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Backup Plan
A man in rural Minnesota wakes up one morning to find a bear on his roof. So he looks in the yellow pages, and sure enough, there's an ad for "Up North Bear Removers." He calls the number, and the bear remover says he'll be over in 30 minutes. The bear remover arrives, and gets out of his van. He's got a ladder, a baseball bat, a 12-gauge shotgun, and a mean old pit bulldog. "What are you going to do?" the homeowner asks. "I'm going to put this ladder up against the roof, then I'm going to go up there, and knock the bear off the roof with this baseball bat. When the bear falls off the roof, the pit bull is trained to grab his testicles, and not let go. The bear will then be subdued enough for me to put him in the cage in the back of the van." He then hands the shotgun to the homeowner. "What's the shotgun for?" asks the homeowner. "If the bear knocks me off the roof, shoot the f--kin' dog."
I Don't Think So
What I want you to know is, just because I dated a guy I met on fubar once, it does not mean that I am looking to do it again. It was the worst mistake that I have ever made. I would give anything to rewind my life back two years and do things differently. I couldn't imagine after all that I have been through putting myself through the same shit again. When you start talking to someone on the internet. You don't really know them. You don't even know if they real. You only know what they want you to know about them. Maybe when you find out who they really are, they make you feel guilty for being unhappy about it, telling you that they are the same person that you had always been talking to. Maybe you meet them and it seems okay for a little while, but before long, they get controlling and possessive and you feel like you are stuck. Maybe they threaten you and hold things over your head to try to keep you in the relationship. Maybe they get you 1200 miles away from home and then they de
"setting Up My Slut Wife"
"Allow me to introduce you to my wife, Emily. Oh, and i belelieve that's my ass hole manager with her." Emily looked over  at the screen and saw the picture of a man and woman naked on a bed. The woman was on her knees and elbows and the guy was eagerly pounding her from behind.    "That's your wife?" emily asked in disbelief. "how? How did you get  that video?'   "It's live," i said, moving back to the bed and sitting down beside her. "You see. last week i onstalled a securty system in my home. i told Vanessa that i was going to put a sensor in out bed room to protect her . But i actually in stalled a spay cam that i bought at a pc store. I then hooked the cam up to my desktop and set up software that allows me to remotely view the cam from my laptop."   "You can do that?" She asked.    "Sure, it's actually very easy to do. Unfortunately, i couldn't figure out how to get sound, so i only have video. But i figured i'd have some very interesting video to watch this week of my wi
The Day:
When I look into The Day I see the past of when we were young and in love The day when we first meet Our first kiss the future that we would had together But that day will never come Because you are gone from Me The Present may be hopeful,I hope If not I will always remember you my love WROTE 2001  
"setting Up My Slut Wife"
After i sepnt my load, Emily eased back up my body and cuddled beside me. She grinned sensually at me as she a finger and wiped my cum off her face and sucked her finger clean....DAMN:)   She kissed me, and then said hesitantly, was  i okay?"   I kissed her back and said, "You were perfect. You don't relize h how okay you were."    We relaxed for about 15 minutes in each other's arms. Fianlly i interrupted the slience with a question. "Emily, have you ever watched a prono?"    "No," she relied. "Why ? Do you want to watch one?"   Well, there's something i want to check on. Interested in watching it with me?"   "What?"   "You'll see."    with that i got off the bed and walked over to my laptop and opened it up. I diled up the connection like i had earlier, then opened up the same software program. After a few minutes, i truned to Emily, smiling, as i pointed to the screen.  
Believable Or Not?
If a guy says he saw your picture and loved you at first sight, would you believe him? (Guys, can this be true?)  
The Police
Militarized police gone wild across America; terrorizing citizens, shooting pet dogs     Behaving like occupying military force Mike AdamsNaturalNewsJuly 7, 2013 America is rapidly devolving into the oppressive police state we’ve been warning readers about. Right now, cops are exhibiting thuggish, out-of-control “mafia” behavior as they run loose across America, terrorizing innocent citizens, shooting up the vehicles&nb
Think About It!!!
Remember in Sunday school the little song careful little mouth what you say, be careful little hears what you hear, etc etc. Well I've added a verse be careful little brain what you think. Our thoughts become actions....everything begins with a thought. Everything!!!! Even our attitude toward things begin with a thought. Depression is a result of our own thoughts. Actions, you name it. Our attitude toward money if we are constantly thinking I don't have it we won't have it. Think about the things you think about our thoughts become our reality!!!
How Bad Is The Economy?
The Recession hits everybody in the US ........ I got a pre-declined credit card in the mail. Wives are having sex with their husbands because they can't afford batteries. CEO's are now playing miniature golf. Exxon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen. A stripper was killed when her audience showered her with rolls of pennies while she danced. I saw a Mormon polygamist with only one wife. If the bank returns your check marked "Insufficient Funds," you call them and ask if they meant you or them. McDonald's is selling the 1/4 ouncer. Angelina Jolie adopted a child fr
Beer Versus Pussy
It is time to do a comparison between two things treasured by men, beer and pussy... A beer is always wet. A pussy needs encouragement. Advantage: Beer. A beer tastes horrible served hot. A pussy tastes better served hot. Advantage: Pussy. Having an ice cold beer makes you satisfied. Having an ice cold pussy makes you Hillary Clinton. Advantage: Beer. Beers have commercials making fun of skunky ones. Pussy does not. advantage: Tie If you get a hair in your teeth consuming pussy, you are not disgusted. Advantage: Pussy 24 beers come in a box. A pussy is a box you can come in. Advantage: Pussy Too much head makes you mad at the person giving you a beer. Advantage: Pussy. If a beer is brewed with yeast, it is still edible. Advantage: Beer. If you come home smelling like beer, your wife may get mad. If you come home smelling like pussy, she will definitely get mad. Advantage: Beer. 6 beers in a night and you better not drive. 6 pussies in a night and you have done all the driving
That Special Person
There will always be that one person who you will always love, no matter where your life takes you the he will always have your heart and the way he made you feel can never be replaced by anyone else. This special person who will always be on your mind no matter what, when you think of him you will always remember the good times you both shared together and how that special person was the miracle that walked into your life and showed you what it felt like to be loved and showed you happiness when you were hurt by others. He is the one whom you trusted blindly with everything because you knew that he would take care of you and be there for you whenever you needed him. You can never forget him and will always have this special place in your heart for him for the rest of your life.   I will never forget you as long as I live... thank you for loving me.
Week One
As of right now,this by far has been impressive.Just want to see how far this goes with new friends and fu-associates. One friend in mind was the best pick ever,and it took her curiousity to lead the way and guidance to give me more of an underestanding on fubar.
Inner Ramblings
Sometimes it is hard to explain love. I think to each of us it is different. Half of the stuff that I experienced with my brit many of you would gasp and and be stunned by. He and I laughed he laughed alot. We rarely fought and when we did we made up rather quickly. Alot of it was jealousy when there was never a need for it. It mostly being self estem issues on one side..(not mine) haha We still talk. We still miss one another. I find myself compairing who I date to him. I will most likely always love him. He was my first and my greatest love. His faults and flaws made me love him more....The day I asked him why he loved me and he answered with....You are everything i can never be. That in itself self was the moment i feel head over heels. He and I are different as night and day. he is chaos and havoic, I am peace and serenity. No one understood what it was for either of us. My friends never thinking he was good enough. (they love me what more can I say). His long time friends telli
I dream of your touch while you are away, I dream of your smile all through the day, I remember the day, You came into my life, I dream of the day I will be by your side. I dream of the day I can fall asleep next to you, I dream of the day I can say I cherish you. To be your wife, To be together for life, Is a dream I have, Every night. But we all know that dreams are just that , They don't come true and there is never you.
Lets Just Call It A Line
I have seriously had it with some people. Some god damned people do not realise that there is a line, you ain't suppose to cross it. Some people don't give a twigs flick who does what and some people do care. Its like if I grant you the privilage of using my toilet you DO NOT tinkle on my seat or forget to flush. You must wash your hands.  When I meet someone there is that one fleeting moment when I know wether or not I would like to call them friend. If there is a disturbance in the force and you feel the need to hit me, you will meet the same fate. Go ahead and walk the fuck out. I give only one chance, if you flub up, I am your loss, you are not mine. I maybe somewhat weak and stupid, but not that much.  Sometimes I get tired of the people that are scared of getting to know me. The weak excuses are a waste of my time. If you haven't got a heart or a mind besides your cell phone or your prick, I feel sorry for you. I know I shouldn't, but that is how I am. At the moment I am alone
Sampdoria Has Agreed
Milan officially confirmed the former Inter Milan signed Italian international midfielder joined soon AC Milan vice president Adriano Galliani admitted at the press conference only a thin Sampdoria midfielder Polly joined the team officially announced: "I'm Polly last night and supper together, this transfer has only a thin clinches official announced it. Sampdoria has agreed to allow us to undergo a medical examination and participated Polly joint training. "cheap jerseys "Slow motion" before revealed, in fact, Italy time Thursday afternoon, Polly had arrived in the city of Milan, and that the former Sampdoria player will begin a new journey.AC Milan jerseys Polly was born on September 29, 1989, joined Sampdoria in 2007, and in the 2011-12 season on loan to join Inter, but Inter have no choice buyout him. August 5, 2012, Polly completed his Italian national team debut, against England, then in the friendly match with San Marino, he scored his first goal at the Italian national team
A Brilliant Ambrose Career
Milan Ambrosini joined the Florentine captain signed 1 year ago cheap soccer jerseys Italian evening local time on July 4, Florence club's official announcement, announced to join Ambrosini, announcement reads as follows: ACF Fiorentina have signed a permanent way to transfer midfielder Massimo - Massimo Rossini, the former Italian international midfielder and the club signed a one-year contract, the contract period ended June 30, 2014.Bayern Munchen jersey Florence official website full of praise for the experience of Ambrose, that won a second Club World Cup, the Champions League twice, two European Super Cups, four Serie A, 1 Italian Cup Italian Super Cup twice and has a brilliant Ambrose career, his arrival will bring a wealth of experience in Viola.Barcelona jersey 36-year-old from Cesena Ambrosini 1994 debut, in 1995 to join Milan in the 1997-98 season during his workout outside rent Vicenza, Milan, he played a total of 489 games, contributed 36 goals, take to an important cha
Winds Of Change
 Lord Ironfist looked out over the placid sea and even though his massive orcish frame showed no signs of weakness; there was still the aura of one who was soon to die about him.  The sunset was beautiful, the colors of the sky blending into a fiery tapestry, interwoven into slowly shifting patterns on the calm ocean hundreds of feet below. A shell covered beach, where one may find moonstone or jade if they were to shift carefully through the sands; ran up a gentle slope to end suddenly in high, grass topped, granite cliffs, where Ironfist and his mate stood reflecting.  Lady Panther shivered and moved even closer to her chosen. Since she was a very lovely dark elf, who carried many of the same bloodthirsty traits as her very fond lover, Ironfist did not object too strongly. Instead he wrapped one arm around her slender waist and kissed his lady just above her silver brows.  "Why do you shiver my lady of blood?" inquired Ironfist, "What troubles you so? Tell
Poem Post #29
I Miss      I miss his gentle touch and his amazing blue eyes. I miss the looks on his face and his silly replies. I miss kissing his lips and hugging him tight. I miss him every morning and sleeping by him at night. I miss his wonderful arms and loving embrace. I miss the love that he gives I can never replace. I miss his whispers and everytime he says I love you. I miss him motivating me fo rthe things I must do. I miss his smiles and his everyday charm. I miss things about him that may even bring alarm. I miss the way he made everything seem right. I miss just being able to see him with my sight. I mis the love he gave and shown me everyday. I miss how he brightened my day in everyway.       *****By: Annaliese Edie
In The Name Of Knowledge
  “I am Sheri Langstone of the W.N.N. coming to you live on this, perhaps one of the  most momentous events in the history of our race.” Sheri took a dramatic pause and looked around the massive vessel. “Here,  on board the only Trans-Universal ship in existence, The Quest, we shall attempt to do what none has done before. I, along with the brave crew of this craft, will pass beyond ‘The Wall’ and enter a completely new cosmos.”  Pause for the hover cam to pan around the Quest, showing the crisp people in their even crisper uniforms.  Sheri started for the bridge before continuing her monologue. “As you all know, scientists puzzled for centuries over the mysterious  ‘Dark Matter’ that could have explained why the universe did not have as much mass as they had calculated it to have. Later we found that beyond all the planets, beyond the stars, even beyond all the galaxies; there lays a great barrier that no being has ever breached.
Of Land And Sea
  I sat contemplating the sedimentary rock, thinking about how things overlap. It's strange how they do. Take land and sea for instance.  The surface of this world is about 70% water and 30% land. Yet originally the water wasn't here. It's just a byproduct of the effects which created our atmosphere. Then again, now water is everywhere. Sure, in some places it's rarer than in others, but it is still there. And more food for thought, just about every place on earth is, was, or will be under water.  By now you're wondering where this is going and I will tell you, but all in good time.  On a warm summer night, I was bored and a little lonely. So I decided to wander down to my local saloon. Just to see what was up you know. Not much as it turns out. My friends had all packed it in for the night and no one there seemed to attract my attention.  Since I lived in a oceanside town, I roamed along the beach on my way home. A little out of the way, but the ocean life at night is well worth
A Wyld Tale
  FireHeart looked around with excitement, after all this was his first Moot after surviving the Rite of Passage. An unusual rite that was, it is common for a were to die every once in a while during the Rite of Passage, but FireHeart was the only survivor out of four.   As he watched his pack mates he noticed Greymane, the tribe's leader stirring uneasily, his hackles raised. This made him feel a little better, for being here, somewhere deeper in the forest than any other of his pack had ever been, apparently made all of them feel a little nervous. The air here was alive with a charge of some kind of energy. Making his fur tingle. It was almost as if there was a Caern here. But that was impossible, for they knew every Caern in the forest.   FireHeart looked for the Dark One, as everyone called him, that appeared one night, warning the whole tribe about an attack by creatures of the Wyrm. There was no way the tribe could have survived that fight. FireHeart wondered how Greymane felt
A Short Story
And I spoketh to GodShall ye Desire wealth and prosperity?Verily I say Shall ye Desire Good health and longevity Verily I say Shall ye desire love that last beyond the ages and again verily I say Then Ye shall live peacfully and in harmony with your fellow manVerily so  I agreeye shall give up all forms of perversionverily so I  agreealso ye shall live a simple ... and clean life and again verily so I agree Go ahead he says with a smile you first .. I insist , I say with a grinhe pulls his gun and I pull my gun and that is where we stand
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Why Do People Cheat?
Why do peope cheat? I've been cheated on numerous times and it leaves me to wonder, what's wrong with me? Am I not skinny enough? Pretty enough? Not getting enough? Sexually, my ex couldn't keep up with me. I just wonder why he cheated SO much. Even a guy I dated briefly (not serious I wouldn't consider it a relationship, and I never put out maybe thats why) when I broke up with my ex cheated on me. Why can't people be faithful? You don't feel happy with someone, just break up with them. Don't cheat. It messes with their self esteem. For YEARS I felt like something was wrong with me. Maybe there is something wrong with me. I don't know.    Why do you think people cheat?  
Why Alice Couldn't Stay In Wonderland
Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole  no end in sight Floating down gracefully to a room all white She thought to herself "What place could this be?" Then two men appeared Dr. Dum & Dee "Alice my dear this is all in your head, an illusion you created." They daringly said Maybe it's the Lithium or Prozac causing these hallucinations Or maybe dear Alice it was all your strange creations Alice tried with all her might to stay in Wonderland But three injections later it was out of her hands Though Alice now lies behind four paddled walls At times she still hears the white rabbit's faint calls
Hope is dream its like a wish you know never going to come true.its kinda like faith you think its gods way but find doors and there all locked . You blame devil for the doors been locked but in realty there was no doors it was smoke , never come true .open your eyes see the darkness , faith is what make of it there's no god or devil . We are own demons , were are habit makers , we do the same thing over and over again , only why to break the habit , is change are selfish ways then you find peace and happiness that were looking for .
New Song
Just the song it's been on my mind so I figured I put it on wax what do you think fam??? -In world news today, officials agree that Joseph Bruce and Joseph Utsler ,alias Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope must be stopped -After being monitored by secret service agents for two years -Evidence leads fbi officials to believe that icp are a gang literally dope lyrics promote drug usage and distribution -De...grade women, influence gambling, promote and teach gang violence and more importantly -Its influencing our minors and destroying our young community -Officials of fbi say, icp the lords of underground rap and they music must be stopped We got this whole motherfucker on a mission Now the whole entire world's gotta try to come up with a quick decision They claim fam threats to society And now they callin on the fbi to try and make somebody quiet For the bullshit they done to us Violent J ,Shaggy 2 Dope, Blaze or Boondox never gave a gun to me So gangsta rap ain't done shit for that I've even se
A Puzzle Left Unglued...
i held all the powerand i threw it all awaymy kingdom stood for hoursis there more that i should say?i bathed myself in magici gave myself a stonenow i rummage through a carcassand there is nothing left save bonesand i grazebasking in sunlight and golden raysmy eyes?they are glazedbut not because i'm highi give myself a reason and i never wonder whyi am drinking something dirty that is bitter to the tasteand all the little pieces are more than i can pasteshe spoke to me in volumesthough i did not catch her hintnow she's wearing stones for armourthat i cannot seem to denther eyes?they are like flintthey spark a fire and i'll fryshe left me out to season though i'll never wonder whyi am discarding super structuresconstructed out of hastefor all the little pieces were more than i could paste
Today as I watch NASCAR, I won't be sharing it with my dad. Even though I knew the time was coming , I am still having a really hard time. I was lucky to spend his last 6 days by his side. Anyone who knows me will no I am very spititual and a healing Empath. My grandson had the dream of the black rabbit a sign of morning, the nest evning my dad called to me twice, first time I thought my grandson was messin with me, nest time was his nickname for me, I was a little creeped out. Next night, my brother called we needed get their he was not responding mom was alone and flipping out, we left at 4 a.m.  When we got to hospital and close to his room I forced myself to just go in because first thought was don't want to see this, I looked and there was not much of the dad I knew left, but I felt at ease and went over took his hand and said I'm here, do you no me?? dad?? he opened his eyes they could not focos good, I said if you no it's me squeeze my hand, he did and barely said my name. Sam
Shall I Continue…
I notice after he lets his load out he is getting a little limp. One thing you really must know is i am a grown woman i know men usually don't bounce back quickly but i wasn't going to let him feel guilty about me not having an orgasm. He decides to try making me cum orally but i usually don't cause i get very giggly when i am about to reach climax which if you are a man who just released early you don't want a woman giggling but i had already told him i get that way and he was up for a challenge he knows that clitt is swellon yet i am now dripping a little i refuse to cum in his mouth. personally i think if i cum in his mouth he will have me whipped. Omg he is hard again is it possible. i'm short 5.1 he picks me up and puts me on the bed and starts hitting my pussy with the head of his cock ouch that is hurting ..... maybe a little bit less then i thought.  wow i thought i could not want him as much as i did at that moment being cock spanked on my clitt was an amazing experience. whil
And Things Take A Turn
wow thing took a turn he asked me if i was sure i wanted to go home i didn't respond. I wanted to get back where we were i ask where is restroom and i walk away. I can hear him closing up the house to take me home. i come out of restroom still top nude so i walk up to him and i kiss him and i lead him back to room where we were cuddling i take off his shirt and he drops the keys ..... now i am thinking am i in control where do i go from here? I want to be a brave new woman take control of what i want and i know i want to follow thru with this night. I decide to take his pants down and undress him while i was sitting on edge of bed he gets a instant hard on mmmm nice shall i try giving him a blowjob. i start stroking his manhood i'm still doubting giving him a blow job. He is pushing my head to his cock now and reaching pinching my nipples its feeling really intense just thinking i am going to have him penatrate me omg i am so ready to feel his load release inside me i guide him to lay
I notice time is getting late and we are stil at the house he is housesitting. i threw it out there its getting late his reply was laydown lets watch a movie i knew where it was going from there yes i stayed as he got in to bed behind me he was rubbing my back wow it felt nice and the weather was kind of chilly i told him its cold so he pulls me closer i can now fill his hardness pressing against me. then he pulls covers out from under us and he tells me body heat is most effective. i am so buzzed and relaxed i don't mind him undressing me till he gets his head under the blanket he is actually starting on a path i have little experience about. I react pushing him off me and he just comments on how nice my nipples look with the light hitting them. As he comes closer again i decide i really want to go thru with this. I'm over 21 twice and i am feeling some blood rushing thru areas around my nipples as he begins to suk one and soon enough i feel throbbing between my legs. 
A True Marine
A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside. "Your son is here," she said to the old man. She had to repeat the words several times before the patient's eyes opened. Heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack, he dimly saw the young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. He reached out his hand. The Marine wrapped his toughened fingers around the old man's limp ones, squeezing a message of love and encouragement. The nurse brought a chair so that the Marine could sit beside the bed. All through the night the young Marine sat there in the poorly lighted ward, holding the old man's hand and offering him words of love and strength. Occasionally, the nurse suggested that the Marine move away and rest awhile. He refused. Whenever the nurse came into the ward, the Marine was oblivious of her and of the night noises of the hospital - the clanking of the oxygen tank, the laughter of the night staff members exchanging greetings, the cries and moans of t
Hottness Personified In White Paper Black Ink & Shades Of Grey
July 2012 Concept piece only I’m showing compentency , at one with the universe Only 1 long black hearse Only 4 horses Only 2 choices With us Against us Witness Participents Ruckus Chaos Construction Uniformity Collectivity Conjunction My transition’s smooth as fabric softener from on to offers Hit the switch power up-Zupperz? Guess who’s back, guess who never left, Guess Who Guess What Guess where I serve next, Guess why I do this? Let the genie out the bottle, Pandora out the box, let the demons escape my head. So all U pigs can Be- DE-monically possessed. Start the de*programming – U never start U never finish Where the fuck’s the finish line? When do we see the light? When do we see zion? All in due time. When do we see $ Dollar signs? After completion of tasks, checks in boxes, we never exit the grind it’s a continuous process. Continuity, concurrent 2 it’s congruency Good work is rewarded with more work-No Retiring
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Moving, inside present way of life requires a heavy cost. Change anything if it related to metropolis a person presently live in or even several foreign regions, without worrying about involvement associated with appropriate movers & packers' services, every little thing may seem like some sort of assignment. Other than, to the assignment, you've gotten to have every little thing appropriate rank coming from providing, packing and unloading, arranging cars for carrying the actual material, unpacking and putting in order. Each and every function inside the chain offers a unique message or calls and obligations which can be completed by means of professionalism. From household moving, industrial activities, company concerns, house needs and many others. There are so many advantages for people to have every little thing about situations. Inside wording individuals Native American situation, when you are inside Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Sahibabad, Gurgaon and many others. You need exclusiv
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Resettlement just isn't every one's glass associated with green tea; folks should want to do plenty of challenge to have the wanted effect. That is one of the activities whereby you've gotten to assemble each of the providing materials to get started on the actual providing function associated with moving job. Packing is one of the tedious and tedious job for which you've gotten and keep their particular focus on various points in any other case the actual breakable products is certain to get damage. To guard the actual precious products you've gotten to perform the best planning based on how the whole function associated with moving obtain complete. Soon after providing the actual high-risk function transferring will be left within the shoulder muscles associated with shifters. Persons obtain really tighten any time weather resistant proceed their particular products coming from aged destination to brand-new destination because weather resistant lower materials safely and securely. I
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Calm Moving Inside Gurgaon
There are several corporations within marketplace offering all sorts of moving companies with their clients. People who find themselves struggling with plenty of problem on account of transferring they must check with the actual treatment corporations. These businesses get excellent carrier's networks with them these people manage the complete job in a way that folks might have fun. These kinds of experts by no means affect their particular buyers and in a simple approach these people complete the position. The pros of such corporations put their best work to produce the actual proceed risk-free and comfortable. Workers one after the other manage the complete tasks where these people by no means complete mistake. These people realize wonderfully that will steps to make the actual proceed best. These people usually hear almost all requires in their clients in order to effortlessly match almost all requires in their clients. These kinds of experts by no means fail their particular buyer
― Christopher Hitchens, God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything
One must state it plainly. Religion comes from the period of human prehistory where nobody—not even the mighty Democritus who concluded that all matter was made from atoms—had the smallest idea what was going on. It comes from the bawling and fearful infancy of our species, and is a babyish attempt to meet our inescapable demand for knowledge (as well as for comfort, reassurance and other infantile needs). Today the least educated of my children knows much more about the natural order than any of the founders of religion, and one would like to think—though the connection is not a fully demonstrable one—that this is why they seem so uninterested in sending fellow humans to hell.” 
My 4th
What Is Love?
What is love ?  the ability to care for someone more then yourself , an ability to forgive when one is hurt ...Love is journey .. so many stages of love ..  the begining the middle , the end or is it the end if you want to be with them forever ..  it's not easy thing .. love is actions  more is wanting more .. desiring to be so much a part of thier life and they of yours .. .. not just words love is a desire to want to be with someone so much that you put up with eacth others .. and the end of the day u still smile .. you argue sometimes but then you  compromise ...if you turns to win .. you hold hands , you laugh , u kiss u cry together .. you want there to be a forever .. 
If You Are The One
If you are the one ..   you have to prove it  to me ..   have to want something .. so much more then what u see with your eyes ..  and not only what you feel with your heart but what you feel with your soul ..    This world is such a confusing place for love , to exist .. the world is full of deciet and lies ..  This world is full of people who don't know what they want ...  Such is a cruel journey of finding ones true soulmate ...  It's hard to think they would ever give up on you if they were your soulmate ... But love isn't perfect either .. 
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Changing the house to your fresh position? Need to have somebody that may help you on the damage? packers and movers bangalore aid in a myriad of transferring such as professional, property move, workplace move, local/domestic move and couple of more. Packers and Movers Bangalore can be termed as enormous relief which often though minimize strain for those who re-locate or are transferring to any or all jointly fresh place. Packers and Movers Bangalore, however at the same time aid in transferring all of the products by means of shipping them securely towards move location the employees might definitely arrived at aid in transferring, the quantity and place will depend a whole lot for move movement. Will you be looking for Movers and Packers Bangalore? Next scroll your own face because of the actual list of distinct firms dealing in Packers and Movers in Bangalore. The look for finishes generally there, and your can be cheerful with tension-free brain. Such services are great asset wh
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Our own way of living just isn't staying continual. It is always out and about. People are transferring all over expresses and cities for various causes. And so choosing a excellent and dependable transferring company in Bangalore is definitely an crucial concern. Will you be fed up with searching finest packers in Bangalore? Still perplexed to find the finest packers and movers in Bangalore? Without a doubt it really is tiny challenging. Transferring your possessions derived from one of destination to yet another is a difficult operate the ones aren't felling that as an easy task. Many of us packers and movers Bangalore make certain the actual basic safety and excellent transferring of the stuff. You can expect wide variety of services similar to home transferring, business transferring, property transferring, workplace move, domestic and countrywide transferring. Were the actual reputed and seasoned packers and movers Bangalore and successfully maintenance people with full client sa
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Warehousing method is definitely an important section of the logistic watch program. Warehousing program is especially essential for crop manufacturers and those people who are engage with agribusiness and objects. They might require to be able to shift the products rapidly derived from one of location to be able to additional to counteract excess damage of corps among others items. These kinds of services thoroughly expected keep home to be able to keep the products for safe and sound shipping. That's why; someday this service is referred to as storehouse services. Storehouse services can be unsuppressed a part of Filling and Unloading services. In most cases, running comes about close to crop industry and unloading on company place or markets or within a go-down. Travel moment is bound, as natural items are likely to damage rapidly. Although diesel-engine rates are growing every day, exactly how Packers and movers are offering to you a really quality services with budget is speak of
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Currently much individual need to move one town to a new with people because of their work opportunities Because of the desire of Packers and Movers in Asia has increased. They're providing the complete methods to numerous kinds of packaging and transferring wants, be it home or business transferring. These people assure to give finest services with the help of their particular seasoned and genuinely skilled crew that will make elimination less complicated and softer. They can supply a turn in transferring of house products and professional cross over for instance a small and cross country move. The organization of Packers and Movers in Asia can be thoroughly developing in several cities of Asia similar to Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Mumbai. Several packaging and transferring firms only involved in doing work move and a few are employed in community transferring domestic move. Several firms are providing the actual services to get a small range and a few are for long-distance vehicles. Packers And Movers In Bangalore
Searching for an easy move services in Bangalore? Separation agencies Bangalore confident a great substitute for move with simple from Bangalore. Possibly if you need to move within Bangalore, removals will probably be accomplished quickly by means of like move firms. Transferring will probably be accomplished just a limited period of time without the mishaps or loss in moment, articles. You can definitely rely on the actual move agencies in Bangalore. However you need to only choose the actual transferring firms, as they can’t end up being looked for quickly! There is a list of prime 5 updating firms in Bangalore; you possibly can have confidence in individual’s packers and movers firms of Bangalore. Relocating packers and movers bangalore is a difficult task but can be much easier with support of move agencies Bangalore. Transferring firms using know-how is likely to make transferring so simple in your case! You just have to help make contact with and prepare a final reg
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Shifting is amongst the most irritating tasks in your life but mainly because it is an crucial task so nobody can come out of it or windup everything alone. People need small amount assistance to make the relocation tranquil and comfortable. Pune based companies have enough experience in this field to generate the move relaxed and cozy. These service providers tackle the work of relocation such that clients don't need to feel tense. These companies handle all sorts of relocation so people can take any sort of moving assistance. These agencies fulfill all demands of these customers in order that the move becomes simple and cozy. The workers these companies are well-trained and experienced to generate the move less difficult and easier. These service providers tackle these services in the systematic manner so people don't need to to worry. Pune based agencies tackle the work of relocation in an appropriate manner. These workers start the work of relocation depending on the planned proce
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People want to shift easily with their entire household goods. As resettlement task is a very tedious task so this is why people can't capable of complete the entire task perfectly. They need aid from some expert people to make their moving process easier. To create you free by all tensions regarding resettlement, there are numerous packing and moving companies you can purchase. They offer one of the better services for the relaxed resettlement. The packing along with moving companies of Pune are extremely efficient towards their job. They provide the best solutions for many types of shifting situations such as residential resettlement, industrial relocation, etc. They do the superb work to make their customers moving easier. They never do may be that let their customers unhappy. They are always ready to help you in a efficient manner for the smoother resettlement. packers and movers pune dependent companies have in a position and talented staff members who do a wonderful work to mak
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Packaging along with transferring is a tough process due to that people extends absent. Although seeing that it is vital for every single human being consequently this is why it is crucial. Whether people wish to face this particular slow time regarding certainly not yet they need to mug upwards. To be able to come out of these particular tense duties people can certainly contact towards transferring businesses. There are many companies working in this field that provide perfect move to their customers. These service providers takes your entire charge of relocation about them and make their clients feel relaxed. These service providers serve all sorts of relocation services to them a lot of them are packing, transferring, loading, unloading, unpacking along with rearrangement etc. Each one of these services is supported at affordable cost. Apart from each one of these services people could also hire some allied services from their store. These service providers serve services proficie
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If you are likely to adjust or even transfer your house to some other location, of course your priority is usually to seem for top level movers company. Though the ultimate joy regarding moving your home with a new location would be unique, though the majority of difficult process is usually to arrange lower everything without having numerous issues along with at good relieves. Because of this selecting an ideal transferring along with taking services is a must. If you are one of those folks who use up tension in may be often and then here's the reports! An individual be concerned has come to a stop seeing that the few suggestions here will certainly assist you a great deal. There are many techniques for getting the top packers and movers pune services at a good benefit. First would be simply by setting up a substantial investigation or even simply by getting the specialist packers which may have their unique company. Nowadays there are various businesses which get excited about takin
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Moving full home with a new range may be a all-round along with time intensive task. It provides some distressing techniques such as taking regarding belongings, shipment these individuals, running along with unloading, and so forth. And the wonderful aren't able to carry out these items adequately due to the fact person's likely to transfer new haven't any before knowledge moving. With this circumstance specialist packers along with movers include the good help. They have got skilled staff members along with all the expected sources in order to adjust ones full home items in order to expected locations safely and securely. You'll find so many skillful home movers are working throughout packers and movers pune, some sort of in a commercial sense crucial area regarding Maharashtra. They have got team regarding encountered pros in order to load up along with transportation belongings. The employees are usually skilled in all of the moving connected tasks. They could manage new house pur
My First
So I just blocked a well known arrogant prick.  Does that make me a pussy or just sensible? 
Anti Faith
Is It “Anti-Faith” To Prepare For The Coming Economic Collapse?     Michael SnyderEconomic CollapseJuly 6, 2013 Does being a prepper show a lack of faith in God?  Should good Christians reject prepping altogether?  Yesterday, someone actually accused me of being “anti-faith” because I am encouraging people to prepare for the coming economic collapse.  This person believes that if I had faith, then I would make “no provision” for what is ahead and simply trust “in God’s providence alone”.  So is that person right?  Is it really “anti-faith” to prepare for the coming economic collapse?  I spent quite a bit of time thinking about these questions today.
John (fire) Lame Deer Sioux Lakota - 1903-1976
"Before our white brothers arrived to make us civilized men, we didn't have any kind of prison. Because of this, we had no delinquents. Without a prison, there can be no delinquents. We had no locks nor keys and therefore among us there were no thieves. When someone was so poor that he couldn't afford a horse, a tent or a blanket, he would, in that case, receive it all as a gift. We were too uncivilized to give great importance to private property. We didn't know any kind of money and consequently, the value of a human being was not determined by his wealth. We had no written laws laid down, no lawyers, no politicians, therefore we were not able to cheat and swindle one another. We were really in bad shape before the white men arrived and I don't know how to explain how we were able to manage without these fundamental things that (so they tell us) are so necessary for a civilized society."
Fuck Everything.
Something random I made up.☭ⒶFuck religionFuck WarFuck hell and fuck heaven.Fuck hippies and Ravers.Fuck subculture.Fuck FashionFUCK the GovernmentFuck politics.Even if you like me FUCK YOU.Fuck voting.Fuck fitting in.Fuck materialism.Fuck the system.Fuck Hipsters.FUCK GOTHS.Fuck SheepFuck ZombiesFuck punksGmo sucksFuck vegansEveryone in your whole crew sucksFuck all 52 statesoh and fuck you......................./´¯/) ....................,/¯../ .................../..../ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( ..............\.............\...Fuck the government, we need equality and freedom. FUCK THE RICH FEED THE POOR, THE CLASS SYSTEM is NO MORE!
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As we all now packing and moving is really difficult to manage. If you have a plan of shifting your home or business infrastructure then you might need a professional who can organize a successful relocation in a hassle-free manner. There is no need to panic when you think of shifting household or offices. Packers and movers are ready to do it for you. Packers and movers companies provide relocation and transportation facilities. With a little amount of payment, you can make shifting convenient and easy. Moving companies can also provide you corporate shifting services. A business needs to stay productive in order to keep up with competition. If relocation can't be avoided, all you can do is make the transition smooth and quick. With little interruption, you can get back on track and return to normal business operations with the help of a shifting company in Delhi. Professional movers and packers offer different kinds of relocation services. They provide full service pack and also
Things in life for me always go bad.. I meet all the wrong men who like me. And cant live without me, And I meet all the good ones, who are always taken.. I never can win in this life. All my friends are married. I'm getting too old for games. Seems true love doesn't exist, just another fairy tale. Everywhere I move, I feel out of place. Just a loner who doesn't belong anywhere. Never can keep friends cause I'm either stabbed in the back or I do something wrong. Or I won't do things just cause everyone else does.. When my son grows up. I'm buying a camper and going to travel all over, wish I had a friend to go with, a companion at least.. till I find a cabin in the country by a lake, and stay there forever.. Just some late night ramblings of a "I can't sleep night"....
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                 Lodha Bellezza Eden Square Hyderabad   Lodha Group announce new Residential Project “ Lodha Bellezza” is Located in Eden Square, Kukatpally Hyderabad . Lodha Bellezza offers You 3bhk and 4bhk luxurious Apartments and area ranging starting 3447sq.ft to 4761sq.ft . With best-in-class comforts and amenities, including 'concierge service' on call. The one that’s crowned by a helipad - a fitting way to welcome the jet-set of the city. 30 storeys below, fountains and water cascades herald your arrival, while a carpet of red roses is laid out for you. The rose garden is in full bloom. After all, there's 10 acres of open space to lose yourself. Today, Hyderabad enjoys an unrivalled status as the commercial hub of India. As an IT destination, it is home to some of the world’s finest minds. While its international standards of living continue to attract a growing population of NRIs. Nestled in this modern city is Lodha Bellezza -
Hey I Am Shilee Hubbard I Am Trying To Reach Out To People
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A revolution in the field of digital keyboards for professionals came up with the launch of CTK810IN digital keyboard by Casio for advance learners or semi pro musicians, the CTK810IN digital keyboard is an effective launch in the range of a number of digital keyboards that are meant for advance level. This digital CTK810IN high grade keyboard by Casio reflects many expressive features that I got to know only when I used this digital keyboardto enhance my learning’s and to develop my skills. The CTK810IN digital keyboard for professionals represents itself as an outstanding work in the series of professional keyboards by Casio. CTK810IN keyboard has an expressive potential of producing the digital effects that on the other hand results in richer which, which I got to know when I used the keyboard. The digital keyboard by Casio named CTK810IN incorporates in it many more features that are no less than a blessing for those who are using it at the advance level of music making o
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It was the launch of CTK6300IN digital keyboard by Casio that excited me few months back. I must say that this CTK6300IN digital keyboard by Casio is truly an innovation. This is something that even the well established brand names could also not have thought of launching such a technically innovative and modern style keyboard for the professionals. I am so much pleased by the external design and the in-built dynamic features of this CTK6300IN digital keyboard. Initially, I was not looking at this digital keyboard with a much great and innovative keyboard from the point of view of a professional, but at last after trying this Casio CTK6300 keyboard, I’ve not looked back again. The CTK6300IN digital keyboard comes up with in-built 17 track sequences that are a really new feature in a professional keyboard by Casio. I am very attracted towards the 48 note polyphony of this digital Casio keyboard. After using CTK6300IN digital music keyboard, I can surely say that the touch se
Victims Deference
Why are victims so coddled Told you are valorous? If you die it PROVES your weakness Heroes & victims In the same petri dish Cross polinating THAT is communication
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Configuration cellulari cinesi ThL W8 beyond with 5-inch multi-touch screen with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 Full HD level, the display is very clear. ThL W8 beyond equipped with a frequency of 1.5GHz quad-core processor, while the fuselage built-in 1GB memory and 16GB of storage space to run, supports up to 32GB of memory card expansion. ThL W8 has exceeded 500 million pixels front and rear 13 million pixel back-illuminated camera. Network ThL W8 supports GSM and WCDMA ThL W8 beyond the fuselage 5 inches IPS screen resolution of 1920 * 1080, ppi up to 441, not only the fine quality, a wider viewing angle. Beside the handset is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera, so the self-timer, and network video conversations have a more excellent picture quality. Buttons below the screen design is very simple, using a combination of physical buttons and touch keys the way, touch the touch buttons light up when the white background lights. ThL W8 beyond smartphone android fuselage giving a great
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I am feeling very lucky and pleased to write this article to thank Casio, for its innovative approach in launching technically advanced and professionally helpful CTK6300IN Casio keyboards. This CTK6300IN is one of the very good pieces of digital keyboards, which is proving successful in the professional field of usage of the digital keyboard these days. This digital keyboard by Casio has accomplished itself so well in the market, that the future of other invents by Casio in the near future seems to be bright. This CTK6300IN launch of Casio towards the range of professional keyboards is very different from the others. Every design that has been given to the keyboard is so built, keeping the professional use of keyboards in mind. Not only the design of the keyboard, but also the features attracted me a lot when I used this keyboard. The keyboard has incorporated in it many features that make it something beyond the music. The touch response of this CTK6300IN digital keyboard is one of t
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This CTK6300IN digital keyboard is an advance professional digital keyboard and yet a great fun machine. CTK6300IN digital keyboard is a portable and a light design digital keyboard especially meant for people like me who are into serious music learning, to be used at the professional level of usage. After using this digital keyboard, I can say that this machine by Casio for professional is an inexpensive way to compete well at the professional level approach. The design of CTK6300IN is a class that represents the today’s modern era-which is subtle yet unique and yet classy and still not much harm done to my pocket. The CTK6300IN digital keyboard by Casio has some very dominating internal sound qualities that have the ability to assign some very different tones. The internal sound quality of this CTK6300IN digital keyboard converts into a series of custom voices. CTK6300IN keyboard is a very light weighted machine, and this is one of the key features of this digital keyboard. Ap
"my Trip For My Job"
She closed her mouth around my shaft and began to suck. It was obvious that she did not have experience in giving head, but that was the turn on. She sucked me like she was sucking a popsicle, simple sliding up and down and glided one of her hands to my balls and i instructed her to play with them as she sucked. I took her other hand and btought it to my chest, leading her fingers to my nipple and showing her how to squeeze the tiny point.      She was so willing to learn and did everything i directed her to do without hesitation. I watched her head bob up and down over my dick and  found myself quickly approaching climax at the sight i took in. I began to grunt as i felt my load began to erupt. Emily must have sensed something was up. Just as i felt my load blast off she stopped and looked up at me. She lifted her head off my swollen dick and i watched as my cum fired all over her lips,  cheek and chin. She giggled as the cum hit her cheek and swiftly wrapped lips back around me as
He Is Absolutely Happy To Stay At Leverkusen
Arsenal bid for Bender Bayer Leverkusen have rejected a sensational €23 million bid from Arsenal for Germany international midfielder Lars Bender,Arsenal jersey according to various reports in England and Germany.Bender, 24, is unlikely to be allowed to leave the BayArena on the cheap after the sales of Andre Schurrle and Dani Carvajal, and rightfully so. “It’s absolutely normal that there has been interest in him because he is a top-level player who is improving,” revealed a spokesperson for the club.“But he has a contract until 2017 and he is absolutely happy to stay at Leverkusen.” Leverkusen, who will be competing in the UEFA Champions League next season,cheap soccer jerseys have already replaced Schurrle with highly-rated South Korea international Son Heung-Min. The Bundesliga side have also completed the signing of former Montpellier and Sevilla defender Emir Spahi?.
Tallied 18 Goals And 14 Assists In 44 League Appearances For The Tangerines Last Term
“There were opportunities for me this summer and I had to think about what was the right thing to do, the correct step for me to take in terms of my jerseys “I was impressed by what the club is trying to do, the fact it has reached the Premier League and that it has a passionate fan base supporting it.” In all likelihood, Cornelius — referred to as the ‘new Nicklas Bendtner’ – will lead the attacking line for Cardiff next season.Additionally, cheap soccer jerseys newly promoted Cardiff City are after the signature of Blackpool F.C. ace Tom Ince, who is also reportedly attracting interest from Liverpool — his former club — and Swansea City. Blackpool have already accepted the Bluebirds‘ “massive” offer for the England Under-21 international, but Ince has yet to decide his long-term future.The chances of Ince leaving Bloomfield Road this summer are “50-50,” as revealed by Blackpool boss Pa
"my Trip For My Job"
"Tell you what, don't worry about your  experience. Just enjoy me. Learn to listen to my body. Try something and see how i react. You'll know what you're doing is pleasurable or not. just try and listen to my body . And don't be afraid to ask if something feels nice, i'll be honest with you. Learning the other's body is all a part of being a good lover.":)  Emily leaned up and kissed me again. "I want to please you, Lee."   She moved down the bed and tentatively moved her mouth close to my dick head. I looked down at her, watching her eyes through the strands if red hair that fell over her face. She had an incredible look on her face as she stared at my black dick. I coudn't believe how tuned on she was making me feel. Her was the lovely woman, desperate to grow in her sexual experience, wanting so much to please me, about to take my dick into her  almost virgin mouth. I couldn't  help but watch as her lips finally parted and my dick began to disappear past her lips.
"my Trip For My Job"
It didn't take long for me to find out how loud she could be. As i continued to eat her pussy, she sunndely start into her first climax. Her loud "Yes! As she went over the edge. i pressed down on her pussy, holding her clit between my lips as the waves of orgasm flooded over her body. I waited until her breathing began to settle before  releasing her clit from my mouth. I made my way back up her body, providing gentle kisses across her belly and her breasts until out mouths met again and she kisses her juices off my chin.   "I want to suck you," she finally said, whispering to me.    "I was hoping you'd say that," i said kissing her neck.    "But after what you just did to me, i'm nervous."   I kisses her again. "Nervous? Why?"   "Because i don't have any experience sucking a man off. Like i said, my husband dosen't do any of that, and i've only done it a couple of times with the lovers i met back home."
Two Prizes!!!
I Won!!!!
My Heart Cries......
How do you deal with accepting that things can never be what you wanted or that picture you had in your mind. The day that you come to terms that what you wanted so deeply will just not happen. The let down, the pain, the disappointment. What do you do that helps you get past it??
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Vous verrez aussi qu'il comprend la chute de scission qui est comme ça dans le maillot NFL qui a été approuvé. Pour créer persuadé que le maillot est un peu comme l'authentique particulier, il s'agit de l'emblème Reebok sur chaque pochette unique. Inutile de dire que cet uniforme est officiel et sous licence par la Ligue de Football National (NFL).Soldes Maillot de foot, Le coût de cet uniforme sera généralement assortiment entre 70 $ et 80 $. Absolument tout le monde qui a acheté et a remarqué ce maillot une cote de 5 étoiles. Les partisans ont dit que ce maillot a regardé exactement comme il l'a fait en ligne. En regardant dans l'option Chine néanmoins, vous allez être aussi capable de conserver beaucoup plus d'argent. Pour tous les gens qui s'interrogent sur l'endroit exactement où ils seront en mesure d'obtenir des uniformes et des maillots de leurs équipes favorites ou les joueurs, c'est vraiment sans aucun doute la première place pour vous personally.L
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My Pinky Fingernail
It is really long now It was semi-too long about 2 weeks ago But I decided to let it go See how long it would take to break Or at least snag Strangely it has done neither It just keeps growing long & straight Not all curly & fucked up like in Guinness Book of World Records IT clearly wants to stay in tact so I give it that respect A dear friend of mine said it will break on someone's back That turned me on actually And has reinforced my reticence in cutting it off Even tho it has become noticeable now I have had to change the angle of my hand To accomodate this fingernail when I write It has become ART IN OBSERVATION Homage to David Lynch (AFI reference) And like the myriad of experiments I do Every day With every one I will take a picture of this fingernail Before & after it breaks Poor Howard Hughs He never saw it as an experiment  
It's Actually Funny
People want you to think the same way they do. Fuck that. I'm my own person. I will think the way I want to think, I will talk the way I want to talk. And no one is going to change that. And if you do not like what I have to say or think or do, you can get to stepping, kick rocks or whatever. I'm not going to bow down and think the same way you are. Fuck that. And if anyone does not like it, they can kiss my white ass. Period.
Legit? Or Was His Intention To Seduce Me?
Living alone is quite expensive in the past i've had some boarders. I don't know if anyone has tried this but i did first i had 2 other women living with me didn't work out too much drama. Three women in the house means competition not my thing. I knew i needed boarders and Men are least dramatic. I decided to let 5 men rent out the extra rooms. One of the guys got a house house sitting and he asked me to go with him to get grocerys for him to have at the house he was watching and at same time he could pay me what he owes me for the week. Nothing out of the normal for me to go out shopping with one of the guys to shop or to cash checks. First stop was at bank getting money, second stop was getting grocerys I am short so he put his arm over my shoulder i laughed it off , from there we wen to liquor store. While in liquor store he pinches my lips and ask what i like to drink. I decide ok i use to take sips of a coronas from friends drinks yet never had me a beer for myself. I thought may
What Do U Think?
so i ran into this guy last night around 11pm I played 2 games of pool with him i told him i was not intrested in anything serious but i gave him my number thinking we can play again sometime harmless fun thinking we can be friends. but after i get home i get a text saying and i quote "i like you alot ur good people i felt the vibe and its all good and yeh i wanna cook good for u" what does that mean? ... what do u guys think? i really dont want to text/call him after that text... i thought i made myself clear about the just friends thing. maybe it was just the after math of drunk texting...  
Wake Me Up
Feeling my way through the darkness Guided by a beating heart I can't tell where the journey will end. But I know where to start. They tell me I'm too young to understand They say I'm caught up in a dream Life will pass my by if I don't open up my eyes Well that's fine by me. So wake me up when it's all over, When I'm wiser and I'm older. All this time I was finding myself And I didn't know I was lost. So wake me up when it's all over, When I'm wiser and I'm older. All this time I was finding myself And I didn't know I was lost. I tried carrying the weight of the world, But I only have two hands. Hope I get the chance to travel the world, But I don't have any plans. Wish I could stay forever this young Not afraid to close my eyes. Life's a game made for everyone, And love is the prize. So wake me up when it's all over, When I'm wiser and I'm older. All this time I was finding myself, And I didn't know I was lost. Wake me up when it's all over, When I'm wise
Defining Abuse In Absolute And Total Power Exchange
The problems with the definition of abuse within an Absolute and Total Power Exchange commitment/relationship is very clear. Abuse is completely subjective. Everyone has different perceptions, principles and standards, as well as different needs, wants and kinks. So, lets look at some commonly used definitions, and see how applicable and useful they might be in finding a standard definition of abuse in APE/TPE: . Majority: A majority of people in the "vanilla" society around the world do consider everyone who is into BDSM or APE/TPE as either an abuser or abusee. Even the majority in the mainstream BDSM community, who are themselves considered abusers and abusee's by the vanilla society, consider those who practice APE/TPE as abusers and abusee's. Clearly the concept of "majority" cannot be used to define a standard of abuse in APE/TPE. . Law: Many activities within BDSM or APE/TPE are illegal and against the law. Even slavery itself, consensual or not, is against the law.
Bdsm Exhibition
The new law recites I exhibit so I am? Indeed it seems so, given who's not showing his own intimate bravery comes under vanilla suspicion… Identity, exhibitionism, social acceptance, stereotypes and various intimacy shows EXHIBITION Charm A recent chat conversation lead me to this interesting topic. The discussion was about how many people give so much importance - or even consider necessary to exhibit their own BDSM intimacy to a more or less selected public. Lets start with a notation: I don't want to mix two distinct topics there. One thing is the charm of exhibition in itself - another thing is what I want to discuss there. Exhibitionism is in itself an exciting act, something working by itself. Lets say a "hot sauce" to add to any kind of activity, erotic or not. May be very exciting to exhibit ourselves or to exhibit something we own, lets say our car driving skill, our artistic talent, our ability to sing or dance. Nothing wrong in that, as far as it's an o
Bdsm Adulthood
They say BDSM is an adult attitude, and surely its true. But what is so adult in exhibiting? What's so adult in hiding in the dungeons and under the leather masks to avoid social judgment? Is it so adult to look for play partners focusing on our own fantasy? THE MEDIA PARADOX There is a very peculiar phenomenon growing up in our days, regarding the media and their attitude toward BDSM and alternative sexuality. The weird paradoxes of communications acted by the media have been signaled from many sides, but what is going on about kink lifestyle is something really special. First thing everyone notice, media are in love with BDSM. Seems that magazines and newspaper cannot spend a week without highlighting one or another fetish or BDSM black chronicle event. Same thing about movies: you can't find a movie without a good touch of fetish - BDSM - submission scene. Even BatMan suits in PVC and Catwoman in latex drives around her whip - not to say what the Gurka likes to do with
The Bdsm Circus
Absolutely everything! That's what prêt-a-porter slaves always claims to be ready to do. And of course Masters and Mistress are always ready to give orders and punishments, in a sort of general BDSM orgy. Here comes the BDSM Circus. Welcome to the circus Armies of utter slaves, entering your PM at the shout of "May I crawl at your feet, Divine Mistress?" And Stern Masters always ready to type an icy "down on your knees, you slut". But it's not a pure masculine sport: bratty or docile female slaves roam around the web always ready to bend at the words of a caring, but cruel Owner. And Mistress too, half looking for credit cards and paypal accounts, half looking for the thrill to have a male at their feet. And it's not a pure online phenomenon: just step in a BDSM club and you'll easily spot someone ready to flatten at your feet or change the shape of your ass. And they all call each other "Master, Mistress, slaves". But, what is wrong in all this circus in the end? Nothing
Bdsm Limits
BDSM LIMITS Limits are one of the most important and discussed aspects in the BDSM world. They define the distance between play and abuse, they delimitate safety and risk, and spare sanity from pathology. There are 'individual' limits, pertaining to personal degree of desired emotions to accept or give, and 'general' limits, concerning the red line over which we can't talk anymore about consensual play but seriuos risk for mental or physical health. Let's start from here: THAT THIN RED LINE We said and repeated it, but will never be too much: SANE SAFE & CONSENSUAL. That is BDSM. That triad trace that red line - not to cross. But then we need to see how everyone shall intend those words. It is plain clear it is NOT SANE playing Bdsm with mentally disturbed persons, and that is NOT SAFE giving or receiving serious wounds and that is NOT CONSENSUAL forcing someone into play unwillingly. But then, is it sane to lick the sole of a boot? Is it safe to leave alone a sub tied up
Bdsm Tips For Beginners
Do BDSM only with people you know well and are on good terms with, and when both of you are in a good mood. Trying to do it with strangers, or when either of you is tired or upset, dramatically increases the degree of risk. Avoid significant use of intoxicants. If you're not in condition to drive, you're not in condition to do BDSM. . Keep "reality" out of it. Unless both of you specifically agree to it ahead of time, BDSM play is not a proper occasion to "punish" someone for a "real world" offense. Unpaid parking tickets, dirty dishes left in the sink, and so forth get handled outside the BDSM play. . The more empathy you have, the better you'll be at this. If you reasonably and safely can, experience something yourself before you do it to another person. Prepare for emergencies. Have needed supplies close by, including a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, and flashlights. Take training in First Aid and CPR at least once a year. . Play with a "silent alarm" in place. When
Why We Celebrate Independence Day
We recently celebrated our 237 Birthday  with the usual firworks and BBQ/s across the nation. But sometimes we forget what Indepence Day is all about and the impact it left on the World and on our daily lives as free Americans....When you think of what our founding fathers took on with this declaration is really a credit to their character and principles of life. liberty and the pusuit of happiness for all people who were oppressed and persecuted for wanting these freedoma. They went to war with the most powrful nation in the World at that time in Great Britain. Even though the Brittish were at war with France they were still a formidable opponent. With a well skilled and experienced army. The continental army was a collection of hunters and farmers who had really no experience in it was a major undertaking to declare independence at that time. The continental army  under the command General George Washingto lost most of the battles  against the Brittish. But th
Broken Down
After my drinking spree last night. Two bottles of bacardi and shots of rum. I was sitting on the sofa talking to my cousins older son and just broke down in front of him and told him what was on my mind. Like why i was depressed before and such. I cried a lot. Then he went to bed. I went to the bathroom and then felt sick near the sofa. Good thing they left me a bucket. Cause i threw up a lot and then passed out on the floor.
What To Do...
My friend and I had a debate Wednesday night while getting drunk. Yes, very classy I know. Were two single girls and sometimes just tired of the dating world so we bitch to each other while drinking those horrible memories away! LoL no offense men.  Anyway. She went on a date Tuesday night and the guy had a good stable job, not hot, but cute, he has his own place. His only down fall would be he is going through a divorce. My friend tried, but she said theres just no spark. Now, she has said this about prior guys. One, she said she would never, but ended up dating and falling head over heels. He broke up with her, but shes still into him. So it can happen!  Then theres guys that are fun, hot, excting... but a lot of time, they have a shitty job and are very irresponsible or if that doesnt apply they end up being jerks, fun, but jerks.  So, I guess our debate was, giving the "nice guy" a chance is really in everyones best interest, but that doesnt mean youll eventually fall in love an
Big Brother
Are We Really Free When Big Brother Is Systematically Turning America Into A Giant Prison?     Michael SnyderEconomic CollapseJuly 5, 2013 Every year on July 4th we celebrate our “independence”, but is America really free?  How could we possibly be free when “Big Brother” is constantly intruding in our lives in hundreds of different ways?  And I am not just talking about NSA snooping.  Sadly, the truth is that the
..... Stupid Bitches
I hate women. I swear I do. You are suppose to be talking with one to work out a relationship. And the bitch goes behind your back to get with her ex. Not to mention, she didn't tell you a god damn thing. Fuck lying ass trifling bitches.
Land Of The Free. Wait, What?
credit: On 12 October 2012, the European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize for contributing to the "advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe". The EU should show itself worthy of this honour and show its will to defend freedom of information, regardless of fear of political pressure from its so-called closest ally, the United States. Now that Edward Snowden, the young American who revealed the global monitoring system known as Prism, has requested asylum from 20 countries, the EU nations should extend a welcome, under whatever law or status seems most appropriate. Although the United States remains a world leader in upholding the ideal of freedom of expression, the American attitude toward whistleblowers sullies the first amendment of the US constitution. In 2004, the UN special rapporteur for freedom of expression, as well as his counterparts in the Organis
Beauty is so many things , in this life it seems like we only focus on the person , but beauty is everywhere and in everything , but only see it when you appreciate it . To understand beauty you must expereince it , You feel it its a passion for life. Art , Love and Music all other arts go together. We are in an age were anyone can themselves an Artist, a poet  etc .. But truly there are far less then most people believe. True Artists don't always like to show thier work . they don't think its good enough sometimes or they don't hunger the fame or noteriety that can come from that position. So Many an Artist died without a penny to ther name . They gave everything away to the ones they loved.s a j You cannot be an Artist without a persistant to improve. One time succeding isn't enough. It is a quest for a lifetime .Being a photography today in the age of Iphone i see this everyday.. your iphone doesnt make u an amazing photographer. it is just a device sorry to burst your bubble . On
Domination & Submission
What Is Bdsm?
BDSM can be: Bondage/Discipline Domination/submission Sadism/Masochism BDSM is not abuse.   It is consensual activity between willing partners. BDSM is a way for some women to gain power by pushing their limits.   Some examples of BDSM are: spanking, bondage, whipping, acting out scenes and attending play parties.
Missing My Son
as any of my close friends would know my son is in North Carolina with his dad for the first time this summer and i am missing him bad. I worry because of all the bad that has gone on in the world even more so lately. I know i need to let go sometime and he is having a good time with his dad so i am doing the right thing by letting him go all summer. My question to you all is what is the best way to make the time go by fast and to try and not think about it so much? i already work, hang out with my daughter, clean, errands... not sure else what to do. I Love my family and friends on here and im reaching out. thanks :)
Touching Story
TOUCHING STORYYesterday, upon a bus,I saw a girl with golden hair.I envied her,And I wished I was as fair.When suddenly she rose to leave,I saw her hobble down the aisle.She had one leg and used a crutch.But as she passed, she gave a smile.Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.I have 2 legs, God help her.I stopped to buy some candy.The lad who sold it had such charm.I talked with him, he seemed so glad.If I were late, it'd do no harm.And as I left, he said to me,"I thank you, you've been so kind.It's nice to talk with folks like you.You see," he said, "I'm blind."Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.I have 2 eyes, God help him.Later while walking down the street,I saw a child with eyes of blue.He stood and watched the others play.He seemed not to know what to do.I stopped a moment and then I said,"Why don't you join the others dear?"He looked ahead without a word.And then I knew he couldn't hear.Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.I have 2 ears, God help him.With feet to take me where I'd go.With
Dreaming Of You!
DREAMING OF YOU     I lie on the ground,and stare into space,the stars start to move,into the shape of your face.I see you there now,looking down at me,with that cute little smile,that I like to see.You say "close your eyes","tell me what you see",I see only two people,just you and me.We're walking the shoreline,with our feet getting wet,the horizon turns pink,as the sun starts to set.We make love through the night,on that white sandy shore,
Milan Striker Keisuke Honda Of Japan
Keisuke Honda exposure agreement or contract with Milan three years salary 2500000 Milan this summer, has been hoping to introduce enhanced frontcourt offensive capabilities, but had their target signings Carlos Tevez has been Juve away, although Galliani said he would not lose their smile, but Milan still accelerated signings footsteps. According to Italian media reports, the current preferred signings Milan striker Keisuke Honda of Japan,cheap jerseys and the "Gazzetta dello Sport" is Bao Liu said, Honda has reached a personal agreement and Milan. It is reported that Keisuke Honda's agent and Milan clubs in negotiations, the two sides have agreed to a three-year contract with an annual salary of 2.5 million euros. Keisuke Honda in the summer on behalf of Japan took part in the Confederations Cup, in the group after three straight outs, Honda has publicly declared, "I know I have a chance to join the big club. Japan needs to have more players to the top European leagues and more exc
Milan Owner Silvio
Milan Berlusconi scandal accelerated replacement Barbara took over the team in 2014 or Although nearly ripe old age, but Milan owner Silvio - Silvio Berlusconi is still "old and solid," walk in their own "Chongfei concubine" between the official non-ridden, sex scandals, so that bit 76-year-old former Italian Prime Minister no longer has enough time and effort to consider the future of AC Milan. According to the "Football Market" editor Javier - Jacques Bailey said Berlusconi's daughter Barbara is expected to accelerate the pace of power over Milan,cheap soccer jerseys most likely in 2014 to become the new Chairman of the Rossoneri. Jacques Bailey girl sex lawsuit that although difficult to really let Berlusconi seven years' imprisonment, but the Milan club's future will certainly have no small influence, perhaps soon, we will understand why the old shell from the Prime Minister location stepped down to return to Milan, the honorary chairman of the selected job only, not truly grasp
Milan Owner Silvio - Silvio Berlusconi
Milan Berlusconi scandal accelerated replacement Barbara took over the team in 2014 or Although nearly ripe old age, but Milan owner Silvio - Silvio Berlusconi is still "old and solid," walk in their own "Chongfei concubine" between the official non-ridden, sex scandals, so that bit 76-year-old former Italian Prime Minister no longer has enough time and effort to consider the future of AC Milan. According to the "Football Market" editor Javier - Jacques Bailey said Berlusconi's daughter Barbara is expected to accelerate the pace of power over Milan,cheap soccer jerseys most likely in 2014 to become the new Chairman of the Rossoneri. Jacques Bailey girl sex lawsuit that although difficult to really let Berlusconi seven years' imprisonment, but the Milan club's future will certainly have no small influence, perhaps soon, we will understand why the old shell from the Prime Minister location stepped down to return to Milan, the honorary chairman of the selected job only, not truly grasp
Victor Wanyama This Summer, Sky Sports Understands
Southampton F.C. boss Mauricio Pochettino has confirmed the club’s interest in signing Ever Banega, Leandro Damiao and Victor Wanyama this summer, Sky Sports understands. The Saints,cheap jerseys who have already completed the signing of highly-rated defender Dejan Lovren from French giants Olympique Lyonnais for a fee £8.5 million, are looking to add a number of quality players ahead of the 2013/14 English Premier League campaign. The Hampshire-based club are targeting the top-half of the Premier League next term after settling in 14th-place, and staving off relegation in their first season back in the top-flight, last season. “We manage a lot of information about very good players,” revealed Pochettino. “One of them is Damiao, also Banega and also Wanyama. “We are managing the situation as well as we can at the more  
Hopefully I Can Continue The Form That I Left Off With Last Season At Birmingham
Norwich City F.C. have completed the signing of England Under-21 international winger Nathan Redmond from cash-strapped Birmingham City on a four-year deal for an undisclosed fee, according to Sky Sports. Redmond, 19, is the second important player to leave the Blues in the past seven days after defender Curtis Davies joined Premier League newcomers Hull City in a £2.25 million last week. The 19-year-old winger, who will be reunited with manager Chris Hughton at Carrow Road, cheap soccer jerseys is delighted with the move.“I’m very happy. It looks like a fantastic club, I’m just looking forward to getting started now,” Redmond told the Canaries’ official website, “I know that there is only one football club in this city and it has an excellent fan base. “[Chris Hughton] was very influential on my career at Birmingham. He gave me the chance to play and the chance to express myself every time that I stepped on to th
Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile, and finds in your presence that life is worthwhile. So, when you are lonely remember it's true: somebody, somewhere is thinking of you.
We Are Close
When I see that you are online I won't even lie to me, I am joyful you have had a passing thought someone has had an excited journey. As much as I might want to believe it does seem, honey I already know inside and out its really nothing more than a dream.   Take just a sec and realise I am not pursuing,  anything you are saving or all you don't want to ever be redoing. If I ever cause a complication you are more than entitled to relocate my memories location.   I just want your life to be complete, enjoyed to the fullest from me to you I hope you click repeat. Not trying to drill in, but I need you to know I am right here, now and then.   I am your friend not your foe, I will love you even if you have to go. we are close even when were are far apart, we are close together in our heart.
Led Lighting Has Become The Darling
By the introduction of LED lighting has become the darling of the lighting market, reduce carbon saving, long life to become its classic selling point. LED High energy: saving energy is clean and is environmentally friendly, DC drive, ultra-low power consumption (0.03 W -1 watt single tube) electro-optical power conversion close to 90%, the same lighting effects than traditional energy sources more than 80%.LED lighting supplier Long-life LED: LED light source is called longevity lamps, solid cold light source, epoxy resin, light body and no loose parts, there is no filament light easy to burn, heat deposition, the light fades fast and other shortcomings, the service life of up to five 10,000 to 100,000 hours, longer life than conventional light sources more than 10 times. Lee Green LED: LED is a green light, environmental benefits of better, no ultraviolet and infrared spectra, low in calories and no flicker, no radiation, and waste can, no pollution, no mercury elements, cold light s
Arsenal Milieu De Terrain Capitaine Du Pays De Galles
Arsenal milieu de terrain Aaron Ramsey Pays de Galles en ronde préliminaire européenne de samedi avec le capitaine de l'Angleterre à partir débuts pour votre Gallois personnel entraîneur Gary Velocity dit. Ramsey seulement vingt nombreuses années dépassés cette année, subit une blessure grave, pour revenir au tout premier jeu peu après l'échelle nationale
From A Macro Point Of View
From a macro point of view, to promote the growth of LED lighting power, there are three changes. The first power from the government, climate and environmental protection, for the government is no longer talk about, but necessary things, energy conservation is no longer just a slogan, but a policy can be achieved. Compared to traditional incandescent lamps, LED energy-saving lamps are low energy consumption choice. For example, the South Korean government's "LED flashes 1530" plan in 2015 will be LED lights market share increased to 30% in order to save more energy. Kyoto Protocol is planning in 2012 to 8.8% LED to replace fluorescent and incandescent lamps of 13.7%, and so will be able to reduce the 3.4 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. A life: LED energy saving lamp life of more than all other sources, for example in a normal home environment, LED lights can be used for up to 20 years; 2, energy costs: LED energy saving lamp low power consumption, 3e electrician luminous eff
Pune Packers & Movers Will Make Moving Hassle-free
Hassle-free execution of moving process is important if you want to move to your new residence safely without damages of your household effects. There are many professional removal companies or packers and movers in the city of Pune (the state capital of Maharashtra) that can help with your move – whether you move locally within this city or move from this city to somewhere else. These companies can make moving process hassle-free with their quality services for packing, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of goods. They can provide you hassle-free and happy relocation experience and you will soon enjoy your new place. Professional moving companies of Pune are backed by a dedicated crew of expert staff members and diligent workers. They also have appropriate tools for packing, loading and unloading of goods. They also have their own especially designed moving vans, moving trucks and big tempos, called goods carries, for safe and hassle-free transportati
Smooth And Affordable Shifting Services Of Moving Companies In Hyderabad
Hyderabad based shifting companies have good reputation in relocation industry. They offer wide range of services also at the best possible price. They are known for their safe and reliable services across the country. Professional shifting firms of the city also have their branches and business associates in many other cities and town. They offer their wide range of relocation services in most of the regions of the country. To make relocation smooth and well planned you can take help of shifting companies of Hyderabad. They will serve you effectively and efficiently whether you are going to shift your home, business infrastructure, office, shop, plant and industry, tools and machinery and in any other kind of relocation needs. Professional movers of Hyderabad serve people professionally. Their skilled workers will take immense care all your relocation needs and offer you best possible relocation solution also within the budgets. The entire shifting jobs from packing of goods, shifti
Hfa 401k Services And 401k Administrator
Not all 401k services are administered equally. Find out about the HFA401k (Highland Financial Advisors) 401k management services.
Take the Calm and...
Take the Calm and...
I am very horny a ms gave my pussy a clean shave! Anyone want it?
Capable De Conserver Un Look Sage Même Bientôt Après Avoir Porté à De Nombreux Jeux Vidéo De Football Précédents.
Tous les intérêts seront rivés sur Downtown Indianapolis au Lucas Oil Stadium d'Indiana dimanche du Super Bowl 2012. C'est vraiment l'événement Super Bowl 46ème Congrès annuel de la National Football League, en utilisant le jeu 2012 qui aura lieu le 5 Février, le coup d'envoi à six h 30 heure de l'Est.maillots football, La station de télévision régionale WTHR-13 va être télédiffusion cette occasion avec NBC prendre le jeu de football pour le reste aux Etats-Unis. Avec ce genre d'un match de football essentiel approche, ce qui pourrait peut-être considéré comme un particulier sur l'équipement des plus excellentes femmes que 1 dans les nombreux maillots de football NFL fabriqué spécialement pour sembler bon lorsqu'il est porté par les femmes les partisans de la NFL. Tous les maillots de football de la NFL sont créés à partir de tissu de nylon respirant, créant l'ambiance plus chaleureuse et vraiment portable, capable de conserver un look sage même bientôt après avoir porté à de nombreux
For All Those Anxious Mothers And Fathers
Worldwide Parcel Services- Sending To the FrontlineFor all individuals serving their country in locations like Iraq and Afghanistan can now receive parcels from their family and friends back residence. The support continues to be extra to an extremely pick amount of international delivery businesses that are planning to make certain that the house Maillot Espagne can be shipped out to them to aid them by way of the difficult instances of currently being a soldier.For all those anxious mothers and fathers and concerned pals there is certainly now a method to get your parcels across to Basra along with other areas exactly where soldiers are situated. A lot of people have been sending parcel right here to get a although and it seems like that is likely to get easier. Together with the additional services this can make sending consignments to these locations straightforward and even more economical. Costs nevertheless differ but as this area in the market place becomes a lot m
Arrived On Android.
Integrated Microsoft Office file editing was a noticeable absence from Chromebooks. Even the Chromebook Pixel, the highest-end Chrome OS machine on the market, Lacked this important feature. Chrome OS had no great solution for modifying Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, que makes the new addition a very important step in the right direction. Kim Dotcom's Mega, the cloud storage service based in New Zealand, has officially arrived on Android. You can now download the official app from Google Play Directly.Furthermore, Mega says the iOS app and Windows sync client are "in the final stages of development," meaning They will be launching soon. Details as to what features Both will include or When They Will arrive exactly disclosed.If were not the device is lost users can log back into the website and locate it on a map, as well as sound an alert and wake the display to get someone's attention, even overriding silent mode if needed. Also The dashboard can be used to lock the phone - thereby
Drones In Us
Documents Expose Predator Drones Spying Extensively in U.S.     Predator drones used by multiple agencies in domestic airspace could be armed. Kit DanielsInfowars.comJuly 4, 2013 U.S. Customs and Border Protection is now lending Predator drones to a wide range of federal, state, and local agencies for domestic surveillance and possible “non-lethal” strikes, according to federal documents released by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Credit: Pat Dennis via Flickr The 
Dvus(stands For Either Devious Or Desi Vazquez:united States)
This is the beginning of a blog that i would like to call either my diary or journal is a devious fashion. Other than facebook,fubar has let me see a whole new light on making friends.Although i have a long way to go, I will do just fine here.Welcome to read this if you like,there will be some more stuff added or i will have what you would call parts and volumes to the Devious(DVUS)Files.   Desi Vazquez More will come soon in a short while.
*~*~*~Hey BABE*~*~*~*    You are in the bathroom and you just left your email logged in so i am hacking it to tell you... that i love you and i have had a wonderful 4th of july with you...thank you for the chicken and i hope that we can manage to end up together and have many more 4ths and 5ths together!~!~!~\Love Always , Hailey J.
I need 5000 likes.. All help is appreciated. 
"my Trip For My Job"y Sock Was Soaked, But I Slid It Into My Shoe
I jumped in. "I think what the lady is saying is that we'll just have the bill, thank you." My foot continued to rub her, my toes sliding in and out of a very wet pussy. I knew that she had never experienced anything like this, especially in public, and she was going nuts. The bill came and i removed my  foot from between her legs. My shoe anyway. We quickly headed to the car and turned toward the hotel. As we drove along, i reached down and continued to rub pussy, this time with my hand. She sat very still in the seat, completely  lost in the ecstasy of the moment. We pulled up at the valet and jumped out and headed into the hotel.      As we got onto the elevator, i turned and pulled her into my arms. We were alone all the way to our floor, and our lips remained locked together until the bell chimed and the doors opened on our floor. We walked down the hall  and i slid my key into my door. As i turned and locked it behind us, Emily fell into my arms and we began to kiss passionate
Precious Ore
Precious Ore March 19,th,2013 Watching my sunsetter retractible awning, Feel froggy & wanna leap of faith with me & do some spawning, some if not all of God’s creations is what I want. In a confused mind state, confounded by that silly rule=no sex on the first date, want some head so I can nut all over a plate, just 2 watch a bitch lick it up, The world is watching & doing too much talking but ain’t doing nothing. & Just cuz I don’t say much don’t mean U know what I’m capable of. I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me-No: I luv drugs till I take em’ with me 2 the gallows 2 hang w/lil Reid. aw man,No-High Five? Don’t leave a friend hanging. Whispering in my ear drum & Begging in the bedroom is the only time whispering & begging is sexy So tell me what U know & what U want. I’m not a mind reader. However, I am a fortune teller, I’m fortunate enough 2 make good use & learn a little from my failures, & just cause I&rsqu
In The Forest Of Green
Come with me for a walk in the woods It's cooler there , then here in the sun, Where we can relax on the moss of green Watching the river flow by An wondering what it all means Let me kiss your lips and touch your hair We'll act like we're young without any cares, Your kisses like wine , heady and sweet Makes me want to kneel at your feet . You're still my Sire and always will be You haven't released my soul back to me So come and love me , I'm cryin' in pain, I really can't do this ever again..........  
For My Friend Dj Kimmie
This is a message from my friend Dj Kimmie.    I need to ask you all something very serious if, you all would for me please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I found out yesterday that I have extra blood vessels on the left side of my brain that could potentially rupture at anytime...... They are sending me to a specialist and I may have to have surgery.... I am asking everyone to keep me in their thoughts and prayers please, if you would as I go through  this rough time in my life.   Please, Pray for her as she faces this battle. I am standing with her, because she is my friend. 
Laws And Freedom
 This is just something I think everyone should know but even more they should understand. Laws We as a people would like to think that every law on the books for every one state and federal is there to protect us.  This isnt always the truth. Lets look at seat belts.. do they save lives Yes This is a rather common belief So 90% of us will wear our seat belts.. But think of this You as a person lost the right to choses weather or not you can or can not wear your selt belt.... This is a loss of freedom.  Guns. Always a hot topic. Every year more and more laws are put down More and more restrictions more and more people find it harder to buy a fire arm legally.  Think about this. A criminal don't give 2 flying FUCKS about the laws. Thus why they are criminals, it is easier to find a gun from a black market dealer than to buy one from a gun shop.  So with that in the back of your head Explain to me why some one with no criminal history no mental problems finds it so hard to buy a firearm
"my Trip For My Job"
As she continued to talk, i kicked off my shoe and began to move my foot up her leg. Her breathing quickened as she parted her legs slightly to allow my foot to continue its movement up her leg. She was wearing a short skirt, and my foot disappeared under the material. He legs opened a little wider. soon my foot found its destination, and i discovered she didn't have any panties on. My foot began to slide up and down her pussy, my sock becoming moist with her juices.   Emily for her wine and took a large gulp of the liquid. her face was a little flushed as she focused her eyes on mine. My big toe was deep inside her, and i continued to wiggle my foot, causing her to move  from side to side.    At that moment, our waiter approached and began to clear our plates. "Would you care to see the desert menu?" He asked, looking first Emily and then at me   "Humm, good question," i said, keeping my gaze on Emily, "How bout' it sweetheart? would you like something to eat?"   Emily closed
"my Trip For My Job"
Emily went on to tell me that she had decided that this trip was the perfect opportinity to meet some one from another city for a week of hard, wild intense sex. She had decided she wasn't going to waste thek by being shy, but that once she met someone, she was going to make her intensions clear, ensuring that they would enjoy each other every night of the week.   The only requirement she had for the person she would fuck all week long was that he had to be married like she was. The reason, she explained, was that she did not  want some single guy to enjoy being with her so much that he fell in love. The last thing she needed was some guy wanting more from the relationship than just the physical part. There was no way she would leave her husband, and she had no interest in being emotionally involved with someone else. She just wanted someone to fufill her needs. Period.
17 & It Just Ends This Way
Our 17 years of friendship just ended up that way. It feels so hurt but do you ever really ask how I feel? We are supposed to be bff but everything changed ever since that bitch entered your life... You just know her not long   She doesnt know you like I do but everything your fiance trust is her. I know you from the age of 7 sweetie before you had your fiance and the rest of the girls. When you were pregnant I was the last to know.Fuck it hurts. Im sorry I wont attend for your wedding. Anyway congrats.
Defying The Constitution.....
AP reporter Ramona Darlington, who attended the conference asked President Obama to explain what the profile of an American domestic terrorists is?   Obama responded by saying, “Typically domestic terrorists in the U.S. are people who cling to obsolete beliefs from the time of the American Revolution. They are conservative Christians, reactionary Republicans and conspiracy theorists many of whom belong to racist hate groups.”   “Tea Partiers commonly own guns and stock up ammunition and food in anticipation of starting another civil war to overthrow the will of the governing body who represent all of the American people. We are prepared for any contingency and don’t expect to see any kind of large insurrection. Americans are capitalists who are much more interested in seeing America move forward. These terrorists groups are small in size and really present little danger,” the President added.   Never in my mind did I ever think I would read the words
"my Trip For My Job"
Then it was her turn. She told me how she had been married for about seven years to a very wonderful man. She loved him deeply. She was from a very religious family, and her husband was a deacon in their church. As a result, he was very straight and conservative. He believed that she was to be submissive to him at all times, and that sex was for procreation only. Their sex life was pretty much nonexistent. Once a week, on Saturday night, he would come up to bed, pull off his pajamas, lay down on top of her, enter her dry pussy, and pump for about a minute until he got off. He would then get up, take out a facecloth, wipe himself off, pull up his pajamas, and be asleep within ten minutes. She would  wait until he was sound asleep, and then get up and go into the living room, where she would masturbate usuing a cucumber, biting her lip as she came so that he wouldn't hear what she was doing.   a year ago she had her first affair and justified it as being "just sex." she had enjoyed a c
The Pillars Have Come Down For Obama.....
The whole world is protesting Obama. All across Africa. In Nigeria you'd think he was an African dictator. In Egypt tens of millions want Obama's head on a platter. The president of France gave Obama an ultimatum yesterday on his scurrilous activities. Ireland, Ecuador and Australia have dressed him down. China and Russia have mocked him. Yesterday Obama wrongly rerouted the plane of the PRESIDENT OF BOLIVIA thinking Edward Snowden was on board. He wasn't.. They are furious. Worst of all, he is deliberately destroying this country from within. He has nothing but disdain for America and it's citizen's. Obama is a narcissistic sociopath. ----Congress do your jobs. You are giving yourself huge salaries> EARN IT YOU TRAITOROUS LEECHES!
Things As They Be
Independence Day, the day this country formed and declared their independence from an over reaching and smothering overlord.....and now on this independence day, i see far to many similarities between England of 1776 and our own government....our mail is scanned and post marks recorded, our electronic communications are recorded....the government gives us no answers about Benghazi, the I.R.S. to name two, the president says the same thing....there will be an investigation and if something is broken we will fix it, whats been fixed? Why is every department "broken"Why does the government shove anything "green" down our collective throats? and why, WHY can the surpeme court be allowed to overturn the vote of the people of California? When will they start overturning election results? I haven't even mentioned healthcare....the founding fathers would be grabbing their guns
"my Trip For My Job"
We headed to a nice restaurant and sat down to eat. It was amazing how easy it was to talk with Emily, and i fould meself soon shairing my entire story with her. She sat quietly listening as o told her about walikng in on my wife and that ass hole in bed together. She shifted in her seat as i explained how i became turned on while watching them, and how i ate Vanessa's pussy after. I could tell she was turned on as i described what it was like. She asked for a second glass of wine as i began to tell her about Bianca and out time together. But she really started to squirm when i talked about my other encounter.    By the time i was finished, Emily was very horny and having trouble hiding it. Actually, she  wasn't even really attempting to hide it.  Her leg rubbed up and down my leg, and her hand was in mine. Our eyes stayed locked on each other as i shared my stories.
"my Trip For My Job"
 I  smiled and walked over to the desk in the corner of my room and opened up my labtop. After plugging the phone line into the modem, i dialed up a number and waited to see if my plan was going to work. After a couple of minutes to load, but soon i found myself laughing out loud at how much fun i was going to have over the course of the week. Satisfied, i disconnected, shut off the labtop and turned to jump in the shower.   An hour later i knocked on the inside door leading to Emily's room. I heard her moving around in the room and after a minute or so, she opened the doo. "well," she said, smiling at me. "I guess we should just leave this door unlocked for a week."   "I think  that's a good idea," I agreed. "After all, you never know what may happen in the middle of the night."   "True, Lee, you can only hope it'll be used frequently."    I couldn't believe how much fun i was having flirting with this sexy 50 year old red head. I knew that if i had suggested we just forget ab
We Have Made It So Far
We may have seen wars, tragedies, and even tears, Across the world, everyone can't know what is known by every twinkling star, We have made more friends, made love and still after all these many years..... we sometimes look past this fact, We Have Made It So Far!!   The fighting will stop when there is nothing to fight for, the death will stop when there is nothing left to die for, we may be celebrating the birthday of one country but it is more than that to me the world has allowed this day to come, we aren't any where near all done.   As long as one light is left on, there is still life abroad, as long as there is a gentle kiss and nod, there will be angered people in the light of dawn. They can't ever see any where near or even past, why the fact be true that the bravest is always last.   Like the very last light in the blood riddled night, the brave can and will fight for the lifes and loves who just might bring unthought of joy and so much more, I'll stand
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 155
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 155 of Janey Godley's podcast the mother and daughter comedy duo have a very exuberant podcast this week. Janey talks about her experience presenting the Duke of Edinburgh awards in the presence of Prince Edward who apparently likes comedy.   They discuss the situation in Egypt and the spate of rapes in Tahir Square. Ashley explains her big drama over misjudged scales at the gym that wrongly judged Ashley's weight....there was screaming. They both talk about how they feel about being comedians and the relative issues it raises. Janey inadvertently blurts out a spoiler alert about the US TV drama Scandal.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and
On Display
What an exciting night. He picked me me up and we went straight to check into a motel, not too seedy, but a little off the beaten path. I didn't know what was going on, but I thought we were there for making out. Then, he tossed a bag to me and said "put this on." Inside was a short, tight, dress, a "sausage casing" type, mini-skirt, in a leopard print. I put it on and came out to show him. He grabbed me and kissd me. Then he pulled off my panties and told me to go out side and show off around the motel. Our room was on the second floor, with a balcony, facing in, toward the open area and the pool. All the rooms were arranged around the pool area with first floor rooms having open patios and the second floor with balconies, like our room. It was a warm afternoon and there was party atmosphere around the motel, with a lot of people out on their patios partying and people around the pool. So it was out into this scene that I was sent, dressed in a tight, revealing dress and long spike
I Remember
I remember a time when i was happy...not this sad.. depressed person I've been of late. I wish I could be happy again, I feel every part of me in pain... my heart, mind, body and soul. I just rly miss smiling and laughing.. having someone tell me they love me.. being close to someone that im not afraid to talk to, fear of losing them. I haven't been myself in the past 2 weeks, feeling sick feeling alone begging this one person to talk to me.. while i lay here in tears. Leaving me in this world of limbo.. so I fucked up last night.. cause I was hurting and tired of feeling all the pain.. now i'm just in more pain then i was before. I'm just a lost soul... beautifully broken in a million pieces..... 
The Most Important Document In The World
"Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor" It was a glorious morning. The sun was shining and the wind was from the Southeast. Up especially early, a tall bony, redheaded young Virginian found time to buy a new thermometer, for which he paid three pounds, fifteen shillings. He also bought gloves for Martha, his wife, who was ill at home. Thomas Jefferson arrived early at the statehouse. The temperature was 72.5 degrees and the horseflies weren't nearly so bad at that hour. It was a lovely room, very large, with gleaming white walls. The chairs were comfortable. Facing the single door were two brass fireplaces, but they would not be used today. The moment the door was shut, and it was always kept locked, the room became an oven. The tall windows were shut, so that loud quarreling voices could not be heard by passersby. Small openings atop the windows allowed a slight stir of air, and also a large number of horseflies. Jefferson records that "the horseflies were dexterous in finding
Cb Raffle
My friend has running a Cherry Bomb as a requirement for his next level, so I am holding a benefit raffle.  Tickets are one credit each and when 60 tickets are sold I will draw a winner for a Cherry Bomb. (the rest will be for his CB.) If the number of tickets exceeds 60 while I am away at work or sleep, then I will draw a second winner for a bling equal to the amount of credits over 60 the raffle has gone.    The drawing will be held using a random generator and will be conducted live to vouch for the validity of the results. 
Fuck Me what the fuck just happened!?
Depression Sucks Ass!!!!
Not sure what it is but my depression/anxiety really got to me yesterday and still is eating at me. Instead of keeping things to myself like I usually do, I just over exploded and things were said overly wrong - I'm sorry everyone. I really dont openly discuss this but summer months are really bad for me in many different ways. There are several symptoms that are missing from below and one that happens often than I would like to admit to is lashing out at people. I do it and not realize it until its too late.  For those that think depression is an overreaction think again : Most of these I go through time and time again: Diagnostic Symptoms of Depression in AdultsEmotional Symptoms:Sadness (guilty)Loss of interest in things you once enjoyed (yup)Thoughts of death or suicide (think about it (thoughts that is - thought about it when I was in HS Feelings of guilt or worthlessness (always)Physical Symptoms:Restlessness or slowness of speech, thought, or activity (guilty)Trouble concent
Torres Ripped Spain Golden Boot Fig Leaf
 Spanish national team in the Confederations Cup the biggest "harvest" is probably Torres Golden Boot. This is the second consecutive summer Torres in the contest gains the Golden Boot. And this is indeed conceal the Spanish Golden Boot weak front embarrassed, because one thing is undeniable, cheap jerseys Torres two Golden Boot gold are limited, especially in the current Confederations Cup with his five goals four from right Tahiti massacre, ultimately only by virtue of playing time less and go win the Golden Boot. Torres defeated scorer Fred and Neymar, but Fred has two goals in the final accounting, Neymar is four games have scored, scored on the gold content, they are far better than Fernando Torres, Torres just scored against Tahiti chance of playing rotation, if not so, he may even have no chance to even list.AC Milan jersey "Feng weakness" of the problem has been plaguing Bosque, the European Cup during which he was enabled prefer no front array, nor given them forwa
Torres Ripped Spain Golden Boot Fig Leaf
Spanish national team in the Confederations Cup the biggest "harvest" is probably Torres Golden Boot. This is the second consecutive summer Torres in the contest gains the Golden Boot. And this is indeed conceal the Spanish Golden Boot weak front embarrassed, because one thing is undeniable, cheap jerseys Torres two Golden Boot gold are limited, especially in the current Confederations Cup with his five goals four from right Tahiti massacre, ultimately only by virtue of playing time less and go win the Golden Boot. Torres defeated scorer Fred and Neymar, but Fred has two goals in the final accounting, Neymar is four games have scored, scored on the gold content, they are far better than Fernando Torres, Torres just scored against Tahiti chance of playing rotation, if not so, he may even have no chance to even list.AC Milan jersey "Feng weakness" of the problem has been plaguing Bosque, the European Cup during which he was enabled prefer no front array, nor given them forwar
Manchester United This Hard In The End! Two Days Of Talks With Rooney Then Had Tearfully Left Him Vladimir Jazz
Ferguson, who had tearfully retain RooneyWhether Rooney [microblogging] and Manchester United [microblogging] of the outcome of the negotiations in this, and now Manchester United are to grasp the initiative. cheap jerseys According to "The Independent" reported that in the first day of pre-season after the meeting. Moyes and Wayne Rooney will be in local time Thursday or Friday to meet again, Moyes has already done a protracted war, but Rooney, the longer the time, he was more passive. Although the majority of the fans and the media had speculated that Moyes Rooney's fate will solve the problem as soon as possible, but the "Independent" does not think there is such a desire to see David Moyes, Manchester United Wayne Rooney has lost quickly solve the problem of timing,AC Milan jersey now The Moyes is being used consumable and tough style attitude, making negotiations gradually seize the initiative. Rooney's agent Paul - Stretford Manchester United hope to be able to contra
Peut Découvrir Quelque Chose Qui Fait Maillot De Foot 2013 Appel à Leurs Goûts Individuels
Football Shirt Tendances Deliver diversité pour la garde-robe de la Football FanConsidérant que le début de réplique fabrication de maillot de football au sein des adeptes milieu du 20e siècle ont eu la chance de montrer leur aide en arborant les couleurs de leur équipe favorite. Tendances maillot de football ont modifications compte tenu considérablement que les chemises à col et boutonné authentiques de ces longs jours il ya Le fan de football. d'aujourd'hui a plusieurs modèles de Maillot de foot 2013 chemises à choisir chaque maillot de foot 2013 saison. équipes ont généralement de deux à 4 designs différents de chemise pour chaque saison, y compris des chemises à domicile et à distance et des chemises de gardien de but stylisés.Inutile de dire que les tendances de chemise football seront toujours coller aux désirs des joueurs de football. Les chemises doivent être légère et confortable pour prendre part à, de sorte que les modèles de chemise sont secondaires à la nat
We Are Urban Indians
We Are Urban Indians As an Indian I sing this song for you Who feel like you're on your own The Indians in cities may be very few But I'm telling you, you're not alone   There are those of us who'd like to be With a lot of others of our kind And if nothing else, we'd like to see Other Indians, 'cause we're hard to find!   We are Urban Indians Far away from our tribal land And as Urban Indians We should form our very own inter-tribal band   Of urbanized Native Americans
Call To The Four Sacred Winds
I call to the East, where the Father ascends to all Mother Earth where life begins. I fly through the cedars, pines, willows, and birch as animals below me wander and search.  I call to the South, to the land down below. Turtle stands silent, as man strings his bow to hunt food and fur for his kin before snow. A life will end so others will grow.  I call to the North, that yansa once knew. I follow their path til it disappears from view. Once vast in number, there stand but a few. I hear only ghost thunder of millions of hooves.  I call to the West, to the ends of the lands, to the Tsalagi, Kiowa, Comanche ... all bands. Unite for the strength. Teach the young and demand that you are Nati
Summers Rain
Father Sky is gray As the new light appears And the laughter of the birds is still the clouds shed their tears and the land drinks of this heavenly dew puddles replace the dust irresistible temptations for little feet Turning my face to the sky and feeling the gentleness of the mist washing away my cares filling my heart with happiness Lifting my spirits  like the quenching of the crops Raising my arms I turn to the four winds
League Spokesman Will Kuhns Confirmed Last Week
“This is great news for Chivas USA, as Carlos Bocanegra is a very experienced player with great image and with a strong desire to be in California after his time in European soccer”, said Chivas USA Sporting President Dennis te Kloese in an official jerseys “I think his experience is going to be very valuable for us, as he knows MLS well from when he played for Chicago Fire, and has a long track record with the US men’s national team. “His arrival also reaffirms and strengthens the identity we are seeking in Chivas USA; a team with outstanding elements who give a little extra to Chivas USA. The great combination of his experience and being from Los Angeles will contribute a lot to Chivas USA,” added Te Kloese. CAPTAIN AMERICALeander Schaerlaeckens' examines Bocanegra's career longevity. Rangers said on the team's website Saturday that Bocanegra's contract was mutually terminated a day earlier. Toronto had the first chance to claim
That We're Doing Wel
Kei Kamara is delighted to be back in free-scoring form for Sporting Kansas City.The 28-year old winger, who enjoyed a loan spell with Norwich City in the Premier League last season, has scored five goals in his past five outings for SKC as well as an international goal for Sierra Leone in the 2-2 World Cup qualifier with Tunisia recently. Kamara, who scored a winning double in the 3-2 victory over Columbus Crew on the weekend, cheap soccer jerseys is loving his own form at present but knows the team needs to lift in order to make a genuine push for the playoffs this season.“It feels good, but at the same time it's really about getting Sporting KC back where we used to be the past couple of years, which is top of the table,” Kamara told“For me, if we're there and I'm not even scoring goals I could feel good about it. I could come in every morning with my head up high and appreciate that we're doing well.” SKC currently sit fourth on the Eastern
Making Money With Video Sharing With Youtube
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So Much Has Changed!!
So for those who dont know, I got married in Nov 2012 and am now living in pretty Fort Smith, AR! So far loving my life:)
Independence Day - Martina Mcbride
Well she seemed all right by dawn's early light though she looked a little Worried and weak she tried to pretend he wasn't drinkin' again but daddy left The proof on her cheek and I was only eight years old that summer and I always Seemed to be in the way so I took myself down to the fair in town on Independence day Well word gets a round in a small, small town they said he was a dangerous man But mama was proud and she stood her ground she knew she was on the losin' end Some folks whispered some folks talked but everybody looked the other way and When time ran out there was no one about on indpendence day [Chours:] Let freedom ring, let the white dove sing let the whole world know that Today is a day of reckoning let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong roll The stone away, let the guilty pay, it's independence day Well she lit up the sky that fourth of july by the time the firemen come theyJust put out the flames and took down some names and send me to the county home Now I ain
"my Trip For My Job"
The next day soon as the class was over i grabbed my notebooks andstarted to head out of the class. I bumped into this red head and we  walked over to the elevator together.  we laughed as we reached for the same button, and then pulled away at the same time    "Here let me have the honors,' i said, pressing the button for our floor. "I guess we're on the same floor. My name is Bobby lee but please call me Lee how did you enjoy the class?"   She extended her hand and said 'Hi Lee, i'm Emily. The class was boring, but when is this stuff ever interesting?"   "Well, that's true, Emily. it is boring. I've found you to make your own fun while on these trips or you'll go crazy."   Emily smiled back. "Make your own fun? Is that what you do? "   I couldn't believe how easy it  was going to be to enjoy the woman. It seemed clear to me that i could inviet her to my room that and she would join me. In fact, i almost did, but then i remembered what i needed to see first.   "Tell you w
well it has been a rollcoster for the past year... i have realized what i want and what makes me happy I have learned isnt real life. I will say bill aka dark u are my soulmate i am so lucky to have u  I let fu ruin my life and relationship will be a day in hell i ever let that happen again   If u find ur soulmate fight tothe death to keep it  my life is all about happiness and baby u make me very happy 
Ibrahimovic Is Not Satisfied
Ibrahimovic unwilling to waste time or stay in Paris defected to return to Serie A Milan Just won the French championship for Paris Saint-Germain, the lineup Ancelotti leaves may cause instability. "Mediaset" reported that because of the coaching change problem, Ibrahimovic reluctant to stay in Paris Saint-Germain waste of time, he wanted to leave,cheap soccer jerseys they may return to Serie. Ancelotti Paris Saint-Germain last season, led the good record, after a lapse of 19 years led his unit won the French championship, the Champions League against Barcelona doing well. For Paris Saint-Germain, this is just the beginning of revival. However, the revival of the cornerstone Ancelotti select defected to Real Madrid. In the course of handsome, Paris St Germain met a lot of trouble, and finally only took the second choice of the former France coach Laurent Blanc. More than a media that just over candidates Blanc, Paris Saint-Germain and other hired Wenger took over in 2014. Look handso
Alberto Gilardino And I Have Also
Shaarawy Milan had refused to stay because love Anzhi 7.5 million Euro paid AC Milan striker Nova Chaaraoui official announcement will stay with the team, rather than competing for the Italian media revealed little pharaoh left behind and the real reason for the background, before this, the only formal offer is made for Chaaraoui Russian super Anzhi, but Milan and Chaaraoui The per capita rejected the other's offer, in which small pharaoh face € 7.5 million annual salary has not tempted,cheap jerseys leaving the team even after confirmation via Twitter reiterated their unwavering commitment to long stay in Milan. From the Italian media "Mediaset" the sources, although a few concerns Chaaraoui team, Manchester City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Paris and Monaco, and other teams are in his column, but the key is Chaaraoui I have not the slightest idea of ??leaving Milan, Previously the only formal offer made to the Milan team is super Anzhi Makhachkala Russian, Italian media quoted did n
Glory To The Brave - Hammer Fall
Snow is falling down on this glorious land Colours fading, turning into white again To fallenn heroes angels sing, they cry their winter tears Endless mourning days will turn to years So this is goodbye, I take leave of you Spread your wings and you will fly away now, fly away now  Nothing on this earth stays forever But none of your deeds were in vain Deep in our hearts you will live again You're gone to the home of the brave  Every solemn moment I will treasure inside Even though it's hard to understand That a silent wind can blow the candle out Taking everything leaving the pain behind You call out my name, but your voice is fading Into the wind, embraced, you'll fly away now  Nothing on this earth stays forever  But none of your deeds were in vain  Deep in our hearts you will live again  You're gone to the home of the brave  My eyes are closed I feel you're far away (so close) Far beyond that shining star I know you'll find what you've been fighting for Far beyond that shini
Célébrant Le Nom Du Personnel, Assurer De Mettre Une Chemise à Manches Longues En Dessous Du Maillot.
Mais en y regardant de plus près le gamin est en fait un personnage en peluche complète avec l'uniforme de football. Jamais un uniforme de football modeste? L'enfant peut porter n'importe quelle tenue et afficher uniquement un casque. Il est possible de faire de l'enfant de football avec n'importe quel thème vous le souhaitez. Maillot Espagne,Qu'est-ce exactement qui est nécessaire est l'enfant possède une chemise à manches longues et pantalon prolongée. Si vous avez besoin d'utiliser une brève Maillot manches, célébrant le nom du personnel, assurer de mettre une chemise à manches longues en dessous du maillot. La méthode la plus simple pour commencer à créer l'enfant de football est toujours d'utiliser le lit d'un bébé. L'ombre ou le style du dormeur n'a pas d'importance pourvu que un maillot une pièce avec des manches longues et des pieds. Assurez-vous que le motif ou la couleur sur le dormeur ne présenteront pas au moyen de la tenue de la finale de l'enfant de football va porter. I
Germany Coach Joachim Low Has Also Talked Concerning The Ozil In Progress
Ozil Passed Within the Tenth Shirt Since 2005, Figo left Real Madrid is a Actual Madrid player didn't truly get around the process 10. But when the next season Ozil, who took more than in the No. ten jersey Las words, this predicament will modify.In an interview with Spain several days in the past, "Aspen" interview, the French midfielder Russ explained he is prepared to Actual Madrid following Maillot Espagne . ten jersey. The truth is, within the winter transfer period, the True Madrid to try and get Ozil to put on ten, but the league does not let the Commission's charter and modify the way in which the gamers jersey quantity. When the next season Ozil to put on jersey No. ten, Luis Figo, True Madrid followers will probably be ushered in right after the amount ten shirt, a true master.Considering that Figo left Genuine Madrid since 2005, the two the Brazilian Robinho, or even the Dutch midfielder Wesley Sneijder, and also the recent Las, can't shoulder the essential acti
"my Trip For My Job"
The rest of the week went quickly, and soon it was time for me to leave. I packed up the car, making sure my labtop was secure, and  then tuend back to kiss Vanessa goodbye. We stood in the driveway holding each other tight for a few minutes before i pulled away.   "I'm going to miss you , sewwt heart," she said, reaching out to kiss me again.   "I'll miss you too. Hey, if you get lonely, just call up one of the escort agencies and have some fun." I smiled as i turned to open the care door   "Humm,"" she said playing along. "I just might do that."    "Or, i could just call one of the guys from work and ask him to come over and take care of you. What do you think? How 'bouy Ken or Jerry, or maybe john?"    A look of fear flashed across her face but disappeared just as quickly. I knew i had caught her off guard with that comment, and it was fun watching her try to joke her way out of it.:)   "Nah, if i want a guy, i can find my own. I don't need another salesman to satisfy me
"my Trip For My Job"
"Wow,' my wife replied, obviously deep in thought, "that's a lot of time away." what was she thinking about? Was she already imagining all the nights of fucking that ass hole? what her mind already picturing his cum filling her up?   "So,  know how much  you hate to be alone," i paused, letting that statement sink in. "I know how you get nervous with me not here, so i purchased a security system today. I'll install a couple of sensors and set up a keypad at the door. All you need to do is punch in the code and the house will be alarmed. that way, when you come home, you'll know if anyone else in in the house. And, at night, if you want you can set just the doors so you'll know if someone tries to enter the house."   Vanessa nodded her understanding, "Thanks, Lee, you're right, i hate being alone."    I wanted to say, "i'm sure you wont be alone too often," but held  back and said nothing.    After dinner i began to set up the system. I put a sensor on each entrance to the house
New Agent!!!
Pink has problems...
"my Trip For My Job"
That evening, as Vanessa and i sat eating dinner, i told her about the new position. She listened intently, and i figured out early in our conversation that she had no idea that ass hole had been planning to get me the job. That made me feel a littlew better, realizing that at least she wan't part of the plan to get rid of me as much as possible.   "Anyway," I said, as i wrapped up the details of the new job, "It dose mean i'll have to spend a bit of time at the head office over the next few months."   Vanessa looked up from her meal. "Oh? What do you mean by a bit of time?"    "Well John said i'll be in training at head office all next week. I'll have to leave Sat night and won't be home until sometime the following Sunday. And then i'll have to go down there for a couple of days every week for the next month or so. I don't know if it'll mean any trips after that."  
Durable Metallic, Another Plus
Scams, delivery exorbitant language problems should talk to customer serviceIts touch screen supports everything offered the OS Windows 8 and touch sensors accurately provide at least 6 mm becomes a remarkable device for all applications concerning the design and The battery of 50Wh Li-polymer offers up to 6 hours of battery life, and its internal capacity almcenaje, with 8GB DDR3 and up to 1TB HDD and 24 GB SSD cache, providing a world of possibilities for users with more than a project in mind.Your design is elegant and durable metallic, another plus for this new ultrabook. It will be available starting this summer with a value of 1,099 euros. Now, thanks to the creation in Spain? For multiple pages to buy Chinese phones and similar products, the guarantee and security that we require in a conventional purchase are subject to the laws of our country, which does not happen if you buy directly from China.。Visit efox-shop.comOr  paste this link into your br
"my Trip For My Job"
"What kind of job is it?" I asked, caught off guard.    "Well, it's a traning job. There are some new products coming down the pike, and we need someone to learn all the ins and outs about them in order to train all the agents.  Even though this type of job uaually goes to a much more experienced advisor, i was able to convince the others that your track recoed proved that  you were the best for the job. I had to pull a few favors but finally convinced everyone to give you the position. so, congratulations! tyuo're really going to enjoy this role with the company!"   I was still shocked. the last thing i expected was for John to be offering me a new job. "But, what about being a field agent?" Suddenly i realized i maynot be able to enjoy my time in people's homes, and i was starting to really enjoy some of the homes i went into! "Wiill i still keep my client base?"   "Oh definitely, Lee.  This job will be full time for the next couple of months, but after that, it'll be more of a
"my Trip For My Job"
I didn't know what to expect as i headed into  the ass hole's office.  John had called me the day before and told me it was important that he meet with me as soo as possible. As my manager, john often held meetings with me, but they were always caual and never a top priorty.   John gretted me as i entered the office and motined to a seat across from his desk. He smiled and engaged in some small talk with me for a few minutes. He had no fucking idea that had seen him and my wife, Vanessa, fucking in my bed a few months earlier. And while i intended to use the info at some point in the future, i tried to act a s normal as possible whenever we met.    John was a nice guy and under different circumstances we could have become great friends. However, the ass hole was fucking me wife behind my back. And while i realized how turned on i had been at the sight of them doing it, it was till done in secret. I still didn't know how seroius they were. Did they love each other? Or were they simp
2013 Reading Challenge!
So every year I do a 50 book challenge.  This year I joined my friend E in the 125 book challenge.  She's way ahead of me and seriously doubt I will make it, but hey I'm game!  I'm a huge reader and always have been since the age of 5. I run a local book group here. I'm an avid member of Bookcrossing and Goodreads.  Here's my list of books I've read this year - I'll keep adding to it as I finish books.  Ones in bold are books I recommend.  Enjoy! 1. Mission to Paris - Alan Furst2. Final Exam - A. Bates3. Remember Me 2: The Return - Christopher Pike4. The Grand Finale - Janet Evanovich5.The Rules for Online Dating: Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right in Cyberspace - Ellen Fein, Sherrie Schneider 6.A Christmas Story: The Book That Inspired the Hilarious Classic Film - Jean Shepherd 7. Feathers In The Fire - Catherine Cookson 8. Love and Houses - Marti Leimbach9. Her Best Friend's Baby - C. J. Carmichael 10. Not Your Mother's Rules: The New Secrets For Dating - Ellen Fein, Sherrie Schneider
Facebook Pages Promote Killing Zimmerman, Rioting for Trayvon     Kurt NimmoInfowars.comJuly 3, 2013 Earlier this week, Facebook faced criticism for removing a post written by Fox News radio personality Todd Starnes. “I’m about as politically incorrect as you can get. I’m wearing an NRA ball cap, eating a Chick-fil-A sandwich, reading a Paula Deen cookbook and sipping a 20-ounce sweet tea while sitting in my Cracker Barrel rocking chair with the Gather Vocal Band singing ‘Jesus Saves’ on the stereo and a Gideon’s Bible in my pocket. Yes sir, I’m politically incorrect and happy as a june bug,” Starnes wrote. Following a spate of complaints, Facebook relented. “As our team processes hundreds of thousand
When A Woman Loves A Man...
When the stars are in her eyes and the sun is in her smile, the only moment in a life That happens the same time, is when a woman loves a man. She'll be a mother and a child, sacrifice her days and nights. And no other will exsist she'll put her life in every kiss, when a woman loves a man. When a woman loves a man, you'll be amazed that when you're stumbling she'll fight for you and won't let you give in. She'll do all that she can When a woman loves a man. A soothing breeze always blows when somebody understands another soul. It's like the planets have aligned and every sentence has a rhyme When a woman loves a man Oh, you'll be amazed how when you're needing it, she'll fight for you
Her Changes
In time we grow older things change,Some things get better,others we toss aside.As we grow and learn more,Throwing away foolish pride.A true beauty will shine always,Because she not only lays in skin.But also deep in mind and soul,Is where her beauty begins.Follow your heart it will lead,Let no others block your path.And forever during your time,Your beauty will forever last.
My Best Friends
Promise To Stay In Touch © Louise I couldn't find the right wordsNothing seemed to rhymeTo write something for you allI think it will take timeBecause when you have friendsThat are very hard to findThere's so much to sayBecause you make everything alrightSo I will tell you right nowexactly what I need to sayTo show you how much I appreciateYou being there everydayYou're worth more than anyoneeven a million poundsBecause you always know what to sayWhen I am feeling downYou make me smile big smilesAnd my days so very brightAnd when I lose my wayYou find me in the nightI sometimes wish I could explainHow much you mean to meBut its just not possibleTo list a billion thingsSo I just wanted to sayI love you so so muchAnd I hope you never leave mePromise to stay in touch
Kiss My Ass
I fucking dare you... (explicit) (T_T) You think you're a badass?Shout at us all for no reason?Blame me for your problems like I give a fuck?Take it out on my family and expect US to be sorry?Well fuck you, you and your weird ass hair do.I never had a beef with youI didn't even know you!You believe what others say about meWell come at me now what do you see?Am I all that they said I was cracked up to be?Get the fucking message, I don't mess around, you hear me?Or do I have to bash your brains into the concrete?Would that be enough to get the message across?If I blew out your kneecaps out would I feel sorry for your loss?Hell fucking no, I'd blow your damn legs off!Wait, screw that I,d take a handsaw and cut em off!Break every single bone in your fucking handsSmash em with a hammer without a second glancecall 911 now that you can't touch a damn phone!how would you like it if I barged in your home?Sayin I'm all that and the president tooYell at your family and blame you too?Like your
Cheap 9fifty Snapbacks The Store By Force
9fifty snapbacks the store by force went to a few days ago, there was another drummer there who was tired of his old no name hi hat cymbals and wanted something better. He just wanted something new, a change of pace. If you appreciate Stellas sporty ski handwriting, youll find that her 2011 tennis and yoga wear are temptingly funky and functional. Lots of people consider summertime as their most preferred season of the year. This is the period when they can bask in the gains the warm sun has to offer. The asseveration that swore in those early years becomes the trap that the lies wove wholesale Superman snapbacks, that for saving Luos orchid once but being forced Xu Nuo who did cheap YMCMB hats free 9fifty snapbacks ping, for leading long to make him but bearing aaall everythings, originally, it is already to plan good trap all. When the chosen source doesnt have AIRCR certification for selling Camfetamine, tend not to cope with it even when that youre having economic benefi
Cheap Snapbacks Polyurethane Which
snapbacks polyurethane which in the gains the warm sun has to offer. The asseveration that swore in those early years becomes the trap that the lies wove wholesale Superman snapbacks, that for saving Luos orchid once but being forced Xu Nuo who did cheap YMCMB hats free shipping, for leading long to make him but bearing aaall everythings, originally, it is already to plan good trap all. When the chosen source doesnt have AIRCR certification for selling Camfetamine, tend not to cope with it even when that youre having economic benefit. Nobody wants to allow Camfetamin or Methiopropamine fall under incorrect hands. It can be snapbacks orted that a lot of people get these chemicals in large quantities and resell them in retail at larger value for illegal goal. If someone buy too numerous caps, there is also the technique of disposing every one of them as a retailer as well. The liquidators work in a same simple manner. how stop at wide lace and Negro League Hats lace when you ca
Nsa Again
High-Level US Govt. Officials Have Warned for 40 Years that Mass Surveillance Would Lead to Tyranny in America     Washington’s BlogJuly 3, 2013 Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser – a key American foreign policy architect (Zbigniew Brzezinski) – 
Whats Wrong With This Country?
Let me just throw out some statements for you to think about.   Why is this country so caught up on being politically correct?  The use of the so called N word by a caucasian is worthy of the death penalty, but use by certain minorities is considered ok. Why is it that the media is no longer about reporting the impartial truth? Why does Obama spend more time campaigning or vacationing than he does performing the duties of the President.  Why are tatoos so popular now, when not to long ago they were considered trashy? I will add  more later. See what you can do with these, add some more if you like.    Obama is the first President I can remember that does not want a United America. He seems to be for dividing the nation. Rich VS Poor, Liberals VS Conservatives,  where does it end.    This country is still filled with many great Americans.  The single mom that works two jobs to support her family. The dad who devotes time to being involved in his kids lives. The young soldie
Lying on the floor she weeps, her soul cries for help once more. Nobody can hear her; she lies there all tattered and torn. Staring into the darkness, always wondering what’s in store. Thinking of him her heart cries with pain and forlorn. Who will save her from the devil’s henchmen? She cries out in agony, still no one even pays attention. The breath of life escapes from her body like fire. Her soul grows weaker, her body continually grows tired. Who will save her? Help her escape this dreaded pain. She looks to him even though her heart thought it wouldn’t love again. He stands before her, hands stretched and inviting. With hesitance she looks, no longer does she feel like fighting. She reaches up and grabs that outreached hand. Still really weak, he helps her to stand. The smile in his eyes comforts her only slightly. Once again she can feel her heart beat lightly. Who are you? She wonders to herself with fear. He places his hand upon her cheek and
Know How To Search A Domain Name
The domain name is the website name that is an important part for any website. Are you aware of the perfect domain name for your website? Now whatever you think you can check the name with the preferred extension on the browser and also the service is free. So it is a great opportunity to get done with the free domain search and get your domain name registered. Many people feel that why they require the registration of the domain name? If you are also one of them, then I just want clarify that you can’t escape from the procedure of domain name registration service, as it is mandatory. It attracts your targeted customers and works as the website identity for you. Do you know that? So it has lost of importance for your website and you better be sure about the organization from which you will do the domain name registration. Why the website name is much important? Why people should take care of that? The reason is it is the identity factor and also people should able to
Moving Made Simple By Packers And Movers
Moving from one place to another with lots of household effects including furniture and home appliances is not a fun chore. It is a complicated, time-consuming and difficult process which can be very daunting affair for you. It can pester anyone as it consists of lots of hassles, difficulties and unpleasant issues. But moving can by simplified and turned into easygoing and smooth affair by using services of professional packers and movers companies or moving agencies. There are various professional packers and movers in different cities and towns of India to choose from. You can choose the services of right one and make your move extremely easy and simple. A good moving company will help with your move during entire operation. You will get hassle-free and safe execution of process. All your belongings will be handled with care and skill by experts. You will have to do nothing. You will just see how the process is executed with perfection. Each and every item of your households will be
Cleaning Kate Sape Handbags With Saddle Soap Fast Efficiency
More intense cleaning can be done with saddle SOAP, but be sure to remove the SOAP residue until it dries.Clean it with a slightly moistened cloth.Then, let air dry naturally in the interior. Do not use sources of heat, such as hair dryers to accelerate the drying process.Shark leather Kate Sape bags should be stored in a cool, dry place when not in use.Also should be in a box or dust Kate Sape bag to prevent dust on its surface.Do not bend or stress the Kate Sape purse in any way. Let it rest naturally, with plenty of space and nothing sat up, pushing for its weight. Place the strap inside, especially if there is a string or hardware on it. This will prevent from scratching the leather.Once the leather, which is too late has cracked. This type of damage can not be repaired.Don't forget to try any product cleaning or conditioning, in a small, inconspicuous area and check any discoloration prior to using the product. For more information about shark leather Kate Sape bags, as well as
How To Clean Shark Skin Designer Handbags
Shark leather designer handbags have begun to appear more often fashion accessories market. Traditionally used for fashion items such as belts and boots, hard shark skin can also be mounted in a very attractive, feminine bag with an edge to it. I do not know...No matter how miro you a shark skin purse, I still see JAWS! Shark skin is highly resistant, durable and light in weight than cow leather. You can be tanned and dyed in a variety of rich colors. While shark skin is water resistant, it is not waterproof and excess moisture dry skin very quickly. It is a highly absorbent skin and need to be cared and cleaned correctly, if not that may deteriorate quickly. The best type of protection is prevention.Avoid prolonged exposure of the UV. Light direct sunlight will cause the leather to slowly disappear and dry. Avoid the rain. If the bag is soaked, let it dry naturally and inside, without using any source of artificial heat such as hair dryers or radiators. You simply wedge open and let
Lying on the floor she weeps, her soul cries for help once more. Nobody can hear her; she lies there all tattered and torn. Staring into the darkness, always wondering what’s in store. Thinking of him her heart cries with pain and forlorn. Who will save her from the devil’s henchmen? She cries out in agony, still no one even pays attention. The breath of life escapes from her body like fire. Her soul grows weaker, her body continually grows tired. Who will save her? Help her escape this dreaded pain. She looks to him even though her heart thought it wouldn’t love again. He stands before her, hands stretched and inviting. With hesitance she looks, no longer does she feel like fighting. She reaches up and grabs that outreached hand. Still really weak, he helps her to stand. The smile in his eyes comforts her only slightly. Once again she can feel her heart beat lightly. Who are you? She wonders to herself with fear. He places his hand upon her cheek and
Led Light Engine And Cutting Edge Driver Technology
The LED Flood Light range has been designed to replace a wide variety of conventional halogen domestic and commercial floodlighting. Constructed of high purity Aluminium casing and a polished Aluminium reflector complete with a frosted tempered glass cover manufactured to an IP65 rating, allowing the luminaire to be used in both harsh internal and external environments. The High Power Bridgelux COB LED light engine and cutting edge driver technology give an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours ensuring the luminaire is virtually maintenance free. The luminaire’s design makes it ideal for use as general external lighting, security lighting, domestic and commercial applications. The luminaires can be supplied incorporating a PIR option to further reduce energy consumption, they can also be used in conjunction with external lighting controls where required.
6-watt (40w) A19 Warm White (2700k) Dimmable Led Light Bulb (6-pack)
Tunnel LED luminaire helps to create a safe environment for traffic with white light for improved visibility and comfort –as well as an outstanding six years /24 hours a day operation with the same light source.led tunnel light System rating is 50,000 hours @ L80 (80% lumen maintenance) Optimized optical design based on international road tunnel and underpass lighting regulations (JTJ 026.1-1999, CIE 88:2004) Utilizes High Brightness LEDs, 70CRI @ 6000K (4300K will be available by 2012) 200-240V input voltage available with electronic driver, PF>0.9, Class I IP66 rated, suitable for wet location Meets ANSI 2G vibration standards Ideal mounting height 4m-8m Optimal operation temperature: -25℃~40℃ With a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, makes the T250 luminaire ideal for efficient lighting of low speed tunnels as well as underpass, parking garage and industrial areas. 80% lumen maintenance at 50,000 hours The 50,000 burning hours are equal appr. 5-6
What Does It Take To Get A Smoking Hot Bikini Body?
  Q:  What does it take to be a HOT Bikini Model, to get  fans? - Jasmine Diaz - Houston, TXA:  Number ONE - confidence. You must know, love, and, feel, confident in your own body. Shyness/ embarrassment gets you "NO WHERE",leaving you out in the cold. Number TWO, you need a killer body, that fills a Bikini to bursting - see below. SEXY, BEAUTIFUL, Breasts, Bellybuttons, and, Butts - YOURS - Oh, My!!! SEXY, BEAUTIFUL, Breasts, Bellybuttons, and, Butts - YOURS - Oh, My!!! SEXY, BEAUTIFUL,  Breasts, Bellybuttons, and, Butts - YOURS - Oh, My!!! You do NOT have to be a Professional - many are the girls next door. THIRD, posing style, and, technique. Wear, as little as possible. The women that get the MOST  fans, show
Ladies - Get Rid Of That Pooch
  Q:  I suffer from the "POOCH". I am a female in very good shape. i maintain a healthy weight, and, exercise. I am 5'7"  - 36DD" - 26" - 36" - 15% body fat. I have tried everything, but can not lose the "POOCH" - what can I do??? Trina Sanchez - Houston, TX A:  First, it appears you are in very good shape.  For those women who do not know what the "POOCH" is - it is that troublesome bulge in your tummy between the bellybutton, and, groin. The belly/ tummy massage works wonders. The belly/ tummy rub is the best way to lose the "POOCH" if all else fails. Most women initially require three, 30 minute sessions a week, for one month, than one to two times a week to maintain depending on individual variation. A session can be done laying, or, standing. Starting at the bellybutton, the belly is rubbed in a cl
Sinan Bakis Scored For A Consolation Goal For Turkey In The 79th Minute
Turkey battled its way back into the match in the second half but lacked a finisher, and left plenty of space while pressing forward in search of a goal. France striker Florian Thauvin sent a penalty kick well over the crossbar after Baheback was brought down by Fatih Turan in the 64th, but Sanogo and Jordan Veretout added two goals within 10 minutes as they rounded off jerseys Sinan Bakis scored for a consolation goal for Turkey in the 79th minute. HEAR US OUT!FOX Soccer's Blog offers unique coverage of the world game. Join us.France now faces Uzbekistan, which had never before gone beyond the group stage but defeated Greece in a match that included three penalties and two red cards. Uzbekistan took the lead in the 26th minute when Abbosbek Makhstaliev beat Greece goalkeeper Stefanos Kapino at the near post.Greece captain Konstantinos Stafylidis equalized from a penalty seven minutes later, but his team lost control of the game when defender Dimitrios Kourpeli
Which Stars Could Be Off To New Homes
GAZING AHEADWhich stars could be off to new homes? Find out with the latest Rumor soccer jerseys The game turned around when Mexico left Derik unmarked in the 74th when he received a corner kick at the far post, leaving the defender an easy chance to level . Nicolas Lopez scored twice in the second half to give Uruguay a 2-1 win over Nigeria, which was reduced to 10 players just before halftime. Defender Abdullahi Shehu committed two fouls within two minutes, receiving a straight red card for the second in the 41st minute.Lopez scored from close range in the 65th minute after the Nigeria defense failed to clear the ball from the area, only for a 20-meter strike from Olarenwaju Kayode to make it 1-1 four minutes later. Lopez converted a penalty in the 84th after substitute Diego Rolan dribbled past goalkeeper Chukwunenye Okani and was fouled. Meanwhile, France dominated the first half of its match in the last 16 against Turkey. Captain Paul Pogba returned from suspensio
Captain Paco Alacacer Was Set Up By Jese In The 51st But Keeper Sanchez Saved His Low Shot With His Left Foot
Spain striker Jese scored in injury time as his team came from behind to beat Mexico 2-1 and reach the quarterfinals of the Under-20 World Cup on Tuesday. The European Under-19 champions will be joined by France, which defeated host Turkey 4-1 to line up a last-eight meeting with Uzbekistan, a 3-1 winner over Greece.Jese's strike from outside the area was deflected by Mexico defender Abel Fuentes and goalkeeper Richard Sanchez could only dive over the ball. It was Jese's fifth goal of the soccer jerseys Mexico stunned tournament favorite Spain in the second minute when Arturo Gonzalez came in from the left and sent a diagonal shot past goalkeeper Daniel Sotres.Spain recovered quickly and found its usual rhythm of short passes and moves in midfield. However, it struggled to reach its forwards against Mexico's well-placed defense. The South Americans, who missed suspended midfielder Jesus Escoboza, created danger through quick counterattacks, though Raul Lopez's heade
Fucking Twat
licker: Very sexy! What does twat mean in the US ? 10:32pm To licker: lmaooooooooooo 10:33pm licker: Well some people here don't know! Here it means cunt ! 10:34pm To licker: lmaoo well thats a more harsh meaning of it... just moron .. its just a word . 10:36pm To licker: and shr blocked me! LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO 10:37pm To licker: *she 10:37pm licker: Lol oh well ! I'd like to lick your twat ! 10:38pm To licker: fucking twat 10:38pm licker: Lol should I block you ?  10:39pm
Mrs. Scattere' D. Brain's Solutions For Modern Living: The Perfect 4th Of July Celebration
For Best Results: The black jelly beans are the most potent (smells like licorice); Use other colors to make jellyfish glow in the dark; Spark wisely.   It is the 60th annual 4th of July family reunion barbeque at the beach topped off with the yearly fireworks over the water. Your children have looked forward to this gig since Memorial Day while you have dreaded it ever since Cousin Billymae Joleen took a swan dive off the hood of Uncle Frank’s truck onto the half melted ice filled 50 gallon beer cooler. However, you consider that, given Mrs. Brain’s non-slip triple tread fail-safe advice with the fresh lemon scent, you can execute the perfect road trip and survive any eventuality that could possibly occur. It merely requires a little strategy.   You will need: Enough Food to feed the 7th fleet Electric bean counter Portable Campfire 2 dogs, 3 cats, 1 parakeet and 5 goldfish Vehicle with gas Flying carpet, just in case Family members without gas A mask, just in
Ustecky Portal Cz
An Outspoken Source Commandeered My Mind...
a rippled candle scar  streaks across the page a rippled candle scar is seared across my face it unlocks the pen that contains my rage i'm unswallowed and disgraced hate! hate! i hate myself today! every golden apple molds inside a day blood intensifies the pain whilst sunlight stops no rain my life is altogether course  and set against the grain i keep a tiny picture i've misplaced the little frame i bear the burden of the image i speak only to my shame pray! pray! i pray shouting from my knees! "do i harbour anger for a reason or is this symptomatic of disease? and is it all the same to stray or am i stone mixed in with clay? regardless of the windfall it's my feelings i betray and if only for my treason i'm sure my debt remains is there something else to say? oh yeah, i fuckin' hate myself today!"
Robinho Bear The Brunt
After the news, Juve great sense of dissatisfaction with the Bianconeri a month ago on an agreement with Tevez, but the treatment is much higher than in Milan, € 6,000,000 + bonus, up to 800 million euros, so Huolabuqin sides please practice is regarded as shill means Marotta, Juventus general manager first time said he "Juve have an agreement with Tevez, will not adjust existing programs."cheap jerseys Juve dissatisfaction, but nothing, after all, Galliani Huolabuqin very good personal relationship with Milan, is by virtue of this human brand, to achieve the Bianconeri to overtake. However, this does not mean that Tevez would definitely join Heijun finalize the players after the Manchester City Galliani needs to get through a clearance. Blue Moon is Tevez bid 10 million -1200 million euros, want Argentines, Galliani must come up with the cash, money in hand, only to wash the existing lineup of budget financing. Robinho bear the brunt.AC Milan jerseys Right now most
Chaaraoui May Be To Sell The Price
Milan officially announced Shaarawy staying small sum given the next meeting of Pharaoh After Milan vice president Adriano Galliani club meetings, Chaaraoui reiterated the willingness to stay in the Rossoneri, the Italian evening local time on July 2, Milan officially announced Shaarawy will not be sold, small pharaoh with red Black Legion of love will continue.Manchester United jersey Milan local time at 18:39 on July 2, AC Milan club's official website issued a proclamation declaring Galliani met with Chaaraoui the successful conclusion of its brokers, small law veteran remain in the Rossoneri. Notice reads as follows: Galliani and brokers with Chaaraoui met, everything went very smoothly. Stephen (Chaaraoui name) has always been a big fan of Milan, he reiterated to the sum of the effectiveness of the Rossoneri continue to resolve, conviction and confidence will return Milan. Milan and Shaarawy will continue to move forward together, as in June 2011 he joined the team since that. H
Pato Then Five League Games Crop Failure
Distance relationship HOLD live! Twitter announced Pato broke up with Barbara Beijing time on July 2, Pato announced via Twitter broke up with Barbara. Pato push closeup Road, "Guys, experienced a wonderful time of two and a half away so that our love affair come to an end."Real Madrid jersey Their affair began in 2011, this Hou Patuo due to injuries and other reasons, gradually lost its position in Milan earlier this year in order to create Pakistan A record signings worth joining Corinthians. Milan is considered to be the new master after Barbara Berlusconi chose to remain in Italy, since the two began a long distance relationship lives.Borussia Dortmund jersey Pato fought in Brazil, the two break up rumors interruption. Pato then five league games crop failure, failed to qualify for the national team to miss the Confederations Cup, and rumors of Brazil and the Brazilian 22-year-old nun die affair. Barbara repeatedly appeared in Brazil and Pato dating, they released intimate photo
Oh my god there are so many people in my life now that I wish I could just tell to stop being a fucking dick wad! I am going to be all alone at the end of this summer. My best girl Kels or my husband as I call her is going to go to university atleast an hour or two away and I will be left with a best guy friend who is to involeved with his head of ideas his gf and Oh yeah being completely scared that I have a serious mom side, his brother/my ex from high school ages ago who doesn't really come out for much of anything sides SCA stuff, Jer who is a guy I had a crush on who is finally dating someone other then the crazy bitch he was dating for years that he was way to good for, Jake who i might have a thing for now who seems to have no time for me right now and if I don't make him my boyfriend will probly never make me a priority even though hes really a great guy, danni who has her head so much up the internets ass I can never talk to her about real shit anymore its all internet this in
Not Du Joueur Seulement Seraient Les Publicités Affichées Bien En Vue Sur Les Maillots
Mondial de hockey a eu des annonces en plâtre tout au long de leur maillot depuis des années et les gens ne regarderez plus jamais à l'esprit eux. Quand j'observe la Coupe Spengler annuel sur la télévision de Davos, en Suisse, deux facteurs généralement se faire remarquer pour me.Very premier, l'automobile qui est donné à la MVP du tournoi qui est certainement toujours placé dans un coin de la patinoire,maillots football, seulement plusieurs lignes et juste au-dessus du verre. Presque jamais vous allez voir des voitures comme prix dans des tournois en Amérique du Nord. J'ai souvent demandé si 1 n'a jamais été sonné par une rondelle errante! Deuxièmement, les annonces des entreprises qui occupent pratiquement chaque spot de rechange au sein de uniforms.Not du joueur seulement seraient les publicités affichées bien en vue sur les maillots, ils sont aussi collées pour le pantalon en même temps. La LNH est principalement une opération de revenu porte-driven, ce qui signifie presque tout so
The Division Is Up Once Again
Why Our Nfl Jerseys Are So Loved By BuyersWelcome to , you can find different NBA jerseys, NFL jerseys, MLB jerseys, NHL jerseys. Our jerseys are prime good quality and wholesale value.Some football shirt foods not alone accommodate alone items but aswell has accoutrement for accumulation purchases: for any little one crew, schools, as well as bigger clubs. Lots of in the fan clubs or football associations adjustment their official and NFL jerseys wholesale accidental abrasion from these football shirt specialty meals which accord a greater quantity Maillot Espagne in the updates and adopting them is accessible by way of these football shirt retailers. Right now, a great deal of admirers tend not to bother to purchase originals through the official teams, and rather go for a replica from the aboriginal architecture from the football teams. Aside from the official uniforms, the replica aswell displays the names, logos, images or mens timberland boots
One Of My Most Exciting Sexual Adventures
I was with this guy who loved fishing. He decided to take me with him what the hell do I know about fishing. While he was fishing I was tired of the heat so I decided to get in the river (Rio Grande) I never thought getting in water was going to scare fish away but he told me I ruined his fishing day. I got out of the water and decided to pull off my underwater thru the side of my shorts and bra came off thru shirt sleeve. I rinsed myself off as you all know dirt gets in our clothes. Well turns out his day just got better as he decided to get in water with me. While we were having fun wrestling in the water I felt his hard cock so I begin teasing him rubbing my self against him . I went so far as to gently push his face down to my breast and not letting him touch my nipples because they were hard. I didn't want to get him to the point where we would have sex in this very open space. I wanted to keep his mind off the fact that he was upset about me getting in the water while he was fis
Célébrer Le Début De La Planète Cup 2010 Acheter Des Maillots à Bon Prix De Qualité
Célébrer le début de la Planète Cup 2010 acheter des maillots à bon prix de qualitéDonc, la Coupe du planète est enfin sur nous ce qui signifie son dernier probabilité pour les supporters d'acheter des maillots de football représentant les équipes concurrentes Comme d'habitude, les ventes de l'Angleterre maillots sont déjà des attaques massives dans les mois avant tout jusqu'à maillot de foot 2013 tournoi:. Theres absolument rien comme un Planète Coupe d'obtenir les fans intéressés (pour ne pas mentionner les non-fans, qui se font prendre dans les vagues d'hystérie médiatique qui entourent historiquement une sortie pour vos Three Lions). L'acquisition de celles s'accroche réel AngleterreMaillots de maillots de football de pied dans le temps pour, ou pour la durée de, une Coupe du Globe propose un particulier une chance de posséder ce que le plus insaisissable des prix du kit ils ont gagné le gros lot sur cette planète poDonc,
From The Military To Our Emt's To The Police And Firefighters The Hot Spots They All Risk Everything To Protect Us
They All Have a Job 24/7 To Protect And Serve And Sacrifice So Much ... But That Is What They All Have Chosen To Do. Keep Also The 500 Still Their Fighting This Fire Pray For Them  ..... Many Loss Their Lives In The Process .... And We Pray For All For Their Safety & Safe Return Which Some Don't For Things That Is Out Of Our Hands .... I Wanted To Do This Blog In The Tribute Of All That Dedicate Their Lives For Us 24/7 God Bless You All & Prayers For All That Loss Their Lives ...... Thank You Cherie'                                                                                   'The fire just overtook them'   Remembering Hotshots firefighters   How do fire shelters work?   What is a Hotshot firefighter? The firefighters -- members of the Prescott Fire Department's Granite Mountain Hotshots -- were killed Sunday while fighting the Yarnell Hill fire, northwest of Phoenix. Among the dead was Eric Marsh, the unit's 43-year-old superintendent. Honoring the fallen Also killed, a
The Assurance That We Get A Its Touch Screen Supports
Like everything, the assurance that we get a reliable product will depend largely on which one you choose, where you buy and what you pay for him. Until recently buy a Chinese mobile directly to stores or distributors in China was almost a lottery. Scams, delivery exorbitant language problems should talk to customer service myefoxIts touch screen supports everything offered the OS Windows 8 and touch sensors accurately provide at least 6 mm becomes a remarkable device for all applications concerning the design and drawing.The battery of 50Wh Li-polymer offers up to 6 hours of battery life, and its internal capacity almcenaje, with 8GB DDR3 and up to 1TB HDD and 24 GB SSD cache, providing a world of possibilities for users with more than a project in mind.Want to buy good quality and cheap tablet you, here is a good choice:
My Current Situation
Ok.. So here is the situation.. I have quit my job. More on that later. In the meantime, I have all my tax information and registry information ready to go for college. Oh, I am going back to school. More on that later. The conundrum... I am too late for FAFSA to approve my grant before fall quarter starts. I can start in the fall provided I come up with around 1500 bucks. So, I am posting this in search of odd jobs; really, any job, that you would be willing to pay me for. I am willing to work hourly, by the job, or whatever other scheme we can come up with as long as it is cash. I am good with computers, plumbing, and yard work. If you need a lawn mowed, something cleaned, raked, a sink unclogged, a drain fixed, a roof re-shingled, a WoW character power leveled, a fence built, or whatever you can think of; I'll do. Pass the word along and let me know if you need anything.
Fuck You Fubar
Wow, no ones gettin paid cept the owner? Do the math. Seriously!
So - I Stole Another Naughty Survey From Tumblr.. Heh .. Heh... Heh...
1: What's your most favorite sexual position? Woman on top 2: Tell me about your best sexual experience. In a car, married woman, long time friend. I was in my early 20s 3: Tell me about your worst sexual experience. My first time. She raped herself with my penis. Ok it wasn't that bad, she just had no clue - and she was OLDER than me. 4: What about sex do you think is funny to you? Funny? Not much,'s FUN way more than it is funny. 5: How many people have you had sex with? Fewer than you think. I can count them on one hand. 6: (To a male) Where would you like to cum on a female after sex? On? No. In, if permitted. 7: (To a female) Would you like a guy to cum on you after sex? If so, where? 8: Tell me about one of your sexual fantasies. I'd do the whole car sex thing a thousand more times. The fact that it was a long time friend in the above example just heightened the intensity, as did the fact that she was married. 9: Where have you had sex at so far?  Hotels, pa
Submissives Creed
        The submissives Creed   I will communicate with complete honesty my needs, desires, limits, and experience. I realize that failing to do so will not only prevent my Master and I from having the best experience possible, but can also lead to physical and emotional harm. I will not try to manipulate my Master. I will not push to make a scene go the way I feel it should. I will keep an open mind about trying things that I am not accustomed to or comfortable with and expanding my limits. I will continue to grow as a submissive and as a human being. I will accept the responsibility of discovering what pleases my Master, and will do my best to fulfill His wishes and desires. I will not allow myself to be harmed or abused, I know that submissive does not equal doormat.       I will be courteous and helpful to my fellow submissive s, I will share my knowledge and experiences with others in the hope that they will learn from where I have been I will tak
Doms Creed
Above all else he cherishes his submissive, in the knowledge that the gift she gives him is the greatest of all.   He is demanding and takes full advantage of the power given to him, but knows how to share the pleasure that comes from that precious gift.   He is in control of himself first and foremost, so that he may control others. As a stern and demanding Dominant, he can cause his sub to cry real tears. As the consummate lover, he will then kiss the tears away, without ever stepping out of character.   In times of trouble, a Dominant will leave the roles behind, to be a supportive friend and partner, never forgetting that this is still a loving relationship between two caring individuals. He is quick to understand the differences between fantasy and reality. He would never ask a submissive to put him before her career, or family, just to satisfy his own pleasure.   To win his submissive's mind, body and soul, he knows he must first win her trust. H
B&q Job Application
B&Q JOB APPLICATION This is an actual job application that a 75-year-old pensioner submitted to B&Q in Tunbridge Wells.They hired him because he was so funny.... NAME: Kenneth Way (Grumpy Bastard) SEX: Not lately, but 1 am looking for the right woman (or at least one who will cooperate) DESIRED POSITION: Company's Chief Executive or Managing Director. But seriously, whatever's available.If I was in a position to be picky, I wouldn't be applying in the first place - would I? DESIRED SALARY: £150,000 a year plus share options and a Tony Blair style redundancy package.If that's not possible, make an offer and we can haggle. EDUCATION: Yes. LAST POSITION HELD: Target for middle management hostility. PREVIOUS SALARY: A lot less than I’m worth. MOST NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT: My incredible collection of stolen pens and post-it notes. REASON FOR LEAVING: It was a crap job. HOURS AVAILABLE TO WORK: Any. PREFERRED HOURS: 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL SK
Submissives Creed
A submissives’ Creed – Author Unknown i am a submissive woman…   i find pleasure, joy and fulfillment from being submissive to another in a loving relationship   i am not weak, or stupid. i am a strong woman, with firm views and a clear concept of what i want out of my life.   i do not serve out of shame or weakness, but out of pride and strength.   i look to my loving Master for guidance and protection, for never am i more complete than when He is with me.   i know that He will protect my body, my mind and my soul with His strength and wisdom.  
laying in the grass, beneath the blazing sun close to the barrel of a loaded gun detached from the earth, spirit undone now its all over before its begun falling from the sky like cold drops of rain aching inside from the constant pain afraid to close your eyes, afraid to fall asleep afraid to fall to deep crys for help fall on deaf ears you yell and scream but noone hears into the dakrness you fall alone until there is nothing left, until your completely gone
The sky is blue water is wet ice is cold and your mom is a whore  
Video Purchase=open Folders
Here's all the links to the 6 videos posted on When we get 6 purchases of any of these 6 videos, I will open all of my folders for 3 hours to friends only. Pool Threesome Part 1 Pool Threesome Part 2 Redhead Mistress Sucks Dick Redhead Slut Rides a Huge Cock Redhead Loves To Suck Cock To Make A Redhead Creampie I will update my status when the 6 purchases have been made. Thanks again everyone and have a great day! -Julie
Need It
screaming affection. girls who like to be themselfs are who need to read this. honesty about7 months so. message me. sex buddies is needed for me. lets fuck.
Thank You All Who Joined Me @ Hedonism Ii Resort Last Week
What a wickedly wild and Krazy week with the Krewe & other friends (like the Naughty Rockers) and I'm now suffering post-Hedo-partum- depression after getting home last night. :-(But, I have so many great memories and photos and I'll be finishing my trip report and blog this week to revive many of them. Plus, I'm already excited about seeing even more new, positive changes @ Hedo for our 8th Annual Group Trip from June 21-28, 2014 too.I am negotiating room rates and availability right now so that we have enough rooms for anyone wishing to enjoy truly all-inclusive, fun, wild, costumed (or not), days and nights in a Key West-like, clothing optional/nude environment on the beach and with 24/7 food, drinks, etc.Look for more updates this week after I catch up on real life....(and see some of you sooner than later) :-) Ann,
Judgemental People Make Me Ill!
I'm disgusted.... FLAT OUT! What is going on with this world today?? People are so quick to judge without even knowing someones story. I know what it's like to not want to go on but i HAVE to. I know i have to pick up the pieces and continue on... NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS!!! I paste a smile on, I live my life day by day.... I work...... Just because i don't constantly whine and cry about my problems doesn't mean that they are not there. Just because someone doesn't act themselves with you because you just met them, doesn't mean you have the right to judge them.... Especially someone that would give you the shirt off their back.. So close your mouth and open your eyes, and realize WE ARE ALL ONE..... We will never make it being judge mental or better than anyone else. Tip of the day: Don't judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes, and even then if you don't know them SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is all.... i feel much better.
Fake Accounts
Im tired of people making fake accounts. Tired of them attacking my friends,saying its me.I guess they dont have a life and just want to cause trouble.To my friends or anyone else, if a newbie comes to you saying its Angel of Darkness, you know better that it isnt me because I have a salute showing its me
I Wonder..... Yeah That Is Right, I Wonder (oh My, My)
Every once in a great while I wonder, that is surprising isn't it??  Sometimes I feel like a pebble on a beach and sometimes I feel like the forgotten and over looked crumbs from lunch. Just left on the floor. I know life is still proceeding without me. Maybe some would be happy if I didn't excist, maybe some would be happy I was there to be found. Before I rot and decay, anyway. I don't exactly know what created this thought in me, but there it is. If everything was perfect for me, I wouldn't be where I am on life's ladder. I wouldn't be rich, just comfortable. I wouldn't be a movie star or a rock star. I just want to go and live without pain. I was and still am thinking that is not asking for too much. If I could wish on a star and have my wish come true, I would wish for the world to be a place living in peace. If I found a magical lamp, my wishes wouldn't be for myself. I don't want what every other person thinks everyone wants.  I grew up poor and life can be rough. The people
Go On A Grand Canyon Bus Tour This July 4th
Will you be at the Grand Canyon for the July 4th holiday? If your plans include the National Park and you're interested in a bus tour, I urge you to buy your tickets now - holiday bus tours typically sell out. You can go on a bus tour every day, including July 4th, and you can leave from Vegas or Phoenix. Both cities offer fantastic tours that will provide you with a day of fun adventure. Bus Tours From PhoenixTravelers coming from Arizona's Valley of the Sun (Phoenix and the surrounding area) will visit the South Rim. If you are in Phoenix but really want to see the West Rim, you will have to drive yourself because the only bus tours that go there depart from Las Vegas. The bus tour to the South Rim takes you through Sedona where you see amazing red rock buttes and juniper pines. The trip to the National Park is a beautiful and scenic experience. Once you arrive, you'll have up to three hours to explore the highlights. You will meet up with your group again in Grand Canyon Village at
I'm looking into getting into a band, what kind of band do you think I should be in? rock country something else?
Are Fwb Relationships Really Viable?
Many times I've seen the concept of FWB relationships debated online. Can they work? Are they good? Should I try one? Are they just wishful thinking and a setup for heartache and bad feelings? I've thought a lot about the issue over the years, and the conclusion I've come to is that FWB relationships can not only be possible but also very rewarding, BUT they are very difficult to have successfully. If you're looking for someone to fuck with no strings attached, then in my opinion you are deluding yourself. Using someone for sex is a sure way to mess with someone's head and emotions and will ultimately result in hurt feelings, heartache, and a royal mess. However, if you have a strong friendship with someone and care for them deeply and find that the two of you share a physical attraction and connection, then having the relationship become sexual is completely normal. We are physical people, and a large part of how we express our feelings is through our physical actions.
New Recent Video Posts
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.   Will post more soon until then enjoy, and thanks for watching don't forget to signup and rate us.   *Do not open while at work*
  That perfect someone. Isnt that what we all want? Love and to be Loved. Most people have been in love or had feelings of love for someone. But when you get hurt by someone that you feel those strong feelings it makes you question love and makes you doubt yourself and the feelings you felt from that person and the ones you gave in return. Love is the all end all of everything right? The crazy and amazing things people do when they are inlove or love someone period. So why is it that we all usually have to learn a hard lesson when it comes down to being hurt by that person in which we loved.... I believe we go through these world devastating and crushing to find the pure truth of love.   I belive the truth of love has more meaning than people originally think.   When you truey love someone and are loved back in the same manner, the other person is always put first in actions because love is more than a feeling but an action. The actions I speak of are more simple than complex even th
Easy Honesty
people look down on the words i say or the questions i ask. the fact is im honest and up front. it hard to hold back what i really want to say which is, if ur looking to get down with out the strings so am i or if u wanna chat sexy so do i. dont hate me for it honor the fact that im honest. im a nice guy that gets judged for the dumbest thing. im easy, if u are we should hook up seriously.
Father's Day (repost)
Although I'm feeling pleasantly nostalgic as Father's Day rolls around again, I'm also feeling a tad old. I suppose as one ages, he is more prone to feel nostalgic; more life experiences, more history lived through and seen firsthand. It seems as if it was yesterday that James, Marcus, Karesa, Darian, and Ashlyn were in diapers. For me, my oldest were in diapers at roughly the same time as my youngest, Ashlyn, now 5. It's incredible the way the brain doesn't add time to memories. Perhaps that's a good thing, and in the case of our children, why we continually love them more and more with every passing year. Due to the brain-time thing, whatever you want to call it, our children are always our babies, always new to us. Jamie, it seems like yesterday that you were walking around the house, diaper on your butt, holding a tiny electronic guitar up to your bare chest trying to do what I was doing on my Carvin. And now, you're doing things on your own Carvin that I neve
Tft Technology Stationed Tablet 300ppi Era
Tablet PC below this level panel is 200-251 ppi, 7.0 英寸 Amazon Kindle Fire HD and 10.0 inches Google Nexus 10 belong to this category. Such panel shipments this year is expected to be 22.8 million, compared with last year's 12.1 million increase 88%. At the recent meeting held in Vancouver, the SID can be seen on the new 300PPI Tablet PC panel display industry, which is an important meeting, panel makers are usually discussed on this occasion new technologies and industry developments. Held in May this meeting, LG Display unveiled a 300ppi pixel density than 7-inch high-definition flat-panel computer panel, Samsung Electronics unveiled a 10.1-inch 300ppi tablet PC panels. Taiwan Innolux also launched its own products, a 6-inch low-temperature polysilicon HD panel, pixel density up to 368ppi. Part of plans to launch high-definition panel, will use oxide thin film transistor (TFT) technology android 4.2 tablet pc similar to the SID conference to see. This tech
I Love These Touching Stories!
The teacher gave her fifth grade class an assignment:  Get their parents to tell them a story with a moral at the end of it.   The next day, the kids came back and, one by one, began to tell their stories. There were all the regular types of stuff:  Spilled milk and pennies saved.  But then the teacher realized, much to her dismay, that only Janie was left. "Janie, do you have a story to share?" 'Yes  ma'am.  My daddy told me a story about my Mommy.  She was a Marine pilot in Desert Storm, and her plane got hit.  She had to bail out over enemy territory, and all she had was a flask of whiskey, a pistol, and a survival knife.  She drank the whiskey on the way down so the bottle wouldn't break, and then her parachute landed her right in the middle of 20 Iraqi troops.  She shot 15 of them with the pistol, until she ran out of bullets, killed four more with the knife, till the blade broke, and then she killed the last Iraqi with her bare hands." "Good Heavens!" said the horrified teac
Overcastskies And Downcast Eyes...
distance overshadows everythingthere is no trace of strength to findmy body lacks the courageto keep itself in stridemy mind feels dehydratedlike a land not soaked by droughtmy soul gave birth the questionthat time turned into doubtmy essence feels unnourishedlike a nation beset with faminethe serene is phalanx'd by the nervishthe complete is reduced to fragmentthe clouds hang lowand darken up the skyhowever soft, it's not a gentle blowand the sky opens up to crythe deluge that is my tormentis like a stone upon my soulall the former that had lain dormantis beyond all of my controli am swallowed up in feelingsfrom a time so long agoi chance a glance up toward the ceilingfrom the floor beyond belowthe destined is never destinedif it's not the place you thought you'd endthe questioned remains a questionif the thought did not begin
Cheap 9fifty Snapbacks Like A Synchronized
9fifty snapbacks like a synchronized to the family but the updated Knitted Hat comes in just in time for the cold weather. The Robertson family has a whole line of clothing that includes several camouflage hats and ball caps. Fans of the popular TV hunting series called Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty would really enjoy any of these hats for Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Christmas or as a birthday present. If you wish to have a machine for your company or personal use, you could easily get one from online and offline stores. The kind of look a well made embroidery design delivers is outstanding and is possible to achieve this with use of a proper machine. Theres no two .cheap 9fifty snapbacks methods about this, in their normal circumstances, dwell tunes is a superb icebreaker. This amazing hottest put out could be a priceless supplementation to a wood stove which often can to some extent often be the best preferred Predator 2013 decisions outside all of these books. adidas F50 adizero,
Cheap Snapbacks Could Be A Priceless
snapbacks could be a priceless and ball caps. Fans of the popular TV hunting series called Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty would really enjoy any of these hats for Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Christmas or as a birthday present. If you wish to have a machine for your company or personal use, you could easily get one from online and offline stores. The kind of look a well made embroidery design delivers is outstanding and is possible to achieve this with use of a proper machine. Theres no two methods about this, in their normal circumstances, dwell tunes is a superb icebreaker. This amazing hottest put out could be a priceless snapbacks ntation to a wood stove which often can to some extent often be the best preferred Predator 2013 decisions outside all of these books. adidas F50 adizero, stands out as the serious transformative wonderful breakthrough for use on your cutting edge Predator. Youll find vendors on the web that sore to this sort of order placed. Seek out publ
What Does It Take To Love ?
What does it take to LOVE ? passion,Affection,Concern,Devotion,Attraction,Warmth,Worship, Respect,Promise,Security,Sentiment,Agitation,Craving,Delight, Responsibility,Zest,Faith,Confidence,Hope,Trust,Commitment, Reverence,Sensibility,Fire,Admiration,Tenderness,Loyalty,Honour, Harmony,Obsession...   There is a difference between saying "I LOVE YOU" and saying "I LOVE  You "      
Top 5 Safety Essentials For Sports
Sports are a great way to improve fitness and emotional wellbeing, but their very nature puts participants at risk of personal injuries. This has resulted in the creation of huge amounts of sports safety equipment. While some of this equipment might not look especially stylish, it could one day save your life or prevent you from suffering from serious health problems. 1- Helmets Helmets are a vital safety tool in a huge number of different sports, including hockey, American football, baseball, softball, and those that involve racing on vehicles, such as motor racing, skiing, inline skating, snowboarding, biking and skating. You should only ever wear a helmet that was designed with your specific sport in mind - it is no good wearing a skating helmet for a hockey match. Your helmet should be approved by the relevant authorities and should be the right size for your head. It should fit snugly and should not tilt forwards or backwards. 2 - Eye protection Eye protection is also necessa
A Gentle Kiss
Let us put aside the sex and love makesoft and gentle, for sensuality's sakethough our love is stronger than beforestill it leaves me always wanting moreLet us forget the dungeon going to bedForgetting Sire I am your love insteadLet us seek heaven within untold blissAnd let us start it with a gentle kiss  Your gentle brow I do kiss , always wonderin' What I did to earn such a love as this , I know  Not nor do I care , just always wanted you to be there, You opened my mind to new idea's , through all that you became my friend , my mentor my hero and my lover . Then you shared a word of wisdom , Don't turn your back on your heritage, be true to the blood , walk strait and hold your head up proud, and never let them pass you around . You have royal bloodline's close at hand don't get the spirits angry , cause they know the Great I Am .                                                
White Assed Crackers.....
It occurs to me that Michelle Obama comports herself in the same way that Rachel Jeantel did in the courtroom where she was expected to be the prosecution's star witness against George Zimmerman, who is on trial for killing Trayvon Martin in self-defense. Michelle Obama is loud, crude, wears hideously expensive, ill-fitting clothes, complete with slacks that showcase panty-lines that look like crevices in the Grand Canyon. Liberals decried the fact that "pundits" (which is code-speak liberals notably use when they are trying to subtly and insidiously have the readers think they're referencing conservatives when in reality it's other liberals) criticized Jeantel's weight and attitude. Much about Jeantel reminded me of the Obama woman. The Obama woman is gregarious and esteems herself far above reality. She is unattractive, unlike Jeantel, who is simply unlearned pursuant to acceptable haute couture. And when it comes to criticizing Jeantel's speech, hers pales in comparison to t
Remember When...
Remember: then-CWS lefty Mark Buehrle set down 45 straight,  pitching his perfecto and then retiring the 1st 17 hitters he faced in his next start?  One of the All-Time MLB hi-lites on Blogging-Baseball (dot) com  An Oppty 4 SEO-type to buy this est. baseball blog. Offers please!
Expert Packers Along With Movers Throughout Gurgaon For Productive Moving
Possessing tension involving separation together with other moves involving life and not obtaining the excellent strategy to straighten out then one ought to handover the stress to help professional shifting organizations. They then perform in a way they by no means consider any good assist from other purchaser. In addition to guarantee his or her shoppers they not just permit them to look at tension while they deal with each matter along with considerably flawlessness. They provide the most beautiful to satisfy the needs with the clients. They then get skilled workers whom find hired on such basis as his or her knowledge, ability, along with knowledge. They understand how to deal with the things along with best places pay considerably take along with appropriately they use to accomplish perform. They usually make an effort to diminish the job insert in their shoppers along with cause them to exempt from the actual pathetic employment. They perform in accordance with time period along
Packers Along With Movers Throughout Indian Along With Lots Of Moving Options
Changing collected from one of spot for a another location abandon folks throughout quite nerve-racking scenarios in this numerous style of troublesome task such as presentation involving things, loading along with unloading, vehicles involving goods, unpack along with turn around them with brand-new position. Regarding widespread folks, it is very difficult perform to accomplish changing along with tote along with bagger without having professional packers along with movers involving Faridabad, folks can make his or her changing hassle-free. Inside any kind of changing presently there is just about the most crucial jobs to help Packaging involving things. A suitable filling guarantee the actual basic safety involving things over the vehicles, it ought to be simply digest the actual shock along with jackasses over the shifting. packers and movers gurgaon provides packers along with movers products and services in different position involving Indian because Packers along with Movers Ko
Pool Villas Hua Hin
Hua Hin, a renowned seaside resort in Thailand offers pleasant experiences for its residents & tourists through its tranquil beaches, lush green golf courses & matchless lifestyles. Apart from beachside properties & golf coursework properties, investors have thrilling opportunities in the property market of Hua Hin by pool villas. Hua Hin pool villas provide the final experience of luxury, offering privacy with a pool & Jacuzzi. They come with personalized kitchens & spacious rooms, with elaborate interior decorations. They are designed keeping in mind the outdoor living styles, wherein the ground floor includes a private swimming pool. The villas also offer poolside terraces that add to the luxury of an wonderful lifestyle. As a premium golfing location, Hua Hin also exhibits its opulent pool villas in the nearness of its golf courses. Hua Hin offers pool villas in beachside areas at prime locations, some of which have rooms offering exclusive views of the ocean. Coconut trees line
You Look At The Type Of Players Like Higuain
Jack Wilshere hopes Arsenal can strengthen their squad this jerseys Arsenal have also been linked with Real Madrid's £25million-rated forward Gonzalo Higuain and also Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini, who would both command significant wages.Wilshere, 21, believes the calibre of players now likely to be brought in by Arsenal shows they mean business on the pitch.He added: "You look at the type of players like Higuain we are trying to bring in and you have got to be encouraged. "I think we need a few more, not to step right into the team, but to add to the squad."We need our squad to be as deep as United's and (Manchester) City's. They can change their back four completely and still win. There is no way United would have won the Premier League trophy with 18 players." Thomas Rogne was delighted to finally clinch his move from Celtic to Wigan more The 23-year old Norwegian defender has departed Parkhead after three-and-a-half years with the Hoops
Mark Hughes Will Decide On That Situation, But He Is Our Player And Is Under Contract
"It's feels great to have joined the club, the process was quite short which was good and I'm looking forward to getting started now,” he told Wigan’s official website."It's an exciting chapter for me; English football is something special and being Norwegian we follow the game over here very closely, so to be a part of it makes me very jerseys"I've seen Wigan Athletic play quite a lot when the club was in the Premier League, and obviously the whole of Europe has been speaking about the club after the FA Cup win in May. "I think many people have been charmed by the way the club is run and how the team plays, so it's great to be here." Nzonzi has handed in a transfer request, just as he did at Blackburn before joining Stoke last summer.Coates told The Sentinel: "Mark Hughes will decide on that situation, but he is our player and is under contract. "There haven't been offers that I am aware of, but we wouldn't stand in his way if Real Madrid or a club of a simi
Depth Analysis Of Ac-dc Power Supply Design
Even for the most experienced power supply designers who will have to be achieved in a small volume to maximize power efficiency is not an easy task. Compact device requires a lot of power supply design in a given time period, such equipment may need to load hundreds of watts of power. The height limit is less than a 1U system, forced air cooling may be feasible, which means you must use costly to implement large surface area thin heatsink thermal management.  AC / DC power supply is AC input, output DC power supply module. Which in this module includes an internal rectifier filter circuit, buck circuit and voltage regulator circuit. In the AC / DC power conversion applications require a wide input range, usually require: 85V ~ 265V AC input, high output power conversion efficiency requirements, and can effectively improve the energy performance, full load efficiency in AC / DC power supply design is a major consideration. Improve AC / DC converter efficiency and achieve
Pendant Led Luminaire With Aluminum Frame In High
Product benefits Adjustable modules (rotation angle: 330°) for easy direction of light output High light output thanks to high-power LED Quick and simple installation  LED flood light Adjustable in height when combined with pendant kit Areas of application Decorative domestic lighting Living rooms Dining rooms, kitchen tables Product features Pendant LED luminaire with aluminum frame in high value design Color temperature: 3,000 K Electrical data Nominal wattage 13.50 W Mains frequency 50…60 Hz Operating mode Electronic control gear (ECG) Light technical data Color temperature 3000 K Beam angle 30 ° Luminous flux 495 lm Color rendering index Ra 80 Dimensions & weight Length 400.0 mm Width 150.0 mm Height 33.0 mm Colors & materials Body material Polycarbonate (PC)/Aluminum Product color White Cover material Polycarbonate (PC) Reflector material Plastic Temperatures Ambient temperature range …+25 °C
Accéder à Casser Informations De Football Sur L'internet
Les fans de football ont jamais été aussi très bon en ce qui concerne le maintien à jour avec les informations de football le plus courant de haut en bas du pays. Non seulement pouvez-vous afficher les informations des canaux journée et le soir pour voir cependant ce qui se passe dans votre club bien-aimé, l' information sur le football plus actuel peut être au bout de vos doigts sur l'internet. Que vous dans la maison ou au travail ou sont encore dehors et maillot de foot 2013 yourenviron, aussi longtemps que vous pourriez avoir accès au Net vous fait don avez une excuse pour ne pas être pleinement informéMaillots de pied environ certainement presque tout ce qui se déroule sur la terre du football.sites de football telles que le football FanCast, ou les sections sportives en ligne des grands journaux britanniques, vous offrent à chacun des nouvelles du football, vous avez besoin d'avoir. Il est possible de posséder encore les gros titres de l'information les plus récente
Question Yourself.......
"Everyone has their own battles and their own fights. Its just about figuring out what you can take on and what will come out of it that makes you happy dealing with the consequences and theories in the world. You have to develop your own path and your own state of mind." This quote is from someones video, who I fallow closely for some personal reasons and out of admiration.  He also says that you "cant form your life on others because they have already based what they feel about you based on things they cant even be sure about but they're saying they are. " This has really came to express my life and how it has been for a short while now. There are some people who are going to meet me, and they are going to base their feelings on such things as my tattoos, how I dress, even my attitude. This brings in his point, they don't know my battles or fights or the reasons for why I do or don't do things. I can try my best at what I do, that is where it goes.  He also mentions that the more y
No Church!!!!!
"Police arrest man after fight over seat saving at LDS church" PLAIN CITY, Utah — A man was arrested outside a church in Plain City on Sunday after authorities said an argument over “seat saving” in the pews escalated to a fistfight in the parking lot and another man being hit by a car. Source:   ***** That was THIS weekend.  A few weeks ago, June 16, 2013: *****   Victim in Ogden church shooting identified; suspect in custody OGDEN, Utah — A shooting inside a Catholic church in Ogden sent police on a statewide manhunt Sunday for the man behind it.Source:   ***** Enough said!  There isn't enough money and tequila to get me into a church in the state of Utah!!!!! *****
Continued ……
i was really into this new side of being outdoors so i took off my clothes completly and while he was having his way outside on the hood of his car i was seeing my breast bouncing and he accidently came outside me as he was pushing the cum into me with the head of his cock i remember feeling my clit swell with an inmense feeling i wanted him to keep doing that. but he was usually into him getting his never mine. My new theory now is if i am not going to get to the point of having a orgasm i am going to make the next man very aware of it!! so if your in for a honest opinion then i can comply other that that do not apply for that position.
Continued From Starting The Blog
well anyway.... as i pushed myself back up i feel him pushing me harder like lifting me up and i enjoyed that position he never did that while in bedroom
His Eyes
Love is rare Love is Devine A love like this has to be mine When I look into your eyes so blue and rare I can't help myself but for falling for you right there Your personality is is amazing As your heart is to I can't help but wonder Why your not mine to I want to know everything From your dreams to yours fears I wanna share all your Smiles and yours tears Take a chance with me You won't soon regert Because I'm everything your Soul has long for and Your dreams have kept
Sexual Position
ok well one time Me and my ex went to my Ex mother in laws house and my ex was in the mood so we went outside and we parked the car in her back yard and i sat on the hood of the car and he slid my panties to the side and was playing as i was sliding off the hood i was falling onto his manhood and i put my legs on his shoulders to push myself back up to the top of the car hood
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Vydra Hit 22 Goals For Watford Last Season And Has Been Told He Can Leave Italy
West Bromwich Albion are moving for Juventus striker Nicolas soccer jerseys The Sun says Anelka, 34, is looking for a new club after a six-month spell at Juventus, which followed his year with Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua.The former Arsenal, Chelsea, Bolton, Manchester City and Liverpool striker made just three appearances for Juve. Baggies boss Steve Clarke, who knows Anelka from their time at Stamford Bridge, is keen to discover if the player still has the appetite to play in the Premier League.West Bromwich Albion have held a round of talks with Franco di Santo. The Sun says Albion have also held talks with free agent Di Santo, who has left jerseysAnd they are keen too on Watford’s on-loan Udinese striker Matej Vydra, 21, and plan to speak to him this week. Vydra hit 22 goals for Watford last season and has been told he can leave Italy.
En Utilisant Un Certain Nombre De Numéros Pour Les Membres Du Groupe Se Avantager Beaucoup D'équipes En Ce
Cependant, en utilisant un certain nombre de numéros pour les membres du groupe se avantager beaucoup d'équipes en ce qui concerne le personnel adverse et leur préparation pour profiter de l'une de ces équipes.,C'est vraiment un net avantage de posséder votre adversaire un peu perplexe quant au joueur qui est réellement sportives de la variété et peut préserver l'adversaire au dépourvu.Beaucoup d'équipes de football collégial utiliser cette tactique à leur avantage. Employant nombreux maillots numérotés est en fait une nécessité à la Louisiana State University Tigers, pourtant ils obtiennent également le plaisir de la surprise qu'il apporte à leur adversaire. ,Les joueurs peuvent changer de maillots de semaine en semaine. Lorsque les équipes adverses observent les films dans le jeu de football à travers la semaine précédente à s'organiser pour le jeu de football à venir, ils pourraient être regarder un autre joueur arborant le maillot, que le joueur réel qui sera coiffé exactement la m
"the Next Day At Work"
 She was the first to cum. She began to buck on my face a i finger fucked her ass while my tongue flicked at her clit. Her moans muffled by Bianca's mouth locked on her mouth. I pumped my hand harder as i felt her pussy lips tighten on my mouth. As she came, she literally squirted her juices deep into my mouth. I  dranked her up as her pussy shuddered on my lips.   Myria reached down and bagan to play with bianca's clit as she rode my dick. She squeezed and pulled at her pussy as my dick moved in and out of her. I felt her began to tighten and it was too much for me. I grunted as my dick started to swell for a second time and i exploded my load dep in side of her. As soon as my cun hit the walls of her pussy, bianca began her own orgasm, moaning loudly as her pussy tightened even more around my dick.    Later the girls lay down beside me, one one each side. I wrapped my arms around them, and we cuddled for the longest time.    Finally, i told them i had to get going. i jumped in
Although Is Not The Most Powerful On The Market
Unlike mobile devices with Windows 8, this version integrates professional tablet Windows 8 Pro, which does allow the installation of applications outside the shop environment or At the hardware level features an Intel Atom processor, which although is not the most powerful on the market, allows for uncomplicated most programs, apps and regular professional environment software: Email Management Pack office, see social networking, video conferencing, etc.. Said processor need not dissipate heat, thus not need a ventilation system, and this has allowed a very light weight and dimensions.ASUS has established itself as a leading company within the world of ultrabooks: proof of this was the presentation of the recent developments in technology trade show Computex 2013.Get the best phone online。Visit efox-shop.comOr  paste this link into your browser
"the Next Day At Work"
Soon the women lowered me to the bed and Bianca lifted her leg over me. She slowly lowered herself down on my very hard dick. My dick easily entered her soaking wet pussy, and she settled down on top of me.    Meanwhile, Myria moved up to my head and lifted herself up and down onto my face. She sat backwards so that she could look at Bianca. Her pussy tasted so different than Bianca's as it settled down on my mouth.    The women began to kiss and play with each other's breasts as Bianca moved up anddown on my shaft. My tongue slid deep inside Myria, and i lapped up her pussy with abandonment. all of us were groaning with passion.    I reached down and slide a couple of fingers into Bianca's pussy as it pounded down on my dick. I knew that i was going to last a while since i had already cum once. with my fingers wet from her juices, i moved my hand under Myria's leg and up to her ass. As i continued to likc her pussy, i placed one of the wet fingers at her tight ass hole and began
More Videos Uploaded
Another video of mine was just uploaded!  Go check it out and feel free to purchase it if you want to see the full video! To Make A Readhead Creampie - Thanks again for all the support and hope everyone enjoys them :) -Julie
My Life Intro
Hey all.   This'll be a blog where I can write about my daily activities and get some input from anyone who cares to follow me :)   Oh, Mai Raifu is Japanese for My Life. At least, according to Google Translate ;)   I love the Japanese culture and hope to save up to go see the magical oriental land ;)
"the Next Day At Work"
My view was from the bottom coner of the bed, and i couldn't see Bianca's mouth on Myria's pussy, but i knew what she was doing. Bianca was on her knees, and her pussy was in full view. Like Myria. it semed to be clean shaven. It glistened  with juice and i found myself staring. Finally i decided to join the fun. I stoo up and moved over to the bed. Bianca was still enjoying Myria's pussy, and i decided that her own pussy was just too accessible for me to ignore. She jumped slightly as she felt my tongue touch her moist lips. She lifted her ass a little higher in the air to allow me to get my tongue deeper into her. The only sounds in the room were the slurping of pussy juices and the moaning of the two vixens as they enjoyed the oral delights.    Soom Bianca turned around and kissed me. The taste of her own juices mixed with those of Myria as our tongue met. Myria moved to join us and the three of us stood on our knees, kissing and feeling each other.
Being A Grandma
love being a grandma my granddaughter my world she growing up so fast expecting my second grand child zack franklin cass in september i am so blessed and i love being a grandma looking back i thought this day would never come but now i hace Albina theresa marie cass- mcgarth even they share same mom but different dads  they are both love eual in my heart i would not to change this for anything it joy to be able to watch them grow up and become adults 
Introduction: Welcome To My Blog.
This is the place where I get to say what I bloody well want to say. If you care to read it, then you get to read what I want to say. If you prefer to read what you want to say, there is plenty of space in your corner of FUBAR to create your blog.   Now that we understand each other, meet the Wingnut, Wingnut, Wingnut, and the other Wingnut over there. *Whispers, “she’s crazy mad crazy mean with the big sharp thing and we like to leave HER alone!” Straightens shirt and regains composure.*   WARNING: Contents may be twisted, funny, serious, outlandish, silly or totally weird. You never really know because, well, I am the Wingnut after all, and you never know what will fly out of my brain from one moment to the next. For one thing, all my voices fight each other trying to determine what my mouth is supposed to say, or in this case, what my fingers should type. The winner gets as long as it takes for the other voices to beat her to unconsciousness. Imagine how that w
"the Next Day At Work"
They kissed again, this time their mouths opened and their tongues met.    I watched as their hands began to feel their way around each other's body, their lips staying tight against each other.Bianca was the first to break the kiss. She moved down Myria's body until her lips closed around a nipple. I was frozen as i watched Bianca pull at Myria's nipple with her teeth, nipping at it while her hand closed around the other breast. Bianca's breathing was coming heavier as Bianca began to move further down her body.    I looked down and saw my dick responding to the hot sight on the bed.  Bianca moved down between myria's legs and began to eat her. I couldn't believe my eyes as i saw how excited Myria was to have another woman's mouth on her pussy. She groaned as her hands reached for Bianca's darker hair, pushing her deeper between her legs.
"the Next Day At Work"
Myria stood with her arms at her side, completely naked. Her breasts were about half the size of Bianca's and stood firm, her nipples at attention.  My gaze moved down her very lovley body, pausing at her midsection, noticing that she was shaved.   "Hi Lee," she said, as she walked into the room. "Thanks for inviting me to join you guys, Bianca. I really enjoyed watching you suck his beautiful black dick."   I was shocked sitting in the chair listening to theses to hot vixens talk about me. i watched as Myria climbed onto the bed and kisses Bianca.   "Hmm," Myria moaned. "i can still taste him on your mouth."   "just wait until you have him yourself, Myria, he's very tasty indeed."
New Video Posted
New video is posted!  Go check it out and if you want to see more, be sure to pay for the full version! This Redhead Love To Suck Cock - More videos are being edited and will be up later! Thanks everyone and take care! -Julie
Own Career Fields Associated With Movers And Packers Activity
After the merchandise achieve their closing placement, car transportation providers firm generally known as Movers and Packers within Pune in a much ripped method. These people remove the entire transportation resources, and arrange inside the right position on the recommended consumers. Even though the firm possesses extensive practical knowledge within combined operations, shipment operations and basic enterprise supervision, they've got the facility associated with cash, income and abilities to bring anyone delight clear. Which means that you can obtain support, many of us without notice? That may stop by our own web site on the internet research. A person only need to call up on the internet call up to give you get in touch with data, an important man or woman can reply to anyone at the earliest opportunity. Like this, you can certainly feel the rest of your respective merchandise will probably be utilized in the new safety measures home safety measures. Throughout Pune, Brand new
Only One Alternative Associated With Transferring Merchandise Is Usually Movers And Packers
This option is termed self-service attempts. From the self-service attempts, the purchaser should do several perform by yourself, for example providing and unpacking the goods. The whole process inside the home relocation, professional packers and movers pune agents for taking excellent care associated with merchandise. These people carry many achievable measures to stop loss through the transition time. Professional movers and Packers Company invested in security, deterioration no cost transportation associated with merchandise crossed your limit to the brand new targeted consumers. To complete by far the most worthwhile solution to present providers, they've got your professional training associated with individuals and staff members. They may be especially suitable for your safe and sound transportation associated with merchandise to the brand new shipment service provider; the prospective crossed your limit and transition car or truck. packers and movers in pune within Pune Compan
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Those people who are planning to change to your brand new position they must prepared to face your challenging process associated with resettlement. Shifting can be a difficult and frustrating process. People ought to have to do the top perform to produce this kind of boring process smoother. The majority do not need to do your relocation process independently. Should you be moving to your brand new residence you may carry aid associated with relocation providers. They provide the product quality providing and moving providers in a very proficient fashion. These people in no way carry out might be found which could build dysfunction of their customer's resettlement. There are several relocation providers serving their providers proficiently. But persons should be cautious previous to getting your providers associated with any of the elimination businesses. Quite a few agencies are working without the licence as well as subscription. This is exactly why consumers have to do your deeply
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There are numerous well-known business involving packers and movers gurgaon, Gurgaon could be the creating location operating out of Haryana, There are numerous mover and packers inside gurgaon business provide wide variety involving providers inside taking the relocating gurgaon, Gurgaon is actually rapidly creating location inside Haryana together with growth in the location the particular packers and movers Gurgaon company is additionally raising inside rapidly approach, if we all referring to 3 to4 calendar year afterwards the particular Gurgaon location will not have much well-known packers and movers inside location because the growth in the location is actually not so much but currently as the location possesses wide range of growth divorce lawyers Atlanta service sector and also the requirements in the just about every service supply rising of which the reason why the particular packers and movers in the Gurgaon location furthermore Increase very quickly. Consider some of the
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Relocating with a fresh location is actually something people would like to. Appropriate! Even so, if you program to find the ideal providers it is very equally frustrating that you can possibly be following appropriate strategies to proceed properly. First thing that you simply carry out to make sure easy switching is actually setting up. When you program everything suitable at just about every phase you will be relocating your very best approach. Companies Obtainable You'll find various options which may be used depending on certain requirements of this merchandise where by individuals need to do the very best items. A lot of the providers to be proposed by packers and movers gurgaon are usually identified here; Industrial Taking and Relocating Packers and movers gurgaon are usually at the cab end involving giving premium quality providers to make certain your own merchandise are usually done in the ideal approach. Taking involving merchandise is actually delivered by means of sk
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New house purchase is probably the toughest phase’s men and women want to do within their household lifestyle. Really it is challenging to pack entire components of home and go on to fully fresh location. Taking and relocating are certainly not simply the particular pains involving new house purchase. After taking and relocating items, individuals need to devote 30 days time in rearranging entire objects inside a fresh home. Making fully a whole new home set up is a lot like making a new world completely. However, you don't need to be concerned, when you have to transfer someplace via Gurgaon. There are several new house purchase companies inside Gurgaon. There're targeted at doing new house purchase easy and simple and easy for that relocating family. If you actually assume clever new house purchase experience after that transfer together with one of several Gurgaon structured taking and relocating businesses. The particular professionally equipped firm will certainly pack and
"the Next Day At Work"
"From the moment you agreed to take me for a ride, i knew that we would end up here afterwards. However, i wanted to do something a little extra with you tonight. so, i invited a friend you know to join us."   My first thought went to that ass hole, my manager, who was having an affair with my wife. Just my luck, i thought to myself. ?now i have to share a second woman with him!   "Would you mind if Myria joined us?" Bianca said, looking over at the open door. I followed her gaze and saw Myria standing in the door frame.    Myria was another woman from the office. I guessed her to be about 35. She had very short blone hair and the deepest blue eyes i've ever seen. Her and Bianca were best friends, but i had no idea that did everything together.
"the Next Day At Work"
Bianca's next comment caught me completely off gaurd. "Tell you what, Lee. Why don't you sit over there on that chair until you catch your breath." Her eyes pointed over to a rocking chair in the corner of her room.   I looked over at it and then back at her. I was confused and it showed.   "Trust me. lover. Sit in the chair."   I was intrigued and moved to the rocker and sat down, my dick slowly become limp as it relaxed from the great sucking it had just received. I looked over at this great vision of loveliness laying naked on her bed, wondering why i wasn't beside her.   "I need to twell you something, and i hope you don't get upset with me over it," she started, her words coming slowly and carefully. too carefully to be serious. I could tell she was playing with me, but i had no idea what she was going to say next.
Hmm Huh What ????
Wanna know a lil something about me?? Guess what, Im human....I know BIG surprise right?! But its true...I am just a human with flesh, blood pumping through me...A mind that is like no other and well, those crazy ass things called emotions. But, I too, being a human....can & do make mistakes, & I am the first to just admit to them. Hey, whats it hurt right? Why not admit when you fucked up when you KNOW you did it! So thats me in a quick lil nut shell.....   Now off to the topic off hand,    Ive wrote about this before, but recent events made me have to re touch on the subject, Again....   So here goes.......   In this blog wayyyyyyyyy back there -------> you will find a poem I wrote about internet "friends"...And how even tho we can not touch, feel, smell, hold....ect....That behind these screens are in fact....Real people. so many of us have this misconception that this "online" stuff is all just pure fake....and hey thats fine if thats how you desire to look at it, but let m
Seven imprisoned for Facebook posts     UPIJuly 1, 2013 Saudi Arabia has sentenced seven government critics to prison for inciting protests and harming public order through Facebook, court officials said. The Specialized Criminal Court sentenced the men Monday to prison terms ranging from five to 10 years in prison. Human Rights Watch said The European’s High Representative Catherin Ashton and its member states should condemn the convictions while meeting with Saudi Arabian officials at a meeting Sunday.Read more   This article was posted: Monday, Ju
Love Without Regret
There will come a time in your life when you will become infatuated with a single soul. For this person you’d do anything and not think twice about it, but when asked why … you have no answer. You’ll try your whole life to understand how a single person can affect you as much as they do, but you’ll never find out.... You will love without regrets 
Attributes Of Selecting Accredited Packers In Addition To Movers
Packers in addition to movers include the specialized organizations in which cope with big selection regarding changing linked concerns and offer best possible remedy as outlined by scenario. There is also referred to as eradication companies or maybe since movers. Throughout India, numerous companies work in all of the primary urban centers. Generally they have their go offices in major professional urban centers including since Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Bombay, Pune, Hyderabad, and so forth in addition to divisions in nationwide. Professional companies work their consumers in big selection regarding taking in addition to transport linked issues furthermore cost-effectively. Selecting some sort of esteemed shipping organization can really help make separation uncomplicated in addition to hassle-free. Aside from the ease of changing, there are lots of some other advantages of selecting a certified mover as well. Above all reap the benefits of these people is actually basic safety regar
Exactly Why Need To We Want Expert Packers In Addition To Movers
In case you'll adjust your own home in addition to thinking of performing it simply by self be careful it is not since uncomplicated plus it appears in addition to might cause a lot of issues afterwards. It is advisable to rent an established to accomplish the complete career properly in addition to secured basic safety. There are lots of techniques including since taking, changing, controlling merchandise that may trouble people. All these points are performed with the specialized eradication organizations with ease in addition to in many optimized fashion. Regarding risk-free in addition to optimize reallocation you have to have to program in relation to enough time forward in addition to ready yourself in relation to all the aspect of changing. You should have to quite first decide in relation to selecting an established eradication organization as well as performing it simply by unique. It will always be better to use an authority separation vendor as opposed to performing it simp
Packers In Addition To Movers Supply Different Types Regarding Move Providers
These companies, this nearest vent, in addition to global separation providers major deliveries regarding merchandise involving urban centers, the official items, shipment, insurance policies providers, air providers, car or truck move assistance shifting, taking, family merchandise in addition to motion regarding gear presents a variety of providers in addition to transfer, proceed packages, this pot transfer assistance warehouse adjust throughout the responsibilities of various some other of this particular train assistance contract in home-based in addition to product packaging techniques. These kinds of Pune Packers in addition to Movers companies, has superior technology in addition to certified workers to execute the complete process properly in addition to empathy. Mover Sun light Packers Corporation is usually pre-loaded with modern tools to use different types regarding changeover providers in a much uncomplicated method. Packers Mover a number of the companies are providing
Delhi Ncr This Switch Regarding Expert Packers In Addition To Movers
Need to have regarding specialized taking in addition to shifting providers in India is actually growing day-to-day specifically in neighborhood urban centers. Large numbers of people change their living location every single day in the country seeking better career, change in doing work location, excellent education and learning as well as other appropriate causes. This case brings this development regarding a lot of specialized packers in addition to movers in many huge urban centers and also small urban centers in addition to cities furthermore. Professional organizations are filled with required resources in addition to encountered workers regarding transport subject. There're committed intended for risk-free exchange regarding householders' merchandise in addition to have every individual task linked to separation by professionals. Folks will see numerous specialized transport businesses in huge urban centers regarding India including national money Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad
Packers In Addition To Movers In Delhi Intended For Risk-free Changing
Moving derived from one of destination for another is because vibrant work place plus a fresh creation prepared depart their cynosure intended for excessive paying jobs. Wheresoever’s prospect develops, people are willing to adjust so that you can rise in the company area in addition to improve their living expectations. Together with transit techniques blocked on account of rising populace, it offers merely become important to reside in close by function destinations in addition to spend less this traveling period. Whilst it requires a significant time for it to traveling derived from one of host to the location to a different, changing has grown to be economical in addition to beneficial in today's situations. The packers and movers in delhi are specialized companies that include conclude to separate providers to people planning to adjust with no going through the trouble. The taking companies make use of qualified specialists and still have move companies to adjust light to
Never Will Be
This is how it is and always will be, I don't visualize any sort of beauty. in myself, I see beauty in some other souls, but it skipped me the mule and none of the foals. When I look in a mirror, I am not totally sad, but there isn't sexiness only too bad.   When I write, it is to my destiny, to someone that I can't see. I will never look upon a frown, or any laughing clown. it doesn't ever get upset, or know me as a regret.   I never wanted to love just me, more than any other #1 I never felt I could never be. Being stuck up was what I feared, so much I the joy I share means a burden in me is cleared.   Please understand as I try to tell. what is and never will be, is me escaping my own private hell.
You Should Read This.
Just wanted to say to all the advocates for gay marriage: The fight is not over. Government tentacles effect every part of our lives. Whether its health care, drug policy, foreign policy, economic policy, or civil liberties, we must remain ever vigilant in our quest to reduce government involvement in our personal lives. We are free, and must express our freedom, but cannot just claim victory because of this one issue. There is much more work to do, and the best way to do it is by changing the hearts and minds of the people.
Bottled Water Arrest
Six Plain Clothes Agents Assault and Arrest College Girl Buying Bottled Water     Anthony GucciardiInfowars.comJuly 1, 2013 Following the pattern of cruel and extreme acts of ‘law enforcement’ we’ve witnessed, such as charging one teen with 8 years in prison over violent comments made in a video game, a new report details how six ‘alcohol agents’ bashed in the car windows of one young college girl who was buying bottled water in Virginia. It’s yet another concerning story of government agents unleashing their rage on innocents, and they really do continue to get increasingly stranger. In this latest event, University of Virginia student Elizabeth Daly was with h
6/24 - 6/30/13
 MONDAY'S JOKES                                      Half  A member of the United States Senate, known for his hot temper and acid tongue, exploded one day in mid-session and began to shout, "Half of this Senate is made up of cowards and corrupt politicians!" All the other Senators demanded that the angry member withdraw his statement, or be removed from the remainder of the session. After a long pause, the angry member acquiesced. "OK," he said, "I withdraw what I said. Half of this Senate is NOT made up of cowards and corrupt politicians!"  --------------------------------------------------------------------                                       Neck in Sand   What do you call Osama bin Laden buried up to his neck in sand? Not enough sand.  ********************************************************************                                      TUESDAY'S JOKE                                      Saved   George W. was out jogging one morning along the parkway when he tripped, fell
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Model became popular for its intricately designed bags with robustness that can't be matched. The signature stamped monogrammed grew up to become a quo position for some. A regarded simple fact that not everyone can afford to is price ranges incredibly boost of these designer handbags and purses. Even with a hefty price tag, designer even now continues to be salable. Your goods are still frequented in particular by its meticulous prospects who don't want to solve significantly lower. For the reason of his fame and the need, a lot of companies in China have created mass for transactions of sale wholesale. Now, this tends to make the designer purses bags and economic for reduced and media courses. These variations are great choices for all those who don't want to pay a full lot of income for a bag. Even teenagers can now essentially manage them. Now marketed these design by more bags and purses coach. Many women and adolescents now could get pleasure from carrying a fashion and lavishl
Light Adult Content, Short Story, Hello
You walk in the door, into a darkened house.  In the air, you can smell the cloyingly sweet smell of a candle, and the hit of roses wafting through the air.  The slight glow leads you upstairs, to the bedroom, but there is no one there.  Then you notice the light is all coming from the bath room, so you slip your heels off, leaving them near the door to room, and slink silently towards the you step into the bath, you notice the Candles are your favorite scent, but lighter, as if diluted enough so lighting the room would know be overpoweringly strong.  Slowly, turning your gaze across the room, you still see no other there with you, and your eyes settle finally on the tub.  it is full, the water the absolute perfect temperature, you see the surface covered lightly with rose petals.  You simply can not pass this up, keeping your eyes, open, you begin to slowly remove your blouse and skirt, attentatively folding them neatly and setting them uponthe chair to the make up table.  You
Stream Of Conciousness Poetry, Legacy.
A try at poetry, I give it a shot every so often when the mood hits.Nothingness, the curse of almost every man and woman who has ever lived.Doing nothing, its easy.Its the easiest thing to do, nothing.Nothing leads to Nothing.And that leads to oblivion.If no one remembers you.If you die, and left nothing behind.If No one knew who you were.Were you ever Alive.Do you exist?Are you really here?Have you done anything to be remembered for?Nothing leads to Oblivion.Will people mourn you after you pass?Have you Done Anything?Or do you continue to do Nothing?Are you Alive?Do you have a family?Will they remember you fondly, as a loving, member.Or did you do nothing but work, and never spend any time with them?Nothing is Oblivion.Have you done a Lasting Work?Do you have A Legacy of Knowledge to leave behind?Do you have a Masterwork so that future generations will Know you were here.Alive is Leaving your mark.Great Parents, loving and Kind.Nurturing and teaching, leave their kids the same way.And
Stream Of Conciousness Poetry, Nothing.
Nothing Silence calls, lulling you to her.Darkness beckons, offering you peace.Fear feeds, leaving you weaker in her wake.Anger burns, making you hot.Logic freezes, turning your emotions cold.Compassion begs, and is ignored in your own turmoil.Jealousy arrives, and causes you to be foolish.Avarice comes, and you are poorer for it in what matters.Lonliness envelopes, and you change yourself to be what others want you to be.Desperation looms, and the most honest of men become base criminals.Infirmness creeps, and one does not challenge it.Happiness rejoices, and is ignored because it is the small things not the large you dreamed off.Friends join, then depart as they were never truly let in to see the real you.Lovers embrace, and disappear when they find only lust not the depth of love they seek.Partner's come, and fall to the wayside when they are forced to walk in front or behind, not side by side as they desire.Death approaches, and is welcomed for the rest of the weary at heart and s
Stream Of Conciousness Writing, Notes On Love
True Love.What is it, really?All people seek it in some form, and most never find it.Most settle for Lust, as base a human instinct as their is, thinking with hormones and pheromones.I ask myself what Love is, all the time.The Best answer I was ever able to come up with, was this.  Love, is the completeness you never knew you were missing.  Its finding the Partner who will be by your side, step by step, into the unsure future, as you take come together as one, and forge it for what you want it to be.  Someone who walks beside you, offering wisdom and strength in every decision.  Holding you close, letting you lean on them, Offerring you their strength, freely, when you need it, and accepting yours without reservation when they need it.  Love makes whole, what you never realized was incomplete.  It ensures that you have someone whom you respect and trust, explicitly, at your side, for the rest of your days.  Love is what you spend your entire life looking for without realizing it.  Love
Stream Of Conciousness Writing, Notes On Friends
Friends.    Of true friends, I have very few.  I am a friendly person, but I keep the real me closed off from all but a select few.  I can count true friends with less fingers than one of my hands.  You can't truly be friends with someone until you let them in.  Yes, that means they can hurt you like no other, but if you never expose yourself to hurt, you will never feel the joys that come from it.  On the sage advise of one of truest friends, I am working on opening up more, sharing things that I have never shared with anyone, before. My personal writings, that go straight from brain to screen, with no filter.  Nothing more honest than stream of conciousness, writing.  But its not something I ever shared with anyone before, I would usually read them a week or so later, then delete them.  Or, I would not bother to save them in the first place, lest someone find them, and see my soul set to words.  No more.  I am going to start sharing the real me.  Who I am without walls, or guards.  I
Stream Of Conciousness Writing, Nots On Life
Life is Active.To live, one must choose to participate.  One can be alive, but do nothing, are they truly alive?  Not to me.  You have to struggle with life, learn its lessons, take the lumps, and the good times while you keep striding forward.  Work on making yourself a better person, daily.  Have a Clear goal, even if it seems completely unattainable now.  If you struggle and strive for it, anything can happen.  Life is fluid, once a day has past, it will never happen again.  Live each day, pressing for your goal.  Find your way past the obstacles life puts in your path, never stopping, never slowing.  Its easy to get sucked into a rut, from which you find you dont want to get out of, because its soooo much easier just to stay there.  That isnt Living.  That is being alive.  I have found, that I would rather live, truly live, for 1 day, than be "alive" for 60 years.  Without change, you can not learn and evolve.  You can not come that one step closer to your goal which seemed unattai
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Another Poem Extracted From The Chaos That Is My Mind.
 Rest EternalIn our life, we all struggleEach Step of every dayWe all face challenge and adversity.Everything we choose to doEveryone we speak tooIs a new connection.Every connection touchesWether a person, or a placeThat stays there, permanent.In Death, we find peaceOur burdens we layAnd rest, finally, in peace.When rest, we finally findPain and loss are leftFor friends and family.We hope their griefDoes not consumeThe lives of those we leave behind.Live, we wish we could sayCelebrate the memoriesOf the Good we did, and the joy we brought.Remember us as we wereFriend, family do not lose yourselvesIn grief at our rest.We found our peace, our restDo not grive overlyInstead, remember us.We now lie, at peaceAnd pray, for you, in your strugglesAnd wait, for you to at last to restAnd, in peace, eternal, together again.Joshua StrongMay 10th, 2012
How To Pack Kitchen Fragile Items Correctly
If you have decided to pack your belongings on yourself then you must be expert in the job. You should take utmost care during entire process so that you can indeed provide safe, secure and professional packing to your belongings so that they can be transferred to your new place safely and timely. The biggest challenge in packing moving home is packing up kitchen items especially things who are fragile or can be easily broken and damaged. In this article you will get to know some ideas on how to pack kitchen fragile items correctly. It is certain that a kitchen has some fragile items such as glassware and crockery sets. You will need to pack these items very carefully as they are fragile in nature. You should use appropriate packing supplies and special boxes. Dish-pack boxes are ideal for packing up of fragile glassware, crockery sets, cups, plates, chinaware, etc. It is best to wrap each piece individually using neat and clean newsprint papers or bubble wrap before you put them down
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Sometimes, It Takes A Lifetime Or Two...
She awakens from her slumber and instantly knows something isn't right.  Not bad, just not right.  Looking around, everything appears the same, but different somehow.  It's as if every object has taken on a new, more vivid shade.  She sits on the edge of her bed, trying to remember anything from her dreams that may have brought on such a strange feeling, but comes up with only a blank canvas.  She wonders if she even dreamt at all...these days they seem to escape her.    Trying to push the feeling of awkwardness from her mind, she crawls out of bed and slips on a pair of jeans.  As she glances in the mirror, she notices that she, too, seems different.  Brighter, stronger, anchored with a deeper sense of calm that she has never seen in her blue eyes.  Her soul is screaming from inside, and although she cannot hear the thoughts it's trying to convey, she can feel it.  She stands in awe of the image staring back at her.  She has never seen herself in this light.  There is no fear weighin
Made A £20million Bid For The England Star
Wayne Rooney’s situation at Manchester United is a confusing one. If you read any of the British tabloids, you will read conflicting reports. The Sunday Mirror, states that Arsenal has made a £20million bid for the England jerseysHowever, the People, a sister paper of the Mirror claims that Rooney is preparing to sign a new contract, but only on his current salary. It really is hard to understand whom to believe. Meeting David Moyes officially takes over as Manchester united boss tomorrow. One thing that seems certain is that the Scot will sit down and discuss Rooney’s future with the striker and his agent at some point in the next week.It appears that Moyes wants the 27-year-old to stay at Old Trafford, despite the fact that at Everton the pair did not see eye-to-eye. In fact, Moyes sued Rooney over certain claims in the strikers’ soccer jerseys It seems that the pair has now made up, and Rooney put in a transfer request prio
Les Contribuables Britanniques Sont Plus Susceptibles D'être Dans Les Bras Après La Publication De L'informatio
Les contribuables britanniques sont plus susceptibles d'être dans les bras après la publication de l'information à partir du coût de la London 2012 Olympics dans un récit publié récemment par le magazine Spectator. Le Comité olympique déjà notoire a finagled le pays hôte des Jeux de nombreux livres pour ce qui ressemble à des conditions extrêmement généreux de contrat. Les termes comprennent l'hébergement pour votre famille entière Jeux olympiques? (Tous les fonctionnaires, les travailleurs et les membres du Comité olympique) - 40.000 chambres pour que la durée des Jeux, du 1800 qui sont des logements de quatre ou 5 étoiles réservées aux premiers membres du CIO.Le coup de pouce aux hôtels Londres et d'autres organisations sera probablement importante, mais à part des établissements de restauration et les hôtels à Londres (et à proximité des zones, sans doute), peut être la valeur réelle en vaut la peine pour le contribuable britannique typique? Pour inclure insulte aux dommages, beauco
Videos Of Me
If you want to see more of me, check out these videos. The videos are 15 second previews, but if you want to see the full video, you can pay money to see them.   Pool Threesome Part 1 - Pool Threesome Part 2 - Redhead Mistress Sucks Dick - Redhead Slut Rides a Huge Cock -   More will be posted later and I will add links once they are up! Take care everyone! -Julie
Adebayor A Marqué Son Deuxième Du Match
Matériel pensé après l'Inter dans le derby faiblesse Milan, quand je crains que personne prévu à l'Inter Milan tandis que dans la propriété, est maintenant obtenir reconnu depuis le Top 8, le plus faible du massacre sévèrement Schalke 04. Après le match Inter Milan italien médias mentionné qu'il avait eu une soirée de cauchemar en général. Inter Milan ligne arrière Schalke pull déchiré envoyer Oolong "Gazzetta dello Sport" sur la page de la maison maillots de foot de site en utilisant un morceau de Raul boulonné à l'arrière du media comme la ville de Milan, qui a écrit dans le titre ". nuit cauchemardesque Inter" chemise italienne de football médias ont en revanche aux techniques Leonardo sont «4-2 - imagination", se réfère à la 4 Minghouweijia sur deux milieu de terrain défensif, est toujours à compter sur des joueurs talentueux avant les Jeux imagination vidéo, "Gazzetta dello Sport" après le match mentionné: «Le ratio de 4-2 de l'imagination, et plus difficile d'imag
"the Next Day At Work"
What ever her thinking, she just sucked harder. I wasn't in her mouth more thsn two minutes before i grunted and felt my dick swell and my load blasted into her warm mouth. She let out a short squeal as she swallowed all i had to offer her. Her hand continued to squeeze my balls trying to get every last bit of cum out of me and into her mouth.    Slowly she pulled her mouth off my shaft, gently kissing it a few times, licking the tip of my head clean. She looked up at me and smiled. "Thank you, that was a delicious treat."    She moved back to the middle of the bed, turning onto her back and pulling herself up to  a sitting position. This time she made no attempt to hide her body, and i looked down at her lovley breasts sticking out firmly from her chest.
"the Next Day At Work"
Her mouth was so much hotter than i anticipated. Her tongue very forcefull on my shaft. Her hands reached up and began to pull my balls as her mouth  sucked in most of my 8 1/2 inches. I groaned at how good it felt. her mouth did wonders. I had never experienced a mouth this good. She knew how to suck dick. Her hands squeezed harder around my balls, encouraging them to give her a prize. she was determined.   I think she knew that i was ready to explode while on the bike. It didn't matter what happened, i wasn't going to hold my load for long. I guess she figured the best thing to do would be to get me off quickly and then we could focus on a longer sesion after i recuperated.
The Football Industry Appears To Be On Half From The Season
Milan Set for Large Game Winter 28,000,003Since the football season is passed, more than half from the Milan group with the Globe Cup Football Shirt is additionally in the New Year Cassano, but no true very first team signatures. Posted on Friday Gazzetta dello Sport, "said Mark van Bommel, and signatures of winter Razali Kelixituo Milan three ambitions and 3 on the total worth of ?two,800,000,000th.Since the inter-coaching changes since the last Christmas Eve, has swept the Nerazzurri, exactly where floods have reached Benitez, Leonardo using the Football Nationwide Maillot France 3 video games soon after he took workplace (two +1 field Serie A-Cup), was a victory for some time inside the Italian Media Inter hope to return yet again. For that current market leader in Milan, the football industry appears to be on half from the season by a canal, right after all, to stabilize the situation in Milan and many candidates for being strengthened. Within the January 14 edition of
Here Is Some Stream Of Conciousness Poetry
Lessons of the Past.Clinging to you as a Shadow,Your past never truly goes away.You can not change what has already passed,Nor can you ever truly forget it.Your past is Over.For good or for ill, It is Done.Always remember the good.A smile, a laugh, a connection.These are the good times,And should never be Forgotten.The Ill... Horrors, atrocities, pains.Acts committed by You and to You....These we all seek to hide from.These are the most important to Never Forget.Your past is who you were, It is not who you are today.But without the Past, you wouldnt be who you are today without it.Wounds from the past,Some will Never truly heal.They scab over, raw and painful...Fresh Memories for eternity.Never try and forget...These must be accepted, and used to grow yourself,or one can Never move forward.Other wounds will heal, with time.Scars left by those wounds are deep,and never truly fade.We are Shaped moreBy the Pain and HorrorsOf our livesThan we are by the Happiness and Joy.This is Life. But
"the Next Day At Work"
I walked into the bedroom and saw her, lying in the middle of her king size bed. With her arm drapped over her breasts. Her legs wer crossed and i couldn't see any part of her pussy.    "Hi," she said, barely above a whisper. She was toying with me, but i didn't mind. I was hooked. She had me. Not that it would have taken much to get me.     "Hi," I  said back, walking toward the bed. I stood at the side of the bed and looked down at her. My dick stood up at full alert, hard and ready. I watched as her eyes moved from my face down my body and locked on my manhood.    "Who's your friend?" She asked , turning onto her stomach and sliding toward me.   Before i could say anything, i felt her lips wrap around my dick and she began to suck me. I looked down at her naked body, her smooth back flowing down to her firm ass. I wanted to kis and nibble it so badly.    
Evanston Best Bar | Best Local Bars| Local Live Bands | World Of Beer
World of Beer (WOB) brings the best bar to you with great beer, local live bands and people. Stop by your World of Beer in Evanston and Beer Chicago to taste the difference. The beer is then cooled for 3-6 weeks of fermentation depending on the style. Our other big feature is our high-speed canning line, which can fill over 500 cans a minute. The line can be seen from the tap room as can our wood barrel library, which will continue to grow over time as we get settled into our new home. Our membership includes a diverse group of people united by a love for craft beer and the art of brewing.
How To
Hey guys new on this site was wondering where in gods name I upload my salute photo after I take it. Any help would be graet.   Thanks alot
The water falls upon you standing hereComing down from heaven so very clearIt does hit your face and soaks throughYour vestment until you are soaked toCool, refreshing, it so cleans the airAnd all caught in it like you are thereSome may so hate the rain but never meIt somehow truly makes me feel so freeFeel the warm soothing rain upon your skinCooling the passions we are here engaged inThe wetness , the only thing so we do not bakeAs in the throws of ecstasy love we do makeFeel it as it beats upon your face and breastReplenishing us so there is no need for restRain running off me to your belly and thighsCooling us gently even as our passions riseSome hate a rainy day but them I do treasureA shower for the world, ours filled in pleasure ,and time to love.....   As you can tell it's raining here and all I can say is  " Thank you Dear "
"the Next Day At Work"
I quickly threw the helmets in the saddlebags and  lock tto the bike. I tried to keep my eyes on the lovely woman at the door as i secured the bike. I saw her wink and disappear into the house and found myself moving quickly, not really caring if the bike was stolen or not.    I walked quickly up the walkway and headed inside, closing the door behind me.    She was nowhere to be seen. Then i noticed a sock hanging off the forst stair, heading up to the second floor. I smiled as i looked up the stairs seeing the second sock about halfway up.    I kicked off my boots and started toward the staircase, pulling off my own socks and undressing as i followed the path of clithing.   At the top of the stairs i found her red T shirt that had clung so tightly to her chest just a few minutes earlier. by now my own shirt was off, and i was unzipping my jeans. Her jeans were laying just outside what must have been her bedroom. I paused and picked them up. i thought about how tight they were
Wrestling's Brooke Hogan Engaged
"the Next Day At Work"
She leaned over and kissed me, catching me off guard, and then pulled away. "Thanks for taking me for a ride, Lee." She handed me the helmet, and for a minute i thought she was going to say goodbye and leave me standing at the curb with a massive hard on in my pants.    She moved fast and started up the driveway. I just stood there, holding both helmets, looking like an idiot. I didn't know what to say or what to do. i was just mesmerized by the lovely sight of this shapely woman moving up the walkway to her place. She walked up the stairs and took a hold of her door handle, and then turned around and looked at me.   "Well," she said, lifting a finger and inviting me to come, "are you done riding or are you ready for more?"  
Sexdrugg City
Constant chaos day and night, step outside prepared to fight, Merchandise for sale, lawyers making bail, Panic in the hearts of all, stories told upon the walls.,, Graffito covered everything, what will fresh new morrows bring ? Street walkers, walking streets, twelve year olds, packing heat. Boxes, homes, will work for food, dance club back room, interludes. Constant chaos day and night, dark moves in to take a bite. Neon lights, glowing sex for sale, Over population, homeless hell. Bad cops, bank robbers, broken brand new streets. Winos snoring, covered with newspaper sheets,,,, Constant chaos, day and night, living, breathing, black and white. Legal bribes, diplomatic immunities, crying wolf, Racial inequalities, Welfare, racial gangs, religious molestation news. Purchase, rentals, leases, unemployment, union dues. Constant chaos, day and night, 24 hour vicious plight. Witness, statements, truth or lies, investigations, scams and alibis. Hate crimes dail
Organazm Colors
I can paint,,,, organ-asm colors, brush them coming out Of you, I could stroke the skin You're in,,,,, and watch you come a few. Seconds closer to exploding,,,,, like you never knew. I can paint,,, organ-asm colors, I can paint ,,, me glued on under you... I can paint organ-asm colors, pink and see thru baby blue, A brush that kisses brownskin! Paints me white on top of you. Melting mixing flowing colors,,, organ-asms out of you. I can paint us under covers, paints me deep inside of you, Sent from my iPad
I Jerketh
I need my right hand more than my left. If u don't know why, do your own test... I need my right hand when I,,,,,, JERK stuff off a shelf..... OR When someone needs some help.,,, Or when I , JERK , Stuff off of a shelf .....!! I need my left hand less than my right,,,, GRIP,,, When I grip something everything tight,,, And I ,,, grip stuff all day and all night.....!! Sometimes I grip stuff with all of my might.! And I,,,, JERK.... stuff off of a shelf... ,! But sometimes the grip, for the jerk isn't right. Stuff I'm trying to jerk, isn't gripped tight. Stuff falls off the shelf and ends up in flight. My left hand doesn't snatch it, it's always my right,,,!! Right hand is always the first in the fight. Sent from my iPad
Impy Fu
Hey you pretty lady, u must really think I'm shady, the way I run around the room talking crazy. Or calling girls baby, or maybe when I call you pretty lady? Weil I'm not shady, I am a bit crazy and my thoughts and my lips have never been lazy.... And if I'm calling girls baby, it's because I can not have u pretty lady, yes u pretty lady, hey you. Hey you pretty lady, U must be related to sunshine as hot as you are, U must be the beautiful vision of a nova, comet, shooting star, yes you pretty lady, pretty lady, I think what a magnificent woman you are, I think that I am in love with you, from a far. Hey you pretty lady, hey pretty lady, Hey you... U must be the beautiful vision of a nova, comet shooting star.....!,!!
Where R U
Where are you, I'm looking through midnight for you, It seems that I have lost you in the stars, where u sleep at , at night.... Where are you, IN The Daytime you BLEND in with the sunlight , the Sunrays, the sunshine , and everything else that is warm. Where are you, ? I'm freezing I'm in the dark and I'm lost without you. Sent from my iPad
Love Hate
I hate in love,,, I love in hate ; ain't this world,,,,, Just fucking great . ,,,,,!,,?? my words go out thinking of , you beautiful girl I hate and love ,, you fucking hoe ,I need you so ,, I need you,,,,I need you .,,,,i love u though ,!! So,,, . so leave me alone .!!! please come home ,,, Love does forgive its own. please come home ,,,,,??? prettiest girl I have ever known .!!!, I'm the only dude, ,,,lately,,, u haven't blown..!! I love hate u, I really do,,,!! I hate love and marriage too. I barely knew, my love hate grew, Rapidly in me, without a clue...!! U precious angel,,,You whore, !! I hate love you,,,more and more,,, 30 minutes ago I swore..!!! I would not will not,,, Love hate for sure. ,,,,,,,, So ,,,,,, every half hour,,, love turns to hate , I hope your misery is extremely,,,, so fucking intense ,,, so painfully straight... 30 minutes later,,,,,, you're my true soulmate ,, Everything about you is amazingly great,,!! , ! I'
I Am Broken
After the second black eye, U dont get a third try, Eye, eye, eye,,,,, I am broken. i have been broken by you. ,! My heart and my head have been splattered in red, Silhouetted with rumors of him, broken you in my bed..! Broken, i should have broken your neck instead. I should have juiced him up till he bled, And carved up the memories of flesh and feed your coed bones to the dead. But No, ! I am one of the always broken, nice guys However, just Take your shattered broken eyes, take your black hearted soul and broken lies. And shove them up your see you later, broken alibies, I am Broken, My sunshine is broken,your future happiness is too. ,! I am happily,,,,finally ,,, now broken from you..!! Sent from my iPad
Me Am Trippy
ME AM TRIPPY I am tripping dark shadows and running thru eyes , I am blowing sweet kisses and marshmallow highs, tell me you're better your wetter, your cheddar then cheese . me am trippy thru shadows point me out if you please . I am lie like a, lie like a, lie like a rug. smoking cigarros with a lady Face bug. I am trippy thought planets and mouth in the skies .. I am blowing sweet kisses through hand written cries beat me now beat me now, beat like a drum .. tell me your secrets and I'll tell you some ,, light in me shadow and still you cant see . me am trippy light shadow come running to me. I am blowing sweet kisses to beautiful eyes ... Me am marshmallow lover at handwriting size.. ...................
Divorced , seek females friends and single Opinions. Ohhhhhhppinions. Great need to questions, ,,,must study the deeper,, our human divisions. Been married last 20' years, ,,,,now not, LORD have mercy now, O M G, who is what?. Removed all words deemed to be sensitive, but amnot political, or correct, either one or both. Just Am American growth. Make stuff up, that's what I do poet, it's not who I am unless u know me and know it.... I ALSO IPAINT, most of the time ,,,,I write poems of my views of my paints in rhyme,, I'm not a painter, IPAINT, , I create the things that nobody AIN'T, thinking of now, and or, none of the time. ,I write poems of my views of my paints in rhyme,, I write like a girl, and I do write the SEXDRUGG,, I make stuff up and u should get to know it,,, usapoet. Sent from my iPad
Some Cyber Leg
Lez not have a bad day today or ever please, Lets you and i,,,and you and me ,,,,, talk like a homo tease. Lets say nipples, or perhaps we can say, uhmm homo butt. Lez say anything we want to....even if,,,just this word,,, puttz,,
Best Friends A Dummy
U cant go to the bathroom in the club, cant go back now because of the dub. U cant get caught there doing cocaine, Its not right dude you're insane. U cant kick that bouncers ass. You are shitfaced now u Better pass. U cant get caught on your birthday. Youre getting us kicked out, what should yu say. How about.... Thanks for not calling the law. Thanks for not iphone picture all Thanks for not instygramming all. Thanks for not face booking it all. Thank you sir for not calling the law. You cant kick that bouncers ass, You're so shit faced, You better pass. You cant get caught anywhere, doing cocaine. You're lucky u didnt go to jail man, You are insane, Sent from my iPad
Dishwashing Slut
I will wash your dishes and clean your laundry butt, i want to eat some home made food, ill take what you gave to your mutt. Cause you made me hungry, im shaky,I'm prepared to act like a nut ,, and worst case scenario, ill be your laundry and dish washing slut...
I Wanna Come
I wanna click click boom,, i wanna come in your room, i want in as the zombie, I want the massacre soon. I wanna come chat in your zombie mass room. Lol. I wanna come, I wanna come ,,,, i wanna come chat. I wanna come, I wanna come ,,,, i wanna come chat. i wanna come in your room, or wanna come where youre at. Ok. I wanna come, i wanna come, i wanna come chat. Hopefully thats where youre at, And u can see that, I wanna come,i wanna come, i wanna come chat. One more time, and then one more time. We can keep this going in rhyme How can u not like this in the sublime.. It makes me laugh and think of some friends of mine. , That I wanna see as theyre reading this rhyme, I want to hear them and see them them this time, As they try not to laugh or blush and just say it three times. I wanna come, i wanna come,i wanna come chat,....! Its 20 after 420'. Thats 440 am
Paws For Effect
Who would pet the pussy,,,, cat, i wood. Who would stroke the wienie,,, dog ? U wood... Who would shave the pussy,,,, cat. I wood. Who would touch the schit,,,, zu puppy who.? You would, you could, as a matter of fact you should. Go ahead and jerk off the dogs, collar and leash from round his neck. Go and grab and stroke the wienee,,,, dog, ,,,,,hes such a nervous wreck. Who would lick a pussy,,,, cat ? I wood. Who would jerk off the dogs , collars and leashes from around their necks? U wood,.
Fallen Wolf
I have fallen and fallen before ,,,, different from falling ,,,,,,,,,stone drunk out the door ,,! I know that Im falling,,,, worst than I've fallen before ,,,,, this time I'm following ,,,, the wolf to the floor.!!! lol wolf lol. Oh im fallen OMG, following wolf from the floor to the tree. Following wolf is very nice to see, look at that''''. wolf wolf Tail Bragging,,,,swangin'" Waggin.back at... Me lol wolf lol , Omg ,,falling ,,,omg,, why did u push me out of that tree ? Why laugh when I hit the ground and swallowed my knee, The pain excruciated my,,,, automatic---'dddd my,,,, bladder to pee....!! Will not mention nothing,,,,about the crush of nuts, ,,, Did u push me cause I too closely,,,,? May not',,,,,,or may have smelled your butt ? But that's just what k9s do mostly, When there's a wolf and there's mutt, Now this mutt is limping,,,, choking on his knee, But he is still ecstatic ,,,because he got to see. That hot and furry,,,,,, wolf wol
The My Way Hiway
I'm an In the in chief, wannabe, of the my way high way tribe. Famously also known as, him walk with slap a hoe vibe. If I say thats what, we should do, that's what I expect of you. If I say it, then you've been told. The rest of your shit goes on hold. I am a con,because I conduct. That massive train wreck will fuck. Up You and your opinions and dreams, so try not to push your luck. I am fearless leader of this land, I sometimes spare the lady backhand, But sometimes only, because I can't stand, to repeat my self, cause i'm the man. Yes I said wannabe, it's the my way high way for thee. U can ride but not for free, come get in ,, said slap a Ho,,,,me, Famous leader of the tribe, also known as, him walk with slap a hoe vibe. I also know and i,,,,am Also from, That place where slaps in facesCome, so go ahead ladies, get u some, Me am chief of slap a hoe fun,,,, On the my way high way run. Don't chase me there or this isnt done.
A Strange Convo
"She" didn't rate or check me out.   Sexy lover Buzz:   sh*t faced! Level: Regular (12) Gender: Female, ? Location:     4:49pm Sexy lover: hello 4:59pm Slutty J: hi 5:01pm Sexy lover: i like your name  5:01pm Slutty J: thank you 5:02pm
Fingers Low
Fingers low, juices flow, disappears, erections grow, Passionafe fire, wet desire, pleasure's near,,,, Other hand higher, Squeezing breasts, pleasure chest,,, shifting gears, circle fast test. Fingers low, 2 in go..... Buried here, stretch pink lips, in,,,, out,,,, slow...... Whimpered sounds, heartbeat pounds, pleasure's near,,, Ups and downs." Finger Fast, Finger Slow, Fingers Low S. E. X--plodes,,,,, Orgasm Attacks, fingers low, ass arched back...." Lips around, whimpered sounds, fingers low, Pleasure's found... Finger SLow Contracting muscles, Jobs to blow, Gripped around,,,, fingers low. ,!,!,,! Sent from my iPad
That Sun
If u r a twinkle in the sky, I will call you the moon. When you awake in the morn, I will call you sunshine. And when you smile , I'll bathe in that sun. When u kiss me, you snuggle my soul. Send shivers and thrills. You turn my life into love. That's real. And when u smile, I'll bathe in that sun. When u say that you love me. It's like thunder in my throat. Lightening in my veins. I'm springtime flowers sprinkled in your rain. And When you awake in the morn, I will make you smile.., And when you smile, I will bathe in that sun.
Id Smoke U
I'd smoke ya Id smoke u like a thousand and one blunts, Seduce your mind into a sexdrugg euphoria hunt, I carry a large gun and would spend u like a banana clip, Id drink u in like a wine tasting baron sip by sip, Or like a full moon night into a skinny dip. I'd smoke u. Lick u, suck on your body and mind. I would suck you like a lifesaver lolipop from behind. I'd smoke you. Pack you, roll u, id smoke u all the time.
Penny Matrix
JAMAICAN HISTORY I 1494-1692COLUMBUS TO THE DESTRUCTION OF PORT ROYAL The recorded history of Jamaica may be roughly divided into six periods: The first period may be said to date from Columbus’ arrival in the island in 1494 to the destruction of Port Royal in 1692. This covers nearly 200 years. But very little is known about the days when the Spaniards were masters of Jamaica. On the other hand, a good deal is known about the first fifty years of Jamaica as a British colony. The second period of our history extends from.the destruction of Port Royal to the abolition of the slave trade in 1807. During this time Jamaica flourished as an agricultural colony and became very rich. It reached the height of its prosperity just before the slave trade was abolished; that is, just before the British Government decided that no more slaves were to be brought from Africa and sold as private property The third
And Ride
I could suck u sexy right inside, my lips and tongue u for a ride. I tried not to come i tried !Spread your wet soul lips out wide, tongue on silk lips, suicide, E on me, face and ride, grab my hair, pull up and slide, tongue your secret fingers glide,softly tantric just to please,Softly smacking light pain, tease from side to side. Like sway- ing trees.Our lips and tongues collide. Our juicy skin is sin inside,U can sit on me and ride
U r empty Like the starless midnight sky. Blackhearted soul, Unable to cry Like endless teardrops, That come out of you dry. U r empty, Sadly,, U dont even know why. U r empty, But kharma gains ground, Sneaking up on your crown, One step each for you on the ground, Equals 2 steps behind you kharma has found Sent from Yahoo! Mail for iPad
The Ipad Dance
EYE Will slowly screw your mind, Yours down, pants and from behind,,, U r 2 freaking hot EYE grew,,,,,,,,,,,,,sometimes,, I can't even look at u,,,,, without my hands inside my pants ,.,.,.,.watching IPAD pictures of u dance. My self my self romance...... With my hand inside my pants...... EYE,, have the root of all that's evil,,,,,,,right in the palm of hand !!!! I have the power of suggestion in the real world... and................In this cyber land,,,,, With my hands inside my pants . , . ,watching IPAD PICTURES DANCE.... Slideshow your poses, your stance, my self, my self romance, With my hands inside my pants... Sent from my iPad
A sidelong glance  I am the god you need feel felt  found enrapture. A solemn search for soft soliloquies that sear the soul  breathe it in  it becomes you.   You  are  in  me.    Exhale.
"the Next Day At Work"
Ilooked down and realized that i was moving far faster than the speed limit. i eased up on the throttle and felt the bike slow down. "Yeah, i guess i was."   "What were you thinking about?" Bianca asked, her hands tightening around my sides.    "Well, perhaps i should tell you later." I couldn't think of what else to say.   "I have a better idea," she replied. "Let's head back to my place and you can show me."   My lips parted in a wide grin, she knew exactly what i had been thinking. and she didn't mind.   I turned the bike around and we started the ride back to her place. It seemed like the road went on forever and we would never get home.    finally we pulled up outside her home and jumped off the bike. "that was amazing!" Bianca said, pulling the helmet off her head. "I definitely need to learn how to ride. I could do that every day. I've got chills all over my body. and the vibrations, well, let's say they do wonders to me."
For You Auntie Carmen
Mom was born in 1934 in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua Mexico. She is an identical twin to my aunt Olga and just a few minutes older. She came to the US at age 18 looking for economic reasons. Her uncle Jessie sponsored her and she spent two years in Texas to be close to her mother in Mexico before moving to Chicago. When her mother became a widow, she emigrated to San Francisco and my mom followedher.My mom met my dad while she was waitressing at Hunts Donuts on Mission Street in San Francisco. He was a baker at the time. Both she and my aunt married around the same time, lived close to each other and often babysat each other’s kids. They drove the landlord nuts with all of us kids.My mom was always very health conscious. She would work out with Jack la Lane on TV until we got in her way. Hard for her to exercise with us kids crawling around her. By the time I was in high school, she was into yoga and remained active until very recently. She was awesome in trying to help us kids out.
10 Reasons We Love In Life To Truly From The Heart
10 reasons are in this life for the love ...                 We love that we can not live alone in this world               We love when we find the one we have and we do not want                             We love to show that we are not cold                             We love to smile                             We love to feel butterflies in stomach                             We love to pamper and be spoiled                  We love because we have a heart that knows no book                           We love to see how sweet is life                           Really love to live                           We love because we soulmates                           My heart will be yours forever!
Avem 10 Motive In Viata Ca Sa Iubim Cu Adevarat
                                                                                           10 motive sunt in viata asta pentru care iubim ...                             Iubim pentru ca nu putem sa traim singuri pe lumea asta                             Iubim cand gasim la cineva ce nu avem noi si ne dorim                             Iubim ca sa aratam ca nu suntem reci                             Iubim ca sa zambim                             Iubim ca sa simtim fluturi in stomac                             Iubim ca sa alintam si sa fim alintati                            Iubim fiindca avem o inima ce nu stie carte                           Iubim sa vedem cat de dulce este viata                           Iubim sa traim cu adevarat                           Iubim pentru ca avem suflete pereche                           Inima  mea va fi pururi numai a ta !
Where'd You Come From Love?
You came out of nowhere, you kissed my tears                      I embrace my body and you made your body odor,                      And I swore endless love ...                      You gave me your smile                      Tears melted when you kiss me,                      Your body tremble with desire                      And protected by angels ... we loved ...                      Two soul mates                      They found pintre people                      We loved the quiet night                      And one day ... You left me only memories                      And left without looking back ...
De Unde Ai Parut Iubire?
                                                                                              Ai aparut de nicaieri ,mi-ai sarutat lacrimile ,                      Mi-ai imbratisat trupul si mi-ai facut mireasma trupului tau ,                      Si mi-ai jurat iubire fara de sfarsit ...                      Mi-ai daruit zambetul tau ,                      Lacrimile ti se topeau cand ma sarutai ,                      Trupul iti tremura de dorinta ,                      Si ocrotiti de ingeri ... ne iubeam ...                       Doua suflete pereche ,                      S-au regasit pintre oameni ,                      S-au iubit in linistea noptii ,                      Si intr-o zi ... mi-ai lasat doar amintirile                      Si ai plecat fara sa intorci privirea ...
Come Baby And Get My Body Curls
Make yourself ncolaceste wind-up baby and my body hot, make yourself honey and rain cools my skin and make yourself storm disturbs me through the sheets, make yourself big waves rocking me over you make yourself plain-nrourata and let me wallow in you, do you get bunches of grapes crushed on my chest and empty hands you sip, do you any love but do not stand over me like the sun in the sky ... that more melted all!                   Yet you sit there in your bed broken with emotion, his eyes warm deer hunter sniffing your fearful, covered only by your charming fragrance of woman willing to love, you bite your lips and hands touch them flighty breasts shy although you wants more, much more ... you want to enjoy a true love, sincere and passionate ... and that your education, respect and common sense of the partner! ...
Vino Iubito Si Incolaceste-te Peste Trupul Meu
                                                                                                                          Fa-te vant iubito si-ncolaceste-te peste trupul meu incins , fa-te ploaie iubito si racoreste-mi pielea , fa-te furtuna si ravaseste-ma printre cearceafuri , fa-te valuri de mare si leagana-ma peste tine , fa-te campie-nrourata si ma lasa sa ma tavalesc prin tine , fa-te ciorchini de struguri sa te zdrobesc pe pieptul meu si sa te sorb din palmele goale , fa-te orice iubire dar nu mai sta deasupra mea ca soarele pe cer ... ca mai topit de tot !                   Si totusi tu stai acolo , franta de emotie in patul tau , cu ochii calzi de caprioara adulmecandu-ti tematoare vanatorul , acoperita doar de mireasma ta fermecatoare de femeie dornica de iubire , iti musti buzele aiurita si mainile ti le atingi timida de sani desi ai vrea mai mult , mult mai mult ... iti doresc sa te bucuri de o dragoste adevarata , sincera si pasionala ... si asta tine de educatie , respec
Some Days
I understand that few people are kind of pissed off at me .deal with it I have my bad days too, last week was bullshit. Yea  me and April got in fight . Here why . My best friend car is at my shop , my boss is ripping him off, April truck needs ton of work , and I am under the gun from the state to change her plates , with no work coming in shop I am going nuts , I love April with all my heart and she knows this . And I know she loves me . Yes we been trying have baby together, but we need to move, but with child support killing my checks it tuff. I been living like this for last 2 years with no help and now I got April here I am not use to it. So I am going into transfer from having no one here to having someone here , so I am little ruff , she understanding that and giving me time change my self 
Raison D'être
  This is a Fan Page for the CBS show Big Brother 15 Comments will be accepted that are related to things that are happening from week to week in the Big Brother House.   If you are a Fan of the Show & a Friend of this page and are silent for a full week you will become a "Have Not" when a new houseguest is evicted.
The Final War
Washington Is Driving The World To The Final War     Paul Craig RobertsInfowars.comJune 29, 2013 “V For Vendetta,” a film that portrays evil in a futuristic England as a proxy for the evil that exists today in America, ends with the defeat of evil. But this is a movie in which the hero has super powers. If you have not seen this film, you should watch it. It might wake you up and give you courage. The excerpts below show that, at least among some filmmakers, the desire for liberty still exists. Whether the desire for liberty exists in America remains to be seen. If Americans can overcome their gullibility, their lifelong brainwashing, their propensity to believe every lie that “their” government tells them, and if Americans can escape the Matrix in which they live, they can reestablish the morality, justice, peace, freedom, and liberty that “their” government has taken from them. It is not impossible for Americans to
How To Help My B/f Get Over His Dad's Death.
There should be grieving counselors for people who are dealing with someone who is grieving.My boyfriends father died  2 weeks ago and it's hard for me to deal with him.I know I sound harsh but when my father died I grieved and then I accepted it my b/f wont accept it and I don't know how much more I can take.I feel llike I am grieving the loss of my b/f 's old self right now.I know this sounds horrible, but it really is true that people who have loved ones who are grieving need some kind of support to help get them through everything.He stays up all night and cries, he just seems like the real him is fading away too.Nothing I say makes him feel better...he needs to talk to someone but I don't know how to go about tellling him that without pissing him off.I understand that everyone goes through grief in their own way but it seems like he should be having a better outlook on things and realize that death is apart of life.
Power Of Veto
  Anyone who requests to be Added without including an answer to the question, which may vary from week to week viewable in the About Me section, will be become a "Have Not". The aim here is not to make you Do anything but rather to find those who are already doing it. Anyone who shows they know something about Big Brother 15 or can put forth enough effort to find out is welcome here.
Lounge Drama
Dear Drama, Been awhile since we have had the opportunity to see each other. You know, you like to mess with people and cause them do strange things and get upset. I learned to deal with you a long time ago. I will you interfere with the relationship that I have with my girlfriend. She has a dream to be a DJ in the real world, and is using her ability to learn to do so in a lounge. I decided to DJ again. I used to have my own station online, and thought, hey we share a common interest and hobby. Drama, you make your entrance. Thanks buddy. All of sudden there is a rivalry between two lounges, and people are getting fired and/or dropping like flies. Who knew something that is online could lead to stress and anger like this? Well drama, my real life girlfriend has a dream, and I will not let you stop her from achieving her dream. You will not come between us, my love is too strong for that, and I believe in her heart, she feels the same. Drama, fuck you!!!!    JC aka MC Monkey   P.S
Bath Time
There was a little boy and a little girl in a bathtub having a bath. Suddenly the little girl looked down at the boy. "Can I touch it?" "No way -- you already broke yours off!"  
My Wish
Am I lonely or just horny? That is the question. I love women, I do, if I could have every woman I think I would but all I really want is one "THAT ONE" that oneI want to be with all the time, talk to and share my secrets without being scarred, that someone who makes me feel comforted and content I wish I pray and hope that one day heaven will send me my angel. I see the things I want everywhere I go the supermarket, Mc Donalds, for a walk around the block and even at my favorite track or park where I go to run. People together couples side by side they have each other to be with so they do not have to be alone. They are together holding hands walking along as if the rest of the earth does not exist they kiss and hug their PDA to show the world their love. I want someone for me also I am all alone with no one for my own no one to hugs and kiss or hold hands with to have someone so I am not alone. I want to be there for somebody, I want them to be there for me, I need someone to see,
Behind The Smile
Behind the Smile   Dark Latina Beauty Stunning bedroom eyes She walks into a room Mesmerizes all the guys Tall, lean and beautiful A hearty laugh to die for Who would ever think She had anything to cry for Tough on the outside Yet tender is her heart Elegant and street wise A stunning work of art Beauty to be envied Other women scorn Few can see inside The little girl forlorn Strong willed and confident For everyone to see Seemingly so powerful Hiding insecurity She’s the life of every party Dances far into the night Raising toasts, all eyes upon her Commanding the limelight You’ll never see a crack In that armor plating Armed with hair of onyx The men are salivating Sparkling are her eyes Each completely miss the prize For none of them can see The dark and lonely place Hidden far behind her eyes Outside she keeps on shining Insides ready to unfurl But no one really sees her The frightened little girl   June 30, 2013 MPS©
The Reckoning
**sits back and smiles because that's what others like to see** .. about to unleash the demon!! **calm before the storm** .. Try and do things right and that gets you where? I like to keep shit in Black and White, above board .. Gray has always been my best color **let them tell it** .. If mutha fuckas don't hate me now, they about to .. I PROMISE YOU THAT!!!! and that is my WORD!! my word might not mean shit to others, but to me it means EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
Life Itself...
Some say that striving for perfection is unhealthy. What if striving for perfection made you improve faster than you would have if you had lower expectations for yourself? Which way would be better?
Singlemoms And Their Epic Failures
    Now this is funny as
1. Try your best to love your partnerunconditionally even if it seems hard notto be selfish.2. Think from your partner’s perspectivewhen it comes to matters of the heart.3. End an argument as soon as possible,even if hugging your partner is the lastthing on your mind.4. Make love regularly, but never make atime table for it. Scheduling a time for sexmakes it like homework and can start tobecome a bore.5. Communicate with each other and growtogether in love, but never grow apartwith lack of communication as the yearspass by.6. Learn to give space to each other tobecome better individuals. Even theclosest of relationships need some alonetime to miss each other now and then.7. Never take each other for granted. Thisis the easiest way to fall prey to affairs andarguments.8. Never shy away from positive criticism.As long as you say it in a constructivemanner, it’ll help your partner become abetter person.9. Be the shoulder to lean on, no matterwhat. Tough times are the most test
"the Next Day At Work"
My thoughts shifted to her lying on the bed, naked and ready. Her legs spread apart, beckoning me to her. i imagined what her pussy would taste like as i buried my face between them. She would moan as her hips raisded up, trying to get more of my tongue in her. Her words would  shift back to her native tongue as she encouraged me to do more while speaking French.   I thought of moving up her body, enjoying her breasts before finally settling down on her, sliding my dick inside her pussy. How tight would she be? Probably very tight. My dick would slide in deep and the warmth of her juices would almost be too much for me to handle. Our fucking would be intense, hard and fast.   "You just ran a stop sign back there." I jumped at the sound of her voice and was quickly brought back to reality. "you must have been  deep in thought," she yelled over the roar of the engine.
It All Been Written
It all was written long before we knew one another. It was seen that we would meet. It kind of scares me, but I know its for the best. Someone already knows when I will be gone from this world. I am ready when they are. I have tried, I have cried, even contemplated suicide. I do want to rest in my mind. I need to not fear, what is here, and what is not clear. Sometimes I ramble, sorry. I believe everyone knows someone that they have turned away. It was either how they looked or what they said. I realise now that every soul has possibilities. I feel sadness when someone I knew dies. I recall their words and even their exhaling sounds, The little things are what you can hold close when they aren't around to have fun with anymore. I miss my dad everyday. We sadly have some of our best conversations now and he is dead. I can't call him anymore, but I can feel his hugs when I hold myself. I want to see him one day again. All of this huge world has feelings. Some will let them peak, some w
She Is My Heart And Soul
Shes like the wind Thru my tree baby yea baby yea Shes rides all night Next to me Like u won’t believe(No She leaves me the moonlight Only to burn me wit the sun Damn it I believe she knows She takin my heart She doesn’t know what shes done Baby please I feel her breath in my face baby I can feel Her bodys close to me her body close to me Can’t look in her eyes can’t look in your eyes Shes outta my league shes outta my league oh Just a fool to believe Shes got everything I need Shes like the wind Girl I look in the mirror what u see what u see And all I see (tell me what u see girl, tell u I can feel this baby Is a young old man with only a dream  Am I just fooling myself  Thinkin she'll stop the pain Living without her I'd go insane Damn it I believe she knows Feel her breath on my face Her body close to me Can't look in her eyes She's outta of my league Just a fool to believe She got everything I need She's like the wind I fee
My Vampire Struck Again ......
There is within the air a certain chillOne that sets an ominous tone of willAs she presses on through the nightEach sound giving her small frightWhen the stranger does appearCalms her nerves and her fearLittle does she know or thinkHer blood he wants to drink......My Vampire struck again ..........
"the Next Day At Work"
What would those incredible lips feel like wrapped around my shaft? I don't know why, but i was sure that she would give an incredible blojob.  She just seemed like she had the perfect lips for sucking dick. I found myself getting lost in the idea of this beautiful French vixen on her knees as i stood before her with my dick pointing out tward her, full red lips and took in my rard tool. Slowly it disappeared inside that hot mouth, her eyes closing as she too ne in as far as she could. Her tongue flicking and sliding around the shaft as her lips closed around it. Then slowly at first, she would began to suck. Moving her head back and forth, taking me out right to the tip of the head before sliding me back in as far as possible. Soon my hips would began to help, and i would began to pump as i enjoyed fucking her mouth. I thought of what it would be like to explode inside that lovely mouth. Would she swallow my cum. Does she enjoy that kind of thing? I sure hoped so.
Your Heart Knows
I really was going to try to come see you, but money is tight something tells me I know just what you would do. Babe, I need to feel you inside, deep down; in me its a basic need from you I would never ever hide.   You are safe for now, but with my first million that I make you are mine anyhow. We will oil ourselves on the outside, seconds fly by while we are together creamin' one another on the inside.   Feel me as I feel you, in winter we know still, sparks will fly the feeling is strong and felt all the way through. Naughty, naughty heat rises oh, your hands are so hot, I need you to come here, I love you so!!   If my heart knew you somewhere before, your heart knows, without you I feel best when we are together alot more, Maybe our hearts can feel together your heart knows, without you I'll be missing you forever.
When that last thread is still there The remnants Of an energy rope Is when you yell from the cliff To them Angrily You idiot   When it is beyond Merely a warning They can't see the thread They still see a rope No matter how many times you say It's a thread now   Hard to tell Whether the thread broke on it's own This time Or whether I cut it I did have scissors at the ready tho Does it matter?   My left brain says no My right brain says yes I agree with both of them But now the thread is cut No longer my concern No need to watch it dangling   Like a thread    
I Am Happy I Met You
You are my beautiful queen. The girl of my dreams. You are my life. I'm glad to have you as a wife. I think about you day and night. I hope we never fight. With you by my side. This has been an awesome ride. You are my heart and soul. With you I feel whole. You are my amazing queen and there isn't anything or anyone I wouldn't give up for you. Can't wait to spend my life with as my wife right by my side
She Is My Love
Heaven must have sent you from above. Heaven must have sent your precious love. To find a love like ours isn't simple. First I had to ask God to send mean angel. That what he did when I met you. Now i see what true love is. And all I can say is: Heaven must have sent you from above. Heaven must be missing an angel because here you are with me. I realize that you are the one for me. No body can take your place in my heart. And now you got me singing: Heavbove. I never want to lose. I can't live without you babe. Please say you'll be with me forever. I need you by my side always
"the Next Day At Work"
Wtih that, i started the bike and we jumped on andheaded down the street with the roar of the engine echoing through our ears.    As we headed down the opend road, we said very little. Not that you can't talk on the bike. ?you do have to yell, but it is possible to have a converstion. It just seemed like talking wasn't necessary at that point. I was enjoying the feel of the bike and the fel of the woman with her legs wrapped around me.  Her arms were wrapped loosely around my waist, and i couldn't help but fantasize about them moving lower. thr bike vibrated with each twist of the throttle, and i wonderd what it fetl like for her.  Was she any where near being as turned on as me?    I Knew How Vanessa felt after a long ride. She showed me many times Her pussy would be soaked by the end of an hour long ride. she said the vibration of the bike did wonders to her body. Many times she would reach down and rub my dick as we rode the  highway.   Was Bianca experiencing the same thing?
She Wanted The Truth About Her Son (me)
TODAY  29/6/13   I was sat in the kitchen, with a coffee in front of me saying goodbye as my brother went home, when the door closed my Mum looked at me. I had no idea what she was about to say, then she looked in my eyes and asked me "Are you OK?" I just told her I'm as good as I can be not really sleeping well but that’s fault then she asked another question that I did not expect, "Are you hoping that when your ex comes back from Australia are you hoping that you and her will get back together?" I told my Mum the truth I said "no, I know we wont get back together as Dad always said and I'm living proof of it, it doesn't work the second time" I asked my Mum why? she told me that she had noticed I haven’t been going out with anyone since me and my ex broke up about 10 months ago she was getting worried that I was waiting for her. I know I’ve stopped with the speech marks but this is more of a story that actually happened not a fairy tail. I admitted I haven’t
When It Comes To You - Dire Straits
If we can't get along we oughta be apartAnd I'm wondering where'd you get that cold, cold heartSet me free - sign my releaseI'm tired of being the villain of the peaceYou been giving me a bad timeTell me what I'd doHow come I always get a hard timeHoney when it comes to youSayin' things that you didn't have toHow come I always get a hard timeHoney when it comes to youYou only get one life - this I knowI wanna get my licks in now before I goThe fire of love is dead and coldI gotta satisfy the hunger in my soulAnd you been giving me a bad timeTell me what I'd doHow come I always get a hard timeHoney when it comes to youSayin' things that you didn't have toHow come I always get a hard timeHoney when it comes to you
When I See You Smile - Bad English
Sometimes I wonder how I'd ever make it throughThrough this world without having you I just wouldn't have a clue 'Cause sometimes it seems like this world's closing in on meAnd there's no way of breaking free And then I see you reach for me Sometimes I wanna give up, wanna give inI wanna quit the fight And then I see you baby And everything's alright, everything's alright When I see you smile, I can face the worldOh, ohYou know I can do anything When I see you smile, I see a ray of lightOh, ohI see it shining right through the rain When I see you smile Baby when I see you smile at meOh, yeahBaby there's nothing in this world that could ever do What a touch of your hand can do It's like nothing that I ever knew HayAnd when the rain is falling, I don't feel it'Cause you're here with me now And one look at you baby Is all I'll ever need, all I'll ever needSometimes I wanna give up, I wanna give inI wanna quit the fight Then one look at you babyAnd everything's alrightHay, everything's alr
"the Next Day At Work"
 She was incredible looking. Her reddish brown hair was held back in a ponytail. She was wearing a red T shirt that clung tight to her body, revealing the shape of her two precious breasts, pushing out from the materila. she wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples were clearly as excited about he ride as i was. Her jeans were skin tight, in fact, i can't remember ever seeing someone with jeans so tight fitting. I took in her incredible figure and had to hold my breath for a second, imagining what it would be like to undress her.  Her face was still lit up, her full lips  smiling through red lipstick.     As she came down the walkway toward me, she seemed to be showing herself off to me. She walked slowly, allowing me to take her in. She knew she was hot and was proud of the kind of reaction she was causing in me. I watched as she reached up and put her shades on, slowly, her eyes staying on mine until they were lost behind the dark lenses of the shades.     "So do i look like a bok
Make Love Last - Bad English
Now the sand is shifting through your lifeThe hands of time are twisting through your daysA captured moment in your kissLike winter snow it's goneMelted awayThere's a chapel on the edge of townBaby take my handBefore they tear it downCause now we find nothing's what it seemsLet me hold you closeThrough these drivin' dreamsCause the world is turning much too fastAnd time won't waitGotta make love lastCause the fields are burningAnd there's no returningTill the future finds the pastWe gotta make love lastMake love lastLike a rose exploding in the sunA precious time to live before it's goneTears fall on the ocean from different skiesInside your kiss I wake and find the dawnIn temporary ways we giveBut eternally our hearts will liveFor now we find nothing's what it seemsYou better run with meThrough these drivin' dreamsCause the highway's fading much too fastAnd time won't waitWe gotta make love lastCause the fields are burningAnd the season's turningTill the future finds the pastThis time
Love, You Ain't Seen The Last Of Me - Tracy Byrd
I been losin' my mind one love at a timeGettin' up just to be knocked downBut with all of that pain I come back againAnd I always go one more round.Women, me and loveWe just can't get it rightI might lose the battleBut I love the fight .No love you ain't seen the last of meI just keep comin' back to see if I can capture the dreamYeah love you done all you can do to meI don't give up so easily, no you ain't seen the last of me. I got a big long list of all the timesI've missed when I zeroed in on loveAnd at times it seems like one heartacheBegins where the last one has just left off And tonight it looks like anotherOne is aimed in my heartAnd she's looking at meAnd I'm feeling that feelin' start .Oh, love you ain't seen the last of meI just keep comin' back to see if I can capture the dreamYeah love you done all you can do to meI don't give up so easily, no you ain't seen the last of me.And tonight it looks like anotherOne is aimed in my heartAnd she's looking at meAnd I'm feeling that
"the Next Day At Work"
"That sounds like a wonderful plan," she said, her face lighting up. "However, i can't ride on the bike in this thing." She pointed her hands at her outfit. she had on a loose fitting blouse and a short skirt. Her legs seemeed to go on forever, and i couldn't help but take a longer look than necessary. "Why don't you pick me up at my place about a half hour after i get off. That way i can quickly get changed into riding gear."    "Sounds great," i said, taking down her address. "I'll see you then."    I headed out and jumped on the bike and started down the road, trying to tell myself not to get too excited. After all, it may have just been harmless flirting. It might just be a bike ride. but i couldn't stop myself from thinking about Bianca riding something else also.   Later that day i showed up at her place right on time, the roar of my bike signaling my arrival about thirty seconds earlier. I jumped off the bike and took a spare helmet out of one of the saddlebags just as Bia
Its A Short Walk From Heaven To Hell - John Schniederelf
You were God's best creation but I didn't know what I had till it was too late   When a man's getting older seems the girls are getting bolder and the temptations are sometimes too great   You gave me all kinds of reasons to stay but like the fool I am, I still walked away   And its a short walk from Heaven to Hell A few steps from an angel that loved me so well   When I left, I shook hands with the devil himself and its a short walk from Heaven to Hell   She was young, I was foolish but I needed that young thing to tell me I could still turn her on   What I took for affection  was just your reflection and thats where the whole thing went wrong 'cause when the loving was over and done what I took for love, she took for fun   And its a short walk from Heaven to Hell a few step from an angel that loved me so well   When I left, I shoke hands with the devil himself And its a short walk from Heaven to Hell   Yeah, its a short walk from Heaven to He
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 154
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 154 of Janey Godley's podcast the comedy mother and daughter duo talk weight loss, gym attendance and politics. Ashley talks about her open spot experience in London and has some whacky news stories from around the globe.   Janey discusses Wendy Davis's filibuster, the shame of a McDonald's that used payment cards to pay staff and her attendance at Holyrood Palace next week. Nelson Mandela gets a mention and they both debate Julia Gillard's departure from politics.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.   Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 154   If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking ont
Have Something
Lick after luscious lick, doesn't always work may I ask, 'what makes you tick?' its not that I don't know, I would like you to tell me cuz then I know how far you would like me to go.   Then maybe just a little further & yet, maybe alot further I just ain't that able to not forget. I won't make any promises to you that my body can't keep I just wish for enjoyment in us two. it feels better that way any ole night and every single fucking day.   I have been and will always be, a virgin in my eyes see it doesn't matter what you see. I am not perectly made, but then who is there is something that tends to fade.   Give me yor hand, my hand can't wait, but you know I have something you will miss out while you debate. We have this one life to live. and you have something I know you want to give.
"the Next Day At Work"
She came back with a few pieces of mail and smiled as she pointed at my helmet. "I didn't know  you had a bike."    "Yeah, i've been riding since i was old enough to have a license. there's nothing like feeling the wind on your face as you ride the open road.""Oh, i can think of at least one thing that feels better," she said with a wink, but you are right, the feeling on a bike id=s great! It's been a long time since i've been on a bike, though. Maybe some time you'd give me  ride?"   I'd love to let you ride me, err, with me, i mean."    She smiled back, obviously enjoying the flirting. "Well, i'd love the ride either way."   "Tell you what Bianca, i've got a few things to do this afternoon, but how about i pick you up after work and we'll go for a bit of a ride?"
Show Tag
As this is my first blog on this profile, I wanna start it out with this: The Show Tag. It is not a lounge tag, but a tag showing loyalty to my show, Hellcast Radio, HCR. I love all the people who continuously come to my show. The ones who honor me wear this tag, ALL THE TIME! Not just when my show is on, but surfing all of fu. These people that I know will carry this tag always will be staff in my lounge. To me, being staff is a responsiblility, something you work for, with or without pay. The generousity I have shown to many of my listeners I hope speaks volumes to others. If a staff member of my lounge drops my tag, I will drop them from said position. Unlike the rest of fu, this is my lounge. This is my show. Its all about MY EGO! 
"the Next Day At Work"
A woamn named Bianca and i go along fairly good. not that we saw all that much of each other. after all, as an advisor, i only made money when i was visiting clents, so i spent very little time actuall in the office. Our relationship was mostly via the phone, with our converstion fousing on me getting up to date info on my clients.   I guess that's why she caught me off guard the day i showed up on my motocycle. i wasn't planing on working that day, so i was dressed in jeans and a T shirt. we have srtict dress codes in the office, and we are not allowed to enter the office area without a dress shirt and tie on. So i walkied up to the counter and asked Bianca if she would go and get my mail for me.
I Need
(♥I need your love, I need your time. When everything's wrong, you make it right. I feel so high, I come alive. I need to be free with you tonight. I need your love♥)
A Belated Update Due To Necessity.
As of today this will have to be my uptodate record.Current medication levels are set to reducing down to 100mg Lamactil daily (50mgx2daily)At present I am half way through reaching this goal taking 100mg every other day and 125mg. In two weeks I will decrease to 100mg daily in total. It has to be said that with my neurologist pointing out that completly ceasing medication is risky due to the fact that if seizures return then medication will not control the seizures again so it is better to have a low maintenance dose.My current status is Seizure free since May 2008.
Beauty Of A Sexcapade
... Around the county lake (overlooking the marine) in the back of a pickup truck (gazing at the stars) then again at a restroom of a diner (hittin' it from the back) just before the Hood of the car got hot (w/Motor Running) at Sunset by the pier (while the sun dances on the water) Next to a 5 star hotel (where the neighbors know your name) At the hospital (right after the birth of your newborn) With baby oil on a plastic covered bed (w/ a slippery when wet sign on the door) just what a man needs to say, whew!! Will you marry me?
Huawei Mediapad 7 Vogue Launch New Tablet Pc
Huawei MediaPad 7 Vogue launch new Tablet PC Huawei tablet android has launched a new 7-inch tablet - MediaPad7Vogue - and optional voice calls. The tablet will have WiFi and WiFi +3 G in two versions, the latter is to support voice calling features. The tablet runs Android4.1 system, equipped with a 1024 × 600 pixel resolution IPS screen, 1. 2GHz Huawei made ??four core processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage space. The machine front / rear of a 300 000/300 megapixel camera, which can record 30 frames per second 1080P video. This is a tablet cinesi 7-inch tablet hit "quad-core phone tablet," the cross-border concept, built-in receiver handset, high-quality voice calls perfect cover phone functions. Designs called stunning, very comfortable grip, 320g weight is about ultralight lot of extra points. In addition, tablet prezzi MediaPad7Vogue also supports GPS, Bluetooth 3.0 features, 4100mAh battery is said to provide up to 20 hours of voice talk time.
Domain Name And Hosting Special Offers
Are you willing to get a free domain name for registration of your website? Then you are into right place because here you can know the where about and all free domains with web domain name. Have you heard of My Free Domain? It is the place where you can get the free domain name information and also the procedure of getting the free domain name. You must be thinking that how can you get the free domain and hosting? Don’t you think that domain name and web hosting services are inert–related? The existence of two is very prominent for a website and you can easily get it from one same place. Yes, that’s true that you just need to contact the best web hosting companies and you can get the hosting and domain combo services. It is generally a package.   Those who are still not aware about this combo pack, I must tell you that there are many web hosting companies which are offering the vast range of web hosting packages and amongst them you better know that which one suits
Woolrich Outlet,woolrich Woolen Mills Mark McNairy presenta una versione aggiornata del classico capospalla che dovrebbe essere appeso nel vostro armadio in questo momento - vale a dire, il Parka Fishtail, una reliquia del 1950 l'esercito americano che ha acquisito una patina di fresco un decennio più tardi. Tutto il merito va ai mods inglesi che cooptati la giacca per la protezione contro il freddo mentre sfreccia tra le strade di Londra sulle loro Vespe, le code al vento dietro di loro. Fishtail Parka di McNairy per Woolrich Woolen Mills termina la shell di cotone 100% con durevole rip-stop costruzione, completo di due tasche con cerniera sul petto angolati e un paio di pulsante con lembo tasche scaldamani. Made in USA e disponibile in Digi Camo o Columbia Blu varianti, il Woolrich Woolen Mills Fishtail Parka è ora in azione al fine di abbigliamento. Pagamenti di Paypal sono accettati. Tutte le vendite sono finali e sarà consentito nessun ritorni o scambi.Per i compratori deg

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