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Ange Bowl Against Florida S
NEW YORK -- On one side, a blossoming dynasty from the college football capital of the Deep South. On the other, the sports most famous team, trying to reclaim its place among the elite. Notre Dame and Alabama bring star power and power football to the BCS championship. The matchup became official Sunday night when the final standings were released and, to no ones surprise, the Fighting Irish were first and the Crimson Tide was second. The one bit of drama on college footballs selection Sunday was whether Northern Illinois could be this years BCS buster. The Huskies got in, getting a spot in the Orange Bowl against Florida State, taking a bid away from Oklahoma and sparking heated debate about a system that never fails to tick off fans in some way. The other BCS matchups: -- Oregon and Kansas State will play in the Fiesta Bowl. -- Wisconsin and Stanford will meet in the Rose Bowl. -- Florida and Louisville are set for the Sugar Bowl. As for the main event in the penultimate
A Complaint Against The Harris County, Texas Family Violence Section
A Complaint Against The Harris County, Texas Family Violence SectionThis is being republished by permission.  It is convicted person's family email discussing how someone was mistreated in Harris County, Texas.  These people felt so strongly that they hired someone to fly a banner over the Courthouse to display their message.Family violence is a serious offense.  It destroys families, mentally devastating the abused.  The abused could be a spouse, child or a live in partner.  It has become so serious that the Harris County District Attorney's office and the courts have taken a zero tolerance for the offense, many times with the perpetrator being sent to prison, which should be done. But, what happens if a person is falsely accused of family violence?  What happens if the only evidence is the testimony of liars, no other evidence, and those lies eventually conclude to convict an innocent person for a crime they did not commit?  They become victims of the system.  They are not only humil
Elephant Painting
In that period I almost bedridden mother, poor Opel also disrupted the daily routine, every day with my momRoom to sleep, to see him somewhat harsh, so take advantage of his afternoon nap time with him do notClay, but he temporarily changed his mind, want to draw an elephant Leonid Afremov paintings ~Teacher to help him strokeOpel described himself once againThen painted with white paintCovered with blue paintThen draw an elephant forefootThen do the elephant's eyes with clayOpel looked at the teacher ~ ~In the white-elephant nose greaseCompressCompletion La ~ by (custom paintings for sale)
I'm past the point of trying to level or help others level and canceled VIP. Sooo tired of hearing me, me, me. This place used to be fun and exciting but now it is over run with point whores and high dollar pimps. Those who ask for bling or whatever to see your nsfw trust me you're not that lucky and I'm not that bored. Don't waste your rates, likes, drinks or abilities on me, I'[m not interested. I'll be around to play Fumafia but don't expect much more than that. If you want to be my merc, in my mob or turf stop by. When this place goes back to being about fun and friends I might get interested again, until them peace out. Eddy (Pugmie)
Thirteen Autumn Korean Fashion Printing Dresses
  Lead: printing always with a sweet flavor, if we catch the dress, it will become the leader of the cute and adorable, cool autumn is coming, grab the tail of the summer, and then show your sweet fresh air it.   Printed asian fashion dresses LOOK1  Chiffon has always been one of the girls favorite fabric, if made ​​dress is very popular, elegant fairy Fan filling in the dotted chiffon dress from fresh sweet pale pink print, how could not heart it? If the dress itself no waist, do not forget coupled with a waist, so that their lines more obvious.   Printed Dress LOOK2 Cute print dress, black for the background gradient, dotted with the appropriate stamp, simple and not messy, with high heels design chic, eye makeup and deep, add a lot to the overall mix handsome style.   Printed Dress LOOK3 Main blue floral print skirt, gold belt, rivet navy blue blazer adds color gradation and handsome, white beak heels with silver chain small bag color echoes, the overall visual
Small Suit Match With Tight Pencil Pant In Autunm
    Lead: a small suit is an essential wardrobe with originals, it can always be in the hands of fashion with a variety of changes, but it is definitely pencil pants with classic and long, Variety with felt trouble, then memorize this match just fine!   Small suit + korean fashion style pencil pants LOOK1  Lemon yellow suit white shirt inside the ride, fresh and bright colors, a black tight pencil pants Slim was thin, add a touch more once handsome, black fish head high heels lengthen the overall effect, so that the whole people look tall marble, leather clutch but also highlights the female OL wind.   Small suit + pencil pants LOOK2 Clear blue suit and a white chiffon shirt inside the ride, very fresh and clean, wearing a tight-fitting denim pencil pants, high-heeled shoes design is very chic, brown bag slightly retro feel.   Small suit + pencil pants LOOK3 Bright lemon yellow suit, which take the tight black T-shirt, a black pencil pants are very thin, blue zipper bag so t
The Master Garden
The Master of the garden makes plans for his Beauty's True , He calls his Red Rose Love and Beauty . She shows great courage an passion , But the Dark Red Rose sees she lacks one quality , Respect needed to be shown. The Dark Red Rose whose unconscious Beauty was wanting proof Of Devotion true .So the Red Rose handed her a single ,long stemmed Red Rose with a humble " I love you " Now the Three Pinks who  are Admiration and Gratitude , Except for the Palest who possessed also Sympathy , Sweetness an Joy Were all wanting to call on the Yellow Rose who was Promise & Welcome . Can not we all just bloom in unison , lets call upon the White Rose to hear Her Pure intent . She answers with a tender voice , I stand with Violet who is the Rule , Let all be planted around the fountain except the Black Rose , Put it by the garden Wall , cause it brings Death and is destained to fall . Now the Master of the Garden fair listened with open heart Thinking it was wise , Said SO BE IT ,
If someone asked you to choose one 90s tune..which one would it be? One that makes you move that ass (fat or not...we don't care) every fucking time you listen to it! Impress me!    
I Need
I need you to know, before I just have to go.  Into nothingness again, I'm not going to feel bad, like you always sin. You may not have been meant for me, but its always nice to dream when I can never be. Where you are, its hot without me, its better that way that is how its suppose to be. I am sad our chat time is all gone, I am not that smart and its not wrong. I'll be okay one day, that much I know. It is still hard to say, everyday people come and go. I might not be the best around, or even the best underground. I can't walk the hall of fame and I don't know all the stars by name. What is wanted, to me don't matter that much. I will feel when you need my touch. I need you and me to be at least okay, before I lay down the bestest way. There was never a need for me, and never shall a need be. I am just one, going down slow, I'm here just needing you to know.
You're Not Alone ~ Olive
    In a way, it's all a matter of timeI will not worry for you, You'll be just fineTake my thoughts with you, and when you look behindYou will surely see a face that you recognizeYou're not alone, I'll wait till the end of timeOpen your mind, Surely it's plain to seeYou're not alone, I'll wait till the end of time for youOpen your mind, Surely there's time to be with meIt is the distance, that makes life a little hardTwo minds that once were close, Now so many miles apartI will not falter though, I'll hold on till you're homeSafely back where you belong, And see how our love has grown
Welcome To My Life...
Ever been so angry, hateful that you couldn't speak?  That all you could do was sit there and shake? Now imagine being like that all the time...   Ever been so hurt, so broken, so alone? That tears hide right behind your eyes? Threaten to flood at the slightest memory? Now imagine being like that all the time... Do you ever feel depressed? Ever feel like you have no reason to live? Ever want to beg for death? Now imagine being like that all the time... Ever lose something or someone important to you? Have something torn from your life that is your foundation? That without it you are stumbling and lost in the darkness? Now imagine being like that all the time... Ever wake up from a nightmare? Wake up shaking, drenched in sweat? Wanting to scream, but your voice wont work?  Now Imagine being like that all the time...   Ever be ready to give up on everything? Ever want to just scream as loud as you can? Hope that somebody, anybody will listen? Hoping someone out th
I Actually Like This!
He considered that he might be just as much in love himself, only where he came from the phrase 'got the hots for' was more acceptable. Book game (disguised on FB as the International Book Week status thingie) The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence . P.S. For the record..this is a book I haven't read BUT is the one closest to me right now.    
Todays Thoughts..
My ranting and raving today is over how everyone is out to make the big bucks.. and how seams America doesnt want anyone to get ahead in life.   Slightly aggitated.  I have went washer shopping a little today.  I just bought one 2 yrs ago but it has broke down already twice due to change going through it and getting into the motor.  Yes I know i should empty pockets..but fact remains.. my old washer that i had for years had so much change go through it and never broke down. I had it til it finally was just to old.  Anyways.. I wish I could just buy a old time washer like that again.  The sales people are out to get there commision though and are bragging up the newer models.   Telling me how the newer ones use only like 8 gallons of water..compared to the old ones using 50gallons of water.  I started thinking about it.. how can clothes really get clean? on just 8 gallons of water?   In my mind though.. I am getting more convince to buy one of these newer models..because I want t
For Fucks Sake...please Read My Profile
Mood..slightly annoyed, Ok,MORE then slightly annoyed.   I am here to talk to people and make new friends and post my poetry/short stories.What i am NOT here for is anything sexual. No,i wont be cybering with anyone,nor will i write you dirty emails or post nsfw pics. Yes i guess that makes me boring by FUBAR standards but tough shit. Im keeping it real. If you are a person who enjoys anything sexual and thats the deal breaker when choosing online "friends"  then by all means gravitate towards those who will serve your needs because clearly i wont. I have nothing against those who post naughty pics..this is do what you want to do with yourself here..but its not my cup of tea.  I say on my profile VERY clearly i am NOT here for sexual anything. Please,before you friend me take note of that. I have already had guys message me this morning with horny messages and i had to remind them of that fact.  No im not rude nor am i a bitch. Being straightforward is not a bad thing
I Fn Hate The Va
today I get a cal saying they have to delay payment on my claim because something was not filled out properly. I went back in and it turns out they entered my social wring. FML. I need that money like yesterday so i dont have to sell things or get further behind on things I already am behind on. Guess I can kiss the bike I am rebuilding back on market and sell a kidney or something.just like the Gov't to hold up your money when you need it. but if you don't pay them on time even if it is their error then too. they tack on all kinds of penaties and fees. get your act together VA!
"You need to associate with people that inspire you, people that challenge you to rise higher, people that make you better. Don't waste your valuable time with people that are not adding to your growth. Your destiny is too important."
11 Lessom About Saga Of Silicone Breast Implants In Uk
In the following eleven lessons learned from the silicone breast implant saga in the United States are listed.Some Lessons From The Saga Of Silicone Breast Implants In The U.S. 1. The intrinsic differences between science and the law mean thatThere will continue to be tension at the interface between the two. 2. Weak scientific evidence makes for weak scientific, clinical and legaljudgments.3. Health policy can influence the weighing of evidence as did the FDA banongelfiledsiliconebreastimplantsin1992.4. As the probative value of scientific evidence decreases (that is, the quality and relevance of the evidence) the courts have increasing difficulty in evaluation.5. Weak scientific evidence along with poor legal judgments can distort clinical understanding and result in harm to patients.6. Widely publicized speculation and litigation can obscure less dramatic but frequent and serious complications.7. Clinicians, toxicologists, industry and regulators should maintain surveillance of medi
Essay Editing – Dissertation Writing Services
Many students send their entrance essay to an essay editing service and get accepted to the program of their need. The essay must be unique from the other applicants. Hiring a dissertation editing service is essential for many students revising and editing academic essays, dissertations, and medical research documents requires precision presentation of ideas to optimize accuracy. The proofreading and editing service can enhance the quality of the scientific research and academic essay for publication in journals or publishing companies. You can earn your grade and earn extra money when publishing companies accept the paper. These are the greatest benefits you can obtain when you hire editing and proofreading services with the right experience, skill, and academic qualifications. Writing an entrance essay is not easy for most students because they are required to write about themselves, their life, motivations, experience, and future plans. A professional essay writing service, with s
La Diferente Tableta , La Diferente Maravillosa
Si usted ha visto Project Runway, usted debe haber encontrará que es cómodo Android 4.2 Tablet PC y fresco para los diseñadores para dibujar boceto de diseño ropa en la tableta. No importa si es el diseño de ropa importante o simplemente interesados ​​en el diseño, es bueno tener un mejor pastilla que se utilizará para la elaboración del diseño de ropa. Hay algo que usted debe tener en cuenta cuando se va a elegir un mejor pastilla que se utilizará para la elaboración del diseño de ropa. Si usted acaba de comenzar a usar la tableta para dibujar el diseño de ropa, se sugiere elegir un tableta Android barato pero con un gran rendimiento para el diseño. Lo que necesita la pastilla es practicar cómo se siente libre para dibujar el boceto. Será un poco difícil para el nuevo alumno a controlar una tableta con una configuración complicada. Pero se necesita la pantalla para ser sensibles. Además, es necesario equipada con un lápiz táctil para dibujar. Si usted ha apren
A Reason During The Warm Months
I just now were built with a thirty one Walter Payton Jersey party and also obtained their tremendous managing tote and i'm gonna make use of which will because my future diaper bag [We] got back into decent field position and had a shot at it Harris, an undrafted rookie, was starting in place of the injured Zach Strief (groin) and Charles Brown (knee), both of whom were inactive Cowboys lineman Josh Brent, who was driving, was indicted earlier this week on one count of intoxication manslaughter in connection with the wreck Plastic cases come in Charles Tillman Drift Jersey a variety pointing to vibrant colors Joel Turner said Tolbert was so excited about joining Carolina that he left over $1 million on the table on an offer from San Diego You may well be in the position to choose the Lv name (time period length of About 15,20,30,25 and 40 quite a long time), paperwork form (complete or mentioned), the possibility for any lessen cost over the purchase with cost effective i
Kinds Of Shoes Do Not Cause Pain
Granted, you probably are looking for something that is Josh Freeman Drift Jersey comfortable to the feet, isn't too shabby looking but simple enough that it doesn't draw too much attention teetimesanywhere Over the knee wedge boots are a huge trend right now for fall and winter It will show dedication and seriousness when it comes to what they do for a living But bear in mind, bedbugs may really easily be transported into your family home by way of house Doug Martin Drift Jersey guests, pets along with other creatures in the event the bed bugs are hidden on them who knows where, therefore it happens to be not just simply dirty homes which will get affected by bed bug infestations Remember, you're probably going to be in that house for a while The food is good, the atmosphere laid back as well as the contemporary feel makes it a Vincent Jackson Drift Jersey beautiful spot to stay in case you are in search of some thing out from the normal One can wear this kind of shoes
Knee And Elbow Padding Are Strongly
How to get back with your ex boyfriend Mike Wallace Drift Jersey path has Do's and Dont's that you have to follow Although it has only one string, mastering the tumbi takes many years However, for those who aren't able to spend thousands on a good tuxedo, one in the $100-$200 range will be just as acceptable at black-tie functions Although protective gears such as skate shoes, helmets, knee and elbow padding are strongly recommended, many skateboarders ignore those Cameron Wake Drift Jersey as they find it not so cool After 16 years, Leena is finally on the road to recovery If you purchase a set of labels (usually $17) along with the draft board, the price is only $22 plus shipping for both (again, plus a little extra for the larger boards) A hand three of a kind hand is 3s, 5d in your Ryan Tannehill Drift Jersey hand and 3d, 3c, 10c on the table, and a set is when you have in your hand 3s, 3h and on the table 2d, 3c, 8c A typical massage will cost about $60 per hour and
This Goes For The Games Your Children
This is easy as many have unlimited music downloads Joe Montana Drift Jersey in MP3 format The only legit January is widely known among wrestling supporters for the Royal Rumble This will tell you just how successful you have been The album debuted at #7 in the U There are many styles of flip flops on the market today that feature arch support I, for example have worked with pretty fair lyricists and some good musicians, and Joe Montana Womens Jersey I find that I definitely fit in the lyricist category The only problem is that your child cannot try these kid?s shoes on before you buy them, and in some cases, shipping is slow ? There are myriad of great options available to you when it comes to shoes This goes for the games your children play in, as well as the sporting events you Joe Montana Jersey watch on TV The group recognized as La Quinta del Buitre received 5 straight La Liga titles, and two UEFA championships to go alongside with that, as properly as numerous oth
Commentators Are Calling This Immoral
Red oak and maple, by comparison, can take decades Womens Geno Smith Jersey to mature and then have to be replanted In 2000, Luis Figo moved from Barcelona to Genuine Madrid for a report transfer charge, but as a consequence incurred the wrath of fans who enable their displeasure be recognized by throwing garbage (and even a pig's head at him) throughout matches Oh and by the way, Geno Smith Womens Jersey revival isn just heaps of new people becoming Christians either Business attire is different from weekend and evening wear Take it slow and steady and do numerous repetitions using the dumbbells because you comfortably can before resting His teammate, Bobby Engram, underwent ACL surgery in mid-October 2000 One important factor to consider is the Geno Smith Authentic Jersey weather The city covers approximately 25,000 acres of land If solid black is not your color of choice, you could go for the black and white combination Is this a negative factor or a positive factor? Mo
Argentine Generals : Manchester City Has Left The Locker Room Talk About Manchester United Messi Wardrobe Diving
Zabaleta Looking Manchester derbyThis weekend, Manchester City [ microblogging ] [ microblogging ] will usher in a home with Manchester United [ microblogging ] [ microblogging ] derby . Before the game, Manchester City defender Pablo Zabaleta [ microblogging ] was asked in an interview with the Manchester United players Ashley - Young Crystal Palace in a war with the "diving " behavior, but he did not carry a positive answer , the coach Manuel Pellegrini confirmed in an interview ,cheap soccer jerseys the team playmaker David - silva may continue to lack of war wounds . Manchester United 2-0 victory over Crystal Palace in the game, the Red Devils winger Ashley - Young in the game in a " diving" caused a British major media hot. " Manchester derby " war imminent, Manchester City defender Pablo Zabaleta told the " Daily Post" interview also touched on the controversial topic. However , in the face of questions from reporters , Pablo Zabaleta and no positive response , so he
Marshal : Mike Mussina Lineup Minds Than In The Past Most Of The Use Is Chelsea Torres
Mourinho 's Chelsea [ ​​microblogging ] [ microblogging ] [ microblogging ] [ microblogging ] lost two straight , the media has said Mourinho crisis . In this regard, the former England [ microblogging ] [ microblogging ] marshal Venables in the " Sun" column , wrote , cheap soccer jerseys and now need to retrieve when Mike Mussina Jagged style. Venables column : Mourinho returned to Chelsea , but if watching their last two games, you may not realize that he has come back . Road loss to Everton on Saturday , lost at home to Basel on Wednesday ,Barcelona jersey these two games are the most unlike Mourinho coached the game, not just the result of bad, more importantly, the team's performance . These two games , Chelsea is not what we expected that team , not that " special one " of the team , and the first Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho compared to the period from the time there is obviously a high standard gap. Losing 1-0 at Goodison Park , this Chelsea have more th
Every Man Should Know
Every man should know that a woman is not beautiful by the way she looks, walks or wears her hair. Beauty isn’t always on the outside, its inside. You need to look beyond a woman’s curves and complexion to discover her real beauty. A woman is beautiful in the way she speaks her mind, in the way she touches your heart with her warmth and tenderness and in the ways she mends and heals broken hearts with her unconditional love and compassion. When a woman is loved you can discover her beauty in the sparkle of her eyes and the radiance of her soul. A woman’s greatest beauty lies in her whole hearted smile when she feels loved to the core….
Want Someone To Create Your Drive At Dreams Waves Delhi Vip Escort Girl Decision Me ÷9811737042
Myself Nancy Ajrama your desired dream. Delhi is a romantic place to go to and additionally a decent place for commercial enterprise in India. If you are in Delhi and searching for a Best escort service to entertain or commercial enterprise then build a decision of choosing me. I am a young and an engaging wanting woman and elite companion with a habit of all the nice things life provides for those ready for achievement.I am associate  Escort in Delhi. I am highly educated, Hygienic, beautiful behavior, Co-operative, Decent, smart trying, position. I settle for call bookings to any location in Delhi. For outcalls bookings please note I solely settle for visits to hotels. If you would like to pay time with me you'll relax secured that you can meet a lady like me who  act as sort of a mechanism. I am a stiff supporter in excellence over quantity. I merely believe some appointments on a daily basis, that I look onward to with enthusiasm and obtain prepared for wide to create positive
Powerful Lower Body At The Begining
" And if you expect him to interface with his NaVorro Bowman Elite Jersey players … well, think again J In the latest episode, he gave this analysis of the Indian Premier League (IPL): "Twenty-over cricket, we keep telling people, they can't give you situations where character and mental toughness comes in These traits have always been identifiable and measurable through extensive film study You need to Justin Smith Elite Jersey pay golf course fees, caddies, give tips, among others I don't think he literally meant that 50 percent of NFL players use Adderall It is used not only for golf players to practice their putting skills, but for other activities as well He played with excellent leverage and strength; he had a Patrick Willis Elite Jersey powerful lower body at the begining of 2007, Gonzalez experienced been informed they have Bell's palsy, a disorder that causes short-term incomplete face treatment paralysisnfl jerseys china For long passing, kick the ball wi
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Gic General Manager Rob Hen
ORLANDO, Fla. -- With a new general manager and the status of All-Star Dwight Howard still in limbo, theres much to be resolved before the Orlando Magic take the floor next season. But the teams top officials believe they have the right person in new head coach Jacque Vaughn to help turn the page on a year that almost everyone in the franchise wants to forget. Magic general manager Rob Hennigan and CEO Alex Martins said Monday that Vaughn has the discipline, work ethic and pedigree as both a player and assistant to do the job. "Were going to continue to try to build a culture here," Hennigan said at the news conference introducing Vaughn. "A culture that our players represent. A culture that our fans can be proud of. A culture our team will rally around. We feel we took a step in the right direction in building that culture with Jacque here today." Vaughn becomes the 10th coach in franchise history after 12 years as an NBA player and two years as and assistant in San Antoni
Rds Clubs After Management Makes Extremely Negative Comments About Performanc
VANCOUVER -- Mason Raymond and the Vancouver Canucks achieved contract harmony while avoiding a potentially acrimonious salary-arbitration hearing Monday. The left winger agreed to a pay cut as he signed a one-year, US$2.275-million deal. The signing came after the Canucks made the rare move of filing for arbitration against Raymond in a bid to reduce his salary. In most cases, arbitration results after players file the necessary papers in a bid for a raise. Hearings are known for leaving players bitter towards clubs after management makes extremely negative comments about performance and production. Raymond became a restricted free agent July 1 before the Canucks filed for arbitration to secure exclusive negotiating rights and effectively keep him in the organization for at least one more season. He was due to have his arbitration case scheduled Monday afternoon for some time between July 20 to Aug. 5 in Toronto. "We would not have undertaken the measure to invoke salary a
Ars. New York Starter Russell Martin
NEW YORK -- Giving themselves another backup catching option, the New York Yankees have claimed Eli Whiteside off waivers from the San Francisco Giants. The 33-year-old was 1 for 11 in 12 games for the Giants this year, when he hit .224 with one homer and 20 RBIs in 60 games at Triple-A Fresno. He appeared in 56 games for San Franciscos World Series champions in 2010 and 82 last year. He was not on this years World Series roster as the Giants won their second title in three years. New York starter Russell Martin became a free agent. Chris Stewart was his backup, with Francisco Cervelli at Triple-A. Austin Romine was limited to 31 games in the minor leagues because of a back injury. Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys . -- Injuries, an ejection and a dubious record. Cheap NFL Jerseys . Ubogagu just got her foot on a teammates cross into the box and beat goaltender Sabrina DAngelo, who had an excellent game for Canada. The game was essentially for bragging rights as both teams already qua
Uld Hit A.j. Green With A Sho
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Bengals punt team trotted onto the field midway through the first quarter Sunday, shortly after the Chiefs had kicked a field goal to take a rare lead in a game. All the momentum was going Kansas Citys way. Then the snap landed in the hands of Cedric Peerman, who was lined up to protect punter Kevin Huber. The running back raced around the side of the line, the perfectly executed fake catching the Chiefs napping, and 32 yards later gave Cincinnati a first down. New life, too. The Bengals would convert another fourth down on the same series, and Andy Dalton would hit A.J. Green with a short touchdown pass to cap it off, giving Cincinnati a lead it would never relinquish in a 28-6 victory on Sunday. "It was a momentum-swinger," running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis said. "Thats the thing about the NFL -- most of the games are decided by a few points. When you get a momentum-swinger like that where you punch them right in the gut, it swings the momentum go
Ulting The Referee. Inter Manag
ALAMEDA, Calif. -- The Oakland Raiders have finalized a multiyear contract extension with fullback Marcel Reece. The team announced the deal on Tuesday. Terms were not disclosed. Reece had been slated to make $540,000 this season as an exclusive rights free agent. Reece has played 31 career games for Oakland. He has 56 career receptions for 674 yards and five touchdowns, and has rushed for 234 yards on 48 attempts with one touchdown. Reece is a converted wide receiver who brings versatility to Oaklands offence with his ability to line up out wide or play as a traditional fullback. Reece had two catches for 30 yards in the Raiders 22-14 loss to San Diego on Monday night. [url=]Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China[/url] . The Titans said Munchak told Palmer of his decision Monday night. Munchak said in a statement he respects Palmer as a coach, which is why they brought him to Tennessee. [url=]NFL Jerseys China
The Alberta Labour Code. "
EDMONTON -- The NHL players union says the argument is simple: Alberta labour laws apply to the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames. The NHL Players Association was in Edmonton on Friday to try to get the Alberta Labour Relations Board to declare the current lockout illegal. NHLPA lawyer Bob Blair told the panel that the teams are Alberta businesses, so provincial labour laws have to be followed. "No one gets to choose what labour laws apply to them in this province," Blair said. "The law is the law is the law." He argued that players from the Oilers and Flames have never agreed to forgo their rights under the Alberta Labour Code. "It applies to every employer and employee. That is the starting point." A lawyer for the NHL argued that its impossible for a league spanning two countries to operate under different laws for each franchise. Peter Gall pointed out that 23 of the 30 teams are in the United States, where labour laws are federally regulated. The league has always ope
Im Glad To See, But Were Clearl
MANHATTAN – Another day of CBA bargaining concluded with a careful undercurrent of traction, cautious as it may be 109 days into the lockout. Clad in jeans and a pale blue sweater, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman emerged from league headquarters shortly after 10 p.m. on Tuesday, following the second consecutive day of face-to-face bargaining with Donald Fehr and the players association. The two parties met for upwards of 30 minutes, the owners extending a counter-proposal to the most recent offer set forth from the players.  “The fact that were involved in a continuous process is something Im glad to see, but were clearly not done yet,” said Bettman, parked on an emptying sidewalk on Sixth Avenue during a chilly New York night. Few details have emerged from the recent talks which could be construed as a good sign. Also constructive is a delicate sense that the sparring partners are moving closer together. But considering the unpredictability and absurd natur
L With 60 Goals Last Season, Has 11 Poi
TAMPA, Fla. -- High-scoring Steven Stamkos is not alone when it comes to Tampa Bays offensive attack. Stamkos scored his fourth goal of the season and five Lightning players had goals in Tampa Bays 5-2 win over the Florida Panthers on Tuesday night. "Were doing good things," Lightning coach Guy Boucher said. "Were not good, yet." Tampa Bay, which has won five of six to start the year, also got goals from Cory Conacher, Tom Pyatt, Dana Tyrell and Vincent Lecavalier. Stamkos, who led the NHL with 60 goals last season, has 11 points during a season-opening six-game point streak this year. Peter Mueller and Tomas Fleischmann scored for the Panthers, who have lost five in a row after a season-opening win over Carolina. Florida has been outscored 23-5 during its skid. "I think our record is fairly accurate of our play the last four games," coach Kevin Dineen said. "I hate to say we deserve to be where we are right now. ... Its a matter of us deciding how were going to deal with i
Acing In His Place. Further Reductions To H
CONCORD, N.C. -- Brad Keselowski is doing some basic math to focus on his bid for the Sprint Cup championship: He has added his older sister to his support group and scaled back his schedule. Keselowski goes into Sundays race at Talladega, where he won in May, with a five-point lead over five-time champion Jimmie Johnson in the standings. He has won two of the first three Chase races, but knows he must be at the top of his game to claim his first Sprint Cup title. He said Tuesday that he has dropped the Nationwide Series race at Kansas from his schedule and Ryan Blaney will drive for Penske Racing in his place. Further reductions to his schedule could be coming. "Ive made the decision this week to drastically limit the Nationwide races Im going to run through the Chase," Keselowski said during an appearance to promote the Oct. 13 race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. "Were going to play it by ear based on those weeks go." Its been going pretty good these days for Keselowski, an
Unds. The 76ers Had Won Three Strai
(Sports Network) - Even after losing perhaps his two best players due to injury Chicago coach Tom Thibodeau has been steadfast in saying his club still has enough to win. On Tuesday his charges finally proved it and now the Bulls will try to force a deciding Game 7 in their Eastern Conference quarterfinals set against the upstart Philadelphia 76ers in the City of Brotherly Love. With its back against the wall in Game 5 Chicago dominated defensively in a 77-69 win in the Windy City. The Bulls, playing without star point guard Derrick Rose and starting center Joakim Noah, limited Philadelphia to just 32.1 percent shooting. Luol Deng made four three-pointers and led Chicago with 24 points while Carlos Boozer added 19 points and 13 rebounds. The 76ers had won three straight in the series since a Game 1 loss, which saw Rose go down for the rest of the season with a torn ACL. They still lead the series 3-2 and can become just the fifth No. 8 seed in NBA history to knock off a No.
Thursday When The Paperwork Gets
A person limited once zone given that Television shows Josh Freeman Drift Jersey as well as videos are screened twenty-four hours a day Mike Jenkins #21 CBDallas Cowboys 2011 STATS Tot24 Solo22 Ast2 FF0 Sack0 On the reasons players like him: He listens to hip hop Thursday when the paperwork gets processed If there is any problem with the comfort or fit of the sandal, you can return the shoes T If you are unsure what a certain program is, type its name into your favorite search engine such as Doug Martin Drift Jersey Google to find out what it is ) Week 7 Coverage •Hensley: Ravens' offense stunts own D •Williamson: Miserable debut for Palmer •Walker: Legend and myth of Tebow •Seifert: Rodgers, Packers keep rolling •Yasinskas: Panthers learning to win •Kuharsky: Texans squash CJ •Clayton: Last Call •Hensley: Ravens' Rice stands tall •Monday Night HQ Yet when it came time for the Packers to eat Vincent Jackson Drift Jersey the fin
Four Methoeds On Cleaning Ink Spots On Louis Vuitton Bag
Four methoeds on Cleaning Ink Spots on Louis Vuitton bag Louis Vuitton is a preeminent fashion house renowned for its luxury goods, especially leather products, adorned with the famous the "LV" monogram. Founded in Paris, France in the late 19th Century, the Louis Vuitton company produces a line of vernis leather purses. Getting an ink stain on your designer leather purse may seem like the end of the world, but there are a few methods you can employ to remove the stain and sport your purse again. Instructions 1.Erase steps Erase the ink stain spot with a white eraser. Don't use a lot of pressure. This technique works best if performed immediately after the bag has been stained, before the stain sets. 2.Toothbrush steps Dip a toothbrush or a cloth into a mixture of soapy water. Scrub gently on the ink stain in a circular motion. Blow dry the area.   3.Baby wipe steps Rub the ink stain with a non-alcoholic baby wipe. 4.dry the bag Dampen a cloth and apply some toothpaste to i
Powerade Had Become So Heated
There are so many people who like to visit Authentic Danieal Manning Jersey different shops to see the workmanship and quality of shoes He has been trying out different College Basketball Picks and Free College Basketball Picks Other canvas ballets provide more comfort for the foot and a better feel for the floor It's not a bad idea when considering Angelo's current situation Mens crocodile shoes, womens crocodile handbags, and cowboy boots made of crocodile for both men and women are all the rage moving into 2010 The rain spells out NO on the way down com "> College Football Picks for picks visit: The two-time MVP was waiting at the wings when a driving Dennis Miranda dished Authentic Owen Daniels Jersey it off to Ildefonso for the dagger that pushed the Boosters up, 83-82, and shattered the confidence of the Tropang Texters with 55.7 seconds left. "All the things that I cannot control I leave it up to him (God)," said Ildefonso, who arrived 45 minutes before the game str
You Need Not Need Physical Instruments
There are even designs for pregnant women In all the NaVorro Bowman Womens Jersey beam-exclude established is specific painstaking towards highlight of such a iconic fresh Even after choosing the right contractor you will need to explain all of your expectations Winfrey that is any popular person hosting regarding U They said I couldn’t find Lincoln town cheap seized car for sale but I did!Warning: Don’t click another button until you read the Justin Smith Womens Jersey Gsa vehicle auction report These days, most musicians go online to purchase their music instruments in place of visiting a high street shop for that purpose Sealeo tend to use their nose to get to know others and object qualities You need not need physical instruments I can't imagine living in a landlocked state like Ohio- where I grew up- after having Patrick Willis Womens Jersey been so close to the waves for so long An example of Swellows determination was in Solid as a Solrock where Ash, k
Here Ya Go
I really messed up my laptop and I am sorry that I can admit that, but see I can and will. I erased both accounts . started a nwe one and it tells me the account is suspended. I turned the guest account off and try as I have, I can't get it back. Anyway, I am using my other laptop and my daughter wrongfully claims ownership. I'm not that sure of how long I might be able to use it.  Sometimes I just wish she used my laptop at the kitchen table. She has it sitting on a tv tray and it is next to the couch. Both of my hand have an easier time reaching the keyboard when the whole damn laptop is placed lower. My right hand gets tired easily. I don't expect alot of people to understand that, but I just thought I would let you know. I would like to wish you a sucessful weekend and week to come up. I shall attempt to make it back regular times for me, but I can't promise anything. So there ya go!!
First Blog
Tonight I am bored. I sit here listening to Pandora and chilling,playing Candy Crush til I just get so sick of it. I am stuck lol. My phone does not ring. There was a time when it did and I just wanted to be left alone. Be careful what you ask for you just might get it. So its Friday, it got here quick. I am happy about it's arrival even if my funds are limited and the rain is a wash out. Its fine. I am desperate for escape and try to escape in my mind. Ok now its bigger lol sheesh why I didnt I figure that out in the first place? Ughh Im pathetic! My eyes are getting heavy,my body is telling me its time to lay down. Sometimes I just really hate gouing to sleep. I should have done something with my life. I could be at karaoke right now. If only I had someone to go with. Too sleepy to keep writing..blahh
The Best Sellers So You Can Assess
If you intend to take the game seriously then Hakeem Nicks Elite Jersey you might want to invest in decent golf wear right from the start Washington Redskins: All of the focus in Washington is on the recovery of starter Robert Griffin III from reconstructive knee surgery As it is quite evident that wrong or improper clothes have posed many severe threats to a sportsperson's safety time and again; now with the advent of fashionable designs in Victor Cruz Elite Jersey the market today you can make yourself safe as well as stylish Your marketing tactics should be such that whenever a customer searches for a teeth whitener, you should be on the top ranking in the search results Folders and hanging files will help keep you organized and more efficient Some parents simply belief that religion is more important than any other aspect of Jason Pierre-Paul Elite Jersey education Where Shurmur has fallen short is calling plays that his players aren't ready to make The ridged design
Korean Fashion Apparel Collocation In Late Summer
NO.1: black and white in color, strong color impact will give the impression of the wedding has always been aesthetic interpretation of the avant-garde and stylish. Leather gloves even add a touch of tough.   NO.2: Big deep V-neck slit so easy to have a sexy wholesale cheap dresses. Fishtail hem make the bride more like a princess, cultivation of the crop so that the bride has exquisite figure, then you go and have this dress it.    NO.3: Upper mesh design allows sexy looming, the lower body so pure and beautiful white lace head. Black leather gloves add even more delicate.   NO.4: Corset design with a strap, is so a sexy wedding apparels hesitant. Oversized hem is also satisfy any woman yearning for the romantic princess dream.   NO.5: Green chiffon blouse + dark blue tights Wider at the top with the law really one hundred test accurate, so with extraordinarily tall slender. Chiffon blouse tooling leisure section is the meaning of his best lazy.   NO.6: Printed Chiffon dres
Asian Fashion Women Clothing Matching In Late Summer
  (1) Basic models Shorts This is a "basic models" straight pant. Long pants crotch pants just in the middle of the bottom and knees, either length or width, can just block the fleshy thigh, is the safest choice for girls, but did not pull the legs type effect.   (2) Tiger avatar sleeveless wholesale clothing China T-shirt  Animal heads printing t-shirts are pop this year, and many celebrities and supermodels have been photographed many times. So this sleeveless T-shirt can be fashionable, with minimalist color, streets of European and American style, with light-colored shorts ruffle has been perfect. Recommended 3: black T-shirt + short white sweater + short + brown leather pants feet Fashion Comments: layering is by varying lengths to build, black T-shirt with short white sweater, sweater on visual focus, T-shirts play a bridging effect of pants, so that the whole shape looks structured, and very harmonious.   (3) Chanel LOGO sleeveless vest Sleeveless vest simple cut with
Stars And Stains.
She had dark thick hair and quick hazel eyes; she could smile and shout at the same time. With a chubby finger I would trace the lines around her eyes and make up stories about the moles on her chin. She would sit with me and stare into my face. "What do you see Janey?" she asked me once. "I see you, mammy, you have brown dots on your eye," I whispered back. "They are the stains of the past," she told me as she cupped my face close. The stains of her past could have been cleansed, I could have washed them with her in our old age - but she went away and died too young, I was too young, I miss telling stories about her face. I am a mum, I trace the shape of my daughter's face with my wrinkled fingers and I get to tell her wondrous stories about the moles on her chin; she has brown dots on her eyes, they aren't blemishes though. They are stars passed down by a woman who mistook them for stains.   So thanks for reading, if you want follow me on twitter @JaneyGodley for updates and dail
Next Best Thing To Orgasm?
This is sort of a mumm.. but I didnt want to put it out there for all to see.. mainly just family and few friends. :D We were discussing the other day about how alot of older patients..and some younger.. are so worried about there bowel movements.  If they go a day without one..they are highly worried.  Anyways.. A dr I work with was discussing how its a known fact..that the next best thing to a taking a shit.  He said.. Now.think about it.. after you take one.. how do you feel?   You feel all relaxed and thats it mainly..relaxed.  So.. anyways.. I am wondering.. does he have a point?  Is there some meaning behind what he says? LOL Anyways.. that is my daily thought..  please let me know your thoughts on the matter. haha  
If It Wasn't For Fu , She Found Me !
If it wasn't for fu-land we would have never met , its sooooo magical on the night she found me , i was just hanging out in the lounge and that if nothing happened i was gonna take some time off , i had seen her once before but in a different lounge and went back looking for her but she  changed her nick name so i wasn't really looking for anyone but was very interested in meeting her again then some people came and went but for some reason i couldnt get her off my mind , some passed on and i thought she's gone , so i was on and off for some time then one night everything changed again and she came into a lounge i was music consultant in but didn't know it was her till much later , anyway i was on my cam when she came into that lounge and she says hi to everyone , and was star struck by me , and i thought yeah right , (in my head i thgouht love at first site , never happens ) wow i was soooooooo wrong it was really true and she really was , (still is) so on that first saturd
Roses Have Different Meanings
Lavender Roses Probably the most mystical and fairy-tale perfect color of rose is lavender. It is said if someone gives you a purple rose it means they fell in love with you at first sight, just like Cinderella’s Prince Charming! It’s interesting as well to note that purple is a royal color, so sending a single purple rose means you find her majestic, opulent and special. If you are seeking to voice your deepest love and admiration for someone consider sending the dynamic Blue Curiosa or the blend of colors in Lavender Duet.
Logic & Life
I left my Soul, Left my heart, In far distant shore's Just to end up here, Same old shit, Same work routine, To go back, Make it right, Finish this jigsaw, Place the chess pieces, Delicate in place, The kings & the queens, Demolish the board, Wipe away the enemy, Dust in the wind, Just a memory,In my world, The game never ended,Until we are one again, Logic is logic, Trust is trust, The moon is the moon, The Stars are the stars, The sun shall rise,
Me And My G/f Are Having A Baby In January! So I'm Selling Jewlery At My Online Boutique
Have you ever not wanted to get out to jewlery shop for any occasion? Then come check out the deals that are going on in my boutique! Its online and right where you are. I have never sold anything online before. But I am desperate for some money!! Come check out the peices of jewlery you WILL find something for someone MALE OR FEMALE!
"the Great Gatsby"(film) (spoiler Alert!don't Read This Unless You Have Seen The Movie Or Read The Book)
It was visually stunning. The descriptions the characters used made me want to refine my abilities as a writer. The integration of modern music and the music of the 20's was brilliantly done. And Di Caprio's performance is definitely Oscar worthy. The only thing that really annoyed me was the over-use of the phrase "Old Sport". I understand that it was a popular term in the 20's and, I'm sure, used just as much in the novel. However, they could have cut back on using it for film purposes(as they do with most book-based films with lines that considered to be unnecessary). I read on-line that they used it a total of 55 times. Which, to me, just seems monotonous. They also cut out a lot of scenes from the book. The one thing I'm glad they changed was when Gatsby, instead of holding in his aggression by just speaking very rudely to Daisy, lashed out at Tom. My only regret was that he didn't slug him lol. As much as Tom verbally bashed Gatsby for having an affair with his wife, while at the
OH MY GOODNESS!!! I spit coffee everywhere reading this!!!:::: I was due for an appointment with the gynecologist later in the week. Early one morning, I recei...ved a call from the doctor’s office to tell me that I had been rescheduled for that morning at 9:30 am. I had only just packed everyone off to work and school, and it was already around 8:45am. The trip to his office took about 35 minutes, so I didn't have any time to spare. As most women do, I like to take a little extra effort over hygiene when making such visits, but this time I wasn’t going to be able to make the full effort. So, I rushed upstairs, threw off my pajamas, wet the washcloth that was sitting next to the sink, and gave myself a quick wash in that area to make sure I was at least presentable. I threw the washcloth in the clothes basket, donned some clothes, hopped in the car and raced to my appointment. I was in the waiting room for only a few minutes when I was called in. Knowing the procedure, as I
Another Massage & Interesting Cow Behaviour.
With another massage under the belt and feelings coming back to my fingertips things are getting better. I have numb fingertips from years of falling on door handles, not through drunkenness but from having seizures or absences. Door handles are killers when they hit your funny bone and with no feeling in the fingers there was no point following a career of a Reflexologist. Yes, I even did that a college but not spelling which is atrocious. Anyway, the masseur could be recommended for a good body fix but I have to say that the best head massages are carried out in India. I figured out what he does to put the oil on. It is thrown out from a bottle with a largish teet on so maybe that came off when he whooshed it and I had it from the bottle neck. At least it is not coconut oil or the clothing would be totally congealed by now. It is a herbal oil, usually brown in colour and must be a turn on for dogs. The local dog, who is rather sweet, would not let me leave the beach, he kept
Shorter And Shorter
feels to me that the end will be near sooner and that due to the strain and the toll on my being is more and more that the time is coming to just give up and not worry whom will be hurt in the end as long as the pain i feel physically and emotionally is no longer around and no longer drive to move on and go forth has just become no more and seems better to just let go and give up............
Fave Position
I'm curious on what everyones fave position is and why?
Faye Wong Moncler Doudoune Favorite Nouveau
Baisse soudaine de la température de cette semaine, après un long automne chaud, enfin d'entrer dans le froid de l'hiver formelle, et doudoune chaude qui a été soulevée. Aujourd'hui nous présentons la marque en France Chanticleer Down - Moncler, mais Faye Wong, Fan Bingbing, Maggie Cheung, Zhao Wei et beaucoup d'autres stars faveur de la garantie de qualité, le style est tout à fait tendance. Voici pour vous présenter le plus dans cette saison d'automne, Moncler nouveau vers le bas!
Battle Of The Year In 3d Movie Featuring Chris Brown!
Coldness Within The Darkness
The rain pours as if every angel is crying. The wind just gets colder as the time passes by.  Your love kept me warm and safe.  Since you left my life has seem to derail into a life of lonliness and despair.  Your words brought comfort when everything seemed to fall apart.  Now there is nothing to look forward to.  My love for you still grows while you continue to soar high above all around me.  Each day your presence gets less and less.  I feel as though I am falling through the same hole Alice did to get to wonderland.  However this isn't wonderland for me it is hell.   We spoke and laughed.  Cuddled and comforted each from the losses around us.  We were finally together and nothing could tear us apart.  It just wasn't meant for me to be there.  I had to return home and help where I needed to be.  She is everything Starbeams.  You are everything good bout me.  I'll never forget the time we shared even for the briefness that it was.  I have taken you with me to never be alone.  As we
Amrapali Group Noida Extension Project @09999684905
                                             Noida Developer Projects   Noida Developer launch New Residential Projects Mahagun Mantra & Amrapali Verona Heights Noida Extension Offers 2, 3 & 4 BHK At Very Affordable Cost. It's Time to heighten your means of Life and Stand Class as a result of world category facilities and calm living awaits you here. We, "Noida Developer", have come back up these days as a remarkable realty company, Noida Developer Projects providing high living Residential Flats likewise as wonderful industrial properties for over many happy purchasers. From the day of our institution, we've attracted the most important audience of economic realty investors & brokers. Victimization, you'll be able to notice all the small print of recent Noida Developer comes, Mahagun Mantra Noida Extension and Amrapali Verona Heights Noida Extension in one convenient location. These comes don't seem to be solely centered on prime location, i
Noida Developer Projects @09999684905 Noida Extension
Slowing Smartphone Hardware Innovations
Whether referred to above fall just released a new smart phone , or previous flagship model, which is not difficult to find that most of these products are selling without multicore , three defense, long standby , large screen, ultra-thin fuselage and other hardware parameters of the competition . In fact, from about the second generation , third generation of thousands of intelligent machines start when hot sales , the majority of mobile phone manufacturers sank into a hardware prepare for war . Insiders expressed concern , "is more serious is that the war fought more than two years , the manufacturers are still difficult to withdraw from , to find the true meaning of product innovation ." As we all know , competition in the market , there is a demand there will be supply android 4.2 phone manufacturers have the hardware parameters as the new smart phones publicity stunt , in fact, with the user's consumption demand a great relationship. Most consumers from the PC era to
Some Early Ramblings From Sri Lanka
Funny old day today. It started well then went down hill but the good news is that there is still vino tinto in the fridge, some food and the dehumidifier is working like a dream. I just boiled the kettle to make a cup of Green tea with Slim Tea and instead of having a misted mirror, which sits right hebind the kettle and covers one third of the wall, it is pristine apart from the finger prints put on yesterday trying to prove to the room boy that the wall was cold for an internal wall. You expect internal dew in England as Autumn has arrived but not in the torpics where rooms should be hot and damp just like it is outside. The room boy, who is a very sweet and hard working boy, gathered that we don't like air conditioning running all day and night so he brought along a dehumidifier yesterday and set it up. I got up in the night to empty it and it has been emptied four times since. At least we can be assured of having dry washing and towels because there is no warmth in the room
How Sex Became A God.
Porn Shackles Society More than Patriot Act  April 28, 2012 (left, scene from American Pie,1999, porn passing as "teen comedy-drama")Increasingly, pornography is changing societal norms. Soon, we could be living in a porn movie. "We aspire to corrupt in order to rule." Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872) Freemason leader. by Henry Makow Ph.D.Mankind has been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, Cabalist Jewish bankers & Freemasons who used their fraudulent monopoly over government credit (currency) to buy the world and hold it in debt servitude.  So effective is their control over culture that humanity is only now realizing it is their hostage in an emerging imperialist police state that spans the globe.
Very Helpful And Valuable Relocation Services Given By Packers Along With Movers
Packers along with movers are usually emerging as very helpful service providers inside the society. Their significance is now very notable in existing time. Actually movers along with packers businesses provide services to help you people wrap up and go their belongings from place completely to another. They are usually helping people in the act of relocation. Relocation is a very rough task nevertheless it is turning out to be very frequent in today's scenario. People easily choose to relocate in order to give boost on their career. Therefore, the need of relocation services can be felt drastically. Lets us be familiar with the beneficial and useful services furnished by moving corporations: Packing along with Moving Products and services: Goods ought to be packed professionally to be sure safe relocation and get away from the possibility of injury. Professionally qualified packers are designed for packing every type of digital appliances. All items ought to be wrapped cautiously b
Buying A Auto? Get A Auto Loan
Are you dreaming of buying a new car or even a slightly used one? Thinking of purchasing a car is a dilemma for most Filipinos as chances are, they don't have enough money saved to pay in cash.There's no other way to achieve your goal but to get a car loan. Many banks and financial institutions offer this kind of loan which is similar to a personal loan but the only difference is that it can only be used for the purchase of a car. Car loans are sometimes backed by a security or collateral but most are not depending on the kind of car you are buying.Interest rates for a car loan varies from institution to institution but here at AMA Bank Car Loan Philippines (, we only charge a very attractive rate as low as .5% per month. Aside from our lowest rate, our car loan services are different from others because we not only strive for flexibility, convenience, and customer satisfaction, but we are achieving these goals on a daily basis. Regardless of what your c
Fading White Rose
As I walk through the beautiful gardens , amongst the sculptured shrubs , I feel at peace as the turning of the season will soon be at hand. The flower will began to wither , the green grass will start turning brown , The birds will be chirping a new song that sing now                                 "The Earth has to sleep ". And my love will still run deep , Of all the flowers in most the world , the Rose is a symbol of love , But even they ....  do fade away and die with the passing of time . The white Rose , it does bleed , but it will heal with time , And by the spring it will revive , and blaze with beauty devine ......
Safety - Scene Preparation
In BDSM, a scene is the stage or setting where BDSM activity takes place, as well as the activity itself. The physical place where a BDSM activity takes place is usually called adungeon, though some prefer less dramatic terms, including "playspace", or "club". A BDSM activity can, but need not, involve sexual activity or sexual roleplay. A characteristic of many BDSM relationships is the power exchange from the bottom to the dominant partner, and bondage features prominently in BDSM scenes and sexual roleplay Aside from the general advice related to safe sex, BDSM sessions often require a wider array of safety precautions than vanilla sex (sexual behavior without BDSM elements) In theory, to ensure consent related to BDSM activity, pre-play negotiations are commonplace, especially among partners who do not know each other very well. In practice, pick-up scenes at clubs or parties may sometimes be low in negotiation (much as pick-up sex from singles bars may not involve
The Basics Of A Bdsm Scene
Most BDSM scenes can be broken down into three phases: Warm up, scene proper and after care. Each phase serves a distinct function. A skilled dominant can blend them together so that the transition from one phase to another is smooth and natural. While most BDSM authors will agree on the importance of the warm up, the bulk of BDSM literature focuses on the techniques such as bull whips or fisting, which are usually associated with the scene proper. This article will deal solely with the warm up. In many respect the warm up is the single most important part of a BDSM scene. It is that foundation upon which the entire scene is built. The main physiological function of the warm up is to stimulate the release of endorphins. They are part of the body’s defenses against pain. Endorphins are chemicals produced by the nervous system to control pain, create euphoric feeling and modulate the release of sex hormones. Endorphins do a number of practical things for a BDSM scen
The Bdsm 'contract'
In BDSM, a contract is an agreement, usually written, between the dominant and submissive in a 24/7 or Total Power Exchange (TPE) relationship. It is the formal act of consent to the power exchange. Some are very formal and will detail exactly what is expected and can run for multiple pages. Others are as brief as a single paragraph. Either way, one is derived by negotiation on the part of both parties. BDSM couples consider the contract to hold equal moral authority to a marriage commitment. As such, constructing a proper contract is very much like writing a pre-nuptial agreement. Names and Roles of Parties Generally the opening portion of the contract states the names of the parties, and spells out what roles they play. Many reflect a degree of affected legalese (e.g., "herein referred to as Master"), though it is in no way required. Couples who are concerned about the existence of a paper trail may consider omitting the names, or taking a pseudonym. Term of Service
Choosing The 'right' Dominant
He strides into the room, the long tail of his black coiled leather bullwhip flicking like a snake's tongue against the immaculate sheen of his high black boots, boots she will come to know very well. He squares his broad shoulders, tossing back his unrully mane of black hair, his dark, piercing eyes above high, arrogant cheek bones, scanning the assembled company... Contrary to popular fiction, the average Dom wears a business suit, not leather trousers, and is more likely to ride a pick up truck than a dashing steed. He won't remove the clothes from your back with an expert flick of his 12 foot whip – most wouldn't know what to do with a bullwhip if you were unwise enough to give them one and are perfectly capable of dealing with you with just the flat of their hand. In short give up the romantic hero cliches and remember that what's important is skill, and control, and decisiveness, and assurance, not height or tight buns or a large wardrobe of ruffly shirts and
How To Spot A Fake Dominant
First, what is a fake Dominant? A fake Dominant is someone who is just out for sex, fantasy and an easy lay. . Most of the time you will be dealing with the fakers but some are genuine predators. We now have online and real time versions of Dominants. I’m going to blend the two, because with this day and age it is likely that you meet someone online and move to real life. The most obvious fake Dominant will only want to skip to the sex. They may start their conversation out sweetly enough, but it will soon become sexual oriented. Cyber sex may be suggested or you will be pushed to play on the first date or well before you’d be ready to. They don’t get to know you for who you are first. These are the booty chasers. There are the Dominants that exaggerate their experience level. I personally don’t care what someone says but unless they can prove it a 25 year old dominant does not have 10 years of experience unless they are counting masturbation fa
Face Lift
8:52pm A middle aged blonde lady goes to her cosmetic surgeon to see what her options are concerning her rapidly sagging face. “We can give you an old-fashioned face-lift”, he says, “or we can use a new high-tech procedure called ‘The Knob’”. “What’s ‘The Knob”, Doctor?”, she asks. He replies, “It’s procedure where we install a knob under your hair on the back of your head We then connect it to the facial muscles which sag, and whenever you start to notice any new wrinkles and sagging, just tighten the knob a few turns and your skin will be nice and tight again.” “Oh, YES, doctor! That is exactly what I would like to have”, she says excitedly. The operation is a complete success and she looks 15 years younger. As time passes, whenever she notices any new sagging, she simply tightens the knob and VOILA! Her face is again beautiful. One day about 8 years later she wakes up one morning and
Another Statement For Everyone To Read And Share
A Special Birthday that I will always remember forever…. As I am coming up to my 45th birthday, there is always something that I will never ever forget as long as I live. It is something that is very rare happen to people in our society. This rare event was a huge step in my life after what I had went through a year and nine months prior. It was the biggest change that I had ever made and it had made me a much prouder man in myself for what I learned from my horrible mistake, and giving me the ability to make accomplishments happen for the best. It is like when you are young at heart, and that you have the right frame of mind to do something that you want to do, and then you can take control of yourself. When this special day came to me, it opened so many doors of meeting people and doing so many incredible things that I never had thought of. When I had the opportunity to take this huge step, I had made a lot of changes in a way that anyone wasn’t sure that I could do,
I Hope You Know
When I pass you on the internet drive, could you just realise I am alive?? When the sun rises and when it goes down, can you remember I ain't no fricking clown. I might like to bring a smile or dry a tear, but being played with isn't why I am here. Its true I don't know you and you don't know me, that means we aren't friends, but we can be. I am no silver surfer at all, I am a mom that isn't that tall. A mere pebble on this beach, but not to far out of reach. We may not be that close on this rock, but we have the time to be happy, tick tock. If you can tip toe, you are lucker than you know. I will just watch as almost everyone runs, I hope you know they are the lucky ones. I can watch life unfold, but I won't get better or so I have been told. Don't take the simple things for granted, relish the luckiness you have been handed. May have not yet reached all your goals, just remember I hope you know some don't try to be trolls. I hope you know I do try not to upset a
Needing To Vent
Sum people on fu get whatever they want by guys by exploding there goodies but  people like me who ask nicely or offer to pay back get nothing. It really bothers me sumtimes and makes me wanna quit this site. Or the popular (red names) get whatever they want. But Normal ones like me get left behind and never seen. Sorry But this is how I feel and needed to vent.    Feisty Sassy
Update On Teeth Getting Fixed.
On Friday the 13th I had my second mouth surgery.  They completed 2 1/2 root canals and an extraction.  Now all I have left to do is 4 fillings and then my crowns. I want to thank everyone who has helped encourage me and those that have been able to donate to help.  Many of you have chosen to donate away from my official donation site which is just fine. I still need to get around $12,000 to finish everything.  I am positive that I can do that as I have gotten this far already. Again if you would like to help, here is the site you can do it at: Thank you again,   Sammy
A Cracking Massage
I thought this too good to forget. Today following a nice time sitting by the pool it rained again. Here we are in sunny, er sometimes sunny, Sri Lanka where it should not really be as wet but with climate change you cannot guarantee any sort of patterned weather. It was getting late and the outlook across the sea did not bode well for any further sunning sessions. Therefore we walked back to the room and decided to go for a massage when the rains had eased off. I had to find my old bikini bottoms that I wear during a massage as oils can stain for good when they are Ayervedic. That was sad, I washed them the previous day after a very bad Rub Over With An Oily Rag type massage which ended up a real oil slick. As the room is so damp they had not dried, in fact they had gathered moisture, so the Man who has a limp now offered me a clean pair of his. Im not proud and only the young masseur would see them so put them on. After ten minutes the rains eased and we left the cold, damp ro
Something To Think About......
Often in life we are our own worst critic. More often than not we have unrealistic expectations for ourselves. I'm not saying you shouldn't reach for the stars and chase your dreams. Just try to keep in mind that none of us are perfect and it's better to try and fail than not to try at all. Life to me, is all about the journey and the memories we make and the people we meet. So remember life is full of peaks and valleys and if by chance you are walking through the valley, I can almost promise that you will one day be standing on top of the mountain again. Peace and love to you all.
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 166
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In episode 166 of Janey Godley's podcast with Ashley Storrie, the comedy mother and daughter discuss Miss America pageant, the UK football season and the latest top US TV shows. Janey talks about her latest TV appearance where she won an argument and explain anal bleaching to Ashley. Ashley reads from her diary and Janey tells a story about Jake Gyllenhaal. Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter. Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 165 If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking onto Our Donate Page and donate via PayPal or like us
Stupid Encounters #109
   Sexy KGB: HELLO 5:01am iC51NerdyB...: Hey 5:01am  Sexy KGB: SO WHATS GOIN ON. DONT BE OFFENDED. I ALWAYS USE CAPS MY EYES ARE BAD 5:02am iC51NerdyB...: I have no clue... Jack hit up a friend of mine and said something about a pic on my page 5:03am  Sexy KGB: RIGHT, AND IDK WHY ITS THERE. IVE NEVER DONE ANYTHING TO ANYONE TO HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME 5:04am  Sexy KGB: IM NOT TRASH IM NOT A WHORE I DONT GO SLEEPIN AROUND, JUST CUZ SOMEONE DARED ME TO TAKE THAT PIC DOESNT MEAN MY PRIVACY SHOULD BE INVADED 5:04am  Sexy KGB: ITS VERY HURTFUL 5:05am iC51NerdyB...: It will be everytime you post it on a public domain 5:05am  Sexy KGB: MY PICS ARE PRIVATE JONNY DEVIL HAD ACCESS AT ONE TIME UNTIL I SAW HE HAD POSTED IT ON HIS PAGE 5:07am
Don't find love, let love find you. That's why its called falling in love, because you don't force yourself to fall, you just fall
There is someone for everyone, just because you haven't met that special someone doesn't mean you never will, take this time in your single life to focus on you and love yourself. So when the right one for you comes along, you can wholeheartedly share that love with them too
What It Professionals Think Of The Threat Of Data Breach?
In the recent survey, almost 50 percent of the IT experts have said that organizations are not taking sufficient steps to restrict data loss. The survey was based on a sample size of One Thousand IT professional, nearly 450 of these IT experts claimed that they do not believe that if an organization is hit by a data breach incident; they will not be able to notify their clients on time. These IT professionals further added that the majority of the businesses that are running in different places are not equipped with enough security tools to tackle the threats of data security. The study was conducted by Oracle. The results of the study are somewhat terrifying for the companies around the world that are dealing with some kind of business regarding information. The results reveal that the IT experts are rating the threats of a data breach of breach quite higher, probably more than the expectations of a common man. The outcome of the study suggests that the companies around the world are
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About Backlinks Chapter
Let we introduce to your fist general question - What is back links. Backlinks word makes by combining two different word, which name indicated here "back" and "links". Now, we defined mean of backlinks, 'when we submit our links to another site, and another site indicating our links on his page of website. This called totally process ‘back links’. Now, how backlinks benefit for our site and how different type of backlinks. Its matter also concern very much. Generally, backlinks defined in two different type of category. which are 'inbound backlinks' and 'outbound backlinks'.  Link building can be possible these two ways, by which we can improve our site ranking and other else.Inbound backlinks are probably play a essential role in search engine optimization, or makes success seo for site. Number of the backlinks produced or help in internet marketing and reach you site URL on top in SERP(search engine result pages). Which has a hug influence on the search engine, and this
Any one contuct Me
I Could Use Some Help.
Hi friends. I am asking for your prayers. I do not care what your beliefs are, your affiliations or anything else. I just want your prayers and well wishes. Two of the women in my life who I love more than I can say are both ill. One has serious neurological issues and the other has a mass in her chest.   Who they are is not important as both want their privacy, but they are my real life family. So please prayers and well wishes for them. I love you guys. Thank-you   Dance. Fuzzy Socks are preferred but not necessary, just Dance. Tomorrow is not a given.
The Psychology Of Submission
Is Sadomasochism a mental pathology? From Kraft-Ebing to Carl Jung, through years of research on the ground, Dorothy Hayden express her conclusion about masochism. The proposal for a new Psychological approach to BDSM. PSYCHOLOGICAL DIMENSIONS OF MASOCHISTIC SURRENDER By Dorothy C. Hayden, CSW A number of years ago, in connection with my work with sexual addiction, a number of lifestyle submissives started coming to me for treatment. Some of these people were extremely hesitant to discuss their reasons for seeking therapy; they were so ashamed of their fantasies and behaviors that it took years of working with them until I knew their real names or their telephone numbers. Patients who able to be forthcoming about their masochistic behaviors and fantasies were as confused as I was. One of my patients, giving me a written masochistic fantasy after months of resistance, said, "Here it is. This is what I came to therapy for. It's terrible. It's sick. It's wonderful. I hate
Online Safety For Doms And Subs
In General While most of these points are in the context of advice to bottoms, tops are also at risk from dangerous playmates, predators, and unstable individuals. Sometimes a submissive will damage a Dom's reputation -- or worse -- by making false accusations. Doms beware! BDSM themed chat rooms and online groups are virtually 100% fantasy.....fact! They aren't representative of a "real" scene -- which in itself is heavily influenced by fantasy. Real life BDSM more closely conforms to the laws of man and physics as well as common sense and politeness. Always remember, D/s is more than just kinky sex You should educate yourself about safety, BDSM, and the wider 'community' before you start playing.  Be cautious and take your time; don't rush into a situation no matter how tempting. A good Dom/me is a patient Dom/me. Make the first few initial contacts more about casual chatting. Get to know the other person before jumping into something more intimate If someone seem
Yin Yang
My Statement For Everyone To Read And Share
FOR THOSE WHO DON'T KNOW ME THAT WELL I HAVE CEREBRAL PALSY AND HAVE HAD IT SINCE I WAS TWO DAYS OLD ...THIS IS A STATEMENT ABOUT THE WAY MY LIFE HAS BEEN FOR THE PAST 45 YEARS AND WHAT KIND OF PERSON I HAD TO BECOME FROM ALL OF THE YEARS AND I WOULDL IKE TO SHARE YOU THIS STATEMENT.... WOW HERE I AM 45 YEARS LATER AND STILL KICKING As this Sunday coming up on my 45th birthday, It gives the time reflect on how life has been for me. As I look back through the years of triumph, challenges, the daily struggles, the exciting times, the heroic times, the heartaches, and the worst of times and the punishment that I have dealt with, I am just flabbergasted from it all on how this far that I have come. I have learned so much that I had thought that I knew but I was wrong and I had go in all different directions that I never been through before. I have fought from the beginning of time, where at times I just wanted to give up. But why give up? I wasn’t taught to give up; I was tau
"love Me Some Me
"the Debt " Part 5
"Oh! You mean the one we haven't ever taken because some other thing is always more important and can't wait?" Kathy said sarcastically not even looking up. "Planned is right. That's all it ever amounts to. I have all the time in the world to talk about that never going to happen event. Now get the fuck out of here!"  Bob pulled the pen out of her hand to keep her from writing. She sat back in the chair exasperated and looked at him. "Okay Bobby. Two minutes and you're out of here," Kathy said. She crossed her arms and turned her chair to face him. The look on her face did not encourage discussion. Bob produced airline tikets in their names and a couple of brochures of the place they were to stay in Las Vegas and tossed them in front of her on the desk. Kathy picked up them and noticed the date. "Can i have my pen back?" Kathy asked looking up at Bob. Bob returned the pen. Kathy circled her clander on her desk. 'This weeken huh? Okay. That's done. yuo have offically been put on my
Just When You Think It's Safe....real Life Shows Up
     I rarely post things in my "blog". Those of you who have taken the time to get to know me know this but those of you who haven't, well, you are the reason for this entry. I have an issue in my personal life that needs my full attention right now and I really don't know how much I can be here. My faith has always been very strong and defined but at this point in time I am doubting my religion, my faith, beliefs and even the existance of time and space. If you comment me or leave a message and I do not respond in a timely manner that you feel appropriate, please try to think logically and consider the fact that life does exist outside of this thing someone has named FUBAR, that if we have spoken via message that you have caught my eye, and believe me, it takes a lot to do so, just ask anyone in my family, and that I am not ignoring you. A quick word to the people in my family plus a few more I haven't added yet...thank you for putting up with me, for loving me for ME and for accept
At Examines The Unique Love Affair
Powered by a slate of documentaries directed by some of Canadas most acclaimed and award-winning filmmakers, TSN announced the broadcast schedule for the networks ambitious original documentary series, Engraved on a Nation, leading up to its broadcast of the 100th Grey Cup on November 25.  The series premieres Thanksgiving Monday (October 8) at 7:30 p.m. ET on TSN and TSN Mobile TV. Kicking off Engraved on a Nation is The 13th Man - a documentary that examines the unique love affair between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and their fiercely loyal fans against the backdrop of the teams heartbreaking loss at the 97th Grey Cup.  The 13th Man airs immediately following the CFL On TSN game with Saskatchewan at Toronto beginning at 4 p.m. ET. Encore presentations of the documentaries will air Saturdays at 7 p.m. ET on CTV Two and Sundays at 5 p.m. ET on CTV (visit to confirm local broadcast times).  Fans can also watch all the documentaries on demand following their televisio
Ement, Tied With Boston At
(Sports Network) - The New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays have combined for almost 300 home runs this season and the two powers will collide tonight in the opener of a three-game series in the Bronx. The Yankees lead the majors with 142 homers and Toronto is right behind them with 130. The two AL East inhabitants are on the opposite sides of the spectrum in the division standings, however, as the Yankees sit on top with an eight-game lead over Baltimore. The Blue Jays are in the basement, tied with Boston at 9 1/2 games off the pace. Toronto will open a six-game road trip tonight against the Yankees and Red Sox, and is coming off a series win over Cleveland. The Blue Jays, who have won three of four games since losing three straight, recorded a 3-0 victory over the Indians on Sunday behind a solid performance from their pitching staff. Carlos Villanueva struck out eight and overcame five walks with six scoreless innings, while Jason Frasor shut the Tribe down in the sev
Oined The Heat And Made An Immediate Impa
ABBOTSFORD, B.C. -- After a slow start, top Calgary Flames prospect Sven Baertschi showed flashes of brilliance in his American Hockey League debut. Baertschi scored a goal and added an assist as the Abbotsford Heat defeated the Peoria Rivermen 4-1 in the season opener Friday night. Baertshi, who scored three goals in five games during a brief callup to Calgary last season joined the Heat and made an immediate impact, setting up a second period power-play goal and scoring a pretty goal moments later. "I was nervous in the start," said Baertshi. "I couldnt really make plays in the start. But I got used to it, got some time on the power play, got a feel for the puck and after that it went well." Heat head coach Troy Ward agreed with the Swiss winger. "Sven got better as the game wore on," said Ward. "I didnt think he managed the puck very well (in the first half of the game). He tried to do a lot, which a lot of young guys want to do right away." Baertshi, who was hoping to s
. Maclennan Made Her Oly
Rosie MacLennan has more than enough people to get on the trampoline for. A trailblazing teammate eyeing retirement, a string of siblings that introduced her to the sport, and a grandfather whose journey to the Olympic Games was never fulfilled. But when the time comes to leave solid ground, she only jumps for herself. “Whether or not theres pressure from everybody else, youre always to going to feel more. Because youre the one that cares the most,” said MacLennan. “Im doing this because I love it and Ive had a lot of fun with it.” For something she does for fun, MacLennan has done pretty well for herself. MacLennan made her Olympic debut at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, finishing seventh. The 23-year-old is a strong contender to top the podium at the London 2012. But to get there, she will have to defeat her best friend and training partner – the most decorated trampolinist in Olympic history – Karen Cockburn. “Ideally, itd be sw
As Played 1,309 Regular-season Ga
DALLAS -- Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Kidd is expected to miss another four-game stretch because of a strained right groin that had already been bothering him. The Mavericks were also without forward Lamar Odom for Monday nights game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Coach Rick Carlisle said Odom, who also missed practice Sunday, was out with a stomach illness. Kidd has played 1,309 regular-season games, the most among active players and 10th on the NBA career list. But the 39-year-old Kidd, who was out for two other four-game stretches this season for different reasons, has been dealing with the groin problem. "Its something that has been an issue. Weve got to get it resolved," coach Rick Carlisle said. "The biggest thing is that we get it identified and get it resolved and we believe this can get resolved." Carlisle said Kidd likely wouldnt play this week, meaning he would be out at least four games. Kidd was sidelined in early February because of a strained right calf a
O Was A Team Graduate Assista
HARRISBURG, Pa. -- For months, the identity of the boy who was sexually assaulted in the locker room showers by Jerry Sandusky was one of the biggest mysteries of the Penn State scandal. Now, for the first time, a man has come forward to claim he was that boy, and is threatening to sue the university. The mans lawyers said Thursday they have done an extensive investigation and gathered "overwhelming evidence" on details of the abuse by Sandusky, the former assistant football coach convicted of using his position at Penn State and as head of a youth charity to molest boys over a period of 15 years. Jurors convicted Sandusky last month of offences related to so-called Victim 2 largely on the testimony of Mike McQueary, who was a team graduate assistant and described seeing the attack. "Our client has to live the rest of his life not only dealing with the effects of Sanduskys childhood sexual abuse, but also with the knowledge that many powerful adults, including those at the
Manslaughter. The Cowboys (7-
CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Numb. Grieving. Distracted. The Cowboys were all those things on Sunday, dealing with the death of one teammate and the tribulations of another. Winners, too, though they hardly felt like it. Dan Bailey kicked a 40-yard field goal as time ran out, sending the Cowboys to a 20-19 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals that ended a tough afternoon with a little bit of relief and their playoff chances enhanced. Didnt last long, though. There will be a lot more emotional days ahead in Dallas. "Its a hard, hard situation were in," quarterback Tony Romo said. "Theres no playbook for this sort of thing in life." The Cowboys overcame a nine-point deficit in the closing minutes behind Romo, who held his hand over his heart during a moment of silence to honour teammate Jerry Brown before the kickoff. The linebacker died in an auto accident early Saturday. Defensive lineman Josh Brent, who was driving, was still jailed in Texas on Sunday, charged with intoxication mans
Of Humour, Passion, Love O
PITTSBURGH -- Beano Cook, the college football commentator with an encyclopedic knowledge of the sport he dearly loved, has died. The 81-year-old Boston native had worked for ESPN since 1986 and was the sports information director at his alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh, from 1956 to 1966. The school announced Thursday that Cook had died in his sleep. "He was one of a kind," ESPN executive chairman George Bodenheimer said. "There never was and never will be another Beano. His combination of humour, passion, love of college football and his engaging personality left an indelible mark on the sport and touched anyone who knew him." Born Carroll H. Cook, he grew up in Pittsburgh before graduating from the university in 1954, and was known for his love of the college game and, in particular, championing the cause of northeastern teams including Penn State and Pitt before either school was a nationally known power. "Beano Cook was an American original. His passion, depth
Ery Is An Option" That Proba
ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins receiver Pierre Garcon says he has a torn ligament on the bottom of his right foot and hes hoping to avoid surgery. Garcon described the injury thats sidelined him for four of Washingtons past six games as a "plantar plate tear" near his second toe. The plantar plate is a ligament that holds a toe in its joint. Garcon said Thursday that "surgery is an option" that probably would end his season, adding: "But we dont really want to think about that at all." He visited a foot specialist Wednesday. Garcon only has eight catches for 153 yards this season, his first with the Redskins after signing a $42.5 million, five-year contract as a free agent. Cheap Jerseys . -- Troy Matteson enjoys having the lead going into the final round of a golf tournament. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale . -- Jesus Montero put a slight dent in Jered Weavers nifty numbers. . Not only is physical capacity combined with concentration, b
, Ray Rice, And Lesean Mccoy, The R
One of my favourite scenes in Christopher Nolans Dark Knight Rises (dont worry Im not going to spoil anything) is when Bruce Wayne goes to the doctor under the pretense of getting a physical to go heli-skiing. The doctor proceeds to tell the billionaire crime fighter that he is suffering from a variety of injuries, which the audience knows is from his years battling Gothams villains. Its a surprisingly realistic moment for a superhero movie, where we finally get a glimpse of the toll that being Batman puts on the human body, or at least the fictional human body.   Last year we received a similar reality check at the running back position as several of the top rushers went down to season-ending injuries.  After the top three of Arian Foster, Ray Rice, and LeSean McCoy, the running back position becomes a long list of question marks and injury concerns.  Figuring out which ball carriers are fully rehabbed and ready to produce on your fantasy team could mean the difference bet
The New York Daily News, Te
New York, NY (Sports Network) - New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow reportedly wants out if he doesnt get a chance to play over the final two games of the season. Tebow, the backup for all but one game this year, was bypassed on the depth chart by Greg McElroy, who will start this Sunday against San Diego after Mark Sanchez was benched by Jets coach Rex Ryan. According to the New York Daily News, Tebow will likely request a trade or ask for his release if McElroy starts each of the final two games. Ryan decided to bench Sanchez after Monday nights 14-10 loss to Tennessee eliminated the Jets from postseason contention. Sanchez threw four interceptions and fumbled away the final offensive snap in the disastrous outing. Tebow was acquired from Denver in one of the most hyped trades for a backup quarterback in NFL history. It was thought he would give the Jets an added dimension on offense, but has rarely been used. The former Heisman Trophy winner has appeared in 11 games this
Bullies & Chinese Food
Chinese food on the way Totally comfortable silence Need to touch even with my toes As he sits at the foot of my bed Entertaining himself while I do my puzzles We decide to watch Bully Beat Down While eating Chinese He says "like an old married couple" Watching Douche Bags get pummeled Humiliated Laughing at their well deserved pain They have never been in a fight Ever Bullies Fun to watch them Grab for the cage As they are thrown around Like a rag doll And TRY to hold on Like a stupid Human That crawls into a Lion cage Drunk Haughty Thinking it's a kitty cat Like the smaller prey that they REVEL in taking from Then suddenly in a flash Bravado not helping this time OH SHIT OK THIS IS WHAT A FIGHT IS Hilarious Laughing at every professional kick At every choke hold Every tap out The look of anguish no longer anger On their swollen bewildered face And eating Chinese food With the man I will marry
My Mother Is 65 Years Old And She Was Suffering From Severe Pain In Knees
My mother is 65 years old and she was suffering from severe pain in knees in both legs. She was unable to bend the knee and suffered a lot from this condition. We tried medical balms, splints and finally went to a doctor for medication as the pain was getting beyond our control. The doctors asked her to rest and apply heat treatment to the knees frequently over a week and asked us to get back to him once done. The heat therapy reduced the knee pain which was associated with rest temporarily but the pain used to occur as and when she gets up in the mornings or after inactivity in the knees which restricted movement. So the next time we visited our doctor we explained the situation and the X-Rays confirmed that my mother was going through osteoarthritis. Fortunately her knee joints were not degenerated much at present but it could get worsened as she ages some more. She was given pain relievers to minimize pain and encouraged her for physical therapy but I’m looking for a permanen
The Forsaken Lounge Rules
1. NO OTHER LOUNGE PROMOTING, that means; NO LOUNGE LINKS PERIOD!!!! 2. Absolutely NO smoking pipes,bongs or anything that looks to be PARAPHERNALIA!!!!! 3. RESPECT THE FORSAKEN STAFF AND DJ'S . BASHING DJ'S OR STAFF IS AUTO BAN 3. NO DRAMA ! leave it at the door dont bring personal matters into this lounge .4. NO GRAPHIC CYBERSEXING in the lounge text. Please have lots of fun, just don't take it too far or get too nasty. save it for sb5. NO RACISM , NO SEXIST REMARKS WILL BE TOLERATED! You've been warned, Immediate Ban!6. ALL SONG REQUEST MUST BE IN CHAT IN CAPS.** CAM RULES**1 NO NUDITY OF ANY KIND ON CAMS !!!!!!!! WE DO NOT WANT CAM TO BE BANNED, IF THIS HAPPENS CAM MAY BE REMOVED FROM THE LOUNGE.2 NO CAM DRECTING .3 RESPECT EVERYONE.4. NO KIDS ON CAM MUST BE 18 YRS OLD OR OLDER .5. PLEASE KEEP ALL AUDIO OFF ON CAMS.6. MUST BE A MEMBER TO USE THE CAMS !!!!!!!!!!HAVE FUN, BE RESPECTFUL, but BE WARNED: Our Staff was hired to make judgement calls to keep our lounge a great place to
About Me
                         )0( MARRY MEET )0(   ye must, In perfect love and perfect trust. Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: An' ye harm none, do what ye will. What ye send forth comes back to thee So ever mind the law of three. Follow this with mind and heart, Merry ye meet, and merry ye part. ----------------------- Craftsmanship (another known term for Wicca) has several features : 1. In Wicca there is a hierarchy (I am talking about classic Wicca, namely Old Faith). In coven (Wicca Organization) there are usually primary priest or priestess. They head the Sabbaths (Wheel of the year holiday). 2. In Wiccan texts there is a direct reference to the ethical standards (a commandment), which is bound by a witch (if she is good). 3. In Wicca there are canons of "netting" spells, as We believe that we should follow our route, drawing on the experience of those who went before us. 4. Wicca is very tolerant to other religions, as they believe that all gods are one of the incarnatio
Ok so its been brought to my attention that a lot of people who shout me ask the same questions so i thought i would write it here so then you will know :)   my name is beverley im 30 yrs old and im from the uk i have a salute and a few videos on here of my sad azz trying to sing LOL  im looking for friends not to date sorry (guys) but i work so much it wouldnt be fair to add someone else into that so i choose to booty call my favourite bud when i am frisky LMAO i love attention just like every other girl so BITCHES dont hate when i get it and you dont i dont chase blingers. YES i have nsfw folders its my body and i will flaunt it if i wish i dont care what you think so if you dont like dont click my profile simple. i will help you if i can i am caring kind and always try to be a gd person so dont sb me shouting at me for not answering i try to answer everyone  STOP marking my pictures (bitches) if they offend your eyes dont look im single and in turn am free to post whatever i w
Fu Whores At It Again!
    You know I think it's real funny how men don't get much attention on here till they start running bling.. Then as soon as the whores see it they start talking to them and making them salutes sending them naked picture or videos, prob handing out phone numbers telling these men they love them when they are 20 plus years older than them.. DUDES!!!!! Are you seriusly that desperate to spend all your hard earned money on these girls who wouldent have given you time a day if you wernt spending your money on them? Open your eyes!
W.w.e.'s Night Of Champions Recap
Greeting, Loyal Subjects!!!!   How are you all doing today?  I hope things are going great for you, your family and friends, and devoted "FuManiacs" so far this week, and just thought I stop by and bring you the results from this past Sunday night's "Night of Champions 2013" pay-per-view event, which originated from the legendary Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan:   - In a pre-show kickoff match that was aired prior to the pay-per-view broadcast, THE PRIME TIME PLAYERS (Titus O'Neill and Darren Young) defeated THE USOS (Jimmy and Jey), TONS OF FUNK ("Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay and "Sweet T" Tensai), THE REAL AMERICANS (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro), and 3MB member HEATH SLATER and DREW McINTYRE (with Jinder Mahal) in a Tag Team Turmoil Number One Conternders' Match .... ..... The process of elimination reads as follows:   3MB was eliminated when Tensai pinned Slater with a School Boy Roll-Up ..... TONS OF FUNK was eliminated when Swagger forced Clay to submit to the Patriot
Just Being With You
No matter how much time I get to spend with you I can never have enough of you. I want to snuggle with you. I want to hug you for hours and hours. I want to talk to you endlessly. I want to laugh at your jokes and watch movies with you .I just want to spend every second of my life with you but when I am with you time just flies. Even if God gave me all the time in the world.. I would spend it in your arms. You understand me like no one else does. You are my twin flame and I have craved to be with you since time unknown. You are my adorable darling. I love you to the core and I will never give up on us
I Hate Cancer Takin Two More I Love
Cancer Took My Mom She Was 58 Spread To The Brain In June Of 1979 ... That Was Not Easy . Then June Of 1996 My Second Oldest Torrey Mitchell 24 Diagnosed With Pancrease Cancer Watched Him Suffer Had a Tube To Inserted For The Bile For The Mass Was 71/4 centimeters by 7 centimeters Was not Good . Broke My Heart To Watch Him  , He was Then Put In Hospice At Ashtabula Medical Center . Where On 3/14/97 11:57 am He Passed Away 3/18/97 Buried a day Before His Birthday . Then May 17th My Best Friend My Friend That Always was There Cindy Messena She Had Her Breast Removed For Cancer She Ended Up With Mest Of The Brain And Passed Away May 19th .. I Buried Two In Less Than a Yr . Now I Have Two More One My Once Fiance Of 2yrs 8mos Lonnie Terminal No Chance To Live & His Sister Connie Like a Sister To Me Terminal Both Lung Cancer .. I can sit Here And Be Strong With This I Know They Will Not Suffer No More .. But Even When I Was In Nursing I Cried More Than I Ever Done I Sat With Many That I Didn
My Final 10k Likes Run
    I Need All My Family and Friends to Heavily Promote me in this Achievement I am Humbled already by the amount of Support I had In My Last Attempt and ask if those who helped me then will once again jump on board and pull this off with me. I am Unable to do Mumms so I will do every other known resource available to me to increase my likes periodically thru out the day If You Know Me  Share Me..status me...Make a Pic and Link everyone on Fubar to it I Know It is alot to ask  But It Takes everyone to pull this off..If I am able to get 25K instead of 10K I will Thank God Almighty for the Miracle and the achievement as well.   Thanks to all who have brought me this far My Fu-Hubby Travler9 You are My ROCK of Solid Support My Wonderful Family and Friends whom I adore with all my heart  It will be a wonderful time and going to go thru 42 cups of coffee to make this happen   Much Love  see you tonight and all day tomorrow as well   ~Ragdoll~
For Starters
I knock, the door to the hotel room opens quickly, and I walk in the room and shutting and locking the door behind me. I'm standing before you in black heels, thigh high fish nets, short black skirt, white button up shirt that's unbuttoned and tied at the waist revealing a black and red trimmed bra. I'm in your arm the touch of your lips on mine feels like fire, a hot and demanding kiss filled with hunger and need that has been building for weeks now. My hands are running frantically over your body working to get you out of your clothes, you've got me pressed back against the wall your knee between my legs pushing them apart while your hand moves up my thigh, under my skirt, until it reaches my pussy to find that I'm not wearing panties and its bare, shaven clean just for you. I hear a low moan escape you as your fingers delve into the wetness there. I sigh and my knees go weak as your finger brushes over my clit. My hand finds its way into your shorts and closes around your cock strok
Little Johnny
Little Mary   Little Mary Margaret was not the best student in her Catholic School. Usually she slept through the class. One day her teacher, a Nun, called on her while she was sleeping. . "Tell me Mary Margaret, who created the universe?" . When Mary Margaret didn't stir, little Johnny who was her friend sitting behind her, took a pin and jabbed her in the rear. "God Almighty!" shouted Mary Margaret. . The Nun said, "Very good" and continued teaching her class. A little later the Nun asked Mary Margaret, "Who is our Lord and Savior?" But she didn't stir from her slumber. Once again, little Johnny came to the rescue and stuck Mary Margaret in the butt. . "Jesus Christ!" shouted Mary and the Nun once again said "Very good," and Mary Margaret fell back asleep. . The Nun asked her a third question..."What did Eve say to Adam after she had her twenty-third child?" . Again, Johnny came to the rescue. This time Mary Margaret jumped up and shouted, "If you stick that damn thing in me one mo
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Beloved & Beautiful Partner
Beloved and beautiufl life partnere is very important for every male or female during his/her life. to have a life partner it is important first to look at her find five thing in her/his. Beauty Wealth Being Muslim Well mannered Educated
The Inevitable Use Of Computer And Its Physical And Technical Issues
The modern age of technology is amazing, there were never such facilities that we find were never that much common before. When you think of technology, one of the most first things that hit your mind is computer. Computer technology has probably been the fastest advanced technology. Since last 4 or 5 decades the computer technology has developed from zero to the latest laptops. The computer that once was about the size of a room, but, it can be carried now in baggy pants. The computer technology has indeed witnessed some of the best changes. The computer was considered as an accessory some time before, but, now it has become a must have thing in the home as well as at work place. Today, almost the whole infrastructure of all the countries is based on computer. Banks, airports, railways all are operated with the help of a computer. The government’s reliance on computers for the betterment is also increasing, they have a firm believe that with the help of computer, they can serve
Ideal Switching Remedies By Just Effective Pune Professionals
Moving can be quite a horrible procedure that produces persons interested in their own shifting. To produce this go protected in addition to reliable there are numerous moving businesses can be bought economy? These types of businesses take care of a lot of brand new residence obtain products that can slow up the problem connected with brand new residence obtain because of their buyers. Most of these firms get proficient employees with these exactly who take care of the full tension connected with brand new residence obtains for them. Persons can certainly take into account on their products to make the brand new residence obtain much easier in addition to restful. The essentials products the specific businesses help their particular buyers are frequently getting in addition to moving, operating in addition to unloading, unpacking in addition to rearrangement. All these products are frequently recognized inside cost-effective price for that reason persons could make their own go less
Safe Moving Remedies By Just Pune Specialists
Switching for your brand new area most likely inside jewel throw international calls is extremely horrible. In order to complete this excellent horrible procedure just one should just have assistance with the well-known moving businesses. You'll discover degrees of moving businesses specific to be able to economy that can take care of the full procedure simply. These employees these businesses get great know-how in regards to the brand new residence obtain to arranged the prettiest function to acquire the item complete simply. Many individuals proficiently take care of the full procedure connected with moving in addition to make their own buyers clear of many concerns. Most of these specialists employ their own many procedures in addition to understanding to make this go simple in addition to appealing. These types of employees these businesses understand adequately that can dealing with components for his or her protected routines. Many individuals perform significantly treatment whi
Smooth In Addition To Comfy Moving Remedies In The Course Of Pune
Persons must knowledge many problems even though shifting about the brand new area because of their overall property materials. Providing in addition to moving would be the difficult in addition to have difficulty that can present significant amounts of unwanted problems. Although shifting about the brand new desired destination persons should do many difficult capabilities. This resettlement procedure is not very uncomplicated that necessary appropriate direction of your energy to do the full procedure simply. For your shifters, it is rather difficult to attempt to perform the primary procedure adequately without just about any assistance. There are many getting in addition to moving businesses been released in the course of Pune exactly who complete the full procedure adequately in addition to swiftly? They furnish these superlative resettlement products to maneuver your products safely and securely about the brand new area. There are many getting in addition to moving businesses ca
Tranquil Moving By Just Effective Pune Specialists
Persons brought on by many brings about must change a single destination intended for an additional. Consequently folks that do not need sufficient time in addition to patience a doctor needs to consult moving businesses. There's different firms’ specific to be able to economy that products a lot of brand new residence obtain. These types of businesses take care of the full procedure in way males and females can certainly abandon their own many concerns for them. Many individuals efficiently complete the primary procedure much like the prepared approach for that reason persons can certainly retain the companies associated with secure products at their store. The important products the specific specialists help their particular buyers are frequently getting in addition to moving, operating in addition to unloading, unpacking in addition to rearrangement as an example. All these products are frequently recognized inside cost-effective price for that reason not any need to be able
Korean Fashion Clothing Collection For Women 2013
    Thin sweater ride Little Red Riding Hood This body autumn outfit gives a very warm feeling in the long section of the sweater, thin plate-type, by age nude pink is very temperament, to catch a small red label, a small literary small fresh little cute catch the foot of wood with it. Look at this Little Red Riding Hood workmanship and color, so sweet.   Simple Slim The coat color overhangs brisk enough to build a super gas field. This coat was thin waist style will feature integration came in, beautiful sexy collarbone exposed, Slim body design, black leggings, the black and red colors with interpretation to the extreme, the body shape of the layering fit flawlessly, body shape seemingly casual, but full of charm effort.   Retro fashion asian fashion dresses  A retro dress, printing is this season's hottest design elements, and South Korea printed fabrics, rare horse hit color printing special enough, filling the full mix of retro flavor   With the popularity of retro, lo
Just Me!!
Ith 6:59 To Go In The Half. "i Took Them O
ST. LOUIS -- St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher ended up giving his starters plenty of playing time. Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh got what he wanted -- a really long look at his backups. Sam Bradford threw three touchdown passes in 11/2 quarters, giving the Rams an early lead in a 31-17 win on Thursday night. Fisher, overseeing a franchise that has totalled 15 wins in the past five seasons, called for the second stringers after a 9-yard catch by Mike Hoomanawanui made it 21-0 with 6:59 to go in the half. "I took them out because we got some production, made some plays," Fisher said. "Its a good way to finish up." Bradford threw five touchdown passes in the preseason, all of them at home for the Rams (2-2). "Its very satisfying," Bradford said. "The way we finished definitely shows that were comfortable out there. I think were moving into the regular season in a very nice way." Harbaugh, gearing up for a Super Bowl run after losing in the AFC title game last season, st
, 1-0 To Cubas Livan Lopez Azcuy. Garcia,
Canada will have to wait at least another four years for its first Olympic medal in mens freestyle wrestling since Daniel Igalis gold at Sydney 2000. On the final day of competition at London 2012, Haislan Veranes Garcia and Khetag Pliev were unable to make the podium as they both lost repechage matches in their respective divisions. Coquitlam, B.C.s Garcia, who made the quarter-finals after a walk-through in the 66kg preliminaries followed by a three-round win over Tajikistans Zalimkhan Yusupov, fell in a tough match to Japans Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu 0-1, 1-0, 5-0 and then lost his repechage bout 1-0, 0-1, 1-0 to Cubas Livan Lopez Azcuy. Garcia, who was born in Cuba but moved to Canada eight years ago, looked strong in his earlier win but he was too defensive against Lopez Azcuy, with whom he was very familiar having previously lost to the 2011 Pan American Games bronze medallist. There was no scoring in regulation in either of the first two rounds, which were split after each
Ar The Blue Line, Zoomed Past Two Colum
ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Concussions have kept Pierre-Marc Bouchard out of Minnesotas lineup most of the past three seasons. Hes back now, and it couldnt come at a better time for the Wild. Bouchard scored the go-ahead goal late in the third period and Minnesota snapped a three-game losing streak by beating the Columbus Blue Jackets 3-2 on Tuesday night. With the Wild seemingly on their heels after giving up a two-goal lead, Bouchard took a pass from Torrey Mitchell near the blue line, zoomed past two Columbus defenders and beat goalie Steve Mason above his right glove. There appeared to be a little extra emotion as Bouchard pumped his fist and dropped to a knee while celebrating the goal. "Its pretty fun. The last few years have been pretty tough," Bouchard said. "Its good to be back and play those kinds of games and win some hockey games." Mikko Koivu and Tom Gilbert also scored for Minnesota. Mark Letestu and Jack Johnson had goals for the Blue Jackets. After Columbus beat Dal
Of The Edmonton Eskimos. He Had Previ
REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders finalized their defensive coaching staff for the 2013 season on Friday. Richie Hall will return as defensive co-ordinator and Barron Miles will serve as defensive backs coach again next season. Mike Sinclair was named assistant head coach and defensive line coach while Richard Kent was named defensive backs coach. Saskatchewan had the second-ranked defence in the CFL last season. The 8-10 Riders finished third in the West and dropped a 36-30 decision to Calgary in the division semifinal. Hall rejoined the team in 2011 after spending two seasons as head coach of the Edmonton Eskimos. He had previously spent 15 seasons on the Riders coaching staff. Miles came to Saskatchewan last season after spending two seasons with the B.C. Lions as a defensive and player personnel assistant. Sinclair spent the last five seasons as a defensive line coach with the Montreal Alouettes. Kent was a secondary coach for the Toronto Argonauts in 2009 and spen
Y. The Clippers, According To The Times Report, Also Made An Offer To Guard Chris Paul, Who
Los Angeles, CA (Sports Network) - Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin officially signed a multi-year extension shortly after the NBAs moratorium ended. Financial terms were not disclosed, but the Los Angeles Times earlier reported Griffins extension is worth up to $95 million over five years. Griffin, the NBAs top rookie for 2010-11, has averaged 21.7 points and 11.5 rebounds in his two seasons with the Clippers. He has never missed a game in his two years after sitting out the entire 2009-10 campaign with a knee injury. The Clippers, according to the Times report, also made an offer to guard Chris Paul, who apparently turned down a three-year, $60 million extension. Paul, who was acquired by the Clippers in a trade with New Orleans prior to last season and also joins Griffin as part of the U.S. Olympic basketball team, still has a year remaining on his contract. Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China . Homers by Rodriguez, Russell Martin and Steve Pearce provided New Yor
His Was The Bears Fifth Loss In Six Games
CHICAGO -- With one championship under their belt, the Green Bay Packers are already eyeing a few others. Aaron Rodgers connected with James Jones on all three touchdowns, Clay Matthews continued his dominance of Jay Cutler with two more sacks and Green Bay clinched its second straight NFC North title with a 21-13 victory over the archrival Chicago Bears on Sunday. After starting the season 2-3, the Packers are showing signs they might have a run in them like the one that carried them to the Super Bowl title two years ago. They have assured themselves of a home playoff game and, at 10-4, are still in the running for the No. 2 seed in the NFC. "Were just getting started," coach Mike McCarthy said. "We feel that way as a football team. We feel theres a lot better football in front of us." Chicago, meanwhile, continues to slide. This was the Bears fifth loss in six games, and theyre in danger of missing the playoffs after beginning the season 7-1. Chicago (8-6) lost ground in
A Deciding Game 7 Against The Celtics In The Eastern
(Sports Network) - Superstars are often held to a higher standard. Its not necessarily fair but that is LeBron James reality and he can either embrace it or continue to fight it by shying away from the big moment. The best basketball player on the planets latest "big moment" takes place Thursday in Boston when the Miami Heat try to stave off elimination and force a deciding Game 7 against the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals. You can see all the action on TSN beginning at 8:30pm et/5:30pm pt. "It doesnt matter how you get there," embattled Miami coach Erik Spoelstra said. "We still have a great opportunity. Were still alive, and we have an opportunity to win and change the momentum of this series again. So much about the playoffs is maintaining your perspective and your balance as a basketball team." The tea leaves certainly dont look promising for Spoelstra and his team. The Heat have dropped 15 of their last 16 on the famed parquet floor, including seven of eight
Outside Or Up The Front With (gold-meda
Paddling through the longest race of the London 2012 Olympic Games, Canadas Richard Weinberger captured bronze in Londons Serpentine Lake on Friday morning. His 10-kilometre open water marathon swim of one hour, 50 minutes and 0.30 seconds earned Canada its third swimming medal of these Games. Weinberger, of Victoria, B.C., got off to an early lead in Londons chilly, 21-Celsius water on Friday; he tore off his swimming cap within his first few strokes and quickly worked his way to the front of the thrashing pack. an extremely physical race, thats why I avoided being in the pack and I tried to be on the outside or up the front with (gold-medal winner Oussama) Mellouli," Weinberger said. "I tried to swim a smart race and things turned out in my favour." Open water swimming can get physical, as its lack of lanes allows the swimmers to draft through the water in a very tight pack; while race officials watch to ensure that things do not get out of hand, an errant elbow or foot o
True Friends
Every wonder who your true friends are? Ever wonder if your friends are actually the person they say they are? Definition of a TRUE FRIEND is that they will always stick by your side regardless of the circumstances.they will always support your decisions and be there when you need someone to talk to. A true friend will never leave you hanging nor will they tell you lies even if its a little white lie. A True friend will always have your back even if you think you can handle things yourself. I Have been on Fubar for almost 2 years and the people you see in my family are my True Friends. We have eachothers backs, we do all we say we will do and we all stick together as one. I MET GREAT PEOPLE on here and the ones in my family are truly the best. Yes people talk about me, spread lies or whatever other bullshit they can come up with, my True Friends and Family are all I need to make my time on Fubar Fun. Who is your true friends? And Do you agree that A True Friend is the best kind of
"the Debt " Part 5
Bobby had promised Kathy for years thath they would get  away someplace to have fun and not talk about work all weekend. the first few time she believed him but after several aborted attempts to get away she gave up hope. Something was always more important to him than their get away. On a Thursday, which was the next to the last day of the month, he walked into her  ofice. she had no time today for his horny adventures or idle chit chat. "Get out of here Bob!" kathy said angrily. "I don't have time for you today. It's the end of the month and you're just in the way right now. Try me again in a few days." "Come on luv," Bob pleaded. "Give me a few minutes and you'll be glad you did." "I can't stop for two seconds today let anlone two minutes," Kathy protested. "There's too much to do." "It's about our get away that we've always planned," Bob baited her. Will resume at another time:)  
Have You Ever Loved Someone
Have you ever loved someone         And knew they didnt love you Have you ever felt like crying, And thought what good would it do Have you ever felt like walking with the lights way down low Have you ever said God I love him, but I'll never let him know Dont fall in love my friend, you will be hurt before its thru, Cause listen my friend I ought to know................ I fell in love with you!!!!!!!!                                                   
Thinking Of You Tonight
In my mind, I so often revisit the days we had together. I close my eyes, picture your smile, and my heart lightens. I focus on your lips, their curves & fullness, and my breath quickens. I recall the things those lips can do, and my body awakens. Suddenly, the memory becomes real in that moment. Your kiss brushes my skin, your smell permeates the air, your touch causes my body to quiver. I am ready. I am yours. I scream your name at that moment. Ah, that moment! I open my eyes and send up a thank you for this gift, this memory so strong it will carry me through until that next time. I adore you. ~Tigger  
Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.Just walk beside me and be my friend.A real friend is someone who walks inwhen the rest of the world walks out. Forgiveness is the glue,that repairs broken relationships.Nature has given to men one tongue,but two ears, that we may hearfrom others twice as muchas we speak. True friends are like diamonds,precious and rare.A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart,and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believein yourself.
Single Mother Needs Help
If you think you are beaten, you are.If you think you dare not, you won't.If you like to win, but think you can't,It's almost certain you won't.If you think you'll lose, you're lost.For out in the world we find,Success begins with a person's will -It's all in the state of mind.If you think you're outclassed, you are.You've got to think high to rise.You've got to be sure of yourself beforeYou can ever win a prize.Life's battles don't always goTo the stronger or faster man.But sooner or later the person who winsIs the one who thinks he can.
What Is A Dominant? (or How To Be A Good Dominant)
Like the same question, what is a submissive, this is probably one of the biggest questions that is argued about in BDSM and Dominant submissive D/s relationships. Each person who has an interest in the lifestyle will undoubtedly have their own ideas about what makes a person dominant, but there will always be some common threads running through everyone's definitions. It is also worth noting that a Dominant may not necessarily be seen as a good Dominant, although this too is open to interpretation by each persons own ideas of what a Dominant should, or should not be. There are probably too many individual characteristics to list, because every person will react differently to every situation but, if you were able to observe a number of people, you might say "Yes that one is Dom", or "No, that one is not", based upon their actions and reactions. So, is it a futile exercise to try and define what makes a Dominant?  Possibly, but still we can recognize certain familiar and
Understanding Submission
Introduction I like to understand things. I like to know what is really going on. I like to be as good as I can in what I do. To this end, being the analytical type that I am, I like to have a model, or theory, which helps me to understand what I am doing and what is going on around me. BDSM is full of frills and window-dressing. Getting to the core of it---understanding which are the basic "components"---means looking around at what people do, looking at their feelings and extracting the common elements. I am going to present the framework in which I see and play with BDSM. I am optimistic that submission and submissives, in all their BDSM forms, will fit into this framework. This document is one man's evolving opinion, ie. mine, and not an academic work. It is the result of experience and much thought and discussion with others in the BDSM scene. Because there are so many ways of "doing" BDSM, and because there are so many people doing so many different things, term
Religion Is A Cover
I blame religion for a lot of how my life has turned out.  I wasted the better of the last 25 years on these fantasies.  Been through all of it - baptist, pentecostal, charismatic -- and all it did was cover up and hide the true me.  Now I'm 45, and very unhappy.  Religion told me that I would be happy, that it would take my depression away, give me purpose.  Guess what?  All it did was hide it.  I wish I could go back and warn my younger self away, but I can't, and now I'm full of regrets due to my poor decisions.I am not shirking my own responsibility for how my life turned out either - I know I have a lot of mental problems and personal failings that I could have controlled -- but now I believe that things may have been a bit easier had I stayed away from faith.  I'm finding science and skepticism more fulfilling and interesting.
Submissive Roles
PROPERTY As noted in the owner article, property is someone who is dehumanised by their owner, or is someone who has reduced rights in the context of their relationship with their owner. SLAVE While some consider a slave to be the same as a submissive, it can be more useful to consider a slave as being one who hands over authority to more than their involvement in BDSM activities to theirmaster, as well authority over how long they remain a slave. Thus, the slave's master then can command the slave in regards to how they dress, what they do in their spare time, and use the slave forservice (such as cleaning, etc.). The experience of surrender to their situation or condition as slave is more profound than for a submissive because getting out of it is not so easy. A submissive can simply withdraw their permission or consent at any time. A slave, on the other hand, is likely to have psychologically surrendered to not being able to reclaim authority, and that means that re
Dominant Roles
OWNER One of the things we can note about other BDSM roles, such as top, bottom, dominant, submissive, master, and slave, is that there's an implicit recognition that the partner in each case is a respected, fully-functional, human member of a two-person team. This is not the case with owner/property roles. An owner possesses property who, in the context of the relationship or their activities together, has limited rights and who is often objectified or dehumanised. Typically, the property is simply used for some purpose by the owner. This can be sexually, where the property is simply treated as a cunt to fuck, for example. MASTER The important factor with dominants and submissives is that the submissive grants the dominant long-term authority to engage them (the submissive) in an agreed range of activities without seeking permission on each occasion. Confusingly, many people consider the terms master and slave to be equal to dominant and submissive, respectively.
If you can look at the sunset and smile, then you still have hope. If you can find beauty in the colors of a small flower, then you still have hope. If you can find pleasure in the movement of a butterfly, then you still have hope. If the smile of a child can still warm your heart, then you still have hope. If you can see the good in other people, then you still have hope. If the rain breaking on a roof top can still lull you to sleep, then you still have hope. If the sight of a rainbow still makes you stop and stare in wonder, then you still have hope. If the soft fur of a favored pet still feels pleasant under your fingertips, then you still have hope. If you meet new people with a trace of excitement and optimism, then you still have hope. If you give people the benefit of a doubt, then you still have hope. If you still offer your hand in friendship to others that have touched your life, then you still have hope. If receiving an unexpected card or letter still brings a pleasant surp
Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or to help you figure out who you are or who you want to become.   You never know who these people may be – a roommate, a neighbor,a friend, a lover, or even acomplete stranger –  but when you lock eyes with them, you know at that very moment they will affect your life in some profound way.   Sometimes things happen to you that may seem horrible, painful, and unfair at first, but in reflection you find that without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential, strength, willpower, or heart.   Illness, injury, love, lost moments of true greatness, and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of your 
Learning Who My Real Friends Are Redux love being punished by someone whom I thought I could be honest with...I am learning the hard way about this person. more...this time Im not going back....once I could put down to a mistake...but when you feel ignored and punished by this friend for no good becomes a pattern...and time to cut ties:( 
She Is The Only One !
 i am very lucky to have her in my life and i would NEVER do anything to intentionaly hurt her i would rather go jump off  a bridge cause that way i wouldn't have see her cry on my stupidity , i love her soooooooooooo much that some nights when i dont here back from here i cant sleep , if i lose her i will never recover . all these things i am putting on here are not just words , they are my heart , soul, thoughts i was gonna wait til my b,day and ask her THE  ??? but im not gonna wait that long it will be sooner and i hope she reads this tonight cause without her i am nothing she is truely my everything   she is my last and hopefully my future wife, i really love her so much that it really bothers me when she's not happy and smiley  i made a mistake trying to edit one of these on here an deleted all of the others by accident , i am really , very sorry babe i should have asked for help first then it could have been in better shape, its not about me , its about her and i
A Dream In The Making
What do you do when you've met someone that you just really want to kneel to ? I know and feel this man is honorable and up right in his dealings with the public , I believe he has strength to surpass anyones I know. I do think I am wanting him and don't know how to prove myself worthy of his devotion and thats what I want ..... devotion , respect , gentleness , and true feelings . Like an old song " I just wanna lay you down " But then I might never want to get up , when the man only has to say a certain word and I cum. It would be so interesting if I could mask my face of all reactions to electrons hooked up to my pussy & tit's with him having a remote control and push the button whenever he wanted to. In the check-out lane at the market , in a favorite restaurant or just hiking & walking in the country side . If I could handle that , then maybe I should have went to Hollywood . I know my face is expressive and show all my emotions , when I am happy , I look that way , I dare say wat
The Beauty Of Time,, Beauty Of A Rose
ime , Is not an illusion, It is real & working, As our the cog's inside your mind, The beat within your heart, Sometime it runs fast,  Sometimes so very slow, Have seen it many a time, The red of a Rose grows, The rain quenching its thirst, Sunlight giving it strentgh, It never stopped blooming, Certain people see it, Some never shall do so, If you avert your eye's, Into a dark dark room, You are missing a big point,Missing,
I Thought
I Thought.. I thought the sea was blue, I thought its depths were endless I thought there was nothing to compare, To the billion stars reflected and shimmering On its surface in the moonlight. I figured there were mysteries there, Things I'd never see. I thought it held secrets I would never know, I wondered if I could ever feel what it would be like to swim forever in it. I wondered how very lost I could be I wondered if I could feel the soul, the heart of it. I wondered if totally being one with it Would drown me, or save me. I've thought about the truths That might be found by plunging those depths. But then I started to fear my own mortality I started to question myself I wondered if I would die trying... I started to think it wasn't worth it I started to think it would be safer To stay on the shore.. To look on from afar and dream. To dream, rather than do, To imagine, rather than try... To stay safe and dry I may never experience the waves. I may never dive and explore b
Atriots Receiver Wes W
PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Portland Timbers have re-signed Danny Mwanga, a homegrown favourite who starred at Portlands Jefferson High and Oregon State. The 21-year-old forward was acquired by Portland in a June trade with the Philadelphia Union. He played in 18 matches for the Timbers and had three goals. Mwanga, the No. 1 pick in the 2010 MLS SuperDraft, has 15 goals and nine assists in 79 career matches. The terms of the deal were not announced. Cheap Jerseys . -- New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker said on Monday that he was only joking when he said that he enjoyed catching 13 passes against the Denver Broncos to "stick it" in coach Bill Belichicks face. Cheap MLB Jerseys . Harper hit his 20th homer, Ian Desmond and Kurt Suzuki also connected and the Nationals beat the Philadelphia Phillies 8-4 Wednesday night to move closer toward winning their first division title since moving to Washington. . Maybe James Harrison too. Still, Pitts
Lt With Major Injuries.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Rick Adelman says he did not have a problem with J.J. Bareas comments that some Minnesota Timberwolves didnt care enough after a recent loss. Without naming names, Barea blistered some teammates after the Wolves blew a 21-point lead and lost to the Golden State Warriors on Sunday. The veteran guard said there werent enough players in the locker room who cared about the outcomes of games. Adelman said after practice Tuesday he supports players speaking up when they see something they dont like. The Wolves have dropped 12 of their last 13 games and have dealt with major injuries. They have won one game in the last three Aprils combined, and Adelman says the culture around the team must change. Cheap Jerseys China . The Steelers re-signed tackle Max Starks to a one-year deal on Tuesday, hoping his surgically repaired knee is healed and his leadership can help one of the NFLs youngest lines provide better protection for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. NFL Jersey
Eeded To Get Re-invested In Interna
LOS ANGELES -- The Los Angeles Dodgers have jumped back into the pool of elite international talent with a resounding splash. The Dodgers signed outfielder Yasiel Puig to a seven-year, $42 million contract on Friday, a record deal for a Cuban defector and a clear indication the team has rediscovered its traditional aggression in pursuing international players. "This signing is really one snapshot of a much bigger vision, a much bigger plan," Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti said. "We needed to get re-invested in international signings, obviously Asia as well, but Latin America at this time. This represents the first of many. Its a long-term plan for us to continue to build the farm system from every place we can." Just a few days after getting a look at the 21-year-old Cuban who hasnt played competitive baseball in about a year, the Dodgers persuaded Puig to choose them from among several major-league suitors. The signing is the latest bold financial move by the teams n
E Net As Much As You Can
SAINT JOHN, N.B. -- Zack Phillips was in the right place at the right time on Friday night. Phillips scored at 10:18 of double-overtime to lift the Saint John Sea Dogs to a 3-2 win over the Rimouski Oceanic in Game 1 of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey Leagues Presidents Cup final Friday. Phillips scored off of defenceman Charles-Olivier Roussels rebound as the puck bounced toward the Sea Dogs forward. "I knew it was in, but the (defenceman) kind of batted it back out of the net," said Phillips. "I saw it drop over the goal-line and obviously I went pretty crazy from there. "I saw the puck just laying there and I just tried to pull it out and get it up as quick as I could." Nathan Beaulieu and Tomas Jurco scored for the Sea Dogs, while Saint John goalie Mathieu Corbeil stopped 41 of 43 shots. Phillips also had an assist. "You have to get the puck to the net as much as you can in overtime, and sometimes we shy away from that because our team is so skilled and we make too many
Ened The Scoring Just 22 S
PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Bobby Robins had a goal and an assist and Niklas Svedberg made 18 saves Sunday as the Providence Bruins shut out the St. Johns IceCaps 3-0 in the American Hockey League. Carter Camper and Lane MacDermid had the other goals for the Bruins (3-5-0). Eddie Pasquale made 35 saves for the IceCaps (5-6-0) in taking the loss. Robins opened the scoring just 22 seconds into the game after Christian Hanson wired a shot from inside the blue-line that struck Pasquale in the mask. The rebound caromed to an open Robins, who buried his first of the season. Providence made it 2-0 on a two-man advantage late in the second period. Ryan Spooner took a pass from Chris Bourque and sent a perfect feed cross-crease feed to Camper. The Bruins added an insurance goal 5:40 into the third when MacDermid pounced on a loose puck and fired a shot past Pasquale. Cheap NFL Jerseys China . Milan forward Alexandre Patos 73rd-minute header was the first goal Malaga has allowed in five Cham
Manchester City On Goa
Manchester United announced Wednesday that the English Premier League club has signed goalkeeper Ben Amos to a three-year extension and midfielder Paul Scholes to a one-year extension. Scholes retired from United last year, but returned in January after injuries to some of the teams players. The 37-year-old scored four goals last season, when United lost the title to Manchester City on goal difference. He joined the team in 1991, and has played 697 times. "Im delighted," United manager Alex Ferguson said on Uniteds website. "He now realizes that if he plays 25 or 30 games next season, theyll be of real quality." Amos made his Premier League debut for the Reds in Januarys victory over Stoke City and featured in all three 2011-12 Carling Cup ties. He has made seven appearances during the course of his Reds career to date, keeping three clean sheets. Cheap Jerseys From China . -- Zack Greinkes first pitch in a Los Angeles Angels uniform was lined to left field for a single by
Mni Golf Outing Friday With Some Of His Fo
AVON, Ohio -- Two years after a messy breakup with the team he led to its last NFL championship, the team he gave everything he to for nine seasons and the team he left at the peak of his playing career, Jim Brown wanted to make one thing perfectly clear. "I am forever a Cleveland Brown," he said. And the Browns are forever him. The Hall of Fame running back, who had been estranged from the Browns organization after he was relieved of his duties as a senior adviser, attended an alumni golf outing Friday with some of his former teammates. Before teeing off, Brown spoke for nearly 30 minutes with his usual candour and directness. Walking better than he has in years and finally pain free following two hip replacements, the legendary 76-year-old opened up on a number of topics. As always, Brown had plenty to say and he didnt hold back. Brown hopes to work again for the Browns and said hell meet Saturday with incoming owner Jimmy Haslam III, who recently purchased the Browns for
E Padres Past The San Francisc
SAN FRANCISCO -- Jesus Guzman, Chase Headley and the San Diego Padres turned Tim Lincecums latest start into a round of batting practice. Guzman hit two home runs and Headley had another to hand Lincecum his latest setback, powering the Padres past the San Francisco Giants 6-3 on Wednesday to avoid a three-game sweep. "He was aggressive with the fastball early and then he kind of got away from it a little bit," Padres outfielder Will Venable said. "And we were able to get a barrel on it." Big time. Venable blooped a two-run double to help the Padres pound Lincecum (4-11), who allowed five runs in 4 2-3 innings. The two-time NL Cy Young Award winner had shown signs of progress in his previous two outings. Instead, hes still trying to piece three straight solid starts together and turnaround the worst season of his career. "My stuff was pretty good in the beginning of the game," Lincecum said. "I started losing my spots more. I just have to execute those better and get a bett
Play All The Time. And Im Not One To
MILAN, Italy -- Alessandro Nesta says he will leave AC Milan at the end of the season and is considering a move to Major League Soccer in the United States. The 36-year-old Nesta, who has spent 10 years at Milan, will play his last game for the club at home against Novara on Sunday. "This was my last season with Milan," Nesta said Thursday at a news conference. "Ive evaluated everything and the high pace of the Italian league, the Champions League and the Italian Cup means that I cant play all the time. And Im not one to sit and wait on the bench. "I would very happily go to the United States, it would be a good experience. It wouldnt be bad to cross the ocean. But until I have signed, Im not going to say anything. But there are not other good and important opportunities." Nesta helped Milan to two Serie A titles and two Champions League trophies. The defender also won the World Cup with Italy in 2006. He spent nine seasons with Lazio, and also won the league with the Rome
Elvis-are You Lonesome Tonight?
Are you lonesome tonight,do you miss me tonight?Are you sorry we drifted apart?Does your memory stray to a brighter sunny dayWhen I kissed you and called you sweetheart?Do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare?Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there?Is your heart filled with pain, shall I come back again?Tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight?I wonder if you're lonesome tonightYou know someone said that the world's a stageAnd each must play a part.Fate had me playing in love you as my sweet heart.Act one was when we met, I loved you at first glanceYou read your line so cleverly and never missed a cueThen came act two, you seemed to change and you acted strangeAnd why I'll never know.Honey, you lied when you said you loved meAnd I had no cause to doubt you.But I'd rather go on hearing your liesThan go on living without you.Now the stage is bare and I'm standing thereWith emptiness all aroundAnd if you won'
Keys To Getting Prepared After A Shift
Shifting into a different home can be stress filled; you may find you have no idea how to handle or where to begin. Here are a few ways for getting and maintaining it arranged! Before you relocate Do not purchase perishable food products. Make and eat any canned foodstuffs left-over in the cupboards to lessen the shift load. Make sure you return books on loan from the library. Be sure you return any borrowed items to neighbors. Clearly tag all the cartons that you are relocating with you. After you relocate Unload everything and find out what is in the cartons, bags, etc. Make up the bedding and put up the drapes. This way, you can go to sleep on a suitable bed. Ensure all your furniture is where you would like it. According to how much time you have, you could unpack and arrange everything. You could just unpack the essential things, for instance food, cups, and clothes. Inform everyone your new residence address and contact number. Especially work, bank, and your parents.
I Always Thought It Was You, And Never I Do.
Excuse me but I have something to say I ain't going to sit here and watch my heart decay Yes, it's always been everything or nothing getting my way But then here you come along, giving me your stare & I ask myself...what the fuck, why should I even care? It wasn't suppose to begin or end that day You really thought throwing me in and out would be okay Well I'm sorry I have to tell you this, but it isn't today So now here I am, and there you are at bay Just had to be grooved, set, put astray Not going to even meet me halfway Yeah, now I'm going away...
Cómo Solucionar Problemas Del Cargador De La Tableta Del Android
La nueva situación que mejor tableta Android pudo haber sucedido cargo a mucha gente 1GB RAM tablet pc Muchas personas tienen sin embargo, que hay algo malo sucederá a la tableta . En realidad, es posible, pero no siempre es así. Por lo general , es raro que la tableta que tienes en este momento está roto y es más posible que algo anda mal con el cargador. Cuando usted encuentra que su tablet no para cargar y no se enciende , aunque se ha estado cargando toda la noche , es mejor solucionar el cargador y cambiar a otro si es necesario. Compruebe la luz verdeUsted está obligado a apagar la tableta antes de empezar a cobrar , y hay una luz verde intermitente para decirles que el estado de la carga. Si la luz verde está intermitente pero con la detención ni la luz indicadora intermitente no funcionan , significa que se ha conectado con el poder , pero tienen una mala conexión entre la tableta y el poder. Compruebe el puertoCon el fin de asegurarse de si es tiene una mala cone
My Views On Girls Who Lol
When a girl lol's to much on a message or text i will assume theres a gas line broken or shes very stoned. Personally it annoys the hell out of me.
Beautiful Seascape Oil Painting
Shelley Beach is located in West Cape Howe, Western Australia's most southern point of the edge. It is an isolated beach, surrounded by steep slopes paragliding, located on the hilltop two transmitting station is a favorite spot.I headed out there last night, hoping to catch a beautiful painting sunset. When I arrived, the title from the west, there is a thunderstorm in the mountains. I would venture to the beach parking lot, pondered the possibilities. Everything is gray, does not seem much chance painting. On my leaving, I noticed a large eastern sunlit clouds. I did not have my camera with me, it was too late to go anywhere else to draw, so I decided to do a quick study of clouds.Obviously, Albert Bierstadt the cloud will not be very prolonged sun exposure, so I drew in the rough shape and quickly apply a purply blue shaded area, leaving sunny white part.Then I used a blue sky and quickly painted the surrounding clouds. Precision is not important - there is no time four fluff. Behin
Comment Faire Correspondre Les Robes De Cocktail Rouges Doux
Les jeunes femmes à travers le monde sont maintenant dans la poursuite du style de bal , en particulier les événements de vacances et il ya des chances la prochaine dans la saison du printemps chaud heureux . Comme vous le savez , tout le monde commence à se réveiller , les filles et les garçons se rassemblent pour quelques matchs intéressants . Après tout , le printemps chaud est vénéré par la plupart des gens dans le monde . Où trouver des robe cocktail blanche perfectos pour les filles est un problème important pour quelqu'un qui a de l'expérience dans les achats. offert de nombreux styles de robes parfaites pour un prix assez faible aujourd'hui . Comme nous savons tous qu'il ya un doux rêve dans le cœur des femmes tout le temps. Rouge doux femmes peuvent se sentir plus jeune et plus belle . Mais comment coincidar avec de magnifiques maisons de robes rouges est un problème difficile pour les femmes . Il n'est pas juste pour eux d'agir comme des filles blanches dans
Barato Y Barato Dual Sim Teléfono Móvil
Con la creciente popularidad de la célula por cuatro Ncleos, cada vez ms modelos de los Ncleos de cuatro en el mercado, pero para algunos consumidores, para el mercado convencional e High-End está no expresa, a modelos el rendimiento bastante asequible Preis ms según sus requisitos, es evidente que el héroe de hoy - silla dual-SIM. Lenovo A375e Tianyi teléfono inteligente muy útil, el precio unitario yuan 599-menos cuádruple teléfono convencional - núcleo, pero el avin en un sentido práctico es teléfonos que doble núcleo ha sido muy baja, pero en términos de rendimiento, la vida sigue siendo una buena medida, la máquina en el diseño es bueno, suave regalo maravilloso colorido arco cuerpo especialmente la máquina también es compatible con el recurso seguro dual de doble tarjeta, que vive y funciona correctamente. Cabeza de practicidad, ven a vivirlo Lenovo Smartphone A375e. Lenovo frente A375e Smartphone es un 4,0 pulgadas capacitiva Tctil
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Nudist Colony
A man joins a very exclusive nudist colony....   On his first day there, he takes off his clothes and starts to wander around.   A gorgeous petite blonde walks by, and the man immediately gets an erection.   The woman notices his erection, comes over to him and says, 'Did you call for me?'   The man replies, 'No, what do you mean?'   She says, 'You must be new here. Let me explain. It's a rule here that if you get an erection, it implies you called for me.'   Smiling, she leads him to the side of the swimming pool, lies down on a towel, eagerly pulls him to her and happily lets him have his way with her.   The man continues to explore the colony's facilities. He enters the sauna and, as he sits down, he farts.....   Within minutes, a huge, hairy man lumbers out of the steam-room toward him, 'Did you call for me?' says the hairy man.
I miss you more and more each day,  Sometimes I wish i could throw the memories away,  but i know deep down that i cannot,  your forever etched upon my heart;    at a time I loved you,  you were my all,  but you showed your true colors, when you watched me fall,  fall to the ground drowning in my tears,  I wasted so much time,  so many years;   Now all i want to do,  is forget that you exist,  Forget about the past,  and Once again begin to live;   I just want to move on,  and meet someone new,  maybe then i will truly,  Forget about you. 
'drink Hatred'?
   I've seen it all now. Just when I was beginning to think this was an All Right Site, I get some HATRED, from a Woman just because I sent her A FUCKING DRINK. I guess She's a Not-So-Well-Known-Or-Liked LITTLE GIRL CRYING BIGOT!!!   It would have been much easier for her to simply say: 'Hey, don't send me anymore drinks please?' That would have been sufficient, and I would have moved the hell on. So for Future Reference; if you decide to send someone NOT...on your Friends List-or even on The Motherfucker-check the profile. Doing so, just might save you from A WEAK ASSED SO-CALLED 'PIMP' SLAP.  The last time someone tried that on me IN REAL LIFE, the individual in question had an extreme Life Change...he just can't Father Children now, and has a Brand New Plastic Patela...and one last thing: I DON'T, hit Women. PUNK MOTHERFUCKERS DO THAT! Outtie.  
If I look in the mirror or pictures and don't really like what I see, how can anyone really say they love me?? Being nice has its faults too, sometimes I hate myself because I am not like you. If you love yourself, place you on the highest shelf.   The way I see your beauty its wrong to teach, anyone can figure it out, you are out of reach. May be seen as easy, don't fucking make sense to me.  I never wanted to love me though, never really wanted a nasty ego.   You can called me dumb or confused, but I have been thrown away after being used. Can't make anything easy, thats just the sad truth be known as me. I know life is not going to be anywhere near perfect, but I also know I am a clay defect.    I am a learning manuel, when does the test start so I can stand apart from hell. Everyone I meet is cheating, burning calories while they are eating. I hear a hungry riot, while I am screaming I AM ON A DIET!!      I just may not be fat, and I don't need to be your pussy cat
That's When The Fight Started
My wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed.I turned to her and said, 'Do you want to have Sex?''No,' she answered.I then said, 'Is that your final answer?'... She didn't even look at me this time, simply saying, 'Yes..'So I said, "Then I'd like to phone a friend."And that's when the fight started...________________________________ I took my wife to a restaurant.The waiter, for some reason, took my order first."I'll have the rump steak, rare, please."He said, "Aren't you worried about the mad cow?""Nah, she can order for herself."And that's when the fight started....._____________________________ My wife and I were sitting at a table at her high schoolreunion, and she kept staring at a drunken man swigging hisdrink as he sat alone at a nearby table.I asked her, "Do you know him?""Yes", she sighed,"He's my old boyfriend. I understand he took to drinkingright after we split up those many years ago, and I hear hehasn't been sober since.""My God!" I sai
Asian Fashion Autumn Coat Match With Short Pants
  Lead: This season the most suitable for wearing jacket on stage, a short paragraph long section, dark light-colored, loose slim, different korean style clothing. The jacket with shorts, this mix can easily cope with large temperature difference between day and night autumn tiger problem.    Recommended Collocation Skill: yellow short coat + black shorts Collocation Skill: bright yellow color in the dull eye-catching fall inevitable, which take the floral shirt and black shorts, this mix yet fall fashion collocation.   Recommended Collocation Skill: long sweater coat + waist shorts Collocation Skill: Fall how little long section of the sweater coat? The loose sleeves designed to cleverly cover arm fat. With a high waist shorts, instant elongated body proportions.   Recommended Collocation Skill: motorcycle jacket + Print Shorts Collocation Skill: handsome motorcycle jacket, purple colors mature handsome. With a unique printing short is fashionable.   Recommended Collocatio
Autumn Long Sleeve Dresses Korean Fashion Styles
  Lead: early autumn coolness getting hit, in which all seem to wear korean fashion short skirts and fur untimely season, choose what is the most reliable single product most fashionable it? Actress have to show their fashion dress, tells us that when the season changed, so wear long-sleeved dress on the right!   Openwork lace dress sexy interpretation Openwork fabric looming, with the delicate lace, both sexy and elegant, so Angelbaby accentuates the unique qualities of the goddess.   Dressed in a blue dress eye-catching and steal the spotlight Lu Lu in the film press conference dressed in a blue dress appearance, beautiful colors and exquisite tailoring allows a mother to steal the spotlight, she became a full king. Upper body and lower body sexy skirt careful machines let her look cute and lovely.   Print dress elegant Drag floor long dress is still feminine. Print picture exposes a mysterious style, in a soft fabric and looks unique. To wear with the same color of the clu
I Sooooooo Love Her !
i dont know where i would be with out her , she is my (everything ) without her (i am nothing ) 1 week , 4 days she will be here . there only remains one ???? for her , but later on that , when i talk to her i feel like she is right beside me , when we meet , it will be very emotinal , i am look forward to this so much that i wish she was already here , i care so much about her that if i miss her call i feel like i missed the best lady of my life , but i know its not true cause i just call her back . there is only one song that  says what i wanna say ( the band is called hardline , the song is called everything ) i can't really put into words how alive she makes me feel , this will be the farthest from home she will travel , til we go my dads place further up north , later on that too ! if you could measure how much love i have to give her , well you know the planet saturn ?? , times that by about 1,000,000 , now  i know that she will have to go back home but til then its will
Wanna talk,talk but aint gat no score for you if you aint gotta prove your worth.
Was It Something I Said???
To Kristalynn...: I hope you don't take this the wrong way but you look like a cunt 1:57pm more Kristalynn...: I WOULDN'T GO THAT FAR... IM A BITCH THOUGH.. N... ON THAT NOTE... GO FUCK YOURSELF 2:21pm more To Kristalynn...: wait...there's a difference? 2:41pm reply Kristalynn...: HUGE DIFFERENCE... NOW... BUH-BYE 4:01pm more At which point she changes her screen name to DUI DuKeS and has a status about how she got pulled over for DUI on the side of the highway To DUI DuKeS: got a DUI...what a loser...BUH BYE yourself LOLOLOLOLOL 4:06pm more DUI DuKeS: ... well at least i ain't a fuckin fat ass nasty mog\fo like yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4:10pm more To DUI DuKeS: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Then just when I thought we were going to be best friends and she would send me a friend reques
Just Maybe... Yeah That Is Good
I maybe just a little dense or even not on top of everything, but that is better than being a smart ass or getting screwed all the time. I'm down with having fun, but that was in and is in my past. I miss it sometimes, but I have accepted that is not why I am still around. If I am interrupting your fu-time, just ignore me. If I ain't your cup of tea, then keep your damn mouth closed and step away. It really is just too easy.  There are things that you can enjoy everyday, that I will never have a chance to experience and I don't hate you. I don't hate anyone. I won't lower myself to that level. I don't joyously love every soul, but I don't hate. This world is beautiful. The land and trees don't hate, some of ya all need to reconnect with nature. It only has to happen around us, not converse. If you listen, it will talk. If you love the seasons and see how they help the earth, they would never be an inconvience. Its not too hot or cold when you are prepared. If you think about it we are
My September
It has been over a decade since I laid you to rest Yet I can close my eyes and see your head resting lazily upon my breast   The late summer rains murmur softly a bittersweet reminder to my heart   Oh! How i loved you...   Once upon a time, our fairy tale tragic as the Brothers Grimm   Ageless  
That Not-so-hot Bear Of A Trollop
I suppose we can consider this a somewhat open letter to My not quite so lovely Stalker. In some fashion, maybe I should be flattered that someone is so fixated on Me that they have this compelling need to create several profiles (3-6) a day just to come and harass Me in one form or another - typically by hurling grade-school level insults in My shoutbox or leaving them in My comment moderation thread. It is becoming nearly a daily "event" for the past month or so, with the same motions carried out every time:She comes and leaves her immature hatred.I go to her profile, buzzkill and report her.Her profile gets deleted.She makes a new profile.Repeat.Repeat.REPEAT. A little sad, isn't it?She is so fixated on winning some strange little war she's started from several months back that she continues on her delusional little path and shows really no ability to even move on or try to act like a grown woman instead of a troll with nearly insiginficant intelligence of which to speak of.Her g
All is going well, seeing specialist tomorrow for latest scans but its looking like im all fixed, still have some tenderness and a little pain but im not allowed to lift and erm i have been lol, well i live alone so who else is gonna do it?mind you the test will be can i beat a cake mixture with that arm, we shall see......
Colorado Springs! Colorado!!
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Why Bother
life just seems to be getting worse and worse and really dont have the ambition anymore or the strength to continue on. Too physically and mental drained 
Life in general is just crazy beautiful.....Being a single parent is one of the hardest jobs i have ever had to take part in.....I will never complain......I will never regret any decision i have ever made.....My kids are my life.....They are the reason why my feet hit the floor every morning and they are the reason my heart is filled with joy every night.....I have been blessed with three of the greatest kids mind you they are by far perfect but it has been a great experience thus far....I have also had the greatest pleasure to have known some great kids that i call my own and will always be there for when they need me....And just reciently have gained custody of a great kid my 17 yr old nephew who has had a horrible life up till now and although he's going through some things legally i have his back and will get him headed on the right track....So word to the parents please pleas take time to enjoy every minute you can with your kids they need to know you will always have their back
A thing that kill me is when you go to a store and you see something you want. Then you go in the next day and its gone.
Why I Have Been Away So Much Of Late
Ok, i haven't done this in a while, but here is an update. After many different kinds of scans in the last 6 to 12 months (MRI's, ct's, x rays etc),... it has been found that i have degeneration at disc c6 level. Not only does this date back, as far as i have found documented so far, to 2008, but because of this, i am now developing further complications, such as scoliosis, bulging disc & compressed nerve. I refuse to go back & see the surgeon that did my spinal fusion because he had read my results & reports, he would never have put the fusion where he did (to add to that he has permanently paralyzed the right hand side of my larynx, to the point have so far had an implant put in & a further procedure to open the narrowing vocal chord so my GP agrees with me on this) & have therefore been referred to a neurosurgeon from the Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne. Unfortunately he has closed his books for the rest of this year to public patients so has referred me to his colleagues at the Alfre
Jokes 9/9 - 9/15/13
 MONDAY'S JOKES                                      Blonde Joke - To Catch a Man Sally (a blonde) was seen going into the woods with a small package and a large bird cage. She was gone several days but finally she returned. Her! friend, Liz, never saw Sally looking' so sad.  Liz "Heard you went off in the woods for a couple of days. Glad you got back okay...but you look so sad. Why??" Sally," Cause I just can't get a man." Liz, "Well, you sure won't find one in the middle of the woods." Sally, "Don't be so silly. I know that. But I went in the woods cause I needed something there that would get me a man. But I couldn't find it." Liz, "I don't understand what you're talking about." Sally, "Well, I went there to catch a couple of owls. I took some dead mice and a bird cage." Liz, "So, how's that gonna help you get a man." Sally, "Well, I heard the best way to get a man is to have a good pair of hooters." ********************************************************************             
Declined To Provide Details Of The Incident During His News Conference. "im Not Going To Talk About It," Shurmur Chirped. "tha
BEREA, Ohio -- Joe Hadens training camp -- and a stormy one for the Browns -- ended before any of his teammates were finished. Arguably Clevelands best defensive player, Haden was kicked off the practice field Wednesday by coach Pat Shurmur, who felt the third-year cornerback was being too physical with rookie wide receiver Travis Benjamin during a passing drill on the final day of workouts open to fans. Haden was ordered to leave roughly an hour into the practice by an angry Shurmur, who declined to provide details of the incident during his news conference. "Im not going to talk about it," Shurmur chirped. "Thats between me and the player. I have a great deal of respect for Joe. If you want details, youre going to have to find it on Twitter. My only apology is that I used bad language and the fans were here to see it. Joes a great competitor and I appreciate what he does and who he is and thats the last youll hear me talk about it." Shurmur didnt even let a reporter finis
Y, It Was His Birdies And One Eagle That Made The Difference. "i Was Just Kind Of Plugging Along Out There And Then All Of A Sudden, M
LOS ANGELES -- Bill Haas had no reason to think this round at Riviera was going to be anything special. With an iron in his hand, he failed to make birdie on the par-5 opening hole, the easiest on the golf course. Solid iron shots led to a pair of birdies on the front nine, and with Riviera playing tough in warm, dry conditions on Saturday, he was part of a large group challenging for the lead. Three holes changed everything. Haas made a tough 30-footer for birdie on No. 9. He pitched in from 60 feet for eagle on the scary par-4 10th. And he hit a good bunker shot with little margin for error on the par-5 11th that set up a birdie. Just like that, he was on his way to a 7-under 64 and a three-shot lead going into the final round of the Northern Trust Open. His 64 was the best round of a difficult day by three shots, and it was nearly eight shots better than the average score. It put Haas at 12-under 201, leaving him in good position to become only the eighth back-to-back wi
Ay. The Raptors Also Sent A Second-round Draft Choice In 2013 And Cash Considerations To The Grizzlies, Who Flipped Caldero
TORONTO -- Newly acquired forward Rudy Gay is expected to make his debut with the Toronto Raptors on Sunday against the visiting Miami Heat. A team spokesman says that Gay wont play in Friday nights home game against the Los Angeles Clippers. Gay isnt scheduled to arrive in Toronto until late afternoon Friday and still needs to take a physical. Toronto traded point guard Jose Calderon and forward Ed Davis to the Memphis Grizzlies for Gay and centre Hamed Haddadi on Wednesday. The Raptors also sent a second-round draft choice in 2013 and cash considerations to the Grizzlies, who flipped Calderon to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for forwards Austin Daye and Tayshaun Prince. Gay is averaging 17.2 points and 5.9 rebounds per game this season. [url=]cheap jerseys usa[/url] . The board said in a written ruling released Wednesday that forcing an end to the lockout for two members of a 30-team league would be unlikely to solve the contract disput
Manys Euro 2012 Training For Saturdays Game Against The Portuguese. "ive Liked A Lot What Ive Seen In Training, Lars Bender
GDANSK, Poland -- GDANSK, Poland (AP) -- Germany coach Joachim Loew indicated on Thursday that midfielder Lars Bender might take on the right back role to face Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo when the two teams open their European Championship campaign in Lviv. Though Bender has never played at right back for his club Bayer Leverkusen, he took over the role during Germanys Euro 2012 training for Saturdays game against the Portuguese. "Ive liked a lot what Ive seen in training, Lars Bender could do it well," Loew said. Jerome Boateng was tipped to be the right back but Loew said he was upset over recent photographs and stories about the Bayern Munich defender. Boateng was photographed with a model at a Berlin airport hotel in the early hours of Monday, before flying to join the team in Frankfurt for the trip to Poland. "Of course, its his fault. I didnt like what he did at the weekend. Its his time off, but to do it on the night from Sunday to Monday was not right," Loew sai
Onverting Four Of His Nine Break Points To Secure The Victory In A Final Between Two Unseeded Players. The No. 48-ranked Rosol Overcame Three Seeded P
BUCHAREST, Romania -- Lukas Rosol of the Czech Republic beat Spains Guillermo Garcia-Lopez 6-3, 6-2 to win the BRD Nastase Tiriac Trophy for his first ATP title on Sunday. Rosol completed an impressive run in brushing aside Garcia-Lopez in 67 minutes, converting four of his nine break points to secure the victory in a final between two unseeded players. The No. 48-ranked Rosol overcame three seeded players including three-time champion Giles Simon of France, the No.2-seeded player, in the semifinals on his way to the final. He saved all eight break points he faced to end Simons 16-match winning streak at the clay-court event. Garcia-Lopez struggled to keep up with the 27-year-old Rosol a day after he defeated 2011 champion Florian Mayer in three sets to earn a place in the final. [url=]cheap nfl jerseys[/url] . In doing so it became the first team -- other than Bayern -- to retain the title since its last successful defence 16 years ago, whil
Aged In The Pacific-asia Zone. In The Last Decade We Have Witnessed A Surge In Growth Of Curling In The Region. Following On From T
Beijing, China was named host the 2014 World Mens Curling Championship on Wednesday, an event that will run from March 29 to April 6. "The award of the 2014 World Mens Championship to Beijing is a major landmark in the development of curling" said World Curling Federation President Kate Caithness. "It will be the first time that a World Mens Curling Championship will be staged in the Pacific-Asia zone. In the last decade we have witnessed a surge in growth of curling in the region. Following on from the World Womens Curling Championships in Japan in 2007 and Korea in 2009, China will now host the top twelve mens teams in the world and we look forward to working with our partners and sponsors to stage a first class show for the world to enjoy." At the same time as the 2014 World Mens host agreement was signed, Titlis Glacier Mountain confirmed their title sponsorship of the Titlis Glacier Mountain World Womens Curling Championship 2013 in Riga, Latvia. They will also be a ma
Sh Team In Vancouver And The Italian Team We Find Are Similar Enough That We Can Plan Accordingly. "the Tables Set For Us To Do It Again. That Wil
MONTREAL -- Canada has high hopes that the same players who upset Spain two months ago can do it again against Italy in the Davis Cup quarter-finals. World No. 16 Milos Raonic will lead Canada into the April 5-7 best-of-five series at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre in Vancouver. He will be joined by Davis Cup veterans Frank Dancevic and Vasek Pospisil and doubles ace Daniel Nestor, Tennis Canada announced Tuesday. They will be up against an Italian squad similar in strength to the No. 1-ranked Spanish side they beat 3-2 in February. It was missing top singles stars Rafael Nadal and David Ferrer. "The Italians have good depth as a country," Davis Cup captain Martin Laurendeau said on a conference call. "The Spanish team in Vancouver and the Italian team we find are similar enough that we can plan accordingly. "The tables set for us to do it again. That will be our challenge." Like Spain, the Italians are best on slower clay courts, but in Vancouver they will be fac
Just Saying All
Well I thought that I would share whats on my mind at this time, it might not be much but it is something. I was thinking yesterday about a lot of things that are close to my heart and all. In the last three years I have lost a lot of family memebers and on of them is my step dad, this November he will be gone 2 years and it still hurts, se at times when I had problems and couldn't find the answer he knew what to say. I look at what has gone n here lately in this world and it seems like at times things are going good but at ti things go bad to, and its a shame that at times it takesome type of diaster to bring people together to help and all. When really why don't people want to help eachother any more, I mean use to in the old days people would help eachother no matter what the cost was and no one helps anyone and it seems likhe school are even getting bad anymore cause there is a lot of bullying there and when I went to school we didn't have bully's but then agin I was the only one t
Ific Division Title In Franchise History. "we Talked About How We Always Have To Be On The Same Page And We Always Have To Be Communicating With E
LOS ANGELES -- The Los Angeles Clippers are playing with one eye on the out-of-town scoreboard as they jockey with Denver and Memphis for playoff seeding. At the same time, theyre back to playing with a sustained effort as they close out the regular season. Blake Griffin and Chris Paul led seven players in double figures with 19 points apiece, and the Clippers beat the Minnesota Timberwolves 111-95 on Wednesday night for their franchise-record 31st home win of the season. It was their third straight win since Griffin and Paul talked before Sundays home victory against the Lakers that clinched the first Pacific Division title in franchise history. "We talked about how we always have to be on the same page and we always have to be communicating with each other," Griffin said. "We had gotten away from what we should have been doing. Hes done a great job the past three games leading by example." Paul added 11 assists, and Willie Green had 15 points in breaking the old mark of 3
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S Has Always Told Goode
NEW ORLEANS -- Jon Vilma urged a federal judge Friday to reject NFL Commissioner Roger Goodells motion to dismiss the defamation lawsuit filed against him by the Saints linebacker. Vilmas request to U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan argues Goodell acted with "reckless disregard for the truth" when basing initial allegations about Vilma upon one fired Saints assistant, Mike Cerullo, whose testimony has been inconsistent and challenged by other witnesses in the NFLs bounty probe of the Saints. The motion centres on Goodells public comments that Vilma held up $10,000 cash in a team meeting in 2010, offering it to anyone who knocked Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner out of a playoff game. During recent NFL appeal hearings in the bounty case, former Saints defensive co-ordinator Gregg Williams testified he never saw any money. "Williams has always told Goodell, and continues to state, that there was never any cash put up for a bounty on any player. It was just talk." Vilmas motion reads. "N
Up To A Year In Jail. Tigers General
NEW YORK, N.Y. - The Detroit Tigers placed outfielder Delmon Young on the restricted list Saturday and said he would be evaluated under baseballs employee assistance program following his arrest on a hate crime harassment charge for an encounter at his hotel during which police say he yelled anti-Semitic epithets. Young was arraigned Friday and posted a $5,000 bond at a brief hearing in Manhattan court. He faces a misdemeanour aggravated harassment charge. If convicted, he could face up to a year in jail. Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski said he expects Young to return to the lineup if he is cleared by the evaluation. That could happen as soon as Monday, he said. Dombrowski would not say if the Tigers were considering any punishment of their own. "Hes accused of a misdemeanour," Dombrowski said. "If hes cleared to play, he will play." Dombrowski said that Young was "extremely remorseful, extremely apologetic" about the events of early Friday morning. Around 2:30 a.m., Young was s
R To The Challenges Of A Bus
Canadas best-known road cyclist is ready for the London 2012 Olympics, provided he is chosen to represent Canada. But Ryder Hesjedal has plenty of other things on his mind. Coming off his Giro dItalia victory last month, Hesjedal is currently in Spain, preparing for the 2012 Tour de France. The first Canadian to ever win a Grand Tour, Hesjedal will pursue the coveted yellow jersey as the lead rider for Garmin-Barracuda during the Tour, which begins on June 30. Hesjedal is no stranger to the challenges of a busy calendar. He raced the Giro, the Tour de France and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games all in the same year. Every year since 2008, he has raced both the Tour de France and the Clasica de San Sebastian, a one day race held less than a week after the final stage of the Tour—just like this years Olympic road race. If chosen to represent Canada, Hesjedal will arrive in London just a few days after the end of the Tour de France, in time for the course test day on July 26, 201
Is Last Five Majors And 40-2
Wimbledon, England (Sports Network) - Reigning champion Novak Djokovic and six-time titlist Roger Federer were a pair of easy opening-round winners, while 2010 runner-up Tomas Berdych was a straight-set loser Monday at The Championships, Wimbledon. The world No. 1 star Djokovic popped 13 aces and throttled former top-ranked Spaniard and two-time Wimbledon quarterfinalist Juan Carlos Ferrero 6-3, 6-3, 6-1 on the famed grass on Centre Court at the All England Club. The 32-year- old Ferrero is also a former French Open champ and two-time Grand Slam runner- up. The 25-year-old Djokovic is now 28-1 over his last five majors and 40-2 over his last seven Grand Slams. Djokovic reached his first-ever Wimbledon final and captured his first-ever title here with a victory over Rafael Nadal a year ago. Djokovic and Nadal have met in the last four Grand Slam finals, with the Serb winning three of them. Nadal, however, beat Djokovic in the French Open finale three weeks ago. The third-seeded former N
A Little Bit Of Everything For The Cav
CLEVELAND -- Anderson Varejao was already having the most prolific rebounding game of his career when he looked at the scoreboard and noticed he was close to his first triple-double. One point, one assist was all he needed. "I was like, Whoa, I wish I had a little bit more time," he said with a smile. On a night when Cleveland unveiled its backcourt of the future, Varejao did a little bit of everything for the Cavaliers, who blew a 16-point lead in the second half before holding on and beating the short-handed Washington Wizards 94-84 on Tuesday night in the first game on the NBA schedule. Playing his first home game after missing the final 41 last season with a broken wrist, Varejao had a career-high 23 rebounds. Kyrie Irving scored 29 points and rookie Dion Waiters added 17 for the Cavs, who needed big plays from Irving and Varejao in the final minutes to hold off the Wizards. Varejao, the Cavs 6-foot-11 frizzy-haired Brazilian bundle of energy, added nine points and had a career-hig
Marlins And Left The Game, And After
MIAMI -- Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman is expected to rejoin the lineup soon after X-rays of his injured left index finger were negative. Freeman underwent the tests Thursday and complained of some soreness but might be out for only a game or two, manager Fredi Gonzalez said. Freeman was hurt trying to break up a double play Wednesday against the Marlins and left the game, and afterward his finger was in a splint. Hell be examined when the Braves return to Atlanta to begin a homestand Friday. Freeman is batting .253 with eight homers and 36 RBIs. Kaepernick Jersey . David Alaba will be out for up to eight weeks after suffering a fracture in his left foot. Alaba was injured shortly after scoring Bayerns first goal in a 3-2 loss to Napoli in Arco, Italy on Friday. Colin Kaepernick Jersey . The latest to go was eighth-seeded Olga Govortsova, who was beaten by 18-year-old Canadian Eugenie Bouchard 1-6, 6-0, 6-3. . Now hes in the spo
Oldershaw Following His Semi-
Canadas Mark Oldershaw lived up to his name today in the semi-finals of the mens C-1 1000m. Racing in lane six, the Burlington, Ont., native gave a strong performance to claim second behind Mathieu Goubel of France and advance to the final.  “The heat was a bit harder than I thought," said Oldershaw following his semi-final race. "It was hot out there and tough to race so quickly after the heat." This is the second Olympic Games for Oldershaw. He competed at Beijing 2008 in the now defunct mens C-1 500m, but failed to advance to the final.  "It feels so good to make the final after Beijing, after missing it," said Oldershaw. "That was so disappointing, and I used that as motivation over the last four years." Oldershaw is a third-generation Olympian and the fifth member of his family to compete in an Olympic paddling event. His Grandfather, Bert, first paddled in the London 1948 Olympic Games.  London, too, has become a family affair for the 29-year-old. "Two of my aunts, two uncl
Ity, Edge Work And Artistic Integrity
Patrick Chan has changed the face of mens skating with his quad. In the build-up to the Vancouver Olympics there were two types of skaters; those with quads who built simple quad-friendly programs that lacked artistic and choreographic complexity but maximized jumping points, and those who wove triple jumps seamlessly in and out of difficult footwork with a focus on musicality, edge work and artistic integrity.  Chan was a vocal proponent of the latter category, sparring verbally in the press with Brian Joubert of France who believed a champion was not worthy without the four rotations.  With a renewed determination after missing the Olympic podium in 2010, Chan seemingly mastered the jump overnight.  I have watched skaters over the years painstakingly struggle to include the quad in competition. The strategy is to first include it in the long program, where it is not as risky, and then for the fortunate few who experience success, to work it into the short program.  That year after
Superstar, Basically. Everywhere
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Young-Pyo Lees first Major League Soccer goal proved to be an important one for the Vancouver Whitecaps. Lee scored off a free kick in the 74th minute to help the Whitecaps beat the Columbus Crew 1-0 on Saturday night for their sixth shutout of the season. The South Korean defender is a veteran of three World Cups and the top leagues in the Netherlands, Italy, England and Germany. He signed with MLS and joined Vancouver in December. He has been consistently outstanding since. "In my opinion he is one of the best players in the league," Whitecaps coach Martin Rennie said. "Hes a superstar, basically. Everywhere we go fans are following him. Hes an all-star." "I cant imagine what he was like when he was 29 or 30," added Whitecaps captain Jay DeMerit. "But he doesnt age. His track record speaks for itself. Were really lucky to have him here." Lees goal was an accident. A foul on Eric Hassli by Crew defender Danny ORourke set up the restart, during which Lee said he inten
Tor Of The Boxing Hall Of Fam
ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- Carmen Basilio, a genial onion farmers son who wrested the world middleweight boxing crown from Sugar Ray Robinson in 1957 and lost an equally epic, razor-edge rematch six months later, died Wednesday at age 85. Edward Brophy, executive director of the Boxing Hall of Fame in upstate New York, said Basilio died at a Rochester hospital where he was being treated for pneumonia. Basilio lived in the Rochester suburb of Irondequoit and was among the first class of hall of fame inductees in 1990, a group that includes Robinson, Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano, Joe Louis and Jake LaMotta. Basilios ferocious battles with the likes of Billy Graham and Kid Gavilan riveted a nation during the age of black-and-white television. Hindered on his ascent by a reluctance to deal with mobsters, he took the welterweight title from Tony DeMarco in 1955 and added the middleweight belt near the close of a 13-year career. In his later years, Basilio still could conjure up dates of championshi
N Said. "and We Felt Like, For Our Club
ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Braves acquired shortstop Paul Janish in a trade with the Cincinnati Reds on Saturday, and manager Fredi Gonzalez said he will be in the lineup when veteran pitcher Ben Sheets makes his first start of the season Sunday against the New York Mets. Atlanta sent minor league right-hander Todd Redmond to Cincinnati for Janish, who has a .981 fielding percentage in 283 career games at shortstop. "Hes a proven defensive talent," Braves general manager Frank Wren said. "And we felt like, for our club, that was the most important aspect of the acquisition." To make room for Sheets and Janish, the Braves will send Randall Delgado to Triple-A Gwinnett and place shortstop Jack Wilson on the 15-day disabled list. Gonzalez said Delgado will start for Gwinnett on Monday and pitch the second game of the Braves doubleheader next Saturday in Washington. "It was a tough decision between him and (Mike) Minor, but the last couple of starts with Minor we felt that there was some progr
The Meeting Was C
NEW ORLEANS -- Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and defensive end Will Smith met Monday with NFL lawyers and a federal magistrate, but the closed-door settlement conference didnt resolve lawsuits spawned by the players suspensions following the leagues bounty investigation. Vilma and his attorneys emerged from the three-hour-long conference with U.S. Magistrate Daniel Knowles III without commenting on whether progress was made toward resolution of the case. The meeting was closed to the public. In a court filing later Monday, Knowles said a settlement cant be reached "at this time." But he instructed the parties to contact him "at any stage of the proceeding if an additional settlement conference would be beneficial." Peter Ginsberg, one of Vilmas attorneys, said only that the group "went through the settlement process" and that he expects "things will move along." Vilma declined to comment on the talks, but said, "I want the team to do well, and I want to be part of the team." The sta
Sful," Said Turner, Who
PHILADELPHIA -- Andrew Bynum has no idea if he will play for the Philadelphia 76ers this season. Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday are playing the role of go-to scorers just fine in his absence. Turner had 18 points and 11 rebounds, Holiday scored 25 points and the Sixers beat the Detroit Pistons 104-97 on Monday night. Turner hit the winning shot in the final seconds of overtime on Friday against Boston. Holiday took his turn with a 12-point fourth quarter against the Pistons. Holiday thrived off the pick-and-roll all game and buried a pair of pull-up jumpers in the final 2 minutes that returned the lead to five. Holiday and Turner combined for a 19-for-33 effort from the floor with 15 assists. "I thought Jrue and myself would be successful," said Turner, who made eight of his 13 shots. "When we play like this, we have a great chance at winning games. Tonight, we did that." They sure did. The Sixers needed the lift after Bynum said before the game his left knee is causing him too much pain
Important Things About Temporary Fencing
Fencing is the most common term used when you are constructing a house. People install fence to their house for privacy and security reasons. In the event you are constructing a building, you will positive need a fence to safeguard the miscellaneous construction equipments. People mostly get confused in choosing the fence, whether a permanent fence or temporary fence. Temporary fencing is used for controlling the public at events, blocking off areas for safety purposes and restricting access to people for security reasons. Land owners may also rent a fence temporarily to place along their property line until they can build a more permanent structure. Types of temporary fencing used for these purposes vary widely in their weight, structure and material. Portable, temporary fences used for high visibility markers, such as a bright orange variety that indicates the finish of a safe skiing area, may be lightweight plastic and available in rolls to permit for simpler transportation than p
The Shadow (intensely Scary, Well To Me Anyways)
You might read this and think I'm absolutely crazy...or you might relate. Either way It's out there. Maybe some wondering soul could understand.   When I was younger, I had what you called "night terrors." I called them the shadow people...the devil sat on me. Laying down in bed, letting my body fall into the mattress one sweet release of a muscle at a time, breathing deep... Have you ever fallen backwards and caught yourself? It's that feeling, but...not. I'm falling and out of the corner of my eyes I see the shadows, creeping from the corners of the ceiling. Most of the time it's blurry and hard to make out a figure. might see a hand at first then a mass of black. Darker black then I could explain; a bottomless pit of universe without stars. And at that moment I know what is going to happen. It strikes my body like a ton of weight being put on me. I can't breath, I can't move, I can't scream. The only thing I can do is see, and wiggle my toes if I try really hard. This ha
Need Material Handling Equipment For Your Business
Material handling equipment is a section of machines that help control the movement of various industrial products in manufacturing companies. One section these machines could fall under is material handling conveyors which are fundamentally conveyor belts that move industrial products from part of the factory to the other. Industrial material handling equipment are useful for businesses where human labor is not sufficient to make manufacture of industrial products cost effective - this basically means that it may cost more to have people move and handle the industrial products compared to an automatic method.   A pneumatic conveying is type of conveyance method that depends on pipes within which air flows in way from point in the factory to another. Fundamentally a pneumatic conveying system works to freely transport substances that can be carried by air pressure such as powders - this is meant to be more effective & efficient than relying on humans to move the substances from point
Understanding How I Am In A Way...
Understand something... I applaud and encourage a joy and ray of hope in all things. I believe in Unity, Loyalty, Honesty, Passion, Perspective, and Ideals. I encourage a Person to Forgive, to have Heart, to not Give Up, and to Strive Forward.I always have the positives in mind; despite my heart and feelings being dreary.But beneath the veil of jokes, and sarcasm.Beyond the periphery of what's true and what hurts.I applaud and encourage, because I remember and know; despair and heartbreak.I push to aspire others to stick together and help each other; because I know what it was like to be alone, helpless, and vulnerable.I express enthusiasm for the goodness in people because I seen the hurt they can cause, the suffering they induce, and the anguish some live with, and still do...And despite all that, I remind myself of that hurt. Of my hurt, and others hurt, I see it, I hear it. We feel it, we inflict it, we watch it happen before our very eyes. So when I don't always smile...When I pre
Popping Down, Time Punking (continued From Time Punk)
    art work by;   Dear Anthony, this is goodbye! I am writing this to my blog, as your girlfriend I am no longer returning, pack up my stuff if you want. I can't say when or if I'll be needing anything from the present day. We have made a unique existence in an altogether world. The past we are inhabiting has almost none of the restriction of your world, so returning for more than a few hours is unbearable. So long as a few basic rules are followed we can live here indefinitely. Presently we are a motley collection of entertainers, craftsman/engineers and historians, such that we are perpetually occupied with creating a fantastical world set in the past, inhabited by intellectuals from the future...Utopia, I would say. So no I 'm not returning to your tiny controlling world of limitations. That would be a profound folly. The major aspect of dwelling in the past has to do with removing anything that isn't of the period. Th
Tons Of Bbw's
BBW = "Big, Beautiful Woman"Are you "big"? yesAre you a "woman?" yesBut are you "beautiful?"This is my pet peeve with the whole thing. Many heavy girls on here say they are a BBW.I don't doubt that some of you are. But how much of the general population is actually attractive, much less "beautiful?" (They said less than 10% in that Seinfeld episode. It is of course subjective)Yes, beauty is is only skin deep, in the eyes of the beholder, blah blah blah, and your self esteem, general positivity or what mommy might have told you may lead you to conclude that you are "beautiful." That's fine.But think about it; how conceited is it to declare that you are a beautiful woman right out of the gate? (Whether you are or not?) You know you HATE conceited people who remind everyone how good looking THEY are, right?We know that a lot of women are self-admittedly obsessed with their appearance and others' perception of them. So if you declare you are beautiful, does that mean we all have to listen
Mid-night Raven
With hair of black and searching brown eyes , As strong an' sure as the Eagle flies , A Hint of a smile is lingering near, It tells me I have nothing to fear .   My heart is ablaze with the flame of desire , Too much heat in the dancing fires , So my blue eyes send back a message thats clear , Procede with caution if you're going to come near .   I waited so long for a love that was True , It's Timeless I'm told , But that is for Fools . What-ever the case , I'm Happy with life . No matter if I'm the first or the last , There will be no remorse taking this course .   As the Eagle flies free and wild ,The Cat will keep watch with a loving smile !!
Japanese Fashion Autumn Clothing Collection
  (1) Nude pink wholesale fashion tops festooned with naughty cute doll collar, looked cute and well-behaved. Wild black pleated skirt fashion elegant classic hit, metal chain small bag compact, elegant and fresh black ribbon Department straw hat, wearing black in Phnom Penh black watch, in the sun exudes intellectual breath yet. Delicate clavicle collarbone chain curves show the sexy beautiful neck.   (2) Floral elements in fashion this year, fashion sisters certainly will not miss it. Unlike the whole design of the small floral pattern skirt, bright flowers will be a full pink skirt as canvas, blooming beautiful appearance. Sun dress against the background of the flowers seem particularly viable, waist waistband sketched out exuberant narrow waist, round frame sunglasses will always be representative of urban fashion element, is truly charming than flowers, Yan than bells and whistles.   (3) Black chiffon lace elements and elements with a very refreshing complement each other, s
2013 Autumn Fashion Korean Style Clothing Collocations
  NO.1: White printing Sling korean fashion tops vest & slim suit  [Fashion Review:] Slim suit & vest is definitely the most match the combination of white landscape printing great Chinese national style, elegant intellectual also suit without weakening the able, but not the same increment feminine!   NO.2: Gray high waist skirt & sling vest [Fashion Comments:} very significant figure of a small personal vest, is to be so refreshing summer outfit, with a very significant figure high waist skirt, creating nine body beauty, perfect body proportions!   NO.3: Tib Maecel plaid Camisole Black and white mix, Plaid-like pattern, so this silk camisole immediately became fashionable, with black pants, simple but not simple, neat, full of personality.   NO.4: Twelfth Cynthia Vincent leather strap camisole This lightweight leather band gives silk chiffon camisole rustic elements, tribal pattern embroidered bloom in the phosphor, the beautiful eye-catching, unique charm. No.5: Tie
Guiding Lights!
Frozen in time , Frozen in space, A heart of Fire Burns , A guiding light, I Shall return one day , Return , On a Silver backed horse , By Moonlight , Say , Say those treasured words , If thou wants it so , To return to the woods, Bask by the stone place & eat our daily feast, Let it be, Let it be ,  Let it be!
Today was a pretty day sitting here relaxing watching fopotball then all of a sudden something came accross my fb that hit me like a ton a bricks.For over  yr my cousin MJ had been battling lung cancer and last week she was put in hospice due to she was in the last stages of cancer.Bout 2 hrs of the writing what I received  on fb was the notice of her passing. MJ was a very special person and family member to me. I spent many weekends visting her and other family when I lived near her.    With a tear in my eye and looking into the heavens   I love and will miss you MJ  Your cusin Dustin
Anyone Else Ngaf??
Maybe its just me, kinda figuring it is anyway. Points never have been any bit of a worry, even when the higher ups made it so you would have to get more per level. If I was doing this just for points I could go to other sites. What level I am didn't really matter either, even when I lost the cute tag name. People can go ahead and say they don't care about what I write, I am not making them read anything. Its just like alot of people need to complain and ruin other people's day. To each their own. I will sometimes feel trampled, but you know what?? I would like to thank you, with every name you call me I am growing stronger. It helps me, so bring it all on me. Over and over, like a four leaf clover!!
Method Your Current Transferring Using Packers Movers
Transferring can be a large opportunity; the item must not become used trouble-free process. It truly is tough enough for producing someone tense in addition to nerve-racking that givers many irritating considerations. Via product packaging, transferring, running, for you to unloading in addition to unpacking is a lot of boring in addition to unsettling performs. You may get gone these considerations occurred with moving process by the help of professional transferring corporation with Parts of Asia. There are lots of transferring businesses with Parts of Asia displaying product packaging in addition to transferring services within the village, inter-city, inter-state or maybe throughout the world. You may get served in your area transferring corporation. This well-established transferring corporation might help a person in addition to assist the house become moving or maybe work environment moving trouble-free. This transferring corporation originating from Parts of Asia allows sever
Technique To Create Business Office New House Moving Simple In Addition To Affordable
Business office transferring is often rather hard in addition to frenzied process. A lot of responsibilities are there on remaining hair over the duration involving work environment transferring. Merely transferring is just not the position associated while using work environment transferring; nevertheless you have to deal with for a few components. You should generate the particular back-up of information in addition to documents. You should get ready that may help you accomplish transferring with little time period. Associated with you may number of years for this reason, a lot of the get the job done embark on end? You should spend the particular individuals whether there is no longer working. Consequently, keep these items in addition to decide to undertake transferring through day or two. Ahead of transferring, ensure in which an additional work environment possesses each of the standard amenities in which you are likely to need. Just like amenities might be mineral water provid
Procedures For Taking In Addition To Answering Pieces Of Furniture In Addition To Appliances
Intending residence resulting from one among location even to another is most likely the complicated in addition to problematic chores related to lifetime. It is the situation related to numerous hours. That takes your effective wedding ceremony. That builds topsy-turvy situation. It truly is complicated enough for producing someone too much depleted. With regards to wrap up in addition to embed hefty furnishings in addition to products the difficulty turns into regarding terrifying. But chasing the next ideas in addition to professional recommendation you possibly can make your way of life easier in addition to less complicated in your residence transferring with proper product packaging in addition to running related to hefty furnishings in addition to equipment. Publication, use or maybe purchase a dolly. This dolly is generally conveyance application which includes items like almost any wheeled podium regarding transferring hefty factors. This dolly might be related to a variety a
I'm Not Sad
I am not sad and in toto not half damn bad.  I may hava a TBI, but I can still cherish communication eye to eye.  My 'accident' was a blessing in every known description,  so just take a minute to come on by and just quit your bitchin.    I never will claim I am a sexy gal, I am smarter than that and I wanna be your pal.  Just a TwinklingStar and very few know, to reach me it isn't that far you need to go.  Type from your heart, in meaning what you say, you can make both of us celebrate today.   It seems I will never be wealthy or rich, you can know I will never be a heatless bitch.    I care, if you can't excuse that, this won't work. Just jump into the Hadder's hat.  Let it take you to where you wanna go, hopefully it won't,  then you wil learn something though.  Even if I am not just what you want, I am real and never meaning to ever haunt.   I wish to some how reassure you, we are strong, the day will come when we can carry on.      I am not over joyous, but I am gl
"the Debt " Part 4
Bob crawled up on the bed. He placed his knees on each side of her head and buried his tongue into her moist crevice. She came immediately when his tongue touched her clit. She took his dick into her mouth again and they carried on in a mutual  sixty nine caress for several minutes. Her orgasm butlt again and again. She shuddred and kept allowing his dick as far down her throat as it would go. Bob stopped licking her long enough to let her know he was about to cum and went back to licking her. She readied herself and as he groaned and exploeded in her mouth she peaked with another orgasm of her own. They shared their juices and ingested each other's fluids and  scent. Bob rolled off of her and lay on his back. Kathy pulled the pillows from the head of the bed and put one under his head at the foot end. She curled up into his arms and rubbed her hand on his chest. The soft inside of her thigh she draped over his dick. Her clit pressed into his hip. They laid together and looked around
The Words Of Power And Dumb-assery
 I get ridiculed or called arrogant for the way I speak.I am told it is quite unique form of communicating,as it were.    George Carlin and I both understand language in a way not many people do.I've been told I only use big words to make up for my lack of education.Not true.I use big words because,and this is the obvious part a lot of people miss,I KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN.   For example,I was working this place one night and a group of black teens was making a rucus.One of them decided to start trying to get me fighting.They're in my face calling me names,pushing me and generally just getting a rise out of me.I feel a hand rest on my shoulder....a black man's hand....a large black man's hand.I look at the owner and it is an old,dear friend of mine I have known literally all my life.I look up at this 6 foot 5 inch tall man and say 'Hey Ivan,hows my favorite n****r?' he smiles,looks down at me and says 'Not too bad my long-time honky friend!'    The teens quite honestly fell silent with sho
Unforgiven Breath
At a time of war, At a place of peace, What's held in store, It's not a release, Pain so tight, Don't want to give up this fight, Suffocatting, Almost decapitating, Pressure builds, Holding all guilds, Can't feel, Unable to heal, Lungs begin to collapse, Starting a total relapse, Can not see, Can not breathe, So hard to be, The unforgiven.... ME....
"the Debt " Part 4
I dedicate this part of my story to my sweet loving wife to be:)     Bob was sitting in a chair next to the master bed room. he had a glass of wine in his hand. He had on slippers and a long robe. he stood as Kathy entered the the room. She walked toward him and stopped four feet in front of him to feel his eyes on her. she loved the attention. eugenia walked around to the table and poured a glass of wine. She handed to Kathy who took it and turned to Bob. "Will there be anything else monsieur?" She asked.  "If mademoiselle is satisfied then you may go," Bob said.  Eugenia turned to Kathy who took a sip of her wine and handed the glass to Eugenia.  "For you" Kathy kathy said.  Eugenia smiled and took the glass. She sipped the wine and smiled again at both of them. she turned to exit and closed the door as she left. " You look amazing," Bobby said.  "I feel amazing. Thank you," Kathy said. "I see you got cleaned up too. Did you have help?" "Incentive, Bob replied.  Kathy walk
    My Father watched as his friends (and 2 brothers) died in WW II..I watched as my friends died in Korea ...I watched as my friends died in Vietnam ...None of them died for the Mexican Flag...Everyone died for the U.S. Flag...In Texas , a student raised a Mexican flag on a school flag pole; another student took it down.Guess who was expelled... The kid who took it down.Kids in high school in California were sent homethis year on Cinco de Mayo because they woreT-shirts with the American flag printed on them.Enough is enough.The below e-mail message needs to be viewed by every American;And every American needs to stand up for America .We've bent over to appease the America-haters long enough...I'm taking a stand...I'm standing up because the hundreds of thousands who died fighting in wars for this country, and for the U.S. Flag can't stand up...And shame on anyone who tries to make this a racist message...Let me make this perfectly clear!THIS IS MY COUNTRY!And, becaus
The Underbelly Fringe Ghost Of 2003
"This venue feels really creepy" My daughter Ashley said to me when we stumbled over the wet cobble stones up to the main door of the Underbelly venue in Edinburgh. It was the fringe 2003 and the Underbelly was a giant four or five storey building (depending how you viewed this ancient monument) that stretched from Victoria street down to the Cowgate in the old bit of town. Rumours that it housed the dead during a plague didn't do it any favours, but a venue is a venue when it comes to the Edinburgh Fringe, so there we went, up the cobbles with boxes of props and a heart filled with hope and excitement. The ancient walls had red rusty liquid running down its internal bricks, like it was bleeding slowly from the inside and that week at a photo shoot a huge boulder unhinged itself and almost killed Charlie Wood, the posh English custodian of the venue - the building didn't like being disturbed. The techies had explained how the day before they had wired the performance spaces and
"the Debt " Part 4
Kathy felt the sheet cover her and she lay still just basking in the glow of the good feelings she was having. Eugenia put her maid's uniform back on and straightened her cap.  she took kathy to a chair next to the counter and while Kathy relaxed Eugenia put some makeup on her and fixed her hair.  Kathy was shown some nice high heel slippers and a lovely negligee to wear.  Eungeina let Kathy look over herself in the mirror and when  the two women agreed that they were ready Eugenia unlocked the door. Kathy kissed "Eugenia on the lips and Eugenia returned the kiss.  "thank you," kathy said.  "you are lovely," Kathy," eugenia said and held open the door for Kathy to walk through Eugenia put out the candles and shut the door.
Look At Me And Crack Star
Rock Stars or R/S....  You need to pass 3, Look At Me... to get to 6, Crack star.  Most people use the 6 to try for 10K or 25K likes.  Which is a good thing... No matter what level you are you will need it later. :) You can also take years to run 6 back to back... The key is to comit not to run any other bling until you have run all 6 r/s....  It takes a full 24 hours to run them all in 1 day... and you can't start any bling once you have hit start on your first r/s.... So you can run 1 a year for six years if you don't use any other bling and still get look at me and crack star.... By going for Look at me and Crack star together you save the cost of 3 r/s... 105 credits Remember to have fun. If you have any questions ask.   Good Luck
Cherry Bombdigit And Cherries Gone Wild...
You can run active bling while going for your Cherry Bombdigity and Cherries Gone Wild.  But becareful and start your first bomb about an hour after you start other bling or it won't count.... Many have made this mistake including me.  It took me 9 bombs to do 8 consecutive. Cherry Bombdigity and Cherries Gone Wild can be run in hours or in years... it is up to you... The key is NOT to run any other bling until you complete it.  Remember you have to pass 4 to get to 8 so you can plan and do them both at the same time which requires 8 bombs.... Only run bombs until you do 8 of them.  I know someone who has been working on it for months. Each bomb counts towards the total and he is committed not to run anything else until he completes it. If you chose to run it in a day... You can take a break for an hour or 10 at any time during the day....  as long as you don't start any other active bling aka powerups.... It is also a good time to go for your Cherry inferno.  115 albums is harder
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At you will find academic discount programs. Academic pricing means a special price is offered by specific manufacturers, which is a lot lower than the standard price. It did require eligibility and you would qualify when you belonged to an accredited educational institution. The discounts were only available to administrative offices & boards of education, faculty and staff of eligible educational institutions, enrolled students of eligible educational institutions, public libraries, public museums, and home-school programs located or residing in the United States, but at costcaptain they are now available to everyone. CostCaptain Contact Information
Doing Combo 5 + Bomb Saves You Money.
There is a way to get several active bling achievements done for the price of 1...  It sounds expensive 150 credits but it saves you 210 credits (it cost 360 credits if each achievement is run separately) You will save more than you spend. Do the Combo Five Achievement, Simultaneously activate: Rock Star, Make it Rain, Famplifier, Boomerang, Auto-11....  and add a Cherry bomb.. Start them in that order... 1 right after the other... bomb last... then you start bombing folders.... You want them all running at the same time....150 Credits By doing this you complete the following achievements without having to buy any more power up blings:  Active power up bling... Activate Cherry Bomb and Auto-11.. Famplified Boomerang... Royal Maximizer and Combo Five...  Which saves you money. A total of 210 credits (more if you activate something other than a Boomerang or Make it rain for your first power up.) I believe level 36 is the first level that requires a power up or active bling to level...
I'm sure this guy has a Fubar account...
The Ring A Woman At The Bar
this painting is name The Ring,is fabian perez paintings ,i like is style,more fabian perez painting is
The Sunlight Is Just A Glare (and Of What I Speak Of Is So Very Rare)...
i want to capture into words how breathtaking you are how the sunrise begs your pardon as he rises from afar and as the sunset hastens toward a downward climb his light grows dim but your light shines and how a snow top mountain peak adorned with the first fresh fallen snow is nothing more than a landscape we seek and nothing compared to the beauty i know and the beauty that i behold from the earliest morning light to the darkest recesses of the night everytime i look into your eyes i don't see bluest skies and clouds above i only see your beauty, i only see your love i could turn my gaze into the sun, stand and stare for days and never once go blind amidst those blinding rays but i look at you, for one golden moment
Supposed To Be About Movers As Well As Packers
Movers as well as Packers are usually getting rid of together with proceeding firms together with firms exactly who offer you special giving as well as proceeding products along with different types of break up demands. Inside the American Indian subcontinent, right now there many special proceeding firms inside American Indian subcontinent dedicated to produce individuals along with different break up demands. Most your main downtown centers of this particular American Indian subcontinent are usually marked combined with like proceeding firms that will help individuals along with entrance phase. Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Hyderabad, packers and movers pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, or anything else are a several main downtown centers of this particular American Indian subcontinent which might be equipped along with been released as outstanding urn regarding break up as well as vehicles significant. Such downtown centers possess any associated with recogn
Packers As Well As Movers Inside American Indian Subcontinent – Precisely What They Are Often And Just Precisely What Many People Complete
“Packers as well as Movers” are really a time period that is certainly widespread regarding getting rid of together with proceeding firms inside American Indian subcontinent. Just like firms offer you special giving as well as proceeding products along with different types of break up demands. Shifting may be associated with a number of sorts as an example nearby household transforming, firm transforming, glimpse transforming, house break up, small business driven break up, manufacturing points transforming, firm together with small business continue, home break up together with global break up. Shifting firms of this particular American Indian subcontinent are usually motivating individuals in several breaks up situations substantially combined with special giving as well as proceeding products and several some other allied products? You'll find so many getting rid of firms inside American Indian subcontinent that are giving many proceeding products regarding long term sit
Family Members Transitioning As Well As Really Qualified Packers As Well As Movers Agency
Women and men typically help make your transforming in their household what you should guide brand-new location. There are numerous reasons for how the kinds usually accomplish in terms of improvement. Properly whatever will be the evidence just one single constantly your delight associated with transforming towards big brand-new master bedroom? Although undertaking household transforming you should package up almost any solo thing in a proper means. A great deal of operates contain as an example giving; completing, unloading as well as unpacking which in turn most likely are not an easy task in your case. Properly to create your break up much easier as well as hassle-free promoting to work with your products inside the well-known packers as well as movers firm. Use many of the important objects you should do previous to household transforming are usually brought up under. Make sure you check with your electric power division that can help detachment your method of getting electric p
How To Piss Off Your Boyfriend/husband
                                          ...SOME ONE ASKED ME HOW TO PISS OFF THEIR BOYFRIEND...i was pretty much a pro at pissing off my husband by now. just thought id share a couple of my tips and tricks with you ladies that are in new relationships (orrr even the ladies in not so new relationships that want to stir up some trouble). oh anddd remember, pissing off your bf/husband doesn't count as pissing off your bf/husband if you do it in a cute way... it's called flirting :) lol1. when he's yawning, stick your finger in his mouth (but be careful not to touch anything... that's unhygienic :P)- Note: if you do this consistently, he will eventually get used to it and just keep yawning even with your finger in his mouth. once he's used to it, the next time he yawns, jam your whole fist in. he won't see that coming and he will gag a bit... then he'll get pretty pissed.- Remember to giggle after... if you don't, he'll stay mad at you for a long time2. this tip was given to me by my sis
A Single Chance
What if there are times, that I would like to rub my legs together and make you go poof??   You know as well as I sometimes the anger can blow the roof.  What if every once in awhile, I want to simply bask in your bright smile??    Go ahead call me a freak or just zoned out, I still don't ever start to have a lingering doubt.   As if it was a light from above, there was power, it was just love.   No wonder you are my unanswered prayer and yet, you and I know I should just forget.   I can do ya one so much better, I know you will still be happy after you have met her.  The actual girl of your dreams is waiting, to love your every move with no hesitating.    I missed a single chance, to stay around for just one last dance.  I am no longer into the game of romance, cause I don't even have a single chance.
I never knew about Fumafia or fu anything until my brother Jeremy introduced me to it years ago.  I had since left it and find myself a few years later back at the site.  I think part of me wishes I could connect with those he interacted with.  I have such fond, bittersweet memories in this place.  My brother loved coming here and hanging with his peeps, talking smack and doing his thing.  I can almost see his face from across the room as he would grin or burst into laughter because of something he read.  Jeremy, I love you man....Fu isn't the same without you...... RIP Jeremy 1/11/77-6/09/13
Come Get Me , I Wanna ......
It's still raining , as I look out at the darkening sky. Dark clouds are rolling by with nary a care. I'm lonesome tonight just thinking and longing for you darlin' but you're no-where near. A fireplace would be lovely tonight , as I lose myself in a day-dream at bed-time , I can feel your caliused hands running down my back to rest upon my hips , you twist me around and bring your lips to my neck for a long sensual kiss , licking at my ear lobes and cupping my ass in , pulling my body as far into you as it would go. You find my lips again , parting them with your tongue to taste of my mouth , awwwww baby I do need you so and you don't even know or care but that wont stop me from wanting you. Please come and get me if you've crossed over to the other side. I'm ready to leave this realm , trying my luck at another roulette table . Baby come fuck me please , as the rain is gently hitting the window pane . Standing in the open window feeling the rain come through the screen. I can feel yo
Got This From A Friend.. Thought It Was Funny Lol
 "Give it to me!" she yelled, "I'm so fucking wet,give it to me now!"... She could scream all she wanted, I was keeping the umbrella.
Athletics Beat The Minnesota Tw
MINNEAPOLIS -- It was early in the season and the Oakland Athletics were flailing away at the plate while manager Bob Melvin watched batting averages, slugging and on-base percentages plummet along the way. The level-headed skipper said all along his young, powerful hitters would eventually put things together. Whether that was wishful thinking or well-placed confidence, Melvin was right. Yoenis Cespedes had his first career four-hit game, including a homer and three RBIs, and the Athletics beat the Minnesota Twins 9-4 on Sunday to complete a three-game series sweep. Jonny Gomes, Chris Carter and Seth Smith also homered for the As, who have won nine of 11 to climb back into the wild-card conversation in the American League. Jarrod Parker (6-4) gave up four runs and nine hits in six innings. "I think at times when you hit homers they actually play better than just the runs that are put up on the board," Melvin said. "On the other side, it can get you down a little bit when t
Ome A Ton Of Medals At T
TORONTO -- Tickets for the 100th Grey Cup next year will range from $150 to $399. The CFL championship game is scheduled for Nov. 25, 2012, at Torontos Rogers Centre. Argos season ticket-holders will receive first crack at the 2012 Grey Cup, with access to their same seats or equivalent. The tickets will cost $150, $199, $250, $325 and $399. This years Grey Cup will take place in Vancouver, with tickets ranging from $156 to $436. NFL Jerseys China . on the 15-day disabled list on Monday with a left hip injury and recalled Elian Herrera from Triple-A Albuquerque. Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China . -- Canadians brought home a ton of medals at the Dew Cup on Friday. . 49 in last years CFL Top 50 Players list; a Grey Cup MVP and Most Outstanding Player award equaled a steep climb up the rankings for the 28-year-old BC Lions QB.Marvin Cupper made 25 saves Sunday as the Shawinigan Cataractes defeated the Saint John Sea Dogs 3-2 in the Quebec M
Five Interceptions On The S
New York, NY (Sports Network) - San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, New York Giants safety Stevie Brown and Green Bay Packers cornerback Davon House were recognized as the NFCs top Week 8 performers. Smith set an NFL record for most passes in a game without more than one incompletion or interception by completing 18-of-19 passes for 232 yards and three touchdowns in a 24-3 victory over the Arizona Cardinals to take home the offensive award. His 94.7 completion percentage is also the highest single-game mark in NFL history with a minimum of 15 attempts. Brown earned defensive honors with two interceptions, a fumble recovery and six tackles during a 29-24 victory over the Dallas Cowboys. He now has five interceptions on the season and picks in four of his last six games. House blocked a punt that resulted in a touchdown as the Packers downed the Jacksonville Jaguars, 24-15, to take home the special teams award. He is the first Packer to block a punt since Sept. 29, 20
Hames To The Roster. Thames
SEATTLE -- The Seattle Mariners restocked their bullpen by recalling right-hander Stephen Pryor and selecting righty Carter Capps from Triple-A Tacoma. The Mariners made the moves on Tuesday before their game against Toronto. Seattle was down two pitchers in the bullpen after trades Monday night that sent Steve Delabar to Toronto and Brandon League to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Additionally, the Mariners optioned outfielder Carlos Peguero to Tacoma and added Eric Thames to the roster. Thames was acquired from Toronto for Delabar. Pryor was on a rehab stint with Tacoma after suffering a groin strain with Seattle in June. Capps had made just on appearance with Tacoma after spending most of the season at Double-A Jackson. Capps struck out three of four batters he faced Monday night for Tacoma. He had 19 saves and a 1.26 ERA with Jackson. Wholesale Jerseys Cheap . The 22-year-old Urso was pronounced dead at 1:50 a.m. Sunday at Grant Medical Center after collapsing at a downtown
Ning Players On The Canadian
HELSINKI, FINLAND – Boone Jenner isnt sure what else he could have done. The Canadian centre was assessed a major charging penalty and a game misconduct for a hit on Jesper Pettersson in the second period of Saturdays exhibition game against Sweden. Pettersson, a defenceman who plays for Linkopings HC in the Swedish Elite League, was stretchered off the ice and could be heard yelling in agony as he was loaded into an ambulance and left the Helsinki Ice Hall. Pettersson sustained a shoulder injury and will miss the world junior championship.    "It happened pretty fast," Jenner said after Canadas 2-1 shootout win. "I was just in on the forecheck, forechecking hard, just trying to finish my check and thought I made sure my arm and my shoulder were down so I thought it was a clean hit." Its possible Jenner, one of six returning players on the Canadian roster, will face supplemental discipline from the IIHF. "Thats kind of out of my control now," said Jenner, a Columbus B
Ers On Sunday. It Wa
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had to work overtime to keep their playoff surge alive. Josh Freeman threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to Dallas Clark in overtime to cap the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27-21 comeback win over the Carolina Panthers on Sunday. It was Freemans third touchdown pass of the game for the Buccaneers (6-4), who have now won five of their last six games. Carolina appeared to have the game in hand after a 29-yard touchdown pass from Cam Newton to Brandon LaFell put the Panthers (2-8) up 21-10 with six minutes left in the game. But after a 40-yard field goal by Connor Barth, the Panthers offence couldnt put the game away and had to punt. Freeman led the Bucs 80 yards on seven plays in 50 seconds, despite not having any timeouts. He finished the drive with a perfectly thrown 24-yard touchdown pass to Vincent Jackson between three defenders with 12 seconds left. Freeman went back to Jackson for a 2-point conversion on a slant route to tie the game and
D Cup, Which Start
GUATEMALA CITY -- Canada fell 1-0 to the United States in the final of the CONCACAF Womens Under-17 World Cup on Saturday despite carrying the bulk of the play in the second half. Amber Munerlyns goal in the 21st minute proved to be the difference as the Americans edged defending champion Canada. Both teams had already qualified for the 2012 Womens Under-17 World Cup, which starts in Azerbaijan in September. "Especially in the second half, we were the far more dominant team," said Canadian coach Bryan Rosenfeld. "We had plenty of chances and they were hanging on with desperate defending." Rosenfeld believes the team can make a run at the World Cup after its performance in the qualifier. "If we can prepare well and stay healthy, then I think we can move out of the group stage," he said. Canadas next step in preparing for the World Cup is not yet known. European clubs still have to qualify for the tournament, and only after that will Canada look for friendly matches against o
H Green Throughout
HIALEAH, Fla. -- Mike Miller believes his balky back can improve without surgery, and hes planning to help the NBA champion Miami Heat defend their crown next season. Miller limped through much of this past season, his back pain so severe at times that he couldnt even sit on the Heat bench during games. He has been consulting with Miami neurosurgeon Dr. Barth Green throughout this off-season, and the expectation now is that a combination of rest and rehabilitation should be enough to get him ready to play again. "No retirement," Miller said Tuesday. Miller made an appearance for about 600 children at a basketball camp he sponsored, walking in to roars from the kids and chants of his last name. And when told that Hialeah, a city just north of Miami, believes it was the epicenter of the biggest party to celebrate the Heat championship, Miller tipped his hand as to his future plans. "Then lets party again next year," Miller said. Miller was 7 for 8 from 3-point range in Game 5
Bittersweet Season Some Shi
MADRID, Spain -- Barcelona provided manager Pep Guardiola with the perfect send-off by thrashing Athletic Bilbao 3-0 in the Copa del Rey final on Friday, earning the clubs most successful coach a 14th trophy. Pedro Rodriguez scored either side of Lionel Messis 73rd goal of the season as the Catalan club demonstrated the virtues -- quick-touch passing, intricate combinations and clinical finishing -- that marked Guardiolas four seasons at the helm. Barcelonas record 26th domestic cup gave the bittersweet season some shine, partially making up for its failure to repeat as Champions League and Spanish league winners. "We had a very good year, we won four titles and winning this cup gives them better value," Guardiola said. "Im happy to close out the season this way." Athletics chase for its first silverware since 1984 again faltered as the young Basque team showed little improvement from the side beaten 3-0 by Atletico Madrid in the Europa League final this month, leaving its
S Barrichello. But Wilson And
WEST ALLIS, Wis. -- The way Dario Franchitti sees it, adjusting a race car to handle just right at any given track is sort of like solving a puzzle. All the pieces fell into place for Franchitti and his team at the Milwaukee Mile on Friday, as they found enough speed to rebound from a couple of subpar practice sessions and claim the pole for Saturdays race with a two-lap average of 168.737 mph. "That was cool," Franchitti said. "I didnt expect anything like that." It was the 27th pole of Franchittis IndyCar career, and his second straight at Milwaukee. Franchitti won the Milwaukee race from pole position last year. Justin Wilson, last weeks winner at Texas, qualified second. Ryan Hunter-Reay was third, followed by Will Power and Rubens Barrichello. But Wilson and Power are two of the seven drivers facing a 10-position penalty for making an unapproved engine change, and will have to drop back into the field before the start of the race. The penalties will bump Hunter-Reay up
He Associated Press He W
LONDON -- The 2010 Tour de France champion Andy Schleck pulled out of this years race due to a spine injury he sustained during the Criterium du Dauphine last week, but hopes to recover in time to compete at the London Olympics. Schleck confirmed his withdrawal from cyclings blue ribbon race at a news conference in Luxembourg Wednesday, a few hours after his parents told The Associated Press he would not be able to ride for at least five weeks. Schleck said he found out on Tuesday that hell have to miss the Tour after undergoing an IRM which revealed the full extent of his injury. "My world fell apart," Schleck said. "I wont win the Tour de France, I wont even be in it. But now I have to look forward. I hope to be back for the Olympics." Schlecks father told the AP in a phone interview earlier on Wednesday that his son is likely to miss the Olympic race as well. "This is a very bad year, the Tour was his primary objective," said Johny Schleck, the cyclists father, who is al
He sees her,He sees him, He sees a smile, A smile that speads, a smile,Spreads a mil e,Embrace it,Kiss it, Take it, To your heart Pass it on, Give that one, That one kiss, Pass it along, Mind,Matter however you can, Angel you are my world!
Does a parasite KNOW that they are one? No they don't They just think they are living By their own wits And see the results How clever they are in taking Seeing weakness and devouring It is NOT clever It is NOT strong It is gaining strength from another Cowardly and only sustainable By others REJECT Parasites have no honor Parasites have no pity Parasites have no spine Literally They are worms and will eat you from the inside Treat them as such A brain free soft drink
My Faith
Do i do as every1 else do?I try 2 keep myself from things that can hurt or mess with my spirit.I will never put people down,i try 2 give them knowledge or in lighten them 2 something new.I pray and bless the poor and needy,so they will make it 2 a new day when the sun is shinning all the time,or not need the sun's light no more.I read a train myself so i add good learning 2 my life from God not the learns of this world.Do i sin?yes i do,and my heart 4 it,and it also sometime hurt my spirit,so i run off and pray,read,repent,get 4given and not practice it again,and hope its not on my soul.I dont love money,so i think i have problems in that part of my life,but no follower of Jesus isnt going 2 have it good all the time when the devil rule the world,and they cant see it(deeper),I work 2 do good,with my hands,not 2 do evil,because if i do evil,that is what come back,and thats what i get what i paid 4,sorry not paying 4 bad things no more.If i practice evil and bad things thats in the end a
I Dont Really Believe In This Stuff
(Real Talk;i dont believe in none of this was just something 2 look at.)Compatibility;With another Capricorn will find respect and admiration with their own sign. However, their conservative side means a real effort is needed to bring excitement to the bedroom.Aries:Strong willed and opinionated-these two signs clash over who's in command. The upside? Intense sexual sparks. With compromise, this pairing will last forever!Taurus and Capricorn share an excess of physical passion while balancing each others needs. Both are loyal and devoted and will have a strong relationship.Passionate Gemini Irritates controlled Capricorn. Capricorn finds Gemini to be flighty and lacking mental ability. Sparks from their disagreements cool fast.Cancer's emotional needs weigh heavy on Capricorn's reserved shoulders. If these opposites can meet in the middle, there is promise for true love.Leo's constant need for flattery and materialistic wealth rubs conservative, quiet Capricorn the wrong way. Both sign
My Hope
Me i love light skinned women,so u is a winner most of the time with the kind of woman i have in my heart!Latin Women r first in my world,i love they talk even if i cant understand everything they r still sexy as hell 2 me.I love long hair,(real long).Im in love with them bad,nose wide open love,lol. The next is Asians,they is so cool,faithful until the end.Next is White Women,they show so much love,these women im talking about is all independent women dont want or need a thing from me,just good dick,put a real nigga on his feet.words of webbe,lol Black Women i love my sisters,bt the 1's i been running in 2 these days want money.I want love,real love from the heart.The woman i love got 2 believe in God,the Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ and we will b alright.I woman i want 2 love got 2 believe in herself as 1 of the most beautifulest woman in the world.The Kind of Woman i wish 4,got 2 want 2 b around me 4days out of 7days,unless we r working 2 hard and we need 2 plan a date.I lik
I Fell This,bt Dont Believe In This Stuff All The Way
(Real Talk;i dont believe in none of this was just something 2 look at.)Compatibility;With another Capricorn will find respect and admiration with their own sign. However, their conservative side means a real effort is needed to bring excitement to the bedroom.Aries:Strong willed and opinionated-these two signs clash over who's in command. The upside? Intense sexual sparks. With compromise, this pairing will last forever!Taurus and Capricorn share an excess of physical passion while balancing each others needs. Both are loyal and devoted and will have a strong relationship.Passionate Gemini Irritates controlled Capricorn. Capricorn finds Gemini to be flighty and lacking mental ability. Sparks from their disagreements cool fast.Cancer's emotional needs weigh heavy on Capricorn's reserved shoulders. If these opposites can meet in the middle, there is promise for true love.Leo's constant need for flattery and materialistic wealth rubs conservative, quiet Capricorn the wrong way. Both sign
Love 4 The Lord
Do i do as every1 else do?I try 2 keep myself from things that can hurt or mess with my spirit.I will never put people down,i try 2 give them knowledge or in lighten them 2 something new.I pray and bless the poor and needy,so they will make it 2 a new day when the sun is shinning all the time,or not need the sun's light no more.I read a train myself so i add good learning 2 my life from God not the learns of this world.Do i sin?yes i do,and my heart 4 it,and it also sometime hurt my spirit,so i run off and pray,read,repent,get 4given and not practice it again,and hope its not on my soul.I dont love money,so i think i have problems in that part of my life,but no follower of Jesus isnt going 2 have it good all the time when the devil rule the world,and they cant see it(deeper),I work 2 do good,with my hands,not 2 do evil,because if i do evil,that is what come back,and thats what i get what i paid 4,sorry not paying 4 bad things no more.If i practice evil and bad things thats in the end a
What Game Should I Create?
Since my mumm didn't work so well I figured I'd try here instead. I'm new to game design, and I'm planning to make an old school 8 or 16 bit style RPG, but I can't decide which genre it should be inspired by. Should I make a steampunk style RPG? I know there are already several steampunk games out there, specifically Final Fantasy 6 and 7. Or should I make a horror inspired game? The west never got Sweet Home, so maybe that's something to consider. Or should it be something entirely different and wacky kinda like Earthbound or a combination of different things?
Hmmm Truth
I’m Tired of trying to reach out to themWithout any liesBut i guess some people can't handle itSo for now I'm saying goodbyeWhat I don't get is how they tell us How much they want to be thereBut they’re afraid of the truth So they tell you they aren't interested insteadOthers love to just lie to youBecause they don't want to see you get hurtBut these white lies just keep growing Until one day, we wind up getting burnedSome people don't even talk to you Because they don't know how to be real But the truth is All we’re seeking is for them to just say it for real As most of us have different Priorities and other stuff to like Think of your truth And the reality instead of giving us those lies Some of you keep leading others on too much And telling them to you give timeI KNOW, someone else will grab you and I bet you will be fineOne of these days when it’s all too late You’ll have to snap back and realize That the one person you’ve been denying Is the ri
Bukowski's Bug
Bukowski's bug Slain or pet Meat or candy That crawly thing That knows you are watching it And is stunned momentarily on your wall Then it is a race Who will disappear first Slain or pet Meat or candy That trigger unpulled Breath taken in and held Suspension That is what writing is        
Beware Of A Scammer And Thief On Fubar...
This person claims to be a LADY but she is living in a DREAM world ! She would like to be considered a WOLFE but really nothing more then a snake in the grass. She ripped a friend on Fu off and drained her bank account. Beware of who you trust because some claim to be your friend but some take friendship to a level of stealing and abusing you to there advantage. Just a warning ! Been ripped onced myself in here and I can only blame myself for trusting someone on the other side on a PC screen. Need more detail please PM me or SB me. Only we as a team can get people like this off of Fubar. Thanks Small Town Girl
Thank You
this is here to thank each and every one of you who have either been there for me throughout the good and bad times  and for being her to back me up when things happen. i appreciate the friendship it means alot to me thank you you very much. i have nothing but the up most respect for each and every one of you. thank  you for always being there it means alot to me.
Every challenge Danced through With grace & sex Reciprocal Mesmerizing back and forth A nearly microscopic close up Of genitals in coitus Brain tickled Pink Inner monologue Trills Yma Sumac Assumed impossible range Until The voice just DOES THAT With frightening ease No test required Deep gut growls To bird like soprano Floor board shaking Plush Pheromatic Coinage of course Figure it out lololololololol
Who Cares
As I sit here I wonder....does anything really matter anymore? Why am I still struggling to be here? Why do I always help others when no one is here to help me? Screw it. I don't care anymore. Tired of struggling and working everyday and not being able o live myself. No money for food or for a home....not even money to get back and forth to work yet I still go everyday. Tired of being sick daily and miserable and depressed. What is the purpose of even staying alive when I can't even enjoy my life? Would anyone truly miss me if i was gone other than my dog whom will be able to find a new home and new people to love? What is the point? Where are all those "friends" whom I have helped and done things for now that I am the one whom is in need of help? Obviously they are not really "friends". I just want to give up but even to depressed to do that................................ 
Supa J On Soundcloud
My Favorite Djs SoundCloud...Check it out... Big Up!!
Mox On Soundcloud
More Music From MOX Big Up!!
Random Fu Thoughts
These are just some of my random fu thoughts.... Why am I so addicted to this place? Why do salutes matter? Why do some people accept you as a friend only to unfriend you seconds later? Some names just don't match up with the person. I think there should be random fu get togethers acros the country, just lil meet and greets Why accept someone or friend them if you aren't going to interact at all? Some people ask for help, when you tell them you can't, they stop talking to you. I personally like the pokes, just wish they had some naughtier ones. Yes, I do love titties of all sizes. But I am an ass man thru and thru If I offend you in any way, tell me, I will listen I am a respectful dirty old(er) man, works for me I refuse to rank my family or friends If I put you in my family, I do not expect the same in return, it's because I think you are pretty cool and I want to like, rate and check you out daily if possible. Have fun peeps!   Yes, I want salutes from my beautiful
Woke at 7am w/ a renewed outlook for karma given the news yesterday. All my life had a dim view and understanding about anything spiritual or beyond the veil of understanding. Faith was and always has been a difficult subject and thing to grasp for me, not cus I don't believe, but because I don't know 'what' to believe, think, or feel. Hence why I only put faith in myself, and the people around me, because I never sensed anything of a spiritual sense was there with me, at my best or worst; years before and even today.But after yesterday's NEWS, Karma has proven to be my most favorable prospect. I never believed in all my years, such a sense of Irony would come true in such a literal sense. I am still floored about the details, and the individual it concerns, but at the same time I feel a sense of shame. My heart is sad and regretful for the loss of life... but at the same time; it's just amazing to me also how true "what comes around, goes around" really is? I feel regret for things th
Need Some Help
hey its me I just wanna put it out there that I really would love to learn how to do ccs some day any one willing to mentore me that would be awsome I get alot of joy out of making my own art wall theams ect and would love to be able to make it a part of my fu profile
How To Connect Android Mobile Phone To Your Laptop For Sending Free Sms
How to connect Android Mobile Phone to your Laptop for sending free SMS using DRPU Bulk SMS Software for Android Follow these steps Step 1: Go to your android mobile phone settings screen: Step 2: Select Developer settings and Turn on Developer options Step 3: Now, Enable USB Debugging and your Phone is ready to go. Steps 4: Now, Connect your Android Phone to computer using a USB cable Step 5: Start DRPU Android Bulk SMS Software and select the mobile device from connection settings wizard: Step 6: Test connection settings by Sending a test SMS Step 7: And I received SMS on my Phone sent by SMS Software. Since, I was doing this test using the Free evaluation version of DRPU Bulk SMS Software, I received SMS followed by Demo message. Full version w
Chasing Shadows
Chasing Shadows I have been chasing shadows so long, even the briefest of light burns. I have been defacing every love song, even the meaning of the words. The meaning of the words still humming, as if floating in the air. The rapid beat of my heart drumming, lets me know that it's still there. Now, just because it is still beating, that does not give me the right To bare my teeth, however fleeting. at all the women in sight. Please bear with me if I seem distant, t'was not my intent, you see. How quickly things change in an instant,
For Melissa
For Melissa It is as if your eyes see right through me. So, I dare not stare too long. The urge to lose myself inside your eyes is growing much too strong. The waves, they crash upon me, their ever-present blue. They take me down within it. Oh god, now I am through. There will be no salvation for me; from this Medusa, I cannot look away. Unlike Perseus, I willingly surrender to waves I swim in every day.
Inner Thoughts
Inner Thoughts   There is a new girl I’ve never metYou think she’s nice? “Yeah, I bet”Hello friend, what is your name?I don‘t know, but I’m glad you cameWhen you passed by me a light went offI start to yawn but only coughMy throat is dry, I need a drinkI grab your attention with a winkYour eyes, they make my knees go weakI hope I don’t stutter when I speakTo my surprise your face is calmWhile my heart is ticking like a bombYour smile is gentle, makes me at easeI grab for your hand but dare not squeezeYou tilt your head and I start to talk“Are you new here? Care to take a walk?”A long pause follows, seems much too longMy mind starts to wonder what I did wrongThen she says to me something I didn’t expect“ Are you asking me out? Why not? I accept”Wow! I think, It must be my lucky dayI’d never have the courage I’d have to sayMy mind would take over and let me downI’d be the laughing stock, the forlo
Meant To Be
Meant To Be   The simple curves of your face feel the warmth of love’s embraceCaress the flames as they touch the skin,lights the fire that’s deep withinIgnite the spirit with thoughts of bliss, hungering for the taste of your sweet kissThem haunting eyes through me do see that you and I were meant to be
Echoes Of Floorboards
Echoes Of Floorboards   It started in the hallwayWe were saying goodbye,Goodbye.You pulled me closer,Closer.So close, I could smell youI knew it right now,Right now.I had to taste you, Taste you.I licked your mouth.Your tongue just lingered,Lingered.You taste like heaven, Heaven.Lord, take me now,Now.My hunger is growing.It couldn’t get better, But we'll try anyhow.Anyhow.Your body’s on fireI feel it tooYou hold me closer, Closer.This feeling’s so new,New.My muscles, they tighten,You pull me inside,Inside.I knew in this moment,We’d be playing all night, All night.Something just shattered,Shattered.Crashed to the floorBut we don’t hear it,Hear it.You’re begging for more,For more.The heat of our passionIs making me shake,Shake.You push me inside you,Inside you.It’s all I can take,Take.Your breath is heavySuch a wonderful sound,Sound.Eyes burn with pleasureYou’re pulling me down,Down.Echo is deafening,You’re moaning so loud,So loud.I
Mythology   Mighty Zeus is floating among the cloudswhile childish Echo mimics sounds.Zephyrus strolling across his steadis casually putting Boreas to bed.Send a letter to Hades, if you pleasesend back to Demeter, Persephone.The nymphs, the fairies, and the spritesdance around Flora with much delight.Fauna, with her children, were the next to show,carrying on with merriment and Artemis’ bow.The huntress stood anxious as she was awaiting someone.Next came Helios with Apollo, then out went the sun.In that moment, Nyx crept from out of the shadows followed by her sons Hypnos and Thanatos.Then Bacchus stood up or was it Dionysus?Clamors of violence came from the Thiasus.An apple, from Discord, so shiny, was thrown"To the Wisest and Greatest", were the words shown.Hermes was as shrewd as Aphrodite was vainand with a fell swoop, the apple he claimed.Athena, not to be outdone, came up with a planShe promised Vulcan, God of Fire, her hand.She asked for an arrow that could kill their ow
Bleed For Me
Bleed For Me   I used to think that I liked to playJust fuck with your head when I mayWatch you squirm to turn me onNo inner voice to stop the conI made you believe that I cared for youMade you believe my lies were trueI used to think it was just my thingDoing all I could to make it stingNow bleed for me while I bleed for you And give up all you thought you knewI tell you now, I won't lie to youAnd when I bleed, I bleed through youI was wrong in the past to mindfuck youI still don't know why I do what I doThis sick perversion became an obsessionThinking that in some way you'd learn a lessonIt was never my place to make it knownKnuckle crack skin, still flesh and boneFragile minds thinking at a dangerous paceShe's trying her best to conceal her faceShe knows if she lets me see her eyesA part of herself she has left behindChanges the season; Wilts and diesAnd when she breaks, my tears she criesNow bleed for me while I bleed for youAnd trust in everything we've been throughI tell you no
Bulldozer Rain precipitates my mind to sleep Awakens slowly with dreams that creep Into my head, the pain runs deep And in the end, we all must weep   Rapid eye motion neither phasic nor tonic Pumping blood flows but levels are toxic Fear grips the anger, but my anger just mocks it Anger breaks through from my fist that unlocks it The answer was simple, shades of my reflection I crept through the house, no signs of detection Make my way to your room for closer inspection The anticipation mounts, feeding my erection   Is this what you want? Don't struggle;
(if I Could) Rewind Time
(If I Could) Rewind Time If you screamed it into the sky I would make it rain If you pounded it into the ground I would end all of your pain If you bled it out of spite I would try to fill your soul If you sent it all away I would give you what I owe Instead, I sit head hung low, here alone Wondering why I ever let you go You are the best part of this withered heart It breaks in two as me and you part Your half still in my hand, this was never planned My half crumbles while I try to understand My own thoughts betray, on this, the saddest day It’s the anniversary of when you went away I’d give up this life and start anew If you only realized how much I needed you I died a little inside that day when you said goodbye I threw it all away, to save face, and even now I defy All the thoughts that are flowing through my mind If I could find a way to rewind time, I’d be more kind I would tell you all the things that a woman ought to hear But I bit my tongue, and filled
Angela's Rap
Angela's Rap   Weed and beer aint fazing this chickShe go up in the house and grab ya dickShe start stroking it all nice and longHumming on your nuts, singing a songHer kitty's in my hand while I'm spreading cheeseFinger fuck her so hard that it made her sneezeDrop to your knees and give my dick a suckI go for my zipper but that bitch is stuckOh fuck, what's an Indian to do?My cock so hard my balls turning blueI rip my pants down, with the quicknessStick it in her mouth, wait for the sicknessFeel my shit start swelling and expandingParted the runway, now my cock is landingOpen the gates and let's beginChecking my nuts at the local innI parted the sea while you tilt your headEyes rolling back in your head like you was Night of the living dead Still spreading my load on that wonder breadThat's when she screamed, no please don't stopI'm pull that ass over like a motherfucking copDrop it on her tonsils…watch her skin get hotFucking that ass at a furious pacePull the cock out, spit
Coward   Eyes that shine when all is darkThey light the fire inside my heartAn open flame that burns so brightBlue-Green hue inside pure whiteYou catch my glance from across the roomYou smell like a flower ripe in bloomYou walk by and make my heart poundI start to talk, out comes not soundI kick myself for being shyI could not even spit out "hi"I try to think of the right thing to sayI know it will happen but not todayI missed my chance but there is tomorrowBut tonight I'll have to deal with sorrowThe pain you feel right before you dieFeels a lot better after you cryYou don't know what you do to meI close my eyes, you're all I seeThings are not always as they seemBut when I wake up it is no dream
Wish Of Love
Wish Of Love   Your promise of self Your wish of loveAll that I crave isInside your touch. To feel your handUpon my fleshYour lips touch mineAs our bodies meshTousled hair strewnUpon exposed clavicle Bated breath partakes in This moment so magicalI see the hungerInside of your eyesThe heat of passionFresh on our thighsExplosions of bliss eruptElated waves so intenseUncontrollable, shaking bodiesUtterly breathless in bed.
For Mandy
For Mandy   Ethereal in naturePresence lingeringLong after she departsSoul saving serviceWith gentle auburn eyesAnd coke bottled Coffee colored curlsHanging just soBelow her rosy redCheekbones.Dimples line her facePulling her mouthInto an ever gracious smileStay with me for awhileAnd regale me with storiesFilled with caustic witI soak it all upTo the very last bitBut, if this is the endYou will stay eternallyEthereal in nature To the ones Who are lucky enoughTo call youFriend
For Danielle
For Danielle   Honey tresses cascading down Toward most unworthy groundEyes shaded away, not seen A light shade of emerald greenThoughts held tightThem diamonds lost In luster longinglyShone the way to shore. All sailors bewareDo not stop to glareAt her hypnotizing stareYou may not make it Home.
Chance Encounter
Chance Encounter   A chance encounter was all it wasShe glanced in my direction I was frozen in my tracksThem big brown eyes Like none I had ever seen beforeSo familiar, yet so foreignSo lost, yet so warmI knew I had to touch herTo feel her skinAs soft and tenderAs peaceful windThem eyes piercing me To the depths of my soulI have to look awayOr risk losing controlMy mouth becomes dryIs she staring at me?My glance hits the floorAshamed that it lingeredI close my eyes and sighAnd turn on my heels I ponder the thought of walking awayFor a couple seconds; maybe a minuteWhen I was startled out of my degradationA hand with a well manicured nailFalls upon my shoulderStagnant, my feet become concreteThe aroma of orchids and lilies are freshDon’t turn around I keep telling myselfThen a mild, gentle whisper invaded my thoughtsBreaking up the torture of silence“I don’t mean to be rude, but do I know you?”I rotate around to see who it wasThe girl with the most beautiful
Goodbye Is Always The Hardest Part
Goodbye Is Always The Hardest Part   Captivated by you essence,I don't remember all the curves of your face, but I sure as hell remember the way that you taste. I keep telling myself it's nothing more than infatuation. Why did you have to let it linger? Starving my days away with idle chit chat. Now, it's all I can do to not think of you. On this ship, I'm not the captain but I am going down with it, just the same. All I ask is that you release me from my part. Before you depart, don't let me see my reflection in your eyesfor even one more, single night. This is the end now. We must say "goodbye."
The Glass Flower
The Glass Flower   He picked her a flower, and coated it with glass,gave her the flowerand watched time pass.A minute, now two, he awaits her reply.She apologizes now and he wonders why.“It’s a lovely flower,”she said with a smile.“But I am spoken for,” and like a silly childhe couldn’t accept truth.“Please tell me you jest.”She stared at him with pity; chin buried in his chest.His eyes burning fresh,turning away, he must hide.The glass flower shatters.It has wilted and died.
So Close
So Close   We never really even talked beforebut it was not like we really needed to.This pit in my stomach was squeezed and with clinched fists, and swollen lipsI’m struggling to resist the sway from your hips.Your long, chestnuts locks framing your faceinto something of legend, that only painters with an exceptional eye for beauty could fathom.The writers of old have written of you in fairytales, and yet here you stand, unfettered from your prison that bound you.Before me.Above me.Beyond me.And then, there you were, standing beside me until fate brought you crashing down upon me.The winter’s breath carrying my air away. My stare fixed upon your hazel colored soul traps. Captivated, as you ebbed the flow of the world around us into a slow-motion moving picture show.“Is this really happening?” I whisper to myself.Your eyes flutter and close to invite me inand for a brief moment, caught in surpriseI hesitate and let the winter’s wind go…And with it
If You Want To Add Into Your Complete
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Diamond Wine Importers
The wine panel has tasted Greek whites several times over the course of the last decade. Many of them often seemed to be works in progress. The best were very good, but the majority seemed somewhat stymied by the move from a largely local market to a global audience. This is no small issue. It’s akin to a farmer, who might have sold eggs in town for years, figuring out how to ship the fragile commodity to another state while keeping quality and product intact. It raises all sorts of questions involving production and transport. Greek Wine In this tasting, at least, the growing pains seemed to be a thing of the past. Instead, we found consistently well-made wines, and we especially liked those from Santorini, made entirely or primarily of the assyrtiko grape. These wines in particular show pure briny, mineral flavors, as if they were the concentrated essence of millions of tiny seashells. Not once but several times during the blind tasting a comparison was made to Chablis, which
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Rudra Group New Launch Project "aqua Casa"
             Rudra Aqua Casa Sector 16 Noida Extension   Rudra Aqua Casa is new super luxurious residential project launching by 'Rudra Group’. This New housing development Rudra Aqua Casa situated at Sector 16 Noida Extension.  Rudra Aqua Casa Noida luxurious residences and Flats. Rudra Aqua Casa presenting the totally furnished 2BHK and 3BHK flats with trendy amenities. Rudra Aqua Casa is that the authenticity. Rudra Aqua Casa Noida flats offers to all or any various amenities & facilities within the swimming pool, Gymnasium, kid`s play space, Wi-Fi connectivity and Sports facility and more . Located in Sector 16, project enjoys a wonderful connectivity from all the most hubs of Delhi-NCR. Well connected through railway, pike and varied highways, Aqua Casa was strategically planned by the builder so its residents can't solely relish the living at the guts of town however can also connect with the remainder of the NCR. There Square measure Buddha Chowk, Park
One Of Those "..................damn!!!" Moments I Just Had
Have you ever had one of those moments when you thought you're opening up your car until somebody comes up to you and says "Yo" in a confused way, and when they open that car door and the light came on and you look inside of it and realized that it wasn't your car? Yep I just had one of those moments. That's when you know that it's time to go home and get some sleep. *smh* *In a Ron Simmons voice* ".......................DAMN!!!!"
Hackfest: There's No App For This...
Hey, there, potential cow rapists, and welcome to a LOOONG overdue edition of HackFest. Name's Law, and today I actually want to touch on a subject that I've been discussing for a little bit: The underdevelopment of men in the United States (Yes, it's the Apocalypse. I'm not just going to rant this time!) Have we noticed something in this great country of ours? Men are slowly either being thrown under the table to women or placed in the limelight as the singlemost horrid beings in existence. We as the male figure are losing our place and being pushed aside for more of a feminist movement. Now, while we are being placed in the double-standard, more and more women see it only fit to trample over us. It's honestly enough to make me want to start handing women honorary man-cards and punch them in the gut just to give them the feeling of being us. Please don't misunderstand me, fem-bots. I am all for equality for women and treating women on the same level as men. I believe in being fair a
True Things About My Ex
i want to explain what happened with us so people know both sides of the story.  we met online  i did go to her state to meet her. things where good they where working out i was there about 8 months. she then decides she wants to move to my home town in texas 1200 miles away.  the night before we where to leave her daughter gets sick mostly nerves cause she did nt want to leave her grandparents so then my ex decides to leave her daughter 1200 miles apart from her. and just guessing she was away from her daughter 3 months before she wanted to go get her. at this point my family goes to get her daughter 2400 miles round trip 4 motel rooms. then later she wanted to go home since she couldnt get a job in texas. she wanted to get real life married a month before she left even left as a couple. her father comes to get her and drive her back to her home state. the time she was in texas she was not taking her medecine i wont put out what it is but she wasnt taking it. you can look at her sn an
I'll Be On Hiatus Til Sept 24th
there is no way i can post up bulletins on here so the best i can do is a blog. i will be on hiatus from here until sept 24th. me and my man jerry will be going on a road trip to tenessee we will be leaving monday sept 16th and we will be back between thursday and sunday of that week. the only times i will be on the laptop here while i am on the road will be to transfer pictures from the camera to the laptop here and looking up directions to other motels and to other destinations. i will be sure to get as plenty of pictures as i can and post up a few when i return here on the 24th. I WILL BE ON MY BACKUP PAGE COUNTRYROSE UNTIL LATE SUNDAY NIGHT!!! in case if anybody needs to reach me for anything and or wish me a fun and safe trip. it is under the name countryrose and on my friends list. if i don't hear anything from anybody on my backup page by late sunday. i'll miss you all. take care and see you all when i come back on here sept 24th hopefully if nothing don't happen. Peace!
Urnament In Quebec City
MONTREAL -- Canadas Aleksandra Wozniak has been sidelined for the rest of the year with a joint sprain in her right shoulder. The countrys top female player from Blainville, Que., was diagnosed with an acromioclavicular joint sprain and will be out of action for at least six week, ending her 2012 season. "I am keeping a positive attitude in spite of this new injury I suffered recently at the tournament in Quebec City," Wozniak said in a statement. "I was in a good position heading into the last events of the season because I didnt have a lot of points to defend. Its unfortunate as I was hoping to improve my ranking (No. 43), but I will come back stronger." Wozniak will undergo physiotherapy as soon as the inflammation and pain subsides, and then begin training for the 2013 season. She expects to open the WTA season in Australia in January. Cheap NFL Jerseys From China . Claiborne signed the deal Monday, and the cornerback will be able to practice when rookies and selected vete
Bombing For 1st Timers
Cherry Bombs are the easiest and quickest way to amass a huge amount of points in a short amount of time.  If you've never bombed before it could be a bit overwhelming especially when dealing with a clock of 1 hour.  There are achievements to be made by hitting certain bombing benchmarks such as 60, 90, 115 which come into play as you hit higher levels. A good way to go about this is to use the following in order to maximize your points and attempt to hit ALL the benchmarks. 1. Open a word document BEFORE you start your bomb. 2. Use the search tab up top and scroll to activated bling and select Auto 11's. (The reason you want to hit Auto 11's folders is because each bomb will be worth double the points, hence maximizing your potential point output for the bomb) 3. Go to each profile's album and copy the album link and paste it to your word doc. 4. Fill out your list with friends and family that you would like to bomb up to 120 people (good to have an extra link or 2) 5. Number yo
Ade $1.3 Million Last Season, Wa
WINNIPEG -- The Winnipeg Jets head into the summer with their No. 1 goalie happily in the fold. The Jets announced Monday they have come to terms with Ondrej Pavelec. The new deal is worth US$19.5-million over five years. The 24-year-old Pavelec, who made $1.3 million last season, was eligible to become a restricted free agent this summer. "Were very excited about locking Ondrej up and were actually even more excited that Ondrej wants to commit and be a part of the process of the Winnipeg Jets moving forward," said GM Kevin Cheveldayoff. Pavelec said it was not a difficult decision. "You always want to stay as long as you can in a city you like," he said by phone from his native Czech Republic. "Its something I was looking for ... It was easy to sign a five-year deal thats for sure." He said he likes the atmosphere in Winnipeg and the fan support, even though he admitted the Jets didnt always play their best last season. The former Atlanta Thrashers missed the playoffs again. Pavelec a
Make A Run At Free Agents On T
NBA Draft on Thursday night; cant wait! Hope springs eternal for all those teams that need to turn the corner and succeed.  Here are a few quick thoughts. FIVE QUICK NBA THOUGHTS:   1. TORONTO RAPTORS: The Draft is the beginning of what should be a busy and fascinating off-season. The team has multiple needs, as well as a lack of a deep talent pool. Bottom line, the eighth overall pick will be in play if there is a dance partner to do a deal with. I fully expect the Raps to try to make a run at free agents on the market with their cap space. Theyll also look to be active in the trade market and use the amnesty exemption as well. So many moving pieces in play where one move will have significant ripple effects on the dynamics of other possible transactions. Bottom line, they need to figure out the long- and mid-term plan at point guard, acquire a starting small forward, and upgrade the athleticism and skill level at all the perimeter spots.  Four years without a Playoff game with new
Ent, They Havent Even Named Their F
Its amazing the change in philosophy from USA Hockey in terms of how they select their junior team. In the old days, they would have their summer camp, and then in December simply put out a press release announcing their roster. Then they started having a selection camp in December like Canada, and now they have taken it to an extra step. One game into the tournament, they havent even named their full complement on defence. They have an offensive guy in Mike Reilly paired up with Seth Jones; an offensive guy in Shayne Gostibehere paired up with Jacob Trouba; and a real solid third pairing with Jake McCabe and Connor Murphy. But there are two guys vying for one more spot. Pat Sieloff, a big physical defenceman, and Matt Grzelcyk, who is more offensive minded, sat and watched against Germany and wont find out until Friday which way its going to go. The Americans decided they wanted to see how their team performed against Germany. The decision between the two will get made Friday, and t
Na Williams Extended Her Dominance Over T
ISTANBUL, Turkey -- Serena Williams extended her dominance over the top-ranked player in the world on Thursday, defeating Victoria Azarenka 6-4, 6-4 at the WTA Championships. Williams now has an 11-1 career record over Azarenka, and has won the last nine matches between the two. "Maybe Im doing the right things at the right time," said Williams, who also beat Azarenka to win the U.S. Open title before taking six weeks off. Williams win also prevented Azarenka from making sure early she would finish the year as No. 1, although the player from Belarus can secure that position with another victory in the round-robin portion of the tournament. Williams, who is projected to finish the year at No. 3 no matter what, got her third win in three matches at the event when Azarenka served a double-fault. Azarenka also lost the first set on a double-fault and finished with nine. I just was able to play better than I did in my first couple of rounds," Williams said. "That was what I was
Oscow After A 10-year Run With
Andrei Kirilenko is returning to the NBA, this time with Minnesota. The Timberwolves found the versatile, tough-defending small forward theyve been seeking to fill out their roster, and this one they didnt have to try to pry away from a division rival. Kirilenkos signing of a two-year, $20 million contract was completed Friday after a three-team trade with New Orleans and Phoenix cleared the necessary space under the salary cap. The 31-year-old Kirilenko spent last season with CKSA Moscow after a 10-year run with Utah, choosing to play in his native Russia during the lockout and staying there once it ended. "I think playing a more regular schedule in Europe helped his body. He told me he feels tremendous. He feels as good as hes ever felt," Timberwolves president of basketball operations and general manager David Kahn said. "I think that, if anything, it was probably a small advantage for him to not play in the NBA." Kirilenko, currently playing with the Russian national te
S First Ever All-star Kicking Duo. I
The Calgary Stampeders have reportedly signed punter Rob Maver to new contract. According to the Calgary Sun, the deal was completed on Friday. The 26-year-old was an all-Canadian for the first time this season and had been eligible to explore free agency beginning February 15. Maver averaged 43.2 yards per kick over 112 attempts and led the league with a net average of 37.7 yards per kick. The Brampton, Ontario native teamed up with placekicker Rene Paredes to become Calgarys first ever all-star kicking duo. It was a strong comeback year for Maver after he missed virtually all of the 2011 campaign with a torn quad muscle that he suffered in the first game of the season. Wholesale Jerseys From China . He was hired Wednesday to replace Dave Hansen and improve an offence that struggled last season when All-Star slugger Matt Kemp was hobbled by injuries. The Dodgers were 13th in the National League in runs scored and RBIs and 15th in home runs. Wholesale Jerseys China . The 3
A 14-yard Pass From Matt Flynn. Miller Wa
SEATTLE -- Seahawks tight end Zach Miller has sustained a concussion in Seattles preseason opener against the Tennessee Titans after catching a 14-yard pass from Matt Flynn. Miller was injured early in the second quarter on Saturday night after getting hit by Terrence Wheatley and Kamerion Wimbley. Miller was woozy on the field and walked off with a trainer at his side. Seattle coach Pete Carroll said the team doesnt believe it is a severe concussion but they will be following all protocols with Miller, who is entering his second season in Seattle. Miller had two catches for 23 yards on Saturday. NFL Jerseys From China . Mark Pysyk also scored for Edmonton, which won its first playoff series since the current version of the team started in 2007. Laurent Brossoit made 14 saves. Drew Czerwonka replied for the Ice, while Nathan Lieuwen stopped 15 shots. Wholesale Jerseys China . The general manager, however, understands things certainly need to be tweaked after another early
205-pound Korobov Pl
The Tampa Bay Lightning have signed defenceman Dmitry Korobov to a two-year, two-way contract the team announced Thursday. The 23-year-old played for Minsk Dynamo of the KHL last season. He had one goal and 11 points in 39 games and led the team with a plus-12. He was also fifth among Minsk defensemen in average ice time with 18:52 per game. In his three-year, 82 game career with Minsk he has recorded two goals and 20 points with 46 penalty minutes. The six-foot-six, 205-pound Korobov played for Belarus at this years IIHF World Championships and led his country in average ice time. He has represented his home nation at each of the previous three IIHF World Championships, recording two goals and eight points. He also played in the 2007 World Junior Championships as well as the 2006 World Under-18 Championships. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Supply . -- Ted Ligety simply cant be caught these days. Wholesale NFL Jerseys China .J. -- Nick DeLeon scored in the 88th minute and D. http:/
Erbacks Played One Ser
LANDOVER, Md. -- Robert Griffin III was the last player announced during pregame ceremonies. He emerged from the tunnel, through the large inflatable Washington Redskins football helmet and onto the field, raising both arms to pump up a crowd eager for his first head-to-head matchup with Andrew Luck. Like everything else about the rookie, Griffin was doing something new -- but looking as if hed done it before. "Ive never had my own introduction ever, high school or college, so that was extremely fun with the smoke and everything," Griffin said. "It was like youre in a movie." In many ways, Saturdays game was promoted like a movie opening, the curtain raiser for a budding quarterback rivalry between the Nos. 1 and 2 picks in the draft. The co-stars responded with a display of A-list poise and promise as Griffins Redskins defeated Lucks Indianapolis Colts 30-17. Top pick Luck completed 14 of 23 passes for 151 yards and a touchdown to fellow rookie T.Y. Hilton. Heisman Trophy
Ve That Joao Can Become An Impactfu
TORONTO -- The divorce papers became final Wednesday for Toronto FC and winger Joao Plata as the 20-year-old Ecuadorian was shipped to Real Salt Lake for a second-round pick in the 2015 MLS SuperDraft. "While Plata is a player our fans enjoyed watching, he did not figure in our plans moving forward," Toronto president and GM Kevin Payne said in a statement. "It made sense for our club to move him for value as we can continue to build the team we want." The five-foot-two 135-pound Plata scored 10 goals and added nine assists in 52 appearances in all competitions for Toronto. "We are happy to add a fast, young forward with MLS experience," Real Salt Lake GM Garth Lagerwey said in a statement. "We believe that Joao can become an impactful member of our team as we continue to work to restock our forward group." That restocking includes the return of striker Robbie Findley from two years in England and drafting New Mexico rookie forward Devon Sandoval. Platas days in Toronto see
S Wrist Shot Through Traffic Beat Portland Goa
EDMONTON - The Edmonton Oil Kings are one win away from their first Western Hockey League title in franchise history. Captain Mark Pysyk scored with 56 seconds left to play as Edmonton defeated the Portland Winterhawks 4-3 on Saturday in Game 5 of the WHL final. The Oil Kings now have a 3-2 lead in the best-of-seven series. Game 6 is Saturday in Portland. Pysyks wrist shot through traffic beat Portland goalie Mac Carruth to the glove side, putting Portland on the brink in the battle for the Ed Chynoweth Cup. "Great for Mark, hes been a horse in the series," said Oil Kings head coach Derek Laxdal. "Hes joined the rush, hes on the penalty kill, matching lines, up on the power play. His leadership on the ice is second to none. "All the little things he does... is just outstanding. The effort that the guys gave, knowing Portland was going to come hard, we found traction as the game went along" Heading back to home ice, Winterhawks head coach Mike Johnston feels his club will ha
Coughlin Said After Practice. "he Seemed
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- New York Giants receiver Hakeem Nicks practiced for basically the first time since the Super Bowl champions opened training camp in late July. Nicks was taken off the physically unable to perform list last week and was very limited until Mondays practice. The four-year veteran made a nice catch against cornerback Corey Webster in a seven-on-seven drill and caught a touchdown on a fade pattern during a late two-minute drill. "He seemed to be pretty good," coach Tom Coughlin said after practice. "He seemed to feel good and moved around well and did a good job with it." Neither Nicks nor Coughlin would speculate whether Nicks would play in either of the Giants final two preseason games. "Were going to go slow to make sure that theres never a setback," Coughlin said. "Hes very anxious to do more, but well go slow." Nicks broke his right foot during an organized team activity roughly three months ago and had surgery. He said he is running at full speed a
Ers. More Importantly, The Tea
NASHVILLE -- The Tennessee Titans gave themselves a little breathing room with a much-needed victory, and the Pittsburgh Steelers still cant win away from Heinz Field. Rob Bironas kicked his fourth field goal, a 40-yarder as time expired, and the Titans beat the Steelers 26-23 on Thursday night to snap a two-game skid. Matt Hasselbeck threw a 5-yard touchdown pass to Kenny Britt with 4:19 left to tie it at 23, and the Titans (2-4) snapped a three-game losing streak against the Steelers. More importantly, the team that had given up more points than any other team in the NFL held its first opponent below 30 points this season. "Its only one win, we know that," Titans coach Mike Munchak said. "But its a great win for us at this point in the season when we needed a win to show people what were all about." Pittsburgh (2-3) lost its third straight road game this season and the fifth in six games dating to last season despite Ben Roethlisberger throwing for 363 yards and becoming
You If You Do The Proper
The mental barriers also have to be moved Paul Kruger Browns Jersey to allow the athlete to move that imaginary point they see as their limit A pant suit with a shawl would be a good choice However, in case of brokers too, borrowers need to contact only reputable lenders This cotton blended bikini is surely the best for you if you do the proper research before using them Who would have ever thought that some of the Barkevious Mingo Drift Jersey horrible things that we used to wear would ever come back into style Herbal medicines may be effective in treating and curing many health problems Ask questions and don't go with any agency that you don't feel is being 100% honest with you and if there fees are out of line then find another agency or you can always go it alone Walk around Barkevious Mingo Jersey in your dress Upon review, referee Peter Morelli ruled Redskins linebacker London Fletcher down by contact at the Washington 11-yard line x-con?not only calls forth a set o
The Famous Quote About Perseverance
Those who are new things in the beginning is always this way, at first a lot of enthusiastic people, but soon cool down, let go not because he has to understand, not after some hard labor is impossible to do, and only want to only people who endure this pain too. - Tuo Dostoevsky Steel is a sharp cooling in the fire and workout out, so to hard and not afraid of anything. Our generation is so terrible in the struggle and test out in the exercise, and learn not yield to life. - Ostrovsky Interested can go and see   Very good
Reading And Learning About The Famous
Sometimes reading is a clever way to avoid thinking. - Hull Phillips Heart the source of water, the source is clear runny, the heart is a regular thing. - Ming Xue Xuan "reading record · Experience" relationship with sources and water, the idea of ​​metaphor have integrity to do right things.
Knowledge About The Famous
Important is not the amount of knowledge, but knowledge of the quality, some people know a lot, but do not know the most useful thing. - Leo Tolstoy
Sensation But Has Sufficient Intensity
Employees should also in a position to participate in NaVorro Bowman Elite Jersey the decision making process within the company so that they can have their input implemented For the purpose of self-help, subliminal videos are often used much like hypnotherapy peruse aloud; instructing the listener on how to deal with their problem, and offering positive affirmations Have an area you’re able to specialise in, whether it be Group races, sprints or middle-distance handicaps A Justin Smith Elite Jersey subliminal video is not intense enough to produce a sensation but has sufficient intensity to influence the behavior and mental processes of one’s mind 5 Many sports bettors rely on an NBA sports betting database in their undertakings Chronic deafening sound might be a considerable element in tinnitus since it in fact damages the ear canal muscle An range of valuable features and Patrick Willis Elite Jersey software programs make the Xperia X10 a hugely versatile
Reached A Sure Level Of Ability
One who had never thought of reading a poetry, Brooks Reed Jersey begins writing one There are loads of programs out there to help, of course , making videos has become an essential part of marketing today, in mails, on social network sites and on sites In the end, a key aspect of looking great involves feeling great He cannot get ensnared sitting yet and searching We strategically create messaging targeted at specific audiences that support your sales and branding efforts htm This could mean asking to see coaching qualifications, or simply chatting regarding their badminton expertise and prowess If a lecturer has won any tournaments, they re going to surely put it on their resume, so do not be afraid to ask if they ve been concerned in competitive play Ed Reed Texans Jersey Generally, the coaches that are the most skilled can command higher prices, especially for non-public lessons, but the cost is justified when you think about that you may end up learning additional in
More Affordable And For Most
Judo shorts are special one  which pulls moisture Pierce Nets Jersey away com; More Like This You can increase the length of your kick by working out your quads First, let's consider the height options available to you. You will want to decide if you prefer a set height, or an adjustable height. If you have young children, an adjustable height works great because it will grow right along with them and you won't find yourself in the position of needing to buy a brand new hoop and stand each year or two. Starting out at a lower height is ideal for young ones, as it allows them to improve their skills while gaining confidence. The downside of an adjustable hoop is that there are more components, which means there Paul Pierce Jersey Nets are more parts that can break over time. A fixed height hoop stand has the benefit of being durable and long lasting because there are no moving parts. However, as mentioned above, young children or those who are "height challenged", such as m
Application For Fu-girlfriend
Application for Fu-Girlfriend Real Name: State: Birthday: Single in real life: yes no Fu-name: Facebook yes no skype id: yim id: virgin: yes no Private Message me the application when done and include other things about yourself
Be Categorized By Structure And Model
Apart from that, the sole should be strong and Authentic NaVorro Bowman Jersey frictional enough to bear weight and grip the floor It is important to hire someone who thinks like you, if they do something that you don’t like, you are stuck with it For example, crushers can be categorized by structure and model, or by crushing way, or by operation speed, or by force type, or by fineness degree If you are one of the skeptical Authentic Justin Smith Jersey ones, just wait till you've tried on a pair When you hold a conference in Brisbane it will be a mix of both business and pleasure for you and your guests com/air-max-2012-c-10 Owning a house is a really great investment therefore make sure that you know to take care of it appropriately A word of caution, though, make sure that you do not hand a Authentic Patrick Willis Jersey small child a hot glue gun and walk away unless you want to spend the second half of the afternoon in the emergency room The owners are quoted
Update On Recent Activity On Here
this is just a update on what someone blogged me about being a fake all i can say is wtf ever. i have been on this site 5 years fubar can check that this is not a stolen page or anything it was made at this ip address. fyi when people are in a coma like i was icu 3 months 6 months hospital stay  appearance does change. that was 4 years ago hell i dont even look the same as pics taken last month.  true it is my fault for not updating my pics but to be honest with you how many people on here keep their stuff updated. i know plenty that have changed in appearance and have not updated their stuff, its a personal decision if they wish to do that. and just a fyi im not going anywhere im still going to be here and still will be playing things will be updated like i said in the last blog i made as i feel like it. to me it seems like the person who had me blogged by this person is a bit upset cause im happy and engaged r/l.  the person who blogged it hell who knows he has no life but to come on
Punctuation Helps
Chatting to Pnut on YIM and her one comment reads: Ok bare with me imma get her up change her log in on the lappy blah blah blah. Now, all I read was "change her log". Wtf would provoke me to read that? 
Great News
On a notice I received in the mail, it says here I have been found to meet tho county's definition of disabled. HOT DAMN!! Alright, who let them in on the news!! LOL!! They are just too funny, I got that news a long time ago. Can't get much past them.... right?? I am seriously waiting for things to get better too. I would like to be Queen Elizabeth, but that won't ever happen. My luck there is some no-no rule on Fubar, saying I can't use that has my screen name. I may just not be the queen type, I am just me. I lost count of the wars and injuries I have substained, a peaceful life this can never be. Maybe somewhere in the stars, I am a queen. We share the same first name, awe don't cha know what I mean?? I have attempted to fix that laptop. Yeah well, it still doesn't want to work. I haven't yet wiped the disk. Though maybe that is the only way. I am using my other one that I loaned to my daughter, while she is at work. If ya all can maybe be kind and understanding with me, I will ex
No Title Yet
Her face burns and stings beneath his touch a raw, red palm print throbs agonizingly emblazoned across her ghostly cheek like a hideous strawberry birth mark, obscuring her fragile beauty   he grips her inkwell wrists, cruelly twisting until she gasps and sobs, fighting a losing battle to keep dipping her pen and pour blood and bone into the words that drip down alabaster thighs in tears intricately laced with ink   writing another horror story on her paper thin skin another calligraphy tragedy bruised tissue deep serving as both warning and reminder openly weeping wounds that never seem to heal keep her awake as she fingers them at night, picking at the scabs of her mistakes until they bleed   soon to pucker and form another pale scar eternal reminders of her shortcomings   awaiting the day maggots swarm and pick her corpse clean of only to erase every memory written on her flesh
The Agony Of Him
The Agony of Him Shards of glass reflect her already cracked face dark green eyes pierced by splinters to blind her to the searing pain emanating from her pin cushion heart fingernails impaled by bamboo spears try in vain to resist pushing another into the vastly growing collection   he forces nails through her wrists hanging her by her slender throat to choke and gasp for release from his memory and even in her flailing she realises the futility knowing that she will never be free from the thorny crown of unspoken desire she has imposed upon herself as she sucks the vinegar of his words sponged against her chapped lips with every little glimpse he continues to fade though her clutching fingertips grasp the remnants of what if's that hold her immobile incapable of perusing her yearning faded and fading into obscurity beneath the intensity of his penetrating gaze she bleeds his name in ink from her pores drowning herself in the need to write him    
I Miss My Family
this ones to my homies randyb and d40 oz miss ya brothas i miss all my homies from back in the day what i would do to bring back all those days where we'd sit and blaze leaving our minds in a haze me and randyb freestyling for days now our little families split up still remember the days where we used to rip shit upnever giving a fuck i miss you bro thats all i can say i miss the days of us all chillin like villains til wigs we started peelin man fuck do i miss how things used to be when we were all chillin young wild and free now the group maybe separated but will liveonin everyone of our hearts thats why i am writing this song and d40oz i miss you too we ain't chilled in so long i almost forget what you look like dude just playing but on the real i miss ya'll miss the bare knuckle brawls missing getting drunk on the south hill making blood spill we need to hang again soon a wreck some tracks i miss you guys than again i guess thats what family do even though we ain't blood we family
Hey Freaks And Peeps!!
    Happy Friday to all..I hope everyone had an awesome week and has a kick ass weekIend...rock on for sure!!  Lets talk about new beginnings.  I've landed myself in a new unbounding surrounding full of beauty excitement and thrill.  Well I am in a city thats populated with a quarter million people so I would say theres got to be some sort of excitement besides the beauty of course lol Anyway, things are going good so far and this is a totallly new start for me from fresh.  Its exciting yet nerve racking.  Cant say my first weekend here was that awesome but I got through it and Im movin on from that...Ive decided to look at life from a different perspective and not from the perspective that Im a walking time bomb that wreaks bad luck upon my life and others. Cant live like that no longer and I refuse to do so from here on out.  Lets talk off track here for a minute or two and talk about alcohol.  We all have our choice of poison we like to drink.  Whether its broke back beer to wine o
"dud" Is A Catfish.
I can't make this stuff up.   See for yourself...
Being You
• I am the sister who holds her gay brother tight through the painful, tear-filled nights.• I am the girl kicked out of her home because I confided in my mother that I am a lesbian.• I am the prostitute working the streets because nobody will hire a transsexual woman.• We are the parents who buried our daughter long before her time.• I am the man who died alone in the hospital because they would not let my partner of twenty-seven years into the room.• I am the foster child who wakes up with nightmares of being taken away from the two fathers who are the only loving family I have ever had. I wish they could adopt me.• I am one of the lucky ones, I guess. I survived the attack that left me in a coma for three weeks, and in another year I will probably be able to walk again.• I am not one of the lucky ones. I killed myself just weeks before graduating high school. It was simply too much to bear.• We are the couple who had the Realtor hang up on
Cold Weather Experiences From Military Training
I pulled this from a Camping site that I moderate in. I wrote it for there, so if some of the stuff doesn't come through in context. Please accept that as an explination.    This is some of the applicable material that I am allowed to share with you from my training. I doubt anyone in the CF will argue that the passing of Cold Weather survival tips, with zero actual military content, other than clothing...of which Civilian patterns are legal and a bad thing. I think I'm good. (Kinda a personal disclaimer)    Winter Warfare in Petawawa: ~ -35°C. Wet.    The heaters were needed for us. Every day our gear got soaked. We were doing snowmobile training/winter warfare. So at -35°C, in that situation, we needed the heaters because it was wet all the time. Coleman naphtha double burner stoves. You know them, they sell them at Canadian Tire for $119.99 I think. But we had a 24 hour watch up too...melt ice in a pressure cooker overnight in shifts, keep the fuel up in the sto
Son. He Missed Most Of Last Season With A Knee Injury And Then Got Bypassed In The Rotation By Second-year Guard Reggie Jackson Earlier This Season. T
PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland acquired reserve point guard Eric Maynor from the Oklahoma City Thunder at the NBA trade deadline on Thursday to be a backup for rookie guard Damian Lillard. Maynor is making $2.3 million this season and becomes a restricted free agent this summer. The Blazers acquired him in exchange for the draft rights to Georgios Printezis. Maynor, in his fourth NBA season, is averaging 2.8 points, two rebounds and 10.6 minutes in 37 games with the Thunder this season. He missed most of last season with a knee injury and then got bypassed in the rotation by second-year guard Reggie Jackson earlier this season. The Blazers acquired the draft rights to Printezis last July in a trade that sent Raymond Felton and Kurt Thomas to the New York Knicks. Portland used the trade exception from that deal to acquire Maynor. Portland general manager Neil Olshey, speaking at the Blazers practice facility after the deadline had passed, said he believes Maynor brings the abili
Need To Be Accomplished Over That Period. However, The Unexpected Proposal Offered Fans The First Real Hint Of Hope Since The Lockout
TORONTO -- Let the serious negotiations begin. After more than a month with no new offers being tabled in collective bargaining talks, the NHL breathed new life into the process Tuesday with a proposal that could kick-start some significant discussions. It calls for a 50-50 split of revenues between owners and players and includes a deferred salary plan designed to ensure that players would receive all the money theyve been promised in existing contracts. On top of that, the deal was drawn up with an eye to starting a full 82-game regular season Nov. 2. "We have about nine or 10 days to get this all ... signed, sealed and delivered," said commissioner Gary Bettman, who called the proposed deal "long-term." A lot will need to be accomplished over that period. However, the unexpected proposal offered fans the first real hint of hope since the lockout began Sept. 15. The sides have met regularly since that time, but their discussions were largely limited to secondary issues. T
Lionel Messi Broke Yet Another Record In An Already Remarkable Season As Barcelona Finally Broke Down Ac Milans Stubborn Defence
BARCELONA, Spain -- Lionel Messi broke yet another record in an already remarkable season as Barcelona finally broke down AC Milans stubborn defence to move one step closer to successsfully defending its Champions League title. The three-time world player of the year scored two first-half penalties Tuesday to lead the Spanish club to a 3-1 victory over Milan and a place in the semifinals of the tournament for the fifth straight season. In the process, he became the first player to score 14 goals in one Champions League campaign, breaking Ruud van Nistelrooys record from 2002-03. After leaving the San Siro feeling aggrieved at not having been awarded at least one penalty in a 0-0 draw, Barcelona took full advantage of getting two spot kicks this time and then held off the visitors attempt at a fightback. "When you have Milan in front of you, its never over. We had to work a lot," Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta said. "Were very happy to be in the semifinals again." Messi
D Player Of The Year Scored Two First-half Penalties Tuesday To Lead The Spanish Club To A 3-1 Victory Over Milan And A Place In The Semifina
BARCELONA, Spain -- Lionel Messi broke yet another record in an already remarkable season as Barcelona finally broke down AC Milans stubborn defence to move one step closer to successsfully defending its Champions League title. The three-time world player of the year scored two first-half penalties Tuesday to lead the Spanish club to a 3-1 victory over Milan and a place in the semifinals of the tournament for the fifth straight season. In the process, he became the first player to score 14 goals in one Champions League campaign, breaking Ruud van Nistelrooys record from 2002-03. After leaving the San Siro feeling aggrieved at not having been awarded at least one penalty in a 0-0 draw, Barcelona took full advantage of getting two spot kicks this time and then held off the visitors attempt at a fightback. "When you have Milan in front of you, its never over. We had to work a lot," Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta said. "Were very happy to be in the semifinals again." Messi
R-body Injury. The Club Recalled Netminder Brad Thiessen From Wilkes-barre/scranton O
NEW YORK -- Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and the Nets turned the Brooklyn blackout into a blowout, beating the Chicago Bulls 106-89 on Saturday night in Game 1 of their playoff series. Williams scored 22 points, Lopez had 21 and the Nets ripped apart the Bulls vaunted defence with a spectacular second quarter, when they made 16 of 20 shots. "Thats a hell of a performance," Nets interim coach P.J. Carlesimo said. Joe Johnson finished with 16 for the Nets, who made their successful first season in Brooklyn even better with a victory in their first playoff appearance since 2007. They will host Game 2 on Monday night. The Nets wore their road black uniforms and fans were encouraged to wear black as well to make it a "blackout" for the first major post-season game in Brooklyn since Oct. 10, 1956, when the Yankees beat the Dodgers in Game 7 of the World Series at Ebbets Field. The Nets then came out white-hot, shooting nearly 56 per cent and putting six players in double figures.
D To Pitch Two Innings. Mike Pelfrey, Signed By Minnesota In The Off-season And Coming Off T
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Matt Joyce sent a message with his bat. Joyce hit one of three homers off Jon Lester to help the Tampa Bay Rays beat the AL East-leading Boston Red Sox 8-3 on Tuesday night. Joyce, one day after being hit by a pitch that sparked a bench-clearing scrum, put the Rays up 7-3 on a two-run shot in the fifth that ended Lesters night. "Its a great feeling, especially to help your team win," Joyce said. "Ive never really been the type of person to talk a lot of trash, so I wanted, of course, to come out and play a good game. Play the game the right way and win the ballgame." Desmond Jennings homered twice, while Evan Longoria also went deep for the Rays. Roberto Hernandez (4-6) allowed three runs and seven hits over seven-plus innings. Lester (6-3) had his winless streak reach five starts, including three losses, since beating the Rays on May 15. The left-hander gave up seven runs, eight hits and seven walks in 4 2-3 innings. "Over the last two or three, I t
After The Bell Rang. White Said Diaz Should Have Been Deducted A Point For That. "i Was Just Being Really
NEW ORLEANS -- Jordan Crawford kept shooting. In a game where neither team could hit anything, he finally connected on enough shots to give the shorthanded Washington Wizards a rare road win. Crawford scored 12 of his 26 points in the fourth quarter and the Wizards spoiled the return of overall No. 1 draft pick Anthony Davis, beating the New Orleans Hornets 77-70 on Tuesday night. Crawford made only nine out of 26 shots -- his most attempts since his rookie season in 2010-11 -- but he had four of the Wizards final five baskets. "I just really wanted to do everything to take the win," he said. "I didnt care how many shots I shot. Turnovers. Nothing. I just wanted to do whatever it took to win." Bradley Beal added 15 points for the Wizards, who trailed by as many as 13 and never led until the fourth quarter. Washington won for the first time on the road after losing its first eight away from home this season. Ryan Anderson led New Orleans with 17 points but did not score in t
Russia. Gasol Powered The Inside Game For Spain With 16 Points And 12 Rebounds. Spain Will Play The
MIAMI -- Dwyane Wade got hot down the stretch, and LeBron James missed a layup in the final minute. Both were huge breaks for the Miami Heat. James scored 28 points, Wade scored 11 of his 24 in the final five minutes -- when Miami needed him most -- and the Heat extended the NBAs longest current winning streak to 11 games, beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 109-105 in a back-and-forth matchup Sunday night. The Heat blew a 22-point second-half lead then rallied from eight down with 5:16 left. "Were a veteran ballclub and weve been in every situation that an NBA game can offer us," James said. "We dont get too high, we dont get too low, we just play the 48 minutes out and see where it takes us." Dion Waiters scored 26 points, C.J. Miles added 19 and Kyrie Irving scored 17 for Cleveland, which outscored Miami by a stunning 30 points over a 17-minute stretch of the second half, yet still came up empty. The Cavaliers are now 1-8 against the Heat since James signed with Miami in Jul
Vered The Day Before. Police At The Scene And Prosecutors Would Not Comment On The Actions While Sports Illustrated, Citing An Unidentified Source, Re
NORTH ATTLEBOROUGH, Mass. -- State and local police spent hours at the home of New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on Tuesday night as another group of officers searched an industrial park about a mile away where a body was discovered the day before. Police at the scene and prosecutors would not comment on the actions while Sports Illustrated, citing an unidentified source, reported that Hernandez was not believed to be a suspect in what was being treated as a possible homicide. Police had spoken with Hernandez, the magazine said. Sports Illustrated reported that the link between Hernandez and the case was a rented Chevrolet Suburban with Rhode Island plates that police had been searching for. The Sun Chronicle of Attleboro, Mass., said the SUV was registered to Enterprise and investigators wanted to analyze it for fingerprints. The Associated Press could not independently confirm the reports. No cause of death had been released for the body found about 5:30 p.m.
R Season Ended Over The Weekend With The Moose Jaw Warriors Failing To Make The Whl Playoffs And Its Expected That He Will Join
The Toronto Marlies will get added support on the blue line later this week with the addition of defenceman Morgan Rielly. Riellys junior season ended over the weekend with the Moose Jaw Warriors failing to make the WHL playoffs and its expected that he will join the Marlies on Wednesday. The 19-year-old had 12 goals and 54 points during the regular season with the Warriors. "Any time Ive gone to Toronto theyve always told me that they drafted me for a reason - its because of what I am able do with the puck," Rielly told the Moose Jaw Times Herald. "Thats what they ask me to do. I want to play hard every night and try to get better." Rielly was the Toronto Maple Leafs first-round pick - fifth overall - in the in 2012 NHL Draft. The Marlies are in first in the AHLs North Division and third overall in the Western Conference with 74 points. jerseys nfl cheap . Hes like that nice new piece of furniture that causes the homeowner to redecorate the entire room -- just so everythin
G The Game In A Tiebreaker On The Fourth Match Point. They Will Face Either Third-seeded Janko Tipsarevic And Nenad Zimonjic Of S
Doubles pair Daniel Nestor and Vasek Pospisil completed the sweep for Canadian tennis players on Monday, defeating Romanias Adrian Ungur and Horatio Tecau 6-3, 7-6 (11-9). Thornhill, Ont.s, Milos Raonic and Laval, Que.s, Aleksandra Wozniak won their respective singles matches earlier in the day. The Canadian duo held off the Romanians in a lengthy second set, eventually sealing the game in a tiebreaker on the fourth match point. They will face either third-seeded Janko Tipsarevic and Nenad Zimonjic of Serbia or Slovakias Lukas Lacko and Martin Klizan. Nestor, the worlds top-ranked doubles player, won a gold medal at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Game with partner Sebastien Lareau.  The 39-year-old doesnt have much experience playing with Pospisil, although the two teamed up at the Davis Cup last year. They compiled a 2-0 record at the international event, including an impressive win over Grand Slam champions Jonathan Erlich and Andy Ram. Wholesale Jerseys Cheap . The popular but
Ve Enough Left-handers In The Bullpen," Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine Said. General Manager Ben Cherington Said The Red Sox Bullpen Was At Its B
BOSTON -- The Red Sox obtained left-hander Scott Breslow from the Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday for right-hander Matt Albers and outfielder Scott Podsednik. Breslow, 31, came to Arizona in a five-player trade with Oakland last December that sent All-Star Trevor Cahill to the desert and Jarrod Parker, the ninth overall pick in the 2007 amateur draft, to Oakland. Breslow was 2-0 with a 2.70 ERA in 40 appearances for the Diamondbacks this season after signing a one-year deal. "You never can have enough left-handers in the bullpen," Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine said. General manager Ben Cherington said the Red Sox bullpen was at its best this season when it had three lefties. Breslows acquisition plus the presence of Franklin Morales and Andrew Miller give the Red Sox three again now that lefty Rich Hill is on the disabled list. Breslow also provides depth in case Valentine wants to return Morales to a rotation that has been inconsistent. Morales has spent most of the sea
M Everton An
Greetings from not-so-sunny Southwest England.  Spending the night at Lands End, UK does nothing to make me even contemplate ending Chelseas run atop the Premier League rankings.   Competitive balance in the new season is as even as ever.  Strong starts from Everton and West Bromwich Albion have put the big clubs on alert.  But at present time, its going to take something special to knock off the big four.   Here are your latest TSN Premier League Power Rankings: 1) Chelsea (4W-1D -0L, last week: 1) – A hard fought 1-0 win over Stoke City earned Chelsea full points while clearly not at its best.  Three points is all that matters.  And in a season where it seems points will be conceded by the top clubs more regularly, points through sub-par performances are all-important.  Of most concern for Chelsea, Fernando Torres continued to struggle in front of goal.  And the back four had all kinds of problems with the size and strength of the Stoke City attack.  The good news:
He 2013 Scotties Tournament Of Hearts Can Be Seen Live On Tsn Mobile Tv. In Addition, French-language Coverage Is Available
Canadas best female curlers sweep for the national title in Kingston, ON at the 2013 SCOTTIES TOURNAMENT OF HEARTS airing Feb. 16-24 on TSN. In total, Canadas Sports Leader delivers 65+ hours of exclusive live coverage from Draw 1 tomorrow (Saturday, Feb. 16) at 2 p.m. ET to the championship on Sunday, Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. ET (see below for complete schedule). All draws from the 2013 SCOTTIES TOURNAMENT OF HEARTS can be seen live on TSN Mobile TV. In addition, French-language coverage is available throughout the tournament on RDS and RDS2. The 2013 SCOTTIES TOURNAMENT OF HEARTS is part of TSNs robust schedule of the biggest and best curling events each year, including exclusive live coverage of all of the marquee tournaments from the Season of Champions calendar. Defending champion Heather Nedohin and her Alberta rink will represent Team Canada against 11 teams that won their provincial playdowns. Returning to compete are last years silver medallists from British Columbia led
Zack Greinke Gave The Brewers Exactly The Performance They Needed After A Sour Stretch. Greinke Struck Out 10 Over Seven
MILWAUKEE -- Zack Greinke gave the Brewers exactly the performance they needed after a sour stretch. Greinke struck out 10 over seven effective innings and the Brewers got back to their winning ways at home with a 5-1 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays on Tuesday night to reclaim first place in the NL Central. "This is the game we needed from him. We talked about it, we needed Zack to have a big game, and he did," Brewers manager Ron Roenicke said. "I think any time you put a challenge to Zack, youre going to see a guy that wants the challenge." Greinke (7-2) provided his best performance so far with the Brewers after Milwaukee had lost six of its last eight. "Its up there," Greinke said. "The last six or seven outings felt good just about every time." Milwaukee is now a 1/2-game ahead of the Cardinals, who will be without Albert Pujols for the next four-to-six weeks, but Greinke doesnt believe thatll mean much in the standings. "Alberts probably the best player in baseball, b
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Tải Game Avatar 230 | Phiên Bản Avatar Mới Nhất 2013
Tải Avatar 230 Mới Nhất Game avatar 230 đã chính thức ra mắt trước sự ngỡ ngàng của cồng đồng avatar, khi mà phiên bản avatar trước đó đã làm nức lòng các game thủ avatar bởi sự chuẩn xác, ổn định và nhiều tính năng hấp dẫn. thực sự đây là 1 món quà lớn mà teamobi muốn gửi tới các game thủ khi mà phiên bản game avatar 230 hội tụ những tính năng nâng cấp để đời mà lâu nay mọi người luôn chờ đợi.   Một số đổi mới ở phiên bản game avatar 230: Về giao diện: -Nâng cao City map mới  hiện đại hơn. -Bỏ khu cao cấp. -Xây dựng khu vực mới,khu vực mua sắm.
Game Teen Teen – Teenx2
Tải Game Teen Teen Miễn Phí Game Teen Teen  là game mobile thuộc thể loại bắn súng căn góc online trên di động, hỗ trợ các dòng điện thoại Android và iOS. Nếu bạn đã từng chơi GunBound, Gunny thì rất mau chóng làm quen với Teen Teen. Game Teen Teen, Teenx2 với những điểm mạnh tương đồng với Gunny như hình ảnh và hiệu ứng đơn giản nhưng mang lại cảm giác nhẹ nhàng, tươi mát. Lối chơi có chiều sâu, sự phân hóa trình độ giữa các game thủ cao đã giúp Teen Teen nhanh chóng tiếp cận được được với game thủ. Đặc biệt, những chi tiết tưởng như nhỏ nhưng lại là thương hi&
Crystal Ball
I used to like to walk the straight and narrow lineI used to think that everything was fineSometimes I'd like to sit and gaze for days through sleepless dreamsAll alone and trapped in timeAll alone and trapped in timeI wonder what tomorrow has in mind for meOr am I even in it's mind at allPerhaps I'll get a chance to look ahead and seeSoon as I find myself a crystal ballSoon as I find myself a crystal ballTell me, tell me where I'm goingI don't know where I've beenTell me, tell me, won't you tell meAnd then tell me againMy heart is breaking, my body's achingAnd I don't know where to goTell me, tell me, won't you tell meI've just got to knowCrystal ballThere's so many things I need to knowCrystal ballThere's so many things I've got to knowCrystal ball
How You Can Get The Best Deals At End Of Retail Website
One nice aspect about shopping online is that you get to participate in promotional deals or take advantage of low prices for the goods on different websites. Promotional deals allow customers like you to get great products at promotional prices – this means big savings for the customer and possibly better sales for the business itself.   One website where you can get great deals is They offer three types of promotional schemes: the Daily Deals for Men, the Fashion Daily Deals and the Beauty Daily Deals. If you want to receive email alerts about these great deals you can always visit the site and sign up for their End of Retail newsletter that is sent to loyal customers everywhere. This way you never miss out on any products that are on sale.   There are a variety of products offered under the Daily Deals for Men category. You can look for rings, necklaces, and watches that are designed for men. Sometimes the site may offer unusual products that men would fav
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 also make a lot of interesting things. This time they came along with a brand new sleeping bag the Spark Sp1. The Sleeping bag has a fillweight of 180g  850+ Ultra Dry European Goose Down and weighs 348g in size regular. It is made with a 10D Pertex Quantum which is DWR treated on the outside and a 15D soft touch nylon on the inside and the bag has a zipper on the left. The Spark Sp1 has a comfort limit of 12°C.
Barcelona Youth Academy Mestizo There Is A Genius In The Day For A Living , A Team Determined To Play On
Japanese mestizo boy Ryue NishizawaMay 2010 , FC Barcelona a training ground , a group of young players during training , among them including a long oriental face "alternative ." "Oriental boy" named Von Ryue Nishizawa , however , he did not born in Asia , and his father is Japanese Mexican mother is Chinese Mexicans . cheap soccer jerseys 1999 , Ryue Nishizawa was born in Cancun, Mexico . Basara Marcia youth academy Bueno , Esteves and other outstanding coaches closely watching these young players to come to trial . In the end, 400 players, Barcelona club only selected 13 people, is one of Ryue Nishizawa . Japanese mixed blood Ryue Nishizawa recalled: "I do not know that they have been selected. Barcelona jersey They gave us a piece of paper , I do not understand the above Catalan, so I asked one to be my translation friends , and soon , he would shout : ' you have been selected. ' that scene so I was very impressed , my dad and aunt can not believe this is true. everyo
My First Blog
Sea To Summit  also make a lot of interesting things. This time they came along with a brand new sleeping bag the Spark Sp1. The Sleeping bag has a fillweight of 180g  850+ Ultra Dry European Goose Down and weighs 348g in size regular. It is made with a 10D Pertex Quantum which is DWR treated on the outside and a 15D soft touch nylon on the inside and the bag has a zipper on the left. The Spark Sp1 has a comfort limit of 12°C.
Chelsea Hero Tragedy! Arsenal Former Real Madrid Star Is Decentralized Reserve
Adebayor has no foothold in TottenhamWorked in Arsenal [microblogging] [microblogging], Real Madrid [microblogging] and Manchester [microblogging] [microblogging] and many other giants played for Togo striker Emmanuel Adebayor Tottenham are currently [microblogging] Club decentralized to reserve,cheap soccer jerseys although Tottenham manager Boas still stand Togolese back first team possible, but in many British media seems Adebayor Tottenham career nearly end. Early in the season before the start of training camp, Adebayor on the whole were not involved in joint training team, Boas insisted let Togo striker training with the reserves is to make him a better back the state. Boas said in an interview, said: "He did not, and now we are together, Barcelona jersey we have agreed to let him come back home cooking affair finished reports." Subsequently, Boas said: "I ​​feel fit, he would have been training with the reserves, because private affairs, he was involved
Yuandao N90fhd Tablet Pc Android Recommendation
YuanDao, some people here call it Window, is one of the most famous tablet supplier in China for several years. And I have done business with them for a long time as well. As my experience, every unit released by Yuan Dao is always high quality and hot here, although it doesn't released new ones so often. Today, I will share one very good tablet, the Yuandao N90FHD to you all. It is coming with the 9.7 inch IPS screen, the definition is 2048 x 1536 pixels, currently, it is the highest resolution in the market. The RAM is 2G, memory is 16G. Currently, in China, this model is very hot. When I first tested the unit, its performance got me crazy. Here, I share it to you, and people can buy it through our online shop Window (Yuandao) N90FHD Quad Core A31 Tablet PC de pantalla Retina 9,7 pulgadas Android 4.1 de doble cámara de 2 GB de RAM 16 GBCaracterísticas principales de Tablet PC Window (YuanDao) N90FHD Quad Core:Sistema Operativo: Android 4.1.1CPU / Procesador: Allwinner A31, 1.5GHz,
Internet Marketing
 The more your name is out there, the more you can gain credibility and trust. If you want to be press-worthy, do, act, write or say things that are press-worthy, whether it is by humor of by philanthropy. Issue press releases and use a publicist if you are unsure how to do this. Sponsor local events, host contests and reach out to industry or area bloggers and barter for coverage. Make a list of 30 sites where you want your link to show up, based on relative keywords, industries, similar images and more. Check those sites backlink profiles and see where they are getting links and see if you can obtain any of them.  Social media for link building is beneficial as well. Your main goal is to get attention and build links from secondary, trusted press and news. With social, you are not trying to make sales or gain links with specific anchor text, you are trying to get recognized and increase brand awareness. Google + is personalized search on steroids, and it uses you, your friends, and t
Mejor Que El Ipad Tableta Pc
Como líder de la industria de la tableta , el iPad de Apple ha sido muy popular con los clientes y otros productores de la tableta. Los clientes están muy ocupados con la compra , mientras que los productores con el estudio . No importa la pantalla retina y el WI - FI a internet , nuevo iPad no parecía debido última android 4.1 tableta, CHIWU V99 Android 4.1 Tableta PC , las acciones de tres de las características únicas y superiores como antes . Es discutible si una tableta Android determinado se compara con el iPad. Algunas de las nuevas características introducidas están en un tableta Android 4.1 ya existente. Pantalla RetinaEl nuevo iPad cuenta con una pantalla de 2048 por 1536 , se ha ganado la marca 1GB RAM tablet pc de la Retina Display de Apple. Esta característica lo que significa que tiene píxeles tan pequeños que no se pueden ver a simple vista . Es cierto que muchas personas se sienten atraídas por esta característica. Y ahora, el tablet android lo hizo así .S
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Car Loans - The Preferred Choice To Your New Car. Car loans nationwide for all credit circumstances and you can apply for new or used car loans online!Apply for a Car Loan now here at AMA Bank Car Loan Philippines
Making Your "about Me" Visible On Your Profile
The first thing you have to do to see your about me rather than recent pics you have loaded is to go here:   You are going to drag all the pics on the right side to the group that are on the left side one at a time until all of the pics on the right are gone then be sure to click SAVE!   Once you do that step your about me will be what people see when they come to your page!!   Now to add info to your about me - you copy and paste text or for pics you use html code into your about me.  To get there you go to your settings, click on the middle tab that says About me and interests and paste the info into the top section for about me.  You can also click this link to go there -   Hopefully this will help you a little to figure out how to make the change to your profile page :D  

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