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Silly Things
36 Silly Sayings!If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence you tried.When all else fails, read the directions.Welcome to Hell...Here's your accordion.He who laughs last probably doesn't understand the joke.Never hit a guy with glasses. Always use your fists.The only time I open my mouth is to change feet.Happiness can't buy money.True friends always stab you in the front.I'll have to think twice about it before I give it a second thought.There is more to life than increasing its speed.Never advise anyone to go to war or to marry.The meek shall inherit the Earth after we're done with it.A coward is a hero with a wife, kids and a mortgage.Teamwork is essential, it gives them someone else to shoot at.Conscience: What hurts when everything else feels so good.Help stamp out, eliminate and abolish redundancy!You're schizophrenic? Gee, that makes four of us.Why is the word 'Abbreviation' so long?If your attack is going really well, it's an ambush.Skydiving - Good to the last drop.If
So What Is Your Favorite?
Caption: Hi, My name is Mimi... and I'm a Cremeaholic...a CADBURY Creme Egg a-holic!! Yeaaap...I do dig the deviled eggs, the chocolate bunnies (especially the ones they've got out now with WHITE CHOCOLATE! Surprisingly delicious! But I gotta say, that in part the Easter season is just not QUITE complete for yours truly without them Cadbury chocolate little bwack-bwack-bwacking bunny candy treats........maybe if I ate them all the time I'd realize just how ooey-gooey and slightly nasty in creamy white texture they actually are...and be, I dunno, WEIRED OUT by the fact I have to bite into candy structures that are slightly more ROUND then they are egg-shaped, to get at and DRAIN them of ALL their THICK creamy PURE white sticky filling deep inside....(am I apparently only a got sex on the brain at Easter-time or something? LOL )So then to sum up for this quick'n'dirty post.... OTHER than a chocolate Bunny...what is the ONE Easter/Passover/Spring time candy treat/guilty pleasure that
Music Lol
lol so im addicted to posting lyrics lol...most have a meaning though :P   Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention please.He who lusts through life for excess in this world.Dies a lonely man, careless of his soul.Throwing caution to the wind with foolish ignorance.You're full of pride.Full of pride.Full of pride.And in arrogance you can't accept the nearing end of this short lived life.Smile and give a toast, brag and boast.Fool the world with all of your lies.The parasite's host never even knows.Pull the wool over our eyes.Walk the line and pay the price.A pound of flesh for paradise.Wear the wounds of your demise.Fail to mention your intentions, fail to mention why.The actions of your life contradict your words...The path in which you walk is a vice of no remorse.Washing conscience from the skin, claiming innocence.Ignore the signs.Smile and give a toast, brag and boast.Fool the world with all of your lies.The parasite's host never even knows.Pull the wool over our eyes.Walk th
Easter Thoughts
It is Easter Sunday, 2009 and many of us are spending time with our families, playing with bunnies or eating chocolate eggs filled with delicios creme stuff.  I thought I might add a few thoughts about the real meaning of Easter and what it should say to us, and the hope it should bring to our hearts today.  No, I am not religious and no I am not a preacher.  Read on.   One of the great joys of life is our family and friends.  It is a bond that is undeniable in the universe.  The way we love each other, despite the hate and obvious dysfunction in the world around us,  is something that has meaning in some way for most people.  Even the worst among us, those who interfere in anothers life and freedom have some bond to family and those close to them.  Throughout the history of humans walking on this planet, at least in our written history, we find that all cultures and all people find solace in the love we share for each other and those that are special in our life.    Then we have t
Douche #3
Happy Easter Fubar!   Well as usual I go about trying to spread Easter cheer to folks and find one who has a mental problem.  Let me introduce you to Mike Brett...Family Services worker, 4 degrees, and 100k head issues.  I mass messaged my yahoo list with the initial message that you will see below and this started this tirade from this idiot.  Do yourself a favor click and block.  Then pray to god that he doesnt work for family services in your town ....counselling those that truly need it.         This one reads top to bottom and im "xxxx" to preserve my yahoo id: xxxx  (6:13:29 PM): Hope everybody has a safe and happy Easter!stuffedsuit (6:13:59 PM): Hello. nothing like personalizingxxxxx (6:15:01 PM): pardon mestuffedsuit (6:15:22 PM): you dont remem what you wrote xxxxx (6:15:47 PM): i sent a message to everyone on my list xxxxx (6:15:52 PM): you have a problem with that?stuffedsuit (6:16:24 PM): Nevermind you are to young to realize what that means, or dont get it x
Auction Time Again Fu Auction 6...
As I sit hereUnder a moonlit skiesI think of youAnd tears fill my eyesThough you are miles awayYour close in my heartTo be together foreverAnd never partI see you clearIn my dreamHolding you closeSeeing your eyes gleamA love full of passionHonor and trustThe basics of loveFor this a must Seeing your smileBrightens my daySometimes I get scaredDon’t know what to sayI could get lostJust looking in your eyesFilling your life with loveYour heart, the prizeWith each and everyPassing dayStaying by your sideCome what mayThrough the good and badThe trying timesOur love will ring trueLike a church bell’s chimesProve to doubtersThat true love is realYou will never forgetHow I feelI will remind youEvery single dayIf I don’t say the wordsIt will be in some wayYou will know in my actionsFeel it in my touchOr a soft tender kissI love you this muchTo feel your armsWrapped around meMy heart is lockedYour touch, the keyFor the futureWe can not seeI know what my heart wantsYou, to be wi
Comes The Dawn
After a while you learnthe subtle difference   Between holding a hand and chaining a soul, And you learn that love doesn't mean leaning   And company doesn't mean security, And you begin to understand that kisses aren't      contracts.  And presents aren't promises, And you begin to accept your defeats    With your head held high and your eyes open, With the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child.   You learn to build your roadss On today because tomorrow's ground   Is too uncertain for plans, and futures have A way of falling down in midflight.   After a while you learn that even sunshine Burns if you get too much.   So you plant your own garden and decorate Your own soul, instead of waiting;  For someone to bring you flowers. And you learn that you really can endure,  That you really are strong And you really do have worth  And you learn and learn.... and you learn With every goodbye you learn.     thought that you might enjoy this as much asd I did alw
I Am Up For Auction Just One Rate
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Thank You
I  just wanted to say thank you to all my friends for the help I have had on here and wish yall have a great week ahead. Have a nice day everybody
Ramblings ...
I started this as a test for another user but got rates, so feel I should add something more substantial. But then I forgot. And I looked at my previous blogs and really only have the same thing to say, over and over ... we all would do well to get over ourselves. Me included. So, here's my word: you are responsible for your account: your password, your security, the images you post (even privately), the people to whom you give access to your pages, your thoughts, your feelings. I can't even count the number of people in the last few months who come to the support lounge asking for help with "hacked" accounts or "stolen" pictures. Neither of which we can do anything about. If you post a photo anywhere on the Internet, if you even email a photo, or share it in any way, you lose control over its further use and distribution. Unless the photo is copyrighted and you have documentation from the Library of Congress (which isn't that difficult, really ... tho it may have a cost associate
Going Vegan...
disclaimer- spell check is broken.  stfu if there's a misspelled word or twenty :p  I couldn't eat a burger @ a fast food place for almost a year after watching "fast food nation"- but out of sight, out of mind, right? I bought a book a couple weeks ago called "Skinny Bitch" since I'm a fat ass, I am trying to become a skinny bitch.  Anyway,  this book sat on my desk for these two weeks, and this morning I decided to drink my coffee on the deck and start reading.   I got to chapter 6 before my stomach (which was empty, thank God) started to turn.  The chapter is called "you are what you eat"   This book is promoting vegitarianism.  HAHA- if I had read that little tid bit of info on the back cover, I would not have bothered to buy the book.  These sneaky bitches left that out- and so here I get slapped hard across the face with detailed information about slaughter houses and cruetly to animals that I have been frying up, bar-b-queing- boiling-baking for years.  I seriously wanted to
Trying To Digest The Evil Ways Of The Human Animal
it has taken a while to comment on this event that took place the previous week...only because of the brutality...the horrific sense of delight that was behind the actions perpetrated upon this young man. at 2:30am, the saturday before last, at a train station-not 15 minutes after the maintenance people had lft it, 3 youths descended upon one 17 year old and demanded money and whatever else he had...his cellphone, etc...this person a quiet and well-liked individual who, ironically enough, had been punched recently to this. in the process of these demands, they set upon him and started beating him-specifically targetting his head...smashing it into the concrete bedding for the railings along this pathway/cross-over above the thoroughfare below...over and over he was smashed against the concrete and the steel supports...thrown against another section and repeatedly slammed further into the hard, unyielding stone and mortar...then left for dead. the maintenance people received the call
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I am participating on a salute contest on my friend's profile. Help me out by going to the following links and rating and comment bombing the shit out of my pics. While you're there show her profile mad love too. Kisses for all you sexy ladies. If anyone wants a salute, sfw or nsfw, I will trade.   I fixed them! Yayyy me!   Ok maybe I didn't fix it so good. Now they keep leading back to this page. GRRRR:|   Ok this is another try.
Now That I'm Back...
now that yall are stuck with me again i'm back to beggin for spotlight help will be greatly appreciated  :D   love yall  (h)
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Lets Take A Walk
Take a walk with me there goes blue skies  lots of sunshine What a day to take a walk outside to see When you look around children sparkle every which way two hearts of laughter while a chase evolves Days of tag unfold with Hopscotch and Jacks All ages stir the pot as I drive on by this block   The birds keep the beat alive As I strive to my next scene a sight so light How shall I be polite She had this strut of confidence but not full of self knowledge full of wealth I came to know blinks while she drinks a toast Just how sweet is this I love to coast along the lines of stero coming at low frequencies She see's the moment for what it is   How was I too know So longing where the days with even flow This use to be something not so serious Mircle soul brought my rest to delirousness Search for a million miles give or take a few She thought she would never find a love so true   Just when I said she knew I got my jokes  she got that laugh I want to hear
Everybody stresses , money , death , medical  everything . I know . I don't always handle it the best , who does ?    Just try , it's all you can do no matter if yer heart is breaking . (bh)
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Life And Fools
They say life is like a box of chocolates yu never knw what you are going to get untill you get it ........................wel for those to stupid to read the insert in the box i guess thats true ......i always herd if you want in be smarter than the door .you all know i am a veteran  and that i am very proud of that ... but sometimes i wonder ( even as i work in the public utility field ........ why in the hell do i care but i do care .. it amazes me how many fools are in the world and what the standard of men has become tooo ............i guess i am  THE LAST OF A DYING BREED ... BEYOND HONEST
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Easter Giveaway Winners
WINNERS 1 Mil Fubux Bomber GiveAway & 5 - 100k Consolation Prizes Number of Entries Correlated to Number of Bombs Dropped Grand Prize – Beefy Nipples DJ Tequila Madroxlette Yankeesgirl Mel Shyguy WINNERS 1 Mil Fubux EZ Rate ECards Rater GiveAway & 3 - 100k Consolation Prizes Grand Prize – Disciple Spring Night STalker
My Links...
FOR GIRLS WHO LIKE TO WATCH GUYS DO STUFF FOR THEM......      scroll all the way down my page to watch my video :)........ if you blush easily, watch it alone...... if your kinky, watch it with freinds........ if u like it hit me up and maybe we can cam together on yahoo.....
Day One
Today is the first day of my journey to stop smoking.... To be fair (and honest) I had one this morning, and half of one tonight. One and a half cigarettes is a significant decrease in the number that I smoke daily so I consider it a win. To try and help keep myself on the path - I am sharing....the more people that know I am trying to quit the easier it will be for me to quite, it makes me accountable. I've decided to write down the things that have made me quit so that I can come back and be reminded when there is nothing on earth that sounds better than a drag of a smoke... 1) A $2 a pack increase in the last month. I am a single mom and struggle with money - I have denied myself things that I want or need to make sure that I wasn't taking away from the kids (It was "MY" luxury instead of fancy haircuts or getting my nails done etc) Now that they have gone up in will either be the ONLY thing I can ever buy for myself or it will start affecting the household bu
Deal 0r No Deal
Got a new CableTV deal..Where I thought I gotFree HB0..Well, no..It's FREE H0B0!!!
Headed Out Of Town For A Few Days!
Hi Guys & gals,  once again im headed out of town for a few days,  should be home Sunday,  hope everyone had a wonderful Easter,  mine was quiet & boring  lol..  misss everyone,  ive been pretty busy  trying  to survive  but I think of u all often  and  send the angels to wach over you when im not around.......  talk to ya soon  have a great week!  luv, "Sunshine"
A Lil About Babiev
Sexual arousal from contact with urine. R Kelly anyone?
A Few Poems I Wrote...
My dark thoughts......SilenceOnly tearsAs I press the bladeAgainst my pale skin RedThe blood flowsFrom the woundsEchoing my inner pain SatisfactionAs I feel the knifeSlicing into meI only deserve pain Anguish As I realize what I've doneI feel accomplishmentAs I gaze at the marks upon my skin StaresPeople are horrifiedDon't understand whyNeither do I Lord, where are You?If You really do exist,why don't You come out of hiding anddo something about this creature in distress? I am physically weary, I am mentally depressed,I am spiritually defeated.I can't eat, can't sleep.I am like garbage,discarded refuse in the back alley;like yesterday's newspapershuffled around by the wind.I feel like some sort of zombi,some non-entity,some nothing that people,if they acknowledge,would only curse.   i often catch myself constantly wondering how you are, sitting alone with my mind set far, reminiscing about your smile, voice and touch...damn this life, i'm missing you too muchi have heard from t
The Little Things
The last couple months I have been thinking about all the relationships I have ever been in.  I noticed a pattern which I have been working on breaking. I seem to always be the one trying to become closer to the person im with or interested in.  I go out of my way to leave the little things all the time to let them know I care.  The little notes all over , the texts  here and there saying Miss you , thinking of you etc,   I realized the men I have been with have never actually gone out of there way  to make me feel like they were thinking of me or missed me . To make me feel important to them in some way.  I realized this pattern a while back and have put down my foot  and stopped what it seemed to be chasing after  someone. If I was important to them then they would be texting me , or  leving little notes just to let me know they care. I wont get emotionally attached when I think someone isn't intrested enough to think about me , the little things or my emotions.         
The Sh*t List
1. GHOST SHIT. You know you've shitted.There's shit on the toilet paper, but nonein the toilet.2. TEFLON-COATED SHIT. Comes out so slick, clean and easy that youdon't even feel it. No trace of shit on thepaper. You have to look in the toilet to makesure you did something.3. GOOEY-SHIT. This has the consistency of hot tar. You wipeyour arse 12 times and it's still not clean.You end up putting toilet paper in your jocksso that you don't stain them. This kind of shitleaves permanent skid marks in the toilet.4. SECOND THOUGHT SHIT. You're all done wiping, and you're about tostand up when you've got more.5. POP A VEIN IN YOUR The kind of shit that killed Elvis. It doesn'tFOREHEAD SHIT. come out till you're all sweaty, trembling andpurple from straining so hard.6. WEIGHT WATCHERS You shit so much, you lose several kilos.SHIT.7. RIGHT NOW SHIT. You had better be within 30 seconds of a toilet.You burn rubber getting to the toilet. Usuallyit has its head out before you can get yo
Not A Problem -=- Created By Thully
I have adopted some extremely dear friends of mine recently. I wrote this for SpicyChiliPepper and her daughter Nicole.   There's no reason to feel sadWhen you can joke insteadThere's no reason to become angryWhen all you need to do is smileThere's no need to feel aloneWhen all you need to do is callThere's no need to act shyWhen you look into a room it lights upThere's no cause for putting up with assholesWhen programmers made the /ignore commandThere's no cause for stubbornnessWhen you can have a gentle free willThere's no excuse for bad behaviorWhen energy can be used elsewhereThere's no excuse for someone mistreating youWhen you have someone like me to go toI'm here to lend a helping handI'm here to be your friendJust come to me when you need to talkAnd I'll be here 'til the end!
Pedifile Profile
PEDOPHILES....There is a class of individuals who prey on children sexually. They are known as pedophiles. Pedophiles will go to great lengths to gain access to children. Pedophiles have volunteered at church youth groups, worked as camp counselors, coached youth athletic teams and more. Though the number of pedophiles is unknown, from the amount of pedophile-oriented pornographic material on the internet it can only be assumed that there are more pedophiles than current estimates suggest. An individual does not necessarily have to molest children to be diagnosed a pedophile. The term is a medical diagnosis applied to adults who have these abnormal sexual desires and urges."Single mothers are particularly vulnerable to the designs of the pedophile. This person will offer to be a friend to the child participating in sports, taking on hiking trips, etc. The mother, anxious for the children to have a male image, often readily goes along with these offers from 'such a nice person.' The fix
How Much Does A Miracle Cost?
A little girl went to her bedroom and pulled a glass jelly     jar  from its hiding place in the closet. She poured the change out on the floor and counted it carefully. Three times, even. The total had to be exactly perfect. No chance here for mistakes.   Carefully placing the coins back in the jar and twisting on the cap, she slipped out the back door and made her way 6 blocks to Rexall's Drug Store with the big red Indian Chief sign above the door. She waited patiently for the pharmacist to give her some attention, but he was too busy at this moment. Tess twisted her feet to make a scuffing noise. Nothing. She cleared her throat with the most disgusting sound she could muster. No good. Finally she took a quarter from her jar and banged it on the glass counter. That did it!   "And what do you want?" the pharmacist asked in an annoyed tone of voice. I'm talking to my brother from Chicago whom I haven't seen in ages," he said without waiting for a reply to his question. "
i blame u for all of this....u know who u r
I have a ton of friends that I never hear from. So. I"m writing this to let yall know that it's nothing personal, but i'm going to be going thru my friends list this week and deleting the people who I dont hear from. For those that I keep thank you for taking the time to get to know me.                                                                  ~Rosemary
How To Be A Overcomer Of Evil
THE INSIDIOUS ATTACK OF THE ENEMIES OF OUR SOUL In bringing this message the Holy Spirit emphasized the word "insidious" to such a degree that it seemed necessary to investigate the underlying meanings of the word. "Insidious" is from the Latin insidiosus, and is a derivative of insidiae meaning "ambush". According to Merriam-Webster, it embodies the idea of "awaiting a chance to entrap," "harmful but enticing," "having a gradual and cumulative effect." It also conveys the idea of a progression like a disease that develops so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent. The attack of the enemy is "insidious," therefore, you must be diligent to "Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life" (Proverbs 4:23). Our soul has two great enemies, "self" (our flesh or sin nature) and the powers and principalities of this world (Satan and his evil forces). Together these two enemies have mounted a never ending assault upon the life of Christ
25 Random Things About Me!
I would like ot see 25 random things about you :) please let me know if you plan to post  25 yourself .... 1. half my friends dont even know my real hair color2. Im a gamer ( yeah i know call me a dork already)3. Ithink my dogs are the coolest things in the world4. I dislike human beings in general5. I own 6 Cujo jerseys but never met the man in person :)6. I scare random males for being able to carry on a conversation about hockey 7. I find #6 hilarious as hell and do it often8.When I grow up I wanna be sane9. it'll never happen ( youve met my family you understand) allergic to cellphone goes EVERYWHERE with me 12.I have a weakness for impossible men (hence #11)13. Iwrite (not well mind you but hey)14.I am so not a morning person15. I hate the color orange & im not sure why16.There is no less than 12 different *flavors* of lotion sitting on my dresser17. i *drink like a guy* ( according t o my boss) LOL18. my family says I have a type (see #12)19. Id rather read th
Island Dreamz
  *My~IsLaNd~DrEaMz* You are the reason people believe in love.You can be the stars at night the twinkle and the gorgeous sight.The clear blue sea is calling me back to my island home Sun and surf, place of my fathers birth beckons to where I roam I can feel the salt hitting my face as the breeze flows through my hair A calypso tune plays in my head and it seems like I am there A barefoot walk I am taking strolling along the shore My dinner is a gift from the ocean no need to ask for more This simple life I would love to live, my remaining days by the sea The only thing that would make it more perfect is if you were living this life with me So come into my dreams tonight and let me show you the way To the sun and surf and paradise where there is no work and all play Can you hear the music beckoning you to our paradise in the sea And smell the salt in the air calling us home, you and me So come into my dreams tonight and away to the warmth and the sun We will sail on an island
Evil Empire? Orly?
When in England, at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of 'Empire building' by George Bush. He answered by saying, 'Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return.' You could have heard a pin drop.
Remy+suicide=dead Bitch
I know that this wont mean much because you probly hate me but im sorry...suicide is something that you dont joke about. you know that i am trying not to kill myself. thanks for doing the one thing that you said you would never do...witch is hurt me. you can say you was jokeing but you wernt......just by the shit you was saying.  thanks alot for puttin me in a deeper deppression.....and i know killing myself over some guy is stupid but im lost right now. i know i got alot of issues and i know i fuck up alot but does that make me a bad person.   thanks to all the people who had helped me last night tat ment alot to me. not many people will sit there and talk to me for hours..most people are like fuck you and ignore me.. mcl to all my homie
Help Her!
Come help littlemel0220 with her first contest! Rate her picture, comment (bomb her with comments!) and rate the host (Domonic) profile too!   5 credit bling given to the most creative comment at the end of the contest by Domonic too!   Thanks!
This is just to clarify a few things have been ask lately . So here is your answer guys no i 'm not going to show my tits to you just because you ask NO if i want you to see i'll let ya know . Will i add you to my family just because someone is paying a bling for every 5 women you get to add you to there family NO i only add people to my family when i want to! I go out of my was sometimes to help people out but i'm not taking up my family with wasted space that space is reserved for people i want there hense the phrase family! And for those who seam to thank this is a real bar NO it's not if it were those of you who have shouted when you going to show me your tits and those of you who have said can i see your tits and p***y whould have been told to F**k off and die or go to hell by now ! Yes I know I sound like a bitch! I love all my friends and family and will always help anyone who needs it . So morel of the story is treat people the way you want to be treated . This does not apply t
Update To "project Peanut"
Joey is now just over 7 months old.  (7 months, 10 days)Here's the latest update to "Project Peanut".  I have surprisingly kept up quite well with this project.  I originally thought I'd slack off after a couple of months, but I haven't!  Yay me!!!!Out of Pocket: Carol: $3,280.33 Thom: $610.00 Others: $675.00 Total: $4,565.33 Medical Billed: $34,302.46(of which $479.30 was paid by Carol [included in amounts above], restpaid by insurance)
so im looking for a  new car help me out im looking for  safety , and most important cost of repairing the  car in the  future ...  all comments are  welcome :)
Long Day...
Been a long day at work today. Hate waking up at 4 am.. a hour earlier than i should get up. Was a good day..considering it was tuesday. We usually get slammed with admits.  Was a bad day though..due toa patient passing away. I feel so bad for his family..especially his wife.  To be married that long..and still in love.. has to be rough on her. I am so glad that I do not have to deal with that , as in taking care of the patient..and that happening.. dealing with the family and all. I do to some extent but not as much as the nurse had to. I am so lost for words over death. Never been one able to handle it to well.
In Memory Of My Dad My Hero 2/4/54-1/13/05
I sit here and pander,My mind starts to wander.It is you that i see,You're smiling face, loving arms,They are right there to embrace me.It is you're loving voice that I hear,It is there to comfort me.In this I feel you are and always will be,My True Dear Friend.It is thoughts of you that I think of day and night.It is you that gives me hope to wake up with the morning light.It is all of you're guidance that has helped me through,It is all of you're guidance so warm and true.Why have you been given this awful fate,Why did it have to be a moment too late.It is your strength to help me cope,Yet there is no hope.When that hope is gone,We have to still live on.In this sadness i find,That it is you're love and support to help me on my way.In this sadness I still know, you are and always will be,MY TRUE DEAR FRIEND.You are the breathe I take,You are the light that shines when I wake.You are the peak at the top of that mountain top i must climb.You are the one that i will find,When it has beco
The F Word.. Nsfw... Had To Share This
Pieces Of Shit
Nothing irks me more than a pathetic failure at life that tells me how awful and corrupt this country is, and how lucky I am to have been born in Russia. That scum wouldn't have lived a day in Russia, before gettin killed and dumped in the woods. Pathetic ignoramuses like that are what makes me tic. They have no idea what I lived through, including starvation and limited opportunities.
i'm missing Indianapolis, his mom, sisters, old room, friends,nieces, Nephews, and rolling around late nights. what really kill him is that every time he hear his Nephew keishawn tell him that he miss him and when is he coming back. All he can say is i don't know. sad thing i just cry writing this part.
Its A Great Feelin
Its a great feeling when it doesnt hurt to say goodbye to certain people anymore.  You should see my smile.
Keep on raging - to stop the aging.  -  Dale Carnegie
My Friend
I know, its been awhileSince we communicatedIn any way...When you repliedMy heart stopped...I smiled with my thoughtsRemembering our talksOver the phone...The laughter we sharedThe fun we had...I even rememberedThat one, most special day...With, all who have been  in my lifeHave I ever been more honestWas only with you...I gave you my true and loyaltyAnd promised youALWAYS and FOREVER...No matter what happensYou would always find a friend in me...Even if the love we sharedDidn't last, but, what we had feltIt remains in our hearts...Even though, things happenedYou were the only womanWho reached further into my heartRe-lit a fire that burned out long ago...And from the flame, I was reborn...Softly touch me with a passionThat would become a double edge swordI had to learn to wield...I believe you were sentTo give life back to my heartAn angel only for me...With a sweet and sensuous voice like yoursAs I can still remember...I still remember you saying my nameThat was like a song, I can nev
EASTERNo matter what Easter means to youit could be dyeing eggs pink, yellow, or blueIt could be a bunny that brings baskets full of candy and toysand brings them all over the world to good little girls and boysEaster could be about being with family as a traditionjust getting everyone together could be your missionEaster egg hunts with kids and grand kids can surely be funthe one that finds the most will be the winner when it's all said and doneIt could mean a big dinner with family and friendsthere could be stuffing, peas, yams, ham, and some big fat hensIt could mean an Easter parade with bonnets that look a little funnyor it could mean an Easter pageant with women that look like a Playboy BunnyEaster may just be another day, it may not mean anything to youit may just be another reason for you to get out and barbequeEaster might just mean the Lilies are in seasonor it could mean that the NFL draft is close, if no other reasonEaster means a lot more than all these thingsno matter wha
Friend Poem
So often you're there when I am lonely,You always sound glad when I call,And it seems every time that I need you,You say it's no trouble at all.So, I hope that if you ever need a favour,I'm someone on whom you'll depend,And I hope I can beall that you've been to me-For that's the true meaning of "friend"
12 Steps For Fubar Addict's
I wrote these while bored ..The Twelve Steps for FuBar addicts1. We admitted that we were powerless over FuBar, that our lives had become unmanageable.2. We came to believe that a friend's list greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.3. We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of babyjesus, as we understood Him.4. We made a searching and fearless moral inventory of our lounges and shout box.5. We admitted to ourselves our friend's our fan's and our family, and to FuBarer's everywhere the exact nature of our wrongs.6. We were entirely ready to have babyjesus remove all these defects of character.7. We humbly asked babyjesus to fix all technical glitches.8. We made a list of all persons we had commented on, and became willing to make amends to them all.9. We made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure our FuBar reputation.10. We continued to shout box and add friends and fans, and when we were wrong promptly d
Dewdrops On The Grass
DEWDROPS ON THE GRASS a poem of remembering by john p reedWritten from January 2007 through February 2008                                                                                   I thought of pearls on a string, of a seagull dip-skimming the Sea of Time  flap dip - flap - flap - dip - flap - dip - dip this came out...                                                                                    Dedication  This piece speaks of and toa love that I have always knownthat I have always been a part of.This is dedicated to her and she knows it.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Outside of this time-frame, there is only us.Speak or type - feel or imagine - dreaming or awake, the words are the same - we are one in this loving and knew it when we first traded words. Our world was immediately circumscribed into us, and them. Ever since then, we have danced together, motes in the simple continuum of YHVH, knowing always that while we may wish our love to be carnal at times, our love
I have a severe phobia of worms, and a moment ago I was eating pisatccios, and I opened it, took out a nut, and ...there was a fuckin LARVA lookin thing in there! OMG!! I am so fuckin traumatized!!   I dont think I will ever eat pistaccios again...and I"m not kidding
Another Break
Welp, it's that time again. Time for me to disappear.....taking a lil time off from here. To all the real friends, thanks for the support, to those that just added, thanksfor reading.   Luv Ya     Laterz!
I need a FuHubby.  Seems all the Fumen I want are taken.  I need me a good fuHubby to take good care of me.  A nice sexy chocolate one that will makes sure I'm alway well taken care of!  Preferably close to my own age.  But, hell if ya sexy enough I'd most likely make and exception.  Show me the love I'm waiting.... oh and BTW Don't forget to stop by my one and only Fuhangout.... The Gentlemen's Club Lounge!  It's a must for any real applicants lol.  MUAH!
Universal Laws - Mainly For Me ...
Universal Laws There are 12 Universal Laws, and 21 sub-laws, that describe ways in which cause and effect are related. The Universal Laws can also be viewed as guidelines for behaviors that will enhance our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. The Universal Laws are all inter-related and are founded on the understanding that everything in the universe is energy, including us, and that energy moves in a circular fashion. At the microscopic level, we are a whirling mass of electrons and energy atoms spinning rapidly. In fact, everything in the world is comprised of energy and we are intimately connected with this sea of energy, this sea of whirling electrons. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are all forms of energy. What we think, feel, say, and do in each moment comes back to us to create our realities. Energy moves in a circle, so what goes around comes around. The combined thoughts, feelings, words and actions of everyone on the planet creates
Death In Family
I had a relative who was in a accident this morning her children were with her. Her 11 yr old daughter died at the scene & the mother is in very critical condition they don't expect her to make it. Her son only had minor injuries. This accident was caused by her speeding because her kids were late for school she lost control going aroung a curve.  SO the next time you think that speeding is accepted tell that to someone who loses a child. Please keep the mother in your prayers!
Me... In A Nutshell
So i love people to death. I am a people person. I would help anyone in the world that ask me for help. Now anymore i get people that come to me on everything. They will ask for advice on things that deep down inside i dont really want to give them the advice. But the reason i do, is because i know it is the right thing to do. I guess i am too nice of a person. Maybe thats why i get hurt and everything. I know that in time, all the help will be appreciated. And my listening ear and advice may be what helps someone tremedously. i am glad that people can come to me and not worry. But there are times i just dont really want to talk about the subject they want. Oh well thanks for reading about me! You are awesome for giving me your time.
Why Do We do judge  people by their looks?  It just makes me sick  we all have done it we just go by the  looks before we actually see the inside which is the most beautiful part of us.  But society is very judgemental which can cause death anoxeria and obesity etc..what can we do to stop ourselves from doing this again? because in the world we are in is  under enough pressure as it is we dont need someone judging us by our looks it's our soul that matters.
Got In A Car Accident Totalled My Car.. What New Car Should I Get??
Uhh yea got in a car accident totalled my scion tc...   now looking for new cars to buy...   Should i...   Ford 150...   Kia Soul...   Scion XD...
Demon Hunter - Carry Me Down
And if you see me losing ground Don’t be afraid to lie I know the pain inside my heart can’t break the fear inside of yours And if you see me losing faith In what it means to die Don’t let me leave before I know what lies behind the stained glass doors Save sorrow for the souls in doubt Bleed every care out [Chorus:] Will you carry me down the aisle that final day With your tears and cold hands shaking from the weight When you lower me down beneath that sky of gray Let the rain fall down and wash away your pain For every word we never spoke We have a tear to cry For every silence like a wall between a better you and I So if you see me losing sight Of all the death in life You’ll find the peace in every time I failed to see the death in mine Let all the fear inside you drown Tear out the blade and lay it down Save sorrow for the souls in doubt Bleed every care out [Chorus] Oh, the blood is rushing out Oh, I’m better off without Oh, the walls are closi
Ladies & Gents Come Check Out This Summertime Breeze
    **Summertime Breeze Auction ** Starting on Wed April 22nd at 2 pm (central) & thru May 2nd at 2 pm Come join this auction of fun for only 25k fubucks entry fee. Enter soon to insure a good spot . Random bling during contest . Open to all Ladies & Gents ** Verified Salute needed ** So all know we're real ** LoL Let's have some fun fun fun in this auction &a meet new friends. Only rule is No Drama . Contact Sinfully Delicious Blondie below for added details. Also think of your offerings & send them thru my pm's. Ask me for ideas if you wish also so that it's all posted with your pic you want entered.~Sinfully DelicIous~Blondie~
The Best Family And Friends I Could Ever Ask For
 You talk about having great family and friends I got the greatest ones here on Fubar my staff is all family and friends to me and I love them so very much and would not trade none of them for anything in this world. You can be having the worst day and they can bring you up in no time and make you feel welcome to be around they are awesome I could not ask for better people in my life.They are very careing people also and always check on all those in the family and friends are sick and how they are doing they are very careing and that means alot to me when I am sick they always call or get a hold of me some how to make sure I am ok. My son made me the name Redneck Chipmunk mom cause my voice is not there and cant talk and I love the name so I changed it to that so thats why I have a new name and thank you son your awesome and so is all my family I dont call them staff cause that just means people that work for you family means more that is what they are to me also each one has there own
Waste Of My Time!
Ok i need to vent. To all the people that know me and who fall in this catagory thanx. When I talk to someone and I make plans to come see u and take time off of work and look into flights and then all of a sudden I never hear from u and u never respond back that is some shit! When I talk to you and u have nothing to say and it is your idea to talk to me, U are wasting my time. If u cant be honest with me and u have to lie to talk to me and play fucking mind games, u are a fake mother fucker! I always am honest and I always try and keep to my word. I dont do phone sex or take my clothes off on web cam so stop fucking asking me to, cause all u are doing is working on getting yourself deleted from my page and u are a waste of my time! So to all u people that are fake and liars dont bother getting to know me or sending any friend requests cause I will not accept them, I find out that u lied to me and played ur childish little mind games I will delete u, cause u are a waste of my time!!
Wanna Be My Gf?
Being the dreamy young stud that I am, I am only accepting high quality applications. Don't bother applying unless you meet the following requirements: 1 – You're at least a 7.0 2 – You will work out at least 3 times a week while we are dating 3 – Since you are a female and will probably lie and cheat, I expect you to be very good at this so that I do not  find out. 4 – You know tongue tricks 5 – Willing to clean my home on a daily basis 6 – Can cook amazing meals 7* Are an intelligent, spiritual and somewhat mysterious person. * (lol ok seriously, I don't care) Still Interested? (100% of females): Continue below!
Ultimate Sex Survey
The Ultimate SEX Survey by game_gurl69 Do you like it rough or sensual?: Sensual Do you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both?: I have a boy friend for now, but I like women just as much. How often do you like to have sex?: Is there a time that isn't good? Is sex a top priority for you?: Its up there Do you have sex face to face with your partner?: Yes, and I like it from behind too LOL. How often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger?: Not ofen, and not for a while. How do you feel about one night stands?: They can be fun How many one night stands have you had?: A few What's your favorite position?: Boys: from behind; girls: 69. Where's your favorite place to have sex?: In the butt LOL, the bedroom I think. Do you prefer to make love or f*uck?: Depends, making love is nice and sometimes fucking is just plain needed. Have you ever watched porn while having sex?: y
A Wonderful Surprise
A guy is sitting at the bar just staring at his drink for half an >> hour when this big >> trouble-making biker steps next to him, grabs his drink, gulps it >> down in one swig and >> then turns to the guy with a menacing stare as if to say, >> 'What'cha gonna do about it?' >> >> The poor little guy starts crying. >> >> 'Come on man I was just giving you a hard time,' the biker says. >> 'I didn't think you'd >> CRY.' 'I can't stand to see a man crying'. >> >> 'This is the worst day of my life,' says the little guy between >> sobs. 'I can't do >> anything right. I overslept and was late to an important meeting, >> so my boss fired me. >> When I went to the parking lot,I found my car was stolen and I >> don't have any insurance. >> I left my wallet in the cab I took home. I found my wife in bed >> with the gardener and my >> dog bit me. So, I came to this bar trying to work up the courage >> to put an end to my >
*sigh* if ya live in the houston area you more than likely heard about the 2 fire fighters that died on sunday...and today's the service for them... i went to school with damion hobbs...the younger of the 2.  my lil sister lives onteh street his family lives on.  she just called and told me of the escort the family got walkin down her street.  it breaks my heart...     i'm freakin out on how many people i went to school with have passed away...i'm just barely havin my 10 year reunion in june  (bh)
I'm An Auction Virgin
4/16/09 Dilbert
Yes, Please!!!
She knelt calmly on her soft pillow as she listened to the sounds. He was in the bathroom. She heard the toilet flush and the water in the sink running for a while. He must have been waiting for the water to run warm. She was naked and the air was chilly causing her to shiver and her nipples to perk up with soft little bumps rising on the areolas surrounding her dark, pink buds.He was so very good to her, so loving yet firm. What pleasures would he seek from her tonight? She looked down at the floor, not seeing anything, just lost in her thoughts of pleasing him. The intense love she felt for him filled her with joy and she smiled. Oh yes, anything her Master desired, that is what she would give to him. They gave those gifts, the give and the take, the sharing of being completely in tune with one another.She thought about dinner, how she had made a delicious meal and served his favorite wine. She had wanted to welcome him home with love, knowing he'd had a busy day. She had wanted to c
Bling Auction
Bling Auction I am auctioning off a 35 credit bling, either a A-11 or a Cherrybomb, it's your choice. The bidding starts at 500k, with a buyout option of 15mil. The Auction ends at 9 p.m. FU-TIME on Friday the 17th. Winner will be notified as soon as the auction is over. Depending on how high the bids get, I might give another A-11 or Cherrybomb to the 2nd highest bidder. HAPPY BIDDING! Please don't bid on the blog, the photo to bid on is in my albums "Bling Auction". Thank you!
About That Contest....
howey has my pic up!!  go rate & comment it PLEASE!!!!    
She Said Kill Me Faster
We were going to go to the zoo today, but the rain prevented that. The DC zoo is pretty large, and admission is free, so I'm sure when we do go, it will be more than a simple one day affair. We also have to hit up the smithsonian natural history museum. Dan is very excited for that last one, he is a big history buff. I just want to see this dinosaur bones.I have been having a back and forth battle of the myspace messages with Rachel ever since I told her I would be coming for Lucas this weekend. She was bound and determined I would be leaving him for good. That very much annoys me. And I can't wait to see my boy.Ship just reminded Danny tonight that he gets housinig allowance, and so now after he speaks with his case manager tomorrow, we will be looking into apartments. It is undecided as of yet if that will be an apartment in DC, or a place in PA he will come visit on weekends until he gets out. We're pretty sure he will be out in about a month, give or take a week. But will know more
Signs You Drink Too Much Coffee
 You answer the door before people knock. - Juan Valdez named his donkey after you. - You ski uphill. - You grind your coffee beans in your mouth. - You haven't blinked since the last lunar eclipse. - You lick your coffeepot clean. - You're the employee of the month at the local coffeehouse and you don't even work there. - Your eyes stay open when you sneeze. - You chew on other people's fingernails. - Your T-shirt says, "Decaffeinated coffee is the devil's blend." - You can type sixty words per minute ... with your feet. - You can jump-start your car without cables. - Cocaine is a downer. - You don't need a hammer to pound nails. - Your only source of nutrition comes from "Sweet & Low." - You don't sweat, you percolate. - You buy 1/2 & 1/2 by the barrel. - You've worn out the handle on your favorite mug  You go to AA meetings just for the free coffee. - You walk twenty miles on your treadmill before you realize it's not plugged in. - You forget to unwrap candy bars before eating them.
Lets Just Live A Lil
it seems like times are is passin by...makein faces in the car window,giving that trucker the pull your horn sign...tastes are changeing with each day i discover a little something new about myself.where does this road lead anymore..i try not to worry about to far ahead,but  to just try to follow the next step...ive gotten this times i feel like ill be alone forever,its not somethin i spend 2 much time thinkin about but it does pop into my head at times...i bring it upon myself i about 2 begin a new chapter in my about to journey down a new road,the road i have been on has been bumpy,ive gone off course a few times and even broke down..truth is its difficult and hard to be out there and alone and im very greatful for the people in my life,im greatful for the help i receive,the generoicity*,the even thankful for the things im not very thankful for.. we all change thats jsut how life goes weather its alot or a little just always hopein
Wow, I haven't posted on this one in a while.  This is really a rant, it's more of a life observation. Today, while I was at the pain management Dr. they sent me for an MRI.  When i got to the imaging area, they told me to empty my pockets and as i did that's when I began to observe.   It wasn't so much what was in my pockets but what wasn't.  I remember as a small child, if you asked me to empty out my pockets any number of random things would be in my pockets but there'd be 1 guarenteed item, Bazooka Bubble gum.  Sometimes coins, maybe worms, caps for my toy gun, a note, rocks, boy kinda stuff.   But no matter what else, even in my church clothes, Bazooka Bubble gum was a mainstay.  As an older child the mainstay became a pocket knife and base ball cards.  As a teen trying to look "COOL" it was cigarettes and matches, the pack was empty until i was 16.  In my 20's it became a wallet and a roach clip or two, and i always had a pen or two with me as I always carried a notebook which
Starting Over
I guess everyone needs at least one blog. So here's mine. As of Novermber my 6 year relationship came to an end. Then instead of doing the smart thing and taking some time for myself, I jumped head first into another relationship. That relationship went up in smoke almost a month ago. Now, I'm working on being single, being happy with myself, and loving myself. These thing are't easy when you've never had to do them. I am also working on making new friends, making my apartment mine, and standing on my own two feet. These things are also quite hard for me. So far the only thing I have accomplished is being a depressing lump of a person, which is terribly easy to do. This I am not proud of. So as of this point in time i am a depressing, single person. Hopefully bu this time next month I will have progressed into being a not so depressing single person
I Do Hope It Brought A Smile"> Especially since the teabagging parties, brought to you by the GOP & FOX, had to do with nothing more than convincing the arrogantly ignorant that "they" where/are protesting the raising of the taxes on themselves.  Which, (as anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention at all well knows,) is actually raising the taxes of the rich, and lowering the taxes of the middle-class and poor of this nation, so... They, the GOP & FOX, are making "the people," (the easily manipulated arrogantly ignorant,) protest what is good for themselves, and bad for the rich - Well maybe "bad" is the wrong word, maybe "fairer" - As in fairer taxation of the rich.But that is a concept that the arrogantly ignorant can't seem to grasp.  As they have well proven, particularly over these past eight years, by continuing to "patriotically" not only allow, but even support, their own self-destruction,
The Scorpio time aligns with the age when the sexual energy and prowess of the body have reached the adult phase, and are at their height. The joy and pain of being a Lover is deeply sexual, explosive and dangerous in its passion. The feelings become subject to undercurrents; a volume of desire that is hard to contain and alarming in its power, for it goes right to the roots of our being. The sexual act is one of the strongest drives known to us all. For many, it is a vital need and, often unwittingly, driven by the urgency to continue life, even after death. The natural force of any animal, which includes humans, is to attempt to reproduce. It is the pure creative force, and born from the inner instinct that their genes must survive. The Lover is caught in a deeply emotional experience, and rarely uses their reasoning power, for the feelings of those in a close physical relationship are often fraught with insecurities; hidden, unexplained and very intense. It is through this intens
Megadeth- Washington Is Next!
this song is extremely relevant to today, even though this album came out back in 07. It's from "United Abominations" "The quiet war has begun with silent weapons And the new slavery is to keep the people Poor and stupid, 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' How can there be any logic in biological warfare? We all know this is wrong, but the New World Order's  Beating down the door, oh something needs to be done   There was a King, an Evil King Who dreamt the wickedest of dreams An ancient mystery, no one could interpret Of seven years of famine, the wolf is at my door As predicted years ago, that that was, that is, that is no more The Word predicts the future and tells the truth about the past Of how the world leaders will hail the new Pharaoh The eighth false king to the throne: Washington is Next!   Disengage their minds, sabotage their health Promote sex, and war, and violence in the kindergartens Blame the parents and teachers; it's their fault 'Annuit Coeptis' Attack the ch
My Response To The Teaparty Thing That Got Deleted
poll asked if we supported left-wing extremist or the grass roots movement lame government crap non-mumm poll...yay left wing extremist were communists Lenin being the most famous but communism doesn't work cause people are lazy and humans being the greedy little shits they are have a lust for more then they need or deserve grassroots movement refers to getting local people involved like mini societies... now while self govenment is a good idea but people as a whole are uninformed and easily swayed so there is no such thing as a democracy and self governing parties don't work i support neither...  i was a little disappointed that i didn't get to throw in my 2 cents but sho assured me this crap would be posted again by some idiot soon enough... so now i don't have to write it out again
Just Some Thoughts
Well i have decided to start deleting picture folders, just had too many of them and they were just sitting around collectiing dust so now i just have one bomb folder and either one or two easy rate folders. But i will be deleting my nsfw folder soon, just not feeling it anymore so no sense in keeping them up.But i will be keeping my sexy men folder so my girls and also some of my boys can enjoy it, and also because there are some hott men in that folder !! Also R/F/A my owner DB he is such a kick ass person and so sweet !! I'm also thinking of giving my 11s away everday to the highest bidder, (lol just kidding) i will put it in my status and when you see it just sb me, im deciding if im going to offer it to the auto 11 people or not most likely probably not give some one else some points and love and not just the clicks. (just my opinion)  But just wanted to write some stuff down, thanks to all who read this if anyone does at all.  Hugg and LIXX
In Honor Of Earth Day April 22, 2009 - Tomorrow's Goodbye
(I can't figure out this new posting system... so the youtube video is posted below in the comment section)   Tomorrow's Goodbye - Lynard Skynard *** I'm just a city boyBut there's a small town side to meAnd I feel it closin' inAre we too blind to seeThat she's dying more each dayAnd she's cryin' out to you and meChances come and when they're goneThey curse the fools who wait too longSo let's take care of what we haveBefore the good we know goes badAnd the beauty fades and just slips awayThe dirty air, they dying seasWill this be the world we leaveTo the wild and youngI say, just look at what we've doneAnd right before our yesToday's yesterdayCould be tomorrow's goodbyeHere comes the rainAnd it might wash her tears awayBut it doesn't change a thingLike my brother before meAll I can do is write this songAnd for her I singChances come and when they're goneThey carve in stone what we've done wrongSo let's take care of what we haveBefore the good we know goes badAnd the bea
Bomber 1 Mil Fubuck Giveaway!!! 4/17 Wkd. Entries Posted! Winners To Come!
BOMBER GIVEAWAY ***ENTRIES POSTED*** 1 Mil Fubux GiveAway & 3 - 100k Consolation Prizes Bomb A 250+ Pic Album (Easy Enough)   514  Bombs & 333 Entrants: 25    PlayinHard8    Prorsum8    Special K7    Dj Pickles6    Essence6    Madroxlette5    CherieAmore5    Christene5    The Bastage4    Jocko4    MS Girl4    NYCParty4    Tall Blonde3    ~**Tara**~3    ~~PapaBear~~3    Ace3    AZ Cardinals3    Bubzy3    Bucknekkid3    countryboy3    HarleyBabe3    Infared3    JoJolicious3    KajnDarlin3    Ms. Kinky Tina3    Neptune's Human3    Prophet3    Royalty3    Southe
BITCHOLOGYWhen I stand up for Myself and my beliefs, They call me a Bitch. 
Hello Everyone Im Just Getting My Drink On What Yall Up To
hey ppl bored as hell sitting here watching some crazy shit on u tube
Crystal Corset!!
holy cow batman!!  if there was ever a bling i thought i needed it would be the crystal thing is AWESOME  :p
Are You Smarter?
I got this in an email and its been bugging me ever since!   ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER?There are 7 girls on a busEach girl has 7 backpacksIn each backpack, there are 7 big catsFor every big cat there are 7 little catsQuestion: How many legs are there in the bus?
Little Brother ( For Jlo)
I have watched you grow up since you were fourteen and you always think you know everything. I treasure all the times we have shared together and all the times we made each other laugh. When I left you 2 months ago I feel like I left behind part of my soul. You and I have a very special connection I never want us to lose, but you are there and I am here and my heart is oh so bruised. I feel like I have abandonded you and left you behind. I don't want you to feel that way because it's just not true. We may not have the same parents but your my little brother and I love you. I never want you to forget about me or the times we shared. You are forever in my heart and the thought of never getting to laugh with you again makes me sad and scared. I don't want things to be this way but this is the way life is. When you get older you will understand that I never wanted to leave you.. You are my best friend. ::::: For my little brother Johnathan aka JLO ::::::   Ravyn
Veterans Black Listed!!!
This is a reposted Blog From my friend 'Remember Those That Died For Us' He is number #3 on my family list. Please Show him love and support along with all our miilitary soldiers.. past.. present.. and well after this.. I wonder myself how many will join up with this grim future. God Bless! Krystal aka EchoAngel *********************************** The Departmet of Homeland security has black listed Vets. as possible domestic terroirst. They have informed law inforcement to be on the look out for vets as possile terrorist. So now I have to worry about driving around with my Vet plates I am a target.   This morning I wrote a post about a Homeland Security paper that warned about “right wing extremists” and the threat that they may pose to the government.     This paper basically lumped in people who are either pro second amendment, anti abortion, anti illegal immigration, or pro smaller government (or more than one or all of the above)  with white supremacists and dom
Hott And Dumb
I am not going to sit here and say that I will go only buy how some one thinks before i will go after looks. Cause I wont. People, there are exceptions to this rule. You could be the hottest person in the world, but if there is nothing behind that beauty, well then there is nothing to you. Its always nice to hook up with a hot person and everything seems nice at first. Like you start to notice little things about that other person and your just like oh thats cute they are acting a little dumb or they are standing up for you when it comes to something. Then after a little longer that cute dumb thing becomes, wow you really are dumb or wow you are just an ass. Well, ok people I am not the smartest person, or the hottest and I sure as hell am not the nicest person you will meet. Although,  I do enjoy reading, and talking about history, politics, books, movies. Many things, but after awhile if  there is nothing different going on, then I will leave. You have to keep my intrest as much as I
Wrote On 4/15/09
loosely united stretched  to the brink of insanity dying easier than revival dont expect much since they all say its toxic ask my heart, "will it last?" cant say but I love the ride me duele mi corazo'n pero no te importa Everything dies after all
Job Offer :p
Well here is the thing.   If you know someone that needs some photoshop work done, let me know!   I do web designs, retouching photos, making logos,...   Only thing you need to do is to get me a customer and i will give u 10-15% of  the deal ;) c Happy hunting :P    
American Terrorist
  In response to a newly unclassified Department of Homeland Security report that warns of dangers associated with "right-wing extremists" - and singles out returning war veterans as particular threats - the American Legion has fired off a letter to DHS in protest.   "I think it is important for all of us to remember that Americans are not the enemy. The terrorists are," writes David K. Rehbein, national commander of the American Legion, to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. The Legion's letter comes in response to a report titled "Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment," dated April 7, which warns against the possibility of violence by unnamed "right-wing extremists" concerned about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty. The document, first reported by talk-radio host and WND columnist Roger Hedgecock, suggests worsening economic woe
Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to get our pay to blow it the same day hi ho hi ho on a six pack of beer and a kick in the rear hi ho hi ho hi ho stumbling home we with a join our hand hi ho hi ho hi ho after listening to the band hi ho hi ho                                                    Created by                                         wyogirl , crystlline and twitch                                        On  4 / 17 / 09
Serious Problem...
I have a problem, and I really need some help here. I have an addiction. Its so ridiculously out of hand that I was all tweaked out earlier because I was all out. I felt like a meth head trying to get a fix. Smart water has infiltrated my mind and body. I know it is no different than tap water, but ZOMG. I was flipping out when I realized my stash was all gone this morning. How can I quit this habit? 
Intimate Stranger
I feel like the walking deadA comatose heartSomewhere between a nightmare and a wetdreamMemories in black and whiteI can see the loveI can hold it in these broken handsMy heart won't wake upMy head won't let goThe motions of emotionSlowly the machine takes controlPretenderSell the idea of caring and concernWrapping emptiness with a big bowSomedayOne dayMaybe life will returnCatch my breatheLet someone inside this burnt out shellUntil then keep your distanceStay an intimate stranger
Update 4/17/04
just wqnted to let you all know you haven't been forgotten. been a hell of a busy week. started with deliveries in the bay area and off to so-cal to pic up. then out to houston to deliver this morning. picked up a couple crates in houston and now heading to tulsa for monday pick up before heading back to cali. spending the night in the loves truck stop just south of dallas tonite. weather has been miserable all week. wind and rain. snow in arizona bd thunder storms and tornado warnings here. will try soon to send some love to you all. maybe later this weekend i will get a room and be able to do more. until then take care and god bless you all..big cali hugs..marty
Rude Perverts
i really get the shits of people that think everyone is on here to meet and have sex if you see on someones profile they are married then keep your lude photo comments to yourself and further more get a fucking life not everyone is on the net for sex and to hook up
?'s And More ?'s
here and there my mind wanders thoughts pool, as I ponder what does it mean why can't I ask why is it that trusting has become such a task had I not seen with my own two eyes what was as friendship so cleverly disguised would I believe had someone just told me am I not to be furious when for far less you would scold me and even with the knowledge all I want to do is pretend I don't know take the fact that it hurts me and not let it show for to me what we have is perfect and real but "it" makes it hard to believe that, that's how you feel so I wonder can what I know be forgotten or will it leave my thoughts pool stagnant and rotten
Well I'm so excited, my second grandchild was born tonight at 10:55 pm. She weighed in at 9 pounds and is 19 inches long. My heart is so happy. This is what it's all about!!!!!!!!!!  
New Auction Link!
Hi y'all. I am in my very first auction! Come take a peek and maybe place a bid!  ;).  I was told the link in first blog did not work. Try this one...thanks!
Something I Really Liked
DJ Crow 6471 had this image that said this and I loved it I had to post it here just as text! I'm sure alot of people would read this and love it! Nobody understands how much I miss you,I miss how much we used to talk,and miss all the things we used to do.I try not to admit it to myselfthat I still feel this way.Nobody knows that I still wake up thinking of you each day.I still think of you and I really do miss you.I would give up everything I haveto be everything we're not!
Dragon H0mo
Be made aware of this Fag. HIM, and his wife are jacking people, with false offers to purchase Bling...   $$*DragonKing$$* R/L Engaged To ~~Sexy Mom~~@ fubar
I have learned that you can't please everyone. You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. I went to bed lastnight in tears because of this. Words can hurt far more than anything physical. I'm just going to step back and reflect on things for now.
Spotlight Rocked!!
it was amazing!!  and i owe it all to yall...i have the best fufriends EVER, hands down...there's no possible way i coulda done it with out yall.  every single donation and rate is greatly appreciated...a friend was kinda keepin tabs on my progress yesterday...he said i had to of cleared at least 12 mil points!!  yall kick so much ass....thanks again...   love yall!!  (h)     btw...a few of yall said yall took ss for me yesterday...if yall put a link up here for me i'll go get them...thanks!!
Fuck The Six Flags Corparation!
So we all can look at the Six Flags Corp.  and tell them to fucking BURN IN HELL!  Heres the story, and yes this is me fucking RANTING!    On April 10th 2009 I was scheduled for an interview after putting in an application in online three days prior.  I went to the interview and did the whole thing.  I was told I was hired and even filled out all the paper work. (tax forms and shit)  I was given my "discovery" (Orentation) date for today.  Although it was working for Six Flags I was kinda hyped, cause I'd have a job that would make my goals easier to obtain.  Well here is where the fucked up fun part comes. I get there today, early as I am punctual.  Go to clock in,  the guy couldnt find me.  So after waiting nearly 30 minutes to be called back up, they told me I was inactive and had to speak to HR.  I was fine with that.  I walked AROUND the park, to get to the HR office.  I get up there, and find out, "Oh your not rehireable by Six Flags."  Umm yea....WHAT THE FUCK!  Wednesday
A Bad Day~
It was one of those days when nothing had gone right, and Murphy was working double time. My entire day was one disaster after another, people wanting my attention, phone calls, irate customers, equipment breaking, and not a moment to myself to think. i was finally able to escape work and as i was walking to the car it started to rain, not petite little movie rain drops but the cats and dogs kind, and me with no umbrella, figures. On the way home i got stuck in an hour long traffic jam and my cell phone battery died so there was no way to call. i end up walking in the door and hour and 45 minutes late, soaked to the skin, tired, and most of all, worried that You'll be upset with me. As i drop my bag in the hallway and take off my shoes i see You sitting on the couch waiting, watching me, an intense look on Your face and i know something is on Your mind. i immediately sink to my knees and crawl over to You, that look in Your eyes unmistakable. "i'm sorry i'm late Sir, my day was awful
A Cold Rainy Day~ Part1
When I woke up this morning, it was on the cold side. It had been raining, off and on for two days and this morning the sun peaked out for a few minutes, just after dawn. Then it went back to a slow drizzling, cold rain. My girlfriend had kissed me goodbye as she left for a three day business trip, just before the rain started and was due home today. To say I was in a good mood was an understatement. Not seeing Ann for three days was bad enough, but to have it rain on top of that made it even worse. Ann, now there's a lady to study on. Five foot, seven inches of beautiful curves and long, long legs. When I had been introduced to her at a Christmas party four years ago, she had seemed very standoffish and cold. I found out later that attitude was caused by a very jealous and childish boyfriend. I was lucky enough to have run into her shortly after she dumped him and we've been together ever since. She had called around eight AM to say she would be home around two, if everything went ok
The Value Of Time
It would seem as though when compared with most people, I place an inordinate amount of value on time.  I have always believed the value of time to be immeasurable and therefore priceless. You see, we all have a finite amount of time to which we are entitled.  From the moment of our birth, the clock starts ticking. You can't get it back, you can't borrow from tomorrow, or next week.  With this in a person spends their time is of great importance.  There are people I have met on this site for which I would go to the ends of the earth.  I spend time with them daily when possible...and most of them know the value I place on time....  Time means it is spent is a testament to the things and or people you consider important. I hope the people with whom I spend my time understand that I do so because of the value I place on them and it is never an idle choice.
I Got A Cute Mommy
Po Folk Make Me A Blog!!!dammit!!!
frothing from your lips, loving words of affection glisten like a gloss with a shine of perfection dipping and diving and writhing in a dance-like trace and I am enslaved like a moth to the flame I cannot maintain and I see myself absorbed and consumed in this lustful desire to unite and be one. the feeling you breed feeds a need an undying urge and the ache that pains with the surge of a thousand razor blades upon salt-soaked skin fore inside I cry out to never be void of this euphoria you make me feel, could it be real? could you and I be we? and if not - would I know and how would I go... simply turn away from the only other me I've known? How do you tell the heavens not to embrace the stars? and the stars not to sink and sparkle with delight at the grasp of their lovers invite to unify..and gleam you bewitch the very core being of the soul is me and I am buried with emotion deep as the ocean that haunts me and holds me beneath I cannot breathe beneath the current yet i flail n
My Honey Bun
Shopping for our grocies .   whahing dirtycloth taping all her shows putting upwith torment from yelling kids listening to he said she said not knowing which one did making sure they take a bath they have to brush there teeth keeping both eyes on the little one cause he's a little theif always in a hurry never time for fun I tell her not to worry cause she's my honey bun                                                   this was wrote by my husban for me on 9/02/04                                                             
Views On Passion
Touch the Darkness   Passion Conquers     Lightning flash and thunder crack Primal power it does not lack Forces of Nature don't hold back Neither does the passionate heart     Desire fans the raging flame An iron resolve it will claim A wild beast none can tame Attraction overwhelms us from the start     Resistance wanes in a flash Till nothing remains but smoke and ash To each others arms we must dash Our bodies are clay to passion's art    
Can You??? Will You???
#1 friend has Auto 11's on!!! Can you/will you go rate his pics for some mega bucks? Link below!
Work Again As Usual
So I sit here working .... I am supervising till 7 PM tonite and i miss Him terribly... i cant concentrate cause all i see in my head and heart is Him ... my damn t mobile phone needs to be smashed loll and i will take it Monday cause i cant even seem to text him and for it to go thru.. He just gets mad at me atleast that is what i feel... when i work i am the answer person... i am personally responsible for lives of those i care for and to develope and teach my staff ... i am strong in my job ... but without him i feel weak .... i dont even feel like myself ... 8 more days and i will be home atlast... i miss his voice and his jokes and his sweetness ... i crave him constantly... i have fallen in love with Him so deeply that i often see no seperation between us ... i actually dont want to see that seperation... i dont want to be apart from him in spirit or in body or in my heart.... makes me frustrated and sad .... i panic when i cant speak to him and he sometimes thinks its cause im b
Traits, Likes Dislikes
Traits of a Libra: Desires popularity Loves art Neat Dresses up for the occassion Slight perfectionist Narcisstic Charitable Bossy at times Plans ahead Attention to detail Loves public service Likes... Beauty Gifts Debates Attention Intellectual conversations Admiration Credit cards Mingling Subtle colours, textures Haute Coutoure Dislikes... Noise Confusion Sloppiness Ugliness Dirt Pressured decisions Being rushed Criticism
Im a fan of words. I enjoy putting them together and taking them apart (not the words themselves.. more like forming sentences, and novels.. and soliloquies). Im also a fan of literacy. In which case, please refrain from using u and ur when engaging in an e-exchange of words (hate mail included). Im very aware some people like to think using shorthand saves time. Well, if you cant spell out a full word you happen to use everyday, dont bother sending a message. It will save your time, and mine. This includes, but is not solely subject to, the proper use of your, youre, there, their, and theyre. Reading and writing is taught in school for a reason, enjoy it while you can. I dont expect you to be a mastermind, just THINK before you SPEAK.1. Be a good person as best you can; all cases are relative to the individual. 2. Live as much life as you can. 3. Pursue something you deem worthy of your time in your relatively short amount on earth. 4. Respect all.
Dj Animal
DJ ANIMAL LIVE ON AIR.That's right guys, he's back from IraqFor two weeks only,And taking over the airwaves.Come show him some love,And support our troops!Midnight - 4AM ESTGet in here and show him loveFORBIDDEN style!!!Click the image to join us now ~a ♠bunnylove♠™ production~
See That Light At The End Of The Tunnel? It's A Train!
I am so tired of life being one stuggle after another, was I a baby killer in a past life? What did I do to deserve all the pain and hurt I have gone through all my life? My husband and my children are so wonderful, they should have better. I can't find a job, I even dyed the red out of my hair to try and look a little more "normal" in hopes of landing a job. Everything feels like it is closing in on me and I am suffocating! My husband was gone for 2 years, to bring home steady pay we could count on, now it looks like that is the only choice once again is for him to try to take a deployment that will happen as soon as possible. I have been a stay at home mom since I was 16, I don't have any job experience. I feel like I am just a burden for him. He tells me it is not true at all, I run the house, I take care of 4 kids, I am trying to go to school to get skills for a job. But that is not helping the fact that we can barely put food on the table. I, as well as my oldest son, take our cla
Soldiers Screwed Again
This was a repost of a blog a friend of a friend posted. I just wanted everybody to see what the government REALLY thinks of us..........    The Department of Homeland security has black listed Vets. as possible domestic terrorist. They have informed law enforcement to be on the look out for vets as possible terrorist. So now I have to worry about driving around with my Vet plates I am a target. This morning I wrote a post about a Homeland Security paper that warned about “right wing extremists” and the threat that they may pose to the government.   This paper basically lumped in people who are either pro second amendment, anti abortion, anti illegal immigration, or pro smaller government (or more than one or all of the above)  with white supremacists and domestic terrorists. As maddening as I found that paper there was one aspect to the paper that I missed this morning and to me it is much more egregious.  This is what the Department of Homeland Security thinks about our m
An Eternal Flame...
In a deep abyss Far from anyone's wildest imagination Exists darkness Deeper than anyone's knowledge Of pitch blackness But alas... Upon further investigation One sees a candle Burning And as long as that fire burns And that eternal flame lives on Then for all the darkness there is A light burns bright Forever more And it is in that moment Darkness ceases to exist.....
Marriage Humor
\1) You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff.Like, if you like sports, she should like it that youlike sports, and she should keep the chips and dipcoming. (you think this was coming from his father?)- Alan, age 10 (2) No person really decides before they grow up whothey're going to marry.God decides it all way before, and you get to findout later who you're stuck with.(So God can have a sense of humor?)- Kristen, age 10 WHAT IS THE RIGHT AGE TO GET MARRIED? (1) Twenty-three is the best age because you knowthe person FOREVER by then.- Camille, age 10 (2) No age is good to get married at. You got to bea fool to get married.- Freddie, age 6 (very wise for his age) HOW CAN A STRANGER TELL IF TWO PEOPLE ARE MARRIED? (1) You might have to guess, based on whether theyseem to be yelling at the same kids.- Derrick, age 8 WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR MOM AND DAD HAVE IN COMMON? (1) Both don't want any more kids.- Lori, age 8 WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE DO ON A DATE? (1) Dates are for having fun, an
Me Talking About Crashing Hard On My Board
Princess Beakers
Ive been on fu for maybe a year or two now. Ive had two different IDs so I cant really remember how long its actually been! Anyways recently I had an epiphany. The thing is, in life there are fairweather friends. You know, the ones who come and go for whatever reason. This is more so the case with online friends. You meet, say hello, have a great time just chatting and goofing. Then one day you have an argument and boom, the joy of the internet means, blocked, ignored or whatever you choose to do to not converse with someone again. And well, there are the friends who are always there even if you dont talk. The ones who randomly stop in every once in a while and say hello to catch up and its like youve never not been chatting. The ones who brighten your day. They throw in a few HUGE random acts of Fu kindness and what have you got? Youve got: This girl is just a top quality chick and a great friend! And thats all Ive got to say about that! Regards
Bdsm Symbols
We use symbols all the time to express ideas or emotions.  The symbol stands for something else by reason of relationship or association.  In the D/s community and especially in your relationship symbolism is the unspoken words and meanings to ideas and beliefs.  The formal lifestyle is filled with symbols that come in the form traditions and ceremonies which can be seen and that which is only spoken.  These symbols are rarely seen by the vanilla world and when they are witnessed the meaning is lost for the meaning comes from within yourself.  I will only briefly describe some of the symbols and you can research them further if you want to further your knowledge of symbols. THE BDSM EMBLEM The first form of symbolism is the BDSM emblem.  To the vanilla observer it is seen as an attractive piece of jewelry. We are free to wear and display it nod to those who see it and understand it's meaning.  I use this emblem as an icon for one of the hard drives on my computer at work.  Al
Key To My Heart
I had closed the door upon my heart And wouldn't let anyone in, I had trusted and loved only to be hurt But, that would never happen again. I had locked the door and tossed the key As hard, and as far as I could, Love would never enter there again, My heart was closed for good. Then you came into my life And made me change my mind, Just when I thought that tiny key was impossible to find. That's when you held out your hand And proved to me I was wrong, Inside your palm was the key to my heart... You had it all along.
Acid Test
Introduction The term ‘Acid Test’ is an old prospecting term.  A powerful acid can dissolve most base metals in a matter of minutes.  However, gold will stand up to most acids.  So the ‘Acid Test’ was an easy way for people to make sure they had a real nugget of gold and not a lump of the ‘fool's’ variety.  In the same way, these tests are meant to be quick ways to identify fake Doms.  Passing all these tests is no guarantee either, there is no replacement for getting to know your prospective partner as well as possible BEFORE YOU EVEN MEET IN PERSON. Now most of these tests are designed in mind for a submissive female trying to sort through men claiming to be Doms online.  They are largely based on the many questions I get asked by my female friends still searching for a Dominant partner.  Some of them can probably be used by male subs as well, but for the most part, these tests are best for ferreting out male fakes. Vanilla males are usually aft
Giving Up Your Control
Being submissive in bed can be highly erotic. When you actively surrender to your partner, sex becomes sensational. You're at the mercy of your man's touch " and not knowing what's next can make sex more intense and exciting. Your arousal is heightened when you give up all the control " especially if you've ever fantasized about being taken charge of in bed. Set the scene: Close your eyes and imagine being ravaged by your partner, a sexy stranger, anyone " just get lost in your own delicious fantasy. Then let your partner in on your secret. Of course, don't tell him if you've been fantasizing about someone else (that's for your own personal inspiration), but do tell him you want to be totally under his control. Believe me, he'll be thrilled with his new authority! You can lay down some ground rules if you'd like. Will you be tied up? Should he tease you? Think about what you want out of the experience and then let him take the wheel. Even better, let him surprise you right from the
I Want A Guy Like This!
Im the guy who will text you every single morning and tell you good morning and every single night to tell you sweet dreams. Im the guy who will hold you when you're crying and wipe away your tears. Im the guy who still thinks you're beautiful with no makeup on, wearing sweats and a big t-shirt. Im the guy who won't pressure you to do things you dont want to. Im the guy who will show up at your house with soup and a movie when you aren't feeling well. Im the guy who kisses you on the forehead. I'm the guy who'll randomly tickle you just to hear you giggle. Im the guy who doesnt kiss and tell. Im the guy who actually listens to you when you talk. Im the guy who's excited all day because Im looking forward to our date that night. Im the guy who is content to just be able to hold you and wants nothing more. I'm the guy who can't help but smile when you walk into the room. Im the guy who'll say I love you first because Im not afraid to say it. Im the guy who's perfectly content with stayin
10 Steps To The Perfect French Kiss
You've kissed, but you want to take it a step further. A French kiss is a more intimate and passionate kiss that takes things to the next level. With these 10 steps, you're French kiss will be perfect. Step 1. Look into your partners eyes. In anticipation of a kiss or to initiate a kiss, start by gazing into your partners eyes. In an intimate situation, gazing into your partner's eyes sends an intimate message, letting them know that you want to get closer. Step 2. Lean in closer. Now that you know you're about to kiss, it's time to move in. To avoid awkwardness, move slowly. Moving in too fast can make your partner uncomfortable. As you move in, make sure that you're in a comfortable position. As you're moving in, tilt your head slightly so that your lips are lined up with your partners. Step 3. Prepare your lips. Relax your lips as you want them softly pressed together. You'll also want to slightly moisten your lips, so quickly run your tongue over them if you haven't prepared
Wykd Lounge - Live Auction - Tonight
    WYKD Storm Radio presents Rock-n-Roll Auctions!! Live Sunday April 19th, 2009 -- 8 PM (central time) @ WYKD Lounge! WYKD WYKD WYKD WYKD WYKD   Not only are we Slaves to the Music, Now we'll be your slave too.   Here's the LowDown! The Rulz: 1. You have to be a member of WYKD LOUNGE to be in auction. 2. You have to be a member to bid. (so invite ur friends tell them to join) 3. To enter send 1,000 fu-bucks to RAIN....... Entry fees must be in to Rain by midnight on Saturday. 4. You have to be in lounge to be auctioned off (no refunds on entry fee) What the WYKD Slaves are Offering to their Ownerz: Random stash rates Random gifts Daily profile comments 100 11's if you have them / if you have no 11's then 200 10's (which can be spread out the 7 days) Other items maybe be added by the Slave if Bidding is High! This is for one week ( 7 days ) Whatever the winning bid is, will go to the person that was bid on......
Live Auction @ Wykd
    WYKD Storm Radio presents Rock-n-Roll   Auctions!! Live Sundays @ WYKD Lounge!                              WYKD WYKD WYKD WYKD WYKD   Not only are we Slaves to the Music, Now we'll be your slave too.   Here's the LowDown! The Rulz: 1. You have to be a member of WYKD LOUNGE to be in auction. 2. You have to be a member to bid. (so invite ur friends tell them to join) 3. To enter send 1,000 fu-bucks to RAIN....... Entry fees must be in to Rain by midnight on Saturday. 4. You have to be in lounge to be auctioned off (no refunds on entry fee) What the WYKD Slaves are Offering to their Ownerz: Random stash rates Random gifts Daily profile comments 100 11's if you have them / if you have no 11's then 200 10's (which can be spread out the 7 days) Other items maybe be added by the Slave if Bidding is High! This is for one week ( 7 days ) Whatever the winning bid is, will go to the person that was bid on...... Be there Sunday at 8:00(
My Nightmare
I am sure not everyone cares but... I have been off of here for quite sometime. My Mom was diagnosed on Thanksgiving day with end stage colon and liver cancer. I have been back home off and on taking care of her (mostly there just coming home to take care of things). Anyway for the very few people who knew of this thank you for your love, support and prayers, I appreciate it. I am home now. My Mom passed away on April 7th early in the morning. It has been hard but now I need the same love and support and mostly prayers for my Dad, they were married 50 years so he is lost.  To all of my friends and family thank you for everything. All my love, Jami
Will It Ever Get Any Easier?????
Well, I haven't done this for a long time.....if I've EVER done it!  I'm told sometimes when you "write" things down, maybe it helps!!  I take care of Mom & I work fulltime!  Lately....I've just been sooooo freakin' tired & down!!  Like nothing seems to want to be "up" for me lately!!  My sister takes Mom usually every other weekend.....unless, of course, she's busy or is going away with friends.....I'm pretty much at her mercy!  Guess the most I can hope for is brighter days ahead!!  Suggestions anyone before I lose my mind???
Last Night
so anyways, me and my fiancee went to my moms last night and we were just chillin down there for a while.  when time came to return home, my woman had a back pain that had her in tears so I rushed her to the hospital.  I called my mom and they came to the hospital too.  we stayed the night at my moms.  I really don't know what this mumm is getting at other than the fact that I put my pregnant woman before me which goes to show my righteous, unselfish ways.
What I Am Doing Tonight
^^watching them and likely gonna hurt a few people while i am there... ^^i like goat whore but they aren't as good as their former band acid bath
if some of you are wondering why it is that i dont leave animated comments or such on profiles?...well wonder no seems that i have been "tripping the spam filter" after about 8 or so profile comments...and once that happends i end up with bouncers all over the place every time i want to look at a profile...heck i was even bounced when i wanted to check into my blogs... so since this is getting a little wierd...i might not be doing many profile comments...i klnow i know..i havent done alot before but i might just not do any at all to those of you that feel i havent made contact...please bear with me
Juke Joint Jezebel
I wish I had a date on this, but it's about 7 years old.   Black and white tortured soul cigarette gleaming red and gold juke joint jezebel getting old her once hot body getting cold Numbered by years of bar stool lines talking and touching hoping to find that one true man that would help her define her life beyond these nicotined eyes   How many nights on this oaken stool turning to watch as young men play pool breaking her heart with each stroke of the cue she can read in their eyes "what a drunken old fool!"   Once more 2 A.M. rolls around "Last Call?" yells the barkeep, staring her down hating him for his insolent frown she wish she ne'er come to this forsaken town   One more useless night down at the bar another for the collection of emotional scars
"your Sweet Six Six Six"
There are things you should know And the distance between us seems to grow But you're holding on strong And, oh, how hard it is to let go, oh, so hard to let go I'm waiting for your call and I'm ready to take your Six six six in my heart And I'm longing for your touch and I welcome your sweet Six six six in my heart (oh, my heart) I'm losing my faith in you But you don't want it to be true But there's nothing you can do There is no thing you can do - yes, I've lost my faith in you Waiting for your call And I'm ready to take your six six six in my heart And I'm longing for your touch and I welcome your sweet Six six six in my heart Right here in this heart Oh, Right here in this heart I'm lonely And I know it's too late Oh, my god you're so lonely I'm waiting for your call and I'm ready to take your Six six six in my heart And I'm longing for your touch and I welcome your sweet Six six six in my heart I'm ready for the fall and I'm ready to take your Six six six in my heart Longin
#7 Dearfriends Niece
One of our dear friends of Fubar has a niece that is having kidney failure.  Please keep the niece and her family in your prayers.   AP
just to let everybody know our scammer gurl ~~~Sexy Mom~~~ changed her name into ~~SparklingAngel~~ let everybody know in ur friendlist and all over fubar so she wont have the chance to rip ppl off again!!! ~~SparklingAngel~~ thats the new name, beware of the scammer lady!!!!!!!!!!
Never Give Up - Just Change The Miracle
...A kiss from a grandson, so brave, so tenacious, so loving - a song in my heart forever. This song was the song that his great-grandparents fell in love to, so many years before he blessed me with his sweet courage. Now they are together, and we sing together when the veil of mysterious life is especially thin. I love you, Harper. You taught me so much. Chi Chi. Harper Gibson’s “Chi Chi” Remembers   Good Friday, April 10th, 2009 – I went in to Harper’s hospital room just like I did almost every day or night for the last year and a half. For the past few days he had been asleep, under the effects of a continuous morphine drip. This day he was restless, propped up in bed, his two year old hands reaching up for something. I picked him up, making sure his oxygen tube was not stretched too far. He was warm and very heavy. All the various liquids being pumped into his body via I.V. were not going in to his vascular system, they were third spacing. He was blo
In The Life
I come as I may I stay if i go I know what I not Today is a show   Some day is tomorrow I kiss to say good bye The memory feels so shallow
Auto 11's U Want Them?
Want Auto 11's? Click on the cherry   I'm auctioning off a Auto 11 Come by and place ur bid The auction will run from April 20th 8am EST through April 26th 8pm EST. The highest bid will win the Auto 11's Remember any cash bids are better then fubucks. No Drama Serious bidders only.
She Is Only 70k From Her Please
Come Show Her Some Luv Please. She Is So Close To Leveling.....Thanks To All My Friends That Help     ϟϟPAPA'S81KATILACϟϟ@ fubar
I'm In An Auction
So people convinced me that I should be in an auction!!! So if you want to own me and have some great benefits you should buy this sexy VaJayJay hehe. The link for the auction is as followed....   Come show me what you got ;)
Can We Say Pathetic???
Mar 31, 2009, 3:10 pm Yeah that's me...I been over on My Yearbook deleting the hell out of stuff...Preparing to close all my profiles and crying at the same time...Why the hell for??? Maybe because I have been on there for almost 2 years and made a lot of amazing friends...And lost just as many...They find some dream person and all of a sudden they forget the one who listened to them cry...laugh...piss and moan...bitch and whine...yada yada yada...I've always been there with an open ear and a strong shoulder for anyone who needed me...And it amazes me how quickly they forget...But the ironic part is...When that dream match all of a sudden becomes a nightmare...They remember your name and coming crawling or matter...back to start the process all over again...And being who I am...I sit there and listen to them and play the sounding board and mop to dry up the tears of the jerk or wench who broke their heart...Oh well...Such is my life...
10 Minutes
gotta go soon! ne one up for bein dirty
When the wind blows skimming my skin thoughts are carried to your smiles heavenly glance When Love had its tracks laid out for true hearts Its kind touch freed our desires In front of reallity the common sense brought its light Some days  I forget how many blends of joy were alive sometimes I can't bare to breathe this Maybe its the kiss I miss Perhaps the voice haunts images of deep eyes One of kind one at time Caressing the moonlight I felt too many questions Wasting no time I carried on without this casual beam It doesnt seem right On again Off again You can't resist it I can't clear skies Little bittie foot steps I hope time finds you with all your might Cause My lose was entwined with fate
Ok Here We Go
I have never written in a blog before. I am Jamesie not very good looking and dont have many friends. But I am a happy person who spends a lot of time with my collection of postage stamps and chocloate wrappers. I think collecting chocolare wrappers is really fun, and if you are reading this and you also collect let me know and maybe we can swap some. Thats it for now. I might do some more tommorow
If I
If I could whisper in your earI'd know just what to say,If I could hold you close my dearI'd do this everyday,If in your eyes I could take one glanceI know with your love I'd take no chance,If ever one day I were to lose your lovemy mind could not erasethe love, joy, and smiles you'veput on my face,Not one day do I want to live without you,Not one moment are you off my mind,Be with me forever,until the end of time
Had An Question For Everyone Please Answer
yum would u be with body that hit u and u hit back at them but u want to tell somebody about it but can't because u really care about them so much and u love him so much.
'craigslist Killer' ( No Joke)
BOSTON —  Police in New England released new surveillance photos of the so-called "Craigslist Killer," as they continue to hunt the man linked to at least two robbery cases and one death linked to the Web site. Police in Warwick, R.I., released the pictures Monday in their investigation of another robbery at a Holiday Inn Express Hotel there on Thursday. On Tuesday, the body of Julissa Brisman was found in a room at the Boston Marriot Copley Place. She was shot multiple times in the torso during a robbery and pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. The same man was photographed Friday at the Westin Hotel in Boston, where a 29-year-old Las Vegas woman was found bound and robbed, police said. Boston police are investigating more than 150 tips about Brisman's murder. Brisman, of New York City, advertised massage services on Craigslist and had a massage table set up in the room where she was shot Tuesday. The woman attacked in Warwick advertised lap dances on Craigslist. She was
My dog bit the powerman today. He had no buisness in my yard the meter is on the side of house. But because of tghis the animal control took my baby girl. I have to wait 10 days and pay $650 to get her back .
More Dwarves
Sbg Pimpouts ....
SBG Pimpouts!!!Sarge and Tulsa's Angel are pimping out the Bad Girls. Check out the blog. Read and comment it if you want to get in the pimpout.Also go  show Sarge and Tulsa's Angel wicked love.Sarge's Bad Girls@ fubarღTulsa's Angelღ Sarge's Bad Girl/Club FAR Team LOVE/The Pegasus Projectღ@ fubarHere is the bog link. of original by '~*Angel Eyes*~ Sarge's Bad Girls*~Owner of The Lustful Dragon*~' on '2009-04-19 14:05:03')(repost of original by 'ღTulsa's Angelღ Sarge's Bad Girl/Club FAR Team LOVE/The Pegasus Projectღ' on '2009-04-20 05:05:50')(repost of original by '~katie~  *SBG* *SINNERS FAMILY*  *BAD BITCH*  *F.A.D.D.*' on '2009-04-20 16:44:07')
Beautyful Eyes
                               BEAUTIFUL EYES Staring into you're beautiful eyesI see loveI see warmthYour my hearts every wish Your my minds every thoughtYour my hearts antidoteYour my minds healthThere is not a day that passes by that I do not think of youYour the reason I am living Your the reason I am hereI love you and do not ever disappearBe with me foreverHold me tight Hold me like a teddy bearHold me rightKiss the oceanKiss the seaDo not kiss any one else but me If I showed you how much I love you Ten thousand roses would not do it Ten thousand emails would not do itBut ten thousand smiles would do itYour smile is contagiousYour smile is lovedI love when you smileI see happinessI see loveYour my eyes staring figureYour my hands soft touch Your my eyes happinessYour my hands feelingEveryday is a special day when spent with you Catch a raindropCatch the rainCatch me when I am falling insaneYour smile is better than I have ever seenI could hug you foreverMy safeness is in y
The Way You Make Me Feel
The Way You Make Me Feel You make me feel special,You make me feel new,You make me feel loved,With everything you do. You hold me close when I am sad.You wipe the tears from my face.Every time we are together,It seems like the perfect place. My eyes light up when you enter a room.I smile when we are together.No matter how bad things are,You always make them better. I love the way you kiss me,The way you hold me tight.I love the way you touch me,I could be with you all night. I love the way you can make me laughFor absolutely no reason at allI love how no matter what I do,You will be there to catch me when I fall. I just want you to know,That even though we sometimes fight,I will always love you!No matter what, day or night
Satara saw Shonas cleavage
This Blog Is Now Nsfw!
I think this is nsfw now.  As Shoshi would say:  'Run amok'
My First Drop Out In Fubar For Being Non-racist.
the funny thing about this online thing... cowards run rampant. sure sit behind a catchy handle and percieved personality...but how real is the person using it? addressing racist pricks who hide behind the internet...i dont believe they say  the same things in public. its still an eye opener no matter how many times i encounter these people. just crappy to know that even though with all this new technology and advancement with humanity...there are those stuck with unevolved rhetoric and bullshit. -jerm  
"home Sweet Home" By Motley Crue
You know I'm a dreamerBut my heart's of goldI had to run away highSo I wouldn't come home lowJust when things went rightIt doesn't mean they were always wrongJust take this song and you'll never feelLeft all aloneTake me to your heartFeel me in your bonesJust one more nightAnd I'm comin' off thisLong & winding roadI'm on my wayWell I'm on my wayHome sweet homeTonight tonightI'm on my wayI'm on my wayHome sweet homeYou know that I've seenTo many romantic dreamsUp in lights, fallin' offThe silver screenMy heart's like an open bookFor the whole world to readSometimes nothing-keeps me togetherAt the seamsI'm on my wayWell I'm on my wayHome sweet homeTonight tonightI'm on my wayJust set me freeHome sweet home
Ever Get A Random Im From Someone You Don't Know Who The Hell They Are?
Random Dude12:52Hey can i ask you something a bit random?Me12:55sure, only if I get to ask something first12:55Random Dude is now known as Random Dude.Random Dude12:56sure why not...Me12:56who is this?Random Dude12:56a random person from the internetmy turn?Me12:57sureRandom Dude12:57im having cell phone issues... i have a sprint rumor LG and its not charging... it only says its charging for about 10 seconds and then it would that be the charger?any idea of how to fix it?Me12:58wow that is random... it's probably your batterywell does it say battery full?or does it just stopRandom Dude12:58no that battery is completely and utterl deadpretty much it just stops... like... the first bar blinks for about 10 seconds and then poofMe12:59hmmm I would think it was the batteryit almost always isRandom Dude12:59i tired my other battery that had for my older phone and im getting the same issuetried*Me1:00could be the phone itself themRandom Dude1:00triedMe1:00then*you might want to t
About Me
hi....i am ayasha 21 yrs old i live in coloradoi like malling and hang-out with friends...i love playing guitars and piano...i love to sing while playing that instrument..i dont like a person who thinks for its own good..and he/she taking for granted all my sacrifices..i love surfing the net and make some friends by used of chatting and online games..i want you to be my part of my daily if u want to be my friends just add me up or lets talk or chat to each other so we can enjoy our company..all i can say is if we could be friends you will know who is ayasha im 5'7 in height,white skin,curly hair,thin, and if you want to see me just add me up..all i can say is im fun to be with and i can make you happy whatever you want..i like a person who have a sense of humor so we can tackle anything under the earth...i like bar hopping and drinks some beer and when i get tipsy i like to dance all night long until i will get tired..i go to church twice a week because i believe i
It's Time To Leave Fubar
Well I think that it's been a interesting ride here on Fubar, but I think that the ride has come to a stop!  During my time here on Fubar I have dj'd for others and owned my own lounge and I loved it all.  But there comes a time when the fun turns into a "job."  When it does that, it's time to cut the ties and move on.  There are so many people on this site that are two-faced, liars, cheaters, heartbreakers, assholes, bitches but there are those people that have touched me in a way that I can never forget and for that I Thank You.  You know who you all are.  I have been on this site for almost 2 years and I feel that it's just time.  Some of these lounges claim to know their music!  They don't know SHIT.  Like Godsforsaken, omg they claim to be a metal lounge...would you expect to hear Nickelback and boy bands in a metal lounge?  FUCK NO!  People on this site feel that it has to be a popularity contest.  If that is what you feel then YOU AIN'T SHIT!  There is life outside this fuckin b
Changing Animated Gif Files
ok so ive been asked a million times how to change an animated Gif file such as this 1 img a               First off unlike sum assholes on here that wanna charge something for info or to do this i for 1 dont charge anything i simply enjoy teaching peaople new things so on with the tutorial...     First u need 2 programs (yes i know u can do it with 1 but they look like shit that way) i use Photoshop CS4 and jasc animation shop   first off open the raw animation pic in jasc animation shop i chose this 1   img b               once open click on File at top then click on save as, save the GIF file as a AVI file now minamize animation shop   open Photoshop cs4 at top click on file then click IMPORT and then click VIDEO FRAMES TO LAYERS as seen here   img c   now again click file then open at top open the picture u want to add to the animated file once it opens u wanna use the marquee tool as seen here   img d make sure u right click on the marquee tool
Iraq Bound
hey to all my friends,    just wanted to say that im pulling out on the 20th of may and i will keep all my friends in my heart while im there. we can keep in touch on here. lol i think its gonna be a fun experiance except for the heat. my and 130 degrees dont get along. OK friends drop me a line every now and then.                                                             Your sexy soldier,                                                               me
RunI'm broken and bruised, punished and used, my spirit and heart have been crushed.It was bad for so long, I tried to hold on, to the few things i had felt. I finally ran,I far i ran fast,trying to out run the pain.Now I can't stop running,can't stop running, No matter how happy I feel.I know it will end, and once again, the pain and the hurt will come back.So i won't stop running,I can't stop running, some hearts will get broke in the end.So i'll run till I'm safe, I'll run till i'm free,I may love and be loved again.Until then i run,I run far i run fast,trying to our run the pain.
Ace Cafe Auction
    Wanna Get Fubucks, Bling, Blasts And Maybe More??????Wanna Get Owned?Take A Chance And See Who Wants To Buy You!!!! Entry Fee 25k Fubucks, Starting Bid 50k FubucksMen And WomenCan Bid Whatever You Want To BidFrom 30th April - 7th May (Dates My Change Due To The Number Of Entries) Start Time - 5pm EstEnd Time - 5pm Est*~*Rules*~*No Drama And Have Fun!!!!Private Message The Pic You Wanna Use, What You Want To Offer And The Entry Fee To Dj LezkaSponsered By Terror Brothers Radio  
Rip Jg Ballard
As many may have heard, prolific science fiction/dystopian author JG Ballard recently passed away. Quite a number of his novels and short shories found their way onto the Silver Screen such as Crash, onto TV such as the BBC series Home which was based on The Enormous Space, or into the music of many artists such as Joy Division, Orbital, the Boggles, Radiohead, Hawkwind, The Normal,  Madonna, Sisters of Mercy, etc.  Today my profile playlist shall feature a few of those that I was able to find files for. here is my personal favorite.  Inspired by High Rise and Man on the 99th Floor, I present Hawkwind- High Rise . If the video doesn't work check my 1st comment         (Calvert / House)Flat blockOf two dimensionsNeon totem pole to the skyKeeping scores of people stacked up so highAbove the groundBut all they can hear is the soundOf the wind in the antennaeIt's a human zooA suicide machineChildhoodOf concrete cube shapedA flypaper stuck with human lifeCaged up rag
Bill Of No Rights
"We, the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid any more riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior, and secure the blessings of debt free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great-grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common sense guidelines for the terminally whiny, guiltridden, delusional, and other, bed-wetters.We hold these truths to be self-evident: that a whole lot of people are confused by the Bill of Rights and are so dim that they require a Bill of No Rights".ARTICLE I: You do not have the right to a new car, big screen TV or any other form of wealth. More power to you if you can legally acquire them, but no one is guaranteeing anything.ARTICLE II: You do not have the right to never be offended. This country is based on freedom, and that means freedom for everyone - not just you! You may leave the room, turn channel, express a different opinion,
Fuck You
You have torn my heart in pieces You have taken my life and thrown it to the ground You have spoiled everything that is fucking great in life You have betrayed all aspects of honesty You have fucked the world in which I knew You have gone and undone all I wanted You fucking asshole Fuck you
Hi Everyone.
Hello Everyone,    Of course I'm new here. Looking for friends or something more. But first let me tell you about me. I'm fun loving person who likes to be outdoors. When I'm out in the woods I like to look for snakes and lizards, so I need someone who loves animals I have sugar gliders, rats, dogs, cats, birds, fish. But all my guys are sweet and loving. But I need more than just them. I love movies and all kinds of music. And i want a guy who knows hows to treat a woman. I do have a kinky side that is very bad. But that is to find out later.                                               See you
Consideration   Waves washing upon the shore Eroding, taking substance, Swift current churning Leaving a vacancy, lost safe harbor.   Asking for what’s not there, From a person who needs. Is not to consider the other,
i dont know wat blogs r sposed to be bouut so ima jus say i cant stand the way people act in the damn grocery store always rushin around actin like there better than the guy greatin them at the front that shit pissss me off thank u for readin
If This Is How It Has To Be, I Won't Post On Fubar.
Truly screw this editor.
Own An Angel!
  Own an Angel today! It's that time again.I'm up for if u want to own this Angel just click the pic below!
Divorce   Divorce is an excessive commodity now days. A first grader recently said, My parents haven't gotten their divorce yet. Unfortunately, divorce has translated from a social taboo to a rite of passage. Often, it symbolizes anxiety concerning insincere commitment from a partner or underlying resentment toward a partner. It may be represented by other significant persons in your life going through the divorce as a displacement of your anxiety over the matter. Do you have relationships that are very tiring or emotionally draining? Perhaps you are wanting to get someone out of your life, but lack the diplomacy skills to address the situation. Do you feel excluded from or cut off by past friends over a current disagreement?
Bad Day
sometimes you are the cat and sometimes you are the bunny
When Will It Be My Turn?
When is it my turn To feel the tears burn? When can I cry And express the need to die?   Why must I be strong And pretend that I belong? When can I be weak And receive the comfort I seek?   I get exhausted from the pretense The pain is just so intense. I hide from all of my fears And continue to hide my tears.   Why is it so wrong to show emotion When I feel I could cry enough to fill an ocean? Why can’t I be just another person Instead of letting the pain worsen?
Beautiful Little Saying
I love you enough, to fight for you and compromise for you and sacrifice myself for you if need be, Enough to miss you incredibly when were apart no matter what the length of time is for and regardless of the distance . Enough to believe in our relationship, to stand by it through the worse of times, to have faith in our strength and to never give up on us Enough to spend the rest of my life with you, be there for you when you need or want me , and never ever want to leave you or live without you.   I Love you this much
Met alot of guys in recent months. What is it with single guys over 40?  They all seem to be broken somehow.
Just Not Feelin It Anymore
I'm just not feelin the fu right now me think's it's time for a brake i've had two people help me jump 2 level's in 2 and a 1/2 week's but because i have nothing to offer really i get passed over which is sad really because i've been told by a few people i'm a great fried to have around i never b.s you i don't get in the middle of drama yes i've had drama in my life but honestly who hasn't and don't say you haven't because that would be a flat out lie everyone's delt with some sort of drama in there lives....i'm sick and tired of trying to be nice and get chit on in the end i pull no punches i tell no lies....So why is it that i get passed over where there are so may fake's o here who use you lie ad cheat....i'm very upfront(such as telling guy's that yes i have a very special man in my life) i don't hide anything(my kids not lookin for my babies daddy's there have there dad though not good ones)i think starting monday i'm gona take a week off of fu....those of you i'm close to have my
Come Get Corrupted With Me!!!
My True Love
My true love is myself cause i love myself 3 times a day.
Dream On~
It all started on a Friday night. You see, I work two jobs and I also work every day of the week, but lately, who doesn’t work 7 days a week? I guess you might say that I have an odd combination of jobs. I am a computer programmer during the day, and in the afternoon and evening I work at a fast food restaurant. No, I’m not the manager there, I am basically a grunt. I only have two evenings off a week. One of them is Monday night (I’m a wrestling fan, you see, so I gotta watch Raw) and the other is Friday night. Normally I would do things I need to. Grocery shopping and laundry needed to be done on Friday, but on this night, I needed to unwind. There was nothing to prepare me for what was about to happen. I arrived home at about 4 in the afternoon from cashing my paychecks and picking up a few things I needed at the grocery store to tide me over until I actually needed to go shopping. I sat myself down at my computer and turned it on. I logged onto the internet and al
Dreams Part3
Kate had never had oral sex before because she though it was wrong. Her parent had brought her up in a strict religious home where the only act of approved sex was the missionary position. The dream had lowered her resistance and had her begging for his lips and tongue. "OH GOD BOBBY!" she cried. Her hands held his head and mouth tightly against her mound. The pleasure soon reached her max as she climaxed. "BOBBY!" Bob wiped his mouth and moved his lip up to capture one of her long hard nipples. As his mouth move up so did his body until his hard-on rubbed against her moist pussy. She opened her eyes and looked into his. Fucking was not in the dream. "No we can't," she whispered. She wasn't supposed to fuck him. She was supposed to suck him. She moved her body under his until her mouth was poised at the crown of his shaft. She didn't blink an eye as she opened her mouth and licked around the spongy tip. The dream somehow made it right for her to do this vile act. She learned as she
Scorpions - Still Loving You
Still Loving You Time, it needs time To win back your love again I will be there, I will be there Love, only love Can bring back your love someday I will be there, I will be there Fight, babe, I'll fight To win back your love again I will be there, I will be there Love, only love Can break down the wall someday I will there, I will be there If we'd go again All the way from the start I would try to change The things that killed our love Your pride has built a wall, so strong That I can't get through Is there really no chance To start once again I'm loving you Try, baby try To trust in my love again I will be there, I will be there Love, our love Just shouldn't be thrown away I will be there, I will be there If we'd go again All the way from the start I would try to change The things that killed our love Your pride has built a wall, so strong That I can't get through Is there really no chance To start once again If we'd go again All the way from the start I would try to change The
Show Me Some Love In The Most Wanted Auction (bids Welcome Anything From Bucks To Hh)
  Please bid on me Iam on the run and i need  someone to hide me
Ty Ty Ty Greg I Love It Catch&release Made Me This
=== 'Catch & Release' wrote the following at '2009-04-22 11:40:44'..>> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Thanks > > for filling > > up my> > HEART > > with > > YOUR > > FRIENDSHIP> >  
Interesting Concept That All Of Us Better Learn.
This incident happened in London and if you think about it is true. It will also happen in America under Barack Hussein Obama.  The Uncomfortable Definition of an Infidel....   Allah or the Lord Jesus Christ? The Muslim religion is by far the fastest  growing religion in the UK .  Last month I attended my annual training session that's required for  maintaining my prison security clearance. During the training session there was a presentation by three speakers representing the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Muslim faiths, who explained each of their beliefs.  I was particularly
Life Pert 2
ok so lifes a bitch i mean was up with the world a guy cant find a girl looking for love ? it seems a role revearsl the chic want to hit it and quit it and i dont want just a peace of ass dont get me twisted i love sex and im  not  to bad but i dont want to have to find a new chic every other day i want one and only one i dont have time for games and thats all it is anymore what happend to the good old days when a man met a woman they fell in love and got marred ? thats what i want why is it so hard to find? tell me girls i need to know.
Priest Humor
A little boy got on the bus, sat next to a man reading a book, and noticed he had his collar on backwards. The little boy asked why he wore his collar backwards... The man, who was a priest, said "I am a Father." The little boy replied "My Dad doesn't wear his collar like that." The priest looked up from his book and answered "I am the Father of many." The boy said "My Dad has 4 boys, 4 girls and two grandchildren and he doesn't wear his collar that way." The priest, getting impatient, said "I am the Father of hundreds" and went back to reading his book. The little boy sat quietly thinking for a while, then leaned over and said, "Maybe you should use a condom and wear your pants backwards instead of your collar
Bling Vip Flare And People With Too Much Time On There Hands
well to start off im frank, im 29 i have my own house, well make that 2 of them, i have a brand new truck, and i pay all my own bills. i am a grown ass man, i am in the army and have been deployed to iraq more then i would of liked to and getting ready to go again, no biggie. but what really chaps my gluttious maximus is how NEEDY people are on here! you can tell someone there pretty thanks for accepting my friend request, you look a little thirsty heres a drink or two, no big deal! but what i have noticed is how flippen needy alot of people are on here!!!! give me this!!! i want that!!! yep! i have some bling i have gifts, not alot but i appreciated everything anyone has given me, i never asked for one thing! but i talk to the people who hook me up with things, i am a genuine real person and i give people respect and attention because they take precious flippin moments out of there lives to say whats up or wish me the best and be safe over the next year while i am gone! if you are fri
Merry Go Round
I can taste the cotton candyHot and sweet on the tip of your tongueIf I trip I know you'll catch meStumblin' weightless the road goes on and on Just a moment I'm feeling dizzyDrunken sober I can't tell what's downHead is spinning hurry kiss meAll the pretty horses round and round Don't want to get off this Merry Go Round My cheeks are sore from all the smilingA happy heart and pocket full of songsIt's been so long since I felt like laughingThank you Love the clouds are almost gone Don't want to get off this Merry Go Round Got my ticket and I'm not stoppingFor a minute pretend we're flyingRound we go on this Merry Go RoundOn this Merry Go Round
Buy Stuff Revisited
Now I'm back at work, the Ebay shop is open once more. I know money's tight and that postage is plenty big for you guys, but still, you know you wanna have a look at least ;)
Clean Joke...
As some of you know, I haven't really gotten along well with my Dad. Here recently he's been coming up from NC to see me and he's been sending me emails. I've went down and seen him once and I'm going back down there next weekend. It's his birthday, so I probably should, lol. Anyway, I just got an email from him, and I'm not exactly sure why...but I laughed so hard. Thought I'd share...... A DEA officer stops at a ranch in Montana , and talks with an old rancher. He tells the rancher, 'I need to inspect your ranch for illegally grown drugs.' The old rancher says, 'Okay, but do not go in that field over there' as he points out the location. The DEA officer verbally explodes saying, 'Mister, I have the authority of the Federal Government with me.' Reaching into his rear pants pocket, he removes his badge and proudly displays it to the farmer. 'See this badge? This badge means I am allowed to go wherever I wish...on any land. No questions asked or answers given. Have I made myself cl
Gotta Love The Whining Sissyyass Crybabys
Meet dj Icepick. he's a crybaby that loves to report mumms. Its what he does best. Probably the biggest crybaby on here. So if you do post a mumm just watch out for this slapnut
I Dont Need The Drama
Ok I am so fed up w/all the drama on here it is just crazy people talking about others get a fuggin life would you mind your own business, and another thing dont be pointing fingers until you know your story and get them straight...=)
And In Between...
On a clear day I look to the west And see the beauty of a sunrise A new day dawning On a clear day I look to the east And see the beauty of a sunset The pink purple of a day gone by But what about in between Do we notice the warmth of the sun Falling in the day upon our face The gentleness of it all? Do we notice the coolness The stillness of the night And the beauty of the stars in the sky? Life's little blessings There to be enjoyed. Are you taking advantage of it?  
I Smile...
I think of you I smile I talk to you I smile I see your face I smile I dream of you I smile With regards to everything about you I smile Can anything wipe the smile from my face? 100% doubtful So until that ever happens I smile If you are reading this Try to make someone smile too. When I know that you do that for me I smile.
When You Love Someone
When you love someone you'll do anything You'll do all the crazy things that you can't explainYou'll shoot the moon, put out the sun When you love someone You'll deny the truth, believe a lie There'll be times that you'll believe You can really fly But your lonely nights have just begun When you love someone When you love someone you'll feel it deep inside And nothin' else can ever change your mind When you want someone, when you need someone When you love someone When you love someone, you'll sacrifice You'd give it everything you got and you won't think twice You'd risk it all, no matter what may come When you love someone You'll shoot the moon, put out the sun When you love someone.
    Ok this feels kinda odd doing something like this over here.  Myspace has turned into just one big cermersal advertizing a ton of different stuff that we each got going on more so then crazy fun friend updates on whats going down over the weekend.Well this one is a bit important.  My buddy Joe Dirt has a son age 16 whos right now in the ICU losing his two year battle with cancer.    He can't move anything from his neck down.  Something got to his spine.  I don't know much more then that.  He was fine and just got baptized and two hours later was unable to move any part of his body but his head.I'm going to come out and just say it.....  Joe's Son is on Myspace and he wrote his own blog.  It's set to private or I would link you all to his blog.  In his blog he said hes not ready to die.. He doesn't want to die.  That its not his time yet.  He was meant to play football.  He's pretty much one of the stars of his schools football team.. Even being sic
Off To The Shower
Going to start my day by getting all wet.    I am going to take a shower now and then start my day by seeing some people and making some calls ...
Quote Of The Day
Quote of the day > > BEST QUOTE EVER REGARDING WOMEN !!! > > 'Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater. If you give her > sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give > you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you > give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and > enlarges what is given to her. So, if you give her any crap, be ready > to receive a ton of shit.' >
Broken Heart
When you realize that the life that you believed was real was all just a lie you are broken. When you think that you are safe, that the person that you love and trusted the most has betrayed you, then you are broken hearted. The hard part to all of this is figuring out how to pick up the shattered pieces of what is left of your heart and move on.
Can Something Be Wrong?
Ive been posed with a question lately that i just cant seem to answer. Everytime i meet a nice girl she always asks me "Why is a great guy like you still single?" I really  never have a good answer. I mean i dont want to be single, i dont like being single, as far as i know theres nothing wrong with me, heck i even make a stupid amount of money....but for some reason I just cant seem to find the right girl. After i got back from the war i lost my woman, and needed some time off, i chose to be single for a while...but since i started looking again, i just seem to never be able to find anyone who wants to stay around for any amount of time. I guess lately ive just been thinking that maybe there is something wrong with me and the girls just are too nice to tell me, how many times can you hear....Im just not ready yet, or its not you its me...before you start to realize they are just lines from someone trying to spare your feelings. Ive been trying to evaluate myself a lot lately, and see
Age From When I Was Turning 40 Ugh
things that change as u age ............ my face has changed -- i begin to see in the mirror someone akin to a basset hound instead of the firm faced beauty of my youth ... im not terribly vain yet this is disconcerting....this woman who said wear ur age like a medal and forget the plastic surgery deal ....... ponders how much each individual surgery and the cost factor would be lollllllll ..... my my how times have changed.... i never had acne be4 yet all of a sudden lil blemishes r coming out .. sneaky like ... each day i wake and go well hells bells ... so i go purchase meds for it hoping that something will stop this madness......... they rnt numerous yet they r unsightly and i wonder if they have been laying in wait till my genetic material said come out and play........ since during my youth i had no such issue ....... if only my strength of character would protect me from the snow ball effect loll my breasts r no longer the mounds of perky happy woman hills but ya know this i
Dont Piss Off Ur Nurse Evah
A motorcycle patrolman was rushed to the hospital with an inflamed appendix.   The doctors operated and advised him that allwas well.  However, the patrolman kept feeling something pulling at the hairs in his crotch.   Worried that it might be a second surgery the doctors hadn't told him about, he finally got enough energy to pull his hospital gown up enough so he could look at what was making him so uncomfortable.   Taped firmly across his pubic hair were three wide strips of adhesive tape, the kind that doesn't come off easily. Written in large black letters was the sentence. "Get well quick..... from the nurse you gave a ticket to last week."
Chaplain Fired ...
Chaplain discharged after rulingBy Leo Shane III, Stars and StripesWASHINGTON -— A Navy chaplain who claimed he was punished for praying "in Jesus' name" at public military events was formally discharged from the service Wednesday. Lt. Gordon Klingenschmitt, who had served as a Navy chaplain for 16 years, said service officials delivered his discharge papers Wednesday, just hours after a federal appeals court lifted it order to delay his separation.I've lost my military career, I've lost a million-dollar pension, my family has been evicted from military housing, my family lost its health insurance," he said. I'm obviously disappointed, but I would do it all over again to stand up for what I believe."Read entire article here: MY RESPONSE i have read the articles ... and yes hes a man who stands firm on his priciples however as supportive as i am of anyone standing up for their beliefs is also a chaplain
there cums a point in ur life when you think back on the past well wat if i would hav have done this or this would u stillb here wat if i didnt lose weight and stand overweight would i still love my life? or since i lost the weight would that homecoming king till look at me if i was overweight as he does when i skinny? this world is cruel and hate ful and not only judges u by ur money but ur looks now every 1 tells me im speaical im a angel i tell em there blind and dnt kno wat there takin bout bu then i dig deep in my heart and see y they tell me this i c soemthign some of this world dnt hav 4 every1 i hav a heart so do the girl whos over weight or the pouplar girl whos in love w the geek go 4 ur dreams dnt hold back bc at 1 time in ur life ur goin 2 look back be lik damn i wish i wouldve gone 4 it  
Pet Peeves
this blog is a holla out to ppl who have had the same problems --- i have a few pet peeves -- we all do however there r some that make me a tad irritable and for some unknown reason they rnt isolated happenings but recurrent issues .... leaving the toilet seat up --now if i find it that way ill put it down however i DID NOT PUT IT UP  so a part of the issue is right there in caps .... but i must say i dont mind and will not say a word re that UNLESS the act proceeds my imminent late nite dipfest into said toilet then all hell breaks loose and me and my wet bottom will vocally object even at 3 am.... and trust in this u WILL  wake up loll wrong numbers - not just any wrong numbers .. some ppl have enuf raising to say oh im sorry i must have the wrong number to confirm that they dialed wrong and to not redial the same number ... THEN THERE R THOSE OTHER PPL  who call once sometimes more but seemingly daily here to ask for shanequa now i say to them no there is noone here by that name a
A Taste Of You~
When I think of you my heart jumps my stomach drops A shiver runs through me Your lips intrigue me, I can not help but wonder what they would feel like upon mine Your hands are a temptation mine cannot resist, I just wish to hold them and all will be right with my heart Your eyes dazzle me the light I see when they lock with mine no other gaze gives me that feeling Your voice, no matter the words makes my heart flutter and my eyes sparkle in delight You are my fuel, my addiction, my inspiration, my fantasy This love can not be calmed I understand how fragile it may be and I will protect it until I am strong enough to keep this love sheltered, while it flourishes but before then, I must have one taste, to keep me holding on, so I know it is as amazing as we imagine that it is worth the wait To My girl, Joy ~W.H.~   ~2009~
In My Dream ....
In my dream, i awake to the day and feel no pain as i arise... i smile at myself in the mirror that shows no lines or imperfections and that smile glows back at me for the day is about to begin...i shower and feel the body of one who has had no children and the body of young mens dreams .... i stand and dry off feeling the happiness of a spring morning all fresh and waiting for me to approach it with excitement....suddenly i miss something -- i search for it but it eludes me .. still i search happily and expectant but experience some worry and just wish i could lay my hands on what im missing a moment i begin to cry ... lines appear and the sounds of children fill my ears callin momma i need i want ...... the day starts to feel full unlike when i awoke and suddenly the pain is there ever present and hard to carry .....i  peer into the mirror and i see someone much older than i feel ..lines cross where the laughter once was .... the body  no longer one of young mens dreams but th
Evening Of Love~
The look of her eyes as always caused me to become aroused, while we were driving down the highway. As she drove down the road I could feel the familiar pressure of my cock starting to press tightly against my jeans, causing a little discomfort. After a couple of miles of this I pulled my cock out and start to stroke it slowly. I see her eyes drift toward my moving hand and when she sees what's going on she gets a grin on her face, now attempting to drive and look at me stroking my cock. She reaches over and starts to gently play with my balls; I shiver and moan in response to her gentle manipulations still stoking my cock. Taking a finger she plays with the tip on my firm cock and getting her own finger cover in pre-cum sucks on it looking at me with that lustful sexy look on her face.We pull into the driveway and as she turns of the engine before she starts to help me stoke my cock. She then bends over and starts to lick the pre-cum off of the top of my now rock had cock; removing my
How To Tell If You Are Grown..
      GROWN WOMANGirls leave their schedule wide-open and wait for a guy to call and makeplans.Grown women make their own plans and nicely tell the guy to get in where hefits.Girls want to control the man in their life.Grown women know that if he's truly hers, he doesn't need controlling.Girls check you for not calling them.Grown women are too busy to realize you hadn't.Girls are afraid to be alone.Grown women revel in it-using it as a time for personal growth.Girls ignore the good guys.Grown women ignore the bad guys.Girls make you come home.Grown women make you want to come home.Girls worry about not being pretty and/or good enough for their man.Grown women know that they are pretty and/or good enough for any man.Girls try to monopolize all their man's time (i.e., don't want him hangingwith his friends).Grown women realize that a lil' bit of space makes the 'together time' evenmore special-and goes to kick it with her own friends.Girls think a guy crying is weak.Grown women offer the
Hacker!!!! Nooooooo Add Him!!!!
This was just ssent to me so I am forwarding it to all my friends via this blog!     Douglas Davis: Passing this along....**ATTENTION!!!*** Do not accept a friend request from a CHRISTOPHER BUTTERFIELD he is a hacker. Tell every 1 on your list because if somebody on your list adds him, he'll be on your list too. He'll figure out ur computer's ID and address, so copy & paste this message to everyone even if u don't care for them cause if he hacks them, he hacks you!
she didn't just say this but its good anyway Mine are massive with smaller nipples
I am so strange in fubar,but i still hope that i could make friends in here from worldwide! Hey,friend!Are you prepare to be a friend of lisa whoes from china?If you like to make friend,just add me!
My son is doing a fundraiser and we want your donation! Plz help for this great cause(March of Dimes),donations can be made via PayPal to the account Nothing is to small,thank you in advance.
The Gynocologist
A gynecologist had become fed up with malpractice insurance and HMO paperwork, and was burned out. Hoping to try another career where skillful hands would be beneficial, he decided to become a mechanic.He went to the local technical college, signed up for evening classes, attended diligently, and learned all he could. When the time of the practical exam approached, the gynecologist prepared carefully for weeks, and completed the exam with tremendous skill.When the results came back, he was surprised to find that he had obtained a score of 150%. Fearing an error, he called the Instructor, saying, "I don't want to appear ungrateful for such an outstanding result, but I wonder if there is an error in the grade."The instructor said, "During the exam, you took the engine apart perfectly, which was worth 50% of the total mark. You put the engine back together again perfectly, which is also worth 50% of the mark."After a pause, the instructor added, "I gave you an extra 50% becau
              佳 丽             雅 各 布                琦 丽             艾 莉 莎                朱 丽                伊恩
Legalize Weed?? Heres How!!!!!
Wanna help legalize weed?......I know you do!Here's how to help...Call this number 973-409-3274 Its legit!Obama said he would pass the bill if he got a million votes.Call the number and fallow instructions...its easy, free, and quick.When you call, press the pound button to say yes to legalize weed, the pound button looks like this.... case any of you are too stoned to remember.Every vote counts and together we are one step closer to freedom!Thanks and tell a friend~
Sit Down And Shut Up
I've been doing something on Fu I haven't done in a while: surfing a few blogs. I ran across more than one blog/comment/status message that basicly says the same thing. "Fu's changed, I'm leaving." To this I say "Sit Down and Shut Up". If you want to leave, cool. Leave. No one has you chained to this site. But don't proclaim how everything has changed and everyone is fake and everything is about money and points now and waaaa waaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Fu is like life: you dont have to be a big spender to have a good time. In life you have people who like to drop a few hundred on a night out on the town, and you have those that like to take a walk thru the park for free. In the end, both have a good time in their own way. Don't be jealous of those that drop $1,000 a month on this site. They have their own fun, others have fun just chatting in lounges or rating folks. Nothing irks me more than the big send off blog or status message. I see nothing different between that and those th
Hoping For A New Job...
I am in the process of looking for a new job.. yea probably not the greatest of moments seeing how the economy is but oh well. If anyone in my local area knows of any decent places that are hiring let me know. I am preferably looking for customer support/ help desk IT work. Let me know if you know of any decent places. Even if it doesn't fall under that exact job field but it's a half decent job let me know.Much thanks!
He's Just Not That Into You
Great movie...go and watch. If you haven't learn a thing or two about dating/relationsihps then it again. If it hasn't changd your perception about dating/reatlonships WTF you're just a loss cause.   Why do us women psycho analyze situations? Why do we make up excuses for assholes? Is it because we're trained that the guy who picks on you is the one who likes you....aka the asshole....why do we make up excuses? "If a guy isn't going to call you, he doesn't want to call you." "Exceptions........some women/men are exceptions, but other times we're the rule..most of the time......  
So Screw It
Since people keep asking be about my status and what I consider friends I guess I'll post it here.  What I mean is basically there are certain people on here who have alternate ways to chat or whatever with me.  Be it yahoo, MSN, facebook, myspace,  texting..whatever.  Most of these people are upset at me for not being here on fubar more often where they can talk to me.  This includes people in my friends and family list both.  As most know I'm pretty much tired of this site and how money driven its become and how levels don't mean a damn thing anymore, basically your bank account determines your level.  Or if your friends with someone who has a big bank account you can level.  I'm not bitching or whining or anything, just simply stating facts.  If I wanted to have a monthly VIP or anything like that I could, no I dont' have the greatest job in the world but it pays me enough to pay my bills, my child support and still give me money left over.  I've chosen to not spend that money on he
My Friends
Yesterday I Was Asked By A Friend Of Mine If Her Man Touches Me When They're Here And I Told Her The Truth That He Grabs My Butt When He's Drinking. He's All Pissed Off Now And Calling Me A Liar And A Stupid Bitch. I Dont Want Him!!!!! I've Told Her This Many Times! He Also Kissed Me The First Night I Met Him And Her. I Want Peace. Im Tired Of Drama.I Try To Ignore It When He Does This. I Don't Need This Crap! I Have 2 Kids To Take Care Of And Worry About.    You Know Who You Two Are Too!
L'amour A Perdu
J'ai été engagé deux fois. Les deux a rompu. Le prochain gars m'est parti. Et le gars après que cela m'a frappé.
How Many Ppl Have I Helped
how many ppl have i helped on here and no one has the nerve to help me back.  I am so sick of buying autos and bombs for ppl and when they get a chance do you think that they would return the love to me hell fuck no they don't all they do is care about themselves and personally i am tired of helping ppl.... i have sat for hours rating auto 11 and bomb after bomb.  do i even get help back nope not a damn bit of help.... i have 16 mil to oracle and because i am not skinny and don't have nsfw pics of me no one takes a second look at my profile.  I have even done vip's and blings and this is what i get in return nada zilch none and i am done being the nice one and trying to share my love with everyone for no one to give a flying fuck about me so here it is if you don't start showing me love and really hitting my page then fuck all of you........
Remembering Jennifer
I know that there have been several memorial images created for Huggable Loveable Kissable here is another. If you knew Jen, you knew her sparkle and her spirit - and I hope that it stays in your memory. When someone leaves us, that is when we have regrets. Regrets that we didn't spend more time with them. Regrets that we didn't take the opportunity to get to know them better. Perhaps regrets that we treated them with less kindness than we could have. Hopefully, we can try to make a change so that we won't have those regrets. Love with no limits, and respect everyone as we do ourselves. That is where the true treasure lies.             She'll be gone, but not forgotten.   Much love to my friends. -HS    
Everyone Needs SomeonePeople need people and friends need friendsAnd we all need love, for a full life dependsNot on vast riches or great acclaimNot on success or worldly fameBut just in knowing that someone caresAnd holds us close in their thoughts and prayersFor only the knowledge that we're understoodMakes everyday living, feel wonderfully goodAnd we rob ourselves of life's greatest needWhen we "lock up our hearts" and fail to heedThe outstretched hand reaching to findA kindred spirit whose heart and mindAre lonely and longing to somehow shareOur joys and our sorrows and to make us awareThat life's completeness and richness dependsOn the things we share with our loved ones and friends
When You Said I Love You
When you said, "I love you,"I went over the moon.My heart sang its glory,The stars sang in tune. As when with a wordGod brought forth light,So with these wordsYou ended my night. So with these wordsYou made something new:A bond of devotionBetween me and you. How powerful wordsTo shape who we are!We ponder in silence;Our words cross a bar. Your words crossed a thresholdAnd entered the past,Yet they have createdA world that will last.
How I Feel When Im Around You
It's amazing how I feel when I'm around you,How my heart pounds when you come into a room.I look at you and think: My God! How lovely!And everything I am bursts into bloom. I feel as though you must, you must be mine,Not as a possession but a goal,Something almost unimaginable:The free devotion of another soul. As though I were about to enter heavenOr just within the hour condemned to die,My mind with one fierce thought keeps running over,With you, and only you, the reason why.
As Our Bodies Come To Meet
When I see you I can feel youIn my soul - my heart takes flight.I can hardly wait to taste youIn the darkness of the night.I feel your breath so hot and sweetCircling in my soul.When our bodies come to meetIt's then that I feel whole.
Time valuable or something just to kill Does it move to quickly or just stand still People who want some of yours do they belong Or are they the ones are who waste yours like a really bad song  
I Love It
god i gotta say my favorite part of this site, is when you vote in honesty toward someones pics they cry about it :)  
Just Me
I'm a just me no matter how you see it. I'm not normal,trendy,pretty, I'm just me. No matter what happens to me, No matter what anyone else sees, I'm just me.   I may not be the funniest I may not be the cutest I may not be the most popular I'm just me   For all the people that don't like me, Just look the other way. For all the ones that love me, Don't ever leave me. For anyone else, Try me on for size. Cause I'm just me.   I will tell you that, I am not one to mess with, I am not one to hurt. Cause I beleive in karma, And that will get you burnt.   So love me if you want. Hurt me if you dare. I will be standing here, waiting for someone to care. Cause I'm just me
Laterz All
  Many of you on this site has never even hear of me well for those that are in that area let me give you a little rundown about my times here on this site. 1. I have been a member of this site since day one when it first have started and been a member when it was known as Lost Cherry I also was here when it was known as Cherry tap and as its known know as Fubar. 2. I use to have the number one train on here it was called The Devils Train which been around since almost day one. Before it took its last ride it had 450 members on it till I took it out and removed it from my bogs . 3. I use to be a member of IAR I was number 36 on it ( Insane Asylum Rejects) , S*U*P (Shady’s Underground Posse) , Team Shocker, Confederate Bombers, FU-Gees, Happy Hour Slammers, Jades Dirty Diamond Crew, Rating Revolution. So I have been around and I am sure there is more that I am forgotten about I have meet several amazing people on here if your wondering who it is well their all in my Family.
The Wheels On The Bus Go Round And Round
Ok so today was another day on the bus. I thought it was personal that people didn't want to sit near me until I saw someone else dressed like me and nobody would sit near him either...There is definate clothing discrimination on the bus. Two more crazy men today...One followed me into the Wendy's Stood next to me and started talking about the nice job they did cleaning up the place and how KFC now smells like bad fish...He kept talking and didn't notice I had walked away. Crazyman number 2 was walking around the bus stop doin the Arsenio Hall...Waving his arms then points at a tree...or maybe it was the building in the distance starts strutting and saying "Yeah Yeah Yeah".... Then sits and has a very animated arguement...I don't know with who as he was facing the cars and nobody was near him....Then he started kind of dancing while sitting. God the bus is fun....
- Seek Not My Heart - Its Dead -
Oh gentle winds 'neath moonlit skies, Do not you hear my heartfelt cries? Below the branches, here about, Do not you sense my fear and doubt? Side glistening rivers, sparkling streams, Do not you hear my woeful screams? Upon the meadows, touched with dew, Do not you see my hearts a'skew? Beneath the thousand twinkling stars, Do not you feel my jagged scars? Seek not my mournful heart kind breeze, For you'll not find it 'mongst these trees. It's scattered 'cross the moonlit skies, Accompanied by heartfelt sighs. It's drifting o're the gentle rain, A symbol of my silent pain. It's buried 'neath the meadow fair, Conjoined with all the sorrow there. It's lost among the stars this night, Too far to ease my quiet fright. No gentle winds, seek not my heart, For simply ... it has torn apart.
In Your Eyes
Do you know the night seems so right when you are near Like the moon and its rays beaming our path clearThe sweet winds blow a rythem that flows with our hearts so we dance we sway with ecstasy and dip to pleasurable partsWe stand still in time though our bodies are covered in sultry blissI relish every kiss the slightest touch of your skin brushing against mine feels like The ultimate sinBecause I don't think such joy is meant to be felt on earth I don't think that God him self seen it at our birth LIke the original Adam and Eve Life is not as what other perceiveIts more than this moment of carnal lust a subtle embrace of endless love I
List Of Hotties Officers
Show OUR Chief and YOUR Deputy Chiefs and officers love!If you have not added and fanned them to your listPlease make sure you stop by their page and do so.Firechief/Founder 2nd Alarm Hotties Maranda ♥ ~*~2nd Alarm Hotties~*~ Chief Deputy Of Operations & SWAT ~*~ Sweet&Sexy♥TONYA♥Deputy Chief 2nd alarm hotties(The One and Only)♥ JoJolicious ♥ Deputy Chief 2nd Alarm Hotties/Promo Teambooty2you**ExcAsst.To theChief/2nd Alarm Hottie's**♥Hey Jude♥Asst. Chief 2nd Alarm Hotties♥~♥™StarShine™♥~Asst
A Walk In The Barracks
  Today I went down the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.  It was quite the emotional experience for me.  I'm not necessarily the most emotional of men either.  It did occur to me more than once that I was walking in the company of many great men and women.  It was in many ways sobering.  I knew that this particular place was big, but I never knew that it was as big as it is.  It is a sobering thing to see some of the real, actual cost that has been paid for the freedoms that I enjoy...that we all have and enjoy.  It was also a reminder that we as a people have a huge responsibility to take care of these preserve them.    Posterity: you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. ~John Quincy Adams
Blood Is Thicker Than Water,and Our Blood Is Thickest There Is!
Blood is thicker than water!! and our blood is the thickest there is! I got mine, and they got me... back to back for all eternity!! There is never a let down or fall from grace we don't catch. We may argue, we may fight, and piss each other off to no extream... but we never abandon. We are there through the thick and thin, through the worst of storms, through the darkest nights.. when the rest of the world has walked out... It is an unspoken truth and certainty. We are interwined and bound to each other with our love. our passion, and our faith. We are KEYS! and the better generation of the foudation we were given. We rise above and give our name a better meaning.. because we simply are the best of our blood. We are a family, we are THE FAMILY! not just by the blood that flows through our veins....and not just because of our last name... but because of who we are as human beings...we are close, we are bonded, and we got what most don't have... we triumph and we regulate.. we are the g
Can't Decide What To Do??
This place has changed so much, Since the 1st time i joined. Everyone so friendly now seems like the people are not as nice as they used to be. When you accept a friend they would rate n fan you and respected you for who you are! Am so bored here nothing fun do any more! My question is what should i do should i stay here see if "things get better" or should i leave just take a brake for a while???
I Own You~ Version Two
I get the call that he is minutes away. I am to put a blindfold on and wait by the door in my black robe only. My heart is pounding as I turn out the lights and place the blindfold on at the door. My nipples are so hard they ache, and I can feel the wetness between my legs, wondering if I should clean up or just wait there wet. The decision is made for me because I suddenly hear footsteps on the porch. Master is here!!!I hear the door knob turn and I freeze. My heart is now pounding. The door opens and he is so close I can hear him breathe and feel the heat from his body. I take a deep breath. He says nothing, but leads me blindfolded into the room and places me on a chair. I just try to be calm and wait, while he cuffs my hands behind my back, locking them. Then he spreads my thighs wide open and ties my ankles to the chair legs. I am fully exposed for his eyes. I take a deep breath knowing he's looking at me and praying that I don't disappoint him.The cool air on my skin makes my bre
Cleaning Friends List
So it seems I've added way too many people. I have waaaaay too many friends and half of these people I dont even remember adding. Which means I havent heard from them since I added them. So why stay on my list then? I will be clearing out space today and tommorrow. So if you still want to remain friends and you think you might be deleted drop me a line, rate some pics or!! If we never talk or rate eachother then why stay friends? It makes it harder to find the ones I actually communicate with. So to leave it as that I will be clearing friends today and the next few days.Some of you know that you will NOT be deleted so dont be silly :P For all the others if you choose to let me delete you then Adios and Peace! xox -Lisa the Star-    
If You Want
You can add me to your myspace .. its
My Name
Imagine living for over a quarter century and answering the same question every single day. Kind of like the movie Groundhog Day, minus the suicide attempts and Bill Murray. It's not a question whose answer greatly impacts anyone or anything. It's just a simple question asked by curious people. But it's never-ending. Welcome to my life. Every day, almost without fail, I am asked about my name. What is your name? Is it your real name? What's your middle name? How did you get that name? Are your parents hippies? Were they on crack cocaine when they named you? Did they yell into a canyon before they named you? All of these questions and more on a regular basis. Quite honestly, it gets a bit tiring having to answer the same questions all the time. And I understand that people are curious - I'm probably one of the more nosey people you've ever met. But it's just getting old now, after almost 31 years. So let's set the record straight and get it all out once and for all. My name - yes,
Going Home People.
Well friends, family, and comlete strangers, I am suppossed to be home on the 20th or so of May.  Excited!!!  I'm ready for a break, go home, take care of the personal matters that won't seemingly resolve themselves, and take my son spend time with him, and go on a road trip probably.  Might take my son with me don't know.  But hey I also plan on being:   FuckedUpBeyondAllRecognition   So if your interested in joining me let me know.  Always funner to drink with a friend!!!  
Dream Or Reality
walking down the row thinking of the love that is waiting for you what a lucky life you have now.... wishing she was by your side now but she is waiting for you... is this dream or reality... as you walk you keep thinking of how she makes you feel...   bang bang you hear a knock on the door... as you look you know it was all a dream screaming no..... why did this dream have to end   looking around you think could that really happen to me as you look out the window you see the one you was dreaming about oh wow there she goes looking so good just standing there so lonely   bang bang thoughts go off in your head wow i could make my dream reality... seeing that delicous smile and sexy eyes your heart drops   how i would love... oh how i would love to spend my life with her  
Caa #96
Angel prayers, strength and healing for a dear friend of mine, her fathers is having an ECHO for an anomaly in his EKG.  Will keep everyone posted on the results.
To Give Freely: Without Condition, Without Desire For Return.
s experiences and people move in and out of our lives, I reflect that to covet them and ask that they remain and always be there for us is a selfish response - a response that doesn't take into account the wishes of another. In essence, they don’t need you, so why should you need them? Yet the pain of losing someone can cut deep, and the fear of losing someone can lead one to drastic measures in a vain attempt to keep someone that doesn’t desire to be kept. But if we know that we have given of ourselves to the best of our ability - without regrets or hard feelings, than we can move on and keep the good memories while discarding the not-so-good ones. Our bodies are temporary, the actions and works and words that we leave behind will live on even after our bodies turn to bone dust, as our stories are told and retold, and our creations are passed down through generations. It’s common for people to question unconditional love, to advise those who practice it that the
The Perfect Fit
I could make a dress A robe fit for a prince I could clothe a continent But i can't sew a stitchI can paint my faceAnd stand very very stillIts not very practicalBut it still pays the billsI can't change my nameBut i could be your typeI can dance and win at gamesLike backgammon and lifeI used to be the smart oneSharp as a tackFunny how that skipping years ahead Has held me backI used to be the bright oneTop in my classFunny what they give you when you Just learn how to askI can write a songBut i cant sing in keyI can play piano But i never learned to readI can't trap a mouseBut i can pet a catNo i'm really serious!I'm really very good at thatI can't fix a carBut i can fix a flatI could fix alot of things But i'd rather not get into thatI used to be the bright oneSmart as a whipFunny how you slip so far when Teachers dont keep track of itI used to be the tight oneThe perfect fitFunny how those compliments canMake you feel so full of itI can shuffle cut and dealBut i can't draw a handI c
Pill Popperism
 Just to clear things up a bit..  I pretty much am a pill popper not by choice. I have Diabetes and thankfully I don't need to be injecting insulin that leaves me with the pills.  So, the meds are pretty annoying they make me feel sicker @ times. I'm giving up on them and resorting to natural excercise. The diet part scares the hell out of me because I finally got used to being me in my own skin and I am comfortable the way I am. It's silly I know but I do worry about losing weight.. I don't want to really. So, I take about 15 pills 3x a day ..I hope it helps and we'll see how it goes.   Sorry..I guess I just felt like ranting for a bit.
Chute Error
While being transported to basic training as a new enlistee of the Air National Guard, I accidentally opened a parachute in the rear of the C-47. The plane was piloted by a major and a captain, and I felt intimidated as I opened the cockpit door to confess what I had done. Expecting to be severely chastised, I was surprised by the captain's calm response. "Well, son," he said, "if this plane goes down, that chute is yours."
New Here
Im new here and TOTALLY lost!!
Guilt Trips
I was raised in a home where guilt was used as a method of control. Then one day I had an epiphany.Let me explain.Guilt is an emotion. Just like Love is an emotion. Now it is common knowledge that you can't make someone feel love. They either love you or they don't. No more, no less. Now, if Love and Guilt are both emotions, and you can't make somoene feel Love, wouldn't it stand to reason that you can't make someone feel guilt?Yeah I know there are going to be someone of you that say "It isn't that they make you feel it, they convince you that of it." But that logic still doesn't hold up. No one can convince me that I love someone. I either do or I don't. So why can't Guilt work the same way?Just because someone says you are guilty, that doesn't mean you actually are.Step back and use your conscience. That's why you have it.If you can scincerly look at the situation in which you are being accused and say that you haven't done anything wrong, then don't assume responsibility for it. Ta
  "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond all is our light not our darkness that most frightens us." -rel
Dont Even Know
Running Auto 11's And Bombing
Hey y'all. I will be running Auto 11's tomorrow at 6 pm est. I will also be bombing a couple of hours later. Drop by and level up on me. I'd appreciate any and all help. Thanks y'all!   I'd also like to thank my sweetie RockinBass for the Auto and bomb. Check him out and see why he's so awesome!
birch tree, I see you stand all aloneIn a clearing, so far removed from others.You strive to belong in the woods with them,To be among your sisters and your brothersBut strong roots keep holding you down to the ground,All you can do is tilt your head and flail your armsHoping they will see your struggle, come to you,But they are attached as well, and can't abandon their realmsAs days and nights go by, you hear them whisper in the wind.You want to share your dreams at night, and celebrate beginnings of each day;But distance is too big, and they can't hear;You look at them with tired eyes, and quietly wonder what they sayThe day is coming to an end,The clearing and the forest stand in the darkYour green head is tilted down, you feel defeat,And clear bitter sap is running down your bark.You fall asleep and see the dreamsOf standing in the woods, with theirs your branches intertwine.You feel the wind caress your leaves,And bring your soul a little closer to divine.At night the clouds gathe
One Of The Best Monologues?
Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose vis-à-vis an introduction, so let me simply add that it's my very good honour to meet you and you may call me V.
She's so close to leveling... help her out. K? Thanks! muahhhz   Ruby Cairo > ETid, LP, FuGF of Chelsea@ fubar
My Ex
What you will never know is the love we shared will always be there I always carry a heavy weight knowing that our problems were to great.   The day I became your wife was the begining of a new life. I came to you with dreams of our future unfortunately my love you did not nurture.   You looked at me and could only see her my love was not enough to deter. She broke your heart when she cheated in turn you broke mine, my love now depleted.   I always walked around in shame because your love for me was never the same. I was forced to live with her mistakes your accusations making my heart ache.   You continued to keep up on her life often ignoring the feelings of your wife. You never noticed any of my tears while you re-hased the good times of your years.   What we had was never real because for me you could never feel. You wanted to find somebody to take her place but never noticed I came with a different face.   The words of the past will always sting sinc
Mercenary - The Endless Fall
IAm the essence of ignoranceThe destroyer of innocenceStand by watch you take the fallII wil cut into you my peerAnd reveal your darkest fearAs a river of blood you will flowLook into my eyesI am the oneI will defyLooking into an endless mirrorSeeing nothing the end becomes clearerFeel me now as I (Your soul and your dignity)Steal some how the fall and I (Your system will fail)Make you surrenderAs I surrenderNowNow the silence begins my friendIt's the cold, dark and bitter endStand by watch it fade watch it fallNowNow your fear is realityAll your dreams you will never seeEndless darkness surrounds you nowIs it cold now, my friendCan you feel it?This is the endLooking into the endless neverSeeing into the darkness foreverFeel me now as I (Your soul and your dignity)Steal some how the fall and I (Your system will fail)Make you surrenderAs I surrenderYour soul is mine!Feel me now as I (Your soul and your dignity)Steal some how the fall and I (Your system will fail)Make you surrenderAs I s
For My New Friend
Words cannot express What your friendship means to me. You never push or press But you’re there when I need you to be.   You let me express my fears Without making me feel less. You comfort me through my tears And never second guess.   I always feel essential No matter what my mood. You help me to see my potential When before one had never been viewed.   You’re teaching me to rely And believe that somebody cares.
An Affair
Have you ever found comfort in the arms of a lover,but had to accept that they belonged to another? Have you ever felt emotions for someone that you had to contain till they were able to break free of their current restraints? I've never been jealous or felt so alone untill the one that I loved had to  go home to a man in which she was currenty engaged in with a marriage, a family, and a lifestyle she hated. She told me she cared about me and askd me to be patient and wait for the day we could have true relations. But how does one cope when they feel so alone because they cant even talk to their life on the phone. I guess all I can do is sit here and wait, be strong and try to fight through the pain that grows deeper and more intense on each passing day because she said we'll be together and in her I have faith.  
Stash That Comment....
I was just sitting here thinkin.... I know, prolly a bad idea, but sometimes I just can't help myself! I was just wondering why no one comments stashes? I mean, I understand that most people just cram crap in their stash because they are point whores. But I only put shit I find either interesting or funny in my stash. There isn't alot in my stash, but I always thought that if I posted something in my stash, it must hold some kind of importance. I don't have crap, well, erm, not to me anyways, in my stash. Anyhoot.....this was my thought. Do with it what you will! hehe     another bit of randomness brought to you by ME!    
Read And Learn
BOYS ......selfless mindless controle freaks looking for the impossible to give theyre ego's a boost to impress freinds. MEN ....see all beauty and accept it for who and what it is,and never substandard themselves for the purpose of being seento boost ego. BOYS.....set theyre standards soooo high its usual outcome is disapointment and loneliness.and never think they can be replaced. MEN.....have high standards and can reach theyre goals as they accept that they can easily be replaced  but never give reason to have that done.  BOYS.... look for the plastic playboy bunny barbiedoll boobjobbed mindless woman that has as much personality as the pocket lint they have at the bottom of theyre empty pockets.Because responsability has no place in a club. MEN.....look for the woman who can hold him and listen to him even when he gets older and frumpy .because no matter what he will always be there to listen to her and hold her back .Knowing she too has had a hard day.and is never short of c
  My whole life I've always taken care of someone else; always putting myself last to provide the needs for others. Never did I ask for anything in return because I consider it a blessing to be a blessing for others. Unfortunately in the end, my kindness was taken for weakness & I was labeled an "extreme bitch" cuz I decided now it was time 2 take care of me. I was told if I keep neglecting myself I won't be any good 2 anybody & that made sooo much sense. So now I take care of me whenever I feel like it and to those who I struggled for who no longer have my back cuz I chose to put myself 1st - I wasn't depending on ur asses n e way - I'ma b aight!!!! (When did lovin urself become the avenue hataz travel 2 try & run u down???) I'm laf'n @ all of u!!!
Ok here goes.     Im so tired of coming on here and everyone talking smack about everyone. What the hell do you people really know about each other or me for that matter. Im tired of feeling like no matter who i am friends with someone always tries to ruin it. I have had more issues with people who are supposedly my friends. This is why i wont join anymore groups. The last one left a bad impression on me. Why the hell cant we all just get along.   Cause of this drama i think i have lost my best friend on here. To those women who are doing it .... congrats you win!! If he means that much to you then by all means try for him. But one piece of advice tho. He wont deal with liars and people who want to control him.
Start Of A Short Story I Wrote
Story setting    around 5000 years ago knights were above the law slaves to the king and queens of the world this is a story of a young boy Michel who would rises to power and set this dark world right, then leads it down a path no man wants to take!chapter 1    “ The boy has been born” Everyone  needs to gather for this day. our salvation is soon to come people shout in the street, who they talk about is a boy not born  in power but who shall rise up becoming a knight and bring down all that is evil. Ha sometimes I think about these thing these stories that were told to us as we grow up, about Michel the born son who throws evil from the chair brings light back to the dark time. My name is Luk I will be the one to train this boy when he comes to age, I being a knight of the table, one who serves the king in all of his needs, I do indeed think that this time that we live in is evil but a new born child who by the age of 19  will take rule of this world is kinda hard to trus
Just A Poem
Go tell my friends for meThat I'm not comming back,Go tell the gang for meThat I can dance no more, Go tell the ones I loveThat I have gone on home, I'm walking in the graveyard nowAnd I am all alone,And I'll be gone before the leavesBegin to fall again, They're rushing up and down the stairsThe bed is wide and soft,But I lie still and oh so coldBecause my mother's gone, Will I soon see her simple face?I have no dreams or faith,I wish that I could make a songThat tells how good it's been I had the stage, I had the light,The music was the tale,But things are tinged with purple nowAnd these sad notes I play I wait until the autumn comesAnd I will be no more.
Time For Change...moving In 4 Days...cant Wait!!!
Wow~ I can't believe I am FINALLY doing it. After almost a year of wanting to, and things always happening that I didn't, I am finally moving back to Iowa. I so can't wait to be back near my family and hopefully reconnect with some really good friends I lost touch with due to a controlling marriage. Although its actually going to be just a lil bit scary for me to be doing this, because Ive been away from my homestate for 12 yrs & going back to where I dont know anyone, the thought of starting completely over, getting my life back together, and making a goood home for my son to grow up in and enjoy his childhood, I am SO excited that I cant hardly sleep at all. I most likely won't have the time to be online at all once I leave Arkansas as I will be too busy getting settled in and getting my son use to life in Iowa ( he is sooo excited..tho he will have to wait til winter to see snow). I just want to say THANK YOU to all my awesome friends here and especially to one certain person, w
I Can Never Sleep Alone.
I wanted to tell you but I'm not going to.You're somewhere else.And I'm stuck at that line I drew in the sand.Toed in with all the sincerity of a man backed into a corner.Rejected, overlooked and passed over for the final time. I'm sorry I kept coming up wanting.I'm sorry I'm not enough. You're my stumbling block, that I'll never get over.You're my unwilling muse, the reason my heart speaks in a language my fingers clumsily transcribe. I'll never be yours.You'll always be mine.That cold ache when I wake up alone in a quiet room.Morning and afternoon slipped by, and I'm still naked mussed and unshaven under the covers. Crossing the sunfiltered blinds, looking passed in complete silence.Thought brings you. You bring longing. And I can only deal with the silence in your absence.
Well there is no battle. But this version of Lil' Wayne's "Let the Beat Build" is fantastic. I just though I would share. Bonus points for him because I Twittered this last night and he kindly thanked me for the support this morning + added me. Enjoy. Plus I know a lot of people who hate lil' Wayne. I guess this is nice because this puts some substance to the style Nyle "Let The Beat Build" from Nyle on Vimeo.
Bill Of "non-rights" .. A Good Read
(Source Not Verified) NEW PREAMBLE TO THE CONSTITUTION This is probably one of the best things I’ve read in a long, long time. The following has been attributed to State Representative Mitchell Kaye from GA. This guy should run for President one day... 'We the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid more riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior, and secure the blessings of debt-free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great-grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common sense guidelines for the terminally whiny, guilt ridden, delusional. We hold these truths to be self evident: that a whole lot of people are confused by the Bill of Rights and are so dim they require a Bill of NON-Rights.'
Sexy Legs Contest
It is open now for my entry in the sexiest legs contest... would you please vote for me?
Black Label Society -- Queen Of Sorrow
Hey now,I've stepped into the blackI say hey nowI wont be coming backI say hey nowI've left it all behindI say hey nowTake a look but you won't find, noStep outside this world where I'll be free, yeahStep outside this world where I can see, ohQueen of sorrow and all this hell withinOh, I close my eyes and sit back as I watch my end beginHey nowVoid of sight and soundI say hey nowThe spiral always downI say hey nowThere ain't no coming backI say hey nowI've stepped into the black nowStep outside this world where I'll be free, yeahStep outside this world where I can see, ohQueen of sorrow and all this hell within, ohOh, I close my eyes and sit back as I watch my end beginStep outside this world where I'll be free, yeahStep outside this world where I can see, ohQueen of sorrow and all this hell within
April 29 1987 My Birthday
My 22 ' Birthday I'm So Bless That I'm Still Here And I will Try My Best To get Drink LOL.
Not The Man/ Dark Days...
I'm not the man you think I am Never gonna be the man you all hoped i'd be Grown hollow in this place that I call home When every breath we take is a dying wish We lose all dreams of carrying on What does it take to be To believe in the man that you see I hope one day I can see See what it takes to be real I sicken myself with shadow games Disillusion does me no good Hold my hand and help me through Keep me close in these dark days  
Is This What You Want
is this what you want i didnt come to you willingly so you cast your web of lies alienating me you may capture me but you will never own my heart he has won it  when you kiss me i will feel nothing it will be his lips i think of when you tell me how much i mean to you they will fall on deaf ears look upon me with eyes filled with lust but look deep in mine see the hate i have for you you may have  captured me but what you love bout me and long to own is dead to you ......  
Oh Ears Are Bleeding
Upcoming Auction!!!!
Upcoming Auction of... You guessed it...   TINK!!!!!!! Items to be offered: 11's (Randomly)Rate ALL pics, blogs, AND stashKEEP rates ACTIVESFW SalutesKeep ShitfacedAdd to family & top friendsAdd to YIM2 Tickers (one every two weeks)Daily Profile CommentDaily GiftsRandom Photo CommentsRandom Status Message Pimp-OutsSFW Cam Chat Taking Suggestions for other items.  All idea appreciated. Auction going to start within the next WEEK...  Watch For It!
I know it's all big news about that whole new york flyby thing, but it's absolutely unacceptable that Obama is catching very little flack for this. Causing absolute panic and people running in the streets is just ridiculous. Saying it was a "photo opp" is even worse. It's illegal to fly planes that low, you know. I don't know what the hell happened, maybe biden got drunk and hijacked the plane, maybe bill clinton did it, either way it's stupid. You all know if this happened while bush or another republican was president everyone would totally lose their minds. they'd get all crazy and bush wouldn't be able to say anything in retaliation. But with this bastard in office, people just wrote it off as a "blunder." You can't do that and then say, "whoops my bad" Or lie straight up to the mayor claiming that the authorities were contacted when they weren't, because, surprise, surpise, the mayor is the ultimate authority in new york city. No one new. I don't think that it's fair. I think h
Hahaha To Funny
Men are just happier people,what do you expect from such simple creatures?Our last name stays put. the garage is all ours. wedding plans take care of themselves.chocolate is just another snack.we can be president .We can never get pregnant. we can wear white T-shirts to a waterpark.we can wear no shirts to a park.mechanics always tell us the truth.the world is our urinal.we never drive to another gas station because the last one was too ICky. we dont have to pause and think which way to turn a nut on a bolt.our wrinkles add characture.a womans wedding dress costs $ 5,000 our tux rental is only$ 100. people never stare at our chests when were being spoken too we have only one mood all the conversations dont go over 30 seconds.a five day vacation only requires one suitcase. we can open any jar.we get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness. 3 pairs of shoes are more than enough.we never have strap problems in public.our hair style lasts for yrs. we only have to sh
Within the last 4 years my reproductive health has gone downhill.  I've been told that I will need a hysterectomy soon (crap, I'm only 26), and a current option is to have my tubes tied until I'm older and more in a position to have a hysterectomy. That surgery is scheduled for May, as well as an oblation to hopefully eliminate bleeding for good. I thought great, I have a wonderful child already, my problems will most likely end, and I won't bleed anymore. What more could I ask for? Fast forward to today. I had pre-op testing yesterday which included an EKG to test my heart due to a past heart problem. We're talking 13 years ago, and I haven't had any problems with it since. Well, I apparently failed my EKG testing. I need to be cleared either by my primary doctor, or a cardiologist. My primary doctor is a bit of a hypercondriac when it comes to my health. The last surgery I had was nearly canceled because of an issue she thought I had. It turns out that the surgery took care of the
Let's Play A Game...
YOU teach me something new... and I'll learn it. :) xo
This P.h.a.t Chicks Need Yur Rates!
Hi there! This P.H.A.T Chick needs your rates please rate this pic below for me! CLICK ON THE PIC TO GET THERE! Thank You so much! XoXo Brought to by: P.H.A.T Chicks Family
Leave It All To Hisory
I am leaveing you behind, aloung with all our broken, saddened history. I cant take your endless misery and high hopes that there will ever be another you and me. There is no mending our shattered unity, for the fire that was once there is nothing more than a pile of burnt ash. We have desentigrated and crumbled to rubble. I can't be molded or made to be anything more than just me. I refuse to be broken in and to have all of myself lost in your chaos. There is no fighting me on this because I am no longer small and week from your put downs. My self esteem and confidance is no longer in the dirt but soaring high up above you. You are not for me, as I am not for you. Our one time love was nothing more than two lions, caged and fighting. I wont live my life always on the defense from the one that loves me most. I want. I need, I deserve to have more. The girl that was once with you has died, and wont come back for she is at peace. Please just think of me as nothing more than just your pas
You Lost The Bet...shoulda Never Bet On Me.
There you sit in a jail cell with nothing to do but think of me!! in all your misery you plead for me to have sympathy. You took a risk and decided to gamble with me, and lost that hand, yes you sure did, you bet on me. You are mistaken when it comes to me baby, when this girl walks out, she walks for eternity. I hope you think long and hard about all that you have done to me and realize how you so bitterly took me for grantid when all I did was go above and beyond for you....and you want my sympathy? as you cry and plead for me I am making my own that doesn't include your criminal insanity. Me and you walk in oppisite directions and with a completely different stride. I pulled off miracles and continually fought hard for you, trying to save you from you... all the while you were killing me. I wish I could have been enough for you, I wish I could have been enough but I wasn't. The cards in the deck have been I will take the hand I have been given and except our
Just Cant Win
I am always telling my kids you should never hate anything , objects , foods , even people. But I am sitting here after driving off from my own home pissed consumed in hate . Everyone has family issues I have two a brother and a sister who I have no idea how my parents could of produced . The divorce is taking a toll on me after 14 years of being put through verbal hell and losing friends and even being told by him to just stay away from my siblings because they are awful . Funny thing though as soon as divorce was said they are now his two best friends . He said to me tonight as your "friend" he wanted to tell me something that was said . LMFAO as my friend my ass , wasn't a husband ain't never been my friend but tells me something that supposedly I did that my sister's x boyfriend said . My oldest is ten and has had people in and out of her life and her x made a positive impact on her life and she asked me a few weeks back to stop and say hi to him . Knowing her missing him was genui
Rip Bea...god Bless
Beatrice "Bea" Arthur (May 13, 1922 – April 25, 2009) was an American comedian, actress, and singer. In a career spanning seven decades, Arthur achieved success as the title character Maude Findlay on the 1970s sitcom Maude, and as Dorothy Zbornak on the 1980s sitcom The Golden Girls; she won Emmys for both roles. Arthur was born Bernice Frankel to Philip and Rebecca Frankel in New York City on May 13, 1922.[2] Her family soon moved to Cambridge, Maryland where her parents operated a women's clothing shop. She attended Linden Hall High School, an all girls school in Lititz, Pennsylvania, before enrolling in the now-defunct Blackstone College in Blackstone, Virginia where she was active in drama productions. Arthur died at her home in the Greater Los Angeles Area in the early morning hours of April 25, 2009, aged 86. She had been suffering from cancer.[15][9][16] Both of Arthur's surviving Golden Girls co-stars commented on Bea's death. Rue McClanahan saying, "I suppose perhaps
Life Isn't What It Seems
You know that sometimes you just come to realize that its time to start over and just do what needs to be done. Whatever you decide or anything else you just have got to sit back and say fuck it, and if you piss people off in the process, then so be it but you have to take care of business either way. Just as you are taking care of business something or someone comes along the way or someone has always been there just seems to take over every waking moment and thats all you can think of. Old friends contact you right out of the blue and you haven't heard from or seen them in ages, well since high school graduation or friends that were there for you right from the beginning just happen to be the breath of fresh air that you have always been looking for but you sit back and take that extra second to think. While taking that extra second to think things over, you say to yourself that you are not concentrating on anything else except yourself. You want to act upon urges that haven't really
Thoughts Run Wild
My thoughts run wild and race to reach a finish line, making my pulse jump with electric shocks that send my blood rushing cold through my veins. Collected yet out of control, spinning with many wild desires that make me contemplate and hesitate wishing someone could just decide for me. With many indecitions,they drive me crazy.Each thought so vivid but also wickedly unclear.I wish someone could just make up my mind for me and point me in the direction I need to go. With every thought that runs wild it creates a frenzy of sleepness nights and hopeless dreams. Maddening me and rendering my hot blood to flow cold. It's a chaotic night for me even when I through it all out to fate. When will it just settle? When will it stop spinning? I can't decide for not one thought will stop.. They loose me in confusion with all there contridictions. Angering me as they just waste time never reaching a final conclusion and ultimate decision. I lay awake with my bones acheing as I break with a cold swe
The Wayback Machine Dream
John MayerDaughters Music Video Codes By Music I took a trip in the WAYBACK machine with Sherman and Peabody. I cannot remember if I was Mr. Peabody - dog genius, or his boy, Sherman. Whatever I was intially in my dream, what I ultimately became, as the haze of dreaminess turned into the glowing coals of rememberance was a Mother in pain. Oh sure, why not - its just a theme I have going on right now. The interesting thing about this ultimate recollection was that it perfectly flowed in to my new area of study - memes. (pronounced like beams). Memes are units of information in our minds, ideas, that replicate in the minds of others when they are exposed to them. Advertisers use memes like madmen. I still remember the jingle from paramount potato chips from when I was barely in kindergarten: I'M SLIM CHIPLY THE GUY YOU SEE ON THE PARAMOUNT POTATO CHIP'S BRIGHT RED PACK. I'M THE FLAVOR DEPUTY, PROTECTING CRISPNESS IN EVERY PACK. THEY'RE NUTRIOUS AND SO DELI
Your results:You are Batman Batman 90% Hulk 85% Green Lantern 75% Iron Man 65% Superman 60% Supergirl 60% Catwoman 50% Wonder Woman 45% Robin 45% The Flash 40% Spider-Man 25% You are dark, love gadgets and have vowed to help the innocentnot suffer the pain you have endured. Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test
A little boy wanted $100.00 very badly and prayed for weeks, but nothing happened .> > >                                > >                               Then >                               he decided to write God a letter requesting the $100.00.> > >                                > > >                                > >                               When the postal authorities received the letter to God ,  USA , they decided to send it to the President..                                > >                               The president was so amused that he instructed his secretary to send the little boy a $ 5.00 bill.> > >                                > > >                                > >                               The president thought this would appear to be a lot of money to a little boy.> > >                                > > >                                > >                               The little boy was delighted with the $5.00 bill and sat down to write a thank-you
In Search Of My Edward
Last Straw With Walmart
Okay this is the letter I sent to the local walmart manager after yesterdays stressful events!  They are the low price leader as they claim but I find I am spending more for their screw ups than I am saving shopping at their stores, and also the stress is very taxing on my conditions from my accidents... Yesterday I was in so much pain from it i could not leave my bed for three hours.  So here is part of my store have fun reading and its now official I am not shopping ever again at walmart. 4/28/09 Dear Walmart Manager: I am writing you in regards to my last few visits to your store and to inform you of the extremely unsatisfactory customer service I have received at your location that has cause you a customer. First visit I want to inform you of is a two days after the new year, I went to the electronic department inquiring about the Singstar games for the play station 2 game console.  I asked if you carried a certain list of games and all I received from you representative was a
Dream Lover
Dream Lover He is a player on the screen of nightsHe can be touched, smelt, tasted, feltBut never is he clearly seenEyes closed imagination says he's fair of faceHe knows my secret placesHe excites me to greatest ecstasyHe knows the words to soothe meHis arms a safe place in the stormMorning light breaks throughI am aloneLogic says I dreamed it allMy fondest wish to hold himNight and day to see his faceAnd know him in the flesh
Reverse Racism
I have always made a point of making sure that I did not take race, creed, or color into account upon indulging in personal relationships or in interactions. I now begin to think that I may have missed seeing some cases where reverse racism in others was in play. When my oldest son was in third grade he saw a group of girls walking by and said MMMMMM HOT CHOCOLATE!! - and the girl who had the lovely skin tone felt pointed out and disrespected so she told the principle, who immediately called me and told me of the incident and asked me to come to the school. I immediately went down to the school, the cause of equality burning in my heart, and I asked if all the children involved could gather. I then gave a little ad hoc speech on how it hurts to feel noticed because of a physical trait - like if you were fat, or skinny, black, wore glasses, had a pigeon toed walk, or really messed up hair one day. I told the kids that it was important to remember that we are ALL people, all the childr
Halloween Bondage Party
  I went to a Halloween Bondage party at an old deserted house here in Bend, Oregon. There was 6 Dommes at the party and was suppose to be other subs at the party. But, it ended up that I was the only sub to show up for the party. I was told to be ready and wearing only my black nylon g-string by 7:00 pm. That a couple of Ladies would be there at my place to bring me to where the party would be held.At 7:00 pm I was sitting in my living room watching a scary movie of course waiting for them to show up. About 10 minutes after 7 I heard a knock on my door. I figured it was either the Ladies here to pick me up or it was tricker treaters. So, I put my bathrobe on before I opened the front door to see who it was. Lucky for me, it was 3 Ladies instead of 2 to take me to the party. As soon as I opened the door, they grabbed me and pinned my arms behind my back. One of the Ladies closed the door and then shoved a big red ballgag in my mouth and buckled it as tight as she could. The strap of t
I Want A Good Women
ok so i have tried a few different places to pick up women and have found that i dont like what i find there.  ive done the church thing and the bar scene and kinda online ( i met her in the bar but i got to know her online.  so where is a good place to meet women.
Family Dysfunction Continues
I get a call at a 4am on the 11th day of September from my grandparents, I did not wake when the phone rang so they left a message. They were just calling to tell me that they were sitting in a Rhode Island hospital with my mother and they didnt know what was going on. I called them as soon as I woke up and they were on their way back to Connecticut from Rhode Island. They said that they didn't know too much about what had happened and my mother wasn't in the right state of mind at the time they saw her to explain. I spent that morning calling around to different hospitals in Rhode Island to see if anyone knew anything about my mother. I finally found the hospital, Newport Rhode Island Hospital and was able to talk with her. They had placed her in the mental ward of the hospital since she tried to kill herself and she had only a couple minutes to talk to me. She went on to explain that she packed up the car with no plans of coming back. She had her and what was the rest of my fathers m
Sexy Legs Contest
The sexy legs contest I am in will open around June 1st.   I will post it as soon as it is open .. they are still collecting up to 20 pairs of legs to vote for. Bomb the comments with votes as soon as it opens.
Help Me Finally Get My Horns
HELP ME GET MY HORNS   I will be starting an Auto 11 on Friday evening and would love to buy a cherry bomb from someone. Let's negotiate.  I've been stuck at this level since December and I'd really like to get my horns. Please, If you're looking to sell a Cherry Bomb come talk to me. Let's make a deal. Thanks
Not So Amazing Anymore.
Your not so amazing I'm so glad that I'm blazing. We lost total controll and now we both pay the toll. I guess I'll see you hell no need to dwell. When we first met we fell into love, your the one who was to fit like a glove. I used to think you were the one to save me now I hate everything you ever gave me. Your not so amazing anymore, now everyone knows the score. You got me played me for a fool, can't belive I fell for your lies you fucking tool. Now I am mind fucked and now I am crazy. I came out of this with the scares that you gave me. I bled and I bitched but it's over I quit. You can stay hiding forever but I will never...How many have you played at the end of your life? How many chances will you take till someone gives you a knife? Your not so amazing anymore quite frankly you were sort of a bore. Even for you being whore I fooled myself thinking I adored. You really got me this time and it's fine. Eventually you'll pay for all you've done in the end I'm the one who won.
A New Start On Life
I always say that life is an endless path and which ever way we take on that path is how we are going to live our lives. Some paths take us on enless adventures while others are bumpy obsticals. Whatever decision we make, it gets us to where we are all today. My life has been an endless obstical but rewarding in the same aspect. For those who don't know me as well, I'm a single mother of two beautiful children. They have been my rewarding obsticals in life. I've grown from those choices I have made in my past. My family are a HUGE part of my life and with out them, I wouldn't be the person I am today. My parents are a huge influence on my life and have been with me through thick and thin. No one could ask for better parents. Now comes the time in my life that I do something for them. I was informed today that my father has an awesome opportunity career wise in a whole different location of the United States. The only way he would follow through with this journey is if my children
Show The Same Respect
is there anything wrong with a person complimenting another?if you dont like what they have to say,then say so,,,dont become friends with someone then block or restrict them from commenting on your pics or leaving you a hello,,IF YOU FAN,OR FRIEND SOMEONE,GIVE THEM THE SAME RESPECT THAT YOU DEMAND OUT OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!
Michelle Bachmann, Stupid Whore.
Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn, says she finds it an "interesting coincidence" that the last U.S. swine flu outbreak occurred under a Democratic president.  However, it occured in 1976, when Republican Gerald Ford was president.  Bachmann made her comments to Pajamas TV on Monday.  She said she's "not blaming this on President Obama" but found it an interesting coincidence.  A call to Bachmann's office Tuesday wasn't returned.  --taken from the Star Tribune, Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 I honestly hate this woman...  I don't know how she got reelected.  Let's nevermind that the outbreak happened outside of the U.S., and nevermind that it's pretty much a 50/50 chance that there'll be a Democrat in office when ANY kind of disease outbreak happens...
Love is like a butterfly. It has wings and can soar high--  Like the sprited eagle, or It crawls without flight, And like the tortise It never reaches its ectasy! So look above the clouds not beind you-- And your world will become a fantasy Of magic, mystery and romance. And you'll dance through life Meeting new challenges each day, whereas, If you crawl, only looking in front of you, Life will become dull and routine. So spread your wings and fly And like the butterfly, Life becomes a gift-- And your treasures in life Are wings of flight--- To any destination you choose
Playing With Fire
I sat with you on that last silver night, thinking that it was so cruel of God to allow the only flaw in that crisp evening to be the menacing glances flowing like currents through the water from your eyes to mine. I thought I would surely die from one more jolt of malice. But through my time-tested armor you rocked me at my core. Your disgust was tangible and it would be a few years before I sent that current back to you, the one who owned it, the one who deserved it. But oh, what damage was done before I could accept your failings as yours and not my own.
[brain Storm]
I was thinking about sheperd's pie today. I mean... I've got all the ingredients for it, why not?I'm gonna fuck it up a bit though. Elevate it a nudge or two. I've got the power. I've got the garlic and ox tail... and a pressure cooker. My dog is licking her broken claw, and I'm trying to talk myself into sleep so I can wake up and go to the grocery store. I'm gonna try some home made nan to go with my curry. Might pick up some stew-lamb since all I've got is ground... course if I go, I'll be tempted to grab fish, and if I grab fish... I'm gonna cook fish.That day. I could go right now, but we're kinda on a roll waking up before noon. Talked to my brother today, played a couple games with him, it was good for my soul. And yeah, no small coincidence that I interviewed for a very VERY bad job today, and will likely get it. So yeah, I've got a full weekend of cooking ahead of me.And bills... with no means to pay for it. Life is good. Nah, actually I just wanted to say thisRainbows
Watch Out For Him He Will Scam U
watch out for this fucking guy he scammed a good friend of mine and now she is out of alot of fubucks buecause of this jerk   Little Angel AKA Michelle,OWNED BY KAT1114 SHADOW LEVAL:this fucking jerk scamed me out of 6 mill told me he would send me a 65 credit bling pack, i sent the fubucks but he didnt sent the bling pack 
It Was 32 Years Ago Today...
(Originally posted to my real blog on 4/30/06) April 30, 1977 - Led Zeppelin breaks the record for the largest attendance for a single-act show in the Pontiac Silverdome with 76,229 in attendance.I was one of the 76,229 fortunate souls, and arguably the happiest person in the entire stadium. I was 15 at the time - ridiculously naive, yet still pretending that I'd seen it all, done most of it, and perfected a lot of it. Led Zeppelin was my favorite band. Actually, it still is my favorite band. One of the things I miss the most about being a teenager is experiencing the sheer joyful rapture that a certain band could bring to you. Those days are gone forever for me now, but I still have a ton of memories. I've seen the original Elton John band; Alice Cooper, back in the days when he was still thought of as a menace; I was fortunate enough to see Freddie Mercury and Queen several times; I've probably seen Kiss more times than I've attended
Your One Of Us Now
And Im Crazy?!!
All i can say is that when you think youre ahead youre really not.   so im told after my one little fuck up that i need to see a threapist and all kinds of shit.  i mean hell i knew i was nucking futs but i dont need to pay 600 and hour to have some one tell me about that.
Swine Flu
My husbands boss is bringing in a bunch of mexicans to work for him right now.  Kinda a scary thing..with this swine flu going on.  What amazes me..hes had a lot of people laid off since november..because of no work. Why not bring them back..before worrying about bringing over people to work?  He does it because he can pay them for cheap labor. He already has a bunch of mexicans working for him now.  Then people wonder..why can't you find a job in America? is partly due to the economy..and partly due to cheap ass people like him..who doesn't want to pay people for what they due.
When Pigs Fly
It was once said that a black man would be president "when pigs fly"   indeed 100 days into Obama's presidency.  .  . Swine flu
How To Avoid Getting The Swine Flu
Don't do this...
Bill and Sam, two elderly friends, met in the park every day to feed the pigeons, watch the squirrels and discuss world problems.        One day Bill didn't show up. Sam didn't think much about it and figured maybe he had a cold or something. But after Bill hadn't shown up for a week or so, Sam really got     worried.  However, since the only time theyEver got together was at the park, Sam didn't know where Bill lived, so he was unable to find out what had happened to him.    A month had passed, and Sam figured he had seen the last of Bill, but one day, Sam approached the park and -- lo and behold!--there sat Bill!  Sam was very excited and happy to see him and told him so. Then he said, "For crying out loud Bill, what in       the world happened to you?"   Bill replied, "I have been in jail."     "Jail?" cried Sam. "What in the world for?"     "Well," Bill said, "you know Sue, that cute little blonde waitress at the coffee shop where I sometimes go?"   "Yeah," said Sam, "I r
Dream World
When are we supposed to bealbe to tell the difference between a dream and reallity. So many people live in that dream world that everything is ok and there is no real evil in this world. But what if you are one of those people that cant help but see threw all those fanticies. I think the thing I hate the most is when someone says, " I am the way I am because of the envirment I grew up in." Bullshit. That is nothing but a load of bullshit. You make yourself who you are by your actions noone eleses. If you choose to live the life of a so called ganster, well then not only are you a fool for thinking that other people that you really dont even know who are telling you to go out and do stupid things to get others hurt or yourself, well again your a dumbass. I know a little bit off topic sorta but I also have to say this to all those ganster wanna bes, do you really want to know who the true gansters are real ones there are two different kinds. There is the Mob any of them orginized crime.
Nsfw - A Special Night With Special Lady Pt. 1
You are sitting in your office at work, and a flower delivery man approaches you. “I’m looking for Angel,” the man says. You smile and look up, “I’m Angel.” The man hands you a box of flowers and asks you to sign for it. You think to yourself, it’s not my birthday, anniversary, or a holiday, so who’s sending me flowers. You open the box and find that inside is your favorite flowers, a nice bouquet of daisies. You pull the vase out and see a card fall out as well. You open it to find a sweet card inside it.   “Honey, I love you and I hope that this puts a smile on your face. The kids are staying with their grandparents and we have the evening to ourselves. Hurry home and I’ll see you soon.”   You smell a faint whiff of my cologne and you feel yourself get a little excited just at the thought. You spend much of the rest of the day watching the clock and distracted. You are wondering what kind of plans I have cooked u
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Mumm Blog
since i can't make mumms anymore...  ok so today i had to go to the social security office and wouldn't you know it with my luck they moved as of... TODAY... ok it was in the paper but i didn't read it... blah so i call them up... no fucking answer... go figure... so after 2 hours i track down the fuckers and wouldn't you know it 3 of them lazy sons of bitches just jabbering away... to lazy to answer the fucking phone... and my luck being what it is... "oh we can't help you till monday... " and they go back to sitting around doing nothing... so my question is as trendy and sheep like as i am... should i blame this faggotry on the obama leadership?    ummm options are suck my dick or GTFO please vote :)  
I Need Bids
Please check out my bully and come to bid on me. This is my first auction so I need all the help I can get. THANK YOU MY FRIENDS!!!
You Were All I've Got
Hurt me,break doesn't matter anywayno..don't say a word,just turn around and walk awayi don't need you,i can do it on my ownno..i don't want you,I'd rather be alonego away,oh..please just don't come back againit's just a matter of time,I'll get used to the painyou're sorry..really,please keep it insideI'm learning now to live,without you by my sideI'm trying real hard,i know you're no longer mine"am i okay?"..yeah,everything is finei just lost you,the one thing I'm living forso what?you just so simply walked out the dooryou're not coming back..yeah,i know you won't"i don't have to cry" see babe,i don'twhat's wrong with me?",I'm all okaynot a big deal,I've just had my heart broken today"you will stay away to comfort me",thanks it really helps me"you don't wanna see me sad",I'm smiling..can't you seeif this faking will help you,i shall make you happy before i goi will keep all the suffering to myself,i promise i won't let it showyou ask me"do i forgive you?" i reply"why s
Sad Month
I hope everyone will bare with me for a while , May is a bad month for me and my husband..This would have been the month i was supposed to have my baby, My only baby that we have been trying for 10 yrs... And i lost him this past dec at 5 months along...I had him crematied and so he sits here in my room on a shelf.. We have been thinking bout haveing him buried so i know he is safe.  If anyone wants to see picsture of him  let me know... So please bare with me if im moody,, R.I.P Christian Joesph Spencer MOMMY and DADDY LOVE AND MISS U SO MUCH  
Convo Between Me And Two Others
I really hate it when others start shit with me, that doesnt even involve them, nosey bitches, no offence or anything but yeah thats pretty much of what you are.. plus someone doing someone elses work for them also called kissing someone elses ass because of whatever that person did, when it IS in the wrong. this is what you dont do to me, because i dont do it to someone else.This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs, This is what NOT to do with Millie, assuming shit from her, you wont like the outcome, and then kissing someone elses ass by doing of what the person that has done wrong needs to do for THEMSELVES! i tend to do these rantings about the wrongness of others. how would you like it if someone IMs or SB you about something like this?! would you feel the way i do and do something similar... or... do it an another way? well me, i dont care either way, i just hope that these people tend to do it the RIGHT way and NOT the WRONG way. (Two Wrongs Dont Make A Right).. anywho tr
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When Reality And Make Believe Come Face To Face
Fu-land is an amzing place at times. Then there are the times it bites you in the bum. I have a friend a very special friend he is a real face to face friend. I get to hug him and hold his hand I tell him my worries. In return he gets to hug me hold my hand and we comfort each other. For days an online friend of his keeps coming to me asking personal questions. I answer tentatively and do not feed her curiosity. tonight I get a message from her telling me she is his girlfriend and lover for the past two years. We live cleear across the country he and I in one city she as far away as possible. I tried to explain to her that prostituting yourself on cam is not being a lover and chatting online is not being a girlfriend.... But then i still feel as if even though he is my real life friend somehow I have been cheated and misled... I do not feel jealous or angry just confused at how never meeting someone you can tell a real life friend to stay away from your MAN. How can she live with anoth
Stuff You Might Wanna Know About Me ^^
1. ONE OF YOUR SCARS, HOW DID YOU GET IT?I have one on my left ankle from taking a drunk tumble down the stairs at a club2. WHAT IS ON THE WALLS IN YOUR ROOM?A WoW poster, and tinkerbell crap3. DO YOU SNORE, GRIND YOUR TEETH, OR TALK IN YOUR SLEEP?I twitch4. WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO?Absolutely everything5. DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME YOU WERE BORN?6:35am6. WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING RIGHT NOW?To snuggle a certain someone 7. WHAT DO YOU MISS?My doggie8. WHAT IS YOUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSION(S)?My computer, my cats..and do my boobs count?9. HOW TALL ARE YOU?5'510. DO YOU GET CLAUSTROPHOBIC?newp11. DO YOU GET SCARED IN THE DARK?Nope 12. THE LAST PERSON TO MAKE YOU CRY?My Mom13. WHAT'S YOUR WORST FEAR?Deep water that I can't see to the bottom of 14. WHAT KIND OF HAIR/EYE COLOR DO YOU LIKE ON THE OPPOSITE SEX?Light eyes 15. WHERE CAN YOU SEE YOURSELF PROPOSING?I'd hope I was the one being proposed to 16. COFFEE OR ENERGY DRINK?Ew, neither. 17. FAVORITE PIZZA TOPPING?pepperoni
The Beginning
I'm not sure when I actually started changing. Some would argue that you always change. But up until a certain point, I didn't. Everything I believed in, everything about me, stayed basically the same. When i was 20, I met a woman. Someone I told everything to, shared all my dreams, all my expectations in life. Her name was Rachel. She was three years younger than me. I still remember the first night I met her.One of her friends had the hots for my best friend. They came to my house and my mom's boyfriend had a karoake machine. I sang to her and the rest was history. I still remember our first time together, it was Valentines Day. We had tried many times, but never had the privacy till that day, and the day before she had her wisdom teeth cut out, so her face was swollen, she looked like a chipmunk, I'm sure she was in pain, but she didn't care, and I didn't care what she looked like, she was the woman I loved. After she finished high school we got a place together. Had alot of ups
Prayers And Thoughts Needed
  I want you guys to meet a very wonderful woman,i guess you could say she is my sister....we always have. Her parents were my babysitters but it grew into so much more than that. I was with them more as a young child that my own parents it seemed so anyway. Not because i was neglected mind you but because in my eyes they was my Mama Darlene and Daddy Cecil. They always treated me as their own. We lost daddy Cecil to cancer not long aftebr losing my own mother to cancer, and then we lose Mama Darlene to cancer soon after losing my step mother to cancer. Cancer is a horrid thing to go through. Its hell on the patient and family also. And I know this woman is worried but I also know it is more for her family than herself. She was my world as a child I followed her everywhere. My sister if not by blood but also my idol. Well to say the worst she has found out that not only did her cancer come back but has spread to other organs as whether you believe or not please take just
Relationships are hard. It’s like a full-time job, and we should treat it like one. If your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to leave you, they should give you two weeks’ notice. There should be severance pay, and before they leave you, they should have to find you a temp
Good News???
Well the day before yesterday I got word that  Dr. Chester isn't going with the extra 5 external radiation treatments not to sure why but he also lowered the dose in which I've been getting anyways I have 2 more to go an 1 chemo plus 2 more internal radiations which I think is good news, Chester had done an exam on me an said that it seems that their getting it all however I will have to wait for at leat 2-3 weeks if not longer for the swelling to go down in my (PUSS).....LOL...... Then they will be doing a CT scan again to make sure they've gotten it and damn I hope & pray they have cause if not I don't know if I can handle another round of this shit or even going through surgery to have everything taken out, but anyhow I wanted you all to know that to me this is good news & I can not wait to hear them say we've killed it all an not have to worry anymore and go on with my life although I do know that I'll have to see them for check-ups after all this to make sure there isn't cancer el
Im looking for someone willing to Make a trade; ive got BLING, and im looking to trade to get Bling packs for a Couple friends of mine; If anyones able to, or knows of anybody that can, please do let me know!   Packs large and Small; anythings doable!   PM, or SB me, if you coudl assist me on this!
On The Block Again
My life feels like a constant ocean beating the shore Every wave slapping the rocks the way a hand meets your face with furry Your words feel like those waves Never ending And always back to hurt more With every sentence another wave With every wave another agonizing blow The more intense the storm the more intence the waves The shelter in the truth has been lost. What once was clear is now just a reminder of what used to be.
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From Bw With Love
      Pimpin out with love This pimpout is for a special friend and owner. You may know him already, if you don't go check him out, you won't be sorry. Also show him a bit of love and help him get to Oracle. To make this short...THANK YOU for everything you do Frederick! XoXoXo Pimped out with love by: ♫BlackWidow♫@ fubar
Attention Please The Cullens Need You
20k Per 100 Rates Blog, Read Plz.
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Doctor's Orders
Doctor: "I see you're over a month late for your appointment. Don't you know that nervous disorders require prompt and regular attention? What's your excuse?" Patient: "I was just following your orders, Doc." Doctor: "Following my orders? What are you talking about? I gave you no such order." Patient: "You told me to avoid people who irritate me."
Looking For Help
I am trying to open a lounge and hav found I am way over my head. If any of my friends or families can help me with the layout or send me to someone who will help me I really appreciate it. It took all my fubucks to open so I realy cannot pay at the moment, but I will make it up to you. Thanks
[man Who Cares?]
I'm getting pretty tempted to cancel my Cable services.Jesus christ this shit is terrible. And yes, I'm only here because my sales aren't clearing right now and I can't put anything more up... What am I selling? ... Juice. AnywayI'm working out a few things, and *scratches his head* there are 2 internships open right now at Ogden. I'm ... thinkin after interviewing twice and probably calling a pornstore tomorrow, that it really wouldn't be such a bad idea to work toward an ACTUAL CAREER!!! I just really dunno the right direction right now.I know its away. We're thinking about lassi, and no I didn't make nan today.We don't have the ingredients for lassi.Kiwi, mangos, watermelon with strawberry, papaya, and bananas.Yus. My friends we have arrived. I need to get into a store when they've got fruit.Well... soft fruit anyway.We'll work something out.
Meet My Best Friend Jacob Black
      "Does My being half naked bother you?"   Where to start, where to start. Well, The names Jacob, but people call me Jake, Jakey, Wolfboy (but im not too fond of that name. I have lived here in La Push ever since I was a baby with my dad, Billy and two sisters Rach and Becca. Growing up, I had two best friends Quil and Embry, we were glued togehter. If you would have known me a couple years ago, You would think I was totally different. I was about 5'5 lanky, with a long pony tail and I always wore it in a rubber band. But things change, and let me tell you, they changed alot. A couple years ago Isabella Swan walked into my life, well, more like tripped.     "Okay.Just Bella and Jacob. None of those freaky Virgos here."   She was always a clumsy one. She had bought my dads old chevy, thank God because he was going to try and give it too me for my first car. But Charlie bought it off my dad to give to Bella as a welcoming home gift.I got my hands on a old volkswagen rabit
The Ledgend Of The Quileute People
The Legend .. Taha Aki "The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the blood of our ancestors." The quileute people believe we descended from wolves, to protect our people from "the cold ones" or as your people would call them "vampires" We descended from wolves, your people would call them "werewolves" It all started because the cullens came upon our land. Chief confronted the cullens and carlisle explained that they were not like all the other vampires we had encountered. That they were "vegetarians", they did not feed off of humans.The chief said that they could go on, but if any of them bit a human. The war begins.   The Change .. Wolfy "Speed is my anti-drug."
Meet My Big Brother Emmett Cullen
Emmett McCarty Cullen...Is my name, and my life is a hell of a lot more complicated then you would believe. I was born and raised in Tennessee, 1915 where I spent all my child hood and adult hood. I had my mother, my father, and my little sister. Though, I won't talk about them, since I don't even remember them at all. Being a teeneger was the most fun of all. You know what guys to when they get their heads into you know what? Well, yeah I did all that. Get drunk, partying, waking up beside girls I didn't know. Yeah, I was a good party boy.   Let's see now. Oh yeah, 1935, I was 20 years old, hiking and hunting in the montains of Tennessee. When suddenly a big bear showed up and started attacking me. Maulding me, yeah I was mauled by a bear. The lights were going away, and I knew I was dead. I was only tweenty years old and I was going to die, riped apart by a bear!Then that's when I saw her. My angel. My angel had come to help me, to bring me to havean. I was flying, the air was wo
Check It Out
Hey folks come and check out my band Destiny of's over on that one site..but hell see if you like it!   ~Mike
The Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.  There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.  There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when
Test Blog My Way
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Nobody Knows
Title: Babyface - Nobody Knows It But Me lyrics   talking...Wish I told her how I feel,Maybe she'd be here right nowbut instead... singing...I pretend that I'm glad you went awayThese four walls closing more every dayAnd I'm dying insideAnd nobody knows it but meLike a clown I put on a showThe pain is real even if nobody knowsAnd I'm crying insideAnd nobody knows it but meWhy didn't I say the things I needed to sayHow could I let my angel get awayNow my world is just a-tumblin' downI can say it so clearly but you're nowhere aroundThe nights are so lonely the days are so sad andI just keep thinking about the love that we hadAnd I'm missing you And nobody knows it but meI carry smile when I'm broken in twoAnd I'm nobody without someone like youI'm trembling inside And nobody knows it but me (yeah)Lie awake, it's a quarter past threeI'm screaming at night if I thought you'd hear meYeah, my heart is calling youAnd nobody knows it but me (well, well)How blue can I get?You could ask my hea
Paint Me A Birmingham
Tracy Lawrence, Paint Me a Birmingham Lyrics Artist: Lawrence Tracy Song: Paint Me a Birmingham Album: Strong He was sittin' there, his brush in hand Paintin' waves as they danced, upon the sand With every stroke, he brought to life The deep blue of the ocean, against the mornin' sky I asked him if he only painted ocean scenes He said for twenty dollars, I’ll paint you anything Could you Paint Me A Birmingham Make it look just the way I planned A little house on the edge of town Porch goin’ all the way around Put her there in the front yard swing Cotton dress make it, early spring For a while she’ll be, mine again If you can Paint Me A Birmingham He looked at me, with knowing eyes Then took a canvas from a bag there by his side Picked up a brush, and said to me Son just where in this picture would you like to be I said if there’s any way you can Could you paint me back into her arms again. Could you Paint Me A Birmingham Make it look just the way I planned
Cat Training
training sessions 1 and 2 EPIC FAIL   2 reasons, my cats wanted to flop over instead of walking toward the edge annnnnnd its so windy out i couldnt hear the damn collar beep
Not really a rant but an update. Went to the orthepedic Dr. yesterday and I don't have any tears in my shoulder.  Bone spurs and inflamation, but no tears. This means no need to go on disability!!!!  Which is great because being a commissioned sales person gets little disability.  The bad news is, eventually, after rehab is done, i'll be on fubar a lot less... I'll still be on but not as much.  As with anything though, there's an upside... I'll be able to afford blings and such for my friends...!!!!
Ya Know I'm Just Sick Of It
I know this sits has every kind of person on here but i draw the line at people asking me to send them nude pic's seeing my just me folder or if i wanna cam it states on my page i'm in a relationship and i'm very very happy with my man....i may drive him nuts at time's but i know he loves me and YES i love him so if you have any respect for me please understand if you ask me for nudes to cam or peek at my just me folder i will delete and block you simple as that no questions asked...frist of all i don't have a cam even if i did my man would be the ONLY one to see second yes i have nudes but again he's the ONLY one to see and just because i have a folder that say just me what makes you think my pic's are in there for all you know they could be naked men well some of you know the truth about that one anyways like i said i will delete those of you who ask and have NO RESPECT for me Thank you
Just curious if anyone likes or buys avon?
Just Another Week
So I managed to fry the keyboard to my computer Friday afternoon. I spilled a full glass of diet Dr. Pepper on it to find Friday afternoon it didn't work any more. So the cheapest place to buy a new one is Wal-Mart the catch is our Wal-Mart is new. The newest one and it is busy beyond belief. But super centers stay open 24 hours and I got up super early this morning and went to Biscuitville and then over to Wal-Mart by 6AM> I wandered around about 20 minutes thru what I am sure was by now another zip code entirely and found a new keyboard that is to my likeing. And while wandering around looking for the keyboard I found a good bargin on coffee, some blue jean shorts for summer and diet Dr.Pepper for $2.50 a 12 pack. I also wonder if the average person spends $40 going to the store to buy and $11 keyboard like I do?
What Kind Of Fast Food Are You?
You Are a Sub You are casual but a bit picky. You know what you like, and you know what you hate. If you're able to do things your way, then you can relax. You like to have a say. You love variety and adventure. You get bored easily if nothing changes. You're always looking for the next new thing. You tend to get creative and thin outside the box. What Kind of Fast Food Are You?
Doing A Good Deed
So today I did a good deed. I went and changed the oil in my ex's vehicle. As I was laying under the car watching the oil drip into the pan my mind started to wander. At first the oil poured out fast then slowed till it became just a drip. I realized this was just like my life. It started with a good flow. Everything was just moving along. As the years have gone by the days turned from flowing to a slow trickle then a slow drip. As each drop of oil landed in the pan I saw how it blended in with the rest of the oil. Much like the days of my life. I have been watching my life drip by and when the day falls into the black pool it just gets lost. Everyday simply appears then same. I look around and truly have no idea how I got to where I am. Yesterday has already dripped into the pan and blended in. I actualy felt sad realizing this. It's odd how  with something simple as an oil change you can get a glimpse of your life.
My Sick Day
It was a rather depressing day at the office so I decided to call in a sick day. My boss was not overly thrilled but he didnt object to my leaving early. What would a caring compassionate guy like me have to be depressed about? Well, it started three weeks back when Marsha and I got into a huge fight resulting in her telling me she was moving out of our apartment of a year. She said I wasn't satisfing her needs. What else could I do? I fingered that lovely clit until juicies ran. I would eat her out pushing my tounge deep into that wonderfully tight cove of love until she screamed. I always put her needs ahead of my own selfish satisfaction. Isn't that what love is? Well, I thought it was. I thought we were doing great as a couple. All our friends said we were good together and wondered what the hell went wrong when Marsha packed a bag and walked out of our life. I didn't look forward to walking into the apartment still full of Marsha's belongings. I thought her leaving it behind would
Trivia #24 - Episode 104
Last night's Trivia coulda been alot bigger than what happened. But i believe i handled it better than ever before. So without our top two leaders in the room, the possibilities are endless. Here are the results of last night's event: HDass---------------42 Tigg-----------------30 Redlar---------------25 Tor-------------------22 Army-----------------21 DarqWolfs-----------20 Warmachine---------19 Punkette-------------18 MammaHelle---------18 Fireman--------------17 Kerry------------------14 Serenity---------------14 Sassy_Jen------------12 DJJoey----------------11 Strega----------------11 TiaMarie-------------10 Screwdriver-----------6 BrandyMae------------5 Molly-------------------5 Naomi-----------------4 OP_free---------------4 BlueEyed--------------3 Scorpio----------------3 Hardcore-------------1 Congrats to HDass for winning their first event! Keep up the great job everyone. So now we will move on to the running totals for the year. Xanrose--------------
Trying So Hard...
not to fall but it's so hard when he writes me things like this. Yer gaze sets upon me like hours, that wilt away the pain of my life. Through blessings we gain, simple pleasure's insured. Through the bond's we share happiness but a moment with an emotion so brazen, but forever felt each morning with a kiss. I whisper your name in your dreams to meet you in distant memories of our future, past alone sitting no longer. For hands have meet and took grasp. Amazed by yer beauty and forever in your arms. I shall hold you close and tight, and ward off the evil around. So secure you will feel and nothing else will matter. And forever our love conquers. And we shall smile for all to see, why their lives shatter. God I think I'm falling in love with him.
In Georgia, And Bored
Well as some of you know, I have left my comfortable life in Harker Heights, TX for a couple of months of schooling in Fort Gordon, GA.  I am attending Phases 1 and 2 of Advanced Leadership Course (formerly known as Basic NonCommissioned Officers Course).  Phase 1 is 2 weeks and is called Common Core because all NCOs get the same instruction over these 2 weeks.  Phase 2 is job specific, so only people with my same job will be in the class.  I am doing my best to not fall into the party path, but it is kind of hard.  There really is not that much to help keep us busy going on.  So we get out of class, do some details, go to formation, and then meet up in the break area and plot and plan.  Friday night, a group of us went to the post club, and after 6 pitchers of beer decided we were going to get away from all of the AIT students (we can't really interact with them due to some rules), and went to find a good bar.  We split up, and I and another guy when to the Country Club.  The rest w
There she is againThe girl I wantI think of her all dayFinding her was a Treasure HuntWe talk everydayThe talks are goodI dream of meetingAnd leaving my hoodMoving will be greatI will start a new lifeTired of being backstabbedCan someone remove the knifeSo I sit here thinkingI want to hear her on the phoneAt times I get confusedI hope I'm not in this alone
Grrrr !!
tried to upload some pics from today...but it wont'll try again tomorrow.
Polo A Brutzi
in a saute pan add olive oil,minced garlic n shallots, saute tillgolden brown.add in red wine,blanced broccolli,sliced yellow peppers n saute for 30 seconds. add alfredo sauce n al dente fettuccini your fettuccini should be sauted in another pan with white wine salt n pepper n fressh basil. ad in thinly sliced capricola ham green olives with the pimentos,and capers, add in two table spoons of marinara sauce n a pinch of crushed mustard seed. saute then add in diced tomatoes and a shot of tobasco saute for 30 more seconds and serve. place a tomatoe rose in middle of dish with a sprig of parsly for garnish  have fun and enjoy
First Day On The Job
My first day I got this cool new job as a bouncer/greeter at the Endless Tragedy Lounge. Come join us My job is to welcome everybody who enters and invite visitors to join our lounge as well as keep the peace. So far it's alot of fun and hard work but I think I'm gonna enjoy it.
My Lollipop
Imagine me all over u.My tongue I use to get back at u.My lips a tease down on u, I'll suck on u.So I'll curl my tounge, I'll lick on it, Just imaginingon how it tastes like a plum....I'll start from the top, then slowly i'll go down.Up and down.Deep throating it.I'll stop at the top and suck on it, i'll play withur mind, thinking of how hard, slow, or wild I should lickon it...I'm getting horny as I speakI'm reminiscing on it oh so uniquelaying on my be, my hands crouch between my legsThinking of how i'll use my tounge, tasting, sucking,licking and teasing.Oh it's mines.Up and down I go On my thick firm big lollipop!!!!!!!!!
Reaching Out...
I know of your problems I know of your pain I know of your worries I know of your tears Just know that despite the distance And the miles between us I am reaching out to you Reaching out to hug you Reaching out and being a presence to you And doing it all with pride And being there for you
If You Are From Hampton Roads And You Want To Read My Personal Memories About Growing Up In The 757 And You Want To Add To Them
**I am a VERY SENTIMENTAL person and I was thinking about all of my childhood memories of growing up in Hampton Roads. In addition, I have included a lot of my own personal memories. I hope these bring back good thoughts for you too. If you have more to add to the list, I'd love to hear them**Do you remember when...* Northside Park had a skateboard ramp and a dirt bike trail. Also, I used to love to go swim at Northside Pool. I used to wish it had an outdoor pool instead of an inside one.* When Burger King used to be across the street from Northside Park where the Pollards Chicken is now. Sarah and I walked up there to meet a guy named Jimmy who went to high school with me and then we snuck out the backdoor after he poured salt in my shoe ;-)* When McDonald's used to have outdoor play equipment. I used to love to bounce in the big purple Grimace and climb up inside the Hamburglar.* When Waterside first opened and they didn't have any clubs and bars. They used to give out free fudge sam
What I Think Love Is
Love is a wonderful gift. It's a present so precious words can barely begin to describe it. Love is a feeling, the deepest and sweetest of all. It's incredibly strong and amazingly gentle at the very same time. It is a blessing that should be counted every day. It is nourishment for the soul. It is devotion, constantly letting each person know how supportive its certainty can be. Love is a heart filled with affection for the most important person in your life. Love is looking at that special someone who makes your world go around and absolutely loving what you see, Love gives meaning to one's world and magic to a million hopes and dreams. It makes the morning shine more brightly and each season seem like its the nicest one anyone ever had. Love is an invaluable bond that enriches every good thing in life. It gives each hug a tenderness, each heart a happiness, each spirit a steady lift. Love is an invisible connection that is exquisitely felt by those who know the joy, feel the warmth,
Life Dont Always Give You What You Want~~and Sometimes It Dont Even Give You What You Need
   As you all may know I have been involved with one of the most wonderful ladies I have ever met.   When I first saw her I got warm all over, my heart skipped a beat, and my heart melted like butter.  I knew right then that I just had to find a way to spend the rest of my life with her.    I was very excited about this lady.  I bought her gifts and went to her page often to rate her and such.  Then after a while I found the first comment she had sent me.  I felt like I had turned to jello.  This beautiful person had actually shown me some attention.    Eventually we started chatting, then the first phone call came.  When I first heard her voice I fell in love right there.   I told her a little while later how I felt about her.  She responded in kind, yet with a very reserved attitude.  then a while later she told me she loved me.  .  It was the day before Easter, and when I heard those words I about melted on the spot.  The most fantastic lady I had ever laid eyes upon loved me.  I
Miracle's Happen
So, after this time has passed, I’ve decided to let you all know what our Kill story is. I know many of you have seen where I’ve posted. Klaus’ health this, that, he can’t do this his stress won’t allow that, I figured I let you know his story. He is probably the hardest working and most gentle soul I’ve ever met. In 1998 he became very ill four days after his 40th birthday. So much in fact, he called me to bring him to the hospital. Now he is the man who won’t be seen by any doctor. He missed one day of work since he was 14 and that was the toilet blues. He couldn’t breathe. My biggest fears came to light. He had a bronchoscope done to find out why he was having difficulty breathing. No answer to be found. Meanwhile he is getting more ill as time goes by. His lung x-ray’s showed his lung shrinking. The doctor’s scratched their heads. A week and a half after he was admitted he ended up intubated. He was induced into a coma so
Planting Tomatoes...
My dad loved to plant tomatoes and grow vegetables in the garden,however because he was in the military, we had to move every three or four years. But even if we were about to move Dad would plant and tend ther garden anyway. He would just smile and say "I,m planting tomatoes for someone else to pick" I never really understood that then, but now those words come back to me at times when I feel that my work is not showing any results. God call us all to tend the garden whether we ever see direct results or not. Paul wrote "I planted, Apollos Watered, but God gave the growth."
~sex~ By Micheal Ryan
  ~SEX~ written by Micheal Ryan Afterthe Earth finally touches the sun, and the long explosion stopssuddenly like a heart run down the world might seem white and quiet tosomething that watches it in the sky at night, so something might feelsmall, and feel nearly human pain. Butit won't happen again the long nights wasted alone, what's done indoorways in the dark by the young, and what could have been for some.
My Plea
No one knows how I feel Not even me I wish this feeling would go away And just let me be I sit in my room I sit and I cry Thinking and wondering What if I were to die? Would anyone care? What would they say? Would they come to my funeral? Or just turn away? No one would care Because no one would know Just like they don't now Because I don't let it show All they see is a smile Across my face They don't see the darkness They don't know this place No one knows how I feel Except me But I wish that they would And answer my plea
Just A Few Thoughts
just a few thoughts am reducin ma footprint here on fubar it keeps changing here not for da good final straw is as a joke i type in "" this above either dint show or dis blog wont post i cant do anythang html code is screwd here in da blogs sick'n tired of the games tat fubar is playin
I Don't Know Why, But...
...this made me giggle.
She Had Triple Bypass Surgery This Morning
Well ,my mother in law had triple bypass surgery this morning around 9:30 and the surgeon said that everything went ok .She's not going to be able to go back to work of course right away though .She is also probably going to be staying with us full time after she gets done staying at her sister's house for 2 weeks .She also has to stop smoking ,which isn't going to be easy for her since she's about a 4 pack a day smoker :O i would like to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers during this rough time in my life YOU GUYS AND GALS ROCK :D i will try to keep everyone updated as far as if anything else happens :D
My First Blog
Ok so today is Monday, May 4th, 2009.  This is my first blog, journal what ever you wanna call it.  Never done on and never had a daily journal before either so not sure what to say, or what I wanna say.  Yesterday was a tough day for me and I just wanna get it out of my system and behind me.  Yesterday morning on my way to work I was on a head on collision as a result of a deer crossing the road, this was about 4:15AM.  Yes I am okay for those curious or worried just some minor bruises and innjuries.  That was the end of a very long week for me.  I am Security at the lounge 504 Bourbon Street so make sure you come and check it out.  It has some really kewl people in it and not as much drama as I have seen in some of the other Louges, but still all in all it has its drama too (but who don't).  i have been having alot going on in my life and so I am thinking writting some of this down will help me shed perspective to myself on it.  As for me if you don't know me and are reading this for
Forever Us
Come take my hand and walk with me Share my likes . . . my wishes . . . my life Don't judge me . . . just love me Accept me for who I am For if I try to change for you Then you'll no longer know me As I am no longer happy with whom I am Always remember where we are going So you don't forget where we have been If we hold on to each other's hearts And taste each other's rainbows The sun will shine The flowers will bloom The world will dance around us And we will remain forever us
 My ex brother in law, who I am still close to and love like a brother, has been through so much in his life..and he is out of a very unhappy marriage and with a woman who loves him and whom he loves dearly. Now just this day, this wonderful sweet woman found out she needs a heart transplant. She has had terrible heart problems all her life and now it is failing.  She has no insurance to cover it and my rotten ex sister in law is dragging out the custody part of the divorce just to get at him. He wants desperately to marry his gf and his ex is making it very hard for him to get it done. I am so angry with her!!! I want to smack her! He has loved this lady for awhile now and they want to be married for as long as possible. She doesn't know how long she may have and it is possible she could die before she gets a heart. I know this is bad to say but I want to cut out his ex's heart and give it to his girlfriend! But that would be impossible because she doesn't have one to begin with. I am
My Wedding
I'm writing this now in case one day you might forget The love burning in my heart since the first day together that we spent And how it grew with each sunset and sunrise Knowing forever then I'd be lost in sweet hazel eyes You give me more than any other man can ever give You helped open my eyes to truth and provided a loving place to live A family, too, in a way, that I never thought could be I know that with God's love, it is all I'll ever need So how could I ever ask for anything more? Pursue your dreams, my dear, and then my heart will surely soar Even if we are never seen together under God's sovereign eyes If you are truly happy, not one tear will I dare cry I know that I can never forget the first gifts of your heart Nor each new one that one day you might impart So read this if you are ever in any doubt Remember your friendship I can never live without And I will sit quietly here and confidently smile I trust the Lord even if you never wait at the end of the aisle But I pray

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