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Advice Dating Parent Single
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. How to deal with the ups and downs of dating a single parent. ... Relationship advice; Brain teasers, trivia
Advice Escort
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. An escort service - in DC - yes, you should seek good legal advice before setting this up completely. You can find out information concerning tax and 1099 ... Advice on meeting an escort. Posted by Chevalier on August 12, 2007. from Livvy, here. Not only good advice, but fun to read. :) ... Drama! Diary - Second Life News, Gossip
African Lesbian
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. BERKELEY, CA - Davis Mac-Iyalla
Bases Of Dating
Join the World's Largest SEX and SWINGER Personals Community. Join for FREE. I kinda know what they are but not really dose an… Dec 20, 2006 ... What does it mean to get to first base today, or do men even think about it anymore? Is it a given on a first date? The bases of dating- many teens have many different definitions of the bases and when is appropriate to get to them. I opened up a Qbook and asked what some ...
Ya Thoughts?
Thinking of posting a snapvine on mah page. Now would any of you come-n-molest me snapvine?
For My Boo
~LYRICS TO THE SONG "HALO" BY BEYONCE"........LOVE YOU BOO ~HALO~ Remember those walls I built Well baby they're tumbling down And they didn't even put up a fight They didn't even make a sound I found a way to let you in But I never really had a doubt Standing in the light of your halo I got my angel now It's like I've been awakened Every rule I had you breakin' It's the risk that I'm takin' I ain't never gonna shut you out Everywhere I'm looking now I'm surrounded by your embrace Baby I can see your halo You know you're my saving grace You're everything I need and more It's written all over your face Baby I can feel your halo Pray it won't fade away I can feel your halo (halo) halo I can see your halo (halo) halo I can feel your halo (halo) halo I can see your halo (halo) halo Woah... Hit me like a ray of sun Burning through my darkest night You're the only one that I want Think I'm addicted to your light I swore I'd never fall again But
Selling Laptop
well i figured since now im getting the silent treatment from everyone for the past week for some reason because no one wants to chat anymore on here , yahoo or aim my laptop is basically now just a dust collector so im selling it. so if u feel u wanna chat with me then ask for my cell number or something.... idk. anyways thanks for showing me what kind of people u all truly are.
Words From 2pac
the power of a gun can kill and the power of fire can burn the power of the wind can chilland the power of the mind can learn the power of anger can rage inside until it tears you apartbut the power of a smile especially yours can heal a frozen heart im going into this not knowing what ill find but ive decided to follow my heartand abamdon my mind and if there be pain i know that at least i gave my all and it is better to have loved and lost than to not love at allin the morning i may wake to smile or maybe to dry but first to those of my past i must say goodbye
If you could only understand That my life is a demand All I want is your hand To show me what I forget I need you now But I dont know how Whats seems to be right Turns out wrong What seems to fun Makes me want to run Run and hide from all mistakes Disappear with out trace.. I want to be found I want to be around Its never too late So please dont lose the fate..
Cry Baby
The New Site, Need Ur Help With It!
So, I am going to need your help. I am less than 2 weeks away from launching the site I have been working on. I didn't want to say anything because I wasn't sure if it was going to work, but it's almost running and about to fly. The site will be It will be a blog site for individuals to post IMPORTANT information about their exes. Not a gossip site, but a site for people to find out the person their dating's real age, drug habits, past physical abuse situations, and possible std's. Now, it will be heavily monitored so you won't have ignorant people posting things about mediocre things. Every accusation of crime or health issues will be heavily screened, but what I'm looking to do here is start an information forum for others to be able to go onto and find out if the person has lied, has done a FIERCE crime, has a tendancy to raise their fist, or so on and so forth. It's also a site for people to say good things as well. But primarily, guys I have dated i
Read My Last Blog!
It should of been under this blog heading! Geez! Some people!!!Ok, so I met this really cool guy on here. I really like him and would like it to go furthur eventually, but right now I can't move there to be with him and I am not sure when or if it will happen. I just have too many commitments. He, on the other hand, not so many. But he says he has always relocated for other girls and now he wants one that will do it for him. He isn't considering the whole situation. So what do I do? Keep trying to make it work and hope it does, or just let him go and wish it would of worked out?
The Impossible Dream--luther Vandross
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Right Here In My Arms
Right Here In My Arms - HIM
Sleeping through the evening singing dreams inside my head I'm heading out, I've got some ends who say they care and they just might run away with you if things don't go as planned plannin big can be a gamble, I've already rolled the dice. I spit and stutter, stuff and clutter worries in my worried corner maladjusted just untrusted rusted sometimes brilliant trusted thoughts think I'll stay for a while I'm intrigued and I'm red as a newborn, white as a corpse. I promise not to try to fuck with your mind I promise not to mind if you go your way and I go mine I promise not to lie if I'm looking you straight in the eye I promise not to lie and not to let you down. I am elated I am all smiled and dated in this man bites dog town with a spanish name I am my own bone I am two toned red as a newborn, white as a corpse. I promise not to try to fuck with your mind I promise not to mind if you go your way and I go mine I promise not to lie if I'm looking
So, I've been with alot of women and alot of pretty much one night stands. So now I've been dating my girlfriend now almost 2 months. Truly the only girl I have been with that did not give it up the first night. I had to wait a whole fuckin week. LOL. That was definitely one of the main things that attracted me to her in the first place. I havent felt so strongly about a woman in a long time. First off shes not a hoe or a one night stand. Second shes only been with 2 guys including me. Third she didnt give it up on the first night. Fourth she is amazing in all aspects looks personality it just out right caring about everyone and everything. Fifth she totally rocks out to rock and psychopathic music. I love this woman shes amazing in everyway possible. I have a hard time showing my feelings though. I tell her I love her and she says it back. Is that enough to make her happy. I just sometimes dont know how to show it I guess. I have a hard time showing feeling
I Know You...
I know are too short.. you had bad skin... you couldnt talk to them very well.. WoRds didnt seem to work..they lied when they came out of your mouth.. YoU tried soo hard to understand them.. YoU wanted to be part of what was happening.. You saw them having fun..and it seemed such a mystery, almost magic.. It made you think..that there was something wrong with you..Youd look in the mirror, trying to find it.. You thought that you were ugly..and that everyone was looking at you.. So you learned to be invisible.. To look down, to avoid conversation.. THe Hours..Days..Weekends..ahhh the weekend nights alone..where were you? In the basement?...IN the Attic?..In your room? Working some job..just to have something to do.. Just to have a PlAce just to put yourself.. Just to HaVe a way to Get away from THEM.. A chance to get away from the ONES who made you feel so STRANGE and ILL AT EASE inside YOURSELF.. Did you ever get invited to one of their parties? you sat and wonderd if youd GO
Love Is Not Based On Money
My middle son came to see us the other night frustrated at his fiannce and her way of treating him. Now mind you this just didnt happen over night but over a few years. Back in 2006 possibly 2005 my son was living in norwich ontario while going to school. He didnt like were we lived in Brantford, and was talked into moving out there with his friends family. I hated that idea but I figured he needed to learn lifes experience. Well after about a year things went sour and he moved in with his girls parents. We got to meet them and they all seemed very nice peeps. Well as the mths and years past we learned they were fakes. They were as I like to put it ..wanna be rich but not. Well my son Chris would come over emotional and would tell us how he was being treated and we would give our imput. As I got to know his girl, I realized she was not gonna do right by him. She made it clear she was NOT! gonna do domesticated work. So he would go to work, come home clean t
Where is the love?
Check Out My Girl!
wet platinum@ fubar
My mind begins to wonder My heart begins to race As the memory of you Drifts back into place I got a picture of you smiling With a sparkle in your eyes You looked at me so gently And kept me mesmerized As much as I tired Your face wouldn't go away Your eyes, your lips, your smile, I thought of you all day It was soon about 3 With you still on my mind I thought while listening to music In a flash it was 9 I made my bed To get some rest As I lay down I thought of nothing less The most important memories Replayed over and over again And I realized how I missed you As the days replayed again No, I hadn't known you very long But you had such an effect on me You captured my heart within a day As I begin to fall wishing for you and me The way it felt when we touched The way you made me feel It seemed that you were too perfect To even be real And that's when the tears Begin to form in my eyes They told myself how much I missed you, But I did not want to cry
SB convo ->almostfamo...: lol, no, i can do better , but dont want to waste my energy on ..mentally handicapped people almostfamo...: that's just sad that's he best u could come up with. ->almostfamo...: btw, you are wearin PJs, four eyes ->almostfamo...: its your job to throw your cock out there? where? i hope It doesnt fall on me ->almostfamo...: lmao, does your butt hurt THAT bad? almostfamo...: lol, yeah cuz guys love SCARY ASS girls. don't flatter yourself, it's a guys JOB to throw that out there. actually you're a little too ethnic for me ->almostfamo...: and I am sure my attitude gets me to more places than your cock ->almostfamo...: you said that you would fuck me badly ->almostfamo...: i did read that almostfamo...: can u read??? wow, I bet that attitude gets u places ->almostfamo...: that is not a very good self promotion ->almostfamo...: and you are tellin me that you are a bad fuck?? ->almostfamo...: i would love to fuck you too, with a ru
YOU Told all my life: "count your blessings" Well alright, I will, since you insist I will try hard and not miss a thing Starting at the top and go down the list I have good health with all of my limbs Eyes sharp and my hearing is too I walk, talk, and I even run My biggest deficit YOU My mind is open, reasonable, and clear Feelings are real and heart is true Kind, courteous, and polite My deepest void YOU This repeating pattern explains the indentation Barriers are flattened by your deep penetration The area is so obvious where I need to address Let's get back to the blessings, before I digress I am very reliable and true to my word Give respect when respect is due Lavish with assets and time My evident gap YOU Talents and skills, I'll bring to the table Good as most...better than a few Good hands that love work My giant hollow YOU Enough of this; blessings are counted No mystery here or hidden clueI lack the biggest bl
whats up with the rating limits?
plz everyone just a few rates will get me to my goal i just like 78,040 Points to go! plz just take a min and help i been tryin for so long hacked and started over now am so close plz it cant hurt ya for a few rates
What am I supposed to say, when every answer seems to be wrong What am I supposed to do, when I can no longer remain strong Who do I turn to, when the dust finally clears How do I tell them all that I'm grounded by my fears They treat me like I'm unbreakable, like I'm superwoman And I really don't wanna be the one to say, that I'm only human I can't be your saving grace, cause I can't even save me And as much as I'd like to be unbreakable, this isn't a movie This is my life, and I can no longer fight your wars I'm only a meer mortal, and never be anything more
Maybe People Will Get The Hint
"Love means never having to say you're sorry." -Erich Segal In the absence of love, there is nothing worth fighting for. -Elijah Wood True love is night jasmine, a diamond in darkness, the heartbeat no cardiologist has ever heard. It is the most common of miracles, fashioned of fleecy clouds -- a handful of stars tossed into the night sky. -Jim Bishop "Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.'" -Erich Fromm You know a dream is like a river, ever changing as it flows. And a dreamer's just a vessel that must follow where it goes. Trying to learn from what's behind you and never knowing what's in store makes each day a constant battle just to stay between the shores. And I will sail my vessel 'til the river runs dry. Like a bird upon the wind, these waters are my sky. I'll never reach my destination if I never try, So I will sail my vessel 'til the river runs dry. Too many times we stand aside and le
Just when I think I can't be surprised by people It goes and happens again!Since when did being a nice person become a bad thing?I Rated a random profile just because I like to help people out and the next thing I know this guy is in my shout box asking me to cam.When i said sorry no thanks,he proceeded to let loose with the most vulgar names I have ever heard.I asked him why he was being so hostile and rude and he told me I was ugly F....up C... and I should be grateful a man actually wanted to look at me on cam. I was in a fairly good mood today the sun finally came out and I was smiling thinking of the possibility warmth and sunshiny day's. I don't know why I let that one creep ruin my day but I guess it's just human nature to get offended and hurt when someone talks that way to you. Do me a favour if you read this blabbering through please don't leave a nasty comment Even if this is fantasy land there are real people on the other side of the key board
A lady goes to her priest one day and tells him, 'Father, I have a problem. I have two female parrots, But they only know how to say one thing.' 'What do they say?' the priest inquired. They say, 'Hi, we're hookers! Do you want to have some fun?' That's obscene!' the priest exclaimed, Then he thought for a moment. 'You know,' he said, 'I may have a solution to your problem. I have two male talking parrots, Which I have taught to pray and read the Bible. Bring your two parrots over to my house, And we'll put them in the cage with Francis and Peter. My parrots can teach your parrots to praise and worship, And your parrots are sure to stop saying . . That phrase . . In no time.' Thank you,' the woman responded, 'this may very well be the solution.' The next day, She brought her female parrots to the priest's house. As he ushered her in, She saw that his two male parrots Were inside their cage holding rosary beads and
I have become a point whore extraordinaire. I want people to buy me tickers. I will give you 300k fubucks to buy me a ticker... Pretty please? I seriously would love to hit Oracle by the weekend.
Simple Of A Dream
I lay and watch you sleep at night Jealous of the shadowed light That bathes your body in a sweet caress No touch from me to spoil your rest Your gentle breath a sweet perfume To challenge the breeze within the room I move up close to hear the sound Of the quiescent, peace you've found Your murmured words of love profound For my ears when no one else is around You drift off back to blissful sleep Holding my hand, a special treat I'll join you in your dreams tonight Maybe search for the rainbows light Together running you and I In fields of dreams, where lovers lie... ~W.H.~ ~2009~
To Let You Know Who I Am
most people i know call me wholeebob,but my name is Robert a Leonard i live in michigan. I was born in Ann Arbor in 1971 moved up north in 1973 to tustin mi I went to school in Marion mi and now i live just south of jackson michigan
Realistic Hollywood Sex Scene
And If
You are my sunshine, My light at the beginning of everyday. You are my longing breath, The exhale I so deeply crave. You are the moon in my sky, The shining in my vacant darkness. You are the softness in a whisper, That keeps harshness at a distance. You are my compass at sea, Whenever I am lost, you are my North. My body reaches for your touch, You are my feeling and emotion. If a flower was to be, You would be the fragrance. If a clown was to laugh, You would be the smile. If a bird was to sing, You would be that song. And if a sunset could blossom, You would be the vibrant color. You are my longing day, That keeps me from persisting night. You are my sweet in chocolate, That melts in my mouth and not in my hands. And my trust in you is strong, Like the ancient mountains that still stand. The stars in the sky belong to you, In the mere blackness you are radiant light. You are the joy at tearfall, Where every moment counts. You are my lake of calmness
moving and flowing with every promise broken your words meant nothing it took such a long time for me to realize this how long i believed you actually loved me why didnt i see the signs that you didnt earlier it would have been so much less painfull so much less worry.
Lounge Spammers
SUCK MY KOK!   Seriously.   Stay the fuck out of my SB and I won't go in YOUR lounge and give you shit.   You tell me to change my settings.  I HAVE changed my settings if you fucking use the tooltip invite tool.  I am NOT closing my SB becuase you don't fucking now how to invite people the right way.   You link your lounge in my SB, I link my blog in your lounge, got it?
Family Guy
Almost Friday
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
What Kind Of Big Cat I Am.
You Are a White Tiger You have a strong individualistic streak. You are unique and outspoken. You have firm ideas of right and wrong. You will stand up for your unpopular beliefs with pride. You believe that learning the truth is important. Even if it\'s ugly, uncomfortable, or awkward. You give it to people straight, and you expect them to do the same. You can\'t stand ambiguity of any kind.
Beautiful Lyrics
When I see you,I run out of words to sayI wouldn't leave you,Cause your that type of girl, that makes mistakes I see the guys tryna' holla,Girl I don't want to bother you,Cause your independent and you got my attentionAnd I'll be your baby father,Girl I just want to show you,That I love what you are doing I see you in the club, you gettin' down'I wanna get with youI see you in the club, you showin' thugs loveThat wanna get with you You're so beautiful, So damn beautifulSaid your so beautiful, So damn beautifulYou're so beautiful... Where'd you come from, you're outta' this world, to meYou're a symbol of what a beautiful woman should be (ooh wee) I see the guys trying to holla,Girl I don't want to bother you,Cause your independent and you got my attentionAnd I'll be your baby father,Girl I just want to show you,Cause I love what you are doing I see you in the club, you gettin' downI wanna get with youI see you in the club, you showin' thugs loveI wanna get with you You're so be
Charles House Sr.
He had a good long life. Born in 1924, he was the next youngest of 6 children born to Charles and Goldena House. He hardly knew his dad who left the home to find work when grandpa was only 4 years old. His mother raised him and his 5 siblings by herself, so he had a particularly hard childhood. Being a child of the Great Depression he was always concerned with money and saving as much as possible. His own mother once told him he was born 50 years old. He and my grandma were married in July of 1946, nearly 63 years, something I cannot comprehend as that is nearly 2 lifetimes for me. They had 3 children, my mom, Janice in 1950, my uncle Chuck (Charles Edward Junior) in 1953, and my aunt Debbie in 1957. He worked at numerous bakeries around Kansas City for 40 years. He never smoked, drank, or overindulged in salt or red meat. Probably the reason he outlived many of his coworkers. He lived a good life. He was 84 years old, about 12 years past the average age for men of his generation. He
Hell Yeah - Rotten To The Core
Time to light the fires and spill the waste, (It'll be okay), drain the oceans, Who needs them, Anyway, (Not Me) Pick the region then pick the fight, (Pin the tail on you) Shit on your neighbors, And blow it up tonight (Now lets go) No time to fix it, just move along, more damage to do, destruction for you I've heard some people say, were rotten to the core, rancid, bitter, No voice, nothing to say, no options anymore, rotten to the core! Time to burn the bridges, waste resources away (hooray) where's out superman to save the f**king day (Lets go) No time to fix it, just move along, more damage to do, destruction for you I've heard some people say, were rotten to the core, rancid, bitter, No voice, nothing to say, no options anymore, rotten to the core! Worldwide cattle call, one more drop of the ball, no more, no way wake the f**k up! I've heard some people say, were rotten to the core, rancid, bitter, No voice, nothing to say, no options anymore, rotten to the core!
Magic Apples
A young fellow ran into an old man who was carring a bag. "What's in the bag?" the youngster asked. "magic apples", the old man replied. "Prove it", said the young man. "Well, besides apples, what is your favorite two fruits?" asked the old man. "Watermelon and peaches", he answered. The man handed him an apple and told him to try it out. The boy took a bite and said that it tasted like a watermelon. "Ok, turn it over", he said. The boy did and took another bite and said that it tasted like a peach The youngster still wasn't convinced that they were magic. The old fellow told him to name something else that he liked to eat. "I like to eat pussy." he snapped. The man handed him another apple and told him to try it. He took a big bite, spit it out, wipped his mouth and esclaimed, "That tasted like shit". The old man looked at him, smiled and said, "Turn it over."
Down To 337 Pounds From 385
down to 337 pounds was 385pounds thinkgod...still along way to go i want to be 300 n under befor this year is over with....
American Terrorist
  In response to a newly unclassified Department of Homeland Security report that warns of dangers associated with "right-wing extremists" - and singles out returning war veterans as particular threats - the American Legion has fired off a letter to DHS in protest.   "I think it is important for all of us to remember that Americans are not the enemy. The terrorists are," writes David K. Rehbein, national commander of the American Legion, to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. The Legion's letter comes in response to a report titled "Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment," dated April 7, which warns against the possibility of violence by unnamed "right-wing extremists" concerned about illegal immigration, increasing federal power, restrictions on firearms, abortion and the loss of U.S. sovereignty. The document, first reported by talk-radio host and WND columnist Roger Hedgecock, suggests worsening economic woe
RunI'm broken and bruised, punished and used, my spirit and heart have been crushed.It was bad for so long, I tried to hold on, to the few things i had felt. I finally ran,I far i ran fast,trying to out run the pain.Now I can't stop running,can't stop running, No matter how happy I feel.I know it will end, and once again, the pain and the hurt will come back.So i won't stop running,I can't stop running, some hearts will get broke in the end.So i'll run till I'm safe, I'll run till i'm free,I may love and be loved again.Until then i run,I run far i run fast,trying to our run the pain.
Scotts Murder
4-15-09JEFFERSON — His voice strong and his gaze unwavering, Adam Cook described Scott Doverspike’s final moments, as they were reportedly described to him by childhood friend and fellow prisoner, Jason Moore.Cook, a former Belmont Correctional Institution prisoner and state’s witness, said Moore confessed to killing their mutual friend by “throwing him off a bridge,” Cook told a jury Wednesday afternoon.Cook gave his account against Moore in Common Pleas Court in front of Judge Alfred Mackey.“We struck up a conversation, and, you know, the conversation turned to Scott,” Cook said. “I knew Scott since we were kids. I knew Jason since we were kids.”Cook said the prison yard conversation turned to the subject of murder.“(Moore) went into details of that night on the bridge and why he had done it,” Cook said. “He said Scott was defenseless, high and drunk.”Moore is charged in the death ofDoverspike, who was foun
Enormous Fight In Moscow
Stupid sports fans...   St Petersburg Zenit soccer team fans  vs Moscow Spartak
The Old Man Joke
An 85-year old man was requested by hisdoctor for a sperm count as part of his physical exam.The doctor gave the man a jar andsaid, "Take this jar home,  and bring back a semensample tomorrow." The next day the 85-year old manreappeared at the doctor's office and gave him the jar,which was as clean and empty as on the previous day. The doctor asked what happened, and theman explained, "Well, doc, it's like this – firstI tried with my right hand, but nothing.  Then I tried withmy left hand, but still nothing.. Then I asked my wife for help.  Shetried with her right hand, then her left, still nothing.She tried with her mouth, first with teeth in, then with herteeth out, still no thing. "We even called up Arleen, thelady next door, and she tried, too, first with both hands,then an armpit, and she even tried squeezin' it betweenher knees, but still nothing.." The doctor was shocked! "You askedyour neighbor?"   the old man replied, "Yep noneof us could get the jar open."
It's Cold
Winter's coming .. I feel like sneaking under the covers and goin to sleep. It's too cold.
Im Sick Of Smiling & So Is My Jaw
I heard about your trip.I heard about your souvenirs.I heard about the cool breeze, in the cool nights,and the cool guys that you spent them with.Well I guess I should have heard of them from you.I guess I should have heard of them from you.Don't you see, don't you see,that the charade is over?And all the "Best Deceptions" and "Clever Cover Story" awards go to you.So kiss me hard'cause this will be the last time that I let you.You will be back somedayand this awkward kiss that tells of other people's lips will be of serviceto keeping you away.I heard about your regrets.I heard that you were feeling sorry.I heard from someone that you wish you could set things right between us.Well I guess I should have heard of them from you.I guess I should have heard of them from you.I'm waiting for blood to flow to my fingers,I'll be all right when my hands get warm.Ignoring the phone,I'd rather say nothing. I'd rather you'd never heard my're calling too late,too late to be gracious and yo
my email is hit me up if u wanna chat
Writtings In The Sand
Eclipse Quotes;
Eclipse Quotes; "With Jacob there is a… conflict. A conflict about the friendship thing, I mean. Friendship doesn’t always seem to be enough for Jake." -Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.14 "Please tell me you are not trying to have a sex talk with me, Charlie." -Eclipse, Chapter 2, p.58 "I punched a werewolf in the face." -Eclipse, Chapter 15, p.342 "Show me the damn ring, Edward." -Eclipse, Chapter 20, p.457 "Kiss me, Jacob. Kiss me, and then come back." -Eclipse, Chapter 23, p.525 "It’s a good thing you’re bulletproof. I’m going to need that ring. It’s time to tell Charlie." -Eclipse, Chapter 27, p.620
...what fascinating things. What great lengths (no pun int here) their owners would go to just stick them into some warm wet hole for about 15 min. Humiliation, bankruptcy, loss of power, etc. I would absolutely HATE to be a man. *Shudders at the thought   It was hard enough for me to get laid being a female (had to resort to finding ppl in a yahoo member directory, and inviting them over to my friend's).
Stand by my side, woman. Naked... body and soul. Reveal your true self to me. Shed the fear from your eyes. And let love bind us together. Can you not see my love Waiting for you with open arms. ....Oh, my sunlit-midnight The feelings that capture me when
So, I am still sick and all, but I really need to get my ass in shape, and its beautiful outside. But my house is a mess, which I am kinda afraid to touch. And if I work out now, then I'll have to take a shower before work, and I hate taking showers...   whaaa!!!!
Another Log On The Fire?
            Tracy and Ron had only been dating for a little while and this was the last night of their very first trip “away from it all” as Tracy called it.  They sat watching as the flames danced around the fire pit.    Wrapping around each other like 2 lovers entwined, crackling and popping as the wood burned beneath.    The stars above seemed to twinkle in rhythm with the flames and a sliver of the moon smiled at their harmony.    No other evening of this trip had shown itself with such perfection and no other evening charged their souls as well.                    After laying a blanket out on the ground, Ron looks at Tracy and asks if she’ll come join him.  Reluctant to leave the comforts of her seat, she walks over and lies down in front of him.    Locked in a spoon, they continue to be mesmerized by the passion of the dancing flames.    Ron puts his arm around Tracy and pulls her body tighter to his own.   She responds with a smile, just barely visible by th
Seems I Am Not Allowed To Ask Questions
Its sad when you cant even ask your family members questions with out them getting pissy with you. My middle son Christian whos 22 got pissy with me cause I wanted to know why my oldest son Derek whos 26 is always the first to be laid off when there is a shortage of work. He said in a very low tone,  cause he was hired for re barb and none has come in yet.  I said I understand that but he is I am sure smart enough to do other things at the shop. He went on to say that only a few are working.  That he could be called back tomorrow or next week.  Well all well and good how ever if he was to be laid off for a few weeks say so then he can apply for UI until more work is available. Lets just say he made dam sure I knew he wasnt happy that I stuck my nose in. Thing is ,  I come from a very disfunctional family and I swore if I had family they would look out for one another,  and help out if they could. Well guess I didnt do so good huh!  My middle son thinks more of him self since he g
Pecker Up!
A five year old boy and his grandpa are sitting on the front porch together. When gramps pulls a beer out of his cooler, the little boy asks, 'Can I have a beer Grandpa?' Grandpa replies, 'Can your pecker touch your ass?' The little boy answered, 'No Grandpa. It's just a little pecker.' Gramps says, 'Well then, you're not man enough to have a beer.' A little later Grandpa lights up a cigar. The little boy asks, 'Can I have a cigar Grandpa?' Once again, Grandpa asks, 'Can your pecker touch your ass?' Once again the little boy replies, 'No, it's too little'. Gramps replies, 'Then you're not man enough to have a cigar.' A little later the little boy comes out of the house with milk and some cookies. Grandpa asks, 'Hey there young feller, can I have a cookie?' The boy asks, 'Can your pecker touch your ass?' Laughing, Gramps replies, 'Hell yes, my pecker can touch my ass!' The little boy replies, 'Then go fuck yourself.'
Haka Flower
Energy is finite. Transformation is natural, needed, but change is difficult. I planted the seed of a giant sunflower while I prayed to be used as a conduit for the healing of Harper. I was denied. No explanations - just the knowledge that I was not needed for that purpose. All that I could watch grow was the fragile sunflower as it rose to meet the warmth of the sun, from its bed of moist earth. I do watch it. It teaches me. Just like Harper taught me - that life is for living. Death will arrive in time, in spite of a Chi Chi that wants so badly to heal and nurture. So we lived our time together. We did a pretty good job. Now I nurture the sunflower planted with the fervent prayers and supplication of a desperate person. It will grow, up towards the sun, and the seeds that will fill the flower top will also fill the bellies of the birds and animals that eat it. In turn they will spread the seeds to other parts of the forest and fields. And on and on it goes... Harper will have
I Searched For You
I searched for you , Upon every hill. My unmasked passion,Weaker still,     I reached for you , with maimed hands , They streached and reached , To distant lands, My soul weeped , In river beds , And wilted forests, With the pain they shed ,    I altered the Hinge of every question , As wild amazement fastened on ,And as the gentel summer beckoned , In wonderment I crept alone,    I transformed the earth , And branchs grew, Vivd colors spilling , Onto every painters hue, 
What Do You Need To Be Happy?
You Need Success to Be Happy You are a responsible and serious person. You like to do things well. Reaching your goals is very important to you, and you don't like getting sidetracked. You feel great when you are mastering new tasks and solving problems. You believe in hard work. Nothing makes you feel worse than feeling like you are doing a bad job. What Do You Need to Be Happy?
May 11th
    Sarge's Bad Girls May 11, 2009 Edition Show The Sarge And These Fine Bad Girls Lots Of Love! ?aGEM4life? The Sarge a/k/a Sarge's Bad Girls~*Angel Eyes*~
Okay I am going to do this on here just like I did on my myspace! Why is it that people like to judge other people souly on how they look? Don't people realise that even if you do not look like Barbie you could be one hell of a person? I think people need to take a look at what a person is like and how they act other then just what is on the outside!
I Found It!
The original cunt punt vid!
whoville's who (greeter @ final destination....COME IN AND VISIT OR JOIN US ANYTIME... HAVE SOME@ fubar
"Sweet words are easy to say, Sweet things are easy 2 buy, But sweet people are difficult to find. Life ends when U stop dreaming. Hope ends when U stop believing. Love ends when U stop caring. Friendship ends when U stop sharing. To love without condition. To talk without intention. To give without reason. And to care without expectation is the heart of a true friend... If U Care........ Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably, And never regret anything that made you smile.
Alone at night I wait in silence Nobody there to hear my cry in silence No soul to share my pain in silence Cant wait to be released from silence  
Anal Sex #2 (the Drink)
I had no clue that there was a drink with this name. I figured I would share the recipe. Not sure that it even sounds good. The YooHoo kinda killed it for me. Since this is listed as Anal Sex #2 I am wondering what #1 is.   Anal Sex #2 (Cocktail)Everclear, Lemonade, Orange Juice, Vodka, YooHoo Ingredients 2 oz. Lemonade 1/2 oz. Everclear 1/2 oz. Vodka 1/2 oz. YooHoo Orange Juice 
Street Drugs
You know, I still see alot of signs on fubar that tell me that people on here are using street drugs. I am not a moral majority type by any stretch of the imagination so don't think I'm going there. No my problem with it is this. Street drugs...pot, coke and all that other shit are one of the ways our enemies over here fund their operations against us. They use the money from drug sales to buy weapons, bullets, ied's, commo equipment, government influence etc. So when you buy your bag of weed or your lines of blow your not just having a good time. Your helping to kill the very people who are over here trying to protect you and the rest of the world from psychotic religious, xenophobic zealots like Al-Queda and the Taliban...soldiers like me. Thank you so much! Hey, keep it up! Maybe that way, the Taliban can take over Pakistan. Pakistan has nuclear weapons just like their rival next door, India. The Taliban would jump at the chance to decorate the Punjab with mushroom clouds. And of co
If Your Going To Do It Then Do It
we all know suicide is not a joke however there are thos who say it to get either a shock out of other people or to make other feel sorry for them and or the most cause of why people do it any more is to get attention   most cause of death are not cause by suicide   suicide well not take your problems away and there are alot more worser things then death  such as brain damage and or being paralyzed or being alive and half your body is gone   before you say it think about the people who you will hurt your family friends even your pets   if all the people who have committed suicide could come back they would say they wish they never did it   hell i have to admit i try a few times my self but i stop doing so becuse i dont want to live being brain damage or the lost of my eyes brain or arms i do value my body and what it can do   even tho i wish my life was a bit better then what it is you have to play the cards that you are delt with and do something with them   think about
Okay. Some of you fuckers are going to come and play Werewolf with me, and you're going to freaking enjoy it. Click, or I'll do vile unspeakable things to you. If you're a woman and that sounds fun, I -won't- do vile unspeakable things to you. If you don't know what Werewolf is, just f'ing click the link. There's a link there explaining it. GTFOn there.
Why.....just Why.......
Why do people get off on hurting peoples feelings? I mean what in the fuck has this world come to....I ask myself is their REAL..Does real exist?..I know there is atleast one person who is real, me......I care about peoples feelings. I hate to see people cry...But Fubar, is a cruel CRUEL place. I sure hope some of these people don't act like they do in the real world. I am always gonna be ME even if its on some stupid shallow site like this. There just is no heart on here....its shallow and shady as  FUCK.............
Conscience Feeling
She gleams in the darkest settingsShe cares when there is no needShe reflects you with similarityShe holds you just to be close to youShe sees you as a magnetShe can't look away without attractionYou hold her as if she's rareA cherished gem firmly with careTime holds frozenIt feels meant to beInstead of being chosenThe music continues over our breathingIs there such a thing as sadnessWhen happiness overides your conscienceYou wake up from this dreamIt seemed so realEverything I feelEmbedded in my intentionsIntentions never endingAs long as that dreamLingers forever trulyThat feeling of loveWill abide within me
My Daddy
Well As We All Know Our Parents Get Older As We Do. My Daddy Is Going To Be 50 On 6-30-09 And Isnt Doing Well. Im Very Afaird That By The End Of The Year He Will Die And Ill Be With Out  My Daddy.:( So Plz Keep My Family In Ur Prays
Soo, I am a night auditor at a hotel. Read: making night audit reports, calculating the revenues, submitting shit to the corporates, data entry, other light accounting stuff. Together with doing all the front desk shit that people do at hotels (checkin ppl in, delivering shit, delivering receipts, newspapers). Since I'm all alone, I have to do a lil bit from all departments: FD, housekeeping, etc.   My piece of shit GM came up with a great idea: for me to start cleaning the public areas at a hotel: takin out all the trash, cleaning the bathrooms, restockin the towels, etc.   I'm so fuckin pissed, I spent about an hour today lookin for a new job. He is going to Colombia for a week, to see his Colombian coke whore he met (wonder why she is with an American 50 yo slow ugly dude, hmm). I truly genuinely hope that he gets abducted. Hell, I would pay for someone to abduct him...I hope guerillas kidnap his fuckin ass. One can only dream...
To Vanish if it was only that easy. To just walk away from everyone. To walk away from everything. To just Vanish from it all if it was only that easy. To remove ones self from hear shot. To remove ones self from all obligation that binds one down.  To Vanish if it was only that easy. To run away from the one you love cause you just can't breath. To run away from the pain.
Have you ever seen a sand clock? Have you flipped it over and observed those tiny grains of sand all over sudden come rushing through the funnel, one just like the other, hurrying to get to the narrow part, pushing and shoving while being concentrated in a tight spot, just to fall through and join its counterparts all the way at the bottom?For hundreds of thousands of years, since the beginning of humanity, we have been going through a gigantic sand clock of life, starting all the way in a top chamber the moment we are born and making our way down every second without stopping. Unlike the sand clock, however, we do not get to start all over again once we reach the bottom and the clock is turned upside down to repeat the process. This is where this analogy ends and the reality of our existence begins. Since the beginning of human experience we have been trying to find the explanation for our presence and the reasons for overcoming the struggles that life throws in our face. Do we ponder
You Were In My Dream
You were in my dream last night, you were,Just me and you, and then you met her,But you saw her lies, and that I only wantyou,You were in my dream last night, you were,Just me and you, and then you met her,But you saw her lies, and that I only want you,And you knew it your heart that my feelings were true,We were watching a film in the cinema just messingaround, Nothing naughty, then you turned around,You threw popcorn at me with a grin on your face,We threw sweets back and forth at a harmless pace.Then you say "haha, listen, I don't care about throwingpopcorn at you, I'm just messing around because I fancy you"You said it in an such an obvious toneEveryone else said "Well duh! All evening it's shown!"You said "I want to be your lucky girlfriend please"Then the whole room stood still like it was a freezeI looked at you a little startled and you look at me withyour grin Then after some thought with your lipsperched ready, I lean inThe kiss was something worth waiting forAnd I felt that
Men's Rules
Now for the men's rules.... We always hear "the rules" from the feminine side. OK - we are now going to hear the rules from the man's side. These are our rules! Please note ...these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE.   1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down.  1. Sometimes, we are not thinking about you. Live with it.  1. Shopping is NOT a sport, and no, we are never going to think of it that way.  1. When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine. Really.  1. Crying is blackmail.  1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one:    Subtle hints do not work.    Strong hints do not work.    Obvious hints do not work.    Just say it! 1. We don't remember dates. Mark birthdays and anniversaries on a calendar. Remind us frequently beforehand.  1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.  1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what y
Ralph Carr
  Imagine it is February 19th, 1942 Franklin D Roosevelt has just passed Executive Order 9066 (EO).  The purpose of the order is to allow for the treatment of people as animals, giving the United States government the authority to round up people and herd them into holding communities in the name of national security. The United States recently reeling from the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor suspected all Japanese immigrats and decendents were a possible threat to the safety and secuirty of Americans.  To keep the citizens of the country safe the EO allowed the creation of "Exlusion zones" permitting any person of a certain pedigree from living in a certain area.  Understanding the governments justification is not essentially neccessary to our story. The Mayor of Denver during the time was a man of indreible integrity and sincerity, his name was Ralph Carr.  His election bid was won on a platform as a politician whose sole purpose was to act on behalf of the will of the people, his
If You Love Me...
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Rules For Eating Out
Rule #1: When you sit down at your table, don’t wave at us, don’t holler and yell at us, and don’t sit with your arms crossed. We see you sitting down, and if we’re busy, it might take a minute. Rest assured, we know you’re there. If we don’t happen to be in the area when you sit down, someone WILL let us know about it. You pay our bills, we don’t like making you mad. Rule #2: When we walk up to the table, and say “How are you guys doing today?” or “How are you today?”, we really do want to know how you are doing. That helps us to judge how the course of the meal is going to go, and what we need to do to stay on your good side. Grunting or immediately starting your order is not acceptable, and sets a tone that most of us just don’t want to deal with. Getting on our bad side is a bad way to start your meal, because at that point, we know you aren’t going to tip, and no longer care. Rule #3: When we start our
Something I Wrote For My Dad On Father's Day
  As i sit here staring up into Your green eyes i remember as a little girl wondering This man who i call my DadHe is TallHe is MightyHe is my HeroHe is my Daddyi am older nowi have a family of my owni look into those green eyesthat have become olderand wiserand thank God everyday that you're my Daddythis is from me to my Dad and to all the other Dad's out there as wellDM Hutton
Recent Events
This is the third time i've tried to post this. Okay everyone knows that summer is here, and if you've ever been to Memphis mosquitoes here are like b-52 bombers, I'm sure you're all wondering what this has to do with anything? Well if you took the time to read my profile or talk to me on a daily basis you would know that I am homeless and i was living under a bridge in a tent until about 48 hours ago. Here's what happened over the last two days. There had been other people staying down at my campspot but when the drinking started I was like meh whatever, but then the guy brings some chick that looks like shrek down there and for the past month i've gotten very little sleep due to them drinking and screwing and being loud at all times of the night and waking me up, well the other day it was like 110 out with the heat index. I went back to camp early cause I was tired, well for once the guy down there was sober which I like the guy when he isn't shitfaced and messing with me. anyways h
Team Death
Our Names Are Spoken Wit Tongues Like RazorsDissect Upon Us But You'll See Nothin' NowSo Then They Look And Decay Like VaporsYou Wanna Hate But You Can't Keep Us DownPeople Fear What They Don't UnderstandAnd So They Hate Without Thoughts ProvokingAnd Yet We Rise Till We Reach Our EndEvery Place Has A Face That Will Never Despise UsWe Are The Wretched, We Are The Ones That You HateAnd All Your Children, They Feel Our PainSo You Can Hate And You Can Try To DestroyBut We Will Always Rise And Never Look Back NowWe Are The Wretched, We Are The UnlovedBastard Children Of The Streets Speakin' Out NowWe Are The Ringing In Your Ears That Will Never DieSome Say The Saviors Of The Underground And So We're CrucifiedAnd So You Hate MeBut You Know That I Love YouYou Give Me Strength To Appose My FearsYou'll Never Take MeAccept What You Shall DoI'm Here To Stay Even Through The TearsWe're A Match Made In Hell With A Contract In BloodCheck The Scars On The Bodies And You'll Know Where We're Comin' Fro
Hi. Been a year and a day, it seems like. So...what's going on? I myself have found out I am keeping my old job, moving to a new, bigger office, Kinda sucks that I'm taking one of my co-workers spots, we have't figured that one out, but that's what's happening. Other than that, living life. Who's throwing me a birthday party for  the end of June? Oh...I'm taking a vacation finally, I have the entire month of July off. Woot. Where to go? Have fun people!
Meet The Crypt Keeper
Hello boys and ghouls so glad you could make itWelcome to the place that nobody wants to visitWhere horrific tales can boggle your mindAnd your worst nightmares and fantasies are intertwinedWe've got things from the grave and a slight case of murderTake that, daddy's real gun screamin' abracadaverGet a dark showdown make way for the assassinIt will kill you if you miss, you better be ready for actionThe dead mans chest is always laid to restIncrease the crowd, so we'll get ready for that morning messWe've got a maniac at large spreadin' pain, death and horrorDeath to some salemen another body we gatherIt's a television terror takin' over your screenDead right the keepers comin' so you better start to screamAnd as we walk through the unknown our presence is feltTales from the crypts, through the grave, through your bedHorror, torture, violent storiesThese tales from the crypt tend to get a little goryRedemption, revenge, each one with a twist endThese tales from the crypt will make your
Diary Of A Fallen Soldier
We are fighting this warEach day so much worse than beforeCan I get another body count ohIs it getting larger by the hourEvery enemy gets on their kneesMy face the last thing my enemy seesWhat happened to good will toward menDidn't know that excluded men on a different landBlood is spraying and it's hardly like rainStumble over bodies that look all the sameI am writing this in case I see a hollow graveIn the midst of all these bodies will you know my nameIs this the end of the roadAnd will we live to see another sun riseIs this the end of the roadAnd will we live to see our families againWith the pen between my fingersCan't describe the smell that lingersFrom the corpses that have fallenAnd all of the flesh that is rottenI hope you appreciate what youGot now forget the people who fought toGive you freedom but what does that meanI still don't see how you're more important than meWe risk our lives everyday for thisPeople all are dying everyday that wishThey could be home but are forced o
Where Are All The Real Woman At?11
Seriously...where are the real woman at these days?  Im tired of running into woman who think they are woman but yet are still little girls inside and give me the run around.   Im tired of the dancing around, i need a real woman who knows what she wants and once thats said will have her mind set to it.
My Friends Saved My Sanity
     Since my divorce,life has actually been better. I am now able to be back on fubar and other forums without the crazy wench over my shoulder. I am also able to be around my friends again. You see,I have friends of many different backgrounds and situations and that terrified my ex-wife. As did my writing erotica. I asked her why one night during a fight and she stated that it was too weird for her. Even if my friends liked her and she admired my writing,it was too weird? lol. So I let go of the annoying pain she left me in and began doing as I had always done,made the best of my life. I haven't gone on any dates yet but I have met some cool women. I guess it was my ex's insecurity playing in our demise. The fact that I had friends and I needed "me" time. As I stated earlier,I have many kinds of friends,male,female,Asian,Black,Hispanic,White. As well as gay,straight,bi and yes,Transgendered. My ex hated this but I never cared,they are my friends and I love them all. I come from a fam
Vip-a-thon (moved Here)
OFFICIAL FABA VIP-a-thon sign up sheet    more VIP-a-thon info here       if you agree to and can committ to this list     you the FABA member will:R/F/A if havent alreadyadd owned by your name in minekeep you shitfaced when neededrate/re-rate all your pixrate your stash and blogs1 SFW saluteRandom comments/giftsR/F/A your top 5         and r not curently VIP      if VIP expires while VIP-a-thon is running u may sign up then     this will work on a first come first serve basis     FABA will try to find an owner for all who sign up   &nbs
I Know My Type , Can You Guess It?
Almost all Japanese are aware of their blood type. The idea began when some in the west were touting the idea that the asian peoples were more closely related to animals then humans, or lower on the evolutionary chain, since type B blood was the predominant blood type in asians and animals. As ludicrous and unscientific as this idea was, it was insulting to say the least. Modern science disproves this obviously faulted idea. In the 1930's Furukawa Takeji (1891-1940) set out to disprove this notion and a new idea was born. However, the idea of personality traits being influenced by blood type remains. Companies in Japan even had divided workers by blood type. Here are the general ideas of each blood type. The Rh factor plays no role in the blood type/personality idea: Type O You are the social butterflies. Often popular and self-confident, you are very creative and always seem to be the center of attention. You make a good impression on people and you're often quite attractive. Orga
Simple Things In Life Mean More....
Faith Hill "Take Me As I Am" Baby, don't turn out the lightI wanna see you look at meWhisper only truth tonightNot just promises and empty fantasiesI don't need a bed of roses'Cause roses wither awayAll I really need is honestyFrom someone with a strong heartA gentle handWho'll take me as I amBaby, I need for you to knowJust exactly how I feelFiery passions come and goI'd trade a million pretty wordsFor one touch that is realI don't need a bed of roses'Cause roses wither awayAll I really need is honestyFrom someone with a strong heartA gentle handWho'll take me as I amFrom someone with a strong heartA gentle handWho'll take me as I am
I've decided to go on welfare, how do you do that?
Disgusting Factoids About Me
I have had a week before showers I pick my toenails, then they lay around the house Sometimes I pick at my nails, then my finger bleeds like crazy, and I drip the blood all over as a joke Once I smeared blood on my face like war paint in the shower I pee in the shower    
God Damn Fortune Cookies
Now I know I'm not the first person to say something like this and I wont be the last. Now usually I find it funny how un-fortunesq they really are....... BUT, tonight takes the cake. Now after eating my orange chicken and boneless spare ribs from my favorite place ( Mings) I decided to crack open the two cookies that I normally throw away because of how silly they are. And to my surprise this is what I read....."You have an ability to sence and know higher truth." WOW..... not bad right? Almost a fortune.......I mean not really but very intuitive.... Now heres where it gets fucked up. My second fortune........"Hard words break no bones, fine words butter no parsnips" .......... OK WTF IS THAT??? I thought fortune cookie ment it gave you a fortune......... not that you had to be a fortune teller to read into what these fucking things mean. Why dont they just start putting jokes in there so when people get stoned and want some chinese food they have something to entertain themselves aft
Take This Quiz!
This is a quiz for people who know everything! I found out in a hurry that I didn't. These are not trick questions. They are straight questions with straight answers. 1. Name the one sport in which neither the spectators nor the participants know the score or the leader until the contest ends. 2. What famous North American landmark is constantly moving backward? 3. Of all vegetables, only two can live to produce on their own for several growing seasons. All other vegetables must be replanted every year. What are the only two perennial vegetables? 4. What fruit has its seeds on the outside? 5. In many liquor stores, you can buy pear brandy, with a real pear inside the bottle. The pear is whole and ripe, and the bottle is genuine, it hasn't been cut in any way. How did the pear get inside the bottle? 6. Only three words in standard English begin with the letters "dw" and they are all common words. Name two of them. 7. There are 14 punctuation marks in English grammar. Can you name at lea
I wrote this a while back because I was dissatisifed with Deathly Hallows.  I wasn't happy with the plodding pace and the lack of anything resembling ability by Harry.  It seemed, frankly, that Rowling simply mailed it in on large parts of teh story, and the whole Deathly Hallows thing struck me as just lame.  So I decided to change things up some and give the characters some spirit and panache. This story picks up on the Hogwarts Express, just after Dumbledore's funeral.  As always, the characters are Jo Rowling's.  But the story is mine.  I hope you enjoy it.    
Electric Emptiness
The music plays on. Silently shifts the seat and the blinking cursor counts the moments. Defy the blank screen. When nothing develops, out the window his gaze goes forth; for a moment he loves the evening sky. After a while, he reads her thoughts and is again surprised. He doesn’t always understand his own reactions. He wonders if others understand themselves. The music plays and it’s good music.  A perfect moment, except for the lack of tea – and words. It seems impossible to write when life is good. To those who struggle before the electric emptiness and who, more regularly than not, overcome it: godspeed.
Stepping Back
Stepping Back Alone you stand at the edge looking down, all you see is bleakness and no end in sight You think about your life and know you have to choose Do you dare take that step forward? End it all as it is, or do you walk away find hope amongst the gray You might want to take that deadly step might think that it is for the best A soul beaten down broken hearted alone in the crowd I reach for you and pull you back hold you close and show you that at least one person does care A heart to mend a soul to heal Search deep within and you will see that endless fall
I hate how things are going lately. My body has broken down and my doctor has ran out of ways to try to get me better. So I am hurting all the time. What is worse that  it's not just me suffering it's also my 4 year old son and my husband. Lucky for me hubs has been so understanding and just when I think he has reached the point where he cant deal with it he suprises me. Like today. Was hurting soo badly and pain meds wasn't helping. Could barely move off the couch without the pain knocking into me. He came home from work and took our boy and my lil 8 year old brother to the pool so I could rest. He cooked dinner and cleaned up so I didnt have to. I know there are people out there alot worse than I am and are dealing with health issues far greater than mine.  And this whole situation has humbled me..I say a prayer to those people even though I dont know them. I just wished my doc would find a way to fix me. I cant even get a job cause of the pain I am in almost all the time. Hubs says
The worst thing is holding on to someone who doesn't want to be held on to. Don't fall for someone unless they're willing to catch you. The thing about falling in love is that if you do it right, you'll never hit the ground. Life is too short to be anything but happy. So kiss slowly. Love deeply. Forgive quickly. Take chances & never have regrets. Forget the past but remember what it taught you. Sometimes, you just have to smile, pretend everything's okay, hold back the tears and walk away. If you want to see the rainbow you must go through the rain. If you want TRUE LOVE you must go through the pain. Women were made from a man's rib, not from his head to be superior, not from his feet to be walked on, but from his side to be equal, from under the arm to be protected, and from next to the heart to be loved.
Come On People
i can feel its close, i just need dribs and drabs of fubucks to hopefully nail it today/tomorrow (dependant on where you live) so please if you can dig deep and donate t my spotlight fund
Hot Friend
please visit my hot friend   $safe_uid_dname@ fubar
Women Study
WOMEN'S ASS SIZE STUDY. There is a new study about women and how they feel about their asses, the results were pretty interesting: 30% of women think their ass is too fat............ 10% of women think their ass is too skinny...... The remaining 60% say they don't care, they love him, he's a good man, and they wouldn't trade him for the world.
Sampling Of Offerings From The Fu Senior Citizens
Just thought I'd jot down a sampling of what the 55 year old and over Fu-crew has offered me today.  It is only I can only imagine what the day has in store for me!  Names have been omitted to prevent heart attack and/or stroke on their geriatric azzes! ---OMG what a sexy and attractive woman you are....If you ever come to NJ or NYC will you please tell me 1st.....I would love to eat you...sorry...and if you think I am too old for you I can always be your sugar daddy while you are here..ok?....let me know what you think...bye for now !! ---your profile name reminds me of a rod in my tool shed, Your a very atractive lady.
Fantasy #2
This is where the story and me, a night alone on a steamy July evening. I am standing at the large island in the kitchen  making us some morgan and coke. you can hear the sound of the ice clinking in the know exactly what is about to happen. As I stand there in your button up white shirt and no bra, just wearin my red lace boyshorts. I take a piece of ice and place it on my hot skin just at the nape of my neck I lean my head back, enjoying the coolness of the ice, as it begins to melt, it trickles down my chest.  I look back up and see you sitting have unzipped your pants and are making your way to the kitchen. You come up behind me and take the ice from my delicate fingers.....placing it in your then run the ice over my nipples making them hard instantly I grab your hair and run my fingers thru it pulling you into me, needing the warmth of your skin to warm me up. You then toss the ice in the sink and take my breast in your hand..
Teeth Grinding
teeth grinding teeth grinding
The Sex Cam Epidemic
i have been searching the web to meet people these last couple weeks and it seems that no matter who i meet they ask "you want to cam" and i say sure why not and they give me an external link to some sex cam site. I mean what ever happened to people just chatting without a damn signup sheet? you think a persons real until they ask you to give away your information just to see one person. For me? not worth it. Im not THAT horny haha but these days it seems everyone is and is willing to be scammed so easily! IS ANYONE REAL OUT THERE?! HELLOOO!! *hears distant echo and raises hands* guess not. it seems im staying up at night being dragged into these people who call me "babe" every 2 IMS. lol hey would u actually care to have a real conversation about a topic other then camming??? what has the online social network become....
Ohio Public Records
My name is James Tucker, I am from Cleveland Ohio. I love basketballl and I am a big fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I work in the research team of the ohio public records its the best job in the world. Lets talk!
Haha I Knew It!
You're a Dick! Otherwise known as a penis,schlong,dong,member,phallus,etc. You usually lay around doing nothing but it doesn't take much to get a rise out of you.That is,unless,of course, you have had too much to drink, you're really,really old, or someone has kicked you really hard.When you get over excited you tend to stiffen up and eventually throw up all over the place.Excelente'
Should I Host Another
Should i host another auction? I will not be entering this one. I have decided that i just dont want to due to a few bad events that happen with this last one. however if you are interested in entering one please comment.
Wayne Lapierre
"Freedom is never an achieved state; like electricity, we've got to keep generating it or the lights go out." -- Wayne LaPierre
Thomas Jefferson
"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free ... it expects what never was and never will be." -- Thomas Jefferson
Montesquieu, 1748
"The tyranny of a principal in an oligarchy is not so dangerous to the public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy." --Montesquieu, 1748
James Madison
"I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedoms of the people by gradual and silent encroachment of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations." -- James Madison
New Game Comrade
Untie the mystical inheritance which leaves behind by Great Britain, the initiation a succession of murder event tries hard, to play the family to be going each place to collect the exhibit diligently in the happening scene, excavates each kind of small detail diligently Age of Conan Power Leveling, and defers to the scene condition which obtains with each exhibit to carry on the inference. Only then south the elementary student stature's tan oak, will be similar to the original work is ordinary, uses each kind of stage prop which Arab League coolie hat doctor invents, including the rappel rope, the turbine propulsion slide, the strength of legs enhancement shoes and so on is auxiliary south the tan oak the motion, breaks through each kind of barrier AoC Power Leveling, and guides the plot using the wristwatch anesthetic rifle and the butterfly knot voice change the occurrence, the inquisition fact truth. Very amusing section of 3D south the tan oak plays, but a little it is a pity at
I`m  thinking of you in silence no eyes can see me weep but even in my aching  heart your beautiful memories i  keep..
Oh, I Forgot We're Going To Aricafornia!
Martha told me this morning that before she left for work yesterday Sarah was in the kitchen packing a bag left in there.  My wife came to her and asked her where she was going: “I’m going to Aricafornia!”  Trying to say California, maybe?  I understand most of the state is now going at bargain prices, per an article I only saw the headline for yesterday.  I was sitting at the table writing in my journal when Martha recommended I should write it in there (as a recorder, I am a pack rat).  I did, and I also wrote something there I remembered Jeffrey saying twice last night, once after I’d brought home dinner from McDonald’s and Jeffrey had something to drink but said he was going to get water.  I told him a drink with our order was his, and he replied, “Oh.  I forgot.”  It was funny the way he said it, and again when after I took him potty to go “like the big boys do” and he wanted shorts over his pull-up.  I pointed out his pajama
For The Zombie Squad Members
Here's 2 more profiles of people that need our help and need PLENTY of luvin shown to them,ONE of them Sarabeth has a SLIGHT chance of POSSIBLY leveling within the next month or so with the help of our efforts,so we gotta make a BIG ZOMBIE SQUAD effort to rate these 2 people up hard and I mean HARD CORE! We can DO THIS guys! Here's our chance to show our friends and fam members the love that they deserve! So let's ZOMBIE SWARM these 2 profiles this month and don't forget about the members in the first Souls Denied Blog! ☮Sarabeth☮@ fubar   ~ Witchesbrew ~@ fubar  
Going Going Gone
Well, I have done it. I am going to a new home (temporarily maybe?).My train leaves Friday. Seattle, I have long desired to see the back of you and your snobby people. How is the new city on that score? I know not. I know nothing but that there is no way the people there could possibly be anywhere near so malignant as they are here. On to what brought me to this point: I got arrested. No charges filed as there were no charges to file, but they still kept me in the suicide ward for five days. It nearly ruined everything, to be sure. But now all is well, I have my ticket. I havent had the opportunity to paint recently though I do have real paints now I wont have to invent my own any more which should help a bit, but Im thinking as happy as I am to be leaving this vipers den of hate and self absorbtion it should have a positive impact on what flows from my perception onto the media. There is one other thing (oh, aside from my being actually homeless for the time being) but I dont want
Another Argument
A few hours ago, rich and I got into another agrument. He had just got a new cell phone because he messed up his phone, I went to check it out. He didn't get the same phone but the upgrade. So I was checking it out and he got a text on there from someone. The text didn't make much sense...he was sleeping at the time...and me being curious, even though it wasn't my business I looked at his texts. There wasn't many text messages in there since he just got his phone back but I got the idea on something that he had been lying about. He had been seeing this one girl, one of his friend's little sisters. I had the feeling that there was something going on, which didn't bother me but it's the fact that he lied. And with that, it started to make me think about other things that he lied about. He woke up and we started talking calmly. I told him I knew about the chick and he was surprised and hung his head low. I told him...You didn't have to lie to me. Just be honest..but wait..yo
When it hurts so bad,why does it feel so good?I wish this all made sense,I wish I understood.Not having you here with me is tearing me up inside,but I can't stop thinking about you no matter how hard I try.You know how I feel about you,and I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you,but it's so hard to do when I can't even be next to you.Why does it gotta be so complicated?Loving you feels so right,but at the same time,knowing I can't have you keeps me awake at night.I just want this to be simple,I just want you here with me,to look into your eyes,be held in your arms...then I'd truly be happy.Right now this distance between us is out of our control,but I'm still hoping one day soon,I'll get what I'm wishing for.
Gulftex Operating
gulftex operating gulftex operating gulftex operating gulftex operating gulftex operating gulftex operating gulftex operating gulftex operating gulftex operating
I am in Portland, Oregon. I have four more days here and by then I must find a place to go off to and die. I have nothing more but some paint and media for it and a couple of notebooks to write in. Am enjoying this city immensly, the people here are decent human beings, or at least enough of them are to overlook the few jerks. I would like to wake up in the next few days while I still have access to a tv to see a news report about Seattle being laid waste, so if theres anyone planning to attack Seattle do it now so I can have at least the knowledge as I slowly fade that that vile city of mean little maggotpeople is no more.  Also, I have left behind my early work. Yeah everything you see in the photos section is gone, even the neat stuff. Now though i have real paint so it should help at least with the color which I know tended to be a bit inconsistant and primary. Its a hazard of having to make it up yourself without knowing much at all about pigments and such. bleah. Also, if you ha
Come Join Me @ The Backwoods Saloon Click On The Pic
I moan and groan with joy, as I sink into your derriere. Pushing in a toy into your pussy roughly with not an inch to spare.Taking your cries of pain in stride, a camera by our side. As I plow in and out until you're torn, your rectum bloody and broken. Cutting off a lock of your hair, saving it as a token. I smile with glee, but there is no more joy, as I've broken your ass daily for six months by now, daily thrusting in and out, tearing you, making you mine, my precious new fucktoy.
Selling Virtual Items In The Real World
After Blizzard had decided to provide free trial game-play accounts, World of Warcraft players noticed that there are more spam from bots advertising these services. It is said that this problem is particularly prevalent on the European realms, with gold being over 14 times more expensive to buy on US realms than their European counterparts. In May 2007 Blizzard filed a complaint against In Game Dollar LLC (trading as peons4hire) in US federal court. In February 2008, the parties filed a consent decree in which In Game Dollar agreed to refrain from using any World of Warcraft chat or communication to advertise any business or sell any services relating to World of Warcraft CD Key. As characters progress in World of Warcraft and take on some of the toughest challenges, many of the rewards received are bound to that character and cannot be traded, generating a market for the trading of accounts with well-equipped characters. The highest noted World of Warcraft account trade was for £5000
My Profile
my profile
Reasons Quit Job
I am genuine and down to earth person. I love going out and meeting people. I have a very outgoing personality. I am fun to be around. My hobbies are going to the gym, swimming and cycling and my favourite is socializing with my friends. I love to travel with my family Reasons Quit Job
Video Systems Ottawa
  alarm installations ottawa video systems ottawa access systems ottawa
guys put yourself in a ladies placehow can u even look them in the facewhen you thinkk about fucking aroundthey should put your ass 6 feet under the groundwhen u thinking about raising  your hand to themcome on men they are a precious gemwhy don't you you show them lovethey are our precious dovewho are we to tell them what to wearits not right...its just unfairwho are we to tell them who they can talk toburt whoever you want to you dohow can u hit your woman in the eyebecause she caught your ass in a lieshouldnt have your woman support youso i chant too you......BOOyou are able to work so get a jobstop bieng a worthless slobtreat them as you want to bewatch your relationship will be better you'll seewell i'm very proud to say i dont hit mineso i dont have to see her cryingi'm proud to say i cherish my dovein my heart lies for her is 100% lovewell i will be back with another poem laterso guys if u read this dont be a hater                                                         Shane Ma
My Mother Inlaw
Well where to start with this subject. Its a really hard and sour subject for me cause of the pain it causes to me but I have the courage to write about it though. Well we will just start by me saying that I think she is a bitch cause of the issues she has caused so much in my life. So i'll start off with this as well when I came in her life cause of her daughter in which im married to. Well both me and my father suspected that she probably didnt like me since I was taking her only daughter away from her that she was using as a slave. Well infact it was the truth she doesn't like me and found tons of proof of it. So on top of that she would pick fights with me for no reason at all and I hadn't done anything. Then it progressed by her getting a restraining order on me saying I was causing physical and mental issues for her and that her only proof was a letter that I didn't write and some wierd ass rules that I didn't write up or print out. It sucks too cause she was able to get the orde
Poen From A Sweet Guy
 heres a poem just for you,, you are sweet, you are my soul, you make me smile, you make me laugh, your really cute,, that why were friends, forever in time, and like the fly on the wall, i love to the buzz, if you wernt you, you would be a can of raid
Want Our Points For 12 Hrs
This Is Sad Really If U find Urself asking, "Why would anyone do this to an innocent child just like anyone would be asking themselves...I’m going 2 ask U WHY NOT join Dreamcatchers 4 Abused Children & give a small donation so that WE can continue 2 do what we do as Advocates in hopes that ONE DAY we MIGHT live in an ABUSE FREE Society!
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Double Ringed Basin On Mercury
And Peoplewonder Why I Dont Go To Church
Church of 'Holy Ghost' rocked by sex and assassination allegations KSL TV News, Utah/July 2, 2009 By John Hollenhorst Magna - Accusations of sex abuse and assassination threats are swirling around a small religious group led by a man who claims to be the Holy Ghost. He calls the charges a pack of lies, but they prompted a raid by the Secret Service, the FBI, and child protection investigators. Six weeks ago, officers surrounded and searched the Church of the Firstborn and the General Assembly of Heaven's headquarters in Magna, interrogating members for hours. According to the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office, they found nothing. If the charges are lies, they reveal a most unusual church, torn apart by bitter personal and religious feuds. Two weeks ago, KSL News trailed the church's members as they left Utah in a convoy of vehicles. It was a long-planned move at the direction of their prophet, Terrill Dalton, who says it's been revealed he's the Holy Ghost and the father of Jesus
Who Knows Why?
  Luton has no place for me; I know this because its transport system basically shouted it at me. “Battersea, I don’t think so love?” Luton guffawed and left me standing trying to work out the myriad of buses and trains that get you to fuck out of its small town.   Luton is the kind of place where you land and run away from as fast as you can, but I couldn’t get a flight into Heathrow Terminal 5 which I adore and love, it has a tube station that takes me practically to my door when I stay in Central London.   My mate John came and picked me up and drove me out of the orange Easyjet painted hell hole. I saw newly arriving Eastern Europeans take one look at the place and pour petrol over themselves and go up in flames with despair in the outside smoking area “this is what we gave up our shanty but happy homes for?” they said in a language I couldn’t understand but could tell from their actions, that’s what they meant.   Guantana
My Curse ~ Killswitch Engage
I watched you walk away Helpless, with nothing to say I strain my eyes Hoping to see you again This is my curse (the longing) This is my curse (time) This is my curse (the yearning) This is my curse There is love burning to find you Will you wait for me? Will you be there? Your silence haunts me But still I hunger for you This is my curse (the wanting) This is my curse (time) This is my curse (the needing) This is my curse There is love burning to find you Will you wait for me? Still I want And still I ache But still I wait To see you again Dying, inside, these wallsDying, inside, these walls And I see your face in these tears, In these fears And I see your face... There is loveThere is loveThere is loveThere is loveThere is loveThere is loveThere is loveThere is love
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Now comes the mystery.  -  Henry Ward Beecher
Not Always Right | Yes, Your Highness
Retail | Cleveland, OH, USA Me: “Excuse me, can I help you ma’am?” Customer, in a very mean tone: “Yeah, I need a Dove bar.” Me: “Okay, ma’am. The soaps are right over there; see the sign?” Customer: “…” Me: “?” Customer: “I’M WAITING…” Me: *sigh* (I go and get the soap and hand it to her. Then, she shows me a list of eight other things.)
Not Always Right | When In Rome (or A Kosher Deli)
Kosher Deli | Iowa, USA (Keep in mind, this is a kosher deli.) Customer: “Can I get a ham sandwich, please?” Me: “Well, sir, we don’t serve ham.” Customer: “No ham? What do you have then?” Me: “Well, we have turkey, roast beef, corned beef, and pastrami…” Customer: “But no ham?” Me: “No, sir, no ham.” Customer: “What? Do you have a thing against ham or something?” Me: “Actually…yes, we do.”
Flight490 To Oklahoma City
So I get to the airport, all excited about my flight, and as I'm sitting in the terminal I start doing the same thing everybody does at the airport.  I start looking around for people that I don't want to sit next to on the plane.  That guy is way to happy to be at the airport, I don't want to sit next to him because he'll be talking to me the whole time.  That lady has a baby, so I sure as hell don't want to sit next to her because there is no chance in hell I'll get to join the mile high club.  And then when I get on the plane, and I find my seat, the first thing I do is punch my neighbor in the face.  Not because they upset me in any way, but god forbid we crash land somewhere in the mountains and we have to start eating each other to stay alive, its a hell of a lot easier to eat some one who doesn't like you as apposed to a friend.
Not Always Right | Paging Miss Cleo
Video Rental | Northern Virginia, USA Customer: “Do you have that movie with that guy?” Me: “Which guy?” Customer: “Don’t you know what I’m talking about?” Me: “No, ma’am, I don’t, but if you could tell me which actor was in the movie perhaps I could think of it for you.” Customer: “You know, that one that was in that movie.”
Not Always Right | An Expensive Temper Tantrum
Pet Store | Arkansas, USA (I was cashiering and couldn’t help but overhear a woman screaming and waving her receipt at my Store Director in front of the exit/entrance to the store.) Customer: “This is ridiculous! I came to see if the food I buy is cheaper than at [competitor] and it is. But they always give me a free bag after I get a certain amount of points!” Director: “I know they do. But we aren’t them, we simply don’t do that.” Customer: “Well why not?!” Director: “We just don’t. It’s not my decision to make.” Customer: “UGH!” *rips up the receipt and throws it in the directors face* “FINE THEN, I’LL BUY FROM [competitor] INSTEAD!!” Director: “Okay, have a nice day!” *waves pleasantly and walks over to me to give me change that I needed* Me: “Did she just leave without getting a refund for those five 40 lb. bags of dog food?” (Note: this co
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To That One I Want
hold me close to you don't let go... embrace my mind my body and my soul... nothing last for ever at least nothing i know... so cherish this moment. make forever so... stop time from ticking and the world from spinning... it's this second that I'm picking to start a new beginning... right here right now close but barely touching... somewhere somehow this memory I'm clutching... only wanting you here next to me... a mirage so clear yet i can only faintly see... wanting to caress with the softest touch... no more no less no need to rush... leaving all of our stress it's you it's me it's only us... it's a feeling so pure so carefree... these thoughts are appealing can we make this be??? can i softly touch your heart... as we passionately kiss... it's beating off the chart... as i gently touch your lips... time it seems frozen... as we become one... our bodies have chosen... it can not be undone... no words have to be spoken... we still communicate with none... pulling us closer then we ha
My Abortion Blog
I may come back and update this as I have other thoughts to express.  This issue is crucial to our continued existence as a society. There is no Rep vs Dem / Conservatives vs Liberals / Left vs Right... we were given "our great title" in the Declaration of Independence and that is; American. The answer to the abortion issue is coming together in agreement once and for all, and determining when does life begin? Once you answer that question it all becomes academic. A life is a life and as addressed by the Constitution we are endowed by our creator with the right to that life, along with liberty and pursuit of happiness, etc. The Constitution answers every situation all by itself, as every situation goes back to the basic question "who owns it?" All rights stem from property ownership. My own personal convictions say that abortion is the taking of an existing human life and that in doing so we are in violation of the Constitution. There is nothing in this matter about women I'm afriad
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Hates Hoilday Time
As far back as I can remember, every year like clock work right around October.  Hubby gets the Scrooge symdrome. He's misserable and doesnt want to go shopping for pressy, or for the booze or the food you name it. He's just a big grump and makes the rest of us pissy and down to. My son wanted to purchase him a air compressor for  his car , spray painting and odd jobs around the home.  He saw one for a bit over 200 dollars and wanted his dad to go and take him to get it. OMG it was war , he didnt want my son to spend so much money.  My son argued its his money and he will spend it how he pleases. Thus making grocery shopping a living hell for me .  Having to deal with to men pissin and moaning over the cost of a machine. Second thing I dislike about the hoildays its not a hoilday for me , its just extra work piled on what I have already to do.  No help in the cooking of the food,  cleaning of the christmas wrapping or the dishes. Third thing I hate the most is, Christmas any mor
The End......
I finally see the ending... of this long,strange journy. The end is only as close as the next decision I make I see the end as clear as.. I see the beggining; The beginning is now.. The end is but one second ahead... And when I reach the end I find It is only another beginning.. Here and now, this minute..this second... is a gift from the Gods I may not have another and so.. I must be wise! The beginning must be about love.... and if so then...... the ending will also be about love......
So Today's Dilemma...
So today's dilemma is, how to get a hold of US taxpayer buy a sacrifice.  No shit.  As it stands, we're dropping 600 bones of our own money to do this.  Basically as a traditional gift to the needy, in this case, the Pakistani cops how risk their lives to protect us, for the the equivalent of $36 a month. Still, I can't believe my life sometimes.  
Well, I Did It Finally
After thinking it numerous times and laughing and wondering I finally went to baby jesus's page...and sent a marriage request ERROR: this users permissions don't allow you to send them a fuMarriage proposal. That was the question I had at the moment. Thinking he probably has it restricted who can send him proposals, I would test it then decide from there my next move( s). *shrugs* Now I know lol and I'll have to find some other way to amuze myself around here now...
To The Women In My Past That Tried To Change Me
Linkin Park - Numb
We Are Not The Same.
I see so many of them...these people who sing a song of sorrow yet always they try again they always welcome the destruction of there own immortal soul. I can not understand this driving force which makes people welcome this agony into life. I do not understand how people will open the gate way to the very core of there being to another just to have that person jade the purity that was once there. Is the idea of being alone truely so horriable to some? Is it truely so hard to be fine with yourself and no one else? I don't get how you can be so welcoming to destroying yourself and do not misjudge I know it works for some of you. I know some of you will find a happiness in another. But what of those who don't? What of us who choose to be alone? Those of us who consider our emotions to be nothing more than an error in our system, to be a disease upon the body? I find it funny how people don't consider that what they chase is not always love sometimes it is but attention you seek and hones
My Ex
you know its funny and it makes me think alotyeah i know people iam stupidi have alot of feelings for this womanand its not all about looks its what she does and how she does things that made me fall so hard for heri told you she was married to a guy that she broke up with because she got scared of himshe ended up hurting him badly like she does with every guy it seems likeshe told me upfront she might still be married but she did not know for surewell she was planing to see me in nov 22 my birthdaybut she never came she decided to see me on nov 28we connected like old times holding hands me paying for a dinner that was way to muchit took alot of out of credit card that i did have but i did not complainthen after dinner we went to a ice cream placce again i paid i ended up letting her eat itthen we went someone to get something to drink captain morgan spice rumthen we went back to my place she told me again she loved meand she wanted my baby still of all things like i dumbass i got hoo
If These Walls Could Talk
  Winters creeping up, Seeping threw the cracks, And lifes passing us by, Seems like far to fast. Summers come and gone, you left your voice on my phone, I waited far to long, For you to come back home Words were left unspoken, This loves dead, Now whats lefts been  broken, We cant take back whats been said   If these walls could talk . Theyd tell you all the pain. All the tears that ive cried, Since you went away. They'd tell you how the whiskey,  Always pulls me through,  right down to the last drop,  When I start thinking about you.    If these walls could talk, They'd tell you a lie, theyd tell you 3 weeks in a row,  Ive watched that damn sun rise.  But truth be told, I dont think of you at all, If these walls could talk, Theyd get it all wrong.    You asked me how im doing, something in your voice cracked. And for a moment I actually wondered, If you were wishing id take you back, So I told you all the reasons, Why were better off this wa
Like June 1944When all our pappy’s went to warWe prayed before the radio-oh ohBut when the apple dropped that dayWe stood and watched them blow awayA people full of yesterday-ay ayCause we don’t think before we speakAnd we don’t stand up for the weakAnd we don’t listen to the freaks the freaksCause we don’t clean up our own shitAnd when refused we throw a fitAs we scream “I don-wanna-hear-it” “I don-wanna-hear-it”“Don-wanna-hear-it”Open refrigerator doorAll the same products as beforeCan’t find new places to explore-oh ohBorn with 5 senses but we seeMuch less of world realityDo you believe your lunch is free-ee eeCause we don’t think before we speakAnd we don’t stand up for the weakAnd we don’t listen to the freaks the freaksCause we don’t clean up our own shitAnd when refused we throw a fitAs we scream “I don-wanna-hear-it” “I don-wanna-hear-it”“Don-wanna-hear-
Tell Me
Ok I am not trying to be a jerk or anything just one night I was pondering about something I noticed that there has been a significant decrease on lounge activity I mean some lounges are having a hard time to bring people into there lounges so I want to know what is that drives people I want to know what people want I heard it's all leveling people wants to leavel which is fine I do too.Fubar is a fun filled envorment and the people who run it work really hard to keep it that way but, I know it's like a game. So, people I want to play a game. your goal is to tell me what it is that drives people is it rates, blings, autos what? and I can help people to reach there goals here so tell me read this and spread this around I want this blog to go to many people as I possable can and please give me feed back this is just for fun no prizes involved I want to help people and that person maybe you some day :) have fun! good luck and I hope that I hear some feed back soon.  *Cheers* Bryan  
Go Away...
falling together in the cold grass holding hands on the hill side watching stars descend forever seems like just an empty promise we spent so long ago but we were younger then. each sour word sounds so absurd but lingers in the air while happiness in an ashen dress fades into the years each lonely hour my heart has slept has drifted back to me a splintered dream of awful things that now have come to be She said Go I don't want you any more She said Go i don't need you now, my dearest She said Go i don't love you anymore She said Go and I heard the angels cry for us... simple words that simply disappear while silence has replaced the sound of laughter and in the twilight memories shimmer in a breath of hesitation but it only lasts a moment before its gone each sour word sounds so absurd but lingers in the air while happiness in an ashen dress fades into the years each lonely hour my heart has slept has drifted back to me a splinte
My Up And Coming New Show!!!!!!!!!
Hey this is my first blog I hope it brings you joy a nd pleasure.... anyway check out!!!!!  then scroll over to the show schedule, Look for "the melting pot" thats my show crank it up also add me as a friend on FB if you want to get the deep dish details on and about the show.. hope to see you there..    LOVE YOU GIRLS  Bucky
Judgments, Petitions And Goats? Oh My...
So, today began as any other day would in a law firm: hectic, frantic, busy and no coffee creamer. I spent hours combing through paperwork and taking countless phone calls, making countless phone calls, internet searches and a partridge in a pear tree - you get the picture. Now, this afternoon...things took a bit of a turn. While we are awaiting the return of our boss from court, I was in the back two offices gathering some files I needed. As I pass from one office to the other, directly across the hall, I glance to my left toward the lobby and then proceed to the other office - and then I freeze. I wasn't sure if I actually saw what I thought I saw, so I thought it best to take a step back and peer into the lobby once more. Yep, it was still there. Staring back at me is a goat. In our lobby, wearing a leash and a diaper. I quickly stepped into the office again and announced to my coworker, "There is a goat in the lobby." She laughed and responded in disbelief - naturally. I rei
Westlife - Can't Lose What You Never Had *wow*
Nahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaahhhhh Baby you're so beautiful, and when i'm near you, i can't breathe,(i can't breathe) A girl like you gets what she wants, when she wants it, You're so out of my league, (out my league) I show you no emotion, Don't let you see, what you're doin' to me, (that's what you seeing baby) I imagine the two of us together, but i've been living in reality, Fear of rejection, kept my love inside, But time is running out, so damn my foolish pride, I don't care if you think i'm crazy, (crazy) It doesn't matter if it turns out bad, (i don't care) I've got no fear of losing you, You can't lose what you never had, Now i'm gonna confess, that i love you, (love you) I've been keeping it inside, (inside), feelin i could die, But if you turn away, baby that's O.K., At least we had a moment, before you say goodbye, You can lose what you never had, Rules are made for breaking, (breaking) Nothing ventured nothing gained, I'll be no worse off, then i am right now, and i mig
What Kind Of Diner Food Are You?
You Are Grilled Cheese You are easygoing and easy to please. You don't like change, and people can count on you to be consistent. You don't need or ask for much. If you have the basics satisfied, you're happy. You are a loyal and true friend. Your friends know to only expect the best from you. You are a very "what you see is what you get" person and well liked for it. You are simply a delight. What Kind of Diner Food Are You? Blogthings: Take a Quiz. Annoy Your Friends.
Wolf Any of three extant species of canine. The gray, or timber, wolf (Canis lupus) is the ancestor of all domestic dogs. It once had the largest distribution of any mammal except human beings, but it is now found primarily in Canada, Alaska, the Balkans, and Russia. Wolves are intelligent and social. Their primary prey are deer, moose, and caribou, though they feed on many smaller animals as well. Because wolves have killed livestock, they have been persecuted by farmers and ranchers. A male gray wolf may be 7 ft (2 m) long and weigh up to 175 lb (80 kg); it is the largest living wild canid. Gray wolves live in hierarchical packs whose territories cover at least 38 sq mi (100 sq km) and hunt mostly at night. The much smaller red wolf (C. rufus), once widespread in the south-central U.S., has been bred in captivity and reintroduced. The Abyssinian wolf (C. simensis) of Ethiopia was formerly considered a jackal. See also dire wolf.
>_< Wth Is Wrong With People In General 0.0
fubar Chat Xhumanist72Online    ____________________________________humanist72: I wish you babyEmo Barbie: hahahaha wtfhumanist72: do yuo love me?humanist72: are you therehumanist72: frog facehumanist72: brainless cowshumanist72: idiothumanist72: fuck off youEmo Barbie: short enough loser?Emo Barbie: fuck offhumanist72: Write short sentenceshumanist72: what do you sayEmo Barbie: i do not want u i do not like u go away u uncle fester looking fcuktardhumanist72: I have to sleephumanist72: because you do tire mehumanist72: because you are upset mehumanist72: I want to slap your asshumanist72: I like youhumanist72: no problemEmo Barbie: go away beore i report uhumanist72: monkeyhumanist72: you get a freakhumanist72: you are pigEmo Barbie: im blocking you u blad ugly gross pigEmo Barbie: stophumanist72: I was overwhelmedhumanist72: I want to pinch your cheekhumanist72: I want to pinch youhumanist72: You get a very sympathetichumanist72: I have a crush on youhumanist72: You really are too sw
The Men That Post Nasty Shit In Shoutbox & The Women That Let Them
while im ranting heres one more......OK THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!OK LOOK...YOU NASTY FCUKERS , posting sh1t in womens shout boxes sexually horrabile shit nasty videos pictures and stupid ass gross questions ...EFFIN STOP IT WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT LEARN THE DIFFERNCE BETWEEN A SITE FOR ADULTS AND A ADULT SITEAAND AS FOR THE WOMEN .... the ones that let them think its ok  stop letting them treat you like scum demand they treat u with the respect you deserve you are not a peice of sh!tthey do it cause they think its ok and its not  men we laugh at u or rant about u we do not get turned on by shit like thatwomen are emotional creatures u wanna get to a girl that way  treat her like a human being a flower even ..... touch a woman heart and u get the world women dont like men that act patheic it does not make u look like a pimp we can tell u dont get any and that why u acct this way  ur gross and patheic we want nothing to do with men like thatk thnx
Poem 2-15-2010
Several times you have asked me What it is that I am thinking I never really answered Because I was still contemplating I wanted to tell you then What I was thinking inside But I was afraid that if I opened up You will want to run and hide Yet, here my thoughts I chance to spill With the hope that you may see That I am not a complex being Just a simple girl, that's me Just being around you Brings a smile to my face One that's been gone for so long, I thought no man could replace. When I look into your eyes A million words to say to you drift through my mind But with unfamiliar emotions swirling within The formation of sentences I cannot seem to find Your presence is ever so captivating I love to listen to you speak And each story that you tell Makes me see you're so unique
Monday Humor
Two 90-year-old women, Rose and Barb had been friends all of their lives. When it was clear that Rose was dying, Barb visited her every day. One day Barb said, 'Rose, we both loved playing women's softball all our lives, and we played all through High School. Please do me one favor: when you get to Heaven, somehow you must let me know if there's women's softball there.' Rose looked up at Barb from her deathbed and said, 'Barb, you've been my best friend for many years. If it's at all possible, I'll do this favor for you.' Shortly after that, Rose passed on. A few nights later, Barb was awakened from a sound sleep by a blinding flash of white light and a voice calling out to her, 'Barb, Barb..' 'Who is it?', asked Barb, sitting up suddenly. 'Who is it?' 'Barb -- it's me, Rose.' 'You're not Rose. Rose just died.' 'I'm telling you, it's me, Rose,' insisted the voice. 'Rose! Where are you?' 'In Heaven,' replied Rose. 'I have some really good news and a little bad news.' 'Tell m
The Boyfriend's Death
A girl and her boyfriend are making out in his car. They had parked in the woods so no one would see them. When they were done, the boy got out to pee and the girl waited for him in the safety of the car. After waiting five minutes, the girl got out of the car to look for her boyfriend. Suddenly, she sees a man in the shadows. Scared, she gets back in the car to drive away, when she hears a very faint squeak... squeak... squeak... This continued a few seconds until the girl decided she had no choice but to drive off. She hit the gas as hard as possible but couldn't go anywhere, because someone had tied a rope from the bumper of the car to a nearby tree. Well, the girl slams on the gas again and then hears a loud scream. She gets out of the car and realizes that her boyfriend is hanging from the tree. The squeaky noises were his shoes slightly scraping across the top of the car!!!  
The Clown Statue / The Clown Doll
So-and-so's friend, a girl in her teens, is babysitting for a family in Newport Beach, Ca. The family is wealthy and has a very large house — you know the sort, with a ridiculous amount of rooms; I mean, come on, if a house is big enough to have "wings," then you know the house is larger than it probably needs to be. Anyways, the parents are going out for a late dinner/movie. The father tells the babysitter that once the children are in bed she should go into this specific room (he doesn't really want her wandering around the house) and watch TV there. The parents take off and soon she gets the kids into bed and goes to the room to watch TV. She tries watching TV, but she is disturbed by a clown statue in the corner of the room. She tries to ignore it for as long as possible, but it starts freaking her out so much that she can't handle it. She resorts to calling the father and asks, "Hey, the kids are in bed, but is it okay if I switch rooms? This clown statue is really creepi
The Killer In The Backseat
One night a woman went out for drinks with her girlfriends. She left the bar fairly late at night, got in her car and onto the deserted highway. She noticed a lone pair of headlights in her rear-view mirror, approaching at a pace just slightly quicker than hers. As the car pulled up behind her she glanced and saw the turn signal on — the car was going to pass — when suddenly it swerved back behind her, pulled up dangerously close to her tailgate and the brights flashed. Now she was getting nervous. The lights dimmed for a moment and then the brights came back on and the car behind her surged forward. The frightened woman struggled to keep her eyes on the road and fought the urge to look at the car behind her. Finally, her exit approached but the car continued to follow, flashing the brights periodically. Through every stoplight and turn, it followed her until she pulled into her driveway. She figured her only hope was to make a mad dash into the house and call the polic
Poem Of The Day...030210
Far beyond the pale Blue skies brightly shine.
" my friends like the stars in the sky that was always my loyal accompany her in the dark night "
Pick Up Lines
Some of these are very much NSFW lol have fun with them, tell me what's your favorite? Hey, you wanna do a 68? You go down on me, and I'll owe you one.If I flip a coin, what are my chances of getting head?Do you work at Subway? Because you just gave me a footlong.Hi, do you want to have my children? [No] OK, can we just practice then?Do you live on a chicken farm? [No] You sure know how to raise cocks.That's a nice shirt. Can I talk you out of it?My dick just died. Would you mind if I buried it in your ass?That shirt's very becoming on you. If I were on you, I'd be coming too.Do you know the difference between my penis and a chicken wing? No? Well, let's go on a picnic and find out!Forget that! Playing doctor is for kids! Let's play gynecologist.Your face reminds me of a wrench, every time I think of it my nuts tighten up.Excuse me, but would you like an orally stimulated orgasm?Fuck me if I am wrong, but haven't we met before?Have you ever kissed a rabbit between the ears? [Pull your
Can I Get A "hooah", "hoo-rah", "hoo-ya" Or "oo-rah", From A Real Soldier?
alright people.  we seen enough fake jobs on television-- fake boob jobs, fake lip jobs, fake hand jobs, EVEN fake blow-jobs, but HERE is what sickens me-- this guy is passing himself off as a soldier, and he cant even make up his mind on what rank or even what fucking branch of the military he served in.. now that's fucking bullshit!
Analyzing My Life
I realize I have dwelled over things in the past that didn't go as I'd hoped. Analyzing, living frustrated wondering what I could've done differently. I understand now those things just weren't meant to be, and the path that I'm on will lead me to my destiny. So I now use the past as learning experience, the future as of where I wish to be and The present to make the changes necessary for when I get there.
If you are resisting life's goodness, then working harder at it will push that goodness farther away. Instead learn to let go and to allow. Simply generating more activity and energy will not help you if that energy is pointed in a negative direction. Choose to re-direct all the energy and awareness in your life toward those things you value most. If the results you are getting fail to bring fulfillment, do not seek to merely create more results. Instead find the path that truly your purpose. There is nothing to be gained from making life needlessly difficult. See the truth that life is beautiful, and align your energy and your actions with your very own expression of the truth. When you let yourself be yourself, richness flows easily and effortlessly and naturally through every moment. Your greatest accomplishments come from who you are. Let yourself be yourself. And you'll be as rich as anyone can ever be.
So, This Guy Walks Into A Bar...
Where to start... How can one define a self? What makes a person who they are? Is it what that individual decides to do, how they act, who they socialize with? What makes a person? Who made you? I've long since been an advocate of the "make yourself" campaign. My grandfather instilled in me the power of free will, for that I'm forever grateful. A lot of people go to their parents for guidance, some look to their friends, and some choose a God. Who do you go to? Who ultimately makes the decision that will infinitely affect your life? What happened to make you believe in the things you do. Not everything is as certain as gravity. Are you making yourself, or are you letting others assemble you? Do you lead or follow? Are you someone you're proud of? What I'm getting at is that so many people I meet on a daily basis seem so happy, so secure, yet so clueless! People drift in and out of the bar without paying much attention to anything unfamiliar. Strangers will sit side by side and not utte
Precious Gems
The twinkle in their eyes of a shimmering diamond Those effectous little giggles like an opal in the light They shine to all around the world as the emerald soothes the mood Their smooth smile gets you like an aquamarine gets the pearl The sad sighs and short tears of a peridot glowing in the candle light Soft hands upon the cheeks reminds you of an amethyst at its finest Tender footsteps across the room as a garnet shines true The playfullness they share like a  saphire at its moment The love they give and treasuree like a ruby in the sun Writtin by Kat Buske
Hearts Of Fire
She smiles and looks deep into my eyes, I see her need come pouring out to me She nuzzles close, and whispers in my ear, softly whispering words that I want to hear sweet lover there is something I must say something I need to take my breath away For I have a confession that I must make, of a million ways to make my body quake of smoldering hungers down deep inside A desire for something that we can share made flesh to fulfill all of our secret needs make us burn with empassionened deeds
I just want to beat my ex.... It's taking forever to get this divorce going...Yes, I"m not completely divorced yet. It's been taking FOREVER to get together with him to go over the divorce papers...I been emailing back and forth with this chick at the court house to schedule a appointment to go over the papers works to make sure it's signed correctly. It's taking forever now again cause she's not replying back to me as fast, he can't make the schedule for the appoitment and there's times he's ignoring me....So I email the chick again yesterday cause she never replied back to me in a week....asking when there was an opening and if my ex really had to be there because of this whole scheduling is taking forever. She emails back saying that he didn't have to be there but would have to work around with some things and there was an opening on thursday. So I told the shitnerd (his nick name) that he didn't have to be there if he didn't want to and if he wanted to see the whole email conver
The Belt Of Venus Over The Valley Of The Moon
Old Friends / Chat Contacts
Thank you Not Tellin' for reminding me.   After I left fubar the last go round my laptop blew up.  When I got a new one I had to reinstall YIM.  When I did all of my contacts disappeared.  If you are using YIM and would like to add me again please do so.   YIM ID:  Sasquatch5170    
Let's Have A Cougar Party!
I would love to meet other Cougars in the Walker/Jefferson County areas who would like to start meeting on a fairly regular basis for a fun evening of food and conversation.  It would be so much fun to meet other ladies who love younger men in my area just to chat and generally have a good time.. maybe even plan a few trips or something.  If there are those out there.. I'd love to hear from you.  Send me a message... we'll get together.
we have grown into adulthood with many different veiws and opinions. we have a deffinition of immortality but is it meant in the sense we think? maybe not.    ive thought long and hard over a theory of immortality and it turns out it is immpossible for the body and mind to withstand the destruction of time.   however it is very possible the immortality is in the name itself. for instance:  george washington will be in our books and teachings forever. he, through his actions and accomplishments, has achieved immortality.  adolf hitler did great things, terrible yes but great. he will be one of the many tyrants whose name will live forever.    so do u think that the meaning of immortality is wut we have grown to think it is?   give me your input wether it be positive criticism or it be an arguement against my theory. it will be appreciated
Warm breeze blows into the bedroom window, the moon is pouring over us in a silver wave. aching I watch it's flowing gentle movement rippling slowly over your pale smooth skinThe beauty of your glowing body beckons me to touch, to taste, to love it's graceful expanse, from your forehead to toes, fingers to noseHow I hunger to know you so completelyTo gladly find all the wondrous places that bring you such sweet pleasure. forging bonds that tie your heart to mine,two hearts beating wildly together as one.
Dreamer & Beauty......
OF DREAMER AND BEAUTY   As the dreamer moves through time his mind slips to Beauty………. Beauty with lips like wine sweet and inviting to drink………… eyes with a beauty so stunning she can stop time………. Dreamers thoughts turn to a fantasy that take the dreamer and beauty to a place of solitude……… a place without distraction and interruption…….. a place simple in surrounding……. yet familiar and comfortable…………… a place where Dreamer and Beauty can be together undisturbed………. Dreamer sees the time spent as priceless…….. he can see Beauty next to him……. He leans into her and with softness kisses her lips like wine….. Dreamer looks deeply into Beauty’s eyes and gently caresses her cheek with his fingertips……… Dreamer’s breath quickens and his heart begi
Walk In Twilight......
AS I WALK IN TWILIGHT   As I walk in twilight and beneath the evening’s skies, I look upwards into outer space and seek the image of your beautiful face, I imagine your eyes, your lips and the softness of your cheeks……. The vision in my mind takes me to a place where only you and I exist…. It seems so often my mind takes me to this place of refuge.   The place is one that is of seclusion and privacy and at the same time beauty and openness….. The place I refer to is a place which I call “Our” place. It is a place which is tropical in the day, overlooks white sandy beaches and crystal blue water. At night it is a place that is cooled by ocean breezes, a breeze so cool it causes you to walk closer to me as we walk along under moon light sky.   Our place is one were we can enjoy one another with reckless abandon free of being judged and with not a care in the world. It is a place where we can be friends, explore like children and make l
Redneck Camping Adventure
After a fairly rough week at work and the promise for even worse work weeks to come, I found it meant to be that my cousin called to invite me to the family camp for a weekend of "drinkin' and mud ridin'."  As it seemed the powers that be wanted me to get tap into my redneck-ness, I accepted the invitation and proceeded with my questions about the necessities for such an adventure.  I've never been camping before.  I've never been on any type of ATV before.  Most importantly, I have never purposefully gone trampling and sailing through mud effectively bathing myself in the Desoto Parish earth.  I was told to bring drinks (alcoholic of course) and a pillow.  I added my shampoo, loofa and body wash to my "camping kit" in addition to my cell phone, phone charger and Toasted Pecan Wheatables. After I topped off the gas tank and bought the tennis shoes needed (since I didn't own a pair), I headed off to camp.  It smelled there.  I haven't quite placed what the smell was, but it smelled.  
What happens to the dream when the light of the early morrow appears?  Is it really gone, or does it remain hidden until your head reaches the tenderness of a pillow once more.   It’s impossible to believe that the hidden illusions of anything you could possible want have just melted away.   Melted like the frosty dew upon the grass of an early spring day. Ahh I remember this dream we sat near a lake just you and I.  We cuddled up under the blanket hand in hand.  Both eager with anticipation.  Me shivering from the soft breeze.   As the sun slowly arose from the distance I laid my head upon your shoulder as you gently placed your soft tender pink lips upon my forehead.  All the pain and suddenness of a lost you slowly slips away as I dream.  Here we are again.  Only to be lost as the beauty of another morning appears, just a glimmer. I prefer an endless slumber for my dreams have become my escape.   I’d rather remain in slumber then deal with the average of everyday.  You s
What Now?
`ve Been bc this past few months. been trying to balance business and life as usual. am beat. am dog tired... so Just this morning, I consciously found mahslef lying n the dusty floor of my room... with at least five roaches nibbling my feet, and dozens of mites, plotting to eat me alive. Good heavens! I couldn't even find mah bed! My room's a total mess. I can even smell the stinkin' shoes i wore a month ago & the pizza i bought a wk ago, maggots occuppyin' half of it & now forming its own dreadlocks... *groan* i can't even find time for myself. the net thing is close to extinction, i hate my love life as well. i missed havin' a massage...mah skin's real dry & and in need of tlc *sigh* so long for the good `ol movies and tv marathons. i feel like a dead mortal hanging in an invisible cliff. And now, I Hafta run. and yeah, i need ta clean my room... xoxo, claire
All Friends Read Plz :p
Running For The Door
Dear ______, So I've had this "girlfriend" for several weeks now and I still find myself fighting the urge to run for the door.  She fulfills all my requisite attributes.     In order. 1.  She cooks cornbread 2.  She's been single for more than a year 3.  She's over 5'6" and attractive. 4.  She's knows her "there, they're and theirs." 5.  She squirts when she fakes her O's (honestly more of a bonus than requisite).   Am I just anxious she may be blocking the door with bulky furniture, credit card offers and girl junk or am I a hugely codependent pussy and should GTFO before it's too late (which is prolly already too late)?    
Love Letters
by Miranda Lambert Love Letters on wet paperForgivers, no takersAn angel who never got wingsYou find Jesus and it's too lateHe's already closed the front gateAnd the sign's flashing no vacancyYou've broken my heart for the last timeYou promise the truth and you told liesYou've really made me believeThat love was supposed to be freeLove letters on wet paperForgivers, no takersAn angel who never got wingsYou find Jesus and it's too lateHe's already closed the front gateAnd the signs flashing no vacancyI'll never forget how he used to beBut I'm better off living with memoriesI know that it's gonna hurt But I dont think it gets any worseAnd love letters on wet paperForgivers, no takersAn angel who never got wings You find Jesus and it's too lateHe's already closed the front gateAnd the sign's flashing no vacancy
Impulses rage through a being uncontrolled.  Nothing can be rash during a time a women is in need.  Desires withheld for fear of a rejection beyond control.  Fantasies denied never to be told.  A longing clenches deep within so rage rises upon the storm within.  Regret of swords spoken better left unsaid.  Pain deep like the double edged knife.
A True Libra
Food For Thought.
While you SCREAM at your woman, there is a man wishing he could talk softly in her ear..While you HUMILATE, OFFEND, and INSULT her, there is a man flirting with her and reminding her how wonderful she is...While you HURT your woman there is a man wishing he could make love to her...While you make your woman CRY, there is a man stealing smiles from her.. "A woman is like a rose, treat her well and she will bloom, treat her badly and she will wither." Anybody agree???
My Fu Engagement
u=3820548&friend=3820548" target=_blank>Cowboy enforcer at club dynamixx fuengage to babydoll77@ fubar
Time To Get Nekkid!!!
Join me for my Saturday morning show at 8am est.  Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid!  Did you know you could connect from our website?  Go to and listen to us any time you'd like!!!!
&hearts Slay &hearts
"Romantic love reaches out in little ways, showing attention and admiration. Romantic love remembers what PLEASES a man, what EXCITES him, and what SUPRISES him. It's actions whisper: You are the most special person in my life. He is MY romantic love, there are no words for how I LOVE him, how I NEED him, how I FEEL him close to me even when we are apart. How when I'm without him I smile because I remember how he loves me, how I love him, and how IN LOVE we are with each other. ♥ ♥ ♥ I LOVE YOU SLAY, YOU OWN MY HEART AND SOUL, I GIVE MYSELF TO YOU TOTALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY FOR ETERNITY ♥ ♥ ♥        
Anyone truly upset at me for posting pretty women as my default photo sometimes?  Should I stop or continue?
ME: with one hand on your arm and one on the back of your neck i would kiss your lips softly, suck on your lower lip as i pull away and continue to kiss your neck. pull your shirt off over your head and kiss your shoulders and continuing to your chest followed bu my hands. undoing your jeans and dropping it to the floor I would continue my way down your chest to be faced with your cock. I would circle the tip with my tong and then run it down the underside of your cock to meet your balls and back again. then open my hot mouth and slowly suck you in, taking all i could over and over again. the more I touch you the hotter i become. I stop sucking and kiss my way back to your mouth and continue kissing you some more as I put your hot hard cock inside me. make love to me please. ME: you lay there on your back and you inside me. I still kissing your lips with hands on your chest. so hot, so firm. ripples in just the right spots. mmm. you glide your hands up my
Playmates 1961-1970
Elaine Paul 1961 Connie Cooper Barbara Ann Lawford Christa Speck Lynn Karrol 1962 Pamela Ann Gordon Laura Young Jan Roberts June Cochran 1963 Judi Monterey Adrienne Moreau Sharon Cintron
Soliciting Ideas For Mumms
I am soliciting ideas for mumms, please lessen the whiny, political and religious ideas please!
Dragongoddess Of Fuct Gets Owned.
To DragonGodd...: lol you poor poor pawns. 6:26pmmore To DragonGodd...: nice photo shop jobs on yourself btw 6:27pmmore To DragonGodd...: there's a ten for you you seem like you could use an esteem booster 6:30pmreply DragonGodd...: wtf those are all me and the pic that is up lil kid is made for me pic by a man who does silk thank you 6:31pmmore To DragonGodd...: they are all you your right... 6:31pmreply DragonGodd...: your a fucking kid okay so don't fuck with me i seen your lil pic's don't fuck with me okay 6:31pmmore To DragonGodd...: you just photo shopped the shit of them to make yourself look flawless 6:31pmreply DragonGodd...: yes all them are me hun and none of them are photo shoped 6:31pmmore To DragonGodd...: it's okay I understand you have no life outside of the web you need to try to be perfect somewhere. 6:32pmmore To DragonGodd...: *Pats her back.* It's why I give you a ten help you feel better. 6:33pmmore To DragonGodd...: you should try putting dow
Rrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaawrrrrrrrrrrrr .............
did i scare you?     and has anyone seen my pants?
Next week, I'll be going to the court house to turn in the divorce papers. I can't wait! Finally!!! Can't believe the day has finally come, even if it's just to turn in the papers, give them the money..but it's taken sooooo long to get that asshole to cooperate. Finally!!!! The day I'm offically divorced, I'm going to fucking celebrate!
The Midweek In Review
I am learning to not ask my daughter Sarah a question if I don’t want to know the answer.  I’d just gotten home from a hour walking on the treadmill at Anytime Fitness, and when I got in our house Sarah and my son Jeffrey were both awake and sitting on the couch she said that Mommy had told them I was at the gym.  I told her she was right and that I’m working to lose weight; then I stood as proud and tall as I could get and asked my four-year-old if she noticed I was … I must have said “getting smaller” because she replied that NO, I was getting bigger!  Well, maybe my head is, and that’s in the family; one frustrating thing about shopping for clothes for Jeffrey is you can’t buy him a single outfit, as his head and upper body seem to grow faster than his legs.  I still have to help him get the shirt – once I had to cut him out of an outfit – over his head.   But Jeffrey did it today, after much urging getting his own cloth
The Man I Am Part 2
the other side of thee is a part everyone gets to see there's no secretes no surprises what you see is what you get all you see is simply me this is my life there's no gettin out no getin around it no unsure doubt raised by the best of men as well i'm a good guy although i'm goin straight to hell i'm tryin to be everything everyone of them are it's not so easy for the journey i have to travel is quite far i've been taught the values of pride i have my honor i dare not hide dignity and courage to do whats right for all my loved ones i'm willing to fight and i will take that fight straight to you to guard and protect thats what i'll do i'm made from the best of everyone of them how ever i do have my own flaws like popping off at the mouth and running my jaws i dont think before i speek my hearts to big which makes me week yet i'm not stupid and i'm not dumb just like these men i too stand for freedom i do bare the red white and blue i've also shared the same pain as those soldiers too my
So Cold
Crowded streets are cleared away one by oneHollow heroes separate as they runYou're so cold, keep your hand in mineWise men wonder while strong men dieShow me how it ends, it's all rightShow me how defenseless you really areSatisfied and empty insideWell that's alright, let's give this another tryIf you find your family don't you cryIn this land of make believe, dead and dryYou're so cold but you feel aliveLay your hand on me one last timeShow me how it ends, it's all rightShow me how defenseless you really areSatisfied and empty insideWell that's alright, let's give this another tryShow me how it ends, it's all rightShow me how defenseless you really areSatisfied and empty insideWell that's alright, let's give this another tryIt's alright
The Four Lettered Lie
It is said that love exists In tyhe fabric of life and death That to be alone, with no one near Invites despair with nothing left It is said that to find someone special Is a gift both glorious and devine And that to lose this gift is only A factor found within the mind   Some say love leads to days of sunshine Which no cloud can temper That it brings the hottest touch Even in August or December It is said that in a persons eyes You can see love burning hot and red Could the theft be seen as easy If the persons eyes were cold and dead?   They say affection is a craving Like the favorites of a meal That it nurtures from within And helps all wounds to heal That it coats our deepest pains Like the best salves ever given..... And, if torn away, becomes a scab Buried deep and hidden   Some say love is surrounded By the truest form of passion That it can be shared forever Without guilt and without asking That it can lead you home When you are lost or far away
Ode To My Diety
At times i sit so still, to feel the wind just blowing by Carressing me deep within, awakening feelings so deep inside Opening my subtlest conscience to the pain Ihold so deeply And leaving me so exposed that my tears, they run so freely   At itmes I sit under the sun, eyes closed, mind unfocused Happily bound to the twitter and the chatter of life so joyous And I feel as if wings lift my soul and carry me away So I can escape the world and the dramas of yesterday   At times I stand in the rain and feel the drops landing on my skin And feel with each and every rivulet the washing away of my sin Leaving me so pure and refreshed from the screw-ups in my past That I no longer have mistakes to dwell on, no memories to be dashed   At times I stand before you and feel all my worries fade From here and now, to the future, disappearing from my face At times like these I feel neither alive nor am I dead Because I know my pleasures abound around you inside my head   So I stan
The Smoothie Test
You Are Zany You are energetic and very fascinating. You don't mean to be different - you just are one of a kind. You are curious and creative about the world. You're often trying out interesting combinations of things. You say "yes" to as many things as you can, and you feel sorry for those who turn down amazing opportunities. You believe that you can never know what you'll love. If you take a risk, you might surprise yourself. The Smoothie Test Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
Mark This Blog Nsfw
Mark this blog NSFW you fucking assgarbs, and your prudish minions.
Cyber Sex
Cyber sex with just words, so terrible?
I'm A Sexy Man
Yeah, right, wanna laugh?
Pick On Me
Footboy is just beyond redemption, pick on me for once!
Am I really THAT weird?
The Final Goodbye
This is the end of the road.  Reflecting back on 3 years of Fubar, I find myself smiling at the close friends I have made, cherishing the times where I could be a listener and help people through their troubles (which I'm actually pretty good at, for those of you who didn't know), and knowing the thrill of anticipation at a few of yo uwho were seriously an integral part of my life.  I am also nearly dumbstruck at the level of pettiness, misunderstanding, jealousy, and outright rudeness I have seen here.  I guess this is really a microcosm of society, which is what I have always seen Fubar as...a social experiment.  If this were a Master's thesis, I would be curious what the author's conclusions would be.  Anyway, there comes a time in everyone's life where he has to re-examine his life and priorities, and make necessary adjustments.  This is that time for me.  Fubar no longer holds any draw or desire for me, and while some may think it rude or shocking that I just end it like this, my
Yup This Is Meee And My Girls Favorite Quote!
Celebritys walk on the red carpet cause theirfamous but my girls and I walk on toilet paper cuz we're the shit:)
Fantasy, Final
When death comes over ones soul, the reapers cold, sharp, nails pierce ones wrist. Unable to resist his pull, they are forced to walk behind him, awaiting there judgment as to which side there soul will be taken to. If your life was peaceful and happy, then his grip will be released and the marks will vanish, allowing you safe passage into Shangri-La. If your life was full of hatred and pain causing, then you will be cast down into the pits of hell to endure a punishment you have never thought existed for your crimes.... But for a select few that escape his grasp and run away, the marks will never leave and they are to suffer a torture worse than Hell could ever provide. Life with no happyness. Sadness everywhere you go. Never to feel love of joy withen the heart ever again. This is a Final Fantasy.
Others, see her as nice looking, but she do not see it, what do they want her to do and say, she is trying to but can’t do what others want her to do, trying dreams, all over again (x3), in between the lines and then it will be all fine, miss me, I guess not yet, maybe I am crazy trying! Dreams all over again(x3), trying she is drained, overwhelmingly drained(x2), drained others(x2), trying she’s speaking out!(x4)
Should I put on a contest for the most inventive status?
Coz Of You I Think?
dont find love ..let love find you that's  why they called falling in love becoz you dont forced youself to fall...just fall that's it .    I think you well only know how important a person is when he or she no longer around and how important was i to you??   i think i know that i have plans but you well take my every stape you have covered all my dept now and i realized ths empty fames that people craved and based of hope or what they've  made now i rather wait and wait on you
Rats And Stealing
On Rats and Stealing I remember the day the man I called Dad taught me to steal. It was just like any other day in Camp Sea Ashe. My brother Randy and I had been down to the green (a green is the term used to describe a large expanse of grass in Europe) playing soccer with some of the local British lads. My best friend Colin had been teaching me how to trap the ball with the arch of one foot up against the heel of the other while running. The move was designed to toss the ball over your own head (and consequently your opponents) while at a full run. I had been able to pull it off a few times but generally my attempts had resulted in face plants. When we came walking in to Hill Bridge (that was the actual address of our "home"; Hill Bridge, Camp Sea Ashe, England) my dad was waiting on us. "There is a rat in the laundry room boys" he said from the couch while playing his guitar. Randy glanced at me and we just went to the closet and got the cage, cut-off brooms and our gloves; we knew
Fu An Its Drama
it bout dat time 4 me ta speak my peace i have been bashed an lied bout on hurr mo den once an it time 4 me ta say my end of all of dis da pics dat i am usin r me an if u doubt dat den u aint truely my friend or fam a good bit of peeps have met me an know who i am inside an out so wut da rest of yall on hurr thankof me is irrelavant ta me if u wanna talk shit on me an call me a fake come an find out meet me in person if not stfu an quit spittin my name out ya mouth as 4 my friends an fam dat have stuck by me an believed in me no matta wut yall r da ones dat count ta me im debatin deletin my fu only cuz im tryin ta have a real life an dont need da he said she said drama on hurr 2 my fiance an bff i love u mo den u will eva know an our time is comin soon 2 my dad on hurr u mean da world ta me an i got mad respect 4 u 2 my sis u know how we roll 2 my cuzins u know i got u in anythan 2 spikey mike an my otha friend yall know wut u mean ta me an if any of yall wanna keep in touch wit me hit
I Am A Blog Writing Fool
I AM MUMM BANNED SO I leave my inanity  to the blogs, so how is everybody, economy all fucked up, grey little UFO fuckers taking over the world?
The Faces Of Strangers
familiar faces among the strange in this land glancing at me through the passenger windows of thier dodge caravans. why do they look? where do i know them from? i can see a piece of someone i love in every one of thier faces, though it is her eyes that frighten me most. isn’t enough that i can hear you? why can’t you be happy, i’ve given you what you always wanted-a reason to hate me, and a chance at happiness. could you please quit staring?
Destination Desolation
will i ever be whole? i have come so close, i have climbed so far from where i’ve been.   the path was dangerous, full of pitfalls and dead ends. i have been injured, near death, my body and soul scarred beyond recognition of my former self.   now i am ugly, hideously deformed yet trapped in this body, destined for desolation.
Pissed Off
What did I ever do to you? I was there to talk too you. To calm you down. To help you realize you are a better person. What do I get? I get a screw you and leave me alone. Well guess what??? I'm not yourmachine to to stick a damn quarter in everytime you don't get your way. Find another bitch to listen. This bitch is done. I refuse to sit back and let you walk all over me like I'm trash. I'm the best thing you couldve ever had and you decided I wasn't worth it. SCREW YOU!!!! I can do better!
Yes ..
         Some people Are Sweet At first ..Always a time for you at first        Serious At first but why do some people change after you"LEARN  TO LOVE THEM SO MUCH! " maybe all romantic moments only happen at first ..but NEVER sad but its difinitely TRUE!...
The Tea Oracle
You Appreciate Life's Tiniest Moments You are a great compromiser. You can deal with personalities of every flavor, and you're good at making sure each person has a say. You have a very balanced personality. You know how to moderate yourself when you are feeling extreme. You are happy but realistic. You try to make the best of what you've got, even when you don't have a lot. You are energetic and downright hyper. All sorts of ideas and opportunities excite you. The Tea Oracle The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don't Talk About Blogthings
I kneel, supplicant before youmy willoffered up in quiet acquiescenceawaiting your approvalor reproachthe fine line between pleasure and painbecomes ever sweeter with your controlwith every touch, kiss, wordsmoldering embers are kindledtormenting desires awakenedI quivercaptured by heat and hungerbend me to your willMy Lordshow me what you most desiremy purpose but to servethrough your dominion I find myselfYou, the Master of manymy only
My Day Off Story!
 i love day in OFF from's time for me to think...over...&over charge& be energized...oF COURSE....FUBAR time AND FACEBOOK (ignored all Farmville invitations,coz I don't have farmville...they said it's addicting so I'd rather not to start it...don't want to be addicted to many things hahah)...BUT i love when i saw that i have new fans on fubar hehe! love it to accept new friends aww..well anyway~~~~          I went to  mC DONALDS ths Afternoon ,ordered my favorite CHESS BURGER SET,found out that I have no wallet!no money in my pocket!I just simply smilled to the owner&said:Sorry I forgot my purse...Can I just pay it tomorrow?EAT NOW PAY TOMORROW!!!hahaha...went home w/ a big smile w/ my chess burger hmm yummy! haahaha...common hurry lets visit again heheh!
I Want A New Bloodstone Pendant !!!
Anyone that lives near me , know wehre i can find a new bloodstone pendant?  Looking for something around an inch in size. Or maybe on e-bay , but I havent seen anything that interests me. If you've seen something like this somewhere please contact me and show me. ~ Waiting for your replies !
Saturday Mornings
Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead Because Kids Grow Up FasterIn the year 2010 kids grow up faster than they did in 1987. Not grow up faster physically, most kids I know are twerps. But the kids now face things in the real world at a much younger age. They grow up so fast that it is no longer cool to watch cartoons once you're 10 years old.Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead Because Cartoons are For AdultsIf you think about a lot of the cartoons beings made, most of them are being made for adults. Shows like the Simpsons, Family Guy and Futurama are not for young kids.Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead Because of Home Video PopularityIf you think back to when you were a kid, assuming you weren't a kid like five years ago then home videos were probably not as huge as they are today. Sure you probably had a video or two that you liked but now kids are practically raised on videos rather than Saturday morning cartoons.Saturday Morning Cartoons are Dead Because of Cartoon Netw
Frozen Tears
After I realized what I’ve done can’t be reversed I cursed. Ashamed of my choices and pain I changed, the noise in my ears confirmed my darkest fears. Then I felt the burning sensation mixed with aggravation what a difference a year in my life can be from deep love to “I don’t know and is this just large figment of my imagination”? Now he’s gone and I’m all alone wishing he could rescue me from my self inflicted misery. Handicapped by my fears refusing to show emotion mentally numbed I can hear it but I ignore my ears, I get in the shower and cry, just like frozen tear drops in the snow so easy to hide.. I don’t know why I keep running from the demons inside, yet I can never really hide. I slowly act as if I don’t remember so lost in my December. Looking back over the years I was molded by my childish fears and I refuse to let them know how weak I really was.  I smile and in no one will I confide like those frozen teardrops in the s
Real Pain (moving On)
                                                       How Can You Have Moved On Already??         I have tried to move on but I can't I am not ready to right now But I see you are HOW?? That is all I want to know It hasn't been that long  But yet I see things that prove me wrong We talk and you say that you haven't I of course believe you why I dont know But I see proof that I am wrong  So no matter what you say I know that you have  So stop lying and just be honest. So I tell myself go ahead move on  And no matter how hard I try I can't You may think I have and that I dont love you But you couldnt be anymore wrong My love for you will never end. You tell me you wish you had kissed me more But yet your already giving more than that away  I can't even look at another like that yet  So when you think about me picture me crying myself to sleep Crying when i hear OUR songs My heart in a milion pieces WHY???  Well because you promised me forever and its not eve
R.i.p. Rick Martain
This blog is about a sad day. This past sunday, March 13th (yesterday) buffalo lost one of the biggest legends ever to step on NHL ice. Around noon, Rick Martain (#7) died of a massive heart attack while driving his car, on main street in clearance ny. Its one thing for a sport to lose someone so famous. Its a loss to the sport and the team he played for, but this time it was different. While growing up, I met him a few times. He use to hang out at the bar my father went to. So, I've seen him, talked to him. This time, the loss feels more personal. I sit here, and glance over at the two things I have that he autographed for me. I think, "man, I'll never see him again"  and how much he'll be missed by everyone that met him. He made you feel like he knew you for years, like you were buds. There just aren't enough guys like him in this world. I guess its true what they say. "The good die young". At 59 years old, he might not seem young to many of you, but then again, I'm sure there are
Best Quote Every By Bob Marley
"You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She's loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She's not perfect, you aren't either & the two of you may never be perfect together. But if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking of you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she know's you can break: her heart. So don't hurt her, don't change her, don't analyze and don't expect more than she can give. Smile when she... makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she's not there." — Bob Marley
The Newest Dj At Phuckers Full House
imikimi - sharing creativity
I Don't See What You See...
Can't you tell I don't see what you see?My eyes are blinded to it.Tormented by those who didn't care.Nothing can fix Nothing can repairStuck inside the darkness No one would really care.
Just once for a momentI want you to beIn love with the personInside of meFor one second in timeI wish you could knowThe person I amThe side I don't showFor one minute just onceI want you to seeThe person here NOWNot what I COULD beJust one lingering kissI want you to giveSo you can feel thisAnd know how I liveBut you've created a visionOf me in your headAn unwelcome versionTo stand in my steadHow do I competeWith such flawless perfection?A being repleteWith your undying affectionI fall so shortOf your expectationsNothing of the sortMy miserable lamentationsSo I must turn from youMy heart sorely grievingBecause it's all I can do;This is all... I'm leaving.
Lost Love
 She sits, gazing at the horizon, waiting, willing it to change. Hoping with all of her heart that she will see the dark spot appear on the sea. But she knows deep down he is gone. She has recieved the letter saying his ship was lost during the battle. She refuses to believe it. This was his last outting. He promised he would return, they would be together forever and build a house right where she now stands overlooking the slowly darkening waters. He promised, and he never breaks his promises. He always comes back and tells her tales of the far off lands and battle he fought in. Such amazing places with ancient statues and castles with wall higher then the tallest tree. Maybe one day he will take her to those places, that would be nice. She steps forward, dreaming of being with her love that will never return. Weeping softly as the sun makes it's final decent into the dark ocean, clutching the letter to her chest she steps off the edge and goes down, down, down, to join her love somew
My Opinion Of People On Fubar
How perfetic can some of you people be you go on someones broadcst to get them to show you what you want then you call them a ho and a whore i mean or fuck sake grow a fucking pair of balls and click the red cross. if a woman wants to show let her your opinions are perfetic she does what she wants if you don't ike it no one is telling you to stay. let those who want to see enjoy it if you don't want to your insults are just gonna get you blocked if you want to be blocked so bad ask them to block you. or block them it's that simple so learn to grow up the way it's seeming guys are happ to go on cam and jack off but if a woman wants to masterbate or show her tits it's not allowed, i don't gree if guys are allowed then women should be ble too aswell so stop being childish stop being perfetic and grow  set of balls you obviously weren't born with and stop insulting those who want to waatch and those who want to show and go wtch someone elses broacdast there are many women who don't.  
Another Hot Day In Paradise
I woke up this morning and it was already close to 100 degrees. I sit and wonder when will the heat wave brak and what will August hav in store weather wise. I love the summer time but damn not when you walk out the door and the humidity takes your breath aweay. I have a nice gazebo on my deck and cannot enjoy that for just sitting there you break intoa sweat.  I am almost tempted to take a fan outside but then I think what good is that cause all yuou are doing is blowing hot stale air. Days like this I reflect back when my parents had the river house and we would go for the weekend. I know on days like this the water temp is hot but damn at least its wet and will cool you off. Well maybe make you think its cooling you off. I think about those who have breathing problems and feel bad for them for they may have to go out and I feel bad. Summer is almost over and the heat seems to be winning but i am not looking forward to winter. I will take the heat anytime over a snow storm.  I guess
Pray For This Family And Cause
Show Your Hearts will facilitate the efforts of all people who want to come to these children's aid and support them in this time of need. Donations will be made directly to the Joshua and Robin Berry Children's Trust. On July 3rd while returning from an annual family road trip in Colorado back to their home in Houston, Texas the Berry Family found themselves to be victims of a horrific and tragic fatal car accident. Their Minivan carrying parents Joshua and Robin Berry and their children Peter age 9, Aaron age 8, and Willa age 6 was hit head on by another vehicle who had crossed into their lane of traffic. The parents Joshua and Robin Berry were tragically killed leaving their 3 children behind. While the children did survive the crash, both boys sustained serious spinal cord injuries and they are both paralyzed below the waist. The children are currently being treated for their many injuries in a Houston, Texas area hospital. There is a significant urgent need to raise funds to a
Where Has Respect Gone
I was talking to a old friend of mine today I grew up with in my old neighborhood. We were talking about how when we were growing up that if we stepped out of line and neighbors saw it our parents knew before we got home. It was a different time back then when we were taught to respect others and especially the older people in the neighborhood. We also knew if they caught us they would bring home to our parents and we would be in trouble. We talked about how we respected others property and wouldnt dare get caught breaking ot taking something from anyone in the neighborhood. It was respect and I am glad my parents taught me that. I have tried to teach that to my two children as they grew up. I think I have done a pretty good job. But I see alot of the younger kids growing up and they could care less how they act or talk in public. They could be throwing the ball around and hit your car or whtever and they could care less if anything happened to it. I sit on my deck and I see how the ol
How Do I
unsubscribe myself from this site??????????????????????
My Favorite Quotes
~ People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right.~   ~ A building gets torched. All that is left is ashes. I used to think that it is true about everything ó families, friends, feelings ó but now I know that sometimes, if love proves real, and two people are meant to be together, nothing can keep them apart.~   ~ If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn. People die. But real love is forever.~
Diagnosis Of Adam.
Symptoms                                                                                   Ignored when speak to meSudden loss of my friendlist No enthusiasm with anything relating to, or directly involving you. Total apathy to anything you've got to sayDiagnosis: I don't like you. It's a fairly common situation that most people I encounter find themselves in. The solutions are either, continue to be on my case and getting nowhere, or simply leave me alone. There is no cure for this situation, if I don't like you, it's for a VERY good reason, and change is VERY unlikely. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Symptoms of reduced friendship (when i DID like you, but no longer do) include: Reduced conversation. Reduced interest in you or your overall day. A slight hint of ignorance in my approach to you, or sometimes a subtle hint that I don't care what you have to say. General awkwardness, o
Temp Angel Family Adds
She needs your help to level up! She got her points done, now she needs angel family adds, even if they are temp. She is currently a demon she had to get all her ability points done. So add her so she can level!!! She will return the love!!!   Thanks!   GO LOVE ON HER:
The Upside Of Being Alone
There’s many upsides to being in loveOr being surrounded by friendsWhilst having a wonderful jobBut how about the upside of being alone?Well there’s!: Not having people in your businessDuring every waking minuteBeing able to sleep inWithout anyone being worriedYou can turn off your cell phoneAnd not have people ask you what’s wrong?You can ignore your social networksEven better, you don’t need to network You can travel anywhere you wantAnd not have anyone get in your wayYour plans are yours aloneWith no one there to hinder youYou can follow your intuitionAnd not have a second unwanted opinionIf you happen to do something brilliantYou can be happy in your own accomplishment. Need I go on?Yes I do! There’s no need for a girl or boyfriendOr even a nagging best friendYou don’t have to worry about breaking heartsJust keep your own in good health Who needs to settleWhen you have yourself?You can live your dreams of your own accordThere’s so much
I Am A Hot Wife
If you don't follow my blogs I'm goin to follow you home, tie you to a chair and force you to watch repeats of Little House On The Prairie; and if you look like you are enjoying that I will pop in some Eminem til you agree to follow all my blogs. *evil grin* (You know I'm joking right? Whoohee! That's a relief.) Yah, I could totally con you into buying swampland in Florida if you weren't so smart. So if you want to purchase some prime, grade A real-estate we here at BS-Central want you to know that we are widely known for the quality of our outhouses. Yes you have heard correctly, we build all our homes using nothing more then wooden planks (including, yes you guessed it.)  And at a low, low price of $9.95 per square millimeter we will even throw in a free supply of sandpaper. So how much can I put you down for?
Birmingham Incalls Solutions Make You More Convenience And Enjoyment To You
All men want to have some privacy! The Birmingham incall solutions and Birmingham airport escors are a profitable way to have that secrecy which you search for. Most of these solutions are used at the companion’s house. You will check out the carry at her house and all your needs will be settled there. If you are looking for a personal and simple practical knowledge, then consider having an incall in Manchester to chill out. One does not have to organize and publication hotels. You will be her invitee and she will cure you right! The amusement begins once you get into the home and this no post linked fun will get you challenging in all the right places. Having a carry is one phase shorter of getting a little while. Whether you are in Birmingham or in its vicinities, then you have the potential for having tremendous fun. There are many carry organizations in Manchester all devoted to making sure than your needs are met. With a simple reservation process and client helpful charg
Missing My Friend
today , was the last day I could keep in contact with a friend , after comunicating with her every day  , on yahoo while having our morning coffee... she'd been out of work for 3 yrs. i'd known her for 2 years.. We hit it off right from the start... [ from another site ] ... now her internet is cut off ,,, she lives 1,000 miles away . we talked like she was living across the street... now there is an enptyness in my world ...   1/22/2012
Powershine Insuranes
savings for commercial and residentials skilled labor unions contractor thanks call power shine floor restoration skilled carpentry contractor
As of late I have really realized that the only person that I can truly count on is myself. Have you ever felt like you were standing alone in a crowded room and not noticed.  It's fascinating at times just to watch people and how the react amongst their peers. Those you call friends all too often look the other way when around certain people.  Hell I have even been left holding the bag a few nights without any explanation or a thank you or an apology but when you allow things like this to happen it will always happen.  Thus I say to thy own self be true and to hell with others because eventually you will end up fading into the wood work and no one will notice.  You have to ask yourself at times like this am I an option or a priority? I hope you can answer as a priority. Here lately I have felt like an option only even with family.  Do I need to worry, nah, shit like this doesn't get to me just makes the lonliness all that more apparent and keeps me inside my shell more and more. Hell
Ecology: Tough Decisions
More on February 2012 ECPA Newsletter, from a speech in October 2011 by The Ambassador Albert Ramdin:Roughly he said that The Carribeans should Benefit in Unity and Wealth from The Clean Energy Initiatives Movement and Meetings, but also was a little Negative concerning the Efficiency of Clean Energy in General: Sacrifice of course have to be made, but Many of Us Ecologist by Heart and Actions were under the Impression that Clean Energy Efficiency was as High and even mostly higher than Traditional Non-Ecological Energy.Solar Energy Technology is now quite develloped, not Finally develloped,  Research being still led, but develloped enough to be a Profitable Industry.Clean Fuel is by far Cheaper to make and have from Agriculture than any Petroleum Traditional Fuel.The rest of The Clean Energy Technologies has either Proved its Perfect Efficiency or needs Research to Prove it:Geothermic is Efficient and needs Research, Wind has proved its Perfect Efficiency.Tough Decisi
Edinburgh Cheap Escorts
The girls presented here, are the most exquisite model escorts the Edinburgh has to offer and are exclusively available through Exclusive Temptations. As the price of scotland and home of the around the world well known the price of scotland celebration, side and army human body art styles, the price of scotland lovers have a lot to provide the comfortable guest or business guest. With protection throughout the lothians and place the price of scotland have company can provide the price of scotland Edinburgh incalls or outcalls no concern where you are. The expense of Edinburgh escorts Have Company has the best choice of fantastic lovers in the southeast of scotland available for your satisfaction. We create sure we always have the best choice of females available so that you only need to discuss to one organization about the expense of scotland lovers. Edinburgh Partners Company is an top level assistance offering females that provide a complete sweetheart experience and create sure yo
I`d Rather Be Hurt Everyday
Being hurt by someone you love everyday hurts less than you both breaking up and being apart from each other. I'd rather be hurt everyday
Hear Me Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After all of the bullshit events from last night, I think its only fair, to know what kind of person you are ripping when you say things you know nothing about, in MuMMs. I would post the link but don't really feel like wasting my time and anyways, the damage has been done.    People say traumatized kids never forget and it's the truth. The following event are very true and I do have proof of the majority of them and the others, well do a brain scan or polygraph or even hypnotize me and you will see that the rest is very true too.  None of this, no matter how horrid and unGodly it is, was made up.   I was born in 1969 and my mom was always high on drugs when she was pregnant with me and my other sister, Julie (you will know more about her in a minute). Right after I was born, mom got pregnant again, with Julie Christine. I have 2 brothers older than me and one younger and, well, besides Julie, there was Lisa Marie (also younger) When I was 7 months old, I almost died (I should hav
P90x - First Thoughts (possible Nsfw For Language)
So, in order to slim down to a respectable size, I've decided to give the P90X workout a try.  I've tried the "gym" thing, and the "diet" attempt in the past, but have never really gotten anywhere.  I think it's mostly because I did it half-assed.  To kick myself into gear, I decided "What the hell" and opted to give P90X a chance. My initial reaction?  Holy Hell! That's a LOT of reading!  There is a plethora of reading material included with the DVDs.  The thing I will have the hardest time with is the Nutrition Guide.  I've always been a "Meat and Potatoes" type of guy (and it shows...).  While, logically, I know I need a more balanced diet; it's a bit difficult for me.  I like what I like and I make no excuses for it. I'm going to give it a shot, though.  I have a set goal in mind and I want to meet it.  Currently I weigh in around 250 pounds (on a bad week).  I average about 230-240, though most would guess I'm around 200 pounds because of how I carry my weight.  Unfortunately
Your Eyes
Yeswterday started out like anyothr.Then we meant...I was so happy. Sometime's I don't know what to do.Your eyes shine like Diamonds. I lose my mind everytime....I look @ you(THANK YOU)
When I Look At You
What Are People Saying About The New Album?
“The Reticent is progressive in the truest sense of the term, and remains one of the best-kept secrets in metal. Hopefully this time around Le Temps Detruit Tout gets the attention it deserves. It's already a contender for 2012's best album.”  - Hard Rock Haven  -   "...Le Temps is a remarkably solid affair. The album is filled with various harmonies and textures that all blend perfectly together to produce an ambiance that not many albums have." - Metal Blast  -   "The different textures populate this CD providing a unique, peaceful sound as opposed to a gloomy atmosphere and a good flow between these cuts. " - Queens of Steel -   "Truth be told, anyone who doesn’t like to think should readily avoid The Reticent. The songwriting and performan
New Love
Never knew I could love again Never thought that I will have someone in my life You love me from bottom of your heart You treat me like I'm your angel And now its my turn to show you my love for you I like you from the moment I talked to you I love you from the moment your kissed me At that moment, my feelings for you grown stronger When I hug you, I never wanna let you go When you are next to me, I just wanna be alone with you I treasure every second I have with you, and keep it safe in my heart and mind Some words, I can't express And Others, yet to be discover I love you     Written By: MaryoOm BrokenHeart
Only In Scotland
Only In ScotlandBeing Scottish is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer, then travelling home, grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch American shows on a Japanese TV.   And the most Scottish thing of all? Suspicion of all things foreign! Only in My Scotland can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance. Only in Scotland do supermarkets make sick people walk all the way to the back of the shop to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. Only in My Sotland do people order double cheeseburgers, large fries and a DIET coke. Only in Scotland do banks leave both doors open and chain the pens to the counters. Only in My Scotland do we leave cars worth thousands of pounds on the drive and lock our junk and cheap lawn mower in the garage. Only in My Scotland do we use answering machines to screen calls and then have call waiting so we won't miss a call from someo
A Nice Lil Story From A Female Friend Of Mine Pretty Hot'
We turn towards each other and kiss several times and I can feel your extremely hard cock pressing against me as we kiss hungrily  Within minutes, you have pushed me against the counter roll-top in the kitchen . You quickly bend me over and lift my skirt again to bare my gorgeous ass.I feel the delicious heat of your erection pressing between my ass cheeks after a few seconds of you rummaging to extract your cock. With one hand you reach round and caress (no, wildly rub !) my clit; with the other you guide your cock straight up into my aching and now very wet pussy. I  jerk back at you and cry out loudly as you slowly push your lovely cock deep inside me. You soon increase your tempo as i thrust back at you as you start to drive it madly into me. You keep going really hard into my willing pussy at an amazing pace for at least 5 minutes while you listen to me crying out from one orgasm after another. I am pushing back at you, urging you deeper and harder all the time. I th
Dont Forget
I dont want to be wrapped in protocolBsdm has its own sort of boundaries.I want to be defined by my uniqueness,When i see you, i want you to push down my walls. When you see me, i want you to catch your breath.When you leave, i want you to crave more. I want to taste you, rub your scent on me.Mark your territory, for I will surely mark mine. When you sweat i want to taste it, when you cum i want you to cover me in it.When you feel things deeply, tell me. When you feel great sadness, cryWhen you're feeling pain, get LOUD or I'll do it harder til i hear you. Dont forget me if you ever leave for good,For you see this is all i have.
Catholic Month In Review: January 2012
If you're new here, you might be wondering what all of this is about -- in addition to being the author of the novel A Pius Man, I am also a writer for, and their Catholic column for New York.This was a busy, busy month.A sticky situation: artificial insemination and the Catholic church..... Yes, I went there.Catholics and sex -- The New York Times wouldn't know the Catholic position on sex if it jumped up and bit them on the ass.Review: John Ringo's Princess of Wands (with free books). -- If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I've done the review of Ringo's novel here.  If you take a look for it, you might be surprised to find it happens to be somewhere else now. :)Catholics and republicans.  During one Republican debate, Catholic charities came up.  Which made me scratch my head -- in the words of James Carville, shouldn't the motto of this election be "It's the economy, stupid"?Exorcism and the catholic church.  Catholic church seeks exorcists. Inq
Truly Blessed
I can still feel it all, as if it is happening now. I need to replace these, thoughts somehow. Suddenly I think NO, don’t look at his face! Put yourself somewhere else, a happier place. Then I see her, my baby girl. And I remember how she saved me, from this despicable world. How something so small, created so much. In me, She gave me another chance, just enough. To keep going. To see the bigger, picture. My life as it should be, beside her. Protecting her from the world, as I know it to be. That is one sight, she’ll never have to see. Because I have done my time, paid my dues. Lived in this world, the way she’ll never have to. She is my gift, my reward for surviving I guess. And with her in my life, I am truly blessed.
Wearing a bra, taking a pic, posting it on fu, and buying a happy hour.. will definately get you 25,000 likes
Kinky Fantasty Fiction Story ♥ =)
There have been countless days and nights.. That I have daydreamed about you.... Lying beside me in my bed.. looking into my eyes.. Our noses touching... and rubbing up against eachother... giving eskimo kisses and then feeling your lips touch mine.... all the while running your fingers through my hair... telling me that im beautiful.. The passion between us would grow and grow... and feelings would grow stronger as well... to the point where were deeply and passionatly kissing softly and then you kiss my neck and move up to my ear and nibble on it alittle bit sending goosbumps and a huge orgasimn through my body as i Say "Mmmm" In your ear.......... I can feel you getting harder and harder as your body presses up against mine... Your arms wrap around me.... like a sheild.... of protection..... To the point where Tears run down my eyes and you whisper "What is wrong" ? I Say to you " Nothing Its just you feel so good against my skin and being with you makes me emotional in a wonderful
The florescent lights flicker in a steady rhythm Exhaling a sick yellow tint in this box The polished metal mirror reflects a disoriented portrait Swollen tissue painted with hues of dead purple Stretched around the brutal carvings in the steel Enough time has passed The recycled air of the tier has lost its original flavor This isn’t a memory of a lesser you As the ever changing pattern of shadows dissipates beneath my feet From the steady flicker My voice sinks, a body wrapped in rusting chains Drowning in open air  
So I Guess The Only Interesting Thing I've Been Up To...
I spent a good portion of my weekends from Spring through this past, riding my bicycle on some of the nice trails we have here in the Cleveland area. I made sure to do at least 26 miles every weekend. Sometimes I did more. In all, I'm pretty sure I put over 500 miles on my bike. I lost about 15 pounds and can now fit into some size-too-small pants I bought off a clearance rack at TJ Maxx for $6 bucks many months ago. Been flying and driving tons of places for work. Reading a lot. Writing a little. Been pretty OKay.   I hope all of you have been well, n stuff.
It's well into summer and the weather has been spectacular. The girl is well into her journey around the island by kayak. She's been travelling this way for 2 weeks and is in the final stretches of completing the circle. Her time has been one of escape, excitement and learning. Each night a new place to sleep, whether it be a remote beach with her little campfire, or one of the remote cabins on this desolate place in the world. She has met new people along the way and has been welcomed wherever she's landed. The sound of the waves hitting the rocky shore is soothing, the gentle rocking of the small kayak a constant reminder of where she is. It's late in the day and almost time to set up camp. Just one more point to go around and she'll pull up on the beach. As she rounds the point, she sees a little cabin, floating in a small bay. Smoke rises from the chimney. She slowly paddles her way towards it, hoping she'll meet yet another friendly person. As she bumps up against the d
Read........ Is My Book...... Enjoy.....
She got up walked to the lady's room, she found herself touching up her red full lips. Christine was wearing a black tight fitting dress above her knees with black heels and her thick hair pull back in a french pony tail. She was standing there looking at her self feeling the loneliness come over her as always. This feeling comes and goes, she takes her self in one of the stalls and pulls up her dress takes off her laces black panties as they fall to the ground. She can feel the wetness on her fingers just thinking about the man playing pool she was turned on by him. She was over whelmed just thinking about him as if he was there kissing her all over her body her knees shaking as she put her fingers deeper in side her wet pussie. She imagine he is inside her she closed her eyes and the room is spinning out of control just then she here's the bathroom door open.......    bY cHristine ....                                                                                                    
Good documentation goes a long way towards, not only helping others understand your code, but also simplifying re-use. Unfortunately, it seems that the moment documentation is written, it’s out-of-date from the code, especially if maintained separately in its own document.Read More -
Beauty Tips Go Here
yall make me self conscience! help me look purty put advise here!   at least im not manish anymore. runs to shave face..............................................
Wtf Is Wrong With People????
I mean really………WTF???My pet peeves of the day…….so far.  The day is far from over and my mind is subject to change many times without passing go or collecting $200.  I am a woman after all. 1.)  People who can’t stop texting for five minutes to carry on a conversation with me. Seriously……I have the attention span of a flea.  If I can give you five minutes of my time and undivided attention surely you can do the same. 2.)  Men/boys  that go around with their ass hanging out of their pants…..this is cool WHY??? 3.)  People who ask me for my opinion or advice and then turn around and do the exact opposite. Or people who want my opinion and then get pissed off because they don’t like what I have to say.  4.)  Anytime I have to press “one for English”  If you live here and can’t speak English GTFO!!!! 5.)  Men who crawl into my chat box and ask if I want to see their “10 inches”  They sa
Tablet Pc Tradition Almighty Clearly Divided The Two Routes
According to the United States, "Wall Street Journal" on March 6, Asustek Computer Co., Ltd. plans to launch a smartphone in the second half of the year, doubling Tablet PC shipments this year. The company hopes to take the business to expand from the main PC manufacturing to the rapid development of the mobile market. It is reported that shipments of the Asus is the world's fifth-largest PC manufacturer. Asus Tablet PC shipments reached 6.7 million units in 2012, nearly four times in 2011. The Nexus 7 Tablet PC The company launched in collaboration with Google is priced at $ 199, compared with selling, boosted the company's sales. Asus chief executive Jerry Shen said in an investor conference he expected pricing pc android products below $ 200 will occupy 30% to 50% the proportion of this year, the company's Tablet PC shipments, but he did not offer the Nexus 7 tablet computer data. Asus announced net profit in the fourth quarter of last year, an increase of 21% over th
Before You Get That Blow Job From Me , Here Are A Few Pointers
Wow. It’s been great making out with you, a real live boy, on this couch for 15 minutes. I can see that now, after the conversation we had and the beer you bought me after your friend introduced us at the party, you think it’s about time you enjoyed the fruits of your labor. About time you got a blow job from me.   And let me tell you, you came to the right place. Because the world is populated by guys like you; in fact I’m willing to bet there’s not one man in the whole wide world who doesn’t think he deserves an on-the-couch blow job the first time he makes out with someone, so fear not. This is territory that any girl over the age of 15 has seen many, many times. So don’t think I won’t do it. There’s just a few things I need from you first. First, I would appreciate it if you would wash your genitals once a day. Just once a day. Heck, you can even do it while you’re IN the shower washing anyway. Because guys like y
Why Are The Lulzsec Hackers Being Locked Up?
By James Ball For lawmakers, illicit downloaders and hackers alike, the internet is one of the few bits of frontier territory left in the world: for the "rogues" there's lots more scope to get away with things not possible in more civilised, everyday reality, while for the lawmakers there's an ungovernable mess. The problem with frontier justice is, of course, that when it strikes, it tends to be rough. And so it's proved for the four members of the hacking group LulzSec, sentenced in a London court: three were jailed for between two years and 32 months (they'll serve half), with the fourth receiving a suspended 20-month sentence. Untangling the rights and wrongs of this case is difficult. The group carried out a series of cyber-attacks that caused millions of pounds' worth of damage, particularly on the Sony Playstation network. (And gamers won't have been happy about the disruption to services). That fact shouldn't be ignored by those mounting a defence of LulzSec: some of the gr
The Birthplace Of Louis Vuitton - The Guy And Also The Design Home - Is France
Popularity Of Louis Vuitton Handbags The contemporary day handbag is over only a practical piece that helps us carry essential products; handbags are the contemporary Louis Vuitton Outlet on the minute, gracing the red carpet in designer variations that spur the masses to run for their nearest high-end division keep. Several of the more prominent designers are synonymous with louis vuitton bags cheapand the world waits to determine what will be up coming inside their increasing line of items. Authentic LV Women one such luxury solution that enthusiasts clamor to own.The birthplace of Louis Vuitton - the guy and also the design home - is France. Acknowledged at first as being a luggage trunk producer, Louis Vuitton quickly began developing luxury luggage in late-1800s Paris. The business quickly took hold with consumers who had been attracted to high-end goods. What set the company aside from its competitors was an unrivaled commitment to high quality. When Louis Vuitton p
Android Phones Los Teléfonos Inteligentes
Android es un sistema operativo basado en Linux dise?ado principalmente para dispositivos móviles con pantalla táctil, como los teléfonos inteligentes y Tablet PC. Desarrollado inicialmente por Android Inc., Google respaldada financieramente, y más tarde compró en 2005, Android se inauguró en 2007, con la creación de la Open Handset Alliance: un consorcio de hardware, software, comunicaciones y empresas dedicadas a la promoción de estándares abiertos para móviles dispositivos. Primer teléfono funciona con Android, que se vende en octubre de 2008. Android es de código abierto y Google libera el código bajo el código License.This licencia de software libre permisiva Apache le permite cambiar distribuido libremente por los fabricantes y operadores de telefonía móvil y desarrolladores y aficionados. Además, Android tiene una gran comunidad de desarrolladores que escriben aplicaciones ("apps")  que amplían la funcionalidad de los dispositivos, principalmente escrito una versión personaliza
Thought To Remember
8. You're getting old if it takes you longer to rest then it does to get tired.  
Smart Leather Cover Case For Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Leather Cover Case is the neccessary case for S4. It is the perfect companion of S4 with high grade super fabric, the opening window can answer any call without opening cover, make call directly and better protects the screen. This S View Cover is soft hand feeling, ultra thin and light, anti-slide and automatically wake up the screen, perfectly protects Samsung Galaxy S4. When open the cover, the S4 screen can be automatically wake. This Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Cover Case is only 136x69x9mm, it’s perfect to keep the Galaxy S4 sleek lines, does not destroy any curve of the phone, filling the elegant and grade. This smart cover case for Samsung Galaxy S4 is tailor-build, suitable for Samsung i9500 (Samsung licensed, Europe model and Hong Kong 3G version only), it is not suitable for Korean E300S/E300K/E300L. Tip: Before loading on S4 holster case, you need remove the original back cover. So this S View Cover can protects S4 all degree.
Is Probably Not Fit To Walk
Pink is probably not fit to walk, let alone find her way home.
Pink Gets Laid Off
720p Screen, Quad-core 13 Million Pixel Hd 9960
720p screen, quad-core 13 million pixel HD 9960 HD 9960 cellulari android uses 4.7 inches 720p HD display, PPi up to 312, to become a real retina screen. Another Cool 9960 with a second generation of 3D curved Corning Gorilla Glass, the entire screen into a curved concave, and has better transmittance. Top of the screen metal mesh earpiece part of the LED message indicator built-in lock screen state of charge, information, etc. are displayed. Cool logo appeared in the most appropriate and most standard position, left for a 1.3-megapixel front camera. Also in the design, Cool 9960 also reached the pinnacle of the industry, 1.8mm ultra-narrow border, smart phones become the narrowest of a border, which also makes the user's visual experience to the next level. Furthermore thickness of the body, although not Cool 9960 android 4.2 Grand S 9120's 7.4mm body, but 8.8mm, with a certain curvature of the fuselage will bring us another beauty. In addition to black models, the Coupe 9960 there
They say memories are goldenwell maybe it´s trueI never wanted memoriesI only wanted youOne million times I needed youa million times I criedif love alone could have saved youyou never would have diedIn life I loved you dearlyin death I love you stillin my heart you hold a placeno one can ever fillif tears could build a stairwayand heartache make a laneI´d walk the path to where you are and bring you back again.
Lovable Poetry
You make my life shine like the sun and the stars.I want to hold you so tight and make this night ours.  We have something special that no one can sever.Ill love you today and ill love you forever.  Your smile can brighten the darkest of days.Finding your love is like ending a maze.  You are so amazing and the most wonderful girl.A kiss from you can make my head whirl.  So take my hand and don't let me goI love you so much and just wanted you to know!
All That Needs To Happen Is To Ask...
I don't mind... Making salutes,tastefully done Rating, liking, adding to help level Making a photo comment Give bling when finances allow.... As long as a thank you and would you please is asked. For me , manners go a long way!
The Apparent Stain
    Constable Harish sighed deeply and stared forlornly at the portrait propped on his office chair. Slowly his gaze drifted from the intent eyes of it's subject to where the oily outline of a sandwich dominated the dark background. Surely his superiors would have plenty to say about this gaff. He did not doubt he would be passed over for promotion out of this remote Punjab village. Such indiscretions were most reprehensible regarding such an expensive item. The frame alone might be equal to his entire month’s salary. Now he mourned the dreary prospects of finding a proper bride, once demoted. Effortlessly he had deduced the likely thief, solving the crime with only one visit to the hut of Tuka the handyman. Inside, he wallowed about in a drunken stupor, his entire haul strewn about the shanty, his eyes deliriously fixated on this painting. Curiously he denied nothing but sublimely trudged the long path from his riverbank hovel. In route to his inevitable cell he off
Society's Ills
The world is becoming a horrible place. No one says please or thank you. Everyone seems to have their face buried in their phone or up their own ass. Many nights I've wondered why and only just recently did i figure it out... With the help of Netflix. Pretty Woman is the cause of all this. What good could ever have possibly come from that film. "Hey kids... Go on ahead and whore". Never mind you don't have a drug habit to support or three children at home from three different felonious fathers. Just sell your body. Someday a well to do businessman will show up out of the blue and let you drive his Lotus Esprit.. Kiss you on the mouth even though you stipulate that "wasn't on the menu" and let you bathe your disease infested hooker ass in his penthouse suite for a week. Don't study or aspire. Just sell that ass.. And don't get me started on Dirty Dancing either..
That Moment When...
you just want to say ugh and tell people to fuck off. No one here, fortunately. Er, maybe unfortunately as they'd be easier to put on ignore... jfs.
Not For The Easily Depressed
People have been asking the question “Why are we here?” for centuries.  I think I have found the answer.   The question needs clarification first than the answer will be given.   When people ask “Why are we here?” they mean “What is our purpose to live?” or “Why do we exist?”  Ask a religious person and their answer might be to serve their god or something along those lines.  This answer is unacceptable.  I wouldn’t want to serve a god that created me just to serve him/her.  Would you?   The answer to the ultimate question is…. 42. I’m jesting, of course.  The real answer is that we have no purpose.  Before you blow my answer off, you should think about it.  Everything else has a purpose; either to feed other things, clean other things, or to protect other things.  Even excrement and urine have a purpose.  Excrement gets rid of unwanted things in the body, be it human or animal and urine is used in a variety of ways
For If You Only Knew
just what your smile would do to my day .. it would be as bright as the sun even in the darkness it would still be my light to guide my way back to you.. just what your embrace would do to my world.. it would be like i was in a world with out fear just knowing you are there with in my reach.. just what the softness of Ur gentle kiss would do 2 my heart as you touch my lips softly.. as you make it beat with in side of me feeling  of the life with in me.. just what the shine in your eyes would do to my life... it would make me feel like i always had the stars in my reach and would always hope that they shine just as bright for me .. just what the soft whisper of you voice would do to my soul.. as you light it with the fire that give me a passion that i can only compare to the vastness of the deep blue sea and would bruin deep with in me only for you to see as i give my all to you in every way if you only knew how i love to be the one you see and hope you know you alone hold the key a
Asking For Help
I've been doing some thinking. Ive been on Fubar for a couple years now and I've seen a lot. The one thing that pisses me off more than anything is people asking for help who wouldn't help you if their lives depended on it. I actually had people in my family who never rated or even said hi for over a year. But then I won a God Mode in the fu lottery. I let it sit there untouched for over a week. Still no comments from these so called family members. So before I ran God Mode I went through and deleted people from my family who never made an effort to help with even one point while I was trying to level. Then I ran my GM. Would you believe that these very same people came out of the woodwork to ask me to add them back to my family?? Ummmm.... NO.  Then while I'm running GM or BOMB people are asking for help. And I do. Thats just me. But have you noticed that you can ask for help and people don't even acknowledge you??? One of my friends is always asking for help. If I can help her I wil
She Wanted The Truth About Her Son (me)
TODAY  29/6/13   I was sat in the kitchen, with a coffee in front of me saying goodbye as my brother went home, when the door closed my Mum looked at me. I had no idea what she was about to say, then she looked in my eyes and asked me "Are you OK?" I just told her I'm as good as I can be not really sleeping well but that’s fault then she asked another question that I did not expect, "Are you hoping that when your ex comes back from Australia are you hoping that you and her will get back together?" I told my Mum the truth I said "no, I know we wont get back together as Dad always said and I'm living proof of it, it doesn't work the second time" I asked my Mum why? she told me that she had noticed I haven’t been going out with anyone since me and my ex broke up about 10 months ago she was getting worried that I was waiting for her. I know I’ve stopped with the speech marks but this is more of a story that actually happened not a fairy tail. I admitted I haven’t
You Look At The Type Of Players Like Higuain
Jack Wilshere hopes Arsenal can strengthen their squad this jerseys Arsenal have also been linked with Real Madrid's £25million-rated forward Gonzalo Higuain and also Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini, who would both command significant wages.Wilshere, 21, believes the calibre of players now likely to be brought in by Arsenal shows they mean business on the pitch.He added: "You look at the type of players like Higuain we are trying to bring in and you have got to be encouraged. "I think we need a few more, not to step right into the team, but to add to the squad."We need our squad to be as deep as United's and (Manchester) City's. They can change their back four completely and still win. There is no way United would have won the Premier League trophy with 18 players." Thomas Rogne was delighted to finally clinch his move from Celtic to Wigan more The 23-year old Norwegian defender has departed Parkhead after three-and-a-half years with the Hoops
The Assurance That We Get A Its Touch Screen Supports
Like everything, the assurance that we get a reliable product will depend largely on which one you choose, where you buy and what you pay for him. Until recently buy a Chinese mobile directly to stores or distributors in China was almost a lottery. Scams, delivery exorbitant language problems should talk to customer service myefoxIts touch screen supports everything offered the OS Windows 8 and touch sensors accurately provide at least 6 mm becomes a remarkable device for all applications concerning the design and drawing.The battery of 50Wh Li-polymer offers up to 6 hours of battery life, and its internal capacity almcenaje, with 8GB DDR3 and up to 1TB HDD and 24 GB SSD cache, providing a world of possibilities for users with more than a project in mind.Want to buy good quality and cheap tablet you, here is a good choice:
Know How To Search A Domain Name
The domain name is the website name that is an important part for any website. Are you aware of the perfect domain name for your website? Now whatever you think you can check the name with the preferred extension on the browser and also the service is free. So it is a great opportunity to get done with the free domain search and get your domain name registered. Many people feel that why they require the registration of the domain name? If you are also one of them, then I just want clarify that you can’t escape from the procedure of domain name registration service, as it is mandatory. It attracts your targeted customers and works as the website identity for you. Do you know that? So it has lost of importance for your website and you better be sure about the organization from which you will do the domain name registration. Why the website name is much important? Why people should take care of that? The reason is it is the identity factor and also people should able to
So Much Has Changed!!
So for those who dont know, I got married in Nov 2012 and am now living in pretty Fort Smith, AR! So far loving my life:)
Fuck Everything.
Something random I made up.☭ⒶFuck religionFuck WarFuck hell and fuck heaven.Fuck hippies and Ravers.Fuck subculture.Fuck FashionFUCK the GovernmentFuck politics.Even if you like me FUCK YOU.Fuck voting.Fuck fitting in.Fuck materialism.Fuck the system.Fuck Hipsters.FUCK GOTHS.Fuck SheepFuck ZombiesFuck punksGmo sucksFuck vegansEveryone in your whole crew sucksFuck all 52 statesoh and fuck you......................./´¯/) ....................,/¯../ .................../..../ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( ..............\.............\...Fuck the government, we need equality and freedom. FUCK THE RICH FEED THE POOR, THE CLASS SYSTEM is NO MORE!
John (fire) Lame Deer Sioux Lakota - 1903-1976
"Before our white brothers arrived to make us civilized men, we didn't have any kind of prison. Because of this, we had no delinquents. Without a prison, there can be no delinquents. We had no locks nor keys and therefore among us there were no thieves. When someone was so poor that he couldn't afford a horse, a tent or a blanket, he would, in that case, receive it all as a gift. We were too uncivilized to give great importance to private property. We didn't know any kind of money and consequently, the value of a human being was not determined by his wealth. We had no written laws laid down, no lawyers, no politicians, therefore we were not able to cheat and swindle one another. We were really in bad shape before the white men arrived and I don't know how to explain how we were able to manage without these fundamental things that (so they tell us) are so necessary for a civilized society."
Week One
As of right now,this by far has been impressive.Just want to see how far this goes with new friends and fu-associates. One friend in mind was the best pick ever,and it took her curiousity to lead the way and guidance to give me more of an underestanding on fubar.
A man went with his wife on honeymoon and they were getting undressed together for the first time. The man took off his shoes and socks and his toes were all twisted and discolored. "What happened to your feet?" his wife asked. "I had a childhood disease called Tolio." "Don't you mean polio?" ... "No, tolio, it only affects the toes." The man then removed his pants and revealed an awful-looking pair of knees. "What happened to your knees?" she asked. "Well, I also had Kneesles." "Don't you mean measles?" "No, kneesles, it only affects the knees." When he removed his shorts, his wife gasped and said, "Don't tell me, you also had Smallcox!"
Pay no attention to the "racist hype" going on in the media. If you are participating in it... Congratulations you are the problem. Don't mind the federal funds being spent on the hype to cause strife among us. Its just a show! Enjoy! Please don't try to hurt anyone otherwise you are no better than those you are claiming to protest Hypocrites. Wait is our government breaking the law? LOOK OVER THERE GAY MARRIAGE! Dumbasses. If you are still an Obama supporter conciser your political opinion officially discredited. Please do not try to convince anyone that you have any credibility. You are too easily influenced by emotion and kindergarten propaganda to form any objective opinion about anything political. Your lord and master demands you turn in your neighbors and give up your privacy so he can protect you from the violence he creates by bombing children illegally in other countries. Supporting him is continuing the cycle and is self-sabotage. OH LOOK YOU BETTER GO FIGHT ABOUT ABORTION A
Whether This Deal Will Really Happen Is Another Story
According to reports from Sky Sports,Manchester United have bid £25million for Barcelona and Spain midfielder Cesc Fabregas, as United boss David Moyes looks to strengthen his options in the centre of the park.Wholesale Manchester United jersey Needed It has been well documented that Manchester United have been looking for a new central midfielder for the last couple of seasons.The Red Devils did not do badly last season, considering people thought there midfield was so weak.However, with a stronger midfield United could move to the next level and give their continental rivals a better run for their money in the Champions LeagueCesc Fabregas would be a superb signing for any team, but for United, he would be an ideal signing. Whether this deal will really happen is another story. Doubtful It seems very doubtful that this move will come to fruition. Fabregas is back at his football and spiritual home. He does not want to leave and it appears that Barcelona do not want to sell
Tits & Ass
Such a pretty little face Don’t you see? Nothing that you are really matters when they have no use of anything but eyes and appendages Worry not for the layers you yearn to be penetrated you’re going about it all wrong Don’t you know? Nothing that you offer means more than the body they crave to traverse the lips they desire to defile Such a simple truth yet you refuse to accept it’s bitter taste Don’t you want? Nothing that you can’t manifest from the game so well played by those who understand the rules Never really been much For fitting into that mold Have you?   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
You Know What Time It Is
1. Have you ever been searched by the cops?  yeh quite a few times lol 2. Do you close your eyes on roller coaster? i can't even remember the last time i was on a roller coaster.   3. When’s the last time you’ve been sledding? dude like over 8 years ago lol   4. Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone? depends on my mood .. i am like a cat.. cuddle me..don't cuddle me.. why aren't you cuddling me??? REPEAT lol   5. Do you believe in ghosts? to an extent.   6. Do you consider yourself creative? hell yeh i got that spark yo   7. Do you think O.J. killed his wife? erm    8. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie? neither bro. megan fox.   9. Can you honestly say you know ANYTHING about politics? i can honestly say. NO.   10. Do you know how to play poker? idk.. check out my poker face   11. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight? LOL umm yeh plenty of times. NO MORE THOUGH OOOOWWW   12. What’s your favorite commercial? "If you're looking to conv
Something Confirmed By Jose Mourinho At A Press Conference On Wednesday
"It happened to us last year and it can happen to them," said Wenger, quoted in The Sun."Rooney is under contract and has two years to go so it's United who make the decision.Wholesale Manchester United jersey But we would not have a problem with the wages of Rooney." The Gunners boss would also be interested in bringing former midfielder Cesc Fabregas back to the Emirates Stadium but admits it will not be happening any time soon."Cesc has decided to stay one more year at Barcelona," he added. "We have the clause in his contract to have the chance to buy him back so we would be on alert if that happens." Rooney arrived at the Manchester United training ground on Thursday morning, driving into the Carrington training complex at around 9am.He is set to continue receiving treatment for a hamstring injury, which prompted his early return from their pre-season tour. United manager David Moyes, who is in Australia on the latest leg of the club's Far East tour made a public appearance in
George Zimmerman Protest.....
I live in South Florida so I have followed the George Zimmerman trial closely and I live about 10 miles from where Trayvon Martin lived in Miami Gardens...I have noticed that the Black community and it's leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton asking the justice Department to bring civil rights charges on George Zimmerman and plan to lead more protest. Trayvon Martin's death was a tragety that should have never happen but what about all the Black men who were killed by other Black men. Many of them were also youths like Trayvon....I have never seen Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton protest about Black people killing Black people or argue for their civil rights. I live in South Florida and almost every day I see Black people killing other Black people and the Black community doesn't say anything about it. Al Sharpton is going to Orlando to the annual NAACP meeting soon. I think he and the NAACP should address Black on BLack killings. From 1976 to 2011 there were almost 280,000 Black m
Big Red’s Tools For A Happy, Sound Psychological State
BIG RED’S TOOLS FOR A HAPPY, SOUND PSYCHOLOGICAL STATE   1.  Anger Management 2.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 3.  Let Go and Let God 4.  Forgive and forget   1.  Anger Management: Take a time out ASAP when you realize that u r angry and/or about to rage.  Time outs can consist of leaving the room, counting to 10 or back from 10, etc. Later, after the time out, when all parties are civil and calm, have a conversation with the other person using "I" statements.  “I” feel  (an emotion) when u (an act). Suggest a solution.  If either/or any party becomes angry/ enraged, another time out is called.  The parties are not allowed to be in the same space or communicate while angry/raging.  Rules: No bringing up the past.  Stick to the current issue(s).   2.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:  Monitor your thoughts as much as possible till it becomes natural to monitor your thoughts, especially when emotionally down
How To Find The Right Window Furnishings In Perth, Australia
If your home is in Perth, Australia you probably have need for the right window furnishings to complement the climate, especially during summer. The climate of Perth generally is wet though summers from December to March can be quite warm. Because of this you need curtains and blinds that will be able to complement your home furnishings while shielding you from the hot sun in summer and giving you privacy throughout the year.   If you live in the Applecross suburb, you will need to find a good curtain and blind Applecross Perth supplier of window furnishings. The right window furnishings will allow your home to look attractive and bring out the best in its interior design. You may choose to seek out a curtain South Perth window furnishings shop as well or perhaps a timber blinds Perth retailer. The point to all this searching is so you get good quality window furnishings at equally good prices.   The material from which your curtain and blind Applecross Perth are made from will hel
About Colour Contact Lenses
When you are desirous to change the colour of your eyes, colour contact lenses can help you do this. Contact lenses have come along way since they were first invented & used. With the ability to help correct your vision, & change the colour of your eyes simultaneously, it is amazing. You can find colour contact lenses that are disposable as well as those that can be worn up to a year at a time. Using disposable coloured contact lenses is sometimes the best choices in the event you are that is liable to getting eye infections or have irritated eyes very often. Disposable contact lenses can be worn until the recommended time to wear them is up, & then replaced with a fresh new pair. Sometimes having a fresh new pair of contact lenses in your eyes makes all of the difference. Having the choice for disposable coloured contact lenses is a great thing. Colour contact lenses Australia is great for changing the colour of your eyes. However, they are also lovely to have, in the event that you
An Important Reminder
So everyone that knows me, knows I don't write a lot...I'm not your typical blog person nor a poet or anything of that kind. I do write when I have something to say. I  mostly write  about myself, my experiences , my friends, my feelings and stay true and honest to who I am.  I occasionaly delete my blogs when im bored with them and start fresh everytime..what can I say I like change. However, this time I think I'll keep this one as a reminder to myself and my best friend to stay strong when shit hits the fan. And since I can't offer a hug or ice cream or tissues...this seems like a good way to show I care.  Everyone has their way to overcome stuff and feel better , wether it be cleaning , cooking , some other hobby , yelling , eating, reading  books or through  music. Besides venting to me , Music and Writing are the things my best friend uses as therapy. You could say its her comfort zone where she shows herself in all aspects.  I heard a song today, Its in hebrew its on my page ,
Your Seamless Love
  I should have written of you  And of your fair voice When we were younger We were so much in love Many long days together We would lay, and play In the warmth of Your seamless love   You taught me to draw I made pictures of you You said they were good You taught me to write My stories made you laugh I was encouraged You said I should go on, but I know, you wanted me to stay   Con
Senior Sex
The husband leans over and asks his wife, "Do you remember the first time we had sex together over fifty years ago? We went behind the village tavern where you leaned against the back fence and I made love to you." Yes, she says, "I remember it well." OK, he says, "How about taking a stroll around there again and we can do it for old time's sake?" "Oh Jim, you old devil, that sounds like a crazy, but good idea!" A police officer sitting in the next booth heard their conversation and, having a chuckle to himself, he thinks to himself, I've got to see these two old-timers having sex against a fence. I'll just keep an eye on them so there's no trouble. So he follows them. The elderly couple walks haltingly along, leaning on each other for support aided by walking sticks. Finally, they get to the back of the tavern and make their way to the fence The old lady lifts her skirt and the old man drops his trousers. As she leans against the fence, the old man moves in.. Then sudd
Understand that FAITH is like magic Relying on what is not tangible Testable SEEable When I SEE the word I have a GIMP in my head Of a child in prayer From the 50's With Freddie Kruger knives Coming from their Passive Plaintive Begging Hands Because I KNOW That when their prayers betray them They will go after SOMEONE ANYONE who tries to Unclasp those hands
Letting Go
Strangers sing,While lovers lie,The moon gets all the attention,While the stars get ignored until they fall Hiding in the shadows,Ashamed of defeat,Crawling through life on our hands and knees,Screaming out names that have been long forgotten,Only somehow I never forgot yours Holding on to the dreams we made,Remembering only the pain that awakens my scars,Pushing out these emotions that killed us both,Facing myself in the mirror laughing at what I see I’m like a child who’s always fucking up,And you’re the teacher my judge and jury…the one, who punishes me again,I will never learn…letting go of myself…and let you see me…will only bring me pain,I told you I loved you…tell me bitch what’s my sentence I like to think when I’m alone,You’re the moon getting all the attention,And I’m the stars, who have to fall to get noticed,But then it hits me…you’re not always that full either,People only see half of
Know Your Movers And Packers In Hyderabad
You have decided to shift from Hyderabad to another city. No matters why you are shifting you home. If you have decided to use services of a professional moving company in Hyderabad then it would be one of the best decisions you take in relation to make process a lot easier and simpler. Again it would be one of the great ideas to do research and know about some of potential moving companies operating their services in this city. If you know and gather information from some of good companies then it will very easy to find out the right service provider for your move. You will several professional moving companies in the city of Hyderabad. Good companies are providing full comprehensive solution not only for household shifting but also for office shifting, residential relocation, commercial shifting, corporate relocation, industrial goods shifting, car transportation, domestic relocation, international shifting and situations alike. They are helping their clients in the entire operat
Mourinho Wanted Unique New Aid
In the signings issue, according to Mourinho's Chelsea also needs to continue to keep a close eye Manchester United star Wayne Rooney, which is before the start of the new season, Mourinho wanted unique new soccer jerseys According to British media, the latest news, in order to seek to stabilize the main location Wayne Rooney is likely to be a showdown with Manchester United this week that he would submit a transfer request to accelerate their leave. Manchester United's Wayne Rooney many Bayern Munich jerseys players want to be able to submit a transfer request as soon as possible, so that the dressing room because he no longer fall into uneasy. The first bid £ 28 million buy Rooney rejected Chelsea also ready once again to the Manchester United bid if Rooney really take the initiative to submit a transfer request, then according to the general analysis of Juventus jersey the British media, the Blues as long as 30 million pounds it can be England's number one striker
2 Years Down
Working on my 3yrs on fubar I do this time to  time like a up date . At one point and time I had more women on my page then men right now its about even ( guys quite perving on my page ) I know I have some most sexist women in family jfs you know if want my family you got be sexy! And some brothers in my family they help me out when you women don't want help me level my brothers do.. and some became close friends .but still I still have one of the hottest family  
The Wolf And The Moon ( Love From Afar )
1–10 of 188 ‹  | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | next  » The Wolf And The Moon (Love From Afar) A story is told about how I fell in love with the moon many life times ago. The Trickster told me that I should go to Mother Earth to find a gift worthy of " My Love ". After I realized that I had been tricked and could not get back to her, so once a month when she rises in the east I cry for a love that I will never touch. I will go to my f
What Is Going On!
I close my eyes Dreams seem like reality You are there waiting for me Wanting to take me for yourself   You say all the right thing Make me feel all the right ways Stealing my heart Stashing it away so no one can ever take it away   I sit here and think of you My eyes wide open Looking for where you are Not understanding where you're at   Just beginning to believe, People don't stay who they are And offer lip service to you Just to keep you where are   I'm your not arm candy I'm a woman With needs that only a real man can give to a woman like me I won't stay around, but I will stand my ground   You were a dream One that took me to my knees But this is far from over I won't stay down long   You should have been a true dream You should have kept me feeling alive next to you
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Forgetful By Accident,but Still Friends
I don't get how when u tell someone that u are going to be gone,for a while, can come back next year and say that they dont remember u they only remember how u look and stuff. They can't even remember er your name,that's stuff is really painful. Once u realize that they didn't forget u on purpose then u forgive them and u are still freinds with that person,and it wasn't that big of a deal from the start?!?! I had that happend to me once,but if it happens repeatedly then that person just doesn't want anything to do with u. We all have our ups N downs but keep your head up and keep moving on
So he told me he can touch my g spot with his fingers while massaging me and he did yet he didn't try penetrating me.... I haven't called him back because I wanted him to call first now he's calling all the time and I been playing not interested but I am (fucker!) shall I give in and talk to him?
Smart Domain Name Search
Domain names are getting increasingly tougher to register. Almost all conceivable combinations of characters have been used by individuals and businesses for .com domain names. Even though the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is recently allowing more extensions like .cars, .sports, .news etc. , the popular domain search india are being registered at an amazing rate. Then there is the domain name real estate which is a very profitable venture. All you have to do is register a domain name with good future potential (mainly the ones that have a good chance to be used by businesses). Businesses don’t mind paying a few thousand dollars for a domain name registered by you for a few dollars! After all they need to associate their website with their brand name, without which they are nothing. It’s not just companies, but all sorts of individuals and organizations are willing to pay whatever is demanded by the domain owner.Domain name search
Pure Love
We were pure loving creatures once. We are coming full circle and will make it through the storm. But we will LOOK the storm in the eye as we are in it. If we do not, we are not acknowledging the darkness that is and we may as well take a sleeping pill and go back to sleep. We will awaken! It is our destiny to get back to how brilliant we once were... You are love!!! That is all you need to practice to get back to enlightenment.
How I Feel
I cannot describe how I feel about Coleen, but I will try. She deserves to read this someday. There are not enough words in English or Italian to fully describe my feelings for this woman. I was scared to ask for her friendship. She scared me to death. Why? I suppose it's silly, but she scared me because she is so beautiful. She should be some model walking down a runway, or a public figure, something other than friending a loser like me. Yes, I'm self-depricating. Why? I know when I should have turned left instead of right, when I should've kept my mouth shut, etc. But I didn't, so- Loser. But Coleen, she's like no woman I've every met or seen. She has all these men panting after her, killing themselves to impress her. And she loves ME? She's so damn pretty and intelligent, and she loves me? An Oklahoman? Yes, I live in the "Land of the Red Man," and am a "Red Man," and here's this Italian Bella sending me love? Love I can feel? What's going on? I'm not worthy. Not by a long, long, sh
How To Submit A Salute. follow this link. it explains it very well. good luck on your salutes.
Randomness, Abc Questions
Answer each letter's question.A - Available? no B - Best Friend(s)? Tobias Parks, Nic Williams, My mother C - CRUSH? one D - DOGS NAME? Buddy E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO? My Mother F - Favorite Food? all kinds G - GUMMY BEARS OR WORMS? Worms H - HOMETOWN? Sacramento, California I - IF YOU COULD MOVE WOULD YOU? depends on were I am moving to J - JOB? Don't work K - KIDS? None  L - LONGEST CAR RIDE? 6 Days M - MILK FLAVOR? Regular N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS? 4 3 Brothers and one sister O - ONE WISH? to find a woman to spend the rest of my life with - Check and Found P - PHOBIA(S)? I'm scared of: I am not scared of anything Q - FAVORITE QUOTE? "Life is interesting sometimes, someday you just wanna disappear and then the next you just want to be noticed. it's always a guessing game-the future holds many things and you can never tell what will happen next." Thoughts of Mark L. Roberts II" < Quote By Me R - REASON TO SMILE? :P a few S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD? Killa C: Amazing
Wednesday Night At Detroit. A
DETROIT -- Minnesota catcher Ryan Doumit is not on the disabled list, and Twins manager Ron Gardenhire says the teams announcement that he had been put there was incorrect. Instead, Gardenhire said Thursday that right-hander Nick Blackburn was going on the 15-day disabled list with a strained left quadriceps. Blackburn was pulled after two innings in his start Wednesday night at Detroit. After that game, the Twins announced that Doumit had been put on the DL with a strained right calf. But Gardenhire now says hes day to day after an MRI revealed encouraging results. Gardenhire said: "The announcement that he was on the DL was just a little early. We kind of got ahead of ourselves." Minnesota recalled outfielder Ben Revere from Triple-A Rochester to replace Blackburn. Adrian Peterson Jersey . Coquitlam, B.C.s Garcia,who made the quarter-finals after a walk-through in the 66kg preliminariesfollowed by a three-round win over Tajikistans Zalimkhan Yusupov, fell in atough match
A doctor was having an affair with his nurse. Shortly afterward, she told him she was pregnant. Not wanting his wife to know, he gave the nurse a sum of money and asked her to go to Italy and have the baby there. “But how will I let you know the baby is born?” she asked. He replied, “Just send me a postcard and write ‘spaghetti’ on the back. I’ll take care of expenses.” Not knowing what else to do, the nurse took the money and flew to Italy. Six months went by and then one day the doctor’s wife called him at the office and explained, “Dear, you received a very strange postcard in the mail today from Europe, and I don’t understand what it means.” The doctor said, “Just wait until I get home and I will explain it to you.” Later that evening, the doctor came home, read the postcard, fell to the floor with a heart attack. Paramedics rushed him to the ER. The lead medic stayed back to comfort the wife. He asked
The Smile Of A Man
Oh how I love the smile of a man,   how it makes his face light with good humor  and sometimes mischief   how it reflects in his eyes with laughter  and sometimes desire  how it makes is face glow with happiness  and sometimes love   Oh how I love the smile of a man,   Yet the devil dances there, with disguised lust  and he beguiles  He makes promises of love  and passion  And leaves me wanting, alone  and broken   Oh how I hate the smile of a man
Dutchyms Ii
Ill start of the fake recognitions with this...     Source?
wildwolf666: NICE PAIR OF HOOTERS 7:59am Owl Queen: could always see a lot more, if you coudl buy me a certain something 7:59am wildwolf666: REALLY PROVE IT 8:00am wildwolf666: WHY SHOULD I PAY WHEN I CAN GET IT FOR NOTHING IN UK 8:01am Owl Queen: then do it, lmao 8:02am wildwolf666: THATS LIKE PAYING A PROSTITUTE 8:03am wildwolf666: AND IM NOT THAT DESPERATE 8:03am Owl Queen: its not as bad as expecting things to be free, then being offended and butthurt when they arent 8:04am wildwolf666: WHAT YOU GOT THAT NO OTHER LADY IN UK AS NOT GOT 8:04am Owl Queen: you seem flustered i don tgive it for free, why? If oyre mad its not free here, you must not be able to dget it in reality 8:06am wildwolf666: YOU COULD NOT HANDLE ME SWEETHEART 8:06am Owl Queen: thats what all the half inch wieners say. Ive taken more than you could ever dream of, son 8:07am wildwolf666: SOZ SWEETH
Hypocritcal Boxcars Of Evil
  Hypocritical Boxcars of Evil   Hypocritical boxcars of evil have slipped the tracks. Get away if you can take your sons and daughters take your husbands and wives take your dogs and cats   Get away if you can To a place beyond price tags beyond subterfuge & unfeelingness while there's still time   I see a Monster on the track I see the technologically in a rats nest of artificial knots   all designed to keep them separate while they think they're connecting   I see them rushing I hear them honking Where do they think they're going anyway Always in a fierce hurry to where?   More waiting for the next big thing?
Welcome to my blog. My name is Balazo. This blog is just to know me a little bit. Bienvenidos a mi blog. Mi nombre es Balazo. Este blog es para conocerme un poquito.
Oh Damn I Want To Know More About You!
My name is Angela Varona. I am single for 3 years. I live in East Ham  London , United Kingdom, but born in Mexcico.   I have 3 SIDES1. The quite sweet side.2.The fun and crazy side.3.The side you never want to see.   cAN YOU HELP MY MATH HOMEWORK?ADD the bed, SUBTRACT the clothes,DIVIDEAN YOU HELP MY MATH HOMEWORK?ADD the bed, SUBTRACT the clothes,DIVIDE my legs, and PRAY you dont MULTIPLY. my legs, and PRAY you dont MULTIPLY.Then teach me in your bed for REAL!
Sexy Girl Want To Find A Boyfriend
Are you fond of dresses? Well, if you really are, then you can always make your pick from a unique range of white sexy dresses. do you want me to wear it? well, i only wear it when i am dating with my boy friend, and he like me dress like that, but now i don't have boyfriend now, i am lonely when it is night, so do you want to be my boyfriend?
Hopeless Place ...
  It's like you're screaming, and no one can hearYou almost feel ashamedThat someone could be that importantThat without them, you feel like nothingNo one will ever understand how much it hurtsYou feel hopeless; like nothing can save youAnd when it's over, and it's goneYou almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff backSo that you could have the good [Rihanna]Yellow diamonds in the lightAnd we're standing side by sideAs your shadow crosses mineWhat it takes to come alive It's the way I'm feeling I just can't denyBut I've gotta let it go We found love in a hopeless placeWe found love in a hopeless placeWe found love in a hopeless placeWe found love in a hopeless place Shine a light through an open doorLove and life I will divideTurn away cause I need you moreFeel the heartbeat in my mind It's the way I'm feeling I just can't denyBut I've gotta let it go We found love in a hopeless placeWe found love in a hopeless placeWe found love in a hopeless placeWe found love in a ho
Lillard: James Is The Strongest Rival
According to the ESPN report,snapbacks for sale, produced after a successful rookie season, the Portland Trail Blazers Starting managed weidamian-evil obviously higher goals for the future. In a recent interview said he expected evil trailblazers in the new season to at least 46 victories and hope that his celebrity partner lamakusi-Aldridge trying to shoot behind the arc in the game.Since the end of the season has the evil for the season already a clear goal. In addition to leading the trailblazers back in the playoffs, he hopes he can achieve major breakthroughs, such as participation in the nba snapbacks All-Star game, and he is full of confidence.I think this confidence comes mainly from my heart, because I have always set high expectations of yourself. "I told the United States by CBS Sports, said in an interview that" if I was going to play baseball, like me and United States professional baseball player like Budweiser, I still think they can be very good. It can be said that thi
Dear God
The most enlightened prayer isn't "Dear God, send me someone wonderful... " , but " Dear God, help me realize that I AM someone wonderful... "
He sees her,He sees him, He sees a smile, A smile that speads, a smile,Spreads a mil e,Embrace it,Kiss it, Take it, To your heart Pass it on, Give that one, That one kiss, Pass it along, Mind,Matter however you can, Angel you are my world!
Fashion Korean Dresses & Skirts Create 2013 Trendy Style
  Retro styles, build sweet atmosphere, mini wholesale cheap dresses as a sex symbol, always let a person fondle admiringly. To hide your meat buttocks, let your leg slender perfect show.   Retro + tall waist miniskirt, the popular elements of this year is a collection of two must-have fashion item, with the preceding paragraph is loose T shirt, is also not the casual sweet?   Grass green dotted pleated skirt, both low-key and eye-catching. Mix - Retro sweater, especially for those girls who are afraid of cooling as skirt control, this dress is absolutely for their love, and mini skirt for girl who was not ask too much.   Black mini skirt is super all-match, exquisite belt with black mini skirt, fashion and will not be too monotonous, cake skirt styles and agarics edge overlap together, slim and cover the meat, very long legs.   Autumn is time to reveal legs, do not worry about the charming slender leg. Mini skirt is a must-have item, sexy mini skirt can best outline female en
I Don't Know
I really think sometimes people say things to other people to simply make them feel better. Really.     Well either that or they are extremely desperate and will take anyone.   I really don't think either of those options are attractive.
I need to define better Because I am probably "better" than you I am most likely smarter than you IQ 172 but I have Asperger's So I will not see the same world By you do My body is "better" than most 23 year olds Not because I obsess on my body But because I see it as a vehicle For my brain All important brain I have LASSOED energy Cosmic energy And made it my own Everyone can do it but they don't I only pay attention to those who can keep up with me If I have to spend too much time teaching Fuck off Good luck I fucking RULE this energy Have it down pat Come with respect Or don't bother Because I will fucking turn you inside out And give you back To your gramma as cat food
Relaxing And Effortless Shifting With Delhi
Packers and also movers corporations are growing their company rapidly to generate your resettlement less dangerous and less complicated. They have expertise knowledge for every relocation process. They give you the cost-effective ways of your almost all shifting ailments. The relocating companies are selling their wide variety of companies almost in every the main cities and also town associated with India. They move the whole household things securely from the old home step for a new home step. To the resettlement task they have got their affiliate offices in every the significant cities of the country that help shift the products smoothly for the other location. They help make your switching task hassle-free and also simpler. After hiring their companies the customers are liberal to relax as each of the work associated with resettlement is performed by the pros of these businesses. The corporations have group of skilled workers because they only designate those people who have all
Ac Milan Defender Signed A New Agreement Has Been Formally Reached ! 7000000 Signed Four Years Six Months Wages
7 games only got 8 points, 13 goals ranked only 20 Serie A detachment of the middle, but only more than 13 clean sheets and Bologna bottom sassuolo less , AC Milan [ microblogging ] is now the best defensive Serie A poor teams, plus Philippe Mexes was suspended for four games,cheap jerseys Heijun had started early for the winter signings in the back to work . In fact, early this summer , when there is a need to introduce expert AC Milan defender , but the final addition to the teenager Vergara outside Galliani did not bring the other signings , and only from Inter Milan [ microblogging ] Sylvester lease to mine . Philippe Mexes and Zapata combinations shall be used , it has also become AC Milan is currently one of the important reasons of poor defense . " Italian football " is expressed in local time yesterday , AC Milan may be introduced in January Valencia [ microblogging ] French defender Pascal Lamy , enhance their frail defense . It is understood that Lamy is currentl
Time Off
Taking time to improve my personal life. I adore my online friends, but it is just time to focus on me and mine. Too many bad things have happened in the past few years. Time to get good KARMA back! Too many deaths in family and friends, fire in my Nikki's home and she has a new baby, health issues throughout the family...including myself. I'm not doing things right, evidently. So much has been happening, it's too much to admit and write about. So I will not. My phone is computer is giving me, I am giving up for while. Anyway, I have a new rescued baby to deal with. A mini dachshund pup that would have been euthanized. I hate that shit! I may end up being a crazy dog lady!  BD, I'm so happy you are back! I love you and you know it! I must take some time to get myself healthy and aligned. My hormones are killing me! I ask for time and patience, because I am sure I will be back. Sweet Tart kisses and lovin, Kelly
Update #2
Today Keldorans fever has broke he's back to 99.something yay down from 105, vet called he's still hangin in there;) Thank the Gods.I have last load of blood laundry in .Im happy to say my house that once was a bloody horror Is now hopefully blood free and not a stain remains; TY peroxide makers only took 3 huge containers and two entire containers of cleaner to disinfect everything and its out of all towels,blankets, ice bags, carpet ,furniture, rugs, and off all surfaces including high walls from head shakes!Today Aries and LilFoot, yupp they have new names !!!!!!!! Will both start training! NO there is NO bad breed only human error, neglect ,abuse and ignorance!And when it comes to animals that I know in my heart are too awesome with great potential, U don't look away and give up!Lets NOT forget my dog dealt the first growl and bite and he is NOT a pit, he just picked the wrong guy to fight with.I have picked up two pits, that both ran waggin tails, jumped right in, licked me and we
Tải Game Iboom Miễn Phí Cho Điện Thoại
Hiện nay theo thống kê của ngành giải trí , truyền thông và phương tiện trên điện thoại tại Việt Nam.Có thể khẳng định game bắn súng canh tọa độ trên mobile đang được giới trẻ chơi rất đông và rất thích thú.Thuộc dòng game bắn súng, canh tọa độ đã được rất nhiều game thủ mong đợi, iBoom với nhiều ưu điểm vượt trội, mang nhiều đặc điểm của thể loại bắn Súng thời hiện đại. Hứa hẹn cuốn hút người chơi ngay từ những màn chơi đầu tiên. Game iboom là một game mới của GMO có hình ảnh và đồ họa cực đẹp, d
Even More Pointless Voicemails I Leave For People.
See, after listening to this, don't you with I would leave YOU voicemails in the wee hours of the morning. 
2013 Autumn Shoes Recommended Against The Cold
Autumn seeing more and more concentrated, whether it is at the foot of the Roman sandals sportsman or for GEEK who served a summer sandals are the end of the mission of the year. Carefully selected for their one pair of good shoes, nice and comfortable, put it where it wanted to go. Below GQ introduce you to several 2012 autumn and winter not miss the good shoes.Stussy deluxe x Maiden Noir capsule series of autumn and winter shoesVery simple and practical shape, very simple color, no frills, just a circle on the sole, add orange. The easy way out is always very small decorative lovable, but also for the shoe to add a little lively flavor.Maiden Noir x Timberland 2013 autumn and winter shoesAs people increasingly high demand on the appearance, and now want to find a pair of warm shoes are more and more difficult. Timberland footwear produced large joint above mentioned Maiden Noir looked on the launch of this warm lace shoes.
Kisses From The Heart ?
                                 THE  ROMANTIC’S KISSThe kiss of the romantic is the perfect kiss as it is never complete . The romantics heart is a hunger a desire a passion that grows within each day, it starts with the gazing in to the eyes of another, the need to fill them with joy. Starting softly kissing each lip tasting that wonderful emotion that builds the hungers, it’s the dance of the tongue that builds the desire, breathing in the essence of the other, filling your body with their emotion , taking on the task to fill their hungers not your own , it’s the caressing that builds the fire , pull them in closer let them feel the flames brewing with in, hold them as if to never let go, gaze back in to their eyes let them feel your soul its giving all you have physically and spiritually, bring them to a boil, kiss them long deep and hard, let them know through feelings and actions that every kiss is just the beginning of a brand new hunger that only you can fulfi
Managed Cloud Hosting
Why managed cloud hosting? is saving almost all internet site records, files and photographs upon remote control clustered data file servers. It is different via normal hosting this resources tend to be stretchy, on auto-pilot running vertical depending on requirement via customers. Cloud computing designed in tandem along with extraordinary drops in price tag on remote control storage devices in addition to the surge of Software as a Services (SaaS) businesses. It offers superior perks in excess of traditional hosting. Reduced ExpenseCloud-based hosting providers can promote inexpensive service providers due to the fact they will level this requirement intended for numerous shoppers concurrently. This particular technological innovation permits most cash-strapped start-up to Managed cloud hosting. Since it is actually better, providers may commit additional sophisticated servers. Far better technological innovation provides much better service and the never-ending cycle continues.
Please Read This On Pimp Outs
Im going to put this as nice,plain and clear as possible.. pimp outs are very appreciated yet it would be nice, polite and curtious if people would please ASK first instead of just pimpiing them randomly. Not all but some on here run bling late night and the getting pimped alot during the day hurts more than helps turns a 40 cr bling run into 50credit bling run.. me personally im not rich like a few of the other members on here 10 credits to reset just to run bling for the fam 2-3 times a week does get expensive so please just ask members before you pimp people. I know alot as for myself i will status when i need pimped or for a pimp trade. Hopefully this will help open some eyes im sure it will not only help myself but it will help many of you members on here aswell.. thank you 
Transfer You Are Things Within A Secure Implies
To enable you to keep objects unchanged as well as protected, the actual consumer objects industry presents altered in the design regarding appearance those problems a difficult plastic-type clamshell box as well as fused seams. Inside Native American, packers as well as Movers you will find between the leading transferring firms connected with Indian, In this article you will find every one of the packaging as well as switching firms out of all the key downtown centers from your land. Corporations that will be opted with Native American packers as well as Movers usually are very well practical knowledge, but still have assorted experience in numerous means; businesses are a candidate, which usually helps this to realize this market business, firms present rapidly, reputable as well as expert packer’s product, or service Pune. Your almost all items can be correctly crammed in order that they really do not be the possibility connected with wear and tear all through move. The spec
Commercial & Business As Well As Business Shifting Through Delhi
People typically expertise several troubles to master reliable as well as authentic divorce vendor. Though person's can potentially solution this kind of concern by simply undertaking several research work to master the most beneficial divorce vendor. Many of the major things you need to master earlier than hiring the exact firms connected with transferring firm are generally: This can be the major explanation, exactly why men and women choose packaging switching firms connected with Indian. Therefore, allow us to look into for you to choose Packers as well as Movers even though transferring your issues collected from one of desired destination to a different. Creating Shifting a new Entertainment You know just how undesirable as well as hard stands out as the performance of the job connected with packaging your issues next transferring those people to a different location, correct? Appropriately, presently there is no need every single child stress in any way seeing that packers and
I Awake
I awake And it takes a moment to remember where I am. I look over to you and the sun is shining on your face I think, “Who is this Angel laying beside me?” Then – the thousands of memories Of our life together fill my mind. And I know who this Angel is, She is you – my best friend, my lover, my girl Day after day I wonder how did I get so lucky? You are the most incredible person I know, And I thank the Lord that you are with me We have been together What seems like forever. But yet, everyday is something new. My love for you grows every day. And everyday – I fall in love all over again. Your smile, your big brown eyes, Your playfulness. When we are apart and are about to meet my heart races. You reach for me and I can’t breathe. You kiss me and instantly you send electricity through me. You are my best friend. You are my lover. You are my whole life. I awake. The sun shines in on your face. I love you so much Thank you for being my everything
Sài Gòn đón Xế độ Bmw Z4 2009 Nào
Có một giải pháp là thay đổi bộ điều khiển ECU (Electronic Control Unit), thay mới lọc gió, lốp ô tô  tăng hiệu suất cho luồng khí nạp. Song song đó là hệ thống giải nhiệt turbo nguyên bản trên Z4 cũng được thay thế bằng bộ giải nhiệt mới. Công đoạn cuối cùng là đổi hệ thống ống xả mới thoát khí nhanh hơn. Vậy BMW Z4 sDrive35i nguyên bản sử dụng động cơ 3 lít với tăng áp kép Twin Turbo cho công suất cực đại 306 mã lực với mô-men xoắn 400 Nm nhưng để tạo sự phấn khích khi lái, một người chơi xe đã nhờ nâng cấp thêm công suất cho xe.   Ngoài nâng cấp đ̕
Wuzzzzzzz Up
Hey everyone!! I figured I'd write one since everyone else is lol. Gotta love this site huh?? It's the greatest. I'm so addicted lol. Anyway holla atcha laters Love LaBabyGirl
Love For The Hatchet
well well well Blogs on LostCherry now. Very cool. Now all you need to is get a marital status thing on the profile like right underneath the fuckin age lol. I thought of that shit last night yo. That would be like fuckin handy. wouldn't have to put up with 'are you single' questions out the ass. I'm watching the pacifier and dude I can't believe Vin Diseal is gay...that is some funky ass shit dude lol. Oh yeah I love my boy toy midget lover Josh, he is mmmmmmmsmexy lol. yeahhh buddy lol. I love my Joey too he is the lover of my life. yes RaWR very RaWR. Nigga be killin a bitch that wants to touch him. I am a mothafuckin psycho yo. ok I'm done at the moment. Just so y'all know now...I wrote alot and post alot of blogs. I will end up doing the same shit I did on MySpace post like 6 blogs a day lmao. I have no life and I love to write as you can see I like talk non-fucking-stop. anyways MMFWCL.xo
Looking For Ways To Make The Moolah!
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hello again im going to give this a whirl so im not really going to censor myself much, and i am hopefull that the people on this site can handle some touchy subjects. on that note, always remember that opinions are like eyes or legs or a nose, we all have one and it may be different from each others.
More Random Funnies
A hand job..10 dollars, a blowjob..25 dollars, full sex..50 dollars, a long lasting relationship..priceless. There are some things money can buy, for everything else, theres blackmail. I always thought "The sound of one hand clapping" would be good zen masturbation slang I was wearing my "Legalize it" shirt the other day when a stoner came up to me. "Right on bro....legalize it!!! I love to smoke the weed!!" I told him, "No, I think we should instill tougher, harsher laws against marijuana..perhaps make it a capital punishment crime. I am for legalizing child labor and wastewater dumping." Shut him up. I'm confused as to how I'm still allowed to breathe the same oxygen as other human beings. I just bought some tic tacs, and most of them are gone... and you know how some tic tacs get stuck? well, see, I didnt wanna make too much noise so I put the tic tac container in my lap and I hit the container. It was then I realized I had testicles. It was quite painful. My old ma
If you are my friend please contact me. I don't care how. A friend is someone who is there for you no matter what.
Puppet Master
I am the Puppet Master I control your every move You will do my bidding. For I control your life I make you move Like i am pulling your strings Your precious veins Are the strings I use to control you I tell you what to do I tell you what to think I control when you live I control when you die You are my puppet I am your master You are my slave And I am your owner You live by my word And you'll die by my word Wether you like it OR NOT!
Nightwish Dead To The World Lyrics
All the same take me away, we're dead to the world. The child gave thought to the poet's words, gave comfort to the fallen. (Heartfelt, lovelorn) Remaining, yet still uninvited. Those words scented my soul. (lonely soul, Ocean soul) It's not the monsters under your bed, it is the Man next door. That makes you fear, makes you cry, makes you cry for the child. All the wars are fought among those lonely men. Unarmed, unscarred. I don't want to die a scarless man. A lonely soul (tell me now what to do). I studied silence to learn the music. I joined the sinful to regain innocence. Heaven queen, cover me. In all that blue. Little boy such precious joy, is dead to the world Heaven queen, carry me. Away from all pain. All the same take me away. We're dead to the world Deep, silent and constant, yet always changing -my favorite view of this world. As he died, he will return to die in me again. Weaving the cloth, giving birth to Century child Who
Patrotic/ 9/11
Artist/Band: Diamond Rio Lyrics for Song: In God We Still Trust Lyrics for Album: New Songs You place your hand on His Bible, when you swear to tell the Truth His name is on our greatest Monuments, and all our money too, And when we Pledge allegiance, there's no doubt where we stand, There is no separation, we're one Nation under Him. Chorus: In God We Still Trust Here in America He's the one we turn to every time The goin' gets rough He is the source of all our Strength The One who watches over us Here in America In God We Still Trust Now there are those among us, who want to push Him out, And erase His name from everything, this country's all about, From the Schoolhouse to the Courthouse, they're Silencing His Word, Now it's time for all Believers, to make our Voices heard. In God We Still Trust, Here in America He's the one we turn to every time The goin' gets rough He is the source of all our Strength The One who watches over us Here in America In G
This Is Me Then
things are never gonna be the same. i just get older realizing that. i get bored knowing that i want things this way but i keep waiting for them to change. i cry at night because im scared of who i am and where im supposed to go. i long for someone to take care of me like ive never been taken care of before. i care about so many people that it breaks my heart to be betrayed. i bleed just like everyone else... i just do it on the inside because words cut me through to the bone. i suffer sometimes more than the hobo on the street because at least they know where they are at in life and i have no clue where im at. i struggle to be a good person and i always seem to fall short. i feel that maybe i once had wings and now they are broken.. and im stuck because i can no longer fly. i am just like everyone else, i just have about 100 times more issues than someone my age. i grew up faster than most people grow in their entire lives. i feel that no one will ever understand me cause i can barely
I, Zombie
Thursday, September 2, 11:43 P.M. The moonlight shines down upon a graveyard, illuminating trees, and casting shadows throughout. All is quiet, as all here rest in peace. A wind blows lightly, rustling the branches, and giving the illusion of movement within the confines of the sanctuary of the dead. The silence, however, is short lived. The sound of rusted old hinges, coming from the entrance gates as they swing wide open, while nearly falling off in the process, signals the arrival of the grave digger. The old man never likes to work this late, but funeral processions are scheduled for the next day, following a very unfortunate accident, and several plots must be dug. He walks slowly inside, carrying in one hand a bottle of JD to keep him warm and in the other an especially worn shovel that has seen more then its share of work over the years. He makes his way over to the first gravestone, takes a swig, and begins his work. As you look around at the numerous gravestones that
Our Unorganized Military
Well as far as I know my husband is still in Turkey, though I havent heard from him in over a day last I heard his flight had been moved back three times b/c the next base is full. For those of you that dont know every branch is switching out soldiers this month. What I would like to know is where the new guys are going to sleep if they cant get the old guys out. Anyway I'm still waiting, hes supposed to be home Monday but its not lookin' like that is going to happen. Say a quick prayer for the militarys organizational skills for me, and ya'll have a good weekend.
My Sexual Iq Score
You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
Hekate: Guardian Goddess At The Gate
Hekate The Dark Goddess the Light of the Divine Feminine in the Dark Night of the Soul "Queen of the Night, triple-faced Hekate (heh-KAH-tee) is one of the most ancient images from a pre-Greek stratum of mythology and an original embodiment of the Great Triple Goddess. She is most often linked with the dark of the moon and presides over magic, ritual, prophetic vision, childbirth, death, the underworld, and the secrets of regeneration. Mistress of the crossroads, this lunar goddess dwells in caves, walks the highways at night, makes love on the vast seas, and is the force that moves the moon. Genealogy Hekate is a primordial figure in the oldest stratum of our unconscious. Her genealogy leads us back to her birth at the beginning of time as a daughter of Nyx, Ancient Night. On an inner level, Hekate is a guardian figure of the mysterious depths of our unconscious that accesses the collective memory of the primal void and whirling forces at the onset of creation. Hekat
September Rain
Monolithic heartbeats of september rain bounced along the highway like the rythm of passion each dream gentler than the first kiss but ever more distant and out of touch of grasping hands and of the mind And as each day dawns another piece of sunlight is slipping from the pumping veins of desperation to catch a dream of how it was distant tears of yesterday and though the movie fades inside a silver bolt of reality can touch the mind like a child touching a heart and with each vision a song is sung of how it was and what's become in tender nights that hide behind cold frost and dispair and yet the spirit of hope lives fresh each waking and all the dreams rerun on the cable of mind each time anew like virgin thoughts and changed to meet the needs of the day

well the other day I went to westen to help baby sit and i met this guy..he was cool..he wouldnt stop flirting with me but he was cool. He was mexican and he was fine..but i have a boyfriend that i love very sucks balls cuz everytie i turn around im hurting someones feelings and i hurt his when i told him i had a
And He's In Charge......go Figure
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