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"emily's Becoming My Slut"
She took in a deep breath and then cried out, "FUCK me Lee! FUCK my ass! I want your black dick inside my ass. Please. Do my Virgin ass right now!" I didn't need to be told twice. My fingers quickly came out and i pulled my dick from her pussy. It was so moist that it would enter her ass without a problem. I positioned the tip at her hole and pressed forward. At the same time she pushed back and i suddenly disappeared inside her ass. "YES!" Emily moaned. "YES! That feels so good! Oh Yeah! FUCK my ass Lee! FUCK it!"   I began pumping in and out of her. My hand reached around and began to play with her clit as i continiued my movement. I looked over my shoulder at the laptop still open on the table and noticed my wife sitting on the bed, watching  TV. She was still naked and mindlessly playing with her breasts. i kept my eyes focused on her as i fucked Emily's ass. Soon i began to swell and she groaned as i stretched her even more. My cum blasted in to her ass, filling her with my ho
What A Women Want
what a women wants A woman wants to be held tight, To be told everything will turn out all right, She wants a man who understands, That she can't always be strong, She wants comfort in the night, To be told she's safe in her lover's arms. She wants to be told she's beautiful, Especially when she doesn't feel it, She doesn't want to hear frustrated sighs When she's down, She wants to hear "I Love You". A woman wants compassion and love, She needs to be told every day That she's loved in every way, When she's down and you don't know what to do, Just hold her close to you, She needs to be touched in every way, She wants to be romanced, She wants to be fought for, To know she's worth the sacrifice that you will go through. She wants to know you love her deeply, And if you don't show it she'll think you don't. So if you want a woman's heart, Just keep one thing in mind, She'll give you everything she's got, If you do the same, But if you deceive her, There's only so far you can go, Bef
The Lady
I Love You , Not only for what you are , But for what I am , when I am with You , I Love you , for the part of me , That You bring out , and make me , Who I am , always wanting to be Your Lady . The greater the emotional pain , the greater, The desire has been to learn the most , Fast . And the greater the desire to get on with, Happily ever-afters , Which begins right about Now . Lady I was and for awhile lost my way , But the Path , Did lead back to You and the Lady in me was found.
Across The River I See
I see the hunger and strife, so I know the lonleiness of life.  I have my own theatre, so I am not rich, I am a single mom, does that make me a bitch??  Just because I can't find love, no trust, I have felt the rain, I enjoyed it. Does that mean that I will rust.  If you have a cold heart, I can't say I want a part.  My heat inside will melt your coldness and I don't much care, does that mean that I could go anywhere??  Anywhere I choose, to want to win yet choose to lose.      I will find out one day, why the fuck I had to stay.  Across the river I see, every single soul knows they are better than me.     Doesn't seem fair, I was tired when I was in that bed of ice, you could unplugged the machine and been real nice.  You could have said it is time to let her rest, she is dead.  You said my heart stopped, life's candle was really driopped.  Still no care for the weary, you chose for me to come back and face this f-ed up misery.  When I get to the end, when I finish the
Repost By Request Lol
posted on 09/12/2010 @ 09:09 am Her daily dream  [NSFW]  (edit | delete) Her Daily Dream   The cuffs that held her hands and feet,Slowly cutting into her skin.As she saw him approaching,Now her pleasure would begin. The blade he carried glistened,As it slowly slid past her knee.Its cold steel guided inside her legs,To the soft wet flesh waiting,Inside her soaked black lace panties. It slowly traced along a line,To the strand on her thigh.As it was cut,she gave a smile,For him she would never cry. Now a blindfold appears,Gently across her eyes.He lays the knife at her chin,She reacts with gentle moans and sighs. Its steel so cold to touch,Now lays on her bare flesh.Her toungue now licks her lips,As something hot touches her chest. Around her breast the drops run,Slowly hardening as they move.Her cheast rises with each drop,As the knife slides on skin so smooth. Now the knife moves as more drops fall,Back to flesh it has se
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
Emily leaned forward, imitating the position my wife had been in, rasing her ass into the air, exposing her pussy and ass hole. I pushed her cheeks apart and licked at her holes, causing her to moan. I  pushed again, pressing my tongue against her tight button, forcing it slightly into her. My fingers went to her moist pussy and easily slid inside. I put one, then two, and finally three fingers deep inside her. My juice covered fingers then moved up to her tight hole and i began to play with it, relaxing it, softrning it up. Slowly i introduced one finger into her hole, pushing it deep inside of her. I moved it out until only about a quarter of the finger was inside. Gently i began to push on the sides  of her hole stretching it. A second finger joined the first. And then, slowly, a third.   Her breathing was intense. Her  juices dripped down her thighs. she was on fire as i finger fucked her ass. I moved back to a standing [osition, keeping my fingers inside of her. I positioned my
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
I turned my focus to Emily who was still enjoying my dick. It fely so good. After what i had just seen, i needed a release more than anything. However, i didn't just want a blow job, so i reached down and raised Emily up to her feet. I sat on the bed and began to undress her, dropping her clothes to the floor around us.   I pulled her into me, my face at her breasts level and to suck her nipples, focusing on one and then the other. My fingers began to pinch and squeeze them as i sucked hard. Her hands came up to my hair and she ran her fingers through it as i enjoyed her breasts in my nouth.  I moved my hands across her skin, gently, slowly, wanting to touch every part of her. They reached her ass and i pulled at her cheeks, holding them tight, pulling them apart as i bit down on her erect nipples.   I stood up and moved behind her. My kisses ran across her neck as my hands moved back to her breasts. My dick, sticking out from the zipper of my pants, pressed hard against her soft a
They told me to keep the tears back, I smiled weakly, and said Sometimes a girl has to cry. They said Dream, Believe, Achieve, I laughed artfully, and said Dreams are like volcanoes. They told me to ignore them and walk away I turned forward, and said Kill 'em with kindness. They said keep it a secret, I looked up, and said, It won't come true either way. But it was a lie, I locked myself inside, I did what they wanted, Now it dawns on me. I am the guard to my own prison, I hold the key! I am the digger of my grave, I hold the shovel above the ground! Now is the time to live, To live the truth.
        Some men always try to have sex wiht me but dont even know me    i mean i know im thick and all but i wish you could try to get to know me before  you get in the panties 
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Know The Difference
Funny how someone can say "I'm interested in you", yet when given the opportunity to actually to get to know them, they have nothing more to say than "I want to be with you" or "I'm attracted to you". They make no inquiries as to what that person likes to do, what they believe, what kind of morals they have, what kind of friend they are, etc. A person that is truly "interested", will ask questions (lots of them)... look for commonalities.... establish whether or not there is a potential for compatibility.  The statements "I want to be with you" or "I'm attracted to you" are merely indicative of a physical desire to have or be close to someone. To say "I'm interested" means they want to learn about the mind and the heart, not just the physical. Please recognize the difference or the result will inevitably be hurt or disappointment. I, personally, will shut down as soon as it becomes apparent that "I'm interested" really means "I want".
Complete Joke!
Here I am again to drop what the real deal is on you fubar. When making an attempt to be in a relationship on this site I am here to forewarn that it can be very hard to maintain a healthy happy one without jealousy existing. I have come to learn that when you approach a friends page be careful not to leave the stuff you normally would because it can be taken wrong and usually will be. I was recently fu divorced because I had placed one of my favorite blings (who it was from was the reason for all this) from a former love in my top spot. Without discussion or much notice I recieved my #82 achievement because of the reason who the bling was from. I had never been so embarrassed, shocked, or felt like I was part of a childish game from what my ex fu hubby had done. I sent a message to him to explain my thought on the whole situation. Needless to say I am here to play the game. Meeting friends is a great part of this site and will not become bitter because of what happened. But I can
Mike Zullo Talks About Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate On the Alex Jones Show     The smug liberal corporate media believes the “birther” issue is well behind us Infowars.comJuly 15, 2013   Photo: The Western Center for Journalism New Jersey police detective and lead investigator for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse, Mike Zullo, appeared on the Alex Jones Show today to discuss new developments regarding Obama’s birth certificate.
Yummy Fugde
Pizza Ball's/bites...great For Kids.
Grandmother's Favorite Peach Cobbler
 GRANDMOTHER'S FAVORITE PEACH COBBLER 1 stick butter1 1/2 cups sugar1 cup flour1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder3/4 cup milk1 can (30 ounces) sliced peaches in syrup1 teaspoon cinnamon1/3 teaspoon nutmeg Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Melt butter in 9 x 13 casserole dish. Separate half cup sugar, all of cinnamon & nutmeg. Separate peaches from syrup.Mix 1 cup sugar and the other dry ingredients together in a bowl.Stir in milk & syrup from peaches. Put peaches in casserole dish with melted butter. Pour batter over the top of peaches. Mix cinnamon, nutmeg & 1/2 cup of sugar mixture and sprinkle over top of batter.Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour or until top crust is golden brown.
Chocolate Drizzled Fruit Stick
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites ~ No Egg ~ Easy ~ 1/2 cup butter1/4 cup sugar1/2 cup brown sugar3 tablespoons of half and half1 teaspoon vanilla1 1/3 cup flour2/3 cup mini chocolate chipsFor the coating:2 cups of chocolate chips (melted)1 tablespoon shorteningSubmitted By:" Kelli Jo Krominga Spray" Here's what I found online, as I was curious if they were baked as well...Cream butter and sugar together.Add remaining ingredients and mix well -- use your hands to get it together the best.Roll into 1-inch balls.Refrigerate until firm, about 30 minutes. Dip in chocolate, drizzle with chocolate or eat as is -- equally delicious no matter what!Let stand at room temperature for about 10 minutes before serving.Store in the refrigerator
Frozen Summer Treat
Banana Pudding Poke Cake!!!
BANANA PUDDING POKE CAKE!!!    Ingredients 1 box yellow cake mix (& ingredients to make cake)2 box (small) instant banana pudding4 c milk8 oz whipped topping20 vanilla wafers, crushedsliced bananas - use your own judgmentDirections1 Follow the direction on the cake mix box to prepare the actual cake. Prepare it in a 9 x 13" pan. When golden, remove from over and let cool for a few minutes.2 When just slightly cooled, use the end of a wooden spoon (the handle end) to poke holes into the baked cake. Don't be shy; make the holes big enough for the pudding to seep into and go deep enough with the spoon that you hit the bottom of the pan.3 Next, prepare your pudding mixture. Combine your 4 cups of milk and the instant pudding mix; whisk until fully combined and there are no lumps.4 Now it's time to fill those holes! Pour the pudding mixture ver the entire cake, taking care to get it into all your holes. Use the spoon to help really get it into the cake and spread evenly.5 Refrigerate for
Global Business Information: China-made Tablet Pc Sales In Europe And America Market
Bubble net Tablet PC channel on July 16 Colorful CT974 Ivory Since listing, the excellent cell phone accessories design and excellent value for money to attract the attention of many consumers, even once a shortage situation. Recently, for the use of a fever higher level user needs CT974 Ivory Colorful launched an upgraded version, named CT974 Ivory 3. This product is currently part of the argument has been exposed, we may wish to find out. Appearance, Colorfly CT974 Ivory 3 is still using a 9.7-inch screen design, the fuselage skin with a baked enamel ivory exclusive coating technology, Seiko baked enamel back after treatment, feel like ivory-like smooth and delicate, the overall comfort grip has been greatly improved, more compact and convenient to carry when. You can see, this machine basically maintained the original shape of the previous generation, see the classic level has been firmly established Colorfly CT974 Ivory 3 Allwinner A31 is equipped with quad-core process
Kolkata Packers And Movers Will Ease Moving Process
Are you going to shift from Kolkata to another city? Do you have lots of household belongings that need to be packed and shifted to your new place? If yes then think about hiring services of one of right and experienced professional Kolkata packers and movers companies. Getting professional help on your move from Kolkata would be one of the best decisions you can take in relation to make your move a lot easier and simpler. It is an obvious fact that you cannot completely eliminate moving hassles, difficulties and unpleasant issues. But hiring professional service will reduce stress-level and hassles in great extent. If you will search then you will find many professional moving agencies or packers and movers companies in the city of Kolkata that may provide you complete packing and moving solution with door to door service for hassle-free and safe execution of entire process. They will ease moving process and give you peace of mind as your belongings will be handled with care and skil
Atlanta Has An Invitation To Yepes
It is also based on this, that we wish to pay a small Milan to spend six months in advance to the team which will be contracted to Honda. Media revealed that Milan has to CSKA Moscow currently 1.5 million asking price, hope to be able to put the Russians ahead of the Chicago Blackhawks jersey Japanese kings joined CSKA club has maintained that 1500000 is too less of the team proposed that as long as Milan are willing to come up with 4,000,000 early release. That is to say, between the two teams currently only 250 million euro gap, a few days to continue negotiations, Honda I also applied some pressure to the club again, I believe the two sides are expected to meet each other halfway, helped Japan reach the transfer Serie King wish. Actively introduce Honda, while Milan squad also try some redundancies cleaning work. Is already a 37-year-old Colombian veteran Yepes on July 1 after the expiration of the contract have not received a renewal notice the team,Montreal Canadiens jersey whic
High Imitation Iphone Reproduction! Goophone I5s Video Exposure
  August 2012, smartphone cinesi Ku Feng launched a product called the iPhone 5 concept GooPhone i5 high imitation God Machine. Today trough to peak about a comeback, Apple iPhone 5s still inconclusive when the peak and valley new - GooPhone i5S already on sale. Recently some experience about GooPhone i5S video was made ??public, GooPhone i5S smartphone android equipped with a 1GHz clock speed MediaTek dual-core processor, built-in 1GB RAM +8 GB ROM, equipped with a 4-inch 854 * 480 resolution screen, and with a 500-megapixel main camera and a 1.3 megapixel front camera. GooPhone i5S designs almost to the degree of real ones, but looks a bit thin to be thicker than the iPhone on some of the user interface with iOS almost no difference, but in fact it is equipped with Android 4.1.2 system. Overall, in addition to outside appearance and interface, parameter configuration in general, not impressive The valley is a valley bee bee I5 cellulari dual sim company independent design and dev
70w Led Tunnel Light Specifications
70W LED tunnel light is with 7200lm flux, we are manufacturer of the LED tunnel lights and we also offer wholesale and installation services, we take part in many projects and our quality LED tunnel lights are used in many highway tunnels.eneltec 70W LED tunnel light specifications LED Source CREE /Philips Lumileds 1W LED LED Quantity 70 PCS x 1W LED Luminous Efficiency 107-122 lm/W Lamp Rated Luminous Efficiency 90lm/w Lamp Rated Total Power 80W Power Efficiency >86% Lamp Rated Total Luminous Flux 7200 lm Color Rendering Index (CRI) Ra > 75 Color Temperature (CCT) Warm White: 2700-3500K Pure White: 4000-5000K Cool White: 5000-6300K Beam Angle Horizontal Axis: 100°; Vertical Axis: 90° Light Distribution Curve / Beam Pattern Rectangular Beam Input Voltage AC 85-264V/277V Frequency Range 47-63Hz Power Factor (PF) ≥0.95 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 50,000 hours IP Rating IP66 Lamp Body Material Aluminum Alloy and Toughened Glass Net Weight 11.6 kgs Gross
Even Messi Can Not Refrain From Barcelona Rosell Future Prosperity Under The Shadow Cast
Because in tax matters was not supported, there is news that Macy Russell also disgruntledSpanish media reported that the Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi is now the club president Russell is not satisfied,cheap soccer jerseys because some time ago deep tax evasion scandal, he did not get any support for the club. Messi's father, Jorge believes that the club did not do to protect the player's obligations, tax evasion scandal in Macy issue, Barcelona president,AC Milan jersey said neither public opinion support for Messi, nor Messi in action to help solve problem, even if there are many economic experts, but who did not stand out, which makes the king's Lionel Messi as the Nou Camp was very unhappy. Russell born businessman after taking office to Barcelona from deficits to gradually on the right track, contributed,.Real Madrid jersey but get rid of the feats coach Pep Guardiola, Cruyff denied honorary chairman, Fudge walked liver fighting Shia Bi Dahl, even decades Barca goa
Fifa14 Game Cover Two Superstars And Liemei Xi Luo C But He Was Not
Massey and Bell became the cover of FIFA 14Bell had a huge Times Square in New York advertising Bell [microblogging] is now in the end how red? Perhaps no one can give an accurate answer, cheap jerseys but from a variety of businesses and media attention for Bell will be able to lift the veil twelve. Following the previously sharp billboard unveiled in New York Times Square, Bell together again, and Messi became the "FIFA 14" on the cover. Recently, EA Sports officially announced the "FIFA 14" New game cover, on the cover of the two players are is Barcelona [microblogging] ace Messi and Tottenham [microblogging] New King Bell. This means that in the eyes of many businesses, Bell seems to have become the first of today's football players and representatives.AC Milan jersey Bell worth 8,000 pounds, no doubt once again consolidated its position in the Premier League's top players. It is reported that, "FIFA 14" have been identified in this year's September 24th and the 27th
Detailed Information About Adult Onesies
One can never be too old to own an onesie. It is true that most people have been wearing onesies when they were toddlers however it doesn’t mean that only babies are allowed the luxury of comfortable one piece footed pajamas. Adult animal onesies are rapidly gaining popularity and one can find many different styles and designs of these adorable costumes.Adult onesies have many names so one could have heard of them and not even known it. Most often they are reffered to as footie, footed or all-in-one pajamas. However nowadays one can find short-sleeved onesies as well as those that have shorts-like bottom.Onesies can be made of different materials, like fleece or cotton. However all of them keep one comfortably warm. They are designed to be loose-fitted so they are usually sized by height. Also most of the onesies are unisex so there is no big difference who wears which design.One can find a great variety of onesies’ designs available nowadays. Depending on your personal tas
Tips On How To Buy Good Quality Animal Onesies
If someone is still not aware of what animal onesies are all about, it makes sense to get more information about them. These costumes are becoming more and more popular these days, since they can provide wearers with a number of benefits. Basically, these are one piece pajamas, and they offer comfort, warmth, and convenience. It’s no wonder many people choose to wear them at home.The Main Steps That Should Be TakenMan in animal onesies It is true that these clothes may have different names, such as footed or footie pajamas. If consumers want to buy the best adult animal onesies, they need to be aware of several important things, and they should follow different guidelines. It is a bad idea to buy the first pajama that they see, as it may not provide them with the comfort and warmth that they need. First, people need to think about the right size. They should avoid getting too loose or too short animal onesies. This makes it impossible to wear them.If someone is not aware of how t
Thinking Of You Makes Me Smile
Ever since that first day we met,When you told me about yourPast relationships, I have wondered,"Is he the one?"You always make me smile,And you always comfort meWhen I am depressed, forYou do not like seeing me sad.I have been hurt so manyTimes in the past, andYou know that, for I haveTold you everything about me.You made promises to me.Promises that you swear youWill not break, because youDo not want to hurt me like the others.I know you will not break yourPromises, for you have been hurt manyTimes before, and you do not wantTo put me through the same pain.Every single day I thinkTo myself and smile, forI know you areMy one true babe
The "facts" About "financial Domination"
Many of you are seriously confused on the fetish "Financial Domination and what it means to serve Financially. The "Domme" does not go out and prey on weak  men. The "Domme does not go out & beg for tributes. The Dommes does not  bargain nor does she care of what your expenses are. The Dommes does not get naked or play with herself for your entertainment! When you serve as a Financial Slave/Sun there are rules of etiquette that should be applied to this fetish by those of you who say you are seeking this  kind of servitude. Many of you are confusing other fetishes with this... So let me break it down to you.... Put your seat belt on boys... Are you ready? Ok let's do this..... Financial domination (also known as money slavery) is a style, in particular a practice of DS, where usually a male submissive  or money slave, pay pig human ATM, orcash piggie that gives gifts and money to a  financial female dominant (also known  as money mistress,  findomme, money domme).The  relation may ofte
No studio. No fake. All for real. Simply the best I am a girl very fun, loving and complacent, I want to move a while and we welcome much fun. I am here to make your desires happen. Come to my room and see…! :)
I think--I think when it's all over, It just comes back in flashes, you know? It's like a kaleidoscope of memories. It just all comes back. But he never does. I think part of me knew the second I saw him that this would happen. It's not really anything he said or anything he did, It was the feeling that came along with it. And the crazy thing is I don't know if I'm ever gonna feel that way again. But I don't know if I should. I knew his world moved too fast and burned too bright. But I just thought, how can the devil be pulling you toward someone who looks so much like an angel when he smiles at you? Maybe he knew that when he saw me. I guess I just lost my balance. I think that the worst part of it all wasn't losing him. It was losing me.                                  
Frye Shoes Online Store Fit And In Particular
frye shoes Online store fit and in particular various parts of the house it has a very efficient and functional performance in terms of energy since its insulating capacity is very high and is resistant to earthquakes or fires is much higher when compared to that of normal concrete houses. Other side where wooden houses see.frye boots salem to be winning is definitely what concerns functionality. In fact, these houses are processed on the needs of individual customers who can choose every single detail to b.frye bootse built then slavishly to the project become the "perfect home". The fact that prefab is also definitely a plus for these homes that allows you to build in a short time and with the.frye shoes least expenditure of energy and time by the dedicated staff. The point of view of safety it is fully comparable to that of normal houses: to build a wooden house because special pe.frye boots salermits are required for the building and platforms on which to place the va
Frye Shoes Outlet Sale Online Save 60% Off Highlighted
frye shoes outlet sale online save 60% off highlighted the wooden houses seem to be winning is definitely what concerns functionality. In fact, these houses are processed on the needs of individual customers who can choose every single detail to be built then slavishly to the project become the "perf.frye boots saleect home". The fact that prefab is also definitely a plus for these homes that allows you to build in a short time and with the least.frye boots expenditure of energy and time by the dedicated staff. The point of view of safety it is fully comparable to that of normal houses: to build a .frye shoeswooden house because special permits are required for the building and platforms on which to place the various parts of prefabricated wooden ho.frye boots saleuse in many cases have already integrated systems within the walls that go to make up in a complete during the assembly phase. But it .frye bootsis obviously necessary, but also for normal houses, lean on a com
Il Ya Des Joueurs Comme Beckham Ou
Approches à l'achat de chemise du football commerçants en ligneVous pouvez trouver beaucoup d'approches pour l'achat de sites Web maillot de football en ligne. Maillots de foot collectionneurs sont particulièrement friands d'obtenir sur les forums d'affaires et de sites web Web d'enchères où ils peuvent observer maillot de foot 2013 individus en baisse de mal à trouver des objets et les transporter maison maillot de foot 2013 . Vous pouvez trouver différentes gammes d'objets de collection, et dans certains cas probablement le plus passionné informel devez être dans une position de découvrir un facteur intéressant dans la plage de charge dont ils ont besoin. De vos chemises authentiques portés par les joueurs dans les jeux vidéo les plus courants aux engins de publicité peu coûteuse, le net est une mine d'or de maillots de football pour la vente.Sur les Sélections net affiliation de commerçants maillot de football en ligne peuvent être obtenus à partir de méthodes diverses
Once Upon A Fu Time
Once Upon a Fu Time ....  someone from the Fubar community wanted a young, Italian guy to join the "first online bar and happy hour" on a different interactive social platform. As soon as the link was exchanged, numbers were destroyed and all that was left was No credit was given to the referrer who could have earned lots of kudos for referring a big heart into the cold dark corners of the Internet. New friend requests were sent, drink requests were flying over this new member's head, and advice on what he was getting himself into exchanged between all colors. "Stay away from reds," one member annouced. "It's not as easy as you think. You'll stop leveling soon," another explained. Members were up his ass about doing achievements to prevent any sudden leveling roadblocks. This didn't stop him from moving forward. People caught on that this new member was different. He was visiting all the top chicks and dudes reguarly to get noticed. He was dedicated in playing the game, a
The roof was okay today. Cloudy and with a breeze, I was able to replace the rotten wood around the chiney. Then I put down a  few square of shingles and then tear off a ffew square. Remember, this roof has 4 layers of old shingles. Going back to the 1930's or 1940's. They don't come up easy.
Sevilla Is A Great Club
Sevilla have secured a season-long loan deal for Reading midfielder Daniel Carrico, with a view to a permanent deal.Wholesale jerseys The former Portugal Under-21 international moved to the Madejski Stadium in January from Sporting Lisbon, but only made three appearances as the Berkshire club were relegated from the Premier League. And the 24-year-old made no secret of his desire to leave Nigel Adkins' side, following their drop into the Championship. "Sevilla is a great club," said Carrico. "I would love to play for them. I will not be staying at Reading." A statement on Sevilla's website confirmed the deal is agreed between the two clubs,Wholesale soccer jerseys with personal terms settled and the switch will be finalised after a medical on Tuesday. Carrico made 153 appearances for Sporting after making his debut against Pacos Ferreira in October 2008.
We Made Him An Offer But He Did Not Accept
Sevilla FC have confirmed midfielder Jose Campana is closing in on a move to newly-promoted Premier League side Crystal Palace F.C. for a reported fee of €2million, Sky Sports understands.Wholesale jerseys Campana, 20, was one of many players to impress for Spain at the FIFA Under-20 World Cup in Turkey.The 20-year-old, who made just five league appearances for Sevilla last term, rejected a new deal from the Spanish club prior to agreeing to move to Selhurst Park this summer. Campana is expected to agree terms with Crystal Palace today, with the deal set to be finalised tomorrow following the successful completion of a medical. “We made him an offer but he did not accept. He wanted out,” Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido told the club’s official website, Wholesale soccer jerseys“We have reached an agreement with Crystal Palace for about €2million plus add-ons and a sell-on fee. “He will travel to England to sign today an
Hit The Sali Nuo Saarvio Shot Deflected To The Outdoors Front Football Shirt
Manchester City No Decision LeftGrabbing front kick Carroll Paul Rao raised once the two sides dispute, the two were booked for 54 minutes, Kuyt header ferry, Maxi Rodriguez volley wide on the edge from the area. 58 minutes, Kuyt pass, Meireleis header ten yards larger. 61 minutes, Liverpool siege corner, hit the Sali Nuo Saarvio shot deflected to the outdoors front Football Shirt edge from the area outside the little Tongshe Alan missed. 1 minute later, Skrtel restricted spot close to the left side angle shot also missed71 minutes following Maillot France within the yellow discipline, Viana long-range totally free kick at thirty yards was Reyna confiscated. Spearing and Enge Ge off the bench. 77 minutes, Wilson biography, Carroll header nodded. Enge Ge shot outside edge on the area was Arthur confiscated. Dirk Kuyt missed long-range. 85 minutes, Carroll a Premier League Shirts corner edge from the area in a modest header by Dirk Kuyt Dangxia, Seoul Scott then left the res
Non Seulement Faut-il Vous Conduire à De Vraiment Se Sentir Vraiment Partie De L'équipage
Non seulement faut-il vous conduire à de vraiment se sentir vraiment partie de l'équipage, mais pourrait être un indicateur de l'esprit d'unité et de personnel. Il ya des variétés t-shirt de nombreux hommes qui ont beaucoup de différents décolletés. Branchements Snookis commencé à arriver à ses nerfs, maillots football ,Mike a produit des tours à Deena et Snooki, en même temps que les gars amerrissage forcé réseau Mike.Social sites Web sont des communautés en ligne qui lui permettent de se transformer en utilisateurs plus simple et plus simple pour fin filet fin de rencontrer et communiquer avec tous les Othe. Vous considérez sur soi-même parmi probablement les admirateurs les plus cruciales de son équipage l'Arsenal de football? Lorsque vous trouverez un match d'Arsenal, vous vous assurez de se diriger vers le stade pour égayer vos favoris.Est-ce un souhait de travailler votre entreprise privée? Correctement, mettre ensemble pour créer cette réalité d'aspiration. Vous ête
‘Heroic effort at great personal cost’: Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize     RTJuly 15, 2013 A Swedish sociology professor has nominated Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize. He says the NSA whistleblower could help “save the prize from the disrepute incurred by the hasty and ill-conceived decision” to give the 2009 award to Barack Obama. In his letter addressed to the Norwegian Nobel Commi
My Psychic Vision
I know not many ppl beleive in psychic's or the ablility to even have that for any man. I say unto you, that is fine to feel that way, I wont judge you for your beliefs. Each man has has beliefs. I have been doubted b4, and i have proven also to many. I fear of nothing, only cus i have seen things most could or couldn't only imagine. I know things that only ppl can say its a maybe or its not possible. I had a vision last night in a dream.. Sure it is a dream but i know how and can know what is a vision and dream. Got to be careful not to get them mixed up. ever had da javu? (if thats how you spell it) It's most likely a dream you have had in the past still locked away deep into your mind that you have forgotten about, then you ponder on the fact but it never comes to you. That is a vision you have had long time ago about the future, but with the mind being a dark and sinful place within yourself, you are too lost too see it, or know what it means, You cant separate that part
Apple's Support Communities
A new thread on Apple's Support Communities Web page confirms that Apple started sending out AppleSeed invitations, but not much information is currently available on the software. Users who already accepted the invitation and agreed to the company's terms and conditions said that Apple has yet to activate the invitation codes or roll out the software update.taboufAs previously mentioned, Apple sent out these AppleSeed invitations only to some select users, which means the fix is ​​not rolling out yet. It is a pre-release update that needs testing and, if everything goes right, Apple will likely roll out the update to all users soon and fix those Wi-Fi connectivity issues plaguing the new MacBook Air models. Did you get an invitation to try out the new software? If so, let us know how it goes.Most weeks I get a pop-up alert from Songkick informing me that some random band that I'd almost forgotten about is playing at a small London venue nearby - there's just no way I would
To Love And Be Loved
To Love And Be Loved I want the warmth of your body in my armsAnd to be the receiver of all of your charmsWhen we kiss my heart beats so loudly in my chestLike the hammer beats on the bell of alarmsMy hearts locked in chains and you hold the one keyIt is up to you to keep it or to let it freeWhen all is said and done I want us to be as oneI just want you to love and be loved by meMy heart does not confuse the words it speaksIt's true when it says it's you it seeksFor a view of you is far more enchantingThan any of the world’s mountain peek'sI want you to know that I am here to stayAnd to loyally be beside you all the wayWhen all is said and done I want us to be as oneI hope you can love me like I do you one dayI want you to be mine for better or for worseIt's within your world that I want to immerseAttracting me like gravity controlling orbitsYou're there at the centre of my universeKnow every word I speak is honest and trueI want you to be with me my whole life throughWhen
What Is A Friend...........
What is a friend......   A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. A friend is a living treasure, and if you have one, you have one of the most valuable gifts in life.   A friend is the one who will always be beside you, through all the laughter, and through each and every tear. A friend is the one things you can always rely on.....the someone you can always open up too.... the one wonderful person who always believes in you in a way that no one else seems too....   A friend is a sancturary.... A friend is a smile....   A friend is a hand that is always holding yours, no matter where you are, no matter how close or far apart you may be. A friend is someone who is always there and will always care. A friend is a feeling of forever in the heart. A friend is the one door that is always open. A friend is the one to whom you can give your key. A friend is one of the nicest things you can have....and one of the best things you can be..
Hopeless Heart
Sitting here feeling battered and bruised, twisted and outright used. I gave it my heart, my soul, and my all just to see it fall, and feel as if I've lost it all. I hate this lonliness and all of this pain from doing best, but I guess it could have been better. If it was we'd still be together. I feel hopeless and broken, because all that shit your smokin, that clouds your mind making you lose something one of a kind. Maybe I'm stupid or simply a fool, but being with you was cool. I can't help what my heart wants, but right now its the ache that haunts. God willing he will give you the resolve for this horrible problem you need to solve. You I will forever love, by the grace of God above. That being said those that have read pray for that day. The day she is sober and clean once again free to be my queen.
Happiness Is.................
Happiness Is....... I believe that people who live the happiest lives are the ones who live with a everyday to the fullest, living with no regrets, living for the small things and the big things, living for tears and laughter...embracing and appreciating all that life has to offer......believing everything has a reason, experiencing every day as a gift. In the end, it's not how long one lives, but how well one lives. And if one lives well, the longer the better.   Everyone thinks that happiness is a destination, that everyone can reach a point where they are unbelievably content and they can remain there for the rest of their lives, but contentment is experienced through choice.   Taking in everything, even when your world is collapsing, the windows are shattering and the walls are caving in, little do we know that the journey has just begun and those who live not for the end result, the goal, the prize....but those who live for cherishing the process of living..
Facebook Sucks
Facebook Refuses to Remove ‘Kill Zimmerman’ Page     Threats to murder Zimmerman continue to flood Twitter Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comJuly 15, 2013 Facebook refused to remove a page entitled ‘Kill Zimmerman’ – arguing that it didn’t represent a “credible threat of violence,” as threats to murder George Zimmerman following his acquittal continue to flood Twitter. According to Facebook, the ‘Kill Zimmerman’ page “doesn’t violate our community standard on credible threat of violence.” After media attention, Facebook appeared to remove the page but an identical clone popped up soon after and
You & I
7/15/2013 ~~~~   We Will Fly , You & I As the rain fell upon me , all the pain did melt away It freed my mind , then my heart so I can give again. So we'll fly , always touching the sky , we'll fly You an I Because I do feel loved , I do feel whole and I do finally know ,That I'm worthy of love , And I do know to whom it it given ...I know he'll take my hand and with me stand , But most of all we'll fly Him & I A brand new door has opened wide , his arms they do en-fold. And whatever happens now , I'm strong enough to hold ,It's something I must do , To be there , With the one who caresAn we'll fly ,Aways You & I
I'll Follow You - Shinedown
[Verse 1:]If I could find assurance to leave you behindI know my better half would fadeAnd all my doubt is a staircase for youOpened out of this spaceThe first step is the one you believe inThe second one might be profound.[Chorus:]I'll follow you down through the eye of the stormDon't worry I'll keep you warm.I'll follow you down while we're passing through spaceI don't care if we fall from graceI'll follow you down[Verse 2:]You can have the money and the worldThe angels and the pearlsEven trademark the color blueJust like the tower we never builtIn the shadow of all the guiltWhen the other hand was pointed at youYeah the first step is the one you believe inThe second one might be profound.[Chorus:]I'll follow you down, through the eye of the stormDon't worry I'll keep you warm.I'll follow you down, while we're passing through spaceI don't care if we fall from graceI'll follow you down to where forever liesWithout a doubt I'm on your sideThere's nowhere else that I would rather beI'm
Waking The Cadaver - Pigtails Are For Facefucking
  Forced deep into the separated cranium of a crusty used up slut, my gigantic rod. Swollen member penetrating her now empty eye sockets, and all other holes are to be filled. Crushing and fucking pulverized brain tissue with a still moist tongue caressing my sack. The bitch never saw that one comin. She tried to scream, she tried to fight. But I plugged her throat. With my ten inch pipe. She choked and gagged and punched for mercy. But this whore should ave known better. I busted out my trusty blade. and removed her skull from her twitching body. Now theres silence and the bitch is dead. Finally I can fuck some face in peace and quiet  
Holy Water - Big And Rich
Somewhere there's a stolen halo I used to watch her wear it well Everything would shine wherever she would go But lookin' at her now you'd never tell Someone ran away with her innocence A memory she can't get out of her head I can only imagine what she's feelin' When she's prayin' Kneelin' at the edge of her bed And she says take me away And take me farther Surround me now And hold, hold, hold me like holy water Holy water She wants someone to call her angel Someone to put the light back in her eyes 
Sometimes it is slower than slow and sometimes its like WTF happened to the last week?? I am all for it going fast when it is better than good. Which it hasn't been finger licking great, for a long while. I can't say I don't ever complain, cuz I do. I can say I don't complain as much as some do and I am greatful for that.  I was recently watching an interview with Roy Dupois, and he said we don't own the land it was borrowed to us. Its kinda like that with alot of things, they were borrowed to us. I know of the land where I lived when I was born. I would like to return, but if it is gonna break off into the ocean I am safer staying in the middle of the country. I can report that is I take my meds as often as prescribed, I feel better. I am trying to be a good girl, doing as the doctor said.
Big Brother
The Making of the U.S. Surveillance State, 1898-2020     Alfred W. McCoytomdispatch.comJuly 15, 2013 The American surveillance state is now an omnipresent reality, but its deep history is little known and its future little grasped.  Edward Snowden’s leaked documents reveal that, in a post-9/11 state of war, the National Security Agency (NSA) was able to create a surveillance system that could secretly monitor the private communications of almost every American in the name of fighting foreign terrorists. The technology used is state of the art; the impulse, it turns out, is nothing new. For well over a century, what might be called “surveillance blowback” from America&rs
As Long As You Love Me - Backstreet Boys
Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine I'm leavin' my life in your hands People say I'm crazy and that I am blind Risking it all in a glance And how you got me blind is still a mystery I can't get you out of my head Don't care what is written in your history As long as you're here with me I don't care who you are Where you're from What you did As long as you love me Who you are Where you're from Don't care what you did As long as you love me Every little thing that you have said and done Feels like it's deep within me Doesn't really matter if you're on the run It seems like we're meant to be I don't care who you are (who you are) Where you're from (where you're from) What you did As long as you love me (I don't know) Who you are (who you are) Where you're from (where you're from) Don't care what you did As long as you love me (yeah) I've tried to hide it so that no one knows But I guess it shows When you look into my eyes What you did and where you're comin from I don't c
There Is A Lady I Fancy
There is a lady i fancy, we will be just friends for now, we talk for ages and hours, i think she likes me as well i want to share my powers   there is a beautiful lady i fancy, as attractive as a glowing moon i hope she will fancy me, we can be together soon
Dear Beautiful You
Dear beautiful you… this is your life (your very own life). Get to know your soul. Dance your dance. Sing your song. Take charge of your story. Love your day. Let your heavy stuff go. Embrace your blessings. Kiss your beloveds. Thank your everything. See you place. Stand in your power. Forgive your mistakes. Forgive your enemies. Drain your secrets of their poison. Heal your pain. Find your tribe. Rest your body. Share your talents. Practice your passions. Find your bliss. Live your life. Love your life. Because the best years of your life will happen, as soon as you open your hands to your happiness.Dear beautiful you… this is your life (your very own life). Get to know your soul. Dance your dance. Sing your song. Take charge of your story. Love your day. Let your heavy stuff go. Embrace your blessings. Kiss your beloveds. Thank your everything. See you place. Stand in your power. Forgive your mistakes. Forgive your enemies. Drain your secrets of their poison. Heal your
I am looking for mercs so if you haven't played fumafia yet join now join here!! Also always looking for new mobbies :)
Glla August 2013
It is that time of the year again and I will be presenting at GLLA. I will be changing out from Human Canvas : branding to Providing Care: Tormenting those we love or just love to torment. It is a presentation on pressure points and cupping. This is a wonderful way to treat someone to some mutually beneficial torment! I will provide a handout of where the points are, a demo of the session, a cupping demo and then open discussion.   It is always a screaming good time at GLLA. It is one of the largest events of it's kind.  August 22nd-25th, Indianapolis,Indiana   join the fun! nibbles and spanks Franki  
August 3
August 3rd I will be presenting on the topic of needles and medical play. I will go over the basic of play piercing and do a couple of demos and then go over the variety of topics that fall under medical play. There will not be a demo on the medical play as the venue does not allow nudity and the topic way too vast to present in such limited time. this will be help with the South Bend Kink group in South Bend, Indiana. You can find the details on events
All Aboard The Short Bus To Crazy Town
Dear Ninja,Almost a year ago I met an attractive, educated and polite woman and we began dating. We enjoyed each others' company very much (or so I thought) and within a few months she was spending many nights in my home. She was shocked by my overactive libido and it got to where she was practically living here. We were having sex as many as ten times per day. Then without warning, she just quit seeing me, answering my phone calls or the letters I sent to her home.A few months later, she began visiting again, but told me she didn't want our relationship to be just about sex. I was OK with that and was eager to continue our relationship platonically.A couple of weeks after our reunion, she stood me up for my birthday, then asked me a few days later to spend the day with her, driving her around to look for a pair of shoes for her sisters' wedding (to which I'd been invited to accompany her both by her and her sister). During that day (in April), she called me another man's
The Cabin..
It had been too long since she had last seen him, but the invitation she had received was too enticing to set aside.  She had followed the route given and arrived at the cabin a little past the time she had wanted to be there, and seeing the car in the drive way she knew he was already inside. Each time she saw him was different than the last, and this time she had no idea what adventure was waiting.  As she opened the door and walked in she could smell the floral scent being given off by the candles placed around the room. The slow flicker of flames from the fire place helped illuminate the rest of the room, and she saw him sitting there in a chair a few feet from the brick facade that held the burning embers as they softly crackeled and spread their almost crimson glow.  He didn't move.. didn't even turn to greet her, and as she walked over she could see he was wearing nothing but a pair of jeans.  She placed one of her hands on his bare shoulder, and he tilted is head slightly, allo
7/8 - 7/14/13
MONDAY'S JOKE                                        Indians don't use saddles' A woman from New York was driving through a remote part of Arizona when her car broke down. An American Indian on horseback came along and offered her a ride to a nearby town. She climbed up behind him on the horse and they rode off. The ride was uneventful, except that every few minutes the Indian would let out a Ye-e-e-e-h-a- a-a-a' so loud that it echoed from the surrounding hills. When they arrived in town, he let her off at the local service station, yelled one final 'Ye-e-e-e-h- a-a-a-a!' and rode off. 'What did you do to get that Indian so excited?' asked the service-station attendant. 'Nothing,' the woman answered. 'I merely sat behind him on the horse, put my arms around his waist, and held onto the saddle horn so I wouldn't fall off.' 'Lady,' the attendant said, 'Indians don't use saddles'********************************************************************                                      TU
You Want To Friend At Me ?
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Led Light-emitting Diodes Made With High Lighting
LED light-emitting diodes made with high lighting with long service life, good safety performance, high brightness, low power consumption, low temperature, using a voltage width, maintenance-free characteristics, explosion-proof lights can replace the traditional lighting source, LED Explosion lamp is a new type of lighting can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, factories, mines, tunnels and other flammable gas environment safe lighting.  First, the scope  For a variety of flammable and explosive places and outdoor work, the construction site and installations, facilities and other places for a large area flood lighting.  Second, the performance characteristics  Excellent explosion-proof design to ensure that products can be used in a variety of flammable and explosive safety.eneltec Housing protection grade IP66, waterproof performance, can resist the raging waves crashing.  Overall structure design, li
Pseudo Before Abandoning Barcelona Chelsea Star Had To Buy Another 70 Million Reported Him Like Crazy To Buy Manchester City
De Rossi became the new target MourinhoIn Bangkok, Thailand hot temperatures, Mourinho led Chelsea [microblogging] [microblogging] during preparing for training, cheap jerseys at the same time, the Blues continue to operate in the transfer market, the British media and Italian media reports, after Rome Lumbar De Rossi could become a new aid under Jose Mourinho. In Mourinho's system, the midfielder is a key position requires experience and stability, for example, when Chelsea's Claude Makelele Mushi. In today's Blues, the midfielder position there is hidden link is an urgent need to strengthen. Lampard has passed 35 years old, Ramirez location features can bring forward the case, Mikel is the only defensive midfielder,AC Milan jersey buy a new 20-year-old rookie Fanjinkeer Netherlands is a "restricted to zone "of the midfield, but the ability, adaptability, how is still unknown. Purchased from Barcelona [microblogging]'s Romeu, originally considered by Chelsea midfielder p
The Top Ten Signs That Tell You That A Woman Is Not Interested In You.
I have been on fubar for over 3 years now and I have learned to handle rejection  from women pretty well lol I have even learned their subliminal messages that indicate that they are not interested. Some of these signs are obvious and some I hope you find entertaining. #10 If she calls you a douchebag lol #9 If she does not respond to your SB or PM. #8 If she does not thank you for blinging her. #7 If she acts like a Saint with you and a party girl with other guys lol #6  If  She never visits your page. #5 If she tells you " were just friends"  lol #4  If she's a lesbian lol #3 If she talks about having sex with other guys  but never with you lol #2 If she tells you to  eat shit and die lol and the #1 sign is  If she  says to you.....   "Your so  sweet" lol  
You Call Me Mrs Vain
I can't sleep so I am gonna rant.One of the criticism I often here is about how I like to take too many pictures of myself.Yes I do have hundreds of pictures of myself but in my defense those pictures where taken over a 10 year period for the most part.Second of all, I like to take pictures of myself, it's fun and I like being creative with them I am not a narcissistic you look stupid.Taking pics of myself is the only vain thing I do, 99% of the time I am looking for out others more than myself.I guess taking pictures allows me to have my time which is something I used to not get very often.In the photography world, self portraits are a hit and to do them nicely is a considred a talent.Self photos are the most popular kind of photogrpahy out there.Everyone loves snapping poctures of themselves for some reason.I think As long as you're not the kind of person that only cares about me! me! me! then taking pictures of yourself is your business.Also if you know anything about photography, t
Motorola Solutions' First Corded Linear Imager Ushers In The Next Generation Of 1d Scanning
New Motorola LI2208 offers best-in-class performance and range     Global Vision a leading provider of mission-critical communication solutions and services for enterprise and government customers, today announced the LI2208 general purpose corded linear imager for capturing virtually every 1D bar code. Based on the small design, reliability and ergonomic comfort of Motorola's LS2208 scanner, the LI2208's best-in-class 1D scanning performance and range will allow workers to scan faster and farther to improve productivity and reduce customer wait times.  
Much Better, Much Better, I Think
Wolfsburg star Diego believes his side will improve on their poor showing Wholesale jerseys in theBundesliga?last season. The 2008/09 league champions suffered a surprise 2-1 loss to FC Copenhagen in a pre-season friendly on Friday. Diego said Wolfsburg would be much better this season after finishing a disappointing 11th in the league last campaign. “Much better, much better, I think, but we still have some things to improve with the ball and without the ball also,” he said. “We feel better and I hope in the future we can play better Wholesale soccer jerseys because I think we made some mistakes and that should not be normal for us but in the moment I think we are on the right way.” Wolfsburg coach Dieter Hecking is likely to rely on Brazilian attacker Diego for creativity in the attacking third. With 10 league goals, Diego was Wolfsburg’s top-scorer last season, ahead of forwards Ivica Olic and Bas Dost.
Van Wolfswinkel Is The Canaries Record Signing
Ricky van Wolfswinkel (Norwich) The signing of the Holland international striker looks like another coup from the club from East Anglia. Van Wolfswinkel has proved prolific in Holland with Utrecht and then in Portugal with Sporting Lisbon.Wholesale jerseys A record of just under a goal every other game suggests that the lad knows how to find the net. The quality of the leagues may not be the same as the Premier League, but with the right supply line, the 24-year-old will score goals. Van Wolfswinkel is the Canaries record signing, costing £8million, plus add-ons. The Dutch striker seems like a player that could be worth every penny of his fee. Fernandinho (Manchester City) Fernandinho cost Manchester City £30million this summer. It is a hefty price tag, but he City have bought the finished article. Having spent most of his career in Ukrainian football, Fernandinho finally has a chance to impress in one of Europe’s big leagues.His displays in the Champions League
For so long I have had these struggles and I have waited and hoped for something to just give. I have pushed through everything being thrown at me and I have learned some hard lessons. Sometimes it is the ones that we want the most that hurt us the deepest. Sometimes we are blinded as to what someone is by the ideas of what we want them to be. Just because we may want something in our lives so badly, and we just dont wait for the right time for it to come along, instead we try to make it happen. This is when things break. We can not control others thoughts, feelings, desires, or actions and all we can do is to take a new path in life and adapt and change. I learned to see the signs no matter how much it hurt and to accept that I WILL get what I wish for in my life. All I have to do is wait and let it happen naturally. Just when I'm not paying attention and I decide to fully focus on just me and what I need to do in life, along comes beautiful. Unexpectedly somehow comes a great blessin
How Can I Find A Reliable Supplier Of Industrial Material Handling Equipment?
Finding the right manufacturer of industrial material handling equipment may mean acting like a crime investigator and looking for the “paper trail” – you have to look for companies that may have acquired those equipment recently and ask for referrals. Whether you are seeking out a conveyor manufacturer in Delhi or a cement bag packing machine manufacturer in the US, it pays to make contact with their clients first.   The reason you should contact the clients of equipment manufacturers first is because they may be able to answer some questions you have regarding the industrial material handling equipment they acquired. Was the supplier able to customize well the manufacture of the client’s equipment? This means the supplier should have the capacity to adjust the metrics of the client’s equipment to meet specifications. How long did it take the supplier to make this customized equipment? If quality is your main concern then the supplier should be able to
What Is Love ?
What is Love? Is it attraction, beauty, fun? People have found it, claim to have, yet no one can define it. What is Love? Is it personality, interests, charm? Some people go on looks, others far from it, yet no one can define it. What is Love? Is it the same fore everyone? Or is it different from one to another? All I want to know is, what is love?
Ravings Of A Mad Man...
AWAKEN  Electro hippie dances in the corner with tubular dreads projecting color matrix over our faces. The floor rises up to meet her feet with rhythmic incomprehension of what fluid step may come next. We set drinking blue and watching her movements like mathematicians brainstorming the next equation. Then her pattern comes clear to us and she vanishes. That was the night we burned the paradox, and would forever become knowing. We never saw the world as what it had been ever again.  The rain pushes us further out into the night upward towards a bliss that only love or the taste of another drug on the tongue would complete. The patterns encompass us pulling to the destination of being, of knowing, of finally living or maybe even, if we were lucky enough, death. nZ 
Niang Also Expressed His Expectations For The New Season
AC Milan striker Niang Table faithful I want to be strong AC Milan is still Ljajic for the introduction of a final effort, which player will be leaving because Ljajic also attracted media attention, 19-year-old young striker Niang also caught up in this transfer Among the rumors, cheap jerseys but Niang said in an interview insisted that he will not leave AC Milan. "No, no, I do not want to leave AC Milan, I absolutely want to stay here, not just next year, I want to stay here as long as possible,"Vancouver Canucks jersey Niang insists he will not leave AC Milan. Niang since last summer to join AC Milan, the team performed very well, some bright spots, the Champions League game against Barcelona is also unafraid, at the Nou Camp dedicated to a wonderful show, but unfortunately missed scoring opportunities failed to help the team qualify. In Ljajic transfer stalled when the Italian media reports, AC Milan may be in the 18-year-old striker as a bargaining chip transactions Ljajic, Nian
Ac Milan And Naples Have Begun
Inter Milan Nesta AB restructuring plan to rescue options bar of God substitute striker Speaking at the team's summer signings, AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani with an "everything is just beginning" to do the summary. Indeed, young Polly and Thabo Narayan Milan lineup for filling it is not enough,cheap nhl jerseys Milan wants to compete with Juventus and Napoli, still need to increase investment on individual locations. "The market" first referred to the Inter Milan defender Ranocchia's name, as increasingly heavy financial burden, Inter sell players when playing program continues, hoping to reduce salary costs. And tall, turned relatively slow in the three-guard system,Montreal Canadiens jersey Nokia's performance is not ideal, but also not in line with current coach Inter Mazari employing ideas. But for who has a "Nesta successors," said the Italian international defender, Inter still hopes to recover 15 million euros. "The market" revealed that the current AC Milan and N
Optimistic Fool
I awaken to find myself missing the bittersweet reality of my dreams The comfort of them calls to me every second I'm away Yearning to escape the surrounding... Even my worst dreams seem somehow better than this place at times This world I walk, A world rich in ignorance, greed betrayal & selfishness Disconnection through technological connection Now aren’t I a hypocrite… Basic instinct means nothing to these creatures It is no longer simply Live but now "How Well I Survive" "How Long I Survive" The means by which we meet our goals is the expense of morality of balance Destroying all that we see to prolong our own suffering Live forever Horde it all crush whomever or whatever stands in the way Feeding off the Life Force the very soil on which we stand Until we get the satisfaction we crave then move on to the next I crawl beneath my blankets hoping tomorrow will see a different view But knowing that is no more than an exercise in futility  
Think They Will Go To A Superbowl This Year.
Yes=  or - no
"the Sun" May Be The Uk's Largest-circulation Newspaper
Chelsea Most Following EndI should visit Italy, that it had been vital that you me, and I need to be there to try. Where everybody is speaking about tactics, so I said let me try out that. I Actual Madrid contract an additional 3 years, it is the world's greatest club, but additionally probably the most hard club within the globe. They asked me to educate the third time, I cannot say no Football Shirt them the third time, I had to guarantee them. "But (Spain, Italy) is not Maillot Espagne special. Italy, Spain and Portugal, the folks are asking me why I am so in love with England, I can't make clear, I can only say over and over. I want to open pleased operate, I think in my football occupation to become content. ""The Sun" mentioned Mourinho Chelsea would be the almost certainly following end, and in some cases the Spurs Manchester duo are glued to Mourinho. It is really worth mentioning that this can be not "The Sun" for that 1st time exposed Mourinho expected to return
Vous Devez Vous Rappeler Que Les Activités De Paris Sportifs Lignes Directrices Doivent
Inutile de dire qu'il est possible de paraître pour un bon nombre de football suggestions paris coût-vedette dans de nombreux sites internet. Cependant, il faut se méfier, car vous pouvez trouver vraiment pas ce genre de trucs sans charge en termes de paris sur le football. Vous devez vous rappeler que les activités de paris sportifs lignes directrices doivent être en fonction de l'analyse attentive fabriqué par des activités sportives compétentes analysts.Usually, Soldes Maillot de foot,les lignes directrices de pari totalement libres sont manifestement copié à partir de suggestions de paris légitimes avec des torsions importantes. D'autres suggestions sont simplement écrits par des gens des analystes de football autoproclamés ayant une expertise limitée. En suivant ces conseils pourrait être risqué étant donné que vous pourriez faire le pari lignes directrices sont souvent le premier choix depuis la petite somme que vous devez payer sert l'assurance que thesetips pourrai
hi i am a fun out going guy an like to have fun and i am old fashion i still open doors for the lady and i like to fin some one start as friends and date and talk to see where it goes from there
Accessibilité Briser Football Nouvelles En Ligne
adeptes de football ont en aucune manière eu si grand quand il s'agit d'essayer de tenir à jour avec les informations de football des dernières nouvelles de monter et descendre la nation. ne sont tout simplement vous pu observer informations chaînes journée et le soir pour voir ce qui se passe à votre bien-aimé club de maillot de foot 2013, mais les dernières informations de football est en outre à votre disposition en ligne maillot de foot 2013 . Que vous dans votre propre maison ou à fonction ou sont encore dehors et environ, aussi longtemps que vous pourriez avoir accès à l'Internet, vous mettez vraiment avoir une excuse pour ne pas être complètement informée sur absolument toutes les petites choses qui se produisent dans le monde du football.Sites Internet football comme football FanCast, voire le sur le web sections sportives des grands quotidiens britanniques, avec toutes l'une des nouvelles de football jamais vous avez besoin. Vous serez en mesure d'avoir même l
Seen a very kick ass band tonight in maryland hot tub limo!   Theie on facebook if u get a moment and some time to kill check em out 
Ich Würde Ein Sch? Nes Abendessen
Die Tatsache, dass Ihr Mann Goodies du und dein Sohn so gro?, Ein gro? Es Plus ist. Es ist schwer, einen guten Mann, der nichts Jugendlichen aus einer früheren Ehe zu finden. Ich denke auch, er hat Glück, eine Person sowie zu haben.Ich glaube, dass Sie beide die andere Person lieben. Kurzfristig sind die Dinge gut oder sogar gro? Artig. Die Frage ist: Gibt es eine konkrete Zukunft in diesem Zusammenhang für die lange Sicht?Sie müssen beurteilen, was Ihre Ziele für die Zukunft zu neigen. Wenn Sie Beziehungen und mehr Kinder wollen, müssen Sie eventuell jemand anderen finden zu bekommen, was Sie suchen.Ich würde ein sch? Nes Abendessen für ihn sowie bei der Organisation zu machen für jemanden, der Ihren Sohn für die Nacht Zeit. Dann würde ich mich zurück und haben ein langes Gespr? Ch mit ihm.Ich würde fragen, was seine Ziele sind, erl? Utern Sie Ihre Absicht, ihn und versuchen, sich mit einem Kompromiss für das Dilemma. Drei Jahre gemeinsam ist lang genug, wie die beiden von Ihnen zu en
You've Got A Friend
You’ve Got A Friend When you’re feeling stuck,And don’t know what to do,Remember you’ve got a friend right here,That’s always there for you. Whether you need a hand to hold,Or someone to lead the way,Don’t think for a second that you’ll imposeBecause “Real Friends” are always thereTo help you through the day.
How Can I Forgot
How can I forget the days of my troubled youth When there was no one to show me the ways of life. When I was lost and lonely you cared for me...You were my father You were my brother... You were there for me.You fought for me when I struggled for my identity... When  no one could tell me who I was You were shaping me molding me forming me...You handled me with care and with the skill of a master craftsman...You would let no one attempt the task only you could perform...You were jealous over me and shielded me from the wolves who devour mens souls...When I thought I would not see past 25 years of lifeYou already had a plan for many years more...Today I remember you...Your name is burned on my heart and carved in my mind...When all seems lost and without hope....When troubles come and they will...When the  face of despair  taunts me and the darkness laughs me to scorn...I will remember you...I will watch for you..I will wait...For the brightness of Your coming...I will remember You!!!   
Dont Give Up
Don’t Give Up Don’t let today’s troublesBring you down,Or allow you to questionYour ability Don’t let life’s little obstaclesKeep you from trying,Or become the reasonFor defeat Don’t let your fearsKeep you from dreaming,Or from chasingyour dream Don’t give up for any reasonBelieve in yourself,And in yourselfYou’ll find strength
Friends Online Poem
Friends Online We’ve never really metI’ve never seen your faceThough I consider you a friendThe best in cyberspaceSomehow we clickedwith more than just a mouseWe have talks over coffeewithout leaving the house. If ever I see you,My best online budI’d give you a smileand embrace you with a hug.To simply say thank youFor all that you doAnd for not taking me,At “face value”.
Un Tresor Pas Si Lointain...
on a july winter night i can see you in my sight i want to sprout wings like a dove and fly to you, my love you have changed so much inside of me your winds have blown away the dust so now i can see i had become a dried up river bed i stumbled along parched and half past dead but i feel a fresh well spring inside me flowing my lips put forth to smile and my face is glowing these thoughts of you are embedded in my mind i have found all there is to find i can stow away my bags and let down my sails and stop the journey of these lonely trails i have searched and searched and the search is over for never in my life will there be someone other i will set up my camp until the end of time for there is nothing left for me to find
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
There was no movement for a few minutes until he reappeared, fully dressed. He said something to Vanessa, who remaied still, draped over the side of the bed. She didn't respond, and he turned and disappeared out of view. We watched as she remained on the bed. she was covered in his cum. Her pussy was oozing with his cum and swollen.    Emily and i sat frozen on the bed. We couldn't believe what we just had watched take place in my bedroom at home. My dick was rock hard in my shorts, and i wanted to fuck Emily desperately, but i couldn't take my eyes off the screen. I couldn't move them away from the look of my wife, covered in cum, laying exhusted half off the bed.    Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Emily got up off the bed and knelt down in front of me. She unzipped my shorts and pulled my stiff dick from my boxers. Without saying a word, she began to suck me off. My eyes remained rivited on the screen of my laptop as i watched my wife get up off the bed and walk out o
Still Here
I should have died a hundred times. Most days I wish I had. The pain, constant, is the only thing I can count on in life. Hiding it from everyone, it increases until plans to end it begin to cross my mind.  Who do I give my possessions away to?  Who will take care of my cats?  Will anyone notice I'm gone?  Will I be remembered? I've spent years trying to compile a suicide music playlist.  The music seems more important than the actual method.  The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains...  Pills, gun, razor blade, bridge jump...  If it could only be as simple as "format C:/". At this point, I can't remember ever not being in pain.  Was the physical pain caused by emotional or vise versa?  Does it really matter anymore? Ever present, it won't let me ignore it.  Stabbing, pulsing, throbbing, dispair, unlessness, failure... I know I'm dying, it's just the when that's unknown. Am I worth more dead than alive? I'm still here.
Wanta Get Kinki And Have Fun
George Zimmerman Verdict
... ok. i want to speak my peace. i'm sorry to what happened to trayvon martin. and my condolences goes out to his family. but... george zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. it should be the end of it. but, you got the civil rights people and everyone pushing for more justice. that's kind of bullshit. because of it was the other way around.. a black adult killing a white teenager.. there would NOT be this much of a uproar over it. and it's quite bullshit if you ask me.
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
I didn't have to strain to see how moist her pussy  has become throughout the activity. She was getting more turned on with every smack of the paddle. He whacked her again, and then kissed her. Finally the paddle dropped to the floor and her turned back to face her. He bent his knees slightly and pushed his dick back into her pussy. He began to thrust again, and i tried to picture his thick dick streching her pussy wide.   He moved quickly now. Each pump coming harder. Her body was tensing and i knew that she was climaxing as he fucked her. Her legs buckled a bit and he held her up with his big arms. As he started to cum i watched him pull out of her and shoot his load all over her  ass and up her back. The cum literally poured out of his dick, covering her and rolling down her body.  Vanessa fell forward onto the bed, ezhusted. the guy turned walked off the screen. 
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
And the guy was doing just that. He pounded his dick into her, his hips bucking back and forth as she hung on to the bed. His hands were on her hips, and every time he thrust forward, he would pull her backward, and i knew that he was going deep as he could inside  of her. Then without warning, he stopped and pulled out of her. He turned around and walked toward my dresser, his front in full view of the cam. Emily exhaled as i whispreed, "Oh my God."   we both looked at the screen of my laptop and took in the site. He had to have been 10 inches long and thiker than me. He was massive. I oubted if Vanessa could even fit him in her mouth, he was so thick. he grabbed something off the dresser and turned back to her. Vanessa remained still, her pussy sticking as high into the air as she could get it. Her hands hanging onto the bedpost as he moved over to her. He stood to the side of her, one hand on his dick, stroking it.   His other hand was holding the object. I still couldn't tell w
Message From The Universe
The Universe  said to me :Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu,Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu,Happy Birrrrthday Dear Eugenia,Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu!A few years back, not so long ago, heaven and earth erupted into a major celebration with the news of your impending adventure into this very time and space. You see, someone like Eugenia Holt doesn't come along all that often. In fact, there's never been a single one like you, nor is there ever ANY possibility that another will come again. You're an Angel among us. Someone, whose eyes see what no others will EVER see, whose ears hear what no others will EVER hear, and whose perspective and feelings will NEVER, ever be duplicated. Without YOU, the Universe, and ALL THAT IS, would be sadly less than it is.Quite simply:You're the kind of person, Eugenia,Who's hard to forget,A one-in-a-millionTo the people you've met.Your friends are as variedAs the places you go,And they all want to tell youIn case you don't know:That you make a big differenceIn the
Mind Control
.Wake up people....We demand change...we can't change unless you people wake up from all the delusions that have been fed to you.Un plug yourself from the reality T/v they want you to believe is real.We are the REAL deal THEY are the illusions.You're beginning to believe the illusions they are spinning here, you're beginning to believe that the tube is reality and your own lives are unreal. You do. Why, whatever the tube tells you: you dress like the tube, you eat like the tube, you raise your children like the tube, you even think like the tube. This is mass madness, you maniacs..Free your self and free your mind from all the constant political/media/Hollywood mind control we are all under.Peel back the Illusions and start demanding a better reality.Right now, there is a whole, an entire generation that never knew anything that didn't come out of this tube. This tube is the gospel, the ultimate revelation; this tube can make or break presidents, popes, prime ministers; this tube is th
Ocean Minds
Ocean Minds     It was always magic imagined we couldn't cross the distance that blew onto our separate shores a crazy love tangled web twisted emotions on oceanic minds     under my night sky and your summer blue the moon lit my face with kisses sent by you from the burning sun connected by a thread overstretched         I never knew it would fly so far build to the height of unsteadiness it was love unimagined before it came we hungered and devoured greedily fed fast without thought until we started drowning in the tears     under my night sky and your summer blue the moon lit my face with kisses sent by you from the burning sun connected by a thread overstretched     would you love me for all I remember would you love me if our worlds collide would you love me if I stood on your shore would you love me at the end of it all would you love me if I was more real than a dream
Society Dies
  I'm my black hoodie and unarmed. Alarms in my mind swarm like bees to warn off suspicious ones with guns to protect neighborhood homes. We're not alone as the whole world is watching giving opinions emotionally fuel, feeling its punishment so cruel. America using us as a tool driving a wedge in the shaky grounds where race lays. This is no play. No applause at the end of this. Only tears and secon...d guesses walking its way through society today. Shall we threat the life of another, one with skin not of kin or brother. Left in the crossfire are the mothers. Burdens to bury their youth. If I was you, how will you dealt with these situations? Would you pay attention to the advice given to you or would you continue on with your mission to protect all that's dear and near to you? A million man march formed from the march of one. Now black hoodies rise from the ashes of burning buildings, is this the route to healing? In the aftermath we have to ask who we actually killing. Society dies
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
Emily and i were totally silent, unable to speak as we  watched my wife dance around in only her panties. She turned around for  her lover and us,  she placed her thumbs on the elastic of the only remaining fabric. As she slid the panties down, she leaned over, exposing her ass and pussy. My wife was very flexible and managed to bend right over so that her hands touched her toes, and she lifted her feet over the panties.  She remained in that position, bent over, her pussy lips in full viewm her ass hole exposed to the guy sitting in the chair.   We watched as the fifure came into view of the cam. My mouth dropped as i realized that this time it wasn,t John. Instead, the guy who came into view of the cam was a complete stranger to me. I had never seen him before. I was certain of that.  He was the kind of guy you wouldn't forget meeting. He must have been 6  1/2 feet tall. His arms were massive.  He looked like a ball player. And he was as dark as me.    I was stunned as this guy d
Fly~ Deep inside these bitter wall's cold steel rest's, a cage holding me here, locked on the outside I sit on my knobby perch, claws wrapped around tight, will I ever feel the wind under my wings again, will rain drops land gently on my feathers ever again, would my wings even flap anymore if I got the chance, why hold me, cage me, I'd look even more beautiful if I could fly  
some perspective, if you will, on the zimmerman verdict. Fla. mom gets 20 years for firing warning shots May 12, 2012, 10:32 AM (CBS News) JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A Florida woman who fired warning shots against her allegedly abusive husband has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Marissa Alexander of Jacksonville had said the state's "Stand Your Ground" law should apply to her because she was defending herself against her allegedly abusive husband when she fired warning shots inside her home in August 2010. She told police it was to escape a brutal beating by her husband, against whom she had already taken out a protective order. CBS Affiliate WETV reports that Circuit Court Judge James Daniel handed down the sentence Friday. Under Florida's mandatory minimum sentencing requirements Alexander could receive a lesser sentence, even though she has never been in trouble with the
Man Calls 911 Says He Too Drunk To Drive
I thought this was funny in a way...let me know what you think after you read it.. Man calls 911 says he's too drunk to driveCambria,NY - Authorities say 33-year old western New York man calls 911 and reports that he was too drunk too drive.The Niagara County Sheriff's Office tells Buffalo's YNN cable television news that the Lockport resident was driving on a rural road in the neighboringtown of Cambria last Wednesday night when he called emergency dispatchersto report he was drunk and didnt want to drive any farther because he didnt want to hurt anyone.Deputies found him in his car a short time later and arrested him after he failed a field sobreity test.Police say he had a blood-alcohol content of .15 precent nearly twice the legal limit for driving while intoxicated. He was charged with DWI.
Federal Government Plans to Persecute Zimmerman     Kurt NimmoInfowars.comJuly 14, 2013 It’s not over, said one of the most powerful men in America, Senate Majority Leader Henry Reid. He said now that a jury of his peers has found George Zimmerman not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, it is time for the federal government to step in.   Appearing on Meet the Press this morning, Reid told host David Gregory the Justice Department will go after Zimmerman. “And the president, does he have a role in speaking about it as he did after the shooting?” Gregory asked. “Yeah, of course,” Reid responded. “And I think the Justice Department’s going to take a look at this. You know, this isn’t over with, and I think that’s good, that’s our system. It’s gotten better, not worse.” In other words, if a jury reaches a verdict the federal government and the Obama adm
***a Must Read***
A man of 32 years, was smoking, while smokinghis cigarette, he puffed out some smoke into theair and said:'God, that's for you.'He died at the age of 32 of LUNG CANCER in ahorrible manner.The man who built the TitanicAfter the construction of Titanic, a reporterasked him how safe the Titanic would be.With an ironic tone he said: 'Not even God cansink it'The result: I think you all know what happenedto the TitanicMarilyn Monroe (Actress)She was visited by Billy Graham during apresentation of a show.He said the Spirit of God had sent him to preachto her.After hearing what the Preacher had to say, shesaid:'I don't need your Jesus'.A week later, she was found dead in herapartmentBon Scott (Singer)The ex-vocalist of the AC/DC. On one of his1979 songs he sang:'Don't stop me; I'm going down all the way,down the highway to hell'.On the 19th of February 1980, Bon Scott wasfound dead, he had been choked by his ownvomit.Campinas (IN 2005)In Campinas , Brazil a group of friends, drunk,went to pick
  一,事情粗略经过 1, 2013年07月14日15:00左右的时间,01089687692,019033212说我用身份证在北京办了医保卡和工商卡,买卖冰毒违禁品,金额高达261万人民币,要把我铐进北京市怀柔公安局的监狱,要我马上立即迅速到工商银行办理清查资金的情况,但是又不准跟银行人员说我不认识汇款接受人,它们
100 Greatest Bands List
1. Mötley Crüe  2. KISS  3. Guns N' Roses  4. Def Leppard  5. Scorpions  6. Whitesnake  7. Dokken  8. Aerosmith (80's era)  9. Tesla10. Bon Jovi11. Skid Row12. Alice Cooper13. Cinderella14. Poison15. W.A.S.P.16. RATT17. Stryper18. Quiet Riot19. Hanoi Rocks20. Twisted Sister21. Extreme22. Great White23. Warrant24. Y & T25. Kix26. White Lion27. L.A. Guns28. Mr. Big29. Damn Yankees30. Faster Pussycat31. Firehouse32. Slaughter33. David Lee Roth34. Vinnie Vincent Invasion35. Winger36. Love/Hate37. Night Ranger38. Enuff Z Nuff39. Nitro40. Helix41. Europe42. Lita Ford43. Thunder44. Steelheart45. Lynch Mob46. Badlands47. Vixen48. Autograph49. Keel50. Dangerous Toys 51. Bang Tango 52. Whitecross 53. Jackyl 54. Micheal Monroe 55. Vain 56. Kick Axe 57. Giant 58. Bullet Boys 59. Steeler 60. EZO61. Trixter 62. Danger Danger63. Tyketto 64. Lizzy Borden65. Britny Fox 66. Jetboy 67. Zodiac Mindwa
If That's What You Want - Twisted Sister
Now I think of you as I listen to my radioAnd it takes me back to a place and time not long ago, my rock 'n' rollWe used to rock, oh how we rocked our nights away, rememberAnd though I long, oh how I long for yesterdayBut that don't change the way I'm feelin' todayIf that's what you want, if that's all you need you can have it, babyHave it, baby, without meSay you needed more, said you wanted things that I can't give, haWell, show me what you've got and tell me is that how you wanna liveOnce what we had, really that bad wasn't that wrong, tell meNow all you've got, look what you've got is your own songAnd your memories while you sing it alongIf that's what you want, if that's all you need you can have it, babyHave it, baby, without meIf that's what you want, if that's all you need you can have it, babyHave it, baby, without meAnd remember how life would flow while listenin' to the radioWe've lived and loved and played and the song shall last awayNow I wonder what the king would have to
Hero's Are Hard To Find - Twisted Sister
Heroes are hard to findAlrightListenEverybody says they wanna change the worldEverybody's got a banner to unfurlMan, woman, boy and girlOn the corner down the road and up the blockThere's somebody who needs all what you've gotAnd they ain't asking for a lotWell, God knows you can hear the people prayingYou know you can turn away, you gotta give it a shotHeroes are hard to find, won't someone take the timeHeroes are hard to find, we need you, come on and tryHeroes are hard to find, you've got to cross that lineHeroes are hard to findIn the movies, in the news or on TVAll the heroes seem so different but you seeThey're the same as you and meIt don't matter who you are or what you've doneYou don't need to have a badge or knife or gunYou can be the chosen oneWell, God knows the world could use some savingYou know that we'll lose, you gotta give it a tryHeroes are hard to find, won't someone take the timeHeroes are hard to find, is it you, come on and tryHeroes are hard to find, you've got
Heavy Metal Christmas - Twisted Sister
On my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,a tattoo of Ozzy.On my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,Two pairs of spandex pantsAnd a tattoo of OzzyOn my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,Three studded beltsTwo pairs of spandex pantsAnd a tattoo of OzzyOn my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,Four quarts of JackThree studded beltsTwo pairs of spandex pantsAnd a tattoo of OzzyOn my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,Five skull earringsFour quarts of JackThree studded beltsTwo pairs of spandex pantsAnd a tattoo of OzzyOn my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,Six cans of hairsprayFive skull earringsFour quarts of JackThree studded beltsTwo pairs of spandex pantsAnd a tattoo of OzzyOn my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,Seven leather jacketsSix cans of hairsprayFive skull earringsFour quarts of JackThree studded beltsTwo pairs of spandex pantsAnd a tattoo of OzzyOn my heavy metal Christmas my true love gave to me,
Come Out And Play - Twisted Sister
Twisted sister...Come out and play...Twisted sister...Come out and play...Twisted sister...Come out and play...Twisted sister...Come out and playAre you afraid Of things that go bump in the night?Behind closet doors Of things when you turn out the lightDon't be afraid of the nightThere's a light in the dark burning brightDon't be afraidDon't be afraidDon't be afraid......of the lightCome inside our worldAn oyster 'round a pearlYou'll all be safe inside A perfect place to hide, you'll seeFun by decreeRide above the stormThe average and the normA new found ecstacyA wild fantasy come trueThis one's for youOh, welcome to our showOh, welcome to our lifeJust follow me and you'll set yourself free Now won't you come out and playCome out and playCome on out and playCome out and playCome on out and playCome out and playCome on out and playCome out and playCome on out and playJoin our cavalcadeEnter the world you madeWe're only here for youTo do what you won't do, you knowOn with the showA place
We Already Know
My lips parted just a little and waiting, for only you while our fates are debating. Perfection may be hard to meet, then the light wins the battle, so we can eat. Could be willing to say thanx, for the subtle cuddles, peanuts and dranks. Sure would like to recipicate, ane give you a reason to remember this date.   come up here baby, there is nothing to prove, we already know I can feel you move. I don't need to tell you exactly where, we already know, so be oh so fair.   I'm lost and here is you, wondering when I will come home, I would stay beside you as long as you wish for us to be alone. each of us can feel what the other is feeling, we guided our hearts to do the stealing. We skipped just taking it mildly slow, and no harm, no foul, because we alreay know.   Sometimes we might wonder, will the day come?? when we can ignore the rest of the world and become one. If its meant to be, it will take place, we can hold hands and suck eachothers face. Lingering reason
Lo Bignone And Santos Have Agreed In Principle
Milan this summer, the first person cleaning Robinho Canbei sale agreement is reached In a long time, after fruitless negotiations,cheap jerseys AC Milan and Santos on Robinho's transfer made important progress. Local time yesterday, the Italian and Brazilian media have said between AC Milan and Santos have agreed to return to the Brazilian Robinho is about effectiveness. Mediaset's correspondent Rye Monty revealed: "AC Milan have accepted Santos 5.5 million plus bonuses last offer, now just waiting for Santos and Robinho agreed between."Borussia Dortmund jersey Meanwhile, Rye Monti said: "Lo Bignone and Santos have agreed in principle, effectiveness after three years at AC Milan, he will return to Brazil, Santos has been in AC Milan, the transfer fee has reached the requirements, but still want Robinho to accept a pay cut, This message will be in a few hours after the official announcement. "Brazil's global network also said, AC Milan and Santos have reached a consensus between the
I Wish
I wish I could go back in time and fall in love with you all over again. I want to undo all the things that went wrong in our relationship because we were so immature. I want to do all that I can to avoid those silly quarrels which kept us gloomy for days. I just want to sit beside you and do all those things which we missed doing. I want to plan things with you, things we always thought we wanted to do but we never had the time. I want to sit with you and watch your kind of movies and laugh together. I want to talk to you about everything and anything under the sun. We have had our bad days but you are that one person in my life whom I can never give up on. I know I cannot change the past but I just want to fall in love with you over and over again. I love you with my heart and soul.
Thoughts For Saturday
     Happy Saturday night to all freaks and peeps out there!! Hmmm...sitting here thinking if someone says they care about you then at least show some respect and call or text to let him/her know that your okay.  Otherwise why waste your time caring about someone if there not gonna show anything in return??  I really should be eating my own words right now considering how much of a private person that I am.  FML!! LOL      I remeber someone once said to me not to say FML(which means fuck my life)that person didn't like hearing it...but I have cut back on saying it!!  Also, it's been said that if you can't sleep at night that means that someone is dreaming of you..not sure if I believe in these sayings but it does have me thinking...      I guess tonight I'm just agitated because the week has been stressful and I'm just not amused or feelin too happy on the idea of the current events that are happening in my life...I need to up and move and forget about this place, but I guess the que
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
Slowly she brought her hands back up to her blouse and began to undo the buttons. slowly, one at a time, she undid them. With each opened button, more of her skin was exposed to both her lover and us.  we watched silently as she dropped the shirt to the floor, her arms wrapping across her chest, hiding her breasts, which were also covered by her bra. She squeezed them, pulling and tugging.   Her hands moved behind her and she unclasped the bra and dropped it to the floor. She dropped her arms to her side as she continued to sway back and forth, her breasts fully exposed, her nipples clearly erect. She smiled as her hands moved to the front of her jeans, slowly rubbing between her legs before moving up to her zipper. She opened them and gently began to slide them down her long legs. She kicked them off, flicking them to where John must have been sitting. she laughed as they flew out of view of the camera
Calliused Hands
At about 3 a.m. in the morning , I was borned 67 years ago , I had a very good life with my grandparents but not my Mother or Dad. When I had turned into a young Lady , it seemed as if desire was at hand. And not the kind that should have been. So I returned to the country life I had loved so well. There's always been a fighting "Warrior " in me. Had to be to survive. Married at a tender age and divorced at the legal age , always said , I could walk out a door just as easy as I walked in. I had learned, Never to trust a man. They will always hurt you , always ....... But as I grew older ( not wiser ) I did find love that was true. Love that ran deep ..... And though it has been gone so long , He died. I want it again. I want the tender sweet love and the calliused hands of a hard worker. There is a man , though my untrusting ran him away. On my 67th. Birthday I dearly Wish I could tell him that I love him so very very much and that isn't going to change. If it's not g
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
At the moment there was nothing happening in the room, but i guessed it wouldn't be long before the action would begin. Emily got up and poured us a glass of wine as we waited. We talked about fantasies and desires as caually played with each other's body. We were warmimng up. knowing that another round of fucking was soon going to take place.    Sunddenly some movement caught our attention and we looked at the screen. Vanessa walked into the room and walked over to the Cd/alarm clock on our nightstand. She put in a disk and pressed play. I again regretted having not set up the sound to go along with the video. We watched as she moved away from the corner of the room and started talking to someone out of the view of the cam.   I wondered what she was saying to John. Whatever it was, i could tell she was getting a reaction. She smiled at what must have been his replay, and then slowly started to dance. We sat on the bed and watched as my wife began to dance for her lover. She moved
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
She was quiet for a minutes and then finally whispered, "Lee am i bad for getting so tuned on by what you did today? I mean, i can't believe how hot you made me by giving that guy my panties. What's he going to do with them? Are you really going to make me fuck him too? I'm kinda scared about being with more than one guy at a time. but i really like the idea."   I let her ramble on, nodding in agreement when needed. Finally she quieted down and leaned over and kissed me.   Some time later after enjoying a small supper, we headed back to the hotel. It was about eight o'clock and time to chech out the cam broadcasting from my bed room. i opened mty laptop and diled my connection again. After a few minutes, the streaming viseo opened up on the screen, and we had a clear view of my bed.
Celtic Astrology
Interest how well these things fit sometimes. Ivy – The SurvivorSeptember 30 – October 27Among other cherished qualities of the Ivy Celtic tree astrology sign, most prized is your ability to overcome all odds. You have a sharp intellect, but more obvious is your compassion and loyalty to others. You have a giving nature, and are always there to lend a helping hand. You are born at a time of the waning sun so life can be difficult for you at times. This sometimes seems unfair because it appears that obstacles are coming at with no prompting on your part. Nevertheless, you endure troubling times with silent perseverance and soulful grace. Indeed, Ivy signs have a tendency to be deeply spiritual and cling to a deep-rooted faith that typically sees them trough adversity. You are soft spoken, but have a keen wit about you. You are charming, charismatic, and can effectively hold your own in most social settings. Ivy signs are attracted to the Celtic tree astology sign of Oak a
How To Do The Cherry Inferno
941 stud has created two videos on youtube of how to do the cherry inferno. Most everything else I will say has been covered by stud in the videos, but maybe it will help some for me to explain it here. A cherry bomb lasts for 1 hour and you must wait 30 seconds between bombings. 30 seconds happens 120 times in an hour. It will take you a minimum of 3 to 6 seconds to activate a cherry bomb, load the page for the first photo album and bomb it. Because of that time that is lost on the first album, 119 albums is the maximum possible. If it takes 5 seconds to bomb the first album, that means there is only a 25 second room-for-error for all of the remaining albums. If you average being a quarter of a second late on the remaining 118 albums you will run out of time before meeting the inferno requirement. It is not like you can make up lost time by doing another album early because it will not l
Welcome Home = Coheed& Cambria
You could have been all I wantedBut you weren't honestNow get in the groundYou choked off the sorriest of favorsBut if you really loved meYou would've endured my willIf you're just as I presumedYou're a whore in sheep's clothingFucking up all I doAnd if, oh, here we've stoppedThen never again will you see this in your lifeAnd onto the glory at my right handHere laid to rest, is our love ever lowWith truth on the shores of confessionYou seem to take premise to all of these, soYou stormed off to scar the armadaLike Odin played leaderI'll drill through your handsThe stone for the curse you have blamed meWith love and devotion, I'll die as you sleepBut if you could just write me out
Orange     Now see the beautiful sunset ore the ocean blueFiery colors due abound of poems there are a few I wish that I could write one, about that perfect hueBut nothing rhymes with OrangeOrchards stretch for miles, they never seem to stopThere nectar baring fruit is one that’s hard to topA fruit that justifies a sonnet, but might as well be rockBut nothing rhymes with OrangeHow do I describe a basketball?Or the bricks within my garden wallThe autumn leaves before they fallBut nothing rhymes with OrangeSo the hardest line you’ll ever writeOne to keep you up all nightSo please tell if you mightWhat the hell rhymes with ORANGE?
Alone In My Head (1997)
ALONE IN MY HEAD!     Alone in my head,I'm feeling so low,You wont understand,No one can know.My eyes are so tired, I can't sleep at night,A face haunts my dreams,When I turn out the light.It happened so suddenly, It happened so fast,I knew all at once, That none of this would last.Was I just a game?Was this all just for fun?Did my feelings matter, To anyone? "This didn't mean anything",That's what you said,As I was so shamefully,Getting up from the lonely ] bed.I held my head high,As I walked by your side,Tears welling up,I was dying inside.Weeks have passed,Keeping secrets, telling lies, I don't have the strength, To look either of them in the eyes. My heart has been betrayed,Not once, but twice,Once by my best friend,Once by the love I thought I knew.Deep down inside,I know it's my fault,So I'm just going to lock it, Away in my vault. Sometimes I still think I'm in a bad dream,When I'm lying in bed,Still all alone,Inside of my head.  
In The Heat Of The Day Erotic Story
In The Heat of The Day  Nothing seemed to help  the heat and humidity of the day. I decided that a cold shower just might do the trick. I climbed in and as I was standing there, I got lost in the sensation of the cold water as it took my breath away briefly, then flowed over my hot body. The water ran down my breasts and over my nipples, making them turn erect, which excited me. I rubbed my fingers over them, then tracing their outlines with my eyes closed, finally pulling and twisting them until they ached. My desire inflamed, I slowly moved my hands down over my belly and continued until I reached my clit. As I stroked my fingernails lightly over it, I felt the electricity rock me to the core. Knowing that He was on His way home I played with myself until I was aroused, but did not allow myself to cum. After toweling off slowly and sensuously, I found one of my short skirts that reached just below my firm ass. I didn't bother putting on panties as I knew that was the way He lik
The Naughty Neighbor Affair...
The Naughty neighbor  affair...   The apartment was all quiet ,I was home all alone for the day.. I was wandering what I could  do to keep my self entertained?  Hmmm I thought  "Booty call"  I decided to text my neighbor  since he was off work    and see if he was tied up with the  wife or see if he had some free time for some fun...  fingers crossed.. he was was free  and he could stop by ... my body  began to tingle  with  anticipating his reply , than  my phone buzzed and  he said yeah he was free  he stop by  after lunch which certainly put a smile on my face, so I   went up and  took a shower and done my hair and make up and slipped on a leopard   silk  lingereah with   thigh highs and  some  heels...  because it was certainly goin to be a  wild ride ...   i heard a knock  on the front door   so I went down stairs     to answer the door. a smile was all that was needd as he looked me up and down my  gown gaping open to reveal my  lingereah,.He pounced  through the do
Wet And Steamy Day ... Erotic Story...
Driving down a long dusty country road with the tunes blaring, we spend a quiet afternoon. The music is lightening our spirits and I reach over a stroke the inside of your leg. Rubbing it in small circles, up the inside of your thigh and then back down to your knee. I lean over and tell you I love you and am enjoying this time together.   Along the way we find a small secluded grove of ancient oaks, beckoning us to pull up and stop... to commune with nature. You can't fight the force that beckons you and pull into the cool green canopy. We get out of the truck and I walk over and take your hand. It is so peaceful here. I lift up my face and you bend down and kiss me lightly, I open my mouth and the tip of your tongue reaches out and twirls around my tongue. I exhale and your tongue slips deeper into my mouth. I suck it and tease it with my teeth, dancing around it with my tongue.   You pull me in tight and we stay locked in this kiss for a few minutes. Feeling our passion mount. I
To My Dearest Family Prayer From Heaven...
To my dearest family,Some things I would like to say,But first of all, to let you knowThat I arrived ok.I’m writing this from HeavenWhere I dwell with God above,here there’s no more tears or sadnessThere is just eternal love.Please do not be unhappyJust because I’m out of sight.Remember that I’m with youEvery morning, noon, and night.That day that I had to leave youWhen my life on earth was through,God picked me up and hugged meAnd He said, I welcome you.It’s good to have you back againYou were missed while you were gone.As for your dearest; familyThey’ll be here later on.I need you here so badlyAs part of my big plan.There’s so much that we have to doTo help our mortal man.Then God gave me a list of thingsHe wished for me to do.And foremost on that list of mineIs to watch and care for you.And I will be beside youEvery day and week and year.And when you’re sad,I’m standing there to wipe away the tears.And when you lie in bed at nigh
How You Make Me Feel ... Poem By Temptation
I wish I had the words to explain Just how you make me feel How for the first time in my life I know a love that is real You make me feel safe Like nothing can ever hurt me Held securely in your arms Is where I want to be You love gives me a strength To face what each day brings A strength I never thought possible Giving me the ability to deal with things You make me feel wonderful Both inside and out What others think doesn't matter How you treat me leaves no doubt You give me hope for a future Full of happiness and love Someone I can count on You're more than I ever dreamed of You make me feel things That I never have before Each new feeling Causing me to love you more There are no words to express How much I truly love you But I can promise to show it In all I say and do
Here I Am
Yeah, short but sweet today. I am reporting in and that is about it. I will probably be around, but I don't feel the best. Have fun, but not too much. Try to be nice too!!
Jdrf Walk
Hi peeps I'm walking in my 8th Juvenile Diabetes Walk If you can please help me by making a small donation it would really mean a lot to me Thank You
My Secret Squirting Orgasms1
Watch me talking about my secre orgsams in my blog secret orgasms
The Fight To Come
  I've made many mistakes in the future. Traumatizing and I've yet to get use to. So I sweat as I feel I must misuse. This love you have given me, why the fuck shall I abuse. Love is not a boat on a summer cruise. Its many days through a deadly storm and don't you hit that snooze. Wake up from the sirens and defend it with your might from these pirates, with camera crews. Seems like the neighborhood is watching, huddling all around us like its the evening news. Your parents did not approve. Reading the statuses. Is this how mad we get?  Will we ever find our cool? Turning this website to a tool used to be raping you. That's the realest shit i'll ever do and yes really I love you too. Still i'm all for you. Your one and only dude.
Battle Of The Bands
Listen to it... rate it... challenge your friends.
        Ive driven to alot of places over the years of being a truck driver. Maine to California. Florida to Oregon. And in all the places Ive been Ive heard nothing but the same thing. Where have all the good men gone? And my answer is..They are tired of being hurt. Just recently I found out what opening your completely feels like, and also felt the betrayal and pain of watching it stepped on, tore apart, and pissed on by some one who said they wanted everything to do with me. Yet when plans were made for me to uproot my life, travel 1000 miles to this person, and arrive to see them, I was left standing at a bus station for over 8 hrs before getting amessage to get a motel room. Then this person proceeded to continus playing me through the next day until that afternoon i was told good bye and she loved some one else. So when you all ask those around you..Where have all the good men gone? Look for those hanging there heads, those you look past because they arent some muscle head, or so
The Glass Divide..
Sitting beneath the shade of the tall Sycamore tree he would enjoy his days.  The smell of the recently cut grass filled the air and the soft swaying of the branches in the cool summers breeze whispered to him, telling him stories of days gone by.  The rustling of the leaves would quicken at times, and even the whistling of the dandelion blossoms would sing to him as he enjoyed his time amidst the shadows cast upon him while the sun trickled down through the foliage of the tree that sheltered him. Across the way stood the house.. the house that kept her inside.  Glimpses now and then, and sometimes more. Her fleeting glances brough him a smile, as he would smile back through the glass divide.  Never were words truly spoken, but each story told by the look on her face gave him clarity into the life she lived inside.  Sometimes she would stop and stare. Not at him, but staring into the void of the sky.  The glint of sun in her eyes would cause her to close them slightly, but still he cou
Surgery (monday ~ July 15)
Well Hello there ... obviously you were curious enough to want to find out what is going on or maybe you just like a bit of blood and gore. hee hee :p  Either way this is the story. A few years ago I was told I had loss of cartilage and an arthritic spur in my right foot. The doc told me I could have surgery and I would walk without pain, but I wouldn't dance again. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! So I spent the next 4 years walking, dancing, and NOT WEARING HEELS (except to dance or on really special occasions) and now I'm worse and better all at the same time. It got to the point that I would have to take my shoes off every chance I got (and that's not many with quick changes and all) and even had a few teary moments on stage (NOT COOL ~ but always done with a smile). Soooo now the verdict is ..... I have Hallux Limitus, Arthritis, and Bunions on and in both big toes. Basically it means I can't bend my big toes upwards (ever tried to walk without flexing your toes?), because I have extra
What's The Point?
Of sending friends requests to people you don't even like? I don't get it. Adding friends is not something I take lightly. I mean everyone on my friend list is there cuz I would totally bang the shit out of them. It's of comedic value to note that 9 out of 10 people who send me friend requests end up putting me on block instead.    baby girl likes you +2310 points 2 days ago ·new friend request from 'baby girl' received 2 days ago ·baby girl rated you an '11' +105 points 2 days ago ·baby girl just checked you out - What the fuck kind of loser cunt calls themselves baby girl? - 12:31pm more To baby girl: what the fuck are you sending me a friend request for you dumb bitch baby girl: fuck you to July 12, 2013 11:07am more To baby girl: that would be "too" as in also, you illiterate point whore 1:12pm reply baby girl: look just go fuck off you big gay mother fucker you sure cant get anything eles 3:12pm more To baby girl: appar
My Delightful Insanity..
The quiet whispers within my own head, The pictures in my mind stained crimson red, The unthinkable desires that must be fed, Rationality gone, I find chaos instead. The screams and echoes are a constant sound, My world crumbling, I lay curled on the ground. A shadow of my old self is all that is found, No help in sight, there’s no one around. The final acceptance of what is to be, Welcoming the beast that’s inside of me. No need to resist, my mind is now free, Welcome to my world, of delightful insanity. ~D.S.T.
One Single Moment..
The lighting of the room cast only faint shadows and the temperature that was felt was not caused by the air around us, but by the depth in the warmth of the feel of your skin against mine.  Standing there with your back pressed to the hard cold surface of the wall, the warmth of my body pinning you tight against it consumed the both of us.  As I stood there.. your hands clasped softly above your head, being held tight with one of my hands.. I stood in the shadowed veil of our desires.. staring into your eyes and wanting to see that one spark.. that one singular glimmer of being that would bring truth to the words not yet spoken.  As my other hand slowly slipped upwards along your body, the tips of my fingers traced each  soft curve of your figure. Slowly, my fingers trailed along the center of your chest.. up.. up along your neck and beneath you chin, cupping it momentarily. Still standing there, our pulses quickening, I pressed even closer.  As my finger trips trace your delicate l
The Beauty Of It All.. B D/s M
Whips and chains, collars and leather.  Latex and vinyl, cuffs and rope.  Naked bodies.. wild sexual encounters.  These are some of the aspects of BDSM that come to the minds of most who do not understand the lifestlye.  Some of the most intense encounters I've ever shared with a submissive did not even involve a single sexual experience, or even a single piece of clothing coming off.  To all of the persons wishing to venture into the world of BDSM, take the time to understand the many facets of it. Those things listed are only a small intricate part of the whole.  If you chose to venture into the D/s part of it.. do not proclaim youself a Dom simply because you crave power, and do not dare consider yourself a Master, unless you understand the difference between the two.  The beauty of being a Master is not about control. If you do not realize that the balance of control rests between a Master or Mistress and His or Her submissive, then you need to become a Master of yourself prior
Dog Food Diet
I was at the store buying dog food, while in the line a woman behind me asked if I had a dog. Why else would I be buying dog food? So on impulse I told her that no, I didn't have a dog, I was starting the Dog Food Diet again, and that I probably shouldn't, because I ended up in the hospital last time, but that I'd lost 50 pounds before I woke up in intensive care, with tubes coming out of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a perfect diet and all you do is load your pockets with the dog food and eat some  every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well and I was going to try it again. Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care, because the dog food poisoned me. I told her no, I stepped off a curb to sniff a poodle's butt and a car hit me.
Happy Endings
  Happy homes no existence. No image of a family. TV sitcoms, we were a witness. Couldn't see a family life as we stood from a distance. Drunken father with his mistress while mom's always bitching. Microwaves used more than stoves in the kitchen. Domestic disputes cause happy days to become missing. Parents scream all they want but we kids never listened. Found friends with alcohol and smokes got our young attention. Tried a little weed now imagination begins to glisten. Feel a little better after fucking for an instance. World got shitty so we had to lit the incense. Didn't erase the smell so we shitted with you bitches. Tired of the living so we continue to cut through our stitches. Woven in our wrists, no one should be shock from what we keep hidden. If we succeed then we hope that God is forgiving. Happy Endings.
Lounge Policy
My policy in regard to lounges is based on the following blog lQQk with emphasis on the following: Lounge Rules #9: "Nudity on cam is permitted provided the lounge is Invite Only, has [NSFW] in its lounge name and (if applicable) the cams are to be Password Protected (Please Note the Password cannot be listed in the lounge or on any members pages, also note the more you (the Owner/Staff) allow, the more secure that particular lounge should be)". So if anyone has a lounge(s) like this then please invite me. I Love being naked on cam and for that matter naked period. I'm always respectful.
i think all of you know i have no real life friends. i have interweb friends but noone i can hang out with, talk to. i think this is seriously starting to get on my nerves and it may be harming me. i think i need friends now more than ever at this point in my transition and its probably why i think im stunted emotionally and socially. so how do i make friends, i worry that paula will get jelouse (sp) and i will just climb back into my shell, but i tried to make friends at work but they just see me a s the token trans person. i dont think anyone really sees the real me. i swear i feel like that 10 yr old kid that noone wants to play with (again). i just dont know what to do. i need friends, i need people to help me develop and expand myself. from make up tips to style, to life in general.   i think i now know why the suicide rates are so high for ts people. the loss of family and friends is hard to overcome  :(   thanks for listining to me ramble not feeling to funny anymore lat
For Both Men And Women: How To End Being Controlled By An Ex~you Wont Be Able To Start Living Life On Your Terms Until You Make The Break!!
POSTED THIS FOR A FEW OF YOU AND OUT OF LOVE AND CARE I HAVE FOR YOU! *THANK YOU GOES OUT TO FOR THIS ARTICLE!!! Ending a controlling or manipulative relationship can be even harder than being in one. Though you may think that you don't have the courage to end the relationship or that your partner won't be able to make it without you -- even if he hurts you all the time -- you won't be able to start living life on your own terms until you make the break. If you want to truly end the relationship, you have to prepare in advance, execute your plan, and follow through. Here's how to do it. Recognize that you're being controlled. Many controlling or manipulative relationships last far longer than they should because the person who is being controlled or manipulative is in denial about anything being wrong. You may think your partner is just a bit moody or needy when in fact, that person has slowly taken over every a
Can You Read This
i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs forwrad it
Aren't We Supposed To Be Different??
I know, interesting title for something that has been on my mind for a few years now.  As I watch in wonder as the country I’ve grown up in is slowly turning into exactly what we broke away from the European ways in the first place.  Tyrants and despots are appearing in our government, and no one is doing anything, or even cares to do anything about it.  We just go our business like nothing is happening. Have we really been brainwashed that much as a society? To sit and TRY to listen to the younger generation boggles my mind to the nth degree of the “are you kidding me” train of thought.  I was raised to take responsibility for my actions, both good and bad.  To not point the finger at everyone else, or make excuses why I was misled into doing it.  I was taught the difference between right and wrong, and as God as my witness, I try my best to adhere to that.  But I am human and tempted by the dark side and have made decisions that were not always the best decisions.
Big Brother
Obama Conquers Internet Through Executive Orders     Presidential policies pave foundation for future federal takeover of the Internet. Kit DanielsInfowars.comJuly 12, 2013 Obama’s policies will allow for a future government takeover of the Internet, involving multiple agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, under the guise of “national security needs” and “crisis management.” Source: Wikimedia Commons In July 2012, Obama quietly released an executive order entitled
Arrive At Get Hold Of Transmission Repair Dallas
These days facts autos homeowners are generally hitting extensive fresh data. Together with blowing up in the range of autos, the advantages of very good car mending locations are in contact with allusiveheights. It’s crucial that you take your car or truck pertaining to repairing with consistent basis to ensure they are jogging within great condition. The purchase of a vehicle is a expensive matter and you'll dispense many procedures to its equipped upkeep. Researchers have shown large numbers of auto correcting and upkeep stores where they provide you good service in relation to your truck restore and repair. Many of us in transmission repair dallas conductservicing based on your needs and spending budget. Looking at our own buyers past testimonials in addition to testimonials would likely establish the reality the fact that style of service we have capacity for will be of an standard user profile along with throughout reasonable budget. We all on transmission repair consists
Dirty Lil Playgirl
Dirty LiL Playgirl @ DLPoet   A beautiful woman standing, blinds half open,   Intrigued by memories of the now and then;Hands fall to her sides, restraining from temptation,Erotic moments race thru her, moments of ecstasy and sin. Sin so brutally sweet, a secret well kept should never be,  Loneliness and betrayal ~ scared and yet relentlessly free;Free spirited that is without regrets, bent on one knee,Begging for release to the man above, heavenly VIP. Closing the blinds she notices she’s not been alone,  With hesitation she poses ~ feet turned to stone;Intricately without thought releases, moan,Pastes a note to the glass, giving permission to phone. Sensual solitude, she awaits as she lies there still,  Oil and sweet aroma fills the air, craving for a thrill;He watches thru the window, turned on like a super powered drill,Heated moments united, hotter than an ecstasy pill. The horny fucking perv vs. the dirty lil’ playgirl,  As she begins to cream, he hides. What
Real Madrid Officially Announced The 23-year-old Star Joined Ho Throw 32.1 Million Euro Contract 6 Years
Autoplay Highlights Real Madrid Di Yuan Yi sliding doorReal Madrid officially announced to join Iraq MendyBeijing on the evening of July 12, La Liga [microblogging] Real Madrid [microblogging] official announcement from the Royal Society introduced a 23-year-old Spanish midfielder Ely Yarra Mendy, which is the fourth Real Madrid signings this summer .  Erie Yarra Mendy was born in 1990, had a total of Real Sociedad played for four seasons, cheap jerseys played 56 times, including 53 starts, 23 January 2011 The first expedition La Liga (2009/10 season the Royal Social campaign segunda, he played a second), but the 2010/11 season and played three times in the next two seasons Erie Yarra Mendy began to grow for the Royal Society of the main players, the 2011/12 season, played 18 times, in 2012/13 season, played 34 times, and all starters, his outstanding performance,AC Milan jersey but also to help Real Sociedad won the Champions League qualification for next season. Erie Ya
Mourinho Wish Rooney Taking A Dialogue Of The Heart Die Moyes: Not For Sale
Mourinho let it appreciate RooneyMoyes reiterated Rooney not for sale Beijing July 12 news, Chelsea [microblogging] [microblogging] also arrived in Thailand on their trip to Asia, the day before their English Premier League champions Manchester United [microblogging] team has arrived in Thailand, began training preparing for the same Thai star game, but yesterday the Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney [microblogging] was first to return to England because of injury. And on the England [microblogging] striker, Chelsea and Manchester United coach also launched some two Taking a dialogue, cheap jerseys Mourinho bluntly he likes this type of player Wayne Rooney, David Moyes said last week, unless they is nonsense, or Rooney will never be sold. Chelsea and Manchester United, the two clubs put their Asian tour first stop of the election in Thailand, while the two clubs is linked to the transfer of England striker Wayne Rooney suspicions, just last week, Manchester United coac
Dismembered Heart
Twisted shadows of ones mind,tears into the soul of my love.Leaving behind wounded and blind,I await for someone to give me a shove.Pushed to the edge of demise ,Weak in body and torn apart .You can see it in my eyes,I'm left standing alone with a broken heart.
We Have Done A Lot Of Hard Work To Get Him Here
Jeremy Helan to Wednesday Sheffield Wednesday F.C. have signed former France Under-19 winger Jeremy Helan from Manchester City for an undisclosed fee,Wholesale jerseys Sky Sports understands. Since joining City from French side Stade Rennais in February 2009, Helan, 21, has spent time on loan at Carlisle United, Shrewsbury Town and Sheffield Wednesday.A number of clubs in the Championship were interested in Helan, including Wolverhampton Wanderers, but the player wanted to return to Hillsborough, according to the club’s manager Dave Jones. “We have done a lot of hard work to get him here,” said Jones.Wholesale soccer jerseys“Other clubs were aware of what he did here last season and wanted him on board, but he really enjoyed his time here and wanted to come back. “To get Jeremy on a permanent transfer represents a really good signing for the football club, and is a statement of intent because he is a really talented footballer. He is young and has a te
I Always Tell What I See
Mourinho hinted at his first press conference since returning as Chelsea boss last month that he would relish the chance to bring Rooney to Stamford Bridge and his latest comments to the media in Bangkok at the start of their pre-season tour added fuel to the fire. When asked about a possible offer for Rooney, Mourinho did his best to dodge the question, Wholesale jerseys yet he could not resist praising the striker who left United's pre-season tour early on Friday after suffering a hamstring injury."He's a player that I like very much, being fast and direct I like him very much, but he's a Manchester United player," Mourinho said. "It's a funny, tricky question from an ethical point of view as I can't talk about players from other teams, but it is not my character to speak with hypocrisy, I always tell what I see." Now Moyes, also facing the press in Bangkok on United's own pre-season jaunt, was quick to move to silence Mourinho: "People are entitled to talk about good players. I'm
Alfred Angelo Dress For Your Wedding
Alfred Angelo Dress For Your Wedding Getting Married?Marriage can be high end!if all your family members are aware of that the basics a resource box doesn't have marketing campaign,as well as the savvy smart fiance-to-be slightly like your one by one which of you knows during which time for more information about body shop There are many techniques you can use to understand more about get enough detailed information online you slightly like at low prices that still have really in line with the quality, and your wedding decide what to wear can be the case best find of the exact same Consider a few of these following ideas for more information about help purchase an more wedding dress:You may possibly get going to be the get dressed ofyour dreams at an the affirmative aspect would be the fact you can possibly imagine and happens all of them are going to be the a short time Online auctions like eBay, and local auctions all your family members can purchase searching
Endure Suffering And Gain Wisdom
Have you ever goten tired of the way things have gone in your life. Sometimes do you wish you could just put youe head in the sand til it all passes. Well this is life and as humnans we arnt so furtunate. We have to face disappointment disaster and death daily. but there comes a point when you just have to say enough is enough and then it is up to you to change in order to to move forward. and the more we endure our suffering the stronger we become. hopefully we gain the wisdom along the way to not repeat the same suffering over and over. this is a sure path to repairing that wich is broken in ones self!
Common Dress Shirts--trendy, Yet Cost-effective
Common outfits includes, for both sexes, is one outstanding way to look outstanding while not burning an opening in your wallet. Being fashionable is usually believed to be quite an costly deal. However, with a little believed you can get the best of beauty (as style delivers beauty!). Now you do not have to end up purchasing affordable knock-offs that are not only terrible in top high quality style but also usually go through destruction soon after the first few uses. For all your style wants and needs, there is strong way to go– purchasing general style outfits includes that provide you the best value for cash. Getting your general style outfits clothes are simple.Choose the wholesaler:You can select either the traditional retail store outlet shops available in the market, or you could go for purchasing on the internet. Over the years, several web sites have showed up that not only provide a comprehensive wide range of general style outfits includes, but also create sure that c
Open Letter To The Homewrecker
LETTER TO THE HOMEWRECKING WOMENHello,You don’t know me. You only know what he has told you of me. Perhaps that I am crazy or boring or selfish. Or that things that have happened to him in his life are somehow my fault. Those are his usual lies. Surely you are smart enough to look into some of that for yourself, rather than just believe a man with a motive. But you don’t know me. If you did you would not violate me and trespass in my family. If you knew me you would know what the last 14 years have meant to me. If you knew me you would see the love I have for my family, the passion I share with my husband and the fierce protection I exercise over my children. You would know I care deeply and I don’t hold grudges. That I forgive easily and carry the weight of our family on my back. That I have been to hell and back and survived so I don’t give up easy. You don’t know the depth of my soul, the audacity of my heart, my faith in my God. You don’t know wh
Friday Thoughts
     Some ppl should either learn to think before they speak not speak at all or just not talk out of there ass!!  If your going to talk make sure you got some action to back that talk up or shut the hell up!! Also, If your goimg to step upon someone's bridge and attempt to cross it expect your punk ass to get burned...some of the ppl out there who like to run at the mouth need to watch what they say because in the end they will get burned and it's usually by good ol for thought!! Have an awesome weekend fubar freaks and peeps:))
Kinda sad and upset not sure why, I hate it when this feeling comes up on me, last time i had this feeling I was broken up with but I don't have a boyfriend so what could this be?   Wish I had someone to cheer me up.   Someone to hold me kiss me sweetly and say that whatever it is I'm here and we can't do anything about it anyway, let me make you a nice cup of tea and cuddles.   Yeah thats what I need sweet kisses tea and cuddles.
I Wanna Run.........
I wanna run in the fields of green , to be as fast as the deer , So fleet of foot , I want the wind in my hair , I want my heart to really care , and not be afraid of the pain I bare , I wanna run until I catch the Sun , My Mother Moon said beware , your Sister , The Stars said you shouldn't dare . But I gotta run to find the Sun. To feel the heat he will give out , to melt the icicles and remove the doubt , I gotta run , To feel the water rise , to see the trout go swiming by , and know ... I am the River Wild . cause I still run and run. When I look out across the asfault an tar , all I see is the forest not mared, River streams and animals play , where no human foot has touched the plains , Thats what I see when I run , But I'm fast approching my Lover the Sun , Then my time will be finally run and I'll forever remain with the Sun. So I run..........  
Need Your Help..
My fiancé has been diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer. We need your help.[url] [/url]
Mais Il Y Avait Un Nouveau Jeu Développé Qui Vous A Permis De Traiter
Le football est vraiment un sport qui a été joué pour beaucoup plus d'une centaine de 12 mois. Il pourrait y avoir pas été les arbitres et les objectifs sur le terrain dans les années 1800, mais il y avait un nouveau jeu développé qui vous a permis de traiter, et de défendre. À l'heure actuelle, le football est devenu le sport américain que nous aimons tous. Petits enfants avec l'âge de 5 peuvent se joindre à des équipes de football, maillots football,et de comprendre les lignes directrices sur le match. Étant donné que les petits commencent à concurrencer si tôt dans l'âge de nos jours, il est vraiment important d'avoir des produits de football pour les enfants qui répondent à leurs jours de nombreuses équipes de football wants.These et ligues tiennent des collectes de fonds de football pour être sûr qu'ils ont les bons produits. En fait, vous trouverez très peu de ligues organisées qui pourraient survivre sans financement de football.Il ya seulement un tas de matériel n
Car Dvd Audi Q5 Radio Navigation
Fits for Audi Q5 1 ,Use the newest MTK ARM 11 project with 800 MHz frequency processor and base on WinCE 6.0 operation system platform car dvd player2 ,Support HD video with 1080P (built in IC: TW8825) , with 256MB RAM, support external 500 GB Hard Disk Drive, MP5 and 3D GPS map BMW dvd player3 ,Support external Sanyo 6 CDC box, iPod, Rear Camera, Bluetooth, RDS, FM 4 ,Support digital TV function: DVB-T, ATSC, ISDB, TMC (optional) 5 ,Picture: support format JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP file 6 ,Support TXT files browsing car gps navigation7 ,Support audio format: MP3, MP2, ACC, OGG, RA, WAV, FLAC, APE etc. 8 ,Support media format: H.264/MPEG-4, RMVB, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MP4, MOV, MPG, VOB etc. 9 ,Sanyo heat-resistant DVD loader (SF-HD860MC): Working temperature: -20~85; storage temperature: -30~85 10 ,Equipped with specialized can bus box Technique parameter:  
What Can Be Said
                                                                   What Can Be Said     What can be said, when there are no words at all?, about nineteen brother firefighters who rushed into roaring flames in what would be their final call.    As debris fell around them and smoke filled their chest still they battled on because they are some of the very best.   They run into places where others run out, they are some of the bravest there are, this there is no doubt.       Yes, there are risks and sometimes lives are lost, but to lose nineteen brother firefighters is such a terrible cost.     They rush into roaring flames   often on dangerous grounds  they are the best you'll ever see,  they were the bravest ever found.    What can be said when there are no words at all, we'll take your memory and act of heroism with us everytime we answer the call.                                                            Danny K. Winchester II   (7/12/13) 
A Scary Truth
Throughout human history every single person who has ever commited a crime, or been the victim of a crime have all had one thing in common. They have all admitted to actively drinking water. Don't be a statistic, put the water down.
Please Don't
Please don't think you are trickin', I don't think you have what it takes yet to play me pleasures by licky lickin'. The distance is short on the map, electronically; 0nly 2 feet let me come to you on your lap.   The wind crisp and is cool, not chilly enough to bite kinda glad I am not there to play your fool. It is only you I need in me, so pleasure could be dealt all I need is you and your key.   Could you come over here?? I wanted to give you my heart, don't want to worry it might fall apart. In your hands it is safe and sound, you won't need to worry about me I wish we were on the same ground.   May I give you a kiss Please don't start knotting any ties, I love you and I together Please don't mention any goodbyes. 
Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark~
Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark 2 sticks of butter 1 cup of light brown sugar 1 bag of pretzels (you'll use about 3/4 of the bag) 12 ounce bag of chocolate chips Sea salt Preheat the oven to 400. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, cover with pretzels In a medium saucepan melt the butter over medium-low heat. When it begins to bubble add the brown sugar. Stirring occasionally let the butter/sugar mixture meld together and brown. This should take about 3 minutes. Do NOT let it boil, you will have sticky goo that is no good. When you have a nice, brown caramel pour it over the pretzels, slowly and evenly. You can then use a spatula to spread it out, you have to work quickly and gently. It hardens fast so even pouring is the best method. Bake the sheet for 5 minutes. Remove the sheet from the oven and sprinkle the whole bag of chocolate chips evenly over the mixture. Place back in the oven for about 45 seconds. If you let it sit there too long the chocolate will burn. Remo
Mmmmm More.
he takes no time to undress and just throws me onto my bed no foreplay just rough sex. Why is he being so diffrent? He kisses me to the point leaving me breathless. Abel begins leaving me hickys marks on my breast, on my neck, on my forehead. I will be his and only his. I tell him I was wanting to go to him but i was too shy. I then begin to explain why I am wet. He tells me i should never be ashamed of wanting him. i asked him why he was so agressive he says he cant bare the thought of me being home alone without him and he knows his friends are Men with wants and needs too. Jealousy is getting him. 
so now we were caught not in the act but both of us in the shower. I felt kinda embarassed but i knew i am an adult with needs and desires and he (Abel) was daring enough to take a chance, the whole day my other roommates joked about how i was in a better mood which was kinda making me pissed i held back from saying anything that night Abel left back to house sit and believe it or not i still couldn't get the sex out of my mind i so wanted to get in my car and drive to the house where Abel was house sitting i wanted more great sex. I didn't have it in me to go to him. I go to my room and start undressing to get into bed my Nipples hard with excitement. I felt my cotton nightgown rub against my nipples and i just turn on tv and start playing with my nipples thinking of him i take off my panties and lay in bed and get under my sheets my bed is cold... suddenly i hear a car drive into yard i am not intrested in getting up to see who it is i know what i want and i am in a very naughty mood
Maybe It Is Better This Way
I am yours and you are mine, but see at least its true, and we know, when we just can't get up and go. I may not be shackled down but I am just here to wait, for my dream to beat fate.   Our love won't just end it will always be strong, and it will help me along. I feel the great sensation its more than enough, the heat of your touch, that no one can meet.   You are maybe just a wish but you are my hope and dream, I mess up, but you know what I mean. In my tears of joy, we have embraced all of the love, one heart can hold, and yet, our story may never be told.   The storm may have been brewing in our past, just waiting for us to meet and make this last. My love, maybe it is better this way, we already know, the heat won't drift away.  
Watch A thing To keep track of You know what? I reject a clock A formula It gives a skewed perspective One that does not Align with me I respect how a clock works because I took one apart AND FIXED IT At 13
All Too Often
Listen close, this isn't just for my generation, oh, boulderdash look elsewhere for your needed saturation. Time has come, its gone too far, Concentration is needed before,  you sit in your car, and close the life altering door.   Yes, you are controlling,  a powerful ride you need not hit those that are just strolling. I understand that you need fun, but the walkers and joggers didn't say to 'pick me, I am the one'.   Before drinking put your keys away, doesn't matter at all if it is the middle of the day. Don't count that you can pay, the saving of life is more dear than lottery winning day.   All too often, just by chance so many souls would still be alive, if people cared all to often  people wouldn't drink and drive.
Rfid Chip
RFID Implants Are Real.Post by ~SureshotJoin us! thenwowillfailListen to our Radio show 5pm PST thenwowillfailA human microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit device or RFID transponder encased in silicate glass and implanted in the body of a human being. A subdermal implant typically contains a unique ID number that can be linked to information contained in an external database, such as personal identification, medical history, medications, allergies, and contact information.In 2002, the VeriChip Corporation (known as the "PositiveID Corporation" since November 2009) received preliminary approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its device in the U.S. within specific guidelines. The device received FDA approval in 2004, and was marketed under the name VeriChip or VeriMed. In 2007, it was revealed that nearly identical implants had caused cancer in hundreds of laboratory animals.[4]
Rfid Chip
RFID Implants Are Real.Post by ~SureshotJoin us! thenwowillfailListen to our Radio show 5pm PST thenwowillfailA human microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit device or RFID transponder encased in silicate glass and implanted in the body of a human being. A subdermal implant typically contains a unique ID number that can be linked to information contained in an external database, such as personal identification, medical history, medications, allergies, and contact information.In 2002, the VeriChip Corporation (known as the "PositiveID Corporation" since November 2009) received preliminary approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its device in the U.S. within specific guidelines. The device received FDA approval in 2004, and was marketed under the name VeriChip or VeriMed. In 2007, it was revealed that nearly identical implants had caused cancer in hundreds of laboratory animals.[4]
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Just.... Why?!
I guess I should be happy its over. Honestly I am. Im just hurt by the extent of the lies I have been told. Im upset at myself for falling for it. For thinking it was all bullshit. For hoping it was all lies and I was the one that was right. I am done being lied to. Im done being used and stepped on. From now on Im gonna be extra careful.
The Lovers Struggle
Hunted Prey I have watched you from afar for many, many years. Now is the time to make my move And to show who I am. I want to take you in my arms And never let you go. You are my all, my everything And I will make you mine. Captive Passions I wish to possess you I wish to entrance you I want to make you mine. Let me be your captor Let me bind you up I’ll show you wonders divine.     Unleashed Now is the time to show you just what you do to me. You have made me what I am And I love you for it. You’ve unleashed the demon And you have set him fee. One day we will be together Forever, you and me.   Willing Slave Your love has me trapped. I cannot move, I cannot breathe. But I don’t want to be let go Please don’t ever set me free. You are my jailor I am your slave. I am yours forever Until I go to the grave.       Plotting Watching, waiting, stalking Searching, skulking, smiling. Love is not all romance Love is mystery, love is misery. Love is
Broken Laugh
A broken laugh   a broken laugh an unhinged believer a tale uve never heard… a sigh a scream agony no light such pain reality this is what life is, u know a broken record frozen… slow an endless cycle of loss and hate but this ive realized much too late I once had hope  Ionce did trust no longer is that true my age, its strangeI feel so old my name, its unfitting im not myself why? isnt that always the question why is there no end, no peace w hy does this agony never cease? and yet… i know of love  Iknow of freedom it feels faraway, sometimes but there is a reason for this suffering   Is there??  
Always Something Else
Life is not about the last relationship you were in, the last heartbreak, or the last mistake you made. You have to get past that and prepare yourself for the next one. The next love, the next goal, for the rest of your life. Just remember that life lives on, there is always something else.
Hello Miss, How Are You?
Being one that not only accepts interracial relationships but live it, the single mind becomes focused on the tone of the skin as well as believing it shouldn't matter as much as what's within. How can one not look at another race and wonder will they stereotype them by their skin and not give a chance to get to know them? I've seen those answers to those personal questions. Preferring one with similar tone as a mate. Much of what was exclusive to each group has been shared for decades. Now we all have some form of understanding of what trends through other races. So much so that its part of all our history and heritage. All because we realize we all live through the same struggles. Struggles that may walk through different paths but end up at the same destination. We all can relate. If we choose to look past the labels and profiles written over time by those who chose not to open their minds to the idea of we being just one species and not many races. Yes we are born what we are but w
The P.i.c.
Awkwardly placed upon the face of a promise these infractions of a well-calculated reality Manipulated by forces unseen bend this way, and that as you slowly splinter Just as they had hoped Pieces of a soul they've asked you to barter The exchange isn't fair the truth is unrecognizable No masters of craft nor pride are to be found when the wielders of power demand, yet don't deliver This creation this freedom that doesn't exist Or does it? Like a woman in denial about the abusive lover She needs him She loves him He'll make it right, he'll do better He swore he would They feed you lies to make you fat & lazy they declare 'Change!' But they don't reall
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When Its Needed.....
Some damn way, some shittin' how I find everyone when it is really needed. Don't matter how much I might want something, I discover so much only when it is truly needed. Strange thing is this magical need knows just how to freak me out. Call it Deja Vu, or whatever the hell you want to; it is, to me, another wonder. It knows so much, what my heart needs and what I don't even understand You can sit in front of your computer and try to crash hopes and dreams all you want to. Something tells me that your heart needs something else, something that you have no ability to reach out and ever so gently come in contact with. Be it and object or a soul, it too is waiting for you.  Just try okay?? Just try to imagine, if you will, that everything you want just might not want you. Some of you all are the opposite type person, but you still don't know everything. Someone that you might not even know, could be head over heels in love with you. I know for a fact, that not every heart is even guesse
Fbi Coloring Book
Shocking Photos: Racist 1969 FBI Coloring Book For Kids Advocates Killing ‘Pig Cops’     Anthony GucciardiInfowars.comJuly 12, 2013 Disturbing and highly racist photos from a 1969 coloring book distributed to kids via the FBI’s ‘COINTEL’ program were a part of the secretive operation that sought to infiltrate groups like the Black Panthers by spreading such insane propaganda in their name. Amazingly, the COINTEL program is an admitted staple in what makes up the secret programs that the FBI and federal government at large have and continue to run against public interest. What’s more, anyone can easily access a large amount of information on
How Ctk-810in Digital Keyboard Never Fails To Delight
A delightful new experience is how I’d describe the CTK810IN professional keyboard. Being a professional musician, I was looking for a casio that would deliver high quality sounds and a brilliant performance. The CTK810IN has only exceeded my expectations! It is a digital keyboard that incorporates new age technology with musical brilliance for modern musicians who wish to leave a mark with their performances. This digital professional keyboard has proven to be a great friend and an even greater teacher! While ordinary keyboards promise more than they deliver, the CTK810IN professional keyboard lives up to its promise of excellence and differentiated features. Its 120 fresh new rhythms and 515 tones not only blow your mind but are a treat to your senses. The Indian rhythms are exciting and never-heard-before. I couldn’t ask for more as music professional. The digital keyboard adds a new dimension to Indian rhythms and professional music compositions, proving to be reliab
Ctk-6300in Digital Keyboard
A casio that amazes with its performance and features, the CTK6300IN proved to be a refreshingly new professional digital keyboard in the domain of casio keyboards and music mixing. Its brilliantly developed performance functions and rhythms delighted the musician in me to no end. The CTK6300IN digital keyboard has made music composition and my practice sessions an enjoyable experience for me. The CTK6300IN digital keyboard is a great machine for aspiring musicians or professional musicians who are serious about it and want to deliver some truly excellent performances. I have used the casio keyboard for a number of performances and for extensive practicing and can safely claim that I have never come across casio keyboards that offer the same level of quality or exciting features as this one. It has helped me discover new Indian rhythms and tones with surprising ease, rhythms that I never knew existed! It also comes at a surprisingly pocket friendly price. A professional digital k
so yesterday my husband and I got invited to Fast Eddies by some friends.  If I would have known, i wouldn't have done all those shots of Tequilla earlier.  Before we left my husband was in the kitchen and he told me to get in there quick.  I did and saw that he was by the window that looks out to OUR backyard.  I went to see what he was looking at and nearly shit in my pants at what I saw.  I seen a beautiful huge female deer in our backyard.  I couldn't believe it.  I've seen foxes in my backyard before but never a deer, especially one that huge. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  I live in the city too so seeing a deer in my backyard is quite rare.  I hope it comes back again.  I'll have to take a picture next time.  We had a lot of fun at Fast Eddies, though I feel like shit today and am stuck at work at the office. blah.  Be jealous haters. bwhahahahaha. =)
Your A Butterfly
Your a Butterfly Your wings were so beautiful before you died ... You flew everywhere , oh the things you saw ..You used to tell me about , and I'd listen with awe .. I loved you so much my precious butterfly .. Why did you have to die ?
eairly in the morning his status was along the lines of quit pumping your fucking breaks bitch just because i smiled at you doesnt mean i want to fuck you or some shit but i found this quite funny i had to share 4:56amreplyMrBiGZZZ4sure: " :)4:59ammoreTo MrBiGZZZ4sure: nice status 5:01amreplyMrBiGZZZ4sure: u like that5:22amreplyMrBiGZZZ4sure: then get over here lol5:22ammoreTo MrBiGZZZ4sure: lol ok5:23ammoreTo MrBiGZZZ4sure: not5:23areplyMrBiGZZZ4sure: wow your cool! cuz I was so kidding anyway5:26ammoreTo MrBiGZZZ4sure: meh just how i like to react when guys get like that with me theres a sertian way you should talk to a lady5:27ammoreTo MrBiGZZZ4sure: plus i liked your status because its the way i feel alot of the time5:27ammoreTo MrBiGZZZ4sure: then you come at me like that cmon dude do you really expect me not to be "cold" or a bitch i mean my name is psycho bitch after all5:29ammoreTo MrBiGZZZ4sure: its my real life nickname given to me i earned that one lol5:32amreplyMrBiGZZZ4sur
Judge In Zimmerman Case Pressured by Obama Administration?     Bizarre outburst against Zimmerman suggests prejudice Paul Joseph Watson & Alex JonesInfowars.comJuly 11, 2013 Speculation is raging that the judge in the George Zimmerman case could have been put under pressure by the Obama administration after she staged a bizarre outburst during which she interrogated Zimmerman while repeatedly silencing his lawyers.   The hostile exchange began when Judge Debra Nelson asked Zimmerman if he planned to testify. Essentially, Judge Nelson told Zimmerman he had the “absolute right to remain silent” but then proceeded to demand he answer her questions interrogation-style while silencing his lawyers. Defense attorney Don West twice objected to Nelson’s interrogation, prompting the judge to raised her voice and exclaim, “Y
History Of The Longest Recession Hit Mobile Tablet Pc Industry, The Impact Of The Traditional Areas
Smart phones and tablet PCs already on the market for several years, but that does not mean that the new product has been released in the market, the full impact. With the Tablet PC as the preferred consumer devices, PC industry continues to shrink. According to Gartner's latest data show that 2013 second-quarter global PC shipments of 76 million units, down 10.9%. Shipments presents the fifth consecutive quarter of decline trend, which is the history of the personal computer market experienced the most prolonged decline. News source pointed out that this is the fifth consecutive quarter the PC industry shipments were down Android 4.2 Tablet PC creating a "PC sales in the history of the longest continuous decline," It's not a good sign, PC makers are included in all the efforts in these figures. However, companies like Apple are more likely to reap the same benefits. Gartner principal analyst Mikako Kitagawa said: "We found that PC and PC installed capacity decline is clo
Hiring Packers And Movers – How To Make The Best Decision In Selection
When you have decided to hire services of a professional moving company then you will need to know how to make the right decision in selection. It is imperative all moving companies are not same. They may vary in their services, price quotes and experiences. There may be also some inexperienced and unreliable movers and packers that may cheat or even trap you in moving scams. Beware of such companies. By becoming more educated about the relocation and exploring various options, you will be able to find out the right service provider when you need to select a reliable and experienced moving company to assist you on the move. Collect all the information you need up front Prior to you can make a final decision on which moving company to use, it is imperative to evaluate all of your options and compare exact price quotes across different potential packers and movers of your city. You should compare quotes, rates and services of a least three potential moving companies of your city so tha
Ultimate Tips For Hiring Packers And Movers
How to hire right packers and movers can be very challenging and tricky task because not all companies are same. They may vary in services, experience and price. There are also some bad companies that may cheat you by levying you high cost or trap you in moving scams. So you must be very careful in selection of professional packers and movers so that you can schedule your move with right one. First of all you should know different kinds of moving services you can get. Different moving companies may vary in their price. Keep in mind that any additional service will usually have an extra cost that comes with it. Types of professional packers and movers Almost all good packers and movers companies provide full service and help their clients during entire operation. They pack things, load the truck, drive it to your new destination doorstep and unload & unpack everything in the right rooms at your new destination. If you would rather save some money, some professional packers and movers
Lowest Website Hosting Packages In India:
Great services with lowest web hosting prices are rare combination by the leading web hosting providers. Again we all believe in the phrase that called “nothing is impossible”. Each and every service is getting expensive and people are searching for some lowest prices all around. The website hosting and domain name registration services are core important services that are mandatory and should be undertaken those who are having or planning websites. Are you one of them which are searching for great and quality website hosting? Then you have landed on the right place. As in this article we are discussing some great quality hosting services and organizations from where you can purchase hosting at lowest prices. Have you heard of the term cheap hosting price in india? Many people think that cheap hosting is a term that is connected to bad quality website hosting with affordable prices. It means you get all the great services like great uptime, enough web space, bandwidth, da
How To Avail Of Daily Deals For Guys When It Comes To Men’s Jewelry
Anyone looking to buy men’s jewelry is probably on the lookout for jewelry daily deals – this means that they can get the men’s jewelry at bargain prices or maybe at favorable terms if they are using their credit cards to purchase. To find these daily deals for men, it is advisable to roam the Internet until you find a good site that offers great jewelry at sane prices.   If you have tried to buy men’s jewelry before you probably know how hard it is to find good men’s jewelry that won’t make your guy look gay. This is because men’s jewelry should enhance the masculinity of your guy and can be worn daily with his choice of clothing. This means your guy will be able to wear the jewelry at work or during leisurely activities because it complements his personality and attire. Of course if your guy really is gay then you just need to know what he prefers to wear without much worry.   Men’s jewelry may be necklaces, ear rings, rings for his
Showcase Products From Led Lights
1, LED lighting manufacturers as the main spots:  World Expo in Shanghai, driven, LED showing the development of extremely hot situation, in October 2010 the show have played in the lighting green lighting brand, energy saving, environmentally friendly theme of the times. Especially Guangya exhibition, LED exhibition from last year's two to seven, showcase products from LED lights, guardrail tube, LED lights, LED downlights, spotlights, chandeliers, etc., variety, and more There are similar Guangzhou International LED Exhibition, Beijing International LED Expo, Bohai (Tianjin) International LED Expo and other regional LED special exhibition is diverse. LED lighting has become a major exhibition of the cattle the main spots.  2, the concept of corporate propaganda heavier  In the past, companies in the exhibition is the product of more publicity. Today, exhibitors are more focus on corporate culture, the concept of brand promotion. Decoration in
Inflame The Genre With Common Urban Wear
The common city use is lately coming to style and if possible you can catch the vive and be a factor of the organization. This style of outfits has always been a factor of the well-known style. If you have a hip hop pattern or if you have ever been in excessive actions then you would definitely view the concept of common city outfits. They are a bit away from the primary circulation of outfits and thus when dealing with them you must stay assured that you are managing something excellent and excellent. When you are into this particular outfits style organization you would actually cope with the top stage type of the team.The common city use is something highly effective and awesome. When you use the material you experience exclusive. The outfits are really fresh and essential. When dressed in this outfits you have to be brave and you must be prepared to go into any stage of style. If you are able to do so then you can be known as as the best and the most public outfits fan of all perio
Left No Doubt About That Over The Past Few Days.
In 2004, the Austin, Texas, band, ... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, released what was their last great album, "Worlds Apart." The NME called the album "a suicide note of a band recognising their own irrelevance." Harsh but true. Over the next few years, the band indeed slumped into prog-rock obscurity. The standout track was the brilliant "Will You Smile Again?" -- a song about someone unable to achieve greater things, stopping himself from doing so.Wholesale Borussia Dortmund jersey Singer Conrad Keely asks: "Have you forgotten just who you are? If you don't want to then you could at least pretend that the paper's your soul and your blood's the pen." It is the same question that more or less has also been asked by many Borussia Dortmund supporters throughout the summer transfer period -- with Dortmund being the paper and the ball the pen. Until now they did not get an answer from Robert Lewandowski, the player they have been asking this question over and over again. Bu
Rooney Will Now Fly Back To England For Treatment.
Manchester United has sent Wayne Rooney home from its preseason tour of Asia after the striker suffered a hamstring injury in training.?The United striker had flown out to Wholesale jerseys Thailand with the rest of the squad where he was expected to feature in David Moyes' first game in charge against Singha All-Star XI.However, the 27-year-old has become the latest injury concern to hit the Premier League champion following a back problem picked up by Nemanja Vidic, and Rooney will now fly back to England for treatment.“Following a scan this evening on a hamstring injury sustained in training, it has been decided that Wayne Rooney should return home immediately for further assessment and rehabilitation,” read a statement on the club's website.United's medical team expects Rooney to be unavailable for selection for a month,Wholesale Manchester United jersey which puts his participation in the club's opening game of the Premier League season in doubt.
So I never count "Calories" or anything when I eat. Probably because I mostly eat fresh fruit & vegetables & they don't have a label. So I took the liberty of goggling all of my daily foods. to see how many Calories I actually eat. Because according to "DOCTORS" anyone between the ages of 19-30 should eat daily amount of 2,400 Calories. Come to find out I don't even eat half of that amount, my total is 888 Calories. This doesn't include my little snacks usually consisting of an apple or a slice of toasted bread with a nutella\peanut butter bread. So if I had to average out my Calories I would Say 1,000 which is still not even close to the "DOCTORS" proscribed amount of daily intake.BEFORE PROTEIN SHAKES748 Calories395.3g Total Carbohydrates102.5g Sugar34g Protein3,712mg Potassium209mg Sodium24.4g Total Fat62% Vitamin A125% Vitamin B-6217% Vitamin C9% Calcuim55% Magnesium42% IronThat's 1 Salad, 2 Bananas, 1 Avocado, 1 Bowl of Quaker Oats with Honey & 2 Baked Potatoes.2 Protein Shakes140
Forever always seems to be around when things beginbut forever never seems to be around when things end
“Love is when your mouth has no need to move to make her happy because your heart is beating, and that’s all that matters.”
Vous Avez Entendu Un Million Intervalles: "c'était Beaucoup Mieux Quand J'étais Escalade Vers Le Haut".
Vous avez entendu un million intervalles: "C'était beaucoup mieux quand j'étais escalade vers le haut". Dans un tout approches quelques throwback maillots de football représenter le à sa considérablement plus fan era.Because agréable de 24 heures ESPN, NFL Network et sportives Activités Activités parlent écrans de radio qui doivent avoir à discuter de quelque chose pour combler ces heures jusqu'à ,maillots football, il semble que le football a produire dans certaines vaste haleine feuilleton, qui est parallèle à l'américaine Idol.When exclusivement-on arrivé là? Quand avons-nous commencions hors de traitement afin sensiblement autour de Tony Romo qui sortait qu'il nécessite généralement 2 heures d'entretiens préalables de jeu? Quand est-ce Terell Owens entreprise drive-ups sur son allée constituent rien à tous égards qu'un admirateur de football se souciait?Vous les avez observé pendant trois heures avec l'heure avenir que vous avez observé les relevait de jeu vidéo de la semaine suiva
Kona Sanchis Nadu Also Sits The Bench
Years of Age Star on the Inter Milan Bayern With no PoachedIncreased tension while in the introduction of the line of Nokia, the Moratti not overlook to introduce younger players to prepare for your future of Inter Milan. January 9, "full market" reports, Inter Milan in Replica Football Shirt Supplier finished the transfer of two younger gamers who are 18 many years old Bayern Munich midfielder Kona Sanchis Nadu and 17 many years age. Amongst them, the Kona Sanchis Nadu will default to Inter Milan while in the summer time for free. Maillot Espagne years previous, from Vienna, Austria Sanchis Nadu, was a promising midfielder. Presently, the Kona Sanchis Nadu contract with Bayern with Italian Series A Football Shirts expires inside the summertime. According to the "total market" argument, which Sanchis Kona Nadu, following the expiry from the contract, Inter will probably be cost-free to existing it. The face of "The Worldwide News" interview, the broker-Royce confirmed the
This Budget Tablet Brings Enough Power
This budget tablet Brings enough power for fast and seamless multitasking. Inside, This device Also comes with a 16GB NAND Fast Flash as internal storage and backed by TF card slot, so user can expanded memory space and store more photo and video files (support up to 32GB).I've had this tablet for acerca a week and I'm really impressed with it. I have bought a 32GB micro SDHC card to upgrade the memory. It Comes With 16GB internal memory but is plenty for small apps. I have a featured packed Tablet with 48GB memory. I would had no idea what to pay £ 500 for a Well Known brand Tablet with less memory, non-upgradeabilty and poor connectivity. soon as I switched the tablet on, it updated itself. Once connected to wi-fi it updated to Google 'Play Store'. There are a few 'House-keeping' things to do i.e. country, language, date / time and zone. I started to download the Apps That I wanted and all are working.
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
I handed the note back to her and sat back to watch her reaction. Her face bacame flushed and she held her breath as she took in the note. She was taken completely off guard and had no idea what to say or do. She was lost.   As soon as class was over, we headed back to the hotel. Emily was moving at a fantastic pace, desperate to get away from the classroom, and the man with her panties in his poket. I followed behind slowly, letting her disappear ahead of me. I knew she'd be waiting when i arrived.   Sure enough, as i opened the door to my room, she was waiting. she was naked and stretched out on the bed. Her legs were wide open and her pussy was exposed for me. "Please." She said, looking at me through desperate eyes. I siently removed mt clothes and climbed down on top of her. Without saying a word, i simply slide my dick inside her drenched pussy and bagan to pump. Her orgasm started almost immediately, and shebegan to sream with relife as i pounded her pussy. I came shortly af
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
We sat back down and i looked over at her. Her eyes were wide as she returned my gaze. I watched her quickly scribble another note on a pice of paper and slide it over to me. I read it. "Lee what the hell did you do? Why did you give that man my panites? What did you say? I can't believe you did that!"   I simply smiled as i picked up a pen and wrote back. "Relax lover. I just told him that you were my slut for the night and i thought that since he had been fantasizing about you since yesterday, he might want to have something of yours. I suggested to him that if he was to return the panties to me tomorrow with something else in them, that maybe he might get a chance to fuck you before the week was through. I told him that i guessed you would probably be open to having a gangbang before the week was over.  That sice you didn't get enough dick at home, you would be more than happy to service two or three at the same time while here on the training. I hope you don't mind me saying th
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
As soon as the break was announced, she stood up and walked over to the window to try and cool down. Her eyes remained on me the entire time, waiting to see what i was going to do. I tried to act cool, taking my time to get up from my seat. I walked over to  one of the men who had been commenting on her earlier and started chatting with him.    Emily could see us whispering, but had no idea what we were saying. Suddenly my hand reached into my poket and i handed him her panties, in full view of the class. Ouickly he put them into his own poket, a grin stretching across his face and he looked over at Emily standing  at the window. Her eyes dropped to the floor as soon as he looked at her. I knew she felt embarrassed and maybe even a  little horrified at what i had just done, but i also figured that before the afternoon was over, her embarrassment would turn to something else.
Our Lilly
words from my daughter; Yesterday was 5 years since my little Lilly was taken by God to heaven. I still remember that frantic feeling I got when I was trying to save her!! Today I went to a viewing for one of my good friends' granddaughter. The same frantic feeling came over me like I should be doing something. I know that our babies are angels in heaven, but it sure don't make that feeling go away! Please pray for all the families that have to endure this horrible loss! They need all the prayers they can get!!   All this talk reminds me of the poem I put on the back of Lilly's headstone: If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again It makes me really miss her!!
Wanton Desire F/f Short Story
One of my fav stories I've written **Warning: explicit material** ~Wanton Desire~ I place my hands gently on your face and kiss you tenderly. Our mouths open and we taste each other slowly. I move down your neck with light kisses and tiny nips just above your breasts. We kiss again, more passionately this time. I take my hands and lift your shirt off, then your bra. "You are beautiful" I say. I take your breasts in my hands and start to rub and pull on your nipples. They are becoming hard under my touch, craving my attention. I start to pinch and tug on your hardening peaks. You moan "Oh yes, show me how much you want me". I cannot deny you. You take my face in your hands and kiss me with such need, so much passion, moaning into each other's mouths! I move my hand to your side, caressing your soft skin as I move my way down to your ass. I begin rubbing and massaging one cheek. My other hand finds your hair. I pull it back and place featherlight kisses along the back of y
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
"We do this my way, onay? You need to trust me. You'll thank me tonight for making you wait all day."   I released her hand ans she obediently put itdown at her side. I kissed her passionaetly then asked her to hand over her panties to me. They were already off and sitting in the sink, so she picked them up and gave them to me. "What are you going to do with them?" She asked as she watched me put them in my poket.    "Just watch me at break this afternoon, and you'll find out."    With that, we walked out of the bathroom and down the hall toward the elevator. We still had about 45 minutes left before the afternoon session was to begin, so we headed to the food court to have a bite to eat. I smiled as i watched Emily squrim from time we arrived back in class from lunch. I could tell she was very turned on by the open air blowing up her skirt and onto her exposed pussy. She continually shifted in her seat, trying to find a position from which she could concentrate on the class inst
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 156
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 156 of Janey Godley's podcast the mother and daughter comedy duo discuss Andy Murray's win and the ensuing sexism at Wimbledon. Ashley talks about Janey's inability to dress appropriately and Janey tells us a story about a cat that goes to the ice cream van in Glasgow.     The scary tale of a bat in Ashley's room, the vibrator in the shape of a cup cake and a man with a hilarious tattoo all feature this week. Matthew McVarish our favourite charity walker does a guest spot from Luxembourg.     Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.   Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 156
Pay no attention to the "racist hype" going on in the media. If you are participating in it... Congratulations you are the problem. Don't mind the federal funds being spent on the hype to cause strife among us. Its just a show! Enjoy! Please don't try to hurt anyone otherwise you are no better than those you are claiming to protest Hypocrites. Wait is our government breaking the law? LOOK OVER THERE GAY MARRIAGE! Dumbasses. If you are still an Obama supporter conciser your political opinion officially discredited. Please do not try to convince anyone that you have any credibility. You are too easily influenced by emotion and kindergarten propaganda to form any objective opinion about anything political. Your lord and master demands you turn in your neighbors and give up your privacy so he can protect you from the violence he creates by bombing children illegally in other countries. Supporting him is continuing the cycle and is self-sabotage. OH LOOK YOU BETTER GO FIGHT ABOUT ABORTION A
"emily's Becoming My Slut"
Emily looked down at it and dropped to her knees. she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around my dick. It finished growing in her mouth as her tongue began to circle the shaft as she sucked eagerly. This time she needed no coaching, and her hands began to play with my balls as she willingly devoured my dick. My hands played with her hair as i watched her suck me off. She continued going at it for a few minutes un till finally i came, filling her mouth with my load. She sucked harder, swallowing every drop that i gave her until finally i was done. She slowed down, keeping my dick in her mouth, sucking gently for a short time.   Finally she stood. She was flushed. She was clearly horny. She was definetly hoping for more. "Fuck me right now, Lee!" She said, pleading.   "No. You'll get yours tonight. I want you moist and horny all day long."   "But i can't stand it! I need you inside me so badly right now. If you don't fuck me, i'll make myself cum while you watch." She reached
"my Week With Emily"
I handed her the note back and peeked at her as she read it. Her eyes were wide as she read my words. It was clear that she was turned on by my words. it was going to be a very sumissive slut all week long.   Emily was the first one to get up as soon as the teacher dismissed us for lunch. She quickly left the room, not looking at anyone. Meanwhile, i took my time, engaging in small talk with some of the other men in the class. A couple of them watched as Emily spead past them, and then turned to joke with each other about how nice it would be to fuck her. I joined them and together we talked about how fine a body she had.   After about 15 minutes i left the class and walked toward the singlebathroom. I knocked three times on the  door and it flew open immediately. "I was starting to wonder if you were coming," Emioly said as i closed  and locked it behind us.   "I believe i said no talking," i commented as i unzipped my pants and pulled out my semi hard dick
The Reality Of The Alternate Reality Of "if"
*Note* My previous blog dedicated one day each week to “the world of IF.”   These three short entries are compiled from that blog. Take a trip to Geometry class where you were taught that, “Given x and Given y, then Theorum z. Then the trip drags you down one more “theorem” and then another. Each time, you have to take the previous theorem as fact to proceed. Hello! Enter the Wingnutted World of Geometry Logic as it pertains to just about any subject you can think of. It could be something as strange as “If shoestrings could talk” or “if walls really did have ears.” Ew that’s gross, but handy if you need a place to stash your earring.  Today’s three “IFS” are about:   Money winged pigs the truth about potatoes   . . . In the logic of alternate realities if it were actually true.       If Money Grew On Trees I hear my wallet crying. But there is an alternate universe somewhere that grows money
A man went with his wife on honeymoon and they were getting undressed together for the first time. The man took off his shoes and socks and his toes were all twisted and discolored. "What happened to your feet?" his wife asked. "I had a childhood disease called Tolio." "Don't you mean polio?" ... "No, tolio, it only affects the toes." The man then removed his pants and revealed an awful-looking pair of knees. "What happened to your knees?" she asked. "Well, I also had Kneesles." "Don't you mean measles?" "No, kneesles, it only affects the knees." When he removed his shorts, his wife gasped and said, "Don't tell me, you also had Smallcox!"
Cute Little Quote.. Had To Share...
True Love has NO Expiration Date!
"my Week With Emily"
I turned the paper over and wrote back,   "Emily, my slut, thank you for giving yourself to me. You turned me on, too You make this week worthwhile, and i want to introduce to everything you're missing. Your pussy has a taste that is so uniquely you. I could feast on it all day long. I may eat you all night long. When my dick enters you, the warmth of it is almost too much to handle. My dick is stiff as i write this to you. I am pictiuring your mouth wrapped  around my dick, sucking me fast and hard. There is a handicap bathroom just outside the class. As soon as we're dismissed for lunch, i want you to go in there. I'll knock rapidly three times. Let me in, and  do not say a word to me.   You'll satify my need to cum in that bathroom. I will not reciproate. You  are to be moist all day long. You'll get you needs met tonight. oh, and one more thing My sexy vixen, please  remove your bra and panites and do not wear them again this week. You must always be ready to take in my dick qu
One Day
One day you'll meet a guy. And ultimately he's going to find out how you chew, how you sip, how you dance, how you smell at every point in the day, how your face looks underneath all of your makeup, how you love chocolate, how you can be hyper at times, how certain games and shows make you really happy, how cranky you can get when you're tired, and how you think you look bad in all of your photos. He’s going to know everything about you, and you know what? He's still going to love you.
A Poem I Wrote For My Late Wife Shortly After She Died...
  I Miss You"Blonde hair smooth as silk.Green eyes that shined with undying love.Soft Pale skin that radiated with hope.And an angelic voice that tamed the wildest of beasts.I miss her . . .When life stacked against me . . .She would hold me and give me the courage to continue.When I was angry . . .She was the soothing stream that pacified me.When I was happy . . .'Twas her laughter that complimented me.when i was sad . . .'Twas her hand that brushed away the tears.I miss her . . ."
A Poem I Wrote For My Late Wife When We Started Dating
The Angel"Such a majestic beautyWith a brilliant mind and a witty personalitySoft and caring, yet a stature solid as stoneUnmoving and Unyielding against opposition.Much like an angelic deity from the heavensWhose precious lips carryDivine promises of a galant futureWhose beautiful eyes showA grand and undying greatnessFor those who shalt be allowed within her heart.Yet, There is an air about her . . .Something in this Angel's attitude . . .She is not the type to be fooled by false charmAnd empty promises of sweet nothings.She is an angel sent from above.My heart pangs with emotion for this angel.'Tis it love? Doubtful.'Tis is lust? Unlikely.What I feel is nothing more thanA deep feeling of curiosity and affection."  
My Wish For You.....
To whom it may concern...I hope that one day while your crossing the road....You get hit by a bus or a Transfer Truck, and your body somehow becomes entangled within the tire your limbs and skin is scrapped  and torn off by the assphalt until their nubs..andI pray your drug atleast a good mile before your lifeless corpse is detached and thrown to the roadside..where it rolls down an enbankment where vultures can go and slowly take small pieces of your fuckin' body and are fighting over your dangling eyeballs that they rip from your football shaped skull....and then when time and heat play their part, you become infested with blowflies which lay their larve inside that you may become a beautiful maggot factory and pulsate and squirm with their life. My dream for you is that by the time they find whats left of you, your nothing but pewtrid refined slim of a soup and they cant put you in a body bag..but in an empty mayonaise jar because of your worth..and I also wish the
I am really annoyed . I come here to rate my online friends , maybe chat a little if I have time .Its kinda a social thing. Maybe I should expect to be hit on sometimes and I have to admit it is a bit flattering (since I am not a spring chicken anymore -lol) .But I wish men would accept no as an answer .I say it politely ( mostly) but yet my answer is ignored more often than not . My no doesnt mean maybe .My no doesnt mean try again .My no means NO ! I am ONLY interested in friendship here . Please accept that In the future anyone who doesnt accept that will instantly be blocked . I dont like having to write a blog like this but the alternative is to stop chatting at all .Which may happen yet.
Bad Mood
Wow I go to work everyone is like in bad mood , now this starting to rub off on me. I waking up this morning in real shity mood , last night the woman was in really fuck shity mood , this not going to be good day. When I am going start in bad mood , maybe its a money thing? I know I am in big hole right now , its going take 3 months get out of. Maybe I should look for 2 job get me out of this hole ? This Saturday after work I am working on my winter truck , I have not driving it since I went to PA. To meet April . Yea bad on me thinking about winter already. But when it snows I want to ready , not doing it the last min. So when there 3feet of snow and roads are closed I have no fear I'm going out to fish fuckers out of ditches .
Opportunity Of Free Domain Search
How many times have you got available with your preferred domain names? Not yet? So, you can easily understand that if you really want the preferred domain name to be get registered you must do lots of brainstorm and get the best name for your website. You can’t take the matter of how to search domain name in a light manner? After all it is the identity of the website and there is relation of the future popularity is there. If you are thinking that how to search a domain name, then you have landed on the right place. Get the free domain search service from Smart Domain Search. It is the place where you can get and check the availability of the preferred domain name for your website. If you own a website it is important that you get your website register with a name that you desired for long.   Have you heard of the domain search India services? If not, then I must tell you that you should work hard to find out the name that is important and get the best outcome of th
Shigo Xeon Generalist Zte Grand Memo
  miglior smartphone Grand Memo positioning of objects as high-end business people, in addition equipped with 1.5GHz quad-core platform, ZTE Grand Memo is also equipped with 2G RAM +16 G ROM (Grand Memo largest mobile version uses a 32GB ROM), and supports up to 32GB (Grand Memo Mobile version is 64GB) microSD card expansion. 5.7 inches smoky quartz HD HD-resolution touch screen, wide field of view to meet the user's demanding requirements with precision thin, 8.5mm thin body also provides users with a comfortable feel; also equipped with Android OS v4.1.2 Jelly Bean System , Grand Memo to support China Unicom 3G and 3G high-speed telecommunications networks, Grand Memo mobile version of the mobile 3G network support, provides users with a smooth operating experience and network access quickly and easily. In addition to high-end hardware configuration, Grand Memo ZTE also integrated software applications, UI operation interface, security and other aspects of the exclusive advantage.Fi
Advantages Of Doing Business With Typical Outfits Providers
The outstanding company will always be effective with its best crucial part and shares the distributional benefits. The world is offering the huge possibilities to their clients and suppliers as well. The suppliers or the suppliers create less pressure when in contrast to suppliers. Sometimes manufacturers need the clients to buy less comprehensive variety of products, where they can’t shop them in a individual place. The typical clothing suppliers are actually helping the clients or the clients to shop the products and redistribute the components. The greatest benefits you are making here is by losing the middle man things in the way and so the problems are less.Large comprehensive variety techniques can be developed through by ongoing offer of products to achieve and is developed for further development to. The more the security, exposure and item improving gives coming back the item reputation to products them with a brief trainer of your energy and effort.Developing the outs
Petition To Shut Down...... Petitioning United States Federal Bureau of Investigation This petition will be delivered to: United States Federal Bureau of Investigation United States Federal Bureau of Investigation: Shut Down on the Grounds of Child Porn and Endangerment of Women  Petition by Alex Edwards Multiply Your Impact Turn your signature into dozens more by sharing this petition and recruiting people you know to sign. In the last decade or so of the internet's existence, there has been a proliferation of imageboard websites, often called Chan websites, where users can anonymously post images they find throughout the internet onto message boards that are normally divided up categorically. Some imageboard websites are tame, and encourage social community a
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Led Molde To Their First Ever League Title In 2011
As Ole Gunnar Solskjaer stands on the touchline at Molde, the shadow of Manchester United still trails him.Wholesale jerseys It's the kind of association that will never escape him and one he's eternally proud of as a self-confessed 'plastic Manc'.Ole Gunnar Solskjaer led Molde to their first ever league title in 2011Solskjaer secured Molde their first Norwegian league before supplementing the feat by retaining the championship a year later. However, his third season has not gone quite as smoothly, with Molde spending most of the season near the bottom of the pile. It's an alien position for Solskjaer's side to be in. His success has come early but it was richly deserved, built on a core of impressive young players. However, those stars, like Vegard Forren and striker Davy Claude Angan, had already departed the club before the season more
Injury Has Derailed His Future With Brazil
Brazil was obviously joyous at winning the Confederations Cup in such convincing style -- but it would only be natural if there were some places where joy was somewhat confined. Wholesale soccer jerseys Those players outside the squad, for example, now face a much harder time getting back in. Stuart Franklin/FIFA/Getty ImagesLeandro Damiao was in a good spot as the London Olympics' top scorer, but injury has derailed his future with Brazil.Leandro Damiao is an obvious example. At the start of June, he was sitting pretty. The top scorer at the London Olympics, he seemed to be a beneficiary of coach Luiz Felipe Scolari's preference for a target man centre forward. He scored in a friendly against Bolivia early this year, was well established as the reserve to Fred --Wholesale jerseys and, offering more mobility than the first choice, he would have seen the Confederations Cup as an opportunity to force his way into the starting lineup. But then injury struck and he had to pull out. Jo wa
Eneltec Led Lights
It is reported that Tokyo Imperial Hotel has a hundred years of history, is located in downtown Tokyo, Japan, with its fine traditions and warm and considerate service see that is a blend of traditional hotel services and excellent facilities, but also diplomats favorite place to stay, hotel All rooms are designed luxurious, elegant. Each room is equipped with modern facilities to meet the busy business traveler or holiday makers need, is a symbol of Tokyo's most luxurious hotels.eneltec Magnolia ENELTEC LED lights with an innovative distributed multi-chamber technology, successfully achieved the full range of LED bulb lighting, space lighting angle of 300 degrees, leading the international level, but also can be up to 30 bulbs while intelligent dimming, really can replace incandescent LED light source products. Distributed multi-cavity structure while effectively solve the ordinary LED bulbs limited space, cooling difficult problems, making the LED lamp li
If I Die Tomorrow
I wake up to find myselfAfter all these yearsAnd where all the time has goneStill seems so unclear'Cause there's no one elseSince I found youI know it's been so hardYou should knowIf I die tomorrowAs the minutes fade awayI can't rememberHave I said all I can say?You're my everythingYou make me feel so aliveIf I die tomorrowIt brings out the worst in meWhen you're not aroundI miss the sound of your voiceThe silence seems so loud'Cause there's no one elseSince I found youI know it's been so hardYou should knowIf I die tomorrowAs the minutes fade awayI can't rememberHave I said all I can say?You're my everythingYou make me feel so aliveIf I die tomorrowI spent all my lifeLooking for our innocenceI've got nothing to loseOne thing to proveI won't make the same mistakesNow I knowThat everything will be okWhen I die tomorrowIf I die tomorrowAs the minutes fade awayI can't rememberHave I said all I can say?You're my everythingYou make me feel so aliveIf I die tomorrowYou make me feel so aliveI
Mourinho Likes 25,000,002 New Aid New Drogba: Chelsea Reached Its Peak After 5 Years
Mourinho extremely trust for SchwarzerLast season, Chelsea [microblogging] [microblogging] three big forcing the "new Drogba 'Lukaku, cheap jerseys De Bulao inside and outside, respectively, Callas was leased to West Bromwich Albion, Bremen and Witt Adams and hand in a dazzling transcripts, and now they have successively return home team training, the new season first team three people can stand heel? Today, Mourinho gives a clear answer. Mourinho said: "They are very good players, there is a high market value, but the new season, we got them free equivalent, AC Milan jersey because the club has made earlier on a long-term investment through rent outside exercise, I think Now has come to the stage of their recall, they are still young, huge space for development, five years after their performance is certainly much better than it is now, but now they have enough strength left in the first team, they will get enough playing opportunities. " Currently Chelsea, although John
Manchester City Grabbed 27000000 Front Of God! Manchester United Have Met Has Been A Ko Broker
"The Sun" headline: Vidic battleManchester United [microblogging], Manchester [microblogging] [microblogging] in the transfer market, but it broke down! cheap jerseys "Mirror" message, although Pellegrini has Vidic's transfer efforts for a long time, but Moyes has decided to catch some feet in quick succession to the Montenegrin striker provided £ 80,000-a-week, five- year contract, made clear to and "work wear" PK. But this time Manchester United in the transfer market, but lost the battle! "Mirror" analysis, taking into Manchester City have been given £ 120,000 weekly attractive conditions for Manchester United in this PK has been substantially down under the wind. "The Sun" exposed the motives Moyes Buy Vidic - As announced Lewandowski Dortmund stay in the team, Moyes can once again "Missing Gun," Vidic this "summer transfer market is the most valuable offensive player, "thus into his field of vision. After the acquisition of Gomez,AC Milan jersey Florence has given th
Their Employees And Considerably Enhanced
Zhang Yaokun with Champions League Football Shirt even now in reserve instructionGood results will usher in the 2nd in the season in your own home, their rivals are defending champions Shandong Luneng with English Premier League Soccer Jersey. That is the initial accomplishment this season game against AFC Champions group, but in addition in the AFC Champions League inside a super staff with poor functionality. Within the League, Luneng is additionally Maillot Espagne 11, Nineth. Initially fall fully inside the downwind of the good results team, has also witnessed a glimmer of hope, however, players are not luxury ideal final results, "if we will break even or.?Away win over building business, no main turning stage, but at least stopped season success staff, temporarily from danger. War once more above the weekend, their employees and considerably enhanced, Premier League Soccer Kit are already pinning their hopes on James on this round comeback, Physio also make greatest
Guidelines For Choosing Best Typical Handbag Supplier
When you look for for common purses on the On the internet, you are tossed a variety of look for that can easily baffle the inexperienced eye. However, those with the qualified ideas can identify which of those would be the most ideal for providing excellent provides and items of top top top top top high quality.The Most Unique CollectionHandbags are almost every woman’s most need. This is not all. It must be synchronized with the outfits as well as shoes. This results in the rumours that purses and purses can, by themselves, make a style declaration. This is not too far away from the simple reality these days when successfully synchronized purses and purses have identified a large system for themselves in the well-known customer market.The common organization that you deal with should be one who houses purses and purses of the newest styles that are in keeping with the market taste. Obsolete items will only provide a decrease to your organization. The option that the regular org
Tips For Hiring Packers And Movers Mumbai
Hiring services of a moving company would be one of the best decisions you can make in relation to make moving home easy & simple; whether you want to move within Mumbai from one locality to another; or want to move from this city to somewhere else. There are numerous professional moving companies or packers and movers companies in the city of Mumbai to choose from. In the crowd of numerous professional movers and packers companies in city of Mumbai, finding out the right one can be very tricky and challenging task. Here are some pointers that may help you select the best and right moving company in Mumbai for your household shifting or other similar situation. Ask your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors if they have used professional packing and moving services of any movers and packers in Mumbai for their household shifting. Get recommendations and make a list of some good companies that may help with your move. You can also go online to collect information about Mumbai mo
Hiring Services Of Professional Movers And Packers In Kolkata
Well; you have taken the right decision to use services of professional packers and movers in Kolkata. There are many benefits of hiring professional packing and moving services of a right moving company in Kolkata. A good mover will be responsible for doing all the tasks involved in the process. It will make your move a lot easier and simpler which you cannot accomplish on your own. If you hire services of a right moving company in Kolkata then it is certain that your move will be easier and simpler as you will get full assistance during entire operation from packing of the first item at your current residence to unpacking of the last item at your new residence. Your all belongings will be packed correctly and transferred to your new residence safely and timely. A legitimate mover will be also responsible for insurance to protect your belongings or cover the loss if your belongings are damaged or lost unfortunately in transition. Here are some pointers you should consider while hiri
Seduce Me
Seduce me. Bring me into your secretive world of lust Your wishful thoughts provoke me and have me wanting more.Make me beg for said seduction. After all, make me realize why I want It so badly- Why do I want you so badly-I`ll drop down on my knees. Tell me to call you what you want.Tell me to say `Yes Sir and please`Give me something that I have never had me before.Lure me into your desire. Deep down I know you want itI can see it in the eyes that won`t contact mine.Damn you hide it so well.Dear, please give me your mercy.Satisfaction is all I need from you.Make me want to please you.
Try The Domain Name Suggestion Service Now
A tool that suggests several domain names and that ensures the domain name availability is one of the most important one. Now, it is possible that you get the free domain search service and finally can make your choice of the domain name. The domain name registration is one of the most important services that are mandatory and people can’t escape from getting the service. Smart Domain Search is a place where the searching browser does suggest you with the best domain names which you can have a look and later make decision out of them.        The domain name which is considered being the website name plays an important role in the business and also it plays the vital position in making your targeted customers attracted. Before you go for the domain name registration for your website, you must check whether your preferred name is available or already taken by the targeted customers. So, you get an idea and it works like an alert for the people who are thinking to get the domain
One Of The Sweetest Men I Knew From Our Church
RIP Father will be missed by many people in and around the community
I could not forget the moment you partedYour lips. They shone in the moonlight, I thought thatIn that moment, had I the will to kiss you, I could lift the taste ofYesterday's wine off them. You never gaveMe the chance.                In that moment I felt the spasm               Of desire shake within you, so hard               That I could feel the air vibrate with it, butIt did nothing to bridge the distance.I could not will myself to listen to yourVoice, it was too much, too soon, itStung deep, my cheeks turned red at The thought. I still cannot recall your words.For my entire being was concentratedOn the curve of your shoulder, the moonlightYour body, your entirety. If I couldNot have you, it was in my best interestTo remember each line of your lips,The contours of your chest.               If I could not have you, I would have                At least, the moment.I was entranced by your nearness, my legsCould not hold the weight of my heart, so heavyWithin my chest that my ribs bro
Who Is That Chick - 859
One more lie passed around about me, alright now was anyone looking so they could see?? I really don't want to even know, somehow I don't think so. As a chick I don't even qualify, they don't write poetry and cry.   A chick I just ain't, I have already gone and sinned a chick is more of a virginal saint. I am one bad seed in my family, I have never been locked up but with being loved, I am not so lucky.   Okay yeah some do ask who I am, but when I find out what is say behind my back I understand that they don't give a good god damn. I will be trying, till my day of death, only I have something to say showing love isn't wasting anyone's breath.   Who is that chick?? she probably can't even suck or lick. See she just looks sick who is that chick??
Car Gps Dvd Player
ShenZhen Hualingan Technology Co.,Ltd. which use to be named as Hualingan Electronic Co., Ltd, was established in 2004,and based in LongHua new area,BaoAn district,ShenZhen, China. The general manager Miss Xie started her business with a small trading company by only 470 RMB in 2003, and with the engineer Mr. Pan’s help, this company successfully turned into a well known enterprise of majoring in car gps DVD player’s producing   Hualingan is mainly focused on the R&D, producing and selling of car DVD navigation series products which apply to European motor type like BMW, Benz, Audi, Porsche, Hummer, Fiat and Alfa Romeo,etc.. Through years of hard working, insisting on independent design and continuous innovation, and based on the ideas of integrity, quality foremost and customer first, Hualingan earned the reputation of customers in domestic market, as well as the car dvd navigation favor of foreign business partners. Meanwhile, Hualingan is also the only large newly
Ces Joueurs Sont Censés Avoir Des Spécialistes Ainsi Que Des Grandes Personnes Et Ils Sont De Forage
Il peut très bien être un sournois, commentaire inaperçu d'un joueur adverse ou il peut être beaucoup plus apparente, y compris des chants racistes ou sectaires chansons à partir d'un grand nombre de partisans alors que dans le degré stands.The du racisme pose aujourd'hui la question, pourquoi? Je crois que vous pouvez trouver beaucoup de réponses distinctes. Maillot Espagne,A titre d'exemple, les supporters de football jeunes voient leurs joueurs préférés, les joueurs dont ils semblent autant que, semaine après semaine présentant des signes de comportement raciste. Une illustration de cela est le cas avec John Terry, le capitaine de Chelsea et ex-capitaine de l'Angleterre accusé de générer des propos racistes dans la direction d'Anton Ferdinand # de QPR. Pour moi, c'est la raison pour laquelle le racisme est aussi grand d'un problème tel qu'il est. Ces joueurs sont censés avoir des spécialistes ainsi que des grandes personnes et ils sont de forage cela signifie raciste de considérer d
Bank Of America
Bonuses Given to Bank of America Employees for Home Foreclosures     Bank of America employees were told to disappear records, falsify documents and blatantly lie to its’ customers Julie WilsonInfowars.comJuly 10, 2013 Homeowners have filed a multi-state class action lawsuit against Bank of America (BOA) for scamming them into foreclosure. Last week, six former BOA employees revealed in a sworn statement to a federal court in Massachusetts that they were given financial incentives for deliberately foreclosing on peoples’ homes.   According to Salon, BOA employees in the mortgage servicing unit “systematically lied to homeowners, fraudulently denied loan modifications, and paid staff bonuses” for forec
I Need Me A "freudian" Bitch!
  ·new friend request from 'Mz Ginger FE2 B...' received 27 mins ago Mz Ginger FE2 B... became your fan +21 points 27 mins ago ·Mz Ginger FE2 B... just sent you a message 28 mins ago ·Mz Ginger FE2 B... just invited you to join his mob in fuMafia 28 mins ago ·Mz Ginger FE2 B... likes you +2310 points 28 mins ago · Divine Guide BIKERXS FE2 MzG... just checked you out 28 mins ago ·Mz Ginger FE2 B... rated you an '11' +105 points 30 mins ago · Halo Bender Mz Ginger FE2 B... just checked you out Soooo...i'm like.... 4:38pm more To Mz Ginger ...: fuck off point whore 4:40pm reply
Our Heartbeats Synced In Rhythm...
the echo of your footfall signals you are neari long to feel your breath tickle against my earto have our fingers clasp and wrap togetherand feel the strength of love broke neveras we stroll along while lost in raptureby these thoughts of ours together capturedand we sing in tune from me to youa whispered ballad of love so truewe feel our souls as they entwineand merge as one, yours and mineit's a feeling we get, we can't let goand no one can take this love we knowwe come together and we just feel themour hearts as one, they beat in rhythmand you are mine and i am yoursand if nothing else, of that i'm sure
Buen Viaje " Good Journey" Spanish
To you our beloved Aunt Carmen, today we say our farewell and until next time to you. We saw many years of laughter, smiles, and good stories, so I will share some of mine.   When her twin , my mom and her would get mad at us kids for not doing what we were told, ( mind you she has 6 kids, my mom 5) they would get so frustrated, they would forget our names say " I dont know what your name is but you're in trouble so go to your room!" I still laugh at that  her smile, qircky sense of humor, laugh, will not be forgotten, she has forever burnt a special place in all out hearts , we all love you Auntie Carmen, ( Grand mom, sister , mom ..) we all treasure you and miss you dearly , rest well sweet lady you deserve a break.
My Life With A Man Who Has Aspergers
"Who washed the dishes?" my husband asked last week.  I put up my hand and said wearily "I did, what did I do wrong?" he sighed, rolled his eyes and brought me through by the hand to show me that I had stacked the plates facing the right instead of his preferred left. I promptly fixed them as he stared at them closely to check they were done right. He gave me a lecture that I was putting 'the plates wrong, they could fall and break and the knives and forks need to be facing down" He still reminds me daily.   No, am not married to the bloke from Sleeping With The Enemy, though I do say that onstage. I am married to a man who has Aspergers and now has been recently told he may have low spectrum Autism.   I watched him as he stood in the kitchen with me, 33 years of marriage down the line, I recall the sixteen year old boy who put a diamond ring on my finger one month and pretty soon after he tried to commit suicide as he 'felt out of his skin'. Not something the doctors of Glasgow R
     Hey to all my freaks and peeps...Its been a few months since Ive literally been on here to do a blog.  I think I was going through blog withdrawals lol..Anyways, this is a personal message that Im sending out to that special freak that's following my blog..Pay close attention to what Im saying...Once again I got burned by a man that I thought that cared about me and I was totally wrong.  Then, when I wanted to hear from an ex of mine to just put some closure to that relationship I get these random text messages from my exe's friend.  It seemed too convenient that he got my phone number somehow and was just really down sizing my ex as to be being a male whore!! Plus, I find out that my ex had a fiance that always makes it so much Daniel I know you read my blogs and if that was actually you that was texting me that's messed up...I don't appreciate being toyed with and I really feel like your toying with me...My question is why are you doing this to me?? Either grow the b
What It Is
Rationality saysIt’s nonsenseLove saysIt is what it isReckoning saysIt’s doomFear saysIt’s nothing but sorrowSense saysIt’s hopelessLove saysIt is what it isPride saysIt’s ridiculousCaution saysIt’s recklessExperience saysIt’s not practicalLove saysIt is what it is
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Meeting People On Fubar
Fubar is great for meeting people you probably wouldn't have met otherwise. Including that special somene you hold above all others on fu. Although it'sgreat that I have met someone I'm really attracted to thanks to fu we do however have our problems because of fu. For instance I believe if you are really srious about someone they are usuallly the first person you think about when you come to the site at least for me anyway I make sure to do to all the little things for her besides having her as my #1 and my crush etc You would think if someone really likes you the same way they would have no problem doing the same things for you? Well unfortunately I have been in more arguements with this person lately about this subject. She just refuses to do all the things for me that I have done happily for her so I told her for one thing it really kinda hurts my feelings I even have to ask you to do these things but then when she would rather argue about it than actually do it kinda makes me thin
My Honeymoon Sucked!
So my honeymoon was a total failure. I ended up being ridiculed by my husband's family. They made fun of me because of my health problems. I was told one night that I was making up all my health problems and was just being ungrateful for the food I was offered... I was allergic to the food I was offered so how does that make sense that I was making up and being ungrateful? They made fun of me because of my looks. I was told one night that my sister-in-law called me fatter and uglier than her... this bitch is damn near 300 pounds with nasty pizza face and disgusting dandruff yet I'm fatter and uglier than her? Then they trash talked Jared behind his back and made sure I was present when they did. My husband's aunt's assistant pastor's wife told everyone including me that my husband was NOT a hard enough worker because he did nothing around the cabin so therefore he must not be good at his actual janitorial job. Stupid bitch didn't take into consideration that we were not staying with th
Justice 4 Max The Dog (shot By The Cops)
Share Plz!
keep your head held high, all you need to do is spread your wings and fly...   Wipe those tears from your eye's... It's a sad thing when I see an angel cry...   Follow your heart, you know that have a place in the heart that is mine.   I know you got a lot of shit in life goin' on for you.. I know that it seems like the whole world is conning you... But just sit back, and relax, and put the whole damn world on mute... And listen to your surroundings...   I know the pain of the game, strikes back and attacks... but reveal what is real ad hold yourself higher... because your the only one that holds you from your life's desires...   please girl just hold on, your the dame on the Effiel Tower... Accomplish all of your dreams before the final hour...   Just keep your head held high, all you need is to spread your wings and fly... Wipe those tears from your eye's, it's a sad thing to witness an angel cry... Begin to follow your heart...  You know you have a place in the
Can You Wrap Me??
17 more demon family adds to go, omg, it is not going to happen. Why do we need favors. I am perfectly happy with the friends I have. I like some and love others. I'm not going to righteously advance anywhere, you want to know why?? Cause we all ain't on at the same time!! Some of my bestest friends ain't on every single day, and I don't love them any bit less. I am here when I can be here. All I ask is that you don't take a judge anyone by the amount of free time they have, its not like they are going to judge you by the amount of time you have being busy. Who woulda thunk???   You ain't gonna mess with my shine today. I had some Honeycomb cereal. MMMMMM!! We got our shower head fixed too!! I sometimes want one of the dryers working better too, maybe I ought to tell the maintenance man about the dryer. Then again, maybe smaller loads should be washed. Its possibly that I want to get my money's worth, $1.25 to wash and $1.25 to dry.   Had a thought as I woke up this morning, asked
How does one continue to live after having lost everything? You may hear the words.. But you cannot understand the sadness. Cannot feel the pain. Cannot hear the screams. And will not ever see the tears...   If you listen.. You may hear the echoes within the cold, broken shell that was once a heart.. It screams out for peace.. To be saved.. Screams that will never be heard...   The depression is a great and terrible all-consuming inferno...   It dwells deep within the darkest of shadows.. corrupting and devouring all that comes within its fiery grasp..
It was a hard day of practice. We lost our 3rd. game in a rowe last Friday night.,And the coach was pissed. Push ups,sit ups,drills and running laps. Yelling and bitching. No air conditioner or fans were on. The gym was like a sana. I was running laps and needing a brake.I saw coach Thomas talking to a concerned parent at the front door. While he was distracted I ran out the back door and around the building. I stoped to catch my breath.Outside it was a butifull day. A cool wind blew. As I rested from the other direction my girlfriend Misty aproached.,Skiping her cosmotoligy class." I was hopeing I would run in to you.""We got a substitute teacher today. I got a hall pass to go to the bathroom and got lost."She smiles and takes a pack of Marlboro reds from her purse. She lights one up. We share the cigarette passing it back and forth. My dick bulges from my jogging shorts."Ya know I would much rather be sucking something else right now.""No reason why you can't."I take her h
Omg I Just Had To Share.
A man on a business trip to Las Vegas heard about how good the Las Vegas prostitutes were so on his first night there, he decided he would go out and try his luck.He walked outside his hotel and looked up and down the street and saw an attractive girl standing on the corner. He approached her and asked her if she is working tonight and sure enough she said "Meet me in room 804 across the street." He was in luck. She was a knockout.They got to the room and he sat down anxiously on the edge of the bed. She asked him what he wanted and he thought for a second, then said "How much for a hand job?" She said, "300". His eyes popped open and he asked "300?" She said, "Walk over to that window and open the curtains". He proceeded. "See that motel down there? I own it, and I didn't inherit it. I'm that good." He was like, "well go right ahead honey". So she proceeded to give him the best hand job he ever had.After a little rest he thought, if that was that good...."How much for a blow job?" She
Probably Pointless
What is love, life, friends, happiness and all the good things?  Nothing but glorified words to bring false hopes and dreams to people. Love is full of heartache and pain. Life is full of hardship, hard work for nothing, and pain. Friends are just enemies with a different name because they seem to only dring deceit and pain. Happiness what is that? Only seems to be a false hope to me especially lately. Why even speak of such things in life when they seem to not exist? 
A Delightful Ctk-810in Experience
A unique Indian music experience is what I was looking for when I bought the CTK810IN professional keyboard.  After using it for my performances, I realized that CTK810IN is a digital keyboard with a difference.  Laced with advanced features and beautiful rhythms, it offers an experience no other digital professional keyboard does. Not only did it prove to be a reliable casio during shows, it helped me hone my skills and learn about exciting new sounds and tones. The CTK810IN professional keyboard is a complete package when it comes to combining creativity with technology. It comes with a staggering 120 new rhythms that will bring to you seven beautiful Indian rhythms for a complete Indian music experience. It also offers to you 15 Indian tones that are part of its 515 tones package of impeccable quality and depth. This is a casio that will give you the best of the latest technology in the field. Its high quality tones, piano like keys programmed with touch response, the pitch bend wh
Casio Launch Of Ctk810in Digital Keyboards For Professional
CTK810IN digital professional keyboard is a tremendous work by Casio in shaping the world of music for people like me who are into advance music learning and want to have a professional career with it. This CTK810IN digital keyboard is a terrific professional keyboard whose every in-built and the external features are classy. I am feeling rejuvenated after using this launch of Casio for professionals to be used at the professional level. The CTK810IN is a very expressive and a very potential digital keyboard whose design is very classic and provides with the ease of carrying at the professional usage ground. After using the CTK810IN digital keyboard by Casio, I felt that the digital effects of this digital keyboard is very vast and provides a richer variety of sound effects. The digital keyboard has the ability to assign some very different tones. I am so moved by the built-in lessons and challenges and the chord guide of this digital professional CTK810IN keyboard by Casio. This prof
Crazy Life
hello everybody! will i had be gone for while alot things happen in my life! my mom pass away last january that major loss for me. trying get pass that. then in feb this year i had a heartattack had stint put in so was out work for while that change my life around for the good.just got watch what i do now. in apri;l another major blow my younger brother had pass away he was only 41 he had two young daughters. never got see his first grand child. he will be miss but in heaven with my momma. now my daughter been sick for almost three weeks. just never ending. so hope it gets better
Mic: Tablet Pc Industry In Taiwan This Year, Shipments Will Grow 24.5%
Information Institute for Information Industry estimates that in 2013 the global PC (PC) shipments of about 306 million units, down 4.1 percent compared with last year, is expected in 2014, is expected to surge in the commercial replacement driven by the global PC market will turn slightly positive growth trend, but this slight slow growth trend will continue until 2017, the market scale of development show a slow stagnation phenomenon. For Information Industry Consultant Zhoushi Xiong said that in 2013 the PC market by the Android Tablet PC 2013 global economic recovery is slow, Tablet PC (Tablet) products continues to expand growth, the consumer market has declined significantly in Europe and America and other factors, will show negative growth trend, the overall rate of decline than the Desktop (DT) is more obvious. Looking ahead, it is expected in the new platform and new product specifications gradually into the market after the end-consumer market will stimulate dema
Greek Wine
Over the last 20 years of tasting and traveling throughout Greece, we have compiled a portfolio of the best artisan, vineyard-driven producers who are working with the best native varietals from the best appellations. We only focus on producers and growers who are fully committed to quality and sustainability from vine to bottle. These producers are people that have passion, are self made men, work with the land, and embody the true winemaking spirit. Greek Wine
Different Colors Reflect On The Sense
Not only has the function of lighting to illuminate, but also on the psychological impact: The higher the temperature the more refreshing impression, on the contrary, the lower the more warmth. Psychologists have found that red environment, people will speed up the pulse, blood pressure was increased, emotional impulses easily excited; blue environment, the pulse will slow, relatively quiet mood. Different colors reflect on the sense of taste is different, which is also seen with the human instinct related items, such as seeing red, yellow will think of apples, oranges and so on. Red, yellow with sweet and sour sensation, can stimulate the appetite, increased appetite; rather dark green, blue and green felt bitter, will affect the appetite.  Different illuminance and color temperature influence on human psychological reactions vary greatly, spatial impression is based on the color temperature and illumination environments impression decision. Japan controls the degree of
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3 Rules If You Want A Free Morph
1. I Do Not Morph People Into Random Crap Like Flowers, Dragons, Butterflies etc. Basically Crap That Isnt The Human Form. Certain Animals Like Dogs, Cats, Wolves etc. Are Acceptable    2. Continuity. Both The Pic Of You And The Pic You Want To Be Morphed Into Need To Be In The Same Pose Or Close Enough That Way Arms And Legs Dont Appear Cause Ive Seen Alot Of Shitty Morphs On Here And Their Just Embarrassing. If You Dont Have A Pic That Matches I Can Raincheck You Till You Can Take A Pic In The Pose.   3. No I Repeat NO "Surprise Me" If You Dont Know What You Wanna Morph Into How The Hell Should I? If I Hear "Surprise Me" Im Just Gonna Say "I Showed You The Rules And You Broke The 3rd One So Your Not Gettin A Morph Right Now SURPRISE!!!"
Boys Are So Silly.
Clear HistoryClose thunderbolt Buzz:   sh*t faced! Level: Disciple (26) Gender: Male, ? Location:     10:35pm thunderbolt: hi 10:37pm  Cannib...: hi 10:39pm thunderbolt: hi sweetie how r u ? 10:41pm  Cannib...: i am well, and you?
in that moment i did not know how to be a nice woman i really felt i needed to get him to quit teasing me. i finally just moved up in the bed and he penatrated me i never expected i was one to climax that much where i actually wet the sheets. I stayed the whole night with him at the house he was doing the house sitting. when we woke up the next morning he was in the mood to get more i quickly got out of bed dressed and asked for coffee. My goal was to get back home before any more of my roomates got home i felt it was going to be easier to not feel uncomfortable with them knowing i stayed that night with him.  I went inside straight to shower and no one was home just me and him so he comes in to my shower with me. I allowed it because i believed no one would be home for hours. To my suprise they didn't work that day. somehow we dropped something in tub and i scream out of passion YES! wow one one his friends thought i hurt myself in restroom and door opens all 3 of our room mates catc
All I Will Ever Be...
It seems I am constantly changing what I think is okay for me. i think i have been pretending to be some Vanilla House Husband for so long I'm not even sure what is acceptable to me or what I want. I do know that I want to be me. and I want other people to be themselves. it makes it so much easier to determine if I like you when you are yourself. I hate when I fall for someone who is pretending to be someone else. Or when I tell someone I love them, but they want to put conditions or prerequisites on my love. IT IS MINE. I will give it to whomever I choose. and withhold it from everyone else. either you want it or you don't. I'm not going to force you to accept my love. I'm not going to change who I am to suit your version of what my love should look like. And I am damned sure not not going to accept being treated in a lesser manner because I can't choose not to love more than one person. it isn't fair to me. I've been trying so hard to be someones prince charming. when in all reality,
Heart-eating Cannibal Demands Obama Send Weapons
“If we don’t get help, a no-fly zone, heavy weapons, we will do worse [than I did]. You’ve seen nothing yet.” Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comJuly 9, 2013 The Syrian rebel fighter who infamously cut out and bit into the heart of a dead soldier has threatened to commit even worse atrocities if the Obama administration doesn’t send the FSA heavy weaponry and impose a no fly zone over Syria.   In an interview with the BBC, FSA fighter Abu Sakkar, who prompted international condemnation back in May when video emerged of him cutting off and eating the internal organ of a Syrian Army soldier as his comrades chanted “Allahu Akbar,” is unrepentant and actually threatens to commit more gruesome acts unless the Obama administration sends the rebels heavy weapons. Pillorying the west for doing nothing to help the rebels, Sakkar complains, “If we don’t get help, a no-fly zone, heavy weapons, we will do worse [than I did]. You’v
Off-duty Police Officer Shoots Family’s ‘big Softie’ Dog In Front Of 12-year-old Owner
Off-duty police officer shoots family's 'big softie' dog in front of 12-year-old owner Fitzhenry family say beloved boxer dog, Gunner, was shot as he tried to play But Mark Condon claims the four year old dog attacked him and his wife Dalton Fitzhenry, 12, who family say treated the dog like a brother, saw it all By AMANDA WILLIAMS PUBLISHED: 09:47 EST, 9 July 2013 | UPDATED: 09:52 EST, 9 July 2013   An off duty police officer has shot his neighbour's dog dead in front of it's 12-year-old owner, after it allegedly attacked him and his wife.  The Fitzhenry family, from Harris County, Texas, say their beloved boxer dog, Gunner - who they described as a big softie - was shot by the off-duty Houston police officer on Friday along a pathway. Houston Police Department Officer Mark Condon claims the four-year-old dog charged at him and his wife, after it escaped from the Fitzhenry's garden by accident.  But according to 12-year-old Dalton Fitzhenry, who family say treated the do
Florida Outlaws All Computers
Kurt NimmoInfowars.comJuly 9, 2013 Photo: Orin Zebest So hasty were Florida lawmakers, they managed to outlaw all computers in the Sunshine State. The absurd instance of mindless over reach by government appeared in a Florida Senate billprohibiting electronic gambling devices and internet cafes. The legislation was signed into law by Florida’s former Tea Party favorite, Rick Scott. He signed the bill behind closed doors and said the ban is the “right thing to do for our state.” Consuelo Zapata, the owner of Incredible Investments, LLC, a business in Miami-Dade that provides online services for migrant workers who is suing the state in response to the legislation, said the law is so recklessly worded that it outlaws all computers in the state, not simply those at internet cafes. Scott and the Florida Senate passed the law in response to seniors and other state residents using “electronic gambling devices,” including computers. The bill’s wo
Medal Adorned Soldier Was Wearing “too Much Metal” For Security Officers Steve Watson July 9, 2013 A Purple Heart Marine Was Groped And
Medal adorned soldier was wearing “too much metal” for security officersSteve WatsonInfowars.comJuly 9, 2013A Purple Heart Marine was groped and swabbed by TSA agents recently at a California airport while on his way to a ceremony to honor him as veteran of the year in his district. Cpl. Nathan Kemnitz sustained severe injuries from a IED detonation while on duty in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. While traveling to Sacramento, to receive the award, TSA agents at Sacramento International Airport pulled Kemnitz aside for additional screening. When the screeners ordered him to lift up his arms for a full body scan, the decorated veteran told the TSA goons that because of his injuries, he cannot lift up his right arm. ‘My right arm doesn’t work. It’s a lot of hassle for me to do that,’ Kemnitz told The Military Times. The screeners then proceeded to probe underneath Kemnitz’s medals, while feeling under the Marine’s waistband and swabbing his sh
Honor Student Inexplicably Beaten By Police “i Awoke Spitting My Teeth Out On The Ground”
Yolanda Spiveyyourblackworld.netJuly 9, 2013 On June 29th 2013, Gabriella Calhoun’s life changed forever. The night was warm and clear, and after partying with friends, Gabriella and her friends decided to go to their local neighborhood Denny’s to get a late night meal. Gabby is an honor student at Wiley College. She finished high school a year early and went to college a year before the rest of her cohort. Sitting on the left side of Denny’s so they can have a view of the parking lot, her crew of 17, all high school graduates, witnessed a fight between two girls. As the group of college bound students were ordering their drinks, the cops were called. When officers arrived on the scene, they entered the Denny’s and approached Gabriella’s table and asked if they had anything to do with the fight. A friend, who shall remain nameless, told the officers that they were not involved with the fight at all at which the cops left and went back outside. The two
Virginia Department Of Health Acquires Children’s Medical Records Without Parental Consent
Julie WilsonInfowars.comJuly 9, 2013 A Virginia mom was notified by her child’s private school that her son, whom is set to begin school this fall, needs his immunizations. The mother of three was confused by the school’s recommendation since she had not yet submitted the health records for her son indicating whether or not he had received his vaccinations. When the mother contacted the school’s director, even she was confused. The director informed her that the state of Virginia has built a website that allows schools to access children’s health information, including what pediatrician they see and any insurance claims that have been made. The distraught mom contacted the Virginia Immunization Information System (VIIS) and was informed that the site’s purpose is to provide children’s health information and allow it to be easily accessed by health officials. According to the Virginia Department of Health’s website the “VIIS is a free
Taylor Swift Has Man Arrested At Concert For Sign
Infowars.comJuly 9, 2013 Taylor Swift’s security detail had a man arrested during a concert in Pittsburgh for a sign declaring his love for the popular singer-songwriter. The sign also said “Taylor Swift is with Satan.” NEWS CLIP HERE Police claim Joseph Jackson also threatened Swift on Facebook. “Taylor Swift must perish and die,” he allegedly posted. CBS News in Pittsburgh reported on Monday that Swift’s security officials “are very pro-active regarding any sort of threat against the artist and that they passed that information to police who made the arrest.” Detectives did not find weapons on Jackson. The only threat appeared to be his signage and a comment he made to police. “Taylor Swift is Satan and that 6,000 years is six days and death comes on the sixth day, so Taylor Swift is in danger.” Jackson was arrested, handcuffed and taken to jai
Florida Sheriff Taking Riot Threats Seriously As Zimmerman Acquittal Appears Likely
Miami-area sheriff’s office talking to federal agencies and asking residents not to riot. Kit DanielsInfowars.comJuly 9, 2013 The Broward Sheriff’s Office, whose jurisdiction includes a large portion of the Miami metropolitan area, released a video yesterday urging residents not to riot in response to the Travyon Martin shooting trial which now appears to lean heavily in George Zimmerman’s favor.     “Let’s give violence a rest because we could easily end up arrested,” one of the performers in the video said. “Law enforcement has your back.” “Let’s back up and choose not to act up and deputies are with us so no need to act tough.” The video’s web site states that the sheriff’s office Strategic Investigation Division has been communicating to not only community leaders but also local, state, and federal agencies. Could potential federal response be similar to the martial law encountered earlier
Indiana: 45,000 Chl Applicants Still Waiting Approval
45,000 Handgun Carry Permit Applicants Still Waiting Approval By Rachel Martin RELATED: ABC News Poll: Should There Be Stricter Gun Control Laws? Gun Customers Go Shopping: Fears Over New Restrictions Drive Up Sales Gun Buy Back (with Video) Guns Allowed Closer to Ohio Statehouse Surge in Gun Sales (with Video) Gun Retailers: Potential Restrictions Unnecessary NRA & Walmart Meet With V.P. Over Gun Control Issues Armed To Stop Danger: Ohio School System Puts Guns In Hands Of Staff Guns Sales Hit Record Highs, Police Paying More for Ammo
Sustainable Development Park Violates Artist’s Political Expression
Julie WilsonInfowars.comJuly 9, 2013 Respected artist and business owner Chris Hobe had his artwork yanked from an art gallery showing in Atlanta, Ga. after the property manager accused his work of being “violent in nature.”Hobe’s company, Artistic Revolt, creates and produces original art and clothing that represents the “history of our great nation.” Hobe says he “utilizes the cycles of history to create art that makes people think a little deeper than just a piece of art.” “My art is intended to make people think outside the box and not just go with the mainstream; to inspire people to be pioneers like the people before us and not just be content or complacent.” Chris Hobe has long displayed his work in the area, but just recently joined forces with a large property corporation called Atlantic Station. Atlantic Station offers shopping, dining, movies in the park and festivals featuring art galleries. According to the park&rsq
Gun Seizures Trigger Fear Of Massive Police Power
video here Is your front door no longer sacred? Published: 1 day ago DREW ZAHN About | Email | Archive   Follow  Subscribe to feed Text smaller Text bigger   A flurry of recent stories about police knocking on – and sometimes knocking in – people’s front doors have raised alarms in both the U.S. and Canada about whether the home is still constitutionally protected from increasing police power. As WND reported, High River, Alberta,
Iowa Teen Takes Keys Of Driver In Fatal Council Bluffs Wreck
COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA. — A Council Bluffs teenager who survived a highway collision that killed one of her friends and injured two others said she took the other driver’s keys to prevent him from trying to drive away. Jessilyn Eisman, 16, said that after a van driving the wrong way on Veterans Memorial Highway struck her friend’s car early Friday, she crawled from the wreckage and yelled at the driver to call 911, but he refused. Eisman said she then took the man’s keys. “I wasn’t just going to let someone leave that just killed my friend,” she said. Eisman, who suffered minor injuries, said she flagged down another driver to call for help. Her friend, 17-year-old Chrishaun Moten, was in the back seat and was killed in the crash. The other two Council Bluffs teens were hospitalized with injuries. Brenden Kniesly, 18, the driver of the car, was in stable condition at a Council Bluffs hospital Saturday. Philip Moffatt, 17, was seriously injured
Sheriff's Office To Pay $1 Million To Stroke Victim's Family
VIDEO HERE   TAMPA (FOX 13) - A mistake at the Orient Road Jail in Hillsborough County proved costly: $1 million. That's how much the sheriff's office and the private company that provides medical care for inmates will pay to the family of 51-year-old Allen Hicks. The popular baseball coach died last year after suffering a stroke and spending 36 hours in the jail without treatment. "It was really sad for me the situation and how it was handled," said close friend and fellow baseball coach Vernon Slater. Video cameras show Hicks being dragged into the jail and left alone on the floor. The sheriff's office offered to settle the case even before the Hicks family filed a lawsuit. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office will pay $200,000, and the private company that staffs the jail with medical staff, Armor Correctional Health Services, will pay $800,000. "That video
Dry Cleaner Drone Delivers Clothes To Customers
NBC PhiladelphiaJuly 9, 2013     A freshly laundered shirt, covered in plastic, flaps in the wind as it takes flight from in front of Manayunk Cleaners. It wasn’t picked up by a breeze, though, rather a remote-controlled drone, which ferries the shirt across the sky on a delivery run to a nearby customer. “I’m all about technology and I see a lot of these cleaners, it’s so old school. You come in…and you just pick it up. I needed to spice things up,” says Manayunk Cleaners owner Harout Vartanian. Read More Related Articles US drone war delivers results, but at what price? Drone to go jogging with you Oregon Company to Sell Drone Defense Technology to Public Police Use Drone to Catch Suspect Unmanned drone buzzes French police car   This article was posted: Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 11:08 am Tags: domestic news,&nb
Tweet By Russian Lawmaker On Snowden Asylum In Venezuela Deleted
Tribune news wire reports 10:47 a.m. CDT, July 9, 2013 A tweet in which a senior Russian lawmaker said former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden had accepted Venezuela's offer of asylum was deleted from his Twitter feed shortly after it was posted on Tuesday.The lawmaker, Alexei Pushkov, later tweeted that he had seen the news on state-run Russian television channel Rossiya-24, but a representative of Rossiya-24 said it had been referring to Pushkov's initial tweet. Pushkov, the pro-Kremlin chairman of the international affairs committee in the lower parliament house, could not immediately be reached for comment.A Russian Foreign Ministry official declined immediate comment and the Venezuelan embassy in Moscow could not immediately be reached.Snowden, who is wanted in the United States on espionage charges after revealing details of secret surveillance programmes, is believed to be holed up in the transit area at a Moscow airport where he arrived on June 23 from Hong Kong.
Patient Caroline Burns Wakes Up As Doctors Prepare To Remove Organs
Kathleen Lees First Posted: Jul 09, 2013 09:08 AM EDT   Burns woke up on the operating table as her organs were about to be removed. (Photo : Flickr) It might seem like the beginning of a horror movie: A woman, about to be cut open, wakes up. She is not knocked out by anesthesia nor is she dead. Unfortunately, this is not fiction. It's a true story, and it happened to Caroline Burns. Reports say it was exactly midnight when Burns opened her eyes, looking around to see doctors who believed she had died preparing to remove her organs and donate them to patients on the transplant waiting list. Like Us on Facebook  According to a report released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, doctors had inaccurately diagnosed Burns with irreversible brain damage and ignored clues that her condition was improving, including her toes curling when she was touched, flared nostrils and moving her mouth and tongue. She had also began to b
Sony Xperia Smartphone,
The full roll-out has been a long time coming, but it would Appear That Sony has done enough testing and tweaking based on its beta period to be confident with a full-scale release.If you own a Sony Xperia smartphone, there's really no reason not to jump on board and get this set-up right away. It's an invaluable tool, even if you're just prone to losing your smartphone in and around the house.It's worth Noting That the AppleSeed específicamente invite does not mention the recent Wi-Fi connectivity woes That stemmed from Apple's Implementation of the 802.11ac wireless standard. Considering That It's a Wi-Fi update, however it, it likely AIMS to fix Those issues.The new 11 - and 13-inch MacBook Air models are the very first Macs to boast the new relativamente Which wireless protocol can reach theoretical speeds of up to 1300Mbps When combined With The new AirPort Extreme or AirPort Time Capsule. While the protocol sounds good on paper, many new owners of the revamped MacBook Airs Compla
Cette Football Jersey Abat-jour Facile Métier Est Vraiment Une Excellente Façon De Refaire Toute Abat-jour En Jour
Cette Football Jersey abat-jour facile métier est vraiment une excellente façon de refaire toute abat-jour en jour une nouvelle et personnalisée des activités sportives à thème abat-jour idéal pour à peu près n'importe quelle zone de jeu, chambre ou sportives Activités d'enfant décor de maison sur le thème. Vous serez en mesure d'utiliser n'importe quel vieux ou des dommages matériels abat-jour depuis la base de ce projet Football Jersey abat-jour artisanale pour abaisser votre expenses. maillots football ,To faire | Pour créer | Pour produire | Pour générer} un abat-jour Jersey Football vous aurez besoin de: La initial étape serait d'éliminer complètement chacun des matériaux de l'abat-jour cassé ou présente. Commencer par piquer une paire de ciseaux avec le tissu, puis minimiser loin. Une fois que vous avez le corps du matériau éliminé alors commencer à fonctionner autour du matériau enroulé sur es fils. Cette obtiendrez un certain temps, mais c'est une bonne façon d'économiser quelq
Along With The Tit For Tat So As Not To Actual Madrid President
Guardiola Right down to Direct ReferenceThe highest assault calls from Barcelona Genuine Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, and his strong backing in the club President Florentino. True Madrid appear within the encounter of numerous damaging elements, True Madrid win the league can't, therefore, any of the credit score ought to be witnessed like a feat, a miracle. Way back in early season, Genuine Madrid agreed Football Shirt the inner, schedules conducive to their win above Maillot Espagneon the Nou Camp ahead from the competition so. Even so, despite the season for Barcelona by the affect of the Planet Cup in South Africa, but they are inside the league to change the first excellent outcomes, the encounter of True Madrid home game by using a hearty get 5:0 victory. Mourinho started playing football in the Spanish "Robin Hood" part, not realizing the outsider, he is not Robin Hood for the poor men and women as la liga kits the hero of justice, but to assist affluent revival spok
No, Not What You Need
I may be a little bitch, or just not fancy and that is alright, I shall be a free bitch baby, free and fabulous in my own right. Sometimes I don't give a damn, cuz its not like just anyone could be my dream man.   In an innocent way, of course I have already stopped traffic, Without causing any pain to myself and then again it got graphic. I found out there are angels all around, everywhere is a fact, I don't welcome the stopped motorists I am proud that someone has my back.   I can't play dress up I can be soft and so sensual, I can't play make believe I can only be what comes natural. Honesty is my fault I can't lie, I have tried, its just really is not me I have been beat and cried.   Those that don't wish to know me I might not like what you stand for, That is like what I felt and mentioned before. If you appreciate getting caught in the rain, there might be a chance you aren't yet going totally insane.   No I'm not what you need its right there,
"my Week With Emily"
"Hey!" she cried, looking over at me as i walked tward the bathroom. "Were the hell are you going? Get your black sexy ass back here and take care of this pussy!"  I continued into the bathroom, yelling back at her, "No can do my little She fox, we gotta get up and moving. After all. We're here for training, remember?" She continued to protest as i turned on the water and climbed in the shower. Later Emily sat down at the desk next to me at the start of class. I winked at her and she smiled back as we settled into the borning manual and lecture for the day. About half through the morning, a piece of paper dropped onto my desk. I looked at it and then peeked over at emily, who just smiled at me. I opened the note and read,   "Lee, i just wanted you to know how much i enjoyed everything that we did last night. You turned me on in ways i've never been turned on before. The way your tongue felt inside of me, and the taste of your cum in my mouth is something i will remember forever. I
"my Week With Emily"
Emily and woke the next morning to the sound of the phone ringing with our wake up call. I looked over at the clock through squinted eyes and say that it was after 6am. I dropped my head back down on the pillow and took a deep breath. It seemed like we had just fallen asleep, which was how it shoud have felt, since we had finally stopped fucking around 3:30 that morning.   I couldn't believe the enegry  this 35 year old had. this girl had denfinitely been drprived by her religious hesband. I thought of somehow dropping him a note explaining to him what he was missing but figured his loos was my gain. After all, the only reason ths lovely redhead spent the night riding my black dick was because of his actions. I smiled as i thought i should send him a thank you card.   I looked over at the naked woman laying beside me. Her red hair fell in curly locks down over her face. It was long, reaching halfway down her back. She was in great shape around 135lbs. It was clear that she worked o
How I Wish Things Really Were....
When I was a kid, my Mom liked to make breakfast food for dinner every now and then. I remember one night in particular when she had made breakfast after a long, hard day at work. On that evening so long ago, my Mom placed a plate of eggs, sausage and extremely burned biscuits in front of my dad. I remember waiting to see if anyone noticed!All my dad did was reach for his biscuit, smile at my Mom and ask me how my day was at school. I don't remember what I told him that night, but I do remember watching him smear butter and jelly on that ugly burned biscuit. He ate every bite of that thing...never made a face nor uttered a word about it!When I got up from the table that evening, I remember hearing my Mom apologize to my dad for burning the biscuits. And I'll never forget what he said, "Honey, I love burned biscuits every now and then."Later that night, I went to kiss Daddy good night and I asked him if he really liked his biscuits burned. He wrapped me in his arms and said, "Your Mom p
"setting Up My Slut Wife"
I looked over at the screen and saw that ass hole getting dressed as he prepared to leave my wife alone and go home to his own woman. Five minutes later, vanessa was dressed in her nitie and straightening out the sheets.  I reached for my cell and dialed our number.   "Hello?" She answered.   "Hey Lee honey,"I  was wondering when you'd call! I miss you."    "I'll bet you do. What'd you do tonight?" "Oh nothing. Watched a bit of TV and missed you. That's about it."    Emily snuggled in close and reached down to take hold of my dick.    "Did John drop by?"   "John?"    I smiled as i saw the look of panic in her eyes. "Yeah, John, from work. He told me he was going to drop in and check on you.  You know, like he did when i was away last time."    "Oh, John. Yeah, he came by for a second, but we didn't really visit too long."    "That's  too bad Ness. You know you should take the time to get to know him, he's a real nice guy."    "Well, maybe if he comes by again i'll i
Lover's Awesome Dream
Talking as we while away the hourdreaming of you in the wet showerwater running over that body dearwhen I grab you and draw you neartasting wetness of it's embraceas I lick your neck, breast, faceknowing the pleasures and thrillthat await me here with you stillA fantasy a lover's awesome dreamto fill you up and make you screamwith ecstasy in each and every gaspwhile I restrain you in my firm graspVery moving , as you always do , always make me want ,To be with you .Cuddled in your strong embrace ,Rippled with desire and wanting to taste. As the need builds , and my body reacts ,You claim me as yours A submission has grown , to be your own. Thank you Sire , your Lady is loving you. A lover's dream & his womans reaction & response
I have been here for a total of about 2 years now. There are a lot of things that can be learned here and here goes: 1. There are some very decent people here, but there are also a great deal of perverts, psychos, and just down right mean people. 2. People aren't what they appear to be either. In time their true colors will show and it won't be pretty. 3. This is a virtual bar. The same rules apply as they would in a real bar. 4. Unless you are up there in levels, I can assure you that you're probably being used. Had to learn this lesson the hard way. Luckily, I have met some wonderful people here and they're real as they come. 5. Watch out for thise who pretend to be your friend. Keep an eye out for fakes, bling whores, stalkers, and psychos. They are everywhere on this site. 6. There of plenty of ways to occupy your time here. Use them. Just interacting tends to get boring. Not everyone here wants to fully engage in a conversation. 7.
"setting Up My Slut Wife"
All of a sudden John pushed the fat toy hard and deep in to my wife's pussy and she tightened her body as her climax hit. At that same moment, Emily's pussy gripped my shaft and she screamed with pleasure as she came. My dick responded to the tight pussy as my load filled the shaft and exploded into Emily's canal. We remained completely still for a few moments, my dick resting inside of her as we watched John pull the moist dick out of Vanessa's pussy. They laid down together on my bed as i pulled my shaft out of Emily and pulled her into my arms.   We rested, knowing that we were going to get very little sleep that night, or any other night all wek.
"setting Up My Slut Wife"
"My God!" Emily said, her hand now tight around my shaft. She pulled her eyes of the screen and looked at me. "Fuck me, Lee. I mean, fuck me right now!"    Before i could say a word, she turned on the bed and got on all fours. She looked back at the laptop and continued watching the sexual pictures as i climbed up on the bed and got on my knees behind her. My  Dick slid inside her pussy and i began to slid it in and out of her pussy as we both stayed glued on the fuck happening live in my bedroom. I tried to match my movement to the dildo sliding in and out of my wife.   Emily started to moan loudly again, and i knew that she would cum quickly. all of this was simply far more than she had ever thought possible, and her pussy was responding accordingly. i also realized that i wasn't going to last long either. Watching my wife cheating on me in my own bed as i fucked a hot readhead hundreads of miles away was too much
"setting Up My Slut Wife"
John climbed off her and reached over to the nightstand. He picked up an object and turned back towards Vanessa. It took me a few seconds to realize that he was holding a rubber dick. The toy was massive, and o couldn't believe my eyes as her put it on her chest and rolled it around her cum soaked breast. He then brought it down between her legs and we watched her mouth open in what was clearly a loud moan as he slid the dildo inside her pussy. He lowered his mouth to her clit and began to suck it as he  fucked her with the toy. Vanessa's hands reached for her breasts and she began to rub what was left of his cum over her breasts as her body arched into the air with each pump.
Eyes Wide Shut
The Hidden (And Not So Hidden) Messages in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” (pt. I)     Vigilant CitizenJuly 9, 2013 “Eyes Wide Shut” was promoted as a steamy, suspenseful movie starring the “It” couple of the day: Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. While the actors were prominently featured in the movie, it is everything around them that told the true story of “Eyes Wide Shut”. Stanley Kubrick’s attention to detail and symbolism gave the movie an entire other dimension – one that cannot be seen by those who have their eyes wide shut. This multiple-part series will look at the hidden symbolism of Kub
Defining Prosperity Down
source: Friday’s employment report wasn’t bad. But given how depressed our economy remains, we really should be adding more than 300,000 jobs a month, not fewer than 200,000. As the Economic Policy Institute points out, we would need more than five years of job growth at this rate to get back to the level of unemployment that prevailed before the Great Recession. Full recovery still looks a very long way off. And I’m beginning to worry that it may never happen. Ask yourself the hard question: What, exactly, will bring us back to full employment? We certainly can’t count on fiscal policy. The austerity gang may have experienced a stunning defeat in the intellectual debate, but stimulus is still a dirty word, and no deliberate job-creation program is likely soon, or ever. Aggressive monetary action by the Federal Reserve, something like what the Bank of Japan is
Hail Satan Chant
Abortion activists caught on camera, possessed by spooky ‘Hail Satan’ chant at Texas State Capitol     Mike AdamsNatural NewsJuly 9, 2013 You may have heard that Texas is seeking to outlaw late-term abortions — the kind of abortions that kill a nearly full-grown baby who has eyes, ears, hands, a beating heart and can experience pain. The idea that such pre-born human beings cannot be murdered at will infuriates “pro-choice” abortion activists, and the true inspiration for their desire to kill babies has finally emerged. A truly bizarre, almost “creepy” video has just surfaced, revealing pro-abortion activists chanting “Hail Satan” in unison at the Texas State Capitol building. As you can hear for you
Packers And Movers Delhi – Simple Tips For Trouble-free Home Relocation
Packing in long distance move is job that can not be ignored at all. It can protect your goods from being damaged in relocation and many other situations. However, packing is not as easy it seems. There are varieties of items available in a typical home and all of them must be packed in proper way and appropriate style. In this article we will discuss about some useful packing tips for common household stuffs published by an expert packers and movers of Delhi. First and most important thing in packing of household stuffs is having suitable and good quality of packing supplies. A first-rate packing supply will enhance protection of your goods during move. There are varieties of packing materials available in market and you can purchase according to the type and quantity of your valuable stuffs. Cardboard boxes, packing paper, wrapping sheets, labeling markers, tape and dispenser, moving blankets and rubber pads are some frequently useful supplies for packing of household goods. Before
Food For Thought
I let some haters get under my skin , yea its over my woman , she says something on here and I get the shit end of it . Yo dumb asses its about keep me out of it . I am sick of fighting with her over your asses. Its our Relationship so stay out of it . Friends of hers stabbed her in back and she only talks to a few that are true  friend .
La Publicité Et Des Activités Activités Sportives Au Residence
Beaucoup de gens ces jours-ci sont passionnés de football et ils n'ont pas besoin de laisser passer aucune possibilité de prendre part à leur match bien-aimée. Ce n'est vraiment pas beaucoup de d'avoir un terrain de soccer et un spot up ouvert pour profiter de football, mais vous devriez pour vraiment avoir également sur un maillot de football fantastique. Il ya certainement une importante varier de football activités sportives chemises. football est effectuée tous tout autour le monde entier tout le chemin à l'aide de l'année. Par conséquent, il est certainement un superbe manque de la plus maillot foot réussie meilleur emplacement sur le net pour cela sur la planète. Vous êtes capable de placer sur le maillot de football avec vos shorts préférés. Presque tous les amants du football désir d'obtenir short assorti avec leur maillot de football favorisée. Si vous envie de jouer au football très simplement et sans faille, vous devez alors pas tarder à trouver une excellente
Endless Pleasure Freelander Pd80 Superior Version
  tablet cinesi PD80 superior version equipped with a newly developed Rockchip RK3066 dual-core chip with 1.6GHz clocked dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, built-in quad-core ARM Mali-400 MP GPU, running speed, the game industry to achieve higher levels of performance. Freelander PD80 has a superior version of the same with the second generation iPad2 IPS hard screen, providing a 1024 x 768 resolution, support 10-point touch capabilities, resulting in a more clear and better visual experience, the game control feel free to unparalleled. Top of the screen built a 300,000 camera for video chat, rear a 2 megapixel camera has a good ability to take pictures. Freelander tablet android recent market performance in the dual-core tablet is to force, and equipped with RK3066 dual core chips PD80 superior version of the market is the best proof, even though the price is just a thousand dollars, but PD80 superior version configuration comprehensive, powerful, IPS screen and iPad2 with level, w
Hi What Up
Mechanic Man RLEN2 Diva Coder@ fubarDIVA@ fubar
Hi What Up
DIVA@ fubar
every girl has that dream wedding that they want soooo bad, be on a beach or a castle. to ride off into the sunset with the love of there life. yeah i had dreams like that once . but now the only thing i want is a simple one some day. ive been hurt more then i ever thought id be and it sucks ass when ya get hurt and cry for endless days. where am i goin with this??? idk just thought id write my feelings. dont like it, then dont read it.
Life Is Better
Life is better when I found you I know that you saw it to Life is better with you by my side It feels like time flew on by.   Life is better when your holding me It makes me feel like we are flying over a sea Life is better when I see your smile Even when it's once in a while   Life is better when you hold my hand It lets me know that your my man Life is better when we play around Even when we know we got to settle down   Life is better living day by day Every single day and every single way Life is better with you in my life Hopefully someday I can become your wife.                                                                                          Alexia Webb                                                                                             5/25/10
Who's That Staring At Me
As I look into the mirror, what do I see I see someone staring back at me. When I see that person staring It looks really dareing.   As I look into the mirror, what do I see I tell myself, why would I want to be As I was standing there I seen a big flare   I didn't even want to peek I thought maybe I look like a geek I never wanted to look again I thought maybe it would be a sin   I ask, why do I look like this Why do everybody have to diss Then I think, God made me And thats the way it should be.                                                                      Alexia Webb                                                                        7/18/05
Look Who's Staring At Me
Look who's staring at Me She always wants to be Look who's staring at Me She will never see   Look who's staring at Me What do you think she looks like She looks almost like a bee She just looks like an ugly version of me   Look who's staring at me She will never look exactly like me She only thinks she will be She will never understand What life is about She will always be in doubt   She wont be in doubt if she counts on God She will rise up like a pod When she rises up, she wont have to look like me She will always make sure she will see.                                                                                                  Alexia Webb                                                                                                    12/8/05
Far Far Away
Far Far Away I go Far Far Away I know I know when and where With the wind in my hair   Far Far Away I will dream Here and there it may seem Dream with me today Every single day and every single way   Far Far Away I will dream of that day Even though I wouldn't want to say So please follow me So everyone can see   Far Far Away I go Far Far Away I know                                                                                              Alexia Webb                                                                                               9/1/11
One Chance
One chance to do this Don't want to miss One chance to stare Do you even care   One chance to do it Please don't have a fit One chance to say I love you I really do love you to   One chance to be there for me I don't think you really see One chance to start a life I really do need a knife   One chance to make it right Now I want you to get out of my sight One chance to go away today You broke my heart anyway                                                                                                       by Alexia Webb                                                                                                             3/06/08
Over And Over
Over and over I told you I loved you Do you love me to? Over and over I saw you walk away You did it every single day   Over and over I wish you would understand I wish you would stand up and be a man Over and over I think about about you I want to know if you think about me to   Over and over I wanted you with me You acted like it can't be Over and over I wanted us to date I don't think you believe in fate   Over and over I say I love you You say I love you to, but I don't think you do Over and over I want to hang out But you turn out to have a doubt                                                                                                              by Alexia Webb                                                                                                                     2/2/08
9000 Marriott Mourinho Hit Rooney! Chelsea Opened Five Years 60 Million Contract
"Daily Mail": Chelsea Rooney is willing to spend a total of 90 millionMourinho has put Rooney as their number one goal Although Moyes in his Manchester United coach [microblogging] after the first conference confirmed Rooney [microblogging] will stay with the team, but that did not dampen the powers poaching the England [microblogging] striker desires. According to the "Daily Mail" reported that Chelsea [microblogging] [microblogging] still want to get Wayne Rooney, cheap jerseys and if he agreed to join the Blues, Abu will provide a total of 60 million high contract. Mourinho in the summer, has been hoping to reinforce Chelsea striker, but with Cavani landing in Paris, staying confirm Lewandowski Dortmund,AC Milan jersey available Mourinho have fewer and fewer choices. Rooney has become the number one target of the Portuguese coach. Although Moyes has announced Rooney left the team, but the "Daily Mail" reported that the differences between the two sides yet to be properly
My Love
My love is starting to bloom Like a flower in the warm sun My love is like the water In the calming part of the day   My love is like a rollercoaster But I can get through it cause I'm strong My love is like a cupid Making me fall in love over and over again                                                                                                   Alexia Webb                                                                                                    7/12/12
I Miss
I miss the first time we met I will never regret. I miss the first time we talked to each other I wish I would have met your mother.   I miss that first smile I wish it would have lasted awhile. I miss being with you I hope you do to.   I miss asking you out I wish you wouldn't have any doubt/ I miss seeing your handsome face What is the case?                                                                             By Alexia Webb                                                                              11/29/07
Reserved For Unnamed Teenager Kaka Real Madrid Jersey No. 8 K8 Want To Go Have To Go Now
Real Madrid teenager Erie Yarra Mendy reserved number is currently worn by Kaka 8There are two new players have joined Isco and 卡尔瓦哈尔 finished at Real Madrid debut,cheap jerseys the new season they will be dressed in the 23rd and the 15th jersey La Liga campaign. According to "Marca" reported that Real Madrid also joined the Royal Society for the upcoming midfielder Ely Yarra Mendy ready jersey number, this number is Kaka is currently back on the 8th. "Marca" said the Real Madrid is working with the Royal Society for the Queen Yarra Mendy transfer negotiations will soon have the final result. This name after Ancelotti nod teenager in Italy Marshal's plan sequences ranking is more forward than Kaka,AC Milan jersey Real Madrid Kaka ready to set aside a No. 8 jersey to Erie Yarra Mendy. Monday's "Marca" used a version of the forum to introduce the current situation at Real Madrid Kaka, Real Madrid jersey the newspaper pointed out that Real
The Things I Love About You
These are the things that I love about you. I love it when you look me in the eyes I love it when you let out sighs.   I love you when you hold me tight That's when I know we wont fight. I love it when you talk to me I feel like we will always be.   These are the things that I love about you. I love it when you open the door It feels like we are going on a tour.   These are the things that I love about you. I love it when you hug me It feels like I'm floating on a sea.                                                                                By Alexia Webb                                                                                 7/16/05
When I Look At You
When I look at you You make my heart race. When I look at you I go for the chase.   When I look at you My head feels like it's spinning. When I look at you I don't have to think about sinning.   When I look at you I think of flying. When I look at you You always keep me sighing.   When I look at you You are so cute. When I look at you You make me let out a toot.                                                                          By Alexia Webb                                                                            7/15/05
Save Me
Save me from the dark I'm in. Save me from the dark dark sin Whether I'm falling down Or I'm going to drown.   Save me from the bad things I do to you Are you going to be there to? I hope your not going to fall Hopefully that wont happen at all   Save me from the evil that's in me Hopefully no one will see Save me from the devil And beat the evil level   Save me from going to jail Or even going to hell Save me from all these evil temptations Never kill God's creations                                                                             Alexia Webb                                                                               5/23/07
Pellegrini Has Now Met Most Of His Squad For The Start Of A Pre-season Programme
City are beginning a new era under Pellegrini following the sacking of Roberto Mancini in May. Pellegrini has now met most of his squad for the start of a pre-season programme which includes trips to South Africa, Hong Kong, Germany and Finland.Kompany told the club's website:Wholesale jerseys "I think all of us have done some preparation work during the holidays because the guys look very sharp after a long break, so that's great. "It was also nice to start work with the new manager and I think his approach with the team today was really good."It's important now to try and improve on the last campaign and make sure that whatever the new manager brings in, that we try and make it our own as quick as possible." City lost their Premier League crown last season and were surprisingly beaten by Wigan in the FA Cup final, events which preceded Mancini's departure. But since then there has been change with, as well as Pellegrini's arrival, the club signing two high-profile players in Fern
The Deal Will Cost A Maximum Of 5.1million Euros
The Primera Division champions announced on their website that the deal will cost up to 5.1million euros (£4.4million) with Barca receiving 50 per cent of any future transfer fee.Wholesale jerseys The 31-year-old Spain international joined Barca from Valencia in 2010 but has been wildly linked with a move away from the Nou Camp over recent months after struggling to tie down a first-team berth at the Catalan club last season.Barca announced in a statement on their website: "Barca and the Madrid club have reached an agreement in principle for the transfer of the Asturian player. "The deal will cost a maximum of 5.1million euros, with 2.1million this season, 2million more if the player is still at Atletico Madrid in the 2014/15 season and another million if he stays until the 2015/16 season. "As well as that, Barca have reserved 50 per cent of the rights of any future transfer of the player.Wholesale Barcelona jersey "Barca announced in a statement on their website: "Barca and
This New Shirt Is Stuffed With Technologies Developed To Assist
Liverpool Football ShirtTogether with the wonderful song ?Youl Nevwe Stroll Alone? Liverpool FC has a whole lot of Wonderful supporters. This football club is based on Liverpool, Merseyside, anfield Stadium. Liverpool FC would be the 2nd most sucessfulfootball club in English Premier League. They won Eighteen titles of English League Titles, 7 FA Cups and Seven League Cups. In Europe, Liverpool Football Club has won 5 European Cup ( the last is at 2005 towards with AC Milan in ultimate ), three UEFA Cups and 3 UEFA Super Cups. Just like the most football club, Liverpool FC which sponsored by ?Normal Chartered?has new shirts or jersey for this new seasons. The home shirt continues to be Maillot Espagne shade in accordance to the nick identify of Liverpool FC ?The RED ? The second along with the Third are domination with black or white. In this post I will assessment several Liverpool Football Shirt for all of you. Right here my brief evaluation. Adidas Liverpool Residence F
I don't know these blue skies. They're strangers to me. The doctor gave me a jacket. It makes me straight. Normal. He likes it when I'm normal... If I'm good, he smiles. He takes it off when I behave. He lets me go outside. But those skies haunt me. They say I'm crazy. Insane. I'm just eccentric. The voices aren't real...That's what the doctor tells me. But they tell me otherwise. I'm so tired. I can't keep doing this...I just want it to STOP. I am crows on a telephone wire. Played like music notes across the sky. I'm there but no one really notices. I am seconds, in minutes, in hours, in days. They say I matter... but time is just numbers. 
Thumb Screws.
Running from it, if I had to answer honestly.Sweet, silly nonsense, dripping sacharine with memory and delusional promise.The fluffy love notes of naive children that have never felt or injured.Maimed or cried into a bloody shattered mess of whiskey bottle and tepid shower water.An odd surge of raging bile, and a soft plunge in my heart.The warm knife of a friend. Welcome like a well-mannered guest.Or a handy neighbor with a fully stocked kitchen.In my white, sterile, unwriteable suite in hellthey'll pipe this blissful dross into my head.
My Beautiful Punk.
Three years tomorrow marks one of those best memories of my life. It was sweet it was cute and he was amazing, an at that point he was mine.  Our first date i met several of his friends who told him he would be crazy to let me go. our second date, he kissed my cheek at willamette falls while place a flower he picked behind my ear as I was sitting on the wall. Later that day while sitting on the love seat he kissed me it was quick it was chaste and sweet. At that point he asked me to be his girl. There was no questioning no guessing and so we began. Never perfect but we worked for us. Okay and safe to be me. Someone who could handle my taunts. Who understood and realized the teasing was me pushing for a kiss, a caress, your attention. How we tried to keep us from our friends, but they knew and privately called us out only for you to blurt it all out. playing and rough housing. We spent every weekend together for a year never missing one. Talking and texting the days we were not tog
In The Meantime Barcelona Retain The Rights To 50 Percent Of Any Future Transfer Of The Player
“This situation is something really weird. Usually, when a proposal arrives from Europe, the player is the first person interested in having the transfer done.Wholesale jerseys And, even in this case, when an offer has arrived from English football, the player should be really interested.”Both Sunderland — who have already signed six players, Cabral, David Moberg Karlsson, Jozy Altidore, Modibo Diakité, Valentin Roberge and Vito Mannone, this summer – and Velez want to wrap up a deal as soon as possible, but Peruzzi’s long-term future is still hanging in the balance. David Villa to join Atletico FC Barcelona have agreed in principle to sell Spain international forward David Villa to Atletico Madrid for a fee of £ 4.4million, The Telegraph reports.Villa, 31, has been heavily linked with Tottenham Hotspur in recent weeks, with Andre Villas-Boas reportedly keen on bolstering Spurs’ attacking options ahead of next season. However, Spurs have mi
All You’ve Got To Is Look At To Ronaldo
Manchester United legend Bryan Robson insists the club’s fans will bear no grudge to Wayne Rooney, after he handed in a transfer request.Former United boss Wholesale Manchester United jersey Alex Ferguson revealed that Rooney was looking to leave the club at the end of last season, and he has since been linked with moves to Chelsea, Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain. New manager David Moyes has insisted the striker will not be allowed to depart Old Trafford in the off-season and Robson sees no reason why he should. And the former United captain believes that Rooney will be welcomed back into the United set-up, as Cristiano Ronaldo was after being vilified for his role in the Englishman’s dismissal against Portugal in the 2006 FIFA World Cup.Robson said: “He starts the season, he scores a few goals, enjoys his football then the fans will forgive him if there is anything to forgive him for. “All you’ve got to is look at to Ronaldo with Wayne when they had t
Mental Capacity
A colorless rainbow in a sky of imagination, a camereless tourist on a summer vacation.  A cloud without rain, but a sky without sunshine, a constellation for admiration for a blind man's cloud nine.    A stemless flower in a competitve ecosystem,  the prey born with one leg, the predator without any eyes.   ... a chaotic compromise.    A mannequin selling fashion and deadly sins,  a homeless man searching through trashcan bins.  A chalkboard without a budget, a teacher without hope, the Valedvictorian hanging from a rope.    It's just mental complexity like congested New York city,  daily traffic jams with mental crams, and I don't take pity.  Flash flood warning, a fair reason to vent.  Drowning those who don't appreciate how much time I have spent.  Tears of a stranger, throw me some lemons and a stand,  time to sell drama out in the front yard to prove that the supply isn't up to its demand.    Blurred vision, bullet proof heart, it's just a decision,  it's tim
Il S'est Avéré être Parmi Les Gens Situations Comiques Redondantes Que Je Ne Pouvais M'empêcher De Rire Guy Fond About.
Partiellement camouflée par le maillot, la chose qui pend n'était pas du tout évident après la surprise s'est estompé. Comme étant une question de réalité, il s'est avéré être parmi les gens situations comiques redondantes que je ne pouvais m'empêcher de rire guy fond about.The stockées apparaissant dans toutes les scènes diverses dont j'ai parlé plus tôt. Il suffit de taper du présent vers le haut, se promener dans son maillot de football et après cette sortie.Soldes Maillot de foot, Pratiquement rien n'a jamais eu lieu pour clarifier sa conduite, avec les autres acteurs semblaient d'être inconscient de son absence de clothing.In toute occasion, quelle que soit sa assumer dans le film était sur le point, chaque fois qu'il est apparu sur l'écran, chacun des gars vous diraient whoa - recherche à cela, irréel, ou. . . effectivement, il est possible d'imaginer la chaîne de rétroaction.Je comprends cette dimension peut faire une distinction à certaines femmes, mais je pense q
Tirage Of The Tombol
The Horizon Tablet PC IdeaCentre incorporates a wireless mouse and keyboard for maximum comfort.www.myefox.frLenovo has also launched S11 IdeaPad Yoga, a hybrid between tablet and ultrabook that has very, very good pinta.Chaque année renouvelé, you festif au rendez-vous Pierre-trouille square, au c? Ur résidence The Clairière, à l 'invitation de l'association des Amis d'hier et d'aujourd'hui, des personnels de l'h? pital de Bigorre, est l'occasion d'un brassage of Residents, familles, personnels, associatifs de tous ages. à partir de 11 heures, samedi 15 juin, ouverture de nombreux stands vente d'objets confectionnés Tricot pour l'occasion par les Residents, le personnel, bénévoles them; ouvrages uniques, personnalisés, confectionnés et avec des talents couture savoir-faire , crochet, knitting, plus rares devenus aujourd'hui; stands bric buvette, patisseries, jeux, tombola, autant stand supports comme pour autant of récolter ensuite proposer des fonds et des animations, marquer des évé
Hedonism Ii Annual Group Trip Report June 2013
Ann, The TravelSlut's 9th Trip to Hedonism II resort & 7th Annual Group Trip AdventureI was most recently at Hedonism II from June 21 to July 1 and wow, what a positive difference from my June 2012 trip!I did this trip with about 30 other Krewe de Krazy Life members for 10 days and the bottom line was that this Hedo experience ranks near the top overall thanks mainly to a great Krewe including: (PF& ISS, M & J, R & Dr. T, LD & R, BB & BBS, L & J, T & M, J & M, K & T, D & R, A&A, B & M, R & T, YR, M & A, M & M, and a few others).So, in a manner not so normal, my trip report as follows comes from my notes during the week and are random and certainly not chronological. I hope you pick up a few tips and ideas though. Remember to check my 300+ photos from this trip also as pictures tell a better story sometime.When you are in the main dining area, be sure to check the wall with the Daily Activities Board next to the new Wine Bar and walkway to Reception. The board changes daily and has rele
So tomorrow I go in for yet another eye surgery. This one will not be as bad as the last one. But, none the less I am still scared as I am each time it happens. Me being me I won't allow anyone to be there for me though I do have friends and loved ones who want to be. I think its that I don't want people to see me cry as I will and always do. The whole fear of it. I hate my eyes being messed with that is like my one fear. Now that I have been blind in one eye for about 3 months fear of losing the other one is worse then the scare of surgery. I am begining to become flustered with my body for being such a dick and not getting over this quicker. I knew that it wasn't a quick fix but a nessesary one.  
Fuck Off
bored bitches lol wow
Latest Info Will Update As Things Change Or Info Is Passed Onto Me!
☢☢--MISSIONS--☢☢Missions:Mission Mastery: 10 times = bronze mastery ; 25 more times = silver mastery ; 50 more times than that = gold master ; 100 more times than that = platinum mastery; 250 times more than that = Diamond mastery.New Platinum and Diamond Missions...* Extort From A Govt. Official-Platinum - 5 SCB-304 Subs 5 AH-64 Apache 4 Outlet Strips 5 Plasma Cannons 35 Silver Mines-Diamond level - $64 T, 400 skill pts , 20 BFG ,10 Plasma Cannons , 4 Turrets , 40 Gold Mine* Fix A Horse Race-Platinum - 5 Armored Trucks , 2 Mines , 1 Laser Turret , 80 Scrubs-Diamond - $48T , 400 skill pts 20 BFG , 4 Plasma Cannons , 3 Turrets, 75 Silver Mine* Commit Stock Fraud-Platinum - 250 Merc Repellents.-Diamond - $32T , 400 skill points , 20 BFG , 4 Plasma Cannons , 135 Data Center* Kidnap For Randsom-Platinum - cash regens every 5 minutes for 4 hours-Diamond - $24T , 400 skill pts , 10 BFG , 4 Plasma Cannons , 3 Turrets , 60 Copper Mine* Eavesdrop Cellular Phone Network-P
Regardless Of What It Is--there Is Still Hope (marked Nsfw For Sensitive Content)
*Note: I am compelled to post this today and I do not know why. Plese refrain from leaving hateful comments. Apologies for being so serious, and I’m sure I’ll make it up to you later. Thanks*   This is FUBAR. An online bar. A pickup joint. A flirt station. A place to have loads of fun, get virtually drunk and hide behind a computer screen while acting as stupid as you like. But hidden in the corner someone can be hiding with secret anguish they just can’t share. Today’s entry is for that person, or the one who dearly loves him/her. If you wish, you may exit now, rate me a 1, and move on. No worries. A long time ago I got mixed up with the worst possible person, a predator. This person knew exactly how to say hello, ask a question and draw a reaction so that, if your radar was sleeping that day, you could fall into the trap he set, and I did. I even allowed myself to dance in the net of infatuation while this horrible person manipulated me at will. At the same
Fuck You!
Well I don't know what the fuck to think anymore I guess I am piece of shit I can't do shit right but all fucking well I am just being myself that is all I am gulty of. I was at this party I guess it was my flaut on how I acted and I remeber what was going on and I don't relcall acting like really stpuid or anything and I was being me and I am don't relcall falshing anyone I am load I am gulty of that but other than that I guess it is your problum so fuck you thank God for Metal music to cheer me up.
True Pain
   "Pain" Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all You're sick of feeling numb You're not the only one I'll take you by the hand And I'll show you a world that you can understand This life is filled with hurt When happiness doesn't work Trust me and take my hand When the lights go out you will understand Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Anger and agony Are better than misery Trust me I've got a plan When the lights go off you will understand Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all Pain, without love Pain, I can't get enough Pain, I like it rough 'Cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing Rather feel pain I know (I know I know I know I know) That
Me And My Songs
There Onceslives
there omces live a little scorpoin who belive he was smart and sly but in truth he wasnt very brite not at all he try to get things  thats wasnt his.he try to take from a bad bad man. but he got seen the poor dumb son of a bitch he ran to the right he ran to the left. he ran to the front and to the back but to no luck the poordumb scorpoin got smash with one graint fist. the bad bad man looked at the mess on the bottom of his fist and flick it away like the bug the little dumb scorpoin really was
Pony Polishing Haterz!
I take it people are mad at me cause I asked nicely to not polish my pony untill I got the 100 polishings that I needed. Hell I figured that since it was my pony and all I could use it.. BUT NOOOOOO Some of you think u can just polish my crap without even rating me or liking me! I have a great friend of mine sitting on my ponys now! Cause I'm tired of all the pony Drama. If its in my name ( do not polish pony) Then dont polish it! And dont put me in your dumb blogs with my photo and everything. Wow! If you wana polish a pony so bad then get a job and buy yourself one. Im prob one of the few girls that dident have to put on a skype show to get her pony.! AND my fuhubby was nice enough to get me my second pony! IFLY JOE!
Birthday Wishes
7/1 - 7/7/13
                                      MONDAY'S JOKES                                       72 Virgins    Q: Why was the suicide bomber disappointed when he met his 72 virgins? A: He blew off his penis. --------------------------------------------------------------------                                       Clinton Monument   Dear U.S. Citizens,  I have the distinguished honor of being on the committee to raise five million dollars for a monument of Bill Clinton. We originally wanted to put him on Mt. Rushmore until we discovered there as not enough room for two more faces. We then decided to erect a statue of Bill Clinton in the Washington, DC Hall of Fame. However, we were in a quandary as to where the statue should be placed. It did not seem proper to place it beside the statue of George Washington, who never told a lie, or beside Jesse Jackson, who never told the truth, since Bill Clinton could never tell the difference. We finally decided to place it beside Christopher Colum
Tommy And His Ninja Dream
one day a  boy was running down a the boy (tommy) is running down this dark dirt road surrounded by these creepy trees a shadow jumped out in front of him..tommy was running so fast that a shadow grabs him by his shoe and trips him. tommy than gets up and notices that he turned into a ninja. he was like, how did this happen? apparently the shadow was some sort of genie. tommy than looked up at this genie. the genie was like 6 feet tall, very round, and a blue-gray color with big yellow eyes. the genie was like i didnt think anyone would be out in this part of the woods at this time of night and when i seen you just running along like u was running from something i thought u might needed a lil help so i floated out in front of you so u would stop and when u tripped i thought that turning you into a ninja might help you tommy grew over 10 feet tall and wore a black vest tht said ninja power. so tommy looked at a tree and it fell.tommy was like, wow. he thought all i have t
Your Side Of The Bed-little Big Town
"Your Side of the Bed" Little Big Town [Verse 1: Karen] On your side of the bed, there's a picture of our wedding dayA clock that don't work and the bible that your daddy gaveIt's on the window side, where the moon creeps in at nightStaring at the ceiling, lying here all aloneI said a prayer for you then I said one of my ownBut you don't reach for me, when you lie down quietly[Chorus:]Tell me how, how'd you get so far away?All we have left are the memories of the love we madeAre you sleeping with your own regret?On your side of the bed[Verse 2: Jimi]On your side of the bed there's a burned out candle flameA letter I started but I didn't know what to sayNo I couldn't write it down, so I'll try to say it now[Chorus:]Tell me how, how'd you get so far away?All we have left are the memories of the love we madeAre you sleeping with your own regret?On your side of the bedAren't you even gonna make a sound?Your side of the bedTurn the other way when I turn the lights downYour side of the be
Ways To Make Moving Home Less Stressful
Moving home is often considered to be one of the most stressful events of lifetime. It is truly stressful as it consists of many tedious & difficult tasks and lots of hassles and unpleasant issues. Packing up all belongings, making arrangements for transportation, making travel arrangements for family members and doing other necessary tasks before and after move, etc all are some tasks which may pester anyone on move. But there are some ways by which the stress level can be reduced. In this article you will get some ideas which will certainly make your move less stressful and easily manageable. Proper planning is utmost necessary. Create a good checklist with necessary tasks you will need to do. Decide whether you will pack your belongings yourself or fully depend on professional packing and moving service. Having a good checklist will keep you organized. Also have a proper budget for your move. Think about items which you really want to pack and transfer to your new place. It is pos
Types Of Professional Shifting Service Providers In Hyderabad
Large number of professional packers and movers are working in Hyderabad, a well known metropolitan of Hyderabad. Expert moving companies of the city offer wide range of packing and moving services like home relocation, commercial shifting, packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, mail and courier services, warehouse and storage services, car transportation services, warehousing and storage and many other services to their clients. Most of these companies serve their each and every client with same dedication and respect. Hyderabad based professional moving companies have experienced workers and wide range of resources. Their workers are dedicated their job and complete their responsibility with great care. They also have number of different sizes of trucks, shifting containers, latest tools and equipments for loading and unloading of good and various other tools and equipments to make relocation a safe and trouble-free job for their clients and themselves as well. Most of profe
Highway Dont Care-tim Mcgraw
"Highway Don't Care" (feat. Keith Urban & Taylor Swift) Bet your window's rolled down and your hair's pulled backAnd I bet you got no idea you're going way too fastYou're trying not to think about what went wrongTrying not to stop 'til you get where you goin'You're trying to stay awake so I bet you turn on the radioAnd the song goesI can't live without you, I can't live without you, babyI can't live without you, I can't live without you, baby, babyThe highway won't hold you tonightThe highway don't know you're aliveThe highway don't care if you're all aloneBut I do, I do.The highway won't dry your tearsThe highway don't need you hereThe highway don't care if you're coming homeBut I do, I do.I bet you got a dead cell phone in your shotgun seatYeah, I bet you're bending God's ear talking 'bout me.You're trying not to let the first tear fall outTrying not to think about turning aroundYou're trying not to get lost in the sound but that song is always onSo you sing alongI can't live witho
Consigli Per Acquistare Scarpe Nike
Richieste di tutti sulle scarpe non sono la stessa cosa, il gusto non è lo stesso. Ogni persona avrà le proprie scarpe certi versi, alcune persone comprare le scarpe è una mancanza di conoscenza di base, ecco uno sguardo sulle scarpe e comprarlo. In base alle proprie preferenze di scegliere il proprio stile. Oltre ai Rams ufficiali scarpe flagship store che è necessario prestare attenzione ai seguenti aspetti: Comfort: Scegliere le scarpe nike di principio comfort casual. In generale, la larghezza del piede quando la forza per essere in grado di espandersi pienamente pure; breve clip non superiore ai piedi quando si cammina piede all'interno della scarpa non scivola pure. Inoltre, le scarpe calcio nike acquisto prestare anche attenzione al tempo. La gente nel pomeriggio a causa di un leggero gonfiore dei piedi, poi l'acquisto delle scarpe giuste dimensioni, se un paio di scarpe al mattino, si dovrebbe rimanere fuori dalla capacità di riserva, non indossare un lungo piedi spremere tem
Ugly On The Inside
What's the whole point of being pretty on the outside when you’re so ugly on the inside
Rise Above
Excuses, criticisms, and superstitions are vitamins for haters, but poison for the successful. Rise above!
My Favorite
Haters are my favorite. I´ve built an empire with the bricks they´ve thrown at me. Keep on hating...
Don't Really Hate You
“Haters don't really hate you, they hate themselves;because you're a reflection of what they wish to be”
Galliani Admitted At The Press Conference
Milan officially confirmed the former Inter Milan signed Italian international midfielder joined soon AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani admitted at the press conference only a thin Sampdoria midfielder Polly joined the team officially announced: "I'm Polly last nigh t and supper together, this transfer has only a thin clinches official announced it.Borussia Dortmund jersey Sampdoria has agreed to allow us to undergo a medical examination and participated Polly joint training. " "Slow motion" before revealed, in fact, Italy time Thursday afternoon,Chelsea jersey Polly had arrived in the city of Milan, and that the former Sampdoria player will begin a new journey. Polly was born on September 29, 1989, joined Sampdoria in 2007, and in the 2011-12 season on loan to join Inter, but Inter have no choice buyout him. August 5, 2012, Polly completed his Italian national team debut, against England, then in the friendly match with San Marino,cheap jerseys he scored his first goal at th
We Put This Case Told The Chaaraoui Broker
Milan won Shaarawy 30 million offer Pharaoh not choose to stay for the money team After the end of the Confederations Cup, Galliani and Chaaraoui conducted a meeting to finalize Chaaraoui left behind. According to Galliani's statement that it is a very private meeting times. In announcing the conference sponsors, Galliani reluctant to disclose details. Real Madrid jersey However, after a lapse of a few days, Galliani face "7 GOLD" revealed the details, claiming 30 million euros in Milan rejected the offer. Chaaraoui first half of last season in Milan turned out, he was the cornerstone of the future of Milan. However, in the summer transfer market, Galliani was vague, and even suggesting "Little Pharaoh" to sell. Galliani why this idea, he said in an interview revealed the story behind. "As of now, we do not tell anyone about Chaaraoui Milan received a super offer, but here, I do not want to publish the name of the club, of course, this was very important to the club."Manchester Unite
Ac Milan Pro Exposure Over 30 Million Offer From Arsenal Giant: Too Bad Again Into The First Three
Italy time Saturday night, AC Milan [microblogging] vice president Adriano Galliani attended a charity event, cheap jerseys he said when interviewed by reporters, AC Milan is a different Juventus [microblogging] and Inter Milan [micro Bo] of the club, while praised Balotelli last season's outstanding performance. In addition, Galliani has confirmed to the media about the number of clubs Buying Chaaraoui news. Galliani told reporters says: "AC Milan have never dropped out of the top three, we've been over the past five seasons in Serie A on the podium when we experience a bad season, we still get third, but for other clubs like Juventus and Inter Milan, when they behave badly when they can not enter the top three. Serie A champions Juventus are still in a position, AC Milan jersey because they won last year, however, AC Milan is on the rise, at least we are one of the strongest of the three teams. " AC Milan second half of last season, thanks to the outstanding performance
Yaoxing List Reveals How Powerful The Spanish Bullfight Legion Again Pa Decade?
A team loses, its players are usually pessimistic feeling, especially those who are considered invincible team even more so. Those who had invincible invincible team, found himself no longer undefeated, it feels as if starting from a dream into a nightmare. However, after waking up from a nightmare, the next step is to look ahead, cheap jerseys and strive to find the lost things. Spanish media that the "Red Fury" lost the Confederations Cup, but did not lose the future, the next few years, the Spanish team has at least 50 first-class players to choose from, these players have game experience, and age of months did not to 30 years of age. This also means that the next two competitions, AC Milan jersey the Spanish team has enough talent pool. In the goalkeeper position, Spain has Degea, Guaita Tower, Fernandez, Roberto, Adrian; in the right back position,Real Madrid jersey there tower, Montoya, Juan Fran, Marlowe; the halfback position, there Ramos, Pique, Inigo Martinez, Al
I am not sure if anyone else has ever seriously looked into their vows when they got married. I know before I got married I thought about those vows very long and very hard. And the day I stood before my husband to be, and said them, I felt every one of those words and took them to heart.   Will you have this woman/man as your lawful wedded partner,to live together in the estate of matrimony? Will you love him/her, honor him/her, comfort him/her, and keep him/her in sickness and in health; forsaking all others, be true to him/her as long as you both shall live?    Lets break that down...... Will you have this woman/man as your lawful wedded partner,to live together in the estate of matrimony? Meaning that you live as one...2 homes becoming one. All of your issues and their issues are now YALLS issues. You both live as one. Will you love him/her,--marriage is not to be enter into if you do not love each other. Marriage is a scared thing that you both agree to love each other for
Regarding The Transfer Of Robinho
ACF Fiorentina attacking midfielder Adem Ljajic is reportedly attracting interest from a number of top European clubs, including AC Milan and Manchester United, Sky Sports jerseys Ljajic, 21, has one year remaining on his current contract at the Stadio Artemio Franchi, and could be available on a cut-price deal. The 21-year-old ace, who completed 88.2 percent of his passes last term, tallied 11 goals and eight assists in 28 league appearances for the Viola in 2012/13, his best ever season in professional football.According to reports, Chelsea and Liverpool are among the clubs interested in Ljajic, who has won seven international caps for Serbia. AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani has confirmed the 21-year-old midfielder could become a summer target for the club.“He could become our target, but in this moment he’s a player with a contract,”cheap soccer jerseys Galliani told Sky Sport Italia. In other news, Galliani added that the Rossoneri a
Appearances For Peterborough United Last Season
Gayle, 22, joined Peterborough on loan from League Two side Dagenham & Redbridge in Novemeber 2012, with the Posh given the option to make the deal permanent in soccer jerseys On 2 January 2013, Peterborough exercised their £500,000 option on the former Arsenal youngster, signing him to a four-and-a-half-year deal. However, the Posh have decided to cash in on Gayle following their relegation to League One, and understandably so. According to reports, the deal could be worth up to £8.5 million, including add-ons.The 22-year-old striker scored 13 goals in 29 league appearances for Peterborough United last season. The delighted Gayle, who has put pen to paper on a four-year deal Selhurst Park, is looking forward to working with Palace boss Ian Holloway next season.“I’m ecstatic really. I just want to get pre-season started now,”cheap jerseys said the 22-year-old attacker. “The chance came and I had to grab it because I might not get
Womens Fashion
Womens Fashion styles Tips for women is available here. what ever it specialy everyone get compare price on fashion clothing and fashionable style for women. The latest women's fashon and smart ways to wear here. Find also the latest beauty tips for women at
...ugh What To Even Put Here
Everybody has their up days and down days. I'm still trying to decide what mine are anymore. I got to thinking on my drive in from Austin today that it would have been nice to have a girlfriend to go visit on my way home(even though I wanted to get home) and not for anything more than just having someone that I'm close to that I could hang out with. I have tons of contacts, but the people I consider friends are really more of advisees: I don't hang out with them, I've never had a drink with them, they don't even know where I live. Even this weekend at a convention full of people with one common interest and I couldn't say anything other than thanks when I would take someone's picture. Need me to find a solution to a problem, I can do that; Need me to sell myself and my technical skills to a client and become billable, I can do that; go out randomly and meet people and actually have something to talk about: that's a big negative ghostwriter. Over the past year to 18 months my life has
Telefonica's Digital Director
"We're excited dynamic acerca app search," Telefonica's digital director of open Web services Yotam Benami tells CNET, That Referring to the function finds apps and pages on the Web instead of on an app store. "It's a very personalized experience. You can interact with Web apps in the cloud. The entire user experience is more simple and streamlined. Many users are frustrated With The Complexities of Android."While the ZTE Open is the very first Firefox OS smartphone to make its debut, it will not be the only one. Telefonica will soon launch another entry-level phone, the Alcatel One Touch Fire, in Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia.efox-shop.comIn Addition to Telefonica, other carriers: such as Telenor and Deutsche Telekom will join the party, launching Firefox OS phones in Central and Eastern Europe and Poland, respectively. OEMs on board with Firefox OS, meanwhile, include Sony and LG Electronics, while plenty of cFor more information, please visit: eFoxOt
reply Minister M...: there's so many people that hate me, here's a list of them :( 6:41pm more To Minister M...: Congrats man! I'm proud of you! 6:42pm reply Minister M...: thanks man, sucks that i'm so outnumbered by LoD though  6:42pm reply Minister M...: you guys HAVE to be the majority (or maybe you're just the idiots that didn't make it) 6:43pm more To Minister M...: doesnt matter to me..lounges arent my life. 6:43pm reply Minister M...: well you sure were talking so much shit about how much you're gonna help LoD last night just to get back at me 6:43pm reply Minister M...: kinda contrary to what you said then 6:44pm more To Minister M...: im over it Aaron, let it be 6:47pm reply Minister M...: you're not over dude, i bet you still talk about it every 5 secs, when i was watching last night from one of your guys' members profiles, you were the o
Canuck For 200 Alex
Dear Ninja,   what happens to Alex Trebek when he has a picture of a giraffe up his ass during an earthquake?   ~Anonymous   Trebek is Canadian. It would probably be a maple leaf, not a picture of a giraffe. Or maybe Wicked's anal beads. Either way, it'd probably be like sticking a vibrator up there, and a prostate is very sensitive for a man. Best guess, he'd be moving his own earth, if you know what I mean.   ~Ninja
How To Spot A Non-dominant Male
How to Spot a Nondominant Male: "I am quite convinced that the BDSM community has become a haunting ground, and a hunting ground, for vanilla males who resent the feminism of recent years, and who see here what they regard as a community filled to overflowing with women who are just begging to be abused. They got that wrong, but then they have just about everything else wrong too." And quite true. Our experience (Count Cruel and Unusual and myself) supports this theory as sad fact. We've talked to many submissives over the years who were looking for dominants on ASB (as well as APB, ASS, and the other kinky news groups) who run into these terrible, vanilla men who are lying about who they are and what they want. These submissives usually end up getting quite hurt (or, at least, very disillusioned about S&M) from the experience. The worst part is that many of these women, women who quite obviously have a strong need for submission in their lives, decide, from their single e
The Submissive
It's now time to look down at the other side of the medal, what we call bottom, submissive, slave. The role who celebrates the conquest of freedom through chains, the quest of pleasure inside pain. SUBMISSIVE The submissive role is simpler but not easier. Who feel the attitude or desire to live that role in a BDSM relation (or occasional play) would anyway think twice before making real those fantasies. First of all the submissive role is essentially passive. When doing things she obeys orders and not her own will. Everyone is obviously free to live what likes in the way they like it, but in a BDSM relationship there will be two different roles, and only one will be in charge. Where the so-called submissive decides about terms, timings, places and games (maybe in the form of implorations or planning them before the play) all we will have is a kind of drama missing the focal point of a BDSM play. We will discuss later about how subs uses to lead the game in a correct or
The Roses Thorn Tags
OK below are the Promotion Tag's I made thus far. just copy and paste the code on people's profiles to advertise/promote the lounge. CLICK  TO ENTERCame to show you some love and to invite you to The Roses Thorn !Come have a drink on us and make some new friends CLICK  TO ENTERCame to show you some love and to invite you to The Roses Thorn !Come have a drink on us and make some new friends
The Pleasure Of The Pain: Why Some People Need S & M
"Bind my ankles with your white cotton rope so I cannot walk. Bind my wrists so I cannot push you away. Place me on the bed and wrap your rope tighter around my skin so it grips my flesh. Now I know that struggle is useless, that I must lie here and submit to your mouth and tongue and teeth, your hands and words and whims. I exist only as your object. Exposed." For James, the desire became apparent when he was a child playing war games--he always hoped to be captured. "I was frightened that I was sick," he says. But now, he adds, as a well-seasoned player on the scene, "I thank the leather gods I found this community." At first the scene found him. When he was at a party in college, a professor chose him. She brought him home and tied him up, told him how bad he was for having these desires, even as she fulfilled them. For the first time he felt what he had only imagined, what he had read about in every S & M book he could find. James, a father and manager, has a Type A per
Sex And Bdsm
After discussing the roles and the relation in their typical traits, now the Guide to BDSM Basics turns to the delicate topic of sex and BDSM: an alchemy with very different possible outcomes, from plain bizarre sex to purely chaste BDSM relations. BDSM BASICS 8. SEX & BDSM A very common topic in BDSM communities discussion is the presence or absence of sexual intercourse into BDSM play or relationships. BDSM moves from sexual arousal, so there certainly is a strict linkage between sexuality and BDSM. On the other hand, the D/s essence is defined in a distance between Dom and sub that should be strongly outlined denying any sexual contact or gratification. This happens to be common in FemDom/malesub relationships. Denying of sexual acts in MaleDom/femsub relations is quite rare. That can be explained by the more intense need of physical release of sexual arousal of the male body. Into BDSM play there are anyway lots of games stimulating arousal body areas and genitals (
Some Facts About Sm
S/M is not an aberration. S/M is a sexual orientation that is found in a significant percentage of the population. Surveys have listed S/M behavior by as much as 7 to 14 % of the population, with interests at up to 50% of the population. To see the prevalence, just look at the public's interest in movies, books, and other artistic expressions with S/M as the dominant theme. After all, Hollywood would not invest money if there was not a large interest. Historically, S/M behavior was listed as a psychological problem, as was masturbation and homosexuality. Today, however, these various orientations are not considered a problem unless the person with the lovemap is unhappy about their interests. S/M is not new. S/M activities have been performed by many religions and cultures. Early Christian mystics used it (flails and hair shirts, oh my.) Native Americans continue to use it for vision quests. Fakirs from India use it. That same energy can be used for spiritual journeys, sex
Bdsm Definitions
BDSM = Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, S&M BDSM is a convenient abbreviation for most of the interesting activities discussed in It's so convenient that it packs six initials into four letters: B&D/D&S/S&M => BDSM. It's generally understood to include related activities/phenomena that don't fit strictly into any of those three catagories. An "umbrella term" like this is useful because so few actual (as opposed to theoretical) activities fit into _only_ one catagory. Bondage deals with tying people up (or being tied up). Or chaining them up, or restraining them with straps, or straightjackets, or ... well, you get the idea, no? In theory it can be enjoyed simply for its own sake -- the sensations and images of it. In fact, some people do enjoy bondage as bondage, without any interest in D&S or S&M, but far more people find it pushes their D&S buttons at the same time, or use it only for the D&S aspects, or combine it with D&S and/or S&M. Domin
Wannabe Infestation
wan•na•be also wan•na•bee P Pronunciation Key (wn-b, wôn-) Informal n. One who aspires to a role or position. One who imitates the behavior, customs, or dress of an admired person or group. A product designed to imitate the qualities or characteristics of something. adj. Wishing or aspiring to be; would-be. [Alteration of want to be.] The wannabee infestation that has hit the BDSM realm has risen to epidemic amounts. Wannabees have been found in every geographic location; unfortunately, no nationality is safe. The age range varies from time to time but it normally stays consistently between 18 and 99 years of age, there have been reports of pre-maturity wannabees throughout the larger metropolitan areas. There have also been reports of alter age wannabees; these wannabees acclimate themselves as an age outside their current realistic age grouping. For example… a 17-year-old wannabee may impersonate the activities and existence of a 21-year-old wannab
Common Sense
COMMON SENSE means you think and apply logic to all you hear. It means you think, and question again and again. You trust your gut feelings. All of that is what COMMON SENSE IS. A SUBMISSIVE has to remember she is a person with rights and a mind and must use it. A DOM has to remember the same thing about himself as well as the submissive. A woman'/man's submission and respect is not owed to just any man/woman claiming to be a Dom/Domme. If you have never taken complete control of another person and experienced TPE, you are NOT A Dominant. But, you have dominant desires and urges, it is your nature or life experience has made you this way. You notice I use "A" that is because I am signifying an actual role in a D/S relationship. Since you were not born with the knowledge, techniques, skill and imagination REQUIRED to take control from a submissive. As a submissive, you have not had the experience and growth REQUIRED in total surrender of ALL control and power with a Dom/Domm
What To Expect At A Munch
If you've never been to a munch before, the prospect can be very intimidating. What should you expect, how should you behave, how should you dress, what might happen, what might not? When you add that to a lifestyle that can seem terribly intimidating on its own, the terror mounts. I thought it might be helpful, particularly for novices, to know what to expect on a rather detailed level. A munch is a social gathering of BDSM lifestyle folks. Munches have been around for quite a while, after legendarily starting on the West coast. There are also other meetings called sloshes, which are similar, only the focus is less likely to be on a meal. Bear in mind, too, that there are a number of people in this lifestyle who are recovering alcoholics and drinking to excess doesn't usually fit well with the things we do. The word "slosh," refers to the liquid refreshments, not to the state of the attendees. If you prefer not to drink, no one will think it odd in any gathering if you st
Desperate Encounters On Broadcast Part 1.
    Grrrr...why can't I actually get a real chic with a real salute for once.
Going Be A Rough 2 Weeks - :(
So, the next 2 weeks will be hard for me. (july 7-20) Many years ago ('86) I had a miscarriage which changed my life forever - started my depression and way of thinking. I decided that I had to get away and became a Carney......Don't get me wrong I loved going, traveling, meeting new people and getting to see different states and being 19 I felt like I was in charge of my life and could do anything. However, July of '03 I lost my best friend and family pet Simba. He was one of the best animals I have ever had the privileged of having in my life. He was always there and well behaved just that he was the worlds biggest lap dog. He passed from pancreatic cancer. RIP my angel and Simba I will always love you.
Instinct Vs. Heartache
Instinct Vs. HeartacheWe all can love and care about another as much as our heart will allow; but when the people we love or care about does not feel the same... it  leaves us all alone with the feelings we STILL have for those people.  At a dead end, with no answer or directions on which way to turn. It's always been an ugly truth that our heart's wanted to hide from. Our heart* already knows the pain that it's about to endure... everyone was born with that. Our heart's know instinctively to sense the emotional feelings from the other person or persons involved... whether we know it yet or not...  rejection is soon to come... Most people blow off the feeling of their heart being swallowed by their stomach when something is gonna hurt their emotional state & somehow that percentage of people make it transparent to their every sense for the rest of their lives; Just so they can have control over the way they feel... still ignoring the fact that they're wasting precious time in their li
Why Care??
Why Care??I've made up my mind,It's too late to change it, so just be kind.You just don't understand why,You must be blind.Why can't you just accept me?If I died would I be one to miss?Do you care for me?Then leave me the fuck alone.I can't take your negative shit,Just know, too much and I'll die.So just accept me as I am and wish me luck,Shut your mouths & keep my name out your minds.I love me & that's enough,Be like you always have & don't give a fuck.You can hate me or love me... whatever.But always know that i'll love you all forever. Updated,
"setting Up My Slut Wife"
John's mouth moved as he spoke to my wife. He stopped pumping and pulled his dick out of her. She rolled over on her back  he turned around and lay down on her in 69 position.  I reached around and began to softly play with Emily's mound as we watched the lovers on the screen peform oral sex on each other. Emily's legs opened to allow me more acess to her moist pussy as her eyes remained locked on the screen.   "They have no fucking clue we're watching them, do they? She said, not expecting an answer and not reciving one from me   We both continued to watch as my hand began to massage her pussy, which was quickly becoming moist again. Emily reached a hand over to my stiffing dick and began to play with it. she was very turned on by the show we were getting on the laptop.    "Look,' Emily said although my eyes were glued to the screen. john suddenly lifted his dick out of my wife's mouth and we watched as his load shot all over her breasts. The creamy liquid splashed against her
Friendship First / Then The Auctions / Then The Pure Silver Ring/s ;)
        I'm very genuine, sincere, and offer little to more than just your ordinary friendship. 

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