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I Am Afraid...
to show you who I really am, because if I show you who I really am, you might not like it--and that's all I got. ˜Sabrina Ward Harrison
Makin myself feel uncomfortable makin myself feel not there makin myself feel i'm healed takin myself way from this takin myself away from this makin myself feel like i'm not not i'm not makin myself get away from all this shit. Makin myself feel like none. I'm not like some some i'm not like some makin myself feelin dumb makin myself feelin one. Take away everything i had you take away what was once mine mine you take away. Take away you take away what i once had. Fuck all of that shit. I'm through with everything. Fed up so fuckin fed up with shit. Lost in all places i can't gather to leave me through nothin myself ain't feelin here. Lost all myself in fear. Myself ah myself losin myself lost in myself out of misplaced. Once was what i always had. Now to know i don't have it anymore. I'm to blame its not ever same all is lame. So plain drives me insane. To not have you anymore. Losin myself makin myself takin myself lost in myself makin my self self myself. Losin all myself it is not
Will I Love Agen
why is it i love with all i have and she ask me to trust her and she fucked me up she riped my heart out like it was nothing and stomped on it how iam i suppose to love agen
I'm Back In Fu-world
I have been offline for almost a year and have missed ALL my Fu-Friends. I hope to hear from ya'll soon. I have gotten my divorce and have so moved on. I am renting my mom's house now and can afford to be back on line. LOL Dad is doing well. The kids are fine. Sara started kindergarden. My boyfriend Lynn lives with me. We met July 10th and have been togather ever since. We have know each other for 21 years. We were friends from back in high school. We were never romantic. We were great buddies! I was in the store on July 6th and he asked if it were me and I said yes. We exchanged numbers,talked and had our 1st date on the 10th and I have not let him go home since. It is cool that our friendship is still there. If I had only dated him in high school maybe I would not have suffered in my past relationships. LOL I have thought bout him several times in 21 years and woundred if he was the one that got away. He is good to me and the kids. He is actually teaching me how to cook. If ya know m
People And Looks
I was sitting on the subway to work , and this thought entered my mind. I notice a trend about people in general, whether it be online or off. I notice that people are so quick to judge someone by their first appearance, and if they aren't physically appealing to them, they just discount them off the bat. See, this is the way I view the opposite sex. I have been on dates with women that in the beginning, on first sight I am like i am not attracted to them physically. Yes, I do admit one thing. There has to be a basic sense of physical attraction, but in the end the attraction lies within the person itself.Me, I base attraction on many levels. Presentation is always important, since it is the first impression that I get off of people. The real root of me to be attracted to someone rolls down to conversation. if you can barely complete a thought or a sentence, it is kind of a turnoff. Good deeds always help too. If I see someone treating someone else nicely, always a great attractive qu
Sometimes we have to fight ourselves, just to get through the day. Sometimes we have to accept whats in front of us. Sometimes we just get lost in nothing. Sometimes we just go crazy being in one place. Sometimes we forget who we are. Sometimes we just want to walk away and never look back. Sometimes we want to go home. Sometimes we fall in love but realize that its not love. Sometimes we realize that its not worth the trip. Sometimes we just raise our hands to the world and say... I give up.
I see that smile in my dreams I feel those hands on my sleeves I feel your breath on my neck I feel your body overlaps It's a dream nothing more It cant be real as it has been befor I want it to be I cant help but wish That you are my prince And im waiting for this....
hey if anyone can help me with a sulute i would be very thankful of you just dont have the time to get some pic made
Deadly Flu Spreads Across Ukraine 5 Incidentally, here is Joseph Moshe's biography.  Moshe Bar Joseph, Prof. (Retiree)Plant Protection, Plant Pathology and Weed ResearchResearch Interests / Job descriptionTelephone Tel: +97289350823Cellphone Cell: +972509350823Fax Fax: + 97289352826 Email: mbjoseph@gmail.comOffice location: Bet DaganDept of Plant Pathology and Weed ResearchARO, The Volcani CenterBet Dagan 50250ISRAEL Research Interests / Job description:-Management and control of virus and virus like disease agents of subtropical fruit trees, with special emphasis on citrus.-Certification programs, nursery propagation methods and modern cultivation practices of citrus & subtropical fruit trees.-Eradication policies and practices of potentially epidemic disease agents of fruit trees.-Phytoplasma, Spiroplasma and insect vectored disease agents of citrus and subtropical fruit trees-Molecular characterization and evolution of Closteroviridae and of viroid di
Deadly Flu Spreads Across Ukraine 4
AEROSOL SPRAYING IN UKRAINE EARLY IN OUTBREAK If one examines the charts posted at the beginning of this article, it becomes apparent the Ukraine outbreak begins approximately Oct 28 - 30, 2009 if we are to believe the official statistics. Additionally , we know the Ukrainian government's daily statistical updates began on October 28th 2009, when the rate of infections began to increase from a previously established baseline. What is curious is that this time frame coincides with reports of low-altitude aerial spraying in areas where the virus spread the most rapidly, particularly the Lviv region. In fact, reports to the Ukrainian government regarding low-altitude aerial spraying around Halloween reached such a high incidence, the government was forced to issue an official denial that were any aerial 'flu reduction operations' in progress. So the question becomes, what exactly was going on here? What were eyewitnesses observing?  Was something being sprayed?   Could the spraying have t
From Bottom To Top, Some People Just Dont Get It... Lmao
Venus: wow, you are one slow son of a bitch arnt ya? Domino: talk dirty to me Venus: good for oyu Domino: ive got it all babe Venus: well unless you have the girth to go with it, you have nothing to show for babe Domino: whats that mean Venus: i kinda figured, congrats to you, ever tried to satisfy a Blue Whale? Domino: its bigger when its hard Venus: huh? english please Domino: that soft u dont wont to know hard Venus: ha, baby, I have 9 inches avalible at any time here at home, so id prolly laugh at it Domino: what could u do with 8 and a half inches of cock Domino: i dont know
Deadly Flu Spreads Across Ukraine 3
  I have multiple sources confirming spot outbreaks of viral pneumonia in Eastern Europe, including official and non-official entities.  In terms of the current situation, there appear to be a high number of pneumonia patients in Ukrainian and Belerusian hospitals.  This epidemic has not shut down Ukrainian society yet, but it has caused many people to become concerned, and to buy up essential medicines.  Reports from doctors in Belarus indicate they do not expect this deadly new flu epidemic to peak until Christmas or later.  This is why it is important to analyze the situation and viral genetics now, and if necessary, contain the spread of the virus while it is still possible -- something the criminals at WHO do not appear interested in doing. These idiots at WHO have yet to release the viral gene sequences (even though they have had them for two weeks), and are now outright lying in their press releases, which I detail later. In terms of how dangerous this new flu strain could pote
Deadly Flu Spreads Across Ukraine 2
  Regardless, there has been almost zero (NOTHING. NADA. SILENCE.) mention of the Ukraine epidemic in the mainstream media, a fact which I find both astonishing and profoundly disturbing. There is apparently collusion at the highest levels of government and media to suppress this information. There are now 1.3 million infected in Ukraine, and over 75,000 hospitalized -- IN FOURTEEN DAYS. This is very serious! Based on previous clinical data we can expect over 8,000 to be dead or soon to be dead. Forward projection of the epidemic is difficult because the clinical attack rate is unknown  -- but myself and my associates remain concerned it may be quite high. Deaths globally may be in the millions. Let's hope this is not the case.An example of viral pneumonia.   Yeah, fail. The new flu strain, which I contend is spreading in Ukraine and Belarus, is characterized by a lightning form of viral pneumonia -- very similar to what happened in 1918. The new flu virus appears to have profound ti
Deadly Flu Spreads Across Ukraine 1
    Deadly flu spreads across UkraineDeadly flu continues to spread across Ukraine, criminal World Health Organization lies to the public, MSM maintains radio silence.There are many aspects to this story. It is impossible to know where to begin -- let alone cover all the pertinent facts in just one article. Those who have followed my Zerohedge columns in the past may be aware the subject of pandemic influenza has been a regular feature, precisely because there have been multiple signs indicating a global pandemic would be exploited (and perhaps even initiated) by governments and international banks for political purposes.   The signs have been building, including as I previously reported, forced quarantine orders inadvertently published by the CDC. What do these people know which the public does not? SUMMARY   Over the past two weeks, what appears to be a particularly virulent form of the flu has been spreading in Ukraine and adjacent Eastern European countries. This new flu is
Laywer Update Not Good
looks like my past finally catch up to meso today i got a hold of my lawyer turns out she called me yesterday but i did not have any notice and i hardly check my voice mail i really need to start doing that more oftenanywaysas i said i use to be a very violent person when i was younger i did alot of things i was not to pround of starting with animal crueltyarsonistrobberybeating the shit out of a lot of people family friends and so onbreaking into people house'smind you iam not the same person i was once beforebut yeah i got told all that lovely things this morningso my lawyer is going to get another lawyer on the case she said i dont want to take it to trail and iam sure my ex said something about this i hope she did not i mean i mean i deserve alot of shit but i dont deserve to be locked up no fucking 5 years of self defensive i told her what are my chances and to talk to me as a person not a lawyerso she said we are going to make a deal not to take it to traili rather die then spend
A Way To Live
The Best way to LiveLive like today is your last. Dream like your life has no end.Love like you'll lose them tomorrow.Always wear your courage on your chest.Ignite your eyes with hope.Exist to create a legacy.Influence the world.Make a change for the better.And When you go out...Go out with a bang!-Poet--11/16/09-
Some Help And B-day Love On The 19th
Hey to all, pls go check out my friend. Its his b-day on the 19th. Go check him out and help him level and show him some b-day love. Thank you Defender">@ fubar  
Farmville Secrets
Exploit how you can play Farmville the smart and efficient way. This way, you will save both time and money. Click here to read more - Farmville Secrets and Farmville Cheats One of the important things to consider every time you plant is the total amount of coins and experience you will receive on harvesting after expenses (i.e. your profit). Many people thing this is very basic arithmetic in calculating how much they will make but in fact is isn't really as simple as it turns out to be. This is where many Farmville players go wrong; many players tend to plant the 4 hour crops such as blueberry rather than the two hour crop raspberry simply because 1 gives experience and one doesn't. This makes the player think that raspberry is purely for gold purposes and not for leveling up at all. This shouldn’t be the wat. Always remember that when you are planting a crop with shorter duration you can also be doing it with more times, which costs 15 coins and nets you 1 experience each tim
Secrets To Find Penny Stocks Picks Revealed
  Penny stock is popular business in the business world. Though it is risky there is great chance to make huge amount of money without any physical labor. What you have to invest in stock trading is your money and brain. The stock investor should have foresight and good knowledge on stock market to make a good return in this business. Therefore certain strategies have been made to become a successful penny stocks trader. The following points can help you choose the good penny stocks: Check industry trends Before making any investment, look for industry trend. Find a trend when it's just dealing with its upward swing. That means finding companies that are producing products that are just starting to grasp in their target market. When everyone knows about the product, it's already too late to make the greatest profit.Build a list Once you've chosen a few companies that seem promising, put them on your watch list. Observe how these stocks move every day for at least a few weeks. Dev
Tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) I will be moving out. I'm real excited. I've been waiting for this day to come for a long time. I've had most of my stuff packed for quite a while and I been packing up most of the other stuff. I will be doing my big move on Thursday and will be doing the rest of it over the weekend and getting myself settled in. I had takin days off of work to get this all done. I wanted to get this all done before Thanksgiving. I bought myself a new tv. A 32 inch flat screen tv, with a built in DVD player in it. Didn't know that was possiable but hey, that was nice...I didn't have either of them so that works. Money well spent on that. Since I didn't have a tv, I went and got myself one...The TV's here are my ex's and his mom's and I can't use those. Plus I needed a tv to get Comcast set up in my home as soon as I could lol..Im also going to be using my brother's old tv so I can have one in the bedroom that my ex never wanted. I will never get why he never wanted a tv i
This Is A Motha **** Poem
this here...right here is the shitall about the shit that goes on and shit like the illuminate ...n machiaveli da don..and the movie obama woods, narrated by morgan freedmon produced by glenn beck on acid lady ga GA something something like that...a choclate bar....... and keith oberman ...simpsons reference; Mmm, donuts.madonna and so on and so forth bit a this and that you know.  
This November Wasn't Great For Me
This November wasn't great for me because i lost my father last Tuesaday. I been upset and sad(crying) about the loss. I haven't a been friend to all my fubar friends who were very wonderful with their love,supports, and prayers. I want to go you a big wonderful thank you.
Random. Obvious. And Flat-out Amusing.
This is exactly what you get when you have a handful of nut-cases on energy drinks in the same room.And out of our madness, we gave birth to this:Silence: is deadly. [To one whom thrives on sound.] Spoons: are lethal weapons. [When in the right hands.]Pocket Sand: is free. [Just flip your pockets inside out.]Razors: are shiny. [When the light hits them.]Light: burns the eyes. [When stared directly into.]Paper-cuts: are amusing. [To whatch people react to.]Fire: is beautiful. [And yet, such a destructive tool.]Flamable Ice: is even prettier. [However, we are not sure it exists.] Lmao.
Netbooks Vs Notebooks: Which Should You Buy?
The idea of a netbook isn't exactly new. Microsoft first touted the concept of a small laptop-style device with a long battery life as far back as the late 1990s. Back then it was pushing its Windows CE Professional operating system. What about connectivity? As the name suggests, netbooks are really aimed at people who want an easy-to-use device that gives them access to the internet, and they certainly seem to deliver on this front. All of them come with Wi-Fi built in and an increasing number now also have Bluetooth on board, so they can be connected wirelessly to a 3G mobile phone for internet access on the move. Some of the latest models are even being offered with built-in 3G, so that they can be used straight out of the box with mobile broadband services. Do you need it for work? Of course, as well as sending emails, updating your Facebook page and watching TV on the web, most of us have to use our laptops for boring work stuff from time to time. In this regard the netbook
Great Christmas Party Ideas
If you're looking for Christmas Party ideas, then maybe you're bored of the traditional office party or family get together. Why not make this Christmas Party the most exciting and memorable yet? Herein SmallVolume will give you good ideas for a wonderful Christmas pary. 1. You could pick a theme such as the 70s or film characters, or request that everyone come in fancy dress. People love to dress up, and Christmas time is no exception. 2. What about choosing your own entertainment? Perhaps you'd like live music, or what about something unusual like stilt walkers or a table magician. 3. A good way to keep everyone interested and guaranteed to turn up is by organising a Secret Santa, whereby people pick names from a hat, and buy a gift for that person. 4. You'll need to make sure that the food is good, and that there is a wide selection available. Perhaps you'll stick with Christmas dinner, or choose something less traditional, or maybe even a buffet. 5. The venue you choose wi
Best Christmas Gift For Your Family
There’s no denying that Christmas time is fast approaching. Aside from Christmas decors, one of the most popular items purchased during this special season include a wide array of Christmas gifts. Being a major attraction for everyone, Christmas gifts are anticipated by everyone especially those by families and family members. CHOOSING PRESENTS FOR THE FAMILY Christmas is indeed a very special time for families all over the world. Bringing the joy and excitement of Christmas time into its fullest form are family Christmas gifts and presents. Each and everyone of us would want to give our parents, uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, husbands, wives a special family present. Like finding that elusive gift for a girlfriend or a boyfriend, choosing the perfect family Christmas gift can be a strenuous and tedious task. To help you find the perfect gift for your family members, here are some gift ideas and presents that will surely make their Christmas season merrier.
Must-have Products For Winter
Creating a stylish winter look on a limited budget may be easier than you think. Here's how to look fabulous this winter... Contrary to what you might expect, We're not going to list the top trendiest items as your must haves, but rather the basics that you don't want to skimp on. Creating a stylish wardrobe does not mean that everything in your wardrobe has to be designer or trendy. Building a stylish wardrobe is about prioritising and starting with the basics. Before spending your hard earned cash on your winter wardrobe, go through this list to help you decide how best to spend your clothing budget. Classic coat The coat has replaced the jacket. Knee length coats are best as they are not as cumbersome as full length, but warmer than jacket length. Choose a basic colour that can be worn with most of your clothes like black, chocolate or taupe. Avoid double breasted styles as they are hard to carry off worn open, rather select styles that fit in the waist and flair at the hips. A w
Hot Products In International Market
"What should I sell? What products are hot selling in the international market?" These are the questions most people are trying to find an answer in order for them to make the definite decision. And if you really want to know the answer to this question, your only choice is to do some research. While you are here you need not do it again, we have done a full survey for you. The following list will help you solve this big questions. CLOTHING 1.Corporate Marked Jackets/Parkas What to look for: Light jacket or parkas with corporate logo embroideries and slogans. Coats must be free of stains, holes and odors. Buttons and zippers should be intact. The newer the jacket looks, the better. You may find brand new jackets from out of business companies or leftovers from tradeshows. These finds will bring you high prices. 2.Women’s Business Attire What to look for: Professional clothing for women such as suits, pants, and blouses. Acquire only the newest looking clothing.
Winter Fasion,show Your Different Charming!
Traditional Chinese-style madded jacket may remind some people of the old times. In those days Chinese people did not know that their everyday clothing style-such as qipao, dudo (an undergarment covering the chest and abdomen), and madded jacket - would last for thousands of years and become the favorites of modern Chinese women. Of course, the simple Chinese-style clothes of the old time have been updated and beautified. On the street you'll find many Chinese women dressing in Chinese-style jacket. The low straight collar, beautiful coiled buttons and embroidery patterns on the jackets can be seen as the symbols of the Chinese style. Updated with modern design and fashionable colors, these modest jackets can show the graceful and peaceful disposition of a person. Madded jacket, the well-known old Chinese style dress, has been popular for centuries. These days it is made of cotton or tapestry satin. The high neck, slit skirt show the beautiful of a woman. Women like dress it in win
Nepal Accessories And Jewellery (must Have Bling Blings)
India and Nepal are perhaps the best example of unity in diversity - different religions, language, customs and culture. There are differences in terms of tradition, lifestyle and fashion amongst the Indian people but the one change that cannot be ignored amidst all is the rising popularity of the Indo western Dresses. With Globalization, conventional ways of putting on salwar kameez and saris gave way to modern trends and styles. With greater number of Indian women from different age groups casting their vote in favor of western apparels, designers are thinking of novel ways to revamp the good old sarees or the traditional salwar kameez. The current trend in Indian fashion is Fusion wear. Western necklines, waistlines, cuts, length and fabrics are now being merged to Indian wear. This union of the east and west has fashioned some truly inimitable looks that are extremely up to date. Not only are they high on style quotient but they are extremely comfortable to wear. The Indo western
I Love To Put Some Asian Style Decoration In My Home!
Chinese style Learn how to get a beautiful and rich, exotic look in your home. Choose a Chinese interior design style, for the ultimate in color, pattern and opulence for your home. A fantastic style to consider... If you are interested in Asian Decorating styles, or oriental interior design, then take a look at this Chinese influenced look - for a really dramatic and unusual design scheme. The term oriental decor refers to designs and schemes from the East (also know as 'The Far East'). This refers to countries like China, Japan, Thailand, orea and Vietnam, as well as other countries in the east. The main countries to provide the inspiration for oriental interior design schemes are China and Japan. The Chinese look is a vibrant look - filled with color and pattern. It is a fantastic look for people who want to bring a little bit of the exotic into their lives. It is an unusual look, but relaxing, cosy, and easy to live with. Walls and Color •Typical Chinese interior design
Shadow Play- Traditional China Folk Art!
Have you even heard Shadow play? If you have, are you wondering what exactly it is and how it is performed? If not, do you want to join us in this discovery of shadow play which is centuries-old and deeply-rooted in the folk life in China? Let’s talk about it now. What is shadow play? It is perhaps as hard to define as it is easy to enjoy. Shadow Play is one of the most popular folk opera with stage props in China. It is a kind of performing art with manifold arias and genres. As an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment, it uses opaque, often articulated figures in front of an illuminated backdrop to create the illusion of moving images. And you can find some common ground between it with puppet play for they are both performed by means of props. And then, how did this unordinary art formed in China? It is quite indefinite. Legend has it that Emperor Wudi of the Western Han Dynasty became depressed after the death of his favorite concubine. To help him cope with his l
X'mas Gift Ideas
True friendship is one of the greatest gifts that a person can ever ask for. However, many-a-times, you feel like giving material gifts to your friends, just for expressing how much they mean to you and how much your care for them. Selecting a gift for your friend is not at all a difficult task. This is because, being so close to him/her, you are well aware of his/her likes, dislikes, tastes and preferences. Apart from the usual market-bought gifts, you can also try to make homemade presents for your friends, making them feel all the more special. In the following lines, we have listed some of the best gift ideas for friends, just to help you out. Gift Ideas For Friends •One of the best gift items for your friend will comprise of a photo frame, containing an old photograph of the two of you. If it is possible, you can also make the frame at home only. •If your friend has tea as one of his/her favorite beverages, gift him/her a set of teacups. If it is coffee that he/she l
Woman's World
I only started reading Graham Rawle's novel 'Woman's World' yesterday, but it's off-the-chart nuts.  Compiled as a collage (yep, the whole novel's a cut-and-paste job) from snippets from old women's magazines, it tells the tale of a young woman who, and bear with me cos I've only, as I say, read a few chapters so far, is clearly completely mental, living in a world that seems entirely informed by household tips and fashion advice. Perhaps you better read the summary on Rawle's website instead.  But take this as a recommendation, cos I am utterly hooked already. *edit* It's a couple of days later, and I'm about half way through now, and it is a work of GENIUS.
Please Note: I did NOT write this. I found it looking through my old theatre papers.It was written by someone in that class, no name was on it.However, I can relate rather well."Okay"Her smile starts to dimAnd her happiness fades away.I'm the one being torturedtrying to make her okay.She's not sad from what I did,but what I couldn't do.The marks on her arms..They're my only clues.She needs me morethan she could ever show.She needs me nowto soften the blow.She says "It's hard to handle.And life shouldn't be this way."But when I ask her how she is,All she says is "Okay."-Anonymous-
Kristen Stewart 'fought For' Taylor Lautner To Return For 'new Moon'
By now every Twilighter knows the story well. Taylor Lautner almost lost the role of werewolf Jacob Black for "New Moon." But he hit the gym, packed on 30 pounds of muscle and secured the coveted part opposite Kristen Stewart. What we don't know as well is what went on behind the scenes when the casting decision was being deliberated at Summit Entertainment, the studio behind the vampire saga. It turns out that at least one star was doing her best to make sure Lautner was not replaced. "I definitely fought for him," Kristen Stewart told MTV News on the red carpet at the "New Moon" premiere on Monday night. "I was totally on his side the entire time." Though Lautner is two years younger than Stewart, the 19-year-old actress said most observers misunderstand their relationship, thinking she's the one giving him a Hollywood education, when it's really the other way around. "Everybody thinks that we have a sister/little brother sort of dynamic thing going on ... but he's taught me more t
National Wreath Project
On 4 December 2009 Volunteers will gather at the Gettysburg National Cemetery and place 500 Christmas Wreaths on the graves of our Veterans. This project is an extension of a program started 3 years ago by John and Susan McColley and the Sgt Mac Foundation. The McColleys are parents of Gettysburg native and United States Marine Corps Sergeant Eric McColley who was killed along with 7 other Marines and 2 Airmen in a helicopter accident in the Horn of Africa on 17 February 2006. Last year the Foundation placed 2,100 wreaths on graves at Quantico National Cemetery in Virginia were Eric is interred. We also placed approximately 500 wreaths in the Gettysburg National Cemetery. This year we plan to do the same. With the financial assistance of local and other Veterans organizations, private and business support we are able to expand this program. We also received and aer seeking assistance from any patriotic Americans across the Country. We will meet at the GIANT FOOD STORE parking lot on R
Stolen From Cyborg
Let's start off blunt, have you done anything sexual in the last 48 hours?Besides the usual masturbation, no.Your phone rings, it's the person you fell hardest for, what do you say?hello? i miss youWhere is the person you have feelings for?with someone elseWhat color are your eyes?blueDo you like the snow?when i dont have to shovel itHave you ever slept on a couch with someone else?many timesWhich did you discover first, myspace or face book?myspace.What/who woke you up this morning?My alarmWhere did you sleep three nights ago?In my bedWhat color is the shirt your wearing?BlueThe past 72 hours have you been under the influence?never...*finished cigarette and beer*What are you doing at this very second?Trying to make someone smileAre you wearing anything you borrowed from someone?no... these are my boxersWhat are you listening to?Talk im becoming my father!If the year consisted of only one season, which would you choose?pre summer, when he nights are cool and the days are jus
What's Going On With Me...
For anyone who has been curious about what's going on with me, here's an email I wrote a friend:   So basically what's going on with me:I have been off work on a medical leave for about 9 months. I was only covered for 6 months of leave, and then I was granted 3 extensions on LOA. I found out I'm supposed to switch to another medication and that's why they didn't let me come back. I found this out like 5 months into my LOA. So I'm like WTF why didn't anyone tell me that. So my doctor got ready to start me on the new med she prescribed it to me, I picked it up, and then got a call from her that HER boss called her and told her she's not allowed to prescribe or administer it. So I have to take it and go to a psychiatrist's office. Well the only psychiatrist that takes my insurance I've had issues with in the past. Basically they claimed I had an appt, I never got a reminder call or anything for that appt, never made the appt b/c I didn't want to go there anymore b/c I was uncomfortable
Lack Luster
Alanis Morissette's So Unsexy Lyrics...  Oh these little rejections how they add up quicklyOne small sideways look and I feel so ungoodSomewhere along the way I think I gave you the power to makeMe feel the way I thought only my father couldOh these little rejections how they seem so real to meOne forgotten birthday I'm all but cookedHow these little abandonments seem to sting so easilyI'm 13 again am I 13 for good?I can feel so unsexy for someone so beautifulSo unloved for someone so fineI can feel so boring for someone so interestingSo ignorant for someone of sound mindOh these little protections how they fail to serve meOne forgotten phone call and I'm deflatedOh these little defenses how they fail to comfort meYour hand pulling away and I'm devastatedWhen will you stop leaving baby?When will I stop deserting baby?When will I start staying with myself?Oh these little projections how they keep springing from meI jump my ship as I take it personallyOh these little rejections how they
Payments By C51 Creations
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Cosmetic Dentistry Group
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I Didn't Say It, Cameron Diaz Did...
“Most men are the same. They're only interested in fucking you and they don't care whether you're happy or sad. They just want to get on with their business in and out of bed, and they make you feel that you don't count except as their sex toy.” ~Cameron Diaz
The Heart Of Unknowing
The Heart of Unknowing Who Am I? At some point in our lives, or perhaps at many points in our lives, we ask the question, "Who am I?" At times like these, we are looking beyond the obvious, beyond our names and the names of the cities and states we came from, into the layers beneath our surface identities. We may feel the need for a deeper sense of purpose in our lives, or we may be ready to accommodate a more complex understanding of the situation in which we find ourselves. Whatever the case, the question of who we are is a seed that can bear much fruit. It can send us on an exploration of our ancestry, or the past lives of our soul. It can call us to take up journaling in order to discover that voice deep within us that seems to know the answers to a multitude of questions. It can draw our attention so deeply inward that we find the spark of spirit that connects us to every living thing in the universe. One Hindu tradition counsels its practitioners to ask the question over and
A swollen sun melting in the horizon Between the sheets where I wait for her to come A living flame, impossible to resist Burning me deep with every bite, kiss and lick I'm haunted I'm haunted I'm haunted by her Invades my sleep with tumescent intentions Hades I'm sure must be missing a demon I hate the morning I hate the morning From the panes, a green mist swirls Is it a shadow of reflection? This apparition in moon beams bathede, A voice like wind through trees beckons Cool rain on hot summer stone The odor fills my presence Of freshly dug grave and death and night These things are her essence Noctournal mistress, spirit
Special Hitlist #3
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Arousal from vomit or vomiting.
perseverate\per-SEV-uh-reyt\ , intransitive verb;1.To involuntarily repeat a particular response, such as a word, phrase, or gesture, despite the absence or cessation of a stimulus, usually caused by brain injury or other organic disorder.2.To repeat something insistently or redundantly.
Men willingly believe what they wish.  -  Julius Caesar
[another Pilfered Survey *gasp* Its About Sex.]
  What is it that you absolutely need sexually? Emotion. Pity-fuck's are no damn good, "for the sake of it" are no good unless you're with someone you give a fuck about. Argument sex is superb. What is something you have always wanted to try? ... actually I've tried quite a bit and I can honestly say I just want more of what I've had with greater frequency (by the way, tit fucking isn't the greatest sensation on earth- but it does look hot). I've always wanted someone I'm vaguely attracted to, to watch me and my partner have sex. That is probably my primo. I don't like to share, I only like to watch solos or solo joinins, and I'm not that enthusiastic about a three-way. What is something you have never done in bed before? I've never tried put my one-eye in the brown-eye . Though I've had the offer on the table, smirked contemplatively, but I just didn't take the final plunge.What time of day do you like to have sex?I'm a night person. And I tend to wak up a few times in the night
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Read And Tell Me What You Think
 Great non-fiction story about how we feel itches. The Itch by Atul Gawande Gawande is an excellent writer, in addition to this short story I recommend his books Complications and Better
Affording A Designer Gown
You’ve dreamed of your discount wedding dresses since you were 6 years old. And suddenly there you are, engaged, planning your wedding and ready to shop for that amazing bridal dress. Reality hits and you realize that you have so many other things to consider than just your bridal gown. The cost of your gown may be one of the more expensive items on your wedding budget.And now you ask yourself, "Can I really afford that Designer gown that I love?" Staying within a certain budget is the lot of most brides. The average wedding costs about $25,000, include discount wedding dress but not everyone can spend nearly that much. A nice wedding can be assembled for much less and can even be put together on a shoestring if necessary. After all, you are not getting married just to have a big party! You are getting married, because you are in love. So if you find that you do need to cut some corners, don’t despair. There are lots of ways to save some money and still look stunning. Many
Special Hitlist #1
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Award-winning Roles In Aion
Players highly noticeable four well as the mainland by the announced in February this year, secured the distribution, and the Chinese name of the game identified as Aion Power Leveling On the eve of the upcoming open beta in Korea, was officially opened yesterday, a Chinese official website, the first time the identity operators in China to announce the games in Chinese LOGO, and the formal notice of release of the first wave of Chinese propaganda films, taken the Aion PowerLeveling In China, the first step operation, and the trailers declared" WE ARE COMING ".Mysterious dimensional space puberty Dragon knock on the door was, Yateleiya a black shadow over the gradually overshadowed by this will herald a Marinette must rise, this will be brewing in a brutal war.  Is it doomed to the dark forces of erosion Yateleiya, or take up arms guardian of the contaminated dimensional world, to stop Dragon's step by step approximation?Aion CD Key in escalation of the region to enjoy fresh Ceremony"
Wow China Operating Rights May Return To Blizzard
According to some insiders, a report reveald that WTO has ruled an arbitration in favor the United States, saying that China's practice of importing and publishing audio-visuals, books and magazines of the United States only through designated agent is against WTO rules and regulations. Details of the arbitration will only be released on August 12th, 2009. However, once the arbitration becomes reality, the joint venture established by NetEase and Blizzard will be no longer against the rules, or Blizzard may withdraw the operating rights of WoW China from NetEase to sell the wow cd key itself. As for the reason why WoW has been long delayed in government approval, some medias and players speculate that it might have something to do with NetEase, EasyNet (an affiliated enterprise of NetEase), Blizzard, and StormNet. Some media even revealed that GAPP (General Administration of Press and Publication of the People's Republic of China) has initiated the investigation into whether StormNet,
Lucys Dark Angel Mafia
Looking for all positions to join my new turf. Come hang out have some fun and lets kick some fu @$$ :D   Lets rock this place, Lucy!
Get This
if ur bored and have a few read and fill out for me........     1. Who are you?   2. Are we friends?   3. When and how did we meet?   4. How have I affected you?   5. What do you think of me?   6. What's the fondest memory you have of me?   7. How long do you think we will be friends?   8. Do you love me?   9. Do you have a crush on me?   10. Would you kiss me?   11. Would you hug me?   12. Physically, what stands out?   13. Emotionally, what stands out?   14. Do you wish I was cooler?   16. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.   17. Am I loveable?   18. How long have you known me?   19. Describe me in one word.   20. What was your first impression?   21. Do you still think that way about me now that you know me?   22. What do you think my weakness is?   23. Do you think I'll get married?   24. What makes me happy?   25. What makes me sad?   26. What reminds you of me?   27. If you could give me anything what would it
Just Another Night
Just beginning all this on the wrong foot. I'm normally a very charismatic individual. Not a care in the world and enjoy the scenery. But at night, alone in this big house. I tend to linger onto relationship things. and how i should close that part of me that needs the feeling of a warm body. Hopefully my next blog won't be as sappy.   Until then, Keep me in mind, next time that ass hole just gave you a black eye, or dumped you for that dip shit slut he met at a bar. Always here.   The Captain.
He Knows Who He Is...
You may not even notice that I'm trying to avoid you, but the truth of the matter is I have no idea what I should do. All I want is to be in your arms, holding me, holding you, so tight. And when I go to bed, you're the one who haunts my thoughts each night. I wake up and what's the first thing that enters my mind? It's always you, each and every time. When I hear from you my heart skips a beat. You really don't know how you've came in and swept me off my feet. I tried not to let you get to me this way, But more and more I fall for you each day. Why did God have to place us so far apart, When he knows you're so close to me, deep in my heart. I'm trying to figure out just what to do, I know me avioding isn't what's fair for me or you. I've put my heart out on the line once again, I just wish I could skip forward to the end! One moment,I want to give you all the love I have built up inside, the next I get upset, scared, or jealous and just go hide! I'm afraid o
Wish There Was Not Blood On My Heart
Those feelings you had you told me how the heart I heald was your you tricked me into tears you skillfully cut my heart slow enough for me not to feel it till the end I know the cut I know the mark only because long ago i did the same to not one but many hearts this kiss you gave to me I held close to me then to realiseit was so close to my heart it took small bites to feed its desire for revenge a snake in the clear water  my vision blinded by the best intent I walk to the edge just to look down to late the fast aproaching ground will give a perfect place to land a damaged soul I will  live to sip from the cup of love more or less cautius  of the warmer doors that leed to hell
Through My Eyes
Like tyrants assembled with tearsTrembling like a tombAnd singing like a statueI am as empty as the ocean.My blind eyes scream in silenceSo this eternal echo will be known.Given to the foils of time,And shattered like plate glass-You freeze within the fire.Darkness now lives at daylight,And shadows turn to the ghosts.With all that shined is hollowYou imagine unconsciously.And pretending to sleep you realize,Nothing is what it seems.
Have The Very Wealthy Achieved Victory In Their Class-war?
By Sam Pizzigati, Dollars and Sense. Posted November 3, 2009. We don’t want our tax dollars aiding companies that increase social inequalities. So why do we let our tax dollars help companies that increase economic inequality? Back in 1974, the inaugural year for Dollars & Sense, young economic justice activists -- like me -- felt we had our hands full. I was working, at the time, in upstate New York, helping mobile home owners organize against trailer park landlord extortion. I had one friend active on a campaign to win bargaining rights for the local university’s food service workers, another pushing for public housing, still another advocating for a badly needed primary health care clinic. Everywhere we all looked, we saw people hurting, we saw unfairness, we saw economic injustice. Now today, 35 years later, I’ve come to understand what we didn’t see: the big picture. Yes, back then in 1974, we certainly did face injustice at every tur
[one Pan To Rule Them All]
I've already said it, but it bears repeating. Get one good pan. One good pasta pot. The world is your oyster. ...okayTWOgood pans. One for omelettes and nonstickery and medium heat sauce making, the other cast iron of course. And two pots.No frills Dutch oven and a pasta pot (because you can make a fuckload of soup/stew in a big'n and you can put the dutch in the oven, or use it for frying) Uh anyway. Today you will need one large skillet. Because you have half an eggplant, and meticulously cut into long pasta-esque strands, or cubed. Now go to your refrigerator. *blink blink*OH!You wanted specifics alright you will need about 1 cup of raw meat. a light flavored firm green vegetable. about two tablespoons worth of an onion or one of his cousins about half a teaspoon of savory spices salt and pepper about a tablespoon to half a cup of crumbly semifirm aged cheese (white dry are best) half a cup to a cup of diced mushrooms a tablespoon of a tomato product, sauce, paste
Etlh'rthhyq Or Something Clever.. Smart What The Fuck Ever
So  pissed I could FUCK!!!!!   ever get to the point where what you were raised to follow was too much moarlly were we rong to have rules i sorta like the no fault world that we fucked up so well i mean so many pills  somany problems evryone is rich with invisable money i feel like i want to stab the next fucker with a good slice of pie fucken sugarcookies and weed make for odd rants.. that empty usatisfied feeling that loss that where did my world go what happen to kicking your kids ass when they need it and whooping a fathers ass to remind him when he goes too far what happend to "will work for food "  now its hey i'm poor give me"  the warnings are out there not the end but a big crash in what we have who knows just a lot unclear right now so much wonder where it all goes wonder where the world ends or where my version went i want the origonal feeling of love not this copy with all those inperfections in it i want my fuck-ups not the ones the new people made change it back name me a
I Love Being Lesbian!!!!!!
I walk in to my house it is all dark then someone hits the lights and everyone yells HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I party for a long time and say good bye to everyone. One person remains. My sexy lesbian friend Clair.  She was naked and asking me to come and show her my true feelings.  I strip down and we come to the bed. e go into a 69 position and her juices tasted so great. We then played with each other for a little while. Then we decided to really get it started.  i went in to my closet and got out my toys. We started with a first course of vibrators for us both. Then the strapons started. Second course was me fucking the shit out out of Clair. Third course was her fucking me. That was a great night!
Brooks & Dunn The Long Goodbye
"The Long Goodbye" I know they say if you love somebody You should set them free But it sure is hard to do It sure is hard to do I know they say if you don't come back again Then it's meant to be (so they say) Those words don't pull me through Cause I'm still in love with you I spend each day here waiting for a miracle But it's just you and me goin' through the mill climbin' up a hill [CHORUS] This is the long goodbye Somebody tell me why Two lovers in love can't make it Just what kind of love keeps breaking a heart No matter how hard I try I always make you cry Come on, baby, it's over?-let's face it All that's happening here is a long goodbye Sometimes I ask my heart did we really Give our love a chance (just one more chance) But I know without a doubt We turned it inside out And if we walked away It would make more sense But it tears me up inside Just to think we could still try How long must we keep running on a carousel Goin' round and round and never getting anywhere On a win
Gothic Wedding
Roses are BlackFlowers are deadThe festive colors all aroundslowly seep into the groundEverything fades to black and greybut only one color would stayher dress of purple and blackpurple, was the only color that wouldn't stay back.his outfit, or orange and blackorange, was another color that wouldn't stay back.He grabbed his brides handso the colors wouldn't pull her backin the darkness they marriedbut, the darkness they carrieda black aura to keep those awayonly those that would stayare but the same wayThe colors have faded and runleaving the black to have so much funthe smiles still go aroundtheir lives are not upside downwhy doesn't anyone else see it?colors don't make people normaltheir smiles and laughter doesif you can always see the lightno matter how dark your can be happy in the darkexpelled from othersyou are still happy. So very true ...You CAN be happy in the dark..At least I am.. Written by : ~~~Okamixkeshin~~
please either post your own sexy experience (Fictional or not) please tell it from a woman's prospective. MAKE SURE IT IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was actually going to write this earlier today, but I got side tracked. It was basically going to be a rant blog. But something just happened that kind of made everything else look insignificant.   As I've previously stated, I don't MuMM much anymore. In the morning I might comment on one or two and then I go play poker or just talk to people in my shoutbox (it's still the shoutbox to me, I don't care what it's called now.) I really don't know what's going on with who..who's faking their death or cancer this week or who got banned or deleted, and frankly, I don't care. It seems trivial.   Well I just got jumped on by someone on my friends list, because they posted a status, which, stupid me, thought was a joke. I have a sarcastic, joking personality (which I thought everyone realized by now) and when I made a joke, it wasn't taken well. When I asked for an explaination, I kept getting referred to how there wasn't going to be an explantion. Even after I explained it was a joke.
The Most Random Crap I've Ever Answered
1. Song that always makes you sad? Last Kiss- Pearl Jam 2. Last thing you bought? Fuze 3. Last person you argued with? mister :( 4. Do you put Butter before putting the jelly on?: no 5. One of your stuffed animals' names as a kid?: Roger Rabbit 6. Did you ever own at one time an Nysnc Cd?: Yes 7. Favorite day of the week?: Sunday 8. Favorite Sundae topping?: Strawberry 9. Did you take Piano lessons?: no 10. Most frequent song played?: Come away with me- norah jones 11. T.V. show you secretly enjoy?: Charmed 12. Would you rather play basketball or hockey?: hockey 13. Date someone older or younger?: older 14. One place you could travel right now?: Pakistan 15. Do you use umbrellas?: 16. Do you know all the words to the Canadian national anthem?: uh.. do the Canadians even know them? 17. Favorite Cheese?: Gouda 18. Disturbed or My Chemical Romance?: disturbed 19. Do you prefer Blondes or Brunettes?: Brunettes 20. Best job you ever had?: Mommyhood 21. did you go
Just An Idea
 Starbucks Charges 9/11 Rescue Workers $130 for Water    Guess I won't be drinking Starbucks anymore! ! !  Recently Marines in Iraq wrote to Starbucks because they wanted to let them know how much they liked their coffees and request that they send some of it to the troops there.Starbucks replied, telling the Marines thank you for their support of their business, BUT that Starbucks does not support the war, nor anyone in it, and that they would NOT send the troops their brand of coffee.                    Maybe we should not support Starbucks by buying any of their products! I know this war might not be very popular with some folks, but that doesn't mean we don't support the boys on the ground fighting .... Also, don't forget that when the Twin Towers were hit the fire fighters and rescue workers went to Starbucks because it was close by for water for the survivors and workers and Starbucks CHARGED THEM! ! !  JUST
Age Of Daze - Afflicted
Why did I come here tonight With all these feelings inside You're much too good for this life And all the pain that you hide I want to take you away Wipe the tears from your eyes But all that stands in the way is That you don't realize Why I I am addicted, addicted to you Like a bad pill, like a sick thrill I can't get enough of you I am afflicted, afflicted by you Like a bad pill, like a sick thrill I can't get enough of You you You you I want you so bad tonight That I can almost taste it I want to take you away Wipe the tears from your eyes But all that stands in the way is That you don't realize Why I I am addicted, addicted to you Like a bad pill, like a sick thrill I can't get enough of you I am afflicted, afflicted by you Like a bad pill, like a sick thrill And when it all comes crashing down Will you still love it And if tomorrow never comes Atleast I had it I am addicted addicted to you I'm addicted I can't get enough of you I can't get enough of you I am addicted, addicted to
Leaving My Keys At Home Was Never Funnier
So, I came from my second class to realize I left my keys on my bed. My dad's car was in the driveway and the door was a little open from what I could make out through our security screen door. That, and I could see my puppies whining at me, lol. So I shouted throught the open door to my dad. No response. So I waited a bit, teased my puppies through the screen door (btw, yes, it's locked), and texted my mom about the situation. She advised me to call my brother to see if he was coming home anything soon, and if not, hop the wall into the backyard and knock on my dad's bedroom window. I called my brother. No answer. So it was off to the side of the house and over the brick wall I detest climbing. It's really not much, 5.5 foot drop, but I was soooooooooo wearing the wrong shoes. Anyway, I walk around the side of the house and knock on my dad's window. I wait a min and no response. Weird. I knock again. No answer. I check the back screen door and it's locked, the backdoor closed as wel
Music I Love- Svartsot - Jotunheimsfærden
makes me wanna pillage and kick some ass
Vegas, Gaggy!
If people just went to Vegas to screw and get drunk, it wouldn't be such a bad place. Instead, people go there to shop.   I intend to close my eyes and pretend that Vegas is exactly how HST described it in Fear and Loathing, and I was actually just at the Mall of America for a long weekend. In other news, Pops had a happy 80th, his girlfriend is a delightful lady, and the fella and I drank enough to drown our sorrows over Vegas being a consumer-friendly hell-hole.  Lest you wonder or your parents try to lead you astray, the Eiffel Tower in Vegas is not "just like" the one in Paris.  
Luke Bryan - Do I
Baby, what are we becoming It feels just like we're always running Rollin' through the motions every day I could lean in to hold you Or act like I don't even know you Seems like you could care less either way What happened to that girl I used to know I just want us back to the way we were before Chorus: Do I turn you on at all when I kiss you, baby Does the sight of me wanting you drive you crazy Do I have your love, am I still enough Tell me don't I, or tell me do I, baby Give you everything that you ever wanted Would you rather just turn away and leave me lonely Do I just need to give up and get on with my life Baby, do I? Remember when we didn't have nothin' But a perfect, simple kind of lovin' Baby, those sure were the days There was a time our love ran wild and free Now I'm second guessing everything I see Do I turn you on at all when I kiss you, baby Does the sight of me wanting you drive you crazy Do I have your love, am I still enough Tell me don't I, or tell me do I, ba
Vodka martinis are yum.....   that is all.   (if anything is said out of line, im blaming the alcohol)
Weirdness Central
Don't remember this one perfectly, but I remember waking up and saying what the f*ck was that...out loud.   First up I remember I was walking around a high street, in my usual attire of shorts and t-shirt. This guy stops me, points out we're wearing the same style shorts and how nice they are.   Next thing I remember is being in a shop looking for another pair of these shorts, but end up mesmerized by this $200 pair of jeans (yes, I remember it being dollars). I'm trying to work out why the hell they cost that much.   Next on the agenda, I'm strolling around either in a park or by a river, a car pulls up, someone I know gets out (don't remember now who), and claims that loads of people are looking for me, thinking I'm suicidal and that I've taken drugs and been boozing, whilst I deny everything.   Last, but by far least, I'm in a house full of people, a roaring fire and we're all preparing a feast of...   wait for it     Snake and crocodile.   Now you know why I said wha
Taylor Swift - Fifteen
You take a deep breath and you walk through the doors It's the morning of your very first day You say hi to your friends you ain't seen in a while Try and stay out of everybody's way It's your freshman year and you're gonna be here For the next four years in this town Hoping one of those senior boys will wink at you and say You know I haven't seen you around, before (Chorus) 'Cause when you're fifteen and Somebody tells you they love you You're gonna believe them And when you're fifteen feeling like There's nothing to figure out But count to ten, take it in This is life before you know Who you're gonna be Fifteen You sit in a class next to a redheaded Abigail And soon enough you're best friends Laughing at the others girls Who think they're so cool We'll be out of here as soon as we can And then you're on you're very first date And he's got a car and you're feeling like flying And you're mamma's waiting up and you're thinking he's the one And you're dancing 'round your room when the
If... By Paul Laurence Dunbar
f life were but a dream, my Love,And death the waking time;If day had not a beam, my Love,And night had not a rhyme, --A barren, barren world were thisWithout one saving gleam;I'd only ask that with a kissYou'd wake me from the dream. If dreaming were the sum of days,And loving were the bane;If battling for a wreath of baysCould soothe a heart in pain, --I'd scorn the meed of battle's might,All other aims aboveI'd choose the human's higher right,To suffer and to love!
The Secret Of The Inner Way
  "Walk, in the Way of good men, and keep the paths of the righteous."       THIS CHAPTER abounds in references to the Way and Path. Walk occurs three times, paths seven, and ways five. Here we read of the way or path by which good and righteous men have preceded us. The old Christian mystics were fond of talking of the inward way and its various stages. They said that God was alone the centre and satisfaction of the human soul, that we must advance along the pathway traversed by holy souls before us until we have realised the motto of Monica: "Life in God and union there." True knowledge of God and union with Him are only to be attained by those who will not shrink before the perils and steepness of the strait gate and narrow way. It is not necessary to leave the body to reach the inner secret of God. The path may be trodden on this side of the grave. Stony and steep it may be, but when it climbs the crest, and the whole glory of the heavens is in view, the soul is satisfi
Did Not Thomas Moore
by Thomas Moore     'Twas a new feeling - something moreThan we had dared to own before,Which then we hid not;We saw it in each other's eye,And wished, in every half-breathed sigh,To speak, but did not. She felt my lips' impassioned touch -'Twas the first time I dared so much,And yet she chid not;But whispered o'er my burning brow,'Oh, do you doubt I love you now?'Sweet soul! I did not. Warmly I felt her bosom thrill,I pressed it closer, closer still,Though gently bid not;Till - oh! the world hath seldom heardOf lovers, who so nearly erred,And yet, who did not
Just Fillin In The Blanks
It has been a long time since I typed anything. I'm not really sure what is going to come out now. I'm just typing and going with the flow. Feeling a bit lost lately. A little disengaged. Day after day, night after night surrounded by my own thoughts. My friends have their own life, they aren't interested in mine. Then again, I have a hard time letting anyone past my barriers. Just when I think I have my emotions in check, a tear finds its way down my cheek. I capture it with my sleeve of toughness but another one just replaces the captured one. It becomes a never ending cycle. No one sees this, of course. This is my own private nightmare. A nightmare I can't seem to awaken from. Someone needs to shake me or something. sheesh
I am not sorry for my soulThat it must go unsatisfied,For it can live a thousand times,Eternity is deep and wide. I am not sorry for my soul,But oh, my body that must goBack to a little drift of dustWithout the joy it longed to know
11/17/09 Part 2
Full Frontal Nerdity: The condition or act of engaging in acts of extreme nerdhood. Nerdboner: An event, activity, object, idea, movie, comic book, TV show, theory or anything else creating nerd obsession to a moderate to high degree Dildork: A dork with the personality of a dildo
My Babygirl!
My little angel Gabriella D. is in the baby battle contest! We could use some votes! Voting is easy, go to the link below to voting gallery F-Jal (make sure it says Gabriella D.) and click for her! You have to enter your email then register (takes a minute and they don’t send unwanted emails) Thanks for your support and as you vote let me know so I can show ya some lovers!
The Scoop
I woke up laid around in bed reading Moomin Trolls sat around online ate Poptarts and black olives made an attempt (failed) to finish some of the dishes sat online watched youtube vids of metal bands, lemurs, Jeeves and Wooster, and Poirot Washed my face sat online murdered fruit flies and left their corpses smeared as a warning for others roamed some more thru my fridge weighed myself, got depressed for a moment. I need to lose 20 lbs before I have to walk for 500 miles with a huge backpack on my back across Europe ate more Poptarts sat online      
Up0n A Shelf
 Upon a shelf   My wisdom sits   Dying from decay   Spoiled by the stains   Put at risk by great change   A sickness from within   Has seeped through my skin   Irrevocably broken I am   Such things I lament   Those that love me   Do so at undeniable risk   Destruction is my God   My one truth in a world of lies   All that I hold close   I crush under my thumb   I do so as a form of self-preservation   There can be no other way   I scream in silence   I will get them   Long before they get me   How dare they make me feel   How dare they try to enslave me   I will not allow myself be fooled   By all of their promises   Life has taught me much   Most of all to be prepared   To do what it takes   To isolate myself from   The possibility of happiness   I have often wondered of such things After all I was once human Now I fear I am something else   Things such as happiness are fruitless   Endeavors perpetrated by the weak   I
If You Really Want To Know Click Here And Read...
Where to start? Hmmmm I am really not to sure. I do ask that you delete any pics of me on your profile if I made you a salute or you made me a pic. It is a very long story. I don't care to list it here. I have deleted most of my pics on here. My salute and a few feet pics are all that is left. I might even delete my account. I will be deleting my salute soon so if you wish to remove me because of having communications blocked to people without salutes that is fine. I have been slowly pulling myself away from here. Each day my permanent rank goes a lil' lower. Soon it will fade to nothingness I'm sure. I had fun playing the game, but it takes too much time. Those who I am close to already have my e-mail. I doubt I'll be missed here. So hit me up on messenger or via e-mail if you need me. I'll really miss some of you, maybe more than you know.
A Bondage Night Before Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the domain,Not a subbie was stirring, (they were tied down with chains)The shackles were hung by the chimney with care,And the St. Andrews cross stood empty and bare.The subbies were nestled all snug in their beds,While visions of floggers danced in their heads;The Dom in his leather, and I in my slave cap,Had just settled down after getting our whacks.When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,I crept from the bed to see what was the matter.Away to the window I flew very quickly.Tripped over some handcuffs and cursed soft and thickly.The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snowGave the luster of mid-day to objects below,When, what to my sleep-crusted eyes should unfurl,But a miniature sleigh, pulled by eight pony girls,With a Dominant driver, so forbidding and stern,I knew in a moment I'd a great deal to learn.More rapid than eagles his pony girls came,And he whipped them, and shouted, and called them by name;"Now, Dashslave! now
You Call Me A Racist - My Comments To This Message That Was On Someone's Profile Page Are In Bold
I sent post in a private message to  SueBee - SYLB.  In fairness to her, I chatted with her a little and she seemed pretty nice.  But, I couldn't let this go.  The **** line items are my comments to her.  I tried to let this go, but I needed to insert my commentary.   You call me: "Redneck", "Hillbilly", or "Slacker" "Cracker" or "Cracker Jack" "Honky", "Whitey", or "Gringo" "Betty Crocker" or "Martha Stewart" "Casper", "Jed Clampett", or "Crisco" "Elvis", "Eminem", or "Gilligan" "White Devil", "White Bread", or "Gomer" "Forrest Gump" (Gump), "White Trash" or "Johnny Reb" "Opie", "Poppin Fresh", or "Peckerwood" "Wigger", "Trailer Trash", or "Vanilla Ice" "W.A.S.P", "Slim Shady", or "Skinhead"   and you think it's OK.
If Your Alone
If you're alone, I'll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder. If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile. But anytime you need a friend, I'll just be me. ~Author Unknown
Why I Won't Stay "down" On Myself For Too Long...
I guess I'm feelin' a bit bloggy, so I'll write one. I was sittin' here on one of my unexpected days off (gotta love the job market, eh?), starting to feel a bit down, pessimistic about my life and all that. Why I'm not at the "place" I expected to be at my age, why I find myself associating with the same deadbeats and ne'er-do-wells I have been since college. And then it hit me. There are so many people I know that have it sooooo much worse than I do (and sadly, most of their problems are self-imposed), that I have to count my blessings. Hell, I have a friend who has so many health issues, it's hard to figure out which medication she has to take this hour. Have another friend who just ended a 9 year relationship over a man she met on the 'net', and just realized all the sweet and passionate things that guy was doing and saying to her, he was basically copying and pasting to other chicks with substantially larger breasts than her. I have a friend who is trying to kick a binge-drinkin
MEN APPLAUD THE PLEASURES OF BEING WITH OLDER WOMEN DEAR ABBY: In your response to the letter from "'Cougar' in New York" (Sept. 3), you invited your male readers to share their thoughts. Abby, cougars are nothing new. They're simply out of the closet. Men have been called "dirty old men" for their dalliances with younger women. But older women have quietly involved themselves with younger men for years. As women have become more successful, both in the corporate environment and individually, they have grown bolder in their personal lives. As a 58-year-old man, I look on this as a natural progression of the boomer-born sexual revolution. When I was in my teens and suffering the testosterone overload, my father said, "Look for an older woman to teach you the ropes." His idea was that they had the experience and patience to tutor. I don't consider "cougar" as being predatory, nor do most men and women I know. Our world is changing and evolving, and this is simply another chapter. --
Getting To Know Me... Atrologically...
The SCORPIO 4-1-1 Element:WaterRuling Planet: Pluto, MarsQuality: FixedNature: NegativeSymbol: Scorpion, EagleWhere to Find a Scorpio: reading quietly in the corner of a café, library, or bookstore; working in a lab on an experiment that they are running; taking a course at a college or special education series to further enhance their knowledge; working on an artistic endeavor, such as painting, drawing, sculpting, or photography; in a therapist’s office waiting for their next appointment; in Church, either because they believe, or because they are curious about the rituals of a particular sect; walking around a museum, garden, or archaeological site and learning about the historical background; walking around a haunted house or cemetery because they are drawn to "the other side"; or drafting legislation in a government office. Basically, look for a Scorpio to be completely absorbed in the facts and theories behind topics that deal with history, culture, religion, science, or a
Dog Days
What you cannot anticipate, you cannot dread. How true is that? I was sitting in my car when I thought of that. I was almost hit by a woman who was dropping her kid off at school. When she pulled out infront of me. Who could have anticipated that?
Time Of The Booty Call!!!
    This Booty Call Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is entered into on the ____ day of _____,2___, between _________________ and _______________________. THIS AGREEMENT SHALL COVER THE FOLLOWING RULES AND PRINCIPLES: *No sleeping overs-unless it is very good and we need to repeat it in the morning.*No meeting in public, except for dinner or drinks before the events of the evening (when absolutely necessary)*No calls before 9Pm - we don't have stuff to talk about*No emotional discussions about where this thing is headed, or potential love blossoming, etc.*No plans made in advance-that's why we're each others "backup" . An out-of-town hook-up is an exception to the rule. Even though, it's a one-time advance call.*No babytalk-however dirty talk is encouraged*calling out the wrong name during sex is OK*No falling asleep after sex- if its over we get our asses up and go home*we hook up absolutely whenever the mood strikes both of us-so no repeat requests*Doggie st
It Must Be Bash Women Week Huh?
WTF is going on this week like come on, whats with you whinny ass men pissin and moaning about Woman woe's. You think we are fake, that we just take and give nothing in return,  we use you to get to someone else, we only want you around when we are down and misserable that another male friend is treating us like crap and then toss you aside like yesterdays news. WAKE THE FUCK UP,  you do the same shit to us as well but of course you'd never admit you have a part in the problem hellllllllllll no that would hurt ya big fat ego's You tell us when we get married we change in to monsters or super bitches......Like hellooooooooooooo,  some of you men whine when you cant get what you want and go crying boo hoo to mummy for it. You are all loving and giving when we are dating and as soon as the marridge is final, you put on the lazy ass cant get my fat ass off the couch to help or use the control BS. And when we dont tower down to your comes the gloves and boom we are tramps, 
It has took me a couple days to write this :(  But on Sunday the 15th of November my Aunt passed away from Lung cancer..... This is so fricken sad because NOVEMEBER is LUNG cancer AWARENESS month and she dies in November how frickin fair is that right???  2 weeks ago the doctors gave her 6 months to live a week a ago the gave her a month and a week after they gave her a month she died....   I guess in away this is a blessing cause she also formed spine cancer too and she was in horrible pain everyday....   AND she is pain free and in a better place....  BUT crap why?  why so fast?  Why not me and not her?? I am a christian and I do believe she is in heaven with Jesus and he loves all his children it just sucks that the cancer took her so fast from us ....  BUT the only thing that is keeping me sane is that she is in heaven with Jesus and she is with all the loved one we have lost along the way and they are watching over us ........   Wow I can not believe that this all happen so
Some More Jokes!
A blonde couldn't get on the internet, so she phoned the Helpdesk Helpdesk: Are you sure you used the right password? blonde: Yes I'm sure. I saw the guy, who set it up do it. Helpdesk: Can you tell me what the password was? blonde:yes, six stars. *********************** An Indian man dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates."Yes, how can I help?" asks St Peter."I'm here to meet Jesus," says the Indian man.St Peter looks over his shoulder and shouts, "Jesus, your cab is here!" ************************ Guy walks into a bar and sits down for a drink and sees Hitler sitting at a table in the corner.So the guy asks the bartender if thats Hitler and the bartender says yep. Bartender also says that he'll tell you anything you want if you buy him a drink. So the guy gets another drink and sits down with Hitler and hands him the drink. The guy: "So exactly how many people did you kill?" Hitler: "About 600,000 jews and 7 circus clowns" The guy, suprised replied "7 circus clowns!?" H
Illwickedest Rhymest
Kickin raps kick to dust. Fuck bein depress settlin for forget the stress. I'm back to kickin wicked shit. You don't like it suck my 9 inch cock dick shit is what i spit. Ain't none ever like it. Rhymes i master shits a plaster disaster. Rhymin wicked i'm uncivalist. Comin in kickin what you not gettin in. Think i recycle fuck out yo mind. Shit i see is blind. Shit i'm really lost out there. dead thin air not its a matter chit chat hit up with the batter. Kick culunk souls. Nothin holds where shit folds. Everything ain't what you seein as this. Tryin to get myself back on this wicked rap shit. Been far away from it to not spit at it. & see if i do can kick it spit with the illest. You don't really feel this as i'm up on this. Nothin real fhresh as this brain batterin beaten dead headz. Who you think you runnin kid. They say i'ma piece of dead rotten shit. That ain't never amount to anything. Kick steppin stones & rocks. Weed only inhales high way up into the sky. Smoker choker utilize
What The Little Pink Bear Said
In “The Lost Princess of Oz”, L. Frank Baum’s eleventh Oz book and the fourth one I had ever read – Oz beat out Narnia for me as my younger-kid reading growing up by thirty cents, but that’s another story – the title character for this entry was like the other bears of Oz’s Bear Center that could walk and talk stuffed with magic, but he had to be wound up before he could tell you anything that had or has happened, not what is going to happen.  “Something animates him – when you turn his crank,” and this was an important plot point in finding the lost princess; when his answers to any question posed to him appeared cryptic or unclear, the Lavender Bear and later Dorothy stood up for his honesty because, since he was technically a robot – that term would not be used in English for a mechanically-run being for another decade – he couldn’t lie. It was just that other people could not always understand when he to
For A Broken Heart
A Perfect HeartOne day a young man was standing in the middle of the town proclaiming that he had the most beautiful heart in the whole valley. A large crowd gathered and they all admired his heart for it was perfect. There was not a mark or a flaw in it. Yes, they all agreed it truly was the most beautiful heart they had ever seen.The young man was very proud and boasted more loudly about his beautiful heart.Suddenly, an old man appeared at the front of the crowd and said "Why your heart is not nearly as beautiful as mine. " The crowd and the young man looked at the old man's heart. It was beating strongly, but full of scars, it had places where pieces had been removed and other pieces put in, but they didn't fit quite right and there were several jagged edges.In fact, in some places there were deep gouges where whole pieces were missing. The people stared-how can he say his heart is more beautiful, they thought?The young man looked at the old man's heart and saw its state and laughed
Health Care Hijacked
Increase health care costs; cut Medicare in half; undermine consumer choices and quality of care; and destroy federalism as we know it. These are all the effects that panelists at a recent Heritage Foundation meeting argue the current health care bills will produce if they pass. The speakers at the November 4th Heritage Foundation event, Preserving Freedom and Federalism: What's at Stake for Americans in the Health Care Debate, argued that instead of expanding the power of the federal government in our health care system, we need to implement the principle of federalism: allow the states to regulate health care. As Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) proclaimed at the event, "We need regulation when it comes to our health care system; however, we need it at the state level." The speakers at the event all agreed that we need patient-centered policies to reform our health care system. Heritage Fellow James Capretta said, "The current health care bills blame...our current health care problems on
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If it's not one thing it's another now~
Why did you came into my life when you could never be mine….. I know everything is wrong from the very start yet I still continue falling for you…. "Crazy" I call myself… falling for you when both of us have someone we call our own… Crazy because I keep on wanting you when you do not feel the same…. Wanting to call you, to hear your voice, to talk to you… even satisfied with your text message Doing all crazy things for you to feel my existence… but all are wasted…you still did not notice…. Why do I want something that is wrong to be right… Why time was wrong when this love came along…. Now everything is too late… pain is already felt… and yet I could do nothing… But to remain as a friend….. forever…..
Love Will Live Forever Poem
I could walk a thousand miles, Just to see your perfect smiles. Although I see what they don't, They are missing what I wont. My love will always stay pure and clear, For your the one I do not fear. Forever and always I'll stay strong, For you my dear you are my bond. Through clouds above and stars beyond, My love, the thing I'm always fond, Will stick with you forever end, Our heart and soul will always blend. While people might think were playing pretend We will stan to defend Your in my mind your in my heart, Nothing can ever break us apart. Combined as one, Our life, Our Love Will Love Forever.
Look Up Loser In The Dictionary...
You'll see my picture   *Not so friggin Funny Redhead - change my name to REDHEADED LOSER? problem.....F*CK!!!  
Tired Of Drama
Lately there has been a lot of drama in my eyes. IF you got a problem with someone DON'T involve me with it. Either settle it yourselves or keep it tween the two (or more) of ya.     LEAVE ME OUT OF IT!!!
Tim Mcgraw - You Just Get Better All The Time
Tim McGraw Miscellaneous You Just Get Better All The Time You just get better all the time Darlin' don't you change a thing Lately you're the only song I wanna sing And you're my reason to try You just get sweeter every day The little things you do and say If only you could see you through my eyes You just get better all the time Oh, and I get the feelin' we can make it baby As long as you are by my side You're the music in my earsThe laughter when the tears Are fallin' down in my life And on down through the years You never tried to change my ways You never made me feel I had to say "I'm sorry" You just get better all the time Why just today I heard you read my mind That kinda magic is so hard to find You just get better all the time
Tim Mcgraw - She's My Kind Of Rain
Tim McGraw Miscellaneous She's My Kind Of Rain She's my kind of rain Like love in a drunken sky She's confetti falling down all night She sits quietly there Like water in a jar Says baby why you trembling like you are So I wait and I try I confess like a child CHOURS: She's my kind of rain Like love from a drunken sky Confetti falling down all night She's my kind of rain She's the sunset shadows She's like Rembrandt's light She's the history that's made at night She's my lost companion She's my dreaming tree Together in this brief eternity Summer days winter snow She's all things to behold CHOURS: She's my kind of rain Like love from a drunken sky Confetti falling down all night She's my kind of rain So I wait and I try I confess all my crimes (Repeat Chours Twice) FADE OUT: She's my kind of rain Ohhh, rain on me She's my kind of rain
Men Are Like ?
     “Men are like a fine wine. They all start out like grapes, and it's our job to stomp on them and keep them in the dark until they mature into something you'd like to have dinner with.”   “Men are like a deck of cards. You'll find the occasional king, but most are jacks   “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him        “No man is worth your tears, but once you find one that is, he won't make you cry”   Young men want to be faithful, and are not; old men want to be faithless, and cannot      “The more I see of men, the more I admire dogs”   Laughin.......sorry the devil made me do it hahahahahhahah    
Blastoff Network
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Things That Potentially Made Me Retarded
Chewing tar as gum when I was little Chewing lead based paint chips...alot Putting graphite from colored pencils on white gum, to make it colored Falling off the table when I was a newborn eating weird mushrooms as a kid banging my head on the floor /walls when i was younger drinking half a bottle of vodka at 13  
Join Now Sign Up
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So Yeah, I'm Strange...
I think I might have come across the most wonderful man... Put that together with an emotional wreck, a low sef-esteem, and a red headed temper and you get... ONE STRANGE LOSER OF A WOMAN WHO GETS RID OF HIM F*CK!!!
When I Return As A Skateboard - 4/23/09
  WHEN I RETURN AS A SKATEBOARD Lauren Zuniga Poetry Workshop   When I return as a skateboard I will reincarnate the birth of practice to the slam death of beast perfection   Taking the dichotomy of my rough sandpaper exterior that only seems to close you out with the smoothness of the symphonic roll of the ball bearings in the wheels that do not discriminate against any terrain   Don’t be discouraged by the injuries of initiation for that ollie will soon soar over racial boundaries taking the 180 kickflip to the derision of elders who have forgotten their youth   For you see my view of the world has expanded along with my skills to boardslide past any insecurities   The world is my skatepark and in seeing past the obvious handrail or curb I will embrace with ease the person of color shake the hand of the guy in the wheelchair because we all cross this ground by foot or by wheel.
Dawn Before Nova
A Joke I Made
Whats the diff between Michael Jackson and an immature man?   an immature man has an inner child in him; MJ-vice versa
Confrontation With Jacob Chapter 15
Confrontation with Jacob   I wasn’t looking forward to the day.  I was too ashamed to face Bella.  I had already decided that I would not be attending biology class today.  I got in my car, not feeling very happy with myself at what had transpired yesterday.  I drove slowly to school, thinking about how to avoid Bella. I parked my car in its usual place, looking around to see if Bella’s truck was parked yet.  It wasn’t here yet, so I hurried into the school, so I would avoid her arrival. Everyone was staring at me, shaking their heads.  I just kept my head down and continued on to class.  My classes flew by in a daze and it was already lunch time.  I started out of my class towards the cafeteria.  I entered the cafeteria and all eyes were on me, at that moment I saw Bella, sitting at the table with her friends, head down.  Jessica said something to her and she lifted her head and glared at me.  I turned around and raced out of the cafeteria. I needed to get away
Broken Pieces Of Me
Broken Pieces of MeI wish I could say   That I will be fine   But the truth is that   I will never be   In anyway shape or form   I have a sickness that   Is based off undefined needs   I will never be free of   The all-consuming ways   In which I see this world   That unfolds before me   I destroy all that I create   I tear down walls   Only to build others   I obliterate love   Because I am afraid   To allow myself to feel   Anything other than   A sadness that is real   It lingers deep   An endless chasm   That exist within   The confines of my chest   Like a wolf howling   At the night sky and   The plight of its intended victim   Everyone involved knows   What is coming   Broken pieces of me   Make me whole   For how much longer is unknown   I will do what I can   No one would blame me for that   But in the end I am aware that   Sooner or later   I will simply fall apart......             ByKeaton Foster(
Snake Eyes Radio Promotion Contest > Tell Them Insanepatient Sent You
  Snake Eyes Radio is proud to be going all out and offering prizes to both Staff AND Lounge Members in this promotional contest.   Prizes will include: 1st Place: Happy Hour with full benefits (including the fubar percent of points awarded as well as a free cherry bomb)   2nd Place: Auto 11's or Cherry Bomb 3rd Place: 12 Credit Bling Pack or 3 Day Blast 4th Place: 3 credits worth of Bling 5th Place: 1 credit worth of Bling   **All winners will also be welcome to join the Snake Eyes Radio promotions team at the end of the contest**     Contest Rules:   The contest is easy, just get your friends, fans, family, and other fubar-ians to come into Snake Eyes Radio and join our family. The contest will begin at 9:49pm EST on Monday, November 16, 2009 and will end at 10:00pm EST on Saturday, November 21, 2009. Contest is open to any Snake Eyes Radio Staff, as well as any lounge member wishing to participate, with the exception of SER Owners and Managers. In order for a N
You Just Have To Feel Sorry For These Poor Excuses For Men (cough)
In the past two days roughly, I have read a few blogs.  One by a lets just say mid 20's dude and one by a mid 30's dude. Who claim notice I said claim, they have the experience and knowledge on all woman.  Yeah okay sure. But!!!! you will notice in their weak pathetic rendition and their views on how All woman are is nothing  more but their weak attempts to pull us down just to make them selfs feel better . They call us fake, and bitches, ho's. How suddenly after we marry them we become monsters. ERmmmmmmmmmmm ya okay sure what ever bud. I am betting, they just couldnt get their way, and got put back in their place or even told to screw off cause the woman got fed up of their pissin and moaning. Its sad when men or woman, cant take respondsiblity for their action, they have to turn the tables on each other and make them the guilty party. As for woman changing after they get married,  okay I guess some do but then you all know men do the same.  They change into either complete mo
Meeting Fubar Friends
Just have to get it off my chest, This weekend a fubar friend came to my town. We were very excited to meet. Needless to say it was a disaster. He expected to find love at first meeting, and the slightest things set him off. When i tried to find out what he wanted to do on his visit here, he said i was "trying to hard" to please him. More than 75% of his time here he was asleep. Im not sure what was happening, but on the second day i tried to just say, hey....were obviously not compatible lets just have fun, but he was too tired, and didnt even want to get out of bed to go for a walk on the beach. I have never been treated so badly. And when all was said and done, and off he went, i worried about his trip home, and wanted to make sure he got home alright. I got a text that said, thanks for the wonderful trip sweety. ttyl. muah. LMAO. Wow. WHat a very sad sad ending to what was once a great fubar friendship. Maybe some things are better left a mystery.
Forbidden Love
The nights wind whirls and sings With the schimmering lights of stars from up above The cold wind wrap around my body As I felt you were in my side And hold you and kiss your lips a thousand times Oh nights like this;I must think that You Love Me and I Love You so... Pretending that you were by my side In absence of thruth that you were in reality of your own true love One day soon,I must awake To find some one else... Maybe...some one else like you That can filled me w/ happiness Some one else that can sing like your voice And dance like the waves of your body And to melt me with a looks of a beautiful eyes Someday my Love You will come with me in the silence of the night And I kiss again your soft rounded cheeks As the stars shining bright upon us Forever my Love In the land where no rules Where everyone is free Where everything is sweet Somewhere in the land of Forbidden Love   written by:R.W.
Life's Little Pleasures
1. The way Speech DeBelle says "couch potato" in 'The Key' 2. A Grande Mocha with whipped cream from Caffe Nero 3. Making Craven go 'lol' 4. Throwing something into a bin from the other side of the room 5. A bacon slice from the shop downstairs 6. Mister Plops 7. A glass of milk 8. Getting a text message 9. Ugly Betty 10. Buying comics
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Free Samples | New Free Samples | Free Baby Sample
The Ugg Boots- Comfort Over Popular
In this day and age where people will go long ways and suffer much discomfort just to be counted among the “comfort” and “popular”, the Uggs truly stands out as a Pillar against the storm. Originally worn by Australian sheepherders to keep their feet warm, these boots have since 2003, become quite popular in the United States. Such people as Pamela Anderson and Kate Hudson have been known to wear them to keep their feet warm. Many people would regard these Boots as “unfashionable” or “uncool” because the boots look big and odd. Some have even called for a boycott on wearing these boots due to their distaste for its look. Despite all of this, the Ugg boots has been enormously successful and is probably here to stay. Now, you might ask, “why?” or “how?” does a boot that defies all fashion logic stay popular? The answer lies in two simple reasons. First, some people want to stand out from the crowd and differ from t
Naughty Dream
You trail your lips along my silken skin as we lay there in what seems like forever. Your fingers caress my senstive areas like never before, sending erotic pulses through my body, making me quiver in sheer climatic bliss. Kissing ,caressing each other, licking, tasting, teasing..making one another climb that wall and never coming back down. You bind my wrists to the bed with silk , kissing my lips tenderly as you tie one wrist then the other. Kneeling between my legs i feel you, i want you in me to take me to devour me, but instead you lean in only to trail your tongue once again on my wanton mouth..letting a moan come from them as i feel you almost enter me but then you pull away..leaving me heavy panting and wanting for more. I almost wrap my legs around your waste but you grab my legs.. lifting one of them in the air.. i watch you as you bring one leg close to your lips.. feeling you kissing then trailing your tongue down my calf..passing my knee, up my inner thigh..only to bite m
The Lumberjack Song
Barber [Michael Palin]: I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK, I sleep all night and I work all day. I cut down trees, I skip and jump, I like to press wild flowers. I put on women's clothing, And hang around in bars. Monty Python's Flying Circus Barber: I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK I sleep all night and I work all day. Mounties: He's a lumberjack and he's OK He sleeps all night and he works all day. Barber: I cut down trees, I eat my lunch I go to the lavatory. On Wednesday I go shopping And have buttered scones for tea. Mounties: He cuts down trees, he eats his lunch. He goes to the lavatory. On Wednesday he goes shopping And has buttered scones for tea. He's a lumberjack and he's OK He sleeps all night and he works all day. Barber: I cut down trees, I skip and jump. I like to press wild flowers. I put on women's clothing And hang around in bars. Mounties: He cuts down trees, he skips and jumps He likes to press wild flowers. He puts on women's clothing And hangs around in
Cure Infertility
cure infertility get pregnant naturally
My First Letter To God I Wrote After Losing My Baby Boy Many Yrs Ago.....
My first letter to God(In a form of poetry)....after Christians passing. Current mood:  calm Category: Life Dear God, You took my precious little baby!Treat him well and love him as I would,with tender loving care. Give him hugs very often and kiss his little face,let him feel loved by the arms holding him in a warm embrace, Bless his little hands and feet,and bless his little tender heartbeat.My precious baby was meant for me, I had him in the hopes to be,A loving mommy and tender too!!To give hugs and kisses and security like he never knew. But,Lord Jesus,you had bigger plans for my precious son,its just that its still so hard to let go,as for my heart,He has won!!xoxoxo                                                 I Love You Christian,                                                                     Mommy
The Fantasy Ive Always Had Wanted To Come True.......xo
~The Moonshines~ (written by me...long ago) Category: Writing and Poetry Soft white sands slipping through my toes and tickling my feet The ocean crashes,calling out my name and then the silence, makes my heart, skip a beat Looking out unto the water and only seeing the white light, the refelection of the moon shines over it ,ever sooo bright Its the only light,just shining throught the stars,creating a layering of crytsals glimmering from here to mars With the faint light from the moon and the deserted private beach ,I swirl around and dance naked, with only  the waves making the sound of a drumbeat Warm breeze blows my hair,cool waters touch my toes,the moon shines over my body,makes me wonder if Im in Heaven,who knows                                                                                                                By:L.A.W.
Sneakers, Tennis Shoes, And Socks...oh My!
Let me know what you think. Did you learn something? Find any spelling or grammar problems? How to Select the Proper Athletic Footwear By: Amy ________, ATC, LAT Over the past few decades the athletic and fitness shoe manufacturing industry has exploded. There are slews of options when it comes to purchasing shoes for different athletic activities. Selecting the correct shoe is one of the most crucial things an athlete can do to prevent a foot injury. So how do you know which pair of shoes to buy? Before you go shoe shopping, have an athletic trainer evaluate your feet for any structural deformities as well as inspect the wear on your current shoes. You should select a pair of shoes based on the way your feet are structured as well as what sport or activity you’re going to be participating in. Different sports and activities have different requirements for shoes. For example, a basketball shoe has more ankle support for sudden starts and stops on the court whereas a running
Another Poem Of Mine...from Yrs Ago
~Release Me~ Current mood:Rated R!!!!! Category: Writing and Poetry The deepest desires you feel come crawling at all hours of the night, You try to keep the tempting thoughts out of your mind but,it feels oh so incredibly right, Dreams,fantasies,they all come way to easily,setting your mind adrift, Causing your heart to shudder and your body aches and suddenly your focus starts to shift, You have forgotten what you are doing, youre all wrapped up in this oh so intense thought....... Barely touching fingertips and lips with passion igniting,wondering why it feels so intense,so strong,so real,your now realizing your deepest desires inside you,cant be fought............                                       release me..........                                                                                     By: L.A.W.
Nominations: A restaurant menu, listing any and all available noms. Nombre: A male you eat with. Nombo: A combo meal.  
~Whats real~ Category: Writing and Poetry What is real in life.....what truely matters..does it matter how we look,how we think,how we taste how we smell and how we judge.............if we judge,are we going to hell.......who are we to tell someone whats right.....if we are to look more than skin deep for someones true self,then why does everyone still judge on the any of us really live through Gods belief.....are we really making him proud....are we living the life he wants us to are we to are we to feel fulfilled if all we want are the best of everything..........are we missing we know the true meaning of love and trust........what is real?what is God really wanting us to do.....what if you have everything you thought you wanted....but,still feel nothing in your heart..then you dont have what really matters.............what if you have a love in your life but,your not in love,you crave for a true soulmate,then you dont have
40 Ways Men And Women Fail In Bed
Please keep in mind that if you are not open minded and don't have a very wild sense of humor about sex, stories, and life's mishaps, please do not go any further on this page. I wrote this like 10 years ago on my old website based on advice and stories I heard from men and women I gave sex advice to and from what I heard growing up at parties at my house! Women and men love and agree with it but swear it's not them!!!!!! I didn't make it up myself!!! LOL! HAHAHA! Tell me what you think ___________________________ Personal and private stories are not shared on this site due to privacy and personal trust. Please be aware that these are not linked to anyone directly but are for the enjoyment of your reading pleasure. This is not my own personal opinion but jokes sent in and/or discussed and I thought would be humorous......enjoy! _______________________________________________________ The I.S.E.'s Forty Ways Women Fail In Bed 1. MILKING IT: When stroking a guy's package don't g
First Love
For the first time I feltthis true love in my heartit is buried so deepand that I would always keepAll through the darkest nightyou’re the brightest star in my sightalways been at my sideeven in a grisly frightYou clothe me when I shiverwith your ever warm embraceyou’re the moon that lights my waythat makes me feel very happyYou wipe the tears on my cheeksthe tears of joy that I’ve seekand it’s you, my love, my divineThat makes me shine so brightYou’re the sun in my skystaring at me with all your might guiding me with your ever shining light For the first time in my lifeI found my love and my lifewithout you I will cryfor you my love I will die!
I Really Need To Be Doing Homework
What do you think of girls who steal the other girl's man?a whore What do you think of boyfriends/ girlfriends calling each other by food names?cute if it's private and others can't hereWhen you say you're Independent, do you actually believe it?YESWho was the last person you said "i love you" to?dirkyDid you mean it?yes I doDo you need to say something to someone?sureNew phone or new computer?new computer but I am jealous of dirks new phone Are all guys players and cheaters?most are but not all Reason behind the last time you cried really hard?stress but it's been a loooong time since I cried really hardHas anyone slapped your butt in the last week?maybe ;-)Are you wearing short shorts?too cold for that Are you afraid to stay home all alone?NOEver sleep with the people on your top myspace page?hmmm....Can you recall the last time you liked someone a lot?NOW:)Did your last kiss take place in/on a bed?no outside my front door was the last kiss Do you think relationships are hard?The
Today, did you see "that" someone that makes you smile instantly?no won't see him till ThursdayWho do you sit near in 3rd period?not in high school anymoreWhy did you last cry?stress Is there someone from your past that you wish was still around?old friends as for ex bf's only one but we were together for 5 yrs so it's cool we are somewhat friends againBe honest, who is the easiest person in your life to talk to?Dirk and MandaHas someone ever told you they will love you forever?yes  I think all my ex bfs said that but I believe the guy I'm with now means itHas anyone made you feel like crap lately for something they did?work dramaCan you honestly say you're okay right now?yes When was the last time you took a nap?I take a nap every sunday when dirk is watching football hah Do you think about anyone before you go to bed?of course ;-)Do you like roadtrips?I DOHow many people do you trust 100 percent?4 people dirk, manda, amber and godAre you good at hiding your feelings?depends but dirk
Adding Stairs, Maybe Some Stares
  Captain Jack Sparrow's father's advice: "It's not about living forever, Jackie. It's about living forever with yourself."   Once upon a time a very famously naughty and hard rocking man  - Keith Richards - came to my town. He played a game with this listening audience - he asked for women to call the radio station and see who could turn him on... I squirmed in my chair at work - not from lusty anticipation of the pleasing of the man via vicarious and voyeuristic audio slavery to the women that would call in and take the challenge. No, it was more a sense of how bored that man must be with all the flesh flung as his head. Years and years and years and years of it.  One woman called and said she would pull his zipper down with her teeth. He sort of liked that. Another called and she stammered and hemmed and hawed, and not a hummmmm appeared, er.... was heard. He took pity on her and noted, "You are a good girl, aren't you..." she shamefully admitted it and he
As of 11/14/09, I finally leveled to Godfather. So I'm posting this blog to see how long it will take me to reach the next stage here on Fubar. Fuking was bad enough and well most people around here would agree. What in the world, am I doing this for?
Snapvines, Whores, And Piercings
Okay. I know that the three subjects don't really seem to fit together....and they don't. I just didn't feel like writing three different blogs. Enjoy my rambling.   Snapvines: I'm thinking that you should all leave me a snapvine. Something funny and cute. Make me laugh. If I could get snapvines to load on my browser, I'd leave them back. I'll have to figure out how I can get to it. Anyway, just please leave me one.   Whores: There are plenty of whores on this site. Even more point whores. Nothing wrong with either, I suppose. But in this case, I'm talking about point whores. I think if you are going to point whore, do it "fair". Is there even a way to be fair? I doubt it. I just think if a person is going to beg for someone to R/F/A, they should rate and fan back.  Really pathetic. Yes, I was being a point whore and decided to R/F/A the last HH. Granted it was because she was offering bling and I wanted it. Thing is, she waiting until the last minute to accept my friend reques
" Truly To Love...and To Be Loved...     Is a CHOICE...We MAKE Daily"  This year: It's been a tough,rough year...We were so fortunate NOBODY in my immediate family had cancer....Well surprise!!! One after another,My Mother,Father,two Aunts,a cousin,then I lost my Aunt this year...Another Aunt still coping with difficulty in recently being blind....Still another emergency surgery....Dad had two this year and about to undergo a third in Dec.... My favorite Aunt....She was a fabulous person....I shall miss her terribly...Then my Grandmother...not one cancer but two!!!...God always hears from me....But more now than ever.To make matters worse my "baby" ended up with the diagnoses...Thank God they were wrong....He only had to have tonsils and adnoids removed.... OhMyGosh....when will it end?....My sister jsut called.NOW she is in the hospital with a tumour and they are operating in the morning.... I miss those days when worry was over silly things...Like where is the money coming fro
i finally get what i want, to be shipped out again. that was before i met my best friend. i never thought a woman could make me feel so compelled to be a better man. i'm so damn scared to go now because i don't think she'll be here when i get back and that would really suck ass. i love it when we hang out and watch movies. she doesn't know it, but i never really pay attention to the movies because i'm too busy tracing the curves of her face with my eyes, just daydreaming. i guess it all comes down to this: i'm in love with my best friend, but she doesn't know it and now that i finally found her i don't wanna leave. i don't wanna give her the chance to meet someone better. is that too selfish? should i even tell her? i know she should know, but i don't wanna risk losing her friendship. any advice?
Poetry......the Abyss.....
The cold, dark, dank, deep recesses of my mind,The abysmal black hole of my soul.Something is lost in the translation of happiness,Sorrow fills my senses,A longing, a deep wanting,Craving for something unseen.No peace shall be found.No relief, No warmth,Nothing will ease the constant pain.It is like something rain, rain, raining on you,Reliving the everlasting nightmare.No happy thoughts, just deep wretched blackness.Everlasting hatred for this putrid stench of dreariness,That lingers within you.Until one day something brightens your life,Making everything seem worthwhile,And you know now only sunny days shall you have.No more dreary shadows to darken your doorstep.No more gloom to eviscerate your dreams,And you know now all your dreams will come true.
Flashbacks   I'm 17, going out the door in high heels, tight pants, and a black lace see thru top. I'm gettin picked up some 30-somethin yo I met in a yahoo chat that day. My mom is sittin on a couch, not even lifting her head from the book."bye, mom""oh, just dont be home too late"
Odaat- By Truly Letting Go, I Detach And Forgive
The most loving form of detachment I have found has been forgiveness.   Instead of thinking of it as an eraser to wipe another’s slate clean or a gavel that I pound to pronounce someone “not guilty,” I think of forgiveness as a scissors.’   I use it to cut the strings of resentment that bind me to a problem or a past hurt.   By releasing resentment, I set myself free.   When I am consumed with negativity over another person’s behavior, I have lost my focus.   I need not tolerate what I consider unacceptable, but wallowing in negativity will not alter the situation.   If there is action to take, I am free to take it. Where I am powerless to change the situation, I will turn it over to my Higher Power.   By truly letting go, I detach and forgive.  
Punch Drunk By Life
I quit my job on friday.  I interviewed for another job on sunday.  I unquit my job today, and then "quit" the job I interviewed for. I have never had job this long, and it has only been 2 years.  I wonder if others can't stand working where they are at, but then can't stand the thought of leaving. feeling a little crazy about the whole situation actually. I want to know what normal is, do people go to their work, tolerate the boredom that ensues when the same damn task is requested over and over and over again until the only solution is to quit but keep doing it anyways cause that is what you do when you are a "grown up?"
Two Horses
  Two Horses   Author - unknown Just up the road from my home  is a field, with two horses in it. From a distance, each horse  looks like any other horse.  But if you stop your car, or are walking by, you will notice something quite amazing....  Looking into the eyes of one horse  will disclose that he is blind.  His owner has chosen not to have him put down, but has made a good home for him.    This alone is amazing.  If you stand nearby and listen,  you will hear the sound of a bell.  Looking around for the  source of the sound,  you will see that it comes from the smaller horse in the field.  Attached to the horse's halter  is a small bell  It lets the blind friend know  where the other horse is,  so he can follow. As you stand and watch these two friends,  You'll see that the horse with the bell  is always checking on the blind horse,  And that the blind horse  will listen for the bell  and then slowly walk  To where the other horse is,  Trusting that he will not be l
Getting Shituated: The act or process of getting your shit situated. Shituational Awareness: Having knowledge at all times as to the current wherebouts and status of all your shit.  
What Would You Do With More Mainland?
There have been several threads started recently about how to stimulate Second Life growth and economy. Many ideas have accurately demonstrated that the overall economy in Second Life has a strong basis in real-estate. True enough, real estate IS what most of those servers are about. Premium account holders are able to use up to 512sqm of mainland, with no tier charge. Understandably, in the early days of Second Life, this could represent quite a bit of space. Second Life has grown exponentially since those early days, but look at how much empty space there is in so many of the Mainland regions today. Vast open spaces of barren land, abandoned land and sliced-and-diced parcels for sale all across the grid.It's only wishful thinking that something could be done to clean it all up, so my questions today aren't about logistics or arguing about how to re-assemble all the broken pieces. It's not about pointing fingers at who or what the real problem is or even how to solve it.But here's wha
Great Cover Of "melt Your Heart" (more Jenny Lewis)
I love this girls voice and pared down version of the song. Also, she's so sincere about it it's a bit heartbreaking. Yes, my heart did melt. Nothing is ever as good as it was And what's good for your soul Will be bad on your nerves if you reverse it It's bound to melt your heart One way or another It's bound to melt your heart For good or for bad It's like a valentine From your mother It's bound to melt your heart And we've lost the people we could have loved, and you... What you know you have or what you think you aren't It's never perfect It's bound to melt your heart One way or another It's bound to melt your heart For good or for bad It's like a valentine From your mother It's bound to melt your heart Are we killing time? Are we killing each other? It's bound to melt your heart One way or another It's bound to melt your heart For good or for bad It's like a valentine From your mother It's bound to melt your heart Whe
LMAO, a funniest shit just happened. I'm eating honey out of this squirt thing bottle. I looked directly at the thing on top of it, where the honey comes out. And accidentally squeezed. So the honey just totally squirted on my face. lmao
Please Rate This Sexy Fu she needs 100 rates come on fubar we can do it
The Good That Won't Come Out- Rilo Kiley
Let's get together and talk about the modern age. All of our friends were gathered there with their pets just talking shit about how we're all so upset about the disappearing ground. As we watch it melt.... It's all of the good that won't come out of us and how eventually our hands will just turn to dust, if we keep shaking them. Standing here on this frozen lake. I do this thing where I think I'm real sick but I won't go to the doctor to find out about it Cause they make you stay real still in a real small space As they chart up your insides and put them on display. They'd see all of it, all of me, all of it. All the good that won't come out of me and all the stupid lies I hide behind. It's such a big mistake lying here in your warm embrace. Oh, you're almost home. I've been waiting for you to come in. Dancing around in your old suits going crazy in your room again. I think I'll go out an embarrass myself by getting drunk and falling down in the street.
It thore out my heart,It shred it apart.I lost all my faith...I even lost trust. I miss all friends,I miss all thouse timesWhen happiness strived,When I felt so free. Now even when homeI cant get awayFrom all of that hazeAnd mud on face. I live with my guiltMy filthy old handsAre covered in bloodAnd scars cover heart. How do you explainThe war to some one?How can u tellThe loved ones your done? So dead on the inside,So thorn and so gone,So tired of pain,So sick of regrets. How do you explainThe death someone?How do you reclaimYour heart that's far gone? Pretend to be strong...While dieing inside.And being so tough...While feeling so gone. Pretending to laugh...While crying inside.Pretendin to beWhat they wonna see.
If You Love Me Then Leave Me ( Me Vs You)
Me vs. You This how it's going to start off, coming from me to youHow else can I explain its over, it's throughIt hurt once, I hurt twice you're the reason I could never be niceThe more I cried for you the more you lied to meThe more I tried for you the more you sinned for meA lie is a lie but you went over board and tore out my eyes with your continuous liesSo this is how you want to leave us without a friendship what's that for hope? Just my heart been torn apart by an olden day rope.If this is what you want than this is what you'll getJust don't go thinking that I'll forgetThe truth is that I won't and I hope you don'tSo is this how you treat me like I am the meat and you are the predatorWell forget it baby because we are so far from overThis is the beginning of me biting backI hope u enjoy the feeling of blood dripping down your backThis is the knife it lies so close to your spineDon't forget that you were once mineYou left me with nothing but pain, But don't worry I am not going
More Competition In Radio?
  Triton Media Group COO Mike Agovino wrote in the Wall Street Journal that “it’s innovative content, not any specific platform, that interest radio listeners.” He says the distinction between Internet and traditional radio are blurring…” I would concur with his assessment. So what does that mean? According to Agovino there is “increased competition” in the broadcast biz. I love competition. To read his article visit is an alternative to all the clutter in broadcasting. But, we don’t clutter you, we entertain you to the max. Give us a try!
Women ~ Women. How Hard Is It To Put The Toilet Seat Yourself?
Eat Me
When I was little, we had various kiosks lined up along the street I lived on, so every day after school, or while playing with my friends, we would go and buy or steal different kinds of pastires and pies. We loved the meat pies, or chebureki, and always made sure to pick out hte greasiest ones. One day I was watching the news with my parents, and they said that several people were caught murdering homeless ppl, and making meat pies out of them to make money, selling them in kiosks.  On the north side of Moscow, right where I lived. Needless to say, we did NOT eat any meat pies for quite a while. I guess the trned still continues...   SUSPECTED cannibals killed a young man, ATE part of him and then sold other bits to a KEBAB house. Cops also believe the 25-year-old victim's body parts may have been used to fill PIES too. The trio of homeless men were arrested in Russia - accused of murdering the man with knives and a hammer. Prosecutors revealed: "After carrying out the cri
This Is How I Live
I was in Aberdeen last week doing a show at the Lemon Tree, a storm lashed the Granite City, and sideways rain like a giant fire hose was drenching each street at a specific annoying angle. The new shopping centre was lovely but unfinished and the cash machines gobbled up cards and refused to spit them out, like a greedy plastic swallowing hooker.   The hotel had a wee single bed which slid along the floor when you sat on it and to top it all the fire alarm screamed us all awake and made us all stand in the sideways rain in our pyjamas, I wanted to burn to death instead.   Touring is so sexy.   I was tired when I hit Aberdeen station to get the train home. There was a big fat steely haired woman in a rail workers jacket at the ticket gate. "What ticket do I put through the machine to get onto the platform? There are nine tickets printed for this journey, I don't know which one to slide through the machine!"   She sneered and shouted "the one that says journey ticket, why don't
The Unexamined Life, Is Not Worth Living!
The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings, but shorter tempers, wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less. We buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness. We drink too much, smoke too much, spend too recklessly, laugh too little, drive too fast, get too angry, stay up too late, get up too tired, read too little, watch TV too much, and pray too seldom. We have multiplied our possessions, but reduced our values. We talk too much, love too seldom, and hate too often. We've learned how to make a living, but not a life. We've added years to life, not life to years. We've been all the way to the moon and back, but have trouble crossing the street to meet a new neighbor. We conquered outer space but not inner space. We've done larger things, but
Dj Kiel
DJ Kielis spinning the tunes @ DJ Kielis spinning the tunes @
Throwin Heart Into It.
Thoughts At this point and time in my life, I have been talking to God a lot!! When you don't understand your own circumstance its hard not to want to take it into your own hands...the thing is...the IMPORTANT thing is ... you can take it in your hands ... take it in your hands and hand it to the One who makes sense. Praying in times like these I have found can almost be as awkward as a blind date. Its like ... well, uh....don't really understand this all that much and uh.... hmm..... help? But I have also found that its okay to do that. Because even a help with a question mark, God hears. And the fact that there's prayer in the first place means you are opening your heart and extending FAITH! Which I believe God acknowledges. I have also been catching myself cursing lately... I am just bein real... yes...those who follow Jesus slip... but I am being ministered to, to watch my mouth... even if its only every so often foul things slip. Because I will never know if th
Songs That Explain My Life-iron Maiden, Fear Of The Dark
Have A Little Fun
Australians Don't Just Know Their Beer!
 It took a lot of courage for this man to speak what he had to say for the world to hear.  The retribution could be phenomenal, but at least he was willing to take a stand on his and Austrilia's beliefs.  Whole world Needs A Leader Like This!            Prime Minister Kevin Rudd - Australia  Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia lawwere told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks..  Separately, Rudd angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying he supported spy agencies monitoring the nation's mosques. Quote: 'IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tire
Tac Rules Of Engagement
  TAC RULES OF ENGAGEMENT Every TAC member is subject to these rules whether you’ve read them or not, so I suggest you read them. Membership is open but we reserve the right to refuse any person as we see fit. We also reserve the right to revoke membership at any time for any reason. MEMBERSHIP/PROMOTIONS: Once your membership is approved, please put TAC in your name to help identify you to other turf members. This is not required but don't cry if you get attacked by one of your own or a friendly. Also please add all turf member to avoid accidental attacks. Please do not be upset if someone rejects your mob request. Some people are maxed. If you are in a paid position in TAC I expect you to kick a non TAC person to add a TAC member.To request a promotion to the rank of soldier please send a private message to the boss. If you are not an active turf member, don't bother. By active I mean not only talking but backing up your fellow turf members. Being promoted again will depen
Tasteless Jokes!
Dad is at home watching TV, when his 9 year daughter comes home from school. He looks up and she is in tears. Her school blouse is ripped open and her skirt is hitched up and dishevelled."What the fuck happened?" He demands"Well" she replied in tearful sobs and almost hysterical, "I was walking home from school and I took the shortcut through the back lanes""AND? AND?" screams Dad trying to get more infoSob Sob said the little girl "Some man dragged me into the bushes and tore at my blouse""OMG, What happened?" asks dadsob sob cried the poor little girl "He then put his hand up my skirt""NO!" shouts Dad "Then?"Crying through heavy sobs she replies "I cant remember, I blacked out""WELL MAKE IT UP, MAKE IT UP!!!" shouts dad as he starts wanking. ********************************* Lady and her best friend go on holiday to the caribbean and meet a musclar Black guy. After a week of fantastic threesome sex they ask his name. He says my names 'Snow' The ladies start laughing, he asks why
I Wonder What This Means To Me.....?
It's possible that you will feel a little cornered on the romantic front, Gemini. If you are attached, someone may be seeking a commitment from you that is larger than you are willing to give. Do not allow yourself to be coerced into a situation that you will regret later, as this is only going to rile your irate temper. If you are single, you've been wondering about a specific issue with that certain someone. Trust always seems to come in the middle with you, but this time you will need to hold your ground if you expect your own needs to be met.
The Final Inspection
THE FINAL INSPECTIONThe army soldier stood and faced God, Which must always come to pass. He hoped his shoes were shining, Just as brightly as his brass.'Step forward now, Soldier, How shall I deal with you? Have you always turned the other cheek? To My Church have you been true?'The soldier squared his shoulders and said, 'No, Lord, I guess I ain't. Because those of us who carry guns, Can't always be a saint.I've had to work most Sundays, And at times my talk was tough. And sometimes I've been violent, Because the world is awfully rough. But, I never took a penny, That wasn't mine to keep.... Though I worked a lot of overtime, When the bills got just too steep.And I never passed a cry for help, Though at times I shook with fear.
Craigslist Prostitutes
They do exist! lol
Girls On Bs.
Now to start off saying,i'm a real man that aint on BS.Not a fake or phony guy.If i say something i'm going to do it.Women these day's i dont't know what happened to them,but they start being fake and dont do what they say.Now i dont know what makes you think that you can say things and not come correct,but you act all shitty and fake to me you will get the cold shoulder.Women say they are real,where the hell is the real women?Some of you want to know why you get cheated on and be treated like shit.This is why,us men will find out what kind of person you are.If not your nothing but a lying ass bitch.women ger your mind right,and you come at me with shit,you will get just that.If you have something to say to me,leave a message.If you have bs on your mind,get a life.
Swimming With Polar Bears
----- Swimming with polar bears? There's a place in the world where children can swim among polar bears. Since July 2004, in the little town of Cochrane , northern Ontario , you can visit the Polar Bear Habitat. It's a kind of local zoo where people can live the once-in-a-lifetime experience of an outdoor swim with polar bears. Of course, the humans are in a different pool, separated from the bears' habitat by just a layer of glass. Can you see the water drops now? There's a bullet proof, shatterproof glass that's almost 9 centimeters thick, because although they're cute, polar bears are among the world's most ferocious carnivores. It took 20 years for the Polar Bear Conservation and Education Habitat and Heritage Village to get off the ground. When it opened in it attracted some 11,000 visitors in the first six months. And now you're invited to go and swim with all those bears if you dare. Neat stuff, eh?
Wow Some People Are So Forward.....
Your Master: I am very sure you will find someone out there for you, its just not me, I like pussy and more pussy and more pussy...... ♫ Karizma ♫: ok darlin come by sometime and tell me when u wanna share that 5 inch killer ok doll Your Master: I guess you can go back to whoever and tell them they lied to you Your Master: sorry ♫ Karizma ♫: cum on baby come out the closet and be a man Your Master: well considering there are only two males on my friends list and I never told them I do so I dont know who would tell you that ♫ Karizma ♫: i had some of my friends cum on me i mean come to me telling me u like cock so tell me how big is urs Your Master: well you heard wrong sorry ♫ Karizma ♫: thats not what i heard daddy Your Master: sorry I only swing one way
One Day At A Time
Well here is my first entry in my blog.  Its getting real exciting around here for me.  Tommorow I have a phone interview with a company in texas, and if all goes well i will no longer have to travel around and can finally get some stability in my life.  Not saying I dont love to travel, but when you do it 90% of the year, it gets  For those of you who dont know, I am a wind turbine technician and it is the most awsome career anyone could ever have.  I LOVE MY JOB!!!!lol  Now its just a matter of getting a new car.  I love my crown vic, but its really killing me with gas prices....  I'm still working on my music, and im going to be posting my lyrics in the other blog for people to read and tell me what they think.  I might even put in some of my short stories in here but i dont know about all that heh.  My one big dream is to have one of my songs published and be able to hear it on the radio.  I think i have a good shot at it, but i have to actually finish up more than one
The Break Up Chapter 14
The Break up   I was waiting in the morning for Bella outside her house as usual.  She came bouncing out of her house with a huge smile on her face.  She raced to the car as soon as she saw it.  I got out and opened the door for her; before she stepped in she reached up and gave me a kiss. “Good morning” She smiled. I smiled back “Good morning” It was hard to smile with what I had on my mind.  I drove slowly to school, trying to find a way to tell her that it was over.  I decided that I would think it over some more and take her for a walk after school. The day went by slowly, dragged on.  Lunch finally arrived and I went to meet Bella outside her classroom door.  She walked out and immediately smiled when she saw me, taking my hand and leading me to the cafeteria. “What’s wrong Edward; you don’t seem quite like yourself today?” “Just been doing a lot of thinking Bella, I’d like to go for a walk after school and talk&r
Elizabeth Evans Chapter 13
Elizabeth Evans I arrived at Bella’s house at the usual time, waiting for her in my Volvo.  She bounced out with a smile on her face, and raced to the car.  I got out and opened the passenger door for her; she didn’t hesitate to get in. We drove to school in silence, both remembering our day together.  I parked the car in my usual spot and went around opening the door for her; she stepped out and took my hand.  We walked together to her first class; I kissed her cheek gently and headed off to mine. I was walking to quickly and not paying attention, when I bumped in to Elizabeth Evans. "Oh god, I'm so sorry" I said as I bent down to help her pick up her books that had been strewn across the floor. "Don't worry about it" she said loosely. We finished picking up her books and stood up at precisely same time.  Our eyes met, I noticed her eyes were more turquoise then green.  There seemed to be sadness in her eyes. She smiled, and fluttered her eye lashes at me.  I was lo
How Interesting
The dreams we have and takeThese things that we makeSeems like show and tellWill it turn out wellRunning out of control I don't understand anymore
*&+My Teacher Wasn'tin school the other day, but she came in the next day. I asked her[why she wasn't in school the other day]she looked at me and said, 'My mother passed away, and yesterday was her funeral.' I was shocked and sorry for her, but I said 'How can you go through the whole day without getting so much as tears in your eyes?' She just *[(blinked at me and said,)]* 'I   A m  A  *W o m a n*and thats what women do. They keep a fake face on and never letanyone know, ever know, that at that momentt h e y  c o u l d  b r e a k  a t  a n y t i m e  a t  a l l .'
Sometimes you're so sure Got the metal pressed against your headFinger is itching on the triggerSometimes I'm so damn sureJust a few ounces of pressureI'll create a portrait of red and matter on the wallsA big exit from the stage of a play called "Life"Wasn't it interesting?Wasn't it so much fun?
Music Monday 6
1.  In the Sun - Joseph Arthur2.  At First Sight - Jay Brannan3.  Question - Rhett Miller4.  Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon5.  Percussion Gun - White Rabbits6.  Shadowplay - The Killers7.  Shadowplay - Joy Division8.  Megalomaniac - Incubus
I don't think I'm a real girl. I like talking about poop too much. :o
Procrastination Has Bitten Me In The Ass Once Again!
So, I hate doing schoolwork that holds no interest for me. I'm yet procratinating once again to write a blog. Go me! Yea... I have a 10pg paper due at the end of this week that I haven't even started researching for, all my assignments due on an online class that I haven't really done but 2 assignments for (with 23 days left to do them), a group project due after Thanksgiving break that  I haven't even talked to my group about, and 2 other small papers due for an english class. OH! Can't forget that I have to re-write a midterm in order to pass it! I hate writing papers. I despise it. I destest it. I loathe it! I never even did the 10pg paper I was supposed to write to gradute from my Catholic high school. Good thing I was never a trouble student. I passed that class with a C-, teehee! The online class is gonna be interesting to due the work for since I can't use my computer in my room anymore, it won't conncet to the internet anymore. I may have to move it back out to the living ro
Guess I Won't Be Drinking Starbucks !!!!
Guess I won't be drinking Starbucks !!!! Recently Marines in Iraq wrote to Starbucks because they wanted to let them know how much they liked their coffeesand to request that they send some of it to the troops there. Starbucks replied, telling the Marines thank you for their support of their business, but that Starbucks does not support the war, nor anyone in it, and that they would not send the troops their brand of coffee. So as not to offend Starbucks, maybe we should not support them by buying any of their products! I feel we should get this out in the open. I know this war might not be very popular with some folks, but that doesn't mean we don't support the boys on the ground fighting ! street -to-street and house-to-house. If you feel the same as I do then pass this along, or you can discard it and no one will ever know. Thanks very much for your support....... I know you'll all be there again when I deploy once more.. Semper Fidelis... Sgt. Howard C. Wright1st Force Recon Co
The Fourth Kind
The Fourth Kind I'm sure will get an array of mixed reviews so, I'll just start off by saying that I did enjoy this movie. It uses some very unique techniques while it shows the 'actual' footage while the film plays out in some instances. The movie does feel like a slow burn at times but I felt this kind of pacing was necessary. It makes the more intense sequences feel well...more inetense.I don't have much more to say about this movie but I do suggest going to check it out. It isn't as effective as Paranoromal Activity but it is very entertaining.
I Wanna See Kyler
my ex wants me to terminate my rights to my son. she feels that i should not be a part of his life. i rarely get to see him. she claims to be always busy. i try to be flexible with her "schedule" but no go. months will go by and i wont get to see him. i miss him. ok what should i do? she's dragging out court so i cant force her to let me see him. america sucks! the father has no rights non at all until the judge says so.
An Excerpt From The Book Of Numbers
Read this like a funeral notice; for “The Book of Numbers” I’m writing in November for National Novel Writing Month, I wanted something that would make the story from the Old Testament relatable and readable.  I won’t claim it’s bedtime reading, but I want to have fun doing this too … off to write, for my word count is 26,698 by the end of Saturday, David AARON Eighty three years before the Exodus, Goshen, Egypt Forty years after the Exodus, Mount Hor, near the border of Edom   Site of gathering unto his people Upon Mount Hor, near the border of Edom   Officiator Moses   Congregational mourning period Thirty days
One Within One
As the waters of love lay still and untouched, As the moon of passion rises from its deep slumber, The rays of moonlight hovers over the still waters of love, As the waters awaken to the moonbeams, they dance and embrace and melt into one another,as the light intertwins with the waters the love flows into one another,The waters breathes love into passion and the moonbeams breathes passion into love as they become one within one. As I pray that we are one within one
Wonder Why
i sit here day after day wondering why i did the things i did. i wonder day after day why i just didnt tell you that i love you with all my heart and soul and need you more then anything in my life and that you was the only one for me. i sit here staring at your picture wondering what my life would be like if i would have said what realy needed to be said instead of letting the hurtful words come out. i wonder what is instore for me now that i have destroied the most important thing in my life cause i was to bullheaded to say. " I love you my love with all my heart and soul... I also need you in my life cause i am nothing without you in my life...
Curious Roadway Sightings.
Yesterday while I was stopped at a redlight I saw a small motorcycle, a Ninja 250, making an illegal u-turn.  On it was a medium sized man and a medium sized woman.  This in itself would be a spectacle as the small Ninja is tinyish.  The medium sized man alone would look outsized on it. However sandwiched between the man and the woman was a shitzu.  I tried but failed to get a picture.  It would have drastically improved this blog. Still I am sharing it for those of you with a good imagination.
A Stupid Fact About Me...
I have come to terms about the loss of my children n my failed marrage. that should be the end right there, Right? well thats not true. I have found more to me. I can't stand the thought of me being happy... Its just disturbing to me at all levels. If I let my guard down I might get stepped on again. 2 lovers and many ex friends later, I just can't stand the thought of getting close to another.Yeah people might argue that thats not the way to go. But in this past year all I have learned from people is that everyone has a price and they want more. I ended up being homeless again cuz of that crap. Then my moms house started on fire and she had to basically work as a slave for a man she thought was her friend. I just can't seem to let my guard down to anyone. I am just to jaded...
Utterly Alone
I am utterly alone locked away, i'm nothing to no one not even you, you said you would protect me and when you were needed you weren't there, I am utterly cold and alone, I have bled for you  for us but you don't care, I'm a sceret from everyone, I am purely nothing or even wanted not even by you, I am drowning in sorrow and darkness with no life raft or a light to show me the way back not even you, I am utterly alone and lost in darkness, you say you want to be with me. but ii can't tell,Because I am a sceret that no one knows, i am utterly alone and cold, I am unwanted,unloved,embracing the darkness thas is all around me, Dancing with my sorrow to trap me in the darkness, I am utterly nothing, I have nothing left to have love bestow upon me, I am not able to be loved for the pain is to unreal to bare anymore.       I AM UTTERLY ALONE AND COLD
IndulgeThe weather is fine You're drowning in your thoughtsRed was passionRed was angerWe've walked this road far too muchFar too soonTears streaming downA gentle kiss for the painUnsympathetic gazeThe fault within meMore and more I can't seem to satisfyNever enough
See Ya In Mafia
Read from the bottom up. ronin: see ya in mafia my atm: you know what forget it i've tried to reason but on but its no use goodbye ronin: I can fully appreciate that....but I am playing to win...not hitting you benefits me how?..... my atm: i know how the darn game is played but seeing though we all have a choice id like it if you'd lay off for awhile atleast im trrying to reason here ronin: hun, that is part of the game....I make points and money off of you. My turf is not in alliance with yours....its the game. my atm: well i'd really like it if you stoppped im trying to save some cash and clearly you are far more stronger than i ronin: I attack a lot of ppl helps me level. my atm: why do you continuously attack me?
As We Lay Close
As we lay close together I feel your heart beating I feel so alive again,When we kiss i am able to breathe again,When we make love i feel such a raw passion like I have never known or felt before,When we touch i feel a shiver all the way to the bonemarrow,When I look into your eyes I fall to pieces.
As I lie here, alone in the dark As I die here, with my broken heart Do you hear me, as I cry out in pain? Wanting you near me, I have only myself to blame. Why did I have to go? Tell me, why must I suffer so? Your love was my ticket out Gave it all up cause I was in doubt. I was young and unknowing The world was cold and dark You came to mme and lit up my life Started a fire in my heart and brought my soul to life I pushed your love away And now I'm here to stay In this life so dark and cold Suffering for what I've done You'll never know what you ment to me You'll never know what you did to me For I have closed off myself to you Caused my pain and loneliness too.......
Ashes To Ashes
ashes to ashes dust to dust the misery i have felt so long starts to fade away all because of you.ashes to ashes dust to dust the pain i have carried for so long fades away all because of you ashes to ashes dust to dust the cold i have felt for so long starts melt away all because of you ashes to ashes dust to dust  i can see the sun the moon the stars again all because of you.   Since my lover, my life, my soulmate, the one i want to marry is who I owe my undying love and life to for he has brought me back to life..   This is my out look on true love if it is really out there...
Fu Peeps Are So Gullible Lol
I make a thread up called & asking "Should Interracial Be Illegal?"...My shout box Haas not stopped going off yet lol. No that i know what will get my profile poppin ill have to do it more often lol. after all I'm very good at being controversial.
I've Got 75 Cent Nude P*ssy Photos
Somewhere ... on a shitty little highway between Tulsa, OK and Wichita, KS lies a shitty little gas station. In that shitty little gas station lies a shitty little bathroom. In that shitty little bathroom hangs one of those shitty little condom dispensing machines. In that shitty little condom dispensing machine lies the greatest thing ever to grace the Tulsuck-Wichitard Metroplex.Yes, I'm talking about 75 cent nude pussy photos!!I had 4 different vending machine options to choose from - 1. The "ultra high pleasure" condoms2. Something called a "French Tickler" ... which looked like one of those noodly Koosh Balls - only cut in half.3. Something called the "Adult Variety Pack".4. And finally, the "Nude Pussy Photo Pack".The decision was easy. It's quite plausible the condoms were last changed out in 1974. I'm pretty sure the "French Tickler" is made with formaldehyde or something that would induce toxic shock. I don't think I'm nearly cool enough to purchase an "Adult Variety Pack". I
Just Stuff Going Threw My Head
I sit and look at your picture everyday. i relize i have lost the best thing that had ever happened to me. i lost t he woman i love more then life itself. I have made mistakes in my life the worst one was pushing you away. and just stand there while you walk away off into the sunset. the sun has never came back up in my world. I will always love you. i look ahead with tears in my eyes wish to see you come walking back to me. I lay bed down for the night looking at your picture and rub your ring i wear around my neck givein both of them a kiss before i drift off to sleep to hold you in my arms in my dreams. i know when i awake it  will just be a dream nothing more. I look at the sky and pray that you know how sorry i am and how much i miss you and love you. your my only love and the only person i want to be with. i have relized how much i need you and want you my love. so as i lay down this evening i will pray to the godds and goddess that my dreams come true someday but wont give up my
M83's Center
Time To Go
being on this site has been FUN FUN FUN!! but I am not on here much anymore.  so I will be deleting my account later today.  if you are a friend who wants to keep up with my fight against breast cancer....i am on yahoo please let me know who you are before you assume I will add you.  I am not angry or anything about fubar, it's just I am not on here anymore.  I have no time to leave love and no one ever visits or leaves me love....i understand the love me back I am not angry. I have met some amazing ppl on here and I cherish all the memories I made in the 2+ years I have been on here (may be longer, I can't remember...LOL) so it's BYE for now and I pray each of you find happiness in your life!!  (I will go now before I get all choked up.....) ~~SMOOCHES~~ {{HUGS}} Melissa AKA ~sinfullydelicious~/~survivor~ and don't forget to be aware....check your boobies!!      :)~
Oh No She Didn't!
My mother is on a date.           Um...     She gets more action than I do.       OMG.  My head is swimming.
Cheater, Liar. Player!!!
oh what an interesting conversation between MY MAN & MY SO-CALLED DAUGHTER!!! WHILE HE & I WERE ON ANOTHER SITE DANCING HE WAS WITH HER HERE IN HER FUBAR LOUNGE. I WONDER WHAT THEY HAVE TO HIDE??? THEY BOTH BETRAY ME!!! Lilitha V: *****  Lilitha Tala V­... has entered the lounge! **********  Lilitha Tala V­... has left the lounge! **********  Lilitha Tala V­... has entered the lounge! **********  ♥♥Kimberly♥♥/Fu... has left the lounge! *****Dragon's Keeper...: ok   delete♥♥Kimberly♥♥/Fu...: no spaming   delete♥♥Kimberly♥♥/Fu...: watch it boy   deleteDragon's Keeper...:    deleteDragon's Keeper...:    deleteDragon's Keeper...:    deleteDragon's Keeper...:    deleteDragon's Keeper...:    deleteDragon's Keeper...:    deleteDragon's Keeper...:    deleteDragon's Keeper...:    deleteDragon's Keeper...:    deleteDragon's Keeper...:    deleteDragon's Keeper...:    deleteDragon's Keeper...:    deleteDragon's Ke
   I am hungry and wanted fresh blood. I decided to go hunting for same prey and have some fun. I found my prey at a party, a tall dark brooding male that looked like he was bored and was off to himself watching people dance. I could tell that he was not like most humans and it made me want him more. So I walked up to him and looked right into his eyes.    "You want some fun with me or do you want to just stand there and watch people? I will make it the best you ever had, just like you I am not just like these people."    "I know you are different, you are a vampire whore and I want nothing to do with you. Leave now, before your stench makes me sick."    I stood there for a second before sinking my nails into his arms and scratching him from elbow to wrist. I laughed before walking away and licking my nails clean of his red sticky blood, that is when I tasted what he was, he was a were-wolf and now I wanted him even more. When I get outside I felt him right behind me, I smiled an
The Happy Sub
       I come home and there you are waiting for me on your knees like a good boy. I smile and pat you on the head before I give you my foot to take off my shoes. When you take them off you rub slowly and softly knowing that is how I like them rub. When you are done I look at you and smile. You know that when I do that I am in a good mode. .     “So slave boy, what have you been up to while I was at work today, since you had the whole day off and it all to yourself?”  I ask you      “I have been cleaning and cooking for you Dark. I know how you hate cooking and cleaning after working all day. I also made your favorite food, I hope you like it.” You say to me while sitting on the floor at my feet looking up at me with pride in your eyes.      “Good boy, I am proud of you. For being such a good boy I will let you sit on the couch with me and relax for a bit before we eat.” I tell you while I run my figures in your hair when you sit beside me.      
I got stuff to say and I wanna remember to get this out. um I got things to do so this probably isnt going to be much of a blog. hmm, maybe I can sum things up. If you are a friend of mine, I probably appreciate you and hold you with more significance than I act. There are a lot of changes that I want to make and hope I will be friendlier soon. ah more later. thank you to all that stick by me through it all, guide me, and show me that friendships can exist do exist and will be there giving me more positive hope and outlook on life friends myself and you.
The Escapists
So Michael Chabon wrote an exceptional novel called 'The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier And Clay', which traced the history of two Jewish immigrants in the US who acheived fame and fortune when the create a popular superhero, The Escapist (no points for spotting the real life influence).  Riffing on this, and in turn writing his own loveletter to the medium, Brian K Vaughan, working with artist Steve Rolston, took that character and spun it out into a brilliant six part mini-series about the creative team that years after Kavalier and Clay come into posession of the rights to The Escapist and fight to bring the book back to the stands. The soft-cover collection has just hit the shops.  If you love comics, treat yourself.
Coinstar Machines
this is pretty cool info, so for those of us that buy things online, and with christmas coming up. heres a little something i found out about this morning. Coinstar machines, if you dont know, are the machines at the grocery stores and such, that cash in your change. theres usually 10% fee for the exchange, BUT NOW you have the option to select e certificated and gift cards for payment with no fee. if you are like me, theres a old alcohol bottle or a pickle jar full of change sitting around the house somewhere, and have christmas shopping to do.   just a few of the sites that you can get gift cards for are itunes, barns and noble, e bay, lowes, best buy and other major places to shop...   now, good morning people... go cash in your change lol as you were
My back is killing me. I think it's because of a week of sleeping on a couch. I really want it to pop or something. A massage would be nice. I don't think I show enough boobs. Okay, really I do show enough. I'm just not enough of a whore to get many people to notice me. Which ya know...I'm fine with that. I fell asleep last night at 10. I didn't want to do that. But I think I got enough sleep finally. I don't work with my druggie boss this week. Thank God. Porch's birthday is this week. WTF do I get him? Last year I got him a Zippo.
Good Morning
Its a good morning when u can get out of bed. And stand on your two feet.
Life Is Crazy
Between my family; my jobs (one in retail and my Avon business) and everything I have been feeling overwhelmed.  Bear with me.  Add to that the fact my eldest turns 21 on Friday and I am feeling a bit blue. I'll be fine, just not feeling all that social.       
International Travel Insurance
I am brown, born on the 8th February . Frankly speaking, I was a rather unspectacular kid, playing football with my brother Alex and trying to explore computer world. My school years passed by as if they never existed. I used to attend a gymnasium which laid an emphasis on maths and natural science. There I've found my real friends and started to build up my personality. There I started to indulge my passion for programming and computer science. But at the same time it was there where I began to see my existence from different point of view. International Travel Insurance Super Bowl Ticket
i got so much to say, dont know where to begin, should i start with the angry thoughts, or the sad thoughts? damn here it goes: i hate the way u make me feel, but even more i hate myself for lettin u make me feel the way i do.   i dont hate u, god  i can never hate u, but i hate the things u do to me   i hate the way ur on my mind al the time, but i hate the fact im not on urs   i`ll rather u beatin, kickin me, then make a promises u cant keep.   just stop lieing to me, plz tell me as it is   dont got words to describ wut i feel right now, hell im not even sure wut i feel   u werent even here when i needed  u the most. i think i should let  u go yea im lettin u go, im not the one for u    
The bullets creep slowHigh in thier sleep; They dream tooTwisting in the bed of their lonely chambers Praying one day they would reach youLike they could be deliveredFrom the dark world they live inHollow Tips & Hollow FearsThe only things they were raised to believe inBut they are on a missionUndressing; from the shells of themselvesLost somewhere in IraqAnd still haven’t found the right person to helpAnd they can hear the screams outsideSo they feel they’re positioned in HellCentral map; the central plan is to deliver the messageA final farewellThey know not remorseBecause through Life only three lessons where givenLoad up em up;Shoot em up;Stop the Enemy from Livin..But now in the Hands of an Angel they are heldAnd they are released to the HeavensIn celebration- of a mission- that went well.
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Day Dream
As I sit here I start day dreamingThe most beautiful girl i ever seenWe are walking side by sideI wonder if she knows my words are what i meanWalking on the beachOur toes in the sandEvery day im with herLife has been so grandSitting across from herStaring into her exotic eyesSlowly just getting lost causeHer eyes sparkle like stars in the skySitting here holding her closeNever wanting to let her goEven though this is a day dreamThe feeling is real i hope she know
Pain Of The Night
Watch as this tear falls into empty space See it fall into life's nameless place Can you see the sparkle as it catches the light That sparkle once was happiness that is no longer in sight As it falls watch it, its color has changed From blue to bright red, it has a wide range There it goes all alone, it continues to fall With it, it takes the emotion, the emotion of all Wait, can you hear it? A sob has broke free Has shook the lungs cold, but yet it continues to be Here it comes, a force has been built between the eye A wall of sheer water, it's now time to cry A shudder, a scream, darkness envelops your soul The darkness of the night has taken its toll
Wandering in darkness grope Finding not a glimpse of hope Fingers touch to find my way, Each foot fall, my heart betrays The fear which drives me through the day Suddenly the ground is lost, Flailing arms as body's tossed. Splashing down in crimson pool, The warm embrace is much too cruel, I curse this lowly, wretched fool. Floundering in this self made hell, Warmth increasing as i dwell, Within the confines i create, Screaming as myself berate, Giving in to this, my fate.
Life Is A Prison
Life is a prison, Oh God let me out. No one to listen, To hear when you shout. Climb the walls of insanity, Ride the waves of despair. If you fall it don't matter, There's no one to care. Used to wish for a window, To see birds, trees and sky, But you're better without one - Stops you aiming too high. Watching freedom is painful, For those locked away. Seeing joy, love and happiness, Another price that you pay. Strong is good, weak is bad. Be it false, be it true. Your mind makes the choice, And enforces it too. Cell walls built by society, With rules to adhere. If you breach the acceptable, You had better beware. Hide the pain, carry on, Routine is the key. Don't let on that you're not, What you're pretending to be. Lock it all up inside you, How badly that bodes. Look out for that one day, When it all just explodes. Leaving naught but a shell, Base functionality too. But killing all else, That was uniquely you. So how do you grow, With a timebomb inside? Or how to defuse it, Without
Bow & Blade Sample
Prologue The sounds of swords clashing against each other ring through the air. In a camp of the Highlanders, a young boy trains with weapons. "All right, young Danel. Guard up lad, guard up. A De-mon will rip you to shreds if you don’t keep that guard up!!" To accentuate the point, the older warrior brains the young boy with the practice blade, laying him out. The older warrior rolls his eyes and kneels down with the boy. "Lad, lad, wake up; no time for naps." Laughter rings in his voice. Danel Blackwalker’s eyes flutter, and he stares up at the warrior, unfocused. "Argon, I guess....I guess I should at least think of keeping up my guard." He smiles, still a little shaky. Argon bellows out with a huge laugh. "Aye, lad, you should. Now, get up so you can learn that block correctly." Argon helps up Danel, and the sound of swordplay rings out once more. * * * * " weakness..."   The room is filled with fifteen young Cambions, half hu-man, half demon
Samantha Janus's Wedding
...... Guests including Samantha's co-star Rita Simons (Roxy Mitchell) and All Saints singer Melanie Blatt looked decidedly merry as they left the five star hotel in the early hours of morning. Jo Joyner, who plays Tanya Branning, looked in high spirits as she left the hotel, but quickly fell asleep on the shoulder of her male companion once in her cab home. One male reveller appeared to be so inebriated, he was wrestled to the floor by bouncers after refusing to leave Lacey, who plays troubled Stacey Slater, was sporting a new blonde hairstyle. Samantha and Mark married at the exclusive hotel on Sunday three months after announcing their engagement. The happy couple were spotted out Among the stars in attendance at the Mayfair bash was Samantha's on-screen daughter Lauren Crace, whose character Danielle was recently killed off the BBC soap. Rita arrived at the hotel earlier on Sunday looking decidedly casual in a grey jacket, leggings and Ugg boots, but thankfully changed int
Hair Loss Treatment
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Confessions Of The Sinner
Somethings happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear. There's a girl with a bun over there. Telling me you got to beware. It's time we stop, children what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down. I changed some settings on my photos and completely took the bread and cheese off the shelf. I don't have VIC or P or VD...haha so my family list stays as is. If you aren't in it, I am sorry. No more room at the inn. I'm barely here any more and I so appreciate everyone who has been there, no matter how much. it totally matters TO ME! Not that many of my "friends or family" will come read this, the ones that do will know. I am unplugging come December. The computer that is. It will be hard for about a week, kinda like quitting smoking. Until you replace it with something else you will make yourself crazy. I'm ahead of the game there though, I am crazy ;) So you can try the old fashion approach and call. I may not be able to answer but if I can I will return the call
Well ain't I just a dummy for breaking my memory card for my phone. I was trying to do something with my phone and I guess the memory card popped out, when I went to close my phone case, cause i was trying to switch batteries, I accidently closed it on the memory card, I think..or some how it got bent. It could still go in the phone but couldn't read. So me bein a dummy trying to carefully bend it back so I could save what I had on there but I bent it too hard and SNAP... well that sucks. I had certain pics in there, and vids that can't be replaced...Oh well I guess. That isn't the first time I lost pics though...It be a sign, I swear..or im just clumbsy Work was blah..nothing exciting there. I didn't want to go home after work ,so I went out and did a few things. Came home...did some other stuff and yea...exciting. Soooo tomorrow, I go talk to Irene...sign some papers, I take it...then maybe I can check out my new place. I need to get an idea of much smaller my new place will be
A Real Treasure
She has some beautiful eyesthat sparkle like the stars aboveShe has a big warm heartthat is filled up with goldShe has a beautiful smilethat shines like diamondsShe has a healing touchthat is also soft and warmGetting to know her is greatOne day this beautifulAmazing, Stunning, BreathtakingReal life treasure will be mineTo show off and flaunt
Beer Diet
Saluting...stop Asking
OK,this is for those that have asked me to salute...STOP ASKING!! Why not make one? Better question is why make one? I came to fubar around 3 1/2 years when making a salute meant you could level past level 10. No salute no leveling. A salute meant people knew you were who you say you are. Now fubar is absolutely cluttered with bogus accounts,Many made by users of fubar under an assumed identity. Or just plain lurkers being nosey. No salute is required to level anymore,and having the comfort of knowing who it is you are talking to is all but gone. That is unless you block all greenies,and block all that havent saluted yet...which has become outrageous in its numbers. What made saluting work and made it attractive is all but gone. Why salute when the next user doesnt have to? And you are left unsure who you are speaking with etc? Those that have known me for a long time on here know I am who you see in the pictures. If that isnt good enough..well fuck off. Simple as that. Because Im
Kid Is Silly Lol
*When* r we going 2 be together?*Will* u luv me or will it take 4ever?*I* luv u alwayz these words r tru*Sleep* is sweet when i dream of u*With* this quote i have 1 thing in mind*You* just have 2 read the 1st word of each line!
45 Send away for a priceless giftOne not subtle, one not on the listSend away for a perfect worldOne not simply, so absurdIn these times of doing what you're toldKeep these feelings, no one knowsWhat ever happened to the young man's heartSwallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apartAnd I'm staring down the barrel of a 45,Swimming through the ashes of another lifeNo real reason to accept the way things have changedStaring down the barrel of a 45Send a message to the unborn childKeep your eyes open for a whileIn a box high up on the shelf, left for you, no one elseThere's a piece of a puzzle known as lifeWrapped in guilt, sealed up tightWhat ever happened to the young man's heartSwallowed by pain, as he slowly fell apartAnd I'm staring down the barrel of a 45,Swimming through the ashes of another lifeNo real reason to accept the way things have changedStaring down the barrel of a 45Everyone's pointing their fingersAlways condemning meAnd nobody knows what I believeI believeAnd I'm staring
Send This To Everyone You Know
  Let me be clear--I agree with everything said here--but I am not racist--this email hit a nerve though...even people who are not racists should be passing this on! This is an eye opener! These kind of prejudices are relevent for religious as well as sexual orientation subjects.              
The Pirate In Me
    I am walking across the deck of the Wolf Lady when I noticed there was another ship off the port side ganing on us. I told my men what I saw and watched as my first officer used the scope to see if they were friendly or not. His face turned white and I know right then and there that they were not friendly.    "Yo Alex ehat may they be, friend or not?"      "There pirates but I do not know that flag Sir, I do not know if they be our friends or not. You better hide your hair captain or else they will know your a women and they may try to take the ship."        I made sure all my red hair was under my hat so they could not see it. We keep going the way the same way hopping that the other pirate ship changes corse. But when I look again I notice that they were still headed towards us. I finally got a look at the other ships name, The Mad Joker. and knew that we where in for some trouble.    "Men I do not think they are friends of ours, I have heard of that ships name and everyone
Weight Loss
Okay, so this is my first blog on here and I think it's an important one. I am over weight not obese, there's a difference. I'm at least wanting to be as close to 200 lbs than what I am right now and since I don't have the money to join a gym I found a solution, roller/ice skating. I read up on it and it's a total aerobic workout and why not since I've always liked skating just haven't really done it much since I lived in Michigan when I was married and had access to the lakefront at my ex-wife's uncle's place in the winter. I had a pair of inline skates but never used them and I tried to learn to use them be didn't think they were safe. I've ice skated on and off since I was 12 and roller skated since I was 7 or 8 so I'm used to quad skates so I'm going to buy a pair this week on payday that I found today. I just hope I get to my goal weight in a few months, at least with skating both on ice and land will do the trick I hope it will be enough with diet as well. My diet is going to ma
It's Been Awhile
It’s been a while since I’ve been around,It took a while to say that you I have found. It’s been a while since I’ve been walking this place, It took a while to find your face.I never would’ve thought that I would feel this way,I never would’ve thought that I would be writing this today.As I sit here and write, all I can do is smile.I think to myself, it’s really been a while.It’s been a while since I’ve had this feeling,For my heart- right now it’s healing.And being with you is different from being with the rest,You help me realize that it’s okay to be my best.It’s been a while since I’ve been as happy as this,Each day I wait for that flawless first kiss.I know it might be different because of what we are,But I know it will be amazing because of who we are.You understand me like no one else has before,And each day you make me laugh more.You talk to me like you’ve known me forever,It’s been a while
Very Important Blog... Everyone Please Read
This is the complete and utter truth of the past 2 years and all the screw ups that i've done and can remember.The recent break up between me and Denise is in no way her fault. I am the one who screwed up over the past two years.I have on many occations left comments of a wrong or perverted nature on several different females pictures. Although many of them I did not intend to be taken the ways that they were. All of them have hurt Denise.By leaving the comments i have on girls pictures i have shown that i have faults.I am completely and utterly sorry for all the pain that i have caused her in the past two years plus. I have been an asshole and inconsiderate person in my thinking. I did not truly think about what i was doing, i just did it and didn't think about the consequences until they were upon me.The pain i feel from causing Denise her pain is settling in. There is no way i can make the pain go away. The only way i hope to ebb the pain at all is to attempt to make amends to her f
Messenger Idiots
mattrek2009: do you like 9 inch cockme: No, anything less than 10 is a waste of my timemattrek2009: i am 10 inchesme: Sure you are
Welcome To My Hearts Premiere
Welcome to my Heart’s personal premiere,Tonight there is no room for explainable fear.I’m not sure where to start,Maybe I’ll just speak from my heart.But what about my mind? Should I speak from it too?Should I just risk what I already have with you?Your aura is just so amazing,Your mentality is just what I’ve been craving.I could use someone like you,Someone who is too good to be true. You’re just so different, you seem unreal,How can someone like you understand how I feel?I close my eyes and wonder how I was so blessed,As to be given the gift of your presence.You would think I was obsessed,But in fact, I am possessed.Possessed by your eyes, and your ability to be so sincere,How do u make all the negative disappear?When something bad happens you’re the first person I want to call,But as soon as I talk to you I forget it all.When you come around my life is so much better,Welcome to the debut of my Love letter.So many feelings will be unspoken,But I&rs
[salad Daze (because I Haven't Made A Food Blog In Some Time)]
We've been on a bit of a health kick lately, so I thought I'd share a new salad dressing I whipped together, some general advice on eggplant and why you should buy fresh spinach every week. First and foremostLactose free month. Because I've had stomach problems for about the last ten years, could be one of those common and tragic food malays like seliac or lactose intolerance. *begins to sniffle* but I I love cheese T_Tand cream sauces! I don't think its so much that I'm intolerant, but just that eating anything that processed and fatty is going to cause some chemicals to churn. In the meantime I discovered that almond milk is available in commercial marts (for about twice the cost it takes to make it, but it does come with nutritional information) and soy milk has the shelf life of plutonium. While I was playing health nut I picked up spinach (because I like raw vegetables) and I knew that I liked salty vinegar based dressings, but I had this pesky greek tahini and yogurt to u
Ringaling A Ling
when i was a child i caught chronic ear infections and had tubes put in my ears. as an adult I have slight hearing loss in my left ear, and get fluid on my ear every time I have an upper respiratory infection, or bad allergies will cause it as well. according to the old wives tales, when your ear rings, it supposed to mean some one is talking about you. I believe one side meant it was good and the other meant it was bad...i cant recall, mostly because its bs. but my ear has been ringing all day long, so whos talking about me? lol working on the boats with the loud engines running all the time probably doesnt help my hearing one bit. I just wrote this blog cuz there isnt anything going on any who as you were
Short And Sweet
This is going to be short and sweet blog of the week hah. last Saturday (11/14) Dirk and I have been going out for 5 months already. I love him to death. Had an amazing weekend. Started my xmas shopping spend over $300 at khols but it was fun! Saturday sat around talking with dirk, shaun, manda and moi. Good times! Today just homework and chilaxing with my man watching football. GOOO Eagles!!! and cheese heads! Tomorrow starts the offical diet that manda and I are doing. Yippie! (very sarcastic) My plan is to wake up early before work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and go to the gym and Mondays and Thursday evenings do the wii fit. Weekends job on the "Red Lion Mile" lol so gay but I like it. ( I love how I'm typing this and eating a couple grahams sandwich peanut butter bites with milk hah) but I Want to lose 15 lbs by xmas. But must get back to homework so I don't have so much to do tomorrow night so I can wake up early Tuesday and hit the gym.
Workshop Exercises - 4/16/09
  HATE IS RUNNING SHOES Connor's Poetry Workshop From random words picked – Hate & Running Shoes   Despicable in essence Just full of empty remorse He smiles so easy, a regular ole joe.   He just doesn’t know the hourglass is pounding. Preparations are made, the gun is in place.   With every breath I count his sins, with every shoelace I tighten the noose. They say ignorance is bliss, but for me the lethal weapons are on my feet. Pure unadulterated hatred fuels my Jordan’s to commit the ultimate crime of mercy.   ***************************** SICKNESS IS GRAND CENTRAL From random words picked – Sickness & Grand Central   Notice anything different jostling through the crowd? An indeterminate amount of cultures surround you at Grand Central.   No, not the kind you are thinking about. The kind you put in petrie dishes. For you are blind to all the myriad of sickness in the throng of normalcy.   *********************************
Monster Fish.
Where do you see this in a year?How about five?A little more sinewy, a little less hairthe lines on your face a bit more defined. Think you can still fuck twenty somethings with self-esteem problems? Would you rather just find your sweat pants and find a good box set to readforget the whole damn thing ever happened. Forget paychecks, obligations, and dirty laundry.Just lock yourself inside with phantasms of fantastically busty strangers, all-nighters of bite marks and soft salty flesh. I'd rather count the shadows on your face by candle-lightblow out my hips, and possibly proclaim myself the son of god. You'd enjoy it too.That part I was always good at. Its the loving you partthe respecting partthe wanting youas opposed to desiring yourealizing you rather than worshipping you I was always good at the in out, hello goodbye, you're welcome.But more importantly goodbye. Makes me wonder who is really to blame? You for being just-so, and perfectly destructable?Someone just three st
Hey Babes Readf This Plz Its Important For Me :)
hey im dj sasha new station manager from scinfully erotic desire if u interested to be a dj a gretter even a promoter contact me on msn our yahoo
Where To Find Me  
The Chase
He watches me from a far. Never coming up to mejust sat back and watched as I danced and had fun. He fallows me in the woods but stays out of sight so I do not know he is there. The chase is on when I see him behind me. But it is not long before he has me in his arms on the ground. He growls at me and rips my clothes off me. He makes me get on my hands and knees. He then gets behind me and grabbes my hips. Then I felt him do something behind me. Next I felt something hard and long touch my pussy lips. He then pushes it in me making me scream and throw my head back. He grabbes my hair when I do that. I can hear him gurnt and moan with every thrust. It was turning me on when he did that Then out of no where he leans down and bits my neck I scream and he growles He did not let go but only bit harder making me cum He then let go to throw back his head and howled as he came in me When he was done he feel on me making me fall o n the ground I laid there not knowing what to
Me Singing - Keeper Of The Stars
Ok so I need some advice on fixing this before my gram's wedding :)  Any advice would be will have DL it in order for it to play to Windows Media player :)  THANKS!!! [URL=]KeeperoftheStars.wma[/URL]
Anybody Looking For A Hired Hitman On Fumafia?
If your looking to get somebody hitlisted on fumafia , gimme a shout. Allow me to put the hitlist out. we can negotiatea price.
Rate Me Please!
POST THiS iF YOU AREN'T SCARED TO SEE HOW PEOPLE THINK OF YOU 0 = ewwwwwwwwwwww!? 1 = Definetly not attractive. 2 = Decent 3 = Cute 4 = Fine as hell! 5 = I'd do you. 6 = Pretty damn sexy! 7 = Lovable,I LOVE YOU!!! 8 = I wanna make you mine
The Lovers
     On the moon let night in the shadows she waits for a strong man to show up. She feeds on the week but craves the strong. She watches a man walk in the light; she craves him, hungers for him. He makes her want more then blood. She attacks him stealing more then his blood, she also takes his heart and soul. He is now hers for all time, forever her slave, her lover, and her other half. They are together in this life and the next for all time.   They are and will forever be lovers.
Should The Phrase "in God We Trust" Be Taken Off American Currency? Will Nbc Be Surprised??þ Vote, Vote, Vote
Here's your chance to let the media know where the people stand on our faith in God, as a nation. NBC is presently taking a poll on "In God We Trust" to stay on our American currency. Please send this to every Christian you know so they can vote on this important subject. Please do it right away, before NBC takes this off their web page.. Poll is still open so you can vote: This is not sent for discussion. If you agree forward it, if you don 't, delete it. By my forwarding it, you know how I feel. I'll bet this is going to be a surprise to NBC.
How To Eat Pussy Like A Champ
Is there anything more erotic, more satisfying, more – mere words fail me – than going down on a woman, giving her head, tasting her, performing oral sex, eating her out, etc.? I think not.What is more the essence of sex than a woman’s vagina? The source of her pleasure, home of the clitoris, center of her sexual universe? Nothing, in my opinion. All roads lead to the vagina, do they not? Look at a lovely woman. On the street, in the mall, at work – anywhere. Her abundant hair, alluring eyes, soft full lips. Follow down the curve of her neck, the swell of her breasts, the strength of her stomach. When you hit the center of her body, right between her beautiful legs, you’ve hit the center of her being.Or start with her delicate feet. Strong enough to carry her for a lifetime, yet supple enough to massage and fondle. Also, by the way, often cold enough to freeze whatever they touch under the blankets! Move your eyes up those shapely calves to the curve of he
Ugh..or Something Like It
I sit here on a nice peaceful day off and for no apparent reason I am in a pissed off mood. I constantly hear from everyone around me how horrible their lives are or how unhappy they are with everything. I am quite frankly tired of it all. I try to be a happy person but when I hear nothing but complaints from so many it gets trying. I got yelled at by a really close friend because I never call him to see if he's okay so he deduced that must not care about him. I believe that friendship is a two way street and he doesn't call me EVER. I am the type of person that doesn't want to impose on others so I don't constantly call friends, especially if they don't take the time to call me. If you don't call me but expect me to call you constantly to "reach out" then prepare to be disappointed. Maybe it makes me a bad friend, maybe it makes me a bad person and maybe I just don't care anymore. If your life and everything in it sucks as horribly as you continually say it does then do something to c
A Love Song Hope You All Like It
Killed in action Fucking smile your on camera Awake you find yourself tied up to my bed wipe those bullshit tears away Killed in action Her blood Intoxicates me To see your decapitate torso It excites me Your deliciously sewn shut mouth I want to put my cock, pain gets me hard I have to masturbate when see her pussy drip with blood Killed in action Her blood Intoxicates me To see your decapitate torso It excites me Looking so beautiful laying Inside the box for corpses, I’ll have to fuck you over and over, your lord can’t help you now! Killed in action Her blood Intoxicates me To see your decapitate torso It excites me   Jose Hermosillo
November 15, 2009Quote of the Day"Pain is a part of being alive, and we need to learn that. Pain does not last forever, nor is it necessarily unbeatable, and we need to be taught that."- Harold Kushner Oh how I wish I could learn this and accept this. I do understand that pain is a part of being alive and in some sake that it doesn't last forever, but, with the depression and the anxiety the pain is intensified ten fold. I have never been very good at dealing nor adapting to emotional pain. So many times I was tired of being sick and tired, there were times I would try to end the pain all together, but failed at being a failure. Then of course the times I would self medicate, but all that did was get me in trouble with the law, so that had to end as well. When I was being verbally abused, there were times I would even cut on myself to just block the pain in one area to cause pain in another area. Other times I would literally hit something such as a wall or a corner of a dresser to c Cant
they tell you cant they tell you can.  they tell you should and they tell you you shouldnt.  Your choices are made for you fom the start.  Its up to you to see it and do something about it.  Pay attention to the world around you.  Dont just hook up the iPod grab your Bluetooth start texting your way into obliviousness.  Do you really want to walk around not paying due attention to the world around you? Distracted by twitters and fackbook scribbles on your wall, as you stroll merrily into the path of an oncoming city bus? 
Age Of Enlightenment
Stepping over the bodies of mortals, Overcoming their eternal flaw of mortalityReaching for the hands of the godsGaining their knowledge of perfections in an imperfect mindCrying the tears of a thousand great lies, Reaching out to take back that one sad tale of good byeA scornful leave that emerged so suddenly, Not preparing them for their mortality was the fault of us, An inferior knowledge in not testing their mortality is the fault of theirs, And theirs alone;We are but the knowledge of many yesterdays.Passing forth through the ages, Displayed on the pages of the rattled cages to the age of us, The age of supposed enlightenment, While man still argues over the same tedious argumentsMorality and its links to a definite mortality, Silly little verses of morality, That has brought forth the constant stream of mortality to you.Man created the gods to have sense of being divine, When the eternal flaw of divinity, that which is damned reared its ugly headMan once again needing a scapegoat
The Bridge
Warning: This is not posted for entertainment. This is posted to be informative and to show how a small amount of involvement in another's life can make a difference. Synopsis; More people choose to end their lives at the Golden Gate Bridge than anywhere else in the world. The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic structure. An engineering masterpiece. A triumph of human ingenuity and muscle over the elements, and over the Depression. A constantly pulsing, poetic artery of traffic. A picture perfect postcard. A symbol of a San Francisco, the West, freedom - and something more, something almost spiritual but impossible to describe. More people choose to end their lives at the Golden Gate Bridge than anywhere else in the world. The sheer number of deaths there is shocking but perhaps not altogether surprising. If one wants to commit suicide, that is, there is an eerie logic in selecting a means that is almost always fatal and a place that is magically, mysteriously beautif
Do I Dare
The lazy streets are undemandingI walk into the crowd..In starbucks you get yourCoffee or that lemonadeWhere people dress just snazzy..Beauty so unavoidable everywhereIts there I sit and wonder "Do I Dare?"But on the cellphone I text to herI'm nothing I want to beShe was a super model..And one wouldn`t know theDifference would you?Modern namesLike jackie or mandyAnd modern bodies again..0n Beach BoulevardI never felt so lonelyNever felt so out of placeI never wanted something more!But on the sitesI am anything I want to be She was beauty model For Robert Powers... On the cellphone I amAny heightI am any age I want to beShe could be a caped crusader orSupergirl, even middle aged...And you wouldnt knowThe difference would you?
New Song I Wrote What Do Ya Think????
People, I don't know whatcha who ya think you arebut this has gone too farsometimes I think that you care at allI wanna letcha know that I'm not gonna be a slaveto another person's namewhat I believe is my right to claim This game is like Monopolyit never ends til someone cheats I'm passing go with Boardwalk in my handsI don't live in a fantasy of lollipops and jellybeanstake me home or take me as I amWhy can't you understand?We're not in Candyland  
LMAO, watch til the end
Dull Boy
All work and no play makes me a dull boy.. All work and no play makes me a dull boy.. All work and no play makes me a dull boy.. All work and no play makes me a dull boy!! Live in a secret Live in a lie Live in a dark hole beneath the black sky Live like a martyr and draw my last breath Feel like an old man with a knife in my chest Live like a Transian Live like a thief Hide in your closet, grinding my teeth Sit in a small room with the walls closing in Open the shutters but everythings still dim Payback For all the things I've done in my past Payback For everything There are no take backs [Chorus:] I'm not the reason Its not my fault Its not my problem I'm not the cause I'm not your scapegoat I'm not your god I'm not your martyr I'd leave you all I'm not the reason - (I'm not your scapegoat) It's not my fault - (I'm not your god) It's not my problem - (I'm not your martyr) I'm not the cause - (I'd leave you all) All work and no play makes me a dull boy Feel like a clown witho
Suicide Don't give a fuck about this My life or any other Just go away and let me hang Impossible to forgive, forget it, murderer I'm in control Living a lie Make you pay at all cost for this Love sick Bullshit Bring it Decisions making themselves I don't need you Thorns in my side So I die No one No one could ever understand My life's exhausted No one No one could ever understand This life IMN Determined To bring you all down with me Break you Beat down No more fucking empathy From me, for you Fed up i've had enough Duality My war Existence Instigated controversy Lay down Sell out So wrong Drag the blade and go away I stand, cold cruel and lost Take me I'm ready No one No one could ever understand My life's exhausted No one No one could ever understand Pressure constricting So hard Like a stone Fight hard Break bones break No one No one could ever understand This life IMN Your pressure My time Eroding My life Fight for your honesty Fight for integrity All work and no play All
A Mother Asked...
A mother asked President Bush, Why did my son have to die in Iraq? A mother asked President Clinton, Why did my son have to die in Saudi Arabia? A mother asked President Bush, Why did my son have to die in Kuwait? A mother asked President Johnson, Why did my son have to die in Vietnam? A mother asked President Truman, Why did my son have to die in Korea? A mother asked President Roosevelt, Why did my son have to die in Iwo Jima? A mother asked President Wilson, Why did my son have to die in France? A mother asked President Lincoln, Why did my son have to die in Gettysburg? A mother asked President Washington Why did my son have to die in Valley Forge? Then long, long ago, a mother asked.. 'Heavenly Father .. why did my Son have to die on a cross outside of Jerusalem ?' The answer is always the same... 'So that others may live and dwell in peace, happiness, and freedom.' This was emailed to me with no author. I
Computer Issues And Moving Again
Hey ya'll, first thing first, my laptop is on the verge of dying on me, nott sure when i will be back at full speed or how much i will be on here again. Me and my girlfriend got a new placwe are very excited about. So that will also delay me being online. Hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving and a merry christmas
Some Thought's Of Life
If I want my dreams to come true, I mustn't oversleep. Of all the things I wear, my expression is the most important.  The best vitamin for making friends..... B1. The happiness of my life depends on the quality of my thoughts.  The heaviest thing I can carry is a grudge.One thing I can give and still my word. I lie the loudest when I lie to myself. If I lack the courage to start, I have already finished. One thing I can't recycle is wasted time.Ideas won't work unless ' I ' do.My mind is like a functions only when open. The 10 commandments are not a
Things I Didn't Know..
I didn't know how much i would like you i didn't know how much i would care i didn't know how much i would need you   I didn't know that thease feelings wouldn't leave i didn't know i could be what you need   I didn't know thease feelings wouldn't fade I just wish they wouldn't have stayed   I know im not what you want. I know im not what you need Im not the beautiful women that you want. I just the pretty girl on the side line.. who will be there no matter what..  
I Hate Dis Weather
God damn mother nature I love you and all but you just messed up my first grading period..Thanks a lot....
  Our European arrogance in alphabetical order 1. The American Cemetery at Aisne-Marne, France. A total of 2289 of our military dead. 2. The American Cemetery at Ardennes, Belgium. A total of 5329 of our dead. 3. The American Cemetery at Brittany, France. A total of 4410 of our military dead. Excuse us.
Bitch And Moan
Lately, I see all those guys bitch and moan about women; how they bitch, ask those "does my clothin make me look fat?", blah blah   Same men that are stupid enough to meet nothing but pathetic poor excuses for women that have such a low self esteem that they have to seek for constant approval/monitor their men non stop. WTF??   Either grow a brain, and meet someone real for a change, or quit bitchin, cause those "women" deserve you.
The Dark Lover ( Vampires Song)
From the dark of the night I hear,Your call as you draw near.I open the window and await,The arrival of my dark mate.Yours is the beauty of the night,I'm just a moth trapped by your light.I want you as my dark wife,and for that I gladly sacrifice my life.Into my neck your fangs you sink,And of my blood you deeply drink,As you take what you need to live,Your own blood to me you freely give.When the last human in me does expire,and into darkness I am born Vampire.Children of the night we'll be,You, My love and me.With hunger for the blood we need,Together we will hunt and feed.For our own selfish sake,The life's of innocents we must take.And when in Tomb from daylight we do hide,I will lie contented at your side.and with a shroud used as a cover,I'll lay down with my DARK LOVER.
My Dad "donny Clooten"
My father Donny Clooten: He died 2 days after my 26TH Birthday the only thing he ever told me about himself and his life was about being in the US Navy and being there for the cleanup of Nagasaki and Hiroshima after the atom bomb was dropped.  You always celebrate a mans life and not morn his death!
Men’s Mentality And Y Women Don’t Or Will Never Understand
IF YOU CAN'T READ SOMETHING WITHOUT GETTING OFFENDED THEN DON'T READ THIS!  HOPEFULLY THIS IS EDUCATIONAL TO SOME WOMEN AND HELPS THEM UNDERSTAND THERE MAN, IF NOT THERE IS NO HELP FOR YOU.  I would like to start off by saying women you are book smarter than men are, and some women are common sense smarter also.  Womens brains are so complex that they don't know how to control all the complexities at one time.  It is a proven statistic that 85% of women have a mental disorder.  When you ask us what we are thinking you honestly don't want to know what we are thinking, because when we tell yall what we are thinking you get all pissed off at us.  Then if we lie to yall you know it and you want the truth but we know that the truth will offend you so we don't want to tell yall.  When women ask men what they think of an article of clothing you are asking the wrong person that is what your girlfriends are for.  You have to remember you are asking the same  men that smell there clothes before
Don’ts For Parents:
Don'ts for parents: 1. Don't throw your 3yr olds b-day party with strippers and kegs. 2. use your kid to pick up chicks no matter how cute he/she is. 3. bet with kids and collect when they lose the bet. 4. help with homework when drunk because your kid will be put in special classes for thinking 2+2=chair. 5. teach your kid or anyone elses kid to fetch beer even if you are to drunk to make it to the fridge/cooler. 6. let your kid give the family pet a hair cut (fiddo will not be happy) 7. let you kid have coffee even if they say the other parent said they could it is a trick don't fall for it. 8. let your kid use aluminum foil instead of a bicycle helmet it is not the same. Know matter how much you put on. 9. let your kid stand on top of the tv in place of the antenna even if you throw cheez it crackers at them for food, if they have a sippy cup and you get better reception with the kid. 10. give the kid something to drink by opening the bathroom door and flushin
Why Booze Is Better Than Women
WHY BEER IS BETTER THAN WOMEN 1.  BEER don't get jealous when you grab another BEER2.  When you go to a bar you can always pick up a BEER3.  A BEER won't get upset when you come home with another BEER on your breath4.  You don't have to wine and dine BEER5.  If you pour a BEER right you'll always get head6.  Hangovers go away7.  When you finish with a BEER, the bottle is still worth 10 cents8.  You don't have to wash a BEER before it tastes good9.  A BEER always goes down easy10.  You can share a BEER with a friend11.  BEER is always wet12.  You know your always the first one to pop a BEER13.  A frigid BEER is a good BEER14.  You can have more than one BEER in a night and not feel guilty (for some guys)15.  You can enjoy BEER all month long16.  BEER will never cry for no reason at all17.  BEER doesn't care how you look 18.  You can kill beer before it gets old 
Make Up Your Dam Minds......or Not!
why do some women take provocative pictures,and expect a man not to say provocative comments?
Everybody Poops
(9:41 AM) Steven: i got a poop question for ya sammie.  have you ever had to go poop and while doing it, it smelled so bad you stayed in the stall until everyone left and decided you would tell the next person that came in that someone else did it? lol(9:41 AM) Sammie: lol(9:41 AM) Sammie: yes(9:41 AM) Steven: lol(9:41 AM) Stephie: lol(9:41 AM) Stephie: funny(9:42 AM) Sammie: when pooping i try to avoid coming out intill people are gone, its so akward to come out of a stall and making eye contact with some one, the look is like "Yup, i just pooped"(9:43 AM) Stephie: lol(9:43 AM) Stephie: *cough*(9:44 AM) Steven: lol(9:44 AM) Steven: that's how i feel sometimes lol(9:44 AM) Steven: it's like you step out and look at em and immediately feel ashamed lol(9:45 AM) Sammie: i know, and you shouldnt it healty, everyone poops, but ever one act like they forgot about Dre.......i mean they dont poop(9:45 AM) Steven: lol(9:45 AM) Stephie: lol(9:45 AM) Stephie: i want that book(9:45 AM) Steven: lol
I can't even wake up nicely!The comfort of waking up knowing I'm going to speak wonderful pillow talk with him is gone. Being mean is NOT the way I want you, I obviously don't like you better that way. I feel like I can't win for losing with you.I'm going back to sleep and waking up again hoping this morning didn't happen.
The Drive Back To Bella's Chapter 12
The drive back to Bella’s   We got in the car and started back to Bella’s house.  I turned on the radio to an oldies station.  “You like 50’s music?” Bella asked. “Music in the 50’s was good.  Much better than the 60’s and 70’s, ugh” I shuddered.  “The 80’s were bearable.” “Are you ever going to tell me how old you are?” Bella asked.  “Does it matter much?” I replied.  “Not really, but I still wonder…” she said grimacing.  “There’s nothing like an unsolved mystery to keep you up at night.” “I wonder if it will upset you,” I said glancing at her.  I gazed into the sun; as the minutes passed. “Try me,” she finally said. I sighed, and then looked into her eyes.  I wanted to tell her, but I wasn’t sure how she’d react.  “I was born in Chicago in 1901.” I paused and glanced at her from the corner of
Upon A Dream
Once upon a DreamYou took my hand in yours.Once upon a DreamYou looked into my eyes.Once upon a DreamYou held me close.Once upon a Dream You kissed me softly.Once upon a DreamYou were mine.I cannot see when it happened.I cannot see why.All I see is pain in your eyes.All I see...Once upon a DreamWe said "Forever."Once upon a DreamWe meant together.Once upon a DreamI saw blue skies.Once upon a DreamYou heard my cries.Once upon a Dream...The Dream seems over.My world grows colder.The Love I knew fades away.Once upon a Dream...As I sit here watching you sleep, I can't help but cry. Your so cold anymore...and I don't know how to warm you anymore. Once upon a Dream, you smiled when you saw me. Now all you seem to do is look away. I don't know when or where we went wrong, but it's not to late to fix this. Tell me how to relight your fire. Tell me how to bring you back to Life. Tell me that you still Love me. I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!
All About Me Scroll Down To See. Things Being Retarded
Name: DevinAndell Birthdate: June,25 1985 Birthplace: Rehoboth,Delaware Current Location: Orlando,Fl Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Red Height: 5-11 Weight: 235 lbs Piercings: not yet Tatoos: not yet Overused Phraze: Fagbag!! FAVORITES Food: Chinese,Italian Candy: War Heads,and any Number: 69 Color: red Animal: Dragons and wolves Drink: pepsi Alcohol Drink: baileys irish cream Bagel: onion Letter: f Body Part on Opposite sex: eyes they are the window to the soul This or That Pepsi or Coke: pepsi McDonalds or BurgerKing: Burger King Strawberry or Watermelon: both
Forget Me
Burn me [Not like you should] Hurt me [It won’t do any good] Kill me [A favor to the world] Slay me [In my bed I lay curled] Fight me [No worse than I have done] Fuck me [You can have all the fun] Offend me [Go on push me away] Ignore me [Until the next day] Abuse me [When I pull the last stunt] Find me [No longer will they hunt] Unveil me [For I will show them the true me] Cut me [Show them how I can no longer bleed] Feel me [I can no longer feel pain] Shoot me [My eyes no longer rain] Hate me [You can hate me all you need] Lose me [For I hate myself more than you could ever hate me] Forget me…
Forever And A Day
I never meant to love you,It happened by chance,I just wanted to be your friend,Not share a new romance.But something suddenly happened,Before my heart could know,I came to know a side of you,That caused my heart to grow.The tender way you love me,I pray it will never end,A miracle of circumstance,My lover and, truly, my best friend.I really don't know how to say,What I really need to convey,So I will tell you this way: "You're everything to me. Someone I can count on. Someone I believe in. Someone I love with all my heart and soul..." And as each day passes away, On my mind you will stay, You love me in such a way That has put you in my heart FOREVER AND A DAY.
I've steadily turned up the volume I've carefully put it on surround Every so often I'd scream Just to see if you'd notice the sound I tried to make you listen I tried to make you see That inside me is a person Who just wants to make you believe I pushed you further and further I pushed as far as I could But I never do anything right Not even my opinion is good I am giving up I am giving in For alone I can never lose but I never wanted to win
Help me Help me understand why I can't be here anymore My life is falling My world is tumbling Slowly Slowly Tell me Tell me where to go from here I'm so lost without you My lies are growing My spirits are going Slowly Slowly Hold me Hold me for now until I can go I'm getting so cold My end is coming My heart is numbing Slowly Slowly Save me Save me from what I've become I'm nothing inside My heart is dying My soul is crying Slowly Slowly Keep me Keep me here and don't let go I don't want to be alone My thoughts are dying My everything away is flying Slowly Slowly Kill me Kill me right now in front of you I want you to be with me as I die My thoughts are despairing My friends are uncaring Slowly Slowly It's only you It's only me It's the only thing It's letting me be It's coming now It's almost here I wish I could've screamed this louder Maybe then you would hear
To My Friends!
hankful Category: Life The words  may  always be the same, but the tone of voice, or time of day, or the changing situations in our lives give them thousands of different meaningsSometimes these 3 words are spoken in the heat of passion, when words are not needed at all. Sometimes they are whispered to reasure us, and to give us hope.  They give us a boost in self-confidence, and they seem to help end our nasyt little fights."I Love You", does not always mean I’m in love with you, but maybe they mean "I care About you, or "I’m glad your in my life".I will never get tired of telling my friends "I Love You", because I do. Those are the 3 most important words I can say to you, and never once will I regret saying them.Thanks to all of you my "friends", who  I Love, not only today, but for the rest of my Life!                                  I LOVE YOU!!!!!
I sealed it by cancelling my appointment with the Cardiologist, permanently. Dr. Rosenbloom sealed my position by taking hes attitude position. You hear this word collar and no one has any such a thing. You know who you are. The very collar I have on you and by now how I cleared the myth and mist of doubt over you with any entities called the Feds. What I said and how I worded it is the reson based on God. If there is a such a pill or medicine to clear out the blockage, Dr. Rosenbloom sealed my fate and that of others by hes attitude. What I feel in my stomach or under it is different that what I felt this past March until about two months ago. It is a steady pressure from under it. The AAA may have gone over size or another one along with it, perhaps a much weaker section on the AAA itself. Want to bet it's a weaker section with that AAA? I told Dell the computer people something about me. Although I have enough credit with my account with them I am not allowed to use it. I told th
And Now For Something Completely Different...
  I'm making wallpapers. That's how bored I've become with this place. are some of them.             Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm obsessed with vampires. Anyway...these are for MY use.   But I can make them with any theme. In fact...       And...   So...who wants one?   I'm thinking I might charge Fu-bucks or something...but, we'll see. How frigging lame am I?
Mafia Wars
This shit is so stupid, I just want to stab myself. Too bad, cause they now actually have MW of my homecity-Moscow
Bed Of Roses -bon Jovi
    LYRICS:   Sitting here wasted and woundedat this old pianoTrying hard to capturethe moment this morning I don't know'Cause a bottle of vodkais still lodged in my headAnd some blond gave me nightmaresI think she's still in my bedAs I dream about moviesthey won't make of me when I'm deadWith an ironclad fist I wake up andFrench kiss the morningWhile some marching band keepsits own beat in my headWhile we're talkingAbout all of the things that I long to believeAbout love and the truth andwhat you mean to meAnd the truth is baby you're all that I needI want to lay you on a bed of rosesFor tonite I sleep on a bed on nailsI want to be just as close as the Holy Ghost isAnd lay you down on bed of rosesWell I'm so far awayThat each step that I take is on my way homeA king's ransom in dimes I'd given each nightJust to see through this payphoneStill I run out of timeOr it's hard to get throughTill the bird on the wire flies me back to youI'll just close my eyes and whisper,baby
High School Crush
You and a bunch of your friends from high school decide to get together and rent a beach house for a month. You pack up and fly to some exotic place to set everything up. The next day everyone starts to show up and you see her walking up the front steps. You've had the biggest crush on her since junior high. The two of you were practically inseparable all through high school. You couldn't remember but you thought she went on to become a supermodel. You duck into the kitchen before she sees you, not wanting her to read the lust in your eyes. You open the refrigerator and pull out a beer, hoping for a little courage. Your best friend comes into the kitchen sayin, "Holy shit! Did you see Kat? She looks like she stepped off the front cover of VOGUE." "Yeah, I saw her, why do you think I'm hiding in here." "Damn, you still have a thing for her, don't you?" "Is it that obvious?" "Only to those who know about it. Let's go hang out on the beach. I brought Spike so we can throw the frisby
The Custom-made Time Has Come
Wedding dresses are worn by brides worldwide so there is a huge profit in the dresses market. Obviously, producers and sellers understand this long before and the competition in this market is very fierce. There are many well-known brands in the field, for example ImpressionAEnzoaniAGionanna SbiroliAGalatea and so on. They are high praised for the exquisite designs and excellent quality. They lead the newest fashion of wedding dress and their products are welcomed by brides all over the world though many of them are not able to afford the high price. Besides the brand wedding dress, the custom dresses, such as the Custom wedding dresses, Custom wedding gowns, Custom bridesmaid dresses, Custom flower girl dresses are in great demand, too. The most important reason is that they are made according to the buyers dream pattern and measurements. They are more fitted and satisfying. And what’s more, they are usually offered at a very low price. Custom wedding dresses makers are in mo
Sitting Here Thinking ......
  Sitting here with the ragging voices in my head well I dwell on myself being if everything in life has a purpose what does it all mean ??? to have loved to be loved to be left alone life remains a circle as it repeats time to time with past recognition an looking towards the future on a broad new horizon taking chances each time wile moving along not knowing whats next as I lift my head to hold onto my inner soul sometimes feel a loss as with the broken pieces of my heart an soul hope to reconnect to a time when valor honor respect honesty an love were true 
All I Should Say I Shouldn't Say.
Such a strange but awesome night. The ending was the best, but could be wrong. So it was a fun hanging at my bro's with one of my best friends watching UFC 105. Through out the night I got texts and calls from the one  who truly gets me and holds my heart. It made me feel good. So as usual it got me to thinking. I know she's going through a rough time right now. It's hard to remain indifferent and just be there for her. Now back to what happened. So she calls me and when we got off the phone I texted to tell  her I love her. She texts back and said she said the same thing on my yahoo. Of course that makes me super happy. Later on I text her asking is she still wants us to try. She said of course. So couple more calls and texts while I'm watching the fights go on. Right as I'm leaving to come she calls and says she's really drunk and needs me to talk to her while she drives home. So I do. She made it home safe. So as we're getting off the phone she tells me she'll call me tomorrow and s
[five Years]
Five years ago, this month I went off my meds. I had been flirting with the idea for some time prior, upping my dosage, lowering, abusing my dosage etc. Decided the liver damage and emotional burnout hallucinogenic properties, highs, midgrounds, swaying notions that I was invincible wasn't worth it, and it hit me that I actually could do this. My shrink heard my mother's pleas, and immediately turned to me and said "actually you have every right as an adult now, and your treatment has been going well, that may however be attributed to the medication, but I would like to believe it is due to the strength of your character- I would like to see you in six months". In five he was dead. Today, my mom urged me not to kill myself. I asked her if that was really a concern any more- She said yes, that I was depressed, that I could benefit from medication and it may help with the paranoia ... I'm not paranoid, I just have a healthy terror of people. "but being worried that people are go
Mexican Words!
MEXICAN WORDS!! The teacher told pepito to make sentences with his spelling words:1.*cheese*Maria likes me,but cheese fat.2*mushroom*Wen all my family gets in the car, there isnt mushroom3*shoulder*My friend didnt no how to make tacos so i shoulder4*texas*My friend always texas me fwds5*herpes*Me and my friend shared a piza,i got my piece and she got herpes6*july*Ju told me ju were goin to the store,and july to me!!julyer!!7*rectum*I had two cars but my wife rectum8*chicken*I was going to the store with my wife but chicken go by herself9*wheelchair*We only have one soda but its ok wheelchair10*chicken wing* My mom plays the lottery so chicken wing11*liver*A bully was messing wit my sister and i told him to liver alone12*body wash*I wanted to go to the bar but no body wash my kids13*budweiserThat woman over there has a nice body , budweiser face so ugly ?
What Not To Say During Sex!
*I have to poop.*Smile for tha camera!*Get off me, i'll do it myself!*This is your first time.....Right?*You're almost as good as my ex!*When is this supposed to feel good?*I thought YOU had tha keys to the handcuffs?*I was so horny tonight, I would have taken a sheep home.*Keep it down, my mother is a light sleeper.*Hey! My friends were right, you ARE good!*On second thought, let's turn off tha lights.*I'm soberin up and you're gettin ugly!*But everybody looks funny naked!*Do I have to pay for this?*No! You're too fat to be on top. You'd kill me!*Actually, your sister likes it like this.*What's your name again?*Hold on, let me change tha channel.*And Tha Winner Is.........*It's nice being in bed with someone I don't hafta inflate.
So You Wanna Fu-marry Bella?
Okay, here's some ground rules.  If you pass these, propose.  If you don't... DENIED. -Must have a salute. -Must have YIM -Must be able to spoil me -Must be able to surprise me in different fu-ways -Just because I'm your fu-wife does not mean I will get naked for you -Must remember I am married in real life -Fu-marriage is mainly to benefit both parties pointswise -Must have a sense of humor -Must be above level 18 -Must talk to me outside of fu (yim other ways)   Other details will be worked out when the right fu-fiance(e) is accepted. Read these rules.  Comment so I know you read them.  Then propose if you think you're worthy!   -Bella
The Doctor
I love this Doctor Q: Doctor, I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true?A: Heart only good for so many beats, and that it... Don't waste on exercise. Everything wear out eventually. Speed up heart not make live longer; that like say you can extend life of car by driving faster. Want live longer? Take nap. Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables?A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies. What does cow eat? Hay and corn. What are these? Vegetables. So, steak nothing more than efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to system. Need grain? Eat chicken. Beef also good source of field grass (green leafy vegetable). And pork chop can give 100% recommended daily allowance of vegetable products.Q: How can I calculate my body/fat ratio?A: If you have body and you have fat, ratio is one to one. If you have two bodies, ratio is two to one, etc.
Stupid Encounter #27 From Sb (read Bottom To Top)
To Q&Q: at least you know why Q&Q: guess so To Q&Q: are you single? Q&Q: only to goddess To Q&Q: AHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHA nice to meet you to... do you say that on the street to? Like to random girls? Q&Q: hi, are u into anal?
My Sex Score Was 5
Start at 50 and add or subtract points as stated for each statementthat applies to you...Add 10 if you are a virgin.-Subtract 5 if You have had sex before.-Subtract 5 more if you have had sex with more then 5 people.-Add 5 If you have never had oral sex.-Subtract 5 if you have had or performed oral sex.-Subtract 2 if you have had sex in a public place.-Subtract 3 if you have done 69.-Add 5 If you have never had an orgasm.-Add 5 If you cant name 3 types/brands of condoms.-Subtract 2 if you have masturbated.-Subtract 3 if you have fingered/ given a handjob to someone else.-Subtract 5 if you have used someone for sex (one night stand).-Add 5 if You have never seen someone of the opposite sex naked.-Add 3 if you haven't been kissed in the past month. [At least notromantic or passionately.]-Add 2 if you have never masturbated.-Add 5 if you have never seen or watched porn.-Subtract 5 if you have made your own porn.-Subtract 3 if you have participated in anal sex.-Subtract
This Last 3 Weeks
  I just wanted to say I've been doing my best keeping up with all the rates and the changes over the last 3 weeks since I've been sick.  3 weeks ago I came down with pneumonia and even though I've been getting better, the recovery process has been much slower than I expected.  I'm sooo exhausted that there are days I cannot do anything and other days that I can do light activities.  Thank goodness for my laptop.   I really want to thank all of you who have been there for me.  You really have made this easier to go through.  Some of you who knew me when I was here on Fubar in January when I had my first case of pneumonia knew how hard it was for me then.    I don't know why my immune system seems to be weaker than others but I keep a smile on my face and I rely on friends...  I luv you all.  I try to be there for each and every one of you.  I wouldn't know what to do without you : )  Each one of you makes a difference and I hope I make a difference in your lives. Hugs, Katy
139 Pics
I went through some photo albums...picked out photos of memories that I didn't want and of him. The only pics I kept of him are ones with some friends and my cats when they were kittens. 139 photos. I only had 3 albums..I don't know where the wedding album is at....I found the honey moon album...I tosses some pics of him out from there but just taped up the album with tape and kept the rest. The photos...are being tossed in the garbage. His mom isn't here in town to dig into the garbage again to retrive any photos...Im sure he will see the pics or I will leave it in there for him to see...just wonder what he'd think..probably nothing which is fine.  
Love Of A Vampire
Your tongue burns my cool skin like molten flame, As you pierce my soul I silently scream your name, I kiss your lips and taste your bloodied soul, Feel the blood engorge us and make our love whole, You come to me silently on wings of blackest night, Consuming my heart with your dark lover's bite. Joyously my blood gushes forth and splashes your face, As my fevered body you now so passionately embrace, My soul sings your black desires in endless refrain, My dark angel lover you make pleasure such sweet pain.
I Survived
  I have survived the lose of my childhood, the lose of babies growing inside of me, of my innocence when I was young.  I survided the lose of loved ones and the loss of friends.   I will survive the loss of you. If I have to I will survive it Ok But My Love Theres always a way When things look like theres no way remember theres a way To do the impossible To survive the unservivable Theres alwaya a way and you, you and I have this in common we're inspired In the face of the impossible We're inspired So if I can offer one piece of advise to you Today if you become frightened Instead become INSPIRED.  
Fun Thoughts On A Strange Night
I love this place. What crazy fun hanging out with Cyberpeople. Some of whom I would truely like to know in the real world others of you I'm not so sure. LOL 
A Nice Day Or A Lucky Day
It is a nice day, the sun looks effulgence seems like everything will be ok. I go to school as usual and take the bus with a good mood. When I am thinking my Aion Power Leveling, the bus suddenly stopped, I am shocked and see outside to ensure what has happened. But when I look outside, I do not see anything, I think it must be someone nearly to be bump to the bus, so it goes quickly.   several minutes later, I look here and there on the bus, when I move my eyes to the behind of a seat, I see something is there, but no one sit there, I guess someone has lost its things and did not recognize it. I walk there and pick it up, to my surprise, it is the Aion CD Key, and I just now have thought that, now I can catch it in my hand. I think it is the god wants to give me, so it let me see it.      When the school is over, I go with some of my friends to the internet bar to play the game; they all need to buy Aion PowerLeveling except me. I feel chesty that time and go directly to find a comput
The Latest Information Of The Lotro
Adapted from the novel Tolkien epic fantasy masterpiece by the well-known online game developer in North America turbine (Turbine) Producers and Distributors of the "Lord of the Rings OL" recently announced that it will release the latest information Lord of The Rings Online Powerleveling during the year the film "Siege Kirkwood" (temporary translation, Siege of Kirkwood). Expansion includes upgrading to the 65 level cap, a large number of job tasks and legend-level exclusive props been added. At the same time, the game's main line will continue to start, players who buy Lord of The Rings Online Powerlevel will be able to copy the new team and the adventure started Raid underground city. In the Misty Mountains east of Kirkwood is a huge forest. In JRR Tolkien "Ring in" the main battlefield as they are not described in the coverage was not so much but If you have read associated with the novel "The Hobbit" and everybody should know that Bilbo and the 13 dwarves adventures here. Just
I Miss You (poem)
As I sit here listening to your Love-Song CD... i miss you more and more....... i miss the way i felt when i looked at you i miss the way you would say"awww your so sweet" i miss hearing you say"ur my lil china doll,my lil einstein" i miss feeling you next to me i miss the way you gave me the silly lil smile.... i miss the way you looked SO excited when Id pass you & give you THAT look i miss the way you would run into the bathroom,,just to be with me. i miss walking with you i miss dancing with you i miss seeing you in my bed i miss seeing you outside i miss the way you'd tell me that you love my cooking i miss the way you'd tell me I had to call you cause I'm a female & fragile... i miss holding your hand i miss holding you at night i miss looking in your blue eyes i miss the way you took my breath away i miss being able to tell you I LOVE YOU!!!!! i miss you, i miss ALL of you. I MISS MY WORLD WITHOUT YOU I MISS YOU !!!!
Entrance Music!
So, as many of you know, I have a fight coming up on the 21st which is SOON!!! I feel I am ready. I only have one problem, I need help choosing an entrance song. I have it narrowed down to 4 selections, which are below. Please help me choose one. I would prefer if possible ya'll help me choose just from the 4 listed below and not any other suggestions. Of course I blogged this rather than mummed it since I have more than 2 choices. I don't care which one of these I walk out too because I like them all. So which ever one ya'll like the most, will be it!! :D Thanks again ya'll, and MUCH LOVE! :P "Mad Izm" by Channel Live "Evil Streets" by Onyx & Wu-Tang "Release Yo'self" by Method Man "Shook Ones Part 2" by Mobb Deep
About Me. Haters: I Just Don't Care. Get Over It.
  I'm a Straight Up, No beatin' around the bush, Blunt A$$ Bish. If you Can't handle the Truth - that's Not my problem. I'm as Real as they come and if you can't be real, then I have No time for you. I pity Nobody. Love me or Hate me - you're Still thinking of Me. I have NO remorse for my words or actions. Get on my bad side, and I'll roast you like a pig. I Fear NOBODY - I'm a 100% Jersey Girl. I Roll with the High Rollers. I don't hang with the dogs - period. So if you think you're some big bad dawg, Then go back to the Kennel where you belong. If need be, I'll even call you a Whambulance to get there. I try to be reasonable - but Sometimes Life Isn't Fair and Not Everyone has common sense OR RESPECT, and Need to be put in check. I have No jealousy, and No envy - Your Dreams are Likely My Reality. I LIVE the Salt Life - Hated & Envied. And if you Disrespect Me, my Significant Other, my Family, Friends, or Others I have Respect for... I won't think twice about Deleting you from
I Love You Daddy
I LOVE YOU DADDY Current mood:CRYING Well its almost time for me to go back to work. Not really sure if i am ready to do that.  I know so much has changed for me and for me to accept this change is just not acceptable for me at this timeToday i have had the chance to think back on my life as a child and having my parents around and how lucky my family has been to have both parents around us. I sat here today and wished that i could go back and make changes, and then maybe things would be so much more easier to accept.I wish that i could go back and spend more time with my father and tell him more often how much i love him, than waiting so long as i did. But i know that he knew i loved himFor any of the hurt that i caused my father i am so sorry and i wish i could take those times back. I remember so much of the good times that we shared and now i dont want to lose those at all. I wish i had shared more things with my father special times with my father and i never got the chance.  Bu
Redbeards And Pianos
I live in a college dorm with a guy who occasionally has the girlfriend over. Him and I made this little code-deal where if I come home from class, and on the whiteboard of our door it says "Piano", I am NOT to go in, for apparent reasons. I go appreciate the outside beauty of the courtyard, and wait until the word "Redbeard" is back on the board. Now, I thought this was a cool idea in theory, but I learned otherwise. You see, the first time he tried this was a Friday around noon. I come to the door in the hallway, and it clearly says PIANO on the door. However, I realized we didn't even need to write that, because the noise they were making were quite distinct with the DND signal. Interestingly enough, when I was there, he had a 3 person audience listening in on the action, and I had to stare them back into their rooms and text him a little warning. You could hear a beep on the other side of the door, a sudden silence, and then, "SHIT!" I have much to teach my roommate. I showed him
Another Gadget You'll Love
  I’m not much of a techno guy but I find this item very interesting. Since most of us listen to Internet radio using a iPhone the FM transmitter or the jimmy of wires there is a solution. It’s the XML8110 in-dash radio. This is a gadget that has an AM/FM radio in the front. Then with a flick of the wrist it flips down to reveal the iPhone dock. Not only does it charge your iPhone but it has controls. The good part is it’s only $99. Learn more at Geeky Gadgets (now that’s a great name) Now you don’t have any excuse not to take BlastFM with you where you go. Tune it in Baby!!! .
Thank You
For My Family Thank You  Its been a long time, over due.  There is not a day that goes by that i dont think about what happened to me  about 4 years ago.  There is a beginning to all this,  right now I just want to say how much I love my  Parents, my Mother, and Father, my Brothers, and sister-In -Laws, and Uncles and Aunts for all the parts that they took in helpping my family out and rushing around as they did for them in the few hours that  they had  to bring everyone together at the time. I wish that i could say that i remember everything that was said to me , but i can not, and  that is what bothers me more than anything at times.  I am so greatful that i have such a loving family who stood by myside the whole time and never gave up on me and who put all their faith in Gods hands.  I have a strong family , and I just wanted to say That I love you all very much, and thank you for never giving up on me. Its still hard .  I may not say it like i should  But I love you a
Some Things That Needed To Be Mfkn Said, Courtesy Of The Mfkn Slut
Ok so to begin with I would like to say how proud I am to say that I am part of THE best family on fubar, MFKN.  For the most part this is a family that shows love, day in day out. That is why i am SO proud to be a Founder in this family. Now to my FIRST issue. I myself am jnot a true founder. A Founder, to me, is someone who orignated with the group. However, Bubzy, Cruser, And AsH.WeeE decided that because of the things I had done once joining this family I should be made a founder. I disagreed, but was out voted. My stance is this. Let's take a Precident of America. no matter HOW good of a president was, he could never be called a Founding Father of America. Because, yea, he wasn't around when America was created. So, we decided awhile back, when there were still 5 founders that from then on, there would be no more Founders added. Kind of like a compromise on their part to me. Go me right? So that should answer everyone's question about "Who is going to take Cruser's spot as a fou
On And On
i found him in a dream i found him in my heart i was down and out cold and no place to go i was screaming bleeding so alone faces not familiar stuck in places id never seen before   yes he understands that i was desperate for a friendly hand to hold to try so hard to put a simple smile on   and on and on we love together now on and on in our forever now   he found me naked buried in the dirty streets that paved my mind with a little shining hate for those who held my fate in their hands   he picked me up he showed me i wasnt alonee in my stone cold crazy in the haze that was surrounding me keeping me from breathing   and on and on we love together now in our forever now on and on            
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Custom Bows
Ok so many of you have asked about my bows so here's the deal. I can make just about any kind of bow you want to match just about anyting you want. I do specialize in Holiday bows and MTMG which means " made to match Gymboree".  My prices are from $1 each all the way up to $7 each. Which to be honest is cheap. If you look on ebay bows like mine sell for $10-$15 each. Right now if you buy 5 or more bows  you get free shipping to anywhere in the US.  If your interested just let me know.     ~ Ravyn
Life Observations, Good Stuff, Found Online.
) Triangular sandwiches taste better than square ones. 2) At the end of every party there is always a girl crying. 3) One of the most awkward things that can happen in a pub is when your pint-to-toilet cycle gets synchronized with a complete stranger. 4) You've never quite sure whether it's ok to eat green crisps. 5) Everyone who grew up in the 80's has entered the digits 55378008 into a calculator. 6) Reading when you're drunk is horrible. 7) Sharpening a pencil with a knife makes you feel really manly. 8) You're never quite sure whether it's against the law or not to have a fire in your back garden. 9) Everyone who has just read no.5 has just typed it into a calculator. 10) Nobody ever dares make cup-a-soup in a bowl. 11) You never know where to look when eating a banana. 12) Its impossible to describe the smell of a wet cat. 13) Prodding a fire with a stick makes you feel manly. 14) Rummaging in an overgrown garden will always turn up a bouncy ball. 15) You always fe
Ecs Member Of The Month/top Ecs Male And Female Of The Week
Have you done your part to be considered as ECS member of the month?Every month, FIVE ECS members will be nominated as our "MEMBER OF THE MONTH".  ECS members will leave a comment under the person they feel should be declared as our MEMBER OF THE MONTH. The decision will be based on your interaction with your family, your activity and your involvement within the group. We will look at all these aspects and ultimately we will decide.As our MEMBER OF THE MONTH, each top ECS member will be givien random gifts, pimpouts and shitfaces will also be given by our top ECS members. The MEMBER OF THE MONTH will also have our #1 friend spot and be featured on the ECS homepage. The ECS MEMBER OF THE MONTH will commence THIS December, so do your part and do what it takes to become ECS MEMBER OF THE MONTH! Want to become ECS's top male and female MEMBER OF THE WEEK?Commencing Monday, November 23rd, the TOP ECS MALE and TOP ECS FEMALE OF THE WEEK will be open all willing and active members. be base
I'm always amazed at how fast life can change. You would think with everything I've been through in my lifetime that nothing would cease to amaze me or catch me off guard anymore, but they still do. This has been the craziest, hardest, and best year of my life to date. It started off rocky. I honestly would have laughed in any and everybody's face had back in January or February they told me this is where I'd be at with my life. I wouldn't have believed them for as much pain and suffering as I was going through. I dont think any amount of combination of words will ever begin to describe the kind of pain Donnie left me in. I don't miss him. I don't even think about him when I see that silly engagement ring. Its when feelings I had for him, I find myself having for another person that I think about him. It's when all those same feelings I thought I'd never get to experience or feel again in my life start to surface again that I think about him. I've spent a lot of time trying to ignore
My Vaccation
Tuesday  11/17   Haven, then the rt 9 diner, going to NH Wednesday  11/18  Vigil, cambridge, ma Thursday  11/19  Resurrection, manchester, ma Friday  11/20  Friday Night Decadence, Providence, RI Saturday  11/21  Photoshoot Sunday  11/22  Making time to hang outMonday  11/23   Ceremony, Boston, ma Tuesday  11/24    Haven
If I could catch a rainbowI would do it just for youand share with you its beautyon the days you're feeling blue.If I could build a mountainyou could call your very own;a place to find serenity,A place to be alone.If I could take your troublesI would toss them in the sea,But all these things I'm findingare impossible for me.I can't build a mountainor catch a rainbow fair,but let me be what I know best,a friend who's always there.This is a Hug Certificate!
Just Found This
1. All girls secretly love a guy who can sing.(MEGA-Turn-On) 2. Just so you know, girls don't want to smell you from 10, 6, or even 2 feet away.(lay off the Axe) 3.Girls HATE players!!!! 4. Most girls would rather cuddle than have sex (unless they're sluts) 5.We love it when you put your arm around us at the movies.(especially the scary ones) 6. We don't need you to be Superman. We just need you to be there. 7. Please, if you really need to talk about your size, use your guy friends, not us. 8. Pretty much all girls like to talk about something, so feel free to call us. 9.Bad breath is a major EWWW! 10. We LOVE suprises, that is , the good ones. 11. Don't ever try to impress us by cursing or fighing. It doesn't work; you just look like a jerk. 12. When you pick on the girl you like, she won't think your interested or cool. She'll just think that you're mean. (Ah the logic.. of girls...) 13. Every girl wants to feel special, even if its just to you. 14.Being able to make yo
Soldier's Lack Of Army Values!
As an American Soldier you fight with each other, you train with each other and you relax with each other. You expect your Brother/Sister in Arms to have your 6 o'clock and he/she expects the same from you. So when you have dirty thoughts, date, have any type of personal relationship with another Soldiers girlfriend, fiancee or wife you break down their trust in you, the trust in your unit and the trust of the Army. It is bad enough that civilians do it all the time to each other. We are trained disciplined professionals. That means if you help your buddy out by driving his drunk wife home or you pick his wife at the store because you had to work late or if her significant other is in a combat zone, have the discipline to keep your hands to yourself. If you don't have that discipline you need to be taken behind the conex and beat or you don't deserve to be called a Soldier. There is more to being a Soldier than showing up to work on time in the right uniform. You need to have trust and
H.r.3974 Congress Bill ( Hcv)
H.R.3974 Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Control and Prevention Act of 2009 (Introduced in House) copy and paste link into Your browser...
Botox Mass Public Testing Needed
  BOTOX Application has Become a Cause of Hepatitis and HIV. Mass Public Testing Needed Quote: "We're not talking about 40,000 or 50,000 people. We're talking about hundreds of thousands of injections" BOTOX vials come with enough product to treat 2 to 5 people or more, however the vial is only sterile for ONE use. The problem stems from the fact that medical professionals administering the drug cannot charge as much as the vial cost them. The result is that they feel forced to contaminate the vial to treat the next person in line for a dose. The risk for Hep C, Hep B and HIV is massive.How BOTOX application facilities adjust:Action: Take up to five syringes, pull one treatment into each syringe and treat multiple people from one vial.Problem: This is an illegal practice. This is not a controlled or approved medical practice and mistakes can easily be made.Action: One syringe is used to draw from the same vial more than once on one patient. The contents of that vial are now f
Debbullan's 4 Announcements For Nov,09 And New Year 2010 (ty Ms. Desa)
Dear Supporters of Debbullan Inc.: For your good information, please find 4 important announcements listed below: * * * Debbullan Inc. is calling for mass testing for Hepatitis C (HIV and Hepatitis B) if you have ever received a Botox injection from any facility or shared vial at a "Botox Party". There is a lawsuit pending regarding contamination and risk of disease due to the continuous and widespread reuse of "one use" vials. We see no reason to wait upon the outcome the lawsuit due to the following statements regarding the alleged multiple use of the product: [The Botox business model "created an unacceptable and unreasonable risk of serious and debilitating injuries and illnesses, including HIV and Hepatitis B and C," states the lawsuit, filed Sept. 29 in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California.] ["The possibilities of infection, given what is going on when it comes to injecting Botox by whomever, are terrifying," Garcia said. "We're
Bi-partisan Bill To End Hepatitis Epidemic In America ( Ty To Msdesa!!!)       Rep Honda Introduces Bi-Partisan Bill to End Hepatitis Epidemic in America  | Congressman Michael Honda (D-CA), chairman of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, introduced the bi-partisan Viral Hepatitis and Liver Cancer Control and Prevention Act of 2009, to address a national Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C epidemic impacting America. The bill incorporates the monitoring, testing and research and education provisions contained in the Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C bills from the 110th Congress. Rep Honda’s bi-partisan legislation was drafted in strong partnership with Reps. Charles Dent (R-PA), Edolphus Towns (D-NY), William Cassidy (R-LA), David Wu (D-OR) and Anh “Joseph” Cao (R-LA). They are joined as original co-sponsors by Reps. Todd Platts (D-PA), Delegate Donna M. Christensen (D-VI), Barbara Lee (D-CA),
Todays Ignorance News Lol
well actually i had a great day today...bought my newspaper (huh? yes probably most of u dont read such a thing lol) had my coffee in the was cold but i couldnt leave the lovely seaside view...then i saw the movie "2012" was a good movie actually...the visual effects and stuff..dont have a dramatic plot but there was a special thing for me lol...ignorance of course!...the government guys was like "who gives a fuck about those poor guys out there..let them die in peace!" hehe after seeing it in the movie actually im happy to be alone and drinking here at home :) im sure there's someone or two out there who will surely share my loneliness :) and be my friends be honest im sure about one..not totally sure about the other lol.. hope u all having a great day my western hemisphere friends ;) tyrannical
Just Imagine What You Know Today About The Quality Of Life
Yesterday alone I remember reading an article about water discovered on the moon, and it wasn’t science fiction!  It was found in a totally dark area of a crater by a NASA probe, and the fact that it’s found to exist in a liquid state (this is important, for Mars has a polar ice cap and without being warm enough to melt there’s no motion and any life found there, if it is found there, would be frozen) possibly indicates there once was life or at least the potential for it on the moon.  Reminds me just now of the gill of water in a dark well Ojo found in “The Patchwork Girl of Oz” … it’s not impossible, just to our mindsets today highly implausible.  Like Dr. Manhattan once said, our limit is in viewing life from life’s own perspective, and that’s based on the life we know.  Like Data, we could find ourselves asking is fire or any chemical reaction life or the signs of it? Before I get accused of exceeding my obscure literary and p
Why Do People Bother With Pre Paid Credit Cards
I thought about the possibility of getting a pre paid credit card as I was bothered by the risks of ordinary credit cards (risk of debt, fraud etc), so i decided to investigate what they are, what's required etc. what I discovered is that they're like a cash cow for whoever provided the card to you; on a pre paid credit card you get charged for adding money to the card and a whole raft of other charges that you could never dream of paying on an ordinary credit card, which leaves me wondering, who wants these cards? they seem like a nice way to throw money into someone else's pockets!  Normal credit cards might give you debt and risk of credit card fraud but there needs to be a better solution than charging people just to spend their own money. 
Dear God
A lonely road, crossed another cold state lineMiles away from those I lovePurpose hard to findWhile I recall all the words you spoke to meCan't help but wish that I was thereBack where I'd love to be, oh yeahDear God the only thing I ask of you Is to hold her when I'm not aroundWhen I'm much too far awayWe all need that person who can be true to youBut I left her when I found herAnd now I wish I'd stayed'Cause I'm lonely and I'm tiredI'm missing you again, oh noOnce againThere's nothing here for me on this barren roadThere's no one here while the city sleepsAnd all the shops are closedCan't help but think of the times I've had with youPictures and some memories will have to help me through, oh yeahDear God the only thing I ask of you isTo hold her when I'm not around, When I'm much too far awayWe all need that person who can be true to youI left her when I found herAnd now I wish I'd stayed'Cause I'm lonely and I'm tiredI'm missing you again oh noOnce againSome search, never finding a
I Need Your Help
You Mean Nothing To Me Anymore
Let the curtain fall on me and you Let the lights go out and blow out the fuse No strings attached between me and you Amazing it seems You mean nothing to me anymore Acquainted as we are expected to be When we grow up You remind me of not letting go Disabled by fear to be on my own Having a twin as your lover You'll never be free
To My Little Sister Who Finally Found Her Peace....
Noone knows why the day turns night Noone knows why the sun still shines Noone knows why the cold wind still blows But I know I miss you   Noone knows why stars fall Noone knows why death follows us Noone knows why people are left in the cold But I know I miss you     Hold me once again Let me rest my head on your shoulder again And hold me once again Gentle run your fingers through my hair like you used to And hold me once again I know it got too much But still I wish you would hold me once again     Noone knows why luck gets blown away Noone knows why flowers wilt Noone knows why I only tusted you But I know I miss you   Don't ask me anything Don't tell me anything Just hold me once again Don't talk to me But please hold me once again   I'm lost for words I wish you would just hold me one more time....
Random Thoughts By Deacon
well since this site has been getting slower lately and all... i got to thinking.... the days of buying a couple outos for the weekends and doing the whole "get leveled" thing arent going to yeild 5 million points any more...but even if they did, at 23,200,000 points from oracle @ 5 million points for 2 week ends every other would take my self quite a few months to even get close...   so im wondering if i should quit my job and start on this right away... maybe i can mold my peen and start selling it on the internet as the pocket buddy...   and what the hell is up with the lack of mumms...   i made margaritas last night with my new blender...and the kids had orange juice snow balls...( aka icees)   lately ive lost about 40 people on my friends list and i only know who the people i deleted were...people are deleting accounts a lot...   my facebook friends list is looking more like my fubar friends list   at sun set last night the temerature dropped about 20 degre
Fu Liars
Big Snow !
Big Snow !
Phenomenal Woman Thats Me !!
Women wonder where my secret lies Current mood:  amused Women wonder where my secret lies. I'm not built to suit a fashion model's size But when I start to tell them, They think I'm telling lies. I say, It's in the reach of my arms The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. I walk into a room Just as cool as you please, And to a man, The fellows stand or Fall down to their knees. Then they swarm around me, A hive of honey bees. I say, It's the fire in my eyes, And the flash of my teeth, The swing in my waist, And the joy in my feet. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. Men themselves have wondered What they see in me. They try so much But they can't touch My inner mystery. When I try to show them They say they still can't see. I say, It's in the arch of my back, The sun of my smile, The rise of my breasts, The grace of my style. I'm a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me.
Wasnt recognized, wasnt acknowledged, wasn't strongA lot of people tried to hurt me, tried to do me wronglots of times in a negative context I heard my nameLong ago I was whole, but  I was never the sameEvery night when I go to sleep and close my eyesI can see myself fly, with birds and butterflies Like a proud eagle I soar over the land But I know that everything good must come to an end Waking up, still trapped in the same lifeless shell I dont need to die in order to go to hell My spirit was broken like a rotten tree I'll never beg for mercy sittin on one knee Again into slumber I plunge my mind My eyes are seeing, but I am blind Walking through the tunnel like a man with no sight Holding on to the walls, maybe in the end there will be light But nothing but more darkness was waiting for me There is no one as always to hear my plea I ask no questions, and no answers I hold In my mind there's a vacuum, my soul is ice cold I've folded my cards, tried  to stop the game In the end it
Ecs 4eva!!!!!
Step right up, take a look at us..Look at our photos, Rate or Bust!We're worth a million and bleed Success..You can't f**k with members of ECS!Keep on moving, nothing to see..Continue your lives full of Apathy!We bleed together there is no contest..You just can survive the ECS!The story is over, no particular moral..Just setting things straight, not looking for a quarrel!Live it up, live it all and live for the best..But remember to step aside for ECS!    
Busty Babe Ass Fucking & Cum Facial
Hi everybody   This week I am releasing the conclusion to "BBW wannabe porn star" which stars Busty Lola in her only ever porn film   See the big babe riding cock, getting finger fucked until she squirts her love juice then she gets fucked up the ass before getting a cum facial!   Over 20 minutes of unseen video action and 60 brand new photos   To see the sample video and photos use this link   Enjoy   James Wildfowler
Boy Girl Part 3
BOY: I saw her today GIRL: I saw him today BOY: It seems like its been forever GIRL: I wonder if he still cares BOY: She looks better than before GIRL: I couldn't stop staring at him BOY: I asked her how things were going GIRL: I asked about his new girlfriend BOY: I'd choose her over any girl im with GIRL: He's probablly really happy right now BOY: I couldnt look at her without starting to cry GIRL: He couldnt even look at me BOY: I told her I miss her GIRL: He doesnt mean it BOY: I meant it GIRL: He didnt mean it BOY: I love her GIRL: He loves his new girlfriend BOY: I held her for the last time GIRL: He gave me a friendly hug BOY: Then I went home and cried GIRL: Then I went home and cried BOY: I lost her GIRL: I still love him
Boy Girl Part 2
Boy: met her again Girl: met him again   Boy: shes doing good Girl: hes doing good   Boy: shes mad Girl: He thinks im mad   Boy: dont know wut to say to make it better Girl:a sorry woulde be nice   Boy: i had to go Girl: stil waitin for his call   Boy: she was glad to see me go Girl: hates to see him go   Boy: she wil be better without me Girl: he s happier without me   Boy : i lost her Girl: i lost him
Boy Girl Prt 1
Boy:hey Girl:hey   Boy:i told her i v missed her Girl:i v missed him   Boy : she want to be with me Girl: i want to be with him   Boy: her friend looks good Girl: he looks good   Boy: told her il call her Girl: cant wait for him to call   Boy: i hade to go Girl: dont want him to leave   Boy: i lied to her Girl:waitin for his call        
Ten Times The Normal Size.
The 6th grade science teacher, Mrs. Parks, asked her class, "Which human body part increases to ten times its size when stimulated?" No one answered until little Mary stood up and said, "You should not be asking sixth graders a question like that! I'm going to tell my parents, and they will go and tell the principal, who will then fire you!" Mrs. Parks ignored her and asked the question again, "Which body part increases to 10 times its size when stimulated?" Little Mary's mouth fell open. Then she said to those around her, "Boy, is she going to get in big trouble!" The teacher continued to ignore her and said to the class, "Anybody?" Finally, Billy stood up, looked around nervously, and said, "The body part that increases 10 times its size when stimulated is the pupil of the eye." Mrs. Parks said, "Very good, Billy," then turned to Mary and continued. "As for you, young lady, I have three things to say: One, you have a dirty mind. Two, you didn't read your homework And three, one day y
Dia Sunrise
Perfection is found in love and we have found the wayBody heat brings the sweatWe glide together and the world melts awayOur time together has just begun and your pleasure is mineTwo hearts bonded by forces unseenI feel you inside and out as I caress your back and you slide down onto meyour eyes catch mine and we see only each other in  the purest formI feel you tremble inside and you feel me grow with urgent anticipationArching your back I can feel your soul intertwine with mineWe cry out together as our love is forever pushing our combined energy out into the universe foreverLaying next to one another breathing in syncNo words are needed as we wrap up in each other feeling no pain past or presentHearts filled with love and joy with no selfish intentBody's apart but forever together
Ass Kicking
Have you ever done something so horrible you kicked yourself in the ass so hard that you could feel your toes tickle your bum hole? Yeah. Me too.
I Have A Rendezvous With Death
I HAVE a rendezvous with DeathAt some disputed barricade,When Spring comes back with rustling shadeAnd apple-blossoms fill the air—I have a rendezvous with DeathWhen Spring brings back blue days and fair.It may be he shall take my handAnd lead me into his dark landAnd close my eyes and quench my breath—It may be I shall pass him still. I have a rendezvous with DeathOn some scarred slope of battered hill,When Spring comes round again this yearAnd the first meadow-flowers appear.God knows 'twere better to be deep Pillowed in silk and scented down,Where love throbs out in blissful sleep,Pulse nigh to pulse, and breath to breath,Where hushed awakenings are dear...But I've a rendezvous with Death At midnight in some flaming town,When Spring trips north again this year,And I to my pledged word am true,I shall not fail that rendezvous.
The Word "love"
  LOVE This is the meaning of the word"Love" that I found in Webster's dictionary: 1 a (1) : strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties .. (2) : attraction based on sexual desire : affection and tenderness felt by lovers (3) : affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests ..schoolmates > b : an assurance of love ..2 : warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion ..3 a : the object of attachment, devotion, or admiration .. b (1) : a beloved person : darling —often used as a term of endearment (2) British —used as an informal term of address4 a : unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another: as (1) : the fatherly concern of God for humankind (2) : brotherly concern for others b : a person's adoration of God5 : a god or perso
I Thought
I ThoughtI gave you my Time,But it was not time EnoughI gave you my mind,It wasn't never quite right I gave you my space,So you always had more for youI gave you my World,And it was not enough of ItI gave you a Promise,That never planned on being Broken.I gave you my Heart,And I stepped on it MyselfI gave you my Soul,And I let it float AwayI gave you my Love,Just not the right way you neededIt was what I Thought,I was doing Right
Darkness In The Light...
Awake... I awaken in a cold and dark room. The bitterness of the past day has left me behind. The same thing like the day before. awaken alone in this cold and forboding room. it never changes. regardless of the dreams and hopes that I wouldn't awaken in this bitter cold... That my heart would beat again in the warmth of a loving embrace... memories of those days are nothing more than whispers of the day past... The insanity of self has gripped me so many times... I have denied myself so many things. I look not to others for comfert. The shame of the beast covers me like a cloak. I hide in the shadows so others may not see me. Life... Love... Happiness...
The reason women wear panties is because in the workplace, the health and safety states all manholes must be covered when not in use.... i saw this and thought it was funny.
Like Omigod Get Nekkid With Liltulip!!!
Get Redy for an 80's Show at 7am eastern with Liltulip!!  Get connected & happy listening! Of course Stay Nekkid!
Global fashion house brings you the world’s finest collection of Indian Sarees. Our collection includes the wide range of the most beautiful, elegant and durable Indian Sarees. We are a reputed company based in Kolkata, India and promote ourselves as Indian Saree suppliers and exporters from India.   We present exclusive Indian Sarees for all occasions and materials in various colors and design. The vibrant collection of Global Fashion House is an amazing fusion of Indian tradition and Western style. Our products cover extensive range including Wedding Bridal Sarees, Designer Sarees, Embroidered Sarees, Casual Wear Sarees, Silk Sarees and Printed Sarees. We provide you the reason to celebrate womanhood and enhance the essence of femininity with Global Fashion.   We offer a wide variety of Hand Embroidered Sarees presented in the most eloquent style. Dexterously designed by our team of adept professionals, these Designer Bridal Sarees come in exotic color combinations. Perfe
[thy Neighbour]
You should definitely do everything you can to have th cops bang on your door at three fucking thirty on a saturday morning within the first month of your stupid ass moving accross the street from me.What the FUCK?And why does it have to be loud enough to wake me up?Isn't it bad enough that I get woken with regularity now to the sound of gunfire? Now I'm gonna check one more time to see if that dip shit pig has gone home, put in some eyedrops because waking me up prematurely causes my entire system to slam into a wall, and go back to the room that I left my dog crying in.
And Who Are You To Judge?
One philosophy we Fubar Bouncers try to follow is the refusal to get involved in member drama. We often point at TOS #7 when someone complains they are getting harassed. Recently, my attention was drawn to this little gem of a status message: hey fat girls... just b.c you have big boobs doesn't mean you should feature your face in your tit pics. PUT THAT UGLY MUG AWAY! and btw, how on earth are some of you fat and have like a B cup? god im so blessed. This self-serving statement came from the profile of a 20-year-old female. While the rules prevented me from killing the rude status message from the very obviously self-obsessed female, after some thought, I decided that it would be a better idea to enlighten and educate those of us on Fubar who feel that they are better than others just because their bodies meet the description of something closer to what's considered the "norm." I started to browse her pictures and noticed something else: she, herself, was no waif, and definite
Wonderland - 7/16/09
  WONDERLAND   Buried alive in your own mind. Dig it up and shove it down. Swallow whole the sediment, after riding the river rapids of colorless thought.   Into the rabbit hole you go. But not just sliding on the curves; Ricocheting off the right angles of conflict.   You attempt a quick move to the left And a desperate search for any and all crevices Has your digits doing their best talon imitation   But you are then viciously jerked back to the right where Touching bottom leaves you instantly bereft As you discover your imagined plight was motionless   Do you cover your eyes with your hands? To the subtle hues whispering in the back of your mind Or do you slap yourself to see where truth stands?
Gianna Michaels  
i am soooo sick of some shit that happens ...... whatever i do not care anymore......
Smother Me By The Used
Let me be the one who calls you baby All the time Surely you can take some comfort Knowing that you're mine Just hold me tight, lay by my side and let me be the one who calls you Baby all the time I found my place in the world Could stare at your face for the rest of my days Now can I breathe, turn my insides out and Smother me Warm and alive I'm all over you would you smother me?Let me be the one who never leaves You all alone I hold my breath and lose the feeling That I'm on my own Hold me too tight stay by my side and let me be the one who calls you Baby all the time I found my place in the world Could stare at your face for the rest of my days Now I can breathe, turn my insides out and Smother me Warm and alive I'm all over you would you smother me?(smother meX3)When I'm alone time goes so slow I need you here with me and how my mistakes have made Your heart break Still I need you here with me Baby I'm here
Beautiful By Eminem
Lately I've been hard to reachI've been too long on my ownEverybody has their private worldWhere they can be aloneAre you calling me?Are you trying to get through?Are you reaching out for me?I'm reaching out for youI'm just so fucking depressedI just can't seem to get out this slumpIf I could just get over this humpBut I need something to pull me out this dumpI took my bruises, took my lumpsFell down and I got right back upBut I need that spark to get psyched back upAnd in order for me to pick the mic back upI don't know how or why or whenI ended up this position I'm inI'm starting to feel dissin' againSo I decided just to pick this penUp and try to make an attempt to ventBut I just can't admitOr come to grips with the fact that I may be done with rapI need a new outletAnd I know some shit's so hard to swallowBut I can't just sit back and wallowIn my own sorrow but I know one factI'll be one tough act to followOne tough act to followI'll be one tough act to followHere today, gone tomor
Meet Me Halfway By Black Eyed Peas
I can't go any further then thisI want you so badly, it's my biggest wishI spent my time just thinkin thinkin thinkin bout youEvery single day yes, I'm really missin' missin' youAnd all those things we use to use to use to doHey girl, what's up, it use to be just me and youI spent my time just thinkin thinkin thinkin bout youEvery single day, yes I'm really missin missin youAnd all those things we use to use to use to doHey girl what's up, what's up, what's up, what's upMeet me halfway, right at the boarderlineThat's where I'm gonna wait, for youI'll be lookin out, night n'dayTook my heart to the limit, and this is where I'll stayI can't go any further then thisI want you so bad it's my only wishGirl, I travel round the world and even sail the seven seasAcross the universe I go to other galexiesJust tell me where you want, just tell me where you wanna to meetI navigate myself myself to take me where you beCause girl I want, I, I, I want you right nowI travel uptown (town) I travel down
Comfortably Numb By Pink Floyd
Hello?Is there anybody in there?Just nod if you can hear meIs there anyone at home?Come on, nowI hear you're feeling downWell I can ease your painGet you on your feet againRelaxI'll need some information firstJust the basic factsCan you show me where it hurts?There is no pain you are recedingA distant ship's smoke on the horizonYou are the only coming through in wavesYour lips move but I can't hear what you're sayingWhen I was a child I had a feverMy hands felt just like two balloonsNow I've got that feeling once againI can't explain you would not understandThis is not how I amI have become comfortably numbI have become comfortably numbOkayJust a little pinprickThere'll be no moreBut you may feel a little sickCan you stand up?I do believe it's working goodThat'll keep you going through the showCome on it's time to goThere is no pain you are recedingA distant ship's smoke on the horizonYou are the only coming through in wavesYour lips move but I can't hear what you're sayingWhen I was a
Halo By Beyonce
Remember those walls I builtWell, baby they're tumbling downAnd they didn't even put up a fightThey didn't even make up a soundI found a way to let you inBut I never really had a doubtStanding in the light of your haloI got my angel nowIt's like I've been awakenedEvery rule I had you breakin'It's the risk that I'm takin'I ain't never gonna shut you outEverywhere I'm looking nowI'm surrounded by your embraceBaby I can see your haloYou know you're my saving graceYou're everything I need and moreIt's written all over your faceBaby I can feel your haloPray it won't fade awayI can feel your halo halo haloI can see your halo halo haloI can feel your halo halo haloI can see your halo halo haloHit me like a ray of sunBurning through my darkest nightYou're the only one that I wantThink I'm addicted to your lightI swore I'd never fall againBut this don't even feel like fallingGravity can't forgetTo pull me back to the ground againFeels like I've been awakenedEvery rule I had you breakin'The risk
Your Guardian Angel By Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
When I see your smileTears run down my faceI can't replaceAnd now that I'm stronger I've figured outHow this world turns coldAnd breaks through my soulAnd I know, I'll find deep inside meI can be the oneI will never let you fallI'll stand up with you foreverI'll be there for you through it allEven if saving you sends me to HeavenIt's okay, it's okay, it's okaySeasons are changing and waves are crashingAnd stars are falling all for usDays grow longer and nights grow shorterI can show you, I'll be the oneI will never let you fallI'll stand up with you foreverI'll be there for you through it allEven if saving you sends me to Heaven'Cause you're my, you're my, myMy true love, my whole heartPlease don't throw that away'Cause I'm here for youPlease don't walk awayAnd please tell me, you'll stay, stayUse me as you willPull my strings just for a thrillAnd I know, I'll be okayThough my skies are turning grayI will never let you fallI'll stand up with you foreverI'll be there for you through it
More Then Meat Loves Salt
I loved this story when I was younger. I told my grizzly bear once that I loved him more then salt and he looked at me like I was I really dont like salt LOL. added salt that is yanno? Anywho I found a version of the story..I dont think its from moss gown but its still close enough. Maybe He will read it and get the idea of what I said,or just continue to think im losing it. It truly is a lovely story,and makes me smile as I read it now. Once upon a time, a long time ago, when most stories begin, there was a kingdom far away, where most kingdom's are. In this kingdom, there lived a king with three daughters. Now, this king was a fairly ordinary man, sometimes wise, sometimes foolish. He loved his daughters, and made certain they wanted for nothing,2 One day, the king wanted to know how much his children loved him. He put the question to them."My daughters, I crave to know how much you love me. Pray, tell."The first daughter to speak was his eldest. "Father, I love yo
And now i lay myself to sleep, wondering if I will actually sleep. Will I just lay there awake? Just gonna do a few things before bed like takes me 1-2 hours to actually fall asleep. I hate it. And knowing that I have to be up at a certain time doesn't help cause I'm waking up almost every hour still. Wish I had something to say good night to, other than my cats.
[sigh] Blockage. Love It.
This all started in a MuMM. The chick was promoting her Autos and the MuMM was marked NSFW. That's where my current status is from. She had her MuMM set as comment approval, so I could tell her what I wanted to. My smart ass remembered she couldn't refuse a gift...I wasn't blocked. So I send her a leaf with the following comment: Take your self-promoting ass to the blogs   The rest took place in my shout box, "My chat"....blah. Bottom up! [[Per]]™: Then I'll block you. I can't stand point whores that can't spell. hot stuff: nooooooooooo i like to talk To u [[Per]]™: OMFG..just block me. hot stuff: well u r a 1 [[Per]]™: I seen you came to my page, rated me a 1. I was testing it out. Will you block me now, please? hot stuff: didn't you just send me a sb? [[Per]]™: btw, thanks for the 1. Made my day. [[Per]]™: did you block me already? hot stuff: i am tryin to be a adult but i hate been called a fuckin
I got a note on the door when I got home from work. Short note saying to go to Irene whenever I can. It's going to have to wait until Monday because I work all day the next two days. I'm hoping that it will be the paper work that I could do for the other apartment. I had seen that the people that were living in the one I'm suppose to move into are finally out. So, I'm looking foward until Monday. I thought she was going to call me, but maybe she lost my number. Just hoping it's good news. Was talking with a coworker a bit today. He was asking how I was doing and if I needed help moving, him and Judha could probably help me out. I don't really want them to know where I live, especially Judah, but since we have the same work schedules, they might be some help if I can't get Michael and Matt to help. Dad and his little "adopted" son said they could help. I just need some man muscles to help carry the furniture. I'll probably end up moving the boxes on my own first. Yesterday I met the e
The Return Of The Ghost: Memories Of Lies.
This marks my return..from the many chains..and pains..given to me..holding me down..yes..ive drowned away my empty beer bottles..yet..i still this shallow reality..its been way to long..since ive been im back..gathering memories of lies..upon each and every life time..feeling so incomplete..but free..its like being born again..but without the skin..for each of my sins..i paid a no longer interested in love..thats beyound me..this is reality..and im only living it for me..i understand this thinking might lead me to being rather be alone..then living a lie..learn my lessons..gave it my all..and watched all fall..think i want to do that again?'d be smoking..something..if you thank me a lie..more shellshocked then this all a see what one can get out of another..if so..just dont count on me..when your alone..dont call my phone..i have better things to do..then to baby you..its your choice..not mine..i
What Am I Doing Wrong?
Background information:  Newly divorced, attempting to navigate the dating scene..... My friend has hounded me for months to "hook up" with her uncle.  Finally, against my better judgement, I agree.  We meet, go for a ride on his motorcycle, we have pizza with my son, he leaves....Two days later he shows up, UNINVITED, at my house with an armful of roses....sweet gesture, but NO ONE just shows up at my house without an invitation.  Not even my parents...Rule #1 broken, straight out of the gate...(yes, I relish my privacy, and I just might be a bit antisocial....)  Then he starts calling....all the time.  Ok, if I don't answer the phone OR reply to texts, chances are good that I DO NOT wish to speak to you....Rule #2 broken....Now a week or so passes, this guy is relentless.  I call him and politely explain, AGAIN, that even though I had a nice time on our "date" (that lasted all of three hours) I am NOT looking for a relationship of ANY kind....the phone calls/texts continue.....I exp
Never Fall Down
its a lonely place inside my head what can i do to get outta bed i sit alone here in my cell deeper and deeper i fall into hell is this real now or is this pretend can you hear me now just lend a hand hopin and prayin to find myself down on my knees i cry out to you          chorus i need to look back at my life i need to follow to find my faith i need you jesus to come into my heart now more than ever i feel your love in me    vs 2 its a lonely place inside my head what can i do to get outta bed i sit alone here in my cell deeper and deeper i fall into hell is this real now or is this pretend can you hear me now just lend a hand hopin and prayin to find myself down on my knees i cry out to you     chorus i need to look back at my life i need to follow to find my faith i need you jesus to come into my heart now more than ever i feel your love in me   bridge i will not fall down i will not give up i will not fall down i will not give up never will i go
Whats Up All
well im here looking to chat so if im on hay dont be shy say hi ...thank you all for the addy i dont know how to use this yet  im trying
Happy Reunion!!!
Today, my love was released from jail and we were reunited... ON OUR 9 MONTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!! It was such an amazing day!!! We found out he was put in for bullshit reasons and that the douchebag that reported 28 people turned in false reports, pocketed the buy money, and lied to the police. KARMA IS A BITCH.   I thanked my lucky stars that my husband is free and we got to celebrate our 9 months of wedded bliss together!! THANK YOU MY ANGELS!!!   I LOVE YOU, ICARUS!!!  WITH ALL MY HEART!   Always, Bella
Five Finger Death Punch - Never Enough
LYRICS: I'm so fed up with everyone around meNo one seems to careI'm just so far gone and nothing's gonna changeI'll never be the sameIt's always do this, do that, everything they want toI don't wanna live that wayEvery chance they get they're always pushing me awayIt's never enough, no it's never enoughNo matter what I sayIt's never enough, no it's never enoughI'll never be what you want me to beIt's all so messed up and no one ever listensEveryone's derangedI'm just so fucked up and I'm never gonna changeI wanna lay it all to wasteThey're always say this, say that, nothing that you want toI don't wanna live that wayEvery chance they get they're always shoving me asideIt's never enough, no it's never enoughNo matter what I sayIt's never enough, no it's never enoughI'll never be what you want me to beI'M DONE!In the end we're all just chalk lines on the concreteDrawn only to be washed awayFor the time that I've been givenI am what I amI'd rather hate you for everything you areThan eve
La La La Lyrics
Uh Huh Thats Right Carter 3 Come On Yea, Yea, Walk With Me, Come Go With Me, Its Lil Weezy Baby Ha Ha [Chorus] And Im Just Lightin Up My,La [x22] Yea, Yea, Yea, 1 7, Cash Money, Young Money [Verse 1:] Born In New Orleans Raised In New Orleans I Will 4 ever Remain Faithful New Orleans I Thank U New Orleans Thank U Holygrove Thats Been My Hood Since A Snotty Nose I Come Trough The Hood Suicidle Doors I Use 2 Come Through The Hood On The Handle Bars Gat In My Draws Money In My Pocket Crack In My Jaws I Hope It Dont Desolve and u Know Im Duckin 5 0 And My Moms Young And Quick 2 Go Off Like Car Alarms Now The Youngin Keep His Mind On The Parmesan Them Other Niggas Aint Eatin Like A Romadon Spit The Shit That Make Ya Feel It In Yo Cromosomes Got My The Money Put My Whole Damn Corner On Young Carter Part 3 on The Corner Store Eagle Street Keep It Goin Til Homasome [Chorus] And Im Just Lightin Up My, La [x22] Can I Kick It [Verse 2:] Can I Kick My Story To Yall My Glory In God My Faith In My F
How Do U Want It Lyrics
How do you want itHow do you feelComin' up as a Nigga in tha cash gameLivin' in tha fast lanei'm for realHow do you want itHow do you feelComin' up as a Nigga in tha cash gameLivin' in tha fast lanei'm for real[Tupac]Love tha way you activate your hipsand push your ass out gotta nigga wantin'it's so bad i'm about to pass outwanna dig youand I can't even lie about itbaby just eleviate your clothstime to fly up out itcatch you at a cluboh shit, you got me fiendin' body talken shit to mebut I can't comprehend the meaningnow if ya wanna roll with methen here's ya chancedoin 80 on tha freewaywait police, catch me if they canforgive me i'm a ridahstill i'm just a simple manall I want is money fuck tha famei'm a simple manMr. InternationalPlaya with tha passportjust like Alladin bitchget you anything you ask forit's either him or mechampagne, Hennessya favorite of my homieswhen we floss on our enemieswitness as we creep to a low speedpeep what a ho needpuff some more weedfunk, ya don't needap
What's Up?!
Recent "newbee". Site looks pretty f'in hot.  Think I'll chill and stay awhile.  Any advice for myself and others like me? By the way, if you want a free sex toy, video or the like check out
This One Is About Snuff Movies (if You Know What I Mean)
Amber   Her long red hair, her sultry walk, her terrified screams get me off for my dark fixation to see your body stuffed in a suitcase   I love to penetrate you My flesh burns for your touch Perversions…on…my…television…screen Amber is…Disposal     I love the sensation of having her icy fingers crawling At my back, I desire a kiss from her cold, smooth blue lips     “Murder in the name of snuff”     I love to penetrate you My flesh burns for touch Perversions…on…my…television…screen Amber is…Disposal     As I cum I watch you die I’ll take this knife insert it into your Cunt make you bleed!, kill my seed!     I love to penetrate you My flesh burns for touch Perversions…on…my…television…screen Amber is…Disposal     Jose Hermosillo
One thing I hate more than Chicagoans is the ones that are Cubs fans. I hate baseball, but I hate the Cubs even more. Their fans are loudmouthed stupid assholes that will cheer for anythin shitty.
Only God Can Judge Me Lyrics
[Intro: 2Pac]Only God can judge me, is that right?[synth voice] Only God can judge me nowOnly God baby, nobody else, nobody elseAll you other motherfuckers get out my business[Verse One: 2Pac]Perhaps I was blind to the facts, stabbed in the backI couldn't trust my own homies just a bunch a dirty ratsWill I, succeed, paranoid from the weedAnd hocus pocus try to focus but I can't seeAnd in my mind I'ma blind man doin timeLook to my future cause my past, is all behind meIs it a crime, to fight, for what is mine?Everybody's dyin tell me what's the use of tryinI've been Trapped since birth, cautious, cause I'm cursedAnd fantasies of my family, in a hearseAnd they say it's the white man I should fearBut, it's my own kind doin all the killin hereI can't lie, ain't no love for the other sideJealousy inside, make em wish I diedOh my Lord, tell me what I'm livin forEverybody's droppin got me knockin on heaven's doorAnd all my memories, of seein brothers bleedAnd everybody grieves, but still nobo
Only God Knows Why Lyrics
I've been sittin' here Tryin' to find myselfI get behind myself I need to rewind myselfLookin' for the payback Listen for the playbackThey say that every man bleeds just like meAnd I feel like number one Yet I'm last in lineI watch my youngest son And it helps to pass the timeI take too many pills It helps to ease the painI made a couple of dollar bills still I feel the sameEverybody knows my name They say it way out loudA lot of folks fuck with me It's hard to hang out in crowdsI guess that's the price you pay To be some big shot like I amOutstretched hands and one night stands Still I can't find loveAnd when your walls come tumbling downI will always be aroundAnd when your walls come tumbling downI will always be aroundPeople don't know bout the things I say and doThey don't understand about the shit that I've been throughIt's been so long since I've been homeI've been gone, I've been gone far way too longMaybe I forgot all the things I've missedOh somehow I know there's more to life
i want to lick your face. that is all.   all my love, j
The Cost Of Keeping Illegal Aliens In The U.s.a.
What does it take to make the people of the United States of America believe that the Illegal Aliens in this country cost the U.S. taxpayers over 330 BILLION DOLLARS a YEAR.
Miss Her
miss her   I miss her smile and her lovely face I miss her laughter that used to fill this place   I've wanted to ask her so many things now There's things I dont know I need her to show me how   I've been wanting to hug her and hear her chest beat I've been longing to see her hold my babies, so sweet   She taught me so much like what not to fear Yet I keep forgetting what is safe to hold near   I need her this very moment I'm confused and in disarray Pieces of me are missing and I want to fly away   I miss her.... yet, even today I can say that someday I'll see her again ....I'll have had my last lonely day   And even if its just for now I'll take some comfort from this stick through every tomorrow and cherish each one of my babies' kiss  
The use of insects for sexual stimulation.
carapace\KAIR-uh-pace\ , noun;1.The thick shell that covers the back of the turtle, the crab, and other animals.2.Something likened to a shell that serves to protect or isolate from external influence.
Beauty is a short-lived tyranny.  -  Socrates
Chemo   Every hour The needle Drawing My soul   Every hour The needle Puncturing My soul   Every hour The needle Blood red My flow  

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