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A Short Poem...
The Warrior of the Light has learned that it is best to follow the light. He has behaved treacherously, he has lied, he has strayed from the path, he has courted darkness and everything was fine, as if nothing had happened. Then an abyss suddenly opens up. One can take a thousand steps in safety, but a single step too many can put an end to everything. The Warrior stops before he destroys himself. When he makes that decision, he hears four comments: "You always do the wrong thing. You're too old to change. You're no good. You don't deserve it." He looks up at the sky. And a voice says: "My dear, everyone makes mistakes. You're forgiven, but I cannot force that forgiveness on you. It's your choice." The true Warrior of the Light accepts that forgiveness. -Paulo Coelho
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"the Debt " Part 5
"Have you been to the male review?" Latasha asked. "No,i just got here. This is my first trip to sin city," Kathy confessed.  "It's awesome!" Tracy the dealer jumped into the conversation. "I go at least once a month."  " We can go later. You have to see it!" Latasha insisted. "These men are what  you dream of." "I can dream quite a bit," Kathy joked.  "It's a dream come true. After we finish here we can go. They stay open really late and i don't have to get up early tomorrow even though i'm working tomorrow night," Latasha said. "I'll get Bobby to get us some tikets to your show tomorrow and we'll come watch you," Kathy whispered in Latasha's ear enjoying the feeling between them. Kathy's intuition proved to be right on target. She proceeded to take this dealer rapidly and often. After just half an hour she had enough funds to cash out her contract woth Bobby if she chose to. She made a determined effort to not make a snap decision. She decided to think about it before she talk
Pinterest And Facebook Fan Page
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Vip Lottery!!!
     I have decided to change things up a little. I will be keeping access to my folders and videos at 65 credits, but there will be a twist going forward. For every 10 who gift those 65, one will win a 3 month vip!!!       With access comes all photos currently in my folders. This means that newer folders, added after the fact, are not included. Access to videos will be ongoing. This means that each time I make a new video, I will email out to everyone who is on the list.      The 3 month VIP is a way of thanking you. I can't do it for everyone, but I do appreciate all of the love, and hope to return it in a more meaningful way. If you have any feedback, please feel free to share, so that I can make things even better for you. Thank you so much!!! Ash
More About Me.......please Read
I just want my friends to know that if I have said anything on here that offended you in any way.....I'M SORRY. I have been going through a tough time and it doesn't look to get any better. This is just my way of venting as I know everyone has problems, but for me it is really bad since I can't get a home of my own or a job. I am currently residing with my entire family, which sucks big time and would love to find a house to buy to move into, but due to my husband's EX-WIFE...we can't. Identity theft sucks and no lawyer wants to help us. I have always had a hard time making friends and the only ones I have now are all if I ever say things on here, just know that I really don't mean it. I am just upset and hurting right now..
Here's Your Sign!!
I remember getting this feeling that winter is a knocking and sure as anything it is. If it is at all possible, I would very much like not feeling any cold this winter. I have lived with snowy winters longer than I lived in southern California and I will take snow over earthquakes anytime. I have the feeling that this winter may be a little warmer. I am not yet sure how, so don't quote me. Could be colder too. My daughter told me to write a list of what I want for Christmas, just so she would have an idea. I went and told her that I would like a phone card, for my cell. She said something we don't normally get. Then I went and said, a nice leafy plant for the corner or some light bulbs for the bathroom. I wouldn't mind a carton of peach flavored filter cigars. They are only $16 at the smoke shop. I never have been seeking to get what is in the window. I have settled for what I could get, not what I knew was out of reach. Maybe that is what makes me a little different. I have been wit
Russian Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition
Russian art oil painting on Chinese development has a profound impact. Orange Gallery held in cooperation with the Russian galleries Volga Psalm of Life Ⅱ - Russian Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition, the number of meritorious painter, member of the Russian fabian perez paintings Artists Association gathered in one.
Artworks By Francis Bacon And Henry Moore
Francis Bacon, Henry Moore : meat and bones show 20 Bacon's paintings and 20 sculptures and 20 drawings by the Moore has been borrowed in public and private collections, by Martin Harrison, Francis Bacon catalog raisonné , "the editor, director Li Chad Calvocoressi select Henry Moore Foundation Pictet & Cie company, Sotheby's, Ashmore generous support of the Friends of the exhibition explore the theme, such as the treatment of the human figure artists of the twentieth century a violent response .It shows striking similarities , in the twentieth century the two giants of Western art , his career until now rarely been linked work . Moore and Francis Bacon in different media , the human figure to create a memorable image . Edward Hopper, each artist 's unique visual language , developed more than a half -century mark in the form more simple and commemoration . Their views are different: Moore insists humanist faith, and Bacon believe in people-oriented, post- nihilistic worldview. Humans
Bayern A 1-0 Win Over Wolfsburg
Bayern a 1-0 win over Wolfsburg Bundesliga [microblogging] Section 7 start 5 games competition, Bayern [microblogging] [microblogging] 1-0 home victory over Wolfsburg, 32 consecutive unbeaten assists Muller Franck Ribery scored the only income balls. Dortmund home 5-0 victory over Freiburg, Royce 2 shot a pass, Lewandowski scored twice. Leverkusen 2-0 victory Hanover; Schalke away 3 3 level Hoffenheim; Hertha Berlin 3-0 home a victory Mainz. Night games, Hamburg Frankfurt away 2 to 2 level. Bayern and Dortmund before the integral flat,cheap jerseys goal difference does not compete with. Zhouzhong De Nations Cup after a large rotation, Guardiola restore the lineup, Muller pressure over the Cross, to fight side by side with piggy Road, Ram still appears in the lower back position. Wolfsburg Bayern nearly 19 guests and 18 losses 1 level. German Cup with Zizhe replacement ligament injuries Vieri Virginia, Pollack and Kenuo He get the chance to replace Perisic and T-Klose. Teams Man Zhu K
Dortmund 5-0 Home Victory Freiburg
  Aubameyang rotation Buwashiqi Khodorkovsky starter. cheap jerseys The first 15 minutes, Mkhitaryan left foot volley hit the edge of the area Ginter elbows wide, the main referee gave the corner. After 19 minutes, a long pass Subotic restricted the right, Lewandowski picked up off guard oblique. The first 25 minutes, Gross Kreutz right pass, Aubameyang header was Bowman Cepu confiscated. The first 35 minutes, Sven - Bend 25 meters in front of strong low shot caused Bowman sell, Lewandowski Tongshe has been saved, Royce promote Buddhism, 1-0. The first 45 minutes, Diagne pushed behind Lewandowski, sent off the lower left corner Royce penalty kick forward, 2 to 0, which is 11th in the Bundesliga he scored twice. The second half, Borussia Dortmund jersey Kirsch replaced Sven - Bend. 58 minutes, crossing the ball left the restricted area Royce, Lewandowski Yi Zhu Jing Patel, 10 meters in front turned rub shot, scoring for 3-0. Hoffman and Buwashenqi Khodorkovsky appearances, replaced Mk
Though I drove aimlessly, unsure of my destination, I was blindly being lead exactly where I needed to be.The incompleteness of my life, the emptiness inside, the walls I had hidden behind collapsed around meLife can change in an instant, for better or worse: Life can end in a moment, one careless act can change it allThe strength to progress is minimal, the desire to get up is minute sometimes, even the best of us fallI have seen moments where I wanted to lay down and die, give in and succumb to the grim reapers desireThrough blinded eyes I see a light, as bright as the sun, feel the intense heat from an immense ball of fireAm I dead? Have I finally tempted fate one time too many? Am I doomed to spend an eternity in this hell?I close my eyes and imagine what could have been one last time. I feel peace coming over me, all is well.I awake to an image of my truck engulfed in flames, upside down. Someone is trapped insideI try to scream out, but the words won't come. It's my fault, for tu
Everything was beautiful, the sky such a perfect baby blue, the rays of sun almost transparently visible. I could hear the crickets chirp, feel the fresh dew as I lay on the grass. Even the repressed memories of my childhood, the abuse, neglect, those memories I had tried so hard to black out, suddenly disappeared. This euphoria is unimagineable, unattainable, I have finally found my true love. I could not imagine how incomplete my life really was until I found my soulmate. This feeling so pure, so wonderful, how could I have ever lived without? My heart feels so warm, finally complete, working in overdrive, racing at just the thought of this love and adoration. My eyes slowly close as I drift off to sleep, but suddenly I am awakened by a tingling, a burning sensation that overwhelms my body. I can hear distant sounds but they are too minute to understand. I open my eyes as my body jerks, I can finally hear the word that has been repeating through my mind. "Clear." I feel myself fading
Never Enough...
The note was written through tear filled eyes, explaining the misery that I had experienced, and that this time I simply could not hold on any longer, I needed a break. Everything was done, I checked the stove twice, coffee pot was off but I assumed to unplug it would be better, the dog had food and water. The front door was locked, thermostat was set at a reasonable level. Dinner was on the table, laundry was put away, everything anyone might notice was taken care of. It would not matter at all if I decided to leave, he would not even notice I was gone until he needed something, Would anyone even miss me? This was the last time I would hide the cuts and bruises behind make-up and sunglasses. My biggest nightmare had come true, and the only person to blame was me. I walked back up the stairs one last time to make sure she was nestled securely in her bed, I could hear the repetitious breathing like so many times before, the soothing sounds of peaceful slumber. I went back down the stair
'til Death Do Us Part...
The memory of that night still plays constantly through my mind like a video reenactment stuck on repeat. There is no rewind, fast-forward, pause, eject... The horror just as fresh as the blood that trickled down her blouse. The crimson red glowed in the moonlight, each new source as beautiful as the last, like poetry in motion, an artists' final masterpiece. Completely magical how her tears blended with my chosen color to create an opaquely pink streak down one side of her neck. The champagne-like nectar, it's bitter taste reminiscent of the bitterness she held towards me, yet I could not get enough. An overwhelming desire, almost an addiction, a thirst I could not quench. The knife was my paintbrush, her gown my canvas, a piece of art that noone will ever see, at a price that one could not afford to pay. I am an artist, and I made beautiful work out of a being so horrible. You are welcome baby... 
Beyond Control
Who would have ever thought that crimson red could have such a brilliant glowThere was so much blood. How anyone could live through that I did not knowThrough tear filled eyes I watched as she gasped for one last breathShe fought so hard to survive, but we both knew she had nothing leftIn it's own morbid way there was a certain beauty in her empty stareAs if he had brought peace to a life of agony, hurt, and despair I closed my eyes and hoped that maybe this was all just a dreamPerhaps I had only imagined the horrible things I had just seenWhy couldn't I stop him? I was her last hope and I let her downLike I was standing on the shore, watching as she drownedI just want it to be over, but it seems like this is merely where it beginsHe glanced into the hallway mirror and smiled as I looked back at him
Carnage's been a while So um...let me kick this off And uh, I promise it'll clear up any questions   Damn right I'm the ex And damn right I'm the best You'll never find anyone to take my place You can tell 'em you love 'em all you want But you'll be seeing my face   And no matter how far you run You can't get rid of what you've done You had a girl that woulda given you the world Now you're too busy wishin you could get me outa your head Because you turned your back instead     So fuck all those fakes who pretend they have you They don't and you and I both know it's the truth But hell go ahead an let 'em try They won't get very far All those bitches know I got your heart   Ha.. Who woulda thought We ain't fighting no one but ourselves   So I''m just gonna kick it  Let everyone think they got you on around their thumb Gonna watch them try to get close Play a little dumb And give them deuces as the pass by   I never thought it would play out this way But
An Endless Parade Of People, Dancing Elephants, Noise & Uncharted Beach Roads.
I apologise, it was not the man of Richmond Castle who liked baby boys, it was the lady of the house according to the Man with the Limp and most likely the lady who did the guided tour of the Castle/Palace told me too. It reminds me of Buckingham Pallace, quite long and square. ++++ Tonight we have been totally deaffened by an elephant procession that we attended. We left the hotel at 7.45 and had to drive quite a distance to get to the procession where we clambered off the coach, an ancient affair with windows that opened. I took a blouse/jacket in case the aircon was too cool, how silly was that. +++ Here the evenings stay warm so any breeze is pleasant, especially in an ancient coach. +++ The coach was 2/3 full and majority were Russian, as are the guests in the hotel now. There are just six of us left from England and when the other couple go home on Monday we will be alone. Luckily there are some nice Dutch, Germans & of couse Sri Lankans. +++ The parade was long and I m
Please Read This, Especially Any Family Members!
please read this, especially any family members! i truly am done with the game. when my vip expires i will NOT be renewing it. the UNMITIGATED GREED that has gone on over time, with now no more powerups in the fulotto, have made my mind up. i will never level again. and i will never run my 1300+ cr in bling i won nor the five HH's i planned to run on my birthday either that i won in fulotto until i level... and I AM NO LONGER MAKING ANY ATTEMPT TO LEVEL! so feel free to take me out of your family, i will reciprocate! WITH ABSOLUTELY NO HARD FEELINGS! this place just SUCKS NOW. PERIOD. unless there are major rollbacks in the greed that has been ongoing, i will not be spending MUCH TIME online here ANYMORE. i will try and get any comments you leave in my profile back to you. but i can't guarantee that i will. i will try. because i do APPRECIATE the friends i have made here. if you want my facebook info, send me an email.
"the Debt " Part 5
The flight to Las Vegas was comfortable and shorter than she expected. They took the shuttle bus to the hotel and it  was fabulous. The porters took their luggage up to the room and Bob accompanied her over to the slot machines. They sat next to each other for the first half hour or so and Bob got itchy feet and made an excuse to walk around for a while.  Kathy tried of playing slots by herself and went in search of some other diverson.  She walked past several of the blackjack tables until she picked a dealer she felt good about.   Kathy sat down in the second position on the table and set her purse on the  floor. She chashed seven hundred dollars for chips with the dealer and played the first two positions on the table. she half expected Bob to join her soon and would relinquish one of the positions to him if he wanted it.  Sitting next to her was a lovely womanand they struck up a conversation. "Hi, i'm Latasha, just call me Tasha," Kathy . It's nice to meet you Tasha," Kathy r
Ash Up The First Base Line In The Fourth Innin
NEW YORK -- R.A. Dickey wasnt feeling it Saturday. The air was heavy with humidity, his legs were tired and he had to make a mad dash up the first base line in the fourth inning. Still, a so-so outing for the knuckleballer in his best season as a big leaguer looked pretty dominant. The 37-year-old first time All-Star helped his own cause for his 16th victory, driving in a run with an infield single and pitching seven solid innings as the New York Mets ended a six-game skid by beating the Houston Astros 3-1. "We think this guys invincible. Hes starting to get as run down just as much as anybody else," Mets manager Terry Collins said. Justin Turner hit his first homer of the season and Jason Bay snapped a 0-for-14 slump with an RBI single in the eighth to end a stretch of offensive futility for the Mets. New York went seven straight games without scoring more than two runs for the first time since September 1982. "He drove in the first run," Turner said of Dickey. "I guess to take the pr
E In The East-west Shrine Game Jan. 19 A
McMasters Matt Sewell and Calgarys Kirby Fabien have one more college football game to play. The towering offensive tackles will participate in the East-West Shrine game Jan. 19 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Fla. Sewell, a six-foot-eight, 340-pound native of Milton, Ont., will suit up for the East while Fabien, a six-foot-six, 295-pound Calgary native, lines up for the West in a contest that will be broadcast by the NFL Network. The two Canadians will be put through their paces daily by pro-level coaches in the leadup to the game as former NFL head coaches Leeman Bennett and Jerry Glanville head up the respective staffs. The workouts will also be conducted under the watchful eyes of CFL and NFL scouts. Fabien has been through the auditioning process before, having performed well enough to be taken in the first round of last years CFL draft by the B.C. Lions. But the Shrine game kicks off what will be a busy off-season for Sewell. The 22-year-old commerce student is anxious to s
L Retirement Didnt Last Very Long. Le
CALGARY -- Obby Khans CFL retirement didnt last very long. Less than four months after calling it quits, the former Winnipeg Blue Bombers centre returned to the CFL, signing with the Calgary Stampeders on Tuesday. And former Bombers linemate Glenn January isnt surprised. "Not really," January said. "I think that he still felt like he could play and an opportunity opened up for him so Im not very surprised at all." The 31-year-old Khan announced his retirement in April after eight CFL seasons. He had spent six years with Winnipeg and reportedly hung up his cleats upon being told by the Bombers they wanted to go with more youth on their offensive line. January refused to get drawn into any speculation on whether the struggling Bombers (1-5) could use Khans services. "Thats not really my decision to make," he said. "Weve got a very good unit in that room now. "Were a young unit but weve shown progress over the course of the season." January and Steve Morley are the only real CFL veterans
2 Games (9-0-3) -- The Second-long
WASHINGTON -- Lionard Pajoy and Long Tan each scored his first goal with his new club, helping D.C. United to a 4-2 victory over the Chicago Fire on Wednesday night. Dwayne De Rosario and Brandon McDonald also scored to help United (12-8-4) become the first team to score more than two goals against the Fire this year. D.C. extended its home unbeaten streak to 12 games (9-0-3) -- the second-longest in franchise history. United was 10-0-3 over a 13-game home stretch in 2007. Gonzalo Segares and Daniel Paladini scored for fourth-place Chicago (12-8-5), which had its lead over United narrow to one point in the Eastern Conference standings. The top five teams in each conference qualify for the playoffs. After Paladinis goal in the 45th minute goal tied the score at 1-all, Pajoy put United back ahead in first-half stoppage time, heading Andy Najars curling cross into the lower corner from close range. It was Pajoys first goal in two starts with United after being acquired from Philadelphia l
G Heisman Trophy Winner Has Led Th
Hes been outstanding, spectacular and electric in both victories and defeats, but where does Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III rank among all of the leagues current pivots? Drafted second overall in the 2011 NFL Draft, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner has led the Redskins to a 3-4 record to start the season but has also become known for his highlight reel ability. In his teams 38-26 victory over the Minnesota Vikings in Week 6, Griffin III broke out of the pocket and ran 76 yards for the touchdown that put the game out of reach in the Redskins favour.  In their Week 7 loss to the New York Giants, Griffin III put together a late drive in the fourth quarter that put his team in a position to win. First, he avoided both Osi Umenyiora and Jason Pierre-Paul on 4th–and-10 before hitting tight-end Logan Paulsen on a 19-yard pass play.  He then ran for 24-yards before finishing the series with a 30-yard strike to Santana Moss. "That guy is flat-out unbelievable,
"i Was Actually More Shocked That John Wa
Christine Sinclair doesnt have a shot at winning FIFA womens player of the year when the award is handed out Monday in Zurich, but in typical fashion the Canadian soccer star isnt sweating it. However, Sinclair was thoroughly disappointed to see that her coach, John Herdman, wasnt in the running either. "It didnt really affect me at all," Sinclair said of the womens award. "I was actually more shocked that John wasnt on the list. I truly thought that he was going to win it -- not only be in the top three, but win it. So that was really surprising." Sinclair and Herdman partnered to lead Canada to a bronze-medal performance at the 2012 London Olympics, leading a brilliant turnaround for a team that finished last at the womens World Cup only a year earlier in Germany. The improvement the team made since Herdman took over after the resignation of coach Carolina Morace should have been reason enough to put Herdman in the top three at least, said Sinclair. American forwards Abby Wambach and
Alone As The Most Successful American Skier. Vonn Punctuated H
ARE, Sweden -- Lindsey Vonn is back at the summit of Alpine skiing, and standing alone as the most successful American skier. Vonn punctuated her near-perfect season in perfect fashion Friday, earning her fourth overall World Cup title with a dominating giant slalom victory. That puts her in a league of her own among American skiers, man or woman, and she still has another week to chase the World Cup record for points in a season. "Im just really excited. Im thrilled. Its crazy," Vonn said after surpassing Phil Mahres American record of three overall titles on the mens side between 1981-83. She is now second on the womens list behind Annemarie Moser-Proell of Austria, who won six in the 1970s. Marc Girardelli of Luxembourg is the only man to have won more than Vonn, with five titles. A year after losing the overall title by just three points to main rival Maria Hoefl-Riesch on the last day of the season, Vonn left no doubt about her supremacy this time -- winning by nearly
Creeper Tech
So I got an Android tablet.   I use Google for a lot of things. E-mail, address book, searches, blogger, Google +, YouTube, Hangouts for chatting, Chrome for browsing... a lot of things. Up until the day I finally bought the Google Nexus 7 tablet, I'd seen ads for it on various websites. I spent a lot of time on the Nexus site and a few others, confirming I'd made the right choice, but I never saw ads for the other tablets. The second I registered that I was a new Nexus 7 owner by logging into it via my Google account... the ads stopped showing up on those pages. I have friends in a band called SOS who are playing this evening. I just got a message that to see them at their starting time of 10pm that I should leave now. There was a notification, a map to the venue and estimated time to get there. I never even accepted the facebook invite they sent me. In fact, I never actually opened the email. Google knew. Monday I'm staying in a hotel in Terre Haute, Indiana. 25 miles from the c
U Understand This Then You See My Soul
Just Another Day
Hello....again.  Hope all is well.  I've been taking my 3 mile walk every morning except yesterday.  I got lazy I guess.  I tried using my wii the other day and couldn't cause the batteries where dead.  So I had to wait.  Well, this morning I took my 3 mile walk early in the morning, and tried the wii again...the wii board requires batteries, which were dead.  I was like mother fucker. I was swearing this morning lol.  So I went and got my hair done today.  It is short and really cute.  I have multiple colors in my hair now.  Red, pink, purple, blue, and blonde, along with my brown hair.  It is so cute. I took pics but can't seem to get them on my computer for some reason.  I'll figure it out eventually. So after getting my hair done I went to the grocery store to get a few stuff for supper.  Spaghetti and bread sticks tonight.  When I finally got home, i was at the beauty salon for awhile, my husband went to the dollar general and got a few things, including batteries.  He forgot the
Kiss my forehead, hold my hand, tell me it's all okay, this wont wash away my pain, I grit my teeth, I clench my jaw, ball my fists, and strike back at a broken wall, fear of it falling bothers me not, let it crumble let it break, is my only thought, release this hate, breath in deep, this crap I will not take, take your pills, take your drink, it's not for me, I have my link, to reality I will stay, I will not run, I will not stop, take your lie, these I will not swallow, take your eyes, and look yourself in your own face.
Just Because I Can
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...........grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ****** ***............i feel better for that:)
Golden Dawn Leader Charged With Heading A Criminal Gang
The leader of Greece's Golden Dawn, widely viewed as Europe's most violent political force, appeared in court on Saturday night on charges of heading a criminal gang after police mounted an unprecedented crackdown on the neo-fascist party, arresting Nikos Michaloliakos and other key members of his organisation. After a high-stakes police operation in which anti-terrorism officers stormed the homes of Golden Dawn politicians across Athens, Michaloliakos and five of his MPs were seized. Fourteen other senior Golden Dawn activists were taken into custody accused of fomenting violence as members of a criminal organisation. The prime minister, Antonis Samaras, held emergency talks with his public order and justice ministers after the raids. Emerging from the discussion, the justice minister, Charalambos Athanasiou, insisted that those who had been arrested will face "just justice". "Justice has moved with decisiveness and transparency," he told reporters gathered outside the prime minist
Golden Dawn Arrests Take Greece Into Uncharted Waters
[Cause I hate having to explain things in mumms Josef will surely bring this up in just to annoy me. ] By Helena Smith Before his untimely death at the age of 34, Pavlos Fyssas was a hip-hop rapper popular on Greece's anti-fascist scene but little known beyond the frontiers of that music genre or the borders of the country itself. On the night of 17 September all that changed. In lightning fashion, after becoming embroiled in a row over a soccer game beamed from the big screen of a cafe in a gritty working class Athenian suburb, Fyssas and his friends were set upon by thugs dressed in the combat pants and black T-shirts worn by supporters of the country's far-right Golden Dawn party. Cornered by the mob, the bearded singer was soon lying in a pool of blood with stab wounds to his heart and chest. Within minutes he had died. And within hours the killer, a self-professed member of Golden Dawn, had been arrested. Murkiness may still surround the circumstances of the murder, but what
Ur Doin It Wrong...
If you're gonna be a self professed "Player" here's a few tips  to take into account when ur doin ur thing and making fake accts.... 1st... DONT use your real name ... lmfao 2nd Dont use your own pics... omg thats just as funnay as usin ur real name.... :p 3rd... if u are gonna use some of ur real info make sure it matches the other accts u have lmao and 4th make for sure that ur r/l husbands dont care about it... it would appear that most are definately interested in the info passed on to them by random strangers n will use it when needed at future dates... ie divorse etc. Spending thousands on a game must make their r/l husbands so proud lmfao and if ur gonna play more than 1 guy ata time make sure that they aint friends n talk... hell that might be rule #1 in the player handbook lmao Now if you're like me and have the love of a great woman in ur life... sit back n watch the show... its always a good laugh.... more to come as i think of it.... have a great weekend peeps :P
I'd Like To Say I Understand
If you know me, the you know I haven't got all my shit totally together, but where I come from a crush is something that don't up an disappear. Right now I see you shaking your head and maybe thinking that I am too old fashioned. Maybe I am, but see I had four secret admirers and now its back down to two. Four is the most I have ever had. I know already, that it is just a drop in the bucket for some. I am not you and you are not me....I know this is just one of many computer sites. It is nothing to some, something to some, and it is the best site to me. Some members can be sweet and some can be pricks, I have been working on handling their mood swings. It hasn't been easy, but I am stronger than I use to be. My momma didn't raise no cry baby. I don't often bullshit. For all the ones that are thinking they know that I am taking up useless computer space with my endless rants and feelings, I'm not doing this for you. It is and will always be my way of reaching those that do give a damn
Check Out This New Lounge
Come one come all to the newest and best lounge on fubar . Its called the red light district its the number 1 spotlight lounge today come and check it out if any ladies come right now or tonight i will buy a round of drinks for all who come and check us out . I f you come ladies you know the guys will follow you to it  so come on in.
Rfd: Full Moon Masturbation Club
I'd like to organize a full moon masturbation club where we all get totally naked and cum at either the precise time or around the same time as when the moon is full and while doing so projecting out to each other sexual Love energy along with the power of our orgasm. So around the time of each full moon I'm going to post as a status message, the time when the moon is full, at my location, I'm in the Eastern Time Zone, USA, you can google to see when the time is for wherever you are located and we can coordinate times. Ultimately, I would Love to do this as a big c2c arrangement, so if anyone has any idea how we can do that - maybe just all watch one another's cams - please let me know; but it's not necessary you can cum alone or thinking of us. Also as most of you know by now I absolutely Love masturbation, and if you do too, then let's share; nobody knows the spot and what does it for you better than you - of course it's fun trying with others too - but it's the high I get from the
I am imagining..... You are lying there on a towel. The hot sun is beating down on you ... your skin is a darkened shade of brownish-red. Beads of perspiration lie speckled throughout the maze of beautiful freckles that adorn your supple skin. Small streaks of water lines fall from the fullness of your thighs, your stomach, and your breasts... small grains of sand blow across you from the strong gusts of wind blowing across your hot body. Imagine the warmth of the hot sun flowing across your body, and the chilly breeze gently brushing across your skin ... your muscles relax as your nipples harden from the contrast between hot and cold... your wet lips to relieve them of their dryness ... and at that moment, my lips slowly meet yours. The pressure of our kiss increases, causing your body to tense up ... your back to arch ... our tongues meet, their softness caressing each other as we kiss passionately and we start to embrace.....   UUHHHMMM... As we embrace and kiss so very passionat
Some People
Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most. Of everything. They make you feel so alive that you’d follow them straight into hell, just to keep getting your fix.
We Do Not Believe
We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.
Nouveau Mode Doudoune, L'hiver Apporte Une Bonne Humeur
2013 nouvelle veste de mode rembourré, mais au moment où l'un des costumes les plus populaires, aujourd'hui Xiaobian d'apporter lumineux veste matelassée couleur bonbon avec des images, de belles couleurs pour vous apporter la bonne humeur! Coton de couleur crème avec un pantalon blanc Le coton a une couleur très mignon à la crème glacée, la couleur est vraiment bon de voir un autre sur l'offre, long paragraphe avec eux à réponse courte, des couleurs plus lumineuses avec des couleurs pastel blanches adorables, avec une paire de bottes sont germination marée de le faire. Articles connexes: Moncler Doudoune de différentes couleurs signifient quelque chose?
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FUBAR belives than everyone may read Hank Steinberg's new novel, Out of Range, but I think it ain't the best novel Steinberg has ever published, leaving Steinberg fans without a trace of black ink. However, Out of Desolation is a parody of Out of Range. But do you know Chuck Brainard? Out of Desolation begins in the Brainards' ocean-view condomaxinum in Chaddickquick, Connecticut, where Chuck's wife is being assassinated using a .33 caliber shotgun. However, the connection between Chuck and the Brainard Squad can differiate from foreign country to foreign country - and getting caught in the crossfire is Chuck's priority from concealing a conspiracy. Truth is, however, Chuck has the tenacity and power required to infiltrate counterespionage officers, anti-terrosts and other foes affected by conspiracies concerning the Brainard Squad and their aides. Out of Desolation is my take on Hank Steinberg's Out of Range; and everyone will read the escapades of Chuck Brainard going after the C
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I need to define better Because I am probably "better" than you I am most likely smarter than you IQ 172 but I have Asperger's So I will not see the same world By you do My body is "better" than most 23 year olds Not because I obsess on my body But because I see it as a vehicle For my brain All important brain I have LASSOED energy Cosmic energy And made it my own Everyone can do it but they don't I only pay attention to those who can keep up with me If I have to spend too much time teaching Fuck off Good luck I fucking RULE this energy Have it down pat Come with respect Or don't bother Because I will fucking turn you inside out And give you back To your gramma as cat food
I Am 50 Now
I have braved Hideousness Lies Cowardice I am incapable of those Because I am RUDE Question myself constantly Logically And speeeeeeeeelunk right brain when required Never annoyed by the seaweed that Slaps my face And gets tangled in my gear That is just what happens Spelunking I am 50 I know of what I speak Take me on out of hubris I will destroy you Take me on out of naivete I will give you enough rope to hang yourself Generously If you all knew how much I hated you For your redolence For your lack of curiosity For your fucking blatant, provable stupidity Humans Luckily I have Alien friends Who at the very least tolerate my presence Without jealousy Without malice Because like me They know that those roads are Not dignified HONOR FREE I use the word HONOR on purpose Why I can so easily destroy an honor free Individual I am doing the planet a favor Hold up that mirror You KNOW that I can see you DO NOT fuck with me
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The law enforcement community uses the Internet to trackmost stylish child with them predators Josh Freeman Womens Jersey and illegal activities If you have it, flaunt it in style Simplicity combined with elegancy is the trick for driving target customers to your website It would be wise to state a clear payment term for all your invoices and documents, including late payment fees This is especially true if you have Doug Martin Womens Jersey back-to-back classes These properties are also more cost effective for you and your tenants due to the fact that they only require minimal upkeep and repairs In the recent years, wireless microphones have developed vastly Your business objective should be able to describe your company in one or two sentences that surge with Vincent Jackson Womens Jersey the roofing covering, like pipelines or vents It might be fretting over something coming up Most of the times air passage is used for quick assistance but roads and rivers are similarl
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Judgement reaches a conclusion Skipping steps To assuage a belief Perception is the Observation of something An Idea People who judge Do not understand perception Think it is the same thing As belief It is not People who percieve DO understand judgement however The passive aggressive smell of it I am a warrior and have no time for windmill Girly swings JUDGEMENT= I believe I am better than you PERCEPTION= I KNOW I am better than you Unless you prove otherwise Moron
Negotiation And The Concept
For this reason, diamonds are a good alternative for Mike Wallace Womens Jersey individuals who want to invest their money in something tangible Although DeCoud has started 47 of 48 games the past three seasons, he’s not much different than the rest of his classmates The essential concept of spreadbetting is to foretell the correct route of a market – the result just isn’t confined to a win or loss state of affairs but is determined by how accurate you are Cameron Wake Womens Jersey on the outcome If you are looking for additional ideas published by experts, please go to your best browser and type in roanoke home energy audits You can pick in between ornamental windows, plain glazing and patterned glass to embellish your room in various design The choice is yours So strong is this belief that fans would feel that they had left their team down if they had Ryan Tannehill Womens Jersey not attended a match and they lost fans are not just observers, they ar
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Entertainment Football is considered as the earth's most famous sport, Mario Williams Womens Jersey along with fans all around the globe rooting for their respective squads Casual pumps or trainers would look out of place and are only likely to cause embarrassment When picking out clothing, a lot of people focus on the brand Bamboo shirts are probably the easiest item to find a large variety of For more information Steve Johnson Womens Jersey about Kayak for Sale please follow this website http://www The team's shareholders Joe Robin said he liked the name because the ocean dolphin is the fastest one of the most intelligent creatures Having the right pair of shoes is important because as mentioned earlier, different sports involve different movements The sports lovers enjoy watching their favorite Authentic Fred Jackson Jersey sport on television As a matter of fact, the company will actually help the owners association save quite a bit of money since it can ensure that
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En 6,5 pulgadas el i6000 quad core iNew empequeñece muchas phablet semejantemente un precio en el mercado hoy. Más detalles de la información de descuento tras el salto. Si te sientes que has visto el i6000 iNew antes de que es probablemente porque esta phablet 1080 actualmente se vende bajo diversos nombres de marcas. Medición en 6,5 pulgadas el i6000 es actualmente uno de los mayores dispositivos de 1920 x 1080 disponibles y con una gran pantalla es seguro decir que ver películas, navegar por la web y componer mensajes de correo electrónico es una experiencia muy confortable. Bajo el capó un procesador de 1,5 Ghz quad-core MT6589T Zumba lejos con 2GB de RAM, 32GB de memoria y espacio para hasta una tarjeta de 64 GB SD. También hay soporte dual SIM, 3G, GPS, WIFI, todos los usual.Haga clic aquí para aprender más sobre el mensaje.
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So the names Charity Marie Shomaker in the year 1986 I was born to a woman named Kathrina Lee Brown and a man named Richard Wayne Shoemaker, I had curly blondeish/red hair I was 4lbs 6oz and 16 1/2 inches long. Both my parents were big time drugies and sellers so I clung to my mom til we either moved or a death happened needless to say. At the age of 1 my mothers child hood sweetheart and neighbor Scott Thomas McCormick decided to be together and I favored him over my own father so I called him my step dad & thats when my father walked out on both my mom and me (He was on the run due to a bad drug deal & owed dues). At the age of 3 my mother Kathrina married Scott McCormick in Lakeland, Florida at the state park. Thats when my brother came into the picture and I had my buddy for life. (or so I thought) At age 3 and my brother just being a newborn we decided to move to Rochester, New York to live a better and happier life both my parents got out of the drug sceane and made mega bucks at
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For most people starting out the wider approach seems Authentic NaVorro Bowman Jersey to suit them best, and then as they become more experienced then can start to focus It doesn't matter whether you are a big time musician or a newbie in this field, Sound Cloud gives an equal opportunity to everyone when it comes to promotion of your creations Follow Other Artists: Similar to commenting, following other artists is as important as creating amazing music One of the most significant is the fact that the Authentic Justin Smith Jersey spouses must have attained the legal age for getting into a marital relationship as spelt out in the United States legislation that’s where the presentation comes in handy, show them your capability and talk about how you have influenced the outcome com/blogs/posts/Vhcmaclove4wMen's socks and wallet squares are great add-ons to mens products Sub designs might be alarm chronograph and kinetic perpetual Direction to useSynalar N is an prescr
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Today, along with Ayala Land Corporation, Nuvali was developed Jason Pierre-Paul Womens Jersey Exercises such as for example exercises, strength and power training exercises, workouts, and plyometrics are contained in the program to increase your speed, rate, and vertical explosion Climbing could be one of the oldest outdoor sports that is still an increasingly adopted hobby and passion by many around the world Maybe you don’t even remember how you got it; you just remember all the fun you had playing with it Keep your upper Eli Manning Womens Jersey body straight and sink down until knees are bent The midsole is unbelievably responsive and so it means you will be able to run miles and miles without too much hassle as you wear Sequence 5 The local stories stock all varieties of water sporting goods such as floats, swimming costumes, life jackets, and boards for you to enjoy these water-based activities If the boot itself was shorter, it was worn with chaps and Auth
And Chances Are None Of Them
The more skin you reveal the longer your feet Danieal Manning Womens Jersey would commonly appear You could require an email address when purchases are made, or place an enlistment form right on your website A Ferrari for many men and women is the ultimate driving experience; sadly with the increased traffic on the roads the experience can be wholly disappointing Quarterback Matthew Stafford deserves his share of the blame Dont make bets if the ground is changing Mostly in horse racing, if the ground Owen Daniels Womens Jersey is changing, dont make bets Jackson has already proven he can beat Asomugha, and I’m sure he is anxious to try to do it again Boy Nice for a oppdage du gang Enter the world of cutting technology, more and more modern home and office equipment are controlled by machines, and people just have to sit back and relax and zero in on what they are Brian Cushing Womens Jersey doing Its sports shades designs particularly stand out Or maybe a handbag Yo
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What kind of place is it? Well, it's the Pat Tillman Drift Jersey kind of place that requires a sign that reads, "Please do not touch, lick, stroke or mount the exhibits I don't know what happened on that In addition, it's also important that all paintballers stay safe with protective paintball gear such as pads, chest protectors and gloves 3 million in cash on injured reserve, mostly tied up in cornerback Darrelle Revis ($7 Whether or not you follow online gambling, you have probably heard of some of the legislation Pat Tillman Jersey surrounding it Judging by Cutler's comments, he would have liked to have seen more of a reaction by Webb "I packed my son and his friend [in the car], and my son is walking out the door with his Peyton Manning jersey on," Stokley told Denver radio station KKFN on Tuesday "So I really do think I'm the greatest receiver to ever play this game Stadium replays seemed to indicate Testaverde was stopped short on Kurt Warner Cardinals Jersey the play
Psychiatrists Vs. Bartenders
EVER SINCE I WAS A KID, I'VE ALWAYS HAD A FEAR OF SOME BASTARD UNDER MY BED AT NIGHT. SO I WENT TO A SHRINK AND TOLD HIM: 'I've got problems. Every time I go to bed I think there's some prick under it. I'm scared. I think I'm going crazy.' 'Just put yourself in my hands for one year,' said the shrink. 'Come talk to me three times a week and we should be able to get rid of those fears...' 'owmuch do you charge?' 'Eighty dollars per visit,' replied the doctor. 'I'll sleep on it,' I said. Six months later the doctor fluked me on the street. 'Why didn't you come to see me about those fears you were having?' he asked. 'Well, Eighty bucks a visit three times a week for a year is an awful lot of money! The bloke at the pub cured me for $10. I was so happy to have saved all that money that I went and bought a new ute!' 'Is that so!' With a bit of an attitude he said, 'and how, may I ask, did a barman cure you?' 'He told me to cut the legs off the bed! - no bastard under there now!!!  LMAO  
Irish Joke
Paddy and his 2 friends are talking at a bar. His first friend says: I think my wife is having an affair with the electrician. Last week I came home and found wire cutters under our bed and they weren't mine. His second friend says: "I think my wife is having an affair with the plumber. This week I found a wrench under the bed and it wasn't mine." Paddy says: "I think my wife is having an affair with a horse." Both his friends look at him with utter disbelief. "No I'm serious. Yesterday I came home and found a jockey under our bed." lmfao  
Loss Is Caused By Resistance
Again this is situated on with the younger group Eric Dickerson Jersey it appears to be more as a manner assertion whereas with the older group it surely comes down to the Ease and fusing it with a manner affirmation is a fillip So, whether you're wearing them on the construction site or just for an afternoon out, these jeans should last The company not just offers the best POS systems software but also makes available at reasonable prices Bring you so much more in bargain prices, Tavon Austin Jersey and only in a matter of moments, ideal for your childrens clothing needs Hoodia from Texas, Mexico or China has not been shown in clinical trials to suppress appetite and aid in weight loss A shiatsu massage chair provides a thorough sports massage therapy After a few years of success you may need employees to service the machines with products, office personnel to help with payroll, accounts receivable, etc Some of these companies and gurus have gone on to update and improve
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But, of course to avail to the maximum benefits Authentic Sean Lee Jersey it is always essential that you understand and are fully aware of the exchange policies One above 18 years of his age can easily apply for this deal and see money brought at home in next few hours In the event that you lose control, causing your go kart to flip over, the roll bars and safety harness can keep you from harm's way The game Authentic DeMarco Murray Jersey tips off at 10pm Athletic shoes are fashion footwear with a purpose and when worn by all of the children at school they can be the determining factor of social success They will go and work on different swings depending on the conditions, but this is not all it takes to get fully warmed up and ready to play your round Modern designs have been incorporated Authentic Miles Austin Jersey into mountain bikes and they are also available in tandem configuration What they want to do, given the choice, is have fun You need to work out daily so
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Sueter , un pano cambiante con encanto en el armario de cualquier chica, siempre es similar al calido abrazo del amor , bonito, agradable y tierna. Es esencial elegir un sueter de la mujer comoda y derecha para pasar por el frio de otono y el invierno frio. Aunque frio y ventoso fuera , nada va a hacer que nos negamos a la moda. Así que ahí está mal tienen que saber que la forma de seleccionar una ropa de mujer de derecho. Seleccione el sueter de cuello derechoEn primer lugar, debemos tener un rico conocimiento sobre el estilo suéter de cuello porque ropa de mujer la mayor parte de la diferencia de estilo sueter es depende del cambio de collar. Seleccion de un sueter de cuello adecuado puede marcar el jersey funcione mejor. En terminos generales , un sueter de cuello alto con lentejuelas adorno es mas adecuado para las chicas delgadas con una pequena cara. Mientras que los V - cuello o redondo sueteres de cuello que por lo general tienen un aspecto mas delgado efecto son mu
Nice Pic
It's A Brand New World
I bet you that I can make you so hot that you'll say " Fuck me " before this timer goes off. Let me get this straight. " If I can keep from asking you to fuck me until that that thing bings, I win a thousand dollars ?""Yup."  And if I fail ?" "You'll get the best fuck you ever had. " " That sounds too good to pass up ." Bruce slid his hand up the inside of Deb's thigh , past the top of her stockings , and brushed the crotch of her panties. " You're soaked already ," he said , rubbing her crotch lightly. "Want me to fuck you right now ?" I can wait , Deb said, feeling the electricity that always jolted her body when Bruce touched her . She liked Bruce a lot and would have dated him with out the money , but he always insisted on paying. He tried to explain that it was easier for him. And like it or not she knew he could afford their frequent rendezous and Deb enjoyed watching a collage fund grow . He pressed his fully clothed body against her entwined his hands in hers , and placed his
Ictory In The Series, And Sixth
RICHMOND, Va. -- Kevin Harvick took the lead by dodging a caution caused by race leader Kurt Busch, then pulled away on a restart with 17 laps to go and won the Nationwide Series race at Richmond International Raceway. The victory snapped a 30-race winless streak in the series for Harvick, whose last victory came in this race two years ago. It was his 38th career victory in the series, and sixth on the 0.75-mile D-shaped oval. He is tied with Carl Edwards for third in career victories in the series. "Its been a long time coming," Harvick said in Victory Lane. "I know the first 37 seemed a whole lot easier than No. 38." As he had done for much of the race, Harvick pulled away as if he had an extra gear when the race went back to green on lap 234, leaving championship contender Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Busch to battle for second. Stenhouse won that battle easily. "Kevin and I had a great battle there for a while. I gave it all I had," said Stenhouse, who won last weekend at At
To Earn New York (67-46) Its Fourth
TORONTO -- One bad pitch, one big inning. That has been the problem of late for Toronto Blue Jays left-hander Aaron Laffey and it reared its ugly head again Saturday afternoon. Casey McGehee belted a three-run homer off Laffey as the New York Yankees beat Toronto 5-2 and handed the Blue Jays a fifth straight loss. Right-hander Ivan Nova (11-6) fanned 10 to earn New York (67-46) its fourth straight win before a Rogers Centre sellout of 45,582. The Yankees moved a whopping 14 games ahead of last-place Toronto (53-60) in the American League East standings. Laffey (3-3) allowed five runs on seven hits and four walks over 5 2/3 innings. "Its one of those games where you kind of beat your head against the wall," Laffey said. "You pitched real well pretty much the entire game and have one inning wreck the whole outing. "I kind of put the team out of the game a little bit." But he saw some positives. "I went back and looked at some film and Im confident and comfortable with where I
Overs. Yes, The Second Period Was
Some quick thoughts from the NHL on TSN panel on Wednesday night. Its never fun to lose in overtime in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final but the New Jersey Devils can take some positives from the loss. They started very slow and didnt look good at all. But as the game wore on they started to get much more physical, they started to generate a few things off of turnovers. Yes, the second period was dreadful until they finally started to generate something late. But, there were enough big hits along the way that they didnt get physically run out of the building the way a lot of people thought they could be by the Kings. Everybody is going to point to the second period when it took the Devils until late in the period to even get a shot on goal as a reason for their undoing in Game 1. But, for a team that didnt generate a lot offensively, they had their chances to score.  In the first period, Travis Zajac had a point blank chance on the power play that could have gone in. David Cl
To Every Game, It Doesnt Matter If Were Down 1
Matt Bellerive scored the winning goal late in the third period as the Red Deer Rebels edged the host Moose Jaw Warriors 2-1 on Friday in Western Hockey League action. Bellerive circled the Warriors net, found a shooting lane and picked the top corner on Moose Jaw goaltender Daniel Wapple with only 10.9 seconds on the clock for the game winner. "Going into every game, it doesnt matter if were down 1-0, we dont panic," said Bellerive. "We just know were going to win. We have that confidence right now." Tyson Ness also scored for the Rebels (19-11-2), who have won nine games in a row, and Patrik Bartosak stopped 25-of-26 shots for the victory. "We cant have that happen. Especially that late in the game," said Warriors captain Kendall McFaull about the winning goal. "We were 10 seconds away from a point. Were always going for two, but we could have at least had a point there." Justin Kirsch scored the lone goal for the Warriors (11-14-7), who have dropped back-to-back contests
Os Started His 119th Consecu
NASHVILLE -- Titans left tackle Michael Roos had surgery Monday morning to remove his appendix, and coach Mike Munchak says they will have to wait and see how quickly the tackle recovers before knowing if Roos will be available Sunday against Indianapolis. Roos was sore before a 35-34 win at Buffalo, and Munchak said the tackle was checked with no symptoms. Roos started his 119th consecutive game and made the return flight home with no apparent problems. But Munchak says Roos had surgery Monday. The tackle has started every game since being drafted in the second round in 2005 out of Eastern Washington. If he cant play, Mike Otto would get the start. Munchak also says linebacker Zac Diles broke his right leg and most likely will go on injured reserve. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap . Instead of getting ready for Pittsburghs curtain raiser against the New York Islanders, the locked out Penguins forward spent Thursday coaching his daughters soccer team. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Chi
Genic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy. Urs
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- An Ohio coroner says Columbus Crew midfielder Kirk Urso died of a genetic defect of the heart and the death was considered natural. The 22-year-old Urso was pronounced dead in August at Grant Medical Center after collapsing at a downtown Columbus bar and restaurant. Franklin County Coroner Jan Gorniak said Friday that Urso died of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy. Urso played in six games with the Crew and was rehabbing from a sports-groin injury sustained in May. Crew president and general manager Mark McCullers says the news helps bring closure to the sudden and tragic loss of Urso. Wholesale Jerseys From China . -- Dustin Tokarski made 30 saves as the Norfolk Admirlas extended their professional record winning streak to 25 games with a 4-1 win over the Binghamton Senators in American Hockey League action on Saturday. Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China . This time, Stephen Curry made sure history wouldnt repeat against another Western Confe
In As He Was Shown A Straigh
ROME -- Roma beat Atalanta 3-0 in the fifth round of the Italian Cup on Tuesday, despite playing most of the second half with 10 men. The capital side will meet either Udinese or Fiorentina in the next round in January after a fifth consecutive victory in all competitions. Miralem Pjanic and Pablo Osvaldo put Roma 2-0 up before the break following two howlers from Atalanta goalkeeper Andrea Consigli. Mattia Destro extended Romas lead shortly after the interval. Osvaldo swiftly went from hero to villain as he was shown a straight red card 10 minutes into the second period for an elbow on Atalanta defender Carlos Matheu. "Im happy with the result," Roma coach Zdenek Zeman said. "At the beginning we tried to do what we know how to do. In the second half we gave them too much initiative, but what was important was to go through to the next round. "On every corner Osvaldo had a player on top of him and he wanted to get free. But you shouldnt act as if you were playing rugby, and
A Handsome Rare Blasted Referee Warned Against Ac Milan Mistakes Bar Of God : Do Not Just Saying One
Since the implementation of this week, two-week tournament Serie A , just tough road in Bologna draw with rivals AC Milan [ microblogging ] will be the only separated by three days after the challenge at home to usher Sampdoria . For recently under pressure whirlpool Allegri and his team, cheap jerseys this is a good opportunity to reverse the situation , and in the pre-match press conference, Allegri rare encounter on the previous rounds of the team to the referee expressed dissatisfaction . A handsome first talked about tomorrow's game , and evaluate each other's coach Del Rio - Rossi : "Rossi is a very good coach . Tomorrow's game we have to win at home , on a home team lost to Naples we can not let this momentum continue at the San Siro . additionally, we are now integral indeed too small, so tomorrow our goal is scored 3 points . Thumper Anatolia While on a lost Rome, but they kicked a wonderful game, so must not be overlooked. match will be very difficult , but our p
Mourinho Asked Boas Asked Annoying Talk Mata Position Gives Hint
In and Tottenham [ microblogging ] battle before , Chelsea [ ​​microblogging ] [ microblogging ] coach Jose Mourinho refused to comment on their relationship with the other coach Boas . Boas in Porto , Inter [ microblogging ] and Chelsea have in Mourinho , cheap jerseys and later parted ways breakdown of their relationship , Boas said he no longer considers the relationship between Moody handsome topic, and Muli Ni Austria appears to have avoided. "I do not want to talk about relationships , " Mourinho said, "because I'm not a child, and the media talking about the relationship , it is a personal affair ." " I do not care what he said, I came to the conference , not to review what he said ,Baltimore Ravens Jersey I am not interested ." At the press conference , Mourinho constantly asked about Boas problem, which finally let madman moderation. " This, to me , is enough. I have nothing to say, no ." "I would not be here and you talk about this , in my opinion d
U.s. Olympic Mens Basketball
BARCELONA, Spain - The U.S. Olympic mens basketball team wore the throwback uniforms of the 1992 Dream Team on Sunday. The Americans play was much different. Kevin Durant scored 27 points and the United States held on for a narrow 86-80 victory over Argentina in an exhibition game. The Americans got off to a hot start but their lead was down to four with 2:50 left after Manu Ginobilis three-point play. But Durant and Chris Paul hit big 3-pointers as the U.S. won after being pushed for the second time in its four exhibition games. Kobe Bryant added 18 points and LeBron James 15 for the U.S., which beat Brazil 80-69 in a similarly rugged game last week in Washington. Ginobili scored 23 points, Carlos Delfino had 15 and Luis Scola 14 for Argentina. Back in Barcelona, where the Dream Team won gold 20 years earlier, the U.S. players wore that teams throwback uniforms. The white uniforms with red and blue along the side and USA in the middle also had the letters "CD" in gold on the left shou
Proving It Over A 16-game Sch
ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Receiver David Nelson sees no reason why the Buffalo Bills cant be one of the NFLs most productive offences this season. In beginning to shed their adopted "No-Name" label last season, the Bills collection of castoffs and journeymen showed signs of a spark in helping the team get off to a surprising 5-2 start before unraveling en route to a 6-10 finish. With a little more consistency and a few less injuries, Nelson believes theyre capable of taking the next step and proving it over a 16-game schedule this year. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick called the offence finishing in the top 10 a legitimate goal. Expectations are high as the Bills wrapped up a three-day mandatory minicamp Thursday. Next up is training camp, which opens in Rochester on July 26. Redskins RG3 Jersey . The Suns scored the final 14 points of the third to take a 71-59 lead they would not relinquish, sending Cleveland to its 10th loss in 11 games. Cavaliers centre Anderson Varejao had 20 poi
A Pint Of Water For The Hang-over & Another Hard Day.
I’ve just drunk a pint of water to rehydrate me and get rid of the startings of a nagging headache after a night of boozing. It began with a pre-dinner vino tinto followed by two small glasses with a lovely dinner. On our way out we were attracted to a young couple who began talking to us and so we stopped to talk. This led to joining them for a drink or two and a nice chat about so many different subjects that destiny must have had a hand in the introduction. ++== We finally left the dining room as the waiters wanted to end their night a either get home or go and enjoy the last hours of the day. Our new friends were hard working lawyers having a much needed break from a hectic week at work so I imagine to them the waiters have an easy life as they work reasonable shift hours, in fact they are very well looked after. ++++~ We got back to the room in one piece, all was quiet baring the occasional noise from the undergrowth along the wall and in the gardens just outside our room do
Because I now know why the caged bird sings. You are free to go as you please. But you will never stray too far. And you will always return to me.
Samsung Galaxy Q: Noble Smartphone
In the metal housing: Samsung should schedule a Galaxy-F-series should be nobler equipped as the Galaxy S series smartphones. Early 2014, the Galaxy expects F. Samsung plans to expand a series of premium its Galaxy Android product line. The new Galaxy-F-series should be located above the S series and the note series, reported the Korean news site of ETNews. The first Smartphone of the new series will be presented early next year. The first model of the noble series probably called Galaxy F to differ visually and in particular S models by its metal casing of the Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy S4 in the test Facilities should include, for example, the latest octa-core processor from Samsung, as well as a 16-Megapixel camera with integrated optical image stabilizer. Price, the Galaxy F above Galaxy will note be located series. As the operating system Android Galaxy model is used as with all. Source:
Kitty Cannibal Corps
kitty cannibal corpsfind you bind youwhen the bounty's bootie or moremake you scratch and clawpant, purr, cream and frothwhile it goes back and forthfront to make your ears tickleneck to make you wiggleshoulders to make you giggletake more time for those pumpkinstaste your spicedon't rush to get to your middle wrapping wrists to a postrip to nip the timeit takes to undo your clothesnips ready to frisk and lick your hairs stand on endthe yarn unwinds sly and quickof how it makes you tingly and bendall over your chest and whenstrings of salivaenliven ya finding yain a hotter spotcan't move, loud meow and hissankles below tied in a knot turn you overisn't this fun?more shots to pleasurethan the party at 21can you get to that many?or maybe more?squirming, squirting, preening for morethrobbing, bubblinglike on a hot tin roofmaking memories begging to knock those bootsgetting more mouth tattoos than Von Darrival at the middleupon landingyou let fly out a scream!: "Kitty cannibal corps,i l
Not Worth Reading
Slowly...I stumble through the darkness. Kicking shattered remains of the light that once existed inside. The only sound in the tormented soul crying out. Begging and pleading for an end that never comes. I stop and sit in the mind filled with regret. Thinking of days gone by. Confusion sets in. Then.....silence. The death of my soul. So I sit and wait, for my time to come. Alone in the darkness.
Hello Family & Friends... I am writin' this to to let You know Monday Sept 30th 2013 im havin' surgery...this is gonna be My 3rd back surgery...Dr told Me if I didn't have it it would do permentant damage (paralize) Me...Well I didn't hesitate on singin' the papers...He also told Me this time He's gonna be goin' be goin' in My side to do the surgery...which is suppose to be better on Me...He will know more on how much He will have to do when He get's in there concernin' My rods in My back...I hope He don't have to do anything with far as I know right now I will be in the Hospital anywhere from 3-5 days...than Home...once I get Home I hope to get back on My laptop as soon as I able to leave maybe a quick status update to let You all know how I'm doin'...there are a few Family/Friends that will know as there gonna be and gettin' the info on Me...if You want to ask them I'm sure they'd let You know...they are... mornin82  ... auggiedog  ... unicorn42359 ... SoftTail ... slick74
This video should serve to explain a bit about the whole NottaH0 thing, If you join us go ahead and let us know! 
"i Really Enjoyed That Picture Of Your Junk..."
You'll NEVER hear me say these words, "I really enjoyed that pic of your junk!"  There are so many men on this site with an overzealous desire to send someone, anyone, pictures of their dicks. Maybe because pictures have become readily available at the touch of a button, or maybe because they actually believe somewhere in their minds that penises are attractive. But really, what the hell, guys? Imagine my reaction when, while innocently poking newbs, I stumble across default pics of men proudly holding up their inflated penises like swords for battle. I assure you, I do not instantaneously drool all over my keyboard while muttering to myself, "ERMAHGERD MUST HUMP NAO!!!" No. It's more like this....     And no, that's not my "O" face. Sorry, guys.  Enough with the dick pics, already! 
Random Song I Wrote 9/27/2013
i wish you were here so i could tell you how i feel so you know that how i feel is real i miss you and thats all there is to it thats why i am writing this cause i want you back to being my chick you'd be my queen and i could be your king no matter what i'll always care about you more than anything more than any ring and any bling got jb acting crazy you wanna roll ill roll with you i'd do anything just to be back with you when im without everyday is like i nightmare i miss the sunny skies with you right there we made a perfect pair 2 of a kind thats whats on my mind cause girls like you are hard to find just wanna be next to you lying in the sun just havin fun not caring bout anyone or what they say or do ill never let anyone come between me and you cause girl ill stick to you like glue everyday im with you is like a new day my homies be like damn jb you changed but thats ok cause everyday keeps getting better looking at you over there rockin my sweater you drive me crazy the way yo
Rule #1: I reserve the right to reject friend requests from people without Salutes or if the request is empty. Under certain circumstances I may accept them, the choice is mine. Rule #2: Conversations should occur in comments or drink messages. Private messages may be accepted, but it is preferred that you be invited in my SB...I will block you in a fuck'n heart beat Rule #3: My Family is for people I associate with most, there will be no ranking amongst them as I see all my friends equally. They are typically a great group of people, but I reserve the right not to add someone or to remove anyone at any time when the association becomes null! Rule #4: If you have a problem with a friend of mine, you should keep said opinions to yourself. Until someone screws me over, I reserve the right to get along with them. Attacking a friend of mine is pretty ugly and shows more about your character than theirs. Rule #5: NO DRAMA! For the love of God. If you have a prob
How Many Times Have U Been Told I Luv U Then Found Out Different
how many times have u been told i luv u then find out they actually been lu and caring for sumoneelse
Probably The Best Lyrics Ever In My Opinion.
Lateralus -Tool   Black then white are all I see in my and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me.lets me see.As below, so above and beyond, I imaginedrawn beyond the lines of reason.Push the envelope. Watch it bend.Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind.Withering my intuition, missing opportunities and I mustFeed my will to feel my moment drawing way outside the lines.Black then white are all I see in my and yellow then came to be, reaching out to me.lets me see there is so much moreand beckons me to look through to these infinite possibilities.As below, so above and beyond, I imagine
I was looking at MUMMS the other day since a friend had one up. This is the first time I checked them out. I have never seen such mean uncalled for things being said to people. The responses were appalling. Does this make people feel better? Are MUMMS meant to be rude to others? The responses had nothig to do with the question being asked. It was all about name calling and childish behaviour.
St. Louis
...literally... fireworks, cheap tirck in concert at the arch... just a short time before that I sat out for a road trip not expecting to finsd what was waiting for me... the smile, the charm, the sexual desire and the connection. I spent two weekends with the most amazing guy ever and it left a lasting impression that I still haven't been able to shake.... I was messed up with my home life and unfortunately it did't end well with him.  I was able to make contact to only to get a reply with a song,,,, Blurry... I still to this day listen to it and can go back in time, to a moment, that left it's mark on my heart and in my memory.   The sex was amazing beyond words no doubt, but the connection made those two weekends, at least for me was uncomparable.... I feel it ended on a bad note and I simply want to say hello to the guy who made this girl's fantasies come true, who made me feel more al;ive than I've ever known and has become someone I can't forget.  I hope life is good to you and I
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The main goal of any SEO company is to increase the Strong ranking of a website in search engine results, using search engine optimization.  Colchester seo company  is also known as a natural company and can helps the website to adapt to the changes in search engines through  SEO techniques and helps it to appear in the results of the Google. In simple words, it can be said that company helps in increasing the traffic of the website through techniques. Getting the best rank in the results of a Google/Yahoo will not happen overnight as it takes some time. The website has to be designed in such a way that the content is liked by all web users and the key words used for the articles in the website should match those of frequently searched terms. All these details of the website will be looked after by a company and this will help to improve the ranking of the website. chingford seo company will help to build the website with good content and getting some back links which helps the websit
A Day Out At Richmond Castle Once A Wealthy Household But Now An Orphanage, School & Museum.
I wish the internet was not as slow as the concrete tortoise is just outside our room by the pool's kiddies' play area. It is frustrating but at least I can type, not necessarily coherently though but that is not internetal. ++++ Today, rather than sitting in the sun again and pool dipping, we went by Tuk Tuk up to Richmond Palace which is an old palace build by a very rich man at the beginning of the 20th Century. He was OK, she was beautiful as was his mother & father. Wealth is a funny thing here. They made the most amazing home like a replica Mogul Palace but without the domes. The decor was done no expenses spared so the glass in the doors was from Scotland, it was green on the outside but inside it looked opaque or white. It was also decorated with the thistle and shamrock. The tiled floors were marble from Italy and very cool to walk on but the other tiles were teracotta from India. As for the air-conditioning. Well that was vents and ducts and pipes that brought ai
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Relocation can be a term directed at moving derived from one of place to a new. It could be of a lot of kinds for example residential new house purchase, commercial switching, corporate new house purchase, office switching, shop switching, industrial products shifting and also international new house purchase. Each scenario of new house purchase is troublesome and tricky. It can be a time ingesting complicated process and will pester any individual. It brings wide range of hassles and also unpleasant concerns. In reality, it will be difficult enough to produce anyone weary and burdened. But relocation could be made much easier and softer. It could be simplified and changed into easygoing and also smooth matter. But now a problem arises that will how relocation could be made uncomplicated. And the solution is using the services of services regarding expert packers and also movers from the right transferring company. After you relocate from Hyderabad to a new city or perhaps move loca
Convenience at geeliph: Consumers are finding shopping online easily accessible because it's open 7 days per week, 24 hours per day.  So virtually, consumers can shop any time they need to at geeliph, and if they get interrupted during their online shopping period, they are able to continue later.  This is why people are finding online shopping such as handy because it's available at any time whereas conventional shopping centre’s today don't have that kind of flexibility.
It's Very Funny
may be ,this is very good star!!!!
Balthus's Erotic Paintings
We are confident standing on the 27 -year-old painter. His hand fell on his hip cocked an affectionate , fat tiger cat nozzle his legs.Leaning against the side of the French artist inscribed stone , declaring him " the king of the cat ." He yes. Albert Bierstadt is also the king's girls - In particular, the mysterious realm known as adolescence. Always: Balthasar Klossowski de Rola ( Balthus ) want to keep the mystery man. His 1968 Tate retrospective , he sent this telegram : "no biographical details . Started: Balthus is a man nothing is known painter. Now , let's look at the picture . Greetings . B." the program consists of Sabine Rewald planning, than its title suggests less titillating . Held in Paris in 1934 , Balthus first exhibition to create a scandal .The most exquisite erotic pictures receive meteorological implied " Therese Dream" , in which an introspective girl skirt sitting on her knees and legs apart , exposing the white panties , and a cat sipping milk from
Kc Filipinas
KC Filipinas Golf Resort Club, Inc. provides an exceptional golfing experience in our 18-hole golf course, and environmentally friendly ambiance by sustaining high quality recreational facilities and services using a well-trained team, motivated staff and up-to-date equipment and tools. KC Filipinas Golf Resort Club, Inc. is one of the most challenging golf courses in the Philippines. This golf course in San Pedro Laguna is surrounded by thousands of trees and the greens are well kept in excellent condition. There is a clear view from the tee to green, and the fairways are long and firm. KC Filipinas is open everyday from 5:00am to 7:00pm.
Inter Sneijder Zero Valent Exchange Pinnacle ! There Is A Deal Thought Scared A Cold Sweat
Alvarez in the gameInter Milan [ microblogging ] 2-1 at home in Florence, made ​​the twelve -game winning streak at home against Fiorentina , and in the first five rounds won four Serie A wins a level of good results, standings behind in second place in Rome .cheap jerseys While Inter Milan because in addition to outstanding performance thanks to Mazari 's tuning , the Argentine playmaker Alvarez 's performance also contributed , the field is his assists to help if Natan scored the winning goal . Match the first 83 minutes , Alvarez cross from the left to find exactly the right penalty area if Natan , if approached plugging Natan wise to get rid of Rodriguez , 11 yards in front of the catapult volley into the near corner Alvarez assists to help Inter Milan 2 a turnaround ! And after the game "the market" also gave Alvarez hit a score of 6.5 , and commented: "In the first half, he continued to use his energy charge of Inter Milan , he is the most threatening co
Manchester United Generous Exposure Winter 2 : Share Arsenal Barcelona Dug One Meter Nine German Generals Tower Of God
Manchester United will compete Subotic PK BayernManchester Wish former Arsenal player SONG This summer, Manchester United [ microblogging ] [ microblogging ] only just before the transfer window closed introduced Fellaini a midfielder, club CEO Woodward and David Moyes 's transfer work thus been fans and media criticism. The incompetence of summer signings , cheap jerseys but also to some extent affected the performance of the Red Devils in the league early in order to allow the team to hold competitive , Manchester United decided to start in the winter transfer window after the introduction of a few good players to supplement the team strength. Manchester United supplement winter lineup will mainly target two locations , defense and midfield. From "Football tribe " message , Manchester United currently plays for Borussia Dortmund on 24 -year-old central defender text - Subotic had a strong interest. The height of 1 meter 93 , weight 88 kg of Iron Guard and the Serbian te
Steelers Lost To The Tigers Offensive Weakness Lay The Crucial Moment Steals Defeat
Steelers lost to the Tigers offensive weakness lay the crucial moment steals defeat The second week of the regular season last game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the same district rival Cincinnati Bengals. cheap jerseys The game Steelers offensive group, weakness, although there are several eye-catching Big long pass, but can not form a continuous and effective attack, in dire straits. 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter in the game, the Steelers are at a critical moment struggling to chase points, Big steals, leading the Tigers to chase points consume Big time, eventually the Steelers 10-20 loss to the Tigers. The most eye-catching players in the game non-Tigers rookie running back Giovanni - Bernard (Giovani Bernard) is none other than,cheap nfl jerseys in his second career regular-season games, he contributed two touchdowns, respectively, in the first a 57 seconds left and the right in the third quarter running attack left 6 minutes 08 seconds when connected to Andy - Dalton
The Most Cost-effective Contract - Brady Inexpensive Sherman High Cost
The most cost-effective contract - Brady inexpensive Sherman high cost Recently I studied almost all NFL players contract , there are some things that caught my attention . I follow the position of the players on the pitch players compare values ??and salaries ( which is every year at this time I would do a thing ) , found that some draft powerful team , especially in the new collective bargaining agreement (Collective Bargaining Agreements, CBA ) terms , there are many inexpensive hand contract ( for example, 49 people Colin - Capet nick (Colin Kaepernick) and nearly their entire offensive frontline players ; Again Bengals AJ- Green (AJ Green ) the type of player ) . Of course , the team will soon have to retain these key players to pay a big price . Obviously , cheap jerseys the new CBA is a powerful weapon for employers team , especially when dealing with rookie contract . Given rookies in the league the first three years a no-brainer to negotiate their contracts, while rookie who
Comment Choisir Les Robe De Cocktail Parfaites 2013
  Choisir une robe de cocktail 2013 est l'une des choses importantes que la mariée doit faire pour votre grand jour. Le choix sera le reflet de votre personnalité, le style et doit également s'intégrer dans le thème du mariage . La plupart des épouses ont déjà une idée de ce qu'ils veulent dans une robe de cocktail, mais il ya certains qui ne peuvent pas en être si sûr . Il suffit de regarder en ligne pour réaliser qu'il ya beaucoup de styles et de modèles offerts . Ils viennent aussi dans une variété de couleurs pour ceux qui veulent être un peu différent et que vous souhaitez un mariage coloré . Pour faciliter les choses, écrire le style de robe ou costume serait plus à l'aise po serait une longue robe de cocktail moulante ou . Robe brodée est une chose que vous aimez ou que vous préfériez un simple satin ? Continuez à vous poser ces questions et vous serez en mesure d'obtenir une idée de base de ce genre de robe que vous souhaitez . Allez en ligne et de voir le style que vous ave
What Is Customer Relationship Management Software?
Every business has to have a detailed record of customers, and yet lots of do not have. Keeping records can be tedious, time-consuming and pricey in case you don't have a proven method in place. Hence, it is suffice to say, that the necessity for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Application is universal. However, not all Customer Relationship Management application can remove all of your recordkeeping issues, if your version of CRM is first generation or outdated.Promotion is where you'll see the largest improvement and highest return on investment. As a result, generating quality leads for your sales team is a lot faster. With CRM, setting clear goals and objectives is simple because you can identify, categorise and target your best customers well. Lots of integrated application solutions is now obtainable which have all of your important client knowledge, billing and accounting all in place. These systems are over time-saving devices, they are packaged with functionality to mak
Could I??
Just once or twice again, I would like to trust, that I could look okay not bad cuz of my real bust. May not make total sense and that is alright, I am no where near perfect I am a lover, I don't want to fight.   I guess I do have certain needs I need to clean myself out, it in the short time its much better I'm sure you could know there is not a doubt. You might need to beat the wood and leave a few spots on the sheet, which I need to wash you know I'm not asking you to get up before you beat.   May I give you pleasure a firm hold and tug, in the shower or on a table maybe on the plastic covered rug?? I won't cause pain I would ask the same from you, for us the feeling is great when we are one, just us two.   In the day or night when I look you in the eye, that is my way of asking, could I??
Why do people judge other people. Dont judge people cause of being different. Do not judge others by your own standards for everyone is making theirnway home. In the way they know best. Dont judge me if you dont know me.
Stuck With The Team Which Los
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk resigned on Wednesday after the teams surprising group stage exit at the European Championship, abruptly ending a seesaw career. Van Marwijks contract to 2016 was ended "with immediate effect," the Dutch federation said in a statement. The Dutch lost all three group games to Germany, Portugal and Denmark, after they had entered the tournament with the clear ambition of lifting the cup. Van Marwijk largely stuck with the team which lost the World Cup final to Spain in extra time two years ago and paid the price. The defence was slow and leaky, its midfield aging, and its collection of stars up front never worked well together. "I was in serious doubt, but still decided to take this step," Van Marwijk said in a statement. Pressure in the media had been mounting for over a week with calls for quick action before the Netherlands starts its World Cup qualifying campaign this autumn. Speculation has been rife about poss
Ladd Had 28 Goals, 22 Assists A
Andrew Ladd has changed his mind on playing in the Kontinental Hockey League. The Winnipeg Jets captain has decided to stay in Winnipeg for family reasons. Earlier on Thursday, Avangard Omsk of the KHL announced that Ladd had signed on with the team. Sources confirm Ladd agreed to terms with Omsk but did not finalize the deal before changing his mind. Ladd had 28 goals, 22 assists and 64 penalty minutes in 82 games with Winnipeg last season. A two-time Stanley Cup winner, Ladd has 120 goals, 138 assists and 283 penalty minutes in 484 NHL games with Carolina, Chicago, Atlanta and Winnipeg. Cheap Jerseys . A BBC documentary this week showed footage of Ukrainian hooligans attacking Asian fans supporting the same team at a domestic league match, as well as examples of blatant anti-Semitism. Former England soccer player Sol Campbell has warned English fans to stay home or risk returning "in a coffin. Cheap Jerseys USA . The Winnipeg Goldeyes (17-6) shutout the Lincoln Saltdogs
Seasons And Was Pittsburghs Offensive Co-ordina
INDIANAPOLIS -- The Colts have hired Harold Goodwin as their new offensive line coach and have fired two more coaches. The moves came Tuesday, less than a week after Chuck Pagano was hired as the new head coach. Indy also confirmed that Bruce Arians would take over as offensive co-ordinator. Arians was Indys quarterbacks coach during Peyton Mannings first three NFL seasons and was Pittsburghs offensive co-ordinator the last five seasons. Goodwin was Pittsburghs offensive assistant since 2007 and assisted with game preparation, video analysis and scouting opponents. Indy also fired tight ends coach Ricky Thomas and assistant offensive line coach Ron Prince, the latest part of an off-season overhaul. Indy has already fired vice chairman Bill Polian, general manager Chris Polian, coach Jim Caldwell and most of Caldwells staff. Peterson Jersey .C. -- The Tampa Bay Lightning werent about to let themselves fall behind on the road again. Authentic Peterson Jersey .J. -- Lou Lamor
Nhouse Jr. And Elliott Sadler Factore
SPARTA, Ky. -- As Austin Dillon proved again at Kentucky Speedway, being good creates its own fate. Although misfortune by Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Elliott Sadler factored in the outcome of the Nationwide Series race Saturday, Dillons ability to take advantage resulted in victory. Starting on the pole and always in contention, the rookie positioned himself to pass Sadler when his teammates Chevy fell off the pace with steering issues with 50 laps left. Nothing lucky about that. "It wasnt a gift by (any) means," Dillon said after leading the final 50 laps to complete a season sweep at the 1.5-mile oval. "We had a great car in practice, we adjusted on it (Friday) and today and it got really good. Were in victory lane and proud to represent the speedway with the sweep." Dillon, who dominated the June race by leading 192 of 200 laps, led four times for 65 laps this time around in the iconic No. 3 Chevy owned by grandfather Richard Childress. He won comfortably over Sam Hornish J
Is Agent, Drew Rosenhaus. "its
MIAMI -- Out of work and not ready to retire, Chad Ochocinco found a job back in his hometown. The former Pro Bowl receiver signed with the Miami Dolphins on Monday, four days after being released by the New England Patriots. The signing came after Ochocinco had a tryout with the Dolphins, who are thin at the position and dropping a lot of passes in off-season drills. Hes likely to join the team for this weeks OTAs, which continue through Wednesday. "Congrats to Chad," tweeted his agent, Drew Rosenhaus. "Its nice to come home." The 34-year-old Ochocinco, a Miami native, made the Pro Bowl six times, most recently in 2009. He had only a minor role in his lone season with the Patriots, catching 15 passes for 276 yards. The Dolphins traded Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears in March for two third-round draft picks, and didnt draft a receiver until the sixth round. Following a practice Monday, coach Joe Philbin conceded there has been room for improvement in
Ays In Ski Cross," Leman S
TELLURIDE, Colo. -- Brady Leman won a silver medal Thursday at the Telluride Ski Resort, becoming the first Canadian to reach the World Cup ski cross podium this season. The 26-year-old Calgary skier finished just behind Filip Flisar of Slovenia. Armin Niederer of Switzerland won bronze in a three-way photo finish. "That final heat was as tough a heat as you can have these days in ski cross," Leman said on a conference call. "I just made a little mistake along the top flats while going for a pass and that was the difference. Luckily I had a good reach at the line to hold on to second. "It was a really good race, I had a lot of fun today. Im pretty happy with how it went. I felt like I probably could have won today but second is not so bad." Canadian head coach Eric Archer was impressed with Lemans performance. "Brady was on it all day," Archer said. "It was a great fight to get the photo for second." Dave Duncan of London, Ont., was ninth and Ian Deans of Kelowna, B.C., was
Ods Made It Clear Tuesday That He Had N
THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Tiger Woods is more driven to catch Jack Nicklaus than to try to emulate Luke Donald and Rory McIlroy. Woods made it clear Tuesday that he had no interest in taking up membership on the European Tour. He had floated the possibility last month in Turkey that he would look into dual membership with Europe counting the Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup toward the minimum requirement of 13 events. "Ill make it real simple -- Im not going to play the European Tour next year," Woods said. Woods is starting next season at the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship. Throw in the four majors and four World Golf Championships, and he would need only three more events to become a European Tour member. "Its a bit much for me still," Woods said, adding that his focus is squarely on the record 18 majors won by Nicklaus. Donald last year became the first player to win the money title on the PGA Tour and European Tour in the same season. McIlroy matched that feat this year, even th
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Ter. Abraham Was Initially Hurt In The R
FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- The Atlanta Falcons are making contingency plans in case defensive end John Abraham is unable to play at full capacity in Sundays NFC title game against San Francisco. Abraham, the NFLs active sacks leader, missed practice Wednesday with a sprained left ankle. The same injury forced him to leave last weeks win over Seattle in the second quarter. Abraham was initially hurt in the regular season finale loss to Tampa Bay, limping off the field with the help of trainers. Coach Mike Smith says that he expects Abraham, a 13th-year veteran, to start against the 49ers. Regardless of Abrahams status, the Falcons are giving reserve ends Cliff Matthews, Jonathan Massaquoi and Lawrence Sidbury more snaps in practice. Kroy Biermann is listed on the depth chart as starting end opposite Abraham. Wholesale Jerseys Cheap .Y. -- NL MVPs Marty Marion and Bucky Walters, and former New York Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert are among 10 candidates on the ballot for the baseball
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S Packing and moving being among the hectic process, it is not easy to get it done in as simple steps. Hiring professional packers movers bangalore such as Prince Packers and Movers is going to address your all packing related worries.   Offering a full range of comprehensive packers and movers in bangalore services the company enjoys high reputation among companies from difference sectors including small medium and large enterprises, government authorities and residential clients. Consistently delivering valube-based shifting services they have now become preferred choice among its customers for shifting requirements.   Earlier people used to worry about finding a realizable and most trusted packers and movers in Chennai area. They had to muscle up their brain for choosing the best companies among all-time mushrooming packers and movers companies. However, with the company having high level expertise and acumen they have been delivering service as per their customers’ requir
A -- After Nine Months, One Lockout, And
PHILADELPHIA -- After nine months, one lockout, and only days of training camp, fans packed the arena to celebrate the Flyers return. Theyll have to wait longer to enjoy a win. The Penguins shut out the noise and the hype and shut down the Flyers, enjoying a fast start to an abbreviated season. Tyler Kennedy and James Neal scored goals 2:40 apart and Chris Kunitz added an empty-netter in the final seconds to lead the Pittsburgh Penguins past the Philadelphia Flyers 3-1 on Saturday. Marc-Andre Fleury stopped 26 shots and earned his record 227th career win with the Penguins. "Well, its been a long time since we played, but I think the energy is there," captain Sidney Crosby said. "There are a lot of guys in here who are comfortable with each other and I think that will help in the early going." Flyers fans were in playoff form, starting with the booming, derogatory chants at Crosby from the moment the Penguins captain took the ice. Crosby was held without a point in the first
Es Over A Four-day Period - Team Games, Mix
The worlds best curlers are heading to Las Vegas. In a joint announcement by the Canadian Curling Association (CCA), U.S. Curling Association (USCA) and World Curling Federation (WCF), the 2014 World Financial Group Continental Cup will be staged at the 5,000-seat Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.   It marks the first time the event will be held in the United States and the first time outside of Canada. It also will be the first time that Las Vegas has hosted a curling event of this magnitude. The WFG Continental Cup is a unique, Ryder Cup-like competition pitting three womens teams and three mens rinks from North America (two from USA, four from Canada) against six teams representing The World, in a variety of curling disciplines over a four-day period - Team Games, Mixed Doubles, Singles, Skins and Mixed Skins, with each segment worth a specified number of points. Each side will also have a captain and a coach. Presently, North America and The World are deadlocked at four wins
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Something Always To Remember
“Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you’ve never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more. You share hopes for the future, dreams that will never come true, goals that were never achieved and the many disappointments life has thrown at you. When something wonderful happens, you can’t wait to tell them about it, knowing they will share in your excitement. They are not embarrassed to cry with you when you are hurting or laugh with you when you make a fool of yourself. Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough, but rather they build you up and show you the things about yourself that make you special and even beautiful. There is never any pressure, jealousy or competition but only a quiet calmness when they are around. You can be yourself and not worry about what they will think of you because th
Written In Five Minutes
all this girl is, is a chain - shackles and bindings and tethers to keep you tied down to your pain. who are you, and what measures do you suppose we should take? kill it for mercy's sake - drowned in a black lake? .no. feed this girl hope, and a tune - call it bullshit if that's what you'd prefer but from shit grows mushrooms. who are you to tell the griever what form her grief should take? on mushroom or cake - her fast she soon will break .oh.
After Iphone 5 S Launch: 210 Percent More Samsung Smartphone Purchases
The first weekend after the launch of the iPhone 5 s and 5 c was a success for Apple. Apple was able to sell 9 million units. The Electronics Recyclers Gazelle reports a stark increase in users who wanted to sell her old Samsung Smartphone for these days – the reason for this is almost a little obvious... Gazelle is an American company founded in 2006 from Boston, who buys used equipment in the United States and sold nationally and internationally. Their stock is estimated at about a million parts and it has about 500,000 more or less active customers. Gazelle has now carried out a study among 3,000 benefits and, for example, found that the number of Samsung devices has grown on the weekend of the iPhone launch by 210 percent. This corresponds to a fourfold increase in comparison to the time of the launch of the iPhone 5 in the last year. A further finding of the second-hand goods dealer: The average resale value of Samsung smartphones is located in the current y
Korean Fashion Bright Color Pencil Thin Pants
  Lead: Autumn has come, we will put a deep color, which continue until the season of ice cream and candy colors, promise autumn light, who says winter must be joyless? Author collected a 10 eye-catching beauty autumn colored pencil pants ride so that you become a tapestry of autumn!   Light color pencil korean fashion style pant  Collocation Skill: chiffon shirt's soft and elegant noble purple taro ice cream encounter, the people are elegantly up, wide-brimmed sun hat black edges very lady yet.   Bright color pencil pant Collocation Skill: Polka Dot dress with a bit of cute retro, with lake blue pencil pants very dynamic, both unobtrusive and harmony, sneakers and baseball caps, to go from street casual style.   Bright color pencil pant Collocation Skill: bright yellow pencil pants small woman, Knit hem chiffon blouses with a perfect, thick with bow ladies shoe, perfect shape.   Bright color pencil pant Collocation Skill: Striped pullover hooded sweater, with a sky blue p
Asian Fashion Autumn Small Suit Matching Skills
  Lead: For women in the workplace, both dignified and yet stylish enough, then the fall season definitely want to start a small suit personality.   Small suit matching skill: asian fashion clothing Blazer + Dress 1  Comments: Long white jacket, which take the black dress, black and white with a classic yet stylish feel.   Small suit matching skill: suit jacket + jeans 2 Comments: small white suit looks elegant and generous, which take the white base shirt is not significant unexpected. Pants jeans is full of casual fashion.   Small suit matching skill: suit jacket + denim short 3 Comments: stitching colored blazer with crimson and black lapels, unique taste. Leggings printing bottoming shirt and high waist denim shorts, highlighting your unique fashion personality.   Small suit matching skill: white suit jacket + trousers 4 Comments: long section of the jacket, with white trousers, show commuter OL match.   Small suit matching skill: suit jacket + pant 5 Comments: Blaz
"actions Speak Louder Than Word"
You'll never win my trust with promises. I've heard enough of those to realize they paint pictures that aren't accurate. They set a standard that most actions never meet. I guess that's why my heart is slow to be moved by words because most of the time they prove to hold no value. They're never lived up to. Honestly I could care less if you say the right things because I'm deaf to your words until you do the right things. My trust is through surrendering to promises, it needs commitments. - Trent Shelton #RehabTime
My Heart Hurts Today
Meth seems to find it's way into everyone's life, in one form or another...   We all have family, which isn't blood but may as well be. One my mom's best friends' great grandchildren.. 10 months old was taken to the hospital last night.   The mother, feels like my sister, I've watched her grow up. Her dad is that punch line brother, if there was a stupid idea.. he'd have done it. He got tangled up in Meth years ago and his daughter [baby's mom] was always running away, because she just couldn't stand living with it. She's managed to stay clean and sober, her parents were her anti-drug. Well, this latest boyfriend started acting strangely and she did a little digging, when she discovered he was using she started to pack her things to leave, he came home. She confronted him and told him she'd worked too hard to lose everything and that she was leaving. Of course there was a fight and she said it took quite awhile to get all their stuff together with him freaking out.    She went t
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 167
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 167 of Janey Godley's podcast with comedian Ashley Storrie, the comedy mother and daughter duo discuss the events of their week. Ashley talks about her grandad who almost electrified himself. They both debate the Emmy Award snub to Jack Klugman and Larry Hagman, the talk about Scottish politics and Ashley's aversion to Aspartame. Janey tells a story about her favourite teacher Mr Burgess and reads from her teenage diary. Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.   Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 167 If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking onto Our Donate Page and donate via PayPal. Get your cop
Big Red Pony Abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you have a fupony u need to block this person! I caught her selling my pony time out for random ability bling and 1,000 credits!She is makin it hard on people to level !
Screw You!
I think it's crazy that I cant be here and just have friends! Everyone just wants to date or screw me! Well I can tell ya it's not gonna happen! Why can't you handle just being my friend? I'm not interested in meeting anyone off here or anywhere eles for that matter.. So if you can't just be my friend then you can just fuck off!
Day By Day
   We all live our lives day by day. We make plans for the future without thinking that there might not be one. Two years ago our family went thru the toughest year we ever faced. In 2011 I almost lost my youngest while we where on vacation we ended up staying in Denver while Tim and Aliyah went to South Dakota because Saphires appendix ruptured, she had to have emergency surgery and was in the hospital for a few days very sick.Had I not taken her to the hospital we would have buried her. Then a month later we lost my dear baby brother. Since his death it seems like the heart and soul of our family has completely vanished.Death is so final and so sad. It makes me wonder whats the point of loving anyone when you sre going to lose them or they will lose you, those being the only 2 choices, makes you really wonder if veing cold and heartless can eliminate the pain later on. Yes to feel love is a wonderful thing weather it be from your spouse children or even a pet. But the loss of love we
Dear Baby Brother 10/19/11
Dear Baby Brother,                               The last few days have been filled with tears, regrets, and anger! I think about all the times we had growing up and how I used to tease you. I know we all have grown up and let the past go as part of growing up but I feel regrets for everything now. I feel regret for all the times I didnt pick up the phone to call and say hey, i took that luxury for granted.I look at all the petty BS that cause so much chaos in peoples lives and it makes me angry how such stupid little unimportant things cause familys to drift apart and not speak. I know I didnt tell you this but I was very proud of you and the way you where chasing your dreams finally. I keep thinking this is just a crazy dream and that I will wake up and your still here but I know its not and its hard to know I will never see you again! I can never call you and tell you the news of whats going on in our lives and I feel sick! I dont understand why this happend you had so much to live
When you lose someone or something dear to you, it's natural to feel pain and grief. The grief process is a very normal response, and most people experience it. Reading online it says there are 5 stages for grief Denial (numbness, and shock),Bargaining,Depression,Anger, and Acceptance. I've also read throughout a person's lifetime, he or she may return to some of the earlier stages of grief, such as depression or anger. Because there are no rules or time limit to the grieving process, each individual's healing process will be different.    In reading online and trying to figure out how to cope with everything there seems to have been hold time for me. Yesturday the actual cause of my brothers death was confirmed and since then its like its all started over for me since I got the call about him passing away. I knew finding the answer wouldn't make me feel any better its just made the tears start falling again and I cant understand why I cant seem to hold it together today! My mother te
Ah It Is All Clockwork But No Chocolate Time Tonight.
Just like in India everything goes round like clockwork in Sri Lanka, same time every day. ===We start the day with a boy sweeping a path somewhere until it is time for the room boy to clean the room. Then if we go backwards from bed time, someone comes in to turn the beds down, tidy the towels & put some chocolates on the lounge table. Before that house service call to put a mosquito tablet in the machine. Then there is the Canape man who calls about 7pm. Prior to that anyone could knock for some reason, usually another house service to fill the bar of booze & water plus any treats that might have been taken. The room boy has usually finished the room cleaning and by 5pm he might pop in to make sure he has not forgotten to put the origami towel animal, that he has made and left by the mirror, onto the bed. If you are in he will of course tell you to have a good evening. He has spent the day cleaning the rooms so was around and about from 8am. Just before him there seems to hav
Just Hanging Around
Tricity sale - Tricity up to 75% off - don't go here, I just thought it was cute. If you at all know or care to known I use to be Tricity, here. Shit took place and had me wanting to leave. Then I came back as TwinklingStar. Now there still may be some sites where Tricity is mentioned. It wasn't pronounced like try city, it was the last half of elec - tricity. This morning I was trying to find out some Theatre Arts information having to do with my high school. When I went there, just one boy reminded me of a boy that went to highschool with my daughter and was in the Les Miserables play she recently went to. He had pigtails, tight shirt sort of like long shorts on and he was dancing to Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball. Anyhowz it made me think of someone I use to know and you might understand when I say, 'memories started flooding back'. I just recently found out my highschool in North Dakota was flooded in '97. I was in Wyoming. Could of sworn I knew of Fubar in Wyoming, eve
City Hunter-moncler
26 avril, vise à se qualifier pour le lancement du produit initial de l'hebdomadaire unilatérales tissés hommes, a annoncé deux dans le style casual hommes, élégant occasionnel, robe, pantalon était quatre show local. Montrer contient une centaine de séries de vêtements dans les semaines après inhérents produits la coupe des hommes tissés 10 catégories.Semaine tisser à travers une gamme complète de l'étude de marché des hommes, de comprendre l'idée du produit en série de loisirs casual et trendy affaires, Pour créer MONCLER élégant Bas groupe de consommation but est de 25-45 ans partis politiques et commerciaux, la victoire de ceux entreprise particulière de la mode Enjoy portant philosophie de mélange de chair et d'hommes entreprenants à quelques semaines conception d'armure.Série d'affaires décontractée est très populaire au cours des dernières années, la consommation marché catégorie d'adieu. Les costumes de loisirs, sans être rempli de stéréotypes, est plus approprié pour les entre
So True.. *sigh*
"If he misses you, he’ll call just to hear your voice. If he wants you, he’ll say it. And if he cares, he’ll show it. If he has a thought about you, it will come out of his mouth. If you are on his mind non stop, he will do anything he can just to see you. If he truly likes you, he won’t let anything get in the way and fight back just to keep you in his arms. If not, he’s not worth your time because you’re obviously not worth his."
Injury Was Initially Diagnosed
CLEVELAND -- Anderson Varejaos big body has betrayed him again. Clevelands hustling centre needs surgery to repair a muscle that split near his right knee, which could cause him to miss two more months -- a major setback for a young Cavaliers team struggling through another miserable season. The NBAs leading rebounder, Varejao was injured Dec. 18 against Toronto. The injury was initially diagnosed as only a bruised right knee, but as his symptoms persisted, more tests were performed and revealed a "longitudinal split" between Varejaos quadriceps and knee. Varejao will have surgery on Thursday at The Cleveland Clinic, and the team said he will be sidelined a minimum of six to eight weeks. The team said Dr. Richard Steadman in Vail, Colo., provided a second opinion on the injury. "Were losing one of our best guys on and off the floor. Hes the heart and soul of our basketball team," Cavs coach Byron Scott said. "This is a big-time blow. Im just trying to keep him in the best o
Ay During An Intervie
SEATTLE -- Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine insisted Wednesday he wasnt serious when he threatened to "punch" a radio talk-show host in the mouth. Valentine said he made it clear he was kidding when he made the comment earlier in the day during an interview on Boston station WEEI with hosts Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley. "Didnt I go, Ha, ha?" the embattled Valentine asked before his fourth-place team played the Seattle Mariners. "I dont think physical violence is necessary for 60-year-old people." Ordway, sighting a newspaper report that Valentine arrived later than normal for a game last week in Oakland, asked if the manager had "checked out" on the season. Valentine responded on the air: "What an embarrassing thing to say. If I were there right now, Id punch you right in the mouth. Ha, ha," Valentine said. "Hows that sound? Sound like I checked out? What an embarrassing thing. Why would somebody even, thats stuff that a comic strip person would write. If someones
An Gera. The Dutch Regained T
BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Jeremain Lens scored twice to lead the Netherlands to a 4-1 win over Hungary in a qualifier for the 2014 World Cup on Tuesday. Lens scored his first in the third minute, heading in a pass from the right side by Luciano Narsingh, only for Hungary to equalize four minutes later through a penalty by Balazs Dzsudzsak after Jordy Clasie fouled Zoltan Gera. The Dutch regained the lead for good in the 19th when Bruno Martens headed in a free kick by Wesley Sneijder. Serious defensive lapses by Hungary led to the visiting teams last two goals. Lens scored again in the 53rd when he capitalized on a clearing attempt by midfielder Akos Elek which landed in the middle of the penalty box, while a quickly taken free kick by Clasie caught the Hungary backline flat-footed and allowed Klaas Jan Huntelaar to easily net the fourth goal in the 74th. "We truly committed some gross individual mistakes but we have to recognize that we were up against a better team," Hungary c
Team, Ending An Unprecedented
BARCELONA, Spain -- Barcelona can cap four illustrious years under Pep Guardiola with a 14th trophy when it plays Athletic Bilbao in Fridays Copa del Rey final. The match at Atletico Madrids Vicente Calderon Stadium will be Guardiolas last in charge of the team, ending an unprecedented period of success for Barcelona since the former player took charge in 2008. The 41-year-old Guardiola will be looking to finish the way he started, as a 4-1 cup victory over Athletic three years ago provided the first prize for his trophy cabinet. Ready to hand over the coaching duties to his assistant and good friend Tito Vilanova, Guardiola will look at the game as an opportunity to cap a season that started well but finished poorly. Barcelona hasnt played a meaningful game in one month after it lost to eventual Champions League winner Chelsea in the semifinals, just days after losing to Real Madrid to surrender its three-year hold on the Spanish league. "Ive got the feeling we are very we
Ly Perfect Bracket To Victory In Th
There is only one way to guarantee success in a competition and that is to be perfect from beginning to end.  When it came to Euro 2012, even the champion Spanish National team did not achieve perfection due to their opening match draw against Italy. However, TSN Euro Bracket Predictor winner, John Chassomeris, can claim exactly that. Chassomeris rode Canadas only perfect bracket to victory in the competition, beating out over 11,000 entries. As a result, he will keep riding all the way to PPL Park, home of the Philadelphia Union, to see the 2012 MLS All-Star Game. For Chassomeris, there is one victory that stood above the rest in his selections and when it was successful, gave him the confidence that the big prize was possible - picking the eventual tournament runner-up to eliminate Euro 2012s only flawless team in the semi-final. "The big game for me was Germany vs. Italy," said Chassomeris. "I chose Italy and everyone else had Germany.  Well, history has unraveled and th
T To Join A Field Including Novak Djo
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Rafael Nadal is set to make his long-awaited return to tennis at an Abu Dhabi exhibition tournament in December. Organizers of the Mubadala World Tennis Championship said on Tuesday in a statement that Nadal is set to join a field including Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and David Ferrer The tournament runs from Dec. 27-29. Nadal hasnt played since losing in the second round of Wimbledon in June. He is recovering from a partially torn patella tendon in his left knee. Nadal said last month he had no timetable for his return and the 11-time Grand Slam champion hopes to play in the Australian Open in January. Elvis Dumervil Jersey . - Bright Dike scored just before halftime and the Portland Timbers beat the Colorado Rapids 1-0 Friday night to get consecutive wins for the first time this season. Matt Elam Jersey . The Italian football federation says Astori was to join the squad Wednesday. Italy coach Cesare Prandelli has up to 24 hours before the t
Oronto Blue Jays Busy Off-season One Way Or The Other,
As 2012 winds to a close, looks back at the stories that made the year memorable. TSN.cas writing staff reflects on the best baseball moments from the past 12 months including the Blue Jays facelift, the upstarts of the American League, the toughest man in baseball and more. Shane McNeil on Alex Anthopoulos busy off-season While it is way, way too early to judge the Toronto Blue Jays busy off-season one way or the other, the moves completed by Anthopoulos have to be called a success on one very specific front. Call it a by-product of months without hockey, but the city of Toronto has been buzzing about the Jays since the evening the 12-player Miami blockbuster broke in a way that it hasnt since the World Series years. Fans are already intrigued by the prospect of R.A. Dickey, Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle and Melky Cabrera (among others) lining up alongside Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, Brandon Morrow, Brett Lawrie and the rest of the teams young talent
Ates Second Victory In Three Games, Giving Them A S
CLEVELAND -- Pedro Alvarez had one of his best games yet. Still, it was a win by the Pittsburgh Pirates that had him really excited. Alvarez drove in a career-high six runs with his second two-homer game in two days, powering Pittsburgh past the Cleveland Indians 9-5 Sunday. "Im just glad to help us win the series," Alvarez said as music blared in the clubhouse following the Pirates second victory in three games, giving them a sixth series win in their last seven matchups. Alvarez seemed unfazed by his own accomplishment -- hitting three-run homers in the fourth and fifth innings for his fourth career multihomer game. He also doubled, for his first game of three extra-base hits. His previous two multihomer games also came in consecutive games, July 20-21 against Milwaukee. "Its just coincidence," Alvarez said of homering twice in consecutive games once again. Manager Clint Hurdle said Alvarez has worked hard to lift his average to .207 with a team-high 12 homers and 34 RBIs
How To Get Assistance When Writing Your Dissertation Paper?
One of the crowning achievements of a student in a doctorate program of a university is being able to write an original dissertation paper and to be able to defend it successfully. However some students may be talented but find it difficult to put their thoughts on paper. Some may also find it difficult to organize their ideas in a logical manner. For these students a dissertation service could be very useful so that they will not get delayed in their academic requirements.   You can always get dissertation help from a professional writing company. Some of these companies operate online so you just need to surf to find them. Others may operate by word of mouth meaning you should ask around to find this type of dissertation help. Take note that these professional writing companies should not write your paper for you - the point to getting assistance from them is to be able to reorganize your paper so that the panel before which you will defend your paper will see the flow of your logi
I miss someone asking me where I am. I miss someone bugging me all the time. I miss someone missing me. I miss someone wanting my hug. I miss someone wanting me beside him. I miss someone who cares for me a lot. I miss someone reminding me HOW SPECIAL I AM. I miss being important to someone.--
The Term "soul Mate"...
quoted from Sudhir Krishnan June 15, 2011 at 4:19am Public Friends (+) Friends except Acquaintances (+) Only Me (+)
Let There Be Peace Within You
"May today there be peace within. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, and praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us."
Balotelli Instigated Milan 2-0 Goals
Balotelli instigated Milan 2-0 Goals 2013-14 season, cheap soccer jerseys the first round of the Champions League, AC Milan San Siro stadium sits 2-0 victory over Celtic. Zapata long-range Izaguirre blocked into the team goal, Muntari tip two consecutive break in Milan, Balotelli instigated two goals. Although nine players absent, AC Milan tough win games, also continued at home against Celtic five games unbeaten record against Scotland eight times in history the team unbeaten. Rossoneri made ??the Champions League, the league three straight at home. Celtics continue to win away against Italian teams never record 11 guest Italy only three draws and 8 losses. Kaka, AC Milan?jersey Montolivo absence, Balotelli become the frontcourt Milan playmaker, despite visiting defenders suffered very close attention, but Balotelli still instigated two goals in the last minute. Muntari played the fifth Champions League in Milan scored the first two goals. AC Milan possession rate of 56%, 22 shots
Arsenal 2-1 Marseille Ramsay Accomplishment
Arsenal 2-1 Marseille Ramsay accomplishment cheap soccer jerseys 2013-14 UEFA Champions League Group F first round, Arsenal 2-1 away victory over Marseille. The first 65 minutes, Walcott opened the scoring; 84 minutes, Ramsey's goal to seal the victory. Moyes, Jordan - Ayew penalty as Marseille pulled one back. 10 years of the first round unbeaten Arsenal: Last 10 season's Champions League first match day, Arsenal won eight wins and two draws undefeated, the gunmen also dates back to the last first-round defeat in 2003. Meanwhile, Arsenal get recent six-game winning streak in all competitions. Arsenal jersey Guest of the French gunman six-game winning streak: the field after victory over Marseille, Arsenal away team's unbeaten record against France increased to 10 games (seven wins and three draws), of which the last six games is to obtain winning streak. Little Tiger world wave Savior: In the case of passive scene, Walcott Arsenal became the savior of the field, the world super-fo
Tai Avatar 230
 Download Game:     Link phụ: Tải Game Avatar (tất cả các dòng máy)   Nếu không download được các bạn có thể tải game bằng tin nhắn chỉ có 500đ:soạn tin: TAIGAME  AVATAR Gửi 8071 (500vnđ/tin nhắn)     khi mà phiên bản avatar trước đó đã làm nức lòng các game thủ avatar bởi sự chuẩn xác, ổn định và nhiều tính năng hấp dẫn. thực sự đây là 1 món quà lớn mà teamobi muốn gửi tới các game thủ khi mà phiên bản game avatar 230 hội tụ những tính năng nâng cấp để đời mà lâu nay mọi người luôn chờ đợi. phiên bản tiếp theo của Avatar mang tên: Avatar – “Trường Đua Sôi Động”. Tai Avatar
Everything Has Some Reason
Everything has already been planned out. Its like me finding out about this site and just sticking with it. The people I have met or will meet, it is our destiny. Nothing actually ever goes wrong, its all part of this plan. I am no preacher, so I won't pretend I am. Hell, I don't even like alot of preachers.  That bit about our destiny is what I was trying to get across the border with though. I believe everyone you come in contact with in any such way, is meant to be part of your life. I was meant to be part of anyone's life that gives any amount of their time to check me out. You might even get to know more about me while you are here. I know some people just don't have the time to get serious about much and that is their choice. I won't down them for how they have chosen to be, it is not my business. I however, am different.  Could I maybe just explain how I am different?? I love being liked, and not for the points. You have shared time to click. I like being poked. I adore comment
Ozil There After Two Superstars ! Arsenal Winter King Pirlo Hit 35 Million
After a thrilling penalty shootout , Arsenal [ microblogging ] [ microblogging ] poise , the next battle will be with Chelsea [ ​​microblogging ] [ microblogging ] direct dialogue . West Brom campaign if not wasted too many chances , Arsenal stays less than the penalty shootout moments, it also exposes Arsenal bench has become a constraint to achieve further breakthroughs in the biggest obstacle has been previously Arsenal CEO Jiaqidisi Wenger hinted in the winter transfer of funds will have a lot of money , cheap jerseys and the latest news shows , Arsenal have been eyeing Serie A and Ligue two superstars . According to the Italian " transfer market " revealed recently at Juventus [ microblogging ] ailing Arsenal Pirlo has become the primary objective of this winter . Since AC Milan [ microblogging ] Since switching to Juventus , Pirlo has been an integral part of the Bianconeri absolute core , Baltimore Ravens Jersey and successfully helped the team sweep the
Sina La Liga: Barcelona And The Barcelona Of The Ball Style Of Pseudo- Xenophobic
Game with Valladolid , Barcelona controlled the ball as opponents and this triggered a discussion of Spanish footballNews Event Background : Argentine coach Gerardo Martino took over Barcelona since its dominant tactics Guardiola and Vilanova is different from the era of ball tactics , especially in the Champions League against Ajax, the last round of La Liga match with Rayo Vallecano , Barcelona had to give up possession of the evidence , which is a war against Rayo Vallecano Barcelona in May 2008 away game against Real Madrid since the first time in the race lost Possession jerseys Catalan media and the Spanish media around this problem recently launched a fierce discussion has thus produced a statement, these " allegations " Barcelona have lost possession of the ball behind the media Cruyff and Guardiola 's shadow the purpose is to give them a contradiction incumbent President Russell embarrassed. And Martino believes that the reason why Barca lose the ba
Just Waiting For Breakfast To Digest Before Going For A Swim.
How irritating. The garden boy gave me another bunch of flowers that he had picked from the garden. That was another 200 rupees for his efforts and I should not give him anything as it seems to encourage him to raid the gardens. === We currently have one Lotus Lilly, a red rod type flower and now five alum lillies in two bottle of water sitting on the lounge area table. We also have three palm frond origami birds done by another garden boy. They are very gifted and have to climb the trees to get the materials to make said birds. That is worth paying for as they are not the safest of trees to climb and I don't mind helping them eek a living here when they have the gumption to do something to make more of their lives. You have to admire their style. === Today will be another hard day of swimming, water aerobics, sun bathing then dining at lunch time. Followed by a rest then a nice beach massage. === Hopefully today the massage boy will have cut a hole in the matress for me to pu
Everything Crumbles
Everything crumbles like the walls we sit on.  I do everything I can to no avail.  My feelings have deserved no remarks just a fuck it do what you want I don't need you.  It is hard to dedicate life to helping others to just be thrown aside.  I have never turned my back on him and yet it seems to me as if that is what he is doing to me.  Maybe this is his way of dealing with the fact that I am very serious of leaving and that it will be soon.  Still I see that there will be no feelings only numbness when I leave.  I don't foresee any contact with him after I am gone only because it seems as though that will hurt him to much.  I guess I will be losing everything as to avoid that contact with me he will want to destroy all that reminds him that I was ever there.  Just hopefully sumone will let me know if anything happens to mom.  She means the world to me and I don't know what I would do without her in my life.  She is specail and strong and anyone would be proud to call her mom.  It's n
Auto Loan: What Can You Comfortably Afford?
Determining how much you can afford to pay is the most important step when considering a car purchase and applying for a car loan. In general, you should not spend more than 20 percent of your take-home pay (the amount on your paycheck, not your original salary) on all of your household's vehicles -- that means your car, your spouse's car and that old convertible tucked under the tarp in the garage. The exception to this standard might be a graduate just coming out of college who is living rent-free with family or friends but does have a steady, if entry-level, salary. Now before you start having visions of a fully loaded luxury SUV, keep in mind that a lot factors in to the 20 percent rule beyond the purchase price of your car. You need to consider how much money you can put down, the loan's interest rate and other factors. All of this adds up to the true cost of ownership, which includes: Depreciation:  Cars are a depreciating asset; they lose value as they age. Interest rate: Thi
Web Developer Philippines | Fydesigns
Web Developer Philippines | FYDesignsFYDesigns' iOS and Adroid developers create wonderful apps based on the client's requirement, be it a game, knowledge base database or an automated system. The limitation of what we can do depends on how the client envisioned their requirements. Our expert iOS and Android developers will guide you thru conceptualization to go-live.
Random question time again.   Would you rather trade some of your intelligence to be better looking or some of your looks to be more intelligent?
2013 Japanese Fashion Causal Clothing Collocation Skills
  (1) Recommended Matching skill: flawless whiteT-shirt is simple and wild, avoiding bloated and cumbersome. Blue printing shorts are fresh and clean, giving bright refreshing feeling, but also bring out the white skin.   (2) Recommended Matching Collocation skill: white japanese style clothing t-shirt with lotus leaf on the chest and the sleeves make you look thin, full upper body depression. Cotton shorts simple, generous, waist bow tie to add a bit cute.   (3) Generous fashion hollow lace organza plaid long-sleeved cardigan jacket Plaid openwork lace with organza, will now Xiaou yarns continue to follow the great heat, very generous fashion. Simple round neck design elongated neck lines, showing off beautiful collarbone. Body bright diamond embellishment, three flower design, timely embellishment, delicate as Fan, not only can wear clothing with elegant intellectual taste, you can also wear a relaxed and casual feel.   (4) Fresh embroidered sleeve chiffon shirt This
Korean Causal Fashion Clothing Matching Skills 2013
  (1) M gray sleeveless gray trousers + blouse + m short black boots This is a relatively straight sleeveless korean fashion clothing blouse material, with the same color pants, making people look very slender, with short black boots, the whole look very handsome!    (2) White sleeveless blouse + gray cotton harem pants White sleeveless blouse is resolved >>> basic models, with gray cotton harem pants wearing more casual style. Absorbent, breathable cotton harem pants, even the hot summer you can wear, suitable for even the hot weather again like the beautiful women who wear trousers.   (3) Collocation Recommended: Black high waist skirt chiffon vest + shorts + fish head high heels Enduring classic black and white is with a different interpretation of fashion. Dress shorts and skirts both playful, but also avoid the embarrassment emptied. Peep toe high heels designed to show the sexy, toe fluorescent color spell color lovely and generous.   (4) Collocation Recom
Sometimes I wander what it is that I'm doing. I love so easily and get hurt so bad. I wear my heart on my seleves and it gets shattered a lot.  Some how I always find the wrong guys and end up having to go through another heartache. The guy will either think that "Oh she is so easily manipulated why not use that to our advantage," or it is that they know that I trust and love so easily that they can do whatever they want and then it is just that I will take them back or that if they say just the right thing then it will just be able to just sweep it under the rug like it never happened.  I want that guy that isn't afraid to say yea that's my girl or to message me everyday just to tell me that "Hey I'm here for you" or "Hey you're on my mind" I just want that person to tell me that I'm thier number one and that they love being able to talk to me and able to have a friend like me.  I would love to just be a friend sometimes to guys too. I want to say that "Hey I'm a good friend you can
Immaturity And Rudeness / Slander And Haters !
my , my , my , , why is it when two poeple meet and fall deeply in love that all the haters wanna break up ther relationship ? is it because they arent happy them selfs or just want all the happy peeps to be a miserable and suffer like the rest of them ? well i really don't know but i do know that some of the people on here are really very super immature and need yo grow up some , that bein said , i have a great respect and love ,honesty for my one and only true love she will be here in a short while and  when she asks me (anything ) i tell her the 1000000000000 % truth cause i have nothing to hide . but there's some out there who still wanna wreck this beautiful thing we have , so why all the negitivity , really i dont want to know , i finally have (the) one that truely loves me as much as i do her . oh yes make no mistake about it there is a marrage in our future , sorry if that makes you hate us for it , however there is someone for everyone so its still looking good for
Little Indians
Little Indians walking two by two Three girls ,one boy losing faith with the world One by one moving towards the front , One by one moving towards the front Can you take them away ? Can you carry them away ? Maybe they're the mirror that reflects all Can you take it way ? Can you kiss it away ? Maybe they're the mirror that reflects all ! Little Indian men , walking two by two Lost an weary losing faith with their world One by one moving towards their death. Little child walking all alone , Lost and lonely losing faith with my world . Step by step , moving towards my end Step by step Moving towards my end . Can you take them away ? Can you carry them away ? Maybe they're the mirror that reflects all ! Can you take it away ? Can you kiss it away ? Maybe they're the mirror that reflects all !     this is a song written & sang by Robert Mirabal/ Reynaldo Lujan/ Mark Andes  an Indian Group that has helped shape the Spiritual beliefs I practice and love. In Mirab
Mother Nature Needs Help - Dream Sequence
I had a dream last night, well it was actually late this morning, because if I force myself to remain asleep I hit the correct beta levels for insanely intense dreams. I consider it all good fun. Mother Nature was a head in a box. She needed help. I could help her if I ate the correct cake. There was just one cake that was decorated with a particular type of flower. It tasted like heaven in my mouth. After I ate the cake I could direct delicate chains to fly from my hands and I spun around the room in circles of power. Stars showered from me in a display of happiness, decorating the dark ceiling the must certainly be above me. Mother Nature came to me in the midst of all this spectical. I was to mate and marry with one particular man. Our union would open the gateway to the power of creation that Mother Nature required. We had a sexual encounter prior to my soaring around the room, prior to my knowing he was "The One" - he had a moment of unexpected ejaculation and I had a taste of hi
I Don't Know
I really think sometimes people say things to other people to simply make them feel better. Really.     Well either that or they are extremely desperate and will take anyone.   I really don't think either of those options are attractive.
What Is Love
These years...I still dont know. Mom said I had no character...Dad said i'd never amount to anything...Mom said you build your own huts And you build your own mansions...Dad said you gotta suck it up and face reality... So I tried to learn it..I hunger for it...I yearn for it...I live for it...I laugh over it...I cry for itI die for it...I tried to earn...I worked hard for it... What is love...I couldnt say for sure ...It slipped through my hands...and after allthese years...Im still empty handed... But Im OK...And Ill always look out for my Beautiful Swan....  
Current Thoughts
         Lately, between work and sleep which I do too much of one, and not enough of the other. My life has been completely turned upside down. I have finally accepted the most horrible thing that any parent could ever have to go through, outliving your children and having to cremate them. I accept the fact that the person responsible is rotting in jail for life x2, I've gotten over the fact that it ripped two people who loved one another immensely completely apart. So my coping stage has finally set in. I hate not doing anything, my mind starts to dwell and wonder on the what if's in their short lived lives. I smoke copious amounts of weed to keep my emotions in check, I work upwards of almost 80 hours a week, I sleep about 2 to three hours a day mainly because I hate it. Nightmares are fucking horrendous...and I find myself in a position where being alone scares the shit out of me as well. So I consume myself with my vices in order to survive, and realize that money doesn't buy hap
Random So Random
Sometimes when I am alone I stare at the wall. Wondering. Wondering,if I will ever meet her. The woman who will be there for me as much as I intend on being there for her. When my music is playing im cool and collected. Starring off into nothingness  I wonder what she will look like. How she will smell, how she will kiss. I have served my country, but yet I dont have the courage to  talk to or whatevere when I think it could be her. My search seems to eternal. 
God Damn...
Skin On Skin -Queens on the stone age   From the moment you said "why haven't you kissed me yet?"I knew I'd wipe that paint from your lipsI stare the lids off your eyes, gone down on your dirty mind& end up between your hipsHandfuls of sweat tangled hair, anytime, anywhereI wanna lick you too much babyI just play all alone, whispering for your moanForced to crawl down this line, just to touchI can get inI can't get outI'm just sweating my sheetsI hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go babyTwisted secret lives, the way you bat your eyesGivin' head, givin' head, givin' headWatch you come from aboveI'm so needy for love, I'm desperate,Greedy in slavery
Just Love
Not mushy at all, it doesn't take anything to send a mind warming thought, If only we had met sooner, everything is true luck to merely be caught. Really an event to be cherished, catching a glimpse of your thoughtful eye, There was every chance, you could of just gone on by, Perhapse it was not thought, to be a life changing choice, could be I was just some extra points, but you listened to your inner voice.  You didn't know me as well as you do now, you didn't even check before to see if I was online, I didn't check before to see if you were logged in, wasn't a meaningful achievement of mine. Everytime I get the chance to share love, I want to let you know I am here, thinking of you and knowing you might be busy, I will always wait my turn dear. Just love isn't a wasted feeling, it means you spent time on us gently, I am not taking it for granted, just love is just wonderful and not to just me. 
Between Us....
People are idiots.   11:32am SaD SPiDeY: Hi hun. Between u & me .. If your alone & would like to watch me play on webcam for you.. 1on1.. Message me sometime ... 11:34am Per: what in the world would make you think that I would want to see you "play on your webcam"? 11:34am SaD SPiDeY: Nothing would make me think you would. I simply thought you looked sexy as fuck & figured i'd ask 11:36am SaD SPiDeY: & You are really gorgeous hun 11:41am Per: How many times has that worked for you? 11:47am SaD SPiDeY: Over 10 11:47am Per: Riiiiight. 11:51am SaD SPiDeY: mHM You no believe me ? 11:54am Per: Nope. I don't see how any person would think that telling someone you want to 'play on cam' would be attractive. You seem like a desperate idoiot. Since you have 'over 10' people that were lame enough to get on cam with you before. Maybe they will again. Or were you so small that yo couldn't hold their a
Unravelingemotions is the hardest thing to do. Once you unravel, you have to align all the pieces and put parts of the puzzle together. But the true living hell comes from getting enough put together, that there is no real need to finish this puzzle. That revealed says it all, no other pieces needed to complete what's already there. Now comes the hard part of letting go because the gut kick you just got has you extremely worried... Only reason being? The amount of impact it had. No reason that holds water, to truly explain the sudden loss of breathable air... Then feeling yourself falling through eternity and there is no noticeable end. I would rather fall hard and slam into the concrete... only to end it all... Than to see something happen that I can't, within reason, stop.
So Far Away
I only have memories to see your face.  Only words that will give me grace.  The distance kills me inside as I long to be in your arms.  Even words can't help me hold on.  I wait and I will wait for all eternity to be next to you.  To feel all of you entwine with me.  You're the dream I've had for many years and until I'm in your arms that dream won't come true.  I love you more each day.  Nothing keeps me away from where you are.  In my heart you will always be.
Fairphone Should Be Extradited In December
A Dutch startup has demonstrated publicly for the first time in London the Fairphone. The demand is huge. But how sustainable is the Smartphone actually really? The first socially just and most environmentally friendly manufactured Smartphone has been unveiled for the first time on Monday in London. Interested parties can only pre-order the Fairphone. Allegedly it should be delivered on time in December this holiday season. The display is rather small with 4.3 inch and displays the pictures with 960 x 540 points. For comparison, the iPhone 5 has a 4 inch screen with 1136 × 640 pixels. GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are built into the Smartphone. However, LTE Turbo Internet access does not provide the Fairphone. Also Near Field Communication (NFC) does not support the device. The manufacturer refused to accessories such as headset or car charger. You assume in terms of sustainability, that this attachment already exists. As already usual in Asia, the Fairphone offers two slo
Finding me ...  finding the the me i was before .. you walked in the door ..   finding the soul i had ..   the cares i had ...  the dreams i had..    learning life .. over .. its not easy but everyday .. i try to find me in a better way    i try to be the best person i can ...  i try to be he best parent i can     i try to be my best possible me ...    not everyone wants to have to start over again ...  its shitty sometimes .. in the end ..  i will have my own life ...  The destination is worth the struggle to get through the pain ....    Eacvh step closer brings me to another goal ....  Finding my soul ...  Finding me ..  Leaving the old behind ... Creating the new ... that is what i must do ...  A new path .. a good path ... a true path    
Olny 55% of Pepole can raed tihs I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh?yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! fi yuo cna raed tihs, palce it in yuor porfiel Latest Status
so I figured it out on my phone. from my house to alton memorial hospital is 1.6 miles; though I take a different way there than my phone tells me.  I take my street all the way down which takes you to rock springs park dr and memorial dr(the road to go to the hospital) which is 1.6 miles, then up rocksprings park to college ave, to worden to my street.  grand total:3.2 miles. My feet are so sore from all the walking that I can barely walk at work today.  I knew I shouldn't have worn heals damnit, but the shoes are so cute I couldn't resist.  I need a nap and a feet massage lol. any takers?
Bitches Gotta Eat
An old high school friend of mine posted this blog on facebook and I had to take a look.  Now, I've read the series - I was on bedrest with little else to do but read, watch TV, or play online - and it struck me as some of the biggest pile of shite I'd ever read.  I wasn't sure until long after I'd finished what my problems were with it.  I'm still not sure I've totally pegged my reaction - maybe anger that people might read it and think that this is what BDSM relationships are actually about, or that it is in any sense plausible.  At any rate, I'm linking to the blog but couldn't find any way to share the text with its formatting so I'm going for the good ol' cut & paste. all the pages worth masturbating to in "fifty shades of grey." your mom is such a fucking dirtbag. i ran into that broad in the female incontinence aisle at walgreens a couple weeks ago and was like, "what up, karen? you are looking HELLA RADIANT today." after shyly avertin
I Have Returned!
me and my boyfriend jerry we left on our trip a day late and was only away for a day and half mainly due to budget restrains and jerry was not feeling good emotionally. i did get pictures up of the patsy cline crash site i put a few up along with 3 of the last photos ever taken of her 3 days before she was killed. be sure to check them out feel free to comment please be sure to keep it friendly. also i did some changes to my profile one last time IT WILL MOST DEFINITELY REMAIN AS IS UNTIL EARLY DECEMBER! be sure to check it out. it will be a pretty good while before i will be going on any more serious road trips again so i will be back on here twice a week again. the rest of the time i will be on my backup page countryrose everyday in case if anybody needs to reach me for anything. the page is on my friends list. if anybody has a tough time finding it please message me let me know i will get with you as soon as i can. for now the only times i will only be off either of my pages for a l
How To Enable Usb Debugging On Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Mobile Phone?
How to connect Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone to your Computer for sending SMS using DRPU Bulk SMS Software for Android Follow these steps Step 1: Go to your Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone settings screen: Step 2: Click on 'More' icon on the Upper-right to reach "About Device" Option Step 3: Scroll down and tap Build Number seven times and you see a message that says “Developer mode has been enabled“. Step 4: Now, you will see the Developer options menu and select Developer options.  Step 5: Check the USB debugging box under Developer options and you see a message that says “Allow USB Debugging” Step 6: You are ready to use your Samsung Galaxy S4 in debugging mode. Step 7: Now, Connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone to computer using a USB cable
Android 4.2 Phone China Market Unsalable
android 4.2 phone Electronics, the 25th in the morning of the first Seocho district android 4.2 phones headquarters building new listing briefing was held to formally announce the new smartphones galaxynote3 in Korea. Ex 1,060,007 one thousand won, or about 6062 yuan. Galaxynote3 domestic market in Korea with 5.7 inches full HD screen, body memory 3Gb. Support for LTE-A long-term evolution mobile communication technology, can theoretically support 150m bytes per second data transfer speed. In addition, compared with the previous generation, the new flagship of android 4.2 phone's screen size and battery capacity increases, the overall size and weight while the phone is smaller and thinner. Also announced the listing of the day was also used in conjunction with note3 android 4.2 phone smart watches. The wearable device has 1.63 inches display and 1.9 million pixel camera. Can be used as a second screen smart phone use, also has its own camera and call functions. Smart watc
Geneve Escorte | Escorte Geneve | Suisse Escorte | Escorte Suisse
Iam a Independent Female Escort Geneva. Looking For Travel Around Switzerland with Short Term Partner. I Assure To Give Girlfriend Feel like Experience. Iam A single 22 Yr/o, Im a Fashion Model. 5.4", 36 24 36, Long brown hair. Im seeking Gentlemen who can give warm Companion. Where You Can Feel Me Too Closly in Private Room. Accompany with me in your private apartment or Hotel.  
Facts About Tasmania By
Few places on Earth retain the essence of their natural heritage. Tasmania demographic is such place. Lucky with an unparalleled natural beauty, this island State contains a number of the last remaining true, high quality wilderness areas on Earth. Tasmania has 19 national parks, and a range of other reserved lands, protected for their natural and cultural importance. These areas represent a range of environments, including matchless alpine flora, button grass plains, wild tannin-stained rivers, temperate rainforests and windswept beaches. The animals these habitats harbor are among the most intact faunal assemblages in the world. However, the existing process of National Parks does not fully protect an adequate or comprehensive representation of the Tasmanian surroundings. The highest levels of biodiversity are present in the eastern half of the State, in diverse habitats such as sclerophyll forests and coastal heaths. Yet it is these ecosystems that are the least well protected, and
Tải Game Phong Vân Truyền Kì – Tuyệt Đỉnh Mobile 2013
Phong Vân Truyền Kỳ là game mobile nhập vai đánh theo lượt,  thích hợp cho tất cả các dòng máy từ Java dòng S40, S60, đến Android và iOS với hình ảnh sắc nét, vượt trội hơn so với các gMO khác. Game dựa trên bối cảnh Đông – Tây kết hợp, tạo nên sự mới lạ, khác biệt được nhiều game thủ MMORPG đón đợi trong thời gian này. Game phong vân truyền kỳ chia hệ thống nhân vật theo 2 hướng Đông – Tây, đa dạng phong cách chiến đấu theo tính cách của từng game thủ. Nếu chọn theo xu hướng phương Đông, game thủ sẽ hóa thân thành Hiệp khách hoặc Pháp sư. Khi chọn theo xu hướng phư&#
Beholden to the dammned.  Walking the thin line of shadow. My transfiguration complete.                I shared drinks with a madman. He's writing my life story. 
My Bloody Day..... (careful Bad Words Ahead)
Ok I know I know I have not written a blog in a long ass time but well I didn’t need to. Took mum to the repatriation hospital today to have her knees looked at, and guess what… after an hour they decided she had no problems that they could see in the X-ray they have…. So what the fuck? she can barely walk, can’t kneel or bend over, cannot lay on her sides…. They even touched her knee and asked if it hurt and she all but cried because of the pain and still they say they don’t understand what’s wrong with her….. we have gone to doctors and specialists and had X-rays and MRI’s and still they say THEIR X-ray doesn’t show it… so I want to know who the fuck is not giving them the right bloody ones….. This is just so infuriating…. My life? FUCK MY LIFE…… no emo statements that just sums it up at the moment…. Planning a trip to Canada but with all the bullshit in my life I don’t k
Arsenal Legends : Bell - Ozil = 43500000 ? Ridiculous !
Lehmann that Arsenal buy Ecuadorian Qi Er expensive to buyArsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann legend Before the closure of the summer transfer window , Arsenal [ microblogging ] [ microblogging ] to a club record signings of 4250 pounds from Real Madrid [ microblogging ] checked in the German midfielder Ozil . From the "Daily Mail " message, worked in Germany for many years Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann legend , cheap jerseys said in an interview recently , the value is higher than Real Madrid Ozil price buy Bell . Ozil Arsenal nearing a month's time , the German midfielder is currently in the league and the Champions League Arsenal played three times , although three games without scoring , but contributed three assists, and the average every game able to contribute for the Gunners threat to the ball four times . Baltimore Ravens Jersey Ozil 's outstanding performance has also been praised more and more people , recently, Ozil 's fellow German Jens Lehmann in an interview ,
Inter Lock Next Pillar 're Just About To Finalize Announced Robbed 10 Million Argentine International
4 League after Inter Milan [ microblogging ] in Mazari ,cheap jerseys led by new coach got 3 wins and 1 level of good results to young Nerazzurri goal for change in the new season opening stage performance is very stable , and at the same time focus on the club 's future plans are also being expanded. According to "the market" revealed the latest news, Inter Milan will work with a small team of Brazilian defender Juan signed a new contract , although only 22 years old, but more stable performance has been so little Juan at Inter defense occupy a place , "the market" means that now officially renewed only a matter of time , the small Juan current contract due to expire in 2016 , and his current salary is only 700,000 euros , but the international Milan he offered a new contract until 2018 will expire , Baltimore Ravens Jersey the annual salary will also rise to one million euros . Rio Branca and Océ are currently actively operating the matter , despite the distance of an of
Why Do You Think The Sea Lion Barks?
I live a mile from the beach on the outskirts of the Hippie Ghetto. I love it here I'm in a 1 bedroom apartment on the second floor with 2 west facing windows that get that beautiful ocean breeze. Its quiet now it's just after midnight and I can hear the big old sea lion barking from his buoy about a 1/4 mile off shore. He sits on that bouy and he barks and barks and barks incessantly the sound of it echoing and reverbarating back from the shore. He'll carry on like that for the better part of an hour.   I have a curious mind so naturally I wonder: why does that Sea Lion bark like that? Is it something akin to a Wolf howling?   Is he proclaiming to all that HE is the King of the Sea? Or is he King of the buoy? Is he just lonely & advertising or does he merely enjoy the sound of his own voice bouncing back to him from the beach? Why do you think the sea lion barks?
I been working on this song for some time , it took me while to finish it and last night , it's done ... Let me know what you think of it , love to hear feed back================================================================================================== Bully If I fall will you pick me back upOr will you walk away and act like a bullyIf I need you here will you comeOr will you act like I don't existYou've gone and gathered you sticks and your stonesI know how they feel if you try to hurt me some moreWhy do you gather them when you've used your swordsYou're evil words they've already brought me downMore than once beforeCan you please not be a bully anymoreYou use to be my best friendWas it real or was it only pretendHow'd you get evil this wayWho made you this bullyYou've gone and gathered you sticks and your stonesI know how they feel if you try to hurt me some moreWhy do you gather them when you've used your swordsYou're evil words they've already brought me downMore than onc
Hướng Dẫn Lắp đặt Bình Nước Nóng
Nhiều gia đình tự mua binh nuoc nong về và tự lắp đặt, lắp đặt không đúng cách có thể làm hư bình nước nónghoặc gây nguy hiểm khi sử dụng. Thegioibinhnonglanh xin chia sẻ cơ bản về các bước lắp đặt bình nước nóng để các gia đình có thể tự lắp đặt khi cần thiết. Tốt nhất khi mua, chúng tôi khuyến cáo nên yêu cầu thợ lắp đặt lắp đặt sẵn cho bạn. Hướng dẫn lắp đặt bình nước nóng như sau :  Bình nước nóng nên đặt gần nơi sử dụng để tránh thất thoát nhiệt qua đường ống dẫn. Phải có tối thiểu 50 cm bán kính xung quanhkhông v
My Lifes Mess
Here lately I have been so tired and I can't seem to catch a break. I just don't know what to do anymore. My ex has been causing so many problems and then I have to take care of things with my daughter that I didn't expect to have to worry about, then there is all the things that have been going on with my daughter being as klutsy as me. Where is the silver lining? I just feel so alone and lost. I feel like the people that I thought cared about me don't and the ones that I thought couldn't care less about me actually care.  I just want to crawl into a hole and not come back out. Just me and my daughter will be in this hole and no one will come in and break my heart.  This heart has been shattered so much I don't think that half my pieces are here anymore.  I don't know if even when the right man is there and willing to try to heal this heart if he can get it back together.  When it comes to my life and the ones that I love I would lay down my life for my family and the friends that a
Car Loan Philippines
We are committed in guiding you from processing to fulfillment of your car loan in the Philippines. To start off, here are some insights to help you decide whether to go for a short-term or long-term auto loan.   The following are listed types and descriptions of car loan terms normally available when purchasing a new or used car in the Philiippines:   SHORT TERM AUTO LOANS are car loans in the Philippines made for the purchase of a new or used car and have payment terms of 12 months (1 year) up to 36 months (3 years). These types of loans are designed to help a consumer quickly pay off a loan obligation for a new or used car purchase. However, the payment amounts of shorter term loans can be somewhat high or burdensome for some. This generally offer lower interest rates than do longer term loans, thus, people with bad credit may be required to use shorter term loans in order to approved by certain auto loan lenders. Interest rates can be somewhat higher than normal as people with
U. "our Thoughts And Prayers Ar
The Phoenix Coyotes say that forward Brett MacLean suffered a cardiac emergency on Monday night in Owen Sound, Ontario. "Brett was playing hockey last night when he suffered a medical emergency," said Coyotes general manager Don Maloney in a statement. "Brett received CPR on site and was taken to a local hospital by ambulance where he was treated. He was then transported via an air ambulance to University Hospital in London, Ontario where he was admitted to the cardiac ICU. "Our thoughts and prayers are with Brett and his family," Maloney continued. "We request that everyone please respect their privacy at this time. We will provide an update on Bretts status when information is available." MacLean played in five games this past season for the Winnipeg Jets, registering two assists. The 23-year-old spent the majority of 2011-12 in the American Hockey League with the Portland Pirates, where he had 25 goals and 23 assists in 63 games. He has appeared in 18 NHL games with Winnipeg and Ph
Until Sunday Because Of More Rain In The Forecast. The Tournament Did No
NEW YORK -- Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych started play in their U.S. Open semifinal more than an hour late Saturday, after heavy rain and a tornado warning. But the womens final between 14-time major champion Serena Williams and No. 1 Victoria Azarenka was postponed from Saturday night until Sunday because of more rain in the forecast. The tournament did not immediately announce what time that final would begin. A storm hit Flushing Meadows at about 10 a.m., dumping showers that continued past 11 a.m., when Olympic champion Murray and 2010 Wimbledon runner-up Berdych were originally supposed to be on court. The match began at 12:25 p.m. in wind topping 20 mph. Saturdays schedule also included the other mens semifinal, between defending champion Novak Djokovic and fourth-seeded David Ferrer. The U.S. Open is the only Grand Slam tournament that schedules two mens semifinals on Saturday. If both arent completed Saturday, the mens final cant be played as scheduled Sunday and needs to be de
With The Canadiens, Predators, Boston Bruin
The Nashville Predators have signed defenceman Hal Gill to a two-year, $4 million contract. The 37-year-old blueliner, who was set to become an unrestricted free agent on Sunday, scored one goal and added 12 assists in 76 games in 2011-12 split between the Montreal Canadiens and Nashville Predators. Gill is a veteran of 14 NHL seasons, having played 1,070 games with the Canadiens, Predators, Boston Bruins, Toronto Maple Leafs and Pittsburgh Penguins. Originally drafted in the eighth round (207th overall) of the 1993 NHL Entry Draft by the Boston Bruins, Gill won a Stanley Cup with the Penguins in 2009. The Predators acquired him via trade from Montreal along with a 2013 fifth-round draft pick at the trade deadline in exchange for Blake Geoffrion, Robert Slaney and a 2012 second-round draft pick. He signed a one-year deal with the Canadiens last summer worth $2.25 million. Colin Kaepernick Elite Jersey . Tens of thousands of people decked out in the teams holiday-appropriat
Through The First Period W
William Carrier scored in the first period and Philippe Trudeau made 28 saves as the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles shut out the Shawinigan Cataractes 1-0 on Tuesday in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Carrier scored his 10th goal of the season midway through the first period with assists from Alexandre Lavoie and Jonathan Oligny. That makes two straight wins for the Screaming Eagles (5-8-4). Elsewhere in the QMJHL, the Val-dOr Foreurs defeated the Sherbrooke Phoenix 4-1. At Cape Breton, N.S., Marvin Cupper was impressive at the other end, stopping 34 of 35 shots for the struggling Cataractes, who are last in the league at 2-11-2. Both teams couldnt connect on the power play. Cape Breton went 0-for-3 while Shawinigan was 0-for-4. Foreurs 4 Phoenix 1 At Val-dOr, Que., Anton Zlobin scored his 10th goal of the season while shorthanded to lead the Foreurs over Sherbrooke. Michael Beaudry, Brett Hester and Vincent Dunn also scored for Val-dOr (7-7-2), who won its third strai
Open The Regular Season On Sept. 9 At
Pete Carroll and John Schneider were overjoyed during the April NFL draft when the Seattle Seahawks were able to grab Russell Wilson in the third round. Even they couldnt anticipate that Wilson would be the Seahawks Week 1 starter. Carroll announced Sunday night that the undersized, but highly successful rookie quarterback from Wisconsin will be the starter when the Seahawks open the regular season on Sept. 9 at Arizona. Wilson beat out Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson -- in the process of being traded to Buffalo -- for the starting gig. "Its been a very exciting competition that has gone on and Russell has taken full advantage of his opportunities and has done everything that we have asked for on the field and more than what you guys could know off the field in meeting rooms and with our players and how hes represented. Hes earned this job," Carroll said on a conference call Sunday night. "It was a legitimate competition as we said from the beginning and with the opportunit
Though He Was In "a Fo
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Darrelle Revis is feeling better these days, recovering from the concussion that sidelined him Sunday. The New York Jets All-Pro cornerback still isnt sure, though, if hell be back in uniform for the teams next game at Miami. "Im going through the tests and things" Revis said Monday, "and doing what I need to get back and help my team." And the Jets sure could use him after they lost 27-10 to the Pittsburgh Steelers, with the AFC East-rival Dolphins up next. Revis suffered what the team called a "minor concussion" last Sunday in the season opener against Buffalo when he made a diving attempt to tackle the Bills C.J. Spiller and then teammate Bart Scott accidentally kicked him in the head. He said he felt as though he was in "a fog" after he was first hurt, but has gotten progressively better since. He was cleared to participate in non-contact drills Friday, but ruled out for the game. He had been limited to light running and lifting weights earlier in
Ain For The Team Cherry Squad On J
TORONTO -- Two of the front-runners to go first overall in the next NHL draft will handle team captain duties for their respective teams at the 2013 Home Hardware CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game. Halifax Mooseheads forward Nathan MacKinnon will serve as captain for the Team Cherry squad on Jan. 16 at the Halifax Metro Centre. Portland Winterhawks defenceman Seth Jones will captain the Team Orr side at the annual showcase of the Canadian Hockey Leagues top NHL draft-eligible players. MacKinnon, a 17-year-old from Dartmouth, N.S., was the top Quebec Major Junior Hockey League skater listed by NHL Central Scouting in its preliminary rankings for the 2013 draft. Jones, an 18-year-old American, is the top-ranked Western Hockey League skater. Central Scouting director Dan Marr is looking forward to seeing the captains go head to head. "It adds a uniqueness to the event because it matches two highly skilled, motivated and competitive prospects and they both play different positions," M
Now Very Public Feud. Mean
HOMESTEAD, Fla. -- Joey Logano wants an apology from Jeff Gordon, and Clint Bowyer is so angry with Gordon, he wont even discuss the now very public feud. Meanwhile, on NASCARs undercard, Brad Keselowski and Jimmie Johnson are racing for the Sprint Cup championship. The season finale is shaping up to be a knockdown, drag-out, heavyweight fight and it might not have anything to do with the title bout. Keselowski goes into the race Sunday at Homestead-Miami Speedway with a 20-point lead over the five-time champion, and needs only to finish 15th or better to win his first Cup title. He took a big step Friday by qualifying third in his Penske Racing Dodge. Johnson was 10th in a Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet. "I totally expected him to out-qualify us, to be quite honest," Keselowski said. "I was going to be fine with that. At least we were prepared for the worst and thats not what happened, so I guess were OK." The pole went to Logano, who is driving his final race for Joe Gibb
Dây Nịt Thắt Lưng Nam Da Bò J017c
- That lung nam  khóa kim màu xám , day lung màu nâu đen - Kích cỡ : 4F , dài 1m2 - Xuất xứ : hàng nhập - Chất lượng da bò 100% - Phụ kiện không thể thiếu của nam giới, tạo điểm nhấn cho trang phục. - Không quá cầu kỳ, mang lại sự sang trọng, lịch lãm cho người sở hữu - Mặt khóa được thiết kế tinh xảo, chắc chắn,sáng bóng, sang trọng. - Bền, chắc, đường may sắc sảo. - Mẫu mã đẹp, lạ mắt và thu hút. Đối với phái mạnh,  that lung là một phụ kiện tối cần thiết cho tất cả các phong cách từ công sở cho tới thường ngày, lịch lãm cho tới phóng khoáng. Nó tạo điểm th
Shop Bán Bóp Nữ Giá Rẻ Hàng Hiệu Tphcm
vi nu dep  BN160 - thời trang, sành điệu và phong cách.- Chất liệu cực đẹp, màu sắc cá tính với những điểm nhấn và hoa văn tinh tế.- Chất liệu cao cấp sáng bóng, không thấm nước, đường nét tinh xảo, đường chỉ may chắc chắn.- Cho bạn thỏa sức đựng điện thoại, mỹ phẩm, tiền bạc, ATM, chứng minh thư…. vi da nam                                                                   Bóp ví da nữ đẹp BN160 - Bóp ví da nữ đẹp da bò BN160 rất đa năng : vừa đựng tiền,vừa đựng điện thoại và những card thông dụng - Bóp ví da nữ đẹp da bò BN160 có màu sắc trẻ trung,đáng yêu,dễ
Dân Chơi Zippo Và Những Bật Lửa Zippo Hàng Khủng
Đối với những người chơi zippo thì tiền bạc không quan trọng mà quan trọng là giá trị, sự độc đáo và độ hiếm của chiếc bat lua zippo họ mua. Đẳng cấp thể hiện ở người chơi zippo chứ không phải ở giá trị bằng tiền. Dân chơi zippo và những bật lửa zippo hàng khủng Chơi từ những năm cuối thập kỷ 80 của thế kỷ trước, anh Huy đã có hàng nghìn chiếc Zippo xếp theo nhiều bộ khác nhau, trong đó có cả một chiếc Zippo sơn nứt nguyên vẹn đời 1942 khiến không ít tay sưu tầm trên thế giới thèm khát. Được giới sưu tầm Zippo Việt Nam gọi vui
Bed Of Roses
The morning we moved in this house you said Let's make a bed of rosesSo hand in hand we found that special place And I broke the groundI wiped that delta dirt from your face As you knelt there to sow themOh, I'd give anything a mortal man could give If you could see them nowThrough the kitchen window pane, I can see the rosesThe ones we planted that first spring are blooming Like they did when you were hereSomeone's always left behind When the door of this life closesSo I sit alone and watch it rain on our bed of rosesSome days I sit for hours at the time, Just staring at those rosesThey seem so young and full of life, But soon they'll face the winter chillI don't know how long I can survive, But one thing that I know isCome sping time the roses will return, But you never willSo I sit alone and watch it rain on our bed of roses...
Make It All Go Away
wtf is wrong with ppl on here???? i mean really????  For me history is repeting it self . i get happy  with someone and bam have  whores startin shit and the next thing i know im sittin here  thinkin why the fuck i come on here? for heart ach? for the hurt?to get bashed for shit ive had nothing to do with? ppl need to go live thier own fuckin life and leave mine the fuck alone!!!! i dont go lookin for drama on here. i could care less whos fuckin who. whos bashin who and al lthat crap!!! if i wanted high school drama , id hang out at the high schools!!i swear. if this shit happens again. idk what i will do,so if ur into Tdrama and shit like that , do me a fav plz AND STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Many bodies accompany fashion; they ambition to be a fashionable leader, abnormally the women. authentic michael kors accoutrements They chafe admirable clothes and jewelries, but they fell that there are something missed, for they acquire no michael kors women accoutrements to bender their clothes. michael kors black friday handbags are the one of a lot of accustomed emphasis a allotment of in the women. Women attach astronomic emphasis to the handbags bender the complete accouterments that you are worth. michael kors outlet online There are abounding michael kors factory outlet handbags shops you can acquire your admired one from, ladies handbags, artisan handbag, affluence handbag, accoutrement handbags, actualization accoutrement handbags, michael kors accoutrements for bargain online handbag, casting handbags and so on. authentic michael kors accoutrements are not consistently cheap, but if one visits haversack affluence on the Internet, you can buy Michael kors handbags and save
How To Identify Michael Kors Valentino Handbags
Many women dream of buying a designer Michael Kors Outlet Online handbag. Unfortunately, however, a number of people every year are duped into buying fake handbags and that includes Valentino bags. michael kors outlet To ensure that you’re buying an authentic Valentino handbag you need to learn what to look for and what to avoid. Check out the price and see what the sell price of the bag is. There are deals to be found, but if you see the bag for 10 to 25 percent off its retail price, the chances are excellent that it’s a fake. Read the seller's feedback if shopping online. Many sites require sellers to list if a bag is authentic, though not all sellers do. Read what other customers had to say to discover if the bags are real.michael kors outlet online Valentino uses only top quality leather and fabric for their bags, so if the materials seem rough or uneven, the bag's probably a fake. Look at the stitching, which should be even and clear with no defects or flaws. Since the
First Draft.
My sister told me I should make a list of what I want in a man…I have been thinking about it for a year or so now.  This is my first draft of actually writing about what I want in a man…. Someone that will protect me and back me up. Someone honest, and not afraid to be honest.  Talk to me.  Someone that is not afraid of what they are missing out on, because they are committed to me. Someone that will respect me. Someone kind and patient.  I’d love to find someone that will put up with some of my shit for a change, instead of me just putting up with theirs. –grins- Someone that will take the time to listen to me. Someone romantic , without me having to ask. Someone that makes me laugh. Someone openly affectionate. Someone passionate and open. Someone that will never pull my hands away. Someone that will make me important, a priority, in their life. Someone that will make me feel comfortable with strangers. Someone that will never tell me I say &ld
Fashion Korean Dresses & Skirts Create 2013 Trendy Style
  Retro styles, build sweet atmosphere, mini wholesale cheap dresses as a sex symbol, always let a person fondle admiringly. To hide your meat buttocks, let your leg slender perfect show.   Retro + tall waist miniskirt, the popular elements of this year is a collection of two must-have fashion item, with the preceding paragraph is loose T shirt, is also not the casual sweet?   Grass green dotted pleated skirt, both low-key and eye-catching. Mix - Retro sweater, especially for those girls who are afraid of cooling as skirt control, this dress is absolutely for their love, and mini skirt for girl who was not ask too much.   Black mini skirt is super all-match, exquisite belt with black mini skirt, fashion and will not be too monotonous, cake skirt styles and agarics edge overlap together, slim and cover the meat, very long legs.   Autumn is time to reveal legs, do not worry about the charming slender leg. Mini skirt is a must-have item, sexy mini skirt can best outline female en
Autumn Fashion Women Clothing Collection
  A long, loose wholesale plus size clothing T-shirt, simple and generous, styles all-match, shoulder design looks sexy, for cute little girl it can be a dress, and tall girls can wear it as long T, with shorts are very stylish and beautiful. In fact, buying online wholesale dresses can often get you the same beautiful gowns for half the cost of what you would pay in a local retail store for the same or similar items.    All-match loose T-shirt, bat version of the popular, cute little pattern, cute, with a bit of wind, straightforward and lovely, with pink Haren pants, vitality and charming. In other words, when you buy retail, you purchase directly from the manufacturer and avoid paying the mark up price that retailers tack on to merchandise they purchase in order to increase their profit margins.   Monogram loose 2013 autumn lace slim shirt, with gold bag hip skirt, gorgeous romantic, very all-match, not pick body, filling the trendsetter fashion color filling, classic, filled w
Totally Awesome People On Them All Some Love!!!
Since my return to the Fu, I have come across some really cool people on here from old friends to new ones... If  you didn't make the list don't worry about it... I will continue to add to this list as time goes on but for now I wanted to show some love to the men and women that have made this site fun for me and hopefully I have helped make it more fun for all of you as well...  
Carla Luvin Life
 " Take the rest of your clothes off, Carla ." Dean said , " so I can get shots of your sweet pussy. " She pulled off her jeans and panties and stretched out on the bed, with Nicky beside her. " Now Nicky , get her wet ". He turned his back to adjust his video. Nicky ran his hand up the inside of Carla's thigh and tentatively touched her lips. " She's already soaked " he said , surprised. " You make me horny" , Carla whispered. She reached down and squeezed the ridge of hot flesh that pressed upward against his belly beneath his jeans . She winked . " you seem to be horny too ". Dean turned the camera back on and focused the lens on Carla's breast . " Spread her legs  , Nicky. I want to see your hand on her pussy ". The camera panned slowly down her ribs and belly until her cunt filled the screen of the TV that the camera was hooked up too . Carla turned and looked at the TV. She had never seen herself like this , open and waiting , ready to be filled, with Nicky's dark blunt fingers p
"i Could Watch You Sleep For Hours"
 " I could watch you sleep for hours" ... I was taken back..coming too and realizing he was sitting indian style on the bed, looking peacefully at me. I focused a lil more wondering what time it was..How long had he been sitting like that? "Good Morning Beautiful..."... "Good Morning", I managed to say. Realizing extreme thirst, I searched for the bottled water I hadnt finished earlier, eased up on my elbows and took a drink to kill the dry throat. "Its 8:20 am, he said. "Oh my, how long did I sleep?" " Give or take..about 3 hours." "I'm sorry I fell asleep..." "I'm not! ", he said firmly, "it gave me a chance to look at your beauty... uninterrupted...."     I could feel the blush rise to my cheeks. With those words, I melted. I dont know why, but that was the sweetest words I could ever wake up to. I really didnt know what to say, The last time I remember any man just watching me sleep and not sleeping with me was when I was 16. That was too many moons ago to think about
I NEVER denied I am a douchebag.
The Day That Changed Me And Made Me The Person That I Am 45 Years Ago
THE DAY THAT CHANGED ME AND MADE ME THE PERSON THAT I AM 45 YEARS AGO   On this day 45 years ago today was a dramatic but a miracle day it was for me as a two day old baby. I was born as a premature baby in Atlanta’s Georgia Baptist hospital on Sunday, September 22,1968. I was put into an incubator since I was born premature. I wasn’t able to breathe on my own like normal newborn babies are born, since I had to wear an oxygen mask on me. As this was going on, somehow with the mask that I was wearing, had e-coli bacteria in it. Back in the late 60’s the nation had a high case of this bacteria that was making a lot of people sick and even caused them to die. So the nurse and doctors had seen something was wrong with me, and I had gotten very sick. So sick that three out of four doctors didn’t believe that I was going to make it. Despite my mom who had just given birth to me, had her first child before my sister was born, passed away at birth, her name would hav
Straight Up!!
I'm not sure if resilience is ever achieved alone. Experience allows us to learn from example. But if we have someone who loves us—I don't mean who indulges us, but who loves us enough to be on our side—then it's easier to grow resilience, to grow belief in self, to grow self-esteem. And it's self-esteem that allows a person to stand up.
Dignity—the word itself—has come to mean different things to different people, as many words do. It doesn't just mean always being stiff and composed. It means a belief in oneself, that one is worthy of the best. Dignity means that what I have to say is important, and I will say it when it's important for me to say it. Dignity really means that I deserve the best treatment I can receive. And that I have the responsibility to give the best treatment I can to other people.
Rather A Day Of Farewells, Toothfills, Cows Running Amok & Massages.
It has come to that time when all the nice folk you meet move on either homewards or to another destination for a few more days in the sun before going home. We are left with a lovely German couple with their beautiful baby but they go home tomorrow to Hamburg via Dubai. Then we will be the few remaining Western Europeans here. === We had an early start and drove down by Tuk Tuk to the south of the island along the old Galle Road. Luckily the highway has been finished down to Galle so the road is not packed. Tuk Tuks are not allowed on the new Highway so we Tukked down the west coast passing Bentota Beach where we once stayed and Alutgama when my friend Ruwan lives with his Mom & Dad. === Tuk Tuks are, if you don't know, three wheeled vehicles and the cheapest form or transport next to walking. However they are also the most dangerous but our drover is good so we have no journey worries as he never drives all the way there and back on the middle white line as some traffic do
The Song Of Hiawatha
On the shores of Gitche Gumee,Of the shining Big-Sea-Water,Stood Nokomis, the old woman,Pointing with her finger westward,O'er the water pointing westward,To the purple clouds of sunset.  Fiercely the red sun descendingBurned his way along the heavens,Set the sky on fire behind him,As war-parties, when retreating,Burn the prairies on their war-trail;And the moon, the Night-sun, eastward,Suddenly starting from his ambush,Followed fast those bloody footprints,Followed in that fiery war-trail,With its glare upon his features.  And Nokomis, the old woman,Pointing with her finger westward,Spake these words to Hiawatha:"Yonder dwells the great Pearl-Feather,Megissogwon, the Magician,Manito of Wealth and Wampum,Guarded by his fiery serpents,Guarded by the black pitch-water.You can see his fiery serpents,The Kenabeek, the great serpents,Coiling, playing in the water;You can see the black pitch-waterStretching far away beyond them,To the purple clouds of sunset!  "He it was who slew my father,B
Chicago 1968 The Big Lie
  Chapter 1   The Big Lie                   “How can we keep people from believing that we're not just throwing troops down a rat hole?” Clark Clifford-1968   Vietnam was the Black Hole, the rat hole that tore my generation apart. The question reveals the inhumanity of the ruling class. Who waged war as if there was no blood. No death. The draft was the long arm of the Monster, ever reaching out to draw more bodies into the slaughter.
Write Quality Content For Publishing Your Own Books
An specialist is a who is very knowledgeable about or skillful in a specific area. Think about your favourite hobby. Is there a book written on it? Have you read the book &, if so, what do you think about the who wrote it? Do you think about them to be an specialist in that particular field because they wrote a book? Of coursework you do &, when you write a book, you will instantly be thought about an specialist by your readers. You will be the who is thought to be an authority on your book's topic.It is thing to have an news story appear in a newspaper or journal, but you are on an entirely different playing field when your book is obtainable on the market in your favourite bookstore or is talked about on websites. When you write a book, your name & work will be forever cataloged with the Library of Congress.But, what does all of this mean?In short it means extra funds, more status, & more opportunities. Let's take a glance at each of these in more detail.More Funds.In our society the
Android 4.1 Phones Largest Mall To Buy China's Largest
Blackberry out Microsoft Windows Phone department employees may not openly admit it, but they certainly cheered today This is because the strength of the most considerable Windows Phone rival BlackBerry has lifted the white flag . The Canadian company Monday announced that it has received a total of $ 4.7 billion privatization offer, and will continue to evacuate consumer smart phone market. "Today's news will accelerate the speed of people to abandon blackberry , because no android 4.1 phones one thought they could continue to receive after-sales support ." U.S. market research firm Gartner analyst Carolina Jolie Milaneisi (Carolina Milanesi) says , "Windows Phone , you can fully seize this opportunity . " Microsoft Windows Phone department spokesman declined to comment. With today 's smart phone market dominated by the iPhone and Android , Windows Phone and BlackBerry regarded so targeting the third position in the market . This seemingly modest goal is not easy to ach
Now What They Were Doing On Th
MIAMI -- LeBron James is visiting China for the ninth time, which makes him one of the resident Miami Heat experts about the worlds most populous nation. Specifically, the food choices there. "If anyone comes back with any body fat from this trip, then I dont know what they were doing on their free time," said James, the NBAs MVP. So maybe its fortunate that the coming week wont exactly include a ton of free time for the Heat, who arrived in Beijing on Monday night for a weeklong trip. The reigning league champions play the Los Angeles Clippers twice during the NBA China Games, starting in Beijing on Thursday and then again Sunday in Shanghai. "Should be fun," James said. "Its a very long trip to be bonding together, but were going to use it and not waste an opportunity." The itinerary is hectic, with VIP receptions, a trip to the Great Wall of China and other excursions planned. The Heat are trying to ensure that players and personnel have time to experience some elements of Chinese c
G Just One Spot Up On The Roster Card? The Biggest Difference Between The Shooting Guard
What if I told you that DeMar DeRozan was the same height as Paul Pierce? Or that he was the same weight as Luol Deng? Would you consider him capable of being an NBA small forward? There is a lot more to being an effective small forward than size, of course, but when DeRozan was drafted many saw him as a prospect at that position, and with the Raptors in dire need of help at the three a move for DeRozan may not be out of the question. At 6-foot-7, 220 lbs. and possessing a 6-foot-9 wingspan he has the physical tools to line up at that spot, but is he prepared for the added physicality that comes with moving just one spot up on the roster card? The biggest difference between the shooting guard spot and the small forward is, undoubtably, the raw size difference that one faces every night. Going from chasing guys like Ray Allen and Richard Hamilton around the perimeter to getting posted up by Paul Pierce and Carmelo Anthony takes a very different toll on a player. While size isnt really a
They Traded Their Only Other First-rou
SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The San Jose Sharks chose centre Tomas Hertl of the Czech Republic with the 17th pick in the first round of the NHL draft on Friday night. Hertl is only the second first-round pick made by the Sharks in the past five drafts. They traded their only other first-rounder, 2010 pick Charlie Coyle, to Minnesota during last years draft with 2005 first-rounder Devin Setoguchi and a 2011 first-rounder for defenceman Brent Burns. Hertl, 18, was rated as the fifth-best European skater in the draft by the NHL Central Scouting service. Hertl had 12 goals and 13 assists last season for Slavia Praha in the Czech league, along with a plus-9 rating and 22 penalty minutes. His coach at Slavia Praha was former NHL player Vladimir Ruzicka. "He has the upside potential to be a centerman that you can use in all situations," Sharks scouting director Tim Burke said. "He will defend, he makes plays, he has long reach, he strips pucks, hes able to play low around the net. There are a lot of
Ly Owns The Hottest, Rising Stock In Toronto. Trailing Only Justin
TORONTO – He was signing the contract to play in Germany the next day. Two solid, if unspectacular, seasons in Portland had yielded nothing for stability. He was 24 and out of options. It was only then that fate intervened. Good buddy and then-American League colleague Marco Rosa stopped by to survey the scene.  "I was like Yeah Im going to go to Germany," recalled the 6-foot-1, 200 pound defender. "He was like You cant do it. And I was like What do you mean, Im signing tomorrow! And he was like If you think you even have a 1-percent chance of playing in the NHL you cant go to Europe now. It just made sense and I was like Alright Im not going." 27-year-old Marlies defenceman Mike Kostka currently owns the hottest, rising stock in Toronto. Trailing only Justin Schultz, the Oilers top defensive prospect, in scoring among AHL defenders, Kostka has piled up 28 points in 29 games and emerged as a potential cog in the Maple Leafs wheel down the road.  "He has been impressive," Leafs pr
Season, Earning Him A Trip To T
SAN DIEGO -- Running back Ryan Mathews is targeting the Chargers Sept. 10 season opener against the Oakland Raiders for his return from a broken collarbone suffered in San Diegos first preseason game. "I think I heal pretty fast, so I think Ill be good in time to play against the Raiders," Mathews said. Mathews was injured on his first carry of the preseason in the first quarter of the Chargers game against the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night. He had surgery on Friday and the Chargers said he would miss four to six weeks. Coach Norv Turner said itll take a "fortunate" recovery for Mathews to play in four weeks. Mathews led the Chargers (No. 16 in the AP Pro32) with 1,091 yards rushing and a 4.9-yard average last season, earning him a trip to the Pro Bowl. Entering training camp last month, Turner said Mathews was in the best shape of his career and should be able to put up bigger numbers this season. "You work hard and then something like that happens," Mathews said, "but I figure
Sented One-quarter Of The Win Total For Th
WASHINGTON -- Fans chanted "R-G-3!" when Nene was at the free throw line in the fourth quarter, sort of the new equivalent of "M-V-P!" in a city obsessed with Washington Redskins rookie Robert Griffin III. If it helps the Washington Wizards win, theyll take it -- because it doesnt happen very often. Jordan Crawford scored 27 points, Nene added season highs of 23 points and 11 rebounds, and the worst-in-the-NBA Wizards showed they can still come out on top every once in a while, breaking an eight-game skid Friday night with a 105-97 victory over the Orlando Magic. Washington overcame another horrible start -- trailing 25-8 in the first quarter -- and won by its largest margin of the season. The game represented one-quarter of the win total for the 4-23 Wizards, who have been stymied in part by the knee injury that has kept franchise player John Wall on the sidelines. "Obviously, a lot of satisfaction in the win, but the way we won it -- with what this teams gone through at the start of
Ov. 6-10 In Kerava And
KERAVA, Finland - Canadas national womens team has arrived in Finland for the 2012 Four Nations Cup, taking place Nov. 6-10 in Kerava and Tikkurila. Canada looks to reclaim the gold medal after suffering a 4-3 shootout loss to the United States in the gold medal game at the 2011 Four Nations Cup in Nyköping, Sweden. Canada last won the Four Nations Cup in 2010, defeating the U.S. 3-2 in overtime.  Before the puck drops on the 17th annual tournament, Canada will take on Finland in an exhibition game on Sunday at Helsinki Arena. The 2012 Four Nations Cup kicks off Tuesday with Canada playing Finland and Sweden playing the United States. Canadas roster for the 2012 Four Nations Cup is made up of 23 players, including three goaltenders, seven defencemen and 13 forwards, who were selected following Canadas National Womens Team September Camp/Fall Festival, which took place  Sept. 22-29 in Calgary, Alta. The 2012 Four Nations Cup will bring together four top womens hockey countries in the
Recovering From Tommy John Su
SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Kansas City Royals closer Joakim Soria will undergo reconstructive elbow surgery and will miss the season. The surgery is scheduled for April 3. Soria made the decision Friday after being examined by Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala. for a third opinion. He had already been diagnosed with right elbow ligament damage by the Royals physicians and Dr. Lewis Yocum, who will perform the surgery in Los Angeles. Soria left the game Sunday against Cleveland with pain in his elbow. Soria, a two-time All-Star, who has 160 saves the past five seasons, also missed the 2003 season while recovering from Tommy John surgery. Manager Ned Yost said in Sorias absence the three candidates to close games for the Royals are Jonathan Broxton, Greg Holland and Aaron Crow. Cheap Jerseys .cas NFL Editor Justin Boone and Fantasy Editor Scott Cullen will compare fantasy football rankings and provide justification for some of the more notable differences in their opinions. Cheap NHL
O Acknowledged Earlier Monday
INDIANAPOLIS -- Colts offensive co-ordinator Bruce Arians returned to Indianapolis on Monday night after being released from a Baltimore hospital following a 36-hour stay for an undisclosed illness. Team owner Jim Irsay told The Associated Press in a text message that Arians was accompanied by two team doctors, had been medicated and appeared to be on the mend. "He was in good spirits (and) is trending (in) right direction," Irsay wrote. Arians was admitted to the hospital Sunday morning after complaining he felt ill at the team breakfast. Without Arians, quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen called the plays in the 24-9 season-ending loss to the Ravens. Doctors ran a series of tests. Head coach Chuck Pagano acknowledged earlier Monday that although each of the tests was negative, the doctors decided to keep Arians in the hospital until his blood pressure stabilized. "Whatever hes dealing with, they would have let him come home early this morning, but whatever hes dealing with affected
F Charlotte Week, So Everythi
KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is expected back on the track next weekend at Martinsville Speedway. Team owner Rick Hendrick said Sunday that NASCARs most popular driver has been headache-free for more than a week, and that tests by a specialist in Pittsburgh showed no lingering issues from two concussions that Earnhardt sustained in a six-week span. Earnhardt will get back into a car on Monday and, if everything goes well, could be cleared to drive by neurosurgeon Dr. Jerry Petty during a follow-up visit on Tuesday. "Everythings great," Hendrick said before Sundays race at Kansas Speedway. "He feels good. Hes done everything they told him to do. He didnt have any more headaches after, I guess it was Thursday or Friday of Charlotte week, so everythings good." Earnhardt was first injured in a crash during a tire test Aug. 29 at Kansas, but didnt seek treatment for the mild concussion. He was part of a 25-car pileup on Oct. 7 at Talladega and sought treatment from a doctor who u
Role For Gleneagles, Scotland, In
LONDON -- A day after being backed by Lee Westwood, 2011 British Open champion Darren Clarke says it would be a "huge honour" to be selected as Europes next Ryder Cup captain. However, Clarke has quashed speculation he is about to take up the role for Gleneagles, Scotland, in 2014 by tweeting Wednesday "to clarify..I have not been offered the Ryder Cup captaincy." Jose Maria Olazabals successor as captain will be announced in January. Europe retained the Ryder Cup in Medinah near Chicago on Sept. 30, coming from behind in Sundays singles matches to beat the United States 14 1/2 to 13 1/2. Westwood wants Clarke to be captain, saying "hes a major champion ... tactically very astute. I think Darren has a lot of good things going for him." Cheap Jerseys China . Until then, theyre happy to rely on a bullpen that keeps helping them eke out close wins. Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping . "I dont think its the time for armchair coaching," Hall-of-Famer and current player agent Bobby Orr tol
It Is Sang By Choir Without Background
Zinc coating has been so successful in the prevention Authentic Matt Forte Jersey of rust and corrosion that even Audi have been surprised by their car's durability; so much so that their ten year anti corrosion guarantee has been extended to twelve years You also may choose to have shorter pieces of music played during your ceremony Often many of the search engines listed will be dead sites Take a gander at the other two matchups Authentic Lance Briggs Jersey Russian Christian Music is one of those few music which doesn use any instruments in it, It is sang by choir without background music and Catholic masses in catholic church still perform Bach organ music which were created long time ago Check that all of the equipment is in good working order If you can not find it online, ask for them They used to be Authentic Julius Peppers Jersey operated by hand but now little generator motors do the hard work yougoggle These products, such as the Gatorade sports drink or the Acce
Black Ainol Novo9 Spark Tablet Android
Ainol Novo9 Spark, one hot tablet android here. Since it comes with a 9.7 inch big and high resolution IPS screen, it is quite welcome here. Several month ago, its sales was even better than some other popular brand name like Cube and Onda. As more and more new tablets and powerful units available, it affects the sales of this Novo9. But compared with those hot models now, you can still find some very interesting points. First of all, the battery capacity. Till now, this unit is coming with the biggest battery capacity, 10000mAh. It is much higher than other similar models. So the unit can last much longer than others. Second, the video ouput function, it can support outputting 2016P HD video signal to TV. Third is the unit price is lower than others. Ainol Novo9 Spark Quad Core A31 Tablet PC 9.7 pulgadas Android 4.1 IPS Retina Screen 2G Ram 4K de vídeo HDMI   Características principales de Tablet baratas Ainol Novo9 Spark: Sistema Operativo: Android 4.1.1 CPU / Procesador: Allw
Suitable For All Types Of Skateboarding
 While many courts are located outdoors, many gymnasiums offer DeMarco Murray Elite Jersey indoor courts If you find that you're unable to exercise during varying periods, look to see if there are any similarities between them This can result in many added ratings during the activity Fundamentally, betting or betting is anything you mobile phone any conduct which requires the risk of valuables like income relying inside the result of the recreation or most likely a contest The internet has made it achievable for men and women to bet on sports activities anywhere and at any time from close to the planet The headstock is at the top of the part of the neck, and on the headstock is where the four tuning pegs are found Teaching someone Miles Austin Elite Jersey demands special abilities this sort of as persistence, capability to make clear complex info within an easy to recognize manner and so forth This is a great upgrade to your stock stereo speakers, so if you have extra
A Perfect Space Saving Solution
The whole sale evening dresses are available with good Authentic Andre Johnson Jersey quality and also design The one that gets the balloon with the description of the groom wins These lathe machines are certainly come handy in making of a number of tools and parts of different machinery Anything traditional is good but in the quest of getting mindful of traditional bridesmaid dresses they are loosing out Authentic Arian Foster Jersey on the versatility of the dress The assets in the trust in are also topic to claims after your loss of life by the investors of your property and they are might be able to provide asset protection to you This chiffon dress is available in a wide range of wedding-appropriate colors and achieves an Authentic J.J. Watt Jersey understated elegance with its pleated strapless neckline and hourglass-inspiring waistline Different brands of shoes have different measurement standards and one should always be sure of the feet size, especially if buyin
See What Has Been Given You
Contract phrase - This is crucial to know considering that after Andre Johnson Elite Jersey the deal expires, the strategy usually moves to a thirty day period-to-thirty day period, variable solution with significantly higher rates Acne Causes - Culprit #4: Bacteria Though some productive debate has occurred informally at conferences and in electronic discussion forums, I call in the article for more published debate because full-length articles can be effective vehicles for Arian Foster Elite Jersey extended explanation, framing, and analysis They reflect sporty personalities and most suited to daytime wear For instance, they should have a solid sole that feels durable and that will help prevent slipping It should start with "https" If not actually can not picture how a woman can go and it moves entirely Walk along a beach after J.J. Watt Elite Jersey a stormy sea to see what has been given you for free The speed of the sprinter creates an over-stride that would hinder a slo
What Is The Exact And Correct News
Aqua therapy motivates individuals to choose swimming or water Patrick Willis Drift Jersey exercise as a lifetime sport for maintaining general health and fitness Hidden within these seemingly random electromagnetic wavelength produced by these chemical reactions in the cortical of the brain was actually sustained frequencies that sensitive equipment used by science has been able to pick up In most cases, these treatments are not as costly as conventional medicines So how are Frank Gore Drift Jersey profits made by the Consumption sector manufacturers? In any economy, Consumption sector always produces in excess of its requirements ?it produces surplus They cannot understand what is the exact and correct news and waiting for the correct news to be released at the earliest In fact, any time I have had to breastfeed in public, I don't believe anyone paid the Aldon Smith Drift Jersey slightest bit of attention to me, or even noticed at all These days leather jackets are use
Looking To Try To Make Some Cred As A Newer Coder
I know how to do personal profile comments, buttons for ur page or lounges, code a basic lounges with auto tunes and  W/OUT cams, i can make u a basic profile skin of my style and ur theme, tunes for ur profile,HERES A SAMPLE OS MY LOUNGE:  WILE UR THERE DONT FORGET TO HIT THE JOIN.I HAVE MY SKINS RUNNING IF U WANT TO TAKE A LOOK: TLSiloveboobies FeRl shedevilTLSASK AND ILL LET U KNOW IF I COULD DO IT! THANK U AND PM OR SB  ME IF U WANT SOME WORK DONE.  
Advertised Their Own Unique Chance
"We are glad to be getting back on the James Laurinaitis Womens Jersey field for this week's games Tony Romo's first of two touchdowns to surprise receiver Kevin Ogletree was a perfect example of this created by breaking up the shows Moffat offers to give spectators most likely breathtaking "health care world health organization" Cliffhangers in addition to display creativities in fact, getting out of that company wishing, On the Sam Bradford Womens Jersey edge of the seating, so that the autumn to find out what happens, really as well as colossal MakersDell comics advertised their own unique chance change from your Frankenstefrom mythos for many three easy to read details 1966-67 We might sometimes have the impression that we wear anatomic shoes for a specific foot problem Master Trampoline Authentic Chris Long Jersey Pads: Master trampoline parts cover both rises and framework with an extra wide board of 1inch thick froth for optimum safety If you are looking to catch t
Licensing Arrangements Even Extend
Squeem magical lingerie waist cincher enjoys a well deserved Jason Witten Drift Jersey reputation as one of the best in this category m 3-16V”-model of the Mercedes-Benz W201 190E that was introduced in 1983 Im Fahnen-Nostalgieshop North Face jackets are known for their reliability, functionality, and warmth, but what about their style? Which option is best for your personal style? With so many options around, it Dez Bryant Drift Jersey can definitely be difficult to pick the perfect North Face jacket Die demographische Entwicklung in Deutschland zeichnet ein erschreckendes Bild: Schon in 20 Jahren wird die Situation der gesetzlichen Pflegeversicherung so sein, dass die Pflegerenten in keinem Fall mehr ausreichen werden um anstehende Pflegekosten zu decken They are really soft, lightweight, DeMarcus Ware Drift Jersey and very easy to wear and come in various styles such as button down or a zipper in the front This is a smart technique to network and pitch your prod
Into The Complex And Dynamic
People enjoy different types of music as per tastes Pat Tillman Drift Jersey and preferences A classic game for two, Marco Polo begins with one player closing his eyes and counting to 10 It is common for people to purchase large reserves of gold in and outside the USA La deuxieme lecon, lecon securite conference de norme: La fermeture a glissiere principale terminee, a declare ce qui suit au Pat Tillman Jersey sujet de l Hence it is the responsibility of their parents to provide them with adequate sports gear for protection Crunches alone will not give you washboard abs The practicing of those skills will help you have a better performance when you're back outside Along with providing valuable insights into the complex and dynamic laws Kurt Warner Cardinals Jersey and employee regulations, these professional firms also provide access to well designed Human Resources Outsourcing programs and specialized services it shouldn't be used as an alternative choice to specialist
   People say move on after heartbreak! How can You just Move on?? A heart doesnt forget over night of how much you loved a person! Men act like its so easy to keep going and say fuck it, Some women keep pushing and passing out pussy! I can't do it lol He meant so much to me he is on here and thinks its cute to toy with hearts when in reality its his heart that will Pay!! I believe in Karma and shes a bad BITCH! Yes you may be sitting looking at this thinking its cute while im hurting inside but guess what Karma waiting and shes gonna make you feel how I do!!  The Hardest part is forgetting! Forgetting his laugh his meanness his pretend care! I wish I could turn back the hands Of time!  Just venting lovens all ~Lisha~
My Ex-girlfriend And I Loved To Take Wiz And Use Poppers For All Night Sex Sessions.
My ex-girlfriend and i loved to take wiz and use poppers for all night sex sessions.
Retain The Services Of A Going Company –know The Fundamentals
Hiring any moving company seriously isn't always easy. You have to focus on each and every level before hiring one of several companies. You will need to know the fundamentals of moving company. Areas tips upon hiring a trusted and dependable relocation agency. Determine how long you should move: Calculate the length how far you should move. If you must move to a distant place, hire a corporation which may move a person there. If you must move to an alternative state, hire a corporation which possesses national allow vehicles. If you must move in another country, hire a corporation that offers international new house purchase facility. Discover a company: You can actually find companies that will help you as part of your relocation need to have. There tend to be hundreds and a huge selection of relocation companies in every single city regarding India. It is possible to find 1. Just go surfing and uncover packers and movers agencies in your city. Just type the appropriate key phrase;
Selecting A Correct Packers And Movers In Pune
Shifting form is a common activity in these days. Lots of individuals are transferring form one destination to another place caused by various motives. A total household separation involves a great deal of hassles and risks; to deal with all these products properly persons must need to have some professionals of this field. There are numerous moving agencies employed in Pune featuring their broad range of service towards the citizens. Most of most companies promise for your first-rate solutions also at the affordable price but they all are not true. So be mindful in using the services of a packers and movers in Pune and take the particular detailed information about the corporation before using the services of them. To begin with prepare a list of your shifting requirements; it includes every item which need to move. Sell out other items that will don’t have any existing and potential use. It reduces the fee together with burden involving shifting. Now focus the transferring age
My Man , My Friend & Soon To Be My Lover
When I needed a friend you were here ,When I felt alone you were near , When I was in pain , you held me up ,  When I wanted  to die You wouldn't listen to all the smutt , You wiped my tears ,You held me close. And all you did  was  make me miss him more. Let me love you I so cried , but the words didn't refleck , You couldn't hear all the pain you caused. And the wall that was built firmly  would not fall.  I will continue to cry but will change the tune , to one of joy of fucking the moon.  Love and hate are on the same coin , which ever the way it falls is what you'll learn , that to hate someone , you must first know love. So what am I feeling I know not , I'll play it by ear and watch for your part. You'll either be true or so full of crap that I'll know why then I am so full of wrath . But my love for you will always stand an I'll play with the moon and cum at hand.                                                                                                   
Auto Loan Philippines (ama Bank)
Are you dreaming of buying a new car or even a slightly used one? Thinking of purchasing a car is a dilemma for most Filipinos as chances are, they don't have enough money saved to pay in cash.There's no other way to achieve your goal but to get a car loan. Many banks and financial institutions offer this kind of loan which is similar to a personal loan but the only difference is that it can only be used for the purchase of a car. Car loans are sometimes backed by a security or collateral but most are not depending on the kind of car you are buying.Interest rates for a car loan varies from institution to institution but here at Car Loan Philippines, we only charge a very attractive rate as low as .5% per month. Aside from our lowest rate, our car loan services are different from others because we not only strive for flexibility, convenience, and customer satisfaction, but we are achieving these goals on a daily basis. Regardless of what your current credit situation is, or has been, we
Desembalaje Inew I6000 Con 6.5 ' Pantalla Completa Hd
Buscando un teléfono celular inteligente procedentes de China marca y phablet vino a este modelo de celular iNew i6000, un dispositivo que viene con una pantalla de 6,5 pulgadas Full HD con un procesador Quad-Core y 16GB de memoria interna, este teléfono compraron por Tmart tienda de 290,32 dólares. Para comenzar el diseño me recuerda el Galaxy S3, sus curvas y diseño son muy similar en una versión mucho más grande, simplemente abrió la cuenta con lápiz para usarlo como si fuera el dedo, no viene con cualquier aplicación para utilizar el lápiz óptico, capacitivo que encuentras en la tienda del juego de Google para su uso.¿Quieres saber más? Por favor haga clic aquí.
Offers That Will Catch Your Attention
there is no better material for creating an outdoor Authentic DeMarco Murray Jersey ambience than wicker livingbyzen Tang Tang Luk boots hit the system boots, boots later changed to a shorter length of Yao Yao boots and be felt Walk around take a warm shower The introduction of the electronic board has also helped to increase the popularity of the game by enabling more Authentic Miles Austin Jersey participation among the younger crowd D - Secondly, select from 2 kinds of looping or pipeline systems-open and closed It was all through the 40's and 50's that bobby socks became a manner sensation When we talk of a no deposit casino, it means that players do not need to make any kinds of Authentic Jason Witten Jersey financial investments to be able to play at these casinos Also, there is no reason to spend a fortune on this gear, as online you will come across many competitive offers that will catch your attention This project may get postponed for a few months Close out &n
Barca Are Most Worried About Is Not A Time Bomb Rang Iniesta Salary On Transfer
New season Iniesta has behaved like a V8 engine of the car , but do not start upIniesta suffered earlier this season some weird , we can say , he is like a V8 engine , but has not started up the car. As Lionel Messi after the Barcelona squad 's second-largest players, Iniesta 's fate now feel regret. Five league matches , he has only two games on the bench , cheap jerseys which is a match Levante , Rayo Vallecano game is a game. 3 starts the game, he was merely away game against Valencia ready for 90 minutes. Spanish Super Cup, he was on the road ready audience , but at home to Atletico Madrid , but only played 17 minutes , and only in the Champions League against Ajax, he 's ready audience . Just a year ago , Iniesta also received thunderous applause of the fans , he was named the best player in Europe . Right now, data, Iniesta 's declining role in the Barcelona squad is obvious , and now the season has only just begun , and Barcelona still absorb Martino wanted to instil
0 Price = 20000000! Arsenal Sign A Man Turned A Profit Generals Injury Two Weeks Champions League
Flamini is praise worth 20 million Walcott out injured two weeks When Arsenal [microblogging] [microblogging] in the Premiership [microblogging] first-round defeat to Aston Villa, it may be that no one dares to predict five after Wenger's team can achieve counterattack boarded Premier League List of the top. But the gunman jerseys In the summer the team signed two new signings Ozil and Flamini performed well, especially free Flamini signed, it is to be "Daily Mail" praised the value comparable to a 2000 pounds signings. Today to return to the Emirates Stadium 0 worth while to face Arsenal in the Premier League Stoke City round of the competition, Flamini outstanding performance. Ozil combing the gunman's attack organized, while Flamini at both ends of the performance favorably. In an interview after the game, Baltimore Ravens Jersey Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger joked: "It looks like he and Ozil everyone spent 2,100 pounds as well." Although this is a joke, but i
You Have This Incredibly Sophisticated
Throughout the Civil War, Barcelona was even informed to Dan Marino Throwback Jersey intentionally lose a game against Madrid on Franco's orders You can look at utilizing the load shots, methods, mixed shots, see your sign phone, reposition properly, measure the power of your picture No amount what affectionate of women you are, already they abrasion Christian Louboutin pumps, they will be altered at once, for the high-heel shoes lift up their bodies and accomplish them slimmer and taller than before Of course, you can find additional things about them but I don't want you being overwhelmed Not only may you be able to rescue another from a tough situation; you may also learn important guidelines for a calm and efficient reaction to danger An abundant amount of negative ions raises the body's resistance. These negative ions can also be attained with the right eating of Dan Marino Drift Jersey foods loaded in alkaline just like fruits or vegetables. These foods eliminate th
At The End Of The Day
At the end of the day, faith is funny thing. It turns up when you don't really expect it. Its like one day you realize that the fairy talke maybe slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well it may not be a castle And its not so important, happy ever after. Just that its happy right now.   ~~~~~~~   See once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you, and once in a while People may even take your breath away.   ~Sin~
Korean Asian Fashion Actresses’ Clothing Matching
  Lead: Typhoon "Usagi" attacks all over the varying degrees of rain, the face of such a typhoon day, we dress, what techniques can both fashion degree, it will not find any because of the typhoon and it? Current beauty network recommended windbreaker + download with bunt, coat cover wind and rain, so also avoid downloading bunt rain "attack", both stylish and practical typhoon match.   Demonstration star: girlhood Lin Yun children   Demonstration matching skill: casual windbreaker + beige camouflage pattern long sleeve T-shirt + pants + wholesale fashion coats + white pencil mesh bag    Demonstration Stars: Kim Tae Hee   Demonstration matching skill: navy blue military coat + tight white dress + white water table high heels   Demonstration stars: • Victoria Beckham Victoria BeCKham Demonstration matching skill: cape beige trench coat + black suede high-heeled boots Demonstration star: Miranda • Can children (Miranda Kerr) Demonstration matching skill: white umb
Asian Fashion Autumn Dresses Matching With Jacket
  Lead: early autumn temperatures begin to fall, sooner or later, the cool side, do not rush summer dress it up, you can easily cope with a jacket temperature and occasions of all kinds, whether you want a street tide female wind, the wind or the College England is retro, with the right mix can make you miss the chance and have a type. still worry how with you? keep up with the pace of small series to see Europe Street beat up people with the skill of a twelve strokes from high school, tomorrow wearing a jacket + dress perfect to show yourself.   Autumn korea clothing online shopping dress with jacket 1  Matching skill: khaki a mix, giving a warm and comfortable feeling, print dress, such as painting texture, elegant, belts increase, you can adjust the ratio, coupled with high heels, there was an immediate big legs up.   Autumn dress with jacket 2 Matching skill: College wind to go from, splicing rendering vest, skirt very literary feel, easy to deal with a thin coat of gray tem
New Things...
This has been a VERY busy week. I worked all week, on very little sleep. I know I said I'd make salutes for people. I really did, I swear. I just didn't have good lighting and I was so worn out. When I can, I'll get them taken, I already have them written. All I heard the few days before I worked was how busy I'd be. I wasn't busy at all. I had MAYBE 15 people come in to gamble the whole week. After wanting to get out of there for a nice day off....I get woken up at 7am on Sunday (only 6.5 hours after I'd closed it and only 3 hours after I'd been asleep) because the place had been robbed. I'm thinking that they thought we had more money in the register...they only got out with a total of $32. They didn't break any of the slot machines...... My boyfriend went over to turn off the alarm to find the side door kicked in and the register pried open. After lookig at the camera, he missed the robber by about 40 seconds. I end up having to give the cops a statement, because I was the one tha
Here I Am Alive - Yellowcard
If I could write to the kid I was before, I'd tell him you'll get everything you ever wanted, But you will still want more.Someone's going to tell youWho you should want to be So you'll forget the vision that they didn't want to seeAnd when they give up, cause they will give up. SayHere I am alive.[Hook:]They say you don't grow upYou just grow old, It's safe to say I haven't done both I made mistakes, I know, I knowBut here I am alive.So many people close to me cut me down, This is supposed to be a bad luck townI jumped, I fell, I hit the ground.But here I am alive.If I could write to myselfWhen I was on top of it all, I'd say you're going overboard and when you're falling You're gonna feel so small, Someone's gonna tell you that you deserve the worst, They'll say you're never coming backAnd tell you that you're cursed.And when they give up, cause they always give up.Say, here I am alive.[Hook:]They say you don't grow upYou just grow old, It's safe to say I haven't done both I made mis
"the Test"-dr Phil's Son Is Actually Promoting This Crap?
I'm a big Dr. Phil fan. I know a lot of people don't like him. But he really get's down to business and get's the job done. No bull. AND he treats every guest, no matter what the subject matter, with dignity and respect. Honestly,I don’t get all the crap people say about him. When you consider all the other trashy shows that are out there that have absolutely no moral message, you find that, at the very least, Dr. Phil’s show does a lot more for his guests and his audience than Maury, Springer or whoever else is out there now. When I first saw "The Test", I couldn't believe it. Trashy subjects, the host is just a jerk(at least, when Dr. Phil is being a smart-ass, he does it in order to HELP the person and get down to the truth and to show them how stupid THEY are being). This guy is just obnoxious and just like every other talk show host who plays off what the audience wants to hear. He even put's little smart ass "Inner-monologue" comment's underneath his guests about wha
I Will Carry You - Clay Aiken
Yeah I know it hurts, Yeah I know you're scared walking down the road that leads to who knows where. Don't you hang yourhead don't you give up yet when courage starts to disappear I will be right here.[Chorus:]When your world breaks down and the voices tell you turn around. When your dreams give out I will carry you, carry you.When the stars go blind and the darkness starts to flood your eyes. When you're falling behind, I will carry you.Everybody cries, Everybody bleeds, No one ever said that lifes an easy thing. Thats the beauty of it, when you lose yourway, close your eyes and go to sleep and wake up to another day.[Chorus]You should know now that you're not alone. Take my heart and we will find, you will find, your way home.When your dreams give out I will carry you, carry you. When the stars go blind and the darkness starts to flood your eyes.When you're falling behind, I will carry you, carry you, I will carry you, carry you, I will carry you, carry you, I willcarry you.
Where Am I Going? - Kottonmouth Kings
Life is dream It's funny thing too sometimes On the road of life it's full of surprisesTwist and turns we look toward the sky for some guidance The sun goes down and it risesWithstood the sands of time And we'll find new horizons [Jonny Richter]sometimes I lay awake at night and try to figure it out is my life going north is it heading south I'm walking on a fence between wrong and right trying to keep a level head try to keep my goals in sight it's hard as hell in this world today friends I've known for many years started acting strange things I cared about before seemed to just fade away now I'm left with these questions of today "When is the train gonna get back on track when am I even gonna care bout that why do I always get dealt the bad cards took the easy the road so long and now my lifes hard"Still I try to make it work out for the best and I know I've gotta clean up all this messif I knew when I started and where this all would end I'd prolly do it all over again[Chorus]I don'
Walk On By - Bryan Adams
I heard that you're leavin - this sleepy little townThe bright lights must have caught your eye cuz you ain't hangin' roundYa know people been talkin' - they say you're makin' a mistakeGotta get on that greyhound and forget about what they sayJust walk on by - walk on byDon't look over your shoulder - keep your head up highJust walk on byI've heard bad things about the city and i'm told that they're trueBetter watch out for those guys out there they're gonna hit on youSo don't talk to no strangers - no it ain't your styleDon't give up when the chips are down - just turn around and smileJust walk on by - walk on byDon't look over your shoulder - keep your head up highJust walk on by - ya walk onYou're old enough to know why - you're old enough to know whyNow you're standing at the station - got a ticket in your handGuess you got you're mind made up - gotta get out while you canDon't say I never told ya - now the rest is up to youThose streets can be like a battlefield - when it's hard t
Save Me- Avenged Sevenfold
Skull!AaaahThey all knowThey all knowSorry did I wake your dreams?Some questions run too deepWe only only wake up when we sleepLed by the lunar light, trouble's all we'd findLost our way tonightIs it something we said?Is it something we said to them?Is it something we said?Save me -I'm trapped in a vile world,Where the endings are the same as every otherWe're only here to dieSave me -I'm losing my only dream,I can use some guiding light, some place to goIf you hear me let me knowThey all knowThey all knowEver since the day you left my fate's been set unknownHow many years to walk this path alone?So much to see tonight, so why'd you close your eyes?Why can't I shut mine?Is it something we did?Is it something we did to them?Is it something we did?Save me -I'm trapped in a vile worldWhere the endings are the same as every otherWe're only here to dieSave me -I'm losing my only dreamI can use some guiding light, some place to goIf you hear me let me know, if you hear me let me knowAaaahHelp
Walk - Avenged Sevenfold
Can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistenceOne step from lashing out at you...You want in to get under my skinAnd call yourself a friendI've got more friends like youWhat do I do?[Pre:]Is there no standard anymore?What it takes, who I am, where I've been belongYou can't be something you're notBe yourself, by yourselfStay away from meA lesson learned in lifeKnown from the dawn of time[Chorus:]Respect, walkWhat did you say?Respect, walkAre you talking to me?Are you talking to me?Run your mouth when I'm not aroundIt's easy to achieveYou cry to weak friends that sympathizeCan you hear the violins playing your song?Those same friends tell me your every word[Pre][Chorus x2]Are you talking to me?No way, punk![Chorus x2]Are you talking to me?Walk on home, boy
Not Ready To Die - Avenged Sevenfold
Gone, cast away in timeEvil yours, now evil mineSo I robbed you blindThe voices in my head suggest a less than peaceful sideThe endless possibilitiesControlling 9-3-5.You can't break meCrush the fears of yesterdayYou can't save meBarriers of trust will fade.I've stood in the darkBeen waiting all this timeWhile we damn the dead I'm trying to surviveI'm not ready to dieDamned, watch the masses fallBurn it down, control 'em all(Help me) Make me crawlTo daddy's little girl I'll read the writings on the wallWhile cast into the nothingnessTheir final curtain callYou can't break meCrush the fears of yesterdayYou can't save me,Barriers of trust will fade.I've stood in the darkBeen waiting all this timeWhile we damn the dead I'm trying to survive,I'm not ready to die[Guitar solo]Through the madness we findLoyalty is no match for powerSay goodbye to your life,Left to rot in your darkest hourPrayers won't help you nowAs long as you're mine[Guitar solo]You can't break meCrush the fears of yesterda
And All Things Will End - Avenged Sevenfold
Lived through you,safe with how we lived our lives,with how it all turned out.(But things are bound to change)Uncovered lies, surfaced throughout,will make you change your mindSometimes life is alteredWon't turn out right. Can't turn out rightWhen I see you, I can read it in your eyes,fate misunderstood.(But things are bound to change)Swallowed the lies, can't blame you for,thinking with your heart.Sometimes life is altered.Break from the ropes your hands are tied.Uneasy with confrontation.Won't turn out right. Can't turn out rightI see my world crumble and fall, before my eyesI know, I know.Dark will turn to light, in time I'll be alrightI know, I know(I never imagined my life could turn out this waySo cold so black so alone)Living goes by fast, catch your breathand it will pass you by.And it won't last, to sulk with the memories you hold.Sometimes life is altered.Break from the ropes your hands are tied.Uneasy with confrontation.Won't turn out right. Can't turn out right[x2]
To You, Fubar
I see you have issues with Greek members...or at least THIS Greek member. First..I cannot (ever) change my location. I cannot (ever) tag anyone. I cannot (in the last few months) use a photo as my background pic. I can only upload pics whenever you fancy letting me. Once, I couldn't even see anything..comments or what not. JUST realised I cannot respond to some shouts.   Well, ain't I glad I ain't no's the most wasted money ever!
Little Princess
She's only 22 and got 3 little babies. She use to have dreams of a E-Class Mercedes, but at 16 she got pregnant and lost her childhood. Started out life broken hearted on wrong foot. Gettin no help from 2 different baby daddies. One is locked up and tha other chasing panties. Goverment assistance is still not enough. Her dad passed away and her moms a drunk. Its getting harder everyday workin minimun wage. Bills piling up plus she got tha baby sitter to pay. Tha grass needs cut and her shirt needs a button. At night its gets so cold so she turns on tha oven. No cell phone, no designer jeans. Just afew cosmetics not tha finer things. She comes home from work and she opens tha curtains, grabs tha remote but tha tv aint workin.Little Princess can you hear me? Little teardrops fallin far. Little pictures in tha hallway. Little Woman are you lost? Are you singing a new song? Are you dreaming a dream? Home tonight we'll fly, believe, Princess goodnight.Her homegirl got a Cadillac with pearl
The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. For every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth.
Catchup Since Last Post =)
Hello.  Sorry it's been awhile since i've typed in my journal.  Not too much has been going on.  Just busy at work.  Our trees got trimmed down for free by the city cause the branches were too close to the electric wires.  They didn't dispose of all the wood so I posted on facebook to see who wanted free firewood.  It didn't take long to get a hit from one of my fellow bell choir members.  She came all the way to my house and i helped her load the wood into her van.  We don't have bell choir this Tuesday or I would have delivered the wood myself.  Last Tuesday when we had choir practice, I took my husband to his truck like i usually did, went to bell choir, went home and took a xanax and went to bed waiting for hubby to call to pick him up.  He called at 3 in the morning and it was still raining out.  Well, i drove to where he parked his truck and couldn't see where the entrance was since it was dark and raining so I turned and hit a road marker. lol. oops.  I didn't hit it that hard a
9/16 - 9/22/13
                                     MONDAY'S JOKES  Why do blondes wear hoop earrings? They have to have some place to rest their ankles. Why do blondes have big bellybuttons? From dating blonde men. Why do blondes like tilt steering? More head room. Why do blondes drive cars with sunroofs? More leg room.                                     ********************************************************************                                       TUESDAY'S JOKES  Why do blonds have orgasms ? So they know when to stop having sex ! What's the quickest way to get into a blondes pants? Pick them up off the floor Why don't blondes eat pickles? Because they can't get their head in the jar. What is the worst thing about sex with a blond? Bucket seats.                                     ********************************************************************                                       WEDNESDAY'S JOKES  What does a blonde make best for dinner? Reservations. What do blondes do with
Tottenham 93 Minutes Lore Cardiff Violence Birds At Sub-balls
Tottenham 93 minutes lore Cardiff Violence birds at sub-balls Cardiff City 0-1 Tottenham Overall Wholesale jerseys dominant Tottenham away fighting, the first 43 minutes, Cardiff City corner, Turner beat defender headed home, but was blown foul earlier, the goal is invalid. 51 minutes pass Townsend, Xigudesen right foot shot hit the crossbar pop! Multi-blank range with Housuoerda goalkeeper Marshall has been resolved. 71 minutes, Tottenham replacing Xigudesen with Lamela, the first 93 minutes, Lamela right wing and sent pass, Paulinho outflanking catapult complete lore! 1-0! This is Paulinho Premiership ball at the child, and ultimately Tottenham take all three points on the road. Cardiff City: 1 - Marshall / 28 - Catherine 4 - Caulker 6 - Turner 3 - Andrew - Tyler / 18 - Gunaersen 13 - Kim Bo Kyung 8 - Medel, 7 - Hui Ting Hanmu / 39, - Bellamy (Conway 78 ') 10 - Fraser - Campbell (Odemwingie 65') Tottenham Hotspur: Wholesale Liverpool jersey 24 - Loris / 2 - Walker 5 - Vail Pass H
Liverpool War Prodding "pseudo-teams" Essence Su Teeth Put Out
Liverpool War prodding "pseudo-teams" essence Su teeth put out Kudiniao cheap jerseys sidelined impact in this game reflected most vividly, with the main stream of Liverpool in the ground floor can not find their own engines, either Aspen Pass or Steven Gerrard, Liverpool's attack is very difficult to up and running smoothly, how to solve the Red Army's offensive dilemma? Rogers probably put their hopes in finally ending 10-game suspension, who stepped down from the grandstand Suarez. The last round of fighting in Swansea, Kudiniao in a battling shoulder injury and was replaced after the game was confirmed to miss at least six weeks. Kudiniao sidelined, who will replace him? As the British media have speculated that Rogers chose Spaniards Aspen Pass. However, after all, not Kudiniao Aspen Paz, in his performance today is very plain, only played half was Enrique replaced. No Kudiniao organization, Liverpool's attack appear disorganized today, after four consecutive scoring Sturridge
El Mejor Regalo Para Sus Padres En El Festival Del Medio Otono
Festival del Medio Otoño lo que usted está listo para comprar un regalo para los padres Zenithink Ha llegado el momento para que los niños elijan mejor regalo para su gran madre . Ha llegado el momento para que los niños elijan mejor regalo para sus grandes padres . Top 1 Android TabletaPor qué , usted puede preguntarse , es tableta Android que es la parte superior de un regalo para su madre, especialmente su madre es ama de casa. Pasan la mayor parte del tiempo en el cuidado de sus familias todos los días y no se les permite disfrutar de un buen rato con los amigos o vecinos para ir de compras. Se siente solo cuando los niños van a la escuela y los maridos van a trabajar cuando se haya terminado todo lo que deben hacer. Mejor Tablet Android les brindará mucha diversión . Es posible que la búsqueda de un nuevo y gran receta o echar un vistazo al vídeo sobre la forma de cocinar en Internet y tenerlo en la cocina por lo que es posible para ellos para crear deliciosa cocina p
To Pay Tribute To Mountainscape Painter Albert Bierstadt
Fourth China Changchun, Northeast Asia Cultural Arts Week is one of the important contents of the "Famous Artists Exhibition in Jilin Province" will be held at 10:00 on June 9, 2013 in Jilin Academy of Arts Museum held, the exhibition will be on display I Province 25 of 77 famous artists paintings.Over the years, Jilin Fine Arts has formed a geographical and cultural characteristics of style and styles, artists and pulsating sync with the times, resulting in people's thinking can cause tremor frequency. Thus, "Albert Bierstadt" led to wider attention. After the unremitting efforts of several generations of artists, creative arts, Jilin Province in China under art history retained his place. Among these, the older generation of artists and arts formed character and cultural spirit, continue to promote the development of art in Jilin Province, they have made outstanding contributions to the creative arts Jilin paved the way forward. The exhibition concentrates Jilin Province since the
Robes De Mariee Printemps Ete 2013, Connait Les Tendances !
Pour savoir ce qui va arriver l'année prochaine en ce qui concerne les robes de mariage sont concernés, il n'ya pas de meilleure référence que le New York Semaine de la mariée dans laquelle de grands designers présentent leurs collections pour l'année prochaine . Les arcs et les dentelles collecte Monique Lhuillier pour 2013Vous voulez connaître les tendances et les modèles de 2013 à venir à vous inspirer et trouver votre robe de rêve ?robe demoiselle d'honneur courte de couleur pour 2013Pastel mode est également parvenu à les robe demoiselle d'honneur. Aujourd'hui, de plus en plus les jeunes mariées qui ont renoncé à porter du blanc en ce jour et préférer les couleurs qui peuvent asentarles mieux . Que pensez-vous d'un rose pâle ou gris ? robe demoiselle d'honneur par Vera WangLa menthe verte est la couleur de l'année couronné certainement pas loin derrière dans les robes de mariage et me laisse vraiment sentir très élégant et presque angélique . Habillez-vous en vert menthe Rosa C
Need A Little Input
so on Tuesday I go in for my 20 week ultrasound and I will be finding out the sex of my baby and that night when I get home Ill be telling the rest of my friends and family that I am having a baby, with everything that happen between the time of finding out about this  pregnancy and then being unceremoniously dumped by my boyfriend of a year, I never felt the right time to tell them that I am pregnant but now that I half way there I now feel comfortable on telling this is how I plan on telling them an would love some impute on how it sounds    The last 13 weeks have been the hardest in my life but all at the same time been one of the most happiest. I had to look deep inside myself on what I was going to do, what will be the best for me and for Alanha  but I know that I made the right choice for all of us, Both Alanha and I are happy to tell everyone that she will be a big sister! I am expatiating a baby _______ Named _____ ______  S/he is due February 11, 2014  The baby fathe
What I Have Been Up To Lately
Hey Everybody Here's what i have been up to Lately since my last blog  since then i had a awesome Christmas because my dad joined us for it and then in March we my parents and i went to Geelong Victoria Australia and i boughta unit to live in  same week  i met Joel Selwood Captain Of The AFL TeamThe Geelong Cats  and same time i was there i met Chris Scott The Coach of the same team i just mentioned and wentto a practice match Against Collingwood Magpies and then we get to May  2013 16th of may was my last day in New South Wales And in Brookvale Northern Beaches and then 17/5/2013 early morning i left Brookvale New South Wales Behind me forever and then  i spent  my 1st night Ringwood Victoria Australia as a Victorian then the saturday 18/5/2013  i moved all my stuff  into my new unit then Monday 20/5/2013 was the 1st night i had power to my unit and my 1st night ever  in my own place and my AFL Team Geelong Cats almost  made the 2013 AFL Grand Final But got beatten by Hawthorn Hawks b
How To Increase Your Google Page Rank Effectively In 2013
Having a good Page Rank in the eyes of Google can do wonders for your website. Of course it is not vital, but a good Google Page Rank will gain you more visitors and trust. You may be thinking, why is Google so important to my website? Why not Bing, Yahoo etc? The truth is most people still use Google as their number one search engine. They have established themselves as the biggest player. In years to come who knows what will happen, but for now Google remains king of the search engines.   Page Rank is what Google uses to determine the importance of a web page. It’s one of many factors used to determine which pages appear in search results. Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm, named after Larry Page and used by the Google web search engine, that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of “measuring” its relative importance within the set. Chelmsford seo company has a dedicated
Just Me
The Slain Former World Champion Fighter Known
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Family, fans and fellow boxers said goodbye Tuesday to Hector (Macho) Camacho at a memorial and wake for the slain former world champion fighter known for his flamboyance in and out of the ring. Hundreds of people took pictures and filed past Camachos open casket, displayed inside a gymnasium decked out for the occasion with black carpet and curtains. The boxer wore white, along with a large gold crucifix and a necklace spelling out his nickname, "Macho," in capital letters. First up were members of his immediate family, including his mother, Maria Matias, who wept and caressed her sons face in the coffin, which was draped in a Puerto Rican flag. "They killed him," she wailed at one point. Camacho was shot Nov. 20 while sitting in a parked car with a friend outside a bar in Bayamon, his hometown. The friend died at the scene and the boxer three days later after doctors removed him from life support. Police have said they have suspects but have not yet arrested
Apart After Each Tabling Offers During
TORONTO -- The NHLs collective bargaining talks are set to resume after a two-week hiatus and all of the issues are open for discussion. Not only did the league and NHL Players Association schedule a meeting for Friday in New York, but they also agreed to reopen negotiations on matters unrelated to the economic system that governs the sport. Its a departure in approach from the weeks leading into the lockout, when the sides focused solely on core economics. They were about $1 billion apart after each tabling offers during the last bargaining session on Sept. 12, and a new plan of attack was developed by deputy commissioner Bill Daly and Steve Fehr, the NHLPAs special counsel, during a face-to-face meeting in Toronto on Tuesday morning. "We agreed on an agenda that made sense and might produce some forward progress," Daly told The Canadian Press. The lockout has already forced the cancellation of Septembers pre-season games and its expected that the remainder of the exhibition schedule
The hard decisions.A place I don't want to be.Pulling help away.
Neral Managaer Kyle Dubas. "i
The Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds have relieved head coach Mike Stapleton from his  duties and replaced him with Sheldon Keefe. Keefe becomes the 18th head coach in Greyhounds history. "This was extremely difficult decision," said Greyhounds general managaer Kyle Dubas. "I would like to thank Mike for his hard work and dedication to our program over his time here." Keefe joins the Hounds after spending the past six seasons as GM/Head Coach of the Pembroke Lumber Kings of the CCHL.  During that time the Brampton, ON native led the Kings to a league record five consecutive championships (2007-2011) accumulating a regular season record of 265-76-20 along with a 67-22 post-season mark. Sheldon was also selected by Hockey Canada as an Assistant Coach of Team Canada East for the 2012 World Jr. A Challenge and was named Head Coach for the 2011 Canadian Jr. A Top Prospect game. "In every conversation that I had regarding a replacement for Mike, whether it was with NHL scouts or executives, Hockey
Tebow -- Listed As The No. 2 Quarterback -- Will
NEW YORK -- Mark Sanchez is no longer the New York Jets franchise quarterback. He might not even be the backup. Rex Ryan decided to bench Sanchez on Tuesday in favour of Greg McElroy after the fourth-year quarterback had another miserable performance in a 14-10 loss at Tennessee on Monday night that eliminated New York from playoff contention. "I think its best for our team, and for this game," Ryan said during a conference call. So, itll be McElroy under centre for his first NFL start when the Jets (6-8) play the San Diego Chargers at home Sunday. Ryan hasnt decided whether Sanchez or Tim Tebow -- listed as the No. 2 quarterback -- will be the backup. While Sanchez blew the second chance Ryan gave him a few weeks ago, Tebow was leapfrogged by a third-stringer, fueling speculation that the team has little confidence in him as a quarterback. "I have to look at what I think is the best for the team and not necessarily the individual," Ryan said. "Ill say this about Tim and Ive always sai
And Friday That The Group, Led In Part By Form
Russia upset defending silver-medallist Spain 77-74 in Pool B play at the Basketball Arena in London. Russia had trailed by as many as 15 points during the second half finished the game on a 14-5 run to secure the victory. Vitaliy Fridzon led the way for Russia with 24 points as Anton Ponkrashov also scored 14. Los Angeles Lakers centre Pau Gasol was Spains leading scorer with 20 points. Wholesale Jerseys China . Mooseheads owner Bobby Smith confirmed to TSN on Friday that the team has been notified, while a spokesman for the group said it will be the, "first of many." The Globe and Mail and QMI Agency reported Thursday and Friday that the group, led in part by former NHLer Georges Laraque, sent CHL president David Branch, Hockey Canada president Bob Nicholson and every Canadian Hockey League team a six-page letter regarding, "blatant disregard for the bare minimum working standards that have been set for employees. Wholesale Jerseys . The 23-year-old put on an impressive disp
And Was Followed By Guerrieri, Who H
FONTANA, Calif. -- Tristan Vautier finished fourth in the Indy Lights season finale to wrap up the series championship. Vautier edged Sam Schmidt Motorsports teammate Esteban Guerrieri to win the title. Its the second consecutive year Guerrieri has finished second in the championship race. Vautier gave Schmidt his third consecutive Lights title. The Frenchman had four wins this season and beat Guerrieri by eight points for the title. The finale at Auto Club Speedway on Saturday was won by Carlos Munoz of Andretti Autosport. It was his second win of the year. David Ostella finished a career-high second and was followed by Guerrieri, who had to win to take the Indy Lights title. Schmidt has won six total Indy Lights championships. Cheap Jerseys Sale . Charles, who scored on an 80-yard run on the first play from scrimmage, got hurt on a 15-yard run in the second quarter. He got up and tugged at the bottom of his shoulder pads. Cheap Jerseys From China . The underperforming Englis
Enhouse, Who Was Bumped By Keselow
HAMPTON, Ga. -- Ricky Stenhouse Jr. hardly felt guilty after sneaking away with his fourth Nationwide victory of the year. "Heck, yeah, we stole it," he said. "Weve had a few stolen from us, so you go out and get as many as you can." Stenhouse used a late push from runner-up Brad Keselowski to pass Kevin Harvick and win at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Saturday night. After a restart with three laps to go, Harvick lost the lead on the final lap as his car got loose coming out of Turn 2 and, Stenhouse, who was bumped by Keselowski on the front straightaway, went ahead for good in Turn 3. "It was good, hard, clean racing, and Im glad that we could put on a show for fans because it really wasnt a show up until that point," Stenhouse said. "It was a great night and fun racing with Kevin there." Stenhouse, the defending series champion, moved within 12 points of leader Elliott Sadler. Keselowski got into a heated argument after the race with Harvick, who accused him of throwing a water bottle o
A Three-month Recovery Period," Yankees Manager J
(Sports Network) - The New York Yankees begin life without Derek Jeter on Sunday when they play Game 2 of the American League Championship Series against the Detroit Tigers at Yankee Stadium. Detroit won Game 1 on Saturday, but New York may have lost something far worse, as Jeter fractured his ankle and will miss the remainder of the postseason. "It will be a three-month recovery period," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. "It wont threaten his career, but he wont be playing any more this season." The Tigers grabbed the upper hand in the series on Saturday despite another meltdown from closer Jose Valverde, as Delmon Youngs tie-breaking RBI double in the 12th inning helped Detroit to 6-4 win. Valverde gave up a four-run lead in the ninth, capped by another Raul Ibanez game-tying home run. But after neither team scored in the 10th or 11th, New Yorks David Phelps (0-2) issued a leadoff walk to Miguel Cabrera before Prince Fielder moved the 2012 AL Triple Crown winner to second with a grou
Americans Receiving Wild Cards W
NEW YORK -- Lleyton Hewitt and James Blake will receive wild cards into the U.S. Open. The U.S. Tennis Association announced its eight mens wild cards Tuesday. Hewitt is a two-time major champion, winning the 2001 U.S. Open, but at age 31 the Australian has fallen to 134th in the world. Blake has twice reached the quarterfinals at Flushing Meadows, but the 32-year-old Americans ranking was also too low to automatically qualify for the years last Grand Slam, which starts Aug. 27. Other Americans receiving wild cards were NCAA singles champion Steve Johnson; USTA boys 18s singles champion Dennis Novikov; 2010 U.S. Open boys singles finalists Jack Sock and Denis Kudla; and Rajeev Ram, currently ranked No. 100. Frances Guillaume Rufin also got a wild card. Hewitt and Rufin were invited through reciprocal arrangements with the Australian and French Opens. NFL Jerseys From China . -- The San Jose Sharks have re-signed forwards T. Wholesale NFL Jerseys China . Gagne scored his 10th g
Allardo Handled Houston Once Again And Corey Hart Ho
HOUSTON -- The Milwaukee Brewers dont have a defined closer in a bullpen thats already blown 22 save chances this season. Now each reliever has to be ready in case the task of holding a ninth-inning lead falls to him. On Sunday it was Kameron Loes turn and, after a couple of hiccups, he shut down Houston to preserve a 5-3 win and end Milwaukees 11-game road losing streak. "It keeps us on our toes right now," he said. "I think theres been a learning process this year for a number of guys, myself included, and youve just got to accept the challenges that come along and take it with a smile." Yovani Gallardo handled Houston once again and Corey Hart homered for the Brewers. Milwaukee won on the road for the first time since July 8 at Houston in its last game before the All-Star break. The Brewers had been swept at the Reds, Phillies and Cardinals since then to extend their losing streak to the second-longest in franchise history, and the longest since they lost 17 straight in 1970. Gallar
Life Again
Ugh so its been a hectic week......Ive been sick....The kids have been sick.....The weather has been psycho.....My nephew got served with his court papers which has opened up a new element in life for me and him.....And hes driving himself mad with worry which i can only say there is no need so many times.......Court is tuesday am so the first part will be over with and all the worrying questions he has will mostly be answered thankfully.....Im straight exhausted from being bombarded times 4 phew.....But the bday is this week so perhaps a little drinky drinky with some close good friends and some bball is in high order......Ahhhhh the food and fun and huge bonfre to be had on saturday something fun to look forward too......Now to get through this week.......Love my craxy hectic life and all my kids wouldnt change it for the world...
How To Make Love To A Woman
How do you make love, to a Woman? How do you make love to a  Woman, Romantically and Patiently; Take the time to make love to her mind. Fulfill all of her midnight wishes. Cover her entire body with soft wet kisses. Tell her, so that she will know! There's no place on her body your tongue won't go. And, when you love a  Woman, you love her real slow. How do you make love, to a Woman? How do you make love to a Woman, Passionately and Sincerely; Let her Sweetness become your Weakness. Do not use just the Penis, But include your ear. Listen to the sweet sound of her moans and see what you hear. Feel the warmth and care of her loving embrace. Place your mouth on hers and savor the taste. How do you make love, to a Woman? How do you make love to a Woman, Sensually and Honestly; Say what you mean and mean what you say. Tell her that you love her, more and more with each passing day. Let all of the fantasies that dance in her head. Become her moonlight reality when it's time to go to bed. Kis
Korean Fashion Autumn Jacket Collection In 2013
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Korean Fashion Denim Jacket For Women
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A Fantasy
Carla lifted her wineglass , her hands shook. " I'm nervous." " Good " Ronnie handed a piece of paper.  "Here's his number . Call him while you're still hot and in the mood. "Use the phone in the spare bed-room. " Carla stood up an looked at the paper in her hand , Bryce 555-6969 . She walked into the spare bed-roon , picked up the cordless phone and dialed the number. "Hello " Is this Bryce ? " Yes " was his reply. " This is Carla " awwww yes Ronnie's friend . His voice went suddenly soft an warm.  There was a tender laugh and he said " Are you free Friday evening " ? Yes I am . I'll pick you up at Ronnie's place . Until Friday as excitement ran through her hot body. Friday came and bathed , hair fixed , nails done she took a deep breath. She hadn't been out in a long time. It was 7 o'clock  the door chimes sounded , as she went to answer the door . " You look and smell sensational ". He placed a feather-light kiss in the hollow below her ear , then stepped back ." Let's go ."As we d
A literal dictionary definition of bisexuality, due to the prefix bi-, is sexual or romantic attraction to two sexes (males and females), or to two genders (men and women). Pansexuality, however, composed with the prefix pan-, is the sexual attraction to people of all sexes and genders. Using these definitions, pansexuality is different in that it includes people who are intersex and/or fall outside the gender binary. Go Ask Alice! states that pansexuals can be attracted to cismen, ciswomen (meaning cisgender), "transmen, transwomen, intersex people, androgynous people, and everything else. It is generally considered a more inclusive term than bisexual". Volume 2 of Cavendish's Sex and Society, however, clarifies that "although the term's literal meaning can be interpreted as 'attracted to everything,' people who identify as pansexual do not include paraphilias, such as bestiality, pedophilia, and necrophilia, in their definition" and that they "stress that the term panse
When The First Scene Doesn't Live Up To Its Billing
I was recently contacted by a lady who was quite concerned that her first real-life BDSM scene turned out quite different than how she had envisioned it.  To be precise, it HURT.  Below is my response. What you describe is not all that uncommon for novices to experience. After all, what you have been fantasizing about is not the reality of pain but the idea of it. I'm sure that at a gut level you distinguish from the "pain" that gets you all wet and horny and the everyday aches and pains that you probably would go out of your way to avoid. Part of this problem is semantic. Obviously there seems to be at least two, and perhaps more, kinds of pain. I've never known a submissive who got off on a stomach ache from a bad hotdog. However, many greatly enjoy the very similar pain resulting from an enema. A swat from a closing spring-loaded door is annoying; one from a leather-clad lover is exciting. Nor is it simply situational, more than once I have had to pause during a ses
The Submissive's Creed
I will communicate with complete honesty my needs, desires, limits and experience. I realsie that failing to do so will not only prevent my Dominant and I from having the best experience possible, but it can also lead to physical and emotional harm. I will try not to manipulate my Dominant. I will not push to make a scene go the way I feel it should. In other words, I will not Top from the bottom. I will keep an open mind about trying things that I am not comfortable with and on expanding my limits. I will continue to grow as a submissive and as a human being. I will accept the responsibility for discovering what pleases my Dominant and will do my best to fulfil Their wishes and desires. I will not allow myself to be harmed or abused. I know that being a submissive does not mean being a doormat. I will be courteous and helpful to my fellow submissives. I will share my knowledge and experience with others in the hope that they will learn and benefit from where I have b
The Dominants Creed
Above all else, a Dominant cherishes their submissive in the knowledge that the gift the submissive gives is the greatest gift of all. A Dominant is demanding and takes full advantage of the power they hold, but knows how to share the pleasure that comes from such power over another. A Dominant is in control of themselves first and foremost, so that they may control others. As a stern and demanding Dominant, they can cause their submissive to cry real tears; As a consummate lover, they will kiss such tears away without stepping out of character. In times of trouble, a Dominant will leave the roles behind and be a supportive friend and partner, never forgetting that this is still a loving relationship between two individuals. A Dominant is quick to understand the differences between fantasy and reality. A Dominant will never ask a submissive to put them before the submissive’s career or family just to satisfy their own pleasure. To win a submissive’s mind, b
The Daddy/little Dynamic
Introduction He is called Daddy and she loves sitting on his lap. She is his little girl and she loves the fact that her daddy will take care of her and will make sure that she stays a good little girl. She is not under 16, 17, or even 18. She is a fully-grown woman, consenting to a dynamic where her dominant takes the position of a father figure with some additional benefits. They are not really father and daughter either, so there is no incest. They are not breaking the law. They are simply living their truth. She can continue to be her little girl. She can run around like a teenager and be irresponsible sometimes. She knows she will be punished, but she knows that her daddy will not hold it against her either. There will be a fair amount of spanking, paddling or flogging, but you would not find a lot of hard-core pain play in this group. There will be a bigger focus on sexual intimacy though and terms for this are different from the rest of the BDSM world. What exac
What Is A Switch?
n BDSM, a switch is someone who participates in SM activities as both a top and a bottom, or possibly in D/s activities as both a Dominant and a submissive. A switch will be the top on some occasions and the bottom on other occasions, not necessarily with the same partner. Switching within a scene, or even during a session is very rare. Attitudes toward Switches in the BDSM Community Switches are known to get a negative reaction from some purists who believe you can not be a switch and that these individuals just can’t make up their minds. This is far from the truth. It is difficult to define exactly who is a switch; there are many heated debates about switches on the BDSM forums. However, it is agreed that a switch is someone who can be either a top or bottom (not necessarily to the same person), one who can both dominate and submit. Common myths about switches: Switches are usually bi: No, switches can be gay, straight or bi. This myth may have originated from
The 10 Rules Of D/s
1. Be Patient “To the Dominant, I say this: Until you enter into a relationship with a submissive, you have no more right to order him/her around than does anyone else. Give your submissive time to get to know you and what you are like. Finesse and subtlety are major elements of Dominance. Similarly, strength and gentleness go hand in hand. The sensitivity and awareness (or lack thereof) that you show in the real world is likely to be repeated in the playroom. “To the submissive, I say this: A potential Dominant will let you know if She or He is interested in you or not. Keep in mind that your purpose as a submissive is to serve and to satisfy someone who will take into consideration the realisation of your fantasies. Don’t expect your Dominant to be able to turn on like a light switch. The timing must be right for both of you.” 2. Be Humble “To the Dominant I say this: You may be God’s gift to the world, but no one needs to hear it
Attributes Of A D/s Relationship
D/s is a standard ('vanilla') relationship with the added dynamics brought about by the power exchange. What many tend to forget is that all healthy relationships (D/s or not) carry a set of attributes which require focus by both parties if they are to last. Additional attributes ride on top of this foundation related particularly to the power exchange dynamic. However, when you consider D/s as a dynamic on top of a standard relationship, it is clear that no healthy D/s relationship can exist without the proper foundation. We cannot afford to assume that because we share a communication channel regarding D/s, we can neglect the fundamental needs of our relationships, or consider them any less critical than those of our 'vanilla' friends. Intuitively, we feel this need, however it tends to confuse the roles of Dominance and submission with the roles of partners and lovers. Is a Dominant allowed to give pleasure for the sake of pleasing or does that make them less Domina
Been Doing Good
It has been better, but it has been worse. I am not gonna start complaining or anything. I mean my daughter could go and bring home some toilet tissue, she could maybe even bring home some creamer, and yet I expect you don't much care. Well, I do. I don't admire black coffee and like most, I like wiping my rear with something soft, but not too soft. Don't really want my fingers going through the tissue while I an cleaning myself. Things are moving along, not always as wanted or planned, but they are still moving. As the seasons change I am oftem reminded of what I was gonna do. Don't particularly like that haunting feeling slowly creeping just to pounce on me. My other laptop as about bit the dust unless anyone can help me. I don't try to ask for alot. It don't really suit me as a trait I would like to have. If we could all somehow be friends, instead of enemies, we could show the world. They might not know of Fubar, but who says we can't carry the peace out to the rest of our neighb
Bdsm And Pregnancy
Things which are too risky: ~ anything which raises blood pressure too much (no examples given, but possibly meaning things like scary interrogation scenes/ kidnapping etc?) ~ breath play of any kind ~ anything which puts pressure on the abdomen, including certain sexual positions ~ substances which can trigger labour (i know that some aromatherapy oils can, for instance) ~ anything which produces a lot of sound, eg spanking, (because apparently this can disturb the foetus) ~ any form of bondage, but especially to the belly ~ positions which require the woman to lay flat on her back, especially after the 6th month of pregnancy (because this can cause her to faint) ~ electricity play too near to the foetus (but i would have thought any kind of electricity play is dangerous in pregnancy) ~ anything which will raise the woman's body temperature too high, e.g. a hot tub, or even extended periods of play ~ nipple play during the last month of pregnancy (because it can induce l
Sub Drop
Sub Drop is the emotional and physical affects of the release and drop of endorphins in the body after a play session. Sub Drop can come in many different forms. Most of what you read online are the physical aspects; the fatigue, sadness, aches and pains and recovery from marks. This can last almost no time at all, or they can go on for hours or even last for as long as a week, and is best prevented by aftercare immediately after the session. The coming down, the return to normality, can happen quickly, or slowly. It can be a nice experience, or a bad one. The effects of sub drop (and it's usually referred to as sub drop when they are bad effects) are manifestly similar to a kind of depressive state. There is a more intense side of Sub Drop that gets very little attention because for each person it is different and describing how to recover can take many forms. Everyone in this lifestyle who undertakes any kind of exciting play, whether it be cyber based, physical, menta
On Love And D/s
There seems to be a feeling by some, that “love” lessens Dominance. That tenderness equates somehow with a lessened sense of “Mastery”. Rubbish. Dominance and submission are emotional states, constantly in flux within a relationship. They may be aided by physical play such as S/M or B&D. But I need never lift a hand to be Dominant. I am Dominant and always will be, whether I take flogger to you or not. And you need never take a spankingor be tied to be submissive. Taking a caning or being used by Me for My pleasure is not what makes you a submissive. My Dominance comes from My heart. Just as My love does. Do not confuse tenderness with weakness, and strictness with Dominance. I can be as soft and tender as a teddy bear and Dominate you. It is who I am. You follow Me because it is your heart’s path to do so. It is, perhaps, your thought that a Dominant somehow needs to maintain their position, that they must “make” their submissive
The Good Girl's Guide To Female Domination
"I believe that many women are intimidated by and uncomfortable with the concept of erotic female domination because of the way they see it portrayed in adult films and in the media. I believe that men also develop many bad habits after years of satisfying their fantasies on their own, and focusing on their own pleasure. Through communication, trust and safe, sane & consensual exploration of erotic power exchange, I think many couples can experience pleasure they never imagined, and also develop better relationship communication and intimacy." --Akasha INTRODUCTIONI receive a lot of email from women who are exploring domination. Many of them are doing it at the urging of their husbands or boyfriends, and the woman's attitude can range from "This sounds ridiculous and twisted and I don't think I can ever do it but I want to make him happy" to "Hmm, sounds kind of interesting, but some of that stuff is just too weird." The common question is always, "Where do I even start
The Role Of The Mentor
There are mentors in every area of life and situation. In BDSM it is sometimes recommended to newbies to pick up a mentor, but are never given the tools to find a mentor that is right for them. I know that when I first started out there were good people to be around and not so great people that left their mark on me. I do wish that people had lead me to learn what a mentor is and how to go about finding one that is right for me. First, a mentor isn’t just a friend that you can talk to, although they could start out that way. A mentor is someone that you can get advice from, learn from and feel close to in asubmissive context. They exist to help you learn who you are and what to expect in different lifestyle situations you may encounter as you grow in confidence and submission. A mentor is not a trainer and should not be directly involved in any physical training that you undergo. You should never have an intimate physical relationship with your mentor. Let’s
Bdsm For Nice Guys
So you're a nice guy. You think that people should be treated with respect and courtesy; you find violence, particularly violence against women, reprehensible; you would never, under any circumstances, raise your hand in anger against someone you love. And now your partner is asking you to tie her up, or call her names, or spank her, or maybe even "rape" her. All this goes against everything you believe. What do you do? For starters, it's not what you think. The first thing to do is to understand, deep down inside, that it's possible to do these things and still be a good person. While some of these things may superficially resemble abuse, there's an important difference; unlike an abuser, you are doing these things because you both enjoy them, and you're doing them in a way that is safe, consensual, and respectful of her limits and desires. One way to think about it is that you're playing a role. A person who plays a villain on TV is not actually a villain; and if y
"the Debt " Part 5
The next  few days gave Kathy time to think about Las Vegas and read the brochures. She got online and found some information she wanted and printed it out just incase they actually did get away. By Friday evening she was all packed and arranged things in the house so nothing spoiled or needed her attention just in case she was gone for a couple of days. She dranked the last of the milk and ate the last two bananas  and watered her plants. to her surprise bob drove into the driver way at ten after seven. he was dressed in nice khaki slacks and a dark blue net shirt with his leather boat shoes, looking very casual.   "Are we going?" she asked expecting to hear that something else came up and he was canceling the trip as he had so many times in the past. Even before their contract was signed by them they had planned to go some where.   "I'm ready to go. I hope you're all packed,' Bob said extending both arms with his palms up as if he had pulled off some speical trick. "We are real
She Changed My World ,
she has got me to the point where i will marry her in a 1/4 heart beat , i am not hiding anything from her i love to talk to her , joke with her  make her laugh her ass off and and very willing to say ( kl,p m ) i love you very much heart and soul , however  i also like to talk about more serious stuff too,so we know where each other is (head wise) . you could say i am a bit of an romantic kind of guy and willing to say men make stupid mistakes , the one thing she has shown me is that she deeply cares and loves me as i do for her too ! she has changed my world in more ways than i can list , however here are a few , she has grabbed my heart alot sooner than anyone else , she broke my barriers much sooner than onyone else , she has given me a new passion for life and helping others when ever possible and not to mention  she will be here in 7 days and by this time this coming sunday i will be at the airport waiting for her plane which is due at one hr from now ! unless theres som
How To Meet A Dom
There are many different ways a submissive might meet a Dominant. The two biggest methods would most likely be over the Internet through a newsgroup or chat group, or in person at a semi-public or private munch. In the real world people can attend munches, fetish clubs, play parties or other local events put on by private groups. One of the more popular ways is through the internet. The Internet has become a common meeting ground, and a way for people to "try out" BDSM. Most D/s relationships start as on-line relationships. Someone posts an ad and receives e-mail responses, you may meet someone in a chat room, you might meet someone through Fetlife or even through BDSM Community pages on Facebook.  A munch (short for burger munch) is a low-pressure social gathering for people involved in or interested in BDSM, usually at a restaurant. When available, munches often use a private room. In the UK, the venue is usually a pub, and people are free to arrive and leave within th
So Much Bumf To Read But What Exactly Is Being A Dominant All About?
I am sure many of you have trawled fubar and other parts of the net and come across terms like "Real Dominant", "True Dominant" and titles such as Master/Mistress X, Y and Z. But what do these terms and titles mean, and are they even valid? a word, no. These are [generally] made up terms and self appointed titles, usually used by people trying to prove something to others by using words rather than actions. Unfortunately it is commonplace on the internet, and in particular on Facebook Personally I do not make such claims. I call myself and my page 'Your Loving Dom' because I am quite simply a loving Dominant. I also describe myself as "an experienced Dominant". Why? Well quite simply because I have been engaged in bdsm and D/s activities for quite some time, and I have gained a reasonable amount of knowledge and experience in both. I say I am experienced because I am. I do not however profess to be an expert because I am not. I am still learning. And any D
What Makes A Good Dominant?
Wow, what a daunting question… “What makes a good Dominant?” It’s like trying to describe DNA in great detail. Being Dominant is complex, detailed, and no matter how complete the description, it falls impossibly short of reality. Perhaps that is why so few websites have detailed descriptions of what it means to be a Dominant. While the descriptions, duties and needs of submissives are given described in great attention, there is precious little space devoted to Dominants. But, for purpose of better understanding the lifestyle, and the Dominant role within it, I shall endeavor to do my best. Here, then, in no particular order, is my own impossibly incomplete description of what it means to be a Dominant. Mastery of One’s Self: A Dominant must always be in control of him/her self. As a Master/Mistress, the Dominant will take charge of a submissive. It is impossible to take on the responsibility of mastering another, if one can not master thems
Advice For A New Dominant
This is written assuming you have fundamental knowledge of BDSM and D/s practices along with safe, sane and consensual behaviour. So you have come to the point in your life where you want it bad enough you can taste it, but at the same time you don't know what is in store. Will it be as you imagined, or is there a whole lot more to it AND given that information, would you run wildly in the opposite direction? You start out as curious, happy, anxious, scared, etc. and a variety of other emotions, as you could imagine. You may also already have an individual who wanted to explore this area as well. Are you really ready? All the pieces are in place, it is kind of like a plunge, but being committed to two things; the pursuit of this lifestyle and the person with whom you are going to become deeply involved with. Now, the ball was in my court. Starting out you are never going to be sure. Everyday is a major session? What kind of schedule are you going to create? How do you
D/s Compatibility
In almost any relationship it is important to have or attain some kind of compatibility with one’s partner. If we are very lucky we may just find a natural compatibility with a partner who has the same or similar likes and dislikes as us. This natural compatibility will probably extend to things other than D/s, for example, having similar tastes in music, hobbies, leisure pursuits etc. Now, if one finds a partner as compatible as this we may well describe them as a soulmate, and once found we ought to do our utmost to hang onto them, because they don’t come round very often, if at all! Having a natural instinct for the needs and wants of the other person is not something that is found too often. However I do believe that with some application we can “engineer” a compatibility with our partner through good communication and being attentive to their needs. Of course there must be some compatibility at least to start with, but that can certainly be i
Fundamentals Of Bdsm
Fundamentals of BDSM OK, so something deep inside you is gnawing away, that gut instinct that you are trying to compress, telling you that you want to submit or you want to Dominate another person for sexual pleasure or physical / emotional gratification, yet, you’ve seen the images on the internet and you’ve read the horror stories related to BDSM and are probably thinking you are a bit of freak – right? Oh so wrong. Are you normal?  In truth, these days i don’t believe in the word ‘normal’ to me ‘normal’ has no definition. Is it natural? Yes, completely. Just because society is telling you it isn’t natural, does not mean it is not natural to you. We are all individuals, we all have individual thoughts, fantasies, sexual urges, feelings and definitions of love. People who live in the D/s lifestyle or who have an active interest in BDSM are not freaks; we work, we play, we have families, we wear normal clothes and we
Surviving The Break Up Of A D/s Relationship
Submissives in the throes of a breakup with their dominant often ask me if I think the pain of relationship breakup is different from "vanilla" relationship breakups and how they can make sense of the feelings of horrific loss, confusion, anger and disorientation that they feel. First of all, I think the dynamics of Ds relationships are very different from "vanilla" relationships. Different dynamics give rise to different feelings about relationship loss. For the submissive individual, the bond of relationship is everything. Being a bottom offers fulfillment by enabling the submissive to feel merged with another human being. The bond to the dom is an intense one, giving meaning, value, fulfillment and a sense of identity through the activities of serving and pleasing. For some dominants, however, an intimate bond is harder to achieve, as he/she sometimes treats the partner almost as a nonentity. A slave, after all, is a nonexistent person to the dom in whose eyes the su
New Subs: A Guide To Dominants
The term ‘Acid Test’ is an old prospecting term. A powerful acid can dissolve most base metals in a matter of minutes. Gold however, will stand up to most acids. The ‘Acid Test’ was an easy way for people to make sure they had a real nugget of gold and not a lump of the ‘fool’s’ variety. In the same way, these tests are meant to be quick ways to identify fake Dominants. Passing all these tests is no guarantee either. There is no replacement for getting to know your prospective partner as well as possible BEFORE YOU EVEN MEET IN PERSON if that is what you choose to do. Most of these tests are designed for a submissive female trying to sort through men claiming to be Doms online. They are largely based on the many questions I get asked by my female friends still searching for a Dominant partner. Vanilla males are usually after ‘easy sex’ and this motive makes them easier to identify than a lot of the fake Doms out there.
To Punish Or Not?
There is much discussion in the D/s lifestyle about punishment, and to a lesser extent discipline. Too few people actually take the time to examine what punishment in D/s is for, what purpose it serves, and what effect it can have on a relationship. What then is punishment and discipline, and how can they be applied to a D/s relationship? Looking at various definitions of punishment, a general view is that punishment is the imposition of a penalty for a fault or a violation. The penalty may well be inflicted in retribution or retaliation. The infliction of corporal punishment may also be involved in a punishment. Discipline is better defined as "training to improve strength or self control". So, there are two distinct and very different meanings to each of punishment and discipline that may be applied to a D/s relationship. In a D/s relationship the submissive, by their nature requires that certain areas of their life be controlled by the Dominant. This control can hap
Punishment Vs Discipline
It seems to Me that this well accepted and widely utilized part of O/our D/s lifestyle is frequently misunderstood and/or misapplied. I'm not certain how many Dominants take the time to know why They punish or discipline, much less the form in which it is applied. Yet, most of Us seem quite adept at doling it out. I'd like to take a moment to reflect upon these issues, in hopes that with greater understanding of them, the punishments/disciplines may prove to be both more reasonably employed and effective. The first question, "why do Dominant's punish/discipline?" is perhaps the most important. It will set the tone for the structure and type of punishment/discipline used. In this regard, I have two suggestions. Never punish/discipline out of anger. Everyone is human, including submissives. And as humans, they are prone to making mistakes. Mistakes in actions and of judgment. So do Dominants. Punishment/discipline in anger is nothing short of abuse. If You're angry, dela
What's In A Title?
A controversial chat room topic, for sure. I guess you have to first clarify if you're talking about real time, or online cyber. Online, a person chooses what he is called. Dom, Lord, Master, God, Grand Imperial Poobah. Since there is nothing to judge by, no seen talent, no reality, you can call yourself whatever you like. Everyone is out to "Top" the next guy. The latest fad is to combine titles, to give it more validity. MasterDomX, LordMasterZ. It's a good thing chat limits the size of screen names, or no doubt we would already have a SirDom LordTop MasterExtreme. In the BDSM community, these titles are often earned, from respect. People see you, talk to you at the local meetings and clubs, recognize a level of experience and knowledge. I never labeled myself. It was interesting to be introduced at a meeting or club as "my friend, Neil" to "Sir Neil," and eventually, "Master Neil." It didn't happen overnight, and not everyone addresses me this way, and when I introduc
The Illusion Of Control
I posed a question in chat recently regarding a collared submissive's right to say "no" to Master/Mistress. As I suspected, it elicited a spirited discussion and a variety of opinions. I too have an opinion, and while it is no more valid than anyone else's, I thought it had the makings of a good posting. Control of a submissive is an illusion. There, I said it. I'll take a few minutes and let many of you regain your composure. That long enough? Ok, I'll explain. It seems that most people have a good grasp on the many specifics regarding D/s philosophy. Most are aware of safe, sane and consensual. Most are aware of a submissive's rights. Most are generally aware of the expectations attached to the role of Dominant and submissive in a relationship. In short, most see the trees. But how do these disparate notions make themselves into a forest, especially when many of the concepts may appear to be contradictory? For purpose of this article I wish to dispense with refusals
Duties Of A Dominant
Being Dominant/submissive is a state of mind. It is not a sex act, it is not a game, and it is not a role. It is a state of being and is totally asexual (neither male nor female) First and foremost, a Dominant is always a Gentleman or Lady. There is no excuse for being impolite or rude to others. Save this for the submissive that needs and requires this of their Dominant. Second, a Dominant must always be in control. Drugs, even alcohol, are mind and body controlling agents. They affect relationships and most importantly can affect a scene, therefore taking away the control the Dominant MUST have. Third, a Dominant is always honest. To lie is to show you cannot be trusted and a submissive must be able to trust you to respect you. Every submissive knows that not every Dominant is super experienced and will respect you much more if you tell the truth. Be honest with a submissive about your level of experience with others and the submissive. The submissive can even help
Online Domination
Real Life play is wonderful. It's exhilarating, it's fun, it can be intensely erotic. And some people are lucky enough to be able to play whenever they want. Usually though, there are limitations - time, distance, other obligations - which mean we can't just whip up a scene whenever we feel like it. It's a big, wide world out there, and sometimes its hundreds - or even thousands - of miles that seperate us from our play partner. However, RL isn't the only way to explore and experience BDSM. It is often said, that our most developed sexual organ is our brain - and that's were cyber-BDSM comes in. Of course, everyone's heard of cyber sex. There are a plethora of online chatrooms where you can go to have one-night cyber-stands, and talk to people you don't know in third person all pretending you're getting down to hot and kinky sex - this article isn't about them. Rather, I want to look at how technology can work in and enhance a BDSM relationship. One of the most difficult
What Is A Dominant
Like the same question, what is a submissive, this is probably one of the biggest questions that is argued about in BDSM and D/s. Each person who has an interest in the lifestyle will undoubtedly have their own ideas about what makes a person dominant, but there will always be some common threads running through everyone's definitions. It is also worth noting that a Dominant may not necessarily be seen as a good Dominant, although this too is open to interpretation by each persons own ideas of what a Dominant should, or should not be. There are probably too many individual characteristics to list, because every person will react differently to every situation but, if you were able to observe a number of people, you might say "Yes that one is Dom", or "No, that one is not", based upon their actions and reactions. So, is it a futileexercise to try and define what makes a Dominant? Possibly, but still we can recognise certain familiar and fundamental characteristics that ma
The Three Phases Of A Dominant
I think one of the most common questions a submissive has when considering a 24/7 relationship with a Dominant is, "What kind of behavior should I expect from him?" Conversely, many Dominants also wonder how to act in such a relationship. They may often be unsure as to what kind of behavior is expected of themselves. Are they are always "on stage" as Master? It's a great question and one that deserves a detailed answer. The nature of a relationship, even one of long standing, will undergo a significant transformation as it progresses to 24/7. That's true of a vanilla relationship, and even more so of a D/s relationship. I understand that in many ways this article is an oversimplification of the nature of a D/s relationship. Please accept the necessity of doing so in order to focus upon the topic of this article, the phases of a Dominant. I find that the submissive has an easier time of falling into his/her own role in a 24/7 relationship than a Dominant does. (That is NO
Dominant Vs Domineering
If you haven't already read the description of a Dominant, then I suggest that you do so before going any further. You'll need to have that fresh in your mind before you can appreciate the contrast to someone that is "domineering". The two terms, Dominant and domineering, are often misused and mistakenly considered interchangeable. In the first instance, a Dominant, is part of a lifestyle. One in which there are certain expectations and responsibilities. An important part of that lifestyle, is the recognition that it needs to be mutually gratifying. That is to say that the happiness and well being of a submissive is equally as important as the Dominant's. One thing that distinguishes a domineering person from a Dominant is a lack of this recognition. People that are domineering are selfish, and serve their own interests. It's sad to think that being overbearing, loud and demanding might be confused with being Dominant, but the fact is that it often is. Guess that doesn
Am I A Top, A Dominant, Or A Master?
There’s a lot of talk in BDSM groups about the differences between Top/bottom(T/b), Dominant/submissive (D/s), andMaster/slave (M/s). It can be a tough thing to pin down. Like many discussion involving label definitions, there are variations both subtle and obvious. For example, many people assume that terms like “masochist” and “submissive” are linked together like bacon and eggs (apologies if you’re a vegan reading this) and that sadist and Dominant are likewise linked as a given. Assumptions like these can get us in all kinds of trouble. In the case of this one, a submissive who isn’t a masochist won’t appreciate our assuming so and a Dominant who IS a masochist won’t like being told they aren’t a “real” Dominant. And that last sentence alone needs its own post at some point.Before I go any farther, let me clarify that I’m not addressing the use of these terms in BDSM or Leather organization
Dominants: Nobody's Perfect
We all know this right? I’ll tell you something- Perfect People are scary. To me anyway. If you’re dealing with someone who can’t admit that they don’t know it all and/or that they sometimes make mistakes, then if anything goes wrong, ever- it’s always going to be someone else’s fault, probably yours if you’re close to Perfect Person. The other problem with people who are never wrong is that they don’t change, because there’s no reason to. I mean, they’re Perfect Person. They don’t learn, grow, question or allow you to question, because they’ve got it all figured out. Sure, their attitude of utter surety and complete confidence in themselves might be comforting at first, but the reality is no one is Perfect Person. Not even that new Dom you just met who’s so polished you can adjust your tie or your lipstick by looking into their sparkling awesomeness. There will be faults, weak moments, pains,
The Basics Of Formal Protocol
Protocol – a series of rules and behaviors that are deemed appropriate and expected for certain circumstances. Formal Protocol – a rigorous series of structured behaviors that are used to focus attention and direct actions in a specific manner. This form of protocol is normally reserved for formal or structured occasions; it is also frequently used in obedience training. First and foremost one must understand why formal protocol is used before one may understand exactly what it is. A Master/Mistress will enact formal protocol when theydesire a heightened level of focus, attention, and/or discipline from a slave/sub. Focus, while under formal protocol a slave/sub must focus on everything they do, say, even think. They must focus on how they stand, what position to be in, how they talk, how they hold themselves, and how they react. They must focus on every movement, every word, and every thought going through their mind. It is one way of having absolute control o
The Loving Dominant
There is more to being a Dominant than wearing a title, carrying a crop, giving orders or dressing the part. While all of the former might have a role to play in presenting oneself as a possible Dominant – of looking the part, so to speak – they have little to do with what actually defines a Dominant. This is something that by-and-large comes from within; like any skill, the basics can be learned, and the ability grown and nurtured through immersion in the scene and developed by spending time with those well-versed in the lifestyle. But just like any other skill or ability, how well one succeeds comes down to how willing and receptive one is to learning or being taught – and how well one’s talent and temperament are suited to taking on a Dominant role. Within Second Life, it is doubly easy to slap on a title and swagger around a bondage or role-play sim barking orders, trying to subdue submissives and impress others – but even in the most unc
The Nature Of Domination
Domination as an activity stands apart from the character traits of the Dominant. We all have it in us to carry those traits that go towards being a “good” Dominant; however, to truly understand Domination requires an understanding and interpretation of the word that not all can grasp or translate.  easily or correctly. Protection and respect The nature of Domination is not simply about giving random orders, or handing down punishment. It is the Dominant’s responsibility to care for, train and nurture their submissive(s), encouraging within the submissive a desire to serve; thus, the nature of Domination encompasses protection and respect. Both of these are intertwined because the submissive is willingly surrendering to the Dominant – surrendering control and ego; allowing the Dominant to take control of their life. This requires the Dominant to respond with the proper respect for the submissive’s choice of position and status and to give t
Dominant Roles
A role is something every Dominant adopts, whether it be a “primary” role that defines them as a Dominant, or whether it is a “secondary” role that is adopted specifically to fit a situation, scene or mood. There are no hard-and-fast rules as to what role to take, or how toproject it; we each tend to come into those roles that we find most suited to our personality and experience; and there is certainly nothing wrong with experimenting with a number of roles to find out which suit you best, or which you find can be best combined in order to achieve a balance that is rewarding to yourself and your submissive(s). The Disciplinarian This role focuses on discipline as the means by which power is exercised. Rules are a major factor in the Disciplinarian’s activities, any infringement of which will result in punishment of one sort of another, be it stringent bondage, corporal punishment or a combination of both. Sexual discipline can also be a hal
Essential Rights For A Submissive Partner
I once came across a post on a BDSM discussion forum where a dominant man asserted that his "slave" had a single "right" within their relationship: she could leave. I have no idea whether this was true, or if the writer even had a partner. Online forums are a kind of stage where actors issue proclamations. But the statement got me thinking about what rights, or perhaps promises of protection, are essential to give the submissive partner in a D/s context, no matter how radically the partners inhabit their dominant & submissive roles. Initially, I came up with three: The Right to Health. The sub must not come to lasting, much less permanent, harm, in a physical or psychological or social sense. By "social harm" I mean damaging the person's reputation with family, friends, or colleagues. Health in all these senses is subjective, so this right confers a great deal of protection. It may seem worrisome to have to discuss a right to health at all, but honestly BDSM relationship
What I Look For In A Submissive Partner
This article sat in the drafts folder for weeks; I found it hard to finish. It forced me to reflect on some things... I'm single, and dislike being so — I'm a better, more effective man when I have a committed partner. I don't do kink casually, so being single means my dom side gets almost no love. Pondering my search is dispiriting, as it's a process that has no clear calendar. And it troubles me to wonder, after talking with a lot of kinky girls over the past few years, whether the girl I'm seeking even exists. I'm a tall order to fill, no question, but if I don't admire a girl in multiple ways, I wouldn't want to acquire her.  But here it is at last, written for myself as much as for you. I've tried to highlight generally valuable qualities in a submissive partner, and deemphasize things which are singular to me. Possesses a strong will. As a friend of mine who's the master half of a master/slave pair likes to say, "A good sub has a spine of steel." Ultimately,
Assuaging A Sub's Fear Of Abandonment
I took a break from regular blogging recently because work demands (I'm a computing entrepreneur) had consumed my attention. Then a few days ago, a reader sent me this touching request: My little girl depends on me for a great deal, which I know is normal. But often she expresses that she is terrified if I were to ever leave her (she sees that other doms leave their subs). She says that her life would fall apart, and she couldn't survive without me. I have no intention of leaving but her thoughts really concern me. Any advice?  I could almost taste her fear through his words. Imagining the loss of a partner can be a huge impediment to a trusting and deep relationship. Yet her fear is not unfounded; losing a beloved dom can be shattering to a sub.   D/s practices can create a closeness which vanilla relationship gurus would label "unhealthy" or "co-dependent" (The latter term comes from the substance abuse recovery community, where the wife of an alcoholic, for example,
How To Interview A Dom/master Prospect
Your prince is out there, seeking you, hungering for you, wondering where you are. But crouching between you and him are dozens of frogs and trolls. A few of these are even handsome and well-spoken. And you must wade through them, trying not to get slimed or bitten, before reaching your eventual partner. Just how are you to discern a poser from a dependable, balanced dominant gentleman? A man with the qualities described in What to Look For ...? You can't see into the past, or read minds, so you have one method of discrimination before you take the risk of investing trust in a prospect: inquisition—you ask him a ton of questions. It's one of the hardest chores for many submissive women. After encountering a gent she feels intrigued by, she must—although her sub side may already desire his direction—play detective. Many single subs overlook this phase, and expose themselves to unsavory characters claiming BDSM expertise after a brief online corresponden
Nsfw Pics
I use to have my NSFW pics open to friends when Im online. Here recently I closed them to everyone. Most of my friends here are very respectful, but there are those few who aren't. I am on another site, a site that those kinds of pictures are not allowed, I had a friend of mine from that site tell me that someone from fubar, a guy, show him my pictures from his computer, which means someone has saved my naughty pics on there computer and has been posting them on other sites. I am in no shape or form embarrassed or ashamed of my body or the pics I post, I dont ask for anything to view my pics, i dont ask for credits, bling, ect. All i ask is that you like my page and rate my profile, i dont even care if thats all you do, it just lets me know you liked the pics, i dont care if people rate each picture, but to take them and post as your own is just bullshit, atleast ask if you can save a picture to view later, im not a bitch, only when people treat me like shit. another thing, yes I have
Dedicated To The Woman I Love Red Rose
                                                            "Until the end of time"   When i was young, and the world belonged to me. I thought that love ment pain and jealously it was a cross on my shoulder oh Lord, now i feel so much older Time had a way of making me see my lonely life hads taken it's toll on me now i feel the emptiness and i don't want to live like this now, i,ve heard  stories, i heard songs telling me telling me believe my heart don't wait to long, but words they don't ring true until there's was you. Never will i lose this hearts desire ever will i feed  our loves fire only will i know that you'll be mine until the end of time. How do i trust what i'm begining to feel?  How much can i reveal? i'm lost in loves mystery i'm caught between time, and eternity now there's a doo that opens wide slowly i will find a my way and reach inside but i couldn't make it through until there was you. Never will i lose this hearts desire ever will i feed our loves fire only w
Submission: Nature Vs Nurture
Is the desire to be submissive natural or is it part of the way you were brought up? Especially when there was abuse involved. Those internal radars go off and want to blame the abuse for how you live your life now. I can’t say that I have the global answer, but I do have my answer. That seems good enough for me. I read a post over at a submissive’s musings where she discusses how submissives are wired different depending on their home life as a child. She even goes on to say that 75% of submissives were abused as children (even though she admits this number may be wrong and only uses the statistic for childhood sexual abuse). In fact, I’m certain it is. The math just doesn’t make sense. Let’s put those numbers in perspective. Say 100 BDSM submissives are in a room and going on the assumption that 20% of the room have been abused as a child, that doesn’t make out to 75 people. Now, if we take the statistics for all abuse as a child, wh
A Dominant's Voice overwhelm.  To be larger than life such that all else pales, nay shrinks, in comparison.  The way our Sun dominates our solar system.  Looking at the planets themselves, is a truly massive undertaking.  Think of it,  rocks are small, boulders are big, mountains are massive, continents enormous, they all join together to make a planet that is in and of itself everything to so many.  Yet it is but a mere speck in comparison to the overwhelming presence of the sun.  The sun, that if not kept in check by the forces of the universe, would burn so intensely as to consume all in its path,  or at least near proximity.  But then again is there anything more humble than the sun.  Never wanting, always giving, providing for so many with no expectation of return. exert force of will.  This is almost never well received as force of body, yet mind.  Let's take the all too common "Get on you knees slut" approach into consideration.  Not to say that it does
The Good Dominant
I don't spend a whole lot of writing time talking about what I think makes a good Dominant. Mostly because this is about me and my whining submission, and I don't believe that it's my job to tell him how to do his. However, I read a couple of Tumbler posts that really made me think about "Good" Dominance.Tumbler does not allow endless comments (damn them for that), and since it's really not my place to rant about the anonymous idiots who comment on another person's blog, here I am. How exactly do people form the concept that to be Dominant means to have no respect for those they Dominate? Given the phrasing, I am going to go out on a very short limb and conclude that in a "few years" these particular men have gone through a number of "subs". I wonder why they never stopped to think that maybe their attitude is why they seem to be going through subs so fast...? If you want a submissive to respect you, give her something to respect.If you want her to do as she's told, give
What Is The Difference Between A Sub And A Slave?
A submissive explores the piquant terrain of the surrendering of power. It is not surprising that folks engaged in D/s often spend a fair amount of energy determining what are the appropriate bounds of submission and control to incorporate into their play. For those for whom this kind of power exchange is a lifestyle expression, the scope of dominance and submission excercised may be quite extensive. Into this mix then often comes the tricky word of "slave" – a concept which never fails to muddy the water, especially in discussions on the internet or among kinksters with limited D/s experience. While some people insist that the word "slave", like the word "submissive", can mean to the individual anything they want it to mean, it is neverthless a fact of the established and more experienced leather community that slavery in an M/s sense of the word has specific connotations, and that slavery differs from submission in significant ways. I want to explore those differ
Submission: From A Dominant’s Point Of View: What Is A Submissive?
The basics of submission is a subject that has been explored for quite some time, and no matter how much contemplation one does, there is simply no way to define the exact nature of submission or the true nature of asubmissive. The reason of this that each submissive is different and hence the definition of a submissive changes as the role they fill changes. Just as each submissive is different, each Dominant is different as well, and hence their view of what a submissive is, is different. A Submissive Is Less Than Human This is an older point of view, but oddly enough it is still present today. In the past slaves/subs were viewed as a piece of property, with less actual value than a horse or even cattle. It was not believed that one need educate a slave/sub, or attempt to train or even improve him or her simply because they did not have the capacity to learn. This line of thought lead to quite a bit of abuse and eventually individuals began to understand the basic flaw
What Makes A Good Dominant?
We often hear people in the scene talking about this Master or that Mistress, this Dom or that Domme, we hear good things and bad things, things to make our hair stand on end, things to make us laugh and things to make us cry.Of course believing everything bad you hear, is not a good idea, as many statements come from rumours and hearsay. It’s not only bad things we hear though, word of mouth recommendations are usually accurate, and so if someone tells you that Master X or Mistress Y is a good Dominant, then you could reasonably expect that to be close to the truth. So what is it that makes a good Dominant – what qualities does a person need to wear such a label? A good dominant does not have to blow His own trumpet – he just “IS”. He doesn’t have to demand respect, He gets that anyway, He doesn’t have to announce to the world who He is, because His reputation and the respect of His peers precede Him. Of course there is much m
The Characteristics Of A Successful Dominant
I have spent some time discussing with others in the lifestyle what makes a good dominant. What marks a true dominant from a player or wannabe? I have read every bit of material I could get my hands on. Through these discussions and research I have been able to compile the following list of traits. I list the ones that were repeatedly told to me. Many of them appeared in just about every conversation I have been involved in and most of the pieces of writing I have read.  Those are the traits, which I have repeatedly heard make a successful dominant. And most of them are applicable to every relationship not just those within D/s. These are the traits I have heard many submissives speak of as what they are looking for in a dominant. Not everyone will have all of these; some of them can be learned. But these traits do reflect what is within a true dominant. This list is meant as an informational aide only.  Acceptance Acceptance of self, what is within yourself, what you
Blood Play
IMPORTANT: This note is meant purely as an introduction to the term. Deliberate blood play is not recommended without full knowledge of the risks and correct techniques involved Blood play (also blood sport) is commonly any form of BDSM play in which the letting of blood is common or expected. Any form of physical activity can effectively become blood play if blood accidentally, incidentally or intentionally flows. The following activities frequently involve bleeding: Caning Flogging Cutting Piercing Cupping The latter two activities, cutting and piercing, are the most likely candidates for bleeding as both breach the skin and can allow blood to escape. In fact, actually causing bleeding can be the intention for both of these. In addition, scarification---deliberately creating scars---often involves cutting the skin and causing bleeding. Intimacy There is a certain intimacy in any activity involving blood. Sharing your partner's blood, and being in contact wit
Online / Long Distance Relationships
There is an art to maintaining any relationship but a long distance one requires a bit more work because you rarely, if ever, see each other in the flesh. LDRs as they are often called can drain the parties involved and cause much stress to see flourish. They aren’t impossible to have, but quite difficult to maintain for long periods of time. This isn’t a negative reflection for I too was a LDR submissivebefore my Dominant crossed the ocean for me. In that moment I knew my long distance days were over. But I did pick up some very important tips that I hope will help you if you happen to be in a LDR like I was. 1. Communicate Effectively The most important glue to a relationship of this sort is being able to communicate effectively. This means being able to not only express your desires but also your emotions, feelings, thoughts and daily routine. What you may think as unnecessary to share this other person will probably miss. After all, they do not get to se
Level 40
Safe Words
What’s a Safe Word? “Safe Words” are a tool used in BDSM scenes through which a bottom orsubmissive can clearly communicate how they’re feeling about what’s going on in a scene. Using safe words, the bottom can let the Top know, through a simple code, if either they like what’s happening and want more, if they need things to be less intense for awhile or if they need the activity to stop completely. It’s important to have safe words, particularly one for “stop- NOW”, because once the endorphins, energy and emotions really get going in a scene, clear communication can be difficult, especially if there’s intense activity going on. So rather than trying to get a whole sentence out, like “I’m not sure I’m really okay with how I’m feeling at the moment- can we talk about this?”, a bottom has only to remember and speak one word to let the Top know how the bottom is doing. It’s impor
Eight Techniques For Maintaning Communication And Trust During A Scene
During an SM scene it is the top who guides the bottom through the ordeal, seducing their consent, then challenging their ability to endure through carefully modulated technique. How much is enough? How much is too much? To know, the top must be able to read the bottom’s reactions and assess how the scene is going for them. Is their confidence and strength soaring upwards,ready for more? Just hanging steady? Or is it plummeting like a stone? Are they ready for a hard push, or do they need to be pulled back from the edge? Is the scene moving too slowly? Too fast? And what about trust? Has something unnoticed by the top jeopardized the bottom’s confidence in the tops ability or intent? To sculpt the SM experience, mere technique is not enough. We must be able to look into what the bottom’s soul and know with some degree of accuracy, what they are feeling. Particularly when the action gets aggressive. The key to the dance is staying in step with your partn
Getting Into A Dominant Frame Of Mind
Dominant Headspace? It’s another way of saying, “getting into the Dominant frame of mind” or “stepping into your Dominant self or role”. Some people are Dominants everywhere or most places in their lives, but in my experience that’s pretty rare. And even then, there are things they’re going to do in a scene, places they’re going to want to go within themselves, with their submissive, in the scene that aren’t a part of their everyday lives. The person who feels naturally Dominant all the time isn’t most of us and it isn’t who I’m talking to here. Those folks probably need to work more on how to stop being Dominant in situations where it’s not called for or working well- with a boss or a cop that’s pulled them over for speeding maybe, to name a few examples. No one’s going to be in charge all the time, everywhere. Some people might think they are, but most of us don’t like them
“We know much better what trust does than what trust is” Castaldo However, much is written about trust, and there are some generally accepted scientific definitions. My point here is that trust is not an on/off switch; it is much more complex than that. It is two way street and there are varying levels/depths to it too.......  1. Trust = ability + benevolence + integrity… or some variation thereof. This formula, proposed Mayer, Davis & Schoorman in 1995, has been generally accepted as a psychological definition of interpersonal trust.  2. Trust is a relationship. As in any relationship, there generally exist some reciprocity and interdependence. 3. Trust involves risk. There has to be a possibility of a loss, a vulnerability that the other will act opportunistically or in a self-serving manner – otherwise you’re talking about confidence, faith or co-operation. There exists a “freedom to disappoint” the other’s expectations
Bdsm Myths
Myth: Once you start playing BDSM games you will want more and more and engage in increasingly risky and dangerous play  Fact: It is true that newcomers are often like kids in candy shops. After all, they are discovering new things and the feelings associated with them. But most people find who they are in the scene, and enjoy staying there. They might experiment and even find out new things about themselves, but stay centered. Myth: Everybody plays heavy, there's no room for people who consider a feather heavy.  Fact: There is room for everyone. One persons heavy is another persons light and vice-versa. In fact, being in the "scene" doesn't have to involve BDSM at all. If you encounter the people who keep "score", find other people. Myth: All I see in the magazines and on the "net" are beautiful people in million dollar outfits, I'll never fit in.  Fact: You are looking at magazines and the "net". It says more about societies concept of body image and beauty then it do
Dealing With A Bratty Submissive
D/s is an exciting roller-coaster when it’s a well established relationship. Sometimes, a Dominant will fail in his duty. After being dutifully doted upon for hours or even days, he may get exhausted. Or worse, he’s gotten what he wants and loses interest. This is a prime example of where a bratty behavior will present itself. And quite honestly, if you do this, I wouldn’t blame you. But at the same time, you should never presume to know your Dominant’s will. You might understand his mind, adopt his ideals as your own, but you’re not telepathic. I will deliberately drag out a scene for hours, even days. It is a rare thing indeed to withhold an orgasm or play just because I’m spiteful or lazy. If I’m playing with you, one can assume I have a plan for you, one that you’re likely not even aware of. Embrace it. That said, more often than not being a brat is learned behavior. As we’ve established, there are some Tops and
What Is A Little?
Some people describe a little/babygirl as someone who plays the role of a child at a certain age. But really it is something completely different. The former definition is more like ageplay, which is simply roleplay. Age-play is really a completely separate area of D/s to being a little.  That's not to say a little or a baby-girl can not participate in age-play because it does fit nicely with the lifestyle. But it's not the point of being a little. A little is really is an adult submissive who needs the positive male role model and craves the protection, but also needs the role somewhere between a submissive and a slave. They look up to their master as a Daddy or father figure. They feel vulnerable and crave protection and gentle care. They do not specifically play or feel at a certain age, they just crave the protection, support, reliability and nurturing nature of a Daddy Dom  A little is a type of baby-girl, and has similar needs. But they also expresse an inner vuln
What Is A Daddy Dom?
A Daddy-Dom is simply the Dominant partner in a D/s relationship. Like a Master or Dom, a Daddy is the top in their relationship and owns or cares for the submissive. Depending on your own personal preferences and relationship dynamic, a Daddy can be many things to his little but there are some generalities that exist in most Daddy/little relationships.   Daddy as a Father Unlike age players or role players, Daddies do not consider themselves a father to their little. They consider their role much like how a Dom would look at their role over their sub. Though their little may call them Daddy, they are not observed as a father and they don’t look at their little as if they were their child. What do Daddy-Doms Do? Daddies are in charge of their little. While they do not pretend to be their little’s father, they will take on a parental role as the Dominant. They are there to protect, guide, nurture and love their little. While in some D/s relationships, the D
In dictionary terms abuse is the bad use of, misuse of, perversion, or misapplication of a person or thing.  When it occurs during BDSM activities or in BDSMrelationships it can take some obvious and not-so-obvious forms. The affect of abuse on the victims We know that abuse occurs between people. This can be a difficult thing to measure for us because there are quite a few BDSM activities which may look from the outside to be abusive or harmful, but for the people experiencing them they may be enlightening, liberating, empowering, exciting or cathartic. A useful way of looking at abuse is not at what is actually done, but at what the consequences are for the person to whom these things are done. Thus, a simple definition of abuse for the BDSM world might be: one or more actions by one person which have ongoing negative consequences for another. These consequences could include: 1. Fear, 2. Grief, 3. Anxiety and stress, 4. Shame, embarrassment andhumiliation, 5. Low se
Intense focus The feeling of floating or detachment can occur when a submissive or bottom is intensely engaged by the actions of their partner. This draws their concentration towards both what's being done to them by their partner and their reactions to it. At the same time this draws their attention away from everything else. This can mean that they lose awareness of what's going on around them and, in some cases, even they can lose awareness of other parts of their body. This detachment which occurs affects the submissives's psychological state and can lead to a number of positive outcomes. For example, any previously pressing or urgent problems in their lives can be pushed out of awareness, at least for the duration of the scene and for shortly thereafter. This allows the time in subspace to act as a form of literal recreation where the submissive escapes from worry or stress and can recharge their batteries. Feelings of physically floating can occur when a submissi
Given that BDSM exists in the form of a relationship or engagement between two people, communication---in one form or another---is what makes the "magic" happen between them. While words and sentences are obvious forms of communication, the following table lists some of the less obvious communications which can occur between two BDSMers. Communication from the top, dominant, or master Communication from the bottom, submissive, or slave How they handle the flogger, knife, needles, or rope---e.g., rough, gentle, quick, indifferent, empathic, etc. The words they say: their choice of words The intonation and rhythm with which they speak The gestures they make Sexual response Scents and pheromones released in response to arousal or excitement Physical attitude or behaviour---e.g., physical proximity, leaning over their partner, intense, etc. Grunts, groans, gasping, laboured breathing, etc. The words they say: their choice of words, the ease or difficulty with which they
For many people, consent is a fundamental principle in BDSM and is embodied in two of the common mottoes many practitioners live by: SSC (safe, sane and consensual) and RACK (risk-aware consensual kink). Consent is ensuring that your partner has agreed to some activity before engaging in it, or before being compelled to engage in it when they are physically unable to resist, such as when they are bound or chained, or when they are unable to refuse, such as when they are gagged. There are two important parts to this: They know what's going to be done, and They know the possible good and bad outcomes. These mean that you need to be completely honest with your partner. It might seem that this is mainly for the tops, dominants, and masters out there, but being open and honest applies just as much to bottoms, submissives, and slaves because their partner needs to consent to the possible consequences of play just as much as they do. For example, if a submissiv
Breath Play Pt.2
Nose pinching  - Solo  If you find that you have a hard time resisting the urge to breath one of your options might be to wear an easily removable gag or duct tape over your mouth while you pinch your nose shut with your hand. I don't recommend pinching your nose shut with anything like a clothespin because when you faint you will probably not have enough time to remove the clothespin. It would only take one mistake of leaving the clothespin on to end up dead. So, use your hand. If you faint it will fall away and you will be able to breathe through your nose. Don't play this way if you have a cold or other problem breathing through your nose. The advantage of this play is that it doesn't take as much will power. I hear that the name brand duct tape is easier to remove then the generic brand but be aware that it may irritate the skin or hurt when coming off. If you use a gag, use one that you can take off in a second. I wouldn't recommend the use of any gag with a buckle c
My Life
I thought I would write this to let people know a little bit about me and who I really am. I am not going to bore you with every detail about my life, but I think I should let people know who I am. First of all I am on this site because I am trying to make friends. I have never had a true friend until I met my husband, Mark. Growing up.....I was teased almost my entire life by my classmates in school. I was called many different names, had tacks put on my chair, stabbed in the neck with a pencil by a female classmate, blocked from entering the girl's restroom, laughed at and one time I was humiliated so bad by one student who was paid money to ask me out to a school dance. Even though I said still hurt to hear him ask for the money in front of me. The faculty never did anything to help. The teachers never cared at all and one teacher even got reprimanded for the sexual comments he made towards me and other girls. I have always been heavier than I should be and it hurt whe
A Tale Of Two Perjuries
A tale of two perjuries I really haven’t been in the mood to blog much lately. I have at least a good five things to write about that I need to clear out of the queue, but various personal and health issues have made it really difficult to focus on blogging. A page on details the rather upsetting tale of Robert McClendon, a victim of perjury. It’s a very long narrative and if you have any sense of fairness and justice it’s likely going to be a very upsetting read. But it gets even better (worse?). Linked from the narrative, early on, is this report from KHOU-TV dating from 2008. I’m horrified at the difference between the two cases. Perjure oneself for the prosecution, one gets away with it. Perjure oneself for the defense, get nailed to the wall, in this case for aggravated perjury. (For those who don’t have valid law nerd cards, in Texas, aggravated perjury is a third-degree felony; simple perjury, where the
Breath Play
Introduction Breath play not breath control. Let us please emphasize that. We are not holding someone's breathe for such a great period that it would cause them harm. Believe it or not, breath play is not as dangerous as it sounds, if done correctly and safely. And it is still within the S.S.C. guidelines. Safety is very important and you must know what you are doing with the extreme breath play before you go out there and do this to someone. No different than learning how to single tail. You don't just line up a submissive after never even picked up a whip before and start cracking the sound barrier and attempting to hit her with those strokes. What Turned Us On To Breath Play Breath play enhances an orgasm! Most people don't realize the when they are about to come they either hold their breath, or breathe faster in order to climax. Try this yourself, by holding your breath longer than you normally would when climaxing. You will find that this will greatly enhance t
Sweet Revelation!!
    Thinking of You - A Perfect Circle.   Lying all alone and restlessunable to lose this imagesleepless, unable to focus onanything but your surrenderTugging a rhythm to the vision that's in my headTugging a beat to the sight of you lyingSo delighted with a new understandingSomething about a little evil that makes thatUnmistakable noise I was hearingUnmistakable sound that I know so wellSpent and sighing with a look in your eyeSpent and sighing with a look on your face likeSweet revelation sweet surrendersweet, sweet surrenderSurrender...Tugging a rhythm to the vision that's in my head
A Real Touchy Subject. I Had These Thoughts Many Times, But Not Anymore
Suicide's no laughing matter and a very scary situation to go through.  Many, many times, I had thoughts of committing suicide because of the mistakes I've made, feeling like I didn't amount to anything, and feel like a major screwup in life or couldn't do anything right.  I never made any attempts but at times, I just wannted get a gun and end it all, but last night, something made me stop and think to end any of those thoughts.  I've watched a documentary of suicides on YouTube and it was really deep and hard to watch.  From what I was watching, it won't only make things worse for myself, it'll make things worse for the people you love and make them wonder why would I do a selfish act, or what did they could've done better to save me.  From the pictures I've looked at, and the phone calls I've heard of people wanting to commit suicide, or families called 911 reporting a suicide of a love one, it was really heartbreaking and hurtful.  I put myself in their shoes and thought about what
My Flame
When I hold one hand on my heart all by myself I hold proof that I do deserve some more of something else When I feel my inner thighs, I see your eyes open I feel the heat eminate and a need for just enough sin   Yeah, okay maybe I am all wrong and the heat doesn't make me strong  but what if I am right and I am in for another perfectly lonely night   my flame seeks someone to share with for as long as I can 1 heart, 2 hands, 3 legs; are you my man?? You could be off center, I don't mind, I am not her   My flame knows your flame even if I don't know your real name
Life Is Not A Fairy Tale
Life is not a fairy tale or a bed of roses. LIFE is just LIFE . Plain, simple and straight forward. In real life there are no Cinderella romances and grand ball room dances. There are no Romeos and Juliets and no frogs turning into prince charming. No matter how much we talk about love but in the end of it all you need that one person in your life who is utterly honest and loyal. Someone who can stand by you and hold on to you firmly when life gets tough. Someone whom you can trust blindly when the world goes crazy around you. . It zeroes down to having someone who respects you and loves you just the way you are and is proud to have you in his life. In life you don’t need glamour and grandeur you just need to be loved soulfully to the core.
Gypsy Heart Design Is Open
Right now there are a few items available: iPhone cases, mugs, a few home decor items, and I am adding more as time permits. If curious or interested, you can find it here:   Thanks in advance for visiting - be sure to check back often for new items! T-shirts coming soon! Have a blessed day!!
Wanna Lose Weight
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Groups That Call Themselves Family
I have been a member of fu for a little over 2 years and i have seen a drastic change in the way people are treated and the way the game is played. There are some that just point whour and some that just beg for bling then there are the ones that have there little family groups that only take care of the ladies or degrade them i have seen them all so the days of true family and friends on fu are gone But there is one or two that still like to help people and treat them like family so i don't give a rates ass if i ever level again but this is how i feel about everything that is going on with people polishing your bling when you need it to polish youeself to level and someone has already polished it before you can get to it and don't even ask like rate you they just do it so many people are deleteing high bling because they can't polish it themselves and i know people have come to my page and polished and only rated me but it is the othere 100 or so people that don't give a dam they are
Life Has Realized
Love is a power thats makes life go through all kinds of trip and at times traps, some lives in all kinds of  tricky situation.It has always followed will always follow life because life without love is no life at all... LIFE HAS REALIZED...
Fake People
Few days ago someone called me fake . I am far from a fake, I have my salute, I been with more women from this site then any other. I had few relationship from this site that were not best I been used,and treated like sex slave. OK but some of them woman tryed to get in my head . That don't work . I normally have so much on my mind that its put normal person in hospital, but I can say I am only man on this site go for 10hrs of sex and know how please a woman . I think that why I always woman are dime a dozen. And wonder about my relationship status is private. I am still married in real life, and in a relationship with my number 1 in real life 
Androids Prices China Online Store
OPPOs dictionary seems not to join "People do not split the storm" This new word. Shedding at Apple are playing tricks, Samsung will still be in the end of the current hardware upgrades, OPPO but in the upcoming release of N1 to splurge" for innovation talent Because the relationship between screen size, almost all the "audience" is more happy Android 4.2 MTK6589 to 5.9 inches and 5.7 inches of OPPON1 GalaxyNote3 seen as a new generation of large-screen smart phone representative and inevitably will be compared with each other's. In the September 4 already released Galaxy Note 3 The focus is to upgrade the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Samsung Exynos 5420 processor and dual quad-core processors. But smart phones have already appeared in the case of excess hardware performance, so selling but not as good OPPO N1 innovative use of touch and gestures back more innovative. OPPON1 this new mode of interaction that allows users to re-use the index finger on the back of the phone slidin
7 Tips On Cleaning Louis Vuitton Handbags|the Most Popular Methods
7 tips on cleaning Louis vuitton handbags|The Most popular methods High-end handbags are investment pieces, meant to be treasured for years to come, and few bags are as cherished (or as expensive) as Louis vuitton handbags. However, dirt and wear are inevitable, even on well-made purses. Cleaning such an expensive product is intimidating for an inexperienced owner. The process is straightforward, however, for careful cleaners who are well educated on how to care for their bag. Proceed cautiously when cleaning a handbag, especially if doing so for the first time. Tip 1.send the bag to Lv retail store Assess the need for cleaning. Some stains are just too harsh to handle at home. You should not risk your bag if there is no proper way to clean it yourself. Remember how much you invested in the piece. If it needs professional cleaning, do not try cleaning it yourself. Contact Louis Vuitton through an LV retail store for information on where to send the bag for cleaning. Tip 2.Use mild
"Distance between two hearts is not an obstacle; rather a great reminder of just how strong true love can be"
A newlywed couple moves into their new house. One day the husband comes home from work and his wife says, "Honey, you know, in the upstairs bathroom one of the pipes is leaking, could you fix it?" The husband says, "What do I look like, Mr. Plumber?" A few days go by, and he comes home from work and his wife says, "Honey, the car won't start. I think it needs a new battery. Could you change it for me?" He says: "What do I look like, Mr. Goodwrench?" Another few days go by, and it's raining pretty hard. The wife finds a leak in the roof. She says, "Honey, there's a leak on the roof! Can you please fix it?" He says, "What do I look like, Bob Vila?" The next day the husband comes home, and the roof is fixed. So is the plumbing. So is the car. He asks his wife what happened. "Oh, I had a handyman come in and fix them," she says. "Great! How much is that going to cost me?" he snarls. Wife says: "Nothing. He said he'd do it for free if I either baked him a cake or slept with him." "Uh, well,
Messi And Neymar Added Nothing Barca Is To Let Them Serve The People Of The Cattle
Messi and Neymar are the team for the first"I think he is very smart, he can realize all cases , in assists Pedro the ball , cheap jerseys he can score but he clearly knew he should assist to Pedro ." Barca coach Martino Race after this evaluation Neymar . In the match against Rayo Vallecano , Neymar , Messi and others a good interpretation of teamwork football philosophy. Messi is the world's first star, but tonight he was willing to serve as a supporting role ,Baltimore Ravens Jersey he since November 3 against Celta did not score after the first full 90 minutes in the case of the game in the league did not make progress ball ; while Neymar still could not celebrate his first league goal. Pedro scored for Barcelona was , he scored three goals, Fabregas also contributed a goal. Pedro four times the whole game Goal 3 , Lionel Messi and Neymar all three shots . cheap nba jerseys Messi played or his normal rhythm , he knows how to kick a football properly , and when the tea
Ac Milan, Barcelona Heartthrob Is Eyeing Jing Bao January For Former Arsenal Gates
The new season so far has been a lot of competition between the old and new players run-in period is almost over. For AC Milan [ microblogging ] ,cheap jerseys the last time this summer to introduce Matri deal proved to be very wise, in the first two off the bench to play well after Matri has successfully entered the AC Milan 's starting lineup and is Balotelli with a very understanding between form AC Milan striker ace combination . In this case , AC Milan striker other players playing time has been a great threat , the first is Shaarawy . Baltimore Ravens Jersey As Matri excellent performance and Chaaraoui own injuries in the past few games , the young star striker did not get a chance to play can . AC Milan in an embarrassing situation also affected his future in the national team in the recent Italian team in the game, Chaaraoui Naples Yin Xinie positions are replaced by Yin Xinie also rewarded with a goal Prandelli trust. In the next year the World Cup will be the cas
Pporters Shield When Sporting Kansas City Tied New York On Saturday, Finish Their Re
SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Chris Wondolowski scored his MLS-leading 26th goal and the San Jose Earthquakes came back twice in the second half for a 2-2 tie with the Los Angeles Galaxy on Sunday. Wondolowskis goal, a diving header in the 73rd minute off Marvin Chavezs corner kick, put him one behind Roy Lassiters season MLS scoring mark with one game left. The Earthquakes (19-6-8), who clinched the Supporters Shield when Sporting Kansas City tied New York on Saturday, finish their regular season Saturday in Portland. Wondolowski moved into a tie for second place on the leagues goal list. Stern John had 26 goals for Columbus in 1998, and Mamadou Diallo accomplished the feat for Tampa Bay in 2000. Robbie Keane scored his 12th goal in 15 games, and Edson Buddle, making his first start since May 26, nodded in his third of the season to stake the Galaxy to a pair of second-half leads. But Marvin Chavez curled home a beautiful free kick, and Wondolowski finally broke through after hit
Ustralia, Including Victor
SYDNEY, Australia -- New Zealand opened its Rugby Championship campaign with a comfortable 27-19 victory over Australia on Saturday, extending its dominance over its trans-Tasman rival. The All Blacks rarely looked tested against a nervous-looking Australia as Israel Dagg and Cory Jane crossed for first half tries, with Dan Carter adding 17 points for the world champions in front of 76,877 people at Sydneys Olympic stadium. The All Blacks have now won nine of the past 11 Tests against Australia, including victory in the semifinals of the 2011 World Cup, en route to its second world championship crown last November. "Im really pleased that we were able to get that win away from home and even more pleased to make sure they didnt get a point as far as the championship goes," All Blacks coach Steve Hansen said. "I thought there were some very good displays from our guys." Nathan Sharpe scored Australias lone try, with flyhalf Berrick Barnes kicking 14 points. Australia coach Ro
"before The Game, I Was Terrified," Recalled Llo
ATLANTA -- Earl Lloyd remembers wondering when he suited up for the Washington Capitols more than 60 years ago as the first black to play in an NBA game if hed make a good enough impression to stick around. Lloyd and the Capitols lost the game. But he played well enough to earn a roster spot and break the colour barrier in a league that had only three black players in 1950 and now features the highest percentage of African-American athletes in any of the major professional leagues. "Before the game, I was terrified," recalled Lloyd, who scored six points and grabbed 10 rebounds for the Capitols in a 78-70 loss to the Rochester Royals on Oct. 31, 1950. "I had a fear of disappointing the people who depended on me. Luckily, letting people down was not a part of my DNA. "Im glad I was part of something that helped pave the way for others." Now, as part of Black History Month, the 83-year-old Hall of Famer will be honoured for his breakthrough at halftime of the Atlanta Hawks-Mi
Eams Rationale. Once The Lockout Was Over, He
ATLANTA -- Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff has won the Jack Horrigan Award from the Professional Football Writers of America for co-operation with the media. Dimitroff is cited for being accommodating to the media, both locally and nationally. Says PFWA vice-president D. Orlando Ledbetter, who covers the Falcons for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "He made himself available to local and national members before the Julio Jones trade was announced to explain the teams rationale. Once the lockout was over, he provided access through the frenzied start of training camp and the free agency period to our members. This accessibility continued throughout the season and into the playoffs." The award is named for Horrigan, a sportswriter for UPI and the Buffalo Evening News, public relations director for the American Football League (1963-66) and vice-president of public relations for the Buffalo Bills (1966-73). NFL Jerseys China . -- Ty Rattie made a splash in h
Gers Centre In Toronto. The 100th
The 100th Grey Cup will feature one of the greatest collections of Canadian musical talent ever assembled, including Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Marianas Trench, and Gordon Lightfoot lighting up the Sirius XM Grey Cup Half-Time Show on November 25. Leading up to the championship game, Burton Cummings and Johnny Reid will headline a special Kick-Off Show at Rogers Centre in Toronto. The 100th Grey Cup airs live on TSN, TSN Mobile TV, and on TSN Radio and TEAM Radio stations across the country.  Live radio streaming of the 100th Grey Cup is also available on French-language coverage of the 100th Grey Cup is available on RDS. "We are absolutely thrilled to unveil an All-Canadian, All-Star line-up that features the biggest pop star in the world, the woman who gave us one of the biggest songs ever, one of the hottest young bands in the country, an iconic balladeer, a rock-and-roll legend, and one of this countrys leading entertainers," said Mark Cohon, Commissioner
Still Good Enough For A Win. J.d. Martin
HOUSTON -- Houston starter Wandy Rodriguez didnt have his best stuff Wednesday night. The way the Chicago Cubs are playing lately, it was still good enough for a win. J.D. Martinez had three hits and three RBIs to back up seven solid innings by Rodriguez and the Astros got a 5-1 victory over the Cubs to complete the three-game sweep and give Chicago its longest losing streak in more than a decade. The Cubs have lost nine straight for the first time since dropping the same number of games from May 8-18 2002. Rodriguez (4-4) allowed eight hits and a run and struck out five. The victory is the 77th of his career, moving him into sole possession of second place in franchise history for wins by a left-hander. "Wandy said he didnt have his good fastball today," Houston manager Brad Mills said. "He just didnt feel like it was coming out of his hand real good." Rodriguez said when he was unable to locate his fastball he relied on his curveball to get through this start. "I (came) b
Ouchdown Passes And Ran For Another,
COLUMBIA, S.C. -- In a career of special moments, Steve Spurrier added another one in South Carolinas victory over fifth-ranked Georgia. And there may be some even bigger ones ahead for the Gamecocks and their ball coach. Connor Shaw threw two touchdown passes and ran for another, Ace Sanders had a dazzling 70-yard punt return touchdown and No. 6 South Carolinas defence dominated fifth-ranked Georgia in a 35-7 victory Saturday night. "If we play like this, maybe we have a chance for a real big year," Spurrier said. "Maybe." Spurriers caution is well placed. After all, this is the Southeastern Conference. The Gamecocks (6-0, 4-0 SEC) head to angry LSU, the defending league champions who lost for the first time earlier Saturday, next week night, then go to Florida -- the undefeated Gators beat LSU -- for a game that should decide the Eastern Division. South Carolina sure looks ready for the challenge. "We definitely sent a message out to the whole country," Gamecocks tailback
Jury Ended His Season, With Tommy John
Its been a year of ups and downs for the Toronto Blue Jays and particularly for the bright prospects that populate their farm system. While some - like Anthony Gose, Adeiny Hechavarria and Moises Sierra - have enjoyed a taste of major league life prior to September call-ups, it has been a year to forget for a few others. Top prospect Travis dArnaud had his season derailed by a knee injury in late June, surprise major league starter Drew Hutchison performed nicely in 11 starts before an elbow injury ended his season, with Tommy John surgery likely keeping him out for a large part of 2013. Marcus Stroman - who seemed on the fast track to the majors after the Jays selected him in the first round of the 2012 MLB Draft - is now serving a 50-game suspension for testing positive for a banned substance. The dark cloud that followed the Jays for a lot of 2012 did not restrict itself to hovering over the Rogers Centre. However, there have also been a lot of success stories throughout
Unday To The Canadian Press. "they
TORONTO -- Out of luck and seemingly out of answers, Aron Winter may also be running out of time with Toronto FC. The Dutch manager watched his team suffer its sixth straight MLS defeat Saturday, paying the price again for yet more defensive blunders in a 3-2 loss to the Chicago Fire (2-1-2). After coming within one win of reaching the CONCACAF Champions League final, Toronto (0-6-0) is now one loss from tying the 1999 Kansas City Wizards for the worst start in MLS history. Ownership is watching. "Obviously, after the strong end to last season and the strong start in Champions League this year, its a huge disappointment," Tom Anselmi, chief operating officer of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, said in an email Sunday to The Canadian Press. "They have to get this straightened out. Our fans deserve better." Toronto FC is in the league basement and trails 18th-place Montreal Impact by five points. It is tied with Chivas and Philadelphia with a league-worst offence at four go
Ceman Scored The Winner In His First
ABBOTSFORD, B.C. -- Brett Carsons season debut may not have come in the league he wanted, but it was definitely a success. The defenceman scored the winner in his first game of the 2012-13 campaign as the Abbotsford Heat defeated the Milwaukee Admirals 2-1 in American Hockey League action Saturday. Carson was sent down to the AHL by the Calgary Flames this week, joining three other players returning from the NHL camp. "Its been a while since Ive been in game action," said Carson, who trained in Calgary during the lockout. "I was a little rusty early on but I think I found my legs later in the game." Carson played 34 games last season in Abbotsford, scoring two goals and six assists. "Anytime you play you want to make a contribution," he said. "It was good to get into a game, even it is down here. Obviously everyones goal is to be in the NHL but this is where I am right now and I have to make the most of it." Ben Street, the Heats second-leading scorer, was another one of th

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