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Bathtime ~story~
The water was warm, the spray caressing my naked body, cascading down onto my breasts. The water was stimulating me so that I was wet in more ways than one, my hand sliding down my dampened body to the hot wetness that lay below. Up and down my hand slid, rubbing at my clit and glancing past my entrance. The juices flowed faster, and my fingers entered easily. I lay down in the bathtub, the spray of water now hitting between my legs, stimulating me further as I increased my speed and depth of my thrusting fingers, first two, than three.... I was disturbed by the rustle of the shower curtain, and there you were, peeping around it, watching me as I played with myself in the water. I smiled, and slowly slid my fingers out, rubbing the wetness over my body, up past my navel, and the valley between my breasts, until they found my mouth, where I tasted my own wetness tentatively. You quietly groaned, and pulled me out of the bath, kissing me deeply, thrusting your tongue onto mine, as the
Love And Strudels
My status: " will have wild cyber sex for pooptarts"   My SB replies:    >♠♦Gün§lïñg...: lmao!!!! "someguyin...: what about toaster strudels? ♠♦Gün§lïñg...: i have toaster cream flavor........can we work out a trade? lol ->ravinglunitic: lmao ravinglunitic: what do I Get for a toster struddle?              
Social Networking...
This isnt technically a rant (OMG is it possible that I can make a blog and not bitch about something or someone?), but just some thoughts I wanted to share. We have this relatively new genre of websites called Social Networking Sites. Maybe I should be a little more specific, like here for example. This site is designed for others to make friends, and level up. I was having a discussion on another site that I cannot name due to admins getting all kinds of butthurt over here (That is a farce IMO) , and were talking about people on here who you just sit there scrolling across your page. U may think "Oh this person is interesting, lemme see their profile and see what their deal is". So, you sit there and if you are one of those unfortunate people who do not have a Cherry Bomb (Or just refuse to conform and buy like me) sit there, leave a random comment or 2, and rate their 4,000 other pics of penguins and whatever else they have. See I am the kind of person that likes to go "Hey!!!! how
My Night
So, last night Dougie, Jeff and I went to Rocky Vander's (our hangout), and when we went dancing, there was a group of Marines with their skanky lays. I think the girls were thinking that they wre dogs, and kept humping the guys' legs. I know the whole dance schtick, and I consider myself a really good dancer (ok,ok, people tell me so, not my opinion :). But that whole bump n grind  thing is gettin kinda old and immature-ish.They looked like total skanky whores, and for some reason I thought that they would quite fit in into that "Marine wife" categoy: a skanky Marine groupie with no brains that gets cheated on/cheats and pops out a kid to save the marriage.   Then D and I went to Denny's, and had to endure a huge group of annoying Bulgarians sittin right next to us, like there was no other place to sit. I hate when they do that shit. I was translating for D, and I think they caught on to that and stopped tellin racy shit. On a way to the car, we saw cop cars everywhere by the bar,
Believe In Me
I sit alone and watch the clock Tryin' to collect my thoughts All I think about is you And so I cry myself to sleep And hope the devil I don't meet In the dreams that I live through Believe in me I know you've waited for so long Believe in me Sometimes the weak become the strong Believe in me This life's not always what it seems Believe in me Cause I was made for chasing dreams All the smiles you've had to fake And all the shit you've had to take Just to lead us here again I never have the things to say To make it all just go away To make it all just disappear Believe in me I know you've waited for so long Believe in me Sometimes the weak become the strong Believe in me This life's not always what it seems Believe in me Cause I was made for chasing dreams It's my life, it's my choice Hear my words, hear my voice And just believe I sit alone and watch the clock Tryin' to collect my thoughts And all I think about is you If you believe in me Life not always what it seems Believe i
Who doesn't like them?? But for some reason, every time I get a compliment, I get this totally uncomfortable feeling, like I dont want to appear conceited, or needy, or anythin else. So basically, it makes me feel all uncomfortable and weird, not even enjoyable. Weird.
Wtf Do Men Want...really
Ok..sooooooooo,  men...i'll never understand them.i'm really at a loss for words with this one. since when does it really matter where ur from or how far u live apart to make something work. I was taught if ya want something badly enough, then u dont stop till u get it. I have never said the word cant or anything negative cuz if i want something...i'll get it...eventually. to me men are jus lazy anymore...and dont seem to put forth much of an effort like i do. I feel like im wasting my time...and people wonder why i'm single.........any longer and i'll be turning to women...atleast we know what we want and need..................................
The Usual Civilized Rules Against Murder, Theft, And Impertinence
“And God spake all these words, saying, I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee our of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.”  The twentieth chapter of Exodus opens with a familiar passage to us all, I’d expect; never mind how terrible we are at keeping what we know as the Ten Commandments (this writer included), their appearance at this point in the life of the nation of Israel is the LORD’s reminder of Who He is to be to them as well as how they as representing Him in the world should treat each other.  Granted, there is no lasting society on record that’s made a virtue of killing or stealing or committing adultery, but few legal codes contain within them the source of the “civilized rules” I refer to in today’s title.  I don’t mean to sound irreverent, but the fact that verses one through seventeen are first in God speaking through Moses directly to the children of Israel who’ve followed him from slavery i
Kid Rock- I Am A Nutsack
I Am a NutsackI am a nutsack...I am freeWhen your boxers are forsakenI'm gonna hang off youI look up to youI'm gonna get youI'm like a fatty, I roll hard eatin chips, gettin sweatyIn a trannys mouth and inside dusty jeans babyI never was cool with James DeanBut I be hanging upsidedown with my man Slim JimI swing low like a chimpFrom 6 to 2 inches I seen my man shrinkBut now I'm humble and I can only thinkWith my tiny head a size of a shrimpSo ask no questions and I'll tell no lieI got one big ole dick and one small eyeI'm in your pants if you know what I meanAnd a soap on a rope couldn't keep me cleanCause I'm the nutsack you understandThe illegitimate son of manThe S-A-C to the D-I-KOr the N-U-T to the S-C-R-O-TAnd I'm danglinSaid I'm danglin
Strange Things
i know people often misrepresent themselves online and often in life ... not sure why but they do .... the cries of  i am sick or i am hurt or i am alone when they are not sick or hurt or are actually married all the while lookin for the next best thing to come along.   i never will understand .. there are things  i dont share with people who mean lil to nothing to me or am embarrassed to share with just about anyone but those closest to me ... i am confused why someone would say they do this or that ... one thing that kills me is when people claim to be nurses or docs and give medical advice online ... a pet peeve of mine ... anywho from miss open book i just wanted to vent a bit and express to my friends ... honor yourselves and proclaim truth and honor and blessings will fall upon ya.
Two For Two On Offers
  im two for two today on being blocked though this one blocked unblocked and sent messages what a bitchboy the ultimate cool kidd reloaded : dianmonds for blow jobs must be your slogan : ohh whatever... : more so, you lost.... just with the uppity attitude ->: oviously you are superman since I quote,,you cant handle me anyway" un quote,, Im not boasting there big boy you are : and you haven't shown any reason to have gained my respect ->: its not about getting over myself and Im not better then anyone, I just expect a certain amount of respect, which you havent shown : and i could do that.. i just said yum, meaning you look wonderful hun, but you had to take it the wrong way : not really, but you're the typical woman, i'm better than you type.. and have to put a guy down.. i never said i'm super man, maybe super kinky and open.. but damn girl, get over yourself ->: dont go away hurt, , theres someone in fu who will go
Today When I Woke
Today when I woke Life no longer seems a joke Today I start new Yet I haven't a clue I am sitting here thinking of no one but you We have yet to meet Yet you seem so sweet I want to hold you tight As we look into the night The stars above Are spelling out our love Fate bring us together So we can share forever In your arms is where I long to be Please don't set my heart free. Loving you is what I need So I can let this sadness be freed.
Milledgeville Biker Fest
The Milledgeville Thunder Rally was held on April 24-26, 2009 in Milledgeville, Georgia. This is a great location off Hwy 441 South of the town of Milledgeville. This is a primitive campgrounds, but with the amount of RV's and tent camping that was happening there wasn't a whole lot of empty spaces and everyone had a blast. No-one under 21 admitted due to the adult nature, some nudity throught the campgrounds. This is one event that you should make if you can. It is held three times a year and the Spring and Fall rallies are the best. The next event is: October 3 - 5, 2009 Check them out at:
A Visitor In My Dreams
I can't remember the last time I dreamt of Shane. But I was happy to see him in my dream just before I woke this morning. I was half awake because I remember thinking omg that is Shane, don't wake up!! I can't remember everything about the dream, but he was working at a grocery store and I was in his line for check out. He was boyant and cheerful, kind of like he was the day I went to JB's for lunch and watched him work. He was so personable and friendly. I fell in love with him over and over that day. So there he was in the check out line. He smiled at me and started ringing up my groceries. I can't remember if we spoke, I just remember him smiling at me and me smiling back at him and the love practically coming out of my pores. How is it that I love my husband so much, yet still love this dead man as much as I ever did? How is it that I miss Shane even when I miss Nathan? I don't feel like I am loving or missing Nathan any less because Shane is in there too, b
For You
You may think that I'm lying, But I'm afraid of not trying. For the one that pleases me the most; Is a beautiful little Ghost.   The monster has died; Along with the tears I have cried. It was a smile on the wind; To finally find my hearts twin.   To search for so long; And have been so wrong. So many times it seemed; Happiness was only a dream.   Tattered and torn; Weary and bone worn. To find the one I've wanted the most; Is a beautiful little Ghost. ♥ 
Chapter 3
They were just beginning to build it in winter 1994. By April 1995 it was open and going strong. For a long while I worked as a cashier, then I went on the line. Soon I knew how to run the place, so they offered me a Shift manager position. See where being a manager in high school kicked in? I was with that job for a little over four years! To date that is the longest I ever held a job. By spring 1999 I was fed up with the gossip and it got the best of me. I was accused by a 16 yrs old of calling her a whore and all kinds of other things. I would've had no room to speak if I had said such a thing. But my options were to either apologize to her or to be fired. I tried to apologize to her and to talk to her. But, she kept walking away from me, therefore making it impossible. I gave up and gave in. I quit. I went and applied at several places after that. But took a job at the Circle k in Bartow, FL. This became a pattern for my work for the next 12 years. In that time I held several jobs,
The Beach
It was a beautiful day, I walked to the beach. No one was around so I decided to remove my cloths. I laid down on the warm sand. I could feel the heat from the sun on my body. I laid there with the warm water flowing around me and the sound of the rushing waves.  I felt a shadow standing over me, I looked up and you were standing there, so tall and strong. You bent down to me, touched my face, slowly put your lips on mine, kissing me so softly, working your lips down my neck, to my breast. It was so soft and amazing. I pulled you to me, our bodys were like one. I could feel your passion, and never wanted to let you go. I laid there with the warm sand, rushing water, and the heat from the sun , feeling fulfilled. You were gone.
June 17, 2006...three Years Ago Today....
I lost my daddy and stepmom in a plane crash.  It was a tragic and sudden accident that left all who knew them heartbroken.  I miss them like crazy and no matter how much time passes, it will always hurt.  For those of you who read this blog entry, please read the wonderful poems in my stast, listed under the category dunno.  These are very important to me and will always make me feel closer to them.
I dunno. just cant help getting the feeling the skies going to open up and suck everyone out into space one of these days.
I'm An Ass And I Like It...
I'm not the most sentimental, politically correct guy I know.  If I feel it, I let you know.  That doesn't mean that I'm out to hurt anyone's feelings on purpose, but if you're all fuckered up, then you need to know it.  At the same time, I prefer when someone let's me know if I'm jackballed up, too. I like a home with order in it.  I don't like things out of place when they're not being used, and I hate it when shit is half-finished and left alone.  That means that I expect my stay-at-home-mom wife to clean the house.  I also expect her to tell me an approximate time of how long she'll be out if I'm just coming home from work and having to watch the kids.  I do the same for her.  I really don't care if it limits her freedom, since I expect my freedom to be limited, too.  It's fucking marriage, not hanging out! If people think that I'm being chauvinistic, they're probably right.  A home has to have a master, and I'm the master of my home.  My wife and I are equals in our marriage, bu
I'm Done With It All!
I'm done with it all! I'm ready to die. I feel like anything I do doesn't get compeleted... All my friends are slowly pulling away from me. I'm at a deadend job. My car keeps breaking down. I tried everything I can to change the outcomes, but it doesn't change. I feel that I'm hated by everyone. I swear people are hiding things from me. I ready to just crawl in my grave and wait to die...
For the last week or two I've been stripping wallpaper. I hate wallpaper. Not only is it hard to put up/match the lines, but it's even more difficult to remove. The wallpaper I'm attacking is original to the house. It's 7 years old, and outdated in my mind. Pastel floral prints and blue with baskets of apples isn't my taste. Personally, I'd be a giggling fool if the world of wallpaper crashed. To make my dislike of wallpaper even deeper, one of the rooms has TWO layers of the crap. Instead of going about how I have been with the other rooms, I have to ensure that the second layer of vinyl is removed before wetting down the backing. Even further madening, is that none of the walls were primered. Yep, they put up the drywall and slapped on wallpaper. There are 5 rooms and two hallways to remove wallpaper from, primer, and then paint. I'll be lucky if the project is completed by the end of the year. BTW, if you're a wallpaper person, I hate you.
21st Century Living
"You know, today I was only asked one question, and that one question all day, do you know what it was? DO YOU WANT THAT SUPER SIZED? You know come to think of it, I'd like the whole fuckin world super sized. Super sized guns, super sized planes, super sized satellites. Think about how many more channels we could get with super sized satellites. Super sized do you super size a sale? How about we super size third-world debt relief? Super size love, super size honestly, super size government...come to think of it, I say nah, let's not super size the government. I'd like to super size death. Can I super size a death? I'd like to super size death with a Coke. Let's super size this song! really, that's the goal isn't it? If we can super size the record, we'll sell more records! Get some super sized records. What comes after that, our ambition.Ambition, ambition's a tricky thing. It's like riding a unicycle over a dental floss tight rope over a wilderness of razor blades. Ambitio
Boyfriend Application
Click the button below to open up a message to me, then copy and paste the application, answer the questions, and send! Basics:name:e-mail :     AIM :     MSN :     yahoo! :     birthday [mm.dd.yy]:location: physical:    height:         weight:    build:    eye color:             hair color:    tattoos/piercings:    website/picture URL: smartie pants:how much school have you finished? and what year did you graduate?    do you think you're smart?    what are your future plans?    are you a moron or are you somewhat grounded?habits: (smoking, drinking, drugs, etc)discribe yourself in 5 words:whats your clothing style? where do you like to shop?what music do you like?do you dance? hows your kissing skills? miscellaneous:    are you a felon?     any pets?    any weird talents?    are you really really emotional?    what are the most important things in your life? relationships:    what do you look for in chicks?    have you been or are you 'whipped'? (no, i don't mean break out the
Greedy Fake Fubar Friends & Family
Since I have had to start from scratch on this website after reaching the Level of 28 on my old account  I have learned that most the people on this site are greedy and don't give a crap about you.  Unless you give them Bling or you have Autos or Bombs. I have helped alot of the high ranking people on here level at some point or other and have never asked for anything in return. I don't know how many of you I shitfaced or buzz-killed or bombed Autos or not simply cuz you were my friends and have never asked for anything in return. Today I had to pay some of you that I have bombed and rated and blinged dozens of times  in the past that is just Fucked Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since the new levels were added everyone is out for them-self and screw anyone that may have helped in the past and now needs your help. I am about done with this website and the people on it.   You all know who you are and you should all be ashamed of yourself.  I'm usually one that can get my thoughts acro
Highly Upset..what The Hell?
Something happened here a few minutes ago and I am highly upset and surprised.A family member bought me from another family member a few days ago.He was in my family and I thought we were friends.Obviously I was wrong or he was mad at me for something I'm not aware of.He just disowned me.The only reason I knew that is because I was worth 12 million fubux and then someone bought me for 5 million.I was like wtf?This family member disowned me and I just asked about him a few days ago and we were talking and getting along.Im fucking pissed.That wasn't necessary.If you have a problem with me be man or woman enough to come talk to me about it instead of being a child.It hurt my feelings and now I deleted people who I know don't care and I'm down to 5 family members.I am here for fun not for people being straight up dickheads.If you don't like me or you have a problem with me it is best to just delete me now and save yourself some trouble.I get sick of futards here.On the brighter side Im 300
Just My Thoughts......
I look at the years my grandparents have been alive and it truly amazes me as to all they have seen. The world is a 'fast pace' world and it is difficult to keep up with it. I could get into this deep.....but my feelings are that, just in my lifetime, I feel things have gotton worse. People have changed and I sure as hell think young adults these days have much less respect for anyone or anything. I blame this on our Government. Try to discipline your child these days and all the child has to do is turn in the parent for abuse.....when I was a child I new better than to be disrespectful..otherwise I'd get my ass whipped or grounded or some kind of punishment. But as much as I grew up in fear of my dad and at times I hated him......I thank him now!!! I have respect and commensense because I was taught and brought up that way by my parents and family. So I don't blame the kids of today for their lack of respect------I blame the Gov. for stripping parent's rights away to raise their chi
Legend Of Dj Stormie
Peanut Butter Cups And Fruity Pebbles
I think I made need a dietery change.  Fruity Pebbles for breakfast and Reese's PB Cup and chocolate ice cream Blizzards may be hazardous to my health.   That is all.
You Know What?
You know what? I have something to tell you and I don’t know how to begin to explain what I have inside. I just don’t seem to find the words, neither a verse nor a prose, maybe a rose could show you.   The thing is, that I don’t know how, but since you showed up my heart started to sing. I want to tell you that I’m crazy about you and in this rose I’m giving you my life.   I give thanks to heaven for meeting you and I’m telling the stars how beautiful I felt that day.  
Sexual Desires
Just a thought~~ Ever wonder why people walk around so up tight daily? You go to the store every1 is a grump ass, you try to say hi they look @ you like your crazy~~ There is too much negativity going around~~ I feel if more people would start their day off the "RIGHT" way then there would be more smiles in the world LOL Stop being so uptight and get in tune with your inner self and your sexual desires!! When you start doing that the world will be a happier place!! Live by Mr Rogers words: (lol) "So lets make this the most beautiful day, Since we're together we might as well say, Would you be mine? Will you be mine? Could you be mine? Wont you be my friendly neighbor? ( LOL) awwww Gotta love Mr Rogers~~ Now take Sammie advice:If you want to walk around with a smile on your face then listen to your inner self and stop being a bore (don't be scared) lol Before you get outta bed start your day the "RIGHT" way (daily) like brushing your teeth lol and I gaurentee you wont be a grump ass
Helloween- If I Could Fly
Dream with the morning and a new world to come, have faith because is very possible if you are determined. Dream that there are no borders and love without barriers, please don’t look back. Live with the emotion of feeling again, to live in peace. In your way, sow a new destiny and the sun will shine again. Where the souls are united in light, then goodness and love will be reborn. The day that we find that dream you will change, no one will be able to destroy the truth from your soul.
Pain Of Life!!!
                                                               ~xWICKEDxKINGx~                                           THE ONE MAN AGAINST ALL ODD'S          He 's  now here but in a trans of the past that haunts his thoughts... day by day he        reflects  by the  mirror pushing for the truth? A truth to why so  much pain has        been  sent  for  him 2 deal with?..  though he's made it this far he wonders if it will      ever come to it's end...              ...Placed  in  the  harsh's  reality was the  begining for this young man  I speck  on,       can u  pictuer your world starting out with unspeackable? turTh on sundays was a      escape from the  home known as hell or the daily visits 2 his lil' cuz's 2 play on the         frountier of 2 free the young boys mind. As time pased he grew and the hood     became  something like a home, gangs ,repin the set 2 the fullest came first hand and      easy 2 deal with. a mother who left and a father who was put 2 the payvment
Thoughts Ii
----------------My son Neil starts junior high tomorrow. I take the boys to school every morning. Neil and I had this short conversation tonight (he was at his mom's house, I was at mine): Me: you have to get up early!Neil: i knowMe : get in bed soon!Neil: i willMe: big day tomorrow....i'll see you in the morningNeil: okNeil: i've got everything ready Me : sweet...good job.....i'm so excited for youNeil: yeahMe: get a good nights sleep ok?Neil: okMe: you're gonna do great ...i am so proud of you...damn...6th grade neil.....cache65: quit growing up so fast!Neil: i can't!Me: lol....Me: i love you son...see ya in the morning ok?Neil: okMe: sleep well!Neil: k I'm so in love with this young man! In our family, it seems to become a "right of passage" once the boys get into sixth grade. No more hugging them in public, no self assurance that I can control their every move, no more walking them into school to meet their teachers. It makes me sad sometimes that I only have one young one left t
Seven Pounds
Just finished watching this movie, and wow, I was amazed at how things went. Really sends out a message about life and the choices we make.   Ben Thomas: [From trailer] In seven days, God created the world. And in seven seconds, I shattered mine.
Rating 2 Fast
hey mr fu., y is it u can cb a folder and that is not considered rating 2 fast , but i and many others can rate 1 pix and we get the rating bouncer,come on now use a little common sense,as it is u have 3 million members,but the most i have ever seen online is 54,000,hellooooooooooooooooo,u mite want to rethink the rules.
Cecilia, Continues
She flew to her laptop and hit "last" a site called "Honeysfordoms' popped up. She was intrigued, and began searching..soon, she found herself setting a profile up..still wet...she entered her email and it said "another account is registered w/this email address..forget your password?" she followed the steps and saw a picture of her she'd never seen before..taken the night the same lavender panties and bra she had awoken in. The ad was informative, incisive,and dam true. She had said she was looking for a Dominant w/a Iq as big as the necessary ego for a True dominant to have. She perused the rest of her ad and was impressed w/the skins and the "bling" she'd equipped her profile with. Even the music she'd loaded into the player was on point...She did good work absolutely "Marine Drunk" as her Father used to put it. She missed that man.A cross of the Great Santini w/out the abuse and Alton Brown from "Good eats" on that dam cable channel about Anyhow...a box popp
What A Twat
My Shoutbox veronica: ha scared of a girl cause in reallife id cut you down 2 size so damm fast veronica: 07717787028 ->veronica: im typing my blog , you keep spitting all over your keyboard darling veronica: quick im waiting for ur number or ring me ok now im waiting veronica: whats up cant say what u type veronica: im already owning you youve got looser written all over you i can back what i say veronica: only hard on the pc cant say what you type ->veronica: blog you dumb cunt, not mumm veronica: put your money where ur mouth is ok send ur number now veronica: 1st one is on bobo2008s page the crazy bitch thats me ->veronica: you would probably spit all over me if you talked like you type veronica: nice that would be my 2nd mumms about me veronica: trust me you wouldnt get veryfar i would shreu up pretty damm quick ->veronica: you are going in my fucking idiots blog by the way veronica: send ur number or whats up scared of a girl ha only pc hard arent u ->veronica:
It fascinates me when I see homely, obese, insecure women ADMIT to looking for a man to support them. Seriously, is there a guy pathetic enough to settle for a gold digging cow? You might look good enough for a janitor, but NOT a lawyer.
A journey in a sense will make sense without a return. Without neither seasons nor borders only a not so far horizon. In this frantic carrousel, those souls that return will never leave again. I know this for sure my friend, I also have returned. I had to run a long way to be able to reach you.
I Have No Clue
The old dry leafs are Dancing, They dance in a whirlwind The wind is dragging them and it takes them away The same way you do with my affection Trying to catch the doves The children play in the park The same way I try to reach you But you fly through my heart
~ticker~ I Can Haz Prophet?
I have no shame, and am not against self promoting lol. I can't seem to catch my ticker, so let me know if you see it.   I'm also about 3 mil from leveling to Prophet, and have these handy Auto-11s, so spread the word.   This message was brought to you by the letter D.
Damaged - Danity Kane
My best friend says this is my song, not just as an aftermath of my marriage, but from all the other shit I've been through in my life.  I had to laugh.  Funny, sad & true at the same time. "Damaged"Do, Do you got a first aid kit handy?Do, Do you know how to patch up a wound?Tell me,are you patient,understanding?Cause I might need some time to clear the hold in my heart and II've tried every remedyAnd nothing seems to work for meBaby, (baby)this situation is driving me crazyAnd I really wanna be your ladyBut the one before you left me so[Chorus:]Damaged, damagedDamaged, damagedI thought that I should let you knowThat my heart isDamaged, damagedSo DamagedAnd you can blame the one beforeSo how you gonna fix it, fix it, fix itHow you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it(Baby I gotta know what you are gonna do?)How you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it(Baby I gotta know what you are gonna do?)How you gonna fix it, fix it, fix it(Baby I gotta know what you are gonna do?)Do Do you got a first aid kit
A Woman Of Pure Heart
If I Was Your Woman
everyday i'm with you I love you more, my heart longs to see you, until its sore, and did you know, that when you finally arrive- its not til then, that i feel alive. because without you, there is no me. kinda like without fish, there is no sea (haha lame i know =) ) i can't wait til the day that we are one just like the sky is with the sun (i really suck at this....) but with every time our eyes meet you become another part of me,and our love is so sweet- and so deep, that i dont ever wanna be without you, even in our sleep, dont you see, whenever im with you, my eyes glow and gleam because life with you..its more than a dream, i cant even consider it reality because in a life with you in it, there is no gravity, nothing can pull me down, nothing can pull us to the ground we'll always be together, and thats from the bottom of my heart, we are the only people that can tear us apart, so please don't ever leave me cause i wont ever leave you and you, and everyone else knows that its true
We Interupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blog To Bring You Something Sexy
Hello, My fellow Fu-maniacs, Well, you all know what happens when you leave your internets open, and someone goes online and checks out your webpages, and views your "recent activity" folder, and sees just how much midget porn you REALLYwatch... ...well... This is one of those times! Seems, ol' Misha left his web browser open, and well, here I am.  And who am I you may ask, in your about to be elucidated ignorance? Well... It's me, It's me ...Its R-I-P!!! Rip McKewl, baby, back on the scene and ready to make ALL the honeys scream ..."LAWD have Mercy!" I'm the man equipped and I'm like the ultimate I'm the man of the hour, the man with the power ...too sweet to be sour.  I'm every mother's nightmare, and every school girls dream. I'm the man who put the Man in MANN Act, and I'm keeper of the sexy.  I'm the reason that husbands stay awake at night, and the reason that their wives sleep SOOOOO very tight.   Yet, I'm mostly known as the "Last Bull in the Woods" H
What Ever Do I Do?
I am overloaded with emotion today. I have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world - I really cannot say enough good things about him - he just makes me feel on top of the world. He has 2 daughters (ages 6 & 9) and I have 2 sons (ages 3 & 5). We have a very good relationship and we seem to see eye to eye about so many things - it is so perfect in so many ways that I almost have to pinch myself at times.I really feel for his daughters as I was a child of divorce and I know how I felt about the whole situation so I tend to be really sympathetic to them. It is kind of odd actually for me to be on the flip side of things now and see things from the other side.My sons simply adore Dan and his daughters and they are full on board. Dan's youngest daughter is in this boat of emotion too, although his oldest daughter seems to like me - I can sense her apprehensiveness about me being around and my level of commitment and interaction with her father. I easily get wounded and hurt feelings becau
He thinks he will have success?...     "am looking for the hottest women on fu for 2009 i havent made the folder yet,but as soon as i do i will personally say on the folder who was the first to belong to that folder as well as permanantly say it in my status bar.The Kicker is you get to name the folder,please invite all your hot girlfriends... nothing from fu will be added,only new and personalized pics,and iam a huge lover of a nice butt,thighs,hips,and you have all three and a pretty face,Oh and we cant forget those nice ta's the skimpier the better all the way to nude,please dont add them till i proof them first and add a b/g to them nothing in there will go in without it,must have your sexy face in any pose and do send a few so i can pick the best shot,and for your booty id love to show that off in a full booty shot no side shot for it,u have a beautiful bum, anyways is my addy"
What I Am Doing
So, I have decided I need a break from fubar!  I have things I need to take care of, in my real life. Priorities etc!!! I was going to delete, but decided not too, after all the work ive put into the page and those of you that have helped me! Im not on as much lately, but I just wanted to let people know that as of this weekend I wont be on here for a while! I just need a break and need to figure some things out in my life! also need a break from the wierdos on fubar, and the annoying fu's LOL I will also be making my shoutbox family only, for now, and for when I come back! For those of you who have my email~ keep in touch~ i will be checkin email!.Take care everyone! Be back soon
Happy Birthday Mom!
I did get to go to the movies last night after all!  After I’d taken Sarah to bed and she told me “don’t let the bedbugs bite” and made me pinky swear they wouldn’t, Martha and Mary were downstairs watching “America’s Got Talent” on tape and told me about “Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen” playing at ten fifteen.  It was about nine thirty when they told me this, so I got the money for an evening ticket as well as a small popcorn and drink from them.  (You have to have popcorn or it’s just NOT a movie-going experience, as I learned when I took my nephew Patrick and his friend Peter with me to see “Revenge of the Sith” four years ago!)  At Carmike Cinemas that owns the mall’s theatre (when Sarah found out yesterday the women were taking her to see “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” she replied elegantly, “We’re going to the theatre!”) on “Stimulus Tuesdays” you c
Short Fuses
So at this point I have an incredibly short fuse. I have never been one to sit idly by while abuses were going on around me. As of late, the trigger to signite my fuse very quickly is my sister. She has a way to instigate. She did it Sunday by spitting on me, and breaking my favorite necklace (and yes I did smack her for that) and hitting me with a broomstick for no reason other than she is a big bowl of nuts. I didn't take that crap from my mother when I grew older, and I damn sure am not taking it from a free-loading, lying, stealing, coke-whore. Well some background on the whole situation: About a month ago I found out I had to move. I was looking for another place, and my uncle and my mom both asked me if I wouldn't mind taking over the lease to his house, since my sister hasn't paid rent there in over a year, and is letting the house turn to crap. I agreed. Later (about 2 weeks) she was arrested for traffic attachments. After my mom and dad bailed her out, she admitted to coca
A Part Of Me Missing
Missing the routine ofwork getting up get readyin morning doing the routinefeels like a empty space orsome part of me missingwhen Iam not workinggets me depressed sometimesI feel alone other timeslike searching for somethingthat not their with outthat my life it feels like emptyspace or a lost soultrying to find the job whatnot there or it is thereIam to blind to see itthere must be some hopefor me life not this bador have I reached the pointof no return
Ensign: I Don't Know
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 7 August 2009 A few weeks ago I’d written one of these messages and it wasn’t long after the pixels appeared on one site that I got a response amounting to “I’m convinced you don’t know the slightest thing about prayer or faith.”  At first, I was tempted to dismiss that as the raving of an atheist (which this commentator is) who saw “God” and pounced on someone using the G word with a modicum of respect, but after exchanging a few civil words (yes, really) with him I thought there’s some truth to what he’s saying.  Let’s just make sure, pardon the pun, we know what we mean when we say we KNOW something. “One thing I know for certain, and that is I know nothing.”  -- attributed to Socrates The top definition of &ldqu
Male Point Whores!
Silkenelder? (the gaybo who lives in the HH and there right now AGAIN) or Daddy Rocks Hard?
Members Tags
Please stop by and grab you members tag!! Make sure you rate and comment to.. we are going to be looking for recruiters and help if you are interested pm SexyBadbicthcca ot Lips Of an Angel please.. Try to stop by and say hi to our memebrs this group is about making friends and getting to know one another so feel free to say hi
My Life Story
let me start this out by saying iam not looking for someone to pity me or feel sorry for me i don't need my ego stroke come to think of it i don't got one but anyways.iam use to rejection after all my mother rejected me and i feel my father did too and the worst thing is i don't no way nor do i care any moremy father grew up with his dad but his dad never show him affection and me and him act way to much a like if you put us together in a room alone we would more then likely kill one another in fact i took my sword to him once before and mind you the man is 6ft6 iam not really sure on how much he weights tho and he is buff just go to show you i don't back down from no for my mother like i said she rejected me when i was born she was 16 when she had meand she was 14 when she got her first job and that was to work in a bar she was a stripper a druggie a whore alcoholic and she still did that when she carried mei was in the hospital for a whole year i was a sick baby i had almost e
This is totally crazy, but I had a dream, in which I told someone a joke:   Q: Why did a flasher go to Car wax?   A: Cause they put on a top coat.   Thats the first time I ever made up a joke in my dream, and remembered it. Maybe I can come up with a high ranking novel next time...   another gem from me:   Whats a prostitute's favorite music styles?   Hard Cock, and Jizz  
If A Child Lives
  If a child lives with critisism they learn to condem.   If a child lives with hostility they learn to fight.   If a child lives with ridicule they learn to be shy.   If a child lives with shame they learn to feel guilty.   If a child lives with tolerance they learn patience.   If a child lives with encouragement they learn confidence.   If a child lives with praise they learn to appreciate.   If a child lives with fairness they learn justice   If a child lives with security they learn faith.   If a child lives with approval they learn to like themselves.   If a child lives with acceptance and friendship they learn to find love in the world.   They are our future you know, so teach them well.    
Now What? Well, I'll Tell You...
Ahhh... The internet... The modern day melting pot for all of us who are too shy to join the real world and get rejected. HA! Fubar has taken it a step further in this online meat market, and WOW! Have my eyes been opened! Here's the scoop: I used to drink and party and rock the night at bars. Then I got pregnant... It happens.  So, I suddenly became "normal" and a perfect example of pregnancy. Then I had my daughter, and I am working so so hard on being the world's best mom! Now, I herniated my back during pregnancy... I'm feeling a bit shy because I'm still pretty fat...It happens, and I can't really change that as I'm still healing... SO... Now what? A friend brought me in here... He figured that, with how sexual I am, and all the dirty texts we send, that I'd fit in just fine here! How right he was! hahaha! Fubar is, now, my favorite place to be! I have so much fun and am always entertained by someone anytime I get online! I get the always welcomed ego boost of compliments, and
Come For Me
As I lay down tonight I will close my eyes and await the cold touch of the only one that can truely take me away from all my pain and mistakes in my life for this one person is DEATH and yet this cold embrace I welcome to myself with ever so open arms that are outstreached to him... In my darkest hours I will wait for the touch of him to guide me along my path for nothing I say or do makes sense anymore and nothing I feel makes sense anymore... I have fought my battles with my demons and thought I had won the war only now to find out that I had never won a battle at all but only was made to believe that I had won these battles.... So into my dark world I will drift off and pray that I will never awaken again but be taken to a better place among other useless souls that had failed in their lifes journeys also.... With final words spoken now and my shadows closing in upon me with a final breath I shall be nothing more but a faded memory......   As I lay in wait for you to come for
I love you for giving your heart to me and trusting me with your prideI love you for wanting me and needing me by your side I love you for the emotions I never knew I had I love you for making me smilewhenever I feel sadI love you for your thoughts of me where i'm always on your mind I love you for finding that part of me that I never thought i'd find I love you for the way you are and for how you make me feel But most of all I LOVE YOU 'cuz I know you're mine for real
ah where to begin, I feel like running away right now.. You know it feels like nothing I do is good enough when I am already working 2 jobs and trying my best to make his life a little better in that hell hole and yet I am still questioned because I go out with HIS sister to sing Kareoke! I understand how insecure that place can make someone I do... But i am feeling very overwhelmed and weak at the moment. I know the easy way out, I know i could stop taking his calls and stop writing him letters etc. however thats the weak minded way out .. I dont know anymore what I feel like. I dont even feel like me lately.. I sit behind these 4 walls in this apartment every night alone doing nothing but think, cry, stress and its getting to me in a bad way. I am just tired...tired of always being the one bending and trying to do right by someone and it feels like its all for nothing...I know life is not a fairy tale however its all crashing around me and I feel like i am trapped within myself with
   y am i the one that is seen as a target,y is luv so hard to get,it is easier to get pain,it is so utterly insane,as much as i have been thru,all i want to do,is walk away,and just say,i give up on luv life and pain,but i look at my little girl and refrain,as i go on with my life,as more and more the knife,of lonliness digs in,to feel this alone should be a sin,so as i sit here on a quiet lonely night,i think i just might,put my heart on the shelf,and realize i am by myself,and that it is me against the world of pain,as the tears fall like rain,i realize noone will here my call,noone will be there if i fall,i am all alone in this world with noone,who wants to call me their own,i am just me,and all that u see,including the pain,and the emptiness that starts to stain,my heart as i realize there is noone but me,there is noone to truely see,hw empty cold and bare,i am inside noone will care,all i am is boobs with hair,as i call out for luv the just stare,like i am a freak,standing on the
First Day Here
Ok so its my first day here, actually first 2 hours and I have a question or comment I guess. Im watching the telepromptor above and almost every pic of the women I see on there. their boobs are hangin out all over the place! Is this to get more points? Just kind of wondering as I sit here, but Ive seen more boobs in the last 2 hours here than I have all in gym class in school,lol
Its Funny
May your glass be ever full.May the roof over your head be always strong.And may you be in heavenhalf an hour before the devil knows you're dead.Here's to me, and here's to you,And here's to love and laughter-I'll be true as long as you,And not one moment after.Here's to you and yoursAnd to mine and ours.And if mine and oursEver come across to you and yours,I hope you and yours will doAs much for mine and oursAs mine and ours have doneFor you and yours!Health and life to you;The mate of your choice to you;Land without rent to you,And death in Eirinn.Here's a toast to your enemies' enemies!When we drink, we get drunk.When we get drunk, we fall asleep.When we fall asleep, we commit no sin.When we commit no sin, we go to heaven.So, let's all get drunk, and go to heaven!Here's to a long life and a merry one.A quick death and an easy one.A pretty girl and an honest one.A cold beer—and another one!
Family Move
So, tonight my aunt, uncle, and cousins are moving to Israel, to one of the more dangerous settlements- Shilo. They have turned pretty religious lately, and see it as their calling in life. She is a fuckin moron, so I'm sure it was his stupid idea, and she just went with it.   At any rate, I wasnt aware of this move til like 4 days ago, and didnt realize it was this soon. My mom thinks her sister is crazy, and won't talk to her. She is going to Israel in 5 days, to visit her ailing aunt, but doesnt want to see her sister there. Which makes my grandpa totally heartbroken. family drama, yay!
Red High Heels
I'm not a girly girl, sure I'll dress up when I get the chance...because I don't get those chances often. I'm a tank top, flip flops and shorts kind of gal. For my birthday, however, I was given a Kohl's gift card and while I was shopping I saw this exquisite pair of Candies red high heel shoes that as fate would have it went perfectly with my red Liz Claiborne purse. It was kismet. I had never had a nice pair of non sensible heels, they were either they'd go with my nice school program/family dinner/etc outfits or they were 6 inch platforms for work. I wore them every chance I got, delighting in their color and how there was nothing practical about them save them being material between my feet and the pavement. Then one night I was wearing my red high heels at my favorite karaoke place. As I went up to sing No Doubt's "Bathwater" a request of the bartender every time I come in, she noticed my shoes and said "I want those! Where did you get them?" S
Ready To Say Fuck It All
 ok ppl wanna no wat my deal is here it is point blank for u im sick of being asked for help  and  in return when i ask for sumthing if i do  geting side lined im sick of deal with the fact i give yall everything and help out with out a reason  and never ask for anything in return and yet when i do ask for sumthing i told to go fuck my self so everyones always like ur suchj a sweetheart well no  ppl r gonna realize first hand im an asshole im sick of it and im done  im tired of puting my neck out there for everyone else and then being treated like shit u got a problem with me  then bring it to me
Advantages Of Being A Woman
  Number 1 of alll and i didnt mean to forget but here it is   WE HAVE BOOBS   1. We got off the Titanic first.2. We get to flirt with systems support men who always return our calls, and are nice to us when we blow up our computers.3. Our boyfriend's clothes make us look elfin & gorgeous. Guys look like complete idiots in ours.4. We can be groupies. Male groupies are stalkers.5. We can cry and get off speeding fines.6. We've never lusted after a cartoon character or the central female figure in a computer game.7. Taxis stop for us.8. Men die earlier, so we get to cash in on the life insurance.9. We don't look like a frog in a blender when dancing.10. Free drinks, Free dinners, Free movies ... (you get the point).11. We can hug our friends without wondering if she thinks we're gay.12. We can hug our friends without wondering if WE'RE gay.13. New lipstick gives us a whole new lease on life.14. It's possible to live our whole lives without ever taking a group shower.15. We don't hav
My Artistic Manifesto
My Artistic Manifesto I am the ultimate feminist.I idolize the woman. I do not destruct and degrade her. But instead I elevate her to the status of a Goddess. In my work woman is a sexual force to be reckoned with. She is perfect in her perceived flaws. She is desired and full of desire. And this is beautiful and natural. She is not the Madonna or the Whore, but something far more complex. I photograph today's Venuses. But I do not create her from marble. I instead sculpt her with light. I take a woman and illuminate her inner Goddess. I then capture a taste of her essence with my lens. I do not photograph the mother, the wife, or the saint. I photograph the lover, the temptress, the Goddess.My women are not naked. They are not quivering vulnerable virgins. My women are radiant temptresses. Women are not meek. They assault the space around them with their curves and contours. When nature breathes on a man it is hardly disturbed. But a woman sends natures breath swirling and charged.My
Neglecting Who I Am
Spinning complacently in the darkness. Burning from the inside out. Fire consuming my every thought. Lost in translation of human nature and broken then left for dead.I have buried myself down so deep that I've been blinded. It's now forcing it's way out. All that I am and all that I believe has been suppressed and now it wants out. I've crushed all my hopes, dreams, and aspirations by my actions. I have no hope for love and lost all interest in trying to make myself vulnerable to the opposite sex again. Even though I'm burning alive inside my mind I maintain composure.why?I'm not free. I'm not saved. Once again I have died and been brought back to life because...that's my dilemma I don't fucking know anymore what the point in life is. All my heart and mind want is denied at EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TURN! It's all for nothing. I work. I beg. I plead. I hope. I do whatever I have to... I am still denied.No love. No hope. No point.Now my mental anguish is manifesting itself physically. My ba
Просто так
И так, это моя первый день в американской (если не ошибаюсь) социальной сети Fubar. Всё интересно, ничего не понятно, но буду потихоньку втягиваться)) Друзья уже прибавляются. Н&
   when  a friend and I try to get answer out of the fubar support staff...this is what happens...I was also banned and ejected after she was and had said nothing...they also deleted PJ's comment about favorites being played wtf  
Enchanted Thoughts!
I can sit in under darkened sky's all nightWatching comet's pass over my head , Blazing Orange & blackKnowing that our love & dreams arent deadShooting through the atmosphere past the luminous planetsI have an angel sitting straight on my shoulder under the lampsthey'll never fade or dim , She is more than my my daylight more than my beaconShe keeps my fire burning & my soul so very strongEverybody who has left her behind , I wish them well I watch the doves & butterflies flie in unison above our heads Look unto the sky & you shall see , The gentle wisps a faint white trail of acrobatic display , A love in unisonShared in all that occurs , enveloping all hateNothing can shoot it down , Leave it upon fatecwtdesigns25: One true strong bond built off stone Nothing can penetrate this wallBuilding day by day , Hour by hour Rising to the midnight stars where they shall dance under a violet moon Angels dont just exist in heaven , they exist within you,I think I found mine finally, She isin't
Just Something To Write
A mind that can float about in a world ground up in twisted sets of plays being played daily; only close the air that lifts us down and away. How can you or I see blindly what's not there making it reality when all we do is open are eyes into the dark hoping the switch will happen too drop at our fingertips. We see what we want to see and campain what we don't see. We lay under the covers hoping the frozen blanket will warm us. I read my thoughts inside out, Cherish any moments spent with you as little ways it might be. We all hope the moment does not pass us by waking us up in a dream. Even the next morning- all of us wake up feeling whats next.... Only white knuckled towards everyone else when we live on the same stone.
Ucla Study
UCLA  STUDY A study worth  sharing with friends both male and female: A study conducted by UCLA's Department of Psychiatry has revealed that the kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle. For example: if she is ovulating, she is attracted to men with rugged and masculine features. However, if she is  menstruating or menopausal, she tends to be more attracted to a man with duct tape over his mouth and a spear lodged in his chest while he is on fire. No further studies are expected.
So Urdu is apparently as dependant on English vocabulary as Mexican Spanglish.   I found this rather amusing.  Especially since Pakistanis write English phoenetically, with a Pakistani accent.  So things like "duty roster"  become "duty roaster."  I'm actually trying to learn Pashto, which is a retarded language with 5 different characters for our letter Z. So my friend Charles had to fix two toilets in one of our offices.  They were western style.  The Paki workers broke them by standing on the toilet seats to squat shit.  Great place, really. I'm going to miss my friend Phil, and his inappropriate comments.  Calling the locals "bloodty savages" in front of important people has always been good for a laugh.  
From A Dear Friend...title To Come!
Broken promisesScattered dreamsTears flow like rainEach day it seems.Will things never changeThe lies, the deceitWith every new oneIt's only been a repeat. So go forward todayAnd not think of the pastFor there is someoneWith a love that will last."
Call Me To Your Dreams Tonight
As you close your eyes tonight, please call me to your dreams see me as the mist sets in and pulls you from reality hold my body close to your's and look into my eyes. feel my lips upon your skin as our essence intertwines Feed my lust filled hungers as I fill your body's needs I'm not here to steal your soul I only wish to feed I promise I'll not take too much while we share this reality. Is this a dream, a wish fulfilled or is it just your fantasy? Some say it's a demon, a temptress or succubus that your mind sees All I know is this is my world my kingdom and my reality So call me to your dreams tonight I'm hungry and need to feed.
Looking Back
Another Poem
looking into your eyes i see the pain and striff you have felt ni your life as i cant take my eyes away i feel a strong tug on my heat as there is something there to bind us  something i have never before felt this strange feeling i have could it be love one you know only you can open your heart to me to be filled with what i have to give  the pain the love the longing for togetherness only one kiss can fill so before the sun wull rise kiss me before i open my eyes and you will be gone for i dont want this night to end forever
i might be selling my questions just send me a message
"I THINK WERE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT"!     By the looks of her, she needs a Titanic.
Crying My Heart Out
Tears are falling from the vampire blood tears they fall ...As I cry tears of blood.I  look and there beside me is the most awesome thing you can see your lil ones....They aare from you the lil ones are from your flesh and blood......The light of day come in my windoe I must hide from the light....Ugh I hate day light...
Grumble Grumble And Stuff
I watched the telly box at the weekend, it was all crap.     I wasn't a happy Puffkin.     :(
Some Men Are Just Fake
A short time ago,  I added a man to my profile and we started talking. After a few convoes, I got the jest of what he was all about. I am sure he is a okay person, but  he was looking for more then just someone to chat to even thou he denied it. He also had another lady that he liked and didnt live far from him.  He said she was cute etc but didnt like her personality. Well as the convoes between us got on he would leave me hanging for over 10 mins.  I knew right away he was yappin to her. So trying to be polite I said well I will let you go ,  he didnt care for that ..ohhhhhhhhhhh well! I then noticed on his profile she owned him,  I thought to myself for a man who dont care for someone she sure is there.  Every time I looked she bought him a bling...hey terrific. But plz spare me the BS!!!.  I decided just to let him be and didnt attempt to carry any  more convoes,  one thing I hate is FAKE PEOPLE!!! So I took him off my profile, facebook and msn.  Just proves to me most men
Playing With Myself
ok, those little pictures that move when you tilt your head...   wtf are they called??
I just looked at a blast, and there was some wicked hot chick with huge gazongas in there. SCOAR! said I, rubbing my hands together in a fly-like manner.   Upon clicking on her salute, though, I saw something that my eyes will never unsee. It was something that loosesly resembled a human, but was probably altered from a said state by having numerous cunt runts, drinking gallons of cheap homemade vodka, smoking cigs and everything else she could put her mouth on (hehe, yes).  There were no gazongas, just a bony decimated chest cavity from which, I felt, and alien life form would emerge, devouring everything in its path.   It was standing in a "do me from behind cause u dont wanna see that face, trust me" pose, and had that "I need to eat, gimme somethin, honey" look in its eyes.  It had approximately 3945793475937 pics, out of which half were private, and suggested that men should treat her somehow specially in order for her to bless their optical senses with a barrage of messy room
Stupid Men Jokes
Q. What do you call a man with half a brain? A. Gifted. Q. What's the difference between government bonds and men? A. Bonds Mature. Q. What is the difference between a man and a catfish? A. One is a bottom-feeding scum-sucker and the other is a fish. A. What did God say after creating man? Q. I can do better. Husband: Want a quickie? Wife: As opposed to what? Q. Why do men want to marry virgins? A. They can't stand criticism. I went to the County Fair. They had one of those "Believe it or not?" Shows. They had a man born with a penis and a brain. Q. What do you have whan you have two little balls in your hand? A. A man's undivided attention. What are two reasons why men don't mind their own business? 1. No mind. 2. No business. Q. How is a man like a snowstorm? A. Because you don't know when he's coming, how many inches you'll get, or how long it'll stay. Q. Did you hear about the ba
Fallen Heart..
You told me you loved swore that you caredWhy wait till now for the truth to be shared? How could you do this to me..this is our dreams..Why is it nothing is ever what it seems?You say this isnt our last fare well..though now i fear..i have no story to tell..No hope no light to guide me.No longer living without you beside me..This is your lay in your grave..The life you destroy is the one you wanted to save..I'm done with lies..and inflicted tears..Tired of all these wasted years..Thank you for being just like the rest..When all your strength was put to the test..I thought you were different. I thought this was real..My heart is shattered..nothing left to steal..You now hold the pieces that can never be complete..Hoped someday our souls would meet..Now I lay dying..helpless and broken..You broke my only token..I tryed to be your everything to only be worth none..I have lost you were the only one..The only one who ever made me smile..Wante
Ensign: The Good Black Friday
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3 AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                                                     6 November 2009 [Since I’m trying to spend more time working on a historical novel about the Old Testament book of Numbers (titled “The Book of Numbers”), I’ll be re-presenting some older messages that I’ve sent out during this month.  I need to have fifty thousand words done by the thirtieth and broke nine thousand last night, hallelujah! – David] Especially at this time of year [this was originally written on Good Friday, but I thought it apropos today too] Christians ought to be shouting from the rooftops that Jesus is alive!  Jesus’ return to life after three days dead is THE signature event of Christianity – but it couldn’t have happened without His death.  In a culture that often see
How To Fail
just type this to someone as a pick up message:   "  Hey Cutie,How u doin good lookin???Just popped by to say wats up and let you kno u look amazing.I kno u proable hear that alot and aint the first time you heard that but its the first from me so thats gotta count for something lol Well hit me back if u wanna talk good lookin,i'll catch ya l8ter if u want.Take Care & Stay CuteRod"     srsly? I'll try to stay cute for you, Rod. Can't make any promises, but the fact that YOU have decided to message me makes me tingle in my dingle. Not really...but it sure sounded great.
Jerry Springer, Russian Style
So, I'm on this Russian forum, and one of the women is a nurse in Moscow.   She has a patient: a woman with AIDS, that just gave birth to a baby with AIDS. Her husband doesnt know she has AIDS, and it turned out via the paternity test that he is not a father.   funny fact: when hubby and I are goin to Russia next year, he has to take a mandatiry AIDS test to get in :)
The Dark Corner
          You have always watched me from afar wanting me but never dare touch me let alone talk to me. But then one day you finally get the nerve to ask me for my name. You blush when I smile at you and tell you my name. You mumbled your name when I ask you for it. I smile and told you that it was nice to meat you, I go to walk away but you stop me by grabbing my hand. You ask me a few questions trying to make up excuses so you can hold my hand more.  I answer your questions and I let you keep hold of my hand thinking nothing of it. But then you kissed it and I do not think you even realized that you had done it when you kept talking like nothing happened. I smile at you and tell you I have to run.         “Please don’t leave. I have wanted to talk to you for some time. Please let me by you coffee or something else to drink so we can talk some more please.”         I look at you and sigh. “Okay I have a few minutes I can spare you, I will drink some tea with
Christmas Village Name:
Made the three tiers of the christmas village with the trolls tonight. Train tracks up to the top of it. It is going to be a mountain setting this year, Just don't know what to call it. Should I name it A) Zurich, Switzerland or B) Silvertown, Idaho This is more like a mumm, but -I've been banned due to other peoples butthurt. Whaddya Think???
Dumbass People
Well, I have learned some rather amusing things about myself recently.  I wanted to clear some of them up in case any of you all had heard them and either believed them and didn't want to talk to me because of shit you'd heard, or just wanted a good laugh.   1.  I am an account hacker.  Apparently I do this when I'm bored.      I have NEVER hacked anyone's accounts, be they Fubar accounts or any other account they may or may not have.   2.  If it's not me hacking the accounts, it's my boyfriend, because he is a cyber cop.       Jarrod has NEVER been a cyber police officer.  He used to be a deputy with Harrison County Sheriff's Office in Harrison County, TX.  He NEVER worked cyber crimes or internet crimes of any sort.  He is also no hacker.  He is currently an instructor for DirecTV and has worked for them for well over a year.   3.  I'm having affairs and flirt with everyone on fubar and anywhere else I can.  I am never at home to take care of my man the way he needs to be tak
Christmas Poem
His presence seemed to linger, His expression never altered. Despite his noticeable absence, My trust never faltered. He was only there a moment,  And, No sooner was he gone.  But his words left an indention, That his spirit carried on. His cheeks red and burned, From the icy winters blow. And, everyone that heard his voice, Smiled as though they know.  One child stood in awe a bow in her hair, The gown that she wore, Smothered in its tears.  Another bellowed out,  Is it Santa ? Is it he?  As off in the distance,  You could hear the raindeers sleigh. The red that he wore, Seemed to glisten in the snow. Traced with pillows of white,  Is smile all a glow.  As if he were an angel, He disappeared without a trace. The sparkle in his eye, Leaving his on lookers in a daze.  But somewhere in the distance,  I heard his words so clear.  To each I leave a miracle, For Christmas is drawing near. A shattered gasp broke the silence, As the young girl brushed away her
Suffer Not That Which Fails To Live.
Doubt is a powerfull thing in everyones life. Doubt is an all consuming force that infects any and all human beings at some point. But how far can doubt be pushed upon you before you find yourself breaking. How long till you need something drastic just to prove you are still capable of making it though the day? It does not take like for the soul to become over burden with the plauges of doubt and sorrow. Some get to a point where they can not be saved, some can not reach out to another human because no one can know that they suffer. I am an isolated being and even now I have my doubts as do we all. Some of the people closest to me couldn't even begin to tell you of things I've seen of things I've suffered. I long ago decided that at the end of the day no matter what you will be alone to face that which plauges you. I did what everyone else has I tried to reach out but ever did I fail to actually grasp onto this "hope" that everyone else seems to have. What do I like I ask myself agai
Ever Slept With...
Two sailors on shore leave, walking down the street. They spot a beautiful blonde. First sailor asks his friend "Have you ever slept with a blonde?" Second sailor replies that he has. They walk on further and see an even more beautiful brunette. First Sailor: Have you ever slept with a brunette?" Second Sailor" Why yes, in fact I've slept with brunettes on many occasions" They walk on a little further, and see a gorgeous, voluptuous redhead. First Sailor:" Have you ever slept with a redhead then?" His companion looks at him and replies "Not a wink!"  
My New Websites
What Kind Of Brownie Are You?
You Are a Pot Brownie You're the kind of person who breaks all the rules. Pot in your brownie? Sure, why not. You are open-minded and willing to give most things a go. You want to avoid being stuck in a rut. You have an active imagination, and you're always dreaming up some sort of new scheme. Your live is a series of adventures, and you're always thinking of a new adventure before the current one is even over. What Kind of Brownie Are You? Blogthings: If Quizzes Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Take Quizzes
The Battered Truth
  When I am asked why a woman doesn’t leave abuser I say: Women stay because the fear of leaving is greater than the fear of staying. They will leave when the fear of staying is greater than the fear of leaving. (At least this was true for me) Rebecca J. Burns/      Ok people its time for some truth..Yeah I know your prob sick of all this talk but really this time dont really care. Ive been sitting around my house all weekend playing with my daughter having one of my infamous bad feelings knowing somethings bads goin down somewhere..Later in the evening I end putting my daughter to bed and turning on T.V and here is Jerry Springer and it has some lady on there thats leaving her pimp bf cause he beats her for some circus freak..I honestly stopped paying attention after the first ten minutes because my mind started wondering back to all the friends Ive helped in situations where they had gotten beat or raped and all the friends Ive lost,the black eyes Ive go
I Made You Cry
I did the one thing i never wanted to do.... i made you cry..... I promised I would never hurt you...I know you say they are happy tears....but they are tears no the less.....I am sorry to have you lose the tears... My love for you makes me tell you the little things you deserve to hear...I want you to know i never want you to cry.... a smile every day....A rose on your pillow every morning to make you smile....A bath drawn when you get home to relax you after a hard day...a back rub to make you feel better.....a home cooked meal to make your stomach warm.....a glass of wine to take the edge off...a sunset to moon lit stroll to romance you......these are the things i want for you in my arms....BUT never a tear to role down your cheek....ill wipe them away and save them in a jar... to show you these are what i want to save you from...I LOVE YOU...Waiting on a woman
The Condemned Truth
         When did being black,gay, or even bisexual cause you to instantly become part of the CONDEMNED.I can hear a ton of little voices now, saying but thats not true, being a minority or gay even bisexual is now the new norm how can can we be part of the CONDEMNED?          For those little voices for one moment put the shut to the up and relaxe for a minute.Im talking amazing beautiful diferences that make this world an amazing place to live in.Yet we still have places where people are CONDEMNED for those very beautiful diferences.         I said before and Ill say it again LOVE is the most beautiful thing in the world. It can build cities,mend hearts,feed the hungry..Its one of those things that mixed with passion can make the world a heaven on earth..While Hate and passinate Hate and burn the world asunder..       Im not saying one race or one group of people is overly concerned or hates another..I dont believe in saying that because in turn that would make me just
No One Wants To Come To My Lounge :( So Lonely
Goodbye My Lover
  The moment was brief, to brief, but it was there. In the end who wins? The one that truly loves, or the one that just plays? I still have happiness and true feelings in the end, I say I win !!! Me Did I disappoint you or let you down? Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown? 'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun, Yes I saw you were blinded and I knew I had won. So I took what's mine by eternal right. Took your soul out into the night. It may be over but it won't stop there, I am here for you if you'd only care. You touched my heart you touched my soul. You changed my life and all my goals.
Lucky To Have Escaped Jail
Reagan conducted one of the most absurd invasions of American history, targetting the tiny island of Grenada.As president of the Screen Actors Guild, Ronald Reagan informed on fellow actors to the FBI.The Reagan administration was the most corrupt in American history, including by one estimate 31 Reagan era convictions, including 14 because of Iran-Contra and 16 in the Department of Housing & Urban Development scandal. By comparison 40 government officials were indicted or convicted in the wake of Watergate. 47 individuals and businesses associated with the Clinton machine were convicted of or pleaded guilty to crimes with 33 of these occurring during the Clinton administration itself. There were in addition 61 indictments or misdemeanor charges. 14 persons were imprisoned.Using a looser standard that included resignations, David R. Simon and D. Stanley Eitzen in Elite Deviance, say that 138 appointees of the Reagan administration either resigned under an ethical cloud or were criminal
Fakes For The Fcuking Love Of Fruity French Toast Will Someone Tell Me ...why
For the Fcuking Love of Fruity French toast will someone tell me ... Why are all these People pretending to be Someone there not and not just that BUT FAKES IN GENERAL..... NOT FOR NOTHING BUT ITS REALLY GETTING OLD.. it doesnt make sense to post fake pics ur only preventing yourself from meeting someone who will love the real you and friendships with people who will love the real you ... i wonder how many girls and post pics of girls are really girls here and not guys , for that matter i wonder how many people actually have real pics .... people it isn't about who Prettier looks fade in time , u can be the hottest person and people still like something different , or i mean u could be the most normal looking or odd looking person and someone find u beautiful .... beauty is flawed humans are flaws .... the only true beauty is loving yourself regardless and not having to hide behind a mask rather its a fake pic a fake personality or just thinking u always have to be dolled up
This Happened To After Dinner
This happened to after dinner, I was going to the Hotel
Where I Am Now!!
They have moved to Dilley, Tx..... My new address is Fredrick Dach #1479673 Briscoe Unit 1459 West Hwy 85 Dilley, Tx 78017... If U want to  write me.... I'd really appreciate it! I'd like to know how my friends are doing..... SO Please Write to me! Thank you!!!!!!!
Ugh... Laptops.....
Just a little info~ Last wednesday morning i logged onto my laptop and had checked Fubar and Myspace.. And then all hell BROKE loose on me. My laptop somehow got a bug/virus of some kind to the point where I couldn't even do a System Restore on it or a Virus Scan. So, took it down that afternoon to BestBuy and it's now being fixed.. Basically in a nutshell.. The HD has to be reformatted.. yeah yeah I know ppl have been saying " Ohh I can do that for You" ... Granted I do trust my IT friends... but when I paid $300 for a 3 yr. extended warranty if ANYTHING were to go wrong with my laptop... I'm going to take advantage of that!!! So, as i wait for my laptop to get fixed and all that.. I'm on my roommates computer for the time being.. From what i was told @ BestBuy .. the tech said it can take from 2-6 wks depending on what exactally is wrong with it.   So please bare with me.. Those you have my cell already can text me... I do go onto yahoo mess. vie my cell. BUT i'm not always on
Zipper Watchers
I must confess that for many years I have been a zipper watcher. Where ever I go I'm always checking out the guy's pants. I especially like tight jeans. I always get a little turned on when I see a guy whose zipper is really straining. The other day I was feeling lonesome so I put on a nice tank top and shorts. My boobs are a generous D cup and I wore a push up bra that really made them look good under that low cut tank top. I needed a few things from the grocery store so I went to town. I got lots of admiring glances from the men at the store, which made me feel a little better. After getting my groceries, I stopped at a new gas station that just opened. I pulled in behind this large black Mercedes Benz. I could not help notice the handsome guy pumping the gas. He was tall with black wavy hair and a nice tan. He had a black silk shirt that fit perfectly to his muscular body. His pants were also black silk that fit to a tee. I could hardly believe it but I could clearly see the outli
The Reason I Have Been Seeing Doctor Regularly Last Month!(heart Disease And Angina (chest Pain)
Heart Disease and Angina (Chest Pain) The most common symptom of coronary artery disease is angina or "angina pectoris," also known simply as chest pain. Angina can be described as a discomfort, heaviness, pressure, aching, burning, fullness, squeezing, or painful feeling due to coronary heart disease. Often, it can be mistaken for indigestion. Angina is usually felt in the chest, but may also be felt in the shoulders, arms, neck, throat, jaw, or back. If you have this symptom, take notice. If you've never been diagnosed with heart disease, you should seek treatment immediately. If you've had angina before, use your angina medications as directed by your doctor and try to determine if this is your regular pattern of angina or if the symptoms are worse. (This is called unstable angina, see below.) What Causes Angina?Angina is caused when blood flow to an area of the heart is decreased. This impairs the delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients to the heart muscle cells. When this happe
It's become evident Much more obvious to me.  I’m not as naïve As you believe me to be.   I must inquire, Why so much secrecy with all the intrigue, Followed by such mystery?   So simple, yet so complex What is false, what is true? Told one thing, lead to another What do you suppose I do?
in this cold morningi woke to find you not thereyou promised you promised by midnight you'd be homeyet i'm sitting in this dead airthe nights abyss is descendinganother night wastedby your gamesjust to see it in your eyesyour desperate demiseyour captivating smiles tonight; tonight was.. i'm blinded by this dense conquestthe shattered memories of tendernessin this cold morning it's getting gloomy as the rain sets insomething soothingbut where are you to take me away on this joyful ride of a deja vouin this cold nightin this sweet abyss of delightyour memories are goneeverything has already burnedturned to dust and scatteredfarther than the naked eyecould see..your eyes.. your precious eyesare just a fading memoryyour tender touchleft me when you walked outthat dooryour sweet smell traveled to your carstanding there waiting for a simple callwaiting and waiting for nothing at alland the morning comesand in this cold morningi woke to find you not thereyou promised by midnight you'd be hom
The Ladygaga Cover That Was Deemed To Sexy To Sell In Us Stores
Made Up My Own Mind
I think there should be a section in everyone's blog, that is, whoever writes blogs, called made up my  own mind. meaning if someone had a very important decision, though not terribly personal, telling how they made up their own minds. 
"life Is A Theater"
LIFE IS A THEATER_invite your audience carefully. Not everyone is holy enough and healthy enough to have a front row seat in our lives. There are some people in your life that need to be loved from a distance. Its amazing what you can accomplish when you let go or atleast minimize your time with draining,negative,incompatable,not-going-anywhere,relationships/friendships/fellowships! Observe the relationships around you. Pay attention. Which ones lift and which ones lean? Which ones incourage and which ones discourage? Which ones are on a path uphill and which ones are downhill? When you leave certain people,do you feel better or do you feel worse? Which ones always have drama or dont really understand,know and appreciate you and the gift that lies within you? The more you seek God and the things of God...the more you seek quality,the more you seek not just the hand of God but the face of God...the more you seek things honorable...the more you seek growth, peace of mind, love and tru
Coca Cola , The Perfect Mixer
I drink Coca Cola mixed with many things, orange juice, apple juice, even sake, but not at the same time.  MMMMMMMMMMM or EWWW?
Jigsaw Crossword Mindfuck
The riddles and games take a walk through a maze Can anyone solve these puzzles? Please fucking stop these puzzles! Intense the complexity that boggles my mind with the mystery- instilled by the ones who act kind. How frusterating! How disheartening! Can I obtain the patience to furbish solutions- so the questions stop pounding inside? -Oh how they fuck with my mind. The games and these riddles must die! FIN
So You Want Some Help With Your Relationship Read Comment Have Fun
children- well this is a key to alot of problems. You love the gir,l but... she has children from a past relationship. Well this is a very difficult position for you , her and the children. I'm not telling you to run as fast as you can but to resolve a problem you need to understand it from all aspects. You need to understand that you cant fix this problem over night. You may think your macho man but your not even if you love kids you have to understand that kids to have stress its a slow process, and hard work. First you have to fix you, you can say oh its fine i love kids yadda yadda yadda but if your not a hundred percent sure you need to find out if you can deal with a child ! I would recommend going to a family member or a friend that has kids and spend a day or two with them. So you know how to deal with certain behavior problems or how to reward your new child when they need it. The second problem to having a spouse that has children from a previous marriage or bf is. Dealing wi
Prayer Of A Lover
PRAYER OF A LOVER   Everynight when I pray, I thank God for each new day. I also thank him for something sweet, I thank him for each time you and I meet. He has Blessed me with his grace, He gave me the chance to see your face. He has taught me much, My favorite lesson was the joy i felt at your touch.
Seeing Double At The Triple Rock By Nofx
WHOA!! Lets GO! It's 3 o'clock at The Triple Rock, another round of watching Paddy talkIt's where you wanna get snowed in when you get snowed inOutside it's 10 below, is it day or night, we don't care or knowWhat we know is that we don't wanna be anywhere but herePlease don't make us leaveWhen in Minnesota and you got a drinking quotaI'm seeing double at The Triple Rock, we're still here watching Paddy talkThen undress, then get out the duct tapeThe one question still remains, how much more art can we take?I'll let you know when the medication wears offI'm a religious drunk and this is where I prayThe church of alchoholics can't break up the congregationGive us air to breathe through carbonationWe are at liquor church, genuflecting on barstoolsWe're praying that the taps will keep the holy water flowingKey kicks of communion then a long night of confessionsComing home after noon seems to raise a lot of questionsWhen in Minnesota and you got a drinking quota Lets GO!!
No I never wonder why, so stfu and gtfo!  Just kidding, dayum!
Fictional Cyber Money
I got mildly upset at the fubucks fiasco, but a certain fubar basically said it is only fictional cyber money.  She was right or wrong?
  I sit alone listening to the silence of my tears as they flow like rivers from blue skies.  The sound of my voice just thunder echoing through the hollowness of the empty room.  My heart shattering like glass upon the cold hard ground of winter from the hurt that I have inflicted upon a love I have loss.  The daylight poison like the venom from a black widow striking its prey.  The moon losing its glow as each day comes to an end.  The empty space beside no fault but my own.  I long to have him near me as my skin grows cold.  A love had is now a love lost from words that never should have been spoken.  As boxes get packed and lives rearranged nothing said or done can be erased.  His love was pure and kind as the rain on summer’s day.  I took it for granted and misjudged what was give.  In the end I’ve caused a loneliness that I can never explain.
My Love
  Pure of heart and soul he flew in like the wind from the North.  His heart like mine in ways that not even I can explain.  He became that knight in shining armor that every woman dreams will save her from the destruction of a world so cruel and unkind.  Dreams that were only fantasy for so long have started coming true.  Finally have I found the things in life that I can cherish and deserve?  Will he finally show me what love is and how to love others in ways that have always eluded me?  How can this finally be happening to me?  Have I finally done the right things and made the right choices that those above have finally noticed me and gave me something and someone deserving of a fallen angel?  My love has grown deep for a man I barely know and fear rises everyday wondering if he will finally turn into that monster that all others have shown in time.  I expect what always has been yet stay open minded enough to know that maybe this time things will be different because I have finall
Desert Hideaway
The Owner is Aceman69 I like the lounge i gets a A for impressing me & great staff A+ The Owner Aceman69 Dont know who i'm The guy Treats me like shit Threatins me. F- for Owner Attitude
Oneamazingbitch ;)
So Ive heard the"I want to get to know you" from more than a few people on here and been asked numerous questions so I thought I would just let my lovely friends know a lil about me.. *Im very independent *I have a mouth on me and Im not afraid to use it *I dont bite my tongue or pussy foot around. *I dont tolerate bullshit or liars *I like to have fun and keep my life as drama-free as I can *I can drink most of you under the table *Im all for 420 babii When it comes to what Im "looking for" in a guy its very simple.. -Be honest with me and dont try to be something you're not. When Im with someone that I honestly care about they're everything to me and there's nothing in the world I wouldnt do for them and I expect the same in return. I doubt I'll find love online (Im not looking for it) but if it happens it happens. As far as the generic "whats your favorite blah blah blah" I dont have favorites. I like rap, hip hop, r&b..pretty much anything but heavy metal and rock. Im
What Do You Do With Negative Friends
What do you do with negative friends on fubar?  Wait and maybe they will change.  Do something stupid and let them delete you? Delete them right away, don't have time for that bovine manure?
Poem For My Girl U Know Who U R ;)
.the girl i have known and never met will one day be in my arms to hold her close to finaly look in her eyes and feel her breath on me and taste her lips for the first time will be heaven just the feel of her body next to mine feels so right like nothing will ever come between us. the scent of her hair fill my head and makes me dizzy when i look into her eye she will melt and we will kiss she get me week in the knees i will ask myself isthis adream if so i dont want to wake up let this night last forever i want to hold you i want to kiss you feel that passionate kiss that kiss when tongues meet softly and your eyes are open to see that pasion that makes you take a breath. to hold my girl in my arms for the first time i will never let you go not till my last breath i take will be looking into your eyes and i see our life flash before me i hear the one song that says it all for me i did it all and i did i did it all for you my sweet my love my girl i love you forever   the end
Love is not forced, that's why we fall in love. Love never dominates it only truly only cultivates For love makes everything possible, for love is like heaven,  in which God taught me how to love but not how to stop.
A Poem
I don't wanna live without you. I would breathe the air and my heart would beat, but I would feel a void in my life. My dreams would be lost like a leaf carried away by a storm. I would gaze up at the stars without appreciating how they light up the skies. I would pass by the roses in bloom noticing that they pale in comparison to your beauty. I could never again look forward to each sunset and each dawn. I would be broken. Never to be whole again. Darkest winter would own my heart. Its icy breath would steal the warmth of my soul because I could no longer smile without your friendship and love. I would never again know laughter or happiness. If you were forever lost to me I would have no more reason to try. No more reason to be......I would wither away.
Bling Pack
Ok Fu Land, I'm trying to help a friend get fu-married. I am in need of a 65 credit bling pack. Is there anyone out there that can help me? I'm obviously willing to pay fubucks for the pack. SB me with pricing if you can, ty =)
The Swimming Test
You Are a Very Lucky Person You are cautious and slow to act. It takes you a long time to get used to ideas. You are happiest when you have an obstacle to overcome. You need to be challenged. You are hardworking and industrious. You try to think about the long term impact of your decisions. You are a quick moving person. You get through things as efficiently as possible, though you occasionally cut corners. The Swimming Pool Test Blogthings: Learn Something Surprising About Yourself
What Is Your Opinion About Love?
I think love is : LifeStabilityLoyaltyWishLoveHope
One Drop
Dark clouds fill the skies the air grows cold Turning to look around though all is empty,hallow without sound without light Shimmers of what once was there gone and no hope of coming back Madness settles in tears fall in endless streams Darkness comes long before even one drop can ever dry
Im Sorry
I never meant to hurt youthe way I know I have.Your love means more to methan anything and I'll do whatever it takesto prove that to you.Since the day I met you andyour love touched my heartI knew that my life would never be the same.Please forgive me for the pain I've caused.I'll make it up to you every chance I get.You have my heart and my love forever.
White Liar By Miranda Lambert
Just Got My Classes
Totally stoked about it. I got: . Advanced Anatomy and Physiology . Advanced Anatomy and Physiology LAB . Medical Terminology I & II . Computer 0149 . AIDS Education and CPR/First Aid for Physician and Healthcare Workers OH YEAH!  :) :) :) :)
If You Are Talking
If you are talking to two different people at the same time on the shoutbox, and you accidentally say something unbecoming to the person it was not intended for, do you apologize?
Number Eighteen At Augustana Lutheran And Other Strange Things About Baseball
Baseball is played on dirt and grass, yet if the ball gets dirty it’s got to be replaced with a clean ball.  This is part of a radio series I’m hearing right now, and it’s funny when you think about it; certain behaviors we find awkward or actions we would get arrested for are perfectly legal or “safe” in baseball.  (And probably in every other sport as well, but I won’t go into that today.)  One thing legal in the United States that I was proud to do today was vote in our primary election – unlike a general election held every two years in November, you have to proceed in a primary election to vote among one political party’s candidates, except when the office or issue is non-political, e.g. for a ballot measure or for a city office.  I got to my polling place (moved from Ramstad Middle School due to construction) and cast the eighteenth ballot of the morning just after nine this morning.   Martha and I brought our Town and Country Van
Are the mumms really that slow today or just boring as hell?  Just asking. Hi and stuff
Lonely Rocks
There must be some lonely rocks on fubar,  distressed by the loss of  the losers that were found under them!
Do U Think Ur Da Hottest Female On Fu
do u thank u r da hottest female on fu? do u thank u can beat da rest of da women on fu? well hurr is ur chance ta prove u r da hottest female on fu i am runnin a contest ta see who is da hottest female on fu an winna will win a 65 credit bling pack winna will b based on most votes an comments on pic contest will b runnin june 20- july 3 so if u thank u got wut it takes ta win sb me or private message me wit wut pic u want ta use an wut u have ta say unda it an may da best female win   u must not unda rate otha peeps in da contest an ignorant comments will not only git u blocked but ur friend will b out of da contest so keep it nice if u bling dis hosts page dat allows u 5 extra votes if u cant abide by da rules u will b out good luck ta all females
I am scared and Not much can be done about it I am not willing to have my heart ripped out and stomped on again Because there is a point when I fall in love And want more than your willing to give And at that point, At that very moment every thing inside me dies, and withers away.   I dont wanna get close And it turn out bad I cant take that kind of pain And rather thank drag it out and hurt even worse in the End It is best to close the door and walk to the other side of the room And stare at the WALL!!
Politics, Screwing More Than One Person At One Time
Politics, daisy chain, synonyms?
Happy Birthday Ii
A couple of weeks ago I noticed this girl Was getting birthday wishes in her status comments box.     Since she didn't have a salute and even the name (Fantasy Girl) she'd postged screamed "FAKE PROFILE" I left a LOL @ all the dumb fucks wishing the phony Happy Birthday, for her status comment approval.   If I'm blocked by a fake profile am I only pretend blocked or does this count?   Show your love.   Taylor@ fubar   You may appeal to my base instincts..
Missionaries of any stripe, religious, Atheist, and political get on my nerves, like a flea on a dog. If you wish to discuss religion or politics with me, I am willing, but please don't try to explain your way is the ONLY way.  Thank you and have a good day! 
Yall Can Kiss My..... Pasty White Ass Hah Ha!!!!!
oh! no.. not again here i go. i'm just writtin this one for fun people love me like i was a big shot i'm as popular as yur favorite fuckin mascot i'm not pretty, but i'm always on fire funny as hell ya know you love my attitude i know it's what you desire like i said i'm always on fire johnny your so crazy but your so dumb nah bitch, i'm #1 your so mean but your so rude so? why do you keep talkin? oh thats right cause i'm yur favorite dude from chaos to pure unadulterated fun i'm takin this life and i'm riddin shot gun slappin life like it owes me money fuck bein serious i like bein funny it takes a village to raise a child not this kid i was too fuckin wild the town said forget it the city said no ny said, fuck that i told them where to go if yall dont like me yall can kiss my..... pasty white ass
Lyrics To My New Song, "a Million Miles Away".
A Million Miles AwayVerse 1Today, was a day, just like any dayExcept I saw somethin' comin' at me from the skyI turned around, then tried to run awayBut it just kept chasin' me downTill I...ChorusI can't breathe, I can't remember how!I can't scream, my voice is fading out!I can't see, my eyes have been blinded!(We should have seen this coming from miles away!)I can't hear, my ears are bleeding now!I can't think, my brain I am without!I cant feel, my heart stopped beating!(Now I will die by myself, a million miles away!)Verse 2Abducted, I was taken by surprise.I didn't believe it, even with my own eyes.Nothing, could have prepared us forThis unimaginable fucking horror!Now I...ChorusI can't breathe, I can't remember how!I can't scream, my voice is fading out!I can't see, my eyes have been blinded!(We should have seen this coming from miles away!)I can't hear, my ears are bleeding now!I can't think, my brain I am without!I cant feel, my heart stopped beating!(Now I will die by myself, a
I Hate Lance!!!!!!!!
he did this to me on fb so if you read it you must do it to....i didnt know i had 30 things to say about myself     Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 30 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 30 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 30 random things, tag 30 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish... 1. i love books, like all of them, i want to own every book in the world, so i may sniff and read them whenever i please 2. i played blitzen the reindeer in a play in the 1st grade 3. I
Whiny Political Bullshit
When You Were A Kid Or You Were An Itch In Your Daddy's Pants.
Many of you were born during, or after, the "Cold War". None of you know that the "Cold War", was just as hot as Iraq and Afghanistan. Except we weren't fighting terrorists, who are cowards and shitpiles anyway, due to some jihad. No, we were fighting worldwide annihilation against ORGANIZED, WHOLE FUCKING ARMIES. While you were a baby, or your mom and dad were humping it to create you, myself and others were all over the damn place eliminating threats so you could sleep at night, and not have to wear 5 million sunblock from multiple 350 kiloton nuclear warheads launched by some Soviet (yes, Soviet- not CIS) missile sub or land based silo, or rail based system. You didn't have to practice "duck and cover" (ask your grandparents about Dwight Eisenhower's solution- dig a hole) to protect you in school. So, despite the fall of the Soviet Union, their missiles are still out there, but now free to purchase. Doesn't matter if they are. Because those warheads were, and still are, targeted at
Allegory And Symbols
How much of a percentage of fubar users have difficulty thinking in symbolic and allegorical terms? A. Less than 50% B. More than 50%
Spike Lee Not Happy With Obama
  Can anyone tell me where Spike Lee gets the money to make films no one watches? I would venture a guess that the money comes from rich white folks. Spike likes to portray what he considers racism in his films. What is curious is why Spike is criticizing Obama about the oil spill in the gulf. At the same time Spike takes a stab at former BP Oil CEO Tony Hayward. What’s up Spike? You looking for more demons for your films? Give it a rest brother. For the story  BlastFM never rests on its laurels. We are constantly putting new music in our rotation. Hit us up for a wildly good time listening to great music 24/7 and it’s free!!!
(no camera’s on, light shinning, majority of things are quiet, music on ok,
Poetry melts into a song, thoughtful words begins to dies as everybody saids their good-byes, pouring into her soul, then over boils, you sees different, then act out different, every one around you, one around you, one around you, tries to find you, tries to find you, but you do not let anyone in, as long as they do not trust you, your poetry stays safe, to over boils again, thoughtful words beings to dies, your anger builds insides of her, every one around you, one around you, one around you, tries to find you, tries to find you, maybe because you will not brake open someone skin,
Birthday Massacre
in the past of me letting go of something i thought would last forever feelings waiste away try to be nice be betrayed once more tried it didn’t work out i gave a lot more than they did i let my real self show in a emo reflection i knew it but denied it take advantage (don’t care) give anyway (ignorance) later realize it (hurting badly) was in it all alone (again) emotionally damage believe that everyone deserves a second chance but no it to much to give that second chance tried it didn’t work out i gave a lot more than they did i let my real self show in a emo reflection i knew it but denied it take advantage (don’t care) give anyway (ignorance) later realize it (hurting badly) was in it all alone (again)
Choices .. The Razorwire Tightrope
I like it here. That special place that makes a person feel a live. That state of being on the edge of every thing. It’s like tight rope walking on razor wire across the Himalayas. Invigorating, Dangerous. Worrisome. Painful. Exhilarating. And most of all Alive. I have been walking that tightrope for a long time. It wears on you. The most amazing and perhaps amusing thing is it is an addiction. Most people back away from it for fear or safety. Other stay back not because they don't like it, just because they simply can't handle it. It's too much to juggle everything else when something places you on the edge. The problem with being on the Edge for any reason is most of the time it seems as though there is nothing you can do to control your situation. It then comes down to the only choices we have ever had in life. Accept it or do not accept it. In Short Step up or Step aside, as Mr. Titus put it. Step up or step aside. Accept it or refuse to. These are the only choices we reall
becuase you hurt me. no matter what i did it wasnt good enough. I was an afterthought. never first. unhappy. lonely. i tried so hard, and you didnt even notice. i let this go on to long. thats why.   goodbye.
The Hard Way
***This is by Fort Minor,NOT me. It's just how I feel*** Come with me Let me walk you through the world that I currently stay inYou can take a look around and tell me if I’m mistakenYou can meet and talk to everybody that I live withMaybe you could tell me why everybody’s so distant Is it me or maybe, when I look around dailyI don’t even know the people I can put my trust in latelyPeople that I used to hang with now their actin’ so differentI’m still the same person why doesn’t anybody listenCan somebody please just explain to meWhat happened to the way that we always said we’d beRight now I don't know why I push through the pain that I got throughAnd I’m losin’ hopeDeafening voicesThat frequency inside my head that saysI’m going at it the hard way, I focus Get everything inside out of my brain that claimsI’m going at it the hard wayCome with meLet me walk in through the world that I currently live inNot a thing is forg
My Wonderful Husband
Fyrebird@ fubar
You Know What?
people so seldom say i love you and then it's either to late or love goes when i tell you i love you ,it doesn't  mean i know you'll never go ,only that i wish you didn't have to go (==)
Love? Opss!
 well i learned how  to love without expecting anything in return..     for a while i felt good but soon enough I had to stop. Why? Because The more   I love the person ,the more i lose myself .And the saddest part of it all is finding    myself again when I already know That i can no longer feel whole because part    of me went Astray with the person I had to forget ...
love me without fear trust me without questioning need me without demanding want me without restrictions Accept me without change Desire me without inhibitions .."what do you think?"
Why Is It.....
Why is it that if u start once talkin dirty to someone, after that they can never seem to hold a decent conversation without getting all nasty with it... And just when u think dam I'm actually gonna have a real conversation and u ask "So what are you getting into today" you get a reply that reads "On my way to work but i had to cum first" really? seriously? Sorry for singling out this one conversation (if ur reading this and know who u are) believe me u weren't the first one today just the "straw that broke the camel's back" so to speak....   So here it is... my vow.... for every one that i know and all the new people i will meet......... until u prove to me that u can hold a decent conversation there will be no dirty talk from me PERIOD!!! I got out of the swingers lifestyle because I felt like a pussy not a person... please don't make me have to leave FUBAR as well....   And that's all I have to say about that!!!   Good'day
Nelly: Just A Dream
I was thinking about her Thinking bout me Thinkin bout us (us) What we gunna be? Open my eyes, (Yeah) it was only just a dream... So I drive on back (uh) down that road (road) Will she come back? (Uh) No one knows I realize (Yeah) It was only just a dream. I was at the top and now its like I'm in the basement Number 1 spot, Now she find her a replacement I swear now I can't take it Knowing somebody's got my baby Now you ain't around, baby I can't think I shoulda put it down, shoulda got that ring Cuz I can still feel it in the air See her pretty face, run my fingers through her hair My love of my life, My shawty, my wife She left me, Im tied. Cuz I knew that it just ain't right I was thinking about her Thinking bout me Thinkin bout us (us) What we gunna be? Open my eyes, (Yeah) it was only just a dream... So I drive on back (Uh) Down that road (Yeah) Will she come back? (back) No one knows I realize (Yeah) It was only just a dream. When I be ridin' man I swear I see your face at every
Hope For Heroes
Why Bother Complaining About Work ?
I dont see why people at my job bother complaining about it. Nothing ever changes, no matter , who or what , you complain about. Just go on about your job, and when it done , walk away. Thats all there is,  you don't get more pay for being happy about where you work. ~ Thats rule number eleven , when the jobs done walk away .
Same Shit Different Day
Same shit different day.  Story of my life.  Reread the past blogs, there's nothing new to report. ~ See ya around PS.  Friend me
Can't Sleep Clowns Will Eat Me
 I am a beatin, broken man. I lost due to Telling the truth, wearing my heart on my sleeve and wanting to communicate with a person who is  perfect for me, cuz she is me just smarter and much prettier. Only I woulda givin me a chance after everthing i wrote and said
I know a site that's so neat It's so fine, it can't be beat It's got everything that I desire Fubar sets my mind on fire I'm on fubar I'm on fubar I'm on fubar I'm on fubar Go to fubar when the sun goes down Ain't no finer site around It's my site, just what I Ordered So fun, it makes my mouth water I'm on fubar I'm on fubar I'm on fubar I'm on fubar Drinks on Fubar, there's nothing better If your drunk it doesnt matter
so lastnight i said i wont be back on fubar after tuesday what i fail to say is this iam not leaving fubar   i just might not ever log back in for some time due to the fact i might be going back to jail its not a for sure thing   but firday i got some news around 10 to 10:30pm someone reported me to adult protective servise so i will know what will happen at tuesday that is all for now
British Army
British Military Officer Fitness ReportsThe British Military writes OFR's (officer fitness reports). The form used for Royal Navy and Marines fitness reports is the S206. The following are actual excerpts taken from people's "206's"....- His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of curiosity.- I would not breed from this Officer.- This Officer is really not so much of a has-been, but more of a definitely won't-be.- When she opens her mouth, it seems that this is only to change whichever foot was previously in there.- He has carried out each and every one of his duties to his entire satisfaction. - He would be out of his depth in a car park puddle.- Technically sound, but socially impossible.- This Officer reminds me very much of a gyroscope - always spinning around at a frantic pace, but not really going anywhere.- This young lady has delusions of adequacy.- When he joined my ship, this Officer was something of a granny; since then he has aged considerably.- This Medical Officer
If I Knew
If I knew how to write a songI’d write one everydayIt would say that I’m in love with youAnd why I feel this wayIt would have to say you’re prettyAnd as rare as a desert roseIt would say you’re a lookerFrom your head down to your toesYou are funny, dainty, fragileAnd as feminine as can beYou’re smart charming lovelyAnd everything to meYou’re my comfort when I’m lonelyYou’re my peace when I need restOf all the women I’ve knownI must rate you the best.You’re the orchard in the jungle,you’re the better half of meYou’re all of this and so much more,you mean the world to meStill so much is left unsaid,It would take me far to longI know how much I love you,If only I could write a song
Should I be flattered if someone calls me handsome, or tell them all their taste is in their mouth?
Just Wanted To Share About An Email From My Internet Comp. Dowlnlaoding Porn,lol.
 Aight here goes. Was towards the end of work tonight and I get an email on the phone from Charter Cable saying I have comitted a copyright violation an a recent DL. First I thought was bullshit until I got home and clicked the link,lol. The email had all the info of what time and what I downloaded with a bit torrent on vuze (needless to say vuze is now gone). Reading on in the letter it said I may be responsible for monitary reinbursement. Dohhh ! Well I clicked the link with tha case file and what not , and says the settlement offer is $125 if I pay by a certain date, if not then I may be resposible for more and will be turned over to there legal .  So a warning to you all dont download Hornt Black Mothers #10...rofl......wasnt worth no hundred and tweny 5 fuckin dollars. So dont download any movie from the company Evasive Angles Entertainment, bunch a turds. Guess Ill stick to the good ole white bbw and mature ladies porn. Lesson learned.  So anyone esle ever gotten one of these le
No More
im fed more time for your facade,no more time believing in your fake god,no more time for marching to the same old beat,now is the time for revolution in these streets,now is the time for those with the courage to rise to their feet,and be a part of the new world orders defeat,no retreat, no quit in this man,im aware i may lose my life for taking this stand,thats my commitment before i let you conquer my land,guided by the light of the moon,our attack is swift and powerful like a monsoon,the power of the people united by truth,that, we need not be governed by you,so tuck tail and find yourself a cave,cause the truthsquad stepped up and paved the way,and now, the people the government shall obey,or suffer wrath unto like the last days,when all your lil soldiers have went astray,and you wish your prayers could just take you away,to another time in a better place,yet everytime you close your eyes all you see is my face,what a waste,taste this bitter pill of fate,you've dug your ow
Mr Obama
Yes we can was the chant of 08,And it appears this man possess qualities needed to become great,So many challenges such a daunting task,After 8 years of suffering from the neo-cons wrath,His promises lift hopes to levels unknown,Lets start by ensuring our jobs will stay here at home,Build more schools less bombs and tanks,And please Mr Obama protect us from the predatory banks,While were at it lets reform corporations,And the part that gives them the rights of a person,War crimes were committed by those before you,Love to see them in their own cells in guantanamo,Oh yeah our environment is in dire shape,And with you can be the start of a new age,Where people do come first,But not at the expense of our Mother Earth!!  thevoice  © 2008
No Different Than Most
See i'm no different than most, Substance abusing parents are the ones I chose, Makes no difference if the kids can read & write, So long as the parents got their fix at the end of the night, Yeah these the parents and life I chose, Hunger pains and ass whoopins with extension cords, I envision pops in the stands as I hit a game winner, Or moms waiting for us with one of those specially cooked dinners, Poof, that dreams up in smoke, Moms lungs cant handle that big a toke, Bed, tv, and xbox all sold for some crack, Hope this shit ends here before she ends up on smack, 33yrs, I got these same lie filled tears streakin my face, Where'd ya go, The've taken my moms and put you in her place, 3 different step dads trying to make me their own, Yeah these the parents and life I chose, As a young see alone pushed out the womb, And you got the nerve to tell me I had the same chances as you, With your two parent home, College scholarships, no student loans, Cause you got the be
I Am Sorry!
I  am sorry for not being what you want me to be. I am doing my best and yet it's not good enough. Everyday is a struggle to stay positive and not give up on what I want in life. I am giving you what you want and even though it hurts I did it. You said that you wanted to get to know me and learn for yourself who I am....well this is me! Love me or leave me. Take me as I am or don't. Yes I am going through a tough time and I am not sure where I am going but I will find a way to make it through. I told you I will do it with you or without you but I would rather have you in my life. If that isn't possible then damn it tell me know.  You have things that you must do and so do I. You never were a distraction but a saving grace. The one thing I could look forward to and you took it away. I understand, I get it. There is no communication and you know without it nothing is gonna change. 
My Life Story
i was born on 1982 in phx maricopa medical center to a woman who had no real clue on how to be a mother and a father who was not ready to have a son both are piece's of shit my mother was a stripper who work at a titty bar at the age of 14 and my father who was the bouncer he was 19 or 20 she had me at the age of 16 both was so into what ever they wanted to do and they did everything under the sun you name it they did it even when she as pregnant with me i did not come out like most kids i came out with my shoulder out the doctor took a x-ray and to find out i was getting choke to death by my own umbilical cord so they did a sea section on my mother turns out i had all my guts out in the open so they put everything back will there suppose to be and had to fly out a doctor who had done this before i have suffer 2 heart failer i die 2 times they try to get my heart to start back up but it would not they almost gave up then all of a sudden it started up i was born with bad l
How can you live without sex in your life Sex in the morning Sex in the evening Every minute of the day Sex... Sex... Sex... Sex is great Sex is bad Do it hard when you get mad Sex today Sex tomorrow Sex everyday when you're in sorrow Sex on the bed Sex on the floor Have it everyday you will want more.
Stop Pretending Be Yourself
Most people these days have devoted their time, energy and money to showing off. Their lives revolve around being someone who they are not. They become so absorbed trying to live the lifestyle to which they do not belong. They love to be seen even though there is no substance to see (in them).   They love to be shocking to get attention. They are like colorful balloons; they look pretty on the outside but they're all air in the inside.   These people seem to have everything except themselves. In their pretending they have forgotten who they really are. They have come to be ashamed of their past life, friends and mostly their past selves.    But these pretenders cannot escape themselves in the end. Their shallow ways of life will soon evaporate. And then, they will only be left with themselves, their real selves. They will have to look at the 'man in the mirror' whom they hate and deny.   On the contrary, a person of substance is a person who does not pretend. He knows who he
Turning Seasons
In the first spring his dampened thoughts progressed Noticing that maybe life could again be touched. By words of one who too had lived the past. A hand reached into the depth lost with years denied. The autumn came as feelings returned to bloomRain nourished the smiles that he brought forthSilence of many cherished thoughts kept quietBegan surfacing carried in flight by gossomer wings.Winter silently appeared with impatience of more to come.Darkness filled the long cold nights of wanting to be near.His love shaken by unexpected awakenings found unkind.One lie portrayed a past so scarred and unimagined.Forgiveness sought a heart finding so much moreSurprising Christmas greetings brought forth meaning For soon the season would again renew as before.And the journey of a new found love would come forth.Into a new year she planned the arrival of her essenceFor just that, had he become, caressing more than life. look, a stare, that perfect welcomed touch felt within.A warmth and peace s
What Men Want Women To Do On Free Webcams!!!
Here is video capture of a 'rare bird' behaving the way that men usually do on webcam broadcasts ... wankers. I understand that women can join cam communities and make money pay-per-view.. so men, please understand, this is the reason you rarely find this exhibitionist in free webcam socials. JOIN for more information. :p
What Kind Of Bubbles Are You?
You Are Soap Bubbles You are free spirited and a heck of a lot of fun. You refuse to act your age. You can always find a chance to play a little. You bring whimsy to an otherwise boring day. It drives you crazy to be cooped up inside for too long. You need to be outdoors to be able to breathe. It's likely that you crave a nontraditional life. You have to do things your own way! What Kind of Bubbles Are You? Blogthings: Quizzes and Tests and Memes, Oh My!
Jyf Family Rules
Current JYF Family please follow the family rules and make sure your rating drink/gifting at least one other family member a out your fellow family and they will help you. This is set to help each other out with pts and drinks so that no one is left out. JYF is a loyal family and I would like for ev1 that is a part of it to be a loyal family member.   JYF Family FNDR DevilDog JY Owner JYF FNDR
Jyf Family Skin
New family skin is can pull it from the home page under the skins....I would like to see some if not all displaying the new skin on their page. It does not have to be displayed constantly, you can activate multiple skins at one time...I am asking that one of the skins you have active is the new family skin posted today, in support of JYF, show your pride in your family.   DevilDog JY Owner JYF FNDR JYF Family
Mic Vader
I rep sets from east to west So you best wear a vest I verbally molest Any garbage ass MC In front of me Bitch please You ain't bringin' shit But a rotten dick And STD's Stay fuckin' them hoodrats Stay doin' what your good at Like havin' wack ass style Got more talent in my backyard In that dogshit over there in that  pile Straight out of Ohio But still screamin' MOTHERFUCK JOE ARPAIO   Mic Vader, I am your father hater This is the Raptor side of the force I'll see you later When I come back with my death star and call you out by name You're in a world of sith, I sense a disturbance in the game   I'm in the 480 Gettin' fellatio In a laredo With more guns than that movie With Danny Trejo Your style is gay yo Out battle me? Shit, You prayin' and wishin' My style is a motherfuckin' fatality Mortal Kombat FINISH HIM You need to put the mic down dogg I think you have an addiction Call up Dr. Drew so we can have an intervention Wack ass MC rehab, and I'll
"lost In My Thoughts"
"Lost In My Thoughts"by Double PMazed thoughts of Pondered QuotesSit on my brain as I rumble through jumbled notesTrying to find where the love was lost vanishing with no tracePains sheltered by a smile upon my faceDisguising what no one knows deep down insideJust staying with the flow along for the rideJesters of a Laugh creep through a somber gloomWhat use to be a beautiful red heart no longer bloomsLost in my thoughts that keeps me consumedTore between what use to be and now what turns out to be my doomHateful feelings of a love that was never ment to beThought i was special but now I know that will never beBe it as it may i have come to the realization that my time will never comeMad at myself beating myself down how could I be so dumb Dumb Dumb DumbThese thoughts need to leave my soul alone please go homeBut my home is there home what use to be a reminisce of what use to be my domeOneday soon I will have back what the once called a clear mind
Always Some Reason In Madness
today i sit and ponder i’ve reached farther than i ever dreamed possible,a time when i thought life was overonly to start afresh at the stroke of dawn;bound by the unknown,i would break the shackles if i canjust to go back to where it all beganand rewrite the script with my own plan;trapped in a mire of reality words are all i haveand words are all that i have to express my innermost desires;there are days when i stand and watch hoping to see myself as someone else and i long for this mirrored perspective to become a reality, one day;reality is nothing but a formality,creeping into myself and strangling my senses Not withstanding my screams all I am left is tears in streams;sometimes there is a window of hope that all is not lost after all when words are emptied and passion remains rare And you look back more than forward Comes this angel !today i sit and ponder i’ve reached farther than i ever dreamed possible,a time when i thought life was over only to start afresh at the
  It seems or so people say,the moment we are born our fate is already etchedon to our foreheads;how i wish mine was a different one,i could then do all that i wanted,the way i want to, carefree and not bound by any restrictions;how i wish you could stay with me,spend our time together without a care not worrying when you will be taken away and hidden from us all;moment when you left, still visiblein my eyes, those sweet, laughter filledeyes turning into a ravaging floods, once the realization set in;unable to stop you, unable to do much beyond waving goodbye,standing amidst a sea of gloomwe bid you farewell, hoping the next time  is much longer than this time;   boondox cold cruel world       
 The wind howls, the rain buffets the windows. As the candles flicker shadows dance before me. I sit on the edge of the bed holding a razor, blood running down my hand and fingers to the carpet... I don't care... I let it run free, as I watch my life drain away I think about the things that was done to me in my past, the ridicule I have faced, the hurt I have felt. The razor slips to the floor as I lose feeling in my hands. All I wanted was to be loved, all I got was pushed away. My vision swims. I have never been good enough. My mind clouds, and now I am gone. As the light fades and the shadows grow into into a deep comforting blackness I finally find peace. I see a skeletal hand reach out, I take it and leave my body, and it's pain behind and move on to a new place. Where I can forget, where I can be forgotten...
Falling Soul
 Losing himself in the moment, spinning a falling, plunging into the depths of darkness and despair. Speeding and winding his way through the void, eternally lost as his soul slowly shrivels and dies. But death is not the end, he enters into fiery torment as he is teased with visions of what might have been, sights of family, and friends, a wife and children that never was, he burns from the inside out. All the people he hurt take turns cutting his flesh, shouting insults, throwing rocks. Mocking his selfishness, his lack of a heart. Now he cares, yet it is to late, he is stuck in an endless torture of his own design falling, spinning and starting all over again...
Killer Outside...
 Alone night after night he goes out, dagger on his side. Tools on his belt. Drifting through the streets of the city. Passing by homes with sleeping people clueless as to the danger that slips quietly by. Not realizing that each night they continue breathing is actually a gift from him. His mind is dark and twisted, his thoughts involve murder and chaos on a mass level. But he bides his time. His cause is righteous in his eyes. The corrosive evil in this world has infected even the greatest kindest of men. They use religion and politics as a cover for their greedy schemes. They disguise it with charitable organisations and services to help "Better" mankind. But he knows, he has seen the evil, the monsters they create. He also knows he has to destroy them. But alone he cannot do it all, there are others like him, but in this world so corrupt he cannot trust anyone. Finding his target he falls into the shadows, this demon faced pig is piss drunk and stumbling, coming home to his wife af
Generation Of Steam
 Turning the final bolt the creator steps back to admire his work, a thing of beauty, he calls out to the engineers on the lower level to fire it up. They open the flue and the air rushes into the furnace, he watches as the temperature rises past the red line. Sweating he checks the self sustaining heat generator he just installed making sure it does not crack as the pressure builds. Holding firm the metal does creak and groan, checking his gauges he calls out to release the steam. A loud hiss and the steam rushes through pushing the pistons he feels the ship list.! With a grin he rushes up to the deck and looks over seeing the ground slowly fall away as they rise through the air. The captain walks up and pats him on the shoulder saying "Don't let it go to your head, but simply amazing son!". Down below he watches as the elves all run outside to see the massive airship in it's first flight, but he doesn't stay this is only a test run. Now the real work begins...
The New Star In Mobile Genre Called Micromax For You
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Sometimes Bad News Can Turn To Good News
On wed afternoon I got a call from my Vice President and she told me she had some bad news. I asked her what it was and she went on to tell me she did not want to do it by e-mail or text but felt it had to be done on the phone. I asked her what it was and she started to cry and tell me she was going to have to resign as Vice President of Guardians of the Children cause of personal and finacial reasons and could not serve me as I wanted her too. I was devasted by the news cause M&M she was the best VP I had since I started the Chapter 3 yrs ago. I was so sad by the news I called my Treasurer and told him he was like what the hell what happened. He said why not call her back and see if she will stay on as a member. I tried to call her back and no answer so I left her a message. The following day she called me and asked for my GOC e-mail and hubg up now that was unlike M&M.  About 20 minutes later I recieved her resignation letter so I knew then it was official and I called my other Offic
Injustice Yesterday At A Friends Biker Funeral
Yesterday was the funeral of Timmy Hall who was 53 yrs old and was killed in a motorcycle accident a few days ago. His funeral was yesterday and I was not able to go due to my wife's dr appointment. I was glad to know my Sgt@Arms Jester was able to make the service and the funeral. I heard from my new VP Flatline that it was a huge turnout and lots of bike ckubs from Virginia and Maryland were in attendance. After leaving the funeral home on the way to the cemetery going down Fairfax County Parkway the entire funderal procession was pulled over by Fairfax Countty Police. I could not believe it when I saw it reported on the news tonight. The police harrassed several of the bikers and was ven going to taser the dead mans brother. I canot believe the police  would embarass and insult the family in a time of death. I believe this was a case of police profiling a group of bikers. Is this what we have come to in pulling over entire fineral procession and embarass the family in times of grief
Dumb Asses Lol
· THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! · THEYDONTSEEMTOL... rated your photo a '1' +16 points! He must have been defending his fat GF from a mumm. Ladies, if you are fat and admit to being lazy..DO NOT give diet advice and NEVER tell someone they should not work out everyday. I am so sick of that shit...ugh. What a day. Joseph copied my mumm and reposted it and blocked me. lmao.. Some chicks got butt hurt at my advice and oddly I was actually being nice. Must be true I just intimidate people no matter what I say..either that or I just look like a bitch regardless. Anywho..GREAT DAY..I feel special now. :D
Observations Of A Dancefloor
observations of a dancefloor Minnows swimming in this choppy water surrounded by melodic beats just trying to get to their destination falsely accused of this familiar place rocking their bodies with mindless intent flawlessly shaking their sweat driven torso's to the intrinsic music the beat feeds the appetite for love wondering through the crowd shamelessly wanting the warmth of another pressed against their skin sharing one common goal to embrace the sexuality and grace capable to the bodies
I have loved and lost so many timesHave shed many tears countless nightsI have wished and prayed to find the oneMy own soulmate, of a special kind.Out of nowhere, out of the blueMy life took a spin and there was youThe sun shines so bright I can finally seeThe greatest gift of love from you to meI love you not for the great looks you haveBut for the beauty you have deep insideI love you not from the sweetest voice I hearBut for the words you speak without a soundIts not just your smile that lights up my dayNor the warmth of your tight embraceIts not just the laughters that brings joy in my heartBut its also the soothing words you whisper night after nightYou are kind and gentle with a calming effectTo a life tested with agony, sadness and defeatYou are sweet and loving with a heart so givingWhich I cannot help but get so many refillsWe are so much alike and so much in tuneAlmost a perfect match to my definitionWe blend so well, we love beyond measureAnd still we respect each other's op
hey waters out of basement... wooo hooooo...6 inch thank god nothing was rally down there... moved it up stairs...
Written In My First Hour
Happy Anniversary today to Allan and Lesa, my brother and sister-in law! They’ve been married ten years – I wasn’t there, I’ve only see photos of the ceremony because this happened two months after (and not before as I’d told a friend before work this morning) I first came to visit Martha in North Dakota. And I’ve got more good news; Martha called me at the house this morning and told me someone from Lutheran Disaster Response called her and said they’d be starting work on our house – the one caught in the flood, not where we’re staying now remember – today! Yesterday I had to go sign the homeowner waiver so they’re not liable if they accidentally wreck our house among other things, but I can live with that. At least LDR is sure to employ working as volunteers trained professionals – what my wife and I definitely aren’t.   “There’s Sunday then there’s Monday, there’s Tuesday then the
Something New.. Maybe...
Well fuinians, here I am visiting my family IRL, enjoying a wonderful friday off from the normal world of mundane monotany, and yet again taking something of a little twist to my style as far as literature is concerned and hitting more of the classic world of Tennyson, Voltaire, Dostevsky, Shakespear, and more, I thought I'd add a little spark of intelligent flare with my writings. Currently, I am not just listening to some classics, but I'm reading Isaac Asimov's foundation series, I started to read them last week but the copy I had had pages missing from it. So here with the fam I've got access to the first three books permanently. Those would be the first books to my collection of books, and I've set myself to finish the books before I get new books which tends to be a problem of mine. And right now the blogger is not allowing me to press the enter key, and it is really annoying, so I'm gonna Jet with the ideas that I am betting the Raven's will slaughter the Jets on Gameday.
Rising Star, Falling Hope
They'res so many stars in the sky tonight burning over and over and over through they skys rising up will never be so beautiful as i see the universe for what it is. the rising falling to the earth...just like as fast as my hope falls...   i watch as echos linger the earth, as we fill it with destruction and hurt we destory  for more and you use this its your toy   Can you decipher what i say, waiting in the shadows the message will be conveyed no one will see it coming, or will know what to say... but i can assure you all....your all to late   i watch as echos linger the we fill it with destruction and hurt we destory for more and you use this its your toy   you can't see the pain that you have caused to your own mother see gave you a home, yet you all ravaged it and used it agianst one another forever more will our souls linger this place as darkness in place   RISING STAR IM LOSSING HOPE IN THE PEOPLE OF OUR WORLD RI
Mental Hospital Phone Menu.Hello and thank you for calling The Looney Bin. Please select from the following options menu: If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly. If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 for you. If you have multiple personalities, press 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want, stay on the line so we can trace your call. If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be forwarded to the Mother Ship. If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press. If you are manic-depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press, nothing will make you happy anyway. If you are dyslexic, press 9696969696969696. If you are bipolar, please leave a message after the beep or before the beep or after the beep. Please wait for the beep. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. I f you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press
How Far Would You Go For Revenge?
Tattoo artist Ryan Fitzgerald from Dayton, OH was hit with a $100,000 lawsuit last week by his ex-girlfriend Rossie Brovent.  She claims that her boyfriend was supposed to tattoo a scene from Narnia on her back but instead tattooed an image of a pile of excrement with flies buzzing around it. Apparently, Ryan found out that Rossie had cheated with a long-time friend of his, but instead of confronting her about it he acted like everything was normal and hatched a plan for revenge. Originally, Rossie tried to have Ryan charged with assault, but the ingenious tattoo artist had covered his bases by plying Rossie with wine and tequila shots and getting her to sign a consent form that stated the design was “at the artist’s discretion.” No word from Rossie on whether the illicit night of passion with Ryan’s friend was worth it. Moral of the story? Never cheat on a tattoo artist.
Poem To A Dead Friend
Broken hearts never mend or so they say Though yours did in your own kind of way. I heard your hollow laughter I heard your secret sigh But never did i ask why Because i knew your anser would have been a lie. Broken hearts never mend or so they say Though yours did in your own kind of way. Now i know i should have tried before, Before you painted that picture, That picture with a twist. You painted it with a razor blade, You painted it on your wrist. You surely painted it properly, for a fountain did appear, And with that scramin fountain your problems dissapeared. Broken heards never mend or so they say, Though mine did in my own kind of way. Now i know i should have tried before, Because i have lost a friend, a friend i held dear, And in every screaming moment, i feel your presence near. Broken hearts never mend or so they say.........
Fubar Acronyms
       FUBAR = Fabricated Users Believing Altered Realities          FUBAR = Freaks Ugly Beyond Any Reality FUBAR = Fat Ugly Bitches And Retards.        FUBAR = Fake Users Being Assholes Regularly   FUBAR = Fucking Users Believing Altered Realities. FUBAR = Fabricated Users Bloated Altered Realities. FUB
In Hell We Lie
Unending NightmareThe light slowly diesdetouring me from the feeling of severing the ties.madness grasps i wake to findblood stained memories in a life so lose yourself,in the wake of demon's cry.your bloody hands shall prove most usefulas i ask you to take me downto take my place in hell.breathe from the flame.the smoke of burning soulsit bathes you in their pain
Rock N' Roll Hoochie Coo
Zombie Day (z-day) Survival Pack Must Haves!!
Zombie Day must haves: A large hydration backpack, stuffed with the following- 1.) Zippo with 1 bottle fluid, pack of flints and 1 extra wick in a Ziplock Bag2.) A survival knife with at least a 3.5" blade3.) A flat head screwdriver4.) A philips head scredriver5.) A "wonder bar" (great for gaining access into locked buildings or breaking windows)6.) 3 water-proof flares7.) A flashlight with extra batteries8.) Small radio (just in case the airwaves carry any new info on local status)9.) Dehydrated food packs (as many as you can stuff into the hydration backpack)10.) A bar of poison ivy/oak soap11.) 1 roll toilet paper (only for when there are no leaves around)12.) A small 1 person canvas tent (easily rolled up into a space less that 1 square foot)13.) A weapon of your liking (in my case - I'll be strapping my Stihl MS290 Chainsaw to my back, along with a gallon of gas - lightweight, but durable and mean as hell) 14.) 1 explosive (for if the time comes when you have run out of options -
Forgotten Cemetery
This is a sacred place. It is a place to mark history: a place to remember those who lived in the past. Unknown or forgotten by all whom except those who have blood ties, family. Surrounded by farmland and empty meadow the area is very secluded. This sanctioned space is fenced in. Even so, the properties that surround are quickly moving in. Just off of road eight, a cemetery remains. There lie the bodies and souls of many. A few headstones mark the remnants a family. The rest are unmarked; Civilians, judges, policemen, thieves, beggars, some homeless, some wealthy, fathers, mothers, sisters, brother, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents and great-grandparents. These people peacefully rest where their bodies were left to return to mother earth and their creator. Remember the fallen, new and the old, they are the reason we are here today. Respect the graves; take caution in your surroundings. The souls and spirits of the unknown have stories to tell you. All you have to do is listen.
Me Trying To Be A Poet :-/ Fail Lol
I hate the love i feel for you, The way you make me cry, But with every collapsing breath, Is a sob that ends with a sigh, You always thought i lied to you, For reasons i don't know why, But today's the day i leave this world, I lie and face the sky.
An unforgettable memory, a moment more then a dream a feeling of floating deflated in a matter of days now a memory of doubt, of regret, a cold distant nightmare no longer a dream awakening in panic, no smiles on my face tears pour from my black lifeless toned eyes exhaustion has won, i pass out again to let the thoughts thrash in my mind.
Kony @)!@
"I got 99 Children but I still need one"  By Joseph KonyIf your having Kid problems II'l take care of ya sonI got 99 problems but I still need one I got the Kiddy Militia on the gun patrolFoes that wanna make sure my casket's closedcritics say I'm "a killer slave driver"I'm from the bush stupid they all home grownIf you grew up with no food and thought death was your fateYou'd celebrate the minute you was having kid slaves fill your plateI'm like fuck critics you can kiss my whole assholeIf you don't like my slaves you can press fast forwardInternet try and use my black ass for dramaSo advertisers can give em more cash for they momma...fuckersI don't know what you take me asor understand the intelligence that Kony isI'm from rags to ritches nigga I ain't dumbI got 99 problems but I still need oneHit me99 children but I still need one oneIf you having Kid problems I'll take care of ya son sonI got 99 children but I still need oneHit meNow once upon a time not too long agoA nigga like my
The feeling of his cock sliding down the back of her throat sent shivers throughout her body. She had given herself to him and knew the first night would be like this. His hand held her head still as he worked in and out of her mouth. This had ceased to be a blow job and had turned into him fucking her lips a while ago. As commanded, her own fingers slipped in and out of her tight pussy, her thumb rubbing her clit at the same time. She had prepared exactly how he had said, pigtails, ruby red lip stick and heels, nothing else. The wait til he had arrived seemed forever. She had been on her knees, leaning back, butt on her heels waiting for him, hands behind her back. When he had finally stepped through the door she almost fell over, the excitement having finally gotten to her. The first night was to be his, any way he had wanted. He had simply said, "I'm going to use you.". What shocked her more was the lack of disgust she had, she was a good girl, had always dated nice boys, yet she fo
What's The Matter
What's the Matter? by Kenneth Matlock on Monday, November 14, 2011 at 1:40pm  It's been said a few times before I want you i don't want anymore It's just a line we say in a hurry When the thoughts come in a flurry There is no one that's above the fun Seen it again and I guess we're done A new chapter opens and once again A new person enters maybe a friend It's just a lie we keep close to home Something to fight just being alone Well fuck you my dear you're not unique Safety and money is all that you seek Sit right back and watch me shatter While they all ask what is the matter.   Shifting and hiding inside of yourself Turning the pictures up on the shelf It doesn't help they all still see you The shit inside and all that you do I was a fool for feeling at all Trying to scale your endless wall Constantly filling your empty glass Next time around i think that ill pass Say I'm wrong it's all just bitter Stupid garbage emotional litter When I'm gone
Truth Be Told I Miss You, And Truth Be Told I'm Lyin! ;)
Does your mom like the last person you kissed?She's never met him, but she doesn't like him haha Last text? Who was it from?Its ok Bri, I understand.  haha. Some guy named Jacob Now your cell phone, what color is it?Dark gray, silver Do you use your speed dials?No What was so special about today?Uhhh, Idk haha If somebody tried to steal your best friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend, what would you do?Tell my besfriend, I know she'd fuck a bitch up haha What was the last thing you said to your mother?Can't remember. We're in the same room but I'm like, in my own world ;p When was the last time you cried?Idk Has anyone made you upset lately?Yeah, over it What are you looking forward to?Idk yet Does anyone completely understand you?Probably. I'm nowhere near complicated :p Ever stayed up all night on the phone?Yeah Do you miss your past?Not really Do you have a reason to smile right now?Yep Are you a forgiving person?Yeah, I forget everything :p Do you say sorry first?If I
Status Messages
Ok folks, just wanted to bitch a little, yet hopefully make a difference in the way things go around here, but I doubt it. I was just noticing that a friend had posted a status message, and someone had posted "activity feed" info on the damn status message. WTF? This goes on alot online. My question is WHY?? I mean if I were to post that Ronald Regan had come back to life and will be running for President again, do you really think I give a flyin fuck that you just got a damn "D" on your report card?? NOOOOOOOOOOO! Post that shit in its appropriate place, start a new message on my page, certainly I don't mind. What are you guys problems? Too damn lazy to hit that scroller wheel one or two more times to get past my status message? There is a place for everything, and posting that shit on someones status message is not the place. I guess I'm through ranting for now, so you guys can go on and rip me a new asshole for having said something about this shit, but remember this; if this offend
Must See Video's
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Semper Fi
AN ACTUAL CRAIG'S LIST PERSONALS AD To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me in Downtown Savannah night before last. Date: 2010-09-27, 1:43 am. E.S.T. I was the guy wearing the black Burberry jacket that you demanded that I hand over, shortly after you pulled the knife on me and my girlfriend, threatening our lives. You also asked for my girlfriend's purse and earrings. I can only hope that you somehow come... across this rather important message. First, I'd like to apologize for your embarrassment; I didn't expect you to actually crap in your pants when I drew my pistol after you took my jacket.. The evening was not that cold, and I was wearing the jacket for a reason.. my girlfriend was happy that I just returned safely from my 2nd tour as a Combat Marine in Afghanistan .. She had just bought me that Kimber Custom Model 1911 .45 ACP pistol for my birthday, and we had picked up a shoulder holster for it that very evening. Obviously you agree that it is a very intimidating weapon when pointed at
The 4 Swordsman Of Justice
We the 4 swordsmen red me drag and jared are the right arms of justice hone our swords called darkmoon lightmoon moonflower and senbozakura any and al enemise of the family shall be delt with by the 4 swordsman of the justice and to help the family anytime anywhere till we cant use our swords anymore and cant breathe anymore that is the swordsman creed to protect the ones we love and to to get stronger and stronger till we cant get stronger anymore and to always hone our swords names and spirits to be ever viligent and to die on the same day same mouth and same year
Sex Science And Sybians With Ssss
Tracey Sweet, Courtney Taylor, Dr. Hernando Chaves, Tasia Sutor, Dr. Susan Block, Ana Foxxx, Dr. Diana Wiley, "Sex Nerd Sandra" Daugherty. Photo: JuxLii Length: 102:15 minutes Date: 4/21/2012 Education is power, and sex education is sexual power.  Why do we need a good sex education?  Because repression relies on ignorance.  We need education in the sexual sciences to counter damaging, sometimes deadly superstitions and misinformation. We need education in the sexual arts to help improve our erotic lives and keep our families intact. We need education in sexual psychology and philosophy to help us determine our true sexual nature and cultivate it in a fulfilling, ethical manner. We always aim to educate as we stimulate and agitate on the show, and this broadcast focuses on the sexual sciences, featuring leading members of The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, SSSS or “Quad S” as they call it.  It takes place during the weekend of the SSSS 2012 Weste
Today is the first day of the rest of my life much unneeded pain so much strife I try to be a good man but obviously I fail so I dwell in the darkness I dwell in my hell Today is the first day of the rest of my life as I walk through the darkness I weild my barron knife No one to save me no one who cares nothing to shield me from things that scare i am a strong man but in this place it's void ready to fight my demons the last story untold
My First White Milf (erotic Fiction)
My first white milf  i remember i was chilling out at home one day,and my cousin rang me,he was like yo what you doing??i said nothing much,why is everything cool??he said yeah yeah,listen are you doing anything (like have you got anything planned),i said nah whats up??he said listen ive been checking this one girl yeah recently,been to her house and everything,but shes on a lovey dubby vibe,so im kinda taking it easy with her,in my head i was thinking when did you turn into a big joey tribbiani,about taking it easy lol,anyway so he carried on...and said you know what though i know for a fact her moms on things (dtf),cause she keeps telling me you can bring your mates round and chill here if you aint got nowhere else to go ( we were real fucking hoodlums them times honestly just going round punching up peeps,getting off,then just getting blowjobs of a few of our sluts,who kept the crew together and the tensions ;) down), wanna do it???so me being the gentleman i am said ok :)
Lol, It's Not That Important.
so, i went on an early morning walk today.burned a j while doing so.thug life, whatevs. between the stares of the drivers passing by,and the shit eating grins from the older gentleman i passed,i started to wonder,if maybe, just maybe,i should have put on a bra for that walk... Fuck that Shit. They can stare. :P
Garden Of Truth
When crushed by intimate lies the lonliness between lovers will grow. Dating quickly darkens. Dreams shatter, rechid emotions come to pass. Excitment turns to regret as uncontrolable ecstacy rages. Misplaced hatred subsides due to untainted love secretly transforming into an orchid blooming of betrayal.
Wtf Moments At A Spa
WTF moments at spas: So here's a kicker, you guys remember "Mr.Ejaculator"?, you know, the guy that likes to leave me a little bonus on the sheets to clean up when he leaves? *shudders* yeah, well he and HIS wife came in, her for a facial (she should just ask her husband for one, he seems to have a loose valve on it anyways) and him for a massage...they bring raw meat in from their shopping and want us to store it in the fridge for them while they are getting their services....not too weird right? course not, but, then when their services are over, we tell them we will be getting their meat for them and they say no, we can just hold onto it for a little bit cause they are gonna hop over next door and have breakfast....WTF?? do we LOOK like your friendly neighborhood storage place??? Take you meat and your fuckin nasty as ejaculating husband and get the fuck out. Oh and Btw, you should have seen how hard the wife was trying to re-book an apt for her husband with me...they
What Movies Either Cheer You Up, Or Set You Straight?
If there's a movie that can cheer you up at a bad time, or put you back on the right path, I'd like to know about it.
A Drunkards Dream
Jesus, golf, architecture, Four, and Fubar!   My Kids. Ashley Daly Emotional Intelligence   Mike Daly  Pure fuckin Genius   They inherited my love of words They are my greatest teachers Friday the thirteenth in Fu..... Recently I found myself standing right smack in the middle of life with my pants down. I enjoyed it so much that I just stayed there.   As darkness descended upon the land of Fu, I ran to hide in a cave just outside of Fu. Although I was by myself in the cave, I felt a presence. Then from the darkness came a voice like that of a female. "You are not alone."  " What the Fuck? Where in the hell are you?" I yelled. She continued " I see that you are troubled."  "Roight." I said. " What the fuck you got spirit girl, Night Goggles?"  She whispered" I seeth not with mine eyes nor heareth with my ears but with my heart alone do I see and hear." "Suurre ya do" I mocked. "Ha! Ha! Sumtimes I like to talk out my ass." "I've seen and heard that." said the spirit g
Did I Mention I'm A Catholic Reporter?
I write articles for Some of my more recent articles. Catholic church condemns murders in Libya After DNC booed God, Cardinal Dolan prays for unborn and religious freedom Europe looks to tax Catholic Church One killed, KFC torched in Lebanon protest over pope Missouri legislature upholds religious liberty bill. Review: John Ringo's 'Queen of Wands'  
Self Defense Review: Zombies, Women's Self Defense, Barbara Sheehan
This has been a really weird month for me, truly. And how is that difference from any other month, you ask? To start with, most of my self defense review materials turned out to be comedies. Taking this month in chronological order will probably make the most sense.To start with, I discovered a new Women's self defense, every Manhattan.  It's Krav Maga for women -- which is actually more advanced than going for straight, plain-old Krav Maga, believe it or not. It has to be for some of the techniques to be effective.And then, of course, there was the little incident of Barbara Sheehan, battered women: which is always a problem.  In New York, you can't kill anyone and get away with it. That includes if you kill someone in self defense. Even if a jury let's you go, the New York District Attorney's office will find some way to throw you in jail, without remorse.But, then again, the odds of that happening are more likely when you consider that Barbara Sheehan shot her husband wit
Are You Tired Of Being A Lonely, Loser? I Can Help Fix That
imagine a child with all the talent in the world. and one day he decides to play baseball. he throws the bat, runs past 2nd and third, and never tags the runner. i bet you would never want a guy like this on your team. it's not that this kid sucks, its simply that he doesnt know how to play. that is exactly how thw dating world is. if you dont know how to play you are going to fail over and over and be miserable do i have ur attention now? good let's begin. 1.take care of yourself women want their men groomed, dressed nice, and physically fit. look yourself in the mirror. are you wearing a huge t-sirt with ur footaball team on it? are your clothes too baggy and dont fit well. are your shoes dirty? are your finger nails dirty? are you wearing thick glassess. are you balding and still holding on to whatever hair u want? all of these things automatically disqualify and you will have a hard time. 2.get off your fucking computer YOU ARE NOT GOING TO MEET YOUR NEXT BEAUTY QUEEN OFF T
Ipad Mini Lager Schwindet, Lieferungen An Dicht Bleiben
  Computerworld - Apple angekurbelt Vorbestellungen des ipad mini schutzfolie heute früh, und innerhalb weniger Stunden, das weiße Modell in allen drei Wi-Fi-Konfigurationen verkauft.Pre-Sales für das iPad Mini - auf 7,9-in, Apples erstes verkleinert tablet -. Begann kurz nach Mitternacht PT Freitag. Computerworld bestellt ein ohne Probleme in dieser Zeit.Aber innerhalb von wenigen Stunden wurde das weiße iPad Mini bereits Nachbestellte, mit Apples Online-Shop stellt fest Bestellungen würde in zwei Wochen. Der schwarze iPad Mini, blieb jedoch in allen Speichergrößen, ab mittags ET, war Apple noch vielversprechend, um die Tablette durch 2. November liefern.Das ist, wenn das iPad Mini ist zum Verkauf an Apple Retail Stores gehen und denen einiger ihrer Ziegel-und-Mörtel-Partnern wie Best Buy.Die einzige Version, die derzeit erhältlich ist die Wi-Fi iPad Mini, der zelluläre Modell, das sowohl 3G-und LTE unterstützt und wird in den Netzen von AT & T, Sprint und Verizon in den USA lauf
Uptown Lexington 2012 Ornamento Di Natale Arriva
"Ogni anno qualcuno ci chiede sempre se si tiene l'albero di 'grande', che è stato sospeso su strade principali e il Centro", ha dichiarato Jo Ellen Edwards decori natalizi , direttore esecutivo di ULI. "Essendo nativo di Lexington, che è un vivido ricordo personale della mia infanzia. La conversazione di solito comprende quindi i ricordi delle decorazioni che erano anche le luci della strada. La donazione di un nuovo 26 piedi alto albero per la piazza di Lynda Smith Swann e Eddie Smith Jr. in memoria di Sarah Smith e Lanier Elsie Banche Smith e conversazioni sulla struttura della 'vecchia' ha portato alla visione del design per l'ornamento 2012 ". Usando vecchie fotografie ei suoi ricordi d'infanzia propri personali, un dipinto commissionato da ULI per artista Lexington Margaret Sink divenne teatro vacanza in ornamento. Il punto focale della pittura Sink è l'albero sospeso sul quadrato con decorazioni candela sulle luci della strada. Come se lì per accoglierli, Babbo Nata
While the focus today, tomorrow and for the rest of your fubar lives will be getting bling ,Vip's , etc and quite literally will make fools of yourselves over it.  Allow me, if only for a moment, to remind us all that others have died so you can do this; others whose lives were cut short; others who leave behind loved ones and whose families will dearly miss them .Yes... it's true... you will suffer a great loss if your fubar rank drops... but forgive me while I tell you that you will live to try again another day. So I ask that you treat this day as a day to remember those lost , those that were injured , those currently serving , and those that have lost family and friends , Instead of treating this as another day to beg for for the latest bling.
New Beginning?
Well. This should be a far cry from my last blog. Everything in my life has changed. And I couldn't be happier about it. I'm clean and sober, and I love every second of it. Wow, that's pretty awesome if I do say so myself. I love my career and how many people can really say that? I've surrounded myself with people I care and who care about me. I still don't know if I've found "true" love, though there is a prospect out there. For once, things, my life, everything is looking up. My living situation sucks, but at least I have a roof over my head. That's more then some can say. I can't even believe how much I've grown since my last blog. It feels pretty incredible. I was just saying to someone the other day that I keep meaning to delete that blog... And even though he told me that it's in my past, and my past is my past, and it doesn't matter anymore... I disagree. It DOES matter, it's shaped who I am now. I'm not sure that I could have endured all that I've been through if I hadn't been
Shaved Or Hairy
Ladies which do you prefer, your man shaved clean or hairy down there?
Stupid Much?
is it just me or is this stupid.. i have a few gay friends... nothing against them they are lovely people wonderful personalities kind caring loving ect... but does this sound stupid or what? Friends status : i hate shopping with kids im never having kids my thought: well ah your gay thats not happening any time soon and well yur a guy last i looked you have sperm you need an egg to make a baby unless you plan on stealing a baby or adopting one i dont see you "having" a child any time soon   maybe its just me
A Poem
Whiskey River I had a place on Whiskey River But I don't have one down there now After camping on Wine Lake I went down Beer Gulch That's the way I got there but I don't remember how The glassy surface sparkled like diamonds The rocks in whiskey River are made of ice I found some boards just lying around... I built a shack around my stool, simple but nice The boys from town would stop in We'd laugh that the river never ran dry Maybe play guitar a harp would wail we'd sing An old man up the river would come to listen then cry Then one morning when the fog had lifted I packed up what little I had Said goodbye to that old Whiskey River Made my way to Clear Water tired of being sad Yes I had a place Whiskey River I don't go there anymore So if your tired of being alive and well Your welcome to have my place down on the rivers shore
Ios Logging With Lumberjack
When debugging your mobile application, logging can provide critical information. A few problems arise from the simplicity of iOS’s logging interface. The built-in method, NSLog, is mainly a development tool, but when left in release code it will still be executed. Removing NSLog calls before release can be a tiresome process, but leaving them in will slow down your application.Read More -
Average is: Shy untouchable Average is: Sadly waiting for God Average is: Used or useless, nothing Average is: Staring at life's bland white walls. Average is: BLANK  
Happy F@#ksgiving Everyone!
There should be a holida like the second tuesday in May that is the opposite of Thanksgiving.  This holiday would be known as "Fucksgiving" and would celebrate not what you are thankful for, but more to the point of things you dont give a fuck about.   The bird in this holiday would be a bit different, but you could still gather friends and family and wish them all a Happy Fucksgiving!     Unless of course, they are what you don't give a fuck about.
She Sins In Peace (poem I Wrote)
She Sins In Peace She sins in peace. So gradual the grace. She was on for a little flutterin polite debauchery. Her feet are delicate and they step not on firmearth. She walks on thin air above men's heads and leads them astray.Spending scarlet, like a woman in the economy of heaven. In twilightwhere virtue is vice. So pure a thing, so free from mortal taint. Soinfinite our intercourse, so intimate indeed. Over the infinitebreast in bright degrees. Life is most cruel when she is most wise.She does not call her lust fire. She is as she is. She smiled as sinonly can.The depth and passion of her gentle glance. Her eyes begin their dance.Her eloquence might soothe a tigers rage. The long and lonelycolonnades. Her name is written in heaven. She is fair, she is whitelike a dove. Her beauty made me feel like a man. Have I not seen theloveliest woman born. She is my new found angel, muse, Madonna, allin one! She lay beside me in the dawn as if we live in a movie. Breathing deep,dying in sc
How Could This Be
I'm tired of trying to be what you want me to be I'm tired of rewinding what could be it plays in my head all the time but then i find out it was all a lie   you drug me around like a sack of old rags and just threw me away like it was never going to be do you really choose her over me?   how could this really be when you just said you loved me i really tried my best and you put me to the test so whats it going to be?     I'm tired of trying to be what you want me to be I'm tired of rewinding what could be it plays in my head all the time but then i find out it was all a lie
Sexy Sex
You open my legs like a bag of chips. Carefully spreading them to their farthest point. You then, adjusting your position...reach in and gently feel around. Once you find that one spot you begin to softly rub my clit with your thumb and glide ur finger tips along my pussy lips. Feeling the wetness seep through and you begin to work your way in. Once inside my vast lands of juiciness I want you to spread it all around and insert a finger super slow...taking care to feel every throbbing muscle as you go deeper and pull out. I grab your hand, bring it up to my mouth and suck my sweet nectar from your fingers. Watching you come closer you press your luscious lips against mine and passionately kiss me as you as you penetrate my soaked love hole. Going deeper and deeper you begin to grab my breasts and thrust your hard cock faster and faster. I wrap my legs around your body holding you close. I reach down and rub my pussy. I grab your rock hard shaft giving a tight squeeze you fuck me faster
Leaving Or Not?
why do people say they are going to leave lounge and are pissed about something but then hang around for another half hour to an hour ... i just dont get it :/
No One Can Tell Them From The Real Louis Vuitton Bags For Cheap
Jacobs has taken us to hotels before—the quartet of old-fashioned cage elevators from his Fall ’11 Claridge's collection lingers in the memory. But where that show had an erotic undercurrent of sex, the takeaway today was more romantic. Back then, Kate Moss wore hot pants; here she was in a long-sleeve tulle dress embroidered with flowers. This was a romance with intimations of decadence and melancholy, though: Authentic LV Women,Only the very indulged or the very depressed stay in their jammies all day. For his bow, Jacobs wore the pj's from Vuitton's recent men's collection, which feature Jake and Dinos Chapman's print interpretation of Diana Vreeland's Garden in Hell apartment. That's a choice ripe for interpretation. You couldn't blame him for wanting a nap, given his myriad responsibilities.   The skilled craftsmen attach significance to each detailed design with carrying the Louis Vuitton  brand name. To be frank, no one can tell them from the real  Lou
Make That Im An Ass...
j is a horses ass
Fashionable Handbag For To Enjoy The Sunshine
Decide on Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Gallier Bag For Summer season FashionThere's a new addition to the Galliera family and it really is wonderful with a capital ! The Louis Vuitton Azur Galliera GM Bag is stunning and everything I anticipated. I have usually Authentic LV Men nonetheless it appears a lot more gorgeous about the Galliera.What is wonderful regarding the Galliera is it comes in two sizes, PM and GM, and the two have a lot room! I'm five foot so I personally enjoy the PM, but when you are taller I would say go for your GM. I love big bags, and I am dying to include the Galliera to my collection! Whilst shopping a single day, I did possess the luxury of going into Louis Vuitton and making an attempt within the Monogram Galliera PM.Identical size and design just distinct pattern. Everything I had heard regarding the handbag was correct! It had been gorgeous, match cozy on my shoulder, plenty of space Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags fit my whole total dresser in it, a
Omg Really!?!?! Wtf Did This Happen!?
Motivational pictures are stupid. Reason:If you don't have the balls/overies to simply post in your OWN words what's bugging you on FB, then maybe the internet is not for you. The internet, and 35% of FB, is powered by cynical idjits, political/religious/societal/cultural venom, cats, and teenagers. the remaining 65%, are normal people and wiener dog pictures (AKA backup generators). This may seem like a mean spirited post brought on by some minor incident, but it's not. It's fact. Here is my view point on almost every hot button topic:the Big Bang:In the beginning, there was nothing. Then there was the Mother of God. She gave birth to God. God created a hyper condensed ball of matter and lit the fuse on that sucker. then he ran like hell, because the explosion was f***ing huge. He left the universe to it's own devices, and in various forms and miracles created many forms of religions and teachings. After that, he left us all the f*** alone, because he did more in seven days than we ha
Apologizing Cows
Pickle: dont disgrace the cow like that Pickle: cows have feelings you know Pnut: lmfaoPnut: remind me next time i see one to apologise Pnut: lol Pickle: dont even think of apologizing to a hamburger or ill kick your ass  
Watch Out For People Like This "lina"
2:15pm more To LINA: would you please cherry bomb me   cancel Chat 2:16pm more To Tattoo...: would you please cherry bomb me   cancel Chat 2:26pm more To LINA: I shitfaced you would you please cherry bomb me. Do you know how to use the bomb? just wondering?   cancel Chat 2:26pm reply
More About My Sign
GeminiMay 21 - June 21 Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and those born under this sign will be quick to tell you all about it. That's because they love to talk! It's not just idle chatter with these folks, either. The driving force behind a Gemini's conversation is their mind. The Gemini-born are intellectually inclined, forever probing people and places in search of information. The more information a Gemini collects, the better. Sharing that information later on with those they love is also a lot of fun, for Geminis are supremely interested in developing their relationships. Dalliances with these folks are always enjoyable, since Geminis are bright, quick-witted and the proverbial life of the party. Even though their intellectual minds can rationalize forever and a day, Geminis also have a surplus of imagination waiting to be tapped. Can a Gemini be boring? Never!  Since Geminis are a mix of the yin and the yang, they are represented perfectly by the Twins. The Gemini-born c
New Yoga Pose
Pink invents a new yoga pose.
Inexpensive And Smells Great
Supplies: Fabric softener *your favorite scent Baking Soda Water   In a 32 ounce spray bottle add 1/8-1/4 cup of fabric softener. 2 teaspoons of baking soda, fill with water. Shake and spray!
Leaky Pipe In The Basement
Pink thinks it's about time she fixed that leaky pipe in the basement.
Distracted Drivers
This is what I do not understand.  Drivers are not allowed to a) talk on the phone while driving b) text while driving c)eat while driving d) get a blowjob while driving........all because they are considered you know how many times i have seen people driving their cars down the city streets with a dog bouncing off their laps and faces????  now THAT is distracting.  i have nothing against dogs just not in the front seat of a car......
Too Sexy
Pink is too sexy for this comic.
Instalación De La Aplicación Para Móviles Y Tabletas Android
Si usted posee un teléfono Android o tableta, entonces usted está probablemente en busca de descargar algunas de estas aplicaciones en su dispositivo. Pero, ?cómo es exactamente lo que va sobre él? Hay dos tipos de aplicaciones descargables en el mercado de estos son la variedad gratuitos y de pago. Los libres son, obviamente, libre de cualquier cargo y los pagados solo se pueden descargar una vez que han pagado por ellos. En la mayoría de los casos el pago es muy mínimo. Una vez que haya decidido sobre el tipo de descarga que desea, todo lo que tienes que hacer es hacer clic en el 'mercado de aplicaciones Android "en la pantalla de su tableta o teléfono. Una vez hecho eso, un motor de búsqueda se inicia y se utiliza para buscar la aplicación. -android 4.0 Una cosa a destacar es que aunque la mayoría de los motores de búsqueda, como Google realmente no vigilan a los que cargar las aplicaciones en el Internet y como tal, usted podría encontrarse con algunas aplicaciones que tienen algu
The Right Guy And Inside The Mind Of Men
Sometimes he’ll say cheezy stuff to you just to make you smile so he knows you’re a little happy. When he looks at you it puts a smile on his face for no reason. The real reason it does that is because he can believe that someone as beautiful as you is with him. He stands up for you no matter who it’s against even if he gets hurt. He calls you at night just to say “hi” and to see how your day was. When he sees you again because he missed you he kisses you where you’re pressed against the wall. Then he whispers “I missed you so much”. You know he loves you when you both have a moment where you just gaze into each other’s eyes even if he’s with his friends and you’re with yours. When you cry he wipes away the tears and he’ll hold you tightly as he says every thing’s alright then stays with you all night not wanting anything from you. Even if you say you hate him he tries to be there for you through the roughest
The Perfect Present And The Ultimate Gift With Michael Kors
Buying the perfect present or the ultimate gift is truly an art form. Whether you are buying it for your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, wife or husband, it's always a struggle to get it perfect. Fret not cause I am going to share with you some truly amazing gift ideas that will bring the romance back into your relationship. One of the best romantic anniversary ideas I have heard was from a buddy called Sam. He actually wrote a set of anniversary poems and had them published in a local magazine. On top of that, he created a set of coupons which covered a wide area such as half an hour back rub romantic getaway for a day and other romantic ideas. Those coupons were valid for a year and the wife could use them anytime she wants. Needless to say, the wife was so impressed and proclaimed that it was the most romantic birthday idea she had encountered. Sometimes, tradition might actually work wonders when you are thinking of anniversary gift ideas. A simple bouquet of 11 roses is one of
Isco Has Also Stated He Would Again Like To Work Under Former-malaga Boss Manuel Pellegrini
This evening the under-21 European Championships kicks-off in Israel. Some of the hottest young players in Europe will be appearing at the tournament. Eight of the continents top teams will compete for the trophy.Here is a guide to some of the players that have the potential to make a major impact at the tournament:Manchester United jersey Isco (Spain)The former-Valencia playmaker is one of the most highly-rated players in Europe. The youngster played a key role in Malaga’s journey to the quarter-finals of the Champions League this season.Isco was also part of the Malaga squad that qualified for Europe’s elite competition the previous season.The 21-year-old claimed the title of FIFA golden Boy in 2012 and it probably will not be the last honour bestowed on the youngster in his career. His intelligence and vision is likely to earn him more awards in the future.Isco’s good form last season attracted the interest of the likes of Real Madrid, Chelsea and Man
I Woke Up One Morning
I woke up one morning thinking about my life. What I had in it? I had a mother, a father, brothers and sisters, but most of all I had a soul. My soul. A colorless soul who wanted to live. I looked in the sky and wondering what I have to do today? Nothing. There were only clouds and wind, was preparing for the storm, like it was before the war. I felt that I wanted to just sit on the sidelines and watch the lives of others, moments of happiness and love, like everything revolves around me, I could hear laughter of joy, people who loved and cared for each other he was a world of which I wanted to belong, not to live in solitude locked in my soul, sadness did not want to recognize that there are hurting, I wanted my own universe and hers. Hers who? I was wondering and I answer alone, the one that they love me truly from the heart. But who love me for me? Who? Who can it revive me feel warm sunshine, feel the rain and storm as a sign of joy?                         Just you. I saw you, sta
Buying Wholesale Clothes - A Great Way To Wear Awesome Clothes Within Your Budget
These days, it has become a kind of social pressure to keep up with the ever changing trends; however, it perhaps is an expensive prospect. Nevertheless, you can afford to purchase the modern fashionable clothing by opting to go for cheap wholesale clothing. Well, though the costs are much less, the quality of the wardrobes remains the same. Clothes wholesalers can offer you clothes for all kinds of occasions and their extensive collection will surely meet any kind of demands and preferences. Benefits of buying from wholesalers Clothing wholesalers provide you with an opportunity to save a considerable amount of money. You can order as much or as less you need. That is certainly an advantage. If you make a bulk purchase along with your friends as well, you can avail more discounts which is really amazing. The choice of clothes available at the wholesalers will leave you speechless indeed. Wholesale outlets give you an opportunity to buy any kind of branded or designer wear without spen
Era Of Smart Phones, Mobile Power How To Choose
The sudden emergence of smart phones, the mobile phone market has been an unprecedented degree of public attention improved, especially iPhone and other star product is to get many fans in hot pursuit. However, precisely because of unprecedentedly powerful smartphone features, we greatly increase the time to play phone, mobile phone battery technology development lags behind, standby time is too short problems will become increasingly prominent out-smart phone on chinese The iPhone, for example, if the call more than 30 minutes a day, SMS 20, intermittent or continuous Internet more than one hour, then the battery is almost not stand the day of its use, which is of course unacceptable to the player, it is more for business users is a fatal flaw. Well, we have no way to solve this dilemma? Of course, here we strongly recommend to mobile power products, and original replacement spare phone battery, mobile power equipment use greater flexibility, and support The equipment is
Un Inger Dac-as Fi
                                                                                                                                   Un ingera dac-as fi                     Eu mereu te-as ocroti .                     De rele te-as apara                     Numai bucurii ti-as da .                     Dar de cat un om eu sunt                      Si nu pot sa fac mai mult ...                     Decat sa te imbratisez                     Si numai de bine eu sa-ti urez
Come join/follow me on Vine:DjWoo
You came to me on a warm spring day..You seemed to know just what to say.. by my side I always want you to be..Holding and touching and kissing me... Your voice is so soft..Your words touch me so deep..I gave you my heart for you to safely keep.. Put it in your pocket handle it with care..and know for sure I will always be there
Back Before The Storm
Back Before the Storm    A simple smile, hands entwined.... an afternoon stroll, in the misty rain. ~~Do you remember us, back before the storm?~~ Silly little notes, kisses on the nose.... laughing at nothing, lost in each other's eyes. ~~Do you remember us, back before the storm?~~ Staring at the stars, falling asleep on the phone.... sharing dreams of forever, trusting our secrets. ~~Do you remember us, back before the storm?~~ Making plans, touching lips.... invitations sent, roses everywhere. ~~Do you remember us, back before the storm?~~ The first harsh word, a broken smile.... angry to bed, a promise slips away. ~~Do you remember us, as the storm clouds formed?~~ Silent meals, unanswered phone calls.... anger exploding, all seeking cover. ~~Do you remember us, as the clouds rolled in?~~ Vows broken, war lines drawn.... property division, in a love all gone. ~~Do you remember us, when the storm first broke?~~ Thundering inside, louder than out.... screams cancel forever, under
State Broadcaster Ert To Shut Down As Greece Seeks More Savings
Greece has said it would close down its state broadcaster almost immediately, planning to reopen it as a slimmed down operation as part of budget cuts. Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou – a former state TV journalist – described Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, or ERT, as a "haven of waste" and said its TV and radio signals would go dead early on Wednesday. He said its 2,500 employees would be compensated and the company would reopen "as soon as possible" with a smaller workforce. It was not immediately clear how long that would take. Large crowds of ERT employees gathered outside its Athens headquarters, vowing to fight the decision and calling for a general media blackout in protest. Unions representing ERT workers at three terrestrial TV stations, one satellite station and its national and regional radio network said they would keep the stations on air. Protesting employees were joined by opposition politicians and union leaders. Both minority government partner
BravoSierra's format   Nobody texts faster                                                 than a píssed off girl.     
Saw This And Had Tp Post This For A Friend
Before you wanna be an asshole with your girl, Think about this... While your ignoring her , another guy is giving her attention . While your giving her problems , another guy is listening ..While your to busy for her, another guy is making time for her. While your making her cry, another guy is trying to make her smile again, When your not sure if you want her, Another guy already has that figured out.. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT MEN...
Need Some Feedback
Can anyone tell me this how in the hell can anyone said if you are in pain or not and trying to quite a habit  that  you have been doing for years  and say you should be over the craving for a smoke Most of  you know what is going on with me here now  the Dr. tells me get rest and don't do any kind of hard labor for about 4 to 6 weeks  because you need to build back up  the lung after it collapsed this don't just happen overnight  I am starting to get really pissed off here with someone     I had a tube in me for a week and after it came out I have a hole in that spot see Picture below   So should I just let it go?     Or   Should I say something? 
Tips For Choosing Right Moving Company In Bangalore
Now-a-days, everyone wants to schedule move with a professional moving company. It is a good decision always. But choosing the right moving company is also imperative. If you fail to schedule your move with a right service provider then you move will not be easy but the stress-level will increased. So, you must choose the right mover if you indeed want to make your move extremely easy and simple. Here are some great tips and ideas which will help you find out right mover in Bangalore on your move; whether you move locally within this city or move from this city to somewhere else. Consult your relatives, colleagues, friends and neighbors who have earlier used services of professional packers and movers in Bangalore; ask them for recommendations and make a list of some of potential Packers and Movers Bangalore based companies. Verify these companies. Check their backgrounds, history, credentials and reputations. Make phone calls to them or visit their offices. Make sure they are experi
A Great Approach To A Great Life
I encourage you to watch the video it’s a little long but it’s worth it and see why Empower Network could be huge for you and see why you should share it with everyone you know. The membership includes instructional videos and motivational if you will. Many sites charge way more and give way less it’s nice having your money deposited straight into your bank accountmany others made me wait for a check. I personally have two friends that got me into Empower Network and I’ve seen they have been making a pretty penny. If you decide to sign up you’ll gain residuals and get paid as long as a person keeps the service or product so this is pretty huge and imagine from the comfort of your own home.
Frye Shoes Online Store Supply Blood To The
frye shoes Online store supply blood to the the processes that involve clogging of the arteries no more. When someone, especially the media discusses on cardiac illness, they refer to it as a disease due to the piling up of cholesterol in the arteries which supply blood to the hear - the coronary arteries. The truth is, this is only a part of the process. What is omitted here is the r.frye boots saleeal villain that is none other than - calcium. Why The arteries don't get hard until the calcium level begins to build up. The calcium actually builds up INSIDE the cells. Prior to that point, despite the fact that free radicals (unstabl.frye bootse molecules that can cause damage to the cells) do contribute to the disease, the arteries are flexible enough so that the blood circulation can be maintained and the blood supply continues to pass through. The real danger starts when there is a .frye shoesbuild-up of calcium inside the individual cells of the artery, making the art
Assured Free Of Charge Presents
Bad Shopping Experiences Make On the web Consumers Skeptical About On the internet Clothing ShoppingIn an effort to get hold of the dependable on the web purchasing store, little time must be invested in basic investigations. Checking up on the certain shopping portal usually pays off. Studying online critiques and testimonials gives a fundamental notion of its flaws and powerful factors. Its always risk-free to go for a web based shop that has Louis Vuitton Handbags about for fairly a whilst. Today on the web shopping portals are mushrooming at a fast tempo, and really a number of of them disappear just as speedily. Therefore, its usually better to depend on the knowledgeable gamers because they would know how to do things the right way.The bigger the greater? Not constantly. Its not always accurate that a web based outfits e-store using the largest number of merchandise always be the top. Mismanagement usually happens when theres too considerably to deal with. Rather tha
Before The Game And We Need To Work
Italy coach Cesare Prandelli admitted the team play in this game is not good enough to win with luck, but he also explained to Recife hot and humid weather affected the team's play jerseys ???? Beijing early this morning's Confederations Cup, 4-3 win over Italy, Japan, Cesare Prandelli admitted the team win this game is luck. ???? Japanese team in the game was 2-0 after being ahead the team will tie it 3-3, but ultimately was eliminated by Italy lore. ???? Prandelli in an interview with reporters, said: "and Mexico that game we deserved the victory, but today this is not, today, because we benefit from that crazy handball. Opening 25 minutes before we simply do not know what they are doing What a time we played poor, troubled. " ???? Of course, Prandelli think the team's performance and Recife hot and humid weather-related, which makes players feel very tired, "in such weather conditions really too difficult to play, where the humidity reached 80% and maddeningly hot, e
My Blogs
MY blogs are about my experience with an ex girlfriend or one of my ex wife's or even my ex fu wife never about the person I am with. One of my blogs pissed off April , it was not toured her it was about one different person who was completely crazy , that was fucking nut case . Yes that girl scared the fucking shirt out me . I am not violent person .I may act like it on here but I use fubar to vent, get rid some stress in real life . That just me . My Evil Jessie books are about real book that was written  by someone, that was never real big .15 book and still working on one book it about vampire who fell in love with vampire killer .Evil Jessie is a female in book and a vampire killer.
Down From Heaven
If an Angel could float down from Heaven,And land softly into my arms.With her bring a smile to my face,To one I would never let anything harm.Then God I ask for this beauty,To glide gently down to me.And show to the rest of the world,How lucky one man can be.Her beauty so amazes me,And to me I hope her heart will grow.And I can show her warmth and smiles,Beyond all this world can ever know.An Angel of my own sent from you to me,My little Goddess on earth shines in my eyes.I will remember each day I can make her smile,And send thanks to the heavens above the sky's
Lil' Boots - Pet
harlequin-ee no need to explain yourself, I was born to pay for my previous sins good girl goodness, we'll see how she is Why is the world falling in on me? Why is the world cheating on me? Yes, girl to girl sincerity remains, though awkwardly unnamed You never kissed, these girlfriend's lips, a simple choice to fall away Why is the world falling in on me? Why is the world cheating on me? Why is the world cheating me? you won't see that, you won't see me you won't see that, le magic bad magic, big magic you won't see that, you won't see Why is the world falling in on me? Why is the world cheating on me? Why is the world cheating me? 
What A Wonderful Day Outside!
Remember, dearies:   Your enemies will NEVER betray you.  They're like bugs, you see? Like animals. Enemies alwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays do what's in their nature.  It's your so called "friends" that you must watch for...your family...your...loved ones.... they're the ones that betray you They're the ones that will always stab you first...and the deepest. Even when they claim they don't know it.....they do. They always do. They know what they did. They may not realise it, at first. But, they always figure it out.  Just like you're doing right now. So...the big question.... who did you stab in the back today?   HAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAH
China’s Modern Day Education
China hasn't modified much inside centuries. However it is. The less apparent changes live in the greater cultural mindset, as the rest are clearly observed in the higher modernistic infrastructure and technology. That is to not imply there isn't a geniune Chinese philosophy input of these technologies. The most apparent addendums to China’s modern day education and learning could be the drive to uncover the Western world. Within the last century, it could are impossible to discover a school that teaches English anywhere in China. Westerners will have to be determined by interpreters to have their way across the Chinese metropolis. But globalization and China’s entry to the World Trade Organization is different this scenery drastically. Nowadays, businesses obtain sending deserving workers to discover business, engineering as well as other fields abroad. Plus much more and even more private schools in China hire westerners in the united states, UK and Australia for his o
It was a gloomy April 13th, 1991. I was over my cousins house. We were playing football while my Grandfather unloaded a tractor from his truck. The mail ran so I got it and just then a guy in a blue truck came around an S-Curve and struck me the force of the impact knocked me right out of my shoes, sent me flying some 300 feet I don't know if it was in the air or through the air either way I'm sure I set a long jump and high jump record. The funny thing about that day is I don't even recall being on the earth that day.All I remember is floating above the scene not knowing it was me down there. Then after I saw some kid get hit I then climbed the pearly gates and there this guy who looked like Jerry Garcia told me it's not my time yet. I'm sure Jerry's not God, he might be a Gaurdian. Now I know some of may be saying but Jerry wasn't dead then but I swear it's the honest truth. Now that I've told you about my accident how about some feedback it would be greatly appreciated.
How It Is...
I will never give up on you. I want my life to be your life. I want to spend every minute of every day with you. I want to experience all that life has to offer–the good and the bad–with you at my side. Thank you for loving me with so much intensity and passion. 
Lighting Fixtures Should Be Formed By The Normal Use
"Lighting the world norm IEC62560-2011" in the rule: "Lighting fixtures should be formed by the normal use of the system unit and wiring as well as the exchange after the light source or exchangeable for starters and it is necessary to turn lamps, if not hand operation, the live parts is not touched. "Inspection and quarantine officers on routine export commodities inspection process, repeatedly found that a number of manufacturers producing LED lights pierce the lamp socket at one end, the other end is free and easy access to live parts.the led company Recently, Wuxi Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau in a fixture on the area of export commodities inspection found that a export company produced for general lighting self-ballasted LED lights because the irrational, the formation is determined to be defective and can not smooth exit. Thus, we face intense competition in the world market, lamps export company one should pay attention to the relevant norms of research study, th
Lounge Drama
Dear Drama, Been awhile since we have had the opportunity to see each other. You know, you like to mess with people and cause them do strange things and get upset. I learned to deal with you a long time ago. I will you interfere with the relationship that I have with my girlfriend. She has a dream to be a DJ in the real world, and is using her ability to learn to do so in a lounge. I decided to DJ again. I used to have my own station online, and thought, hey we share a common interest and hobby. Drama, you make your entrance. Thanks buddy. All of sudden there is a rivalry between two lounges, and people are getting fired and/or dropping like flies. Who knew something that is online could lead to stress and anger like this? Well drama, my real life girlfriend has a dream, and I will not let you stop her from achieving her dream. You will not come between us, my love is too strong for that, and I believe in her heart, she feels the same. Drama, fuck you!!!!    JC aka MC Monkey   P.S
Power Of Veto
  Anyone who requests to be Added without including an answer to the question, which may vary from week to week viewable in the About Me section, will be become a "Have Not". The aim here is not to make you Do anything but rather to find those who are already doing it. Anyone who shows they know something about Big Brother 15 or can put forth enough effort to find out is welcome here.
Come Baby And Get My Body Curls
Make yourself ncolaceste wind-up baby and my body hot, make yourself honey and rain cools my skin and make yourself storm disturbs me through the sheets, make yourself big waves rocking me over you make yourself plain-nrourata and let me wallow in you, do you get bunches of grapes crushed on my chest and empty hands you sip, do you any love but do not stand over me like the sun in the sky ... that more melted all!                   Yet you sit there in your bed broken with emotion, his eyes warm deer hunter sniffing your fearful, covered only by your charming fragrance of woman willing to love, you bite your lips and hands touch them flighty breasts shy although you wants more, much more ... you want to enjoy a true love, sincere and passionate ... and that your education, respect and common sense of the partner! ...
Stream Of Conciousness Writing, Notes On Love
True Love.What is it, really?All people seek it in some form, and most never find it.Most settle for Lust, as base a human instinct as their is, thinking with hormones and pheromones.I ask myself what Love is, all the time.The Best answer I was ever able to come up with, was this.  Love, is the completeness you never knew you were missing.  Its finding the Partner who will be by your side, step by step, into the unsure future, as you take come together as one, and forge it for what you want it to be.  Someone who walks beside you, offering wisdom and strength in every decision.  Holding you close, letting you lean on them, Offerring you their strength, freely, when you need it, and accepting yours without reservation when they need it.  Love makes whole, what you never realized was incomplete.  It ensures that you have someone whom you respect and trust, explicitly, at your side, for the rest of your days.  Love is what you spend your entire life looking for without realizing it.  Love
Stream Of Conciousness Poetry, Legacy.
A try at poetry, I give it a shot every so often when the mood hits.Nothingness, the curse of almost every man and woman who has ever lived.Doing nothing, its easy.Its the easiest thing to do, nothing.Nothing leads to Nothing.And that leads to oblivion.If no one remembers you.If you die, and left nothing behind.If No one knew who you were.Were you ever Alive.Do you exist?Are you really here?Have you done anything to be remembered for?Nothing leads to Oblivion.Will people mourn you after you pass?Have you Done Anything?Or do you continue to do Nothing?Are you Alive?Do you have a family?Will they remember you fondly, as a loving, member.Or did you do nothing but work, and never spend any time with them?Nothing is Oblivion.Have you done a Lasting Work?Do you have A Legacy of Knowledge to leave behind?Do you have a Masterwork so that future generations will Know you were here.Alive is Leaving your mark.Great Parents, loving and Kind.Nurturing and teaching, leave their kids the same way.And
Question Yourself.......
"Everyone has their own battles and their own fights. Its just about figuring out what you can take on and what will come out of it that makes you happy dealing with the consequences and theories in the world. You have to develop your own path and your own state of mind." This quote is from someones video, who I fallow closely for some personal reasons and out of admiration.  He also says that you "cant form your life on others because they have already based what they feel about you based on things they cant even be sure about but they're saying they are. " This has really came to express my life and how it has been for a short while now. There are some people who are going to meet me, and they are going to base their feelings on such things as my tattoos, how I dress, even my attitude. This brings in his point, they don't know my battles or fights or the reasons for why I do or don't do things. I can try my best at what I do, that is where it goes.  He also mentions that the more y
Chaaraoui May Be To Sell The Price
Milan officially announced Shaarawy staying small sum given the next meeting of Pharaoh After Milan vice president Adriano Galliani club meetings, Chaaraoui reiterated the willingness to stay in the Rossoneri, the Italian evening local time on July 2, Milan officially announced Shaarawy will not be sold, small pharaoh with red Black Legion of love will continue.Manchester United jersey Milan local time at 18:39 on July 2, AC Milan club's official website issued a proclamation declaring Galliani met with Chaaraoui the successful conclusion of its brokers, small law veteran remain in the Rossoneri. Notice reads as follows: Galliani and brokers with Chaaraoui met, everything went very smoothly. Stephen (Chaaraoui name) has always been a big fan of Milan, he reiterated to the sum of the effectiveness of the Rossoneri continue to resolve, conviction and confidence will return Milan. Milan and Shaarawy will continue to move forward together, as in June 2011 he joined the team since that. H
Summers Rain
Father Sky is gray As the new light appears And the laughter of the birds is still the clouds shed their tears and the land drinks of this heavenly dew puddles replace the dust irresistible temptations for little feet Turning my face to the sky and feeling the gentleness of the mist washing away my cares filling my heart with happiness Lifting my spirits  like the quenching of the crops Raising my arms I turn to the four winds
17 & It Just Ends This Way
Our 17 years of friendship just ended up that way. It feels so hurt but do you ever really ask how I feel? We are supposed to be bff but everything changed ever since that bitch entered your life... You just know her not long   She doesnt know you like I do but everything your fiance trust is her. I know you from the age of 7 sweetie before you had your fiance and the rest of the girls. When you were pregnant I was the last to know.Fuck it hurts. Im sorry I wont attend for your wedding. Anyway congrats.
Legit? Or Was His Intention To Seduce Me?
Living alone is quite expensive in the past i've had some boarders. I don't know if anyone has tried this but i did first i had 2 other women living with me didn't work out too much drama. Three women in the house means competition not my thing. I knew i needed boarders and Men are least dramatic. I decided to let 5 men rent out the extra rooms. One of the guys got a house house sitting and he asked me to go with him to get grocerys for him to have at the house he was watching and at same time he could pay me what he owes me for the week. Nothing out of the normal for me to go out shopping with one of the guys to shop or to cash checks. First stop was at bank getting money, second stop was getting grocerys I am short so he put his arm over my shoulder i laughed it off , from there we wen to liquor store. While in liquor store he pinches my lips and ask what i like to drink. I decide ok i use to take sips of a coronas from friends drinks yet never had me a beer for myself. I thought may
How Bad Is The Economy?
The Recession hits everybody in the US ........ I got a pre-declined credit card in the mail. Wives are having sex with their husbands because they can't afford batteries. CEO's are now playing miniature golf. Exxon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen. A stripper was killed when her audience showered her with rolls of pennies while she danced. I saw a Mormon polygamist with only one wife. If the bank returns your check marked "Insufficient Funds," you call them and ask if they meant you or them. McDonald's is selling the 1/4 ouncer. Angelina Jolie adopted a child fr
Appearances For Peterborough United Last Season
Gayle, 22, joined Peterborough on loan from League Two side Dagenham & Redbridge in Novemeber 2012, with the Posh given the option to make the deal permanent in soccer jerseys On 2 January 2013, Peterborough exercised their £500,000 option on the former Arsenal youngster, signing him to a four-and-a-half-year deal. However, the Posh have decided to cash in on Gayle following their relegation to League One, and understandably so. According to reports, the deal could be worth up to £8.5 million, including add-ons.The 22-year-old striker scored 13 goals in 29 league appearances for Peterborough United last season. The delighted Gayle, who has put pen to paper on a four-year deal Selhurst Park, is looking forward to working with Palace boss Ian Holloway next season.“I’m ecstatic really. I just want to get pre-season started now,”cheap jerseys said the 22-year-old attacker. “The chance came and I had to grab it because I might not get
Regarding The Transfer Of Robinho
ACF Fiorentina attacking midfielder Adem Ljajic is reportedly attracting interest from a number of top European clubs, including AC Milan and Manchester United, Sky Sports jerseys Ljajic, 21, has one year remaining on his current contract at the Stadio Artemio Franchi, and could be available on a cut-price deal. The 21-year-old ace, who completed 88.2 percent of his passes last term, tallied 11 goals and eight assists in 28 league appearances for the Viola in 2012/13, his best ever season in professional football.According to reports, Chelsea and Liverpool are among the clubs interested in Ljajic, who has won seven international caps for Serbia. AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani has confirmed the 21-year-old midfielder could become a summer target for the club.“He could become our target, but in this moment he’s a player with a contract,”cheap soccer jerseys Galliani told Sky Sport Italia. In other news, Galliani added that the Rossoneri a
Who's That Staring At Me
As I look into the mirror, what do I see I see someone staring back at me. When I see that person staring It looks really dareing.   As I look into the mirror, what do I see I tell myself, why would I want to be As I was standing there I seen a big flare   I didn't even want to peek I thought maybe I look like a geek I never wanted to look again I thought maybe it would be a sin   I ask, why do I look like this Why do everybody have to diss Then I think, God made me And thats the way it should be.                                                                      Alexia Webb                                                                        7/18/05
I could not forget the moment you partedYour lips. They shone in the moonlight, I thought thatIn that moment, had I the will to kiss you, I could lift the taste ofYesterday's wine off them. You never gaveMe the chance.                In that moment I felt the spasm               Of desire shake within you, so hard               That I could feel the air vibrate with it, butIt did nothing to bridge the distance.I could not will myself to listen to yourVoice, it was too much, too soon, itStung deep, my cheeks turned red at The thought. I still cannot recall your words.For my entire being was concentratedOn the curve of your shoulder, the moonlightYour body, your entirety. If I couldNot have you, it was in my best interestTo remember each line of your lips,The contours of your chest.               If I could not have you, I would have                At least, the moment.I was entranced by your nearness, my legsCould not hold the weight of my heart, so heavyWithin my chest that my ribs bro
Wanta Get Kinki And Have Fun
Motorola Solutions' First Corded Linear Imager Ushers In The Next Generation Of 1d Scanning
New Motorola LI2208 offers best-in-class performance and range     Global Vision a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers, today announced the LI2208 general purpose corded linear imager for capturing virtually every 1D bar code. Based on the small design, reliability and ergonomic comfort of Motorola's LS2208 scanner, the LI2208's best-in-class 1D scanning performance and range will allow workers to scan faster and farther to improve productivity and reduce customer wait times.  
There Is A Lady I Fancy
There is a lady i fancy, we will be just friends for now, we talk for ages and hours, i think she likes me as well i want to share my powers   there is a beautiful lady i fancy, as attractive as a glowing moon i hope she will fancy me, we can be together soon
Hit The Sali Nuo Saarvio Shot Deflected To The Outdoors Front Football Shirt
Manchester City No Decision LeftGrabbing front kick Carroll Paul Rao raised once the two sides dispute, the two were booked for 54 minutes, Kuyt header ferry, Maxi Rodriguez volley wide on the edge from the area. 58 minutes, Kuyt pass, Meireleis header ten yards larger. 61 minutes, Liverpool siege corner, hit the Sali Nuo Saarvio shot deflected to the outdoors front Football Shirt edge from the area outside the little Tongshe Alan missed. 1 minute later, Skrtel restricted spot close to the left side angle shot also missed71 minutes following Maillot France within the yellow discipline, Viana long-range totally free kick at thirty yards was Reyna confiscated. Spearing and Enge Ge off the bench. 77 minutes, Wilson biography, Carroll header nodded. Enge Ge shot outside edge on the area was Arthur confiscated. Dirk Kuyt missed long-range. 85 minutes, Carroll a Premier League Shirts corner edge from the area in a modest header by Dirk Kuyt Dangxia, Seoul Scott then left the res
Il Ya Des Joueurs Comme Beckham Ou
Approches à l'achat de chemise du football commerçants en ligneVous pouvez trouver beaucoup d'approches pour l'achat de sites Web maillot de football en ligne. Maillots de foot collectionneurs sont particulièrement friands d'obtenir sur les forums d'affaires et de sites web Web d'enchères où ils peuvent observer maillot de foot 2013 individus en baisse de mal à trouver des objets et les transporter maison maillot de foot 2013 . Vous pouvez trouver différentes gammes d'objets de collection, et dans certains cas probablement le plus passionné informel devez être dans une position de découvrir un facteur intéressant dans la plage de charge dont ils ont besoin. De vos chemises authentiques portés par les joueurs dans les jeux vidéo les plus courants aux engins de publicité peu coûteuse, le net est une mine d'or de maillots de football pour la vente.Sur les Sélections net affiliation de commerçants maillot de football en ligne peuvent être obtenus à partir de méthodes diverses
Yummy Fugde
We Continue Seeing Each Other.
Things get a little under control Abel stays house sitting and i stay at my own home. Two days later i get company from out of state and now Abel is staying home for week i let company stay in Abels and another Mans rooms to make my guest feel at home. Abel and his friend will share my room with me. i put a cot in my room for Abels friend and allow abel to sleep in my bed with me. All the men at home are enjoying the company seeing is its my cousin and her two friends. We buy drinks and make dinner its a great night. We are all laughing and enjoying the company. We are all up till late maybe 2:30am i decide i need rest. i let everyone know where they are sleeping for the night and Abel and i go to my room i am really buzzed and laughing at the talk earlier. His friend comes into room and lays on cot. The house is quiet and sounds like everyone is asleep i push my ass against Abel now laying in my bed with me and he slides my panties to the side and suceeds to make me hot. I give in and
Sur L'emirates Stadium, Arsenal Très Facile à Réaliser Milieu Gérer Maillot De Foo
Sur l'Emirates Stadium, Arsenal très facile à réaliser Milieu gérer maillot de foot , et il fait comme un milieu de terrain défensif Abou Diaby est tombé un cadre cosy et qu'il voulait seulement se terrait dans un journal proche des cercles arc, en attendant thé siffler un anneau puis femme au foyer et enfants brûlant à l'intérieur. Mais ce n'est vraiment rapport à Arsenal de la vie et de la mort 1 Football Shirt jeu, il est vraiment indépendamment du fait qu'ils sont après une fois de plus l'ignominie d'hirondelle "tout est vanité" quatre jeu de mot, tout le monde à la bataille, tous doivent participer à l'agression, tous doivent œuvrer pour que champion de la lueur d'espoir. Comme «patron» à l'intérieur de la 2e moitié de Arsène Wenger indépendamment de la chanson sera remplacé par Abou Diaby maillot de foot 2013, permettent à l'air d'avoir un impact défense de Liverpool, mais c'était 81 minutes semble un peu tard.
Shifting Home From Kolkata To Another City
You have decided to leave Kolkata and shift to another city for a good reason, maybe it job transfer or promotion or other reasons. It would be very exciting but there are lots of tedious tasks involved in the process which may ruin all your excitements. But you can still make your move easier and simply by doing some right steps, taking right decisions and of course hiring services of professional packers and movers companies. Have a proper plan with a budget and good checklist. Do all tasks on time according to the checklist. Use professional moving service that will certainly make your move easier and simpler. There are many professional moving companies in this city that may provide essential home shifting services. They can help with your move in the whole episode from packing of the first item at your current residence in Kolkata to unpacking of the last item at the new residence at new city where you are shifting to. Almost all good Packers and Movers Kolkata based companies p
Love Or Lust
Examine whether you treat the object of your interest as a person or a thing. You care for this person even knowing his or her faults. You are committed to sticking together even through the most difficult circumstances. You can tell this person anything about yourself, even if the truth doesn't flatter you, and you know that your partner will accept you. Evaluate how secure you feel. You know that your partner will stand by you no matter what, and you are prepared to commit to your partner for the rest of your life. Think about how long you've been in the relationship. You have known the person for a long time, and you can't imagine life without him or her. Observe how sex affects your feelings. After you have sex with your partner, you feel closer to him or her. For you, affection and post-coital cuddling are just as important as sex, although you love to keep the flame alive. Analyze the way that you're thinking about
Hello everyone! google
Beyond My Words
To tell her amazing still not worthy,I have lost words to tell what I see.She so beyond beautiful,Intoxicating,An earthy Goddess she could be.Her beauty commands respect,Her eyes capture me beyond her allure.Forever her beauty will entrance me,She could hold me body and soul,Deeply of this I am sure.So more amazing each time I see her,Like a rose blooming endlessly.She flowers more each day,I say this to you all thoughtfully.Bring your beauty to me each day,I will covet you with my words.And I will speak to all of you,Till your beauty is known throughout the world.
Disabled, socially awkward, older (38), poor, extremely overweight, male, pervert, is looking for a young physically fit woman in the Albert Lea area to help him lose weight and become healthier and better physically able. Duties will include walking in front of him and bending over provocatively from time to time as encouragement. Also playing with breasts just out of reach of him, as well as verbal encouragement, all must be done while wearing a tight fitting outfit and possibly kitty ears.
Tottenham Lost Higuain And Bought 18 Million 40 Million Hit To Kill Star Arsenal Last Superstar
Arsenal desperate steering SuarezTottenham Baldini broker a secret meeting with Roberto Soldado Higuain fly, as quoted in the £ 23 million increase on the unwilling, Real Madrid halt the Argentine's transfer to Arsenal and instead accepted a higher offer of Naples, according to "Aspen Daily" said that in waiting nothing happened a few days after seeing Arsenal, Higuain finally lost patience,cheap soccer jerseys he will report back to Naples. Higuain traced to abandon Arsenal is scheduled to leave Real Madrid to join Serie 40000000 North London rivals Tottenham another action, and in the £ 17 million signing of Brazilian international midfielder Paulinho after Tottenham and Twente has reached a transfer fee agreements (7,000,000 pounds), will sign the team Belgian winger investigation Delhi. The latest news is that Tottenham are close to signing Valencia striker Soldado, Barcelona jersey 18 million pounds price will break the club record. "Daily Mail" revealed that Tottenh
Moving Yourself – Useful Tips For You
Often laymen have lack of knowledge and do not know good techniques for DIY (do it yourself) packing and shifting of furniture, home appliances and other household effects. Generally they think that moving to be simple, easy, no-brainer and muscle-mutt kind of thing. But they might take a whole different view of the matter if they were to watch experienced professional packers and movers companies efficiently and quickly doing a move or if they were to have a painful injury or a costly damages of their belongings during their move. Everyone who self-moves would benefit significantly from some good techniques about how to pack things correctly and how to transfer them safely and quickly in order to make the move successful and avoid the grief of personal injuries and / or costly damages of household effects. Knowing some good techniques and implementing them rightly would definitely help people to save money on move, which is the main purpose behind their self-moving, isn’t it? H
New Shit
why change for someone when there's more than likely someone out there who likes you for yourself and DOESN'T wanna change you so just do what you do and be you to hell with anyone else they usually only care about themselves you wanna man who knows how to treat a lady yet you dress skanky and kinda shady asking me where i been it's like wassup lady sitting around all lazy while i work all day just to leave her mind hazy fuck that i am gonna go crazy next time a dumb bitch asks me that question grab her by the neck just for asking that question like whose dick have you been suckin? and who have you been fuckin cause it smells like you had a dick stuck in i'm not a bad guy but i'll do you like one if you try to act a fool cause i'm done with all you tool ass bitches trying to take my riches when i aint got none when you suckas see me better run i don't give a fuck where you come from me and my homies always be on the bomb take your girl so quick like i was a hit and run i got the mad sk
Best Moments Of The 2011 Super Bowl Xlv
Super Bowl XLV would be the 45th annual edition from the Super Bowl game in American football. The game decides the National Football League (NFL) champion to the 2010 season, and is also to be played involving the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Gambling and the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Green Bay Packers. The sport will be held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas on last month 6, 2011, while using start scheduled for 5:25pm Central Time (CT) (UTC-06).Green Bay Packers jersey The game could be the eighth appearance within the Super Bowl for your Steelers of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, founded in 1933 as the Pittsburgh Pirates, as well as the fifth for your Packers of Green Bay, Wisconsin, founded in 1919 because the Indian Packers. Commencing the action, the Steelers hold the record with six Super Bowl wins. The Packers have won the Super Bowl 3 x, as well as holding the record of twelve overall NFL titles when such as pre-Super Bowl era. The Steelers mo
My Insane Ramblings...
I sit and think about everything Ive been through in my life.All the many people Ive known..some Ive loved a great deal and let slip through my fingers,some Ive completely hated,and some that just ceased to be.Most of these people have journeyed to a place where I cant follow.Life,sometimes,can be cruel and unfair. Hindsight is 20/20.As I look back on ALL thats happened over the past 26 years,I realize I would do it all over again if I had to.Even though a lot of it was quite dark,and dangerous...looking at it now,after going through it all,I now see it as quite the journey.How many people can say that they've looked death in the face over 100 times and are still alive to tell the tale?Not many,Ive found out.Not many,indeed.Im a survivor of MANY hardships and sorrows.I have known pain,and sadness...misery and longing.Im not much for opening myself up anymore.Ive been hurt too many times,and now I find its just not worth the risk anymore.Besides,nobody is even on MY emotional level...a
How To Keep Your Home Attractive And Protected From The Elements In Perth
Some people like to have space in their home for outdoor entertaining such as a lanai or porch. The weather in Perth, Australia is generally sunny from December to March so it may be ideal to serve lunch or dinner outdoors on your patio. To be able to entertain family or guests your outdoor entertaining area may need seats that are comfortably fitted with cushions Perth. If your seats have gone through some wear and tear you may require outdoor replacement cushions Perth so that your dining companions will find the whole dining experience a pleasure and worth repeating.   While you are fixing up your home for entertaining, you might want to consider window furnishings like window shutters Perth to attach as well. A window shutter can both shield your indoor living area from the glare of the sun while permitting cool breezes to waft in and throughout the room. If your window shutter is well made from wood it can also serve to prevent intruders from gaining easy entry to your home. The
Diamond Wine Importers
In 1992, I created Diamond Wine Importers out of the belief that Greece, with its natural terrior of mountain vineyards, maritime influenced climate, volcanic and alluvial soils, and over 200 ancient indigenous varieties, can once again become a source of some of the greatest wines in the world.Over the last 20 years of tasting and traveling throughout Greece, we have compiled a portfolio of the best artisan, vineyard-driven producers who are working with the best native varietals from the best appellations. We only focus on producers and growers who are fully committed to quality and sustainability from vine to bottle. These producers are people that have passion, are self-made men, work with the land, and embody the true winemaking spirit. Greek Wine BlogOur goal is to now educate and enlighten the American wine market about these indigenous varietals, ancient appellations and, most importantly, the spirit of these outstanding producers.
Tragedy's End
Tears of pain and sorrow, Not wanting to wake up to see tomorrow, Waiting for death to come, To fill the happiness of some, Lost is the love and vigor for life, Pain cutting through me like a knife, Dreams lost once more, Wanting to leave this life forevermore, Happiness and bliss are just figments, Of a life never to be had, Tragedy and pain rule again, My heart lost and broken full of despair, Wishing I could disappear into thin air.
If You Only Knew
You make my knees go weak and my head spin. I wake up each day wondering how soon till I see you? Feeling my heart beat faster  as I look from face to face wanting more then nothing for one of them to be you. Needing to hear you voice so that my heart will go on beating for the blood to flow with in my vains. Holding  you close is what I live for. Wanting to have you be the first thing when I wake up the last thing that I see be4 I close my eyes. I want to be the one that fills all of you dreams only to make more with you. to be on your mind as much as you are on mine. you fill my every thought. Wanting  nothing more to fill you life with love and wanting. To show you love and all that you are worth. Needing to have your words fill my head as my hands run a long your body till I know you as well if not better then my self. Your smile so much more brighter then the sun, moon or any of the stars. To hear that you want me as much as I want you would be a gift unlike any other.
Update On The Fire And My Old Neighbor
This is really messed up..he came from a wonderful family and then he does this to his own wife and kids..WTF
Windows Xp System Image
Windows XP does not have a built in system for capturing a system image so 3rd party software is needed.  Macrium Reflect it the preffered choice and can be downloaded here: . I will now deomstarte how to download, install, and create a system image in xp with Macrium Reflect. Step 1:  Connect your external media Step 2:  Download the Macrium Reflect software from: . Step 3: This will ridirect to the cnet site where you can download the macrium reflect download agent.  make sure to tick the free/trial button and set the ave location to the desktop then click download.   Step 4:  the software will download.   Step 5:  The Installer will open, click next and accept all defaults. Step 6: Open the Reflect shortcut on your desktop Step 7:  Here you will see the main screen of Macrium Reflect.  In the top half you will see your main drive and a link that says image this disk.  Click that lin
Most Interesting Sterling Silver Cufflinks Available
Silver has been of the most popular materials used to make jewelry. Aside from its seemingly ageless beauty & strength, silver also comes cheap compared to other metals like gold or platinum. This is why it does not come as a surprise that several accessories, such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, cufflinks, tie bars & money clips, have embraced silver as its main material. Cufflinks, which have proven their worth in the fashion industry over a long timeframe, have been made with different designs that cater to the varied needs & personalities of the men & females using them. They have seen several of these fascinating sterling silver cufflinks & they would like to share the few items that have caught not only our attention, but also of several cufflink-adoring communities. Weddings are where they casually find men in artistic cufflinks. They have seen oval-shaped cufflinks with the words "father of the bride", "groom" or "best man" engraved on them as well as comic
Introduction To Me
           I am MEI am who I want to be...I am my past, my present,Your future? MAYBE...I'm not special, but I could be,Depends upon my company...I am a work in progress,Your DESTINY?...If that is who I chose to be,Right now I'm happy,Just being ME...          
How To Identify A Legitimate Moving Company In Pune
Using services of a professional moving company in Pune would be a good decision whether you are moving within this city or moving from this city to somewhere else. But the main issue is finding out the right service provider so that you can indeed get rid of moving hassles, difficulties and unpleasant issues. You know well that moving home to a new place can be a daunting process if you do not make efforts for making it easy and simple. So; it is imperative that schedule moving home with a mover in relation to ease the operation. You must schedule your move with a legitimate company that will perfectly cater to your needs, preferences and budget. Here are some tips on how to identify a legitimate moving company in Pune so that you can get appropriate services for making your home shifting easy and simple. Obviously you will have many professional packers and movers companies in Pune to choose from. But you should do research with some potential recommended companies. Make a list of
How We Let People Go By Chelsea Fagan
How We Let People Go MAR. 6, 2013  By CHELSEA FAGAN  There is a specific feeling which exists only when you run into someone about whom you had long forgotten. It’s probably most palpable when it’s an ex, but it can happen with friends who were once particularly close. It is comparable to a scab that seems to have been on your skin forever — a scrape which was once quite painful but has been so long in the healing process that you no longer notice its presence when you wash over it in the shower. You peel it off almost out of boredom and suddenly there is a drop or two of blood, something that vaguely resembles the wound it once was, now too distant to really cause any discomfort. These people are wounds which have healed over, which have never quite turned into scars but which have become just another part of your lived-in body. Letting someone go — when it is a necessary act of self-preservation, something that has to come if you expect to move forward
Every woman wants a man who can see beyond the complexion of her skin and the curves of her body. A woman is not beautiful in just the way she looks but in many other ways in which a man must discover. See the beauty in her undaunted personality, in her confidence, in the ways she loves life and the beauty in the tenderness with which she holds on to her innocent childhood memories. Every woman wants a man who can find the beauty in the way she thinks and the way she speaks her mind. She wants a man who can see beauty in the way she mends broken hearts with her love and compassion. She wants a man who can feel her beauty in the warmth of her touch, the sparkle in her eyes when she is loved to the core and the radiance of her soul. Always remember that every woman is a unique MASTERPIECE… a living piece of art.
Yeahh !!! My First blog
Exquisite Corpse
I watched her feet drip slowlike tortureevaporateand dripuntil she stopped solidlike iceturned her headand said... s.a.m. 
Marcia Gay Harden Go Beyond The Status Of Kobe Bryant?
From the bleachers, it was reported, nfl football jerseys,Kobe-Bryant would be the NBA's top stars, first point guard with the Union before decade, however, if some of them could affect Bryant's status?   1. Dwayne-Wade   Wade and Bryant the way in which of ball playing in close proximity, will be the dominant players around the attack side. Recently, the two men's Defense has regressed, which regresses more Kobe Bryant. But Bryant had the ball defense was carrying out a good job and, furthermore, his singles way is especially prominent, which could constitute he put fighter capability by setbacks inside the change-over.   Judging in the statistics, Wade in 14 opened every round from the singles gain a lot more than Kobe Bryant, and Bryant inside pick and roll (the ball) reducing singles,wholesale cheap nfl jerseys,no shield, attack each turn the ball over Wade scored; in dry extraction jump shot, and overall attacks, Kobe and Wade are balanced.   This is due to Wade and Bryant
Battles That We Wage
Battles That We Wage~~~~~~~~~~~~Like a fractured knee,That's forced to kneel,A sundered mind,Shall never heal.A heart that aches,A soul that screams,Like shattered glass,These broken dreams.Battles that we wage,Actors on a stage.We pray for love and peace,But the battles never cease.Battles that we wage,Turn this sorrow into rage.A truth that is unkind,Battles waged within the mind.Like an abandoned car,With its engine blown.A forgotten rusted heap,Of useless flesh and bone.A mind that's spent,A body sore,Like mindless drones,We wage this war.Battles that we wage,Actors on a stage.We pray for love and peace,But the battles never cease.Battles that we wage, Turn this sorrow into rage.A truth that is unkind,Battles waged within the mind.Battles that we wage,Another ripped out page.Futile and unforgiving,This war that we call living.
The Guilt Of Escorting A Married Young Man
Obviously, one of the set of men you will always encounter as an escort is the married men. There are many advantages of a married man hiring you as an escort,  and there are also many downturns. Now, the fact remains that when you come to the escort industry in Manchester, the escorts that you find here will enjoy the company of married men so much. This is because they are the most compassionate of all, and they know how to treat a woman.  Married men who hire escorts in Manchester are very loving and respectful, and they are always handy with money, because family men are mostly financially stable. This is the high point The downside of this lies in your conscience. You are a woman and not against marriage and unions. Whenever you are on a date with a married man, you will always feel bad about it. This is due to two reasons. You will feel that this man is cheating on the wife and this makes you conclude that men are all cheats. The next is that humanitarian, escorts in Manchester
Always Remember
Always RememberWhen you're troubled,and no one seems to care,and you can't finda friend anywhere,remember that Jesusis there for you.He hears every prayer.When life seems empty,your dreams far away,and no one hears a word you say,remember that Jesus loves you.His heart will never go astray.When the good times seem fewand you're feeling low,and looking for comfort,but there's nowhere to go,remember that Jesus will help you.He'll guide you toward your rainbow.When the troubles assail you,and the world has failed you,remember that no matter whatproblems come along,Jesus will always be there,to help you stay strong.
My name is Brittany. I am 19 years old and I live in a small town on the West Coast. I'm not into all the girly things like shopping and getting my nails done or wearing high heels. I was raised by my father, therefore, I like things like: riding quads, shooting guns, having mud wars, playing video games, wrestling, and watching sports. Don't get me wrong, I have a few girly qualities. I scream like a little girl when I see snakes or spiders, I use baby talk with my animals, I cry during certain movies or TV shows, and I always run to my daddy when I'm hurt, sad, or pissed off. My other hobbies include drawing, making music, singing, writing, hanging out with friends and loved ones, and meeting new people. I can't tell you my favorite color. Mostly because as an artist, I favor all the colors. Because every color brings out the beauty of at least one object. I am a VERY opinionated person. I have experienced hate at its worst. I have been bullied and judged by the way
Ac Milan Two Main Absolute Firewire Rejoin The Champions League Battle Wounds A Person 36 Years Old Will Suddenly Share
This week, AC Milan [microblogging] first test of the new season approaching, cheap soccer jerseys the team will move into the Netherlands against PSV Eindhoven, but the first team has been plagued by injuries the team, and the good news is that Balotelli Abate are able to return it. Deltona against D team warm-up before the game, "slow motion" to disclose the team's most dependable striker Mario Balotelli has begun to actively participate in training after a knee injury, Balotelli missed the week Italy's friendly with Argentina, but now he has been able to follow the team to participate in the normal joint training. AC Milan this morning's warm-up match with Deltona, Balotelli also starting lineup, and performed very well, scored two goals. In addition, there debut with him returning to the Abarth. Barcelona jersey Although only a low-level friendly, but AC Milan is almost sent the whole lineup. Apparently, Allegri also like for next week in the Champions League qualifying
My Reconnected Soulwealth (modus Vivendi) Pathway Of Life
My Tribe's Belief:  Prophet & legendary books are not literature, but genetic code deciperment handbooks boiling together in motion My Planet' Citizen Status: Ritualless, religioseless, superstitionless homeostasis hermit. Questing for living heavenly alive together worldwide by co-innovating mini-panacean-society connection. - Social Darwinism hybridization backup mentoing is my hobby, work, living, travel (visiting model 1 & 2 partnering co-innovators), recreation, learning & unlearning by relearning by and it itself. **Consensus Prophesying Inspiration**  Acknowledge social networking academia & Go Beyond  "The knowledge of the noble (gas) self (metapsychological BIOS) exists beyoud resoning knowledge (formal logic) of scholars and philosophers. Touch it (by EQ NLP), you'll see it.  What is visible is illusive what is invisible is true.  Liking (IQ NLP Social norm conformity) is the mere cause of all suffers". ~ Buddha. "Intelligence and wisdom are not the same thing". ~ Me
Soulmates Defined
The divine element of the soul mate partnership is what differentiates it from mere friendships based on mutual compatibility, attraction, desires, interests and values. Theorists such as Edgar Cayce assume that a soul mate is one with whom we have shared many physical and emotional experiences during numerous lifetimes over a long period of time.   The soul mate notion is not restricted to nor trivialised by ideas of romantic or physical love and marriage partnerships. A common misconception exists that a soul mate is the ideal one who makes life or a relationship blissful. Rather, the significance of the soul mate connection lies in its capacity to accelerate the path of spiritual learning so that individuals may assist one another mentally and spiritually. Therefore it is likely that a number of soul mates can co-exist in a lifetime. Soul mates influence lives by assisting the individual in soul development and helping them to become better people by setting personal ideals and go
Photos De Robe Soiree 2013
  Cette fille n'est pas fasciné devant une robe de mariée et de rêver avec son prince charmant, à plusieurs reprises rêves plus vite que vous le pensez et vous êtes déjà à planifier votre mariage. Il ya plusieurs choses à faire, l'une des choses qui donne l'illusion est plus choisir la robe de mariée parfaite est impeccable en ce jour le plus important de la vie. En cette année 2013, il ya une infinité de nouveaux modèles de robe soirée courte qui sont appropriés pour vous d'essayer et vous prenez l'un d'eux. De taille princesse robe qui ne sortent jamais de la mode est toujours le plus préféré par les mariées, avec des jupes volumineuses, des ornements très lumineux, des volants et des arcs, des versions simples avec des coupes très légères ou des modèles modernes avec des détails intéressants. La collection de robe soirée 2013 est très vaste. Ne manquez pas cette collection va vous montrer ci-dessous et découvrez comment préparer les concepteurs pour vous à la mode de mariage cett
Mission Level Gains Ii
In this entry:1. Extort from a business2.     Performing Mission: Extort From A Business Success!Energy spent: 12Experience gained: 8 Congratulations, you have earned a Bronze level mastery in this missionAdditionally, you have been awarded: 3 skill points.  Performing Mission: Extort From A Business Success!Energy spent: 12Experience gained: 8 Congratulations, you have earned a Silver level mastery in this missionAdditionally, you have been awarded: $700,000 cash.  Performing Mission: Extort From A Business Success!Energy spent: 12Experience gained: 8 Congratulations, you have earned a Gold level mastery in this missionAdditionally, you have been awarded: 5 skill points.  Performing Mission: Extort From A Business Success!Energy spent: 18Experience gained: 8 Congratulations, you have earned a Platinum level mastery in this missionAdditionally, you have been awarded: 10 AT4 Rocket Launchers. 10 Auto Body Shop(s). 40 Pipe Bombs.     Performing Mi
Sometimes Just A Reminder
When we say goodbye, We alway's think of the past, these memories we soon cherish because time seems to go by so fast.   I hope I left you with good memories, filled with laughter and love, I'll take these memories with me , as I go to Heaven above.   Though I must leave you , tears please not shed, remember the good times we shared, filled with laughter and love instead.   Before I leave you, I just want you to know , I didn't want to say " Goodbye" it was just my time to go.
Where To Buy Designer Michael Kors Bags
Designer Michael Kors bags have become an essential fashion accessory. A bag today is meant to complement a fashion outfit. Fashion bigwigs devote considerable time in designing Michael Kors bags today. There are different Michael Kors bags for different occasions, and dresses. Both men and women today give a lot of importance to the Michael Kors bags they carry: it's a style statement. No wonder that most designer Michael Kors bags are costly, but are still coveted dearly by all. Thus there are imitations of original designer Michael Kors bags which are pretty cheap. You can also look for designer bag auctions where Michael Kors bags are cheap, even though being brand new as well as original.michael kors outlet online Imitation designer Michael Kors bags can hardly satiate you. Some traditionally made ethnic Michael Kors bags which are very artistic as well as stylish can be affordable. There are plenty of companies who sell different designs of Michael Kors bags as of today and it is
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Corea Del Norte Presenta Arirang: Su Primer Smartphone
En un nuevo acto de propaganda, el régimen de Corea del Norte mostró ayer a su joven líder, Kim Jong-un, visitando una supuesta fábrica de teléfonos móviles para presentar en sociedad su nuevo producto, un smartphone supuestamente basado en un clon del sistema operativo Android de Google y -también supuestamente- el primero fabricado en el país más hermético del mundo. Como de costumbre, las fotos distribuidas por la agencia estatal KCNA muestran a Kim Jong-un probando el equipo y dando indicaciones rodeado por altos oficiales de su gobierno. No se proporcionaron mayores detalles técnicos del teléfono, llamado Arirang, en honor a una canción popular coreana. De hecho, un experto citado por el diario The Washington Post cree que los aparatos no han sido fabricados en Corea del Norte, sino en alguna fábrica china. En cualquier caso, estos aparatos estarían destinados a operar en una red sumamente limitada, pues el acceso a la telefonía móvil en Corea del Norte está restringido para la
Brand Kite Surfing Equipment Essex In England
There's lots of businesses that flourish due to the booming interest in the Southend surf area. You can find companies that sell brand kite surfing equipment essex to locals and tourists similar. However before you go about purchasing any kite surfing equipment it is important to get to know the hobby intimately first so that you can get nice kite surfing gear and learn how to do kite surfing the right way. For this you could sign up with a reputable kite surfing school to get more knowledge of the sport. If you require to try kite surfing place to start your new hobby is at the Southend surf area of Essex, England. The Southend-on-Sea area has historicallyin the past been known as a favored holiday spot for British families in the summertime. The Southend surf area attracts around 6.4 million tourists yearly which makes it ideal for kite surfing businesses that operate in Essex. One time you have your kite surfing schools it is time to study how to do the sport itself. Because the s
Ctk 6300in-helping Create Beautiful Music And Beautiful Memories
Being a music enthusiast, I was often mesmerized by a variety of musical sounds that professional digital keyboard players could produce with their instruments. In fact, their performances inspired me to dream about owning a keyboard that would help me create the right kind of music for a successful performance. When I purchased the all new Casio CTK6300IN keyboard, little did I know that this great instrument would help me realize my childhood dream of creating mesmerizing music? Packed with various features which are designed to deliver memorable musical performances, this latest Casio keyboard is refreshingly musician friendly. The instrument provides innumerable musical possibilities and combinations which can help both beginners as well as professional musicians to render some truly outstanding performances. Coming from one of the best music instruments brands, the keyboard goes beyond the expected level of standard and quality, which really came as a pleasant surprise for me. Th
Top 10 Metered Markets For Cowboys-dolphins:1
Top 10 Metered Markets For Cowboys-Dolphins:1 Cowboys-Dolphins Telecast Posts Best Primetime rating in Adults 18-49 Demo Since NBA Finals STAMFORD, Conn. – August 6, 2013 – The Cowboys-Dolphins NFL/Hall of Fame game averaged 10.1 million viewers, leading NBC to a primetime victory for the night, according to official national ratings released today by The Nielsen Company. In addition, NBC’s telecast of the first game of the NFL preseason scored the highest rating in the Adults 18-49 demo (3.8) for any primetime telecast on any night on ABC, CBS, NBC or Fox since Game 7 of the NBA Finals on June 20 (10.6). August 5th NFL preseason telecast was also #1 for the week in Adults 18-34, Adults 25-54 and all key Adult-Male demos. The 10.1 million viewers for Cowboys –Dolphins is the most in an NFL preseason game in two years, since Chargers-Cowboys on NBC (10.7 million, August 21, 2011). NBC’s second preseason game will air on Sunday, Aug. 25 at 8 p.m. ET and fea
The following stories will be 100% fiction, if you believe any of this is true, then you're just a complete fucking moron.   Bite my shit, I will find you, I will beat your ass, and if you make any money off of it, fuck the courts, I'm taking all that money you made, all of it, and I won't do any time for it bro, so try me you no imagination having, uncreative, copy cat, dick riding, brainless, heart pumping kool aid, bitchmade idiot!!! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!   There will be a story up, every Wednesday, or whenever the fuck I feel like it. The Xross files are rants and whatever I feel like bitching about, they will be posted whenever the fuck I feel like it!!!     Good day!!!
E 34-year-old Ivory Coast Captain Hoped To Play Extra Matches To Prepare For The African Cup Of
ZURICH, Switzerland -- FIFA has denied Didier Drogbas request for special permission to leave Shanghai Shenhua on loan ahead of the official transfer period, ending speculation he could join former club Chelsea immediately. FIFA says it informed Drogba he wont be exempted from international transfer rules while under contract with the Chinese Super League club, whose season ended this month. Drogba, whose contract expires in 2014, can join another club on a permanent or temporary deal on Jan. 1. The 34-year-old Ivory Coast captain hoped to play extra matches to prepare for the African Cup of Nations, which kicks off Jan. 19 in South Africa. FIFA upheld its rules in previous cases when making Major League Soccer players David Beckham, Thierry Henry and Landon Donovan wait until January to make loan moves. Cheap NFL Jerseys China . And the fact that Canadas figure skating star triumphed over a competition he called the most difficult of his career is both a major victory and
Orginal Quality Usa Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale,discount Newport 100s Cigarettes
Cheap Newport Cigarettes tre client est meilleure sujet et ce qui va se passer ensuite. M me si vous ne arr t en face de l' cran, vous devrez pargner un regard ou deux. La partie trange est.Cheap Newport Cigarettes-ce, l'instant o vous voyez des gens se sont rassembl s devant quelque chose vous n'avez pas encore vu, vous prenez le. temps de regarder pour satisfaire votre curiosit . Toutefois, si cet cran se trouve tre dans votre quartier, vous pourrez progressivement s'ha.Cheap Newport Cigarettesbituer elle et commencer ignorer. C'est la force du marketing.Cheap Newport Cigarettes sur internet gr ce des vid os en streaming. Il saisit imm diatemen.Cheap Newport Cigarettest l'attention. La seule chose que vous en tant qu'annonceur avez faire est de fai.Cheap Newport Cigarettesre de la vid o assez int ressante qu'elle maintient ou am liore ce. niveau d'int r t initial. Lorsque la vid o est assez vieux pour devenir un lieu commun, vous le remplacez par un nouveau. Contrairem
My Best Friend
i know what i am asking you is proble nothing you can do but my best friend died on monday and she was only 26 would u be able let people know we are haveing a carwash to get money for her furanrel it would be grately apprishetay the info is:CAR WASH FOR SAM TOMORROW AUGUST 28TH TO COVER AS MUCH FUNERAL COST AS WE CAN ANYTHING WILL HELP PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD BRING ANYTHING YOU CAN TO HELP WITH THE CAR WASH ANY QUESTIONS HIT ME UP. WILL BE DOING THE CAR WAS FROM AUGUST 28TH -31ST ALL DAY AT 1944 edgestone cir san jose ca 95122 ALL FOR YOU BABYGIRL LOVE YOU SAM her name was samantha walton thank you
L Strain. Shipley Is In A Grou
CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Bengals receiver Jordan Shipley has been cleared to practice, the final step in his comeback from reconstructive knee surgery. Shipley tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee on Sept. 18. He was limited during drills in the off-season and wasnt allowed to practice when training camp opened on Friday. He practiced for the first time on Monday, along with cornerback Nate Clements. Clements started all but one game last season. Hes been bothered by an abdominal strain. Shipley is in a group of receivers competing for the starting job in the slot. Andrew Hawkins and rookie Mohamed Sanu are expected to get a lot of time at the position during the preseason. Cheap NFL Jerseys . The former Red Sox catcher and Kansas City Royals manager was interviewed on Monday, an off day in the AL championship series between the Yankees and the Detroit Tigers. Cheap NFL Jerseys China . Promoter Yvon Michel announced Monday that Donovan George (22-2-1, 19 KOs) wi
Panchsheel Greens 2 Sector 16 Noida Extension
                                                                  Panchsheel Greens 2   Panchsheel Greens 2 is a residential apartment situated at prime location of Sec-16 Noida Extension by renowned Panchsheel Group. Panchsheel Greens 2 Sec 16 Noida Extension project is aesthetically designed; well planned interior and exterior infrasture which rejuvenate you from yours busy lifestyle. Panchsheel New Project proffers 2bhk and 3nhk apartment surrounded by beautiful lush green environment. Panchsheel Greens 2 Apartment is cunningly connected to Noida City Center Metro Station, NH-24, Noida Sec-71, Sai Mandir. Panchsheel Group Noida Extension keeps in mind the necessity of people in developing Panchsheel Greens 2 apartment with opulence facilities viz. lawn tennis, swimming pool, chess or cards, pool table, Club and many more to satisfied your needs.   Amenities : Club, Swimming Pool, Kids Pool, Badminton Court, Multi Purpose Hall,24Hour Power Backup, 24
For The Past Five Years, So Ive Seen The
University of Alberta graduate and Edmonton Eskimo Wall of Honour Member Chris Morris was named the new head football coach of the Golden Bears. "The set of circumstances that exist here at the University of Alberta is what is really appealing to me," said Morris. "There really is a wealth of talent in Northern Alberta, and a tremendous opportunity to develop the sport of football in the city and province with the Golden Bears program. Ive had the pleasure of coaching in the high school ranks for the past five years, so Ive seen the talent, and know that there is a huge opportunity for the Golden Bears football program to become successful. Im excited to empower others, to work with people and football organizations to turn this program around and into something that the university deserves and can be proud of." Morris, originally from Scarborough, Ont., takes over a program that hasnt won a Canada West conference title since 1981, and has missed the playoffs in seven of th
He Clippers Chauncey Billups And Po
NEW YORK -- Jeremy Lin and three other players will maintain valuable rights in free agency after an arbitrators ruling. The National Basketball Players Association said Friday that arbitrator Kenneth Dam affirmed its position that players claimed off waivers can use their "Bird" and "Early Bird" rights. The union argued that Lin, Knicks teammate Steve Novak, the Clippers Chauncey Billups and Portlands J.J. Hickson should be covered by the exceptions that allow clubs to exceed their salary caps to re-sign their own players. The NBA said it would appeal the ruling. All four players were waived this season and claimed by other teams. They will become free agents July 1. The ruling should help the Knicks hopes of keeping both Lin, their starting point guard, and Novak, who led the NBA in 3-point shooting percentage. They are expected to re-sign Lin no matter what but would have been limited in their other options beyond that if they couldnt use Bird rights. Teams can sign a pl
Martino : Barcelona To Enhance Team A Goal To Reduce Personal Defensive Intensity Has Decreased
Martino said that should strengthen the team with BarcaOn the road before the game against Valencia , Barcelona [ microblogging ] coach announced the 19 -man squad , Xavi and Sanchez unsuccessful , Martino said at a news conference in order to enable them to get a good rest . The game against Valencia from tough week after Barcelona experienced over the past week and the Spanish Super Cup Champions League draw , so this Martino said: "The people outside the team seems more nervous than the players we saw balloting, also played for Atletico Madrid match and we now need to do is look ahead and know what is important . Valencia also played two tough games , when they played very Malaga well, on the Spanish game is performing better ,cheap soccer jerseys the Spaniard only rely on defense to win and we will try to find our best state , to show our capabilities. unmarked live Banega is very important, he is able to fight our peril players . " Martino did not conscripted into Xavi
Rhymin'. Timin' That's what I do. I'm out to make The Loot, from every-one-of You. I kick-back, thinkin' 'bout, what I'm gonna say, then, I-do-it-up. Not just any Old Way: Ahm-into-The-Funkin'- The-Bumpin'. The Non-Stop Thumpin'. Try to dethrone Me, I-gotta-leave-ya-Punkin'- 'cause-I write, eat, sleep Rhymes every day. Here, for awhile..won't go away. Now Little Miss Muffet, sat on The Tuffet. Said I couldn't Polish A Rhyme, so I Buffed It. I hit The Eeeny Meenies, the Minees and Moes. And Yeah, I did it. I Freaked The Toes. Old Mother Hubbard livin' off in The Shoe. She had her own Plan. She knew what to do. I just couldn't help it when The Freak-In-Her-Said: "I-got-a-Secret-Room. Freak-Me, in My Bed!" The Rhymeschemin'! Here's Jack and Jill. They're goin' up The Hill. I-met-'em-at-the-top,
Ac Milan Kaka Has Been Prepared Under Contract Jing Bao Flac Bad Next Year In January To Kick Away
Italy time at 23:00 on September 2nd, Serie A summer transfer deadline, in accordance with the argument Galliani, AC Milan [microblogging] of 2013 summer transfer, came to an end. Although the Italian media and fans have great doubts on this, but according to Galliani on Sky TV saying, cheap soccer jerseys Allegri's team is competitive. In addition, the operation is completed for just Galliani regression AC Milan's Kaka, also expressed their views. "Kaka back to AC Milan, it is very difficult and complex, the parties have made tremendous sacrifices." There may be because excitement, fatigue certainly has the ingredients, Kaka, Adriano Galliani did not move to AC Milan reveal more details. However, and had "Real Madrid [microblogging] will free loan to AC Milan Kaka six months, and then sold to the U.S. Major League club," saying completely different, Kaka almost free transfer to AC Milan, and 100% become AC Milan player, until 2015 June 30. Of course, the successful return
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your mother has a smooth forehead Hab SoSlI' Quch   It is a good day to die! Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!
Comment Acceder Aux Robes De Mariage Bon Marche Imaginees Par Les Achats En Ligne
  La plupart développés par dire belles amies et essayer de passer ainsi que beaucoup, alors que Trousseau quand ils journée. C'est ce qui est considéré comme encore plus aiguë après cette extravagance et donc seulement bon pour les mariées usure de mariage élégant exploiter un dicton avec d'autres, même si elle contribue à vérifier le confort, ce qui rend élégant, encore plus étendue on ne associée à cultiver une rémunération supplémentaire spécifique et mettre. Si au cours de la suite de toute façon et en regardant ensemble et fixer comme pas cher robes de mariée après l'achat en train de créer un site Web peut éventuellement conserver exactement le même temps, sans compter choix. Là-bas, ainsi que d'autres sites et d'assurance peuvent accrocher presque pas porter sauver mariée encore complètement heureux en très juste et arrêter leur sort offrons des robes de demoiselle d'honneur appropriées prévues à son catalogue. Achats dépenser de l'argent sur la garantie répéter tout internet
I see you as a splash A great, crystal-white splash That comes apart Just over the waterline Intangible Momentary Like what you'd see If a gamefish were diving With a heavy line on Only no line will hold you So you splash It carries just a moment An ethereal white shimmer And then it's gone Back again, for an instant The splash
Yed In 60 Games And Made 41 Starts. The 2
MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Bucks are close to a deal to re-sign free-agent forward Ersan Ilyasova. "We are engaged in free-agent negotiations with Ersan Ilyasova," Bucks general manager John Hammond said in a statement released Sunday night. "We intend to enter into a player contract with Ersan once the moratorium period has ended." The 6-foot-10, 235-pound Ilyasova had a breakout season for Milwaukee in 2011-12, averaging 13 points, 8.8 rebounds and 1.2 assists. He played in 60 games and made 41 starts. The 25-year-old Turkish player has spent four seasons with the Bucks, with career averages of 9.7 points and six rebounds. If Ilyasova does return, hell be part of a suddenly crowded frontcourt. Milwaukee recently made a trade with the Houston Rockets to acquire veteran centre Samuel Dalembert, then took North Carolina power forward John Henson with the No. 14 pick in the NBA draft. The addition of Dalembert likely means Drew Gooden will move back to power forward after playing out of
Robert Chrisley | ÄrÇ ÄÑgΣl ÇrØwΣ | My Little Girl
Robert Chrisley"My Little Girl"Immortal: The Best of Robert Chrisley 1983-1999Empire/Erynn Song/Starving Artisan 1999My little girl has a burden to carryThe same as I used to haveAnd the sadness of my absenceHas cut me deep in halfShe understands what mommy doesn't knowThe Love runs like a floodThe Desire is she's part of my SoulNot even of my bloodGo to sleepMy little girlDon't you weepMy little girlDry your eyesMy little girlDon't you cry, ohMy little girlThe winds of time are blowingUpon another little one that I knowMother didn't understand the damage she'd doneOr the seed that was sowedIn an unclean nest of an obscene worldMy anger was flying higherBut, she was Saved by The Ancient of Days (God)Who unveils the Power of Who's the MighterSpread your wingsMy little girlUpon sweetest dreamsMy little girlAnd let God take your flightMy little girlTo rescue you from the nightMy little girl(Solo)And the unveiling embraces the lost artOf unconditional LoveThe anointing of His Spirit delive
Bon Marche Des Robes De Bal En Ligne
Vous ne pouvez pas entrer dans des produits commerciaux (ce qui est évident en particulier pour le montant de la même chose), ni les marchandises qui sont soumises à la douane identification droits de timbre (par exemple, les calculatrices, téléphones, lecteurs de musique, les enregistreurs vidéo , la reproduction, montres, lunettes, etc), ou interdit ou qui nécessitent des interventions d'autres organismes, tels que le SENASA ou l'Institut national de l'alimentation. C'est un splendide costume pour fille avec une robe de soirée rouge magnifique. (Couronne et baguette non inclus) Il a d'abord créé pour les filles âgées de 5 et 6 ans. Mais il ya beaucoup plus de choix, en hausse de robe Okmme si vous cherchez quelque chose de vraiment pas cher! J'espère que mon choix est utile pour se marier avenir. Pourriez-vous donner le «oui» avec une robe qui ne prend pas l'étiquette de mariage? Que pensez-vous de l'idée d'acheter votre costume en un seul clic? Un autre point en faveur est d'obte
We Have Benefited A Lot From The Power Banks
The growth of smart devices(such as mobile phones and iphone, ipad etc) continues to increase. However, when it comes to the duration, all these smart devices will become headche for people. Quite often, some of the users take a larger capacity battery into consideration. However, they aren't able to meet the needs of users while outside the home or are traveling most of time. Therefore, many manufacturers released the first kind of power bank primarily to meet up with the requirements of mobile phone owners. In a matter of fact, there are a lot of great benefits of having a power bank with you. Using such power banks can be extremely beneficial on various occasions so that you won't miss an important call from a colleague, boss or friend. On the other hand, many users tend to consider their power banks as a backup power source that will enable them to keep their mobile phones recharged at all the times even when they do not have access to electrical outlets. Here we will list some be
Tennessee Pride Aka Lori Ann Williston
Skies so blue...stars so white..when you arrived..all was right  You looked you smiled you shot a glance...You made me happy you made my heart dance You gave me love you gave me gave me you when you became my wife I gave you all that I possibly can..I gave you me and all that I am Together forever no longer apart..entwined the hands..and entwined our hearts    I love you Lori
France Also Began To Bother Him A Stupid Horse Ah ! Real Madrid Really Do Not Strive To Sell You A
France coach Didier Deschamps also began to feel tired on BenzemaIn the Real Madrid fans booed treated with Benzema , the French national team coach Didier Deschamps also began to " Benmao " tired of . In the national team , Benzema has 1217 minutes failed to score , and the game against Belarus , he may have to give the location Giroux . cheap soccer jerseys By Benzema downturn, the French team has failed to score five consecutive games in Spain near the outlet when the French team still failed to ensure playoff qualification. The current situation is the French team can not joking . In last week's 0-0 draw after being Georgia , . Barcelona jersey Deschamps and his disciples suffered criticism rained outside , this match against Belarus , the French team in order to ensure the playoff qualification , it must obtain victory.  Lack of goals for the French team caused a serious impact , Deschamps 's team has failed to score five games , this terrible situation in France in M
I Want You
I do like it that you know me so well. It is a little scary sometimes as I've said but the good always overcomes the bad in the end. There are so many things that I would like to say to you and even more that I'd like to show you. I wish things weren't as complicated and that I was a good enough person to stay away from you and not complicate your life but I have never been that strong when it comes to you. I want to give you everything that you want, to say the things you want to hear me say. I want to tell you how I can't stop thinking about you and what it feels like to need something so badly. Just for the taste of you and the feel of your skin just for the smell of you on my skin like a memory that I just can not erase. I want to tell you that I'm too weak to resist it when you draw me in like a spider into your web and how helpless I feel when I want you to be inside me and I can't. You said you like it when I talk dirty to you and all I want to do is f
32. Veteran French Crowd Favorite Ar
PHOENIX -- Ian Kennedy has been maddeningly inconsistent in the follow-up year to his 21-win season. His performance Tuesday night was a reminder of how good he can be. Kennedy pitched neatly into the eighth inning and the Arizona Diamondbacks used an unearned run to beat Clayton Kershaw and the Los Angeles Dodgers 1-0. It was the first 1-0 victory of the season for the Diamondbacks, who needed left fielder Jason Kubel to rob Luis Cruz of a two-run homer with a leaping grab at the wall to end the fifth inning. The lone run came in the seventh, when Paul Goldschmidt reached on shortstop Hanley Ramirezs throwing error and scored from first on Miguel Monteros double. With San Franciscos win at Colorado, the Dodgers fell six games behind the first-place Giants in the NL West. Arizona ended a six-game home losing streak. Kennedy (13-11) gave up four hits in 7 1-3 innings, striking out six and walking none. "Really what made my fastball better was the execution of my off-speed pitches," Kenn
Japanese Korean Fashion Autumn Clothing Collection
  Author brings "Korea model" Star Fan korean fashion clothing  to dress up, dress up just a little bit, you can also have "Korea model" Star Fan style!   A South Korean V-neck casual shirt "Korea model" to wear the clothes texture, quality clothes. This is a simple and elegant style models, V-neck design slightly sexy pullover simple and convenient. Star quality wood there.   Korea thin casual pants This is a typical Korean Leggings, leg outside PU splicing, "Korea model" legs look more three-dimensional effect plays a pull legs. South Korea is a favorite Celebrities.   South Korea casual knitwear The loose sweater, but without losing curve hem cardigan freely adjust the bag to create a fashion style. Bat shirt design with a circular shoulder, fat MM can also wear oh. Fall many stars like to wear, "Korea model" super star range of children.   South Korean temperament asian fashion dresses  Festive red dress, slim waist effect, lantern sleeve design, grooming arm, is more
You Know It...
"Marvin's Room" [Woman on phone] “Hello Yeah I just walked in Yeah I’m good you still working? Tonight, right now? ‘Did I go out?’ yeah, I went out I went, I went to a couple of clubs I never went to bed Shit… wine or water Did you say something about a cold drink? I don’t know, I’m delirious… night” [Drake - Verse 1] Cups of the Rosé Bitches in my old phone I should call one and go home I’ve been in this club too long The woman that I would try Is happy with a good guy But I’ve been drinking so much That I’ma call her anyway and say “Fuck that nigga that you love so bad I know you still think about the times we had” I say, “fuck that nigga that you think you found And since you picked up I know he’s not around” (Are you drunk right now?) I’m just sayin’ you could do better Tell me have you heard that lately? I’m just sayin’ you could do better And I&rsqu
Vodafone Smart 3 Tablet: 7-inch Model With 3 G Goes For $ 199 In September At The Start
By the network operator Vodafone, we can you now the latest information about the upcoming Vodafone smart 3 Tablet PC imagine give to buy it in September of this year at a price of €199, if you want to have this model without an additional tariff. The new Vodafone smart 3 Tablet PC comes in contrast to the 10-inch model with a smaller 7-inch touchscreen display, and it supports a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. In terms of processor and co. you has assembled a MediaTek quad-core CPU with 1.2 GHz clock speed, 1 GB of memory and the internal memory is 16 GB and can be increased by means of a MicroSD memory card further. The wireless exchange of data networks and the Internet are Wi-Fi and 3 G (UMTS) on board. To what follows is a SIM slot for a SIM card and power takes the 3500mAh battery. Two cameras to follow for photo and video recording. The front-facing camera with a VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and a 5-megapixel camera on the back. In the field of softwa
Through The Looking Glass
 Dusk was falling around our secluded back country home , the trees were in bloom and tantilising oders was filling the atmosphere with tempting aromas. It was time to get ready for bed but oh how Quinlan wasn't ready to face the cold empty night ... of being alone.But she sighed a heart felt almost sad sound coming from her throat, It's time...... It had to be done .Slowly approaching her room she was a little worried but kept a brave demeaner about herself . What was going to happen , she had to know..She entered her room and found it as normal. Big , cold , an oh so lonely. She had just received a mirror , oval in shape and with a redwood frame. The mirror was so clear  that you could see right it to the soul , was a little unnerving to a so-called Lady, But she changed into a nightie , long an' see-through , it was baby blue , a little tame for her but it was comfortable. After washing her face , brushing her teeth she headed to the bed. Damn , can't get the pillows right , so will
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Pick Lint, Pet Cat In Cracker Jack'd Campaign
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are living large these days, given their rapid rise to music stardom, but this new Cracker Jack'd campaign, created out of Rally, Seattle shows how their "epic" lives translate to everyday scenarios. A series of decidedly lo-fi videos captures the stars in situations inspired by classic duo-themed TV shows, like "The Odd Couple" or "Starsky & Hutch," yet they're doing extremely mundane things, from petting a cat and picking lint (below) to ironing a shirt or calling Mom. As for the connection to the brand, PepsiCo/Frito-Lay's youth-targeted spinoff of the classic popcorn treat, Rally partner and Creative Director Keith Goldberg said: "The essence of Cracker Jack'D, in all of its nine flavor combinations, is it's a snack that fuels you -- and is a catalyst that helps you 'seize your day' no matter what life
My First Blog
Sea To Summit  also make a lot of interesting things. This time they came along with a brand new sleeping bag the Spark Sp1. The Sleeping bag has a fillweight of 180g  850+ Ultra Dry European Goose Down and weighs 348g in size regular. It is made with a 10D Pertex Quantum which is DWR treated on the outside and a 15D soft touch nylon on the inside and the bag has a zipper on the left. The Spark Sp1 has a comfort limit of 12°C.
Science Homework Help
Science HomeWork Help - 3DollarShop provides assignments help, quizzes help and guides and tutorials of University of Phonenix and Strayer University.
Meant To Be
Meant To Be   The simple curves of your face feel the warmth of love’s embraceCaress the flames as they touch the skin,lights the fire that’s deep withinIgnite the spirit with thoughts of bliss, hungering for the taste of your sweet kissThem haunting eyes through me do see that you and I were meant to be
For Melissa
For Melissa It is as if your eyes see right through me. So, I dare not stare too long. The urge to lose myself inside your eyes is growing much too strong. The waves, they crash upon me, their ever-present blue. They take me down within it. Oh god, now I am through. There will be no salvation for me; from this Medusa, I cannot look away. Unlike Perseus, I willingly surrender to waves I swim in every day.
Every challenge Danced through With grace & sex Reciprocal Mesmerizing back and forth A nearly microscopic close up Of genitals in coitus Brain tickled Pink Inner monologue Trills Yma Sumac Assumed impossible range Until The voice just DOES THAT With frightening ease No test required Deep gut growls To bird like soprano Floor board shaking Plush Pheromatic Coinage of course Figure it out lololololololol
Ning Players On The Canadian
HELSINKI, FINLAND – Boone Jenner isnt sure what else he could have done. The Canadian centre was assessed a major charging penalty and a game misconduct for a hit on Jesper Pettersson in the second period of Saturdays exhibition game against Sweden. Pettersson, a defenceman who plays for Linkopings HC in the Swedish Elite League, was stretchered off the ice and could be heard yelling in agony as he was loaded into an ambulance and left the Helsinki Ice Hall. Pettersson sustained a shoulder injury and will miss the world junior championship.    "It happened pretty fast," Jenner said after Canadas 2-1 shootout win. "I was just in on the forecheck, forechecking hard, just trying to finish my check and thought I made sure my arm and my shoulder were down so I thought it was a clean hit." Its possible Jenner, one of six returning players on the Canadian roster, will face supplemental discipline from the IIHF. "Thats kind of out of my control now," said Jenner, a Columbus B
I'm sure this guy has a Fubar account...
Cómo Solucionar Problemas Del Cargador De La Tableta Del Android
La nueva situación que mejor tableta Android pudo haber sucedido cargo a mucha gente 1GB RAM tablet pc Muchas personas tienen sin embargo, que hay algo malo sucederá a la tableta . En realidad, es posible, pero no siempre es así. Por lo general , es raro que la tableta que tienes en este momento está roto y es más posible que algo anda mal con el cargador. Cuando usted encuentra que su tablet no para cargar y no se enciende , aunque se ha estado cargando toda la noche , es mejor solucionar el cargador y cambiar a otro si es necesario. Compruebe la luz verdeUsted está obligado a apagar la tableta antes de empezar a cobrar , y hay una luz verde intermitente para decirles que el estado de la carga. Si la luz verde está intermitente pero con la detención ni la luz indicadora intermitente no funcionan , significa que se ha conectado con el poder , pero tienen una mala conexión entre la tableta y el poder. Compruebe el puertoCon el fin de asegurarse de si es tiene una mala cone
How Sex Became A God.
Porn Shackles Society More than Patriot Act  April 28, 2012 (left, scene from American Pie,1999, porn passing as "teen comedy-drama")Increasingly, pornography is changing societal norms. Soon, we could be living in a porn movie. "We aspire to corrupt in order to rule." Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872) Freemason leader. by Henry Makow Ph.D.Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, Cabalist Jewish bankers & Freemasons who used their fraudulent monopoly over government credit (currency) to buy the world and hold it in debt servitude.  So effective is their control over culture that humanity is only now realizing it is their hostage in an emerging imperialist police state that spans the globe.
Battle Of The Year In 3d Movie Featuring Chris Brown!
Faye Wong Moncler Doudoune Favorite Nouveau
Baisse soudaine de la température de cette semaine, après un long automne chaud, enfin d'entrer dans le froid de l'hiver formelle, et doudoune chaude qui a été soulevée. Aujourd'hui nous présentons la marque en France Chanticleer Down - Moncler, mais Faye Wong, Fan Bingbing, Maggie Cheung, Zhao Wei et beaucoup d'autres stars faveur de la garantie de qualité, le style est tout à fait tendance. Voici pour vous présenter le plus dans cette saison d'automne, Moncler nouveau vers le bas!
Unds. The 76ers Had Won Three Strai
(Sports Network) - Even after losing perhaps his two best players due to injury Chicago coach Tom Thibodeau has been steadfast in saying his club still has enough to win. On Tuesday his charges finally proved it and now the Bulls will try to force a deciding Game 7 in their Eastern Conference quarterfinals set against the upstart Philadelphia 76ers in the City of Brotherly Love. With its back against the wall in Game 5 Chicago dominated defensively in a 77-69 win in the Windy City. The Bulls, playing without star point guard Derrick Rose and starting center Joakim Noah, limited Philadelphia to just 32.1 percent shooting. Luol Deng made four three-pointers and led Chicago with 24 points while Carlos Boozer added 19 points and 13 rebounds. The 76ers had won three straight in the series since a Game 1 loss, which saw Rose go down for the rest of the season with a torn ACL. They still lead the series 3-2 and can become just the fifth No. 8 seed in NBA history to knock off a No.
Gic General Manager Rob Hen
ORLANDO, Fla. -- With a new general manager and the status of All-Star Dwight Howard still in limbo, theres much to be resolved before the Orlando Magic take the floor next season. But the teams top officials believe they have the right person in new head coach Jacque Vaughn to help turn the page on a year that almost everyone in the franchise wants to forget. Magic general manager Rob Hennigan and CEO Alex Martins said Monday that Vaughn has the discipline, work ethic and pedigree as both a player and assistant to do the job. "Were going to continue to try to build a culture here," Hennigan said at the news conference introducing Vaughn. "A culture that our players represent. A culture that our fans can be proud of. A culture our team will rally around. We feel we took a step in the right direction in building that culture with Jacque here today." Vaughn becomes the 10th coach in franchise history after 12 years as an NBA player and two years as and assistant in San Antoni

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