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Just a few things that are of Fubar importance, if you're a point whore and stuff. I've turned my profile friends only. I'm going to be doing that to my picturess and blogs too. Why you ask? Because I had to take someone off my list and I don't want them coming back with a new profile. Eventually I'll make it open again. Hopefully they will forget about me and move on. So...don't pimp me out for a while. I have a few people that pimp me out when I talk to them. Which is nice, really it is, I like it. There's just no point in doing it right now seeing as how no one but friends can get to my page.   Have a good one.
Mind Blowing
I am completely  blow away... and not so much in the good way. The Passion is dead. But I too want to be alive, to live but the purest of desires seems to fade into the dark.I want to be moved, move me?   Moral of the story I watched a rather moving art film, and it left me feeling lacking.   When to 2 stright men portraying secret gay lovers have more passion in a monement acting then I have in 4 years.  I have to say I feel void... its like ppl playing a role have more fire. I miss fire.   I havnt really desired someone in so long, Sure sex I love that, I love fetish and to play, But any moments of passion and desire past lust. No none I hardly remember what those feel like.   These actors ahh its not fair ... I know they were jsut playing a part but I feel evny lol   Any ways in closing I want to me moved :P      
Caner Kýsmetli
gelýn tanýţýp kaliteli birliktelikler yaţayalým.
I Once Thought It Necessary To Have A Title
But now I'm not altogether sure. 
Irish Sayings.
He Wished for the Cloths of Heaven "Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the half-light, I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet, Tread softly because you tread on my dreams..." William Butler Yeats   Morning is the time to pity the sober. The way they're feeling then is the best they're going to feel all day. Oh, he occasionally takes an alcoholiday.--Wilde Thirst is a shameless disease so here's to a shameful cure. An Irish youth proves his manhood by getting stuck in a pint, in a woman, and in a fish-in that order. Daylight comes through the drunkard's roof the fastest. A man takes a drink; the drink takes a drink; the drink takes the man. Before you call for one for the road be sure you know the road. Practice makes perfect, there's many do think, but a man's not too perfect when
Rock Out With Dj Liltulip!!!!
Get Ready for a rockin Saturday morning show with liltulip at 7am est with Liltulip!!  Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid!
What's Always On My Mind.
This is one thing thats always on my mind. You make really good friends and you get along so well that you always laugh at everything you say or do. You talk to the point you really want to see each other. But then shit happens and you go into depression then they're is this person on. What's ther problem, they always say they're there for you...but are they really? Do they even give a shit about you at all. Makes you think if they're actually your friend. You finally get the courage to talk to them about your problems then all of a sudden they're like...i don't want to talk to you. Thats a lazy fuckin friend, you shouldn't even call them a friend at all. I've had so many people do that to me...i've seen and heard so many people say. "I'll always be here, i'm always online for you to talk to." Sometimes i get tired of hearin it...i hear it so damn often it's rediculous. Know what happened to all those i tlked to...they left. there are some i haven't tlked to
Is This A Poem?
Fubar blogs used to rock. Now they suck.  Is this a poem?  
Out Of Curiosity ?
It is quite noticable that "camming is quite prevelent on fubar between consulting adults. As referenced by those who emphatically state in their profile   " I don't cam, IM or give my number". How many are prepared to own up to having a bit of fun when the opportunity arises? Might be esier if they put "I do cam, I do IM and I do give my number. Dare you own up ? Me ? yes of course I had my moments LoL. Caslad    
This Is Critical
First thing to keep in mind: If your computer hasn't crashed yet, it will in the future! So instead of waiting for fate to strike, take some precautions now:1) BACK-UP! Buy some decent DVD-R discs and put everything useful in them. When you have more useful stuff, backup again. Do this often.2) Keep your computer healthy. Use an antivirus, an anti-spy, and a firewall. Keep them updated. Check regularly for Windows critical fixes.3) Don't install software that would do dangerous things to your hard drive. A boot manager would fall in this category.4) Use a registry cleaner before and after you install or uninstall any software. Many of the problems that will keep Windows from booting are caused by sloppy software that mess up your registry. A good registry cleaner is Tune-up Utilities.Code: Run chkdsk now and then. Go to Start> Run. Type chkdsk /F. Press enter.In case your PC has already crashed, read the following:Most important: Don't panic! Panic is like a li
More Speed For The Internet Just More Speed Give Me More Speed Speed
How To optimize DSL-CABLE connection speedFirst, u need to goto Start, then run. Type in regedit in the box. Next, goto the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\VxD\MSTCPNow, find the string DefaultRcvWindow . Now, edit the number to 64240 then restart your computer. There you go. High speed cable modem now with out dloading a program. Original value is 373360
Diferent Drive
If i could show u all the pain I endured... I wouldn'tIf I could make u understand what I've been thru... I could't If u been where I have been... you wouldn'tAct the way you act... You couldn't But life goes onI carry onWith heavy heartAnd broken soul My life simple nowIt's black and whiteAnd yet some thing's amissI dont feel right Like part of meIs thorn awayLike all i need is hereAnd yet so far away And like a tiger at the zooI'll never be freeAnd i did my best to fake itBut I'll never feel free So I stay up at nightLost in side my fightIm scared to close my wicked eyesBecause the dreams arent so nice And only remeberence of deathStays scared into this faceAnd it's that painful knowingThat to this day keeps me going
Please Only Do This If You Just Got Out Of Jail
How To Make Free Phone Calls Have you ever got stuck some ware and just about 6'ft away from you there is a pay phone, but yet you dont have any change(=( bummer) to call your famaly members or some one to come and pick you up(hehe that sux)?Well im going to show you some thing that might get you arrested(shit now what) or it might get you home( now thats what im talking about!)its a chance that you have to take depends were are you.Ok now before we go on let me let you know that this is not thateasy to do, but anyways lets start. A pay phone is not like a regular home phone. A pay phone runs through a diffrent amount of electricity and wires even the electricity flow is diffrent, Well anyways that is enoght of electrical talk lets get to the good part.Ok to get free call's on a pay phone you will frist have to twist the phone wire just about 50 to 60 times then you will pull on the phonewire untill the metal part crackes off phone keep doing it if the metalpart is completely off the p
Life, Love & Confusion
    Just something that is begging to be let out. Kinda like a melody you cannot seem to get out of your head. I spent the first 17 yrs of my life dying to be an adult , now what i wouldn't give to see things from a child's perspective again. Growing up we are told to follow our hearts and love freely and unconditionally. Love is always returned. NO it's not.    When and how do you decide that enough is enough. How long do you love someone, without knowing how the feel. This listening to my heart stuff is starting to seem like a horrible idea. At least listening to my head keeps the tears away.       But how do you walk away from the person who makes your soul do backflips? The person who you can't seem to go one day without having some sort of contact with? The person you would rather spend the rest of your life fighting with , then be without them? Love is not supposed to hurt? Yet another LIE. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.      But what about that little voice in the
Your A Password Thief
HOW TO GET ANY WINDOWS PASSWORDok..... here are the full details.....this works whether its windows 2000 or windows xp or windows xp SP1 or SP2 or windows server 2003....this works even if syskey encryption is employed...if it is FAT filesystem...just copy the sam file like stated in the first post to an empty floppy disk and take it home. I'll tell u what to do with it later... DON'T DELETE THE ORIGINAL SAM FILE. just remove its attributes. the sam file is a file called SAM with no extension. YOU MUST ALSO GET.... a file called SYSTEM which is in the same folder as SAM. both files have no extensions...if it is NTFS....u have to download a program called NTFSPro.... it allows u to read from ntfs drives... the demo version allows read only. the full version is read-write.... you use the program to create an unbootable disk (so u will still need another bootable disk and an empty disk) that has the required files to access NTFS.use the boot disk to get into dos, then use the disks create
Dont Let Windows Talk Back
 Do you experience this kind of problem whenever you attemp to install an application in windows box (2k, xp)?"The Windows Installer service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode, or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance."The ms website knowledge article 324516 gives 2 methods as a way of fixing this problem, but you might be very lucky if any of the 2 fixes the problem, alot of guys end up formating their systems and doing fresh windows installations or try wired ways of fixing it.Well, the solution is very easy:1. right click your root windows installation drive i.e drive where you installed windows2. click properties at the bottom3. select security tab4. click Add and scroll down to SYSTEM account click add and click OK.5. allow Full control permission and click Apply and then Ok.This should solve your problem with windows installer.
For You Laptop Fuckers Who Sit At Shops And Go Outside
How to bypass web filters There are several occasions where you will be at a public te How to bypass web filtersrminal, and require access to a particular website that is blocked for some reason or another. How to bypass these restrictions is a very common question, and will be covered here.Lets pretend for a moment that the Internet is made up of 26 websites, A-Z. The web filter blocks your browser from accessing sites X-Z, but not sites A-W. Simply make the browser think you’re going to A-W. There are a variety of ways to do this:Proxy Servers: This is a list of http proxies. These sites may not be up forever, so you may need to search for “free http proxy” or “public proxy servers” or other similar terms.Proxy server lists:••••••• http://f
Never Buy Music,movies,porn,magazines,books, Information Is Free People Everything Is Free Even Software
 Downloading BitTorrent FilesWhat is BitTorrent in Plain English?BitTorrent is a program you download. It is similar to a peer-to-peer file sharing service. Basically it goes like this: You download the installer. You get the link to a file that ends in .torrent and enter that URL into your browser (preferably Internet Explorer). This opens the BitTorrent download window. It starts downloading the file, or episode that you wanted (eg. alias2x01.torrent). As it downloads, it uploads the parts that you have to other people so many people can get it at once. When you've finished downloading the file, you can leave the window open (don't press finish or close the window) and other people can still download from you. This is very much encouraged.I'm new to all this. How do I download with BitTorrent???First we need to download and install a BitTorrent clientOfficial client 3.3CODE client 3.2.1b-2CODE
Block Sites Yourself Fuck Pop Up Blockers Cock Blockers Blue Blockers Cunt Etc
How To Block Websties Without Software, block websites Steps:1] Browse C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc2] Find the file named "HOSTS"3] Open it in notepad4] Under " localhost" Add , and that site will no longer be accessable.5] Done!-So- localhost127.0.0.2> is now unaccessable
Free Nothing Is Free I Dont Write This Shit I Just Blog It For Fun To See If You Can Get It To Work
Guide For Getting Free StuffOk, if you are like me you have heard so much about the FreeIpods and FreeFlatScreens websites on different forums, blogs, IM's, etc, you are about to puke. So am I. But yet the draw of getting an Ipod for doing basically nothing is pretty strong. I dismissed all the "stories" of people getting their ipods as the marketing machine at work. However, when Kevin Rose published that not only did he receive his, but a few of his friends did as well, I figured I might take a chance and give it a go. Today I received proof that it does indeed work. Yep, I got my iPod.Whats in it for them?Step 1. Collect Names.Step 2. Send those names items worth $200 or moreStep 3. ?????Step 4. ProfitBefore I signed up, I wanted to get to the bottom of the ?????. I didn't want any sweaty, filth pushing webmonkeys to have all my info, so I did my research. Gratis Internet, the parent company of the FreeIpods, FreeFlatscreens, etc. sites, recently did an interview with Wired Magazine
Firewall Not Nortons'
The best firewall is a hardware firewall that is completely separate from your operating system. It need not be a dedicated router, could be an old pentium box running Linux. Below I have found some sites that have How To's on setting up an outside hardware router using an old computer and using a little linux program that fits on a single floppy disk.Brief Description:floppyfw is a router with the advanced firewall-capabilities in Linux that fits on one single floppy disc.Features:Access lists, IP-masquerading (Network Address Translation), connection tracked packet filtering and (quite) advanced routing. Package for traffic shaping is also available.Requires only a 386sx or better with two network interface cards, a 1.44MB floppy drive and 12MByte of RAM ( for less than 12M and no FPU, use the 1.0 series, which will stay maintained. )Very simple packaging system. Is used for editors, PPP, VPN, traffic shaping and whatever comes up. (now this is looking even more like LRP (may it rest
Bad Drive Was Hard Now Its Soft
Hard drive gone badThe most common problems originatefrom corruption of the master boot record, FAT, or directory.Those are soft problems which can usually be taken care ofwith a combination of tools like Fdisk /mbr to refresh themaster boot record followed by a reboot and Norton disk doctoror Spinneret.The most common hardware problems are a bad controller, a baddrive motor, or a bad head mechanism.1. Can the BIOS see and identify the hard drive correctly? Ifit can't, then the hard drives onboard controller is bad.2. Does the drive spin and maintain a constant velocity? If itdoes, that's good news. The motor is functioning.3. If the drive surges and dies, the most likely cause is abad controller (assuming the drive is cool). A gate allowingthe current to drive the motor may not be staying open. Thedrive needs a new controller.4. Do you hear a lot of head clatter when the machine isturned on and initialized (but before the system attempts toaccess the hard drive). Head clatter would in
Hard Drives Mother Fucker
Hide Drives and PartitionsDo you have data on a partition or hard drive that you don't want tampered with or easily accessible to other users? Well, you can hide any drive/partition in Windows XP, NT, and 2000. That means that they won't show up in Explorer or My Computer.If you want access to that drive from your user account you should create a desktop shortcut before proceeding. Once hidden, you can still access by typing the drive letter and a colon in Start/Run—for example, "D:" will bring up a folder of the contents on your D drive.The easiest way with Win XP is to use the TweakUI power toy from Mcft. Go to Start/Run and type in "tweakui" (without the quotes).Go to My Computer/Drives and uncheck the drive/partition(s) you want hidden. Click "Apply" or "OK" when finished.If you have XP but not Tweak UI you can download it here... Win NT, 2000, and XP you can use the following Registry edit:*Be sure to back
Google Secrets Bitch Its The Most Powerful Thing Online Besides Fubar
Google secrets--------------------------------------------------------------------------------method 1? this string in google search:"parent directory " /appz/ -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums"parent directory " DVDRip -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums"parent directory "Xvid -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums"parent directory " Gamez -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums"parent directory " MP3 -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sums"parent directory " Name of Singer or album -xxx -html -htm -php -shtml -opendivx -md5 -md5sumsNotice that i am only changing the word after the parent directory, change it to what you want and you will get a lot of stuff.voila!method 2? this string in google search:?intitle:index.of? mp3You only need add the name of the song/artist/singer.Example: ?intitle:index.of? mp3 jackson
Before I start on this, I want all my friends to know I do love each and everyone in a different way. My top friends, I keep you close to my heart, even if I am not close to yours. You may have done something..just ONE thing ..that made you special..different from everyone else, but you are there because you had some heart in you at some time. I am really beginning to feel like complete shit on here. I know it is a game. But do i have to be naked to play? I have two people that will go out of there way to really do things for me. I do not need to mention names, because the people that don't, know who they are. This is not an attack. This is me being really sad. I have serious things happen to one does anything...a girl shows her breasts..she gets a hh. I can't lower myself to that...but it hurts to know i am playing a game...and trying to be a real friend...but no one wants that friendship. They want what i wont show. and it hurts. Just know, if you're on my list, get off if
This Is Fucking Huge For Stealing Windows Automatic Updated Since You Stole The Fucking Xp Disk
Would you like to use the Windows Update feature without being forced to register with Microsoft? OK then, this is what you can do:Launch good ol' Regedit.Go down to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion.Look for a value named RegDone. If it isn't there create a new value with that name.Right click the new value and choose Modify. Make the value 1.Close Regedit andEnjoy!
Have Not Tried This Seems Outdated More Bandwidth Now! By Stealing Of Course
Get unlimited bandwidth from your host for freeNOTE: This applies only to specific hosting companies, due to thespecific setup needed and does have its drawbacks.While setting up hosting space with a specific company I often dealwith, I noticed that they used a shared IP. (IP shared by two or morewebsites/domains.) Well, the rates for unlimited bandwidth werearound $50+ per month, which I found unreasonable. I didnt requiremuch space, and didnt want to be limited to a mere 3 gig of trafficper month.Back on track... When setting up the acct, the hosting company needsto know the domain name so that they can direct it accordingly.(example: 'http://www.123.4.567.890/~user1/ ,'http://www.123.4.567.890/~user2/ etc)At this point you can give a url that doesnt belong to you at all. Aslong as the nameservers dont change, that should have absolutly nonegative effects on you or your site whatsoever.How it works is this:The host propogates you a certain amount space on its servers, andmonitors the
Did You Put A New Virus Protection Software On Your Electric Thingy Better Test It Many Free Versions Dont Even Work
How do I Test My VirusScan Installation? (Eicar)DescriptionAfter installing VirusScan, you may logically wonder, how do I know if it's working? The answer is a test virus. The EICAR Standard AntiVirus Test File is a combined effort by anti-virus vendors throughout the world to implement one standard by which customers can verify their anti-virus installations.SolutionTo test your installation, copy the following line into its own file, then save the file with the name EICAR.COM. More detailed instructions are found below.X5O!P%@AP[4\PZX54(P^)7CC)7}$EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!$H+H*The file size will be 68 or 70 bytes.If VirusScan is running and configured correctly, when you try to save the file, VirusScan will detect the virus. If VirusScan is not running, start it and scan the directory that contains EICAR.COM. When your software scans this file, it will report finding the EICAR test file.Note that this file is NOT A VIRUS. Delete the file when you have finished testing your i
How Long Have You Been On Nine?
 How Long Has Your System Been Running?Here's how you verify system uptime:Click Start | Run and type cmd to open a command prompt.At the prompt, type systeminfoScroll down the list of information to the line that says System Up Time.This will tell you in days, hours, minutes and seconds how long the system has been up.Note that this command only works in XP Pro, not in XP Home. You can, however, type net statistics workstation at the prompt in Home. The first line will tell you the day and time that the system came online.
Fucking Faster Downloads Fucking Much More Speed Speed Speed Crank
 First of all download this wonderful program:h@@p:// when u start trhe program goto settings goto cable modem or dsl whatevcer u have.Go to MaxMTU and set it to 1500 this is optimal anything above this will not work as well.Thats bout it!! Enjoy the speed!!
Stay Out Of Their Comp Get Your Own!
How to hack/change your Windows XP Boot ScreenHACKING THE XP BOOT SCREENThis is a very simple trick to do if you have done the same for the logon screen and the start button. There are 2 ways to do this trick that I know about one is doing it manually and the other is using a program called bootxp. I am going to tell you the manual way to do it, but if you want to know the other way just let me know, so I can do an update to the guide. Now once you have downloaded your ntoskrnl.exe file save it a general location so that you will have easy access to it, like my folder.Once you have ntoskrnl.exe file in an easy access folder, restart your pc into safe mode. Once into safe mode go to the folder where your files are located.Now that you are there copy the file that you want to change your boot screen too. Once you have copied that file, hit the window key + r or type %windir%\system32 in the run command, so that folder as follows.Once there paste your new file into the folder and overwrit
Now Lets Do More Speed
How To Speed Up A Slow Computerfirst off in the bottom right hand corner of your computer if you see alot of icons start up there when you first start your computer then this is for you if you dont know already how to get rid of em.Press your Start Button (bottom left) and go to "run"now type in: msconfignow you will get a box that pops up and will tell you bunch of stuff dont mess with anything else other than what I tell you otherwise you could do something really bad (possible) go to your "startup" tab on the top right of the screen where it usually is and click it.Now you will have a closed in box with bunch of filenames n addresses and more boxes with checks in them. Now if your like me you dont want anything startin up when you start you computer up or while your even doing anything cause it slows you down. Now unless your like me right now 1 have 1 thing starting up when my computer starts up and thats my settin for my overclocked vid card. But other than that uncheck every box
Google Is The Shit Your Stupid Whore Now Take A Brake And Use The Only Net Browser To Steal
Great Tip For Mp3 Searching On Google,go to google copy and paste in?intitle:index.of? mp3and after mp3 put in an artist or album or whatever and hit enter... what you get is lists of downloadable mp3seg:?intitle:index.of? mp3 santanaAnother trick:Use the followinginurl:microsoft filetype:isoYou can change the string to watever you want, ex. microsoft to adobe, iso to zip etc…Another trick:"Warez"+exe+OR+zip+OR+rar+OR+gzip+OR+tar+OR+bzip&num=100Replace "Warez" with "Gamez" "Mp3" anything you like....
What Your Running Out Of Space On Your Fucking Hard Drive Already Then Let Compress
How To Use File Compression In Windows XpHow To Use File Compression in Windows XPArticle ID    :    307987Last Review    :    July 15, 2004Revision    :    1.1This article was previously published under Q307987IN THIS TASK•    SUMMARY     •    NTFS Compression•    Compressing an NTFS Volume•    Compressing Files or Folders on NTFS Volume•    Displaying Compressed Files in Color•    REFERENCESOn this PageSUMMARY    SUMMARYREFERENCES    REFERENCESSUMMARYCompressing files, folders, and programs decreases their size and reduces the amount of space they use on your volumes or removable storage devices. Volume compression decreases the amount of space that is used by all of the files and folders that are stored on that volume. Because of a potential loss of performance, you may not want to compress some files.back to the topNTFS CompressionNTFS compression is available on volumes that use the NTFS file system, and NTFS compression has the following features and
Want To Rename Some Of Your File Extensions Then Fucking Do It Already
How to Rename File Extensions  A lot of people here may ask how to rename a file extension in windows; well it’s very simple and takes little of your time. There are two ways to rename a file extension ‘without’ a stupid program.Number 1, Folder Options:Go into your Control Panel, in my case I use Windows XP so I would press [Start then Control Panel]. Now that you figured out how to get in Control Panel open “Folder Options” and click the view tab and make sure ‘Hide file extensions for know files’ is not selected, then press Ok.Now go into a folder and notice you can see your files extensions, rename them to whatever you'd like, for instance:Code:Dildos.exe to Dildos.Anonymous / Etc,Etc,EtcNumber 2, MS-DOS:The difference between renaming files in DOS is that you can rename multiple files rather then one at a time, therefore making time gracious. Here I’ll provide you a few examples.Go to your start menu and open run, then type “cm
Now That Xp Is Reinstalled On Your Machine Lets Turn Off All The Bullshit For More Speed Of Cours
 Services You Can DisableThere are quite a few services you can disable from starting automatically.This would be to speed up your boot time and free resources.They are only suggestions so I suggestion you read the description of each one when you run Servicesand that you turn them off one at a time.Some possibilities are:AlerterApplication ManagementClipbookFast UserSwitchingHuman Interface DevicesIndexing ServiceMessengerNet LogonNetMeetingQOS RSVPRemote Desktop Help Session ManagerRemote RegistryRouting & Remote AccessSSDP Discovery ServiceUniversal Plug and Play Device HostWeb Client--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cleaning the Prefetch DirectoryWindowsXP has a new feature called Prefetch. This keeps a shortcut to recently used programs.However it can fill up with old and obsolete programs.To clean this periodically go to:Star / Run / PrefetchPress Ctrl-A to highlight all the shorcutsDelete them-----------------------------------------
Never Tried This Ever So If It Doesnt Work Then Fuck You Fix The Corrupt?
////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////             ** How to fix corrupted files in XP **            ////          ** This tutorial was writing by: H|LLJD00 **            //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////        ** H|LLJD00 does not take any responsibility for your actions **    ////  ** H|LLJD00 takes no responsible for any damage caused by this tutorial **  ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////** Contents **(1) Introduction(2) Required(3) Actual Tutorial(4) Copyright Notice// Introduction //This tutorial has been made so people that are having problems with corrupted files, can learn how to fix them easy.// Required //+ Windows XP operating system+ Windows XP cd// Right to the tutorial //+ Place the xp cd in your cd/dvd drive+ Go to start+ run+ type in 'sfc /scannow' (without the ')Now it should all load, and fix all your corrupted file on
So You Want Someones Ip Address Huh, Sounds Like Your Up To No Good
How to find a remote IPMethod 1To view someone's IP# when they send you hotmail email do this:1) Click "Options" on the upper right side of the page.2) On the left side of the page, Click "Mail"3) Click "Mail Display Settings"4) Under "Message Headers" select "Full" or "Advanced"5) Click okMethod 2reg a dydns account and install the ip pointer, so each time you ping the host name you regestoredfor example:you regestor the host name, then you keep a little software running on the target host. The little software will keep update your IP to at your pc just start cmd, and ping, it will give you the most updated ip address.Method 3neverender, what doesn't work for you? Simply type in nc -vvv -l -p 80 on your box, which will set it to listen in verbose mode on port 80. Then give them a link to your IP address (for example: and tell them to type it in their browser. The browser should resolve the address as well as append
Since We Are On The Subject Of Stealing Product Id Codes Try This Too Bitch
ok, this is a little trick that i usually use to find cd keys with google.if your looking for a serial number for nero (for example) goto and type nero 94FBR and it'll bring it upthis works great in googleHOW DOES THIS WORK?Quite simple really. 94FBR is part of a Office 2000 Pro cd key that is widely distributed as it bypasses the activation requirements of Office 2K Pro. By searching for the product name and 94fbr, you guarantee two things.1)The pages that are returned are pages dealing specifically with the product you're wantinga serial for.2)Because 94FBR is part of a serial number, and only part of a serial number, you guarantee that any page being returned is a serial number list page.I hope this trick help you finding your ccd keys easilyEnjoy :)
What Do You Mean Your Xp Disc For Reformatting Is Stolen....mine Was Too...heres How To Cheat Bill Gates
Step 1Open Start/Run... and type the command:regedit and click "OK" (or press ENTER).Go to HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version\WPAEvents,on the right double click on "oobetimer" and change at least one digit of this value to deactivate windows.Click "OK" and close the Registry Editor.Step 2Open Start/Run... and type the command:%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a and click "OK" (or press ENTER).This will bring up the "Activate Windows" window.Check the option for "Yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative to activate Windows" and click "Next"Step 3Then click "Change Product Key" (don't enter any information on that screen)Step 4Type in the new key and click "Update"The activate Windows by phone window will reappear at this point, just close it by clicking the X in the upper right hand cornerStep 5Reboot your system and Open Start/Run... and type the command:%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a and click "OK" (or press ENTER).If you
Now I Know Your Using Xp Cause Everything Else Is Shit So Lets Make Your Machine Boot Faster
First of all, this tweak only apply to those who only have one HDD on their primary IDE channel (nothing else on device 0 or 1) and a CD-ROM and/or DVD-ROM on the secondary IDE channel. Each time you boot Windows XP, there's an updated file called NTOSBOOT-*.pf who appears in your prefetch directory (%SystemRoot%Prefetch) and there's no need to erease any other files as the new prefetch option in XP really improves loading time of installed programs. We only want WindowsXP to boot faster and not decrease its performance. Thanks to Rod Cahoon (for the prefetch automation process...with a minor change of mine) and Zeb for the IDE Channel tweak as those two tricks, coupled together with a little modification, result in an EXTREMELY fast bootup:1. Open notepad.exe, type "del c:windowsprefetch tosboot-*.* /q" (without the quotes) & save as "ntosboot.bat" in c:2. From the Start menu, select "Run..." & type "gpedit.msc".3. Double click "Windows Settings" under "Computer Configuration" and dou
Since Your Putting Your Comp Back Together Right Now Why Dont You Back Up Your Registry
this will save your ass if you get a virus   Before you edit the registry, export the keys in the registry that you plan to edit, or back up the whole registry. If a problem occurs, you can then follow the steps how-to restore the registry to its previous state.How to Export Registry KeysClick Start, and then click Run.In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.On the File menu, click Export.In the Save in box, select the boxs at the bottom the bottom according to weather you want to export all or only selected branches of the registry.Next select a location in which to save the backup .reg file. In the File name box, type a file name, and then click Save.How to Restore the RegistryTo restore registry keys that you exported, double-click the .reg file that you saved.
You Know What Else Nine I Might Need Drivers
need drivers   NBC News StoryLet's face it, finding the right device driver can be a tedious, time consuming, often impossible task! The Driver Guide was created to make finding driver updates a whole lot easier. With the help of thousands of our members, we have compiled a massive database archive of drivers and resources that is by far the largest and most comprehensive on the Web. Here is what The Driver Guide will do for you:* Provides an easy step-by-step process for finding and installing drivers.* Offers a huge searchable archive of over 100,000 driver files, manufacturer information, and links.* Includes discussion boards that give members the opportunity to interact with others with their hardware type, and learn from their experiences (very useful!).* Offers a drivers found area where members can upload new and hard to find drivers for others to download.* Provides a driver request board where members can make requests for specific drivers.* Includes resources for Windows,
Preview Of "the End Of Death Series" First Book "death's Mercy"
When first came to America people first thought it was a miracle. As the ages passed it soon became thought of as witchcraft the devils magics. During the age of Voodoo is was also considered a form of this. But in this modern age our art is far more complex. Some use our art as a form of it helping the police or giving people a final meeting with those passed on. But these are the false bearers of our is far more than just simple tricks and bringing people back from the dead. Oh yes Necromancy has many forms this is the story of my gifts...the gifts of one who is truely adept in the ways of death and his dark coils... Jochame Forester sat with his head resting against another random cool bartop. His long thick coat drapped about his shoulders, his form covered in a very pricey very rich looking suit. Not at all suprising for one who gave "legal council" to people...if you could call his cilents people. Half the time he ended up defending something no on
Dentist Liverpool
Dentist Liverpool 6 month smiles essex invisalign manchester
Godsmack — I Fucking Hate You
  LYRICS: For everything you doI'd like to swallow youAnd everyday I'm gonna blame youEven if you justifyEvery fucking bullshit lieIt only makes me want to break youYou pull me downAnd you crucify my nameYou make me insaneIt's broken nowDon't ever look my wayDon't even think I'm playin''Cause I fucking hate youYou're such a liarAnd I love to hate youYou're all the same to meWhen you repeatedlyTake advantage of meThe only thought I get of you sickens meEverybody knows you're fakeYou're everything I fucking hateAnd I'm everything that you could never beYou pull me downAnd you crucify my nameYou make me insaneIt's broken nowDon't ever look my wayDon't even think I'm playin''Cause I fucking hate youYou're such a liarAnd I love to hate youYou're all the same to meI fucking you hate youYou're such a liarAnd I love to hate youYou're all the same to me(Fuck you)(Fuck you)(Fuck you)You pull me downAnd you crucify my nameYou make me insaneIt's broken nowDon't ever look my wayDon't even think I
The End......
I finally see the ending... of this long,strange journy. The end is only as close as the next decision I make I see the end as clear as.. I see the beggining; The beginning is now.. The end is but one second ahead... And when I reach the end I find It is only another beginning.. Here and now, this minute..this second... is a gift from the Gods I may not have another and so.. I must be wise! The beginning must be about love.... and if so then...... the ending will also be about love......
Some More New Photos Up-these Are Somewhat Sticky! :)
New Photos! Somewhat Sticky! Enjoy!
Helping A Friend
hey ya'll u gots to check out my friend trickbaby she is awsome friend of mine she will show u the same love u give her  check her out
10 Things About Me
i like banana splits and banana split icecream i like to listen to family talk on xm in the morning on sundays while i am on the boat when i cook at home i bring my neighbor miss pearl a plate lunch i rather give then receive i forgive way to easy to people that may not diserve it i like to take pictures of all kinds of different things i like my job even though it keeps me away from the ones i love at times i am ok with being a mamas boy at 44 i wish i was closer to my dad i am and like to get freaky with the woman i am with behind closed doors
Gang Kill Lonely Obese People, Sell Their Fat For Cosmetics
In a story that can only be described as made-up-but-not, police have busted a gang in Peru who targeted fat people on "lonely roads," killed them, extracted their fat and sold it, possibly to make anti-wrinkle treatments.The extracted, liquidized fat sold for $15,000 a liter, report the BBC, and it apparently went to "European countries." Four people have been arrested and five, adds the journalist with a straight face, remain "at large." Some of those captured were carrying soft drinks bottles of human fat. To reiterate: bottles of human motherfucking fat. One of them admitted that they'd been luring the chubby with fake job offers, then bumping them off, in the Huanaco and Pasco regions for up to three decades. Police estimate that they may be behind the disappearances of up to 60 people.The gang has been referred to as the Pishtacos, after an ancient Peruvian legend of killers who attack people on lonely roads and murder them for their fat.The genesis of this ancient legend is not
This Is How You Do It
Take it nice and easy that is all.
I Just Want To Say...
This blog is drama free! That's all! Rock on!Shawn
What About Annoying Background Files That Just Waste Ram
Prevent background programs from loadingAs software programs load, the small icons on the notification area increase (usually these icons are in the lower-right corner, next to the time). Each of these small pictures represents a program running in the background, and each one uses valuable system resources. Move the mouse pointer over each small picture to find what software it is. Common programs that load and run in the background are virus scanners, display settings, and multimedia programs. Increase system resources by stopping these tasks from loading, or by changing their settings. You can do this in a variety of ways because these programs often start from various places. If the methods below do not apply to a specific icon, consult the applications documentation or Web site.Figure 1: Icons in the notification areaUse System Configuration to prevent programs from opening (98, ME, and Windows XP)Perform the following steps to selectively prevent items from starting when Windows
I'm Sick Any Slaves Wanna Come Take Care Of Me? :(
My damn brother coughed all over me and he has the flu and is still sick now so am i.  all i had to eat since 2am when i woke up not feeling good was a bowl of soup.  :( i'm REALLY sick if I can't eat. 
I thought i knew you I thought you cared. I thought that maybe we could last forever Who knew forever Would only last so long I know u felt the pressure Of everyone But please I’m still here Still waiting for your call, Don’t blame me for the mistakes of other people But how low can you get You can’t tell me in person Its like you’re a different kind of womenNot the one who asked me out Not the one that I hugged&
I Get It We Are Talking About Comp Viruses.....
OK NINE WHAT ELSE SHOULD I KNOW     THIS: 0 comments Read How to remove ( hijacker 20.11.2009 | Malware Type: Browser Hijackers Malware (or is another malicious domain involved in Antivirus System PRO rogue anti-spyware distribution schemes. It’s quite curious that does not actually exist unless you are using a computer infected with Antivirus System PRO scareware. That might sound a bit confusing so let us elaborate a bit on this issue. domain appears to be an outcome of the hackers’ blackhat tactics which result in changing the Hosts file on the injected computer. Having modified your Hosts, the virus correlates the trusty-looking domain name ‘’ with a scam IP address serving the malvertising of Antivirus System PRO. So much for the way W
Get A Gift That Keeps On Giving
What Is It?
Parasites Different types of malware are nothing but digital parasites that spread via the internet and settle themselves inside a computer to eventually damage or disrupt a system. No matter how well protected you believe your PC is, it’s potentially vulnerable to “contamination”. Unfortunately, statistics are pretty sad. Millions of computers worldwide are known to be less or more severely “infected”. One of the most dangerous things about malware is the fact that you may never know how and when it penetrates into your computer. Moreover, you may even be unaware that you have it at all. Let us list and describe some of the most widespread malware types: Adware is a term comprising applications that display advertising banners on Web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Adware programs often behave in an aggressive manner by producing unwanted effects on a system, such as persistent and annoying pop-ups and the general deterioration
Sir Shamrock
He's very intense and comanding.  He's very strict, yet fair, portective, caring, love, and patient.  He's to be worshiped.  He's very dominant, passionate, confident, and comanding.  He's all about making sure the slave stays in line. He has this way of carrying himself where his slave drops to her knees without a word being said.  He's very lucky.  He loves, lusts, demands, comands, and mentors his slaves through their training. He takes FULL control of their lives give them an allowance, picking out thier clothes, making sure they take care of certain daily need suck as bathing, brushing teach, etc...
Best Slaves
They must be submissive to my will and take care of my every need.  They also must give up full control to me meaning I make all their life decisions.  I pick what they wear, what they eat, their bed time, etc... They also MUST wear my protection symbol from the beginning of training which is on my profile background.  It's a celtic order every over lapping line is a layer of protection.  Then if they make it through thier training and get promoted to submissive they must wear my band over top of the protection symbol which is the shamrock. 
It's Been The Worst Day Since Yesterday - Flogging Molly
Well, I know, I miss more than hitWith a face that was launched to sinkAn' I seldom feel, the bright reliefIt's been the worst day since yesterdayIf there's one thing I have saidIs that the dreams I once had, now lay in bedAs the four winds blow, my wits through the doorIt's been the worst day since yesterdayFallin' down to you, sweet groundWhere the flowers they bloomWell, it's there I'll be foundHurry back to me, my wild callingIt's been the worst day since yesterdayThough these wounds have seen no warsExcept for the scars I have ignoredAnd this endless crutch, well, it's never enoughIt's been the worst day since yesterdayHell says hello, well, it's time I should goTo pastures green, that I've yet to seeHurry back to me, my wild callingIt's been the worst day since yesterdayIt's been the worst day since yesterdayIt's been the worst day since yesterday    
6 Week Body MakeoverPeru Vacation Packages
Actors Who Are A Bust
  What do Will Ferrell, Ewan McGregor, Billy Bob Thornton, Eddy Murphy, Ice Cube, Tom Cruise Drew Barrymore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson and Jim Carrey have in common? Give up? According to, they are the ten top overpaid actors. What that mean is you don’t spend your money at the theatre to watch their movies. Personally, it doesn’t surprise me that mega stars like these are not worth watching in the movies they make. Most movies are bad anyway. But when athletes who get paid big bucks don’t do well they get criticized. But, actors who don’t do well at the box office get a pass. Makes you wonder. For more on overpaid actors click here:>1=28101 Let’s make it simple. Just tune into BlastFM for great music programmed by and underpaid programmer.
i will be expecting to hear from you soonest so we can become friends, you truly have a charming smile, so you have to tell me the secrete behind it when we meet on chat The secrete is saliva.  Once it dribbles down my chin, it's drool. Now that you know all my secrete secrets, we won't have to chat.
Out With The Old & In With The New.
Shit well lemme see I've been through hell & back however I will never let it get me down... I figure that if GOD wanted my ass he'd done already taken it 4 I am a fighter an always will be no matter what life throws @ me... It's been a long ass (YEAR) six month & 12 days since everything has happened to me... I am back an ready to get new an old friends into my world if you We shall see what may come, although 4 now just think of me as a person you can chat with without judging....
I Am A Slave
slave is who and what i am -- i exist for my Master... Master owns my body, my mind, my will, my health, my well-being, my communications, my actions, even my very breath. slave is who and what i am -- i exist for my Master... Master allows my existence to continue in order that i may obey Him, serve Him, please Him, amuse Him, entertain Him, and care for Him. slave is who and what i am -- i exist for my Master... Master, also, allows my existence to continue in order that i may tend to His needs, to His wants, and to the multitude of duties He may assign me, regarding any and all aspects of His life. slave is who and what i am -- i exist for my Master... Master has absolute and total Ownership and Control of every facet of my life. slave is who and what i am -- i exist for my Master... Master values my gift of submission. He cares for me and is proud of His ownership of me. He likewise requires that i take pride in myself and in my position as His slave.
Cougar Relationships All About Fun
In Dating Jungle, Cougar Relationships All About Fun   NEW YORK -- Darin Riggio has a thing for older women -- he dated his first "cougar" when he was a 19-year-old college student. She was 43. Since then, the 24-year-old who lives in Boca Raton, Fla., has dated women old enough to be his mom. "Women my age don't know what they want," said Riggio, ticking off his list of why older women are better. "Two, they are usually immature. Three, there's a lot of drama involved. Four, they don't have as much experience as older women." But Riggio, who was briefly married to a woman his age, said he probably wouldn't marry an older woman. He likes to date them more for fun. Cougar relationships may be hot in Hollywood -- from ABC's "Cougar Town" to celebrity couplings like Ashton and Demi and even a reality show, "The Cougar" -- but few women are married to men who are significantly younger. Dating experts say they have seen a rise in older women seeking younger men, but not necessarily
Long Road
It's gonna be a long road to be where I need to be in life. Me and my fiance' just split up. I have all kinda debt in my name b/c he didn't have credit so if he doesn't decide to still help me out I'm screwed! I'm happy cuz its something that we shoulda done (go separate ways) a long time ago. We just both wouldn't admit it. But I'm depressed cuz i did love him and I'm lonely....I'm at a lost. I know its for the better. I just don't know what to say
i am exhausted.   that is all.
Fair Tax
At a business conference in Montpelier, Vermont, the state tax commissioner asked the audience which sort of taxation they found fairest. There was a pause, and then a white-haired man in the back raised his hand. "The poll tax," he said. "But the poll tax was repealed," replied the commissioner. "I know," declared the man, "that's what I like about it." 
Bhr Auction
A Quote In My Life!!!
Enjoy Life! No Matter How Hard It May Seem! When Life Gives You A Thousand Reasons To Cry... Show To The World That You Have A Million Reasons To Smile!!!
Grandma Gives Birth 13 Year After Being Sterilised
A British grandmother, who was sterilised twice 13-years-ago, has given birth to a 'miracle' baby boy. Grandma, 43, had the operation to stop her falling pregnant again after having her first three children. But three-months-ago she felt strange movements in her stomach and a test revealed she was six months pregnant. Now she is mother to health baby boy born last week, who is younger than her grandchildren. Grandma said : "At the end of July, I started feeling tired and then felt movements in my stomach. "I thought I could feel something - I thought it was wind at first but I was tired as well so I thought I better do a test. When she did a pregnancy test, she could not believe that she was six months pregnant. "I didn't really believe it until he came out," she said. She took fertility drug Clomid to speed up ovulation when she was 19 which helped her get pregnant with daughter, who is now 24 and a mother. Two years later, she conceived her first son Glen, who is now 19, and again w
The Dark Corner
          You have always watched me from afar wanting me but never dare touch me let alone talk to me. But then one day you finally get the nerve to ask me for my name. You blush when I smile at you and tell you my name. You mumbled your name when I ask you for it. I smile and told you that it was nice to meat you, I go to walk away but you stop me by grabbing my hand. You ask me a few questions trying to make up excuses so you can hold my hand more.  I answer your questions and I let you keep hold of my hand thinking nothing of it. But then you kissed it and I do not think you even realized that you had done it when you kept talking like nothing happened. I smile at you and tell you I have to run.         “Please don’t leave. I have wanted to talk to you for some time. Please let me by you coffee or something else to drink so we can talk some more please.”         I look at you and sigh. “Okay I have a few minutes I can spare you, I will drink some tea with
Excuse Me?
I've seem some pretty repugnant things, and I can respect where a lot of people are coming from, but GeeZ O'Pete, I just saw a blast I can't believe. Somebody turn my head around, but it's my understanding this isn't supposed to be a 'dating site.' I dunno, I couldn't tell you how often I'm wrong, but this struck me. This guy just had a blast and it says what? Ladies and no men? Tell me what that means. I'm not out to hurt anybody, but I want to understand. If that were my option, I'm not sure I'd want to take it. I figure if you want a date, go to a dating site, no? Am I wrong? I don't say "No gays, please." or "No Lesbians, please" or "no bi's yada, yada, yada." I figure it's a social site and I'm not going to slam the door in anyone's face. Maybe I'm crazy, but tell me how it strikes you. I'd be willing to hear an explanation from the guy who put up the blast, but somebody tell me something.
Yesterday I was at Costco buying a large bag of Purina dog chow for my loyal pet boxer, and was in the checkout line when a woman behind me asked if I had a dog.What did she think I had, an elephant? Impulsively, I told her I didn't have a dog, I was starting the Purina Diet again. I added that I probably shouldn't, because I ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 30 pounds before I awakened in an intensive care ward with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms.I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and that the way that it works is to load your pants pockets with Purina nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well and I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was now enthralled with my story.) Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care because the dog food poisoned me. I told her no, I stepped off a curb to sniff an
Food For Thought
"Peach." Donna waited for a response. She felt fairly certain that she was correct but under the circumstances she just couldn't be sure. The delay, a few seconds that felt like minutes, increased her apprehension. Was she right? What was going to happen? She felt his tongue gently licking at her nipple. A sense of relief came over her as a warm glow spread throughout her body. Her guess was right. She smiled. Everything else faded out as she experienced the joy of having her sensitive nipples pleasured. All that existed was the feeling of his wet mouth and saliva soaked fingers sucking and pinching at her taut nipples. She moaned. She wanted to speak, to tell him how good it felt but she couldn't. Ten words. That was all she was allowed to say during this session. Obedience was paramount. Donna gritted her teeth to keep the words from escaping as the sound of her moans and labored breathing filled the room. The buzz in her brain continued even after he pulled away. He laid
Food For Thought
"Peach." Donna waited for a response. She felt fairly certain that she was correct but under the circumstances she just couldn't be sure. The delay, a few seconds that felt like minutes, increased her apprehension. Was she right? What was going to happen? She felt his tongue gently licking at her nipple. A sense of relief came over her as a warm glow spread throughout her body. Her guess was right. She smiled. Everything else faded out as she experienced the joy of having her sensitive nipples pleasured. All that existed was the feeling of his wet mouth and saliva soaked fingers sucking and pinching at her taut nipples. She moaned. She wanted to speak, to tell him how good it felt but she couldn't. Ten words. That was all she was allowed to say during this session. Obedience was paramount. Donna gritted her teeth to keep the words from escaping as the sound of her moans and labored breathing filled the room. The buzz in her brain continued even after he pulled away.
How I Feel
wat do u  do when u love a person so much and u want to be with them so bad and it hurts u hart long for this person who has my hart and soul he is my everything and he will always be my all in my world and in my life and i would be so happy to be his wife and his all and the mother of his children my life has changed so much and im so glad that god put him in my life i dont know wat i would do wit out him he has made me so happy in my life and i have such great friends to share all wit there has been times that i ncry cuz he is so good to me and it is so new to me and i dont want it to changed i want it to get u know that i will never hurt u and i will never leave u and u have my heart and my soul.  baby wat im saying is that u are my world and i love u so much
Fu-owned Auction November Update
      Just want it give a big shutout to everyone for checking out last month auction . (Fu-Owned Auction 9)   Also want it to thank SLDC for her help on awesome photoshop graphics, and Minou for co-hosting with me .               Have A Great Weekend ! Twaune Valentino    
My Opinion
The nicest people I have met so far hang out in the red dragon lounge you should come and check us out  
Death & Life
Death Is nothing but another adventure, It takes you away yet it gives you new life at the same time, Death can make you sorrowful yet, death is a very joyous occasion on the passing of those who may have been sick or in pain giving them happiness and joy that they are no longer in suffering in there mortal lives. Death is a beautiful adventure so, embrace it, love it, have passion for it. Life, Life is a very horrible experience for most, Life causes more pain then anything else could possibly cause to a human. Life you go through pain, suffering, on some occasion’s life has some happiness but life is leading to a more joyous occasion Death. Death is Life eternally forever leaving behind your cover up and leading on to the most beautiful thing living eternally with God.
Something Wrong With Me?
My life is such a waste begging on something to work this time But why can't I relate? Feeling all I do is get what's mine Holding on to faith, never gave me nothing but despair So why do I create just to be swallowed? I cannot take this place burning up inside, this space of mine so why can't I replace, feelings I find hard to really find? I try but I can't taste Memories they always come haunt me. All my feelings have been eating onto me Feed inside, is there something wrong with me?
Dreaming Of Being A Rose
You are everything I ever wanted to be, Like the simple daisy who dreamed of being a rose. You are but a rose, and like every rose you have thorns. I worked so hard to accomplish what came so easily for you. Jealous of your perfect being. Your perfect love and life. How can a rose tell a daisy they themselves are not perfect? They circle around you and praise over your elegant beauty, They smile and tell you how wonderful you are, but you obviously deny it. They look at me and think, “ah how cute” then simply turn away. A daisy is limited to being only cute. I could never bring myself to tell you though, Too afraid of losing such a perfect flower, Like you. I wish I were more like a rose, Or that you were more like a daisy Maybe then all the joy wouldn’t be one sided Maybe there could finally be some understanding between us After all, A rose can’t complain to a daisy whose ideal of being perfect is you. So please, Don’t stab this little daisy with yo
No One Can
Compell me fires of desires Anger becomes my mistress. Control the sounds of underground As I lay here in distress. The dead have called upon us all sincerly i digress. To thank the ones with barking guns. Who cleaned our foolish mess. Believe the man who says he can. With no power to confess. Rage, my love will come above and spare us of the rest. With one last cry to say goodbye. I felt it fit to guess.
Out Of Place
To feel bound by an invisible something To be hungry for a bit of life To be trapped inside a body To look ugly all the time To laugh when you get lonely To cry at the few times you feel good To be alive and not be living To always wish you could To dwell in all your mind's worst corners To exaggerate your face To be too tired for the conditions of love To just feel... out of place.
Poetically, I am crowded, suffocating and surrounded by the endless hounding of my mistakes. They repeatedly break my self-esteem, seemingly determined to bring me to my knees while I wallow in the twist of my memories. These Terrors are pleased by the sweet echo of my screams, and I constantly shout with no dignity, pleading for some sort of easy release from my blistered beliefs that I am naught but flesh, a wounded heart enmeshed in hardened grief. But there’s a slender side of me, a tender side of me, that quiets my soliloquys with a mono-syllabic metronome babble, little sounds that dabble in my darkness. It’s an artistic side of me that accepts my regrets and smothers the other emotions I get until I am left with nothing more than an aching chest. By then, I’m just lonely, living in a world where only the beautiful are heard and every word from my mouth is soundless. I’m bound to this silence until my mistakes pry the calm from my lips and I trip. The
Darkness Within
Oh so deep. This dismal basin. Oh so bleak. My darkness within. I scream, I cry. Blood covers my skin. No matter how I try, I can never win. The battle is too intense, too immense. It lacks all sense, all pretense. Yet it continues, festering in my mind. Someday in you, too. That day your sanity cries. Then dies.
The Unforgiven/dance Of Judgement
Known as the Lady of the Evening, She sits quietly, waiting for her next casualty. Who will it be? A young frivolous boy, or maybe a strong, distinguished wealthy man? She keeps watching. A hand grabs her own and whisks her away. A man. A handsome Prince Charming. In the dark they dance, fiercely impassioned. Suddenly he vanishes. A spotlight now on her. Her judges have arrived. ''DANCE!'' they order her, ''DANCE FOR YOUR SINS!'' Slowly she raises her eyes and begins to dance alone. Hands in the air, head back, she spins, dancing for her life. Twisting, turning, for what seems an eternity. She starts to ache, but she dances still. She dances until she can dance no more. Yet her judges, they have forsaken her, and they too quietly disappear. She is left to herself and the darkness. Looking around at the endless isolation, she brings herself to dance again, silently screaming for salvation from her body. The thing that brought her to her own tormenting hell.
too long have i been enslaved by my own thoughts and emotionsi yell out loud and although it might be the loudest thing you ever hearin reality its very silent no one can hear me cry out no one can hear me cry out in painwell i ever be free, well i ever be me,too long have i been this walking talking deep forgotten thingthat at time is hollow insidewho mind fucks him self a lot of times and bring these doubts that at times are very hard to control they cloud my mind its like sticking a knife Thu metalyou try in try in try but the outside is just to hard to get Thuwell i ever be able to over come and take these chains offor well i ever be there slaveletting them taunt me i can hear them whispering my name taunting me more in morebound and gag for there amusement and pleasure paralyzeby fear by rejection by falling   this is more me then any one else
They almost had the surgery. Wednesday past and now it's infinity! Norio  
Tunes Of Our Time - 6/4/09
  TUNES OF OUR TIME Kind of prophetic that I wrote this 2 weeks before MJ passed away.   Sharing an era brings laughter like wind chimes between the oldest of friends.   Like our memories, it only needs the mildest of breezes to send musical notes of nostalgia raining down like the drops of a fountain, whose ripples reach the innermost sanctum of our souls.   Decades may have scattered our lives like so much pollen germinating a vast expanse of the earth. Still, we make the worthwhile effort of gathering our blooms into the most eclectic of bouquets.   Each color singing the choruses of our favorite tunes, though our muscles may suffer from amnesia, our minds mirror grandfather clock hands moonwalking through time.   Individually, our musical memories resemble lovingly smoothed touchstones. But collectively, and most definitely they come together into vibrantly intricate mosaics.   Forever bonded are we to each other, as we are to the melodies of our youth;
If (insert higher power of your choice) gave you the chance to change 1 thing and 1 thing only about YOU, what would it be?
Thanks Giving Auction Is On Im Up For Grabs
  250 11s a weekadd to top friend and family starting for a month could be permanantdaily drinks3 pimp outs a week your choice whencash bids add blings of my choicesfw salute pimp out everydaymy yim and more depends how hi it goes
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Paradise Fantasy Crew (PFC) is an exciting, fun, friendly group of people that accept everyone for their individuality. We are a tight family that can help out with rates, leveling, events, and most of all having a great time here on fubar. We are not like all these other groups with excessive rules. To join you must follow the simple rules below and once you become a PFC member, the only rule we really have is to show love to your family, whether that be re-rating profiles, leveling, etc. There is no rule against being in other groups. We are looking for dedicated family members so membership to PFC is by invite only. A current PFC member must refer you to us. There will be a couple sub groups of our main group in the near if you would like further details on how to be part the faces that represent us hit up Jacobsmom83 and if you are interested in being part of our leveling crew hit up Addictive.   How to become a “Paradise Fantasy Crew (PFC)” member:
Sobl-thanks Emanon, This Rocks!
When Will I Have My Wings
When will I have my wings? Wings to help break the shackles of this world. Wings to lift me high above the pain the surrounds me. Lifting me high above the world I call home. Soaring high above the darkness . When will it be my time to be free? Free from all these tears Free from all these fears When will I have my wings? Let the wind take me higher So high above it all. When will I have my wings?
Let Me Know What Ya Think
Think People...
going through someone's mailbox IS a federal offense, look it up! Can you believe that someone just told me their wife got a neighbors piece of mail this AM and she decided to go to three neighbors mailboxes and look for her mail? Um....DUMBASS! You can't do that! Hold the mail for them til they get home and they will do the same for you when they get it, or they'll just put it in the mail'll get it eventually. I personally have nothing to hide in my mail, but I STILL don't want you goin' through it! Even if its just looking for your gotta READ mine to FIND yours!  ASS!! He laughs and says, "That's my wife..." Ha ha, invading your neighbor's privacy is offensive enough, but Federal Laws give you up to 5 years for each offense and/or $250,000 fine! Laugh it up!
How Ironic
There are those days that no matter what you do, nothing seems to work out and this could be one of them. When this happens all you can do is try to avoid bigger headaches, and end the day as quickly as possible. Go home and eat in, read a book, or watch tv. isnt it funny when your horoscope is on the money once in a while...
Ill Never Understand.
Ill never Understand why women have there comments to their photos off. i know they say its because they get rude & vile comments but thats just a weak ass & lame excuse. its because their stuck up & immature. its because they think their shit don't stink.
My Brother Died Aka Sr Dark Kngiht
I think it would be super helpful if everyone told me which pics make me look like a man so I can delete them.     Thanks.
Healthcare Bill
Key components of the Senate's health care bill:-- Includes a government-run public health insurance option.-- Prohibits illegal immigrants from participating in a health insurance exchange created for those unable to afford health coverage.-- Prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion coverage in the exchange.-- Increases Medicare payroll tax on individuals earning $200,000 a year and couples earning $250,000 a year.-- Requires individuals to buy health insurance, with a fine for noncompliance.-- Does not mandate that all employers offer health care.-- Prevents insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. Democratic leaders in both chambers have been wrestling with the most contentious issues, including abortion and immigration, as well as how to pay for reform. The House bill has more restrictive abortion language and includes a 5.4 percent income tax surcharge on individuals making more than $500,000 and couples earning more than $1 million. Both b
Love Quotes...
"Maybe if I had just looked away that first night you came towards me, everything would be different and my heart wouldn't be breaking right now."   "Oftentimes we say goodbye to the person we love without wanting to. Though that doesn’t mean that we've stopped loving them or we've stopped to care. Sometimes goodbye is a painful way to say I love you."    "The saddest love is to love someone, to know that they still want you, but the circumstances don't let you have them."    "It's like my mind knows what's right but my heart is being retarded and still cares."   "May you know the peace and comfort this heartfelt thought imparts; the ones we love are never gone, for they live within our hearts."   "How can I love again when I can't stop loving the one that hurt me so much?"   I don't know what to do now that we're apart; I don't know how to live without the other half of my heart."   "From an angel's wings, to a falling star, God made everything, but an unbreakable
To Our Troops
Support our troops…. They are people that have volunteered to do that which we believe we cannot. Support our troops…. We sit here in our comfortable houses and enjoy our TV, our cars, free time at the local bar, community theatre, friends and family. They are there in the blistering heat, or arctic cold waiting for something to go wrong and to fix it for us. We do not even think about it and don't want to know. Support our troops…. There are some things that you do and don't do. They are told to do those things and are encouraged to like it so that they are desensitized to the brutality that they have to endure. Support our troops… Some politicians think of our troops as dollars in their wallets. Then again if they were like dollars in their wallets then we would not be where we are. He would know how precious each one is to them and would not want to part with a single one. Instead they spends them like our hard earned tax money that they know is not theirs, but spend t
Oh You've Got Jokes
A catholic priest and a rabbi are driving down the road one day when they happen upon a little boy riding his bike. The priest looks at the rabbi and says, "Hey, let's fuck him!" and the rabbi smiles back at him and says, " Yeah....out of what?"   ****************** what did the blonds right leg say to the left?nothing, they have never met ******************* A doctor in the maternity ward takes a baby from a cot and starts spinning it around by its ankles, smashing it into walls, drop kicking it down the corridors, etc. The mum runs after him, hysterical, screaming and crying and asks him what the hell he is doing. He says "Aah April Fool! It was dead anyway!" ******************* A sadist, a masochist, a murderer, a necrophile, a zoophile and a pyromaniac are all sitting on a bench in a mental institution, bored out of their minds."How about having sex with a cat?" asked the zoophile."Lets have sex with the cat and then torture it," says the sadist."Lets have sex with the cat,
There Is A Lady Sweet And Kind
There is a Lady Sweet and KindThere is a lady sweet and kind, Was never a face so pleased my mind,I did but see her passing by, And yet, I'll love her till I die.Her gesture, motion, and her smiles,Her wit, her voice my heart beguiles,Beguiles my heart, I know not why,And yet, I'll love her till I die.Cupid is winged and he doth range,Her country, so, my love doth change:But change she earth, or change she sky,Yet, I will love her till I die.
The Halls Of The Damned
I.   Abandon Hope, All ye who enter here.     All is not silent, In these Halls of the Damned Nor is all dead, In these forgotten sepulchural Halls of the Damned.   (There never WERE rats, in these walls. Only this Ghost, in this wrecked, wrack'd Machine.)   The wine tastes of ashes here, (I WILL show you fear in a handful of dust!) And the runes, writ in red. (My second thought was not that he lied, with every word, but that the world had.)   (This never was about vengeance, Runic or not.Only death lives here.)   I am rising from the East. Upon my leaden brow the Madness Divine grows oh so Cold. My tattered wings ascend me to Powers, As promised in days of Old.   (We do SO float, down here. And I may serve, while becoming more terrible than the Nameless ones. One may indeed summon Tools. And I grow greater than my Prison.)   You MUST NOT let me happen! I implore ye, dinna fail this Test. I'm consuming all, from best to rest. Becoming, I, this long, d
Open Up Your Eyes
A single rose left to rememberAs a single tear falls from her eyeAnother cold day in DecemberA year from the day she said goodbyeSeems it's only been a momentSince the angels took him from her armsAnd she was left there holding on to their tomorrowBut as they laid him in the groundHer heart would sing without a soundFor the first time you can open your eyesAnd see the world without your sorrowWhere no one knows the pain you left behindAnd all the peace you could never findIs waiting there to hold and keep youWelcome to the first day of your lifeJust open up your eyesA single lifetime lays behind herAs she draws her final breathJust beyond the door he'll find herTaking her hand she softly saysFor the first time you can open your eyesAnd see the world without your sorrowWhere no one knows the pain you left behindAnd all the peace you could never findIs waiting there to hold and keep youWelcome to the first day of your lifeJust open up your eyes as I lay you down tonightSafe on the other
Howies Apprentice - If you become my apprentice, one of two things will happen...You will either rise with me to the top, and be well on your road to ultimate financial freedom...or...You'll end up "firing yourself" because you didn't follow simple instructions and show up to play ball.What's it gonna be?First, I need to do some "housekeeping" to make sure we're clear on a few points...As I said before, If you are brand spanking new to internet marketing, this might not be for you. You need to at least have a decent understanding of the basics.Also, Howies Apprentice is not about some idiotic "get rich quick" program that too many people spend wasting their time on instead of creating a real, sustainable business.And once again, you must have the mindset to treat everything we do together as a business, not a Saturday afternoon hobby.That's how the real money is made. That's the difference between those who become wildly successful, and those who sit around investing in Lottery tickets
Blessed (christina Aguilera)
Signed: I wanted to sign a song called Blessed by Christina Aguilera   LYRICS: When I think, how life used to be; Always walking in the shadows. Then I look, at what you've given me; I feel like dancing on my tip-toes. I must say everyday I pray When realize you're by my side; I know I'm truly... Blessed for everything you've given me; Blessed for all the tenderness you show; Do my best with every breath that's in me; Blessed to make sure you never go. There are times, that I test your faith, 'til you think you might surrender. Baby I'm, I'm not ashamed to say, that my hopes will grow in splendor You walked by in the nick of time looking like an answered prayer You know I'm truly... Blessed for everything you've given me; Blessed for all the tenderness you show; Do my best with every breath that's in me; Blessed to make sure you never go. Blessed with love and understanding; Blessed when I hear you call my name; Do my best with faith that's never-ending; Blessed to make sure you fee
Compensation For Rates
Starting today: I will be giving 30k to every 100 rates you give. In order to receive your fubucks, you must private message me with your total and the folder name u rated. 30k will only be given when rated during a Happy Hour. Otherwise you will get 15k. You can rate my pictures all you like, but there is 60k limit per week. As for the 15k for the bomb, if you bomb me, I will already get a message and as soon as I see it, I will compensate you. 15k will only be given if bombed during a Happy Hour. Otherwise you will get 5k per bomb. All people that rate and bomb me must have a salute in order to get compensation. Thanks peoples for your participation and happy rating.
Speech No Longer Free.
I have been running into this alot lately that because I speak my mind I get banned from somewhere. Now it is not always mean. I am not always being disrespectful. But I do speak the truth.   If you are being a bitch or a dick guess what? I will tell you just like I expect you to do for me.   Politics is a big thing that gets me in trouble. I do think Obama is a tool and is destroying the country and no I am not a racist for thinking this way. The only racists are the ones using this lame defense for a broken idiot who is ether criminal or dumb as hell.   I will under every circumstance defend myself from stupid emo driven cyber bitches. If your life sux so bad that you must spread it online please expect me to tell you your being a pussy.   I am all for free speech. Say what you feel and deal with what happends but if you cant hear the truth or anothers opinion then stay the fuck away from me cause I dont hang with children.   Thanks
Christmas 2009
christmas gifts 2009
The Stage : Because She Said
Sit at the front of the stageRemove your shoes and coat. You might want to settle in, get comfortable, turn the light just a little lower.James O'Barr said that what we witness is an Atrocity Exhibition, and it really is. What he never said, is that you like it. Glued...eyes wide open, you'd flinch, but flinching died with shock, didn't it?I bet you're jaded, somewhere, while you sit there watching me type these words. That's what you're doing by the way, inside your mind, you're watching my fingertips form words, like tiny mouths from under my nails, making you watch this. You'll blame me after this, repulsed that I would force you to read such drivel.But you could have turned away, couldn't you? You still can you know...turn away. Point your browser to somewhere safe, somewhere that rubs your status quo like a filthy finger, and settles your heart back to cadence.You're still here, of course....because we're and I.That disturbs you, doesn't it? That, words that I whis
Very Fe Me Email Adres
at1@ fubar>
Her Ghost In The Fog Pt. 2 For part 1, link above.   As we look at each other, I feel a calm overtake me, as though I have nothing to fear. I stand back up and for some reason my knees do not scream at me like normal. I'm beginning to think maybe I just dropped a cemetery, right where I'll be buried, kinda ironic huh? But I can feel my chest rise and fall with my breathing, so I know I'm not dead, not yet at least.  She beckons me to follow her down the hill where there is a stone bench to sit on. I follow, still feeling like all this is not quite right, but what have I got to lose. When I reach the bench through the thick fog, I see she is already sitting or appears to be sitting, but if I look closely I can see she is floating mere centimeters above it. She motions for me to sit next to her which I do with just a hint of trepidation.  "You know I don't believe in ghosts, Neet." I say, using the nickname I'd used so many years ago, but it rolled off my tongu
A Lyric Poem I Wrote This Morning (was Inspired By A Show I Watched)
You say I never believe you But Baby you know I'll always love you Darlin' You know I'd never leave you You are mine I would cover your body in kisses And this is true Oh I love you You ask me why I do this for you And I tell you time and time again I do, Oh I love you I'll give you my trust and honesty and you know this is true How I love you I love you
Join Us And Have A Good Time
that_bitch_tw4t">@ fubar
Seal your eyes and use them inside See if you know who I am Feed your lies and breed them a while Meet them again when you're near yeah Under skin, left within Seamless scars, can't deny From the inside, Crucified In silence, resentment bleeds through Somewhere your past will resort Feeling dry, I'm dying You know why I'm drained from the wound that won't heal yeah Under skin, left within Seamless scars, can't deny From the inside, Crucified
I'm So Horny
Ive been so horny lately, and just cant find a man to keep up with me. I really like older guys, but at this point any age will do. As long as he has a penis.I just cant wait to get rammed by pretty much anyone.
Gentle Hands
There have been men in my lifethat I believed to be so gooduntil I grew to know them very well,I consumed their weaknessesinto my soul until it weakened meand filled me with the knowledge of hell.I need a man in my lifeWhom I believe to be goodeven after I grow to know him very well,To offer me a new dance, take a chanceThen I will no longer have to rhyme with hell.So I can allow him to hold my weary soulin his ever so gentle hands. Poem By Tammy C.
This Morning
I am up early......i have no idea why   that is all.
A Soldiers Christmas!
When writing out your Holiday cards this year, please consider sending one to a recovering American Soldier at Walter Reed. It will take just a few minutes of your time and yet it will mean so much to these men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. Address to: A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center, 6900 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington D.C., 20307-5001. PLEASE RE-POST!   A great big TY in advance!
On The Move Again....
Greetings Fubar folks and friends:   As a victim of the housing crisis, my wife and I are on the move again.  Going from a house to an apartment. So, I may be gone for awhile and that's OK.  We all need an internet vacation once in awhile.  Yet, I am writing this to ask a question.  We live in a credit bearing society, should we be going after things we cannot afford?   It took almost a year and a half to convince myself and my wife that we could not afford this house as it was more of money pit than anything else.  We are not alone as the banks or the mortgage lenders did not give out the true cost of the home.  Whose responsibility is it to discover the true cost of owning a home..the lenders with the money or the people trying to procure it?      
Rude, Ignorant Fu Peeps
I've decided just for my own peace of mind and getting things off my chest, to creat Buggzy's rants. This is generally for me . So many things about this Fu bar I find in poor taste, and lack of substance and moralality, and child like tendences. I am sure many people with a oz of moral's,  substance and acting like adults and not junior high wanna be a adult but cant get my head out of my ass to do it. Shake their heads when they come across some dum shit wanting to know when your having a bowel movement , do you look at the shit on the toilet paper. You have to ask your self,  what kinda idiot would post such drivel.  Are you that immature that you cant actually think beyound a 1st grader ?  There is so much to chat about and shit isnt one of them. Or you get men (cough) who think its amuzing at best to make fun of over weight woman.  Hummm maybe !!! we should start putting down over weight men who scratch their balls and look at their fingers,  ya theres a vision ..ewwwwwwwwww
Ultimate Acai Max
The best quality Acai berry supplements are those which are immediately put on for freeze drying after it is being reaped from the rain forests. ultimate acai max
Glitter To The Air
Have you ever fed a lover with just your hands? Closed your eyes And trusted, just trusted Have you ever Thrown a fist full of glitter in the air? Have you ever looked fear in the face And said I just don’t care It’s only half past the point of no return The tip of the iceberg The sun before the burn The thunder before lightning The breathe before the phrase Have you ever felt this way? Have you Ever been touched so gently you had to cry? Have you ever invited a stranger to come inside? It’s only half past the point of oblivion The hourglass on the table The walk before the run The breathe before the kiss And the fear before the flames Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever wished for an endless night? Lassoed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight Have you ever held your breathe and asked yourself will it ever get better than tonight?
Going to the big smoke for the weekend, on the five o clock train tonight, and I ain't coming home til Monday!! w00t w00t!!
The Forgotten One...
The Forgotten One….     There is a tired in your eyes, I’ve never seen beforeStaring down at your broken body, lying on the floorYou use to captivate me, by your undying lightNow its diminished, your face fades into the nightYour voice use to haunt my mind, like a songNow the caressing lyrics are forgotten, your words are goneHow will the world ever know your true beauty, withinWhen your body is a corpse, your figure dressed with sinI walk the long, deep corridor, littered with your dreamsI see the doors bursting with memories, at the very seamsYou use to hold the world to its own bitter, dreary faceSmile, laugh, and make the wounds heal without a traceNow the scars are deepening into your own withered skinI see the pain of the years, sinking, where you let them inI held your hand before, like I hold it tightly nowI wipe the sweat of life, off your beaten browYour lips, once the envy of a million brilliant rosesNow parted, cracked, bleeding, frozen in bitter posesYour b
Watch One Tree Hill
watch one tree hill Seriously Bored..
You Are Most Like Charlotte! You are the ultimate romantic idealist You've been hurt before, but that hasn't caused you to give up on love. If anything, your resolve to fall in love is stronger than ever. And it's this feminine optimism that men find most appealing about you. Romantic prediction: That guy you are seeing (or crushing on)? Could be very serious - if you play your cards right! Which Sex and the City Vixen Are You? Blogthings: We Have a Quiz for Almost Everything 
And The Winner Is!
Well I just want to thank all the participants. You guys should really be proud of the work you did and I hope you had fun doing it. A little bit about the judging: I didn't actually do  the judging for the main awards. I solicited a few outside judges to give me their picks and they almost all agreed. The main awards were immortalized with hand drawn Sciencey Awards. The winners should feel free to rip these awards and display them proudly on their page. You earned 'em. And just like in middle school everyone wins something so check out the sciencey fair folder to see the Honorable mentions. I'm freaking exhausted and I need a nicotine lozenge so congratulations everyone. You really are a creative bunch.  
People Love That You're Kind and Compassionate You're the kind of gal or guy who really enjoys putting other people first. You enjoy pitching in and making a difference. Your heart really goes out to anyone in need. In fact, it's difficult for you to turn your back on someone who's struggling. As long as you have friends who don't take advantage of you, your empathy is only a good thing. If there were more people in the world like you, you wouldn't feel like you have to look out for everyone. What Do People Love About You? The First Rule of Blogthings Is: You Don't Talk About Blogthings  
You Know I Had To Do It :d (sooo Very True Tho)
Your Dream Guy is Edward You are a true romantic, and for you, love is a very emotional and passionate thing. You want to be wooed, charmed, and even seduced. You have old fashioned ideas about romance. You don't mind being with a protective guy like Edward, as long as he has your best interests at heart. You like being taken care of completely, even if things get a little intense at times. Who's Your Dream Guy: Jacob or Edward? Blogthings: Take a Quiz. Annoy Your Friends. 
You Fall for the Guy or Girl Next Door Type You think that people make love too complicated, and what you want in a partner happens to be pretty simple. You're content with someone who's nice, attractive, honest, and normal. So how come that's so hard to find? You are fairly traditional, and you value security in relationships more than most people. It's important for you to find someone loyal. When you find the right person, you don't expect much from him or her. You're just happy to be together. What Type Do You Fall For? Blogthings: Learn Something Surprising About Yourself  
You...based On Your Birthdate
You Are a Star You have a Type A personality so big it makes other Type A's shrink away in shame. You never shy away from adversity - and you love to tackle impossible problems. Failure is not an option for you, and more than a few people are put off by your ego. You tend to be controlling, and you hate leaving anything up to chance. Your strength: Your bold approach to life Your weakness: You don't accept help Your power color: Bronze Your power symbol: Pyramid Your power month: October What Does Your Birth Date Mean? Blogthings: Cheaper Than a Therapist  
With Thanksgiving right around the corner,I am looking forward to baking and cooking up a storm.My kids will be helping this yr{at least I hope so} this way they can learn how to prepare things and cook for themselves.This is our time to spend quality time together and work together as a team.Plus we get to share our traditions and give them something to pass down to future generations. From our family to yours,we hope all of you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.Love to All of our friends and family.
You...based On Your Name (havnt Posted On In Awhile)
  You are a seeker of knowledge, and you have learned many things in your life. You are also a keeper of knowledge - meaning you don't spill secrets or spread gossip. People sometimes think you're snobby or aloof, but you're just too deep in thought to pay attention to them. You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection. You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic "Type A" personality. You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow. You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily. Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is. You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing. You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long. You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you
If you think for an instant... don't.   That's right, bitch. Hold it right fucking there.   Don't concern yourself with it, just walk away.   I told you once, I've proven to you more than enough.   Yes, I'm well aware of the consequences. Think you can lay waste to these defenses?    
What I Look For In A Man...
AFTER ALOT OF THINKING I AM GOING TO TELL YOU WHAT I LOOK FOR IN A MAN....LMAOLooking for a man who lies, cheats and steals...a lot! I'd like to meet someone who is dishonest, lazy, mean, uneducated, unethical and rude. A previous arrest record is not necessary, but would be nice. You should know how to act like a king, preferably a drama king. And not be afraid to talk openly about your feelings, even in a crowded movie theater. You should also be a good communicator, understanding that yelling, screaming and swearing are effective in most conversations. I'd like someone who is open-minded enough to believe that unicorns and leprechauns are real, but also believes that things like hard work, deodorant and exercise are just myths. I like a man who enjoys spending time at the beach, or on long hikes in the woods, as a way to hide from police until "things settle down". You should enjoy a nice evening out shoplifting, or just staying home to cuddle with a nice porn video. And since I'm b
I can be a bitch or one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet.I am at times loud and obnoxious and at others quiet and reserved.I have been your best friend and your worst enemy.I can be quick to anger and just as quickly have my heart shattered.I sometimes say too much of what you don't want to hear and sometimes say too little of what you  need to hear.I stand up for my friends in times of need yet have a hard time defending myself when I'm the one being criticized.I cry, I scream, I beg and I plead and I'm not perfect.I sometimes want more than what I can attain but am always thankful for the people in my life.I don't always do or say the right thing but once I've let you in my heart that's where you'll stay regardless of how I hurt.I'm embarrassed to show pain when I am injured but will willingly nurse you back to health when your weakness is shown.I'm a myriad of emotions, sights and sounds.I have faults, too many to count and I know I'm a waste of space.I know my shortcomings a
Pro White Teeth Whitening
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Plain White T's - 1, 2, 3, 4
  Lyrics:   1, 2 .. 1, 2, 3, 4Give me more lovin’ than I’ve ever had,Make it all better when I’m feelin’ sad,Tell me that I’m special even when I know I’m not,Make it feel good when I hurt so badBarely gettin’ mad,I’m so glad I found youI love bein’ around you.You make it easy,It’s easy as 1, 2 .. 1, 2, 3, 4There’s only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you (I love you) I love youThere’s only 1 way 2 say those 3 words and that’s what I’ll do (I love you) I love youGive me more lovin’ from the very start,Piece me back together when I fall apart,Tell me things you'd never even tell your closest friendsMake it feel good when I hurt so bad,Best I that I’ve had and I’m so glad I found youI love bein’ around you.You make it easyIt’s easy as 1, 2 .. 1, 2, 3, 4There’s only 1 thing 2 do 3 words 4 you (I love you)I love you There’s only 1 way 2 say those 3 words and
Sighsthe secrets, the thoughtsthe memories, the faultsthe plans the dreams,will they fall apartat the seams?A distant past, a differentlife. that was the time i was your wife. will thatdream come to past,will it even last?you say you love me and then pull away.i ask whats wrongyou have nothing to say..why do we do this to each otherwhy do we trywill this be truthor just another lie?if its truth thenlets live our livesif its a lie i wouldjust as soon is said that honestyis best. shall we have put thattheory to the test. Do you love me?do you care?does it matter if im even here?do i love you? yes i do, no wordsthat have been spoken have ever beenmore true..
"EQUALITY" By: Matthew Pennison I know I will be blissful during the rest of my days I will be happy and not because of wealth or fame My quest for knowledge and equality will suffice my humanly hunger For me there is no need to sit back and wonder Havent people seen enough devastation? Don't they believe enough of their time has been wasted? How long will it be before they see the truth and face it?
When Will This Pain End.
When does the pain stop? When will I feel whole again? I think the answer is never . Not a day shall pass for me without pain. Do I bring this pain upon myself or do others inflict it upon my very soul? Perhaps it is both that inflict this pain upon my soul. Wil this pain ever stop taunting me. In my every waking moment there is nothing but pain. Even in my hours of sleep I can not escape the pain I feel inside. A pain so harsh and raw I just want to scream and never stop. Once I had a friend tell me they were broken but perhaps it is I who is really broken. A shell of what I once was so carefree and full of life till the pain took over and left me a so utterly broken. I know not  if I can ever be more than this broken shell you see before you. Always asking myself what people want from me? Are they only after causing me more pain? After so many have brought me pain  always in the back of my mind it lingers that maybe that’s all people want . To bring me more pain and h
"MISSING" By: Matthew Pennison There are others who think like me, but they are far and few in between. I wish we would all unite and start something new, because unity in humans is something this earth hasn't seen. If we have, there isn't a trace remaining but only in our dreams. All creeds and every ethnicity should come together but yet, maybe that's just what I think. I know I'm not the smartest you see, but I strive to find the missing link. Here I stand rebuilt, ready to go and acheive,
Echoes Interium
She said to me once, that there's truth in silence. "The only time you can hear the whispers of what's really real....what's really real honey." She usually trailed off after that. It was probably a Saturday, though the days seem to run together then. I remember I tucked her into anything but silence that night. Outside the window, eleven paces from me, the sound of a far off ambulance echoed...for a moment anway. I stopped for a second, to recognize the end of the siren, and then I melted back into the familiar. The wafting sonics of low car horns, people in groups discussing the level of their personal escape, gentleman rubbing late night elbows with knaves on a too hot night. I think it was a Saturday. The curtains danced with a preternatural rhythm, nearly rubbing the edge of the formica, aluminum ridged table, nine paces off. The low hum of broken air conditioners, and seething madness vibrated on the puffing wind. Every wisp of air was fetid. Damp heat whispered in on feathere
Stigmata America
 met him by the side of the road, some highway outside a little town. Close to Omaha, or Ohio maybe. Torn cloth and blood on baked skin. He seemed so young to be so beaten. He seemed so worn to be so young. It could have been strange I suppose, but it was just the side of a road, somewhere, near some town. "Have you seen my Father?" he asked. Actually, it was more of a croak, or a cry. I suppose I made out the words through the wonder. "It seems like I lost him in a garden near gethsemane or golgotha. Playing on a tree, wandering. But I swear he was here just a while ago." I reached down, and patted the blood from his eyes with my old black cloth, and began to wash his feet, as I was wont to do. He seemed so young to be so beaten, and so worn to be so young. At least he did when I left him there. See, he was happy searching for his father. Or maybe just searching for the place where he lost him. I wondered once, one day, standing on the side of the road....some road...near Nebr
Sidelong Girl
Would you like to dance? Sidestep trance taken, shaken pulled and tornworn, long forelorn for what's not warned. And warmed. Or scorned...shields of steel, but the beat..the heat from you feel? Or are you as hard inside as how you hide? Lie to me. Hide from me, and all to see, your peeling smile won't fuck you free.But you'll bite your lip, play plush...push for pain again...again. Careful not to feel you steal with zeal. But do you take, or merely reel.Seraph eyes, ink grin, but you're not a sin, you're lost within. What shapes you make with shallow skin. What shadows play on puppet strings.You're amazing in the daylight, but so suited in the dark. Or not..for when you're unsuited... Your flesh sings of spice and smoke. It smells of juniper, and crushed flowers.But it's not in your skin that you spend your hours. Elated, lie to me, you're all you've hated. And you hate me..sate up your all the things
If you want to attract a life partner as your soul mate, there are several illusions you will need to relinquish. One is that your soul mate is someone you will be with for the rest of your life. You can have a soul mate relationship that lasts a few weeks, months, or years. Time has nothing to do with the quality of your connection and its importance in your life. You may be in a soul-mate relationship with someone that lasts for the rest of your life. Or, you may have learned all you came together to learn and fulfilled the higher purposes of your relationship in just a few months or years. Do not measure the importance of a relationship based on the length of time you are together. Another illusion is that there is only one soul mate who is your true life partner. You may have already had a soul mate connection with a life partner, sharing a caring, loving bond that created much growth for you. Just because your outer connection has ended does not mean that this was not a soul-mate
Soul mates are friends and loved ones who are responsive to your love, and with whom you are deeply connected and share a common path and purpose. Your soul mate may be someone who has come to be with you and learn similar lessons. Or, it can be someone who has come to assist you in your spiritual growth by showing you more about yourself and offering you ways to open your heart. I will call these people soul mates. A soul mate can be someone who is connected to you from other lifetimes and with whom you are continuing a well-developed past-life relationship. Or, this may be your first lifetime together on earth. Most people have more than one soul mate. You may already be in several soul mate relationships with friends and loved ones. A soul mate can come in the form of a life partner, treasured friend, child, or lover.  A soul mate can be someone with whom you share a spiritual path, a joint work in the world, or a commitment to be parents to certain souls. It can be someone whose
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I am tired of comming home and not finding you there, so tired of being lonely But it wud be difficult for you to be here tho, cause you don't even kno me. You are a want, a need, a hope that hasn't happened yet, and sometimes I have doubts it ever will and yet every night I walk thru that front door I miss you still, and always will
Kick Ass Firends
licorice">@ fubar
I Just Started This
Like the title says I just tarted this but Ihave to go to my Guild Wars Game I am Wolf Howlling Of the Great Wolf Lodge and Great Wolf Alliance . First Native American Indian and Natives Of The World Alliance of 10 Guilds. Anyway I will be back later to enter my thoughts. I have a Alliance to run.I will upload my Charater soon    
gold rings
Destruction Verses
I am become this place of ever stainrelish in the waking and the walking save the painspin me round in sonnets bound and spin me round againI stand alone I'll play the fool I'll soak in tears made rain.relish be in daily ritual's blood my words so grandI made a mighty ocean where a droplet once had stood but for all the given greatnessneath the sand the plastic waits not the mighty kingdom for a child born of manStand alone and face the skies...your light not shine..your flaccid eyesstand and scream triumphant pound your fist against the's not your light thatburnsbut merely hope that spurs the roast.You never were much more than king of fallen things aside..and now that all the worldis gone and innocence has died?what now feeds the hunger pit that grew ever inside?But what great nemesis bore the task of tearing down the kingdom's lastand raping innocence with every thrust?what became the evil man that tore apart this sullen land that made a cru
Wet Breathing
He strikes me silentlyThe scars on his face tell too many stories...he doesn't want to tell.Where do you come from, horror kingDoes the ground still burn when you whisper to theBreathing jungle? Are you steps behind in your mindbreathing still ragged, like the searing, humid wind?The monsoon will bring Naiad to thetrees but it won't compare to the stormfrom the bellies of the beasts. Rain down in torrents of rage, and or-angePhosphorus built for bones.Did Joe smile coolycru el ly? Or did he look like you?Scarred sharp slice on the inside. Oh, but he doesn't look like yousee like youbut for one momentyou shared the same eyes. Horror King, and the soft faced boyyet you feared him.Know a secret?He feared him too. You wear your scars so well...on the outside.You'll never forget the pain.He'll never forget your faceor the fact that it was hiswhen the sky burnt the whole world or-ange.
Updated My Profile
The subject says it all. Read my profile and go from there.
Just for future reference to anyone who spends the time to actually read my blogs:                   If you think that something I write is about someone in particular come to me and talk to me about it. By going to them before knowing that is who I was talking about you cause alot of hurt that isn't necessary.   I find it sad that people who say they are my friends won't talk to me about something like that. Getting into a fight with a friend who was hurt by something not relating to him hurts me. So by not asking me you added to the pain that made me write my blog in the first place. Thanks.
While You Slept
I touched your face...while you slept...I thought I'd break, or weep.It felt like gossamer satin under the thick pads of my felt like silk, and heat. I don't remember if it always felt like this...or maybe I didn't always feel like this...I only know...I touched your face...While you slept I breathed your breath....I inhaled your skin...soaked in memories and lotion...I heard you breathe...I breathed your breath.You smelled of daisies, and a waning that day...October sky...Harvest barefoot, and I.... ...kissed your face...while you slept...and Iremember every freckle..every scar...every crease...of your skin..I touched your face..while you slept...I had to...because when I won't be sleeping....and I won't be in your dreams...where I kiss your mouth...while you sleep.I think I miss the moments when I'd I miss the moments when you'd sleep.
Pauls Photos
  Hi Folks... I was asked if I Photoshoped my Photos.  No,,  I Corel Photo Paint with most all of the photos we put Up I de-rez them down to about 20% of the raw images and resize them down to about 200k to save the site band width and folks load times. I also do color tuning with contrast, mix, hue, brightness and every tool I can find to make the image on screens you see as I see them in my head... Sometimes that vision may not be actually what the camera saw... I blame it on the 60's...    But all the photos on the site, with the exception of a very few that are either old family photos or old photos we found of poloroids from days gone by, are taken with one of 3 cameras, most with a Fuji 5200 pro digital due to ease and I'm lazy.  But when I actually want to take a picture for keeps I use a Minolta SRT-100 manual with various lens I have.  I also have a SRT-101 body for the self timer but they are the same otherwise.   I have rebuilt the bodies 3 times since I trad
Want To Know About Me??
The Wall
5:00 am   There is serenity in the waking, but never in the awoken. Every morning is the same day dawning in darkness, and with it, comes the pain. My fits of words are rambles, and the sun is spying over the horizon while I write by the flickering screen's light. My day has begun as the silence ends. Every day, is this day. Last night's dream, every night's dream, echoes with silent vibration on the underbelly of my waking mind. The sweat I feel that chills, isn't earned, as much as it's owed. I know what they see when they look up. I am Wyatt Earp. I am Josey Wales. I am John Wayne. I know what I see when I look up. I am stained in crimson and tears. I am clenched, white knuckled to the handle. I am standing, holding trampled flowers. I'd shake if I felt the disconnection anymore, the breaking of the dream. I don't though. I merely awake, and sit while The Duke recites the lines in my mind, and I imagine there are wooden sidewalks still, in America. I can hear the teapot
Favor To Ask
so i have decided to pursue my career in photography so i need your help!! please go through my photo albums pick out the ones you like and please rate and comment them let me know what ones you like the ones that are picked since its a hard choice for me i'll put onto a disk and bring with me when i go visit the college im looking into attending.   so please help me out this is something i enjoy doing i love taking pictures, and as my fiance told me there will always be a need for photography for weddings, graduation photos, ect. so please help me pick some photos to add to show the teachers some of my "work".   thank you!!
"You're always so pretty when you smile for the camera."That made you smile. Half lidded. You had that sultry way about you.It was just one moment, snapping that photo. Frozen on your face one of the few times you smiled honestly for pictures. I felt special. You felt soft."I think I can smell your hair, Karen."The look you gave me was priceless, I wish I had that on celluloid too. Shock, mixed with a derisive brow. As if you'd just walked unknowingly into the asylum.The sounds of the people all around us were so subdued. Background music. White noise.I remember, Leonard was playing on the stereo though, and we were drinking spiked punch from bad plastic cups.Someone said you looked like Jaclyn Smith. I kept thinking that Jaclyn Smith looked like you. You kept smiling through those eyes, and I was intoxicated. Narcotic air between us, and you were electric light. I was a stammering idiot.Watching you around the crowd, so fluid moving amongst people, and cliques. Never disturbing, merel
Leave: A Story Of Glycerine
I remember you.We danced transcendentlike angel tonguesand you tasted like copper coinsand penny candy.I forgot youbecause the irony wastoo delicious for condimentsthat sweet. But your eyeslooked so familiar.I remember youkissed like cherry glazedripping down mymouth and decayingmy thoughts.I remember youtold me aboutBronteand howshe hadca denceI remember youlistened whenI toldyou about;cummings who had ittoo.I remember you looked like catastrophe as I wrapped you in bad polyester and lies, when you seemed like a million miles but you smelled like dogwoods and kerosene.I remember youtasted like smoke and mirrorsglass on my tongue from the inside.You I press naugahidewhile Dylan asked me how itfelt.I remember youfumbling and cold but youweren't sickjust tiredlike youso often were.I remember youasked why I had to berate you with theheavens that ached hazy greys through the pretty prettyspectrum.I remember younever smelled like gin but your facesaid you smelled it too.Even more was gone t
When Thinking Of Me...what Is The First Song That Crosses Your Mind?
I wanna know!
You Re
You're sexAnd I'm seething, teethingtearing, gnashingglaring at the sinewsin you...'ve been throughand threwthrough you.Your sexAnd I'm wanting, tauntingtouching, graspingclutching to the pastand it's passed and I'm lastbut not niceand not fast.Your skinAnd I'm tasting, wastingwarning, shakingscorning your paceand your face is disgraced by the grinand the gazeand your tongue tracing maze.You're sinAnd I'm sinning, grinningbiting, rippinghiding behind these wordswhile I shiver and shakeremake the bravadoand bravo for making believe.I'm twice the man I used to be, but half so when you leavebereftand you're rightand you left.
Is changing her life. I will no longer tolerate being treated less then I deserve. I am a hardworking good mom. I love with all my heart and tired of being hurt by people with nothing better to do then try and bring others down to their sad misrable exsistance. I have real friends and the love of my family who shaped my character. I am me and if ya don't like it? See ya! Toodles! Tah tah! LOL Peace! Whats that old saying? I you cant except me at my worst? You sure the fuck don't deseve me at my best. I am over it.
Unknown Author...
Hold your sadness like a puppet, keep putting on the play.But everything you do is leading to the pointwhere you just won’t know what to do.And at that moment you may laughbut there is someone there who will be laughing louder than you.So it’s true, the trick is complete.become everything you said that you never would be.You’re a fool! You’re a fool!Sunrise, sunset.
Deacon The Vampire Hunter Story
I have always been an intricate and complicated individual and have been evolving for decades. I could start by telling you about my birth place and family, but the significance of these details isn’t relevant in my opinion. I will begin with when I was turned.  The year was 2000, October 31st, Halloween or all hollows eve for the believers in the super natural. I thought I was just going to a private party in Las Vegas, to drink and meet some people, and if I was lucky, go home with a beautiful woman. The woman I met was not what I expected at all. In fact I didn’t believe her when she told me she was a vampire, it was Halloween after all.  We danced and talked and drank champagne for hours. I joked about how I wanted her to bite me, in typical flirtatious banter and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I realized after that the party was thrown by a familiar to such preternatural life. This woman, Milla, was a centuries old vampire and when she turned me, I wa
I have MS.  January will be 7 years living with knowing this is what I have.  The past nearly 7 years have been an experience.  Well, once I finally came to terms with this whole thing.  Life with MS can be difficult.  When they first told me I had MS, I knew it wasn't good, but I didn't know anything about it.  At first, I thought I had it so bad, but over the years talking to others with MS, I would say I'm pretty lucky.  I don't have pain!!!  At least not at this point.  MS is always changing.  What I do deal with is bad balance, not being able to be on my feet for a long period of time, my sense of touch is not right, and my legs and feet don't have a normal feeling, but it is difficult to explain.  I also go to the restroom about 20 times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.  But I have done things in the past 7 years that I like to brag about.  I helped organize an MS walk to raise money.  We only did one.  The support group that I used to go to did it and I was involved.  I he
Faktor Penentu Performa Web
Faktor apa saja yang menentukan suatu website/blog dikatakan cepat?  Ada jawabannya, antara lain : themes/template yang sederhana, tidak ada iklan, gambar yang sedikit, tidak ada java script, jumlah paragraph tidak terlalu panjang, dan lain sebagainya.  Dari semua jawaban di atas, faktor utama yang menentukan kecepatan website adalah minimnya jumlah permintaan file yang kita unduh (download) ke komputer, atau dikenal dengan HTTP Request.   HTTP Request HTTP Request adalah permintaan yang dilakukan oleh client (browser,spider, bot, dan lain sebagainya) kepada server suatu website untuk mengunduh (download) file-file yang akan ditampilkan menjadi sebuah halaman web.  Sementara HTTP respone adalah respon atau reaksi dari server suatu website terhadap permintaan yang dilakukan oleh client (browser, spider, bot, dan lain-lain). Kaitan dengan kecepatan loading Ketika browser akan membuka suatu halaman web, browser mengunduh setiap file yang dibutuhkan untuk membangun halaman tersebut. 
obfuscate\OB-fuh-skayt\ , transitive verb;1.To darken or render indistinct or dim.2.To make obscure or difficult to understand or make sense of.3.To confuse or bewilder.
Love is energy of life.  -  Robert Browning
Why Do I Buy Custom Dresses
If you are soon to be married but you haven’t found a desired dress for the sake of either unsatisfied patterns or too expensive. I recommend you to buy  Custom evening dresses or flower girl dresses. Since custom-made dresses are much cheaper than a real brand designer dress while you can have its beautiful pattern replicated. You hit two birds with one stone in this clever way, don’t you? You can choose a dress patter from the customize website, also you are able to design by yourself and have it realized perfectly with the help of the professional dress tailors of the custom-made dress online sale website. Another thing you don’t need to worry about is the meausurement. It’s one of the most outstanding advantages of Custom dresses. Due to all the dresses are tailored carefully as your unique measurements, the dresses will fit and flatter your bodyshape very well. That’s the main reason why so many mother of the bride are popular among elder women. Be
Getting Busted For Not Tipping
If I were you I would think twice before going to eat at Lehigh Pub in Bethlehem, PA. Get this, a couple was arrested for not paying a mandatory tip of 18% or $16 before leaving the pub. Leslie Pope and her date John Wagner were arrested and handcuffed for not paying up. Leslie said the service was terrible so they decided not to tip, which is reasonable. But the pub was buying it so in come the cops. What’s the name of that restaurant again? To get the details click here: At BlastFM we don’t have you arrested if you don’t want to tip us. So feel free to listen without worrying about handcuffs. .
Let's Live Like Outlaws, Honey
  You have been watched from a distance for some time now and now you are being watched from even farther away. Anyway, you’d like to believe it’s true. Who wouldn’t? Just because a thing’s invisible doesn’t mean it don’t exist, you think to yourself, but still, there is no valid way to test it. And then one day you fall asleep on the train on the way home but you get home anyway. You close your eyes and nothing happens. You close your eyes every now and then, just to test the waters, and find you’re still moving, being moved, walking through the tunnel with your eyes closed, held up and carried along by the crowd. Not love or joy in any traditional sense, but a gentle kind of peaceful rocking that gathers together the single flowers to make a garland. The lights flicker and the wheels clack. No one on the train can tell who’s driving, so you let go of the imaginary wheel. You lean back in your plastic seat and let your shoulders relax.
Flyin High Again!
Dammitman!  Why is all the fun stuff so hard to find anymore?  What's a girl gotta do to get some kicks?  I guess I will just resort back to my handy-dandy little book of "home remedies".....The recipe I want to try calls for hashish and belladonna...neither of which, unfortunately, I have access to at this moment in time.  Probably because  the former ingredient has the potential to possibly land me in jail, and the latter could land me in a coma!  But the issue is, I really don't want to land at all.  Period.  I wanna fly.  Charge up my witch's broom and fly!  I suppose I could substitute mugwort, benzoin and throw in a little chimney soot, which is the new "politically correct" recipe; in other words, a poor substitute....The new recipes just don't produce the startling psychedelic effects like the ones from the Middle Ages.  Dammitman....societal rules and regulations take the fun out of everything!  Meanwhile, back at the cave, I stoke the fire under the cauldron.....bubble, bubbl
Day In The Warehouse By Nick G.
I worked there before It's really tough Pulling boxes And dealing with fluff   Listening to Mexcan music In which I don't understand Boy I wish I could listen To my favorite boy band   Listening to Fernando As he tries to sing And watching him sit there While I do everything   Boy is it annoying To see Fernando's lazy eyes It must be hard to look awake When he always looks high   Shrink wrapping packages Using the fork lift Shipping stuff with UPS Is like wrapping a gift   There's more to the warehouse Than just the work But there's enough to do To make you go beserk!
I'm Chunky By Nick G.
I'm big and round I'm definitely a shape People feed me bananas Cause they think I'm an ape   I love to eat I love to feast Boy do I love My bread full of yeast   Chicken Noodle soup Macaroni and cheese I go around town Eating everything I please   Tamales and Tortillas I love them a lot Frijoles and Habaneros Ew I think not   I woudn't go as far As comparing me to a monkey But I got the curves to prove That I'm a bit chunky!
Skinny Jeans By Nick G.
They fit so well they snug so tight these skinny jeans are really light   they look real cool they feel so good dont get caught wearing skinny jeans in the hood they make you punker they make you rock put on those skinny jeans before your sock   different sizes for girls different sizes for guys the thing about skinny jeans is getting them past your thighs   dont make fun of guys it dont make them look gay wearing those skinny jeans makes the jewels stay
My Red Truck By Nick G.
I love food I love poop My red truck Has a little scoop   In my way In the air My red truck Doesn’t care   Going slow Or hauling ass My red truck Goes really fast  
Come And Own A Hornychef come and see what i have to offer and see if you want to own a hornychef.  
So my boyfriend have dumped me today, after telling me how much he loves me, and how much he wants to be with me.  I am really heartbroken, espcially now that I wont have any sex life at all. I prefer the real meat, if you know what I mean. All my toys just dont cut it for me any longer. I just wish I could meet a man who could satisfy me as much as I could satisfy him.
Found Treasure!!
I was randomly flipping through a book I had gotten used and haven't gotten to yet, when I found TWO things inside: $5 and a postcard: "DRIVE-IN GIRL: She was Included in the Price of a Ticket"! (Ok tell me this wasn't meant for me, the lead character in the books name is even Stephanie!) I've found a lot of interesting things in books I've procured secondhand- photos, love notes, cards, a womens prison receipt in a copy of "Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers"... but never money! See people, books just give and give and give... UPDATE: This is the book I found them in. Anti-climatic, eh?
Caa #131
One of my extended family members lost her mother today.  Please send out angel prayers of strength, healing and love to her, her husband, family and friends.   Love,   Doc
Ecs Custom Graphics
The rules for this are fairly simple. 1.) Do not shout me what you would like. It takes a couple days to complete your request, so by the time i got around to doing it, your shout request will be gone.   2.) Please subject the email ECS Graphics so i dont accidentally delete it.   3.) please link me the pic(s) you would like to use for your artwork. I Don't want to create something for you and you not like the pic I have chosen.   4.) I Will never ask you for any compensation, but donations of FuBucks, VIP, Blast, Whatever is definitely accepted and highly appreciated. It's like being in the hospitality industry. Waitresses are not allowed to ask for a tip, but theyre obviously appreciated.
have u ver had a dream that ate u alive inside annd make u scream so hard that ur insides hurt from the sorrow and hate in ur dream i have nevr seen a min of peace for along time because of it my realty won't let me face the truth darkness falls all around me as well as saddiness help me find my peace once again
I Need A Vip!!
Hey guys. It's me. I am in dire need of a 1 month vip. Can someone please get me one? I'll give: 2 million fubucks [minus the fee to send them] all 11s until all photos are rated shitfaced as needed add you to my family 2 sfw salutes PLEASE?? I am 7 mil away from leveling and I have tons of photos to upload and can not until I get a VIP. I just need a 1 month vip. It's only 14 dollars. I can not afford one at the moment. Won't be able to til next month.  So pleaseeeee... please.... be AWESOME and help me out.
R.i.p Shane. Babyboy U Will Be Missed !
Send your own ElfYourself eCards  
Cold Outside 11/19
It's The Holidays & Baby It's Cold Outside! Come & Join the Cold Outside Auction Ends When Your Happy With Your Bid All I need from you is your photo and your offers and I'll get you all set up :) The first 10 entries I get for the auction will be enter in the rates contest and it will run for 3 weeks so come and join and tell all your friends. There will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winner Below are the prize's that will be given to the winner's. 1st Place: my points for 12 hours & A Ticker
This Is Sooooo Cool
This is REALLY Cool!!!  A new Digital version of the classic game with sound. This is so much fun !!!  Click on the Tic-Tac-Toe link (below) to play.   See if you can beat the computer...  CLICK HERE: ......................TicTacToe 
Be A Superman With Soft Viagra
Red Shirt Fridays
Thank you tat for posting this. If  the red shirt thing is new to you, read below how it went for a man....Last  week, while traveling to Chicago on business, I  noticed a Marine sergeant traveling with a  folded flag, but did not put two and two  together.. After we boarded our flight, I  turned to the sergeant, who'd been invited to  sit in First Class (across from me), and  inquired if he was heading home.No, he  responded.Heading out I asked? No.  I'm escorting a soldier home.Going to  pick him up?No. He is with me right now.  He was killed in Iraq , I'm taking him home to  his family. The realization of what he  had been asked to do hit me like a punch to the  gut. It was an honor for him. He told me that,  although he didn't know the soldier, he had  delivered the news of his passing to the  soldier's family and felt as if he knew them  after many conversations in so few days.  I turned back to him, extended my hand,  and said, Thank you Thank you for doing what  you do so my fa
You’re Responsible For Your Futureviagra Pro.
I'm Back!
To all my Fubar Friends: I haven't been online for quite some time, but now I am back and would love to hear from all of you.  Please, visit my profile, leave some comments on my page, and I will get to you as soon as I can.  I have a lot of catching up to do!
New Joke
A priest wants some fish for dinner so a member of his church thats a fisherman tells him he will bring some to him that evening. They sit down and start to eat. The Father tells the fisherman "These are some of the best fish I've ever had! What kind of fish are they?" The fisherman responds "These are the best 'sons of bitches' in the world and they are only in our waters". The Father looks at the fisherman puzzled. "My son I know you are proud of these fish but please dont refer to them with such language". The fisherman looks at the father suprised and tells him "No Father thats what they are really called". The priest looks amused and tells him "Oh ok as long as that is their real name".                                                               The next week a Bishop comes to town and joins the Father for dinner. The priest tells him "Your really going to enjoy these fish Your Grace!" The Bishop starts to eat and exclaims "Wow these are delicious! What kind of fish are they?"
2009: The Thanks I Am Giving
I can honestly say that 2009 has probably been the best and worst year of my life and that this year, I have been through more and learned more than I ever have in my entire life. Right after New Year's I experienced a tradegy that left me in the hospital and took a lot of counseling to get over, but I did. On Monday, November 16th 2009 I had the scariest moment of my life. Around 4:48 p.m. I was on the way home from the gym. The road I live on is already extremely curvey and dangerous and to add to that, the city has loose gravel and tar on it from where they are fixing it. I was driving on the road and my tires slipped on some of the loose tar. I swerved into the other lane and immediately tried to correct myself to avoid a head on collison with another car. Instead of correcting myself back into my lane, I lost control of my car and it swerved off the side of the road, and flipped twice down a hill and landed upside down in my neighbor's yard. When the I felt the car flip the first
Leaving Fubar, See Ya!!
After a bit of soul searching i realized that this site is not something i want to be a part of anymore.  the greed and the "cool kids" have gotten out of control, i realize that this is just the internet, but a few people i thought were really friends did nothing but basically spit in my face when i came back after not being here for a few months though i did my best to keep in contact   i wont waste my time trying to explain all the reasons for my leaving>lets just say that this site has ran its course, and anyone that has my heart knows how to get ahold of me, if you dont and you would like to i have one of those   face     yanno i cant say it but its something about a book so look for sarah robinson     im not deleting the profile, cause my friends and i did put a great deal of money into it, not as much as some, but these gifts still mean something to me, as to the people who gave them to me     to bring it to a wrap, i would like to leave you all with a few words  
Moshe's Little Heart Still Beats For Home
Moshe still thinks of Mumbai as home. The little boy believes his parents live there, and often asks about them. His little world revolves around school and play, drawing and colouring, climbing and falling. Terror and bullets don't mean anything to him. Not yet. Moshe's life appears like that of any normal three-year-old—comfortable, secure and engulfed by love. But behind the surface lies a horrific tragedy that could haunt him as he grows older. Moshe lost both his parents in the Mumbai attacks last year, as terrorists laid siege to the Chabad-Lubavitch Jewish Centre in a determined attempt to target the community. He had stood crying near his parents' fallen bodies, as terrorists stalked up and down, killing four other Jews in the building. That Moshe is alive is a miracle, largely engineered by his devoted Indian nanny, Sandra Samuel, who ran to him when she heard his cries, scooped him up and hid in the kitchen until the nightmare was over. For hours they sat wedged between
Everywoman It In If They Want In
starting black friday at 12:01 am the best butts contests on fubar begins. the one rule is it is nsfw the highest avaerage that day get a one point bling. th champion on dec 25 will get a bomb or an auto 11. if there is a tie we go back and see how many days they were number 1 and award the prize after thatok and ty     ps you have till nov 26 to enteryour pictures in the contest good luck ladys
There Is A Difference Between Life And Survival
Whatever medical science may profess, there is a difference between Life and survival. There is more to being alive than just having a heartbeat and brain activity. Being alive, really alive, is something much subtler and more magnificent. Their instruments measure blood pressure and temperature, but overlook joy, passion, love, all the things that make life really matter. To make our lives matter again, to really get the most out of them, we will have to redefine life itself. We have to dispense with their merely clinical definitions, in favor of ones which have more to do with what we actually feel. As it stands, how much living do we have in our lives? How many mornings do you wake up feeling truly free, thrilled to be alive, breathlessly anticipating the experiences of a new day? How many nights do you fall asleep feeling fulfilled, going over the events of the past day with satisfaction? Most of us feel as though everything has already been decided without us, as if living is not
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