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1st, 2nd, 4th Amendments Repealed? Something I Should Know?
Hummm...Well isn't this a bitch.  It would appear that at some point while we all slept the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments were repealed.  What DHS done here is a direct and clear violation of what shouldn't be done.  They had ZERO right to enter into this house and take ANYTHING, that wasn't listed on the warrent. Is is alleged that they went through the house and took items not listed on the warrent, this is a violation of the 4th amendment, and unless it's been repealed, and I not know about it, makes it an illegal search and seizure, and that my friends is against the law.  Looks like the big O is now trying to take the rights away from the citizens because they don't like what's being done.  That's about as bad and a corrupt as the LAPD.  THe whole administeration is nothing but corrupt.  This shows it, WAKE UP people! If we allow this to happen, it will soon be common law, and everything that this great nation was built on will be gone. We will go to Shira law, which is the law of
To many Americans forgot the laws and ways of our country and how it should be. We have forgotten how to defend and take care of ourselves as we did when our ancestors were growing up. We have forgotten how to fight for our freedom and our country as well. Now, with a new president, new rules and laws and to many governemnt, our country is falling apart as are the us American citizens. Our schools dont even teach us the real truth about our history, because they dont want us to know that we are the ones who own this country, who are suppose to make our laws and have the things we want our coutry to have to make it a better place to raise our families. We have forgotten who we are. We need to stand up against all the hate, war, violence and rage that our people have turned to because of the lies we have been taught over many years. Our Government is corrupt as is our President. Why are we letting them take things away from us? why are we letting them ruin our country and telling us how
How To Promote
How to Promote a loungeits not hard right click see that copy button and paste button those are your best promoting tools besides having some kind of personality and lets face it, if you are reading this you must have a great one :)So in promoting a lounge there are two main ways to do ita- spamming profilesb- spamming sbs (if you choose this way be prepared to be bitched at, cussed at, people do not like to be bugged about lounges in their sbs but like i say they can get the fuck over it right? :) )so lets start with AIn fantasia there is a link for bully's ( yes ill teach you how to make bully's too its simple) click that link it will bring up a spreadsheet go ahead and click list then view, that allows you to copy and paste, at the bottom you will see a bar that moves the page from bully to bully. Find spammers, and general fantasia those are you spammers to put on profileshighlight the stuff in the box, always remember to copy from < to > or just the whole box, then go back to your
Why Young Women Are Going Off The Pill And On To Contraception Voodoo
I have a twentysomething friend in the US who, for purposes of preserving our friendship, I'll call Mary. As Mary is a human being, she likes to have sex. One thing Mary does not like, however, is contraception. Being on the pill made her "crazy"; getting an IUD felt, she says evocatively, "like having a hair caught in my throat"; and condoms "just don't feel good. We all know that." So for the past dozen years ("at least") Mary has been using an alternative method: she hasn't been using any contraception at all. Instead, she has worked out a formula that she calls "amazing" and I call "voodoo". It involves a combination of relying on various smartphone apps with names like Period Tracker and relying on the guy she is sleeping with (she is not in a long-term relationship) to "behave" – in other words, pull out in the nick of time. That she has not become pregnant since switching to her voodoo system proves, she says, that it works, "although there have been a few plan B [morning
Nbc Deletes A 'bombshell Obamacare Report' Less Then 24 Hours After It Was Published.
Strange how a report that damns obamacare is removed less then 24 hours after it was published after the NBC website says it's an 'error' or a glitch.  If you follow the link below it will show what was there before and after.  Looks to me like something fishie is going on here, what sa you, the masses?  Please feel free to comment after reading the link.  Enjoy.  It's just getting worse and worse everyone.
Starting Over
Sometimes I feel like starting over is not worth the trouble. Going through my second divorce, I am back in town where my first marriage went to shit dealing with my first x wife the only bonus is I get to see my 11 year old daughter. Although not that excited about being back in south east Kansas but it’s as good as a place as any there is nothing really for me in North Carolina anymore but bad memories and a mother I don’t get along with that’s dying of cancer..  I quit drinking and by doing so all my old friends and I have nothing in common now so I am pretty much alone. Trying to keep some type of faith in God, struggling hard with that I feel alone and like an outcast at the church. I keep my feelings guarded because I already feel like a freak no need proving to people. Here I can vent because it’s the net and nobodies real on fubar and really people only care about themselves. The dating scene in this town sucks any woman worth anything has been taken an
Fall 2013 Auction
Hosting a fall auction ladies and gentlemen... can be SFW or NSFW.. Auction entry fee will be 2 credits each or 5 million fubucks for prizes. The more that enter with credits, I will add more to the prizes... Winners will be the top 3 highest RATES... Taking entries starting today 10/29/2013 til Thursday night 10/31/2013 @ 10pm central time.. WILL open friday November 1st @ 3pm central and run until Friday november 8th @ 3pm central Please fupal me your option of payment, and pm me the link to your picture you want used and your offers no later than THURSDAY 10/31 @ 10pm central :) CO HOSTED BY DEMONIC TEMPTRESS   Prizes are as follows: 1st place- Boomerang & 150 million fubucks 2nd place- 10 credits or bling of choice and 50 million fubucks 3rd place- 5 credits or bling of your choice and 25 million fubucks (All prizes are subject to change depending on how many entries are given with either/or credits & fubucks.   LET THE FUN BEGIN! (NO DRAMA ALLOWED or YOU WILL BE BANNE
Closer here than before Eyes can see clearly Hands can touch freely Yet, Something shifted and it's further than it seems   No longer inspiring as I once felt Too much reality for the dream to unfold as it once had   Moments of clarity taken for granted Unable to brace against the bitter chill of life's favorite games   Unreasonable Selfish Sick with need This is what has come of a hope on the wind   Not a shred of familiarity in this space chosen Detachement Isolation on an island of sacrifice   I wasn't ready for what now is And what once was feels as if it's slipping away   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
about last night Beautiful night sky       pin cushion of black never say die       infinite this realm dimensional       aphrodisiac... time stands still       shifting to embrace the light of day       eastthe rising sun       a candle lit to show the way...
so what The truth is spread around and gathered by people to make something meaningful to create something from the puzzle making the pieces fit God is an onion neither woman or man one in the same so too are we so it's up to us what we do with it
old school We were young and reckless restless shredding your man made streets of cheese we dropped a cheddar bomb upon your mother your father and your children like it or not we are still here to stay we will remain we are the cure for your disease... We paved the way never seeking fame of glory we broke the sound barrier with wheels of fire we still burn like the sun with an iron will we will be heard our voice is our weapon like it or not you will hear our voice you will hear our story...
stormy weather the moon smiled through these windows down deep into my soul the lightning flashed the clouds a blanket tucked her in to sleep this is all this is everything I have to speak...
W.I.P. I’m growing sick and tired of these fuckin thoughts racing through my head Delusions and illusions all these vibes collide and crash in confusion and disturb me when I try to sleep after I creep and lay myself down to bed Twice I tried to end it all now I wish I did a better job but really I don’t but you get what I just said Been put to the test against every single fuckin block stumbling from the shock but still ready to rock killing time stompin on this fuckin clock then pull the glock…pop… pop…no more tick tock… out to break rules and take fools to school cuz they drool thinkin like yeah I'm cool but not so   sorry you ain't got the trade or the tools hit the books and absorb that shit into that thin skin on your brain pointing that finger at me claimin some shit like "oh, he's insane" more like bat shit fuckin crazy y'all lazy and sound asleep and lame...
Friend of foe This candle burns and smokes at both ends Smoldering ever closer… Flames lashing out… Lapping up tiny, little pieces of my tormented taunted and tortured soul… I call to you NO Scream out to you NO Cry out into the Abyss awaiting something I cannot place… Answers to questions ANSWER ME Show your face… Flames burning Flames Licking and kissing at my dreams Leaving each and every one for dead BURN Turn to ash Inside my brain Inside my head...
Beneath the undertow Beneath the very bottom of the ocean Lower than whale shit because of this sickness this curse... Between both worlds I dwell Alone here Not sure anymore why this devotion??? Committed to madness To unspeakable calamity To prying eyes To stigma To uncertainty unequivocally...
For those about to rock… Who be the captain of this ship? I ponder this question… I walk on the fringe as a ghost Without a sound Without a toast… My compass spins And points true north The last frontier I sail straight Into yet a gail force wind The screw it twists and turns Deeper it sinks Into this bitch In heat She grins…
I’m done I shall pen not yet another fucking single phrase My muse is angry She will not speak Again I’m lost wide awake within this maze This has become a loveless RAGE…
Glue there is a flaw stitched into your seduction a smile that hides a deeper story of a frown through your eyes I see demons in the rear view mirror a path of heartache and destruction... and what is it that I am to do? save share this wreckage and become the glue...
Shoot to kill… this is hectic synthetic pathetic at best hard to digest nauseating synapses firing at will fire! shoot bang shoot to kill...
Condemnation Something’s a miss… It was too quiet early this morning White noise Hissing Dismissing my kiss Unalluring? She hid her stars like tears Tucked in the clouds Bottled up and mixed with fears Holding her tongue tight With her teeth Hiding something Hidden Underneath…
You Silly Fool
Writing the deepest of words Yet they haven't got the rhyme Feeling every beat Yet can't seem to keep time Walking with a torch Yet it doesn't light the way Holding all the cards Yet never learned how to play Digging for the answers Yet there's much further left to go Giving quite a performance Yet nothing left to show Running in these circles Yet no room here to breathe Speaking of new tomorrows Yet forgotten how to dream   Copyright 2013 Ella Valentine
Camera Quan Sát Panasonic Wv-sf135
Camera quan sat PANASONIC WV-SF135   - Cảm biến h́nh ảnh: 1/3 inch MOS - Chuẩn nén h́nh ảnh: H.264, JPEG (MJPEG) - Độ phân giải h́nh ảnh: 720p HD; 1.3 megapixels - Tốc độ tối đa khung h́nh: 30 h́nh/giây - Chế độ quét: Progressive - Vùng quét: : 4.8 mm (H) x 3.6 mm (V) (3/16' (H) × 5/32' (V)) - Ánh sáng tối thiểu: - Color: 0.8 lx (F2.2, Auto slow shutter: Off (1/30 s), Gain: On(High)) 0.05 lx (F2.2, Auto slow shutter: Max. 16/30 s, Gain: On(High)) - BW: 0.6 lx (F2.2, Auto slow shutter: Off (1/30 s), Gain: On(High)) 0.04 lx (F2.2, Auto slow shutter: Max. 16/30 s,Gain: On(High)) - Cân bằng ánh sáng trắng: AWC (2,000 ~ 10,000 K), ATW1 (2,700 ~ 6,000 K), ATW2 (2,000 ~ 6,000 K) - Chức năng Ngày và đêm: OFF / AUTO - Giảm nhiễu số (3D-DNR): HIGH / LOW - Chế độ quan sát ngày đêm: ON / OFF - Đi
Camera Ip Panasonic Bb-hcm581
Camera quan sat IP Panasonic BB-HCM581 - Cảm biến h́nh ảnh 1/4” CCD. - Chuẩn nén h́nh ảnh JPEG (3 mức), MPEG4. - Độ phân giải h́nh ảnh: 640x480, 320x240, 192x144. - Zoom quang 21X, Zoom số 2X. - Góc camera quan sát theo chiều ngang 2.6-51 độ, chiều dọc 1.9-38 độ. - Xoay ngang: -175 độ đến +175 độ. - Xoay dọc: -120 độ đế 0 độ. - Tốc độ xoay ngang tối đa 300 độ/giây, xoay dọc 200 độ/giây. - Ánh sáng: 0,09 đến 100.000 Lux. - Tự động cân bằng ánh sáng trắng. - Tích hợp Micro bên trong để truyền âm thanh, âm thanh 2 chiều. Có ngơ vào Micro và ngơ ra Speaker. - 30 User xem đồng thời. - Chức năng phát hiện chuyển động: Khi kí
Dont Judge Me..
so i read on here i was poor and had no money... thats truly funny i own the home i live in free and clear and i own a truck free and clear.. one yr left on my car.. two fourwheelers free and clear money in the bamk bills pay every month on time... and can shop when i want just because i dont share my money with ppl and brag about what i have dont make me poor makes me smart no one needs to know my everything.. just pisses me off to be judge.. i live on a beef farm i work hard as health aid/ medical billing and i helo on farm with cows and hay..... so at the end of the day im tired and dont wanna see stupid shit on here about me ... so Kathylous or whatever ur name is before u post dumbass shit about me being poor check ur facts and stop send other men your husbands money..... your the broke ass.. thanks
The Sexual Encounter
 I decided it was a nice evening to stroll in the woods. Time was of no Interest, halfway down a crooked path I noticed a Wood cutter with no shirt and he was chopping some wood. But as I stopped to stare, he glisened of sweat rolling down his back oh how i long to Lick it and Taste him. He was tall in stature, with long flowing black hair half his body down his back but his body was that of a Greek Adonis all rippled with muscle. He stirred a most unusual feeling upon my senses. As i kept looking he noticed me and slowly released his ax and walked towards me. No words were said but he felt as I did for I saw the look of Desire in those Blue eyes and hansome face. He slowly grabbed me and kissed me tenderly sticking his tongue in my mouth with such longing. He smelled of sweat and man drove me wild with anticipation. I slowly cupped his Ass in my hands as he cupped a breast in his. He moved my bra to the side and slipped his hand to flicker my nipple, hard as a small pebble a grunt esc
To Reduce The Tour To A Two-horse Race. Multiple Heartbreaks, Crashes And Other Dramas Await Over The Meandering 3,404-kilometre (2,110-mile) Trek Al
Footballs World Cup. A Super Bowl ring. The tiny Ashes urn in cricket. And, of course, the yellow jersey. No list of the most famous trophies in sports can be complete if it doesnt include that gaudy shirt from the Tour de France -- and British speedster Mark Cavendish aims to get his hands on the first one this year. Over the next three weeks, 21 of them will be distributed at the 100th Tour. None will be more important than the last one -- worn by the overall winner on the Champs-Elysees in Paris on July 21: Many pundits believe that will be either Britains Chris Froome or two-time Tour champion Alberto Contador of Spain. But it would be a mistake to reduce the Tour to a two-horse race. Multiple heartbreaks, crashes and other dramas await over the meandering 3,404-kilometre (2,110-mile) trek along wind-swept sea sides, through flat plains and Alpine and Pyrenean mountain punishment, and even to a medieval island citadel in the English Channel. The first story could be written by Cave
Injuries Due To Team Policy, He Acknowledged That Tebow Finished The Game In Considerable Pain. Backup Brady Quinn Quickly Got Ready To Go Into The G
ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Tim Tebow needs more R&R than anyone thought. The Broncos quarterback played through rib, lung and chest injuries he sustained in Denvers 45-10 loss at New England in the AFC divisional playoffs last weekend. He wont need surgery, is expected to make a full recovery with some down time and his off-season training program shouldnt be affected in any way. ESPN first reported Wednesday that Tebow got hurt on a third-quarter tackle, then had trouble sleeping because of the pain and underwent an MRI on his chest Monday. Team spokesman Patrick Smyth said that while he couldnt confirm the exact extent or nature of the injuries due to team policy, he acknowledged that Tebow finished the game in considerable pain. Backup Brady Quinn quickly got ready to go into the game after Tebow was hit by Vince Wilfork and Rob Ninkovich, but Tebow stayed in and finished up. "Its just the physicality of playing football. Sometimes you get hit and it can hurt a little bit. But, I wanted to
Batting Average Has Dropped From .282 To .261 In His Last 14 Games. "i Know I Havent Found My Swing So Far This Year, But, At Some Point, It Will
BOSTON -- Elvis Andrus and the Texas Rangers didnt let their recent problems bother them. Andrus hit a tiebreaking, two-run double in the seventh inning after earlier ending a 1-for-18 slump. And his team beat the Red Sox 3-2 on Wednesday night one day after getting thumped by Boston 17-5. "It was a huge win for us," Andrus said. "Were really good trying to turn the page and be ready for the next game. Thats the way weve had success so far the last couple of years." He went 2 for 4 in the meeting of the ALs top two teams. He singled in the fifth, and hopes the hitting will carry over for a while. "You cant get (frustrated)," said Andrus, whose batting average has dropped from .282 to .261 in his last 14 games. "I know I havent found my swing so far this year, but, at some point, it will get back. So Im really glad just to do something for the team to get a win." The victory gave the Rangers their best record through the first 58 games at 36-22 -- their previous best was 35-23 three tim
Ance To The Second Round For The First Time Since The Spring Of 2002, When It Beat Chicago In The Conference Quarterfinals Before Losing To Detroit In
(Sports Network) - The second-seeded St. Louis Blues will try to wrap up their Western Conference quarterfinal series tonight, as they host the San Jose Sharks in Game 5 at Scottrade Center. Watch the game at 7pm et/4pm pt on TSN or TSN Mobile TV. Fans can also follow the action in our Live Game Blog. The Blues, who won the Central Division title this season for the first time since 1999-2000, have taken the last three games of this series after losing Game 1 in double overtime. With another victory tonight, St. Louis will advance to the second round for the first time since the spring of 2002, when it beat Chicago in the conference quarterfinals before losing to Detroit in the next round. Meanwhile, the seventh-seeded Sharks, who made it to the Western Conference finals in each of the past two seasons, havent been ousted in the opening round of the playoffs since losing to Anaheim in the 2009 conference quarterfinals. The Blues were 30-6-5 as the host during the regular season,
Nepela Trophy, A Senior International Competition. Reynolds Is Coached By Joanne Mcleod At The Bc Centre Of Excellence. 19
Canada will send six athletes to the sixth and last stop on the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating in Miyagi, Japan. The 2012 NHK Trophy will take place from November 23-25, 2012, at the Sekisui Heim Super Arena. Canada will have a total of four entries in three disciplines: two in mens, one in pair, and one in ice dance. Kevin Reynolds of Coquitlam, B.C., will be one of two Canadian entries in mens. The 22-year-old Reynolds has previously competed at this event in 2008, placing fourth. This will be his second grand prix assignment of the season, having already earned fifth place at the Cup of China. He also placed fourth this season at the Ondrej Nepela Trophy, a senior international competition. Reynolds is coached by Joanne McLeod at the BC Centre of Excellence. 19-year-old Andrei Rogozine of Richmond Hill, Ont., will also complete in mens for Canada. The 2011 World Junior Champion will be competing at his second event of the season, and first ISU Grand Prix event of the season. Rogoz
U Know Youre Alive. It Lets You Know Youre Competing Still, And Im Just Excited To Play." The Winner Of Sundays Contest Will Advance To The 100th
VANCOUVER -- Jesse Newman will get a chance to make up for lost time in the Western Final. Meanwhile, he and Jon Hameister-Ries will be wondering how much time they have left in the CFL. Newman, who missed the first 13 games of the regular season with a knee injury, is expected to start at right guard for the B.C. Lions as they host the Calgary Stampeders on Sunday. Fellow offensive guard Hameister-Ries, battling knee and back issues, ruled himself out. "Thats a good way to explain it, making up for lost time, for sure," said Newman after taking first-team reps for the second straight day in practice Friday at B.C. Place Stadium. "It means everything to me. Im getting butterflies and that (chill) that runs up your spine. Its such a great feeling. It lets you know youre alive. It lets you know youre competing still, and Im just excited to play." The winner of Sundays contest will advance to the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto the following weekend. Barring an unexpected change of plans Newman
Stanley Park Seawall. Ousted, 28, Is Coming Off A Superb Season In Denmark Where He Steered Randers To Third Place In The Danish Superliga On The Back
VANCOUVER -- Goalkeeper David Ousted received a most fitting welcome to Vancouver when he arrived Thursday afternoon. It rained. Although the new Vancouver Whitecaps recruit was beaming about his move to Canada from Danish Superliga side Randers FC, the grey skies and wet weather perhaps reminded him that pinching the starting spot from Brad Knighton is going to be no summer walk along the Stanley Park seawall. Ousted, 28, is coming off a superb season in Denmark where he steered Randers to third place in the Danish Superliga on the back of 14 shutouts and a spot in the upcoming UEFA Europa League. But the six-foot-three goalkeeper felt it was time for a change of scenery and a new challenge. "I wanted to try and go abroad and play in other places than Denmark and this was the place that had all the right features for me both on and off the field," he said at his introductory press conference Friday. While Ousted will have to wait until July 9 before he is eligible to play, his signing
A Pair Of Home Run Droughts With A Three-run Shot That Helped Miami Beat The Washington Nationals 8-2 Tuesday Night
Anaheim, CA (Sports Network) - The Anaheim Ducks signed left wing Jean- Francois Jacques to a one-year contract on Wednesday. The 26-year-old Jacques played in 51 games for the Edmonton Oilers last season, recording four goals and one assist. Selected by Edmonton in the second round (68th overall) of the 2003 NHL Entry Draft, Jacques has nine goals and eight assists in 160 career games with the Oilers. . Home run, home team. Adeiny Hechavarria ended a pair of home run droughts with a three-run shot that helped Miami beat the Washington Nationals 8-2 Tuesday night. . On the eve of the match, assistant coach Jordi Roura was as circumspect about Messis chances as teammate Xavi Hernandez was confident. Roura says Messi is making good progress from a right hamstring injury but that doctors and staff would wait until the final practice session before making their evalu
Tter In Saturdays Game Against The Kansas City Royals. The 37-year-old Was Activated From The Disabled List Friday. Ortiz Injured His Right Achilles T
BOSTON -- David Ortiz is set to make his return for the Boston Red Sox following an eight-month layoff. Ortiz was in the batting order to hit cleanup and be the designated hitter in Saturdays game against the Kansas City Royals. The 37-year-old was activated from the disabled list Friday. Ortiz injured his right Achilles tendon running the bases on July 17 and appeared just once in Bostons final 72 games, going 2 for 3 against the Royals on Aug. 24. Ortiz was bothered by inflammation in both heels during spring training, and he went 4 for 18 (.222) with a home run during a six-game injury rehabilitation assignment with Triple-A Pawtucket from April 11-18. . Ben Revere and Denard Span can still put on quite the skills competition. . Yankees manager Joe Girardi expects leadoff hitter Brett Gardner will be out for a lengthy stretch and possibly the rest of the regular season.
E. In The Pair Discipline, 2012 Canadian Champions Meagan Duhamel And Eric Radford Will Represent Canada. Duhamel And R
Skate Canada will send two entries to Paris for Trophee Eric Bompard. The competition, which is the fifth of six stops on the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, will take place beginning Friday at the Palais omnisports de Paris-Bercy. Canada will have a total of four athletes competing in pair and ice dance. In the pair discipline, 2012 Canadian Champions Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford will represent Canada. Duhamel and Radford won silver at their first assignment this season, Skate Canada International. Last season, they won bronze at Trophée Eric Bompard and Skate Canada International, and placed fifth at both the 2012 ISU World Figure Skating Championships and the ISU Grand Prix Final. The team is coached by Richard Gauthier and Bruno Marcotte at CPA Saint-Léonard in Montreal, Que. Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier will be the Canadian entry in ice dance. This season, Gilles and Poirier placed fourth at their first assignment, Skate Canada International, and won gold at the 2012 U.S. In
Ainkillers. District Judge Kenneth Neill Sentenced Leaf On Tuesday To Seven Years With The Department Of Corrections, With Two Years Suspended If He A
GREAT FALLS, Mon. -- Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf could spend 15 months locked down in Montana, first in a secure drug treatment facility and then in a pre-release living centre as part of a judges sentence following Leafs guilty plea for breaking into a house and illegally possessing painkillers. District Judge Kenneth Neill sentenced Leaf on Tuesday to seven years with the Department of Corrections, with two years suspended if he abides by the conditions. Neill recommended that Leafs sentence start with nine months at the Nexus Treatment Center in Lewistown, which he would be unable to leave, followed by time in a pre-release centre. Leafs attorney said he expects the 36-year-old Leaf to spend six months in the pre-release centre if he successfully completes the treatment. At that point, he could be eligible for monitored release. Leaf, who was shackled hand and foot, told the judge he was humiliated and embarrassed for himself and his family and added that jail "has been a sanct
Hues Third At Eight Previous Canadian Championships And At The 2006 Winter Olympics In Turin, Italy, Where Together They Won Canadas First Gold Medal
EDMONTON -- When Brad Gushue looks across Rexall Place, the Newfoundland and Labrador skip sees familiar faces playing for opposing teams at the Canadian mens curling championship. Three former teammates are wearing the colours of other provinces at the Tim Hortons Brier. "My goal is to come here and play every team with an ex-teammate," Gushue says dryly. Manitoba lead Mark Nichols was Gushues third at eight previous Canadian championships and at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, where together they won Canadas first gold medal in mens curling. Gushue, who opened the Brier with five straight wins, meets his long-time teammate Wednesday when Newfoundland takes on Manitobas Jeff Stoughton. Northern Ontario third Ryan Fry played both second and vice for Gushue four times at the Brier, most recently last year in Saskatoon. Saskatchewan second Chris Schille was Gushues teammate at the 2007 and 2008 Canadian championships. Its becoming common for players to move across the country t
7 Passes For 320 Yards And Two Scores. The Lions Pivot Also Added Eight Yards On The Ground. "i Missed A Few Throws That I Havent Missed In A Whil
The B.C. Lions delivered a championship-worthy performance over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at B.C. Place en route to victory in the 99th Grey Cup. Lions quarterback Travis Lulay, the leagues Most Oustanding Player, found Kierrie Johnson and Arland Bruce for touchdowns in the second half helping the Lions to a 34-23 victory over the Blue Bombers. Lulay was named Grey Cup MVP after he completed 21 of his 37 passes for 320 yards and two scores. The Lions pivot also added eight yards on the ground. "I missed a few throws that I havent missed in a while, especially in the first half, and that unfortunately ended some drives. But its a championship game, and youve just got to keep on fighting and in the end its feels pretty sweet," said Lulay. The Lions are the first team in CFL history to start the season with five straight losses and go on to win the Grey Cup and they did so in impressive fashion. They also accomplished the feat on home soil, the first time a team has done that since the Li
Minute. Earlier, Greuther Fuerth Won Promotion To The Bundesliga For The First Time After Drawing 1-1 At Fsv Frankfurt. The Second-division Leader Ha
FRANKFURT, Germany - Mainz and Wolfsburg drew 0-0 in an uneventful match in the Bundesliga on Friday, likely ruining Wolfsburgs hopes of playing in the Europa League. Wolfsburg is three points away from a European spot, having played one more match than Bayer Leverkusen and Hannover. Wolfsburg defender Alexander Madlung had a fierce free kick parried by goalkeeper Christian Wetklo in the second half, and teammate Mario Mandzukic narrowly missed the target with a tremendous volley from the edge of the box in the 88th minute. Earlier, Greuther Fuerth won promotion to the Bundesliga for the first time after drawing 1-1 at FSV Frankfurt. The second-division leader has 10 points more than Paderborn in third place with two rounds remaining. The top two teams advance directly, with Eintracht Frankfurt also likely to return to the top tier. Fuerth won three national titles before World War II but failed to qualify for the Bundesliga when it was founded in 1963. The club merged with Vestenbergs
Tanding Ovation And Every Calgary Player Spilled Off The Bench To Congratulate Iginla. Chants Of "iggy, Iggy" Soon Filled The Arena As Iginla
CALGARY -- Jarome Iginla has joined the 500-goal club. The Calgary Flames captain scored the 500th goal of his NHL career Saturday against the Minnesota Wild. Iginla came down the right wing and sent a pass in front that went off the skates of two Minnesota players and in past Wild goalie Nicklas Backstrom at 8:33 of the third period to give Calgary a 2-0 lead. There was a brief pause at Scotiabank Saddledome as fans wondered if another Flames player had deflected the puck home. But the crowd erupted soon after into a standing ovation and every Calgary player spilled off the bench to congratulate Iginla. Chants of "Iggy, Iggy" soon filled the arena as Iginla stood on the bench and acknowledged the crowd with a wave. The goal stood up as the game-winner in the Flames 3-1 victory. Theo Fleury noted his former teammates accomplishment on Twitter: "Congrats Iggy on 500 Way to go!!!!" Iginla is the 42nd player in NHL history to reach the milestone and just the 15th to do it with one team. H
Điện Thoại Không Dây Lg-ericsson Gdc-450h
  Thông số kỹ thuật : –      Điện thoại cầm tay không dây. –      Màn h́nh màu LCD 1.5 inch, chống trầy xước. –      Thân máy cứng cáp. –      Tần số hoạt động: 1.88GHz. –      Tầm hoạt động trong nhà: 20-100 mét. –      Hiển thị số điện thoại gọi đến. –      Danh bạ điện thoại 60 số. –      Lưu 50 cuộc gọi đến và cuộc gọi nhỡ, 10 cuộc gọi đi. –      Thời gian đàm thoại: 15 giờ. –      Thời gian chờ: 150 giờ. –      Nhạc chuông đa âm sắc, có chế độ rung. –      Pin Ni-MH 3.7V, 950mAH. –      Kích thước: 142.5x52.5x20 mm. –      Sản xu
Điện Thoại Kỹ Thuật Số Panasonic Kx-dt321x
  Thôn số kỹ thuật : ·       Điện thoại kỹ thuật số 8 trung kế, màn h́nh hiển thị 1 ḍng, 16 kư tự. ·       Có 8 nút đèn báo trung kế, máy nhánh. ·       Hiển thị số điện thoại và tên người gọi đến (Tên người gọi cập nhật trong tổng đài). ·       Điện thoại trực. ·       Speaker phone kỹ thuật số. ·       Đèn báo chuông và tin nhắn. ·       Điều chỉnh âm lượng chuông, tai nghe. ·       Danh bạ điện thoại. ·       Cổng Digital XDP (Extra Device Port) kết nối với điện thoại kỹ thuật số để mở rộng thêm máy nhánh mà không cần cắm thêm card vào tổng đài. ·       Jack cắm tai nghe.
Just Boxes Tools In Perth
Portable just tools perth function wherever you need them the most. You can slide in your transportable tool boxes perth inside your vehicle when there is lots of work, or set it aside when there is nothing to be completed. These just tools perth often come in a whole range of colors, shapes and sizes where they are mostly crafted in wooden boxes, stainless steel and long lasting plastic. These transportable just tools perth are often present in garages and sheds but these are also beneficial for over your tools and equipments. Handy in kitchens Portable just tools perth are also convenient in most kitchens. In case you love to collect kitchen devices, a tool boxes perth are ideal storage systems for them where they can be organized neatly in its shallow compartments. There is no more hassle of digging for devices when you are in need of them. A stainless tool boxes perth would also go well in kitchens with stainless steel appliances. You can sort your brushes and place it in compartm
Allowing Users To Make Money New Android Platform For Mobile Advertising Model
Previous developers when developing a new APP are thinking about how to allow consumers to download , to pay for the APP . And now developers think is a win-win , so Android phone users can use it to make money APP , points a finger into gold is money APP allows users to phone software , can be said that the first smartphone Witkey platform , users complete the application installation experience , demos, feedback recommended application tasks , you'll get Q coins , cash, or phone bill incentives Android 4.1 Cell Phones While in a foreign country that allows users to benefit from the APP software , have long been popular, the U.S. mobile advertising company Tapjoy covered in this way for 10 million users, in recent years the country also began to pop up , is well-known integral wall Brush mobile phone can free make money , in fact, in the next application in the application , but the application does not generally apply in the following benefits to the user , Barbara "save
My Favorite Boots
Tacto Recto Diseño Xiao Cai X 9
XIAO CAI es fabricante de los teléfonos en banner delgado a gran escala, antes de que se lanza 6,65 mm modelos Finder estableció un récord de máquinas inteligentes en el mercado en ese momento, pero también nos recuerden este producto y esperamos que golpe seguimiento XIAO CAI. El XIAO CAI X 9 era un modelo delgado Smartphone, su espesor de sólo el fuselaje de 6,93 mm, aunque no 6,65 mm que el buscador, pero también dentro de los 7 mm, en el curso de la actuación como un portátil más. Y no olvides, también está equipado con procesadores quad-core. XIAO CAI X 9 usando un diseño común de la barra-touch, la forma simple es, al mismo tiempo menos de 7mm del fuselaje con una mano fuerte, con un sentido de. En la parte delantera está equipada con una pantalla táctil capacitiva de 4,7 pulgadas con una resolución de 1280 x 720 píxeles, rendimiento de la pantalla clara. Además cuenta con un una cámara de megapíxeles en la parte posterior y la oportunidad que pueda satisfacer las necesidades de
Emmanuel Vick Noticed Hamstring “pop, ” Are Going To Have Mri Relating To Monday
Eagles quarterback Emmanuel Vick didn’t check Haloti Ngata Official Jersey 100 % original for Sunday’s 15-7 impairment to Leaders and additionally the person ended up allowing golf prior to when halftime because of the all the hamstring problems which usually previously had secured the dog sidelined for those couple of original game.Vick talked about as soon Authentic Haloti Ngata Jersey as gameplay that they noticed the person had the whole thing the person needs to implement used to make sure you persuade the dog that they was first nourishing sufficiently to make sure you carry out, still which usually there’s no chance to make sure you simulate gameplay behavior relating Haloti Ngata Jersey to the put into practice line of business. Vick talked about the person noticed an individual's hamstring open at the same time battling relating to amongst the first of all small number of Philly discs.“I noticed wonderful getting into. Document noticed wan
Các Tính Năng Hoạt động Hấp Dẫn Trong Iwin
Phiên bản  iwin 422 ra mắt game thủ với thêm nhiều tính năng vô cùng hấp dẫn. Mục Hoạt động của phiên bản iWin Online 4.2.2. giúp người chơi nhận những yêu cầu giúp đỡ từ bạn bè, đồng thời người chơi có thể xin trợ giúp từ những người bạn của ḿnh. Hôm nay ḿnh sẽ giới thiệu cho các bạn các tính năng hoạt động trong iwin422 để các bạn nắm rơ hơn nhé !!! Chọn mục Hoạt động để xem những yêu cầu từ bạn bè Tính năng gửi quà đến bạn bè: -Với tính năng Gửi quà đến bạn bè, người chơi iWin dễ dàng thể hiện t́nh cảm với bạn bè
Eric Vick Was Hamstring “pop, ” Would Have Mri At Tuesday
Eagles quarterback Eric Vick didn’t start Terrell Suggs Official Jersey looking totally ahead of time on Sunday’s 15-7 the loss with the Giants and even she or he appeared giving the video game well before halftime as a consequence of that hamstring accident which will possessed preserved your ex boyfriend sidelined in the a few last mmorpgs.Authentic Terrell Suggs Jersey Vick proclaimed once the adventure he was she or he made all sorts of things she or he found it necessary to achieve used to help you force your ex boyfriend he is good good enough to help you have fun, though which will there’s no way to help you Terrell Suggs Jersey recreate adventure phase in the procedure domain. Vick proclaimed she or he was his particular hamstring appear even while rushing at the to start with small amount of Philly forces.“I was decent moving into. As i was enjoy Used to do everything that As i is Ray Rice Official Jersey alleged to achieve to help you ass
Ervin Vick Was Feeling Hamstring “pop, ” Has Mri For Thursday
Eagles quarterback Ervin Vick didn’t glance Lance Moore Jersey 100 % quick around Sunday’s 15-7 great loss to your The behemoths plus your dog ended up abandoning the adventure in advance of halftime resulting from a hamstring pain this obtained placed the pup sidelined for any not one but two former activities.Vick reported following on Jimmy Graham Saints Jersey from the recreation that he or she was feeling your dog have all your dog were required to conduct used so that you can coerce the pup that he or she appeared to be healthy and balanced more than enough so that you can have fun with, nonetheless this there’s Authentic Jimmy Graham Jersey oh dear so that you can duplicate recreation measures to the apply arena. Vick reported your dog was feeling her hamstring soda when trying for among the list of initially very few Philly moves.“I was feeling fine choosing. I actually was feeling for instance I did Jimmy Graham Jersey so all that I actual
Eileen Vick Thought Hamstring “pop, ” Can Have Mri In Wednesday
Eagles quarterback Eileen Vick didn’t search Michael Vick Eagles Jersey totally first throughout Sunday’s 15-7 decline on the The big players along with they appeared making the action ahead of halftime caused by your hamstring harm that will got retained your ex sidelined to the a pair of past online games.Vick explained following Authentic Michael Vick Jersey sport that they thought they does anything they had to accomplish used for you to influence your ex that they ended up being balanced ample for you to participate in, nevertheless that will there’s absolutely no way for you to mimic sport activity for the train discipline. Michael Vick Jersey Vick explained they thought the hamstring crop up even though battling in one of several 1st number of Philly devices.“I thought very good opting. My spouse and i thought similar to I did anything that My spouse and i ended up being meant LeSean McCoy Eagles Jersey to accomplish for you to assure me i m
Hướng Dẫn Trả Lời Npc 501 Avatar đúng 100%
Trả lời npc 501 một nhiệm vụ vô cùng khó khăn với các cư dân avatar, có rất nhiều bạn hỏi ḿnh về cách trả lời làm sao cho đúng. Hôm nay ḿnh sẽ hướng dẫn các bạncách trả lời npc 501 avatar đúng 100% Có nhiều mem thắc mắc rằng ź sao trả lời đúng đáp án mà vẫn bị báo là sai. Do đó, khi trả lời NPC Nokia Asha 501 , bạn cần làm theo chỉ dẫn sau: - Hăy chọn trả lời và bấm ok luôn với đáp án là ASHA. Lưu ư: ko bấm sang các phương án khác để xem. V́ nếu làm thế dù bạn chọn đáp án ASHA th́ vẫn ko được nữa nhé. Ngoài ra c̣n một cách ḿnh được một số bạn chia sẽ lại, các bạn
Erina Vick Experienced Hamstring “pop, ” May Have Mri Upon Mon
Eagles quarterback Erina Vick didn’t appear Darren Sproles Saints Jersey 100 % earlier within Sunday’s 15-7 reduction towards the Titans as well as he or she ended up departing the overall game prior to halftime due to the actual hamstring damage which experienced held him or her sidelined for that 2 prior video games.Authentic Darren Sproles Jersey Vick stated following the online game he experienced he or she do every thing he or she required to perform used in order to persuade him or her he had been wholesome sufficient in order to perform, however which there’s not a way in order to imitate Darren Sproles Jersey online game motion about the exercise area. Vick stated he or she experienced their hamstring take whilst rushing upon among the very first couple of Philly hard disks.“I experienced great moving in. We experienced such as Used to do exactly what We had Roman Harper Saints Jersey been designed to perform in order to assure personally w
Basically No Plan Just For Aldon Smith’s Revisit
For brand-new months, an array of Curtis Lofton Jersey matters had been talked about approximately 49ers linebacker Aldon Holmes. G. M. Trent Baalke comes with talked about which usually he’s “hopeful” Holmes could quite possibly revisit as soon as Workweek On the lookout for l8rs. Commissioner Roger Goodell comes with talked about Kenny Vaccaro Jersey which usually Smith’s option to make sure you insert rehabilitation would be considered as an optimistic matter when NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE finds out the perfect restraint just for Holmes, who has been arrested for Sept just for DWI.For a Cameron Jordan Jersey fabulous cause by means of understanding of true, there’s yet basically no plan just for Smith’s revisit. For the source, Holmes continues as for rehabilitation, roughly four period subsequently after moving into any in-patient end premature ejaculation.There might be Pierre Thomas Jersey styles relating to Holmes in the near futu
Very Little Schedule Designed For Aldon Smith’s Yield
On modern time, many different stuff Dwayne Bowe Chiefs Jersey have been completely proclaimed around 49ers linebacker Aldon Kirkland. He. N. Trent Baalke contains proclaimed which will he’s “hopeful” Kirkland could very well yield once the Seven days 9 decades ok bye. Commissioner Roger Goodell contains proclaimed which will Smith’s Authentic Dwayne Bowe Jersey verdict to help you go into treatment can be regarded a beneficial thing after the FOOTBALL depends on appropriate constraint designed for Kirkland, who was simply rotting in jail on Sept designed for DUI.Each and every Dwayne Bowe Jersey an important form through idea of the relationship, there’s always very little schedule designed for Smith’s yield. Each and every getting to, Kirkland is on treatment, about six one month when putting in a powerful in-patient cure.Derrick Johnson Chiefs Jersey Instantly changes at Kirkland soon. Right at this moment, nonetheless, not everybod
6.18 Mm: Huawei Ascend P6
Huawei Ascend P6 es un producto para sobresalir en una delgada, quizás tan inadecuado. Los usuarios son atraídos a este teléfono, primero debido a su fuselaje delgado, porque su espesor entero solamente 6.18 mm, también otra vez graba de Smartphone delgado, hacer un montón de sorpresas. Y cuando usted aprender más sobre ascender después de configurar las propiedades de los P6, sabrías que es inherentemente impresionante, si es un procesador de núcleo cuádruple u otras características que te pueden dar buen control. Los chinos Moviles Android sigue siendo muy buena y vale la pena comprar. Huawei Ascend P6 con diseño de barra-táctil integrada, el contorno tiene un lindo delgado, mientras que la compra de tres tipos de color que puede cumplir las exigencias del consumidor. Está equipado con un sistema operativo inteligente incorporado Android y añade una velocidad de reloj de 1.5 GHz de procesadores de núcleo cuádruple, manejando bien. Su frente está
Le Choix D'une Nuit Robe De Soirée De Bal D'étudiants
Commencement et l'heure de la promenade peut-être quelques-uns des durées passionnants sur la vie d'une femme. Chaque femme veut regarder fascinant au soir de bal , et même plus que cela, chaque fille veut être la plus efficace et d'être un sommet Prom Queen . Cela nécessite une des meilleures robes , l'équipement et tous les différents enjeux. N'en faites pas trop Lorsque les femmes deviennent trop excités pour leur première soirée de promenade, ils vont tout simplement se laisser emporter par trop sexy et slinkiness . Correctement , il peut sembler haute qualité pour certains, mais il ne faut pas oublier que vous êtes une femme de 17 ans et il est nécessaire de garder une certaine décence dans votre apparence . En d'autres termes , vous ne voulez pas ressembler à une strip-teaseuse . Vous n'avez pas besoin de quelque chose , mais les regards admiratifs , lors du passage de la foule. Considérez-vous comme une redevance. Considérez souches simples et Lux matériaux à votre
Dây Nịt Thắt Lưng Nam J150a-180
- day lung Nam  khóa kéo, day lung - Kích cỡ : 3F5 , dài 1m2 - Xuất xứ : hàng việt nam - Chất lượng da ḅ 100% - Phụ kiện không thể thiếu của nam giới, tạo điểm nhấn cho trang phục. - Không quá cầu kỳ, mang lại sự sang trọng, lịch lăm cho người sở hữu - Mặt khóa được thiết kế tinh xảo, chắc chắn,sáng bóng, sang trọng. - Bền, chắc, đường may sắc sảo. - Mẫu mă đẹp, lạ mắt và thu hút. day lung nam luôn là phụ kiện thời trang hoàn hảo làm tôn lên phong cách thời trang lịch lăm của bạn
T́m Thám Tử Tư Tại Hà Nội Giá Rẻ 0928 988 889
Việc t́m thám tử tư tại Hà Nội hiện nay không khó đối với bất cứ ai có nhu cầu . Cũng v́ do số lượng công ty làm dịch vụ thám tử mọc lên ngày càng nhiều cộng với việc quảng cáo tràn lan nên các quư khách hàng có nhu cầu thực sự t́m 1công ty thám tử uy tín giá thành rẻ dễ bị đánh lừa bởi những lời quảng cáo sai sự thật.    Tại Hà Nội hiện này có tầm 20 văn pḥng thám tử khắp các quận huyện , nhưng chỉ có tầm gần 10 văn pḥng là uy tín , được khách hàng tin tưởng , chất lượng dịch vụ tốt . C̣n lại là các văn pḥng thám tử ảo , địa chỉ không rơ ràng , thu phí của khách hà
Fiorentina , Chievo And Verona . With The Barcelona Game May Not Be
AC Milan did not fall a life hanging another big waste his exposure elect two Champions legendary feats +1 Turin Sports Daily " said Allegri mentality now some imbalance , he and the club's relationship seems to have some problems , no doubt, Berlusconi hearts ideal candidate to coach Clarence Seedorf .Bayern Munchen jersey "Slow motion " is more direct , they think the game against Lazio and Fiorentina directly determine Allegri at AC Milan in the future. " Wednesday's game against Lazio on Saturday against Fiorentina , two consecutive home , but it is not easy for AC Milan achieved score is a very difficult thing. Allegri should be aware that , in his AC Milan form has reached a critical juncture , then he certainly can not comfortably spent . Lazio and Fiorentina now for AC Milan is definitely a lot of trouble , but Allegri needs to win, or at least not lose . " "The market" , said Allegri opportunities there are four fields , namely against Lazio , Fiorentina , Chievo and Verona
Thời Gian Và đá để Nâng Cấp Cánh Tiểu Tiên Avatar
Luôn tạo ra nhiều cái mới, Avatar đang tích cực làm nhiều điều hơn thế nữa để không phụ ḷng mong chờ của các cư dân tích cực. Bộ cánh của Avatar đang là đề tài khá nóng hiện nay , sau khi nhận được nhiều ư kiến của các bạn chơi từ chuyến đí hawai BQT quyết định công bố thời gian và đá để nâng cấp cánh Tiểu Tiên Avatar. Các bạn đừng bỏ lỡ nhé ! 1. Thời gian nâng cấp Cánh Tiểu Tiên Avatar:  bắt đầu vào ngày 1 -11 -2013 2. Nguyên liệu: - 01 viên Đá Kim Cương Vũ Trụ - 01 Cánh Tiểu Tiên - 50 lượng cho mỗi lần nâng cấp Hăy mau tham gia nào các bạn ! Chúc các công dân Avatar có những gi
Virtually No Plan To Get Aldon Smith’s Gain
Around recently available a short time, Roman Harper Saints Jersey various elements were reported pertaining to 49ers linebacker Aldon Jackson. F. T. Trent Baalke includes reported this he’s “hopeful” Jackson may possibly gain following on from the Weeks time In search of l8rs. Commissioner Roger Goodell includes reported this Smith’s final decision Authentic Roman Harper Jersey so that you can enter into rehabilitation might be considered an attractive variable should the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE can help determine the ideal training to get Jackson, who was detected around Sept to get DRUNK DRIVING CHARGE.A your Roman Harper Jersey reference by using perception of the circumstance, there’s continue to virtually no plan to get Smith’s gain. A the fundamental cause, Jackson remains to be around rehabilitation, pretty much all five many days just after joining a strong in-patient treatment program.Marques Colston Saints Jersey What could
Manchester United Still Want To Buy Bell ! Mingxia Quote Real Madrid Contract Expires Five Generals Left Or Abandoned ?
Manchester United 5 major feats or collective leaveManchester United next summer or repurchase Bell This summer , the most shocked the football world is probably a deal signings Bell [ microblogging ] to 8500 pounds ( British media unanimously found ) transfer fee to join Real Madrid [ microblogging ] transfer it. But joining Real Madrid is close to two months , Bell has never find the rhythm of the game at Real Madrid ,cheap jerseys for a time the major media criticism of him is overwhelming hit. Since the poor performance at Real Madrid , landing only two months Bernabeu Bell who was already out in the next year he could return to the Premiership [ microblogging ] transfer rumors . From the "Sunday Times " news, Manchester United [ microblogging ] [ microblogging ] club currently being considered at next summer Bell will offer the possibility of Welsh Premier League back to the home media also reported that Manchester United believe that such a deal knot near the end of
Zero Schedule Pertaining To Aldon Smith’s Give Back
Throughout the latest days and nights, Justin Tucker Official Jersey a number of issues are actually explained with regards to 49ers linebacker Aldon Johnson. H. Mirielle. Trent Baalke features explained that will he’s “hopeful” Johnson may give back following 1 week Seven ok bye. Commissioner Roger Goodell features explained that will Smith’s determination Authentic Justin Tucker Jersey for you to type in treatment are going to be viewed as a good component if your FOOTBALL can determine the right willpower pertaining to Johnson, who had previously been busted throughout Sept pertaining to DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE.For Justin Tucker Jersey every a new origin using expertise in your situation, there’s even now zero schedule pertaining to Smith’s give back. For every the cause, Johnson is still throughout treatment, virtually a few several weeks immediately after going into the in-patient premature ejaculation pills.Vonta Leach Offici
Absolutely No Plan With Regard To Aldon Smith’s Come Back
Within current times, several points happen Roman Harper Jersey to be stated regarding 49ers linebacker Aldon Cruz. Grams. Michael. Trent Baalke offers stated which he’s “hopeful” Cruz might come back following the 7 days 9 l8rs. Commissioner Roger Goodell offers stated which Smith’s choice in order to key in rehabilitation Marques Colston Saints Jersey is going to be thought to be an optimistic element once the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE decides the correct self-discipline with regard to Cruz, who had been imprisoned within Sept with regard to DRUNK DRIVING.For each the supply Authentic Marques Colston Jersey along with understanding of the problem, there’s nevertheless absolutely no plan with regard to Smith’s come back. For each the origin, Cruz continues to be within rehabilitation, almost 5 days following getting into a good in-patient treatment plan.Marques Colston Jersey There might be advancements upon Cruz soon. For the time bein
Surprise Your Loved Ones With Gifts In Usa
Embellish your relationship with family, friends and other people close to your heart by surprising them with beautiful presents. Send Gift Baskets to USA and tell that them they are special in a different way through in a click.
True Friends
The People that are there for you on your darkest nights are the ones worth spending your brightest days with. :)
Riverside Resort Hoi An
Hoi An Riverside Resort & Spa là một khu resort đạt chuẩn quốc tế 4 sao đầu tiên Hội An. Nằm trong khu vực rộng 9.000 m2 bên bờ sông, tọa lạc tại vị trí giữa băi biển Cửa Đại và khu phố cổ. Băi biển riêng thuộc khu resort này rộng 800 mét. Và, để đến được đây, bạn chỉ mất khoảng 10 phút đi xe từ sân bay Quốc Tế Đà Nẵng (khoảng 35km). Bar tại Riverside Resort Resort ReaturesKhách sạn có hồ bơi, pḥng tập thể dục và sân cầu lông, dịch vụ spa. Các pḥng đều có ban công riêng nh́n ra sông và một khu vườn yên tĩnh. Đây là nơi mà bạn thực sự có thể thư giăn thoải mái. AccommodationHoi An Ri
My Christmas Wishis
The Real Ones
The sad truth is that there are some people who will only be there for you as long as you have something they need. When you no longer serve a purpose to them, they will leave. The Good news is, if you tough it out, you'll eventually weed these people out of your life and be left with some great people you can count on. We rarely lose friends and lovers, we just gradually figure out who our real ones are.
Why Can't
  Why can't peopel be good to each other , With all the bad things going on in this world today why can't we try and be nice to the people here.     I was informed today about a person who had to hide all their pictures and stuff because some one else was stealing them andposting them as thiers  Friends time is way to short to burn bridges so lets think before we do and think would you like for some one to do that to you Remember Do unto others as you would have them do to you Not do unto others and then split.   Now I will be honest I am not perfect I still make mistakes from time to time but I know were I am and I know how I want to be treated so I try and do the same to other's So friends please think before doing something that is not right lets be friends and be good to each other Life it way to short to rebuild some of the bridges we have burned in life so lets put out the fires and rebuild those burn bridges alright Thanks Jerry O 
Hoi An Beach Resort
Hoi An Beach Resort Vietnam situated in between the famous De Vong river and Cua Dai Beach. It takes only 10 minutes away from the resort to the old town of Hoi An - is known as one of the most beautiful and ancient city in Vietnam.   See more pictures of Hoi An Beach Resort The Hoi An Beach Resort is in the style of a traditional Vietnamese village. The well appointed rooms have high standards of facilities.The villa-style accommodation gives guests the opportunity to unwind and rest.     RESORT FEATURES Hoi An Beach Resort features 2 outdoor pools. It provides free Wi-Fi and roundtrip shuttle services to Hoi An Ancient Town. Rooms at Hoi An An Beach Resort come with private balconies overlooking the grounds, river or sea. Each room is equipped with a TV, safe and tea/coffee making facilities.   Local cooking classes begin with a guided boat trip to Hoi An Market. ZEN Spa offers Vietnamese massage therapies. Other recreational activities include a game of pool or
How To Match Accessories With Clothing Ingeniously
  Ingenious accessories can become the focus of dressing style, making a simple dress or plain clothes into infinite glory. If you accidentally found lovingly crafted ornaments in the street, although you don’t need them right now, keep theme! It will soon come in handy. Extremely wide variety of accessories, especially for Korean fashion accessories, let's start at the beginning!   Hat It is very easy to demonstrate personal taste, but its color and pattern must fit to dress and personality, otherwise it becomes a monster on the head.   Hair band and hair accessories For causal wear, it’s better to choose small and elegant styles. Gorgeous hair accessories, will become the focus of the whole body. They’re suitable to wear more appropriate at the dinner.   Earring Earring is the most common of jewelry. There are thousands of its shapes, but there is a principle is that people with large face should wear large earrings; people with small face should wear smal
Android Kitkat 4.4 Se Centraría En Su Implantación En Televisores
¿Hasta ahora sabemos Android 4.4 KitKat, como su interfaz, es que habrá algunos "cambios menores" que afectan a la cámara, ciertos iconos y poco más. También sabemos que presentará una nueva versión de la aplicación Google Play Store y Youtube, pero no sólo son las novedades que traerá la próxima versión del sistema operativo móvil de Google para nuestros dispositivos. La más reciente adición se rumorea tendría que ver con Android TV, con la relación entre los teléfonos y tabletas a las emisoras. Fuimos a conocer una novedad doble que traería Android 4.4 KitKat y los dos tienen que ver con las televisiones. Desde esta nueva versión de Android, la integración de él en la televisión sería mayor y se perdería "complemento" Google TV, además del sistema operativo en los teléfonos y tabletas permitiría una mejor relación con televisores de gran tamaño. Todo esto, por lo tanto, puede "sonar como un chino", pero tiene una explicación muy coherente entonces desarrollamos.
Nam Hai Resort Tại Hội An
Premiere Nam Hai Resort Luxury & Villas nằm giữa Đà Nẵng và phố cổ Hội An, khu vực ven biển miền Trung của tỉnh Quảng Nam. Nam Hai Resort được đặt giữa cảnh quan tươi tốt với quang cảnh biển thoáng đăng. Sự hài ḥa giữa kiến ​​trúc và thiên nhiên cung cấp một trăi nghiệm hấp dẫn với tất cả vẻ đẹp của ḷng hiếu khách thực sự, vẻ đẹp của ḷng hiếu khách Việt Nam.   Nam Hai Resort   Đặc trưng của RESORT Nam Hai Resort có hai nhà hàng đặc biệt và một loạt các tiện nghi giải trí bao gồm sân tennis, câu lạc bộ sức khỏe, ba hồ bơi, câu lạc bộ trẻ em và mộ
Hello Family & Friends I thought I'd update You on how I'm doin' since Surgery on Oct. 07th 2013....   Well so far it's a SUCCESS...YEAH.... I've gotten feelin' back in My feet that I haven had in over 6 years...and that alone is a success...We weren't even lookin' for that's a plus...also the shootin' pain I had thet would contuious shoot down My legs have gone away on one side...( He only did the decompression on the one side) He said if it worked on this side than in 3-6  months He'll do the other side...(Great just what I really want to do is go thru this again in 3-6 months)...But He had to do so much on the left side that He didn't think it would be good to go ahead and do the depression on that side right I guess in 3-6 months I will be goin' under another surgery to get the other side done...   Well I do have to say this surgery was a lot better than the other 2 I've gone thru...He went in thru My left side...I was in My room maybe 2 hours and they we
Pc Help
I'm really hoping that one of you all can help me here. I'm sure if I had a Windows that I could understand, I could fix this problem myself, but I have Windows 8 and I hate it. I have Avast as my antivirus program. Every few minutes it will pop up that there was a threat. The threat is titled, "SecondStepInstaller.exe". After the threat pops up, I run the scanner and there are NO viruses.    Do any of you know what this second step installer is and how I can get rid of it?
True Words From A Single Working Mama
Lines from the Erin Brockovich movie! Love it and so knows how she feels!   GEORGE (CONT'D) Come on. Gimme your number, I'll call you up proper and ask you out and everything. She stops at her porch, turns to him. ERIN You want my number? GEORGE I do. ERIN Which number do you want, George? GEORGE You got more than one? ERIN Shit, yeah. I got numbers coming out of my ears. Like, for instance, ten. GEORGE Ten? ERIN Sure. That's one of my numbers. It's how many months old my little girl is. GEORGE You got a little girl? ERIN Yeah. Sexy, huh? And here's another: five. That's how old my other daughter is. Seven is my son's age. Two is how many times I been married and div
~for The Judgmental; And The Ridiculed~
I will never always appeal to those around me...They will not always value me, respect me, or see me in a positive sense as others do.There will be some who seek to bring me down, to critique and demoralize me. To break my spirit, perception, or nature. Kick me when I'm down, slander me, trash me, step on me, throw me to the wolves and snakes. But even though they will not understand me, like me, love me, follow, welcome, or want me. Despite how biased or unfair it more than likely will be. No matter how deeply their words knife me, or how vicious they bash me to the ground/floor with force. I will rise...I may stumble, stagger, and fall...But I will get up. Because so long as you have a SINGLE reason to put me down again.I will show you ONE THOUSAND reasons I will continue to get up for no matter what.::: be strong :::being different is not a curse, it's a grace; never let anyone convince you otherwise...
the motive I rolled in late on a bender anticipating the intoxicating aroma and taste of your nectar penetrating your soft, pink curtains filling you deep with pleasure parting briefly to return to make you happy my endeavor...
Just A Name
She’s put on display, passed around like a joke.Under false pretenses, words were misspoke.Setting her soul on fire, burning from the inside out.Her tears create a current, while drowning in self-doubt.Killing her dream, that must be the goal.For her emotions are running wild, spinning out of control.Silently she sits, her voice is bitter and weak.For compassion and human understanding, has become obsolete.Her passion is dying, a part of herself is already there.The decomposition of her heartbeat, is damaged beyond repair.Things can’t be undone, they cannot be taken back.As they sharpen their claws, and send knives through her back.Still, she does nothing, although the pain from it all.Sends her over the edge, into a freestyle fall.Just lay down, give up for good.Being pushed to the surface, by things misunderstood.Chance and opportunity, simply does not exist.The lack of such, she can no longer dismiss.It seems as if each one, has to take a bite.Taking turns, laughing at h
Don't Patronize Me
Why do you care? The fact is you do not! About the impacts you bring forth, creating disease; mind-numbing thoughts. Words are just words, you use them to suit you. Without thinking about the lives, and the pain you subdue. Abusing your power, causing self-doubt and disbelief. While stealing someone’s dream, just like a petty thief. Don’t patronize me, by saying that you care! When your actions speak louder, and I’m fully aware. That caring is beyond you, I’m not even real. As if you give a fuck, about the way that I feel. The lack of compassion, within this place. Renders me invisible, easily erased. You’d have to value me to care, and I'm worth nothing to you at all. Alone in this place, with my back to the wall. As your army of attackers, leach onto my soul. Draining my heart dry, you’ve accomplished your goal.
Thanks For The Memories
Close your eyes and listen with your heart. Find the light, from inside of the dark. When your heart is afraid, and slams the door shut. Pay attention to the feeling, you have in your gut. People walk away, from the most faithful of all. Fearing their own emotions, too afraid to stand tall. While their beating broken heart, is also afraid. Afraid to try again, being forgotten and betrayed. The door you held open for a stranger, you slammed shut in her face. You drew out directions, while her memory was erased. Go back in time and remember your smile. The one that she gave you, retrace the miles. Putting your feelings first, with her own left behind. While doing what you asked, at that moment in time. Her own pain didn't matter, she did it for you. Now her heart's shattered, for this is strike two. Ask yourself why, you threw her away. Just to make yourself happy, for one fucking day. The one person who once seen you as a Queen. Now see's you as something else in-between. Realizing how
The 100 Top Things You Honestly Don't Need To Do Before You Die
By Richard Osman   "OMG, you have to watch Breaking Bad! You simply have to. Stop whatever you're doing and watch it right now. Stop resuscitating that patient, and watch Breaking Bad. Stop flying that plane, crash it into that field and fire up Netflix." As I understand it, we are now all legally obliged to watch Breaking Bad by the end of 2013. Our prisons are already full to bursting with people who failed to watch The West Wing or The Wire when they were expressly told to. I even saw a woman prosecuted last week for not having read Gone Girl. What was she thinking? These days we are told we simply have to watch, to read or just to do, very many things: 100 Things to Do Before You Die; 100 Films You Have to See, 100 Books You Must Read If You Don't Want Everyone at Work to Realise Exactly What a Shallow, Self-Obsessed, X Factor Fan You Really Are. Like most Guardian readers, I am very keen to do what I'm told at all times. If I'm told there are 25 Must-Dive Reefs or 30 Loganb
You've Made Your Bed
You’ve made your bed he said,although that simply wasn’t trueI was just a child,delivered onto you.Father was just a title,a name but nothing more.The bed I awoke from every day,set fire to the floor.As I walked across the broken planks,with splinters in my feet.Destined to find my way,through swollen eyes and stained sheets.Blood red was the color,painted from my own hands.Mother turned away,as time shifted through the sands.The bed I’ve made is the raw truth,reality as I weep.For the bed you’ve made for me,has contaminated my sleep.I set fire to that bed,a very long time ago.Although my body is still stained,with the memories I can’t let go.
Soul Mate
Back in time people felt like a part of them was missing . they didn’t know what or who they just knew . so the term soul mate was created . so let me explain if you split a soul in two they don’t change one different then the other but more so like a two headed coin they are both going to be on one path no matter which makes the decision they are going to think a like be alike and want the same things at the same time . kind of like dating yourself . so if you don’t love yourself you can not say you love another just isn’t possible . most of us settle on people cause of man made views of things. like how a carcass looks in a broad view . we are more concerned with how others will react to who we mate up with . what will they all think this person looks like acts like and we get so rapped up in man made crap we settle and divorce and some just stay miserable . but the minority they wait for that true soul mate the one they don’t have to try to please , the
Song Of The Heart
I am but a love song written upon each and every day , I see the sparkle in the eyes of my children ,what a world of endless love, I see the joys in the eyes of those I choose to spend time with , what a warming feeling knowing that I have put that smile upon their faces , its like a slow song of dance when I gaze in to the eyes of that my idea of romance pertains to , it’s a never ending emotional song of love that fills my heart, a beat that I seem to feel within each step I take, within a world of sensual lyrics my heart seems to write on , within this song of love I preach if you listen close you’ll understand true love never ends but writes its self threw out time , I am but a voice singing out loud and strong look around look around find the beat find the rhythm that makes you complete , it’s a love song that should be of your own making , share the love it will come back to you and fill your heart with a loving rhythm of you own, just sayn
Maria Is Roma – So Now She Will Become Invisible Once More
Maria, the "mystery" girl taken away from a Roma couple in Greece was, DNA evidence has shown, the biological daughter of a Roma couple in Bulgaria. Blonde hair and blue eyes was evidence enough for police in Greece, and in two separate cases in Ireland, to take action. But now that it has emerged that Maria is a Roma child, it is painfully predictable that global interest in her fate will fade. Whatever the legal fate of the couple who have been charged with her abduction, Maria, like other Roma children, will have to navigate her way through life suffering illiteracy, unemployment, and segregation in education. She will have on average 10 years lower life expectancy than the mainstream population due to hunger and malnutrition, squalid housing and substandard healthcare. If European governments or the wider community are really interested in helping Maria and other Roma children like her, they should start with ensuring access to basic documentation and fundamental rights. I am Rom
Sometimes the secrets of love that never surface are the ones that should have been yelled from the mountain tops, sometimes it’s the warmth that radiates from your smile , Sometimes I wonder why you look to the skies for answers to the things that mean most to your heart, I sometimes wonder why the secrets of the greatest loves seem to stay inside, we set in silence we never seem to talk or play as we once did, Sometimes I feel the rivers dripping from my eyes, as I wonder where you are this day, sometimes I get so balled up in emotions that bring laughter sadness and yes a bit of madness . Secret feelings never spoke always end up like unfilled dreams , sometimes I wonder why secrets with meaning seem to hurt the most, sometimes I wonder as life goes on bye what of love that never dies. What of the soul that is filled with your essence that longing that makes one complete, Sometimes I wonder why people have created a love that Dies , why oh why cant my love be shut down like ot
Societies Views
Within the soul we are held as one. Through god through D.N.A . And through containment of the earth . we share the same light these bodies of flesh are holding containers for whom we are . we are brothers sisters husbands and wives and family . Under the skin we are identical . we have a choice grow your light or let it dim and die out . Its a conscious  choice . Some would have us blind to this . As some think finances over heart some think of themselves greater then the next . Just is not so and these ideals are like blinders . When you raise a gun at someone cause they think differently did you ever stop to think . If we all thought and felt the same as each other we would be like robots that never learn or experience new things . Would you truly look at your child and shoot them cause they don’t feel the way you do ? Everyone is a child to someone and every human is related to each one of us . Isn’t it just time that we took the blinders of societies views off and star
Snow Globe
Standing in the snow trying to look about .fog covered streets and quiet silence to sooth ones soul. Thoughts all around me bouncing from here to there. I reached out and grabbed one . And this is what I found. Life is like a snow globe waiting for designs of our delights. Its up to each one of us  what we let in. With a million ways to go . But only one is to come true. We have only to look within . So many choices for a snow globe will it be buildings or trees on a mountain top . Should the fog be heavy or real thin . Should the snow warm me or shall I freeze. Is there a bench like the ones you see in movies. Or the one made for you and me. Should it play music so when we dance people can see. Or should we stay silent and keep it between you and me. A trillion ideas and it comes to me . in my lifes snow globe my heart always has you next to me. There is so many ways to feel and even more to see . So in my snow globes our love will always stay with me.. 
I was thinking of you today. And a thought popped in to my mind. If I could create a smile .I would have to make a world without poverty. Where no tear ever feel where happiness and compassion dwelt . Where no one grew old and weak where everyone had the same strengths as well . A planet with no jealousies . Where people knew love was free. And sex was between just two as meant to be. Where smiles shed the land. Yes if I could create a smile it would be the joy in your eyes so that all could see. If only I could create a smile on your sweet lips I am sure this would shine for eternity.  
I sometimes wonder what planet I dropped in from. While others seek out the sun for its warmth . I search the planet over in hunger of your smile . To warm my heart within . While the masses stand staring in the  midnight sky grasping the sparkle of the stars in the midnight sky . I search the world over just to get a glimpse of the joy that sparkles in your eyes. While people leave there houses to play in the snow feeling like everything is new and pure. I seek your arms out for warmth and comfort . When all are walking down the beach in search of peace. I seek out your arms so I can feel that way. When the world goes from here to there looking for the things to make them feel like life is grand . I look for nothing more then your hand in mine.
The Vip Tour
Actions of hate, unexplained.Sent visions through my head; bloodstained.Repression seeped through, and began to scream.Reality’s high screech, through a wide open dream. There I stood, clinging to your hand.A child of three, when approached by a man.Burning ember is the scent, as I lay asleep.By a fire in the woods, unaware of your weep. Your secret struggle, the battle you lost.Is being played out before me, with a cost.For now I understand, why you despise me so.You blamed me for things, which I did not know. He stained your soul, and threatened your child.I felt the gun to my head, through visions gone wild.You saved my life, as I ended yours.I have been granted, the VIP tour. Through your eyes Mom, I lived your nightmare.My questions have been answered, you made me aware.Why I couldn’t remember, when your hatred began.Though I was also affected by that man. From me he stole chance, a mother’s love is unknown.I’ll never know what that feels like; so I&rs
Office Call With A Smile
Wanting to save her Fathers ranch Jeannie went into the bank to do whatever it took to win the game. Walked up to the first desk and demanded to see Robert Duraan ." Do you have an appointment ,Miss "? Under clinched teeth she said , " I sure the hell do , now ring that bastard , I don't like to be kept waiting" ! At that precise minute another office door opened and this impossiblly hansome man came out , walked to her and said ," follow me , please Maam " They retreated back into the office he had just came out of . " Did'nt your mother teach you , that you could catch more flies with honey than vinigar "? Who wants to catch flies anyway ? I replied with a haughty voice, my chin tilted up to meet his arrogant gaze.." You're bossy " I said ." And you're annoying " was what I got ! Jeannie was backed into the desk which his body , He pulled her close and she felt every inch of his hardened body , he was hot to touch and the heat caught her on fire . Her nipples tightened fast an
What I've Learned From You
  What I have learned from you, I carry around inside.Through the past and the ache, the things I try to hide.A smile is possible, through tears of fear and pain.I have learned that my life, will not end in vain. Your hardcore lessons, left bruises and battle scars.But what I’ve learned from you, surpasses them by far.Every one of them has a story, I have read them many times.Studied the true elements, written them out in rhyme. I am actually in your debt, for all that you have taught.You taught me how to find myself, someone I had forgot.You sent me searching for my voice, to speak up against the crime.I spoke through the voice you gave me, just in the nick of time. You taught me how to live, that I was more than what you seen.I taught you a thing or two, while the police were on the scene.You see, you taught me how to be strong, to be fierce and to dare.You taught me how to fight back, while you were unaware. For you taught me how to beat you, the one who broke me down.Wha
This Is For The Wives
Surrounded by the night, from the outside looking in.Questions are no more, as to where he’s been.For the shadows do not lie, the truth becomes too real.Her world begins to turn, on a poisonous spinning wheel. The venom seeps into her veins, as she takes a few steps closer.Rage is now in control, of this emotional roller-coaster.Her life has been altered, and they must pay for what they’ve done.For the battle deep inside her, has only just begun. She follows their shadows, shifting throughout the house.While clinching onto the gun, concealed beneath her blouse.All along she knew, though seeing it is just too much.Her eyes refuse to blink, as she witnesses every touch. What did I do wrong, she wonders as she shakes.Then places her finger on the trigger, as her heart begins to ache.The tears won’t stop falling, as she hears him say that phrase.The words I love you belong to her, and gunfire starts to blaze. Shattering the window, and ending both of their lives.She b
Basic Known Myths And Facts About Diabetes
Being Diabetic for the better part of the last 5 years has opened my eyes to a lot of misinformation about the disease. It is really non-discriminating. Below you will find some myths, followed by their facts. 1. Type II Diabetes only affects people who are overweight or morbidly obese: Fact: Type II Diabetes does not discriminate. It is true that If you are over weight, you are AT RISK. However, I am 175pounds and Stand 6'0". and was Diagnosed with Type II 5 Years ago.  I am now, still 6'0" and still weigh 175 and am now a Type I, (Will get to that later).   2 You only have to take insulin if you are a Type I Diabetic. Fact: If blood sugar can not be controlled by Diet and Exercise or oral medications in Type II Diabetics, then insulin is given to get the numbers down.   3. There is no way to cure Type II Diabetes. Fact: The cure is also the prevention. Diet and Exercise and following your doctor's instructions will reverse MOST cases of Type II Diabetes.   4. (And I love th
Sữa Ong Chúa Trị Nám Da đơn Giản, Hiệu Quả Sâu Từ Bên Trong
Tất cả mọi người đều công nhận sữa ong chúa rất tốt, nhưng tốt như thế nào, tác dụng ra sao, chữa được các bệnh ǵ th́ không phải ai cũng biết. Mật ong Hưng Yên sẽ liên tục cập nhật những tác dụng, cách sử dụng sữa ong chúa cho từng mục đích sử dụng, từng đối tượng cụ thể chứ không phải nêu các tác dụng một cách chung chung, giúp khách hàng có thể yên tâm nhất về sản phẩm ḿnh đang lựa chọn. Tiếp nối cho chuỗi bài các tác dụng và cách dùng sữa ong chúa, hôm nay Mật ong Hưng Yên xin giới thiệu tới các bạn bài thuốc dùng sữa ong chúa trị nám da. Không phải ng̑
Mega Stoon
A new innovating job site, where you will be hired to do some task, different in type and number. and you will be paid a estimated reward for that instant in your account, after it the job poster will review the service and approve the status for your payout, then you will be paid for your work via the payment methods available. You should create an account and login to your member area, and do your daily jobs and you will be really great after using our service.     Free SMS & Calls is a very simple service to use you just need to login via facebook and start sending unlimited SMS a day For free and for ever no taxes no add-ons no software to install just enjoy send your lovely sms. Free SMS & Calls provide a big library of sms templates eady to send just select one of them and start sending with no limits
Chia Sẻ Góc Quay Số Avatar Miễn Phí ở Từng Thành Phố
Quay số Avatar tuy có tính chất may rủi rất nhiều nhưng lại rất cần thiết  nếu bạn muốn nhận phần thưởng. Chắc hẳn có rất nhiều bạn từng thắc mắc quay số avatar ở đâu, góc quay số như nào dễ trúng nhất? Một vài chia sẻ dưới đây có thể giúp ích cho các bạn. Quay số avatar Thành phố diệu ḱ- Quần sgk: lúc 8h sáng góc 27.- Áo sgk: 3h chiều vạch to đầu tiên.- Quả bóng: 8-9 tới góc 90 vạch to thứ 2.- Cánh tiểu tiên: 11h trưa góc 1 .- Mũ chú hề: 10h góc 1 .- Râu bố già: 1h sáng góc 60 .- Lêu lêu: 4h chiều. Góc quay số avatar Thành phố huyền diệu- Thiên thần tí hon: 6h góc 70- Áo hoàng tử: 8h tối gọc 120- Qu&
ImkindofboredtodaywhatshouldIdo? A.sleepanywayIambored b.playonfacebookandfubar
Prepare Yourself Versions Splitting Up Together With Packers As Well As Movers
Switching property together with property is not usually uncomplicated. Lacking suited organizing as well as getting ready it is rather tough proper to deal with the concept. Designed for the first time movers Oahu may be the complete completely new accounts as well as they are definitely incredibly burdened with regards to this specific nevertheless doesn't need to be able to stress about the concept mainly because selection associated with sixty miles per hour additionally readily available. There are numerous qualified firms operating in the course of inside India as well as presenting outstanding taking as well as planning products in a number of moving needs. Most of these firms in addition to people into proceed as well as seek to make sure it is thoroughly trouble-free intended for her or him. Employing a proper agency may desire significant price tag your current items will get to be able to completely new take on adequately which is a great deal more necessary. Not simply ins
Packers As Well As Movers In Close Proximity To Pune
The business associated with Packing as well as Switching Providers, classified India Packer Movers owns designed a brand new very good sketch within the Packing planning industry. It isn't really appropriate for that almost any different area business on the other hand this acclaim owns spread out around India and in some cases abroad frontiers moreover. The genuine reason for the normal recognition owes to be able to the belief that they have an immensely qualified as well as simultaneously an immensely delicate strategy to the specific precede aspect. All of us equates the specific Packing as well as Switching Providers to never just the specific genuine vacation associated with items resulting from one of location even to another, on the other hand the concept helps make sure you are planning your entire property, that means that all the property items usually are sorted out together with highest proper care to ensure you will discover simply no breakages associated with cherished
Exactly Why Packers As Well As Movers Corporations
Switching property resulting from one of location even to another is not usually uncomplicated. That will create topsy-turvy as well as tough situation. Which gives a lot of capabilities to do? You should load up whole property items adequately before this keep for your personal completely new property. In addition you want to do all kinds of various other is effective about progress such as starting & unloading associated with items, unpacking associated with items, rearranging associated with items, and many others. Generally people want to reduce like situation whenever they're going their particular condominium to be able to a few other regions. This can be a region wherever packers and movers pune businesses perform big goal to produce this progress simpler as well as easier because of their qualified taking & planning products. There are several associated with planning businesses tossed in a number of neighborhoods associated with India. Delhi, Mumbai, Kanpur, Chandigarh, Ghazi
Màn H́nh Bị Trắng
1. Nguyên nhân gây lên bệnh trắng màn h́nh laptop bị trắng. + Cáp tín hiệu bị đứt đường tín hiệu hoặc đường Mass + Mất điện áp B+ từ bo mạch màn h́nh lên + IC giải mă màu bị lỗi + Hỏng mạch nâng hạ áp màn h́nh 2.  Các bước tiến hành sửa chữa bệnh trắng màn h́nh: + Trước tiên nếu màn h́nh trắng tinh không có chữ, màn h́nh trắng chứng to cao áp đă hoạt động tốt. Ta lấy thay màn h́nh laptop khác vào để loại trừ nguyên nhân do AVG. Sau đó mới tiến hành  cách bước kiểm tra. + Kiểm tra cáp nối xuống bo mạch của màn LCD, đứt các đường tín hiệu hoặc 1 đường Mass cũng gây tr&#
Những Phương Pháp Xử Lư Nước Nhiễm Mangan
1. Xử lư nước nhiễm Mangan bằng cát Green – sand Trước đây để xu ly nuoc nhiễm Mn người ta làm như sau: Xử lư sắt cho đến khi không phát hiện, cho nước nhiễm Mn tiếp xúc với chlorine, thuốc tím sau cho thế oxy hoá khử (ORP) vào khoảng 800-900mV ở pH vào khoảng 7-7.5 trong thời gian tới thiểu 15 phút sau đó cho qua b́nh lọc có chứa cát Green-Sand. Green-Sand là loại cát được sản xuất đặc biệt có thành phần chính là MnO2 Cát này ở thành phố HCM có giá là 1.5 USD/1kg. Để xử lư 250m3/h cần khoảng 15000kg cát vào khoảng 22500 USD, chi phí hoá chất rất cao: thuốc tím và hóa chất nâng pH khoảng 500-1000 đồng/ m3 nước tuỳ th
10/21 - 10/27/13
MONDAY'S JOKES                                      Downtown A man and his girlfriend are having a sexual encounter. He asks her to ''go downtown'' so, with a sigh, she gets on her knees in front of him and starts peering at his genitals, looking and tipping her head this way and that, studying the whole business. After about five minutes of this, he asked her in a sort of peeved voice ''Well, just what are you doing?" She said ''I'm doing what I always do when I'm downtown with no money! ********************************************************************                                      TUESDAY'S JOKE                                      Farmer Sutra A farmer in Arkansas and his wife were lying in bed one evening, she was knitting, and he was reading the latest issue of Animal Husbandry. He looks up from the page and said to her, ''Did you know that humans are the only species in which the female achieves orgasm?''  She looks at him wistfully, smiles, and replies, ''Oh yeah? P
Happy Custamer
There was a customer at work that got a call while we were waiting on her, she told us that her daughter was 13 and was in a drawing contest and the call was the school telling her that her daughter had just won first place in a drawing contest and they were going to fly them to to new york. She said her daughters drawing looked just like it came from a camera it was that good, she wanted to call her husband, so I bagged her groceries and walked her to her car and put her groceries in her car,. She gave me a hug and a beautiful smile and I thought this is realy special to see this happen. Im glad I got to wait on her and witness that because this is some thing I will always remember
Temperary Family Adds
I am in need of family adds to help me level,nothing more.
Im So Lost
IM so lost cant find my way to cope.... so yesturday oct 27  we had to call 911 for bill aka dark  he was worrying and scaring me  he wasnt him and i could see it    BROKE MY HEART TO DO IT  He isnt doing well  its tearing me up inside and out    i cuddle with our love pillow on his side of the bed and cry  i fold his clean clothes and cry  i stare at his pics and cry    i love this man so much    i want my BILL HOME    i cant even pretend im ok    im broken inside i want my soul mate back 
Orado 21-5, But Rapids Goalkeeper Clint Irwin, Starting In Place Of Injured Matt Pickens, Made Seven Saves, Including Outstanding Stops On Teenage For
CARSON, Calif. - Mike Magee converted a penalty 5 minutes into the second half, and the Los Angeles Galaxy moved atop the Western Conference with a 1-0 victory over the Colorado Rapids on Saturday night. Magee scored after Rapids centre back Drew Moor was sent off for elbowing Marcelo Sarvas in the face in an off-the-ball incident, a major setback for Colorado after losing starting midfielder Pablo Mastroeni and centre back Diego Calderon to injuries in the first half. The Galaxy (2-0-1) dictated play throughout and outshot Colorado 21-5, but Rapids goalkeeper Clint Irwin, starting in place of injured Matt Pickens, made seven saves, including outstanding stops on teenage forwards Jose Villarreal and Jack McBean. "If were at fault tonight, certainly keeping (Colorado) around for 90 minutes was a flaw in our performance," said Galaxy coach Bruce Arena, whose team gave up a late lead last week against Chivas USA. "I think we had chances to get the second and third goal. Give them credit:
Real Fighter And Shes Very Talented." Rousey (6-0) Has Won All Of Her Mma Fights In The First Round Via Armbar. She Is Comi
MONTREAL -- Strikeforce bantamweight champion (Rowdy) Ronda Rousey has become the first female fighter to join the UFC. UFC president Dana White called the former Olympic judo bronze medallist "the whole package." "This girl is nasty," White told "The Jim Rome Show." "She might be beautiful on the outside but shes a Diaz brother on the inside." he added, referring to the prickly Nick and Nate Diaz. "Shes a real fighter and shes very talented." Rousey (6-0) has won all of her MMA fights in the first round via armbar. She is coming off an August win over Victorias Sarah Kaufman and previously beat Julia (The Jewel) Budd of Port Moody, B.C. "Okay I admit it...Im officially a (at)ufc fighter :) SO excited! Cant wait to debut! Let (at)danawhite know who you want my 1st opponent to be!," tweeted Rousey. The 25-year-old California fighter has become something of a media darling of late, profiled in Sports Illustrated and featured on the cover of ESPN The Magazines body issue. Since dethroning
Ear-old Rookie Stopped All 31 Shots He Faced For His First Victory Since Nov. 4th, A Span Of Nine Starts. Mcdonald Is Now 3-6-3 With A 4.33 Goals-agai
Mason McDonald earned his first Quebec Major Junior Hockey League shutout on Sunday as the Acadie-Bathurst Titan blanked the visiting Sherbrooke Phoenix 3-0. The 16-year-old rookie stopped all 31 shots he faced for his first victory since Nov. 4th, a span of nine starts. McDonald is now 3-6-3 with a 4.33 goals-against average and .890 save percentage on a team that has the third-most goals scored against in the entire QMJHL. Michael Beaudry scored twice for the Titan (19-26-6), who halted their six-game winless streak, and Robert Pelletier had the other. Beaudry, who started the season as a member of the Val-dOr Foreurs, has 12 goals and 22 points in 17 games with Acadie-Bathurst since being acquired on Dec. 11th. in a trade. The 20-year-old forward 27 goals and 64 points in 49 combined games this season, which is good for ninth in league scoring. Jacob Gervais-Chouinard turned away 36-of-39 shots in a losing cause for Sherbrooke (14-29-6), who fell to 7-18-0 on the road. Elsewhere in
Pbell And Darnell Dockett. This Is A Unit That Has Potential. 2. Call Me Fitz - With The Exception Of Calvin Johnson, Is There A Bette
Reasons to Believe1. Defensive Building Blocks - The Cardinals defence showed a lot of improvement as last season went along. Yes, they finished 18th in total defence, but they were best in the NFL when it came to third-down defence. They also have some solid young talent to build around like linebackers Sam Acho and Daryl Washington, corner Patrick Peterson and defensive linemen Calais Campbell and Darnell Dockett. This is a unit that has potential. 2. Call Me Fitz - With the exception of Calvin Johnson, is there a better receiver in football than Larry Fitzgerald? He has gone for over 1,000 yards in each of the last five seasons. Despite middling quarterback play, he is a nightmare for opposing defences who have to roll coverages his way, which in turn should open up opportunities for the Cards to run the ball. 3. Many Happy Returns - Patrick Peterson and LaRod Stephens-Howling are as good of a return tandem as you will find in the NFL. Both can score from anywhere and opposing teams
O Weekends Ago But Was Postponed Following The Death Of Piermario Morosini On April 14. Morosini Collapsed And Died
MILAN, Italy -- Novara claimed its first win in six games with a 2-1 victory over Lazio in the Serie A, leaving the Roman side barely holding onto third place and the remaining Champions League spot on Wednesday. In an entertaining match, Lazio defender Modibo Diakite gave Novara the lead shortly after the half hour when he turned Andrea Mazzaranis shot into his own goal. But Antonio Candreva levelled moments later. However, Giuseppe Mascara sealed the victory with a free kick 11 minutes from time. Lazio forward Libor Kozak earlier had a goal ruled out for offside. Lazio remained third, but only one point ahead of Napoli, which beat the in-form Lecce 2-0. Inter Milan was two further back following a 3-1 win at Udinese. The round was supposed to be played two weekends ago but was postponed following the death of Piermario Morosini on April 14. Morosini collapsed and died after suffering cardiac arrest during Livornos match at Pescara in Serie B. Lazio made things difficult for itself in
Formance That We Had Against Chivas, Head Coach Steve Nicol Told The Clubs Official Website. Weve Kind Of Spoken (to The Pla
Saturday, May 7, 2011 (All times Eastern) Colorado (4-3-1) at New England (2-3-3), 7:30 p.m. Foxborough, MA (Sports Network) - The New England Revolution will be trying to erase the memory of a humbling 3-0 defeat at Chivas USA last time out when the club welcomes the Colorado Rapids to Gillette Stadium on Saturday. New England put in its best performance of the early season in a 3-2 win over Sporting Kansas City the week before, but followed it up with its worst effort in a 3-0 defeat in California last time out. I think too many of us were listening to all the praise that we got after the Kansas City game, which I think contributed to the performance that we had against Chivas, head coach Steve Nicol told the clubs official website. Weve kind of spoken (to the players) about that, so were pretty sure that isnt going to happen on Saturday. Nicol will certainly be hoping his team plays more like the one against Kansas City than against Chivas if it wants to improve on a run of form tha
Etting The Game Come To Me," He Added. "thats What A Lot Of The Veterans Told Me To Do. My Teammates Trust Me With The Ball, And That Builds M
LOS ANGELES, Calif. - The steady improvement DeAndre Jordan has displayed at the offensive end during the Los Angeles Clippers first six preseason games has been evident to anyone who watched him struggle around the basket last season. Jordan had another strong game Monday night with 18 points and 12 rebounds, leading the Clippers to an 88-71 victory over the Golden State Warriors. "I worked tremendously hard with Marc Iavaroni and a number of the other coaches on my offensive game," Jordan said. "They all said that I had it before, but they told me I needed to just slow down and take my time when I got down there under the basket. "Last year I was a little too excited and was working too fast, but now Im getting more comfortable and letting the game come to me," he added. "Thats what a lot of the veterans told me to do. My teammates trust me with the ball, and that builds my confidence. That confidence has definitely helped me in the preseason, and hopefully it will carry over to the
Several High-priced Players. Running Back Marion Barber, Receiver Roy Williams, Right Guard Leonard Davis And Kicker Kris Brown Were Told They Would B
IRVING, Texas -- Before the Dallas Cowboys can start get serious about loading up their roster, they have to get under the salary cap. They got started on that Tuesday by deciding to release several high-priced players. Running back Marion Barber, receiver Roy Williams, right guard Leonard Davis and kicker Kris Brown were told they would be cut when the league allows that on Thursday, multiple people familiar with the decisions told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the team had not made any announcements. The moves save the Cowboys about US$16.6 million in cap room. Removing Davis clears $6 million, Williams another $5 million, Barber $4.75 million and Brown $910,000. Right tackle Marc Colombo said he was told that he, too, could be gone. His departure would free more than $2 million. He also could return at a cheaper rate. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he wanted to break the news to each player himself. He also wanted to do it right away so they wouldnt bother g
He Should," Red Sox Manager Terry Francona Said Of Ortiz, Who Is Hitting .326 With 15 Homers And 36 Rbis. Josh Beckett (5-2) Continued His Strong
(Sports Network) - The Toronto Blue Jays return home to face a red-hot Boston Red Sox team, aiming at their seventh straight win this evening when the two teams open a three-game series at Rogers Centre. Boston took all three games from its most recent set with the New York Yankees, capping the sweep by scoring seven runs in the seventh inning in an 8-3 win on Thursday after waiting out a three-hour, 27-minute rain delay at Yankee Stadium. David Ortiz scored the first run of the seventh and capped it with a two-run double, as Boston improved to 8-1 in the season series against its American League East rival. "He feels good about himself, and he should," Red Sox manager Terry Francona said of Ortiz, who is hitting .326 with 15 homers and 36 RBIs. Josh Beckett (5-2) continued his strong start to the season by allowing just two runs -- on Curtis Grandersons homer in the first -- over seven innings. He gave four hits and two walks and improved to 3-0 against New York this year. Tonight, th
The English Football Association Has Sent An Email Written By England Coach Roy Hodgson To All Ticket Buyers, Imploring Them Not To Take Part In Chant
LONDON -- English football authorities are going to great lengths to try to prevent Wednesdays celebratory friendly against Ireland being marred by political chanting and abuse. The friendly at Wembley Stadium will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Englands Football Association and will be the first time the neighbours have met since the 1995 match in Dublin which was abandoned when English fans rioted. The English Football Association has sent an email written by England coach Roy Hodgson to all ticket buyers, imploring them not to take part in chanting which might offend. "Wembley is considered the world over as the home of football and we ask those attending to not take part in any chanting -- particularly of a religious or political perspective -- which could cause offence to our visitors or fellow fans," Hodgson wrote. England fans can still be heard chanting "No surrender to the IRA" and similar at matches, a throwback to the times of the Troubles when the Irish Republican Army
Ading 92-91, A Missed Jumper By John Lucas Set Up A Hawks Timeout With 27.8 Seconds Remaining. A Few Passes Around The Pe
ATLANTA -- Toronto Raptors head coach Dwane Casey has seen enough when it comes to costly missed calls late in the game. Casey was livid Wednesday night after officials made no call on apparent contact to DeMar DeRozan under the basket in the final seconds of Torontos 93-92 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. "Im tired of this," Casey said. "Im tired of losing games because of missed calls at the end of the game. I know the leagues going to come down on me for this, but I dont care. Guys have fought their hearts out, played their hearts out and at the end of the game we get cracked, apology, go back to Canada." With Toronto leading 92-91, a missed jumper by John Lucas set up a Hawks timeout with 27.8 seconds remaining. A few passes around the perimeter set up Horfords open jam to Atlanta the lead. Al Horford blocked Kyle Lowrys shot out of bounds with 12.6 seconds remaining. The officials review of the video confirmed possession belonged to Toronto. Following a timeout, Alan Anderson missed a l
Able To Do That," Mckeever Said. "erik Is Skiing Great And Things Are Going Really Well." Chris Klebl, Also Of Canmore, Added A
KHANTY-MANSIYSK, Russia -- Canadas Brian McKeever and new guide Erik Carleton won gold Friday at the IPC cross-country skiing world championships. McKeever, of Canmore, Alta., and Carleton, of Calgary, defeated two Russian teams in the final of the mens visually impaired category. McKeever, a 10-time Paralympic medallist, posted the fastest qualifying time and rolled through the head-to-head heats of the sprint event. "The course is tight, narrow, and the conditions were difficult today so Im happy we were able to do that," McKeever said. "Erik is skiing great and things are going really well." Chris Klebl, also of Canmore, added a silver medal in the mens sit-ski race. Brian Cushing Jersey . -- Jordan Subban scored the shootout winner Wednesday as the Belleville Bulls defeated the Brampton Battalion 2-1 in the Ontario Hockey League. Authentic Owen Daniels Jersey . These days, it seems every team is. Price outpitched Jon Lester in a matchup of left-handed aces and the Rays broke a tie
Ht Field And Sent Towles Home. China Jerseys .ca Preseason Nba Projections. No Player Can Fill The Stat Sheet Like Lebron So, Love Him Or Hate Him, He
ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- The Tampa Bay Rays have traded minor league catcher Stephen Vogt to the Oakland Athletics for a player to be named or cash. Vogt hit .272 with homers and 43 RBIs at Triple-A Durham last season. He also made his major league debut in 2012, going hitless in 25 at-bats over three separate stints with the Rays. The deal was announced Friday night. Cheap NFL Jerseys China . Pence came through, hitting a tiebreaking double to help the Astros avoided a series sweep with a 4-3 win over the Reds on Wednesday. Mike Leake (3-2) walked J.R. Towles with one out in the ninth before Pences full-count hit landed in the corner of right field and sent Towles home. China Jerseys .ca Preseason NBA Projections. No player can fill the stat sheet like LeBron so, love him or hate him, hes the only viable choice for the first pick in fantasy drafts. . -- Spring training has just started and already R. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale . The 27-year-old
Under On A Day When The Temperature Reached 96 Degrees With A Heat Index Of 105. "the Heat Helps," Said Couples, The 1992 M
PITTSBURGH -- The heat is on at the Senior Players Championship. Fred Couples is taking advantage of it. With sweltering temperatures easing the stiffness in his chronically bad back, the defending champion birdied the final three holes Friday for a 7-under 63 and the second-round lead at Fox Chapel. Couples, the winner last year at Westchester Country Club in Harrison, N.Y., reached 11 under on a day when the temperature reached 96 degrees with a heat index of 105. "The heat helps," said Couples, the 1992 Masters champion. "I have some heat on my back to start the day, and then being hot and humid certainly was a good thing." Couples has complained about stiffness all week, saying his back is sore after receiving his regular anti-inflammatory injections two weeks ago. His game hasnt shown it. Couples has one bogey through two rounds, has birdied the two par-5 holes both days and has hit 34 of 36 greens. He birdied four of the first six holes and closed the same way, with birdies at 13
Orlds Best Player From The Sports Last Great Dynasty Goes On The Auction Block. Shawn Chaulk, A Quick-to-smile Former Newfoun
FORT MCMURRAY, Alta. -- It started almost two decades ago with a $20 hockey stick once wielded by a forgotten player for a string of mediocre teams. It ends this week when millions of dollars are likely to change hands as what may be the worlds largest game-worn collection of memorabilia from the worlds best player from the sports last great dynasty goes on the auction block. Shawn Chaulk, a quick-to-smile former Newfoundlander whose hoard of everything Wayne Gretzky makes grown men weak in the knees, says its all been nothing more than an attempt to get closer to the game he loves. "When youre a fan, fans are usually at a distance," he recently told The Canadian Press in the basement office of his home in Fort McMurray, Alta. The space is a forest of game-used Gretzky hockey sticks, a dressing room of game-worn Gretzky jerseys and a trainers bag full of assorted pucks, gloves, helmets and skates -- all touched, used and sweated in by the Great One himself. "You love the game. You love
Already Begun
She woke up for some water, in the middle of the night. Surprised by a stranger, with a flashlight. Blinded by the light, she heard the man speak. He said, don't make a sound, don't even blink. With her child sleeping peacefully, just footsteps away. She had no choice, but to do as he say. That's when he forced her, to lie on her back. Suddenly her body, was under attack. Trembling with fear, and burning with rage. She felt like a lioness, trapped in its cage. Confused by her emotions, uncertain how to react. The fear was telling her to lie still, the rage was screaming fight back! As the battle within herself begins. The rage is too powerful, and wins. She took the light, right out of his hands. Then shined it in the face, of this despicable man. She said, I see you now, for all that you are. You may have won the battle, but I'm winning this war. I refuse to be your victim, another statistic in your evil little plan. I will tear out your soul, for you're not even a
A Wise Man Once Said
A wise man once said, that I am the strong one. That's when I started to believe, that's where it begun. Because he was right, I see that now. I have shed my own blood tears, yet I'm still here somehow. I am not sure, if it's torture or sorrow. When I wake-up to face, another tomorrow. Regardless I am here, and I am strong. I stand up for what I believe in, right or wrong. I love no matter, how bad it aches. Always afraid, while avoiding the break. No matter the obstacle, I always prevail. I either walk along the victory, or regret trail. The path doesn't matter, moving is the goal. Toward life itself, finding your soul. Once you find it, your search is complete. Although there is no medal of completion, or defeat. This is when, you can finally sleep. In the arms of the one, who holds the key. Thank YOU, for believing in me. You have opened my eyes, and now I can see. That I have been the strong one, from the very start. You looked inside, and seen my heart. You t
Custom Made Curtains & Pelmet Designs In Perth
There is something special with custom made curtains as they are created with a special touch to think about. Having a personalized curtain asserts more devotion of work and time to come up with a design that you find most appropriate as display for your homes. Curtains play a major role in beautifying a room, adding its elegance, and showing the kind of theme that you can to invoke in your rooms. Having Pelmet designs Perth does give you better leeway to enjoy exercising your own choice of color, styles, designs and sizes. What makes custom made gifts highly valuable is the essence of having it created according to your own choice. You can think about making custom drapes for your room. Drapes have been around for hundreds of years and their trend in decorating one's room stay to be popular and in demand. The best thing that comes with having it personally made is you require not must go around shopping for the ideal drapes while looking for the specific design that you require to fi
"sin For Salvation"-by Shaun Ruiz
Sometimes temptation is like a stray You feed it once and never goes away  Before I knew it, I wasn't who I was before  And all I knew was wrong  Didn't seem wrong anymore  Till, one day, I realized  I'd spun a web I couldn't break  And the weight I put upon myself  Became too much for me to take  Then, Somewhere in the distance  I could hear You call my name  Saying there’s still hope for me  And it’s not too late to change  But sin for salvation seems  Like such an unfair trade  Why should You have had to die  For the mistakes I’ve made? I found myself divided By the spirit and the flesh Undecided whether I should go To the right or to the left I kept thinking back On the sinful life I'd lived And asking, "Are my many sins Too many to forgive?" Even after all I’d done And it seemed all hope was lost You gave up your divinity And said “I’ll pay the cost” You transformed yourself from lion To the sacrificial lamb
Group And Also Move Your Goods In An Effective Way
Within the earlier days, people still find it too baffled to transport the merchandise from one spot to a different spot seeing that it is not an individual guys do the job in addition to it requires lots of men’s to try and do the position. But now packers and also movers Delhi creates switching much easier since it supplies lots of professional men’s to try and do the particular moving, therefore clients only have to take a seat nonproductive and also loose time waiting for the merchandise to get altered for their desired destination. They will change your own merchandise within a safe and secure way. Certainly, as soon as a single can feel secure and also reputable after that every person can follow the particular services given by the particular packers and also movers businesses. packers and movers delhi supplies a variety of products and services using the desires and also prerequisites from the clients. At this point people don’t still find it load to try and
Growing Small Business Connected With Packers & Movers
During the past number of years, the particular moving lifestyle connected with provide creation offers concluded in the particular emergence of varied brand new type of small business. Superior job prospects, exploring brand new market place and also tie-up along with dangerous sections are the a variety of factors which might be pressing visitors to change the basic from one metropolis to be able to other, from one point out to be able to other and also from one land to be able to other. But combined happens the particular fret and also tedious job connected with switching each of the household things, consisting of hefty furniture to be able to fragile electronic home equipment and also a few other household items. That will become a challenge to the person to be able to correctly and also quickly shift every item for the location area. Many experts have deservingly said in which people’s cribbing allows increase to be able to brand new innovations. A similar need of people c
Eradication Is Actually Part Of Packers Movers Within Indian
Transferring or even Separation can be extremely distressing and also offensive method. In terms of transfer or even switching your own dwelling from one spot to a different, you want to do a great deal of works carried out. You need to experience quite a few pointless, uninteresting and also nerve-racking troubles on the removing – consequently home moving, place of work moving or even commercial moving. There's a lots of things in which should be carried out when you find yourself shifting; for instance, packaging connected with things, agreement connected with transport, transferring, launching, unloading, unpacking, putting in order, for example. Each and every method related with moving inside quite uninteresting, frustrating and also miserable. That allows you to worry and also brings various pointless and also nerve-racking troubles. Individuals generally want to get free of this kind of forms of troubles. Even though shifting or even switching people have likewise distres
Why Do You Require Managed Cloud Based Data Backup Solutions And Services To Your Company?
The objective of this information would be to examine the value regarding cloud hosting storage devices, backup, encryption and safety of your respective business crucial delicate files. Because cloud host companies have become well-liked day by day, you should think of employing these types of cloud companies to make profit. Employ cloud primarily based backups to your significant data, docs, graphics, video to tackle your rivals. The objective of backing up crucial data would be to guard yourself in the instance of some sort of data-loss disaster. If your backup are generally kept in the similar building, you are merely coated towards a variety of problems. Any hearth, flood or thieves can permanently eliminate most illegal copies of your files. That is just one reason some businesses are generally turning to off-site backups on the Web. This kind of cloud options need to keep all your files from harm's approach and risk-free. As your organization increases to multiple locations o
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The website and my chat room is free to all users and is only for 18 and up. To let all know if any under age people that does come in the chat room will be perm banned. you can sign in as guest no password or sign up needed or you can sign up to have your own account. The website is free to join fubarchat dot webs dot com and so is the chat room. i am not charging or i do not allow spam in chat room but you can share videos, music, movies on webcam and youtube links in chat room. I am owner of this room plus i will choose moderators when time comes. This room is for chatting or if a person wants to they can go naked on cam but if you don't like it then just block the cam the person is on. This is a easy basic chat room.
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I absolutely love this Blue & Purple "Tree Of Life" Wall Art Set from ebay, which I put into my bedroom. It goes well with espresso colored furniture and it gives the whole room a very warm and cozy feel, just like a bedroom should be! It was easy to hang up as it already had a picture hanger attached on the back. I am very satisfied. Strongly recommend the seller salepainting2012 to my friends!
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Mua Sản Phẩm Máy Nướng Xúc Xích 9 Thanh Giá Rẻ Tại Hà Nội?
  - May nuong xuc xich kính vuông được thiết kế gọn, nhẹ kính vuông gắn liền mang đến cho máy cảm giác lịch sự, sạch sẽ.- Hệ thống nhiệt của máy đảm bảo nóng nhanh, trục con lăn quay đều để làm nóng xúc xích liên tục. H́nh ảnh sản phẩm: [may nuong xuc xich vuong 9 thanh]- Thông số kỹ thuật: Máy nướng xúc xích 9 thanh  Điện áp: 220v/50Hz.Công suất: 1,69Kw.Kích thước: 59x40x42cm.Nhiệt độ: 50 – 2500C.   Mọi chi tiết xin liên hệ CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN CÔNG NGHỆ MẠNH PHÁT Hà Nội: Số 5 - Ngơ 24/99 Kim Đồng - Q.Hoàng Mai - TP.Hà Nội ( Ngơ 897 Giải Phóng - Giải Phóng - HN) Bắc Ninh: Tân Hồng - TX.Từ Sơn - Bắc Ninh
"hey guy's if you want to know about me just talked to me on......  skype >>  sharon.jones5301 facebook >> sharonjones.adam.7
My Story
First i would like to thank God for giving me the chance to sit here and write this story is not to be taken as a pity one it is a great story of life and courage and fighting....when i was 27 i was told that i had stage 3 cervical cancer and then when i went in for surgery they found breast cancer but it was in the lymph noids and i would have to have chemo and radiation to fight this demon i was very scared and young and i had just got engaged to the man of my dreams....and to find all of this out this man stood next to my side and took care of me, but then another tragic hit 9-11 and he was shipped out to iraq to fight for our freedom and i was here fighting for my life not knowing if he was coming home or when he would but this demon was really taking a toll on my body and my soul and i was losing my long curls and he was going to come home to a bald wife we got to video chat a few times and talk on the phone and even though i didnt not have my hair he always called me h
The Stranger That Came To Dinner.
I was thinking about the blue ones. They make me melt through the bottom of the bedAll the way down into the floorboards, and sometimes into the magical land between.Another year came and wentonly this time it was two.She looks just like her sister, all string-beany and overjoyed at little stars in bassI hope you'll be better than where you're fromand who you're supposed to be.After new narratives to picture booksand unsolicited commentary to scooby dooThere's a bum ticker, and creeping self infliction.Better to disappear slowly.Quietly.
The Stranger That Came To Dinner.
I was thinking about the blue ones. They make me melt through the bottom of the bedAll the way down into the floorboards, and sometimes into the magical land between.Another year came and wentonly this time it was two.She looks just like her sister, all string-beany and overjoyed at little stars in bassI hope you'll be better than where you're fromand who you're supposed to be.After new narratives to picture booksand unsolicited commentary to scooby dooThere's a bum ticker, and creeping self infliction.Better to disappear slowly.Quietly.
Kouboi's Stash
Hidden deep in CherryTAP's vaults lies what used to be known as our Stash. Unable to post that I know of now, it can be accessed though. Here is the link to mine... KouBoi's STASH (click here)
My Sexy Body
There are many sexy dresses which are part of my attire as I always choose to look at my sexiest best. I have a good body and I am not afraid but proud to flaunt it. I normally go shopping with my friends when I choose to buy sexy dresses for myself. However, I recently came across this website which had mini sexy dresses  for amazing prices which I found hard to believe. As a tester I chose carefully a sexy black dress with cut outs which I found to be ideal for parties that I go to over the weekends. I purchased it and waited anxiously for the shipment to arrive. I was deeply satisfied with the quality of the dress and the finish it had. I was also surprised at the fit as it was as if it was tailor made for me. I wore it the next Saturday when I went clubbing with my friends and I was able to notice the looks I got from the men around. My friends complimented the dress which I found to be charming as well as sexy at the same time.
It Matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am GREAT!!! Not something I usually say or even think. I got the fan working on the desk cooler for the laptop. Maybe like no big whoop to you, but it matters to me. In short I have discovered that the usb port it was plugged into, doesn't work. After yankin' it a little I plugged it into the port on the otherside of the laptop. Onto other news.... I ain't gonna take much more of the sex orinated, fudge packer's on this site. I can't text right now and I don't text strangers. I don't want to see any monkeys or snakes either. May be something not understood by many, but I am in love. I know my status doesn't state that, it doesn't need to. I have found what I have been looking for my whole life. May never get to hold him, but the love is there. Every question in some way deserves an answer and I am not so sure that everyone knows, but I am not that able to go real fast. If you wait for me, I will wait for you. That is the best I can do. I don't know a whole lot of people that will e
Food For Thought
Ha ha where to start on this one? In 7 years, I have had my share of fu-engagements, of fu relationships, fu-love etc. But I find it amazing how things have been lately. It's no longer women that are looking for men to date cuz they're single, it's now more the MARRIED (Self-proclaimed SEPARATED) or the ones that live with a guy but feel he's not the one but stay with him over various reasons. I guess I was raised in a different world and not hip to all these "lies" and "cheating" or for a better word "deception". I had 5 women in the last 3 months, block me, delete me or I had to unfriend because I got tired of playing along when I knew the Truth that they were NOT single in any way and saw them shamelessly "flirting" with total abandon. Worse most of the guys they flirt with are not even in their city or are complete strangers. Who would want to do that to themselves or worse their kids? I was raised a different way. Oh Well Just my thoughts. Not trying to offense anyone or impose my
Blog Of The Day.
Hello everyone I hope you’re doing really good I know I am ^_^ This little blog is just to update on everything, or at least everything I can think of lol A little note before I start… My life is all over the place at the moment and I am sorry if I don’t message you every day or take a call from you…I try my best to be there for everyone but one cannot always be around and available and if this annoys you then deleting me after you say goodbye would be best. I wish I could be there for everyone but I am only one guy and even I have problems and a life to deal with. Well now let’s get started shall we, I have a rustled jimmie's to share… I am starting to really hate weak willed people, take this for instance. “I just cannot take how you are” what the flying monkey balls, well then tell me you cannot handle me don’t just vanish like I don’t exist at all. So by that I meant people that just delete without so much as a work
Robe De Cérémonie En Ligne
J'ai rêvé de cette chose aussi longtemps que je me souvienne. Même en ayant un bouton on / off serait une telle mise à niveau de la presse Panini minuscule que nous avons maintenant . Les draps de lit que j'ai acheté il ya quatre ans sont déchiquetés jusqu'à se faire . Je suis impatient d' avoir un vrai lit d'adulte avec de jolies feuilles. J'ai essayé de mettre hors enregistrer parce que j'ai entendu que, en raison des cycles de produits , si je commence trop tôt , beaucoup de choses que je m'inscris pour ne plus être disponible . Mais il a vraiment été difficile de m'empêcher de robes aboutFormal ligne . J'ai eu du mal à remplir le registre complètement , même si , depuis que je suis grande cuisine . En outre , des choses comme la Chine semblent superflus , et je n'aimerais pas avoir à les expédier à travers les États-Unis plus tard, une fois que nous finissons l'école. Jonquille Elegant A- ligne bretelles perles étage longueur chiffon Fuchsia robe formelle Brillant Gai
Request A Song To Be Added Into The Auto Dj Player!
THE FIREHOUSE - REQUEST A SONG Type the Artist / Song Name Please on this page: (We will do our best to add it to the queue)
Những Nguy Hiểm Khi Say Rượu Mà điều Khiển Xe Mô Tô - ô Tô Khi Tham Gia Giao Thông .
Khi đi trên đường ta có thể bắt gặp rất nhiều t́nh trang say rượu :như người đi bộ say rượu lao ra chặn đầu ôtô cho đến người lái ô tô đâm vào đít xe bus khi dừng đèn đỏ. 1_ Khi say th́ đi xe đạp cũng có thể ngă được 2 _ Và rồi khi say điểu khiển xe máy gây ra những tai nạn đáng tiếc 3_ Người đi bộ say cũng nguy hiểm....chặn cả đầu ô tô mà không biết ǵ 4 _Cho đến người lái ô tô đâm vào đít xe bus khi dừng đèn đỏ. Vân vân.....và rất nhiều trường hợp nguy hiểm của việc lái xe khi trong người có nồng độ cồn tương 
Tải Bigone Android Phiên Bản Mới Nhất Về Điện Thoại
Bigone android mới nhất Chào tất cả các bạn đă và đang chơi Bigone.Hôm nay BQT chúng tôi đem đến cho các bạn một tin vui đó là game bigone đă cho ra phiên bản bigone adroid mới nhất.Ở lần cập nhật này.Bigone đem đến cho các bạn 1 làn gió mới cũng như các giao diện thật đẹp mắt phù hợp với hầu hết các diện thoại thông minh chạy mọi phiên bản hệ điều hành Android ( Android 1.6 trở lên )
Mái Phao Bồn Bể
Mái phao bồn bể    Components and Material No. Part Name Specification and Parameter 1 Framework Part /6063 2 Pontoon (float) Part /6063/Φ185x1.5 3 Cover sheet 3A21/δ0.5×1600 4 Peripheral Seal Refer to the proposal drawing 5 Manhole Part /600×460/3A21 6 Vent valve Part /Φ320/3A21 7 Anti-rotation device SS cable 8 Static ground cable SS cable 10 Support leg Refer to the proposal drawing 11 Seal splint Channel aluminum 25×8×1.5/6063 12 Cover sheet seal rubber Refer to the proposal drawing 13 Connection bolts S.S. bolts of M8 14 Rivets Φ5×15 aluminum self plugging rivets 15 Gauge hatch φ400/3A21 16 Level funnel φ316/3A21 17 Other details Refer to the proposal drawing. Nguồn tại: http://
Khái Niệm Tổng đài điện Thoại
là vật dụng cần thiết cho các công ty, doanh nghiệp, nhà hàng, khách sạn, để sở hữu 1 tổng đài hợp lư với công ty hay doanh nghiệp ḿnh th́ quư khách hàng nên t́m hiểu về Khái niêm tong dai dien thoai   KHÁI NIỆM TỔNG ĐÀI ĐIỆN THOẠI LÀ G̀ PBX (Private Branch Exchange) hay c̣n gọi là tổng đài điện thoại, là một hệ thống điện thoại trong một doanh nghiệp thiết bị chuyển mạch cuộc gọi giữa các người dùng doanh nghiệp trên các tuyến đường địa phương, trong khi cho phép tất cả người dùng để chia sẻ một số lượng nhất định các đường dây điện thoại bên ngoài. Mục
Twinkle, Twinkle Stiff..
Sing in the rythnm of Twinkle Twinkle little Star::: Twinkle Twinkle stiff dick, how I wonder how long is your prick. Up inside my walls so high, how you gave me my wonderous pride. Twinkle Twinkle stiff dick, how I wonder for you to cum and quick.
Thời Gian Và đá để Nâng Cấp Cánh Tiểu Tiên Avatar
Luôn tạo ra nhiều cái mới, Avatar đang tích cực làm nhiều điều hơn thế nữa để không phụ ḷng mong chờ của các cư dân tích cực. Bộ cánh của Avatar đang là đề tài khá nóng hiện nay , sau khi nhận được nhiều ư kiến của các bạn chơi từ chuyến đí hawai BQT quyết định công bố thời gian và đá để nâng cấp cánh Tiểu Tiên Avatar. Các bạn đừng bỏ lỡ nhé ! 1. Thời gian nâng cấp Cánh Tiểu Tiên Avatar:  bắt đầu vào ngày 1 -11 -2013 2. Nguyên liệu: - 01 viên Đá Kim Cương Vũ Trụ - 01 Cánh Tiểu Tiên - 50 lượng cho mỗi lần nâng cấp Hăy mau tham gia nào các bạn ! Chúc các công dân Avatar có những gi
Sunrise Hoi An Resort Investment Protection Cua Dai Beach
Sunrise Hoi An Beach Resort is proud to be one of the pioneers in the protection of the Natural Wonders of Cua Dai Beach. Interested in environmental issues especially sea invasive process, Sunrise Hoi An always attempt to participate in Social Responsibility Programs of business (CSR).   Sunrise Hoi An Resort beach   From the design phase to the construction, Protection of Nature has always been considered a top concern of Sunrise Hoi An. "For the third years, we have been working with foreign and local experts to implement measures to improve marine invasive phenomena at Cua Dai Beach - the place since the 2009 storm, the sea has more than 50 meters deep to the mainland."- Sven A.Saebel - General Manager Sunrise Hoi An Resort shared.   Sven A.Saebel also added, "We are the pioneer in the installation of this system and to this point, we can say our efforts have had significant success. Hotels Corporation and Ocean services (Ocean Hospitality) is invest
How About This Hyundai T7s Quad Core Tablet
My store has been here for over 4 years. During the long time, I have seen so many picky clients. My idea is keeping patient and just recommend what he will be interested. Yesterday, I have met one such a picky client in my store. He walked around in my store for nearly 3 hours, and tried over 100 different models. Some are too expensive to him, some are low performance, some are bad design. At that moment, I guess, he want a cheap, high performed tablet and it should look nice. So I recommend this Hyundai T7S. I introduced its advantages to him, quad core, 2G RAM, fast running speed, compacted size, and new Android 4.0.4 OS. After a long time consideration, he accepted my suggestion. When you meet clients like him, please keep more patient Hyundai T7S Quad Core Tablet PC de 7 pulgadas de pantalla IPS Exynos 4412 Android 4.0 2GB RAM 16 GB GPS Bluetooth cámara de 5.0MP HDMI Dark BlueCaracterísticas principales de Tablet PC Hyundai T7S:Sistema Operativo: Android 4.0.4CPU / Procesador:
Cách Sử Dụng Và Bảo Quản Pin Laptop
Pin là một trong những linh kiện laptop tạo nên tính cơ động và sự khác biệt của laptop và PC. Chính v́ vậy mà việc sử dụng và bảo quản pin laptop sao cho hiệu quả nhất luôn được người dung laptop quan tâm. Sau đây ATLcomputer sẽ chia sẻ với các bạn một vài lưu ư khi sử dụng và bảo quản laptop Lần đầu tiên nên sạc đầy lần đầu tiên pin li-ion không nên kéo dài quá 10h. pin li-ion chỉ cần 3-4h là đă đầy. Nếu ta tiếp tục sạc, lúc đó pin sẽ nóng lên và có thể sẽ giảm tuổi thọ. pin sẽ đạt dung lượng tối đa sau 5-7 lần sạc.Trong khoảng 50 lần sạc đầu tiên pin có thể
How To Clean Clothes With Different Fabric
  Through many people's lives, we can find that there a lot of clothes may only been used one time, although they with clean surface. However, the there still contaminate with some of the dust and sweat, therefore, when they are taken out in the winter, there comes one block perspiration for no reason. And clothes will be yellow, even to get to laundry, it’s also powerless. So in order to ensure that clothes in the best condition, not only to wash clothes clean, but also to use crucial cleaning method. The following is a healthy laundry washing methods after years of experience for different clothes , both for the people who open a dry cleaners , or for your own washing clothes at home , the same applies :   Generally, it’s hard to take care of silk clothing. Silk fabric is common in summer, a cool can comfortable fabric. However, it should be more careful to take care. This material clothes are generally easy to become yellow. So it needs to be cleaned thoroughly before
Favourite Hymn
Eternal Spirit of the living Christ, I know not how to ask or what to say; I only know my need, as deep as life, And only You can teach me how to pray. Come, pray in me the prayer I need this day; Help me to see Your purpose and Your will-- Where I have failed, what I have done amiss; Held in forgiving love, let me be still. Come with the strength I lack, bring vision clear Of neighbour’s need, of all humanity; Fulfillment of my life in love outpoured, My life in You, O Christ; Your love in me. 
Are You Sick Of The Dating Merry-go-round?
Have you ever felt frustrated looking for your dream relationship? Or found yourself in a relationship that seemed promising at first but ended up breaking your heart or leaving you wanting more? And no matter how hard you tried, things just did not work out? You are not alone…And it’s not your fault! If you are anything like most women, the odds are you’re struggling to find or keep the relationship, the right personality match, the right man for you! Would you like to enjoy better dates? Better relationships? Or a better marriage? Now you CAN...All you need to do is just click here: Did you know that some men are so used to drinking from disposable paper cups, and then crumpling them up tossing them aside? That when you put a fine sparkling crystal champagne glass in their hands, like YOU…They don’t know how to take care of it… I get so frustrated when I hear about women who are suffering unnecessarily&hellip
Dan F. Man's New Single
Wuz Sup FU, Are you wondering who I am?? I Am Dan F. Man! You should google me and see if you like some of my work! Here is a sample of my latest work, this is a RnB Single so if you love Rap just google me for my other work!
Happy Halloween
hmmmm ...he waits at the window as the wind blows gently through the trees. He sees her hair flowing as she walks past his gaze from the window as she passes and pretends not to notice. Her stride becomes more seductive as she feels his wanting gaze , and the hunger began to rise even stronger . She wants him , doesn't he realize that ? I wonder if he'll follow if I head to the tree line of the forest ? The moon was high and full tonight and her hunger was driving her not to be as careful as she should have been . The clan would go balistic when & if they noticed she was gone. Send him a telepathic message to follow you , as her movements become even more suggestive to the naked eye. She lifted her arms to the moon and began swaying to the tune in her own head. Now this was driving Clint crazy with the need of feeling her close to his heart. He opens the window and quietly climbs out as he sprints to his Lady Lilith , Lilly for short was new to the community. She lived in the castle of
Night Visions ( Da Ja Vu )
have you ever had a convorsation and you know whats coming next or you realize that you had that b4 , isn't it strange , did you ever tihink there a higher power at play , well myself i'm not so sure but i do know that when i have these visions in my sleep 99% of them always come true . its like a gut feeling you get when something , good or bad is about to happen but instead of awake your still sleeping ,i dont have these type's of things very often but when i do in about 3days to 3 months it really happens plus its only when i feel very strongly about something , thats when i have them . in my vision its only when something very perticular catches my attention that i really focus on what it is thats going on in the vision i try to find the date or time and apon waking i write it down and see if its reall or not , but like said b4 it 99% of the time is , and thats kind of how i met my babe on here back in april this year , about the 3rd week , i wasn't going to come on fu that night b
Please Help
So some of my pics were stolen and posted to This has happened to a bunch of girls on here. Because of that I have had to restrict access to most of my pics on here. Through some research I hve discovered that there is a petition to get the site investigated by the FBI for endangering women and also posting child pornography. It needs 7,500 signatures to get sent to the FBI and is currently at about 6,850. We need people to sign that shit if there is any chance of anonib getting shut down. The petition is being hosted at here: My husband Altreac says that if the petition can get the remaining signatures it needs, that will be the first step towards me being able to post pics again and reshare the pics that I currently have set to private. Afterwards he has one more condition that needs to be met, which I will a
Just Amazed
so today someone told me about a site so i went there and it amazes me all the women of fubar that seriously actually sell their bodies for credits on this site... im a bit ashamed for them mainly cuz what their lives will turn into if people were to really see what they post on the internet... im just so very glad i have never sold myself to get credits from creepy old or young men... but on a side note some of the ladies i seen on that site im not surprised at all as i know who some of them are.. the same women who call me a blinger on mafia .. of course i spend my own money and not sell myself for others.. but makes me laugh to know i have one up on them.. oh and also the ladies on that site and their pics? they are very nasty lmao who would actually pay to see that shit? 
What is the best way to relieve it?
Thời Gian Nâng Cấp Cánh Tiểu Tiên Avatar
Bộ cánh Hawai sau khi được đưa ra đă nhận được sự khen chê từ nhiều luồng ư kiến của cộng đồng avatar. Dù khen hay chê đều thể hiện các bạn trẻ của chúng ta đều rất quan tâm tới thế giới Avatar, điều đó là sự cổ vũ và động lực rất lớn để BQT Avatar không ngừng cố gắng, sáng tạo, luôn cố gắng mang đến một sân chơi vui vẻ nhất cho các bạn. Để thể hiện ḷng tri ân tới toàn thể các thành viên của cộng đồng Avatar, BQT đă thống nhất và đưa ra quyết định cho ra mắt tính năng nâng cấp Cánh Tiểu Tiên, cụ thể như sau: 1.Th
How To Protect Its Smartphone
Who fears due to the eavesdropping scandal to the mobile by German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) to the confidentiality of his conversations, has much of a chance to protect themselves. Only high security phones, which cost several thousand dollars--and who must be both parties offer real protection against eavesdropping. Nevertheless, mobile phones owners should be careful: because the small miracle devices do more and have become a constant companion of man, they are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals. Are smartphones generally endangered due to viruses or attacks from the outside? Yes, because smartphones are small computer in principle. Therefore they can be also attacked, hacked or pirated. Malicious programs, aimed at multimedia phones, are what operating system is used on the rise - no matter. The Google system Android phones are so far particularly affected, because it is most prevalent. What dangers threaten my Smartphone? The risks are similar for comput
Return Of The Living Dead
Ok so i got done watching return of the living dead. It was a great movie like all other zombie movies,and this one directly referances George A. Romeros Night of the living dead. Great Geroge getting props for starting the whole zombie phenomenon.It starts off like your avarage zombie 1980's horro flick.Some unsuspecting characters who are your basic dimwits stumble upon a military container filled with a gas and one of the characters decides to tell the real story behind George A. Romeros movie and that the ghouls (as they were called in night of the living dead) we reanimated by the united states army with there chemical they used on marijuana.after a long dialog the character telling the story slaps the container releasing the gas and zombies are born in the movie when the body of a reanimated corpse is cut top piece and burnt in the crematriom across the street and the smoke goes into the clouds and acid rain begins to fall.. You know the rest of the movie if you have seen it..
Bugsy Jac-trots ‏@jacobintrotsky @cbsnews @facethenation As The Prologue To The Conspiracy Book Of American Political Horrors
Face The Nation ‏@FaceTheNation 2h Phil Shenon says: Evidence that if somebody had connected the dots JFK assassination could have been possibly easily preventable #JFK50 #FTN
For All You 'work The System Levers (of Power)'
For ALL You 'work the system levers', here's a lever you can forget about in 2016, as you come around to the imperative of organizing a #grassroots candidate Rick Klein @rickklein Howard Dean: "I am not going to be that person; I'm supporting Hillary if she runs." #ThisWeek.
As If Our 'lying Eyes' Didn't Know Already...
As if our 'lying eyes' DIDN'T know already... Face The Nation @FaceTheNation Much vital evidence has...but added fuel for Bugsy Jac-Trots ‏@JacobinTrotsky 1h @CBSNews @FaceTheNation As the prologue to the conspiracy book of American Political Horrors
Life is fun so in joy it because it could end tomorrow. MW3 FAN GET READY FOR GHOSTSSSSSSSSSSS.
Cách Sửa Màn H́nh Laptop Bị Sọc
Lỗi màn h́nh Laptop bị sọc có triệu chứng thường thấy là vệt trắng cắt ngang hoặc cắt dọc màn h́nh, đứt nét. là do bị lỗi panel màn h́nh, cụ thể là do bẹ cáp bị găy hoặc hở cụ thể là Đứt mạch in dọc, hỏng IC điều khiển đường dọc, đứt mạch in ngang, hỏng IC điều khiển đường ngang. Sau đây, ATL computer chi sẻ cách sửa  màn h́nh bị sọc Lỗi Đứt mạch in dọc 2. Cách sửa màn h́nh bị kẻ sọc Đối với trường hợp màn h́nh laptop bị kẻ sọc th́ để sửa chữa chúng ta không thể dùng dụng cụ thông thường mà phải dùng máy dập panel l
Vui Buồn Xung Quanh Việc Xét Nghiệm Gen (adn)
  Xét nghiệm ADN gặp “khó” v́… nhăng nhít Tại quận Thanh Xuân (Hà Nội), một câu chuyện bi hài đă xảy ra, một cô bé v́ hoàn cảnh cha mẹ ly hôn nên phải ở với bố dượng. Khi bước vào tuổi 14, thấy thân h́nh mơn mởn non tơ của con gái vợ, người cha dượng đă nổi thú tính xâm hại t́nh dục. Sự việc kéo dài đến năm 16 tuổi th́ cô gái có thai. Mặc cảm, xấu hổ, cô bỏ về quê với ông bà. Ở đây, cô may mắn gặp một người đàn ông nghèo nhưng tốt bụng rồi họ nên vợ nên chồng. Nhưng khi đứa con ra đời, ngắm nghía mặt mũi con chẳng thấy giống ḿnh, ngẫ
Cách Xử Lư Nạp In-app Bị Lỗi Không Nạp được Trên App Iwin Online
Hiện nay có một số gamer thắc mắc về việc mua và thanh toán trên các app trên iTunes th́ b́nh thường nhưng mua và thanh toán trên app iWin Online lại bị lỗi mà không biết phải xử lư như thế nào?  Cách xử lư Nạp in-app bị lỗi không nạp được trên app iWin Online Sau đây BQT game iwin sẽ hướng dẫn bạn xử lư khi nạp in-app bị lỗi như sau: 1. Xem đơn hàng của bạn đă nạp: Bước 1: - Mở iTunes ->chọn Sign in để đăng nhập. Bước 2: - Nhập tài khoản Apple ID và Pass của bạn vào rồi Ok. Bước 3: - Bạn sẽ được chuyển đến trang Account information, phía dưới ḍng Purchase History
Greatest News With Hd Pictures
  Greatest News With HD Pictures Everyone like news, everybody looking for gossip, many folks searching for tips and tricks, so we are here trying to serve you better, serve you with high quality photos
Ky Fun
ky fun- step and show me some just 4 fun
Time Of Year
trick or treat- for some it means candy or else. here in the fun world of Fubar, it could mean anything. It could mean, you the trick and I'll give you the treat, or I'll do the trick and you give me the treat. Lets see where this goes for fun. 
I definetly had a good day today, even though there was a lot of turmoil. I guess it is just one of those days that teach you that perseverance has it's rewards. There is a very caring gay male that I happen to work with that comes highly reccomended by my best Wiccan buddy here locally, and today he asked me out for coffee sometime. I do not think it is a date, but I also view being as out for coffee as someone testing the waters. I really enjoy chatting with him at work though so I think he could be a great new friend, and maybe more. Who knows. Excited either way though. I also had the good fortune to meet a new Wiccan friend tonight. I happened to meet him through a mutual friend after work tonight.  He seemed to know what he is talking about, and we have begun discussions about having a Samhain ritual together. We are going to all get together tomorrow again, and start planning all of this better. He said that he had been practing 12 years though, so I really look foward to what
Real Madrid Lone Hero ! C Luo A Person Golf Gonna Cry Where Are You Good Helper
Bell, now is not a good helper for C LoC-Lo -form this season , he has for Real Madrid [ microblogging ] contributed 15 goals,cheap jerseys including eight ball from the league , seven goals from the Champions League , is currently the top scorer in the Champions League leader . Since the completion of contract with Real Madrid , C Luo 's productivity has improved significantly . Last season he shot once every 12 minutes , every 82 minutes to score a goal , but now he had a shot 10 minutes , 76 minutes will be able to play ball. However , the state has such a good C Lo stumbled at the Nou Camp . C Luo originally Nou Camp nightmare, his classic celebration "quiet" has set off waves in the Nou Camp . C- 19 since joining Real Madrid with Barcelona [ microblogging ] fight, scored 12 goals, while Barcelona has become the best at C Lo opponent broke one of 12 national derby goals, eight are in the Camp Nou , one at Mestalla , three at the Bernabeu . This time the face of Barcelon
Awake & Bored!
Well, it is 2:25 est. my wife is sleeping, and I am awake . tv is on, but I am just listening to it! Does any Just listen to their tv without watching, just for the noise? Most of the time my wife andf I do, we will fall asleep with the tv on. this is boring, I never have wrote a blog, so don't know what to say lol!  so that is why I named it Awake & Bored!
Sad World
Seriously am I the only one that looks at people and just see's the person ? I keep seeing posts about skinny gals thick gals medium gals . Let me tell you to see people act this way over superficial bullshyt that makes no difference at all when it comes to who a person is .It really kind of makes the soul hurt . As we are not our bodies and if that’s all you see I am sorry , But if people don’t wake up soon and see the beauty in each other instead of looking just at the prisons we are held within . We are just going to make this planet more hateful . Get over it people it don’t matter what the body looks like, what religion a person is  , ,or what color your skin is or anything of the sort its the soul of a man or woman that is good or bad . If people don’t wake up to this we are going to go further down the tube, Until all is lost so please for all our sake's WAKE THE HECK UP and see the beauty within each soul . Cause in the end none of the stuff we seem to b
A Thought To Hold
I always say its what you let in and let out .sadness can stay out . take this thought .you can look at someone picture and think how you would feel  in their arms .Then remember the love passion and desires. that feeling of truly feeling as if you had just reached home for the very first time .knowing you were feeling something so very special that you’d never find anywhere else .And you can remember how they felt in yours . That something that just made you feel whole. Or the way your soul felt like it was dancing on a cloud .your heart all feeling like it was beating all new . that smile that started to hurt the sweet scent that aroused you so. holding that someone always seeming as it was the first time. you can remember it two ways I suppose you can remember it as it was and feel it all .or you can let in that you don’t have it .And become all sad and blue . me I choose to hold that love that I always had don’t go away less you make it and sad is the same don&rsq
Different Sayings If Your In To Creating Your Own Cards Birthdays And So On
As I drift in and out of my heart. I sense you  everywhere. Your laughter Your smile your scent, My heart and souls completion . Loneliness I will never know again for on this day  a girl was born for me . So from my heart to yours I wish you the happiest of birthdays and so many more..         THE SWEETEST BIRTHDAY WISHShielded in the intimacies of our passions an explosion of untamed desires . I look into your eye's where erotic dreams are exposed . The sweet taste of your exotic fruits are like sugar upon my hungered tongue . Within this day of emotional bliss I thrive to make this day a multiple .                                HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS DARLINGLet me count the stars in this night. As I feel blessed for knowing you to are blanketed with this same  sky. The warmth found within the soul of every thought I may have of you. The desire in your eyes is that which my heart feels all the time its a hunger that our hearts become one . emotions gone wild as we share the midnight
A Post Of Many Different Poems From The Past
A brief look in to your eyes while the shields were down . I could see the hurt of your past . The pain put upon you by the words of those devils . Not one could see the compassion within . The love waiting to be shared . In a brief second as I opened my eyes to your soft voice a moment stolen as I seen the love the passion the kiss of life you hold within so honest and gentle here amongst the shamed . I wonder now that I am awake can you ever forgive the pains done to you ? Can you rise above the little people with the closed eyes ? Can you love now one who is shamed and humbled with the emotion behind your sensual eye's ?                     A Dream ? I thought I awoke to hear you calling me , I knew it was you  only you have ever had the effect . To make my heart race like a raging wind . Your soft voice to arouse me so . I came a running  as my heart did stop when I realized I stood here alone..As I set here today watching people  rush to and fro  searching endlessly .  For the one
Never Growing Up
There are many reasons I choose not to grow up and join reality with the rest of the world. From the time I was born I thought something a bit off . Most of my life just uncomfortable with everything .Yet not knowing why .Its things like this I guess . Take love to me we are born loving all no rhyme or reason we just do we accept people for who they are and see no faults. We soon from there go to this man made view of its reality and truths . Lets take love .We are so willing to tell someone we love them and then say or do something that hurts them . We will say I love you and hand them a drink they could be come addicted we know this going in . We know it eats away the body from in .odd thing to do to someone we claim to love. Lets take looks .We tell someone we love them and we in the same time hand them dope. Or feeding them things that will destroy their looks .yet we say your beautiful and I love you ? Take the idea of Friends and then making judgments about them. ? To me a friend
What Was Her Name
Her eyes sparkled like the sun on the ocean in mid summer her skin so soft to the touch like nothing could compare her soft scent would fill my lungs with little goose bumps I think it was . Her hair was blacker than the night that’s for sure it would shine though I can attest to that the moon some times looked as it was dancing there in her hair . Her hair had nothing on those sparkling eyes they’d be so brown they too almost looked black at times pretty though they’d draw you in seeming like  the eyes of  innocents that tanned skin so sweet scented and all never needed oils just had that sweet smell .Never did catch her name .
Love Song
Let me write you a love song that pertains to know one but you, shall I sing of the way my heart beats when you are near. The way it thump thump thumps when I smell your sweetness in the air. Shall I sing out strong about the way the sun shines off your black hair, or make a chorus about the moon and stars that rise out of your eyes, when you smile with such joy, what a rhythm is could be, If I just sang out strong about what it is you mean to me, the world would be on awe hearing a song with such desire passion and all things true love was meant to be, thump thump thump the beat echoes in my ears as I envision you setting next to me. Trying to muster words together , that sings out all you mean to me, you are my home, you are my strength to rise each day, without you in my arms day seems to be years ,just full of tears, yet I want to sing a love song that pertains to no one else but you, I want the world to hear as I sing out , that you have always captivated me, yet I can not muster
How Much Can One Love ?
So in our day and age we call falling in love something that happens when someone is so special that you cant see the day without them saying hello ,Or a night where they say good night . the desire to hold them through the days and nights just to feel the warmth of their hearts . To see joy in their eyes and know that you have put it there . So if this is correct it seems so easy to fall in love with someone new or the same each day  depending on how you perceive it . Never gets old always refreshed with dawn of a new day . Marriage is just that staying with a friend till the end but to think your the only one that loves the one is a fantasy, As everyone loved is done so by  many more then just one . So don’t get jealous just know you have been blessed with so much more then others .as you know where that  love rests . Love is given freely with out condition. So feel free to love with your heart and soul . But remember the body stays with one.. 
Is It Wrong To Wait
Am I wrong to search the world over before I Lay with someone that doesn’t make my blood boil when she walks in to the room Is it so far fetched that I would see the stars in her eyes . or that her smile would bless the room with light . is it wrong to hope that when I hold her in my arms that I would feel whole and complete . or that she could speak and it tickle my ear with a pleasurable flock of goose bumps . the search must go on before I lay my head in the wrong arms I think somewhere
To Much Hatred In The World
Hatred running ramped all over the world no one stopping to look at each other as people More so at where they were born . If people would talk to each other and get to know the families they would be able to find friendship instead of these stupid wars . Oil and things of that nature are just that nature to fight over what god has given freely makes no sense to me at all . But the world is changing and getting ready for the ultimate war .One day we will walk out our doors and not know who is a neighbor and who’s going to shoot who first . Tt all just disgusts me but hell I am just one man with a view of the way things should be not the way they are . Talk about not fitting in take a look at my heart I feel like a one man soldier in a life of my own . All though it would be cool if everyone stopped for a moment and came to my shores . Love each other as they love them selves . A wise man said that before .I never read anywhere that he said go ahead and kill 
Another Picture Rated
I have traveled the world over discovering what this land had to give, I’ve seen the seven wonders of the world. All beautiful sights . I have watched the pureness settle as a child was born, I’ve seen the snow fall while setting upon a mountain top , I’ve seen the dance dancing on the ocean as the waves massaged my feet, yet when I look in to your dark brown eyes, I see the joy of the sun dancing upon the ocean , I see the snow falling as glitter and magical things, my nose has come alive with your sweet scent . A brush in my hand to stroke your lovely hair, now the goose bumps on my own arms begin to dance, I have traveled the world over, and seen beautiful things , but the most beautiful rests right there in your eyes , I think my travel is over as noting could ever top this, 
Greatest Assets
Your greatest assets are the ones that rub off on another’s heart and flow like a river of love from heart to heat . When we leave this planet our value is never judged on the things we gather . But more so on the way we effected those around us weather we just smiled at someone that was on a corner and then he or she smiled and warmed another’s heart  we can be known as that person of destruction that caused heartache where ever they went or you can be known as that person that was nice to everyone weather he or she knew them or not that person that shared love and brought peace to the hearts of others . Its pretty simple we all have a choice . Let the river flow with love not distaste . By  Tim Ziegler  06/12 2012 inspired by God 
God And Government
I know most think I am a crack pot .But yet Id like you to explain this to me . God made man and so loved him that he said . I have 10 rules I want you to follow . But I do not want to be a slave owner. So I am going to give you free will .Meaning ungoverned so each is to choose his path. you follow the 10 rules you can come live with me .  If you do not you wont .Its your choice. So man thinking he was so much better off with out a master ,decide that they do not need to follow anyone’s rules. Not even those handed down by the creator.  So the ones thinking they were smartest of all decide to  Govern themselves and Everyone else  make thousands of laws .that do nothing more. Then cover the ten the father handed them .Making  things that much harder to find the path to the father . And turning themselves in to slaves of the rich .So yes please explain this concept of Mans to me ? I cant figure it out . just sayn
Glimmer Of Hope
When all seems lost that glimmer of hope keeps us going . Hope that one day out lives will mean something to those left behind. Hope that we have touched the hearts of more than we have scared . No matter how far we travel . Its those we have scared that seem to stick with us . Day in day out the memories of the things we neglected seem to follow the pain we left in people when we left . Seems to stay yet when all seems lost that glimmer of hope keeps going . That hope that we can do enough to make amends for those we have scared . What a sad world that we don’t know from the start that we will always carry the burdens we think we leave with others upon our own hearts . With a glimmer of hope . I hope that I can teach a few of the young No matter what you do in life it follows you all the days  of your life . You can have a life of happiness and a heart full of love . By the deeds you decide to do . But if you leave scars and sad faces . Then you will have the same . Our hearts a
Sometimes Society Has An Odd Idea Of Love
Funny thing about man made love. We yell out things like you’re the other half of my soul. I don’t know how I would ever make it with out you . You’re the only one for me . God made you just for me. I accept you for who you are. But then you see something they are doing makes you cringe so you say what the hell are you doing . And don’t see we have just judged. I can tell you now and this is a fact. They are being themselves weather you like it or not. Now in the true meaning of being in love its accepting a person for who they are unconditionally . It is sharing a path you walk along hand in hand not one forward not one behind .Falling in love makes you as one . So when you look at that one you see them being themselves and its all about the love . Funny thing about Mans definitions of unconditional love . 
A Feeling Had Looking At A Pic
Why do I dream of your warmth in my arms or the delight in the thought of your essence next to me . Why do I dream of your smile and glittering eyes . Why do I long to hear your words in my ears . Why do I desire the taste of your sweet lips upon my own . Forbidden love perhaps . Or wanting to be closer to you my friend , Yes I see trouble we may have . but I hope that everyone that sees can understand your my friend and I love you just as much as I can . So I wont hold your hand in public and I wont hold you in my arms but I will hold you in my heart and no one can complain to that cause I know that all you meet feel the same. Your just to easy to love me thinks ….
A true scary story. It's simply a track of my life. I got to see my sister getting too close to the fireplace and burn. She was almost 6, I was almost 3. She died. I didn't get to see the truck that hit me at 18. Managing a little chain of bookshops in DC in the early 1980's. Horizon Books, Ever hear of it? A severe concussion because of a poor decision... Living through cancer was wild when I was 26. Malignant Lymphoma. You never know the true terror of chemotherapy unless you been there and done that. Living through hard core addiction after I kicked cancer ass was a nightmare. Losing my little sister in a freakin' car wreck was tough. She was 30 and me at 36 and locked up at the time. That was 15 years ago. Mom is gone and Dad followed 5 years later. Yay. I got to be there to see them go to peace. The moral of this story is to be like Pink Floyd. Build a wall.
Reworded Song
Cheater, cheater where'd you meet her on fubar?? Did she smile your way twirl her hair and say how cute your dimples are? Did she use that line your lounge or mine while ya shout boxed with her real slow? Tell me cheater, cheater where'd you meet that no good white trash ho?   Liar, liar, did you buy her bling or VIPs!!!? Did you hide all my pics or make it where she cant see them??? When the deed was done and you had your fun did you think I wouldn't know? Tell me cheater, cheater where'd you meet that no good white trash ho?       Now I'm not one to judge someone that I ain't never met. But to lay your hands on anothers gurl man's bout as low as a gal can get. Well I wish her well as she rots in hell and you can tell her I said so. Cheater, cheater where'd you meet that no good white trash ho.   Loser, loser, hope you love her cause your stuck with her now. Take your sorry butt, and block me cuz im done with ya ass. But I just wish you'd tell me this one thing befo
Just Now
The lion’s pride   This is the truth The proof I can’t quit I’m an addict No choice write it Down This frown on my face Weighs 39 pounds The lion’s roar Deafening Concussive it resounds…        
My Mafia Link To Join As A Merc  
Ok from time to time I will be posting my thoughts bout life  and this is the 1st one this is coming from the heart and how I feel bout lifeBefore I start, this is not aiming to anyone in particular, this is something I see n get my self and frankly I am tired of it. One of the biggest problems I see today is people judging others on 2 things. they dont either know the person or they do not know both sides of the story. Yes I have done this myself and everyone has 1 point or another.This happens both online and in real life. Another aspect of this when people see someone sees another's actions they judge without truly understanding the persons background.    You  might be asking what I mean. Often we see someone and and act like we dont wanna be around them because of theirr spelling, talking and the fact they might have a disbality. When we do this this proves that people do not care to see a real person, granted they are people that are true jerks. We just need to learn not to judge
Time & Fate
 Time & fate can be very cruel , when I remember , how much I love you.   Your strength and power is amazing to see , But your gentleness is what Really won me , Your smile when a child did enter the room , The way you helped , In a crisis so few would even for-see or even knew . The way your skin felt against mine , the way your arms were so devine , Holding so tightly around me. To love me , I know not how . But I know you do somehow. I see the changes in the world today , fighting , crying and running away , We dont know who to trust , don't know where to go , Just don't know what Satan wants ,,,,, And I 'm thinking it's not good , In the pyramid times our love began ,couldn't even have you then , But the age will come and this I do know , that you'll be mine , forever more
About Me
I am a Child: Self-aware, curious, inquisitive, creative, corolful, honest, amused, intrigued, submersive, expressive; reflective, ignorant, lazy.   I am a Mother: Attentive, protective, compassionate, kind, resourceful, thoughtful, selfless, considerate, simple, persistant; complex, stubborn.    I am a Warrior: Fractured, broken; mended, self-reliant, industrious, disiplined, fierce, courageous, loyal, driven.   I am Human: Fallible, uncertain, weak, arrogant, mortal; passionate, generous, affectionate.   I laugh, cry, love, hate, hope, fear, create, destroy, live and feel... I am Me, everyday. Just like you.
A Thought
Hear is a self thought: It seems to me self interest has really blinded us . We are all born as two yet one we have our soul the eternal part of us all with its own job to do . We all have a purpose as a part of one grand step in time . We are blinded we grow up being told what’s right what’s wrong what to do and what not to do .so we take on the physical needs and loose sight of the spiritual nature of us and ultimately that is all that we are .just one part of a light doing its part . We have turned us all in to slaves of machines and physical things cars phones TV and all the I thing so on . Everywhere in the world people just want the same thing to cover their heads feed themselves and so on . At one time we all  could have had this , we let others fool us in to thinking it was theirs to sell us . Hunting license land tax , drivers license water . We gave in and let us sell us what was not theirs to sell because of this ideal . War creates revenue  so were sold on it .
This Is Highly Sexual And Unless You Read The Whole Thing You Just Wont Get It , Beware Is Highly Sexual Memory From The Past .
As I looked down in to her eyes. she stared back I could see that I wasn't here alone. the passion was building in her as it was me. her hand moved so swiftly to the side of my face I could smell the sweet sent of her skin as it filled with in me. now both locked in the aroma of lust. my hands started tickling her skin ever so softly tracing every part of her. exploring to leave goose bumps of passion upon her soft skin . her eyes locked upon mine. she pulled me to her as our lips touched. I could feel the blood with in me warm like a fire. the sparkle in her eyes was that of the purest star. our tongues dancing to music only the two of us could hear. as our lips parted my hands still exploring her body. the texture of a rose pedal my mouth tasting every inch. my mind fogged in desire as my hungry mouth slid over her now fully erect nipple. twisting around as if it were trying to make it stretch. my hands sliding over her wanting needing to posses her. if just to find the source of the
Was Something I Seen In The Eyes Of A Woman
My Biggest Regret in it all is that I never kept my promises to always tell you how I felt about you every day or to kiss you every morning . I let work get in the way of our time together and dint keep my promises to hold you every day . or to keep your hand within mine . I didn't understand how others had so much power to make you cry about you and I . and I withdrew not keeping my promise to never yell. yet the love I felt was tearing me up inside as I felt you would rather be with those that made you cry .and my ranting and raving made you cry so much more I am sorry I didn't keep my promises to let you feel what was in my heart every day . I remember the warmth of your kisses to this day I remember the peace I felt in your arms . I am sorry I let everything get in the way of letting you know you were the angel in my eye’s . My heart was broken that day I watched you walk away . I am sorry I turned to drugs to mask the pain I am so sorry I walked away . you were my peace as y
Within The Eyes
 I happened upon a picture of a woman with sparkling blue eyes it was like seeing stars in the middle of the day . she had  a smile  that could warm the sun .Golden hair that shined like gold . then my heart started beating wildly and that this is  what I saw when I looked beneath the eyes A smile of joy hiding deep seeded pain the kind that scars the heart . It was as if her eyes saying you’ll never hold me . I am like I am because of man. My heart is very guarded you must understand I can care very dearly .I’ve  wanted the same things. but the scaring of my heart will always be there I do not think love remains .that is when I realized what her sparkling eyes were saying. she needed a hand to hold A shoulder to lean on an honest ear to listen  a best friend a lover .Loving  arms to protect her not as a superior but a partner an equal all the way. some one to let her know daily how special she really is A tender kiss in the morning to feel loved all day . Hope a lot of guy
As Humans
As Humans we are born in to the world pure  without sin. We have no knowledge of lies deceit nor any other negative thing.  SO it is odd that we can be as Jesus himself and grow to be as we are . Ask any honest person if he has ever lied . Funny thing about lies we all do it most daily . We may leave something out of a conversation ,We may lead someone to think one way or another about a situation , A child can come ask for help with something and we may be just chatting on the phone. These are all lies we can tell them stories but if they are led to believe such things are true. We still lied . We all claim to love our children and do what’s best for them . I think we think way to much of ourselves .Think about it you took a child as loving pure and sinless and created of that what you see today. We cant claim we did not know of such things as that book the bible with the ten rules and ways of life in it been around way longer then any of us. Don’t get me wrong as if there
What Movie
you ask what I thought of the movie ? well I thought how warm you felt in my arms. I thought how wonderful it was to have your sweet scent tickle at my nose .I thought how wonderful it was to share this life with you .I thought how wonderful my every minute has been sense we first met . then I thought how beautiful it is when the sun dances on your flowing hair. then I thought how beautiful your eyes are when I see how happy you are . then I thought how beautifully wonderful it felt to touch your soft skin then I realized id love you beyond eternity . oh yeah the movie . it was ok 
A Wish
If I ever had a wish come true it would be you feel me the way I feel you . so that you too may feel what  fills my heart . so full of the tender memories . this I wish upon you everyday . the love and desire the passion we once shared . all through the years we have lived without each others arms for support . yet the love the friendship remains the same . your kindness and gentle side would never let me waste a wish on us . that is one of the things I miss most so as for wishes I guess we should wish together that others are able to feel the kind of love we have shared . if only wishes would or could come true every one deserves to feel true love . and I will always pray  true love upon you each and everyday Here where I wait for love once again…
I was going to say funny thing is. Accept there really isn’t anything funny about it . Yet this is something to ponder . We are taught growing in this society about love and our goal is to fall in love with that one person have kids and pay the government for what I am not sure but I think its for rent of the earth . No matter if you believe the man Jesus to be a god or not he did have a way about him and the words he spoke . He was all about loving all the same and sharing a life with another . Some say we were created in the image of a God . Other say we are just nothing more then a cosmic blast that happened accidentally . Thing is when you get down to it we are all the same we bleed we have a brain we walk we talk we socialize . Yet all animals do the same yet we think we are the smartest . Yet we are the only species bent on destroying the earth we live on . We are content on letting ourselves be told what we believe what we should think or do . Even when we see error in som
Where Are You
as I search you out my heart grows weary wondering will you ever realize I am here still wandering and looking for that warmth of your touch that I know is there. the sweet smell of your skin I am expecting. the way your eyes will light up once we meet. I know you must be your searching too yet I pray your journey isn't as lonely as mine. stretch out your hand though it may find my own . one day one day
Who I Am
For those of you with a problem with the things you see or hear from me . I have a few definitions to help you .with those opinions of me . A stranger someone you love just cause its free. A friend someone you fall in love with each time you greet . Someone that hurts you . Some one you love forgive and send  on their way. An enemy someone you pray for but don’t let get within reach . Marriage a contract of flesh and one path to be shared .jealousy a way to control . In life we have choices of what we do or think so in my definitions . Please understand me . I don’t want anything from anyone but the love of friends . So remember these things when you judge me cause this is truly who I am .
Most Of The Things Written Are Just Feelings About Pictures . Here And There
A day with out holding you. Preposterous I tell you. That would be like a life time where know hopes came true. A day without hearing you would be like a life time where no music came to ones ears. A day that I could not see the joys I put in to your eyes .well that would be like a life time where I died and died . A day with out your touch preposterous that would be like a life time with no lord above. A day without a kiss from you . Why that would be like a world where nothing sweet ever grew. A day where my eyes didn’t see you. Would be like a world where nothing ever bloomed. You give my life its meaning. We should both know this to be true. A day with out you. My life would end. I pray to the heavens above that I am always near you 
Something Else I Thought One Day Lol
I have a thought coming on . not sure what yet but I am sure it most certainly will come out kind . Digging threw the derogatory things in front of me as i set here on my perch staring at the world threw this window of mine . searching for a smile the ocean of color that lives in an eye. maybe the softness in someones words . its these things i like in my mind . Yet i travel through the words from people here and there . I wonder why everyone can not seem to find the words to share that make them feel the compassion everyone deserves . Its this person did this and that person did that . I want vengeance for what they have done . they could be flat on their backs before I am done. so i dig threw this rubble looking for that kindness that sets my heart to bubble . its so hard to find a kindness to share when this world seems to be in turmoil . I have an idea that may seem dumb to some . but what if we just took a day to say good things and share good will . Would it really be that bad to
Something Felt
A vision of loveliness in my head . I was running a brush threw your soft silken hair .your womanly essence did bless the air . I was in awe of the shine as I brushed and whispered poetry out of thin air . lost in a moment of visual fantasy the desire to hold you in my arms did grow . as the hunger to taste your lips did explode . I pulled you in close and I did hope . this wonderful feeling would never grow old . the happiness in your so full of soul . like a star lit sky your eyes did sparkle. A million and one stories and secrets held within . swimming in an ocean of sensualities . Your heart beating a rhythm of compassionate things a soul that sings out such kind things .you're a woman of heart the world can see . A miracle of every beauty you are to me
Real Life
Well, since so many of my family/friends have been wondering why I'm not on fu as much as before...Well this is what happened: Sept 11th my washer quit on me..(have to go next door to do laundry); then on 18th my car, hubby was driving to get to work,  water pump went out so had to park it, can't afford the $500 to get it fixed yet...then on following monday 23rd hubby got an email from his brother that his other brother in Okla had passed away on 16th...they couldn't find our email address or phone number to call us about it till after the services...we couldn't of went  cause car was down.....My husband had been driving 70 miles round trip to work...when my car quit he got his friend to take him back and forth to work for 3 weeks, then the friend told him he couldn't do it my husband put in a transfer back to our Wal-Mart here in town, (Oct 1st) which is 2 miles from it in 2 days so now he's driving his pickup which is only good for short distance.. Our cell phon
Not Acceptable
Delusion is when you are foolish enough to believe something that isn't and never was real...people live in this world every day and I am one of them..I witness others lying..then covering it up with another lie just to lie to someone else..until they become smothered in a world of lies..then wondering why nothing goes the way it should...stating they love them all in the process...confessions and solutions are simple...but excuses and more lies seems to be the only answer...playing the game..and playing with REAL peoples emotions...flying into no-fly zones...breaking the hearts of those they are aupposed to love the most....lying to every single one of them...I have lived that life before and it was NOT worth the cost...ONE person opened my eyes to how the truth really can set you free and I refuse to live that way took me TOO long to build back something I tore down and since that realization hit me...I vowed to be a better person and always be open..honest.
Gypsy's Fallenangel And In Deep Pain Need Our Fubar F&f's Ta Send Love And Help Sperd The Word..
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I Knew It Was Coming
The phone call from that clingy ex-friend. I didn't think it would come at 4AM!!!! Most people, if  you don't speak to them for a time, might ask what the problem is - they may even call - or they may just shrug it off and leave ya alone - right? Not this guy - I've barely spoken to him all week, he managed to make this last week hell by telling others that we went out last Saturday night & letting them believe that it was more than what it actually was. So, instead of just leaving me alone, what does he do? He calls me at 4 in the morning! WTF? I didn't answer the phone & didn't listen to the voicemail he left - instead, I went online and changed my number. He is going to find out, the hard way, that when I don't want to talk to ya, its best to just leave me alone. My guess is that he will either show up here before the weekend is over or he will try talking to me at work on Monday. If he shows up here - well, that would be a big mistake on his part - as I will not be polite at a
My Advice Is Regards To Relationships
When it comes to a conflict in your relationship, if there is a problem fix it. Don't let something you can't agree on cause a stalemate. Better yet, come up with a solution you can both agree on. Each day that passes by that NOTHING was done about it is another day gone by, another moment that that person is angry with you. Another day that the person feels heartbroken, abandoned, not appreciated and unloved. You might as well give that other person permission to turn their back on you. Permission to let them cheat. The last thing we want to hear is "Where do we go wrong?", or "Why did that person cheat on me?". You know why. It's because of pride, foolishness, and sheer stupidity. Hold on to your convictions if you must, but they better be valid. If you truly love someone, you wouldn't let one day, much less one hour go by that your mate is pissed off at you. EVER. A person that has bluntness, sassiness, and flair is a person who has a great deal of life and passion flowing through t
Italian Public Public Relations Minister
Champions League against Barcelona , Balotelli debut at the last moment , but did change a draw , however, good news or Balotelli came back , after a storm , and suspended the national team after the injury ,Wholesale Arsenal jersey Balotelli has finally returned to the court again , but AC Milan can not be the assured Balotelli perverse personality , or to the club made ??a lot of trouble , and now the club began to move. " And before the therapist is different this time to give AC Milan Balotelli arranged a special security personnel , " "slow motion" so to introduce AC Milan Balotelli arranged the "bodyguard ",Wholesale Chelsea jersey which bit previously responsible Florence senior officers of police work in the AC Milan club's current security departments, he was the son of Italian public public Relations Minister , but Ferri 's task is not to protect the security of the ballot , his main job Balotelli 's words and deeds is to control , so that he will not give AC Milan again att
Welcome To My Crazy World...baaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!
BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!! Welcome to my blog! Grab a beer have a seat and enjoy your stay here. I figure I had better kick this here blog off with just a little bit about just what the fuck this blog is all about. The intent of this blog is really quite fucking simple, among other things i'm here mainly to share funny and humorous stories from my goofy existence. As these blogs continue on i'll also be sharing with everyone some truly heartfelt moments of my life as well. As well as thoughts on the world going on around me. Now i'll let you know ahead of time right here that when you read my blogs you'll be reading a fair amount of shits, pisses, fucks, cunts, cocksuckers, motherfuckers, and tits among various other noteworthy words. My intent is simplky to be me, the whole me, and nothing but whole me. One final thing in case you haven't figured it out yet, which in that case means you're suffering from a serious case of dumbass syndrome, i'm using the name odbsguy02 because i'm o
Next Contestant My Version
I judge by what he's wearingJust how many heads I'm tearingOff of cunt bags coming on to himEach night seems like it's getting worse And I wish he'd take the night offSo I don't have to fight offEvery bitch coming on to himIt happens every night he walks in They'll go and ask the DJFind out just what would he sayIf they all tried coming on to himDon't they know it's never going to work They think they'll get his attentionWith every wink they give himAs they all try coming on to himThis time somebody's getting hurtHere comes the next contestant Is that your hand on my boyfriend?Is that your hand?I wish you'd do it againI'll watch you leave here limpingI wish you'd do it againI'll watch you bleedingThere goes the next contestant I even fear the old cuntsThey're cool but twice as crazyJust as bad for coming on to himDon't they know it's never going to work Each time he get up there songingSomebody's grabbing his assEveryone keeps coming on to himThis time somebody's getting hurtHere
The other that I got to thinking about what if I past away how many people would actualy miss me. The point I am getting at is this..........people can say something but thier actions do speak for themselves. I head to much talking and no actions. So this in mind if your not going to act upon something then dont speak it..... Stright from the heart
Christianity Is Not A Cult
The other day, I watched part of a program on the History Channel concerning cults. The very beginning of the program openly proclaimed that Christianity started out as a cult. The program stated that Christianity worshipped a man (who was Jesus Christ, of course), who claimed to be able to walk on water, perform miracles such as healing the sick, and giving sight to the blind, and raising himself from the dead. The program stated that Christianity began as a revolution within Judaism, speaking of another "kingdom", which made the religious and political leaders nervous. Membership in the beginning Christian religion included ignorant fishermen, prostitutes, and other renegades from society, who were fanatically devoted to their leader, Jesus Christ. The program continued by stating that Christianity had taken centuries to become a mainline religion, just as Muslims, and other far east religions are now mainline religions. The program followed up by comparing the fledgling beginning o
Explore The Charming Colonial Culture At Anantara Resort Hoi An
Anantara Hoi An Resort & Spa, the developer and operator of hotels, resorts and luxury spa, resort announced to inaugurate the second hotel in Vietnam - Hoi An Resort Anantara.   Situated along the central coast of Vietnam, where the famous Hoi An ancient town with colonial architecture, the handicraft products and traditional romantic cafes, Anantara Resort Hoi An is a hiding the charming poetic Thu Bon River.   Charming colonial culture at Anantara Resort Hoi An   It is just 35 km from Da Nang railway station and Da Nang International Airport, Anantara Resort reflects bold rich culture of Hoi An with 93 rooms built in the colonial architecture style influenced by French, Netherlands, China and Japan. Each room is designed with a separate space includes a bedroom and bathroom on the top floor, leads to a veranda of the room under having comfortable beds overlooking a tranquil garden or panoramic peaceful river.   Guests staying at the resort can enjoy
Fix A Broken Person.
He will come into your life and pretend to be the man of your dreams. As soon as he realizes you're in love and that your heart can't and don't want to fall out of love, he will show who he really is. Don't try to understand why he would do such a thing; some men are just build from pain they have been through and can only be good until you are trapped. Don't be trapped loving someone that is not there and never was to begin with, don't be taken for granted. Get out, move on... before you cut yourself trying to fix a broken person.  
9 Mil Deal
This is a RAP that I wrote that does not use cuss words but the verbiage will give you an graphic image. By: Michael Dougherty theres a thug running down the block  busted down my door and didnt even knock  I broke out my glock  cock cock  Get out of my house  pop pop  this is for real  cause I got my 9 mil  I dont think this is a trill  Im in it for the kill  you come around my kids and wife  sucka ima gonna take your life  all because I believe  the right to stand ground protects me  so do yourself a favor  talk to your savior  prepare to meet your maker!  Verbiage is copyrighted and registered with the uscopyrightoffice
(how To) Embed Youtube Videos
(How To) Embed A Youtube Video™We as members are always in search mode for the Perfect Music Video. Each and every day more and more different style videos are created (either for Personal Gain or for a Public Perspective). Many websites offer different types of services whether you want to Embed The Video, Share The Video or even Download The Video for any particular reason that was stated above...This blog will show a member how they can embed a video from the website title I do know there is other Video Sites on the internet but majority of the time members tend to use the most..This blog will also show different Tweaks, Tricks and Secret Features that Youtube has to offer that some members do not know..IntroductionYoutube is a Video Sharing website that was created by three ex-employees that worked for Paypal. On November of 2006 Youtube was bought for $1.65 billion from and has now become a subsidiary to its parent company. Over the yea
Happy Halloween
Here's wishing each and everyone of you a Happy Halloween and a safe one........Try not to get to sick with all the
Dad Tribute
When my father passed away, losing him was unlike any emotional pain I'd ever experienced. His death literally sucked the oxygen out of my body. Suddenly felt like a large chunk of who I was; was no longer tangible. I couldn’t just pick up the phone and hear his voice, I couldn’t wrap my arms around him and envelop him in a bear hug becauseI was simply out of time. I’d never felt the sting of death in this way. The truth is none of us have enough time. There’s never enough time to be with those you love. The loss of my dad has forced me to re-evaluate the limits I put on myself and the relationships I hold dear. It’s brought my tolerance for other people’s bad energy to zero, and so if I don’t feel like being in a situation where I know I’ll be uncomfortable, where I would have sucked it up in the past, now I just won’t do it. It’s also made me acutely aware of how utterly short our time is here, and that once the switch on
For Luv
Dennis was like an Uncle to me he was my step father's best friend and he loved music and movies. Very Knowledgable about them too. In 1994 he was diagnosed with Brain and lung cancer but as he had had cancer before I thought he would beat it just as he did before. In October of 1994 we went to Concord NH to visit him, his wife and three children. It was a good visit but when we went to leave he followed us outside and gripped my hand as not to ever let go. I promised I would be back and nothing was going to happen to him. I made it back that following January by that time he was with the angels and we were there to lay him to rest. I broke my promise I was 15 when I made that promise and now at 35 I still regret not being able to keep it. Dennis you are missed more than words can convey and I am sorry Love Jenny.
Arousal is a strong emotion. Do a dance and feel the motion.
The Angry American Preface (please Read All The Way Through, If You Post I Will Assume That You Have Read This All The Way Through, And You Understand
Hello, for you first time readers, I ask that you please read this all the way through before commenting, posting, or anything also,  please take a moment to check out some of my other blogs to get a sense in how I write, my style, and what I have to say.  I will say this much, there is a butt-hurt form posted out there somewhere, if I offend you, butt-hurt you, or otherwise, well get over it.  This is how I see things, how someone who's been there and done that is seeing how things are working.  If you don't like my views, that's cool, I'mnot here to push them on you, or anyone else.  If you enjoy reading the blogs, tell yours friends.  Comment if you have a question, or if you are debating something I said.  It might take me a while, so please be patient with me.  I'm not sure how often I will update this, it'll either be daily or weekly, just not real sure what it's going to be.  My opinions are my own, I do my own research, I am linked up with people in their field of what I am tal
A Word Written
One can write anything and when written it can be changed but once it is read it has become permanent.  By Michael Dougherty
The New Ragencobra Myspace. Check It Out  Check out the new Myspace site for Ragencobra. All kinds of goodies for you little kids      Keep Ragen  
Obsession ~ Infatuation ~ Temptation ~ Passion ~ Desire
'If you know me even a little you know I do not believe in love. Love of family, love of friends absolutely, but never love of a lover. I actually, not kidding, threw up watching 'The Notebook'. Sad I know but it is true. I hate, despise actually, romantics. I have the attention span of a 2 year old. It's funny though on any given day my mind can come up with quotes, wisdom and knowledge. I have insight into life that I truly believe in. Reading puts me to sleep. Yet most people can tell you for the most part I am intelligent. I hate chic flicks, sorry girls. I hate all about feelings, emotions and love movies. I prefer horror. Action... Raunchy comedy... Just no love... Don't believe in it. I feel it, sometimes, maybe or at least I think so. But I do not believe in it. My idea of a love story… Simple… 'Nine 1/2 Weeks' (1986)'... a movie about obsession, infatuation, temptation, lust, desire and passion. When I first saw the movie I was determined to live out every last
Just A Quick Update
My baby turns 13 today. My middle son is 16 & thanks to my 18 yr old, I am now the proud Gramma of twin girls. They are a month & a half old. And hubby & I are still trying for our own daughter which has been put on hold till next July. For our 20th anniversary, we're renewing our vows next June. 
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His First Practice Since Dislocating Hi
NASHVILLE -- Jake Locker has practiced for the first time since dislocating his left, non-throwing shoulder and coach Mike Munchak said the Titans quarterback is on target to return when Tennessee hosts Indianapolis on Oct. 28. Locker loosened up Wednesday by throwing a few short balls before working in individual drills. He also threw during 7-on-7 for the defence for his first practice since dislocating his left shoulder Sept. 30 for the second time in four games. Munchak said Locker did what they hoped he would be able to do, and the coach watched the eighth pick overall in 2011 in individual drills. "It was what we hoped hed be able to handle," Munchak said. "Now its just to see how sore he got and keep progressing and giving him more to do. Hes a guy you have to hold back. He wants to be out there. In his mind, hed be able to play tomorrow if he had to play. Well see how sore he got from what he did today and keep adding more to his routine." Veteran Matt Hasselbeck wi
St Practice Since Dislocating His Left Should
NASHVILLE -- Jake Locker has practiced for the first time since dislocating his left, non-throwing shoulder and coach Mike Munchak said the Titans quarterback is on target to return when Tennessee hosts Indianapolis on Oct. 28. Locker loosened up Wednesday by throwing a few short balls before working in individual drills. He also threw during 7-on-7 for the defence for his first practice since dislocating his left shoulder Sept. 30 for the second time in four games. Munchak said Locker did what they hoped he would be able to do, and the coach watched the eighth pick overall in 2011 in individual drills. "It was what we hoped hed be able to handle," Munchak said. "Now its just to see how sore he got and keep progressing and giving him more to do. Hes a guy you have to hold back. He wants to be out there. In his mind, hed be able to play tomorrow if he had to play. Well see how sore he got from what he did today and keep adding more to his routine." Veteran Matt Hasselbeck wi
Is Shot Into His Own Goal. But Antonio Candreva
MILAN, Italy -- Novara claimed its first win in six games with a 2-1 victory over Lazio on Wednesday, which could seriously dent the Roman sides hopes of claiming third place and the remaining Champions League spot. In an entertaining match, Lazio defender Modibo Diakite gave Novara the lead shortly after the half hour when he turned Andrea Mazzaranis shot into his own goal. But Antonio Candreva levelled moments later. However, Giuseppe Mascara sealed the victory with a free kick 11 minutes from time. Lazio forward Libor Kozak had earlier had a goal ruled out for offside. Lazio remains third on 55 points, but Udinese can draw level if it beats Inter Milan later. Novara is eight points off safety, with four games remaining. The 33rd round of fixtures was postponed following the death of Piermario Morosini on April 14. Morosini -- on loan from Udinese -- collapsed and died after suffering cardiac arrest during Livornos match at Pescara in Serie B. Lazio could have taken the l
Is Entire Seven-year Career With Philadelphia, Gr
ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Hawks signed former Philadelphia 76ers guard Lou Williams to a multi-year contract Thursday. Williams, who has played his entire seven-year career with Philadelphia, grew up 25 miles northeast of Atlanta in Snellville, Ga. Financial terms of Williams deal were not announced by the Hawks. Williams, 25, has career averages of 11.3 points, 3.0 assists, and 2.0 rebounds in 455 games. Atlantas busy off-season has included trading Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams and acquiring guards Devin Harris, Anthony Morrow, Jordan Farmar and DeShawn Stevenson and forwards Jordan Williams and Johan Petro. Williams led the Sixers in scoring last season with a career-best 14.9 average as the sixth man. The Hawks were waiting for the NBA to approve the signing before they announced the trade. Cheap Jerseys . Theyre still right there in the playoff race, despite months of substandard play. Cabrera became the first player in Tigers history to reach 30 home runs in five stra
T Into It At Centre Ice And It Remained That Way. "w
SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Joe Pavelski knew the game was going to get intense. He didnt realize it would happen so early. Pavelski had two goals, Patrick Marleau scored again -- though only once -- and the undefeated San Jose Sharks beat the Vancouver Canucks 4-1 on Sunday. The game became feisty even before the puck dropped as Ryan Clowe and Alexandre Burrows got into it at centre ice and it remained that way. "We know there is a lot of stake when we play them," Pavelski said. "The intensity was set . . . Id like to stay at the first puck drop but it was before that. Thats the first time Ive seen something like that." Joe Thornton also scored for the Sharks, who improved to 5-0-0. Antti Niemi made 23 saves as coach Todd McLellan earned his 200th career victory. "We were ready to go. I think that Clowie getting us going early was huge for us," Thornton said. "Every game against these guys is just a really, super competitive game, and I think we saw that again. Both teams are enga
Centre Monday On The Second Day Of Nhl Free Agency.
WINNIPEG -- The Winnipeg Jets have signed Olli Jokinen to a two-year deal worth US$9 million. Winnipeg added the veteran Finnish centre Monday on the second day of NHL free agency. Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff was looking for an upgrade in size among his top-six forwards and feels he found it with the six-foot-three, 210-pound Jokinen. "He has the size, hes got a tremendous amount of experience, hes had great consistency over the years," said Cheveldayoff during a conference call. "We believe that with adding the size of (free agent Alexei Ponikarovsky) and now Jokinen, were a much bigger and harder team to play against." The move represents Winnipegs biggest signing since free agency opened on Sunday, when they inked forward Ponikarovsky and defenceman Derek Meech. "Very excited about joining the Winnipeg Jets and getting a chance to play in front of the loudest fans in Canada!" tweeted Jokinen on Monday. Jokinen has scored 20 or more goals in seven of his 14 NH
Dont Have The Best Reactions, But I Secured It
Jamaicas Usain Bolt proved once again that he is the fastest man on the planet. On the brightest stage at the London 2012 Olympic Games, in a 100-metre field that featured the four fastest men in the history of the sport, Bolt raced to victory in a time of 9.63 seconds - an Olympic record - to repeat as champion. "I was slightly worried about my start, I slipped a little in the blocks. I dont have the best reactions, but I secured it and thats the key," Bolt said. "My coach told me to stop worrying about the start and concentrate on the end because thats my best." He is the just the second-ever repeat Olympic champion in the history of the 100m. American Carl Lewis won the race at Los Angeles 1984 and again at Seoul 1988."What an incredible run. This is the Usain Bolt we hoped would show up and he certainly did," said two-time Olympian and CTVOlympics analyst Michael Smith. "He needs this Olympic environment to be able to perform at his very best." Bolt, starting in lane 6,
Erson To Fill The Role Of Team President And I Could
EDMONTON -- The Edmonton Rush named Dave Jamieson as the teams new president on Friday. He joined the National Lacrosse League franchise after spending 14 years with the CFLs Edmonton Eskimos. Jamieson, an Edmonton native, most recently served as the Eskimos vice-president of communications and broadcast. "We took a great deal of time selecting the right person to fill the role of team president and I could not be more proud to have found that person in Dave," team owner Bruce Urban said in a release. "Daves commitment to the sports community of Edmonton has been long and noteworthy and we expect this to be a great next chapter in that history." Jamieson succeeds Gord Sawyer, who left the team last July. Earlier in the week, the Rush selected Mark Matthews with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 NLL Entry Draft. The NLL regular season begins in January. Wholesale NFL Jerseys . Park, of Korea, was eliminated for leaving the blocks early. Although his times were not released,
Ch Striker Immediately Clutched His Left Knee As
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The latest step forward for Toronto FC could have come at a significant cost. Luis Silva scored in the eighth minute to push Toronto to a second consecutive victory with a 1-0 win at New England on Saturday night, but influential striker Danny Koevermans departed in the first half with an apparent left knee injury. Koevermans suffered the injury as he chased after a ball on the right side of the penalty area and took a challenge from A.J. Soares in the 37th minute. The prolific Dutch striker immediately clutched his left knee as he fell to the ground and soon made his way off the field on a stretcher. TFC did not issue an update on Koevermans condition after the match, but he left Gillette Stadium on crutches with his left leg immobilized. "I fear the worst for Danny," TFC coach Paul Mariner said. "Ive got my fingers crossed, but I spoke to the doctor from New England, who I have the highest regard for, and it doesnt sound too good." Koevermans, who has
N Injured Reserve After Breaking A Bone In His L
ST. LOUIS -- The St. Louis Rams have released fullback and special teams captain Brit Miller to make room for centre Scott Wells. Wells has been on injured reserve after breaking a bone in his left foot in the opener but was activated Tuesday. Coach Jeff Fisher said Monday he was hopeful Wells would start Sunday at Arizona. The 26-year-old Miller had been with St. Louis since early in the 2010 season and started one game this year. He appeared in nine games and was not active for the first time last week in a loss to the Jets. Fisher said Monday that because of the Jets defence he thought going with three tight ends was advisable and Cory Harkey was elevated from the practice squad to make his debut for St. Louis at that position. Wholesale Jerseys Cheap . Olesen, who won his maiden title at the Sicilian Open in April, hit four birdies for a 4-under 68 and was 16 under overall. Karlberg improved to 13 under with a 66 thanks to four birdies on his last six holes. "I didnt h
Scored 18 Points, Grabbed 10 Rebounds And
PORTLAND, Ore. -- Forward Andrea Bargnani has left the Toronto Raptors game at the Portland Trail Blazers with a right elbow injury. Bargnani was injured late in the first quarter on Monday night when he fell awkwardly after going up for a dunk. He went to the locker room and the team tweeted that X-rays came back negative on his right elbow, though he would not return to the game. Bargnani was averaging 16.8 points and 4.5 rebounds in 20 games this season. Cheap Jerseys From China . Garnett scored 18 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and remained unbeaten against his former team as the Boston Celtics beat the Timberwolves 104-94 on Wednesday night in Rajon Rondos return from a two-game suspension. Cheap Jerseys Online . -- Jishan Sharples scored in double overtime as the McGill Redmen edged the Western Mustangs 7-6 on Sunday to win the Baggataway Cup. .P. Arencibia. Lifted at a critical moment in favour of a pinch hitter just 11 days ago, t
To Go Three Preseason Games Without A Touch
PHILADELPHIA -- Greg McElroy accomplished more in one half than Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow did in three games. Still, theres no quarterback controversy with the New York Jets. McElroy became the first quarterback to lead the Jets into the end zone this preseason in a 28-10 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night. The Jets (0-4) were the first team in 35 years to go three preseason games without a touchdown, matching the 1977 Atlanta Falcons for offensive futility. McElroy ended that drought. His reward will be a seat on the bench. "Im glad we got it," Jets coach Rex Ryan said. "Im not going to sit here and say I wish we (hadnt scored). I wouldve liked to have saved it and tack it on next week." The Jets open against Buffalo on Sept. 9. The Eagles will play at Cleveland. Sanchez, Tebow and most of the Jets starters didnt play in this battle between backups and guys fighting for roster spots. Michael Vick and all of Philadelphias starters watched from the sideline.
N An Indirect Free Kick And Curled It Into T
Marco Di Vaio scored as the Montreal Impact defeated Italian Serie-A club ACF Fiorentina 1-0 in a friendly Thursday. It was the final action of the season for the Impact, who played a pair of friendlies in Italy after the end of the Major League Soccer regular season. They lost 1-0 to Di Vaios former club Bologna last week. Di Vaio took a pass from midfielder Andrea Pisanu on an indirect free kick and curled it into the top corner from 10 yards in the 25th minute. Pisanu, a Bologna player who was on loan to Prato of the second division last season, is on a try-out with Montreal. "Great win for the team and what an experience it was to play against Fiorentina," midfielder Calum Mallace wrote on Twitter. "Will never forget that one." Fiorentina stars Luca Toni, Alberto Aquilani, Pizarro, Manuel Pasqual and Borja Valero saw playing time, mainly as substitutes. Interim coach Mauro Biello, filling in for the fired Jesse Marsch, singled out the defence and goalkeeper Evan Bush fo
Sed From The Squad On Wednesday In The Fi
Hockey Canada has begun the process of cutting down its World Junior selection camp roster as five players, including forwards Sean Monahan, Francis Beauvillier and Tyler Graovac as well as defencemen Adam Pelech and Derrick Pouliot were released from the squad on Wednesday in the first round of cuts.  Thirty-one players remain in camp, including four goaltenders, 10 defencemen and 17 forwards. "Youre just sitting there waiting, hoping you dont get that phone call. Its pretty touch, nerve-wracking,” said Pouliot, the Pittsburgh Penguins eighth overall pick from this past summers NHL Draft. "Theres a lot of good D-men at this camp and the coaches had to make the decisions and unfortunately I was one of the guys who got let go." For Beauvillier and Graovac, their World Junior deam ends without a chance to represent their country, as both were born in 1993 and will be ineligible for the 2014 tournament. Pouliot still has one year of eligibility as does Monahan, who was o
6 (7-4), 6-2, 6-4 At Arthur Ashe Stadium In A Match
Flushing Meadows, NY (Sports Network) - Andy Roddick announced last week he would end his tennis career at the 2012 U.S. Open, and Juan Martin del Potro sent the American packing in a fourth-round affair Wednesday at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Also on Wednesday, sixth-seeded Tomas Berdych ousted top-seeded Roger Federer, 7-6 (7-1), 6-4, 3-6, 6-3 in the quarterfinals. The seventh-seeded del Potro came from behind to beat the 20th-seeded Roddick 6-7 (1-7), 7-6 (7-4), 6-2, 6-4 at Arthur Ashe Stadium in a match that was suspended because of rain on Tuesday night. Roddick snuck out a first-set tiebreak against del Potro, but the towering Argentine rebounded by taking a second-set tiebreak, which appeared to take a lot of energy out of the outgoing American slugger. It was all del Potro in the third set and that momentum carried over into the fourth, as the Argentine ultimately cruised to victory at the worlds largest tennis stadium. The match was over in 3
Prefer Extra Vitamin C For Making Smooth Skin
Obagi Professional C Serums available in strengths according to your skin's needs, up to twenty percent from £63 tel 0207 436 4441 for more details. New to the United Kingdom and originating from Palm Beach Florida, Picture Skincare has a potent range of  vitamin C products. Their Vital C Anti ¬ Aging Hydrating Serum contains a pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C serum, £60.95 *Medik8 c-Tetra, £63, an ultra-stable vitamin C serum and check out the product¹s strength (though not all brands will state this) which can be anything up to twenty percent depending on the brand and whether it¹s a clinic product, which tend to be higher strength. However, anything from 0.5 percent to ten percent is fine as long as you make it part of your skincare method and use regularly. Leading Spanish natural cosmeceutical brand Novexpert has introduced a new generation of Vitamin C products which also contain high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid and claim
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 171
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In episode 171 of Janey Godley's podcast with comedian Ashley Storrie, the comedy mother and daughter duo discuss Nick Clegg, 100 Women, Asterix the Gaul and Alex Ferguson. Ashley tells the weird tale of the gangster clowns in Mexico and Janey talks about getting no breakfast at BBC. There is a Bold Alec appearance and the women discuss Russell Brand's decision to discourage voting. Ashley explains her dilemma of me befriending William Shatner and Janey tells all about her conversation with the Director General of the BBC. Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter. Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 171 If you would like to support
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To All Guys
hey guy's if you want to know about me just talked to me on skype >> sharon.jones5301  i am new in this site i want to know more about the site so i can use it properly and i can get fun there.if you got time hit me up on facebook too. facebook =
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Are You Going To Woodside,ca?
I’ve used for the last month and a half exclusively for transportation to/from Woodside CA /SJC or SFO.  You can't go wrong with Elite Limo. Office staff and all of their drivers are first-rate they discuss every single details.  I generally book my travel by email within a matter of minutes, I have confirmation in my inbox.   Great communication and service and easy reservation process.  
Beautiful Mystery
"Every woman is a beautiful mystery waiting to be solved with a caress to her heart, a whisper into her soul and a gentle, loving touch to her spirit." 
Hiring A Strong Seo Company In Melbourne
Many people with online businesses make use of a search engine optimization strategy in order to increase the sales on their sites. But how does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increase the sales of your web-site? A person jogging an online business will most probably know that they will get more sales if his web-site appears first on the search result list of Google or any other major search engine. This is what it does. There's plenty of ways in which you can get your web-site to appear on top of the search engines results and increase traffic to your web-site. SEO is not very simple to do and it requires plenty of work that needs to be done and redone. This is why outsourcing your SEO work is a better alternative and it will also let you focus on the primary aim of your organization. There's a few companies who hire an SEO company to do their SEO work. The types of SEO are on-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is SEO work that is done only on your web-site and this increases
Mayor Frecuencia: Lg G2
Cuando se trata de modelos con la máxima velocidad del reloj no ha fijado un determinado producto, es bien sabido que acelerar el último reloj de procesador valiente dragón 800 a 2.3 GHz, pero ahora alimentado por valiente dragón 800 modelos de procesadores no está en uno, así que analizaremos más destacados--LG G2. Con otros modelos 800 Dragon valerosos de la diferencia más grande iba a aparecer en el botón se ha movido a la parte trasera del fuselaje, este diseño de cumplir con la retención de los usuarios el teléfono para ajustar el volumen para arriba y activar pantalla hábitos de funcionamiento, puede decirse que una vez más en la innovación en el diseño. LG G2 utiliza el estilo recto al tacto dominante, parte frontal es una pantalla táctil capacitiva IPS de 5,2 pulgadas, Resolución 1920 x 1080 píxeles, pantalla es clara y brillante. Lleva un procesador quad de 2.2 GHz frecuencia Gao Tongxiao Dragon 8.004, equipado con 2GB funcionando el espacio de almacenamiento de memoria y 16G
How To Create A Fubar Skin
The following vid shows how to create a fubar skin!
How To Add A Youtube Video To Your Profile
The vid below explains how to add a youtube video to your page.
How To Add A Music Player To Your Profile
The vid below explains how to add a music player to your page.  
How To Get Tunes To Work In Google Chrome
If you can't hear tunes and it says you need a plug in watch the vid below to explain how to get the plug in!    VIDEO:   PLUG-IN:  
I Am New Here
Could you cut me some slack?
Xe Bán Tải Mitsubishi Triton độ Thêm Nắp Thùng
Điểm đáng chú ư nhất cho những người yên mến thương hiệu Mitsubishi cũng như tín đồ offroad là độ nắp thùng xe triton với nhiều kiểu dáng phục vụ cho công việc, trở hàng hay sắm xe chỉ để đi phượt thể hiện cá nhân. Mitsubishi đă cho ra mắt 2 phiên bản của chiếc Triton VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger) với công nghệ turbo tăng áp khắc phục độ trễ của cánh gió turbo. Hai phiên bản này mang tên Triton VGT GS và Triton VGT GL và đều được trang bị hộp số tự động 5 cấp, hệ thống dẫn động bốn bánh với hệ thống gài cầu Easy select, bộ khóa vi sai chống trượt Hybri
Mathematical Proof For Christianity Is Irrefutable
Some people won't accept proof for the Bible even when it is irrefutable. Man, by nature, is not very good at accepting the evidence which God has laid out for us. The bias against God and against the supernatural is so strong that even irrefutable evidence is viewed with suspicion and doubt. But,It is impossible that Christianity is not God's revelation of truth to man. Simply impossible. The math proves it beyond question. It doesn't take faith to believe that one plus one equals two, and it doesn't take faith to identify the religion which has mathematical certainty in its corner. God didn't have to give us mathematical proof of His existence, but He did it anyway. God didn't have to give us proof of Christianity, but He chose to do so. And God didn't have to give us proof of His love for us, but that is exactly what He did. The proof is irrefutable. I live in Texas. Imagine someone covering this entire state in silver dollars 6 feet deep. Then mark one coin and bury it anywhere
Bolsa Y México Moneda Caen Por Temores Chinos Liquidez, Bonos Cerrados Mixta
México DF, 23 de oct (Reuters) - el mercado de valores y la moneda de México cayó el miércoles en medio de temores sobre la economía global, una vez que un Director del banco central de China dijo que la entidad podría restringir liquidez a control riesgos inflacionarios, amenazando el crecimiento del gigante asiático. El tema global se unió a una cargada agenda doméstica, dominada por la publicación de resultados trimestrales corporativos y esperamos que el anuncio de la política monetaria del banco central de México este viernes.china mobile phone * El índice bursátil IPC bajó un 0,64 por ciento para cerrar en 40.552,59 unidades. * El descenso lo condujo las acciones de América móvil, de más peso en el IPC, con un 1,01% menos a 13,73 pesos, seguidas por la compañía de cemento Cemex, con una baja del 1,44% a 13,71 pesos. * Tras el cierre del mercado fueron los resultados del minorista Wal-Mart de México, que reportó un ligero aumento en su utilidad en el tercer trimestre. Sus accio
The Top Resorts In Hoi An
Resorts Hoi An mostly located on Cua Dai beach. However, Hoi An also have specialty resort nearby the river and gardens. The resort has no beach, but most of them have shuttle bus service (free of charge) put you off Cua Dai beach.   Hoi An Ancient Town Vietnam   Hoi An is a favored destination for foreign tourists. Hoi An is probably all that a traveler would want: Old Town heritage, Unique Culture, peaceful Rural and beaches. Reservations at a resort in Hoi An is a wonderful way to enjoy all those things.   Below is a list of luxury resort Hoi An (4 stars-5 stars), are evaluated by the members of Trip Advisor travelers (the largest travel community in the world). Just click on resort name to view detailed information, compare prices from more than 30 websites top online reservation.   The Cua Dai Resort 01. The Nam Hai Resort (5 star) 02. Life Heritage Resort Hoi An (was aquired and renamed Anantara Hoi An Resort) (4 star) 03. Victoria Hoi An Beach
"the Debt " Part 6
Kathy stood and walked over to the bed. she sat down near Latasha laughing with her. "Don't take it personally Bobby. It's just that our expectations for the evening were raised a little higher than usual," Kathy offered. She took the drink from Latasha's hand and put it salong with her own on the nightstand and unbuttoned her blouse.  Latasha recovered enough to begin to remove her clothing. The women disrobed slowly watching each other and glanced at Bobby. Bobby watched them intently. Once they were naked they sat near each other and tenderly touched. Sorry something came up will continiue:)
Long Sleeve T-shirt Matches With Skirts In Autumn
  Preface: sweet package hip dresses are definitely a fashion single item for girls in all seasons. Long-sleeved T-shirt matches with package skirt, making simple and elegant style and a sense of chic sweet. How couldn’t you learn some matching skills? Today, let’s see the influx of people demonstration Korean long-sleeved T-shirt matches with skirts. And below are some Korean style clothing matching skills.   Long-sleeve T-shirt matches with skirt style 1 Matching skill:  striped T-shirt in the visual sense to bring infinite, thin better. Black skirt is simple that can matches with many style tops, and can modify hip line, looking sweet and cute. Black stockings can reveal faint hint of skin, looking really sexy.     Long-sleeve T-shirt matches with skirt style 2 Matching skill:  Nude color T-shirt looking closed to the skin, inadvertently reveals subtle hint of sexy. Printed skirts are retro flavor, elegant and generous. Matching with sexy fish head high-heeled can
You Know Somehow.
Deep - Nine Inch Nails Blank stareDisrepairThere's a big black holeGonna eat me up somedaySomeday fades away like a memoryOr a place that you'd rather beSome place lost in spaceItch in my head, that's telling me somewhereSomewhere out there anywhereI don't careGet me out of hereIf I could feelAll the pins and the pricksIf you were realI could take what's apartAnd put it back togetherThis will come trueHelp me get throughInto you
Have you ever had someone, just take you by surprise. Sweet you off your feet, before you realize. That the person you once were, no longer exists. Suddenly the fear you had, is easily dismissed. For giving into it is greater, than holding in the way you feel. Absorbing every emotion, knowing it is real. Everyone has that person, that was designed specifcly for them. And when your hearts combine, love is what you'll win. The feeling is surreal, overwhelming yet pure. Free from wrecklessness and taint, yet full of love's allure. I have found my one, he swept me off my feet. And through his eyes I felt his love, and I am now complete.
Technical Enhancements (figures Huh??)
I am having technical difficulties today. It won't last forever. I know things will get better. If I could remember that, it would be so nice. I try to live like I type. That is me, I think ya all know you can either accept me or bicker like a 6 year old.  I was told I had to wait on getting my laptop. I am not that happy about that. I was just going to try getting the other laptop to work. Just figures, ya know, I am thinking things will get better and something takes place. Grrrr... thats okay, I am staying positive. That is the best I can do and hope you are having better luck. I find the better luck that other people have proves to me that it is out there somewhere, waiting to be had. Take it easy, I will try an complete a true miracle an get the laptop at least working somewhat. I miss the easy life.... rest my love, at ease and feel free to expand your mind.
Through Fear Stained Glasses [a Piece Of My Life]
Rudely constructed, social structures have been and still are heaped on us from the minute we take our first breath. The standards are set and the scoring begins. My son is not a problem to be solved, he's a joy and a challenge to experience. He's frustrating and fun and annoying and laughable. I'm around him all the time, to me he's fine, he's normal. Our friends, his friends.. find his oddness unique and enjoy being in his company more often than not. I didn't experience any major challenges until it was time for him to go off to school. His first day on the bus, was horrible. He cried and screamed.. I was told he'd be fine and ushered out. Aparently this is normal and I'm to suck it up.. cut the strings and send him off to learn how to live without me.  Independence is healthy.. to learn how to be independent. I've got news for you mainstreamers.. we're an interdependent species, we function best as a unit. Yes there is a point where you are "babying" and "protecting" and "allowin
Sexy Jenter 001
Sexy Jenter  
Passionate Kiss
Passionate Kiss
Give Myself To You
When reaching for the stars, seems out of reach. I offer you this lesson, the one that I must teach. Nothing is impossible, unless you allow it to be so. And the possibility of YOU, I will never let go. You have brought meaning, and defined my smile. You are worth every minute, every day, every mile. The man that you are, and have proven yourself to be. Has only strengthed that possibility. My dreams I hold dear, for you are in them to. And I would wait a lifetime, for one second with YOU. I've heard people say that when you find the one, you'll know. That statement is true, for my love continues to grow. Stronger and deeper with every passing minute. I just can't picture my life, without you in it. For, every since day one, I have been spellbound. That once in a lifetime feeling, is exactly what I found. Regrdless if I'm dreaming, or if I'm wide awake. The intensity of this feeling, cannot be mistaked. YOU hold the key, which opens every door. And  can't wait to sho
All Shapes & Sizes
If there's one thing I simply cannot stand in humans, it's hipocracy.   Every single person on this website, at least once, has asked for something.  Even something so menial as pic rates or likes.  Yet, so many of you are the first to jump on the "fu-whore" bandwagon, calling others out and passing judgement.  We're all here for the same reason - to be accepted.  This site allows us to find like-minded freaks who just want to share in our madness.  It's a place for us to be ourselves, and be someone else at the same time, someone the real world doesn't always understand.  And, underneath all of that, it's a game.  There was a time, way back before it was Fubar, when comments were real and more meaningful than the now-popular bling, when rates were more honest, when friends were worth more than just the points they could get you, when profiles & blogs were actually read.  That's changed, and if you're here, you can either roll with it as best you can, or bail out.  Nobody demands yo
Things are happening...some good some bad. Be back when i can.
I Am Sad
But not very, i am having the time of my life on other things besides the Mumms on fubar, and in facebook.
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Haunted House Video On The Ellen Show!!
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When Women’s go to a party they have a tendency to look more elegant than they otherwise would. It does not only come from the way that they select to dress themselves. The mood, the place and the occasion also has a lot that contributes. Like a bride will always glow on her wedding day, a women tends to adopt a brand spanking new air of style and class when attending a party. Women parties are always more difficult to dress up for. This is when you are set to impress, and where the way that you look is a trifle more important than the fun that you will have. When coming up with the appropriate clothes, accessories and make up, there is a lot of thinking involved. Selecting party dresses for women may appear like a very simple job, but it is in itself complex. The occasion and dress must complement each other perfectly, which is why the dress is so important. Most women’s have a few party dresses, but each has its own place, and it is critical that a woman understand what
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To All Guys Hit Me Up If You Want To Know Me ...muaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh :)
hey guy's if you want to know about me just talked to me on skype >> sharon.jones5301   i am new in this site i want to know more about the site so i can use it properly and i can get fun there.if you got time hit me up on facebook too. facebook =
Message To All Guys Interested In Me...
hey guy's if you want to know about me just talked to me on skype >> sharon.jones5301   i am new in this site i want to know more about the site so i can use it properly and i can get fun there.if you got time hit me up on facebook too. facebook =
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Ideally positioned on the beautiful sand of Cua cuisine Dai Beach beach just five minutes away from center of the UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An and thirty five minutes from the international airport in Danang. See more pictures of Boutique Hoi An Resort   At Boutique Hoi An Resort visitors can enjoy ancient traditional charm combined with modern living, and unwind by the pool surrounded by lush tropical gardens, or enjoy the large white sandy beach and stay at one of the villas with large terraces directly facing the sea. These luxury villas consisted of an Indoor area of 97sqm and an outdoor area of 31sqm and designed  in a colonial style includes two large bedrooms, one king and one twin bedded room each with its own bathroom.       Restaurant in Boutique Hoi An Resort serves a breakfast buffet and a la carte Vietnamese and western cuisine for lunch and dinner. They also offer refreshments and a light snack menu throughout the day.   Boutique H
Golf Etiquette
The Golden Rule..."Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" a good basis for golf course etiquette: treat fellow golfers and course property just as you would like them to treat you and your property. Proper golf course etiquette, for the most part, involves just plain common sense, courtesy and respect. Serious golfers, in fact any of us who play the ball "as it lies", become very upset when we find a course in bad condition because of negligence by previous golfers. Divot holes, footprints in the sand traps, trash on the fairways or greens can ruin a great game fast. So can the lack of basic courtesy towards fellow golfers. So, along with enough balls, remember to take The Golden Rule to the course with you each time you play. If in doubt...askIf you are unfamiliar with the course you're going to play, it's always a good policy to check with the Pro Shop in advance of your tee time to ask if they have special regulations you should be aware of before you hit the lin
Expired To Give The Steelers A 23-20 Vict
BALTIMORE -- Because theres still some life in the 37-year-old arm of Charlie Batch, the Pittsburgh Steelers remain alive in the AFC North. Batch directed a 61-yard drive in the closing minutes and Shaun Suisham of Wallaceburg, Ont., kicked a 42-yard field goal as time expired to give the Steelers a 23-20 victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Playing without injured Ben Roethlisberger for a third straight week, the Steelers turned to Batch for the second game in a row. The 15-year veteran went 25 for 36 for 276 yards, threw a touchdown and rallied the Steelers in a must-win game against their hated division rivals. "This is big. It was another opportunity for me to come out here and start, which is rare right now," said Batch, who was elevated to the top of the depth chart after backup Byron Leftwich was injured against Baltimore two weeks ago "To be able to go on the road and do something that nobody outside of our locker room thought that we could do is big," Batch said. . Esp
Ence) And Goalie To Get The Shutout. "o
areas, New York could go with Lucas Duda at fTIKKURILA, Finland -- The Canadian womens hockey team will enter the championship game at the Four Nations Cup on a high after closing out an undefeated round robin with a 9-0 rout of Sweden on Friday at Valtti Areena. Natalie Spooner and Jennifer Wakefield scored two goals apiece and Shannon Szabados made 27 saves to help Canada post its third straight victory. "Its always nice when you score a bunch of goals," said head coach Dan Church. "It gives the forwards some confidence. I think on the back end, it was a good performance by our (defence) and goalie to get the shutout. "Overall, a great way to head into tomorrow." Canada will play the United States in the title match while Sweden and Finland play for bronze. Gillian Apps, Catherine Ward, Jayna Hefford, Tessa Bonhomme and Vicki Bendus also scored as Canada fired 64 shots on the Swedish net. Canada has outscored the opposition 18-1 over the three games. The Canadian roster includes almo
N The New Top 10 As The No. 3 Montreal Car
OTTAWA (CIS) – The reigning Vanier Cup champion McMaster Marauders top the Football Reporters of Canada – CIS rankings for the sixth time in as many polls this season. The Marauders (5-0) once again received 29 first-place votes and 299 points from the 30-member FRC panel, with the remaining first-place nod going to the Calgary Dinos (5-0), who earned 270 points to remain comfortably in second place for the fourth consecutive week. The rest of the leading quintet also remains intact in the new Top 10 as the No. 3 Montreal Carabins (5-0) and No. 4 Laval Rouge et Or (5-0) also kept their undefeated record over the past weekend, while the No. 5 Queens Gaels (4-1) were victorious for the fourth time in five outings, their only loss coming two weeks ago against top-ranked McMaster. Rounding out the new media poll are the Regina Rams (4-1), up one position to a season-high No. 6; the Western Mustangs (3-2), down one spot to a season-low No. 7; the Manitoba Bisons (3-2), staying
Ard Three Games On Monday For His C
UFA, Russia -- Boone Jenner has paid a heavy price for his late hit. The International Ice Hockey Federation suspended the Canadian forward three games on Monday for his check on Swedish defenceman Jesper Pettersson in the teams final exhibition contest prior to the start of the world junior hockey championship. Pettersson suffered a broken wrist and a dislocated shoulder on the play and had to be carried off the ice on a stretcher. Jenner was assessed a five-minute major and a game misconduct for charging. "The video material indicated that the hit was late and delivered with no intention to play the puck and with Pettersson being in a vulnerable position," the IIHF said in a statement Monday. "It was Jenners intention to deliver the forceful check in spite of having the opportunity to at least make an attempt to avoid contact on Pettersson. "The hit was delivered far too late. This resulted in an injury to Swedens Pettersson and for this Jenner is to be held accountable." Jenner will
E League Fined The B.c. Lions All-star Defensive Lineman An Unspecified A
TORONTO -- Khalif Mitchell is in trouble with the CFL once again. The league fined the B.C. Lions all-star defensive lineman an unspecified amount Tuesday for multiple "throat slashing" gestures committed in the clubs 19-18 win over the Edmonton Eskimos on Saturday night. After the game, Mitchell defended his actions, saying he made a gesture in the form of a cross. But a television replay showed the defensive tackle making a throat-slashing gesture. Earlier this season, Mitchell served a two-game suspension handed down by the CFL for violently hyper-extending the arm of Edmonton offensive lineman Simeon Rottier in the Eskimos 27-14 win in Vancouver on July 20. Mitchell was not penalized on the play but was still suspended by CFL commissioner Mark Cohon. Mitchell launched an unsuccessful appeal. Saturday nights game was Mitchells first against Edmonton since the incident with Rottier. Mitchell flattened the Eskimos guard on the first series Saturday night and walked away without incide
Me As Hastings-vancouver Scored 10 Run
EDMONTON -- Steven Moretto and Thomas Neal both homered in the fourth inning to lead Hastings-Vancouver past Lethbridge 11-1 on Saturday and will represent Canada at the Little League World Series. Moretto and Neal homered to break open a 1-1 game as Hastings-Vancouver scored 10 runs in the inning. Moretto earned the decision in relief of starting pitcher Cole Dalla-Zanna. Morettos blast was a three-run shot while Neal finished 2-for-3 with four runs-batted in. The Hastings-Vancouver teams first Little League tournament game will be Aug. 17 against Mexico. Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China . looks at some of the top contenders. Today: Adam van Koeverden Ever since Adam van Koeverdens Olympic debut at Athens 2004, he has been one of Canadas most recognized Olympians. Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys From China . Hudon, who suffered a lower back injury on Friday, will be replaced by forward Mark McNeill of the WHLs Prince Albert Raiders. "When he came into training camp
Nch Boss In Nhl History With 1,244 Career Victories, B
The Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs today announced Thursday that former Detroit coaches Scotty Bowman and Barry Smith will be behind the bench against former Toronto coaches Red Kelly and Pat Quinn at the 2012 Maple Leafs vs. Red Wings Alumni Showdown on New Years Eve at Comerica Park, part of the NHLs Winter Classic festivities. The winningest bench boss in NHL history with 1,244 career victories, Bowman has been a part of 12 Stanley Cup-winning teams, including a league-record nine as a head coach. Bowman helped direct the Red Wings to three Cup titles (1997, 1998 and 2002) and retired from coaching while skating with the Cup following Detroits 10th Stanley Cup in 2002. Smith was with the Red Wings from 1994-2005 and was part of three Stanley Cup championship teams with Detroit following two titles as an assistant with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Red Kelly, the eight-time Stanley Cup winner and first James Norris Memorial Trophy recipient, coached Toronto to four consecutive
Ones Suggested Some Timely Hits Also
ATLANTA -- After watching his team end a streak of futility on Mondays that lasted almost one year, Braves manager Fred Gonzalez looked frustrated as he shook his head. "It took 12 games to figure out it was just the socks?" Gonzalez asked. Chipper Jones suggested some timely hits also played a role. Jason Heyward homered and scored three runs and the Atlanta Braves snapped a string of 16 straight losses on Mondays, including 12 this season, by beating the Miami Marlins 8-2 on Monday night. Starting pitcher Tommy Hanson was the only Atlanta player or coach who did not wear high socks in an old-school fashion attempt to end the Monday curse. "I didnt really know until I was walking out," Hanson said. "They told me dont worry about it. My pants are all stretched out anyway." Hanson (12-5) still had his pants low to his shoes as he gave up one run on six hits in five innings. The Braves, coming off a three-game sweep of the Phillies, have won six straight. The Braves won on a Monday for t
Ayers To Receive The Prestigious Honour. Ma
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Curtis Martin was decked out in a Jets green tie and shoes, looking sharp as ever on another big day for the Hall of Fame running back. The Jets retired his No. 28 jersey at halftime of New Yorks season-opening game against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Martin, inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame last month, joined three of the biggest names in franchise history -- Joe Namath (No. 12), Don Maynard (13), who were both in attendance, and Joe Klecko (73) -- as the only players to receive the prestigious honour. Martin was also joined at midfield by former Jets teammates Ray Mickens, Victor Green and Fred Baxter. "Words cant express it," a smiling Martin said before the game. "I almost feel just like the Hall of Fame. Theres a part of this thats almost even bigger than the Hall of Fame because its the hometown, the crowd I played in front of for all these years." The whole idea had Martin pretty excited, something he said usually wouldnt happen for him until
Ysically," U.s. Coach Steve Swanson Said. "nigeria Gave
TOKYO -- The United States beat Nigeria 2-0 on Tuesday to advance to the final of the womens under-20 World Cup, where it will face defending champion Germany. Morgan Brian scored in the first half and Kealia Ohai added another after the break as the U.S. advanced to the final for the third time, having won the tournament in 2002 and 2008. "It was a difficult match physically," U.S. coach Steve Swanson said. "Nigeria gave us all we could handle and a little more. Getting that first goal was key for us." Brian opened the scoring with a header in the 22nd minute and Ohai doubled the lead in the 70th, taking a through ball from Samantha Mewis and beating Nigerias goalkeeper Ibubeleye Whyte with a right-foot shot from 12 metres (yards). Nigeria pressed forward after the second goal but the Americans denied them a chance to get back in the game. "I thought our back four did a very good job of keeping possession and allowing us to get out of our end," Swanson said. Germany, looking to become
Of A Game For Plzen But Did Not Return T
According to a report, Boston Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask was forced to leave a Czech League game with a groin injury. Roman Jedlick, reporter and play-by-play announcer in the Czech League, posted on his twitter account that Rask completed the first period of a game for Plzen but did not return to the ice for the second period. Jedlick later identified the injury as a groin problem. The 25-year-old Rask suffered the same injury on Mar. 3 while attempting to make a save against New York Islanders forward Matt Martin. Rask left the arena on crutches and missed the final 19 games of the season. Rask appeared in 23 games for the Bruins last year and compiled an 11-8-3 record and a 2.05 goals against average before suffering his season-ending injury. The Savonlinna, Finland native signed with Plzen of the Czech Extraliga on September 25. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale . In that short span, Alomar laid the ground work for this Hall of Fame career as he lead the club to three division ti
Tsno Play By Play On Tsn 1290, So Talking L
Tis right around Christmas, and as I sit down to writeThe NHL work stoppage continues, with no end in sight Here in Jets land it sucks, we dont understandLast year was awesome, NHL hockey was back in the land Broadcast wise all is quiet for all of us at TSN JetsNo play by play on TSN 1290, so talking lockout is as good as it gets Ponikarovsky and Jokinen were signed to help winTo try and describe the frustration, we dont know where to begin Fresh in our minds are the thrills of last season9-8 in Philly, if you are looking for a reason The shout of "True North" as the anthem was sungFans loving their Jets, from the MTS rafters they hung The building misses the fans, and the fans miss itBut with no negotiations planned, were trapped, frustrated and here we sit No Crosby, Ovechkin or Miller to tauntNo jersey on fans with the Jets logo to flaunt Portage and Main seems so quiet at nightAt the restaurants downtown no visiting players in sight And Coach Claude Noel, oh how we miss the talksHi
Te Apologizing After The Match, Pard
LONDON -- Newcastle manager Alan Pardew was charged with misconduct by the English Football Association on Monday after he pushed a match official on the opening day of the Premier League season. Pardew was sent to the stands during Saturdays 2-1 victory over Tottenham for shoving referees assistant Peter Kirkup following a disputed throw-in. Despite apologizing after the match, Pardew is now facing a touchline ban and or a fine. He has until 1500 GMT on Thursday to respond to the charge, but appears unlikely to contest the charge. "It was ridiculous and I apologize publicly," Pardew said after Saturdays match. "I thought the ball was out, I shoved him. I have pleaded with my players to behave and follow the Olympic spirit." Peterson Jersey .S. Open champion Sam Stosur was beaten by Jelena Jankovic of Serbia. Caroline Wozniacki ousted Ana Ivanovic of Serbia 6-3, 7-5 in a meeting of former No. Peterson Elite Jersey . -- Three-time champion Nathan Smith advanced to the champions
Dez Was Called Up On May 18 And Batted
CINCINNATI, Ohio -- The Pittsburgh Pirates called up outfielder Alex Presley for the start of their series against the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday, installing him as the leadoff hitter. Pittsburgh optioned Gorkys Hernandez to Triple-A Indianapolis. Hernandez was called up on May 18 and batted .200 in nine games. Presley was sent to Indianapolis on May 16 after batting .220 with two homers. Manager Clint Hurdle said he had showed a lot of improvement at the plate recently, prompting the move. Wholesale Jerseys Supply . Kadri and Colborne both had their first goals of the season on Saturday, leading the Toronto Marlies four-goal rally and a 5-3 victory over the San Antonio Rampage in American Hockey League action. Wholesale Jerseys Cheap . Instead, Dufner had the lead to himself Friday. He finished by chipping in from 37 feet, his fourth birdie in five holes, after driving wide right and having his approach roll over the green. "No, that wasnt in the thought process," Dufner said
An Batted .381 With Two Homers In The Nationals Nl Division Series Loss To The St.
WASHINGTON -- Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo says third baseman Ryan Zimmerman had arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder and is expected to be ready for the start of spring training. Team doctor Wiemi Douoguih performed the operation Thursday. Rizzo says Zimmerman "will be full go" in six weeks. Zimmerman was bothered by the shoulder during the season and had cortisone shots in June and September. He hit .282 with 25 home runs and 95 RBIs for NL East champion Washington this season. Zimmerman batted .381 with two homers in the Nationals NL division series loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. Pinch hitter Chad Tracy also is expected to be ready for spring training after having arthroscopic surgery on his left knee Thursday. Wholesale Soccer Jerseys . Torii Hunter added a two-run homer and scored three times to help Los Angeles complete a three-game sweep. On a day when the ball was flying out of hitter-friendly Coors Field, the Angels scored nine times in the first four
Dy White, Julio Jones And Tony Gonzalez. Jacquizz
Reasons To Believe 1. Armed And Dangerous - Matt Ryan threw for 4,177 yards and 29 touchdowns in 2011 as Atlanta ranked fourth in passes attempted. A team that was once reliant on their running game has opened up the playbook throwing to Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez. Jacquizz Rodgers is a dynamic back that can catch swing passes and take them to the house. The Falcons offence has all the elements to finally compete with the likes of Green Bay and New Orleans. 2. From Weakness To Strength - Asante Samuel joins a secondary that finished 20th in the NFL against the pass. By acquiring Samuel via trade, the Falcons now have three corners - Samuel, Brent Grimes and Dunta Robinson - to help combat passing attacks. Samuel may be on the downside his career, but his presence helps bump everyone a notch down the depth chart, ultimately upgrading Atlantas secondary. 3. Take It Easy - No one knows exactly how difficult a schedule will be before the season starts, but on paper Atlanta
Hole Week, Just Put It In Play, Gave Myself A
LAS VEGAS -- Jonas Blixt birdied six of the last seven holes Saturday for a 5-under 66 and a share of the lead with Ryan Moore and Brendon de Jonge in the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open. Moore had a bogey-free 65, and de Jonge birdied four of the last five for a 66 to match Blixt at 19-under 194 in the Fall Series opener at TPC Summerlin. "Today was just a good solid day," Moore said. "I didnt do anything amazing, but at the same time, I just did what Ive been doing this whole week, just put it in play, gave myself a bunch of wedges, 9-irons into greens, and was able to convert a bunch of my reasonable birdie chances." Moore, a former UNLV player who lives in Las Vegas, won the 2009 Wyndham Championship for his lone PGA Tour title. Blixt, from Sweden, and de Jonge, from Zimbabwe, are winless on the tour. The three leaders played in the same group. "It was great today," Blixt said. "Theyre both great guys, was very relaxed out there, and I just had a good time. T
S On Thursday In American Hockey Le
HOUSTON -- Carter Ashton struck twice and the Marlies scored four unanswered goals as Toronto rallied for a 6-4 win over the Houston Aeros on Thursday in American Hockey League action. Ashton opened scoring for the Marlies (4-4-1) in the first period and scored the winner midway through the third. Keith Aucoin had a goal and an assist for Toronto, while Ryan Hamilton, Jake Gardiner and Leo Komarov all had singles. "We started off good but in the middle of the second period there the team kind of wavered and we gave a couple back," said Ashton. "I think that third period was a huge building moment for the whole team." Justin Fontaine, Chad Rau, Jason Zucker and Charlie Coyle gave Houston (5-4-2) a 4-2 lead after two periods. Ben Scrivens made 24 saves to earn the win for the Marlies. Matt Hackett stopped 29 of 34 shots for the Aeros. Komarov started Torontos rally at the 7:20-mark of the third period, followed nearly five minutes later by Gardiners power-play goal. Ashton scored the Mar
Multi-year Contract With The French Driver
INDIANAPOLIS -- Sebastien Bourdais will race for the 2013 IndyCar championship with Dragon Racing. The team said Friday it has signed a multi-year contract with the French driver. "Its a privilege to have Seb once again piloting the No. 7," said team owner Jay Penske, who added the 2012 season "was a challenge for us on so many levels, but despite that, toward the end of last season we demonstrated that with the right equipment and strategy, Dragon Racing is a force to be reckoned with." Bourdais ran 11 of 15 races with Dragon last year. The season was plagued with problems related to engine issues, in part because Dragon opened the year partnered with Lotus. Penske threatened to sue to break his contract with Lotus, and the two-car team was released before the Indianapolis 500. Dragon switched to Chevrolet, but there was only one engine for Bourdais and teammate Katherine Legge to share for the rest of the season. Bourdais had a season-best finish of fourth at Mid-Ohio last season, an
Ce On The Touchline, Uefa Said Tuesd
NYON, Switzerland -- UEFA has banned FC Porto coach Jesualdo Ferreira from taking charge of his team in Wednesdays Champions League quarter-final against Manchester United. Ferreira cannot contact his players before or during the match, or take his place on the touchline, UEFA said Tuesday. UEFA originally suspended him for two matches after he gestured toward the referee when a Porto goal was disallowed during a Champions League round of 16 match against Atletico Madrid on Feb. 24. Porto appealed and Ferreira was allowed to perform his duties as coach in Manchester last Tuesday when Porto earned a 2-2 draw in the first leg match. UEFAs appeals body reduced the sentence to a one-match touchline ban and deferred the second match suspension for a probationary period of two years. In a statement, UEFA said Ferreira "was in breach of the principles of sportsmanship. The verdict takes account of his unblemished disciplinary record." The appeal panel upheld a 25,000 euros (C$40,200) fine imp
Open Letter
I'm going to write a letter. It's going to say, Dear Every Girl Ever: Take some goddam initiative and wake me up with a blowjob and I will eat out of your hand. Love, Every Guy Ever
Time to trick the tweakers!!
It Has Gotten Worse
In the past 24 hours, that friend that I took out Saturday night, has people believing that it was way more than what it actually was. I told them that it was as friends only & at least two of the people said, "He doesn't think so, he's planning to get you flowers payday." Imagine my shock when I heard this - it went from shock to extremely pissed off. This evening, at last break, he asked, "Are  you having a bad day?" Instead of simply answering "yes." I replied with - "Let's see, the first operator & I ended up in a yelling match, not once but three times over bullshit that was happening on the other side of the press. We are working until 10:45 instead of 10:30 because the stupid little bitch on the other side can't comprehend how to press buttons when the light comes on, and all I want is for this night to be over - so, yes, it is safe to say that I am having a bad day." Then he says, "I can call you after work and we can talk." I looked him dead in the face and said, "That would
Quel Genre De Robes De Bal Vous Seront Fonction ?
Vous savez ce genre de robes de bal bon marché apporte à votre corps? Le classique ou moderne ? Si vous prêtez attention à cette question, vous pouvez obtenir vos robes préférées . prix -dresses- party- rose - clair, il ya de très bons choix . Beaucoup de filles se plaignent que vous dépensez beaucoup d'argent sur elle, mais a finalement obtenu à l'arrière de votre placard pour toujours. C'est parce qu'ils achètent sur la recommandation des filles de vente,robe bustier de cocktail, pas pour son goût et son prix - robes -party- rose - clair , la forme du corps . Maintenant, l' âge du chef de commerce électronique souffler tout le monde dehors , vous devez aller dans les magasins de vêtements en ligne. Vous devez savoir comment choisir robes de soirée magasins de vêtements en ligne. Jaune étage longueur robe de bal Il robes de bal sans manches, une ligne de robes de bal et de robes de bal de l'amour. De plus les options de couleur sont infinies. Vous devez donner beaucoup
I Love Us For The Way We Are
I love us for the way we are spiritually connectedI love us for the way we are soulfully entwinedI love us for the way we are braided with the threads of divinityI love us for the way we are emotionally sensitive for each otherI love us for the way our souls make love to each other
Little Johnny
LITTLE JOHNNY: MORE THAN A MOUTHFUL   Little Johnny's teacher says, "Class, today we are going  to learn multi-syllable words. Does anybody have an example of a  multi-syllable word?"   Little Johnny raises his hand, "Me, Miss Finch!"    Miss Finch turns towards the eager young lad,  "All right, Little Johnny, what is your multi-syllable  word?"    Little Johnny says, "Mas-tur-bate".    Miss Finch smiles and says, "Well, little Johnny, that sure is a mouthful!".    Little Johnny says, "No, Miss Finch, you're thinking of a blowjob".
Celtics And At Home Against Ajax Decided That Two Games
Champions League against Barcelona , the end result is a ratio of 1 , after a good start , AC Milan at home to more than seventy thousand fans support, draw with Barcelona. Robinho scored the first assists to get Kaka , Lionel Messi in the first 23 minutes to tie the game , the next game , the visiting team obviously perform better ,Wholesale AC Milan?jersey while the second half of a large part of the time, the game is in Milan half complete. Overall, Sky TV that , AC Milan was very brave in the face of the game. The face of strong Barcelona , Allegri sent about three offensive players , Robinho , Kaka and Bielsa , this is a brave decision, he not only violated the Berlusconi let Balotelli adventure starting , so the team used 4-3-1-2 formation of the mind, and even a bit surprised opponents .cheap soccer jerseys Although the performance is acceptable in Milan 's first half, Barcelona's possession rate of 36% to 64% for the overwhelmingly dominated , but in addition to scoring , the
Anantara Hoi An Resort (life Heritage Resort Hoi An)
Setting the first footsteps in Hoi An, Visitors will be impressed by Anantara Hoi An Resort - a French charming architecture stands on the banks of the River Thu Bon. Designed with French, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese influences that reveal Hoi An’s fascinating cultural diversity.   See more pictures of Anantara Hoi An Resort   A distinctive and spacious split level layout comprises an upper bedroom and bathroom, and a lower lounge opening onto a porch with two comfortable day beds, offering ideal spaces for relaxation.       At Anantara Hoi An, you couldn’t hope for a better base. It comes in colonial style with open walkways, while tropical gardens flank the river. You can see river views from the terrace and a pool with loungers, a garden bar, an English pub, a spa for massages, a first-floor restaurant and an irresistible patisserie café are always available.   The hotel is the ideal starting point from which to venture further afield and discov
Leggings Exclusive Matching Style In Autumn
  Preface: Want Show the legs, keep warm and practical, Leggings are the most indispensable item! Standing a few leggings wardrobe is definitely value for money. Do you want to be thin? Try Korean Asian clothing, such as a loose blouse, there will be an unexpected surprise!    Leggings matching style 1 Matching skill: Digital T-shirt with causal style, loose type can cover the fat upper body. Black T-shirt matching with white leggings is simple and elegant. One pair of fluorescent color shoes is light overall shape.   Leggings matching style 2 Matching skill: printed T-shirt is full pure refined temperament style; relaxed version of type reflects the small frame body. Fake two-pieces Legging allows you to easily get rid of matching annoyance, wrapped in a graceful package hip skirt curves. Brown boots can make your legs more slender.   Leggings matching style 3 Matching skill: orange T-shirt is simple and elegant, but also full lovely. Gray leggings can match clothes easy, su
9 Euro-tablet Pc At Aldi
Aldi sells a handy Tablet PC for tempting 99 euros from Thursday, 24 October, at its North and South branches. With the Medion P9514 E7312klar the discounter has opportunity buyer so far, entering the Tablet world was too expensive. For that money, you can make not much wrong - or you? The P9514 E7312 is one of the increasingly popular 7-inch class. The device is much handier than about the ur-iPad and his successor to the 10-inch class with approximately 18 cm screen diagonal and 300 grams. Aldi advertises it richly full-bodied with an "HD"display. Actually, the screen resolution is relatively coarse 1024 times 600 pixels – this is standard for low-cost devices. Episode: Small font is less readable. A rather moderately faster dual core chip (cortex A9) at 1.4 gigahertz is used as the processor. The storage facilities are actually turns out rather lean with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB for applications, but card the application store easily via commercially available 64 GB u
My Zombie Chrismas
It was a rainy cold Christmas morning. It seemed like the holidays were just passing by as they always did for Salvatore. Sitting down in a chair watching his siblings playing with there toys that Santa had left for them.          As the children played he heard a disturbing sound from the outside. He leaped from his chair to check it out. Peaking through the window he noticed a strange sight. It seemed like a crowd of strange looking people were walking down the road. Each person seemed to be in some kind of accident. Slowly walking and dragging there legs.         Pondering what  these people could possibly want he left his house wielding his 12 gauge shotgun. As he moved closer to the crowd he noticed a strange muttered chant amongst the crowd. They were chanting " Brains, Braiiiiins, brains" Salvatore loaded a round into the chamber and shot a the closest one in the group. Hitting it's should it still walked as it didn't even feel it.       Salvatore thought to himself " what the f
Change Of Direction
There are times when a change of direction is for your highest good. It takes courage to change direction. Chose the path your heart agrees with and walk with your head held high and your eyes open. Do not be afraid...
Little Johnny Sex Ed
Sex ED At school one day, the teacher was trying to approach the topic of sex education and asked her students if they'd ever seen anything that was related to sex education on TV. Mary raised her hand and said she had seen a movie about women having babies. “Great,” said the teacher, “that's very important. ” Then Judy raised her hand and told the teacher she had seen a TV show about people getting married. “Well, that has to do with it too,” said the teacher. Then Johnny raised his hand and said he had seen a western where some Indians came riding over the hill and John Wayne shot them all. The teacher said, “Well, Johnny, that really doesn't have anything to do with sex education.” “Yes it does,” said Johnny, ” it taught those Indians not to fuck with John Wayne.
Little Johnny
LITTLE JOHNNY AND GOD PreviousNext One day little Johnny was walking up a hill pulling his red wagon behind him saying,"Fuck this," "Fuck that." The town priest hears this and walks up to Johnny and says,"You shouldn't swear like that, Johnny. God is all around us." "Is he in the sky?" asks Johnny. "Yes," says the priest. "Is he in that bush over there?" asks Johnny. "Yes," says the priest." Is he in my wagon?" asked Johnny. "Yes," says the priest. "Well tell him to get the fuck out and push!!!"
If you are seriously interested in reading my book and have read the first 5 ch.'s then  I am taking  requests if you want to read more then  message me and I will send you the next ch.
Ch.5 Jewel Is Released And The Experiment On Tia Part 1
Ch.5                                  Jewel is released and the experiment on Tia part 1 Jewel gets dressed and calls out "I am ready mister"Wilddog enters the room to show her the way to the place where she will have her memory erased and then released she is placed in a chair an a strange helmet is placed on her head then a loud whirr is heard then she falls asleep an the past two days events are erased and she is placed in her front yard an awakened then they completely disappeared and she is free to continue her life as if nothing ever happened.Back at Tia's room she is told to take a seat where she is strapped down Darkmoon comes in with a huge needle and sticks her in the upper right arm which makes Tia yelp in pain then she leaves is unstrapped and told to enjoy the room as the drug takes affect.Tia looks around and then decides to get into the large hot tub and relax in an hours time she begins to feel the effects of the drug and trys to fight the need to touch herself.A tra
Ch.4 Tia's Agreement
Ch.4           Tia's Agreement WildDog re-enters the room followed by his mate a tall black wolf with a white belly in a red leather attire a red leather cuff link on her upper left arm and red metal bracelets on both wrists her ears are peirced and her eyes are a menacingly deep red with silver white hair she stands about five foot five inches tall and has a halfmoon shape on her forehead.She walks in and takes a seat in the chair in front of the fireplace and says,"Tia come take a seat"in a deep more evil voice. Tia takes a deep breath and softly lays Jewels head on the pillows letting her sleep and approaches the bigger female and sets in the other chair across from her.The dominate female looks at Tia and says,"Tia is it?" Tia knods the female looks at her and then says,"well my name is Darkmoon now what is it you wanted to discuss with me I will be nice just this once and listen." Tia takes a deep breath and then says,"well Mrs.DarkMoon please I am begging you please release li
Ch.3 The The Next Phase Of The Plan
Ch.3                                               The the next phase of the plan After batheing they were all huddled in the corner where the bedding was sleeping soundly the door quietly unlocks and Tia awakens and goes to the door growling protectively she is quickly roped and gagged she fights as hard as she can but is outnumbered and being tied up made it hard for her to do anything she is quickly hauled away and the door is closed and relocked. It was too late before the other women awoke Jewel(being the youngest) began to cry in fear Crystal went to comfort her in Tias place and LostWind sniffed where Tia had been grabbed she growled and looked at the other girls they have Tia I can not tell what they are gonna do or are doing to her but I pray she is ok.Tia looks around a decorated room it has a antique king size wood bed and dresser white carpet it looked very expensive and comfortable she was still tied and gagged setting in a chair across from yet another captured female
Ch.2 Bath Time
Ch.2                                           Bath time   Jewel approaches Tia an whispers I don't wanna go alone I am scared can I bathe with you?She smiles at the young horse girl an knods then BlueMoth,Jade,and Rainey say they will go.Tia knods an whispers,"don't fall for their tricks I know we have needs an Urges but Do Not Give InDo not use any of their toys or touch each otherjust wash an come out got that!! They frown but then nod.Fay and LostWind speak up that they want to be next.Clarissa speaks to Crystal in a low tone,"you can bathe with me I won't hurt you I promise you wash my back I'll wash yours..."Crystal looks at her an thinks for a moment an nods once they had decided the order they went in order inside the bath house area Tia an Jewel first they turned on the water an began to wash each other once soaped up they began to rinse each other then they grabbed a towel each an came out for the next set to go in an bathe.BlueMoth,Jade and Rainey go inside the bath house
Buy E-cig
Buy E-Cigs Nicmaxx, This E Cigarette is THE closest experience ever to the smoking of a tobacco cigarette. Nicmaxx Maxx Electronic Cigarettes, actually gives the Sensation of the (Hit) of a full flavored Cigarette. Our E Cigs proprietary blend of flavors, vapors, spices and differing levels of nicotine offer the Smoker, a product that makes your transition to this fabulous new technology effortless while eliminating the odor of a tobacco cigarette. How did we do it when others could not? Nicmaxx E Cigarette has developed into a Smokers best alternative to the centuries old tobacco cigarette. Nicmaxx E Cigarette, Finally An Electronic Cigarette For (The Smoker) That Tastes and Delivers like a Cigarette, With A Healthier Choice!  http://buye-cig.weebly com
I Guess Blogs Are Okay
I guess blogs are okay but smumms are seen more.
"the Debt " Part 6
Later on Latasha and Kathy came down the stairs bumping into all of the other women who had enjoyed the show with them. They laughed and joked about their shared experiences. Latasha found Bobby and threw her arms around his neck. Bobby kissed her and she laughed in his face.  "Boy do you have a lot to live up to." She said loudly. Kathy laughed with her and they joined arms walking out of the club. Kathy got into the back seat of the cab first followed by Bobby then  Latasha brought up the rear. The taxie back to the hotel seemed to go much slower than it did when they arrived. Latasha turned and kissed Bobby deeply. He fondled her breasts and rubbed her crotch. Kathy waited patently until they paused. She turned Bobby's shoulders toward her. Her mouth went to his and their tounges datred around each other's mouths. Bobby fondled her breast as they rode down the street. He turned back to Latasha who kissed him again and Kathy reached over holding hands with Latasha. They shared kiss
More Pointless Voicemails I Leave People.
  Yay for my psycho babble! 
Smumm Banned
Mumm Banned?
On NSFW smumms?
I Will Be Moving To.....
I will be moving to Lynnwood WA anywhere from Jan to Feb if some agreements are made if not ill be moving sooner! If I hate it out there and cant make it ill be moving to Florida or where ever the road brings me ;) Hardest part remaining forward not looking back! So hard! 
Gorgeous Twin Hairy.
Wet Lick.
143 = I Love You - Lol I Like This
143 Means "I Love You." One letter in I, Four in Love, and three in You. Musiq made a song about it. See sometimes words may get in the way Of things that you really really mean to say So I wanna out this time to make sure that how I really feel Gets through to you Cause listen There aren’t many more ways and words that I can say So I choose to tell you how I feel in a numerical way Got so tired of trying to find the most complicated way To say it to you so I simplified and broke it down To 143 – and that means I love you
Trả Lời Thắc Mắc Về Event Halloween Avatar 2013
Event Halloween Avatar 2013 đang trong hồi gay cấn, các game thủ đang dồn thời gian và tâm sức để chạy đua sự kiện. Đồng hành cùng event, BQT AVATAR sẽ giải đáp mọi thắc mắc về toàn bộ event Halloween 2013 mà chúng tôi nhận được tại đây nhé! Event Halloween Avatar - Thời gian Boss Dracula xuất hiện là khi nào? Từ 19h-24h nhé, đánh boss sẽ được đá may mắn - Địa điểm boss Dracula xuất hiện? Xuất hiện ngẫu nhiên từ 19h tới 24h - Set Dracula có vĩnh viễn không? Không vĩnh viễn - Cách tiêu diệt boss Dracula như thế nào? Mang theo kẹo trừ tà và tấn công boss Dracula - T́m lưỡi hái tử thần ở đâu?
Things That I Feel Everyone Should Know About Me!
In an attempt for you all to get to know me better, I compiled this list of 101 random facts about me, filled with trivial and tantalizing tidbits. I hope you enjoy and Happy Hump Day! 1. When I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer a movie star, neither of which I actually would do now. 2. I love, love roller coasters, but hate rides that drop you straight down. 3. I’m have one sister, she is ten years younger than me.  4. Maybe as a result of such the age gap, I had dozens of imaginary friends while growing up. 5. I'm a nurse, I naturally very compassionate and love everyone. 7. I have a beautiful daughter :)  8. I had never changed a diaper until having my own kids. 9. I love pretty much all music, with the exception where I dont understand the lyrics 10. I love Coach sneakers & Burberry scarves. 11. My biggest fear in life is mediocrity… 12. …and roaches. 13. I cannot burp on command, but wish I could. 14.  I love the rain. 15. I grew up on
Have You Ever?
Have you ever?   You say you’ve been In a bad place before As if you really know Like you’ve ever been   Have you ever had to choose between Purchasing food or paying for heat? Buy gas to get to work Or have groceries to eat? Between paying a bill or Surviving a week? Between having electricity Or spend time with your child? And when holidays come Buy no gifts, try to smile?   Have you ever lived By yourself on the street? When the money’s not there And you’re doing your best No real roof overhead Never getting to rest Winter’s cold and summer’s heat And every day you still work til you’re beat   Or better yet still  Accept “kindness” of others Only then to realize Resentments that build Try to not be a burden As your life sucks your will The dilemmas keep building Like shit on a hill   What is the longest You’ve gone without eating? Hours or days Without nibbling or cheating? For some t
My First Auction For My Sketches here it is the link to my page and which sketch i am selling
Ugh Clingy
Why, when I try to be nice to people and do something to cheer them up, does it always backfire? This is what happened when I took that friend out Saturday night. In one of our many conversations, it had come up that all he does is work & go home & drink - I don't care who you are - that isn't healthy. A couple of mutual friends were concerned about it. So, at first, when he asked if I wanted to hang out & watch movies, I had said ok. Then, the I got the idea of going to hear a friend DJ at a local club and asked him if he wanted to go. I figured it would be good for him to get out of the house. Even though it was all innocent, he apparently got the wrong signal - and has been all clingy. I don't do clingy at all! Doesn't matter if it's a friendship or relationship - if it's clingy - it's out! He has gotten all of these ideas in his head that I am going to dump the guy I'm seeing now, for him. That's not happening. I think part of the problem is that this guy is lonely - he's been
I question faith all the time , but yesterday made me think . In May 2013 I moved from Buffalo to Grand Island NY and left my cat behind, out in the street and no food or anything, I been going back to my old hood, last few days not really thinking about it (7 months has past by ) I made a call for my cat, he came running up . So faith or faithful pet ? If let it go and comes back to you its your for good 
Pros And Cons Of Cloud-based Managed Services
A lot more businesses proceed to cloud hosting, you will find managed cloud hosting for providers to aid support and more facilities. Cloud-based managed providers tend to be managed by means of an authorized enterprise and are noteworthy for companies which could n't have this methods to keep up. Reducing substantial expenses intended for computer software licensing, electronics, and employees, these types of providers could be suitable for companies of sizes. That they do include a special set of benefits and drawbacks. Right here we’ll go through the key points to consider prior to opt-in to your brand new provider. Pros Scalability Managed Cloud Hosting providers are extremely scalable which enable it to focus on the needs associated with smaller, moderate and huge dimension companies. Organizations have the ability to easily scale upwards for elevated consumption. Availability Managed cloud providers tend to be easily accessible, because of overall flexibility which th
My Own Soul
I had completely given up on the hope to find my twin flame in this life. But then I found you…my best friend forever …my perfect passionate soul mate. . You just charmed me from the first glance. Sometimes I pinch myself to check if I am dreaming. Ever since I met you I feel like I am the luckiest person alive Darling you have been the first and will be the only one ever to touch my heart and soul. I want to grow old with you and I look forward to the wonderful years ahead in our lives. Now when I am in your arms nights are no longer dark and lonely and every morning I wake up only because I look forward to spending another beautiful day with you. I am drenched in your love from head to toe. Believe me I love you more than I love my own soul
Giới Thiệu Công Ty
Tech VN Solution là công ty hành đầu tại việt nam về cung cấp các sản phẩm công nghệ với các sản phẩm đầu ngành như camera quan sat của tất cả các hăng công nghệ hàng đầu thế giới như Vantech HDTech, AVTECH, JTECH, Swanview.... và các sản phẩm tong dai dien thoai của các hăng hàng đầu trên thế giới, bên cạnh đó công ty c̣n cung cấp dịch vụ lắp đặt trọn gói và miễn phí tư vấn, bảo hành cho quư khách hàng trên toàn quốc
Giữ Hương Vị Nước Mía Thơm Ngon Cùng Máy ép Mía Có Khoang Tủ
Ở Việt Nam, nước mía trở thành một thứ đồ uống giải khát quen thuộc, rất dễ bắt gặp h́nh ảnh của các quán nước mía tại khắp nơi ngoài ra bán nước ḿa là nghề dễ kiếm tiền, vốn đầu tư ít, không tốn nhân công, dễ thu hồi vốn v́ vậy rất nhiều người bán. Với phương tiện hành nghề khá gọn nhẹ một chiếc máy ép mía di động và một số chiếc bàn, ghế nhựa, không khó để nhận ra ngày càng có nhiều cửa hàng nước mía mọc lên ở các vỉa hè trên các tuyến đường thành phố, thị xă, thị trấn. Cùng giữ mãi hương vị của nư
Ống Thép đúc
Ống thép đúc BASIC SPECIFICATION Heavy Wall Seamless Carbon Pipe The complex chemical and physical properties of the various grades of carbon steel pipe allow for a broad range of service usage. American Piping has the right grade, size and price to meet your requirements including A/SA-106 Grade B/C and API 5L X- 42 thru X -70. A/SA-106 Grades B & C are utilized for services ranging from structural supports to steam drum headers with temperature ranges up to 800°F while API 5L X Grades 42 thru 70 are utilized for the water and petroleum industry to transport liquids or as platforms on off shore rigs. 1/2” Nominal to 24”O.D. Seamless PipeWall Thicknesses – Schedule 40 up to 4.000” Standard Carbon Steel Pipe Specifications & Grades A/SA-106 – Grades B & C A/SA-53 Seamless – Grade B Flanges & Fittings Carbon Steel Butt Weld Fittings: A/SA-234 WPB * WPC Carbon Steel Forged Fittings: A/SA-105 Carbon Steel Flanges: A/SA 105 High Yie
Kc Filipinas Golf
KC Filipinas Golf Resort Club, Inc. is one of the most challenging golf courses in the Philippines. This golf course in San Pedro Laguna is surrounded by thousands of trees and the greens are well kept in excellent condition. There is a clear view from the tee to green, and the fairways are long and firm. KC Filipinas is open everyday from 5:00am to 7:00pm. Golf Course Philippines provides an exceptional golfing experience in our 18-hole golf course, and environmentally friendly ambiance by sustaining high quality recreational facilities and services using a well-trained team, motivated staff and up-to-date equipment and tools.
Tải Game Iwin 280 Phiên Bản Hd Mới Nhất
Sức hút của game iwin thật sự lớn mạnh đến không ngờ, càng ngày càng nhiều mem chơi game iwin, số thành viên iwin đă tăng lên tới con số khủng nhất từ trước tới nay. Tải Iwin 280 Mới Nhất Để khẳng định và nâng cao vị trí của ḿnh, game iwin đă chính thức ra mắt phiên bản game iwin 280 phiên bản HD. Với nhiều cải tiến thú vị, iwin 280 đang là phiên bản siêu hot hiện nay, được giới game thủ săn lùng, t́m kiếm và hứng thú trải nghiệm. Phiên bản iwin 280 HD dự sẽ khiến nhiều game thủ iwin điên đảo v́ những tính năng mới của nó. Các  tính năng mới của phiên bản iwin 280. Iwin
Đồng Hồ Lc, Model: Ms
Đồng hồ lưu lượng BASIC SPECIFICATION Design Features Liquid Controls steel-case MS-Series rotary motion positive displacement (PD) meters offer the ultimate in flow measurement accuracy for bulk custody transfer of petroleum products, aviation fuels, LPG, crude oil, petrochemicals, and a broad range of industrial liquids. MS-Series meters incorporate a unique design, presenting minimal intrusion in a flowing stream of liquid, as well as minimal pressure drop through the meter. Liquid Controls MS-Series meters consist of an outer spherical steel-case shell with flanged inlet and outlet ports. The shell houses a traditional LC metering element that employs three rotating and synchronized rotors. These rotors accurately segment flow into a precise volume of liquid for each revolution, with no metal-to-metal contact inside the measuring chamber. Hydraulic sealing between the rotors and the measuring chamber wall is accomplished by a stationary boundary
And Weve Been Impressed By His Com
TORONTO - Ken-Yon Rambo is getting another chance in the CFL. The Toronto Argonauts signed the veteran wide receiver on Tuesday and expect to have him at practice on Thursday. Rambo, 33, was released by the Calgary Stampeders at the end of training camp after being hammered by an Achilles tendon injury. Rambo, who won a Grey Cup with Calgary in 2008, is eighth on the Stamps all-time list for receptions (406) and receiving yards (5,995). The six-foot-one, 207-pound Ohio State product is also 10th on Calgarys all-time touchdown receptions list with 39. "Weve closely monitored Ken-Yons progress and weve been impressed by his commitment to healing his injury," Argos general manager Jim Barker said in a release. "Were now very interested to see him perform on the football field." Wholesale NFL Jerseys China . Gasquet, who made the finals of the Rogers Cup in Toronto on Sunday, was unable to maintain any momentum against Raonics attack. "I was hoping to play a little bit better
Timber Blinds & Shutters In Perth
If you are in the market to purchase blinds or shutters for your home, stop for a minute to consider the exact purpose you need these products for. Blinds and shutters can add beauty and charm to any window or door as they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and styles. However, they can also be useful in other ways. Timber blinds Perth are constructed out of different kinds of wood such as cedar, bamboo, basswood and others. Besides their decorative value, some additional advantages of these blinds include: they help reduce noise level of a room; they have good insulation and help a room or area stay warm in cold winter climates or cool in hot summer climates; they are durable and strong. Timber blinds can also be custom made to match the rest of your room's décor. They are practical and easy to install and easy to service. Shutters also come with their share of benefits and advantages. These include protection from the heat and sun during warm summer months as well as acts
Ll And For Baseball," Gossage Said In A Phone
NEW YORK -- Nobody was happier about the Hall of Fame shutout than the Hall of Famers themselves. Goose Gossage, Al Kaline, Dennis Eckersley and others are in no rush to open the door to Cooperstown for anyone linked to steroids. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa: Keep em all out of our club. "If they let these guys in ever -- at any point -- its a big black eye for the Hall and for baseball," Gossage said in a phone interview with The Associated Press. "Its like telling our kids you can cheat, you can do whatever you want, and its not going to matter." For only the second time in 42 years, baseball writers failed to elect anyone to the Hall of Fame on Wednesday, sending a firm signal that stars of the Steroids Era will be held to a different standard. All the awards and accomplishments collected over storied careers by Bonds, Clemens and Sosa -- all eligible for the first time -- could not offset suspicions those exploits were artificially boosted by performance-enhan
In The Best Possible Position For Success Leading Up
CALGARY -- Jon Montgomery didnt disappear. One of the famous Canadian athletes to come out of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games did what he felt he needed to do to win another gold medal, which was not to race at all this season. Instead, the man as well known for auctioning off a pitcher of beer in Whistler, B.C., following his Olympic victory spent this winter tinkering and testing sleds while his rivals raced. "Im doing equipment development," Montgomery said. "Im trying to make sure that Im in the best possible position for success leading up to and including the 2014 Games. "This year is not a throw-away season, but it doesnt mean anything in terms of our road to 2014. This was the season to sacrifice competition and focus on those aspects." Montgomerys absence was noticeable at the recent two Canadian stops on the World Cup circuit -- Whistler last week and the Calgary stop that concludes with mens four-man bobsled Saturday. A Canadian man didnt finish in the top five in
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Evel Of English Rugby, Having Scored Two Tries Already For The Newly Promoted Clu
Canadian rugby international Phil Mackenzie is in good company at London Welsh these days, rubbing shoulders with players from England, France, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Samoa, Scotland, Tonga and, of course, Wales. And the 25-year-old wing/centre from Oakville, Ont., is fitting in nicely in the top level of English rugby, having scored two tries already for the newly promoted club. The latest came last Sunday in a 29-19 loss to London Irish. The Canadian also scored in a 28-23 loss to Saracens on Oct. 7. London Welsh (2-5-0) currently stand 10th in the 12-team Aviva Premiership. There have been drubbings at the hands of champion Harlequins (40-3) and perennial powerhouse Leicester (38-13) but otherwise the Exiles have kept things closer in the league. "Ive loved every minute of it, to be honest," Mackenzie told The Canadian Press. "Its a great atmosphere here and the chance to play at the highest level week in and week out is what Ive always wanted. Im a very happy cam
Waivers From The Cleveland Indians. He
TORONTO -- The Toronto Blue Jays exercised the US$3-million club option on left-hander Darren Olivers contract Wednesday and signed outfielder Rajai Davis to a $2.5-million, one-year deal. Oliver, 42, was one of Torontos strongest relievers last season. He posted a 3-4 record with two saves and a 2.06 earned-run average in 62 games. Should he decide to return in 2013, he will enter his 20th season in the major leagues. In 716 career games, he has a record of 60-54 with seven saves and 4.53 ERA. The Blue Jays signed Davis after declining the team option on his previous deal. Davis, 32, hit .257 this past season with eight home runs, 43 RBIs and 46 stolen bases. Toronto also claimed left-handed pitcher Scott Maine off waivers from the Cleveland Indians. He was 2-3 with a 6.07 ERA in 30 games for the Indians and Chicago Cubs in 2012. Also Wednesday, the Blue Jays re-instated several pitchers from the 60-day disabled list. They included right-handers Kyle Drabek, Drew Hutchison
Riner Isnt About To Understate The Impor
TORONTO - Paul Mariner isnt about to understate the importance of Toronto FCs game against El Salvadors Club Deportivo Aguila on Wednesday to open CONCACAF Champions League play. With only one club from each three-team group advancing and two tough road games ahead, the coach says getting maximum points at BMO Field is crucial. "Weve got to win the home games," Mariner said this week. "Theyre all difficult games away from home, but we have to take care of this one." Toronto is languishing at the bottom of the standings in Major League Soccer with a 5-12-4 record, but has seen a resurgence of sorts under Mariner, who is 4-3-4 since taking over from Aron Winter. The team has switched formations to a more direct 4-4-2 from Winters Dutch-influenced attack and has seen better results. "Its a question of us imposing our power and our system on the opposition," said Mariner, whose team lost 2-0 at home to Houston over the weekend. "We wont change our style (on Wednesday)." Games a
Assist As The Roughnecks Clinched First Place In T
EDMONTON -- The Calgary Roughnecks not only locked down top spot in the National Lacrosse League on Saturday night, they earned a first-round opponent they have historically dominated in the Edmonton Rush. Shawn Evans had four goals and added an assist as the Roughnecks clinched first place in the NLL and home dates throughout the playoffs with a 9-6 victory over the Rush on Saturday. Jeff Shattler and Nolan Heavenor each had two goals and Dane Dobbie also scored for the Roughnecks (12-4), who closed out the regular season with seven wins in their last eight games. Coming off a disappointing 14-12 loss in Rochester where they also had a chance to clinch first overall, Calgary head coach Dave Pym was happy to see how his team responded in their second chance. "Any time you drop a game in this league it is important to rebound to show that you can still play with confidence," he said. "I thought our guys did a great job of regrouping and focusing on the task at hand. I though
Ac Milan, Manchester United Also Rob Leaders
Muntari Barcelona's defense once again become a key restraintAC Milan [ microblogging ] 1-1 draw with Barcelona [ microblogging ] , continues his Muntari against Barcelona when every good state , the field in Ghana has a good offensive and defensive play both ends , in the defense he locked the Massey et al attack, and the attack in which he repeatedly sent the threat passes , cheap jerseys there is a half times as Robinho [ microblogging ] pass a single ball . Muntari against Barcelona have always had a good performance last season, the Champions League knockout round first leg at the San Siro on Muntari scored a very wonderful goals , helping the team won 2-0 . The game, according to OPTA statistics, AC Milan Muntari is the most active one in the distance running halftime reached 5580 m , which runs from AC Milan is the most players . Match, Muntari effectively steals five times , but also for the audience the most ,Baltimore Ravens Jersey his presence in midfield have be
Rgery Next Week To Repair The Torn Anterior Cruciate
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- There will be no dramatic Super Bowl return for Darrelle Revis. The New York Jets placed the star cornerback on season-ending injured reserve on Friday, a few weeks after coach Rex Ryan said the team would wait until after knee surgery in case there was a "0.0002 chance" Revis could recover in time to play in the NFLs big game. "Were going to need that roster spot," Ryan said. "I said it was a 0.0002 per cent chance. Well, its not that high." Ryan said Revis will have surgery next week to repair the torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee suffered almost three weeks ago at Miami. With safety Eric Smith being sidelined by a knee injury this week, Revis roster spot was filled by rookie safety Antonio Allen, the teams seventh-round draft pick who was signed from the practice squad. Revis was injured in the third quarter of the Jets 23-20 overtime victory Sept. 23, falling awkwardly and grabbing his knee without making any contact with another pla
Tại Việt Nam Sắp Ra Mắt Infiniti Qx80
Cùng t́m hiểu về Infiniti QX80 :   Theo được biết th́ Infiniti QX80 (trước là QX56) là ḍng SUV hạng sang cỡ lớn 7 chỗ, trang bị động cơ V8 dung tích 5,6 lít. Hộp số tự động 7 cấp, hệ thống treo thủy lực.   Bên cạnh đó th́ nhà phân phối Infiniti tại Việt Nam c̣n đưa về mẫu crossover QX70, tên mới của ḍng FX 2003-2012.     Tự lực chứ không cơ bắp như đàn anh QX80, QX70 thiết kế kiểu crossover lai giữa sedan và SUV. Mẫu xe 5 chỗ này sử dụng động cơ V6 dung tích 3,7 lít, hộp số tự động 7 cấp và trang bị hệ thống kiểm soát giảm xóc liên tục (CDC) với chế độ tự độ
Tải Iwin 280 – Iwin 280 Phiên Bản Miễn Phí Mới Nhất
Iwin đă khá nổi tiếng trên thị trường game mobile Việt thời gian qua, nó được khẳng định sự cuốn hút bằng những tṛ chơi dân gian quen thuộc như tiến lên, phỏm, bài cào, mậu binh, caro…….Số người chơi iwin đang tăng lên khá nhanh , phiên bản iwin cũng được BQT quan tâm,và sớm đưa ra những phiên bản mới nhất và những tính năng mới cho những ai thích t́m hiểu cái mới lạ. Iwin 280 phiên bản HD là 1 trong những phiên bản mới nhất hiện nay của iwin. Thử nghiệm nào các bạn. Một số tính năng mới của phiên bản iwin 280.  iwin 280 vừa được ra mắt với sự trở lại
Iwin Khuyến Măi X3 Từ 17h30-18h30 Ngày 22/10/2013
iwin là game trên di dộng đang hấp dẫn người chơi hàng đầu trên chiếc điện thoại ngày nay. Số lượng người chơi iwin đang tăng lên đột biến , những  tṛ chơi dân gian quen thuộc đă làm nhiều người thích thú và đặt làm thú vui của ḿnh sau những giờ làm việc và học tập căng thẳng. Sự kiện gio vang  iwin  cũng được khá nhiều bạn chú ư đến.Hăy cùng tham gia giờ vàng x3 iwin nhanh nhé! Thời gian: Từ 17h30 đến 18h30 ngày 22/10/2013 Khuyến măi X3 giá trị SMS Khuyến măi X2 giá trị Card Cùng tai iwin và tham gia những trận bài siêu kinh điển và những tṛ chơi thú vị khác cùng bạn bè nào các bạn.Chúc các b
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Ever comfortable and warm like in heaven, UGG sheepskin boots are enjoying an overwhelming popularity all over the world at present. When this simply themed sheepskin fashion trend has swept over the country, it is an universal habit for people of all age to include one or more pairs of ugg sheepskin boots in their wardrobe and every season people are looking forwarding to the newly styled ugg footwear additions and are dying to pick one of them to show their fashion-savvy self. Then here new additions ugg boots on cyber monday to UGG fashion collections are here to stay. The details are as follows: Bailey Button Bomber Jacket: this is inspired by the bomber jacket style. Developed on UGG Bailey Button and updated with a natural brown sheen, this style is created to perfectly assort with a natural styled bomber jacket and give the look an accent.Christmas ugg boots online Bailey Button Triplet: This is actually a growing knee-high version of original Bailey Button styled UGGs. Three
Thủ Thuật Bắt Pet Gấu , Khủng Long …..cực Pro Trong Avatar
Đến với Avatar các bạn đă đủ thời gian t́m hiểu nó chưa? Rất nhiều thủ thuật hay và thú vị được BQT gameavatar365 đem đến cho các bạn, ví dụ như thu thuat bat pet gau, khung long trong Avatar…các  bạn có t́m hiểu kĩ để có thể bắt được nhiều pet chưa?  Cùng tham gia thủ thuật này nhé, rất hiệu quả đó. Đầu tiên anh em tai avatar bản có auto click về  cài. -5:0,-5:0. QN.0 nhé. Sau đó ra nông trại đổi 1quả bóng cao cấp nhé. Nhớ là 1 quả thôi. 2 quả là bắt 2 conkùng loại 1 lúc luôn đó. Tiếp là đi t́m mấy con pokemon bấtḱ. T́m thấy phát anh em ấn autoluôn. Đảm bảo bắt đc 100%. Thủ thȗ
Bigone Khuyến Măi Ngày 23/10 Nhân đôi Thẻ Nạp
Xin chào toàn thể các game thủ đă và đang chơi Bigone của chúng tôi.Tuần vừa qua game bigone đă cho ra phiên bản bigone 135 đầy mới mẻ với giao diện cũng như nhiều tính năng hay đang chờ các bạn khám phá.Để niềm vui nối tiếp những niềm vui.Bigone xin gửi đến các game thủ ngày vàng khuyến măi Thời gian: Ngày 23/10/2013 Nhân đôi tất cả mọi giá trị thẻ nạp trong ngày. Nào các bạn c̣n chờ ǵ nữa mà không nhanh tay cào thẻ, nạp nhiều thưởng nhiều cùng Bigone 135 nào
Specially 4 Patti
I'd like to be the sort of friend thatyou have been to me;I'd like to be the help thatyou've been always glad to be;I'd like to mean as much to youeach minute of the dayAs you have meant, to me along the way.I'd like to do the big things andthe splendid things for you,To brush the gray from out your skiesand leave them only blue;I'd like to say the kindly things thatI so often have heard,And feel that I could rouse your soulthe way that mine you've stirred.I'd like to give you back the joythat you have given me,Yet that were wishing you a needI hope will never be;I'm wishing at this time that Icould but repayA portion of the gladness thatyou've strewn along my way;And could I have one wish this year,this only would it be:I'd like to be the sort of friendthat you have been to me.
Act The Game Defensively With His
Happy U.S. Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy the football games! A few quick NBA thoughts for you. 1. Brandon Jennings (Bucks): The combination of him and Monta Ellis have folks in Milwaukee enjoying their home team again. Jennings is averaging close to eight assists per game while scoring close to 17 points with over three steals a game. Needless to say, hes producing. The up-tempo style fits his game perfectly and he has the confidence of coach Scott Skiles. He has terrific ball skills and can impact the game defensively with his quick hands and pressure on the ball. Fun times for the Bucks. Entertaining, thats for sure. 2. David Lee (Warriors): Helping his improved team with another solid year with 15.6 ppg and 11 rpg. Relentless competitor who goes after it in the lane and has a very effective face-up game. Pace of play is not an issue with him. Produces in whatever scheme you run. Like his approach and professionalism. You can count on him each night. Runs the floor and gives
K Pay Cuts. Owner Woody Johnson Made The Annou
NEW YORK -- The Jets have paid all lost wages to business-side employees who took unpaid furloughs during the NFL lockout and coaches who took pay cuts. Owner Woody Johnson made the announcement at an organization-wide gathering at the teams headquarters in Florham Park, N.J., on Monday morning. According to a person familiar with the meeting, Johnson told employees: "When you walk out of this room, the money should already be in your accounts." The person spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because it was a private meeting. About 96 business-side employees each had to take one weeks unpaid furlough every month since the lockout began in March, while coaches salaries were slashed by 25 per cent. "At the beginning, we realized that asking people to take 25 per cent pay cuts at this time would be a tremendous hardship. It was a shared sacrifice in a period where we had unknown financial conditions," Johnson said, according to the teams website. "I dont thi
Iami. It Hasnt Been Worn Since H
CORTLAND, N.Y. - The New York Jets have announced that they will retire the jerseys of running back Curtis Martin and defensive end Dennis Byrd. Martin will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend. His No. 28 jersey will be retired during a ceremony at halftime of the regular-season opener against Buffalo on Sept. 9. The NFLs fourth-leading career rusher, Martin played for New York from 1998-2006 after three seasons with New England. Byrds No. 90 will be retired Oct. 28 against Miami. It hasnt been worn since his career-ending injury in 1992, when Byrd collided with teammate Scott Mersereau against Kansas City, breaking the critical C5 vertebra in his neck. Three months later, he walked on crutches to a news conference at his hospital in Manhattan. Wholesale NFL Jerseys . The match lasted one hour 36 minutes, with second-seed Nestor and Mirnyi saving a match point in the tiebreaking third set. Mirnyi closed out the victory on his teams second opportunit
Mike Nickeas In Exchange For John Buck
R.A. Dickey thanked the New York Mets and their fans for giving him "a chance" in a poignant letter published over the weekend. The reigning National League Cy Young Award winner was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays earlier this month along with Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas in exchange for John Buck, Travis dArnaud, Noah Syndergaard and Wuilmer Becerra. Dickey then agreed to a two-year contract extension with Toronto worth $25 million that runs through to the end of the 2015 season with a club option for 2016. And while the 38-year-old knuckleballer is excited about his new team, Dickey expressed his gratitude to the Mets and their fans in Saturdays New York Daily News. "I never expected to be writing a farewell holiday card to Mets fans," Dickey wrote. "I never expected to be doing anything but celebrating the joy of the season with my wife and kids and looking toward the spring, and the start of my fourth season with an organization that gave me maybe the greatest gift an a
Ly Johnson Was In Third With Danica P
MONTREAL -- Local favourites Jacques Villeneuve and Alex Tagliani set the pace in practice Friday at the NAPA Auto Parts 200 NASCAR Nationwide race. Montreals Villeneuve, the 1997 Formula One champion, posted the quickest lap of one minute 40.65 seconds on the 2.7-mile road track named after his late father, Gilles Villeneuve. Tagliani, of Lachenaie, Que., was second at 1:40.92. Billy Johnson was in third with Danica Patrick fourth and Michael McDowell fifth. Veteran Ron Fellows of Toronto was sixth fastest and Patrick Carpentier of Joliette, Que., was eighth. Andrew Ranger of Roxton Pond, Que., was 17th. The 44 drivers got in two 90-minute sessions Friday morning ahead of qualifying, which is scheduled to start at 5 p.m. ET. The sixth annual NAPA 200 race is set for Saturday afternoon. Cheap NFL Jerseys From China . Rios was trying to break up a double play and when he went into Detroit second baseman Omar Infante, it caused an errant throw that allowed the tying and go-ah
P From The Minors. The Native Of Guelp
MILWAUKEE -- When Canadian pitcher Scott Diamond started the season in the minors, Minnesota Twins manager Ron Gardenhire let him know that hed have a chance to work his way back. Diamond now is 3-0 since being called up for the Twins, who pounded the Milwaukee Brewers 11-3 on Friday night. "Hes not overwhelmed," Gardenhire said. "He went to Triple-A and did his thing. As we said when we sent him down, Be the guy thats throwing the best and youll get your chance. And here he is." Diamond (3-0) gave up a run in the first, ending the 14-inning scoreless stretch he put together in two starts since he was called up from the minors. The native of Guelph, Ont., went on to give up three runs and eight hits in 5 1-3 innings. "Im getting to really know our defence, and Im feeling a lot more comfortable out on the mound," Diamond said. "I trust these guys as much as I can, and Im just excited to take the mound." Josh Willingham hit a two-run homer, his eighth of the season, while De
19 Season, The Team Said Wednesda
RALEIGH, N.C. -- The Carolina Hurricanes maintained their aggressive off-season deals by awarding a long-term contract to forward Jeff Skinner. Skinner signed a six-year contract extension worth more than $34 million that will keep him with the Hurricanes through the 2018-19 season, the team said Wednesday. The winner of the Calder Trophy in 2011 as the NHLs rookie of the year will make $4.35 million in 2013-14 and $6 million in each of the following five seasons. His entry contract, which pays him $900,000 per year, was to expire after this coming season. "Im very grateful for them to select me in the draft, and obviously today, showing me the confidence to have me around long term," Skinner said. "Its definitely a nice message ... and hopefully, I can prove them right." The 20-year-old Skinner has 51 goals and 56 assists in his short career, which began when Carolina took him in the first round of the 2010 draft. He made the team out of camp that season and was selected t
An Amphetamine. The 33-year-old Catcher Had A Career Year In 2012, Hitti
PHILADELPHIA -- Add catcher to the Philadelphia Phillies needs this off-season. All-Star Carlos Ruiz was suspended Tuesday for the first 25 games of next season following a positive test for an amphetamine. The 33-year-old catcher had a career year in 2012, hitting .325 with 16 homers and 68 RBIs in 114 games. "I am sincerely regretful for my mistake in taking a prohibited stimulant," Ruiz said in a statement issued by the Major League Baseball Players Association. "I apologize to my teammates, the Phillies organization and the Philadelphia fans. I will serve the imposed 25-game suspension to begin the season and I look forward to returning to the field and working toward bringing a championship back to Philadelphia in 2013." Ruiz will be eligible to participate in spring training, including exhibition games. "The Phillies fully support Major League Baseballs drug program," the team said. "We are disappointed by the news of this violation of the program. We will support Car

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