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Ya know, it"s been a long hard road these past few years. But if there's one thing I've really, and truly, come to the realization of, it's those here  I've to accepted as real friends. Not long ago, I came forth and admitted to some things in my personal life. Within those couple of weeks to coming forth with certain things, that were completely random I may add, people started to drop off the radar. A very few select of you know how rotten, and evil, a person I've been in my life. As well as the things that usually go along with such allegations. But a very select few of you have been able to look past it all. Even in my recent self-doubt episodes that were suicidal at moments, some of you never doubted your belief in me to become a better person. It is those of you that I must thank. It is partially because of you, that I am still here.   thank you ~Aaron~
It's Not What I Would Call Furlough...
as of late i feel i'm lost, and don't know where to go i feel unsure of myself and doubt the things i know it would be nice to know the reasons of why i am and the way i am it is as though my mind continues bleeding and by birthright i am damned i am powerless to fight against myself my inner eye is blind i often think to shout for help but will not waste your time the sky pummels me with hailstones there is no shelter to run for cover in desperation i am reaching, although i feel alone my lungs can't seem to gasp for air, my ember's slowly smother the forces that succumb me cry out in victory the darkness crowds then drowns the light my eyes no longer see i've lost my grip on sanity, my mind has taken flight
Premier League Signings This Summer, 11-man Roster: Ozil First Card
This snapback hats summer, the Premier League] generous foreign aid team, total investment reached 670 million pounds transfer fee. Sunshine newspaper voted come early july to join the portfolio of external the assistance of the Premier League to 11 people, think they've the possible to unleash a storm inside Premier League. Goalkeeper: sitekelunboge, Roman of Fulham, the throughput of 3 million pounds Country Netherlands taken part in the finals with the 2010 mlb snapbacksWorld Cup, has been keeping the Spaniard inside a variety of 116 minutes. That year, sitekelunboge has become Man utd to achieve success Edwin van der SAR as one of the candidates, but he later in 2011 substitute for join the Italian Roma. Back: LAT, the miners of Donetsk to West Ham United, free transfer Romania Defender joined West Ham, record carries a stunning report, a part of both countries made 8 league titles as well as the champions on the Europa League. Inside European Cup in 2008, LVL regarding
Endarnu Version 1.5 Update Log 9/5/13
so update 1.5 has some major changes to it, Added custom Regi Key Added some ui enhancements directly email to the submission, all streamlined, no haveing to make email, just put password then click ok and your golden Purchase Regi key button now created tidied up the code to make it run better. Enhanced the user interface to look better Made alot of enprovements to stop crashing and as of right now thats all the enhancements but it will be few days before it is online for people to buy and use
For Frnds
"the Debt " Part 4
Now she was confused again. she couldn't get his plan in her mind. Either he was lying to keep her in the dark or he was giving really poor hints. She decided to give up on finding out. She decided to just have fun and relax. She wiggled just a little bit and her panties came off. She put them up over his sunvisor.  They pulled the truck into the Libary parking lot. Kathy was shocked. "Are you going to read me a bed time story?" She questioned sarcastically. "You got dressed up for a reason. just let things happen," he said calmly.  Bob got out of the truck and went aroung to the passenger side. He opened the door. Kathy  had a little trouble getting her ass across the seat and still keeping her dress in place. Bob waited patiently for her to check her wardrobe. "Swing your legs over her Bob suggested. She turned herself. bob put his hands on her hips. She steadied herself with her hands on his shoulders. True to his word bob got her out of the truck without embarrassment. Her fe
Cloak Dresses Are Popular In 2013 Autumn
  [REVIEW] this fall's most popular models fall clothing, you are not really want to know about it in advance? Today, beautiful small as you announced in 2013 the most popular fall cheap women clothing.    Do you like this creamy blue windbreaker what? Color sweet, although the minimalist style, there is a bit cool taste. Each girl, are eager to put on beautiful clothes and become the focus of the crowd, in fact, with a minimalist style, you can let you show the most realistic, confident self.   Just do not go the usual way, varies in width stripes, small golden buckle, these details, enough to make you fall in love with this knitted jacket. Torn denim pants with shorts, tights on it! Check it out! Early autumn to prepare several knitted jacket, it must be a good choice. Whether it is accompanied with skilful wind shirt dress, or personal dresses, are very wild.   Blue knitted pullovers, with perspective veil, pointed shoes, individuality of the girls, some like it low-key with
How To Match Short Shorts In 2013 Autumn
  Lead: shorts Seasons MM are essential single product which is stylish, easy to ride, addictive. See how filled with shorts to make their own different? Early autumn chiffon blouse with a stylish and good-looking, significantly higher no difficulty ! Clever take black and white vertical stripes wholesale women clothing shorts  Mint perspective chiffon shirt with classic black and white vertical stripes shorts, then brown belt embellishment, add a little soft. Rose bag is colorful without exaggeration.   Polka Dot Shorts clever ride Never fever black and white retro wave point has always been the darling of fashion, coupled with a white chiffon shirt, fresh and full of art range.   Black denim shorts clever ride Textile printing collocation simple black long-sleeved denim shorts, retro and fashion the perfect combination of high-heeled shoes with a pair of Liu spikes highlights full feminine.   High waist shorts clever ride See more denim shorts, a simple pink sport even m
Ps3 Users
i'm looking for some ps3 users. i'm currently on diablo 3 on act 2 and i'm looking for some help.   add me if you can   Tat2d_tn is my username on ps3.
Desperate Need
Desperate Need Would you help your brother man when they are in desperate need If you had the means that could help them succeed? I’m talking about someone down on their luck  with their life in a cast Doing their best and giving their last. Their path being a little different than yours People they know keep closing their doors. If you were the one who can hold your own Someone who has truly learned how to move along. Meeting the right people who lend you a hand. Helping you develop and make your best stand. Yes, brought up right without any stage fright. Given a chance to shine in the light. Would you choose to be the greedy one? Feeling that no one else deserves any type of your fun? Saying “I did this on my own all by myself without anyone giving me any type of help!”
Welcome to my blog. My name is Balazo. This blog is just to know me a little bit. Bienvenidos a mi blog. Mi nombre es Balazo. Este blog es para conocerme un poquito.
Every Second
You only have one life to live, and maybe more than a little bit left to give.  I know I won't make that much difference, but I would like to ask that you look past your ignorance.   There are words you think you know and use, that in short are nothing but verbal abuse.   To call any soul an idiot or retard, is worse than dealin the wrong card.  Its hurtful and sick, for you to assume you know best, tells me any users of that language are by far not the ones I wish to caress.  I have a heart and I have a mind. Both do say to never be unkind.   I listen to my heart all the time, its a curse that would give up my last dime.  I will stay as I choose to be forever nice, I know I can't restart my life all over twice.  One ride per person, not everything will go okay, cherish memories, hope for a tomorrow and love every second of today.
Cold As The Shadow
Death is so cold , like icy branches , waving it's Arms around us  The empty echos' of silent screams as it Beckons us to join them, Everyone thought that Hell was Hot , I beg to differ there , Cause love is warm and full of Heat , it's passion it wishes to share . But the deep feel of coldness as it twines around my heart , There is no Love , no hearts concern so to those branches I'll return . Come claim me Shadow I do declair , no heat do I need , Cause pretty soon , The Echos is all you'll hear from me. I tried so hard to bring the love , I thought you'd wish to share , But I was wrong , I meant no harm so gracefully I'll leave you there . The icy feel Surrounds me and I know I must Except , That's the closes thing to Loving that I'm ever going to get.
Those Interested In Learning More About Stem Cell And Platelet Rich Plasma Therapies
Stem MD is a healthcare network that is staffed by a team of world renowned surgeons who are experts in the area of regenerative medicine. The group only works with medical professionals who are fully trained and board certified in their field, ensuring that patients get the most advanced and effective treatment each time. The team at Stem partners with clients and healthcare workers to ensure that the care given is personalized and focused on meeting patients’ needs. In addition to a high commitment to patient care and support, the therapies offered by this network are able to resolve a number of health issues, including disease and injuries. Treatments have a high rate of success, thus earning the team regular praise from patients and their caregivers, as well as frequent word of mouth recommendations. Those interested in learning more about stem cell and platelet rich plasma therapies are invited to schedule an informative consultation with a trusted, qualified professional at
Adult Humor Blog (not Porn In Face) Just Adult Humor!
See my funny blog with over 4 yrs of adult humor at JUST REMEMBER JOYSQUIRT and you are there ! Not for those that are under legal age or who get offended by humor that is naughty by nature. 
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 164
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In episode 164 of Janey Godley's Podcast with Ashley Storrie the comedy mother and daughter get into this week's news. They discuss Prince Harry's assassination attempt in Afghanistan, Jack Nicolson's memory loss and Noel Gallagher's political views. Ashley talks about the football transfer window and Janey goes all 'Diana' on us. Ashley's diary is back by popular demand and they both chat about their upcoming trip to Los Angeles. There is a mermaid tale that almost resulted in a death. Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter. Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 164  If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking onto
The One I Pushed Too Far
there was once a time in my life where i had everything i could ever ask for. but becouse i was too blind to see what was right in front of me, i lost everything. only too late did i realize that the monster was me. it wasnt who did what or who fought who.... it was just me. i alwayse looked for something to be wrong, i pretended to be someone i wasnt. i remember every time i said something i shouldnt. i remember every happy moment we shared, every kiss, every glance acrost the room.... and with that... i remember every fight. every arguement, every time i was a asshole. the more we fought the more i pushed away. .... in the back of my mind i can only think it was the stress of everything going on around us that made it all begin, but now i just want to see the smile she used to have when we wer kids. ... the smile she had when we saw each other for the first time in ten years.... as i walked down the airport coridor to see her eyes light up and for a moment .... everything stopped....
Traveling Without Seeing
by Frank Bruni  New York Times September 2, 2013 SHANGHAI — I’m half a world from home, in a city I’ve never explored, with fresh sights and sounds around every corner. And what am I doing? I’m watching exactly the kind of television program I might watch in my Manhattan apartment. Before I left New York, I downloaded a season of “The Wire,” in case I wanted to binge, in case I needed the comfort. It’s on my iPad with a slew of books I’m sure to find gripping, a bunch of the music I like best, issues of favorite magazines: a portable trove of the tried and true, guaranteed to insulate me from the strange and new. I force myself to quit “The Wire” after about 20 minutes and I venture into the streets, because Baltimore’s drug dealers will wait and Shanghai’s soup dumplings won’t. But I’m haunted by how tempting it was to stay put, by how easily a person these days can travel the globe, and tr
I have fallen and there is no getting up I will go back from whence I came Never to be seen or heard from again The light that once was Has finally burnt out There is no hope I have lived long enough To see that this world holds nothing for me Death and destruction are always around Nothing left to keep me around Lies and deceit are the games that are played For someone like me There is no reason to stay I am depleted of hope, love, and strength Soldiering on is no longer there I have been fighting for something that just isn’t there Life has me beat With all the lies and deceit There is no room for the person that I am The last shred of hope I give to those who still fight In the end we all have to die
Sometimes I get very lost and don't know my way back to the surface. I try my best to make the people that are important to me in my life happy. I put everyone infront of myself and always have. I know that I get lost a lot and I know taht I make a lot of mistakes but those that stand next to me and help hold me up when I'm weak get the best pay off. Those that stand next to me and be pattient get lov from me that no one really knows how to give anymore.  I know that I can lean on some people and that I can talk to them but Joe was the one that would tell me, "hey take a deep breath and think". He knew me more than anyone. He knew just what to say to make me smile and sort though all the tangles in my head. I don't know I guess taking my daughter and curing up in a hole till everything passes by isn't an option lol. 
Little Johnny
Johnny's back at school Johnny's back at school   The teacher asked, "Class use the word contagious in a sentence." Molly put her hand up and said, My little sister has chickenpox and they are contagious. The teacher said, "Very good Molly." Sally raised her hand and said, "My little brother has the mumps and they are contagious". The teacher said, "Very good Sally." Little Johnny was jumping around in his seat, hand raise in the air, waving back and forth. The teacher had been stung with Johnny's remarks before and was very reluctant to let him speak. Unfortunately he was the only other child in the class with his hand up. So the teacher thought she better give him a chance. "OK Johnny, give me a sentence with the word contagious in it"  Johnny was all excited that he was given a chance.  He said, "Teacher my dad was sitting in the lawn chair with his friend drinking beer. My mom was cutting the lawn.  Dad said to his friend "It's going to take that contagious to cut the
Little Johnny
Little Johnny   Little Johnny watched his daddy's car pass by the school playground and go into the woods. Curious, he followed the car and saw Daddy and Aunt Jane in a passionate embrace.Little Johnny found this so exciting that he could not contain himself as he ran home and started to tell his mother, "Mommy, I was at the playground and I saw Daddy's car go into the woods with Aunt Jane. I went back to look and he was giving Aunt Jane a big kiss, then he helped her take off her shirt. Then Aunt Jane helped Daddy take his pants off, then Aunt Jane........" At this point Mommy cut him off and said, "Johnny, this is such an interesting story, suppose you save the rest of it for supper time. I want to see the look on Daddy's face when you tell it tonight." ! At the dinner table, Mommy asked little Johnny to tell his story. Johnny started his story, "I was at the playground and I saw Daddy's car go into the woods with Aunt Jane. I went back to look and he was giving Aunt Jane a big kis
Native Indian Packers And As Well Movers - Solution To The New House Moving Desires
New house moving can be an extremely wearisome method plus it makes folks annoying and as well anxious. You'll find generally a couple of kinds of separation - no industrial separation and as well commercial/corporate separation. Household separation involves property relocating and as well residence relocating. Commercial separation comprise of enterprise separation, office relocating, small company separation, retailer relocating, business things relocating, or anything else Either separation predicaments - regardless of whether no industrial or even specialized - generate folks anxious. They often times enroll in disarray - what direction to go and as well how you can carry out. Nevertheless, you understand? With the aid of Native Indian packers and as well movers (packing and as well moving companies or even separation service gives interior India) folks might make their very own separation less complicated and as well less complicated. Definitely, folks could separation a straigh
These types of movers packers companies supply you with broad range including supplying and as well moving companies much like residence relocating, office separation, enterprise relocating, moving including specialized things, magnitude and as well move companies, warehousing features, automobile service agency and as well take a trip companies, postal companies, fresh air deliver companies, fresh air shipment companies, or anything else. Theses total tasks are usually as a result of with maximum proper care and as well determination by the specialist professionals inside restless companies. Moving companies also offers postal companies, swift bundle shipment, property so as to property consignment, community relocating, country extensive separation, globally relocating, or anything else. Moreover, they offer individual companies according to your current would like and as well demands inside clients. And for that reason from the business people could go up to any position or even adj
Packers And As Well Movers Corporations Relating To Hassle-free Going
Going as well as method supplying, operating, unloading and as well unpacking are in reality boring and as well tricky tasks. That needs to be as a result of with maximum proper care that may be extremely hard for those which are certainly not good. With the people who find themselves relocating created for the 1st time, supplying, operating and as well delivery can be a fresh report for the children. These types of total tasks are usually predicted component of separation and as well need to be done really good means to fix generate easy move including things. A good small error may result in a weighty deterioration or even devastation of the beneficial things and you'll also have to clear your give in addition to folks distinctive things for good And for that reason rather than so, making this small difficulty substantial and more tricky it may be simply solved by picking specialized packers and as well movers companies. In the course of American Indian you will find a number of mov
The Lost Of A Golden Smile
  The Lost Of A Golden Smile Based on a true story A beautiful young lady that I have come to know  Was on her way to becoming a star in a show. With a golden smile and a gentle heart  An acting career was her goal from the start. Always up beat and causing you to smile too. Just being herself in all the things that she do. Started having problems with her golden smile  Which lead to disaster and broke her style. Never being told that her teeth have gone bad. By any dentist she ever had Poison was found from deep within Traveling through her body  and could bring her life to it’s end. Until an Emergency Room doctor with a real MD Was the only one to bring it to the surface to see. She was told that some of her teeth had to come out  Or she will die without even a doubt. Dentist after dentist she really did try to see Not worrying about her life just about their fee. No insurance did she have nor money to pay
Pretty Girl
Oh yes pretty girl I am talking to You.One who is scrolling page on fb. One who is feeling alone right now,You are thinking no one cares for you right ?You think your tears have no value.You think no one loves you. I know what you are going through.I know how it feels.You think hugging your pillow and crying hard will get you out from all problems ?You think locking yourself in a room will sort out all issues?No babe, it wont help you. Get out from your bed.Look at yourself in mirror. Wash your pretty face..Tie your hair and wear a beautiful smile on your face. Yeah..Now you are looking Gorgeous.Be the way you are.Dont change yourself for anyone.Let the world change.Play loud music, Dance till you are tired.It will make you happy And trust MeI am always here to make you smile. And it matters
It Isn't Paper To Us All...
i am sitting in a cold room the candle's dim, expanding all the gloom i can't turn to you for comfort you merely pile on more dirt i write because the paper, never goes away it does not matter what i scribe, nor what i have to say it starts out plain and perfect, a canvas with no mark and let's me vent my anger, and bear witness to my scars the paper is never troubled, nor offers up advice it just humbly hears my burden, and has no words as cold as ice the paper never runs, it never needs to hide the paper's always there whenever i must confide it does not care i'm told i'm worthless, but does not multiply the thought it does not shrug away my fears, nor leave me more distraught it never offers me hostility, nor false promise, nor false hope the paper's simply there for me, whenever i must cope it was empty, clean, and bare, but a page there is no doubt
Coentrao Learned That He Wept Transfer Failed On The Spot
At Athletic Bilbao while Real Madrid after the snapback hats game, Ancelotti announced that keentelang, even so the Portugal International has additionally figured to leave Madrid. The past day of the transfer window, Manchester (UK) Real Madrid on loan to summarize Unit keentelang, but due to time factor, along with the refusal of Real Madrid allow them to approach, self keentelang failed, and learned that the operation failed keentelang cried right then.Portuguese media reported the records of standard time on Monday, in obidos hotels Wait pins from the keentelang message after you leave Real Madrid for having failed keentelang are upset, very upset, looking very nervous, and ultimately cried. Keentelang I need it greatly in like manner have the ability to order in Manchester (UK), taking advantage of training gaps inside the day,nba snapbacks, he told me his agent to barter a lease, though the latter transfer was susceptible to a miscarriage '.The record describes the transfer of ke
Microsoft's Acquisition Of Nokia's Smart Phone Business Is A Win-win
September 5 , according to foreign media reports, Nokia in early July when the decision to acquire Nokia Siemens Networks 50% stake, which in and of itself is a relatively large move , pursuant to which Nokia will be fully control its revenue the main contribution of sectors and profits . Nokia Siemens Networks worth? Last quarter, it appears again profitable, revenue is higher than Nokia devices division , and for the latter's net cash position increased by $ 1.85 billion of capital. When Microsoft announced a $ 7.2 billion purchase price of the Nokia smart phone 4GB ROM moviles smart phone related departments and the right to use patented 10 years later, the two companies will fundamentally change. Given Microsoft's desire to enter the mobile industry , Nokia plans to focus on such as NSN lucrative market to, the transaction coincided with the two companies aim to fit. Stephen Elop (Stephen Elop) will resign as Nokia CEO and director positions in favor of equipment and
Lodha Meridian New Apartments @09999620966
                           Lodha MeridianLodha Meridian has come up with new Tower titled as “Beta” with sepecial offers.  Lodha Meridian Project offering 2 & 3BHK international residences with varying sizes are 1278sq.ft to 2259sq.ft., during the booking window panning 6th to 22th September, Lodha Meridian presents on opportunity so exclusive that you will not be able to resist owing a residence here. The most exquisite international residences .These Spectacular living spaces are crafted perfectly, meeting exacting standards to provide an international lifestyle to connoisseurs of fine luxury like you. Homes open from 3 sides assure spectacular uninterrupted views, ample cross-ventilation and sunlight. International residences fully air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled with counterparts only in London and New York. The interiors are also designed meeting exacting standards to provide you a befitting international lifestyle Ensconced at one of t
Adult Onesies Popularity As Stylish Street Fashion
In terms of adult onesies, the word onesie is commonly used for loose-fitting casual jumpsuits made of knit pure cotton fabric, Polyester Mesh and Breathable fabric, fleece, or chenille. They are mostly intended as loungewear or sleepwear, but have gained significant popularity as stylish street fashion. Many designs feature roomy hoods, thumb loops.   Originally, onesie is a brand name of infant bodysuits. when casual jumpsuits became increasingly popular, the press started discrediting them as "adult onesies". Onesies have recently become an extremely popular fashion. Onesies are sold in through various avenues. Commonly, onesies can be found in shopping centers or online shops such as Onesies come in many sizes and patterns, from Game characters to anime animal characters and animal. like pig, cat, dog, duck, butterfly, wolf, and so on.   Onesies for adults were developed in the pajama-sale where they are more commonly know as footed pajamas and where there are
I was walking along a pebble shore.Shale, and glossy stone clawing into my canvas shoes.Like a coy, cherry assassin.Too eager to bite my tender feet.I felt the mad want to taste the waters.Bathe in the ichor.Plunge into the bubbling muckas the torrent crushes me against turbine and broken bottles discarded by a thousand teenagers high on bitch beer and sugary tonicswith their endless beats, and wild claims of adequacyA candy island separated by reasonable fear and the foggy recollection ofbettertimes.Breath is out.Sky is falling.And there's nothing but starving frenzied tribals on every side.It all became so dirty, rusted and sharp.A walk-in hazard.With no doors or windows. A heaving sea of filth and vermin comes roiling forthWaves of squealing rodents, mangled on cannibal impulsecascades of unwashed fornicating pigsand the undulating reach of ulcerous sightless grubsAmassing.Crushing.Breaching.
Love You #1
the warm winds flow gentle through my soul ,can feel her gentle breath creating small wavesaqu a blues of calm a beautiful smell reminding me of youevery birdd reminds me how you make my soul flyreflections in the water remind me of your eyes  never turn my back on that beauty within my heartevery step in fresh laden dew wept green grasspicking up the most beautiful flora on displayserves to remind me of youa carpet of warmth on m y toes   Love you my Angel 
Drink Recipe
The Sports Legend 1½ oz. Hennessy V.S.1 oz. pineapple juice1 oz. cranberry juiceGarnish: lemon wedgeCombine all ingredients in a glass filled with ice and stir. Garnish with a lemon wedge.
Drink Recipe
Fountain of Youth 1½ oz. Russian Standard Vodka2 oz. pomegranate juice½ oz  thinly sliced gingerCombine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a glass.
Drink Recipes
Whisky Smash 2 oz. Dewar's White Label Blended Scotch Whisky1 tsp. sugar2 wedges of lemon3 mint sprigsSeltzerMuddle the lemon, mint leaves, and sugar in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add whisky. Shake and strain into a glass filled with ice. Top with seltzer.
Drink Recipe
Hot N Sassy 1 oz. Pucker Vodka Sour Apple Sass3 slices jalapeños2 slices clementineSplash of lime juice1 oz. lemon-lime sodaMuddle jalapeño and clementines in a cocktail shaker. Add vodka and ice. Shake and strain into a glass. Add lime juice and soda. Stir.  
Drink Recipe
Red Velvet Shortcake 1½ oz. Red Velvet ZING Vodka2 oz. cream sodaSplash of lemon juice2 strawberriesGarnish: strawberryMuddle strawberries in a cocktail shaker. Add remaining ingredients except cream soda. Shake and strain into a glass filled with ice. Top with soda. Garnish with a strawberry.  
Drink Recipes
Basilico 1½ oz. citron vodka½ oz. peach liqueur¼ oz. apple liqueur¼ oz. simple syrup¼ oz. lime juice1 strawberry5 basil leavesGarnish: strawberryTo make simple syrup, mix equal parts hot water and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Muddle the strawberry and basil leaves in a cocktail shaker. Add remaining ingredients. Shake and serve in a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a strawberry.
Drink Recipes
The Snowball 3 oz. Hpnotiq Harmonie1 oz. coconut vodkaGarnish: shredded coconutCombine ingredients in a glass filled with ice and top with shredded coconut.
Smartass Corey And Kali Goddess Of Destruction
Beware of this site of not only the management (Scrapper) and Smartass Corey (Scrappers little puppet), and in the background we have Kali Goddess of Destruction who I have found out really has all of her limbs. Remember the story was that she had no arms and no legs? I saw a picture of her with every limb she could possibly need to brainwash Corey (Hey Crystal...I am so happy that you grew your limbs back overnight!!). Corey is married and he is with Crystal? (Kali) I wonder what Lisa, Corey's wife thinks of that? Corey is so consumed with Fubar and especially Scrapper and Crystal lately, I wonder how far he must have stuck his head up Scrapper's ass, because his neck is honestly turning brown!!LMAO!!! I haven't been on here until tonight, and it is because he won't remove what he has on his page about me. The gymnastics pictures that are dedicated to me? Kali, since you have such a big mouth, do you have any idea what kind of talent it takes to do a double twisting double back? No yo
Whispering Winds
I can hear the whispering of the wind ,it's calling my heart not even by name , When are you coming home , I miss you so much , you  forgot to phone and you Lost your way home but I hear you whispering in the wind .   Sometimes I hear laughter , sometimes songs , it always tells me you're longing for home . At times it screams a long wailing cry , chilling sadness goes up my spine , The wind is always telling me of you , of how much you're yearning too ,   I stand by the clift and close my eyes , the wind is giving a close felt sigh. You wrap me in coolness on a hot summers eve , caressing me gently with a sweet loving breeze . I spread out my arms to catch it all , wishing I could fly and not fall. I hear you whispering in the wind .... Come home !
La Ou Il Ya Robe De Cocktail Pas Cher
  Paul projette de se marier en Décembre de cette année, mais presque ne peut pas trouver une robe faibles mile denovia dollars, à gauche pour trouver et arrêter. Franchement, comme un revenu mensuel de plus de mille dollars de la classe ouvrière, un gobe-mouches robe mille prix semble un peu raide.Là où il ya robe de cocktail pas cher et à la mode? Puis il regarda en ligne. Bientôt, il avait la réponse.Shopping en ligne peut être personnalisé robe de cocktail pas cher n'est pas seulement la mode, mais aussi peut être adapté en fonction de leur taille et le prix est encore pas cher. Mais si la qualité est bonne, c'est un problème. Comment commander en ligne la robe de cocktail, les designers de la marque OKmme aa mariées donnent leurs propres propositions.(1) Le satin est robe de cocktail le tissu le plus utilisé est très confortable, adapté pour le printemps et l'automne et l'hiver.(2) Choisir la plate-forme de réseau, communique avec le service à la clientèle, la qualité de servic
Autumn Fashion Denim Blouse Collocation Skills
  Preface: warm and handsome cowboy blouse is definitely winter fashion classic wild style. Random match korea clothing online shopping jeans or skirt, can wear clothing different personality, the influx of people to the full range! This fall, fashion, how can you do not start with a denim blouse?      [Denim blouse with tip 1] Collocation skill: handsome cowboy blouse, sweet candy-colored tights, with firmness and flexibility, maturity in a little charming. White pointed high-heeled shoes plays the role of Emphasis.    [Denim blouse with tip 2] Collocation skill: match denim blouse leather skirt, handsome in a little charming. A dress modification waist hip line, improve the waistline, so that the legs more slender. Add a bit sexy black stockings.    [Denim blouse with tip 3] Collocation skill: blend trousers warm and strong and individuality, breaking the dull cold tones. Black boots show uninhibited personality.    [Denim blouse with tip 4] Collocation skill: hole tight
T-shirts Matching With Tight Jeans Make You Thin
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"the Debt " Part 4
Kathy took his arm. She closed the door  behind her. They walked to the truck and bob opened the door for her. She was a little surprised. He was being more of a gentlman than usual. It made her suspicious. She used the inside handle of the truck to pull herself  into the vehicle. She also pushed against bob to hoist herself inside. Once inside Bob closed the door and walked around the tuck. He got behind the wheel and was a little surprised to see Kathy sitting in the middle of the bench seat right next to him. "Let's go hansome," she said and put her left hand on Bobby's right thigh.  On their way to where ever it was they were going bob said, 'you know, you'll have a much better time tonight if you remove your panties." "This thruck is high enough for this dress with panties. I don't want to show the whole world my business getting in and out of this thing," she objected.  "I'll take care of that. You won't be exposed to anyone but me tonight," Bob asured her.  Kathy's mind rac
Why am I not good enough for romance ,or love, is  it because im not pretty Enough, is it because im not smart enough ...     Why??
Given that BDSM exists in the form of a relationship or engagement between two people, communication---in one form or another---is what makes the "magic" happen between them. While words and sentences are obvious forms of communication, the following table lists some of the less obvious communications which can occur between two BDSMers. Communication from the top, dominant, or master Communication from the bottom, submissive, or slave How they handle the flogger, knife, needles, or rope---e.g., rough, gentle, quick, indifferent, empathic, etc. The words they say: their choice of words The intonation and rhythm with which they speak The gestures they make Sexual response Scents and pheromones released in response to arousal or excitement Physical attitude or behaviour---e.g., physical proximity, leaning over their partner, intense, etc. Grunts, groans, gasping, laboured breathing, etc. The words they say: their choice of words, the ease or difficulty with which they
For many people, consent is a fundamental principle in BDSM and is embodied in two of the common mottoes many practitioners live by: SSC (safe, sane and consensual) and RACK (risk-aware consensual kink). Consent is ensuring that your partner has agreed to some activity before engaging in it, or before being compelled to engage in it when they are physically unable to resist, such as when they are bound or chained, or when they are unable to refuse, such as when they are gagged. There are two important parts to this: They know what's going to be done, and They know the possible good and bad outcomes. These mean that you need to be completely honest with your partner. It might seem that this is mainly for the tops, dominants, and masters out there, but being open and honest applies just as much to bottoms, submissives, and slaves because their partner needs to consent to the possible consequences of play just as much as they do. For example, if a submissiv
Breath Play Pt.2
Bags / plastic wrap    The main things to keep in mind are all pretty obvious. Remove the bag or plastic if the person faints. I would recommend that the material be held in place by hand. If you opt for another way of holding it in place try to avoid any pressure to the larynx.  Rebreathing bladders    These are usually attached to gasmasks or hoods. If you use them that way see my comments above. If you use these with tubes or something just remember to make sure the tubes don't go too far down the bottom's throat or up their nose.  Pressure on the Trachea and/or Hanging  This form of play requires a lot of caution. If you are somehow compressing the trachea it is important to do so by slowly applying pressure and making sure not to apply pressure to the larynx. One method is to take a curved finger and place it at the part of the throat where it meets the chin and pushing up and back slowly. Another method is to apply pressure below the larynx (sometimes
Breath Play
Introduction Breath play not breath control. Let us please emphasize that. We are not holding someone's breathe for such a great period that it would cause them harm. Believe it or not, breath play is not as dangerous as it sounds, if done correctly and safely. And it is still within the S.S.C. guidelines. Safety is very important and you must know what you are doing with the extreme breath play before you go out there and do this to someone. No different than learning how to single tail. You don't just line up a submissive after never even picked up a whip before and start cracking the sound barrier and attempting to hit her with those strokes. What Turned Us On To Breath Play Breath play enhances an orgasm! Most people don't realize the when they are about to come they either hold their breath, or breathe faster in order to climax. Try this yourself, by holding your breath longer than you normally would when climaxing. You will find that this will greatly enhance t
What Is A 'scene'?
A scene is a series of one or more BDSM activities in which two or more BDSMers engage. A scene typically has a well-defined start and end. There is often one principal activity with other minor activities thrown in along the way. For example, a bondage scene would involve a bottom being tied up (the principal activity), with nipple torture and tickling or sensation play added in for good measure. As another example, a flogging scene might involve using a wide range of different floggers on a bottom, followed by sex. Along with the sense of a clear-defined start and end to a scene it's important to note that people don't just dive in to challenging or demanding scenes with no lead-in or warm-up. Likewise, a heavy scene doesn't just suddenly end and the participants light up a brandy and drink a cigarette and say how wonderful it was. Instead, a scene will often begin with a discussion or negotiation about what is going to be done and by whom. Then, before the main acti
Deceptive Submissive – The Flip Side Of The Predator Dominant
Virtual worlds have opened a door to BDSM for many people, allowing them to explore their curiosity about it in a fantasy environment. People who would never do so in “real” life can try on handcuffs, be chained and bound, and even submit to a Dominant, all without the risk of physical injury or social stigma. The wild popularity of BDSM in virtual worlds like Second Life and OpenSim attests to its genuine appeal in the sexual imagination. But while casual dabbling in BDSM is safe and easy in virtual worlds, this very ease can be problematic. Those who have only experienced Domination and submission (D/s) in virtual worlds often think their experience and comprehension is complete. To be fair, I think some do develop a deep understanding; and the experience can be legitimate and worthwhile even for those who only get a glimpse of their own hidden desires, without fully exploring them. Sadly, while virtual BDSM may be physically safe, I have seen far too many
In the BDSM sense, a limit is physical or mental limit which applies for play activities. Limits in a scene may be for practical reasons, such as: No sexual intercourse---such as when you're not familiar with the person with whom you are playing BDSM-wise and don't want to risk a sexually-transmitted disease (STD), or when you don't want to get pregnant, No breaking of skin because you don't want the risk of infection or scarring which can or will occur during cutting, flogging, piercing, whipping, and so on, or No bruising---such as when you're a bikini or fashion model; or because your husband/wife doesn't know you are into BDSM and you don't want them to suspect. Some limits may be psychological, or may be related to your beliefs or to experiences you have had in the past. These limits may apply to: Scatalogical play, Humiliation, Simulated rape, or Age play. Some limits may be related to physiological or medical conditions, such as: Allergies, Heart
Syria And Our Military
....U are AMERICAN MILITARY and u are employed by your government! YOU ARE NOT A MILITIA! U will do what your government and president tells u to do with no opinion because thats exactly what u signed up to do and get paid to do. U signed over your rights to have a free tongue about your government ,accept to VOTE! If u wanted to have an opinion about your country then u should have been in Politics!! Speaking out against your Governments and President when they have to make decisions based on Humanity is disgusting! Your opinion means NOTHING when watching innocent people be gassed. No matter how much we hate bailing out countrys every country we bail becomes an ally! Every country we disarm has less a chance to hit us AGAIN on our own soil. Saddam Hussain trampled first his people then sent them to us, POWER goes to their head! U think that they are just killing their own people for the frick of it.... NO they are calling AMERICA out we are apparently on their hit list so would u pre
Little Johnny Goes Hunting
Little Johnny was walking down the sidewalk one day and an old man was sitting on his front porch rocking back and forth in his rocking chair. The old man said, Whatcha got there son?Johnny said, Got me some chicken wire.Whatcha gonna do with that chicken wire son? asked the old man.Gonna catch me some chickens! said Johnny.You cant catch chickens with chicken wire! said the oldster. Johnny just shrugged his shoulders and walked on down the street.About a half hour later Johnny came back passing the old mans front porch . . . with 3 chickens entangled in the chicken wire! The old man was shocked and couldnt believe his eyes.About a half hour later, Johnny was again walking past the old mans porch. Whatcha got now son?Got me some duct tape.And whatcha gonna do with that duct tape? the old man asked.Gonna catch me some ducks!You cant catch ducks with duct tape! said the old man. Johnny just shrugged his shoulders and kept on walking.About a half hour later, back comes Johnny with 3 ducks
Mental Health
My names Damian everyone calls me "D". Im hispanic/apachie indian "i barly found out im part indian"! Im pretty lost right now Or maybe not lost but in not going to tell you what i did but i will say i was just Being a pussy. I dont know where im going or what will happen to me so im like this everyday is another day, As in that sense i live in that day. My life is nothing i have nothing ,i dont want anything put to move on to whatever Is next after death.i cant work cause im on meds i cant collect from being on meds i cant funtion do to the fact im on meds Its like being ran down everyday no energy to get up or to do any kind of task,but they say i have to take them in order to Get better.yeah right i stopped and tried to get back everything i lost ,muscle streangth , power of thought, i thought i was. Doing pretty good then A month or so goes by bam.....i break my back ,wow .i believe its due to the fct i was on those meds.but i cant prove it and the docs
Ogah Vips On The Month Of September
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Endarnu_current Version Text Rpg
Endarnu is a text rpg game that was though up by me, the head programmer and owner of mutation industries,  some concepts that may make Endarnu big,  Extreamly customizable- Customizable classes, races, monsters, items, weapons, and minigames easy to use and understand User Interface- meaning you know what each click is doing and what it is for Downloadable content Submission of downloadable content ABility of being able to modify everything that is in game with a few simple and easy to use tools Custom made User interfaces, ability to customize the look of the layout
An old man saw a scorpion drowning and decided to pull it out from the water. He calmly extended his hand to reach the creature. When he did, the scorpion stung him. With the effect of the pain, the old man let go the creature and it fell back into the water. The man realizing that the scorpion was drowning again, got back and tried to rescue it but then again it stung him. He let go of it again.A young boy standing by, approached the old man and said, “Excuse me Sir, you are going to hurt yourself trying to save the evil-vicious creature, why do you insist? Don't you realize that each time you try to help the scorpion, it stings you?”The man replied, “The nature of the scorpion is to sting and mine is to help. My nature will not change in helping the scorpion.”So the man thought for a while and used a leaf from a nearby tree and pulled the scorpion out from the water and saved its life.MORAL LESSON: Do not change your nature. If someone hurts you, just take pre
U have your opinions ....And I have mine!!!! And if it was your damn country that turned on you ,your family, and your very own children !!!!!!!!DONT TELL ME YOU WOULDN'T BEG FOR HELP FOR YOUR SURVIVAL!!!!!!Yeah war SUCKS and OUR PEOPLE didn't DO IT! But u are asking for the HUMANE to turn their head and act as if it isn't OUR business to save innocent CHILDREN WOMAN AND MEN at the cost of our military men and woman....SELFISH! And that comes straight from a military wife! Do I want my husband to go to WAR... NO! Do I want my husband to turn his back on a country begging for help to save their children woman and men loved ones FUCK NO! If it was your children being gassed while they went to school by your government.....U would be the first begging. GIVE ME THE GUN AND GASMASK ILL PROTECT A SCHOOL OF CHILDREN ANYDAY ANYWHERE!All these I didn't join the military to fight other peoples wars!!!!!! They first gain power of their people then they come hit us with the weapons that they weren
your mother has a smooth forehead Hab SoSlI' Quch   It is a good day to die! Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!
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The Great Wrestler Workout
The Great Wrestler Workout The Great Gama never lost a match and he competed in about 5000 wrestling matches. To this day he is considered by many as the "GREATEST" wrestler in the history. More Wrestler
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Death To Monkey Mind Again
  Death to Monkey Mind Again   monkey mind monkey mind monkey mind   ya just can't let it ride ya just can't let it glide   ya squeak cackle and hiss flailing like a blindman in a library of knives   go eat your past and wash it down with hemlock   go stand in for all the dead bad actors in your theater of revolving doors   go back to sleep in your shit stained blanket of shame and eat a regurgitated breakfast of scrambled dreams
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Nicely, you have chosen to relocate the house through Ghaziabad to help Delhi. Today you'll have to go with a appropriate moving corporation throughout Ghaziabad to achieve an effective transfer and pleased move knowledge. Recall, a very good mover will give you hassle-free and pleased knowledge with your transfer. In case you neglect to go with a appropriate transfer you might confront a whole lot worse knowledge with your transfer as well as you may even pitfall throughout moving con. And so using the services of a fantastic moving corporation is very important. There are lots of skilled moving organizations as well as packers and movers ghaziabad and using the services of the right just one outside of these people is often a huge commencing. It really is yet again certainly not an easy task in any respect. It may need your time and efforts and it's very good that you should carry out a few analysis functions. Here are a few essential tested ideas which will make you capable to creat
I Don't Understand The Criticism This Film Is Getting (spoiler Alert! Don't Read This Unless You've Seen This, Read The Book Or Have Seen
My Response To The Criticism Mj Recieves About His Rep.
This is an older blog. But I decided to re-post it a few days ago in honor of MJ's birthday. Feel free to comment. But, please, no offensive or vulgar comments. I wrote this and posted it on several sites because I was so sick of all the cruel things people were saying about MJ. Michael Jackson was not only a singing,dancing,musical genius who revolutionized the music industry with his breakthrough performances,dance moves and state of the art music videos(Which were really--as he put it- "Short films" and without which,music video channels such as, VH1 ,MTV, or BET wouldn't be what they are today). He was a great human being in every sense of the word. As far as entertainment- he broke through racial barriers within the music industry by culminating several different styles and genres of music into his own unique style. Beyond his music, he is also one of the biggest philanthropists that has ever exsisted. He gave millions of dollars to sick and hungry children all across the world t
Dad In Heaven
Dear Dad in HeavenI sit here and i ponder how very muchI'd like to talk to you todayThere are so many thingsThat we didn't get to sayI know how much you care for meAnd how much I care for you,And each time that I think of youI know you'll miss me too.An angel came and called your nameAnd took you by the hand and saidYour place was ready in Heaven, far above . . .And you had to leave behind, all though you dearly lovedYou had so much to live for, you had so much to do . . .It still seemed impossible, that God was taking you.And though your life on earth is past, in Heaven it starts anewYou'll live for all eternity, just as God has promised you.And though you've walked through Heaven's gateWe are never far apartFor each time that we think of you,You're right here, deep with-in our hearts.
Im a music promoter, Ive been promoting over 20 years,local,regional and national..In the past 10 years or so there has been a decline in attendance at local shows. My goal as apromoter is to get people interested back in live music....put the phones and music devices down ,go support your local bands and venues..KEEP LIVE MUSIC ALIVE \m/
The 1 A.m. Post
So it's a little after one and I'm still wide awake. "Why?",you ask. Because I can not seem to find the power switch to this brain of mine. It's always something anymore. Tonight, it's men. Not any that are currently in my life, or any that have ever been. Just men in general and what I need/ want in my next relationship. "Begging for trouble" ,you say. Yes, probaly. But if I don't figure out what I need/want, who is ever gonna know? Bear with me folks. I know I'm a little scatterbrained sometimes. This will probaly be one of those posts I go back and add to....just a thought.   1. He must have a job of some sort. Whether it be at Mcdonalds or the coal mine, a job is a must. Ps. Drug dealing or "Hustling" is not a job!  I say this not because I want someone to support me but because I want you to be able to support yourself.   2. He must like children. My babies are my everything. I don't want you to replace their father, nor do I expect you to help raise them. I have that under c
Acer Iconia A3 Tablet Pc With A 10.1-inch Touchscreen
We have now the next announcement at the upcoming IFA 2013 in Berlin for you and it is to the new Acer Iconia A3 android tablet pc, which has been announced now also from Acer itself. The new Acer Iconia A3 Tablet PC will be equipped with a 10.1-inch touchscreen display with IPS technology and LED-backlit display, and it will be supported a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels in the 16:10 aspect ratio. In the industry they have reverted cortex-A7 quad-core processor on a 1.2 GHz and there depending on the model of 16 GB or 32 GB of storage space to it in addition further can increase via the MicroSD card slot. A micro HDMI interface for connecting the Tablet PC to TV is one of the other technical features also and for the wireless exchange of data also 3 G available, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 will be available latter option in selected models. The Dolby ensures the full-sounding audio digital plus 5.1-channel sound system which produces a virtual sound if your headphones conne
Correct Diagnosis!
At age 16, I was told that I had cervical cancer. I had no insurance, and I felt like I had no options. I worried about it constantly. Every time I even got a minor cold, I thought that it could be related to the cancer. For 6 years, this went on. Something about it never settled right with me, not denial, just that it never made sense. At the beginning of March 2013, I went to the ER knowing that I had a UTI. They informed me that it was a severe UTI and a bad yeast infection. Gave me medication, and I went about my life. In June, while I was at work, I used the restroom and found blood coming from an area that I knew was unnatural. And there was a lot of it. I left work in tears and rushed to the ER. They did blood tests, pelvic exams, and everything else they could. They didn't find anything. They said that it was probably an ulcer, and that I should take antacids. Less than a week later, I found blood in my urine. Rushed back to the hospital... Still nothing.
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Extreme - More Than Words      
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When You Find Yourself
When you find yourself cocooned in isolation and despair and cannot find your way out of the darkness, remember that this is similar to the place where caterpillars go to grow their wings.
The First Move This Summer, Wonderful! Serie A Brigade Of Transactions Executed 237 People 130 People
Parma summer long list of transfer transactionsThe hustle and bustle of a summer transfer market has closed the door to the attention of the transfer deadline to return to AC Milan Kaka naturally [microblogging] firmly grasp, but there is another team in Serie an alternative manner stunning "feat" This team is Parma. In the transfer deadline, to see Parma move in or out of this summer list is unbelievable, according to the German "transfer market" gives a list of 130 people buying them, selling 107, the total number of transactions 237 people. In the most expensive player signings is to spend € 3,000,000 Pa Luoluo buy from Cesena, cheap soccer jerseys but the biggest cards of the players naturally from Inter Milan [microblogging] Cassano came to the team, the transfer window closes the last moment, Inter Milan midfielder Obi also came to Parma. Of course, this list of 130 people, including a team as well as two teams, in addition to Cassano this summer,. Barcelona je
Casey Has Also Been Labeled In The National Team Without Him Using His Bench Are Now In Big Trouble
Iker Casillas in the national team 's trainingWorld Cup European qualifying Group I , the Spanish team to a temporary points ahead of France ranked first in the world championship this weekend challenge will appear Helsinki Finland . Yesterday, the Spanish team in Madrid Las Rozas base camp began preparing for the game , cheap soccer jerseys coach Vicente del Bosque training drill team for the start of the game , one of the most prominent change from the goalkeeper , Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes is expected to replace Casilla Adams became -choice goalkeeper . Training, Bosque will the players into two groups , one group is expected when the team played in the Finnish main , a group is the bench. It is the main group goalkeeper Victor Valdes and Iker Casillas Real Madrid not playing because the main , have been arranged with the third goalkeeper and bench players to train with . . Barcelona jersey As Busquets injured , Bosque selected as chief of Atletico right back ,
Long Game: Trust Your Decision
DECIDE! I play in a lot of pro-ams with amateurs, and one of the most common errors I see is when players don't make the right shot decision before they hit the ball. Often, these are the players more worried about making a perfect swing and not so much focused on where they want the ball to go. I can tell you this, when you're out on the golf course, it's no time to be thinking about your golf swing. Your focus should always be on the shot at hand and how you envision the ball flying through the air and landing on the ground. COMMIT! For this particular shot, I've decided that I'm going to hit a fade, and I made that decision before addressing the ball, not after! As you can see, as I approach the ball, I align the clubface where I want the ball to finish, then my shoulders, hips and feet to the left in the direction where I want my fade to start. This setup will help me hit a high fade down the fairway that lands soft with little roll. It's just the shot I need to avoi
Dry, bitter blood tasting cracked lips... Hot unapologizing sun on my back... Thirsty is all I can say The glass was empty and burned to the touch   I saw my tall drink of water Just over the sand and yonder While on my knees, I crawled To quinche this desire that called   As I got closer, the glass began to fade Couldn't help but think maybe the water was a facade It was a mirage of some kind But still, I crawled was already in my mind   This glass stayed the same In my eyesight, the permanent frame Of everything, I couldn't see myself inside Water is see through, it can not hide   When the sand stopped rolling around I lifted myself off the ground To reach the bottom of this glass I saw the last drop, it's all it could amass   The glass started to speak All the vain in the world drank from it's peak Now it was at it's minimal Would taking the last drop be criminal?   So I climbed on in Swam around, washed off where I have been The heat from abo
Another Poem I Wrote My Junior Year In High School
Every Time By: Jacob Cope Every time when I close my eyes, I think about you. Every time when I go to sleep, I have dreams about you and me. Every time that I see you, I love you everyday. Every time when I spend time with you, my day gets better than the rest of my days that I had without you. I really enjoy the days that I have spent time with you. Spend an eternity with me. I shall never tire of you, Remind me when day breaks, for, yet again, I will want to hold you… Every time I try to say that I hate you, I resent you but still the feeling just lingers, that love that I feel when I'm with you. Every time that I want to hear your sweet voice again, feel your touch, love without end. I pray every time maybe some day, when feelings come free, true, you'll learn to love me again, as I still love you. I will always love you every time you make a mistake or even when you cheat on me, but I will still love you until the end.
A Poem I Wrote My Senior Year In High School Titled My Love
My Love By: Jacob Cope You have this power over me,.... this undesirable, undeniable, unmistakable power..... You consume my mind..... You invade my thoughts..... You are the ruler of my dream world..... You bring a smile to my face,.... a sparkle to my eyes,.... and a tear to my cheek. .... Your voice is like a sweet song.... I am hearing for the first time..... You take my breath away..... With the simplest things.... your lips utter.... you make me feel weightless,.... as though I could float up,.... and touch the heavens above..... You make me look at life through new eyes,.... eyes that have never seen the light of days,.... until now..... I feel as though I am using all my senses,.... for the first time,.... and suddenly everything I once knew,.... is now unfamiliar to me..... You fill every cell of my being .... with joy, love and happiness..... You make me want to stand up .... and scream at the top of my lungs, .... "I LOVE YOU, more than words cou
James Wong Have New Titles!
  According to the associated press,snapback hats, LeBron James was not only on the basketball superstar, he also has a strong interest in the entertainment industry, as well as personal thoughts. Now two NBA Championship winner the plans in a brand new drama role manufacturer. According to James this and famous Starz wired Taiwan (Note: Starz wired Taiwan is United States wired paid channel, main broadcast the film and will play some with the original program) expand cooperation, again by name called survivors of the lamented main tells the two have an origin Street guy in the end, fame (as a people, have the NBA stars players) and those in the fame Hou how treatment and family and friends Zhijian relationship of the story. James not here when every half an hour long drama lead role, but he will serve as Executive producers. "I think for me the most important thing is, first of all, people are not optimistic about the success of the field. You and others around are the same, only
Robes De Mariee Avec Cola
  Comme nous l'avons vu auparavant, il ya différents modèles de robes de mariée, mais cette fois, je vais parler de robes de mariée avec la queue , le dos de la robe est l'importance de la messe sont l'avant. Tant pis pour tous les invités présents à la robe de célébration de mariage d'observer les différentes parties , et que les deux vers l'avant dans le cadre du retour, vous pouvez utiliser des éléments élégants , comme pour le dos peut utiliser une robe moderne avec une queue élégant qui sera la vedette . Mais vous devez garder à l' esprit que vous pouvez utiliser une longue lignée de plus de cinq mètres et les plus petits , il est préférable d'utiliser une robe de mariée qui colle le mieux berry avec votre style personnel et le style de la célébration du mariage car il existe différents modèles de robes avec différents types de colle. Si la taille de la file d'attente est petit peut être incorporé dans la robe de sorte que vous pouvez l'utiliser tout au long de la célébration ,
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When he quietly slips back into the bedroom with two cups of coffee she turns her face toward him and smiles as he sets her coffee on her night stand.  He crawls back under the covers with her feeling her body heat radiating off of her.  She rolls on her side facing him and reaches for the waist band of his boxer-briefs giving them tug.  With a pout she says "No fair!".  He lifts his hips and she slides them down his hips trailing kisses down his chest and gently raking the inside of his thighs with her red nails.  He jumps and she slides lower and kisses him on one hip and then pushes him onto his back.  She looks up at him through her lashes and smiles.  He lifts one eyebrow and smiles back.  She grips him and a small sigh escapes him.
Memory To Reality
No knight in shining armour High upon his steed Nor a fair maiden to rescue from her own foolish deeds Not a pair of star-crossed lovers doomed to cascade into tragedy Nor careless creatures of habit destined to remain in complacency   We've learned a thing or two Seen some of the darkest sides of this crooked life   Made the mistakes that begged to be made Learned the lessons that nearly bled us dry   This is our kingdom We shall build it Word by word Smile by smile Touch by touch Truth by truth   And not an army of non-believers could breach these walls
Exuse me world * taps pretend mic* I wish I was dead...that is all * tosses mic down*
Como Elejir Un Movil
Velero con otomana Hay muchos tipos diferentes de teléfonos con diferentes funciones y tomar la decisión correcta puede ser molesto a veces, pero no es el teléfono adecuado para cada persona disponible.En primer lugar , usted tiene que pensar en lo que quiere usar su teléfono por . Simples llamadas y escribir mensajes de texto es suficiente? O prefiere navegar en la red? Echa un vistazo a continuación y encontrar el tipo de saber dónde prestar atención al elegir el teléfono correcto. Allrounder : Necesidad mucho las funciones y el tipo de un ordenador portátil de los teléfonos android 2.3 teléfono moviles inteligentes Android con pantalla táctil son el mejor camino a seguir. Puede instalar programms , editar y organizar documentos , jugar juegos , ver películas , escuchar música , enviar datos desde el ordenador al teléfono, con internet, etc, con el software Android que tiene la tienda Play Google disponible y muchas aplicaciones útiles . Si usted es un estudiante , pued
Love Is Pain
im shaking even though my veins are on fire , nothing .. is that all im worth. Noone , thats who i have to love me ... noone thats who im worthing of having... Maybe thats all I deserve ... but im a coward And I hate is pain
Hello again and still kicking ! I thought I would post a little gratitude ! I see all kinds of people from all over the states and me and this guy was talking ! He reminded me how there is people in the world that is worse off than I ! Wow then it hit me ! I have food, friends, and at least a tent over my head ! I can still work walk and have a chance to better myself ! Like I said this is just a bad moment ! I can go to church, stores, and even parks to enjoy ! There is alot of people that is worse off than I ! They dont even have bathrooms or toilet paper to wipe there ass ! They have no shelter or stoves ! No heat, No water no lights ! So when I have another bad moment in my life I will be and am very grateful for the things I have in life no matter how bad it seems to get ! There is people that has it alot worse as I ! God bless!
"the Debt " Part 4
Kathy thought for a moment. She could think of hundreds of possiblities. Her mind raced through the list of all bobby's suppliers and subcontrators seeking a name or person who was a foreigner. She knew all of them because she wrote all Bob's checks. Except one Japanese-american sales guy she knew of and that Italian roofer she couldn't think of anyone. She pictured having sex with the two men and decided she might enjoy the evening after all. "So it's Japanese or Italian tonight?" She questioned searching for the answer. "Not even close!" He said sure of himself that she wouldn't be able to guess. He extended his right arm to her. Bob made sure that for tonight his hair was trimmed and his shoes were shined. He cleaned the truck inside and out. He had his blue suit pressed and he wore a clean white shirt lightly starched. The tie she couldn't object to because she had picked it out for him months ago. He wanted things to be special tonight.   until tomorrow stay tuned for "My thou
A Night Of Lovin'
As I lay dreaming , reaching for the memory , the lights flick on and you are standing over me with my blindfold in your hand. I start to speak and you put your finger on my lips ......." Silence " so I shut up. The blindfold went on , then I felt the wrist restraints snap on and the sounds seemed to echo. Then my ankles were bound. I can feel your calloused hands running up my thighs , I shivered . This man has always been able to pull emotions from the very core of me. Now I am back in darkness with the quietness screaming at me . " Why won't he speak ?" So I am not going to do anything but try to pick-up the fragmented dream pieces and stay relaxed. I have nothing to fear anyway , I trust this man with every fiber of my being. I know he loves me , and then things are tense , he tells me so. He caresses me until I am so aroused that I feel like I'm begining to sweat , beads of persperation rathering on my upper-lip. And my breathing is becoming dyspnea . . He is sitting on the bed ,
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shoulder healing well now, stiffness gone from a lot of it so i can now sleep on that side , when i do sleep lol, physio going well but still not allowed to lift grrrrrrrrrrr i know it has to be so but they should try living alone n not lifting its almost impossible a lot of the time, but i do my best, we thought i had damaged the pin but it had just settled so thats also good news, bad news is i now have kidney stones rofl, i swear im droppin to bits but if i can smile i can get through it like i get through everything else, but i have to say its been hard doing it alone, i think i have missed having someone in my life so much these past few weeks more than before and i need a hug dammit but i guess one from youngest son will have to do.
Oh My Goodness
I was due for an appointment with the gynecologist later in the week.Early one morning, I received a call from the doctor’s office to tell me that I had been rescheduled for that morning at 9:30 am. I had only just packed everyone off to work and school, and it was already around 8:45am. The trip to his office took about 35 minutes, so I didn’t have any time to spare. As most women do, I like to take a little extra effort over hygiene when making such visits, but this time I wasn’t going to be able to make the full effort.So, I rushed upstairs, threw off my pajamas, wet the washcloth that was sitting next to the sink, and gave myself a quick wash in that area to make sure I was at least presentable. I threw the washcloth in the clothes basket, donned some clothes, hopped in the car and raced to my appointment.I was in the waiting room for only a few minutes when I was called in. Knowing the procedure, as I’m sure you do, I hopped up on the table, looked over at
The Invisible Me
Finding a place within the world Wandering aimlessly Like a ghost that never shows it's energy Am I invisible Can anyone see me Am I living in the darkness Who am I supposed to be? Rivers run dry Life is just passing us by Dreams of who I was just a faded memory Looking deep within my self A mirror image of me Taken for granted by everyone I need Am I invisible Can anyone see me Am I living in darkness Long to who I used to be (bridge) Images that haunt me in the night I dodge the shadows for light Managing to find the corners of my mind A parallel space I need Somewhere that I can see That I can express my inter self to me Am I invisible Can anyone see me Am i living in darkness Please come and find me I'm living the invisible dreams
Hypocritcal Boxcars Of Evil
  Hypocritical Boxcars of Evil   Hypocritical boxcars of evil have slipped the tracks. Get away if you can take your sons and daughters take your husbands and wives take your dogs and cats   Get away if you can To a place beyond price tags beyond subterfuge & unfeelingness while there's still time   I see a Monster on the track I see the technologically in a rats nest of artificial knots   all designed to keep them separate while they think they're connecting   I see them rushing I hear them honking Where do they think they're going anyway Always in a fierce hurry to where?   More waiting for the next big thing?
Perfecting Perseverance
How do you focus when your mind is getting the best of you? Distractions are a it induced by stress, boredom, or general dislike of the subject matter? What do you think fubarers?
Key Solutions Which Is Available From Professional Packers In Addition To Movers In Lucknow
There are many specialized transferring companies in Lucknow who are offering detailed means to fix unique separation wants. They could separation concerns perfectly no matter whether you happen to be transferring from spot for a yet another inside of Lucknow as well as transferring from this metropolis to someplace else. There're offering many different providers to simplify this challenging scenario associated with separation. They could perhaps enable you to worldwide separation in addition to management and business separation. Most common providers through just about all specialized Lucknow transferring companies include things like: Packing in addition to Labels Professional transferring companies have got expert packers who are able to pack your current things perfectly. Many people pack factors in tough containers making use of top quality providing products. Throughout entire providing function they will get maximum care associated with obviously any good individual product
Getting Ready Your Own Home For Your Movers In Addition To Packers
It certainly is a good idea to have any approach in mind ahead of carrying out this move to the modern position if the separation can be somewhere within the metropolis than you can find likelihood that you carry out the procedure by itself, by making use of family in addition to most. Yet if it's a interstate transfer, you'll need aid from specialized packers in addition to movers Delhi. They'll not just produce your current transfer less complicated in addition to comfortable but additionally save your valuable time in addition to money. Almost any transferring organization need to be appointed by the high quality service it's offering. You have to weight and dimensions the things including quantity of offices this transferring organization have got; price tag on the transferring, company can be getting as well as the guaranteed time and energy to shift. Like this it is possible to discover the much better concept of transferring estimation whilst your separation might be an easier
Relaxed Proceed Through Professional Packers In Addition To Movers
Every time persons become familiar with that they must adjust somewhere they will start taking tension. Yet these days this specific aggravating dilemma may be sorted easily because you can find variety of transferring companies accessible in marketplace. These kinds of treatment companies get entire weight on the get over it all of them in addition to produce his or her clients exempt from most concerns. Corporations ensure his or her clientele which his or her help can make his or her patron's transfer quick and simple. These skilled specialists of these companies cope with entire undertaking skillfully. They've already a good know-how about computers this transfer in their clients. These kinds of specialists begin the work associated with transferring through providing. packers and movers lucknow are just about the most significant responsibilities associated with entire procedure for changing. As it is dependent on this security on the belongings and so the staff makes use of top
Silent Hill
In the beginning, people had nothing.  _ Their bodies ached, and their hearts held nothing but hatred. They fought endlessly, but death never came. They despaired, stuck in the eternal quagmire.  _ A man offered a serpent to the sun,       and prayed for salvation. A woman offered a reed to the sun,       and asked for joy.  _ Feeling pity for the sadness that had overrun the earth;               God was born from those two people  _ God made time, and divided it into day and night.   God outlined the road to salvation, and gave people joy.     And God took endless time away from the people.  _ God created beings to lead people in obedience to her.           The red god; Xuchilbara.           The yellow god; Lobsel Vith  _                         Many gods and angels.  _ Finally, God set out to create Paradise, where people would be happy just by being there. But there, God’s strength ran out, and she collapsed.  _ All the world’s people grieved at
Indigo Auras
Indigo Auras   Indigos—part of the emotional group—develop emotional intelligence, communication skills and intuition at an early age. Indigos lean on their intuition and instinct much more than any other color and often feel emotions physically. Indigos follow their own inner voices, feelings and intelligence instead of listening to opinions of others or making fact based decisions. Indigos succeed by feeling a strong emotional and intuitive connection to a project, person or place in their lives. They strive for perfection and idealism and will not compromise their own set of rules or values. They are driven to find emotional balance with life and work. Indigos, at a fundamental level, do not change much over time. Their beliefs, the types of people they are attracted to and what they value in life are almost pre-wired. Indigos have difficulty settling into a career, relationship or social group because they can blend in anywhere, do anything a
Amrapali Leisure Park Noida Extension @09999684905
        Amrapali Leisure Park   Amrapali Group recently Launched A brand New Project Amrapali Leisure Park in Noida Ext. It's a Dream Residential Project in Metropolitan that offers 2/3 BHK Luxury Apartments. These Apartments are elegant in fashionable designs, therefore they're thought-about the globe category Flats, Villas Therefore, they're currently in nice demand among the house Buyers. One of the foremost victorious and reliable Amrapali Group stands with the exception of different developers as a result of its absolutely committed to probability the approach to life of individuals. Making an inexperienced and peaceful atmosphere for happy and prosperous life, the developer is developing with dream venture at a splendid location of town.  Amrapali Leisure Park Noida improves the living customary of individuals simply by presenting some luxury accommodations in affordable costs. It will enhance the means of living altogether the respects. It provides
People can be so selfish , I swear ... They get all upset when you want to kill yourself , but they don't want you around or in there lives. They say silly shit like " things will get better " , you ask them how , in what way and they don't have any answer or it's something horribly generic ... Fuck you! I am not a 3 year old who is easily amused by shiny words like keys on a ring . Why would you care if I die , for those who protest it... I am nothing special , I am one person Of billions .. Easily replaced... Yet people pretend to care, and because I want to eliminate my chances of bothering people By eliminating me ... I'm the selfish one??
It seems like all I am to anyone whoever gets to know me is a mere regret. They regret ever asking me out , they regret ever being my friend, They regret ever talking to me in the first place , they regret ever giving me there cell phone number, or ever telling me they find me attractive. Well I regret ever being born , I regret ever being a coward and not killing myself , and allowing myself to ever becoming a regret for these people in the first place , espically the ones , I actually like...
Phil - Jones Recent Bad Luck
"Paratrooper" Phil Jones a bit unlucky,wholesale cheap nfl jerseys, first in training Wayne Rooney showing up in head, leading to fat needed 10 stitches around my go to be sidelined for ten days; Askew hurt his ankle in the game tonight, 2 days played only 37 minutes was replaced, consider themselves as "Rooney spent his first" let Moyers sat wax. Currently r tendon strain hasn't yet healed and Phil Jones was wounded, Man utd have not be selected at right back.Before the race in Liverpool and Man utd, Wayne Rooney injured Red Devils fans are completely by surprise, and low-fat root cause of the injury is extraordinary and that he and Phil Jones within the train collision, severe head injuries, ' even before the Liverpool game confirms: "Wayne Rooney may very well be out a week or two weeks time."It certainly had a huge influence on ' plan of preparation for United. Certainly, Jones didn't want success companion was injured, even so the accident really, that there are people looking dep
idk whose going read this im just fucking around cuz im bored. i had a tooth ache and fucking dentist took out the wrong tooth. the end
Why Now With Syria ??
Just another " Red Hairing " designed to take our eyes off the ball and His ( Obama's ) issues are So big this what it comes down to !! ThinK ?? Asprin Factory during Clinton Admin and you will Get It. 
Ac Milan Kaka Has Been Prepared Under Contract Jing Bao Flac Bad Next Year In January To Kick Away
Italy time at 23:00 on September 2nd, Serie A summer transfer deadline, in accordance with the argument Galliani, AC Milan [microblogging] of 2013 summer transfer, came to an end. Although the Italian media and fans have great doubts on this, but according to Galliani on Sky TV saying, cheap soccer jerseys Allegri's team is competitive. In addition, the operation is completed for just Galliani regression AC Milan's Kaka, also expressed their views. "Kaka back to AC Milan, it is very difficult and complex, the parties have made tremendous sacrifices." There may be because excitement, fatigue certainly has the ingredients, Kaka, Adriano Galliani did not move to AC Milan reveal more details. However, and had "Real Madrid [microblogging] will free loan to AC Milan Kaka six months, and then sold to the U.S. Major League club," saying completely different, Kaka almost free transfer to AC Milan, and 100% become AC Milan player, until 2015 June 30. Of course, the successful return
Kaka Back To Ac Milan Win = Remake Formation That He Not ? 2:00 He Must Fight On
In ensuring the Champions League [ microblogging ] League qualification and confirmed the return of Kaka after ( about Kaka transfer , had not yet formally announce news, but inside the locker room , has been confirmed ) , the replacement of the formation and lineup AC Milan [ microblogging ] , cheap soccer jerseys by virtue of Robinho [ microblogging ] , Philippe Mexes and Balotelli 's goal, especially Super Mario 's excellent play, 3 to 1 to win the Cagliari . Game, only takes a few minutes , Allegri can confirm , with the 4-3-1-2 4-3-3 replaced , and replaced by Robinho Shaarawy , was the right decision . Montolivo that game though organized and participated in the first goal , but it really is not his attacking midfielder position , Sky TV commented that the obvious lack of attacking midfielder Montolivo rhythm , and now need to look at , in the end should be the Kaka , or someone else to solve this problem. It should be said , evolutions from 4-3-3 to 4-3-1-2 , Milan l
Power Banks With Different Power Needs But The Same High Standards For Quality And Design
Most of the time, we are tired of the high power usage of our smart phones including iphone and other smart devices. Is there any removable battery or portable power bank that could be added only when people needed them, and without rebooting the cell phone to swap them, and in whichever sizes you needed. It is a common question that most iphone users are looking for answers. Sometimes, an external backup battery with high performance will be the most requested feature for a smartphone. For those that are constantly on the go, an external battery pack may be extremly necessary.As we know, there are almost as many external battery pack options for your smartphone as there are cases, and given the multitude of options there are probably two important factors to seriously consider: capacity and design. And a leading contender for both these considerations is the In koeok, we know people have different power needs but the same high standards for quality and design, and koeok
The Influx Of Foreign Players Nike Free 3.0 V2 To The Nba
That's a 23% reduction in profits, and a deal breaker for knowledgeable bettors. Consider this, that because of the juice, you have to win at least 52.The idea namely any stylish establishing regarding air conditioning jordan boots or shoes. Modern technologies appeared to be used liable this specific jordan boots or shoes.But never buy low-grade basketball equipment as purchasing a basketball system is a quite big investment in itself. Only a good quality basketball system can serve you for years.Another difference is in the classification of the participants. Wheelchair basketball encourages people of varying abilities to compete together.   It's a pretty simple formula. So it shouldn't come as any surprise that with the NBA out of business for the past couple months, merchandise and jersey sales slipped pretty substantially.Whether you are looking for arsenal football shirts or Chelsea football shirts you can get them easily delivered at your house. The number of websi
It Nike Roshe Run Woven Doesn't Matter Which One
Adidas start-up, although only a small workshop-type businesses, but their eyes have been aimed at the world market.Corporate Hospitality Group provides protected way for purchasing tickets and hospitality.Review Sites and Forums Can be of Great HelpThere are always some people like discussing that whether Kobe Bryant can exceed Michael Jordan as the most NBA players in memoirs.The shoes are so popular that Nike releases some retro shoes almost every year.With such a talented side it is easy to see why England is being hailed as one of the favourites to clinch this year football showcase.That colorway of the Jordan 14 will release later this year.   So Internet connection is MUST have thing if you want to and that is all you need plus the software.rower and Olympic gold medalist, were part of the series of discussions about sports media and management.Kidd entered counseling, anger management courses and quit drinking; he later reconciled with his wife.The thousands of te
That Valuable Nike Free 3.0 V5 Because There Are So
Nike shoes are supported by popular Basketball players just like Lebron, Kobe Dez bryant as well as Dwayne Sort, for example. Nike JordansAnd if you are having academic troubles don't be too ashamed or embarrassed to seek help. Do everything you can to achieve your dream.When Nike found that they were stuck with a unners and joggers shoes?image, they were desperate to break away from it and enter into the lucrative and thriving basket ball shoes market.The best thing about the Goalrilla Deluxe Basketball Hoop Light is that the light bulbs in it have a wire covering over them that protects them from a bad three point shot or whatever may happen. Heres a customer review of this hoop light   jd now there provides develop a historical breakthrough discovery. Nike financial meeting continue on in order to liberated air jordan footwear upon a total annual groundwork.If you sign up for 2013-14 NFL and NCAA football picks, you can keep your eye on the line and get great advice on
A Number Of Nike Blazer High Cheat Sites Are Available But You
Here are some tips for putting a fantasy football management plan in place. The more intentional and organized you are the more likely you are to win in the end.Fantasy Football Management Tips: Kick Butt This Season!Play fair, just because it is a virtual world does not mean that you can bend the rules to win the game. A number of Nike Blazer High cheat sites are available but you should restrain from using them to ensure that you have the most fun out of the games. Games are structured to ensure that players can not easily finish them.Most of the fantasy football projections you can find on the internet are developed from years of drafting experience. The experts know the NFL very well and these projections are based on the player statistics the past the past 10 years.Are you using the fantasy football rankings when drafting your fantasy football draft?   The Player Series logo watch features the team logo on a white background which really makes it stand out. It is wat
A Sermon Regarding Religion From Reverend Warbeast.
A sermon regarding Religion from Reverend WarBeast.  In this day and age of enlightenment, where many age-old mysteries of the world around us are being explained and/or solved through the advancement of scientific research, I find myself increasingly at odds with the persistence of organized religion. How can people in this age of reason, look at books written thousands of years ago by superstitious primitives and believe wholeheartedly that they contain the absolute truth to life, the universe and everything? It is my belief that most people cling to a religious belief because of indoctrination that happened during childhood. This indoctrination, coupled with deep-seated instinctive emotional needs, fosters an attachment to beliefs that, upon developing the deductive reasoning skills of maturity, a person should find ridiculous.At this point, I would like to state that I am personally an agnostic. I won't say that I believe there is a cosmic power behind the scenes
There are alot of days, I wake up, not sure I exists. After all if you have no actual use for something , why have it, and since I seem to be useless , wouldn't it be the same of me. Now don't mistake that for a blind sheep who follows any command , simply because they think they aren't worth anymore then that . I am quite sure , that not only am I ugly, I am talentless, and stupid as well, but I am still me, and I do care about myself in my own brutish way. One of the reasons , I am merely observing humanity is I, have absolutely no trust in humanity and mankind. Truth be told , I hate pretty much all living creatures , and especially humanity as a whole. Thus I am testing the waters to see if they are safe. I have never seen any of this end well, friendship or otherwise. They all say similar things, " I could never hate you", your not so bad. But by the end it's the same. I am horrible, I am the bad guy, I am evil incarnate, and why because I am honest to a fault and speak my mind.
Day 1: Likestravaganza
Though I created my FuBar profile two days ago, I consider today to be "Day 1" of my active membership to  At first I was gaining NO experience to speak of whatsoever.  I don't really see the point of gaining it, except to unlock certain features like the ability to participate in site areas like MuMMs and the like.  But I did want those points and levels.  So
Just A Thought
Somehow in the process of him leaving for work, he let his hands get the better of him and he ended up making exceedingly good use of all that pent up sexual energy I had been generating all day. He got me off something fierce. And something soft. And something rough. And something kinky. And something perfect. A bunch of times. I can only give highlights: I was in The Trance. Ravished and unaware of anything but feeling his sexy touch. I have new appreciation for the one-person-naked-and-the-other-person-dressed sex scenario. That added some kinky flare I never expected. Not unlike my repeat fantasy of visiting Caveman in his office and him letting me remove key clothing items from him and have a really deep blowjob. I think of that every time I see him at his desk. But that's not his thing. Just mine. A favorite erotic moment. I was insanely excited. The orgasms came really quickly but the disappointment over the speed of attaining them (I get off too fast) was dulled by the sexy
Just More Curious Then A Question.
 What kind of comments do women want to get from men when they post nude pictures? I always have a hard time knowing what to say and not be cheesy, pigish, or rude. 
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Onda V971 Quad Core Tablet Pc
About 2 month ago, this Onda tablet is the hottest model in the market. Two month later now, although, some new models available, and take a lot of sales, this Onda V971 is still the top sale model in the market. Since Onda tablets are widely accepted by people here, once any new models from Onda, the sales are always good. But a pity is this V971 is just coming with Android 4.1 OS. Recently, more and more people like the new Android 4.2.2 OS more. But this unit is still adopting the Allwinner A31 quad core CPU which is the msot powerful one. The screen resolution is also higher than some other cheap models. More important is it has a 8000 mAH high capacity battery. Usually, a tablet only have about 7000mah. ONDA V971 Quad Core A31 Tablet PC 9.7 pulgadas Android 4.1 IPS Retina Screen 2G Ram 4K Video Características principales de Tablet PC ONDA V971 Quad Core: Sistema Operativo: Android 4.1 CPU / Procesador: Allwinner A31, 1.5GHz, Cortex A7 cuadruple núcleo, GPU: PowerVR SGX544 M
Sept. 2, 2013
This is a tough one. SkiFreek gave me the letters to do this. Of course he would pick letters (and the color of this writing) that would be hard to deal with. Gotta love him. Anyway, hope you enjoy....   Word of the Day::. Quandy A quick hand job "Emily, we don't have much time. Give me a quandy."   Acronym of the Day::.   XYP eXamine Your Penis   "You fucked her? You better XYP!" (yes I know that it doesn't start with a "X", but yeah...hard to do.)   Since he threw in a third letter as a "freebie"...I'm going to attempt this letter too. Word::. Zanal To have crazy anal sex "I would give anything for some zanal."     Acronym::. ZFG Zero Fucks Given [no sentence needed]   ******he wanted Periwinkle, it wouldn't take the code for it so I used another shade of blue. He'll get over it.******
loss what is loss? loss is a monetary absence of something you hold so dearly, something you treasure.  What happens if the thing you lose ,you felt you never had to begin with, and the very fiber that you hold to so dearly, you cling to is the essence of life ? your life, you dont want to see it go, but you know it will happen.  It is inevitable like the changing from night into day.
3 Little Words
I notice it seems to be  so easy for most people to say , I like you or I love you , but I notice alot of people have a very hard time letting people know I don't like you or better yet I hate you.. That drives me crazy!!! If you don't like me please TELL me , don't sugar coat it and hope I get the hint , I suck at hints..     So if at any point you  don't like me or hate me ... just say it.     Thank you , this has been a rant from yours truly
What To Expect
From me? Who knows. Here's me, condensed but as specific as possible. I'll do my best to lay it out. 1. I am a daddy to an amazing 2 1/2 year old son. He is more important to me than you are. Not being mean, just straightforward about my priorities. 2. I have a very strong paternal instinct and a strong desire to protect people who are in trouble or hurt. Sometimes people (ladies) have more problems with their feelings regarding a situation than with the situation itself- this is not me. I am a fixer, and can be objective to a fault. Love counseling. 3. I know how to be a listener and can shut off the fix-it instinct when needed. 4. I'm a perv. I'm a gentleman first, and don't need to see your boobs to like you. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and nobody deserves to be treated like a slut. 5. I'm conservative. If you have an opposing and well-defended view, I will listen. I may pick it apart, but I will not insult you for it. 6. Any relationships built in
I have a friend in military usually he is gone in Afghanistan and there its not allowed porn so I usually send him videos of me to his email and I've missed seen him this year know he enjoys my vids yet I lost interest in him should I wait to tell him and keep sending him or just avoid him altogether? !
I Want
I want to tell you in your ear what my fantasy is.
"the Debt " Part 4
Kathy sat in the chair nearest the front door. She watched out the window for Bob. Her mind wondered through the events since she made the repayment contract with him. his loan to her of thousands of dollars helped bail her out of her predicament. they agreed to let her work off the debt with her book kepping and sexual services. She thought about how much fun they were having working off the debt as Bob pulled into the driveway in his truck. "At least it's clean on the out side," she said to herself.  She put the empty sherry glass on the table and picked up her little black purse. In it she had her nessary things and three condoms just in case. Kathy opened the door before Bob could knock. "Wow!" Bob said in admiration. 'You look beautiful." He handed her a large manila envelope. it contained receipts and invoices for work. She threw it on the chair saving the work for later. "Thank you," she replied. This time she actually thought he might mean what he said. "Where are we off t
Death Of A Love
I don't know if I even like the word " LOVE " anymore ,It's cold and empty  No feeling found , just like in the day , when they killed in the name of God So now they kill in the name of Love , And we all must suffer the untold pain.To bleed , to weep and apply the paint , to take up a weapon for to protect a Saint.I wish to do the victory dance , around the fires of my content .To sacrifice my blood for thee , Is what it must truely be .......   Bleeding freely now upon the ground , the World is spinnin all around ,Is my sacrifice truely worthy ? for your Happiness is all that's Holy . I feel my spirit lifting toward clouds unknown , Will he be waiting for me to hold? I've been with-out long enough , So I'll seek him from above , His love I know will always be there waiting for me always ........NOW ~~~~
Level Up
Can i get 50 more profile rates-Please!!! :)
The Constitution Is A Joke
 I hate when people bring up the founding fathers and the constitution when referring to liberty. Thomas Jefferson was in Paris during the constitutional convention. John Adams was in London. Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, and John Hancock refused to go to the constitutional convention because they thought it was basically a big statist plot. Many of the people that signed the constitution were slave owners, and all of the signers hated it. The federalists didn't think it gave the government enough powers, and the anti-federalists thought that everything in the constitution would be taken out of context in order to grow the government. They just thought signing it would be better than doing nothing. Also, the constitution did not stop the government from invading Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran (1953), Korea, Vietnam, or any of the other countries since world war 2. The second amendment did not stop the national firearms act in 1934, gun control act of 1968, the machine gun ban in 1986, the
"the Debt " Part 4
I'd like to dedicate this chapter to someone very special in my life that came into my life:) Kathy didn't know what to expect. But told her to be ready at six  "dress nice," he told her. "I'll pick you up. We'll go out."  Since he had already used her as a sex toy to satify the lust of one of his suppliers she assumed tonight would be a party with that goal in mind. she had no idea where he was taking her so she decided on wearing  basic fashions.  She started of course with a good bath. next was her scent that made her feel and smell fabulous. She reviewed and refreshed the nail polish on her finger and toes. Deep blood red is the color of the evening. she decided to put her hair up and tight it with ringlets next to her face to add interest. She selected a lacy bra and panties to match and a to top everything off she put on her little black dress. She slipped her feet into her four inch dress heels with small straps that showed off her ankles and toes. She put the diamond stud e
"the Debt " Part 3
Bob was lying on his side passed out on the carpet. apparently he was finally excited enough to blow his load. kathy got a towel from the bar sink and moistened it. She cleaned the cum off her furniture. She put a pillow from the sofa under bobby's head and covered him with a blacket.   she turned off the lights and went back to bed. As she disrobed and climbed between she decided she would charge Bob for his time. "Oh! you were great baby!" She said practicing for what she would tell him in the morning. She was sure he would accept the lie as the truth. After all no self respecting guy like Bob would have the guts to ad mit he couldn't get it up. she fell asleep and slept well.
I say let us ride steadfast into uncertainty and follow our folly into a chasm of ambivalent promise.  And lay low the seers and charlatans that litter the path along the way.  Follow me. 
Facts To Consider While Using Almost Any Mover For Ones Household Shift
Moving can be quite a time intensive in addition to strenuous minute. Nevertheless the process of property adjust is usually designed fewer of any obstacle in addition to much easier via having an existing transferring agency. There are various professional transferring businesses within associated with India performing their particular services in several key regions in addition to cities on this state. Determining of any individual in your city provides you with almost any hassle-free in addition to secure experience of property adjust however uncovering a right mover may also be big enterprise. And so you simply must take into consideration getting almost any mover that isn't purely reasonably priced although skilled in addition to trustworthy. You'll need to take into consideration a number of things the moment having an existing mover in your city to make your present go easy and quick. Attain Holding Approximate: No person wish to turn out to be had been unfaithful by way of a s
Hassle-free Brand New Residence Obtain Via Pune Packers Movers
When we discuss new house purchase another thing of which hits thought out is usually horrible tension. However these kind of within days to weeks, people are able to reduce their particular whole tension via helping your removing businesses. These types of removing businesses ensure their particular clientele for ones risk-free go. These types of lenders existing all kinds of go therefore person's doesn't need to get worried. Persons could use any kind of new house purchase support of their finances therefore doesn't need to be able to get worried. These individuals these businesses may be successful and in addition they adequately complete the complete go of the clientele. Most of these services usually are usually prepared to help with making your current go simple in addition to hot. They will fit their utmost efforts to create the career simple in addition to easier. They will start out the career regarding new house purchase via supplying all the items efficiently to maintain ab
Easy Methods To Utilize A Reliable Moving Corporation Within Pune
There are several professional packers in addition to movers carrying out work inside Pune, a popular tasteful scale associated with Maharashtra. A consequence of these big amount shipment businesses, getting a very good as reported by desires in addition to prices is just not an easy task. Every one of these services may also be not really trustworthy in addition to cost-effective numerous search for to be able to catch the attention of person's from amazing advertisements and offers. Therefore you ought to be watchful in search of professional shipment agencies to quit any kind of upsetting health conditions down the road. Numerous essential thoughts usually are employing that may help you in search of professional movers within Pune. In the event that you will precede make sure you go through employing lines thoroughly. Constantly search for purely persons transferring agencies which may be listed nevertheless get at least a couple of years regarding functional understanding within's Just Bling...
Bling is there for people to polish...Fubar has made polishing bling achievements and even leveling requirements in some cases... It's getting ridiculous how many people are being high handed about people polishing their bling...stop taking it out on people that are simply playing the game the way its meant to be played... If you have an issue about people following the rules of FUBAR and in no way doing anything wrong then take it up in FU Support and have them change the rules... People are sitting there spamming status after status for people to buy them all sorts of bling but as soon as someone polishes it they wanna either block em, blow up their shoutbox, downrate them or a combination of all 3... It's gotten real out of control...people are polishing bling to get achievement points, fulfill leveling requirements or to make points...thats how IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE... Get off your high horse and grow the F's not that serious...
"the Debt " Part 3
In  Kathy's mind a man's head was between her legs. His hair short but curly. He had dark eyes that looked up into hers as his jack hammer tongue took her pussy to new heights. She felt the thumb of his hand enter her ass. She winced with the pain and pleasure of his touch. Suddenly she imagined two more mouths. One was on each nipple. They sucked and cuddled her breasts. then another mouth kissed her deeply. She shuddered with orgasm at the touch of her imaginary lovers.  Kathy continued with her eyes closed and felt her moist pussy drool over her rosebud. she was sure she was driooing on the sofa. Her eyes opened. The imaginary lovers vanished and she saw cum that lay in drops and gobs across her coffee table. some got as far as her foot. She scooped the cum off of her foot with one finger and put it into her mouth. will resume later:)
Pumpkin Cake
•1 box yellow cake mix•1 – 15 oz. can pumpkin puree (not pumpkin pie mix)•1 – 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk•1 – 8 oz. tub cool whip•½ bag Heath Bits•Caramel Sundae SauceInstructions1.In a large bowl, mix together the cake mix and pumpkin puree until a smooth batter forms.2.Pour batter into a greased 9×13 baking dish, and bake at 350º, according to the directions on the cake mix box (approx 23-28 mins).3.Remove cake from oven and let cool for about 10 minutes after baking.4.Using the end of a wooden spoon to poke holes all over the top of the cake.5.Pour the sweetened condensed milk over the cake. This should fill in the holes and soak into the cake.6.Refrigerate for 30 minutes.7.Remove cake from refrigerator and spread cool whip over top of cake. Sprinkle on the heath bits, and drizzle caramel over top. (I didn’t think the cake needed a lot of caramel at this point so I only used about ¼ of the jar. I thinned it out first by h
we had a good time at mrytil beach SC we spent the day looking around ,swimmimg in the ocen and walking the bord walks , it was the frist trip in 8years togather ,it was great.
Sooo I've learned my first big lesson here on fubar... No matter how many pics someone sends you, if they don't have a salute they are FAKE!!!!  I could name you out here an let everyone know what a liar you are BUT I'm not that type of person. I'll consider this a lesson learned and never make the same one again. :-)
Pc Industry Uses The Ifa As A Stage
The IFA in Berlin to give fresh impetus to business with consumer electronics. But also the PC industry uses the show to prepare for the holiday shopping season. Tablets and Smartphones, it is in a profound change. Alongside the consumer electronics is increasingly the PC industry at the IFA as a fair platform and won himself a place in Berlin. "We will see the biggest impact of hardware for Windows 8.1 at the IFA," announced Oliver Kaltner by Microsoft. In addition to the surface tablet from its own home alone 25 new units of hardware partners with the new operating system would be to see Windows 8.1. The smallest tablet lightweight notebooks, the range will ranging devices for professional use, Kaltner, who is responsible for the software group for the Consumer Division said. "The most important trend remain clearly touch & type products," said Wilfried Thom at Acer for the business in Central Europe. The company wants to introduce a wide range of devices from th
Power Bank Is Essential When You're On The Road
Quite often, there are a few problems most travellers may find themselves running into when away from home. and they will look for a way to charge thire mobile devices without ready access to an outlet. Don't worry,it happens to all of us, and a portable power bank can help us a lot.When we begin the trip into the great outdoors, we often stash our cell phones away in our gear, a pocket for easy photo snapping, or elsewhere, and we even pack a wall charger. Before long, we realize that unless we're getting stuck in a thunderstorm and happen to be packing a lighting rod, we're not going to have free access to electricity, rendering our gadgets useless within hours. It is highly recommened for you to carry a portable power bank during the trip. As a convenient power supply, a battery charger doubles for power than the outlet as a handy power source for mobile phones, tablets, cameras and other electronic devices. They are ideal for travel with the pocket size and high performance. If car
Notice Me
Notice Me As the nights drag on the tears flood my eyes.  Am I but a ghost in everyones eyes? I dream of being a part of their world I long to be more than a speck in this world. The days drag by in hopes someone says hi The disappointment fills my eye for there is only goodbye Am I but invisible trapped within this life? Am I to go on as a nobody throughout life? How can I make them see how much this means to me? Can I forever live in a world where noone wants me? Can it be that I am not ment to be? Someday soon they will see Someday when I am gone they will Notice me.
When When did it happen? I surely do not know. When did I know? The moment they spoke your name. When did I hear your name? in every corner with but a whisper When did they start to whisper? The moment you turned to another When did you go to another? the time I trusted you When did they fall for you? Long before I knew
8/26 - 9/1/13
MONDAY'S JOKES                                      Women's Guide to Understanding Men - 4 DAYS MON. - THURS.  "I'm hungry." REALLY MEANS, I'm hungry.  "I'm sleepy." REALLY MEANS, I'm sleepy.  "Do you want to go to a movie?" REALLY MEANS, I'd like to have sex  "Can I take you out to dinner?" REALLY MEANS, I'd like to have sex  "Can I call you sometime?" REALLY MEANS, I'd like to have sex  "Nice dress!" REALLY MEANS, Nice cleavage!  "What's wrong?" REALLY MEANS, What meaningless self-inflicted psychological trauma are you going through now?  "I love you, too." REALLY MEANS, Okay, I said it...we'd better have sex now!  "Yes, I like the way you cut your hair." REALLY MEANS, I liked it better before.  "Let's talk." REALLY MEANS, I am trying to impress you by showing that I am a deep person and maybe then we can have sex ********************************************************************  TUESDAY'S JOKES                                       Women's Guide to Understanding Men - DAY 2
Modeles Pour Le Mariage Des Robes De Mariee
belles robes  Avec ces modèles de robes de mariage de mariage peut regarder radieuse le jour de votre mariage, mais vous pouvez aussi les utiliser pour d'autres occasions . Alors acheter un de ces modèles de robes de mariage pour le mariage, car ils sont élégants et très à la mode aujourd'hui . Si vous êtes une jeune mariée avec une petite taille , je vous recommande de ne pas utiliser ces robe de mariage sur mesure qui ont de larges épaules . Toutes les robes de mariée avec des coupes drastiques ne sont pas recommandés pour une utilisation pour les mariées menues. Qu'est-ce qu'il doit utiliser épouses de petite stature sont ces robes simples et robes avec des décolletés plongeants ces marqué . Pour les mariées qui sont grands sont encouragés à utiliser des robes et des blouses étroites ornementale. Les robes de mariée qui sont drapés sont idéales pour les mariées maigres . En outre, vous devez également porter des robes avec des détails . Afin de trouver la robe de mariée parf
Global Business Information: Sell Large Domestic Smart Phone Inspiration
Recent domestic smart phone sales increase , market occupying the front of the news, and exciting. Think of a number of old phone " giant " of the decline and the considerable number of enterprises suffered actual operating pressure , domestic brand mobile phone business, " beautiful " enough to give us two important implications : First, the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise is a challenge even more opportunities , can make a difference for the right moment ; Second, innovation is the fundamental way business survival and growth , adhere to the road of innovation in order to grasp the opportunity to gain the initiative. In recent years, major reshuffle in the global mobile phone industry , some domestic moviles dual sim android brand mobile phone companies to become "Wind Supergrass " , from weak to strong and continues to grow, production and sales among the world's forefront. According to the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Insti
Remember Me with Smiles and Laughter For that is how I'll remember you all But if you can only Remember me with tears and Sorrow Then Don't Remember Me at all!
Tick Tock
Tick Tock TIme goes by so quickly we often forget to stop and look at what is around us. Like the hands on a clock never stopping always moving. Seconds. Minutes, Hours, Tick Tock Tick Tock The days of our youth has come and gone. Like the dates on a calender never to come around agian.  Days, weeks Months Tick Tock Tick Tock Memories come with every moment we are here, Treasure them because when they are gone you can never get them back years, decades, centuries Tick Tock Tick Tock Dont just sit there waiting for the minutes to pass get up and make the most of each one of them Seconds Minutes Hours Tick Tock Tick Tock Everyday events come and go be a part of the difference. No one can do it for you cause you are your own person Days Weeks Months Tick Tock Tick Tock History was made one day at a time. Go out into this world and make history in the eyes of those you touch Years Decades Centuries Tick Tock Tick tock Don't let life pass you by Be what you want to be cause tim
Ac Milan 40 Million Is Still King Hit Kaka Came Off The Bench He Is Cannon Fodder !
Shaarawy was warm , but ultimately play is Matri Boateng left the band, Matri join. Allegri decisive evolutions, formation he changed to the more familiar 4-3-1-2 , Robinho [ microblogging ] unexpectedly won the first opportunity, and to the team just two days of Matri also the first 65 minutes played, but before the main striker Chaaraoui only in garbage time of 88 minutes off the bench, cheap soccer jerseys Kaka move to AC Milan [ microblogging ] , the " little Pharaoh " to how the day had it ? Italian football places Moreno - Fila Rio accept the " whole market " interview, talked about Shaarawy : " Matri join is a good move, it almost became a declared Chaaraoui bench . " Sure enough , with Matri to join, Allegri logical evolutions, while Chaaraoui also become the logical one can only play in garbage time substitute striker . There is one detail in the game , AC Milan to be replaced in the second half when Chaaraoui would fully expect they want to stand out ready to pla
Manchester United Midfielder Has Reached The West Share 30,000,000 Annual Salary Of 3.4 Million Individual Agreements Signed Five Years
Herrera PK aldridgeIn the summer transfer window closed before the Manchester United [ microblogging ] [ microblogging ] most likely will sign three players, in addition to binary Fellaini and Baines Everton , another person is present in the league [ microblogging ] Athletic Bilbao midfielder effectiveness Indre - Herrera . According to Spanish media, " the Spanish Post" revealed that Manchester United have reached with the players I join the agreement , cheap soccer jerseys Manchester United players will be provided for a period of five years, the annual salary of € 4,000,000 ( equivalent to £ 3.4 million ) contract . But Herrera can eventually put the Red Devils jersey , Manchester United will have to see whether willing to bid 36 million Euro ( equivalent to £ 30.64 million ) to buy out the player's contract. Manchester United lost 0-1 away to Liverpool [ microblogging ] after the game , David Moyes hinted in an interview his team is not necessary to introduce the
People who refuse to conform, to be drones of societal norms will be targets for persecution, harassment, bullying, alienation, and aggravation. This will concur and follow them through out their life in social, professional, casual, and natural living environment.I refuse to bow, and obey. I refuse to submit, and accept. I am always one to push and fight for the person who seeks to be seen "as is" - not "as they are expected". These days around the world, "regularities" are forced and pushed on people. Behavior and conduct unbecoming or seen in manners that sparks a strong response of "indifference" simply because it is not approved, encouraged, accepted, or understood. This in turn, leads to feelings of disgust, hate, anger, fear, frustration, and provocation. People are 'People'. Before we had the constitution, before there was ABOVE, and BELOW us, before we ever to become so pompous or displayed such arrogance, before we fleeted at any given opportunity with disregard to others or
Who Knew?
Did you know?   Did you know that I loved you? Did you know that I needed you? Did you see that my heart was true? Did you see that I was Blue? Did you hear me call your name? Did you hear them speak of your fame? Did you know that I was there? Did you know that you were unfair? Did you tell them you were taken? Did you tell them you were faken? Did you find that you were hurting? Did you find that no one was flirting? Did you know that they all knew? Did you know that they were too? Did you hear them whisper the truth? Did you hear it in the booth? Did you fall in love with them too? Did you fall for their lies too? DId you know I loved you? Did you know I needed you?
Knowledge Vs Ignorance
                                                                                              There may be more technology today than in the past, but amazingly, people's awareness about what actually exists is still the exact same: People still base reality upon what they are told by the elite. If I traveled back in time and told the ancient people that their god-king was, in fact, an alien, they would laugh at me because their worldview was solely based off of what their god-king told them. And, unfortunately, it is the exact same case with you guys. So, if you are wondering how ignorant people were back then, you need not wonder because times have not changed. Earth's knowledge-ignorance control pyramid is still in full effect.
 I have learned to believe that Obama is just a puppet put there on purpose.These politicians are smart...they knew how to hook line and sinker most black Americans in this country into trusting a president because he is half black.Obama can't do anything...were still going to war..setting up war bases everywhere.The economy is still in a horrible state because presidents are doing what the system has designed them to do. Obama also appeals to white people because he is half Obama really takes care of both sides of the issue so to speak atl east.Sadly race is still a tool that is used to control the masses nothing changed when slavery was "abolished" they just got smarter about how the had slaves...modern day wage workers are no different from most slaves back in the day.The system is playing out exactly how it was programmed to do.It's not really about race I don't think it's just about power and the people in the government want it.They want obama in because people are eas
Ch.1 The Gathering
In a world dominated by Anthro creatures there are few humans remaining that have not excepted their new lifestyle and actually take a stand against the anthro creatures but one late night someone took a stand and began a master plan to re-take control of the earth No longer human but humans that can shapeshift now known as weres.Rainey a anthro snow leopard(age 20) captured an knocked unconious on her way home from work she is stripped an put into some sexy undergarments then her hands are tied behind her back then her feet are tied an she is set on her knees in a holding area. A few minuets later another younger girl is captured on her way home from school a horse girl named Jewel she is (age 16)stripped nude an gagged with a bridle then thrown in with the other girl. About an hour later Jade a anthro dog(age 18) is sold to the people that capured the other anthro girls Jade was raised in the club an learned how to use her body to her advantage her master ran into some money problems
Day Of Change
Oh you joy filled birds of song,Where has your flowered nesting gone?Remember all that you have sung,Your melodies to cheer us on,This solemn day of change,Where has your flowered nesting gone,This day of change?Oh you fish of stream and pond,Sun glistens as you spin and spawn,The waters where your fledgling play,Grow rank with oil warm and gray.On this solemn day of change,Sun glistens as you spin and spawn,This day of change.Oh you creatures of the woodWe long to hear you call your youngYour shiny coats, on fashion thrive,The trees lay flat where soon we'll drive,On this solemn day of change,We long to hear you call your young,This day of change.Oh you winds of Winter longMountain peaks, you carve uponTheir icy tops feed spring and pond,In warming sky will snows be gone?
Tender Feet And Broken Glass...
i take a look at all i've donei take a look at what i've becomethe voices of the past seem to cry out to me so loudlymy pedestal is shamei hold my head only not so proudlydays they come and days they goand through bitterness it showsthe weight of guilt is like a ton of goldand most assuredly takes it's tollfor some there's always questionsthey haven't resolve enough to askfor me there's only actionsand all those things i can't take backfor some it seems so easyjust to shut the doorfor me it is internalsthat engage themselves in warand so it's never endingthis consciousness of blamei find my sentence damningand my pedestal is shame
Temporary Relief
I very recently met a man The past 48 hrs actually And he actually appreciates Excruciating depth Unusual So of course I am skeptical But he has sent me PDF files Of quite heady stuff Knowing I will expound with my own theories Like why highly intelligent people have cowlicks I have a convincing theory on that but will take too much right now To explain...suffice it to say that brains are awfully close to skulls The intellectual joust To see how far the other goes I said I wanted to shoot Sarah Palin in the head like a deer Hang her carcass from a tree...smoke the meat And send Xmas jerky to my religious relatives He got the metaphor and laughed Sincerely No nervous omg are you a serial killer? Even tho I am quite capable of that He knew that is not what I meant Hyperbole a dying art recognized by few So we shall start a new business Contract killers based in Oslo They would welcome us there ....or not
Jamison: Never Underestimate Kobe Bryant
According to ESPN news,wholesale cheap nfl jerseys, lit by the Lakers Clippers, let Jamison new season to get a better chance to win a championship. However, the 37-year-old veteran is not ready to put his former club removed from the ranks of competitors. Local time on Friday, Jamison said ESPN710 radio interview. "I will never put Kobe Bryant- Bryant excluded from everything I had and worked with some special players, such as peak Gilbert - Gilbert Arenas and LeBron James - and Shaquille - O'Neal, but no player has motivation and ambition as if Bryant said he wants to win the sixth gold ring, he would do everything possible to do. " "Of course, from the current situation, you say, this situation (the Lakers win) I can not happen this year, but I mean, this guy is going to do everything possible to take the sixth ring." But Jamison also believes that the Clippers have a better chance of winning their own. "You can have two best players in the league (Paul and Griffin), you have
Day 53.
There was a lonely sense of discovery to what I was doing.Like I was lost over the horizonin endless salt sprayand dessolate wind.There was no fear of spiders, or crawly things in the night.Only a pastel skyline, empty and free.Tiny chains of islands, and misty sandbars.Why can't it be like this out there?Where I end, and this isn't.Where's your safe sense of infinite adventure?
And Thats How The Fight Started Pt 1
My wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed.I turned to her and said, 'Do you want to have Sex?''No,' she answered.I then said, 'Is that your final answer?'... She didn't even look at me this time, simply saying, 'Yes..'So I said, "Then I'd like to phone a friend."And that's when the fight started...________________________________I took my wife to a restaurant.The waiter, for some reason, took my order first."I'll have the rump steak, rare, please."He said, "Aren't you worried about the mad cow?""Nah, she can order for herself."And that's when the fight started....._____________________________My wife and I were sitting at a table at her high schoolreunion, and she kept staring at a drunken man swigging hisdrink as he sat alone at a nearby table.I asked her, "Do you know him?""Yes", she sighed,"He's my old boyfriend. I understand he took to drinkingright after we split up those many years ago, and I hear hehasn't been sober since.""My God!" I said, "
Sexy Girl! :)
I'm intelligent,tall,sociable,a traveller,interested and interesting,independent,supportive enthusiatic when needed, real. The things I love the most in life are to mingle with men playing with their naughty minds. I am sexy,hot, tempting, exciting, and most of all ready to do whats on your mind. The kinds of people I enjoy the most are men who doesnt have limits and willing to do what they enjoy the most. I am seductive in person and have a pleasing personality can do all things what pleases a man. You can add me if you like, for us to chat at raycialackman at yeah who dut cumm.
About Me
i have a strong personality but a submissive one . An agressive and adventurous. i can do anything for the one that i love. my friends told me that i am the sweetest person they ever known and very understanding as well. i love to cook different kind of dishes. i also love music and playing instruments. i am humorous and lovable person. You can add me if you like, for us to chat at leggemicky at yeah who dot cumm.
My Fiancee
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Whats My Problem??
Like you I am glad I ain't, here you are saying you run from the paint. You know you are just keeping up with the lit, rockin out to only the current hit. In school you could of had a need, to never run and never bleed, but when you entered the real life you were ready with your pc and knife. Threatening the weak makes you strong, picking and tossing just moving along. You are a sad bunch and you know it, targeting the weak means you are weaker and easier to forget. Truth isn't what is always being shared, its like to some people never cared. Truth is what is felt, after all is typed and dealt. My problem is this simple, some can't see so I will tell. My problem is I have a heart, that doesn't like it when you tear anyone apart. From the seven continents and everywhere in between, I am tired of people being mean. Not everybody can hear me shout, so let me tell you what its all about. It is about you and me starting to care, and everybody can learn to share. It isn
Mid-life Crisis
So I'm pretty sure I'm having a mid-life crisis.    Turning 35 has not been good to me.  It has made me question everything I have done in my life.  I am pretty sure I wasted a lot of time and money becoming a vet tech... who is going to hire someone who has been out of school for 4 years and has not worked in one veterinary clinic?  I am now contimplating going back to school... this is a little scary because I am still paying for the vet tech mistake.  I am single with no kids and no direction in my life or so it seems... I don't know what to do anymore....
Intimacy With Shadows
  Intimacy is much more than sex for recreation However good a fuck it lacks a close relation You must be friends that have respect for each others need Once this is done sex becomes a loving act indeed They are relaxed as they caress the bodies of their lover How to stimulate their organs, new ways they discover They can try different ways, to getting mutual pleasure Some will fail but more will pass, find them at their leisure Nirvana for two lovers is when  orgasm coincides They must explore where this, for them actually resides To some the  clit is the key to others it's the G-spot His cock must be well inside to come with all he's got With climax done they should remain inside of each other Joined, cuddled up, intimate and sleeping close together Intimacy thus fulfilled give pleasure when awaking This is not called just raw sex but intimate love making   If it wont leave me alone it's no surprise that I'm shrill, To no avail my Shadow follows me still. When sunligh
New (as Yet Un-named) Band Set List
The band is: Kyu Han - Lead Vocals + various weird noises Brian Buzzell - Lead and rhythm guitars + lead vocals Daren Howe - Drums Mark Stevens - Bass + lead vocals   Here is our set list so far: Set 1 Heavy - Collective Soul Sex Type Thing - Stone Temple Pilots Again - Alice In Chains Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult (Me on lead vocals) Check My Brain - Alice In Chains The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson Sober - Tool Face To The Floor - Chevelle Dragula - Rob Zombie (Brian on lead vocals) Awake - Godsmack Set 2 Brain Stew/Jaded - Green Day Symphony Of Destruction - Megadeth (Me on lead vocals) Ring Of Fire - Social Distortion Voodoo - Godsmack (Brian on lead vocals) Control - Puddle Of Mudd Them Bones - Alice In Chains The Red - Chevelle Moon Baby - Godsmack More Human Than Human - White Zombie Ariels - System Of A Down Bodies - Drowning Pool Set 3 Man In The Box - Alice In Chains She Hates Me - Puddle Of Mudd (Me on lead vocals) Smells Like Teen Spirit -
What Has The Fu Become
Fu has evolved from Lost Cherry to Cherry Tap ( when I joined) to just Fubar as it is known now. Since the early days many things have changed and many people have come and gone for an assortment of reasons but I stayed on. A few years ago level requirements were added to the system which gave the place a sense of purpose and direction and focus on here and along the way various acheivements were added to sweeten the pot shall we say. Lately though, especially since the advent of Pony Polish requirements to level and most recently High Value Bling polishes requirements, there seems to be a change in the direction of people and how they see things to the point that courtesy and respect for one another are being disregarded. There are profiles on here whereby you are not allowed to polish certain items unless you pay or otherwise pledge some kind of severance to the profile owner. I find it particularly sad that some of these people, who are already level 57, insist upon visitors to
Kiss - Reason To Live
Sticky, But It Is A Good Sticky.....
You can put down my cooking skills, but sometimes its just what needs to be done. I halfed dinner rolls and put them in a nice line on my grill, it only takes up two burners of my stove. I toasted them a little and put some grape jelly on them. Old fashioned or not they were good. Sometimes you need to think back to solve today's problems. I remember my mom toasting bread that way. See, not everything you pick up from just watching others can wreck your life.  If I ever seem to ramble now, you ain't got to point it out. I know I may seem old, outta sync, and personally I don't want to care, but I probably will. I would like to think that people are trying to be nice. I already know that sometimes you need to be a little upset to get your point across, but still.  I am still having problems with my blogs, I would appreciate it if someone could maybe help me. I have resorted to not messing with the options and it still won't let me start a new paragraph freash like. I need to type a fe
Broken Lost Fleeting Mourning Never knowing Never feeling Never appering Never arriving Always still Always suffocating Always drowing Never living Never forward Never back Never moving Sanding still Dreams fading Crashing Withering Falling Gone within Left without Whriling
Job Apps: Via Smartphone Make Career
"The money's on the street", it says in the vernacular. To collect it to enable job apps for watch mobile. They offer small activities, with which you can earn a few euros to at least as a secondary activity. Generally: no matter whether the networks or finding a job. In this area too, apps on your Smartphone are becoming increasingly important and helpful. Job apps work just as easily as any other app for games or information. In case the job apps with which you can earn money to load a corresponding app on his cell phone, it appears a map, for example, from Vienna. On the map are listed, several small orders how to find out the opening hours of a particular business or a specific offer at a supermarket check. There are jobs that can be done easily. There are a few euros. A sales pitch brought according to "German newspaper" 30 euros, which was to do with a used car dealer. But such deals are rare. Half a million good job apps The agent, so the provider of a job app, wh
Not sure how this will come out but here goes and ohhhh well,When I joined Fubar back in 07,It was fun,people helping each other,wasn't about how many blings and if you were at top,everyone helped each other,you didn't have to be in families or even be friend's we helped each other,not sure why I am still here,I guess I am sentimental about the friend's I have made here,don't want to lose touch with them and I am pretty sure you know who you are,I am not here much anymore because it's gotten pretty boring,like today no all and 1% for ladies,what's up with that Fubar?Even so I have tried to be as loyal as I can be without stepping on toes nad I know I can sometimes and I am sorry.I guessnThat's all I had to get it off my chest,If for any reason you see fit to take me out of your family or even friend list go ahead,I'm past getting upset about it,heck I do the same even......Love and hugs to each and everyone of you I have crossed paths with and even became your friend and some cl
wildwolf666: NICE PAIR OF HOOTERS 7:59am Owl Queen: could always see a lot more, if you coudl buy me a certain something 7:59am wildwolf666: REALLY PROVE IT 8:00am wildwolf666: WHY SHOULD I PAY WHEN I CAN GET IT FOR NOTHING IN UK 8:01am Owl Queen: then do it, lmao 8:02am wildwolf666: THATS LIKE PAYING A PROSTITUTE 8:03am wildwolf666: AND IM NOT THAT DESPERATE 8:03am Owl Queen: its not as bad as expecting things to be free, then being offended and butthurt when they arent 8:04am wildwolf666: WHAT YOU GOT THAT NO OTHER LADY IN UK AS NOT GOT 8:04am Owl Queen: you seem flustered i don tgive it for free, why? If oyre mad its not free here, you must not be able to dget it in reality 8:06am wildwolf666: YOU COULD NOT HANDLE ME SWEETHEART 8:06am Owl Queen: thats what all the half inch wieners say. Ive taken more than you could ever dream of, son 8:07am wildwolf666: SOZ SWEETH
Rhymin'. Timin' That's what I do. I'm out to make The Loot, from every-one-of You. I kick-back, thinkin' 'bout, what I'm gonna say, then, I-do-it-up. Not just any Old Way: Ahm-into-The-Funkin'- The-Bumpin'. The Non-Stop Thumpin'. Try to dethrone Me, I-gotta-leave-ya-Punkin'- 'cause-I write, eat, sleep Rhymes every day. Here, for awhile..won't go away. Now Little Miss Muffet, sat on The Tuffet. Said I couldn't Polish A Rhyme, so I Buffed It. I hit The Eeeny Meenies, the Minees and Moes. And Yeah, I did it. I Freaked The Toes. Old Mother Hubbard livin' off in The Shoe. She had her own Plan. She knew what to do. I just couldn't help it when The Freak-In-Her-Said: "I-got-a-Secret-Room. Freak-Me, in My Bed!" The Rhymeschemin'! Here's Jack and Jill. They're goin' up The Hill. I-met-'em-at-the-top,
Got the car fixed.  It cost $500 to get a new water pump put in it.  At least I don't have to worry about breaking down on the side of the road cause it overheated.  Especially with the weather we've been having lately.  Been getting over 100 degrees here.  We broke a record last week.  I am so excited that handbells start this Tuesday night.  Not excited that I have to take my husband to and from work.  I never know when he's going to call.  It's usually around 1-4 am.  lucky me huh???   Hope everybody has a safe and fun holiday.  I don't have any plans.  Hubby has to work Monday so......  Yesterday we spent the day at home watching college football.  We've really missed it.  One more week till pro football and a little over a month for ice hockey. whoo hoo.  go st. louis!!!
The Mist That Surrounds...
so many times i have been lost and have wandered, alone on the road stuck out in cold and never a coat i've walked thousands of miles because no place was home i shouldered my troubles and let my heart turn to stone i never would wonder why i  was the outcast i just merely acknowledged that it arose in my past i have seen every landscape and laid my head on the earth i have  felt all this sorrow since the day of my birth a traveler i've been, i take flight like the wind not coming just going, i don't break though i bend i have slept on the mountains, and up above clouds with wolves at my heels and my mouth dry like a drought keeping myself always one footstep ahead even though thoughts would consume me and fill me with dread i have been lost in a forest where no sunlight shines but never questioned the reason, i just took all in stride i've walked through
Stupid Encounters #108
So... this dude kept getting on cam I banned him off cam 4 times he keeps changing his ip... so I finally got 2 of his account... funny shit is...  23 Year Old · Male · Joined on May 26, 2013 · Born on January 31st 23 Year Old · Male · Joined on May 29, 2013 · Born on January 31st Same pics on both profiles.... So have some fun with that one... apparently this guy keeps going into lounges to steal members to another... he gets on cam and yells shit out in German the entire day... It never ends... I figured this one had to go into this folder... It never ends with peoples obsessive boredness! 
My Friend
I have2 friends on here. One's been here for over 6 yrs and the other for over 3. They both have to decided to leave permanantly. I wish they wouldn't. As I have tried to have talk both of them out of it. They both have stated it's because if you don't run bling or give it out you don't get any help in return. I know the one has tried for 5K Likes 3 times and didn't get it. One RS he ran he barely got 500 Likes. These 2 guys will help anyone with anything they need on here. I know the real reason why one of them doesn't get help. It's a site wide problem. It just sucks because I will miss them on here. But, at least we'll still hang out on the town.  
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Manchester United last ho ShareFellaini 's next stop in Manchester ? In the transfer market will close in less than 48 hours time , Manchester United [ microblogging ] [ microblogging ] club is brewing at the last moment for some luxury shopping. The first is from the "Mirror ," the news that Manchester United have been very close to the total price of 36 million pounds to sign Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini and Baines left wing , but the Toffees side requirements Manchester United side will young teenager Lingard loaned to Everton for a season, cheap soccer jerseys David Moyes will be against Liverpool [ microblogging ] after the game ( Monday ) to make the final decision. In Beijing last night 's league game against Cardiff City after the end of Fellaini has been carried out with teammates and fans bid farewell to coach Martinez Belgian tough guy very grateful to be given his last chance to participate in the competition on behalf of Everton , which is Fellaini 's
  Not sure if this will work...but click on it.  The guy rated two of us 1s and nuked us, because we refused to look at his shrek cock.
He Becomes Mine !
Pulling myself out of a darkened dreamless sleep , I get strait up , no laying around tonight , got a man to change , and get another sweet taste of his delicious nector of what he thinks is just blood. I never tasted anything so fullfilling to my palate until last night. I went to take my shower , and wanted to dress to entice Roberto. Fixing my hair in an up-sweep tonight with pearl combs holding it up off my neck . Puttin' powder all my body so now it really feels like silk , puttin " White Shoulders "all over my neck , wrists and my muff. Slipping into a long pale violet chiffon that was so sheer you could almost see through it , my nipples were getting hard just feeling the material rubbin against them. I was ready , at that very second a tap came on the door and I said " enter " and the kitchen servant came in with a tray with half filled glass of blood . I was thirsty and knew I couldn't drain Roberto , I would do a portion and Master would finish the job. That way he would rema
Wanted Too Bad Grils Or One Good Wome
Newbie From Chicago Here Saying Hi
The Joy Of Being A Dominant
When people consider BDSM, they often see two things: That there's one person receiving a lot of stimulation from their partner, and That it seems to mostly be one way. The "receiver" is the bottom, submissive, or slave, and the poor soul who appears to be doing most of the unrewarded work is their top, dominant, or master. Tops, dominants and masters aren't necessarily well-known for their philanthropy and so the question arises: what do they get out of it? If they're doing all the work with theropes, floggers, candles and so on, how can they find it as rewarding as their partner who is tripping out on orgasms and subspace? Control Part of the answer is that the top, dominant, etc., gets to feel that they have power over both their bottom or submissive and what their bottom/submissive feels and experiences. Control and power are possibly the most common motivations for many of the activities BDSM practitioners engage in and so using rope to control or l
Safety - Scene Preparation
In BDSM, a scene is the stage or setting where BDSM activity takes place, as well as the activity itself. The physical place where a BDSM activity takes place is usually called adungeon, though some prefer less dramatic terms, including "playspace", or "club". A BDSM activity can, but need not, involve sexual activity or sexual roleplay. A characteristic of many BDSM relationships is the power exchange from the bottom to the dominant partner, and bondage features prominently in BDSM scenes and sexual roleplay Aside from the general advice related to safe sex, BDSM sessions often require a wider array of safety precautions than vanilla sex (sexual behavior without BDSM elements) In theory, to ensure consent related to BDSM activity, pre-play negotiations are commonplace, especially among partners who do not know each other very well. In practice, pick-up scenes at clubs or parties may sometimes be low in negotiation (much as pick-up sex from singles bars may not involve
The Basics Of A Bdsm Scene
Most BDSM scenes can be broken down into three phases: Warm up, scene proper and after care. Each phase serves a distinct function. A skilled dominant can blend them together so that the transition from one phase to another is smooth and natural. While most BDSM authors will agree on the importance of the warm up, the bulk of BDSM literature focuses on the techniques such as bull whips or fisting, which are usually associated with the scene proper. This article will deal solely with the warm up. In many respect the warm up is the single most important part of a BDSM scene. It is that foundation upon which the entire scene is built. The main physiological function of the warm up is to stimulate the release of endorphins. They are part of the body’s defenses against pain. Endorphins are chemicals produced by the nervous system to control pain, create euphoric feeling and modulate the release of sex hormones. Endorphins do a number of practical things for a BDSM scen
The Bdsm 'contract'
In BDSM, a contract is an agreement, usually written, between the dominant and submissive in a 24/7 or Total Power Exchange (TPE) relationship. It is the formal act of consent to the power exchange. Some are very formal and will detail exactly what is expected and can run for multiple pages. Others are as brief as a single paragraph. Either way, one is derived by negotiation on the part of both parties. BDSM couples consider the contract to hold equal moral authority to a marriage commitment. As such, constructing a proper contract is very much like writing a pre-nuptial agreement. Names and Roles of Parties Generally the opening portion of the contract states the names of the parties, and spells out what roles they play. Many reflect a degree of affected legalese (e.g., "herein referred to as Master"), though it is in no way required. Couples who are concerned about the existence of a paper trail may consider omitting the names, or taking a pseudonym. Term of Service
Choosing The 'right' Dominant
He strides into the room, the long tail of his black coiled leather bullwhip flicking like a snake's tongue against the immaculate sheen of his high black boots, boots she will come to know very well. He squares his broad shoulders, tossing back his unrully mane of black hair, his dark, piercing eyes above high, arrogant cheek bones, scanning the assembled company... Contrary to popular fiction, the average Dom wears a business suit, not leather trousers, and is more likely to ride a pick up truck than a dashing steed. He won't remove the clothes from your back with an expert flick of his 12 foot whip – most wouldn't know what to do with a bullwhip if you were unwise enough to give them one and are perfectly capable of dealing with you with just the flat of their hand. In short give up the romantic hero cliches and remember that what's important is skill, and control, and decisiveness, and assurance, not height or tight buns or a large wardrobe of ruffly shirts and
How To Spot A Fake Dominant
First, what is a fake Dominant? A fake Dominant is someone who is just out for sex, fantasy and an easy lay. . Most of the time you will be dealing with the fakers but some are genuine predators. We now have online and real time versions of Dominants. I’m going to blend the two, because with this day and age it is likely that you meet someone online and move to real life. The most obvious fake Dominant will only want to skip to the sex. They may start their conversation out sweetly enough, but it will soon become sexual oriented. Cyber sex may be suggested or you will be pushed to play on the first date or well before you’d be ready to. They don’t get to know you for who you are first. These are the booty chasers. There are the Dominants that exaggerate their experience level. I personally don’t care what someone says but unless they can prove it a 25 year old dominant does not have 10 years of experience unless they are counting masturbation fa
The Psychology Of Submission
Is Sadomasochism a mental pathology? From Kraft-Ebing to Carl Jung, through years of research on the ground, Dorothy Hayden express her conclusion about masochism. The proposal for a new Psychological approach to BDSM. PSYCHOLOGICAL DIMENSIONS OF MASOCHISTIC SURRENDER By Dorothy C. Hayden, CSW A number of years ago, in connection with my work with sexual addiction, a number of lifestyle submissives started coming to me for treatment. Some of these people were extremely hesitant to discuss their reasons for seeking therapy; they were so ashamed of their fantasies and behaviors that it took years of working with them until I knew their real names or their telephone numbers. Patients who able to be forthcoming about their masochistic behaviors and fantasies were as confused as I was. One of my patients, giving me a written masochistic fantasy after months of resistance, said, "Here it is. This is what I came to therapy for. It's terrible. It's sick. It's wonderful. I hate
Online Safety For Doms And Subs
In General While most of these points are in the context of advice to bottoms, tops are also at risk from dangerous playmates, predators, and unstable individuals. Sometimes a submissive will damage a Dom's reputation -- or worse -- by making false accusations. Doms beware! BDSM themed chat rooms and online groups are virtually 100% fantasy.....fact! They aren't representative of a "real" scene -- which in itself is heavily influenced by fantasy. Real life BDSM more closely conforms to the laws of man and physics as well as common sense and politeness. Always remember, D/s is more than just kinky sex You should educate yourself about safety, BDSM, and the wider 'community' before you start playing.  Be cautious and take your time; don't rush into a situation no matter how tempting. A good Dom/me is a patient Dom/me. Make the first few initial contacts more about casual chatting. Get to know the other person before jumping into something more intimate If someone seem
Hey, Cosmology What Up With This?
   When many different, widely separated cultures tell the same story, the probability exists that these are not mere flights of fancy, but valid observations.In earlier times man worshipped heavenly bodies as gods.  Myths proclaim, "We once lived in the presence of the gods".  These gods were visible powers, often capricious, and frequently violent.  The priestly astronomers of ancient Mesopotamia and elsewhere make clear that these remarkable powers were planets.  If the myths surrounding these gods are to be taken seriously, they raise many questions. Why did ancient man worship the god Saturn?  The planet Saturn is very difficult for the average person to even find in the sky today.     Some mythologists postulate that there is evidence in ancient lore to connect the scarred warrior hero of legend with the god Mars.  Yet the planet we know as Mars is only a tiny speck in the sky today; and its deep, 2,400 mile-long canyon (scar), Valles Marineris, cannot be seen from Earth without
What Is A Dominant? (or How To Be A Good Dominant)
Like the same question, what is a submissive, this is probably one of the biggest questions that is argued about in BDSM and Dominant submissive D/s relationships. Each person who has an interest in the lifestyle will undoubtedly have their own ideas about what makes a person dominant, but there will always be some common threads running through everyone's definitions. It is also worth noting that a Dominant may not necessarily be seen as a good Dominant, although this too is open to interpretation by each persons own ideas of what a Dominant should, or should not be. There are probably too many individual characteristics to list, because every person will react differently to every situation but, if you were able to observe a number of people, you might say "Yes that one is Dom", or "No, that one is not", based upon their actions and reactions. So, is it a futile exercise to try and define what makes a Dominant?  Possibly, but still we can recognize certain familiar and
Psychology Of Bdsm
When we're looking at the psychology of BDSM, we're looking at the mental functions and at the behaviours of those who practise BDSM. We're trying to see a bigger picture and understand the principles, motivations, wants, and needs which are involved. And to get a complete picture, we're trying to do this from three different perspectives: From the perspective of an individual involved in BDSM, From the perspective of a couple who make BDSM part of their shared relationship, and From the perspective of a group whose members all come together to share an interest in BDSM. By understanding all of these things we place ourselves in a position where we can analyse when BDSM is providing what its participants need; and we can then see when it isn't, work out why, and possibly devise ways to fix it. Ultimately we do this because we are aiming to ensure the happiness of the people who engage in BDSM. We want their particular style or styles of BDSM to provide the maximu
Bdsm Health, Safety, And Risks
BDSM is, of course, not risk-free. Nothing is. Just walking along the street, or having missionary-position sex, or even just lying in bed all have some risk associated with them. But just as we watch where we’re going so we don’t step in unexpected holes in the sidewalk, or just as we use a condom during sex, practising BDSM or having relationships with others where BDSM is a component can be engaged in safely as long as we recognise and take steps to minimise the risks. Beyond some of the obvious risks, such as bruising or cuts from caning and whipping, there are other, less obvious risks for the innocent and the unwary. This article is not intended to be exhaustive, but I will try to touch on many of the areas of BDSM health and safety, particularly those where the risks and hazards may not be obvious to those new to BDSM. Physical health and well-being The first and most obvious area I want to talk about, is physical well-being. Quite a few BDSM activiti
Understanding Submission
Introduction I like to understand things. I like to know what is really going on. I like to be as good as I can in what I do. To this end, being the analytical type that I am, I like to have a model, or theory, which helps me to understand what I am doing and what is going on around me. BDSM is full of frills and window-dressing. Getting to the core of it---understanding which are the basic "components"---means looking around at what people do, looking at their feelings and extracting the common elements. I am going to present the framework in which I see and play with BDSM. I am optimistic that submission and submissives, in all their BDSM forms, will fit into this framework. This document is one man's evolving opinion, ie. mine, and not an academic work. It is the result of experience and much thought and discussion with others in the BDSM scene. Because there are so many ways of "doing" BDSM, and because there are so many people doing so many different things, term
Submissive Roles
PROPERTY As noted in the owner article, property is someone who is dehumanised by their owner, or is someone who has reduced rights in the context of their relationship with their owner. SLAVE While some consider a slave to be the same as a submissive, it can be more useful to consider a slave as being one who hands over authority to more than their involvement in BDSM activities to theirmaster, as well authority over how long they remain a slave. Thus, the slave's master then can command the slave in regards to how they dress, what they do in their spare time, and use the slave forservice (such as cleaning, etc.). The experience of surrender to their situation or condition as slave is more profound than for a submissive because getting out of it is not so easy. A submissive can simply withdraw their permission or consent at any time. A slave, on the other hand, is likely to have psychologically surrendered to not being able to reclaim authority, and that means that re
Dominant Roles
OWNER One of the things we can note about other BDSM roles, such as top, bottom, dominant, submissive, master, and slave, is that there's an implicit recognition that the partner in each case is a respected, fully-functional, human member of a two-person team. This is not the case with owner/property roles. An owner possesses property who, in the context of the relationship or their activities together, has limited rights and who is often objectified or dehumanised. Typically, the property is simply used for some purpose by the owner. This can be sexually, where the property is simply treated as a cunt to fuck, for example. MASTER The important factor with dominants and submissives is that the submissive grants the dominant long-term authority to engage them (the submissive) in an agreed range of activities without seeking permission on each occasion. Confusingly, many people consider the terms master and slave to be equal to dominant and submissive, respectively.
Something I Have To Say...
Dear John, Ive finally figured it out. Youre a coward...that is why you have never once answered the phone, or texts, or emails. I gave you 5 years of my life...forgave you when I figured out that you were married after lying to me for 2 years, saying you were single. Then my dumb ass stuck by you for another 3! I let you in the lives of my children...and I let you into the most vulnerable side of me. Everything was based on lies that began right here on this very website. Then suddenly youre me little crumbs of you for months. Stringing me along like a little puppy desperate for attention. Well you know what John?? Im not that quiet little timid woman that used to call you Master. Im no ones kicking toy any longer. Ive found myself and I love myself and no one is going to ever take that away from me!!! I believed every fucking word you told me. When you said you loved me, that I was your best friend and soulmate. LIES...did you even truly tell your wife about me, or wa
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Shifting your house to a completely new spot? Have to have a person which may help you on the start? Packers and movers Bangalore help in all sorts of shifting such as commercial, house move, office move, local/domestic move and few more. Packers and movers Bangalore may be called as enormous alleviation which even though decreases anxiety for many who re-locate or usually are relocating to all or any in concert completely new position. packers and movers bangalore, in this instance at the same time help in shifting every one of the items simply by moving these safely on the move location. The staff would certainly arrive at help in shifting; the amount and position will depend a good deal pertaining to move mobility. Are you currently seeking Movers and Packers Bangalore? Then scroll the sight down to this list of unique firms doing business throughout Packers and movers throughout Bangalore. Your current look for concludes presently there, and your experience will be smiling having
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Warehousing program is definitely an important the main logistic oversight plan. Warehousing plan is especially necessary for plant suppliers and the people who are build relationships agribusiness and objects. They need to be able to transfer items easily from location to be able to some other to counteract undesirable injury regarding corps yet others goods. Such a services broadly required shop residence to be able to shop items pertaining to protected cargo. That's why; someday that services is named seeing that storehouse companies. Storehouse services will be unsuppressed a part of Loading and Unloading companies. Generally, packing comes about next to plant discipline and unloading at small business position or marketplace or in a very go-down. Travel time period is limited, seeing that natural goods tend to injury swiftly. Nevertheless diesel-engine charges usually are climbing ordinarily, just how Packers and movers will provide this kind of top quality services having cost i
Yeah, I'm A Fan!!
I am a member of the Marlboro mailing list, even though I don't smoke their cigarettes anymore. No joke, they are like over $6 up here. Anyways Marlboro sent me a birthday card and a present, iits just an ashtray with my first and last initials on it. Its just cool cuz I think so and it was my first gift. They once sent me a hand fan, when I didn't have a fan. I am thankful they are part of my life. May sound insignifficant, but still. I don't judge anyone, because i do not wish to be judged.  Still get those party spoilers that don't know any beter and I forgive them.  Someday their gonna get what they are giving, it ain't gonna be that pretty. To each their own. I help those that I can. I try my damnest to help the ones that don't always have the loudest voices. My dad called me an angel and I have been called an angel plenty of times since my dad called me that. I have been told it is deserved and maybe that is why I try an tell everyone I will have a good day, if theirs goes bette
Duckin Hilarious
A German guy approaches a prostitute and says, "I vish to buy sex vit you." "OK" says the girl, "I'll charge £20 an hour." "Ist goot, but I must varn you, I am a little kinky." "No problem," she replies cautiously, "I can do a little kinky." So off they go to the girl's flat, where the German produces four large bedsprings and a duck caller. "I vant you to tie ze springs to each of your limbs." The girl finds this most odd, but complies, fastening the springs to her elbows and knees. "Now you vill get on your hans und knees." She duly does this, balancing on the springs. "You vill please blow zis vistle as I make love to you." She find this odd, but it's harmless, and after all the guy is paying well. The sex is fantastic. She is bounced all over the room by the energetic German, all the time honking on the duck caller. The climax is the most sensational that she has ever experienced and it is several minutes before she has recovered her breath to say: "That was totally a
Your Career Choice
What is your job/occupation? If you could change careers, what would it be? as for me i work in hospice and i am a partime massage therapist. If i could do it all over again i would like to have worked in Forensics, processing evidence( working on a big murder investigation LOL)
Dutchyms Ii
Ill start of the fake recognitions with this...     Source?
The Heart
I. Rectitude or Justice Bushido refers not only to martial rectitude, but to personal rectitude: Rectitude or Justice, is the strongest virtue of Bushido. A well-known samurai defines it this way: ‘Rectitude is one’s power to decide upon a course of conduct in accordance with reason, without wavering; to die when to die is right, to strike when to strike is right.’ Another speaks of it in the following terms: ‘Rectitude is the bone that gives firmness and stature. Without bones the head cannot rest on top of the spine, nor hands move nor feet stand. So without Rectitude neither talent nor learning can make the human frame into a samurai.’  II. Courage Bushido distinguishes between bravery and courage: Courage is worthy of being counted among virtues only if it’s exercised in the cause of Righteousness and Rectitude. In his Analects, Confucius says: ‘Perceiving what is right and doing it not reveals a lack of Courage.’ In short, &ls
The First Of Many, Probably
  7:25am REY AZTECA: nice boobs baby! 7:27am Owl Queen: thanks, theres a lot more to see where those came fro 7:29am REY AZTECA: ok. whats ur name? single? 7:31am Owl Queen: yep, sure know, if you ar einterested in seeing a lot more than pics, and can buy things, let me know 7:31am REY AZTECA: i wana buy you!!!!!!!!!!!! 7:31am REY AZTECA: NOT PICTURES OR VIDEOS! i want you body! 7:32am Owl Queen: prove it then. Send my 100$. 7:32am REY AZTECA: fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7:32am Owl Queen: problem? 7:33am REY AZTECA: fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!! 7:33am Owl Queen: 7:34am Owl Queen: you liek that? 7:35am REY AZTECA: fu
War In Syria?
Currently, the United States Navy has five destroyers off the coast of Syria, each with more than four dozen cruise missiles,provided they received a full load-out, waiting on orders to fire. The British were sending ships and aircraft, but Parliament demanded a vote on the attack and voted against it. Germany doesn’t want to do anything in the form of an attack. The French are all for attacking, yet I haven’t noticed any of their assets moving into the area. The assets I do see entering the arena are ships of the Russian Navy, including the guided missile cruiser Moskva. How did we get here? Well, two years ago, an uprising developed against the Syrian regime of Bashir Al-Assad. The regime struck back, killing those involved. New protestors arose and were quickly dealt with. Here in the United States, the President sat and watched. Evidently, he’s really good at sitting and watching. We were busy leading from behind in Libya, sending weapons into the civil war there
Never A Dull Moment
When it comes to the next door neighbor and the neighbor across the street. We've lived in this house going on 10 years & there has never been a dull moment. When we first moved in - the neighbor on the left and the guy who owns the garage on the right were constantly having yelling matches across our backyard. We got a charge out of it. The guy who owns the garage also races cars (this is what the neighbor on the left always complained about) and, when the neighbor on the left would start to complain about the noise, the race car engine got louder and louder. I'd sit outside with a beer listening and laughing at this - needles to say, the neighbor on the left doesn't like me much! I would wave at the cops who showed up to handle the 'noise complaint'. They always told the neighbor on the left the same thing - the car is being worked on during normal working hours and there is nothing they can do about it. This went on every spring and summer until last year - I guess the neighbor on
The C Word
The C word ... no not THAT C word ... you filthy minded beggars lol ... Im talking about THE C word - Cancer ... ... About eight weeks ago I was told that I had ovarian cancer and as you might imagine it came as a bit of a shock ... But me being me, and being mum to a six yr old daughter that i would actually like to see grow up, turned to the consultant and said right whats the most aggressive thing we can do to try and get rid of it ... so ... I was scheduled to have a TAH (total abdominal hysterectomy) and chemotherapy ...   entry 31st August 2013 I had the hysterectomy on 26th August and my chemo starts in two weeks (yes im sat on my arse with a 4 inch scar reminiscent of a zipper on my abdomen lol) ... Now, I'm not posting this blog for sympathy or anything like that, those that know me will know thats just not my style ... Im posting it in support of the thousands of people out there that are in a similar position to myself, those that have fought it, are still fighting it, b
Dark Places...
There are times, when I can't help but go there. I know it's survivors guilt. I've been to hundreds of briefings and classes. I know this.. But I don't feel like I should be here and what's the point... I know I should reach out to get help, but I don't. Maybe I'm writing on here because I know that no one will read it. Who knows... My thoughts are all jumbled up and I can't keep a thought in place long enough to finish the sentence. This, I know, is the brain injury. This is what I have to look forward to the rest of my life... What kinda life is this gonna be?!?
Global Warming.
The real "truth" is that everything affects  earth. The greatest influences on earth are not as manmade as these guys say. If we think about lunar, solar and other cycles, the earth goes through so many of them that science ought to study them and far more than they do. If they study this, they need to make their findings more open to the public. The truth, however, might scare the heck out of some. The impending doom predicted in 2012 is an example of such a cycle. Some folks many thusands of years ago took a reading of the point we on earth were at in the whats known now as the "Milky way cycle". They determined what they saw as the beginning or end of a cycle. Move that forward to 2012 and the cycle starts over or ends as predicted. To put it mildly, they were "spot on" with their knowledge. Yet, the spot picked to begin with was when they first started. Of course that could have been given to them some way, but might also have been a simple decision to START somewhere, anywhere, h
Global News: How To Win Market Mobile Productivity Battle
With smart phones in recent years, the rapid development of domestic mobile phone Android 4.2 Cell Phones brand embarked on a fast track of development , production and sales volume ranking first in the world . The first half of 2013 , domestic brands smartphone sales reached 130 million , representing an increase of 115% . Among them, Lenovo, Yulong , Huawei, ZTE to enter the domestic market, sales of smartphones in the top five . "Encircling the cities " of success Market research firm Canalys latest data show that : in the second quarter , the global smart phone shipments of about 240 million . While Apple and Samsung still maintained the top two positions shipments , but at Lenovo, Cool and Huawei as the representatives of domestic brand mobile phone manufacturers in shipments to rise rapidly. Among them, Lenovo and Cool in the global mobile phone sales charts Canalys carve out the third and fourth . Lenovo's single-season shipments of up to 11.3 million , while the c
Welfare Myths You Should Stop Spreading. for all the people out there like to call people "welfare queens".The myth of the Welfare Queen has not died. Ask anyone on the street and they will almost all tell you they know someone who is living fat off the system and doing nothing for it. It was never true to begin with and is still not true but Reagan did one heck of a job selling it and to this day people believe it.It appears the true "welfare queens" are sitting in their corporate offices, smiling :)  Amazing how people complain about the money given out for social programs, but don't complain about gross over spending in other places. The military, stimulus programs and bailouts being the biggest culprits. Yes, there is a small percentage of those who abuse the system, but the majority of those on government assistance these days need it. Newsflash
Want help? I will be more than happy to help you with Adds for family, votes on mumms or comments on mumms, blasts, need help with your profile i will figure out how to help or find someone that does... I will even donate my points to you.. BUT if i am going for points or needing things too dont ask for help and when i do a simple thing and ask you for a simple favor to help me not help I WILL NOT HELP YOU AGAIN!!! I try to help out and help out and help even more.. people are starting to take advantage of it... DONT tell me what I need to or better do... I am a human being and should be treated with respect for godness sakes i dont talk to you like that DONT talk to me like that... I dont get money very often but when i do and its to help level i will bling someone, or if someones helped me out with something i will bling that person.. DONT beg in my SB for a bling... I notice what people are doing I am usuraly shut mouth but you know you all can KISS MY BUTT I will from now on help
Just Another Day ! 2
hey im still alive and found out that I cant blog from the library ! So I have to wait to get to a friends house to blog ! that is a bitch ! But to update everyone here it gose ! Over the past 2 weeks I have had someone rob me of my pack which included my cell phones and one of them was the camera phone I was taking pics of ! Im ok he didnt hurt me I just gave hime my pack and he run off! ! Well since then I got a replacement phone with no camera ! I replaced the other stuff and being a little more carefull ! I hope to be off these streets soon and move on with my life what ever that is ?  lol Im in good spirits and going to church when I can get there ! Worst thing is walking im no spring chicken LOL ! So say some prayers and I love all of you!  til then have a safe day and really im ok ! I think ! 
Fashion Tips: Robes De Princesse
  Bien sûr, vous étiez une de ces filles qui ont rêvé une fois marier une robes princesse. Qu'est-ce qu'on se trompe pas? Bien sûr, l'imagination d'un enfant dans l'un des plus grands moments de veille de l'illusion est la robe de mariage parce que cette robe est associée à une conception de corps du raccord avec une grande jupe de vol. Comme une princesse, non? Eh bien, ces robes de princesse ligne sont parfaits pour les plus romantiques, puisque dans la plupart des cas sont également présentées avec une profusion de dentelles et de détails qui enrichissent encore la conception et le modèle ci-dessous ces Aire Barcelona, Elie Saab pour Pronovias et Cymbeline. Conseils mode: robes de princesse les trois heureux si vous souhaitez ajouter une sophistication de conception supplémentaire, optez pour des articles comme des plumes peut être une valeur sûre. La combinaison de cette jupe de type avec un corps sexy avec des détails vous laisser marié voix et d'autres invités, vous ne pensez
Need More Staff On Our Lounge Please Ask About Position And Join, Thank You       need Greeters, Bartenders, and a New Head Enforcer 
010 Season And Most Rece
REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed non-import kicker Sandro DeAngelis and import defensive lineman Jay Alford. Financial details of the agreements announced Monday were not released. The five-foot-nine, 195-pound DeAngelis is a five time West Division all-star, three time CFL all-star and was named Most Outstanding Canadian of the 2008 Grey Cup. The Niagara Falls, Ont., native joined the Calgary Stampeders in 2005, before signing with Hamilton for the 2010 season and most recently the Montreal Alouettes for 2011. The six-foot-three, 304-pound Alford returns to the Roughriders after attending training camp in Regina but failing to make roster. Alford won the 2011 UFL Championship with the Virginia Destroyers. Prior to that, he spent three seasons in the NFL including the 2007-08 season in which he won the Super Bowl with the New York Giants. Cheap NFL Jerseys From China . The NFL announced the suspension without pay Friday. Brown is eligible to participate in
With A Career-high Five Three-p
TORONTO -- The Toronto Raptors re-signed free-agent forward Alan Anderson on Monday. Anderson was signed to a 10-day contract by the Raptors on March 26 and then for the remainder of the season April 16, averaging 9.6 points, two rebounds and 27.1 minutes in 17 games with Toronto. The six-foot-six, 220-pounder had a season-best 20 points to go along with a career-high five three-pointers April 26 versus New Jersey. The 29-year-old Anderson has averaged 6.7 points, 1.9 rebounds and 18.3 minutes in 70 appearances with Charlotte and Toronto. Anderson, who has also spent time in the NBA D-League and overseas, was a four-year starter at Michigan State University, where he helped the Spartans reach the 2005 Final Four. Cheap NFL Jerseys From China . 3 Arizona is off to its best start in 25 years, thanks to a defensive play that no one saw coming -- except for Nick Johnson. NFL Jerseys China . Josh Donaldson hit a three-run homer and five pitchers combined to beat the struggling C
He Clippers Chauncey Billups And Po
NEW YORK -- Jeremy Lin and three other players will maintain valuable rights in free agency after an arbitrators ruling. The National Basketball Players Association said Friday that arbitrator Kenneth Dam affirmed its position that players claimed off waivers can use their "Bird" and "Early Bird" rights. The union argued that Lin, Knicks teammate Steve Novak, the Clippers Chauncey Billups and Portlands J.J. Hickson should be covered by the exceptions that allow clubs to exceed their salary caps to re-sign their own players. The NBA said it would appeal the ruling. All four players were waived this season and claimed by other teams. They will become free agents July 1. The ruling should help the Knicks hopes of keeping both Lin, their starting point guard, and Novak, who led the NBA in 3-point shooting percentage. They are expected to re-sign Lin no matter what but would have been limited in their other options beyond that if they couldnt use Bird rights. Teams can sign a pl
His Contract Has Been The Top News I
BEIJING, China - Seven-time NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady says he is headed for China to play for the Qingdao DoubleStar Eagles in the Chinese Basketball Association. The 33-year-old McGrady will be the highest-profile player in the CBA. Because he played with Chinese basketball star Yao Ming during their days with the Houston Rockets, he is well known in China and his contract has been the top news in Chinas major sports news sites. A woman who answered the phone Wednesday at the basketball club said she had no information. McGradys announcement on his website Tuesday did not give terms for the one-year contract. Chinese media reports say the contract is worth at least $1 million. McGrady said he is excited to play for the Eagles in eastern China and that "it will be an honour" to play for the Chinese people. He played for the Atlanta Hawks last season, but failed to secure an NBA contract for the upcoming season and was considering retirement when he was approached by the ma
Pitch Before He Was Carried
SWANSEA -- Swansea defender Neil Taylor faces a long spell out of action after breaking his ankle in the Welsh teams Premier League match against Sunderland. Swansea manager Michael Laudrup couldnt give a timescale of Taylors absence but says the Wales international has at least one fracture and will have a "long period of rehabilitation before he returns to the game." The 23-year-old Taylor, who played for Britains football team during the London Olympics, needed oxygen on the pitch before he was carried off on a stretcher during the first half of Saturdays 2-2 draw, following a collision with Sunderland midfielder Craig Gardner who was uninjured. Taylor could now miss most of Wales World Cup qualifying campaign, starting Friday against Belgium. Swansea is second in the league standings after three games. Cheap Jerseys From China . Guyton started 32 games for the Patriots and has career totals of 4 1-2 sacks, three interceptions and three fumble recoveries. Cheap NFL Jerse
Game, And Not Just In Canada. Its Generally Accepted Among Football Fans That Great C
Every time we consider even starting to doubt him, it seems Anthony Calvillo pulls out another classic performance to remind us of his greatness. The 40-year-olds latest gem came in Montreals 38-25 win at Edmonton Friday night, where he threw for 327 yards and four touchdowns. Vintage Calvillo. With that performance, were once again reminded both of Calvillos overall greatness and impact on the game, and not just in Canada. Its generally accepted among football fans that great CFL players head to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame while the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio is reserved for NFLers. But should a player - a great CFLer -deserve consideration for induction into Canton? When its all said and done - and hopefully that isnt for another couple of years - should Calvillo, a lock for the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, also be enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame? There are a few players with CFL experience who have their place in the Pro Football Hal
First Round, Finding An Opening In Last 20 Seconds T
DALLAS -- Michael Young had an easy decision from a baseball perspective. After spending the first 12 seasons of his career with the Texas Rangers, it was stay with the only team ever played with in the majors as a part-timer without a set position, or the seven-time All-Star could go to Philadelphia to be the everyday third baseman for another playoff-contending team. "Baseball was easy. I wanted to go. ... It was a great opportunity in Philadelphia," Young said Monday. "I was very pleased with the role outlined for me. I was ready, ready for a different challenge. I like the fact that its something new for me at this point. Im ready to kind of see what thats like." Speaking publicly for the first time since waiving his no-trade clause last week and the deal getting finalized a day earlier, the 36-year-old Young said goodbye to Rangers fans and talked about how he would miss his teammates in Texas. Young spent the past two seasons as a designated hitter while playing all four infield
Easingly Restless With A Progra
INDIANAPOLIS -- Purdue wants a football team that can get to the Rose Bowl and decided Danny Hope was not the coach to take the Boilermakers there. About 24 hours after winning back the Old Oaken Bucket against rival Indiana to become bowl-eligible again, athletic director Morgan Burke announced he had fired Hope and had made receivers coach Patrick Higgins the interim coach for the Boilermakers next game. The swift move was no surprise to Boilermakers fans who had grown increasingly restless with a program that had been no better than mediocre for much of the past decade. That wasnt good enough for Burke. "Make no bones about it, we want to go to Pasadena. Thats what its about," he said. "Weve got to put ourselves in a position to do that." During a hastily-called news conference with reporters Sunday evening, Burke repeatedly praised Hopes commitment for trying to resuscitate a program that was already sinking when he took over after the 2008 season and then was ravaged b
Their Scoreless Streak Reach A
CARSON, Calif. -- Alvaro Saborio scored three goals as Real Salt Lake moved into second place in the Western Conference with a 4-0 win against Chivas USA on Saturday night. Paulo Jr. also scored for Salt Lake (16-11-4), which took over sole possession of second in the West. Salt Lake began the day tied with idle Los Angeles and one point ahead of Seattle, which had a draw at Vancouver. Chivas (7-16-7) remained last in the West after losing their sixth consecutive match and saw their scoreless streak reach a season-high 442 minutes. Saborio scored two early goals to help give Salt Lake a 2-0 lead after 12 minutes. He completed his hat trick in the 65th minute when he hit the underside of the crossbar and saw the ball bounce over the goal line in the 65th minute. Wholesale MLB Jerseys . As it has all season, the Aggies defence did its job, holding Toledo to a field goal that cut the lead to 13-9 with 7:28 to go. Then Williams atoned for his mistake -- in a big way. Wholesale
Th Career Playoff Triple-double On F
BOSTON -- Rajon Rondo spun at the free throw line, leaving one defender behind, and rose toward the basket. Out of the corner of one eye, he saw another Atlanta player coming to guard him; with his other eye he spied teammate Paul Pierce open in the corner. "You have to pick your poison," Hawks swingman Tracy McGrady said. "When hes doing things like that, you dont know what to do." Rondo returned from a one-game suspension for bumping an official and recorded his seventh career playoff triple-double on Friday night, leading the Celtics to a 90-84 overtime victory over the Hawks that gave Boston a 2-1 lead in the best-of-seven series. The Celtics point guard had 17 points, 14 rebounds and 12 assists one game after sitting out for bumping referee Marc Davis in the closing minutes of the series opener. Rondo did not have a basket in the first half of Game 3, and Celtics coach Doc Rivers said he noticed Rondo struggling to run the offensive plays. "Then, finally, I told him: J
Finish Line Was A Death Trap," Family Lawyer T
TORONTO -- Stunning negligence in course design and safety features led to the "entirely avoidable" death of a Canadian skicross racer at a World Cup event in Switzerland last month, his family argued Wednesday. In calling for a thorough, independent inquiry into the death of Nik Zoricic, his family disputed the official position that he was killed in a "freak" accident. "The finish line was a death trap," family lawyer Tim Danson said. "It is unacceptable that an elite athlete like Nik Zoricic can make a perfect landing, barely miss the finish line by one metre, and be killed for it." Citing four reliable sources, Danson alleged that race authorities had been warned beforehand that the course was unsafe. No one did anything, he said. "These concerns were apparently ignored," Danson said. "As a result, Nik is dead." In skicross, several racers hurtle down a mountain at the same time, making jumps and taking slight curves on the way. Zoricic, 29, who grew up in Toronto, had
Sive Tackle Scott Paxson Did Not Practi
BEREA, Ohio -- The Cleveland Browns preseason-opening win in Detroit came at a significant cost. Wide receivers Mohamed Massaquoi and Travis Benjamin, linebacker Scott Fujita, cornerback Dimitri Patterson, tight end Jordan Cameron, and defensive tackle Scott Paxson did not practice Sunday as the Browns (No. 30 in the AP Pro32) resumed their training camp schedule. All six were injured Friday during Clevelands 19-17 victory, and all are either starters or second-teamers on the depth chart. "Its hard to tell when theyll be back," coach Pat Shurmur said, declining to offer specifics. "They were nicked up in the game, so well see when they can come back." Fourth-year starter Massaquoi (concussion), Patterson (right ankle), Cameron (back), and Paxson (right knee) each required help from Clevelands training staff after on-field collisions. Shurmur would not reveal the injuries that Benjamin and Fujita suffered. Though Patterson and Paxson appeared to be in tremendous pain when th
Nderson Alvarez, Who Has Won His Last Two Starts And Is 7-7 On The Year With A 4.43 E
(Sports Network) - The Toronto Blue Jays will look to end a four-game slide tonight when they match up with the Athletics for the beginning of a weekend series in Oakland. The Blue Jays lost a season-high five straight May 22-27. Their record has slipped to 51-53 and they are now five games behind Oakland for the second wild card spot. Getting the call for the Blue Jays tonight will be righty Henderson Alvarez, who has won his last two starts and is 7-7 on the year with a 4.43 ERA. Alvarez beat the Detroit Tigers on Saturday, holding them to a run and five hits in seven innings. Alvarez is 0-1 in two starts versus the As with a 3.09 ERA. Veteran righty Bartolo Colon takes the ball for the Athletics. Colon was brilliant on Saturday in Baltimore, as he scattered seven hits over 5 2/3 scoreless innings to win for the first time in six starts and improve to 7-8 to go along with a 3.78 ERA. "Ive played with different teams that went to the playoffs and everything," Colon said th
He Blue Jays? If Theyre Going To Be Better Next Season, Theyll Might Have T
The Nationals, the Reds and the Diamonbacks. What do these three teams have in common? Well, they all made significant trades for starting pitchers in the off-season, and all three are in the thick of the race for playoff spots in the National League.  As of this writing, Washington leads the East, Cincinnati leads the Central, and Arizona is still close in the West and NL wild card races. How does this apply to the Blue Jays? If theyre going to be better next season, theyll might have to trade for starting pitching this season, like the Nationals, Reds and D-Backs did in 2011.  Lets revisit each of those swaps to see what it took to get done. The Blue Jays were in the race for Mat Latos, who ended up going to the Reds. Cinncinati gave up standout catching prospect Yasmani Grandal and two other prospects, Yonder Alonzo and Brad Boxberger, plus veteran starter Edinson Volquez. It was a pretty hefty price to pay but Latos has delivered. Arizona picked up right hander Trevor C
Eam Finishing First In Scoring And Passin
The Rouge takes a look at each team and poses their biggest question heading into the off-season. Today, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. As much as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats offence flourished last season, their defence struggled equally. How else can you explain a team finishing first in scoring and passing yards and second in total offence, only to finish last in the league? And while its unfair to blame all of Hamiltons 2012 struggles on their defence, of the three units its hard to argue they dont deserve the lions share of the blame for the club failing to live up to pre-season expectations. Logic dictates, then, that the Ticats should dedicate most of their off-season time and resources to improving that unit. With the departure of defensive coordinator Casey Creehan to Winnipeg, its a chance for a fresh start on D in Hamilton. Head coach George Cortez has said the search for Creehans successor will begin immediately. The cupboard isnt completely bare in Hamilton either. The T
For The Past Five Years, So Ive Seen The
University of Alberta graduate and Edmonton Eskimo Wall of Honour Member Chris Morris was named the new head football coach of the Golden Bears. "The set of circumstances that exist here at the University of Alberta is what is really appealing to me," said Morris. "There really is a wealth of talent in Northern Alberta, and a tremendous opportunity to develop the sport of football in the city and province with the Golden Bears program. Ive had the pleasure of coaching in the high school ranks for the past five years, so Ive seen the talent, and know that there is a huge opportunity for the Golden Bears football program to become successful. Im excited to empower others, to work with people and football organizations to turn this program around and into something that the university deserves and can be proud of." Morris, originally from Scarborough, Ont., takes over a program that hasnt won a Canada West conference title since 1981, and has missed the playoffs in seven of th
Vote For Eternal Death
Vote for Barry Duffield Still a long way to go and I need your vote to get there. No sign up, no spamming, it's just a simple vote, I'm in first place and I still need your vote to see the numbers rise and help me get my low budget horror film 'ETERNAL DEATH' made. It costs you nothing but a moment of your time. Simply follow the link to the 'Make my Horror Movie' site. Click on the poster of 'Eternal Death' and then click on the FB 'Like' tab on the top right hand side of the 'Eternal Death' page. It's that easy and you'll have helped me get one vote closer to getting my film made - Thank you in advance
Syria: Catch 22
How many of you are aware that the Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda) terrorists a.k.a. "rebels" used chemical weapon in Khan AL-Assal near Aleppo in March 2013? How many of you are aware that the U.N. (U.N. human rights investigator Carla del Ponte) found that evidence had emerged indicating that chemical weapons (used in March 2013 in Khan All-Assal) have been used by "Syrian rebels"? http://www.france24.COM/en/20130506-syria-un-del-ponte-chemical-weapons-gas-rebels-assad How many of you are aware that Turkey found sarin gas in homes of suspected Syrian Islamist terrorists back in May 2013? http://rt.COM/news/sarin-gas-turkey-al-nusra-021/ How many of you are aware that the U.N. investigators are in Syria based on Syria's demand to investigate the terrorist's use of chemical weapon? How many of you know that France and UK have worked hard to prevent and delay the U.N. investigation of past chemical weapon attacks in Syria for 5 MONTHS? How many of you know that the Syrian Army is winning the
1. The Gate of Adar   I've gazed beyond the stars and infinite space Beheld the dimensions unknown to man I've shaken while seing the laws of time and space crumble to the pits of pandemonic horrors For what I've invoken can't be banished and I'm too weak to fight Alone I tremble in underground chambers of isolation Pits where grotesque ungodly beings scream for centuries Called beyond the universe of mortals I've opened the gate and now it's too late The Great One will appear, the ultimate death draws near For Mankind Tunnels filled with maddening stench of hell Inbred creatures that will rip human flesh Screams of pain and timeless terror From below the day of doom shall come forth Standing at the gate and waiting Dark waters stir again The coming of the apocalypse Destruction of all that I've once held dear Standing at the gate and waiting Dark waters stir again I suffer this terror until I face my death With all mankind
My Family
Family   Fubar is a game and it is a social network. For some of us it is “just a game,” for some of us it is “just a social network,” and perhaps for most of us, it is something of both. Each of us chooses how much of each it is for us.   Our Fubar Family also means different things to each of us, and much of what it means may be determined by what Fubar means (game vs social.)   Family takes on new meaning when one runs famplifiers regularly, whether one wishes it to or not. Run famplifiers regularly and it attracts people who want to be in your family. It puts a certain pressure on a person who runs famplifiers often: pressure to make some difficult choices because once a family is full, one cannot add a person without removing a person.   I enjoy Fubar for both the game and the social aspects. I try to maintain my own idea of balance between “gamers” and “heart connections” with my family and where I put my energies he
Omg Bling Hookers
lolol okay I got queasy seeing a certain status out here...pertaining to the person who posted the appalling status as only accepting bling that activates lol...will delete all others!!! ok wtf happened to being grateful that your skanky hooker ass gets anything at all? Especially since I doubt you return just charge to see your goodies lol...omg guys get real....grow a brain....if you stop paying you put this person out of business!!!! lol
Mobile Marketing...uneeqlee Is Here.
Mobile Marketing…Uneeqlee is Here   Why should you even care about mobile marketing? You have to face an ever increasing fact, email marketing is on its way out. To REALLY get your company seen and stay on the cutting edge of today’s advertising insanity, you HAVE TO HAVE MOBILE MARKETING. Billboards are great…if someone drives by them a hundred times. Radio ads are excellent…if someone is listening to the station when it’s played. Even television and internet ads are a blessing…but only if someone is watching. Why Mobile Marketing? With mobile media marketing, you can take a lot of the guess work out of where your customer is going to be by going DIRECTLY TO THEM. No more ‘hoping’ someone will see it…you KNOW it will be seen. Come take the FREE virtual tour of our beloved Uneeqlee site and see exactly what our mobile marketing platforms can do for you and your business! Uneeqlee Mobile Marketing…AS a business,
More Poems
stars above sun at night , both glisten so bright no matter the trouble about the raise one's heart other things bring a smile or look of love to her face he has been so muchof her life , and made it far so illuminous and full of love, the gods and godess from above brought it together he will laways have her heart , no matter the strife she is his always and for life
Dammit, Opps Darn It
One of these doggone days I will sleep in and hopefully stay asleep. I want to never have to be apart from my dreams. I sometimes have dreams, that I don't want to lose or even interrupt. Yeah, yeah they aren't that colorful but I believe I do see color. I have no pain and that is the best part. Whatever you do, don't offer to carry me. I would wish that burden on anyone. Its not like I am a spring chicken anymore!!   If I had mostly everything I want, I got the feeling someone else would go without what they need. That is just the kind of person I am. I don't blame anyone for being luckier than me. I am happy enough to be my pebble self on the beach of life. There ain't that much to complain about, I got air and ears. Picture that..... ain't always happy I have my perky nose, but life goes on.....Stay safe and wise, life asts just so long, even though sometimes it seems like it takes forever.
New Shit 8/30/2013
new shit still got 1:30 left on the track so either i write more or someone sends me a fn verse !!violently ill psychopathic with the looks that kill i am hard to thrill leave you in the basement til your skin starts to rot and peel whats worse is no one would even hear you squeal cause your in a shack in the middle of nowhere no human contact only black bears giving you blank stares cause they don't care your suffering as you die they all multiply thinking winner winner chicken dinner i am that crazy they'd neverfind you cause i am that grimey dude they call jb i don't give a fuck you seei am that psycho from the 403 don't give a fuck what you think of me violence is the recipe for madness punk motha fucka im a savage any bitch motha fucka imma ravage cause i am here to do damage i aint one of you watered down little bitchesill leave your heads in stiches i dont need no riches to be fresh as fuck cause im a motha fuckin crazy canuck so step up and get your face stuck with my hatchet a
Prices Of Smartphone Lenses Qx10 Qx100 Known
The Smartphone lenses QX10 and QX 100 Sony turn smartphones into real digital cameras. First prize for the two Smartphone lenses that 2013 should appear on the IFA, have surfaced on the Taiwanese site ePrice. The Taiwanese site ePrice calls for the first time prices for both Smartphone lenses QX10 and QX100 by Sony. The QX10 is the smaller version, to $ 6,900 new Taiwan cost so approx. 174 euros. Technically meets the QX10 the Sony DSC-WX150, which is available at Amazon for currently 187 euros. For the larger smart lens QX100 however ePrice indicates it will likely to 14,900 new Taiwan dollar cost. These are converted to 375,55 euros. The QX100 should correspond to previous reports according to the Sony DSC-RX100M II. This is offered at Amazon for 719,56 euro. The two Smartphone lenses are suitable not only for Sony's best android phones, but cross-platform for all smartphones with Android and iOS, and NFC or Wi-Fi to be paired to the device. Sony will introduce expect
Why Do You Haunt Me?
Why do you haunt me? Every time I think I'm ok That you are just a part of my past I feel you in a song Why do you haunt me? Every time I think the hurt is gone That you simply walked away I hear you in a whisper Why do you haunt me? Every time I step away from the pain That you never said good bye You infect my dreams Why do you still haunt me?
The Smile Of A Man
Oh how I love the smile of a man,   how it makes his face light with good humor  and sometimes mischief   how it reflects in his eyes with laughter  and sometimes desire  how it makes is face glow with happiness  and sometimes love   Oh how I love the smile of a man,   Yet the devil dances there, with disguised lust  and he beguiles  He makes promises of love  and passion  And leaves me wanting, alone  and broken   Oh how I hate the smile of a man
Panchsheel Greens 2 Sector 16 Noida Extension
                                                                  Panchsheel Greens 2   Panchsheel Greens 2 is a residential apartment situated at prime location of Sec-16 Noida Extension by renowned Panchsheel Group. Panchsheel Greens 2 Sec 16 Noida Extension project is aesthetically designed; well planned interior and exterior infrasture which rejuvenate you from yours busy lifestyle. Panchsheel New Project proffers 2bhk and 3nhk apartment surrounded by beautiful lush green environment. Panchsheel Greens 2 Apartment is cunningly connected to Noida City Center Metro Station, NH-24, Noida Sec-71, Sai Mandir. Panchsheel Group Noida Extension keeps in mind the necessity of people in developing Panchsheel Greens 2 apartment with opulence facilities viz. lawn tennis, swimming pool, chess or cards, pool table, Club and many more to satisfied your needs.   Amenities : Club, Swimming Pool, Kids Pool, Badminton Court, Multi Purpose Hall,24Hour Power Backup, 24
Do You Have An Inclination For Bdsm?   Take the quiz and find out....   Here are my results   Sadist 100%Exhibitionist/Voyeur 100%Dominant 100%Experimental 86%Vanilla 29%Bondage 29%Degradation 14%Switch 14%
Might Call It Quits Folks..
7 years ago I joined this site in hopes to get away from the everyday BS world I surround myself in, and for the most was fun. I've become friends with ALOT of people on here over the years..seen alot of things..but that's another story. But lately it's become a popularity contest and to me it's the most sickening yet ignorant thing to witness. In the 7 years I've been here, I've literally watched members of different genders and races pass me by when leveling when it takes me months and even years to reach a higher level. Trust me, this isn't sour grapes, but I find it rather odd how someone or anyone for that matter can practically skip multiple levels within 1-2 weeks and not even have a salute or any REAL pics of themselves..yet here I am.. a REAL guy with a legit salute, and I can't seem to catch a break no matter how many times I've mentioned it over the years in the 'Help Lounge' which I eventually found out was a big joke considering it's nobody important and the only
Cómo Hacer Que Su Cintura Fina Con La Falda En El Verano De 2013
La falda es una de las mejores piezas de moda popular con las mujeres, porque es eficaz para que su cintura delgada y crear una apariencia encantadora. Pero no todo el mundo es capaz de hacer la falda funcionan mejor en verano. Es esencial saber sobre cómo usar mejor las faldas, a pesar de haber buscado Vestidos ropa lolita invierno mucha información sobre la falda de moda en el verano de 2013. No hace falta decir que será muy bueno si elegir la parte superior y los zapatos acosado para que coincidan. El tema de hoy es el estilo dulce chica.voy a presentar unas ropa de moda. Beige Peter Pan Collar superior con la falda rojaFalda roja es perfecta para la muchacha con tono de piel blanca, que funcionará mejor con la tapa en color claro, como blusa blanca o una blusa beige. En realidad, no hay otra pieza será mejor para que coincida con la mini falda roja, pero de color beige de Peter Pan de la parte superior del collar que ha sido muy popular con las chicas desde hace dos a
Acquired In An April Trade With The New Orleans Saints
Ivory Instantly Looms As Gang Green's Most Physical Running Back So much of what the New York Jets hope to accomplish on offense requires a healthy and reliable Chris Ivory in the backfield. Acquired in an April trade with the New Orleans Saints, Ivory instantly Looms as Gang Green's most physical running back, but he can't get on the field. One day after Ivory's troubled hamstring tightened in practice, Jets coach Rex Ryan told reporters August 31: "I hope to get him out there soon. I thought it would be progressing a little bit better than it has."Hamstring issues have nagged Ivory before. During his first three seasons with the Saints, Ivory also missed time with knee, foot, groin, shoulder and concussion issues. In his absence, Jets backs Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell have failed to impress. Heath Evans watched New York practice Thursday and told NFL Network, "It lacked intensity, " while saying, "The run drills were lackadaisical at best, in my opinion."Camp coverage on NFL Netwo
Ways To Ease Home Shifting Process
The progression of household moving is not a pleasurable activity. Packing up all house things before the shift and hauling them to your new house can be very challenging and traumatic period of your life. There are several distressing concerns and tiresome things involved in the procedure of house moving that make it challenging and overwhelming. But there are obviously some options by which you can make household moving quick and simple. Here you will learn a few cool techniques on how to make the procedure of residence moving hassle-free. Have a look at them. Prepare yourself and your goods The very first and most significant action to take on residential moving is making ready yourself and your things. If you have performed this entirely then you will certainly minimize the stress level and make the further procedure painless. Build inventory of things you will want to shift to your new residence. Remove surplus goods You must remove junks and unnecessary goods before the a
What Time Do You The Most Beautiful
The boundless universe, ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, a person no matter looks pretty ugly, have their own the most beautiful time.His wife had looked in my eyes, I also never noticed she had a beautiful time. But I'm on a business trip, once half a year more, homesickness, anxious to return. Back at home in the morning, his wife bleary-eyed, but at the sight of me, suddenly flashing eyes, flushed cheeks, shy like a little girl, I just found that his wife was very beautiful. Can't help but blurt out: wife you are so beautiful! What wife embarrassedly say: be loquacious, long-term partners.
Its Never For Me...
Something is just telling me, that I don't want all I see.   I could beg for likes, I could but I would not,  there is no bling needed, I already know the jewel that can't be bought.  I know how I wish to feel with my lover and my friends,  like I could never be sad and the happiness never ends.    If its not with you its never for me, I need you to be happy.  For you I want everything, even if its never for me to wear your ring.    The roots of the love I feel are felt deep in my soul,  I would let you loose if I could without losing control.  I would mend my broken wings fast,  if the hurt wasn't so bad in my past. I would take more chances, if I didn't fear last dances.  You have what it takes, to fly free with no mistakes.    I urge you to forget all that I am, we can't always give a heart felt damn.  You have the strength to smile, I just need to wait a while.  Though my heart still has blood pumping, I am in no shape for the lovely mess of jumping.  For only yo
Being Real
I was just told by someone I wasn't being real after telling him my pics on here aren't recent... I said at least I told ya about it that's as real as it gets and his pic is 4 yrs so that's not as he says being real My question is ..Do u think I'm not being real cause I don't have any recent pics? To me looks aren't everything u could be hella good looking but ur personality could suck and make u look ugly in my option,  so let me know what u think and plz be tell the truth good or bad.. Looking forward to ur responses. Thank u for ur time.... 
Manuel Pellegrini Will Shoulder Its Burden Led Manchester City To Break Through
Champions League group stage draw announced today, Manchester City and Bayern Munich, CSKA Moscow, along with Pilsen victory in Group d, get the job done group offers the cheap jerseys nfl champions last season and strong Russia giants, but compared to the arsenal, Manchester City will be shown to have won friends is pretty an easy task to break through. This result, Manchester City Athletic Director p said this band of opponents and difficult, even so the Club does not have any reason to fail again. P said: "in football, never make excuses, always! The Group hit, but we've got to do whatever it takes to have it. Champions Bayern since Needless to say, we also must be aware of many teams. ” Champions League group stage after two seasons when, can't get through to the Manchester City won last season Manchester City were in wholesale nike jerseys Group 1 is not just 3 points, are the Champions League record could be the worst in 2 decades following reform of the English team
Xiaomi M3, El Móvil Chino Que Hace Temblar Al Próximo Iphone
Gracias a la venta online y al ahorro en marketing y distribución, muchas compañías chinas llevan años intentando hacerse un hueco en el competitivo mundo de la telefonía móvil, lejos de las fronteras del país del sol naciente. Son muchos los foros pueden encontrarse a lo largo y ancho de la web que hablan de las bondades de estos nuevos dispositivos, que empiezan a aparecer poco a poco en nuevos mercados gracias al siempre eficiente boca a boca, además de otras interesantes ventajas frente a los móviles de las grandes marcas como pueden ser el Dual Sim o unas baterías de mayor capacidad. Son muchas las marcas que tratan de alzarse con el trono del mercado de los móviles chinos. Jiayu, Oppo, Meizu... y entre todas ellas destaca Xiaomi, compañía que batió records de velocidad de ventas de su modelo Mi2S consiguiendo vender 200.000 dispositivos en menos de un minuto. Con este precedente no es de extrañar que su nuevo terminal, el Xiaomi M3, sea uno de los móviles chinos más esperados de
“Pain is a pesky part of being human, I've learned it feels like a stab wound to the heart, something I wish we could all do without, in our lives here. Pain is a sudden hurt that can't be escaped. But then I have also learned that because of pain, I can feel the beauty, tenderness, and freedom of healing. Pain feels like a fast stab wound to the heart. But then healing feels like the wind against your face when you are spreading your wings and flying through the air! We may not have wings growing out of our backs, but healing is the closest thing that will give us that wind against our faces.” 
Inter Kick Six Months On Top Of Parallel Imports Dumped I Personally Voted Serie A 's Most Weak Teams Announced
Active in the team signings , the international Milan cleaning work is also simultaneously running with . Last season winter transfer period came to the team winger Xie Luotuo I have also confirmed that he will sell half ownership way leased to newly promoted Serie A Sassuolo . cheap jerseys According to Sky Sport Italia reported that the transfer fee of 2.5 million euros , physical work will be carried out on Thursday . Xie Luotuo in the winter transfer window last season from Atlanta to join Inter Milan [ microblogging ] , the transfer fee of 3.5 million euros , Inter Milan also sent a teenager Li Waya half ownership ( price of 2.4 million euros ) , in six months time , Xie Luotuo cumulative teams played 12 times, in February 2013 25 Milan derby replaced Cambiasso played in the second half , just over three minutes on the Inter [ microblogging ] tied the score, helping the team to force ping each other,Baltimore Ravens Jersey which is Xie Luotuo came after the team score
Messi And Neymar Long-awaited Joining What Is Not ! Barcelona Fans Hope To Empty
Messi and Neymar for the first time starting side by side failed to bring good resultsLong-awaited, Argentina superstar Lionel Messi and Brazil star Neymar , and finally in Barcelona [ microblogging ] starting debut together in the game . Spanish Super Cup second leg match against Atletico Madrid before , Martino said that he would very much like to see Messi and Neymar starting side by side , and he says it will do . Prior to the match, Barca has not conceal it , do not let two players starting together , the two together is one of the few in the field of time ,cheap jerseys to the team's fourth race , the two finally Martino starting with the players , to be sacrificed is Pedro , while sanchez will remain in the field , Barcelona is also composed of a combination of pure South America trident . "Daily Sport newspaper," affectionately wrote: " Barcelona fans around the world are looking forward to the day finally arrived this day, we can finally see the two are destined to
How To Apply For A Car Loan?
It's 7:15 p.m. and you're finally on your way home from work. It's been a long day, but it's not over yet. You still have to pick up dinner and the dry cleaning before you can catch the bus. It's going to be 9:00 p.m. before you get home. As you finally find yourself seated under a pile of packages on the bus, you begin to daydream about having a car. No more taking the bus or train. No more riding your bike in bad weather. No more sitting in the back seat of the carpool -- you could be the one behind the wheel. Your neighbor just got a cute new coupe. If only you could too. But how would you pay for a car? By doing what most car buyers do -- apply for a car loan. Purchasing a vehicle can be a little overwhelming, especially handling the financing part. But it doesn't have to be. It is possible to navigate the car buying and financing process smoothly. First, you need to have a good understanding of who the lenders are.If you have an established relationship with a bank or credit unio
Golf Tips: Backspin: Common Mental Mistakes
1.  Getting Easily Distracted.There's a lot of downtime in golf, which allows our minds to wander. Some players begin to think of the holes that are coming up, while others are thinking of the phone message they just received from work. These are distractions that will take away from you being focused on the current shot. Instead, ask better questions of yourself to stay focused. How is this lie of the ball going to affect my shot? What angle do I want to come in from to this hole location? What's my intermediate target on this chip shot? Questions like that will change your focus and get you to stay focused on what's relevant for the present shot. 2. Obsessed With Score.Yes, we keep score and it's an important aspect of the game; however, if golfers only focus on their scores, it will create a major distraction. Thinking of score too much creates anxiety and added tension. Instead, focus on the process of each shot. Use a mental routine, breath deep, and survey the
The Importance Of Auction Titles And Buyers First Impression
Auction titles are a seller's first chance to really grab someone's attention and entice them to click the link and learn more about the merchandise. If the auction title is good, it will bring more business. If it's bad, it can get your auction ignored or even removed.Marshawn Lynch Limited Jersey Take an honest look at your auction titles. Are they a little on the bland side, or do they inform readers about the item in exciting terms? You want to convince buyers to click on your auction without annoying them. Russell Wilson womens Jersey Filling a title with excessive punctuation and special characters with no purpose other than to attract attention often backfires. Some QxBid auction titles are so full of gibberish that it's hard to tell exactly what is being offered for sale. If a buyer finds your auction titles obnoxious, they will go with a more readable auction title from a competitor. It would be a shame to lose business just because your auction titles were too boring or too o
Time For America To Bring Down The Curtain On The Ballet Frankenstein
It's time for the USA to resolve, once and for, to bring down the curtain on international conduct so clumsy it can be seen, not as dexterous, but as the ballet Frankenstein.Percy Harvin Elite Jersey Time to remember that ninety-nine percent of our practically usable power comes out of the barrel of a cash machine, so we concentrate on being the economic superpower we know how to be, not the military superpower we aren't ruthless enough to be.Percy Harvin Limited Jersey Time to let the mad world go its self-punishing way, till, through economic success, we show the nations that are devoted to disagreement with us that we're conducting a world they ought to get in on.Percy Harvin Game Jersey What can we do in the meantime? Here's the dumb-blunt knot. The Republicans say it's good to stay in Iraq. The Democrats say it's good to get out. And, of course, they're both wrong, as extremes usually are.Percy Harvin womens Jersey What's the third answer? We need to be there so we can impede the
E "was Trying To Protect His Face," Because Peverley Had His Stick Raised. Hunter Feels The Bru
Washington Capitals forward Nicklas Backstrom has been suspended for one game for his cross-check on Boston Bruins forward Rich Peverley at the end of Mondays game. Backstrom was given a match penalty for attempt to injure, which carried an automatic suspension. He will miss Game 4 on Thursday in Washington. Capitals head coach Dale Hunter defended Backstroms actions earlier Tuesday, saying he "was trying to protect his face," because Peverley had his stick raised. Hunter feels the Bruins are targetting the head of Backstrom, who missed 40 games near the end of the regular season with a head injury. "It is crossing the line. To grab his head all the time is not the right way to play," said Hunter. Manning Jersey . Bastien also caught a 19-yard touchdown pass from Quest to open the scoring. Michael Donnelly rushed for 77 yards and two touchdowns, while Troy McCusker also scored for the Stingers (1-0) on a two-yard run. Quest completed 17 of 31 pass attempts for 339 yards, an
Lupuls Agent, Peter Semonick, Told The Post. "he Wants To Get In And Stay In Gam
Toronto Maple Leafs forward Joffrey Lupul is reportedly heading to Russia to play in the KHL. According to the National Post, Lupul will suit up for last-place Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg. "(Lupul) missed the final month of last year and had back issues a couple of years ago and missed a lot of hockey," Lupuls agent, Peter Semonick, told the Post. "He wants to get in and stay in game shape, so for him its not a matter of money, its a matter of getting on the ice and trying to get back the time that hes lost." Lupul played in the All-Star Game last season and tallied 25 goals and 42 assists in 66 games for the Maple Leafs. The 29-year-old from Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta missed the last 16 games of the regular season with a separated shoulder. Semonick told the Post that the Russian league made an exception for Lupul to play because he did not meet the criteria that were originally set for non-Russian players to join. Cheap NFL Jerseys . 2012 has become the worst season in fra
Iffin Passed On Returning, Leaving A Lacklu
NEW YORK -- The NBA is leaving it up to the fans to determine the winner of the All-Star slam dunk contest. Defending champion Blake Griffin passed on returning, leaving a lacklustre field of New Yorks Iman Shumpert, Paul George of Indiana, rookie Derrick Williams of Minnesota and Houstons Chase Budinger. The league announced Thursday that there no longer will be judges in the event, which also will be reduced to one round. Each contestant will execute three dunks. Fans will determine the champion by voting on, Twitter or through text messaging. The format in recent years was two rounds, with a panel of judges voting on the first round before fan voting in the second. Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys . Arroyo pitched six strong innings and homered in the sixth inning for the go-ahead run of the Cincinnati Reds 3-2 victory over the fading Arizona Diamondbacks. Cheap NFL Jerseys . -- Hours after sending a gracious yet puzzling middle-of-the-night text message to a former colleg
D The Captaincy For The Sellout Matc
LONDON -- Frank Lampard will miss Englands World Cup qualifier against San Marino on Friday after failing to shrug off a knee injury, depriving him of the captains armband for the match. However, the Football Association said Thursday that the Chelsea midfielder could return for Tuesdays Group H match in Poland, the much tougher of the two games. Lampard, who limped off midway through the second half of Chelseas 4-1 win over Norwich in the Premier League on Saturday, was expected to take the armband in the absence of the suspended Steven Gerrard. Striker Wayne Rooney has been handed the captaincy for the sellout match at Wembley Stadium. "Frank Lampard has returned to his club for further treatment and will not be available for Englands World Cup qualifier with San Marino," an FA statement said. "The Chelsea midfielder will return to the England squad on Sunday for assessment." The FA also said Thursday that Ryan Bertrand -- a late call-up to the squad in place of the injur
R Jayson Nix Cleared Waiver
NEW YORK -- Speedy outfielder Brett Gardner and the New York Yankees have agreed to a $2.85 million, one-year contract that avoids salary arbitration. Gardner can earn $150,000 in performance bonuses under Fridays deal: $25,000 each for 375, 400, 425, 450, 475 and 500 plate appearances. Gardner was limited to 31 at-bats last season because of a right elbow injury that sidelined him from mid-April until late September. He made $2.8 million. New York also announced infielder Jayson Nix cleared waivers and was sent outright to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Wholesale NBA Jerseys . Vogelsong allowed one hit in seven scoreless innings and drew a disputed hit by pitch in San Franciscos four-run seventh as the Giants beat the Oakland Athletics for the 11th straight time at home, 4-0 on Saturday. Wholesale MLB Jerseys . -- The Chicago Bears have signed their top pick, defensive end Shea McClellin, to a four-year contract with an option for a fifth year.
Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Team. T
REGINA -- The City of Regina has unveiled concept drawings of a proposed 33,000-seat stadium that would be home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team. The design shows a sunken bowl-type stadium that would be located on Evraz Place lands, near where Mosaic Stadium now stands. It has what is described as a spectator roof to protect fans from the weather while still being open over the field. There would be a band of louvers around the stadium to control the famous Saskatchewan wind. They could be opened in the summer to allow the breeze to pass through and closed in the fall to shield fans. Gone would be the bench-style seating in Mosaic Stadium. "The sort of goal is to kind of keep the magic of a place like Mosaic Stadium and the fun that weve all enjoyed there, but kind of evolve it for the future," architect Dipesh Patel said Wednesday at a news conference in Regina. "Weve got a circular footprint and that gives us the most seats we can on the sides, so 80 per cen
And Im Excited About What Theyve Been Doing
SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego Chargers will give several running backs a chance to replace last seasons leading rusher, Ryan Mathews, who had surgery Friday on his broken collarbone and is expected to miss four to six weeks. "I like the guys we have here, and Im excited about what theyve been doing," coach Norv Turner said. Mathews was injured on his first carry of the preseason in the first quarter of the Chargers game against the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night and did not return. Mathews led the Chargers with 1,091 yards rushing and a 4.9-yard average last season, earning him a trip to the Pro Bowl. Entering training camp last month, Turner said Mathews was in the best shape of his career and should pile up bigger carry and scoring numbers this year because hed get additional snaps near the goal line. "That play could have happened on his 360th carry or his first carry," Turner said. "Ryanll come back healthy. Hes on his way to having a great season. I dont think this w
Sh To An Unbeaten Regular Season And
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Manti Teo got a call from Dick Butkus on Monday morning, letting him know he was voted the nations best linebacker. A few hours later, the Notre Dame star accepted the Bronko Nagurski Award as the nations top defensive player. Oh yeah, he also picked up a trip to New York as one of the finalists for the Heisman Trophy. Not a bad day at all. The energetic senior from Hawaii helped put Notre Dame back in the spotlight this season, leading the top-ranked Fighting Irish to an unbeaten regular season and a date with Alabama in the BCS championship game Jan. 7. Teo says being mentioned along with former Nagurski winners such as Charles Woodson, Terrell Suggs, Warren Sapp and Champ Bailey is "something very special to me." Teo led the nations top-ranked defence with 103 tackles and seven interceptions. He beat out four other finalists: South Carolina end Jadeveon Clowney, Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones, Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner and Florida State end Bjoe
Ting The Game Plan," Lohse Said. "it
ST. LOUIS -- Without much fanfare, Kyle Lohse is having a sensational season. The right-hander pitched six spotless innings to earn his 12th win and the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Milwaukee Brewers 3-0 on Sunday night for a three-game sweep. Lohse (12-2) allowed four hits and threw 100 pitches while winning his sixth consecutive decision. He struck out six, walked three and lowered his ERA to 2.79. "I have an idea of what Im trying to do out there and Im just going out and executing the game plan," Lohse said. "Its fun out there to throw strikes and let the defence do its work." Daniel Descalso had a season-high three hits for the Cardinals, who have won five of six and 12 of 16. It was their first three-game sweep at home against the Brewers since March 31 to April 3, 2003. Milwaukee has lost its last nine road games. Lohse has recorded quality starts in 11 of his last 12 games. He has emerged as the ERA leader on a talented staff that includes Adam Wainwright, Jake West
Out Year And Vick Looking To Reestablish Himself As A D
Reasons To Believe 1. Heres To Good Health - The Eagles offence was slowed by injuries throughout most of 2011 and still managed to finished ranked fourth overall. The health issues began when an off-season illness caused wide receiver Jeremy Maclin to show up to camp underweight. Maclin also missed time later in the year. Quarterback Michael Vick was also sidelined in November and early December. This season, the offence begins the year at full speed, with Maclin poised for a breakout year and Vick looking to reestablish himself as a dominant force through the air and on the ground. The Eagles also have explosive receiver DeSean Jackson and star running back LeSean McCoy giving them one of the most dangerous attacks in the league. 2. The Middle Man - In recent years, Philadelphia has struggled to stop the run. The result has been a defence that can get after the quarterback (DE Jason Babin had 18 sacks in 2011), but gives up big chunks of yardage on the ground. The team ma
S, Sherritt Has 104 Tackles, A Numbe
Going through a transition on offence, the Edmonton Eskimos could be without their top defensive player Friday when the team hosts the Hamilton Tiger-Cats; a game with big playoff implications. According to CFL on TSN insider Dave Naylor, J.C. Sherritt, the leagues leading tackler, is very doubtful with a sprained knee. Sherritt suffered the injury in the first quarter of Edmontons 39-15 loss to the Calgary Stampeders last Friday. The diminutive middle linebacker told reporters after the game he tried to play through the pain but decided he was doing more damage than good before exiting. In his second year in the league, the 24-year-old Sherritt is on pace to set a new single-season record for tackles. Through 14 weeks, Sherritt has 104 tackles, a number that would set him on pace for 144 on the season, or, 15 more than Calvin Tiggles current record of 129 set back in 1994. If Sherritt misses more than Fridays game, he will no longer be on pace to break the record. Wholesal
Post-season Struggles. The
NEW YORK -- The New York Yankees have exercised contract options for next season on second baseman Robinson Cano and right fielder Nick Swisher. The moves were announced Saturday night. The decision on Canos US$14 million option was a mere formality, but there was some thought that the Yankees might consider parting ways with Swisher because of his post-season struggles. The AL East champions chose to pick up his $10.25 million option rather than pay him a $1 million buyout. A three-time all-star, Cano signed a four-year, $30 million contract before the 2008 season that includes a pair of club options. The 29-year-old slugger hit .302 with 28 homers and a career-high 118 RBIs this year. New York, which could have paid him a $2 million buyout, holds a $15 million option for 2013. The effervescent Swisher batted .260 with 23 homers and 85 RBIs during the regular season. But he was 4 for 19 (.211) with one RBI in a first-round playoff loss to Detroit, his third post-season flo
2-0 Victory On The Night And
LONDON -- French club Lille needed an extra-time goal by Tulio De Melo to advance to the group stage of the Champions League on Wednesday at the expense of Copenhagen. The Brazilian striker headed in a cross from Nolan Roux in the 105th minute to give Lille a 2-0 victory on the night and a 2-1 win on aggregate. Lucas Digne had scored in the first half to tie the two-legged match at 1-1. Elsewhere, Borussia Moenchengladbach beat Dynamo Kyiv 2-1 but was still eliminated 4-3 on aggregate and Celtic progressed to the lucrative group stage for the first time since 2008 by beating Helsingborg 2-0 for a 4-0 overall win. Spartak Moscow drew 1-1 at Fenerbahce to go through 3-2 and Cluj ousted FC Basel, which made the last 16 of the competition last season, by winning 1-0 for 3-1 overall. Cheap NHL Jerseys . They were not guaranteed a victory, and they didnt get one -- just another failed Phoenix comeback. A tough, fall-away 21-footer by O. Cheap Jerseys China . -- Rodney Stuckey sc
A Decision Following Saturda
REGINA -- Saskatchewan head coach Corey Chamblin will make an 11th-hour decision on his starting quarterback when the Roughriders visit the Montreal Alouettes on Sunday. Veteran Darian Durant is nursing a hip flexor and did not practise this week. If he is not able to play, Chamblin will put the ball in the hands of Drew Willy, a rookie from the University of Buffalo. Willy came off the bench in each of Saskatchewans last two games, victories over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers by scores of 52-0 and 25-24. Before the team left on a charter flight to Montreal on Friday, Chamblin told reporters he will make a decision following Saturdays walk-through practice. "I want to see certain things from him," Chamblin said of Durant, who has completed 179 of 283 passes for 2,292 yards and 10 touchdowns with eight interceptions this season. He has also rushed 28 times for 286 and a touchdown. According to Chamblin, Durant was anxious to practise on Friday, but the rookie head coach wanted t
Chapter 1
Nancy clicked her cell phone off, smiling broadly, heart beating as she began to scurry around. Daddy had just called and told her to meet Him at a very plush club for a late evening dinner and dancing. Pulling off her clothes she went to her closet to see what she would wear. Tilting her head slightly to the side, she flipped through her more formal dresses, but nothing seemed to catch her eye. Then, there it was – a light cream colored wrap around style dress that was very form fitting and showed her womanly curves, something that Daddy desired. “That’s it” she spoke out loud, and headed to the shower.   As she stepped out of the shower, Nancy wrapped a towel around her head, catching her hair that had gotten quite long and another around her body as she walked back to her bedroom. She pulled open her top dresser drawer and looked for just the right lingerie. On top was her new lacey white corset with attached garters. She liked the way it felt and h
Turn Ur Page
Sometimes you just have to turn the page to realize there's more to your book of life than the page you're stuck on. Stop being afraid to move on. Close this chapter of hurt, and never re-read it. It's time to get what your life deserves, and move on from the things that don't deserve you. When you hold on to your history, you do it at the expense of your destiny. Don't try to fix what's been broken in your past, let your future create something better. - Trent Shelton #RehabTime
Forever Mine
Some claim not to know, not to see... but ...That there are birds who sing at every hour of the day for no other reason than to be heard...Creatures of the deep who flip and twirl just for the fun of it..."Furry friends" who love just as dearly as they are loved, and...Flowers so exquisite, pleasing human eyes could be their only explanation... must surely prove that you're living in the most magical fairytale ever imagined. N'est-ce pas?Waking was easy tonight cause I was looking forward to being with Roberto again . g'eveing my love , tonight you will take your first real drink , and I promise you will love it cause you then will own Roberto . Well this in-deed made my non beating heart flutter and I laughed with glee , Master why ? because you got me what I wanted , So I'm giving you what you want as a reward was my answer. Where is he I ask " In the Rose Garden , sipping coffee " Carolines voice eased into my mind. To dress to kill , that is what I was going to do . Lookin thro
Adam And Eve
Seems God was just about done creating the universe, but he had two extra things left in his bag of creations, so he decided to split them between Adam and Eve. He told the couple that one of the things he had to give away was the ability to stand up while urinating. "It's a very handy thing", God told the couple, "I was wondering if either one of you wanted that very ability." Adam jumped up and blurted, "Oh, give that to me! I'd love to be able to do that! It seems a sort of thing a man should do. Oh please, oh please, oh please, let me have that ability, It'd be so great! When I'm working in the garden or naming the animals, I could just stand there and let it fly. It'd be so cool, I could write my name in the sand. Oh please God, let it be me who you give that gift to, let me stand and pee, oh please..." On and on he went like an excited little boy who had to pee. Eve just smiled and told God that if Adam really wanted that so badly, that he should have it. It seemed to be the s
A Real Man Is True To His Word
A real man is true to his word. If he says he’ll do something, he does it. He doesn’t make promises he has no intention of keeping. So in the beginning, be mindful of the seemingly inconsequential. Does he “forget” to call when he says he will? Does he flake on dates at the last minute? Does he lack follow through? If so, you’re dealing with a “Mr. False Hope.”
Miranda Warning...
A very attractive female police officer arrests a man for drunk driving. She tells the man, "Sir, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be held against you..." The drunk says, "Tits".ery attractive female police officer arrests a man for drunk driving. She tells the man, "Sir, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say, can and will be held against you..." The drunk says, "Tits".
Naughty Nuns....
A cab driver picks up a nun. She gets into the cab, and the cab driver won't stop staring at her. She asks him why he is staring and he replies, "I have a question to ask you but I don't want to offend you." She answers: "My dear son, you cannot offend me. When you're as old as I am and have been a nun as long as I have, you get a chance to see and hear just about everything. I'm sure that there's nothing you could say or ask that I would find offensive." "Well, I've always had a fantasy to have a nun kiss me." She responds, "Well, let's see what we can do about that: #1, you have to be single and #2 you must be a Catholic." The cab driver is very excited and says, "Yes, I am single and I'm Catholic too!" The nun says, "OK, pull into the next alley." He does and the nun fulfills his fantasy. But when they get back on the road, the cab driver starts crying. "My dear child." said the nun, "Why are you crying?" "Forgive me sister, but I have sinned. I lied, I must confess, I'm mar
Sex Therapy...
A couple is having trouble with their sex life and after a great deal of frustration the wife decides to talk things over with her friend. Her friend tells her that her and her husband have been to a sex therapist and he helped them spice up their love life so much it's like they're teenagers again. The wife asks what the therapist had them do. She says "Well he told us we should use a little food and make a game of it. He had me eat a doughnut off of my husbands penis." The wife thinks it's a marvelous idea and asks what the therapist had him do to her. She replies "He told my husband to eat grapes out of my vagina." Intrigued the wife drags her husband to her friend's sex therapist. After their first meeting the therapist is reluctant to help. He says "I really don't think I can do much for you. My therapies aren't suited for a couple like you." But the husband and wife, desperate, beg and beg for his help. So finally he replies "Well you'll need an apple and a cheerio."
Lie Detector
A Man buys a Lie detector robot that slaps people who lies. He decided to test it at dinner: Dad: Son where were you today during school hours? Son: At school (robot slaps son) Son: Okay I went to the movies! Dad: Which one? Son: Harry Potter (robot slaps again!) Son: Okay I was watching porn. Dad: What? When I was your age I didn't even know what porn was! (robot slaps dad) Mom: hahaha! after all he is your Son! (robot slaps Mom)
Old Mr. Johnson....
Dorothy and Edna, two "senior" widows, are talking. "That nice George Johnson asked me out for a date. I know you went out with him last week, and I wanted to talk with you about him before I give him my answer," said Dorothy. "Well, I'll tell you. He shows up at my apartment punctually at 7 p.m. dressed like such a gentleman in a fine suit, and he brings me such beautiful flowers! Then he takes me downstairs. And what's there: a limousine, uniformed chauffeur, and all," said Edna. "Then he takes me out for dinner; a marvelous dinner, lobster, champagne, dessert, and after-dinner drinks," she continued. "Then we go see a show. Let me tell you, Dorothy, I enjoyed it so much I could have just died from pleasure! So then we are coming back to my apartment and he turns into an ANIMAL. Completely crazy, he tears off my expensive new dress and has his way with me three times !!!" "Goodness gracious!... so you are telling me I shouldn't go ??" Dorothy asked. "No, no, no... course not," E
A doctor was having an affair with his nurse. Shortly afterward, she told him she was pregnant. Not wanting his wife to know, he gave the nurse a sum of money and asked her to go to Italy and have the baby there. “But how will I let you know the baby is born?” she asked. He replied, “Just send me a postcard and write ‘spaghetti’ on the back. I’ll take care of expenses.” Not knowing what else to do, the nurse took the money and flew to Italy. Six months went by and then one day the doctor’s wife called him at the office and explained, “Dear, you received a very strange postcard in the mail today from Europe, and I don’t understand what it means.” The doctor said, “Just wait until I get home and I will explain it to you.” Later that evening, the doctor came home, read the postcard, fell to the floor with a heart attack. Paramedics rushed him to the ER. The lead medic stayed back to comfort the wife. He asked
Love Is.. A Magical Feeling
Love is..  A magical feeling that catches you unawares and lingers on your soul for an entire lifetime To have immense trust in your lover and faith in your relationship To Embrace imperfections and over look each other’s flaws To cherish the weirdness in your each other and create your own little paradise in the middle of all the chaos around you. Never giving up on each other and growing old together A beautiful journey of passion and intimacy where you are connected to each other through your heart and soul.  To hold each other close to the heart through sticks and shivers.  A never ending adventure that lasts a whole lifetime  Being connected spiritually, telepathically and soulfully...
Penis Research....
The American Government funded a study to see why the head of a man's penis was larger than the shaft. After 1 year and $180,000.00, they concluded that the reason that the head was larger than the shaft was to give the man more pleasure during sex. After the US published the study, the French decided to do a study of their own. After $250,000.00 and 3 years of research, they concluded that the reason the head was larger than the shaft was to give the woman more pleasure during sex. Newfoundlanders, unsatisfied with these findings, conducted their own study. After 2 weeks, a cost of around $75.46, and 2 cases of beer, they concluded that it was to keep a man's hand from flying off and hitting himself in the forehead. ;)
Hundred Dollar Tattoo? ;)
Well Wally gets home late one night and Linda, his wife, says “Where the hell have you been?” Wally replies “I was out getting a tattoo!” “A tattoo”? She frowned. “What kind of tattoo did you get?” “I got a hundred dollar bill on my privates” he said proudly. “What the hell were you thinking”? She said, shaking her head in disgust. “Why on earth would a Chartered Accountant get a hundred dollar bill tattooed on his privates?” “Well, one, I like to watch my money grow. Two, once in a while I like to play with my money. Three, I like how money feels in my hand. And, lastly, instead of you going out shopping, you can stay right here at home and blow a hundred bucks anytime you want.”
You Just Never Know....
A woman went into a bar in Texas and saw a cowboy with his feet propped up on a table. He had the biggest feet she’d ever seen. The woman asked the cowboy if it’s true what they say about men with big feet. The cowboy grinned and said, “Sure is, little lady! Why don’t you come on out to the bunk house and let me prove it to you!” The woman wanted to find out for herself, so she spent the night with him. The next morning she handed him a $100 bill. Blushing, he said, “Well, thank ya Ma’am. I’m real flattered. Aitn’t nobody ever paid me fer mah services before. The woman replied, “Don’t be flattered. Take the money and buy yourself some boots that fit.”  LOL
Sometimes you have to sit back and shake your head....And fuck that motherfucker up anyway..Just sayin
When your peace comes from someone else It is not yours Heads up Fucking reeeeeeeeetards And why the hell would you want that anyway? Are you so boring and horrible that you need a break from yourself? That you NEED fucking peace?? You will have that when you are dead Why hasten the process REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETARD
Tablets: 65 Percent Surfing Via Wi-fi
Two-thirds of all tablet users only via Wi-Fi surf given high rates for tablet mobile phone and some juicy extra charge for tablets with cellular modem according to a survey of BITKOM. Younger on the way rather use hot-spots. As a current and representative survey of the industry association BITKOM has revealed that two-thirds (65 per cent) of all tablet users only via Wi-Fi go online. Only 6 percent of Tablet owners use the Internet connection of the mobile phone only UMTS/LTE connections and about 1 percent. As BITKOM found out, around half of all users especially at home use your Tablet-PC. There the Wi-Fi enough many, so the BITKOM. 88 Percent at least occasionally use the local network. At least 28 percent choose traveling in Wi-Fi hotspots at the young people under 30 years of age, there are even 42 percent. Only one-third (33 percent) of all tablet users surfing via mobile phone. 28 Per cent of all respondents for this use UMTS, 8 percent to surf with the faster L
Another School Year
My son is going into 7th grade this year. I am estatic that he has gotten this far. I know how difficult it can seem. I didn't have that hard of a time, but I am glad I don't have to walk a block and  half in the snow anymore, just to sit down for 6hrs and run around a gym for 45 minutes. I will really feel like a queen if neither of my kids have to attend school in a wheelchair or using a cane or crutches. So far I understand I have been lucky. I was using a cane when I graduated. I wasn't feeling totally like a senior in the highschool I went to, when I wasn't deemed as a helpful student anymore. Before 1989 I was even helping out in the library and I was active in theatre arts.  That was then, this is now. A single mom is not so bad. I don't have someone to keep me warm, but I am thankful that I am not being abused or used as a slave. I have been there, and I don't ever wish to be there again. Besides I don't have to worry about divorce, if I don't get married. I kinda think there
Seo By Way Of Backlink Building Companies
Link Building Service is regarded probably the most typical along with effective methods for enhancing your site’s connecting profile and, as a result, its overall visibility. However, to own capability to optimise this completely, you will need to do it appropriately. This really is when appropriately handled link building service will be obtainable in. The knowledge of sourcing the most effective top quality links has achieved positive results lots of clients earlier which enables it to continue undertaking so later on. The energy of links will be decided in the weighing or authority through the web site connecting again. And also in addition you need link building plan to improve the net search engine ranking, receive far more traffic for your internet site, develop strong and critical links and also boost your on-line publicity. A properly-designed link building campaign provides two techniques to obtain increased traffic to your web-site. Very first, it provides ones web si
"its All Coming Back To Me Now"
There were nights when the wind was so cold.... That my body froze in bed... If I just listened to it right outside the window... There were days when the sun was so cruel... That all the tears turned to dust.... And I just knew my eyes were drying up forever.... I finished crying in the instant that you left.... And I can't remember where or when or how... And I banished every memory you and I had ever made... When you touch me like this... And you hold me like that... I just have to admit... That it's all coming back to me...
Fyi Read This
Just a update on me... I have been on this site for about 5 years. I have had my fair share of fu wives some good some bad so flat out pos s like their family.  This is my page so i will run it how i wish NO ONE will tell me how to run my page.I will update  my pics and info on here when i have time and feel like it .. like ive said this is my page i will run it how i choose. I am on a disability income so im limited to what i can spend on here. Like i mentioned this is my page i will block who i want when i want and for which reason i wish too im not here for the drama . i want to say its getting pretty old hearing about or seeing status with my screen name or my fu wifes name in it. We are on here to have fun and occupy time also meeting new friends neither of us do anything to deserve this drama. I personally have went through the right channels in reporting all of this. come on people this is a social network lets all get along  and have fun all this drama and rumors are for childr
Hippie Me By Paul "hippie" Powers!
Hippie Me By Paul David Powers    Whatever happened to the good old days       @ Lived and loved all through the night Where is the music, songs, the free They bound us tight in security   No more singing, no more dance We never really had a chance  What happened to that Hippie Glow? Her hair that blew like driven snow   Snuffed out by church & religious creed By hypocrites, who judge not free  Who are these people of today? It’s not the children who once played But Hip Hop, Rap, Debauchery Why can’t you leave this Hippie be  I loved those days, those days of old Of peace and love and stories told   For as a Hippie I was Free I’ll still be one at 93!
Dating Again
Okay it been awhile since i been on a date ... and now that I am in my 50's I like Oh Lord what to do now, No longer the spring chicken that I was ..  Actually scared to start again ...  Not sure what to do anymore Oh I great at giving advice but I tend not to followe my own LOL  I know they say 50 is the new 30 but I dont know or is it the new 40 .. 
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 163
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language) In episode 163 of Janey Godley's podcast, the mother and daughter comedy duo get into discussion about Syria, Miley Cyrus and the racism of Salt and Sauce in Edinburgh. Ashley reads from her teenage diary. We chat about our favourite authors and Ashley tells us her best bits of Edinburgh Fringe. Janey lets us know she is still missing Bronston Jones her American comedian pal and Jamie Oliver gets a booting. William Shatner recommends our podcast this week and gets a lovely testimony from Ashley. Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter. Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 163
Welcome To Lounges
So, you're new to lounges? That's not a problem. Here are some helpful tips for entering a lounge for the first time.   #1 - Don't be afraid to say HI to people when you enter a lounge.   It makes you seem aloof if you ignore the fact that typically 4 or 5 people may say hi to you.  If you don't know anyone, but recognize a name from an ability used on you, or a Happy Hour or from scrolling across the top of your screen, say HI to them.  Typically, the name of the on air DJ will have been in the lounge banner. At least say hi to the DJ.   #2 - Don't be afraid to ask about the general format of the lounge. Some lounges play rock, some country, some dance and some are just comedy clips.  It's just like radio stations.  If you don't like the particular format, that might now me the best lounge for you.  However, be willing to be open minded.  You'll be surprised how many different types of music you know.   #3 - Make sure you click the tab for lounge rules. Some lounges are very
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Geneva is a favorite weekend destination for polite people, new couples, and single traveler who accompanied with gorgeous female escorts, various exciting activities like sailing on the Alpine Lake. If you are travelling alone to Geneva Switzerland, Geneva escort girls are the perfect companionships. Escort Geneva girls are delightfully fresh and vibrant and are so eagerly offers the warm welcome and nice hospitality that makes you worm relax after long travel all the way. Geneva escort girls are undoubtedly beautiful, hot seductively charming and are always ready for any outdoor or indoor adventure and Erotic services.  These Geneva escort girls are known for best exceptional service that will surely impress you like VIP person and VIP Companionship. For sure you will be amazed by how professional and how polite these escort girls are. Escort Geneva girls guarantee their male partner, that purest of satisfaction and pleasure. By Making a Trip around Geneva, surely you will have the m
Prom Dresses 2014 Hunting
Prom dresses 2014 have been in the top of any kind of checklist pertaining to girls' prom plans. Plus, while you are undertaking that check list, put in a video camera and movie, since promenade pictures will certainly immortalize you from the formal dress you have decided about. Prom Dresses 2014 are just one class of formal wear, so invest time to shop the numerous websites on the web there are. No matter whether you're searching for designer style wear inside elegant garments, trend-setting designs or even need to find the cheapest or best evening wear for your special day; don't worry! There will always be a perfect gown to match, both, the desires along with budget. Lastly, factor in the basic time in creating for any alteration you may need or to reap the benefits of ample return policies, as appropriate.Exactly why is any prom essential anyway? Some sort of prom is a formal flow scheduled for the high school or even college category (or graduation party), generally
Lost Boys (insipred By Resonate)
Charming Rash Blissfully violent and reactionary Little patience For building Yet create So easily Unaware...or more accurately careless Flying without a harness Brave Hurtful without intent A child Who asks Wendy To sew his shadow back on
Book Mark These Links
Quick links: How do i remove my Credit card info from fubar  go here : FU MARRIAGE OR DIVORCE LINK: FU MARRAGIE DETAILS:marriage is 80 credits or 80usd divorce is 50 credits or 25usd   STASH, WHAT IS IT,                                            The Stash is where you can store all the cool stuff you find on the   Internet: videos, pics, jokes, surveys, trackz, or whatever! Your Stash will be shown on your profile so that you can   share this stuff with the entire fubar community. You have a limit of   2,000 items allotted to you to stash, so choose carefully. There are a lot of great things out there to   store!
If You Have Been Away Here's What You Missed Recent Changes To Fu
FROM THE DESK OF SCRAPPER AKA BOSS:   Hey folks! Many of you have been asking questions about some of the new changes we made. Happy Hour Changes: You can now purchase non primetime happy hours with fubucks if you wish. The non primetime happy hours are designated by the shade of pink. You can book one a week with fubucks. You can also pay for that spot with credits or real money if you wish.  How to book a fubuck happy hour. 1) have 500 million fubucks, step 2) choose 12am to 7am somewhere. 3) click the green "Book using fuBucks" button Level Up Requirements - we have removed the widow maker and white knuckler for anyone under level 56. This should make a lot of people very happy who are not able to complete these achievements. To become a Level 57 you will have to do the requirement.  Level 57 Crown: If you make it to level 57, you will now have a crown icon by your name. We felt you deserve the recognition for being a top level member.  Lifetime Rankings: We are now filter
Robes De Mariee : Acheter Des Robes De Haute Qualite De Mariage Pas Cher
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I had to put a 12 year old girl on suicide watch tonight. A sweet girl that does not deserve such misery in her life. What to do, what to do.
The Love Shack
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Wantign To Give Up
Don't Try It.
Hey all you GAY men out there just leave me the fuck alone. Do not send me drinks or like or even fan's. I am not your type. I really do love the woman body.
Anabella , John , Caroline & Roberto Vamp 4
I was waking up with a purr an needing to stretch but it was slow moving tonight. I eased my coffins lid up and floated to the floor gently. I needed to talk to Caroline tonight so I called her in my mind and she responded at once , " I'm on my way now " as the thought came to me at once was a lite tap on my door , " come in Sugar " Did you sleep well  ? I asked . Yes but the Master woke me up with a message. We are entertaining tonight with a guest from out of town , Texas or someplace like that . Should prove interesting , Anabella did you notice the new clothes yet ? I kinda looked blank so she pointed to the red velvet chair. It was piled high with dress boxes with ribbons streaming all over. Oh my , did you get too ? Yes only I'm betting different colors and styles. You know how he spoils us , now listen to me a minute . Master wants you to intertain this man and give him what-ever he wants , It's to help get Master something important. This man is very much a V.I.P. Ok lets get r
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"the Debt " Part 3
Bob had undressed and piled his clothes on the floor at the end of the sofa. He held his arms out, welcoming her to come closer to him. "I'm ready for you now," he annouced.  Kathy looked at his limp dick. sshe shook her head from side to side and crossed her arms. She just stood there and looked at him. Bob swayed a little as he stood in front of her. He looked down and saw the problem. He looked back up at Kathy.  "Well, help a guy out here," he said and grabbed his dick in his fist.  Kathy chuckled a little. She was just barely still aroused from her dream. Her nipples had lost some hardness but the silk against them felt good. She untied thebelt around her waist. Her hand went to her still moist pussy and she flicked her fingers across her clit.  "That's what i'm talking about! Bob slurred.  Kathy walked to the sofa. She opened her robe but kept it over her shoulders She sat on the edge of the sofa and leaned all the way back. The coffee table was close enough to put her feet
It Dont Matter What They Say,,
it dont matter what people say about you,,,, it dont matter what you look like  when the one that loves you will always be there for you and never  leave you side  they will stick by you  no matter what the consequeses are,, they will go to the end of the world for you and most of all they are real and would never leave you, and always prove what they say and do,,
-athletes And For Boston Colleg
BOSTON -- New Boston College football coach Steve Addazio paced back and forth behind the podium. He waved his arms as he spoke. His voice got louder as he hammered home his points. The Eagles have upgraded their pregame pep talks since firing Frank Spaziani. But will they win any more games? "Youre going to get the best out of Steve Addazio, my family and my staff. Im proud to be a Boston College Eagle, and I wont let you down," he said on Wednesday after being introduced to the media and the BC community. "Ive got drive and Ive got energy. And Ive got a passion for what I do, for these student-athletes and for Boston College. Were one family, and together, were going to have success. "Go Eagles." A Connecticut native who spent the last two years at Temple, Addazio said Boston College had been his dream job -- even while he was working his way up through the coaching ranks at top-tier programs like Notre Dame and Florida. "Dreams do come true," he said. "Ive been a lot of
D The Season With A 30-10 Win Over Miami. Schaub Completed 20 Of 31 Passes For 266 Yards A
HOUSTON -- Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub signed a four-year contract extension. Schaub, acquired in 2007 in a trade from Atlanta, announced his new deal and thanked team owner Bob McNair, general manager Rick Smith and coach Gary Kubiak after the Texans opened the season with a 30-10 win over Miami. Schaub completed 20 of 31 passes for 266 yards and a touchdown pass to Andre Johnson on Sunday. "Im very excited to continue to make Houston our home," Schaub said. "My wife and I are raising our kids here, so were very excited to be a part of this community. Just excited for this opportunity." Schaub, 30, came to Houston in March 2007. He missed games with injuries in 2007 and 08, then played all 16 games in 2009 and 2010. He fractured his right foot in Week 10 last season and this was the final year of his contract. "At no point was this ever going to be a distraction for me," Schaub said. "Im excited for it to be done and over with so every ounce of focus and energy
L Strain. Shipley Is In A Grou
CINCINNATI, Ohio -- Bengals receiver Jordan Shipley has been cleared to practice, the final step in his comeback from reconstructive knee surgery. Shipley tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee on Sept. 18. He was limited during drills in the off-season and wasnt allowed to practice when training camp opened on Friday. He practiced for the first time on Monday, along with cornerback Nate Clements. Clements started all but one game last season. Hes been bothered by an abdominal strain. Shipley is in a group of receivers competing for the starting job in the slot. Andrew Hawkins and rookie Mohamed Sanu are expected to get a lot of time at the position during the preseason. Cheap NFL Jerseys . The former Red Sox catcher and Kansas City Royals manager was interviewed on Monday, an off day in the AL championship series between the Yankees and the Detroit Tigers. Cheap NFL Jerseys China . Promoter Yvon Michel announced Monday that Donovan George (22-2-1, 19 KOs) wi
Ead Coach To The Offensive Co-ordin
CORTLAND, N.Y. -- Fans chanting his name and carrying banners proclaiming his greatness -- or otherwise -- will have to wait a couple of days. As the New York Jets reported to training camp Thursday, Tim Tebow simply was another player. Well, almost. Tebow had to chuckle when asked about the legions of media that follow his every move, even on a rainy afternoon when nothing more is required of him or his teammates than showing up. With perhaps 50 reporters, cameramen and broadcasters on hand at SUNY Cortland, it didnt look much different than one of Tebows postgame gatherings in Denver last season. Surely, the focus is not the same: Tebow now is a backup to Mark Sanchez, as everyone from the head coach to the offensive co-ordinator to Sanchez himself made clear for the, oh, millionth time. Still, it was Tebow who drew the most attention, including a comical episode in which the TV folks had to scramble for position when Tebow lined up elsewhere from where they anticipated.
Andard Score. Top Contend
For some of Canadas top athletes, the Canadian Track and Field Trials are the final step towards qualifying for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Each week, looks at some of the names to keep an eye on as we count down to the Trials in Calgary from June 27-30.  DISCIPLINE: Womens Pole Vault NUMBER OF OLYMPIC BERTHS AVAILABLE: Three.  *The IAAF allows a maximum of three athletes per country per event if the three athletes have each reached an A standard score.  TOP CONTENDERS:                                                                   Kelsie Hendry  – Saskatoon, SK. Melanie Blouin – Quebec, QC WHAT THEY NEED: Kelsie Hendry is in position for a return trip to the Olympic Games, after hitting the Olympic A standard twice this season. Now she needs just a top-three finish at Trials to go to London. Melanie Blouin, on the other hand, still has some work to do. She has completed two B standard vaults but, because Hendry has surpassed the A standard,
Ells Agent And They Mutually D
SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah Jazz will not allow disgruntled guard Raja Bell to join the team for training camp even though he remains under contract and they havent been able to agree on buyout terms. Utah Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey issued a statement Friday on Bell, who has publicly feuded with coach Tyrone Corbin. Lindsey says in his statement that he has spoken with Bells agent and they mutually decided it is in the "best interest" of both sides that he not rejoin the team. The 35-year-old Bell is set to make $3.5 million this season, his last year under contract with the Jazz. But he said at the end of last season that he didnt want to play for Utah this year and was critical of Corbin and the organization. Cheap NFL Jerseys . -- Jimmie Johnson thought somebody had traded paint with his motorhome. Cheap MLB Jerseys . -- BJ Youngs career at Arkansas might be over after just one season. . There were bright spots during Indys 31
E And Coach Pat Shurmur Lik
BEREA, Ohio -- Colt McCoy insists he is happy in Cleveland even though he no longer starts for the Browns. McCoy said after practice Tuesday that being replaced at quarterback by rookie Brandon Weeden hasnt made him ask to be traded. The former Texas star, who started 13 games a year ago before being sidelined by a concussion, maintains that he is proud to play for Cleveland. The Browns have been expected to try and work out a deal for McCoy. They also have 10-year veteran Seneca Wallace and coach Pat Shurmur likes what he has seen from young Thaddeus Lewis, claimed on waivers a year ago from St. Louis. McCoy said he is preparing to play Friday against Philadelphia and he cant control trade rumours. Wilson Jersey . 3 in Montreal. Bute (30-1, 24 knockouts) is coming off a one-sided loss in May to Carl Froch that cost the Montreal fighter his International Boxing Federation super-middleweight title. Authentic Russell Wilson Jersey . A.J. Pierzynski hit a two-run home run in
Ent, Paul Krepelka, Told Tsn Hockey
It appears that Jordan Staal isnt looking at a long-term contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins at this time. TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie reports on Twitter that Staal has turned down a 10-year offer from the Penguins, indicating to the club that he doesnt plan on signing an extension now. "He is not prepared to enter into a contract extension at this time," Staals agent, Paul Krepelka, told TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun. Staal scored 25 goals and 25 assists in 62 games with the Penguins in 2011-12. He led the team in playoff scoring, notching six goals and three assists in the Penguins six-game series loss to the Philadelphia Flyers. Staal is entering the final year of a four-year deal with an average annual value of $4 million per year. Though just 23 years old, under the current collective bargaining agreement he would be eligible for unrestricted free agency at the end of the 2012-13 season. Originally selected second overall in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft, Staal has
Wednesday Night At Detroit. A
DETROIT -- Minnesota catcher Ryan Doumit is not on the disabled list, and Twins manager Ron Gardenhire says the teams announcement that he had been put there was incorrect. Instead, Gardenhire said Thursday that right-hander Nick Blackburn was going on the 15-day disabled list with a strained left quadriceps. Blackburn was pulled after two innings in his start Wednesday night at Detroit. After that game, the Twins announced that Doumit had been put on the DL with a strained right calf. But Gardenhire now says hes day to day after an MRI revealed encouraging results. Gardenhire said: "The announcement that he was on the DL was just a little early. We kind of got ahead of ourselves." Minnesota recalled outfielder Ben Revere from Triple-A Rochester to replace Blackburn. Adrian Peterson Jersey . Coquitlam, B.C.s Garcia,who made the quarter-finals after a walk-through in the 66kg preliminariesfollowed by a three-round win over Tajikistans Zalimkhan Yusupov, fell in atough match
The Oakland Athletics 11-6 On Monday
BASTAD, Sweden -- Top-seeded David Ferrer of Spain ousted his countryman Tommy Robredo 6-3, 4-6, 6-0 Friday to reach the semifinals of the Swedish Open. Ferrer, the 2007 winner and runner-up last year, will meet sixth-seeded Grigor Dimitrov of Bulgaria who also advanced after beating third-seeded Albert Ramos of Spain, the 2008 winner, 7-6 (1), 6-3. Second-seeded Nicolas Almagro beat fellow Spaniard Daniel Gimeno-Traver 7-6 (5), 4-6, 6-3. The 2010 winner will play Jan Hajek of the Czech Republic, who beat Jurgen Zopp of Estonia 6-3, 4-6, 6-3. Authentic Russell Wilson Jersey . Ortiz finished the best April of his career with a pair of solo homers, Mike Aviles hit a three-run shot and the Boston Red Sox beat the Oakland Athletics 11-6 on Monday night. Russell Wilson Womens Jersey .4 million contract extension on Sunday that begins after next season. Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the new deal cannot be signed until July 1. . An
Yannick Veilleux Each Had Two Goals For Moncton (13-9-0), Which Has Won Eight Of Its Last Ten
The surging Moncton Wildcats used an explosive first period to take another step up the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League standings. The Wildcats scored four goals in the first and went on to hammer the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies 8-3 on Thursday. Alex Saulnier, Ross Johnston and Yannick Veilleux each had two goals for Moncton (13-9-0), which has won eight of its last ten games. Dmitri Jaskin and Mitchell Deruelle also had singles for the Wildcats. Elsewhere in the QMJHL it was: Drummondville 5, Gatineau 2; Blainville-Boisbriand 4, Sherbrooke 2; and Chicoutimi 7, Victoriaville 2. At Moncton, N.B., Mathieu Brisebois and Jean-Sebastien Dea put the Huskies on the scoreboard in the second. Jonathan Delorme added another goal for Rouyn-Noranda (13-7-1) in the third, but Johnston scored both of his goals in the final 10 minutes and Veilleux also scored to put the game out of reach. Moncton goaltender Alex Dubeau made 20 saves for the win, while at the other end Robin Gusse and Alexandr
Ing Back To Him Now. "hopefully
MINNEAPOLIS -- Kevin Loves shooting stroke returned, and Andrei Kirilenko also was back for the Minnesota Timberwolves. The timing couldnt have been worse for the reeling Cleveland Cavaliers. Love had 36 points and 13 rebounds and Kirilenko delivered another solid all-around performance in the Timberwolves 91-73 victory over the Cavaliers on Friday night. Love missed most of the first month of the season with a broken right hand, and hes been struggling to regain his shooting touch since returning nine games ago. The release looked much more fluid against the Cavs, and the trajectory was better as well. He made 10 of 19 shots and 14 of 18 free throws and is cautiously optimistic that its all coming back to him now. "Hopefully its not fools gold," Love said. "Its a step in the right direction. Ive been putting in work, but its just one game." Kirilenko had eight points, seven rebounds, six assists, four steals and three blocks after missing four games with back spasms and Lu
Nter Is 3-4 With A 6.11 Era This Seas
MINNEAPOLIS -- The Baltimore Orioles plan to recall right-hander Tommy Hunter in time to start Wednesday night against Minnesota. Hunter is 3-4 with a 6.11 ERA this season. He was optioned to Triple-A Norfolk on July 1 when the Orioles added slugger Jim Thome in a trade with the Phillies. He will make his 14th start of the season and has had the most trouble on the road, where he is 0-3 with an 8.07 ERA in six starts. The Orioles also placed infielder Robert Andino on the 15-day disabled list with a strained left shoulder, moved infielder Nick Johnson to the 60-day disabled list with a sprained right wrist, purchased the contract of right-hander Brad Bergesen and optioned right-hander Miguel Socolovich to Norfolk. Kaepernick Jersey . The Cameroon international signed the deal on Tuesday with Norwich, which is in its second consecutive season in the topflight. Colin Kaepernick Elite Jersey . Bodishbaugh, 27, is currently third in the American Association in saves with 17. He
Htings Answer To Mother Teresa Th
TORONTO -- Michael Bisping is used to being the villain. The English middleweight might as well have worn a black hat to the cage for his fights. But now living in California, the 33-year-old Bisping seems to be enjoying an image makeover of sorts. Hes not exactly cage-fightings answer to Mother Teresa these days but he seems to have more fans than before. "I dont know what it is, but Im certainly getting a lot more love on Twitter these days," Bisping told The Canadian Press. Some of the Bisping-related tweets used to be R-rated, but times have changed. "Now every day theres at least five, 10 tweets of people saying I used to absolutely hate you but now Im actually a fan. Good luck in Canada etcetera etcetera. I get a lot of that type of thing these days." The Twitter-sphere does show examples of Bisping backers. "Good luck this weekend mate, weird to see so many positive comments from americans about you these days haha," offered one Bisping believer. "Good luck on ufc 15
Y Strong, You Have To Adapt, You Have T
HAVANA, Cuba -- Stephen Hart expects the pitch at Havanas Estadio Pedro Marrero to be as tough an opponent as the Cuban side his team is facing. In fact, the head coach of the Canadian mens soccer team says the field will be the "biggest thing to overcome" for his players when they take on Cuba in World Cup qualifying Friday. "The heat, theres nothing you can do about that just like theres nothing you can do about the pitch," Hart said Thursday on a conference call. "You just have to be mentally strong, you have to adapt, you have to endure and overcome it." Hart described the grass at the multi-purpose Cuban stadium as "very thick, very heavy and very long" and unlikely to be trimmed before the afternoon match. "Its the traditional grass of the Caribbean. Nothing that we didnt expect," Hart said. "Every single country presents a different challenge in that respect." The two countries have only once appeared in the World Cup finals -- Canada in 1986 and Cuba in 1938. Canada
Lounge Music Radio
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How Long Can A Man Be Strong
I've been restless for a long, long time. Trying to find a home for heart of mine.  The nights are long and the days are long. Its hard to find a reason to carry on.  But all the searchin' is it ever gonna end? Must I keep on losing' again and again?  Tell me how long can a man be strong? How long must he carry on?  With out the love of a woman to call his own? Tell me, how long can a man be strong?  Its on every man's mind to find that special girl, some of them get lucky but I'm alone in this world. Still I know she's out there somewhere, so I'm gonna keep tryin',  someday I'm gonna find her, its just a matter of time.  As long as I have been waiting, I know she has been waiting too, hold on a little longer, I'm on my way to you.  Now ever since this world began, it takes a woman to make a man.  Now I need someone, don't you know I need someone?  Ooh!! But all this searchin' is it ever gonna end? Must I keep losin' again and again and again  Yeah, oh keep on waiting, O
Sadism   Your handsrippingoutmy heartYour wicked smileas you eat itDarknessDarkDarkRelentlesspassionuponmyfaceYour wordsanEvilecho againstpale tattooed skinCrimsoni letFor You
The Baptism////////Dripping sticky down the small of my backthe nectar of my skin beadsi am seven shades of crimsonmy eyes at half masti am under Youmy SaviorYour thrusts are deliberateand my eager hips recklessthe candlelight flickeringagainst mirrorsglintingcascading off the promise You placed againstmy throatYour stigmatamy body whispers screamsentices Yoursmy lips speaking in a tongue only my God can interpretLove and contempt andfreedom and violence and beauty alltake refuge heremy hands clutch thekitchen counter top,Your arm sweeping the coffee pot,jars of flour, sugarandlust onto the tile floorbeneath You i am decadentYour breath a hot sweet coax against my shouldermy napemy soul"My precious whore"You assure mevibrating and trillinginto places of exodusmy hearing won't reach"mine, mine, mine MINE!"Your voiceripping the orgasm frombetween my silky thighs into Yourfistsobbing.choking.gasping and begging for breathas You spin me around and cradle memy cunt tight and holding Your wr
So Easily Offended
So I'm talking to this chick and she obviously meant to message someone else but messaged me instead   1:58pm reply Della Le B...: well you do, I am a left handed red head with o negative blood, being different isnt all so bad 1:59pm more To Della Le B...: know your blood type? 2:02pm reply Della Le B...: yeah I do, I guess we are either mutants or a different species according to science 2:03pm more To Della Le B...: I've never looked into it...I had no idea 2:04pm more To Della Le B...: I need to get one of those DNR cards tho 2:04pm reply Della Le B...: it is a new Bling, not sure why he gave it to me, could be to prepare me 2:05pm more To Della Le B...: chat whore cross-over 2:05pm reply Della Le B...: if you like I can see if he can give it to you too 2:06pm reply Della Le B...: your profile picture suits you more
Relaim Lost Thoughts?
its kinda funny when you look back at a failed relationship.  and any relationship that ends is a fail.  so looking back i see so many things i did wrong or just didnt do.  its hard to decide do i try to fix things and be better where i failed to repair and get back what i had or keep the course and move on.  i just sit and wonder and try usually try not to think of these things for it makes me sad and even more depressed. 
There Only Ever Is You...
in all my life, i've only once thought these thingsi can't ever be close to anyonei don't ever feel the need to clingbut now i see a picture, and the earth revolves around the sunnot even once have i said this thing beforei have never wanted to try so hardin light of that, it means so much moreand so much more my senses jarredi Tell you head to toei Tell you heart and soulas the moon wax and wanesi find myself not new but changedi have opened myself to newer portalsand seen the dawn and the sunrise lights my daysuddenly, i feel that i am immortali can't keep your image at bayi'll never know the reason whyi still don't read between the linesbut it's all those little things you dothat have me wrapped inside of you
Lil About Me
Name: lisa lynn Birthdate: april 18 Birthplace: N.H Current Location: fucked up flint MI Eye Color: brown Hair Color: black Height: 5'6'' Weight: 120 pounds Piercings: ears Tatoos: a few Overused Phraze: bite me, whatever,o well and fuck off FAVORITES Food: chines,home cooked. Candy: resses Number:  69 Color: Purple, Black Anime: none Drink: monster Alcohol Drink: yes Music: 69 eyes, H.i.M, nightwish,amy lee.def leppard, disturbed Movie: iron man 1-3, all the tranformers, the crow. the lost boys,the agvengers, thro. Body Part on Opposite sex: eyes and smile This or That Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi McDonalds or BurgerKing: mcdonalds Strawberry or Watermelon: straberry Hot tea or Ice tea: Ice Tea Chocolate or Vanilla .chocolate Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Coffee Kiss or Hug:
Damn Bees.
holy crap. it's been forever since i got stung by a bee. and i got stung about 10-15 minutes ago. and i completely forgot how bad bee stings suck ass! the little bastard got the side of 1 of my toes. i hope the bastard dies a violent death now   don't get me wrong.. i love mother nature. but, why give small ass bugs a damn stinger filled with poison to sting humans when they are not looking? mother nature must've been PMSing when she made the bee.
**All about me** by kristen96Basic StuffName: Bruno GhiaAge: 61Birthday: 4/1/52Birth Place: in the forestCurrent Location: Lemon GroveHeight: 5'8"Weight: 195Heritage: British / East EuropeanEye Color: BrownHair Color: BrownPiercings: noTattoos: noFavsColor: blueMusic: jazz, blues, R&BSport: lounge lizardHoliday: FridayFood: Asian, MexicanMagazine: Business WeekTV Show: manyMovie: manyBook: manyColog
Name: Mark Leland Roberts II Birthdate: 8-28-1985 Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada Current Location: El Dorado Hills, Ca Eye Color: Blue-Gray Hair Color: Dark Blond Height: 5'7" Weight: 180 pounds Piercings: None Tatoos: 2- one Tribal Dragon and one Hatchetman Overused Phraze: Shit Happens, Life Sucks Deal With It, Go Fuck Yourself, Bite Me, Live Life Or Shut The Fuck Up FAVORITES Food: Italian, Mexican, and Many Random thing, but my favorite food ever is Persimmons Candy: Payday candy bars Number:  8  Color: Purple, Black, Green, Silver Anime: Nurato Drink: Coffee Alcohol Drink: none Music: Attic Crew, Judas Priest, Rob Zombie, Static X, Twiztid, ICP, Boondocks, Tech 9,Killa C, Nickleback, Relik, The Pumpkin King, Ect. Movie: Underworld Movies, Boondock Saints, Fast and Ferious Movies, and most any Anime movies Body Part on Opposite sex:
Randomness, Name Game
Everyone has 8 names.1. Your real name: Mark Leland Roberts II2. Your "gangsta" name (first 3 letters of real name plus Dizzle): Mar-dizzle3. Your detective name (favorite color & animal): black Wolf4. Your soap opera name (middle name & street you live on): Leland Atomic5. Your Starwars name (first letter of your first name first 2 letters of your last name): MII6. Your superhero name (2nd favorite color & favorite drink): Gray Coffee7. Your witness protection name (one of your parents middle names): Jean8. Your goth name (Black and the name of one of your pets): black Jasper
Randomness, Abc Questions
Answer each letter's question.A - Available? no B - Best Friend(s)? Tobias Parks, Nic Williams, My mother C - CRUSH? one D - DOGS NAME? Buddy E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO? My Mother F - Favorite Food? all kinds G - GUMMY BEARS OR WORMS? Worms H - HOMETOWN? Sacramento, California I - IF YOU COULD MOVE WOULD YOU? depends on were I am moving to J - JOB? Don't work K - KIDS? None  L - LONGEST CAR RIDE? 6 Days M - MILK FLAVOR? Regular N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS? 4 3 Brothers and one sister O - ONE WISH? to find a woman to spend the rest of my life with - Check and Found P - PHOBIA(S)? I'm scared of: I am not scared of anything Q - FAVORITE QUOTE? "Life is interesting sometimes, someday you just wanna disappear and then the next you just want to be noticed. it's always a guessing game-the future holds many things and you can never tell what will happen next." Thoughts of Mark L. Roberts II" < Quote By Me R - REASON TO SMILE? :P a few S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD? Killa C: Amazing
Me Myself And I: The Story Of Billi Jo
well hello, my name is Billi jo. I am 27 years old. I was born on April 4th. I have been through alot but i still come out on top and standing strong. I have traveled from home to home being unwanted most of my life. I got taken away from my mom when i was little and moved in with my dad. I was there maybe 6 months and he calls my aunt and tells her he doesnt want me anymore to come get me so she does. i remained in her home and her care until i was 11 then I moved in with my biological mom and stepdad. life was okay for the most part had whom i thought at the time was the best friend anyone can ask for. who by the time i was 20 we had drifted apart and she ended up stealing a boyfriend from underneath me while i was in labor with my little girl who i decided at that time should be placed up for adoption because i had no job no home and could not support her the way a mother should. she will be 8 on october 3rd. from then ive still moved from place to place not knowing what to do with
Student Loan Consolidation
Do you or someone you know have student loans that you are currently making high payments and/or multiple payments?  Are you looking to consolidate them into ONE low monthly payment?  If so please feel free to inbox me and let's talk about your options :)
The New Apple Smartphone Confirms Iphone 5: Japanese Mobile Provider
The existence of the upcoming Apple iPhone 5S considered as a successor model of the current iphone 5 accessories dubai for many experts already secure. The Japanese mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo now also a reputable company will add, that would like to cooperate with Apple in the distribution. Kazuto Tsubouchi, his Senior Executive Vice President, confirmed to the newspaper Sankei Shumbin that Apple will bring the iPhone 5 S on the market. Difficulties with the final appointment to the launch should exist, though, why you still could say for sure when exactly the next Apple Smartphone will follow. The mobile carrier NTT DoCoMo is the largest provider in Japan. However, the company has to date not smartphones of the Californian manufacturer. However, it is currently keen to work together with Apple. There are however some problems with regard to the date for the launch. Tsubouchi also says that it is difficult, the coming September 10 as the date of the launch of the iPhone 5
My Best Friend
i know what i am asking you is proble nothing you can do but my best friend died on monday and she was only 26 would u be able let people know we are haveing a carwash to get money for her furanrel it would be grately apprishetay the info is:CAR WASH FOR SAM TOMORROW AUGUST 28TH TO COVER AS MUCH FUNERAL COST AS WE CAN ANYTHING WILL HELP PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD BRING ANYTHING YOU CAN TO HELP WITH THE CAR WASH ANY QUESTIONS HIT ME UP. WILL BE DOING THE CAR WAS FROM AUGUST 28TH -31ST ALL DAY AT 1944 edgestone cir san jose ca 95122 ALL FOR YOU BABYGIRL LOVE YOU SAM her name was samantha walton thank you
The Best Video Ever
The Best Video Ever The Best Video Ever by TwistYou
"Go get me some coffee" she says sleepily then adds "and then come back to bed with me" in a more solicitous tone.  She roll away from him and buries her face in her pillow.  He smiles and traces a lazy hand down her spine feeling the warmth and smoothness  of her skin with the palm of his hand.  He rises up on one elbow and admires the matching dimples on either side of her spine and the curve of her body where it transitions between back and buttox.  She stretches like a big cat; hands balled into fists, arms thrusting out, body rigid and pushing her butt into the air.  The sheet slides off of her and he uses his finger tips to draw little circles on her behind and stopping to tickle the top of her crack.  "GO!" she says but he can hear the smile in her voice even though her face is still buried in her pillow.
The Nflpa Says It Doesn't Know A Thing About It
The NFL Owners Have Seemed Adamant In Since the negotiations for the latest CBA began, the NFL owners have seemed adamant in, at some point, splitting the preseason in half by going to an 18-game regular season schedule with only two exhibition contests.The players successfully fought against it, but as we detailed earlier on August 8th, 2013, commissioner Roger Goodell is still trying to tweak the preseason.As reported, "The NFL still is looking at different formats for the split of regular-season and preseason games -- 18-and-2, 16-and-2 or 17-and-3” as well as possibly reducing the prices for those preseason contests.One thing, though. The NFLPA says it doesn't know a thing about it."We have not been approached about a change in the season, " NFLPA assistant executive director of external affairs George Atallah told the's Gregg Rosenthal. "We know the owners have wanted 18 games for a long time and as everyone knows, tried using a lockout to get it."Thus, the
Buy Newport Cigarettes Online Virginia Stamp,cheap Menthol Newport 100s Cigarettes Wholesale Website
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Custom Made Curtains & Timber Blinds In Perth
If your home is in Perth, Australia you very certainly have need for the right window furnishings to complement the climate, in the coursework of summer. The climate of Perth usually is wet though summers from December to March can be warm. Because of this you need curtains & blinds that will be able to complement your home furnishings while shielding you from the hot sun in summer & giving you privacy all year long. In the event you live in the Applecross suburb, you will need to discover a lovely curtain & blind Applecross Perth supplier of window furnishings. The right window furnishings will permit your home to look stunning & bring out the best in its interior design. You may select to seek out a curtain South Perth window furnishings shop as well or perhaps a timber blinds Perth retailer. The point to all this searching is so you get lovely quality window furnishings at equally lovely prices. The material from which your curtain & blind Applecross Perth are made from will help
Robes De Soiree Pour Les Filles Et Damitas
  Pas de mariage, pas seulement les femmes adultes sont attirés par la robe cérémonie enfant, mais aussi la petite deviennent ainsi parce qu'ils sont si tendre et doux et pour les jeunes filles que vous avez choisi pour votre mariage, il ya aussi des nouvelles, de la mode et ici dans cet article je vais vous montrer, belles et élégantes robes de soirée pour les filles et les jeunes filles, dans les couleurs que vous aimez et qui sont spécifiques à des mariages, le tir, turquoise, fuchsia, blanc, beige, bleu, brun, noir, bleu et d'autres couleurs pastel sont toujours utilisés pour les demoiselles d'honneur, mais aussi la couleur rouge est très forte et attractive aller pour elle. Assurez-vous donc à voir les belles robes de bal pour les jeunes filles vont vous montrer ci-dessous: Si vous voulez acheter une robe de bal pour les filles et les jeunes filles cliquez sous la photo. Actuellement, il ya non seulement pour les filles demoiselles d'honneur, mais il ya aussi des adolescents ou
Ctk6300in Digital Keyboard- Dream Come True!
I have always loved Casio because not because it is a well known company but for its innovations, simplicity and affordable price tags. I always thought that these are the best features to look for in any product – and hence, I am a die-hard fan of this company. The CTK6300IN digital keyboards reinforced my admiration, love, loyalty and delight in this company manifold. This keyboard is perfection redefined. I love Indian music and I am well aware that it is not easy to reproduce Indian tones, rhythms, ragas – but this Casio keyboard does it effortlessly. I simply cannot believe that it could put together 210 of the very distinct Indian rhythms; I have not even began to explore it all. I have experimented with some of them by matching, mixing, and overlapping some of them and I super like what came out of it. This keyboard does not create music – saying that would be an understatement; it creates poetry for the ears. Indian music is very titillating and very s
And Of The Separation As Well...
i can't stand thisbeing shut up in a cageeven in my best behaviormy insides boil with rageon a daily basisi pretend to bea vague and whisper'd shadowof what i think is melike a dog inside a pena bark signals nothingin remembrance of what not whenthe sound falls upon deaf earsthree times the energy of thosewho would seek to containmy nakedness bares my soulfuck the thought restrainedtwice the dragonof what one can swallowequates six times the sorrowthere is not one who can followthere is not one, not a single oneat least not that i can seeso when each day is over with and doneit is i alone, and down on my knees
Ctk6300in Digital Keyboards – Versatile Next-gen Indian Keyboard
I love Indian classical music and I think there is nothing more appealing to the ears than this genre of music. The CTK6300IN digital keyboards are designed to capture the soul of Indian music in the special Casio way, and help people like me to enjoy the best of both worlds. I bought the keyboard 2 months ago and I already have mastered its functions and modes. This is one great thing about all Casio products – they are extremely user friendly. As all Casio keyboards are, this one too is a handsome and impressive piece of equipment that can easily pass as professional gear. With 61 keys, exciting features and dual accentuated body color it comes across as a sophisticated and stylish keyboard. The performance is just superb. Its performance matches its sleek design. This Casio keyboard has totally floored me with its 210 Indian rhythms 700+ Indian tones which can be used to create any type of music you want. The new functions have four WOW equalizer modes – soft, bri
Of The Whispers...
they come to me before the dawnbefore i've even chance to yawnso many voices bemoan a lack of choicesand again my reason's gonewhispers hide inside my mindas day becomes the nightthere is no place of refugenor a cave in which to hidei have started out as nothingjust a body to be usedfor other people's pleasuremyself? often not and without measureworth of self is somethingif it's something you are shownworth of self is nothingif it's something you don't ownwhispers come in valleyswhispers come when one is highthey speak in darkest alleysand don't leave when day is nigh
Precio Bajo, Sino Como Wow Como Iphone Y Galaxy
¿Qué el mejor teléfono? I phone 5 Samsung Galaxy S4 o, Samsung y los teléfonos de Apple 2GB ROM moviles han sido siempre la principal tendencia de los flujos que favorecen por muchos teléfonos. Las razones por las que tantas personas como ellos son variados para diferentes, en general, se trata de obras y tomadas como un teléfono divertido utilizando para nosotros.Los nuevos tipos de tres teléfonos celulares se parecen a la de Apple y Galaxy que tienen mucho en común. Tiene un alto grado o tan fácil para su uso? voy a presentar unos moviles chinos y baratos. Los siguientes factores pueden explicar las mejores características para usted.P16 Android 4.1 es de 4 pulgadas del cuerpo con el teléfono inteligente de doble núcleo, con una CPU MTK6517 1 GHz, la pantalla es también más nítidas y más rápido si el navegar por la web o ver la película y la lectura. El teléfono elegante androide P16 es más grande que el de Apple 4s en la pantalla, lo que le proporciona una visualización
White-bleeding Rose
 ♥♥♥βÉÇÅυŠÈ ΜΥ ΗÊÅrΤ ÍŠ βlÊËdÏΝg and î ÅΜ dΥÍΝg ♥♥♥ Take my heart and rip it til it bleeds , then when it's tapped out There will be no more me , The pain is consuming me into a firey hell , I scream and cry but no one cares , Do you know how much I truely dare , How I want you , Truely here . To taste your lips , to hold you tight ..... To love you dear with all my might , But alas you do not hear , My tormented wails from the dept's of hell , only the fire Lapping at my heels as I run and run but can't escape the pain , Cause I can't escape my love for you ......... Do you like the taste of my thick blood ? Is is sweet my darlin' to your tongue ? Keep probbin' and you'll have it all , my life will end for You have called. The execution is climatic joy as I'm expunged from this Earthly realm ,
Guti Returned To Teach In Santiago Bernabeu
Last week, Real Madrid's game against aersade, because of Raul wholesale nike jerseys, has attracted the old clock from Real Madrid, guti is a. However, guti returned to the Bernabeu also designed, U12 was as assistant coach of the youth team of Real Madrid. The newspaper Brand media reports, sports world, Spain, guti will return to Real Madrid, team U12 acting as coach of Real Madrid. He is also after Santiago Solari, youth camp of another coach Real Madrid old joined from Real Madrid, is currently coach of junior teams U15 Solari from Real Madrid. In addition to these two, Real Madrid youth field also has a number of old, curiously, "red" delaleide start for Real Madrid in 2012 Cadet b (ages 14-15) as the position of coach, led the first-year achievements of last season season team won three wholesale cheap nfl jerseys Championships. Fernando Morientes star currently holds the juvenile, head coach of the b team (16-18 group), he led the team last season, also won the regional
Icrave Poetry
in service   In these momentsof darki come to Youmy Godmy EternityYou breathe life intomy soulNo more emptinessYour handsan urgent push againstmy fleshmy heartBound... in tunein harmony withthe sound of Your voiceThis boyso hungry for Yourhearti want to eat itmake it's taste knownto the worldi see You..a Savior of all thingsof creationAll things above thishell You have let me be a part ofi fucking crave You
"the Debt " Part 3
"Oh shit!" she mumbled soflty to herself. "What the hell time is it? She asked.  "It's time to pay an installment on your debt,"Bob slurred. "I closed the bar a few minutes ago so it must be 3:30am." "come on in you creep," Kathy said let's get this over with." Bob stumbled into the house and started down the hallway toward the bed room. Kathy quickly closed and locked the front door. She chased after him and steered him by his  hips toward the family room. "Not so fast there buddy," she said. "I plan to get a good night's sleep when you finish. You're in no condition to drive so you're going to slep this off in the rec room. "But i like your bed," bob complained.  "So do i! That's why you're sleeping out here," she insisted. They arrived in the family room. Kathy took off Bob's coat.  "The rest you're going to have to do for yourself. If you aren't sober enough to undress yourself then you're not getting any,' Kathy warned. "I can handle it luv," bob slurred. "and i can handl
In Memory Of My Friend Burkie (r.i.p.)
Richard "Dick" Burke, Jr. - 66 8/25/1947 - 8/25/2013       Springport - Richard “Dick” Henderson Burke, Jr. went Home to be with the Lord on his 66th birthday, Sunday, August 25th, 2013. He was surrounded by his wife, daughter, and family in his home passing peacefully.      Dick was born in Oneida, Tennessee; Dick lived most of his life in Muncie, currently residing in Springport. Dick graduated from Blue River Valley High School in 1965.      He was inducted into the United States Army October 25th, 1966 and served as a Specialist (E5) in the Vietnam Conflict, receiving the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service, the National Defense Service medal, the Good Conduct Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal with two Bronze Service Stars, and the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medical with Device. He received his initial training at the Pioneer United States Army Training Center in Fort Leonard Wood Missouri in 1967, prior to deploying to Vietnam wi
Passion   Passion is something so powerful A feeling should not be denied When someone has that much passion It is not something a person can hide   Give it everything you’ve got Keep giving until you are raw And then give again and again Push yourself like you have a lot more   Passion encompasses everything From within us when we are true When there is such passion inside us We apply it to all that we do   It’s not like the passionate choose Or get to decide when it will show It applies to everything in their lives Both a curse and a blessing they know   Don’t ever believe for a moment Nobody can see what’s inside It’s the ones that can see it most clearly They’re the ones we will keep, we decide   Some people can’t handle passion While others can’t survive without The challenge of passionate people How and when do you let it come out?     August 27, 2013 MPS©
Love Hard
Love Hard   Love hard Give it all you’ve got Either you’re committed Or you’re not   Love hard For it’s the only way If you’re not giving everything You’ll never seize the day   Love hard Love completely Love does not come packaged neatly   Love hard Don’t keep score Be everything you can Nothing less or out the door   Love hard Forever to be Everlasting love For all eternity August 27, 2013 MPS©

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