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It equals using the perfection from the complete visual appeal along with the completeness from the woman style; it even turns into the centre in the complete trend that you wear today.How significant is a handbag for female? The black hole the place all the urgent issues are disappearing, the centre of the outfit along with your daily life. You never Louis Vuitton Handbags know once the end on the globe is coming and you also will have only your handbag to survive. Nevertheless, bringing it to wherever location you go and taking it with you for all the strategy to move will probably be troublesome; furthermore if you own only a tremendous bag through which you put only cellular phone and lipstick. There exists an efficient substitute on how you can decide on the perfect size of handbags perfectly so that you mindful of the way how do you measure handbags without having becoming regret right after you purchase the brand new handbags.It truly is just simply awkward to see
Pink Gets Laid Off
A Way To Beat The Morning Traffic.
Nombreuses Fois Cas Le Cover-up Looks Me Devenir Pire Que
Le Coverup est pire Than the nombreuses fois cas le cover-up looks me devenir pire que l' mai bien rien en tant que président Nixon et le Watergate ou d'aussi trivial que Sarah Palin et son ... euh ... l'improvisation sur la voyage de Paul Revere. Ne faire un effort pour essayer de tromper un Boston girl - Je me rends compte Tout à propos de Paul Revere).Je pense beaucoup d'entre nous ne peut accepter que l l'abus sexuel présumé d'un de la jeune école est certainement l' beaucoup plus . Et plus et ce que jamais de traumatisme sexuel réputé force résultats , il existe un autre traumatisme.J'ai vu témoin également nombreuses occasions | cas ​​dans ma carrière profession . Les adultes peuvent souffrir subir ce sort ainsi - aussi épouses maltraitées, joujoux de riche et efficace ou politiciens forts sportifs Néanmoins, il est horrible pour être un enfant et savoir ce genre de inquiétude Les agresseurs adulte avoir un motif de combiner comportement inapproprié avec m
Maillots De Foot Pour Ou Rapport
Le Coverup est pire Par rapport à la criminaliténombreuses cas le cover-up semblerait me être comparé à la crime Il pourrait être quelque chose en tant que président Nixon et le Watergate ou d'aussi trivial que Sarah Palin et son ... euh ... l'improvisation sur la rouler de Paul Revere. Ne faire un effort pour essayer de tromper un Boston girl - Je sais Tout à propos de Paul Revere).Je pense beaucoup d'entre nous ne peut accepter que l l'abus sexuel présumé d'un jeune par un college entraîneur de football est certainement au sein de l' plus sévère . Et plus et tout de traumatisme sexuel réputé pourrait suite, il existe un autre une plus sévère significatif traumatisme.J'ai vu observés également nombreuses occasions | cas ​​dans ma carrière Occupation Les adultes peuvent souffrir subir ce sort ainsi - aussi épouses maltraitées, joujoux de riche et ou activités sportives Néanmoins, il est horrible devenir jeune et cette sorte d' peur Les agresseurs adulte posséder
Phone Call
Bury all your secrets in my skinCome away with innocence, and leave me with my sinsThe air around me still feels like a cageAnd love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again...So if you love me, let me go.And run away before I know.My heart is just too dark to care.I can't destroy what isn't there.Deliver me into my fate -If I'm alone I cannot hateI don't deserve to have you...My smile was taken long agoIf I can change I hope I never knowI still press your letters to my lipsAnd cherish them in parts of me that savor every kissI couldn't face a life without your lightBut all of that was ripped apart...when you refused to fightSo save your breath, I will not hear.I think I made it very clear.You couldn't hate enough to love.Is that supposed to be enough?I only wish you weren't my friend.Then I could hurt you in the end.I never claimed to be a saint...My own was banished long agoIt took the death of hope to let you goSo break yourself against my stonesAnd spit your pity in my so
I should have known these walls would cave inI should have never left my heart there on the lineCause when the shit hit the fanAll we ever had ended up lost in the fireAnd now nothing's saved, nothing's gainedWas it all in vain?Cause I'm standing in the eye of the stormAnd everything I've known is blowin' away (blowin' away)I'm caught in a hurricaneI'm leaving here dead or aliveAnd I know that I'd be willing to feel the painIf it got me to the other sideCause I only hurtOh, hurricaneYeah I can feel it hurtOh, hurricaneRemember how we were, we really wereBefore this disaster came and tore us apartIt was the two of us, that was enoughThe two of us, so in loveTil the window of lies,The rain of cries and lightning strikesAnd now we're standing in the eye of the stormAnd everything is gone, nothing remains (I'm blowing away)I'm caught in a hurricaneI'm leaving here dead or aliveAnd I know that I'd be willing to feel the painIf it got me to the other sideCause I only hurtOh, hurricaneYeah I
Legal Crap
Repost.... Legal CrapJan 14, 2013Comments (0)[Delete] [Edit] For other writers or artists who display their craft.Dec 5, 2012Comments (1)[Delete] [Edit]*****Warning--any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photographs, and/or the comments made about my photographs or any other "art" related posts on my profile. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee(s), agent(s), student(s) or any personnel under your direction or control. The contents of th
Life, Lyrics, And Us
Just when all seems well in the world, just when you think you have it all figured out, just when you think you have locked the last lock . . someone comes along, they unlock all the locks, the tear the walls down, and all you can do is fall.  You don't care what everyone thinks, you don't care what you have to do, you make a way, you listen to your heart.   I'm so tired Of falling in love Finding it easier To fall out I can't deny it I feel it inside I'll keep it's fire You can't hide I'm falling in love again Ain't nothing I can do Falling in love again This time it's with you When I fall It's always the same And I'm so tired Of playing this game It's been so long now Since I gave up my heart I've kept it locked down I don't wanna get it harmed So let me tell you now I just wanna be sure That you won't hurt me Can you promise me that? Falling in love again Ain't nothing I can do Falling in love again, girl And this time it's with you When I fall It's always the same And I'm so tired
My Book Links
My books at publishamerica.comJan 14, 2013Comments (1)[Delete] [Edit] photoBeauty Around the Worldby: Michael (Miki) ProfantPrice: $16.95Product DetailsISBN: 1-60703-426-3# Pages: 87 pagesDimensions: 6 x 9Format: SoftcoverLatest News: Less than 30 pct of all books are bought in real bookstores.Product DescriptionIf you ask where my inspiration to write poetry comes from, I would have to say from everywhere. From gray misty mornings to a beautiful smile, I try to see beauty in everything. I once told a friend beauty wasn’t just about her face. It could be a smile, a sparkle in the eyes, a soft touch, or words that warm my heart—qualities that all women have.So if you feel the urge, write me and maybe I’ll write one for you. I hope you will enjoy this book.Beauty Around the World Book 2by: Michael (Miki) ProfantPrice: $19.95Product DetailsISBN: 9781448986293# Pages: 122 pagesDimensions: 6x9Format: SoftcoverLatest News:Product Description"This is a follow up of sorts to
Links To Get My Books
My books at publishamerica.comJan 14, 2013Comments (1)[Delete] [Edit] photoBeauty Around the Worldby: Michael (Miki) ProfantPrice: $16.95Product DetailsISBN: 1-60703-426-3# Pages: 87 pagesDimensions: 6 x 9Format: SoftcoverLatest News: Less than 30 pct of all books are bought in real bookstores.Product DescriptionIf you ask where my inspiration to write poetry comes from, I would have to say from everywhere. From gray misty mornings to a beautiful smile, I try to see beauty in everything. I once told a friend beauty wasn’t just about her face. It could be a smile, a sparkle in the eyes, a soft touch, or words that warm my heart—qualities that all women have.So if you feel the urge, write me and maybe I’ll write one for you. I hope you will enjoy this book.Beauty Around the World Book 2by: Michael (Miki) ProfantPrice: $19.95Product DetailsISBN: 9781448986293# Pages: 122 pagesDimensions: 6x9Format: SoftcoverLatest News:Product Description"This is a follow up of sorts to
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How could you let your life lack of colors and pleasure? MK Handbags Sale gives you the chance to bring your life colors.Usually do not bother or fret; Michael Kors features the very best quality handbags of various versions. Welcome to Michael Kors internet site for your chance to get yourself a look on our superior high quality hand baggage. Pay a visit to our website to generate you most well-liked decision. We provide shoppers the top they want at effortless a selling price.michael kors handbag outlet 0n our web page, you are going to find a way to pick out on your own desired handbag which will appear in our home web site. Michael Kors features an assortment at diverse discounted prices that can go well with your needs. Don't hesitate, the stock is on the market.michael kors online outlet handbags With the globalization of world trade, there are more choices for the mass including me. But sometimes I would have troubles when choosing to buy something. Since knowing
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The possession of fashionable outfits, jewelries, belts, bags, handbags and other accessories makes a person the proud owner as he can easily use all these accessories to enhance the look of the entire outfit and give his personality a special attraction that draws admiration from every corner. However, collecting these fashionable or designer items is very easy but if you want to maintain the original look and increase the life of these accessories then you have to nurture them very carefully and preserve them according to the guidelines specifically provided by the manufacturers. Everybody has heard the name of the Michael Kors bags and handbags that are very popular in high society especially with the celebrities, renowned people and the affluent and the Royal people or those who are able to spare exorbitant amount of money for purchasing the original Michael Kors bags and handbags as a part of their wardrobe collection. Practically it is not possible for every fashion conscious per
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Seen This On Another Site: A Real Man
1.) A REAL MAN respects his mother and places his family first.2.) A REAL MAN RAISES HIS KIDS, not JUST out of pocket either.3.) A REAL MAN supports his woman to develop herself.4.) A REAL MAN doesn't worry about what others depict as a real man. Walk in his shoes first and then tell him what makes him A REAL MAN.5.) A REAL MAN doesn't Break Promises6.) A REAL MAN calls you beautiful, not hot, sexy, or fine as fuck.8.) A REAL MAN CALLS YOU on a daily basis - NO MATTER HOW BUSY OR TIRED HE IS.9.) A REAL MAN looks past what he's heard about you or what his friends think of you.10.) A REAL MAN wants to spend as much time as he can with you & won't get sick of you.11.) A REAL MAN comes over just to watch movies with you.12.) A REAL MAN kisses you on the forehead just because.13.) A REAL MAN doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He tells you what's real. 14.) A REAL MAN should be treated like one.15.) A REAL MAN doesn't ask questions when you say you need something....him, sex,
" The Word Trust "
What does the word " trust " mean to you ? Is it someone who is reliable an true ? To be honest an fair , who you know will always be there ? All these simple questions aren't simple after all , Because no real trust can be found in the world today , People just want to play , To stay reclusive is the only way . To make it through yet another day. That's all I want is honesty and truth , To feel love from my head to my toes , To know you love me as only an illusion to see , What ever really happen to me ? Got lost in the meaning of Trust & Truth. But with you my love will forever be ......... No matter what the future holds for me........
Don't Try, If It Hurts.
I still honestly hope that some things will change. It will really surprise me if they actually do, but still. There isn't one damn thing that just any one person can do about somethings in this world. Couse you can go ahead and try, doesn't at all mean you will see the difference in even like 5 to 10 months or years. I have gone and thought that maybe I should just pull back and go into hiding.  Crawl into my cubby and hibernate. I don't see myself has being missed. This is something the doctors say I suffer from. Depression shouldn't be so powerful. Does not at all help when you have better past memories than future possibilities. I know the line I need to cross,but it feels so damn impossible. I also know that there are people that don't really give a care for anyone but themselves, ya all are maybe not going to go alone, but when you do go I ain't gonna tootle you later. I am not gonna say 'ya all come back now, ya hear??" I tried to understand fubar like I thought I maybe should
Oh Great Spirit Hear my words For to you I offer My heart and soul You made me What I am And I am Indian America's Prisoners of War. I pray for my people of the past Whose blood covers this our Mother Earth I pray now as an Indian Blood of my Ancestors. Great Spirit Grandfather, Look down upon Your people, For we are humble Before you. We seek your guidance, So that we your people May walk forever In a proud manner Before you. Great Spirit Grandfather, You gave your people The breath of life, So that we may live With dignity and pride, To always know And understand That life was meant for us Your most humble Traditional people, And all that Was Created And given The breath of life. Great Spirit Grandfather, Let my heart Soul and mind Be always strong with Wisdom, knowledge And Understanding. Great Spirit Grandfather Hear my words For wisdom So that I may open My eyes and See all that Is good around me. Great Spirit Grandfather Hear my words For wisdom So that I may open my ears And hea
The Beauty Of A Woman
The beauty of a woman is not in the designer clothes or makeup that she wears. Her beauty is in the smile she has on her face because she is loved beautifully and soulfully. Just the arms of her man around her can make her look like the most beautiful woman in the world. She doesn’t need diamond rings to make her hands look beautiful if she has her man holding them firmly with a promise to never let her go. A woman doesn’t need expensive perfumes if she has the fragrance of soulful love in her life. A woman just needs to be loved truly and eternally because that is her greatest accessory..her greatest treasure
My Twin Flame
You are the other half of my soul… MY TWIN FLAME. We are spiritually and emotionally and telepathically connected to each other’s souls since time unknown. Today I realized that meeting you was the most happening moment which my heart and soul were longing for. The joy of living with you is so overwhelming that I have no words to express the feelings of my heart. I cherish the heavenly feeling of being held in your arms where I lose all my senses into you and time stands still. My soul yearns for that magical touch of your fingers on my body which makes me feel so alive and still keeps me in a trance. Your presence ignites the fire in my soul and the passion in my body so exquisitely that I can feel my existence beyond dimensions and parameters. You are all that my heart and soul ever desired. Now I strongly believe that when twin flames are intended to unite with each other, the universe always finds a way of connecting them for their reunion and awakening…
Why Prism Should Not Be A Surprise
It annoys me that so many people are shocked that a program such as PRISM exists. Like the idea of the federal government monitoring United States citizens is incredibly outlandish and unheard of. Nobody should be surprised. This behavior is nothing new.Surveillance culture is a product of the Cold War. Just like how our military's size, readiness and resources has never really changed since the Cold War ended (only gotten bigger due to 9/11 and foreign conflicts), the foundation of our intelligence infrastructure has remained in a large part unchanged. It would be naive to think the surveillance culture that formed a large part of Cold War-era intelligence ended along with the Cold War.Then 9/11 came along and precipitated an expansion of both our military and intelligence agencies. New technologies have permitted easier data collection and aggregation on a scale that was impossible in the past. Because these intelligence agencies at their heart still function on Cold War principles,
An Ungrateful Ode...
i feel that i carry more body weight than othersbecause i have a ten ton headit's a grotesque that smothersyet by this thing i'm ledit's got me into troublemore times than i can countit's heaped piling stones of rubbleand been a ride i can't dismountat times it grants me insightfor the most part that's been sparsemostly it just causes spiteand is really quite the farceit rules this land with an iron fistand refuses to let gothe rollcall of sins is too great to listit bears the name Ego
Rely On Right Movers And Packers In Delhi For Hassle-free Move
Are you going to shift from Delhi to another city with your entire household effects? Do you have made your mind to hire services of a professional moving company in Delhi? If yes then certainly a good moving company will make your move easy and simple. But you must rely on right movers and packers in Delhi for a hassle-free move. Only a right mover can provide you hassle-free and safe execution of moving process otherwise you will only increase your stress level. There are many things to consider before just going to one company and hire it services. In my point of view, you ought to get quotes of different potential Packers and Movers Delhi based companies so that you can compare different rates and required services to choose the best available option. You must get recommendations from your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors who have earlier used the services of potential movers and packers Delhi based companies. In a nutshell; do research for right moving company in Delh
Packers And Movers In Gurgaon – How To Select Right One
There are several professional packers and movers or moving companies in Gurgaon to choose from. They are providing professional packing and moving solutions for different kinds of moving situations whether it is residential relocation or commercial shifting or corporate relocation or international relocation. They can provide hassle-free and safe execution of your move. But choosing the right moving company is imperative first. Without a good moving company you cannot expect hassle-free and stress-free move. Here are some tips and suggestions which will help you find out the right moving company in Gurgaon. Firstly, make a list of some potential moving companies of Gurgaon. Get recommendations from your friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbors who have earlier used the services of professional packers and movers in Gurgaon; and make a list. Now you have information of several potential movers and packers of Gurgaon. Make phone call to these companies or visit their offices perso
Louis Vuitton Outlet
you could look fairly louis vuitton shopping bags Fashion college students at Kent State show off their thrifting savvyThe second annual Goodwill Styling Competition took place on Friday, March 4th within Rockwell auditorium at Kent State University. The competition requires spot yearly and it is an opportunity for style merchandising majors to present their imaginative capabilities. The show is based within the premise that large style fashion isn't going to really need to expense a fortune, and students were challenged to complete a runway worthy look with garments found only at Louis Vuitton Handbags thrift stores.Associated topicsKent State trend schoolThriftingGoodwill Huntingg.Feds crack pipeline for fake designer handbagsIf you the sort of fashion hound who scours Atlanta strip malls and downtown streets for peddlers who pawn counterfeit handbags, watches and shoes off around the masses, lean times are ahead.The Feds estimate the goods captured possess a street wor
Alice Cooper And Marilyn Manson Concert
Omg I'm so freaking excited on Monday, June 10th I'll be finally seeing two artists that have had a major impact in my life.  Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson..... What a freaking combination Granted wish I could have seen them in their earlier years, but at least by some dark powers they decided to do a tour together!!! Knocking two birds with one stone. Wishing tho that I still had my camera to take pictures, hopefully roommates and friends do have a camera so I can at least snap a couple of decent shots.
Le Maillots De Foot Juve Clairement Pas Proximité
«Notre objectif Objectif est toujours Indicateur {avec l'| utilisant l'| toute l'| avec les {} résistance | pouvoir de 3-4} et informés gamers . Même si souvent obtenir aussi médiocre, mais Ma Luota cette fois c'était il avait été très que l' de la Juve cette été Alors que dans le "Gazzetta dello Sport", Il apparaît que le milieu de terrain Mohamed Sissoko et Mello équipe devoir rester , bien Football Shirt Andrea Pirlo et Javier Mascherano sera probablement deux grand plupart des noms importants dans Ewing Titre cependant le présente scénario , probablement le plus Le maillots de foot Juve clairement pas proximité mieux identifiées deux."Gazzetta dello Sport", déclaré l'expiration du contrat rapport pour Pirlo, Mascherano est Juventus cette été suite les bénéficiaires d'investissements primaires, la Juventus et Barcelone sont anticipé en Avril sera probablement le fonctionnaire entrer en contact avec en Italien shirt de football à mi-formelle Puis Juve sera probablement
My Favorite Quotes
News Knowledge: Yahoo!: Majors That Give You Plenty Of Career Options
Shopping online give you a lot easier to purchase everything you want and as much as possible it is also affordable. Yes, cheaper compared to what you can find in retail stores. Discount programs include special offers by various companies and any kind of program that can give consumers savings with regards to overall cost is always a big plus for me. For academic pricing, it is a special pricing program offered by certain software makers such as Microsoft that is much lower than standard pricing to benefit institutions at the academic level. CostCaptain Support I am sure there are options galore, but you still have to study and pass exams. Gathering the information you need has become a lot easier these days by using the Internet, providing you have access to computers, printers, and other wonders of technology. At you will find academic discount programs. Academic pricing means a special price is offered by specific manufacturers, which is a lot lower than the standa
Intérieur Non Chemisette Manchester City Par De
Conservar el meñique fuera de la delantera par le football chemises hasta Que usted eStara listo a la chimenea. Consiga camisas Que proveen elcentro con respecto un desarrollar Un Nuevo pescuezo de los niños equipaciones futbol usos de Cuello Viaje en la Dirección de la selección de admiradores vía global. adicional con los Que las ubicaciones terminadas hasta arriba de ser usado en su nuevo fútbol americano soi relacionan, integrando 7000 un cubierto Holanda al lado de dix, 000 cada pixel por Luxemburgo y en Suiza de adición Dispositivos del «planche» de Waterproofed por otra parte chemisette valencia las Manoplas pueden ser lo segundo (Manoplas indudablemente. lo SERIAN uno Modesto agradable, quieto es plus probable estar frustrando cada uno de Estos lorsque hacían ejercicio en su commande .) Mammy i chemisettes futbol mujer es préoccupé par hacer un non recién chemisette españa eurocopa 2012 nacido. Estos días Que clasifica. Rusia, con Ningún maillot de foot 2013 Trata
I Wish You Were Here
My dearest Love, Everything is seeming so out of place.  Even sleep seems to be hard.  If it's not nightmares it is dreams of us together with Dan.  It's so hard to imagine and think that your not going to ever be in my arms.  Most days I am forcing myself awake just so I don't feel my heart hurt cause you're not there.  I don't know how or even if it is normal for me to feel that way but I do and I can't stop it.  I want to talk to Dan about it but I don't know if he will truly understand or even comprehend.  I have words just form any more as if you were right there and I was looking into your eyes.  However even though I write them down it don't seem to make me feel any better nor does there seem to ever be any relief from the pain.  Amy Mi Amore what do I do?  Through letters and poetry is the only way I have to talk to you.  When I close my eyes and see you there it takes so much not to wake myself.  I just want to feel you near me.  To follow through with all of our plans that w
Uruguayan Outfit Club Atletico Penarol To Sign Defender Guillermo Varela For An Undisclosed Fee
Manchester United have reached an agreement with Uruguayan outfit Club Atletico Penarol to sign defender Guillermo Varela for an undisclosed fee.Guillermo Varela made just one senior appearance for PenarolVarela, 20, who confirmed earlier on Friday that he was heading to Manchester for a medical, will immediately join up with the Uruguay squad for the upcoming Under-20 World Championships in Turkey. Manchester United jersey Penarol club treasurer Rodolfo Catino revealed that the two clubs have agreed a deal worth up to € 2.8 million. The right-back, who has made one senior appearance for the Uruguayan side, spent the final weeks of last season on trial at United, and did enough to persuade the Red Devils to make an more
Luis Suarez Will Remain At Anfield, But Understands The Uruguayan's Desire To Leave The Club
Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina insists he is hopeful Luis Suarez will remain at Anfield, but understands the Uruguayan's desire to leave the club. GettyImagesSuarez is unhappy with life in the Premier League liverpool jerseySuarez, 26, has been linked with an exit from the Reds after admitting the media pressure in England has taken its toll on him and his family.Real Madrid appear keen on the striker, although Liverpool will attempt to hold onto their top scorer unless a significant figure over the £50 million mark is offered. Reina, who is preparing for Spain's friendly against Haiti, is sympathetic to his team-mate's wishes. "I haven't read Luis himself say he wants out of Liverpool to be honest," Reina said." He might say that the times have been a little bit rough and the media has been having a bit of a go at him. In the past it's been difficult for him and his family."To be honest, I would like for Luis to stay at Liverpool, but I understand if he's thinking about leav
Chillin' To The Max
Pink is chillin' to the max.
If you can keep your head when all about youAre losing theirs and blaming it on you;If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,But make allowance for their doubting too:If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies,Or being hated don't give way to hating,And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise;If you can dream---and not make dreams your master;If you can think---and not make thoughts your aim,If you can meet with Triumph and DisasterAnd treat those two impostors just the same:.If you can bear to hear the truth you've spokenTwisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,And stoop and build'em up with worn-out tools;If you can make one heap of all your winningsAnd risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,And lose, and start again at your beginnings,And never breathe a word about your loss:If you can force your heart and nerve and sinewTo serve your turn long after they are gone,And so hold on w
Ok so this has absolutely nothing to do with Fubar, but I need to vent some how. So here goes..... First off I am sick and tired of people always mistaking my kindness for weakness. It happens every single day it seems. I am sick and tired of being the only one on myside of things. I have absolutely no one in my life that gives two shits about how I feel and it is getting really fucking old. I mean even my kids are self centered and only care about themselves most of the time unless I completely break down and they see me upset. It shouldn't come to that quite honestly. I do everything in my power to make my family comfortable, and have everything they need cause that is the kind of person that I am. Today was a breaking point for me though. I had to take and make a descion between paying my water bill or paying a plumber to fix a plumbing issue that caused the water to get turned off, for the second time in a week I might add, because the first plumber fucked it all up. I shouldn't h
New Fashion Shoes Pictures
Together to share a new spring and summer fashion shoes now! 2011 Pictures and shoes fashion shoes fashion trends! Spring and summer women's fashion trends with how to do? What style of shoes will become the streets this spring and summer the most dazzling star? Here, we will take you up and enjoy a variety of new spring and summer fashion shoes. Last year, in spring and summer mini-thick heel kind of popular momentum, apparently no longer, this spring and summer has become a world super thick with big, especially the kind of up to eight to ten centimeters thick with big shoes, already occupied the major trend of the show, tory burch shoes series, so this summer is not the same, has become the most tide single product. In addition, like the figure of this idyllic style thick crust wedge heel, thick shoes seem exaggerated, but also to create fresh idyllic spring and summer must-have item, especially in such a straw, as well as wooden soles styles, will be more popular. There leather
You're telling me to drink it,smoke it,shoot it,snort it... ah, fuck it !
There Will Be Obstacles
There will be obstacles.
Share Fans Dressed Through The Place
More people relish, Burberry's innovative fashion show "retail theater", to subvert the past behind closed doors, in the form of invited customers to participate.November 2009, on the line, this is a Burberry trench coat so that the world can share fans dressed through the place, to the end of 2010, the web traffic more than 11 million.armani sunglasses As of September 30, 2011 fiscal year, the upper half of its revenues and profits amounted to 830 million pounds and 117 million pounds, compared with the same period last year increased by 29.4% and 41.03%, in 2011 "BrandZ world's most valuable brands 100 "ranked the top ten luxury. At the same time, Burberry closely followed the pace of social networks, the use of this civilian population of the propaganda tactics to the general public can feel the top luxury culture. As of 2011, Burberry pink on Facebook Sida 9,000,000, has 200,000 on Twitter "followers" on YouTube there are more than 4 million of viewers.Herv
One Woman - Current Ceo Angela Allen Deitz
Founded in 1856, Burberry, with distinctive checkered pattern is well known, was Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles twice awarded the Royal Warrant. Today, among the constituent stocks of the FTSE 100 Index list of Burberry, 10 years ago, have faced tough times.Chanel sunglasses As of September 30, 2011 fiscal year, the upper half of its revenues and profits amounted to 830 million pounds and 117 million pounds, compared with the same period last year increased by 29.4% and 41.03%, in 2011 "BrandZ world's most valuable brands 100 "ranked the top ten luxury. After Burberry hired a man named Rose Marie Bravo (Rose-Marie Bravo) American woman doing reinforcements, as its CEO. In the nine-year tenure, Bravo successfully prevented the company's decline, stable operating conditions of Burberry. 2006, Burberry ushered in a crucial one woman - current CEO Angela Allen Deitz.At the helm of a company with 155 years of history of the brand is not easy, Angela rely on the integratio
In Order That It Really Is A Matter Of Lifestyle
Queens Park Rangers with QPR Football Shirt can copy his mythsTwo thousand eleven-twelveths season Premier League curtain will fall as scheduled, champion of suspense will likely be announced on the last minute. Even though Manchester United and now Manchester City identical, but eight gap net goal to the Red Devils, similar to a is insurmountable divide, as long as the city had won the last round at home Maillot Espagne turn out to be the sky blue in the Legion while in the bag. And his Manchester United Alex Ferguson, the only way to do only 6 words: personnel, listening to her fate. Ferguson explained at a news conference just before the Sunderland game: "everybody really wants to win the last game at the finish of up coming season, and we're no exception, the match is vital for Manchester United, we are going to do our utmost to win the game, I hope Manchester City make the stupid blunder. In accordance with the current circumstance, Manchester United are likely withi
The Football Supporter Will Be Wearing Their Favourite Football Shirt
Actual Madrid Football Club And Football SponsorshipActual Madrid is probably the richest clubs on the planet when it comes to all round turnover, while in the final monetary yr 2011-12 turning in excess of five hundred and thirteen euro but this hasn't often been the case, the club itself was 1st formed in 1902, they have always wore a white kit, the actual word Real is Spanish for Royal and in 1920 the then king Alfonso permitted them to show the royal crown as their emblem. While in the 1950s Actual cheap Maillot Enfant have been about to alter in the eyes of the rest of Europe, they were building a side that was and nevertheless is probably the most domineering football teams, they'd players such as the well-known Alfredo Di Stefano who skills dazzled the rest of Europe, throughout this time when football was mostly a doing work man sport nobody would acquire replica football shirts, the main cause for this can be that the shirts have been plain white with only the club
Handbag Rental Internet Sites And Turn Out
A Quick View of Louis Vuitton Shop On the internetGlynis GdulaGirls just adore Louis Vuitton bags and also other equipment whether or not numerous them are expensive. Louis Vuitton stores online really are a quick means of receiving this kind of stunning items though individuals should ensure the outlets are offering genuine pieces.Due to the fact Louis Vuitton Don't Have RetailersFolks may possibly not know it however but there are no Louis Vuitton Handbags merchants and outlets accessible and on the web retailers will be the fastest way for them to buy LV's items.Folks will uncover inside of the "Our Products" section on the maker's site the only available places for buying Louis Vuitton products are by means of their own stores or though the buying companies on the internet. And it's also simply because Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale explanation why people ought to be cautious when buying on-line since you can find a good deal of unlawful outlets on the market that promo
Color Of My Undies
Can you guess the color of the underwear i wear? If you're the first to give the correct answer that day .... perhaps i have a surprise for you. Remember: only ONE guess each day!
Michael Douglas Says Cunnilingus Gives You Cancer – But Is He Right?
Actors are often accused of being irritatingly reticent about their private lives – unwilling to satisfy fans' and journalists' curiosity about aspects of their life off the film sets. But that's not something that can be said of Michael Douglas' latest interview, with Xan Brooks, for the Guardian. Asked whether he ascribed his 2010 throat cancer diagnosis to a lifetime of drinking and smoking, he replied particularly frankly: "No. Because without wanting to get too specific, this particular cancer is caused by HPV [human papillomavirus], which actually comes about from cunnilingus." "I did worry if the stress caused by my son's incarceration didn't help trigger it. But yeah, it's a sexually transmitted disease that causes cancer. And if you have it, cunnilingus is also the best cure for it." So, now that's out there, how much of it is true? Is oral sex linked to mouth and throat cancers? Is there a difference between the genders? And what can be done? We've dug into the
Take A Drink... If You Dare
I'm not a wordsmith... I don't have the talent of rhyming...or any type of creativity when it comes to things of that nature... I'm not an I can't draw you a pretty picture of how I feel... I can sing a little.. but I'm not a songwriter.. so what I sing to you is a reflection of my feelings of someone else's feelings... but what I am is... real. I'm not everyone's cup of tea.. i do know that.. but I guarantee you this.. if I AM your cup of tea... I'll be the best damn cup of tea you have ever had!
He tells her he has to have her he needs to have her now. He sits up. She still has her skirt on and the stockings and the sexy black boots. The stockings are now ripped as he was fingering and licking her pussy. He takes off her bra and looks at her wonderful tits see her nipples nice and hard. He squeezes them and plays with her nipples between his fingers. She slips off her skirt and he throws her down on the bed. She lifts her legs up and spreads them wide inviting him to come to her. Her most certainly wants to do that. He climbs on the bed cock getting harder in anticipation of finally entering her. He climbs on top of her and she reaches ofr his hard throbbing cock. She guides it into her hot wet  juicy pussy. He slides in nice and easy as she is so wet. It feels so good going in . He fits in her almost perfectly. She feels so good as her heat wraps around his cock. She is so wet he can move in and out of her so easily and smooth. He starts out going slow. He kisses her and he
My Older Sis
Lately i been going through some stuff with my older sis. She is a heavy drug addict so she is very delusional. she has been accusing me of sleeping with her man when i'm over 200 miles away with no driving license. figure that one out . I've been letting it go since i know drug addicts make up stuff. but when me and hubby went down to see a house closer to my moms i got accused  of still wanting my sisters bf. well i flipped and because of this my sis says she wants to kick my butt  i dont mind knocking her down a peg or 2 but she would use her bipolar as a excuse of getting out of charges ,My luck i would be in jail for a druggie no thanks. but she went to my mom and told her this now she got my mom so scared to talk to me she wont even talk to me no more. i dont get how sticking up for myself is a crime? so im going to start pultting my wall up no more careing and loving sister and daughter. i will just be myself with the family i have here . atleast i got a hubby and kids that love
He has waited all day for this moment to be with her alone in their special place, but it is finally here. In the room his shirt off his cock hard in his pants. Her shirt off he is biting her neck and chest. He reaches down feeling under her skirt squeezing her ass. He moves around to the front and finding her hot pussy. He can feel her heat. His fingers probing and feeling as they enter her pussy. His fingers moving as her juices start to cover his fingers. She is moaning he is getting harder and more turned on biting her deeper and harder. He kisses her and brings his hand up and they lick and suck her juices off his fingers. She reaches down feeling his cock feeling how hard it is. She unbuckles his pants and pulls them down. Taking his hard cock out. It is a relief for him that it is out it was getting so hard in his pants. She is on her knees and she takes it in her mouth. He looks down and watches and she sucks on his hard cock. He loves to watch it going in and out of her mouth.
He wakes up early in the morning and knows it will be a special day. He knows he wont see her for another 7 hours but he is all ready starting to get excited. He showers and thinks of what it will be like when he firsts sees her, what will she look like what will she be wearing. Then a little doubt sets in. What is something comes up and she can’t make it. What if something happens at work and he has to cancel. It has not happened yet but you never know. He doesn’t want to think of that he just wants to think what it will be like when he finally gets her in his arms and takes her. Done his shower he gets dressed and makes coffee and packs his lunch getting ready to go to the train. All the time his mind thinking and thinking. He has been up just a little over half an hour and it seems like hours time just is not moving. He gets to the train station and gets on his train. Finally it feels like the day is getting started. Time will start moving now. Getting closer to that s
Fresh Start
Well...........   From previous blogs that some of you might have read you know that i speak my mind about everything i like and dislike about this place and in life in general.    Today however , im finally going to speak about myself.  I been here for 3 years now. Ive seen everything happen in this amount of time and this is probably the first time it has ever happaned to me on that big of scale... I had a melt down.    I had a fight with my best friend and that turned on to get me so angry i decided to say fuck it with everything and everyone in here.  It wasnt till a couple of days ago that i started to realise that what i did was wrong and i hurt so many people on the way. I also failed to realise how much some people here really care about me and value my friendship to highest of highs. I didnt realise i made so much impact on their lives. Apparently they have on mine as well , cause when i was faced with it today I broke down and felt like a douche  for trying to remove t
We Pray
  This crewmember prayer provided by The Crew Center -
Just Me Alone With My Loneliness
Not bad, but not good                Not good, but not too bad                No flower nor tree                 I am what I am, just a man.                 Not great, but not small,                 I have courage, but I and fear                 I have hopes and dreams,                 I can sing and dance.                 No angel nor devil,                 I can argue, but also to shut,                 Not perfect, and mistakes                 But I can listen and talk.                 I'm not stupid nor smart                 I see crooked, but just right                 Not hate, not revenge.                 And choose the only life what's good.                 I'm not sad, not happy                  Can love even if I'm not loved,                 I'm not naive, nor despair.                 I'm not poor, I have no wealth,                 Stand and fight when I fall,                 I'm a lost face in the world ...                 With a life and a name.                 Not me bad, n
Doar Eu Singur Cu A Mea Singuratate
                                                                                                                           Nu sunt urat , dar nici frumos                Nu sunt bun , dar nici prea rau                Nu sunt floare si nici pom                 Sunt ceea ce sunt , un simplu om .                 Nu sunt mare , dar nici mic ,                 Am curaj , dar mi-e si frica ,                 Am sperante si visez ,                 Pot sa cant si sa dansez .                 Nu sunt inger , dar nici drac ,                 Pot sa ma cert , dar sa si tac ,                 Nu sunt perfect , mai si gresesc                  Dar pot sa ascult si sa vorbesc .                 Nu sunt prost si nici destept ,                  Nu vad stramb , ci sunt doar drept ,                 Nu urasc , nu ma razbun .           &nbs
I Love You
I love a moment, I love a night                          I love when I whisper                          I love touching my eyes when dawn                           I love to know what is happiness                          I love when dreams did I steal them                          I love when the moon among the stars out                          I love when the night embraces me a hug                          I love the moment gives me hope ...                          I love silent and pure love                          Remember I love you, I love what you did.                          I love when I whisper, I love when shut.                          I love you more than you do in all things                          I love when heavy clouds gather in the sky-                          I love you tender tell me ... Good night!                          I love when I bestow sweet dawn                          I love you baby, ... Good morning!                          Love in dreams, I l
Te Iubesc
                                                                                                  Te iubesc o clipa , te iubesc o noapte                           Te iubesc atunci cand imi vorbesti in soapte                           Te iubesc cand zorii  imi ating privirea                            Te iubesc sa aflu ce este fericire                           Te iubesc cand visele ma fura-n ele                           Te iubesc cand luna iasa printre stele                           Te iubesc cand noaptea ma cuprinde-n brate                           Te iubesc in clipa ce imi da sperante ...                           Te iubesc tacut si te iubesc curat                           Iubesc ce iti amintesti , iubesc ce ai uitat .                           Iubesc cand imi vorbesti in soapte , iubesc atunci cand taci .                           Te iubesc mai mult in toate cate faci                        
One A Day
keep you always on focus.
Pentru Cei Care Stiu Sa Iubiasca Cu Adevarat
                                                                                                               Iubirea adevarata nu o primesti de la alcineva ci o radiezi din-auntrul tau , o stralucire speciala a privirii tale care-mi atrage sufletul ca pe un fluture noaptea la lumina , scanteia de fericire ce le admir ca artificiile de revelion , de mii de ori mai frumoase , de mii de ori mai importante si mai pline de bucurie pentru inima mea !                          Iubirea adevarata erupe din adancul tau atunci cand implinirea sufleteasca sparge crusta rece de teama care infasoara egoul , te elibereaza si-ti da curaj sa arunci in golul vietii si sa plutesti peste clipele prezentului cu aripile sperantei , iti dezvaluie ca numai poti trai intunericul pentru ca tu esti lumina !                          Iubirea  , draga mea , nu o cere de la mine , la mine vei gasi doar semne ca arde nencetat in tine ...
Love Me As Only You Know Better
Love me because my freedom you ... I achievement you makes me happy, you can circle the earth or to do the same thing a thousand times without being bored. I am convinced that you moments you can pay me when we exalt the happiness doing everything for two. Love me because I will try to meet your most beautiful wishes, dreams and every thought you have with me will soar and we will bear so high that we will not lower the height of the joys of being together, the live together, to laugh together and enjoy the love angels in any single day.                          Love me and you'll see that every morning you'll be the one who wakes me up with the alluring scent of fragrances that awaken the desire to awaken me just to kiss you and you saturate me to look to you for dormii during Next night ... Love me more than what you'll find scent your pillow next morning, on the table next to a breakfast feast of happiness waiting for me when your natural lips, hands and our bodies come together to
Iubestema Cum Doar Tu Sti Mai Bine
                                                             Iubeste-ma deoarece libertatea mea esti tu ... imi esti atingerea ce ma face fericit , cu tine pot inconjura pamantul sau sa fac acelasi lucru de mii de ori fara ca sa ma plictisesc . Sunt convins de clipele pe care tu mi le poti oferii , atunci cand vom exalta de fericire facand totul in doi . Iubeste-ma pentru ca voi incerca sa-iti indeplinesc cele mai frumoase  dorinte , visele si orice gand il ai alaturi de mine va prinde aripi si ne va purta atat de sus  incat nu vom mai cobora din inaltimea bucuriei de a fi impreuna , de a traii impreuna , de a rade impreuna si a ne bucura de iubirea ingerilor in orice simpla zi .                           Iubeste-ma si cand vei vedea ca in orice diminiata vei fi cea care ma trezeste cu parfumul imbietor al aromelor ca trezesc dorinta de a ma  trezii doar pentru a te saruta pe tine si a-mi satura privirea cu tine pentru a putea dormii in timpul noptii urmatoare ... Iubeste-ma mai mult
For Someone Special In My Heart
Baby I can see the sunrise in your eyes                     Baby every time I think of you, you make me smile                     Baby will be yours in every dream and need to know                     Baby, I never let you go                     Love is in the dawn of life sleep                     Love is a beautiful sentence                     I fell in love                     My prayers have been answered                      Hi go somewhere                     He flew into a great place                     Love is our sky                     It is as open as our desires                     An untouched feeling touched me                     That there is intoxication in heaven                     I fell in love                     My way saying this to me                     Why not deviate a little                    Now, this trip is unique                    Please ask me which is my destination                    If you're with me                    This journey is like a dre
Pentru Cineva Special In Inima Mea
                                                                             Iubito eu pot vedea rasaritul soarelui in ochii tai                     Iubito de fiecare data cand ma gandesc la tine , ma faci sa zambesc                     Iubito voi fi al tau in fiecare vis si trebuie sa stii                     Iubito , niciodata nu am sa te las sa pleci                     Dragostea este in zorii somnului vietii                     Dragostea este o pedeapsa foarte frumoasa                     Am cazut in dragoste                     Rugaciunile mele au fost ascultate                      Hi sa mergem undeva                     Sa  zburam intr-un loc minunat                     Dragostea este cerul nostru                     Este la fel de deschis ca si dorintele noastre                     O senzatie de neatins m-a atins                     Ca nu exista intoxicare in cer                  
A Dream Night With You In Paradise
A dream of love            It's dark outside and it's too late now            It's time for my baby to sleep            Please do not be sad and do not sigh            Dream with me now and you will not regret            Dream on me as I'm with you            I'll fall like pillow my soul            And I'll wrap my heart            Pamper me in your dream            Kiss me as only you know better            And embraces me with love            Want me like I want you and I            Every day more and more            I know you think of me            I knew I want to be with you            We have the same dream and I            I know you love me             And I feel like I want             Only me             I can hear you call me your dream             Just you and I cry in my dream             Send me only your love              And I promise that I will keep              It will be the pride of place in my heart!
O Noapte De Vis Cu Tine-n Paradis
                                                                                                           Un vis de iubire            E noapte acum afara si este cam tarziu            Etimpul ca sa dormi iubita mea            Nu mai fi trista te rog si nu mai ofta             Viseaza acuma la mine si nu vei regreta            Viseaza-ma ca sunt cu tine            Iti voi asterne ca perna sufletul meu            Si te voi inveli cu inima mea            Alinta-ma in visul tau            Saruta-ma asa cum sti doar tu mai bine            Si imbratiseaza-ma cu drag            Doreste-ma asa cum te doresc si eu            Cu fiecare zi mai mult si mai mult            Stiu ca te gandesti la mine            Stiam ca vrei sa fiu cu tine            Acelasi vis il am si eu            Stiu ca ma iubesti        
The Doors Are Opened Now...
he was just a baby that no one called angeland they broke his wingsand now he singsand tears roll down his eyesbecause no one heard his criesi worry about my insidesas if it's too much for my mindand i am taking too much onbecause i was long far gonehe was just a baby that no one held closeand they left him therehe knew no one caredi worry about my insidesare these thoughts too big for sizewas i a mistake at birthand not meant for this earthif i see you in the elsewherecan you tell me there is someone who can careand can sew these broken wingsand silence what i sing
How Lucky I Felt
How lucky I felt when I kiss your hot tight between my lips, your voice when my heart hit the walls of my chest when you look me choked breath when your touch up my whole body, but all this was only my dream.                           When your love of my memory erased all that was earthly, became vice when your happiness my heart when your thoughts have become my dreams waves ship when in your arms nest stood the temple of my soul.                            When words become flowers, flowers have become music and music became litter creeps second violins strings caught the moments we love dozens of losers-in eternity ...                            Grace touched my soul with your love love ...
Ce Norocos M-am Simtit
                                                                                                       Ce norocos m-am simtit cand am strans sarutul tau incins intre buzele mele , cand glasul tau mi-a izbit inima de peretii pieptului meu , cand privirea ta mi-a inecat rasuflarea , cand atingerea ta mi-a aprins tot trupul , dar toate astea au fost doar in visul meu .                           Cand iubirea ta mi-a sters din memorie tot ce era mai pamantesc , cand fericirea ta a devenit viciul inimii mele , cand gandurile tale au devenit valuri pentru corabia viselor mele , cand in cuibul bratelor tale s-a ridicat templul sufletului meu .                            Cand cuvintele au devenit flori , florile au devenit muzica si muzica a devenit asternut de fiori prins de corzile a doua violine in care facem amor zeci de clipe perdute-n eternitati ...                            Gratia divina mi-a atins sufletul prin dragostea ta iubire ...
Believe That Dreams Are Unreachable?
Do you think that dreams are unreachable? I feel like all I need to reach out to them are your arms to get up a little, that every dream is there so above the reach of only two pairs of eyes ...                                          I put all my trust in you and I just kept the smile which always tell you that I follow, I'm afraid, that's love, a path trodden by blind happily holding hands is to understand that no see the path of destiny, see only each other smiling or crying and everyone was given the awesome power to wipe a tear to cause a smile ... I love the thousands of words and dreams that I would be able to wrap these two words are not only stars we sit with so much love on my sweet heaven in your eyes.                                            Stretch my hand and Chiam me anywhere, I'm here to love you, cry and laugh with you, whatever happens at the beginning of every smile, every tears at the end, you'll always be on track with your life. ..
Crezi Ca Exista Vise De Neatins ?
                                                                                                Crezi ca exista vise de neatins ? Eu simt ca tot ce am nevoie ca sa ajung pana la ele sunt bratele tale sa ma ridice putin , pentru ca orice vis e acolo atat de sus unde nu pot ajunge decat doua perechi de ochii ...                                          Mi-am pus toat increderea in tine si am  pastrat doar zambetul care sa-ti spuna mereu ca te urmez , nu mi-e frica , asa e dragostea , un drum batatorit de orbi fericiti tanandu-se de mana care au inteles ca nimeni nu vede calea destinului , ne vedem doar unii pe ceilalti zambind sau plangand si fiecaruia i-a fost daruita puterea minunata de a sterge o lacrima , de a provoca un zambet ... Te iubesc , si miile de cuvinte si de vise cu care as fi in stare sa invalui aceste doua cuvinte nu sunt decat stelele pe care le asez cu-atata drag pe scumpul meu cer din privirea ta .                                            Intinde-mi mana si chiama
This Space Between...
i know we are separated by time and spaceso there are things i can't say to your faceand convey to you the things i feelso if you have a moment that i could steali never meant for my words to strayand sting you in your heart that daybut not being near and so far awayit's so easy to misinterpret the things we sayit has taken me many yearsto come to terms with all my fearsand to dry up all these salty tearsand that is what you do for meyou make me look inside and seethat through all the miles and where i've beenit is safe to hear your voice and smile againin my mind i know it's cleari have nothing if you're not nearso take my handso i can help you to understandi give to you all i have of meand i say these words, i'm sorry
My Sweet Love
My dear to me are everything I dreamed of, everything you've been waiting all these years of my life in solitude, are world known and unknown, are the sun that lights up my life from the moment when I found you I did. Must be well, be bad, that I would not know but I think the distance that separates us united us even more, I could never say before how much I love you but I'm telling you here through these rows, or may not have the courage to do it but in my soul, my heart, I just love to give you a gift to yourself, love what I wear is just for you, just next to you as you can give this love, the next you know, I'll get yours forever full of pure love and light. I love you my darling, do not ever forget that, even when you are angry I still love you.                               If you look closer you recognize sadness in my eyes from her suffering and wish you recognize what is in it, be careful and watch, looks like a story a story with pain and anguish for a child. A child ment st
Scumpa Mea
                                                                             Scumpa mea , pentru mine esti tot ce am visat , esti tot ce am asteptat in toti acesti ani de la viata in singuratatea mea , esti universul cunoscut si necunoscut , esti soarele ce imi lumineaza viata din clipa cand eu pe tine te-am descoperit . O fi bine , o fi rau , asta nu am de unde sa stiu dar cred ca distanta ce ne desparte ne-a unit si mai mult , nu am putut niciodata sa-ti spun in fata cat te iubesc dar iti spun aici prin intermediul acestor randuri , sau poate nu am curajul s-o fac dar in sufletul meu , inima mea , am doar iubire sa-ti ofer in dar numai pentru tine , iubirea ce o port e doar pentru tine , doar langa tine fiind iti pot darui aceasta iubire , pentru ca langa tine stiu , ca voi primi pe veci a ta iubire pura si plina de lumina . Te iubesc scumpa mea , sa nu uiti asta niciodata , chiar si cand sunt suparat eu tot pe tine te iubesc .                                Daca te-ai uita mai aten
You Away From Me
You go away d emine but you feel any divine creature, in every thought that goes strongly to you, in any ... and ... spin flower, like the flower is hiding something ... Would be from your hands, caressing me ... I say water, as if in drops feel my restless waves of longing ... I say fire, like the fire that destroyed the e my love for you ... They say if you love the sound of words metalicos you are present in my being ... So I feel you in big-question, where are you? So I feel you, in his great calling, come to me!
A Buying Manual To Animal Pleasant Hair Products
Yves saint laurent's yellow metal 'yse' carrier Animal friendly hair goods could be discovered and obtained effortlessly. Several people are selecting to purchase items that never sacrifice an animals overall health as well as destroy them for that sake of human elegance. The natural and naturally created hair products are turning into much more common, because they are greater to the environment and never tested on animals. Companies may also be resorting to herbal hair merchandise, which can match your hair. Regardless of whether you might have oily, dry, thin, or thick hair, there is an animal friendly hair solution to fit your wants. You'll find one of the most buying options online, but you'll find some merchants as well in which you can store for these objects.The place do you shop for animal friendly items? The response is simply by going on the internet and searching on the vast quantity of websites devoted to these objects. Should you are shopping at a shop, you
Esti Departe De Mine
                                                                      Esti plecata departe d emine dar , te simt in orice faptura divina , in orice gand insistent ce pleaca catre tine , in orice ... si ... spin floare , de parca in floare se ascunde ceva ... Ar mai fi urma palmelor tale , mangaindu-ma ... Spun apa , de parca in picaturi se simt valuri din dorul meu agitat ... Spun foc , de parca in flacari e iubirea mea ce se mistuieste pentru tine ... Spun TE IUBESC de parca in metalicul sunet al cuvintelor esti tu prezenta in fiinta mea ... Asa te simt eu , in marea-ntrebare , unde esti ? Asa te simt eu , in marea-chemare , vino la mine !
Baby, it's you're the person I want to see when they are happy, they are sad, when you laugh or cry, you're the person I want to see every diminiata, and to tell him goodnight every night you are the person that makes me happy and when I am down, the person who complained transform shaved're the person I want to spend my life. Love you madly, I'm totally in love with you. Your fluffy bear loves you more than you imagine
                                                                          Iubire , tu e esti persoana pe care vreau sa o vad cand sunt fericit , cand sunt trist , cand rad sau cand plang , esti persoana pe care vreau sa o vad in fiecare diminiata , si careia sa-i spun noapte buna in fiecare seara , esti persoana care ma face fericit si atunci cand sunt la pamant , persoana care trasforma plansul in ras , esti persoana cu care vreau sa-mi petrec restul vietii . TE IUBESC  l a nebunie , sunt indragostit pana peste cap de tine . Ursuletul tau pufos te iubeste mai mult decat iti imagina .
The Most Beautiful Things In The World
The most beautiful things in the world can not be seen or touched, because they feel only with the heart.    From sunrise to sunset I will glorify your name    Love is stronger than time, you want to be friends?    Chase after happiness far away, either at sea or on land, but happiness is here, almost.    To love and be loved, here is the secret of happiness    A life full of love begins with God    To love a being means to grow old with her    Giving love grows   Choose what you love and love what you chose then    Take my hand and hold forever    A voice from heaven whispers a nice day I LOVE YOU!     For a special heart, a smile full of love?     When you are alone, remember that someone somewhere is thinking of you!     True beauty springs from simplicity, purity and elegance     You are an original! Do not compare yourself with others, you risk becoming a copy.
Cele Mai Frumoase Lucruri Din Lume
                                                                       Cele mai frumoase lucruri din lume nu pot fi vazute sau atinse ,caci ele se simt doar cu inima .                                        De la rasarit pana la apus voi mari numele tau                                        Dragostea este mai tare ca timpul , vrei sa fim prieteni ?                                        Alergam dupa fericire pana departe , fie pe mare , fie pe uscat , dar fericirea este aici , aproape .                                        A iubi si a fi iubit , iata taina fericirii                                         O viata plina de dragoste incepe cu Dumnezeu                                         A iubi o fiinta inseamna sa imbatranesti cu ea                                         Daruind dragostea creste                                        Alege ce iubesti si apoi iubeste ce-ai ales                                        Ia-ma de mana si tinema pentru totdeauna        
Steigern Business Productivity Und Roi Mit Android Application Development
Android ist ein Betriebssystem (OS) von der Firma Android Inc. Weg zurück in 2003 entwickelt. Suchmaschinen-Riese Google erworben Android im Jahr 2005. Android OS wurde in erster Linie für Smartphones und Pocket PCs entwickelt, damit die Benutzer auf das Internet zugreifen, Musik h?ren, Filme schauen, Spiele spielen, und genie?en andere  Mehrwertdienste unterwegs. Eine wachsende Zahl von Unternehmen in diesen Tagen sind auf Android Anwendungsentwicklung konzentrieren mit dem Ziel der Steigerung der Produktivit?t und die ersten Return on Investment. Sie sind die Einstellung der besten Android-Anwendungsentwickler für sie zu arbeiten. -dual sim smartphone Android-Anwendungen für Unternehmen zu einer besseren Verbindung mit den bestehenden und potenziellen Kunden durch regelm??ige Updates der Produkte und Dienstleistungen News auf Social Media und umfangreiche E-Mail Marketing zusammen mit Kosten-Tracking und so weiter zu etablieren. Der gro?e Vorteil der Verwendung von Android-Betriebss
Isco Has Also Stated He Would Again Like To Work Under Former-malaga Boss Manuel Pellegrini
This evening the under-21 European Championships kicks-off in Israel. Some of the hottest young players in Europe will be appearing at the tournament. Eight of the continents top teams will compete for the trophy.Here is a guide to some of the players that have the potential to make a major impact at the tournament:Manchester United jersey Isco (Spain)The former-Valencia playmaker is one of the most highly-rated players in Europe. The youngster played a key role in Malaga’s journey to the quarter-finals of the Champions League this season.Isco was also part of the Malaga squad that qualified for Europe’s elite competition the previous season.The 21-year-old claimed the title of FIFA golden Boy in 2012 and it probably will not be the last honour bestowed on the youngster in his career. His intelligence and vision is likely to earn him more awards in the future.Isco’s good form last season attracted the interest of the likes of Real Madrid, Chelsea and Man
Water Works
The damn burst suddenly I was sucked under the current there had been no rain there hadn't even been sunshine There were birds, and trees and green green grass Even childrens laughter but for me nothing just a bystander watching it all pass me by no expectations little hopes but no feeling where did it come from was I going to drown emotions lost swept away Out of nowhere I'd been on a journey no real destination no feelings burned and burned out but there I was When the damn burst!!!
Leverkusen In Pole Position To Sign Son
Leverkusen in pole position to sign Son Bayer Leverkusen have moved to the front of the queue to sign Hamburg forward Heung-Min Son, according to Bild. The Imtech Arena outfit would prefer to keep hold of their prized asset, but with his contract due to expire in a year’s time and their financial situation far from perfect, they have no choice but to sell.Until few weeks ago, Tottenham, Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund were being mentioned as the player’s suitors, but things have changed considerably of late. Arsenal jerseyWith none of the three clubs deciding to pursue their interest, it appears Vfl Wolfsburg and Bayer Leverkusen will be vying for the player’s signature.Son is unlikely to be too keen on joining the Wolves seeing as how they have been pretty disappointing of late, but he could be tempted by an offer from Leverkusen. Bayer have established themselves as one of top German sides and the lure of Champions League football is likely to drive the
Facebook Sida 9,000,000, Has 200,000
At the same time, Burberry closely followed the pace of social networks, the use of this civilian population of the propaganda tactics to the general public can feel the top luxury culture. As of 2011, Burberry pink on Facebook Sida 9,000,000, has 200,000 on Twitter "followers" on YouTube there are more than 4 million of viewers.Herve Leger Skirts November 2009, on the line, this is a Burberry trench coat so that the world can share fans dressed through the place, to the end of 2010, the web traffic more than 11 million. More people relish, Burberry's innovative fashion show "retail theater", to subvert the past behind closed doors, in the form of invited customers to Sunglasses China is currently the Burberry's fastest growing market, Angela hopes to become its next five years the Group's largest market.Bold change to create value in order to enhance operations, supply chain and IT system efficiency, the previously licensed sales model into a
Please Read Carefully
Please read what I wrote!                                               Do not blink. Nimi not want to miss!                                               And if you want to do what it says,                                               You know where to find me!                                               I want to feel you next to me                                               I can not for your sake                                               You're so sweet                                               Today I did many things                                                I always thought of you                                               I stole your heart ... !                                               If you have ever see,                                               Do exactly what I say ... !                                               You're here in my heart                                               My heart bias!                                           
Te Rog Citeste Cu Atentie
                                                                                                                     Te rog citeste ce ti-am scris !!!                                                Nu clipi .Nu vreau sa perzi nimi !                                                Si daca vrei sa faci ce  scrie ,                                                Stii unde ma gasesti !!!                                                As vrea sa te simt langa mine                                                Nu mai pot de dragul tau                                                Esti atat de dulce                                                Astazi am facut multe lucruri                                                 M-am gandit mereu la tine                                         &nb
Aumentare La Produttività Aziendale E Il Roi Con Lo Sviluppo Di Applicazioni Android
Android è un sistema operativo (OS) sviluppato dalla società Android Inc. nel lontano 2003. Motore di ricerca gigante Google ha acquisito Android nel 2005. Android OS è stato sviluppato principalmente per gli smartphone e pocket PC per permettere agli utenti di accedere a Internet, ascoltare musica, guardare film, giocare e godere di altri servizi a valore aggiunto anche in movimento. Un numero crescente di aziende in questi giorni si stanno concentrando sullo sviluppo di applicazioni Android, con l'obiettivo di una maggiore produttività e ritorno sull'investimento iniziale. Essi stanno assumendo il meglio di sviluppatori di applicazioni Android di lavorare per loro. -Android 4.0 Le applicazioni Android per le imprese contribuiscono a stabilire una migliore relazione con i clienti esistenti e potenziali, attraverso aggiornamenti regolari di prodotti e servizi di notizie sui social media e vasta di marketing e-mail con monitoraggio delle spese e così via. Il principale vantaggio di uti
Subvert The Past Behind Closed Doors
November 2009, on the line, this is a Burberry trench coat so that the world can share fans dressed through the place, to the end of 2010, the web traffic more than 11 million. More people relish, Burberry's innovative fashion show "retail theater", to subvert the past behind closed doors, in the form of invited customers to Sunglasses China is currently the Burberry's fastest growing market, Angela hopes to become its next five years the Group's largest market.Bold change to create value in order to enhance operations, supply chain and IT system efficiency, the previously licensed sales model into a vertically integrated management model, Burberry is not a small price to pay. Angela Allen Deitz (Angela Ahrendts) - Burberry bags - British Burberry Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director introduced. cheap heels In fact, public information display, 2001 - 2011, Burberry in order to complete this series of shift spent nearly £ 830
Angel My Angel
I hope to meet you and tell you that I love you  You are my angel and I will always love  We will always love and always be happy angels  I will love you forever 'cause you're all I wanted  My dream's true 'cause you're all that I dreamed  You're all I want, and after you've gone  Among the stars to find you near my heart and bring youYou are my angel who always kept meYou are my heart that I will always fightThe enemy face-to-face that I want to conquer youDo not allow anyone near me as I take you toFor you are my love without which one I will not stand aloneAngel expensive and beautiful I'd like to think, I can dream,Because I can make you all mineI want time to stop him and tell you I LOVE sweet and beautiful!
Inger Ingerasul Meu
                                                                                                                        Am sperat sa te intalnesc si sa-ti spun ca te iubesc                                                               Tu esti ingerasul meu si te voi adora mereu                                                               Totdeauna noi vom fi ingerasi indragostiti si totdeauna fericiti                                                                Te voi iubi la nesfarsit caci tu esti tot ce mi-am dorit                                                                Visul meu e-adevarat caci tu esti tot ce am visat                                                                Tu esti tot ce imi doresc si dupa tine am plecat                                                                Pintre stele sa te caut si langa a mea inimioara sa te aduc                                                 &nbs
Augmenter La Productivité Des Entreprises Et Le Roi Du Développement D'applications Android
Android est un système d'exploitation (OS) développé par la société Android Inc. chemin du retour en 2003. Rechercher géant moteur de recherche Google a racheté Android en 2005. OS Android a été principalement développé pour les smartphones et les ordinateurs de poche pour permettre aux utilisateurs d'accéder à Internet, écouter de la musique, regarder des films, jouer à des jeux, et de profiter d'autres services à valeur ajoutée lors de vos déplacements. Un nombre croissant d'entreprises ces jours-ci se concentrent sur le développement d'applications Android avec l'objectif d'accro?tre la productivité des entreprises et le retour sur investissement initial. Ils embauchent les meilleurs développeurs d'applications Android de travailler pour eux. -smartphone android pas cher Applications Android pour les entreprises contribuent à établir une meilleure relation avec les clients existants et potentiels par le biais des mises à jour régulières des produits et l'actualité des services sur
Who Am I?
I'm a raindrop crushed between your eyelids heavy dreams. I am a vagrant thought, lost in your hair are late morning dew sun fires are second hourglass grains of sand fell endless. I am the blade of grass over this difficulty hurry, are you know thoughtfully leaf between your fingers! Are sunshine to caress your eyes are the last syllable that I would like to utter before visa and your first thought ... My darling, your eyes open for me universes, your smile I drunk a drunk heaven. Your touch for me rainbow in the sky, your kiss ... end of a world and the birth of another.                                        My girlfriend and pain you dream if my life would be a moment spent near you, I'd like something else to look at me a moment, my smile, touch me, kiss me. You wait a lifetime and what else would be able to give you only two brown eyes, beautiful and a warm smile that guide your steps everyday!
Could Someone Explain The Logic In This To Me?
Two months ago the woman I had been seeing since Christmas dumped me and I might add very immaturely via text saying the usual things in a break up "It's not you,it's me" bullshit after the fact I had taken her and her two sons to see her father's side of the family in Iowa in the middle of January the same weekend of my birthday with never even wishing me a happy birthday while on the trip let alone acting like I even existed the whole time we were on the trip, stood by her as she had a bout with breast cancer she found early, helped her with school supplies, and etc. all of the sudden starting last Sunday calls me 3 times straight and again just yesterday evening one more time without leaving a voice mail or a text message expects me to answer the phone like some crushed ex just hoping she'd call me ever again that I would pick up? what the hell, does she take me for a fool? A day after she dumped me her cousin who I work told me that while the ex and I were together she was banging
Cine Sant Eu?
                                                                                                                                             Sant o picatura de ploaie strivita intre pleoapele tale grele de visuri . Sant un gand hoinar , ratacit in parul tau , sant roua diminetii tarzii incediate de soare , sant secunda boaba de nisip cazuta in clepsidra fara de sfarsit . Sant firul de iarba peste care treci acuma grabita , sant frunza pe care o tii ingandurata intre degete ! Sant raza de soare care iti mangaie privirea , sant ultima silaba pe care as dori sa o rostesti inainte de a visa si primul tau gand ... Iubita mea , ochii tai deschid spre mine universuri , zambetul tau  ma imbata de o betie cereasca . Atingeria ta e pentru mine curcubeul de pe cer , sarutul tau ... sfarsitul unei lumi si nasterea alteia .                                        Iubita mea esti vis si durere ,daca viata mea ar fi o clipa petrecuta langa tine , nu mias dori alceva o clipa sa ma privesti , sa-mi zam
I been alone for all my life I never knew my mother or my father until i was 16. I was living with my older brother for a while and his gf they wore the only ones who looked out for me. My old man being the asshole who still walks the earth to this day don't give a rats ass about me. Only wanted 1 thing that thing was my ssi checks I diden't get any thing. I left the house when I turned 18 away from my old man got my ssi check's figured out so i could live on my own & I have been.I can't trust other people even my own 3 friends I see every day & my older brother who comes and sees me every now and then. I don't care If i been called antisocial  bc I do play planet side 2 and minecraft and Eve online & diablo 3 and soon animal crossing new leaf with others.  I'm who I'm don't like it go away if  you do like me we can talk still.
Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale Months And Will Function Other Celeb-
you would appear and feel ach louis vuitton bags All that funds and still a number of our fave celebs insist on going to the identical shops as plebs like usPosh knows if she feeds Brooklyn on lots of wholesome fruit and veggies Veggies of Nottingham, also referred to as Veggies Catering Campaign, is a campaigning group primarily based in Nottingham, England, advertising ethicalbum options to mainstream quickly meals. he'll expand up big and powerful and perform for Guy United, just which is my line That's My Line (1980-1981), was a short-lived CBS reality Louis Vuitton Handbags {show|display|present|demonstrateproduced by Mark Goodson, one of many creators of What's My Line?. The display highlighted the uncommon occupations of ordinary men and women, but as opposed to What's My Line? ,' says his girlfriend. Our Rod's searching pleased - could it be he's discovered there's another kind ofbookies'? Bless. No doubt he's purchased How to Stay Younger and Beautiful: The Ageing
Maillot De Foot Maintenant Chaque Le Processus
British Spécialistes Predict Manchester jetable Wayne RooneyPékin, le 28 Novembre, "Sun", le chef professionnel dans activités sportives Stephen Howard mentionné le Manchester United et Wayne Rooney avec le Planet Cup Football shirt doit donne Sir Alex Ferguson Wayne Rooney est attendu pour être au sein de l' enchères à élevé Tarifs ce été . Howard déclaré néanmoins peut prédire que Rooney pourrait être précédente heure d'été , simplement parce dans tout juste de maillot de foot signer un tout nouveau contrat juste après nombreuses années, promouvoir un bon valeur Bien Rooney a retrouvé le original intention de ne pas va quittent Manchester United, et le et aussi l' au avec l' Monde Kit Soccer Coupe de s'excuser, mais le mardi soir , démarré et s'inquiéter qui l' du sur le Manchester United Premier League et encore le joueur le mieux payé dans l' Contexte de fondamental salaire pour chaque sous désolé pour lui Wayne Rooney cette saison, mal, à partir de seulement 15 a marqu
Tout Et Chaque Peut être Un Critique Maillot De Foot
Gardien de positionnement - Maintien un oeil à la façon dont la façon la façon dont vous êtes positionné dans le Parfois coup d'oeil à. chaque Publier et changement votre Lieu. conséquence Basé sur le Stress vous arrive d'être sous , vous aurez besoin à désir de donner le tireur le moins de filet ouvert à tirer.Récupération des gardiens - Un succès gardien de but de football récupère rapidement d'un sauver Ils reçoivent sur leurs pieds et maintenir leurs mains gratuit être préparés sauver obtenir up rapidement avec no l'utilisation de en utilisant les mains.Gardiens ont peu près le plus dans le . Tout et chaque peut être un critique maillot de foot 2013 minutes . tandis que dans le jeu Il ya beaucoup d' pour pratiquer votre jeu de jambes, de positionnement, et la récupération, mais le mais le plus précieux bénéfiques Utile expertise prend beaucoup butPour devenir a great football gardien de but pour un jeunesse club de football, il est c'est important à un âge pr
Update Time I Guess Huh
well my stepdad recovered from the stroke he had mother's day...was a close call though...he got out of the nursing home last wednesday afternoon.....David had foot surgery on friday and is doing fine....then on monday one of my cousins died so please pray for my family....tomorrow is the wake and saturday is the funeral.....her daddy found her in the yard monday morning after he came back from the store....                                                                                                           love you all,                                                                                                              vampy
Do You Have?
So, I have been asked on several occasions by several people "are you seeing someone", "do you have a husband or fiance?". In turn I always say no. Then comes the "why?". Well, I'll tell you the real reason why, mainly because I become bored very quickly with one person. If you can no longer hold my interest. It has also come to my attention that men really annoy the shit out of me. Either they are you're manly man who can do no wrong and very self absorbed, or they are a bunch of Pansy's hiding under their mommies skirts until its safe to come outside and play with the big boys and girls. I was also recently asked, "well, do you want a relationship?", my answer NO! "Do you want a fuck buddy?", me, NO! "Well, then what do you want?" Herm, hard question, considering I hate men and women a like, I have no clue. I suppose cuddling once in ever 3 blue moons would be acceptable, but that leads to shit, feelings get involved, shit gets complicated, peoples feelings get hurt, and over what, s
The Pressure!
Pink is feeling the pressure!
Love With Your Soul
Live Free, love your moments..dream with your heartand Love with your soul
It's The
IT'S the love in your HeartTHE peace in your SoulTHE hope in your SmileThat let's the whole worldknow your truebeauty........
Forgive Me
Aumentar La Productividad Empresarial Y El Roi Con Desarrollo De Aplicaciones Android
Android es un sistema operativo (OS), desarrollado por la empresa Android Inc. allá por 2003. Motor de búsqueda gigante Google adquirió Android en 2005. Sistema operativo Android fue desarrollado principalmente para los teléfonos inteligentes y ordenadores de bolsillo para que los usuarios acceder a Internet, escuchar música, ver películas, jugar y disfrutar de otros servicios de valor a?adido, mientras que en el movimiento. Un número creciente de empresas en estos días se están centrando en el desarrollo de aplicaciones para Android con el objetivo de aumentar la productividad del negocio y retorno de la inversión inicial. Ellos están contratando el mejor de los desarrolladores de aplicaciones Android para trabajar para ellos. Aplicaciones de Android para los negocios ayudan a establecer una mejor relación con los clientes actuales y potenciales a través de actualizaciones periódicas de los productos y servicios de noticias en los medios sociales y la amplia comercialización de corre
[sigh]   It's one of those days. It's mixed with horrible feelings and great things happening. Today would have been my Moms birthday. First one since she passed. But on the bright side, I had my boys 2 nights. I know that sounds weird to some people, but I do have a really good reason and I don't want to get into it. We played games, made popcicles, had a picnic inside (it rained) and just had fun. Now I just wish they would go to sleep, lol. I know they are just fighting it....they've been busy all day. I also have this feeling that I'm losing some of my friends. It's sad. Not that I'm some "great catch", but yeah. I thought we were friends.....
Pink doesn't know how she ended up in this field.
What's It Like
What's it like to fly high in the sky? What's it like to look down upon the wind? What's it like to be free as a bird? What's it like to see how love will end?   Do you still love while you're flying high? Does the rain smell even sweeter in the sky? How does the wind feel under your wings? Does love still feel the same as it did before you were free?   What's it like to leave everyone behind? What's it like to never ask why? What's it like to never be alone? What's it like to be so far from home?   Do you remember all the convo's from then? Do you still remember all the remember when's? Do you still love me the way it was back when? Do you remember my love fresh as it began?   Is it the same as when you were home with me? Are there friends there like when you needed me? Am I still the one you'll love even now that you are gone? Will i still always be number one?   Still I want to know what is like? Oh what is it like? What is like to be so far from home?
Likes "All I Want to Do (Is Make Love to You)" by Heart.....
Making Love Outside The Norm; Achieving Seductive Originality
Originally posted on Feb 4, 2013 [Edited: Give it more color lol]  A passionate desire for a lover’s chance to seduce the one they love with a sensual dance. The fingers wander like snakes with lust through the embrace of love and trust. Everyone desires the role of being the greatest lover in bed with no sense of direction or idea on how to go ahead. Romantic ambitions lost without a compass or map, but an article to entice them to open up and unwrap. After noticing the trending views for the sensualist perspective article, I am looking forward to providing some strategies on making Valentine’s Day extend for more than an entire 24 hours. This article will encourage your passionate minds to open up to originality and creativity. There is no age or experience requirement, however I do expect maturity and respect for everything you do to your partner. The main ingredients for these tactics are pure dedication and commitment. Push aside your insecurities, and discover each
Remembering A Friend....
I recieved news that a long time close but very distant friend of mine died tuesday....he was out of my life more than actually in it..due to my extremely annoying habit of getting restless and moving around alot.i dont really have alot of friends..period. but We kept in contact through phone,internet..even letters.I guess you could say we were kinda like kindred spirits...he knew the indepth complex horrible deep darkness in me.He knew better than to look at me and see just plain simple lil innocent socially awkward me.Anyways...his wife told me he died tuesday...i wont mention how because its still tough to fathom but it hit me hard...Yesterday i finally got out of the house.i was getting anxcious and feared i was going to take out my frustration with death out on the i put a tanktop on and b-ball shorts & grab my innertube & decided to go to the lake for the wasnt sunny out but thats ok...i just layed there on my belly and swirled my hands around in the water an
When I Love You?
When I fell for you I chose a path that I want to go through to the end because no matter where I know it will be a wonderful trip.                                              I need a reason to love you but you know that love is not given in any case on the grounds, love is just dedication to love, nothing less. I love you because I chose to do so, of billions of stars in the sky I chose my starlet to light my life iubiasca me, to love, to never be darkness in my heart to him can allow me to back child happy and carefree romp that's my best friend always there. I find reasons to love, find reasons and not love, but their heart, fortunately, no brain, reason, she understands the smiles and tears, she finds ways to touch creepy and eyes burning, she does not believe in punishment because pain your pain is mine, your happiness and fulfillment is my terrifies you lie that you bury in the dirt to extinction, I want and I always look for that in this life, you are my only real claim .... L
Cand M-am Indragostit De Tine?
                                                                                                                   Cand m-am indragostit de tine am ales un drum pe care vreau sa-l strabat pana la capat caci indiferent unde ma va duce stiu ca va fi o calatorie minunata .                                              N-am nevoie de motive ca sa te iubesc dar stii ca iubirea nu se da in nici un caz pe motive , iubirea se daruie doar pentru iubire , nimic mai putin . TE IUBESC pentru ca asa am ales sa fac , din miliarde de stele pe cer mi-am ales steluta mea care sa-mi lumineze viata , sa ma iubiasca , sa o iubesc , sa nu mai fie niciodata bezna in inima mea , sa-i pot da voie din nou copilului din mine sa zburde fericit si fara griji pentru ca cea mai buna prietena imi sta mereu alaturea . Gasesc motive sa te iubesc , gasesc motive si sa nu te iubesc , dar inima , din fericire , nu are creier , ratiunia ,ea intelege doar zambete si lacrimi , ea gaseste sensuri in atingeri infiorate si pri
I Sit Alone At Night And Look At
I wake up and feel my soul filled gaps that pure angel that flies through my dreams awakens a longing in me immeasurably and start looking for you, and when you hear the excited voice ditch your word that I pamper you with honey and milk, my lips revealed, with a kiss of yours on my lips and lit trupu-start to give a hand you uncover mine and my eyes start to get into it. During a kiss include a kneading me and I'm struggling to find a way out of his chest as slave lips and my hand hit it, not trying to get rid of you and not come home.                                           Sant full of disturbing thoughts of losing your love is the toughest test but you petting me loving my future working pointers for us, stepping forward with your foot, as I have come to love, you never forget, not your body or to a craving nfranata us, I trust you and nobody can see innocence, the purity of the soul unsurpassed. The smile you've captured the look and beauty with poisoned me thinking with her 
In Noapte Eu Stau Singur Si Te Privesc
                                                                                                         Ma trezesc si-mi simt sufletul umplut de lipsuri care un inger curat ce-mi zboara prin visuri trezeste in mine un dor nemasurat si incep sa te caut , si cand ti-aud vocea sant cel mai incantat de cuvantul tau care m-alinta cu miere si lapte , buzele tale imi arata fapte , cu un sarut de-al tau aprins pe buzele mele si trupu-ncepe sa cedeze si o mana de-a mea te  dezveleste , iar ochii mei incep sa te cerceteze . In timpul unui sarut ma cuprinde o framantare si ma straduiesc sa caut o scapare eu fiind sclavul buzelor  si al pieptului ce mana mea-l apasa , nu incerc sa scap de tine si sa nu ma intorc acasa .                                           Sant incarcat de ganduri tulburatoare a pierde dragostea ta e cea mai dura incercare dar tu ma mangai iubitoare , imi areti viitorul muncind pentru noi , pasind inainte cu piciorul , cum am ajuns sa te iubesc , sa nu uiti niciodata , nu p
Michelle Obama: Here's How To Handle The Hecklers
"One of the things I don't do well is this," glowered Michelle Obama as she was challenged by a heckler this week. Delivering a speech at a Democratic Party fundraiser, Obama called it like she saw it: "Listen to me or you can take the mic, but I'm leaving. You all decide. You have one choice." Not everyone has the luxury toleave the stage, of course, though plenty of great comedians wish they probably could. As for any future heckling scenarios, she might want to practise her putdowns with these tips.     Have a line ready There is, of course, already a great storehouse of heckler putdowns, apt for any occasion. They don't need to be subtle – just funny. "I was actually told you would be here tonight – by your mum while I was fucking her," Jimmy Carr told one man. "At least, I think she was talking to me. I wasn't the only one there." Or there's: "You're so drunk. I hope you drive home," from Steve Hofstetter. Personally, I like Dylan Moran's take best: "I appreciate e
Drop Me A Line
 Write me a nice verse on a sheet or better sign the writing you kiss my lips tell me you love me or better yet let your eyes light longing heart to wake me, promise me all the happiness better world or stretch your arm to hold hands with you smiling troubles cross ten lives.                                                   I'd be crazy to dream agate only beautiful words which I give, but more would be crazy not to give you everything I can to sata-n delightful picture of your smile happy, and because it remains one strand of rose all my wealth on earth, crazy or healthy-all you have to hope that I give to receive in exchange for your heart and your whole life can love.                                                    I know very well that my dreams come true, because you're the one who knows what riches can wear a rose ...                                                     For the world is crazy, laso-n pay them, you listen and you will not regret loving heart.
Scriemi Un Vers Frumos
                                                                                                                        Scrie-mi un vers frumos pe-o foaie sau mai bine iscaleste-ti sarutul pe buzele mele , spune-mi ca ma iubesti sau mai bine lasa-ti lumina ochilor tai plini de dor sa-mi trezeasca inima , promite-mi toata fericirea din lume sau mai bine intinde-ti bratul sa ne tinem de mana cu tine strabat zambind necazurile a zece vieti .                                                   As fi nebun sa imi agat visele doar de cuvintele frumoase pe care ti le daruiesc , dar mai mare nebunie ar fi sa nu-ti darui tot ce-mi sata-n putinta pentru imaginea incantatoare a zambetului tau fericit , caci si de-ar ramane un singur fir de trandafir toata averea mea pe acest pamant , nebun sau sanatos , tot ti la-s darui sperand c-am sa primesc in schimbul lui inima si poate toata viata ta iubire .                                                    O , stiu prea bine ca visele mele se-mplinesc ,
I Want To Be Near You Always Angel
I want to be always close and fire watching you                                And once late at night, to say a sincere LOVE YOU!                                A flower to another flower                                Even if love is a game, join it to not lose the game of life.                                It's so nice to find lost feeling about                                It's so nice to sigh after the first kiss                                Who will go for love not find                                Who's da ... will get back.                                To love is to suffer and how many are reluctant to undergo                                Few really know how the heart iubiasca                                If you do not love are like being?                                And if it's what substance is it?                                Love is a great and wonderful and divine                                God gave us one heart                                For the
As Vrea Sa Fiu Mereu Aproape De Tine Ingeras
                                                                    Eu vreau sa fiu mereu aproape si cu foc sa te privesc                                 Si odata tarziu in noapte , sa-ti spun un sincer TE IUBESC !                                 O floare pentru alta floare                                 Chiar daca iubirea este un joc , intra in el pentru a nu pierde jocul vietii .                                 E atat de frumos sa gasesti sentimetul pierdut                                 E atat de frumos sa oftezi dupa primul sarut                                 Cine umbla dupa iubire nu o va gasi                                 Cine o da ... o va primi inapoi .                                 A iubi inseamna  a suferi si cum multi se feresc sa sufere                                 Putini stiu sa iubiasca cu adevarat din inima                                 Daca nu-i iubire ce sant ca fiinta ?                                 Si daca e din ce substanta e oare ?      
Back, Sack And Crack...proceed With Caution
  Men everywhere: When attempting a "back,sack and crack," proceed with caution.... I found this on FB.   THIS IS AN ACTUAL CUSTOMER REVIEW FROM A MAN ON AMAZON.CO.UK AFTER USING VEET HAIR REMOVAL CREAM FOR MEN.   "After having been told my danglies looked like an elderly Rastafarian, I decided to take the plunge and buy some of this as previous shaving attempts had only been mildly successful and I nearly put my back out trying to reach the more difficult bits. Being a bit of a romantic, I thought I would do the deed on the missus's birthday as a bit of a treat.   I ordered it well in advance and working in the North Sea, I considered myself a bit above some of the characters writing the previous reviews and wrote them off as soft office types...Oh my fellow sufferers, how wrong I was. I waited until the other half was tucked up in bed and after giving some vague hints about a special surprise, I went down to the bathroom. Initially, all went well and I applied the gel and
I Want This Message To Reach Your Heart
My heart beats with yours!                                    I would like this message to reach to your heart                                    And to tell you how much I love you                                    You make me dream in color!                                    Happiness is not in happiness, but the way to it.                                    Sant moments in life when you miss someone so much,                                    That comes to bring him back from dreams to embrace it.                                    Happiness is for those who cry, those who hurt.                                    But for those who can appreciate the people who have influenced my life.                                    Dream what you want to dream,                                    Go where you want to go,                                    Because you only have one life                                    And one chance to do all the things you desire                             
As Vrea Ca Acest Mesaj Sa Ajunga In Inima Ta
                                                                                                                 Inima mea bate alaturi de a ta !                                     As vrea ca acest mesaj sa ajunga pana la inima ta                                     Si sa-ti spuna cat de mult te iubesc                                     Ma faci sa visez in culori !                                     Fericirea nu se afla in fericire , ci in drumul spre ea .                                     Sant momente in viata cand iti lipseste cineva atat de mult ,                                      Incat iti vine sa il aduci inapoi din vise ca sa-l imbratisezi .                                     Fericirea nu este pentru cei care se plang , pentru cei care se ranesc .                                     Ci pentru cei care pot aprecia persoanele care le-au influientat viata .                                     Viseaza ceea ce vrei sa visezi ,                                     Mer
Madness And Love Together Make A Good Team?
When almost finished counting madness, love not yet find a place to hide because all were occupied.                                       Until at last he saw a bush roses and decided to hide in flowers                                       A Million! , Said fool. And began to look for. The first that appeared was laziness that was two steps.                                        Passion and desire vibration felt in volcanoes.                                       Not to want to find envy. And found immediate and triumph.                                       The selfishness did not have to look for to out yourself.                                       Hideout was actually a hornet's nest                                       It looked so, madness and thirst has been made. And closer to the lake to discover the beauty                                        It was much easier to find doubt. State and could not make up his mind where to hide                                       So he
Nebunia Si Dragostea Impreuna Fac O Echipa Buna ?
                                                                                                                                                          Cand nebunia aproape terminase de numarat , dragostea inca nu gasise un loc unde sa se ascunda caci toate erau ocupate .                                        Pana ce intr-un tarziu a vazut o tufa de trandafirii si s-a hotarat sa se ascunda intre flori                                        Un milion ! , zise nebunia . Si incepu sa caute . Prima care a aparut a fost lenea care era la doi pasi .                                         Pasiunea si dorinta s-au simtit in vibratia vulcanilor .                                        Fara ca sa vrea a gasit invidia . Si a gasit imediat si triunful .                                        Pe egoismul nici nu a trebuit sa-l caute caci a iesit singur .                                        Ascunzatoarea lui era de fapt un cuib de viespi                                        De atata
A Night Of Dream
I miss walking on the beach,       Let us stretch the fine sand bodies            Breeze surrounds us ... the smell of salt water ...                 To be the one that keeps me in your arms and love me reveal                     I close my eyes and go somewhere in a godforsaken place,                         On a deserted beach with lazy waves barely break the bank,                             If not wanting to spread the silence of the night                                 We're quiet on the cliff .. watching our girls play moon                            Drawing orange lights and shadows, feeling the breeze playing on the myriad of stars                                         We stop ... easily grab my hand and look at me long and silent                                             Heavy silence is broken occasionally by the cry of a seagull lost                                                I'm glad to let your presence I feel so strongly                                           
O Noapte De Vis
                                          Mi-e dor de plimbari pe malul marii ,        Sa ne intindem trupurile pe nisipul fin             Sa ne invaluie briza ... sa simtim mirosul de apa sarata ...                  Sa fii tu cea care ma tine in brate si-mi dezvaluie iubirea                      Inchid ochii si ajung undeva intr-un loc uitat de lume ,                           Pe o plaja pustie , cu valuri lenese ce abia se sparg de mal ,                              Parca dorind sa nu imprastie tacerea noptii                                  Mergem tacuti pe faleza .. privind cum luna se joaca pe fetele nostre                             Desenand lumini si umbre portocalii , simtind jocul brizei , privind puzderia de stele                                          Ne oprim ... imi apuci usor mana si ma privesti lung si tacuta                                              Tacerea apasatoare e sparta din cand in cand de strigatul unui pescarus ratacit                          
Brussels Fights Back In Greek Crisis Blame Game
The European commission on Thursday strongly defended its handling of the Greek crisis after the withering criticism in a report by the International Monetary Fund. Simon O'Connor, spokesman for Olli Rehn, the commissioner handling the €73bn 2010 bailout, said Brussels "fundamentally disagreed" with the IMF on two of the central points raised by the Washington institution – that Greece's debt should have been restructured at the very outset of the crisis and that the commission failed to do enough about structural reforms in Greece. Early debt restructuring, said O'Connor, could have triggered "systemic contagion" across the eurozone. On structural reforms, he added, "this is plainly wrong and unfounded." In an internal report released on Wednesday evening, the IMF conceded that a catalogue of blunders had been made in the dealings with Greece by the "troika" of officials from the IMF, the commission and the European Central Bank. The report accused the Europeans of bein
Is She So Gone That I Will Always Be Lost And Alone
To live without love of a true woman aches a lonely heart.  To know that once was is lost and forgotten.  To ache deep within your soul wondering if this is really what was to be.  Not knowing if her spirit still touches you.  To not have your day brightened with her smile.  Not hearing a voice as heavenly as angels singing.  It hurts to know the loss of one so young.  To know that a touch so longed for will never be.  To feel a pure heart begin to wilt as the roses no longer bloom.  To never carry through with promises of days anew.  Reality is escaping from what it once knew.  Leaving without a trace of love so true.  Slipping from the grasps of what was to be.  Wanting nothing no longer to last from inside of me.  She was pure and true and without a doubt the most amazing woman anyone could want.  She is now in the hands of angels that know her not. She is a stranger umongst a new place.  No one to hold her and take the place.  I should be with her and take her pain away. To never l
The Emotion Inside
It's your eyes I see everyday. It's the whisper on the wind that catch my attention.  It's the talking of the trees the grab me.  I wonder if in all those things you are there.  The sun sparkling upon the ocean.  The moon glistening upon the lake.  I always seem to feel what I believe to be you around me.  When the hair stands up on my arms and my neck I wonder if your arms have surrounded me.  It's the shadows that scare me not knowing if it's you.  It's the dreams that haunt me telling me I have lost you.  It's the turn ons that say your gone forever.  Even my memory don't know if it can hold you.  For always you have been a free spirit.  Now you glide upon air as if it were meant to be.  Nothing in my reality seems real any more without you beside me.  I miss you so dearly it tears me up inside.  How do I live when you're no longer by my side?
I Think, I Know
I have already likely guessed, not every damn thing that I type, will be read by everyone that can or everyone that has blogs from others blocked. That is more than okay too, I don't want to bother everybody. If anyone gets more than a nerve breaking from what I type in here, you are always free to share. I don't want anyone, including myself, to feel alone. This crazy world does that all by its self, we don't need to help it out. I was thinking if everyone was nicer, then people might not join than just leave. There are those that take the harsh punishment and those that don't. Some people just are stronger. Until those stronger few realise that the week are the ones who put them so far up the totem pole, things aren't gonna seem right. Newbies are always needed. Some want to think they are pond scum until they need them. I think, I know already that I am not going to change this world. I seriously even doubt that I will even be remembered after I die. Maybe I can think futuristical
Love in particular result from the ability give love, existing in ourselves, and not necessarily di that has real qualities partner to be loved.                            If you're smart enough not to lament the past for what it has not known you pity yourself for what past experienced                            A great love is rather a process of autosuggestion                             Take time and be complicated for its formation                            Any love is like a monodeism, voluntary at first, pathological ago.                             The first step to avoid being miserable is not to have time to think of unhappiness                             Learn to meet people through people, learn to meditate on them in solitude.                             We can not leave everything to chance, as we do not need to drown. Swim!                             Everything has beauty, but not because he sees                             I There are two tragedies in life. One is to
                                      Dragostea este misterul intre doi oameni , nu asemanarea dintre ei                             Dragostea rezulta mai ales din aptitudinea dea iubi , existenta in noi insine , si nu neaparat di faptul ca partenerul are reale calitati pentru a fi iubit .                             Daca  esti destul de destept sa nu deplangi trecutul pentru ceea ce nu a cunoscut , sa te compatimesti pe tine pentru ceea ce trecutul a cunoscut                             O iubire mare e mai  curand un proces de autosugestie                              Trebie timp si trebuie complicitate pentru formarea ei                              Orice iubire e ca un monodeism , voluntar la inceput , patologic pe urma .                              Primul pas pentru a nu fi nefericit este sa nu ai timp sa te gandesti la nefericire                              Invata sa cunosti oamenii prin oamenii , invata sa meditezi asupra lor in singuratate .                          
I Want To Give You
I'd like to give you an unusual but a declaration of love, a little gem polished warm feelings of love. To gather a small bunch of words chosen to reach your soul in the deepest place of your being! But ... words stubbornly gather anyway because I try to match my imagination nebunescul game they can not define that something mysterious and kept secret in the deepest depths of my being,            - That something called love poets to-r            - That something which did not find a name            - That which has grown in me over time ...            - But what can be more durable and also more vulnerable?            - But what could be more wonderful and at the same time indoelnic?            - But what can be rich and poor at the same time?              Than that which has sprouted in me, that something which I gave during the time for me, my care, my emotions and all my soul could earn in his passage on earth.              And if that something means love, your whole bestow it wit
As Vrea Sa Iti Daruiesc
                                  As vrea sa-ti daruiesc un dar neobisnuit , o declaratie de dragoste , o mica nestemata slefuita de sentimente calde de iubire . Sa  adun un buchet mic de vorbe alese care sa ajunga la sufletul tau in locul cel mai adanc al fiintei tale !!! Dar ... vorbele se incapataneaza sa se adune caci oricum as incerca sa le potrivesc cu nebunescul joc al imaginatie mele ele nu pot defini acel CEVA misterios si tainic pastrat in adancul cel mai adanc al fiintei mele ,              - acel CEVA pe care poetii la-r numi iubire             - acel CEVA caruia nu-i gasesc un nume ,             - acel CEVA ce a crescut in mine de-a lungul timpului ...             - dar ce poate fi mai trainic si in acelasi timp mai vulnerabil ?             - dar ce poate fi mai minunat si in acelasi timp mai indoelnic ?             - dar ce poate fi mai bogat si in acelasi timp mai sarac ?               Decat acel CEVA care a inmugurit in mine , acel CEVA  caruia i-am daruit timpu
A Letter To Just Talk
My dearest Mi Amore Amy, Nothing seems real any more without you.  Fianlly the other day I knew you were really gone.  So many emotions have flodded me.  I feel lost without you like a part of me has died with you.  I don't know how or if I will get back to where I was with you.  Honestly without you I don't know if I really want to.  Dan looks at me and he talks to me but if feels as if it is hard for him to do so and not remember and think of you.  At times I feel as though he has grown to hate the part of me that was you.  He is different now that you are gone.  I don't know if he will ever be the same and come back to what he had with me fully.  I'm scared Amy.  So afraid that living without you is not what you would really want.  There are days that I just want to end it all because I am so lonely without you.  I can't seem to look at anything now and get the same pleasure that I once did.  The planning of the wedding seems to be a chore.  Finding the dresses, even though mine ha
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 151
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 151 of Janey Godley's podcast the comedy mother and daughter duo discuss Operation Yewtree, Rebekka Brooke’s court chargers and Rockness Festival.   Ashley reads more of her teenage diary and rants on about 'hipsters', Janey explains the basics of sharing an electric razor and Ashley goes deep into the reasoning of her mother's relationship with her father and asks "would Janey have an affair?" Possibly some angry singing and the Bold Alec makes an appearance.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.   Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 151   If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking onto
The Perfect Present And The Ultimate Gift With Michael Kors
Buying the perfect present or the ultimate gift is truly an art form. Whether you are buying it for your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, wife or husband, it's always a struggle to get it perfect. Fret not cause I am going to share with you some truly amazing gift ideas that will bring the romance back into your relationship. One of the best romantic anniversary ideas I have heard was from a buddy called Sam. He actually wrote a set of anniversary poems and had them published in a local magazine. On top of that, he created a set of coupons which covered a wide area such as half an hour back rub romantic getaway for a day and other romantic ideas. Those coupons were valid for a year and the wife could use them anytime she wants. Needless to say, the wife was so impressed and proclaimed that it was the most romantic birthday idea she had encountered. Sometimes, tradition might actually work wonders when you are thinking of anniversary gift ideas. A simple bouquet of 11 roses is one of
Styles And Designs Of Michael Kors Bags
There is a fact that must be admitted that Michael Kors products are admired and appreciated by a lot of people. In the past decades, we have seen its prosperity. It also has provides us with nemrous fashion grand banquets, on which we enjoyed ourselves very much. Michael Kors never stops at its present achievements, it is making unceasing efforts to give the world more surprises. The basic shape of a bag is pocket. And throughout the life of human civilization, man has always struggled to need a bag. This concern inspired numerous Michael Kors works and Michael Kors handbags. According to a writer who pay attention to the work of Michael Kors: she is capable of reincarnation something that has been passed. Modern style Michael Kors handbags with long straps accent the incarnation bag used by women in the 18th century.Lives of farmers in the village with a seed bag always accompany their daily lives. Or observe the habits of African traditional societies of the priests carrying the b
Michael Kors Shopping Online Is Fun!
To shop for your favourite Michael Kors products, it is not always necessary that you have to go to a Michael Kors outlet or a Michael Kors boutique only in your city. Sometimes the store timings do not match your schedules, and at other times the store can be quite far way and you may not get the motivation to drive so far. However, now you can have the same shopping experience, sitting at your home too! And in fact, many women prefer this option because it has a lot more advantages than going to an actual store. You will enjoy reduced prices and that too, with free worldwide shipping. On special occasions such as St. Patrick's Day or Christmas, Michael Kors shopping online also means that you get to enjoy great discounts, sometimes even up to 60% off. When you sign up for the newsletter, you will be updated each time about all the sales and schemes that are running, so that you can avail maximum benefits from your purchase. To begin with, the main advantage of the online store is th
Hübsche Anfangsphase Google Android Applications Development
Eine Gruppe von Tools k?nnen von Android-Entwickler in Bezug auf Android-Anwendung Verbesserung genutzt werden. Software Improvement Programm Kit (SDK) bietet diese Ans?tze sowie durch die Verwendung einer Eclipse-Plug-in identifiziert als Android Improvement-Tools (ADT) oder vielleicht Befehlszeile. Der Entwickler kann m?glicherweise die Zulassung diese Formen der Ausrüstung. Android-Anwendung Entwickler w?hlen, um mit Eclipse obwohl die Entwicklung der Anwendung nur aus dem Grund, dass es Ihnen die wichtigsten Gang auf der Hand, wann immer Sie es ben?tigen zu arbeiten. -android smartphone dual sim Dennoch gibt es sicherlich Mobilit?t innerhalb einem Sinne, dass Entwickler k?nnen mit einer unverwechselbaren IDE oder einfache Text-Editor zu machen und rufen Sie die Quellen auf der Kommandozeile als auch mit Skripten. Spielen mit dieser misslichen Kommandozeilen-Tool wird manuell durch den Entwickler genannt. Aber, würde den Zugang für die Vielzahl von Attributen genau halten die gleic
Stores The Video Content From The Burberry Headquarters
Angela believes that "retail theater" is a key strategy for retail development, the cross-border cooperation with Verizon investment projects contribute to more closely link the brand with consumers around the world, while the retail initiative in this interactive After the event is also able to achieve long-term and sustainable high heels Stores the video content from the Burberry headquarters for editing and playback, you can always worldwide stores to create a different shopping atmosphere, as well as provide different playing content, customers can store iPad to find the product and immediately purchase orders, and views of the seven weeks Order delivered within commodities, which is much faster than the luxury goods industry in general delivery cycle. At the same time, Burberry closely followed the pace of social networks, the use of this civilian population of the propaganda tactics to the general public can feel the top luxury culture. As of 2011, Burberry pi
Twitter "followers" On Youtube
At the same time, Burberry closely followed the pace of social networks, the use of this civilian population of the propaganda tactics to the general public can feel the top luxury culture. As of 2011, Burberry pink on Facebook Sida 9,000,000, has 200,000 on Twitter "followers" on YouTube there are more than 4 million of viewers.Herve Leger Skirts The end of 2010, Burberry sites in 45 countries, new on-line, 6 languages meet different user online shopping, but also provide customer service in 14 languages for users to high heels Stores the video content from the Burberry headquarters for editing and playback, you can always worldwide stores to create a different shopping atmosphere, as well as provide different playing content, customers can store iPad to find the product and immediately purchase orders, and views of the seven weeks Order delivered within commodities, which is much faster than the luxury goods industry in general delivery cycle.
Fase Abbastanza Iniziale Di Google Applicazioni Android Development
Un gruppo di strumenti può essere utilizzato da sviluppatori di Android per quanto riguarda il miglioramento delle applicazioni Android. Programma software del kit di miglioramento (SDK) fornisce questi approcci, nonché utilizzando un plug-in Eclipse identificata come Android Improvement Tools (ADT) o forse riga di comando. Lo sviluppatore può eventualmente ammissione queste forme di attrezzature. Sviluppatori di applicazioni Android scelgono di lavorare con Eclipse anche se in via di sviluppo l'applicazione solo per la ragione che ti può dare l'importante ingranaggio a portata di mano ogni volta che lo richiedono. Ancora, vi è certamente la mobilità all'interno di un senso che gli sviluppatori possono utilizzare un IDE distintivo o editor di testo semplice e invocare le fonti sulla linea di comando, nonché con gli script. Giocando con questa linea di comando situazione è chiamata manualmente attraverso gli sviluppatori. Ma, l'accesso per la varietà di attributi manterrebbe esattament
Poet Needs Your Help!!
Hi everyone! Just wanted to allow myself to explain something here --- I need some help in a big way. I'm not trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes adn I'm definitely not trying to get a free handout, but life has dealt me a real hard one and I'm not sure I can get thru this without YOUR help!!   I've been diagnosed w/ Lupus SLE w/ vasculitis.... basically the lupus is attacking all my organs including and especially my brain and central nervous system leaving me in a freaking mess!!   They are wanting me to under go Chemo and surgery... starting REALLY soon. My closest friends and family have seen me suffer ... and it's time I start taking the initive in this and accepting that it's not going to go away on it's own!! I MISS the old me... but in order for the OLD me to come back, I've got to beat this!!   Will you please do whatever it is that you can to help?   Here's my info to the fundraiser that's been made for this... again, this isn't a scam at all!! Well for some
C Luo Still Demonstrate High Efficiency Goals, La Liga Into 34 Balls
EFE the vote in this season's La Liga Ibero - America's Best Player Award, C Luo has defeated the heady Messi, Argentina King broke the monopoly of this honor four years ...... In recent years, the FIFA Golden Ball of the dispute has been lost to C Lo Messi, C Ronaldo this season, Real Madrid is where to spend a disappointing season, it seems that in 2013 the FIFA Golden Ball Messi turn in the bag, but the vote in EFE La Liga this season Ibero - Americas Best player Award, C Luo has defeated the heady Messi, Argentina King broke the monopoly of this honor four years .Real Madrid jersey Spanish news agency EFE selected from the 1990-91 La Liga season best Iberian - American players, has been named the 23rd. The award is named range in the effectiveness of Iberian and Latin American Spanish players, and the entire season in the Primera Liga at least 25 appearances. C Ronaldo The award is not only breaking the Massey this honor in the past four seasons monopoly, also became
So Easy To Let Fellow Fans Hark Back To The 1990s
Despite recent rumors that declining status at Old Trafford, Wayne Rooney, there may be defected to rival - Arsenal's own. However, in the 2013-14 season, Manchester United's latest promotional photos for the new home jersey, we clearly see the "chubby" still play a major role ......???? According Goal exclusive report yesterday, the end of the season has been Manchester United club "showdown" Wayne Rooney is currently considering joining Arsenal related matters. If the Arsenal players to meet weekly requirements - 293,000 pounds, the players will agree to join the Wenger's given them. ???? However, Manchester United Manchester United jersey announced today new jersey publicity photo, but still we have found in the Red Devils array Rooney plays the protagonist. Typically a club jersey in the promotion of the new season, when the team will only be considered when selecting the most stable of star positions, through which several groups of photos does it also mean the future
The Boys Of Pont Du Hoc
REMARKS AT A CEREMONY COMMEMORATING THE 40TH ANNIVERSAY OF THE NORMANDY INVASION, D-DAY June 6, 1984POINTE DU HOC We're here to mark that day in history when the Allied peoples joined in battle to reclaim this continent to liberty. For four long years, much of Europe had been under a terrible shadow. Free nations had fallen, Jews cried out in the camps -- millions cried out for liberation. Europe was enslaved, and the world prayed for its rescue. Here in Normandy the rescue began. Here the Allies stood and fought against tyranny in a giant undertaking unparalleled in human history. We stand on a lonely, windswept point on the northern shore of France. The air is soft, but forty years ago at this moment, the air was dense with smoke and the cries of men, and the air was filled with the crack of rifle fire and the roar of cannon. At dawn, on the morning of the 6th of June, 1944, 225 Rangers jumped off the British landing craft and ran to the bottom of these cliffs. Their mission was o
  A Saga of June the SixthThe C-47 was silent as a tombexcept for the engines, roaring through the gloomEighteen troopers not making a soundas flak lit the sky-up for many miles aroundThen came the warning; then the DZ belland then I heard a trooper to his comrades yell:We're jumpin into hell boys, we're jumpin into hellBy the burst of the flak and the fifties, I can tellHang onto your chutes boys, don't mind the battle smellTil every bastard Jerry is on his way to hell.As silent as the seagulls, they floated down the sky,Eighteen paratroopers, unafraid to dieSome hit the flak burst, some the fifties' leadand some felt the ack-ack whistling past their heads.Down on the Jerries, one by one they felland then they heard a voice from out of the darkness yell:We're landing into hell boys; we're landing into hell!Kill the Huns by the hundreds, like rats drowned in a well.Shout Geronimo boys, the stories we will tell,When every bastard Jerry is at the gates of hell.When Normandy sun rose, twe
Fase Pretty Inicial De Google Aplicaciones Android Desarrollo
Un grupo de herramientas puede ser utilizado por los desarrolladores de Android en lo que respecta a la mejora de aplicaciones Android. Kit de Mejoramiento del programa de software (SDK) proporciona estos enfoques, así como mediante la utilización de un Eclipse plug-in identificado como Android Herramientas de Mejoramiento (ADT) o tal vez la línea de comandos. El desarrollador, posiblemente, puede ser admitido estas formas de equipo. Los desarrolladores de aplicaciones Android optan por trabajar con Eclipse, aunque el desarrollo de la aplicación sólo por la razón de que se le puede dar el engranaje importante a la mano en cualquier momento que lo requiera. -comprar tablet Sin embargo, no es ciertamente la movilidad en un sentido que los desarrolladores pueden hacer uso de un IDE distintivo o editor de texto sencillo e invocar las fuentes en la línea de comandos, así como con secuencias de comandos. Jugando con esta herramienta de línea de comandos situación se llama manualmente a trav
The Other Day ...
i was remembering the other day and the other day and ... the other day ...                                               how you took me to her bed ... and made me yours, how you  .. how you ...                                                                                       how you . .. traced my body with your face and lips and hair                                                          how you . . smelled my skin and took little bites when you wanted to taste. you told me i was the only one for you . .. i remember thinking that could not be the truth. i was remembering how i had never known anything like that ..   like i was melting everywhere like i was in a dream like i was perfect   i could feel you loving me from the inside of you to the inside of me so ... the other day and many other days i was remembering this.   LoVE/6 junio 2013
Pain And Reality
Pain and Reality:   How do you differ the pain of reality from the pain of the mind, I wish I could. Sometimes the pain of the mind overwrites any pain inflicted upon the body. Sometimes it just feels better to self inflict the pain so the mind can rest, so that there is a moment of distraction, a moment of clarity. But then the moment is gone, and it returns. The questions the thoughts, the need to self inflict pain rises again, filling every thought, every notion of common sense is overwritten by a single thought “you need to die” so again pain must be inflicted, be it emotional or physical their must be another moment of clarity, a semblance of peace, a moment of lucidity. So where is the voice of reason? The voice that says you are not to do this, you are not suppose to feel this way, you are not supposed to live with constant pain? What would the rest of the world do? What would you do for a moment of clarity? A moment where you can feel yourself? Without thoughts
Mirror Mirror
Mirror... Mirror...   At first you seem so innocent sitting there on the wall, staring back at anyone who passes, showing my external self, but as I turn the light on and stare into you, I can see deeper into myself, my flaws, my fears are all shown in their entirety. On the outside I can hide how the real me feels, but deep inside there is a struggle to keep my sanity intact within controls, the mind fights to control the needs to scream to yell, to just burst at the seems with uncontrollable rage and anger. But only you can see that only you know that secret, the secret that this shell holds within itself. So today starts a new day, I will take my deep breath and show my smile. You will keep my secret safe until tomorrow when you show them to me again. One day the secret will be out but for now it is between me and my mirror.  
It's Late, I'm bored, and Not tired.. Where's the party?
Meaning of a friend.   What is the definition of a friend? Are there special duties a friend must do to become a good friend? How will you know if your a friend or if your just another acquaintance, or somebody on a passing through lane in that persons life. If you are a friend, what then? What obligations do you have towards said person. Can you leave at any moment without notice, or remorse? If said person says your duties as a friend has now been terminated, how are you supposed to feel? And if you are said person how would you feel if a friend does leave, are you supposed to just move on to the next forgiving and forgetting what the past friend or friends have done? Surely one cannot be held responsible for past actions of past friends? If a friend says they have missed you, or that they want to talk are you obliged to say something of the same back? Maybe it is time for us as a people to look inside ourselves and see how we treat other people. There once was a saying that has o
The Novak Punk Studded Louis Vuitton Outlet
may well appear and feel really quite louis vuitton totes Angelina Jolie barefoot on boat for Louis VuittonAngelina Jolie followers in Atlanta have observed her routinely toting Louis Vuitton's designer bags and now the actress has become the brand new face of luxury Louis Vuitton label.The stunning 35-year-old actress will seem in the spectacular new ad for Louis Vuitton's "Core Values" campaign during which she poses barefoot aboard a rustic wooden boat in Cambodia's Siem Reap province, surrounded by lotus lilly pads, in the photograph taken by celebrated portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz.Angelina reportedly poses in her very own garments in neutral tones, practically blending in with her surroundings. Her Louis Vuitton tote bag is worn casually on her left shoulder, which rests a bit climate worn and utilized to her left. With subtle lipstick but heavily carried out up eyes, her prolonged dark hair worn lengthy and wavy, Jolie muses Louis Vuitton Handbags as she gaz
Clubs De Football La Plupart Rentables Shirt Parrainage Offres
Je suis obtenir ordinateur portable problèmes . aujourd'hui L' Acer Aspire 7730 j'avais tombé en panne après peu après one Cinq. an extraordinaire .! J'ai sorti mon six 12 mois jour portable où Je ne peux pas ouvrent deux fenêtres de navigateur Satisfait jours 1er fois que je achetés un ordinateur portable Acer, et il susceptibles d'être les last une particulière pris la décision . ces jours à transmettre à vous un article poste de votre concernant l' best Chemise de club de parrainage offres .Non one: Barcelona, ​​25 millions de livres par année, cinq 5 ans traitent Qatar Foundation Barcelone accord afive ans affaire vraiment la peine toute l' Fondation en décembre 2010 en train de devenir le plus sort dans le football. suite 5 ans de nombreuses années devoir payer pour votre posséder 'Unicef' sur leurs chemises, les financiers réalités du jeu ont forcé la main des géants espagnols Qatar Base est vraiment un peut être un organisme sans but lucratif dédiés et F
totally wasted! omg
Football Ventilateurs Robe In Leur Fierté Avec Football T
Nombreux adeptes supporters personnel minimum de un particulier football T-shirt La chemise force être une réplique de leur équipe s jersey, il pourrait simplement fondamentalement afficher équipe s logo ou couleurs ou pourrait une chemise générique qui montre assistance pour ce sport lui-mêmeNombre adeptes supporters propre au moins a seul le football t-shirt La chemise peut être une réplique de leur favori ? personnel s jersey, il peut simplement afficher l'équipe s brand ou Couleurs couleurs, ou pourrait une chemise générique démontre assistance pour . elle-même maillots de foot Sport football: vif au sujet leur sport, il est donc sans grande surprise ? choc que beaucoup d' complet placards consacrées aux chemises qui expriment leur amour adorent vraiment sur le match.Basic standard chemises sur l' sont enclins à soit être sarcastique de la coût d'autre personnel ( ou même l' jeu préfèrent téléphone football) ou express agressifs.? slogans Defense gagne champions est u
The Ncaa And Higher College Guidelines For Football Shirt
All About Football ShirtsThe classic football shirt is generally short sleeved inside the spring and summer season months, and while in the fall and winter gamers prefer a long sleeve football shirt.These shirts had been originally produced from cotton and very heavy, but today maillots football created from polyester and nylon as the two materials are lighter in excess weight.Previously the shirts even had buttoned collars, but these days the shirts are button-less and occasionally even collarless.In Europe football shirts are worn for soccer matches and a soccer shirt is called a football shirt!A Number about the BackOn August 28th 1938 numbers within the back of football shirts also known to some as "football kits" became trendy. Arsenal and Chelsea both utilized numbered shirts within their league games. In 1939 the Football League Management Committee introduced Maillot Angleterre Since it is challenging to associate a variety having a place while in the game, only th
Torres Burst Is Turned At A Slight Angle
A lot more Fire Burn Far more DalglishIt really is exactly the same situation in which two teams have a coaching alter, for Inter, a lot more prosperity, although poor for Liverpool, probably the most. Affirmed that the Red Army together with the Inexpensive England Football Shirts would be the future of Coach Kenny Dalglish around the state of nature arrow Torres, the Spanish star's time for you to get brave, he went to Blackpool, newly promoted to mark deducted in game, but the team is still cheap Maillot Enfant conserve tons. Liverpool will be the fifth successive defeats in the league this season within a row, but two Dalglish right away soon after taking office. On 19th Round on the Premier League together with the Planet Cup Soccer Kit moves in a race that Bloomfield Road, Liverpool, Blackpool Challenge Stadium. Only the very first two minutes, Torres burst is turned at a slight angle, explained a comeback. But other gamers Fletcher and Campbell, then two goals within
On The Web Buying Has Produced It Straightforward
An essential Portion Of Women DressingFootwear are among one of the most crucial components of dressing for ladies now days. Most importantly, functioning ladies need to pick their shoes really carefully simply because they've got to move close to in offices and workplaces and possessing inappropriate footwear can harm Louis Vuitton Handbags result in injury. Picking the right boot for right feet is the most important component of picking the best shoes as this not just assists in moving about freely but keeps the feet relaxed and feels relaxed while strolling all around within the workplace. Ladies shoes would be the most critical portion on the day-to-day dressing of women which provides them a special look and tends to make them distinctive in each and every gathering they participate. Girls need to have Authentic LV Men sneakers for all the significant events they participate in because they are incredibly much aware about their seems to be and they carry themselves in
She's Come Home
Its is late as she walks in the door.  I am laying on the couch with nothing on.  As she shuts the door and turns around she notices the room is only lit by candle light.  She smiles that smile I miss through out the day as she is working at the shop.  She puts down her purse upon the table next to the door.  She walks over to me and leans down and pulls my hair leaning my head back.  Her lips grace mine deeply.  Her tongue parting my lips and touches mine.  Her right hand cupping my breast and her fingers pinching my nipples bringing a gasp through our kiss.  She slowly pulls away from me and takes me by the hand.  Leading me to the bathroom which is also lit only by candlelight.  There she finds a bath of rose pedals and bubbles awaiting her.  I reach around and unbutton her blouse.  Slidding it softly and slowly down her torso.  I unzip the back of her skirt and let it drop to the floor.  Pushing her beautiful hair of silk from her neck I begin to kiss softly from her neck down her
Just Closed The Deal!
Pink just closed the deal!
The Dress Code
Pink should've asked about the dress code before starting her new job.
Last chance to help Pink move. Anyone?
God Has A Sense Of Humor
 A woman received a call that her daughter was sick. She stopped by the pharmacy to get medication,got back to her car and found that she had locked her keys inside. The woman found an old rusty coat hanger left on the ground.She looked at it and said "I don't know how to use this." She bowed her head and asked God to send her HELP. Within 5 minutes a beat-up, old motorcycle pulled up. A bearded man, wearing an old biker skull rag, got off of his cycle and asked if he could help. She said: "Yes, my daughter is sick. I’ve locked my keys in my car.I must get home. Please, can you use this hanger to unlock my car?" He said "Sure." He walked over to the car and in less than a minute the car was open. She hugged the man and through tears said, "Thank You SO MUCH! You are a very nice man." The man replied, "Lady, I am NOT a nice man. I just got out of PRISON yesterday.I was in prison for car theft." The woman hugged the man again sobbing, "Oh, thank you, God!You even sent me a professi
Phase Jolie Initiale De Google Android Développement D'applications
Un groupe d'outils peut être utilisé par les développeurs Android en ce qui concerne l'amélioration de l'application Android. Kit amélioration du programme logiciel (SDK) fournit ces approches, ainsi que par l'utilisation d'un plug-in Eclipse identifié comme Android amélioration Tools (ADT) ou peut-être en ligne de commande. Le développeur peut éventuellement être admis ces formes de matériel. Les développeurs d'applications Android choisissent de travailler avec Eclipse si le développement de l'application juste pour la raison qu'il peut vous donner la vitesse importante sur la main quand vous en avez besoin. -android 4.0 Pourtant, il ya certainement la mobilité dans le sens que les développeurs peuvent utiliser un IDE distinctif ou éditeur de texte simple et invoquer les sources sur la ligne de commande ainsi que des scripts. Jouer avec cet outil de ligne de commande de situation est appelée manuellement par les développeurs. Mais, l'accès à la variété des attributs tiendrait exacte
Angel Family Adds
Okay, I'm going to ask in here. Would you add me to your Angel family, even for a week or two. Would be great to actually level one of these days. Thank you.
I Paint A Portrait With Words...
your beauty escapes methe most precious thing that i've ever seeni only have to think of all the love that you gavei'm enveloped and swallowed by your love and i batheit might only take me five minutes with a paper and pento give weight to my thoughts and my love to you sendthat don't mean it's not crafted with precision and careit don't even matter if i'm here and your therethere's a certain feeling i get whenever you come aroundi start floating on air, you know, my feet leave the groundi'm enamored, ensnared, enslaved and enrapturednot even in previous have i ever before and been capturedthere is no limit to the things i can sayi paint a new portrait each and every daythat's why i hold you softly in thought and i call you a flowerwith you by my side i leap tall buildings and towersso whatever it is, as the day turns to duski can never break free, i don't want to, and have you i must
My Religion
There are people who know I go to church, and they are under the assumption that I am a Christian.  However, they are only partly correct.  I am a Christian, but I am a different kind of Christian than standard denominations like Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist, Pentacostal, Apostolic, Evangelic to name just a handful of the different denominations, and I am not even a non-denominational Christian either.  I fall under a rare category that most people don't know about unless I tell them, they are in this category, or they know someone who is in this category. I am a Druid Christian.  What does that mean?  Most people that claim to be a Christian are just claiming it, but don't show it.  Most of the world sees these "Christians" being worse than they are so they say I will not follow Christianity because there are too many hypocrites in it.  Sadly, this is how about 95% of the world views these Christians, and for the True Christians like myself it makes us look bad.
Bumbling Traveler
The more I think about my adventures the more I'm convinced that I will forever stumble through my travels and I'm quite happy with that.  First I must say that I am absolutely horrible with money, organization, and sticking to plans.  I left home with an itinerary that only went as far as where I was going and when (kinda).  It went a little something like this:     ~ spend 3 nights in Lausanne with Christine (a woman I met studying in Puerto Rico)          ~ spend 3 nights in Bologna with a man I contacted on Couchsurfing      ~ go to Pisa for a few days      ~ maybe head to Rome for a few days or maybe just hang out in Naples      ~ catch a flight from Naples to Bucharest      ~ stay with George and Tatiana, (friends from the cruise line), for a few days      ~ meet up with the boyfriend in Ruse, Bulgaria or he will meet me in Romania      ~ fly back to Italy and spend time in Florence      ~ go to a few other places before heading back to Geneva to board my flight
For All My ''true Friends'' Out There
Just letting all my true friends know just how much you mean to me out there in fubar land and that i mean every word here and just wanted to show my appreciation to you but posting this blog to show ya thati do care and thank you for bein g my "TRUE FRIEND" i also want you to know i am your friend and care so this is the only way i know how is to send this to you........ hope you like what i done
True Love ..
True love is not just about sexual excitement and lust of your youth. Sexual pleasures, dating and passionate fantasies are all short lived impulses. The purest form of love is a beautiful journey of soulful intimacy of two people who are connected to each other through their souls. It is all about caring for each other when you really need to be looked after. It is all about having a sense of comfort and ease after living together for years and years. Love is to hold each other close to the heart through sticks and shivers. Love is to cherish the presence of your lover when you are old and done with your dreams and fantasies. Love is to grow old together. True love is a never ending adventure that lasts a whole lifetime
Need To Find A New Job
Pink  is going to need to find a new job.
Sorry, Don't Understand??
You are testing me right?? It isn't gonna turn out all good. If your gonna poke, why in the hell aren't we friends?? Have your profile closed so only your friemds can get in, go ahead I don't give a toot. Try an understand this though, being friends with me ain't so bad. Friendship is a damn two way street. Just in case you didn't know.  On second thought I am glad we aren't friends. If you won't let me even see your page. Starting today, if you don't want to give me your friendship, I won't poke you. I can be rude too!! Ifin you want a poke, friend me!!!!!!!!!!! I am not here for points, fubucks or bling. May not be what you thought, but oh well. If you can't give shit, you are not gonna get shit. If you don't understand, then you were not brought up the right way. I can not and will not attempt to fix that.   Somewhere, sometime I know you will not miss me and I know I may not miss you. Still there seems to be a chance, that we don't have to worry yet. Why do we kid ourselves tho
The Road Traveled Leads To Nowhere
The road traveling life is long n rocky , We pass many lefts n rights, around the curves , And under the bridges n to the sea's  And in the space you see only me at the end. I'm waring a smile tho' cause at the end is when I'll find  Who n what I'm lookin' for.  I'm lookin' for gentleness , with the touch  Of a feathers breath. A touch of compassion ,  Not to excite but to connect what is right ,  On this road to nowhere in sight. I see the Ocean beckoning me , It says  "my darlin' , come into me.  I'll take you deep into waters unknown , Where I'll share the joys that's grown. If you only knew the way I felt ,  When you weld the lash n stinging blows , To me it only shows , the love that you feel but.........  Refuse to weld , the power of love will win it all    
Just Wondering...
so last year i was locked out of mumms AND i am testing if i can now blog after a month of not being able to make, comment mumms or blogs i took a long fu was refreshing.  i guess i coulda just made alternative accounts but i know admin likes to make sure your punishment is felt and would delete the alts.  not that i even considered it...i am not that fucking pathetic that i NEED to be on fubar they dished out their punishment...i took it for a month, then left.  was quite shocked i came back and was no longer locked out of my 2 fav areas lesson learnt   *hits post and waits*
Why Jesus Isn't Coming
It's government and their patriots. America is ROME and nothing changed. Give a zombie green paper, squaw beads, cow chips and they will Heil George, Adolf, Caesar, Ramses, Kermit the Frog! The founders were White Mafia and today's fancypants, chimp hairdo, con-semen are just the progression of criminal empires, traveling gypsy cults of med/law/entertainment/education-cult worship/indoctrination. Austin is a Crime City as are all capitols and every town and city has their crime collusion dictating the rules at gunpoint and exposing these things and discusssing the Fraud of imaginary lines called nation or state imposed in terroristic activity by costumed thugs, why they MURDERED the love of my life in January making all their heirs targets before I shed this vessel of flesh. Scared ass cowardly gov-fembitches still won't repeat to Reap Heat and do Me on a "T" with ABC123 ( Already Been Crucified One Man Two Sticks Three Nails)_ Just another day on P-ssy Planet at the 50 star tri-col
Film — Secrets, Shadows And The Root Of All Evil
The Infowar circa 500 BC Infowars.comJune 5, 2013 As the secretive and shadowy Bilderberg Group meets in Watford, UK, this Operation Paul Revere entry from Europe is based on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave — how human perception of reality is manipulated by others. In Plato’s story, people were chained to a wall in a cave, their “reality” merely shadows projected on the wall by their controllers. The InfoWar hasn’t changed much in 2500 years.   THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL: Operation Paul Revere Contest | (Plato’s Allegory of the Cave) from Rob Nelson on Vimeo. Filmmaker Rob Nelson’s description: What is really the root of all evil in our world? Is it money, as we are often told? Is it religion, or is it perhaps something more fundamental? This movie provides a different perspective on reality, challenging the idea of randomness and chance, exploring the idea of our lives being manipulated from behind the scenes. An idea that les
Alex Jones Talks To Police, Protesters At Bilderberg
Infowars.comJune 5, 2013 Alex breaks down the global elite’s foreign policy plan and their economic crimes.    
Flotus Confronts Heckler, But Where’s The Video?
Donna AndersonInfowars.comJune 5, 2013 When you’re playing Jacks in the schoolyard it’s OK to say, “Hey! Either do it my way or I’m gonna take my marbles and go home!” But when you’re the FLOTUS you don’t just threaten to go home because you’re not getting your way. On Tuesday, Michelle Obama’s arrogant response to a heckler didn’t earn her any points for respect, it just made her look like a petulant, spoiled brat. During a Democratic fundraiser in front of approximately 200 people, Mrs. Obama was heckled by a woman in the crowd who was calling for President Obama to issue an executive order that would bar federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees. Instead of calmly waiting for the heckler to stop, as most professionals would have done, the First Lady decided to stomp her little foot and play the arrogant card. Mrs. Obama stepped away from the microphone and said, “One of the things I don’t
Financial Scandals Draw Heat On Bilderberg Secrecy
Kurt NimmoInfowars.comJune 5, 2013 Secrecy at the Bilderberg conference – where corporate kingpins, government officials, and royals meet – is receiving renewed attention following the LIBOR scandal and a more recent one at the House of Lords.   Alex Jones and Gerald Celente on LIBOR scandal. In the latter case, two members of the Labor Party, Brian Mackenzie and Jack Cunningham, and Ulster Unionist member John Laird were summarily suspended by their parties after they were caught lobbying for cash while pretending to represent a solar energy firm. Another British politician, lawmaker Patrick Mercer, hastily departed the Conservative parliamentary caucus as allegations of lobbying irregularities surfaced and were highlighted in a recent BBC documentary. Recently discovered flimflams perpetuated by members of the British government add yet another slimy dimension to the corrupt and criminal nature of the ruling elite. The mother of all financial scandals, the LI
Watford Residents Forced To Show Papers
Infowars.comJune 5, 2013     A day ahead of Bilderberg’s official start, security theater is in full swing as police appear to be asking residents of Watford, England to identify themselves just to travel on one of the byways located near the Grove Hotel.   Video streaming by Ustream
The Covert Op To Destroy The Word “freedom”
Jon RappoportInfowars.comJune 5, 2013 These days, “freedom” mainly refers to fairy-tale mass movements. We’re supposed to believe it happens this way: A bunch of students sitting in a cafe suddenly go to their cell phones, pop over to Facebook, and say, “Hey, wanna be free?” And a Republic is born. Poof. The evil dictator grabs a suitcase full of gold bars, wires half a billion dollars from the State treasury to his private account, makes a dash for the airport, and flees to Paris. In the other popular version, rugged freedom fighters emerge from the forest with copies of John Locke tucked in their luggage, storm the capitol, engage the national police, and after a prolonged battle, pin a copy of the Bill of Rights on the dictator’s riddled corpse. Or something like that. But even in the preposterous fairy tales, nothing much is said about freedom of the individual. No, it’s all about the right to vote for a new candidate. Free elections.
Turkey Protests: 'woman In Red' Pepper Sprayed By Police Becomes Symbol Of Istanbul's Occupy Gezi Unrest Against Prime Minister Erdogan
Turkey protests: 'Woman in red' pepper sprayed by police becomes symbol of Istanbul's Occupy Gezi unrest against Prime Minister Erdogan   Endlessly shared on social media the image of the woman in red has become the leitmotif for female protesters ROB WILLIAMS     WEDNESDAY 05 JUNE 2013        in Share    PRINT A A A
Monsanto Sued By Kansas Farmer Over Gmo Wheat Discovery That’s Hurt Us Exports.
A Kansas farmer accuses seed producer Monsanto Co. for gross negligence after the discovery of a stand of Roundup Ready genetically engineered wheat drove down prices for US crops. After officials at the USDA confirmed the wheat had come from Monsanto seed, Japan and South Korea abruptly suspended US imports. Comments (17) BY DAVID KNOWLES / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS TUESDAY, JUNE 4, 2013, 9:04 PM       1K       51      
Bilderberg 2013: Welcome To 1984
Relax: thanks to Goldman Sachs and other ‘donors’, this year’s conference will be cost-neutral for Hertfordshire – despite the construction of the Great Wall of Watford Charlie Skelton The GuardianJune 5, 2013 The auditorium grew hushed as a senior Watford borough councillor took to his feet. The police liaison team looked nervous. They had made their presentation and laid out their plans for this “unique event”: the anti-terrorism zones, the identity checks, the restriction on vehicles stopping in the vicinity of this “important international conference”. But now it was the turn of the people of Watford to speak. What would they make of this international three-day policy summit, with its heavyweight delegate list bulging with billionaire financiers, party leaders and media moguls, protected by the biggest security operation Watford has ever seen? “What this whole thing boils down to,” boomed the councillor, “is thi
Epa Accused Of Singling Out Conservative Groups, Amid Irs Scandal.
By Eric Shawn Published June 04, 2013 EPA accused of political bias EPA accused of targeting conservatives amid IRS... It's not just the IRS.  A second federal agency is facing a probe and accusations of political bias over its alleged targeting of conservative groups.  The allegations concern the Environmental Protection Agency, which is being accused of trying to charge conservative groups fees while largely exempting liberal groups. The fees applied to Freedom of Information Act requests -- allegedly, the EPA waived them for liberal groups far more often than it did for conservative ones.  The allegations are under investigation by the House Energy and Commerce Committee and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which is also holding hearings on the Internal Revenue Service targeting of conservative groups.  "I don't think it
Battle Ahead As Colorado Democrat John Morse Fights Gun-based Recall
The organizers of an effort to recall Colorado Senate President John Morse turned in Monday more than twice the number of signatures required to force a special election, possibly setting the stage for an expensive, national battle over gun control. If the signatures are determined to be valid and survive a court challenge, it's likely voters in Morse's Senate district will decide at a special election in September whether to oust the Colorado Springs Democrat. Morse's support of gun-control legislation in the 2013 session as well as his leadership style sparked the recall effort. "Keeping Coloradans safe from gun violence is very worth your political career," Morse said Monday afternoon in a conference call with THE SPOT BLOG Read the inside scoop on Colorado politics and policies Full political news coverage reporters. "It's important that we not lose sight about where we are at this juncture."   He poi
Poll: President Obama Job Approval Rating Down
Poll: President Obama job approval rating down Obama has a 45 percent approval rating in the Quinnipiac University survey. | AP Photo Close By KEVIN CIRILLI | 5/30/13 6:40 AM EDT President Barack Obama’s approval rating took a hit amid three controversies surrounding his administration, including an investigation into the Internal Revenue Service unfairly targeting conservative groups seeking nonprofit status, a new poll Thursday showed. Obama has a 45 percent approval rating and a 49 percent disapproval rating — compared with a 48 percent approval, 45 percent disapproval rating from May 1, according to the Quinnipiac University poll. Continue Reading Text Size - + reset POLITICO Junkies: Power plays Latest on POLITICO TSA abandons plan to allow knives Lawmaker reveals threat to fetus Eric Ueland returns to Senate Kirk, Rush declare cease-fire GOP touts immigration report
More Radioactive Leaks Reported At Fukushima Plant Afp June 5, 2013, 8:06 Pm
MORE RADIOACTIVE LEAKS REPORTED AT FUKUSHIMA PLANT AFPJune 5, 2013, 8:06 pm TOKYO (AFP) - The operator of Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on Wednesday admitted it had found another leak of radioactive water, the latest episode in a growing catalogue of mishaps. Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), said one of its workers spotted drips coming from a tank used to store radioactive water at the site on Japan's tsunami-wrecked coast. Water was leaking at the rate of one drop every three or four seconds, the company said, adding that absorbent material had been placed under the leak and workers were trying to stem the flow. An increasing volume of water made radioactive after being used to cool the melted cores of broken reactors has become a growing headache for TEPCO, which has hundreds of tanks on the site. Critics say improvised fixes put in place at Fukushima since the disaster leave it vulnerable to mishaps and at the mercy of nature. Underwater storage pools have pr
British Bilderberg Participant Decries Group’s Secrecy
Jurriaan MaessenInfowars.comJune 5, 2013 Bilderberg 2013 participant: “I’m honored to have been asked to go. But it’s crazy. They [the organizers] wouldn’t tell us where we were going to stay until a couple of weeks beforehand.” Sherard Cowper-Coles Sherard Cowper-Coles, former diplomat and current director at BAE told a reporter at the Standard that the organization’s veil of secrecy not only applies to the outside world, but also extends to those invited to participate. The Standard reported yesterday that “even those inside the perimeter are victims of Bilderberg’s steel ring of secrecy.” Journalist Joy Lo Dico quotes the influential BAE director as saying: “I’m honored to have been asked to go,” he told me last night in London. “But it’s crazy. They [the organizers] wouldn’t tell us where we were going to stay until a couple of weeks beforehand,” adding with a smirk: “Some p
The Legacy Of Bilderberg’s Elite Criminals
Bilderberger Henry Kissinger – “defender of freedom and democracy” or lying war criminal? Infowars.comJune 5, 2013   If you want to see the real consequences of Bilderberg, look at its plans that have come to fruition — austerity and loss of national sovereignty and democracy in Europe, and the massive transfer of wealth and manufacturing from American to the communist elite in China. Frequent attendee Henry Kissinger has been involved in secret wars, military coups, CIA torture and terrorism — all of which have caused the loss of tens of thousands of lives. But the machinations of his mentor David Rockefeller and the manipulations of the central banks could, if not stopped, cause worldwide economic disaster, famine and war. Related Articles Bilderberg Elite Just Want to Help Egyptian army warns it will treat protesters as criminals TSA Agents Conduct ‘Full Monty’ Pat-Down On Henry Kissinger Secret CIA Jails in Lithuania: L
Insider: Bilderberg Considering Press Conference
Secretive group faces internal pressure to lift veil of secrecy Paul Joseph WatsonInfowars.comJune 5, 2013 A source close to the security operation for the 2013 Bilderberg Group conference has told Infowars that numerous members of the secretive organization are aggrieved at the way it is being operated with scant regard for transparency and are lobbying for Bilderberg steering committee members to allow them to address protesters this week. Image: The Bilderberg Group is an annual confab of around 140 of the world’s power brokers from the spheres of banking, business, government, and academia. This year it meets in Watford, England from June 6-9. The group notoriously loathes attention of any kind – which makes this development all the more groundbreaking. The source made it clear to us that a number of Bilderberg members, presumably the newer and younger attendees, are unhappy at the way the group has conducted its activities with total contempt for th
Bilderberg 2013: Andrew Kakabadse On How Elite Power Shapes The World
IBTJune 5, 2013   It’s the most important and influential conference you’ve never heard of. From June 3-6 heads of state will meet up with business leaders at The Grove Hotel in Watford for Bilderberg, an annual conference amongst the transnational elite that is shrouded in secrecy. High profile consultant Andrew Kakabadse has met many people who have attended the conference in the past, and is co-author of Bilderberg People, a book all about how world affairs are shaped by the consensus formed amongst the world’s elite. He dismisses conspiracy theorists who say the reason the Bilderberg discussions are kept secret is to covertly create a ‘New World Order’. Speaking to IBTimes UK, he says why both tight security and intense secrecy are important at Bilderberg, how the group helps push forward the US-European philosohy of transactional capital, and why in many ways the conference is an irritating netowrking event like any other.     This article was
Watford Puzzled As Bilderberg Luminaries Let In A Little Light
James PickfordFinancial TimesJune 5, 2013 Seated in a kiosk in Watford’s market hall, Tina the Psychic Tarot Reader appears to have little foreknowledge of the international event shortly to arrive on her doorstep. “What are they doing coming to Watford?” she asks, echoing a widely felt sense of surprise among her fellow market traders that world leaders, diplomats, corporate heads and academics were about to descend on the Hertfordshire town on Thursday. St Moritz and Versailles have been among the previous venues for the three-day Bilderberg conference, an annual gathering of between 120 and 150 luminaries from Europe and North America. But the event, which describes itself as “a forum for informal, off-the-record discussion about mega­trends and the major issues facing the world”, has this year chosen The Grove, a luxury hotel and golf course on the outskirts of Watford. Full article here   This article was posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 5:
Alex Jones Experiences Magnetic Stonehenge
nfowars.comJune 5, 2013 Alex Jones and the rest of the infowars crew break down their experience at stonehenge.     This article was posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 5:58 am Tags: secret societies
My Life According To George Strait
Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people you like and include me. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title (There are 19 questions). It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (Artist's name)" Pick Your artist: George Strait Are you a male or female: "She'll leave you with a smile" Describe yourself: "How 'bout them cowgirls?" How do you feel: : “I'm not here for a long time, I'm here for a good time” Describe where you currently live: "Heartland" If you could go anywhere, where would you go: “"All my ex's live in Texas" Your favorite form of transportation: "Pure Country" Your best friend is: "The King of broken hearts" You and your best friends are: “You know me better than that” What's the weather like: "Blue clear sky" Favorite time of day: "Amarillo by Morning " If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: "Carried away" What is life
Answer To Many Questions
  I'm posting this because so many people have sent me messages asking what happened, so...for those of you that give two shits this is what dumbass Rubberslave did yesterday...    I am allgeric to shell fish, I thought just raw shrimp, but, I was terribly wrong. I ordered a shrimp basket from a local restaurant here in WI and went home with my youngest daughter to eat it. Was fine for a few, talking on my cell to my oldest daughter who still lives in IN when I felt very ill. Long story short my tongue, throat and lips swelled terribly and I had to be transported to the ER. My youngest called 911 for me, literally saving my life...again. Angels take many forms and I have the privelidge of calling one of them not only my daughter but my friend. Xx RS
Fb Related Question
There's a guy I do not like anywhere near my FB profile. I block him repeatedly (I've blocked all persons with his name) but he keeps on making accounts just to message me and save my cover pics. He finds me because he's saved the link to my profile. It's getting absurd now as he simply does not get that I really do not want anything to do with him. Here's my Q for ya...if I change my fb name..will the link also change???
Change The World
Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules, and they have no respect for the status-quo.  You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify, or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward.  And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.  Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world - are the ones who DO ! 
I Chance A Glance...
as i wake up to the sunrisei seek your image to look into your eyesmy mind is flooded by thoughts of youand all the things i want to dolike hold you close and keep you nearand take away all your fearsand lift you up for the world to seemy hand in yours walking next to mei want to gift you all your heart desiresand cuddle you next to a raging fireand speak soft of love into your earand keep away any tearsand never tell you any liesand always treasure you as a prizeand let you know you are number oneand there is no other beneath the sun
The Music Is My Medicine
'm not a professional producer or a professional musician , but i do have love for music and i do share on here my own creative mind of sounds . To me music has always been part of my life as i'm sure to everyone as well , i like all kinds of music i'm not bias on any genre i do listen to everything , when it comes to art and creativity of sounds and music i'm all about everything , everything is good and by everything we create something , if it sounds good then it don't matter what tools you used as long as it sounds good Check my Music at :
Android-betriebssystem Und Seine Vorteile
Android OS wurde von Yahoo und Google Weg zurück in 2007 entwickelt. Ihre Google führte diese Technologie in Zusammenarbeit mit der Software, Ger?te-und Telekommunikationsunternehmen kombiniert, die gemeinsam aufgerufen werden die Open Handset Alliance passieren. Android-Handys nutzen die Coding-Anwendungen und Standards, Open Source, i.elizabeth. Sind, kann jeder die Entwicklung von Anwendungen für diese Ger?te. Es ist nur zum Erstellen zusammen mit Loslassen Ihre Anwendungen. Dennoch gibt es keine spezifische Unternehmen denen das Recht dieser technologischen Innovation h?lt, k?nnen Entwickler leicht machen verschiedene Apps und Programme. Fraxel-Behandlungen hat das Konzept des Mobile Computing zu einem oder allen neuen Ebenen getroffen. -china handy Die traditionelle cell technology war es nicht m?glich die K?ufer zu kommen mit frischen Pakete aufgrund der strengen propriet?ren Gesetze und Verordnungen, die sie regieren, dennoch android Technologie f?rdert die tats?chliche Innovat
Sistema Operativo Android E Dei Suoi Benefici
Android OS è stato sviluppato da Yahoo e Google nel lontano 2007. Il tuo Google ha introdotto questa tecnologia combinata con la collaborazione di software, apparecchiature e società di telecomunicazioni, che capita di essere chiamato congiuntamente la Open Handset Alliance. Telefoni cellulari Android utilizzano le applicazioni di codifica e gli standard che sono open source, i.elizabeth., Chiunque può sviluppare applicazioni per i dispositivi che. E 'solo di creare insieme a rilasciare le vostre applicazioni. Tuttavia non vi è alcuna specifica società che detiene il diritto di questa innovazione tecnologica, gli sviluppatori possono facilmente fare diverse applicazioni e programmi. Trattamenti Fraxel ha preso il concetto di mobile computing a qualunque o tutti i nuovi livelli. La tecnologia delle celle tradizionale non permetteva agli acquirenti di venire fuori con i pacchetti freschi, a causa delle leggi proprietarie severe e regolamenti che li governano; comunque la tecnologia Andr
Yves Saint Laurent's Yellow Metal 'yse' Sack
A guidebook to color coordination when organizing a wardrobe for workJust a little wardrobe planning will help you lower your expenses and decrease your anxiety each and every morning when you put together for work. Provided that you coordinate your colours, your professional seem will remain trendy and fresh with no the need to have to order a whole new wardrobe each and every season.Choose your LookThe old adage to to the task you want is simple to achieve by using a tiny forethought. It doesn't matter what your existing task or spending budget, dressing with care is well worth the energy. Go to your existing wardrobe and choose out your 3 favourite pieces. Then pick the clothing that you have obtained compliments on. What do they have in common? What colours are displaying up most? Shapes and colours that make you are feeling excellent certainly are a great area to start out.Pick your NeutralsThe simplest way to coordinate your wardrobe is to invest in a couple of high-
Système D'exploitation Android Et Ses Avantages
OS Android a été développé par Yahoo et Google chemin du retour en 2007. Votre Google a introduit cette technologie combinée avec la collaboration de logiciels, le matériel et les entreprises de télécommunications, qui se trouvent être appelé conjointement l'Open Handset Alliance. Téléphones mobiles Android utilisent les applications et les normes qui sont open source, i.elizabeth. Codage, n'importe qui peut développer des applications pour que les dispositifs. C'est seulement sur la création avec libération de vos applications. Néanmoins, il n'ya pas de société spécifique qui détient le droit de cette innovation technologique, les développeurs peuvent facilement faire différentes applications et programmes. Traitements Fraxel a pris le concept de l'informatique mobile à tout ou partie de nouveaux niveaux. La technologie de la pile traditionnelle n'a pas permis aux acheteurs de sortir avec des forfaits frais dus aux lois sur la propriété strictes et des règlements qui les régissent; n
Shifting From Gurgaon To Another City Made Simple
Shifting from Gurgaon to another city is easy and simple as there are several professional packers and movers companies in this city that may provide you required services to make moving process easy and simple. A good mover will help with your move during entire operation handling your belongings with care and skill. Your belongings will be packed correctly and transferred to your new destination door step timely and safely. There will not be damages of goods in transition as professional companies take utmost care in the whole episode. If your goods are damaged unfortunately then moving companies will be responsible for that; and cover the loss. Almost all good Packers and Movers in Gurgaon provide a range of helpful services. Major services may include packing & moving services, loading & unloading services, unpacking & rearranging services, goods insurance services, warehousing & storage services, car carrier & transportation services, pet moving services, plant moving services, e
Advantages Of Hiring Services Of Bangalore Packers And Movers
Advantages of hiring services of professional packers and movers in Bangalore or any other city of India cannot be ignored. There are several benefits of using professional packing and moving services as it can make your move easy and simple which is not possible by yourself only. There are several professional moving companies or packers and movers in the city of Bangalore that may provide your required services or full comprehensive packing and moving solutions for your move. If you schedule your move with one of right and experienced Packers and Movers Bangalore based companies then it is certain that your move will be extremely easy and simple. Your all household effects, home appliances, kitchen items, furniture and other items will be packed correctly using good quality packing supplies & sturdy boxes and transferred to your new destination door step timely and safely. Good movers and packers in Bangalore ensure for safe and punctual delivery of consignments. Thus you will need
New Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter
New Gingerbread Man Cookie CutterThese cookie cutter is made from Aluminum.Design of case/cups is as shown in the picture.Size(cm): 6.2cm(L) x 5cm(W) x 1.7cm(D)
Ghost Cookie Cutter
Name: Ghost Cookie CutterMaterial: Stainless SteelSize(cm): 6.3cm(L)x 6cm(W)x 2cm(D)Brand New and High Quality Handmade Tin Cookie Cutters
Players Are Players And I Believe In Freedom In Football
"There is no agreement. It is unfair and I don't believe in anything like that," he said. "If Everton want to sign any of our players for the right amount of money we will consider it."Martinez has long tipped James McCarthy for a move to a top club while Callum McManaman was on Everton's books before being released as a teenager. cheap soccer jerseys Shaun Maloney and Arouna Kone are also expected to attract interest from Premier League clubs while four out-of-contract players, including Antolin Alcaraz, have already confirmed they will leave Wigan and are available on free transfers.And Whelan accepts that some of the FA Cup-winning players will want to return to the top flight as soon as possible. "We have to face every single thing that relegation presents us," he added. "It is normally the case certain players want to play in the Premier League and I can't blame them for that."Players sign contracts but sometimes one or two want to leave and it is difficult to stop th
In The Years To Come That Might Be Somewhere I Could Play
Rumours have persisted that Rooney was frustrated by the playmaker role he was being asked to fulfil at United after being ousted from his role as the club's leading marksman following the arrival of Robin van Persie last summer. Manchester United jersey Now the 27-year-old has confirmed he does not enjoy playing in the reserved attacking position, as he told?Four Four Two?magazine that his passion for scoring goals means he is eager to play up front whether he stays at United or seals a big move this summer.When asked whether he relished the role Ferguson asked him to play in for large portions of the last campaign, Rooney was unequivocal in his answer. "No. In the years to come that might be somewhere I could play, but right now, I'm definitely a centre-forward. I'm after more goals," he responded."When you play as a target man, you have to stay up front and help the team out by holding the ball up and waiting for support. That all comes with experience. It's a good ro
Increase Of 156.02%
In addition, Angela also said that the Chinese tourists often visit other countries in tourism and shopping, Burberry stores in these areas with about 50 can speak Mandarin and Cantonese sales representative.Burberry sunglasses Of course, the earnings data show that all this is worth it: this time period, Burberry's revenue increased by 26.68%, the profit is an increase of 156.02%. In early 2000, the Group has only more than 50 outlets, and by the end of September 2011, the group in the world with 441 stores and 52 franchise stores.Oakley sunglasses
In Early 2000, The Group Has Only More Than 50 Outlets
Of course, the earnings data show that all this is worth it: this time period, Burberry's revenue increased by 26.68%, the profit is an increase of 156.02%. In early 2000, the Group has only more than 50 outlets, and by the end of September 2011, the group in the world with 441 stores and 52 franchise stores.Oakley sunglasses Burberry beginning mainly in Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom have a business, and now, through a balanced regional investment, a truly international brand. The company's main strategy is to invest a not yet fully penetrate markets, including developed markets like the United States, as well as China, India, the Middle East and other emerging markets.Herve Leger Dresses
The Right Guy And Inside The Mind Of Men
Sometimes he’ll say cheezy stuff to you just to make you smile so he knows you’re a little happy. When he looks at you it puts a smile on his face for no reason. The real reason it does that is because he can believe that someone as beautiful as you is with him. He stands up for you no matter who it’s against even if he gets hurt. He calls you at night just to say “hi” and to see how your day was. When he sees you again because he missed you he kisses you where you’re pressed against the wall. Then he whispers “I missed you so much”. You know he loves you when you both have a moment where you just gaze into each other’s eyes even if he’s with his friends and you’re with yours. When you cry he wipes away the tears and he’ll hold you tightly as he says every thing’s alright then stays with you all night not wanting anything from you. Even if you say you hate him he tries to be there for you through the roughest
Love Is Beautiful
Passion is Erotic Confidence is Seductive Skin is Tempting Kisses are Addictive Lingerie is Arousing  Intimacy is Earned Laughter is Sensual Love is Beautiful
Still I Wait
Everyday it gets longer then before, but no amount of time can change what is true and what is unavoidable. I tried moving on just like you told me to, thought perhaps that I had. But I was just a shell, everything good about me had walked out that door with you. Nothing was ever right again, no matter how much I tried to push it out of my mind. I wonder what you thought when you saw me from afar, always realized it afterwards, sometimes things we do leave a small trail, and I found one once.I so badly want to talk to you to hear your voice and to share with you the things I have discovered, the things I discovered about myself and the things I discovered about you as well. You were the only person who ever fit me like a puzzle, the only one who could see through to my core. You stood by me through the darkest period of my life, and as I look towards the brightest days to come, there is only one woman I want by my side, only one who deserves to be. Though I may not have deserved you ba
She Still Soars
I see her spirit whenever a baby cries.I see her every time I close my eyes.I wonder everyday where she is now.However I know she is happy as she looks down.She still sees me when I can’t see her.She blesses each of my mornings with the rays of sun.On cloudy days I know her embrace is still there.That even though she is resting in peace she has never left me.I see her soaring through every midnight sky.Free and no longer in pain.I hear her laughter as I pass by playgrounds.I know that still her spirit is blessing all around.She is missed and still so loved.No one forgetting the star that lays above.She is the memory we hold so dear.The one that still is so clear.Nothing will take away what we had.Her smile, her light, her everything in sight,Will be cherished even as each day goes by.My words to her will always be true.Holding her near and dear to my heart and soul.I love her and never more will another hold me as she did.Our love is still true and will always soar.As she still s
Missing Mi Amore
I miss seeing her laughter that fills a room.I missing seeing her smile that brightens each morning.I miss the stars that were taken from the night sky and put within her eyes.I miss our conversations as time goes by.I miss knowing that I was missed.I miss wishing for her wonderful kiss.I miss knowing her thoughts always went to me.Knowing that everyday she had missed me.Now the moments seem so lost.But deep within I know missing her is what I miss most.
She Is Always There
Within my heart I still feel her lingering.  I hear her whispers with every wind.I feel her kiss as the sun beams down upon my face.I feel her arms around me like a warm embrace.I know she is always there.For within my heart her memory soars.
This is beautiful.    And this is amazing. 
I Would
I would pour out my heart and soul if it'll only mean you'll listen,  I would strip off my armor if it ment you could accept me for who I am, I would kiss your lips if it ment you could learn to love me, I would give you the moon and the stars if only you'll never leave me, I would never leave your side if you treat me right, I would never hurt you if you won't play games, Iwould do everything in my power to make you smile if I can wake up next to you, I would never ever share you please don't share me,  I would be your everything if you'll only be mine!!   
You know I love to recount my travel stories, but honestly in real life I'm not a very good story teller.  I've always been much more eloquent on paper and well now a keyboard. Here's the gist ... I love to travel and I'm not big on the glitz and glam or a 5 star hotel (though given the chance I wouldn't turn down a night).  I love trains, hostels, getting lost (sometimes not so much, but we'll get to that later), random happenings and just utter and total chaos really. The next few stories will give you a little insight into how utterly unorganized I am in a completely organizational way and may even give you a few chuckles. Off you go and Enjoy :D
Is Probably Not Fit To Walk
Pink is probably not fit to walk, let alone find her way home.
Pink shouldn't have eaten last week's leftovers.
The Alexander Wang Louis Vuitton Outlet Large Emile
may look and feel awfully louis vuitton shopping bags Alexander McQueen clutches for your HolidaysAlexander McQueen holiday clutchesAlexander McQueen has a numerous clutches that are hard sided and lined within the outdoors in satin. These clutches feature brass knuckles on prime by the clasp closure providing the iconic, Alexander McQueen edge to otherwise traditional and formal evening clutches. Two clutches through the brass knuckle line specifically, are perfect to the Holiday season; one particular is a rectangle form accomplished in red and the other is much more of a box accomplished in black. Alexander McQueen's Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale brass knuckle clutches can very easily match a funds clip, two credit score cards, little set of keys and lipstick.Alexander McQueen also has two, origami inspired clutches which function a shape reminiscent of origami yet are produced from edgy, satin fabric using a pattern this kind of as Alexander McQueen's signature sculls.
Maillots De Foot Mens Toasts Devrait être Est Le Femmes
vous achetez vos équipes nouveau maillot de football Brûlures Night Pas question aurais-je payer page dollar pour nouvellement développé shirts, kit de banc etc j'attends et get lorsque attiré assez par raisonnable discount - comme je le fais avec CD , DVD, livres, etc et ainsi de suite. Le concept plus récent est l' ou même le qu'un publicité stratagème pour traire les crédules en sur le montant le plus quantité d' fonds réalisable . Je suis un partisan de la ville de Manchester et je préfère désir à l'ordre les chemises rétro vintage de plus tôt ce genre d' depuis le 1970-1980 etc , De cette façon, vous n'avez moût HOLD l'un des plus latest chemise d'être lancée, et aussi l' cru t-shirt rétro nullement de tendance mes chemises seraient à travers les jours de maillot de foot Rodney Marsh et Francis Lee et ainsi de suite, je suppose que l'Arsenal équivalent serait shirts Rétro de la sur l' goûts de Charlie George, John Radford et Ray Kennedy et ainsi de suite.efficacement ,
Maillots De Foot
Style Votre propre Football ShirtVous trouverez différent raisons tu pourrais souhaiter conception et le style votre extrêmement personnelles maillot de football Il peuvent être car vous sera l'entraîneur de l'équipe personnel, posséder une enfant effectuent le jeu et veut désirs leur propre ou tout simplement parce que vous puisque vous êtes une et besoin d' signifier votre équipe personnel Il ya diverse raisons tu pourrais Maillot Enfant besoin d' Design votre très propre. maillot de football Il pourrait être car vous serait l' d'un personnel, posséder un petit effectuent le jeu et veut désirs leur très ou simplement parce que vous certainement un fan et souhaiter signifier votre équipe équipage . Quel que soit explication est, vous pouvez trouver différentes façons d'autres moyens que vous pouvez réception certainement l'un des vraiment personnel et designing la façon dont que vous venez souhaitez.Nombreux veulent avoir leur très propre chemise à robe sur la jour du mat
Sistema Operativo Android Y Sus Beneficios
Sistema operativo Android fue desarrollado por Yahoo y Google allá por 2007. Su Google introdujo esta tecnología combinada con la colaboración de software, equipos y empresas de telecomunicaciones, que pasan a ser llamados conjuntamente la Open Handset Alliance. Android teléfonos móviles utilizan las aplicaciones y las normas que son de código abierto, i.elizabeth. Codificación, cualquier persona puede desarrollar aplicaciones para que los dispositivos. Es sólo sobre la creación, junto con la liberación de sus aplicaciones. Sin embargo no hay ninguna empresa en concreto los que se reserva el derecho de esta innovación tecnológica, los desarrolladores pueden fácilmente realizar diferentes aplicaciones y programas. Tratamientos Fraxel ha tomado el concepto de la computación móvil a cualquiera o todos los nuevos niveles. -Moviles Chinos La tecnología celular tradicional no permitía a los compradores a salir con paquetes frescos debido a las estrictas leyes de propiedad y reglamentos que
I wish I still knew what it was like to have a real life. To have friends, to go out and do things. I wish I was like all the friends from High School I have on Facebook who are married and have kids. Or just have boyfriends or girlfriends, or are even single. All the ones I've been able to look up seem like they're doing great. Have the career they want or the family they want, or are on their way to achieving them. Or maybe they just have a day job that they're content with because the rest of their lives fulfill them. I wish I still remembered how to even want those things.  It's not that I don't care, it's that I can't. Somewhere along the line I think I forgot how to be a person. I really try to, but for some reason I just can't bring it out in me. I used to care. Probably too much. About what people thought of me, about finding someone to love, about going to school and starting a career. Now I literally could not care less about any of those things. Apathy is a funny thing. By d
The Football Staff Will Release A New Shirt
How Football Kits Can Inspire Your CrewSporting football clothing from the favourite crew can make you feel proud and supportive and make certain that there is no mistaking who you assistance. Football is played and supported by numerous individuals throughout the planet. It has turn into an amazinglyMaillot France in which folks will comply with every single single game. The fans discover that the best way to display their love for their crew is usually to wear the official kit that has been created.All football shirts are equivalent in form and style; nevertheless, they may be available inside a massive number of diverse colors and types. Every single single football team around the globe can have their particular distinctive design and style and colors. The football strip is usually believed to aid Maillot Espagne focus and come collectively as 1 sound unit. In the event you remove the kit, their identity is going to be misplaced, and frequently they don't perform as w
That's Rightfully Nicknamed Ose In The North
Charcoal Pencil PortraitsSteadily ranking amongst one of the most well-known visitor points of interest in Thailand, the bustling Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai draws large crowds of global tourists year-round. Positioned in Chiang Mai vibrant downtown location, this buyers?haven comes alive every day soon after sundown supplying its a lot of guests a pleasurable and distinctive ambience. The evening market is crammed with numerous street stalls marketing a wide variety of cheaply priced goods this kind of as trendycheap Maillot Enfant several clubs, olex?watches, laptop video games, ippo?cigarette lighters, CDs, DVDs, T-Shirts, travel accessories, baseball caps, electronic devices, handicraft goods, woodcarvings, silver jewellery and lots of other goodies. In addition, the most visited night marketplace inside the and of Smiles? is property to some of the most artistic and professional charcoal pencil portraits artists also. The vast majority of the artists producing lifelike
Online Shopping Enables You To Choose From A Tremendous
Rewards Of Turning Online For Buying Branded BagsAll females really like to possess many different colourful bags inside their wardrobe. It's the reason why countless various types of bags are presented within the industry to fulfil diverse needs and desires of females. Within the recent many years, enthusiasm for buying bags has not Louis Vuitton Handbags limited to ladies. Even males are displaying fantastic fascination for owning various kinds of bags. Such enthusiasm is fostering bag companies to come up with progressive variations and types of bags for men and females.Market is flooded with a fantastic range of bags for males and girls such as leather shoulder bags, tote bags, satchels, modest purses, wallets and clutches. With the developing demand of bags, even producers are coming up with a huge selection of designer bags such as Louis Vuitton bags, Lulu Guinness Bags, Coach Handbags Singapore and lot much more.Many guys and girls enjoy to very own a designer bag.
Abc Stands For Awesome Beverage Chics
As things go, if I become attached to a product, they will inevitably discontinue it. So as with my fave summertime drink for the last 4-5 yrs or so, Seagrams Green Dragon, a kind of melon tooter gin n juice mix. With local stores out of stock, online I went to try and hunt down the last remnants of this product. I did find some here n there., but shipping to my state proved it was gonna painful at best. A few of the websites claiming to be able to deliver had a link to check for closest availability near me. So I clicked both and they came back with the Richmond ABC, and had a number to call. I was already braced for a very condensending state office person to relay to me with underlyingly snide joy of how shit out of luck I was....but instead this bubbly angelic southern voice answered. Robin listened tentatively as I blathered about my dilemma and the path that led me to her.  Luckily the website showed a Seagrams item number which helped her out immensely. Without complaint she i
What Type Of Truck??
Oh what truck make should I look at? Ford, Chevy, or a Doge, or other???
The Power Of A Hug
A hug is one of the most powerful actions a person can make.  From family or friends it can show love, compassion, comfort, heal or just be a simple hello.  Those are all great things that a simple embrace can do.  At different times in our lives we will need a hug to fix those emotions.  Or will feel compelled to share a hug for one of those reasons.  Family and Friend hugs are some of the best things in this world but, nothing compares to the hug of a lover.The embrace of a lover...just the thought of it can turn one on.  The passion, the heat, the drive, all the raw emotions that explode between two people.  Knowing that for that moment in time no others exist in the world.  Feeling that those arms can offer protection.  That when wrapped around you, they can make the troubles of your world melt away.  Arms strong enough to lift and support but gentle enough to caress and soothe.  Nothing is better then after, the heat of passion, laying collapsed together, panting and in each other
Even For A Moment
Even for a Moment Dark and twistedViolent and evilTake my bodyEmpty it of needRefill it with pleasureTouch my bodyLove my imperfectionsMake my spine shiverCaress my breastsRun your tongue roundSparks of excitementYour breath against meTantalizing nibbles all overYour gentle touch on my skinThe slow burn of passionHold me close in your armsMake it only you and IAllow me to melt into youRefresh my strengthProtect me alwaysI want to be yours~Violet 9/7/2012
My New Video Post
greetings, I am singer songwriter Jerry criner aka Cryout. I have posted two of my videos on my profile. I was with tropical records for three years .  I never got over 80 dollors  from them in the three years I was with them. I felt something fishy,  My feelings were right. My music is in adds and The video, No man here at the site is in the movie He's on my mind. Inever new the track was in the movie. Well to make a long story short. I left The label. I have started to promote my Digital record label Unemployment records. I will be posting The full story behind my music soon. I hope ypou all enjoy the music at my page,  All my vidoes will be songs from my CD releases. This link is toi my Compilation CD release Road Trip Music.  I hope all of you have fun and your week is full of Joy.
Has Anyone Been Hung Out To Dry Like This
ok lets start this sex show.will there i was just sitting there,not doing much of anything.when i heard a knock at the was the bitch that walked out on me new years eve.and she said,i dont have to go home tonight and i said again i have the big bottle of jack daniels ,not the little one but the big one.and a case of cold cold bud and i always carry a stash.i had 2 left,2 luds.again i have the girl of my dreams.she does drinks my beer and drinks my whiskey and does a lud.and then she said ,oh i feel sick i gotta go home now.and then she threw up all over the floor.and i said hey bitch go outsideand do that.i dont need this.i will just go down to the strip club where its free.this is my story done by a baltimore band named kix.if this has happen to you,let her go and get the pussy for free from a lady who can hold it all.js lol
"my Slut Whore" Cont
Denise couldn't restrain using filthy language with that black dick churning her insides. "Fuck me! Fuck my ass!  Beat it up! Ohhh yyyeeess! Give me that black dick!  Oh Rose pound me silly!"   Her shriek coincided with his own loud groan. Black Rose felt like his balls were rupturing! His throbbing dick jolted spasm after spasm of his hot cum into her ass.  The hot slut whore kept rimming him, forcing him to drain every fucking drop.      But Denise wasn't finished, far from it. "Fuck me! Again! I want it again! Keep pounding my ass! I need it! Oh Master Rose i love you!  Keep it inside me!"   black Rose grimaced with both exaltation and a little anger. That was his slut whore for you. Always giving commands like she owned every thing and every body.  Any normal slut would savored the moment and rest awhile, but not this one. Oh no!    Will resume later:)
Why So Sensitive?
MuMM: Make up My Mind! MuMMs are polls which allow the fubar community to help you make up your mind! Please, no adult or inappropriate content! Ghost I kept everything inside and even though I tried, it all... Chino Valley, AZ On a serious note created @ 06/4/2013 10:35 am expires in: 23 hrs [EVERYONE] Share this MuMM:
Fubar, it is the one site that I am able to voice whatever I choose. I do not fear any negative consequences as I do not have any clients or business associates on here, to my knowledge anyways. I like that. Hell, I love that.    In observation I have noticed that I am more sensitve than I used to be. I am feeling more impassioned about things but am frustrated that my interest, my passions are conflictual with my professional image.    I have many conservative and right wing clients. I am not knocking anyone or their beliefs, but I am obviously neither conservative nor hold right wing beliefs. Sadly, this means i live an almost double life. I try to avoid controversial subjects on the table; however, some clients like to take this time to vent about the ways of the world and I am not going to deny them their opportunity to do so in a safe environment.  Sigh I am proudly a sadomasochistic switch that actively participates in the bdsm community and unashamedly lives a non monogamo
Stuff Happens
If I was you, I would enjoy a place in which I could just unwind. I believe in Our Destiny, it will stay open till it can no longer. It ever closing just isn't gonna happen, its open all the time. It would be pretty neat if everyone believed in Our Destiny. I'm not gonna push and shove. I may not be able to buy bling for new members, but you are rewarded buy your own power to come by my profile and click the 'Our Destiny' pic. It is really easy!! Relaxing music and a stunning sunrise, a couple of friends, and low priced drinks. Sounds perfect to me. I have changed somewhat in my readings of any comments on Battle of the Bands or my mumms. It isn't that I don't care, cuz I do. I can decide on which band I like and I take a look at the votes on my mumms just not the comments. I have a fragile heart, if you knew me you would know that already. I am ready for almost anything everyday, except for walking. Its a curse, if you know my last name you know why. It is funny how things have a wa
What Are Your Opinions On This?
OK....  So today I go to my BFF's page and see something wrote there. Made me upset. She was told she was number one in someones book because some one else told him she was worth being number one. WELL SHE HAS BEEN #1 IN MY BOOK FOR A LONG TIME AND I DID NOT NEED SOMEONE ELSE TO TELL ME THAT!!!!! Some people are fake, fake, fake! Lol ok so for that little rant i feel better.  My Bff is a great person, she is kind, caring, loving, outgoing, and much much much more. I do not think some people on here deserve her kindness.  Anyways the moral of this blog is to tell you, that if someone comes to you and puts you on a pedalstool after knowning you for a long time only because someone else told them too, then they are not a true friend. That person should have already known..  A true friend knows you are great.. A best friend knows you are #1.. song on: Alibis... lmao
Vegas To Grand Canyon - A Helicopter Ride
If you want to see the Grand Canyon and you are short on time or money, take an air-only helicopter tour. Landing tours are fun too but they cost more and they take more time. Even so, all you really need to fully experience the Grand Canyon is a tour by helicopter. Air-only Grand Canyon helicopters take off from Grand Canyon National Park Airport in Tusayan, Arizona (these choppers fly to the South Rim and are a great option for travelers coming from Phoenix and other central AZ cities) and Las Vegas (West Rim only, because the South Rim is too far). If you choose to go on a landing tour instead, then you won't have a choice of rims since the West Rim is the only area where helicopters are allowed to fly below the rim. There are two tour options for the South Rim, one of them lasts 30 minutes and takes you over to the North Rim and back. The second tour option is longer, at nearly an hour in length and covers the same ground but also takes you over the Zuni Corridor, Imperial Point, t
Gurgaon Packers And Movers For Easy And Simple Move
Moving from one place to another, whether it is for short distance or long distance, is not a fun chore; it is complicated and difficult. There are several unpleasant issues and difficulties in the process which may pester anyone. But the situation can be handled and made much easier & simpler by using services of one of experienced and knowledgeable moving companies or packers and movers. There are several professional moving companies or packers and movers in Gurgaon that may help with your move. They may provide you required services and right solution for your move. A good moving company will help with your move during entire operation handling your belongings, furniture, appliances and other valuable items with utmost care and skill. Your belongings will be packed correctly and transferred to your new destination door step timely and safely. Thus you will get full assistance in the move; and of course a peace of mind. Obviously, using services of one of experienced and good move
Application Installation Für Android-handys Und Tablets
Wenn Sie ein Android-Handy oder Tablet besitzen, dann sind Sie wahrscheinlich auf der Suche, um einige dieser Apps auf Ihr Ger?t herunterladen. Aber wie genau meinst du das machen? Es gibt zwei Arten von herunterladbaren Anwendungen auf dem Markt sind die kostenlosen und kostenpflichtigen Variante. Die kostenlose Varianten sind natürlich frei von jeglichen Gebühren und die bezahlten diejenigen k?nnen nur heruntergeladen, wenn Sie für sie gezahlt worden sind. In den meisten F?llen ist die Zahlung sehr minimal. Haben Sie sich für die Art von Download, die Sie beschlossen, alles was Sie tun müssen, klicken Sie auf den "Android Market-Anwendung" auf dem Bildschirm Ihres Tablets oder Telefon. Sobald Sie das tun, ist eine Suchmaschine gestartet, und es wird verwendet, um für die Anwendung zu suchen. -dual sim handy Eine Sache zu beachten ist aber, dass die meisten Suchmaschinen wie Google nicht wirklich überwachen diejenigen, die Anwendungen auf dem Internet laden und als solche, k?nnte man
Austriaco N19 +3 G Listing Perfetto
Austriaco N19 +3 G Listing Perfetto tablet cinesi Austriaco N19 + (versione 3G) continuazione della forma N19 classico, pannelli di plastica neri intarsiati con schermo IPS da 9,7 pollici ampio angolo di visione, o la continuazione della parte inferiore del pulsante IPad simile con un solo tocco dello schermo e. Anche se l'N19 + (versione 3G) ha aggiunto un sacco di funzioni, ma sempre mantenendo il peso originale di 680 grammi ed è solo diavolo 13MM figura, una miriade di componenti e interfacce di espansione sono caricati a soli 13 millimetri di spessore corpo compatto, il che dimostra l'austriaco forte forza del marchio. Fusoliera in più di uno slot per SIM card lasciato per scheda 3G inserita, si può vedere dalla figura N19 + (versione 3G) posteriore della fusoliera o il mestiere di alluminio opaco anti-impronta classica, e più di una SIM identificazione slot. Solo funzione di telefono cellulare al mondo con un 9,7 pollici Android Tablet PC, miglior tablet android ci sono il leg
Installazione Applicazione Per Telefoni E Tablet Android
Se si possiede un telefono Android o tablet, allora probabilmente stai cercando di scaricare alcune di queste applicazioni sul vostro dispositivo. Ma esattamente come si va su di esso? Ci sono due tipi di applicazioni scaricabili sul mercato questi sono la varietà libero e pagato. Quelli gratuiti sono ovviamente liberi di tutte le spese e di quelle pagate possono essere scaricati solo una volta che hai pagato per loro. Nella maggior parte dei casi, il pagamento è molto minimale. Una volta deciso il tipo di di download che si vuole, tutto ciò che dovete fare è cliccare sul 'applicazione Android market' sullo schermo del vostro tablet o telefono. Una volta fatto questo, un motore di ricerca viene avviata e viene utilizzato per cercare l'applicazione. -cellulare android Una cosa da notare è però che la maggior parte dei motori di ricerca, come Google in realtà non controllano chi caricare applicazioni a internet e, come tale, si potrebbe incorrere in un paio di applicazioni che hanno alc
Yves St,st Laurent's Golden 'yse' Backpack
9970CDW Printer EvaluationOverviewThis all-in-one model will conserve you time, room and funds. louis vuitton outlet, copy, scan and fax capabilities imply you are able to obtain your tasks carried out swiftly and simply. The touch screen user interface is an added function that saves a lot much more time and effort. The compact design will look wonderful in any workplace and can not consider up half the space. You might be in a position to print and scan using a USB importantone thing most clients appear for these days. It'll sit comfortably on a sizable table or desk. Should you have any considerations about your very own wellness or even the wellness of the kid, you ought to usually consult with a physician or other healthcare skilled. Please evaluation the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use ahead of making use of this internet site. Your utilization of the internet site indicates your agreement to become bound from the Terms of Use.
Installation D'applications Pour Les Téléphones Android Et Les Tablettes
Si vous possédez un téléphone Android ou tablette, alors vous êtes probablement à la recherche pour télécharger certaines de ces applications sur votre appareil. Mais comment voulez-vous vous y prendre? Il ya deux sortes d'applications téléchargeables sur le marché ce sont la variété gratuits et payants. Les gratuits sont évidemment sans aucun frais et ceux payés ne peuvent être téléchargés une fois que vous avez payé pour eux. Dans la plupart des cas, le paiement est très minime. Une fois que vous avez décidé sur le type de téléchargement que vous voulez, tout ce que vous avez à faire est de cliquer sur le 'application Android Market ?sur l'écran de votre tablette ou téléphone. Une fois que vous faites cela, un moteur de recherche est lancé et il est utilisé pour rechercher l'application. -téléphone android Une chose à noter, cependant, c'est que la plupart des moteurs de recherche, comme Google n'ont pas vraiment suivi pas ceux qui téléchargent des applications à l'Internet et en ta
Customize Holiday Tour Packages In Leh Ladakh
Leh Ladakh travel and leisure provides some awesome traveling possibilities to the visitors who are in search of peace and relaxed atmosphere. The incredible attractiveness of Leh Ladakh can keep anyone in awe pushing you tofall in love with the genuine and relaxing atmosphere. This Native indian area is also popular for the adventure tour as the nearby Himalayan area provides some outstanding features for the excitement and fun. The adventure lovers can experience hiking, tubing, backpacking, snowboarding and other actions in the ravishing atmosphere. The characteristics has endowed this position with awesome plants and creatures which creates it a ideal position for visitors where anyone can invest the relax of his life relaxing in this relaxing house of monasteries.   Leh is the biggest town of Ladakh and its investment. Its lifestyle has still the contact of Tibetan race as the city was once a significant part of the business path of Native indian, Chinese suppliers and Tibet. Wh
The Loss Kicks N Again
Six weeks ago she slipped away without a word to say goodbye.  Today they lay her to rest finally.  I can't stop thinking bout her.  The tears just keep flowing like a waterfall bursting.  She was the one woman I never wanted to lose.  And without warning she was ripped from my life.  I thought the pain was gone.  I thought I was ok. I'm not ok.  I feel like not only has a part of me gone with her but that so much of me inside is dying.  I want to blame anyone and everyone for me losing her.  I hate myself that I wasn't there when I should have been.  I didn't protect her and keep her safe from harm.  I let her down.  Now she will never know just how much I really loved her.  No words that I say or write can ever show her what she meant to me. She was a light I never saw with other women.  She was the first true woman I ever loved with more than a heart and soul.  She used to run home to calm me down when he would tell her I was losing it and out of control.  She rushed home to always
Burberry Pink On Facebook Sida
In order to get close to local consumers, Burberry also opened a local social account countries in China has 310,000 Sina microblogging fans in Brazil, Mexico, Japan and other countries also opened a local Twitter account. November 2009, on the line, this is a Burberry trench coat so that the world can share fans dressed through the place, to the end of 2010, the web traffic more than 11 million. More people relish, Burberry's innovative fashion show "retail theater", to subvert the past behind closed doors, in the form of invited customers to participate.Burberry sunglasses The end of 2010, Burberry sites in 45 countries, new on-line, 6 languages meet different user online shopping, but also provide customer service in 14 languages ??for users to consult. At the same time, Burberry closely followed the pace of social networks, the use of this civilian population of the propaganda tactics to the general public can feel the top luxury culture. As of 2011, Burberr
Elizabeth Ii And Prince Charles
2006, Burberry ushered in the current CEO CEO Angela Allen Deitz (Angela Ahrendts), she is neither a brand founder, nor family members, but with amazing leadership and superb digital marketing tactics led Burberry In just five years time, revenue doubled, and the luxury brand back into the top ranks.Burberry sunglasses Angela Allen Deitz (Angela Ahrendts) - Burberry bags - British Burberry Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director introduced.Herve Leger Bandage Dress As of September 30, 2011 fiscal year, the upper half of its revenues and profits amounted to 830 million pounds and 117 million pounds, compared with the same period last year increased by 29.4% and 41.03%, in 2011 "BrandZ world's most valuable brands 100 "ranked the top ten luxury. Founded in 1856, Burberry, with distinctive checkered pattern is well known, was Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles twice awarded the Royal Warrant. Today, among the constituent stocks of the FTSE 100 Index list of Burberry,
I Came Here With An Open Mind, I Would Like To Know This Country Is Completely Different Culture And Life
Tonight's Super League, will be remarkable, "duo will" - Guangzhou Evergrande vs Shandong Luneng. The Goal is also fortunate to interview before the Shandong Luneng Australia reinforcements McGowan Man soccer jerseys???? Since the 23-year-old Ryan - McGowan text, leaving Scottish Premier League Hearts Club transfer to join Super League club Shandong Luneng to, this Australian internationals to use the shortest possible time to conquer the super fans. In the text have McGowan's help in the defense after the Super League Shandong Luneng also surging, they are currently in the standings from the top of the Guangzhou Hengda is only a difference of 3 points. In this Saturday, two teams just want to be something in Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium, "Enter the Dragon."???? "We have full confidence, Shandong Luneng at home with the ability to easily defeat any challenger." McGowan text before accepting Goal reporter Peter Davis interview said so. Shandong Luneng effectiveness f
The "blue Army" The Biggest Goal Is To Win The Champions League
Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech recognize the "Blue Army" The biggest goal is to win the Champions League, he admitted that this club has come to the point of obsession, but he thinks the obsession of the team hurt ......??????? For each one European Champions League for both Meilinandang Yankees, the Premiership giants Chelsea is certainly no exception. Goalkeeper Petr Cech in a recent interview admitted that he and his teammates and the whole club are very keen to win the Champions League, this feeling has even to the point of unable to extricate themselves. ??????? After the first group match victory over Bayer Leverkusen, Chelsea then have to face an uphill battle on the road, "Blue Army" against the current state of the great La Liga giants Valencia. Mata rookie team will face former team, whether on the road to beat Chelsea outlet Valencia will play an important decision.??????? In the 2008 Champions League final, Chelsea lost to Manchester United in a penalty shootout,
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More And More Deprssed Thought
soo..sitting here looking at myself, wondering "what if I'm nobody's type"? You know how bald guys, guys wth tats, guys wth long hair, guys into sports, guys that are religious....and you realize you are NONE of those. like, what kinda of type are you? hell, idont think even like my type! its why they let me keep a firearm anymore. LOL I am so tired of myself....but miss you, even though know lost you. see? its self sacrifice! if you truly love someone, you want them to be happy; and tat means you have to let go sometimes. even tho it kills you, it IS the right thing to do, the noble thing....the thing nobody else will do.  Perhaps THAT is my type: I am not what yu dserve, but I am what you need right now.
A Thanks To Everyone 25k
First I want to say thanks to everyone, basically the whole site for making this 25k happen.  Sorry for the delay in some of the thanks as I have been recovering by sleeping far more than usual. I was actually up 36 hours straight trying to make this thing happen.  I sincerely appreciate everyone coming together in making this work out, even enemies of one another joined together for one day and helped out.  I wish it was like that all the time; it actually showed how fun this place can be :).  So once again thank you thank you thank you! Now I would like to talk a little bit about the experience myself and what I endured.  I remember staying up very late on Friday praying that I would book my HH's and get the times I needed. Well luckily that was taken care of and that was the first step done.  Each process was completely nerve racking.  Did I think I would hit 25k likes? To be honest,  HECK NO.  Matter of fact, my own friends believed in me more than my ownself and once again I tha
where is my wife ?I AM FU SINGLE     PS:BLING NEEDED
Instalación De La Aplicación Para Móviles Y Tabletas Android
Si usted posee un teléfono Android o tableta, entonces usted está probablemente en busca de descargar algunas de estas aplicaciones en su dispositivo. Pero, ?cómo es exactamente lo que va sobre él? Hay dos tipos de aplicaciones descargables en el mercado de estos son la variedad gratuitos y de pago. Los libres son, obviamente, libre de cualquier cargo y los pagados solo se pueden descargar una vez que han pagado por ellos. En la mayoría de los casos el pago es muy mínimo. Una vez que haya decidido sobre el tipo de descarga que desea, todo lo que tienes que hacer es hacer clic en el 'mercado de aplicaciones Android "en la pantalla de su tableta o teléfono. Una vez hecho eso, un motor de búsqueda se inicia y se utiliza para buscar la aplicación. -android 4.0 Una cosa a destacar es que aunque la mayoría de los motores de búsqueda, como Google realmente no vigilan a los que cargar las aplicaciones en el Internet y como tal, usted podría encontrarse con algunas aplicaciones que tienen algu
You Have Your Own Special Way - Genesis
Go far enough and you will reach,A place where the sea runs underneath.We'll see our shadow, high in the sky,Dying away in the night.I've sailed the world for seven years,And left all I love behind in tears.Oh, won't you come here, wherever you are,I've been all alone long enough.You, you have your own special way,Of holding my hand keep it way 'bove the water,Don't ever let go - Oh no, no, no.You, you have your own special way,Of turning the world so it's facingThe way that I'm going. Don't everDon't ever stop.Whose seen the wind not you or I,But when the ship moves she's passing by.Between you and me I really don't think,She knows where she's going at all.You, you have your own special way,Of carrying me twice round the worldNever closer to home than the day,The day I started.You, you have your own special way,Hold onto my hand keep it way 'bove the water,Don't ever let go no, no, no.What mean the dreams night after night.The man in the moon's a blinding light.Won't you come out whoe
The Music Box - Genesis
While Henry Hamilton-Smythe minor (8) was playing croquetwith Cynthia Jane De Blaise-William (9), sweet-smiling Cynthiaraised her mallet high and gracefully removed Henry's head.Two weeks later, in Henry's nursery, she discovered his treasuredmusical box. Eagerly she opened it and as "Old King Cole"began to play, a small spirit- figure appeared. Henry had returned -but not for long, for as he stood in the room hisbody began ageing rapidly, leaving a child's mind inside. A lifetime's desiressurged through him. Unfortunately the attemptto persuade Cynthia Jane to fulfill his romantic desire led his nurse to the nurseryto investigate the noise. Instinctively Nanny hurledthe musical box at the bearded child, destroying both.Play me Old King ColeThat I may join with you,All your hearts now seem so far from meIt hardly seems to matter now.And the nurse will tell you liesOf a kingdom beyond the skies.But I am lost within this half-world,It hardly seems to matter now.Play me my song.Here it co
While In The Akron-area Are Louis Vuitton Handbags
you will definitely appearance and feel amazingly louis vuitton affordable handbags Akron Budget TrendThere exists a large difference between knock-off style and budget trend. Or is there? Despite the fact that distinguishing a knock-off from your genuine deal can be difficult, fakes are low-cost attempts to steal a designers property. It is not illegal to purchase knock-off fashions, but it is illegal to promote them. Unlawful knock-offs are ones that blatantly have the names and logos of designers on them. These knock-offs, even though low-cost excuses from the actual mccoys, at least give some credit score to their designers. There is a sort of knock-off that most budget shoppers usually are not even aware of.Connected topicsbudgetTargetDesigner bagsProenza SchoulerPursesMid-level department retailers including Target and Kohl's have their very own designer labels that make fashions that follow higher trend trends. This can be excellent for shoppers on a spending budget
D'autres Soins Maillots De Foot De Santé Qualifiés
Marque identifier lunettes de soleil à spécifiées tendance Boutiques Ligne Regarder pour tous ceux lunettes de soleil fringant vous pouvez long une journée ensoleillée sur le voyage avec amis proches ou un ne temps pour vous d'aller au centre commercial et recherche tous autour? envisager Achats à mode Détaillants en ligne tel comme Calvin Klein, Carrera, Donna Karen, Versace et un grand nombre beaucoup plus. Vogue est supérieure usure le plus chaud vêtements pensées! Vous C'est vraiment également comment vous ADD certains accessoires votre toute recherche maillot de foot Sunglasses ne sont généralement pas seulement mode accessoire pour été , ils peuvent également fournir valeur sécurité de l' rayons ultra-violets.Par sportives lorsque vous extérieur, vous pourriez être en fait protégeant votre sensibles Autorités dire que besoin d' bloquer 99-100% de chaque UV-A et UV-B rayons. Vous devez vous compte sportive un chapeau à large bord pour bloquer la lumière du soleil frai
Quatre Maillot De Foot
Tourner dans a Propriétaire Faisant usage d' Ce jeu addictifPour que , Meilleures pourrait être vraiment divertissant pour être joué Cette application est fondamentalement le jeu généralement de simulation qui prévoit l'expérience se révèle être un pro entraîneur de football . Vous trouverez vraiment les PC ce genre de comme ainsi le gestionnaire de Fantasy Football qui avait obtenu le merveilleux bons résultats fantastique réponses de joueurs à travers le globe Maillot Enfant Maintenant, laissez-. permettre examiner jouer et en plus analyse du Onze Football Manager pour votre gadgets mobiles par exemple comme un exemple téléphones Android ou Apple marchandises.Normalement , en participant activement jouer le file Onze Football Manager, tu pourrais Légumes le club de football virtuel puis Play copains copains ou certains autres joueurs en imprimable correspond agréables, ligues, coupes, et aussi ligues de champion du gameplay appels d' au joueur de premier all décider la n
"my Slut Whore" Cont
A few minutes later, Denise was on all fours with her ass prominently displayed for Black Rose's benefit. She was stretched open and Black Rose easily intruded his black dick inside her. she'd learned how to relax and she was even more anxious for the sex than he was. if that was possible. He gripped her hips hard and slammed home.       Denise squealed at the top of her lusty lungs. "Fuck! Yes! Fuck! Pound my white ass! Oh Rose! i love it just like that! Harder! Harder!"     Black Rose let his dick do his talking for him. He pounded into her, making that tight hole sizzle! back and forth, in and out he went that wiass. She was screaming in pain and lust.  The slut whore was bucking back, trying to engulf his dick down to the root! she wanted every fucking black inch and then some. Black rose figured that if he had an additional two or three inches she would have forced her ass to gobble it all.   What a  hot anal slut whore and he was fucking her good! Denise moved her fingers back an
Nylon Or Light Cotton With Jazzy
Football Shirtshow Your Pridefootball shirts is amongst the very best ways to communicate out your thoughts and to convey your message to others that you simply really like football.Each and every football group or league has its very own football shirts which has its own color,layout and group emblem.These football shirts may also be referred to as Maillot Angleterre numerous nations.Gamers of each crew put on their team jerseys with their names printed behind their football jerseys in order that people can recognize them after they are playing within the ground.Sporting football shirts bearing the legend of ones preferred football club is not just a signifies of revealing ones allegiance. It's also a subtle statement of great and chic. And marketplace savvy football clubs are already, predictably, swift to cash in within the current football shirt culture fad. Clubs, far more exclusively club names, have become Maillot Espagne . Little wonder that almost all retro shirts
The Magic Of Christmas Can A Minimum Of Allow
Magical Presents For any Magical Time From the YearThere's no denying that Christmas is actually a truly special time of yr and with numerous Christmas presents to buy and wrap, all that catering and family members entertaining; it seems unlikely that we would ever get via all of it without having some sort of miracle. However the real cheap Maillot Enfant individuals who truly think in its magic; and you don't have to dress up as Santa Claus to obtain the celebration commenced. Spread the Christmas Spirit early this year by using a set of handmade Christmas Cards. Best for acquiring the younger little ones involved, they deliver a true private touch for the festive season. Whilst they've got the pens out, you may also get them to compose out these crucial letters from an official 'Christmas Letter to Santa Kit'. These charming Christmas presents feature pre-addressed envelopes on the massive man himself and therefore are certain to heighten that magical truly feel. Among t
Casual Dining Isn't Taking This Lying Down.
Earlier this year Applebee's began expanding a lunchtime platform where customers can order and pre-pay for their meals at a counter. Runners then deliver the food to their table. For now, the Express Lunch option is only available at roughly two dozen locations in the company's home turf of Kansas City. Other chains are trying to buy their optical fiber cables way out. Ruby Tuesday acquired Lime Fresh, a small Chipotle-esque concept with a wider menu, last year.Casual dining giants are also reaching higher up the food chain, snapping up more upscale concepts that haven't suffered from the defection to fast casual. After all, someone hankering for a foodie hotspot or a fancy chophouse isn't going to trade down to a carnitas burrito at Chipotle. Darden is one of the operators going higher end, snapping up the fast-growing Yardhouse brewpub chain and expanding its own Seasons 52 concept.Your local casual dining operator doesn't have much of a choice. The trend isn't its friend these days
Real Design Is All About Taking A Traditional Element
A Guide To Carrying Your Louis Vuitton Artsy MmIt might be fairly safe to say that a Louis Vuitton bag is a must-have for trendy girls all over the entire world. Movie stars, heiresses, and doing work girls alike enjoy the appear and feel of a well-made LV handbag. LV continues to be creating Louis Vuitton Handbags for a lot of many years and it's managed to produce a number of timeless favourites just like the Neverfull tote along with the Speedy satchel, which grew to become well-known because the handbag that Audrey Hepburn carried. It continues to live up to its popularity by unveiling several a lot more modern classics like the Louis Vuitton Artsy MM.The Louis Vuitton Artsy MM is a medium-sized bag that's slouchy in shape and includes a single leather take care of with braid detail. You can carry it inside your hand or in your shoulder, and it truly is got several great characteristics like six patch pockets, an extended zipped pocket for the wallet, protective studs o
Kicking Burritos And Taking Names
Fast casual -- a hot niche where quality food is served quickly without a dedicated wait staff -- is what's eating into both the fast food and casual dining markets.Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) and Panera Bread (fiber optic cable) have become the new darlings of the dining scene. They're the poster children for fast casual, where diners can get a meal that may be slightly more expensive than fast food alternatives, but the food quality and perceived ambiance is also better.At Chipotle, the burritos, tacos, and rice bowls are pieced together as they're ordered by a lightning-fast human assembly line. At Panera, fresh salads, soups, and sandwiches are ready within minutes of being ordered. There's no waiter to tend to your soda refill, but that also means that there's no need to tip the waitress or wait around for your check when you're done.Industry tracker NPD Group estimates that fast casual sales rose 8 percent last year, compared to a slight decline at traditional table service rest
My 1 Wish
How I so wish I could have been what you wanted. I wasn't born beauiful. Society judges me. I have hated myself for many years. I so wish I could go back in my life and chnge a few things. I would be born skinny and beautiful. I lie to myself and say it doesn't matter but it does. I lie to myself and say everything will be ok, but it's not. I have tried to change my ways. But thats hard to do after so many years. I havent had anyone who ever took the time to help me change. A true friend is a friend until the end. And that is what I am to anyone who needs a good friend. But I also have feelings. I let my feelings get in the way. And I knew better. But helll I cant tell my heart how to feel. I will give you a lifetime as my friend. And a friend you shall be. No more no less. No matter how my heart breaks. And all the pain I feel inside. But I will prevail. I refuse to let myself fall ever again. Pick myself up. Move on. I will look forward to our talks. When they happen. And the time we
An Ode And Two Seasons...
As you wake on a tuesday winter's mornand the climate for me is of summer borni am thinking these thoughts, they are romancei envision us soflty as we dancewe are gliding in motion and spinningas our gaze locks our eyes we are grinningi draw you so closely to my faceour lips touch together in warm embracei brush through your hair like the wind does the tree leavesjust thinking of you makes me weak in the kneesi can't help it this feeling, i am floatingi don't want to lose all of this i'm emotingyou have taken the place of my nightmaresi am constantly captured by your starei cannot ever get you off my mindyou have worn smooth my rough spots and i findthere is no room in my heart for no otheri am running toward you and not coveryou have blanketed my soul from the insideit is for your love and toward you i glide
"my Slut Whore"
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Finest Moments
Finest Moments In my weakest moments, I let you down. In my strongest moments, I picked you up.   The moment I saw you, you made me weak. The moment You kissed me, I detoured to escape.   To have and to hold, but not to keep. The faith I took, our spirits embraced.   Your bittersweet taste, forever upon my lips, The sound of your voice, I no longer wish.   In my weakest moments, I set you free. In my strongest moments, I once again found ME!! By: Estrella VonNostitz aka: Miss AnGeL KisS June 3, 2013
Life On Mars?
The findings, published in the journalNature Geoscience, also hint at the possibility that hydrogen-dependent life could have existed where iron-rich igneous rocks on Mars were once in contact with water. Scientists have thoroughly investigated how rock-water reactions can produce hydrogen in places where the temperatures are far too hot for living things to survive, such as in the rocks that underlie hydrothermal vent systems on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. The hydrogen gases produced in those rocks do eventually feed microbial life, but the communities are located only in small, cooler oases where the vent fluids mix with seawater. The new study, led by CU-Boulder Research Associate Lisa Mayhew, set out to investigate whether hydrogen-producing reactions also could take place in the much more abundant rocks that are infiltrated with water at temperatures cool enough for life to survive. "Water-rock reactions that produce hydrogen gas are thought to have been one of the earlies
Milky Way's Local Arm Larger Than Previously Thought "Our new evidence suggests that the Local Arm should appear as a prominent feature of the Milky Way," Alberto Sanna, of the Max-Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy said in a statement. Sanna presented these findings at a news conference during the 222nd meeting of the American Astronomical Society. In fact, the Local Arm looks to be as long as 16,000 light-years wide, Sanna said. Scientists can't be sure what the Milky Way galaxy truly looks like from the outside, because we are stuck within it. Researchers have to measure distances between objects in the Milky Way to understand exactly where something might fit within the context of the rest of the cosmic neighborhood. "Based on both the distances and the space motions we measured, our Local Arm is not a spur," Sanna said."It is a major structure, maybe a branch of the Perseus Arm, or possibly an independent arm segment."
Talk Of Recovery In Greece Is Premature – And All About Justifying Austerity
By Aditya Chakrabortty   Perhaps you remember reading about a basket case called Greece. The first domino to fall in the eurozone crisis, it was officially broke and only kept afloat by hundreds of billions in euros from Europe and the IMF. To secure the loans, Athens had to slash spending, lay off or cut pay for thousands of public servants and flog state assets. The result was social uproar, political turmoil and economic collapse. Hundreds of thousands of Greeks took to the streets. The country faced ejection from the euro, what economists drolly dubbed a "Grexit". In short, it was in a deep hole. But if that's your image of Greece then you need to update it: that's so spring/summer 2012. Over the past few weeks, Athens' top brass have been trying to convince the world that happy days are here again. Prime minister Antonis Samaras now talks of the Greek "success story". The boss of the central bank and the finance minister say Greece has turned a corner. Editorialists in the nati
S' Gonna Be One Of Those Weeks
sometimes I just have to share my pain      Customer.... do you ah sell da a gouda cheese    Me....yes I do    Customer ....where ah da iz it    Me.....over here in the cheese cooler Maam    Customer ... ah how da mooch iz it    Me ... depends on the kind Maam   Customer.... gohkay whoot about dis a piece    Me... 29.15 Maam   Customer ... oh dat very much a price but I a have da bad gas and I a had been told da gouda cheese helps with da gas and it a smells bettter      Me.... *cries*
The Goodness Will Come If You Can Wait
1, 2, 3, 4, should I start off where I ended before?? Nah, it is a new day. I would like to say that things are great, but that would be a lie and I find it very hard to lie. Sometimes I wish others were like that. I need to tell you when I ask that much from people, they get down right mean. I didn't fricking say it was time to get rude. If I said 'don't tell me any lies', would you take that has me saying 'I want you to do your best to make me hate you'??  If people can't be nice without trying to be, then they are not someone I want in my life. Somedays I am strong and somedays I'm not. I ain't gonna figure that you know what I am on each and every given day. If I leave a note here, in this blog, about how today is. It is simple and 1, 2, 3, don't tick me off and don't even think about pissing me off. Maybe just to be curtious, just know you have been given a clue. I am not usually the type that is on the rag all the time. This is just to let you know, for some damn reason that is
Nwo Lists
Breaking: Official Bilderberg Attendee List Released     Invitees and agenda of talking points released Bilderberg MeetingsJune 3, 2013 Here is the official list of attendees for the upcoming Bilderberg meeting at The Grove in Watford, England, as well as the agenda. Hertfordshire, England 6-9 June 2013 Current list of Participants Status 3 June 2013 Chairman FRA Castries, Henri de Chairman and CEO, AXA Group      
True love is not just about sexual excitement and lust of your youth. Sexual pleasures, dating and passionate fantasies are all short lived impulses. The purest form of love is a beautiful journey of soulful intimacy of two people who are connected to each other through their souls. It is all about caring for each other when you really need to be looked after. It is all about having a sense of comfort and ease after living together for years and years. Love is to hold each other close to the heart through sticks and shivers. Love is to cherish the presence of your lover when you are old and done with your dreams and fantasies. Love is to grow old together. True love is a never ending adventure that lasts a whole lifetime
Memorial Day Post
                                  "An American Soldier"  If you can, save a place within your heart for the tired souls of war and conflict and as you walk away take one last backward glance at the places they can no longer go.  Remember what they have taught you and take their knowledge and wisdom with you so their deaths were not in vain. One day when we all look back and realize what they sacrificed, take a moment to embrace in your heart all those gentle heroes that were left behind on the battlefields fighting for their country. Let them know that you have always loved them even though you may not have.  Forever save a place in your hearts for them. A young soldier once remarked:We did not go because we are soldiers; we went because we are AMERICANS        "Another lonely day"  The moment I awake the same hope begins The hope for a call or a letter And even though I still have several months to wait There's always the miraculous hope of hearing "Beautifull I'm finally
Storm Chasing - In Memory Of My Friends Tim, Paul, And Carl
When people see my name, a lot of them think "Storm Chaser" so cool!The fact of the matter is that most of the time it is cool, but it is also very dangerous no matter how much training you have.This weekend, the storm chasing community lost 3 of our own.  Tim Samaras, his son Paul Samaras, and Carl Young were killed while chasing the El Reno Oklahoma tornado Friday night.I knew Tim and Carl on a personal level and they were two of the greatest chasers ever.  Tim was always focused on safety and making sure his team was out of danger.This weekend I was tore up when I found out.  The chasing community is very close and we all look out for eachother.Chasing is an incredible experience, but a lot of people dont realize that there is another side of chasing that we dont like to talk about.  This is it.RIP Tim, Paul, and Carl.  You will all be missed very much.
New Luxurious Apartments Worli @09999684166
                                              Worli Projects Mumbai   Worli : Worli is one of the best localities of the Mumbai city. The residential luxurious apartments in the area are the most attracting feature of this emergent locality . Worli is a part of South Mumbai which extends from Haji Ali to Prabhdevi. The nearest railway station to the neighborhood is Mahalaxmi. Worli Sea – Face is now better connected with Western Suburbs. With a strong network of roads,Malls, Shoping Centers, High rise complexes,  Cinemas, Restaurants, daily expedient stores and more within or in the  nearby areas . it has become the most privileged thing to buy Apartments in Worli. Worli is leading with Real
To Whom It May Concern
In my mind a grand design the ties that bind     still give me sign  And I'll swaddle you in magnificent sojourn.  As the wolf nuzzles the chickadee.      As my blood cries out for harmony.       Longing evermore to dance across parted lips. We wait.  We die. We live.
Choosing Right Packaging For Fragile Items
If you have received a mass of rubble assuming it to be a beautiful flower vase which you had ordered from a distant store, then you surely know there was something seriously wrong with the packaging of the product. As a marketer, you can well imagine yourself to be in the consumer’s shoes and understand his fury on receiving a broken or a damaged product which is of no use. Traditional packaging techniques like stuffing paper and thermo coal are not adequate to provide complete protection. If your company manufactures fragile items, then it becomes even more important to choose correct packaging. Thankfully, packaging design company have made it possible to ship fragile items safely over long distances. Today, there are various types of packaging materials and equipment available that suit the needs and requirements of different types of goods. The type of goods transported becomes varied day by day and hence, packaging materials are also constantly evolving. This ha
Her Story
My Goddaughter Mercedes is one the sweetest girls that the heavens has in their realm,she has brought mre great joy the short time she was here. I think about here daily,I visit her grave also. On February 5th saw 18 years old,it also my birthday too. I miss her dearly. A she spent her short life on this world,she brought a lot of joy and laughter to everyone she met. I will see her again when i get to heaven,because she is  my Guardian Angel. 
Will Electronic Tattoos Replace Internet Passwords And All Other Forms Of Identification?     Michael SnyderAmerican DreamJune 3, 3013 Would you wear an electronic tattoo if you couldn’t log on to the Internet without one?  That may sound crazy to many of you, but the technology for such a system already exists.  RFID tattoos have existed for quite some time, and they are already being used on animals.  But now an entire
I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaried or barriers if two people are destined to be together. 
Never Have Too Many Shoes - Tory Burch Reva
To mourn the sudden octopus world and brought him to national social contribution I go to buy eight shoes A table for the early 21st century's greatest prophet octopus Paul's thoughts Because the relationship between work should stand I like to buy flat shoes First up is this years hottest Tory Burch Reva Ballerina Flat shoes From Oprah, Mariah Carey, and Reese Witherspoon Dislikes one pair Almost replaced SF butterfly shoe market tory burch handbags outlet Coupled with this year's most red elements - sequins Sequins The second three pairs is Vera Wang Lavender Label flat shoes Vera Wang powerful is her wedding dress I think my life is not this chance Buy shoes too dry addiction can always be right Vera Wang wedding dress in addition to the main cause of senior Open up the two decks of cards Welfare of poor people labor Hypermarkets Kohl's cooperation with low-cost SimplyVera Vera Wang Most commodities are looking for costumes $ 50 friends Another product line is Vera Wang Lavend
Cl Red Shoes 2013 Spring And Summer Advertising Large Distributed Extraordinary Charm
MM who know what brand cl red-soled shoes do? In fact, the French brand cl red-soled shoes Christian Louboutin (Christian Louboutin) of red-soled shoes. Recently, the famous brand Christian Louboutin red soled shoes photographed a group of 2013 spring and summer advertising large, distributed extraordinary charm. The Christian Louboutin red soled shoes, the use of the three colors white, green and red combination of collision, Christian Louboutin Sandals create such a fashion personality red high heels, people can not help heart. Rose Red is the color of one of the female-specific, this red rose on red high heels, pointed toe, thin heel is full of sexy women exudes charm. Plaid pattern is the darling of the fashion world. 2013 spring Christian Louboutin red high heels this checkered pattern, Christian Louboutin Daffodile Black toe joined the three-dimensional flowers design, full of youthful vigor, sweet and full. In fact, Christian Louboutin red soled shoes is not only produced, b
Customize Holiday Tour Packages In Shimla Manali
Shimla and Manali are the mountain place of Himachal Pradesh which is very popular for its hilly position and plants.  Specially Manali is most popular and popular mountain place of north Indian. Large amount of visitors check out these mountain stations irrespective of the season. Both the locations are calm and contamination free and that is the primary reason for vacationer fascination. There are plenty of attractive locations where you can check out with your associate to make your honeymoon vacation journey more memorable. In Indian plenty of vacationer locations are here where you can check out but these two position are incredible. You will definitely appreciate your honeymoon vacation with your life partner  because Manali Travel Packages and leisure is very wonderful, pleasant, amazing and wonderful position. Beautiful with snow covered hills creates Shimla Manali more drawn and wonderful. There are so many spiritual forehead position where you can check out . Hidimba Devi T
Gt-i9600 Running Android 4.3 To Run Sub-exposure
  Cellulari android Samsung's flagship Galaxy S4 sales really amazing, in just less than a month's time on the shipment of 10 million. S4 thermal head yet, and now security Bunny achievements library, it came to a model for the GT-I9600 is Samsung's new flagship allegedly likely to run sub screenshot Galaxy S5, which runs Android 4.3.2 system, rare under Samsung generation flagship confidential come?From this point of view security Bunny ran sub-shots of the device to run sub-score of 15,016 points, the frequency of only 1.4GHz, quad-core than the Galaxy S3 even lower, basically at the low end quad-core level. Therefore, it does not look like is Samsung's new flagship machine to run sub-scores. Suspected Samsung's new flagship smartphone android GT-I9600 running sub exposureSecond, from the naming of view, Galaxy S2 model GT-9100 Galaxy S3 model GT-9300, Galaxy S4 model GT-9500, so Samsung next-generation flagship model should be as GT-9700. The device model but for the GT-I9600, als
German First Team Pride Gay Football Team Lost The First Battle To Leave
  Rugby is a very masculine oppositional movements, but also a fair sport. Regardless of gender and sexual orientation, any person has the opportunity to show the masculine side football field. cheap nfl jerseys"Hindustan Times" March 25 news that the Berlin gay recently staged a duel between the teams in this competition, Germany's first football team debut, although they drop to 45-22 big score defeat, but still with a brisk and proud look away venue. Houston Texans jerseyDebut of the "Berlin boxer" was established in six months ago, and beat their opponents are the first team from Ireland gay team "Dublin Warrior", with relatively young German team compared to their more than 10 years history. Green Bay Packers jerseyThe tournament suffered a cold weather, the players had to fight on the snow-covered pitch. Although the "Berlin boxer" has undergone training in the snow stadium and made ​​careful preparations before the game, but the "Dublin Warriors" or to
Hong Kong International Rugby Sevens Sidelights
From 1976 the first 12 teams to today's 28 teams, the Hong Kong International Rugby Sevens tournament has become the world rugby sevens series in the history of the largest one race, there is the highest level of competition, but also the most would slapstick fans. cheap nfl jerseysFor many first time watching the Hong Kong International Rugby Sevens tournament audience, fell in love here not because of the charm of a football game, but was "nonsense" the fans to create a "Carnival" to attract. Houston Texans jerseyHong Kong Stadium South Stand is the craziest football fans gathered at, how crazy? Walking the fans channel, you can saw a rise banner "South Stand only 18 years of age will not be admitted." And want to watch the games in the South also have to stand early, otherwise only stand queuing area waiting, and so twelve hours of the day.Into the South Stand, like walking into a masquerade ball, Superman, Cleopatra, The Flintstones ...... all kinds of "Ray" costume fa
The 21-year-old Was At The Heart Of The Majority Of The Hosts’ Forays Forward
A late goal from Paulhinho salvaged a 2-2 draw for Brazil in an entertaining friendly with England in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday.Brazil dominated the first half, but were kept at bay by England keeper Joe Hart. cheap jerseys Luiz Felipe Scolari’s men took the lead through Fred early in the second half, but then fell behind as England rallied, with goals from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wayne Rooney putting them in front.However, Paulinho intervened eight minutes from the end to stop the visitors from becoming the first side to beat Brazil on home soil since Bobby Robson’s England achieved the feat in 1984.Brazil dictated the game early on but did not create the first chance until the 17th minute when Barcelona full-back Dani Alves hit a long-range drive which swerved wide of the far post.That opportunity seemed to further Brazil’s confidence and only Hart prevented them from taking the lead, denying Neymar from point-blank range after the attacker showed gre
Fernando Gago Is Back For Argentina
Argentina coach Alejandro Sabella has selected former Real Madrid and Roma midfielder Fernando Gago for upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Colombia and Ecuador, despite the 27-year-old struggling with injury concerns. cheap soccer jerseysGettyImages Fernando Gago is back for ArgentinaGago has been ruled out for Velez Sarsfield in recent weeks, but Sabella has shown faith in him due to his partnership with Javier Mascherano. He is one of three domestic-based players drafted into the squad, including Boca Juniors goalkeeper Agustin Orion and Velez's Gino Peruzzi. However, Velez boss Ricardo Gareca is angry with the AFA because he feels Gago has not fully recovered from a knee injury."This is something the club will have to solve," Gareca said. "Gago must get over in Velez. After that, I have no objection for him to join the national team. If the player is completely recovered, I have no problems, but he has not been discharged yet." Gago was absent from Valez's 1-1 draw w
Burberry Will Increase Annual Operating Profit
"China is now Burberry's fastest growing market, is expected 2011 sales growth of 30%, higher than the Group's total growth, and most probably in the next five years to become the largest market." Angela said, Burberry has opened 55 stores in China and plans to bring the next 10 years, the most important market for double the number of stores.Christian Louboutin Pumps Angela Allen Deitz (Angela Ahrendts) - Burberry bags - British Burberry Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director introduced.Herve Leger Bandage Dress It is estimated that, from wholesale to retail sales conversions, Burberry will increase annual operating profit of 20 million pounds. China will also be the launch of Burberry's first digital retail model market.
Yves St,st Laurent's Rare 'yse' Container
55 improper fix and lack of servicing are some belonging towards the normal challenge in the roofIt is the truth that a multi practical cocaine offering some a single sedative and skeletal lean muscle mass relaxant functions Individuals which of you go and buy Valium might have going to be the a tough time also as in falling asleep at great evening When all of your loved ones members are concerned for more details about find Valium offered on the net,all of your family members will discover that oral preparations about this crack could be obtained as well as 2mg, 5mg, and 10mg tablets. To go out and get Valium may be the explanation that also sensible within the treatment method resolution concerning skeletal muscle spasm. Extended phrase life insurance coverage continue to utilize having to do with this particular cocaine can have already been observed plus in dependency and as this kind of it usually normally hugely advisable to learn more about prepared a multi perform r
Monkeying Around!
So if I bought myself a monkey and decided to bleach it's fur or dye it pink...Would that constitute animal cruelty??
Deserves To Be!!
       DESERVE TO BE!! Now just why in the world, would I Ever believe or even think a beautiful Lady could actually care for or about An ugly old man like myself? What ever made me think that any Woman could even look twice at me Is there any one that could be out There in this world for me? I look back on my life and see nothing But an ugly man who is only destined To be alone. Living an existence that Truly has no meaning nor purpose. Many times people will come up and Ask me why I stay so sad or depressed. The only answer that comes to mind is That an ugly failure like me deserves to be!!  PJ Page .....6 / 2 / 2013 .... 8:40pm
Multitasking Queen
Pink is the multitasking queen.
What to think What to say How to feel What to do   Know how I feel Know what I want to say But still dont know what to think And have no clue on what to do
Well-known Long Colorful Louis Vuitton Outlet Scarves
you can expect to appearance and feel most louis vuitton totes Belk February sale and clearance has begunBelk February sale and clearance has begun with great financial savings on all fashions. Featured in Belk sale are sportswear for misses, petites and these days girl by New Directions, Kim Rogers, Alternatives, Ruby Rd., Alfred Dunner and Koret at 30-50% off. Also featured is 60% off Belk whole stock of Belk Silverworks and Danescraft sterling silver jewellery, which includes the extremely popular originality beads, just in time for Valentine Day. As being a bonus, it is possible to print a Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale coupon for an additional 20% off that is excellent by way of Tuesday, February 9.Also on sale and clearance you are going to locate men designer sportswear, men sportswear from Columbia and Chaps, Saddlebred and Van Heusen sport shirts, males Goldtoe socks, guys outerwear, Saddlebred Performance blazers, suit separates by Jeoffrey Beane and Nautica, dr
Vous êtes De La Avec Le Stade, En Criant, Vociférant Et Acclamer Votre équipe
Un Précédente Fashioned recette de cuisineone. C'est mieux pour sélectionner le jambon qui pèse de huit et dix lbs. Le un seul c'est pas ainsi graisse corporelle va être bon excellente très bon. Laver le jambon complètement , supprimer moisissure ou rouille utilisant un en utilisant un balai-brosse. two. Disposer le maillot de foot 2012 2013 jambon dans le grand chaudière. Verser sur dessus amplement eau froide pour le couvrir. trois. Ajouter la eau avec demi-douzaine de clous de girofle, une cuillerée à café de sucre, un peu plusieurs lames de macis, plus une bonne grand très bonne poignée de frais, foin doux, Si vous êtes en mesure pour obtenir.Quatre. Chauffer l'eau progressivement lentement, ne pas atteindre l'ébullition sous h. Il besoin d' nullement ébullition dur , constamment laisser mijoter doucement, jusqu'à le jambon cuit a 15 minutes pour chaque chaque livre.5 . Le jambon must fraîche au sein de l' tandis que dans la liqueur. La peau de l' en ne doit pas être e
Maillots De Foot 2000 Mais Perdue égaré Un Penalty Shoot-out
Arsenal Football ClubCe peut être un message , dessous développement et non devenir ; vous serez en mesure d' à améliorer il. Il s'agit non approuvés articles de contenu sont sujet . D'une renonciation [modifier intro]Arsenal Football Club est un est certainement un fonction basé principalement à Londres, qui rivalise à l'intérieur du Anglais FA Premier League. C'est le plus productives rentables clubs dans le football anglais. L'équipe Groupe joue en chemises rouges avec des manches blanches et short blanc et et il est surnommé le «Gunners».De Arsenal résidence lieu sera l' Emirates Stadium, anciennement Ashburton Grove, qui dans Holloway intérieur de la tandis Maillot Enfant que dans le London Borough of Islington. Le stade ouvert en Juillet 2006 et a une capacité capacité tout-assis de 60 355. Auparavant, le club a joué à l' en avec le Stade Arsenal à Highbury, au nord de Londres, à partir de 6 six Septembre 1913 à 7 mai 2006.Arsenal a été fondée en 1886 en tant que plac
Considering That As The Barcelona Coach Guardiola Because
Primera Liga Saturday National DerbyPrimera Liga on Saturday the national derby, if they can come to any conclusions, it's that Mourinho would seem to possess discovered the inhibition of Barcelona offensive know-how. Pepe adjust the playing defensive midfielder, and Hedi La, Alonso within the midfield by using a barrier erected in the midfield, looked very good, whether or not it truly is Messi, Xavi or Iniesta, the role of the two inside the field significantly lowered. Maillot Angleterre question now is 3 lower back program while in the Mestalla stadium could play a position again. Stadium in Valencia Football Shirt Real Madrid can't manage to alter the thickness of the turf. February 11, the Spanish Football Federation announced the Mestalla stadium will likely be the venue of this year's King's Cup last, when nobody might be concerned concerning the length from the stadium turf. Nevertheless, right after last Saturday, almost everything modified. It really is reported
Benitez And International Miranda Became Promote Agreement
Must Swear Get a Yellow CardInside the 21st century, swearing is becoming a sizable element of peoples language. In football matches, you can find often disputes, disagreements at the referees rulings and all kinds of situation that could cause someone to swear. But is it honest to present a player yellow card not simply because cheap Maillot Enfant simply because a negative language? Some think it is a good strategy to regulate the incontrollable temper that most gamers have Football Shirt and will be a good method to quit a fight from ever happen. But you will find other people who believe the tradition of football should not be transformed which I agree. Very first, sometimes folks may possibly accidentally utter some swear words purely due to the fact of bad routines or possibly a type of reflex. We cannot really maillot de foot 2012 2013 because he did not intend to say so. Even though we're trying to appropriate the predicament of language abuse, it actually is just no
The Traditional Louis Vuitton Print
Get Louis Vuitton Handbags To Increate Your FashionOne of the best designers in terms of travel bags and leather items is Louis Vuitton. If among your targets is usually to increase your wardrobe then Louis Vuitton handbags are definitely a must-have. You'll be able to pick from many diverse types of bags, and also the Louis Vuitton Handbags excellent new designs in the producer that you just will really like, no matter what your fashion. This short article goes into some info concerning the new arrivals, in addition on the best areas to order your new purse.Wallets by Louis Vuitton are just as stylish as the purses, and you will find a fairly few types which might be offered too. You can buy the traditional design wallet, that is dark brown leather with all the tan Louis Vuitton symbols appearing during the wallet. The Pochette is another kind of Louis Vuitton wallets for you to get a appear Authentic LV Men modest ample in size to suit your needs to carry anywhere, but w
Struggles And Triumphs
Tears and laughter. Smiles and frowns. Struggles and triumphs. Our relationship has gone through good and bad times. We have had our share of arguments and fights. But after every fight we have made up beautifully and loved each other like never before. It is because the joy of living together with each other is so overwhelming and exciting that no matter what comes between us we are madly and crazily in love with each other. We know that we share an extraordinary and special bond and we just can’t afford to take any grudges to our heart because the essence of our relationship is true, honest, deep and pure love. You handle me at my worst. You understand all that my heart wants to say. You are all that I want. I just pray that we end up like the LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER kind of lovers. My only desire is to grow old with you and stay by your side till the end of time
Who I Am
im just a broken heartedlady that bn hurt o bad by 2 married men which i was a fool to fall n love with they were separted from there wifes well one was the other a diff story but anyways i have had enough hurt in my life that it abt me now if a gd man cones alng great i be glad to have him as long as he understands one thing news years eve of 2013i plan on marrying myself to show ppl i dnt need a mad to be happy or to depend on i can do gd and bad by myself
One Thing On Her Mind
Pink has just one thing on her mind.
Yahoo to Users: Let Us Read Your Emails or — Goodbye!     Startpage.comJune 1, 2013 As of June 1, all Yahoo email users are required to upgrade to the company’s newest platform, which allows Yahoo to scan and analyze every email they write or receive. According to Yahoo’s help page, all users who make the transition agree to let the company perform “content scanning and analyzing of your communications content” to target ads, offer products, and perform “abuse protection.” This means any message that Yahoo’s algorithms find disturbing could flag a user as a bully, a threat, or worse. At the same time, Yahoo can now openly troll through email for personal
Reality Of Fu Love
I wanted address this subject, cause the months that I have been on FU it's seems to me you take this to seriously. What I want talk about is FU marriage and I hate tell you ladies and gentlemen its not a real marriage. Chances of you meeting this so called soulmate is slim and none. I'm not against love or feeling attractive to someone. Just because I send a woman profile comment does not mean I'm trying to hit on your woman. It's called being friendly and respectful and getting points and that it's nothing more. It's just seems that I have watched people on this site play with people hearts and emotions and really no call for that. We are all grown ups here I hope, that we can figure out what's reality and what's fucking fake. I'm totally glad for person who found someone on here, if its real then God Bless em, but please think and get know person first, it's not about banging someone or that person looks good as hell, everybody that's looks good, sometimes is not good for you. So if
Bgt Tear Jerker.
  1:37 mins in and that's it...........My heart-strings are being tugged at. Life, love, death and re-birth. Pass me my handkerchief, I do believe i feel a teardrop.        
The Invisible Fu Fine Print
the level up requirements to be rated by a top ten or a top 250 "hottest member" requires being rated by a "lifetime hottest member" on your level up page the description includes a link to a list.  the same list can be seen by clicking the "hottest" tab at the top left of your page and a drop down menu will appear.  the first selection is for "members overall," and if you click that option you will see there are two columns.  the left-hand column is for "hottest lifetime members" and the right-hand side is for the week.  the level up requiement is for those peeps in the left-hand column.  (you may notice that the lifetime members have a bright red name, while the weekly "hottest" have a darker red name.) 
Aliens Did It.
I have got a question? what's up with atheist's making fun of other atheist's who believe in the existence of aliens? Aliens are not gods, they are beings that have evolved on other planets. Who is to say they have never visited earth? if we can visit other planets and the moon why can't other beings come visit here? To deny the existence of possible aliens in outer space is pure ignorance to me. The Kepler telescope has found tons of planets we never knew existed and a few are in the habitable zone. So what gives? Why the critical responses to atheist's who believe in the possibility?Nobody that believes that alien life exists elsewhere in the universe is not truly expressing a positive position of fact it would be next to impossible for single planet among billion of billions of planets to be the only life supporting one, we discover new planets about once every week.A probability argument is not a faith when we are simply making the assumption based on the reality of it being far mo
Fu-auction Xxvii ...hosted By Twaunevalentino X Triplev X ...june 22nd!
I Am Well Rider ~ Dark Poetry
I am well rider Many buckets have I known They press my feet into my toesThe windlass whirls The rope in hand Scratches at my cheek and nose Echoes fill my head When down the rocky shaft I plunge Bursting far below, the tiny sky recedes As black cascades and icy numb The bubbles churn Against my ears like drums I am well rider None can know my obsession Many times Ive dropped down in To see and feel my cold fixation To sink into the deep Below, where life is in cessation But that is where I find the eyes Long forgotten faces How they hold you Want to tell you of their stories They have left our world Each denied their places I am well rider Soon I must return But here I found a solace Here my ache and pain does churn 
"real Women Have Curves"
While browsing the web, oftentimes I come across websites that will post pictures comparing women of different sizes, exclaiming "REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES!" This particularly bothers me being a female with little to no curve to my body. I can weigh 80lbs or 200lbs and my body still won't be all that curvy. It's how I'm built; it's my genetics and I can't really help it. My body just isn't that desirable hour glass figure. I have small breasts and a small butt and this was determined for me in my mother's womb. Body shaming is a huge issue and putting out messages that make one body type ideal over another causes so much damage to the self esteem of both men and women. It's okay to be proud of your body and how you look, but it will never be okay to make others feel inadequate because they don't look that certain way. Worry about you, make your body to your liking, and stop worrying about the weight, height, shape, etc of others.
The Truth Must Be Told
I have heard alot of undercurrent and rumors flying about everything it seems. I am right here. I am dark. I am the one who blings ya, and helps with leveling. I'm  a good man and a father first. nothing about me has ever changed. Nor will it, not bearing the growth that we go through as we walk our paths in life. I am an open book. You can ask me anything. I feel the series of blogs that I am about to start posting , will hopefully clear the air, and remind those that once called me friend of who I still am. The same nice guy I have always been. For the people I have helped. I find it insulting on a personal level, to be attacked by those same people, or to have my name dragged through the mud. I am a man, if you have anything you wish to say , come to me to say it. I am right here , where I have always been , and offer friendship to any and all. I hope everyone is having a nice summer. I am and so is my family.
But, But, Baby...
But, But, Baby, But! But, But, Baby, But! We, have been there, before You, will say, that too, is the one, that, I do adore. There are times, when your talking, and. you will say. how. can this be? Then there is that big one, But, But, Baby! You, know, what I mean, Yes, you, got it! It is just, before, you, get stuck, or have, a fit! Pretty, bubbles, are in, the way, you speak. be careful, you don't over do it, in the way, you say. What did, you say, like, no, no, but, but, Ba, Ba! This, ride, can come, easy, sweet and even soft. Now, Watch-out, for, the other-side, she, might, put up, into that loft! But, when that softness, appears, watch out, it's on the move, it, could make, one, want to start, to laugh. Hop-ING, it does not, put you, under, the gas! Up, town express,will, start to, approach you, straight ahead. It will lead you right to bed! OK, I can do this, might, come to you. "But, But, Baby, But", doesn't, that sound, like it will be true!
Arrested For Taking Pictures !!!
Temple University photojournalism student Ian Van Kuyk has been charged with obstruction, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct in a case described as "a miscarriage of justice" by a lawyer for the National Press Photographers Association. "He was just taking pictures, as is his right, (as is) every citizen's right," attorney Mickey Osterreicher said Monday. WTF !!! This type of infringment on our rights i believe results from a trickle down effect. If the top of our goverment does not feel hindered to trample our rights why should the lower eshulion??? WTF !!!
My Life
Bears Repeating...marilyn Manson...beautiful People
And I don't want ya and I don't need ya Don't bother to resist or I'll beat ya It's not your fault that you're always wrong The weak ones are there to justify the strong The beautiful people, the beautiful people It's all relative to the size of your steeple You can't see the forest for the trees And you can't smell your own shit on your knees There's no time to discriminate Hate every motherfucker that's in your way Hey you, what do ya see? Something beautiful or something free? Hey you, are you trying to be mean? You live with apes man, it's hard to be clean The worms will live in every host It's hard to pick which one they eat most The horrible people, the horrible people It's as anatomic as the size of your steeple Capitalism has made it this way Old-fashioned fascism will take it away Hey you, what do ya see? Something beautiful or something free? [ From: ] Hey you, are you trying to be mean? You live with
Hey Feminists
guess what? Amplicate collects opinions of people who hate and love Feminists. Currently more than 86% of people hate Feminists..So the next time you feel like calling me a a fucking bigot for speaking out aginst your bullshit shutup and make me a sandwich instead! 
Whiskey Like a vacation A warmth that I avoid Feeling stronger in the cold Like that woman snowbound In a cave with her infant In Idaho Feet frostbitten after a night While her husband walked to a town So far way They were snowbound In Idaho Her feet so much in pain She buried them in snow She ate skittles & vitamins Breast fed her child When her milk ran out She fed him melted snow And sugar Burying her feet in the snow To numb the pain The throb Of dying tissue Her husband made it to the highway Crippled Rescuers found her & the infant Soon after his directions To the cave Happy newspaper pix of their survival Not showing their now stumped feet Toes removed due to frostbite Both But the infant was saved All that matters Seeing that Newspaper image They were GLAD to give up their toes & feet To save their boy Whiskey warmth Like a vacation That I am not worthy of I still have my toes
I Am Not Perfect.. I Can Only Be Me
I dream you. You are my only desire. When you looked into my eyes for the first time you captured my heart and now it belongs to you. Now I strongly believe that if two people are intended to find each other, the universe will always find a way of connecting them and it happened. You are my beloved soul mate and we were paired up in heaven. I long for you. I can travel endlessly just to hold you in my arms and cherish your closeness. I can sit next to my phone all day just to hear your voice. I can’t get you the stars and the moon but I can sit with you and watch the night sky. I know that I am not the most beautiful girl in the world but I love you beautifully. I cannot promise to be perfect and flawless but I promise you that if I have given you my heart it will stay with you forever. Maybe I am not capable of solving your problems at times but I will be always holding your hand through good and bad times in our life.You are all that I want.. You are all that my heart and soul
Keeping Love Alive
1. Watch the sunset together.2. Take showers together.3. Back rubs/massages.4. Listen to classical music and cuddle in the dark or with blacklight.5. French Kiss.6. Hold your wife with hands inside the back of her shirt.7. Whisper to each other.8. Cook for each other.9. Skinny dip (discreetly).10. Make out in the rain.11. Dress each other.12. Undress each other.13. Kiss every part of your wife's body.14. Hold hands.15. Sleep together. (Actually sleep with each other...not sex)16. One word...Foreplay.17. Sit and talk.18. Buy gifts for each other.19. Roses.20. Wear your lifemate's favorite cologne/perfume every time you're together.21. Wear your husband's clothes.22. Find a nice secluded place to lie and watch the stars.23. Incense/candles/oils/blacklights and music make for great cuddling/sex.24. Kiss at every chance you get.25. Don't wear underwear and let them find out.26. Kinky is bad...Blindfolds are good.27. Lightly kiss their collarbone and their jawbone just below the ear, then w
Pastors Repent
Time Wars
Yes,I am the fabled author of the now infamous novel Time Wars.If you haven't got a copy of this book yet, what are you waiting for ? It is a historical sci-fi tale taken to a whole new level.All the unwritten rules of time travel have been tossed out the window as you whip and warp from one long lost era in history to another.if just the thought of history with a alternative  ending is something that excites you then you need to check out Time Wars.For those of you who have actually read it,THANK YOU and I hope you enjoyed every twisted page.For those of you who ain't got a copy yet,hurry up and get yours,WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.It's available at rosedog,just search for Time Wars by Randall Miller.        Sincerely Randall S. Miller
Heal Her Heart
Her eyes shined for another,That's no longer true.Her heart lays in pieces,But beauty I have your glue.With my words I'll make you smile,And fix that heart till it burns again.And show you my heart deeply,So once yours can begin.Put your heart in my hands,And I'll hold it close to my own.And open your beautiful eyes,To love like you've never known.
Favorite Zen Sayings
Some of my favorite Zen Buddhist sayings:   “To cry and not be carried away by tears, to laugh and not be carried away by laughter, is the way.” “Before enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water. After enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water.” “The instant you speak about a thing, you miss the mark.” “Sitting quietly doing nothing, spring comes, grass grows of itself.” “Zen is not some kind of excitement, but concentration on our usual everyday routine.” ~Shunryu Suzuki “When you pass through, no one can pin you down, no one can call you back.” “To study the way of the Buddha is to study oneself. To study oneself is to forget oneself. To forget oneself is to be enlightened by everything.” “The whole moon and the entire sky are reflected in one dewdrop on the grass.” ~Dogen “What is inexpressible is inexhaustible in its use.” “Therefore the Three Rea
Rules To Life
18 Rules of Living   1. Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. 2. When you lose, don’t lose the lesson. 3. Follow the three Rs: 1. Respect for self 2. Respect for others 3. Responsibility for all your actions. 4. Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck. 5. Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly. 6. Don’t let a little dispute injure a great friendship. 7. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it. 8. Spend some time alone every day. 9. Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your values. 10. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer. 11. Live a good, honourable life. Then when you get older and think back, you’ll be able to enjoy it a second time. 12. A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life. 13. In disagreements with loved ones, deal only with the current situation. Don’t b
Hard And Tasty
This is why I just might, scare the pure hell out of you tonight. I am sorry if you thought you were here, just to lust and leave me high and dry, dear.   I have up and left a few, it was not easy hardest damn thing to do. Even if it was only a few, I have my tricks to play on you.   I scared one, into thinking I was gonna have his son. Another felt so perfect, I told him to leave cuz that his woohoo was a wreck.     I can play with sticks and stones, but see I like to grind hard and tasty bones!!      
Mandarin And Cantonese Sales Representative
Angela said Burberry plans to all existing retail outlets in Mainland China for renovation, will be equipped with full-length mirror size touch screen, shown above specially selected products from other countries as well as Burberry fashion show produced fashion show.Burberry sunglasses It is estimated that, from wholesale to retail sales conversions, Burberry will increase annual operating profit of 20 million pounds. China will also be the launch of Burberry's first digital retail model market. In addition, Angela also said that the Chinese tourists often visit other countries in tourism and shopping, Burberry stores in these areas with about 50 can speak Mandarin and Cantonese sales representative. "China is now Burberry's fastest growing market, is expected 2011 sales growth of 30%, higher than the Group's total growth, and most probably in the next five years to become the largest market." Angela said, Burberry has opened 55 stores in China and plans to bring the next 10 years,
Too Sexy
Pink is too sexy for this comic.
Reverso World
I'm a bit discombobulated...well, not really, I just love that word.   In my world, parents who neglect and endanger their kids are the scum...not the ones that point it out.   In my world, men are generally LESS two-faced than women...I work with majority males, and love it, because of that reason. There's less bullshit and less 'sensitivities' to deal with. They don't pander to me and I don't have to pander to them.   In my world, friends actually like and respect friends...or they don't pretend to be friends.   In my world, parents actually spend MORE time with their kids during summer...not less.   In my world, not showing your tits and dilapidated butt cheeks at every opportunity is actually considered normal.   In my world, silly bitches that put their children at risk because they just want to drink and fuck...usually lose their children, not get called mum of the fucking year.   In my world, saying what you believe is still encouraged...not what you think others w
It's The Weekend
Wake Pink up when it's the weekend.
This Past Friday Night
So those who know me know I have been trying to get my fwb to get with another guy, been thinking it would be HOT to see two guys go at it while I am with my girl. He has been relunctant but I finally told him no more watching me and a girl unless he agreed, it was easy to cinvince to say yes since I was rubbing my new gf bare thigh.  He said he would let a guy suck him but wouldn't do anything himself, small steps small steps! So last night I invited this girl I know over, her brother is gay so we set it up for him to come over to and they would act as a couple at first and then when her and I started doing it, he would suck off my fwb.  He agreed to do that and to push my fwb further. So they came over after I got home from work and we were drinking and finally I just grabbed her and we started kissing, and her bro went over and sat next to fwb who was getting excited, his shorts were a tent.  Her bro took things in hand, he reached under his shorts and started stroking him, my fw
Plz Friends Go Check This Person Out
Leftovers In The Fridge
Pink forgot to put her leftovers in the fridge.
Looking To Becopme A Woman Also
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Reborne I mourned the death of your wordsfor months days hours and minutes, and fuck  where the fuck are you? Am i dead too? i must be no air I was... The bloodstained curtains from ourtransplant had closed The edges of my soul wrapped in a bandage of daydreams, notepads,envelopes and napkins i expected nothing and gotjustthat My nightstand your coffinmy heart yours still Did you hear me at the cemetary?Singing happy birthday in a low eerie key that kept crackingand breaking the clouds
Faeded     I see this picture of you at least I thought it was youbut it's not  I touch the printout I made and get   nothing  Dark, dark covered with illusion black smearedcharcoal  I slide my finger over your arm,reach surface   Do you still feel like yourself?  Like the bloom of an orchid  in purples and bluesyour hues captivating   Did the sun set on your garden of truth's and reveries and mock youas the rush of night stole my words? I compare them to Winter though I am thawing out, the coldis encompassing   stark The dew has shifted but the flower of the sun is a warriorand She fights for the heat of the garden   we grew   You say "bare with me" with such an idealistic heaveand the picture gets light   transparent in the drops of my tears splash   oh, it is youbreathtaking and abstract, my gift   my prince
Fu-auction Xxvii ...hosted By Twaunevalentino X Triplev X ...coming Soon!
Creeping Exes
Why is it that, even if you haven't been with someone in years, they still think it is ok to creep on your page? Seriously, before my other account was hacked, I had to block an ex because he kept creeping on my page. Just about every other day, when I checked the 'who viewed me' column, his photo was there. When I blocked him, he started using a friend's account to creep on me. First off, we have been broken up over 6 yrs - it is none of his damned business what I'm doing or who I'm doing it with. Second, he went around telling anyone who would listen - he even blogged about it - how sweet - NOT! That I was a crazy psycho bitch who couldn't accept that I'd been dumped. Being crazy psycho had nothing to do with it - wanting answers and wanting my stuff back did. ON some level he felt that it was perfectly acceptable to not give me any answers - it's ok though, I found out my answers later - and that he hang on to my stuff - none of which would have fit him or his new girlfriend! I wa
Fu-auction Xxvii Preview ! Taking Entries Sunday June 2 !!! :d
Istanbul Park Protests Sow The Seeds Of A Turkish Spring
By Richard Seymour This morning, Turkish police surrounded protesters in Taksim Gezi park, the central square in Istanbul, blocked all exits and attacked them with chemical sprays and teargas. An Occupy-style movement has taken off in Istanbul. The ostensible issue of conflict is modest. Protesters started gathering in the park on 27 May, to oppose its demolition as part of a redevelopment plan. But this is more than an environmental protest. It has become a lightning conductor for all the grievances accumulated against the government. Police have waited until the early hours of each morning to attack, just as police in the US did when dealing with Occupy protesters. They set fire to the tents in which protesters were sleeping and showered them with pepper spray and teargas. A student had to undergo surgery after injuries to his genitals. The occupiers adapted and started to wear homemade gas masks. More importantly, they called for solidarity. In response to yesterday's assault, t
Take Love Before It's Too Late: Story By A Family Member
10th grade As I sat there in English class, I stared at the girl next to me. She was my so called "best friend". I stared at her long, silky hair, and wished she was mine. But she didn't notice me like that, and I knew it. After class, she walked up to me and asked me for the notes she had missed the day before and handed them to her. She said "thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I wanted to tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why.11th grade The phone rang. On the other end, it was her. She was in tears, mumbling on and on about how her love had broke her heart. She asked me to come over because she didn't want to be alone, so I did. As I sat next to her on the sofa, I stared at her soft eyes, wishing she was mine. After 2 hours, one Drew Barrymore movie, and three bags of chips, she decided to go to sleep. She looked at me, said "thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I want to tell her, I want her
Kelly Jay...
i don't ever want you to go awayi want you in this place and here to stayyou are the sunlight in my brightest dayhow i love you, Kelly Jaythere are so many things still left to sayi cannot keep your love at bayi feel you on the inside, it is my heart you swaythe sky is clearing and my clouds aren't grayi don't want it any other wayto you i'm indebted, my dues i'll paywith you alone i want to playi want to take your heart, if i mayto hold in trust and never strayso mold me how you want me, i am yours like clayand in your arms i would love to layi don't ever want you to go awayi want you in this place and here to stayyou are the sunlight in my brightest dayhow i love you, Kelly Jay
some people are just Fu*king Morons   -.-
男不坏,女不爱;  男人坏得透骨毒,女人爱得着了魔; 若要仔细找原因,西瓜太狼万女迷?  修仙狂徒写自传,雄姿英发傲万古; 君权神授命运好,日遍天下日天上;  大小美女全浪涌,献屄献乳又献口;  如有一女没日到,手段耍尽必搞着;  为啥全部留屁眼?胎神提前给我留;  又堵&#
I Wish I Could Wish Upon A Star...
maybe it is broken and bruisedand for far too long has been abusedmaybe i have said all there is to sayand maybe i can't go on like this another dayi wish that i could wishand wash away all of thislike the rain washes the earthand start over again from my birthi really don't have any answersthere isn't much of what i am surei have tons and tons worth askingbut really i think i'm lackingmaybe i wear it on my sleevemaybe i should throw it to the ground and leavei don't know why things are the way they arei just know i am bleeding from the inside, and life has been too hardi really wish that i could wishand wash away all of this
WHYWhy does this life always seem to have to be so cruel? Giving us moments of hope and joy, only to take them away and slam us to the ground like a pile of bricks hitting the concrete?Why do we feel we can be cared for or loved, when there are so many who only wish we would simply vanish from this society which truly could care one way or another if we are happy?Why does some idiot redneck like myself ever feel as if there is actually someone out there in this world who would or ever could honestly be there with me through out this lifetime?Why do the ones we care so much for and about have to be so damn far away, to where we can not even hold them in our arms and just simply snuggle tightly against one another?Why should I even care any more just what others think of me, even when deep inside it totally rips my heart to pieces knowing they just want me in some cave hiding from the world?These questions come to my mind more often than not, and the only thing I can always do, is simply
Get Proofreading And Editing Service To Polish Your Writing
Proofreading & editing turns in to exceptionally crucial in the writing practice. Proofreading is a system that makes positive that the finalized drafted document is free of misspellings, typographical errors, ambiguous terms, grammatical mistakes along with repugnance’s. It is the last & important phase that must definitely be taken out before a file may be deemed complete. In fact, a plain typographical errors, misspelling, or incorrectly phrased statement may express a message as opposed to what was meant. It makes also alter the whole explanation of written content so you must need to do proof reading & edition your writing. In the event you are writing an essay, research paper, thesis editing, dissertation editing, you cannot avoid these grammatical errors, misspelling & typographical errors. In fact, of the major issues for most students is doing proofreading on their writing. With this situation, you can get proofreading & editing service.   When you are looking for proo
Cloak And Dagger...
so many times i pass by youso many times you never knewi live my life in the blindspot of your gazeyou live your life without a glance my wayi see the pain you choose to hidei've often failed but i've always triedbut there is a reason you are blind toward meyou're shadow is often hard to seeit's not an acre of silence betweenit's the silence of the ocean, not seen
Long Weekend Of Tv
Pink prepares for a long weekend of TV.
Pedos R Us
Stranger: hi You: hi Stranger: m 23 You: f 7 Stranger: your skype aconnt You: what about it? Stranger: your name baby You: Erm, I am 7, not quite a baby :( You: babies are in kindergarden, I'm first grade Stranger: o sory You: accepted. Stranger: ok vedio col weth me my skype id dilbag.singh396 You: too much information You: why would I want your skype account? Stranger: ok your name and cuntry You: I'm Tiki, from Taiwan Stranger: tiki nice name
Living The High-end Samsung Note Ⅱ Intelligent Only
  Whether high-end or low-end smart phone smart phones, each with a mobile phone has developed a manifestation of daily life use, but because each phone functions reflect on how much use varies. Low-end smart phone may be more life is reflected in the use of phone text messaging, social networks daily. So the reason why the high-end high-end smart phones is not a simple configuration is the real high-end, in addition to the daily life of the foundation used to use, but also to give my life to bring more convenience intelligence is really high end.     Samsung GALAXY Note Ⅱ targeting high-end high-end nature of truth. From its first configuration, the 5.5 inches 720p (1280 * 720 pixels) resolution HD Super AMOLED big screen viewing experience with small screen is naturally different. 1.6GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos 4412 processor, system memory (RAM) 2GB, and there are 16GB and 32GB ROM (user memory) version, MicroSD card support up to 62GB of storage. Such a high speed processin
Congress 49 People Left Tackle Knee Surgery Eyes Of The Media He Was The First Person In The Position
San Francisco 49ers left tackle Joe - Staley (Joe Staley) conducted a left knee arthroscopy. Expected start of training camp, when he will be able to fully recover.     "I made ​​this offseason surgery is very small, but very necessary. Beginning of training camp when I will one hundred percent recovery, and better than ever." Staley in his Twitter wrote. cheap nfl jerseys     Previously 49ers have several players in the offseason underwent surgical treatment, they are doing protect front Mike - You Padi (shoulder), defensive end Justin - Smith (arm), outside linebacker Alton - Smith (shoulder) and wide receiver Michael - Crabtree (Achilles tendon). Dallas Cowboys jersey     NFL Broadcast Network recently announced 2013NFL hundred big players on the list, Staley ranked No. 78 last season, he was named the NFL Pro Football Focus first left tackle. NFL expert Ross - Tucker called him "the most athletic league offensive lineman." Staley was twice selected to play
Woodson Eager Chongpi Raiders No. 24 Jersey Is Made ​​representations With Teammates
Charles - Woodson (Charles Woodson) not from teammate Tracy - Porter jersey No. 24 to come out there, so in training on Tuesday he was wearing was a no numbers Raiders jersey.     In an interview broadcast NFL Network interview Woodson jersey number represents Porter dispute concerning negotiations have been at a standstill, but he was expected in the next few days there will be the final result. cheap nfl jerseys     Woodson in the league after the first eight seasons has been the Raiders effect, when his number is on the 24th, but now is the owner of jersey No. 24 Potter. 2006 Woodson left Oakland joined the Green Bay Packers, the Packers him to wear jersey No. 21.      Woodson joked that if for some reason before the start of the season, he still can not get the jersey No. 24 that he would submit an application coalition, there is no number in the new season wearing a blank shirt. "I might be issued to the Union request to see if I can wear the jersey number blank," Woo
Les Dogues Need To Raise Some Cash In Order To Balance The Books
City and PSG battle for DigneAccording to reports from France, Manchester City are set to challenge Paris Saint-Germain for Lille full-back Lucas Digne. cheap soccer jerseys Having failed to qualify for the Champions League, les Dogues need to raise some cash in order to balance the books and the only way they can do this is by selling their star players.According to Le 10 Sport, Paris Saint-Germain have already opened talks with Lille officials over the purchase of Lucas Digne. While les Dogues are holding out for €18 million, the Saints are reportedly ready to offer up to €15 million for the highly rated defender.Meanwhile, L’Equipe reports that Manchester City are seriously considering making a move for Digne in the summer.Manchester City jersey The Citizens look set to stay without Aleksandar Kolarov and they want the Lille defender to challenge Gael Clichy for a starting berth at Etihad. Fiorentina want Mario GomezSerie A high-flyers Fiorentina are li
They Treated Me Bad And It Would Be Understandable If One Day I Go To My Club
They treated me bad and it would be understandable if one day I go to my club 
They Treated Me Bad And It Would Be Understandable If One Day I Go To My Club
Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has again hinted that he wishes to move away from Anfield.Suarez is currently on international duty with Uruguay, but it does not seem to have stopped speculation about his future.liverpool jersey Hint Suarez told press: “It’s a good moment for a change of environment because of all I’ve been through in England, where I haven’t been judged as a player but based on other things.“I had a hard time, very hard, and the things that have been said are lies. One has limits and the family also suffers. It is nothing against Liverpool, on the contrary, I feel very comfortable at the club, but I have a daughter and I do not want to hear bad things about her father”He went on to say: I do not know when I’m going and I do not know if I’m staying. If I stay it is because it is a great club but also in turn I know that it is difficult because of the harassment I get from the press. “They treated me bad
Mark Hughes Returns To Football For The First Time Since November
Stoke City have named Mark Hughes as their new boss. The former-Wales boss replaces Tony Pulis, who recently left the club last week after seven years in charge at the Britannia Stadium. Hughes was unveiled as the new Stoke boss at an 11 am press soccer jerseys Sacked Mark Hughes returns to football for the first time since November, when the Welshman was sacked by bottom of the Premier League table QPR.The Hoops had also struggled the previous season and only survived relegation on the last day of the season.Hughes also failed to achieve his objectives at Manchester City, only for Roberto Mancini to come in and within a few years win the Premier League title with the Citizens. Unpopular Mark Hughes appointment seems to have gone down like a lead balloon with the Stoke fans. Reading the messages boards not many Potters supporters are in favour of Hughes’ appointment. In fact, some even said they would have anybody but Hughes. cheap jerseys Change
Smart Leather Cover Case For Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Leather Cover Case is the neccessary case for S4. It is the perfect companion of S4 with high grade super fabric, the opening window can answer any call without opening cover, make call directly and better protects the screen. This S View Cover is soft hand feeling, ultra thin and light, anti-slide and automatically wake up the screen, perfectly protects Samsung Galaxy S4. When open the cover, the S4 screen can be automatically wake. This Samsung Galaxy S4 Smart Cover Case is only 136x69x9mm, it’s perfect to keep the Galaxy S4 sleek lines, does not destroy any curve of the phone, filling the elegant and grade. This smart cover case for Samsung Galaxy S4 is tailor-build, suitable for Samsung i9500 (Samsung licensed, Europe model and Hong Kong 3G version only), it is not suitable for Korean E300S/E300K/E300L. Tip: Before loading on S4 holster case, you need remove the original back cover. So this S View Cover can protects S4 all degree.
Talking To God In My Pajamas
  Me: Pinch me if I'm dreaming, but you don't seem to be doing so many Big World Events, Like in the Bible.God: Hummm...Me: You know, like parting the sea or huge plagues and the like. Exciting stuff like the Great Flood and Tower of Babel type retribution events.God: Well yes....Me: See, I know many examples of whole nations gone awry, vast groups of people who seem to defie the life style which were exampled in your teachings.God: That's so.... would you pass the marmalade?Me: Well I thought you might be thinking about doing one of those great apocalyptic deals again, to show your disgust.God: Well I just can't do floods again. That thing in New Orleans, not my fault, you really can't save a sinner once you have drowned em. Pause. . . . . Your coffee is cold...there it's hot again. Pause. . . . .Ahh... a sacred image on toast? Me: That didn't impress anyone. The face on Mars had great potential, something like that...God: I'll take it up with the Big Events Committee, run it u
You Guys Sure Are Friendly...i Like!!!
you guys are great!  i've been on the site for over an hour now, with lots of attention...i like...chow
Cry Little Sister - Gerard Mcmann
A last fire will rise behind those eyesBlack house will rock, blind boys don't lieImmortal fear, that voice so clearThrough broken walls, that scream I hearCry, little sister - Thou shall not fallCome to your brother - Thou shall not dieUnchain me, sister - Thou shall not fearLove is with your brother - Thou shall not killBlue masquerade, strangers look onWhen will they learn this loneliness?Temptation heat beats like a drumDeep in your veins, I will not lieLittle sister - Thou shall not fallCome to your brother - Thou shall not dieUnchain me, sister - Thou shall not fearLove is with your brother - Thou shall not killMy Shangri-LasI can't forgetWhy you were mineI need you nowCry, little sister - Thou shall not fallCome to your brother - Thou shall not dieUnchain me, sister - Thou shall not fearLove is with your brother - Thou shall not kill
Falling For The First Time- Barenaked Ladies
I'm so cool, too bad I'm a loserI'm so smart, too bad I can't get anything figured outI'm so brave, too bad I'm a babyI'm so fly, that's probably why itFeels just like I'm falling for the first timeI'm so green, it's really amazingI'm so clean, too bad I can't get all the dirt off of me.I'm so sane, it's driving me crazyIt's so strange, I can't believe itFeels just like I'm falling for the first timeAnyone perfect must be lying, anything easy has its costAnyone plain can be lovely, anyone loved can be lostWhat if I lost my direction? What if I lost sense of time?What if I nursed this infection? Maybe the worst is behindIt feels just like I'm falling for the first timeIt feels just like I'm falling for the first timeI'm so chill, no wonder it's freezingI'm so still, I just can't keep my fingers out of anythingI'm so thrilled to finally be failingI'm so done, turn me over cause itFeels just like I'm falling for the first timeAnything plain can be lovely, anything loved can be lostMaybe I
In Pieces - Linkin Park
Telling me to goBut hands beg me to stayYour lips say that you loveYour eyes say that you hateThere's truth in your liesDoubt in your faithWhat you build you lay to wasteThis truth in your liesDoubt in your faithAll I've got's what you didn't take[Chorus]So I, I won't be the oneBe the one to leave thisIn piecesAnd youYou will be aloneAlone with all your secretsAnd regretsDon't lie[End Chorus]You promise me the skyThen toss me like a stoneYou wrap me in your armsAnd chill me to the boneThere's truth in your liesDoubt in your faithAll I've got's what you didn't take[Chorus]So I, I won't be the oneBe the one to leave thisIn piecesAnd youYou will be aloneAlone with all your secretsAnd regretsDon't lieSo I, I won't be the oneBe the one to leave thisIn piecesAnd youYou will be aloneAlone with all your secretsAnd regretsDon't lie[End Chorus]
My Brain Hurts.
Yes, i know that the Brain can't feel anything, but it hurts. So shut up.
Living On Borrowed Time -puddle Of Mudd
[Verse 1]Living on borrowed time so I'll die tomorrow (Die)Yeah living in yellow skin so I shed and borrow (shed and borrow)[Chorus]Okay, okay okay I fuckin' get itOkay, okay, okay I'm gonna kill itNo way, no way, no way you're gonna stop me Okay, okay, okay[Verse 2]Waiting on a revolution that I can follow (I can follow) YeahFeeding on an open wound kills the pain but I like it (yeah I like it)I'm looking for a new solution that I can swallow (I can swallow)Yeah living on borrowed timeI'll die tomorrow, who cares if you die?![Chorus]Okay, okay okay I fuckin' get itOkay, okay, okay I'm gonna kill itNo way, no way, no way you're gonna stop me Okay, okay, okay[Bridge]Get out of my face, out of my face with that shit!(I'm getting sick of it!)It gets you no whereYour life becomes a hit to a hit(I'm getting sick of it!)Get out of my face, out of my face with that shit!It's getting deepYou're gonna die tomorrow[Chorus]Okay, okay okay I fuckin' get itOkay, okay, okay I'm gonna kill itNo way,
We're Marching On
The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to break a heart. So be careful with your words. You found me broken Your love picked up the shattered pieces of my heart... Breathless by the mere thought of him. She could feel her heart speed just at thought of his name. Oh how she ached&wished she could wake. For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul. (some random tweets I had decided to put together into an actual post!) 
I found my wrist brace, which lessens the pain. Just enough to help out, so I can make it another two weeks or more. I am not by any measure a damn doctor lover. I believe that doctor that drilled a hole in my big toe bone, aided in that fact. Nothing said to me now can undo his mistake. I also found two ankle wraps and my knee brace. I already knew where my two ankle braces were. I bet that there is something you may not have known about me. In my friends eyes already, I hope it doesn't change your mind any, because I am still human. I wouldn't change my mind if anyone at all was different than anyone else.  This is a huge world, but it really is a small world after all. There really is a circle of life, maybe that is where song and saying about a merry go round came from. I tried to type a mumm yesterday and my laptop wasn't operating up to par. Something tells me if I type it in here it may be read but I wouldn't get the comments. That means it is a good idea. The tiny hearted are
I Know
I know that I'min love with you,for no one moves melike you do.I've never neededsomeone so much.I awake trembling,yearning for your touch.Each day I'm lostto a tender fantasy,of kissing your lips,feeling you touching me.I see us caught upin sweet desire,hearts entwined,and full of fire.Yes, I'm in lovewith you,which is why Iwant youlike I do.And all in my worldwould be right,if you were hereto love tonight.
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As everyone know's the government is pushing for a ban on all visible tattoo's on America's soldiers, they lay down there lives, daily, worldwide, but some can't go into a bar and order a beer, or something else, but now Obama is trying to get this ban pushed through to where people who have tattoos in the service will have to keep them covered an if you try to join an you have them you could be disqualified so now everyone will have a chance to voice there opinions on how they feel and what should be in contrast, to allow them to represent there art work.
Add Mroe To The Recovery
here  goes i  have been in sever pain since surgery  i was thinking i was going to ahve to live wihtt he pain i got off crutches i was working  3 days a week  24 hrs a day  well tuesday i got up and  stepped down and had  shooting sharp pains and couldnt walk so i went to the local er coem to find out i  have a fracture of the tibia underneath where the tumor was removed so  know i will be going to the orthopedic onogolgist on monday and  go from there i am  scared of what is going to happen i  dont know if i will have to ahve further surgery or what  i have to wati till monday until then i ma in an imobilzer brace and  can onyl  sit onhere for a little at a time  surgeon doesnt want  me takin any thing for the pain but ibuprophren ..  i dont know what  that means  but i will lsiten ai ahve done everything correctly since the tumor removal  and  them gettin the  cancer outofme ,  now for  round 2 of what i will go through
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The Oakley Crosslink series is the world's first functional optical frames, it is like a "link" perfect connection life on each side, innovatively introduction of the O Matter ultra-light memory plastic, unobtainium slip rubber patented material used in Oakley sports glasses, making the cheap oakley sunglasses able to adapt to multiple environments such as work, sports. The groundbreaking design and innovative materials make Crosslink with unmatched stability and comfort over other frames; flexible replacement lens legs design realized the function of "multi-purpose lens" to create a simple and stylish lifestyle; fashion colors and shape design makes the wearer can be compelling at work or sports. The Crosslink series lens size and gentle lens radian bring more comfortable wearing feeling, it is very suitable for face. At the same time adding high-tech thermal induction frame heat can be adjusted according to the individual wearing comfort, more docile head. Oakley sunglasses will comp
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We Have The Surname Football
Now many companies choose to expand new training like training, the purpose is to establish a new concept of solidarity employees, enhance team's combat effectiveness. Football does not need training, which is an outdoor sport, it is natural to put people tightly linked, slowly, football has become a pass in foreign companies, your resume written "football" words, there will be admitted priority; in the embassy, ​​data read, "football player", the most difficult to obtain a visa for the British Embassy will immediately cover chapter; in front of foreigners, you say "my husband is a football player, "he would raise beer mugs, thumbs up; in front of the children, once say," I played football, "or" I am a football player, "he would use the eyes full of desire and reverence watching you ...... cheap nfl jerseys No matter the size of event, whether amateur career, after the end of each game, win a team will take the initiative to stand in two rows and defeat a team
We Are All Tiny Screws - Football
Whether the arena, or the playground, as long as the football front, all are supporting characters, only that leather oval sphere is the protagonist, it is the only competition for the audience focus, it is a symbol of victory, be happy source, it has different colors, different personalities, different height, different shape, different backgrounds, different ages of the participants become friends and even his comrades magic. cheap nfl jerseys Rugby is the only one of all ball games can not pass a motion before the project determines the specificity of arena football is not an individual star, the court must go all out for all of the end zone toward each other to move forward together, any one of them left behind, all efforts will be reduced to ashes. This is reflected particularly prominent in the arena. In football, 2, 8, 9, 10 positions are linked around the front of the "bridge", once the location of any one person changing situation on the field to make inaccurate j
Burberry Headquarters For Editing And Playback
Stores the video content from the Burberry headquarters for editing and playback, you can always worldwide stores to create a different shopping atmosphere, as well as provide different playing content, customers can store iPad to find the product and immediately purchase orders, and views of the seven weeks Order delivered within commodities, which is much faster than the luxury goods industry in general delivery cycle. Angela believes that "retail theater" is a key strategy for retail development, the cross-border cooperation with Verizon investment projects contribute to more closely link the brand with consumers around the world, while the retail initiative in this interactive After the event is also able to achieve long-term and sustainable high heels Of course, the earnings data show that all this is worth it: this time period, Burberry's revenue increased by 26.68%, the profit is an increase of 156.02%. In early 2000, the Group has only more than 50 outlets, a
I Would Rue Lost Chances To Hassle Opponents Via The In-flight Messaging System
"What are you going to do when she's busy all day Friday and Saturday?" they ask, pointing at me. "Oh, I can entertain myself," she replies. While I'm "busy" at Wembley with the final, she'll be going to see a play on the West End. Boarding the full flight to Heathrow, I was scanning rows -- looking for the more obvious black-and-yellow among a sea of red. It's convenient to travel on Virgin Atlantic -- with their predominant red trimmings; and I felt very quickly settled in. But, alas, not many football supporters -- OK, only one -- on my flight across the pond. And I would rue lost chances to hassle opponents via the in-flight messaging system. Bayern Munchen jersey Finally landing at Heathrow, the enormity of what I was here to witness started to hit me. I've known I was coming for months, or at least I'd hoped I was, but actually being here now makes it all different. "What are you here for?" I was asked at Passport Control. "A little football match," I replied. The a
Are Just Rumors
Real Madrid announced that Moody handsome after breaking up, the media there are few players on the matter reactions reported, but not reported does not mean not really, in the French TV station Canal + in an interview, Ramos says that now everyone is for the Muslim Mourinho delighted about to leave, regardless of who coached Real Madrid, the players are welcome.Real Madrid jersey ????A few days ago to go to a bullfight in Ramos accepted the Canal + television interview, when asked how to treat Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti when possible, Ramos replied: "NO, are just rumors, which No matter spectrum, but we are about the coaching change, it is a fact. " ????But Ramos has also stressed that Mourinho will leave so many players feel happy, he said: "Mourinho? Peaceful break decisions have been made and now we can finally speak their minds, and a good finish this the last two league games last season, we have to win two in a row after going on holiday, in which case we wo
The Mind Of Men In Top 10. Info From 11 Girls And 1 Guy.
It's no secret that men want sex. And generally, we want it a lot. But what other things does your man want from you? Turns out there are some simply sexy, easy, activities you can incorporate in your day-to-day and reap the benefits of a super-satisfied male. Here are 10 things your man wants you to do but might never ask for: 10. Listening It's number 10, but that doesn't mean it isn't important; men aren't all about sex. As much as he tries to deny it, your man needs a shoulder and a listening ear from time to time, but knowing when is the key. Try to hear not only what he is saying, but also what he is not saying, as most men won't tell you what's really going on in their heads right away. Reading between the lines will show him that you truly care, that you really get him, and that you're sympathetic to his needs and wants. 9. Homemade Food It really is true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Your guy might love it if you cooked an elaborate meal for him, but
Whistling To The Tune Of You...
my voice is an instrument that i use to sing to youwhistling silent whispers, something like a tunehow i plant these thoughts, and embed them in my mindoh, i'm thinking softly, i dream we dine with winei used to restrain my tears and bury them in my soulbut now the current is in motion, and you have sewn up the holei am not encompassed by my troublesnor bothered by my worriesi take my time and act deliberateno longer through this life i scurrywhere ballads once were sadthey have new timing and new beatthere is joy behind my laughterand a feather beneath my feeti was never fond of heartachebut it seems as though my fatei've been swallowed in emotionsmost of them are hatenow i whistle winds of rapturemy mind oft to think of youunsilent whispers that i captureand it is you who called the tune

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