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The Morning After (lyrics)
The Morning After :There's just some things that I can't explain like the reason why I make you feel this way I keep on saying that I am going to change now how could you believe a word I say I wish there was some way to see I never meant to make you cry If I could take back just one thing I swear that I'd take back that night Everything I loved was gone the morning the morning after I wish I never woke up on the morning the morning after And now it's all coming back to me, you say I can't believe you do these things to me And so I guess I gotta face the truth I'm no good for you there's nothing I can do I wish that we could make believe and pretend everything's alright And I would give up everything if I could just take back that night Everything I loved was gone the morning the morning after I wish I never woke up on the morning the morning after Everything I loved was gone the morning the morning after I wish I never woke up on the morning the morning after I wished to I hold you bu
Over Now (lyrics)
 Over Now :I sit around and think about how things wereI'm looking for a cure for this empty space in my heartI spend too much time thinking about the pastAnd why it didn't last,And it tears me apartYesterday,I see a picture of a face,A memory,That just won't fade away.I know I tried,To hold on to this life,For such a long time,But that's over now.The past is gone,But I've been holding on,For such a long time,But that's over now.It's over nowSo now I'm thinking about how things areAnd how we got this farSometimes I cant believe that its trueI think its time to finally understandI need a different planI think im ready toTurn the pageI'm looking for a better dayMemoriesA myth to fade awayI know I triedTo hold on to this lifeFor such a long time But that's over nowThe past is goneBut I've been holding on,For such a long time But that's over nowIts over nowAll I have are memories,To remind me who I amIf everything were meant to beThere would be no need to pretendTell me why do I,Spend so m
The Way I Was (lyrics)
The Way I Was :When i woke up today and i saw this placei knew there was something wrongi just can't get away from this fucked up pain inside of mewhy?I am going through some changesi don't know what is going onsomething is happening to mesomething is happening to meit's too late to save me from myselfafter all the damage that i've causedi wish there was some way that i could put me back the way i waswhen i woke up todayand i saw your facei knew there was something wrongi just can't get away with all these fucked up things i trytell me why?I am going through these changesi don't know what is going onsomething is happening to mesomething is happening to meit's too late to save me from myselfafter all the damage that i've causedi wish there was some way that i could put me back the way i waswhen i woke up today and i saw this placei knew there was something wrongsomething is happening to mesomething is happening to mesomething is happening to meit's too late to save me from myselfafter a
Feel Something (lyrics)
Feel Something :I know you feel like there's no way out sometimesEverything just isn't fair and it's tearing you apart insideSo what are we suppose to doWith everything we're going threwIt's all on me and youGet it overJust overThink it overThink it over[Chorus]Cause people got different ways of dealingAnd we all got different ways of healingEven tho you may not like what you're feelingAt least you feel something (something)Sometimes you know you feel like things don't go your wayAnd sometimes you just can't deal You want to throw it all awaySo think about what we've been threwAnd everything we thought we knewIt's all on me and youGet it overJust overThink it overThink it over[Chorus]We've all been suffocated (suffocated)And separated (separated)SometimesSometimes SometimesSometimesJust like this overratedIt gets complicatedSometimesSometimesSometimesSometimesOhhhhYeah yeah yeahGet it over Just over Think it overThink it overGet it over Just overThink it overThink it overPeople got dif
Faceless (lyrics)
Facelesswhy did you terrorizeall those innnocent liveswhat gives you the rightsometime the tables will turnprecious beauty destroyedsituation we cant avoideverybody thats in the nationrepresented for what you believe instand up for yourselfin your eyes its timeopen up our eyesshow em how we feel insideyour gonna get whats comin to youno matter what you say orwhat you dono no you cant runno no you cant hidekiss your life good byewhat makes you thinkthat you can get away with all of thisyou got the whole world pissedfor this your soul will burntwo wrongs dont make it righthalt every rest who diedeverybody thats in the nationrepresented for what you believe instand up for yourselfin your eyes its timeopen up our eyesshow em how we feel insideyour gonna get whats comin to youno matter what you say orwhat you dono no you cant runno no you cant hidekiss your life good byestand up for yourselfin your eyes its timefacelessfacelessfacelessfacelessstand upstand up for yourselfin your eyes its ti
125 (lyrics)
125Go Ahead!I'm going out of my mind one step at a time.I can't seem to find a way to get up out of the grind.And it's pulling me down like a ton of bricks.Fuck these tricks they bring me down till I can't be fixed.Get kicks out of the shit that I'm dealing with.Making me sick to the sick way you see fit.What's this I'm pissed you get what you're gonna get.So fuck it. bring it onDo what you will do what you willI'm sick of this bullshit that I'm putting up withDo what you will do what you willI try to get away you're always in my faceDo what you will do what you willI'm sick of this bullshit I'm putting up withDo what you will do what you willI try to get away; you're always in my faceI just can't stand this place.Can't you see this is bad for me?Guess what, I'm going nuts like you wouldn't believe.I just wanna leave but you won't even let me seeIf I can be the type of person to live out my dreams.It seems to me you think selfishlyAll your wants and needsIt's too much for me!I'm breaki
Rot (lyrics)
RotI got this locked inside my wicked headYou fuck with me you just might end up deadThere's something beautiful and crazy inside yourselfBut you still run and hideWhat's inside of my mindFuckin with me so I can't hideThere's something beautiful and crazy inside yourselfBut you still run and hideNow I know there's no where to goBut you feel that nothing is so beautifulUntil you put me six feet deepYou gotta let them know that we don't take shit.Show these motherfuckers who the fuck they're dealing with.You think it's beautiful you're trying to ruin yourself.I will not run and hide.Try and try to take what's mine.Come and get it I'll be ready this time.You think it's beautiful you're trying to ruin yourself.I will not run and hide.[Chorus]What you feelIt's inside of meNow you knowWhat's inside of meBut you feelIt's inside of meI kill my enemies I put em six feet deepNow you knowWhat's inside of meBut you feelIt's inside of meNow you knowWhat's inside of meI kill my enemies I put em six
Panic (lyrics)
PanicI've got this locked in my head.You want to see me dead.You'd rather push me aside.Than deal with my sickness inside.You all hope that I'll fade awayFuck you cuz I'm never going away.There's some one out to get me.They wanna watch me bleedShow me what you got!You need to open your eyes.Realize that I've got a twenty-fiveIt's self-defense if I pull this triggerAnd someone dies.Now I'm not talkin shitI just want you to realize thisI give a fuck less now than I ever didAnd it's you that's getting lit.Show me what you got!I can do this on my own.I don't need directions leave me alone!Make it hot make it hot make it hotWho's' rockin this spot?Everybody in this bitchC'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'monShow me what you got!
Mannequin (lyrics)
MannequinPlayed I've been fuckin played I've been fuckin played I've been fuckin playedChanged yeah you haven't changed yeah you're still the same you haven't fucking changedQuit comin around like you act hard.You sick bitch, Oh my GOD!I know he's comin for youI feel this it's way in my mindI find I can't hideYou fuckin bitch! Just get away from meAnd you know everything'll be OKOh, I feel bitter inside knowing that I just cannot get awayFrom this pain that you're causing meI could never love someone who's so fakeWe do it just like thisYou say you know all about meYou know the inside of my worldThen why the fuck do I feel so cold[Chorus]We do it just like thisYou say you know all about meYou know the inside of my worldThen why the fuck do I feel so coldI see right through your plastic face.Which I love to degradeI know he's cummin on youI can't wait until you fuckin bleed again and again yeah you fuckin bitch.Just get away from me.And you know everything'll be OK.Oh, I feel bitter insi
Change Me (lyrics)
Change MeYou can't accept me for who i am I try so hard to get you to understand I don't know if can take this pain anymore cuz myhearts been torn what did i do to be treated this way you keep beating me down but i still ask you to stay and i know thatThat i want to be myself but you want me to be someone else[Chorus]It's just the same thing how you try to change me (change me) so tell me what you want from me why can't you let me be.I just can't go on takeing all this abuse No matter what i do it's never enough for you and I know that im disgusted by theway you think of me. You make me do things that i don't want to do and you don't give a damn about what you put me through.And i know You need to face the truth that im not like you[Chorus x2]Im gonna do what i wanna do you not what you tell me to you say your looking out for me well thats a sad excuse Drop theatitude because in the better news Keep playing with me see what i do what do you get out of messin with me because im justtryi
Reach (lyrics)
ReachWhere is my place in life?Why can't I get it right?Tell me what I'm going through.Where are we going to turn to?You feel alone I feel abused.Tell me what are we supposed to do, suffer?Reach out your hands to meI understand you because I feel the sameIt won't go awayThis pain will never go awayI see it in your eyes.You cannot hide your faces.You're going through it too.Where are we going to turn to?You feel alone I feel abused.Tell me what are we supposed to do, suffer?[Chorus]It's building up inside I know I've had enough1,2,3 blow it up!You feel alone I feel abused.We share the same pain.I know there's one thing we can doAnd that's fight together and get away[Chorus out]
Fled (lyrics)
FledEmpty a clip to ease my pain.All I have is hate for everything.I'll clinch my fist if you insist.Show you every reason I exist.So what, so what the fuck you want?Apologies up front?Yeah right we fight to let it out, blow.I want it right now, revengence is a must.I'm about to bust well that's fucking tough.I see you blow me off I've had e-fucking-noughOf this pain and this bullshitCuz that's just what it isI'm getting fucking pissedNothin ever seems to go my way never, ever, ever, everI'd rather sit and suffer than accept these games you playStuck I feel as though I'm fuckedShit out of fucking luckBut I guess I'll deal with it fine whatever, nevermindYou must be fucking blind if you can't see it's killing me!Everybody from the front to backGet in the pit and show 'em where you're atWhere the fuck you at?Right here right hereWHERE THE FUCK YOU AT?!?I can feel the thickness of your painAnd I want to wish it all awayYou inject filth to excite your brainI can feel it in your shallow vei
The End (lyrics)
The EndFuck you!3,2,1 your time is up.Shit out of luck too fucked to think to duck.You're lookin for me?Well, I'm huntin for you.I'm ready to handle some business I'm attendin to.Are you ready for this shit?You better ball up your fist bitch.I'ma show you what I'm all about, ride outAnd do it how we do it in the south so watch out!I've got this disease.So stay away from me.Fed up with all the mistakes that you made.Not sure how much more of this I can take.I know I'm through with you, you say Fuck me?Well I say fuck you too.Heart beating faster than a motherfucker.I black out when we're about to kill each other.Served or be served I don't give a fuck.I'm not afraid to take a beating you're the first to get stuck.Are you ready for this shit?You better ball up your fist bitch.Don't believe me? Swear to God fuckin try me!And I'll be the first to show you what you get little bitch!I've got this disease.So stay away from me.[Chorus]You want a fuckin piece of me?!?
Inside Out (lyrics)
Inside OutAt night I can't seem to get no sleep.I think there's someone out to get me.I've got my ammunition I'm ready for war.Sittin back at the crib and waiting patiently.Why does it gotta result to this?Reminisce of all the innocent things I miss.Can't spend time dwelling on the past.I'll be the one to feel the gun blast.Disrespected for way to long.This pain keeps going on and on.Now it's time for me to grab my steelI'm showin the world just how I feel.It's too late I'm turning inside out.There's no escape there's no way out of this.Every night I wake up in my dreams.Out of control I loose sanity.Darkness rises from within.I loose grip on reality.Why does it gotta result to this?Poppin shots when we shoulda been poppin some Crys.Can't forget the things you did to me.Smothering me so I can't breathe.Disrespected for way to long.This pain keeps going on and on.Now it's time for me to grab my steelI'm showin the world just how I feel.[Chorus]I'm turning inside out there's no way to es
Shine (lyrics)
Shinethinkin about back in the day when i was afraid to say what i had to say when things change and im followin to release this painstill strugglin but i know i got myself to blamei gave up everything to find a way to keep my veins cleaneveryone around me seems to feel oki need to feel for them and teach myself to do the same thingbut you know its hard when you scatter shattered dreamswhat to do about it confused and got me rowdy[Chorus]this is all ill ever needto set my mind at easeill sacrifice anything to just to beshattered all my petty dreams awayjust let me shinenever ever felt this wayive only got myself to blamethis is my chance to get awayi want to shinethe beat is pumpintheres room for nothini aint stoppingotta gett outta my way boygive an extra hour droppinthis is somethnig i could do with outso go on about your waysbut if you wanna feel thisyou gotta get up and watch thiscause no one else isbout to loose my mind againbut i know i wontcause i know thatall i want to do is sh
Akward Silence (lyrics)
Awkward SilenceOpen your eyes and look inside my twisted world.Hope you realize that I could never go on without you.Open your eyes and see my walls are crashing down.Cover my eyes for the last time.Tell me everything I need to know.Knowing me I will always loose control.Take it all away from me.Only do I live today to tell you.Smash my face again for nothing.And you, you're gonna get what you deserve.Open your mind and see that there's much more to me.Hope you realize I know my hope for life's disappearing.Open your mind and please don't leave me hear all alone.Cover my eyes for the last time.Tell me everything I need to know.Knowing me I will always loose control.[Chorus]Every time that you're getting inside my twisted head.I find it's crazy corrupt that I wish you were dead.I keep dealing with all these emotions that are stirring, stirring inside.You know I felt this pain today.It's one of many so it doesn't matter anyway.I keep dealing with all these emotions that are stirring insi
Akward Silence (lyrics)
Awkward SilenceOpen your eyes and look inside my twisted world.Hope you realize that I could never go on without you.Open your eyes and see my walls are crashing down.Cover my eyes for the last time.Tell me everything I need to know.Knowing me I will always loose control.Take it all away from me.Only do I live today to tell you.Smash my face again for nothing.And you, you're gonna get what you deserve.Open your mind and see that there's much more to me.Hope you realize I know my hope for life's disappearing.Open your mind and please don't leave me hear all alone.Cover my eyes for the last time.Tell me everything I need to know.Knowing me I will always loose control.[Chorus]Every time that you're getting inside my twisted head.I find it's crazy corrupt that I wish you were dead.I keep dealing with all these emotions that are stirring, stirring inside.You know I felt this pain today.It's one of many so it doesn't matter anyway.I keep dealing with all these emotions that are stirring insi
Newborn (lyrics)
Newborn Saw you just the other dayI cant bare to see your faceand i know its my fault insideYou feel all this painI barely have the strength to move oni got this guilt thats somethings wrongso i just turn my head and walk the other wayi try to stick up for myselfall you do is bring me down so im tellin you exactly what i thinkpull yourself to even the scorefuck everything that you stand forand i know i cant take this nemorecause its overcause its overcause its over nowcause nothin lasts foreverremember how i was back in the dayall we used to do is playfanatasies that everything would be okpeople grew up people changethingsll never be the samebut i know i miss you so fucking muchcause its overcause its overcause its over nowcause nothin lasts foreveri go on about my dayhopin everythings okbut i feel this in my mindi will never ever hideand its locked inside my braini cant seem to get awaybecause nothin lasts forevereverything is not oki could tell your afraidcome on and run awayRun Awa
My Name Is Erica.
NOT: Sexy, Honey, Baby, Sugar, Lover, Beautiful, Pretty Girl, Dear, Darling, Girlfriend, Mama, Mistress, Sweetheart, Dream Girl, Cupcake, Heartthrob, Pet, Treasure, Babycake, Pumpkin, Angel, Heart's Desire, Honeybun, Boo, Honeybunches, Jewel, Lamb, Pearl, Precious, Princess, Beloved, or any OTHER names you think suit me. I am NOT your girlfriend, wife, or mistress, and most of the time, the only reason a man calls a woman he doesn't know by these names is because he thinks it will get him somewhere. If I am in a relationship, that is one thing. If I am close to you, that may be ok, as well. But try as I might, I can NOT comprehend why on the face of this earth men that I don't even know choose to use these terms of endearment, as opposed to my name. Do people not realize that the most pleasing sound to the human ear is one's own name spoken in kindness, warmth, or love? Obviously not. And no matter what I do, it continues. It is IRRITATING!!! The biggest problem with communication t
Close To My
As a close to my Veterans Day I was informed from someone that my files are sealed. That would be my Military Personnel File. Also, added was it's strange. My conversation with the FBI Desk Agent was odd as if he expected me to know all this meaning about "0". Also I ran rings around him. I thought I hope I'm dealing with the bottom of the FBI barrel because he can't be the best they have. My friend Gary has the idioicity to use WACHOVIA or Wells Fargo format for all hes email's to me. Except the last two contact. One was text and the other a rather, how can I put this, elaborate and very childish way to hide. By hes three email's to me, he said to me, yes I had prior knowledge of your or mine supposed Heart Surgery that never took place. Ed, you owe me money. I gave you $20.00 extra and the rest you owe me for service not rendered. I took care of the IRS. I was after who put him on me. You know, who is the wack? I already knew but I wanted him to say the name or do exactly what he
Ways To Tell The Truth Or False Of Ugg
The first import way, the real thing pure wool, divides the straight wool and the quaff, outward appearance smooth feel is good, quite soft comfortable, makes the surface with the sheepskin, the surface seems a little the plush feeling, sweeps the words toward one side, will have different, if will not have to burn hair's that kind of flavor likely, that definitely will be a vegetable wool. the second move: Is also very important one move, in the uggs shoe all code number sign has the forgery-proof line to inlay in inside, may illuminate coming out with money detector's ultra-violet rays, if such inlays likely according to the Rimini inside a line, that is false. (this many sells net shop storekeepers who assumes uggs not to know, does not believe you to ask that looks at) the third move: On the UGG official website looks up, with the shop in shoe picture contrast, everybody has free time may in have a look, above has each model of shoes detailed introduction. the
Everlasting Whispers
Softly whisper your passion Come to me my loving heart I'll cherish your gentle tenderness From this day forward I'll impart My emotion of contentment That grew instantly as we met From the depth of my souls embrace Straight to you for whom it was meant Refresh your souls thirsting need Come bathe in passion's bright glowing fire As we dance the dance of eternal loveWrapped in our flowing desires Our need for each other so great A timeless burning flame As at last we have found each other And our place together we claim.
Life Is Always A Price To Pay
You stay up for 16hrs. We stay up for days on end. You take a warm shower to wake up. We go for weeks without running water. You complain of a "HEADACHE" and call in sick. We get shot at, as others are hit and others are moving forward. You talk bout your buddies that are not with you. We know we may never see any of ours ever again. You complain about how hot it is. We wear our heavy gear, not daring to talk off our helmet to wipe our forehead. You get mad at the waiter for getting your order wrong. We don't get to eat today. You're mad that your class got held 5 mins. over. We're over an extra 2 months. You roll your eyes when your baby cries. He gets a letter with pictures of his new baby and wonders if they'll ever meet. If your supporting your troops your freedom comes with a price WRITTEN BY M DAVID
Escape With Words
i am here but i dont know why all i do is make her cry i feel like she wants to say goodbye all i can do is sit here and cry and feel like i wanna die  
Blessed Joy
O! lonely tear,Why dost thou fall,When goodness dostLike sunshine call?I fall becauseOf joy withinWhich makes evenThe sunshine grimFor one whose loveHas found me fastAnd tightly to meBound at last.I fall for joy,For hope, for love.I've fallen forSweet handsome dove.This tear dost notFall sadly down;It weeps with pleasureGreat and proud.Fear not, great souls,When pain doth smite,For love is boldTo win and fight.Hold true to loveAnd when you restSweet tears of joyWill see you blessed.As I have been blessed.  
♥veterans Day♥
Thank you to each and every one of you who are serving or have served in the Military.  I don't think that most people realize exactly how valuable you men/women are. If I left anyone out then I apologize... :) ♥*EVERY1* Please take a moment of silence 4 our Veterans. It's only fair that we thank them & pray 4 them bc THEY R Y we still have freedom. On that note... a big XOXO 2 my friends that R & were N the military. *Fos(FT Bragg), My brother(FT BRAGG), My Grandpa(FT BRAGG/FT HOOD), My Uncle Lyndall(Ft Bragg), Eddie(CAMP LEJEUNE YAYERZ), Punkster(FT CARSON), Adam(FT BRAGG), BJ (FT BRAGG), DR. N. JOHNSON(FT BRAGG)Mikie(ARMY-VA), Seth(PRIOR-CAMP LEJ), Danielle(POPE AFB), Sara(CAMP LEJ), CHRIS(FT HOOD), Justin(BEAUFORT SC)*♥
Time To Experiment - This One Is For The Foodies Out There.
I've got a lamb shoulder roast thawing out.  Gotta debone it first, then will make a stuffing for it, tie it shut, and roast it in the oven.  Comments on the stuffing, please: Italian Bread Crumbs, Feta Cheese, diced scallions & mushrooms, black olives, & a lil bit of crumbled pork sausage.   Spiced with coarse salt, garlic, & parsley.   
This is my wish for you: Comfort on difficult days, smiles when sadness intrudes, rainbows to follow the clouds, laughter to kiss your lips, sunsets to warm your heart, hugs when spirits sag, beauty for your eyes to see, friendships to brighten your being, faith so that you can believe, confidence for when you doubt, courage to know yourself, patience to accept the truth, Love to complete your life.
Shamelessly Flaunting
I don't have any pic space, so that's why this is going here. And I'm posting it in the comments since this never seems to work.   I bought him cuz I tried buying Baby J and was too late & I wanted to buy a yellow. It was probably a better choice anyway. :D
Search Ended
I know that I have that Someone Special in my life cause he has put up with alot from 03/08 to present...No matter where he is or I am all roads seem to bring us back together...Now if we can just end up in the same state at the same time all will be well...I MISS U (P.B) SO VERY MUCH!!! My heart belongs to you THEN, NOW & FOREVER!!!
Dynomite Mademen Inc Rules Other Cool Stuff
1 Have Fun 2 Add are ally we dont attack them  are ally are tags /what i put on top ty 3 If You get paided collect ur pay before u go to bed or beforre 12am fubar time it bee gone if u dont collect it 4 We dont Bannd here its cowords ways out 5 Let me know when u collect ur pay ty Pay time is from 11:30 fubar time to 11:55  get your paid so u dont miss out ty
Dry Your Tears
DRY YOUR TEARS -------------- I think often about how it started We layed arm in arm , on the grass under the sun But we both knew their was gonna be that time That is gonna be hard and difficult Because the passion can get lost And i said " Let's fight it and go for it whatever comes, we'll get through it But if butterflies die in your lap That's when the big life question rises "Is our love not that big anymore?" And the fairytale of the prince on the white stallion Is over too soon because the passion has been put on low It hurts but give yourself a new chance Only then your life can shine a little again So dry your tears even if you have so much sorrow you can wheep like me it won't help us Dry your tears eventhough you have so much heartache Life goes on You start all over again There surely is something beautiful laying ahead of you It's dark outside now and quiet I ask myself the question again " is this what i want?" This lasts a thousand tim
Always I Will Love You
ALLWAYS I WILL LOVE YOU ----------------------- Everytime you look at me Then i know i'm right Every time i think about you Then i feel i'm home You save me from my worst nightmares Your love leeds me through the night If something might happen to us Know i'll be waiting for you Because my love Always i will love you I can't excist without you Always i will love you I can't be go on without you A heart that says " I need you" That says "I love you" Such kind of heart makes words unnecesairy And i stay loyal to it You make the sun shine back in my life you're my passion and my power If you'd dissapear one day Know i'll be waiting for you Always i will love you I cant go on without you...
Goodbye To A Friend
GOODBYE TO A FRIEND ------------------- Everything is done forever When you're ready for it I have stood by your side My god, i have enjoyed knowing you I now stay here and you go there And there is not so far from here We agree to meet, i don't know where and we will meet in that place Without you time goes by just as fast But the times do change So i say goodbye, you have to go now Know that you'll stay to excist in my heart Sweet dreams, you have earned it You fought till your last breath And go, go my friend and dream forever all relieved Just like the old days you'll get to that point I know you'll find a home real soon And i repeat what you once told me In my heart i stay faithfull to you Without you... And i know i should be greatfull But that's why it hurts so much Without you.
Dont Leave Me All Alone
DONT LEAVE ME ALL ALONE ----------------------- Don't leave me all alone Desperate and lost Take down those walls arround me and help me come to you Let me be your companion Be the guide that will lead me Because i been on this journey for so long And so tired, come and realease me Take me back to your land Filled with music and dreams Lead me to your land Let me live in your clouds Dont leave me all alone Take my hand and show me The way that leads to you Help me this way to get to you Take me to your land Filled with music and dream
Be Mine
BE MINE ------- Silent past Same old city Your walls, your streets, Always hiding something Whispering voices in the cold dark night Shims in the thick mist floating over the ditch Be mine like a fire against the cold Let me be safe with you Be mine Put your arms around Don't let me be alone Safe Harbor Storm at open sea So firey, so icey You're both You push me away laughing And then pull me back to you Time seems to fly by, eventho it stood still Let me be safe with you Be my heat against the cold Don't leave me all alone Be mine...
TOGETHER -------- My darling, remove all your layers Show your naked self to my eyes And be fragile in my hands Scream it out i know i'm blind at times But i will dry your tears When your loneliness is too heavy For one human For one heart Tonight i'll be there for you I'll catch the tears your eyes shed Then i will know which truth Hides under your skin The night brought our souls together Sweetheart, de golden weapons lay beside you You do not have to protect yourself any longer I know the pain is too heavy for one human one heart So hold me tight and close your eyes Together we will wait for daylight to come Together...
For Her
FOR HER------- There comes joy from herEven when she's quiet, she keeps interesting meI love to be, be with herShe makes my heart bloomshe doesn't know, but she makes the blueprint of my soul's dreamsAnd her life colors the content of the life i wantMy whole life i wanna be with her For her i go through fireIt's an adventureAn amazing storyI Sell my soul to herIn exchange for what i wantA lifetime with herfor her a thousand emails i have sent to herDay and night i can not sleepI'm sure Mother Nature, while watching me,Created herAnd no matter how other people have sang to herThere's noone who adores this girl with all their heart and soul like meMy whole life i wanna spend with her For her...
Lyric I Like
  I’ve taken everybody’s taken everybody’s adviceyou know how it goesI’ve been trying hard to make a brand new startbut what it does to you, no one knowsbut it showshow can you say that it’s so hard you drag meinto your thing as you fade awaywhy can’t you see that I can’t relate toanything that’s lost & blown awaysilenceI’m telling you our time has come to endand I do feel a sense of loneliness, yes I dobut time after timeyou refuse to see there’s nothing more than asilver bless, silver blesshow can you say that it’s so hard you drag meinto your thing as you fade awaywhy can’t you see that I can’t relate toanything that’s lost & blown awaysilenceI’ve taken everybody’s advice, taken everybody’s adviceyou know how it goes
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Veteran's Day.... Tears And Smiles
Some veterans are able to come home and others never make it home. I am thankful that the ones in my life made it home otherwise I never would have met them. I may have lost them earlier than I would have liked but our times together were fantastic! Two of my favorite service men ever have been gone nine and seven years respectively. To my Dad and my Uncle Randy I love you both still so much and miss you even more! To all the other veterans thank you so much for protecting our freedoms. On a side note..... Men in uniforms is just plain sexy.;)
I Cant Chase You
In a story book you were mine.. All of you..singled out from the others You existed only for me... I didnt think I would love that But I did each breath reminded me of summer nights each touch was the ocean crashing into the rock wall each smile a never ending sunrise each hug the warmth of a fire in the snowstorm I closed my eyes it was gone You walked away Lost amongst the nights and waves Chilled by the morning frost Frozen in the snows Will I ever have that again? I thought you were mine...I was so yours Then again I thought And so we move on to another person place or time maybe more at home maybe more turmoil maybe less chances are both I cant chase you You are not mine...never really were You are the world's and SO AM I.....
More Things To Add
☜♥☞ ★۞☂ ☆☆
The Story Of A Girl
...A dumb blonde girl...   Hi, my name is: Emily but you can call me: Emily or Emma The one person who can drive me nuts is: Stupid People When I'm nervous: I pace around and talk talk talk! lol The last song I listened to was: Chickenfoot-Sexy lil Thang If I were to get married right now it would be to: A special special special someone  My hair is: Getting boring When I was 4: I lived in Alabama with my Parents Last Christmas: I got a new SUV  (Jeep Liberty) I should be: Out in the country or on the beach somewhere! When I look down I see: my tummy  lol The happiest recent event was: Knocking on mommas door for the first time in months! By this time next year:  I am hoping will be better My current gripe is: Being such a loser! lol I have a hard time understanding: Women...Thats no surpraise huh? If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: Momma! I plan to visit: Europe.. someday... If you spent the night at my house: You'd never want to leave! The
   INTRODUCTION   One in a million, isn't that right? Isn't that the saying that comes out of people's mouths in the first pre-stages of a relationship. "This guy/girl is one in a million." To most people hearing that saying is the sameas hearing "too good to be true" And based on what I've seen of guys in this world, it mostly is. So I ask you then, is it more plausible to hear someone say one out of ten thousand? Let me elaborate. .. .. You've all seen the commercials for dating websites, these portals existing on the World Wide Web that tell us they can find our one true love. Like most people who are too shy to actually talk to a beautiful woman, I gave in to my curiosity and checked out one of these sites. It was called EHarmony and it boasted that you could take a personality test to discover people that are compatible with you. In fact, it was considered the most thorough personality test out there and the best part was it was absolutely free! Now I'm not stupid, I know the
The Lady Of My Life
I had no idea that you would be the love of my life The day that we first met But every day brings us closer and closer My love for you is one sure bet I can only promise you my love is real From this day and forevermore And as our lives grow closer together I could not ever want for more... I love you...    
Personality Occupying the last position in the Chinese Zodiac, the 12th, the Pig symbolizes such character traits as diligence, compassion, and generosity. Pigs enjoy life and because they are entertaining, others enjoy their company. Pigs are giving souls and reap much enjoyment when they’re helping others, but sometimes they give too much. Honesty is what Pigs give and it’s what they expect to receive in return.   Pigs seek peace and will do what is necessary to maintain it. This trait, while admirable, sometimes makes it easy for others to take advantage of Pigs. Pigs are always doing for others, helping anyway they can, but rarely will they ask others for help. This can overwhelm and stress them, but Pigs don’t mind.   When it comes to money, Pigs enjoy spending more than saving. They gravitate towards name brand items. Thriftiness happens only occasionally, but Pigs do know how to find great deals. Health Always seeking fun, Pigs often indulge more than th
Personality Occupying the 11th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Dog symbolizes character traits such as loyalty, compatibility and kindness. Dogs frequently offer kind words and useful advice, always listening and lending a shoulder when necessary. Dogs often become deeply involved in others’ lives and are sometimes perceived as nosy. Ensuring others are happy is more important to the Dog than wealth, money or success.   Dogs are determined individuals; always wanting to master a new subject before moving on and always finishing what they start. Dogs value friendships; they’re loyal, honest, trustworthy and reliable and have strong morals and ethics.   A well-kept, organized home is very important. Keeping a clean home and helping at work stems from the Dog’s need to be active and involved. Dogs spend money wisely, passing on luxury goods in favor of practical items. Dogs also prefer saving money to cover future expenses.   Dogs at times can also be temperam
Personality Occupying the 10th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Rooster symbolizes such character traits as confidence, pompousness and motivation. Those born under the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rooster are loyal, trustworthy individuals who are blunt when it comes to offering their opinions. Their bluntness stems not from being mean but from being honest; a trait which Roosters expect from others.   Roosters are extremely sociable and prefer being the center of attention, always bragging about themselves and their accomplishments. They continually seek the unwavering attention of others which can be annoying. Roosters are as proud of their homes as they are of themselves. They’re extremely organized individuals as evidenced by the fact that their homes are always neat. Health Overall, Roosters are active individuals and their preference to be active helps keep them in good health. When they do become ill, they feel better quickly. They can at times however, take on too
Personality Occupying the 9th position on the Chinese Zodiac, the Monkey possesses such character traits as curiosity, mischievousness, and cleverness. Forever playful, Monkeys are the masters of practical jokes. Even though their intentions are always good, this desire to be a prankster has a tendency to create ill will and hurt feelings.   Although they are inherently intellectual and creative, Monkeys at times have trouble exhibiting these qualities. When that happens, they appear to others to be confused. But nothing could be further from the truth as Monkeys thrive on being challenged. Monkeys prefer urban life to rural, and their favorite pastime is people-watching. Health Believing that being sick is a waste of a valuable day, Monkeys very rarely feel ill. Their constantly active lifestyles are likely what helps Monkeys remain in good health. When Monkeys do become ill, such feelings are generally the result of feeling nervous. Career When it comes to work, Monkeys can do
Personality Occupying the 8th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Goat (or Sheep) symbolizes such character traits as creativity, intelligence, dependability, and calmness. Comfortable being alone to ponder the workings of their inner minds, Goats enjoy being part of a group, but prefer the sidelines rather than the center. Their nurturing personality makes Goats excellent care-givers. They’re quite and reserved because they spend much time absorbed in their thoughts.   Home and alone is where Goats feel most comfortable. There they can express themselves artistically, whether it’s by painting, cooking or participating in whatever artistic endeavors they enjoy. Goats prefer the couch because there they can relax and explore their minds. They don’t need elaborate furnishings; only items reflecting their desire for art.   When traveling or seeking entertainment, Goats prefer groups or venues that hold many people. Goats spend money on fashions that give them a firs
Personality Occupying the 7th position on the Chinese Zodiac, the Horse symbolizes such character traits as strength, energy, and an outgoing nature. Extremely animated, Horses thrive when they’re the center of attention. Always in search of a good time, Horses keep the crowds happy with their humor and their wit.   Horses are extremely intelligent so they’re able to grasp new subjects with ease. They’re also capable of multi-tasking however they don’t always finish what they start because they’re forever chasing the next opportunity. Horses are honest, friendly and open-minded. They’re perhaps a bit too centered on themselves and have been known to throw tantrums when situations don’t go their way. Health Horses are very healthy, most likely because they maintain a positive outlook on life and because they’re athletic. Lead Horses to wide, open spaces and watch them run free! Horses will usually only feel ill when they’re trap
Personality Occupying the 6th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Snake symbolizes such character traits as intelligence, gracefulness and materialism. When it comes to decision-making, Snakes are extremely analytical and as a result, they don’t jump into situations. They are effective at getting the things they want, even if it means they have to scheme and plot along the way.   Snakes are very materialistic creatures, preferring to surround themselves with the finest that life has to offer. This is especially evident in the home, where luxurious furnishings and surroundings help Snakes seek the peace they need in order to thrive. Health Snakes prefer living a life of calmness, preferring quietness over noise and a manageable workload rather than a schedule that’s overly-booked. Snakes become easily stressed when their lives aren’t peaceful or in order. Too much of this way of life can shorten a snake’s life! Career Snakes do work very hard, but they hav
Personality Occupying the 5th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon is the mightiest of the signs. Dragons symbolize such character traits as dominance and ambition. Dragons prefer to live by their own rules and if left on their own, are usually successful. They’re driven, unafraid of challenges, and willing to take risks. They’re passionate in all they do and they do things in grand fashion. Unfortunately, this passion and enthusiasm can leave Dragons feeling exhausted and interestingly, unfulfilled.   While Dragons frequently help others, rarely will they ask for help. Others are attracted to Dragons, especially their colorful personalities, but deep down, Dragons prefer to be alone. Perhaps that is because they’re most successful when working alone. Their preference to be alone can come across as arrogance or conceitedness, but these qualities aren’t applicable. Dragons have tempers that can flare fast! Health Considering their hard-working nature,
Take Action! Demand Investigation Into Fort Hood Attack!
Fort Hood: Who knew what ... and whenIt was a horrific attack on one of our most important military bases — not in Afghanistan or Iraq — but right here in the United States. Major Nidal Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, is the suspect. And now, very troubling questions have moved to the forefront: What was his connection to radical Islamists? Why did he reportedly try to contact al-Qaeda? The ACLJ is urging the Senate to act swiftly — and thoroughly — to find out what was behind this massacre at Fort Hood. Was this home-grown terrorism? Were warning signs missed? The American people deserve to know what happened and why. Please read the form below carefully and declare your membership with the ACLJ by adding your name to our Letter of Support to the United States Senate.Letter of SupportTO:To All Members of the United States SenateTo All Members of the United States House of RepresentativesAs an American citizen who proudly supports our Armed Forces, I am deeply conc
Personality Occupying the 4th position in the Chinese Zodiac, the Rabbit symbolizes such character traits as creativity, compassion, and sensitivity. Rabbits are friendly, outgoing and prefer the company of others. They also prefer to avoid conflict. In confrontational situations, Rabbits approach calmly and with consideration for the other party. Rabbits believe strongly in friends and family and lacking such bonds can lead to emotional issues.   Their serene nature keeps Rabbits from becoming visibly upset. Because they’re serene animals, Rabbits are easily taken advantage of. Their sensitive nature makes them shy away from aggressive or competitive situations. They’re overall conservative and not interested in taking risks.   Classy, sophisticated, expressive, well-mannered and stylish, those born under the Sign of the Rabbit enjoy leaning about cultural issues and learning about people from other countries. Rabbits are most comfortable being home, and their homes a
Personality Occupying the 3rd position on the Chinese Zodiac, the Tiger symbolizes such character traits as bravery, competitiveness and unpredictability. Tigers love to be challenged and will accept any challenge if it means protecting a loved one or protecting their honor. They don’t worry about the outcome because they know they’ll always land on their feet. Don’t let their calm appearance fool you though; Tigers will pounce when they feel it’s necessary.   Born to lead, Tigers can be stubborn if they realize they’re not in charge. They have a slight tendency to be selfish but overall, Tigers are extremely generous. They’re very intelligent and they’re always on alert. Tigers are very charming and are well-liked by others. They are not motivated by money or power. Health As they do their enemies, Tigers have a tendency to pounce on their work. Afterwards, they’re left feeling exhausted. Although they’ll soon bounce right bac
Personality Occupying the 2nd position on the Chinese Zodiac, Oxen possess such character traits as dependability, strength and determination. Oxen are tolerant individuals who believe that the road to success involves hard work and scrupulous behavior; they don’t believe in taking shortcuts. They characterize those who don’t work hard as lazy individuals not worthy of respect.   Oxen are capable of trusting others and will listen to their opinions with an open mind. However, Oxen prefer making decisions that are based on their own research. Oxen favor strong, life-long alliances to casual acquaintances.   Home is where Oxen go to seek comfort, occasionally watching television or reading. They prefer the rural outdoors and spend the majority of their “home” time working in the garden or caring for the yard. Health Oxen are strong individuals who overall are healthy and live long, fulfilled lives. However, they tend to work too much, rarely allowing themse
Personality Occupying the 1st and most prominent position on the Chinese Zodiac, the Rat symbolizes such character traits as wit, imagination and curiosity. Rats have keen observation skills and with those skills they’re able to deduce much about other people and other situations. Overall, Rats are full of energy, talkative and charming but they have a tendency to become aggressive.   Rats are full of good advice but they will never share their troubles with others. They are honest individuals and they enjoy living for the moment. They’re also capable of surviving any situation. Health Overall Rats enjoy good health. They’re very active which helps keep them in shape and able to fight off sickness. They can at times be tense, aggressive, and full of nervous energy, conditions which can lead to stress. Regular exercise designed to calm will benefit Rats. Career Extremely perceptive and wise, Rats can focus on the big picture. That ability along with their good j
6 Years
For six years of my life, I was Military.  Army Reserve, but hey, it's all good.  I am proud of those years.  I was one of the fortunate ones that joined, served, and was discharged and didn't have to risk my life dodging bullets. Thing is, if I would have had to, I would have done so with out hesitation.  My thoughts are this: If you are willing to enjoy the freedoms of this country, you should be willing to stand up and defend it. I am a supporter of the U.S. Military.  100% no fail, no falter.  Each man and woman that serves, no matter what branch, has made the choice to serve something greater than themselves, and has decided that the country in which we live is worth the risk of their lives to defend. Situations like what happened last week at Ft. Hood always hit me close to home.  My heart and jaw dropped when I heard the news that merely hours from me, 13 people were shot and killed. It is easy to look back and point blame, saying, "Well they should have done this, they shou
How The Military Has Played A Huge Role In My Life...
From the time i can remember i lived breathed slept and ate Military.. It all started with my parents' Dad's being in WWI..My Dad was stationed in the Army during the Korean War,one of His brothers was Army during the Vietnam War..My brother who was a Marine from what i can remember did not see combat (Not Sure If He Did Or Not) but he was still in when the Vietnam War had ended in 1975,my brother had fallen from a 65-70 ft cliff and had died from the accident in 1977 with full military honors. Two of my sisters were AirForce,One Nephew Navy, Three nephews Army and one of those three just left this past wkend for BT. An ex boyfriend and good friend to this day enlisted in the USMC and also my husband did as well.. Both out on Honorable Medical Discharge. Numerous High School friends who had enlisted after we graduated in 1992 and after 911. Sadly like everyone else I have lost a few of them. I also was raised up in a military town and moved to another military town. My son who is in
Pic Marked Nswf
Ok i just got an email that said one of my pics was marked nswf. Ok the pic was of a quote saying if i was gone would you miss me? How would that be nswf. Ok I am already pissed because i cant update my status or say anything about my status other then i am online. That is why i didnt renew my vip and i am thinking about leaving the site again because of the nsfw thing.If you can explain why it is nsfw can you explain it to me. thank you
In Tears Heart Hurt
I Miss Him
if he only knew how i felt for him. maybe he would understand the pain im feeling now, maybe just maybe he wouldnt feel the anger he feels for me and be understanding. if he only knew that i never loved another the way i loved him and wanted him and dreamed of living my life with him maybe he would forgive me for the part i played in our end. he tore my heart out and stomped it into the ground but doesnt know tht i ache for him miss him love him want him need him but i know i cant have him cause he found another. i forgive him for that we were best friends before i want that back but he confuses me tells me he wants her but i tore his heart out how does that work? ill never know ill never love again like i loved him i wont have it it hurts way too much.........
You wipe the tearsyou calm the fearsyou hold my handand my heart.You take my breath awaywith out even do it throughthe many miles thatdevide us.You make me quiverwith a look or a smileyou make me, forget to thinkYou make the timethat seems to crawlgo by fast, seemswith effort.You make me forgetto look at the clockwhen i must get upin a few make it hardto hang up the phone,because then again,i would be make me dreamof a life that i never thought I'd live.and make it a make me want youand only you.forever...
Always Be My Baby
We were as one For a moment in time And it seemed everlasting That you would always be mine Now you want to be free So I�ll let you fly �Cause I know in my heart Our love will never die You�ll always be a part of me I�m part of you indefinitely Boy don�t you know you can�t escape me Ooh darling �cause you�ll always be my baby And we�ll linger on Time can�t erase a feeling this strong No way you�re ever gonna shake me Oh darling, �cause you�ll always be my baby I ain�t gonna cry And I won�t beg you to stay If you�re determined to leave boy I will not stand in your way But inevitably, you�ll be back again �Cause you know in your heart babe Our love will never end You�ll always be a part of me I�m part of you indefinitely Boy don�t you know you can�t escape me Ooh darling �cause you�ll always be my
Have You Ever?
(Chorus:) Have you ever loved somebody so much It makes you cry? Have you ever needed something so bad You can't sleep at night? Have you ever tried to find the words But they don't come out right? Have you ever? Have you ever? Have you ever been in love Been in love so bad You'd do anything To make them understand? Have you ever had someone Steal your heart away? You'd give anything To make them feel the same? Have you ever searched for words To get you in their heart But you don't know what to say And you don't know where to start? (Repeat chorus) Have you ever found the one You've dreamed of all your life? You'd do just about anything To look into their eyes? Have you fin'ly found the one You've given your heart to Only to find that one Won't give their heart to you? Have you ever closed your eyes and Dreamed that they were there And all you can do is wait For that day when they will care? (Repeat chorus) (Bridge:) What do I gotta do to get you in
why is life so hard to live
Almost Doesn't Count
Almost made you love me Almost made you cry Almost made you happy, baby Didn't I, didn't I You almost had me thinkin' You were turned around But ev'rybody knows Almost doesn't count Almost heard you saying You were finally free What was always missing for you, baby You'd found it in me But you can't get to heaven Half off the ground Ev'rybody knows Almost doesn't count I can't keep on lovin' you One foot outside the door I hear a funny hesitation Of a heart that's never really sure Can't keep on tryin' If you're looking for more Than all that I could give you Than what you came here for Gonna find me somebody Not afraid to let go Want a no-doubt, be-there kind of man You came real close But, ev'ry time you built me up You only let me down And ev'rybody knows Almost doesn't count Maybe you'll be sorry Maybe you'll be cold Maybe you'll come runnin' back, baby From the cruel, cruel world Almost convince me You're gonna stick around But ev'rybody knows
Love For All Seasons
Hey there, boyDid you happen to know, wherever you goI'll follow? Ooh, babe, you're like a cool breezeOn a summer dayWhen you're near meI don't know what to do; feel like a foolLike a schoolgirl, true blue girlWho wants to know, can you come out and play?You make me feel the way a womanIs supposed to feelSo let me show you, show youMy love's for real(Chorus:)I'll be the rain in your summerThe chill in your fallI'll be what you wantAnything at allI've got a love for all seasonsA love for all timeI'll be the fire in your winterThe sun in your springI'll do what you wantGive you ev'rythingI've got a love for all seasonsA love for all timeI'll be there for youKeepin' you warm through the stormI'll guide you, stand by youUntil the stars fall from the skyWhen you call meI never hesitate, makin' you waitFor my love; never lie, loveIt's something that I just can't denyI'll read your each and ev'ry feelingWhen you need me toSo, now, I gotta let you knowThis love's for you(Repeat chorus)(Bridge
When I think how life used to be Always walking in the shadows Then I look at what you've given me I feel like dancing on my tiptoes I must say, ev'ry day I wake And realize you're by my side I know I'm truly blessed For ev'rything you give me Blessed For all the tenderness you show I'll do my best With ev'ry breath that's in me Blessed To make sure you never go There are times that test your faith 'Til you think you might surrender And, baby, I'm, I'm not ashamed to say That my hopes were growing slender You walked by in the nick of time Looking like an answered prayer I know I'm truly blessed For ev'rything you give me Blessed For all the tenderness you show I'll do my best With ev'ry breath that's in me Blessed To make sure you never go I'm blessed With love and understanding Blessed When I hear you call my name I'll do my best With faith that's neverending Blessed To make sure you feel the same Deep inside of me You fill me with your gentle touch I know I'm truly blessed For
Starts To Date
Alan asks, "I know you're crazy about that little daughter of yours, Steve. What are you going to do when she starts to date?" Steve says, "I figure I'll take the first young man aside, put my arm around his shoulder, and pull him close to me so that only he can hear. Then I'll say, "Do you see that sweet, little young lady? She's my only daughter, and I love her very much. If you were thinking about touching, kissing, or being physically affectionate to her in any way ............ just remember ............... I don't mind going back to prison." 
A Great Place To Hang Out
Looking for a great place to hang out....A place to kick back and relax while listening to some great music...A place where the people are great and the music is comeing to you from live Dj's 24 hrs a day around the clock? Well look no further...come to Infinity Lounge here on Fubar. Hi I'm Silk..The owner of Inifinity lounge. I just wanted to extend out my own personal invitation to everyone there is out there on Fubar. You're more the welcome to come in hang out relax and have a good time. Dont forgot to click the join button and become a member. Also Dont forget that Infinity is hiring. So not only a place to hang out but maybe it's just the place you've been looking for to work. Come Check It out :)
Health Care Reform Bill
Dear Chris ,   Some senators and profiteering insurance CEOs are trying to scuttle our reform bill. Help call these scallywags out by signing our petition and ordering a matching sticker  
My Heart
My heart and body belong to her.... I feel like a vampire with not heart beat cold to the touch.. my body and mind screem for it to be filled with the love she can only give me..... Yet the more I try the more I push her away, ans more I destroy myself, and our love.... I feel hopeless as anything I do or say not enough and that I rath crawl into a whole and die then be without her... I will not long or want the touch of another woman.. only her... the kiss of an angel the body of a goddess....
The Beginin
DMS is more than a crew, more than a squad, more than a group of brothers united by shared experience and culture. While it is all of those things, it is more. DMS is equally a mentality, it’s about being down-for-life with one another, and it’s about the deep values of honor, respect, friendship and pride that inform the daily habits, decisions and overall points of view of its increasingly diverse worldwide membership. Most of all, it’s a true family in every sense of the word. What began deep in the belly of New York City as a group of multi-ethnic friends from the worlds of hardcore and hip-hop under the banner of Doc Marten Stomp or Doc Marten Skins has grown to encompass areas on the map from New York City to L.A., Europe, Japan and South America.The DMS family was born in the streets and is bringing each other up further every day. With fallen brothers along the way watching over them from above—Boston Mike, Double O, 2 Hips, Sob, Chino and Yas, among ot
A Valuable Lesson - Verified True - Hats Off To Our Veterans!!!!
A lesson that should be taught in all schools . . And colleges Back in September 2005, on the first day of school, Martha Cothren, a social studies school teacher at Robinson High School, did something not to be forgotten. On the first day of school, with the permission of the school superintendent, the principal and the building supervisor, she removed all of the desks out of her classroom. When the first period kids entered the room they discovered that there were no desks. 'Ms.. Cothren, where're our desks?' She replied, 'You can't have a desk until you tell me how you earn the right to sit at a desk.' They thought, 'Well, maybe it's our grades.' 'No,' she said. 'Maybe it's our behavior.' She told them, 'No, it's not even your behavior.' And so, they came and went, the first period, second period, third period. Still no desks in the classroom. By early afternoon television news crews had started gathering in Ms.Cothren's classroom to report about this crazy teacher who had taken all
Go Outside, Get Into Nature, And Make Your Own Discoveries
I’m just a little surprised that we’re not off from work this Veterans Day, I keep forgetting that I’m not.  Of course, commerce and industry and sickness and health doesn’t stop any day of the year, and I expect that the payday loan office I manage isn’t closed today because Veterans Day (I checked, this is the United States government’s official spelling, with no apostrophe) can be any day of the week, as opposed to Memorial Day which is on the last Monday of May and isn’t tied – though that hasn’t always been so – to a specific calendar day.  Of course, we’re closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day and they’re always different days of the week each year.  It’s no big deal to me, I suppose; Martha and the kids are home right now since she’s scheduled off from work today, and she is feeling better, she’s just tired. The kids tag teamed me this morning coming down the stairs.  I told a stor
Computer Diagnosis
  Computer Diagnosis One day Bill complained to his friend that his elbow really hurt. His friend suggested that he go to a computer at the drug store that can diagnose anything quicker and cheaper than a doctor. ''Simply put in a sample of your urine and the computer will diagnose your problem and tell you what you can do about it. It only costs $10." Bill figured he had nothing to lose, so he filled a jar with a urine sample and went to the drug store. Finding the computer, he poured in the sample and deposited the $10. The computer started making some noise and various lights started flashing. After a brief pause out popped a small slip of paper on which was printed: "You have tennis elbow. Soak your arm in warm water. Avoid heavy lifting. It will be better in two weeks." Later that evening while thinking how amazing this new technology was and how it would change medical science forever, he began to wonder if this machine could be fooled. He mixed together some tap water, a
Wtf Replace Steven Tyler??
I originally posted this under my movie blog so I'm just moving it over.  I'll copy the comments over too, their were some good ones.  Even some great tit jokes.  Here is the original blog:   I just read an article that Joe Perry intends to replace Steven Tyler in Aerosmith.  I didn't even know he was retiring.  Now I do understand that he's old and can't exactly perform the way he used too, but Joe Perry is no spring chicken.  The entire band is talented but who are they kidding?  Aerosmith IS Steven Tyler.  I could imagine them adding someone like Adam Lambert (only because of his flamboyancy), or Iggy Pop (he's like 112 and a complete freak) but no one will ever live up to the icon of Steven Tyler.  Let me know if you agree or not.  I'm just still in shock. These are the comments I got: Russian Foxx - holy tits...did you just say something? I'm sorry, I didnt notice you have a head... {Perfectly Imperfect} - NOT COOL!!!! Steve Tyler IS Aerosmith... Russian Foxx to {Perfectly I
DUTIES OF RANKS: LIEUTENTS: 1. You must be knowledgeable in the game meaning; you should be able to answer and assist fellow turf members on how to improve their Mobster (Character). Also, know how to tutor newbie's to locate/function of the Mafia site i.e. Where to locate tabs, how/where to recruit, Add Mobbies etc. 2.Be and active recruiter for the turf. 3.Be an active member in the Chat with the turf and make yourself available to help where needed. 4. Maintain an average or above average win/loss ratio (Lead by Example).   SOLDIERS: 1. Be available to assist in questions for new recruits. 2. Be an active player.
Galactic Center
Lets remember the Vets. Norio  
I Felt So Inclined
Hello beautifulThe mask you wear keeps slipingHow do you hold onto sanityI remember the absense of colorof your heartYour mask is fallingTake it off and show meShow me who you really are
Fuck The Millitary
70% or more of young people are unfit for millitary service... I read that article scrolling on fubar. Easy how they forget isnt it? In world wars 1 and 2 men were sent to battle and die with or without criminal records,a good education,etc. And now the millitary has the nut sack to suggest the young men and women here arent good enough to serve? That they dont meet their bullshit standards? Man thats fucking bullshit. The millitary can suck my nuts and the youth of the countries while they are at it. For the last two conflicts the youth who serve have been served a huge plate of lies and deceit by our government. Meaning the Millitary,Congress And Intelligence Agencies. The youth sacrifice for these ungrateful entities without question. It seems to me that lately our youth have been USED to serve the purposes of the wealthy elite in this country. Iraq wasnt a justifiable conflict,nor is afghanistan. There would be NO al qaeda without the United States intelligence community,millita
Farmville Cheats And Tips
Many gamers are looking for FarmVille cheats in order to dominate this famous online game, and with the right techniques, you can grow your farm very quickly, make money, ribbons and even earn experience points efficiently. Top 9 Tips To Success In Farmville 1. Building Experience Points2. Planting Seeds3. Purchase Buildings4. Offer Help To Your Neighbors5. Control Your Money With Caution6. Do Not Purchase Farmville Cash7. The Raffle8. Forecasting9. Multi-TaskingLearn how to dominate FarmVille in the shortest period of time with some cheats, tips, strategies and secrets. With these, you can start owning a FarmVille Villa and become a rich and power farmer! More at: FarmVille cheats
i feel your skin on my skin and your kiss upon my lips the heat of our bodys close as darkness forms the movements are without a laps as we show our love will last.
Ha Ha
as we dance cheek to cheek as the angels fall asleep the singing in our hearts is herd through the darkness we diverge walking through this thing called life hand in hand for all time.
My Day
things that managed to annoy me already today:   I started gettin Russian spam mail, in addition to American one Annoying stupid pretentious douche neighbor who is a cunt British tard at work that has a mild crush on me, and has to sit at the hotel where he can stare at me with his fishy eyes and bad teeth I am out of Corn Puffs, and have to stick with Cornflakes. Ughh I have cramps I am annoyed this early in the day   Good things that happened:   I think I found a chick with huge tits I'm gonna meet Read above  
His smile stops me in my tracks his eyes light up at every chance he holds me close to keep me safe he maybe hopes that one day i'll be his and we can fly upword tord the sky as love consumes us both within and time passes on untill the end
There is a hole in my heart a void that is not filled i sit here wishing for someone to come and help me heal the pain is deep from love released i do not know how long for this pain has hurt form the day he had left and gone
As i sit here waiting for times to come I dream of the times i'll be in your arms The times of happyness Things i dream I hope some day We will win I know its weird We have not met But at the same time its like we have Your smile is so real when you smile like that Your eyes light up and i cant hold back to want to hold you in my arms to think that maybe ill be the lucky one the one who he chooses who will treat him right the one who he wants to go to all through the night but sadly now it is only a dream but soon one day we will see....
Selling My 11's
today is my last day as a vip.. so im selling my 11's i have a 100 of them.. sb me what ur going to trade for my 11's 
No Parades, No Cheering Crowds, Just Belief
I saw the footage from Vietnam, streaming in to my home when I was a child. There were no parades, no cheering crowds - there were lots of people who could not walk on their own, being helped to safety by others willing to take the added weight and increase their own risk. If the television networks would have covered all the wars, from the Revolutionary war to the war to end racism, sexism, ageism, and preserve the virtues that will ultimately make our society healthy - we would see that same scene. Many wounded people with others helping them move towards healing. I once asked a q
Fly To The Angels
Pictures of youThey're still on my mindYou had the smileThat could light up the worldNow it rainsIt seems the sun never shinesAnd I'll drive downThis lonely lonely roadOoh I got this feelin'Girl, I gotta let you go'Cause now you've got to flyFly to the angelsHeavens awaits your heartAnd flowers bloom in your nameYou've got to flyFly to the angelsAll the stars in the nightShine in your nameYou know it hurts meWay deep insideWhen I turn and lookAnd find that you're not thereI try to convince myselfThat the pain, the painIt's still not gone.
"" Happy Veterans Day "" Veterans And The Biggest "" Thank You ""!
Proud To Have Served In Us Army!
Two months after finishing High School and one month after my 18th birthday on second day of August 1983 I enlisted into the United States Army!  I trained to be a OH-58 Helicopter Observation Scout/Crewchief /Mechanic,MOS 67 Victor. I was assigned to C Troop 4/9,4th Battalion,9th Cavalry Regiment,6th Cavalry Brigade Air Combat at Fort Hood,Tx! I gave 4 years of service!
My Universal Mumm Message
I need to use this more often
Wtf Replace Steven Tyler??
I just read an article that Joe Perry intends to replace Steven Tyler in Aerosmith.  Now I understand that he's old and can't exactly perform the way he used too.  The entire band is talented but who are they kidding?  Aerosmith IS Steven Tyler.  I could imagine them adding someone like Adam Lambert (only because of his flamboyancy) but no one will ever live up to the icon of Steven Tyler.  Let me know if you agree or not.  I'm just still in shock.
I just looked at my friends requests, and there were not even one, but two invalid ID's requesting me. Weird...
One Year Already...
I think today is the one year anniversary of my first time in the mumms....not my fu-anniversary but teh mummz. I think it is because I'm pretty sure the very first mumm I saw was about 11/11, Remembrance day/Veterans day. Weeeeeeeird. One year huh!?
Residential Solar Power Systems
Solar energy is one of the most cost effective ways to reduce your monthly power bills while making a positive impact on our environment. The energy used by solar power systems ultimately comes from the sun, which is basically clean and renewable. Moreover, running this system does not require high maintenance. Click here to read more - How To Build Solar Panel First of all, you’ll need to invest a small amount of money up front on purchasing the materials needed to build your very own DIY solar panels. Don’t worry, they often don’t cost too much. Moreover, all the components and parts of the equipments price are negotiable. All you need to do locate the significant raw materials for your project. DIY solar panel may seem to be very complicated and complex to make, however, you should know that it’s actually the complete opposite as many have already succeeded in integrating this environmentally friendly system into their households. The internet has plenty o
Just cos, idiots.
Rita was a lil more nervous than Sue had been, I could feel her shaking, like I said she was the youngest, just turned 18, so i could understand her being nervous,,,, anyway I brought her into room and closed the door and I dropped my robe to the floor and she kinda shirked away a lil bit, I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the bed where Sue and Sam where sitting.  Sue spoke up and told Rita not to worry that it was fucking fantastic and she was going to love it!!!  I leaned over, Rita is a petite girl, half hispanic and whispered to her that I would get my friends cock hard for her and then show her how to ride him, I was really looking forward to having his cock inside me after seeing him fuck sam and sue, anywho......I let her hand go and climbed on bed on my knees and sam and sue both got off the bed and stood on either side of Rita.  I took my friends hardening cock in my mouth and sucked it just the way he likes me sucking it, he was hard in a manner of seconds, gawd ya gotta l
Romantic Wedding Dress In A Chapel
For a long time, We have fight for many times against how to choose your favorite gowns and your bridesmaids can come and view your favorite gowns to help you choose, or you can choose the discount wedding dresses and let them choose the ones they want to wear on your day. With a few clicks of a button or a phone call, we can do everything from wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses to your veil/headpiece and wedding invitations. This start the time for the same time for the discount wedding dress they are only a few hundred. If you wanna buy a favor wedding dress, that would be save more time in this way. Brides have been in awe over the prices and selection that they have found in our online store. Wherever you have your wedding, whether it is in Hawaii, London, Las Vegas, New York, on the beach, or in a wedding chapel, we want the day to be the best day of your life and a day that you will always remember. And the import roles in the wedding include the bride, groom and the mother of
Alcoholicquaintance - 3/5/09
  ALCOHOLICQUAINTANCE We’ve met before, yeah you know me No, not by my given name But by another nomenclature I’m the bocci ball, the LIT The cactus bowl and the purple motherfucker Your disbelief is palpable as I go from smooth merlot to kamikaze Then to chardonnay, don’t forget my strawberry marguerita and martini I see you nudgin’ and catch the winkin’ Laying down the bets ‘cause you’re damn sure I’ll be pukin’ Step right up and don’t be shy I’m suckin’ down illusions galore Shootin’ in another gallery Throwin’ down with my longtime lovers, maybe you’ve heard of them? José and Jack, just to mention two But my memory holds my many affairs with the speckled Goldschläger Slow dancing sweetly through my veins To the super-unleaded Jagermeister, a furious bump and grind to my senses Yeah, you’ve seen me before The one at the end of the bar This ain’t no Blackjack ta
Letter To Myself
I just saw a book review in 'Heat' magazine (don't ask) that lead with the question... If you could write an open letter to your sixteen year old self, what would you say?  Worth thinking about, eh?   Dear Sixteen-Year-Old kins, You're a C.U.N.T. love, me xx
Happy B-day Usmc
* ALL THE MORE REASON TO JOIN * Hi there, Please come join the best turf ever…Semper Fidelis.   We are with Few but we are most definitely Proud. You will have great friends always there for you when you need help.   Strengthen and build up each others mob..send those invites.   Come chat in the turf Meeting Room and follow whats happening on the Live Turf feed.   Maybe you feel like back-handing someone who attacked you…go for it !!   Take care and hope to see you soon.    
Ah The Day That Restarts My Working Life.......
9 am.......... time to get my ass outta bed 1030......... interview at pepsi........ uneventful, but successful 1100......... eat at the wausau mine.......... scrumpdiddlyiscious NOM NOM NOM 100 pm........ drug test and physical (requirements to be hired by pepsi) success!!!! 400........  go to work at part time job for orientation......... and here is where it gets interesting.... ran into a friend of a friend who i swear her teeth get worse and worse every year....... all her front teeth are black yuuuuuuuuuuuuck!........... anyway , 3 orientation videos tonight.......2 of which made in the 70's, 1 made in the 80....... here are brief descriptions of all three. video 1: if anyone remembers the mission:impossible TV series, long before the movies...... the instructor looks EXACTLY, like ethan hunt's character, white hair and all!!!!!  and of course ya got a 50 year old black lady doing all the cleaning. sooooooooooo way to crack those stereotypes!........ old white guy tellin th
This Is The Kind Of Drug I Am
Cannabis You are creative, philosophical and deep thinking. Ideas flow more easily for you than most yet you never seem to get anything done! Your a lover of nature, life, and beauty... and your always up for a snack. You have an increased appreciation of music and the arts. You are more aware of what people think of you both good and bad, which sometimes makes you a bit paranoid. Normally boring and tedious tasks are more interesting to than others, and your patience is remarkable!
This Is Not Mine, It Was Sent To Me, Took My Breathe Away :d
About Me...
Some people have said they wanted to know more about me.  Well you know what I look like from my pics.  I have a twin sister, a brother, and my recently divorced mom.  I don't see my dad.  I have liked girls since I was 13 and I'm not going to switch to guys no matter how many times you try to "turn" me.  There are only 2 men in my life:  My doggy Toby and my wonderful brother Jason.  You should go say hello and tell him I sent you.  You can find him here:  I am a Club Promoter and I also work at H&M but still wondering what I want to do when I grow up hehe.  If you want to know anything just ask.   P.S.  Guys, you are wasting your time with me.  I know you say you just want to be friends but the conversation always turns to the worst.  I won't like you and I'm sorry.
Coolness Part 3
More Coolness
Note: character entity names are case sensitive.Special Characters for HTMLCO Controls and Basic Latin[ " ] quotation mark[name: "] [number: "][ & ] ampersand[name: &] [number: &][ < ] less than[name: <] [number: <][ > ] greater than[name: >] [number: >]ISO 8859-1 Symbol Entities[ ] non-breaking space[name:  ] [number:  ][ ¡ ] inverted exclamation mark[name: ¡] [number: ¡][ ¢ ] cent[name: ¢ ] [number: ¢][ £ ] pound[name: £] [number: £][ ¤ ] currency[name: ¤] [number: ¤][ ¥ ] yen[name: ¥] [number: ¥][ € ] euro sign[name: €] [number: €][ ¦ ] broken vertical bar[name: ¦] [number: ¦][ § ] section[name: §] [number: §][ ¨ ] spacing diaeresis[name: ¨] [number: ¨][ © ] copyright[name: ©] [number: ©][ ª ] feminine ordinal indicator[name: ª] [number: ª][ « ] left angle quotation mark[name: «] [number: «][ ¬ ] negation[number
I sit in my room listing to Nickleback Gotta be some body....Thinking of my sons and my life ....All the lil things on the inside of me are eatting at me..What I am talking about is I want my ex head ..I want to hurt him so fucking bad but I know if I do I well never get to see my sons again...I lve them so much..
Funky Symbols
ⓐ ⓑ ⓒ ⓓ ⓔ ⓕ ⓖ ⓗ ⓘ ⓙ ⓚ ⓛ ⓜ ⓝ ⓞ ⓟ ⓠ ⓡ ⓢ ⓣ ⓤ ⓥ ⓦ ⓧ ⓨ ⓩ ✖ ✗ ✘ ♒ ♬ ✄ ✂ ✆ ✉ ✦ ✧ ♱ ♰ ♂ ♀ ☿ ❤ ❥ ❦ ❧ ™ ® © ♡ ♦ ♢ ♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ ★ ☆ ✮ ✯ ☄ ☾ ☽ ☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃ ☻ ☺ ☹ ☮ ۞ ۩ εїз ☎ ☏ ¢ ☚ ☛ ☜ ☝ ☞ ☟ ✍ ✌ ☢ ☣ ☠ ☮ ☯ ♠ ♤ ♣ ♧ ♥ ♨ ๑ ❀ ✿ ψ ♆ ☪ ☭ ♪ ♩ ♫ ℘ ℑ ℜ ℵ ♏ η α ʊ ϟ ღ ツ 回 ₪ 卐 ™ © ® ¿ ¡ ½ &#
1111 Lest We Forget
11\11 REMEMBANCE DAY A DAY TO REMEMBER ALL THE DIGGERS AND SOLDIERS THAT HAVE FOUGHT AND GIVEN THERE LIFE TO KEEP US FREE my eyes well up and tears run down my face as i think of the very brave men and women that fight to keep us free not just in Australia but all over the world i dont think i could everunderstand the fear they must feel and nore do i ever want to but they do it anyway and all i can say to them is thank you and god bless you lest we forget i miss you dad
Alive Pearl Jam
Personal Crap
So no matter what I say, I can't change anything I've done before, I've Accepted that. But what really irritates me is that things that would make life better all around at home, aren't being taken serious, and the people who are doing it are fellow fubarians... I understand the addiction level, and I understand the way people connect, but when there is a failure to realize how far things are going or have gone, there might be a problem. I have no problem sharing my yim with a couple people, and everybody keeps it clean, and its all just fun talk, but im afraid that some people i know are taking it to far and making it to personal, and I dont know what to do about it anymore. I have no control over it as im not the one doing it, and it feels like it happens all day long to me. No matter how many times i say something about it, it only makes the other person upset, and they do it even more, and if I dont say anything about it, it continues to go on the same. So now im torn because i can
My Weekly Venting Blog... Hah I'm Lame
I should really be doing my math homework but too overwhelmed to do it! I have a lot on my mind and I wish my brain could clear. Nothing really bad on my mind just stress and life. I can't see anyone on fubar reading blogs so I feel like i can just run my mouth without anyone realy reading them (not that I have anything to hide or really care who reads them) just got to vent. Mostly on my mind is school. Debating if I want to transfer or stick it out at HACC. Kinda sucks because even though I am accepted in college doesn't promise me I'l get into clinicals for my RN. which fucking sucks. Basically means I can spend 4-5 yrs taking classes and when it's time to apply for my clinicals I could end up not being accepted. talk about PRESSURE! So I must do well in school they only accept about 25-30 students in to the clinicals and there are propably a couple hundred they turn down to not get in to clincals so yeah! Any who...Thursday I'm doing this drug seminar to talk about the process that
Joe Jackson - Ass Of The Century
Michael Jackson's father Joe has filed suit against the administrators of his late son's estate, alleging the superstar's will is a forgery. The family patriarch recently launched a bid for a share of the King of Pop's fortune after he was excluded from the list of beneficiaries. Jackson has now filed legal papers calling for estate executors John Branca and John McClain to be disqualified, alleging they hid a mistake in the singer's 2002 will from the courts. The estate was recently hit by claims of a possible forgery in the document, which was signed and dated "July 7th, 2002 at 5:00 pm, Los Angeles," after pictures emerged of Jackson in New York on the day he reportedly put pen to paper in California. Attorneys for Branca and McClain subsequently insisted the will witnesses have confirmed Jackson himself signed the paperwork. But Joe Jackson isn't convinced. his lawyer, Brian Oxman, tells CNN, "The executors have an obligation to tell the court the truth, the whole truth and no
United States Navy Seals
In times of war or uncertainty there is a special breed of warrior ready to answer our Nation’s call. A common man with uncommon desire to succeed. Forged by adversity, he stands alongside America’s finest special operations forces to serve his country, the American people, and protect their way of life. I am that man.My Trident is a symbol of honor and heritage. Bestowed upon me by the heroes that have gone before, it embodies the trust of those I have sworn to protect. By wearing the Trident I accept the responsibility of my chosen profession and way of life. It is a privilege that I must earn every day.My loyalty to Country and Team is beyond reproach. I humbly serve as a guardian to my fellow Americans always ready to defend those who are unable to defend themselves. I do not advertise the nature of my work, nor seek recognition for my actions. I voluntarily accept the inherent hazards of my profession, placing the welfare and security of others before my own.I serve wi
At A Bar
I'm kind of new at this so bare with me a bit.  Anyways I have a little story.  My friends and I had gone to a pretty well known bar in the area and I had a few drinks and then a few more.  I do fine if I stick with beer, not too many can out drink me with beer, but when I hit the hard stuff I'll admit I'm pretty much a pansy.  So eventually I did start doing some shots and I got totaly blitzed.  It was then that I noticed this pretty little petite thing sitting at a table.  So I walked over and sat down beside her.  She didn't say anything so I thought it would be a good idea to start a conversation.  I don't remember what I said but I know me and sober I've been known to say somethings that just shouldn't be said out loud.  Well I did learn two things that night.  One is that I can really piss a woman off and the other is that little petite girls can throw a punch.  My friends had a good laugh and still do The moral of the story is friends shouldn't let friends talk drunk.
Fuck This
Alright--now I know for a fact that the people here are just completely full of shit, games, bullshit, drama and only want their fucking ego's stroked.  That said...fuck you all.  I am not extending myself to people anymore...if you want to fucking talk? You can fucking message me...and if you just want your fucking ego's boosted, then go the fuck somewhere else.  Shut the fuck up you immature fucks and go do something with your lives. Take care now, bye bye then.
 I had went to the doctor today and the news isn't what I had wanted to hear .  I went in from suffering from some severe headaches and found out they might be caused from a combination of high blood pressure and stress. And then when the doctor started checking she also found a pinched nerve in my neck that could be causing it as well along with the other two .  I know I need to learn or should I say re-learn how to relax , but with certain people I know that is almost out o fthe question . I am the type of person who doesn't know how to slow down at all . I am sorry to say the only time I ever get to relax so to speak is whn I go to work . strange huh  Not for me
soporific\sop-uh-RIF-ik; soh-puh-\ , adjective; 1.Causing sleep; tending to cause sleep. 2.Of, relating to, or characterized by sleepiness or lethargy.noun:  1.A medicine, drug, plant, or other agent that has the quality of inducing sleep; a narcotic.
What is easy is seldom excellent.  -  Samuel Johnson
The condition whereby the urethra opens up on the upper surface of the penis instead of extending through the center to the tip of the penis.
This Is To Funny
Without expectation or devotionI live this life of hate, aloneI am left with no emotionand I feel like letting go...I cry for someone to save me,but you are not there...I need someone to love are never there.
Daddy ... It Hurts!!!!
 'Daddy ... It hurts'         This is A TRUE STORY AND IF YOU DON'T PASS THIS ON YOU DON'THAVE A SOUL!!!My name is Chris , I am three,My eyes are swollen..I cannot see.I must be stupid,I must be bad,What else could have made,My daddy so mad?I wish I were better,I wish I weren't ugly,Then maybe my mommy,Would still want to hug me.I can't do a wrong,I can't speak at all,Or else I'm locked up,All day long.When I'm awake,I'm all alone,The house is dark,My folks aren't home.When my mommy does come home,I'll try and be nice,So maybe I'll just get,One whipping tonight.I just heard a car,My daddy is back,From Charlie's barI hear him curse,My name is called ,I press myself,Against the wall.I try to hide,>From his evil eyes,I'm so afraid now,I'm starting to cry.He finds me weeping,Calls me ugly words,He says its my fault,He suffers at work.He slaps and hits me,And yells at me more,I finally get free,And run to the door.He's already locked it,And I start to bawl,He takes me and throws me,Ag
Pissed Off Lately.
One Of My Fave Shows
Poirot, I LOVE the song
For Michael... Lol Enjoy
Anyone can be a cat. All you have to do is follow the rules. Rules For Being A Cat. 1. Anytime you go in or out a door you must pause at the threshold and contemplate whether you deign go through that door. You must do this until a much larger being is ready to give you a boot in the ass. You may then go through the door. 2. Anytime any flat object is laid upon the floor, you must go to the exact center of that object, lie down, and go to sleep.3. If you see any space anywhere that is just about your size, you must get into it and look around. 4. Kill. 5. Want a good place to be a cat? Try anyplace it would be inconvenient to have a cat. 6. Anything that was OK the last time is not OK anymore. If you wanted to be picked up the last time, you no longer want that. If you liked Swiss cheese the last time, you no longer like it. If you wanted your head scratched the last time, you now regard anyone who wants to scratch your head as a mortal enemy of cats. 7. If two doors lead into t
ok ,I hate this but in no position to live on my pride;Over a year ago I was injured on the job by another's hand,collected Workman's Comp for a bit,then was cut off.I have applied for Disability as my Doctor's still say i cannot work.Lost my home,my car,everything.I am living off my Brother's good will but now he is about to lose his house also and we will both be homeless soon.I have had absolutely no income now for 10 months with no end in sight.With this in mind,with holidays comming up i could use your help with gifts for my childrenHere goes the hardest part for me;I need help from anyone willing to help me.$1.00-$5.00,anything u can spare for me would be greatly appreciated.I will rate ur pages,send drinks,anything my fubucks will allow.It is all i have to offer right now.But know this;ur gifts will not be forgotten...ever.Please message me so i can answer any questions u may have.God Bless You and Thank You for even taking the time to read this. Sincerely,Jack
i've deleted the prev blog cause it was just pointless
Memories, Forever Lost In The Mists Of Time.
The march of time is relentless. It passes whether you wish or not. It cares not what it takes as it goes. It steals the smooth skin and firm body of your youth. It drains your energy, saps your strength, and robs you of your memories. Seems it especially preys upon the most precious memories, too. I didn’t manage to recall the memories I have lost. I still can’t see his image anymore. Impressions, yes. Emotions, longings, desires, yes. But not the face. I miss his face. How can the intensity of love be as strong as ever, but the face be erased from the mind? I don’t understand that. I decided a long time ago to respect his wishes and let go. Not an easy task and not complete, but I am trying. I have returned, given away or destroyed every object that was part of my time with him, save one. I’m considering Craig ’s List for that one, but I really don’t think I can part with it. I’ll never use it again, and it sits in the corner of my close
My Erotic Writings
   Sitting on the back of your pickup truck, watching as the storm clouds roll in. You slowly stand in front of me.Spreading my legs to make yourself comfortable.You lightly run your finger down my face.Tracing my moist lips.Moving in slowly,placing your lips on mine.Our mouths slowly becoming one.Tongues exploring.Slowly you start moving down my neck.Kissing and lightly biting.My skin crawling with excitment from your touch.Our breathing quickening..Hearts pounding faster.Touching each other..exploring.Your hands moving slowly up my shirt.Gently rubbing your fingers over my erect nipples.Letting out a gasp.Feeling the fire building up inside us.You remove my shirt, cupping my breasts in your hands.Placing your mouth on my breasts.Slowly moving you tongue over my nipplesThrowing my head back in pleasure.Grabbing you by the hair.You slowly start moving down.Kissing and touching every part of my body. Reaching my Thighs. You start caressing them with your lips, teasing me.Wanting you to
I Hate Myeself
I hate myself forfeeling the way i do. for believingeverything that otherssay is true.I hate to look in the mirrorand see emotion there.emotion so strongMeaning that i care.Careing is fragileas so is glass.just waiting for thingsto crumble and me fallback on my ass.I hate myself forseeing the real methe selfish personthat i have become to beI want to much.i love to muchi feel to much.believe to muchI will hate myself moreif i dont listen to my heartbecause if i dont heed itmy would will fall apart...
Whats On My Mind....
Well it seems that being overly PC has got us into a real mess not wanting to offend Hasan's Muslim sensibilities by bringing him in at least for questioning on this subject. That alone may have warned him off if he new he was being watched. Well OK we screwed up. Who knew it would come to this, hind sight is 20/20. Let's not continue to screw up going forward from here. This is as we all know a war on terrorism. Despite the continued PC spin that makes this man (Hasan) look like a poor, lonely, tormented, tragic, conflicted figure torn between his god and this war, a victim himself in all this…. He is not. Major Nidal Malik Hasan was in fact a terrorist, that committed a terrorist act, in this war on terror. He attacked our Army, our kids, on our soil, on the largest military base in the country. It's endless regulations can screw up something like this, so I am putting my two cents worth in on this issue now out front, hoping it does not become an issue. I am hoping that a
Standing Up For What You Believe In
On a dais you sit, Beneath we, the ember, dully lit. There is a place where children thrive And I too want to feel alive Myself I want to apply I want to raise my inferno high Scared of spiritual debt You seem to be inept So please send me away For here no longer I can stay. Hear my pleading cries Don’t look away, don’t shut your eyes Your words riddled with lies Does this really come as a surprise? You placed this sanbenito on my back But I refuse to colour my world black I am not chained to the ground, So please, sleep sound I will soon be out of your way That’s the thing about angel wings, They can fly or stay
I have been patiently and some time very vocally waiting since January 14th of this year to keel on over dead. Host of things have happened since and all showed their hands in one way or another but here it is November 10th and I am wondering where is this God intent on taking me? At five my mother tells me we're going to the temple at around 8 PM and The Order is politely reminding me through the things I have to study to come to the temple and you know what as much as I would like to go to the temple, I don't have time. Why is that? I'm still waiting to keel on over but walk through my liife as normal but vocal at times and yet leave no foot print. Better put is minimal foot print. I took up time and space today as I did yesterday and we'll see what tomorrow brings if any thing because I might not make it to bed or even wake up like the rest of you. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can mend right now. Tomorrow may come in a place you never expected. Cheers, as they say in UK
Athena's Link
★ĀƬΉΈṈ₳®★">@ fubar
Marines Birthday
wish all the Marine that you know a Happy Birthday today 234th year
Favorite Candy
Im eating Twizzlers........   I know we all have a favorite guilty pleasure........i like Reeses as well   whats yours?
Paper Dolls
Paper dolls sitting in the quiet of my mind. Lifeless little paper dolls; a figment of my imagination. Staring with blank faces through my soul, yearing for life. I want to cut the paper dolls so that they can see no more of me. Connected in a chain, whiriling in my brain. Knowing, knowing the secerts of my heart and how I sometimes fall apart. Oh, the pretty paper dolls smiling with no mouths at my desperate discontent. Singing songs that remind me of the past. At last, I understand that do not need to hold a hand of another to roam the land. However, it is just that that I want. Soul mate, lover, friend, someone with whom I will meet my end. The paper dolls laugh at me, laughing at my discontent wondering where my mind has went. Who are they to laugh at me? I am the one with a tangible life. Not of paper, yet of strife. I must destroy my pretty paper dolls all standing in a row. Destroy them so the torment will cease and I can finally live in peace. Shredded little paper dolls sittin
Very Nsfw...not For The Weak Of Heart...lolz
I got turned on writing it, BEWARE!!! ***Choke chains and silk laid across the bed. A faint remember of the night before. I reminisce about the things you did to me; too sexually explicit to speak of, I get moist just thinking about it.*** I came in the door to be met with a scarf meant to cover my eyes. “Shh, don’t speak; just walk”, I hear whispered in my ear. Obeying hesitantly, I walk through what seems to be my bedroom door. Still being led by my captor, my heart starts to race as I am sat down. Captor seems to be a man; rough hands and a deep voice. Sounds almost like…”Oh”…my pussy tightens with excitement. I have figured it out; I know who my captor is. It is my love; “God, this is erotic”, I mumble. “Shh”, he whispers. My hands are now behind my back; slowly and intricately being tied with what feels like silk. I feel and strange, but small pop about my breasts. Slowly, he unbuttons my blouse; warm kisses I
WHY WOMEN SHOULDN'T TAKE MEN SHOPPINGAfter I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips toTarget.Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred to getin and get out. Equally unfortunate, my wife is like most women - sheloves to browse. Yesterday my dear wife received the following letter fromthe local Target.Dear Mrs. Samuel,Over the past six months, your husband has caused quite a commotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and have been forced to ban both of you from the store. Our complaints against your husband, Mr. Samuel, are listed below and are documented by our video surveillance cameras.1. June 15: Took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in other people's carts when they weren't looking.2. July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in House wares to go off at 5-minute intervals.3. July 7: He made a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to thewomen's restroom.4. July 19: Walked up to an employee and told her in an official v
Falling In Love
It's hard for me to say this, It's hard to put into words. The way I feel about you, Cuz I'm afraid of getting hurt. I'm afraid that I'm falling for you, My heart has hit the floor. I hate to be without you, It makes me want you more. I love it when you hold me, And look into my eyes. I love to feel your body, When it's pressed against mine. I love to wake up next to you, All curled up in your arms. Where I know you'll keep me safe, From any kind of harm. Every time I'm with you, There's a constant smile on my face. The piece missing from my heart, You have somehow replaced. I want to tell you, How I really feel. But I find it hard to admit, That this is all so real. You know that I care about you, But you don't know how much. I find myself falling in love, With someone I feel I can trust. I don't want to scare you away, I just wanted you to know. The way I feel about you, As it continues to grow. Once again I am risking my heart, In hopes that you feel the same. But if you don
I havent done one of these things in a really long time. Just thought i would sit down and write one for the hell of it. I been having a lot going on in the past few years .Im just ready for my life to settle down and be happy for a change. In the last 7 years i have been through two marriages and 2 divorces. It seems just dont have much luck. I know im a good person and my day will come to be happy though. But for now I just have my friends and they are the best friends anyone could ask for. There is only a handful of people that can cheer me up and i thank them for that. For the first time in 11 years im putting myself first not above my children of course but over men. Doing stuff that will make me happy. I know what i want out of life and i dont want to settle for anything less. Im sorry if this was boring or anything of the sort, but afterall its my blog and its for me by me.
Just A Few Lines........
So,  I have survived two weeks of no shout box...........I know I cannot just stop fubar.  I have failed in my past attempts to boycot any of the bullshit (see previous blog)   Good news...............I have not as expected committed corp. suicide........I have in fact gained 7,000 a year and a new title plus quarterly bonuses aside from the bi yearly ones I came to know and love. moral is..............if you dont do it for yourself, nobody will............go fot it.........what you have to lose?   xoxoxoxoxox eat me
How I Fuck Up. Let Me Count The Ways.
1. I'm an impatient brat. Sorry. 2. I'm selfish. I blame that on being an only child. Sorry. 3. I trust no one. It takes time for me to believe what you say. Sorry. 4. It's okay for me to be a flirt, but not you. No fucking way. Sorry. 5. It only seems as if I try to find things to argue about. Ugh. Sorry. 6. I'm a cry baby. Sorry. 7. In fact, I've been on the verge of tears all day. Not sorry. 8. I do the superior dance a lot.  I'm good at it, but it doesn't make it right. Sorry. 9. I apologize, only to turn around the next day or minute, and be a dick again. Sorry. 10.I'm hard on you, but I am much harder on myself. Very sorry. This day is teh suck. I keep asking, WTF is wrong with me lately? This is a few of the things I came up with. It's difficult to look in the mirror and admit your faults. Hope you hold on.
Cleaning Oiut My Bartab
recently ive seen some people in my bartab with mafia wars staus, emo status or bling beg status and im wondering who thet are and how they got on my friends list.. im just in the mood to delete people and make myself feel more important and stuffs...i also realise i cant look at the screen and type for shit...oh well...let me know if you want deleted from my friends list too...   btw im gonna delete people i dont know with so many symbols in thier name i cant read it...     whos cooking hungry? whos masturbating to my pics? whos shooting that guy in the head? i need a blender to make margaritas, thats what this blog is really about... what kind do i get. my last one broke cuz the was cheap...
All Gave Some...
Jobs: Harder To Get Into Than Harvard
Landing a job like getting into Harvard By Samuel Sherraden, Special to CNN   Editor's note: Samuel Sherraden is a policy analyst for the Economic Growth Program at the New America Foundation, a Washington-based think tank that promotes innovative thought across the ideological spectrum. Washington, D.C. (CNN) -- The 650,000 jobs created or saved by the stimulus package so far make up only a small step toward correcting the gap between the tens of millions of unemployed people and the few openings that those people are fighting over. Even the administration's goal of creating 3.5 million jobs is far below what the economy really needs. With an official unemployment rate of 10.2 percent, the gap between the number of full-time job openings and the number of people who are unemployed has widened. Since the beginning of the recession in December 2007, job openings declined from 4.4 million to 2.4 million and the number of officially unemployed persons grew from 7.5 million to 15.7 m
Mumm Aproval
ever started using mumm aproval ive gotten quite a bit more joy out of them, thats all for now
Something For My Own Amusement
I know I seem to come off as a quiet and rather innocent girl to most people (except those who really know who I am). I've been struggling with bring up S&M to my bf. He's extremely new to dating and being in a relationship and I really care about. Needless to say, I don't want to scare him off. I had bought a book for my own informational purposes of what it is I'm into awhile ago: SM 101 by Jay Wiseman. I'm debating lending it to my bf so he can better understand me. But that's not the reason I'm writing this, to ask advice blah blah. Nope. I was looking back through the pages of this book and remembered why it was that I laughed a lot. On almost every page of this book there are quotes the author has heard people as SM clubs say in passing conversations. They are hilarious as well as sweet and just plain true! Here are several examples: Learning how to do SM is like learning how to have sex all over again. SM relationships are essentially relationships between equals. Are all sa
Daddy's Talking About Me!
Daddy’s Talking About Me! When I was on Pastor Bob Edwards’ radio show “Making Life Work” on KHRT today (as I’m writing this it just went off the air, but you can catch it tomorrow at 4 pm Eastern Standard Time on as streaming audio on 1320 AM), besides promoting my books that I’ve already written as well as the current one I am writing – and I broke 20,000 words last night, thank you! – I also related something my son said to me at breakfast this morning.  When he heard me at home, Martha told me a few minutes ago, Jeffrey said “Daddy’s talking about me” and I was told he looked a little embarrassed … I had a lot of fun doing the program with Pastors Bob, Steve, and Mark and got to wax on a bit about the websites you can find me at as well, including where I expect you are reading this scintillating prose of mine. Martha’s called in sick today and she’s home with the kids and her sister
Senual Love
The sun rises on a cool crisp morningMy body aches for want of yearningI want your caress, your touchFor I need your love oh so muchYou are my presence in my mindI am lucky to find a man so kindTo hold in awe at your passion and needYour want for me is not of greedTo languish for hours within your armsYour wit, your humor and that impeccable charmEnlightens within me a new desire each dayOne I hope is there forever to stayI love you lover, my friend and desireMy loins ache for you as though on fireMy breasts harden at your thoughtNipples grow hard, sensitive and tautThe door to my inner depths opens for youThe passion, the fire, the need to endureCaressing you, touching you, kissing youMy love has been waiting so long for youI love you with all my heart and soul!Not just your being but you as a whole!
For My Dr
Dear Love, My days and especially my nights are so empty without you! Waking up to the softness of your skin against mine, your hair gently brushing my cheek. I can feel you breathing as ifyou were a part of my own body.Looking at you as you dream. Gently "waking" you to the soft caresses of my hands. Your body yielding to me. I hope you come and see me soon. I can't stand another minute without you...I miss you so much!
What If I Came Knocking
It had been long time. The thought had been with me since I boarded in the plane in Providence 5 hours ago.   Now here I was in Detroit and wondering if she would be happy to see me or not, things had been tense over the last couple of years. You couldn’t blame her for being a little bit perturbed with me, I could have told her that it was just friends with benefits long before I did.  She didn’t shut me out though, not even after I’d gotten married we’d still e-mailed almost daily and talked once a week since it had all gone bad. (I still wondered if she was hanging on to something. I guess I was about to find out.)   I’d had no intention of being in Detroit, but work had a way of putting me places that I never expected to be these days. I knew when I heard Jonesy, my boss, on the phone saying, “This is not a problem!”, that I was pretty much screwed. Twenty minutes later he came out of his office handed me a work order, told me to go home a
Final Destination: Terminal Velocity
I'm coming back to earth at terminal velocity I'm falling so hard from on high I swear i won't end without leaving my mark Highspeed heartache will bury me deep The fractured soul that you can't mend I'm gonna leave a scar within you all I can't stop this decent I'm too far gone for anyone to save The evil that men do is reflected in my eyes What good is a broken toy I can feel the heat of re-entry searing me to the bone This world wasn't made for me I'm so close to crater Your world will shudder from the impact of my end I can't take the loss of this one Life was my path Death, my destination My eyes are open wide I breathe deep inhaling eternity Maybe this fall will burn away what I've done...
Whatever Works
This should be a short blog, because truly I should never have watched it in the first place.  It takes a specific kind of person to enjoy and appreciate Woody Allen movies, and I am NOT that kind of girl.  LMAO I've said that before but never meant it so seriously.  So anyhow my kid insisted I rent this movie because it was going to be soooo funny.  So here is what we got. Cranky old genius man takes in super young runaway.  Lots of flashbacks and bad accents.  Bad jokes.  In all fairness some good one liners.  That is pretty much it.  It sucked, not like Paranormal Activity sucked, but still incredibly bad.   Grade: D=:  Opening scene when the main character is trying to convince all his friends that there is an audience  watching their every move. Favorite Quote:  (speaking to his "then" wife) "Let's face it, our marriage hasn't been a garden of roses. Botanically speaking, you are more of a Venus Flytrap."
Trasaction Or Payment Dispute Policy
Since we started fubar, we have always bent over backwards to give everyone the benefit of the doubt when they have problems with purchasing something on the site. Anyone who has ever had a problem that could legitimately be backed up with a receipt or that was somewhat reasonable has always been credited or refunded.  Our policy on transaction disputes is an open door policy. If you have a problem with something email me personally with the following details.  1. date of purchase 2. Item purchased 3. description of what happened or what items you did not receive. 4. Copy, screen grab or photo of the receipt. 5 Type of transaction (credit card, PayPal,debit card, pre paid gift, pre paid debit, gift credit card). We track every transaction you purchase. I will be more than happy to help you resolve any billing problem if you can provide me the above information. If you are someone who is using a debit credit card, pre paid credit card, debit gift card, etc, please r
Attention To Everyone On My Friends List!!!
Paula Al Fresco
It had been almost an hour since I’d dropped Paula off and my adrenaline was still coursing through my body.  It had been a really wild afternoon, more so than I had expected when I’d picked her up earlier that morning. It was probably one of if not the wildest first meetings I had ever had with a woman. And what a woman she was.   I first met Paula online in an AOL chat room.  She had a great sense of humor and was cutting some young kid that tried to come onto her up for the room’s entertainment. So I decide that I’d check out her profile and see what her deal was. It turned out that she lived about 40 minutes from me. I sent her and IM and we started chatting. It was very comfortable and there was chemistry there right from the jump.  After a couple of chats she sent me some nude pics of herself and well DAMN. I kid you not she had 36 G tits and her nipples when hard were easily the size of the tip of my thumb.   We continued to chat for the next week or
Play The Part.
Center the stage. Find a face to face. Twitch a forced breath to draw guts. A rebel at the back wall pricks my sight… focus found, receives, distributes and falls to the floor in front of the mirror. Feature cause of drop, only 100% sure. Snap back to an empty auditorium. The mirror has been turned around. Naked winds rip outside. Didn’t I tell you? You’ve been trying to reach me? Sorry, I have been avoiding you. I lied to get to the truth. And you lapped up my words. I thought the rotten stench would surface quicker than you. Everything is fucked now. The show has been cancelled. Satisfied with failure.
A Visit With Lynn
It had been an incredible weekend.  I was sore as hell, but certainly very relaxed. Sitting slumped down in the front seat of the van watching the trees go by as we hurtled down the Maine Turnpike back towards Boston, I couldn’t help but wonder I had never been whitewater rafting before. (There is something about it other than the obvious rush that makes it an extremely cathartic experience. I suspect that it’s the feeling that you have overcome a situation that could have killed you if you weren’t up to the task that makes you feel much better about yourself.) I was certain of one thing, this wouldn’t be the last trip for me. I began to doze off.   I was quickly startled out of my light slumber by the shrill ring of my cell phone. I’d almost forgot that I had it with me, there was absolutely no signal whatsoever where we had been all weekend. I rummaged around quickly and managed to find it in my coat pocket. “Hello?”   “Well, hello
Dui - Cajun Style
     DUI - Cajun Style                  Recently a routine police patrol was parked outside a bar inLafayetteLouisiana . After last call, the officer noticed Boudreaux was  leaving thebarso apparently intoxicated that he could barely walk. He  stumbledaroundthe parking lot for a few minutes, with the officer quietly observing.         After what seemed an eternity, in which he tried his keys onfivedifferent vehicles, Boudreaux  managed to find his car and fall into it. Hesatthere for a few minutes as a number of other patrons left the bar anddroveoff.         Finally he started the car, switched the wipers on and off (itwas afine, dry summer night), flicked the blinkers on and off a couple oftimes,honked the horn and then switched on the lights. He moved the vehicleforward a few inches, reversed a little and then remained still for afewmore minutes as some more of the other patrons' vehicles left.          At last, when his was the only car left in the parking lot, hepulled out and dr
Alcohol...dark Life
  My world is falling apart. my eyes arenever dry..I seewhat you are doing toyourself. and thatyou want to die.The way you drinkevery day and nightevery one wonders if youwill ever see the light.You are loosing everything that used to matterif it ever mattered atall..tell me how you feelafter the fall.You are following in the steps of a fatherthat you never reallyknew.. and yet, you expectyour daughter to look up to you.Do you want her to seeyou dead, and blame herselffor something she had no controlof. does it matter that shedoesnt even want to be aroundbecause it seems likethe beer. is better than she is.that the beer was chosen over herand that it is and what took youaway from her.but keep going the way you areand kill yourself slowly. Im not sureshe and I can live with that any longer.We didnt ask for it. we arent the cause of itmaybe one day you will see the damage youhave really done.
I Can Smell Christmas Coming Can You?
  Yes, Christmas has a particular scent, its cinnamon and spices and supermarkets pump it out discreetly in case we forget what the spending season smells like.   I hate being manipulated like that don’t you?   Christmas or winter to me smells like wood burning and the frosty bright mornings remind me of the seasons changing, I don’t know anyone who boils cinnamon, makes spiced oranges or who mull wine not from present day nor my past, because I wasn’t alive in Victorian times when Christmas came into its own.   It seems we modern folk can’t have our own Christmas identity; we have to hark back to the olden days to get one. Cards and TV adverts show small Victorian dressed children with rosy cheeks and furry muffs staring through bevelled shop windows as their ankle boots are deep in crisp snow. Is there anyone alive who can recall that? NO!   To me childhood Christmas memories are of musty socks hanging over our old coal fire in the front room and my
Good News
I am smitten.   that is all.....   share yourselves with me.....
Vegas, Baby!
I'm headed to Vegas on Thursday, kids, and I'll be honest: I've never been to Vegas, and I've never wanted to go to Vegas.  My dislike stems not from fear, but rather loathing for all that's glittery and fake and over-commercialized. Vegas ranks right up there in my mind with sparkly hump-day bling.  In fact, Vegas might actually BE sparkly hump-day bling. I wouldn't be going to Vegas at all, but it's the fella's dad's birthday; pops is getting on in years and would like to meet me and apparently try to kiss me at some point.  (Or so I've been warned.) Anyway, I'm looking for non-touristy Vegas recommendations.  I'd like to go someplace in Vegas that's not a chain, that isn't all lit up at night, and that doesn't have hordes of tourists milling about it taking photos.  Are there any good coffee shops?  Any nice art to look at?  A cozy used book store?  A vegetarian cafe filled with non-vegasy types? To clarify: Please don't tell me which casino to go to.  There are lots of casinos.
Because Of You - Unknown Soldier
  Because of you, I am here Because of you, I am able to live freely   Yet I do not know you And I have not done anything for you   But there you stand, ready to fight And there you are prepared to die For me   You've fought before And you'll fight again For someone you don't know   So thank you Unknown Soldier
I Got
i got 841 friends and 25 family memebers,  Im looking for a fu wife to share my thoughts with,  Someone gotta love me.  Send me a qucik note if you want to be my fu wife,   bedrock
Wtf !?!?!?!
Don't you find it interesting...that after Monday (M) and Tuesday (T), the rest of the week is WTF? LOL
First I Got
Elmer says, "First, I got tonsillitis, followed by appendicitis and pneumonia. After that I goterysipelas with hemachromatosis. Following that I got poliomyelitis and finally ended up with neuritis. Then they gave me hypodermics and inoculations." Calvin says, "Boy, you had quite a time!" Elmer replies, "I'll say! I thought I'd never pull through that spelling test." 
Ok I Need New Nickname
 I need alittle help. I've posted a Picture with a ? and a folder say needs alittle help with nickname . I'm really starting to hate the name Camo. So Help  me out here is the link...
Because You're A Fucking Loser...
Often I'm confronted with stupid. Not a singularity...not "a dumb bitch" (and yes, that's what I call stupid men as well) almost physical manifestation of The Stupid.   Now, note the fact that I said "often", and start giving it the weight that's necessary. Real weight. Slurpees in the wintertime weight. Fat girls singing Evanescence at Karaoke weight. Dude screennamed SexiVegasSixPack69Lover kind of weight. At these moments a sudden darkness falls. A black umbra, unbroken by hope, that settles down and brings to mind Jonathan I try to suss out how best to remove the bones when I grind them into viable meat to feed the homeless. Now, of course, I wouldn't actually do that. Mostly because it requires a significant amount of effort to continuously man thewood chipper, and though I may be slightly witty, I'm also stunningly fucking lazy. So where are the options, you ask? Well now we get to the meat of the matter...with that awkward pun. Killing them with my mind.  
History Of Veterans Day
World War I – known at the time as “The Great War” - officially ended when the Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919, in the Palace of Versailles outside the town of Versailles, France. However, fighting ceased seven months earlier when an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, between the Allied nations and Germany went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. For that reason, November 11, 1918, is generally regarded as the end of “the war to end all wars.” Soldiers of the 353rd Infantry near a church at Stenay, Meuse in France, wait for the end of hostilities.  This photo was taken at 10:58 a.m., on November 11, 1918, two minutes before the armistice ending World War I went into effect In November 1919, President Wilson proclaimed November 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day with the following words: "To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride
"river On Fire" By Adam Again
  What would you say if you knew what I was thinking? Maybe you do, but you know not to dig too deep What if i knew what you needed for sure? I've seen in your eyes you need more, much more And I could be happy, and you could be miserable I'll grab a metaphor out of the air The Cuyahoga River on fire What can you say? The impossible happens What can you settle for? What can you live without? I remember the night I first darkened your door And I swore that I loved you My heart was pure You could be happy, and I could be miserableI'll grab a metaphor out of the air The Cuyahoga River on fire My open window, a dream in the dark My fingers, your face A spark, a trace I know a lot about the history of Cleveland, Ohio Disasters that have happened there Like the Cuyahoga River on fire
Why Would I Call It
Why would I call it Civil Rights violation? The physician, whatever hes intentions made it that by the statement of he would have to do it if it was an emergency in ER by 911 and ambulance but refuses to do so even though it is an emergency. Without it I'm dead very soon but is refusing to do so because I smoke like others and even the one in ER. I am refusing to lie about it by saying I smoke outright instead of saying I don't and go back to it. He made the statement the there is no use of going through all this if I continue ot go back to it. He is imposing the condion that he wants on me but lets go of it in the ER situation. Two faced, perhaps, and I understand how bad smoking is like illicit drugs and something quite legal like alcohol but regulated by age like any cigarettes. I know this. Lot of the States made tons of money on the settlement by the makers of cigarettes. What happened to the Cigar, snuff, and can't forget the booze and the places that make money from the sale, tr
Defining Moment
Stepping out into the unknownOne foot off the cliffReady to leapWaiting for the change to hit meThe moment of completionThe moment I knowAll is right againPausing to take a breath Before I fall into the abyssWill it swallow me wholeor hold me safe and unharmedPraying I will live to see another dayThat my choices wont be my endClosing my eyes, one last prayerI leap into darkness..
Whudda Tramp!
I honestly dont know why this song came too mind,but I truly love the vocals and the sauciness of that pup!       Later days!!
I Admit My Ass Is Implants....
I have been called allot of things lately, so i decided to list all my faults and then you can decide if you still want to be my friend... My ass is fake about 2 years ago i got implants I am popular in my own mind... I use people to make my way to the top I am a heartless bitch that cares nothing for anyone If you do not play well with me i drop you fast Well those are some of the things ive been accused of being lately. So i say to you ( the readers of this blog) I am just me. if you dig deep enough you will see that im pretty nice and genuinely care about you. Also i am flakey i disappear alot because my life is nuts lately. I wont sit here and complain about the crappy things going on cause well its just not me... I like to make people feel better most of the times. So i say you have a choice.. you can put up with the bullshit that is me and meet a person who is sweet or you can move on the choice is yours... END RANT 1. the ass is really mine i grew it myself 2. Sunday
Medical Seo
medical practice marketing | medical advertising |medical SEO
Ever Notice This
-Woman has Man in it; -Mrs. has Mr. in it; -Female has Male in it;-She has He in it;-Madam has Adam in it;-No wonder men always want to be inside women!-Men were born between the legs of a woman, yet men spend all their life & time trying to go back between the legs of a woman.....-Why?-BECAUSE THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE H...OME-Okay, Okay, it all makes sense now...-I never looked at it this way before:-MEN tal illness-MEN strual cramps-MEN tal breakdown-MEN opause-GUY necologist-& ...-When we have REAL trouble, it's a-HIS terectomy .-Ever notice how all of women's problems start with MEN ?
Music Down Loads
we all have the bands that we like a handful of songs but dont exactly want to buy all their cds for those songs... I tunes has compilations that you cant buy on cd from the music i DLed a staind and an incubus compilation. i figured i could dl a couple 4 or five songs for a buck a piece or just get the whole unit of 16-20 songs for 10 bucks and have some extra songs i might like...   now i have limited 5 gigs of internet usage per month to use. i dont have the ares or limewire on my laptop but maybe someone out there knows of one of those free sites that id be able to transfer dls to itunes so they will go on an ipod player in my phone as well...    
Fall Auction
  come bid on me....u won't regret it!
How Do I Move On?
How do we move on, when we are always looking back? How can we laugh, after all the tears. So much pain, can't stop the rain. I have fallen, can't you hear me calling. Through the years, and all the tears, i can't chase away my fears. I want to know will you be there, do you even care? How do we move on? I want to run, I can no longer see the sun. The walls been built, but who's going to climb over, I talk but noone listens. Tired of crying, Tired of trying. How can I move on? the past is always there, I don't think you even care. Maybe now i have found my answer, How do I move on.  
Saturn After Equinox
Join The A2mc-toe Society
Welcome all to the A2MC-Toe Society! I would like to extend this invitation to everyone who would like to be a part of this new, exciting Fubar group! Of course with any group, we are going to need a list of rules and requirements for all who wish to join. 1. To be voted into the group, you must submit a boobie, c-toe, cock salute or a2m video to a current member.. but only after asking if they want one. 2. Must buy a Founder at least 2 drinks and one "spicy" gift 3. Must profile rate each member daily 4. Must rate at least 100 member pics daily 5. You must shit talk each other on the quarter hour. 6. Must write one MuMM a day professing your love for A2M or C-      Toe 7. Must be blocked from no less than 5 MuMM posters 8. Must show proof of calling someone a cunt in your shoutbox. 9. Must capture scrolling A2MC-Toe mafia members 10. You must show the founders daily "fulove" and then  immediately go masturbate.      AND OF COURSE YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PUT A2MC-TOE MAF
Afraid Of The Unknown
As most of you know, my husband has been incarcerated since October 29th.  It has been a long two weeks without hearing his sweet voice (besides voicemails I am overjoyed that I had saved) and seeing him since a few days prior to his arrest. It's been especially difficult due to the fact that October 31st is when we officially got back together.  We've been together since December 14th 2006, with only a minor break.  I've been trying to go on as usual, but he is always on my mind. Today, I'm heading down to the county jail to see the gorgeous man I love through a pane of glass.  And I will finally be able to hear his voice... and to tell him myself (not through a bondsman or a counselor) that I love him and that I'm here for him. I told him when he got into trouble in July, that if he were to be put in jail again, I would leave him. I can't do that.  Not when he needs me the most.  But while he's in there, we're separated in every facet of the word.  This is my first time ever g
Prank Phone Calls
i love signing up for all sorts of garbage on the interwebz. just so i will get phone calls from all these companies.   one of my favorite has to be the time i signed up for an automobile loan, a guy with a heavy pakistani accent calls me he asks "is so and so there"   i said this is he   he said would i be interested in a car loan, and i said yeah that would be great   he asked "how much do you need sir" i said " well theres a nice bmw id like, its about 80k or so"   he says 80k? np how much doyou make a month, i said 600 bux, he asks, thats a week? i said "no a month aintthat what you fucking asked me?" then he says "well how do you intend to pay this loan off? 600 dollars a month you wont be able to pay it off?"   i told him i have no intention of paying it off, i mean what tard calls random people to give out car lonas, i fiugred you were stupid enuff to give it too me and id just drive it around till you cought on to that fact and reposessed it"
 Is this too much info on what I like to do ??   We begin by kissing, softly at first then building to deeper and more passionate, tongues meeting. I begin to softly kiss and lick your neck, your ears then move to your shoulders while gently holding your face in my hand, gently tugging on your hair. My hands softly rubbing your back, legs. I then lightly with my fingertip touch the outline of your breasts purposely avoiding you nipples. teasing them with my finger till they slighlty become erect. I move my mouth and tongue to your upper chest area softly licking and kissing, your anticipation builds. I slide your bra strap off your shoulders as my tongue moves towards your upper breasts. Then around your nipples but not touching them at first, now and again a soft lick on you nipples as you moan. I move down your body to your stomach, belly buttonsucking on it. I gently grab your panties with my teeth and slide them off of you. My tongues licking your legs first the front down to the
Little Bro - 2/24/09
  LITTLE BRO Where did the time go? Little bro I see you rushing headlong to grow up ASAP Just like me But I had no partner in crime until you came into my world I was 23 when you came to be Both of us wishing the age gap was only a skip instead of a jump You were my monkey, you were my friend, you were someone upon whom I could always depend Did I choke you little bro? With the tentacles of overprotection Going from making you feel secure to inwardly screaming for a way out Whatever you do, stay you and stay true Remember I said you could be anyone and do anything no matter what the world said Remember too that I always included myself in that group Practice makes perfect were your sister’s often repeated coaching words that she also needed to hear It is always the striving that mattered for you know through words and deeds that no one is perfect, especially not me I was witness to your light, your fire, your truly unique exuberant nature But speaking of fire
Life hands us everything to deal with and we do our best to deal with it.... it is harder than hell do do it but we do it anyways... we don't always do it well but we do it to the best of our abilities. Thats what I am doing now... my life isn't always peachy or made outta gold.... yah my pics always show me smiling for a reason... If you cant go through life looking at the bright side of things you will always notice the bad stuff. I look at everything positive because of everything I have been through... I'm glad where I am at today... it has been harder than anything but I am a survivor and I make it through My friends are everything to me right now because they are all I have... I am greatful to have them in my life and that will never change. If you can't make great friends in your life it will just go down hill in the longrun. So to all my friends.... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
This Has Been Bothering Me For A Couple Years Now
alright not sure where to start so ill start from the begining. I used to play pool alot in league and was rather good at it, i mean now not so much i pretty much lost the desire and im not sure why but what ever right. well in my hay day i really thought i needed a custom poll cue so i bought a dennis deickman for about 1200 bux, mabye 900 both numbers are stuck in my head so but its close enuff. and i really liked it and it had wood threads someting you dont see so much of anymore with wood threads and a wood threaded tenon etc. but be being the curiouse person i am tried to learn how to build one, couldnt find anything on the internet nor in the library but i did come acros 2 rare books one written by an eccentric cue builder by the name of never mind i forgot and another by mike hitower or highttower eeither one will get you there, but you can only learn so much from a book and me lacking any equipment was still sad and didnt know how. well i asked a librarian to track
Assumptions Are Stupid
Well for those of you who think you know me.... you probably don't very well... Certain people have assumed some bullshit and accused me of shit..... I don't appreciate it. I am a quiet person that keeps to myself. What I do in my personal life is my fuckin business. I wish people would understand that. Hell if I wanted to be with someone and want everyone to know I'll freakin tell you guys... until then quit assuming shit. I have good friends on this site that help me and are there for me... if all you jackasses want to assume that I'm sleeping with every single one.. you all can go to hell and kiss my ass. I'm so tired of the drama and bullshit it ain't funny... I like to have fun and make lots of friends but the way its going I am bout to make some enemies..... I hope you all will understand this... cuz it really upsets me. I'm a very emotional person that I guess cares too much sometimes.... well it won't be that way for long if shit won't quit. For those who do understand T
This Is So Very True, The Govt Needs To Be Replaced, All Of Them From The President On Down!!
The 545 are to blame   Over prepare, then go with the flow. Subject: Fw: The 545 are all to blame for where we are now economically Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 14:00:54 -0400 Very hard to believe but true..........answers a lot of questions.. .............. think you will agree 545 vs 300,000,000  EVERY CITIZEN NEEDS TO READ THIS AND THINK ABOUT WHAT THIS JOURNALIST HAS  SCRIPTED IN THIS MESSAGE.  READ IT  AND THEN REALLY THINK ABOUT OUR CURRENT POLITICAL DEBACLE.  Charley  Reese has been a journalist for 49 years. 545  PEOPLE  By Charlie Reese  Politicians are the only people in the world  who create problems and then campaign against them.  Have you ever  wondered, if both the Democrats and the Republicans are against deficits, WHY do we have deficits?  Have you ever wondered, if  all the politicians are against inflation and high taxes, WHY do we have  inflation and high taxes?  You and I don't propose a federal budget.  The president does.  You and I don't have the 
I sit alone and wait for the dayFor all this saddness to burn awayIt seems to be a endless dateI continue to waitAt nights, I would lay there awakeWondering how much longer it would takeWhen my life will finally be straightBut I will still waitSo much I want to give up my timeBeing covered in this filthy grimeIs my near future a fakeI will do my best to waitPositive words are said to meWondering if it's just a jar of potpourriHidden seasons of love and hateHow much longer can I waitHis sweet words do make me smileHoping it would last for a whileThat it's not a dream of fateI continue to wait-Written by me 11/10/09
Why does it hurt so much? A lot of things I just will never understand.
Search Engine Optimization
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My Awsome 21st
ok...This is what happend on MY big numba 21. 1st off, No drinky drunky for me. 2nd, my best friend got pissed at me for not drinkin, made me feel like shit. 3rd, arguments, arguments, and more arguments. 4th, broke up with my g/f. 5th caught my babies momma and her "friend" fuckin. 6th threw down with her "fuck toy" of the evening. simple fact he punched me in the jaw, and I threw him off the porch, OVER the guard rail, onto the street... 3 times... Wish I had a camera, would have been great for youtube. seriously, I've never met anyone in my life who puches like such a bitch! fuckin christ! man up why dont ya?! my MOTHER hit harder than that chicken faggot. anyway... ended up stayin up all night pissed off, had ONE pina colada... yeah... ONE... just 1. uno. thats it... Happy Birthday To Me!!!!
"aion" Europe And The United States Market Analysis Of Operations
"Eternal Tower" since listing, is caused by a very beautiful picture with its unique air system, popular in Southeast Asia. Also attract a lot of Europe and the United States players’ eye, whether it is national dress, hanbok, Japanese wear players can see a lot of Europe and the United States presence. MMORPG.COM for "Aion," reputation is high, a few months, the "Eternal Tower" has been ranked top three in the rankings. And more sales data indicate that the client pre-sales in North America reached 80 million for the aion cd key, with annual sales expected to exceed 100 million dollars. Can see that global players on the game of love. Prospects After a five times, after a closed test, "Eternal Tower" Europe and the United States was finally ushered in the beta. On September 13 after the end of beta, the United States serve will start charging 22 operators, while the European service will also be on the 25th to start charging operations regarding to the Aion cd key. This miss
"world Of Warcraft" Is The Crack Cocaine
A report from Sweden's Youth Care Foundation labeled the video game World of Warcraft "the crack cocaine of the computer gaming world."  And following at 15-year-old's collapse with seizures after twenty-four straight hours of gameplay, the Swedish National Institue of Public Health is also on board in condemning the game's addictive nature. So it's the reason World of Warcraft CD Key has been sold more and more every year. Here in the U.S., the American Medical Association does not yet consider game addiction a legitimate disorder, but experts are seeing and increase in cases."Anecdotally, you see a lot of treatment professionals reporting that people are coming in and saying that their, people that they're working with are having problems coping with and dealing with playing online games in a healthy way, The mature player always make new players  to buy WoW CD Key, accede to this colony " says clinical psychologist James Fournoy."
New Music Online!!
heya ppl,i just finished a new track, It´s Called Digital dream,once you heard you know why  :) so go check it out @
Tuesday Nites - Torqued Out Trivia 8 - 9 Pm - Prizes
Come join us at 8 - 9 pm    General every day questions - anyone can guess and win - prizes to first correct answer.    LIVE DJ taking requests !!!   All around great night !!!
The Men Who Stare At Goats
I went to see it on the weekend.  It was an excellent evenings entertainment.  Not perhaps what you might expect from the trailers, but very funny, intelligently written, quite bizzare in places and very well observed. Clooney didn't overdo it, which was good, he was great.  I'd totally recommend it - a witty and clever comment on cultural changes in the western world over the past 40/50 years.
Daniel Kitson
Last night I went to see British stand-up Daniel Kitson perform his new show about death.  As always, Kitson proved himself to be one of the most warm, affable, genuine, big-hearted human beings alive on the planet, and I laughed my ass off pretty much non-stop.  Should you get the chance to see this man doing his thing live, grab it with both hands. Kitson's website
Today's spotlight : 20 mil and change My fund : 15 mil and change At the moment I'm perservering with this hideous default picture*, but I'm not quite sure how long it will be before shame over-takes hilarity, and I put my tits away.  So I guess the sooner I get a spotlight fund, the more likely it is I'll be stupid enough to do the whole thing with my shirt off... Thanks to Tom, Suga, Badcrumble, Crisis, Witchie, MooMoo, Skeeter, Peace, Alix, Shoshonni, MailBroad, TopKnotch, Rev, Moet, Reeka, Sherry, Papercut Kisses   * which, incidentally, always makes me think of this bit of Gummo
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
  In the wee small hours of the morning,While the whole wide world is fast asleep,You lie awake and think about the girl,And never ever think of counting sheep. When your lonely heart has learned its lessonYou'd be hers if only she would call.In the wee small hours of the morning,That's the time you miss her most of all
Party Party Party Party
I could bartely sleep waiting for our party to start the next night.  Me and Sam cleaned up the place and my friend went out and bought a bunch of new toys for us girls to play with after they lose their virginity, I just know we are going to have a huge orgy afterwards. Anyway......the time finally arrived and the four girls from our posse showed up wearing barely anything at all, that was a good sign that party was going to be awesome, the two guys showed up and my friend took them to his study until it was time to fuck!!!!! Then the virgins arrived, I was a lil disappointed when only 10 of them showed up, really only 9 from the orginal group but one of them brought her step-sister with her.....anyway it didn't matter if we only had 10 girls it was still going to be a fuck fest!!!!!  We poured drinks for the girls and we chatted a bit to ease their nerves, since it was sam's and my party, we got to choose the 3 girls we wanted, we took sue and also her step sister sara, then megan
From Me To God
From hell   “religion is just like a cult Just with more members”     The cross that Jesus Christ died on will burn down to the ground along with his house of worship   Am from hell The Christians must die Am the deicide Your god rots like the infection he is     My Dedication belongs to Satan for eternality, where will your beliefs be when Religion dies     Am from hell The Catholics must die Am the deicide Your god rots like the infection he is   @ I’ll dismember your so called fucking Christ and any so called lord that stands before me 666 will reign!   Am from hell   The Jews must die Am the deicide Your god rots like the infection he is     Jose Hermosillo
Ludicrous (aka Brooks 30 Words)
I'll shudder as I look away from palms damp and feverish,I never knew you, really.Even when we were juxtaposing words with tenacity,there was always an omnipotent feelingthat underlying was a lie.So, I'll make my way to the abbatoir,instead of your heaveneven when you tried to palliate it...I knew.My mind travels back to a halcyon dazebefore I was screwed by your malfeasanceby your emblematic dogma.And then the present obtrudesbringing me back to the tiradeHere is my libation to you, false one.I'm quite...cumulonimbus tonightpossessed by monomania...I was once your fawning sycophant, but no longer.I think it's time to do some hedgingcopious amounts of it, actuallyI'm through with all of this.excuse my solecism when I sayFuck you.Letting the turgid river flowI'm floundering for just a momentthen I'm finally still, still and true.The cacophany in my head finally ceasesas I take my place with the deadAnd all the quandaries I once had, fade.left with perfect nonsense floating in,
I'm Trying To Figure All This Out
To let everyone know that has been messaging me and asking for friend requests. Thank you, to all that send me drinks thank you as well. I am new to this site and trying to figure it all out. So, please be patient with me as I learn how to make everything work here.   Peace, ***KELLY***
Omg Ppl Suck
We need to know this, please pass it on! IMPORTANT      READ TOM JOYNER'S MORNING SHOW        Tom Joyner wants this information to reach his listeners.. You have probably heard of 'NUD' as a result of the Tom Joyner morning show related to Comp USA . NUD (Non Urban Dictate) is the acronym for a very subtle and litt le-known marketing term specifically directed toward people of color. 'Non Urban Dictate' These three words essentially mean that a company is not interested in the Black consumer. A NUD label means that a company does not want their marketing and advertising materials placed in media that claim an urban audience (black folks) as their main target. There are legitimate reasons for companies not using urban radio. It may be that Blacks don't index high in certain categories or that a company's strategy is to market to the Black consumer down the road after they have established a strong position in their primary target. But, NUD usually means that a company is not inte
Ezine Article Submission
ezine article submission ezine submission ezinearticles submission
A Kiss
SHE kissed me when she said good-byeA child's kiss, neither bold nor shy.We had met but a few short summer hours;Talked of the sun, the wind, the flowers,Sports and people; had rambled throughA casual catchy song or two,And walked with arms linked to the carBy the light of a single misty star.(It was war-time, you see, and the streets were darkLest the ravishing Hun should find a mark.)And so we turned to say good-bye;But somehow or other, I don't know why,-Perhaps t'was the feel of the khaki coat(She'd a brother in Flanders then) that smoteHer heart to a sudden tendernessWhich issued in that swift caressSomehow, to her, at any rateA mere hand-clasp seemed inadequate;And so she lifted her dewy faceAnd kissed me but without a traceOf passion, and we said good-bye. . .A child's kiss, . . . neither bold nor shy.My friend, I like you it seemed to say-Here's to our meeting again some day!Some happier day. . . .Good-bye. Bernard Freeman Trotter, Killed in France, 1917
Gun Owners Unite
I was watching the news tonight and was shocked to see the senless death of a CU student. He was shot once in the chest. This brought back memories of a good friend of mine that was killed for no reason in Alaska a few years back. I am NOT by any means a gun controal advocate, I own two firearms my self...a .357 magnum and a Yougoslavian SKS, and as soon as I can afford more I am planing to buy more. For all of my life I have supported the Second Adment and I do beleive that those of us that are law abiding citizens NEED to do somthing about the unlawful use and senless killings that are threatening our way of life. As Americans the right to bear arms is somthing that we hold near and dear to our hearts, going back to the birth of our country and it is somthing that most of us to this day are willing to fight for. However due to recent events, including the Ft. Hood attack, and constant gun violence in the news, we are soon to be in the minority on the issue. I for one don't want to be
Only If Your Wantin' To
There is so much I want to say, I'll attempt to put it in the correct way. People I've looked at or walked by, start snickering or whispering and it makes me wanna cry. The way I am now, ain't my fault anyhow. Maybe some of ya all don't see, I don't claim theres any perfection in me. No matter how I tend to ramble, it doesn't put an end to the gamble. I don't feel pity so you better not, it wasn't my time my heart didn't stop. Its been relived over and over for years, what could I have done to save the prayers and tears. I don't at all feel worth the effort, so don't waste any time on it. I love the sunset and cherish the dawn, I'm dieing so I'll be moving on. Can't say life was boring or sweet, but it was worth it rocking to every beat. I didn't really know how contentment feels, being comfortable with things every wound heals. You have a life and I'm happy, wonder why?? some or most were meant to live in happiness and fly. Just raise your glass and party on, alot of avail
When You See Millions Of The Mouthless Dead
When you see millions of the mouthless dead Across your dreams in pale battalions go, Say not soft things as other men have said, That you'll remember. For you need not so. Give them not praise. For, deaf, how should they know It is not curses heaped on each gashed head? Nor tears. Their blind eyes see not your tears flow. Nor honour. It is easy to be dead. Say only this, "They are dead." Then add thereto, "yet many a better one has died before." Then, scanning all the overcrowded mass, should you Perceive one face that you loved heretofore, It is a spook. None wears the face you knew. Great death has made all this for evermore. Charles Hamilton Sorely, killed in France 1915
In Flanders Fields
In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row That mark our place; and in the sky The larks, still bravely singing, fly Scarce heard amid the guns below. We are the Dead. Short days ago We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow, Loved and were loved, and now we lie In Flanders fields. Take up our quarrel with the foe: To you from failing hands we throw The torch; be yours to hold it high. If ye break faith with us who die We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields. John McCrae, Died in France 1918
Can You
I can read it , can You? fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too. Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can. i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mni d deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs forwrad it.  ONLY POST IF YOU CAN READ
♥how About A Dose Of Ur Own Medicine?♥
♥♥Either way you look @ it... You're all the same anyway lol! BTW, since when do guys have a problem with being a little secret. So it's okay for a girl to be a secret... but God forbid a guy be a secret... Oh no... that's like the worst thing ever lmao... Spare me the laugh please... I've laughed enough today... but thanks for even beginning to think that I give a damn sweetie... You always have been, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, a liar...♥♥ Ya know... I never had a problem with genuinely liking only one person... In fact, for the longest time that's what I was looking for... but I swear... People are just getting more and more hurtful... so here's a taste of your own medicine bc honey I can be just as fucking ruthless as you...
Tears running downAlways to weep and frownCrying to sleep each nightNot strong enough to be a knightWishing for the pain to disappearAnd never again to reappearIf only when I took the sip of deathWould of took away my last breathBut something held me backTo get back onto my trackI tried and triedTo die of suicideBut they want me to stayTo live for another dayI can't take much more of this painI don't have any more strength to gainFarewell my good friendIt's time for my life to endI know that this is wrongIt's just that my faith isn't strongYou have always been grateful, you seeThat's why you'll always be a part in meFarewell my loving familyAs my spirit slowly drifts me awayI know that I should talk this outBut I feel that there's nothing to talk aboutDear mom and dad I love you soThat's what I want you to always knowYou'll always be in my heartNow it's time for me to departAs darkness now spreads aroundI can no longer feel my feet on the groundFeeling as light as a featherBeing in tha
For I Just Wanted To Die
I remember back upon that dayThat was suppose to take my life awayBurying my face into my handsFor no one would understandOf how this pain inside of meWas killing my soul so painfullyI stood up and wiped my watering eyeHoping that this would help me dieSprinkling some poison, I took a sipIt made me gag and it numbed my lipI tossed the cup awayAnd thought of another wayI continued to cryFor I just wanted to dieI took a knife and brought it to my wristStabbing the silver with a painful twistSoon, a fountain of red started to appearMy soul was finally starting to disappearFeeling so weak, I fell to the floorMy eyes began to feel heavy and I felt so soreI fell asleep with a smile upon my faceMy heart was beating with such a fast paceI kept on passing out and waking upDue to only that one sip of death's cupMy body couldn't stop shakingEverything in me was achingI started to cry For that I did not dieThey put me in a wheelchairAnd I watched people laugh and stareTo the hospital and onto a be
Blue Of Hate
Thoughts are filling my head inside Knowing my soul had died Thoughts of saddness and pain No more strength to gain A walking and breathing suicide Unknown to others of what I hide Tears leaking from my eyes Of images that I truely despise Looking at myself in the mirror What I have become is a true error How can people put up with me Why can't they see what I see Tired of feeling this way I say that I am okay Filling of blue of hate This is how I rate
[i Just Killed Someone's Family]
A family of mice, but nonetheless, I do feel kinda bad for it...not bad enough to stoplil bastards are chewing my book corners and scuttling about when I'm trying to sleepand shittingEVERYWHERE. ... respecting life as I do, and wanting not to incur the same wrath from any other higher being as I've placed upon these tiny useless vermin-I feel a little more sad than satisfied when grabbing that loose catch of a sprung trap, and placing it gently in the garbage, battered twitching corpse and all. Now, I have no respect for a creature that eats its young, its dead, its living, its mates... books but today my wondermutt began dancing huffing and dodging about and I recalled very similar behaviour the last time there was a snake in the house. She just didn't quite know what to do with this pregnant mouse under her massive paw. She was trodding very slowly in some bedraggled and confused attempt to escape.Covered in mouse-claw sized scrapes, lumpy with babies. It looked to me as though
I had taken the day off today to get the divorce papers but I was feeling real depressed to where I just layed in bed for over a day. Not even coffee in my system. I just laid there. I wrote in my diary a few times to vent out some feelings that I wouldn't say online for people to read. I weighed myself at some point today and I had lost 4 lbs in just a couple days. I remember talking witha co worker a couple days ago, she said I look like I lost weight, I told her my weight and she said I still need to lose more. I'm not taking that as a insult. She's also trying to lose weight and I'm still not a healthy weight at being 5 foot. I know that I am not considered obese anymore though...which is good I guess..although when I see myself in the mirror...I see see the fat image in mymind. I still consider myself fat and ugly...but I'm working on it. Rich finally gave me rent money but he is short. 4 days late on rent and I had to pay for most of it. He told me he got overdrated on Friday w
Just To Rant Some
To understand me you have to walk a mile in my shoes...I bet you have never did that before in your life....I have and it is not fun at all..I am so stress out right now that I am going though hell and back..If there was a hell..That is beside the point I am studing my ass off for my G.E.D yeah so fucking what that it has taking this long for me to get it...Well walk in my shoes then just might under stand me ..I really hate ppl that thank they every thing in life {*rolling my eyes on that one*}....Till then shut your damn mouths up and leave me..I am doing the best I fucking can...It take time to get your G.E.D. fuckinga a long time too
Slow Dance
SLOW DANCEHave you everwatched kidsOn a merry-go-round?Or listened tothe rainSlapping on the ground?Ever followed abutterfly's erratic flight?Or gazed at the sun into the fadingnight?You better slow down.Don't dance sofast.Time is short.The music won'tlast.Do you run through each dayOn the fly?When you ask How are you?Do you hear the reply?When the day is doneDo you lie in yourbedWith the next hundred choresRunning throughyour head?You'd better slow downDon't dance so fast.Time is short.The music won't last.Ever told your child,We'll do ittomorrow?And in your haste,Not see his sorrow?Ever lost touch,Let a good
Strong desire to write love letters or poetry.
fungible\FUHN-juh-buhl\ , adjective; 1.(Law) Freely exchangeable for or replaceable by another of like nature or kind in the satisfaction of an obligation. 2.Interchangeable.noun:  1.Something that is exchangeable or substitutable. Usually used in the plural.
More than kisses, letters mingle souls.  -  John Donne
Another Grain Of Sand                                                              Another Grain Of Sand   I once listen to a man's voice A very long time ago Each word he spoke Was like a light Shining on a grain of sand   I open my heart I open my mind The words he spoke Brought light to another grain of sand   When things went wrong with my life I blame him, not me Yet his voice reach down down to me Gave light to another grain of sand   One day I turn my back on him I even gave up on me Yet i knew in my heart This was not his fault Yet I  had blamed him His voice spoke out to me in sadness I knew he had died for man
Too Much Said
Nothing is spoken and yet too much is said. Jo-Ann didn't speak much but too much was said. Is it that easy? I though about what was given to me on Mothers Day in 2005 and I thought last night she would be about 31 or 32 years  in age. Who says her hair is blond? Her hair would be dyed almost Raven or black. In 2004 I met a young lady with rather odd ability, I did not expect at this time and age. I was lulled into sleep because I did  not expect it and thought these ways were no longer practiced. Wake up little boy because she won. Reason I escaped was that her concentration was disturbed by her companion. She won! Can't forget that black cat with red collar and puffed pink Heart on it. At 10 PM Mr. Kittykat was at the Bay window but with hes tail going wild. Something is out there. It was this Black cat. I chased it away. Next night at 10 PM the same cat but I went after it and told her I'll send the .22 after you to where you are. No more cat. Ashes of Skeeter, Tiger, and Sheeba
Shhhhh! Did You Hear That?
That was my heart! It found it's way back home!  
Why The Fuck Am I Posting This
continued mumm:now I'm getting thrown on me his contemplations of suicide and I'm not really sure how to take things. Not that I am going to be suggesting to follow through with such negativity, I was wondering what would be a good way to commit suicide. Is a quick, anticipated death better or is a long drawn out death better, such as taking a bunch of pills and drinking alcohol in the tub?
For Rio
Rio is trying to level. I don't want to see stupid, rude ass comments about point whores and trying to level & who cares. Shut up. She's a very nice & generous person who helps everyone she can. Just vote for her and help her out please. Ask your friends to help too.
Dream For It
 i love you as the beautiful soul who encaptures my being, alone is this world i search for hapinesss, maybe one day i will find this enlightenment, you on at the altar hand in hand, gracefully bestowing yourcvheart to me......till dead comes for us for our final sleep.
Short Story # 5
while waiting for her man to come home from work, she gets dressed in a little red nightie, while getting dressed she had this earge to play, she lays on the bed with here legs open wide an bent so she fit her toy in her hot wet pussy,her man comes home an hear her moaning in the bedroom, as he make his way to the room he stops an strips is cloths off, the door opens she sees him naked and start to fuck her pussy faster knowin that she is going to get it good from her man,he walk to the bed leaning over to start helping her with her toy but unsteads he take his tounge an starts to lick her cum out of her pussy wanting to make sure he gets all of her cum he grabs her legs an lift them up sucking hard on her clit she moans and begs for more while eating her he take a finger and start to play with her ass she want her mans cock in her mouth so she get on top of him sucking on his hard cock while he eats an finger her ass. she cums all over his face he goes to wips it off and she grabs him
Written By Druid Micheal
what is going on here??I post comments, I rate, but all but a few return the favor.All I see in the repeat ads for lounges, ways to make fubucks during happy hours.Where's the fun, the connection, the finding each other.Very few read my bulletins, my comments get messages in return, but then I reply to the messages and they are ignored.I have said it before, and I will say it again, we are losing the point of this site, which is to make friends, make connections, have fun.let's come together again, send fun comments, read each other's comments, bulletins, and enjoy each other.I can write this because I know few will read it and none will repost it, but at least I have said my piece.
Life Sucks, Then You Get A Divorce And It Still Sucks.
Ok, I probably ought to mumm this, but it may get lengthy, though I hope not. I just got a wonderful bill from the Mass IRS saying I owe them $4000 in back taxes from 2006. At that time I was married, and apparently because I'm an imbecile she insisted that the accountant at her work do the taxes for us. Grudgingly I said yes because it wasn't worth the cold stares and fight. So she does them, I sign, and am happy because seemingly she found $1000 more than I usually do. So fine, maybe these pros do know something. So now here I am, happily divorced and suddenly I'm told I have 30 days to cough up the cash or become butt buddies with Al Capone or something like that. I know this can't be correct. I live in MA, but work in CT, so I file both states, however whatever I pay to CT, I take off my MA taxes. I kick in an extra 1% to CT out of my earnings because MA is a tad but higher tax rate. Anyway, what matters is that in 20 years I've never owed MA more than $200. So I know there i
Steven Tyler Say It Ain't So!
    For you old folks, remember with there were rumors about Beatles Paul McCartney being dead. Well, Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler is dead. Oh no you say. He’s not really dead. He apparently left the band after a concert in Abu Dhabi (what an exotic place to do it) and not expected to return. Others say he was kicked off. I asked a young friend of mine about it and she said “it‘s time, he’s old.” There went my ego. For one side of the story you can read Las Vegas Sun’s Joe Perry’s article at: At least you still have BlastFM to console yourself. Thank the Heavens for that.  
How To Talk To A D.j.
The Rules On How To Talk To A DJ!!! (A Must Read, You Know Who You Are!!!) Category: Music HOW TO TALK TO A D.J. If you're going to talk to the club D.J., DON'T SAY... 1. "Play something good... something we can dance to!" The D.J. has to play for more than one person, so what you may hate may be another's favorite song and everything played here can be danced to one way or another. 2. "Would you play something with a beat?" Don't be an idiot. We know of no songs played in a club that don't have some sort of a beat. 3. "I don't know who sings it and I don't know the name of the song, but it goes like this... la dee-dah-dee!" Please, don't sing for the D.J. They have to put up with smoke-filled rooms and dangerous decebal levels all night. Do them a favor and don't give them a rendition of your favorite song. 4. "Everybody wants to hear it!" Oh sure, you polled everyone in the club and, as their spokesperson, you are requesting the song. Also, do not make a request, then send all
Ft Hood Shooting
Apparently a known terrorist has now declared the suspected Ft Hood shooter a hero. Please do not let this war spill on to our lands again. America has bled enough. We have lost over 5,000 American lives some old some young to this movement. We have fought. we have not faltered, we have not tired and we have not failed. I supported President Bush when he sent us, and I still support that decision today. Those of you who do not support us don't really know the truth or see the bigger picture. enough for now im getting pissed with the communist news network (CNN)
Sammy Is Turning White Like Mj
Ex-baseball slugger Sammy Sosa is "not trying to be Michael Jackson," a Chicago Cubs employee who talks to the outfielder frequently said after pictures of a dramatically lighter-complected Sosa at an after-party following Thursday's Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas, surfaced online. "He is going through a rejuvenation process for his skin. Women have it all of the time. He was surprised he came out looking so white. I thought it was a body double. Part of is just the lighting," Rebecca Polihronis, an employee of Sosa's former team, the Cubs, told the Chicago Tribune. "He was doing a dermatological skin process after years and years in the sun," Polihronis said. "It did come out looking weird."   Sosa retired from baseball two years ago, after hitting 21 home runs in 412 at-bats for the Texas Rangers.  
The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened.
The Quaint Little Hideaway
No matter what she tried to think about,nothing told her why this small quaint bistro seemed so familliar to her.But the more and the longer she sat there,looking around,watching and listening to the couple just a few tables away,made her remember."THIS IS JUST LIKE THE PLACE WHERE SHE USED TO MEET HIM.Sheremembered how she would steal away every chance she could to meet him,,that just the thought of going to see him gave her butterflies and goosebumps.As she sat and listened to the man and the woman ,she knew they weren't married even though she saw her ring sparkle faintlyin the very dim light as she softly carressed his cheek and said,,,I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH,BUT I DONT HAVE THAT MUCH TIME.The way he looked at her ,with unbridled lust and passion ,reminded her how much she loved it when he looked at her like that  
Want To Date Me? [lol]
so earlier this week my boyfriend and i called it quits. and although i know it was for the best, i'm feeling lonely. i'm looking for someone to casually date and hang out with, and possibly more. only time will's what i'm looking for: *an attractive male 20-28yrs old. *must live close. *must be willing to see me on a weekly basis. *must be down for cuddling, kissing, and watching movies. *must be willing to listen to me talk about everything and nothing [not HEAR me, but actually LISTEN][[dont worry, i don't really talk that much]] *must be willing to hold my hand in public. *must have a sense of humor.   ...and thats about it. =]
Labyrinth Of Lonliness - 2/21/09
  LABYRINTH OF LONELINESS Time travel needs no machine And of all the triggers Loneliness is the master teleporter Knowing no bounds, exponentially expanding with every breath You’d do better enumerating every last one of the stars above and beyond our galaxy Or attempt the colossal mathness of capturing the summation of snowflakes as they descend in a blizzard As to determine the myriad of methodical ways this particular and familiar serial killer attacks Just as easily can you be found either making a desperate grab for the sandman Standing in a crowded line endlessly waiting for some obscure thing Having a dinner for two, or at the family barbeque There will be no mapquesting your way out of this maze Having more in common with the pathetic prey Ensnared in a hellish spider web of both churning dire memories And those deeply secret, forever locked, yearnings for a life That bares no resemblance to the present entity, the antonym of a gift And you are not shock
I just recovered from what happened to me last night about half an hour ago but half an hour before that I took the beta blocker. Jo-Ann noticed the difference with me and said something and I told her of what took place and also of the week. Nothing out of the norm except now I'm on the prescription version from the pharmacy not from my Cardiologist. I carried on today as usual Monday but had difficulty waking up at past 6 AM and the alarm was set at half past six. Normal Monday, meaning I still trained with mixed weights. This week end was tough since I've been on the prescription version of the meds my Cardiologist gave me. That ran out Thursday and Friday I started the new batch. Norio  
Hrmph Friends! Yeah Right!
Yeah, so I thought I had friends. Apparently, I was wrong!     Philemon disowned me and Shoshonni won't have lesbian sex with me!   Some friends THEY are!     /cries
Update On Health
 We got a update today. the rest of my heart looks good. The  pulmonary artery we are going to watch it and if and when it gets worse then what it is we will make the decision on surgery or not. But things are ok the leak is not so bad where, I need something done right now. Other then that. I was told no more stress. So we will see how things go in the nexted few months But i will have check up for the nexted 2 to 4 months keeping a eye on this issue. Ty for being there all. Muahs Camo
Evil Never Dies
EVIL NEVER DIES is the first Metal/....Horror/Truth Group of it’s kind and will not be rivaled by any other. The bastard children of E.N.D. were born of this monstrosity. An evil so powerful that it’s very seed spread across myspace, the Internet and now the world. Spawning the many tags and groups you see today of our so-called competition. We’ve reached far into the abyss while others played Gods and power mongers in this shit hole of a playground. It is not our founders, not our leaders, but is the collective of all that make us what you see deep within the blackened shadows. Yes, there are a few other groups that we support as fellow metalheads. Dare I say the proud offspring of a power we hold so dear to our darkened souls? However, we at E.N.D. have set ourselves aside from what once was and have long since evolved. The darkest vile maggots of this scum infested scene find solace within our brotherhood. We are the outcasts and we are damn proud to be! There is Z
What A Kiss Actually Means
 What a kiss means....actually read +Kiss on the stomach = Im ready+Kiss on the Forehead ="i hope we're together forever"+Kiss on the Ear = Your my everything+Kiss on the Cheek = "We're friends"+Kiss on the Hand = "I adore you"+Kiss on the Neck = "we belong together"+Kiss on the Shoulder = "I want you"+Kiss on the Lips = I love you"What the gesture means...+Holding Hands = "we definitely love each other"+Slap on the Butt = "That's mine"+Holding on tight = "i don't want to let go"+Looking into each other's Eyes = "i just plain love you"+Playing with Hair = "Tell me you love me"+Arms around the Waist = "I love you too much to let go"+Laughing while Kissing = "I am completely comfortable with you"
Ilusions Of The Mind
ok so, talk about a grudg!i was a lvl 10 or 12, got in a simple argument with a few fu~members, (who knows there connections with the fu~captains) but i was ONLY taking up 4 myself the whole time! funny how every since, every thing that has 2 do with points (rating, gaming, EVERY THING IN FU) its sum how rigged 4 my failure! is this all in my mined or wat..... NO! its rigged bcus i can NEVER do any good in fubar! how is it possible that they rig it all against a few of the ones they get shitty with? IDK but how can u exsplain every fu~watever i do i fail and every thing but in other gaming cites im darn NEAR at the TOP of the pages in points and lists! (dnt believe this just ask me my link, ill sho u who i am and u see im not as dumb as fubar betrays my talents here) any way this could all b in my own mined aswell, always keep an opend mind on wat otheres say as i keep an opend mind that this could b emaginitive! its crazey that im even puting this in blog but its sumthing that ive alw
How To Build A Wife
Plastic Surgeon 'Builds a Wife' Updated: Sunday, 01 Nov 2009, 3:27 PM MSTPublished : Sunday, 01 Nov 2009, 3:26 PM MST By MIKE BRODY (MYFOX NATIONAL) - German plastic surgeon Reza Vossough got married with the intent of turning his bride into the ideal wife. Five years later, he says he has created his perfect woman. The Sun reports that Vossough performed eight operations over the past five years on his 33-year-old wife Cany. He made changes to her chest, thighs, eyes and face. Cany, who had her breast size increased from an A cup to an F cup, says she loves her new look. "When your husband is a plastic surgeon, then the scalpel is your friend," she said. Reza is also happy with his creation. "When I first met Cany, she had physical deficiencies, but I could see there was something there," he said. "She had big hips and big thighs, so we made corrections, then did a little bit more. ... It's better than nature could do." Sarah Burge, a 49-year-old British woman, holds the
Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.
For My Friend With The Vampire Heart
the experience is a personal one, your path is your own, your discoveries will be deeply personal, your growth will be your very own manifestation i can however make many resources in the form of rare literature available and try to offer insight in the way of sharing from my own revelations, but you see the embodiment of what you are to and wish to become can only be misconstrued and perverted by others claiming to be teachers, the era of the master/apprentice is over, we are all becoming gods now magic is the very technology of all things known and not, you can use it to become whatever you want to, so start by looking inside yourself, your magical platform in the form of the wiccan system is just an ancient form of organized religion and simple magical spirituality tied hard and fast to mostly this planet, its moon, and spirits named and renamed from the summarian times of the necronomicon through the present abomination of the vatican catholic stranglehold and on past into new-ag
Black Rain And Home Towns
There's something wrong in my hometownFalling like a black rain coming downYou see it in all the eyes full of defeatAs they struggle down a dead end street The samething is wrong in your hometownall you need to do is look aroundno sense of hope to be foundjust more dirt on the ground Some blame greed others blame lustSome are sceaming In God We TrustAnd the fools they think they're immuneClosing there eyes can't see what's coming soonThere's something wrong in my hometownThere's something wrong in your hometownThere's something wrong in our hometownThere's something wrong in my hometownHope woke up one day and left on the busSaid she was just tired, tired of usThe way we breath and the way that we fuckTold me she she'd just had enoughThere's something wrong in my hometownIts like a black cloud with no rain coming downThere's something wrong in your hometownSomeday the truth will be found There's something wrong in my hometown There's something wrong in your hometown There's something w
Computer Problems Update!
Well, fingers crossed, the issue I was having with my computer is fixed! Well, the one that was preventing me from seeing what was going on with the computer is fixed! Seems that there was some type of error with the drivers for the graphics card (for those of you who care about such technical issues) that was preventing the computer from displaying anything at a screen resolution of more than 640 by 480 with a color level of 4 bits.   Things looked like crap.  Thankfully, after calling the local computer repair place, I was able to (hopefully) fix it without too much of a problem. Of course that's only until the next problem comes up! :P
Walking Alone
The Daily Struggles of Daily LifeEveryday we walk our daily walk Have our strugglesWe hold faith in our friends to keep those struggles to themselvesThose Secrets we intrust in themThings that shouldnt be whispered or shoutedThings that should be held in a locked boxWe walk with faith that they will be kept We walk with pride knowing we have friends that are trueShould we walk more carefully with those we chooseShould we hold more to ourselves rather then intrust in othersWhen that faith is broken what should we doWhen our secrets are whispered throughy the crowdWhen we cant walk with that prideWhen we have lost our wayHow can we trust agianHow can we adjust knowing that the world knows our strugglesSecrets thrown about like its some random gossipThey not knowning how it could affect your lifeThe pain that they could causeThe pain that it did causeVoliated and left stripped downFor all the world to seeAshamed to face what is aroundWhen you know everyone knows your strainAlone and tadde
Morning Glory
i      s    t      r       e       t       c       h      o       u        t  my arms and search for throats to grasp slowly tangling and taking life from its source a thing of malice in life's twisted balancebut my flowers are pretty. 
At Sea (written For A "friends" English Homework, I Only Got A B Damn It)
tossed and turned despite the lessons learnedthings i've felt things i've burnedmiles i've walked, things i lustand still a hunger lingers in my gutsa tiny vessel that i sailmy heart it thumps it wailslonging for a dry safe placelonging to see a familiar facetossed and turned i felt so lostfighting for my life at all coststhe sun that bakes and burns my skinto this hardship no giving indays to night and night to daythis cruel sea not giving wayso much water and none to drinklost in my mind until i sink
Liberty is just a wordthe oppressed say it to rallysome speak of lions and menthe weak run to return againFreedom is conceptthat very few ever knowhiding behind misconceptionsand how they think it will goFear is a great white sharkwhen you swim in the ocean after darksafety is an illusionso many seek in their delusionsFame is a falsitymost seek from animosityhope is fleetingonly good to a heart still beatingHunger is only know to the hungryLoneliness only to the lonely
Fortune Cookie Says..
My family had a couple of fortune cookies left over froma few night ago. I was scrounging around the kitchena  few minutes ago and found one. For a long time I was like everyone else and opened the cookie, looked at the fortune, laughed a bit, then ate the cookie. When I was hanging out with my brother and his kung-fu group for a long while, the intrustor actually told me that the way you eat a real fortune cookie is to crack it open, DON'T look at the fortune, take a bite of the cookie so that you accept what the fortune cookie has to tell you, THEN look at your fortune. I hadn't had a fortune cookie in awhile, so I decided to see what fate had in store for me. I ate teh cookie like I was supposed to and looked at my fortune: "You will be fortunate, if you accept the next proposition you have." *blink* I hope this is job related..
C51 - Scrollin' Dirty Blooper With Caddy (freestyle)
So I started Recording this and then Caddy my Maine Coon Jumped into the shot so I made this one a Blooper Freestyle! LOL Enjoy!
Bored Incoherent Thoughts And Ramblings Or Inpromptu Poems With No Meaning
Baby maybe you're a crowbarJust waiting for someone or something to pryBaby maybe you're a falling starjust looking for somewhere or someone to die I'm not here to change the lights They can burn out and go dullI'm not here to change the nightsThey can burn into your skullPlagarism and skeptism Dancing in the streetsBarbarians and Politicanseating discount meats Inspiration meet Desperationthey had 3 kids and bought a houseDesperation got into masturbationKept it quiet like a mouse  
C51 - Rob The Bling Shop Tell Um Get Me Some Credits
Newest Vid! Enjoy :P
People (by Me)
People come and people go we meet people everyday some as aquaintances some as friends everyone is unique in their own way. never judge a book by its cover you never know what you'll miss that goes the same for the people we meet some really do have a gift. some we can live without yes, that i do know but everyone has some good, even though it may not show i try to give everyone a chance, no matter how hard it is then if they show me it wasn't worth it, i turn my back and go. treat people the way you want treated is how i live and believe give those we meet a chance and if they blow it you tried for people are people we are all different and lead very different lives. we all have different beliefs and thoughts that is the human way don't judge those that walk the path
Say What?
We were thoroughly confused. While transcribing medical audiotapes, my co-worker came upon the following garbled diagnosis: "This man has pholenfrometry." Knowing nothing about that particular condition, she double-checked with Doctor Mike Wilson. After listening to the tape, he shook his head. "This man," he said, translating for her, "has fallen from a tree."
Jobs are scarce and so hard to find the economy has failed right before our eyes so many being jobless and losing their homes and losing everything they worked so hard for.. I look around and what do i see? so many living the same as me wondering and worrying where the next dollar comes from how to pay the bill that came in the mailbox. what do i do to keep my spirit? just pray and keep going and fighting to keep my head up. i look for the light at the end of the tunnel that will shine so bright when this is all over.. for every story there is an ending and i know in my heart it will be a happy one indeed. So many tears, and so many worries but the light is there with a new beginning....
All Because Of You
Its all because of you,I'm never sad and blue,You've brightened up my day'sIn you own special way.How can I get you to understand,That I love you more than I can,How can I get you to see,Your the only girl for me,Its all because of you,My dreams came true,Your everything Ive wished for,and I could never wish for more.I cant describe how much I care,But when you need me I will be there,To wipe your tears when you are sad,To make you happy when you are mad,Nobody is as special as you are to me,Now I hope you are beginning to see,Just how much I care for you,And all my feeling will always be true
All I Have To Give
You're the first thing I think of Each morning when I rise. You're the last thing I think of Each night when I close my eyes. You're in each thought I have And every breath I take. My feelings are growing stronger With every move I make. I want to prove I love you But that's the hardest part. So, I'm giving all I have to give To you... I give my heart
A Lonely Tear
There is a tear embedded in my heartA lonely tear so cold and so darkA tear is embedded and taken holdA lonely tear fills my poor empty soulThere is a tear no one can seeA lonely tear sobs in deep miseryA tear with no hope for tomorrowA lonely tear consumed in hopeless sorrowThere is a tear inside my tortured chestA lonely tear longing for a gentle caressA tear is shed for someone to holdA lonely tear which I cannot controlThere is a tear deep inside, so coldA lonely tear has engulfed my soulA tear which cries for someone to careA lonely tear so full of despairThere is a tear which drowns my heartA lonely tear for a world fallen apartA tear has been cried with misery and painA lonely tear whose love was in vain
Wtf?? Seriousl, Wtf??
I see all those GROWNass women in their 30s, 40s, and even 50s make those kindergarten crush typa things pics.   Signs that you are mentally still an 8 year old and your relationship will soon expire:   1) you have a folder called "my love I love him we are in love"   2) its glittery, sparkly, and blings all over. (is this a first grade art project??)   3) you have never met each other, thus pasted your pics together in photoshop  
My Spark...
IT's BACK!  I found it, and I'm gonna cherish it.
A Loving Peace From You
From the glowing embers of your spiritCame a little warmth of your loveTogether we set it in a cozy little spotSafe from the world up aboveThen a soothing breath from your lungsHelped to ignite the flameOn that lonely candleIn the core of my soulAs time passed day by dayConflicts caused great winds to blowBut you cupped your hands around itAnd it just flickered with a brilliant glowThey say that nothing is foreverBut I don't believe that's trueThat little candle in my heartIs a loving peace from you
Stupid Encounter #26 From Sb (read Bottom To Top)
crazysexyb...: wow To crazysexyb...: ok so you can upload 401 pictures but you dont have time to make a salute... interesting crazysexyb...: didnt take long to get to level 21 To crazysexyb...: well hw bout you go make one and then come talk to me To crazysexyb...: level 21 and you havent made one yet? crazysexyb...: havent made one yet To crazysexyb...: really wheres your salute? crazysexyb...: hahahah the girl in the pic To crazysexyb...: Whos asking the girl in the pic or the the man behind the computer? crazysexyb...: do u like to play with women crazysexybiblue@ fubar
A Simple Embrace
If I to anyone could give a hug,I would give one to the one that I love.A tender embrace to fill me with warmth,and show her a direct route to my heart.There's never a time that I can't imagine,her arms around me in an innocent passion.There are all types of passionto be learned from a hug.But if you for once can try to imagine,she is the half to the whole of a red box of my lovethat holds dear the key to my heart.Together we create radiating warmth,that is the same as the warmthof the Caribbean waters caressing the beach with a passionfelt only from the depths of its heart.As I give her my hug,she smiles with an undying loveand her eyes are too beautiful to imagine.Sometimes I can imaginethat we're flying like birds towards the warmthof the sun, or a flower of blossoming lovewhich a butterfly kisses for the nectar of passionthat comes from one heartfelt hug,and is formed from inside of your heart.As she slips away, I can feel my heartin my ears beating like drums, to imaginethe meanin
A Wish
I had a dream last night,of being there with you.Your arms were warm around me,strong yet gentle too. I saw your soul,deep in your eyes.Someone was there, but it wasnt a surprise. My name was written across it,my eyes were looking out.There in your precious soul, my love a home had found. It filled my heart with warmth, enough to keep us both.There it was nourished, within the soul loves grows. I woke up wishing,wanting it to be true.I know you live in mine,and I long to live in yours too
A Whisper Sweet
Basket full of pretty posiesfrom the "you" I love,both of us to talk togetherunder stars above.A whisper sweet disclosesthe magic that you feel,I'm delighted with the roses,roses tell me love is real.We sing a song of rainbowsto the tune of a lullaby,you and I both wearing halosso in love ~ as time goes by
Beating Of Hearts
hump thump, thump thump .One heart alone, makes but a single beatA sound so low and incompleteA heart all alone, waiting to be heardKnows not the beauty or songs of singing birdsOne heart all alone, knows not love or tendernessIt feels nothing, but has emptinessA heart alone, searches for its mateIt waits, trust fate, contemplatesUntil by chance another beat it hearsThat sound it has longed for all these yearsLike the timbre of a bass drumIt hears an answer, another thrumTwo hearts are beating, strong and trueThe sound grows louder, waiting is throughTwo hearts are beating, within one anotherSearching is over, they have found that loverTwo hearts are beating, they grow and growTogether forever, never wanting to goTwo hearts are beating, as the sun goes downA love true, a love strong, both are boundAnd as the sound gently fades into nightTwo hearts are beating, this they know is just rightthump thump, thump thump ......
Beautiful First Love Over Again
With nostalgia found in summer dreams,we will be happy, together again,in yonder fields by shores of the sea,we will sing of our love in simple refrain.Can you hear me my dear? I am calling,in summery breeze, 'neath the foliage shade,soon autumn leaves will be falling,too late to hear a melodious serenade.With nostalgia found in summer dreams,a lifetime's love could never be in vain; for where'er I walk is where you will be...our beautiful first love over again.
Suddenly I get this feelingMy mind draws a blankMy hands are slightly shakingMy heart begins to raceI feel like I'm losing controlI'm nervous inside and outI have an unexplainable feelingI wish I could figure this outThese butterflies inside of meKeep fluttering all throughoutI thought they were gone for goodI didn't know they could come outIt must be the wayYou get to me like you doThe way you make me feelThe way I love you like I do
Believe In Your Heart
Believe in your heart that something wonderful is about to happen. Love your life. Believe in your own powers, and your own potential, and in your own innate goodness. Wake every morning with the awe of just being alive. Discover each day the magnificent, awesome beauty in the world. Explore and embrace life in yourself and in everyone you see each day. Reach within to find your own specialness. Amaze yourself and rouse those around you to the potential of each new day. Don't be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect; this is the essence of your humanity. Let those who love you help you. Trust enough to be able to take. Look with hope to the horizon of today, for today is all we truly have. Live this day well. Let a little sun out as well as in. Create your own rainbows. Be open to all your possibilities; all possibilities and Miracles
Because Of You
Because of youmy world is now whole,Because of you love lives in my soul.Because of youI have laughter in my eyes,Because of you I am no longer afraid of good-byes.You are my pillarmy stone of strength,With me through all seasonsand great times of length.My love for you is pureboundless through space and time,it grows stronger everydaywith the knowledge that you'll always be mine.At the altarI will joyously say 'I do',for I have it all nowand it's all because of you
A Single Red Rose
A single red rose you would bring to me,Its significance was always very clear to see.A single red rose, for a single love,A love over the years we both grew to be so proud of.Music and moments only we could share,The love I had longed for long ago filled by my prayer.Of a man who would hold me and love me forever,Always beside me no matter the weather.Through the good times and bad times to always be there,No love like ours, there would be none to compare.No one would ever come between us or tear us apart,This was true love right from the start.When you came along this dream of mine,You brought with you a love I had always hoped to find.Every Friday on payday when you came home to me,In your hand another single red rose for me to see.Over the years those lovely visions still come to my mind,Of our two hearts now together forever entwined.Sealed by a single red rose brought by my true love,A love sent long ago to me from heaven above
A New Love
The night I met you, I never imagined,that I'd feel the way I do.I promised myself I'd never let anyone get close,but somehow you managed too.I've been through so much in this life of mine,I haven't been truly happy in awhile.But with you its like everyday gets better,and I'm always wearing a smile.When you came into my life, you made things right,you put together what others tore.You took away my doubts and insecurities,and reminded me of what I was living for.They say love finds you when you least expect it,and now I believe that to be true.Cause just when i finally gave up,god gave me his blessing by sending me you.You've really made a difference in my life,I love you baby, I really do.And I hope and pray you feel the same,cause I'm looking forward to a future with you.So thank you for putting a smile on my face,and giving me the faith that I lack.Thank you for not being like the others,but mostly, thank you for loving me back
A Love To Remember.
A dream to become realA memory I can feelI look into her eyes to seeIn her arms is where I'll beThe dream, a never fading happinessSpreads through my heartFaster and faster it beatsAs the memories begin to startA dream to become realA memory I can feelI look into her eyes to seeIn her arms is where I'll beThe memories, ones I'll never forgetI'll make sure to go at a slow paceAll I ever wanted was to wake upI open my eyes to see your faceA dream to become realA memory I can feelI look into her eyes to seeIn her arms is where I'll beI take a look into your eyesThe unbearable flame of pain welcomes your rainIt's an amazing feelingTo hold you once againA dream to become realA memory I can feelI look into her eyes to seeIn her arms is where I'll beYour arms like tress, cover over meProtect me from all the fearsA day, week, month passesYou will always be mine for yearsWe wait for that time to comeDreams we make shadow the nightmare to overcomeMemories that will never fade for eternityBeautif
I seen a MuMM and truth be told, I didn't read the comments. I'm not sure how many people will agree with me, honestly though...I don't care. Some people find that they have to buy their children gaming systems. Which don't get me wrong, they are fun to have around and are good for entertainment.  I just think that acting like a child HAS TO HAVE it is crazy. I know my children are only 6 and 4, but not once have they asked for any type of gaming system. They've seen them on the television and never said, "Mommy, I want that". And it's not like I don't have any game systems for them, but they aren't the big name ones that most kids want. They have a "Smart Cycle" and a "V-Smile". Games that they play when it's dark outside or it's not nice enough weather to actually go out. They teach them things. And you know, some people wonder what is wrong with children today. I bet it's the fact that parents are getting their children whatever new game system they want or the newest movies.
A Brand New Day
Rest your head and close your eyesEverything will be okayFor when you wake with the sweet sunriseIt will be a brand new dayTurn down the lights and pull me closeFeel only the beating of our hearts as we layFor when you wake with the soft morning breezeIt will be a brand new dayRelax your body and caress my soft hairLet all of life's worries melt awayFor when you wake with the warm summer scentIt will be a brand new dayFall fast asleep and dream with meWhisper "I love you, I'm here to stay"For when we wake in each other's armsIt will be a brand new day
A Blue Star In Your Eyes
On the wings of an eagle,My love for you flies.Soaring higher and higher,And touching the skies.I reached up above,And pulled a star from the sky.To place it within,Your precious minds eye.To dwell there forever,As my love for you.On the wings of our love,Enduring and true.I honor you my darling,With all that I am.Please darling please,Will you be my woman?There are so many things,My heart wants to say.I love you sweetheart,There is no other way
A Better Tomorrow
Author: Yvonne Warren I never knew there would be a better tomorrow But you've come into my life and taken away all my sorrow My days of sadness are a thing of the past Because I have found true love at last My days of emptiness are gone for good Because you fill a void in my heart that you should You've opened a window You've shown me the light And my love for you will continue to burn bright
You Are Poetry
You come outsideTo view the faint sunsetLight bewildered by treesShines through quietlyYou glide your soft hairPerched behind your earAnd in this moment I feel at homeBeneath the interiorYou are my humble abode...Your company is soothingCalming and reassuringInside, the wind chimes ringYou saunter and my hearts singsBit by bit I begin to recognizeThe enchanting glow in your subtle eyesHidden in all abstract paintingsIt’s you; what all artists seeYou are poetry...
Angel In My Sky
I once, long ago, saw an angel in my sky.An angel that my life has now been touched by.She caught my eye with loving stare.I looked into hers, such a beautiful glare.She enters my path when danger is near,To show me a new route away from all fear.With her wings of white and her halo of blue.Im not alone with her, she watches over you too.She is the our angel guardian, angel of the city.For eyes too blind to see, i do so pity.She's come from the sky, yet she never touches the ground.She can sing to your heart without making a sound.The angel delivers our messages of prayer to the king.His love and grace back to you, is what she will bring.And by the way, for what it's worth,You can be sure she has been with us all since birth.My little message to my fellow mankind.Keep her by your side, don't ever leave her behind
The Gift Of An Angel By Your Side
May you always have an Angel by your side.Watching out for you in all the things you do.Reminding you to keep believing in brighter days.Finding ways for your wishes and dreams to come true.Giving you hope that is as certain as the sun.Giving you the strength of serenity as your guide.May you always have love and comfort and courage.May you always have an Angel by your side.Someone there to catch you if you fall,Encouraging your dreams,Inspiring your happiness,Holding your hand and helping you through it all.In all of our days, our lives are always changing.Tears come along as well as smiles.Along the roads you travel,May the miles be a thousand timesmore lovely than lonely.May they give you gifts that never, ever end.Someone wonderful to loveand a dear friend in whom you can confide.May you have rainbows after every storm.May you have hopes to keep you safe and warm.And may you always have an Angel by your side.Friends Are Like Angels.
Wishing For A Dream Lover
Reach out your handAnd place it gently in mineLet us become oneAs ours souls intertwineThe night surrounds usFilled with the starsAs we danced under the moonAnd make love in the darkYour kisses like velvetYour touch like silkAs we envelope each other And create a love stiltLet our bond be unbroken And lasts many nightsFrom the beginning to the endNever losing its sightSo if by chance we let goAnd drift slowly apartLet the love we endeavoredContinue silently in our heart
Broken (by Me)
You say you loved me, and you still do, but we can't be together me and you. You say "I love you always" in a different way I need to find myself you said that day. You said you'll love me always and will be there for me but something isn't right with me you see... You said please forgive me for hurting you it is something I never wanted to do please understand maybe in time I tried to fight this and keep you as mine. I don't want to keep you on a string I just need to do this, I have to, for me.. Please understand I do love you I do but not in the way that I use to.. I want to be able to still be your friend if you will have me until the end If you can't i will understand but its not what I want, cause I will tell you again "That I still love you, and will always to the end" Hearts get broken every day, people walk from our lives, but I do not want to leave you not now not ever I want to help you now and forever... You had always told me, you would never leave and now I know and I
Why Do Parents Still See You As A Child?
As most of you have noticed i haven't been on much or in the past 2 weeks. well i was accused of doing something with my fathers debit card in which i know i didn't do and he now knows i didn't but it still remains the same i was treated like a child and punished he destoryed my computer i have very depressed since then larry my boyfriend aka brassEye67 has been helping through this and been looking for a place for us to live, my parents has gone as far a to try and take my son away from me i'm at the end of my rope so please my friends bare with me my loving larry is building me a new computer i know this looks like a mishmash of words and i sorry i been on heavey antidepressates whoopie lol i love you guys and miss you all so much   massive hugs and kisses mary aka pynkcherrypie
Miles Between Us (by Me)
There are so many miles between us, yet, it doesn't seem so far whenever you are with me, I forget how far apart we are. Hearing your voice each and every day telling me you love me in every way holding me close even though it is pretend but i feel your arms around me, even when the call ends. I love you truly, that I do, the love I hold will only be for you for you are my one and only, that is a fact and I try so hard for you not to forget that. I do what I can do, with what I can but all I can do is tell you again and again just how much i love you, and it is true even though there are miles between, me and you...
Tears (by Me)
The tears are falling like falling rain the screams are loud like the clash of thunder the thoughts are filling inside my head i just want out to feel no pain any longer looking out the window staring into space thinking of you and seeing your face hearing the sound of your voice in my head and feeling the pain inside and emptiness again I look into the sky, and ask for his help asking for peace the way i once felt getting no answers only sadness remains wondering what I have done to stay in pain "am i being punished"? I have asked, still no answers then i think of the past the things that was good once upon a time then i look into the future and see no light thoughts of wonder about happiness enters my head wondering what it's like, my heads such a mess friends reach out and try to help i shut the door and sit by myself all i want is for you to want me as much as i do you i never asked much of you other than to love me true i get a part of you, that is not enough i need all of yo
If Only (by Me)
If only things was easy if only you would see just how much you really mean to me.. my heart is breaking into pieces and I do not know what to do I do not know what to think or feel or even what to say to you. The thoughts come so frequent but the words don't seem to come they are words that need to be said but then there is the fear of losing it all. I long for you to want me, the way that you use to I just want it to be okay again want us to just be me and you. missing everything the way it use to be the fun and laughs we once had wanting it to be okay again just want what we had back/ Maybe I am just wishing or thinking what can be maybe I am just dreaming of how it use to be. I want what we use to have what is so wrong with that but do not lead my heart on and make me think you love me back be honest with me now and tell me what you want just do not lead me on and keep breaking my heart like that!!!
Will You Ever (by Me)
Will you ever? I don't think you will ever fully understand how you've touched my life and made me who I am. I don't think you could ever know just how truly special you are that even on the darkest nights you are my brightest star. I don't think you will ever fully comprehend how you've made my dreams come true or how you've opened my heart to love and the wonders it can do. You've allowed me to experience something very hard to find unconditional love that exists in my body, soul, and mind. I don't think you could ever feel all the love I have to give and I'm sure you'll never realize you've been my will to live. You are an amazing person and without you I don't know where I'd be. Having you in my life completes and fulfills every part of me.
My Shining Star (written By Me)
Look at the sky, what do you see? all the city lights shining, shining stars roaming free the stars shining down, down upon you and me... In the midst of the darkness, the sky shines so bright with all those stars shining, shining at night. Look at the sky, what do you see? Do you look at the stars and think of me? I'll tell you now, what I do see I see my shining star, the only one for me. I do not need darkness to see a star so bright, I do not need darkness for the sky to shine, for you are my star, in the midst of light and night. In time, all stars burn out, but not you my love, you stay so bright, in the middle of the day, and in the middle of the night you are my shining star, that shines without a doubt.. I look at the stars and I see you, I look at the sky, and i think of you, I look at the moon and see us in it, for you are my love, my life is nothing without you in it.. I can and will promise this to you, in which you know my love is true, I'll love you always and fore
The Wish!!!
A WishI lie on the ground,and stare into space,the stars start to move,into the shape of your face.I see you there now,looking down at me,with that cute little smile,that I like to see.You say "close your eyes","tell me what you see",I see only two people,just you and me.We're walking the shoreline,with our feet getting wet,the horizon turns pink,as the sun starts to set.We make love through the night,on that white sandy shore,then I hold you while thinking,I could want nothing more.Oh I wish I could be,in that one special place,as I lie on the ground,and I stare into space...copied.. but i like this one...
Music Monday 5
Gleeeeee! I have the album in the car.  I bought it Friday.  This is just a random Glee playlist that I found...I didn't make it and I haven't listened to it because bossman is in the office.  Also it's imeem not project playlist so I don't even know if it will work...but watch Glee, listen to the soundtrack, be a Gleek.
The Person Behind The Name.
As my name suggests i am my Dungeon Masters slut, i am only for Him and Him alone. We have been together now for four months and it has been the most eye  opening months of my life. I have come to terms with who i am and why i  have been it hiding it all of these years.   It all started when i was 14 years old and i would be hanging out with my friends and we would go out for walks in the night around our community. Most of my friends are older than me and knew older guys that would come around. We would get in the car with them and go off drinking with them. As the night would continue a guy and i would leave the car and go somewhere somewhat private and would have sex, i would be with the same guy for a few times and then would move on to another guy. When i was 15 i met my now ex husband. I was with him until i was 24, i wasnt very satisfied in my relationship with him. It was always about him getting his rocks off and leaving me to my own devices, which was far better than what h
The Beauty Of A Women
The beauty of a womanIs not in the clothes she wears,The figure that she carries,Or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a womanMust be seen from her eyes,Because that is the doorway to her heart,The place where love resides.The beauty of a womanIs not a facial mole,But true beauty in a womanIs reflected in her soul.It is the caring she lovingly gives,The Passion that she shows.The beauty of a woman with passing years --only grows and grows ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ i Write for someone that who i like her alots. =)
Click At Your Own Risk.
You have been warned.   This song gets stuck in my head all the time. Gotta love Phineas and Ferb =]   song in comments.
Ngc 2623
Depression is the sorrow in your heart…Depression is the feeling of being alone… Depression is knowing your best isn’t enough…Depression is knowing no one cares if your dead or alive...Depression is the hate and anger you get when life is too hard…Depression is when you feel like the worlds on your shoulders…Depression is the feeling that you get when you get when you knowThat what ever you do no one cares and it doesn’t matter…Depression is knowing when you tried tried and tried again but failed…Depression is knowing that when you are dead no one will even remember your name…Depression hits hard and harder every day…Depression is the feeling of dying slowly every day…
Unfinished Poem
Oh Baby Baby Dry Those Tears, Don't think about tomorrow, Just stay right here.   I hold you in my arms, dry those pretty eyes, hold you in my heart, forget about the past babe, time to grow.
As I stand there looking down at my Girlfirend casket.....I wish it would be my time.....My time to go.......My time to die.........To be free of theses lies.......Does that make me wish it was mine time to die?
Don't Cry For Me When I Am Gone!
Please don't cry for me though I 'm goneFor in heaven I have made my home.I know you'll miss me through the yearsBut, remember, in heaven there are no tears!Up here in glory I've taken my placeNear the Father where I can view his face.I'll only be gone for a short little whileUntil I greet you in heaven with a smile.I'll be waiting there with arms open wideTo open the gate and invite you inside.We'll sit down at the Marriage Supper of the LambUnited with Christ and all of his clan.We'll drink from the last communion cupAs death and hell are swallowed up.Then we'll drink a toast from the 'living wine'While seated at the table where we shall dine.The angel, Gabriel will blow his Gold Horn As comfort is given for those who mourned.We'll be surrounded by many angel wingsWhile seated with our Lord and our King.He'll read to us from the Lambs book of lifeThe names written in it, His church, His bride.We'll be with all our sisters and our brothersWhile seated there at the last supper.My grave
1+2= Kitty!
Gotta love being A.D.H.D!!! laying in bed staring at the ciling while your brain holds u hostage... things u thought were behind u, Come flooding back n ur doing everything in your power to keep from screaming ur head off and having the neighbers call the cops!!! I've already been in one mental asylum I don't need to go back at this time... even tho it was the best vacation I ever had!!! I just can't shake the feeling something is missing!?!?!? Something I am searching for... But then I tell myself it's nothing... No Need to worry myself... But yet it's eatting away at me like... A beaver eats wood!!! My mind won't let it go away... I wanna run my head into a brick wall!!! IDK what to do right now. I am slipping back into the slow and menicing madness!!! Maybe I can just sit here and drool on myself while I slip away!
For The Penguins (very Awry)
With a chest of black & white, Plump feathers & all,The Regal penguin stares down a black absorbent hole,Watche's the water slowly ripple & bubble's rise,His meals down there somewhere for this he know's.Pokes his yellow beak in gently through the aqua,In the glint of a black eye, Shining in the blazing sun,He tease's off a thick blade off ice, Sharp as glass,Ducks his royal head beneath & under through the glint.He know's somewhere in those deep murky depth's,Lie's something for his hungry throbbing chest,Immerse's his crest deeper further than the rest,Poke's his head out with the best.Across the ice he waddle's slowly, A mighty smile on his face,He's a king of the pack looking after his race with grace,The poor fish within his jaw's cannot resist , but wriggle & struggle,Against the power's that be.The signet's will be happy of this attempt,Sitting , chirping happily in there nest,They'll be fed well tonight on fishy delight's,Salted , Brined & a fresh meal under the fading lights!
Spotlight #2
So, having accepted some bucks from some folks to do this thing, I feel it's beholden to me to validate their generosity by making a serious attempt to do this thing. Spotlight today : 19m and change My funds : 6m and change If you want to see a fat man with a bad picture be in the spotlight, hit me up to the tune of around 16m or something. Cheers. Thanks to Tom, Suga, Badcrumble, Crisis, Witchie, MooMoo, Skeeter, Peace, Alix
OK i will tell you this once the girl called kimberley the bomber is NOT me and NOT my page if you are on her list and mine i will delete YOU my friends on MY list i someday want to trust and well theres NO respect IF you can do that SHE also has stole my friends pics too two diffrent sets of pics   peace to my good friends :) hugs and kisses kari 
El Misterio De Fantasmas
Snakes Can Fly, Snakes Can Fuck
Can Snakes Fly? There are five different species of "flying" snakes. These venomous, tree-dwelling snakes are found in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia. They hang from a high branch and swing themselves into the air. They then flatten their bodies by widening their many ribs and use side-to-side, S-shaped motions to keep themselves in the air. These snakes cannot fly upward but can glide for a good distance.   Snake Sex One might think having no limbs would put a damper on the love life, but not for snakes. When a female snake is ready to mate, she begins to release a special scent (pheromones) from skin glands on her back. As she goes about her daily routine, she leaves an odor trail as she pushes off resistance points on the ground . If a sexually mature male catches her scent, he will follow her trail until he finds her. The male snake begins to court the female by bumping his chin on the back of her head and crawling over her. When she is willing, she raises her tail. At that po
What Kind Of Sign Are You
what is your sign       me iam scorpio sagittarius i was born on the cusps
Your Help Is Needed
Hello Fu-Universe, I know this is a great place and I don't really like doing this but I really need your help. Why do I need it well things have taken a bad turn for me, my dad sold the house we shared and sat me on the street. So in a few weeks I am homeless because my own (german) government let's me run in loops in order to get their help. At the end they don't seem like a great help at all. My idea is to do something for my education and get a better degree so i plan on going to a college. What costs unfortunately some money. I can come up with some on my own but it not enough to pay for the first year at the community college. Now this is where your help comes in in shape of a donation. How much you donate is up to you. Every donation gets me a step closer. Everyone who donates will get a personal thank you email from me and if requested will be mentioned in this blog until I came up with something nicer. Here is the link for the donation page
My Darkness
There is a storm coming, i can feel it in my soul. The sky is dark, like the thoughts that race through my mind. Why does this greyness and unhappiness make me feel as if, as if i am a shadow somewhere waiting, waiting for the world to pass by without even looking at me. Outside this life in the shadows the world is cold, unfeeling. Seems like no one cares about anything but themselves. I need the darkness, it comforts me. Makes me whole and warm inside. It doesn't judge or hurt me, just holds me and keeps me close. And as the storm comes closer, with its malevolent clouds looming overhead, I am safe. The darkness is with me. Always.
Dual Action Colon Cleanse
Dual Action Colon Cleanse Digest It Colon Cleanser NatraCut Colon Cleanse
My Biggest Fear!
my biggest fear is losing my nephew to his parents! i have been rasing him sicne he was 2months old.his pareants are alcohalics and both in rehab.he is 7months old now.i put his crib next to my bed at night cuz thats how scared iam.i don't wanna give him back even if they are sober and all better again.they put that child through hell!!! and i had to deal with it all since the day he was born!.i did everything for them. i love my nephew more then my own life! i have nightmares of him being kidnapped and i guess thats why i cannot sleep at night im too busy watching over him sleep so i don't. he is my entire life.
In Flanders Fields Poem..for The Canadian Remeberance Day Nov. 11
IN FLANDERS FIELDS POEMThe World’s Most Famous WAR MEMORIAL POEMBy Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae In Flanders fields the poppies blowBetween the crosses, row on row,That mark our place: and in the skyThe larks still bravely singing flyScarce heard amid the guns below. We are the dead: Short days ago,We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,Loved and were loved: and now we lieIn Flanders fields! Take up our quarrel with the foeTo you, from failing hands, we throwThe torch: be yours to hold it highIf ye break faith with us who die,We shall not sleep, though poppies growIn Flanders fields Composed at the battlefront on May 3, 1915 during the second battle of Ypres, Belgium
Semper Fi Turf
Hi there,   Please come join the best turf ever…Semper Fidelis. We are with Few but we are most definitely Proud.     You will have great friends always there for you when you need help. Strengthen and build up each others mob..send those invites. Come chat in the turf Meeting Room and follow whats happening on the Live Turf feed. Maybe you feel like back-handing so
Rant 9/11/2009
Well Hi all... it’s me I know it’s been a long time since I wrote a RANT properly huh... well I guess I will start from the start I moved back to my home town that’s the most important thing but I have noticed that I cannot fully enjoy a whole day. Something always happened that simply pisses me off! Well here we go... *Takes a deep breath* this rant is for everyone and no one, take it as you will! Be offended, get mad... throw a hissy fit... whatever floats your boat as my Fu-mum says ^_^ Firstly, don’t you dare question my loyalty! You have neither the right nor the respect to even think my loyalty could falter! I refuse to use names in this rant since it is not, NOT for just one person! But for all as a whole, I’m tired and hot, I really fucking hate heat it makes me touchy and aggressive really fast! Sadly that means I have a really short fuse. I do try to keep myself under control but sometimes something will happen that irks me and that just sets
Passion of Love, Passion of Lust, Can one truly live without the other?   With love comes emotionally turmoil: Love, Hate, Lust, etc... Why do we do this to ourselves?   Can we not love without hate? Can we not love without the urges of lust? Does anyone truly know the differences between them?   What is love really? Does it even really exist? Is there such a thing without the destructions that may come with it?   hmmm I wonder....
How Could I Not?
Freedom's Conservative said: no catching up to high taxes and inflation is not catching up. spiker425 said: If it means a more equitible system and a healthier nation, it would be catching up (with fair taxation). With regards to inflation, stats will show that you're wrong. Freedom's Conservative said: How can you even say a more equitable anything. These Democrats want to create a huge government all for their own gain. That means they tax more which cause prices to rise. How is that equitable? spiker425 said: You're hysterical, lol. Freedom's Conservative said: You know absolutely nothing of my state of mind. You are looking for something that's not there. spiker425 said: spiker425 said: I thought as much. Was it a failed lobotomy?
My Cousin
    You are my cousin,trusted and true;And this is for everythingand all that you do.When the light seems so farand times are so low,You reach out your handto give me a place to go.When I find I can't make itand the mountain's too high,You give me your wisdomand help me to try.You've given me hopein times of despair.You do this for me,because I know you care.You make me laughwhen there are no smiles,Even though we're separatedby the miles.So let me tell you this,My Friend,If you ever need me,I'm here 'til the end.I give you my lovemy hand and my heart,And from your friendshipI'll never part.For everythingand all that you do,I want you to knowI'll do the same for you.So, when your days are blackand your nights are long,And it seems likeeverything will go wrong -I'm there by your sideyou're never alone.I'll be there for youto help lead you home.So, My cousin,as you can see;You're very special,especially to ME! ! !
Ever have the urge to blog and have all kind of ideas in your head but when you start it, it all goes out the window? That's me. I was sitting here with all kind of ideas on things to blog about and now I can't remember any of it. Maybe I am getting old. I wouldn't exactly say I feel old, just sometimes I forget things really easy. So I'll probably blab about stupid things that none of you all will really care about. So I'm warning you: You will probably be bored to tears so if you want to stop reading my guest.  Seems like people that I write out of my life have tried to come back. All within a week. I'm not sure why. The one that I will NEVER let back in is the one that is the "bravest". He's taken it upon himself to call my cell phone. Then send me a text and reply to my status on Twitter. Seriously? Yeah. Another one just popped back after three months. And another one, we've been friends...not friends...I've blocked him...unblocked him...friends..not friends..and now we
As I sit here and slowly close my eyes I take another deep breath and feel the wind pass through my body I'm the one in your soul, reflecting inner light Protect the ones who hold you, cradeling your inner child I need serenity in a place where I can hide I need serenity, nothing changes days go by Where do we go when we just don't know And how do we re-light the flame when it's cold Why do we dream when our thoughts mean nothing And when will we learn to control Tragic visions slowly stole my life Tore away everything, cheating me out of my time I'm the one who loves you no matter wrong or right And everyday I hold you I hold you with my inner child I need serenity in a place where I can hide I need serenity, nothing changes days go by Where do we go when we just don't know And how do we re-light the flame when it's cold Why do we dream when our thoughts mean nothing And when will we learn to control Where do we go when we just don't know And how do we re-lig
Please Dad
Please, Dad   As soft winds sweep away the daysI look back on life through a haze.Remember playgrounds, parks and friends,In childlike gaze that never ends.The laughter in a game of catch,Shall memory ever attach...To innocence in youthful eyes,Catching the ball to Dad's surprise.I recall my first bike, first wreck,Who picked me up, said, "What the heck?"Convinced me to give one more try,While, knees skinned, I forgot to cry.Just the joy knowing he was there,Making him proud my only care.There was nothing I couldn't do,My heart held fast that to be true.Though teenage years were kind of rough,I sure wasn't too big or tough.You taught me to defend what's rightAnd never back down from a fight.So I learned the hard way to stand,Still, with each lump, I found your hand.Drawing from you an inner strength,And stubborn pride of equal length.But there the line of fate was drawn,As though I blinked and you were gone.I found myself facing the sun,Not man, not boy, fatherless, one.Eye
Angels And Fuselage
Looking out the window, the trees are getting closer it seems.Thinking bout you Darling.Adding up the cost of these dreams.Strapped to this projectile, just a blink ago I was back in school.Smoking by the gym door, practicing my rock-star attitudeAnd I'm scared shitless of what's coming next.I'm scared shitless, these angels I see in the trees are waiting for me.The engines have stopped now. We all know we are going down. Last call for alcohol.Sure wish I could have another round.And I'm scared shitless of what's coming next.Scared shitless, these angels I see in the trees are waiting for me.Waiting for me.Friends in the swamp.Friends on the ground, in the trees.Angels and fuselage. by drive by truckers
Why Bother?
*slinks quietly back into the shadows of a tortured soul and broken heart to beg forgiveness of the dark god that lives there for ever trying to live in the world of light*
Moving Close To Be With Daddy
In a very short months, but seems like an eternity, i will be moving close to my Daddy. As it stands now we are over 1500 miles apart and its torture not being with him. We were together for a few days in September and they are ones i will never forget or would want to. He is a very loving, understanding, compassionate, gentle but rule with a firm hand. He is strict, demanding, honest and loyal. He has given me his guidance and knowledge into our lifestyle and offers me a world filed with happiness and love. I love him for everything he has given and showin me of himself and i could never find anyone who will compare to what He is. He is my Daddy Master King Boyfriend and Lover. He is what i want or ever will want and i cant wait for the day that we will be together for life.
billet\BIL-it\ , noun; 1.Lodging for soldiers. 2.An official order directing that a soldier be provided with lodging. 3.A position of employment; a job.transitive verb:  1.To quarter, or place in lodgings. 2.To serve (a person) with an official order to provide lodging for soldiers.intransitive verb:  1.To be quartered; to lodge.
Only the educated are free.  -  Epictetus
Rough Draft, Incomplete
There in the moonlite she stands, helpless and alone. Dare she walk into the shadows before her. Her blood pulsing through her viens. With every breath her breast rise and fall. She is but slender build, and knows not what waits her down the dark path. She pulls her coat tight and steps towards the lonely path to home. Wind whistles through the empty trees along the sidewalk. He watches her move, swaying through the falling leaves of the cold Autumn night. Standing there across the street apond the second floor fire escape of an old building, he can smell her blood, warm like fire. He watches as she walks briskly towards the long awaited light post. He wonders why she chooses every nite to cute through the park instead of staying in the constint light of the street. It only cuts off maybe five minutes but yet she bravely chooses that path every time. She looks up at the moon and is reminded why she walks in the park so late at night. This year, yes, so special indeed, has it been tha
Arousal from the sight of teeth.
Phenomenal Women
Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size But when I start to tell them, They think I'm telling lies. I say, It's in the reach of my arms The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please, And to a man, The fellows stand or Fall down on their knees. Then they swarm around me, A hive of honey bees. I say, It's the fire in my eyes, And the flash of my teeth, The swing in my waist, And the joy in my feet. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. Men themselves have wondered What they see in me. They try so much But they can't touch My inner mystery. When I try to show them They say they still can't see. I say, It's in the arch of my back, The sun of my smile, The ride of my breasts, The grace of my style. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. Now you understan
10 Things I Hate About You Sonnet...
 "I hate the way you talk to me,             The way you cut your hair.  I hate the way you drive my car.             I hate it when you stare.  I hate your big dumb combat boots,             And the way you read my mind.  I hate you so much it makes me sick             It even makes me rhyme.  I hate the way you're always right
Ugg Genuine Analysis
The following is the second parts about uggs genuine: The fifth move: Looked that this shop UGG shoe to be whether diverse, if the design are many, that is impossible to copy that many, thinks imitates makes a shoe the cost is high how, moreover is impossible to imitate makes that kind of sales volume not good shoe. Therefore is certainly produces for ugg boots the sale the design and the color, only will then be profitable. Therefore, sells generally imitates version UGG in the shop design to have several sections. I knew American UGG imitates the version design to have CLASSIC the SHORT classics to be short at present, CLASSIC the TALL classics are high, UPTOWN, CARGO, ULTRA SHORT, ULTRA TALL, SUNDANCE, SUNBURST TALL and so on. Imitates version's color to have the true colors, the maroon, the black and so on this kind of classical color. the sixth move: Tries on, the real wool puts on the wool to be very slippery, will not have the astringent feeling, will put on very quickly is v
You Can Find Me Here...
you can also find me here!!!
Sex Survey
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s)? 4. Do you think I'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. How many times would you like to cum? 19. Do you like foreplay? 20. What is foreplay to you? 21. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
A Shortest Road To Fail
"if u want ;we can talk cam to cam with a messenger(yahoo or msn).I wait ur messenger address.Hugs!"   oh, yes, ofcourse I would love to give you my messenger contact, cause I would love to read poorly written come ons that deserve a capital punishment. He was from Turkey, tho, so I guess I should feel lucky.
Stupid Encounter #25 From Sb (read Bottom To Top)
To ♆MFKN☠ßlúê...: Stop calling my man tramp I mean isent 1 of your boy toys there with you? ♆MFKN☠ßlúê...: ok for one i dont know you but i know what hes told me about you ... number 2 i DUMPED HIS ASS and YEA he did lie to me cause CHRIS was the one who told me u guys still talked when i asked him about it he LIED and said no and then he tells me you guys were talkin so you and him can say whatever u both want ... you wanna talk to someone whos trashed talked you then go ahead not hurting me any at all .... there was a few things that he lied about so dont come at me like u know me and know what really happen when u only know bits and pieces of what happen To ♆MFKN☠ßlúê...: 1 we wern't talking the day you jumped his shit about him talking to you not till recently did we start talking again and you know its funny you jump his shit for talking to one of his exs yet you talked to all of yours and went on cam for other guys, then you decided to invite a
Dear cancer  Seriously why the F@ck could u not just give her the 6 months u said u would NO u had too take 5 months away from her.....    Sh!t would it be so fricken hard just to leave her alone and let her enjoy the little time u have given her.....   I guess it is too fricken hard for u to just leave her alone....  I HATE U......  I want u to get everything that u given ppl and see how it really fricken feels......     THE real question is why did u pick her and not me???????   I hate u I wish I had never heard of u .....  I can tell u one thing u will never see the pain that u are causeing ppl cause u got your head too far up your A$$ to ever realize  what u have caused....   Just grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    
Schwimmbrille Von Metallsuchgeraet
Eine hochwertige Schwimmbrille mit Dioptrien-Sehstaerken erfreut sich bei Menschen mit Kurzsichtigkeit und Weitsichtigkeit steigender Beliebtheit. Ein hochwertiges Metallsuchgeraet erlaubt eine einfache Suche nach Kabeln und Leitungen und schuetzt vor einem Stromschlag.
Indicates What
Took a hot shower over an hour ago and almost passed out and have been sick to the stomach ever since, indicates what? This is interesting. Best laid plans of men and mice is what? Perhaps it was mice and men? The Order asks that I study things and has politely asked for me to come to the temple for an Initiation. It is so beautiful. Never has the word Temple ever used. I've been expecting this for a long while. Plan is over night or two, three, and required is a valid Pass Port. Something I am trying to avoid. Chaplin of the VA, Father Oppothilio told me more than just hes odd car vintage 1950's on the morning of 11/20/08. Lot more than I wanted to know. Trime there was very specific in what will happen and the price. The Trime of 2/20/09 was also very specific in what it showed me and the price. Nothing but TMO. TMO has a plan which I will not reveal that is very unique. What happened in 75, 76, and 77 was meant to be out of my life but the action of Walter Reed unknown to them bring
when i think back on all the things ive done it makes me sad. It makes me wish i hadnt hurt the people i have.  The changes ive made are effecting the people in my life direrently.  I wonder sometimes if there is a way to please every body but i know the only one i have to please is myself. But im not pleased with the the maybe i should haves in my life. Its that hind sight that keep sober people drunk inside.  It says to thy own self be true, but what  if ones own self is not acceptable to him or others. this is the self i lost while drinking, i had so many masks i wore for diff people i lost the original. It may sound negative as hell but what needs to be done is a real fuck em all and roll with myself as i am, to certain ones i have to be patiant and understanding. some its love me or leave me . people say they find serenity in sobriety i cant find it beceause maybe i dont deserve it or am not looking overanalyzation will be the death of me  like i said just rambling  punch me in th
LMMFAO... I just got this as a friend request Devils Soft Angel3 hrs agoI would rather you hate me for who I am than love me for who I'm not please friend and fan me. Devils Soft Angel@ fubar   So, I look at the bartab, and OMFG she did not fan me. I know I dont fan people, but lmao, I dont pretty much TELL them to fan me either. Hell Goat, Horse's Ass, or whatever the fubar level, dont be a freaking asshat. Sighs.
why is it when family looks at you different when you start to grow up and make your own choices and then they get pissed when those choises arent the ones they would make? take my wife, shes not anything like the rest of my family she grew up in the city and has her own mind. she dosent serve me. we are a team. my family cant accept this. and thats how i was taught by them. hell i dont understand. are women there to be our servants or are we susposed to be complementary of each other as husband and wife? i love my wife but my so called family cant understand our relationship. wtf. am i wrong.
Love And Suffering
To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer. To suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy then is to suffer. But suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be unhappy one must love, or love to suffer, or suffer from too much happiness. I hope you're getting this down.  I know its confusing, but if you have never experienced pain, how can you truly appreciate joy? lil D aka mello279
My First Ever...look, Bid And/or Pass Along :)
Click on image to bid She's sexy, she's fun and she's up for auction. With what she's offerin how can you pass this up? It's her first auction so let's show her some love This message approved by Johnny Chimpo (repost of original by 'Johnny Chimpo' on '2009-11-08 15:37:22')
Gee I Dunno?
I think the Fu Mafia game might be addictive. What's the give away to that you ask? Well I got to work Friday to find a co-worker had stolen my parking space. So I backhanded them 12 times. On a positive note, I was stress free inside the building. :) As for my co-worker, the health will regenerate right? Right?
  "The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled."
How To Fail
just type this to someone as a pick up message:   "  Hey Cutie,How u doin good lookin???Just popped by to say wats up and let you kno u look amazing.I kno u proable hear that alot and aint the first time you heard that but its the first from me so thats gotta count for something lol Well hit me back if u wanna talk good lookin,i'll catch ya l8ter if u want.Take Care & Stay CuteRod"     srsly? I'll try to stay cute for you, Rod. Can't make any promises, but the fact that YOU have decided to message me makes me tingle in my dingle. Not really...but it sure sounded great.
Taylor Swift And Snl
Taylor Swift was on SNL, so what you say? It is reported, I didn’t see it, she did a skit involving Kanye and his VMA’s music awards appearance with her. We don’t player her music on BlastFM so why am I mentioning her? Good question. Just to let you know I also know of her. BlastFM is a different kind of music station. The artists we play have just as much talent and in most case even more. The moral of the story? Give BlastFM a listen and be one of the first to hear great music you won’t hear anywhere else. BlastFM where music comes alive. .
Get A Life
Izyy Brittany Dj Barbie Kari is Masters Professor's So Sweet Pretty Little Kitty amandajean Cutie4You Cutie4You Imma Do Me ♥♥Kimberly♥♥ ♥ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ ~คpril~ ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ♥ ♥Stacey♥ *Kaylee* ~amyabi4u~ R.R submissive Bella Crystal™ Nerdy http://www.fuba
I Need Your Opinion Please.....
So im kinda confused  a bit.....I went to a co workers house to "drink"....haha....that went soooo well lemme tell ya.....She asked me some time last week if i wanted to come over and get wasted i said yeah as long as you dont have a surprise orgy waiting for too old for that shit any more ( i was jokeing...OF COURSE! )....and she's all like...yeah bring some orange juice over and we'll get wasted and get all goofy like....ok so i agreed...came over after she got off work.....ok Now i am NOT against people on welfare....SOME people out there still need it....shes a   single 23 yr old mother with three little boys and i swear to god the 4 year old is  satan's spawn....hes fucking lie....Ok so this chick lives in low income houseing of course she pays like five bucks a month for rent....the apartments nice i guess but her neighbors...omg some of them need jesus . I dont believe in jesus but IF there ever was a need for a "Savior" it'd be there.....We went outside for a c
Times Are Hard
I can imagine how hard it must be for you single mommys, especially the ones struggling to make ends meet. And for the ones that are on welfare abusing the system, so not
Lost ( A Poem)
I am so lost Ill do whatever it takes at any cost. I can't breathe anymore All I do is cry As I fall to the floor. Never hearing a sound never knowing.... As my heart pounds. My eyes are swollen My head is numb from the love you've stolen. I don't know what went wrong when I woke up And you were gone. I will fall on my knees with tears in my eyes And beg you PLEASE If you'd just come back, come back.... I'm so Lost!!!
Milfitaliano's Thanksgiving Auction
Im going to hold my first auction since my return to fubar. The auction will start on November 18th and will run for 1 week, ending on November 25th. Entry fee will be 250,000 fubucks, with the starting bid as 250,000 fubucks. So you will eventually get your entry fee back, hopefully plus a cash bid. CASH BIDS TRUMP FUBUCK BIDS!  I am also looking for someone to help promote. Either by donating a blast or ticker or stickying a bulletin, or making a cute bulletin.  Please keep this fun, I will not tolerate bullshit. If I hear someone bid and won, and didnt pay, they will not EVER be involved in another one of my auctions... Please have your entry fee and your list of offers to me NO LATER THAN November 18th @ NOON central please. Thank You!
Rules Of Dating
There is something you should know while on a date.  Although many do not have a clue.  If we are out on a date and you keep looking at your phone for any text messages or is texting someone back and forth - As far as I am concerned the DATE is OVER and you will find your own way home. People you do not disrespect someone by being on the cell phone while you are in the company of someone in front of you.  It is not cool and it is certainly not Romantic.  Many of you gals are always crying why you cant get a good guy.  Stop and think why? If I am in your company, I will place my cell in silent mode and leave it at that until such time as we depart, then will I check it. If you disagree with what I am saying here then you are not worth my time!!!
Fu Is Addictive(good)
MAN, I haven't checked my email in almost aweek!!!! Too good to quit!to much fun! but help my computer skills!!!!!!!!!
Ed Gein
  Death mask   Welcome to your last resting place, my slaughter house where they’ll find you gutted and hollow from the inside just like an animal your carcass Hangs upside down   My mind insane Dancing with my death mask My reign of terror                                                                                                            Starving for your flesh                     My power to capture the sudden fear on your face I desire, I need, I want to stroke my genitals to your beautiful corpse infested with maggots                                                                                               The massacre sets my sanity free                                                                       “Am devoted to the services of god but you’ll burn with                                                                          the leader of the fallen angels besides me”   I dis
Alone I Am
Alone I go, my fate in sorrow, I leave you with all my emotions but one, in my arms you dwelled, your heart embracing my tears as I fell from grace. I am alone in this endeavor, to suffer with my hate, my dying wishes....please be good, your mind so pure, your soul so warm....I wont forget when that when i broke, atleast you were in my arms.
The Art Of Stealing.
What color eyes do you have? This lovely shade of brown,goes with everything.  How tall are you? 5"9,swear. Right handed or left? Lefty I am,I believe im the only one in my whole family that is too. weird.     Your Heritage: im 100% me,and 0 % you. sorry,french canadian,Mi Kmaq Indian,Irish and I believe thats it. Your job: Mother of 3,and student at the moment,left work after my last heart spasm.  Do you like your job?love it,I really dont see me doing anything better. Any tattoos/​piercings?The only things I have pierced now are my ears,I have 9 tattoos. What underwear are you wearing right now? ....... The invisible kind? What shoes did you wear today? My purple ballet slipper style ones,it was rather warm here so I could totally get away with it!  Do you play video games?   Do I play videogames?  *guffaw* *chortle* *snort*  Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start
So, I decide to log into my page (for some reason I was logged out), just to not be able to. I was fuckin stupid, and instead of resetting my password (DOH!), decided to check if I was somehow deleted. Since it has happened SO OFTEN in the past, I was quite sure. WHen I made a new page with a same email, I did the search, and it showed me my old page. Sittin there, enjoyin itself, not deleted and functioning. I was like WTF??!   So now I am trapped with this noob page, and cannot log into that one since email search only produces this one.
Why Do We Run?
"Why did he run?" This question thrusts itself upon us every time an unarmed or otherwise harmless person is gunned down while fleeing from police.Often that inquiry takes the form that assumes the guilt of the victim: "If he did nothing wrong, why did he run?" It's also common for that second version to contort itself into a nicely circular argument: "Well, he ran, and resisting arrest is a crime, so obviously he got what was coming to him."For reasons unclear to a mind not enthralled by statist assumptions, most people simply assume that both reason and morality dictate an unqualified duty to surrender without cavil or complaint whenever armed, violence-prone strangers in peculiar government-​.​.​.​.​issued garb seek to restrain one of us.This is why police are trained to interpret any hesitation, reluctance to cooperate, inhospitable body language, or verbal expression of resentment as "resisting arrest" and thus a justification for the use of "pain com
Anthem For A Doomed Youth
What passing-bells for those who die like cattle?     Only the monstrous anger of the guns.Only the stuttering rifles' rapid rattle     Can patter out their hasty orisons.No mockeries now for them; no prayers nor bells,     Nor any voice of mourning save the choirs,-The shrill demented choirs of wailing shells;     And bugles calling them from sad shires.What candles may be held to speed them all?     Not in the hands of boys, but in their eyesShall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes.     The pallor of girls' brows shall be their pall;Their flowers the tenderness of patient minds,     And each slow dusk a drawing-down of blinds.Wilfred Owen, killed in France - 1918
The Line - 2/19/09
  THE LINE No matter how many times you are told, you do not listen Your necessity to push the envelope pushed my eyes to continually glisten No matter the many times you think this shit's getting old You still did not control your urge to turn a blind eye to the story as it unfolds Your vision astigmatic enough to shift your perspective into a custom-made cocoon Don't give me that fertilized babblement That you did not see That you could not see It is that you would not see The line The line was real and oh so tangible It makes me cringe to think of the excessive and oh so extensive warnings you did not heed The more I said "you better lookout, there is danger ahead!" The more you looked at me with blame, and stuck to your heels But that blame was for your shame So go ahead, blame me, I can take accountability for the lack of my fragility My so called vulnerability did not hamper the communication lines Having you so desperately hunting for your wire cutters Cong
Black Hole Destiny
down down down further and further i fall darkness surrounds not a single drop of light no hope to spring eternal no joy to fill the pain just hurt , anger, ignorance misunderstandings, indifference, and shame black blood through black veins poison after poison to drive you insain no mercy no relief jus the blackness so deep
Life Is Funny
Life is funy. It has a weird way of showing someone that we are all human. I am glad that I have the friends that I do have. They have always been there for me when my life has not gone very well. Friends are good to have to remind someone of the fact that there really is something out there that IS worth living for and working towards. Today is today. Hopefully, tommorrow will be better. I have the option of carrying on a grudge towards a person. Yet it is not in me to do that. If I did that then I would not be living life. Thank you for reminding me that I do have feelings and that I am capable of actually caring for someone. Better yet, I am only human with all the faults and flaws of being human. I am a real person with real intentions. Just like I have always said before and I will continue to say: LIKE ME, LOVE ME, OR LEAVE ME. I am still me and always will be. I am Just Me.
Death Of Someone You Love
 death is not a part of life that is easy to lose someone that is close to you is the hardest thing that you will have to endor the loss of a loved one will fell like your heart has been ripped out i lost one of my closest friends this morning and that was my grandma and it hurts to the point my body is cold i love her still even though she is gone my life will go on but it will be hard not that she is not here to go on wiht it RIP ETHEL JUNE PATTON ALWAYS LOVED NEVER FORGOTTEN 
Away- Computer Issues
Hi all! I'm afraid I'm probably going to be away from Fubar over the next day or so, at the very least.  I'm having some serious computer issues, and I don't know how long it'll take to get them resolved.  Please leave lots of love, and I'll be back as soon as I can get the issues fixed!!!
To Crepey
watch the vid and u will see what i meen
Dprs - Because They Are Faithful Dprs And Friends
  WCaroline~bourbanlady~ wafflebeaver Cyndi ~Master Jovi~ epic diamond Saber186 marc_2009 Minky Joe Mollybird Zeal127
Pain is a feeling that cuts to the bone. Pain does not discriminate. Pain does not care about gender. Pain is something that a person never truly gets over. Life is so full of pain that a person doesnt want to live life to it's fullest. People like to play with other people's feelings and emotions to inflict pain on them. I believe this is to make them feel better about themselves. I am tired of all the games and lies that people present as opposed to being real. I am tired and too old for stuff like this. I am going to not be on here much other than to play fumafia. The real people who are my true friends already have the other ways to get a hold of me. I am a real person and I just wished you would have been real with me as well. Thanks for all the good times.
Sucks, Doesn't It?
“We flatter those we scarcely know, We please the fleeting guest, And deal full many a thoughtless blow To those who love us best.” ~Ella Wheeler Wilcox
36th Ulste Division (british Army)
The 36th (Ulster) Division in 1914-1918 The history of 36th (Ulster) Division In September 1914, the Ulster Division was formed from the Ulster Volunteer Force which raised thirteen battalions for the three Irish regiments based in Ulster: the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, the Royal Irish Fusiliers and the Royal Irish Rifles. A unique situation existed. This summary is from Ray Westlake’s “Kitchener’s Army”: “It took several weeks after war was declared that permission to form an Ulster Division was granted. The Ulster Volunteer Force, a Protestant organisation created by Sir Edward Carson as a force to counter the threat of the Home Rule Bill, was already in existence and its members were as eager as any to join the war. However, due to the political situation in Ireland, things were held up. Many volunteers refused to wait and e
Ww1. Please Remember Them
The Battle of the Somme started in July 1st 1916. It lasted until November 1916. For many people, the Battle of the Somme was the battle that symbolised the horrors of warfare in World War One; this one battle had a marked effect on overall casualty figures and seemed to epitomise the futility of trench warfare.    For many years those who led the British campaign have received a lot of criticism for the way the Battle of the Somme was fought – especially Douglas Haig. This criticism was based on the appalling casualty figures suffered by the British and the French. By the end of the battle, the British Army had suffered 420,000 casualties including nearly 60,000 on the first day alone. The French lost 200,000 men and the Germans nearly 500,000.   Ironically, going over the top at the Somme was the first taste of battle many of these men had, as many were part of "Kitchener’s Volunteer Army" persuaded to volunteer by posters showing Lord Kitchener himself summoning the
Have To Wonder
I have to wonder why this Doctor at Ft. Hood decided to do what he did? No, I have no answer and most likely never will. Things happen in life that are way beyond my understanding let alone my control. Today is Sunday and I've yet to fufill a promise of me attending a church someone attends. This church is not far from me and I keep telling myself I will go and yet, never get ready. Somethings are lost cause and others I have to wonder. Norio  
I am sitting here the next day after my birthday trying to figure out what happened the night previous. There was some amazing discoveries made. I have found out that there are some people who really do care to an extent. However, I am trying to figure out if it was just cause of that particular day, an attempt to make me feel better, or something else. I don't know. In a way, I am not sure I want to know. I am the type of person who has had to rely on just me to get things done. My own family has not offered to help when I needed help. Therefore, I have always relied on just me to get things done. I realize I am a stubborn old man. I do not think I am unrealistic or unreasonable. This is my challenge to everyone who really reads this. I know who my friends are. The thing is don't be a stranger. I value my friends very highly. They are all I have anymore. I am scared that one day everyone is going to turn their backs on me again. I do not know what will happen if that happens again
Remember The Fallen
Words of Remembrance The following was written by Pericles well over two thousand years ago, long before the first ANZAC Day, but only a stone’s throw from Gallipoli: Each has won a glorious grave - not that sepulchre of earth wherein they lie, but the living tomb of everlasting remembrance wherein their glory is enshrined. For the whole earth is the sepulchre of heroes. Monuments may rise and tablets be set up to them in their own land, but on far-off shores there is an abiding memorial that no pen or chisel has traced; it is graven not on stone or brass, but on the living hearts of humanity. Take these men for your example. Like them, remember that prosperity can be only for the free, that freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it. Engraved forever at ANZAC Cove (see image below) are these
Guilty Feeling
sometimes I get guilty feelings. Today I feel guilty about this guy I used to live next door.   He was a friendly young man, looked like a messed up rock singer who couldnt make it big. We never really hang out, but we chatted off and on about music we like. One lonley night I went to him, and he took me in. But later when he wanted me, I pushed him away. I remember one time when he called and things he said to me.... "so this is how it is now?" Back then I didnt really care, but later on I feel really bad. I feel bad cuz he gave me what I wanted when I wanted, but I didnt give it to him when he wanted.  I liked him. He reminded me of something but I cant figure out what it is. He wasnt in a good point of his life then, I hope he is now. I wonder how he is doing now. I hope to see him again someday and be able to tell him that Im sorry for what I did.      
Strange Dream
The waves are coming in Curling around my ankles I'm sinking in deep Faster than I expected See you there on the horizon As the sun bids farewell Soft orange surrounds you As the light diminishes You're a silhouette Far out of reach Out in the sea

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