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It Hurts
not here.. wont respond leaving tired of everything why is it you try so hard to believe ...and then you get hurt from something that was suppose to be fun something that has no meaning but it did ... it hurt...twice now stood up once in real life once online only difference is this one had a better reason then the guy i was to marry in real life this one didn't hurt me as bad but it made me realize i cant trust for nothing i cant believe in people i can't .. if i believe them i get hurt if i believe them... i die a little more inside i can't do it no more i can't
Y Not Talking
here but not talking to anyone.. not just you anyone... for awhile i wont i wont talk i wont say anything i will stay quiet to all i don't want to talk... i want silence i want peace i want everything to go away i want to be alone in my own thoughts i want to cry if i want i want to scream if i want i want to just be alone ...for now... i will talk when i am ready but for now i am quiet
Concerning My Auto 11
i am going to activate it here in a few...but am going to go and babysit my 5 year old grandson tonight... will show all the ones that helped me love tomorrow. just please leave me a message if u rated my pics while on auto 11's thank u so much vickie
Rants About Life
i need to write so here i go nothing in my life ever goes as it is planed ,everything always has a way of messing up. ppl don't do what they say they are going o do, or they just don't happen. my life is so stressed right now. i wish there was not so much stress in it but it cant be helped. my family tells me all the time that i need to just breath and relax but i cant i always seem to be either helping someone or just trying to get my things done..which is hardly ever.i don't really have much time for myself.i am on here a lot but never like i should really be i am always helping everyone i cant seem to gets so overwhelming so many times i feel like my whole world is going to cave in..i am so stressed all the time i want to explode much..but i cant for if i did ppl may start to wonder why i did, i just cant be me the real me..i cant do it i don't have the time i have so much stress on my shoulders..i sometimes just wish that i wasn't me..that i lived another life...m
Tired Of Putting My Heart N Feelings On The Line!
Well for the most part there are a few of you in my friends list that seem to already know what's going on with me and my current/past situation. Then again there are many of you that do not know. To bring you up to speed if you would like to know, here it is in a nut shell. Back in August of this year in 2008' I met a women. A women who I thought at the time was the most amazing wonderful and beautiful person that I had and ever will meet. Things were going so well for us, even with taking in her child into my own life and treating her as if she was my own. Everything was all good and we were so happy together, all 3 of us as our own little family. We loved it so much that we had talked about getting married before she left for Iraq as a US Marine for 7 months. She was deployed on Sep 17th and left as planned to start her tour. So we decided to get married the week before she was due to leave. It wasn't just to get married either; marriage is a very serious thing and should not be
Why you never question a drunk A woman was shopping at her local supermarket where she selected: A half-gallon of 2% milk, A carton of eggs, A quart of orange juice, A head of romaine lettuce, A 2 lb. can of coffee, And a 1 lb. package of bacon. As she was unloading her items on the conveyor belt to check out, a drunk standing behind her watched as she placed the items in front of the cashier. While the cashier was ringing up her purchases, the drunk calmly stated," You must be single." The woman was a bit startled by this proclamation, but she was intrigued by the derelict's intuition, since she was indeed single. She looked at her six items on the belt and saw nothing particularly unusual about her selections that could have tipped off the drunk to her marital status.Curiosity getting the better of her, she said "Well, you know what,you're absolutely correct, but how on earth did you know that?" The drunk replied, "Cause you're ugly."
The male praying mantis cannot copulate while its head is attached to its body. The female initiates sex by ripping the male's head off. ("Honey, I'm home. What the......?!")
New Information...after A Year And A 1/2
Well, my first blog on Katie was written a few days after her death on 8/26/07. Now, after a year and a 1/2, the TRUE reports are in. This blog varies a lot from my original one because at the time I wrote it, I thought I had the correct information. It turns out I didn't. There was no drugs or alcohol involved. We were first told there were 3 in the truck when there was actually 5. The driver was accused of being drunk and that's why I didn't understand why Katie would have even got IN the truck with someone who was drunk or even thought he had been drinking. The answer to that question was released to us last week in the toxicology report of the boy who was driving. It was found that he had no alcohol or drugs in his system at the time of the wreck. It all boiled down to a stupid race against his brother when he lost control of the truck, flipped over the median hitting another car in the opposite lane and throwing all 5 of the kids out the truck. Katie always wore her seat belt. At
Ina Contest Vote And Comment Pls
Im ina sexy eyes contest can ya take a sec and vote and comment pls =) click on the pic Make your own banner at!
The Reason I Hate Men.
My mother just found out her boyfriend of 5 years has another girlfriend and an apartment with her. Jesus fucking christ.
I Fuck
I Fuck I fuck I fuck for pain Not physical pain, although sometimes thats a good thing. No I fuck for the emotional pain that I know will follow. Sex goes with the three words that mean the least to me. I love you. What the fuck is that shit? Those words are like scars. Every time they are said, they cause gushing wounds that turn into scars. Scars of the ones who leave when the stinging nettles touch your skin. Nobody really loves. It is just about who you can fool into being your puppet. I seem to have many strings attached to my soul. Play on puppeteer. You have me at your fingertips. So in the end I have learned- Love=fuck=fucked=scars=pain So as I said, I FUCK FOR PAIN.
This Is One Of My Mission's That I Want To Do
I Just want to post 1 more thought about my main goal. What is that is I would like to reach out to every Fireman or Firewoman from Pa to the other 49 states Eather they where at ground 0 at the day of 911 or they are just fireman I want to show some reconiztion and honor that thet deserve Im not doing it to see how many friends that I can get.Or me being popular Its comming from my heart and Im doing this just to show that I care about the homeland that they help protect just to keep it beautiful and most of all save lives and helping people.I don't have the experience that others do as a fireman Ive only been in it for 1yr and 2months and I tell you what it has taugt me allot.Im not doing this also to look for relationships with women Im doing this because I want to show America and its people that I love it and I do anything to help protect it no matter on which cause. I truley thank you for taking the time to read this blog sorry its rather long than I usally write but I want to ma
Follow These And You Will Be Fine
Here is my thing about adding people 1. I mostly add everyone If I feel your a nice person and Ill try to get to know you and talk to you from time to time. 2. If your one of those people with a web cam and you want me to see you naked hey the most that I love in life is naked women espically if they are hot but im not interested about those heres why they are filled with viruses that will destroy my computer and im sol. please don't try because you will be denied I fish these out carefully. to bad for u 3. If u are a thief a snake drug dealer money user and a person more than willing to take a vantage of me SOL for you. You will be denied. 4. Im a relly nice person Im here to make and meet new friends and I cant do that if you are one mentioned above please I will only say this once NO WEB CAM CHICKS OR ANY ONE THAT HAS A WEB CAM. they came out with Playboy and thats what its for.Get It Got It Good.!!!!! Have A Very Nice Day :-)
Dare I Dream - Poem I Just Wrote For A Dear Friend
Never been popular and i dont play nice.Always a showstopper,dont ask for my advice.Sick and twisted,sour and brutal;face fisted,resistance is futile.Shadows fall,and serpents may cry;underneath it all,just look inside.Nothing to learn and everything to hide;ignoring the call,but needing a guide.Hear my words and stay away;from what lies beneath,awaiting its prey. Sympathy and illusions can always be found,if only you look closely and listen to the sound...
Club Mystic Family List
CONGRATS TO ANDEE and TABBY ON LEVELING!!! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!! LET'S RATE THE HELL OUT OF OUR MAE THIS WEEKEND, AND GET HER TO DISCIPLE! WOOT! WE CAN PROBABLY GODFATHER THE HOME PAGE AS WELL, BUT THAT IS NOT A PRIORITY! NO RUSH! AS USUAL, ANY BEEFS, GRIPES, QUESTIONS, OR SUGGESTIONS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO ME IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE! THANKS! Home Page Club Mystic!@ fubar Fu-King -----> Godfather 506,195 Points to go! (+398,727) Founder ♦CinDragon♦@ fubar Disciple -----> Prophet 6,295,552 Points to go! (+760,734) Team Captain ~SouthernBaby~@ fubar Disciple -----> Prophet! 7,361,086 Points to go! (+687,630) Resident Wizard MERLYN....ClubMystic@ fubar Henchman -----> Insider 522,372 Points to go! (+126,038) Family Members **TABBY76**@ fubar Insider -----> Fu-Queen!! 664,943 Points to go! (+394,455) Ma3 Ma3 @ fubar Godfather -----> Disciple 1,399,862 Points to go! (+489,204) jade&jaksonsmom@ fubar Godfather -----> Discip
The Wait
Gazing upon the Night Sky, One cant help but wonder why, What on earth He did to deserve one such as Her, Or a love that will always be true, In Her Love He will never leave, For Without Her Love He can never be, He wishes to Be asleep in her arms, To keep her safe through the night From all harm, To feel Her loving Kiss, and get lost in utter Bliss, He Closes his eyes Dreaming of her, And as Sleep Claims Him also a silent wonder, When will His Wait Finally be over... Kevin E Brooker
Need A Christmas Wish Fulfilled
I hate writing blogs, never kno wut to say. All i kno, is that the only thing i wished for xmas, i didnt get. I only wanted to spend a week in boston ,mass with the sweetest guy on this planet! soo, i guess i'm asking ya'll to help me get my xmas wish. i don't have enuff money to get a hotel, down there, and it's making me sad. if you would like to help me get to see my sweetheart please, pm me,,,,it's all i wanted for xmas, i care about nuthing else but him an his lil girl! please help me?! much fu~ luv to everyone!
omg the other week i was taking my daugther to a modelling shoot with me she is only 7 months i was just wlaking along and the these men in cars shouted hey u sexy milf i was stunned and didnt know what they meant and i kept on getting called this and to this day i still dont know what it means i didnt want to ask anyone coz i felt studid lol
My First Blog Ever
I have always wanted a forum in which to air my opinions on any/everything and just get shit off my chest. If you are offended by anything you read here, sorry but oh well. This is not for you. It is for me. My life for the past 30 yrs. has been about other people. I was married to a great guy, have a wonderful son, and a pretty great job. So why have I been unhappy for most of those years? Hopefully by writing this crap down here I'll make some discoveries about myself and figure out what I need to be content with my life. First of all, details about who I am. I am 55 yrs. old, female, libra to the nth degree. I love animals, kids, men, fast cars, football, sex, loving, being loved, and food (especially chocolate) (yes it is a food). I love friends, being chased, shopping, and my son above all else. It's been a wacky and wonderful year. I discovered the internet and meeting people online. It has changed my life. I had no idea when I first logged on and started
He Returns....
Ok well ya'll win I'm doing the Fu again, didn't last long eh? hehe I had no intention of ever coming back here, I made an exception during Christmas to wish a Merry Christmas to those I haven't heard from elsewhere. While I was here I decided that it doesn't matter if i like it here or not if this is the easiest way for some people I care about to keep in touch and those people enjoy my presence here (I haven't a clue how or why) then what harm is there in coming here to check/leave messages. And ya never know when new friends might be made, (ie. tatgurly whom helped me decide to stick around after Christmas -=hugs=-) we can all use more of those :D In short I am still Fu-bored with this site but I care for ya'll and this is what most of ya want so here I am I guess. You're welcome :p
The Wrapping Paper Test
You Are Dependable and Trustworthy You approach the holidays with drive and determination. You're usually the one who does all of the organizing and work. You love being in charge of Christmas dinner, decorating the tree, and picking out presents. You know that everything will be perfect, as long as you're the one behind the wheel. Of all the types, you're the most likely to search far and wide to find the best deal on the gifts you give. You're also the most likely to have a very detailed system for how you wrap and label presents. The Wrapping Paper Test
What Does Your Christmas Say About You?
Your Christmas is Modern Your wish for the New Year is good health. For you, Christmas is secular holiday. Religion doesn't play a big part in it. You are patient when it comes to Christmas. You don't celebrate too early, and you don't like seeing holiday decorations in October. You like Christmas traditions, but you're not uptight about them. You do things your way. You have some preferred ways of celebrating Christmas, but you're open to compromise. You love Christmas. You enjoy almost every aspect and tradition of the holidays. You like giving to your friends and family during Christmas. You focus on the people you're close to. What Does Your Christmas Say About You?
Sand Dreams
A deep midnight blue sky, with the bright new moon out, it's clear as a whistle out. The stars seem to glow like fireflies, they sparkle on the water. As they walked by the edge of the water, behind them left their imprints in the crystal clear sand, but each step would last longer in their life than the imprints on the sand would. A mist starts to appear out of no where, just about waist high. The cool breeze sends chills down the spine and goose bumps appear along her arm. You can hear the leafs rustle as they swing back and forth gently in the tree tops. They sat down on a soft blanket and curled up next to each other watching the sky. A shooting star falls from the heavens. As they sat there, holding each other they realized that their wish had already came true. Their love was like a dance, ever step and move is like an emotion that carries them. Starting out slow, finding out ever detail and although the dance seemed the same; he dips her all of a sudden and all the myst
Free Bank Account With No Credit Checks
ok, what's up with all of this Obamba Worship. He's only a man, and being a man, he isn't all powerful. No, he cannot fix the problem in Africa, he doesn't have the power. No, he cannot fix the economy if he imposes all the taxes he wants to impose. No, he cannot just pull all of the troops out of iraq and put them into afghanistan. He doesn't understand anything. Doing that is suicide. Afghanistan is nothing but mountains. you talk about our troops getting killed in the desert? well at least they know where the attack comes from after it happens. In Afghanistan it would be Vietnam all over again Guerilla warfare to the extreme. And if he pulls them out altogether, then what he's doing is showing the world that america is weak and that we give into terrorists who kill, rape, plunder, steal and marry little girls. If he does that then there WILL be another attack like 9/11 and the war might even be fought in OUR country. Pulling out like we did in 'nam is cowardice. It would mean that e
What Sex Is Your Computer?
Ships for many years have been characterized as women ( She's listiing toward starbord Captain or Steady as she goes). Recently a group a computer scientist (all male) announced that computers should also be reffered to as female. Thier reasons for drawing this conclusion are as follows. No one but the creator understands thier logic. the native language they use to communicate with each other is incomprehensible to anyone else. The message "bad command or file name" is as informative as. "if you don't know why I'm mad at you then I'm certainly not going to tell you". Even the smallest mistakes are kept in long term memory for later retrieval. As soon as you make a commitment to one you find yourself spending half your paycheck on accessories for it. However, another group of computer scientist (all female) thinks that computers should be refered to as if they were male. Thier reasons are as follows. They have data but are still clueless. They are supposed to sl
I Have Come To The Conclusion That Love Is Just A Figment Of My.......
IMAGINATION ...... well the reason i say this, is cuz after long and hard thinking, i have decided to say that is is kinda like an illusion... You think it is there and u are jus so happy, but just at the blink of an eye.... ITS GONE .. sometimes it may be jus a one way gone.. meaning u still see it but the other person doesnt.... which in my case seems to be a one sided thing... o well right... LOL .. but anyways.. I have now moved more north and it is cold as hell here... wait hells hott... okay hell frozen over lol.... but neways.. i have started a new life got a job, and lookin for a rent house or apartment.. maybe from this experience i will b alot smarter in the next reltionship if i so choose to try another one, but at this point it is time to take a break from the relationship scene for awhile
My Comps Down /sorry Talk 2 U Soon
to all my club frat friends n members my comps are in the shop 4 repairs 4 09' i get online a gain later in jan, talk to you all sooon, thx 4 tha luv i be rating ya soon again
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? belt 2. Your significant other? well?? 3. Your hair? brown 4. Your mother? arizona 5. Your father? gone 6. Your favorite thing? disney 7. Your dream last night? LasVegas 8. Your favorite drink? rum 9. Your dream/goal? family 10. The room you're in? computer 11. Music? rock 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? retired 14. Where were you last night? Home 15. What you're not? mean 16. Muffins? sure 17. One of your wish list items? travel 18. Where you grew up? NY 19. The last thing you did? phone 20. What are you wearing? jeans 21. TV? absolutely 22. Your pets? computer 23. Your computer? pet 24. Your life? boring 25. Your mood? lonely 26.
Live On Air DJ Outsider Click Above To B.A.R.F.(bling,add,rate,fan) Me. Click Below To Join Me In The Fire Pit. made by Po'Boyz Kreationz, LLC
Alright I suppose its already time to make this post. I am here to make friends, not hook up or get dirty with people. I am a single mom of two and enjoy making new friends. I dont have time for bs or hooking up or whatever you wantto call it.I'm not here often I enjoy relaxing and love my life for what it is. If you don't like that it's YOUR problem not mine.:D that being said have agreat day
The Marine
GENERATIONS OF VALOR We truly take a lot for granted.. Forget the football "heroes" and movie "stars". Pass this on so that all may know the price of freedom. Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier One died for your soul; the other for your freedom.
Contest: Looking For Fu-bucks? Send Me The Codes!
Still Falling
I get butterflies everytime i see him my heart aches when he walks down the hall he's my everything and im his nothing. i gave him my heart. he gave me it back all torn apart i dont understand how this boy could be so perfect i love him to no end though it kills me to see him. he said i was beautiful he said i was perfect he told me that he loved me and i was silly enough to believe him those were all just lies, ways to make me fall and he did a good job because im still falling.
A Tale Of Two Hearts.
Seeking devotion a faded heart can`t seem to find Scorned by loves fiery flame`s leaving lovers blind Wandering this vast world seeking a hint of hope Who will heal their heartbreak and aid them to cope? Two souls haunted by shadows of shattered dreams Lock longing eyes while cleansing ache with gleam Approaching tentatively but with confident strides Fusion of desires and passion attract then collide Embracing love`s promise; gaining wisdom from sorrow Joyful smiles erupt for beyond there`s a new tomorrow Two hearts forgotten the lyrics to love`s sweet melody Now strut with life in their eyes singing for all to see
Feelings 4 Ya
Sometimes wen i look n2 ur eyes its like starrin n2 an unknown gallexy I get lost in ur arms feels like heaven n between them Ur body feels so warm against mines I love it wen u put ur arms around me as were walking in the park The way u take ur hands n brush ma hair away from ma face n kiss ma forhead Holdin ma hand walkin thru da park jus enjoyin each oda Love it wen u lick dem lips baby it drives me crazy I know u nside out We got dat strong connection, like our souls r ment 2 be I feel like im n another world wen im wit u my problems r gone Cant breathe wen ur gone, need ur oxygen n ma system U got me head ova heals fo ya boy!! Da only thing i ask is dat u love me foeva n neva break ma heart!!
Christmas Day.....
Merry christmas Its christmas day We all wish It wasn't this way Not enough presents Too little money So much love Ain't it funny We take things for granted You know its true Please don't fall apart We really need you I'll give you the world That's my present to you Wrapped up in my hand With love as the glue Please always remember I really care for you......
New Buliten
He's Cocky, He is the one the only the Great Dj Bubba. Rockin out with all the greatest tunes on Terror Brothers radio! Come join in on the fun and see what your missing out on!!!
Cindragon Has Auto-11's!!!
GUESS WHO HAS AUTO-11'S? CinDragon!!! Founder of ClubMystic-PegasusProject-FuAngel-I.B.I.C@ fubar SHE HAS THEM RUNNING FROM 3pm FU-TIME, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27!!! THAT'S 5PM CST, AND 6PM EST!! LOTS OF TIME TO GET SOME BIG POINTS AND FUBUCKS!!! PLEASE HELP TO GET HER CLOSER TO PROPHET??? THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY AND ALL HELP!!! SEND PM FOR RETURN RATES!!! CinDragon-Founder of ClubMystic-PegasusProject-FuAngel-I.B.I.C@ fubar FONDLY PIMPED OUT BY THE MEMBERS OF: Club Mystic!@ fubar This html code blatantly stolen from (and slightly altered): Ms. Sassy{Shadow Leveler}@ fubar show her some love as well, she RAWKS!!! THANKS TO SCARLETT FOR MAKING THIS STICKY! Plz show her mad love! Scarlett{Shadow Leveler}{Yeahmon's Angels}@ fubar
I would like to find the one that cares for me as much I care for him. I had though that I had found him but as always it is all about what they want with no regard to anyone else. I wish that he would have done the one thing that I had asked but I guess that was just to much for him. 20 minutes was to much. I have gotten use to disappointment but this is getting to be to much. I am hoping that it will all get better but I just don't see it. I just wanted to come first every now and again. I don't see that happening but I will be ok. What good is life or being with someone if they don't make you happy anymore? I am not saying that everything is bad just that I wish that he could show me that I matter to him. I miss the kids and I can not wait for them to get home.Well good luck to you all who are looking to be happy.
I Don't Wanna Be Second Choice
As the new year approaches, I'm setting my sights on what I want outta the new year. And I want a man who looks and me, and goes, I've waited my whole life for you. Not tryin to be cheesy or anything, but being absolutely truthful. I want to be someone's ideal, not what they look at and go, "you're not my usual type, but we'll give it a try". I want a man who doesn't want to change anything about me, and can accept all of me, the good and the bad. I want someone who appreciates that I have had children, and will never achieve the "perfect" body. I want someone who gets my sense of humor, and can share in my silly little jokes. I'm tired of being someone's second best. I want to be their first choice. And have them be mine as well. I want to be able to look in their eyes and see our futures, and not have to worry. I know that love and life are a risk. I've already had my heart broken and broken a few myself. I need someone who can respect my need for independence, yet at th
Music And Philosiphy
All studies start in philosophy, till they mature into their own discipline. However they are still a philosophy of a specified semantic. Even this song is a general semantic about evolution and the desire to change from what we are now. This is a very basic philosophical concept that has been with us for thousands of years. We grow...
Come To The All New Dances With Fire Bar And Grill
Naughty Game
Naughty Application NAUGHTY GAME Mark ALL that apply Would you kiss me? [ ] Hell Yea [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe [ ] already did(hehe) Would you do me? [ ] In an instant! [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Maybe [ ] you look to sweet to fuck [ ] already did Am I attractive? [ ] Heck no [ ] hot as Hell [ ] Fine [ ] Cute [ ] Okay I think ur pretty [ ] Sexy [ ] Ugly! Do you think im a virgin? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Don't know Name one thing you would like to do to me... 1.) 3 things you would like to know about me? 1.) 2.) 3.) If you saw me for the first time would you talk to me? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] maybe Would you rather.. [ ] Hook up with me [ ] Cuddle with me [ ] Date me [ ] Marry me [ ] Friends [ ] Do me What kind of underwear are you wearing right now? [ ] boxers [ ] whitie tighties [ ] thongs [ ] g-string [ ] granny panties [ ] boy shorts [ ] none What's ur favorite position? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), rate m
My Life Part 1
To start with, if you think this is about you, and only you. Get over yourself. This is about how I feel at this point in my life! Reflections from the past as well as thoughts from the present. This blog covers several years and will probably not make sense to many people. It will I am sure slap some right in the face. This is not my intention. I just feel the need to write this as it come to mind. My life from the start According to my birth certificate I was born December 8Th 1957. And was the third child. I wonder why I grew up as an only child? I wonder why I was told at a very young age that my mother gave me up for adoption, yet the mothers name on my birth certificate was the same as the one that told me that? Did I misunderstand being as young as I was? Or was I mislead for some reason? None of that really matters at this point. I can not help but wonder though, how much that information had to do with the way I look at the world now? I remember as a small child go
Im Sorry
i am sorry for the guys that try to talk to me in the shout box but when you have 5 or 6 talking at once you might as well hang it up i want you all to know i am catching up on rates so be understanding please i have a special needs daughter that i take care of so im might be at the computer and i might not but i will get back with you as soon as i can,if i havnt rated you yet please tell me so i can ty and you all are awsome
Free Bling!!
All ya gotta do is downrate me. I'm cool with it - Apparently -another fu-member was offering bling to peeps who would. Let me know if you want more details.
Grasping At Straws
not exactly sure what to title this little diddy I am about to write. I am trying not to curse. I went to the movies today to see The Wrestler. It was one of these lower budget movies. It was a really good, I was more impressed than I thought. Made me thinking about myself a lot. Not because I am a wrestler lol. Jeez louise. Nah I was just grasping with the notion of dying alone. So busy with my one trick pony that I don't find that happiness everybody wants and needs. Now I may be grasping at straws when I speak of some epic Oliver Story love saga. When reality tells me that the majority of relationships are messed up. I've yet to find anything potentially soluble w/o finding a weak link. Such as the girl being lazy, not talking, or just not interested in me. Its plain a waste of time to put in the effort when its not going anywhere. I wanted to vent on a few friends of mine but again I think I was grasping at straws. I honestly don't believe anybody wants to h
One Word Answer
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. 1. Where is your cell phone? Bag 2. Your significant other? Away 3. Your hair? Long 5. Your father? Dead 6. Your favorite thing? Love 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? water 9. Your dream/goal? elusive 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? catchy 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? comfortable 14. Where were you last night? bed 15. What you're not? satisfied 16. Muffins? yum 17. One of your wish list items? Beemer 18. Where you grew up? NY 19. The last thing you did? typed 20. What are you wearing? bottoms 21. TV? no 22. Your pets? cats 23. Your computer? Apple 24. Your life? rough 25. Your mood? calm 26. Missing someone? YES 27. Favorite Store? H&M 30. Your summer? interesting 31. Like someone? yes 32. Your favorite color? purple 33. When is the last time you laughed? weeks 34. Last time you cried? Thursday
Lustful Longing
Tell me what I'd have to change. Who would I have to be To slip into your arms; for you to make sweet love to me. Must I climb the highest cliff; swim along the ocean floor Crawl over broken glass - would you demand that I do more? Could you take me as I am, with my issues and my flaws Pull me to your chest without a hesitation or a pause? Slide your hungry tongue between my parted lips. Run your anxious fingers along my quivering hips. Wrap me in your passion, expose your every need. Press your steamy lips to mine, every secret freed. Sprinkle your tears across my cheek, confess every desire Moan my name, call me yours, and set my soul on fire. Need me more with every breath that slips into your chest, Please me nightly, miss me daily, never compare me with the rest. Grip my wrists; look in my eyes, and say the words I long to hear Kiss me roughly, and weep my name, forever hold me dear. Do I ask for wishes that could never quite come true? Is my sin, my greatest faul
*giggles* Im So Creative!
Anal, I know you like it I know you do Thats why whenever i come around Im on my knees waiting for you And i know you want it It's easy to see And in the back of your mind You know you just want to stick it in me dontcha wish your girlfriend could take cock like me i can take it hard, fast, and deep as can be Dontcha, Dontcha? Dontcha wish your girlfriend could take it as long as me? Dontcha wish your girlfriend could make you cum like you did with me Dontcha, Dontcha? You can't fight the memories You can't leave them alone Cause its something you love, and shes just not woman enough She can't give your dick a totally satisfied home Lets keep it dirty
My Lie Part 6
Me and The Bandidos Motorcycle Club I was invited to attend one of the National runs I found this to be a great honor and I gladly accepted. I got to see a lot that some only dream of. I was able to talk with 30 plus year members and even one member. Who was in a Military club much like I was before he became a Bandido. I seen prospects working their asses off to get what they wanted. None of them were just sitting around shooting the shit. This impressed me. This looked like exactly what I was looking for. I was asked and I accepted the opportunity to Prospect for the Bandidos. I was then and am now Proud to have done it. I worked my ass off. Rode more in a month than some do all year. I learned club history, was told stories of things funny and not so funny. I earned the privilege to be called a Bandido I have earned my One Percenter Diamond and will defend my club and my brothers to the death if need be. I am now again more than just another person. I am a One Percenter!
Dedicated To A Special Someone
Protect Me By Holly (AKA Ria) As the fire shall rise and engulf all so shall the water to extinguish what has now become the norm Shall even the slightest bit of hatred fan the flame and my love protect you from the pity that will come for you are not only my friend but you are your own worst enemy. My heart has seen the last of its kind strong yet so vulnerable. Life from here on forward shall be know to you as disposable will it not? The test, difficult at times, will reveal all that will become and the studious pupil will revolt from what she had only known. Breath in deep and relinquish on to me the weight of witch you carry let me help you hold the burden that has fallen upon your shoulders and please listen for the selected words of comfort slipping carefully from my lips for they are not spoken in a futile effort but one of sincerity. Fear not the future for the torture it holds should over whelm you if you do. And your body, it shall ache f
Christmas Is Officially Over!
The minute my in-laws stepped out my front door and said good bye, the decorations were in the box, the tree was down and I bid the whole damn holiday fucking adieu! I was done! We had our time, opened presents, the kids were happy and all was said and done. I couldn't take a minute more. Anymore, if I am not with my own family...this holiday is all for my girls and that's it. I want so much for them to be happy that I endure countless hours of forced nicety because I know, in the end, that is the only reason my in-laws step one foot into my home...and that is to be with my girls and their son...that's it. I was so proud of myself. My perseverance was relentless until the only moment I lost control. I felt it relevant, in this one moment, to stick up for my lonely self... We were in the truck traveling to my dear friend's house for Christmas was snowing relentlessly! In order to accommodate the entire family in the vehicle I chose to sit in the middle
Life Took A Twisted Turn...sad!!!
ok i only have a quick minute to write this, my roomy and i got into a bit of a scuffle and due to the fact that the pc i'm using is his i wont be able to be round aas much,he i guess i jealous, says i take this site and my friends and famliy here too seriously for ppl that arent real and that i'll never meet!!! whatever!!!!sorry he has chosen to drink his self into a life of lonilness, not my fault, but until i can get one of my towers up and online i will have limited access to be here, not sure i quite understand why this happeneing at this point but i choose to believe that at some time i will understans and until then i must just keep the faith!!! i will be able to be here weekdayz , maybe, but only bmaybe on weekday nights, and not on weekends at all, so looks like things will take a lil longer to get going thanx alott phil,(roomy's name) HOPE YOU ALL CAN UNDERSTAND AND BARE WITH ME AT THIS TIME!!!! WISHING ALL OF YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR, IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENS BEWTEEN NOW
What Is Behind My Latest Pics
Recently I have taken to using PhotoShop on pics using models bodies and my face or some of you might see this as cheating or lying or whatever...However I do not claim those are me and I always add in the caption that it is PhotoShop or to see my REAL pics...I spend what little time I am actually on here checking out people and seeing who is real...I only do these pics to prove a point...I make them for friends as well but they never use them to mislead or I would not make them anymore...I mostly do it for Holidays...Anyhow...if you wanna see real fakes then you need to go to JohnnyDevil's page and read his blogs and look thru his albums...he is quite the detective and can spot fakes like no other...I simply adore him!!! I cannot stand the peeple on here that use fake pics or NSFW pics to gain something from fellow members rather than pay for it themselves...I also HATE those women on here that cannot get it thru their heads that when a guy is in a relationship that means b
What Type Of Writer Should You Be?
You Should Be a Film Writer You don't just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind. You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life. Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling. And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen! What Type of Writer Should You Be?
What Sort Of Artist Should You Be?
You Should Be an Actor You have a flair for the dramatic, and you probably already do a lot of acting in your day to day life, just to entertain yourself. No need to steal the spotlight from your friends... You'll get plenty of attention once you start acting professionally! What Sort of Artist Should You Be?
Got Stuck In Mel's World
You are Conscientious, Neurotic and Open Extroversion: You have low extroversion. You are quiet and reserved in most social situations. A low key, laid back lifestyle is important to you. You tend to bond slowly, over time, with one or two people. Conscientiousness: You have medium conscientiousness. You're generally good at balancing work and play. When you need to buckle down, you can usually get tasks done. But you've been known to goof off when you know you can get away with it. Agreeableness: You have low agreeableness. Your self interest comes first, and others come later, if at all. In general, you feel that people are not to be trusted. And you're skeptical that anyone else really feels differently. Neuroticism: You have high neuroticism. It's easy for you to feel shaken, worried, or depressed. You often worry, and your worries prevent you from living life fully. You tend to be emotionally reactive and moody. Your either flying very hi
Radios In Heaven~plain White T's
Your time has already come and I don't know why. The last thing that I had heard you were doin' just fine. It seems like just yesterday I was laughing with you, Playing games at Grandma's house. Well you taught me well, didn't you? I hope I'm just like you. And do they have radios in heaven? I hope they do. 'Cause they're playing my song on the radio And I'm singing it to you, I'm singing it to you, you, you, you. You left before I had a chance to say goodbye. But that's the way life usually is, it just passes you by. But you can't hold on to regrets and you can't look back. So I'll just be thankful for the times that I had with you. I hope I'm just like you. Well, do they have radios in heaven? I hope they do. 'Cause they're playing my song on the radio And I'm singing it to you. I'm singing it to you. If they don't have radios in heaven Well here's what I'll do: I can bring my guitar when my time is up and I'll play it for you. I'll play it for you you
Sleepless Night~
I was dreaming... I was standing in the corner of my room, deep in the shadows, watching myself sleep. My corner self was breathing very heavy. I wanted the me in the bed to wake up. This was weird, I knew it was weird, but the me in bed was sleeping soundly. I wanted to scream but I could not. I wanted to run from the corner and jump back into the me in bed, but I couldnt move. I was starting to panic, my heart was beating hard and fast. I couldnt believe that the me in bed wasnt tossing and turning from this...this, to me, nightmare. Then a thought came to me that sent chills through my whole body, I must be dead. Then I saw her enter the room, and go to the bed. She pulled back the covers and ran her hand softly over, well, my face. I mean that was me in that bed wasnt it? Bree, wake up, I am losing my mind in this dream, I cant take it anymore. I dont know this woman, I have never seen her before. She ran her hands down to my breast, rubbing my nipples as I stood
The Guy In The Glass
When you get what you want in your struggle for pelf, And the world makes you King for a day, Then go to the mirror and look at yourself, And see what that guy has to say. For it isn't your Father, or Mother, or Wife, Who judgement upon you must pass. The feller whose verdict counts most in your life Is the guy staring back from the glass. He's the feller to please, never mind all the rest, For he's with you clear up to the end, And you've passed your most dangerous, difficult test If the guy in the glass is your friend. You may be like Jack Horner and "chisel" a plum, And think you're a wonderful guy, But the man in the glass says you're only a bum If you can't look him straight in the eye. You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years, And get pats on the back as you pass, But your final reward will be heartaches and tears If you've cheated the guy in the glass. -------------------------------------- No typos, this is as originally penned by Dale Wimbrow
Made by my friends and fam . 12/27/08 Thank you all so very much.
The Best Of Intentions
I had big plans for our future Said I'd give you the whole world somehow I tried making good on that promise Thought I'd be so much further by now Never could build you a castle Even though you're the queen of my heart But I've had the best of intentions from the start Now some people think I'm a loser Cause I seldom get things right But you make me feel like a winner When you wrap me in your arms so tight Please tell me you will remember No matter how much I do wrong That I had the best of intentions all along I'd give you a ring and I promised you things I always thought we'd do But my best laid plan slipped right through my hands To show my love for you And if you could read my heart Then you'd know without exception It was all with the best of intentions I gave you a ring and I promised you things I always thought we'd do But my best laid plan slipped right through my hands To show my love for you And if you could read my heart Then you'd know withou
I Can Save The World
Once again, America is all screwed up. And once again, I am here to solve all the country's problems. Ho-hum, sigh and all that. Before we begin, let's take a look at the 3 biggest problems facing the American voting public here in 2008. The list is short and important. The Iraq War (it's still going on). The economy (it sucks). Rising gas prices (they just keep on rising). Many people will argue that the war in Iraq is helping rid the world of terrorists. Still others will argue that the war in Iraq is actually creating more terrorists. And there are also those few who believe that we need the terrorists to keep job security for the CIA. It's all a confusing mess. But I think I know how to solve it. Two words: amusement parks. Everybody loves amusement parks!!! If we were to turn the country of Iraq into a giant amusement park, I believe that the Sunnis and Shiites would wander around their country peacefully, happily, and maybe with a little cotton candy stuck to th
Auto's On
The Good Die Young
No matter whenever. No matter wherever. We're meeting again be it heaven or hell, an alien ship, purgatory or somewhere outside of this world full of shit where we dwell. I cannot believe that I never will see you and hope it's a lie. We'll find out when I die. You went before me but I followed behind you. Don't know if I'll find you but I promise to try
My 122808 Kiss Fortune
Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still. --- You may feel things shifting and changing but with an optimistic outlook, the potential for a great love expands each day.
Rising Glare
Flagging Pics
What the hell is up with the idiots on here flagging pics that have been up for a while. Give your opinion and if you are one of those haters well screw you and go else where if you don't like the pics.
My Real Husband And I
Its my first auto 11'S me and my real husband have them on hes only member in my family and only fan. Anyone can rate us.This is great this auto 11!My husband used to be level25 without them it took him 47 happy hours and a year to get there.It was hard and he was a trainee bouncer when there wasn't training lol.We had several lounges me and husband and he was dj of loads.Does anyone remember the candy lounge?Thanks all for reading.
I'm Yours
(Everyone who knows me knows I am a "rocker" or "metal-head". But now and then, I hear something that perfectly describes the way I feel. I will not call her out by name, but she knows who she is! This one's for you, love!) ================================================================================================== Im Yours - Jason Mraz Well you done done me and you bet I felt it, I tried to be chill but youre so hot that I melted. I fell right through the cracks, and now Im trying to get back. Before the cool done run out, Ill be giving it my bestest. Nothings going to stop me but divine intervention, I reckon its again my turn, to win some or learn some. I wont hesitate no more, no more, It cannot wait, Im yours. Well open up your mind and see like me, Open up your plans and damn youre free. Look into your heart and youll find love love love. Listen to the music of the moment maybe sing with me. A l peaceful melody. Its your God-forsake
Illegitimi Non Carborundum
this is a latin mock aphorism for "Don't let the bastards grind(or get ) you down". According to Wikipedia this is incorrect latin for the phrase intended. The correct Latin is "Noli nothis permittere te terere". Either way, on this day my 40th birthday which concludes 4 decades or more correctly starts my 4th decade is appropriate for reasons too lenghty to get in to. That said, 2008 is nearly over, 2009 has great promise, if for nothing else, it is in front of me and 1968 through 2008 is behind me. Great things await and I look forward to every experience, good or bad that will shape year 41 and make me better than the prior 40 years. It's cool to be 40!..
She's amazing, generous & beautiful!! An amazing friend & if she's not on your list, You are seriously missing out!! Michaela daydreams ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ brought to you by Unbreakable Please repost!!
Merry Christmas And Happy New Year
Hi all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Luv Tara
Exploring Fubar Homepages
Opon arriving here at fubar a few weeks ago I thought I had discovered Babylon, the party capitol of cyberspace. And it is that to be sure, but fubar is much more then just that, it has become a gathering place for artistic people, and where you can find gentle hearts and establish friendships with people of quality. Art is everywhere. At least on the girls homepages (sorry guys - did not check u out). Photographic art, and things like dragons, angels, animals of all kinds, etc. Everyone sharing their special interests. Lots of creative things to enjoy on those homepages. And homepages decorated with mythological, enchanted, and magical things. Also I am a fan of the Native American culture and that is popular here at Fubar. Humor is abundant here at Fubar - funny signs and all the Disney type cartoon superstars. And the music - hey the best DJs are here and they put those on the AM/FM stations too shame. So I started to collect homepages... a good hobby. If I f
I never thought that in all my travels that I would have ever ended up in Iraq. Since being here, I have got to meet some of the Iraqi people that want to change their country. They often talk about what it would be like to visit American and visit places that they have read about in books or seen on tv. They often ask me about my family and where I live back in the States. Sometimes it is hard to tell them about yourself and your family, cause you really do not know if you can or should trust them. But in telling them, I am trusting them. Should I do it, I do not know. The guys that I am stationed with say(and think) that I should lie to them a little, so that they do not know to much about me. But I thought we were here to change their minds and give them a reason to trust us. I want them not to view us as soldiers only, but as there friends too.
Wake Up By Coheed & Cambria
I'm gonna ride this plane Out of your life again I wish that I could stay But you argued More than this I wish You could have seen my face In backseat staring out Of the window I'll do anything for you Kill anyone for you So leave yourself intact Because I will be coming back In the phrase to cut these lips I love you The morning will come In the press of every kiss With your head upon my chest Where I will annoy you With every waking breath Until you... Decide to wake up I've earned through hope and faith And the curves around your face That I'm the one you'll hold Forever If morning never comes For either one of us Then this I pray to you... Wherever I'll do anything for you This story is for you (Because) I'd do anything for you (anything you want me to do for you) Kill anyone for you So leave yourself intact Because I won't be coming back In a phrase to cut these lips I loved you The morning will come In the press of every kiss Wit
My Feelings
Written at 1:38 am on December 30, 2008 Why does it have to be this way... Like there are walls all around me No one can break through them My pain, no one can see I built these walls A long time ago Never to let hurt in Why are the walls there? So many people ask.... I really don't know I blame it on my past But is that true The real reason why I may never get an answer Until the day I die Will I die ALONE? It seems to be that way I'll never find happiness Sadness every day Some days I seem happy Or is it a false facade Put on a happy face for all to see Make it look not odd I have been to counseling, tried to talk about my feelings Never know where to start Not a thought that brings So I start back at square one With no answers at all I live a hopeless, helpless life Deeper, more depressed I fall Where will I find the answers, When will I live to be happy These are some of the questions That are asked of me The answers are
I always tried to touch the lives of the people I meet in my life. Either if it is by the words that I speak or the actions I take. I will sacrifice my own happiness for the ones that I love and care about. There are days that I feel like I have the world on my shoulders. My family thinks that carrying that burden is bad for my health. But you carry that burden for the ones you love. If you really want to make a difference in that person's life, there are going to be times that you will have to sacrifice your happiness so that they can be truly happy. I want to be that person and I choose to be that person always.
Friendship Defined
1. When you are sad --I will jump on the person who made you sad like a spider monkey jacked up on Mountain Dew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2. When you are blue -- I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. 3. When you smile -- I will know you are plotting something that I must be involved in. 4. When you're scared -- we will high tail it out of here. 5. When you are worried -- I will tell you horrible stories about how much worse it could be until you quit whining, ya big baby!!!! 6. When you are confused -- I will use little words. 7. When you are sick --Stay away from me until you are well again. I don't want whatever you have. 8. When you fall -- I'll pick you up and dust you off-- After I laugh my butt off!! 9. This is my oath...I pledge it to the end. 'Why?' you may ask -- because you are my FRIEND!
My Words For Lounge
come and can u check out the lounge call The Ride The Lightning Lounge Featureing XXXtreme Full Throttle Radio (HIREING ALL STAFF if like please join if u want to be staff u can alway shout box me too. Sincerely, kisses
English Rose
My name is Mike Taunton, and I have lived here in Kenton my whole life. I am a deputy in the local police force. I have been a cop since I graduated the local college 8 years ago. I am 29 years old and still single, which really annoys my mother. She was hoping for Grandkids by now. I mean dont get me wrong, I have had plenty of girlfriends in my time, just not found anyone I would want to spend the rest of my life with yet. But that was all about to change.. Her name is Amelia, and she is a stranger to the town. You would know she was new here even if you hadnt just seen her get off the 5.20 Greyhound bus. She looks bewildered and lost, standing as she is: all alone, eyes moving constantly from one thing to another, never seeming to settle in one place for more than a few seconds. She draws a lot of attention within the bus station, not because she is new here, but because of how she looks. She is five feet tall, with long wavy golden hair swept back from her face. It fall
Beer Vs Vagina
BEER VS. VAGINA 1.Beer is always wet. Vagina needs a little work. One point to BEER 2.Warm beer tastes awful. One point to VAGINA 3.A really cold beer is satisfying. One point to BEER 4.If after taking a swig of your favourite beer you find a hair between your teeth, you may vomit. One point to VAGINA 5. If you get home reeking of beer your wife may get mad, make a scene, kick you out, etc. If you get home reeking of vagina your wife may get mad, kick you out, even leave you. There's definitely a point to be had here, depending on your point of view and personal circumstances. I'll just call it a DRAW for the time being. 6. Ten beers in one night and you can't drive home. Ten vaginas in one night and you don't want to drive anywhere. One point to VAGINA 7. If you have a lot of beer in a public place, your reputation may suffer. If you eat any vagina in public, you become a legend. One point to VAGINA 8. If a cop stops you and you smell of beer you may ge
It seems to me that much of human behavior is driven by insecurity and fear. I wonder if people started feeling good about themselves if they would be more prone to treating others with respect? There is a book called The Four Agreements, and the first agreement is to use your word "impeccably". This simply means not to use words for destructive purposes such as lying or insulting largely based on the premise that words have power unto themselves and when you send them out they have an impact beyond just that moment. I'm not sure if I believe that exactly, but I do believe that words can make the world a better place, or a worse one. It seems many times people choose the power of their words to inflict pain, and I wonder what it is they get out of it. Does it take away their own pain? I rather doubt it... so what is the gain? The only thing I can assume is that it provides a false sense of superiority, if only for a moment.
Hitting The Road
I am thinking of taking a trip to NYC tomorrow and/or Friday. Aside from the usual "touristy" things... anyone know of, heard of, or could recommend something fun to do that's a little off the beaten path?
This Is Why...
I'm going to hell. "We'll you we're with me before my grandpa was barbecued."
Stress . . . . & a Glass of Water A lecturer, when explaining stress management to an audience, raised a glass of water and asked, "How heavy is this glass of water?" Answers called out ranged from 20g. to 500g. The lecturer replied, "The absolute weight doesn't matter. It depends on how long you try to hold it. If I hold it for a minute, that's not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my right arm. If I hold it for a day, you'll have to call an ambulance. In each case it's the same weight, but the longer I hold it, the heavier it becomes." He continued, "And that's the way it is with stress management. If we carry our burdens all the time, sooner or later, as the burden becomes increasingly heavy,we won't be able to carry on." "As with the glass of water,you have to put it down for a while and rest before holding it again. When we're refreshed, we can carry on with the burden." "So, before you return home tonight, put t
Leveling A Awesume Friend
Please help me Level A Super Sweet True~n~Honest Lady I call MY Friend 4 Life~ Tiny 25 To Life , Kingdom of Rogue's, N Club United@ fubar She's In need Of Sum Help To Level AND I'm Asking U ALL to Please help her out as much as you can~ Thanx Alot Ur Friend Always,Hippie (michael)
Thank You
I want to give everyone a special thank you for all the love and holiday greetings but with the connection I have right now, it's impossible...I'm hoping to be back online by the end of next week weeeeeeeeeee...Love you all...Happy New Year!!!!
Come Check Us Out We Don't Bit Hard
click on picture
Super Hawt
So I stumbled on this yesterday, don't ask how I found it... This probably is more for the guys out there, and EXTREMELY NSFW, btw. Just a fair warning, lol. I watched this with the volume down so I don't know what it sounds like, but the visual is great! ;)
Movies, Movies, Movies!
i need movie ideas! please pretty please with sugar on top
Had To Do It... [stolen From Radioxshow]
Your result for The Commonly Confused Words Test... English GeniusYou scored 100% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 100% Advanced, and 80% Expert! You did so extremely well, even I can't find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that most people don't. You have an extensive vocabulary, and you're not afraid to use it properly! Way to go! Thank you so much for taking my test. I hope you enjoyed it! For the complete Answer Key, visit my blog: Take The Commonly Confused Words Test at HelloQuizzy
Help A Lady Out In A Rate Contest Starting Tueday Night At Midnight Till The 31th Midnight Fubar Time! Just One Rate!
The Enneagram Made Easy
Your result for The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test...9 - the PeacemakerThanks for taking the test ! you chose BX - your Enneagram type is NINE (aka "The Mediator") "I am at peace" Peacemakers are receptive, good-natured, and supportive. They seek union with others and the world around them. How to Get Along with Me If you want me to do something, how you ask is important. I especially don't like expectations or pressure. I like to listen and to be of service, but don't take advantage of this. Listen until I finish speaking, even though I meander a bit. Give me time to finish things and make decisions. It's OK to nudge me gently and nonjudgmentally. Ask me questions to help me get clear. Tell me when you like how I look. I'm not averse to flattery. Hug me, show physical affection. It opens me up to my feelings. I like a good discussion but not a confrontation. Let me know you like what I've done or said. Laugh with me and s
Boyfriend Application
Okay sooo here it is.... the boyfriend application! lol JUST for fun but interesting to see who cares enough to answer and be REAL with me: BASICS: Name: Age: Location: Height: Hair (color and style): Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: Phone Number: OTHER: 1. Do you drink/smoke? 2. Do you like the rain? 4. If so...would you play in it with me? 5. Do you like movies? 6. If so would you stay up and watch them with me all night? 8. Could we cuddle and just fall asleep together? 9. Would you kiss my neck? 10. Do you play any sports? 11. If so...what? 12. Would you call me right after we saw eachother? 13. How would you rate your kisses from 1-10? 14. Favorite body part on you? 15. What would you say is the best thing about yourself? 16. Do you have any reps (ie: heartbreaker, prick)? 17. Would you give me a kiss just because? 18. Would u sleep in the same bed as me? 19. Would u take me home to meet your parents? 20. Would u have s
Uncle Paul
"Hello?" "Hi honey this is Daddy. Is Mommy near the phone?" "No Daddy. She's upstairs in the bedroom with Uncle Paul." After a brief pause, Daddy says, "But honey, you haven't got an Uncle Paul." "Oh yes I do, and he's upstairs in the room with Mommy, right now." Brief Pause. "Uh, okay then, this is what I want you to do. Put the phone down on the table, run upstairs and knock on the bedroom door and shout to Mommy that Daddy's car just pulled into the driveway." "Okay Daddy, just a minute." A few minutes later the little girl comes back to the phone. "I did it Daddy." "And what happened honey?" he asked. "Well, Mommy got all scared,jumped out of bed with no clothes on and ran around screaming.Then she tripped over the rug, hit her head on the dresser and now she isn't moving at all!" "Oh my God!!! What about your Uncle Paul?" "He jumped out of the bed with no clothes on, too. He was all scared and he jumped out of the back window and into the swimming pool. But I guess he
Mmmmm Karl Wolf
Completely Enthralled!!!!!! Just WOW :o
A Poem For You
I think of no one else for there is only you your smile quickly melts me what am i to do i worry and i fret when you are not near the thought of you hurt is my greatest fear i send you kisses at night where ever you may be i ask my guardian angel to protect you, instead of me i can not pretend or lie anymore no longer can my feelings hide closed behind a door in my eyes you're perfect there's no wrong that you can do for i finally realize that I'm in love with you
Neighbor Kids...
My new neighborhood offers a plethora of snotty nosed school aged children eager to play, cohort and otherwise mangle our newly paved streets with their toys, bikes, and underdeveloped voice boxes that seem to utter the highest of all high levels of screams imaginable. Children, these days,I notice all too much; scream at the drop of a hat. They scream in excitement, fun, anger, joy, fear and sometimes just to hear the sound of their voice. It's an annoying trait in anyone, let alone my own children. I've promptly warned my girls to never scream, unless, of course, they are on fire, in danger, or dying. Otherwise, a low groan is appropriate and even a genuine smile. I'm not THAT much of a kill joy! I was always on the assumption, especially growing up, that the less noise you make, the less noticeable you are, which equates to "the less likely you'll get in trouble." Maybe this "playground etiquette" is just outdated...or maybe, parents aren't taking the time to tea
Target Orientation
I got hired on December Twenty-First, 2008 as a Sales Associate Team Member for Softlines. Today [122908] was my orientation and it was from 10am - 330pm. That was the longest orientation I had in my freaking life! Anyways, I'll be working full time there and quiting my other job. I'll also be getting paid $10/hour which is actually much better for me. I was only getting paid $8/hour at my present job. Anyways, I am so excited, we don't have a Target here in Hawaii and it's been talked about for eight years about how they will soon be here. Well, the 8th year is here and they have came which is good since it's just getting so hard to find a good job. It's hard for me because of my son, the babysitter, my mother, etc. Anyways, I am extremely excited and can't wait to start my official [011509] date of work! Target won't be opening until March, but I am starting early to help set up the floor. So yeah, hehe, can't wait!!!
Wuts The Diff
Tutorial: How To Be A Cunning Linguist
1) Be Down Don’t go down unless you’re down. Unlike fellatio, cunnilingus can never be done as a favor. Doing it when you don’t want to will only bring on the dry heaves. Eat like a pig at the trough and a lot of stupid mistakes get forgiven. 2) Don’t Say Hi to Dry A dry pussy is an unhappy pussy. If your fingers graze a dry bush, go back to the kissing and hugging for awhile. Just make sure you actually dip your finger between the lips. Sometimes moisture gets trapped between the labia and a little fingerial coaxing is all that’s needed to get the honey dripping. Once you’re sure the beaver is wet, give it a few light, teasing strokes with your finger. There’s nothing worse than rushing into this, so make sure she’s really begging for it before you get under the covers. Extra tip: Be like Prince and bring up a wet finger that both of you can share like a 1950s milkshake with two straws. Important: Don’t play your trump card too
Day At The Office
the job Current mood: contemplative Category: Writing and Poetry He drives to work day in and day out. While he's on his way to his job his mind is racing with thoughts of what if. Walking in things seem different today the air is thick and heavy you could almost cut it with a butter knife. 3 hours later the tension is bout to explode he removes himself out of his current location and into a safe location his instincts are telling him to get out. 10 minutes later it happens it kicks off. They are going crazy yet he maintains his cool. This is HIS building and these guys are NOT getting out. What is this man you ask, well he's a correctional officer NOT a prison guard. Yes thats what most people know him as but he's a proffesional. They are getting worse the middle wing is on fire and they are trying to break the glass on the emergency exit. Calmly he gets back on the radio J-3 to radio picket. Radio picket comes back Radio picket go ahead J-3. He keys up and calmly says rad
Only A Redneck Would Do This!!!
Roping A Deer (Names have been removed to protect the Stupid! ) I had this idea that I was going to rope a deer, put it in a stall, feed it up on corn for a couple of weeks, then kill it and eat it. The first step in this adventure was getting a deer. I figured that, since they congregate at my cattle feeder and do not seem to have much fear of me when we are there (a old one will sometimes come right up and sniff at the bags of feed while I am in the back of the truck not 4 feet away), it should not be difficult to rope one, get up to it and toss a bag over its head (to calm it down) then hog tie it and transport it home. I filled the cattle feeder then hid down at the end with my rope. The cattle, having seen the roping thing before, stayed well back. They were not having any of it. After about 20 minutes, my deer showed up -- 3 of them. I picked out a likely looking one, stepped out from the end of the feeder, and threw.. my rope. The deer just
Modeling Shoot
So, I have a modeling shoot comming up a week from today. I'm excited. Its for valentines photos and my usual, nudes. I will post here what I can.
Just One Rate Needed Plz
Ok Its Not That Often I Ask For Any Help But I Have Entered A Contest For Rates Only So Please Could You Spare Minute And Give Me One Rate Please Just Click The Picture Below While Your There Please Rate Fan & Add Host This Bullentin Was Bought To You By TRǥ {hw Lvlr} RMֆR @ MR {/w j W ߥ GHLLŖR@ fubar
Johnny Devil Aka Devils Playthings Aka Nurse Uses Greasemonkey
Please Rate This Pic For Me, For My Friend Patti
All she needs to 100 pic rates by tonight, please click on the pic below and rate for me, only take a sec of ur time, ty in advance to all who rates :)
Happy Holidays! I just wanted to post my thoughts to all the people I've met here and the friends I have made. It has been a rather rough year for me: first getting layed off due to the economy and still job hunting, then the death of my cat, then my brother dying in December...not a great year. I do hope 2009 brings much more happiness...perhaps getting to meet some of you in person! and a new job! lol. I can't afford to be "prematurely retired" if I don't have the money to enjoy it! It will be a new year soon, a new beginning again...with the economy the way it is and our uncertain government, let's hope we can all prosper and get ahead. I already have the treasures of friends found here. You all know who you are! Christmas Blessings to you...and for all of us, a Very Happy New YEar ahead! Lee in Texas
Ok this is wierd i was called a loser cuase I didn't get naked for a stranger. lol, How funny. But then i started thinking. Does everyone have naked pics of themselves on this site. Just a thought. Was Wowed that he thought i was just gonna show him my goods So he can wack it an i can't. Let me know if you think i am a prude.or am i just being me.
Vanilla This is in her beating heart, she dreams in shaded nightfall; the gears grind to a halt. She smears the ground with kosher salt, because she knows she knows it all. This is in her beating heart. With vanilla tongue, she rips apart each man that comes to call. The gears grind to a halt. Watching from an upstairs room, waiting to play the part, this eager bride-to-be becomes something that will appall. This is in her beating heart. Life will end, but will not start and she feels this just behind the wall. The gears grind to a halt. With all her plans, red-handed, caught she bows to his resolve: This is in her beating heart; the gears grid to a halt.
Hurt Me Again
I dont know why I even try To love you. I dont know why I let you lie Over and over. I sit and cry Every night To be with you. But you dont care And its so not fair How much I just want to hate you. I used to feel That love was real And that I found it with you. But now I see That fool was me Because I was just stupid. You never really cared You were never really there And now Im alone like I should be. I wont try again I want the hurt to end And I cant take another heartbreak.
Another Poem
for some reason i have a thing for writing dark and depressing poems. hmm but oh well heres another one... The sweet innocence of pain running in my veins causing me to weep to every pound it sends to my heart able to feel nothing, having blindness soon to be lost in darkness for life reaching out to find a hand but only to feel the dark coldness of the damned knowing that i have nothing left of the human soul only to turn my back and sleep to forget te unquestioed belief of mankind there is no god or human that could save a lost as i screaming as these demonic terrors clasp me throat laying on my death bed of graves that soon take my flesh and bones
Gotta Be Somebody
This time, I wonder what it feels like To find the one in this life, the one we all dream of But dreams just aren't enough So I'll be waiting for the real thing, I'll know it by the feeling The moment when we're meeting, will play out like a scene Straight off the silver screen So I'll be holding my own breath, right up 'til the end Until that moment when, I find the one that I'll spend forever with Cause nobody wants to be the last one there Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares Someone to love with my life in their hands There's gotta be somebody for me like that Cause nobody wants to do it on their own And everyone wants to know they're not alone There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere There's gotta be somebody for me out there Tonight, out on the street, out in the moonlight And dammit this feels too right, it's just like deja vu Me standing here with you So I'll be holding my own breath, could this be the end Is it that moment when, I
Two As One I am the sand, You are the sea. All of your love Washes over me... I am the moon, You are the sun. In the universe We're united as one. I am the air, You are the wind. You blow in happiness That only love can send. You are the soil, I am the rose. With caring and tenderness Our relationship grows. You are the mind, I am the heart. I know we will never Be too far apart. Thank you ...
This Guy Has Been Harassing Me For Sometime And Blocking Him Dont Work
True Friendship
True Friendship What is a true friend? A true friend is defined as follows: A True Friend is there with you when times are bad. A True Friend is there when life is good. A True Friend will stand beside you and fight together till the end. A True Friend is someone who would never leave you when someone calls you names. A True Friend will laugh at your jokes and cry with you when your sad. What does it all mean? A TRUE FRIEND IS SOMEONE YOU CARE ABOUT TO THE END OF TIME!!! Poem by J. Russell
A Cowboys Version...... Real Affection Please Read Then Ull Understand Me And What I Stand For !!!!!!!!!!!
A Cowboy's Version When I'm ridin' alone in the night-time way out on the desolate range, With the moon shinin' down through the cloud-hills and the canyons and draws lookin' strange And the shadowy buttes loomin' dimly, way out where the coyotes call, I know that the hand of no human conceived it and fashioned it all. When I'm lopin' across the wide mesa where blossoms send out their perfume, I know that an All-Wise Creator had somethin' to do with each bloom; 'Cuz no mortal hand on this planet could paint us them colors, I know, Nor spangle the coulees and foothills with all the gay posies that grow. I know that the greem of the ranges don't come at the biddin' of man; The landscape makes all of them changes because of the Creator's plan. I know that the beauties about me--the sunshine, the blooms and the rest, Wa'n't put there by man nor his helpers, but at the good Lord's own behest. And nights when I lie at the campfire and look at the stars in the
She lay naked in the candle-lit chamber. Her hands and feet tied, lying spread-eagle on her back, to the bed. Her lover had been teasing her excited body with a feather when she heard the knock on the door. When he rose and left the room without a word, fear welled up inside her, as did the pleasure. Her sexus started drooling more profusely, as the sensations intensified and she started to cum. There was a muffled discussion in the background, heard through the haze of her orgasm. When he reentered he was not alone. The woman who was with him was beautiful, dressed in a woolen sweater, hiding a pair of perky tits, and a short skirt. The skirt was so tight that the faint lines of her lingerie could be seen under its fabric. He had told his now bound lover that one day this would happen, that he knew she would enjoy it, and suddenly she became afraid. "I'm not like that! I like men, women do not excite me!" She had protested, before forcing the subject closed. Fear again fed he
A New Year
The year has finished And soon to be gone A new year Is right by the door Waiting to come into My little life I looked back and I smiled I've fall and I've rise I've tears and I've laughter I've friends and I've foes I've held and I've let go The time is here To taste the fresh scent Of a new year Leave the sadness And welcome a new day We will still be reminded Of things we've let go But, slowly, like Reading a new book We have a new story to tell For the new year
GEEKGASM* A fit of intense geekly joy, happens when a geek runs into someone or something exceedingly geeky not seen every day, or when they get uber excited and riled up; When a geek goes into geekstcy, Has a geek-on; What makes a geek go crazy; When a geek has reached his or her geek climax; The equivalent of a sexual orgasm for a geek.
Do Not Play With A Stun Gun!!
Just today at my local gun shop, I was looking for a little something extra to carry. What I came across was a 100,000-volt pocket/purse- sized electric stun gun. The effects of the stun gun were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on an assailant. The idea was to allow me adequate time to retreat to safety without having to draw my pistol. WAY TOO COOL!! Long story short, I bought the device and brought it home. I loaded in two AA batteries and pushed the button. Nothing! I was disappointed. But then I read (yes, I actually read the instructions!) that if I pushed the button AND pressed it against a metal surface at the same time; I'd get the blue arch of electricity darting back and forth between the prongs and I'd know it was working. Awesome!!! (Actually, I have yet to explain to my friends what that burn spot is on the face of my microwave). Okay, so I was home with this new toy, thinking to myself that it couldn't be all THAT bad with on
I have a child and recently I posted his pictures up on here. Although, a friend of mine got after me about it that I shouldn't have a picture of my child up on here. So I looked into it and talked with another friend and came into conclusion about it. I feel pretty stupid for putting my child's picture on here when there are weird people who thinks sexually towards kids, it's like letting your child between the ages of 1day-13yrs old let out at night by themselves with no adult supervision. So yeah, I don't know, just been bothering me alot and now I feel like crap and a bad mother. *Sigh* well, at least I now learned my lesson.
Fat Fuel,2933,473078,00.html
Every Day - Buddy Holly (imitation)
Every DayBuddy Holly and the CricketsThe Chirping Crickets (Brunswick)Songwriters: Holly, Charles; Petty, Norman.Every Day, it's a-gettin' closer, Goin' faster than a roller coaster, A love like yours will surely come my way. Ah Hey, Ah hey hey Every day - it's a gettin' faster Everyone says go ahead and ask her A love like yours will surely come my way Ah hey, Ah hey hey Every day seems a little longer Every way - love's a little stronger Come what may - do you ever long for True love from me? I tried to find the original, but the only one was a jukebox demo which cuts the song off before the end.
I got very little sleep last night. What sleep i did get seems to have been filled with this freakish dream/nightmare I had.... It's pretty vague and short but still messed up... I was with my Dad and my Ex-Stepmother. My Grandmother was there along with my half siblings. It seems to have been my Grandmothers house but it wasn't quite the same. Then it flashes... We (myself, my Dad and my Ex Stepmother) are all in a truck going to some hillbilly place. Run down, crap everywhere. But they let me bring my new little kitten with me. All black and cute as hell. Anyways, we are in some strange contraption that I suppose is supposed to be a house. I'm playing with my kitten and notice something odd about his purr. Somehow I realize he had eaten my cell! (Don't ask I have NO fricking idea). So i run and tell my dad and he says it's normal?!! That he'll just crap it out and be fine. but I can tell by the look on his face, he's lying. Awhile goes by and I see the poor thing fight
Can Even Be Sung To The Tune"wind Beneath My Wings"
My Fu Love Life
So I couldnt sleep and i lay in bed thinking about these fu men. DO we really know them. yet we give them our heart. If I met any of them on the street would I have even given them a second look. Man 1 Pros: Great smile, makes me laugh, sexy, made me feel like a princess, tall, loves me Cons: drinks, smokes, wears a grill (like flava flav) has no stable job, on the run from police, put me down alot, no stable home, we fought and broke up alot, After being with another girl he comes back loving me wanting me. We have been broke up several months. NOt sure if i want to trust him again or just continue on my journey looking for that special man who can be my mr. right Man 2 Pros: Sexy, tall, wonderful daddy, very caring, is a hard worker, values family, loves me, loves God, cons: secret underside to this one im not sure about, piercings, tattoos, distant at times, flew there and he stood me up, lives in a party pad, talked crap about me to his um friend on fubar
New Years Drinks
Tell me your favorite drinks for the New Year! Then come have one with me!
Paul Hunt
By Allen
This was wrote for me by a very special man.. Thank you so much tig.. love you always babe Sometimes you have to cry Before You find your smile Someimes, you have to fight Endure The Pain, For a lil while Sometimes, you have to watch While your love loves another Sometimes, you secretly cry While they're with their lover Sometimes, Your right person Is one you'd never think Sometimes, it's someone who's there for you Would be there for you in a blink Sometimes, you overlook them Writing them off as a friend But in all honesty You know they'll be there till the end Sometimes, you wish it would end That there'd be better days Sometimes, there is no sometimes For I'll love you always Tigg@ fubar
Iowa Huntin'‏
New Year's
Well first I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and lots of love, luck, wealth and health. So as 2008 ends and 2009 begins, I sit here pondering of the past year. For me, it started hopeful with a fresh divorce and a new boyfriend. The boyfriend didn't last past Valentine's day. That's ok because he was nothing but a liar and a loser and I definitely do not need that in my life. I soon found out that I was pregnant and in July I had a baby. So I have been on this journey of finding myself. In the process of finding myself, an online friend from a dating site contacted me in August and told me about Fubar. So I have been here ever since. I have met some really cool people and then again some real assholes. I have met people that I chat with everyday in one form or another. I love meeting new people and yes I am silly enough to think that I can find love on Fubar. I am not so naive that I don't know that most if not all guys are just looking for a piece of ass. I post
All Fabarians Plzzz Read
Not Everybody Pays
A little old lady was walking down the street dragging two large Plastic garbage bags behind her. One of the bags ripped, and every once in a while, a $20 bill fell out onto the sidewalk. Noticing this, a policeman stopped her, and said, 'Ma'am, there are $20 bills falling out of your bag.' 'Oh, really? Darn it!' said the little old lady. 'I'd better go back and see if I can find them. Thanks for telling me.' 'Well, now, not so fast,' said the cop. 'Where did you get all that money? You didn't steal it, did you?' 'Oh, no, no', said the old lady. 'You see, my back yard is right next to the football stadium parking lot. On game days, a lot of fans come and pee through a knot hole in the fence, right into my flower garden. It used to really tick me off. Kills the flowers, you know. Then I thought, 'why not make the best of it?' So, now, on game days, I stand behind the fence by the knot hole, real quiet, with my garden pruners. Every time some guy sticks his 'thingy' through
My Beautiful Sister
New Ratt Playlist Inspired By Danny Boone-woohoo
2009 New Years Resolutions
In the year 2009 I resolve to: Pray! Believe I am a beautiful person inside and out regardless of my flaws or how others view me. Laugh more and cry less. Nurture the relationships I currently hold with my friends and family and those new to come. Pay down my debt by living cheap. Learn from the mistakes made in 2008 by myself and others.
My Hh On Friday, January 2 At 6 Pm Fst
Emily knows how to FU.... PROPERLY! This Friday, at 6 p.m. Fu-Time, she has decided to Host a Happy Hour! ...and in Fine, Fubar fashion she'll be sporting Auto 11's! But, wait, there's MORE .... In one of her brief, lucid moments, she decided to PAY for Rates! Thats right .... Emily will pay 10k for every 100 rates you give her ! WHAT IS SHE THINKING? Must be lack of sleep from that toddler of hers!! .. yet STILL more !! O M G !! In her sleep-deprived fog, Emily will be randomly BLINGING! Yup, yup .... You have a chance to score even MORE! What are you waiting for??? Hmmmm .... ?? EmilyIMAX Be sure to F/A/R her. Level a few Greenies for her .... ..You know they'd LOVE the attention! Pimped with Love:
Christina Gonzales
Stream Of The Comatose
Gotta fill in the spaces That consume the open places Visible to my blurry eyes Below these dying skies It is written in the stars we buy That we can never live forever So cherish what you see beyond your past And get out into the serene light There are many roads to walk, drive, and drift away And all lead to a certain destination There are the many sites to take in That require a trip or two more The sky, ever stationary Welcomes us the everlasting chance to sit and watch If our feet allow us to stop and look As it displays the beauty of our lifetimes Music is truly man's best friend In the journey of the lonely man He walks alone with his soul singing back As he searches for the place to call it a day The dream begins as we open our eyes To the purpose of such a finite life Care not what your neighbor does Find your dreams out in outer space
A New Year???
December 31,2008 9:21 pm and I am sitting here pondering what the new year means to me. 2008 was a really significant year for me. I made the decision to change the direction in which I was headed. My husband of 28 yrs and I decided we would go our separate ways, I met an internet dj, fell hard for him and spent 5 weeks with him in England. It is our hope to be together permanently later this year. On my return to the States I found myself a new home and moved out on my own. Well kind of, my 20 yr old son came to live with me, which is fine. I love him above all else in my life. So now looking ahead to 2009 I am so full of questions. Where will this all lead? My son has enlisted in the Marine Corps. He couldn't find a decent job and we just don't have the finances for him to go back to college. Besides, he has wanted to be a Marine since he was in high school. When he told me of his decision to enlist I asked him what his motivation was. I was not prepared to a
I Dont Know...(part 4)
I dont know - I just - I just Really Like this guy - I mean Ive never felt anything for Anyone Ive ever been with - its weird - I feel Really confused about it. We were with each other only one night - and no sex - but I felt like there was a connection - you know - a realationship being formed and I was kind of scared - and NO I dont think I should see him again. BUT I look for him - I go out sometimes - not often - but sometimes - just to see if I can find him again.
Want 2 Know Y I'm Bringing In 2009 With A Bang?
***Happy New Year 2 Everyone*** January 10th Will be my One year Fuversary! Over the past Year I have met some of the Most Amazing Men & Woman On Fubar That I am Honored to Be able to call a Real!True!Honest FRIEND!They all have these things in Common! They are.... Caring!Giving!Loving!Sexy!Beautiful!Gorgeous! & Have NEVER Once Turned there backs On me!! I love these ppl with all My heart! They are what true friendship is all about! It's not about the points or the Bling Or how many happy hours,tickers,blast etc!With these Men & Woman It is about R.E.S.P.E.C.T!I wish for nothing but Amazing things for everyone in 2009! And i am So glad & blessed that 2008 Brought ya'll to me! ***These amazing ppl are my Fu Family!!*** And they are there for a reason & it's not for bling packs or blast,etc!They are there because they are the ones that taught me that there are real friends out there and they are the true friends that Walked in When the Whole world walked out*** I love ya'll!
Loneliest Girl In The World..
You are the loneliest girl in the world Taking your hits as they come You are the loneliest girl in the world And tonight you'd fall for anyone It's in the wall you fall down to bed It's in the way you cry when he's not looking You are the loneliest girl in the world I'll watch you die a thousand times again You are the loneliest girl in the world And I just want to make it go away And I just want to make it go away
Confused Thoughts...
This is just my random rambleings... Have any of you felt so utterly alone even though you have people around you? Have you ever yearned for what is not there? Have you ever dreamed you could just sleep and never wake up? I do.... I don't show it and only a few, do I allow close enough to see. I try to be strong for those I mentor. But even a mentor has weaknesses. Sometimes I feel I am at my breaking point. I can only carry so much. I am only human...after all...
Accomplishments Of 2008
I would like to start off by wishing everyone Marry New Years and Happy Christmas. There is less than an hour to go, before we start 2009. I reflect back to everything I did in 2008. A handful of things come to mind that I can remember. In 2008 I did a lot of things I never done before and I hope to continue this on in to 2009. Here are some of my accomplishments for 2008 January February 13: I took my niece to her first WWE wrestling show. She loved every minute of the show. 18: I did the Great Aloha Run for the first time. I did it in 2:42:50 an average of 19:59 a Mile March 21: I went to my first concert Incubus April 26: Went to my first Chicago Concert May 10: I went to the Populer Filipino game show WOWOWEE June 5: Got my Motorcycle License finally 17: Had surgery on my left shoulder from a torn ligament July 4: EDD was Started and Born 20: My First Girlfriend Te, I Love You babe. August Septem
Nickelback-gotta Be Somebody
this time,i wonder what it feels like to find the one in this life,the one we all dream of,but dreams just aren't i'll be waiting for the real thing.i'll know it by the feeling.the moment when we're meeting will play out like a sceene straight off the silver i'll be holding my breath right up til the end until that moment when i find the one that i'll spend forever with.cause nobody wants to be the last one there,cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares.someone to love with my life in their hands.there's gotta be somebody for me like that.cause nobody wants to go it on their own and everyone wants to know they're not alone.there's somebody that feels the same somewhere.there's gotta be somebody for me out there.tonight,out on the street,out in the moonlight and damn it this feels too's just like deja standin' here with i'll be holding my breath.could this be the end?is it that moment when i find the one that i spend forever with?cause no
Hoppin' John
Being that it's January 1, have to eat the annual helping of black eyed peas (the vegetable, not the girl in the band). Hoppin' John is my favorite way to eat black eyed peas and here is a good recipe. I'll be making this later tonight if you want to stop by! Ingredients: * 1 pound dried black-eyed peas * 2 small smoked ham hocks or meaty ham bone (*note, I make mine with sausage instead of ham) * 2 medium onions, divided * 3 large cloves garlic, halved * 1 bay leaf (*note I skip this cause I don't care about bay leaves) * 1 cup long-grain white rice * 1 can (10 to 14.5 ounces) diced tomatoes with chili peppers, juices reserved * 1 medium red bell pepper, chopped * 1/2 green bell pepper, chopped * 3 ribs celery, chopped * 1 jalapeno or serrano pepper, minced * 2 teaspoons Cajun or Creole seasoning (*note I use Tony Chatcheree's his shit is awesome) * 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme leaves (*note I don't know what this is bu
My Soul # Is 8--what's Yours?
Soul Urge #8 Your soul urge is to "go forth and multiply" especially when it comes to family dynasties and aggregating wealth. The highest expression of your soul urge number is when you are in power and improving the lives of those that work for you or love you. You support anything that brings beauty, meaning and profit to the world. The challenge of this number is to realize that "money isn't everything."
My Life In 2008
2008 as it was for Me, good bad and ugly... Current mood: loved Category: Nostalgic Life Wow a year full of its ups and downs. I have to say for the most part I'm glad its over. A few major occurrences in '08 .....I got divorced (yay), turned 40, had major family conflicts and changes, lost friends, gained friends, made mistakes, hurt people, have been hurt, re-connected with family, and fell in love. Starting with my divorce, since the beginnings of it were in '07, it was finally final July 28, 2008, and I must say, that was one of the happiest days of my life. To be out of a marriage I should never have entered to begin with. I have no regrets on meeting Joe and becoming part of his kids lives, for that I will always be grateful. We should have never married, but that's neither here nor there. I love his children with all my heart, just as my own, and they still love me despite the fact that I'm not their "step-mom" anymore. The love of family does not know boundaries, its un
Auto 11 Two
My Auto 11 Bling Is Activated!!!!! Jan 03,2009 Please help me become Godmother spank me hard Loads Of Easy Rates To Rate Stop By my Page Rate Fan Add Bling me show me some love on my page Your points are doubled too, so come and get your points and level up on me!!! click here B1tch ~The Pegasus Project~ SBG*Club United*FU-Bomber*Click Club@ fubar
Nice Guy
We have a pretty close group of people at work that have formed over the last couple of years. Myself, my counterpart who does economic development research, and our budget manager. We are all within about 8 years of age. The other guy is married, and our budget manager is a woman who is recently single. The other day we were having a conversation about relationships. She, of course, is a little tired of everything dealing with dating, but we were talking about what attracts people. She told me that women seem to have this desire for the "bad boys" as she called them. People that make you feel like you live life on the edge, but the trouble comes along when you realize you get the danger, but don't get anything else you would out of a relationship. I'm assuming she just got out of one of these relationships, I didn't ask. She told me she has this weakness, and she knows lots of her friends do as well. I can't argue with it, I've seen it myself. The funny part of the conversation
For Someone They Know Who
your hand winded up in my hair my lips wrapped around your hardened flesh staring up in to your eyes moans escape your lips as my tongue dances upon the head of your desire ridden cock. pushing my head further down the shaft till I feel you fill my throat with your steel rod my throat reacting squeezing down and then releasing you over and over making me suck harder. all the sudden you push me back on to the floor cold against my feverish flesh you drive your pole deep in to my core making me scream obscenities many have never heard moans of your name escaping my lips As your moist lips linger upon my hot damp skin my body craves and begs for more hips pushing against yours pushing you deeper yet into my welcoming wetness. you pull my head back as you throw yours back and all that can be heard in the silence of the night is our animalistic screams of the others name. panting as we join together one last time feeling your weight press against me as we regain our breath
Made For Me By A Friend
Made for me by: Will "Enforcer"@Naughty Playground
Life is like a dance, Every step you make, Every breath you take, Is a new chance. A chance to make a change, Take a new path, With no certain direction, You'll always make a connection. Connections that last, From the future to the past, They can be fun, They can make you want to run. Friends stay with you, To help guide you, Friends are forever, In your future, In your past.
These Are My Feelings. Well, Some Ot Them
I wish there was a way i could get everything in my head and my heart out. but there's not one person in this world i can confide in 100% i am in so much pain emotionally i don't know what to do from one minute to the next!! Love, what the fuck is that even anymore? does it even exist? i used to think so, but not anymore! there is no such thing in my eyes there is lust, there is definitely lust. and there are ppl who Think they are in love, but is it love when u fall in love with one person right after the other, over and over again? i think not! someone who is constantly falling for somebody new doesn't have a fucking clue as to what the fuck love is and has No business being in a relationship with anyone!! they are only going to continue to hurt others! i speak from experience on so many levels! i know i should be happy on some levels, i'm having a baby, the one thing i've wanted for 12 years now. but i'm destroyed inside, i don't know if i will ever be
Slackerthon 2008
To cap off a crappy year, which actually ended great, I didn't hit my goal of Godfather. In fact, if I didn't open the Christmas gift during a happy hour, I'd have been even farther away from the goal. But since my surgery, I've started a project on another site that is dedicated to advancing the local music scene. I am so tired of going to some shows in the local area, North Central IL, and have ten people show up to see some really good bands. And other nights, you go and see a crappy band, and the place is packed. I just want to level the playing fields. And I have time on my hands. I go back to part time work at the end of January. I won't go back to fulltime until all the snow is gone. I still have fears of stepping wrong, and undoing all the good the surgery has. I'm a sissy, I know. But I think this year will be a big year. I plan on working lots, ignoring most of my issues, and paying off the doctor's with the money I'm making. And going out and listening t
11,824,375 points from Prophet,, Can We do it before My Birthday jan 24th BrokenCondom@ fubar
Love My Fu Friends!
I just want to thanks all those that helped me level up to Godmother. I have some awesome friends that stuck with me diligently until I got there! I so wish I could show you how much it meant to me that you stayed with me the whole time! I love you all more than you know! Light & Love Always, Paulette Please show these AWESOME people some love! They are the best kind of friends to definitely have! The Dark Queen@ fubar DragonROAR - a demonic dragon@ fubar Bart910 (Fu-Slave to Baby Soft Skin)@ fubar Lady Moonlight@ fubar Bassmaniac Enforcer @ Immortal Radio@ fubar ♥ Baby Soft Skin ♥`FU-WIFE TO BART910~@ fubar ~Ginger Baby~ ~TEAM AWESOME~@ fubar Again.I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! xoxox
I wanting to see who all wants to see Red Diamand to stay or should we delete it. When putting up some one to level he must least have 100 hundred pictures and steashs has well if possable he cant have no rips please input is needed
Auto As***
Now to most of you all that read my blogs you know I don't pull no BS with you and will rate ya!! This thougfh is a list of those people that don't rate back, but keep taking from the honest ones like you and's NSFW cause the poor people that take time from us keep up their crap and keep taking whether auto's or HH's and never give a thing back........4,498 were rated and a cpl comments!!! Auto 11's Hard Timez 900 Rated by this Happy Hour and recipient of of Auto 11's only gave a profile rate and a blog comment, but she said remind her as she was leaving for the weekend ummm no can do Cynzdreams just a profile rate; 1237 pics rated and nothing more than a profile rate Devilish Curves profile rate and 145k in fubucks- 1451 pics rated can we say this auto 11 made out as the previos one and leveled!! Regular Icee
Shadow Levelers And Twilight Levelers
I Need Some Good Software To Record Music
I am wanting to record some songs, but I am unsure about what software would be the best for me. I'm not very educated when it comes to recording software for music and such. I can learn easily. I just want some software that I can do vocals on from an mp3. Is there anything out that will let me play the mp3 I have of an existing song and let me record lyrics over it as it's playing? If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it so much. Anthony
Num3 Poem
Love used to be at the back of my mind. Dead and lifeless like the sun with no shine. Then you came along and showed me love is beautiful. You brought me to life, so strong and spiritual. When I think of you, the world just leaves. From my mind and from my dreams. I see someone that is caring and full of heart. Someone daring, someone special, someone to share my heart. I made this poem only for you. To think of me when you're feeling blue. I Love You!
New Me
Let Me Sleep Longer
I woke up this morning after a night of having no dreams that I could remember. I opened my eyes to see your face just inches from mine. Your head was resting on my extended arm. I had no idea how I got here. I was not in my own bed. I could not remember anything of the night before. Your eyes were closed. Peacefulness radiated with a glow from your face. All I could see was from your neck up. I assume the sheets covered the rest of your body as I didn't look down. I lay there several minutes admiring you and absorbing your glow as I tried to remember what events could have lead to this awakening pleasure. Just as I was thinking about getting up and letting you sleep your eyes fluttered slightly and slowly opened. You simply looked into my eyes then a smile seemed to rise on your lips like the sun coming up. The warmth of your look filled my body and softened my soul. I reached up and gently traced your face with my finger tips. Pushing back your hair from the sides of your cheeks
Death In Family
The family member we have been attending too passed on January 1 2009. After a short battle at the end she has been laid to rest and has gone home to be with her late husband and her God. For those who have sent me prayers and good wishes thanks so much. I will be away for a while but will check in when I can. See everyone in a few days.
Just Wanted To Say I Am Back!!!!!
Hello all. I really dont think anyone reads this blog. But in the hopes that some of the friends that I have made on here in the past read this, I just wanted to say I am back. So to get you all caught up. I had a great computer two years ago. Then I let a friend of mine move in. He accidently knocked it off the desk and the mother board broke. Oh well live and learn. Between getting laid off and my friend not haveing a job at the time. took awhile to get a nother computer. I did, but it was cheap and slow and would freeze up on Fubar, myspace, etc...I could hardly check my w-mail. So I just havent been on line in almost a year. And that SUCKS!!!!! I miss Fubar and all of my friends here. So please hit me back after reading this. OK? Last year was a rough year. Good job, but it didnt pay as much as the last job. There was cut backs in my budget but no bailout. LOL.....So Now I have a better computer. I was married and am now getting a divorced. I will be moving
Having Surgery
I will be having surgery next week but I will be on fu. putting laptop in my bedroom hehehe. No worries I will be fine!
New Year And New Year
well its a new year and i have set a goal for myself. I wanted to lose at least 100lbs by the end of the year. Also I want to change my life around. I want to break out my shyness. Ive change my attitude around. For the last 2 1/2 years I have change my image. Seems alot of people get mistaken by the way I look. Im a rocker damnit lol not a gothic. Im still gonna be a juggalette and I wont change for anyone. The only person that changes is myself. Seems like ive been told that im a weirdo...why is that? im not really weird at all. Owell...back to my new self...I will try to be an outgoing person and I really do need to work on my confidence cause I have none whats so ever. couple things i need to quit is smoking and drinking but i doubt that wont happen...never told anyone this is that i started drinking and smoking at 13 years old...can ya believe that??? well thats about it.. peace
Show My New Owner Some Love!
=== 'Annipoo the Norwegian Goddess*Chief of Operations 2nd alarm hotties*Daddy's levelers*Abbys G/F' wrote the following at '2009-01-02 14:28:14'.. This bulletin goes out to my new fu-owner Skye. Skye@ fubar Please stop by and show this hot guy some fu-love. This bulletin brought to you by: IrIsH PaRaDiSe~SKYE'S LITTLE ANGEL~(2nd Alarm Hotties & Southern Sex Symbols member)@ fubar
Group Congrats!!
In the past few weeks The following HideAway Members of Leveled in the HideAway... I just wanted to do a GROUP CONGRATULATIONS: Dreamz to GodMomma: ~DreamZ*Co-Mananger of HideAway, ~@ fubar Sleepy to Godfather: sleepy3883 terminator @ hideaway@ fubar Tigger to Godfather: TiggerDaThief @ fubar Hossy to Godfather: BadCBX aka Hoss @ fubar Davey to Godfather : Sexy Davey @ fubar
Life Is A Struggle At Times
Sometimes it seems that no matter how much i try to get to a better place i seem to take 3 steps backwards rather than moving forward. all the obsticals seem to try to keep me down. The biggest thing on my mind these days is missin my dad and tryin to figure out how when and where to have my dads service. my step mom doesnt want to have a memorial service for my dad and my brother and i cant really afford one, shoot im having trouble commin up with rent money let alone money for a service. My uncle and I are trying to see what we can come up with. I miss my dad like crazy, especially with it being the holidays and all. See my dad passed away from Squamouis non small cell lung cancer on the 10th of december. I am sittin here today wishing that I had had more time with my dad, as i only had him in my life for 8 years. I met him for the first time when I was 15. I dont have many memories with him as we werent all that close. My dad may have said and done some really crazy things that
The Wish...
About Nothing
Hi, just thought i write a blog again. not much to really write about. but seeing its the new year, thought i make my first blog for these new year, going around and rating on peoples photo's to help them and me level up . as i was thinking of what i wanted to write on here , i read alone the box's up top. that john travolta 16 year old son died, wow makes u wonder how short a time u get in these world, and how lucky and thankful u should be , when u do get to live a longer time in these world. If you have the chance to live to see 100, than there should never be anything to not be grautiful for. because life is a up and down situation, and to get to have had a chance to make it threw all of it is a blessing. lol wow, didn't think i fined something to write about. oh well, when u start to write you never know what comes into your brain. so , was just wanting to write a blog to past the time. till next time. happy new year people.
To All Who Know Me....
To my fu bomber family and all my friends..I have hit rock bottom at the moment. As of Wednesday I no longer have a home. I got evicted in court today. The judge was not nice and made me cry in the courtroom, because I love my pets. I told him I would find another place for them to stay, but he said I only have unti Wed Jan the 7th to be out. I also have to be back in court and prove that I cleaned the place up. So farewell for now..I will hopefully be back in touch with everyone soon... Muah and take care.
Lonely Road Of Faith
mp3 songs | Kid Rock MP3s This song always has and always will be special to me and Kid Rock is awesome!! I think if people would actually listen to his music instead of just the hype from mouths and the radio they would truly see how talented he is.
I Am Who I Am..
People are people and I am who I am, like me or don't. I have my right not wanting anything to do with someone who says one thing and then does another. I can see if the truth was told in the first place or if plans had changed then a phone call would be good you know so I wouldn't be waiting there like a fucking dumb ass. I am not fucking overreacting damn it I am standing up for what the fuck I believe in, because I don't like being lied to or taken advantage of is that fucking wrong??? Am I fucking making sense? Blah fuck it I'm fuckint tired of it.
Just a thought I had after a "shout box dust up" this evening. Remember people that when someone is trying to put you down, that they use themselves as the yard stick by which they measure everyone else. So, to all the asshats, down raters and internet "tough" guys all I have to say is...Even from my position as a "1", I'm still looking down on you. And laughing my ass off!! (names were not used out of respect for a special and delicious friend,though "they" know who they are.) Did I studder (sic)? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
This Is Sad For Most
November 26, 2008 My Dearest Matthew, When I was pregnant with you I was really excited because I wanted to have a baby with your father whom I have liked for a long time. I met your father when I was 11 years old. We talked a lot and he was over at my house a lot. We kept in touch for a very long time and went places together. He left and moved away to Oklahoma and I didn't see him for awhile. When he moved back here where I was we started to talk again. Very quickly we fell in love and I knew that I wanted to be with him for ever. Once we were together we decided to try and have a child. We already had children from previous marriages but wanted to try one last time for a child together. When we found out about you we were so excited to hear the news. We went shopping and bought you a few things and told the kids about you being here. We picked out a name for you that had your grandma's initials in it. Dad wanted it that way because he misses his mom so much since she passed awa
Chicken Or The Egg
ok everyone knows it's an on going battle, but think about it, if the egg came first then how'd it get there, what fertilized it, what incubated it, and what fed the baby chick when it hatched cuz we all know a chick cannot feed itself
Hello... Every year I try to take the time to write something as a creative outlet. In the past I have written a short story, poems, a screenplay, and a mad rambling or two. This year I decided to write a play, only thing is... I'm going to do it in a way I've never done before.. online with each scene being made public upon completion, which leave no opportunity for corrections and rewrites. So over the next year another scene will be added from time to time until I feel it is completed.... or I get bored with it,which ever comes first. Again this is just a creative outlet for me that I've decided to use openly. I make no promises of quantity or quality of what follows. With that being said... allow me to explain my idea. The play will be titled "Out On the Line" and will take place in an urban setting, high above a busy street on a clothes line. It will take place from sunset to sundown. The characters will be different pieces of clothing hanging out on a line. Each
~the Meaning Of Gestures~
What the gesture means... -Kiss on the stomach: I'm ready. -Kiss on the Forehead: I hope we're together forever. -Kiss on the Ear: You're my everything. -Kiss on the Cheek: We're friends. -Kiss on the Hand: I adore you. -Kiss on the Neck: We belong together. -Kiss on the Shoulder: I want you. -Kiss on the Lips: I like you. ____________________________________________________ What the gesture means... -Holding Hands: We definitely like each other. -Slap on the Butt: That's mine. -Holding on tight: I don't want to let go. -Looking into each other's Eyes: I just plain like you. -Playing with Hair: Tell me you love me. -Arms around the Waist: I like you too much to let go. -Laughing while Kissing: I am completely comfortable with you. ____________________________________________________ Advice: Don't ask for a kiss, take one. If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love. Peace.
Real Life Resolutions
The other blog was our fubar resolution...these are my real life resolutions::: 1) find a job that I like that I can advance in and keep...(done...start Monday) 2) start working out and taking better care of myself...(taking the kids to the Y every weekend) 3) start spending more time with family and kids...(game night every Thursday and the Y on weekends) 4) cut back on smoking (new job will help with that since you can't smoke near the building) 5) pay off bills, save for next Christmas, repair house and start buying things we want...(new job will make this possible) 6) better relationship with Todd...(this is already happening but I am going to try harder)
Better Than Before
Deerstet Music is pleased to announce the addition of Janice Brownas an official collaboration partner Derek van Deerstet and Janice Brown came together with a mutual calling to help and support others. After meeting online on the ning community, Bring Our Troops Home in Style, they formed a remarkable musical bond, and within less than a week produced the country song Better Then Before. Janices touching lyrics and powerful voice combined with Dereks incredible musical composition have created an inspirational message of universal peace, love, and understanding.Please join us for the world premiere of Better Then Before on Nikki Rocks the Politics on Blogtalk Radio Friday, January 16, 2009 at 10am ET at the link below. Nikki Rocks the Politics
Jan 3, 09 - Jan 9, 09 Im A Lollipop Kid
Special Thanx To All My Fu Friends
I just wanted to extend my thanx to all my Fu Friends that rallied together and had my back and tried to help me with that girl that was using my pics. I dont know if she took them down or not as I am still very blocked from looking at her profile or pics. She has also blocked darn near all the ppl on my friends list. LOL. That there speaks volumes on her fakeness. I will never understand why ppl feel the need to steal another persons pics or identity to make themselves more presentable to others. Do they not realize that in doing so they arnt making friends really. The ppl are thinkn they are friends with the person they saw in the pic. That is horribly cruel if u ask me. I mean do u plan to ever try to meet in person? IDK, I guess that is just my opinion. If the person in her main profile pic is her she was very pretty herself. I am flattered she thought I was pretty enough to try and be me, but just think everyone should just be themselves and be happy. Again thanx fo
Post New Years Bling And Bux
POST New Years Auto 11 Bling-Bux-Rama 2 DAY Event!!! Cherries, Bux, and Bling !!!! Chiina_Whiite Auto 11 Today 12 pm Fu Time - Running Thru Monday 3 Chances to Be a Winner: Bling Race FuBux Drawing Daily Random Drawing RACE, RACE, RACE! 2 pm Fu Time(5 EST)-Race is On. FIRST 3 to completely rate the 550 pic Bling-A-Rama Folder will win a 3 CREDIT BLING OF CHOICE Plz Comment Last Pic & Private Message me upon completion. The Grand Prize Drawings Over 4 Mil in Prizes (see note below): Rate ALL EZ RATE 100 pic & Default folders and you will be entered into a drawing to receive one of three Grand Prizes. 2 Million Fubux 1 Million Fubux 500k Fubux
With Out You
It's in my head, unable to escape,The thought of me and you together,it kills me just thinking about what we had.I go on smiling, acting like it's all ok,But the pain inside me is tearing my world apart.We told ourselves everything would be ok, That time would heal.You told me you'd never walk away,That you'd never leave me, here alone, But you did.It seems I've fallen down and can't get back up on my own two feet,I keep hoping that one day you'll come back and hold me in your arms, Helping me out of this empty space I've fallen into.But I guess that's not the case, not this time.Now I'm realizing that I'll be ok without you,I don't need you to tell me I'm gonna be ok.
Wanna Own Me
Ok Ive gone in another auction wanna own this island goodness just click on the link below much love Milk & Honey
She Is A Real Wonder Woman
I'm Done!
you know, i'm totally done trying to make everyone else happy. i'm sick of being the one who's there for everyone else, but when i need someone to be there for me, i get nothing. sadly though, i'm ok with that. as long as it means the other person is happy, i'm ok with getting nothing in return. it's part of being a friend. a person can only put his/herself out there for so long before they take themselves out of the equation. all i've ever tried to do is be a friend. if you wanted me to leave you alone, you could have just said so. you didn't have to totally ignore me and act as though i'm nothing to you. maybe i'm nothing to you, but you could have at least told me. it would have been easier to take than just being totally ignored. so, i'll give you what it is you want. i'll leave you alone, but just do me one favor, remember that when you need someone to talk to, i'll be here. i never give up on my friends, and i won't start now. just know that i'm done with being the first to make
Looking For True Friends
I am not begging you to be a friend.I am asking people to be honest about a friendship. There are people on here i have learned as long as you are rating there pics you are good friends,and when you are done rating there pics they stop talking.I know you got people on here got good hearts and does not want them hurt.Then you got people on here that could care less.Well i am a good hearted person if all you want is rates be honest about it,i will still rate you just dont blow smoke up my ass THANK YOU
For People That Never Read Profile Read Now Please
*ATTENTION-IF YOU ARE READING THIS PAY ATTENTION* I AM NOT USING THIS TO GET BLINGS,AUTO 11's,VIP's,OR ANYTHING ELSE JUST TREAT ME LIKE YOU WANT TO BE TREATED *****I AM 100% REAL - NOTHING FAKE ABOUT ME****** Hello,my name is Billy.I have been here 2 years.I have met people from here and talked to alot of people here.In my experience here i have learned the world are full of 2 types of people.1 you got real people the ones who take the time to talk to you and rate/add/fan you,and comment at times.They also purchase gifts and/or blings.I do thank every one for what they do or give,at this time i can not return the bling favors sorry in time maybe i can return the bling. Then 2 you got your fake people who most would call point whores and more.These are people that only vote on a profile to get points and only points.That is not me,I am a real person i take time to rate all your pics,comment profiles,and gift people. I am here to say this and i hope no one gets mad if
Now Wtf Are These 2 Doing?
~Rain & Babyboy are in an auction~ Click Below To Place Your Bids ... Visit Babyboy's Profile..R/F/A & Bling him $j ߺ$H Я{.$.}@ fubar Visit Rain's Profile..R/F/A & Bling her Я ~W $j ߺ$~Owner of WYKD~@ fubar Dont Forget to show the auction host luv .Please A/F/R her too. ~*~PIA~*~Co-owner of WYKD~*~@ fubar
This Is Me In A Nutshell
We all have a sad story its what you do with it that counts If you take the time to know me I just might be that person your looking for just not in the bright flashy package you had pictured im looking for friends dating and long term doesn't always mean that when im looking for friends im also looking to date and turn it into long term i realize some people only want friends someone to talk to or hang out with but nothing chemistry wise going on and some people want more than that but aren't ready for a commitment im happy to have friends on which ever stage they are in their life so if the lil thing in the corner reads long term or simply friends understand im looking for all would love a long term relationship but know that to get it you have to establish both friends and date in order to fall in love and get a long-term relationship that won't fall apart as quickly as if you jumped into a long term relationship That being said, I know
The Worst Date Ever.
Alright peeps, I just ripped this off my main blog. There was a question, which was about the worst date you ever had, and I figured I'd share this one with you lovely folks here.See, this one's a real doozy.It'll knock your socks off. The Story goes a little something like this; Once upon a time not so many years ago, there was a teen mom named Amanda. Although her little girl meant the world to her, she was a lonely person. Not only was she abandoned by her daughter's sperm donor, but also by the next serious boyfriend after that. Her family uprooted her from her hometown when she was pregnant and she just was not a happy person. She was tired of being lonely. So, she tried her hand at dating. it seems as though almost every date she went on could count for a horror story, as every single guy she dated was either late or just expected too much of the first date, but after about ten bad dates with ten people, she grew tired of the same old thing. Couldn't someone prove her wrong ab
Thank You, My Dear Friends!!!
I want to thank all of my wonderful family of friends for making me feel so very special for my birthday. I was so overwhelmed by the outpouring of love & kindness when I logged on & saw all the beautiful birthday tags, comments, wishes & gifts. You have truly touched my heart & I love & appreciate each & every one of you!
The Game Of Love
What we thought was love and happiness? Is now gone all that's left is to move on. Say goodbye and walk away. Take your wounded pride put it aside. The game of love you have lost. Your broken heart is the cost. Count your blessings and pray. maybe You will win at the game of love one day. Just learn when to walk away. Your strong enough to say good bye. Don't hold back it's okay to cry love hurts sometimes
Fruit Full.
so yeah...2 day was killer....i crushed URI b-ball and then Monarchs hockey in NH. ...then i hit on a scratch ticket for 500....and i only spent like 40 bux to get 09 so far is badass. and i had sushi 2nite....and went to a beach in RI. so sweet jesus will this b a gnar gnar year of kikin ass n takin names! RP
New Year???? Where?
Let's see....I started the new year off with a heckuva good time. I spent it at Wild Country, and had a GREAT time. It's amazing how nothing more than hanging out with your friends, doing a bit of drinking, and good music can start the year off right. I have decided, that I only have a couple of goals for the year, not that I need anymore or anything like that. #1. Be a better friend. I have some awesome friends, in real life and online. I suck as a friend. I forget birthdays, get names confuzzed, and don't call/text/email as I should. #2. Deploy. I am going to do it right this time. I am going over, I am going to do the job, and I am going to take care of my Soldiers. I am also going to stay in contact with those who mean a lot to me better. #3. Be a better dad. I have really sucked at being a dad. I don't call as often as I should, I don't write as often as I should, and I frankly have not been there a whole bunch. (That last one is not my fault.) #4.
I Am Libra(love Of Harmony And Beauty)
Libra is the Sign of justice in the Zodiac, indicative of persons who balance everything to a nicety, always trying to promote good will and friendship...even if they must go to extremes to do so. This trait is accentuated by the inherent love of harmony and beauty, reflected by the beneficent glow of Venus, this Sign's Ruling Planet. Sympathy and understanding are paramount here. Libra natives will never be deaf to an appeal from family or close acquaintances and are likely to even side with total strangers if they seem to represent a deserving cause. Indeed, those who fall under the jurisdiction of Libra are inclined to champion the underdog, even against their more sound judgment. Again, this appears to be courtesy of the urge to equalize matters and produce harmony. Considered to be one of the most charming Signs, Libra individuals are attractive, tactful, charismatic and popular. However, with a tendency to shrink from disagreements with others, Libra natives can also be regarded
Stupid Moron Asshole
I deleted this fukcing moron and blocked his ass.. so wut does he do he makes an account of me Apparently he has made alot of accounts of me. if someone with my pic and has a cheese on it, dont add me, its not me... hes retarded gay fag moron who has nothing else better to do.. he thinks he funny but he aint hes a LOSER a fucked up guy who has no life So this guy keeps brothering me and harassing me.. does anybody have any ideas in how to get rid of this bastard...
Booboo Has Auto 11's
mooloo: your vagina: may i view it?
Lita Moonsinger:the Best Of 2008
Another Year Gone and WHAT A Year It's been for us..I Got In RUDE Mag three times,Did Interviews with The Todd and Tyler Show,The Drew and Mare show,Was On Emma Cummings Naughty Newbies and Made LOTS Of new Friends and Fans.2009 Is gonna be full of all KINDS Of new Adventures..I Hope You'll all keep your eyes on me..MUAHS And THANKS For watchin'!!
Let It Go For 2009
Let it go for 2009... There are people who can walk away from you. And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone. When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. The Bible said that, they came out from us that it might be made manifest that they were not for us. For had they been of us, no doubt they would have continued with us. [1John 2:19] People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay. Let them go. And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've got to know when people's part in your story is over so that you don't keep trying to raise the dead. You've got to know when it
Jon Jon
Hes trying to Godfather...His 11's are active until 9pm est tonight....Has TONS of pictures! Go hit him long and hard! Jon Jon PROUDLY OWNED BY Ms. Sassy . - BFF AND LOVED BY Scarlett@ fubar
I Am Crying
I am Crying By me I am crying. The tears flow as rivulets. I dont condemn myself for weakness, I dont feel ashamed or guilty. I let myself cry. Every tear is dear to me, Because it speaks about the pain I am feeling, and what I have gone through I let myself to experience the pain. I let myself to get acquainted with my wounded part The crying cleans and washes My wounds My thoughts and my Guilt. As the rain washes the bloom, It Purifies it And makes the colors clear and Light I am crying.. Mrrcp 2007
Being Bad
It was a lovely weekend day, and I had a date of sorts with my friend. We planned to spend sometime together, and have a little fun in the process, some naughty fun. I picked her up and was taken in by her beauty. She wore a fun white dress that showed off her figure, and tattoos. I took her on a drive along the base of the mountains, and we came upon a new development of gorgeous houses. I pulled in and we walked over to the model homes. A woman greeted us, she hurriedly told us she was sorry. She was with clients signing a deal, but we were to feel free and look at the houses. She gave us a card and apologized again. I had been here before and knew this was her day to take appointments. I knew we would have free run of the houses. There were three model homes, the first was a basic model one level and no frills. The second was a nice two story, but the third was a wonderful place with all the extras. I lead my friend past the first two and into the third. As soon as we c
What's New!!!
So its Sunday tomorrow Tristen goes back to school. Alexzander & Kieyah go back to daycare. As for me starting school. I have decided to go back to school to finish my high school. For those people that don't know I got pregnant with my oldest when I was 17 and was unable to stay in school. I have though long and hard about going back to school. Looked in to regular high school and places that I can go and do the work myself without a teacher. I found out that the Native Friendship Center in my area offered schooling. As I am 23 year old I have the choice to pick my own hours the only thing is I have to finish 20h a week 2 lessons a week and do some weekly goal sheet. I figured I can handle that no problem. I have some worries about going back to school. I am afraid to miss something with the kids or them no understand why I am not around much. I figure my oldest want know the difference as I will be home by the time he gets home. Alex & Kieyah will get picked up from daycare by there
Master And His Kitten Part1
She saw his car pull up the drive from her bedroom window. She quickly signed off of her instant messenger, not even giving a second thought to the people that she just abruptly and rudely left. She raced down the stairs and had barely managed to get in position when she heard his keys in the door. Breath quickening, she looks down, the picture of submission by the front door. "Hey there kitten. Did you have a good day today?" He took his coat off and was walking away from her, headed towards the living room. Knowing he expected her to follow, she crawled after him until she was resting on her knees at his feet again. He had draped his coat over the end of the couch, loosened his tie and was looking down at her with a smile and a mischievous look in his eye. "Yes, Master, I had a good day today. I got up shortly after you left for work this morning, had my chores finished by 11 and I spent the rest of the day, after I called for your permission, reading and talking to friends onl
In a moment of passion I could feel our lives unfolding. Wanting, needing, feeling the same desires. both answering questions unasked. Making promises with a single glance. Never have I experienced emotions so raw so real. With him facing truths that I could never have fathomed before. In his arms I felt safe. In his arms I felt loved, wanted, and cherished. In his arms is where I want to share my eternity. With one look in my eyes I could feel him in my soul. Breaking down the walls that I have spent so many years building digging deeper into who I am...and who I will one day become. Leaving no place untouched he accepts me for who I am. Facing my fears with me. Never leaving my side...being there for me to hold on to. Feeling his breath on my face his lips moving on mine...taking me to far away places the feel of his skin on mine still lingers now only in my memories I can still feel him there loving me
About Suicide Girls
About the Suicide Girls: With a vibrant, sex positive community of women (and men), SuicideGirls was founded on the belief that creativity, personality and intelligence are not incompatible with sexy, compelling entertainment, and millions of people agree. The site mixes the smarts, enthusiasm and DIY attitude of the best music and alternative culture sites with an unapologetic, grassroots approach to sexuality. In the same way Playboy Magazine became a beacon and guide to the swinging bachelor of the 1960s, SuicideGirls is at the forefront of a generation of young women and men whose ideals about sexuality do not conform with what mainstream media is reporting. Although started as a two person operation out of a loft in downtown Portland, OR in 2001, in five short years SuicideGirls has grown its audience to over 5 million unique visitors a month. With hundreds of thousands of subscribers, over a thousand models, a succesful book and DVD in stores and a new clothing line, there
Show Some Respect!! (repost)
***Fu Friends & My Amazing Fu Family*** As you all know chuckii has not been on for sometime now!Fubar Sure is not the same without boo:(Alot of you have mentioned how much ya miss him.... I miss him like crazy too!So I think its time we show chuckii some amazing Love & Respect!So that when he does Log on He will know exactly how much we do miss him & how much we want him back on fubar! My amazing friendship with chuckii Started way back sometime at the end of March,2008!Since then i knew that there really was such thing as a real!True!Honest!Caring!Friend out there! Before i met chuckii I did not have much trust in anyone but he proved me different & I thank him for that! If it was'nt for him I would never have put trust in so many of my other friends & i'm glad i did because I have the most amazing Fu Family On Fubar! ***I miss this Gorgeous Smile*** I miss The Man that taught me to NEVER let the haters Bring me Down! Some of you haters out there think that boo's
Bad November - Track 1 - Masquerade
Bad November Disclaimer: This is the first chapter in a story I wrote. None of the characters in this story are real and any relation to anyone dead or living is not intended. I apologize for any wrong use of United Kingdom English because I am not that familiar with United Kingdom slang. Any input would be welcome and any flaming will be ignored. This story is planned to be revised and maybe I can talk the writer to let me post them here if people like them. Please comment and let the writer and me know what you like or don't like. Also if 2 male characters being romantically involved sickens you please don't read. If you're still interested please keep reading. One last note, if anyone wishes to copy my story please get permission first (Not that I think that will happen but who knows). Lyrics from the song Masquerade - This is the masquerade/ What mask will you wear /You make believed you loved me/ But now you choose to go/ Dancing around the truth/ Never letting me in/
Just Lettin It All Out!
You don't know how I'm feeling. I have yet to vocalize Desire deep inside me. Can you see it in my eyes? I tremble when I'm near you Heat travels up my thighs and I want you with an urgency That I just can't describe. Dare I reach out to touch you? Do you think you'd realize How much I want and need you? Can you see it in my eyes? I long to say, "I love you," But am scared of your reply. Terrified like a child I've become paralyzed. The camouflaged emotions Lead to pain and silent cries. And yet I just can't tell you. Don't you see it in my eyes?
Stop Me Again
If we look across the ocean Or at white dots in the sky They'll feed up such emotion Yet you don't know why For we can be like children Pushing through the crowd Why question what we're here for Or who is behind that shroud Go build Can't believe the feeling that takes me Open the road to heaven and back Then the time for pain it breaks me I wanna throw away those attached What can it be that we go through Everything that you don't want to Why does that stop me Stop me again Do you know the way to the gateway On the other side there is nothing Do you know of love that is spoken Inside in love instead of talking Anyone can tell you what you should do Any other tell them till you know who Never mind the place where they send you When you're feeling blue Go build your dreams of clear blue skies Don't hold your breath when reality cries Beautiful souls be happy be one Your heaven has now begun
My New Career? - Lol
Ok, I couldn't get this thing to work here, but, click on the link and you should be able to see it. Hope this made you all (or y'all) smile....... (Let me know if this worked, and feel free to leave a comment.)
Underneath Your Skin.
I look into your face And wonder what you want with me cause everyone wants something no one hangs around for free Your eyes are so sincere And in your lovely smile I bask As I wonder all the while Whats behind your handsome mask? What underneath do you conceal Devil,demon,angel,sprite Are you needy,angry,greedy,vicious,lost or apathetic? Theres so many ways to suffer now,life is so confused. Its no wonder that the bulk of us are sure weve been abused So why dont you just spit it out, lay it on the line? Take off the guise that hides the truth Be honest just one time. The world revolves on bullshit, most all balance on the fence. To risk a fall with honesty I guess just makes no sense. Poem by Tammy C.
Sugardaddy!? Lol
Lesson: You have a better chance of getting what you want if you treat someone with respect. ->Tongue2Swe...: wow so not only are you disrespectful, don't listen, and older then my dead daddy. your lazy too! amazing! and BLOCKED! Tongue2Swe...: show me a pic without your glasses...even though i love your glasses ->Tongue2Swe...: funny Tongue2Swe...: i think u r....but i still like u ->Tongue2Swe...: this is the way i am and it you don't like it then go away ->Tongue2Swe...: i'm not crabby Tongue2Swe...: why u so crabby? ->Tongue2Swe...: like i said perhaps you should read peoples profiles Tongue2Swe...: u having a bad week? ->Tongue2Swe...: and a business ->Tongue2Swe...: and several side jobs ->Tongue2Swe...: i have a job Tongue2Swe...: you bitch just like my daughter too ->Tongue2Swe...: it amuses me ->Tongue2Swe...: i love rejecting them so they come back at me with insults about how they think i'm ugly and don't want to fuck me after not just five minutes ago they
Just Grrrrrrrr.
Today was suppose to be my daughter's first day of school. few weeks before that, I think the last day before winter vacation. I ask is there anything I can do to prepare her. they mentioned a list but one thing that wasn't on there was a TB test. I go outside at 7:30 with her come back at 8 and call the school and ask what's going on, they put me though the bus, asked what her name was and told me she needs a TB test, I called my mother and told her that, she has half days Friday but my response was we'll have her miss a week of school for a TB test? so she's calling my brother who works at the clinic and hopefully we'll set up something.
OK, I know this is all for fun. Most everyone else knows this is all for fun. But I get SO upset/pissed off when I talk to some of my fu-friends and they tell me of some woman on here that they think they are falling for or they are really interested in... then I see this same woman on other men's pages saying the same shit to them. YES. I flirt. I admit it, its natural. BUT when I am interested in someone, I reign it in. I just feel that if I am truly interested in someone, I just don't WANT to be spreading that interest to others. There is a difference between acknowledging that someone looks good... even VERY GOOD... and insinuating that you want to f*ck their brains out. There are a few women on here that I have noticed leaving the same type of messages on many of my male friend's pages. So when I hear that one of my friends is interesting in one of these women, I feel like I should tell them what I "know" of this woman, but I am torn between that and leaving it alone, and no
Silent Screams
Many times I've called your name. Its feels like I'm going insane. So quiet and alone I scream in a such a high pitched tone. I can't even hear the sound of my own voice. Blood rushes down my back, You kiss me lightly upon my neck. I never thought you'd be the one, to have done what you have done. The blade is red as I now lay dead. Yet I can still see you You look at your hands you can't believe what you've done. You took my body and closed my eyes You held me tight and told your lies. You even cried but the real tears were mine. Now you try to beg back my life, which you took with a knife,through my heart, with your lies. Poem By Tammy C.
My New Career...sort Of
Due to complications that made my formula pretty much irrelevant... Surgery=job=$$$$ and resulting in.... $$$$ spent+ $0 earned=Uh oh! I've decided that my hobby of painting is going to have to perform double duty, so I'm selling my art. BFF Richard found me a website, similar to Ebay but they specialize in handmade items only, so you don't get lost in the listings. It's called similarly Etsy...cute, huh? Anyways, I find it hard to create and type so that explains why I'm on here sporadically. Hope everyone is enjoying a great 2009. :)
The Latest Douche...
Alright, by now you know me. I have NO problem going head-to-head with ANYONE on the mumms, but the last few days one kid has stood out from the rest. He's tried to rile me up, question my "manhood", bashing females he knows I'm friends with, whatever... Now, on one of his mumms in which I actually stuck around long enough for, he decides to block me... So, as I'm such a public servant to the Fu-Community, I'd like to bring attention to this creep... He goes by "Bronx Bull" (with "X"s here and there) and his profile is HERE! Stop by, and tell him "Jai says 'smootches'!"...
As I drift through the mind of the man I have become. I feel nothing,I realize now that I am numb. Ignorant to the feelings that should be there. For getting how it is to love or being able to share. Knowing that all I have done is in vain. Doing all I can do to remain sane. Sanity another over exaggerated term or better yet a lie. Like believing in the Easter bunny or that you can truly fly. Words are just a simple way of complicating what is true. That in life the only thing that remains is you.
Beach Story
I had been living in the hills surrounding Adelaide for about five years when I met Molly. She lived in the United States and had come to Adelaide for a holiday and we went for a sight seeing tour to explore the countryside and I was pleased to meet someone with whom to share my special places. I love being near the ocean but the beaches near Adelaide have very little swell and are a bit boring compared with those on the coast of Northern New South Wales where I used to live. The beaches that open out onto the Great Southern Ocean are different though. The coastline is rugged and the surf continually charges against the shore in great ragged waves. There are still a few die-hard surfers who brave the cold and the sharks in their full length wet suits hoping for that perfect wave. I never took up surfing but I often sit spellbound on these wild and boisterous beaches in awe of the majesty of creation. This particular afternoon we went to one of my favorite beaches. It is a place
Nothing At All.....
I am nothing to the world but every thing to me. Some pray for riches I pray only to be free. Free from my pain and more so my past. To realize I will some day be more then last. Being able to achieve a place rather then outcast. From the out side I am looking in. Waiting for my chance to begin. Able to be the man I truly am. Rather then labeled as junk mail or marked as spam.
And Then There Was Me
Just a child her self she discovered she was cursed with me. Praying every night for the man that would help her become free. No where to turn to no one she could trust she fell for a lie. He told her he loved her all the while wishing I would die. Night after night he would come home drunk and attempt to take my life. But my mommy was strong and she fought for my life. So here I stand the man he could not destroy. Still scared to death still that same little boy. The one she fought so hard for the very one who shares her pain.
Work Causes Brains To Explode
You'd think after a vacation, I'd be all bright eyed and bushy tailed at my first day back at the office, but this was not to be the case. To start off with, I have been away from the office for roughly three months now, with all the traveling and the vacation. Coming in, I noticed my pace was off. Typically I walk in with the pace that I hit the lights as they turn green, or a short wait until I can jaywalk. Not this morning, I was too late, or too early, and never did get it right. I got in to about 300 e-mails, which isnt bad considering. I swear at least 20 of them were "Are you there?" so I let my out of office count as an answer. Some were as if someone just grabbed a name from the address book at random and then asked questions. They don't know who I am, and I don't know who they are, so eff it, they don't deserve a reply. Then there were some that I was either CC'd or there were multiple To:'s so I figure if no one answered them, why should i? I think I sent about
17k To Level.....pls Help Out
Dui - Texas Style
DUI - TEXAS STYLE Only a person in Texas could think of this. From the county where drunk driving is considered a sport, comes this true story. Recently a routine police patrol parked outside a bar in Austin , Texas after last call the officer noticed a man leaving the bar so apparently intoxicated that he could barely walk. The man stumbled around the parking lot f or a few minutes, with the officer quietly observing. After what seemed an eternity in which he tried his keys on five different vehicles, the man managed to find his car and fall into it. H e sat there for a few minutes as a number of other patrons left the bar and drove off. Finally he started the car, switched the wipers on and off--it was a fine, dry summer night--, flicked the blinkers on and off a couple of times, honked the horn and t hen switched on the lights. He moved the vehicle forward a few inches, reversed a little and then remained still for a few more minutes as some more of the othe
Defense In Vain
Knowing me knowing you knowing all that lies between. Knowing what my heart desires, on stuborn pride I lean. Your fear of wounding me, my fear of wounding you. Our paths continue parralel never crossing I know this be true. We are upon the same journey yet upon seperate paths we remain. perhaps they may have crossed over or yet perhaps thru fear we refrain. Tis true we know not what the future to come may hold. Then yet I know what was once lively and warm lay now dormant and cold. I battle the constant urge to retreat to the comfort of my shell. My words have wounded you I fear yet how deep I can not tell. I never meant to harm you with those words my dearest friend. Tis an automatic defensiveness caused by wounds I've yet to mend. In my own selfish defense I struck so harsh and great. Protecting the still mending heart that I feared was at stake. I now feel that pain I have inflicted upon you and the loneliness I caused. through the sillence and the connection being a
Im Up For Auction. Rate All Pics.. Top Spots..
Justin Wins 2009 Holiday Tournament!!
Lebanon fifth at tournament Israel Potoczny Jan 5, 2009 Lebanons Trevor Byrd and Justin Britt win titles at Holiday Tournament SPRINGFIELD Behind tournament titles by Justin Britt and Trevor Byrd, Lebanon placed fifth at the Springfield Holiday Tournament on Saturday. The two-day tournament, held at Parkview High School, featured 24 teams from three states. Britt, the No. 1 ranked heavy weight in Missouri Class 4 according to, remained undefeated with a major decision (14-3) over Kickapoo heavy weight Casey Wiener in the title match. Wiener, 20-5, had posted an upset win over Willards Chris McMullin in the second match of the tournament. Britt, 23-0, posted wins over Lance Gregory (12-9), Nate Tulone (William Chrisman) en rote to the title match. Wrestling at 215 pounds, Byrd posted a 3-2 win over Centrals Sky Thomas in the title match. Thomas entered the match boasting a 21-2 record. Zach Drinkal, 15-10,
To Do Or Not To ? Is Indeed The Question.
Ok an old flame calls you for a hook-up.You are happily in love with the person you are with and don't want to fuck things up....But the sex with this person was soooooo goood that u just can't stop thinkn about it.SO to do it or not to do it?Help me out here people
Gods Forsaken Radio Has A Beast!
Starry Night Auction
imikimi - Customize Your World! *JuicyFruit69(Bi)*(Greeter@DDR)*Sarge's Bad Girl*RR*My Girl Ktown Crazy Moma*@ fubar
Life And Why I Always Seem To Be Sad Or Depressed
So if anyone didnt know i got kicked out of school for the year and well its made life really sucky and really hard. trying to prove to my parents that i am an adult i decided not to move back home and get a job here. so when i first a job thigns were ok, then joe got fired and my roommate stopped going to work all the time and using all of his fmla. that made shit pretty hard for me cause i get paranoid so easily that i got worried about losing our house and whatnot. then my job started cutting my hours, now we havent had work since the sunday before thxgiving. they got hours for a week this last month, but the day they started i had to leave back home because my grandmother was dying in the hospital. so money has been a huge issue. on top of it me being out of school depresses me because school is all ive ever known. on top of it all joe and i keep hitting rocks and i dunno if were going to make it. i upset him with all my crying, he upsets me with his laziness, anger, and constant m
Bitterness Without Selfishness!
SO not my writing of course but I love these! This is what I long for someone who can do just this for me! Unfortunately I am looking for the absolute impossible! :( ~*Key to my heart*~ "I had closed upon my heart, and wouldn't let anyone in, I had trusted and loved only to be hurt, but that would never happen again, I had locked the door, and tossed the key as hard and as far as i could, love would never enter there again, my heart was closed for good. Then you came into my life, and made me change my mind, just when i thought that tiny key was impossible to find, That's when you held out your hand, and proved to me i was wrong, inside your palm was the key to my heart, you had it all along." I happen to like this one as well! I have felt this way before but geeez how I feel that I will never ever find this again! ~*All i want is you*~ "I'll tell it rather simply, I'll say it plain and true, a simple thing is all i want, and all i want is you Ther
I Wish It Was Legal To Kick My Husband's Ass.
Oh damn he has pissed me off good. OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo I am so pissed! He is damn lucky that he doesn't get the wrath of me. He is DAMN lucky that it is a wrestling night. HE IS DAMN LUCKY THAT I LOVE HIM. How can such a smart man be such an idiot sometimes!!!!!!!!! The man is brilliant yet STUPID AS FUCK!!!! I want to punt his balls! I want to rip his head off Mortal Combat style, but I wont.I ooooooooooooooo man ooooooooooooooo FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!
Never Enough
I would consider myself lucky and blessed each and everyday. I have a house, i have my family, my mom would do anything for me, i have some of the gretest friends in the world. My boyfriend is amazing and i have the things i need and want. So why am I so depressed. I am striving to make myself a better person. Going back to school was a big challange for me, but I did it. I didn't do that well but I got distracted along the way. I have one friend inparticular who pushed me to go back to school and when i did we were fine. but then she wants me to do this and do that and lose some friends she doesnt like or dump a guy she doesnt like. Like she is my mother. and its getting old! I had to listen to her bitch at me for 2 hours on the phone today cuz i never call her or see her im always stuck up chad's ass. but what she doesnt get is that its not chads fault its hers. I dont wanna be around that bullshit all the time. she makes me feel so bad about myself at times and i just wanna punch he
Bad November - Track 3 - Anarchy
Bad November Disclaimer: This is the first chapter in a story I wrote. None of the characters in this story are real and any relation to anyone dead or living is not intended. I apologize for any wrong use of United Kingdom English because I am not that familiar with United Kingdom slang. Any input would be welcome and any flaming will be ignored. This story is planned to be revised and maybe I can talk the writer to let me post them here if people like them. Please comment and let the writer and me know what you like or don't like. Also if 2 male characters being romantically involved sickens you please don't read. If you're still interested please keep reading. One last note, if anyone wishes to copy my story please get permission first (Not that I think that will happen but who knows). Lyrics from the song Anarchy - Anarchy, anarchy/ Throw your books away/ Anarchy, anarchy/ Question what they say Track 3 - Anarchy College indeed flew by during September. I barely
Is That Too Much To Be Askin' For?
imikimi - Customize Your World! Oh there's something 'bout a man in black, Makes me want to buy a cadillac, Throw the top back, And roll down to Jackson town, I wanna be there on the stage with you, You and I could be the next rage to, Hear the crowd roar, Make 'em one more, I'll kick the footlights out, I wanna love like Johnny and June, Rings of fire burnin' with you, I wanna walk the line, Walk the line, 'Till the end of time, I wanna love, Love ya that much, Cash it all in, Give it all up, When you're gone, I wanna go too, Like Johnny and June, I wanna hold you baby right or wrong, Build a world around a country song, Pray a sweet prayer, Follow you there, Down in history, I wanna love like Johnny and June, Rings of fire burnin' with you, I wanna walk the line, Walk the line, 'Till the end of time, I wanna love, Love ya that much, Cash it all in, Give it all up, When you're gone, I wanna go too, Like Johnny and June, Like Johnn
Angel Dawn Kris Rawks Check This Out
Thank You
Who Wants A Vip? Come Bid On Me...
Taking Entries - Sweetwaters Live Auction
Why is every body so damn sensetive? "OMG SHE JUST SHOWED THE BEGINNING OF HER CLEVAGE CRACK! THAT IS SO NSFW!" or "OMG ALL HE WANTS TO DO IS FUCK! IS THAT ALL GUYS EVER WANT TO DO?" first off, this is an adult sight, if somebody wants to show a picture of them getting fisted, LET THEM. its their business. second, yes I fuck most of the time that I am awake and not at work. You dont like it you dont have to look at my page. and if I try and strike up a conversation with you, dont go bitchy on me immediatley. just say hey, dont want your cock. and at that point I can take a hind and piss off. Its not that hard. Ok I feel better now. Stop being so damn sensitive you yuppy fuckers.
Boring Is From Lack Of Interest In's Not From Life It Self.
Take an interest in life and you'll find it to be an infinite source of richness and value. Become fascinated with certain aspects of this world and you'll find an endless source of treasure and possibility. There is nothing in life that's boring. There are only people who choose to see things as boring. In fact, wherever you are and whatever you're doing can be truly fascinating when you decide to make it so. Life in any moment is as interesting as you wish to make it. When you're truly interested in what you're doing, you'll do it much more effectively. When you choose to take an interest, you'll discover whole new worlds of opportunity. You are immersed in a truly amazing and fascinating universe. With just the slightest spark of interest, you can begin to travel a path of discovery that will lead to beautiful places you cannot now imagine. Instead of complaining about how dull life is, truly take an interest, and follow that interest with passion. There is no limit to
Hope And Disappointment...
"Its precisely the disappointing stories, which have no proper ending and therefore no proper meaning, that sound true to life." -- Max Frisch "Dont get your hopes up!" Were you warned of this as a child? What does this say? It says that life is bound to disappoint you. It says, dont aim high because youre not likely to get what you want. It says that we cant expect good things to happen to us. As our thinking creates our reality, this kind of thinking dooms us to a mundane existence. Its time to change our stories. Why not focus the immense power of our hearts and minds on bringing to fruition the very best life has to offer? Allow yourself to hope and believe in all possibilities. "Hope is the companion of power, and the mother of success; for who so hopes has within him the gift of miracles." -- Samuel Smiles "The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it fr
Were Leaving Fu
dear friends, we have to leave fu we sorry .. we will leave this blog up for a week or so an we will also be deleating this account.. porkys is already gone we need to save our marrage more then be on this site... if you still wana talk to us then plz your more then welcome to add us on yahoo porkys yim is lil_satans_kidd and mine is paininthebutt91182 if your our true friend we hope to hear from you soon we love you all and hope to talk soon love always babez and porky
My 2nd Trip To Ohio
Last week I went to Ohio to see my DJ Bear. We had such a great time together. Sunday we took Devin to the Mall for Pictures & then I talked to The Manager about Transfering - So I will be starting there feb 1st as of right now. Most of the time we didn't really do much we went to Dinner a few times with my Mom, Met his grandparents (well my mom did I already met them in July), his Aunt & a few cousins. New Years Eve we just stayed in drinking a little and played board games. Not much else really happened just spent alot of time together. I am moving there in a few weeks! So, wish us luck!
Verbal Diarrhea
sometimes there are things in life difficult to talk to others about. even common mundane things can be awkward and embarrassing. I'm overwhelmed with mixed emotions lately and wish very much that i could just let my mind be peace. i feel torn and confused and dissatisfied with my life in this body, and all the baggage associated with it. the thing that makes me the happiest right now also makes me the heart is miles and miles away, in the hands of a man I'm crazy for. It's a difficult thing to persevere through. and it sucks not having the resources to just do as i please and go to him. ahhhh...but what do I know about anything anyway? perhaps close proximity is too much to ask for. i feel like I've won this huge prize but will never see it because of circumstance. Be grateful for what you have is what i keep telling myself.
A Diamond
never take someone for granted,, hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you've lost a diamond while you were to busy collecting stones This holds true for a person I know :-) DJSessions52 Hope u dont mind I took this from ur profile!
Hair Care Products
Instant Freeze mousse, gel & hair spray ROCKS!
What's Fun Got To Do With It
Finding Joy in Meaningless Tasks Spending an afternoon working on the car, gardening, or even cleaning the house can be fun when we have an interest in the project. Yet, we can also find joy in the chores and tasks we don't especially like. All we need is a change of attitude, a different approach, a little music, or some help from friends, and the tasks or responsibilities that we perceive as tedious can become a source of pleasure. Most of us tend to put off what it is that we dont want to do. Yet, one of the best approaches to an unpleasant task or dull chore is to dive right in and be fully mindful of what it is that you are doing. You may not perceive washing the kitchen floor as enjoyable, but it can be if you view it as a loving act for both yourself and your family. Lose yourself in paying your bills, and thank the universe that you are able to receive the service you are writing that check for. Mending can become a treasure hunt to find the right button and matching thr
Ive got new pics on my computer but when I go to down loan them here it says the pics are to big. How do I fix that?
What Goes Around Comes Back Around
Ironic this has Scarlett Johanson in it.. He always said she reminded him of me and liked her.. LOL Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around via Hey Girl Is he everything you wanted in a man? You know I gave you the world You had me in the palm of your hand So why your love went away I just can't seem to understand Thought it was me and you, baby (baby) Me and you until the end But I guess I was wrong Don't wanna think about it (uh) Don't wanna talk about it (uh) I'm just so sick about it I can't believe it's ending this way Just so confused about it (uh) Feeling the blues about it (yeah) I just can't do without ya Tell me is this fair Is the way it's really going down? Is this how we say goodbye? Shoulda known better when you came around That you were gonna make me cry It's breaking my heart to watch you run around Cause I know that you're living a lie But that's ok, baby, cause in time you will fi
The Apple Excerpt
He tried to replay in his mind the meeting with this strange woman, to pull up from his memory file the way she looked at him when he took a bite of the apple: her animalistic cold eyes and a carnivorous smile that lifted the corners of her mouth in such a mysterious yet conspiratory way. He clearly remembered every second of that occurrence, her every gesture and sound, but any memory previous to that moment was completely erased from his brain, and no matter how hard he tried, he just could not recall where and under which circumstances he could have met her. He could hardly tell whether this was a dream or reality, having only the physical evidence of this event taking place to confirm the latter, so this amnesia was not surprising whatsoever. Whether or not it happened, he knew he wanted to see her again, to smell that exotic aroma of sandalwood and vanilla mixed in with some unknown to him spices, to have those wild eyes glare at him again, revealing the fire glowing deep inside.
Frog I Made My Son
Little frog I made for my son. He saw the pic of it at the store and wanted it lol.
Poncho I Made My Daughter
Poncho I made for my daughter. She loves it now lol
26k To Godfather!
only 26k and has tons of pics! hit him up! KIPSTER ~ RATE SPANKER'S member ~(fu-hub to the queen)~@ fubar
Friendship Letter To All Love N Hugs Cherie'marie Aka Witchesbrew
Send your friend a letter at
You Know...
I'm tired of everyone being cowards and yet then acting like the victim and getting pissed off when people call their bluff and blow up their spot. If people would actually fucking be honest for once it would save them the drama that their bullshit and games actually causes them. Where the fuck did honesty fucking go? Fuck.
Bad November - Track 5 - Eternal Summer
Bad November Disclaimer: This is a chapter in a story I wrote. None of the characters in this story are real and any relation to anyone dead or living is not intended. I apologize for any wrong use of United Kingdom English because I am not that familiar with United Kingdom slang. Any input would be welcome and any flaming will be ignored. Also if 2 male characters being romantically involved sickens you please don't read. If you're still interested please keep reading. One last note, if anyone wishes to copy my story please get permission first (Not that I think that will happen but who knows). Lyrics from Eternal Summer - Hanging with my mates/ Having fun in the sun/ Watching the girls walk by/ I want to go back to that time/ Where nothing matters/ I want to go back to that time/ We can have eternal summer Track - 5 - Eternal Summer After Gavin told me he wanted me to meet his friend I was worried. I am not sure if they will know who I am. Yet I know people will judg
The View From 39
I'm coming into a place in my life where it occurs to me "mid-life" isn't just a catchy word for turning 40. It's very much a reality. I'm not sure I'm over the hill, but I feel the weight of my elders dragging me forward. On one side of the hill, my parents, grandparents and their peers are passing on. My mother must go to a funeral a month. I hear the tremble in her voice when she talks. It is painful for her to let them all go. Her peers represent her youth, the experiences of love and laughter that have brought her to this twilight. On the other side are my children, full of mischief and hope, as they charge forward. My oldest is 14. I can feel her straining to peddle her life faster up the hill. It frustrates her that we continue to push her back down, because she can't see over the top, and we can. They don't know that innocence is a blessing. I went to the cemetary on Christmas Eve. I rarely go. I don't find any comfort at the site of my father's grave. Mos
Leaking Out My Stress
*this isn't about anybody on fubar* the name is carni,the next midwest lyrical demon books upon books with hidden scriptures of black magic have your body twitchin when i'm 3 states away not the mofo to fuck with, have so many untapped abilities got a family like no other that i'm ready to die for (haha if i could) think i'm ugly and stupid, well FUCK YOU, u don't know me don't like the way i act well quess what FUCK YOu i'm me and that's it, no point in changin just to make u happy got SP on the shirt don't know what SP is, well it's the next big thing finally th Super Producer and the Straight Jacket Psycho collide on one track breakin the lock on ur brain and lettin reality sink in what u thought u knew is about to change no gimmicks just facts the raps i spit with the beat they on will make your head spilt whoever said nice guys finish last is a damn lie been single to long got myself thinkin that i'm not good enough how the fuck are u gonna tell me no u
Hope You Like
What a real man would do.... € Grab her neck when you kiss her, it's a real turn on. Not her butt/boobs. € Stay on the phone with her even if shes not saying anything. € When she's mad hug her tight and don't let go then kiss her € When she says she's ok dont believe it talk with her € Never cheat on her because 10 yrs later she'll remember you € Call her at 12:00am on her birthday to tell her you love her € Call her before you sleep and after you wake up € Treat her like a person and not something to show off for € Tease her and let her tease you back. € Stay up all night with her when she's sick. € Watch her favorite movie with her. € TRUST HER WITH HER GUY FRIENDS € Let her wear your clothes. € When she's bored and sad, hang out with her. € Let her know she's important. € Kiss her in the pouring rain. € When she runs
It Can Work
when it comes to having a relationships even if they are long distance if the 2 people like each other then they can make it work it dont matter how far they may live as long as they do plan on meeting atlest this way is kind of good but it also sucks the good parts are give you time to get to know them give you some time to think give you time to talk on the phone and it does give you time to know he might be the right one if he keeps in contact with you in some way weather it made me im or cell or even on a social network now we come to the bad things that does suck ass you wont be able to have sex with them however i think that is good my self since after all iam tire of only being good enough for a fuck Buddie you wont be able to hold them you wont be able to go out and do things with them unless you use your webcam lol but you no what anything that is worth it in this world you should be able
This overwhelming sensation is causing much aggravation. My brain is slowly corroding, and my thoughts are going through destruction. This is the final attempt to get them down, before they get annihilated. My love and hate once was segregated, now are being desegregated. Why does everyone think I'm kidding when I'm being sedate. Everyone seems to misinterpret this as me simply trying to execrate. It's really not my fault I'm pestilential in my secular ways. My secularism is currently blocking out the sun's rays. People are mad because my evil words are causing secularization. From doing so I have gotten rid of mine and caused someone else's aggravation. So I guess my words could be described as a thunderclap. That are constantly causing some form of a mishap. I guess you could associate my secularism with my misanthropic position. For man created religion that's why I'll never make an invocation. Still it all contributes to my mental frustration. Still my beliefs are
Written Monday, September 10, 2007 Missing loved ones that seem so far from me and why? A continuous cycle made by random wheels of reason. It hurts. The tears stream down my face like acid rain, pooling beneath my chin and crashing upon my chest. The ache of my heart continues to shatter my soul day by day. I wonder what must change in order to become whole again. I recall similar sensation in times of tragedy but today's case is seemingly un-provoked; merely another dreadful day in the life of someone virtually lifeless. The calming comes as my words highlight an inevitable path toward hell. Turmoil has become home; as sacred and comforting a place as I will ever find. /self-pity LittleO
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More About Me
Written Wednesday, January 7, 2009 I love cuddling and sunsets and sitting outside at night or when it's cold out. I prefer hugging to kissing. I love going for walks whenever with whomever. I enjoy good conversation. I hate being vulnerable and I can't stand my awareness of the broken heart that is struggling to beat within my chest. I love the feeling I get when despite my circumstances, I am able to keep my head held up high. I love the people who are successful with encouraging me to do so. Making people smile makes me smile. Making people cry kills a little piece inside me that I'm afraid I will never get back. I don't like hospitals and I like being sick all of the time even less. I have more issues than I know what to do with and still that doesn't seem to push people away. I don't understand it. I also don't understand why I always feel a need to push them away on my own. I've actually gotten much better at this particular flaw. I am excited to say that every step I have rec
Trials & Tribulations
Something I came across Sunday, October 07, 2007 A young woman went to her mother and told her about her life and how things were so hard for her. She did not know how she was going to make it and wanted to give up. She was tired of fighting and struggling. It seemed as one problem was solved, a new one arose. Her mother took her to the kitchen. She filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Soon the pots came to boil. In the first she placed carrots, in the second she placed eggs, and in the last she placed ground coffee beans. She let them sit and boil, without saying a word. In about twenty minutes she turned off the burners. She fished the carrots out and placed them in a bowl. She pulled the eggs out and placed them in a bowl. Then she ladled the coffee out and placed it in a bowl. Turning to her daughter, she asked, "Tell me what you see." "Carrots, eggs, and coffee," she replied. Her mother brought her closer and asked her to feel the carrots. Sh
It is interesting to me the things that life brings us when we are least expecting it. I have found someone that i find totally amazing. as if out of nowhere he appeared in my life. in actualitly tho, he had been in it before i even realized it. He found me. several times of having been on my page and rating me and re reading my page over and over and one day i walk into where he is. the way he treats me, the patience that he has, the loving way that he makes me feel so wonderful about my self, the thoughtful things that he does....i dont know how i got so lucky as to be the one that was found or that he wants...but i am thankful everyday that i am that one. the attraction, the chemistry, the connection is all there on such a level that blows me away sometimes. he has asked me to be his forever...and i have agreed. i cant see myself spending one moment without him. if it is a dream...then please dont pinch me and please dont wake me up. i want to remain in this dream fo
The Angel
Allen Kirsch sat with a gun to his head on a bench over looking the Ashtabula harbor. The gun was a .38 he had purchased a month earlier from a friend who has been desperately trying to get rid of the weapon for weeks. His hands were shaking as his thoughts raced to his wife who had died the night before of Leukemia in the Ashtabula County Medical Center. Tears streamed down his grief stricken face. Why had I not been able to help her? Why did you take her from me! he cursed to the heavens. She had been twenty-seven, smart, beautiful, and full of life before the cancer had corroded her body. Nancy had only been two years older than him and a brilliant school teacher at Thomas Jefferson Elementary in the city of Ashtabula. She was a vibrant redhead with everything going for her when he had met her four years earlier in the summer after her graduation from Kent State University. He had been working at Worthington Cylinders in Jefferson after his graduation from Jefferson High
Brand New Lounge :) Come Join Our Family For Drinks Live Dj's Good Music & Fun
Auto's On
Come on, come play, Auto's onBi Rebel Gypsy ~~ Southern Sex Symbol ~~@ fubar
Things You Don't Say To Your Wife
This is funny, all comments are welcome and its also true if you listen to the lyrics!!
Happy Unbirthday Train
I Want To Invite You All To My UNBIRTHDAY PARTY TRAIN ride. This Ride is goin to be sooooo Much Fun. What Is A UNBIRTHDAY? you say? Well Let My Two Friends MadHatter & March Hare & Doormouse Explain... March Hare: Its very simple. Now, thirty days have sept- no, when... an unbirthday, if you have a birthday then you... haha... they doesnt know what an unbirthday is! Mad Hatter: How silly! Ha HA Ha Ha! Ah-hum... I shall ellusinate! Now statistics prove, prove that youve one birthday. March Hare: Imagine, just one birthday every year. Mad Hatter: Ahhh, but there are 364 unbirthdays! March Hare: Precisely why were gathered here to cheer! So If Today is your Unbirthday And would love to join us for Teas and cakes, All
Bugs Are Bad, Mkay?
Ever suddenly wake up from a super deep sleep and not know what the cause of your untimely waking is? That's what happened to me this morning. Er, around noon. It took forever for me to regain proper vision and motor skills, and even longer to remember what I had been dreaming about. *shudders at the thought* I'm not one that is typically disgusted by bugs, but this "thing" was atrocious. It was orange and black, with a huge stinger-type thing protruding from its head. I'd say it was more roach-like than anything, but I think it had more than six legs. Oh, and somewhere buried in my memory, I want to think the little fucker taunted me before it attacked. That thing was built like an armadillo, but moved like a spider on a web. Ew. I'm pretty grossed out just thinking about it. I don't remember if I died or if I was successful in killing the creepy bastard; the rest of the details are fuzzy. I'm not sure who I was with, or even what I had been doing before the prick c
Heard This.........thought Of You
for you little one......... Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
A Lesson In Life
You cant treat people that you love, as if they are nothing to you. Cuz after so much disrespect, they won't be there for you. You don't care, or see a reason to care right now. You dont even care whne their tears come down. But soon or later you will see, that the ones you caused pain, were the ones you will need. Those are the kind who will, now, only live in your mind.You will regret, without a doubt in my mind, everything that you did when you look around and theres no one to be found. You have now been left behind. When your time comes and you slip, then you fall. You'll be devastated. Your heart will break when theres no one there to call. But I myself, I know your game. I've been there and done that so I dont wanna play. I've got to admit I care alot for you. But not enough to be a part of the damage you'll do. Therefore I must back away. I cant stay, now that I've seen your ways. If you can treat everyone else that way, nothing will stop you from treating me that way. I won't a
Going Deep
Self-Examination at Depth There are times when life urges us to seek more. Small changes to our comfort zone may fail to alleviate any sense of stagnancy or frustration, and we may need to examine our lives and ourselves more deeply to find the right place to start. Everything we need for success and joy lies within. But so often, lifes debris accumulates, building layers around our core that makes it difficult to access the truth that resides within. To reach the depth we wish to access, we must dive below these layers to the deepest parts of ourselves. The first layer can be found in our minds. Our to-do lists and busy work are usually less important than we think, so we must look past them to examine the thoughts that matter most to us. The next layer can be found in our hearts, where past hurts and disappointments can sometimes cover up our vulnerabilities, as well as the truth of who and what really stirs the love within us. We can choose to go even deeper to our center.
Poems From Myspace - The Popular Ones
The Popular Ones They always told me I was ugly, a nobody, a loser, no one likes me. I would take that message back to my heart, there it would tare me apart until I was in complete agony. I would toss and turn at night wondering if they were wrong or right, hoping I could have one tearless night. At school in the mornings I would stay out of sight, out of the reach of their judging eyes. Instead of standing up for myself, I would run in the bathroom, look in the mirror, and try to convince myself. "Apples pull it together look at you, you're fucking beautiful. Your eyes, your lips, your skin, can't you see? You're one of a kind, not a loser, that's not an illusion, hunny.." Alas, no matter how hard I tired to persuade myself, I sooner or later had to step out from that bathroom, and all the harsh words came rushing back to my senses. I would be overwhelmed but go through my day, keeping a mirror in my purse to reflect my way. Like a security blanket, there comes a day, when y
Old Myspace Poems - The Great Climb
The Great Climb It's absolutely amazing, the changes that were made by ourselves, without any thought. We knew to do things we've never done before, went to places we weren't allowed to, and triumphed in our youthful rebelliousness. It was a time to discover what we were, a time to "love", climb and then fall. Our own little twisted warp in time, our very own Laguna Beach... Where are we now? No one is the same, all driven apart by the forces of life, and just the paths we wind down. It is a truly a beautiful, painful, and most complex situation, this thing we call life. We may be growing older, and wiser, nonetheless life still takes us places we've never been before, leading us down winding roads, allowing ourselves to be enveloped by the sun and swallowed by the moon. We will keep climbing until our legs give out and no longer allow us to carry on, it is the only way... We still carry on to the pinnacle, and still we fall, and fall again. We will triumph, and we
Urban Dictionary
Stolen from Suga Lips Under each question, answer it, then go to urbandictionary. com and put the VERY FIRST definition that comes up. 1) Whats your name? ME: Van UD: Van -a large vehicle used to smoke pot in, drink alcohol in, or to do "the nasty" -also known as: "the shaggin' wagon" -the name "van" originated by an everything-loving hippie named van wilkie. her legacy lives on even to this day, and her afro holds more memories that you could ever know. 2) Whats your age? ME: 27 UD: 27 the age all rockstars die at: jimi hendrix jim morrison janis joplin kurt cobain alexander the great james dean river phoenix brad nowell (lead singer to sublime) died at the age of 28 years and 2 days (2 days from joining the club) you and i have been through that and this is NOT our fate 3) Name one of your friends? ME: Trixy UD: Trixy trixy - 1 definition - a jerk who tries to double-cross you by tricking you and taking your money.
Everyone's Doing It.
Stolen from a shit-ton of people. Under each question, answer it, then go to urbandictionary. com and put the VERY FIRST definition that comes up. 1) What's your name? ME: Amanda UD: Amanda Amanda does NOT mean "A man DUH" it is a name which means "Love" in the definations of name books. Hi my name is Amanda yourself? 2) What's your age? ME: 28 UD: 28 The number 28 means to titty bite. The number 2 is meant to look like a jaw while the 8 being titties. Dude, Im'a gonna 28 your girlfriend so hard she'll drop 3 breast sizes. 3) Name one of your friends? ME: Rhiannon UD: Rhiannon Rhiannon is the name of a goddess from welsh mythology. Also the name of a song By Stevie Nicks. 5) Whats you favorite color? ME: Blue UD: Blue The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo, evoked in a human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 420 to 490 nanometers. The sky is blue. 6) What is the na
For Tappinit
Applicability of Deceptive Trade Practices Statutes Deceptive trade practices statutes do not govern all situations where one party has deceived another party. Most states limit the scope of these statutes to commercial transactions involving a consumer purchasing or leasing goods or services for personal, household, or family purposes. The terms used in each statute to set forth the scope of the statute are often the subject of LITIGATION. The majority of states requires a liberal interpretation of the terms of the deceptive trade practices statutes, including those describing the applicability of the statutes. Trade or Commerce Several states limit the applicability of deceptive trade practices to transactions in trade or commerce. This requirement usually incorporates a broad range of profit-oriented transactions. But it generally excludes trade between non-merchants and similar transactions. Consumer Transactions The appropriate plaintiff under most deceptive trade pract
And The Winners Are.......
And The Winners Of The Timed Album Are 1st place for the 75K issplit between 2 people, they both rated at 18 minutes Big Dog Big Dog♥Fu-hubby to Lover1♥@ fubar Lover1 ~LOVER1~FU WIFE TO BIG DOG~@ fubar 2nd place isfor 50K that rated at 19 minutes The Wolf Corann The wolf Corann@ fubar 3rd placefor 25K that rated at 20 minutes Lost Soul Lost Soul~Club United~ Rate Spankers~RR~ Fu Owned by Bitter Sweet & Heart Inspector@ fubar I want to thank each and everyone that participated rating my pictures during this contest and my auto 11s. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! My Rate Spankers Family & Friends Rock!
The Drifter..definition Of A Slap!!
Prove It....
I was at work today and was sending messages to my love. She sent me one saying I Love You! I replied by saying prove it... she replied with how can i do that... I said only you can know that... a few minutes passed... I ended up getting an email from the receptionist.. when i began to read it... it said... you just received a phone call from Ida and she wanted me to tell you that she love's you very much and miss you with all her heart... I was speechless.... That was the first time anyone has proved it to me... I Love You!!
For Christopher, Aka Tappinit!
It is time ... Fu has -finally- hit my limit. Jan 1 I purchased a Level 4 Blast ($50) for a friends Birthday. Paypal completed the transaction, yet no Blast was delivered. PM's to Scrapper, and follow-up emails to Support have fallen on deaf ears. Scrapper read the PM 2 hours after I sent it, yet not even an acknowledgement. The silence is deafening. This is not the first time that a Paypal transaction has 'burped'. The most recent occurrence, Scrapper took care of it and then some .... Kudos. This IS the first time that Fu Admin has refused to acknowledge an accounting error. Now I understand that it is the Holidays and personnel are on vaca .... BUT .... Somebody's got to be minding the store! Our wallets are their bread and butter. One would think that they'd make attention to customer support their FIRST priority. No Paypal/Credit Cards, no paycheck. I've been a good Fu ... I've had numerous people join the site ..... I've helped Noobs navigate the
The Christmas Gift....
Year after year I spend all I have for my kids... Down to the last penny with out one thought of regret. I don't expect anything and have not for the last 10 years until this year... I have a person in my life that means the world to me... I have the most wonderful kids that anyone can ask for... If you ask me if I received everything I wanted, I would probably say Yes... I did not receive much and I'm good with that... but when I received this from my daughter it brought me to tears, it filled my soul with love, and brightened up my holiday more so then i have ever imagined... Below you will see what she gave me. This is priceless and will never be forgotten...I AM SO BLESSED!
Thank You Lady Victoria
A New Beginning
One day, one moment, The glimpse of a doves first lyrical flight. Freedom, love, and pain all end in the night. To know me is to know suffering, to know pain. No remorse, no chance at gain. Life ends and begins with her first breath, her first light. All at once life makes sense somehow....Somehow it seems right.
If You Love Someone.....
Variations on "If you love something, set it free..." THE ORIGINAL VERSION: If you love something, Set it free. If it comes back, it's yours, If it doesn't, it never was yours. THE PESSIMIST'S VERSION: If you love somebody, Set her free. If she ever comes back, she's yours, If she doesn't, well, as expected, she never was. THE OPTIMIST'S VERSION: If you love somebody, Set her free. Don't worry, she will come back. THE SUSPICIOUS VERSION: If you love somebody, Set her free. If she ever comes back, ask her why. THE IMPATIENT VERSION: If you love somebody, Set her free. If she doesn't come back within some time limit, forget her. THE PATIENT VERSION: If you love somebody, Set her free. If she doesn't come back, continue to wait until she comes back. THE PLAYFUL VERSION: If you love somebody, Set her free. If she comes back, and if you love her still, set her free again; repeat. THE LAWYER'S VERSION: If you love somebody, Set her free. Clause 1a of Paragraph 13a-1 in th
Amazing Memorys & True Friends
***One whole Year of amazing Memorys that I will Never Forget*** Ty to all my true,real,honest...Friends for making this year a year that i will always hold in my heart! A year that i realized there was such thing as True friends!My fu family is the MOST AMAZING on Fubar! I hope u all know how much you mean to me and i want to thank you all for being there when it was most needed and being there when sometimes it felt like the whole world was walking out! Sure Confidence makes me Sexy But My Friends are what mostly Make me Confident!There Real!Honest!True!Caring!& Loving! They are not 2 faces! They dont backstab! & they are not all about the Points!They are here for friendship and so am I and thats what makes My fu family the most amazing on fubar!*** **Show mad Love to these amazing men & woman!They deserve it and a lot more***( No certain order just grabbed links lol) Chuckiiboo@ fubar chuck@ fubar SPIKE@ fubar Mrs.S.@ fubar Wonder_Woman Owned by Raps
Deaths Lullaby....
I walked silently between the tree's in this dream. In the distance death gleamed at me. Death pointed his hand of fate, your life this day I must take! when you wake and I am gone, hold me in your heart! My soul is gone with Death's enticing song. I know its short..
The Heart Of A True Gypsy
as i have tried to explain to ppl who cross my page... I am a TRU GYPSY... my mother is full blooded ROMANIAN GYPSY there has always been a strong sense of family and protecting that which one holds so dearly... family is everything... friends are a blessing that are to truly be cherished... even in the simpelist of ways... my dearest friend/kindred/sister found some videos that have helped me... see like every one else i struggle with my own lifes lessons and at times i need my friends to help me as well... with these videos she sent me i have to say... one must close your eyes... the first video, is in a different language. watch the images for they are very real... as i started to listen i was over come w the feeling of having my own family that r passed standing here with me, i had the hairs on my arms first raise, then i felt a hand on my shoulder then the rest of my body started to b covered with these chills... i was once again reminded of my grand
Amazing You
slowly..... lips caress working my way down your body. Gently as I shiver....gently.. as i shiver. never before and never again will two people feel so.....oh .... oh how your body is perfect in every imperfect way. the way your teeth are not so perfect is perfect, the way you touch me is amazing. The way our hot sweaty bodies press firmly against each other.....oh more shivers.... oh your breathing harder now as my lips get ever so close...closer now ...closer...mmmmmm as your back arches and your body moves closer.....oh you taste soooo good. Can this last forever. with every kiss i want more with every caress i want more. every minute i spend with you i treat it as my last.... never tiring of you, of your taste, of your touch. now im ever so close, kissing every inch, closer now. and closer are you to that ever so great feeling, but i will not let you have it, NO, not that easy the night has just wait there is more to come. closer and closer as my li
Pledge Of Allegiance!!!!!!!
you know every now and again life lets some happiness in ur life. Well as it sits i dont think i could be happier then i am now. i have the most awesome bf that a girl could ask for. things just flow between us theres none of the bs tryin to make it work..with us it just works. Honestly i feel like im the luckiest person alive! He's on my mind when i wake.. through out the day .. when i go to bed ..n i bet if you would videotape me while i sleep im smiling then to.Ive fallen so hard for him its unreal at times. N i know by the little things he does that he feels the same way.He owns my heart.
You stand,tired of the surrounding Torn and fragile You desperately looking For a way out Its not the first time The feeling has spoken You have always deny its existence Rejecting it Pushing it away When it emerge from Your own shadows You fear,powerless against The vulnerability that has overtaken your soul Slowly moving itself to Your heart Your life, once again Standing in this stationary lonesome When what seems to be right is wrong Escape, is no answer You've been there before Nothing is going to stop This rising feeling
Sad Love
When I was a young girl Looking up the night skies I wished upon a falling star That when I grow up It will give me a fine man To fall in love The day I see you My wish came true What a beautiful face you have I fell in love instantly Hoping you'll do the same for me The feelings so naive Sometimes I laughed at myself I foolishly pour all my love In your heart That is filled by another person In your eyes I can see a reflection of her In your heart I can feel you are missing her In your song I can hear her favorite tune In your words I can see her,not me Even so I refused to walked away Even if I'm going to die Unsatisfied I'll stay by your side
ARIES (March 21-April 19): Take the initiative and show everyone what you have to offer. You can make it on your own, so stop waiting for others to make a move. Once you start moving in a direction that suits you, nothing will be able to slow you down. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Concentrate on getting ahead and do not leave room for error. Love is looking positive and pursuing something with that special person that could be prosperous, will bring you closer together. Follow your dreams. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Set your sights high and do not deviate from them even if someone you are impressed with tries to sway you. You must be true to your goals if you want to be successful. Don't let anything deter you from getting what you want. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Pour your heart out if it will help you solve a pending problem. A change of heart or partnership will do you good. A passionate encounter is in the stars and a serious commitment can be made. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22):
At Least Cars Don't Get Jealous
I drive a 01 chevy blazer, I like the truck a lot, i don't want to trade it in or get another car. but when i drive past the dealership i will look at the nice new cars on the lot and admire the craftsmanship and the sleek lines. I'm not gonna check the sticker price or take it for a test drive, I'm just gonna look while I drive past the place. that's how I see relationships
One Word Answers
USING ONLY ONE WORD Not as easy as you might think! Now forward, change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers. Be sure to send back to the person you received it from! Where is your cell phone? DESK Your significant other? SWEETNESS Your hair? DISHEVELED Your mother? WAITING Your father? COCOONED Your favorite thing? FATHERHOOD Your dream last night? NIGHTMARE Your favorite drink? DRPEPPER Your dream/goal? TOGETHERNESS What room are you in? OFFICE Your hobby? THINKING Your fear? ALONE Where do you want to be in 6 years? FARMHOUSE Where were you last night? PURGATORY Something that you aren't? HANDSOME Muffins? BANANA Wish list item? FAMILY Last thing you did? SMILE What are you wearing? CLOTHING TV? SOMETIMES Your pets? GARGOYLES Friends? ONE Your life? FUBAR Your mood? ANXIOUS Missing someone? SWEETNESS Drinking? PORTER Smoking?
If I Told You!
If I told you I love You Would you tell me you love me too If I told you my heart belongs to you Would you take it and treat it good If I told you I can't stand being without you Would you come to me and take care of me If I told you, you are the only one for me Would you tell me I am the only one for you If I closed my eyes and wished you here with me Would you be there when I open my eyes If I told you, you make me happier than I have ever been Would you tell me I make you happier than you have ever been If I told you, you are what keeps me going Would you make sure that I never stopped If I told you I long to hear your voice Would you call me to ease my longing If I told you I dream of you being in my arms Would you come to me and let me hold you If I told you I wanted you to make love to me Would you make love to me and take me places I have never been If I told you I think of you from morning till night Would you tell me you think of me from morning till night
Creep Show
Creep Show, fuck hoes locked in the basement and when I'm bored I putin their ass in the pavement. Love shit girl this is a fucking enslavement and you ain't never get out of this cave ment for the two of us. Trust you hell I just fucked you. Grow up get a plan understand? Are you still bitter that I'm fucking my hand? Yes I'd rather be fucking alone than have to stiffle my vommit cause you want to bone. It isn't you nah it's a definate me I'm one twisted ity bity little fucked up freak. And I'm off the leash you tried to put me on wouldn't dream of fucking without a condom on. Some people hate me but always they bait me. Wish you could fuck me not worthy to suck me. Come at me with weapons if your darin to threaten. Don't try to trash me cause I will bash you.
Happy Birthday Elvis Presley!!!..i Love Ya!
Happy birthday! Elvis still lives While its been more than 30 years since his death, Elvis Presleys birthday still sparks bitterweet memories among his fans. He also remains a vital marketing item, as in this Pasadena store-front window. By YVETTE OROZCO Updated: 01.07.09 Every year, many music fans commemorate the birthday of Elvis Presley, who would have turned 74 today. Although he died more than 30 years ago, the iconic figure lives in on the media on countless anniversary specials, music tributes and year-round memorabilia. But perhaps most tangibly, Presley lives on through those who remember him as one of their own. He was a God-fearing man who served in the army when he was called and who stayed simple, said David Heickman, who spent Wednesday afternoon looking for guitar books for his 13-year-old granddaughter, a budding musician. That personal identification with the man who was born in Tupelo, Miss., drove a truck for a living and then conquer
Fubar Boredom
I have the urge to blog about this, so a blogging I will go! This morning I signed onto fubar and had 7 friend requests and today's rank #260. Now I'm not a vain person. It's not my style. But some things about fubar have become blatantly obvious. When I have a blast going I get 100+ friend requests a day. I also generally get ranked in the top 50 (daily ranks). People shout and pm me much less when I don't have a blast running. I spend hours a day rating hundreds to thousands of pictures a day (depending on how much free time I have. I rate and fan all my new friend requests. I bling people when I can. I've even been known to blast people. I spend most of my time on here helping others. But it seems as though the only time I really get attention back is when I'm pissing away my hard earned money on this website. I don't do mumms or lounges. So that leaves me with rating people, blogging, stashing, and your basic networking/making new friends (which gets hard to do when you
Let Them Go
This is for anyone who hasn't let go... :( A learning lesson on LETTING GO There are people who can walk away from you. And hear me when I tell you this: When people can walk away from you, LET THEM WALK. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean, hang up the phone. When people can walk away from you...LET THEM WALK. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. (The Bible says that "they came out from us that it might be made manifest that they were not for us. For had they been of us, no doubt they would have continued with us. " [1 John 2:19] ) People leave you because they are not really joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay. LET THEM GO. And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've got to know when people's part in y
Hole In The Fence
There once was a little girl who had a bad temper. Her mother gave her a bag of nails and told her that every time she lost her temper, she must hammer a nail into the back of the fence. The first day the girl had driven 37 nails into the fence. Over the next few weeks, as she learned to control her anger, the number of nails hammered daily gradually dwindled down. She discovered it was easier to hold her temper than to drive those nails into the fence. Finally the day came when the girl didn't lose her temper at all. She told her mother about it and the mother suggested that the girl now pull out one nail for each day that she was able to hold her temper. The day passed and the young girl was finally able to tell her mother that all the nails were gone. The mother took her daughter by the hand and led her to the fence. She said, "You have done well, my daughter, but look at the holes in the fence. The fence will never be the same. When you say things in anger, they leave
Wedding Prayer
Perfect Drug (yes It's A Love Song.)
I look at you you look at ee I know that this is ment to be. Your black hair the nights affair I can't help but to stare. I sit I wait for your embrace your lips so red I want to taste. You are my perfect drug you kow you get me high. You are my perfect drug I'm lost inside your eyes. When I am away from you my body aches through and through. Would never ever rid of you I am but a slave to you. I catch your look I smell your scent to the gods I do repent. I'm about to sin with thee a love like this I'd never see. You are the perfect drug you know you get me high. You are the perfect drug with my head between your thighs. In your bed I rest my head dreaming of day when we wed. The hunger lust you have fed to bad your only in my head. Girl you are the perfect drug if only in my mind. Girl you are the perfect one I'll untill I
Who Wants To Play With This Asshole??
This guy came to me wanting to be on staff. he immediately began harassing the women on staff. anyway...he was the quickest hire/fire we've had at our lounge. be careful, do not let this guy come work for you. oh and go stop by and pay him a little visit and leave the assCLOWN some love! below is copy n pasted from my sb...he also is hitting my yahoo with 'die cunt' messages. have fun with him, his link is below the clown from hell ...: i hope you fucking die of aids and cancer and whatever else fucking cunt
I stood there staring at the arch of light that had appeared at the curve in the road near the edge of the parking lot. The arch of light had been described all over the radio for the last ten minutes, I thought it was a joke like the War of the Worlds report that had come across the radio in the middle of the last century scaring most of the people in the United States, but now I saw the truth of it. I took a drag of my cigarette and drew my sidearm. I looked down at my shadow spread across the freshly paved drive leading into the mill and thought about how unlike the hero in a sci-fi epic I looked. I looked like a teenager in a cops uniform with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth, but my hair blew back in the wind giving me an almost epic movie heroic look. I crouched down as I saw the silhouettes of beings beginning to form in the arch of light as though I thought that they wouldnt see me if I was crouched. Time seemed as though it had stopped in that moment and I rememb
Spank Hppybubbles~ Dont Want To Miss This!!!!
Alright.. I am bored... I have always loved what some of you guys come up with dealing with pics. that you do for others. So, here is the deal..... I am holding a contest to see whom can make the best graphic pic. of me... and the thing is.. I am not the one who is going to descide whose is the best!! I am going to let the public descide!! This isnt a comment bombing contest.. (those are annoying).. I want true rates.. and true comments. I want the public to descide... so.. right click and save and make a pic. and have fun... send to me and i will place it in a folder that wont be public till i open it... I want all entries by THIS SUNDAY!!!! And I will open the folder Midnight my time on Sunday.. Contest will run till my time FRIDAY at MIDNIGHT. Winner will recieve: ONE MILLION FU-BUCKS. NO NSFW GRAPHIC PICS. PLEASE NO SPITTING NO FIGHTING THE ONE WITH THE HIGHEST RATING WILL WIN!!! GOOD LUCK Please!Please!! Please!!!!!!!!!!! spread th
So Sad
I am just writing to get some of this off of my chest. Dad is still in the hospital and getting worse. He is so sick and in my mind and body I know he isnt going to ask much longer. I hate to see him suffer the way he has. He is still on the ventilator and they cant get him off of it because he has attacks where he cant breathe if they lower it. They did trials and turned off the ventilator and he tolerated it for 3 hours the days he has done this. He has lost all of his muscle tone, shakes all the time, and now he has gotten an muscle twitch. He can lay there and just all at once his left side just twitches very hard. He told his nurse its like he has a shock. He had a mini stroke when he was up in the Columbus Hospital and now his left side has been pretty messed up. He has gotten up and walked like 14 steps and then back to the bed with the help of an walker. I just dont know what to think anymore. I dont want him to suffer but I dont want him to leave me, leave us. I kn
Hey diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle, Courtney sure loves that riddle. Little boy blue, Thats Shains color too. Roses are red, Its time to get into bed. Sleep tight , Mommy is always right. Dont forget to say your prayers, Did I take a shower last night, oh well who cares. Good night , I love you, see you in the morning, Honey, will you please stop snoring!
MAYBE Maybe. we were supposed to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift. Maybe . . when the door of happiness closes, another opens; but, often times, we look so long at the closed door that we don't even see the new one which has been opened for us. Maybe . . it is true that we don't know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives. Maybe . . the happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way. Maybe . . the brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past; after all, you can't go on successfully in life until you let go of your past mistakes, failures and heartaches. Maybe . . you should dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go, be what you want to be, because you have
What has come of today, murders, violence, rape, and pain. Hungry children on our streets while we feed the children of the world. Marriage, lol, we have all had at least one. Is it TV no I don't think so, is it our schools probally not. I got an Idea let's every single one of us start in our own house. Cut the PS3 off after a couple hours, make sure we know at all times what our children are up to. Limit there internet usage as well as what they watch on TV. Do not be afraid to use a strong hand when they are young. Yes they are cute and ever so sweet but set boundries early and hold your ground. Don't cave to those cute little faces. After all in thirty years who will be the ones taking care of us. Better yet let's do something crazy and take responsibillity for our own actions. Hold our children accountable for there actions and maybe just maybe the world will be a better place.
Ldc Family Member S B-day...plz Comment
Two members have a birthday is January 11th! Please go and wish them a Happy Birthday and show Them some LDC Family Birthday Love!!! Vampy Cassiel of LDCF@ fubar Sweething Patience West~Minerva of The Gibbet Crossroad of Lestat's Dark Convenant Family~Member@ fubar
this one's about my belief of what friendship is. I am not just repeating something someone else said. (even if i do say some of the same things :p) Jesus once said that a True Friend sticks closer to you than a brother. This is very true in my opinion. When i lived in Maryland i had a core group of friends that were closer to me than family, but my best friend was with me through everything. He was there when i needed to get out of the house, it was like he knew and just showed up. "Wassup, joel, i'm outside your house, let's go chill" I was also there for him through everything he had to put up with. Now that i'm living in california, i can't physically be with him, but i still call him and stuff. but i'm starting to get off topic A friend is someone who gives without measure and expects nothing in return. He's someone who's always there, no matter what's going on. A friend will listen to your troubles without losing interest and he'll be there to bail you out when you're in
010809 Dilbert
Can't Wait To See My Baby :d
On Tuesday 01/13/09 Im scheduled for the ultrasound :D I hope I get to find out the sex of our baby.. I'm so excited !!!!!!!!!!
Just Something Else For All To Read
Does this insatiable lust truely quench my thirst Will it fill me so that i'll fly into the atmosphere and burst Like a radiant sun burning and yurning for something to touch Or will it only lead to someone kicking out the crutch Do we all have the same thirst for power and desire Will this desire only lead to our souls being thrown in the fire Time keeps going endless it seems The sun burns flesh with its uv beams Yet all the streams are only minuscule To that of the mainstream rule To my end, to your end i drink And while i tip thy glass i think Will i burn in the flames of hell Or the flames of the sun who can truely tell
Pedophilia Encouraged By Current Culture(question Mark)...
So I am just thinking, because its an easy thing for me to do. I noticed quite awhile ago that my 150 year old cat (in people years) seemed to have made an odd connection between being fed and having the food land on her head. She was always so eager to eat the canned food she was given as a reward for having survived and thrived as a great huntress of the wilds of suburbia, that she would leap up onto the counter the second the whirring of the can opener stopped and the sound of the food just hitting the plate began. Of course she would get the vast majority of the food on top of her head before it would slide off on to the plate. She did it time and time again. I realized that - just as she knew by instinct that she had to extend her claws in order to immobilize her prey - by reward and habit she had gained the cat thought that the food must slide off of her head in order for it to be there for her to eat. Of course it was a lie. But she was just a cat. How far have we, as human b
Charm Farm- Superstar
Hi There
Just wanted to say hello, new here so, yeah...Hi
Been A Longgg Week......
Today I HAD to take a break for errands/housework..etc...will try to be on late tonight..Thx for all the love . Just been needin a reality break bad this week!!!! Luv to all!!!
Richard The Dragon Slayer
Once upon a time, and far, far away lived a beautiful Queen with voluptuous breasts. Richard the Dragon slayer knew that the penalty for his desire would be death should he try to touch them. One day Richard revealed his secret desire to his colleague, Horatio the Physician, who was the King's chief doctor. Horatio the Physician, exclaimed that he could arrange for Richard the Dragon Slayer to satisfy his desire, but it would cost him 1,000 gold coins to arrange it. Without pause, Richard the Dragon Slayer readily agreed to the scheme. The next day, Horatio the Physician made a batch of itching powder and poured a little bit into the Queen's brassiere while she bathed. Soon after she dressed, the itching commenced and grew intense. Upon being summoned to the Royal Chambers to address this incident, Horatio the Physician informed the King and Queen that only a special saliva, if applied for four hours, would cure this type of itch, and that tests had shown that only the saliva o
Me Being Silly
Do you want to kill yourself one day? Of course you do! Just Kidding! But hold on just a sec, don't go and take a bath with an electric blow dryer just yet you crazy wabbit!!! You have some unfinished business to take care of, which of course is writing a good death note. Wait no, a great suicide note. This is of extreme importance because the note you leave behind to your friends and family will be the standard to how they will remember you, and will be the lasting impression you leave on this world. Below are guidelines on how to write a suicide note. And NO I am not going to kill myself; I just like thinking of silly shit like this! 1: Be extremely brief No one wants to read a drawn out letter that just goes on and on. And most likely, you are probably not that interesting. So, in the letter simply get right to the point, you'll always leave them wanting more. 2: Be funny Just because you're writing a suicide note doesn't mean you can't have a sense
Real Talk
As we strain to grasp the things we desire, the things that we think will make our lives better---money, popularity,fame---we ignore what truly matter--the simple things-- like friendship,family,love--the things we probably already had.
Bad November - Track 7 - Unsaid Prayer
Bad November Disclaimer: This is a chapter in a story I wrote. None of the characters in this story are real and any relation to anyone dead or living is not intended. I apologize for any wrong use of United Kingdom English because I am not that familiar with United Kingdom slang. Any input would be welcome and any flaming will be ignored. This story is planned to be revised and maybe I can talk the writer to let me post them here if people like them. Please comment and let the writer and me know what you like or don't like. Also if 2 male characters being romantically involved sickens you please don't read. If you're still interested please keep reading. One last note, if anyone wishes to copy my story please get permission first (Not that I think that will happen but who knows). Lyrics from Unsaid Prayer I said I love you/ I said that I cared/ Like an unsaid prayer/ I hope you never find out/ I havent been faithful/ I still love someone else/ Like an unsaid prayer/ I don
"November 12, 2008 @ 5:14 am These are very pretty and a VERY sweet gesture....I love seeing how LOVED you are and admired by others as you are so very much by me....I love everything about you babydoll & I'm so, so happy that you're part of my crew ...Looking thru your pics and re-rating them ALWAYS reminds me of how lucky of a man I am to have your friendship and trust the way that I do ... BOTTOM LINE ________________________ ...... YOU FUCKIN RAWK MY WORLD BABE!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU, AND FOR BEING ONE OF MY GIRLS..... I KNOW I'M THE LUCKIEST MAN ALIVE AND WILL NEVER LET YOU FORGET THAT I KNOW...WINX*..(Pinkie swearz it yo..xoxoxoxo)" I think you make sure i know how loved i am papi. I'm way too proud to be your mija. I love you.
Need London Escort Girl
Hey, would you like to enjoy your eveing with a London escort girl. Then check out the My name is Wioletta and I am wroking at Also, find me on Fuber profile at
New And Excited
hey all my fufriends got my 10th tattoo done today , it was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol
Try It Good Luck
1. Pick 15 of your favorite movies. 2. Go to IMDb and find a quote from each movie. 3. Post them here for everyone to guess. 4. Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it and the movie. 5. NO GOOGLING/using IMDb search or other search functions. 6. No looking at my favorite movies on my online profiles (all 4000 of them). ````````````````````````````````````````````````````` x1 The Bull god MsBettieMonroe A: Well, "Name one thing you're gonna need this stupid fucking rope for." B: That was way easier than I thought. A: Aye. B: You know, on TV you always got that guy that jumps over the sofa. A: And then you gotta shoot at him for ten fucking minutes, too. B: Aye. A: Christ. B: We're good. A: Yes, we are. 2 A: You don't have jurisdiction here! B: We aren't here, which means when we open up on you and shred your bodies with automatic fire then this will never have happened. 3 A: So? B: You want to do w
All Mothers Must Read
Personally dedicated to my own mother Sometimes i know the words to say, Give thanks for all you've done, But then they fly up and away, As quickly as they come. How could i possibly thank you enough, The one who makes me whole, The one to whom i owe my life, The forming of my soul. The one who tucked me in at night, The one who stopped my crying, The one who was the expert, At picking up when i was lying. The one who saw me off to school, And spent sad days alone, Yet magically produced a smile, As soon as i came home. The one who makes such sacrifices, To always put me first, Who has me test my broken wings, In spite of how it hurts. Who paints the world a rainbow, When its filled with broken dreams, Who explains it all so clearly, When nothing's what it seems. Are there really any words for this? Anything i want to say just doesn't seem enough. What way is there to thank you, For you heart,your sweat,your tears, For ten thousand little th
Thought For 1/9
I'm waiting for my real life to begin..
Bad November - Track 8 - Requiem Of Love
Bad November Disclaimer: This is a chapter in a story I wrote. None of the characters in this story are real and any relation to anyone dead or living is not intended. I apologize for any wrong use of United Kingdom English because I am not that familiar with United Kingdom slang. Any input would be welcome and any flaming will be ignored. This story is planned to be revised and maybe I can talk the writer to let me post them here if people like them. Please comment and let the writer and me know what you like or don't like. Also if 2 male characters being romantically involved sickens you please don't read. If you're still interested please keep reading. One last note, if anyone wishes to copy my story please get permission first (Not that I think that will happen but who knows). Lyrics from Requiem of Love It isn't easy to love you forever/ How/ Oh how/ I wanted to try/ You left me leaving no option/ The hardest thing/ Hardest thing/ Is hearing the requiem of love Trac
Goin Out Of Town
ok everyone who cares im going to be going out of town for a while pretty soon, so i will probably be awol for atleast a while while i handle some things. wish me luck
Fubar Negativity
Another post I'm moving from one blog to another. So people seem to always want to talk about the things they hate about Fubar. I get it a lot in my shoutbox. You start to hold a conversation with them and they go off on rants about the things they hate about Fubar. I'm always curious why they are on the site if they dislike it so much. I feel a bit compelled to put into a blog the crap that i hear complained about the most. The Fu Haters List: PROFILES: - Complaints that no one ever reads their profile. - Complaints that others have nothing in their profiles. FRIENDS/FAMILY/FANS: -Being added to someones family when they've never even spoken to you. -Constant friend adds from someone after you've denied them several times. -Being pestered to friend/fan/family them. PHOTOS: -Tons of private folders. -Request for bling, blasts, fubucks, vips, happy hours, and/or tickers in order for you to get access to their private folders. -Photos of users from extreme angles t
Shut It
Screw off I just don't care You should have thought about shit Before you said this isn't fair No I will not listen anymore You are not important You fucking hurt me to my core I can not fucking forgive you I fucking hate you We are so fucking through Don't make me feel guilty You shouldn't have fucked those sluts You are so fucking filthy Maybe in time we can be friends But for now Iam way to fucking tense Move the fuck on I know I have You broke our fucking bond Deal with your mistakes Just let me go The love you and I had was simply fake. Goodbye. Asshole.
Bling Bux Giveaway - Race Is On 11am Fu Time 1/9/09
POST New Years Auto 11 Bling-Bux-Rama 3 DAY Event!!! Cherries, Bux, and Bling !!!! Chiina_Whiite Auto 11 Today 12 pm Fu Time - Running Thru Saturday 3 Chances to Be a Winner: Bling Race FuBux Drawing Daily Random Drawing RACE, RACE, RACE! 11am Fu Time(2pm EST)-Race is On. FIRST 3 to completely rate the 550 pic Bling-A-Rama II Folder will win a 3 CREDIT BLING Comment Last Pic & Private Message me. The Grand Prize Drawings Over 5 Mil in Prizes: Rate ALL EZ RATE 100 pic ,550, and Default folders - you will be entered into a drawing to receive one of three Grand Prizes. 3 Million Fubux 1.5 Million Fubux 750k Fubux Plz Private Message me upon completion.
Spotlight For Breast Cancer Awareness
A friend of mine is trying to raise fubucks for a breast cancer awareness spotlight. He is auctioning a bling pack along those lines... Click here if you'd like to place a bid or support this spotlight. Thanks :)
Rating Pictures And Ideas
I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a rate album option. Where you rate the album a 10 and it automatically rates every picture in that album a 10. Or whatever rating you give the album
Some Funny Shit I Heard As A Gas Station Attendent
I WORKED A GAS STATION THIRD SHIFT FOR FOUR YEARS, HERE'S SOME CRAZY SHIT I HEARD. IF YOU DON'T LAUGH THEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO TELL YOU! 1. I SWEAR! I JUST PUT 500 DOLLARS ON THAT DECLINED CARD!!! Wtf???? 2. "I'd like gas on pump 89 please". . .Blank look from me. . ."Pump 89? do you see 89 pumps in my parking lot? THAT'S THE FUEL GRADE!" sheesh. . moron. 3. My personal favorite. . ."Can I borrow some gas?" LMAO!!! Ummmm .. . no this aint the damn free store! 4. You gotta love it when the drug addicts come in and give you some sad story about how his daughter is stuck in traffic and needs to borrow ten bucks from you, if you give in you usually never see them again. 5. When a gas station runs out of gas, people just get stupid. "Are you really out of gas?" is one, "You're lying!" is another one, why the hell would I lie? It's a secret plot to hord gas from you and keep it all to myself! I mean, DUH! 6. I had a guy once walk out of the bathroom, and forget to zip
Show This Wonderful Girl Some Love
Hey Everyone I Wanna Take The Time To Show My Sister Just How Special She Is So Here She Is She Is An Incredible Person So Go Spank Her With Some Love
Coca Cola Girl
NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING ......BABBBBY.... COCA-COLA-GIRL Is My I Am Not Going In Any Specific Order. Everyday I will be choosing One Person to Rate and Comment out on all their stuff on their profile and randomly giving out gifts to them. Except for weekends I won't be online. And Coca Cola Girl Is My First Pick! I can't afford blings right now and I wish the God I could but for now I have to stick with the basics of the fu until My pocket book can play a little bit. Its also another way for me to get to know more Fu's on here! No popularity contest or none of that. I figured this will be fun to do. Pimping Out Fu's The Only Way I See Fit! Forbidden Jennifer, You Can Look But No Touching, Member of Princess Leia's Crew@ fubar
Stirring Back From The Abyss Of Depression
Staring back from the abyss where i see my life How can i say that I liked myself not even sure why Concerned of matters that are only skin deep feeling the depths that one must take, feeling myself tumbling back into the depths, where loneliness is its only bliss, feeling no love no rapture, only pain, feeling my brain slowly going into the depths of insane, pulling on the cord that ties me to, looking for help looking for who, I climb stretch and climb back from hells embrace feeling all the tentacles wanting to pull me down, feeling them tear into my flesh, warping my brain, dragging me down, More I climb out of the depths, more pain by inches but still i endure, the light overhead, I see so far away, no such pain in all to gain, Torments in my mind, laughter holding true, am I to fat, to soft, to gentle still? seeing the light i know that in time, I shall climb back from the abyss of the mind, will there be anyone at the top willing to help me? over the edge or to send me ba
My Journey
Broken wings have been repaired for flight, To the depths of the sky i escape tonight, Where this journey ends i have no clue, But searching within i've emerged anew, Like the butterfly fresh from the cocoon, This path i travel by light of the moon, As i cross a stream i feel so refreshed, Water so cold it takes away my breath, A deep cleanse so im prepared for whats next, The human spirit's still free last time i checked, No more cages no more bars, Self-determination that is guided by the stars, As i travel towards the unknown, I'm amazed at how quickly i've grown, No hesitation ahead at full speed, As im confident the Goddess will provide that which i need!!! truthsquad 2008
I Wish You Enough!
I WISH YOU ENOUGH!! Recently I overheard a mother and daughter in their last moments together at the airport. They had announced the departure Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the mother said, 'I love you and I wish you enough' The daughter replied, 'Mom, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Mom'. They kissed and the daughter left. The mother walked over to the window where I was seated. Standing there I could see she wanted and needed to cry. I tried not to intrude on her privacy but she welcomed me in by asking, 'Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever? 'Yes, I have,' I replied. 'Forgive me for asking, but why is this a forever good-bye?'. 'I am old and she lives so far away. I have challenges ahead and the reality is - the next trip back will be for my funeral,' she said. 'When you were saying good-bye, I heard you say, 'I wish you enough'. May I ask wha
Cancion ...spanish Song
11:44am I have been in a writing mood, therefore, I will be posting up random things. Especially thoughts, and songs. It's been a while since I've been able to write anything and i feel like I shouldn't deprive myself of the few things I like and am good at! Ok well... this is for my spanish speaking people and in case you want me to translate it, I could but it won't have the same meaning. I do have a folder somewhere with my songs :) I used to have poems and stuff, but I don't think i want to share them just yet! Please don't copy and claim it as your own. I know I should try to patent and copyright my stuff but it gets costly. Once I fill up my new journal I will do it! I am respectful and mindful of the things other write! 11:46am [Untitled - January 09, 2009] Desde que te conoci Pude ver dentro de tus ojos La mirada de amor por la cual yo hui Nada mas que tu... no sabias porque te baje la mirada porque no entendi Todo el amor que estoy sintie
A Song I Started Writing For Someone Special
I Wanna Know? I wanna know will you always be there, can I be your teddy bear. I wanna know, I wanna know Will you hold me late tonight, will you kiss me by the candle light. I wanna know, I wanna know Will sit by my side, and snuggle on a carriage ride. I wanna know, I wanna know Do you like breakfest in the bed, do you like the words I've said. I wanna know, I wanna know Will you hold me when I'm sad, will you forgive me when I'm bad. I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know
Through Her Eyes
In her eyes she saw her prince Upon his steed so tall Riding through the fog Eyes lighting on her form Behind her hidden Was the treasure From prying eyes But also in her heart His voice so enticing Pleasing to her soul Swaying her to his arms Falling for his charm But his words not so fair About the Treasure protected Concerns not for any but one The Princess in the night Falling from grace he did For he only wanted her Not the treasure she loved To him she was lost For the Mystical friend
In the night so dark Her hair blows softly over her eyes Heart jumping as she feels him close A single touch upon her cheek Wiping the single tear shed A soft whispering on the wind His arms closing around her waist Hot breath reassuring her His wings clasping her tightly Eyes closed in warmth Her hands resting on his Locking in embrace To this we share A love An understanding Relating deeply To this end
A Poem
Bruises on my arms making me want to reopen my scars. I'm praying for help and wishing on the stars. That my guardian angel will come take me away and stop this pain. But i don't want you to know i'm crying so i stand in the rain. And let the tears just run down my face. Not lettin you see the hate for your disgrace. The marks on my arm i wear as proof that you dont give a f**k about me. These bruises are here on me for everyone to see. Taking advantage of a sweet caring girl. Thinking of your disgusting demeanor makes me want to hurl.
One Word
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? 2. Your significant? 3. Your hair? 4. Your mother? 5. Your father? 6. Your favorite thing? 7. Your dream last night? 8. Your favorite drink? 9. Your dream/goal? 10. The room you're in? 11. Music? 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? 14. Where were you last night? 15. What you're not? 16. Muffins? 17. One of your wish list items? 18. Where you grew up? 19. The last thing you did? 20. What are you wearing? 21. TV? 22. Your pets? 23. Your computer? 24. Your life? 25. Your mood? 26. Missing someone? 27. Favorite Store? 28. Your summer? 29. Like someone? 30. Your favorite color? 31. When is the last time you lau
Update On My Grandfather
As Most Of You Probably Know My Grandfather Was In The Hospital For 5 1/2 Weeks As His Heart And Kidneys and Liver Were Failing Well By Surprise The Doctors Told The Family He Would Not Live And HE oNLY had 2 Days To Live Well He Sure Fooled Us All And Got Better He Was Released Today As A Fact And Is Now Living With My Auntie.
Me Wise Magic
I know what you're thinkin' what you're thinkin' is easy to see. I know what you're dreamin' I have those same dreams. Whoa.. Reachin' to the feet of God. Lookin' for a sign. It was right here all the time, time, time, time... I am you and you are me. Do You believe? Don't you trust me? Me Wise Magic Ow! Baby it's all right. If you could see Through my eyes, Me Wise Magic I feel you breathin' Don't you trust me...(trust me) I feel you agreein' I know what you need (whoa) Don't you lie Just you listen thru me My words at best to you A fortune coo coo cookie (Who are you and where are we?) Do You believe? Don't you trust me? Me Wise Magic Yeah yeah! Woahohoh! If you could see See through my eyes, Me Wise Magic A little zen headed your way You'll get it halfway down the interstate Four days from now It all blows clear A Buddhist riff for your inner ear
Things That Piss Me Off!!
Ok, this blog will probably be updated a lot. I made it NSFW because I never know what will be added. Things that Piss me off! 1. On the side of the Mac & Cheese box that says push here, that fucker never works!! 2. When you and your man(or woman) go somewhere and there is more than one way to get to wherever, they stop at the end of the drive and ask "so which way do you want to go". Your reply, "I don't care, your driving" and then they sit there looking all stupid because you didn't tell them which way to go!! YOUR FUCKING GROWN AND YOUR DRIVING!! JUST PICK A WAY AND GT ME THERE!! 3. When people let other people play on their messengers. No way in HELL am I letting someone else play on my messenger..IT'S MINE..go get your own. Especially when they don't tell anyone that it is't your friend your actually talking to. 4. The new president. Yeah I can't stand him so what. 5. Oh another about men.."what do you want for dinner" "I don't care what do you feel like." "i d
When You Have An "i Hate My Job Day"
try this: On your way home from work, stop at your pharmacy and go to the thermometer section and purchase a rectal thermometer made by Johnson & Johnson. Be very sure you get this brand. When you get home, lock your doors, draw the curtains and disconnect the phone so you will not be disturbed. Change into very comfortable clothing and sit in your favorite chair. Open the package and remove the thermometer. Now, carefully place it on a table or a surface so that it will not become chipped or broken.. Now the fun part begins. Take out the literature from the box and read it carefully. You will notice that in small print there is a statement: 'Every Rectal Thermometer made by Johnson & Johnson is personally tested and then sanitized.' Now, close your eyes and repeat out loud five times, 'I am so glad I do not work in the thermometer quality control department at Johnson & Johnson...' HAVE A NICE DAY AND REMEMBER, THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE ELSE WITH A JO
Another With Auto 11s Islandgirl
Be Sure To Rate Her Hard Fast & Often ISLANDGIRL
When the visions around you, Bring tears to your eyes And all that surround you, Are secrets and lies I'll be your strength, I'll give you hope, Keeping your faith when it's gone The one you should call, Was standing here all along.. And I will take You in my arms And hold you right where you belong Till the day my life is through This I promise you This I promise you I've loved you forever, In lifetimes before And I promise you never... Will you hurt anymore I give you my word I give you my heart (give you my heart) This is a battle we've won And with this vow, Forever has now begun... Just close your eyes (close your eyes) Each loving day (each loving day) I know this feeling won't go away (no..) Till the day my life is through This I promise you.. This I promise you.. Over and over I fall (over and over I fall) When I hear you call Without you in my life baby I just wouldn't be living at all... And I will take (I will take you in my arms)
Nightmare On Suck Street
Soo...this morning I had another one of my hotel issues. I am finishing my reports, when 6 am rolls up and the kitchen lady is nowhere in sight. I get concerned, since its not the first time the kitchen staff has fucked up on me. I call her, no pick up. Call my boss, nothin. So I'm fuckin stuck with a hotel full of hungry people that have to rush to a Naval graduation after breakfast. Soo...I whip out the breakfast stuff as fast as I could, running up to get the phones in between. After that, corporates that stay with us all the time roll up askin for eggs. I explain that they'll have to wait since I'm all alone in the entire 125 room hotel with no one to help me with the breakfast. They pity me, ofcourse. Then I start tryin to cook the eggs, bacon, and potatos...and can't figure out the fuckin oven, since its enormous and looks like a Hadron Collider. At 7, my boss comes in and gives me a hug and a smile. I'm like "WTF?? Finish the breakfast for me!". I wound up
And you also find out interesting things when you have sons, like... 1.) A king size waterbed holds enough water to fill a 2000 sq. ft. house 4 inches deep. 2! .) If you spray hair spray on dust bunnies and run over them with roller blades, they can ignite. 3.) A 3-year old Boy's voice is louder than 200 adults in a crowded restaurant. 4.) If you hook a dog leash over a ceiling fan, the motor is not strong enough to rotate a 42 pound Boy wearing Batman underwear and a Superman cape. It is strong enough, however, if tied to a paint can, to spread paint on all four walls of a 20x20 ft. room. 5.) You should not throw baseballs up when the ceiling fan is on. When using a ceiling fan as a bat, you have to throw the ball up a few times before you get a hit. A ceiling fan can hit a baseball a long way. 6.) The glass in windows (even double-pane) doesn't stop a baseball hit by a ceiling fan. 7.) When you hear the toilet flush and the words 'uh oh', it's already too late.
Got Rear Ended By A Russian Whore Oops I Mean Mail Order Bride
So on the 20th of December around 1:14 pm I was driving towards my mom's house here in town. It was showy and icy out so I was going slow and being VERY careful. Well hit a patch of black ice and my car skidded around a lil and I came to a stop right as a traffic light turned red. I looked around to make sure I was safe and I was, I wasn't out in the intersection *yet*... I look in my rearview and I see a grey mitsu eclipse coming waaaay too fast at me. I tried to move forward just incase she were to hit me but I spun out my tires. She rear-ended me very hard and I smacked my head into the window and my car went out into the middle of the intersection, did a complete 180 degree turn and ended up facing her car. I was shocked, I've never been in a wreck before now! Last year my ex boyfriend totalled my (paid off beautiful) VW Jetta and I couldn't believe I was in the middle of the intersection facing oncoming traffic! I got out of my car and she got out of hers, thankfully no
R.i.p. Bro You Will Be Missed
Specialist Keith Eric Essary, of Dyersburg, was killed yesterday in Afghanistan, Essary was a member of the Army's Airborne unit, Charlie 2 Comp. He had been deployed to Afghanistan for approximately 8 months and was stationed at a base 40 miles from the city of Kandahar. Essary graduated from Dyer County High School in 2006, where he was a member of the Jr. ROTC and Capt. of the Honor Guard. His father is Chuck Hall and his mother is Mary Beth Franks. Anita Essary, the late Monty Essary Sr. and Martha and Thomas Hall are his grandparents. R.I.P. BRO YOU WILL BE MISSED Thursday evening, at approximately 9:30 p.m., Anita Essary received a knock at the door from two soldiers from Fort Campbell. They were casualty notification officers there to notify her of the death of her grandson, Spc. Keith Eric Essary. Essary was the latest casualty in the United States Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, which has had 561 US military casualties since it began.
My Rules For Iming
You've seen the phenomenon. At least 75% of your buddy list is online right now. IM is so popular among us, it is befitting that we should set forth a list of rules, 20 commandments, to abide by. So here, in no particular order, is the prevailing IM code of belief. 1-- In your IM profile, there's no need to throw in loads of advertising space about your girlfriend/boyfriend/horse or goldfish. Granted, I may be a jaded, a fool, but when your profile looks like this: "Baby, I love you. I love you. Oh baby I love you and miss you. See you soon. I love you. Baby, baby.":P It's just annoying and disturbing. A subtle message is fine, but if you use either MUAH or those god-awful IM faces (more on those in a sec), then IM should spike you and you should be forced to communicate your rampant I LOVE YOU's through smoke signals you utterly whipped prick. (And that goes for you dickwads with the "Taken" Buddy Icons. Go fuck yourself!) 2.-- Please stop with LOL. Only abo
Heavy Soul
Heavy Soul we once dismissed the back road to ride these streets unafraid of who would scrape the paint from our bones and unashamed by the eyes that leer this is only this simple mans desolation... now look onto this heart for it has not beat, since I woke and found my whole world is a lie... now i'm holding shallow skin shell I paint the pain from within and mark a trail up my arm to carve a sleeve of your disdain fixing my problems with this same old blade hating every fucking day are you watching my brisk blue eyes ...are you... -as they sharply turn gray- my flaws are the only things I now hold pure ....One Tear... ....One Thought.... can't really live, -can't' really endure-
Games Rednecks Play Part 2
One of our favorite car games was "Coke Bottle Bullseye". As you're speeding down the road, the passenger takes an empty soda bottle off the floor and chunks it out at a road sign. It's a lot harder to actually hit one than you'd think, but my buddy Jerry was awesome at it. Which was good cause with no drivers license and no car, he wasn't ever going to be anywhere OTHER THAN the passenger seat. So one afternoon me and Jerry, his brother Evel, and his cousin Charlie, are riding down the interstate, and Jerry's leaning out the window dinging speed limit signs, when we run out of used soda bottles. So I get off at the next exit and pulled into a grocery store parking lot so Jerry could find some more bottles. He was dressed in the typical summer fashion that we liked to sport back then, which is barefoot, blue jeans, and no shirt. He's rooting around in the trash cans in front of the grocery store, we aren't paying any attention to him, just looking for a good tape to put in, and a
Lmao This Is So Funny, It Contains Some Nsfw Content!
love is my life says: hiii baby aMMo= Michele's FU-Wife! says: hi love is my life says: how r u aMMo= Michele's FU-Wife! says: I'm ok, you? love is my life says: so hot aMMo= Michele's FU-Wife! says: as in the weather? love is my life says: no love is my life says: in sex aMMo= Michele's FU-Wife! says: oh love is my life says: what u doing aMMo= Michele's FU-Wife! says: chatting on here love is my life says: did u make any sex today aMMo= Michele's FU-Wife! says: um no love is my life says: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love is my life says: do u have bf aMMo= Michele's FU-Wife! says: because I have no one to do it with! love is my life says: realy where u live aMMo= Michele's FU-Wife! says: Melbourne love is my life says: do u have cam or mic aMMo= Michele's FU-Wife! says: nope aMMo= Michele's FU-Wife! says: they broke love is my life says: oh fuck love is my life says: how old r u aMMo= Michele's FU-Wife! says: 37 aMMo= Michele's FU-Wife
My Suicide Girl Status
I have turned in the pics for my hopeful set to the Suicide Girls already but they have a long line in the que so the won't be up on the site until March 9 at 4:29 am. In the meantime I am trying to get to know as many people as possible on the site. I am also in the process of working on a new set that I will probably shoot in about a month. I have a location and a theme just working out a little until then and trying to get everything together. I have some artwork that I will need to do for the set and still have to order my lingerie :D That's the fun part! Well that's about it for updates right now but once again, if you are into girls with tats and piercings you should def check out ! tons of sexy nude chicks for $4 a month....doesn't get a whole lot better than that!
34 years of misery and a life time of pain. Very little sunshine so it is that I dance in the rain. Never giving up this life long fight. Raging war on the dawn and battling through the night. My heart the battle field were dreams lie in waste. Praying to a silent god that victory I will one day taste. Drifting through the memories of the chances I could not take. Never finding my knees I stand strong and refuse to break. So it is I remain me,battered and dirty, but still very much so proud. Fading into the background becoming just another face in the crowd.
Caa #71 Update
We have heard back and the grandson's surgery went fine. Please continue prayers for healing and comfort. Love, Doc
Some Friends That Have Been Stuck And Are Trying To Move To The Next Level
I have some friends trying to level and I can't do it on my own, so I am asking my friends if you have a few minutes could you rate a few of their pics and stash for me and we will r/t/f=)!!THANX ALL **WASTNTIME** 296,537 Points to go! WASTNTIME@ fubar **chromedome16**38,349 Points to go! chromedome16@ fubar **Anatomy of a Scorpio** 1,561,911 Points to go! Anatomy of a Scorpio~Back in Pergatory@ fubar ஐ~Dream~ஐ 1,943,533 Points to go! ஐ~Dream~ஐ@ fubar **tjattherock**1,770,289 Points to go! tjattherock ~fu married and owned by bratt@ fubar ♥~Bratt~♥ ♥~BRATT~♥Fu Married to TJATTHEROCK*FuOwned by Wastntime:)@ fubar
Your Father's Curtain Rod, The Weapon Of A Jedi Knight
About two hours before Martha and Mary got home from work yesterday, Sarah, Jeffrey, and I were upstairs in her room (which Martha this morning told me is wet on its edges because theres so much snow on the roof that its starting to melt through) and while Jeffrey was fumbling about with the toys in the playpen/toy chest Sarah stood on an upturned laundry basket and waved a detached curtain rod toward me like a sword. I took the other one that I kept out of her reach and we dueled, the first clink over Jeffreys head on the Fisher-Price toy piano, a scene that reminded me of Luke and Vaders clash over the Emperors head in Return of the Jedi. With roughly the same, almost toothless laugh as accompaniment! Back to the beginning (and also explaining why I wasn't around Friday), yesterday by nine in the morning wed had a foot of snow, all the schools were closed, and 20-30 mile per hours were winds were expected in the afternoon. Just as Im washing the dishes with my daughter
Herbs And Plants (part I)
Aloe Homeopathic properties: Internal use: inflammation of the stomach, gastritis and gastric ulcers; external use: cures wounds, ulcers, burns, stings of insects Magical Properties: Living plants guard against evil influences and prevent household accidents Anise Homeopathic properties: the seed promotes digestion, stimulates appetite, helps with cramps/nausea; relieves flatulence and colic, helps promote lactation, insomnia Magical properties: sleep on anise seeds to ensure sleep free from nightmares; fresh anise leaves protects the magic circle and ward off evil Ash Magical properties: The representation of Ygdrasill, the world tree, and one of the Fairy Triad: oak, ash and thorn. Ash represents the power which resides in water for use in sea rituals. Carrying a piece will protect against drowning. A staff of ash hung over a doorway will ward off malignant influences. Scatter the leaves in the four directions to protect a house. Ash attracts lightni
To All My New Friends
With this entry I want to thank you all for being my friend. I love you all for it from the bottom from my heart. Would you be so kind as to get back to me with a message so I can thank you in a more personal way? thank you in advance. Much love and have a great rest of your day/ Miss Z.
First off let me say...this blog doesn't apply to everyone. With that said, let me start off by saying...I DESPISE WHINERS!! As of late I've seen people whine about being set back to a certain level because of a fubar rule that states something about not having more pictures then you are supposed to have. Now if you are only a few pictures over what you are supposed to have, thats no biggie...but if you have 8,000 pictures and you only have room for 2,500...I can see where people would think you are cheating. Personally I think that if you put that much time into this site, you need serious mental help and need to turn off your computer and step away and go cash your reality check thats been sitting in your closet collecting dust for all these years. I don't see why you would want all those pictures clogging up your computer in the first place. All they do is take up space you could be using for something else more productive then seeing how "virtually popular" you can make you
Winners 3 Day Extravaganza Ending 1/10/09
THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED !!! HERE ARE THE RESULTS and WINNERS of Over 7 MILLION in PRIZES!!! BLING RACE WINNERS: Wednesday SuperStarrPrincess Owner of 25 to Life Jason Shorty08 Friday ☠ Gina ☠ J k޵k g CantSleepClownsWillEatMe The Grand Prize Drawings for Over 5 MIL Fubux. 3 Winners out of the 18 entered are .. 3 MIL Imagine~Dangerous Curves Girl~ 1.5 MIL ~TheDirtyMistress~ 750k .√iolets.
Signs Of Being Scammed
I would like to begin by welcoming anyone that has searched the Internet attempting to discover if the person you have been talking to. Might be a Scammer! I have in the past written a blog on how to determine if you are involved with a scammer. This blog is on the same level of explanation, with one exception. I would like all that read it to come away feeling they have the answer they suspected, or they now have and idea on how to find out on their own. ************************************** STEP ONE - CONTACT INITIATED; The first thing to look back on and to put into perspective. This person that you now have doubts about. What was the messege in his first email to you? A) Did the email actually relate to you or your profile? REVIEW TO QUESTION A. SCAMMERS SEND MULTIPLE EMAILS WAITING FOR A RESPONSE FROM THEIR INTENDED TARGETS. THE WORDING IN MOST CASES WILL NOT EVEN READ AS IF THEY TOOK THE TIME TO READ ANYTHING ABOUT Y
Autumn Dreams
Autumn Dreams Here I wait for you in the park the trees have begun to change leaves cover the ground like a blanket with oranges, yellows, and even reds such a beautiful view only one thing can make this perfect that one thing is You. I can see you here with me walking over to where I wait your hair blowing softly in the gentle wind the leaves rustle under your feet I rise to great you with a warm hug a tingle coarses through my body we seperate with a soft kiss then stroll gently to a nearby park bench sitting, talking as only lover's do about how we miss each other after what seems only moments we rise, and begin to wander as we hold hands, walking Leaves falling all around us swirling up an autumn enchantment I become lost in a dream that is slowly becoming a reality. Christopher Wayne Rhea Copyright 2009 Christopher Wayne Rhea
Spank This Sweet Man!!!
Spank this wonderful sweet man hard as you can! He's fixing to take a break from the Fu for a while and needs all the loving we can give him! He's running auto's from 8 est Saturday until same time on Sunday! I'll miss you while your gone my friend! *hugs* Lost Soul~Club United~ Rate Spankers~Fu Owned by Bitter Sweet & Heart Inspector@ fubar
Boob Flasher
Tears Tears flow from my eyes, they are not sadness or pain Flowing from my heart with nothing but love for you are the only one that can truly make me smile you lift my spirits in a way no other person can you give me strength when I need you most a shoulder when I need to weep an ear when I need to be listened to a heart when I need to be loved So when I cry, it is not because I am sad I cry... because I am so happy and I love you. Christopher Wayne Rhea Copyright 2009 Christopher Wayne Rhea
The Love Of My Life
The Love of my Life Through all the years we have been together Through good times and bad You have always been there beside me Holding my hand, or just being close Every moment I think of you And I see your smile I remember all the times we have shared, Lest not those times stop as we move forward. You make even the dreariest of days, Not so dreary.You can make the sun come out When there is nothing but clouds I find it hard sometimes to say how I feel And just being near you always brings a smile to my face I can't imagine life without you beside me I miss you when you're gone And I rejoice when I see you each night If this isn't love then I don't know what is You are my own angel And I wouldn't trade you for the world. Christopher Wayne Rhea Copyright 2009 Christopher Wayne Rhea
Rebecca had always enjoyed her mornings at the local bakery. It was set up cafe style so she could sit outside while enjoying her coffee and danish, reading her book. Life couldn't be any better than this. The sun beamed down on her face. He strong features, angular nose, large hazel eyes were spotlighted by the rays. The way the light reflected off her curly long tresses made her seem aglow; her auburn hair blowing softly in the morning breeze. She was so engrossed, so serene, in this moment that she failed to notice the black cadillac pulling up alongside the curb. Suddenly and without warning, a large robust man bolted out of the car and grabbed Rebecca, pulling her to the vehicle. She screamed, kicking and attempting to bite, the bliss of the morning turning into sudden and complete darkness. Terrified, Rebecca only heard the sound of her heartbeat as a bandana securely was fastened around her head, blinding her. "Fuck you asshole!!!" she bellowed, a last attempt at figh
Anyone ever feel the pressure so heavy on their shoulders that you feel your knees and legs are gonna give out in any point in time and you fall forever...It always feel like thie weight does nothing but just get look for ways out but you find none..only thing you can do is take that strength from within, stand up straighter and deal with whatever is given to you......keep walking like a man..and you will get through whatever is given to with it..and just move on...

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