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Run Double Was The Go-ahead Blow
ST. LOUIS -- Nothing was working for Jake Westbrook, a groundball pitcher who gave up three sacrifice flies. No worries with the St. Louis Cardinals offence ringing up 17 hits against a team thats still waiting for the adrenaline charge that usually comes with changing managers. David Freeses three-run homer snapped the teams seven-game long-ball drought and Matt Hollidays three-run double was the go-ahead blow as St. Louis beat the Houston Astros 13-5 Thursday to complete a three-game sweep. "I was in trouble the whole day, really," Westbrook said. "Our offence came through and really picked me up. Picked this team up." Freese and Matt Holliday each had four RBIs and Allen Craig had three hits and three RBIs. The Cardinals shrugged aside a 4-0, fourth-inning deficit and sent Houston to its seventh straight loss. "This team, they get the blood in the water and they can pile them on," Cardinals manager Mike Matheny said. The Astros are 0-4 while getting outscored 32-8 since
Lead The Rockets To A 115-101 Victory Over The Milwaukee Bucks On Fri
MILWAUKEE -- Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale liked what he saw in the third quarter. So did Jeremy Lin, once he returned from getting stitches. James Harden scored 29 points to lead the Rockets to a 115-101 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks on Friday night. Harden shot 11 of 18 from the floor to go with seven assists and four steals for Houston, which has won 10 of its last 13 games. After trailing by 18 in the second quarter, Houston outscored Milwaukee 30-14 in the third and led 77-72 at the start of the fourth. "Really, that third quarter is about as good as we can play," McHale said. "We locked down on the defensive end, we pushed it up, we got shots and made shots . Then we started blowing some of their plays up just by being aggressive. I was really proud of the guys." Lin was taken to the locker room with 10:34 left in the third after the left side of his head was slightly bloodied when he collided with the right cheek of Milwaukees Larry Sanders as the two scrambl
May Be On More Tomorrow
I may not be where I want to be right now, but I am going to be a little better tomorrow. I am going to get another laptop. It doesn't have a cam and that is okay. Like I told ya earlier, I do believe everything happens for a reason. Tis my time to step out of the limelight. My hair is greying quickly, my joints ain't what they use to be, but when they bury me they had better nail me to my coffin. I will not lay down easily, anyone who knows me can tell you that!! When you wake up, go into the kitchen to get some coffee don't let your mind say after your son or daughter go to school and work you can always go back to bed. Might be possible, but here is a thought to ponder. If you fight that nagging voice, you have shown you are stronger. Make that inner voice fear you. Show that damn voice who is the boss!! I'm not going to type alot tonight, I walked too far today and the meds I took aren't taking affect yet. Stay safe, warm, and loved. If not for me, then for yourself. You are one
What I Think Of Boogey Man!!
You are friendly, kind and caringSensitive, loyal and understandingHumorous, fun, secure and trueAlways there... yes that's you.Special, accepting, exciting and wiseTruthful and helpful, with honest brown eyesConfiding, forgiving, cheerful and brightYes that's you... not one bit of spite.You're one of a kind, different from othersGenerous, charming, but not one that smothersOptimistic, thoughtful, happy and gameBut not just another... in the long chain.Appreciative, warm and precious like goldOur friendship won't tarnish or ever grow oldYou'll always be there, I know that is trueI'll always be here... always for you.
What Sexy Leather Skirts Are Popular In Autumn
  Preface: The lovely waitress who sheds should wear a lot, if you want to add a handsome, leather skirt can meet your needs, put on the body youthful Pangke Fan korea clothing online shoppingleather skirt with a T-shirt, chiffon shirt, jeans Shirts are very handsome fashion, focusing on high waist skirt with umbrella height ratios can be stretched, looked charming crush tall, handsome you do not want to miss Oh! [1] Recommend Collocation Crush this brown leather skirt very Pangke Fan, with a camouflage jacket and light gray denim short jacket even more handsome fashion plate, plus one pair of black leather boots to create the perfect Rock Fan youthful styling, playful sweet youth sheds not Oh breath.  [2] Recommend Collocation Black umbrella skirt easy to ride and yet significantly higher, as if to crush with a black and white tone printing T-shirts will ensure no mistakes, plus brown thick-soled shoes to create Pangke Fan styling, coupled with early autumn denim jacket without
Sweet Knitting Top Collocate With Skirt In 2013 Autumn
  Preface: early autumn, the temperature difference between day and night, dress wake up every morning, it naturally became the first fret. In fact, in such a multi-faceted weather, sweaters skirts match is undoubtedly a good choice, warmth without unduly bloated. Author introduces wholesale clothing China sweater + skirt match skills, hold live sweet so easy! Autumn modeling a transfiguration Collocation skill: vibrant red sweater with a full-spirited and enthusiastic, free unlock a few buttons, peeped lined vest, inadvertently showing a trace of sexy. Fresh and elegant floral skirts show the pastoral style. Autumn turned modeling 2 Collocation skill:  white sweater dark green skirts, are simple and elegant. Neatly withheld sweater buttons, fills the dignified elegance. Knee-length skirts, warm and not afraid emptied. Roman high-heeled shoes to add a bit mature charm. Autumn turned styling 3 Collocation skill: overall shape of the classic black and white with the use. Black an
How To Match Accessories With Clothing Ingeniously
  Ingenious accessories can become the focus of dressing style, making a simple dress or plain clothes into infinite glory. If you accidentally found lovingly crafted ornaments in the street, although you don’t need them right now, keep theme! It will soon come in handy. Extremely wide variety of accessories, especially for Korean fashion accessories, let's start at the beginning!   Hat It is very easy to demonstrate personal taste, but its color and pattern must fit to dress and personality, otherwise it becomes a monster on the head.   Hair band and hair accessories For causal wear, it’s better to choose small and elegant styles. Gorgeous hair accessories, will become the focus of the whole body. They’re suitable to wear more appropriate at the dinner.   Earring Earring is the most common of jewelry. There are thousands of its shapes, but there is a principle is that people with large face should wear large earrings; people with small face should wear smal
Elegant Knit Cardigan Make You Warm In Cool Autumn
  Lead: autumn fashion cheap apparel knitted cardigan with everyone loves, practical index and high fashion index storm you must have a single product. How to knit cardigan with unconventional, Dachu chic feeling it?   Openwork embroidery cardigan Of a full sense of design knit cardigan, elegant and sexy hollow sleeve portion, exquisite embroidery revealing thick national wind, with a hole in jeans casual chic, white sandals enhance the overall sense of fashion!   Lace crochet knit cardigan Elegant lace crochet cardigan sweet and charming, with a national wind inside the ride print dress lazy romantic, retro bags and wide-brimmed hat enhanced sense of style, a practical beauty autumn holiday ride!   Navy blue knitted cardigan Navy blue knitted cardigan classic fashion, tiger head T-shirt full of fashion sense, with washing wear white shorts revealing fascinating leg.   M white cardigan Solid color knit cardigan ladies flavor, white rice is fresh and clean, with a printed
Soul's Empty: From; 'the Mind's Eye'
That, I am Lonely, and have No One... is obvious to All. Depression, still accompanies Me. My Feelings. Chaotic. My Thoughts cannot be. Sadness awash within My Being. Though You may be Blind, still, you can see this in Me. Despair, is evident. In plain view. You don't have to search far. The Pain I have, hurts too much. It's made me Callous. Discouragement. Always at My Side. I am now ready to; Give Up. A Non-Father. Twice, The Loser. That's who I am. I have said it. It's True...are you happy now? Destined,
Thống Kê Nông Sản Chuẩn Nhất để Kiếm Ngọc Event Avatar Halloween 2013
Event Avatar Halloween 2013 đang thật sự rất hót. Toàn bộ sự kiện dù có full tất cả các ô đất trong nông sản thì cũng chỉ được duy nhất 4 viên lục bảo, dư thêm vài trăm điểm lấy tóc siêu Saya. Dưới đây là thống kê nông sản chuẩn nhất để kiếm Ngọc event avatar Halloween 2013, các bạn tham khảo nhé! - 4 viên lục bảo = 1800 điểm - 1 điểm = 35 xoài + 32 nho + 30 dưa hấu + 30 thanh long Vậy 1800 điểm = 1800 x (35 xoài + 32 nho + 30 dưa hấu + 30 thanh long) = (1800 x 35) xoài + (1800 x 32) nho + (1800 x 30) dưa hấu + (1800 x 30) thanh long = 63ooo xoài + 57600 nho + 54000 dưa hấu + 54000 thanh long Như vậy muốn kiếm 4 viên lục bảo bạn cN
Clouds & Dreams
When I look at the clouds clustered in the sky , pillowy fluffs of dreams rolling by,  I see your soft smile and those sexy eyes , makes me happy that I can fly . You lift my heart so high , and I really can't imagine why, All I have to do is hear your voice, And you wash away all the years and I am as young as I once was , The wind in my long flowing hair , a hint of a smile as I see you standing there , You reach for my hand and I know there is safety to be found As we race to the dream of a lost century bound . I kiss your sweet lips and touch your cheek , we have loved before , And with you I am always weak , You call my name and I hear , Your longing for me as I am only here , In a Dream , You claim that your love & passion is true , And as always , I believe only in you. I adore you my sweetness as I gaze in your eyes , I could drown in your love as your body to mine , Screams for release as we always have done , Long ago , in another time , when you my love Were
A Jerk
Ladies watch out for a guy on here he promises to buy in to family and send credits than backs out after he lies and accuses you of something you never did. Than he blocks you. If you want to know who please shout box me and I will give you the ugly asses name Ty....   Sincerely, Feisty Sassy 
My Imaginary Girlfriend
  My Imaginary Girlfriend   for Sharon     she sez i'm the man of her dreams sez she's gonna meet me in Belize for all I know she could be real that would be a pip of a deal   she never says no never tells me how to go or where I fit she has the exact body I would make if I had a kit   she says she's broke like me but she still wants to be mine she'll even come on her own dime I say lordly lordly that would be fine   it would be the payoff of a lifetime who am I to say it won't be so because either way I'm gonna go  
I Love You More Than Anything In This World!
I Love You More Than Words Can Ever Say!
Allen Or Whoever He
HIS MAIN PROFILE Fake 1 Fake 2 Fake 3 Fake 4 Fake 5 Fake 6 Fake 7 Fake 8 Fake 9 Fake 10 Several women have stories about one or more of these profiles. I am sure if he has this many and has deleted some that there are many others as well. If you have a story to tell please post a reply.
The Return Of The Master Of Past And Present
So yes, it seems as if I am going to actually stay this time. Well at least until I use all my bling credits anyways. hahaha I even went so far as to submit a salute. :P I figured I would write some kind of blog to let all of you know why I left over a year ago, and what I have been upto in the mean time. At the time that I left, I had just started a new job with Walmart, and  really needed to focus on me at that point and rebuilding a real life for myself. I was selling wireless phones, and I actually did keep that job for an entire year. I now loathe working in retail, and left the company back in early June. The reason I left is that my yearly review came back that I was punctual, hard-working, and that I always completed my tasks, but was undeserving of a raise. That is Sam's house of ill repute for you though. I was nice and gave them a three weeks notice, and at that point packed up, and attempted to move back to Florida. This time I chose Pensacola beach because I needed a bit o
I Never Wished.....
I Never Wished For a Perfect Partner. I Never Expected An Amazing Romance. All I Want Is Someone Who Can Bring Back The Love That I Gave Away. I Just Want Someone Who I Can Call MINE.
Family Adds
I mean perhaps I am a little outdated or maybe a throwback to when this site was a lot more fun but to me, Family Adds are supposed to be for people that you interact with more then others and have closer relationships with.  That's how it used to be at least.  Now I have no problem temp adding people to help them level because if I have open spots then of course I like to help people.  What is bothering me is how political and how greedy people are getting with fam spots.   Fam spots are not supposed to be up for auction to feed greed.  I don't wanna feel like I have to "buy" my way into someone's family because then it means nothing to me anyway.  If you add me to your fam then by all means I am flattered and more then likely will add you to my own.  Not because I am trying to profit or benefit from it, but simply because you are my friend.  If it's come to a point where people need to now remove me from their families so that they can sell my spot for credits, then not only are we
Empty Soul
I got no where to turn and  Nobody to turned too. My life is done and empty I got nobody to blame but  myself and only myself. I ruined my life im the reason for this emptieness i did this nobody else expect me i am my own worse enemy. I had it all just to watch it fade away in dark sky into a million pieces the pain the nothieness i feel daily for the rest of my life or till death reaches me and takes me away from all this missouri i feel in my empty soul..
Spooking For Fu-bling
I am having a little Halloween themed salute contest. The only rules are  that your entry has to include my screenname in the physical shot (ie not shopped in or captioned in) and that it must costued or tied into Halloween in some way.    You may put your entry in a custom folder or you may email it to me (I will provide the email addy privately upon request). It must be in by this weekend (10/26 10/27) **EDIT: DEADLINE EXTENDED TO THE END OF 10/28 PDT** Multiple entries or series entries are allowed, If for any reason you wish your entry to be anonymous (posted but not named) or non public, please specify that when you submit your entry and your request will be honored although I recommend you have at least one published for the people's choice prize.   Speaking of people's chpice, there will be a HH awarded to the entry with thr most rates, with the rating average and comment count  being used to break a tie.  (   The grand prize is a Godmode and suite of Halloween blings fo
Welcome   This will be an ongoing collection of my pre and post voyage existential and geographic reporting. At first things may be a little out of order. (I have been trying to make this page first, but I have cut and pasted it out of  existence. this is a rewriting.) I figure oh well. It's what writers do; write and rewrite.   It will be at first reflections on the pre-expedition phase; getting my ducks in a row. Like arranging for my social security to be sent there and  what to do about my octet of prescriptions. Maybe someday I will market  it as a guidebook for potential ex pats.  I'm going fully mercenary about my writing for survivals sake. Now I am preparing for an expedition. The difference between and expedition and an adventure is that an expedition has more or less set purposes and goals, while an adventure is by it very nature more indefinable and experiential. If I go off on a tangent I promise to not run  you into a brick wall with it. I try to keep
Wild Ducks
Wild Ducks Preparing to leave the country, this insane America,there are a plethora of details to attend to. From passport getting to making arrangements for my check to be sent to my new country of residence, Belize.I will soon become, for the second time in my life an American Expatriate, commonly referred as expat. One of the reasons I am moving in Belize is the existence of an old and eclectic network of expats and a human-friendly environment. Which by any sane mans opinion America is not. As it veers and stumbles, leaving dead and maimed bodies overseas and class warfare at home. Underfed children and men broken by the unrelenting demands of the unholy dollar. With too much falling down around them to stop moving, With life little but work and sleep. The daily war for survival. Worried about, obsessed by making it from day to week to month til year to the end.The moneyed cowards huddled together in their plush theaters of deadly deception. Men without conscience
Gimme 10
My passport arrived today. It expires in 10 years. My expiration date was of course  not included. Gimme 10 and defy all evidence to the contrary. I would be surprised and grateful. I had a cat once who lived for 2 years after the vet told us that  "his  vitals were incompatible with life." So nobody knows anything it that regard. We think we do. Or deny it's even real. Imaginations of immortality crushed as dead as Bambi by inexplicable fate.   I had a well stamped passport the first time I was an expat. A fugitive from the war that no one to this day has every presented a plausible reason for; our war with Vietnam.   This is the subject of the novel I'm writing about; what it's like to leave behind everything you've ever known for the great Unknown. It  is more exhilarating than frightening. Fear will keep you ashore, weak in the knees. Fine you, jail you and prevent your attendance at the party they were throwing just for you. I dont' want to miss mine.   
Lead Management Software In Perth
This is the age of marketing and advertisement. The better you can work on it more are the chances of increasing the prospects and profits of your business. And one of the most essential parts for the proper running and the growth of a business is the lead management. Leads are the most integral part of any business and therefore it is essential to set up a proper management system so that the leads can be handled more efficiently. It should always be kept in mind that on the efficiency of your management of leads depend the prospects of your business. Thus there is no scope of negligence in the proper setup for the management of leads whether be it a large multinational company or a small firm. Therefore, for the betterment of the business and better profit it is essential to have a proper lead system. In fact to deal with this matter you can also seek the help of some lead software. The lead software is a very useful tool that not only can help you a lot in your lead but also can he
You Don't Need To Be Perfect
You don’t need a perfect one, you just need someone who you can trust , who shows you that you’re the only one.
Do Not Put Conditions On The Love..
Do not put conditions on the love that you give.Accept people the way they are.Do not expect and demand that people fit your mould before you love them.
Nt. "georges St-pierre Has Been
SEATTLE -- Georges St-Pierre is putting a proposed super-fight with Anderson Silva to the side to pursue "unfinished business" with Nick Diaz. UFC president Dana White says the Montreal mixed martial arts star has asked to fight Diaz next. White told reporters Thursday that St-Pierre (23-2) made the request after returning from vacation following his welterweight title defence against Carlos Condit at UFC 154 in Montreal. "We were talking about Anderson Silva," White said. "He (St-Pierre) said I want Nick Diaz. Me and Nick Diaz have unfinished business. We were supposed to fight. Thats the fight that I want. "Georges St-Pierre has been a phenomenal champion, a phenomenal human being, just a great guy to deal with for us. And he doesnt ask for things. So if he wants to fight Nick Diaz and Nick Diaz wants to fight him, then thats probably the fight well make." St-Pierre and Diaz were slated to fight last year but White yanked Diaz, who does not play well with others, for bein
I Fully Understand A Competitive Pro
ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Former Oakland coach Bill Callahan has denied allegations made by two of his former players that he "sabotaged" the Raiders in their Super Bowl loss to Tampa Bay 10 years ago. Former Raiders receivers Tim Brown and Jerry Rice both said in recent interviews they believe Callahan undermined his own team in the Super Bowl in 2003 because of his close friendship with Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden by altering the game plan less than two days before Oaklands 48-21 loss. "While I fully understand a competitive professional football players disappointment when a games outcome doesnt go his teams way, I am shocked, saddened and outraged by Tim Browns allegations and Jerry Rices support of those allegations made through various media outlets over the last 24 hours," Callahan said Tuesday in a statement. "To leave no doubt, I categorically and unequivocally deny the sum and substance of their allegations." The hubbub over a game played a decade ago began Monday when Br
R Every Time He Wins A Match, Thats Because He Does These Days. Then Ag
PARIS -- If it seems Roger Federer breaks one record or another every time he wins a match, thats because he does these days. Then again, good as Federer is, he cant top this: His next opponent at the French Open, Belgiums David Goffin, is unbeaten in Grand Slam main-draw matches. (OK, so the kids only 3-0, but still.) Yes, before Federer can take on Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros this year, hell need to defeat Goffin, the first "lucky loser" -- a player beaten in qualifying who sneaks into the field via someones withdrawal -- to reach the fourth round at any Grand Slam tournament in 17 years, and only the seventh to make it that far. "Now Im playing against Roger," the 109th-ranked Goffin said after beating Lukasz Kubot of Poland 7-6 (4), 7-5, 6-1 on Friday, "and I cant believe it." A fresh-faced 21-year-old whose voice was barely a whisper and whose hands fidgeted during an extended interview session with reporters, the slender, 1.80-meter (5-foot-11) Gof
Er Deal Just Prior To The 2010 Campaign. In
Toronto – Toronto Rock General Manager has announced the signing of Captain Colin Doyle to a one-year contract. Doyle is one of two franchise players, as designated by the lacrosse club, along with Josh Sanderson. The 15-year NLL veteran has spent twelve of those seasons with the Rock franchise and has been a member of all six Toronto championship teams. Doyle began his NLL career in 1998 with the Ontario Raiders, played for the Rock from 1999 to 2006 and was then traded to San Jose prior to the 2007 season where he spent three seasons. He was re-acquired by the Rock in a blockbuster deal just prior to the 2010 campaign. In his twelve seasons with the Rock franchise he has accumulated 371 goals, 527 assists and 898 points, which are all franchise bests. “Colin is one of the best leaders this sport has ever seen,” expressed Rock GM Terry Sanderson. “Hes done so much for this game, this franchise and this city. Hes a champion and his work ethic and pro
Ctions For The Most Popular Driver Awar
Racing fans made their selections for the Most Popular Driver Awards in each of the NASCAR touring series with four of the seven winners racing with rookie designation this season. The Most Popular Driver Award winners for 2012 are:• Chase Elliott, NASCAR K&N Pro Series East• Cassie Gannis, NASCAR K&N Pro Series West• Ray Courtemanche Jr., NASCAR Canadian Tire Series presented by Mobil 1• Pepe Montaño, NASCAR Toyota Series• Freddy Nordstrom, Euro-Racecar NASCAR Touring Series• Ryan Preece, NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour• Danny Bohn, NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Nearly 210,000 votes were cast in the balloting, which opened in mid-August and ended on Sunday, Nov. 18. The total surpassed last years record of over 136,000 votes cast by 54 percent. This seasons record number is more than four times the 50,743 votes in 2008, the first year the Most Popular Driver voting was conducted online. For the second straight year voters were able to
As North West Province, On Saturd
Canadas Monica Peterson was eliminated from the womens individual foil competition after a 15-10 loss to Lee Kiefer of the United States in the Round of 32.Peterson won her first match of the competition with a 10-9 victory over Anna Bentley of Great Britain in the opening round.It was the first Olympic Games appearance for the 28-year-old Peterson. The Victoria, B.C., native is currently ranked 31st in the world. Wholesale NFL Jerseys China . The former WBO and WBU champion was 46. Sanders was shot in the hand and stomach at a family members 21st birthday gathering at the restaurant in Brits, in South Africas North West province, on Saturday night, police said. He died in a hospital in the capital city Pretoria in the early hours of Sunday morning. NFL Jerseys China . The sides stepped away from negotiations last week with competing bids on the table and no clear road ahead. They spoke again over the weekend and agreed to devote sessions Wednesday and Thursday entirely to
Mexico On Friday. Canada Then Dropped An 8-3 Decision To Panama Yest
The Hastings-Vancouver team is facing its first elimination game today at the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The Canadian entry faces Willemstad, Curacao on TSN beginning at 2pm et/11am pt. Canada opened the double-elimination tournament with a 13-9 win over Mexico on Friday. Canada then dropped an 8-3 decision to Panama yesterday to drop into todays do-or-die scenario. Curacao opened play in the International division with a 7-0 loss to Tokyo, Japan, before winning 14-2 over Ramstein, Germany on Saturday. The winner of the Canada-Curacao game will survive to play tomorrow against the winner of the Mexico-Chinese Taipei match that is scheduled for later today. Cheap Jerseys From China . An item on the Italian Serie-A clubs website on Thursday said Di Vaio will meet the media on Friday morning. The France Football website reported the 35-year-old is headed to Montreal as the Major League Soccer expansion teams first designated player, and tha
App (0-1), Making His First Start With The Blu
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- J.A Happ was outpitched by James Shields in his debut in Torontos starting rotation. Shields threw eight strong innings, Evan Longoria drove in a run in his return from an injury, and the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Blue Jays 4-1 on Tuesday night. Happ (0-1), making his first start with the Blue Jays, gave up four runs and seven hits in 4 1-3 innings. He had made four relief appearances since being acquired from Houston on July 20. "The result is the only thing that matters, but I did feel better than, probably, the numbers indicate," Happ said. "I felt like I was making some good pitches. They used the whole field and they were falling for them, and werent falling for us. A frustrating one for sure." Happs previous start, while with the Astros, came on July 16. The left-hander threw 6 1-3 innings in a 2-0 win over San Diego. "I got upwards of 80 pitches in, and hopefully well keep moving from there," Happ said. Happ had five strikeouts and one walk. "Th
He First Two Games Of This Set In The Alamo
(Sports Network) - Something has to give on tonight when the sizzling San Antonio Spurs visit the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. You can see all the action on TSN beginning at 9pm et/6pm pt. The Spurs, of course, became just the fourth team in NBA history to win 20 straight games and are a perfect 10-0 in this postseason after taking the first two games of this set in the Alamo City. The Thunder, meanwhile, have yet to lose on their home floor in the playoffs and are hoping a change in scenery can get them back in the series. "Weve been a resilient group that bounces back," Thunder star Kevin Durant said. "Tough to go down 0-2. We get an opportunity to go home and play in front of our home crowd and try to get Game 3. So weve got to take it a game at a time, a possession at a time. Well be all right." San Antonio bent, but never broke on Tuesday in Game 2. After seeing a 22-point lead nearly disappear, the Spurs held on for their 20th cons
Android Os Or Windows Phone Os—tough Question!
For most of the smartphone users, the iPhone seems to be the best pick among all the Operating Systems. The majority of the smartphone users try to get some guidance to choose between the Google’s Operating System Android and the Microsoft OS Windows Phone OS. Other than the iPhone, there is another well reputed Operating System is Blackberry, but, it is not one of the most desired ones. The reason behind the popularity of these two Operating Systems is that, these two OSes have a large variety of handsets that use these Operating Systems. Users ask experts to give them a comprehensive answer, so that, hey can select the best OS. But, the fact is that, both the OS are great and have some tiny flaws, so, no one can answer the question perfectly. There are some positives and negatives given below of the both mobile operating software that can guide you in picking up the right phone. The Android Operating System is the most used OS in the world. It shares somewhere around 80 percen
Ed To An Eight-year, $46 Million Contract With The Dev
NEWARK, N.J. -- After losing Zach Parise to free agency, the New Jersey Devils didnt make the same mistake with centre Travis Zajac. Zajac was signed to an eight-year, $46 million contract with the Devils on Wednesday, ending any chance that New Jersey would lose its No. 1 centre after this season. Devils president and general manager Lou Lamoriello announced the deal shortly after Zajac scored a power-play goal off a great pass from Ilya Kovalchuk in a scrimmage against Albany of the AHL. "I want to be here," Zajac said. "I believe in this organization. I think it is a first-class organization. Its the environment I want to surround myself on and off the ice, and my family loves New Jersey. We like the people here. We like living here. With all that and the players and coaching staff, I think we have a great chance here to always be successful." Zajac is going to have money, too. He will make $3.5 million this season, $5 million the next and $6.5 million in the four-year s
Operating Officer. Mcgowan Helped Guide The Nhls L
PORTLAND, Ore. - The Portland Trail Blazers have appointed AEG Sports executive Chris McGowan as the teams new president and chief operating officer. McGowan helped guide the NHLs Los Angeles Kings and Major League Soccers Los Angeles Galaxy as chief operating officer of AEG Sports. McGowan, who joins the Blazers on Nov. 12, succeeds Larry Miller, who left the Blazers in July to return to Nike. McGowan will manage all business operations of the team and the Rose Garden. He will report to Peter McLoughlin, chief executive officer of Vulcan Sports and Entertainment, which oversees all of Paul Allens sports franchises and facilities. Neil Olshey, the teams general manager, who was appointed in June, will manage all basketball operations. Wholesale NHL Jerseys . -- Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods played together in the opening two rounds of the season in Abu Dhabi. Wholesale MLB Jerseys . Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals are still trying to lock up their berth to the postseason and
Ying Nearly 23 Minutes Per Game And Missing A Total
A valuable commodity on the free agent market after the top players signed, Matt Carle secured a lucrative deal from the Tampa Bay Lightning. Numbers Game looks at Tampa Bays defensive acquisition. The Lightning Get: D Matt Carle. Carle, 27, played a dozen games for the Lightning at the start of the 2008-2009 season, before he was traded to Philadelphia and now makes his return as a more complete defenceman. Over the last three seasons in Philadelphia, Carle has been durable, playing nearly 23 minutes per game and missing a total of two games. His 113 points in that time ranks 22nd among all defencemen and his plus-53 rating is tied for fourth. Of course, part of the reason for Carles success was that he was primarily paired with future Hall of Famer Chris Pronger, at least until concussion woes knocked Pronger out of action early last season. Even without Pronger, Carle handled a significant role, leading the Flyers in ice time at 23:01 per game. In Tampa Bay, Carle will c
Ing Them Down All Game Just With Some
CALGARY -- Andre Durie might not have been pleased with how he played on Saturday against the Calgary Stampeders, but he was definitely happy with the outcome. Durie caught the lone touchdown pass of the game from quarterback Ricky Ray as time expired in the third quarter to help lead the Toronto Argonauts to a 22-14 win over the Stampeders. "It was probably one of the worst games Ive played," said Durie, who finished with two catches for 38 yards. "I just found a way to focus and make a play when I could. "It felt good to come through and make a play for the team. I felt like I was letting them down all game just with some of the mental errors. It was good to get one back and put us on the scoreboard." Toronto coach Scott Milanovich praised Durie for coming through in the clutch, despite not having one of his better efforts. "Hes a playmaker," Milanovich said. "He probably didnt have his best game tonight, but he made a couple of big plays when he needed to. Thats what you
A Win Would Vault The Patriots Over The Texans, W
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The Patriots are rolling again, right into a playoff bye. Tom Brady threw two touchdown passes, the defence had a season-high seven sacks and New England ended a rare slump by dominating the Miami Dolphins 28-0 on Sunday. "Hopefully, this will be a good game that we can step off from and keep working to improve," coach Bill Belichick said. Rebounding from two mediocre performances, the Patriots earned the second seed in the AFC and an extra week to savour the win and prepare for their post-season opener on Jan. 13. The Denver Broncos got the top spot by beating the Kansas City Chiefs. Shortly before the game, the Patriots learned that Houston had lost to the Indianapolis Colts. That meant a win would vault the Patriots over the Texans, who began the day seeded first, and into one of the two byes. "Coach Belichick just said, "Look, the only people that can improve our position are us, so, regardless what anyone else does, we have to win," Brady said. "An
Mith Did Not Say Which Ankle Is Bothering
FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Atlanta Falcons receiver Julio Jones missed practice for the second straight day with an ankle injury on Thursday and will be a game-time decision against Arizona. Jones was injured in last weeks loss at New Orleans. Coach Mike Smith did not say which ankle is bothering Jones. Linebacker Sean Weatherspoon is rehabbing a sprained right ankle and hopes to avoid missing his third straight game. Defensive end John Abraham (back), defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux (thigh), receiver Harry Douglas (ankle), tight end Tony Gonzalez (shoulder), linebacker Stephen Nicholas (groin), running back Michael Turner (groin) and defensive tackle Vance Walker (ribs) were all limited in practice. Atlanta (8-1) hosts Arizona (4-5) on Sunday. Cheap NFL Jerseys From China . -- Oakland Athletics pitcher Brandon McCarthy has walked a few steps and is making encouraging progress in his recovery from surgery after getting hit in the head by a line drive last week. Cheap Nike N
Ame Against The Best Team In Baseball."
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Colorado Rockies starter Josh Outman went to the mound for the fifth inning with a 10-run lead. While the Rockies held on for a much-needed 11-7 victory over the Texas Rangers, it ended up being a no-decision for the right-hander who was the first to start on short rest since manager Jim Tracys decision this week to go with a four-man rotation. Even given extra pitches and another chance through the heart of the Texas lineup, Outman fell one out short of the required five innings to be eligible for his first victory with Colorado. "At the end of the day, the team won, and thats the big picture," a clearly disappointed Outman said. "We got a team win. We came out and played. Besides one inning, we played a great game against the best team in baseball." Tyler Colvin and Chris Nelson had consecutive two-out, two-run singles in the third to put Colorado up 5-0 against the two-time defending AL champions, who had won seven in a row. Before Colorados four-run
Ut Dwyane Wade As The Star Guard Recovers Fro
ATLANTA -- Josh Smith scored 21 points, Lou Williams added 18 and the Atlanta Hawks beat the Miami Heat 92-79 in a preseason game Sunday. Chris Bosh finished with 22 points, and LeBron James had 10 for the defending NBA champion Heat, who played without Dwyane Wade as the star guard recovers from surgery on his left knee. Ray Allen, making Miami debut, had 10 points and five assists in 27 minutes. Devin Harris (right knee) and Zaza Pachulia (groin) were held out by Atlanta. Wade is expected to travel with the Heat for a seven-day trip to China that will include exhibition games against the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday and next Sunday. James had six rebounds and a game-high six assists in 24 minutes. Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys China .J. - The New York Red Bulls have signed English midfielder Lloyd Sam. Cheap NFL Jerseys From China . Indians vice president Bob DiBiasio says Dolan was taken to the hospital Wednesday and will remain there for observation. http://jasonhavens.or
E Worley In A 3-2 Victory Over The Washington Nationals
WASHINGTON -- Nate Schierholtz found the ideal way to make an excellent first impression on his new teammates. Scheirholtz homered in his Philadelphia debut, Jimmy Rollins hit two solo shots, and the Phillies received a sharp pitching performance from Vance Worley in a 3-2 victory over the Washington Nationals on Wednesday night. Rollins and Schierholtz connected on successive pitches in the fifth inning against Edwin Jackson (6-7) to erase a 2-1 deficit. One day after being traded by San Francisco in the deal that sent Hunter Pence to the Giants, Schierholtz started in right field and went 2 for 5. "It was exciting. For one day, its been a great group of guys," Schierholtz said. "Everyone welcomed me and I feel at home. Its great to be here." Schierholtz never complained about going from the pennant-contending Giants to the last-place Phillies. Instead, hes embraced the opportunity to help Philadelphia close a disappointing season with a flourish. "I think its important fo
Dependable And Inexpensive Shifting Vendors By Prestigious Packers Together With Movers
Changing the actual living place or moving resulting from one connected with end to your new is simply about this mischievous duties of men and women life. This process is worth focusing on to this increase as well as development while using people but as a result of lack of your time people can’t competent to complete this task. The workload for this activity gains messy while people never plan the treatment and commence their evening independent. People ought to understand the task and accordingly they should complete this particular. Without practically planning together with procedure the task of offering and intending gets actually very tough. To stop the mishap as a result of shifting folks must take aid from expert people who never make it easy for their customers to manage any sole task. These days there are many expert intending companies help their particular customers. They tend to be always prepared to serve their own customers while you want as well as spot. The off
Position Of Specialized Packers And Also Movers Companies
Moving collected from one of place completely to another consists involving several bothersome and very tiring tasks. In relation to relocate completely to another city or state you have to do lots involving tasks for instance packing involving goods, filling of goods, unloading involving goods, unpacking involving goods, etc. All these types of tasks make the problem much tough and tense. But with the professional moving companies or packers and also movers the problem can be produced much much easier and smoother. Professional moving companies play a vital role in order to make relocation uncomplicated and easy. They may make the circumstance as easier when you want. They will transport the valuable family belongings on your new destination door step punctually with zero damage at all.   In buy to easily simplify relocation circumstance professional moving companies get trained individuals and employees. They handle the problem with considerably care and also attention. In fact the
Apollo 7 Spalshes Down!!
  Seems today is a great day in History to remind us of Obama-Care also known as Obama-Tax.   Apollo 7 splashes down in the ocean and Obozo-Tax is falling fast as well..   Let me remind the DUMMYCRATS one more time – the Govt is inept and EVERYTHING it ruins it runs horribly – so what kind of Moron thinks Obama-Care will be better than doctors themselves running their own business’s??  You are a special kind of stupid aren’t ya???
Some Funny Lines....
  By Kathleen Houston Winston Churchill loved araprosdokians, which are figures of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected.   1. Where there's a will, I want to be in it.   2. The last thing I want to do is hurt you, but it's still on my list.   3. Since light travels faster than sound, some people appear bright until you hear them speak.   4. If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.   5. We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.   6. War does not determine who is right - only who is left.   7. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.   8. They begin the evening news with 'Good Evening,' then proceed to tell you why it isn't.   9. To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research.   10. Buses stop in bus stations. Trains stop in train stations. On my desk is a work station .   11. I thought I wanted a career. Turns out, I just w
Only Once In Your Life
Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happens, you can’t wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are not embarrassed to cry with you when you are hurting or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself. Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough, but rather they build you up and show you the things about yourself that make you special and even beautiful. There is never any pressure, jealousy or competition but only a quiet calmness when they are around. You can be yourself and not worry about what they will think of you because they love
Strange Facts :p
It is impossible to lick your elbow (busted) A crocodile can't stick it's tongue out. A shrimp's heart is in it's head. People say "Bless you" when you sneeze because when you sneeze,your heart stops for a mili-second. In a study of 200,000 ostriches over a period of 80 years, no one reported a single case where an ostrich buried its head in the sand. It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky. A pregnant goldfish is called a twit. (busted?) More than 50% of the people in the world have never made or received a telephone call. Rats and horses can't vomit. If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib. If you try to suppress a sneeze, you can rupture a blood vessel in your head or neck and die. If you keep your eyes open by force when you sneeze, you might pop an eyeball out. Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over a million descendants. Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.
Upgraded Chuwi V99 Quad Core Tablet Pc
Sometimes ago, I announced a promotion here for the Chuwi V99 Retina quad core unit, now, there is one more upgraded edition available in, the new edition has an extended 2G RAM and adopts the latest IPS screen technology. So the general performance is much better than before. First of all, let’s see the new IPS screen. I have sold a lot of the old Chuwi V99, the most complains are focusing on the screen definition. Buyers want it to be higher. Now, in the new edition, the resolution is becoming 2048*1536 pixels, much better than before. Second, let’s see the RAM. The old model has only 1G RAM, and the new one becomes 2G. So the unit can run apps faster than before. Now, Ontablets is a good place to buy this model. Chuwi V99 Quad Core A31 Tablet PC 9.7 pulgadas Pantalla Retina Android 4.1 2G RAM 16 GB de vídeo 4K Características principales de Tablet PC CHUWI V99 Quad Core: Sistema Operativo: Android 4.1.1 CPU / Procesador: Allwinner A31, 1.5GH
My Toes Poke Through My Shoes...
F death rings an eerie silencethe sound i wish draw nearthe death rattlelife has never made senseand my ears refuse to hearwhat other people scattermy soul marches onmy body is stuck in rainmy feet travel onlong swollen by the painthere is no golden trumpetno sweetened sound of blissmy feet often stumblemy soul oft to quitthe world around me crumblesand i'm still chomping at the biti just want to giveand forsake the mystery and silencei just want to liveinside of something that makes sense
Affordable E–commerce Website Service Provider, Melbourne
The advent of the internet as created an abundance of opportunities for businesses to profit and prospers. And a proven way to capitalize on the advantages of doing business online, via the internet, is through the use of e–commerce (the technique of conducting business communications and transactions online with the help of the internet). This technology, while still relatively new, has become the preferred way of conducting business for many organizations across a wide range of industry sectors. The main types of e–commerce businesses consist of: B2B, B2C and C2C. What’s more, all the latest technologies and techniques are being incorporated into e–commerce solutions to help foster and promote online businesses. With this in mind, in order for your business to flourish in the online world, it’s essential to have a well-planned and implemented e–commerce web solution. Recent studies have shown that businesses still rely on physical avenues –
Must Download Free E-book Reader Android Application – Smart Reader
  SMART READER is free e-book reader developed specifically developed for android application. This application is gem application for book lovers. Smart Reader supports ePub, oeb, mobi and fb2 file formats. If you have any files in supported formats, just put them into Books directory on the memory card. The books will be available in the library. The books will be available in the library.   Also share and publish ebook or specific selected content of ebook with your group, circle through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp etc.   Advanced Features of the Smart Reader Free: ¸ Support eBooks from public libraries. ¸ Supports ePub, oeb, mobi and fb2 file formats. ¸ Fully-customizable reading experience like adjust colors, fonts, various directories, page turning options, as well as brightness to best suit your preference.¸ SMART READER also supports night-time reading option. ¸ Supports Android phones and tablets. ¸ To turn pages swipe screen horizontally or use hardware
Máy Cắt Cỏ Cầm Tay Giá Tốt Nhất Tại Siêu Thị Máy
Máy cắt cỏ Honda giá rẻ mỗi ngày tại Siêu Thị Máy đại lý phân phối sản phẩm máy cắt cỏ Honda giá rẻ nhất, chất lượng nhất tại Việt Nam. Máy cắt cỏ Honda UMK 435 U2ST Trạng thái:Còn hàng  Bảo hành: 12T Giá bán:7,350,000 vnđ Loại máy: 4 thì, 1 xi lanh,làm mát bằng quạt gió Dung tích xi lanh: 35.8 cc Công suất tối đa:1.6 mã lực / 7000 v/p Dung tích bình xăng: 0.65 lít Dung tích nhớt: 0.1 lít Suất tiêu thụ nhiên liệu: 265g/mã lực.giờ Hệ thống đánh lửa: Transitor từ tính (IC) Hệ thống khời động: Bằng tay Kiểu liên kết truyền động: Càng bố ly hợp khô Trục truyền lực: Trục cứng
Shamar Catering Gold Coast & Brisbane - Award Winning Caterers For Corporate, Private And Wedding Functions
Shamar Catering is the Gold Coasts most awarded Catering company. Peoples Choice Award winner for Best Gold Coast Caterer for 2007 making Shamar Catering the only Gold COast Catering company to win this Prestigious Award 3 years running. Shamar Catering provides to all of our clients the most Innovative and Professional service using the Finest Quality products and Services available. At Shamar Catering Consistency of Quality and Service is our Target not just our Aim. Gold Coast Catering
Hoi An Riverside Resort & Spa
Hoi An Riverside Resort & Spa is a resort of international standard 4-star first in Hoi An. Located in the area of 9,000 m2 on the banks of Do River, between the road to Cua Dai beach and the old town.   Resort has a private beach just 800m from the resort, the Old Quarter of Hoi An takes about 10 minutes by car from Danang International Airport about 35km.      Resort features The rooms have private balconies overlooking the river and a tranquil garden. Hotels with swimming pool, gym and badminton courts, spa services, is the place where you can relax in comfort.   ACCOMMODATION Hoi An River Resort, opened in July 2000 with 63 rooms, provides travelers with new standards of quality accommodation in Hoi An. As bungalows and rooms, each with its romantic scenery looks different from every balcony of each room as river water, rice fields, villages and hamlets nearby, the this scenery for tourists feel the traditional culture of Vietnam and do you feel it's a part of li
History 2
So here I am again. i guess i can pick up from where i left off earlier.   After getting my place in mattoon i had my place and a computer and met this wonderful girl in canada.. named melanie and we talked back and forth for about a year.. and i took my years vacation up to montreal canada and saw her for a week.. and went back afterward.. completely smitten and totally in love with my half french canadian half egyptian gf. i made arrangements and left my job after another couple of months.. leaving that job to be with melanie up in montreal canada. and things were really good for the most part.. except she didnt like to go anywhere bc of certain phobias.. so she wouldnt get a job or work.. and um.. well.. i took a under the table job cleaning apartment buildings halls ect for a while.. barely making money .. and she ends up pregnate after 4 months. omg im gonna be a daddy i was so happy.. but things with her and i were back and forth .. and i dunno i did some stuff online with some
Golf Course Philippines
Golf Course Philippines -   Experience a course like no other. That will surely make you come back for more. You can check in our Pro-shop for your golf needs. You will find the latest selection of golf equipment, apparel, accessories and gifts that suits for everyone.
Muntari Between Polly And I Would Also Like To Further Consider
Barcelona Come ! Adelman let it be : AC Milan 2-0 win like you then kick Allegri also mentioned : "I want to qualify from this group is not simple , the result against Barcelona is very important . Neymar to join Barca make more powerful, because he is one of the world's best players .Wholesale Liverpool jersey Barcelona's play style is also changed, they have more offensive way with the Barcelona game has been very exciting , they are the world 's most powerful clubs . " Due to injury , starting 11 Allegri is not much choice , he told the media: "There is no doubt that Amelia would become the starting goalkeeper , De Jong did not play Saturday and Philippe Mexes will be starting .Wholesale AC Milan jersey Muntari between Polly and I would also like to further consider , by contrast , Muntari is the first choice , although Polly Saturday performance is very good , but he came off the bench as good . Nocerino also may debut it depends on the state of that time Muntari Kaka sentiment h
Apple Lanzó El Primer Lanzamiento Del Nuevo Iphone 5s
Así el objetivo de promover el iPhone 5, Apple lanzó el domingo, el lanzamiento inicial de su modelo iPhone 5s, en 30 segundos que pone en duda la falta de creatividad de la comercialización de parada. La empresa es crítica por fans, inversores industriales debido a la falta de innovación en sus productos actuales. El centro comercial conocido como "Masterizado" metal muestra una especie de transformación del metal en el estilo del robot T-1000 en "Terminator 2", sólo el color de la célula. Al final, mi dedo presiona suavemente en el sensor de huellas dactilares a reconocer.moviles chinos android El lugar elegido para la banda sonora de Goldfrapp La La "o" original en 2005, la producción que ya ha cumplido la mayor parte de una serie de banda sonora, películas y hasta mensajes de marcas como Coca-Cola, Motorola.Para más información, haga clic aquí visitar.
Teach You How To Match Clothing Colors Ingeniously
  One color can only perform one style, different colors can transform into countless extraordinary styles. Therefore, how to make clothing’s colors suitable? It’s very important to person's image.   ▲ White matching skills White can be used with any color. To match ingeniously, it would cost a lot of thought. Assembly a white shirt with yellow stripes pant, is the best combination of soft colors; a ivory trousers matches with a lavender suit and white shirt, a successful matching skill, can fully display their personality; ivory trousers and light shirt with casual wear, is also a successful combination; white pleated dress matches with pale pink sweater, giving a soft elegant feel. Red and white matching skill is a bold combination. A white casual shirt matches with a red mini skirt, enthusiasm chic. In sharp contrast, the heavier the weight of the white color, looks more gentle. ▲ Blue matching skills In all colors, blue clothing is most easy to match
"a Story For My True Love Red Rose" Cont
Bobby knew there was probably a more eloquent way he could have made his request, however with the level of excitment and expectation she had caused, he was feeling more feral than articulate. Giggling, Latasha pushed away from the wall, her walk saucy and fluid, like a stripper headed center stage before her admirers.  His wait wasn't in vain. Five steps before him, she twirled around, showing off her caf'e au lait ass. It was just as he'd hoped the  backside of her panites would be, G stringed, revealing the full curves of her luscious ass, his fave cut. giving into his urge, Bobby leaned forward and licked a single swell.  He clearly heard her sigh and took note of the subtle lift of her ass toward him. stepping toward her, he pulled Latasha into his embrace. "I missed you today, my luv," he whispered beside her ear.  "Good, because i thought i was the only one going insane today." She smiled over her shoulder. "why don't you sit down on the sofa and i can show you what i've bee
Attention Everyone
to every guy and girl out there i am fuckin taken so wen u message me if the first thin u want to talk about is sexget the fuck lost. i am here to just make friends. if u still proced to message me and talk about that sit i will take action and u will not like the fuckin repercutions that come out of it dont piss me the fuck off. so if u just want to be fiends then message me if not leave me the fuck alone end of the god damn fucking story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you babygirl  
Le Belhamy Hoi An Resort And Spa
Le Belhamy Hoi An Resort and Spa is a 13 hectare resort with its own private 320 meter stretch of sandy beach on the famous coastal Ha My beach, nestled among lush tropical landscaping. It is just 10 minuted from Hoi An ancient town and 30 minutes from Da Nang international airport.   See more pictures of Le Belhamy Resort   The Resort has been designed with an individual design reflecting the influences of French, Chinese and Japanese cultures and architectures.   Le Belhamy Hoi An Resort is the perfect choice for those who would like to combine a beach vacation with a historical and cultural destination to explore the charm of the World Cultural Heritages - Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Holly land and Hue Imperial City.         RESORT FEATURES Visitors to the resort can relax with the fitness equipment, sauna. Belhamy Resort and Spa also dedicated to kids a fun and exciting club. In special, Guests looking for the perfect combination between the atte
I Gave In
You may think you know me, but I know you don't really have any idea of the kind of person I really am. I don't wear a mask for anybody. See, I just know that I will probably forget the total person I'm thinking I want to be. Ya know what I mean don't you?? Damned if I do, damned if I don't. You don't have to worry, I even don't like me most of the time. Therefore you are not alone. I am telling you this so you don't think you have it so much better than I do. I have to be with me more than you. Everything is getting down to the nitty gritty. We are coming up short of food and money. I would kinda like to get a job. My daughter still has her job with Walmart. She is doing very well. I don't give two damn cents about the hoopla that Walmart has, its a job.  My daughter doesn't exactly pay for all she ought to. She doesn't fully pay for her part of the rent all the time. I am lucky if she buys $50 worth of grocery's. I know she eats more than $50 worth of everything. She buys her lunch
Where's The Music?
I'm looking for friends who are into music, especially musicians.  Also, really good people who are fun loving, generous and loyal.  If that's you, let's be friends!!!!!  Flirty males a plus++++++
I'm I the only one that sees a problem with people begging for the Breast Cancer Awareness bling saying they are supporting it? I guess if you want to be a hoar, that's the bling to "collect"...but I'd think that I'd rather have a person go to the actual website and donate, instead of them only getting PART of the money spent to get the bling. Ugh. Here's the link if any of you want to donate to it though :)
No Matter What
Look around and tell me what you see? There's you, a million others and me. Chaos runs wild, then the smoke clears. Once everyone else is gone, I'm the only one here. Watching the clock, as time ticks by. We're not in the same time zone, you and I. Am I worth the wait, worth your time. As I make my way up this mountain I climb. I would walk a million miles, just to hold your hand. A feeling so surreal, people don't understand. Life is a mystery, our next move is a guess. You just never know, what's coming next. Today I am here, but tomorrow I may be there. Lying in your arms, in the middle of nowhere. Everything changes, but this much is true. Not a day goes by, that I don't love you. In a place such as this, I found what I need. Everything you are, has planted a seed. It grows everyday, but no matter what. Someone who'll love you forever, is exactly what you've got.
We Are Not Of Same Blood...
We are born & grown in...different places...We have different tastes &...lifestyles...But...Still our hearts are connected....with a single miraculous feeling....called “Love”
I Miss You
~"I Miss You.. more than words can say,I think of You each single day,I want to cry every night,Because I miss the way we fight.I pray for you every night,Because I miss you not being in my sight.I miss the sound of your voice,That I am sick 'n tired of all this noise.I miss the way you smell,Oh that smell.I miss the look upon your face,That made me smile with such grace.I love you so much I cant deny,For when I see you I will break down 'n cry.For when I cry these happy tears,I wont have anymore fears.You'll be home safe with me,That Ill be able to sleep.Oh how I miss you so much.
My History 1
So I guess some people want to know about me. fine here we go.. I was born in oklahoma.. and moved to texas where i grew up until i was 15.. when mom n dad got a divorce. where i moved back to oklahoma.. yay parental divorce.. had to start over with not knowing hardly anyone at all. it sucked. i went all through highschool in a little town called pawhuska oklahoma.. where i literally scraped by on the skin of my teeth. I was such an angry teenager.. i guess parents divorcing and a lot of other crap made things really hard. my senior year i got married .. to someone that supposedly got caught cheating on me with her ex. yeah.. yay for me again right? .. that took six years to get the divorce bc she didnt want to split up with me.. even when she was with other men.. writing me constantly.. i just couldnt find it in me to forgive my wife for taking my love and completely crushing it under her heel. It made it really hard for me to trust females.. and i dunno. anyway.. a year after i gradu
The Mind Fucking Game
The title pretty much says it all...   Surf the net, if you're looking for some fun. Although this game, has yet to be won. You'll find usernames and passwords, worn out pick-up lines. The douche-bags and assholes, aren't hard to find.   Chorus Virtual reality slaps you in the face. Making sure you don't forget your rightful place. Millions of strangers screaming out the wrong name. Don't ya wanna play the mind fucking game?   Like bitches in heat, they'll hump your leg clean. Leaving you numb, searching for the perfect vaccine. This diesease has no cure, get out while you can. Unless chaos and destruction, is part of the plan.   Chorus Virtual reality slaps you in the face. Making sure you don't forget your rightful place. Millions of strangers screaming out the wrong name. Don't ya wanna play the mind fucking game?   Fucked up beyond all recognition, has never been so right. I'm lacing up my gloves, ready to fight. I've played the game before and although I
What's Love
                                                          What's love   Love is    What make's a weak man brave an a king step off his throne Good time's bad time's it comes in an instant and last three days after    forever that's what love is
1. Do you think I'm cute? 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5. Would you take a shower with me? 6. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7. Would you leave after or stay the night? 8. Do you like cuddling afterwords? 9. Would you foreplay with me? 10. Night or day? 11. Condom or skin? 12. Have sex on the first date? 13. Would you kiss me during sex? 14. Do you think I would be good in bed? 15. Can we take pictures of the act? 16. How long would we have sex? 17. Would you want me to wear a sexy outfit or nothing? 18. Your fantasy place you would want to have sex with me? 19. Would you be naughty or nice? 20. Would you want me to be naughty or nice?
VASELINE   A man doing market research for the Vaseline Company knocked at the door and was greeted by a young woman with three small children running around at her feet. "I'm doing some research for Vaseline. Have you ever used the product?" She said, "Yes. My husband and I use it all the time." "If you don't mind my asking," he said, "what do you use it for?" "We use it for sex," she said. The researcher was a little taken aback. "Usually people lie to me and say they use it on a child's bicycle chain or to help with a gate hinge. But, in fact, I know that most people do use it for sex. I admire you for your honesty. Since you've been so frank so far, can you tell me exactly HOW you use it for sex?" The woman said, "I don't mind telling you at all. My husband and I put it on the doorknob and it keeps the kids out."
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10/14 - 10/20/13
MONDAY'S JOKES                                      A personal question A drunk young man walked up to an attractive girl and said, ''Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?'' ''Yes, but I know you're going to ask eventually anyway, so let's get it over with.''  ''Great. How many men have you had sex with?''  ''That's my business!'' she snapped.  ''Great! How much?'' he replied. ********************************************************************                                      TUESDAY'S JOKE                                      Two hookers standing on a corner Two hookers standing on a street corner started discussing business. One of the hookers said, ''Gonna be a good night, I smell cock in the air.'' The other hooker looked at her and said, ''Sorry No, I just burped.'' ********************************************************************                                      WEDNESDAY'S JOKE                                        Drinking with friendsA fellow dran
Still Waiting & Not Happy!
So November 1st isnt coming fast enough!!! I recently realized I was way more limited than I thought I was. Upon taking my son on vacation I also realized, I cannot walk up hill, can't ride most rides and the saddest of all, I cant swim :( I wasnt aware of the hills cause I live in NM and there arent any and I hadnt tried to swim since before the epidural attempts. Swimming proved excruciating!!!! I was soooo saddened. I couldnt ride any of the belly slides @ Wet & Wild either :( All of my time on vacation was spent either sitting or in a scooter I was forced to rent cause my legs wouldnt cooperate. The kids had a fantastic time but it would have been nice to have some fun with them instead of just watching from below. On November 1st when I FINALLY get to see the damn doctor, Im demanding an EMG! These ppl have no concept of how bad it is cause Im not begging for pain pills like the other junkies they see. If they wont do the EMG, Imma do whatever it takes to get insurance to a
Rutgers Referred To New Information And "a Review Of Previously Discovered Issues" As The Reasons For Rices Termination
PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Fuelled by outrage from even the governor when the video went public, Rutgers fired basketball coach Mike Rice on Wednesday after deciding it didnt go far enough by suspending and fining him for shoving, kicking and throwing balls at players along with spewing gay slurs. Athletic director Tim Pernetti was given a copy of the tape by a former employee in November and, after an independent investigator was hired to review it, Rice was suspended for three games, fined $75,000 and ordered to attend anger management classes. University president Robert Barchi signed off on the penalty. But on Wednesday, Rutgers referred to new information and "a review of previously discovered issues" as the reasons for Rices termination. "Yesterday, I personally reviewed the video evidence, which shows a chronic and pervasive pattern of disturbing behaviour," Barchi said in a statement. "I have now reached the conclusion that Coach Rice cannot continue to serve effectively i
This Past Season, Led The Bulldogs To A 12-2 Record And An Appearance In The Sec Championship Game. The 23-year-old
Pittsburgh, PA (Sports Network) - The Pittsburgh Steelers signed their first- round draft pick, linebacker Jarvis Jones, to a four-year contract on Monday. Jones, who was the 17th overall pick in this years draft, spent three years at the University of Georgia (2010-12) after playing one season at the University of Southern California (2009). Jones, a finalist for every major national defensive award this past season, led the Bulldogs to a 12-2 record and an appearance in the SEC Championship Game. The 23-year-old led the FBS ranks in sacks (14.5), tackles for loss (24.5) and forced fumbles (7) in addition to registering 85 overall stops and one interception last fall. Jones also set the Georgia single season record for sacks after racking up a pair in the Bulldogs 45-31 victory over Nebraska in the Capital One Bowl. Jones recorded 13 1/2 sacks and 19 1/2 tackles for loss as a sophomore in 2011, after sitting out the previous season as a transfer from USC. His freshman year
100-yard Kickoff Return For A Touchdown Against Arizona State In The Maaco Bowl Las Vegas. Blount Rushed For More Than
TAMPA, Fla. -- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed first-round pick Doug Martin to a five-year contract. The Boise State running back was the 31st selection in the draft and is expected to share the workload as a rookie with third-year pro LeGarrette Blount. Martin rushed for 3,431 yards and 43 touchdowns while averaging more than five yards per carry. He also had 67 receptions for 715 yards and four TDs. He ran for 1,290 yards and 16 TDs as a senior at Boise State, capping his career with a school-record 100-yard kickoff return for a touchdown against Arizona State in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas. Blount rushed for more than 1,000 yards as a rookie two years ago but has yet to develop into the type of every-down running back that first-year coach Greg Schiano seeks for his offence. womens Adrian Peterson Jersey . On the fourth day, the Victoria native used a late move to grab the pink jersey back from the Spanish rider. Hesjedal caught everyone by surprise Saturday when he br
Poke On The Tree-lined Hole. That Left Him 220 Yards, And He Figured A Smooth 3-iron Was His Best Play "i Didnt Want To Really
LA QUINTA, Calif. -- James Hahn jumped all over his drive on the par-5 fifth hole at La Quinta Country Club, then hit his second shot so pure that it went a little father than he wanted. Undaunted, he turned to his trusty 54-degree wedge and holed a 30-foot, bump-and-run chip for eagle, part of a late birdie-eagle-birdie run that gave him a share of the second-round lead Friday in the Humana Challenge. "It was a long-drive stat hole, so I kind of came out of my shoes a little bit," Hahn said about his 310-yard poke on the tree-lined hole. That left him 220 yards, and he figured a smooth 3-iron was his best play "I didnt want to really overpower a 4-iron," Hahn said. "I had a lot of adrenaline." He made perfect contact. "Just hit it too good," Hahn said. "Hit the centre of the green, landed it 220, rolled to the back. ... I could have hit it with a 6-iron and probably hit it within 2 feet." It didnt matter when the chip rolled in. "I read the break perfectly, broke about 2 f
The Kansas City Royals While Pitching Into The Eighth Inning, Ryan Raburn Belted Two Home Runs To Pace The Cleveland
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- From the moment that Ubaldo Jimenez started to warm up in the bullpen, and noticed the run on his fastball, he had a pretty good idea that this night would be unlike any other this season. Any other in quite a while, for that matter. The Indians right-hander baffled the Kansas City Royals while pitching into the eighth inning, Ryan Raburn belted two home runs to pace the Cleveland offence, and the result was a 9-0 win Monday night that salvaged a split of a four-game series. "It felt really good," said Jimenez, who hadnt won in his past 12 starts. "When I saw the run on my fastball, I said, We have to take advantage of that." Jimenez (1-2) certainly did, allowing only two walks and an infield single by Billy Butler over his first seven innings. Along the way, he started to resemble the pitcher who once threw a no-hitter for the Colorado Rockies and earned a spot in the All-Star game. "Youre always looking to be encouraged," Indians manager Terry Francona
Cingrani Struck Out A Career-high 11 And The Reds Beat The Washington Nationals 5-2 Sunday To Avoid A Four-game Sweep
WASHINGTON -- Tony Cingrani started the fourth inning with a strikeout, but the batter reached on a wild pitch. The next hitter doubled, and after striking out Bryce Harper, another batter walked to load the bases. But as he always does, Cingrani kept attacking. With the bases loaded, Cingrani threw only one ball while striking out Ian Desmond and threw only one more ball while striking out Adam LaRoche for the Reds rookies fourth K of the inning. "Thats what I do," Cingrani said. Not usually like that, though. Cingrani struck out a career-high 11 and the Reds beat the Washington Nationals 5-2 Sunday to avoid a four-game sweep. "He threw strikes. He threw near strikes, some tease strikes," Cincinnati manager Dusty Baker said of Cingrani, who allowed two hits in six shutout innings. "He was around the plate." Cingrani joined Joe Nuxhall, Mario Soto, Tim Birtsas and Frankie Rodriguez as the only Reds with a four-strikeout inning. Brandon Phillips had a two-run single as the R
Won Two Races This Season, Including The British Grand Prix At Silverstone, England, Two Weeks Ago, And Is Second In The
HOCKENHEIM, Germany -- Red Bull driver Mark Webber was given an automatic five-place grid penalty at the German Grand Prix for a gearbox change. Webber has won two races this season, including the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, England, two weeks ago, and is second in the driver standings, 13 points behind Fernando Alonso. The penalty will drop Webber five places from whatever position he secures in Saturdays qualifying. Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg and Romain Grosjean of Lotus also picked up five-place penalties for gearbox changes. Blair Walsh Jersey . With the Chiefs up 2-1, Everett goalie Kent Simpson dropped his stick on an innocent play behind the net late in the second period. Marek Kalus got the puck along the right wall and fired a shot at Simpson, who stopped the puck but couldnt keep Mike Aviani from banging in the rebound. Cris Carter Jersey . When Atlanta tried to get tough, the Pacers buckled down and got even tougher.
Came Out Against The Ban. If True, The Heat Will Be Turned Up Considerably On The Games Two Ruling Bodies, The Usga And
It wasnt hard to see it coming, really. In fact, you knew that this was likely. Still, the revelation is jarring. Tim Finchem announced during Sundays broadcast of the WGC-Accenture Match Play that the PGA Tour is opposing the proposed ban on anchoring putters. The move comes after the PGA Tours players-only meeting at Torrey Pines and the 16-person player advisory council both reportedly came out against the ban. If true, the heat will be turned up considerably on the games two ruling bodies, the USGA and the R&A, which proposed the ban. The PGA of America and the National Golf Club Owners in the United States are also against the anchoring ban, while in Canada the PGA asked the ruling bodies to “seriously consider the impact this proposed ban may have on peoples enjoyment of the game and the overall growth of the game.”But the Tours stand carries with it a ton of weight, a suffocating pressure that will challenge this proposal. As the situation stands now, its
Mainly Concerned About Getting Tougher Defensively. The Pacers Averaged 110 Points In Taking A 2-0 Lead In Indianapolis
ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Hawks are trying to stay upbeat. Yet, they know the playoffs cant keep going like this. Beaten up and blown out in the first two games of their opening-round series against the Indiana Pacers, the Hawks were pondering lineup changes heading into Game 3 Saturday night. Coach Larry Drew said hes looking for improvement at both ends of the court, but its clear that hes mainly concerned about getting tougher defensively. The Pacers averaged 110 points in taking a 2-0 lead in Indianapolis. Their average margin of victory was a comfortable 16 points. "We may look to change the lineup a little bit," Drew said Friday. "Its about adjustments. Weve done some good things in the first couple of games, but there are some things we need to do better. Some changes may push us over the edge in that respect." The Pacers have a huge size advantage, and theyve taken full advantage of it so far. The Hawks had no answer for Paul George, who put up a triple-double (23 poin
Which Conceded Four Goals After The Break. Bayern Stayed On Course For A Domestic Double After Securing The Bundesliga
MUNICH, Germany -- Mario Gomez needed nine minutes to score a hat trick after coming on as a late substitute Tuesday in a 6-1 win over Wolfsburg that put Bayern Munich into the German Cup final for the 19th time. Xherdan Shaqiri had a role in three goals and scored one himself, with other goals coming from Arjen Robben and Mario Mandzukic. Diego scored shortly before halftime for Wolfsburg, which conceded four goals after the break. Bayern stayed on course for a domestic double after securing the Bundesliga championship 10 days ago. Next week, Bayern hosts Barcelona in the Champions League semifinals. "It was a good win against a strong opponent, for a long time they made it difficult for us," Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes said. "I really want to win this title." Heynckes lost the final twice as coach, once with Borussia Moenchengladbach and last year with Bayern against Borussia Dortmund. Gomez came on for Mandzukic in the 77th minute and had scored his three goals by the 86t
He Third And Fourth Lines." Niklas Kronwall Added A Goal And Two Assists, And Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk And Brad
DETROIT -- The Detroit Red Wings are known for their stars, but the third and fourth liners stole the show on Saturday night. Cory Emmerton had two goals and an assist, and Drew Miller scored twice in the Detroit Red Wings 8-2 win over the Los Angeles Kings. Miller is on the third line, which also featured Dan Cleary with three assists and Darren Helm with two. Emmerton is a part of the fourth line, from which Tomas Holmstrom had two assists and Justin Andelkader one. "I think its huge to get the contribution from everyone. Theres going to be nights where our big guys arent scoring all the time," Miller said. "You count on your third- and fourth-line guys to chip in and come up big for the team. Its good to see Emmer get two goals. Its a little kudos for the third and fourth lines." Niklas Kronwall added a goal and two assists, and Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk and Brad Stuart also scored for Detroit, while Jimmy Howard made 27 saves. "I thought we started real well and
We Can Compete At The Same Level And Understand The Game That Much Better." Joseph Had 19 Points For Canada (3-4) In A
CARACAS, Venezuela -- Canada will have to settle for international experience instead of a berth at the 2014 Basketball World Cup. The mens team lost 73-67 to Argentina at the FIBA Americas Championship on Sunday, ruining Canadas chances of qualifying for one of two spots at the World Cup. For head coach Jay Triano, Canadas downfall was in his young teams relative inexperience at the international level. "Our three best players are 22, 22 and 23 years old," said Triano, referencing Cory Joseph, Tristan Thompson and Andrew Nicholson. "Were going up against men who have played this game for a long time and have played at a high level for a long time. "Thats why were here. Were here to get the experience and play against these guys so when were that age, we can compete at the same level and understand the game that much better." Joseph had 19 points for Canada (3-4) in a losing effort, while Nicholson added 17 of his own. Thompson finished with eight points and 10 rebounds. Lu
Bradley Of The U.s. Received One. . . The 12-country Gold Cup Is Being Played In 13 Stadiums Across The U.s. . . Mexico Won
DETROIT -- Canadas mens soccer team hasnt beaten the United States in 25 years, and it appears theres a few lessons to be learned before the drought against its cross-border rival finally ends. Jozy Altidore and Clint Dempsey scored to lead the No. 22-ranked United States to a 2-0 decision over 76th-ranked Canada on Tuesday in the opener of the CONCACAF Gold Cup for both teams. "Its a healthy rivalry and we will continue to learn from the experiences and to do better," said Canadian coach Stephen Hart. The U.S. pounced from the opening whistle and an American goal appeared inevitable. Altidore made the early pressure count as he put the Americans on the scoreboard in the 15th minute. The 21-year-old, making his first Gold Cup appearance, dribbled in with his back to Kevin McKenna before turning and launching a shot from the right side of the box past outside the outstretched hands of goalkeeper Lars Hirschfeld into the left corner of the net. "They had come out with a lot o
Maze Said, When Asked About Her Impressive Year In A Finish-area Interview. "it Was An Amazing Season For Me.
LENZERHEIDE, Switzerland -- Tina Maze rebounded from her heartbreaking World Cup slalom title defeat to Mikaela Shiffrin by ending her historic season with a giant slalom victory on Sunday. Maze performed her trademark celebration cartwheel in the finish area after first-run leader Tessa Worley of France fell 0.35 seconds behind her winning two-run time of 2 minutes, 16.67 seconds. Lara Gut of Switzerland was third, 1.38 back. The Slovenian racers 11th World Cup victory this season extended her record overall points total to 2,414. Austrian great Hermann Maier set a mark of 2,000 in the 1999-2000 season. "Im impressed, too," Maze said, when asked about her impressive year in a finish-area interview. "It was an amazing season for me. I started with a win and I finished with a win." On crossing the finish line to set the fastest time, Maze twirled her right ski-pole above her head in excitement. It seemed an understandable release of emotion after two big disappointments here
Spot. The Biggest Goal Is To Keep It At Zero. With The Way Weve Been Playing, We Needed A Win." Kansas City Built
PHOENIX -- With his parents and a contingent of South Korean students from nearby Arizona State cheering him on, Hyun-Jin Ryu had the biggest night yet in his young major league career. Not just on the mound. At the plate, too. The left-hander struck out nine in six innings and got his first three big league hits as the Los Angeles Dodgers held off the Arizona Diamondbacks 7-5 Saturday. "I cant remember," Ryu said through an interpreter when asked the last time he had three hits in a game. "Even in high school, I dont think I got three this in one game." Adrian Gonzalez went 3 for 4 with a home run and two RBIs as the Dodgers stopped a six-game losing streak in Arizona dating to last season. Matt Kemp singled in two runs, Skip Schumaker had an RBI double and Andre Ethier singled in a run for Los Angeles. The Dodgers led 6-1 after six innings, but Arizona tried to rally behind pinch-hit RBIs from Eric Hinske, Eric Chavez and Aaron Hill, and a home run by Martin Prado. Ryu (2-1) allowed
Geneve Escorte | Escorte Switzerland | Escort Geneve
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Apple Tablet Pc Market Continues To Grow Market Share Decline
October 21 , according to foreign media reports, the U.S. Pew Research Center study showed that over 16 years the United States has a tablet person has increased by 35% , and have the Kindle and Nook and other electronic reading devices who also grew 24%. On the whole , with tablet PCs and e-readers over 16 years old accounted for 43% of the population tablet pc 7 inch And last year its share of only 25%. Network Engineering Pew Research Center study done shows that these individuals where household income exceeds $ 75,000 , they have more than 25% of the Tablet PC. Has a rate of 19 percent last year , the study also found that these high-income households , 38% have e-reader. The study also found that 34 percent of men say they own a tablet , while 36 % of women have a Tablet PC. From the perspective of the nation and 35 % of non- Hispanic Whites have a Tablet PC, and 29% black-owned tablet Africa and Spain , 37% in Spain and 50 percent Asian -American owned tablet. 16-
A Christian's Logical(and Reasonable) Approach To Atheism
I truly believe that, even, Atheists, will find this to be very fair and reasonable. This is not mean't to be antagonistic in any way. Just presenting a few things for people to consider It is not easy to give a simple guide to refuting Atheism, simply because the philosophical belief can vary so much between individuals who all identify as atheists. It will be necessary for the Christian apologist to identify the reasons why a person is an Atheist, and then to address those specific issues. It is necessary to determine what the person's real reasons are, rather than that he or she says they are. Who is this God anyway? Atheists deny the existence of “gods” - but that necessarily includes a definition of what “god” means. Few atheists realize this logical necessity, and it is up to the apologist to point this out. The word “god” is just a label, and without a definition the atheist doesn't actually mean anything. The apologist should ask the athe
Fake Ass Fu-whores! - [rant]
I have to rant and get this off my chest.   Why do men fall for fake bitches? Why do they go after women who are taken? Why do they give up something wonderful for some fake cyber relationship?   Can somebody PLEASE answer those questions for me?   I have seen with my own eyes examples of how good men are taken for a ride by fake bitches on this site. No salute, fake hair, fake personalities. Chameleons who change to suit whoever they are talking to. And guess what? If they are talking to one, they are talking to a hell of a lot more! Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not happening! And some of the women abuse illegal drugs, so it's almost like Jeckyl and Hyde with them. They lie about themselves, they lie about their relationships (and I wouldn't be surprised if they claim to be single and aren't, or claim to be in a bad relationship but NEVER seem to get out). And men fall for this shit! They spend real money on a bunch of pixels to impress them, but it's nothing
Ray Lewis Makes A Winning Debut On Espn's 'sunday Nfl Countdown'
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Silverman: Nfl Fans Should Not Overreact To Week One results
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Usa Today Sports' Week 1 Nfl Predictions
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Impressionist Paintings By James Abbott Mcneill Whistler
James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Wapping, 1860‐4. James Abbott McNeill Whistler was born in 1834 in Massachusetts Lowell, graduated from west point of major civil engineer George Washington whistler's third son, and his second wife Anna mingde McNeil. Display of whistler, London exhibition include oil paintings, prints and drawings of artists by Edward hopper, AOS various residential and gifts of more than 70 objects during the transition period provides a fascinating visual investigation of whistler depiction of the river Thames and London's Victoria foreign artists, AOS creativity. His sympathy and straightforward description of workers and the dock dickensian London, such as lime burner and rare ratcliffe highway environment is fresh and insightful. Wapping area, we are lucky to have come from Washington national gallery and other important painting is amazing in his colors and expressive pen touch.Whistler in the United States military academy at west point in 1851, where he i
Sike Manchester United Barcelona Grab Foot 15,000,000 29,500,000 Germany Zidane For The Purchase Of New Release
Manchester United and Barcelona are concerned HummelsManchester United can get £ 1,500 Cabela In the winter transfer market introduction of reinforcements has become a Manchester United [ microblogging ] [ microblogging ] to bail out a big way , from the back front, Moyes will need reinforcement. According to British media reports, Manchester United signings goals include Hummels Dortmund, cheap jerseys Germany and France striker genius Cabella . The team's two winger Ashley - Young and Jah are likely to leave . According to the " Daily Express " reported that Manchester United 's first goal in the defensive line is Dortmund Hummels .Baltimore Ravens Jersey As early as a few weeks ago , the "Daily Mail " reported before, Manchester United hoping to redeem Shinji Kagawa Hummels , but declined to be more special , Klopp does not want to lose the defender . However, the "Daily Express", said the contract in Hummels on a buy-out clause of £ 2950 , Manchester United want the d
Complete trust or confidence in somone or something.
On Tuesday Night Phoenix Was On Th
Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry Fraser wants to answer your emails at! Hi Kerry, On Tuesday night Phoenix was on the receiving end of a 5-on-3 kill and Mike Smith wound up to chop Dustin Brown in the back of the legs. Brown immediately went down and showed some discomfort getting up, but was rewarded with the first diving penalty of the playoffs. My issue with this is when Smith made the slash, you know the ref is not going to want to give Phoenix another penalty after just putting them on a 5-on-3 (one of them being the Doan five-minute hit), but it looked like Brown went down, refs arm goes up, then L.A. continued to play for a few seconds before the ref decided it was diving. It seems like the ref made a late decision to penalize Brown after he realized Phoenix was already killing two penalties. The thing that I most disagree with in this decision is it was the first diving penalty of a playoffs
Ake Sundays Quarterfinal Match T
KRAKOW, Poland -- Comprehensively outplayed by Italy as they exited the European Championship, Englands players are returning home with captain Steven Gerrard conceding that they must start to improve their ball skills. The English were fortunate to take Sundays quarterfinal match to a penalty shootout, which they lost, after being outclassed in Kyiv. It wasnt an isolated incident. Despite holding France and beating Sweden and Ukraine, England spent a great deal of time on the back foot at Euro 2012. "At times the football hasnt been fantastic, we havent blown people away," Gerrard said Monday. "We stuck together. We fought hard. We gave every inch of effort we can give. At times we have found it difficult to keep the ball." Italy had 64 per cent of possession over the 120 minutes and a pass completion rate of 81 per cent compared with Englands 61. "The possession stats speak for themselves," Gerrard said. "It tells you that moving forward as a nation, we do need to try and improve wit
Ass. -- New England Guard Robert Galler
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England guard Robert Gallery retired Saturday, 4 1/2 months after signing with Patriots as a free agent. The 2003 Outland Trophy winner at Iowa as the nations best interior lineman, he was drafted second overall by Oakland and spent seven seasons with the Raiders. The 31-year-old lineman spent last season with Seattle. The Patriots also signed defensive back Derrick Martin and fullback Kareem Huggins on Saturday, and placed fullback Tony Fiamettta on the exempt/left squad list. Cheap Jerseys China . Presley injured himself while attempting to make a diving catch in Tuesdays 8-7 victory over Houston. Presley stayed in the game briefly before complaining of neck pain and whiplash. Cheap MLB Jerseys . -- Josh Hamilton made one thing clear: The Texas Rangers will forget their stunning season-ending sweep at Oakland and regroup as an American League wild card. .A. Dickey wasnt feeling it Saturday.BOSTON -- Boston Red Sox
Perfect Cross For Ola Toivonen To Tap In From Close Rang
GOTEBORG, Sweden -- Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored one goal and set up another to help Sweden beat Iceland 3-2 Wednesday in the hosts first friendly warm-up for the European Championship. Ibrahimovic put Sweden ahead in the second minute, meeting a cross from Sebastian Larsson with a superb left-footed volley from just inside the area. He then delivered a perfect cross for Ola Toivonen to tap in from close range in the 14th as the hosts looked to be in a high-scoring mood. However, the Swedish attack fizzled out after that, and Ajax striker Kolbeinn Sigthorsson pulled one back for Iceland with a strong header just inside the far post in the 27th. After a flurry of second-half substitutions, Christian Wilhelmsson added the third with a right-footed shot from a tough angle inside the area in the 78th and Hallgrimur Jonasson headed in a corner for Iceland in injury time. Sweden was playing against its former coach Lars Lagerback for the first time. Lagerback led Sweden to five straight
6 Points And 13 Rebounds After Going Just 2 Fo
DURHAM, N.C. -- No. 3 Duke figured the best way to win without Ryan Kelly was to play to its other strengths. That meant Seth Curry hitting from long range and Mason Plumlee converting from much closer. Curry scored 24 points and matched a career high with six 3-pointers in the Blue Devils 73-57 win over Georgia Tech on Thursday night. Plumlee finished with 16 points and 13 rebounds after going just 2 for 12 during an awful first half, and Duke (16-1, 3-1 Atlantic Coast Conference) shot 53 per cent from the field over the final 20 minutes to bounce back from its only loss and snap a three-game losing streak when playing without the injured Kelly. "The biggest thing is, we have to find a new identity because we are a different team" without Kelly, Plumlee said. "Whatever that is, we have to find it. We have to play to our strengths, and were not the same team that was (15-0)." Freshman Chris Boldens 20 points were the most scored by a Georgia Tech player this season. But the Yellow Jack
To The Point Of Any Kind Of Relapse Or Th
NEW YORK -- Jose Bautista was worried his injury was worse. The star slugger landed on the 15-day disabled list Tuesday but was relieved to learn theres no structural damage in his ailing left wrist. He thinks he could return to Torontos lineup as soon as hes eligible, though manager John Farrell said its too early to tell. "The last thing that we want is to push this to the point of any kind of relapse or the potential for any other damage that might be incurred if hes not fully ready to go," Farrell said. "So we can fully appreciate his eagerness, but well monitor this closely daily as we go through at least these first 15 days." Bautista left Monday nights loss to the New York Yankees after feeling pain in his wrist on an eighth-inning swing that produced a long foul ball. X-rays were negative and the Blue Jays said the All-Star right fielder had an MRI on Tuesday that revealed inflammation. Bautista called the injury a strain. "Just as I was finishing my swing, I felt something wei
Nd Athletics Gained Ground On The First
OAKLAND, Calif. -- Brandon Moss still had remnants of a whipped-cream pie splashed across both sides of his beard in the clubhouse. When someone pointed out the smears, Moss plucked the rest from his face and licked his fingers clean. "Last time, I didnt eat any," he said. "But this time, I ate a lot of it. I left my mouth open." Winning sure taste better in a late September playoff race. Moss hit a three-run homer in the 10th inning after Josh Donaldsons tying two-run shot in the ninth, and the Oakland Athletics gained ground on the first-place Texas Rangers with a stunning 7-4 win over the Seattle Mariners on Saturday. "Epic," As manager Bob Melvin said. "Its a pretty dramatic win, maybe as dramatic as all." For a low-budget ballclub that has had its share of you-have-to-be-kidding-me moments this season, thats quite a statement from the manager. After what Melvin had just witnessed, perhaps its hard to blame him. Coco Crisp singled off Oliver Perez (1-3) leading off the final inning
Inue To Undergo Tests With The Car
GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Phoenix Coyotes say forward Brett MacLean is improving after being taken to hospital for a cardiac emergency last week. "We have been in contact with Bretts family and the hospital over the past week and the reports are that he is doing well and his condition is improving," Coyotes GM Don Maloney said in a statement released Monday. "Brett will continue to undergo tests with the cardiology team at University Hospital in London, Ontario." The 23-year-old winger was taken to hospital July 2 after suffering a medical emergency while playing hockey in Owen Sound, Ont. The Coyotes said MacLean received CPR on site before being taken by ambulance to hospital in Owen Sound. He was then taken by air ambulance to London, where he was admitted to the cardiac intensive care unit. MacLean played most of last season with the Portland Pirates, the Coyotes American Hockey League affiliate, where the London native had 25 goals and 23 assists in 63 games. The Coyotes picked MacLe
O The Jets And Did Not Return, Though An M
Miami, FL (Sports Network) - Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush was held out of Wednesdays practice session due to a knee injury he sustained in Sundays game against the New York Jets. Bush left in the second quarter of Miamis 23-20 overtime loss to the Jets and did not return, though an MRI exam taken on Monday revealed no structural damage. According to the Miami Herald, Bush is still experiencing swelling and stiffness in his left knee, however, and is now questionable to participate in the Dolphins Week 4 matchup at Arizona this coming Sunday. "Im going to do everything I can from a physical and mental standpoint to prepare myself as if Im playing," Bush said during a press conference following Wednesdays practice. Bush ranks fifth in the NFL with 302 rushing yards through the seasons first three weeks and tallied 61 yards on 10 carries before exiting Sundays contest. Cheap MLB Jerseys . Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina has no issue with the way Pittsburgh Pirate
Ed Reserve With The "designated To Return" Tag.
OWINGS MILLS, Md. - The Baltimore Ravens havent completely abandoned hope of having Ray Lewis back in uniform this season. Lewis tore his right triceps in Sundays game against Dallas and was scheduled to undergo surgery on Wednesday. Although coach John Harbaugh said Monday that the 37-year-old linebacker is out for the year, the Ravens placed Lewis on injured reserve with the "designated to return" tag. Wednesdays move makes Lewis eligible to return in six weeks. He does not count against the 53-man roster. "We have no idea whether that time frame has anything to do with the injury, but theres an opportunity and were going to keep the door open," Harbaugh said. "Well just see where that goes moving forward." The loss of Lewis coincides with the return of linebacker Terrell Suggs, the 2011 NFL defensive player of the year. Suggs practiced Wednesday for the first time this season after missing months with a torn right Achilles tendon. Suggs is still favouring his right leg, so the Raven
Goals For The Sting (15-11-2) And Charl
Alex Galchenyuk scored three times and set up one more to lead the Sarnia Sting to a 5-2 win over the host Peterborough Petes in Ontario Hockey League action on Saturday. The 18-year-old forward has five goals and 11 points in his last four games and now has 19 goals and 48 total points in 27 contests, which puts him third in OHL scoring. Reid Boucher scored two goals for the Sting (15-11-2) and Charles Sarault chipped in with three assists. Boucher has now scored in three straight games and has seven goals in those three outings while Sarault has produced three goals and 10 assists in his last three contests. With Saraults recent output, Sarnia boasts two players in the OHLs top-ten scorers. Alan Quine and Jonatan Tanus scored for the Petes (6-20-3), who have lost eight of their last 10 games. JP Anderson made 39 saves for the win as Michael Giugovaz stopped 21-of-25 shots in a losing cause. Sarnia went 1 for 2 on the power play while Peterborough scored once on six chances with the m
In 2011-12, An Increase Of 150 Per Cent Ove
MILWAUKEE -- The Green Bay Packers announced Tuesday that they had a record year financially, driven in large part by their 13-0 start to a season in which they were the defending Super Bowl champion. The Packers said they had $42.7 million in net income in 2011-12, an increase of 150 per cent over the previous year. Total revenue was $302 million, up 6.9 per cent, largely driven by enthusiasm over a season that included a 15-1 regular-season record, team president Mark Murphy said. "It was such a great season," Murphy said. "It kept the excitement level at a very high level." As the NFLs only publicly owned franchise, the Packers are the only NFL team required to reveal detailed financial data. The latest report didnt include $64 million raised through a six-week stock sale around the Christmas season. The stock sale was the fifth in the teams history and first since 1997. Murphy said it added some 250,000 shareholders, which he predicted would help the team down the road in terms of
Er. Instead, The Lakers Are 9-11 And Focusing On
OKLAHOMA CITY -- In a reversal of roles, Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers know theyre the predators trying to track down Kevin Durants Oklahoma City Thunder. They have some work to do. Durant had 36 points, Russell Westbrook scored 27 of his 33 in the first half to stake Oklahoma City to a commanding lead and the Thunder beat the short-handed Lakers 114-108 Friday night. "Theyre a team that everybody likes. As a young team coming up, you always want to beat the best," Westbrook said. "I think thats one of the things that motivates us." Bryant had 35 points for Los Angeles, which trailed by as many as 19 before rallying to get within four in the final minute. Dwight Howard added 23 points and 18 rebounds for the Lakers, who were eliminated by the Thunder in five games in last seasons Western Conference semifinals. Howard and Steve Nash were part of an off-season overhaul to try and catch up to the Thunder. Instead, the Lakers are 9-11 and focusing on small gains that give them the
When you look into my eye's and tell me everything is alright All the pain is gone if not for a moment so let's take the chance and dance this dance   Turn the light's down low and hold me tight don't let go  just love me for the night   Hold my hand and be my friend don't be the one to judge only understand so let's dance this dance   Whisper's so softly never leaving me feeling lonely let's not fight just love me for the night   Love me tonight.....
Trò Chơi "cho Kẹo Hay Ăn Gạch" Tại Sự Kiện Avatar Halloween 2013
Chào mọi người kakaka,Vậy là một mùa Halloween nữa lại đang đến gần, BQT Avatar xin giới thiệu cùng mọi người sk mùa Halloween 2013 trong Avatar nhé: 1/ Thời gian diễn ra:Từ 0h00 ngày 21/10/2013 – 24h00 ngày 4/11/2013 2/ Nội dung chính: a/ Đổi kẹo bằng nông sản tại “Lái Buôn”:Trong thời gian diễn ra sự kiện, người chơi có thể đổi 3 loại kẹo tại Lái Buôn - Kẹo thường = 35 dưa hấu + 32 thanh long + 30 nho + 30 xoài.- Kẹo Trừ Tà = 32 Tỏi + 32 thanh long + 30 nho + 30 xoài.- Kẹo Thần Kỳ = 1 lượng.  b/ Trò chơi “Cho kẹo hay ăn gạch”:- Trong thời gian diễn ra sự kiện, sẽ xuất hiện nhiều NPC Zo
When Women Are Called Cunt's For Sayin No
Ok When Someone Shout Box's a Women Askin For Their ALT & Fubucks And They Say No How Dare This Person Call Her a Cunt Then Go And Pm a Women And Call Her a Cunt Turns Around And Shout Box's Another Women He Has No Clue Who He Is Talking To And Call Her A Cunt .. He Is Free With The Word I See I Bet Money On It He Calls His Momma A Cunt For As Much As He Has Used It On Here ... I Unfanned Unfreinded & Buzzkilled Him For Talking Like That To 3 Now There Is a 4th One He Did It To And He Blocks Them ... He Needs a Big Lesson In Matters I Don't Care If This Is a Site And Yes Their Are All Sick Ass's But We Have The Right To Say No If We Don't Want To Give You Are Abilities Points And Fubucks That Simply So Here Is The Face Of Shame ...  Its BIGBEN1979 
Birthday Crazy
So I had a birthday party for my little one. Her father was abusive to me mentaly and his family isn't great people either and being around them reminds me of him and what I went through. And my daughter is reminded of him and then I can't get away from him when I'm with her. So even though this is something I wanted to avoid I invited his family to come to the party, and they responded and then none of them showed up! One told me that they had another birthday party, and then a picture was posted that the party they did go to was at the same place as my little ones, so they could have come if they payed any attention! and then the other one said they would be there and just didn't show up! and my sister argued with me about her boyfriends mother coming because technicly shes family.... DON'T get me started on how weird that is. and then the Aunt whatever never came either! Another cousin said yes to coming and never showed up either.   I'm so pissed I mean I'm glad I didn't have to
The Nam Hai Premiere Luxury Resort & Villas
The Nam Hai Premiere Luxury Resort & Villas is situated between Da Nang and the historical city of Hoi An on the Central Coast of Quang Nam Province.       The Nam Hai Resort is set amid lush landscaping with unobstructed ocean views. The harmony between architecture and nature provides guests a culturally inviting experience with all the charms of true Vietnamese hospitality. See more pictures of The Nam Hai Resort RESORT FEATURES The Nam Hai Resort features two gourmet restaurants and a wide range of recreational facilities including tennis, a health club, three swimming pools, a kids club and an 18 hole golf course designed by Colin Montgomerie nearby.   ACOMMODATION Hotel villas The Nam Hai features 60 beautiful One-Bedroom Villas, each showcasing sumptuous indoor and outdoor sitting areas. A raised platform is set in the middle of the villa enclosed in the evening under the canopy of a cozy mosquito net, and is bordered by generous passageways an
I truely wish there was a way for me to explain, Its not usual, but when it happens it is like pouring rain. I sometimes let people in that I have never even met, guess it is time to stay dry and not like to get wet. Its funny how it seems to flown down the drain, my walls are just like the falling rain.   Just streaming with all the other drops, the thunder rolls has my night sometimes rocks. I can move every piece of furniture, that I own, so I do have muscle power. To fend for myself, ifin something does take place, so there is strong reasons in every wrinkle on my face.   As the rain lets up, I hurry outside hoping I can, veiw the rainbow that I appreciate without the love of a man. I have seen many to date and it still astounds, me enough for me to treasure it on all grounds. I have come to know that even if I can't share, with someone thats close, you could care.     If I am feeling better if you are happy, I hope you accept us being friends. Being this cl
How To Matches Korean Fashion Wind Coat To Be Warm
  Preface: In order to be unique in cool autumn, except sweaters, you choose windbreaker. In addition to the efficacy of wind and rain outside, coat of design in a different mix of as a finishing touch, like magic. Coat’s texture will not allow modeling seem heavy, more can be modify body with a belt. Korean fashion clothing always be popular all over the world.   [Winter coat collocation skill] Loose low-cut T-shirt collocate with short shorts highlights the beauty of legs; black boots can make girls look more sexy, especially matches with a knee jacket. This style is very attractive.    [Winter coat collocation skill 2] Mature women, you can try retro wave dots winter wild leopard skirts, to matches with windbreaker jacket, will make you release a mature intellectual style.    [Winter coat collocation skill 3] Drape-style dress matches with drape-style windbreaker jacket, creating a lazy sexy style; denim skirt lining fabric matches with coat being very suitable, casu
Rarified Atmosphere
Tilting Windmills Most don't even get the reference Yet they do that still Ignoring history Ignoring palpable failure The degree that BLIND BELIEF is lauded now Is truly terrifying There are people in charge of People Who WANT people to die in An Apocalypse So that their imaginary LORD Can reign Happy to see "sinners" burn WANTING to see that actually In a sick manifestation That they say will SAVE others Insisting that what we see is The Devil's wiles Tricking you It is a self fulfilling prophecy God has nothing to do with it BELIEF in god is patently absurd And anyone who DOES is a child In need of care And teaching And patience But when that child is fully grown And making laws that DEFINE What I CAN and CAN'T do Like a toddler from a sandbox I simply move to the swings And say Good luck with that
A Little Story, I'd Like Opinions About It
We were walking back home from having dinner in the restaurant around the corner. It was one of those dinners between two people who are not very intimate yet. As we reached the house got close to me and held me by the arm, we stopped in the corner and started kissing, our bodies tightly pressed together. I could feel those perfect tits of yours against my chest as you teased me more and more with your body, fully knowing how much I wanted you and lusted for you. I began to tease you back by pressing my crotch softly against yours so you could feel the erection beginning to form and grow harder with every moment our bodies squeezed together. I pushed you into the wall mid kiss and when our bodies were pressed so tightly you moaned into our kiss and my erection grew significantly, you noticed it right away and squeezed your breasts into me, my hands instantly went up and began feeling them, so big, round and firm, with your nipples growing very hard with my touch; your hand glided down
Glad To Be Wrong...this Time!
   I'll make this one short and to the point.    I'm glad that I was wrong about the Near Default thing with Our Govenment...this time. I say 'this time', because there will be another round coming up soon after The New Year. We are NOT, out of the woods yet no means. So I think that a Watchful Eye must be kept on things going on in D.C. There's a lot of shakeups going on as I write this now.    To go on any further, would be pointless. All I can say is this:    Keep Watching The News-especially C-Span-and look to more than one source of it too...because not every News Network, will tell you The Truth...not like a couple of them USED TO.    Remember The Late Walter Cronkite? He WAS, the most Trusted Man in America.    For those of yu My Age, you recall him I'm sure. If you're younger than 40, chances are you've never heard of him. So his name doesn't matter to you.     I'm Out.
"a Story For My True Love Red Rose" Cont
Bobby's dick sprang to life at the sound of her voice. He hadn't seen her for a day and every part of his body, heart and  mind missed her. "Great. I hope you haven't started cooking without me?" "I haven't started anything without you."  Allowing her to hear his groan of pleasure, he said, "i'll be right there." The conversation ended and Bobby turned and paced a few steps back to his truck. He needed to get himself together. The raiging hard on in his pants was go to make cooking with "Latasha impossible. There wasn't enough room in her kitchen for him, her and his hard dick.  It might be Valentine's Day, but the last thing he wanted to do was run into her place slipping hus dick inside of her befoe saying hello.  counting to 40 helped him feel a little more in control of his body, so he moved toward Latasha's place again. Just as she had said, the door  was unlocked. Bobby walked in and secured the door behind him. The room was brightly lit and he could smell the soft sent of La
Sail Away
Come sail away with me ,my love , To the sea of make believe , Where we can be anything we want , where people won't always vex thee. And won't want to burn my Powers away , As they did in the by-gone days , when they burnt me at the Stake. The flames only cooled me as my flesh did incinerate , This Spirit did take to flight to escape this Mortal fate. But my love for thee does remain as I always look for thee , Then we will be one again , just you wait and see . As this Witch does know the way to the Sea of Make-Believe ........
The venom of disorder seeps through their wretched veins. Chaos is holding hands with death and endless pain. Binding those who hate, infecting the innocent and weak. Havoc and destruction, adds to this technique. An infection in the air, spread randomly at will. A contagion nationwide, a prescription refill. With side effects of anger and mind numbing thoughts. The world pays the price for every person shot. Chaos is the chef, filling their mind with unhealthy protein. While suffering from withdrawals, just trying to come clean. That’s the perfect time, for chaos to plant its seed. Fertilizing it well, feeding the need. To spreading the infection, a disease without a cure. Destroying goodwill, contaminating the pure. Can anything prevent this, you might ask. There is only one treatment, to overcoming this task. Whether you are strong enough, only time will tell. But giving into love, seems to break the spell.
Bridge Of Words
Dressed in his fatigues, he heads out to save the world. While leaving his heart behind, to one devoted teenage girl. They vowed to write back and forth, and build a bridge with words. Between the lines they felt the love, while none of them were heard. Gunfire shielded his world, as he watched the soldiers fall. Carrying her love with him, as through the landmines he would crawl. Focused and determined, inching his way across. While thinking if he failed, then she would never know his thoughts. The ones that he was having, upon reading her note. The same ones that brought on the tears, and the dryness in his throat. He swallowed hard as he stared, into death’s wretched face. Vowing that he would live, for she could never be replaced. They built that bridge strong over the years, the words were the blueprint. A new dream came to life, with every one that was sent. Sealing it with a kiss, and the scent of fresh perfume. She made them out to my loving hero, then sign
Calculating The Cost
Soreness in my throat, from too many pills. Has given me a headache, wondering if it will. Numb my pain, after all that is lost. Filling my prescription, calculating the cost.   Money isn’t the object, at hand. My sanity is in question, where I stand. Mirrored images, jade my thoughts. Within these headaches, thickening my plot.   What is my glitch, my reason for such? Distorted memories, a tarnished touch. Perhaps these headaches, aren’t headaches at all. Perhaps they are building blocks, strengthening the wall.   The wall built not by me, but by life itself. Separating me, from even myself.
Blessed Be... By Ally Kat
ally's Journal Entry:  'Blessed be the Dom who knows what He wants, and takes it from His kitten, claiming her as His, over and over, again and again...' ~ally aka keme
I Allow You To Think
    Treat me as you must, think I am weak. I am the one, choosing not to speak. Control me you do not, for inside I scream. Living within my own mind, while bringing to life new dreams.   Staring at my wardrobe, you have hand-picked. Doesn’t give my name meaning, it is you that's been tricked. For I am strong, in my life of solitude. You are the one, being subdued.   For this control you bring forth, actually controls you. Through all your pathetic attempts, I remain true. True to myself, and all that I am. I will not apologize, for ruining your plan.   Your plan to break, what was meant to be free. I simply allow you to think, that you control me.
Please Remove Your Mask
She knows who you are, so please remove your mask. Just be real with her, that's the only thing she asks. You may have fooled everyone else, but she has seen your face. You are the ugliness in between, desperation and disgrace. You hide behind your cross, play the role of someone else. While burning a hole through that Bible, placed high upon the shelf. She knows who you are, you have cost her endless pain. But her you do not know, so don’t attempt to say her name. You are the beast, sitting within the pew. But she can smell the damnation, seeping inside of you. You spread your fake belief, while shining your mistrust. Your behavior is hypocritical, you fill her with disgust. For she is all that’s real, she does not have to lie. To you or to herself, her love’s in great supply. She knows who she is, and she's accepted for just that. There is no need to send a knife, piercing through her back. She has been subjected to your kind, too many times before.
Every Once In A While
Every once in while I look at the world through a different set of eyes. Warping visions of hidden truth, camouflaged by its disguise. Deep within our core, another place exists. Occupied by those in need, which are easily dismissed.   As the economy descends, poverty is all around. Loving families who are starving, with no jobs to be found. The cost of living is on the rise, while the wages remain the same. The world I see has become a pawn, inside a political game.   The government keeps making excuses, for killing our men. Sending them to die, for this world we live in. While the high officials sleep comfortably, warm and cozy within their bed. Homeless shelters are overwhelmed, by so many underfed.   Infection sets in, diseases which have no cure. Conspiracy speaks of antidotes, locked up secretly and secure. Drugs and violence spreads, snaking through our streets. While the judicial system goes downhill, the pattern just repeats.   War heroes without a home, sh
In Another Place
You know what I mean, when you meet someone, that thought goes through your mind. You know it can't happen now, both agree to that, but most important is, if anything, friendship is always there and can stay. Its that feeling that goes through your mind and heart, you know what brought a person to that state of mind. The walls you find were put up for a reason, we're not stupid, why put up with something again. It doesn't matter if you're a man or woman, unless you're the one who caused the pain, then it's questionable if you're human at all, to cause it. Only a few can see the inner damage done, lots of bullshitters say they can and some will only use it to repeat what someone else did before, so they can have their brief moment of pleasure and turn someone into some kind of trophy. Might as well cut out that persons heart and stick it in a jar of formaldehyde and marvel at their latest hunt. You want to help someone, you try. With words alone and a walk across a lake of thin ice, yo
A goddess invents her own life, and lives according to her own vision. This quality requires the companion qualities of imagination and courage. A goddess is autonomous. She seeks no one's approval, but listens to her own counsel. She answers to no one. She does not try to impress anyone. Her work speaks for itself. She never makes excuses and rarely offers explanations for her actions. She is not defensive for she is not threatened by what other people may think of her. She is the queen of her own life and this is reflected in her demeanor. A goddess is passionate (not to be confused with manic). She has a palpable energy and enthusiasm that is contagious and beneficial to those around her. In esoteric terms, she raises the vibration in a group situation. She inspires others. A goddess is continually learning and evolving. A goddess is authentic. The mask she presents to the outside world is the same as her innermost heart. She has learned to express her emotions cleanly and healt
"a Story For My True Love Red Rose" Cont
Latasha carried the grocery bags and the things she picked up in the shopping center while she was out, into her aparmemt. After the morning with her parents, she'd maagened to lift her spirits to the amorous mood of the evening.  With one hour to spare before Bobby arrived, she had just enough time to set the mood. All week she had been thinking about this night. She wanted to make it special, for no other reason than to because it was Bobby. Even though she fought hard to convince herself and every one who would listen that she wasn't allowing her heart to become involved in the relationship, secretly she knew she'd already fallen hard for the short sexy dark skinned man.  One day he would end the relationship and she would be crushed, but until then she was going to enjoy it to the fullest.  They had agreed not to buy gifts, but she took the liberty of  picking up a few items they both could enjoy that night. Afterall, it was the day for lovers.  Bobby maneuvered his truck besid
May the sun bring you new energy by day.May the moon softly restore you by night.May the rain wash away your worries.May the breeze blow new strength into your being.May you walk gently through the world and know it’sbeauty all the days of your life.
I Cant Promise
ι cαη'т ρяσмιѕє уσυ тнαт ι'ℓℓ ησт cнαηgє♥ι cαη'т ρяσмιѕє уσυ тнαт ι'ℓℓ ησт нανє мαηу∂郃єяєηт мσσ∂ѕι cαη'т ρяσмιѕє уσυ тнαт ι'ℓℓ ησт нυят уσυяƒєєℓιηgѕ ѕσмєтιмєѕι cαη'т ρяσмιѕє уσυ тнαт ι'&
What Would Be The Best Way
A Mask
The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s gotta happen inside first.By Jim Morrison 
Never be ashamed of your tears. Crying detoxifies the soul. — 
Finding Love ~bob Marley
“Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happens, you can’t wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are not embarrassed to cry with you when you are hurting or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself. Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough, but rather they build you up and show you the things about yourself that make you special and even beautiful. There is never any pressure, jealousy or competition but only a quiet calmness when they are around. You can be yourself and not worry about what they will think of you because th
I Do Apologize
It has been awhile, I know. I have a reason too!! I have had time, but my get up and go has sometimes gotten up and started without thinking I have had my coffee and am ready to go with it. Perhaps it is the seasonal change in pressure. Once I get in bed, I cozy up and go to sleep in another realm. Yeah okay, sounds good to me. I know that everyone is different. I understand also, somewhat anyhow, how everyone doesn't know that. If everyone was the same this world would be a really boring place. There are those that have different tolerences and I am usually up to the challenge. Ifin someone wants to fuss over my uniqueness or strangeness (however you want to see me), be ready to be putting down a greater amount of the world's population. I am not the only person like me, I am not the only person on Fubar that is like me. Sometimes it is like, I am seeming to be all alone, but I am not. Lately I have to admit, because I feel the need to, that things are getting just a bit more tough.
Why is it that I do this to myself all the time. I screw up anything that is good in my life everytime it comes along. I have to sabatus everything good in my life.  I had an amazing thing with a man that I fell in love with quicker than I have anyone in my life and then what did I do? I went and had to let my insecurities get into the way and I pushed him away! I let my fear and trust issues get in the way again. He never got to see who I truely was and never got to see that I had so much love for him but that doesn't matter anymore because he is gone now.  My life has always been me ruining it for myself. I find someone then I stay distant from them some how and never truely let them in even though I want to. I can't seem to let anyone in all the way and I don't know what is wrong with me. I put all kinds of provocitive pictures up and get all kinds of attention that I don't want because even though people say it all i see is being pretty or cute. I put those up because at least th
Roversy With A Rally To Beat The New O
GREEN BAY, Wis. -- As if bearing the brunt of the call that ultimately led to the end of the NFLs replacement officials wasnt enough, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers nearly had a big comeback win undone by a blunder from the regular refs. Rodgers threw a go-ahead touchdown to Jordy Nelson in the fourth quarter, and the Packers shook off a weeks worth of controversy with a rally to beat the New Orleans Saints 28-27 on Sunday. With Lambeau Field fans howling about what appeared to be yet another bad call -- this time by the regular officials, not the replacements -- Garrett Hartley missed a 48-yard field goal attempt with just under three minutes remaining that cost the Saints a shot at the lead. "Weve probably had to deal with more adversity than most of the teams Ive played with, especially early on weve had some interesting games already," Rodgers said. "Were four games in. So, I think the character of this team is very strong. Winning games like this says a lot ab
D Coach Jesse Marsch. "we Want To Thank Jus
The Montreal Impact have parted ways with forward Justin Braun. The club sent Bruan to Real Salt Lake for a conditional pick in the 2014 MLS SuperDraft. "We appreciate Justins efforts on and off the field with our club and wish him luck with RSL," said Impact head coach Jesse Marsch. "We want to thank Justin for the services he rendered here with Montreal," said Impact sporting director Nick De Santis. "He always managed and handled himself in the best professional way and was very committed towards the team. We wish him the best with Real Salt Lake." The forward returns to his native Salt Lake City after registering one assist in 15 games, including five starts, with the Impact in 2012. Braun was originally acquired by the Impact in a trade with Chivas USA on November 23, 2011. Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China . Wladimir Balentien doubled in Adrian Beltre for Seattle in the top of the 11th, but in the bottom half Michael Young singled off Brandon Morrow (0-2), stole second
Ng To Lead The Padres To A 3-2 Victory
SAN DIEGO -- Alexi Amarista gave the San Diego Padres quite a boost for a guy whos just 5-foot-7 and 150 pounds. Amarista scored San Diegos first two runs against his former team and then doubled in the go-ahead run off Dan Haren in the seventh inning to lead the Padres to a 3-2 victory against the Los Angeles Angels on Saturday night. "I was happy with everything I did today," Amarista said through an interpreter. "I was very emotional. I felt good. I just want to keep doing my job, keep getting better, keep trying to get in scoring position, or if guys are in scoring position, then get them in." Amarista, who was on the Angels opening day roster, started his third straight game for the Padres at second base. He replaced Orlando Hudson, who was waived Thursday as part of a shake-up of the middle infield. Amarista and shortstop Everth Cabrera, who has replaced the injured Jason Bartlett, were recalled from Triple-A Tucson. Amarista appeared in one game for the Angels as a p
Points, Which Is One Off His Best Set In 2010.
David Broll had a goal and an assist as the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds downed the host Ottawa 67s 4-1 on Thursday in Ontario Hockey League play. Broll, a 2010 draft pick of the Toronto Maple Leafs, has scored three goals and eight points in his last five outings and is on pace to crush his career-high numbers from two seasons ago when he split time between the Greyhounds and Erie Otters. In 39 games this season, Broll has already tied his career high of 13 goals. He also has 33 points, which is one off his best set in 2010. Dylan Staples also had a goal and an assist for the Greyhounds (20-17-2) while Mark Petaccio and Ryan Sproul each scored once. Sault Ste Maries head coach Sheldon Keefe, who had spent the past six seasons coaching in the Central Canada Hockey League with the Pembroke Lumber Kings in the Ottawa Valley, was pleased with how his team played in his return to the Ottawa area. "It was nice that the team responded with an effort like that." Keefe said. "It mea
Mes Last Season For The E
UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- The New York Islanders signed first-round pick Griffin Reinhart to a three-year, entry-level contract Thursday. The 6-foot-4, 202-pound defenceman was selected fourth overall in the June draft. He had 12 goals and 24 assists in 58 games last season for the Edmonton Oil Kings in the Western Hockey League. Wholesale Jerseys China . Dawn raids on Monday resulted in 14 arrests -- including Lazio captain Stefano Mauri -- to bring the total number of suspects arrested to about 50 since last year. Wholesale Jerseys Cheap . It was Barcelonas league-record 15th victory in 16 rounds and came just after floundering Madrid had conceded in the final minutes to draw 2-2 at home with the Catalan clubs crosstown rival Espanyol. "This league is ours to lose," said Barcelona defender Gerard Pique. . -- The San Francisco 49ers parted ways for good with running back Brandon Jacobs on Monday, an expected move after the outspoken playe
Ardo Schwank Against Cilic And Lovro Z
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- Juan Martin del Potro fought off stomach problems and vomiting before his match to defeat Ivo Karlovic on Friday and level Argentinas Davis Cup quarterfinal against Croatia at 1-1. Del Potro defeated Karlovic 6-2, 7-6 (7), 6-1. Marin Cilic gave Croatia the lead, beating David Nalbandian in a 5-hour-9 minute match that ended 5-7, 6-4, 4-6, 7-6 (2), 6-3 and put pressure on Del Potro. Doubles are set for Saturday on the outdoor, red clay court with Nalbandian and Eduardo Schwank against Cilic and Lovro Zovko. Nalbandian said he intended to play despite speculation captain Martin Jaite might replace him with Juan Monaco. Reverse singles are Sunday. "No one like to lose, but I plan to play all three matches," Nalbandian said. The 23-year-old Cilic wore down the 30-year-old Argentine, finally winning on his third match point when Nalbandian hit a ground stroke into the net to disappoint a 14,000 sellout at Parque Roca. "After playing five hours, it real
Ed His Provisional Squad From 32 To 25 On Monday. One Of The Players Axed Was Ze
PARMA, Italy - Defender Andrea Ranocchia and striker Mattia Destro were cut from Italys final 23-man squad for the European Championship on Tuesday, while defender Leonardo Bonucci was included despite reportedly being under investigation for match-fixing. Italy coach Cesare Prandelli trimmed his provisional squad from 32 to 25 on Monday. One of the players axed was Zenit St. Petersburg defender Domenico Criscito, who was officially placed under investigation for possible match-fixing when he played at Genoa. "It was very painful on a human level to remove Criscito from the group," Prandelli said. "But we couldnt give him the pressure of taking this story around Europe, we wanted to protect him. He immediately told me he had nothing to do with it and we believe in Mimmo. "The most annoying thing is that some people have put Bonuccis case together with Criscitos. I repeat, Bonucci has not recieved any official notification from the prosecutors. Thats why hes coming with us t
Memory. The Standard Of Play
As EURO 2012 takes a day off, it gives a chance to look back on what weve seen in the Group Stage and look ahead to the matchups in the quarterfinals. The Group Stage of UEFA EURO 2012 was one of the most enjoyable at a major tournament in recent memory. The standard of play was good, there were many close encounters and every match mattered. In the final round of group matches, there wasnt a single game that didnt have some meaning with regards to quarterfinal qualification. Of course, the fact that there wasnt a scoreless draw also helped, but overall it was a great 12 days of action. Best Game: The match I enjoyed watching the most during the group stage was Spain against Italy. There were matches that had more goals, but this one stood out because of the quality of the two teams. Both sides played well and were full of top players who were on form. For me, the 1-1 tie was the highest quality of soccer that we have seen so far. Best Goal: There were some goals of very hi
. He Has Played 36 Games With 25 S
NASHVILLE -- The Tennessee Titans have signed veteran guard and centre Kyle DeVan to boost the numbers at offensive line. The Titans announced the roster move Wednesday. The 6-foot-2, 306-pound DeVan signed with the Titans in June and was waived in the final roster cuts. He has played 36 games with 25 starts at guard over three seasons at Indianapolis and Philadelphia. He was a four-year starter at Oregon State. The Titans also waived safety Tracy Wilson. Cheap Jerseys Direct .Y. -- A common phrase this year -- "Tigers back" -- took on a new meaning Friday at The Barclays. Cheap Jerseys No Fees . Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer scored 21 points apiece, Noah had a triple-double and the Chicago Bulls beat the Boston Celtics 100-89 on Tuesday night. . Fabregas set up Jordi Albas opener before Cristian Tello and Messi both followed suit as Barcelona roared to 3-0 just 18 minutes in at Riazor Stadium. But some dubious officiating saw J
R Czech Defender Theodor Gebre Selassie Equalized For Bremen On His League Debut I
BERLIN -- Borussia Dortmund substitute Mario Goetze scored to secure a 2-1 win for the defending champion over Werder Bremen in the opening game of the 50th Bundesliga season on Friday. It took three minutes following his introduction for the 20-year-old to score in the 81st minute, after Czech defender Theodor Gebre Selassie equalized for Bremen on his league debut in the 75th. Marco Reus had opened the scoring in the 11th minute to repay some of the C17.5 million ($21.9 million) Dortmund paid Borussia Moenchengladbach for the German player of the year in the off-season. Dortmund stretched its unbeaten league run to 29 games. The game took place 49 years to the day after the first Bundesliga games were played. Last seasons runner-up, Bayern Munich, visits promoted Greuther Fuerth on Saturday. Peterson Jersey . "I just thought it was a double," the Washington Nationals third baseman said. The way the Nationals are playing lately, everything seems to come with a bonus. Authe
. Her Stamina Drained, Vonn Simply Couldnt
ASPEN, Colo. -- Completely exhausted, Lindsey Vonn collapsed to the snow soon after crossing the finish line. Totally elated, Tina Maze performed a cartwheel right after her first win in America. Once Vonn gets healthy again, this could be quite a rivalry. After all, Vonn has what Maze covets most -- the overall World Cup crown. Not that Mazes even thinking that far ahead. "The season is long. You need to keep your skiing on a high level for three months," the Slovenian standout said. Her stamina drained, Vonn simply couldnt make up ground on Maze in a giant slalom race Saturday. Vonn finished 21st in her return after missing time with an intestinal illness. Then again, given the way Maze has been racing of late, no one was going to catch her. Maze used a blazing final run to finish in a combined time of one minute 59.39 seconds to hold off Kathrin Zettel of Austria by nearly a second. Viktoria Rebensburg of Germany was third. Marie-Pier Prefontaine of Sainte-Agathe-des-Mon
Ame After Missing The Final 41
CLEVELAND -- Anderson Varejao was already having the most prolific rebounding game of his career when he looked at the scoreboard and noticed he was close to his first triple-double. One point, one assist was all he needed. "I was like, Whoa, I wish I had a little bit more time," he said with a smile. On a night when Cleveland unveiled its backcourt of the future, Varejao did a little bit of everything for the Cavaliers, who blew a 16-point lead in the second half before holding on and beating the short-handed Washington Wizards 94-84 on Tuesday night in the first game on the NBA schedule. Playing his first home game after missing the final 41 last season with a broken wrist, Varejao had a career-high 23 rebounds. Kyrie Irving scored 29 points and rookie Dion Waiters added 17 for the Cavs, who needed big plays from Irving and Varejao in the final minutes to hold off the Wizards. Varejao, the Cavs 6-foot-11 frizzy-haired Brazilian bundle of energy, added nine points and had
Okeswoman Laura Moore Said The Comp
LOS ANGELES -- Mark Duper, Ottis Anderson and 73 other former NFL players sued the league, claiming it concealed information about the danger of concussions for decades. The negligence, fraud and liability suit was filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. Many players wives also are plaintiffs. The suit alleges the NFL knew as early as the 1920s of the harmful effects of concussions but concealed them from coaches, trainers, players and the public until June 2010. It also names helmet-maker Riddell, the leagues official helmet supplier. It seeks unspecified damages. "We have not seen the complaint but would vigorously contest any claims of this kind," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said in a statement. Riddell spokeswoman Laura Moore said the company had not yet reviewed the complaint and its policy was to not comment on pending litigation. Concussions are movements of the brain inside the skull from an impact. The former players contend that they suffered repeated concussio
Inst Turski, Who Was Looking Fo
ASPEN, Colo. -- Montreals Kaya Turksi earned a silver medal in ski slopestyle at the X Games on Sunday, while fellow Canadian Dara Howell earned bronze. Norways Tiril Sjastad Christiansen -- at 17 the disciplines youngest gold medallist -- pulled off an upset win against Turski, who was looking for a fourth straight gold medal at the event. Turski crashed on her first two runs and was sitting in last place going into her final run. The 24-year-old needed to beat Christiansens 92.33 score for a record fourth title, but only scored 90 with a run that included a rodeo 540, a switch 720, and a switch cork 540. "Im so excited about the silver medal a and relieved," said Turski. "You know, the second rail kind of messed with me, its so silly, I feel like its often the features you dont even think twice about that give you a hard time and today they did." Turski was forced to wait at the top of the course for more than 30 minutes before her third run as officials attended to Chica
A Note To My Friends & Foes
I know I haven't written for a few days but this has been praying on my mind. I've been on this site for almost 7 years, I've seen people come an go , I've witnessed drama and sometimes have been the cause of it. It seems like we get caught-up in fu-world and forget whats really important. People is what really counts , their friendship , their respect and the need to relate to other human beings . I realize that I come off as a sex-crazed Lady of the Night , but if you ever met the real Gina (which is Eugenia ) you would laugh , I am conservative , a little bashful and have very deep views on life and the after-life. I would give a helping hand to any who requested help from me , no matter the race or creed. We all bleed red , we all have had joy , pain and love. And we all have felt insecure at times. That makes us human. And by God , we all need to feel loved by someone. Now I choose the Art of Love because I feel that sex and having intense orgasms is needed in all our lifes. We
Hello everybody. good evening.  I've had the most hectic 2 days ever.  I took Friday off so I could work around the house and spend some time with hubby.  I got a lot done.  Jeff came by for awhile.  He really loves Batman.  Hubby had some running around to do so Jeff and hubby went out while I did some more work around the house.  Afterwards we went to Red Lobster, my favorite place to eat.  Our bill was $91 dollars.  Luckily I had a $50 gift card so we only spent $41 plus a big tip.   Today I got up early and fell back asleep a couple of times.  When hubby woke up I started doing stuff around the house.  We had company over today so I had to get the house clean, cooked breakfast, cooked supper(chili), take a shower, and watch the football game.  Missouri(mizzou won again). I'm so not doing anything tomorrow except going to the store to get a few things, watch the football game, then Halloween 5.  It will be so nice to sit back and relax for once. I'm just going to have leftover chil
Share And Tell
once upon a time a princess met a prince she thought she found a prince well they did fall in love but found out it wasnt true love like a light in the dark it didnt work out so the princess left her castle  so now she sits alone in her new catle two years later feeling very lonely wishes there was a guy w her to have some company  and hugs and kissees so my wish this halloween as i light a candle my wish is hoping my guy my new friend comes to me or he finds me so everyone on fubar wish a happy halloween this year i am going to be a pumpkin i am wearing a very cool pumpkin shirt ok my name is amelia i am seeking a new friend 
Need Help Plz Anyone..?
i have a 2yr old and a 8yr old i have to come up with 200 or ima get kicked out none of my fam will help i dont normally do this but is there anyone out there that can help me plz....??
7 Years Wasted
I honestly can't remember the last time I was truly happy on this site. I outlasted 80% of the members here because they would either get tired of this site or simply forget about it and eventually lose their account forcing them to make new ones. I've made it clear when I first joined this site that I wouldn't be molded or broken down to conform and be 'normal' since this site offers a chance to 'get away' from your everyday problems and have fun. Well lately 90% of the women on here are stuck-up, fakes, cons, scammers..notice how I didn't mention's because I don't look at them that way..never have..never will. This is no longer an 'adult site'..but a mere better version of facebook with some nudity thrown in. I mentioned in my last blog how this site is pretty much a popularity contest..well it's still true..only this time around, it's even tougher to be popular with the way this site is being ran. One day you get 'unlimited 11s' then your 'rating' goes up..then quickly go
Im Not Perfect
I am not perfect. I live on the planet Earth where humans live. Humans aren’t perfect. Never have been. Never will be. So I don’t always wear the right clothes. And I don’t always use the right shoes. My memory sometimes fails me. I don’t look like a fashion model. I don’t cook like a French chef. I don’t always do what people expect of me. I am human. I am imperfect. But there is no one else like me in this whole wide world. I am unique. I am a miracle.
The Beauty Of A Woman
“The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole but true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, The passion that she shows, and the beauty of a woman with passing years only grows!”
Send His Love To Me - Pj Harvey
Lover had to leave me 'Cross the desert plain Turned to me his lady Tell me "lover wait"   Calling Jesus, please Send his love to me   Oh, wind and rain they haunt me Look to the North and pray Send me, please, his kisses Send them home today I'm begging, Jesus, please Send his love to me Left alone in desert This house becomes a hell This love becomes a tether This room becomes a cell   Mummy, daddy, please Send him back to me   How long must I suffer? Dear God, I've served my time This love becomes my torture This love, my only crime Oh lover please release me My arms too weak to grip My eyes to dry for weeping My lips too dry to kiss   Calling, Jesus, please Send his love to me I'm begging, Jesus, please Send his love to me
This Mess We're In - Pj Harvey & Thom York
Can you hear them? The helicopters? I'm in New York No need for words now We sit in silence You look me In the eye directly You met me I think it's Wednesday The evening The mess we're in and The city sun sets over me Night and day I dream of Making-love To you now baby Love-making On-screen Impossible dream And I have seen The sunrise Over the river The freeway Reminding Of this mess we're in and The city sun sets over me What were you wanting? I just want to say Don't ever change now baby And thank you I don't think we will meet again And you must leave now Before the sunrise Above skyscrapers The sin and This mess we're in and The city sun sets over me
Biblical Basis For Prepping
I have been watching several shows like Doomsday Preppers and verious Survival based shows.  Some in church have discussed this.  Should Christians prep?  Good question. The first "doomsday prepper" had to be Noah.  Remember the ark?  Seems like a great flood, either worldwide or regional, would be considered "doomsday" based on what the limited technology they had at that time.  Now alls the Bible tells us is that Noah (and his sons) built a big boat.  But you know they had to bring in supplies to feed and care for all on the ark.  Just common sense.    Another type of prepper was Joseph in the book of Genesis.  Pharoah had dreamed of seven skinny cows eating seven fat cows.  Joseph was called in to interpret the dream.  A great famine would come after seven good years.  So the nation would prepare by storing up for seven years.  So with those two examples, we can learn alot about being prepared. 
I'll be having surgery on the 13th of November which requires a 5-7 day stay & 6-8 weeks of recovery so I'll be on a fu vacaction then & don't know how much I'll be able to do when I get back. Lotsa love to my friends & family & I'll miss you all while I'm gone.
The word "rejoice" is found 365 times in the Gospels - that means that every day the Lord sends us a reason to celebrate.
True Love
True love comes when you care more about who the other person really is than about who you think they should become, when you dare to reveal yourself honestly, and when you dare to be open and vulnerable. It takes two to create a sincere environment where this is possible. If you haven’t found true love yet, don’t settle. There is someone out there who will share true love with you, even if it’s not the person you were initially hoping for.
More About Property For Sale Hua Hin
Take a glance at new Hua Hin Property Database for new & up to date details of houses, condominiums & Property for Sale Hua Hin Thailand on the market & rent. A full list of houses on the market in Hua Hin may even be found there. A unique property in Hua Hin which includes a imposing sweeping driveway that leads up to a mansion style house The swimming pool is 5x17 meters the property comes fully furnished including a fitness room stocked with equipment & a giant sauna & steam room and Jacuzzi. This house enjoys massive master suites of equal size & is definitely a property that must be seen to be fully appreciated. Hua Hin Forum Properties can present for purchase or long term lease of apartments, condominiums or single relatives homes & houses, complete with legal documentation. Hua Hin property listings have been carefully chosen from the overwhelming number of hua hin houses on the market, Hua Hin condominiums on the market and Hua Hin condominiums for rent, Hua Hin property on
Hiring A Seo Strong Company To Make Your Business More Profitable
 If you require hiring an SEO company to help your business succeed you are making a clever decision. Search engine optimization is of the most effective marketing strategies used by business today. The idea of obtaining traffic for your website through search engines is a strategy that can be successful in the event you have the right marketing specialists to help you. An SEO company will consult with you to see what is missing on your businesses website. They will analyzing your complete website and tell you all the factors that need improving. One time they list the issue areas of your website that need attention they will give you solutions to correct these issues. The SEO services that are provided by an SEO company include listing submissions, monitoring results, rating reports, and maintenance of rankings. After listing submissions are done the SEO company will start compiling results to see how much of an effect the submissions had on your website. According to the keywords yo
Hot Gist
why do ladies count sex has cheating when they say sex does not mean love
You Changed
You changed my life, you changed my ways...♡I don't even recognize myself these days...♡It must be a reflection of you...♡Only you...♡ 
With The Development Of Tablet Pc Computers For People Dependent On The Decline
People always rise to the iPhone and iPad to prove the decline of Windows , but in fact this comparison is wrong , etc. - the former is the hardware , which is the software . Smart phones and tablet PCs indeed eroded the traditional PC market share, but iOS, Android in the limelight on whether the continued repression of Windows probably still a big unknown- android tablet pc price     Throughout the development of the industry , in fact, have to admit that Microsoft has never been successful innovators , but she really is a humble learner and strong promoters , of which the most typical example is that although MacOS pioneered the graphical interface of its kind, but eventually occupy the vast majority of the user's desktop is the same WYSIWYG post those - Windows.In fact, the current situation bore a striking resemblance , Android and iOS smartphones peace panel has been to seize the opportunities , and the forward speed of Windows has been criticized by industry . But i
Yes Yes Yes
Cardinals win.....cardinals won!!!! hot damn, we are going to the world series...........again.   whoo hooo. I am so happy. 
E First Playoff Hole And Blake Had Another Chance That He Took
SNOQUALMIE, Wash. -- Jay Don Blake watched his putt lip out and figured his best shot at winning was over. Mark OMeara just doesnt miss putts inside 8 feet, in a playoff nonetheless. "Ive got my hand out of my pocket waiting to shake his hand is what I was kind of doing," Blake said. "I didnt expect him to miss it." But OMeara watched his putt slide to the right on the first playoff hole and Blake had another chance that he took advantage of with a birdie Sunday to win the Boeing Classic for his third career Champions Tour title. Playing the par-5 18th hole for the third time in less than an hour, Blake tapped in for birdie after OMearas 15-foot birdie attempt missed on the low side of the hole. Blake and OMeara also birdied the hole in regulation for matching 4-under 68s that left them tied at 10-under 206. They missed short birdie putts on the first extra hole. "I wasnt calm. I was churning inside quite a bit," Blake said. OMeara has finished second four times since his last Champion
An Entertaining 3-2 Win Over Sweden On Frid
KIEV, Ukraine -- Theo Walcott finally got his chance at the European Championship, and he only needed three minutes to make it count. Walcott scored shortly after coming on as a substitute and then set up Danny Welbeck for a sublime winner as England rallied for an entertaining 3-2 win over Sweden on Friday. The result eliminated Sweden from the European Championship and put England on course for the quarterfinals. The English only need a draw against co-host Ukraine in the final group game to advance. "Just to make my first appearance in such a high-profile arena it just means so much to me," Walcott said. "Its been a long time waiting and hopefully therell be more to come from me." Walcott was overlooked for his younger Arsenal teammate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in Englands opening game of the tournament, only coming on in injury time, and again began on the bench on Friday in favour of James Milner and Ashley Young. But after England wasted a halftime lead to fall behind 2-1 against a
Heir First Seven 38 Years Ago. Theyve Won 9
GLENDALE, Ariz. -- The Arizona Cardinals didnt get a great game from their defence, just two great plays. The result was another wild win at home. Jay Feely kicked a 46-yard field goal 6:31 into overtime to keep the Cardinals unbeaten with a 24-21 victory over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. Arizona (4-0) forced overtime when Kevin Kolb threw a 15-yard touchdown pass on fourth down to Andre Roberts with 22 seconds to play in regulation. The Cardinals are off to their best start since winning their first seven 38 years ago. Theyve won 9 of 11 overall and eight straight at home. Of those eight wins, five have come in overtime. "Thats how we do it," Roberts said. "I dont know what it is about us. We have to take it down to the last moment of the game, but were winning and thats all that matters." Are they just lucky? "Its not luck, I can tell you that," coach Ken Whisenhunt said. "It cant be luck as many times as weve been successful with that." The Dolphins (1-3) lost their second straight
Ankle Sprain And Starting
METAIRIE, La. -- New Orleans Saints general manager Mickey Loomis says the club has traded an undisclosed draft choice to Seattle for veteran linebacker Barrett Ruud. The acquisition of Ruud, who is heading into his eighth NFL season, comes on the heels of injuries to three of the Saints top linebackers. Saints starting middle linebacker Curtis Lofton has a high ankle sprain and starting weak side linebacker David Hawthorne underwent arthroscopic surgery on Monday to repair his meniscus, which he apparently tore during Friday nights preseason game against Jacksonville. Also injured against Jacksonville was top reserve linebacker Chris Chamberlain, who is out for the season with a torn left knee ligament. Ruud played six seasons in Tampa Bay and one in Tennessee before signing with Seattle last April. Cheap MLB Jerseys . Third base coach Tim Flannery scored concert tickets for Crosby Stills & Nash. Cheap Jerseys From China . - Three members of the Ontario Hockey Leagues Sault S
R Now Hes Content To Be A Key Contributor On Hi
HOUSTON -- Jeremy Lin doesnt know if hell ever perform as well as he did during his charmed February with the New York Knicks last season. For now hes content to be a key contributor on his new team. James Harden scored 33 points and Chandler Parsons had a career-high 31 to help the Houston Rockets coast to a 131-103 victory over the Knicks on Friday night. Lin added 13 points, seven rebounds and three assists in his first game against his previous team. The Rockets carried a 12-point lead into the third, and scored 10 straight points later in the quarter to extend their lead to 21. Carmelo Anthony scored a season-high 37 for New York, which has dropped consecutive games for the first time this season. Lin went undrafted out of Harvard and became a sensation with the Knicks last season with a remarkable stretch in February when he scored at least 20 points in nine of 10 games. A high point of that span came when he had 38 points and seven assists in a 92-85 victory over the Lakers on F
E Here. There Has Been A Long List Of Coaches Wh
With 2013 just a few days old, there are already plenty of talking points on the Canadian soccer landscape with the latest being Montreals appointment of a new head coach. The announcement of Marco Schallibaums hiring on Monday caused quite a stir in MLS circles with many questioning the move, but this type of appointment certainly doesnt come as a surprise. It is, however, a big gamble. Its no secret that the most successful coaches in Major League Soccer have deep roots within the North American game. They either came through the college system in the United States or played in MLS during their career, which gives them a major advantage when coaching in the league and dealing with the unique aspects of the game here. There has been a long list of coaches who have come from Europe who havent been able to find success in MLS, but there are also exceptions such as Gary Smith, who came over from England and won MLS Cup in 2010 after just three seasons in the league. Although Schallibaum
S On 24 Carries For The Rams (2-1). In
Marc Mueller was 26-for-38 passing for 316 yards, three touchdowns and ran in another score Friday as the No. 10 Regina Rams defeated the Alberta Golden Bears 31-17 in Canadian university football play. Jay Smith had six catches for 98 yards and TD, while Catlin Schneider and Connor Haas also had touchdowns through the air for Regina. Michael Kiapway rushed for 124 yards on 24 carries for the Rams (2-1). In the only other game in the CIS, McGill pounded Mount Allison 36-9. At Edmonton, Curtis Dell was 17-for-32 passing for 206 yards and a touchdown for Alberta (0-3). He ran in another score, but also threw two interceptions. The teams were tied 10-10 when Mueller hooked up with Smith on a 36-yard TD pass early in the fourth quarter. Mueller ran in another score to make it 24-10 before tossing 20-yard touchdown strike to Schneider. Dell scored on a one-yard run with 33 seconds left on the clock to round out the scoring. Redmen 36, Mounties 9 At Montreal, Ryne Bondy threw three TDs as Mc
Eay Did One Better, Finishing Fourth To Put The
FONTANA, Calif. -- Out of the corner of his eye, Ryan Hunter-Reay saw his only competition for the IndyCar championship crash out of the title-deciding season finale. Will Powers accident should have given Hunter-Reay a wide-open road to his first championship. Instead, he had to hang on for 500 nerve-racking miles, withstand several hairy restarts and a controversial red-flag to snatch the title away from Power on Saturday night. Needing to finish fifth to win the title after Power exited the race, Hunter-Reay did one better, finishing fourth to put the American flag back atop the IndyCar podium. Hunter-Reay claimed the title by three points over Power to become the first American since Sam Hornish Jr. in 2006 to win the IndyCar championship. "I just drove 500 miles like it was for my life," he said. "I cant believe were IndyCar champions. I cannot believe this. My dream has come true." Power, denied for a third consecutive year, was in street clothes watching the finish on television
Ell As Opinions From Both Sides Of The Bet
INSIDE THE LINES returns to the airwaves. The popular radio show, which looks at the sport from a unique wagering perspective, begins a new season Sunday, Aug. 26 at 10 a.m. ET on Bell Media sports radio stations – TSN 1050 Toronto, TSN 990 Montreal, TSN 1290 Winnipeg, TEAM 1040 Vancouver and TEAM 1200 Ottawa. Host Arnie Spanier, along with "House Money" Steve Rapp and Dan Berlin take listeners through all the football action on Sundays, giving fans injury and line updates, as well as opinions from both sides of the betting spectrum. The show, the longest running of its kind, is presented by and can be heard right across Canada at 10 a.m. ET. "We have been providing one-of-a-kind, up-to-the-minute information to wagering sports fans on Sunday mornings for 11 years", said Steve Rapp. "We couldnt be happier to now be across the country with the leader in sports broadcasting in Canada. It is an exciting move for us and for" "INSIDE THE LINES is the type of spo
Apiro, New Zealand Last Fall. But Short
November 28, 2011 - After qualifying their boat for the London 2012 Olympic Games, three of Canadas finest lightweight rowers have a new race on their hands: a race for seats. Veterans Tracy Cameron, 36, of Shubenacadie, NS, and Lindsay Jennerich, 29, of Victoria, BC, won their lone World Cup start of the season in early July 2011, gliding to a first-place finish in the womens lightweight double sculls in Lucerne, Switzerland. The stage was set for the two to defend the World title they won in Karapiro, New Zealand last fall. But shortly after, a rib injury kept Cameron from competing in the lightweight double sculls during the World Rowing Championships in Bled, Slovenia. Thats when Patricia Obee, 20, of Victoria, BC, took hold of the oars, rowing with Jennerich all way to the podium. The duo won a silver medal and qualified the boat for the 2012 Olympic Games. Since that Olympic qualifying regatta, there has been some buzz about who will be paired up in the boat for the 2012 Games.
Er. In Earlier Opening-round Matches,
HOUSTON -- Defending champion Ryan Sweeting held off qualifier Ricardo Mello of Brazil 6-3, 7-6 (6) in a first-round match of the U.S. Mens Clay Court Championships on Tuesday. The American is unseeded this year as his ranking has fallen from 93 at last years event to 143. Sweeting missed a chance to take charge of the second set when he took Mello to three break points in the 11th game before Mello fought back to hold for a 6-5 lead. Sweeting held serve in the 12th game to force the tiebreaker. In earlier opening-round matches, Igor Kunitsyn of Russia beat Xavier Malisse of Belgium 6-4, 6-2, Paolo Lorenzi of Italy beat Wayne Odesnik of the U.S. 6-7 (3), 6-2, 6-3 and Horacio Zeballos of Argentina beat Adrian Ungur of Romania 6-3, 6-3. Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China . He couldnt help the Rangers on Tuesday night in their 6-2 loss to the Los Angeles Angels. Mike Trout and Albert Pujols hit home runs in a three-run sixth to help make a winner out of Jered Weaver. The Angels fol
Ond Multigoal Game Of The Season Helpe
BRIDGEVIEW, Ill. -- Robbie Keane scored two goals on his 32nd birthday and the Los Angeles Galaxy beat the Chicago Fire 2-0 on Sunday. Keanes second multigoal game of the season helped the Galaxy (7-10-2) snap a two-match losing streak, and extended the Fires winless streak to two games (0-1-1). Keane scored on a penalty kick in the 24th minute after Chicago defender Jalil Anibaba blocked a pass with his right hand at the edge of the penalty area. He beat goalkeeper Sean Johnson again in the 78th minute, making the most of midfielder Landon Donovans pinpoint pass. Donovans feed allowed Keane to break open on the left side. Keane celebrated the second score with a pair of somersaults. The Fire (8-6-4) managed only three shots, all in the second half, as Galaxy goalkeeper Josh Saunders collected his third shutout of the season. Saunders made his best save on Chris Rolfes low shot about a minute before Keanes last goal. Los Angeles star David Beckham served a one-game suspensi
D Man City Snatching Victories With Just A Singl
Added-Time takes a look back at Week 9 of the English Premier League season to get you caught up on all the important results, stories and moments. This week saw a wild back-and-forth battle between Chelsea and Manchester United as well as Arsenal and Man City snatching victories with just a single goal.. STORIES OF THE WEEK Sundays table-topping clash between Chelsea and Manchester United promised to be one of the highlight matches of the early season and it did not disappoint in terms of entertainment value. Seeking their first win at Stamford Bridge in 10years, the Reds stormed out of the gate and staked themselves to a shocking 2-0 lead after a David Luiz own-goal in the fourth minute was followed in the 12th by Robin van Persies seventh goal of the campaign. However, the tide would turn just before the half as Juan Mata converted a stunner from a set piece just outside the United penalty area. Chelsea came out strong in the second half as well, equalizing on a Ramires
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Here The Grass Meets Dirt, Causing His Kne
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Mariano Riveras career may have ended Thursday night, not while basking in the glow of adoring fans at Yankee Stadium, but in agonizing pain on the outfield grass before a few thousand fans in Kansas City. Baseballs greatest closer tore a ligament in his right knee while shagging balls during batting practice before a game against the Royals, a devastating injury that will likely sideline the Yankees 12-time All-Star for the remainder of the season. "This is bad," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. "Theres no question about it." The 42-year-old right-handers leg caught on the field where the grass meets dirt, causing his knee to buckle. He fell into the outfield wall and down to the ground, where Rivera grimaced in pain as teammates and training staff ran out to see him. Rivera was carted from the field and taken for an MRI exam. Royals physician Dr. Vincent Key diagnosed a torn ACL after examining the scans of the knee. "I thought it wasnt that bad, but
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Being an Indian makes you get attached to the roots of music. It’s mesmerising sound, soothing tone and large varieties to explore give it a golden sparkle. The moment I became acquainted about CTK 850IN, that had come fully loaded with the features to support Indian music style, I rushed with the excitement to explore it. Although I begun to explore it as a sceptical beginner; it soon made me completely fall for it. It is the most amazing keyboard that I have ever come through till date, which suits the needs and demands of Indian audience. • It has got the most amazing sound which I have ever heard by any of professional digital keyboard. • It has 11 Indian rhythms which accounts for more than 180 versatile rhymes like BHANGRA, GARBS, BHAJAN, RUPAK, INDIAN POP-1 AND 2, TEEN TAAL, DANDIYA etc. • It has 15 Indian tones which are stereo sampled grand piano tomes and it has a total of more than 600 high-quality tones. Some Indian tones are SITAR, TANPURA1 AND
Create Magic With Your Music With Ckt850in
Music has always found its place in the Indian culture since the beginning. It is always known to make a person feel relaxed and rejuvenated when one feels low. Indian music is well known for its various swaras and the intricate mix of the ragas. The music lover in me wanted a Casio keyboard, which would help me experiment with the different rhythms Indian music. My search came to an end when I heard about this Casio CKT850IN, the newly launched keyboard in the market. I finally found what I needed and that too everything in a single instrument. The instrument makes one person to experiment and explore the small nuances of music with its various features. It has more than 180 versatile Indian rhythms ranging from Bhangra, Bhajan to Indian pop and more than 600 high quality tones including 15 Indian tones and stereo sampled grand piano tones. It basically has, • 48-tone maximum polyphony to minimize the chance of notes being dropped when tones are layered • This resemb
The Truth Shall Set You Free.. About An Ex, Anyways.
It truly shows that I'm hated by my ex Moka here on the fu. I wonder why. Well, I have caught her in so many lies that she had to make up a lie to back them up. I tried to be the nice guy and send her money to move to here from supposably Oregon. Which, I think that is a lie itself. When I made the decision to change the plan of sending her money and her pay for the ticket to come here and I would pay her back, her demeanor changed dramatically. She kept throwing me on the back burner and everything. So, I took action and ended it. I explained the situation to alot of my friends, and they believed she was wanting the money. But, I'm not that stupid. She thought I was. But, I caught her in her web of lies. And then she sent her little friend to come into my friends lounge I DJ in to spam the chat with emotes and a repetive statement of me enjoying midget penis. So, I banned him. And my ex, Moka, wanted to relay messages from him. So, I banned her too. And then she turned around and made
Rossoneri Defense Is A Major Weakness Of The New Season
AC Milan battle rival Pakistan God Kaka comeback again declared missing Beijing at 2:45 on October 20 , 20131 /14 Serie A season 8 will stage a focus on war , AC Milan vs. Udinese sits at the San Siro . Historical record : Milan obvious home advantage History in Serie A , AC Milan and Udinese Wholesale AC Milan?jersey total of over 76 encounters, the Rossoneri 34 wins, 30 draws and 12 losses obvious advantages, home to AC Milan at the San Siro is achieved 21 wins and 13 draws, 4 losses overwhelming record. Udinese last away victory over AC Milan is still in the " Calciopoli " after the 2006/ 07 season . Last season two rounds of the contest , both in their 2-1 win over rivals . Updates: Milan hit rock bottom Two teams new season is not ideal , the former seven Milan 2 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses ranked bottom half of the standings , the Rossoneri defense is a major weakness of the new season, has lost seven games Wholesale Arsenal jersey 13 goals in Serie A ranked third . "I want t
Uses Of Conveyors And Material Handling Equipments
Pneumatic Conveying System is being used to move goods from place to other without putting hard efforts. It is automatic machine which handles all moving activities, whatever you require to move from place to another, conveyors will be used in this activity. Usually there are different kinds of conveyors available in the market according to its functions & features. Since present scenario is transformed into technological period so every manufacturing unit & other business industries are using conveyors to save hard work & time simultaneously. As far as concern other material handling equipment such as trolleys, forklift work platform & others all of them are useful accessories & object for enhancing productivity of any organization. Forklift work platform helps people to lift up the heavy objects basically without putting much human efforts. Forklift work platform woks according to its name as it generate special work platform from where people basically lift up the objects properly.
Boutique Pour Les Robes à Forever H & A Maui
LAHAINA - . confection de robes de poupées American Girl hawaïennes adorables et l'appariement des robes de fille , Forever H & A Maui récemment ouvert sur le niveau moyen de l' Cinema Center Wharf   Toujours H & A Maui porte également accessoires mignons pour poupées et les filles de tous âges, en plus d'une variété unique de cadeaux Fabriqué le Maui, y compris des bougies , verre de mer et les bijoux de coquille et les ornements d'arbre.   Vous trouverez propriétaire Romela Agbayani faire des robe vintage pas chers dans sa boutique ou en ligne à . Appelez le magasin au 661-1760 pour plus d'information   - Voir plus à . : Wharf Cinema Center Commerces et restaurants sont situés au 658 , rue Front face du Banyan Tree dans la ville de Lahaina . The Wharf est ouvert 9 heures-21h30 tous les jours . Parking validé est disponible derrière The Wharf , entrez de Wainee et / ou rues luakini , ou prendre le bus au départ de Kapalua ,belle robe bustier,
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Dissertation consultants are highly educated so they can provide sufficient assistance to the doctoral students. They are hard working, conduct thorough research & have excellent communication to prepare a dissertation. Students seek a timely & professional service to accomplish a PhD degree. Students who are pursuing a doctoral degree need Professional Dissertation Help to write a document. The quality of the project submitted decides the career of the Ph.D. candidate. Post doctoral students need lots of diligence attend theory classes, conduct research, surveys on their selected subject and submit the evaluators. This is a rigorous work for all the scholars. Dissertation assistance at right time is provided to take the scholars out of the turbulent lives. A well research and presentable document can brighten up their future because a strict review is conducted to make positive that the student is eligible for a post doctoral degree. Preparing a dissertation is time consuming and it
Muy Elegante Smartphone Uniscope W1231
Uniscope W1231 máquina parece muy elegante, después de que su esquema de color blanco y negro anterior hace que sea visualmente más impacto, frente uniscope W1231 con una pantalla de 5 pulgadas IPS, las resoluciones de pantalla hasta niveles de 1080p y OGS tecnología de laminación se utiliza y aseguramiento sobre el efecto de la exhibición. En el lado del hardware, uniscope W1231 utiliza un procesador quad-core de mediatek MT6589T, velocidad de reloj de hasta 1,5 GHz y PowerVR SGX544MP integra un procesador gráfico, memoria, esta máquina utiliza una combinación de 2 GB de RAM + 32GB ROM.Uniscope W1231 adopta una cámara principal de 13 millones-megapíxeles y frontal cámara 5 millones pixeles, fotografiados para mirar hacia delante de la máquina también incorpora una batería de 2000 mAh. Cabe mencionar que, uniscope W1231 aliyun sistema operativo compatibilidad y liso en hacer. Smartphones en China, con el ZP990 es un gran teléfono.
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Electric Solar System
I've been watching the happenings in our solar system and the sky above us for the past 10 years. I've been following a lot of goofs, conspiracy theorists and so called patriots. The majority of them are only trying to make money. I found one guy who  has been able to predict things like our weather with much better success than probably The Farmers Almanac. He's Professor James McCanney, his website is I wouldn't waste your time unless i found something legit in a person. I've been following his postings for about 8 years about the weather and its pretty wild. It seems there's more to astrology than just finding out about luck or good days. Someone a long time ago figured out what is probably best kown as electrical reactions to the planets and anything that comes in like  a comet. Maybe it was one of the fallen angels written about in the Book of Enoch or was it the Book Of Jasher. I can make a safe assumption of why those books were removed from what we know now as
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~*candy Land Profile Comments & Ect*~
~~SPOTLIGHT BULLETIN CODING~~ Hopefully you can get to the bulletin by this link to repost >>> If you cant,please do these steps... Go to the bulletin board Copy The Coding that will be after these instructions... Small Box you will have to give the bulletin a subject (For Example: We Won Spotlight)Paste the coding into the big box & press save and follow the directions at the bottom ...  
“ I want to be who you wake up to When you cant sleep at night,I want to be what you like to seeIn the world When everything else isnt right. I want to be your strength and supportYour hand to holdAnd i want to be that girl you can call yours.I know this is cliche as hellBut this is all i know how to writeI dont know what more i can do to express to youThat you’re what i see later on in life.And im so scared that i wont be the personTo make you breakfast or listen to your heart beatIm just in it for the simple thingsLike having reasons to buy groceries. I want to be so many things for you, Too many for me to listBecause in the end it all leads down to hopeA hope i have in you That i pray you know exists ”
10 Qualities Women Look For In A Man
10 Qualities Women Look for in a Man 1. Honesty - It’s a no-brainer that women value trust and understanding in a relationship. When you lie, you run the risk of breaking that trust. 2. Sense of humour - Be your natural, genial self and you’ll definitely win her heart! 3. The ability to protect - Women can stand up for themselves very well, but deep down, all of them want to be protected. Nothing pleases them more than the “you’re safe with me” assurance. 4. Intelligence - Women are attracted to men who are smart and can hold an intelligent conversation. When it comes to making important decisions, women expect men to be in charge and to make the right moves. 5. Loyalty - Be loyal to the woman you are dating. It’s insulting for her if your not. 6. Chivalry - Truth is, it makes women feel special when guys go that extra mile. You don’t have to hire goons so you can do the rescue act to impress her. Even precious little gestures like holdi
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Have you ever noticed...? Have you ever noticed that noone is as they seem? There is no Black and White but Billions of shades of grey. There are those who seem to be nice to get what they want, there are those who are to hide the pain inside. Have you ever noticed that noone notices? Noone sees the pain you feel when noone notices They do not care nor even share a moment of time,  they are too busy or too blind to see the hurt they cause. Have you ever noticed that people cry out for help in different ways. No two people express themselves in the same ways. Some yell, Some cry, some hurt themselves, Others do not notice the quiet ones until its too late. Have you ever noticed the ones hurting the most are the ones all alone? Locked away from the cruel world, the heartless millions, the endless pain. They hide in there homes with no family or friends, they wither away desperately seeking that one person who cares. Have you ever noticed how cruel people can be? Hatred
How To Match Loose Sweater With Pants In Autumn
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Don't Know Where I'd Be With Out Her ,
how i long to kiss your seductive sweet lips and to taste your cherry flav lip balm , long to hold you and cuddle with you every night .you are the only one that matters to me wish you would have noticed me alot sooner , could spared you the heart ache of your past , how ever i am here you are with me and thats all that matters . i never have been in so love be for you , i have never felt so close to some one as awsome , special , real , genuine , loving and not to mention the most sexy lady in all ways ! she has made me feel like a new man , but different , ( positive forward ) is the best to put it i love her voice , i love her laugh , i love her mind , hugeeeeeee heart and soul , she is everything to me , if not for meeting i dont know where i would be emotionaly , physcally mentaly or any thing else for that matter , she knows this ( wouldnt say if didnt mean it )for me to say all the stuff thats on my mind about her i would have to take out a loan from the bank cause i would need
You Are The One
You are the one...... I need in my lifeyou are the one...... made my life beautifulyou are the one...... given direction to my lifeyou are the one...... I opened up my heartyou are the one...... I admire mostyou are the one...... I want to see happyyou are the one...... I want to hold in my armsyou are the one...... I want to see beside meyou are the one...... I want to cry withyou are the one...... I want to laugh withyou are the one...... I am waiting to come into my lifeyou are the one...... I want to spend my whole lifeyou are the one...... I cant loseyou are the one...... I miss a lotyou are the one...... love you
No One Will See It Coming
At least I am free to dream, no matter how hard things seem. I know everything isn't yet at its best, I can wait for excitment and rest. To go hand in hand, to come together. To make all my life, so much better.    One day life may not be perfect, but it will be grand. I will feel good and be able to walk, no one will see it coming. Someday it will matter when I have something to say and talk. Reality will rest and I will be completely healed, as I open the curtains, the beautiful truth will be revealed.   As the seconds tick away and I drink from my mug, I will feel my sweetheart starting to give me a hug. It is really simple and I no longer have to dream, all that I know can feel what I mean. As I look down from up on a cloud, my whisper can be heard clear and soothing never that loud.   No one will see it coming, you don't have to feel any fear, I know what and where, just not that sure when it will arrive here.
Starting Over
I have been on here before but honestly it has been awhile, so I guess it is time to just put myself out there yet again. 
I Don't Normally Post Personal Stuff On Here
...but I'd appreciate any & all positive thoughts, vibes & prayers for my grandmother today, & days to come. For those that aren't aware because I haven't told them, I live with my grandmother. I have kinda taken on the caregiver role (while still having my own things going on in my life) as no one else will. I do most of the cooking & cleaning ...& the cooking & cleaning she does do I let her do because I know that it makes her happy, as she was very independant all her life & would like to hold onto as much of that as she can, for as long as she can. You could say she's kinda stubborn ...that might be where I get it from, haha. But anyways. She has thyroid cancer & went out of town yesterday to prepare for her surgery today. It's not the surgery itself that is worrisome, it's the fact she has heart issues, has had bad reactions to anesthesia in the past & the fact that even routine medical procedures bring her great anxiety, etc... that is worrisome. So as I said I'd appreciate any
Red Name People
If your name is in Red or Aqua. Does that automatically turn you into a Douche Bag? I get these Aqua name people wanting me to F/R/L them yet I never ever see them return it. Same way with the red names. They want things from people yet they never help out people. It's like they think they are entitled to it because of the color of their name.
Henny Shot
I'm like a gd shot of Hennessey ,that doesn't need to chase. Some need to chase ,messing up the flavor, then takes the last shot straight,, n realizes they didn't need anything else, it was good all by its self , but 2 late its already gone
Before you came into my life, my days were like an unending shore… I was lost without you… Finding you was like sifting through the millions of shells on the beach, I never thought I could find you… But then one day you entered my world and gave my journey meaning… And because of you I can now see all the Love and Beauty in the world.
My Peace Poem
I hold on to the peace as I sleep not knowing if I want to wake from this dream, Playing in the tree's with all the kids in my dreams,Then I wake to this insanity,a world of people and things,Can't deal with the pain that I live as I try to go back to sleep.. People saying and doing things that make no sense to me,I'm only at peace when I sleep.. Please stop me when I wake this pain just go away...
Inside my mind a poison is spreading Taking over control Turning happiness to ashes Overwhelming my senses The toxins imbed deeply, painfully Destruction entails I prepare for each battle None yet I have won As the terror becomes prominent It's razor edge threatening I know it's going to kill me Playing a game of waiting ED the opposition he has no mercy No kindness, no compassion Just a manipulative consolation A cycle of excruciating betrayal. I know it will be my turn to die, One by one ED kills us The sound of our battle fades EDs imposing presence strengthens Volume increasing, life's timer ticks faster.
The Date Today August 79th lol     GET IT????
Cannot Reach The Branches...
in the distance i see a tree with golden leaves in the distance much too far to gauge the miles from the distance i'd like to think it beckons me from my distance inside i am happy but i find i force a smile do i just stand right here and point and stare? or do i look for a tree within a closer glade? i have feelings, do i pretend they are not there? i know my only comfort rests within that one tree's shade yet every time i try i find an avalanche of questions is this something that the future brings? or was the journey over before it begun? will the sunlight start to fade away? and the tree withdraw from sight? will the sunlight cease to light the day?
I Still
I still love you.I still miss you.I still need you.I still dream of you.I still care for you.I just wish I could tell you.I want to be yoursNot for a day,Not for a year,For a lifetimeI love you madly
Fu Mafia
TIPS PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THESE ARE IN PLACE FOR YOUThe tips below are stated, for beginning players (level 1s) but apply to all. No matter if you are a merc, or a level 40, all of the things below refer to any player, no what that player is. Basically don't level yourself. Build. You can build cashflow at any level, however, here is where you have the best shot. Not doing missions, no attacking, and losing, are all part of building, no matter what level your player is at. The longer you sit, the more powerful your cashflow becomes, and the longer you sit at levels 1-9 you won't get listed. You start getting listed at level 10.DON'T LEVEL TOO FAST:As with most games I have played you want to get to the higher level the fastest. That's NOT the case here. He who sits, and builds cashflow does the best. I've seen some high level 5's but usually they are mercs. As time goes by, you can tell who's a merc, who's a blinger (people who use credits to pay for their player) who's a scrubbed pla
New Me
I am the new woman. I am strong, enlightened and awakened. I will not be tied down any more because I am free spirited and I have learned to fight back and survive on my own terms. I am charming and enticing and I can delight you with my effervescent personality. I can enchant you with my exuberance and deep sense of soulful connections. I love freely and unconditionally. I have a vision which is unique and magnificent. Nothing in this world can stop me from being an achiever in any field I want to master…
Premier Did Not Rob The Door ! 2 Redundant Ac Milan Winter Formalized Also Free To Dig People
AC Milan [ microblogging ] has confirmed the official release news this winter 's first move has been reached, the French defender Pascal Lamy will become a new member of the Rossoneri , tomorrow he will travel with the team for training. However, experts in the transfer Forrest opinion, just to get far enough , cheap jerseys AC Milan also need to continue to introduce some of the players , but it may take some twists and turns . AC Milan's game was Tottenham [ microblogging ] eye , he is Japan's core Keisuke Honda . Tottenham want in the winter transfer window with high salaries snatched from the hands of AC Milan midfielder , but according to Japanese media "Sports Nippon" message , Tottenham 's plan has basically failed , Baltimore Ravens Jersey and the Japanese media that Honda Keisuke has been with AC Milan on January signed an agreement regarding the transfer , he will get a four -year contract , the annual salary of 250 million euros. And long before the news came
Thl W8 Más Llegar A España Con Panel 5″ 4.2 Android
El W8 más allá de ThL es un teléfono móvil libre de gran calidad, con excelentes prestaciones equivalentes a high-end del mercado y tiene un precio mucho menor que otros modelos similares de marcas líderes. Su pantalla de 5 pulgadas Full HD pantalla Retina con una resolución de 1920 × 1080, la mejor resolución del mercado y excelente respuesta táctil IPS que permite navegar por internet con gran comodidad. El enorme aporta rápido procesador quad-core y puede cargar páginas en décimas de segundo. La cámara de 13MP le permite tomar instantáneas de alta calidad y vídeos de alta definición.moviles chinos android Capacidad de almacenamiento de datos se puede ampliar hasta 32 Gb con una microSD. Además, soporta alta velocidad HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) redes de hasta 21 MB. El producto está acompañado de las instrucciones en español, dos baterías 2000mAh, un protector de pantalla, auriculares, cargador y cable USB. Le recomendamos que se complementan con una cubierta protectora que p
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Most Worthy Adversary, Mets Fans Stood And Applauded. "cant Say Enough About The Fans In New York This Year. Theyve Been Awfully Supportive Both I
NEW YORK -- Mets fans cheered the loudest for Chipper Jones once he was out of their ballpark for good. When he took the lineup card to home plate before his last game in Queens, Jones got some scattered applause. When he pinch hit in the ninth, he received cheers in full voice -- along with some boos, of course. Jones walked, and once a pinch runner came in to replace him, the retiring 40-year-old star trotted back toward the Braves dugout on the third base side and Mets fans stood and cheered. Jones took off his batting helmet, raised it to the crowd, and then was gone down the steps. For that, and for his long career as a most worthy adversary, Mets fans stood and applauded. "Cant say enough about the fans in New York this year. Theyve been awfully supportive both in person, out on the field, on Twitter," Jones said. "Im very appreciative to them for that." He and the Braves, of course, couldnt leave town without getting the better of the Mets one last time. Brian McCann
Yet Another Memorable Chapter In Indys Bittersweet Season. Pagano, The Colts Coach Who Had Been Watching The Games On Television Since Sept. 26 After
INDIANAPOLIS -- Andrew Luck and Ryan Tannehill put on a memorable show for Chuck Pagano on Sunday. The rookie quarterbacks traded jab for jab, hook for hook and TD pass for TD pass. When the duel finally ended, it was Luck who had the records -- and another win for his ailing coach. Luck threw for 433 yards and two TD passes, breaking Cam Newtons single-game passing record (422 yards) for a rookie as he led the Colts to a 23-20 victory over Miami. The matchup was everything people expected from the two first-round draft picks, who had gotten their teams off to surprising starts. And this one will go down as yet another memorable chapter in Indys bittersweet season. Pagano, the Colts coach who had been watching the games on television since Sept. 26 after being diagnosed with a form of leukemia, walked into the coaches box about 5 minutes before kickoff and after speaking to the team. Luck took the cue, throwing for 273 yards in the first half -- the fourth highest first-hal
E Too Close To The End Of The Board. Her Toes Hung In Space As She Prepared To Launch Herself Into The Air, And She Seemed To Panic. The Four-time Oly
Canadian divers Jennifer Abel and Emile Heymans both advanced out of the Olymipc three-metre springboard semi-final on Saturday; for Heymans, however, qualification was a little too close for comfort. Canadas most-decorated diver and the first Canadian summer Olympian to capture medals at four consecutive Olympic Games, Heymans suffered a diving disaster on her second dive of the competition to crash into last place. Performing a forward 3.5 somersault in the tuck position, Heymans went into her hurdle a little too close to the end of the board. Her toes hung in space as she prepared to launch herself into the air, and she seemed to panic. The four-time Olympic medallist exited her somersault too early and severely under-rotated her dive, splashing through the surface of the water. The 30-year-old received scores of just 5.5 out of 10 for her efforts and plummeted into 18th place in the standings. Three dives from the end of the competition, Heymans was in real danger of fa
Arthy Said. "there Are A Lot Of Things I Could Have Done Better. Giving Up Runs, I Dont Like To Do That. I Dont Like Doing It Late In The Game. I
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Brandon McCarthy pitched well enough to win his seventh straight decision. Instead, McCarthy suffered his first loss since April 21, snapping his career-high six-game winning streak, as the Kansas City Royals rallied for a 3-2 victory over the Oakland Athletics. "It stunk," McCarthy said. "It was a bad loss for us across the board. These are games we expect to win and games we have been winning all year." The Royals scored two runs with two outs in the seventh. "Im not happy with myself," McCarthy said. "There are a lot of things I could have done better. Giving up runs, I dont like to do that. I dont like doing it late in the game. I dont like doing it with two outs." McCarthy, who is 6-1 with a 2.45 ERA in his past nine starts, gave up three runs, two earned, and seven hits in 6 2-3 innings, while walking none and striking out four. "It was pretty much the way weve seen him pitch this season," As manager Bob Melvin said. "He was economical. He threw le
He Team Subsequently Claiming Their Driver Had Insufficient Fuel To Return To The Pits. Governing Body Fia Ruled That "as The Amount Of The Fuel P
BARCELONA, Spain -- Lewis Hamilton lost his Spanish Grand Prix pole position for breaching Formula One rules on Saturday, giving Pastor Maldonado first place on the starting grid for what is shaping up to be another unpredictable race. Hamilton left it to his final flying lap to edge his Williams rival by more than half a second for what appeared to be his third pole position of the season and McLarens 150th overall. But McLaren ordered the British driver to stop his car after crossing the line because of a technical glitch, with the team subsequently claiming their driver had insufficient fuel to return to the pits. Governing body FIA ruled that "as the amount of the fuel put into its car is under complete control of (McLaren) the stewards cannot accept this" and Hamilton was "excluded" from qualifying results, allowed to start from last place instead. "We told him to stop because we knew there was a problem," said team principal Martin Whitmarsh, who claimed earlier that
At The London Games With His Career In The England Team Effectively Over. The Former Captain Made The Last Of His 115 Appearances -- The Most For An E
LONDON -- David Beckham remains in contention for Britains Olympic football team after surviving the latest cut in the squad. Manager Stuart Pearce has slashed his long list of 191 players down to 80 since January as he prepares Britains first Olympic football team since 1960. The 18-man squad is expected to be named by June. Beckham, who will turn 37 next month, would be one of three over-age players allowed to feature in the squad if he is selected. The Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder has expressed a desire to play at the London Games with his career in the England team effectively over. The former captain made the last of his 115 appearances -- the most for an England outfield player -- in October 2009. Britain has not fielded an Olympic football team since 1960 because Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland feared losing their independence within FIFA. The world body has assured the federations their status wont be affected by participating in the 16-team competition at the
M Ready," The Michigan Native Recalled. Ryan Raced Out To A Pair Of Goals In The Opening Frame, Also Dropping The Mitts With Blake Geoffrion In A
TORONTO – The Marlies bounced back from consecutive losses with a resounding 5-0 win over the Bulldogs at Ricoh Coliseum on Saturday night. Kenny Ryan scored twice in his season debut and Jussi Rynnas made 31 saves for the shutout in his first start of the season. Five Points 1. The 21-year-old Ryan received a text message from head coach Dallas Eakins after a 4-1 loss in Hamilton on Friday night, letting him know that hed be in the lineup against the Bulldogs a day later. "I said sounds good, Im ready," the Michigan native recalled.  Ryan raced out to a pair of goals in the opening frame, also dropping the mitts with Blake Geoffrion in a standout 20 minutes. "I was waiting for the opportunity to get into the game and just wanted to make sure I did the most with it and give myself the best opportunity to make sure Im playing [Sunday]," he said. "Thats what you want him to do and thats what he has to do," said Eakins. "Kenny comes in here tonight and its like Alright w
Through A Crowd Of Devils That Beat Martin Brodeur Low To The Blocker Side And Now The Devils Are Faced With The Daunting Task Of Trying To Come Back
Jeff Carter scored in overtime to give the Los Angeles Kings a 2-1 overtime win against the New Jersey Devils in Game Two of the Stanley Cup Final, giving the Kings a 2-0 lead in the series. After an uninspired effort in Game One, the New Jersey Devils were better in the second game of the series, outshooting the Devils 30-21 in regulation, but when the game reached overtime, the Kings took control. While the Devils had chances too, they were outshot 11-3 in the extra frame and the 11th shot was Carters wrist shot through a crowd of Devils that beat Martin Brodeur low to the blocker side and now the Devils are faced with the daunting task of trying to come back from a two-game deficit with the next two games in Los Angeles. Kings defenceman Drew Doughty scored the games opening goal on a nice end-to-end rush, beating forechecker David Clarkson, letting neutral ice checkers peel away and then snapping a wrist shot past Brodeur. Ryan Carter continued his eye-opening playoff p
Offence, Especially The Last Couple Weeks, The Expectations Were We Were Going To Come Out And Maybe Blow Them Out. But We Didnt Start Fast, We Didnt
GREEN BAY, Wis. -- The Green Bay blowout just about everyone had expected never materialized. Aaron Rodgers connected with Donald Driver for a 4-yard touchdown early in the fourth quarter, Mason Crosby made up for an earlier miss with a 25-yard field goal and Green Bay escaped with a surprisingly tough 24-15 victory Sunday over the NFLs worst team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. "It was definitely a grind-it-out type victory today," Packers coach Mike McCarthy said. Not a real pretty one, either. Still, it gave the Packers (5-3) a third straight victory. "Its good to be on this side of an ugly win," Rodgers said. "The way we played on offence, especially the last couple weeks, the expectations were we were going to come out and maybe blow them out. But we didnt start fast, we didnt have enough juice early on and didnt play well enough on offence to get that done." Rodgers was 22 of 35 for 186 yards and two touchdowns, which moved him past Bart Starr into second place on the Gree
Thank Psg And Leonardo," Ibrahimovic Said. "they Made Something Impossible Possible And Now I Am Very Happy. Its A Big Step In My Career, Anot
PARIS - Zlatan Ibrahimovic completed his much-anticipated move to Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday, saying he has joined "the dream team" after becoming the big-spending French clubs most high-profile signing yet. PSG missed out on the league title last season despite spending more than €100 million ($123 million) on players and it has upped the ante this off-season, topping it all with the transfer of Ibrahimovic from AC Milan in what sporting director Leonardo dubs "the biggest deal in this clubs history." "I want to thank PSG and Leonardo," Ibrahimovic said. "They made something impossible possible and now I am very happy. Its a big step in my career, another dream come true. "I know theres been a big media interest in this. Its been more intense than when I moved to Barcelona. Im very excited in this project. Im here to make history and I will enjoy all the trophies we bring home." The Sweden captain has signed a three-year contract with PSG, worth a reported &euro
Believable Ride," Lin Said. "just A Lot Of Things I Didnt Expect To Happen, In Terms Of Just The Way Last Season Went. I Still Have To Kind Of
HOUSTON -- Jeremy Lin figured hed be having this kind of news conference in New York. Instead, he was talking about his new deal with the Houston Rockets on Thursday on the same practice court where he worked in virtual anonymity seven months ago before he was waived. Lin became a Rocket again when the Knicks decided not to match Houstons three-year, $25 million offer. "Its been an unbelievable ride," Lin said. "Just a lot of things I didnt expect to happen, in terms of just the way last season went. I still have to kind of remind myself that this is all actually happening, sometimes. But its a huge blessing. I cant believe how it all shaped up and for me to be here right now. Im definitely excited and thankful." Lin said he expected to be re-signed by the Knicks after he electrified the Big Apple last season before he was sidelined by a knee injury. Shortly after the Knicks officially declined to match, Lin was quoted on as saying, "Honestly, I preferred New York."
Don Vera In The Main Event With A Flurry Of Strikes With 50 Seconds Left In The Fourth Round For Another Dramatic Finish. After The Fights, Ufc Presid
LOS ANGELES -- Former champion Lyoto Machida stopped Ryan Bader with one punch midway through the second round of the UFCs latest prime-time network show Saturday night, getting a knockout that might have earned him a chance to reclaim his title. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua stopped Brandon Vera in the main event with a flurry of strikes with 50 seconds left in the fourth round for another dramatic finish. After the fights, UFC President Dana White said Machida had earned another light heavyweight title shot with his sudden victory. White promised a shot at the winner of champion Jon "Bones" Jones bout with veteran Dan Henderson next month to the fighter who was most impressive at Staples Center, although the date could be tough to keep immediately. Machida (18-3) had the light heavyweight belt until Rua took it from him with a first-round knockout in May 2010. Machida failed to reclaim the belt last December from Jones, who stopped him with a standing guillotine choke in Toronto
E Rays In The Hunt For The Second Al Wild Card -- Until Oakland Beat Texas 4-3 Later Monday Night. Baltimore Already Is Assured Of Being In The Playof
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Bad news was waiting for Joe Maddon in the morning. The Tampa Bay Rays manager said he planned to hit the sack and sleep "like a baby" on Monday night, rather than stay up to see whether his team got the help it needed to remain in the playoff race. No such luck. Tampa Bay beat the Baltimore Orioles 5-3 for its 11th victory in 12 games, an impressive stretch that kept the Rays in the hunt for the second AL wild card -- until Oakland beat Texas 4-3 later Monday night. Baltimore already is assured of being in the playoffs for the first time in 15 years, but still has its sights on outlasting the Yankees for the AL East title. The Orioles fell a game out of first place behind New York when the Yankees beat Boston. "Weve played 12 playoff games and weve won 11 of them," said Maddon, whose team has outscored opponents 80-31 during the surge. "I just love the way our guys are going about their business." Alex Cobb allowed two hits over seven innings, Ben Z
G The First-place Texas Rangers 3-2 Tuesday Night. "to Do That And Help The Team In That Manner Was Huge For Me," Kottaras Said. "i Went U
ARLINGTON, Texas -- All it took was one big swing from George Kottaras to give the Oakland Athletics a much-needed victory against the team theyre chasing in the AL West. Kottaras hit a leadoff homer in the 10th inning and the As moved within four games of the division lead by beating the first-place Texas Rangers 3-2 Tuesday night. "To do that and help the team in that manner was huge for me," Kottaras said. "I went up there looking for a fastball and he threw one that I could handle." Before that, Oakland hitters were having a miserable time against the Texas bullpen. The As managed only one hit and struck out nine times in five innings against Michael Kirkman, Koji Uehara and Alexi Ogando. Instead of bringing in closer Joe Nathan or setup man Mike Adams, the Rangers went with Mark Lowe in the 10th. Kottaras hit a 3-2 fastball from Lowe (0-2) into the first row of the upper deck in right field. The catcher has six home runs for the As since he was acquired July 29 from Mi
Even-hundredths Ahe
A late surge in the final 50-metres of the mens 400-metre individual medley took Michael Phelps into his first Olympic final of the London 2012 Olympic Games on Saturday morning. "When I saw the time, I was like, Oh. It is going to be a challenge." Phelps, who famously won eight Olympic gold medals at the Beijing Games in 2008, got off to a strong start in his heat, setting a world-record pace through the butterfly stroke. But he fell to second behind Hungarian Laszlo Cseh in the breaststroke leg of the race.  Phelps would continue to trail until the final metres of the race, touching the wall in four minutes, 13.33 seconds -- just seven-hundredths ahead of Cseh and more than 10s off of his world record Olympic final in 2008. At the end of his heat, Phelpss time was the third-fastest of the morning. A strong final heat, however -- including American rival Ryan Lochte -- nearly knocked Phelps out of the running altogether. Five swimmers from that heat beat out the two-time O
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. It Wasnt Fair To Ask Him To Keep Goin
BOSTON -- Boston Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford will have season-ending surgery on his left elbow Thursday. Crawford has been playing with pain since coming off the disabled list last month and will have Tommy John surgery. "It became clear over last few days that surgery was going to happen," Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington said Monday on a conference call. "We felt like after talking about it more this weekend with Carl, the right thing to do is to get it taken care of now. He had played through the injury and played pretty well, but it wasnt getting better. The symptoms were getting worse. It wasnt fair to ask him to keep going out there. We decided to take care of it now and he agreed to do that." Crawford was a major disappointment last season, his first with Boston after signing a $142-million, seven-year contract. He batted .255 with 11 home runs and 56 RBIs, and had only 18 steals after swiping 107 bases combined in the previous two seasons with Tampa Bay.
Plays Sunday In An Afc East Showdown With Th
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Rex Ryan says New York Jets running back-kick returner Joe McKnight will be a "game-time decision" on whether he plays Sunday in an AFC East showdown with the New England Patriots. McKnight is questionable with a sprained left ankle suffered in last weeks win over Indianapolis. He did not practice Friday, but told reporters Thursday: "Im playing. For first place, Im in there." Cornerback Antonio Cromartie will return kickoffs if McKnight cant play. Center Nick Mangold (right ankle) is also listed as questionable, as is wide receiver Clyde Gates (left shoulder), but Mangold is expected to play. Nose tackles Sione Pouha (back) and Kenrick Ellis (left knee), running back Bilal Powell (separated right shoulder) and safety Eric Smith (knee) are all doubtful and will likely not play. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale . -- Steve Blake will miss the Los Angeles Lakers game against San Antonio on Tuesday with a minor abdominal strain, leaving the club without its top two
Me When The Team Couldnt Take Advantag
ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Texas Rangers are getting used to the consistently good starts Colby Lewis has been giving them lately. Lewis gave up three hits and walked one while striking out 10 in seven innings, Ian Kinsler had a three-run triple and Adrian Beltre hit a two-run homer in a seven-run sixth inning, and the Rangers beat the Houston Astros 9-3 on Sunday. Lewis (6-5), who won his second straight outing, has a 2.25 ERA while going 3-2 over his last six starts. He kept the Rangers in the game when the team couldnt take advantage of opportunities in earlier innings against Astros rookie pitcher Dallas Keuchel, who was making his major-league debut. "He was outstanding," Rangers manager Ron Washington said of Lewis. "We (had) opportunities earlier against (Keuchel) . the kid made some pitches. "But Colby stayed steadfast and kept us around." The Rangers won for the sixth time in seven games after limping into June with injuries and losing six of 10 on a road trip to star
Thoughts At 11pm
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Drove In Four Runs, And Gio Gonzalez Scu
ATLANTA -- Tim Hudson knew it would be difficult to pitch in record temperatures. Falling behind by four runs in the first inning hardly helped. "I was going to pitch as long as I could," he said. "It wasnt exactly a great first inning." Ryan Zimmerman homered and drove in four runs, and Gio Gonzalez scuffled for his sixth straight road victory to help the Washington Nationals beat the Atlanta Braves 8-4 Sunday in 105-degree heat. The temperature rose four degrees from the first pitch to 105 by the middle of the eighth inning. The National Weather Service reported that Atlanta broke an all-time record high at 106 on Saturday. Gonzalez (11-3) capped his second All-Star selection despite allowing five hits, four runs and four walks in five-plus innings. He struck out four and threw 64 of his 114 pitches for strikes. Washington, which has won four of five, took a 4-0 lead in the first off Hudson (6-4). The NL-leading Nationals are 10-2-1 in their last 13 series matchups agains
Does As A Rookie," Colts Coach Chuck Paga
INDIANAPOLIS -- Andrew Luck sure didnt play like a rookie Sunday afternoon. He looked like a new, younger version of Peyton Manning. The Colts rookie threw two touchdown passes, took advantage of several key Minnesota penalties and marched Indianapolis 45 yards in 23 seconds to set up Adam Vinatieri for a 53-yard field goal with 8 seconds left, which gave Indianapolis a 23-20 victory over Minnesota in Lucks home debut. "Its just amazing that the guys able to go out there and do the things he does as a rookie," Colts coach Chuck Pagano said. "He certainly had to put the ball on them, and he did." Many of those wearing No. 18 jerseys in Sundays crowd had probably forgotten it took Manning a little longer to win his first game. He started 0-4, including two home losses, before finally beating Ryan Leaf and the San Diego Chargers on Oct. 4, 1998. Lucks older teammates couldnt be happier to get this early win, either, especially after last seasons 0-13 start spurred speculation
D Can Help Us, His Ability To ... Turn Th
DALLAS -- The Los Angeles Lakers expect offensive production from Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. Now theyre learning what newcomer Ramon Sessions can do. Bryant scored 30 points, Gasol added 27 points and nine rebounds, and the Lakers stopped the Dallas Mavericks four-game winning streak with a 109-93 victory on Wednesday night. Sessions contributed 17 points and nine assists in his fourth game since he was acquired in a trade with Cleveland on March 15. Sessions ability to penetrate into the heart of the defence led to points for himself and easy shots for teammates. "The kid Sessions made the game easy for everybody," Lakers coach Mike Brown said. "He had a very good all-around game. You can see how his speed can help us, his ability to ... turn the corner and get into the teeth of the defence." Gasol said Sessions brings something fresh to the mix. "He definitely is a point guard that creates a lot of pick-and-rolls, and gets us points in transition, too," said Gasol, who we
Atory Action Came After A Controversia
HAMILTON, Ont. -- The Hamilton Bulldogs scored four goals in the third period en route to a 4-3 victory over the Rochester Americans in American Hockey League action Friday. Blake Geoffrion scored twice, and Brendan Gallagher and Mike Blunden added goals for the Bulldogs (4-2-2), while Robert Mayer stopped 24-of-27 shots. Brian Flynn had two goals and Nick Tamasky added the third for the Americans (6-3-1), and Connor Knapp made 30 saves in a losing effort. The hosts had an early opportunity to open the scoring after Rochesters T.J. Brennan was whistled for roughing at 1:32 of the first. Brennans retaliatory action came after a controversial hit by the Bulldogs Aaron Palushaj that the Americans deemed to be late. Rochesters Mark Mancari was then penalized for cross-checking midway, giving Hamilton a two-man advantage for 44 seconds. But the hosts could not make the most of their opportunity and the game remained scoreless. The visitors were afforded a two-man advantage of th
O San Jose For Games 3 And 4. The Blue
(Sports Network) - The St. Louis Blues will try to rebound from a tough double-overtime loss in their playoff opener, as they host the seventh-seeded San Jose Sharks tonight in Game 2 of the Western Conference quarterfinals at Scottrade Center. You can watch the game live on TSN and TSN Mobile TV at 7pm et/4pm pt and join our Game Night Blog to get playoff updates. Martin Havlat scored 3:34 into the second overtime to give the Sharks a 3-2 win over the second-seeded Blues in Game 1 on Thursday. St. Louis certainly needs a bounce-back performance tonight or it could be down 2-0 when the series shifts to San Jose for Games 3 and 4. The Blues were 30-6-5 as the home team during the regular season and 19-16-6 as the guest. The Blues, who are in the playoffs for just the second time in the post- lockout era, enter this postseason coming off their first Central Division title since 2000. St. Louis is hoping to avoid its fate from 12 years ago, when it won the division and claimed
Recoup A Portion Of The $3.1 Million They Were
ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams has a new home, and at least 53 new fans. By closing on a $2 million deal to purchase a mansion in suburban Buffalo, the Bills high-priced free-agent addition is also helping a group of creditors recoup a portion of the $3.1 million they were cheated out of by the homes former owner. "It was a windfall," said William F. Savino. Hes a Buffalo-based attorney representing 53 people who had their money taken by former personal injury lawyer Kenneth Bernas, who was convicted in 2010 of larceny and identity theft. Bernas, who has been disbarred and is serving a 2 1/3- to seven-year jail sentence, used some of the money he stole to build the five-bedroom, 9,000-plus square-foot, four-car garage home in 2005. Hes been ordered to repay $1.8 million. Savino said his clients will get close to $500,000 from Williams purchase, with the rest of the money going toward the mortgage and other fees. The Buffalo News first repor
Urday Night. For The Second Time This Month, Ma
CLEVELAND -- The Streak Buster did it again. Justin Masterson handled New Yorks power-packed lineup for 6 2-3 innings and Michael Brantley hit a three-run homer as the Cleveland Indians snapped a nine-game losing streak with a 3-1 win over the Yankees on Saturday night. For the second time this month, Masterson (10-11) ended a long skid for the Indians, whose stunning second-half collapse has dropped them from playoff contention. On Aug. 8, Masterson beat Minnesota and stopped Clevelands 11-game slide, one loss shy of the club record. "Hes our go-to guy whenever were going through tough times," Indians manager Manny Acta said. "Hell get us out of it. Hes our guy." Brantley homered in the first inning off Hiroki Kuroda (12-9), and the Indians, who were just 3 1/2 games out of first place on July 26, won for only the fifth time in 27 games. Cleveland is 5-18 in August, a month that has felt like a year. "Its been rough," said closer Chris Perez, who worked the ninth for his 3
Missed All Three Attempts At 2.33 Metres. H
Canadas Derek Drouin won a bronze medal in mens high jump Tuesday at the London 2012 Olympic Games. In an unconventional finish, Drouin finished in a three-way tie for third place with Qatars Mutaz Essa Barshim and Great Britains Robert Grabarz . All three jumpers earned bronze medals. "I dont think I have ever been in a tie that was so big," Drouin said after the event. "We kind of predicted that with the increments being so steep that there might be a tie." The Corunna, Ont., native missed all three attempts at 2.33 metres. He locked up the bronze when Jamie Nieto of the United States missed twice at 2.33 metres and then once at 2.36. "I had to sit there and wait for (Nieto) of the USA to miss his jump to confirm the bronze medal,"Drouin told Athletics Canada. "That was really hard." It was Drouins first Olympic Games appearance and Canadas first high jump medal since Greg Joy earned silver at Montreal 1976. "It was awesome," he said. "My two sisters and my parents were h
Ight. Carlos Boozer Picked Up The
ORLANDO, Fla. -- If the Chicago Bulls are going to make a run at an NBA championship this season, they will need a healthy Derrick Rose to do it. For now, though, they continue to find a way to beat the top teams in the Eastern Conference without their most indispensable star. With the reigning MVP out nursing a sore groin for the fourth straight game, Roses teammates used a smothering defence and capitalized on a plethora of Orlando Magic turnovers in an 85-59 victory Monday night. Carlos Boozer picked up the scoring slack with 24 points and 13 rebounds -- his third 20-point scoring effort against the Magic this season -- and John Lucas added 20 points off the bench in just 21 minutes of action to lead the Bulls. "The real story honestly is our defence," said Boozer, whose team has beaten their next three chasers in the Eastern Conference in the past six days. "Our defence was ... that was probably one of the best performances weve had this season. "It was fitting because
Grey Ugg Boots To Withstand The Test Of Time
Grey UGG boots are the ever fashionable styles when it comes to stylish winter footwear of choice. They are so hot now in the fashion world that nearly everyone who looks casually online or out in stores will check if a pair is available and chances are they would be disappointed. Uggs styles are worldwidely known as a fashion icon now and their bulky sleek look in colorful charming shades can always stand out from others to make a tasteful style statement. When such a great sheepskin fashion sense themed with sheepskin encounters elegant grey magic, a blockbuster turns up to feast eyes. ugg boots outlet online As centuries old shoes originated from Australia, these branded sheepskin boots are solely made of Merino twin faced lambskin, which is considered as the best material to make ideal winter footwear. Since Oprah Winfrey lists a couple of different pairs on her show, celebrities have been buzzing in to wear these boots and make their endorsement to these shoes. After that, this un
Huge Collection Of Ugg Boots
As the winter season is once again here, it's the time to shop for warm boots. Women are blessed because there are lots of stuffs for them to update their foot wear collection. It is observed that women are very choosy about their shoes. clearance ugg boots can prove to the ideal choice for them because of their multipurpose use. These are the winter boots that are designed to give warm feeling to the feet. The manufacturers have introduced the snow boots in order to provide winter care to the individuals. Most of you, who belong to the area where snow is very common, will require snow boots this winter. Women's winter boots are very special because of their design as well as the materials used in the manufacturing. The huge collection of UGG boots is composed of womens winter classic tall ugg boots, ugg cardy boots, classic cardy ugg boots, classic short ugg boots, classic tall ugg boots, ugg cuff boots and many more. UGG boots can be teamed up with many outfits and help you in making
Bạn đang Tìm Một địa điểm ăn Kem Ngon ở Tphcm?
Bạn đang muốn tạo sự bất ngờ cho người ấy với quán ăn kem phong cách lạ, đẹp và lãng mạn? Một địa điểm ăn kem giá rẻ nhưng lại có không gian lãng mạn và ấm cúng? Hãy đến với quán I LOVE KEM ở quận Gò Vấp, chắc chắn bạn sẽ hài lòng.. I LOVE KEM khai trương năm 2009 và được xem là quán kem đầu tiên đi tiên phong về thể loại kem viên tự phục vụ tại TpHCM, với phong cách ăn kem tự phục vụ mới lạ, độc đáo, thú vị và giúp khách hàng có thể thoải mái tự sáng tạo, chế biến ly kem theo ý thích. I LOVE KEM - quán kem ngon ở Gò Vấp I LOVE KEM tự hào mang đến cho th
Máy ấp Trứng Lin Convection 20.000 Trứng Qui Mô Công Nghiệp
Hệ thống trong may ap trung CONVECTION (LIC) là 1 hệ thống tân tiến, tiết kiệm điện, tỷ lệ nở trứng đạt mức hoàn thiện, hệ thống LIC sử dụng toàn bộ nhiệt năng của thanh điện trở nhiệt không để tình trạng thừa thải nhiệt độ, rò rỉ nhiệt độ ở góc cạnh nào làm hao tốn điện năng , hệ thống có thể tự lọc không khí sạch khử trùng bằng tia cực tím cung cấp cho trứng luồng không khí trong sạch hoàn toàn và hệ thống tạo ẩm còn tự động cảm biến mực nước trong máy, tự động bom nước khi gần hết nước, đảm bảo h&#
Tải Game Iboom Miễn Phí Cho Điện Thoại
Hiện nay theo thống kê của ngành giải trí , truyền thông và phương tiện trên điện thoại tại Việt Nam.Có thể khẳng định game bắn súng canh tọa độ trên mobile đang được giới trẻ chơi rất đông và rất thích thú.Thuộc dòng game bắn súng, canh tọa độ đã được rất nhiều game thủ mong đợi, iBoom với nhiều ưu điểm vượt trội, mang nhiều đặc điểm của thể loại bắn Súng thời hiện đại. Hứa hẹn cuốn hút người chơi ngay từ những màn chơi đầu tiên. Game iboom là một game mới của GMO có hình ảnh và đồ họa cực đẹp, d
Tải Game Phong Vân Truyền Kỳ Miễn Phí
Phong vân truyền kỳ là game mobile online thuộc thể loại turnbase thích hợp cho tất cả các dòng máy từ Java dòng S40, S60, đến Android và iOS với hình ảnh sắc nét, vượt trội hơn so với các gMO khác. Với cốt truyện kết hợp Đông Tây, trong đó phảng phất chất kiếm hiệp của Phong Vân và một chút hoài niệm về Fantasy. Hệ thống Gameplay phong phú và nhiều tính năng đặc biệt chưa từng có ở những dòng game mobile khác như: hệ thống giao dịch nhân vật, hệ thống hâm mộ ảnh avatar có thể chia sẻ trực tiếp lên Facebook, người chơi có thể “khoe” độ độc và đẹp nhân vật của mình&hell
Tải Game Iwin Hd Phiên Bản Mới Nhất 2013
Iwin Gần đây đã thu hút sự chú ý của rất nhiều người bởi sự hấp dẫn của nó, là một game mobile online đang rất hot trên thị trường ,tổng hợp các trò chơi dân gian quen thuộc và gần gũi với người Việt Nam như Tiến Lên, Phỏm, Tá Lả, Cờ Tướng, Ca Rô, Cờ Vua … chơi trực tuyến trên điện thoại di động. Chú ý: Hiện nay có nhiều website lừa đảo về game iwin nên các bạn hãy chỉ Tai Iwin trên website Đây là tổ chức của nhà quản lý game iwin để giúp các bạn có một nơi uy tín nhất để tải. Trước khi tải game vui lòng đọc thỏa thuận ngườ
Thơ Vui Bigone Cùng Trung Thu
Kính chào toàn thể tất cả các bạn đã và đang chơi Bigone tạiậy là chuẩn bị một mùa trung thu nữa đến rồi.Chúng ta đang sống trên đất nước Việt Nam, một đất nước tươi đẹp với nhiều truyền thống cũng như những trò chơi dân gian.Có thể nói trung thu bây giờ không phải chỉ là tết của thiếu nhi nữa mà cũng là tết của người lớn.Để chúc cho người chơi có một giây phút thoải mái cũng như chơigame bigone vậy.BQT xin gửi đến toàn thể các gamer lời chúc tốt đẹp, một mùa trung thu thật vui vẻ và bên cạnh đó cũng xin gửi tới các
Short Game: Smooth Operator
Before your next round, here are two simple drills I want you to do on the practice green. Don't worry, they're simple and they're both designed to help you make smoother, more rhythmic strokes, as well as hone in on your distance control. First, I want you to ignore the cups on the practice green and putt a ball about 15 to 20 feet. Once you do that, I want you to take two more balls, and try and roll them out to the exact same distance. This will help you develop a better idea for the speed of the green, and because you're not fixated on a target, it will help you develop a better sense of distance control. Practice this for five minutes, and you'll be good to go. Second, I want you to stroke a few putts from 5, 10 and 15 feet using the same baseline stroke for each putt. Meaning, whether you're 5 feet or 15 feet away, I want you to swing the putter from shoe to shoe and not take the putterhead farther or shorter back and through. Practice this drill, and you'll see that your tempo
Sửa Laptop Uy Tín ở đâu?
Góp mặt trong lĩnh vực sửa chữa laptop, máy tính, máy in từ năm 2008 ATLcomputer đã dần được người dùng tin tưởng và trở thành một địa chỉ sửa laptop uy tín.Cùng với đội ngũ nhân viên nhiệt tình, có trách nhiệm cùng tay nghề cao ngay từ khi mới bắt đầu vào xuất hiện ATL computer đã nhận được không ít sự tín nhiệm cũng như là lời khen từ phía khách hàng. Không những thế rất nhiều khách hàng còn giới thiệu cho người thân, bạn bè xung quanh mỗi khi ai đó hỏi về địa chỉ sửa laptop uy tín.Đến với ATLcomputer, chúng tôi luôn cam kết mang đến khách hàng dịch vụ sửa chữa laptop,
Palm Garden Resort Hoi An
Set on 5 hectares of landscaped tropical garden in an enviable beach location, Palm Garden Beach Resort and Spa offers a green environment with over 400 species of palm trees and plants right along a 220-meter stretch of the famous Cua Dai Beach in the UNESCO-recognized world heritage site of Hoi An Ancient City. See more pictures of Palm Garden Resort Hoi An   Hoi An's most glamorous and indulgent retreat, Palm Garden Beach Resort and Spa has been awarded as the Green Hotel Standard 2010-2011 by ASEAN, The Excellent Performance by Vietnam Economic Times and The Guide Magazine during seven consecutive years since 2006, the Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor in 2011 – 2012 – 2013, the Luxury Beach Resort of 2012 by the World Luxury Hotel Awards. The resort takes great pride in serving international events such as APEC Summit in 2006, ASEAN Summit in 2007, Miss Universe in 2008 and Miss Earth in November 2010.     The  Palm Gardent Resort is surrou
Game Iwin 420 Phiên Bản Dành Cho Iphone
Từ khi ra mắt đến nay , iwin được khá nhiều người biết đến và yêu thích . Để đáp lại sự ủng hộ của mọi người, BQT đã cho ra mắt phiên bản game iwin cho iphone.Hãy cùng tìm hiểu phiên bản mới này nhé các bạn. Các thể loại game rất đa dạng trong game iwin,nhiều thành viên ra vào hằng ngày để tìm đối thủ và luôn khao khát chiến thắng và vô địch trong cờ tướng,cờ vua và trở thành một thần bài là những mục tiêu của các thành viên muốn chơi game iwin này. Tải game iwin cho iphone nào các bạn Tải Game iwin 420 cho iphone ==> iWin_420.ipa   | Cài Tự Động Chúc các bạn chơi  game iwin vui vẻ !
Giới Thiệu Game Iwin
Tai iwin là game trực tuyến trên mobile kết hợp mạng xã hội, với cách chơi mới lạ cùng với các tính năng mạng xã hội vô cùng hấp dẫn, iWin đang là một trong những game có số lượng người chơi nhiều nhất hiện nay. Tai Game iWin, vừa chơi game vừa kết bạn cùng sở thích và thoải mái chia sẻ cảm xúc của mình mọi lúc mọi nơi.Đăng nhập dễ dàngChỉ cần đăng ký tài khoản và tự tạo mật khẩu là người chơi đã có thể tham gia trò chơi mà không cần khai báo bất cứ thông tin cá nhân nàoĐăng nhập iwin Hãy chứng tỏ bạn là một cao thủ trong làng giải trí bằng các màn chơi tích lũy t
Xét Nghiệm Adn
Những nghi ngờ về huyết thống càng lâu ngày sẽ tạo khoảng cách lớn và mất niềm tin trong gia đình. Xet nghiem ADN là cách xác định huyết thống chính xác nhất hiện nay Dịch vụ xét nghiệm ADN : Hiện nay chúng tôi đang thực hiện các dịch vụ xét nghiệm và phân tích ADN giữa:  -  Xét nghiệm ADN xác định cha – mẹ con trong những trường hợp:     + Xác định quyền thừa kế tài sản.     + Làm rõ các yêu cầu bảo hiểm.     + Cần cơ sở pháp lý để tiến hành ly hôn.     + Thay đổi họ và xác nhận con đẻ.     + Thủ tục xin cấp Visa thăm thân hoặc định cư.     + Kết hôn với người có quố
Locked Horns
Sorry for going MIA on you all, due to current circumstances I had to enroll my eldest son in public ed.. and now we're attempting to avoid truancy charges due to the lack of experience these fine folks seem to have in dealing with children whom have sensory issues and anxiety/panic disorders.. Because we all know when someone is panicing the very best thing to do is CORNER THEM *shakes head* I'll be around as much as I can, Miss you all!!
Korean Asian Fashion Small Suit Coat Styles
  Autumn has come, long suit coat can be worn because it’s a items that can matches with every type of clothing. How to match Korean version o small suit coat? Let’s check it out!   Small suit coat matching style 1 Simple long suit coat, slim cut, uniquely decorated, make this suit become a unique one; light blue is very soft, very lining color, no matter what the occasion be, this suit will definitely make you become the focus.   Small suit coat matching style 2 No collar suit with streamlined design, to matches with feminine asian fashion dresses  or skirts will be pretty special.   Korean version of the small suit how to mix three: Beautiful shoulder design, the thickness of the pad, plus shoulder folds, the suit coat is very attractive! Not feel exaggerated burden!   Small suit coat matching style 3 Noble classic black suit is really temperament. It’s perfect to match with a nude color small evening dress. A pair of red high-heeled sandals can expose
My Small Hands
haha so funny my hands are so small and i remember  seeing my ex's dick in my hand and thinking omg he is huge now that i see pictures of guys holding theirs i think WOW that can do huge damage to me
Just In Case
If ever I forget, will you remind me and yet, not with harsh words or a sarcastic tone,  or I shall forget you and be alone. I am not difficult or tough to breed, I just want to know, your want loves my need.   Another luscious lick lingers wanting more, if you have the time forget every other door. I want to give you a reason to stay, and never wish to leave in any way.   If I am needed, please try an call, I will try to answer and never fall. Sometimes as perfect as I want to seem, reminds me its all just a dream.   Just incase I am not here, I want you to know I love you, dear.
Letting Go
It's a day at the beach I have my clean folded towels My beach bag consisting of sunscreen, sand toys, and a nice read Search for the spot I always park in Pay a dollar per hour for parking There is an overly sized latina momma at the machine Obviously having no clue how to put a dollar into it I help her, she seems annoyed that I helped Finally gets the fuck out of my way I'm at a 5% angry zone   Then I put the ticket in the window Step out onto the sidewalk Look for a quiet empty area on the sand Don't mind a long walk to establish a territory The sandals catch the particles, so I remove them They have failed to protect my feet properly I am at a 10% fucking hate you sandals mood   Finally reaching my destination I fan my towels out to lay down The wind catches the corners Messes up the entire perfection of my placement I am cursing the breeze I'm at a 50%    Open my book Read a page er two
  Juggling     Sometimes I get to wondering How this one's going to play out? Will it hold its mud or sink six deep? be as free as any dolphin or wretched as a slave?   Wondering, figuring, imaginating   rendering fractured judgments asked unanswerable questions questions after question with only one answer   I don't know.   No habla the future The winds will be the winds & they will do want they do regardless off our wondering or wanderings   Now matter how I juggle it there's too many orbs up in the air spinning in my life All at once. Too many. Like always   life or death, love or aloneness madness or bliss So many, too many questions spinning around all my maybes in short fast orbits around a planet without an answer Should one collide with a stray if or an imploding fuck it all there would be nothing left to juggle   & I still wouldn't know               Copyright 2013 Marcus Stein
Your Not Worth It
You’re not worth it Who do you think you are? What do you think you have? Where do you get off Thinking that you can come in and do whatsoever you please and expect to get away with it? I do not know what you have, or what makes you think you “got it” like that. I have news for you, my friend. You do not have it like that. You are not worth it! ! ! Trust me—nothing you say or do will make a difference to me. Please keep on walking Make yourself useful somewhere else For I’ve had enough of your shit! ! ! ! Please keep on walking and try not to fall all over yourself while you’re at it! Again, you’re not worth my time! ! ! ! :) 
A New Me!
Beautifully blessed is how I feel these is amazing how the little things can change a person's life and perspective about it...letting go is just something that comes naturally to me...I can walk away and let go of anything and anyone, excluding my daughter of any given people skills suck!...seriously tho...having everything torn from me has made me numb and provided me with my outlook on the world and the people within it...I was on a self destructing path...hurting myself and those closest to me in the process..but I had convinced myself that I didn't care...that couldn't have been further from the truth..through every lie...and every damaging choice that I made....I was hurting someone who loved me while killing myself trying to convince them that they meant nothing to me...I was giving into things that meant nothing to me and taking away everything that did...then I faded...I became a myself and everyone around me...the person t
A Boxing Match
Too much of one thing Not enough of another Back and forth, the fight ensues Consumes Throwing punches in the dark Overthinking Overwhelmed Underestimating the anticipated Section off the fears Behind thick walls Only to allow seepage through the cracks Speak of nothing While alluding to something The urge to control the uncontrollable creates a myriad of deniables There is contentment There is comfort Yet, there is also strain and unrest Selfish needs that cannot be met A routine that belongs without belonging Knowing without understanding Unfair to feign acceptance on either side When there surely isn't Why must truth be so complex?   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
Not This Time!!
Release... Letting yourself go, breaking down the wall... Finding out who you are, in the middle of it all.. Doubt.. Mind works its magic, planting seeds in your head... Infecting your core, with every tear that is shed... Pain... Excruiatingly intense, hurts to the bone... Letting go of the best person, you've ever known... War... The battle begins, a struggle everyday... Biting your tongue, refusing to say... Lost... Floating, not really living at all... Dying inside, through teary eyed withdrawls... Stand-Still.... You can no longer float, suddenly you are still... Moving neither forward nor backward, you're not even real... Acting... You have become someone you don't know... Putting on an act, just for show... Survival... Instincts kick in, survival mode turns on... Broken behind your smile, for you're nothing but a pawn... Games... Playing the game, knowing you can't win... Keeping a firm posture, taking it on the chin... Hope... Seems lost, it's taken
Xuất Hiện Tin đồn Avatar Có Ma?
Chỉ cần đi dạo một vòng trong công viên, các khu vui chơi, giải trí các bạn sẽ thấy xuất hiện các lời bàn tán Avatar có ma. Thực hư chuyện này là sao? Avatar thật sự có ma không??? Thật ra đây chỉ là một trong vô số các thủ thuật avatar thú vị mà thành viên avatar khám phá ra khi chơi game mà thôi. Chỉ vài thao tác đơn giản có thể tạo ra những bất ngờ hay ho. Thủ thuật tạo ma, làm mất đầu, mất chân trong avatar: - Tai avatar phiên bản mod fake nick. - Vào vương quốc bóng đêm copy NPC Zombie - Khi đó các bạn vào hành trang thay quần sẽ thấy nhân vật còn mỗi đôi chân, vào thay áo thì nhân vật sẽ còn mỗi thân, đội mũ hoặc đ
Thanksgiving Auction
A huge spot on my profile, top spot in my family, ownership from 2 weeks to one month depending on bid, their name in mine, bling of my choice, ability bling of my choice if over 50BP, pimp outs daily, point boost extreme 3x a week, shoutout in 4 of my blasts, SFW salute,10 bling polished daily, 50 photos rated once a week and so much more.....I tend to spoil my auction owners. In short, more exposure, a great deal of spoling, and a permanent spot in my family and they get spoiled too :)
Lance Is Still Bitching About Things.
Rain. Fucking rain! If it's raining outside, it's like my computer turns on by itself, switches over to YouTube and pulls out some random Adele song and before you know it, I'm standing at my window looking at the rain and nodding along to some Adele song that I don't technically know. It's weird, but I feel like the rest of the world is doing it, too. It doesn't matter which one. All of Adele's songs are perfect for standing at your window and looking at the rain. And that's remarkable to me. There hasn't been a single artist that I know of who somehow made music exclusively for a single specific activity (apart from Marvin Gaye and sex). But Adele did. She made an entire album of "Stand at Your Window, Look at the Rain and Reflect on your shitty Past Relationships" music. It's like she's hypnotized me/us. I don't care if you don't like Adele. I'm not sure if I even like Adele. I just know that, when it rains, I need her rough, powerful voice to come belting out of my speakers and
You had me from the beginning, though I'll never admit it It was the smile, the eyes, the way you touched my hand to let me know you were there for me.  My escape, my hero, I don't know if I could face it so well without you by my side.  Cause' even if you're miles away  I know you think of me and smile. So stop the worry,  I keep tellin ' you I'm here to stay,  you'll always be my favorite distraction. Your touch is exciting and soothing,  I crave it more every time. Somehow I know it'll all work out Don't care where we are or how we get there Long as we're together in the end. 
Urgh (part 1)
Do I look like a fucking counselor? Like I give two shits about someone else’s feelings apart from my own? The feelings of a person I don’t know?  If I do, then the state of mental health professionals has taken a nosedive right into a pile of loose shit. But even if we got past how I look and if I’m not actually vomiting up my eightieth beer of the night into your face, why do I keep being contacted by people online asking me how to fix their problems? Are they my problems? No, they’re yours.  And who in their right mind would actually listen to any answer I would give them? I’m the same person that said, “To snort,” when my doctors asked why I wanted sleeping pills.  Look, its fine if I’ve actually spoken to you. I’ll happily feign interest in your life while I actually sit by my computer counting the moments until I can watch porn again.  But come on, if I don’t know you, how about saying hello before you ask for my opi
Helping People
ok this is whay i help with. i dont do credits much but   i can do   -pics rates -ability points -big pimp gifts -blast comments and help get comments -mumm comments and votes -family adds -if i missed something just ask and ill see if i can
Thrill The Music Lovers With New Casio Ckt850in For Best Of Indian Music
Recently, I came to know about this amazing new product from the Casio when my roommate brought this keyboard. Though he brought it after thoroughly checking its features through internet and from the shop also, still I didn't really have any knowledge about this product till then. My friend, being a true music lover he always dreamt of playing a Casio from his childhood. He happened to buy it the moment he came to know that the Casio was available at affordable prices. So he just grabbed this opportunity and purchased it couple of months back. Soon he gets addicted on playing the keyboard. I, being a music lover as well, had only interest in Indian music also started listening to the amazing sound of this instrument. I liked it and slowly my interest also grew for this Casio keyboard. The best part in it – that is it comes with fully loaded features to support Indian music style. So I was damn excited to explore its Indian musical qualities. Though I was a beginner, it mad
Casio Wk7600:mozart’s Favorite Instrument
I had been playing since long but when it comes to high grade musical keyboards, I feel that The Casio WK7600 is simply a masterpiece. It is a splendid techno piece that helps me articulate my thoughts into real-time quality tones. I have played it at parties, in the clubs and just randomly in home and it get associated the way I want. It is loaded with 50 specially selected built-in drawbar organ tones. Also, nine sliders provided for harmonic overtone level settings. A rotary speaker, built-in DSP and what else I need to prove its class. Features that will make you wish you have it-   Tone Editor Let you compose sounds with blend of uniqueness and quality. Save them, play again with just by pressing a button.   Multiple Digital Effects Equipped with 10 reverbs, 5choruses and 100 preset DSPs. That’s not enough these effects are adjustable and can be saved easily.   Equalizer Sets according to your choice incorporating five distinct frequency presets , such as &ldqu
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 170
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In episode 170 of Janey Godley's podcast with comedian Ashley Storrie the mother and daughter comedy duo discuss Ashley's creepy quotes as a kid, the rise in Food Bank users in UK and the latest ATOS rules. Ashley tells us about an innovative school teacher from the 60s and Janey talks about her shameful moment of dropping her trousers in the street. The news about Jimmy Savile's most recent police transcripts is discussed. Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter. Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 170 If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking onto Our Donate Pag
Thoughts In My Head At 6am
as soon as you open the door and let me inside i'm on you like a wild animal. the passion was already burning hot and just explodes as we make physical contact. our lips meets and our tongues collide like two snakes fighting to the death. i wrap your hair through my fingers as i slide my hand up your neck to the back of your head. the caress turns more urgent as my fingers close and gather a fistful a hair, pulling your head down, forcing you to your knees. "unzip me and take out my cock", i say as you look up at me from your place on the unzip my jeans and tentatively reach in. this isn't quite how you expected our first encounter to start, but you like it anyway. my cock is already hard as you pull it out."now suck me", i demand. my deep voice and authoritative tone leave little room for doubt. you realize that i'm not here to make love to you, you're not even sure if i'm here to fuck you, but you know that i am here to dominate you....shall i continue? :D
Texans Linebacker Tim Dobbins Was Fi
HOUSTON -- Houston Texans linebacker Tim Dobbins was fined $30,000 on Wednesday for a helmet-to-helmet hit that gave Chicago quarterback Jay Cutler a concussion. Dobbins said he plans to appeal. "It was a lot of zeroes in that picture," he said. "My assessment is (its) is way too high and I feel like I didnt do anything wrong. Im not a dirty player. I really cant do nothing but appeal it at this point." The hit came in the second quarter of Houstons 13-6 win on Sunday night when Dobbins hit a scrambling Cutler after he threw a pass. Cutler was past the line of scrimmage and called for an illegal forward pass on the play, and Dobbins was flagged for unnecessary roughness. "Im definitely disappointed," Dobbins said. "I didnt know if he was going to run the ball or if he was going to pass the ball. I felt like he was past the line. I just went and tried to get a clean hit on him and it just didnt work out, I guess. I looked at the film and it looked like I got a little helmet-
Uggled Financially And It Was Incumbent
MINNEAPOLIS -- Two weeks after they filed a complaint over their lack of involvement in the labour talks between the NFL and players, and as those talks appear to be gaining traction toward a new collective bargaining agreement, a group of retired football players sent the league a letter asking to be a part of the negotiations. The letter was sent Thursday and a copy of it was provided to The Associated Press by Michael Hausfeld, a lawyer for the retired players. In it, the players refer to a letter they received from Panthers owner Jerry Richardson and Packers CEO Mark Murphy that said improving benefits and retirement plans were a "top priority." "Richardson and Murphy admitted that some former players have struggled financially and it was incumbent upon the League and owners to reach a new agreement to provide the retirees with the well-being they earned," the retired players wrote. A group of retired players, including Hall of Famers Carl Eller, Marcus Allen and Franco
Owed Three Hits In 7 2-3 Innings To Outduel J
ST. LOUIS -- Carlos Beltran would prefer to hit in one spot every day. No matter where he lands on the lineup card, theres no arguing the results. Primarily the St. Louis Cardinals cleanup man, Beltran provided some pop batting second in a 2-0 victory over the Cleveland Indians on Saturday night. Beltran hit his National League-leading 17th home run in support of Kyle Lohse, who allowed three hits in 7 2-3 innings to outduel Justin Masterson. "I felt in control, I felt like I was getting pretty quick outs," Lohse said. "If Im doing those things, keeping the ball on the ground, thats my plan." Beltran has batted cleanup 31 times, third three times and second 18 times. Manager Mike Matheny resisted the temptation to shift Beltran back to cleanup after Matt Holliday was scratched just before the first pitch with mid-back spasms. Beltran, who has homered nine times batting second, also leads the Cardinals with 45 RBIs. "For me, honestly this year has been more difficult than an
Of The English Premier League
The latest suggested nickname for Ottawas CFL expansion franchise isnt doing it for Russ Jackson. The Ottawa Red Blacks -- or RedBlacks as was suggested on Twitter -- was being mentioned prominently Monday in social media as a moniker for the CFL club slated to begin play in 2014. Neither was receiving much support from Ottawa football fans and Jackson, who led the Ottawa Rough Riders to three Grey Cup titles over his illustrious 12-year career with the franchise, wasnt big on it either. "The Red Blacks, to me, seems to get you to a soccer situation," Jackson said. "I dont know of a professional North American football club thats named with just colours but that seems to be the one thats bouncing around." Liverpool, one of the English Premier Leagues top franchises, is called the Reds because of their red home kits. New Zealands Test rugby squad became known as the All Blacks in 1905 when switching from white to black shorts to go with its black top during a tour of the Bri
46th Minute Of The Gam
LA Galaxy midfielder Michael Stephens and forward Mike Magee have been suspended one game and fined for actions during a match against Houston. The MLS also issued a one-game suspension and fine Friday to Philadelphia Union forward Lionard Pajoy for his play against Toronto FC. Stephens had a challenge that endangered the safety of Dynamo midfielder Adam Moffat in the 46th minute of the game last Saturday. Magee was disciplined for aggravated dissent against the referee, including throwing a ball in the referees direction in the 92nd minute in that game. Pajoy had a reckless challenge that endangered Toronto FC forward Joao Plata in the 29th minute last Saturday. Cheap Jerseys USA . Though financial details were not released, French media reported the transfer fee could cost PSG up to C45 million ($55 million). Cheap Jerseys Wholesale .S. Open, hes returning to the hallowed Olympic Club to play in the same tournament -- and he couldnt be more surprised. http://facialhairsty
Uld Give Up The Pick - From 201
The New Jersey Devils will opt not to forfeit their 2012 first-round pick. The club faced a 5pm et deadline on Tuesday to inform the NHL if they were going to give up this years first-round pick as a penalty for signing Ilya Kovalchuk two summers ago, a move the league ruled as an attempt to circumvent the salary cap. The league allowed the Devils to decide which year they would give up the pick - from 2011-2014 with notification due the day after the conclusion of the Stanley Cup Final. The Devils also had to surrender a third-round pick in 2011 and were fined $3 million. The Devils sit at No. 29 in this years draft order. The 2012 NHL Draft goes from June 22-23 and TSN has you covered from the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh. Watch day one from the Draft on TSN beginning at 7pm et/4pm pt. Also, as part of TSNs countdown to the Draft, Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie will release his draft ranking on TSN, Monday at 7pm et/4pm pt. And dont miss the Countdown to Draft live on
Ts For The Cavs, Who Moved To A Per
Cleveland, OH (Sports Network) - LeBron James scored a game-high 21 points with four rebounds and as many assists, as the Cleveland Cavaliers remained unbeaten at home with a 111-81 trouncing of the Charlotte Bobcats. Mo Williams logged 15 points and six assists for the Cavs, who moved to a perfect 18-0 at Quicken Loans Arena this season and shrugged off a disappointing loss at Washington on Sunday. Daniel Gibson and Wally Szczerbiak added 15 points each while Anderson Varejao posted 14 points and six rebounds. The Cavs are the only remaining team in the league with an unblemished home record. Cleveland next hosts Boston in a marquee matchup on Friday looking to avenge both a season-opening loss at TD Banknorth Garden and last seasons playoff ouster in the conference semifinals. Raymond Felton scored 15 points and Gerald Wallace 14 for the Bobcats, who were in search of their longest winning streak of the season, having won two straight. Boris Diaw collected 10 points, eigh
O Balance Treatment With The Nba Schedul
MCALLEN, Texas -- Houston Rockets first-round draft pick Royce White is a no-show at training camp and said he and the team are working on a plan to address his fear of flying. The 6-foot-8 White was the 16th overall pick after one season at Iowa State. White suffers from anxiety and fear of flying. He says on Twitter that hes working with the team on an "innovative plan" to balance treatment with the NBA schedule. "Anxiety isnt keeping me from camp," White wrote, "taking a Proactive approach to my mental illness instead of reactive is.(hash)StayingAheadOfMyDisorder." White said he has an agreement with the team to take a bus to select games. KRIV-TV reported that the agreement is pending league approval. The Rockets would not comment beyond a statement that said they "are committed to Royces long term success and we will continue to support him now and going forward." White said he offered to buy the bus himself. "I will not travel every game via bus," he wrote. "It was de
Unes Nba Draft. He Played On The La
EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- The Los Angeles Lakers waived forward Reeves Nelson and centre Ronnie Aguilar, trimming their training camp roster to 18 players. The Lakers made the moves Saturday, a day after a loss to Sacramento dropped them to 0-5 in the preseason. Nelson played parts of three seasons at UCLA, making the all-conference first team in 2011 as the Bruins leading scorer and rebounder. But UCLA coach Ben Howland dismissed Nelson from the team in December 2011 following a series of suspensions and benchings. Nelson played briefly in Lithuania before going unselected in last Junes NBA draft. He played on the Lakers summer league team and earned an invitation to training camp. Authentic Griffin III Jersey .S. Anti-Doping Agency on Monday, a decision that allows the agencys drug case against the seven-time Tour de France winner to move ahead. Griffin III Elite Jersey . Yes, LeBron James dribbled behind his back. Then between his legs, five times. Then threw a behind-the-b
E Work To Do." Hamilton, Who Won The Japa
SUZUKA, Japan -- Red Bull driver Mark Webber set the fastest time in Fridays practice for the Formula One Japanese Grand Prix, edging McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton and teammate Sebastian Vettel. Webber was ahead of the Mercedes-bound Hamilton by 0.214 seconds in the afternoon practice at the Suzuka circuit. Vettel was third, a further one-tenth back. "The car ran well and we tested both tires," Webber said. "We have areas where we can improve, mostly with the balance, so we have some work to do." Hamilton, who won the Japanese GP in 2007 when the event was staged at Fuji Speedway but has never taken top honours at the Suzuka circuit, said he expects a tough challenge from the Red Bulls on the weekend. "It looks very close between ourselves and Red Bull," he said. Michael Schumacher -- who announced on Thursday that he will retire at seasons end -- was 10th in practice. The Mercedes driver spun off the track at the Spoon Curve, slamming into a bank of tires. He walked away f
. The 22-year Old From Burlington, On
SASKATOON -- Michael Gligic shot a 7-under 65 to grab the lead Thursday after the first round of the Canadian Tours Dakota Dunes Casino Open. The 22-year old from Burlington, Ont., made five birdies, including his first hole, and had an eagle at the par-five second. "This course suits my eye. Ive liked it here since the first time I played it in 2009," said Gligic, who won the ATB Financial Classic two weeks ago in Edmonton for his first Canadian Tour victory. Gligic said the week following his victory in Edmonton was tiring, but thats hes feeling refreshed this week and looking for more. "It was tough. Monday and Tuesday I got a lot of texts, tweets and everything from friends and family and it was tough to follow it up," said Gligic. "Im feeling good this week and hopefully I can keep playing well." Matt Hoffman, the 2011 Canadian Rookie of the Year, is one shot back after firing a 6-under 66. The 25-year-old from Thornhill, Ont., got off to a blazing start, eagling the p
Efore Taking Advantage Of Fishers Bog
VILAMOURA, Portugal -- Shane Lowry of Ireland won the Portugal Masters on Sunday after a final-round 5-under 66 to edge out Englands Ross Fisher by one stroke with a 270 total. Lowry started the round four shots off the lead, but he made an eagle on the par-4 11th to move ahead of overnight leader Bernd Wiesberger. The 25-year-old Lowry then traded the lead with Fisher before taking advantage of Fishers bogey on the 16th with a birdie on the 17th hole. Fisher had one last chance after Lowry bogeyed the 18th, but the Englishman also had a bogey to allow Lowry to claim his second career European Tour win. "I cannot believe this," Lowry said. "I cant explain how I feel, really. Its a dream come true; Im over the moon. I thought this could be my day, and thankfully it is." Lowry shot 14 under through the four rounds on the Oceanico Victoria Golf Course. He won the Irish Open three years ago as an amateur "It was like playing in Ireland. It was crazy; it was great," he said. "Ev
He American Associations Wild Ca
Even with an early 4-0 lead, the Winnipeg Goldeyes needed a little extra time to polish off the Sioux City Explorers. Winnipeg scored a run in the top of the 10th inning to beat the Explorers 5-4 Friday night in front of 836 fans at Lewis and Clark Park. The Goldeyes remain three games up on the Kansas City T-Bones and moved four games up on the St. Paul Saints in the race for the American Associations wild card spot. In the 10th, Chris Roberson led off the inning with a triple and then scored on a single by Yurendell de Caster for the games winning run. The Goldeyes had opened up a 4-0 lead by scoring a run in each of the first four innings, including getting solo home runs from Josh Mazzola in the second and fourth innings. Sioux City wiped away Winnipegs lead with two runs in the sixth and two more in the seventh to force extra innings. Roberson and Price Kendall each led Winnipeg with three hits in the game. Goldeyes starter Todd Privett went six and a third innings, bu
Online Shopping Has Become Normality
Online shopping has arrived in all social groups. A recent survey has revealed the star financial see their newsletter subscribers. Of the nearly 18,000 participants, almost all (99.6%) stated to buy online. Mobile-shopping via tablet phone or Tablet is gaining acceptance. As already stated the respondents in last year, that the most important reason for the Internet to buy, price comparisons was the possibility of comprehensive. The lower the income, the more important is this argument. In addition to the shopping on the home PC and mobile devices used increasingly to the shopping: 57.8 percent of 14-39 year-olds in the study said to have ever shopped with their Smartphone or tablet. In the 40-over-60-year-olds, there are at least 24.9 percent. More than half (55.6 percent) of users uses a special app for online purchasing. When deciding on a particular online provider, it is not relevant, however, whether this provides the grocer through an app or mobile website. Media
Quần áo Việt Nam Xuất Khẩu
Trong bộ sưu tập Xuân Hè 2013, rất nhiều thương hiệu nổi tiếng đã đưa ra gợi ý về cách mix màu đen, trắng đầy cá tính trong mùa xuân năm nay. Cách phối màu cổ điển này không chỉ là gợi ý thú vị cho trang phục công sở, trang phục dạo phố mà còn rất hấp dẫn khi xuất hiện tại buổi tiệc. Đó cũng là lý do mà mẫu quần áo vnxk đầm đen - trắng xinh đẹp của Balenciaga được rất nhiều sao lựa chọn khi xuất hiện trên thảm đỏ. Còn với tín đồ thời trang của châu Á, mốt đen - trắng này cũng nhanh chóng tạo thành cơn sốt khi mà mốt hoa văn hay colour block đã tr
Thiết Kế Shop Thời Trang Nữ
Thiết kế shop thời trang nữ, Công ty nội thất 12 con giáp nhận tư vấn thiết kế shop thời trang nữ, đồ nội thất cửa hàng thời trang tại 3 miền, thi công nhận dự án nội thất miền bắc, trung, nam Các sản phẩm mẫu thiết kế shop thời trang nữ, nội thất cửa hàng của Công ty đa dạng mẫu mã, đặc biệt Công ty nhận thiết thiết kế  các mẫu theo yêu cầu của khách hàng Các bước tiến hành: + Đo đạc, khảo sát cửa hàng + Phối cảnh, phối màu, tạo chất liệu theo yêu cầu chủ của hàng + Tiến hành thi công theo đúng tiến độ: thời gian thiết kế và thi công tr
Game Phong Vân Truyền Kỳ – Đẳng Cấp Game Mobile Việt
Hiện này nhu cầu giải trí đang được lên hàng đầu, nhiều người đã tìm cho mình 1 hình thức giải trí cho riêng mình , và chơi game cũng là sự lựa chọn được nhiều người ủng hộ, đặc biệt là các bạn trẻ. Vậy chọn game gì chơi nào, hiện nay trên thị trường game xuất hiện game mobile mới mang tên Phong Vân Truyền Kỳ,game này có gì mới lạ và nó như thế nào.Cùng tìm hiểu thử nhé các bạn.Game Phong van truyen ky là game gMO nhập vai đánh theo lượt, dựa trên bối cảnh Đông – Tây kết hợp, tạo nên sự mới lạ, khác biệt được nhiều game thủ MMORPG đón đợi trong thời gian
Hướng Dẫn Thủ Thuật đua Pet Trong Avatar
Nhiều thủ thuật hay trong Avatar được BQT gameavatar365 liên tục gửi đến các bạn trong thời gian qua.Nhanh tay tai avatar mới nhất để tham gia đua pet cùng avatar nào . Cùng xem huong dan dua pet trong Avatar nhé các bạn, thủ thuật này đang rất hot đó Bước 1: Tải avatar phiên bản mới nhất về máy để chơi đua pet. Các bạn tải phiên bản avatar 230 mới nhất  nhé: Bước 2: Đăng nhập vào game. Vào khu giải trí, tìm tới trường đua pet Bước 3: Vào Pet Racing, bạn có thể chỉ ngồi xem các con pet đua và cổ vũ cho con pet mà mình yêu thích hoặc tiến hành chơi cá cược. Sau mỗi chặng đua kết thúc, bạn sẽ đ
Máy Nướng Xúc Xích Kính Vuông 7 Thanh
   - May nuong xuc xich kính vuông được thiết kế gọn, nhẹ kính vuông gắn liền mang đến cho máy cảm giác lịch sự, sạch sẽ.-  Hệ thống nhiệt của máy đảm bảo nóng nhanh, trục con lăn quay đều để làm nóng xúc xích liên tục.   Bếp nướng xúc xích kính vuông - Thông số kỹ thuật: Máy nướng xúc xích 7 thanh Verly. Điện áp: 220v/50Hz. Công suất: 1,1Kw. Kích thước: 58x36x49cm. Trọng lượng: 16Kg. Nhiệt độ: 50 – 2500C. Hãng sản xuất: Verly.   Ngoài ra, còn các sản phẩm khác như : - May tron bot  - Tu hap gio cha - Lo nuong banh  ............... Mọi chi tiết xin liên hệ CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN CÔNG NGHỆ MẠNH PHÁT Hà Nội: Số
Thưởng Thức đặc Sản Mối Chúa
  Từ thị xã Đông Hà, Quảng Trị đi ngược lên quốc lộ 9 rồi rẽ vào đường Hồ Chí Minh khoảng 30 km, chúng tôi đã có mặt ở rừng Seo- nơi mà được dân lùng mối mệnh danh là “mảnh đất của mối chúa”. Cơn sốt “đặc sản” các loại côn trùng như bò cạp, thằn lằn, nhông nhông, tắc kè… và đặc biệt là mối chúa ở các nhà hàng Đông Hà trong thời gian qua đã “dậy” lên một phong trào lùng bắt  diệt mối chúa một cách rầm rộ.   5 giờ sáng, có mặt ở cửa rừng, tôi được ông Nguyễn Huy Ngợi cho thực tế một vòng “học nghề”. Ngư&#
Short Term And Long Term Auto Loans
SHORT TERM AUTO LOANS are car loans in the Philippines made for the purchase of a new or used car and have payment terms of 12 months (1 year) up to 36 months (3 years). These types of loans are designed to help a consumer quickly pay off a loan obligation for a new or used car purchase. However, the payment amounts of shorter term loans can be somewhat high or burdensome for some. This generally offer lower interest rates than do longer term loans, thus, people with bad credit may be required to use shorter term loans in order to approved by certain auto loan lenders. Interest rates can be somewhat higher than normal as people with bad credit can sometimes be expected to”buy back their auto credit”. Short term loans enable a person with bad or poor credit, to re-establish his or her credit history.   LONG TERM AUTO LOANS are usually car loans that have payment terms longer than 60 months (5 years). Longer duration auto loans in the Philippines are designed to allow custom
3g:htc Telecom 609d
HTC 609 apoya China Telecom CDMA network es un Smartphone estándar. La máquina también está equipada con un efecto Du Biyin, permite a los usuarios disfrutar de los efectos de sonido agradables, en particular, tiene una buena jugada en el bajo, con los auriculares efecto es particularmente evidente en el final, gracias a la máquina con gran empuje, capaz de conducir-fin auriculares. Además, el dispositivo está configurado con un procesador quad-core, máquina funcionando sin problemas.Más detalles de los productos. HTC 609D bar-toque el diseño, la parte delantera del fuselaje es una pantalla de 4,5 pulgadas capacitiva con una resolución de 960 x 540 píxeles, mostrando buenos resultados. La máquina está equipada con un procesador de 1,2 GHz registrado quad core, 8GB de almacenamiento y soporte tarjeta de expansión de Micro SD 64GB del fuselaje apoyo NFC. Post una abertura grande de 8 millones de píxeles F/2.0 28 mm y súper gran angular, una cámara frontal de 1,6 millones de pixeles, sop
Pas Cher Soir Idées De Mariage De Robe
Il ya beaucoup d' options que vous pouvez considérer si vous voulez vraiment acheter un robe de soirée de mariage pas cher . Un de la robe de soirée des femmes , la mariée peut sauver des achats d'argent, leurs vêtements sont saison dernière. Vous pouvez acheter votre  vérifier la robe de mariage boutique en ligne si elles offrent des rabais sur les vêtements  d'une belle femme . Vous devez savoir que votre budget de mariage peut atteindre beaucoup , de sorte que vous peut commencer à réduire ou à éliminer certains éléments de la liste. bal robes 2013 exemple de ukFor , vous pouvez utiliser une demoiselle d'honneur , au lieu de deux ou  plus . Ce que cela signifie est que vous avez seulement besoin de planifier et d' acheter seulement une  robe de demoiselle d'honneur . De même, si votre mari a prévu pour les deux meilleurs hommes , vous pouvez être juste une baisse du nombre ,robe soirée courte, de sorte que vous devriez obtenir une  la robe de soirée . Une autre grande idée qui peu
Hire Magento Developer For Developing Excellent Magento Estore
Magento is a website design application specifically used to make e-commerce sites and portals. It is mainly programmed with PHP and runs on the Zend Framework which is an open source, object-oriented web application framework. Magento can be used to create simple e-stores and yet it is powerful enough to launch a fully-featured e-commerce portal. It is open source technology and free to download and install the basic version. This makes it highly adaptable and stable. Its popularity is in the e-commerce industry where it is scalable to create large scale e-commerce websites. More than 20000 businesses have chosen Hire Magento Developer their e-stores.Magento comes with many free templates, add-ons and extensions that enables it to be modified to look professional and unique. It is also mobile and SEO friendly.Although Magento is a very powerful tool, it is also quite difficult to master it. It requires an expert programmer fluent in PHP programming language to customize it. Even thoug
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I am offering my Escort Service only for decent High Profile & Gentlemen who visits Switzerland frequently for fun time. I serve to those who maintain their profile as high class and maintain private companion in privacy. Visit me or Reach me..
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Sometimes it is about forgetting about everything else. Being in the moment, the touch of bodies, hands, mouths, and tongues. The scratch of nails down your back, the bite of teeth into your skin, the rough taking of another’s body because you won’t slow down, you can’t. You need this person, crave them; the sounds of there moans, the scent of there arousal, the taste of there sex. All for you. Knowing that they trust you as your nails go deeper, your bites grow harder, there moans turn to screams as you take everything that they offer and more. You claim them as yours, leaving your mark on there body, mind, heart, and there very soul. As you take them harder and harder, as sweat drips, and mouths scream. You crave this there ultimate surrender, there ecstasy knowing that you alone have done this, you alone have taking them to were the mind goes blank and instinct takes over. As they scream in ecstasy, and bliss.. smiling you follow.. for they have taken you too..
Why I Am Here, Why Im Unknown
our jobs as humans is to learn and grow from each other through sharing, communication, experiences, and human interaction.   i set up this page to screen those people that are merely interacting based on looks, appearance, or general location.  to find out whos real, and whos not? that being said my main profile has some images that people do not understand, they are missing out on a great human and person who just might open your eyes of perception and change the way you think or act, im all about changing the world, one person at a  time.  so this will be a prescreening page, interact with me here and enjoy me for me, you get on my profile, which is a priveledge and a blessing, im very good to my people and a uniqque, sweet funny blast of life.  i can also be a little silly here aand have some fun saving the worls, some of my friends are here and know its me, join the minion, let me be your hero, or just save me from this utter existance.  i know about abuse, and depression.  i also
Been out of work for almost a month. At first it was nice, but now I`m going stir crazy! I need something to do besides work around the house.
So Ready
im so ready for my new life to start... and im done letting people in that say they care and love me and want the best... so here is to you and you know who u are enjoy your life and remmeber life is to short for mind games... and friends are hard to find.. and true friendship is priceless..
Asian Fashion Sweater Match With Long Dresses
  Preface: a beautiful dress, the girls love it by hearts, cold how to do, naturally, is with a jacket, a knitted jacket is a very good choice, Here and beauty network a look long skirts and sweaters with it, there must be one that you love.   Sweater dress Thin sleeve knit korean asian clothing tops, to catch a split chiffon print dress, blouse loose a belt tied around his waist.    Sweater dress Chiffon dress outside the ride a knitted wool cardigan coat, color similar, small boots add a handsome, wide-brimmed hat is bright.   Sweater dress Knit tops strapless pleated skirt to catch the green algae, skirt drape good sense, the overall style is very fresh and clean, reveals a little sexy.   Sweater dress Knit tops strapless pleated skirt to catch the green algae, skirt drape good sense, the overall style is very fresh and clean, reveals a little sexy....   Sweater dress Green sweater to catch a print dress, reflective sunglasses are bright spots, the overall style is v
Asian Fashion Sweater Match With Long Dresses
  Preface: a beautiful dress, the girls love it by hearts, cold how to do, naturally, is with a jacket, a knitted jacket is a very good choice, Here and beauty network a look long skirts and sweaters with it, there must be one that you love.   Sweater dress Thin sleeve knit korean asian clothing tops, to catch a split chiffon print dress, blouse loose a belt tied around his waist.    Sweater dress Chiffon dress outside the ride a knitted wool cardigan coat, color similar, small boots add a handsome, wide-brimmed hat is bright.   Sweater dress Knit tops strapless pleated skirt to catch the green algae, skirt drape good sense, the overall style is very fresh and clean, reveals a little sexy.   Sweater dress Knit tops strapless pleated skirt to catch the green algae, skirt drape good sense, the overall style is very fresh and clean, reveals a little sexy....   Sweater dress Green sweater to catch a print dress, reflective sunglasses are bright spots, the overall style is v
Medion P9514 E7312 (98488 Md) With Android 4.2 For 99.99 Euros In The Check
Aldi Nord sold the Medion P9514 E7312 (98488 MD) from 24 October for 99.99 euros. What do think Tester via the Android Tablet? Bargain or not? The Medion P9514 E7312 (98488 MD) is the 24th October 2013 for 99.99 euros at Aldi Nord on the store shelf. For the money, buyers get a seven inch tablet with Android 4.2 an ARM, cortex A9 dual-core processor 1.4 GHz, 1 GB DDR3 RAM, 8 GB internal memory, two cameras, Wi-Fi, and OTG support (USB-host, USB on-the-go). The figures sound high-attractive price, but of course users must make smears when compared with competing devices. With a display Jung seven inch a comparison with, for example, the Asus is memo pad HD 7, that has already convinced in our practical test and is priced around $50 higher. The screen of the Medion device offers only 1,024 x 600 pixels to 1280 x 800 resolution as compared to the ASUS device. The processor is also weaker on the Medion tablet. The ARM Cortex A9 offers in the P9514 E7312 two cores, the Medi
10 Signs You Might Be A Redneck... :d
Your wife's hairdo was once ruined by a ceiling fan. You've been married three times and still have the same in-laws. You can't get married to your sweetheart because there's a law against it. You think loading a dishwasher means getting your wife drunk. Your toilet paper has page numbers on it. Somebody hollers "Hoe Down" and your girlfriend hits the floor. If a tornado hits your home and causes $10,000 dollars worth of improvement. Anyone in your family ever died right after saying, "Hey y'all watch this." You think Dom Perignon is a Mafia boss. You think a woman who is "out of your league" bowls on a different night.
So I have a six year old son. Yesterday his dad informs me he wants a dna test done to prove that he is his. Ironically this happens after we get a letter for child support! Are there any real fathers left? Any man can knock up a woman. But it takes a real man to stick with it and be a father.
Start Ending
In the beginning everything was newly known, time has flown us all into the unknown. If you even can look around you, and veiw the old as kinda new. Only then can you have the power, to discover new life of every minute in every hour.   There comes a time when you must see everyone, as ultimate proof and not as a task that is undone. Everyone was placed here as precious as the reason, the wind moves the clouds no matter the season. The rain will fall and slowly turn into snow, as people will enter your life and then need to go.   If the world ever just stopped turning, and every heart felt fire really stopped burning, Inside we all know why a S.O.S. we would be sending, save our souls, we aren't ready for the ending. You are free to run and raise your tone,
You And Me
Every once in a while, the impossible comes true. There is no explaining, the way I feel for YOU. Do I love you? Yes, more than life itself. But even love doesn't compare, to all that I have felt. You rebuilt me, healed me from the inside out. And each time I hear your name, there is no room for doubt. Doubting is for the weak, and you and I are strong. Holding onto one another, through everything gone wrong. I once walked with millions, down the Hall of Shame. Pretending to be someone else, ashamed of my own name. But you loved me regardless, through all that I was not. I have learned a lot from you, and the lessons you have taught. Some don't understand, but really I don't care. They can call me crazy, knowing you are there. My soul is not mine anymore, it has been yours all along. Pride is what I feel, knowing I'm right where I belong. Inside your heart as well, and if it takes a lifetime. I will wait patiently, to place your hand in mine. Because you are worth it,
Sluts And Whores
If you offer nude pictures in exchange for bling, then like or not you just made yourself a ho for a pretty fucking picture.  If you just like showing off your naked body, then you shouldn't ask ANYTHING of anyone. Just show it off and be proud. Nothing wrong with that. But demanding something in exchange? I don't give a fuck if you're offended or pissed off. You don't like my attitude? That's your problem. You have the option of blocking me, feel free to take it.  I've seen in that blast box more times than I can remember "Send me a box jeweled heart or whatever specific bling and I'll make you a nudie salute" - you get the point and I'm sick of these skanks getting all of this attention because they're showing off their funboxes and tits. They're not to be respected or admired, they're inbred knuckle dragging swamp skanks that should have a mattress nailed to their backs or knee pads super glued to their knees that probably would fall inside of themselves if they tripped. This is
Erotic Dreams 1, 2 And 3
Erotic Dreams I, II & III Filed under: Just me — Leave a comment September 1, 2010   Your hand on my thigh creates a chain reaction traveling up my thighs to my core. i am shivering in anticipation of what is to come. Your strong hands and masculine fingers on my skin feels so good. I love the way you caress me just so right. I feel you brush over my hot spot as your hands slide up between my thighs. Ooo feels so good. Shock waves of pleasure run through my body. “Do it again baby,Please” I say. I derive pleasure from your skins contact against mine. Feels so sensual, The definition of Pleasure and Desire. But i want more of you, I want all of you, and I want it now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your lips on my breast have got me excited and as you suck on my nipples i feel ripples and shock waves of pleasure throughout my body. “Suck Harder baby” I tell you. i feel myself getting wetter by the second. Now I am impatient to feel you i
Hope Filed under: Just me — 1 Comment May 21, 2013 Hope It’s such an intangible, everyday thing. There are small everyday hopes and larger life changing, earth shattering, mind rendering life or death hopes. I had a dream recently. The Dream scape was dark and , it was life at its rawest. No cover ups or fronts here. This dream, this memory won’t fade from my mind. Where hope is a bright ball of light. So shiny, floaty & beautiful. We are often drawn to it like a moth to a flame. No matter how high up and out if reach it may be. Hope can mean so much. Hope for a better tomorrow, a brighter day. Hope also tires into other things so closely like Trust, Faith, Love, Future. We strive to reach goals in the hope that they are attainable. Without that bright ball of light, we can become lost, afraid, stagnant. Without tomorrow, why go thru today? In this Dream scape, hopes light can be at arms reach or in the clouds themselves. The world is so dark that all t
GREETERS Probably the dumbest and easiest position in a lounge. Sit there, be pretty- and greet people as they come in. Make them feel comfortable. Initiate conversation. People like that. Failure to perform these simple duties will get you fired quicker than the iron chef. Help the promoters by helping them get people to join. Give it a good 20 minutes or so before you slyly put the link out there with a message.. 'If anyone hasn't joined yet, feel free to spank this for meh: (Link)' or something of that nature. Forcing them to join will only make them jump ship faster than a kardashian divorce hearing.
I Am Your Master
I walk in on you while you pretend to sleep, walk up to you and grab you by the throat with a my strong hand, i whisper in your ear that if you do anything stupid i will hurt you, you nod in agreement. I take whatever i can find near your bed and tie your hand behind your back grab you by the throat and force you down on your knees. as you are on your knees in front of me you to look up at me with those scared, seductive eyes of yours and hear you whimper. you can see the bulge in my pants grow. I smack you across the face and tell you again that i am going to hurt you if you if you try and run and you nod in agreement. i take my big hard cock out of my pants and stroke it in front of your face. looking into your eyes as i can see you enjoy it, then grab ahold of your hair and forcefully slide my cock inside your wet mouth sliding it deeper and deeper until i feel it gag you over and over until you gasp for air, as i slide it out i can tell you are enjoying every inch of i
New Beginnings
New Begininings  New sunsets  New places  New faces  New adventures New paths..  New perspectives...    Everything is new ...  Embracing the new ...  Embracing the truth Learning from the old     More to come .. that is new Life is an adventure everyday ...  
Me  i am under all of this ..   The me i was before him .. before everything ..  finding me in everything ..  finding my joy ..   And not always worrying about others 24/7  .. what a relief    I can just be  I can just write   I can just draw ...  I can just read ..  or wander around if i choose to ...    I'ts so nice ...  Making all my own choices again ..  So nice .. to be free    I'm just me ..   the way i want to be  The way i choose to be each day ...  one day at time..  There is no other way ...   
Easy Life...
What Else Is There To Talk About But The Weather And Dead Badgers.
There is nothing you can say about the weather now except that if the forecast is right then we are in for another long winter.  When I say nothing I mean nothing nice except that we are not going have hosepipe bans for the foreseeable future. It is absolutely chucking down here, no longer can the local golf course be seen or the houses along the Knoll.  It is I sight I look at every day and it is de ja vue.  Our skyline is almost identical to that which I looked at when I was a child growing up in Kent.  The view is almost the same down there now but the quality of the people living there has altered and not for the better it seems.  Still that is not my problem as I don't live there now.  I just have the same view although the outlook today is rather obscured. The other day the most that happened was that we came across a dead badger in the road, it had obviously been hit by someone driving far too fast as usual along a country lane.  I got two doggy bags out of my pocket, put them
After feeling and experiencing so many negative emotions and having the inability to deal with them, you sometimes find yourself here—in depression. We say INABILITY because you were not able to look within to solve the emotions you felt were outside of you. You have felt unworthiness, anxiety, anger, frustration, sadness, disappointment, guilt, doubt, hatred and resentment, and are now at the end of it all . . . DEPRESSED. Look at the word DEPRESSION (pressing down state of sadness).You feel the pressure of all the emotions due to your inability to work through them as they occurred, and in not releasing them you unknowingly added to them with each passing day and now feel defeated. This has caused you to create a state of being. Now you are at the end of the road having to face the truth. YOU NEED TO MAKE A CHOICE. The reason you always need to keep making choices is that you are EVOLVING BEINGS and you are from that perspective never able to just stand still. It is impossible
Get The Ultimate Pleasure Of Playing Great Music With Casio Ap – 650 Mbk Digital Pianos
As a musician, I have always admired piano as the ultimate musical instrument. The excellent sound quality and the euphoria of romancing with the piano keys, has always inspired me to create great music. That is perhaps why I fell in love with the AP-650 MBK digital piano from Casio almost the moment I set my eyes on it. As I tried some of my compositions on the instrument, I felt the same thrill and passion like I feel while playing on an acoustic piano. The tri-sensor scaled hammer action keyboard of AP-650 MBK, responded to the touch of my fingers in almost a magical manner. Also the tiny crimp on the surface of the keys ensures that I do not tire easily, even if when I intend to play for longer periods of time. The instrument has been provided with a new keyboard system, for efficient reproduction of the finesse resulting from the speed with which I release the individual keys. For a natural and beautiful resonance effect, the piano is fitted with a damper resonance which proves
Little Elm & Keller Texas Locksmith
Right inside of North Central Illinois, between the Dallas & Fort worth Metropolis areas, is Keller Texas Locksmith, TX which holds an array of brilliant neighborhoods to select from, including Coventry Hills, which offers a brilliant little city feel to a country expanse that also holds great homes with great prices. Asked Keller has been name of the Best Place to Live, it is no wonder that Coventry Hills residents feel so great about their brilliant neighborhood & community. The homes in the neighborhood start within the $130,000's, but can range through various different prices, as well as sizes. There are various schools only five minutes from Coventry Hills, most which have very high ratings in the educational method. An area rich in natural parks & scenic country estates, ones can find Houston homes on the marketplace for a variety of prices! However, the steady migration & rich industrial background made it simple for real estate to make a solid comeback within a year. Homes
Ap-450bk/bn – For Enjoying The Pleasure Of No Compromise Piano Playing
Being a music lover, I have been always been mesmerized by the fact that some of world’s greatest musicians have been great piano players. Although, I had been playing the piano for quite a while, the all new AP-450 BK/BN piano from Casio helped me rediscover a whole new aspect of playing this world class instrument. The instrument provides a pure piano feel with the help of its AiR sound source and collection of rich tones, so much so that I sometimes tend to forget the fact that I am playing a digital instrument. The elegant design and appearance of the instrument further enhances the feel of playing a grand piano. The first thing about AP-450 BK/BN that catches my eye, are the ebony and ivory keys, which provide the look of luxury and texture similar to a grand piano. The intricately designed crimp surface finish makes sure that my fingers do not slip while playing the instrument. The Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II uses a three-sensor system for detecting the
Some One Cares
Everyone will go thru some hard times at some point. Life isn't easy. Just something to think about...Did you know the people that are the strongest are usually the most sensitive? Did you know the people who exhibit the most kindness are the first to get mistreated? Did you know the ones who take care of others all the time are usually the ones who need it the most? Did you know the 3 hardest things to say are I love you, I'm sorry, and Help me. Sometimes just because a person looks happy, you have to look past their smile and see how much pain they may be in. To all my friends who are going through some issues right now--Let's start an intention avalanche. We all need positive intentions right now. If I don't see your name, I'll understand. May I ask my friends wherever you might be, to kindly copy and paste this status for one hour to give a moment of support to all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just need to know
China Seeks To Create A Top-quality Smartphone Market
In recent years, the rapid development of the smart phone market , new product after another , but the product homogeneity is also increasingly serious .Recently, the association together with China Mobile launched three new distinctive 3G smartphone - Lenovo A678t, A378t, A318t, these three products, with its colorful touch sensitive screen , high-performance processors and favorable contract prices and other advantages , want to break the field of smart phones homogenization cycle Among them, the Lenovo A678t has 5.0 inches IPS Colorful big screen Tablets PC whether watching movies , playing games , surfing the web will provide users with a stunning visual experience and extraordinary vision. Equipped with a 1.3GHz quad-core processor , the phone provides a strong impetus , even while running a large games and watch HD movies , can maintain smooth quality . Lenovo A678t equipped with Android 4.2 smartphone operating system, high-performance hardware configuration and sta
The Advantages Of Managed Clouds
Cloud hosting has taken the world by a storm. Fast, efficient and reliable. These are the words many use to describe this cloud technology. It may perhaps the most accepted and implemented form of cloud technology available in the market today. Did you know that even a 1 second delay can cost up to 10% loss of revenue from customers? Today’s customers expect high speed services and they will be turned off if they find the site they use to be slow or unresponsive. This is where the cloud offers a helping hand to businesses that are fed up with traditional hosting that is entirely dependent on a single server. Cloud hosting gets its performance by relying on several servers rather than a single server. In cloud hosting, your website is hosted on several servers all around the world. In case a server shuts down or is going through maintenance, other servers will take up the service of running your website for your customers without downtime. If a server is overloaded with traffic
There is war brewing on own soil . Are own government has turned on us . With government been closed there making new laws to take are freedom a way from us . This no joke some of us started arming. Are Pres. Betray us and with war crimes.  the rest of world is shooting for us help us take are country back and make it free again this war maybe long and hard . But we will take back are country. 
Real Love
Real love is knowing who you want to be with forever, and loving them so much that you would rather be gone from this Earth than to still live and see them go.
Gunuzhayi Went To The Belgian Giants Anderlecht
Gunuzhayi February 5, 1995 was born in Brussels, Belgium , parents from Kosovo and Albania, 6 years old he joined the youth academy of Brussels , began a football career. In 2005, the old Gunuzhayi went to the Belgian giants Anderlecht , receive better football training . 2011 , was brought to the United Gunuzhayi , the end of the 2012-2013 season ,Wholesale Chelsea jersey Ferguson Gunuzhayi move into the Manchester United first team, but he did not get chance to perform . This season, Gunuzhayi finally gain a foothold in the first team to enter the United rotation. AC Milan want to get Gunuzhayi will inevitably have to pay a transfer fee is not low , but on the status of AC Milan is a bit unrealistic . However, according to "Corriere dello Sport " Wholesale AC Milan jersey reported that Berlusconi seems ready to sell part of stake in AC Milan , it is learned that he had sent the contact Middle East consortium . Want to get enough money signings in addition to sell the team options o
Barbour North Face Fashion Style
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Fashion Barbour Barbour
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Barbours Outlet Members Of Your Family Techniques All The Time
The producer of 1,000 euro (Dollar1,390) shiny Barbour Jacket Men black Barbour jackets, with the intention of hold develop into widely held lone of the style-aware, had in the beginning whispered hello under fire to drift by the springtime otherwise summer of 2011. Around the Black Fri,the Barbour overcoats ladies can be located produced by on saleWomens Barbour Waterproof Jackets velocity if bonus than two models bought.Concerning impending numerous content articles,we may well converse in roughly the unusual habitual traditional Barbour womens overcoats these to the same extent Barbour jackets loire,Barbour coats luice. This design is applying the winter stop of your stage and everybody who brought a Barbour Down Coat with design surrounded by the swagger. 
Barbours Jakke Sale That Accept advertisement
But how can you keep by hand reheat yet appearing in mens barbour jacket taste and appearing in adapt? Out-of-doors clothes ought to remain made intended for unlikable location and ought to additionally remain fashionable, and Mens Barbour Jacket can look after you in contrast to the harsh kind of weather.Jackets as a rule appear voguish pigs colours like whitened, black, women and cheap barbour jackets men Barbour jackets women possess smart colours and pleasurable like light red, red, wet behind the ears, flag with the purpose of solitary might imagine.So I beg your pardon? Are you waiting meant for? Place your order at the moment to cause to feel your appeal extra stylish and trendy perfectly like a few pop idol. 
Annnnd I'm Out
I've been through some pretty hard times.. still have tons to go through, all I'm sayin is.. the things that happen to you are what make you who you are.. the things you do, are a product of what you have seen. I'm not perfect damnit. Never have been, never will be.. *one second, gotta pack my bowl.. brb* I'm pretty damned good at what I do,What I do is what I do, cause that's all I can do. I'm special, ed.I've ridden the short bus..they dropped me off in front of my  house,when my leg was fucked up.   167 views on my blog, with nothing in it.. wonder if a post will make it 168.. probably not. I forgot I even started a blog.. I've been doing well. which is where I want to be, but soon I am going to do great things. I could really use another beer, brb. Last night I took a 5 hour energy shot at 3 am.. it fucked up my sleep schedule. annnnd I'm out.
Barbours Norge Online
Goose let down is incredibly insulating, mild-fat and mesh.Present Mens Barbour Fleece Jackets is commonly a widespread range of down overcoats obtainable, which range from folks shaped with goose down and down to all these manufactured from mock let down choices. This day, you possess a massive selection of selection, the brand determine to is a good number correct contained by your Mens Barbour Bedale Jackets output of several types of outlet Barbour. Wearing a informal and correct Barbour 20131016kujhgfdsdbgv outlet jacket trendy the winter months is sort of discussing.We know, typically, apparel tailor and colorific have an effect on may perhaps produce an bearing on our stature's elegance.
Hyundai M8, Cheap 3g Tablet Pc
When Chuwi released the Chuwi V88HD, Hyundai released its new tablet pc android at same while, the Hyundai M8. Although, they are competitors, but these two new tablets has no common points. Hyundai M8 is a 3G tablet with 7.9 inch IPS screen. The interesting point is the 3G built in function. People can surf the internet after loading the 3G SIM card. The other point is the GPS navigation is already available in the unit. And till now, this Hyundai M8 seems to be better and more interesting for people here. Today, let's share it with you this new Hyundai M8 quad core tablet. Of course, if you want to order it now, you can go to and you will have it very soon. Hyundai M8 MTK8389 Quad Core Tablet PC 7.9 Pulgadas IPS Pantalla Android 4.2 3G GPS Monster Phone 8GB Características principales de Tablet Baratas Hyundai M8: Sistema Operativo: Android 4.2.2 CPU / Procesador: MTK8389, 1.2GHz, Cortex A7 cuádruple núcleo, GPU: PowerVR SGX 544 RAM:  1GB (RDA 3) Disco
Galaxy Ship For Front Shock Exposure Target 60000000 King Himself Nodding Willing To Go To Real Madrid
"I do know Falcao want to play for Real Madrid ." Florentino in receiving financial television interview, said these words revealed a message that Real Madrid Colombian striker signings still still on the list . "Tiger" Falcao in Spain was a big success, he continued to maintain standards in Monaco , cheap jerseys while in Colombia the national team , he helped the team into the World Cup. Falcao Florentino favorite is the kind of player for a long time , while Real Madrid president Colombians also interested grateful. According to the " Aspen" the greater Manu - Sens in the " penalty points " program revealed Falcao Real Madrid once again to ogle , he heard the words of the President of Real Madrid was very pleased , through his broker Mende Sri Lanka to show good Florentino thanked while Real Madrid president , then he went to Real Madrid, but also enhance the confidence of fact,Baltimore Ravens Jersey the Colombian striker 's biggest dream is to play for Real Madrid .
The Boss And His Secretary
The meeting had been tough, very tough. Monique and Alex were relaxing in the hotel bar sipping their drinks; he slumped into the sofa, she beside him more alert, sitting upright at an angle facing him. It was early evening, but Alex was tired. He had just successfully concluded the best deal in his company’s short history, but the negotiations had seriously drained him. Monique put a hand on his thigh saying “You were fantastic Alex. I can’t believe you got such a good deal.” Monique was Alex’s PA, and she’d been with him for the two years he’d had his business. Alex had set up his business after he’d been made redundant. With 20 years of service he’d had a handsome payoff and was able to fulfil his ambition of working for himself. His wife on the other hand had not shared his feelings, and during the hard first year their marriage had broken down. She eventually left him for his one-time boss, and supposed friend. Alex had thrown
Shopping For Black Friday
United States The states which have official public holidays for state government employees on "The Day After Thanksgiving" include California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Washington and West Virginia. The news media have long described the day after Thanksgiving as the busiest shopping day of the year. In earlier years, this was not actually the case. In the period from 1993 through 2001, for example, Black Friday ranked from fifth to tenth on the list of busiest shopping days, with the last Saturday before Christmas usually taking first place. In 2003, however, Black Friday actually was the busiest shopping day of the year, and it has retained that position every year since, with the exception of 2004, when it ranked second (after Saturday, December 18). Blac
Black Friday Shopping
Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In recent years, most major retailers have opened extremely early and offered promotional sales to kick off the holiday shopping season, similar to Boxing Day sales in many Commonwealth Nations. Black Friday is not a federal holiday, but California and some other states observe "The Day After Thanksgiving" as a holiday for state government employees, sometimes in lieu of another federal holiday such as Columbus Day. Many non-retail employees and schools have both Thanksgiving and the day after off, followed by a weekend, thereby increasing the number of potential shoppers. It has routinely been the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005, although news reports, which at that time were inaccurate, have described it as the busiest shopping day of the year for a much longer period of time. The day's name originated
Fast Car Loan Processing
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Best Wedding Planners Melbourne
Weddings are the most private affair, & yet you are supposed to flaunt it the most as you can. From reception gate to catering to the bridal apparel, everything counts to make this pivotal affair in to a grand. Weddings are like moments of celebrations, & an immense gathering is involved. And either they are the kin of bride or groom, every single person eyes your endeavors which ought to be sweet & exact simultaneously. For this important affair which is like a treasure for you & your relatives, you may not afford to make a single mistake which might mess up your whole occasion. Albeit, bridal apparel and catering are always at the top of your mind; these days you may not afford to keep away from the details you are supposed to put while celebrating the momentary affair. But, lack of time and qualification of details often ruins everything. Here, comes Wedding decorations Melbourne to your rescue. You ask them to make arrangements for catering, decoration and attires for bride and gr
Robe Commerces Et Boutique
la plupart des adolescentes cherchent la belle robe pas cher dans les magasins de vêtements ou boutiques de vêtements. Ces magasins abritent un large éventail de robes pour les fêtes de retours au pays, les événements officiels, mariages , bals et des cocktails . Magasins de vêtements et boutiques de vêtements ont des robes pour des occasions spéciales telles que : . Robes de cocktail thé -longueur , robes semi- formelles courtes et même des mini- robes   magasins de vêtements et de boutiques de robe peut offrir collection dispose de robes de créateurs et robes formelles de nombreux designers . Il existe de nombreux types de petites robes noires et des robes courtes à choisir. Il existe également différentes tailles de robes longues officielles dans les tissus métalliques brillants et avec des paillettes et des arcs. La belle robe pas cher sont de petite à zéro et tailles 0 à 32 plus la taille . En outre, ceux qui sont sur un budget strict peut recourir à habiller magas
Why is if faith such an odd and difficult concept for some people to grasp?We live our lives and act on faith every day. Just walking outside your door takes faith. No one knows what could happen. But, despite all the dangers the world has outside that door, we choose, out of faith, to walk through it, believing nothing bad will happen.We apply that same faith when it comes to love--When we fall in love with someone, in spite of what logic and reason tells us, we DEFY logic and reason and act on what we "feel" in our hearts. Even if our minds tell us that it may not be the smartest choice. That is faith. So why is that same faith so difficult to apply to God? Why are we willing to put our hearts on the line for another human being--even though you can't always trust people. Because people, by nature,lie cheat,and steal-- and not willing to entrust our hearts to God?You might say "Well, God Has never shown Himself to me or given me any reason to believe He does exist". One could argue t
Christianity:religion Or Relationship?you Decide:)
A lot of people (Even some pastors/priests and other "religious" leaders) have the misconception that Christianity is just another religion. There are a lot of people who treat it like a religion-a sort of "quid pro quo" arrangement between them and God. Which is basically like giving God an ultimatum and saying "Okay, God, if you do this for me, I'll do this for you." But, a true Christian knows that you don't give God ultimatums. You don't do things for God just to recieve something in return. Relationships don't work that way.In a relationship, we do things for those we love simply because we love them. God didn't send His Son to die for us because we did anything for Him. In fact, He did it DESPITE the fact that we rejected Him. Christianity is about relationship with God through Jesus Christ. No religion offers or requires a personal relationship with its deity.(Then again,I suppose, that depends on how you define "relationship." Many people differ in opinion when it comes to that
Team Gannicus
Best Luxury Pool Villa Huahin
Luxury fully equipped holiday villa Thailand with private pool in the beach resort town of Hua Hin located in a quiet area with mountains in the background. The Luxury pool villas located in a quiet, quiet area of Hua Hin provides for luxury and comfort for up to 6 people. It can basically be reached by taxi or van from Bangkok or by plane to Hua Hin airport. Well suited for relaxing holiday in the event you like beach, indulging in day spas, golf or sightseeing. The villas in hua hin has a large living room with dining table, LCD TV with sofas seating 6 people, open fully equipped kitchen with washing machine, dryer, water cooker, pans etc. There are three bedrooms with closets, one has a King size bed, two have a Queen Size bed. The villa has bathrooms each with shower, toilet and wash basin. All rooms have air conditioning. The villa is set in a well maintained tropical garden with private pool. The pool area has a table where you can have lunch or dinner & deck chairs. Rental
New Password
A husband and wife are trying to set up a new password for their computer. The husband puts, "Mypenis," and the wife falls on the ground laughing because on the screen it says, "Error. Not long enough."
Sexy Lingerie Transparent Tulle Sexy Japanese Kimono - Jaden
Sexy Lingerie Transparent Tulle Sexy Japanese Kimono - Jaden is it cost a thing. But the good thing is you will able to do something special for your husband. If you do not know what colors he find you more sexy wearing here at , ask him. If you cannot get a straight answer out of him, black and red are always hot and sexy. Not to mention, black is very slenderizing. So, if you have been worried about a few extra pounds you put on after tying the knot, throw on something black. You cannot go wrong with black. It’s good to wear black whether you are chubby or petite, black makes you more sexy and gorgeous. Regardless of what you are wearing, you want to always have the right attitude.
Kc Filipinas Golf Resort Club, Inc.
KC Filipinas Golf Resort Club, Inc. - is one of the most challenging golf courses in the Philippines. The course is surrounded by thousands of trees and the greens are well kept in excellent condition. There is a clear view from the tee to green, and the fairways are long and firm.   KC Filipinas Golf Resort Club, Inc. - provides an exceptional golfing experience in our 18-hole golf course, and environmentally friendly ambiance by sustaining high quality recreational facilities and services using a well-trained team, motivated staff and up-to-date equipment and tools.
Bored And Depress
how are u all ? good i hope . next tuesday , i have to go in the hospital for inter ear opertion . i have a funny round mass in my inter left ear, makeing my hearing , worse right now i have to walk with a cane for right now i hope my surgery will go good on tuesday , i love country music , pop . like the backstreet boys rap hip hop classic rock . like kiss , since my mom cant drive for right now . so we are stuck here , no going anywhere,,i dont drive my daughter goes to collage and then work . the old man . isnt round here , my shows are american idol . american got talent . cops  wwe raw and smackdown ; vampire daries.. i know i am pretty and not that smart on a lot of things,  but i have a heart of gold .. i dont need no drame on my profile , guess i will go now . and i hope u can understand my blog  love all my friends
Just A Thought
It has occurred to me by being on FU everyday that some people have little respect for others.  Some people take a LIKE status or RATE status the wrong way.  Just because I LIKE or RATE you doesn't mean I want to screw you.  Am I flirty?  Yes, sometimes.  I choose who I am flirty with, but that does not make me slutty or a SLUT.  I think I am a very decent and friendly woman.  I never disrespect anyone and I wouldn't want to be disrespected.  FUBAR is fun.  It is very fun and it's a wonderful place to make new friends, have some fun and just be yourself.  I understand when someone wants to sex chat, but that is only welcomed when the one you sex chatting has a mutual urge to do so.  That is your business.  So have fun on FU but be respectul of others.  Make new friends whether you are friends outside of FU or not and just be yourself.  That is just my thought and opinion.
Fu Hubby Or Wifey?!
OMG I swear I'm fed up with my fu wifey/hubby problem.  I'm writing this blog to let everyone know that I"m chosing a new hubby or wifey at the end of the week.  If you want to be considered leave me a comment.  I like someone that is sweet and gives me attention that I want and crave.  Thanks everyone.  :)  luv ya all
Why do people have to bring up personal stuff when they dont get their way. bringing up someones kids is tking it to far and so is starting shit with people they dont know. if i piss you off talk to me personally dont use my kids or my past.
Aѕ Much оf A Running Gait Aѕ Iѕ Practical
Other manufacturers have since produced retractable hardtop convertibles in the Garrett Hartley Jersey compact executive (entry-level luxury) car segment, such as the Lexus IS C and Infiniti G37 convertible, to compete with the 3 Series We can walk away from it knowing it’s been a good life The lender will first try to get their money back, but as a last resort, they will have to take the house back * Promote your site making use of social websites The E12/8 Benjamin Watson Saints Jersey was essentially an E12 body fitted with the E28 suspension, electronics and interior Working out can also help alleviate other menstrual nuisances, such as abdominal bloating and retaining water The term sporty was coined to refer to a sleek but robust design that exudes a powerful persona for the person behind the wheel You may not receive a reply, but even if you don’t Authentic Benjamin Watson Jersey you have at least responded in kind with unsolicited advertising! Showing
Redundant Information By Spyware And Viruses
LeGarrette Blount Patriots Jersey They are both Spanish nationals playing central defense in football for Spanish football clubs, albeit separate ones Those kind of sweater or shirt carriers are perfect which can also be used with shoes and the materials used in making them are biodegradable that is Eco friendly If you try to wait for the very last minute, you could end up getting Authentic LeGarrette Blount Jersey a disaster in your hands As you finish the 180 degree spin around to your right side, the defender should now be behind you and you?ll be facing the basketball hoop Pink pumps can also be worn in a corporate environment but of course it is stricter when it comes to choosing the color to complement it Given that the creation of denim material, LeGarrette Blount Jersey many clothing companies have come up with several clothing items made of denim The next thing you know I found myself at their level Those kind of sweater or shirt carriers are perfect which can al
It Is So Important That Modern Versions
Because of the large number of products available Haloti Ngata Official Jersey for treating acne, it can be difficult to decide which one to try Support your body natural filter and eat a liver healthy detox diet Later in the movie, Rambo attacked the town center where the cruel sheriff was hiding For many people, the smaller ones offering local service are the way to go The Authentic Haloti Ngata Jersey only drawback it suffers from is the exorbitant interest rate it carries with it Scrape off as much adhesive as you can because the new seal bonds better to a clean surface More often than not, illicit affairs often take place through the phone The show revolves exclusively around what Beatles fans come flocking to Haloti Ngata Jersey see their favorite flawless music played by this brilliant group of musicians and impersonators You need to think carefully before laying your trust in a lawyer after all in some cases your life, future, money or property will be in his hand
Ay. The Orioles Have Rallied From Five-run Defici
DETROIT -- Down by five after one inning and facing one of the ALs hottest pitchers, the Baltimore Orioles had the Detroit Tigers right where they wanted them. Nate McLouth hit a go-ahead, two-run triple and Baltimore stormed back to beat Detroit 7-5 on Sunday. The Orioles have rallied from five-run deficits to win three times in their last 20 games. "Thats a great win for us," manager Buck Showalter said. "This is a very workman-like team. They dont get excited when something like this happens. They just look at what theyve got in front of them and start working on it." McLouth, Nick Markakis and Mark Reynolds each had two hits for the Orioles, who have won five of seven, including the last two of the key weekend series at Detroit. Chris Davis homered for the second straight game and J.J. Hardy had a two-run double. The Orioles lead Detroit by two games in the race for the second wild-card spot in the American League. The Tigers had won 17 of 20 at Comerica Park before dro
Ith Rays Experience And Capabilities
CFL on TSN analyst Matt Dunigan breaks down the quarterback situation for each team heading into the 2012 regular season. Ricky Ray, Sacramento State (10th CFL/1st Toronto) The Argonauts finally have a proven QB behind centre, thank goodness! Ray has given the team, city and province hope that the Argos offence can score effectively in order to compete for the 100th Grey Cup on November 25th. The addition of new head coach Scott Milanovich and his offensive schemes coupled with Rays experience and capabilities is extremely exciting. The only question is, does Ricky have enough receivers around him to be successful? Im not sure that this area of weakness over the last two seasons, has yet been remedied. We will have to wait to see, as injuries during preseason have mounted to the players/receivers they were counting on to carry much of the load. We know Ray can chunk it, but the question remains if the Argos have enough talent around him to catch it and make a difference. Ja
There Is Certainly Great Inability
You can find here numerous labels and designer brands Alex Smith Chiefs Jersey that offer shoes at prices that are not too heavy on the pocket Asics are a premium brand and priced so everywhere in the world While in the United States cricket is a hardly explored territory and baseball and rugby take the crown for the favourite sports And with all the coverage they are getting, reputations can be made in a single Authentic Alex Smith Jersey night All of the projects that have been developed under Assotech Realty are having a spectacular view of marvelous art and extraordinary view So, it is best to put on a pair of running shoes for jogging So golf shoes are useful, comfortable, stylish and waterproof These may take years to resolve and hence continued pimple treatment and other cures seem difficult Search engine optimization Alex Smith Jersey refers to the process of enhancing a websites rankings in the search engine search results Take for instance the name Tyler Collins whi
In The Fourth Quarter, When Shurmur
BEREA, Ohio -- Browns coach Pat Shurmur has already developed thick skin. Now, hes bulking up his record. With two straight wins, the Browns are showing major signs of improvement in their second season under Shurmur, whose future in Cleveland could hinge on how his team plays in its final four games -- if it hasnt been determined already. On Sunday, the Browns (4-8) snapped a 12-game road losing streak with a 20-17 win over Oakland, putting the Raiders away with a clutch, 94-yard touchdown drive in the fourth quarter, when Shurmur made a gutsy fourth-down call. The Browns have gotten better and so has Shurmur. He has been harshly criticized by some Cleveland fans for his game management and play calling, and theres a chance he wont be around for a third year once new owner Jimmy Haslam and CEO Joe Banner finish their post-season assessment. Shurmur wont predict whats ahead. "I dont want to talk about my future, OK?" he said. "Im trying to make this the best Monday of the y
Asnt Much Riding On The Match, But It Had That
KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. -- John Isner beat recently retired Juan Carlos Ferrero 7-6 (2), 6-3 on Friday night in the six-player Miami Tennis Cup exhibition event. Isner won seven straight points in the first-set tiebreaker after dropping the first two. "It probably wasnt the best match as I know he hasnt played in forever and Im just getting going again," said Isner, ranked 14th in the world. "The best way to prepare yourself for a new year is to get out there and play a match like that. I know there wasnt much riding on the match, but it had that match feel that you cant emulate in practice." Ferrero, the 2003 French Open champion, surrendered his serve in the eighth game of the second set to enable Isner to serve for the match. In the first match, Nicolas Almagro beat Alejandro Falla 6-4, 6-1. Almagro won the final two games of the first set and easily finished off Falla in the second. On Saturday night, recently retired Andy Roddick will face third-ranked Andy Murray. Roddick,
To Have All The Ducks In A Row And
NEW ORLEANS -- Monty Williams took his first NBA head coaching job with the Hornets at a time when the franchise was defined by uncertainty. Star players were looking to leave and no one knew who the next owner would be, or even if the team would remain in New Orleans long term. Williams kept his focus on coaching, and has been rewarded with a four-year extension running through the 2015-16 season. "The problems we have in the NBA are really good problems to have," Williams said in a phone interview with The Associated Press on Sunday, the day the club announced his extension. "I would have loved to have all the ducks in a row and all the other good things everybody else had in their organizations, but that just wasnt my reality and at the same time my job hadnt changed and my players needed me to be focused on my job." The new deal comes as the 40-year-old Williams heads into the final year of the first head coaching contract he signed in 2010. The Hornets didnt release co
Nt Buck Pierce Hurt His Foot Against Edm
MISSISSAUGA, Ont. - These are hard times for the defending East Division champions. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have dropped three straight games and are the CFLs lone remaining winless squad. And not only is the club coming off a lopsided 42-10 loss to the Edmonton Eskimos, they are limping into Rogers Centre to face defensive end Erijo Kuale and the Toronto Argonauts on Wednesday night. Watch the game live on TSN starting at 7pm et/4pm pt. You can also listen to the game on TSN 1050 in Toronto and nationally at Backup quarterback Alex Brink will get the start for Winnipeg after incumbent Buck Pierce hurt his foot against Edmonton. Brink also left the game versus the Eskimos after taking a nasty hit from linebacker J.C. Sherritt. "Im expecting a lot out of him," Kuale said of Brink. "Just because hes the backup, were not going to treat him any different because he has the tools to be the starter. "He has a great arm. Playing him last year, he makes great decisions an
On Its Website Thursday. The 72-year-
NEW YORK -- A person with knowledge of the situation says the New York Jets have hired former Indianapolis offensive co-ordinator Tom Moore as a consultant. Moore, credited for helping Colts quarterback Peyton Manning develop into a four-time NFL MVP, will work during the season from his home in South Carolina, according to the person who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the team hadnt announced the hiring. The New York Post first reported the hiring on its website Thursday. The 72-year-old Moore was brought in by coach Rex Ryan to speak to his staff a few months ago and offered the job sometime last month. He retired after the 2009 season but returned to the Colts as a senior offensive assistant last season before retiring again in May. Wholesale Jerseys China . No wonder he wants to stick around. Bynum says about Philadelphia, hes "leaning toward making this my home." That brought even louder cheers from an event that was more pep rally than

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