it melted in that kiss Overflowing love springs out like darts Pausing while you hug me tight You nestle in against my neck Pecking nicely it feels so sweet Sending shivers down my spine You know exactly how to turn me on The warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside So neat was that kiss you followed it with more To my lips up and down my neck even my ear lobes You’ve touched my heart once again putting stars in my eyes
A Trembling Woman
Upon this plateau, our passions hover above, flames rising from entangled bodies below. Beautiful in nakedness, is this woman I love, her spirit unclothed, freely offered to know. A foremost craving to please this woman, to peak the animalistic limits of sexuality. Thirsting upon her zones of intense passion, offering multiplies of breath-surging ecstasy. Fingers gentle to caress every erotic sector, lips moist upon her sweet knolls of pleasure. Divine is this safari of a cloud-nine adventure, hunting to satisfy her, while savoring her flavor. Tender is this trembling woman I hold dearly, rupturing nature’s bliss of internal explosions. Heart lifting fulfillment of an ultimate victory, an unselfish ecstasy of climaxing confirmations.
Where's The Schizophrenia?
Hello All, I'm on my second glass of wine and I find my tongue loosened. I'm a 27 year old woman who was dxed with Paranoid Schizophrenia when I was 22. My illness probably started with depressive phases in my teens, but the Psychosis really hit when I was 20. I suffered serverly for the next two years with the realization and denial, multiple relapses. I finally got sick of the craziness around 22 or 23 and stayed on meds for good. Unfortunately that those meds made me gain 80 pounds and sedated me to the point of drinking 6-8 cups of coffee a day without it touching my inertia. On a somewhat good note over the summer, I stopped my antidepressants which the side effects were becoming worse than the helping properties, I promtly lost 30 lbs. so far. I found a new doc and went through another med change...which finally seems to be on the up swing...however, the over the holidays I was in the theroes of psychosis...slowly recovering now... Anyway, all this is to expl
The Last Night...
Last night I had a dream........ you held me ever so tighly just like old times, as we filled with happiness that we were together again. The time came when you were leaving and I begged you to please stay, but you were gone so fast and I forgot to get your number. I thought to myself "I'll never see him again and it's all my fault" I tried so hard to move on but nothing seems to work, you'll always be my dream, the one thing in this world that gives me courage to live. I want to feel you again, seeing you smile and gaze into my eyes, feel what it would be like to be yours again, to feel your lips on my body again.
Chris P -- To All My Friends
When you need a shoulder to cry on, Remember that I have a warm embrace, Ready to offer comfort. When you think I'm being too tough, Remember that which does not kill you Makes you stronger. When you need a friend to listen, Remember that I am here for you, Always. When you doubt me, Remember that I once knelt at your feet, Washing them in service to you. When you lose faith in yourself, Remember that I never did, Nor ever will.
~quiz For "older" Kids~
This is a test for us, the old kids! The answers are printed below, but don't you cheat. READY????? Here we go! 01. After the Lone Ranger saved the day and rode off into the sunset, the grateful citizens would ask, Who was that masked man? Invariably, someone would answer, I don't know, but he left this behind. What did he leave behind?____________ 02. When the Beatles first came to the U.S. in early 1964, we all watched them on The __________________ Show. 03. "Get your kicks, ___________________." 04. "The story you are about to see if tr ue. The names have been changed___________________." 05. "In the jungle, the mighty jungle, ________________." 06. After the Twist, The Mashed Potato, and the Watusi, we "danced" under a stick that was lowered as low as we could go in a dance called the "_____________." 07. "N_E_S_T_L_E_S", Nestle's makes the very best _______________." 08. Satchmo was America's "Ambassador of Goodwill." Our p
To All Of Those Whom Dont Know Here It Is.
I have currently found employment. Its not full-time nor is it for very long. I work in a tax office and somewhat like it. Its diff and its a job. I am now curretly single again. Yes everyone I am a bitch and atleast I admit it. I dont sugar coat who I really am. I am 99% over my ex-fiancee. I hope he has a great life and wish him well and a safe return from Iraq. I have no hard feelings toward him just his stalker of a gf. neways, my beautiful babies are growing like weeds. I am now working towards getting my phone and internet cut back on which should be every soon. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! I am enjoying the time me and children have and not have to worry about stupid drama or immature bs from immature people. I rarely stay single for long nemore, which is nice in a way but there is a disadvantage to it especially if theyre young and immature. I think this is why i would prefer an older gentleman between the ages of 25-35. And yes I still like my men whom are in the military. My friend i
Child Abuse Hotline Numbers
In Silence I Must Go
And through the forest I go So deep in silence I must know Where the slightest glint of a dappled Sun Can reach me through the leafless one And I blend my skin of Earth And wet the soils my eyes Seeking, Seeking Aradia A God That I shall come to know O blessed I shall be When I find the stone Where in it I shall find my own White my skin And bare to bone Wherea cold vacant Space dwells my soul And yet I see him Standing as a strong Ash Tree No movement he makes No stirring of leaves For he now takes form Of a white winters night Cloaked in grey Waiting silently And still And through the forest I go So deep in silence I must know Copyright © 2007 Lori Foster waning moon 12:40 am
Slow Down Baby
Slow down When you make love Take it nice and easy Whisper sweet love words in her ear Gently caress her face, then kiss her lips Build up passion very slowly Then you'll get your reward Remember to Slow down hunger for your kisses that thrill me oh so much and fill me with such desire caresses that set my heart on fire only you do I admire come to me soon my love satisfy my hunger
Subject: Happy Hour Special
Subject: HAPPY HOUR SPECIAL Happy Hour Special. A Texas country boy sees a sign in the restaurant: "Happy Hour Special: Lobster Tail & Beer" Lord almighty! He says to himself, "My three favorite things."
Best Salute Contest
I would love for you to go and vote on my salute picture as the best CT salute. The good thing about this contest, it isn't about all the bombing of comments. Each person can only comment a maximum of 5 times. Soooooo... Click on the link and show your support by merely providing my picture 5 comments. It started today! Thanks, in advance. Kat
Clouds blanketing it's rays Overshadowing, yet alluring In and out of view The sparkle in her eyes Reflecting the rays As they come and go In perfect harmony With the ever-present movement of the clouds She softly touches her lover's lips As a sly smile appears Barely perceptible In the sweet solitude of the night Her lover's soft gaze Melts her heart Allowing her love to escape Into the darkness of the moonlit night ~
One Guy
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For Love Or For Lust?
Let's face it folks, I have a cat and a vibrator, and that's all I've had for comfort for at least year. Recently I discovered the difference between love and lust. See to me, Love is someone who asks how your day was and really means it and listens to your problems with empathy and sympathy. Lust on the other hand doesn't take the time to get know you but simply says "Take your pants off." This is new to me, what may be old to you. For such a long time I saw sexual conquest as medication for my low self esteem. But all it really is, is empty. Now the dilema seems to be the fact that I haven't been socially near a man for so long that, the mere smell of him ( because let's face it folks it's all pharemones) would drive me into sexual frenzie. LOL! See now I have a hard time reconziling my need for Love at the highest most spiritual point and my instinct, human drives and desires. I am forever when doing an OSHO Zen tarot reading drawing the "politican" card. And what is tha
The Longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill. It will make or break a company… a church… a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we embrace for that day. We cannot change our past… we cannot change the fact that people act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one thing we have, and that is our attitude… I am convinced that life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you… we are in charge of our ATTITUDES.
Hey All
Guess What?!!!
Hello To All
Hi there all Cherry Tappers! Kinda new here (two days!) and just wanted to say a big HELLO to all of you guys. Would love to meet each and every one of you but there are LOADS of you out there so anyone who wants to know more about me or just wants a bonkers blonde UK woman to be in their friends then by all means add me on and send me some lurve! Kisses for all. Moi xxxx
Whom We Love
For your beauty was goddess as your personality is beautifully love by all As for you heart was pour as your soul was loved in gold For whom may say that you are not alone in this cruel world are deadly wrong As for when you are in a crowd you will never be alone for as long as you have Friends and family who care and love you for that you will never be alone ever again...
No One Really Knows Me
no one that does know me doesnt even know me for i only show what they want too see as for me i have been locked away all my life
Well i'm new around here and still alittle bit confused. But the good thing is I'm a quick learner so i will figure it out soon. *hugs*
New Form Of Kidnapping!
Please take a minute to read this. This is very scary and could happen to any of us.. Seems like every nice thing people do for one another can be perverted. A new twist on kidnapping from a very smart survivor: About a month ago there was a woman standing by the mall entrance passing out flyers to all the women going in. The woman had written the flyer herself to tell about an experience she had, so that she might warn other women. The previous day, this woman had finished shopping, went out to her car and discovered that she had a flat. She got the jack out of the trunk and began to change the flat. A nice man dressed in a business suit and carrying a briefcase walked up to her and said, "I noticed you're changing a flat tire. Would you like me to take care of it for you?" The woman was Grateful for his offer and accepted his help. They chatted amiably while the man changed the flat, and then put the flat tire and the jack in the trunk, shut it and dusted his hands of
Moving On.....
Its all about moving on and thats what I am doing. Its funny when you just break the tie and your doing what was wanted, then out of the blue they contact you. Just stay away...I do not need it in my life. Trying to find a man who wants a real meaningful relationship, one who will share "all" of his life with me, as I will with not an easy task. Some day I just want to forget it and quit trying, other days I have hope....
Can I Get Some Help
can anyone comment my contest pics please?? heres the links
Fed Up!
Blondes And Oil Changes
1996, Texas) 45 year old Amy Brasher was arrested in San Antonio after a mechanic reported to police that 18 packages of marijuana were packed in the engine compartment of the car which she had brought to the mechanic for an oil change. According to police, Brasher later said that she didn't realize that the mechanic would have to raise the hood to change the oil. lmfao thats a blond for ya
Im gonna go watch some stupid girlie movie and crash. Have a good nite... This is my song for sure! Beauty queen of only eighteen She had some trouble with herself He was always there to help her She always belonged to someone else I drove for miles and miles And wound up at your door I’ve had you so many times but somehow I want more I don’t mind spending everyday Out on your corner in the pouring rain Look for the girl with the broken smile Ask her if she wants to stay awhile And she will be loved She will be loved Tap on my window knock on my door I want to make you feel beautiful I know I tend to get insecure It doesn’t matter anymore It’s not always rainbows and butterflies It’s compromise that moves us along My heart is full and my door’s always open You can come anytime you want I don’t mind spending everyday Out on your corner in the pouring rain Look for the girl with the broken smile Ask her if she wants to stay awhile And she will
Good Night Quote 000
good night sweet dreams and may the dreams bring you the joys of the life that you will all ways love in life...
Happy Little Update..1-20-07
So time for another update, that's unrelated to TDS Ind. LOL! Anyway things have been good. We got some heat back though our furnace is out. We've found ways to heat the house and our pipes have thawed but not before blowing the bathroom spicket clean off! I have said goodbye to my beloved hot water heater box that I used as b ed for months in exchange for a semi-used futon. So now not only do I have a bed but also a couch for when I have company. Using some electrical tape, a penny, a tweazers and some melted wax I got my smashed to shit MP3 player working for the first time in months. My stereo is bumping out the great tunes with tremendous bass and now I find myself typing this on a kick ass op system. Can't believe windows xp has improved my computer this much. All and all things have been fantastic. Got myself a fantastic girl in my life now that brightens each day and inspires me to work even harder. TDS' fan base is growing larger and larger day by day. And finally downl
Since You've Been Gone Day 3..
Feeling a little better today because I know he finally understands why. He posted a blog about it and it left me speechless, and in tears.. I felt that a huge weight had been lifted from my soul. I'm a little more at peace today. The smile on my face came a little easier, and is less forced than it has been in days past. I'm no longer doubting my decision. I'm glad I found the strength. It's taken a lot out of me, but if this is what it takes for him to be happy then so be it. He's been a great friend from day one, and i love him whole heartedly. We can't be together now, but who knows.. Maybe another time, another place.
Musicians What Do You Think?
I have an offer on the table right now to do some in store guitar clinics alongside a legendary Bass Player and a Drummer from two different Old School Metal Bands. I don't want to give away who they are yet but anyone who's anyone would know them. So my question is would you actually be interested in a General Bastard guitar clinic and if so what would you like to learn or garner from it. What do you think I have to offer that you can benefit from? Is it my sounds, technique, scales and theory?
Who Are You????
I'm taking a break from CT. I don't know who's who anymore on CT. LOL Guys: If you want to meet nice women, take the parts about "eating pussy" off your page. If you want to meet hookers, they can be found on any streetcorner in your town. Ladies: Act like it. Quit sending me politically intense missives about your sexuality. I could care less. I'm straight and not going to change. Neither am I interested in any kind of "bi" experience. Not everyone is as confused as you. Everyone: Try to be kind. Try to be good. Try to be honest, and loyal and true. Love, Suzanne
The Volume Of Silence
RevJoe69 and myself created this together :D The title..... The Volume of Silence You tell a lil bit to your friends it was one of the hardest things u ever had to admit.. crossing your fingers creating a promise you thought it was safe Just in a new place No one ever keeps Your secrets A little creeps out With every word they say You trust the ones you don't know and the ones that you happen to love Even after promising each other to keep it inside you seem to have a trust thats so unworthy of What was to lay In silence Now has another Voice You gave me a reason and now it is a choice
About Me
i would like to know why life has to be so hard on woman we have the kids thing the man is going to help take care of them. i work a full time job and take care of my kids all my husbend does is work & eat & eat. he don't help clean house if the kids goes sick who takes them to the doctor the mother. why is always on the woman. i'd really like to know. can someone help me
Just A Poem Of Mine
I sit watching tv wishing i was some one else wishing i was some place else but still here, still me I hold my breath till I hit the floor only to stand again same person, same place I run to get nowhere only to where I've been cant escape my thoughts cant escape this prison The prison I've created the prison society created only in my mind but always around me I let it surround me the hate, the pain Its in my thoughts but its not mine The walls start closing in the room starts to spin the lights go dim finally free of my thoughts I awaken to my thoughts sitting watching tv wishing i was some one else wishing i was some place else
A Real Update
So I decided to put a real update in here about me. First things first...I love my job. Its been keepin me busy a lil anyway. I work at Liberty Tax Service as a tax preparer. I'm getting more hours then the other new people which is a good sign. One of the owners said that I havent made any mistakes on any of the returns I've done so far. (They go over it before we send them out). And the other owner said that she has a feeling Im the only person (out of the new people) that she can count on because this one person who she can count on who has been workin with her for years got a job doin what she really wants so she said she had a feeling Im gonna be the person she can count on. Always a good thing. I love my job though. On to something else. Today is the one year anniversary since my best friend Dennis Flanagan was KIA. Its hard to believe its been a year. But I'm doin good I mean work kept me busy so I didnt think about it as much today. But later this in 7 days will
My Name Is
href="">Take this quiz at
Sexaul Nick Name
Andrew's sexual nickname: "Throbbing Python of Love" Take this quiz at
When Can You Draw The Line
when is it or does it get to be a waste of time in trying to do something thats just not working?
It sucks dick and I've finally decided to cancel my account over there, now that I've gotten Cherrytap theres no need for Tried so many times to get my friends from over there to join me here however they won't, owell it's their loss I guess...
My First Blog
This is my first blog EVER. that's right EVER. I've never posted a blog on myspace, facebook, or anywhere else. Now if someone could tell me what I should use this blog for that would be GREAT. Thanks guys. ttyl
Relationship W/ Or W/ Out...
The question that was asked by my friend was... Is a great relationship possible without the mind blowing sex? relationship meaning, with your better half, bf/gf, husben/wife!
Diversity is Jimi Hendrix playing lead guitar in Elvis’ band while, Duke Ellington conducts the “Horny Horns” As the Dixie Chicks sing backup to Janice Joplin while Elton John lays down the harmony on this Neptunes produced track. Because, “Nothing Ever Really Dies”.
Adding Friends
you know this is messed up when ya have 114 people on your list and probably 30% of them don;t even talk to you what do ya do delete some of them or just keep the list ...hmmmmmmmmmm..what to do...lmao...i'll just keep redneck aka mark
................................. dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot. check it.....and recognize.
The Year Of The Wolf
THE YEAR OF THE WOLF I have returned from this nothing The dead loneliness of the evermore I have transformed from a seed And now i have grown...come walk with me And i shall lead you through the nothing to return here,again as the wolf of the moon This is the year,this is the time
Howl Of Freedom
HOWL OF FREEDOM Listen to the sound of midnight Silence, Silence, Silence, And then, suddenly from a far distance miles away and deep inside your soul The sound The call The howl of freedom
Its Perfection
ITS PERFECTION It's eyes hold the perfection of nature Body's twined with songs of sinew breath of leaders born forever The snow welcomes the circle of life The distant clearing sillohuetes born of night's embrace the echo of their voice awakening our souls calling out to kindred hearts that was the word that was the language of nature Wolves revealed in this storm-gotten night
A Somali arrives in Minneapolis as a new immigrant to the United States. He stops the first person he sees walking down the street and says..... Thank you Mr. American for letting me in this country, giving me housing, food stamps FREE medical care and free education!" ? The passer-by says.... "You are mistaken, I am Mexican". The man goes on and encounters another passer-by. "Thank you for having such a beautiful country here in America! The person says.... "I no American, I Vietnamese The new arrival walks further, and the next person he sees he stops, shakes his hand and says..... Thank you for the wonderful America! That person puts up his hand and says "I am from Middle East, I am not an American!" He finally sees a nice lady and asks "Are you an American?" She says, "No, I am from Russia!" Puzzled he asks her...... "Where are all the Americans? The Russian lady checks her watch and says. Probably at work!"
Is Anyone Else Sick Off This Freakin' Snow??
its snowin again.... yuck..oh well got some great pics of it though.. holla back if you ARE SICK OF SNOW!!!
Naughty Horoscopes
I'm a Pisces....what are you?????? Taurus (April 20 - May 20) --Don't tease them. It will only piss them off. Taureans are realists. If you say that you are horny: Prepare to be fu**ed. Taureans are heavy indulger's, though. All forms of indulgence: Sex-drugs-wine-food...whatever their vice may be: they simply cannot get enough. They do not believe in moderation. They will fu** until they are sore. Taurus likes to have sex just for the sake of having sex. What they lack in originality, they make up for in stamina and endurance. they may not be into bondage, okay? But they WILL lick you until you have at least three orgasms or until you pass out...whichever comes first. Taurus uses their tongue for everything...and I mean that. They love to lick people in whipped cream, alcohol, chocolate, flesh and candy???Bring it on! Caution: They are looking for a relationship so be kind to them. They also have a BIG wet thing for scent. Sometimes they don't want a lover to bathe
Vampire Freaks
Click here to join vampirefreaks
You're like a rose abloom, so ripe, but so alone on the outskirts of a barren land Reaching out for love, but touching only stone Solely in need of a tender hand Then I come, the rain, pouring down to quench your thirst & I won't stop until I've filled your soul I want to watch you thrive, but I want to please you first So it's alright if you lose control I pluck you from your space, then I bring you to mine Did you think I'd leave you there alone? To turn my back on you, a flower, oh so fine? The thought alone chills me to the bone Not when I have so much pleasure here to share You can't leave until you're satisfied I plan to love in ways no other man would dare So just sit back & enjoy the ride No time for lies or games that will only leave you pissed No puzzles here, just a simple plan I'm out to blow your mind, show you everything you've missed No mystery, I'm a simple man Working till I get it right Rocking you till daybreak
I Love You
I Love You I love your eyes. Everytime I look into them, I am lost. I fall deeper and deeper into the spell they cast upon me. I can't help but look. I love you smile. Everytime you smile at me, I feel the warmth of the sun shinning down on me. It warms me more than cuddling in front of a brand new fire. I can't help but smile back. I love your kisses. Everytime your lips touch mine, I feel an endless stream of passion. It sends me on a journey, a journey in which I do no mind taking. I can't help but kiss you. I love your touch. Everytime your skin touches mine, I feel the most enlivening feeling I have ever felt. It is the feeling of a pounding heart and a shivering soul. I can't help but touch you. I love everything about you.......
Platinum Cherry!! I Need 2500 Comments!! Go Show Me Some Love!!
Bbj's Fav Quote
Not say'n who said this but BBJ agree's "NOT A LESBO OR NUTHIN...BUT IT IS HOT WHEN THE LADIES ARE 2GETHER!!"
Perfumes Are Bad For You?
Health Risks from Perfume: The Most Common Chemicals Found in Thirty-One Fragrance Products by a 1991 EPA Study by Julia Kendall 1995 Principal chemicals found in scented products are: ACETONE (in: cologne, dishwashing liquid and detergent, nail enamel remover) - On EPA, RCRA, CERCLA Hazardous Waste lists. "Inhalation can cause dryness of the mouth and throat; dizziness, nausea, incoordination, slurred speech, drowsiness, and, in severe exposures, coma." "Acts primarily as a central nervous system (CNS) depressant." BENZALDEHYDE (in: perfume, cologne, hairspray, laundry bleach, deodorants, detergent, vaseline lotion, shaving cream, shampoo, bar soap, dishwasher detergent) - Narcotic. Sensitizer. "Local anesthetic, CNS depressant"... "irritation to the mouth, throat, eyes, skin, lungs, and GI tract causing nausea and abdominal pain." "May cause kidney damage." "Do not use with contact lenses." BENZYL ACETATE (in: perfume, cologne, shampoo, fabric softener, stickup air
Pleasure And Pain...
The touch of your hand as it caressess my skin, Adds fuel to the fire of passion burning within. To give in to this need, In my heart it is wrong, Still the desire within me grows ever so strong. Your touch , it is burning now, setting me on fire,there's no turning back as you take me higher and higher. I can't stop these feelings as they burst from inside, What was once left unsaid I can no longer hide. These feelings within me, what now should I do The pain and the pleasure that you've put me through. My heart to another will ever belong, And for that reason I must try to be strong. I'll always remember the look in your eye, The lingering touch as we said goodbye. For the pain and the pleasure I'll hold you dear And inside my heart you'll forever be near.
Im So Proud Yall Check Out This Photo
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My Kids
Well they aren't children anymore they are all grown up. My oldest and youngest are serving in the military and were even in Iraq at the start and my son has been to Afghanistan also. My other son was seriously injured in a car accident when he was 17 and is not able to join the military. He however has made something of his life and works very hard on what he does. I am very proud of all of them for staying away from drugs and gangs. Now they aren't saints so don't get me wrong there but I am very lucky that they are such great kids because I was a single parent for a long time. I too served in the military but my action was not like these two have, as they can talk about it, but I am so very proud of them and feel sorry for those who try to say something bad about our military members in front of me. Like any true son of the south I will fight for what I believe in and will fight until I am dead. God help the person that mocks the military in front of me. Verbally or physically I w
Two fleas had an arrangement to meet every winter in Miami for a vacation. Last year, when one flea gets to Miami he is shivering and shaking. The other flea asked him, "Why are shaking so badly?" The first flea says, "I rode down here from New Jersey in the mustache of a guy on a Harley." The other flea says, "That's the worst way to travel. Do what I do. Go to the New Jersey airport bar. Have a few drinks. While there, look for a nice stewardess, crawl up her leg and nestled in where it's warm and cozy. It's the best way to travel that I can think of." The first flea thanks the second flea and says he will give it a try next winter. A year goes by ... When the first flea shows up in Miami he shivering and shaking again. The second flea says, "Didn't you try what I told you?" "Yes," says the first flea. "I did exactly what you said. I went to the New Jersey airport bar. I had a few drinks. Finally, this nice young stewardess came in. I crawled right up to her warm
First Entry
Hi there! Im just trying this blog thingie to see if it works, maybe someday i will write something here but seeing as i already have three, no, four other blog pages then maybe this will be the only entry here. Anyway, Hi to all you beautiful women!
Wow :/
ok so i was doing some thinking and actually somehow depressed myself. this year's birthday for me is gonna be boring as fuck because ok first off jenny promised she'd stay til at least my birthday, ok fine, but then plans got shifted around as they always do and now she isn't even gonna be here for my birthday which quite honestly leaves me with very few friends to celebrate with, and being as this is the last birthday i'll have here in london i want it to be fun and with all my friends :( sure i'll have dianna and matthew and csoma and whoever else, but being as jenny hasn't been around for the past few birthdays i really wanted her to be here to have fun with :( -sigh- i dunno my birthday's not til march 24 anyway and it's on a saturday so hopefully at least one person will remember and wanna do somethin ~_~ either way i'm off that weekend and the weekend after that is taste of chaos with dianna, matthew, sarah and trevor, then drinkin an smokin in de hotel room hurhur... so y
Well I Guess It Was Inevitable
But my girlfriend and I just broke up. She really has no time for me, and I need someone who is a bit more mature. Someone who actually wants to be with me, make love to me, all that fun stuff that comes with being in a relationship. Oh well, I guess it's time to put my nose back to the grindstone.
My Boyfriend
i love justin sooo much and i cant wait till feb. i get to spend time with him im soooo happy its only 1 month and 2 days away and i cant wait hehe well justin i love you always and forever no matter what and this song goes to you.... I SwearBy
Best Sexy Eyes Contest
Well ya'll I entered a Contest .. "Best Sexy Eyes" I dunno how it will go .. But hoping You will come vote for me .. If you go to "DaddyDom's Page you'll find it in his Blog .. for all the info .. ok here it comes .. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee Vote for Me *bats lashes* DaddyDom a.k.a JoeyB - hey everyone, whats up@ CherryTAP Ok so far it looks as if Im the only one in there . but Hummm I could be selfish and say Bomb me Ill get a nice head start lmao
The Next Time You Are Told "i Have A Headache"
1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific tests find that when women make love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth. ============= 2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow. ============= 3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner. ============= 4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscle in the body. It's more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps, and you don't need special sneakers! ============= 5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being. ============= 6. The more sex you have, the more you will be offered. The sexually active body gives off greater quantities of chemicals calle
I Need Help Please
best morph couples Get your own glitter and more at
Oyster Puffs
INGREDIENTS: * 1 cup water * 1/2 cup butter or margarine * 1 cup all-purpose flour * 1/4 teaspoon salt * 4 eggs * 1/2 cup fresh,frozen, or canned oysters, rinsed, squeezed dry * cocktail sauce PREPARATION: Heat oven to 400°. Heat water and butter to rolling boil in saucepan; stir in flour and salt. Stir vigorously over low heat until mixture forms a ball, about 1 minute; remove from heat. Beat in eggs, one at a time, continue beating until smooth. Stir in oysters. Drop dough by slightly rounded teaspoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet. Bake until puffed and golden, about 25 minutes. Serve hot with cocktail sauce. Makes about 5 dozen.
Creamy Baked Crab Dip
This crab dip is baked, with cream cheese, crabmeat, onion, and seasonings. INGREDIENTS: * 1 package (8 oz) cream cheese, softened * 1 can (6 oz) crabmeat, or about 1 cups * 2 tablespoons grated onion * 1 tablespoon milk * 1/2 teaspoon salt * 1/4 teaspoon pepper * 1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce * 1 tablespoon finely sliced green onions, for garnish PREPARATION: In a medium bowl, combine cream cheese, crabmeat, onion, milk, salt, pepper, and Worcestershire sauce. Stir well. Place mixture in an ovenproof serving dish; sprinkle with a little paprika. Bake at 375 ° for about 15 minutes, or until thoroughly heated. Sprinkle with with sliced green onion. Makes about 2 cups.
Did My Day Just Start Or End?
What a day! Woke up hmmm yesterday morning at 5am. Then it was like the road runner all day til 7pm when my 5 year old hands me his conduct paper. Keep in mind no matter how much stress I encountered all day this part of the day is what MAKES OR BREAKS it. YES! Very Good Day in what looks like a grade school teachers handwriting. Whew! I thought for sure It was going to be a typical Monday for him like it was for me. Next cook, wash, clean, kids homework and return phone calls.....In my next post I will simplify these task by stating that I have done my slave duties. lol I would say womanly duties but I really don't care to get any hate mail from men whom do the same duties. Anyhow, by then its 8pm and low and behold life on the water isn't so great. The darn Tide is rising near here and thats the last thing I want to have nightmares about THANKS TO RITA the bitch of a storm that made me actually think of the simple things in life like LIFE and panties that I forgot to pack while headi
Hump Day
Hump Day, Yeah right I wish I would have just fell back into bed. Bang Bang Bang at my door at 4am this morning. Mommmmmmmm, I wanna take a bath the dog peed on me. lol Up, Up, Up I go run bath, grab school clothes. Swing my head twice at the clock to make sure I am looking at the right time. So from 4:30am to 7:30 I get to hear can I go to school. No hun its too early, all while thinking...A month ago I could have threaten to throw all his toys away to get him to go to school. The Big Guy up above just has it out for me. *Reminder to ask forgivness for whatever I have done to deserve this.* Finally everyone off and out all while thinking its my turn to play hookie. NO SUCH LUCK! Work, Work & Work everywhere I turn cause my dear husband decides to play hookie too. Well, you know what my husband is the sort of guy who invites 50 people over when the kids are away and thinks its a vacation for me. So can you imagine the traffic I have had in my home today. Here comes 5pm and I am about t
Hide & Seek
Ever wonder how Hide & Seek made its way into the world. I'll tell you how. Mom, I can't find my belt, favorite jeans, jacket..... Honey, I can't find my wallet, watch, tackle box, belt, checkbook.....I'm sure your shaking your head with me. I can't understand the kids, But hell the husband too. It's makes me wonder why they have more blonde jokes then husband jokes. That was my morning. I drove my day away literally. When a city comes about they start out great with making a town in it with all your basic shopping needs in one place. Then all hell breaks loose and everything you need is spread out all over the out skirts of that city. So I was in the outskirts all day. Getting home around 8pm you would think homefront would be settled in. Pfft, daughter washed, sons school ID. Son, hid her favorite jeans AGAIN. Little one has homework. And all hubby wants to do is go in hiding under the sheets. Gave $5 bucks for son to renew his school ID. Had a long talk about those favorite jeans
Another Tgif
Some may think that owning a business is a slice of pie. It's more like you have to go shopping for the stuff, bake, sometimes burn, clean up the mess, have everyone comment on it and then expect it for free. Hoping to get some extra snooze in this weekend. But hubby has informed me that its work weekend cause he wants a Halloween Party. Yipeee! What fun for me. He wants a haunted house. I informed him on the liability. His words to me were " Ahhh Dats Nottin ". Don't get me wrong I'm all for having some fun also. Just trying to avoid the mess. lol So off shopping I will go tomorrow. Cause if I don't go he will go. I do not like shopping with hubby. He has to have a cart everytime we go to any store. I'm like NO NOT THE CART! If they had those hand carts in gas stations I am positive that he would be the one with it in his hand. Kid in a candy store 24/7. Only thing is the bigger the boy the bigger the toys. We went to dinner at a local diner and the owners name is CHEEZE. I asked him
Tantrum Tuesday
Made one trip to town today Yeah! Had to go to the feed store. While I was looking at all the different dog foods a huge puff of dust surrounded me then a 50lb bag of pedigree soon threw me down on my ass while a box crate soon after fell on my shoulder. Totally surprised and surrounded in dust the entire store is looking down at me. Are you alright? Do you need an ambulance? Coughing and pushing the bag off of me while the guy is taking the crate off my shoulder. Still cant believe it. Ohhhh, THAT DOG! My only day to stay at home and go thru the 5 lbs of paperwork that is decorating my desk. Whining, dog, peeing all over the place and whining because no one is holding it. So when hubby walked thru the door he heard the heavens and hells from my lungs. The laughter of the day is when my little one got home and sang ( I dont like golf, I dont like swimming, I just like chasing big butt women.) I will remember this when his homework requires him to memorize something. Why is it that sele
Yet Another Tgif
Recovering from a sore shoulder due to the feed store crate. The days have flew by, it may be the weather. I went to BINGO and whispered bingo when I thought I had it for the girl next to me to yell out to the GODS that I had it. lol Come to find out it was a Wild Ball game whatever that means. All I know is that I will make sure to tell the ladies handing out the books DO NOT GIVE ME THAT ONE! Totally confused me. Although, I did get bingo the next game and everyone in the entire building looked at me like I was a blonde. So I said ( Really I got BINGO this time. ) LMAO I had to laugh at myself because I didnt want to get bingo so soon after the mistaken bingo. So $100 bucks richer, or may be god was wanting to make up for all the laughs I got when I didnt have it. Who knows! My little one has taken to telling me everyday about his friend William. He says MOM! I have to tell you what William did today. William threw a pencil at Mrs. B today. So I am guessing that I am getting no troub
Party Over Plz
The pary is over. It ended with what I thought was going to be a kids pary that ended at 8pm. But actually we had tons of kids and adults, but the adults had to complete with the kids in the ( Who can talk shit more. ) It really freaks me out how men can stand around and talk about their bowels. Jeez, I was like totally grossed out! I could care less about whom has more asshole control, valves that do not work, crapping in the middle of 2 coke machines, flipping their coveralls over only to learn that they had crapped inside, in the woods with a swarm of horse flies chasing each squat, missing sock, shirt sleeve, half a shirt because of Emergency Bowels. WFT! I kept trying to change the subject with no luck. I was totally exhausted with the kids that did stay with the dads that could not stop giving us each details of their bowel problems. One daughter and mine did not get along so being a mediator with both parties was beyond me. They have history them two. One yelling in a swimming
Booty Call Agreement
BOOTY CALL AGREEMENT The pre-booty call agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is entered into on the ______ day of ____________________, 2007, by___________________, between _______________ and ______________. THIS AGREEMENT SHALL COVER THE FOLLOWING RULES AND PRINCIPALS: 1. No sleeping over – unless it is very good and we need to repeat it in the morning. 2. No meeting in public except for dinner or drinks before the events of the evening. 3. No calls before 9pm – we don’t have shit to talk about. 4. None of the “lovemaking” shit – only sex allowed. 5. No emotional discussions (i.e. Where are we heading with this? Do you love me?) The answer is "no" so do not ask. 6. No plans made in advance – that is why you are called the “backup”, unless you are from out-of-town, then it’s only a one-time advanced arrangement. 7. All gifts accepted – money is always good. 8. No baby talk – however, dirty talk is encouraged. 9. No asking for
A My Peeps
Native Commandments
Treat the Earth and all that dwell thereon with respect. Remain close to the Great Spirit. Show great respect for your fellow beings. Work together for the benefit of all Mankind. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed. Do what you know to be right. Look after the well being of mind and body. Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good. Be truthful and honest at all times. Take full responsibility for your actions. Let us greet the dawn of a new day when all can live as one with nature and peace reigns everywhere. Oh Great Spirit, bring to our brothers the wisdom of Nature and the knowledge that if her laws are obeyed this land will again flourish and grasses and trees will grow as before. Guide those that through their councils seek to spread the wisdom of their leaders to all people. Heal the raw wounds of the earth and restore to our soul the richness which strengthens men's bodies and makes them wise in their councils. Bring to all the
Bad Puppies And Strange Ppl
Thinking maybe a little hush time for me in the next week. Pfft No can do. Kids away and hubby stuck on my hip. I finally got to put my XMAS tree up and the dogs managed to mangle it to death like a pretzel. Fixed that by putting the dogs out of the house. So here I am with my tree up 2 kids away, my little one with a cough because hubby brought him camping and allowed him to run around like a orphan with no shirt or shoes. But Hmmmmmmmmmmm wonders why he can't go to school. I think hubby just likes the part of making kids not really concerned about the rest after that. Had a wonderful Turkey Day, with alot of loonies to sit and talk with. I am still clueless as to where they came from. My little one is at the stage where he thinks that what he says is the word of the GOD ALMIGHTY and even goes to the point of trying to make the world stop when he says. Example: ME Showering...BANG BANG..BANG...MOMMY hurry I want that toy on TV HURRY. OMG, I have just heard it all. My little one ju
~~how Liberals Came Into Being~~
Humans originally existed as members of small bands of nomadic hunters/gatherers. They lived on deer in the mountains during the winter and would go to the coast and live on fish and lobster in the summer. The two most important events in all of history were the invention of beer and the invention of the wheel. The wheel was invented to get man to the beer. These were the foundation of modern civilization and together were the catalysts for the splitting of humanity into two distinct subgroups: 1. Liberals; and 2. Conservatives. Once beer was discovered, it required grain and that was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle nor aluminum can were invented yet, so while our early humans were sitting around waiting for them to be invented, they just stayed close to the brewery. That's how villages were formed. Some men spent their days tracking and killing animals to B-B-Q at night while they were drinking beer. This was the beginning of
A Dream Realized.
Hello Everyone!
Thank you all for visiting my page!! Im new here, so I apologize if I dont get back to everyone right away...I dont know if Ill be able to keep up here lol. Its got Myspace beat Ill tell ya that!! Love yall!!
Can Someone Answer This For
why would you rate someone's photos a one i think tht is just rude...i have never done that i always give a 10...
The Family - Scream Of Passion
Fucking Hoes
Me Poetry
that thin edge theres always that thin edge to ride on theres always that thin edge to bide on and when you cross that edge bad things can happen blades can fly and things can happen blood can spill befor you can take a grasp on reality but what is reality when all we have is that thin edge that we ride on © Gage Shewmaker suicide as the blade goes till there was nothing within you lie on the floor in front of frind that you hold close within till the pian grows more as your blood spills out the fears go out and the life that you new is no more © Gage Shewmaker love hurts roses are red voiltes are blue no one loves you as much as i do as we get into fights and nothing goes right all i can think about is that one specil night where every thing wass perfict and every thing was true but now your gone forever and i still love you but now the music stops and i am at the end all i need in this world is that one true friend but as the blood spills and the room goes
Differnt Types Of Orgasms
Different Types of Orgasms... Sex in a boat = Oargasms Sex with a nerd = Dorkgasms Sex at the entrance to your house = Doorgasms Sex on the carpet or linoleum = Floorgasms Sex at the supermarket = Storegasms Sex with wild pigs = Boargasms Sex at a Stephen King movie = Horrorgasms Sex with a prostitue = Whoregasms Sex with a storyteller = Loregasms Sex with an accountant = Boregasms Sex while sleeping = Snoregasms Sex with Arthur = Dudley Mooregasms Sex with cartoon donkeys = Eeyoregasms Sex while broke = Poorgasms Sex with a lion = Roargasms Sex for hours and hours on end = Soregasms Sex on a golf course = Foregasms Sex with a nymphomaniac = Ready for Moregasms Sex in a gold mine = Oregasms Sex with a dermatologist = Poregasms Sex with the vice president = Al Goregasms Sex with chocolate marshmallows = S'moregasms Sex with a bullfighter = Toreadorgasms Sex with a masked man carrying a sword = Zorogasms Sex on the beach = Shoregasms S
Has a crush on me, on here.. thats so sweet Makes me smile... now who of ya is it? lmao
So... I found out that my ex who i had moved from NY to Arizona for had indeed cheated on me. Not that i should be surprised all the signs had been there, And i picked up on them but ignored them as my heart would not allow me to believe she did anything more then keep close friends. All the hard work i had done over the last few days to get my self control back was just ruined in one foul swoop. In black and white she wrote "I have cheated in my past relationship alright! I know how it feels to be cheated on and to cheat on another person" Her last relationship had been with me.... It ended because i was and still am a soldier and i did not bring in the knid of money she wanted and since daddy owns a dealership i could not compete with a 5 and 6 number salery... Hell i could only wish i made such money. But i was a good and loyal mate, no one ever cought my eye and no one else had my heart when her and i were together. But yet now i feel worse because the fact i have
My Day
I got 'em in my sight Aimin' right between his eyes fiending for the sight of blood squirting when the bullets fly decapatatin' muthafucker with that heavy ammo posted up on rooftop dressed in black latetes and camo a crazy insane sniper with an appitite for that crimson tirents arteries or introduce the light and no, i cannot cope' unless i see it in my scope fallen to your knees and that red mist leaves ur throat
Man Story......
I, the Penis, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons: 1. I do physical labor. 2. I work at great depths. 3. I plunge head first into everything I do. 4. I do not get weekends or public holidays off. 5. I work in a damp environment. 6. I work in a dark area that has poor ventilation. 7. I work in high temperatures. 8. My work exposes me to diseases. _______________________________ Dear Penis, After assessing your request, and considering the arguments you have raised, the management denies your request for the following reasons: 1. You do not work 8 hours straight. 2. You WORK IN SHORT SPURTS AND fall asleep after EACH brief work period. 3. You do not always follow the orders of the management team. 4. You do not stay in your designated area, and are often seen visiting other locations. 5. You do not take initiative - you need to be pressured and stimulated in order to start working. 6. You leave the workplace r
Little Test
Take just a couple of minutes to take this test & see what happens! If you are honest this tells the truth -- it's pretty good. Write your answers on a piece of paper, NO cheating!! The answers are at the bottom... 1. Which is your favorite color: red, black, blue, green, or yellow? 2. Your first initial? 3. Your month of birth? 4. Which color do you like more, black or white? 5. Name of a person of the same sex as yours. 6. Your favorite number? 7. Do you like California or Florida more? 8. Do you like a lake or the ocean more? 9. Write down a wish (a realistic one) When you're done, scroll down. Don't cheat. Answers: 1. If you choose: Red - You are alert and your life is full of love. Black - you are conservative and aggressive. Green - Your soul is relaxed and you are laid back Blue - You are spontaneous and love kisses and affection from the ones you love. Yellow - You are a very happy person and give good advice to those who are do
Daily Devotional For 1/20/07
January 20 - Daily Feast Volume II The wounded frequently want to hurt others. Meanness is not always involved but an unconscious bitterness that wants to control. The worst wounds are not always physical. Some who have suffered psychological wounds are bent on full payment whether or not it is due. The pity of it is, the wounded is the only one that cannot escape. Pain and unforgiveness are replayed day after day - as though sadness is an honorable reason never to heal. Whole lifetimes are given to demanding respect and veneration - for no other reason than life has dealt them a wound, a wound that would heal if there were a little love. ~ A man ought to desire that which is genuine instead of that which is artificial. ~ OKUTE - TETON SIOUX, 1911 "A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II" by Joyce Sequichie Hifler ***** Elder's Meditation of the Day - January 20 "The most important thing now is to reveal the inner temple of the soul with right thinking and rig
hiya my name is nick and i am 20 yrs old living in vienna wv. i am married to a beatiful lady by the name of summer i love to go fishing hunting and what not. i have not friends or family that wants to speak to me. i am looking for freidns far and near just someone to chat with or for me and or my wife to hang out with i am not trying to get pitty or anything just tired of not having friends or anyone else to talk to but my wife and there is nuttin wrong with that but i think i shoulod have someone to talk to tho she is not agaist it but i have only had a few friends in like count about 3 of them and that is it i was never a popular persona nd dont play on being one. i am just looking for friends to chat with or what not. if u wana msg me i use yahoo and msn yahoo id is pburg_firefighter227 and msn msgrs email is i am almost always on
Life Blows
I just want to blow off here. I've had a insanely bad day today. And I woke up and felt reasonably decent and didn't know it was gonna end up like this. Most the time blogging I don't have shit to say, my significant other is driving me batty. I can't take this male pms shit. And then continually turning it all around like its me that has the problem ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH! It's aggarvating and infuriating. Men blah. Everything I say right now is wrong and dumb. All cause one day he wakes up and the world isn't right. I love this guy with ALL my heart and that's the ONLY reason I put up with this crap. Cause 99% of the time he is a very nice and good guy. But this 1% time really sux. But you can't judge anyone on what they're like that lil. You have to take a lot into consideration. I was chipper, I was reasonable, I was nice. I just need to count to 10 here take a deep breath a face the rest of this HORRIBLE night. Thanks for listening my grand lil blog. If not for blog
Writings From The Deseased
demons running through my veins and the pain inside making me numb. numb to the touch, numb to the thoughts, so numb that life has came to a blank. tears falling for a reason and for reasons unanswered. who says that answers arent at the end of a bottle; do they know my pain? have they walked a mile in my shoes or seen whats in my eyes. eyes of black so deep from within. can you see the end of this misery im covered up with inside. I hide my heart from being broke and my veins from being sliced. sliced to bleed this pain, to escape from this world of ungodly sins. sins I created for myself to indulge in and lose my sanity to know whats real from the lies. the journey I take is a walk to expose my being. to let lose and feel free and shed my soul from the murk its been in. exposed for all to see as I walk through the crowd. do they see the nakedness I let lose or the walls I build up. nails that have been driven so deep that the blood seeps from the top. feelings that have been worn on
100 Questions
1. Do you sleep with your wardrobe doors open or closed? i dont have a wardrobe 2. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels? yes 3. Have you ever \'done it\' in a hotel room? lol no 4. Have you ever stolen a street sign before? does a \'wet floor\' sign count? 5. Do you like to use post-it notes? occasionally 6. Do you cut out coupons but then never use them? no 7. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees? a big bear.. so i can flash it!! lmao 9. Do you always smile for pictures? sometimes, but when i do, they turn out crappy.. i don\'t like posing for the camera 10. What is your biggest pet peeve? fake people 11. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? out 12. Do you ever count your steps when you walk? lol i do sometimes 13. Have you ever peed in the woods? yes 14. Do you ever dance even if there\'s no music playing? yes 15. Do you chew your pens and pencils? no 16. Ever tal
I Really Need To Get Some Sleep
Just Got Home
so whats criz cracka latin? anything? anyone?
Emotion Survey
Emotion Survey (Really, really good questions!)HAPPY!What song currently makes you really happy?:anything that reminds my of a certain someone Who makes you the happiest?:Anna Are you happy right now?:could be happier What food makes you happy?:pizza Do you smile a lot?:kinda How many times did you laugh yesterday?:i don't keep track What friend is the happiest that you know of?:dunno SAD =[Do you get depressed easily?:kinda What's the most depressing song you know of?:Whiskey Lullaby Are you really upset right now?:no Have you lost anyone friendship-wise?:yes Have you cried this month?:i don't remember Do you talk to anyone when you're upset?:sometimes Are you considered "emo"?:no Do you have any mental disorders?:ADHD if you consider that a disorder Does depression run in your family?:yes ANGER >[Do you get pissed off easily?:yes Who has angered you last?:Tyler at work, cunt doesn't do his job Have you ever wanted to literally KILL someone out of pure anger?:no Do you have any anger
And You Are...?
And You Are...? (Really fun-to-do, random survey!)When was the last time you got drunk?:never actually gotten drunk What's your favorite style of socks?:lol umm i dunno One big gift or a bunch of little gifts?:doesn't matter Have you ever thrown a pair of shoes on a telephone pole wire outside?:lol no i'm not ghetto! When is your birthday?:july 5, 1986 Who's your best friend?:Allen Do you like energy drinks?:Sobe rocks When was the last time you went to a carnival or a fair?:oh wow.. ummm i don't remember really.. last year some time Do you like upside down rollercoasters?:sometimes lol Have you ever witnessed/been in a wet t-shirt contest?:lol no Hotdogs or hamburgers?:hotdogs What's your favorite kind of chips?:dunno Have you ever twisted up a swing and then untwisted it and spun around?:yessss What was your favorite contraption at a playground when you were a kid?:swings! What's a helix lucorum?:a snail! What's your favorite aquatic creature?:turtle Who's the best teacher in your s
My Contact List
If you ever want to get ahold of me you can do it on yahoo... And yes I do have a cam if you are curious. Also if you have another IM service that you need to use, just let me know and I'll give you those too.
Isn't Anyone Like Me???
So, my friends (no offense to them they are cool most of the time), tell me I should be more picky. Actually, the word one of them used is 'conceded'. I said, "You DO realize that is not a positive character trait right?" I am just not so wrapped up in looking @ people all the time, unless when I look @ them, I see who they are inside. "So why should I be conceded?" "Because you're like, pretty, and you pick guys that aren't good enough for you. ok, the one guy you were chillin w/ over the summer...what was his name? Idk, he didn't take you out on any dates, and he was totally wrapped up in drugs. I mean, he wasn't even cute and you said you were 'falling' for him?!" I told my friends how shallow their whole reasoning was and they said he treated me like crap anyways. I thought he was sweet, and even though he's a jerk on the outside, I felt like I could see the soul behind his cold exterior... My last words on the conversation were: "I am not looking, and I won't let myself get wo
You Guys Are Just So Damn Talkative
*sarcasm* it's like a second language to me
Nail's for eye's they give me sight, pierced through my brain jammed in so tight. The pain of rust that's filling my head, hanging around to make certain when dead. So, with this hammer I have pointed and raised, I say nail's I've made a new friend today.
Different Types of Orgasms... Sex in a boat = Oargasms Sex with a nerd = Dorkgasms Sex at the entrance to your house = Doorgasms Sex on the carpet or linoleum = Floorgasms Sex at the supermarket = Storegasms Sex with wild pigs = Boargasms Sex at a Stephen King movie = Horrorgasms Sex with a prostitue = Whoregasms Sex with a storyteller = Loregasms Sex with an accountant = Boregasms Sex while sleeping = Snoregasms Sex with Arthur = Dudley Mooregasms Sex with cartoon donkeys = Eeyoregasms Sex while broke = Poorgasms Sex with a lion = Roargasms Sex for hours and hours on end = Soregasms Sex on a golf course = Foregasms Sex with a nymphomaniac = Ready for Moregasms Sex in a gold mine = Oregasms Sex with a dermatologist = Poregasms Sex with the vice president = Al Goregasms Sex with chocolate marshmallows = S'moregasms Sex with a bullfighter = Toreadorgasms Sex with a masked man carrying a sword = Zorogasms Sex on the beach = Shoregasms S
Isn't it amazing how fast people are drawn to a sexy body and good looks? I proved a point here on my page when I posted the pic that I did and got lots of hits and comments about how sexy I am and such but if any of them knew anything about fashion or modeling which I personally don't get into much .. they would have known that unless I'm Cindy Crawford in disguise.. that can't really be me. I am sure when I post the real me the comments will be less and the "googling" pretty much nil but that only proves my point further. Be who you are.. be strong and secure in yourself and looksism won't bother you too much but it is still something that hurts and it is a shame that it still has such a grasp on the population.
NIGGERS Why is it that we are living in a world full of not just ignorance but of plain stupidity. Ever since slavery was abolished the niggers think the white man owes them for their decades of unpaid labor. The nigger feels he has been cheated and does nothing but gripe to his brethren about it, instead of taking a stand and bettering himself he stays at the lowest levels of society, bitches that it is because of the color of his skin and the drawl in his voice that he cannot get ahead and then forces the government to pay him so that he does not have to get out and work for a living. We live in a time where these sub-humans get away with their extortions and not a of opposition voice is heard. The Nigger population needs to know that they are not welcome here and that they are not the only ones who feel they deserve handouts. The Jew has played a major role in the way the niggers think and act, because the jew themselves have acted in the same manner. The Jew is the one wh
Oh What The Hell
so i sat here tonight and just pondered on the many things going on in my life.. one i realize that being sick and living in las vegas sucks big time.. wanted to go out but just lacked the energy to do so.. hoping tomorrow promises to be more fruitful.. but in the mean time i'll park my sick ass here at CT and look at profiles and do the whole grind of rating etc etc
Oh What Fun Computers Are ^.^
Recently I had a small problem with my PC.. it would randomly just power off.. So I investigated the problem. I found the fan on my power supply was not running at all. What fun. This had happened before.. And I managed to make it work then.. So I dived on in. First I had no screw driver.. And compaq loves these little allen key type screws... So I grabbed a pair of scisors and started trying to get the screws for the power supply off.. Well, using the dullest pair of scisors I have, I started trying to get enough pressure.. And ended splitting my thumb open in the process. But of course I didn't notice right away.. So I found a butter knife in the kitchen and found it was working quite well. Soon however I began having trouble getting the tougher ones off.. When I got the power supply out.. I still had to get at the fan IN it.. And these had little star point screws.. I got 4 of the 8 off easily.. and struggled for a LONG time with the other ones.. finally I got it all
anyway, im tired of being who i am so im beginning a like 6 month personal makeover...i'll leave updates and pix on here so ppl can comment on them and encourage me to get resexified...
My Mind 3
blood falls from the sky tears of sadness tears of pain tears for the children of the war children she lost to a war only a few still belive that is worth fighting for the ground is now covered with the blood of these children that all they wanted is to fight for what they thought was right and died so harshly. she walks the grounds in witch her children lay cold so cold, her tears fall harder knowing there is no going back now but now all she can do is try agin try to make it right. she bends down to tuch the face of a young man about to die she holds his hand and tells him that it will be better soon soon his pain will be gone and he will be just fine soon as she takes hes soul to the havens to show him the world he wonts lived in as she lets go of his hand he fads away to go to his new begin as the blood stops falling the grounds clear of the bodys that once layed there now it is all new grass and trees and black roses that lay now were the bodys once layed she was right a new begin
Welcome Insominia
K, well for all you peeps who struggle with stress and insominia Here's a blog for ya, if your curious to know It's 315am here in alaska and I have just settled into this blog and a hot cup of Chai tea to hopefully slow my little yet racing brain. what makes my brain race you ask, well it's the fact of being unemployed and broke-ass and sitting here trying to figure out how update my web pages and where does the answers of the world come from, ya know those sort of things, yes, really stoopid things, but, damnit it's what's on my mind today, and at this very moment. So alas I think I have pondered enough to even bore myself with my mindless wanderings in the middle of the night or the wee hours of the mornings for others.... anywho.... HAPPY SUNDAY!!!!
Nail Biting ...
To stop her 4-year old daughter from biting her nails, her mother tells her it'll make her fat. "I won't do it any more, Mom," says the daughter. Next day they are out walking when they meet a very fat man. "If I bite my fingernails, I'll be as fat as that, won't I Mom?" "You'll be fatter than that," says her mother. They get on a bus, and sitting opposite them is a very pregnant lady. The little girl can't take her eyes off the woman's belly. The pregnant lady feels increasingly uncomfortable under this stare, and finally leans forward and says to the little girl, "Excuse me, but do you know me?" And the little girl says, "No, but I know what you've been doing..."
Sunday Morning Rantings And Such
Up at the crack ass of dawn. But seeing how I am STILL sick and I cant breathe through my nose whatsoever I am not having the easiest time sleeping these days.Did have a nice day yesterday just hanging with my friends. We made homemade pizza, watched movies, and ate junk food late at night. I used to love doing that as a kid.Wish I had something revealing and exciting to write about, but alas, I DO NOT. Hopefully soon! I need coffee and to take a nice long HOT shower! Quote of the Day: "If you have to be in a soap opera try not to get the worst role." -Boy George-
Im March
What baby are you? ---------------JANUARY BABY-------------------- Pretty/handsome. Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to Recover when hurt. Sensitive. Down-to-Earth. Stubborn. Repost this in 5 mins and you will meet Someone new in 8 days that will perfectly balance Your personality. ----------FEBRUARY BABY -------------------- Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexiest out of everyone. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest And loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves Freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves Aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends But rarely shows it. Horny. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the Inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrou
Last Nite
OK last night I re- pierced my belly button and now I can not wait todo the other nipple and my hood! Although I am strongly leaning to the clit,,,,, sounds erotic but have to know I really trust the guy doing it,,, don't want to lose the ability to climax want it enhanced! Anyway I have planned that back tattoo. will be awesome, some scroll work with the trinity, the Arabic characters for Submissive, and my slave registry numbers! I can not wait to have Masters mark on my back,,!!!!!!! Then I will be his in every way possible. Have I mentioned that I love my Master, he has challenged my mind, heart and limits already and has made me feel more loved, respected and appreciated than anyother man ever in my life short of my father. I wish for every un attached sub or slave out there , that they too will find such a wonderful Dom to take hold of their collars and compleat them! Kisses to all.. MP's tink
Hot Apple Pie
(March 2000, Idaho) A teenager who imitated a scene from the hit movie "American Pie" was severely burned when he tried to shag a hot apple pie. Dwight Emburger, 17, was rushed to the hospital with serious burns to his penis. He apparently could not quell his desire until the tasty pastry had cooled, and his reward was a penis badly scarred and scalded by the hot filling. A hospital spokesperson in Boise said, "This demonstrates that producers should consider the effects their films have on the idiot gene pool."
Bizarre Death
At the 1994 annual awards dinner given for Forensic Science, AAFS, President Dr. Don Harper Mills astounded his audience with the legal complications of a bizarre death. Here is the story: On March 23,1994 the medical examiner viewed the body of Ronald Opus and concluded that he died from a shotgun wound to the head. Mr. Opus had jumped from the top of a ten story building intending to commit suicide. He left a note to that effect, indicating his despondency. As he fell past the ninth floor his life was interrupted by a shotgun blast passing through a window which killed him instantly. Neither the shooter nor the descender was aware that a safety net had been installed just below at the eighth floor level to protect some building workers and that Ronald Opus would not have been able to complete his suicide the way he had planned. "Ordinarily," Dr. Mills continued, "a person who sets out to commit suicide and ultimately succeeds, even though the mechanism might not be what he i
Unfortunate Husband
A husband in Los Angeles was deathly afraid of heights. Nevertheless, one day he found it necessary to climb onto his roof to adjust the TV antenna. His fear impelled him to take precautions against falling from the roof. He tied a sturdy rope around himself, and affixed the other end to the bumper of his car. Unfortunately, he neglected to inform his wife of his activities. She had just finished making a shopping list, and she got into the car and began to drive to the store. Her husband was pulled from the roof and dragged down the street before a startled neighbor alerted the wife to the fact that she had some extra cargo. The man was rushed to the hospital, where he spent many days recovering from broken ribs and severe lacerations. The story does not end there. To make amends, the contrite wife planned a little surprise party for her husband on the day of his return from the hospital. She invited several mutual friends over to enjoy the homecoming, most of them smokers. Since the
Whats That?;-)
Okay This One Is Funny As Well
What is Butt Dust? What, you ask, is "Butt Dust"? Read on and you'll discover the joy in a child's sincere originality. No adult is this creative!! JACK (age 3) was watching his Mom breast-feeding his new baby sister. After a while he asked: "Mom why have you got two? Is one for hot and one for cold milk?" MELANIE (age 5) asked her Granny how old she was. Granny replied she was so old she didn't remember any more. Melanie said, "If you don't remember you must look in the back of your panties. Mine say five to six ." STEVEN (age 3) hugged and kissed his Mom good night. "I love you so much that when you die I'm going to bury you outside my bedroom window." BRITTANY (age 4) had an earache and wanted a pain killer. She tried in vain to take the lid off the bottle. Seeing her frustration, her Mom explained it was a child-proof cap and she'd have to open it for her. Eyes wide with wonder, the little girl asked: "How does it know it's me?" SUSAN(age 4) was drinking juice
Something To Think About
Rex Barker here with my thoughts on "Some Things I Have Learned - Part Three," submitted by Cara... I've learned that two people can look at the exact same thing And see something totally different. I've learned that there are people who love you dearly, But just don't know how to show it. I've learned that my best friend and I can do anything or nothing And still have the best time. I've learned that I'm getting more and more like my mom, And I'm kind of happy about it. I've learned that true friendship continues to grow, Even over the longest distance. I've learned that just because someone doesn't love you The way you want them to Doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. I've learned that no matter how much I care, Some people just don't care back. I've learned that you should never tell a child His dreams are unlikely or outlandish. Few things are more humiliating, And what a tragedy it would be if he believed it. I've learned that
Us Prison Is 'threat' To Geneva Treaties
PLEASE RATE THIS BLOG US prison is 'threat' to Geneva treaties 21 Jan 2007 The United States is undermining international law by unilaterally rejecting demands to grant detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp protection against mistreatment and torture, an influential committee of British MPs has warned. The Foreign Affairs Committee claims the US is threatening the future of the Geneva Conventions by refusing to recognise the terror suspects interned at the camp as "military combatants" and give them the rights due under the international agreements.
Who's The True U
The True You You want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be together with you always, no matter when or where. With respect to money, you spend as little as possible. You think good luck doesn't exist - reality is built on practicalities. The hidden side of your personality tends to be satisfied to care for things with a minimal amount of effort. You are tend to think about others' feelings a lot, perhaps because you are so eager to be liked. When it comes to finding a romantic partner, you base your search on information from your friends. Who's The True You?
Could Have Been Me
I hear you just got married Had a month long honeymoon And you were all smiles at the wedding And you cried when you kissed the groom I got no invitation I guess the mailman didn't bring it to me But I see the whole thing in slow motion Every night as I try to sleep My buddy John said you looked real pretty And you acted like you were in love He said the preacher asked for objections And he tought about standing up I told John he must've been crazy 'Cause you were just about to say I do He just gave me a wink and said all he could think Is it could've been me with you It could have been me standing there with you It could have been me and my dreams coming true But those dreams move on if you wait too long It took me till now to see it could have been me I don't guess I ever told you That I went out and bought you a ring I even carried it around in my pocket Waiting to say the right thing I pulled it out the other day But the diamond had lost it's sh
Sunday Morning...
It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting here rating and tapping. LOL Have to admit that I have met some pretty cool folks on here so far. I look forward to extending those budding friendships and meeting so many more of you. Pats vs Colts today... YEAH!!! Once again Peyton is gonna choke and put my Pats in the Superbowl. Gotta love it.
Flame(lyrics) By Amanda K.
Desire A feeling I can't hide. a whisper in my ear. Love So easily mistaken in you, but hard to forsake you. Forgiveness Easily deceived but still given. a promise to be true. Fly angel fly, make my heart free. Burn devil burn, set a flame inside. Silence almost deafening to the ear, but reveals so much now. Touch I reach for you now. but then there is nothing. Hello, Do you remember me dear? or am I just a memory? Fly angel fly, make my heart free. Burn devil burn, set a flame inside. -A
Pooping Bulletts
A women was pregnant with triplets. One day she goes into this bank as it was being held up. She gets shot 3 times in her stomach, but luckily she lives. She goes to the doctor who tells her her children will be all right, one day the bullets will come out. So 13 years later, one triplet, a girl, runs out of the bathroom and says "MOM, MOM, I WAS GOING TO THE BATHROOM AND A BULLET CAME OUT!" So the mother tells her the story. The next day the second daughter comes out and says the same thing, "MOM, I WAS GOING TO THE BATHOOM AND A BULLET CAME OUT!" On the third day the son comes out and says "MOM, MOM!" she goes "Let me guess, you were going to the bathroom and a bullet came out?" he replies "No, I was jerking off and I shot the dog!"
The Perfect Wal-mart Greeter!
The perfect Wal-Mart greeter! A very loud, unattractive, mean-acting woman walks into Wal-Mart with her two kids in tow, screaming obscenities at them all the way through the entrance. She's dressed in dirty jeans, a greasy T-shirt with holes in it and wearing flip-flops exposing her cracked and filthy toenails. When she yells at the kids, she exposes her yellowed, crooked teeth with more than a few missing. The Wal-Mart Greeter says, "Good morning and welcome to Wal-Mart. Nice children you've got there. Are they twins?" The ugly woman stops screaming long enough to say, "Hell no they ain't! The oldest one, he's 9 and the younger one, she's 7. Why the Hell would you think they're twins? Do you really think they look alike?" No," replies the greeter, "I just couldn't believe someone had sex with you twice.
Love Stinks!
You love her But she loves him And he loves somebody else You just can't win And so it goes Till the day you die This thing they call love It's gonna make you cry I've had the blues The reds and the pinks One thing for sure (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah Two by two and side by side Love's gonna find you yes it is You just can't hide You'll hear it call Your heart will fall Then love will fly It's gonna soar I don't care for any casanova thing All I can say is Love stinks (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah I've been through diamonds I've been through minks I've been through it all Love stinks (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks) Love stinks yeah yeah (Love stinks)
Border Agents
I have never witnessed anything that equals the miscarriage of justice evidenced in the case of two courageous border patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean. They are being imprisoned for risking their lives to protect ours from a violent Mexican illegal alien drug smuggler. Ramos and Compean are not even allowed to remain with their families during an appeal process. They are the true victims of injustice — not the person who entered the United States illegally, transported 743 lbs. of marijuana illegally across the international border, assaulted a federal agent, and defied all of the rules outlined by our immigration statutes. To top this, Osbaldo Aldrete-Davila, the smuggler, was given immunity by the U.S. government, in exchange for testifying against the agents. He was actually brought back from Mexico to give testimony. And, according to one report, Aldrete-Davila was also guilty of a subsequent attempt to bring drugs into the United States. He is now su
I Just Wanted To Say
I love all my fans and friends and that you guys are the best :). I want to thank you all for rating and commenting on me in the past. Thanks again, Chris aka Coldplaycmh
People Come Into Your Life For A Reason
PEOPLE COME INTO YOUR LIFE FOR A REASON Current mood: thankful PEOPLE COME INTO YOUR LIFE FOR A REASON People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.
24 Fans Take Notice....
There is a DVD available at Target with this season's first "four" hours on it, which I learned about through a friend of mine, Camgold@ CherryTAP. I missed the premiere of the new season last week because of the ice storms and my having to work during the ice storms. While we had a tv at work, I was actually outvoted to watch the show. I didn't fight it because I thought to myself "No problem, I'll just pull it up on the net and watch it online later that week" -- just like you can watch many other shows online beginning the night after the episode. WRONG!!! I couldn't find it anywhere at all. Chris told me about the DVD and I went to Target after work last night to purchase it. One thing you need to know about the DVD for $9.99 is that, it actually has 5 hours on it!!! Other words about the series.... "unbelievable" "riveting" "must see" "thumbs up -- well, make that a double!" "definitely well worth it" "Wow!!!!!!" PS... And, oh by the
Hkjh. Translation: The Devil Hates Plaid Umbrellas
i felt like writing a blog...but i didn't know what i should write one, i decided to go to google and type in some random letters....well...sort actuality, i gave the keyboard a headbutt in tribute to the recently departed bam bam bigelow. the results of the headbutt were the letters 'hkjh'. so, i typed it in to google image search and became horrified at what grotesque images awaited me... the images didn't start out so fact, they actually seemed friendly. that little archway glowed as if it was the gateway to heaven itself. it made me feel safe and cozy....full of warmth....of made me feel all warm like a freshly cooked meal... ...which ironically was one of the next pictures to appear...but wait....i think....yes, i think i see onion in that piece of culinary art....onion, of course, is the vegetable of satan...and, of course, there appears to be beans and such in there....beans cause gas....and from what my catholic friends tel
Getting The Hang Of This
Well I have to say it took me a while but im getting the hang of all the features here at CT> Meeting some really kick ass people along the way. I enjoy meeting people from all over and getting to know them, I love to joke around and have a good time and if i can make you laff even if its only once then I feel I have done my job that i set out to do. Check out my pics, rate me fan me and add me. CT is the best place ive found on the net yet. Huggs and high ^5s to everyone who visits
You are the sun in my day and the moon in my night. I will love you eternally and forever. The way you make me smile & laugh will live in my heart always and forever. I don't remember life before you and never want to remember what a sad & blue woman I was without you... please take my heart and hold it closest to you and realize, forevermore, that no matter where I go or what I do, you and I have the perfect love I hope people everywhere, who doubt there is a perfect love will see us and know, if the most undeserving woman in the world can have it, they can too!! all my love yours
Thanks For The Help
i want to personally thank mizzieb and okiegirl for the help on puttin music on my profile ... i appreciate it very much .... i feel complete now lol .... NOW .. if you or anyone knows where to find some tony stewart pictures *nascar driver* ohhhhh i would appreciate that tooo ... thanks agin
Women's Ass Size Study...
WOMEN'S ASS SIZE STUDY (received via email) There is a new study out about women and how they feel about their asses! I thought the results were pretty interesting: 85% of women think their ass is too fat... 10% of women think their ass is too skinny... The other 5% say that they don't care, they love him, he's a good man, and they would have married him anyway. (Hee hee.... and you thought it was about women's butts???)
Mi Poema
This Sucks
Thursday I stayed home from work because I was sick, thinking it was caused by my antidepressant, but in fact it was just stress and my nerves. I didn't wanna go to work either way, because of all the shit that's going on there, but at the same time I wanted to, just to get some experience training on my job. Anyways, it was also someones b-day that day and we went to celebrate it with their family. Well, Trinity ended up throwing up all over the kitchen floor, so my bf and his mom were helping me clean up the mess, while I cleaned her up. Then she threw up on an antique rocking couch, so I had to give her a bath while my bf and his mom cleaned that up.......Lets just say she ended up throwing up a few more times over there, so we had to leave. Friday I had an appointment with my psychitrist, and I got my Cymbalta updosed to 60 mg instead of 30 mg. Adam and I ended up getting into an argument (our personal issues), and he left to go visit his mom just to have some time away. I
Tengo Tiempo.
Tengo tiempo para quiererte, Pero los segundos se acaban, no me tiempo pa decirte, a besarte con sentimientos, a estremecerte con caricias. Tengo tiempo para amarte, Si el segunelo es eterno.
Mantengo la esperanza de ti, porque no creo en el adios. Mantengo la vida de sentirte, porque naci para amarte. Mantengo la esperanza de tu vuelta; Te esperare.
unheld unfucked uncut but i'll take care of that unintelligent ungodly unleashed and i'm sorry undone unchanged the same just like always and i'm sorry so fuckiing sorry just get out and i'll take care of everything
Camino sin rumbo, cada paso que doy es un recuerdo, Un recuerdo vivido a tu lado. no quiero detenerme, dejar cada momento. Me cuesta admitirlo,saber que ya no estas aqui. Saber que ya no puedo acariciar tu cuerpo;sentir tu aroma. Continuo sin rumbo, sentimiento es lo que quedo, Es lo que me acompana. Tu amor a la distancia, me mantiene a pie. Para no perder la paciencia, miro a mi alrededor, y no miro a nadie. Sera que es entre tu y yo? Creo que si. No necesito a nadie mas que a ti, y se que esto es asi. Ya que en el fondo de mi corazon; Siento tu calor. Amor te extrano. Pero nada, ni nadie, me detendra. Te prometo que llegare el fin, para estar entre tus brazos y ser feliz a tu lado. Pero no lo quisistes, no pudistes esperar a mi. Por el cobarde que eres, llegastes el fin. El fin de mi amor, el amor que ya no existe... No existe por ti, estaras solo para siempre. Sufro, y sufro, pero no sufro por ti. Sufro por mi, por el dano que me hicistes, Nunca confiare, en
i'm a complex man drawn off with things of simplicity drawn by the light of man not by the sight of god i see all the people of isreal claiming gihad holy war punishment due trying to kill us all like jews in the holocaust fill your bodys with hollow tips kill the pain of being a man of sins hiding behind the tint of the soul the light is blinding binding me into a new man maybe it's the world's or maybe it's god's plan for a new breed of man to live to give to supply the air with new thoughts souls being bought a dime a dozen dirty cats getting down on their dope and fiend coping by the thousands the sands of time running out wars going on in the streets in countries people dying people crying while on the inside we are all dying soul crying for something more but it seems like a lost cause fighting this war put it on pause and look at who we are hurting shunning each other away look at this from a different point of view everyday
What Beer Personality Are U
You Are Heineken You appreciate a good beer, but you're not a snob about it. You like your beer mild and easy to drink, so you can concentrate on being drunk. Overall, you're a friendly drunk who's likely to buy a whole round for your friends... many times. Sometimes you can be a bit boring when you drink. You may be prone to go on about topics no one cares about. What's Your Beer Personality?
Why Should You???
I sit here feeling so alone ... so empty ... I wonder what my purpose is here anymore. I know that I am loved ... sometimes I have to ask myself why? I am nothing special ... I have nothing to offer to anyone ... I am just me ... an average looking girl living the average life ... I work for what feels like nothing ... I live in an apartment that is almost too small for one person yet I opened what little I have for a stranger ... Why do I do it? Why do I give so much of myself? When I finally do for me ... I feel like I shouldn't ... I see all these people in here that have so many friends they couldn't hardly speak to half of them ... so how can they be called friends? I see bulletines that have been read over and over and over again ... rate this ... check this out ... ~I'm in a contest~ ... yet something new that is put out isn't even given a second glance. I sit and wonder how many times that I have posted something that someone actually read? ... Hell why should ya .. I am just
What Lip Gloss Are You
You Are Raspberry Chocolate Lip Gloss You tend to approach life as a fun game - being playful at every turn. You're a flirt with flair, and your the type most likely to surprise your date. But you're popularity doesn't stop with guys... you've got a great group of girlfriends too! You're fresh, aggressive, and more than a little sassy. The tangy taste of raspberry and watermelon goes great on your lips. What Flavor Lip Gloss Are You?
A Really Bad Day
A Short Truck Driver Story
well another shitty story of my life as a truck driver. as most of you know i took wednesday off to take my boy to knobeles and while im on my day off the mechanic at work was to paint my truck from my accident last december. i come in this morning and fire up my truck, with half the hood painted, and head over to st.clair to pick up my trailer. half way over my truck starts to howl like a wolf and loose power. ive never heard a noise like this b4 on any truck. well the mechanic comes over to look at it and tells me that the turbo shit the bed. fuck so now i have to drive the spare truck until my truck gets done. this truck sucks big time its a flat top which means i cant stand up in it like my truck. i dont have any of my stuff with me. and im not changing everything over just for a few days. the worst part of this truck is not that i dont have my XM or as much room or the speed of my truck, its the fact that the seat doesnt have arm rests. i hate not having arm rests it blow
What Kind Of Person Are You
You scored as Nice. Your nice. Please rate my quiz!Nice100%Fun88%Outgoing63%Immature50%Shy31%Dramatic13%mean0%what kind of person are you? (shy,outgoing,fun,mean,immature,dramatic or nice?)created with
1st Ever Submission
This is something I posted elsewhere but I felt the idea still needs to be presented and people give feed back on it just the same. What is attraction, I mean what is it really? What attracts you to another person fully and makes you want them oh soo badly? I mean yeah you can look at someone and be attracted to them, but what about after you get to know that person? Are you still attracted to them? Are you only worried about how they look and not how they act? Could you just be using or liking that person just because of how they look? Do you go as far as to foolishly have sexual relations with someone just because they look good, knowing later you won't have anything to do with them. How could you live with yourself? But I guess its okay for some, because they were only thinking about themselves at that moment? Yeah, I don't care, in any aspect you have to be physically attracted to someone in some aspect, but after that what do you have? I mean if you can'
Hilliary Makes Her Announcement Today
I wish I could have found her announcement on YouTube, but it isn't there yet. The above clip is where she talked about some of the issues on the Today Show and said that she would make her announcement after the first of the year. It is all over the news though... NEW YORK TIMES: Clinton’s Announcement Makes Waves in ’08 Field Hillary Clinton's Website Hillary's Everest -- via What do you think?
Hot Rocks Radio Lounge !!
Catch Doc Rock On Air @ 3pm est. Thursdays thru Sundays.. or visit our Lounge @ Get your rocks off @ Hot Rocks Radio !!
Its Whats On The Inside That Counts
What Does Your Birthday Say About You
Your Birthdate: October 5 You have many talents, and you are great at sharing those talents with others. Most people would be jealous of your clever intellect, but you're just too likeable to elicit jealousy. Progressive and original, you're usually thinking up cutting edge ideas. Quick witted and fast thinking, you have difficulty finding new challenges. Your strength: Your superhuman brainpower Your weakness: Your susceptibility to boredom Your power color: Tangerine Your power symbol: Ace Your power month: May What Does Your Birth Date Mean?
Ahahah I Am Such An Asshole On Messanger
(22:57) [Mike nguyen] you know what your not even worth it (22:57) [Mike nguyen] how old are you? [wixenfreak] go fist your self pig fucker [wixenfreak] how old are you fag? [wixenfreak] 14? [wixenfreak] 13? [wixenfreak] well gay ass (22:58) [Mike nguyen] 27 bitch (22:58) [Mike nguyen] fuck you [wixenfreak] you fucking lieing queer (22:58) [Mike nguyen] cocknocker (22:58) [Mike nguyen] bitch [wixenfreak] thats not even a word homo (22:58) [Mike nguyen] dont tell me if its a word [wixenfreak] how many time did it take you to pass 1st grade? (22:58) [Mike nguyen] what does fag mean bitch (22:59) [Mike nguyen] oh nice (22:59) [Mike nguyen] your really funny [wixenfreak] fag means a good example you are [wixenfreak] no what your are [wixenfreak] i am talented like that... just like how i fucked sister (23:00) [Mike nguyen] she died bitch (23:00) [Mike nguyen] you can go fuck yourself (23:00) [Mike nguyen] you immature bastard [wixenfreak] serves her right... gay
As most of you know by now..Me and Kev are "no more"..I made this goodbye video for him :( I put this on a bulletin too. More ppl read that then blogs. here is the link with comments.
Dear Dad
Upon entering his daughter's room, Mr. Lacy found a note on the bed and proceeded to read it. It stated the following: Dear Dad, I am sorry to have run away, but there is something I must tell you, and I couldn't bare to do it in person. I've decided to run away with Billy (my boyfriend I've been hiding from you and Mom), and we're going to get married. He promises to support me with the food stamps and goverment money he's been stashing away, but assures me there are always other ways to get money in a pinch. He also plans to help me with my alcohol problem, which I've done a pretty good job of hiding over the past year. We plan on raising our still unborn child in the best little beach shack we can find in Mexico - I'm sure it won't be much, but I know we'll be happy together so that's all that matters. I plan on getting there with the fake passport Billy was so kind to make for me. We just hope that he won't get put back into Rehab again for his drug abuse problems.
This Is So True
life is the way it is because you live now to get to a better tomorrow and learn from the mistakes you have made to make you stronger
Kids Will Be Kids
Sometimes we go on our daly job or do our daly chours with out a laugh.Sometimes reading lables do not make sence.Like ok why do you drive on a parkway and park in a driveway? This only gose to show that sometimes we even eat food that is the sameway. My neighbors daughter came over to ask me for help opeing up a bottle of soy sauce.So she could eat her faviorite food sushi.I was concernd because raw fish to teens and children can cause harm even death.I said your eating raw fish she said no Its fully cooked.I said then your not eating sushi.She said thats what the box said i was eating fully cooked sushi. so I have come to the conclusion that you know your in california when you buy fully cooked sushi.
All My Fans And Friends
i want to thank everyone who has viewed rated and added me i enjoy the love and chats and everything in between tell your friends about me and to show me the ever lasting love and i'll return the favor i enjoy meeting new friends and old ones too lol but i really want all my friends and fans and fam to know i love you all if theres anything i can do for you all let me know i'll show you all love the same way you show me piece and one love >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..............
Who Knows
who knows how i feel who knows what it feels like to be rejected who knows what it feels like to have your heart torn out who knows
My Weekend
Wonderful People
So far everyone on this site is very friendly. I don't have anything inspiring to say or any new poetry to write. I'm just going to continue cruising this site and get to know all you nice people!!
Night Crows
Do Not Mess With A Woman
>> >> A married couple is driving along a highway doing a steady 60 miles per >> = >> hour. The wife is behind the wheel. Her husband suddenly looks across >> at = >> her and speaks in a clear voice. "I know we've been married for twenty >> = >> years, but I want a divorce." >> >> >> >> The wife says nothing, >> Keeps looking at the road ahead but slowly increases her speed to 65 >> = >> mph. The husband speaks again. "I don't want you to try and talk me out >> = >> of it," He says, "because I've been having an affair with your best = >> friend, And she's a far better lover than you are." >> Again the wife stays quiet, But grips the steering wheel more tightly >> >> and slowly increases the speed to 75 He pushes his luck. "I want the >> house," he says insistently.. >> Up to 80. "I want the car, too," he continues. >> 85 mph. "And," he says, "I'll have the bank accounts, all the credit >> >> cards and the boat!" >> The car slowly starts veering towards
Oh Hell
Geez everything is so insane right now. I'm working EXTREME part time. Try 8 hour s a week! What the hell is up with that? My love life, if that's what you call it, it's completely nuts. I was try to get back together with my ex-fiance for the longest time. But he decided that he wanted to do drugs and told me that I shouldn't wait around for him. so, then a friend of mine, who has wanted to date me for a long time asked me out the day after Christmas. And I have no idea what's going on there. He doesn't act like a person would think that a boyfriend would act. He doesn't call me or anything. So, i asked him what we were doing, and he told me that it was up to me. What the hell does that mean? I mean how am I supposed to make some kind of choice if I don't get any kind of input from him? And then there's another of my ex-boyfriends that constantly flirts with me, but I don't know if he means what he say or does, or if he really knows how much it affects me. Add all this to the fact tha
Who Is Your Favorite Team For The Super Bowl???
(graphic designs by Jeremy Crow)
Ummm Go Bears ^_^
Woo i hope Bears win today....and as an update i was plannin to stay in my car for a few days, my dad got the great idea to burn all my stuff in my room last night cause he was tired of stuff...he was really drunk at the time but thats normal. So i went out to play pool like always and drank like i shouldnt with this ulcer and now hobbling around as best as i can in pain. How very very annoying but things are calm and all that good shit. so im outies
Grandma's Boyfriend (from Bulletin)
From: Irish Eyes Smiling... A 5-year-old boy went to visit his grandmother one day. Playing with his toys in her bedroom while grandma was dusting, he looked up and said, "Grandma, how come you don't have a boyfriend now that Grandpa went to Heaven?" Grandma replied, "Honey, my TV is my boyfriend. I can sit in my bedroom and watch it all day long. The religious programs make me feel good and the comedies make me laugh. I'm happy with my TV as my boyfriend." Grandma turned on the TV, and the reception was terrible. She started adjusting the knobs, trying to get the picture I n focus. Frustrated, she started hitting the backside of the TV hoping to fix the problem. The little boy heard the doorbell ring, so he hurried to open the door, and there stood Grandma's minister. The minister said, "Hello, son, is your Grandma home?" The little boy replied, "Yeah, she's in the bedroom bangin' her Boyfriend."
hey all the staff at would like to inviter you to the new ninjaspace. a myspace for juggalos. all are welcome and its free, we have 60+ members so far and we would like to have as many juggalos there as we can. so if you would like to check it out the link is Thanks, LadyJ
January 21, 2007: Musk Up
The application of cologne to a man's body, generally by the man himself. From the movie 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy' 2004 Brian Fantana: (about Veronica) I'll give this little cookie an hour before we're doing the no-pants dance. Time to musk up. (opens cologne cabinet)
One For The Bikers
There were three men drinking in a bar, a doctor, an attorney and a biker. As the doctor was drinking his white wine he said, "For Valentine's Day I'm going to buy my wife a fur coat and a diamond ring. This way if she doesn't like the fur coat she will still love me because she got a diamond ring." As the attorney was drinking his martini he said, "For Valentine's Day I'm going to buy my wife a designer dress and a gold bracelet. This way if she doesn't like the dress she will still love me because she got the gold bracelet." As the biker was drinking his shots of whiskey he said, "For Valentine's Day I'm going to buy my wife a t-shirt and a vibrator. This way if she doesn't like the t-shirt she can go fuck herself!"
A Valentines Day Poem
Hearts and roses and kisses galore... What the hell is all that shit for? People get mushy and start acting queer It is definitely the most annoying day of the year This day needs to get the hell over with and pass Before I shove a dozen roses up Cupid's ass I'll spend the day so drunk I can't speak And wear all black for the rest of the week Guys act all sweet, but it soon will fade For all they are doing is trying to get laid The arrow Cupid shot at me must not have hit Because I think love is a crock of shit So there's the story...what else can I say? Love bites my ass...Fuck Valentines Day!
Watch This
Arse V Twat
My apologises. but we won!
Not Sure About This
The True You You want your girlfriend or boyfriend to be more open with you. With respect to money, you spend carefully and save your pennies. You think good luck doesn't exist - reality is built on practicalities. The hidden side of your personality tends to be a little selfish. You only do what interests you. You are tend to think about others' feelings a lot, perhaps because you are so eager to be liked. When it comes to finding a romantic partner, you make opportunities to interact with many people through club activities or a hobby, then select someone you like. Who's The True You?
Sex On Sunday
Upon hearing that her elderly grandfather had just passed away, Katie went straight to her grandparent's house to visit her 95-year-old grandmother and comfort her. When she asked how her grandfather had died, her grandmother replied, "He had a heart attack while we were making love on Sunday morning." Horrified, Katie told her grandmother that 2 people nearly 100 years old having sex would surely be asking for trouble. "Oh no, my dear," replied granny. "Many years ago, realizing our advanced age, we figured out the best time to do it was when the church bells would start to ring. It was just the right rhythm. Nice and slow and even. Nothing too strenuous, simply in on the Ding and out on the Dong." She paused to wipe away a tear, and continued, "He'd still be alive if the ice cream truck hadn't come along." Sex on Sunday Joke
Just One Wish
Just One Wish I'm thinking of you constantly You're always in my dreams; If God could grant me just one wish You'd be right here with me. Instead, you're many miles far You're running through the sand; If God could grant me just one wish It'd be to hold your hand. You wake up at the start of day And try to keep up pace; If God could grant me just one wish It'd be to see your face. I'm proud of you for all you do You've yelled and learned to fight; If God could grant me just one wish It'd be to hold you tight. You know I'll never leave you I'm always by your side; If God could grant me just one wish It'd be to be your life. If I could only have one wish It'd be to marry you; Cuz not only would I get that wish but all the others too.
My Friends
For My Friend by Carol Miller across the miles you touched my life, opened my eyes, and filled my empty heart- strangers, yet friends, our spirits reach out, always touching, never apart- - you in the east, me in the west, never together, never apart- -
New Pics In Dirty Folder
I added some new pics in my dirty folder
I Want To Know....
Friends Forever
Buried at
While I Was Gone... 1/19/07
My mom and my sister want me to live with or by them, but they both spit “When are you leaving again? I can’t wait until you go.” when I am with them. There’s a part of me that I hate, and I don’t know what part it is, only that it is ugly. It isn’t evil or even bad. I just don’t like that part of me. I wonder if my abuse left living residue in me. A scared little girl. Not mean or bad, but dipped in milky guilt that melts in your mouth not in your hand. I am still partially innocent. I don’t know how that is because there is a part of me that has no innocence left and they both reside in me. I will not rid myself of the innocent part. If I do, I will die. I am so blessed to have sky. He gives me a good reson to get up on my depressed days. I walk through water for him. I don’t do as well as when I am not depressed, but I do well. Better than many parents, but surely not good enough. I wonder of medicine will really help me. I am almost sure I am going to try it now that I
The Ultimate SEX Survey by game_gurl69Do you like it rough or sensual?: bothDo you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both?: oppositeHow often do you like to have sex?: all the timeIs sex a top priority for you?: nope,Do you have sex face to face with your partner?: yes i doHow often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger?: only on a rare ocassionHow do you feel about one night stands?: i can hang with thatHow many one night stands have you had?: only a fewWhat's your favorite position?: doggieWhere's your favorite place to have sex?: beachDo you prefer to make love or f*uck?: bothHave you ever watched porn while having sex?: yesHow long do you usually fore-play b4 doing the deed?: i like a few hoursDo you get off first or do they?: myselfDo you like kissing during sex?: very much soDo you moan? If so, are you loud or quite?: yes and loudDo you prefer your partner to be loud or quite?: loudDoes size matter (for girlz-- d
You And Me
would you makeout with me? [] Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Would you sleep with me? [] In an instant! [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Am I attractive? [] Heck no [] hot as Hell [] Fine [] Cute [] Okay [] Ugly! Do you think I'm a virgin? [] Yes [] No [] Don't know Name one thing you would like to do to me... [] _____________ I look like.. [] A player [] One time thing [] Next bf/gf [] A friend [] A friend with benefits [] A possibility [] A loser If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [] Yes [] No [] maybe Would you rather.. [] Hook up with me [] Cuddle with me [] Date me [] Friends [] Friends with benefits On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [] 1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10 What would you want me to be to you? [] Friend [] Girlfriend/Boyfriend [] Friend with benefits [] Husband/Wife Would you give me a lapdance? [] Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Would u give me your number if so let me get it? ____
Wouldn't Life Be Perfect??
If monday mornings were as fun as friday nights; If sweatpants were sexy; If high heels were as comfy as tennis shoes; If chocolate never made you fat; If goodbyes were as easy as hellos; Wouldn't life be perfect???
Messed Up Like A Mutha
yea im really bad at relationships...when i say bad i mean real bad. There was this girl that i ment and fell for to quick i think. i thought we had something great but as always...i think i fucked it up big time. I just wish that it worked out this time...i really do love this girl like no other but sometimes i wonder if its gonna really work....I really hope it does. But i dunno if she wants it like i want it...and i thinks shes really not happy wit me after reading her blogs on here. Well im out peace
We Won!!!
I don't care what you say,WE WON!
Todays Song 01-21-07
Today's song is Smile, a cool tune by Tupac and Scarface done on Scarface's Untouchable albumn! I amnormally not a rapp guy buttoday is an exception! One of my family on here is having a rough week and needs some cherry love! That is who this song is for! So everyone please give her some! here is her link! Much love to ya gurl!
Wtf Ppl Do I Gotta Gte Nakid For U To Help Me Bomb Her?
Let's go out and have some fun. It doesn't matter where or when, Or what we say or what we do, As long as it's just me and you. Let's be together for a while And get to know each other well, Exchanging jokes and tales and chatter Before we get to things that matter. Let's see what happens when we dance Across an evening sky, and glimpse Below the stirrings of a sea That might--or not--wind-haunted be.
I have a monster crush on you, A super-dinosaur! It sits upon my chest and throat And yet I beg for more. When you're away I miss you so My heart is full of sand. Yet when you're here my stupid fear Won't let me touch your hand. I cannot sleep, I cannot eat, I'm so wrapped up in you. My thoughts drift up, away from words, And fade into the blue. I know this crush is not your fault; The dinosaur is mine. Yet if you could, please rescue me, And put your arms around me, and hold me, and say you love me, and Oh! God! Would that be good!
Do you want me? What's the matter? You're afraid some door will close? You want the scent without the rose? The moans of love without the chatter? You think our love might be a tomb, The only exit through my pain? You'd rather put things off again To give your fantasies some room? You think: she's great, but in a while I might get bored? Or something better, Filling out a tighter sweater, Might flash me a quick come-on smile? You don't want to be tied just yet To just one future, just one kiss? You think about all you might miss And hold out for a better bet? Well, fine! But then why do you haunt Me like a jackal night and day? Why, when my interest seems to stray, Are you so sure of what you want? Why, when I dare so much as laugh At some guy's jokes, you go ballistic, Nasty, borderline sadistic, As if somebody touched your stuff? And yet when I hook on to you, You will not let yourself be mine, Take out your fears and draw a line Between wha
What Do You Want Me To Say ?
I'm uptight....I have no response. I push away....I have no response. I'm the type of girl who pushes away and feels hurt....I have nothing to say. I'm the girl who pushes everyone away and hurts myself....I have no response. What do you want me to say...thank you for pointing out my weaknesses, thank you for making me feel like I'm three inches tall and not like everyone else..well I'm not going to, I'm not going to say any of it, because I'm not going to fight, I'm not going to try to explain myself. I took a chance, I became open again and yet where did it get me? I am right back to where I started from, am I supposed to lie? I can't take my clothes off and feel comfortable about myself, I can't have a NSFW photo album, or private...But I try so desperately to please the ones I care about the most, I try too hard period. All I ever wanted was someone real, someone who thought that I was worth a second glance, someone who thought I was someone worthwhile...I wanted so badly som
In mourning, seafog Makes small things visible. Pearls cling to petals. Pine needles are fringed with glass. The sea breaks against rocks. Heaving back, it breaks again. What does the wild rose know of its beauty? Have you any idea what you've given me?
Jennifer Tilly...
Anyone else watching the Pro-Am Poker tournament on ESPN right now? Jennifer Tilly is fucking HOT!!
80 Things About Me
80 Things You Might Not Know About Me Whats your middle name? JO How big is your bed? QUEEN What are you listening to right now? AEROSMITH What are the last 4 digits in your cellphone number? 0852 What was the last thing you ate? POTATOES Last person you hugged? HUNTER How is the weather right now? 68 Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? JOHN What is the first thing u notice in the opposite sex? EYES Favorite type of Food. MEAT Do you want children? NO Do you drink? HELL YEAH Ever get so drunk you don\'t remember the entire night? NOPE Hair color? LIGHT BROWN Eye colour? BLUE Do you wear contacts/glasses? NOPE Favorite holiday? EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY Favorite Season? SUMMER Have you ever cried over a girl/boy? YES Last Movie you Watched? HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS What books are you reading? THE 8th HABIT Piercings? EARS ONLY Favorite Movie? THE SWEETEST THING Favorite college football Team? GATORS What were you doi
One Word
One Word YOU CAN ONLY TYPE ONE WORD!!! NO EXPLANATIONS. Yourself: Cool Your Lover: Absent Your Hair: Long Your Mother: Awesome Your Father: Abducted Your Favorite Item: Ipod Your Dream Last Night: Wrestling Your Favorite Drink: Alcohol Your Dream Home: Big The Room You Are In: Hottub Your Pets: Diddy What You Are Now: Hurt Who You Want to be in Ten Years: Myself What You Want to be in Ten Years: Retired What You're Not: Lover Your Best Friend: Mom One of Your Wishlist Items: Surgery Your Gender: Female The Last Thing You Did: Female What You Are Wearing: Nothing Your Favorite Weather: Warm Your Favorite Book: Short The Last Thing You Ate: Potatoes Your Life: Comfortable Your Mood: Calm Favorite article of clothing: Tank Favorite color: Pink School: University Song: Amanda
The Best Sites
You Might Be A Wisconsinite If...
You might be a Wisconsinite if... --you refer to a drinking fountain as the bubbler -- "vacation" means going "up nort" to Crivitz for the weekend. -- you measure distance in hours.. (u mean ppl dont do that everywhere?!) -- you know several people who have hit deer more than once. -- you often switch from "heat" to "A/C" and back again. In the same day -- you use a down comforter and gloves in the summer --you drive at 65mph through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard without flinching -- you see people wearing hunting clothes at social events --you install security lights on your house and garage and leave both unlockd. -- you think of the major food groups as cheese, venison, beer, fish, and berries -- you carry jumper cables in your car and your girlfriend knows how to use them. -- there are 7 empty cars running in the parking lot at the fleet farm at any given time -- you design ur kid's halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit -- you know all 4 s
The Star Spangled Banner
IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION THAT NOT MANY KNOW THE STARS SPANGLED BANNER SO HERE IT IS: STAR SPANGLED BANNER Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watch'd, were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there. O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
The Pledge Of Allegiance
IT HAS COME TO MY KNOWLEDGE THAT NOT MANY KNOW THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE EITHER SO HERE IT IS: THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.
A true Love never dies it only grows A true heart never quits for all it knows Life is filled with challenge to be overcome And to throw away true love is beyond dumb The greatest sin that any may commit to interfere With lessons of growth that come from year to year Lessons teach us how to live life joyous and free Lessons that all must learn including ones for me For only when we cease to live are the lessons done And only when we love with our all can the battle be won Knowing that there will be hard times, things we will go through And see a true love standing by us can make our world anew By R. Thomas Dinsmore
Valentine App
This is the "Valentine Application ." Everyone knows there's at least one person on CHERRY TAP that you want to be your Valentine. Heres the application for that special someone. Doesnt matter if ur taken... Let's see who replys back with the following filled out. Have Fun. Area 1: Please provide positive answers. Name: Age: Phone: Height: Do you Drive: State You Live In: School: Grade: May I Call You: Single or Taken: Would You Date Me: Kiss On First Date: Will You Send This Back To Me?: Area 2: What would you do if I... I made a move on u: I kissed you: I lived next door to you: I started smoking: I asked you on a date: I was hospitalized: I ran away from home: I got into a fight and you weren't there? I asked u to have sex? I asked u out? Area 3: What do you think about my... Personality: Eyes: Hair: Body: Area 4: Have you ever.... L
Passing Time--crimsonecho
These roads aren't unfamiliar...they're the same I've walked before My feet strike the same pattern as they have for eons The blood that follows me still remains the same Only the essence of the echoing chambers differ The screams that ricochet through my hollow mind and body Mingle seamlessly with those of the ones before And the warm copper-metal tang that coats my insides That tickles softly at my nose That cause my fingers and hands to burn That strikes the only heart chord left within me Is no different now then before Innocence falls to the wayside And the moonlight bathes the skin of the forsaken wanderers No home, no place to rest our weary heads The unspoken, the unclaimed The path becomes wearisome, for how long can one be accursed? I am sand and ash My body built limb by limb with the tattoo of life The star-speck in my eye hearkens unto the times when something was whole, unshattered And the deadened void surrounding the light is the soul within Ice,
Lost Within
The cold Autumn falls with the rising of the first new moon And we, unknowledgeable, pull our skins back on Covering our naked souls from the purity of light Misery holds the key Rain falling like so many poisoned barbs And we lifted our broken faces to it Praying that we could, somehow, find salvation through pain Pain grafted to soul Rivers wind through the jungle But we do not dare to follow them For what lies beyond the refuge of our collected screams? I am we, We are one, And I am broken Lost Out of sync A slave to a psychadelic bond Of mind and disillusionment
My Research Of Crushes Pt. 1
Alright. So I have done some research seeing as how none of them are even trying to play the game. I decided to do it myself. It's not easy mind you, some have crushes on other people. So I had to becareful. I have came up with alittle list. The list grows the more I look at it. So I'll just start with the closet I talk to. Hahaha. They could be wrong, if they are, just tell me so I can continue. Hahaha. If not, fess-up because it took a long time to get it!! The List: 1) crazycowboy 2) avengerki 3) silveroak Those are the start off's. If I'm wrong tell me so I can try again.
Sex Lesson
Music Video:FUCKHERGENTLY (by Tenacious D)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Your My All
Head down I kneel before you Knowing you’re my Lord and Master Everything I am is yours Mold me till everything I do Exemplifies you When we go out Everyone will know By the way I act and show respect What a good Master you are That is my only goal To be the best for you Never having to be corrected Always receiving good girl And your approval That is enough for me And feels my heart with glee Thank you for letting me Serve you and show my love Master you complete me….
I Want A Man Who...
Will -Tell me im the most beautiful woman in the world -Is ok just going to a bar and having a few beers -Likes cuddleing on the couch during a movie -will leave it with just the movie no sex -but will try to make a move once and awhile- -will cook if I do the dishes -holds my hand in public -will come with me to a night club -has a job -has plans for the future -is emotionally supportive -is cute!! -is "all there" -has short term abitions -wants to get married in the future -open a door to the movies -open a car door -be open with me about their feelings and thoughts -doesnt mind if i pay for dinner -not complaine about my music -WHO LOVES ME FOR ME
Sad Song
I think of only one person when I hear this song, it takes ALOT to hold back the tears that want to fall cuz of the way I fell. Nickelback - Far Away This time, This place Misused, Mistakes Too long, Too late Who was I to make you wait Just one chance Just one breath Just in case there's just one left 'Cause you know, you know, you know That I love you I have loved you all along And I miss you Been far away for far too long I keep dreaming you'll be with me and you'll never go Stop breathing if I don't see you anymore One my knees, I'll ask Last chance for one last dance 'Cause with you, I'd withstand All of hell to hold your hand I'd give it all I'd give for us Give anything but I wont give up 'Cause you know, you know, you know That I love you I have loved you all along And I miss you Been far away for far too long I keep dreaming you'll be with me and you'll never go Stop breathing if I do
N10sit--the Xbreed
What am I? What lineage courses through the silt within my veins? I stand against the pale night...fur dancing in the harsh wind...looking down upon the isolated vale I call my own... Pines...snags...tattered fog...lakes...somewhere down there, my land of exile. Nothing but the wind moves in this haunting place. She alone has been my constant companion. Most days, even the light refuses to shine upon my home. My body is lean, my heart weary and soul has come to resemble too closely this tiny niche--feral, untouchable, wild, isolated and isolating...but why? I tip my head upwards to the heavens and beg an answer from the cold and unforgiving stars above...but they are as silent now as they have been since the dawn of time. So I release my anguish, rage, confusion, frustration, pain, sorrow out into the atmosphere. No one will answer...nothing ever has. Except my own heart. I stand, a wolf...with the Sanguine thirst. I hunger...I thirst...I am a curse
The Essence Of Survival
"Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed… every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It dosn't matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle… when the sun comes up, you'd better be running."
Sexual Iq
You have a sexual IQ of 146 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
i puy up some nwe pics but there of my dick so if you dont wanna see it then don't look at ;P
Busy Busy Beaver!!
So I've been workin my ass off redesigning the sites, so be a pal and check them out! Better yet, JOIN!!! (still workin on it) (still workin on it, but probably my fav index page so far~bitch! LOL, you know I love you slut!) Also, keep in mind I'll be at Munky's show this Friday (see the linky thing on my page), so if you'd like to meet me & some of the Manson Family team members then come on down! Oh yeah, and ONE MORE thing~I'll be posting a blog about it later, but The Manson Family is currently looking for new male AND female models to work with Lizzie, Arianna & myself (or if you think you can benefit us in other ways~web design, advertising, ect., lemme know). If you're interested e-mail me some photos & a quick message telling me why you wanna join The Manson Family. We shoot in Brevard County, Fl & we're always looking for new places to do a set or two, so if you're not
Friends are funny. Friends can be freaky. Friends are always there. Friends will be there for you when you need them. Friends listen. Friends make you laugh so hard you cry. Friends face the facts. Friends are an important factor in our lives. They will neve let us be a failure. Friends won't let you fade away from being you. They always have faith in you. They're never fake or fraud. Friends may be far away , but they're always close at heart. Friends are forever, like you and me.
Pa. Man's Letter Brings Secret Service Sun Jan 21, 2:51 Pm Et
Please Rate This Blog Pa. man's letter brings Secret Service Sun Jan 21, 2:51 PM ET BETHLEHEM, Pa. - An elderly man who wrote in a letter to the editor about Saddam Hussein's execution that "they hanged the wrong man" got a visit from Secret Service agents concerned he was threatening President Bush. The letter by Dan Tilli, 81, was published in Monday's edition of The Express-Times of Easton, Pa. It ended with the line, "I still believe they hanged the wrong man." Tilli said the statement was not a threat. "I didn't say who — I could've meant (Osama) bin Laden," he said Friday. Two Secret Service agents questioned Tilli at his Bethlehem apartment Thursday, briefly searching the place and taking pictures of him, he said. The Secret Service confirmed the encounter. Bob Slama, special agent in charge of the Secret Service's Philadelphia office, said it was the agency's duty to investigate. The agents almost immediately decided Tilli wa
My Nest Is Empty
Wow..where do I even start this? Two weeks ago tonight I sent my soldier/adopted son/friend to Iraq. For lack of a more eloquent way of putting sucked. So this past Tuesday..I had to do it all again. Except this time it wasn't one person I was saying goodbye to. It wasn't two people I was sending off. It was more like 12...12 soldiers that I have laughed and joked with. 12 soldiers who have been in my house, ate dinner with me, had entirely too much to drink with me on many occasions, shared secrets with me and trusted me..and now they are gone.(even though Jason just left for the field for 3 weeks..he's still gone) Every single one is gone. And now I'm alone. I don't think you realize how much a part of life things are until they aren't there anymore. I suggested to my husband the other day that "we should all get together and...." but now there is no we or all. They are gone. I have pictures to look make me cry..oh how I cry. Pictures aren't the only reminder tho
It's Whatever
It's gettin old being alone and not knowin what to do. I have been getting really down lately and I don't know if it is because I'm sick and I like to be pamper when I'm sick, or what. But right now I'm listening to Behind Blues eyes the Limp Bizkit Version over and over and thinking how tired that I am that I'm not with someone and how alone. I mean how sad is that? I use to be the one who loved being single and you know told guys to fuck off only wanted them when I wanted them. Now its the other way around. What happen to that picture? I have bein single for almost 3 years now and that is 3 years of what I thought I was just havin fun and trying to figure myself out, but I think I only messed up doin that. About two years ago I use to see this guy only when he called me and nothing more and I like it like that and we never talked about or lives or nothing and it went on for a year like that and I was really deep down fine with that intel one day he told me he was falling for me and I
~angel Family Members ~
~ Angel Family Members So Far....~ Founder...... ~~Going To Be A Grandma On 08/22/07..Angel Family Founder~~@ CherryTAP Co-Founder...... Members as follows...... And there's room for more.... maria & Wolf
Attention Whore
~cherished Love~
Its been many days and you fuckers haven't sent me any comments. Is this the kind of friends I have?
How Good In Bed Are You
How Good In Bed Are You?Congratulations, according to our experts, you scored : 100% which makes you ExcellentYou are an expert in the bedroom. You know how to please your partner and keep them coming back and begging for moreHow Good In Bed Are You, find out at
Sensations Of You
Sensations of you As it wraps around each curve I feel the warmth hit every nerve Tingles up and down my spine Memories bring sensations everytime Bodies pressed way to close I will remember you when the wind blows
Super Bowl - Bears Versus Colts As New England Chokes
Colts 38 Patriots 34
The Value Of Friendship
It can not be forced and it can never be bought... It's of great value It's friendship...that can't be taught. One can learn it... and with patience, help it grow... Its true value is something we'll never know! It can't just come, friendship can only be earned... Best when it's slow So that it's carefully learned. True friendship is something to be treated with respect and a great bond amongst those that won't forget! -Robert Bosworth
But Still Those Days Come Back To Me
The heart pounds, my mind races, lungs feel like failing, still I drown. Feeling faint not wanting to wait for the darkness to take over my eyes. Leaving you with no surprise, with my death comes time for a new rise. Tell me your thoughts and all that you fear. I`ll use it against you, I`ll make you want to disappear. So come see my side, and all the damage you`ve done. My revenge won`t come lightly, but it will be all in fun.
Oh Hell Yes!!!!!!!!!!!
i got so many text messages telling me it was over..haaaa who has the last laugh..colts superbowl bound..hell ya
Find Me
If you see me trembling 'cos you're near Please come closer, it's not you I fear Find me, touch me, never let me go Darlin', I'm so cold, hold me If you hear me cryin' in my sleep Kiss me gently, hold me while I weep Find me, touch me, never let me go Find me, reach me, feel what I can't show Darlin', I'm so cold, hold me Because you're near me now I'm so much braver now No longer lost somehow with you with me If you feel me pushin' you away That's me simply beggin' you to stay Find me, touch me, never let me go Find me, reach me, feel what I can't show Find me, love me, God I love you so Darlin', I'm so cold, hold me
Colt's Go To Super Bowl
Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired
I just give up.....
Random Thoughts...
My life is brilliant. My love is pure. I saw an angel. Of that I'm sure. She smiled at me on the subway. She was with another man. But I won't lose no sleep on that, 'Cause I've got a plan. You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're beautiful, it's true. I saw you face in a crowded place, And I don't know what to do, 'Cause I'll never be with you. Yeah, she caught my eye, As we walked on by. She could see from my face that I was, Fucking high, And I don't think that I'll see her again, But we shared a moment that will last till the end. You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're beautiful, it's true. I saw you face in a crowded place, And I don't know what to do, 'Cause I'll never be with you. You're beautiful. You're beautiful. You're beautiful, it's true. There must be an angel with a smile on her face, When she thought up that I should be with you. But it's time to face the truth, I will never be with you
Please Stay, Go Away
I'm caught in a crossfire, with nowhere to run I'm keepin' my head down, 'cos I've got only one I'm up on a high wire, with nothin' but air I'm feelin' so nervous, with so many places to go But I'm goin' nowhere I'm ridin' a circle, it's twistin' my head I feel like I'm moving, but my feet feel like lead I'm drowning in quicksand, it's pullin' me down I feel so abandoned, when I, I reach for the sky I still can't get off the ground Please stay, go away Can't you see darling that you're drivin' me crazy? Please stay, go away Can't you see you're drivin' me crazy? I'm deep in a forest, I can't find a tree I'm chained to your heart, but I can't find the key So show me the way, oh, I'm too blind to see My mind's leaning left, while my heart tells me it's right But it seems wrong to me Please stay, go away Can't you see darling that you're drivin' me crazy? Please stay, go away Can't you see you're drivin' me crazy? So you want me to feel, then you turn like a wheel
Congratulations Colts
I'm swallowing my pride and congratulating the Colts for their AFC Championship Game victory. I told KK that if they won I would cheer for em in the Super Bowl. Considering I was cheering for the saints and the pats today, I'm not sure that's such a good idea. LOL
Rice Cookers....
Okay... So one of my good friends came over to my house today and saw my rice cooker sitting out on the counter. She asked me what it was and I told her... She said that she has never ever heard for a rice cooker before!! So, I was just wondering if im the only weird one that grew up with one... and now has one of their own!? anyone else own a rice cooker or grew up with one... just my question for the day.!
2007 Super Bowl Xli
Super Bowl - Chicago Versus Indianapolis
Please Rate This Blog Super Bowl 2007 Bears Versus Colts Cool Slideshows
Don't Turn On The Lights:
As the story goes a girl was studying late into the night at the library at an undisclosed college and realized she forgot some notes she needed to study from. She decides to go back to her dorm room and get them. She doesn't want to disturb her roommate, so she doesnt turn on the lights when she gets her stuff off of her desk. After the night of studying she goes back to the dorm room and goes to sleep. In the morning she wakes up to find her roommate stabbed to death on her bed. She then notices a message written in red lipstick on the mirror of the roomates dresser. The message read, "Bet your glad you didn't turn on the light?"
The Vanishing :
The Legend begins at the British Embassy in Paris in 1889. A young English woman looking distraught and paniced rushes into the embassy. The tale she tells that day has been passed down from generation to generation, and through fantasy and fiction ever since. The young lady and her mother were on their way home from an exihibition in India and decided to stop in Paris because the mother was feeling a little sick. Because of the shortage of accomodations in the crowded city, the two ladies had no choice but to take two seperate sigle bed rooms. The mother chose Room 342, and the young lady chose room 343. The two rooms were right across the way from each other. Decorated with rose-strewn wallpaper and plum-colored velvet curtains, room 342 was the better decorated of the two rooms. The mother went to her room and collapsed on to her bed. Soon after her mother collapsed , the young lady had a doctor from across town examine her. After examining the mother a
The Cursed Limousine:
The story begins in Sarajevo. Sarajevo then was in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a state recently annexed by the imperial court of Vienna. The Hapsburg Dynasty gave an open topped limousine, as a gift, to the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the troubled throne. The Archduke rode in it for the first and last time in July of 1914 on a state visit to Sarajevo. In the limo with the him on this day were his beloved wife the Archduchess Sophie Ferdinand,General Potiorek of the Austian Army, three Austrian Dignitaries, and of course the driver. During an official tour of the city, a nationalist by the name of Gavrilo Princip stepped out onto the road and shot into the limo. Both Franz and Sophie were shot and killed. Soon after this incident, World War I began. Soon after the Archduke's death a general by the name of Potiorek became the next victim "errr" i mean owner of the car. A few weeks into World War I his armies suffered a disasterous rout at the hands of the weak and disorganized ar
The Intruder :
As the story goes, a young woman returned home from work one afternoon to find her Doberman Pincer gagging and choking on something..what, she did not know. Unable to help the dog dislodge the foreign matter herself, she rushed him to the nearest animal hospital, where she was advised to leave the dog for observation. Upon returning home a second time, she immediately received a telephone call from the animal hospital. "Yes, is my Doberman alright?" she asked. "Did you find out what he was choking on?" In response, the veterinary doctor told her, "Listen...don't ask any questions, just get out of your house, NOW!! The police are on their way!" Alarmed, she asked, "W-Why? Is my dog alright? What's going on??" "Lady, I don't have time to explain," the doctor replied. "For your own safety, just do as I say! Get out of your house NOW, and wait for the police to arrive!!" Now frantic, the woman did as the doctor told her, and ran out of her house to wait for the police. When the police
Indifferent 1-6-07
It's a new year, and so you'd think, a new begining. I'd thought so too. I'd thought, FINALLY! I was wrong of course. I think we usually are about those kinds of things. For so long I haven't felt...anything really. I've been numb for 6 yrs. Only my children have been able to spark any kind of feeling in me. Then, out of the blue, something came along and unleashed the whole specutrum. Surprise, interest, joy, love, I felt like i was high (or losing my mind). And then hurt, confusion, and anger. I let it all out. I've worked so hard, for so long, not to feel. Not to let anything, or anyone, in. It crept up on me. I didn't want it to happen, certainly didn't expect it to. I couldn't control it. I dont' know what brought it on, at the time i didn't think anything could stop it. Like a damn had burst. It had been so long since i'd allowed myself to be anything other than indifferent. I had forgotten how good it felt, then i remebered how bad. The sad part is, this time, it was aut
A True & Fresh Dream.....becareful Erotic Language
This below is a very true dream i had last night after a long hard day,filled with stress,tension and some anger...Thank you for coming to my dream and taking me to your heaven. I dreamed you were there last night In my arms, I was holding you tight. I massaged you with lavender oil your skin was so hot, I thought you'd boil. I started at your shoulders and rubbed you oh so softly. Then eased my strong fingers around to to your hard erect nipples, the more I rubbed the harder they got. The oil was warm and made your skin so silky, that as I massaged you, your body seemed to lurch up ward as I continued to massage down to your belly. I turned you over to caress your tight little ass and you seemed to tighten up as I moved around to your thighs. you encouraged me not to stop as I massaged your inner thighs and gave your waiting mound a little more attention. I layed you no your back and you pulled me down on top of you saying you've massaged enough, now
Pisces Woot Woot
Pisces (Feb. 19- Mar. 20) Get out the boots - Stilletto heels - foot creams and panty come da fishies! They are the LEADERS in foot fetish. Masturbation in shoes? Okay. Toe masturbation...bring it on! They love using their feet. Suck on a Pisceans toes and SEE what happens! Fucking in the water and see them squirm. Pisces have probably done it in a sex swing. Or at least considered how strong the ceiling beams are on their house to put one in. Pisces men break furniture when they fuck...things get flung everywhere. Pisces can be turned on by the wierdest things...Trains...Water fountains...Jump rope...Whatever. They are the sirens calling you to the beach where you will end up on your back on a towel with water all over you and not wanting it to stop. I have heard it said that its the pisces that will cross the darker kinky side at least once...just to say "YEP. did that. Not that great" OR "What do you MEAN you never......" SAM from sex and the city should be a Pi
Well, a friend just told be about this site, so still trying to figure things out and figure out what's what and where . . . getting a few hits so far and still a bit confused, but I'll get there ^-^
The Cobra In The Wild Jungle
Shivers and trembles of anticipation passes through your body, As you lay quivering; waiting for Ambassador. You feel your juices start to flow more as I gaze lustfullly at your body, Reaching out with my hand i caress your aching body, Sliding my hand up to your wet tight garage, My fingers greedily touch your sweet juices. The walls convulse tighly around my fingers, as they work their magic on you. As you lay there moaning and squirming, I brought my hot mouth down and gently glide my tongue up and down to tease your g spot. Licking back and forth, I am delighted by your reactions; My member throbs with anticipation. Eagerly i try to bring you to ecstacy, but you stop me. Stroking your hands all over my body- you bring them to Ambassador's throbbing member. Hearing me moan with satisfaction of your touch,makes you wetter than before. You replace your hands with your hot, eager mouth. You slide your tongue up and down - teasing me endlessly; Torment
~as I Watch You Sleep~
Slow rolling over Knowing you're for keeps The one that I lust While I watch you sleep My feelings for you So strong and so deep Course through my body As I watch you sleep Never had a friend As you are to me Know that I trust you While I watch you sleep Passion so intense Nothing can compete I'm in awe of you As I watch you sleep Can't help from running Fingers unsteady On the chest of you While I watch you sleep Across your nipples And down your tummy I'm smiling at you As I watch you sleep You're starting to stir You're smiling at me Cause you've done the same While you watch me sleep
~autumn Leaves Are Falling~
Autumn leaves are falling As I look out the window I hear your voice calling So curiously I follow Down the corridor I see clothes strung A trail on the floor Where they were flung Hearing you singing You're in the shower My mind is racing Reveling in the power Sneaking to the door Letting myself in As you sing about a shore I can't help but grin Remembering the time Your song is painting The picture so prime The moment so straining You touched my cheek I whispered your name Recalling makes me weak Your kiss began this flame Stepping in to join you Through clouds of mist I reach Your skin feels moist from dew And your chest fuzzy like a peach I tell you I remember Florida's white beaches Was just last November When I replied with a "yes" Leaning in for the kiss The moment is calling While outside this bliss Autumn leaves are falling
~can't Let You See Me Cry~
If you could have known How badly it hurt That you think I've thrown This love to the dirt I want to feel you Your skin on mine Every inch of you And then stop time How I long for touch Soft breath on my skin You can't know of such So I keep it in It's safer this way Not let you inside If I did convey You'd run fast and hide So I push them down My thoughts of what if You can't come around So why keep with this Although truth be told 'Cause I can not lie My heart is not bold Can't let you see me cry
~just Wanted You To Know~
You, sweets, are my peace When life gets too full You are my release When stress starts to pull You summon a smile When I want to cry When handed a trial Strength you supply When I hear you say "Not going anywhere" Seems my spirits stay Soaring in mid air I like how we grow Unlike both our pasts Take it nice and slow As long as this lasts These feelings for you Are not just for show It all seems so new Just wanted you to know
~little Hands~
Bruised thighs Tattered soul My tries after tries To keep it sensible Death is welcome Seems dramatic Feeling numb His moods erratic The kids, three Shocked wide eyes Bandaging my knee Their questions arise The little hands That hold on tight Tryin to understand Why we always fight Then it bites Have to leave Can't have fights In myself, believe
~morning Love~
Morning, Love Is all you have to say But it's more than enough To bring sunshine to my day Got to work Even though we both know It's something we can't shirk Neither of us want to go Hour by hour Thinking of the other In awe of this power Love has to fully smother It wraps us In it's unyeilding arms While topics we discuss Love envelopes with it's charms Complaining Neither you or me are Down on us it's raining The rest of the world seems far Good night, Love Says everything to me This feeling's like a glove More of this is all I plea
~my Amazing Friend~
I told you I would never again, Let someone take my heart. Here I'm sitting wanting you, And hate that we're apart. Everyday you're in my thoughts, Every night you're in my dreams. I can't believe what's happening, Is this really what it seems? Every morning as I wake, Each night as I drift to sleep, Those hours of every day, These moments, away they creep. The kisses shared between us, Have always reached the sky. As your lips part I'm anxious, My spirit seems to fly. The inch seems to shorten, So close yet still so far, Time seems to have frozen, I feel how close you are. My breathing is now lost, Along with every thought.... This dream is put on pause, 'Cause now the alarm goes off. Take a chance to know me, To let me share it all. And my friend one day soon For me perhaps you'll fall. Our friendship we now have Is something that I'd miss But maybe once we both let go We will find eternal bliss.
~seeing With An Ear~
I'm seeing with my ear Picturing your smile In the words that I hear In that whispered style Your laughing rings so true Sounds totally clear It reaches right on through And brings your heart near Your laugh is contagious So I start in too Quieting, you confess I really like you Warmed by your confession Don't know what to say You get the impression I've been blown away You ask if I'm alright I tell you I'm great In your words I delight Patiently you wait For the first time ever I voice your real name Failing being clever I tell you the same The day has been long We both are so tired Hoping I belong After all has transpired We tell one another Nighty night, sleep well One phone to the other We say our farewell I'm seeing with my ear And hearing you smile In the words that I hear In that whispered style
Nothingface - Murder Is Masturbation
I'm not awake But I'm not dead The drugs are late Lost my money again They never gave you anything You'd think you get the fucking point I'll laugh until I'm fucking killed I see the point but I can't find a way To get through this fucking mental hell!!! I'm not alright, but I'm OK [x2] All hail the pessimist All hail the anarchist All hail the rest that never gave A motherfuckin' shit It's killing season Time to celebrate What better way than to Rid the world of all the walking waste Wanna see it I'll show you something A middle finger With a barrel and it's fucking cocked I got a new way So you can fuck yourself Kill the motherfucker - all that I think about, yeah! I'm not alright, but I'm OK [x2] Sometimes You gotta voice your revenge Or you're better off dead You'll lose your fucking mind Sometimes You gotta look at yourself See the world inside out And scream out loud That motherfucker Kill that motherfucker Kill that motherf
Nothingface - Ether
cause I'm too good for that I'll never show restraint Because there is no need for that I know everyone I've been everywhere I know everything Because I'm everybody We came to take control We came to sell you freedom We came to burn you down We came to brainwash children And it's not our fault It's just your own new suicide Where we belong There's no one to hurt It's some place where we can't be found Where we belong It's darker than space A feeling that we all push down So it can't be found It's that time again Can we get it right? He wants us to revolt To set the world on fire We wont to show restraint Because we like the violence We are security Wrapped in our brutality And it's not our fault It's just your own new suicide Where we belong There's no one to hurt It's some place where we can't be found Where we belong It's darker than space A feeling that we all push down So it can't be found Find our way through space We'll never be
Motorcycle Contest
Hi! All, I have join a contest, Please help to bomb!
ive been almost unexistant for 5 days between workin and stuff and boohoo for me ive been neglected sex for almost 4 days omg.wot r all u men out there doin?!?!?!? im here happy single and omg more than willing.xxxxx
Friendship Rose
......... , . - . - , _ , ....... ......... ) ` - . .> ' `( ....... ........ / . . . .`.. . . .. ........ ........ |. . . . . |. . .| ......... ......... .. . . . ./ . ./ ........... ........... `=(.. /.=` ........... ............. `-;`.-' ............. ............... `)| ... , ......... ................. || _.-'| .......... ............. , _|| .._, / ......... ....... , ..... ..|| .' .............. .... |.. |.. , . ||/ ............... , ....` | /|., |Y.., ........... ... '-...'-._....||/ .............. ........ >_.-`Y| ............... ............. , _|| .............. ............... ..|| .............. ................. || .............. ................. || .............. ................. |/ .............. ................................... send this rose to everyone you care about including me if you care. C how many times you get this, if you get a dozen your loved HAVE A SEXY NITE!!!
The Beast
Memory in a word The wonder through the mind Takes a hold with her claws And flies higher than you ever been Sometime in a rage and sometimes in a calm But, her claws still tears into your soul Either fight the pain and the hurt Or give in, become weak Be devoured by her razor sharp beak Her eyes pierces as she stabs your heart A million times, and every time, the pain Worse than the last, she knows your hurt Takes advantage of your weakness As your shrink, cringe at her might Forget your own reality as she tears you into shreds Starting at the obvious, she goes straight to the wound Opens you up, as you try to fight the tears She opens her mouth and rips your mind apart Many pieces of your thoughts lay about See them as they turn into ghosts Later to come back and haunt your world They become dreams, sometime nightmares She wont stop there, as you already let her take control It takes only one word, a memory to wake
Changes To My Cherrytap Account....
Hello everyone! Sorry to say, that I have deleted the NSFW album Intimates. It was limited in it's view, and I have decided that I no longer wish to display myself in that way. Sorry to all my family! No more privileges. Also, I will no longer permit outside people to view my albums and photos without becoming my friend first. I have decided I want a little privacy. I am sorry if this finds offense with anyone, however I would like to keep some aspects of my life private now. Hope that you all had a great weekend, and I hope that you will continue to visit me and my page! PEACE LOVE HAPPINESS ALWAYS! You can also find me on myspace, and read my blogs (if you are my friend) at this address:
Bears Win!!!
Can't wait for the Superbowl. Getto watch my Favorite team the Chicago Bears play the Indinapolis Colts in Miami. Great game today played by both teams to make it. So with that said go BEARS. Maybe we will get a new superbowl shuffle song when they win.
Womans Perfect Breakfast
WOMAN'S PERFECT BREAKFAST > >She's sitting at the table with her gourmet coffee. >Her son is on the cover of the Wheaties box. >Her daughter is on the cover of Business Week. >Her boyfriend is on the cover of Playgirl. >And her husband is on the back of the milk carton.
take my hand, take my heart, take this moment come with me, lets get lost together, and never let go make this last forever, always it will be you and me a rush of your love has me spinning, I am in control feel me in your arms, I feel you in mine, hold on tight let me take you, high above the world, together we can touch the stars, make up our own constellation so we can look apon it every night, like looking into each other eyes, face to face, before our lips embrace the kiss, I wonder how your lips would feel, againts mine silky soft, the curve of a rose pettle, gently explosive sending a shock wave to my mind, down my spine and into my heart, as quick as a lightningz flash rattling throughout my body, like a shock to my heart bringing to life a love that will never end, with just a kiss this I know, this I believe will happen with you and me still in my heart, the burn rages, touch it, feel how cool it is feel the love that is shared, that holds back for you I wan
Spiderman 3
Taunt The Mind
here's a few more subtle thoughts to taunt the mind:) When two bodies are joined as one, YOu feel every touch from head to toe with passion. Feels like your blood is boiling with electricity.Seems spiritual, these feelings are so mutual. Electric waves to form air friction. We ignore the wrongs of sin, and we live fully in heavenly orbit. Sweet as sorbet. Your heaven on Earth, give Ceasar the world. For I want only you for all the treasures in the sea, YOur my breath, my soul. Don't want to ever let go.
Does It Really?
ok, we have all read this little poem before right, and it's usually followed by some lame "your dog will be raped by a ghost if you don't post this" or "something wonderful will happen at 11:34 tomorrow" but I am wondering.... ...a laugh leads to a high 5 ...a high 5 leads to a hug ...a hug leads to a kiss ...a kiss leads 2 makeout ...a makeout leads 2 finger ...a finger leads to a hand ...a hand leads to a lick ...a lick leads to a suck ...a suck leads 2 a fuck. ...So tell me how many people are you gonna smile at after you heard this cuz sex is like math. ...u add the bed ...subtract the clothes ...divide the legs ...leave your solution ...and pray you don't multiply now that the poem is in your mind.. I ask this simple question of the men, how many of you after sharing a laugh with your buddy.. actually find yourselves in the end fucking each other like mad goats? leaving your "solution"? just wondering, women don't high five, so I guess we sort of nip it in
Taunt The Mind < One >
just a few feelings thrown at ya:) Wrap your arms around me, kiss and let us explore each other. Like huge claps of thunder. Exploring every sensual piece of my body with your tongue. I want this to be forever etched in my mind and soul. So hard not to lose control. Cherish the warmth of your body next to me. Makes it such ecstacy. It's like the heat of the sun burns yourself into my mind. Gave life to me, and set me free. Thirst quenched by two being in love, This has to be sent from above. Loosing all senses, the desire takes control. the breath of yours serves me pleasure unknown to be continued...
A bird flies through a canyon Twisting and turning Swaying and playing Over tall green grass And towering giant dandelions Beneath the lowest branches Of cotton wood trees Essence of nature carried By the cool breeze Sweet and refreshing Relaxing Sound of leaves slightly Clapping Sound of grass rapidly Flowing Voice of a brook nearly Sighing, humming The orchestra of nature The little bird flies to the highest Branch on a nearby tree And begins to sing Her song echoes though the canyon Bouncing off the walls a river of soundwaves crashing, splashing like the wave of the ocean but, imagine more gracefull more elegante like a play of dancing light like the flow of rain in the wind twisting and turning like the birds flight imagine the most beautiful scenery flowers growing animals playing bees singing as they work ants marching together humming birds dancing in the breeze
My Family Is So Screwed Up
my family i guess isnt what u call normal if we want anything or shall i say if i want anything form them i have to literaly hunt them down bc they dont want to have anything to do with me or my wife. but when i do i get moeny galore and what no aint that funny ... considering that i am very very poor with no job at the moment leave one if u wish think that is it for now
Shaken Champagne
Listening to music in our heads, We slowly undress, Feel the passion, Let it flow. Enjoy each others heartbeats Two souls joined to be complete. Kissing passionately, Caressing each others every crevasse. My tongue whisking gently along the Nape of your neck. Passion ignites with furry. Sensual sensation over comes you. Filing your every desire, Not knowing what will transpire. Feels like thousand tongues cascading over your body, One going inside you, going deeper, deeper, Growing longer with every thrust. Wanting that continuous orgasm that's enduring Stronger and stronger, Cascading the simplicity of my arousal inside of you Making you hunger for more. Making you moan with shirking ecstasy. Make wild passionate never ending love. Feel like a shaken champagne bottle ready to be pop the cork. The passion engulfs you, Making you so wet. Wanting me to taste every drop of liquid Passion that flows out of you. Caressing your breasts with my hands. Makin
Not Exactly A Poem, But I Love This's Broken By Seether Featuring Amy Lee Of Evanescence
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Anotha Poem "like Right"
Like Right 8/8/05 12:55 a.m. ...and it feels like wonderful hectic expression explosion of soul synergy hoping that this feeling is far from a farce it feels like hearts skipping while my breath exhales love like and things like it and it just feels like lusty passion and sweaty desire nearly to points of explosion with these thoughts and it feels like when our skin touches... electricity unspoken and felt cuz it feels like it feels like good erotica of the mind fucking each other without touch, without taste but these orgasms ooze from my and I love the way my dreams look entering yours penetration is my antagonist cuz it feels so much like potential pain pleasurable to points of yea....damn and it feels just like those feelings of b4 who what where and why don't matter he doesn't matter, I don't matter neither do you... nothing does except that feeling... cuz it feels like bungee jumping with strings of your heart attached to min
May God stand between you and harm in all the Dark Places that you must walk.
Just Trying To Promote Ssr A Bit
Click The Pic To Listen To Show Stoppin' Radio's Hottest DJ!
The Black Cat
The new Masters of Horror, Stuart Gordon's 'The Black Cat' with Jeffrey Combs as E.A. Poe is fantastic. I can't reccomend it more highly.
So Check This Out I Thought Of It
I'm pretty sure it's a paradox. So they say "nothing is impossible" right? but wouldn't that make the fact of an impossibility impossible? hahaha man I must be bored...but still it's a paradox.
Another Pac One..........r.i.p. Man...........
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A Little Poem From Starr
We are all sick of being tired . We all just want to get wired. We just want to tweak. And stay up for weeks. The lights are always on. We are constantly awake. We go to people’s houses. To see what we can take. We clean are own floors with a brush. And own carpets with a rag. We clean are own house for hours . And then chase down the bag. We are paranoid -n- schnitzel . But not afraid of death. Scandalous -N- dishonest. But loyal to are own Meth. No matter how hard we seem to try . We fail to understand what has happened to are own lives . Why are we out cast of the land? Sometimes we act so crazy. People think we are insane. All the while irrational thoughts, Frequently run though are own brain. What a high it is. For those of us who deal, Selling all the cut , so we can do the real.. We all end up imprison wondering how this hole was dug. We blame it on society because we love own drug. So here I sit in prison unable to get high. I
Guarding The Tomb
Keep it moving, please, even if you've seen it before. It is the VETERAN, not the preacher, who has given us freedom of religion. It is the VETERAN, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press. It is the VETERAN, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech. It is the VETERAN, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to assemble. It is the VETERAN, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial. It is the VETERAN, not the politician, Who has given us the right to vote. It is the VETERAN, who salutes the Flag, It is th e veteran, who serves under the Flag, ETERNAL REST GRANT THEM O LORD, AND LET PERPETUAL LIGHT SHINE UPON THEM. I don't know if you saw this in the news but it really impressed me. Funny, our US Senate/House took 2 days off as they couldn't work because of the expected storm. On the ABC evening news, it was reported tonight that, because of the dangers from Hurricane Isabe
Not Being Here All The Time
I am sorry to all my friends and family I can not be on ct all the time when I have a neice that hogs the computer. trying to get the computer from her is like trying to rip a can of beer out of a drunks hands. so if you do not hear from me for a while then please do not be alarmed. It is probly because I can not get on the computer at that time. so please leave a message or you could write me at thanks for understanding. love you all bye for now
The Study Of A Lifetime
I study you When you're sleeping - The curves, The mountainpeaks, The rosey of your cheeks, And your hair fluffed All over the pillow like The plumes of a great bird - And with each indulgence (Foray , if you will) of The contours of your being I see something new. Sometimes the seraph, Sometimes the Not-so-innocent, Occasionally the desert Wanderer, blinking eyelids On your trek through dreams. (And what goes on behind Those closed blue eyes ?) But always, as I lay, Head resting against my hand, I see the love for me Exhuding from every pore, And your moist lips Speaking ever so faintly, My name; It's then, each and every time, That you become again The delight of my life - The study of a lifetime. i can honestly say that this is one of my i added this to the writing of fame that i've done
"on My Watch Tonight" - Video
On My Watch TonightAdd to My Profile | More Videos
This Is How I Feel!!!
Dixie Chicks Not Ready To Make Nice Live
Erotica....( For Hotties Only )warning Adult
I slice my breasts to build this bridge brick by fleshy brick, till blood runs down my belly and my legs are red with it. Mortar it with entrails, cover it in human skin, that you may walk to your demise, black prince, and swing from the rope in the wasted wind. No galleons sail today. The tears of widows flood the streets, you dance the stinking dark. We grieve this passage - a shadow through the inadvertent art of prison walls. We slosh though salty streets in blood-filled boots. Our tracks are everywhere. Behind the masks, beneath the robes, we bleed. And he, the one who sets the noose, justice's slave, will burn beside us in our grief, the bastard joy the failing of a civil man. Don't dare come near, my knife has edge enough for you, too.
:]] I Want You
V.C ahaha I wuvers you!! Im bored. anyone wanna chat? [[AiM]] Metalmansonx6x
My Satan
My Satan, My devil in her splendor and her beauty The way she brings out my darkness surprises even me. She holds more power over me than my lust for vampyrism My evil depths come to light when she is near me. My Dark Angel, her eyes challenging me to prove my darkness strong Taking my life into her hands, starting the battle for my soul. She takes me to her chest and holds me there, almost safe And then I feel the pain of defeat as she tears out my heart. My beautiful devil, she takes away my suffering By ending my life she promises me more should I do her work I tell her until the end of eternity only for one reason, Until my spirit dies from the agony of defeat. The glimmer in her eyes makes me feel that something is wrong. My heart knows it can no longer endure this evil. My Dark Angel challenges me to live whilst she kills me in my sleep. I always knew my agony was for nothing when she was around. Playing with my emotions, she spreads her wings of deception
Hold On
These silent times, cold midwinter moments, contain yourself, lost in whispers, frozen now these arctic vespers. These late and empty times, vibrating with grace, a cold dark world, a warm soft place. Simple now, these little moments, simple now this small embrace, don't dare touch it no don't dare look, it might fall apart, ruin this space. Hold this moment, this brief small time, hold this moment, hold it.
A Dream That's Not A Dream
A Dream that's Not a Dream What is a dream but a dream? And why when I awake can I still feel hands crawling all over me? I see the face of a woman, a woman not unlike me, and I become afraid. What if I end up like her? Do the same sort of damage? Sometimes I wonder if in my very soul it will turn out I’m evil; if at the core I'll find it's black – inky black like the infinity of pain. I've tried to run from the creeping-crawling hands, tried to pretend they didn't exist, and I'm still where I was the first time I woke up so fucking cold from a dream that’s not a dream. copyright 2006 Katherine Andrews
I Stole Your Voice And Locked It Away
For just a short couple of days I became lost. Every night I have sat and I have mused and giggled with the likes of him. I have read him and seen him. I have watched the written scriptures on the wall tell me the fate of how he came to me. The lining of my heart grew thin as he placed a hand on it and gave it one last taste of breath. I missed him in ways that I never knew imaginable to miss a man. I didnt know I could possess such a raging desire to sit behind a screen and ponder the physics of his form protruding through it. I was unable to understand how I could accumulate such a passion, and a yearning so dear that I would leave the sisterhood of 7 behind for I have known them for years. I tried and I battled and I lost. This morning came and a wave excitement overcame me, as I knew soon I would be home and chances were well that he was there. I could not wait the anticipation of seeing him grew stronger and stronger by the 5 minute increments that seemed to close in. Driving wi
Can't Sleep
what up everyone here about 1:30 am here and i can't i thought i'd post a blog i was thinking of a few people one and offline... frist was my CT husband pete i love you baby you mean the world to me....second was my sin city family thay welcomed me with open arem's i can't thank them enough you all are the best second family anyon could ask for....i love you all.... then theres my offline family there ok i guess my stepdad tlls me he wanted to burn my face with a hot iron when i was 12 and sometimes he hits me(at 22) thay make me feel like i'm a burden more then family *sigh* don't get me wrong thay have there good least thay didn't kick me out when i got pregnant at 16 good woopty fricken do right??? my mom always takes my stepdad's side ohhhhhh big surprize there(NOT) i dunno weither i should cry or just thank god i'm alive but the most importent person in my life is my daughter samantha with out her i'm nothing i thank god everydayi
Back From Nevada
Well, I'm back from my trip to Laughlin, Nevada. Had a great time as usual. We usually go as a company trip for my husband and my mom, but this might have been the last year. However, we decided that we will continue to go every year, probably more than once a year....kind of like how it was when I was little. ...Works for me. I also pierced my ear lobes lobe piercing...3rd one.
Awakened Soul
My soul is awakened~ to the complexity of love, yet I would not miss out, on it's spectacular display, for within it's kaleidoscopic circles, of multicolored events, lies many resplendent visions, where in homage, I exist. Celestial reverence, mesmerizing my senses, as into the abyss called love, I fall deeper each day.
I havent been on here in a while.. been a lil crazy here at home... so many things to say.. well finally found me a job in childcare.. took me long enough.. pay is pretty good and i have my own class room and such. My assitant teacher is an idoit and should die.. but hey thats life in getto akron i guess. We are planning a trip atthe end of beinging of april.. its gonna be awsome.. me and my two children and my best firend is all going. I just found out my sister is looking for a house here in akron area .. pretty exciting.. we fight alot.. but i do miss her and her lil moneky. She seems to think i am some big bitch about her getting a house and shit. She is so wrong.. I was trying to give her well not so much advise.. but the hell we went through in an emergency sittuation it was hell. but since she has time to really do this.. and plan it all i was giving her some tips on what will help her. Beucase i wish i had someone to walk me through and make sure i wasnt walking into someth
My Favorite Thing To Say In The Bedroom Is:
Your favorite thing to say in the bedroom is:Hey, I think I just invented this position Take this quiz at
Angel Family Photo Cards
Each member may be receiving a Angels On Cherry Tap Photo Card. This card will have your picture on it as well as the following information: UserName/Name User ID YourRole The Date the card was issued Your status What your duties are as a Family Member At the bottom of the card will be the family logo. Please allow some time for you to receive your Photo Card. This project is in the midst of getting Aproved. I will post a blog when the reults are final
Stand Up And Be Counted
STAND UP AND BE COUNTED Stand up and be counted Show the world that you're a man! Stand up and be counted Go with the Ku Klux Klan! We are a sacred brotherhood Who love our country true We always can be counted on When there's a job to do We serve our homeland day and night To keep it always free And proudly wear our robes of white Protecting liberty! Stand up and be counted Show the world that you're a man! Stand up and be counted Go with the Ku Klux Klan! The Bible calls for glory to Our symbols of the man A sword, and water, rope, and hood Portray our noble Klan! In search of peace and liberty We pledge our hearts and hands We must defeat the Communists To save our Christian Land! Stand up and be counted Show the world that you're a man! Stand up and be counted Go with the Ku Klux Klan!
No Niggers In Our Schools
NO NIGGERS IN OUR SCHOOLS No we don't want niggers in our schools We're not for immigration Keep those niggers in their place We'll have a better nation Our southland got along just fine Until those immigrators Came down here sturring up a mess With outside aggitators They'll march, sit in and demonstrate And try to take our schools They want to change our southern way With a brand new set of rules No we don't want niggers in our schools We're not for immigration Keep those niggers in their place We'll have a better nation We must prove to martin luther We stand for what is right No court, or left-wing liberals Can ever make him white Form a solid line of white men Conservatives we'll be They'll never ever overcome Our schools will still be free No we don't want niggers in our schools We're not for immigration Keep those niggers in their place We'll have a better nation We must prove to martin luther We stand for what is right No court, or left-w
To All You Assholes
To All You Assholes You got your hair cut and you grew a ‘stache. You sat beneath the orange lights and bitched about rich people and their excesses, rich boy. You told me what a nice guy you were while winking at Becky when my back was turned and unsuccessfully attempting to subtly insult me. No, your veiled cruelty did not go over my head. We argued about war and pacifism. I still laugh at Ho Chi Minh city and find cities named after dictators absurd. You think you’re hot-shit, don’t you? You, the king of the “I’m-so-smart-and-and-smooth” crew. The one thing you “look at me, I’m so cool” types don’t realize is the cooler you think you are, the less I find you cool. Next time I see you, please do not insult my intelligence or try to make your sappy puppy-dog face at me. It won’t work. And please, especially, do not touch my shoulder or elbow or try to play footsie with me. You’re not my type, bud. Quit my sight, you hair “Bear,” or leave your pompous bullsh
Not In Touch
not in touch even though I blew you not two hours ago and this has been going on for so long and even though we are friends and talk (all flirty and flippant with extreme shifts to personal and frank), I am scared to curl up into a ball towards you, into you, especially if you fall asleep before I do – as is so often the case because I never sleep anyway and sometimes I think I forgot how to fall asleep first, into drunken sleep, into confidence, comfort zones, all those close and cozy cares. I am so afraid to reach in the night for your hand, thigh, shoulder. and even during the transition from dark to dawn to day, desperate inaction holds its firm grip. I’ve been known to chain-smoke, throw back a beer, get high, do anything – something so I never have to peel off the wrapper and find no prize waiting when I lie down next to you. Sometimes, waiting, I think I could fall asleep in your touch, waking but asleep, next to you,
Crush Project Research Pt. 2
Okay. So it turns out I got one out of the two. But he was doing it for game. Hahaha. You loser. Hahaha. "silveroak" you played a good game...even gave me a clue...buut it was so hard. Hahaha. I have picked out new people. The List: 1) avengerki 2) Aj 3) rich Again. None of these might be right, so you'll just have to tell me so I can start again.
I Have So Many Different Faces Lol
Chery Spotlight Part 2 And Contest Update
OK so i said I wouldnt pay over 400K for the spotlight but it was SO much fun! Id never get it done on a workday though bcause i swear I was busy ALL day. But Im #1 for the day at least, I'm up 1,000 ratings and about 500 fans and I dont even know how many friends so although I wish it was cheaper, it was WELL worth it! I was hoping to be in the top 100 but thats gonna take a little more work but considering i just joined on Nov. 7th, I think Im doing pretty good.Ive met a lot of amazing people!Even got back in touch with some friends i hadnt seen in a while.If i didnt return love sent my way due to mass alerts please let me know. I want to thank all the endless friends of the contestants too for their loyalty to their friends. Its still a close race! REMEMBER CONTEST ENDS WEDNESDAY AT NOON EST! DUE TO THE TREMENDOUS RESPONSE I AM MAKING ONE LITTLE CHANGE. I AM UPGRADING 3RD PLACE FROM 5,000 CHERRY BUCK PRIZE TO A 20,000 BIG PIMPIN GIFT OF YOUR CHOICE! SO FOR THOSE IN THE RUNNIN
Smarter Thn Us Einstien
Let Our Voices Be Heard
LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD Life in the 21st century should be easy sailing for all people, but as you and I both know it is not. With the massive Jewish influence in the media, the government sponsoring terrorists through funding of Israel and the blacks and mestizo gaining unchecked access to our borders. The life for a white man has become regressive to the first time we settled our lands. Instead of us fighting Indians now we are forced to fight the illegal’s flooding our borders on an hourly basis, instead of building towns and technologies we are forced to protect them. With knowledge being controlled and news being censored it has become ever so present that the white race is under siege by the Jew and their hate filled agenda. More and more of our children are being brainwashed and being lead to believe that they should be ashamed of the race they come from. The way of life we live has come under constant attack from the would be un-doers of our race, with the control in t
My Bears are finally making a superbowl trip after 21 long years...They stomped the Aints,I thought it would be a close game but it wasnt.I hope they get the respect that deserve now. If anyone wants any bears tags see me...I have lots of them... GO BEARS beat them COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bryant Mcgill Forum Invitation
I AM A MEMBER, AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO. Please join me in the community meant to help you achieve your dreams. You will not find a nicer more positive group of people anywhere else on the Internet. If you are having tough times, you are sure to find some good advice and support at this community, where there is NO NEGATIVE ENERGY. Also, many industry professionals, actors, professors, singers and other good spirited people are regular contributors to this website. This is the one place you can be your true self, make meaningful relationships, share your work and have fun. Click here to sign-up and to chat with me now: Please repost this, or email it to any of your friends would would like to help. Hope to see you there! :) Devine TxRose@ CherryTAP
Chicago Bears Go To Super Bowl 41
A Super Sunday The Saints were the favorites in a lot of people's minds, but on Championship Sunday, it was the Bears who enjoyed a spectacular performance, winning 39-14 to advance to Super Bowl XLI. In wintery conditions, Chicago built a 16-0 first-half lead before the Saints rallied to within 16-14. From there, it was all Chicago. The defense got a safety on intentional grounding in the end zone, and then Rex Grossman led the offense on a five-play, 85-yard drive that culminated in a 33-yard touchdown pass to Bernard Berrian and a 25-14 lead. Saints turnovers then set up the Bears' final two touchdowns: A 12-yard Cedric Benson run and a Thomas Jones 15-yard run. The win marks Chicago's first return to the Super Bowl since the 1985 Bears suffled their way to a Super Bowl XX win against New England. The Bears will face the Colts in Super Bowl XLI in South Florida on Feb. 4. For More Go To ....
Fantastic Cheerleader Slide Show
Please Rate This Slide Show & Tell Your Friends To Come See Us Cool Slideshows CLICK HERE To Check Us Out Today "
I'm High... Shyttt!!!
I fuccin' love being high, its been 9 years of hardcore smoking weed and trust me I would never change it, its incredible, you laugh alot you think of shyt you would never think of ever in your life and I mean smart things like inventions and OMG I love it, I kill the foo who told me never to start in Kansas, LOL, Ray was right it kiccs ass mon... LOL, and I understand That 70's Show now, I use to not when I didn't smoke but man I understand errything now its freakin' amazing and then I'm one to love the shyt out of art and damn the glass pipes, bongs, zongs, 6 footers, bubblers, all that shyt freakin' amazes me, but my song broke yesturday and I cryed a million tears cause thats an original Zong from Zong Company and they went out of business last year that would have been worth a pretty penny but now ima glue it bacc together cause man did that thing make me feellllll soooooo goooooooood... its in my pics on this myspace, LOL, I got so many Myspaces... oh yeah my best good friend liv
Is It True? Does Nothing Last Forever???
In response to darkness personified@ CherryTAP’s blog posting that Nothing Lasts Forever, I stated the following: You think??? Nothing???? Some things stay a constant in our lives. At least, by our own perceptions. Forever being defined to ourselves as long as we, ourselves, exist. That is ourselves (being the constant and lasting for-ever)! Kat Do you agree????
Sombody's Got A Case Of The Mondays
First Day of classes for me. Its cold out. I'm cold. 2 of my crushes dumped me lol! Unloved again! Today is Monday, January 22, 2007 Today in Television History 1962 - Gene Chandler made his TV debut on "American Bandstand." 1947 - KTLA, Channel 5, in Hollywood, CA, began operation as the first commercial television station west of the Mississippi River. 1968 - "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In", debuted on NBC TV. 1973 - Joe Frazier lost the first fight of his professional career to George Foreman. He had been the undefeated heavyweight world champion since February 16, 1970 when he knocked out Jimmy Ellis. The event was HBO's first televised boxing match. 1987 - Phil Donahue became the first talk show host to tape a show from inside the Soviet Union. The shows were shown later in the year. 1990 - Guns 'N' Roses guitarist Slash used profanity numerous times on live television while accepting an American Music Award. 2002 - Pat Summerall announced that he would leave
Colts Vs Bears 2007 Superbowl
Though happy to see both my teams get to the Superbowl, I'm a bit torn. I've been a Bears fan since high school (mid 80s). The 1985 Bears was my team... Walter Payton, Jim McMahon, Fridge Perry... ahh yes, what a great team it was. The Colts had just arrived, and really weren't too impressive at the time, so I had to turn to the next state to the west to be able to root for a winner. Alas, the Colts improved. There was the Jim Harbaugh days and the last AFC championship game we were in against Pittsburgh (I still say we were robbed of that win), I started routing more for the home team. They didn't suck anymore. And then when Peyton Manning was drafted in 1998 for the Indianapolis Colts, it really seemed we might be going places. I must note here... to all the naysayers who thought the Colts should have taken Ryan Leif over Peyton Manning that year... HAH. I believe Ryan was watching this years season from his COUCH! Last years playoff's, we didn't make it, but this year we a
In 1973 (the Year You Were Born)
In 1973 (the year you were born) Richard Nixon is president of the US Supreme Court rules in Roe vs. Wade that states may not prevent a woman from having an abortion during the first trimester US announces the end of the military draft Spiro T. Agnew resigns after pleading no contest to charges of tax evasion while governor of Maryland Gerald R. Ford becomes the first appointed vice president under the 25th Amendment A total ban on oil exports to the US for six months is imposed by Arab nations after the outbreak of an Arab-Israeli war President Richard Nixon announces that a peace accord has been reached in Vietnam Drea de Matteo, Tori Spelling, Carson Daly, Monica Lewinsky, and Kate Beckinsale are born Oakland Athletics win the World Series Miami Dolphins win Superbowl VII Montreal Canadiens win the Stanley Cup The Exorcist and American Graffiti are top grossing films Elvis Presley's Aloha From Hawaii television special is seen around the world by
Court Date
Today is my court date with my ex due to contempt. I am really nervous (I didn't do anything wrong). I don't know how everyone feels about this sort of stuff, but I could really use some prayers right now. It would mean a lot to me. Thanks. I will let you know tomorrow how it went as i have to work today and tonight.
Your Slang Profile
Your Slanguage Profile New England Slang: 75% Aussie Slang: 25% British Slang: 25% Canadian Slang: 25% Prison Slang: 25% Southern Slang: 25% What Slanguage Do You Speak?
New Job...
Well today is the day that i start my new job. Yesssssssssssss i'm very fucking excited. I'm just excited that i can get out of this house that i'm living in for a while, cause it feels like i'm becoming a fucking hermit. I do enjoy being on the computer, but I do NOT want the computer to run my entire fucking life!!!!! I need to get out there and start making some fucking money, so I can enjoy life, enjoy friends, and get rid of all the stress that's in my life. I know I got the most boring blogs in the life of Cherrytap lmfao. I'm just excited that i can write to all my peeps on cherrytap, to announce that I got me a job, and i'm officially.... NOT A BUM ANYMORE hehehehe "yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss" does his fist pump in the air. Kisses and hugss to all my friends Derek (aka the evil ONE)
Hi Everyone
I decided I needed a blog, seems everyone else has one. I have no idea what to write though, lol. I am getting ready to go take care of my little great nephew, he is just so cute! I just comment bombed a contest for the firefighters till I triggered the anti spam thing, which sucks, cause now I can't get back in, without making that go off, so I will try again later. I hope everyone is having a great day. And this site just rocks!
How Addicted Are You To The Internet?
You Are 49% Addicted to the Internet You're somewhat addicted to the internet - but who isn't? You can keep it under check, and you're by no means a hermit. Are You Addicted to the Internet?
Song For 01-22-07
WAKE UPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! It's Monday!!!!! System of a Down's Chop Suey off of their Toxicity Album made it for todays Song of the day! Quite simply a song that will WAKE YOU UP! lol ( oh yeah and back to some metal!! lol)
Eat It
I Can"t Help Myself!!!
So Fuking True
What Happened The Year I Was Born.
In 1950 (the year you were born) Harry Truman is president of the US Masked bandits steal $2.8 million from Brink's in Boston 35 US military advisers are sent to South Vietnam to aid the anti-Communist government US Senator Joe McCarthy begins his crusade against suspected Communists in the US government North Korea invades South Korea President Harry S. Truman announces a program to develop the hydrogen bomb In South Africa, the Group Areas Act is passed formally segregating races Peter Gabriel, Jay Leno, Bill Murray, and Stevie Wonder are born New York Yankees win the World Series Cleveland Browns win the NFL championship Detroit Red Wings win the Stanley Cup I, Robot by Isaac Asimov is published What Happened the Year You Were Born?
Starry Eyed Surprise
Older People Games
GAMES FOR WHEN WE ARE OLDER 1. Sag, you're It. 2. Hide and go pee. 3. 20 questions shouted into your good ear. 4. Kick the bucket 5. Red Rover, Red Rover, the nurse says Bend Over. 6. Musical recliners. 7. Simon says something incoherent. 8. Pin the Toupee on the bald guy
I Want To Stick My Penis In A Pickle Slicer
Bill worked in a pickle factory. He had been employed there for a number of years when he came home one day to confess to his wife that he had a terrible compulsion. He had an urge to stick his penis into the pickle slicer. His wife suggested that he should see a sex therapist to talk about it, but Bill indicated that he`d be too embarrassed. He vowed to overcome the compulsion on his own. One day a few weeks later, Bill came home absolutely ashen. His wife could see at once that something was seriously wrong. "What`s wrong, Bill?" she asked. "Do you remember that I told you how I had this tremendous urge to put my penis into the pickle slicer?" "Oh, Bill, you didn`t." "Yes, I did." "My God, Bill, what happened?" "I got fired." "No, Bill. I mean, what happened with the pickle slicer?" "Oh...she got fired too."
We Did It All For The Cookie
Purple Smurfs
Volume is low on this so crank it
Don't Cross The Street Alone
From Sesame Street... Geez
2 Ways To Look At Things
A man and his wife are dining at a table in a plush restaurant, and the husband keeps staring at a drunken lady swigging her drink as she sits alone at a nearby table. The wife asks, "Do you know her?" "Yes," sighs the husband, "She's my ex-girlfriend. I understand she took to drinking right after we split up seven years ago, and I hear she hasn't been sober since." "My God!" says the wife, "Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?" :D
The Dukes
The Hippie And The Nun
A hippie got on a bus and sat beside a hot nun. "Can I have sex with you?" said the hippie. "No, I save myself for god." She was quiet until she got off. The bus driver said, "I know how you could have sex with her." "How?" "Well, she goes to the cemetery every tuesday night, so you can hide and wear a white robe and put glow paint all over your body and say you are God." "Then?" "Then you force her to have sex with you." "Ok." So on Tuesday the hippie went to the cemetery and saw the nun. He poppped out and said he was God and said she had to have sex with him. The nun said, "How about up the ass so that I remain a virgin." He said ok and after the sex he ripped off his robe and said "HA hahahahaha!! I'm the hippie!" The nun ripped off it's robe and said "Hahahaha I'm the bus driver!"
Mr T
Hanker For A Hunka Cheese
The Tiger In Bed
A couple was on their honeymoon, lying in bed, about ready to consummate their marriage, when the new bride says to the husband, "I have a confession to make, I'm not a virgin." The husband replies, "That's no big thing in this day and age." The wife continues, "Yeah, I've been with one guy." "Oh yeah? Who was the guy?" "Tiger Woods." "Tiger Woods, the golfer?" "Yeah." "Well, he's rich, famous and handsome. I can see why you went to bed with him." The husband and wife then make passionate love. When they are done, the husband gets up and walks to the telephone. "What are you doing?" asks the wife. The husband says, "I'm hungry, I was going to call room service and get something to eat." "Tiger wouldn't do that." "Oh yeah? What would Tiger do?" "He'd come back to bed and do it a second time." The husband puts down the phone and goes back to bed to make love a second time. When they finish, he gets up and goes over to the ph
Religion :)
Joke of the Day! One day Mrs. Jones went to have a talk with the minister at the local church. "Reverend," she said, "I have a problem, my husband keeps falling asleep during your sermons. It's very embarrassing. What should I do?" "I have an idea," said the minister. "Take this hatpin with you. I will be able to tell when Mr. Jones is sleeping, and I will motion to you at specific times. When I motion, you give him a good poke in the leg." In church the following Sunday, Mr. Jones dozed off. Noticing this, the preacher put his plan to work. "And who made the ultimate sacrifice for you?" he said, nodding to Mrs. Jones. "Jesus!", Jones cried as his wife jabbed him the leg with the hatpin. "Yes, you are right, Mr. Jones," said the minister. Soon, Mr. Jones nodded off again. Again, the minister noticed. "Who is your redeemer?" he asked the congregation, motioning towards Mrs. Jones. "God!" Mr. Jones cried out as he was stuck again with the hatpin. "Right again," said
Things You Dont Want To Do To Your G/f
1. The Teabagging - The all time classic maneuver of tapping your cock on a chick`s forehead whilst she is sucking on your balls, while you`re uttering the timeless phrase- "Who`s Your daddy?" 2. The Houdini - Going at it doggy-style until you are just about to come, then pull out and spit on her back so she thinks that you have. When she turns around a blast is unleashed into her face and she is left shocked and amazed, wondering how you managed it. 3. The Angry Dragon - Immediately after you blow your load in a girl`s mouth, smack the back of her head and make it come out her nose. When she gets up, she`ll look like an angry dragon. 4. Cum Guzzling Sperm Burping Bitch - The once in a lifetime act of blowing a hot steamy load down the back of a girl`s throat and then proceeding to give her a large cold bottle of your favorite carbonated drink, making her guzzle it down. Then, shake her head vigorously back and forth to create the Cum Guzzling, Sperm Burping effect. A great w
This Is Who I Have Sex With....
A man walks into his bedroom with a sheep under his arm and says: "Darling, this is the pig I have sex with when you have a headache." His girlfriend replies: "I think you'll find that's a sheep, you idiot." The man says: " I think you'll find I wasn't talking to you."
You Must Be Getting Old :(
25 SIGNS YOU HAVE GROWN UP 1. Your houseplants are alive, and you can't smoke any of them. 2. Having sex in a twin bed is out of the question. 3. You keep more food than beer in the fridge. 4. 6:00 AM is when you get up, not when you go to bed. 5. You hear your favorite song in an elevator. 6. You watch the Weather Channel. 7. Your friends marry and divorce instead of "hook up" and "break-up." 8. You go from 130 days of vacation time to 14. 9. Jeans and a sweater no longer qualify as "dressed up." 10. You're the one calling the police because those %&@# kids next door won't turn down the stereo. 11. Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you. 12. You don't know what time Taco Bell closes anymore. 13. Your car insurance goes down and your car payments go up. 14. You feed your dog Science Diet instead of McDonald's leftovers. 15. Sleeping on the couch makes your back hurt. 16. You take naps. 17. Dinner and a movie is the whole date instead
Well Hung Earthling
Two aliens landed in the Arizona desert near an abandoned gas station. They approached one of the gas pumps, and one of the aliens addressed it. "Greetings, Earthling. We come in peace. Take us to your leader." The gas pumps of course, didn't respond. The alien repeated the greeting. Again there was no response. The alien, annoyed by what he perceived to be the gas pumps haughty attitude, drew his ray gun, and said impatiently, "Greetings earthling. We come in peace. How dare you ignore us in this way! Take us to your leader, or I'll fire!" The other alien shouted to his comrade, "No, you don't want to make him mad!" But before he finished his warning, the first alien fired. There was a huge explosion that blew both of them 200 meters into the desert, where they landed in a heap rather abruptly. When they finally regained consciousness, the one who fired turned to the other one and said, "What a ferocious creature. It damn near killed us! How did you know it was so da
Why Condoms Come In Boxes Of 3,6 & 12
A man walks into a drug store with his 8 year old son. They happen to walk by the condom display, and the boy asks, "What are these, Dad?" To which the man matter-of -factly replies, "Those are called condoms, son.....Men use them to have safe sex. "Oh, I see," replied the boy pensively. "Yes, I've heard of that in health class at school." He looks over the display and picks up a package of 3 and asks, "Why are there 3 in this package?" The Dad replies, "Those are for high school boys. One for Friday, one for Saturday and one for Sunday." "Cool, says the boy. He notices a 6 pack and asks, "Then who are these for?" "Those are for college men." the Dad answers, "Two for Friday, Two for Saturday and Two for Sunday. "WOW!" exclaimed the boy, "then who uses THESE?" he asks, picking up the 12 pack. With a sigh, the Dad replied, "Those are for married men, One for January, one for February, one for March...
Why Sex Is Better Than School
MILF Hunting Should Be In the Olympics Top 10 Reasons Why Sex Is Better Than School 10. Everybody likes sex and nobody likes school,except for virgins and only because they haven't had sex yet. 9. Sex sucks, moans, licks, pumps, throbs etc... School just sucks. 8. After sex you feel like smoking a cigarette. After school you feel like smoking something a whole hell of a lot stronger. 7. You only get disciplined during sex if you want to. 6. Drinking drives people to sex, whereas school drives people to drink. 5. Sex relieves stress. School is the cause of stress. 4. Nothing beats the "hands on" experience you get with sex. 3. After sex you feel like you have accomplished something. 2. Sex is cheaper. Even if you have to pay for a hooker, it is still cheaper than paying thousands of dollars in tuition. And the Number 1 reason why sex is better than school is........ 1. At least you have a choice whether or not you want to have sex.At school yo
Don't Fart In Bed ( So Hilarious I Cried Laughing So Hard)
If this story doesn't make you cry for laughing so hard, let me know and I'll pray for you. This is a story about a couple who had been happily married for years. The only friction in their marriage was the husband's habit of farting loudly every morning when he awoke.The noise would wake his wife and the smell would make her eyes water and make her gasp for air. Every morning she would plead with him to stop ripping them off because It was making her sick. He told her he couldn't stop it and that it was perfectly natural. She told him to see a doctor; she was concerned that one day he would blow his guts out.The years went by and he continued to blast them out! Then one Thanksgiving she was in the kitchen making turkey for dinner and he was upstairs sound asleep, she looked at the bowl where she had put the turkey innards and neck, gizzard, liver and all the spare parts and a malicious thought came to her. She took the bowl and went upstairs where her husband was sound a
My World My Life My Love
i live my life a quarter a mile at a time for first 60 sec im free i love meeting new people but i got this amazin girl cristina and shes my world i am jus on here to chat and make friends
Tough Loss! Classy Win!
Congrats to the Colts. They won that game last night and did so by playing well. Both the Pats and the Colts played a great game last night and Indy came out on top. I will hand it to them, they played well. That was pretty much the Superbowl right there because whoever won last nights game is going to roll over the bears. The Patriots and their fans won't be cryin' like Ladanian Tomilson that's for sure! But we do have 3 Superbowl trophies to make us feel better! Peyton may do it this year but I have no preference if the colts or the bears win now. I just care if my numbers come up on the Superbowl squares at work! lol Come on bitches make me some money!
Sixteen Candles --the Whole Movie
Enjoy!! 10 parts..
Wow These Girls Is Fighting Over Me Lmao Naw Jk
Top Four Adult Jokes Of 2006
I think one may have been top joke in 1916!!!! Top Four Adult Jokes of 2006 Fourth Place: A man bumps into a woman in a hotel lobby and as he does, his elbow goes into her breast. They are both quite startled. The man turns to her and says, "Ma'am, if your heart is as soft as your breast, I know you'll forgive me." She replies, "If your penis is as hard as your elbow, I'm in room 221." Third Place : One night, as a couple lays down for bed, the husband starts rubbing his wife's arm. The wife turns over and says "I'm sorry honey, I've got a gynecologist appointment tomorrow and I want to stay fresh. "The husband, rejected, turns over. A few minutes later, he rolls back over and taps his wife again. "Do you have a dentist appointment tomorrow too?" Runner Up: Bill worked in a pickle factory. He had been employed there for a number of years when he came home one day to confess to his wife that he had a terrible compulsion. He had an urge to stick his penis in
T*tties And Beer
the rumble in the jungle I happened to pick up this morning's newspaper. Our local Dominion Post had an article about local residents "weighing in on Hilary for Pres" and Bessie Murray, 53, of Morgantown isn't sure that a woman should be president. A job like president is more suited for a man, she said. "She'll never make it," Murray said. "Women are a lot more kind-hearted then men. When it comes to something like president, a woman shouldn't be there." Looking at snowplow drivers as they toil to make roads safe, Murray said, "Do you think Clinton would go out there in the snow like that? There are a lot of things woman can't do" I'll just go ahead and let that sink in.
Nothing Interesting
well its now letting me on cherry which is nifty. i worked the midnight last night. was a somewhat frustrating night, but i survived and i've had a lot worse. i hung out with felicity a girl i work with before work. we went and got food and then got in a snow fight and sat around the house chatting and such for a while. i think i may get involved in some drama now due to her bf and such, but i s'pose that's ok. might make things more interesting. she's been having issues with her bf, in other words he is a heartless bastard (ignores her often at school, doesn't try to hang out with her ever, ect.) she said he was somewhat jealous she's been hanging out with other guys, but it's like he ignores her text messeges doesn't call her back and such, and he makes plans with people other then her all the time. seems retarded to me. im supposed to go to his house on tuesday for some meeting type thingy to learn about something to make money. i dont want to go now that he's probably jealous d
Mary Jane:
a gift from the heavens her only intentions were good but people abused her now she's misunderstood she was a tool for creativity now cast out with shame not meant to be illegal and not meant to slang in a world full of violence she helped as a cure THE MAN knocked her down and beat her and exploited what was pure she meant NO WRONG but HE put her to shame now shes down in the gutter twisted up in the game but she'll be back when we run things and there will be conflict just a kickback society enjoying a bong hit
"the Night Joe Gave Ken's Bong A Try"
"The Night Joe Gave Ken's Bong a Try" Sung to the tune of the 1970s pop song "The Night Chicago Died" It sat there alone and still Perched on the window sill It was Ken's crude homemade bong Which is the subject of the song When my dear old roomate Joe Grabbed that sucker to take a blow Then things when horribly wrong On his first hit off that bong ----------{CHORUS}---------- He just wanted to get high On the night Joe gave Ken's bong a try Brother, did that pipe pack quite a punch Brother, enough to make Joe blow his freakin' lunch Yes, it did -------------------------------- When Joe took a nice big toke He began to gag and choke The bong water gushed down his throat And man that was all she wrote Then Joe bolted up and ran Tearing a path straight for the can And it was said by one of the local punks Joe's in the bathroom blowing chunks ----------{CHORUS}---------- He just wanted to get high On the night Joe gave Ken's bong a try
Long Journey To Miami
MY TEAM IS FINALLY GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL. GO COLTS!!! By Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports January 21, 2007 INDIANAPOLIS – Quarterback Peyton Manning couldn't watch. He sat on a water cooler as far from the field as you could get without being in the stands, alternately looking down and away. He also said a little prayer. Maybe it wasn't appropriate, but when you've done all you can to get to the NFL's promised land, you figure God can let you slide a little. Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, after years of playoff failure and heartbreak, finally got their redemption Sunday with a 38-34 victory over the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game. Indianapolis will face the Chicago Bears, who beat the New Orleans Saints in the NFC title game, in the I-65 Super Bowl in Miami on Feb. 4. Manning engineered an 80-yard drive to score the go-ahead touchdown with exactly one minute remaining. He then retired to the sideline as Patriots counterpart Tom Brady took the field. Thi
Aunt Mary
Maryjane's the green stuff that makes it all okay It's something I look forward to smoking everyday My auntie and I, we have this really close bond We chill every late afternoon by the neighborhood pond My friends and I all gather alike To enjoy that blunt we get ready to light Spark that thing up from morning to night You know that with aunt Mary, everyone's hella tight. We pass it around and around until she's shortly done And then that's when all the fun's just begun Roll her right on up once again And bring all that THC in My eyes turn red when it fills my head And I'm so tired that I wanna just lay dead in my bed. My tummy keeps rumbling and I'm craving this stuff Focusing on anything other than food is so damn tough. But the high is the best and that's what I'm all about When pot's on my brain, I never pout. No money left but it's all good As long and Maryjane's up in my 'hood
Sick!!! Dont Know Why
=== 'cammy' spewed forth the following at '2007-01-21 09:13:03'.. > > === 'mark' spewed forth the following at '2007-01-20 21:41:19'.. > > > > OKLAHOMA GIRL FOUND MORE MISSING KIDS PLEASE REPOST > > To Repost click reply at the bottom of the bulletin then copy and paste the codes into your own bulletin. If you do not click reply before you copy the bulletin, the pictures won't show and the links wont work. So just go to the bottom and click reply and then copy & paste the codes into your own bulletin. > > 149,199,263 > > That is how many users have profiles on myspace. The number is always growing. > > > > It is mathematics, plain and simple: > > Someone out there has seen some of these faces, someone out there knows something about some of these cases. Someone out there either knows what happened, witnessed something, or were themselves involved. > > > > Pass this information around to your friends. Someone out there holds the key to solving some of these cases. What if
A Little Bit About Me...
What's in your wallet?: My drivers License, pictures of my lovely daughters. no money though. What's under your bed: Nothing but two bed springs and a matress only. What's in your underwear drawer?: Underwear i rarely wear. What's in the trunk of your car?: Car stuff, jumper cables, snow shovel, bowling ball & pool que. Do you feel guilty about something right now?: Yes but i'm over it. Have you done something recently you hope no one finds out about?: Maybe 8) What do you wait until no one is looking to do?: sing to a song and make a face. Do you drive?: Oh hell yeah. Do you do drugs?: Nope only did poppers before. Can you juggle knives?: I have before yes but wouldnt do it Last movie you watched?: the werewolf movie called "Cursed" with Christina Ricci.
Ode To Weed
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. From bong, bowl, joint, or blunt I love your thick and smoky haze. You make me laugh no matter why My eyes are red, my mouth is dry. I enjoy you in my house and car You make me high, you take me far. To me you for sure no stranger Any nearby food's in danger. For when I smell your sweet sweet scent I don't mind that all my money's spent. When what's left in my bg is total shake I feel my wallet start to quake. I know I'll buy you over and over Stoned as hell, I'm in the clover. I love the feeling of being trashed And dread the words "This bowl is cashed." Getting high makes me want to sing and carol Although your seeds may make me sterile. But I'll still smoke you, wrong or not I live each day, I smoke my pot.
Stoner Chicks Rule
Stoner chicks rule, yes it's true. Cause we can get more bud than you. Most guys think that girls can't toke, pass us the bowl we'll show you some smoke!!! Joints, pipes, bongs, who cares?? If it's weed and it's smokable, we'll be there. So if you do believe it or not, us stoner chicks can really smoke a lot of fucking POT!!!
Hi There
attractive test??!! Would you kiss me? [] Hell Yea [] Yes [] No [] Maybe Am I attractive? [] Heck no [] hot as Hell [] Fine [] Cute [] Okay [] Ugly! Do you think im a virgin? [] Yes [] No [] Don't know Name one thing you would like to do to me... [] hang-Out and Chill ________________________________ I look like.. [] A player [] One time thing [] next bf/gf If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [] Yes [] No [] maybe Would you rather.. [] Hook up with me [] Cuddle with me [] Date me [] Friends On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate me.. [] 1 [] 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 [] 8 [] 9 [] 10 Are you going to repost this so i can answer for you? [] Yes [] No What would you want me to be to you? [] Friend [] girlfriend/Boy friend [] Friend with benefits =) Repost as, "Attractive Test
More Funnies
There's a stoner and a super genius sitting on a bench waiting on a bus. The genius gets bored, leans over to the stoner and says, "Hey, I'll tell you what, I'll ask you a question and if you don't know the answer you have to give me five bucks. If you ask me a question and I don't know the answer I have to give you 50 bucks." The stoner says, "Alright, man." The genius asks the stoner, "What is the Pythagorian Theory?" The stoner replies, "I don't know." and hands the genius five bucks. "Okay," the stoner says, "What has three legs going up a hill and four legs going down?" The genius thinks real hard and finally gives up. He hands the stoner 50 bucks then asks, "So, what is the answer?" The stoner says, "I don't know." and hands the genius five bucks. A linguistics professor was lecturing to his class one day. "In English," he said, "A double negative makes a positive. In some languages, though, such as Russian, a double negative is still a negative. However, there is no language
I can't believe it! There's snow in the desert! I've heard it happens, but I never thought it would really happen. It started snowing around 6:30pm last night, we got about 2 inches. I though to myself, it won't last by morning it will be gone. Stupid me! I wake up to this crap this morning. People here don't know how to drive in snow, there've been so many accidents. And people are "snowed in". They've got 1/2 the bridges in town closed down. I don't understand how people can get this fucking retarded over snow. Back home, it literally had to be half way up your door for you to be "snowed in". Alright, I'm done bitching, for now. I love seeing snow on the mountains, but not right outside my window. SHIT!!! IT'S SNOWING AGAIN!!!
Pit Bulls
PITBULL GENOCIDELETS STOP MAN'S BEST FRIEND FROM BECOMING ONE OF MAN'S RECENT MEMORIESThere is currently a bill going through that will ban the dog breed pitbulls from the United states. A breed who has gotten a very bad name, of all dog bites from all breeds of dogs, pitbulls rated number 4 FROM THE BOTTOM. So to eradicate a species based on something that is not the fault of its own, like any animal it learns to adapt to its environment. Any one who owns a pit bull know that he breed is one of loving and caring nature.Breed / Percentage of BitesMixed Breeds - 34%Shepherds - 7%Labs - 7%Rottweilers - 6%Boxers - 4%Chows - 3%Pit Bulls - 2%As you can see, pit bulls are extremely low on the list compared to other breeds which do not have the negative reputation which society has given pit bulls. Approximately 77% of all dogs pass the temperment test, while a whopping 95% of pitbulls pass. As a breed the pitbull does better on the temperment test than retrievers, labs, dalmations, and almo
Stuck On An Island
Stuck On An Island A blonde, a brunette and a redhead are stuck on an island. For years, they live there, and one day they find a magic lamp. They rub it, and sure enough, out comes a genie. The genie says "since I can only give out 3 wishes, you may each have one" So the brunette goes first, "I have been stuck here for years, I miss my family and my husband and my life - I just want to go home." POOF, she is gone. The redhead makes her wish, "This place sucks, I want to go home too." POOF, she is gone. The blonde starts crying uncontrollably. The genie asks, "What is the matter?" The blonde said, "I wish my friends were here."
My Eyes..........
So many of you have commented or compilmented on my eyes, so I have put this video together for you. I hope you enjoy!
What's My Sin?
Another badass quiz from eSPIN-the-Bottle... What's Your Sin? MY RESULT:Anger You might have an anger management problem. (Please don’t hit us.) A lot of people see anger as a good thing, and they’re partially be right. After all, if it weren’t for anger, we probably wouldn’t have death metal or professional wrestling. But too much anger can be a bad thing (especially if you’re not a big fan of fatal injuries), so try to rein it in sometimes. Try to let it out in other forms, like haikus and watercolors. Take This Quiz!
Trail Of Blood And Lies Part Ii
Trail Of Blood And Lies Part II Body: For Star Dove time went slowly by till finally coming to "Land of The Sky" With her brother's spirit ever guiding she found other Cherokees in hiding After losing their homes and land they were living among the white man They had hidden their Indian names out of mortal fear and shame... They had escaped the Trail of Tears but lived with mistrust and great fears Soon Star Dove did the same hiding forever her Indian name But into her heart there came a heart's love burning like a flame He held great passionate love for little Cherokee Star Dove Their love was profound and deep but her secrets she would forever keep Not even to her children ever revealed these fearful secrets that she concealed You ask, why did I write this story Because there's others like me Today Cherokees search the land looking for their Ancestor's lost clans Star Dove could have easily been yours or my Cherokee kin ... Somewhere in "Land o
Try To Think
try to think try not to sink sink into this sea of emotions that has your head rolling remember what you thought you forgot I won't go down by myself but I'll go down with all i got take a deep breath in hold it forever and then you will find trust in all you treasure
Why do people have high expectations for us Why do they want to change the way we dress or talk or music we listen to They don't know us on the inside all they see is our outer shell What they don't know is we aren't going to change ourselves for someone else People think what they see is what they get That statement is not true at all They don't know us by our personality but our clothes They expect us to do things to change out beliefs and to change the way we act just for one thing We wear jeans and a t-shirt yet they have such high expectations of us and think we can't do it
You And Me
Look deep into your heart Please tell me what you see Am I on your mind? Are you thinking of me? I looked into my heart Can you guess what I saw? You were on my mind And everyone was in awe I never thought I’d find A love as wonderous as this I always thought I was The one that love always missed
What's Wrong With Me?
Another badass quiz from eSPIN-the-Bottle... What's Wrong With You? MY RESULT:Too Friendly You’re very open with people, which is great, but sometimes those people are wearing brass knuckles, which is not great. You tend to think that people are generally good at heart, and because of that, you’re very trusting. People are drawn to your positive attitude and you tend to make friends easily. (You might also be a little vain, but hey, who could blame you? You’re a good-looking individual, and you have a right to be a little cocky about it.) So where could you go wrong? Well, if you’re too friendly, you might not be on alert for those folks you really shouldn’t trust. So try to use more caution when you meet new people. And quit trading gym socks with strangers. That’s just plain gross. Take This Quiz!
The Best Living Will I've Seen
I, (insert name here), being of sound mind and body, do not wish to be kept alive indefinitely by artificial means. Under no circumstances should my fate be put in the hands of pinhead politicians who couldn't pass ninth-grade biology if their lives depended on it, or lawyers / doctors interested in simply running up the bills. If a reasonable amount of time passes and I fail to ask for at least one of the following: Glass of wine chocolate Margarita chocolate Martini Cold Beer chocolate Chicken fried steak cream gravy chocolate Mexican food chocolate French fries chocolate Pizza chocolate ice cream cup of tea chocolate Chocolate Sex Chocolate It should be presumed that I won't ever get better. When such a determination is reached, I hereby instruct my appointed person and attending physicians to pull the plug, reel in the tubes and call it a day.
Ever Wonder??
You woke up this morning Got yourself a gun, Mama always said you'd be The Chosen One. . . . . . . When you woke up this morning, When you woke up this morning, When you woke up this morning, You got yourself a gun Sorry folks..I had to go there :)
First Blog
Ok..So I am noew here!! Ive only been here a week or so, and I really like it. Ive seen MANY fimilar faces and it is awesome. I just wanted to say thanks Owly..for bringing me here, Im sure we will have times like we use too! I am SOOO Looking foward to it...Love ya GF..and if anyone wants to add me, please do! Take care and have a wonderful day!
Good Morning All.
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