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Don't Know
Check out the best sister in the world and my best friend , show her the FU love.....I Love you sissypoooooop :P
Dont Be Fake! Be Your Self!!!
Dont Miss Me Too Much
hey all my beautiful friends!!! i knwo i really havent been around much AT ALL... sorrryyy!!! but its a busy time... heading off to school on saturday so ive been packing and getting ready to move.. of course classes dont start until the 4th.. but i have no idea when i am getting internet and all that fun stuff... plus i will be enjoying parties and fun stuff like that soo i dont know how often i will be around anyways... i hope everyone has a good time until the next tiem i talk to them!!! MUAHZ!!! ps.. too lazy to check for spelling and typos... i hope you can read it lol
Don't Worry You have a Sexual IQ of 146 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. 'What is your Sexual IQ?' at
Don't Lie
Don't Know What To Say!
Just wanted to know if anyone's caught a fart and painted it purple before........Lmfao:P
Dont U Wish U Could See
Dont Let Her Go!
Miss Jeannie This wonderful woman has been here for me and many of others and has a big heart.She leaving without knowing how much she means to people on here Please if you can take a min and send her a gift and let her know how much she loved and will be missed if she left. Jeannie's page@ fubar Jeannie Your family Loves you very much and you would be missed so much if you left.Ang..Your best friend wanted me to make sure to tell you she Loves you! as of the rest of us!! Mwah babycakes
Dont Know Any More
Dont Know
There are steeples in the Mountains Far from eventual findings They long They lust They throw back like gangsters Following through With such divine attitude Blinding those such as me And oh, I know who they are The beauty they withold All those morning afters And foster the challenging hopes As they crush the inner fortitude Throwing down with gauntlet and sword Oh the Word Oh the faith It brings the glory of ........ It tells a truth A story not told beyond with gifts and fortunes And wanderings They tell us such fables On hallowed grounds Quantifying our legitimate proof With alchohol and desire A much needed refinement This sound conclusion A clear indication of Judgement unresolved.
Don’t Look For Me
Was done by a friend of mine cause we both got hurt and played by a guy!! Don't look for me, You lost that chance, You lost the ability when I found out, You lost the ability to be even my friend, You played me like a well known player, You played me making me think, Making me believe in things, But the joke is on you now, I am no longer there, Don't look for me, You won't find me, When everyone else leaves you behind, You will be alone, And you will not have me, I would have done many things, I would have loved you until the end, But you don't even deserve my trust, You don't even deserve my love, You don't even deserve any tears I want to cry, You don't deserve anything, Because you are just a player, You don't know what real love is, You don't know what it is to really care, You don't know how to be faithful, You don't know how to be honest, You just keep on lying, You just keep on going, But I won't believe it anymore, Don't look for me, You won't fi
Dont Know
Hot Lips~*my master is U.S.M.C. OORAH !!!!*~@ fubar Missy Brown Eyes ~Head Promoter @ HellFire Radio~@ fubar
Dont Dare Judge Me.
Anastacia ft. Ben Moody She sits in her corner Singing herself to sleep Wrapped in all of the promises That no one seems to keep She no longer cries to herself No tears left to wash away Just diaries of empty pages Feelings gone astray But she will sing . . . 'Til everything burns While everyone screams Burning their lies Burning my dreams All of this hate and all of this pain I'll burn it all down As my anger reigns 'Til Everything burns Walking through life unnoticed Knowing that no one cares Too consumed in their masquerade No one sees her there And still she sings 'Til everything burns while everyone screams Burning their lies Burning my dreams All of this hate And all of this pain I'll burn it down As my anger reigns 'Til everything burns Everyone screams Watching it all fade away Burning their lies Burning my dreams All of this hate And all of this pain I'll burn it all down As my anger reigns Everything Burns Watching it all
Dont Forget
Least we forget, there's a war going on, Not about oil, or high gas prices, but a mother lovin, people dying war. Serving in the military are those guys and gals we used to talk to on the street, went to school with, or just knew from the neighborhood. Our guys and gals. Doing what they do best, serving in the worlds greatist military. We citizens of this great country have had a tendency to quickly forget what isn't in today's headlines, or fresh on our minds. The people, OUR people, are protecting and serving each and every one of us. We forget they volunteered to join, not forced by any political party or idealogical belief. They want to serve and protect us, and I for one having once walked in their shoes, thank the good Lord above for each and every one of them. Dont forget them, just because they are not in the headlines. Support them as much as you can, be it in prayer, a letter, or some other way, just to say thank you. They deserve that much from each and every on
Dont Know What To Do
so i just got told i need to find somewhere to go. and i have no idea where to go. im kinda fukked and need some advice
Don't You Want To?
Welcome to our Katie site. It has been created to keep friends and family updated about our loved one. Be sure to read the latest in the journal, view the photo gallery, and drop us a line in the guestbook. Katie had her tonsils and adenoids removed September 18, 2008 and complications arose that caused Katie to develop a large amount of pulmonary embolyisms (blood clots in her lungs) which were not detected by ultrasounds and an MRI. Ultimately this led to Katie having difficulty breathing and then a heart attack due to the lack of oxygen caused by the clots. A first responder a few houses down was on the spot immediately and Katie was revived and rushed to the Fairview Lakes Hospital in Wyoming ,MN (5 miles from Katie and Brandon's home). Katie regained consciousness and spoke with doctors in the emergency room, but due to the seriousness of her condition, she experienced another arrest, was revived and airlifted to the University of Minnesota, Fairview Hospital. Here they wer
Don't Have Much To Post But First Time Here Have To Post Something ^.^
Aww that's sad. Can't get my favorite drink. No Cherry Lifesavers for the selkie witch *pout*
" Don't Hate The Player, Hate The Game.."
Well now, come sit with me and allow me 2 explain. Did the Player give me a decision 2 enter the Game? Hell No, the Player made that decision for Me, then allowed other Players 2 enter with Me Stripping away all that should be while teaching me their Rules along the way Now that I'am able to Play within all their misguided ways, The Players who remain no longer want 2 Play Along Side Me For they believe the Devil lives inside of Me Excuse the Fuck out of Me----You created what now lives inside of Me, The Players decided to misguide with all of their lies,, never realizing just what's ahead which lies before them, for the Game they played which destroyed what should of been yet now they point blame & say the Devil's inside of Me, Please allow Me,, Fuck all the Players & the Game they Play If Your not Real to the Rules of My Game, then just stay the Fuck away as you'll never be on the League I Play I have my own Game
Dont Wanna Loose U
Dont Understand
i was in a relationship with this guy that i care about. we were together for 6 months before he moved away do to the military. so we have done the long distance thing for the last two months. the one thing i told him from the beginning was if he wanted to end things just tell me and he said he would. we just talked a few weeks ago and i asked him "what are we" "are we together or not". he couldnt answer me. finally recently he told me he has been thinking about it for a couple weeks and he couldnt do the long distance thing with him being over seas for a year and he needed to focus on his career. i just dont understand why if he has been thinking about it for awhile why didnt he tell me before now. ive known its been coming because we havent been talking much. he says he cares about me alot and didnt want to hurt me but he also said he would tell me if you wanted to end things. i just dont understand.
Dont Quit
when things go wrong and sometime will;when the road you're trudging seems all uphill; when the funds are low and the debts are high; and you want to smile,but you have to sigh;when caring is pressing down a bit rest if you must but don't you quit. success is failure turned inside out ;the silver tint of the clouds of doubt;and you can never tell how close you are;it may be near when it seems, stick to the fight when your hardest hit- its when things goes wrong you mustn't quit.
Dont Vote Obama!!!
Dont Vote Obama!!!
How could anyone actually live with themselves knowing that they aided in the downfall of society? revelations speaks of the mark of the beast and this liars idea of global health care is only the begining of the end. we must all come together, all faiths and come against this imposter. he is no american, he refuses to say the pledge or salute the flag and as a person in government patriotism should go with out saying, which makes you wonder what his real ideals are.. i ask you all to do the right thing and prevent this liar from becoming president forget making history and actually elect someone who WONT destroy our country even more than it allready is. limit the control and conformity and give power back to the people.
Dont Know What I Want
Sorry for my mumms.. Just in a mood. I want to talk to someone..but then I dont..Not sure what I really want. I feel like my life is being turned upside down. Hubbys been having some problems..and is needing surgery on a hernia..etc. My dad is going to be having his hip done next sister n 3months pregnant..lost 26 lbs ..and cant eat..found out my uncles been having some problems..and they found spots on his liver. They think he might have prostate cancer..but also seen these spots. Got my neighbor with heart problems. Its like sickness all around me. I guess its just getting me down.
Don't Understand
love is many things to many people i have come to find out . please give your thoughts on it .
Dont Quit
Dont Drink The Kool Aide
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Dont Ever
Dont ever go to my friends page again.It is disrespectful to me and to him.I have submitted to him and I have made no fucking secret about it.It happens again your off my list and blocked.I don't check up on you I deserve the same back Stay off of Guido's page
Don't Know!
Well I have been doing a lot of soil searching lately. Life is far to short to hate anybody. So I forgive you my father for the times you were unfaithful to mom and how your mistress and her children were more important to you then my sister and I were! This is so very hard for me to say, all I have ever done was to try to make you proud of me! And it seems all I ever did was fail you, that is how I feel. So many things and times I felt worthless, and humiliated when my friends would see you with your mistress and came to me and asked who that lady they saw you with was! And I also forgive the mother in law that prays daily for my death cause my wife died of lung cancer and it was my fault!! And to all of the sisters in law for taking advantage of me when I was feel at my darkest times of my life. Asking for money in loans and never paying them back! All is forgive. But don't expect me to be there for wedding and birthday and holidays cause it hurts to much to be reminds of
Don't You Just Love Cold Weather And Warm Bodies?
Cold weather brings perfect excuses for very close contact and snuggling. Don't you just love cold weather? Getting close to your lover, arms wrapped around each other, bodies pressed tightly together and soft lips together with warm, wet tongues searching for each other. I daydream of my hands sliding up under his shirt to rub against his warm skin. It makes me wet with the anticipation of having him naked. Sliding each others clothes off slowly with his tongue rolls against mine. My knees are weak with the anticipation of him between my legs, sliding in with slow stokes at first, then working in to a good hard pounding rhythm. Feeling his body push against mine as he moans in pleasure. Knowing that he is going to climax hard while sliding deep inside me. Hearing his moans increase and then to hear that sweet sound of his orgasm. With a final low moan, he collapses on top of me in a warm heap of breathlessness. Feeling his skin on my skin, hearing his breathing decrease and knowin
Don't Know What To Do...
I really am feeling like that...and i really don't know what to do... I do everything for him... I give my everything to him... and i always do something "wrong"... I always piss him off somehow... it seems like it's never good enough... I'm not good enough... I love him with all my heart...more then he will never know... but it's not enough... i'm feeling like shit... can't you tell?!...
Dont Be Shy Ballz In Ur Hands! "smiles"
Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you? 20. One thing that you would like to do to me?
Don't Toot In Bed!
Don't toot in Bed! If this story doesn't make you cry for laughing so hard, let me know and I'll pray for you. This is a story about a couple who had been happily married for years. The only friction in their marriage was the husband's habit of tooting loudly every morning when he awoke. The noise would wake his wife and the smell would make her eyes water and make her gasp for air. Every morning she would plead with him to stop ripping them off because it was making her sick. He told her he couldn't stop it and that it was perfectly natural. She told him to see a doctor; she was concerned that one day he would blow his guts out. The years went by and he continued to blast them out! Then one Thanksgiving morning as she was preparing the turkey f or dinner and he was upstairs sound asleep, she looked at the bowl where she had put the turkey innards and neck, gizzard, liver and all the spare parts and a malicious thought came to her. She took the bowl and went upstai
Don't Do This!
I am bored with love and it's passionless limbs that drape over my bed in a lethargic state of impotence while wearing the same red heart my soul picked up hitchhiking off highway serendipity Now here we are alone in togetherness trying to build dreams with two by fours and glue, but even a home won't tie us together when our hearts live alone Poetic vows cliched into nothingness like all words do, eventually and we allowed our bodies to become another pair of hollow shadows that make love to a wall instead of each other and we wonder why the roses are dying Hi Sexy, Your pics turns me on...WOW,U have got all what every fella would ask from a chic..If you dont mind,I would love to get to know you,Can you meet me on yahoo IM,chat with me or send me email, name is Bola,I am a 20 yrs old Nigerian Male,I know its very hard to see honest and truthful guys now adays but i want you to know that the person writing you now is Honest,kind,truthf
Dont Like How I Rated You???
So far I know Ive been rated a 10 or better clearly almost every time, and honestly...that cant be the honest truth every time. When I rate a pic Imma do it honestly, based on the quality of the pic, what the person(s) doing in the pic, the caption, the comments ppl leave about the pic (how they felt or think bout it.) Then I rate it as I see it, there is no direct reflection of what I think bout you just cuz ur pic maybe got rated a 2 from me. When I rate u I do the same thing that I do with the pix, only I go over ur whole profile, how much work uv put into it, the kind of frineds u collect n that r on ur top friends, who ur fans of, your lounges, your comments, your active participation and interaction with me is the final piece to how Ill rate you. If youve rated me a 10 cuz u thot Id return the favor with the same, ur kissing the wrong ass....Ill rate what I wanna rate not cuz u gave me a false 10, if thats what u really wanna rate me as COOL...if not COOL! Im an extrem
Dont Worry Little One
Dont Know Wut To Do Anymore
Ok idk where to begin....but ive been single now for 3 years and begining to realize that i might not be happy ever....ive been in a few relationships in the past only loved once in my whole life and she ran out on me to go fuck other guys, then another girl did the same thing just but just ran away without sayin anything to me for a month...ive been told im a super nice guy... now sayin that im the type of guy to spoil every once ina while the person im with, cook, go out, flowers lil love notes, just do things to make her feel like shes floating on air, just to see a girl happy makes me what im trying to understand is why cant i find anyone that wont be scared or that wants to be that miss right and so far i havent met one that meets the challenge....noticing now that as i continue to finish college to get my med-degree its getting harder and harder to find sumone, but all i ever wana do is help ppl hence a med-degree, but how can a person ever put up with there loved on
Dont Want To Be A Newbe Anymore
It's closing time, and two drunks are getting ready to leave the bar. "God, I hate getting home at this hour. All I want to do is take my shoes off and crawl into bed, but Hailey always nags me for what seems like hours". "Sneaking's not the way to do it. Try slamming the front door, stomping upstrais, and yelling 'Hey baby, let's fuck'. When I do that, my wife always pretends she's sound asleep".
Don't Get Mad Get Even
Dont Get Ur Panties Up In A Bunch
I am making this blog to those ppl who made FUBAR thier life... like this one chic for example HOTBLOOD...DARQUE ORCHID'S FU-FIANCE I came across her page from somone on my friends list... was on her page for about 10 seconds and then bounced around to other pages. Not to long after she was writting me all upset cuz I did not rate her or add her as a friend. lol I only rate ppl who are intresting to me or has come to my page and rated me. If you check me out then guess what Im gonna check u out right back. Simple as that. SO anyways she got her panties up in bunch all cuz I did not rate or add her lol She compares fubar to her home. That me going to her page is like me going into her home lmao WOW! Got a life much? I expressed again how sad it was for her to even compare her online fubar page to her real home. That is real sad. She got even more all upset and threatend me online over a message lmao (ooo im really scared) PLEASE PPL! Fubar is a online popularity contest.
Dont Understand
I just don't get it I'm a nice person but for some reason no one can be real with me. They tell me one thing and do another. I guess maybe if I was more hateful and rude maybe they would be real who knows.....I'm bored so I thought I would blog about something on my mind....
Don't Miss This!!
Look this will end very soon you will be so glad you went and checked it out
Dont Write Checks Your Ass Cannot Cash
Okay guys this is mainly for my so called "Friends" on fubar. I just thought i would put out a little news flash on here. Also please note this does not apply to everyone and I am not gonna sit here and make a list of the offenders. You know who you are. I just have to say is I am sick of chasing my friends around on this site and on yahoo (to those who do have my yahoo) to have a conversation. Seriously, I added you to my friends for a reason. There was something about you that I must like or have liked. Lately, I dont feel that the friends I made on here are quite genuine. NOTE TO PEOPLE..... THE KIDS EXCUSE IS GETTING OLD...REALLY!!!!! If it is true, don't bother with the fucking computer and take care of your fucking kids!!! Theyre human beings not used as a tool to avoid someone. Seriously, I don't buy it anymore. I know if I bought you some fake shit that Baby Jesus created on this site... Id be greeted EVERY day. oh yeah Im in school is another one. YEAH... You are in school
Dont Understand!!!
I dont understand why i try to talk to people online, i never get a response, but let me tell you if i had a clit and a set of racks!! shit i would be getting Hit up all day long. to me online chat is pretty pointless, about as pointless as my life, but thats what i thik i guess
Don't Ask For Rates If Your Not Rating Me
Don't get me wrong Auto 11's are great they help us level. But please don't assume I will come by and just rate your pictures because you have them on. My friends and family all know that I will rate them regardless if they have auto 11's on or not. They also stop by my page and rate me regardless. I'm just getting so tired of people rating one picture and maybe the profile and then come to expect that I will rate all their pictures because of an Auto 11. Those of us that don't have auto's on on a regular basis need help where's our help?? This is the person who provoked me in to writing this previous blog. Don't get me wrong Auto 11's are great they help us level. But please don't assume I will come by and just rate your pictures because you have them on. My friends and family all know that I will rate them regardless if they have auto 11's on or not. They also stop by my page and rate me regardless. I'm just getting so tired of people rating one picture a
Don't Care About
Dont Worry I Forgot Your Name To
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphicsi wrote your name in the sky,but the wind blew it away.i worte your name in the sand,but the waves washed it away.i wrote your name in my heart,and forever will it stay.everymoring i wake up in our old bed,everymoring i wake up with regret and words left unsaid.everyday i feel you like you were here,everyday day i see you like you are near.everynight your in my dreams,everynight i cry myself to sleep.i saw your face in the sky,but then the wind blew it away.i saw you in the sand,but then the waves washed it away.i see you in my heart,and forever will it stay................................................................Rhino
Don"t Read!
Dont Hide It
you know theres people out there in this world thats not going to really like you. but that dont mean they will always come straight out and tell you. you will be able to tell by there action and reactions to certain things and by word of mouth by other people that hang around them. and when light is shed on this it gets depressing sad and then it makes you angry then it goes to a shutdown point. it makes you come to a point of telling them its time to cut the bullshit. it would be better for the both of us if you just come out and say it that way i can put it to rest and move on. of course i will take alittle time to heal when i get to thinking of all the goodtimes we had but then again the depression will kick back in once you think about how they really felt about you when we was haveing those goodtimes. like i said it will be kinda hard because when you hang around somebody long enough you become close and connected. thats part of the human spirit. but once its exsposed to you on
??? Don't Know ?????
1. What is your best friends name? Kain, Froggy 2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now? I'm not wearing any 3. What are you listening to right now? the radio from the Anti Lounge and the dogs barking 4. Whats your favorite number? 21 5. What was the last thing you ate? Maple & brown sugar oatmeal 6. If you were a crayon what color would you be? Black 7. How is the weather right now? cloudy and could with the high of 33 8. Who was the last person you talked 2 on the phone? Charles 9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? eyes and lips 10. Do you have a significant other? yeppers 11. Favorite TV show? NCIS and two and a half men 12. Siblings? yes 3 13. Height? 5'2" 14. Hair color Black and brown 15. Eye Color? light brown 16. Do you wear contacts? i wear a wicked elf blue contacts when i am in really good moods and wanna freak ppl 17. Favorite Holiday? Halloween 18. Month? august 19. Hav
Dont Read This!
Scott was always pretty smooth with the women. Even when he was in high school he could get even the most stubborn ones to go along with what he wanted. He always just assumed that he had a persuasive personality. He was soon to find that it was much more than that. Scott had had a steady girlfriend, Susan, for a long time. He was more or less faithful to her, as faithful as anyone can be in college. Every once in a while, another girl would blow him, but what Susan didn't know wouldn't hurt her. She was more than happy with the relationship. Scott excused himself by saying that it would break her heart if she found out. So he never told her. One night, both Scott and Susan went to the same party, but separately. Susan was feeling sick in the morning, so hadn't planned to go, but she felt better by the time the party started, so she went anyway. She knew Scott was there. She didn't mind if he went on his own. She wasn't a very restrictive girlfriend. Once she arrived, she started
Dont Judge
i feel like growing up latley ive been stuck in the 90,s of what i use to be i havent even hit midlife crisis yet but yet i feel i have to hold on to that tuff guy persona its problem ive had since my stepson has hit his teens were only 10 yrs apart ive raised him since he was five and now i feel i relate better to him but lets face it im 29 going bald and getting fat i just have a hard time accepting it does anyone else feel me here got any feed back
Don't Read This
Dont Know What To Do
Ok, so I really like someone. But when I see pics of him and his ex, I cant help but feel like I dont add up. I have problems trusting people and believing what they say, this goes for him as well. I dont know if I should believe him, that if I do that, I may feel like I have a chance at this or what. I just dont see what would keep him around because of how happy he seemed with her. I just dont want to be let again i guess. I guess that I cant measure up to anything because Ive never really been important to anyone.
Don't Talk About It
This is going to be the only time I even address this "other" site. People need to STOP bringing that place up in any way. All you are doing is giving them free advertisement. Even bashing a place is going to make some people interested enough that they are going to want to check it out. Just leave it be. There's a reason why people that want attention don't care even if it's bad. It's still attention. So stop with the status messages about it. Stop with the bulletins. Stop changing up your names to declare your loyalty to this site. Just show your loyalty with your actions. Do like I do and give it a big silent and carry on with your FU-life. And no this isn't me kissing admin's ass. This is me being me and being honest and telling it like it is. If you don't know what other place I'm talking about, DON'T ask me about it. I will not talk anymore about it. As the saying goes..."out of sight out of mind". With this blog I'm done on the issue.
Don't Let It Slide
Dont Have A Name Yet...add Ons I Guess Lol
for some of you who grew up on commodore or amiga check this out :D i havn't really had time to mess with stuff on my profile. when i do i try not to clutter and put junk on here. stash and pics usually have some kind of meaning or another to me. some things i post are for others or because they were sent to me and i consider them gifts. i might add a few folders one day cuz it seems like peeps like to bomb and stuff,but i try to keep junk out so as not to waste peeps time. i hope peeps take the time to listen to the words in most of them. i just refreshed my stash. lots of them i couldn't find originals. mostly because the artists have either disabled the embed codes so you have to use the url links or they removed them for copyright issues. you will find many of them are videos that fans or peeps made themselves. that's about the best i can do on that. some of the ones that may have been deleted i'm leaving up at the moment cuz peeps c
Don't Sweat The Small Shit In Life!@!@!@!
When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 cups of coffee. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was. The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was. The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full. The students responded with an unanimous "yes." The professor then produced two cups of coffee from under the table and poured the entire contents into the
Dont Ask Me For Help
its a shame you go make this kick ass lounge everybody loves it.then people gotta start talkin behind your back telling lies,your "friends" turn on you make there own lounge with your layout your members.then when you prove in a fashion that cant be faked who the real shit talkers are you get threatened.then because you tell somebody they should drop it all of a sudden im threatening them and stalking then these "friends" try to get me banned by fubar just because i showed they are untrustworthy and will back stab they go trying to ruin a reputation i spent my life building.well guess what i dont talk lies and if i have a problem im man enough to talk about it to you. so play your games talk your lies i dont care anymore just remember every comment you get on that lounge is a compliment to me because i invented the concept i was the first to do  that layout. and the harder you try to ruin me the more people will realize what you true friends will never by into
Don't You Hate It When People On Fubar Ignore You?
OK, it's time for me to get this off my chest. Don't you just hate it when everytime you tried to talk to someone on Fubar and they just plain ignore you? I don't know what it is, but it's been happening to me lately. Everytime, I tried to talk to some people on Fubar, they just plain ignore me, well all I'm trying to do is be a good friend to them, well it seems to be one sided. They may think I'm "boring" to talk to or they're just plain stuck up. Well, they don't know me well enough to think of me that way, so they have no right to judge me or call me that, and obviously they want nothing to do with me and think nothing of me. I'm a nice person, I'm outgoing sometimes and I'm fun to talk to, but they steady blowing me off. And if they don't wanna talk to me anymore and keep blowing me off, they can delete me off their list, simple as that, because I have other friends on here that are worth my time, that care about me, and understands me a whole lot better. I'm not sayi
Dont Knoe
Dont Bite The Had That Feed You
Dont Piss Me Off
If  you decide you do not like my art , i am perfectly fine with it. What i dont tolerate is underpriviledged ass hunting indivituals that think they can get a porn cam , and after they get turned down start to put critic towards my job!   First of all i aint tattooing, because its m only choice. I am a former Rn, Herbologist and got enough degrees to plaster an entire room. Second:  People without tattoos shouldnt be looking down on ones that have ink. We dont bitch around ya all for not having any now do we...............   THIRD! For the assmunch that asked where the hell i stole the pics from. You can be lucky your not near me! I dont try to put you down just because you work at burger king or where the hell ever. Job is job. And just because im a female doesnt mean i do tattoos less better then a male! 2009, wake up!!!!!!! We are way past the times of females having to stand at the door with a pi waiting for theyr beloved man!!!!!!!!!! And if the only way you can get rid
Don't Give Up
In this world that surrounds us We sometimes brake down and fall Those who stand above us Can make us seem so small We tremble under the weight Of the problems that hold us down And when we start to collapse There seems to be no one around We try to fight in this world That always seems to fight back Sometimes we’re not strong enough though There are too many things we lack We’ll hide away in corners Put upon ourselves pain But there’s no escape from this life We all must suffer the same But although we may struggle And yes we all do fall I’ll stand by your side I’ll stay with you through it all And if you start to tremble Or even brake down I’m your shoulder to cry on I’ll always be around We all have our faults Are up and are downs We cant always smile all the time Everyone has to frown No, no ones perfect And no one is the same We’re in this world together We all play the same game If we stick together No matter whats to come With a
Dont Know What To Do
ok heres the deal 16 yrs ago i got arrested and sent to prison for theft of a motor vehicle. now all this time later im still paying wheres the second chance at ive been turned down by so many jobs becuase of this felony. but heres the kicker im allowed to obtain a ccw a concealed weapon permit but im not allowed to be a cop or im not allowed to drive an armored car. im getting ready to go to college in the fall now im not sure what to take becuase im weighing the results after i graduate is this going to stop it if so whats the point. i want to take criminal justice or information technology and either one can hold the felony against me but most of the programs that even catch my eye will more than likely have the same results sorry your an ex-con. im thinking about saying screew it and taking criminal justice just for general purpose to see what buttons i can push afterwards what do you think. probably got you confused sorry minds racing
Dont Spend Now Earn
Dont Wanna
When we talk its like every night we shoutand the things you say....its all i ever cry aboutall your questions that run through your headlike if you love me? and if you really cared? shall i go aheadi tell you that i loved you with all my hearti loved you now and i loved you from the starti don't know how to help you Ive showed everything i felti have given you everything there best card Ive dealtand now that you don't know anymorehow do you think i am to deal with my heart you toreyou tore it into pieces that night you shared this with mei was blinded by your words Ur true feelings i couldn'tseei don't want to let you go.....i never wanted to you knowbut now that your hurting also i should let you gobut just remember I'm doing this for youif i had to choose we would be together until "i do"and even though thats out of the picture nowand as we are going our separate waysjust know that my love will always be yours through all my daysand that even though you broke my hearti will l
Dont Know What To Do
I'm scared.. no terrified.I don't know what to do.My heart and mind are at war.They're fighting over you.One says, "Let go,He doesn't really care.You need to move on,Wake up from this nightmare."The other tells me to hold on,You know him and his ways,He's scared of getting hurt.Screw what others say.The others... I forgot.They tell me to say goodbye.This isn't a real relationship.Why do I bother to try?You give me no hope,No ounce of affection.We hardly talk at all.It feels like rejection.Maybe I can't take a hint,Maybe you never loved me.Maybe I'm a stupid girl.Maybe this is how it has to be.I hold on anyways,Though it hurts everyday.I fell in love with you.What else is there to say?You thought I would forget,But now I think you see,I meant everything I said,about you and me.
Don't Judge Me
Don't judge me by my looks Don't reject me because of my face Get to know me Before you decide my place Don't criticize my actions until you know the reason why Keep your mind open Keep the hope of love alive Don't despise me without reason Just give me the Chance To prove the good I have inside Take time to discover The feelings that I hide Never hate with only one look Give me the chance I deserve Look n see maybe you will find The love inside of me ..... Dedicated to: the one soul I miss more than anything in this world!
Don't Know
Just want to know what you think
Dont Understand Some Women
Ok so i was dating this woman for like almost a year , but we have been off and on for almost 3 years but anyways we finally broke it off and the whole reason for the break off i dont understand but maybe one of the smart ladies on here can shed some light, she said i worked too much and called me a selfish immature piece of shit cause i would not leave work to run her here or there any time she wanted , but yet she liked all the nice things money can buy so i guess i was caught in a catch 22, so i guess my question in the whole matter is should i have done what she asked or did i do the right thing and say thats it i cant take it no more. So i guess till i find out if i was going about it wrong i will never know....
Don't Fool Yourself
In 1997-98, viruses, bacteria and other microbes started mutating out of control. Disease-causing agents have been evolving extremely rapidly, and strangely, since then. Life scientists reported an "evolutionary crisis," and "accelerated evolutionary processes." As early as 2002, scientists warned of new infectious diseases appearing and old diseases reemerging due to a "complex interaction of social, economic, evolutionary, and ecological factors." It all goes back to 1997. What happened in 1997? Simply put, a number of factors new to the earth's systems converged, and interracted in new, and unprecedented, ways. The interracting 'factors' include escaped pathogens, lab accidents, GM animals and food, factory farming, pollution, chemical contaminations, and more - categorized broadly as "social, economic, evolutionary, and ecological factors." Several local biological systems around the world reached individual points of "self-organizing criticality," where the rules change
Dont Add -=locus=-
Don't Liik For It
Dont Do It
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Don't You Just Hate....
I hate going to profiles that the color scheme is so weird that you can't read what the hell they have on their profile...  I suppose it is better than the crazy shit that comes out on myspace (I don't have by the way). Tell me  what sets you off???
Dont Know
Don't Worry About Me
  subject: Please Rate This date: 2009-07-22 18:23:39   Don't Worry About MeI'm not trying to get back with youBecause you are not the Man I thought you would be Don't Worry About MeI'm through playing those games with youAll you had to do was say your through Don't Worry About MeAll the things we had planned togetherYou could have said you had a change of plans likemaybe never Don't Worry About MeAll I wanted to do was show how much I loved youInstead you showed me your thoughts on how to move Don't Worry About MeI tried to call you to see if you was alrightBut you would not return my calls any night Don't Worry About MeWe could have had a wonderful lifeInstead you changed your plans on me becoming your wife Don't Worry About MeSo we are through and that's a factI hope you get your life intactInstead of trying to be Daddy Mac I thought I did something for him to leave me But he told me that could never be I just needed to find me and I realized
Dont Quit
when things go wrong which the sometimes willand the road you are trudging seems all up hillwhen the funds are low,and the debts are highand you want to smile but you have to sighwhen care is pressing you down a bitrest if you must,but dont ever quitfor life is strange with the twist and turnsas everyone of us sometimes learnbut many a coward turns aboutwhen he might have won if he stuck it outbut he learns too late when the night comes downhow close he was to the golden crownvictory is defeat turned inside outthe silver tint of the clouds of doubtyou will never know how near you areit maybe near when it seems afarso stick to the fight when you are hardest hitwhen things seem worst is when u must not quit
"don't Forget To Sponsor A Rubber Ducky!"
Dont Stop Auction
Dont Read This, Its Just A Waste Of Time, Ill Point And Laugh At You
told ya, no secrets of life here fools *points and laughs at you
Dont Read If Your Offended Do To Religion!!!
And all God's children said - AMEN!Thank God for a judge who not only knows the scriptures well but  also knows how to apply it in daily living In Florida, an Atheist created a case against the upcoming Easter and Passover holy days. He hired an attorney to bring a discrimination case against Christians, Jews and observances of their holy days. The argument was that it was unfair that atheists had no such recognized days. The case was brought before a judge.After listening to the passionate presentation by the lawyer, the judge banged his gavel declaring, "Case dismissed!"The lawyer immediately stood objecting to the ruling saying, "Your honor, how can you possibly dismiss this case? The Christians have Christmas, Easter and others.. The Jews have Passover, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah, yet my client and all other atheists have no such holidays.The judge leaned forward in his  chair  saying, "But you do. Your client, counsel, is woefully ignorant."The lawyer said, "Your Honor, we are unawar
Dont Get Mad But....
 men are like dogs ... they get distracted too easily, always sniffing someone elses ass...they'll leave their master as soon as someone shows them something better, they're always touching themselves (the would probably lick themselves if they could!) they beg for everything when they dont get what they want they'll attack you...and they seem to runaway once they see a door open and no one around to hold them back! just thought this was a bit funny.... don't mean to offend anyone
Don't Like It .... Don"t Look ...
.... well it astounds me sumtimes how selfish and self centered people can b but fubar seems to b able to show that side of people regularly... which is sad as hell to in point.. my very best friend just had a birthday and out of the hundreds of people that call him their friend only a few of us did anything for him for his bday... do u have any idea how disgusting that is? this man makes bday salutes buys vips and blasts and bling packs for all his close friends on their bday but they couldnt even do a damn thing for him. i would have done more then i did if he would have let me but of course he wouldnt lol. now mind u im not 1 that buys into all the fubar bullshit anyways because lets face it ur payin money for pictures and points and nuthin thats real but still it would have shown that u cared at least a lil about sumone other then urself ... sumone who's been there for u when ur man hurt u or let u down or u needed sumone to talk to or sumone just to make u smile... he's
Dont Be Skeered
How bad are you wanted? Post this and see how many msg's you get......... dont be scared!(1) just friends(2) georgious(3) cute as hell(4) hot(5) fine(6) sexy(7) amazingly sexy(8) we can be friends with benefits(9) see ya
Dont Do It!!!
Don't Ever Piss Off My Tattoo Artist.
THIS WAS MY TATTOO ARTIST.SHE HAS DONE OVER 90% OF MY TATTOOS. GUESS I AM GONNA HAVE TO FIND A NEW ONE YA THINK?...LOOK FOR PICTURES TO BE ADDED IN MY TATTOO CRASH FOLDER CHAMPION - Chris Gregg, owner of C&L Tattoos, said he and four other people at first had no idea what had just happened Wednesday evening when a car crashed through the front entrance window and wall of the business. According to officials, the white Grand Am rammed through the front west entrance of the building at 4807 Mahoning Ave., drove 50 feet into the store, then backed up, hit another car in the parking lot, and then crashed into the building a second time as it tried to smash through the building again. This time, the car was stopped. Champion fire officials said the driver was a Bristol woman who had been terminated a month ago from C&L Tattoos. Gregg and others at the scene identified her as Tabari Vandervort, who is in her early 30s. Fire and police crews from Champion, Howland and other depa
Dont Give Up
One day, I decided to quit…I quit my job, my relationship, my spirituality… I wanted to quit my lifeI went to the woods to have one more talk to GOD.“GOD”, I asked, “Can you give me one more reason not to quit?”His answer surprised me…“Look around” he said. “Do you see the fern and the bamboo?”“Yes” I replied“When I planted the fern and the bamboo seeds, I took very good care of them.I gave them light.I gave them waterThe fern quickly grew from the earth.Its brilliant green covered the floor.Yet nothing came from the bamboo seeds. But I did not quit on the bamboo.In the second year, the fern grew more vibrant and plentiful.And again, nothing came from the bamboo seeds, but I did not quit on the bamboo. He said.“In year three, there was still nothing from the bamboo seed.But, I would not quit.In year four, again, there was nothing from the bamboo seed. I would not quit. He said.Then in the fifth
Don't Do Drugs
I remember I was hammering on a fence in the backyard when Dad approached. He was carrying a letter or something in his hand, and he looked worried.I continued to hammer as he came toward me. "Son," he said, "why are you hammering on that fence? It already has plenty of nails in it.""Oh, I'm not using nails," I replied. "I'm just hammering." With that, I returned to my hammering.Dad asked me to stop hammering, as he had some news. I did stop hammering, but first I got a couple more hammers in, and this seemed to make Dad mad. "I said, stop hammering!" he yelled.I think he felt bad for yelling at me, especially since it looked like he had bad news. "Look," he said, "you can hammer later, but first--"Well, I didn't even wait to hear the rest. As soon as I heard "You can hammer," that's what I started doing. Hammering away, happy as an old hammer dog.Dad tried to physically stop me from hammering by inserting a small log of some sort between my hammer and the fence. But I just kept on ham
Dont Look Back!! You Might See Whats Gaining ,f** It Look Ahead Keep Going!!
charles a.k.a chaola23...
Dont Bring Me Down!
Dont Understand
is having your way all the time worth more to some people than keeping the people they "love" in their lives? i'm sorry but that doesnt show me you truely love me!!!! IF you truely loved me you'd at least hear what i had to say without being arguementive about it!!!! yea you dont see what your actions and words and do to me till i point it out to you and that sucks that you dont even see the hurt so obviously plastered all over my face and in my eyes!!!! why do you say you wanna talk about it when you dont wanna listen to what i have to say!!! i'm sorry but sometimes just saying "i'm sorry" isnt enough specially if you wont change the actions that caused the hurt in the first place!!! if you cant listen to a simple suggestion without turning that arguementive then why should i bother being with you and trying to have a relationship with you!!! NO i'm not saying i'm always right cause i know i'm not but that doesnt mean you can just ignore everything that i say!!!! i'm NOT LET ME REPEAT
Don't Hate - I Thought This Prayer Was Cool!!
Our Father who art in Dallas. Football Be Thy Name. Thy 6th ring come, Thy will be done, on the road and in Cowboys Stadium. Give us this day our daily arrest, and forgive those who false start against us. Lead us not into overtime but deliver us to home field advantage. For Thine is The Kingdom, The Power, and a Cowboys Fan Forever. Amen
Don't Be Fooled Again.
Dude, is there anyone left out there who doesn't realize that 9-11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB? Apparently there are a couple or three. Get the facts: The buildings were demolished by THERMITE— Now what about the missing 1.2 billion in Kuwaiti Gold, the other misc. 900 million from surety companies in the World Trade Center? Remember the World Trade Center was the world's biggest bank, and 9-11 was the biggest BANK HEIST of all time. Don't be a sucker look at the facts and listen to the scholars of this country! WTC#7 contained FBI records investigating over 30 companies owned by the Bush-Cheney_Skull and Bones Axis for insider trading and federal securities act violations. ALL OF THOSE RECORDS WERE DESTROYED and we got sold a war that those companies then profited from in the BILLIONS. Dude half the alleged "pilots" of these so called suicide attacks turned up alive a year later-they had all been victims of identity theft. Read "The New Pearl Harbor" by Dav
Don't Be Fooled By Me
Don't Be Fooled By Me Author-Unkown  Don't be fooled by me.Don't be fooled by the face I wear, for I wear a thousand masks.Masks that I'm afraid to take off and none of them are me.Pretending is an art that's second nature with me, but don't be fooled.For God's sake don't be fooled.I give the impression that I'm secure.That all is sunny and unruffled with me, within as well as without.That confidence is my name and coolness my game;That the waters calm and I'm in command.And that I need no one.But don't believe me. PleaseMy surface may seem smooth, but my surface is my mask.Beneath this lies no complacence.Ben
Dont Cry For Me ..
  1932-2004 R.I.P.   MOM I MISS YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW IS NOT THE SAME  HERE WITH OUT YOU MOM , YOUR ALWAYS  MY  BEST FRIEND AND MY MOTHER,NO MATTER YOU HERE OR HEAVEN I LOVE YOU                              DONT CRY  FOR ME WHEN IM GONE Don't Cry For Me When I'm gone; don't cry for me ...I am not dead; I'm in sweet eternity I'll live forever; I'll wait for all of you When it’s your time; it’s what God would have us do. He called my name; He said come home I did not die; please do not cry; I will no more roam I'll be by our Savior forever; soon, you too We’ll walk in the light; praising God in all that we do. Do not mourn for me; I have sweet victory I'll walk in Gods’ garden; and glories see I am not dead; He set me free; an Angel called to me Its beautiful here; Heavens’ full of cheer; you'll see. I did not die my love; I only went ahead I knew you’d understand; though I know this, you'll dread That will pass too; do all God would have yo
Don't Understand
                  Just when we thought it disappeared for good                     It came back and we never thought it would                                  You shed so many tears                                 cuz you have alot of fears                            But, you have people by your side                                      all the way through                                  I believe god will heal you                                      he's done it before                         He loves you more than you can ever imagine 
Don't Say A Word
we pass without words- all the words have already been said. (why is your memory still in my head?) i loved you more than all men; loved you for what could of been. nothing matters now, nothing was ever real. (why cant i pretend like i dont feel?) i dont know what to say, dont know where to start. what good does it do to have a broken heart? why do i cry? why am i sad? i should hate you; im supossed to be mad. dont talk to me; please dont say a word. everything you could say ive already heard. .
Don't Be Selfish & Greedy!!!
Ladies & Gentlemen, I would like to take this time to tell you ALL HAPPY VALENTINES! May this day and every day be filled with tons of love, joy, happiness, smiles, hugs, kisses, adventures, faith, hope, surprises & BLESSINGS! Please take the time to tell your loved one how much they mean to you and how much you love them. Don't take this day for granted. Don't fight over STUPID things especially on the "oh i wanted this or that" and be happy with what you got. Its what comes from the heart that matters most. Just stop and think at how LUCKY and BLESSED you are to even be able to be there physically with your loved ones. For there are those such as myself whom are not able to have our loved ones with us on this special day! Never take any holidays for granted because you never know if you will get to spend that holiday with that loved one again......I would love to take this time to say:Deon Christopher,I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL! YOU ARE THE AIR THAT I BREATHE, THE EVERY BE
Don't Know
I really don't know what to say but people need to grow the fuck up and quit being so damn childish!     WELCOME TO CLUB SEXY LADIES!!! The badest lounge on fubar today! DJ ROXIE IS TEARING UP THE AIRWAVES AT CLUB SEXY LADIES NOW HIRING DJ'S!! COME JOIN US WHERE THE PARTY NEVER STOPS!!  
Don't No What To Do
I'm a married man but in love with some one else.Why does life need to be so hard. do I stay with some one I'm not inlove with or do I take a chance and be happy 
Don't Understand
I don't think I will ever understand how people can think I'm so many different ethnicities, for exp a guy at the store today approached me and asked if I was Asian? I was like...WHAT? NO, Sir I'm Mexican and then it was like I had said a foul thing cause he quickly shrivaled up his nose and stormed off...WTF, IS UP WITH THAT?!
Don't Mind If I Do...
        Hurt me once, it's shame on you.  Hurt me twice (or three or four or five times), it becomes shame on me.  When it gets to the "shame on me" stage, I am done.  There are a couple of people here that have pushed me to that stage.  The fact that I have allowed it is SHAME ON ME!     I am fairly certain that they will read this and none of it will ring true with them. as denial goes hand in hand with cluelessness.  Either way...   Close the curtain on the "shame on me" stage?  Don't mind if I do...     Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with the site.  So many times, I get my feelings hurt because everyone here seems so friggin' fickle...well, almost everyone.     I have come to realize that there is nothing real here...except for the money.  I have been completely real from day one.  Real pictures, real feelings, real emotions...REAL!  I am clearly in the minority.  Most of the time, the words and actions of others do not match up here.     **NEWS FLASH** Talk
Dont Judge Me If Ya Dont Know Me
tO KNOW HOW TO FEEL WHEN U LOSE SUMONE SO CLOSE ? tO UNDERSTAND THE PURE EMOTION THAT FLOWS THROUGH YOUR BODY . THE EMPTYNESS, THE SADNESS, THE LIFELESSNESS. WHAT DO YOU DO ? ALL WE CAN DO IS LIVE ON TO THE BEST THAT WE CAN!!! For those users on here if ya dont know me then keep your opinions of me to your self, i am who i am if ya cant accept that then dont chat with me . thnx
Don't Close Your Eyes
By Kix   Whatcha doing out in the night time?Why'd ya callin' me on the phone?Your mama can't solve your problemsWhen's daddy, ever get home?So you did your little move and criedIn the middle of a suicideDon't close your eyesDon't close your eyesDon't sing your last lullabyThere's no one there to hold youNo one hears your screamYou live life up and down nowYour nightmares are your dreamsI know it's lonely when your hanging 'roundDon't ya take it lying down, no, noHold on, hold on tightI'll make everything all rightWake up don't go to sleepI'll pray the Lord your soul to keepDon't close your eyesDon't close your eyesDon't sing your last lullabyDon't close your eyesDon't close your eyesDon't sing your last lullaby
Don't Even Have To Knock
To reach for someone, without doing so. Seems impossible, believe me, I know. So much to say, on the tip of your tongue. Fighting to keep the words in, one by one. You know they feel the same, but they are scared to. Keeping it in, yet letting it out just the same. Gives you both, pleasure and pain. Both too afraid to bust the door down, you thought you had locked. I'll leave my side open for you, just walk in, you don't even have to knock.
Don't Go There
I have to tell you, from the start. There is no getting through, to my heart. That is a game, we can't even begin. A place I won't go, you can't win. Because there is already a winner, no one else compares. So do us both a favor, and don't go there.
10) "don't" Commandments!
10 Don’t do commandments:   Don’t put up a profile pic that is not you. Don’t put up a profile pic of you in a time of your life when you looked good, and now you are do not (Update your pics!!!). Don’t put up a profile pic that animates a hot chic, then morphs into YOU. Don’t fill your photo albums with pics that you are not in. Don’t constantly use pics of you with your hot friend(s) to try to make us think that SHE is YOU. Don’t go to some porn page and get pics of them and pass it off as you. Don’t do the above to start a page (as the porn girl) when you are a guy you F’n nutjob! Don’t pass yourself off as an extravert when you are an introvert. Don’t (as a guy) be disrespectful to people that aren’t any of the above!!! 10.  Just… Don’t do that...
Dont Miss Out On What You Have
When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I’ ve got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. Again I observed the hurt in her eyes. Suddenly I didn’t know how to open my mouth. But I had to let her know what I was thinking. I want a divorce. I raised the topic calmly. She didn’t seem to be annoyed by my words, instead she asked me softly, why? I avoided her question. This made her angry. She threw away the chopsticks and shouted at me, you are not a man! That night, we didn’t talk to each other. She was weeping. I knew she wanted to find out what had happened to our marriage. But I could hardly give her a satisfactory answer; she had lost my heart to Jane. I didn’t love her anymore. I just pitied her! With a deep sense of guilt, I drafted a divorce agreement which stated that she could own our house, our car, and 30% stake of my company. She glanced at it and then tore it into pieces. The woman who had spent ten years of her life with me
Dont Talk Abp
Don't Judge Me
Here's the deal. I won't judge you and you don't judge me. This is me writing about shit that I'm sick of. I'm sick of people asking me all about me and when they learn about me, they want to insult me or harrass me about it. It's not your life so back off! You want to know, fine I'll tell you, but if you don't want to know after I've told you, then just stop talking to me and go away, or pretend like I didn't say it. You want to judge? Go to a f***ing pie eating contest. You'll have a blast and you can judge as much as you want. But when talking to me, keep your judgements to yourself. The only one qualified to judge me is me and those I deem worthy. 
Dont Get My Personality And My Attitude Twisted, Because My Personality Is Me, And My Attitude Depends On You!!
Dont You Think This Is Imature Everytime The Request Comes Up To Invite People To Join Fubar I Dont Know If You Do It But You Ignore The Request And Everytime You Do You Get Bad Rated By Fluffy Personally I Think Its A Child That Is On That Profile Mibee Fluffy We Dont Have Any Friends To Join Fubar That Are Interested In Joining Or Mibee They Have Joined And Were Fed Up With All The Sexiest Comments Or Abuse Or In Your Case Bad Ratings Everyday Or Mibee Its Because The Site Is Crap I Dont Know But If We Dont Invite Anyone Stop Bad Rating Because Ill Contine You To Bad Rate You Back Its Simple No Wonder You Are Way Down Near The Bottom Of The Rating System On Here Acting Like A 3 Year Old Bad Rating People Like That And On The Note Both Commenting On The Spelling Or Grammer Or Cap Letters Because Its The Way I Type You Dont Like It Dont Bother Leaving A Comment On The Blog Please And Thank You Only Want To See What Everyone Else Thinks Of This Fluffy Person?
Dont Understand Me
Understand this: I am emotional and cry for almost every emotion i feel, I do easily forgive, And get hurt even easier.Understand this:I put everyone first and myself last, And you can just about bet everything i do is to make you happy, my goal has always been to never let you down.Understand this:I dont always say the right things, And sometimes even assume, I sometimes get loud when im angry.Understand this: I dont like being disrespected, talked down to or made fun of, I dont like being treated like a child or controlled.Understand this:I dont HAVE to deal with this.........Now you understand me?!?
Dont Believe In Love Anymore
Waking up to a text by the pillow," Its over, I'm sorry but this justisn't working out anymore,"Is all that is written, Gasping from whatshe read, she breaks the phone into a million tiny pieces trying to ignore the pain.In complete disbelief, Jaw-dropped,thinking to herself " how could this possibly be?"Remembering just the other day as he arriveshome with a bouquet of beautiful red roses,with a I Love You Forever card, as hepassionately kisses her lips.Tears start sneaking out of her eyes,pounding her fists into the pillows screaming " No! Why am I never good enough? "throwing everything close to her in a chaoticdisarray, shattering sounds echoing the roomas this once enthusiastic girl disappears.Walking out of the house, bags packed, Heappears from around the corner; Trying totell her hes sorry, to comfort her broken heart,irate anger fills her body as she shouts,"You're the reason why I don't believe in loveanymore."
Dont Forget
I dont want to be wrapped in protocolBsdm has its own sort of boundaries.I want to be defined by my uniqueness,When i see you, i want you to push down my walls. When you see me, i want you to catch your breath.When you leave, i want you to crave more. I want to taste you, rub your scent on me.Mark your territory, for I will surely mark mine. When you sweat i want to taste it, when you cum i want you to cover me in it.When you feel things deeply, tell me. When you feel great sadness, cryWhen you're feeling pain, get LOUD or I'll do it harder til i hear you. Dont forget me if you ever leave for good,For you see this is all i have.
Don't Think, Just Be.
The Dude: I dropped off the money exactly as per... look, man, I've got certain information, all right? Certain things have come to light. And, you know, has it ever occurred to you, that, instead of, uh, you know, running around, uh, uh, blaming me, you know, given the nature of all this new shit, you know, I-I-I-I... this could be a-a-a-a lot more, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, complex, I mean, it's not just, it might not be just such a simple... uh, you know? The Big Lebowski: What in God's holy name are you blathering about? The Dude: I'll tell you what I'm blathering about... I've got information man! New shit has come to light! And, she kidnapped herself. Well sure, man. Look at it... a young trophy wife, in the parlance of our times, you know, and she, uh, uh, owes money all over town, including to known pornographers, and that's cool... that's, that's cool, I'm, I'm saying, she needs money, man. And of course they're going to say that they didn't get it, beca
Don't Sweat The Small Stuff
When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 Beers.A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was full. They agreed it was. The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar was full.. The students responded with a unanimous 'yes.'The professor then produced two Beers from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar effectively filling the empty s
Don't Tell Me About Hard Times
Never could i have left,,> some come home,,but very ill and never the same,,my hubby was shot twice,,sprayed to death for months with agent orange,,,he was totaly bed ridden at age 30,,i turned him,,spoon fed him,,dipered him,,i was 89 lbs,,4-11,,,he was 230 6-1,,and i would get him up in the mornings shave bath,,and get him into a wheelchair,,,,he loved to go where i went in the house,,so i would get our child off to school,,then cook our breakfast,,,in one plate,,,i would take a bite,,and feed him a bite,,he loved this,,,,,,still makes me smile,,the doctors had a hard time moving him,,,loading him into my car,,it took three but i did it myself,,we used to laugh about that,,it was so very hard,,and we cried many times together,,but it is some of the most precious memories for me,,,oh,,and i tried to work part time at nite,,but it was too much,,and he cried for me,,,,when he passed he had 20% of his brain left,,,what a hero,,he was he was really
Don't Read This.
I can tell you don't follow instructions very well. "If DIY and the internet have taught us anything it's that there's little point in giving everyone a voice. I don't care if I sound like a dictator but please SHUT THE FUCK UP. Keep that internal dialogue silent. It was never meant to be external." -The Endless Blockade.   Sometimes even I break the rule, but seriously...nobody wants to hear it.
Dont Drink And Drive
Dont Take Away My Heaven
Don't Get All Butthurt K.
As I take my hair down and shake it out letting it fall over my shoulders, I think about all the people I have met on fubar.   Slowly rotating my head in circles and working out the kinks of the day, I feel my body releasing the days tension.  And thoughts of friends pop into mind.  Some old, whom I have known for years and I consider to be my besties and love more than anything.  And some new, who are all quiet wonderful in their own ways. Survivors, warriors, fathers, mothers, grandparent, able bodied, and not.  Each with their own story about this journey we all call life.  And then the creepers come to mind and I cringe.  The people who are looking for sex, or who want you to look at their penis pictures.  I love sex as well as the next person maybe even more, but I am not going to just give it up to some random guy from the net.  And I love to look at penis's but only if it is attached to someone I find attractive and have an attachment to.   Then, there is fu-mafia.  I have no
Don't Patronize Me
Why do you care? The fact is you do not! About the impacts you bring forth, creating disease; mind-numbing thoughts. Words are just words, you use them to suit you. Without thinking about the lives, and the pain you subdue. Abusing your power, causing self-doubt and disbelief. While stealing someone’s dream, just like a petty thief. Don’t patronize me, by saying that you care! When your actions speak louder, and I’m fully aware. That caring is beyond you, I’m not even real. As if you give a fuck, about the way that I feel. The lack of compassion, within this place. Renders me invisible, easily erased. You’d have to value me to care, and I'm worth nothing to you at all. Alone in this place, with my back to the wall. As your army of attackers, leach onto my soul. Draining my heart dry, you’ve accomplished your goal.
:: From: Cupcake Date: Jan 10 2007 9:46 AM Subject: nice work... wonder. :: From: ashley barrett photography Date: Jan 10 2007 9:48 AM hey old friend... what's new? still in SF? :: From: Cupcake Date: Jan 10 2007 9:54 AM wow. i'm in awe. yes. i am still in gaytown, usa. LA i see? :: From: ashley barrett photography Date: Jan 10 2007 10:01 AM Awe? haha. Yeah, LA for now. :: From: Cupcake Date: Jan 10 2007 10:02 AM so.. are you really gay? :: From: ashley barrett photography Date: Jan 10 2007 10:04 AM am i really gay? haha. wow. No, why? :: From: Cupcake Date: Jan 10 2007 10:06 AM well... because if i sucked your cock..and you WERE gay before the fact...then i was wondering if my mouth was essentially in other men's asses. :: From: ashley barrett photography Date: Jan 10 2007 10:10 AM haha. wow. you're such a romantic. :: From: Cupcake Date: Jan 10 2007 10:15 AM oh..and sucking you off was the most sent
Don Unique
Dony Know
The Doobie Brothers
(1)Blackwater(2)Long Train Runnin'(3)Listen To The Music(4)Takin' it To The street(5)What A Fool Believes(6)Jesus Is Alright
for any of ya'll that might care I'm gone until the 23, going to go play with fire and drum with a few hundred of my closest friends!!! Wish you where there!!!!! leave me some loving if ya think about it!!! About a year and a half ago i was enlisting in the U.S Army, I passed all the tests and physical, 2 weeks before I was going to leave for boot camp i got custody of my son.... so I became a single parent b4 I could become a soldier.... I wanted to be soldier to prove myself to myself, now im a roofer to provide for my family, I will do anything for my family!!! Regardless how hot it is or how high off the ground I am there is a lil' thought in the back of my mind telling me Im nothing... I work hard, usually from sun up till sun down, I just want to know that Im worth what Ive been givin. How do I prove myself now??? What must I do to know??? The rainbow is on the horizon, I am headed to the other side of life, My home and Family awaits, No more excuses have I,
Hello Friend's Put Your Mark On My Guest Book!!! Thanks
Doodah's Dark Karnival
Hey Matho Facko's!!Listen To THIS!!! ------------------------------------------------- WFuckoffRadio- -------------------------------------------------
I REMEMBER, IN MY MIND, LIKE TIME STOOD STILL, AND I REMEMBER, LIKE YESTERDAY, WHEN YOU WHERE HERE, AND TOMORROW, NEVER KNOWS, WHERE THIS ROAD MAY END, LOST DREAMS, REMIND ME, THE WAY IT USED TO BE, IF I COULD TAKE YOU IN MY ARMS, FOR A THOUSAND YEARS, LOOK INTO YOUR EYES AND CALM YOUR FEARS, I WOULD LOVE YOU TILL THE END OF TIME, why is most of the world concerned with relgion, wanting too ban it from everyday life,, what is so bad with the teaching of the bible, since when has it been so bad oo love your naighbor or not too steal, or murder, too be good, too do the right things in your life, too be simple and just do right by other people, weather you may or maynot believe in God, tell me whats worng with the living life right honest and moral, believing in helping your naighbor loving your familey, caring for one another, obeying the law,, believe it or not our laws come based on the bible, today free speech is ok as long as its not about the bible,, i got news the 1st amendment is
Doodles Thoughts, Inspirations And More
Thought I would just say howdy and see how this all works. Thanks. Christina
the winds of time blow cold through your memories and it chills me to my soul as the night grows old the moonlight fades behind the clouds and the rain begains to fall and its sad to think our love died,,, if time stood still would you love me forever, if time stood still would you become bored with me, if time stood still would you look into me eyes and see me, if time stood still could we hold on to each other, if time stood still does love last forever?
I am completely boy-crazy right now and I can't help it. I need some kind of physical affection- and now. Help!
1. How many people have you had sex with in 2006? 2 2. Weed, coke, crack, heroin, oxy, acid, x, k, peyote, mushrooms, opium, hash....out of these 12 drugs how many have you done? 4 3. Ever cheated on a GF/BF no 4. Ever paid for sex? no 5. Ever been married?no 6. Ever been divorced? no 7. If you had to pick one whats your favorite sexual position? girl elvated ike on a coutner top or some thing 8. Do you own any guns?no 9. Craziest place you ever had sex?hospital also that was my first time 10. Ever been to rehab?yes 11. Ever have a 3 some?no 12. Ever have sex with anyone that you met on myspace?no 13. What size are your breasts?maybe a b but god i hope thier not 14. Do you think Arnold could beat up Chuck Norris?hell yea,he would fuck him in his cowboy ass 15. What celebrity would you want to have sex with? Luara Petty 16. Ever been unemployed for over a year since becoming an adult? yes 17. How many states have y
When the darkended skies sinks above the suburbs the cries of despair chokes on the suffering . Forced to shitty hard labour,used as cattle,remembered by no-one,forced upon the table of sacrifice,led like the lambs to slaughter people finds themselves unwanted,preferred stillborn before living cost of society the four horsemen of the apocalypse rides in over the ghettos. More people find themselves locked by cops for minor crimes. There's a long way from the patrol car to the cell and a lot of things can and will happen. when the eyes of others than the police froce are kepy closed. We must react against the police states we're all part of !!!
Doomed From The Start
The people you see every day -- fellow students, coworkers, family -- could be more difficult than usual. It's not that they're especially moody, but they may be more resistant to playing along with the group. MY horoscope today hahahaha how appropriate... we were doomed from the beginning I should have turned around n walked away the 1st day Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love SongAdd to My Profile | More Videos Dedicated to my best friend on his new journey he's about to embark on... I have so many mixed feelings but all I can do is wish him well and give him my love and blessings as I hope he finds what makes him truly happy...
Doomsday: 2012. Ugh
Hey, have you heard the world is going to end on December 21, 2012. That is of course if you listen to the new doomsayers. Well some of those doomsayers aren't exactly new, they just set a new date. If you are like me you have certian members of your family who are caught up in looking at doom and gloom news and listening to TV preachers, or TV talk shows give prophecies about the end of the world. While you listen to them you can't help but bite your tounge and roll your eyes while you are presented with new compelling 'evidence' that its all going to end. Thats because they were so accurate when they predicted that it would all end before. Just like it did in 2000, or in 1998, 1988, 1962, 1844, 1792, 1000, 72, and many other dates I might have missed. These people point that the world is messed up, in crisis. They say that there are increasing weather anomlities and more earth quakes then before. But the truth of the matter is the world has always been in conflict, there
Go A rush of blood To my head leaves me winded and wanting To feel the weakness in my body Beaten and crushed like my soul I walked the streets flirting death But I never kissed back I'm so lucky so cursed so fucked up But that's the way that it goes Its the ebb and the flow I wish that I could give you my time Give you my time Seems that doomsday has come early this year The last angel has gone I can't remember the last time I cried The last angel has gone home The memories stacking up And they pull at my guts What do I have to do to end it The better days hacked away Leaving me only pain This regret is never ending But in the blink of an eye This life passes you by I wish that I could give you my time Give you my time Seems that doomsday has come early this year The last angel has gone I can't remember the last time I cried The last angel has gone home I can't remember I can't remember I can't remember the last time I cried Seems that doom
Doom Metal!!
I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.                                                                                      Thomas Jefferson    
The Doomers Lighthouse
It absolutely astounds me people would have pictures/albums of their family or specifically their kids right next to a NSFW album with their junk hanging out. Having said that, have you ever watched a broadcast where the they are sitting there smoking up and a child comes into camera view. Don't get me wrong, I am no angel. I smoke, drink, sleep with dirty women, and run around naked at parties with the best of them..... BUT NEVER WITH CHILDREN AROUND! What do you think?
Doomsday Is Here!
Doomsday Inc. band profile is finally ready and we are thrilled to get this thing up and running and going. We know there's some true rockers out there who take no shit from anybody, so this is for all of you with an attitude that makes Doomsday Inc. take off their figurative hats in sheer respect! Fan us, like us, add us, leave comments... Just click the shit out of our profile! Doomsday Inc. Fubar Profile Hello everyone!We made a return back at the old drawing board and came up with a new tune for you all to listen. The song is titled "Dilemma?" and can be found on our profile. Go vote the hell out of it As a note on the side we'd like to remind you all to go to our Facebook page and hit "Like". We need all the support we can get and in return we will keep providing you with new tunes  Our FB can be found HERE.Pass this message on to your friends and tell them to do the same. Thank you all in advance!Keep rockin' and stay doomed! SDMF \,,/ Just so you wouldn't forget our most im
Dooni Designs
Suddenly Webkinz have become the next beanie babies.. I have to admit they are adorable. I bought my niece off ebay for 50 bucks around christmas time.. now the going price is $280!!! Perhaps a good investment! Click the link below to find some great deals on webkinz Wacky for Webkinz Yeah.. everyone made a huge fuss over the whole sanjay thing on american idol.. so i decided to make this shirt..... Personally, I'm shocked he lasted as long as he did on here... especially after that mohawk thing.
Doon't Know
Doooo Me Lolz
Would you? 1. Give me your number? 2. Have sex with me? 3. Let me kiss you? 4. Watch a movie with me...even a really sappy one? 5. Let me take you out to dinner? 6. Drive me somewhere/anywhere? 7. Take a shower with me? 8. Be my bf/gf? 9. Have a fling with me? 10. Listen to me if I called you crying even if you were out with all of your friends? 11. Buy me a drink if i didnt have money? 12. Take me home for the night? 13. Would you let me sleep in your bed? 14. Sing car karaoke w/ me? 15. Sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone? 16. Re-post this for me to answer your questions? 17. Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere? 18. Do you think im pretty, beautiful, or hot? 19. Do you like my style? 20. Do you think im funny? 21. Do you care about me? 22. Would you cry if i died? 23. Would you stop me if i tried to commit suicide? 24. Would you dance
Doooo Whaaa?!?!?!
Let others know a little more about yourself, repost this as your name followed by "ology." MOUTHOLOGY Q. What is your salad dressing of choice? A. Red Wine vinegarette Q. What is your favorite fast food restaurant? A. YUK!!!YUK!! Q. What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? A: Bravo! Q. On average, what size tip do you leave at a restaurant? A.15 % Q. What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of? A. crawfish(unless someone else is around-you know who you are!!LOL) Q. What are your pizza toppings of choice? A. extra cheese and bar-b-que chicken!Yum! Q. What do you like to put on your toast? A. strawberry jam TECHNOLOGY Q. What is your wallpaper on your computer? A. A beach Q. How many televisions are in your house? A. 3 BIOLOGY Q. Are you right-handed or left-handed? A. right Q. Have you ever had anything removed from your body? A. do two children count?? Q. When was the last time you had a cavity? A. about
Dooooo It
The ULTIMATE NAUGHTY QUIZ! Fill it out and send it to me in a message, and repost to see what people put for you! 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. How often do you masturbate? 3 1/2. Have u masterbated to me? 4. Favorite position (s) ? 5. Do you think i'm hot? 6. Would you have sex with me? 7. lights on or off? 8. Would you have to be drunk? 9. Would you take a shower with me? 10. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 11. Would you leave after or stay the night? 12. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 13. Condom or skin? 14. Do you give Oral pleasures? 15. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 16. Have sex on the first date? 17. Would you kiss me during sex? 18. Do you think I would be good in bed? 19. Would u have a 3-some with me? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Do you like fore play? 23. What is fore play to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. W
Tuesday, March 24, 2009 Cancer (Jun 21 - Jul 22) You are rejuvenated by the depth of your feelings today, as if they put you in touch with an endless supply of energy. You are motivated now to do something about your emotions instead of just talking about them. But being driven to action can also create trouble, especially if you act before thinking about the consequences. Although your usual style tends to be cautious, letting loose is a good exercise for your soul, even if it makes others a little uncomfortable. She moves like she dont care. Smooth as silk, cool as air. Ooh, it makes you wanna cry. She doesnt know your name and your heart beats like a subway train. Ooh, it makes you wanna die. Ooh, dont you wanna take her? Wanna make her all your own? Maria. Youve gotta see her! Go insane and out of your mind. Medina. Ave maria. A million and one candlelights. Ive seen this thing before. In my best friend and the boy next door. Fool for love and fool of
Doooom Metal
1. The Gate of Adar   I've gazed beyond the stars and infinite space Beheld the dimensions unknown to man I've shaken while seing the laws of time and space crumble to the pits of pandemonic horrors For what I've invoken can't be banished and I'm too weak to fight Alone I tremble in underground chambers of isolation Pits where grotesque ungodly beings scream for centuries Called beyond the universe of mortals I've opened the gate and now it's too late The Great One will appear, the ultimate death draws near For Mankind Tunnels filled with maddening stench of hell Inbred creatures that will rip human flesh Screams of pain and timeless terror From below the day of doom shall come forth Standing at the gate and waiting Dark waters stir again The coming of the apocalypse Destruction of all that I've once held dear Standing at the gate and waiting Dark waters stir again I suffer this terror until I face my death With all mankind
3 Doors Down
(1)Krytonite(2)Here without You(3)Let me Go(4)Away from the Sun(5)Landing in London(6)Behind Those Eyes
The Doors
3 Doors Down
3 Doors Down Here Without You Tribute To Eddie Guerrero
The Doors
With your frame out of the doorway, I can see the light, the brightness fills up the dark room. With your frame out of the doorway, I can see the exit, the path that frees me of confinement. With your frame out of the doorway, I can see my future, the journey where I walk on my own. With your frame out of the doorway, what I see is open. Endless possibilities with no one left to stop me.
The Doors
is the doors the best late 60's and early 70's rock band or what ?????
Door Ways Of Our Mind's
Doo Rock Inn Lounge
***** THIS POEM WAS WRITTEN FOR ME BY AN AWESOME LOUNGE MEMBER ~ LOSTPOET&DENPOET~ GO AND SHOW HIM SOME LOVE***** Lostpoet&DenPoet@ fubar Come one now come all the Doo Rock Inn sends out a call We got DJ's Ready to Play all Request throughout the night and day We can ignite the heart and Spirit to soar up on high Come on and you will see the Doo Rock Inn is the coolest Place to be We sing with the greatest desire to ignite your Heart set your Spirit on fire Check us out and watch us soar as you walk into the door We Greet all like family So come on in and you will agree Once you Enter the Doo Rock Inn is the greatest place to be WELCOME TO FUBAR! YOU ARE INVITED TO COME MAKE NEW FRIENDS AND ENJOY THE GREAT MUSIC AT THE DOO ROCK INN LOUNGE. THE BEST PLACE ON FUBAR TO GET SOME HELP, HAVE A DRINK AND MEET SOME FRIENDLY FACES. JUST CLICK THE " ON THE AIR" IMAGES BELOW TO GET STARTED. DJ Angeleyes Come join us at
The Doors - People Are Strange
People are strange when youre a stranger Faces look ugly when youre alone Women seem wicked when youre unwanted Streets are uneven when youre down When youre strange Faces come out of the rain When youre strange No one remembers your name When youre strange x3 People are strange when youre a stranger Faces look ugly when youre alone Women seem wicked when youre unwanted Streets are uneven when youre down When youre strange Faces come out of the rain When youre strange No one remembers your name When youre strange x3 When youre strange Faces come out of the rain When youre strange No one remembers your name When youre strange x3
Do Or Die Moments: Do U Want It Or Not? Quit Equivocating & Being Mysteriouso!
I am looking for my brother inlaw. his name is Roald Diganzio. his last know address was in Newport Ri. and help.
Doors Song
“The secret source of humor is not joy but sorrow; there is no humor in heaven.” ― Mark Twain   people always complain i have a sick/horrible/tasteless sense of humour.... truth is... the world is a really messed up place... a lot more messed up than most of you would ever want to know about.. if you actually understand where i'm coming from... all the stuff i say would seem quite fitting :)     Chase Burt Hmm not really we are all thinking the same thing Thursday at 8:28pm · Like Dustin Nouansiri I'd shoot him. Also, we need you back at drill, we are doing gunnery test next month and the 50 cal is part of it. Thursday at 8:29pm · Like Scott Mitchell when is the next drill? Thursday at 8:44pm · 
3 Doors Downkryptonitemusic Video Codes By
3 Doors Down - Kryptonite 3 Doors DownKryptonite
Do Over Year
Ok. This is a new year(You've heard this hundreds of damn time all ready I know) and you now have a blank page in front of you. This is your 'Do Over page'. What do you want to to use your do over for? Do you need more then one? Is it something small? Big? Simple? Complex? Silly? Serious? What is it? Let's get started! Mine? Finish what I started. I've kicked the shit out of smoking(5 months now and never felt better!). But there are other things I need to do over. Like finish what I started. What is yours?
Do Over
Well This is the new fubar account. Lol I was Rockstar now I'm back down to the stupid newbie level. Trying to hunt up all my friends, Miss u guys.
Do Over
  Do over (By Me) Here I am starting overstarting a new chapter in this so called lifethe future is uncertain even more now then beforetoo many roads to choose from not sure which way to go We take many things for grantedhealth,love,friends,jobs, even familythings can change in the blink of an eyehave to think to do the simplest taskdon't realize what we do every daycan just easily be taken away thought I had the world in my handstarting this new chapter had the bull by the hornswell he got away and gored menow a wheel chair I call legstrying to learn to walk again Many friends have showed me the lovethey all say I deservewhat I long for and yern to feelis the loving touch of anotherI hurt I feel the constant painphysically and emotionaly it tears me apart so here I am with a do overbut it comes at what costcan I afford this toal roadit is a heavy price I am to paymy heart,my body,my mind, my soulIt is a tough long road to travel
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Do Oyu Really Cae For Some One??
BE HONEST. If you REALLY like someone right now, And MISS them right at this moment, And can't get them OUT OF YOUR HEAD, Then re-post this titled "Do U have feelings for Someone??? "Within one (1) minute, And whoever you are missing, Will surprise you tomorrow : When u r online ...whose name do u look for first? when a slow song comes on the radio-whose face comes to ur mind first? when u hear ur phone ringing who do u hope it is calling? whose name makes ur heart skip a beat? in the next 60 seconds send this to all the people on ur list and the person that u are thinkin of will do something special to show how much they care about u! if i dont get dis back i guess ur not my friend. If u have alot of love for someone copy and send to ur whole list in 5 mins ur true love will call u!!!!! Just try (repost of original by 'Kara Cakes' on '2006-10-17 22:17:06') (repost of original by 'BABYFREAK' on '2006-10-17 22:22:11') (repost of original by 'let's have some fun' on '2006-10-17
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Do People Read These?
soo we have all been on first dates, sometimes last ones too haha. but they are probably the most difficult to do. its awkward, sometimes very quiet, you dont kno what to wear, whose gonna pay, ad the biggest question of them all... WILL THERE BE SEX? for the guys, sex might be their goal, a relationship, maybe not. sometimes guys prefer to have sex on the first date just to see if the girl is a slut or not. other times, they just wana see if shes good in bed and if she may be a keeper. sometimes if you are a keeper, you are just a booty call. how to determine that: the way a man acts in bed gives a window to what he wants, for example, if he doesnt realy look at ur face or kiss you, he prolly only wants a booty call, if ur any good. the other way around, HE LIKE A LOT !!! oh and if you fuck in the car, yea u can forget it, ur a slut, but theres nothing wrong with that. for the girls, now if we have sex on a first date we are ALL SLUTS right?? WRONG !! i know personally, i will h
What is it about people that makes them naturally by into the need to swallow whatever some "authority" says without testing it out for themselves? When i watch scientist on TV they always remind me of clergymen. "Look! I am a SCIENTIST!!! You just HAVE to believe me! - just because I said so." - and folks do... I am not saying that earth is really flat here.. (Though, it was scientists that so sternly avowed that the earth WAS flat way back then). What I AM saying is that I just wish that ppl would stop believing without weighing the REAL facts for themselve. REMEMBER: "Scientist" have very strong finacial motivation for "proving" what they set out to prove. I got a nice story to tell on that note... stay tuned.
Dopey's Day's
The Dope Man
Do People Irritate You?
I may be a Control Freak since I am a BDSM Mistress but some people just irrate me no matter how I try to bend and ignore them.
Dope---- Bitch
Dope- BitchUploaded by LordBinou
Do People Really Believe This Bs
ok so I go to open some message on my myspace and I get this: McDonalds, Chuck E Cheese, Discovery Zone... All places with ball pits in the children's play area. One of my sons lost his watch, and was very upset. We dug and dug in those balls, trying to find his watch. Instead, we found vomit, food, feces, and other stuff I do not want to discuss. I went to the manager and raised hell. Come to find out, the ball pit is only cleaned out once a month. I have doubts that it is even done that often.. My kids will never play in another ball pit. Some of you might not be parents, but you may have nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or friends with children. This will pertain to you too. As I read the following, my heart sank. I urge each and every one of you to pass this on to as many people as you can. I cannot stress how important this is! Hi. My name is Lauren Archer, my son Kevin and I lived in Midland , TN. On October 2nd, 1999 I took my only son to McDonald's for his
Do People Meet Online For Romance Anymore?
I used to meet a lot of women online for dating years ago when the whole online dating sites were free and new. Now it stinks for guys at least based on the many emails I have sent via Craigslist and sites and the very few replies given. So I dont place a whole lot of stock and trust in it anymore. Besides most women are 500+ miles from me who have any interest. Now its just fun to do online stuff but romance is dead for normal guys like me.
Do People Actually Blog Here?
It just seems to me that most people are here to feed their gluttonous egos. Okay, I'm a little guilty too. But I rather actually meet a few cool people and not see them practically naked at first glance. I mean, COME ON!!! Where did the artfulness go? The mystery? The decency? Self-respect much? I guess I'm being too judgmental; I am on this weblog too. It just really grinds my gears... (Anybody catch the ref?) Anyways...Freedom of speech. I can't have it both ways. Have I just contradicted myself? Yup. I think so. I suppose it's one of those predicaments that just won't ever get abortion or the death penalty. I support the right to choose, btw. I've totally gotten off track. I do have a point---PUT ON SOME CLOTHES AND RESPECT YOURSELF! Yes, men are visual creatures, but you don’t have to be so blatantly desperate. Yeah, I’ve been there, done that…it only works for a second. It really is high time that women start giving more credit to men. It takes more than flesh (or l
Dopey And The Pope
Dopey and the other six dwarves went on a trip to the Vatican to meet the Pope. When the Pope arrives to greet them, Dopey sidles upto him and says "Excuse me, your holyness. Do you know if there are any dwarf nuns in Rome?" The pope ponders this and then replys "You know what Dopey, I don't believe there are." Dopey looks at him and shuffles from foot to foot uncomfortably. "Well, do you know if there are any dwarf nuns in all of Europe?" The Pope again thinks for a while, but still says "No Dopey, I dont think there are." Dopey starts to look uneasy so he asks in desperation "Are there any dwarf nuns in the whole of the world?" The pope looks him in the eye and replys "No Dopey there isn't! Why are you so consurned with this issue?" Shamefaced Dopey points to the other dwaves that are huddled in the corner, laughing and chanting "Dopey shagged a penguin!"
To all the stoners out there here's the place to grow buy and sell just copy the link and join me @ { } searh for Stubby_420 or 1824
Dope @ The Orbit Room   Dope, BLS and Cycle Of Pain The Orbit Room - Grand Rapids, MI Doors open: 7:00p Show starts: 8:00p $27.50 in advance - $30 @ the door
Dopey And The Pope
Dopey and the other six dwarves went on a trip to the Vatican to meet the Pope. When the Pope arrives to greet them, Dopey sidles upto him and says "Excuse me, your holyness. Do you know if there are any dwarf nuns in Rome?"The pope ponders this and then replys "You know what Dopey, I don't believe there are."Dopey looks at him and shuffles from foot to foot uncomfortably. "Well, do you know if there are any dwarf nuns in all of Europe?"The Pope again thinks for a while, but still says "No Dopey, I dont think there are."Dopey starts to look uneasy so he asks in desperation "Are there any dwarf nuns in the whole of the world?"The pope looks him in the eye and replys "No Dopey there isn't! Why are you so consurned with this issue?"Shamefaced Dopey points to the other dwaves that are huddled in the corner, laughing and chanting "Dopey shagged a penguin!"
The Dope Show
Do Phone Surveys Annoy You?
I know that many people get annoyed at phone surveys....well, I have recently joined the ranks of those who annoy you, and I've learned something. 1. market research doesn't have a call list. bitch all you want, your number won't get taken off. 2. they will keep calling you back. even if you hang up on them or cuss them out. that is what they do. all day. 3. the QUICKEST way for them to leave you the hell alone...IS TAKE THE DAMN SURVEY. that is how your number gets kicked out of the system. just thought I'd put this helpful hint out there for everyone.
Doppler Radar Map
The Night Her blacken cape covers me from the frights of the light which tortures me, the cape shields me, my sleep frees me, the bitter hate of the light crushes my soul, but her cape releases me to help regain my sanity. Her beauty surpasses all that I know, her sparkling eyes, her long silken black hair, waves in the hollowing wind. Her absence of light makes me happy for the short time I'm with her, but I must leave her, for my body and soul are bond to this thing call reality. The vision of her I see most frequently, in her slender black dress, silently walking towards me. That silents is our music as we dance in our fantasy, until the light takes her away from me, but yet she escapes to see me and the light always recaptures her. The light brings me pain and misery. For he takes my only pleasure, thus we are cursed never be together in reality. For she is the night. by doragon herutsu
Doreen's Stuff
stated a new profile y'all cause i can't get on my other one.
The Dorkier Side
so last time diana and i went to the zoo we saw one of the polar bears playing with one of their toys, he was jumping up and down seemingly trying to demolish a plastic barrel. and i didn't even think about taking a vid of it! but pretty much the same thing happened this year! so i got one this time! RULES: 1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle. 2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. 3. YOU MUST WRITE THAT SONG NAME DOWN NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT SOUNDS. 4. Tag 10 friends. 5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing. 6. Have Fun! IF SOMEONE SAYS 'ARE YOU OKAY' YOU SAY? "atomic" blondie HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOURSELF? heartbreaker- pat benatar WHAT DO YOU LIKE IN A GUY/GIRL? all my love- led zepplin HOW DO YOU FEEL TODAY? original fire- audioslave WHAT IS YOUR LIFE'S PURPOSE? one way or another- blondie WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO? you spin me round (like a record)- dead or alive WHAT DO YOUR FRIENDS THINK OF YOU?
The Dork Collector
The Dork Files Of Jade Lmaoo
Had a shower, didn't shave me legs soooo figured ain't gettin back in just to do that, I'll just shave em , dry! :-S BIG MISTAKE , I wasn't thinkin whatsoeverrrrrrrrrr cuz I shoulda learned this lil lesson before!!! so, razor burn starts, "I" decide to grab the lotion , BAD BAD IDEA!!!!!! burningggggggg freakin legggggggg.... oh oh ICE! yea , ICE works!! ........ NOT IF YOU DONT' FREAKIN WASH THE LOTION OFF FIRST!!!!! OMG WHERE *IS* MY MIND : GIGGLES : LMMFAOOO @ MESSELF!! I'M SUCH A DORK FOR CARING LOL .........(AND YES, I'M ACTUALLY LAUGHING ABOUT THIS, GO FIGURE!LOL) I HAVE NO MORE DOUBTS ANYMORE, I AM TOTALLY CONVINCED THAT MEN WANT A WOMAN THAT'LL BE MEAN,RUDE,CRUEL,BITCHY,CHEAT,DRINK N DRUG, AND IN GENERAL TREAT THEM LIKE THEY COULD GIVE A SHIT LESS ABOUT THEM! LOL. SEEMS THE ONE'S I KEEP RUNNING IN TO JUST LOVE THE WOMEN THAT GIVE THEM A HARD TIME, SOOOOOO....... WHAT'S A 'GOOD' WOMAN TO DO ANYMORE? CAN'T BEAT 'EM, JOIN 'EM ? HMMMM. I'VE TRIED TO CARE, DONE MY
People suck....mmmhm all of them I will make signs if u want me 2 Rules: NO NUDES...please I am properish I wish he can hear me cry see the tears that lay on my pillow knowing I might never get to laugh again hearing suffering sad songs on repeat wishing that one day he can forgive me for the beast i became I dont expect him to understand nor forgive me for the pain I have caused him but the selfish part of me wants him to talk to me I clench my heart as the thrill to call him or txt him emurges.. I just cant STOP talking to him... he has been such a frequent part of my life " I am so sorry " I wanna scream in the reciever of the phone I close my eyes tightly a breathe of sorrow I think about the better days... the days i would lay on this pillow laughing and giggling at him the days I would shout at him and play fight.. hanging up only to have him call me 2 secs after.. The nights he would lay in bed telling me he loved me and he wants to be in my life.. and how
Dork Under Rated
I already know this is gonna be a touchy subject....but here goes. Lets think about red heads since there are so many on this site. Have you ever known an in-between redhead? For a red headed lady...there is no in-between...either they are very sexy...or just plain ugly. Same goes for us red-headed guys. Some of us have the big ugly blotchy freckles and some of us have the smaller almost sexy freckles. I don't think most of you non-redheads realize what we have been thru in life. Most of us, male and female, are picked on because we stand out...our hair is hard not to notice in elementary school. We hate that. But as we get older we learn to accept it and actually enjoy it. Its very rare to see a group of redheads hanging out together...but the group of people with the one redhead stands out above other groups without a redhead. I remember one class in high school where I was blessed with 4 other redheads besides me. We all sat in a group and intimidated everyone in the c
So why is it, you get people who have a blast on Fubar.... they're in the box telling you to come by their profile and check them out, add them, fan them, rate them...... but then they leave their profile non accessible to people who are not on their friends list.... I don't get it, is there something I'm missing, or are these people just idiots?
Dork Proof
...and so does Dean. You see, Dean needs 15 more new fans before he can level. I fanned him a few weeks ago because he's a cool guy and I wouldn't want him not to level! I totally upset the fan-less balance of my page just to help him out. Deans Psychedelic Breakfast@ fubar And this is where helping us both comes in. You see, as soon as he levels (yay!) I'll be able to remove him from my fan list! lol   I wish to thank you all for your time, and your support. You're such good friends, and I'm happy I came back.  I'm siting on my bed listening to a band called Electric Wizard, who can best be described as Black Sabbath on acid, which led me to go over the types of music I find myself listening to the most.   doom stoner rock post rock post metal drone ambient even ambient drone doom   I'm at my happiest when immersed in minor-keyed guitar and heavy bass radiating at bone-shaking decibel levels from extremely large speakers. In the summer I wear black in the sun and soak up
Dorks Nation
would you like to go some place and have alot of fun and not worry about the crap that goes on and bullcrap back and have fun and have alot of laughs then join dork's nation where u can help others while they help u  dorks nation is just more then a lounge.. its a place where u can chill but i'm looking past all that lounge crap really and want ppls to join me into having a lot of fun intead of worrying about this and that on fubar just to sit back and relax and have fun when was the last time u actully cracked up with a bunch of friends well heres ur chance if u seem a bit intersted into it pls let me know i would like some kind of info ..this is just a hard draft so if anyone got any idea pls let me or my friend chelle know  its great to be a dork so y not   
Dork Digital
  The best thing about technology and computers today is how diverse everything is. While it can be overwhelming when you're having to look into new computers, phones, tablets, hardware, touchscreen monitors and much more, there is something out there for everyone. This is one topic that always comes up between people a lot today that use these technologies as tools in their everyday life.Which one is better?Is one system better than another?I don't write a whole lot but this topic is one that I would like to get off my chest; from my point of view. I have a Bachelor of Computer Science and regularly work with different types of computers, operating systems, tablets, phones and networks. There is one thing that almost every technology has in common. Keeping you connected to the people/information you need and use in your everyday life. With desktops and laptops people become divided into three groups. Mac users, Windows users and Linux/Unix users. These are just the three common group
ok to start this out..... i really enjoy ct well fubar now.. but not sure wat to do so i think im going to lay dorment for some time i maybe on and may not im sure alot of u have noticed i dont comment like i used to or even the morphs...i have this problem... and its called i need a real life..i need to clear head...i dont wanna go but if i do it wil prolly be for about 6 not going to prison...i hope not anyhow...but i do this alot find new friends then i abanden them for 6 months and if they r there when i get back they r..and most how i tell who my friends really r... sorry if i have been different to some of u and im sure alot of u camn tell...... but anyhow long story short.......... i will be on but if i just up and vanished u know y...i think i owe to my friends this much atleast.... love ya all.......... oops and some more then thanks......
Doro At The Whiskey A Go Go 6/20/07
Practice selflessness because what you put out to others will come back to you more than ten fold. If you just took care of yourself... then only one person is effected. History spans over time and is as old as time itself. That which was done to someone once before, could be done again by the same person. That which hasn't been done to you before by that person, most likely will not. The good or the bad... Who we are today, are what we have been molded from yesterday. What happened to you yesterday? If we didn't know anything else and all we could do was help another, the world would be a beautiful place. Leave every day, every situation, every glance knowing you gave it your all and you'll always be satisfied. If you hold back, there is a bigger chance of regret and "what if" becomes a factor. "Cause something to happen". When we conciously make our decisions and dedicate ourselves to the result, the effects are staggering. Plant hope into others and give them your support s
Dorothy Parker
My own dear love, he is strong and bold And he cares not what comes after. His words ring sweet as a chime of gold, And his eyes are lit with laughter. He is jubilant as a flag unfurled -- Oh, a girl, she'd not forget him. My own dear love, he is all my world, -- And I wish I'd never met him. My love, he's mad, and my love, he's fleet, And a wild young wood-thing bore him! The ways are fair to his roaming feet, And the skies are sunlit for him. As sharply sweet to my heart he seems As the fragrance of acacia. My own dear love, he is all my dreams, -- And I wish he were in Asia. My love runs by like a day in June, And he makes no friends of sorrows. He'll tread his galloping rigadoon In the pathway of the morrows. He'll live his days where the sunbeams start, Nor could storm or wind uproot him. My own dear love, he is all my heart, -- And I wish somebody'd shoot him. Once, when I was young and true, Someone left me sad - Broke my brittle heart in t
3 Doðru þey
Do's & Don'ts When It Cums 2 Sex!!!!
Well I'm a pretty open minded person.Very much a freak at that.Basically I would try something at least once and if I like it more than likely I will most definately do it again.I do have one don't that I will not participate in and that is anything that consists of another female being involved.I just have this thing that I can't do anything wit someone that has the same things I got.Besides I would be all you would need. As far as my do's go,like I said i'm a freak and pretty open minded.I love sex and just bout all that comes wit it.So yes I do like oral sex it gives me more pleasure to know he's being pleased.Just watching his reaction to it is a huge turn on .The way he grips onto the sheet pulling it off the mattress moaning and groaning cuz the feeling is so good.Even more when I feel his body jumping and twitching,see his legs stiffen straight out with his toes beginning to curl up on him.Wow wut A wonderful feeling I get when I know i'm definately handling mine. Now
Dos De Mayo
it's the new milk baby!
Dos Equis Vs. El Presidente
Dose Of Reality
R.I.P. MEDKAR "MR. INCREDIBLE" WALKER, MY LITTLE BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER. SUNRISE 2/21/79 .... SUNSET 9/11/07 EVEN THOUGH LATELY WE DID NOT SPEAK MUCH,YOU WILL BE MISSED YA BRUH!! 'N.F.L.' WHAT'S HAPPENING TO OUR YOUTH? WHAT'S HAPPENING TO OUR NATION? I often look around and I notice several things regarding black folks MEN have turned into women and WOMEN have turned into men Our kids are happy to either look like CLOWN thugs, or SLUT whores. I swear to you I see more kids looking a HOT mess than ever before. 1st of all the WHITE TEE has replaced the throwback, but with the pants hanging below the ass cheeks with a belt on no less. I think that kinda defeats the purpose of wearing a belt to wear your pants UNDER your ass cheek and have to pull them up every few steps. YOU THINK? and the shirt that comes down to the knees, whats the difference between THAT and a SKIRT?!?!?! And if I see ANOTHER WOMANS ass crack in the street dammit!
Dose Any One Want To Love Me Lol
Dose It Look Right For A Kid To Call Total Strangers Daddy
i may not have kids but i sure as hell would not tell my kids to call a total stranger DADDY what type of mother dose that to her 3yr old son just Because You meet men on here dont men u are going to make your kid call him daddy and think that its cute when its not the kid knows who his father is and i think that is going to mess that lil kid up 
Doshtaroths Personal
(1)cannot say "i know where that is" when going somewhere then all of a sudden say "where are we going again?i forget" (2) cannot tell Will to speak in english when he is talking in his sleep.he will only say "No" or "okay" and go back to sleep (3) cannot put a bucket over my head and run as fast as i can down a hill (4) am not allowed to go into best buy and make fun of the tvs having sex (5) cannot go into an appliance store and ask about how the little appliances were made and if they were made by the washing machines and dryers having sex. (6)cannot throw skittles and m&ms down the isle and scream "the ants are coming to get me" during a scary movie in the theatre (7) cannot flirt with mandy...will and spence might get jealous (8) cannot tell will i want pizza then change my mind and say i want ralleys then continously change my mind about what to eat. (9) while driving,can not tell the person in the passengerseat to press the little red button and then tel
Do Single Moms Have To Be Single Forever???
Why does it have to be so hard for a single mom to find a good man? I will be the first one to admit that my life is far from perfect, but damn, it feels like no one wants to even take the time out to get to know me. I know I'm not the prettiest or skinniest girl in the world... but is that all that men care about?? Do single moms have to be single forever????
Do Single People Exist??!!
Maybe I am just a magnet for cheating, but it seems that the only people that are into me, ARE IN RELATIONSHIPS!! That last girl I hooked up with was ENGAGED to a dude. And the last few men I have been talking to ALLLLL are in relationships. (well not ALL but most) I have been the "Other Girl" MANNNNY times in the past. I used to love it. All the fun of a relationship but no fights. And I never had to worry about them wanting to BE WITH me. You know, since they already had someone......... But I am over it. I'd like a single, attractive man/woman that I get along with. Is that too much to ask??? Single people?? Where are you????
Do Something For Me Please!
Why is it that guys like to play with girl's emotions? Talk to us about things (personal things at that) and then just decide one day to just up and ignore them? Games sucks... :( Ok... one of my wonderful girlfriends just bought me a 6 month VIP membership... Please please please go show her all the love you can! She is one amazing woman and obviously does everything she can for her friends! 'It's ALL good' *FU 'wifey' 2 my crush & GF of Elizabitch*@ fubar Love you honey! Kisses and thank you so much again!!!
Do Soul Mates Exist? Key # 1
Key #1) Best Friends. Each partner feels the other is the very best friend they have on Earth. let's hear your thoughts and opinions on this
Do Soul Mates Exist? Key # 2
2) Love and Tell. Soul Mates tell one another they love each other at least once every day of their lives, and both MEAN it sincerely. Neither EVER assumes the other "knows I love him/her so I don't need to tell him/her". There is NO taking love for granted with Soul Mates. What do you think?..
Do Soul Mates Exist? Key # 3
Key #3) Mutual Respect. Soul mates NEVER put one another down, but ALWAYS lift each other up. Neither partner is "the boss", though either can voluntarily accede to the other in areas where the other is more knowledgeable or more comfortable in making a decision or in taking an action.
Do Soul Mates Exist? Key # 4
Key #4) Total Acceptance. Soul mates accept each other as-is. Neither partner EVER tries to change the other, and neither partner EVER tries to judge the other.
Do Soul Mates Exist?... Key #5
Key #5) Unconditional Love. Soul mates love each other UNCONDITIONALLY... they let each other know it, and they let others know it. When they talk of their mate with friends and others, it is obvious this person has something special in their mate. Each partner constantly tries to please the other, yet neither partner is critical if the other has not pleased them for some reason. Neither partner ever tries in any way to hurt the other.
The Dot
FINALLY SOMEONE HAS CLEARED THIS UP. For centuries, Hindu women have worn a spot on their foreheads. We have always naively thought that it had something to do with their religion. The true story has recently been revealed by the Indian Embassy in Washington , D.C. When these beautiful women get married, she brings with her, a dowry. On her wedding night, the husband scratches off the spot to see if he has won either a convenience store, a gas tation, a donut shop or a motel in the United States
Respect!!! Such a thing that you have to earn it. SSomehow I have a wired feeling that the fubar horoscope does not reflect the truth, rather it’s trying to dictate you to be the person who you are not. I have been watching the horoscopes quiet closely for last few weeks. Don’t know if you all would agree with me or not, but I reached to my conclusion! Leo is old, so it could be anyone but him!
Dot. Com.
hey yall! will you do me a HUMONGOUS favor and vote for my poster at!!? i would greatly appreciate it!! especially considering the person with the most votes wins and i'm entering late.. thanks, everyone!
A Dot Cizzile Speakin Tha Truth/life After Katriana
its real in dese streets.dats why we gotta carry tha heat.its real in dese streets.dats whay we gotta carry tha heat.(3x) (A.Cizzle) ah huh check it its real in dese streets dats why me and my dawgs gotta carry our heat and dats how it gotta be so fuck u if don't keep ur heat on ur hip ready to aim bust and rip dese fakers off dere feet we dat nine mil or dem ak's or choppas so be ready to get down or lay down and roc wit us tha village souljas hold up lil ones i thought we told u dat we always ready to hit yall in tha head or tha heart wit tha triple beams killin yall off like we eatin some jelly beans fa our team A Dot Cizzile is one of tha best in tha St.Bernard streets,cause i'm so ready to knock out ur teeth wit my pecie so don't come wit dat bullshit leakin out ur mouth,cause it be Tha Chossen Child,Big Pearl,n Da Murda Man in tha south wit dat tha dro and not tha fuckin drought i'm so 504 n 850 to my head down to my toes to tha meatshow fa all u hoes andBig Pearl show dese
Generik Viagra - genius solution of impotency problem. BUY NOW AND GET BIGGER DISCOUNT
I'm no longer welcome. When I tried to add a friend tonight I was told by the CherryTap that I had to have a primary picture set. Whoever created the message implied that because I had chosen to remain anonymous I was somehow not a fit for the site. I won't be adding a primary picture anytime soon s I guess it is only a matter of time before I am expunged. Hope I have not made anyone feel like trash. That's how I feel at the moment. Off to look for another site that respects my wishes. So this really sweet lady visits my page and leave these nice messages. I sent her a sindgle red rose and and a sweet comment. She in turn sends me a weed. Am i missing something? Did I fuck up? Why, when i ma trying my best toi be sweet does she send me weeds? You scored as Foreplay. You most prefer foreplay, which has everything to do with oral sex, teasing, biting, licking, scratching, toe sucking, massage and anything else you can think of just short of full penetration. Though toys may
Do This :]
Do this=] Name: Age: Location: Hair: Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: What Do You Think Of My: Looks: Eyes: Body: Hair: Clothes: Humor: Smile: Would you: Date me? Tell me Im cute instead of hot? Do anything I say? Give me your number? Make out with me till our jaws went numb? Take a shower with me? Tell your parents about me? Let me slam your face in my crotch? Show me off? Do you: Want to fuck me? Think Im good looking? Hate me? Like me for who I am? Have a crush on me? Think Im a serious or sarcastic person? Am I: Hot or Sexy? [one good answer] Nice or mean? Annoying or fun to talk to? A man whore or just a slut? Prep or a wigger? [ha] Better looking then your ex? Have You Ever: Thought about fucking me? Wanting me? Wanting to date me? Use me? Wanted to make out with me? Sexin pretty much anywhere?
Do The Barracuda...
-- It's time to learn...The B.A.R.R.A.C.U.D.A -- Everybody do the... Do the BARRACUDA... Everybody do the... Do the BARRACUDA... --BBBBBBBBB- --BB------BB --BB------BB --BBBBBBBBB- --BB------BB --BB------BB --BBBBBBBBB- ------A------ -----AAA----- ----AA-AA---- ---AA---AA--- --AAAAAAAAA-- -AA-------AA- AA---------AA --RRRRRRRRR-- --RR------RR- --RR------RR- --RRRRRRRRR-- --RR-----RR-- --RR------RR- --RR-------RR --RRRRRRRRR-- --RR------RR- --RR------RR- --RRRRRRRRR-- --RR-----RR-- --RR------RR- --RR-------RR ------A------ -----AAA----- ----AA-AA---- ---AA---AA--- --AAAAAAAAA-- -AA-------AA- AA---------AA --CCCCCCCCC-- -CC---------- CC----------- CC----------- CC----------- -CC---------- --CCCCCCCCC-- -UU------UU-- -UU------UU-- -UU------UU-- -UU------UU-- -UU------UU-- -UU------UU-- --UUUUUUUU--- --DDDDDDDDD-- --DD------DD- --DD-------DD --DD-------DD --DD-------DD --DD------DD- --DDDDDDDDD-- ------A----
Do This Baby
01] I _____ Debbie . 02] Debbie is _____. 03] If I were alone in a room with Debbie, I would _____. 04] I think Debbie should _____. 05] Debbie needs _____. 06] I want to _____ Debbie. 07] Someday Debbie will ___. 08] Debbie reminds me of _____. 09] Without Debbie _____. 10] My memories of Debbie are _____. 11] Debbie can be _____. 12] The Worst thing about Debbie is _____. 13] The best thing about Debbie is _____. 14] I am _____ with Debbie. 15] One thing i would like to know about Debbie is _____. 16] Debbie should go and _____. 17] Debbie _____ me.
Do They Get It From Their Mama, Take Vitamins, Or Workout?
I just wanna know where do alot of the girls get their booties from? I mean I take a look at em these days and I'm like "Damn, the things I'd do to that". I mean before, I use to just see black girls wit ghetto booties, now it's like I'm seein' every race wit a ghetto booty. I'm not sayin' that's a bad thing, but I just gotta know if they get it from their mama, take vitamins, or if they workout. A nigga like me just wanna grab a booty these days, just to get a sample and a feel of it. I knew somethin had to be up wit that Ms. New Booty video, next time I'll grab on a booty and be like "Excuse Me Miss". lol
Do This Please
Do This Make Men Mad
Irreplaceable ( Beyonce ) by
Do This 4 Me And Ill Do Anything 4 U
hey everyone i wanted to ask all of u to rate me or whatever please if u do it ill do anything for whoever does it for me maybe if your close ill come over with my huge u know ow well i guess ill talk to u guys later c ya yours truly sexylover
Do The Math
ROMANCE MATHEMATICS Smart man + smart woman = romance Smart man + dumb woman = affair Dumb man + smart woman = marriage Dumb man + dumb woman = pregnancy ______________________________ SHOPPING MATH A man will pay $20 for a $10 item he needs. A woman will pay $10 for a $20 item that she doesn't need. _____________________________ GENERAL EQUATIONS & STATISTICS A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband. A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife. A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man. _____________________________ HAPPINESS To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all. ______________________________ LONGEVITY Married men live longer than single men do, but married men are a lot more willing to die. ______________________________ PROP
Do This. Please!
1. Do you have a tattoo? 2. How old are you? 3. Are you single or taken? 4. Eat with your hands or utensils? 5. Do you dream at night? 6. Ever seen a corpse? 7.George Strait or Jay Z? 8. How did we meet? HERE COMES THE EQUALLY INTERESTING PART... 9. Whats your philosophy on life and death? 10. If you could do anything with me, and have no one know, what would it be? 11. Do you trust the police? 12. Do you like Country music? 13. What is your fondest memory of me? 14. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? 15. Would you cheat ? 16. What do you wear to sleep? 17. Have you ever peed in a pool? 18. Would you hide evidence for me if I asked you to? 19. If I only had one day to live, what would we do together? 20. Which do you prefer - short or long hair? 21. Do you sing in the shower? 22. What's your favorite color? 23. If you could bring back anyone that has passed, who would it be? 24. Tell me o
Do The Eyes Really Have It?
I look in the mirror and I see hazel eyes. Eyes that change color with my moods. If they are blight blue, I am content. If they are green, depending on which shade, either means come here or get the hell away from me. I have always believed the eyes to be the window to the soul. I can usually tell alot about a person, just by the way they look at me and other people. I look at your eyes when you walk toward me, and that is the first thing I will look at. If you can't look me in the eye and talk to me, don't bother to talk to me. I believe in eye contact, so that I can see what you are seeing. So, I guess with me, the eyes really do have it. Hmmm...what do you see?
Do This Plse
1. Who are you? 2. Are we friends? 3. When and how did we meet? 4. Do you have a crush on me? 5. Would you kiss me? 6. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. 7. Describe me in one word. 8. What was your first impression? 9. Do you still think that way about me now? 10. What reminds you of me? 11. If you could give me anything what would it be? 12. How well do you know me? 13. When's the last time you saw me? 14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't? 15. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?
Do They Ever Stop!!!
Do This Plz
Do The Eyes Have It?
OMG! Guess what I went and did!!! I went and got in a comment contest...Plz stop by and leave me some comments and help me win this...Hey you know I would do it for you!!!! Contest will run 7 days beginning 06/07/08 at 12pm est.,& end on 06/14/08 Click on the Eyes Pic to be taken to My Contest pic...and comment away!!! Thank You in Advance!! OMG! Guess What? Guess What?....YaY....I Won!!! I woke up to a message from our awesome contest host Jude.... And the Winners are: First place: DJ Wild Second place: Vampchylde Third Place: Dr@gonMaster Congrats to all three and thank you to everyone who parti
Do This;;i Dare You!
Do This For Me........please!!!
Hi all my fubar friends and family and to those that aren't yet!!! I am posting this link and some info for a WONDERFUL CAUSE and hope you will take the time to look at it and open your heart for me. I have two amazing boys, Justin whom is 21 and Sean 19, my Sean is Autistic and is the sunshine of my entire world, as they both are. We are looking to help the Special Olympics fund raising for the Polar Plunge this Feb. I am hoping I can get some or maybe with any luck all of you to help out. I have added a link to this that goes to the page directly so you can read and maybe donate to this amazing cause for ALL SPECIAL NEEDS KIDS. There is NO amount to small and you are not forced to do it. I am only asking as a favor. My boys are my world and what Justin is doing will help out ALL Special Needs Kids, maybe you have someone you are close to that would benefit from this as well.   Thank you in advance to anyone that donates and to ALL that take the time to read this, it really means e
Do The Math
My first blog..wowzer.   I used to just long onto this site every other month or so. The past week I kind of stuck around. Mainly because the site seems a lot more colorful than I remember. One thing I have noticed is the amount of money  that gets spent on here. I am a college student paying my own way through school. I did not get any grants or loans, I am paying cash up front for everything. Now I know that my college tuition is not near as much as actually living on your own with bills and family. There are some members that on a daily basis have a boomerang running next to their head. That is $15 a pop and they run one atleast every day. That is $105 a week and $450 a month. WOW that is a lot of dough. Then you got to add in the VIP and then the bling packs. I have come to the conclusion there are some rich people on this site. Could you please tell me what your profession is because I might want to change career paths.
Do These Heels Match My Package?
" Do To New Job And The Person I Put Out "
" Do To The Person Spongin Off Me This Isthe Result "
Do True Friends Really Exsist?
i was wondering can ur best friend be ur lover too? i met this guy and we became such close friends he was there when i needed him and i was there for him when he needed me but just so happens that it became more than just friends and it all seemed so good till one day he just decided outta the blue he was done with me everything seemed so good i went to him and he would understand me he was the only friend i had and now i have nothing he want talk to me or even ans my text..i really miss his comforting words and feel that i need his friendship i just cant let it go.. so my question is what do i do?? im lost without his friendship  WELL I FOUND OUT THAT I MAY HAVE BREAST CANCER SO  IM GOING FOR A BIOPSY TO SEE WHAT EXACTLY IS GOING ON AND JUST WANTED TO ASK MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY FOR THIER PRAYERS... THANKS EVERYONE.. LOVE YA MUCHES!!
Dots Needs Help
Dottie's Random Thoughts
howdy yall!!! i just got introduced to this very addictive site!! so far its been a blast...i have met many people that are really cool! keep the comments and the ratings coming yall!! stop bi and say pretty sure ill be here!! keep the shiny side up! rock on!! ok yall...i have had a really bad day...let me tell ya about it 1.) my 9 yr old son got suspended from school for what i like to lovingly call being a jackass!!! he got involved in a fight at school and so he got suspended. 2.) im getting ready to leave work when i get in my car and it wont turn over!!! so i popped the clutch and pulled it into our shop to deal with on friday. 3.) its been bloody cold here!! not very condusive to riding a motorcycle!! not to mention that most oklahoma drivers dont have the ability to see motorcyclist on the road...apparently we are invisble when we ride!!! ok thats all im going to rant about right now... keep the shiny side up! rock on! howdy yall!! hope everyo
Do U 2
i need a date and possibly sum butt on the same nite i know it sounds like a typical dude but hey like that usher song thats wat its made for u feel me but is there any 1 that can help me out on wat to say or wat not to say to a female so i can accomplish this cuz normally it take about a wk or 2 but now im feeened out not sayin ima dog or anything cuz im not but i just wana get it quicker u know so give me some lines and nothin that wont work on u holla should i feel a diffrent way that i like almost every female in my friends list i mean really sum of yall r so beutiful and all i got to c is pictures sumtimes it makes me hate the internet that im around so many beutiful ladies but im not i wonder if ppl feel the same as i feel like i hope theres not a girl that likes and feels the same way cuz i feel bad entertain u so look how many ppl on ur profile would u say u would luv to meet i would really like to know so do so holla at me i would luv to know this my 1st blog eva lol holla
Do U ?
Do U Agree? I Do...
Making Money could not be any easier I swear, its crazy that's its Legal!!Please just take a few minutes out of your time and LOOK this OVER.....just $6 dollars people....At first I thought this was too good to be true, how wrong I was!!I decided to give it a go, it was only 6 dollars, so why not?Well I was astounded!! Money has, and still is coming to my account.As Seen On OPRAH & 20/20 - TURN $6 into $24,600! (or more, that's just what he made)Earn money using PAYPAL as seen on Oprah & 20/20THE PAYPAL $6 DOLLAR MONEY-MAKING METHODAS SEEN ON OPRAH EARN HUGE $$$$Ok this is all you need:1) An email address2) A PayPal account3) then POST, POST, POST, POST, POST, POST..........THIS IS A 2009, CURRENT EMAIL LISTEver since the internet became popular, the word "scam" has become a daily term.I have never once tried any money making "system"outside of this because of that very reason. However, after reading reports on the validity and reputation of this money making system as seen on Oprah, C
Do U Agree
Double Standards With Men & Women And Sex
Ok folks, this is your chance to state how you feel or what you feel on the subject: Why is ok for a guy to have meanless sex but if a girl has it there a hoe a slut and easy all that good stuff. Why is it unacceptable or taboo if a women jokes or talks about her sex life in public but, its score one for the guy if they talk about it. Personally, I dont see why if a women talks about what she did can't just be considered that she just had a good time why cant women just act like a normal person or have the same standards a guy does. Men always say awe shes a slut she did this and that she did so and so on the first night how ever I dont see the guys complaining when it happens to them or they do complain of they dont get any. i think you just like confusing the hell out of us which way do you want it the good girl way or the slutty way geesh make up your mind. Tell me what you think.
Double Team!
Double D's Devious Details
I'm back. Its sooo good to be back home. I hate the hospital! Scary freaking place. Thanks to: Hellfire and Brimstone@ CherryTAP and altearth@ CherryTAP for the get well cards. That really meant a lot to me. THIS IS TRISH, DOUBLE D'S OLDEST DAUGHTER. SHE IS CURRENTLY IN THE HOSPITAL. SHE'S BEEN THERE SINCE EARLY YESTERDAY MORNING. SHE HAD AN ACUTE HEART ATTACK - SHE IS CURRENTLY DOING MUCH BETTER. SHE'LL BE HOME IN JUST A FEW DAYS -HOPEFULLY. SHE SAID SHE MISSES YOU ALL, AND HOPES TO TALK TO YOU ALL REALLY SOON. I WILL BE BACK WITH ANY UPDATES. TRISH. Going to go to the gym, I'll be back later tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to chat with a few of you. Tell your friends about me!! MySpace Comments Graphics
Lost I love you without question. I don't know why you don't want my protection ? I've never hurt you or lied, why did you go and say goodbye ? I'm sorry if i hurt you, I never meant to make tears fall from your beautifull eyes. I guess your gone now and their is nothing, i can say or do. Just remember i'll alwase love you. Makeout Month Whoever ruins this will be single for the next 4 years!! NATIONAL MAKEOUT MONTH is Novmeber 1 - November 30 If you repost this in the next 7 minutes of reading, you will be KISSSSSSSEDDDDDDDD by someone you REALLY like !!!!! repost this with the title Makeout Month Ijust met her,Altho in my heart i know i want her. Will it work? Or will she leave. I hope she never goes,Cuz my heart will fall right down to my toes. Mike
Double Stuffed Part 1
I can remember many a night before we got married when Sam and I would talk about how much we missed our fiancés -- especially sexually -- and we would talk about what turned our partners on and the like. Little did I know until that night how much these talks would contribute to this night. Sam was a black man, a year older than me, and grew up in a town about 5 miles from where I did so we had a lot in common from the first day we met. He was about 6 feet tall, 210 lbs., and an ex-high school football player. His wife Tonya was probably the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She was about 5'3" tall, 115 lbs., with long black hair that covered her ass. Her tits seemed to be smaller than Beth's (probably large B-cups), but very firm. She never wore a bra and you could often see the points of her nipples poking against the tops she wore -- which never failed to turn me on. Tonya was half-black and half-Malaysian, a product of a serviceman marrying a local while stationed in Malays
Double Stuffed Part 2
It must have been about 1:00 AM when we finished with the previous round of fucking and sucking, and I know I fell asleep almost immediately and I think so did everyone else as they all looked kind of comatose before I closed my eyes. When I woke up Saturday morning the sun was already up, and I looked over at the clock. I saw it was almost 9 o'clock. Mary was the only one still in bed with me and as I stretched out I saw that she was also starting to stir. We both looked at each other and smiled, comfortable with our nude bodies and probably thinking about the action of the previous night. I know that I was and, as we lay there for a few minutes, we heard some loud moaning coming from the living room. Mary and I quietly got out of bed and tiptoed to the open bedroom door and looked out into the living room to see Eric and Tonya on the couch fucking furiously. Eric was lying on his back and Tonya was sitting on his huge pole with her back to his face. She was pulling on her nipples
To be able to practice five things everywhere under heaven constitutes perfect virtue... gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness, and kindness.To know what is right and not do it is the worst cowardice.To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.To reach a great height a person needs to have great depth.To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.Truth is the secret of eloquence and of virtue, the basis of moral authority; it is the highest summit of art and of life.Truthfulness is the main element of character.Try not to loose yours. A simple bitch will take you where you need to go.* A real bitch throws you her keys and say it needs gas in it! A simple bitch will tell you not to fight, it aint worth it*.A re
Double Standards.
i get to bring my son home tuesday. finally, it was a relief to hear the good news now im second doubting myself thinking that i wont be able to care for him the way the nurses at the hospital did. hes coming home with a monitor and medicine he was born at 31 weeks. im scared something might happen to him while hes home. i have 2 other kids but hes diffrent. i just wish i could calm my fears and know that ill do just fine with him.
Double Bogey
Double Edge
at night i try clear my thoughts and leave no trace my mind is twisted but i own this space i dont have to rent my heart is jaded with the looks being sent. metal and ink is what is left of of a broken man shoken and woken up with the winds crying her name drowing my memories with needles of ink and pain every hit of ink goes under the surface telling a story and leaving a purpose , so dont dig me up hell i am not dead im suicide from both sides damnit im double edged
Double Dose
A man went to the doctor to get a double dose of Viagra, but his request was denied. "Why can't I have a double dose?" the man asked. "It's not safe," the doctor replied. "But I need it really bad," the man explained. "My girlfriend is coming into town on Friday, one of my exes will be here on Saturday, and my wife is coming home on Sunday." "Okay, I'll give it to you," the doctor relented. "But you have to come in on Monday morning so that I can check to see if there are any side effects." On Monday the man dragged himself into the doctor's office with his right arm in a sling. The doctor asked, "What happened to you?" The man said, "No one showed up."
Double P Tees Coming Soon
Doubts About Ct
I don't think I will like this place. has too many stinkin' window pop-ups to deal with. and oh, wait...I have contacts that are already on my contacts list and I know I haven't gone to their sites or whatever to accept them into my profile friends list. what else? rather friggin' irritating that I can't figure out what the fuck goes on here...hell...I would love to figure it out...but dammit... its getting on my nerves. maybe another time with more nerves to update or play with this w/o getting fed the fuck up. geezus h. fuckin' christ on a stick!!! GRRR!!!
Double Trouble
a> Now this shit is a bit crazy but imma lil freak sooo you know!!!!
Double Shift
so I get to work a double shift today, the first is my regular shift, then an hour break, then another 8hr shift while dev. does updates. they are only having me staffed so that the after hours line doesnt get slammed..good news is I get a 3 day weekend and maybe OT, so if anybody wants to do anything friday-sunday let me know...It is also payday tomorrow so I am uber happy, I am going to be getting some boots that I have wanted to SOO bad, sexy 5in heeled boots
The recent, as it were, revelations about Mother Teresa’s doubts about God have been followed by a predictable wave of rationalization, exemplified by a self-described Muslim progressive on Newsweek / WaPo’s wretched On Faith forum: “Doubt Goes Hand in Hand with Faith.” One minor quibble with this argument. Doubt is the fucking opposite of faith. Merriam-Webster defines faith: 1 a : allegiance to duty or a person : LOYALTY b (1) : fidelity to one’s promises (2) : sincerity of intentions 2 a (1) : belief and trust in and loyalty to God (2) : belief in the traditional doctrines of a religion b (1) : firm belief in something for which there is no proof (2) : complete trust 3 : something that is believed especially with strong conviction; especially : a system of religious beliefs Update: The Pope weighs in with a typically lame response: “All believers know about the silence of God,” he said in unprepared remarks. “Even Mother Teresa, with all her charity and force
Do U Believe???
Double Standards
Anyways I'm chillin here and a lounge owner drops the link for his lounge in my Sb 4 times in one day. I finally decided to give it a look and the first thing I see when i roll in is a house rule prohibitibg the dropping of links in the lounge. Double standards???
Double Standards
This is going to be a major fucking rant, if you don't want to read it.. move your sorry no good asses on I am so motherfucking sick of the double standards here.. I have almost every one of my pictures flagged as "NSFW" today.. I have had to beg the bouncers to take that off of my pictures..And I see the top girls here.. or those with MEGA amounts of fans.. with almost naked pictures with their nasty legs spread and no one marks them as "NSFW".. I have bikini pictures floating across my screen with barely nothing at all on.. and yet.. they aren't flagged..I must have some fucking losers on my friends list that have nothing better to do that sit and flag me all fucking day.. Or some jealous ass bitch that doesn't have a life.. I will fucking find out who it is.. and you will be blocked from my list and I will blow you out of the fucking water.. and post about you in your own special little blog of your own..NONE OF MY PICTURES ARE NSFW BUT ONE. If I have to.. I will delete all of my
Double Eagles
Double Your Fun
You KNOW you want to call me YOURS!!! Kinkstar Sin and Cre Cre have put themselves up for auction not once... but TWICE!!!! Double your chances of winning one of us! The first auction (NOT safe for work) has already started! Click the pictures below to bid on Cre Cre and me. You know you want us sexy little bitches lol Come on, don't be shy, give us what you got and you'll see what we can give!!!!! The sexy as hell ♥ Çrë Çrê ♥ and The one and only Kinkstar Sin PLEASE!!!! Don't post unless you ARE BIDDING. SERIOUS bids only. Add Nyha to see the pictures and bid Please REPOST or STICKY or BOTH!!!!!!
Double Standards
All of us on Fubar are very much aware of the whole NSFW issue...believe me, I appreciate the fact that Fubar is trying to spare the eyes of those who don't want to view questionable material, whether at work or not. I like the fact that when I see the NSFW notation, I can make the decision to view the item or not. I just think there's a little bit of a double standard when it comes to the issue of what is and is not acceptable. You can designate your pictures, blogs, and mumms as NSFW...great. Here's the problem. Even if you post a mumm that clearly does not contain any inappropriate content...say about something as harmless as what flavor of ice cream you should eat do not have any control over what some of the people who respond to the mumm are going to say. Lately I have noticed that there are a huge number of people on fubar who seem to take pleasure in being extremely verbally abusive and hatefull or at the very least are unable to make any comment without swear
Double Sword
There seems to be a double sword whenit comes to promoting your lounges. it is ok for some to promote to you when you are and owner. but when you do it to them they ban you. iot doesn't matter if you did it from your homepage or not. so if you are promoting a lounge that is not mine. you better be prepared to get a promo from me for mine
Double Standard Loitering
I walked into a Speedway gas station to get a pack of smokes. There were 2 cops standing at the counter, and talking to the cashier. I guess they knew her. The cops looked back at me, stepped to the side, and one said to me...go ahead we're just loitering. I looked at the 2 cops and said...well loitering is illegal isn't it? :D They told me thanks for the laugh as I walked out.
A Double Loss!!!!
Before he passed away Sunday, soul-music great Isaac Hayes sat down with Steppin' Out magazine and, ironically enough, addressed the question of how he'd like people to remember him. "As someone who used his talent for the benefit of mankind," he explained. "And as someone who made this world a more pleasant place to live. "I'm a civil rights fighter and an advocate of literacy and I'm very generous with my time. I care about people. I watch TV and I see kids without parents and I cry. It touches me. "I've been through the whole gambit of survival. My mother died when I was a baby and I've seen all kinds of stuff. So I have a sensitivity toward children. So wherever I can do something to make it a better situation, I pursue that. I know that one man can't save the world, but I'll do whatever I can." Hayes died at his home in Memphis at age 65. Sadly, the famed crooner recently finished shooting the movie 'Soul Men,' along with comic Bernie Mac, who also just passed away Sa
Double Dog Dare!
Are you skeered? Or will you take the TRIPLE DOG DARE? This is a train with a twist. You have to rate/fan/add or comment everyone but you also need to put in your status how much you need to level, no matter what the amount is. In your friend request or comment, put that you are taking the Triple Dog Dare. When you have finished the list, send me a message letting me know that you are taking the dare and i will add you. In my dreams...or yours? ~*~Shadow Leveler~*~CONVOY leader~*~Fantasy Flight Pilot~*~Fu Bad Girl~*~@ fubar tat_man73~slave2fantasy r/l b/f ~@ fubar Slave2Fantasy/Aka/Erotica/AKA/Keeper of Trains see blog~Tat _man73~R/L G/F@ fubar FØR觇_♥_Rî¢ÁÑ ~ ČLÜß FÁR~ Proud FU Owner Of ToXic SiN@ fubar ~GoofyLady~ *FuAngel * Bad Girls*Proud Member Of Love Shack*@ fubar ONE&ONLY SYCHO {FU-SLAVE TO JOHNNY}OWNER OF FUBAR ADDICTED BOMBERS/CLUB FAR@ fubar Proud Military Mom@ fubar
Double Hh
Double Dragon & Dd Levelers
The Double Dragon Bombers & DD Levelers are a great bombing family to be apart of. We have a family atmosphere for everyone. We are looking for new members that enjoy bombing, and would like to enter contests and giveaways to win prizes, such as VIP's, Blasts and Bling. To join, you must be at least a level 10, have a salute and also there is a 10 day probation period. Tell them "Cengin" sent you! Double Dragon Bombers & DD Levelers@ fubar
Double Dragon Bombers - New Family
Goofylady and Cengin founded a new bombing family and along with The One, has added a leveling family as well. We are calling on all of our friends that love to bomb and love to enter contests, to please come check us out. Stop by our home page: Double Dragon Bombers & DD Levelers (NO BLANK FRIEND REQUESTS-READ ENTIRE PROFILE)@ fubar Read about us. If you are interested, leave a private message saying you would like to join. Hope to See you ALL there!!!!!!!
Double Standards
I love when certin employee's take half a day or stroll in after 9 and crap and nothing is said to them. I was sick this am and the big joke was I'm pregnant, but it was said to my boss who had no idea. Around 10 this morning I was so sick I couldnt sit at my desk so I emailed her and asked if I could leave early, but that I would leave after my back up takes lunch, I was being considerate. I get an email back saying I would be written up if I left cause it's an unschedules sick day for pregnancy! WTF? My 1st problem with that is that it don't matter why im sick I have the time I should be allowed to leave if I'm spending more time pukin into the toilet then sitting at my desk. The 2nd problem is that everyone lease early without anything being said to them and come in when they please. I'm here every day at 7am or earlier and on the weekends and they can't give me an afternoon???????? What the fuck is wrong with that picture
Double The Trouble
Double Dragon Bombers And Levelers
Regiment Dragon Bombers & DD Levelers Membership List DD Levelers' Homepage ************************* Regiment Dragon Bombers' Homepage ************************* ************************* Owners ************************* GoofyLady ************************* USA KING (Earl) ************************* ************************* Co-Owners ************************* Cengin ************************* CrazyMama45 ************************* Missa (I love Ben & Jerrys) ************************* ************************* Managers ************************* Buckeye Babe
Double Standards
Double Fudge Syndrome!
Double Fudge Syndrome is a phenomena that occurs on a rather quite frequent basis...It is a result of no matter what you say or no matter how hard you try shit keeps coming out of both ends!
ALSO NOT JUST A HH BUT 2 OF THEM SO DONT MISS OUT ~SouthernOutlawBiker~DSC~OutlawsAndPu$$ycats~Owned By Cynz Dreams. Auto 11 s .On@ fubar brought to u by $Ðj ßåßý ߺý${ Ð.$.Ç} º.G.ÞîmÞ ºƒ †h€ Þu$$¥Çå† Þlå¥må†èsOwned by ~CynzDreams ~&Naughty by Nature@ fubar "InFArREd"~~~Owned By SouthernOutLawBiker~~DIRTY SOUTH CREW 4 LIFE~~OWNER OF DOWNTOWN BOMBER
Doubt There’s places people never go, yet not all of them are real Things the soul won’t touch or hold, or ever grasp or feel And feelings never shared aloud in a whisper or a shout Because lurking in the shadows is a killer known as “doubt” There’s lands our eyes will never see, and food we’ll never taste Times when we decide to crawl, when we should move with haste Moments we should jump back in when we are climbing out Blame it all on simple fear and a little thing called doubt Often love and hope is standing there, just outside the door But many never heed it’s knock so it passes by once more And once again we miss the meaning, what it’s really all about To the victor goes the spoils, and this victor’s name is doubt But it’s not that hard to beat this foe, if one does it right Because the one thing that it fears the most is illuminating light That shows it’s face and tears away the darkness of it’s lair And then we see that “doubt” is just a small child hudd
"doubting Our Doubt" Essays/poems/lists
Q: Joe. did you use to go church? A: 1. when middle school & teenager i did regularly, also sang in choir, sang duets/quartets, attended sunday school, gave devotions in training union and preached a little bit, also led singing some. A: 2. continued to study Bible lifelong. A: 3. when married first 12 years still attended regularly and had booktable tha I funded & gave seminar on "fruit of the spirit" A: 4. when marriage went sour, quit attending A: 5. when got really depressed in marriage switched churches and recovered via singing in Methodist choir which saved my life. Attended several years then. A: 6. when got where low energy and unable to tolerate more than 1 1/2 hour of attendance at ANY EVENT without very comfortable chair, became sporadic, although taught part-time sunday school to little old ladies -- using journal notes & poems to spice it up. A: 7. when my "mixed breed" religion seemed to be so much untolerated phenomenon everywhere, I basically gave up church. A
This pain that i feel absolutly 100 percent real. Its catching up to me, and is removing pieces of me, which i need in order to keep sane. Im feeling lost, alone, & helpless. Im so Afraid to get close to the thing that i love so deeply...just beacuse of the fact we are yet so far away...But...Maybe i should just stay strong...for the better of myself. Maybe is should just shut the fuck up and go with the flow. Nobody said that like was going to be a peaches and cream...My life is just crumbling beneath the very ground i walk on. I hope you know that im know who you are...I hope you know that i am scared to get even closer to you, beacuse of the distance...please understand me, which i know you are doing your best at...I love you...i hope that things will work out...Its been a year, yet i find myself in an even harder posistion. Just keep your word this time...please.?
Double Standards And The Fu Hypocrisy
I have been on fu for almost 3 yrs now ..and never have I seen such stupidity and ass-in-mindedness!  I just got a pic marked NSFW...said pic had me eating a not deepthroating was just in my mouth..   When brought to a bouncers attention I was told that was sexually suggestive...WTF!  I used this pic as my primarty picture while running autos, bombing, and during my HH!  Have we gotten that pussified that everything is sexually suggestive?   Isnt this site in itself..SEXUALLY SUGGETIVE!  FUBAR is an online BAR!  Look at the drinks!  Screaming ORgasms...blowjobs...Sex on the beach...hmmm are these not suggestive at all?  We have a whole section of gifts that is explicitly Sex gifts for christ sake!  What about the blings! Do Me! Screw Me! Fishnets! Victoria Secrets! But yet we go around pointing fingers and being little tattletails if someones picture is not taken in a church! WTF!       I see pictures scrolling all day that have cleavage, short skirts
Double Standards To Fu Or Not Tfu
Douche Bags
this blog is dedicated to douche bags who get so carried away with bitches on the interent, they feel the need to start cyber fights, to protect there e-girlfriend. hahaha. for real though, my friend you need to grow up and throw away your computer cuz its time you enter real life.... anyways heres a tasty little treat for every one. i got this in my shoutbox at 5 in the morning while working a midnight shift. *Dead Angel*: chelsea is playing you like a fool *Dead Angel*: you think those nudes are just for you? *Dead Angel*: Sha has talked shit about you to me many times, and till is.. *Dead Angel*: You will soon find out in do time. Just don't spend the kind of money I have. *Dead Angel*: Don.t tell me you're a scared lil' bitch and can't reply, or are you talking to her at the moment. either way, you are fucked if you are talking with her now.... the best part is that he is so obbsessed with this that he doesnt wait for any responce another thing is that he
Douchebags, Yay!!
tom@ fubar Here's the convo, I even made it so ya can read it top to bottom! Hooray! tom: hello there ->Sinful: hi tom: how you doin ? ->Sinful: i'm alright, you? tom: doin good tom: but ive never seen someone with an ugly face like yours ->Sinful: so you shouted me just to insult me? tom: sorry it's an insult tom: just a remark ->Sinful: hmm, well ugly is generally considered an insult tom: you may scare people with your face but I can talk to you if you want cause beauty is not everything ->Sinful: oh wow, gee thanks, you're so generous, overlooking my "ugliness" to talk to me. ->Sinful: did you want something, or did you wanna be a dick to me? ->Sinful: cuz you're doin the 2nd part pretty damn well tom: I just wanted to be generous to you cause you might be lonely with your ugly look so I thought let's be friends with this girl ... if I can give her friendship ->Sinful: Wow. I almost don't know what to say. Almost. I dunno what kind
Douchey Website
Why is it that some guys just don't get it? I give everything I am to him, I'm myself 150% and I still feel shitty around him as times, why is that? Is it me or am I just getting treated shitty? I didn't think he'd be an ass, he isn't one, very far from it but when he makes me angry [very few and far inbetween] it makes me super angry. Like pisses me off to no end. I feel like sometimes he overlooks shit, and dosn't totally understand my financial situations and shit. I mean sure I have a job and technically all my shit is in order but that dosn't mean I have extra money to spend whenever I please. I can't usually do spur of the moment stuff, because I usually don't have any extra money laying around to do those things. It makes me wanna cry, honestly.
Thursday, June 14, 2007 Douchebagasaurus Current mood: amused there is a legend of the most shit sucking worthless sack of skin known to human kind...... it is the legend of the douchebagasaurus. naration by some cockney accented nature type: today we are on a hunt for the worlds most worthless inhabitant. first we shall set our sights on explaining the various species of douchebag. the first species of douchebag can be found in numerous dwellings where females are the inhabitants.lets go see shall we.we enter the lavatory and sneak past the ravenous pugs and shit-zu we encounter along the we see the first species of douche ..... just a fluid filled container with a nozzle .....Websters describes its use as ..... a jet of fluid for cleaning a body part.this is the most harmless of the douche species. the second in the douchebag species is the metrosexual moron who preys on weak willed women.many human males fit this category.they are so lacking in intel
Douchebag Downrater
BEWARE OF THIS DOUCHEBAG DOWNRATER CALLING HIMSELF A TRURATER WHO GETS OFF ON DOWNRATING PEOPLE. HE STARTED OUT BY RATING MY PROFILE PIC A "1" SO I SB'D HIM IN CASE IT WAS A MISTAKE BUT HE DID IT ON PURPOSE. I BLOCKED HIM BUT NOT BEFORE HE DOWNRATED MY PROFILE TO A 1 IN CASE YOU WANT TO HATE ON HIM HERE YA GO... rorytmeadows-=[TruRaters]=-@ fubar & HERE IS HIS BUTT BUDDY AceGrover-=[TruRaters]=-@ fubar AND ANOTHER ONE sephryn -=[TruRaters]=-@ fubar BTW I COPIED THIS FROM RORY'S ABOUT ME SECTION ON HIS PROFILE (IT'S ALSO POSTED ON THE OTHER 2'S AS WELL) -=[TruRaters]=- We are a group that likes to rate and rank people right where they should be in our opinions. We are sick of the large mass of naive people on here, thinking that rating a 10 actually does more than rate the truth. We do NOT like ugly girls having rates for their photos in the 10s when clearly, who the hell thinks they are attractive. Yeah, yeah, beauty is only s
Douche Files
OK... read the bottom pic 1st and then the one above and so on. OK... This Douche admitted to hitting women and I have proof!!! AND he has friends backing him up its disgusting!!!! Bounty Hunter™@ fubar
This one here is a repeat offender who has had multiple profiles and deleted them only to come back and harrass me and Donna both.  His great quest as he says here is to see how many times in a fu-session he can get off????  He forgets I remember him from his last pathetic attempts so have a read and laugh lol! Read bottom to top its from shout box lol!   ->Tony: ya know what i cant afford it but i live on $900 a month and pay all my bills myself feed me and a kid and go to school full time so go fuck yourself you DONT KNOW what i go through and I WILL not be judged by some pissant bastard who is here to beat off to ass many girls as he can how pathetic is that ->Tony: hahah i already got one so i dont need to listen to you beat off to get one lmao Tony: cuz u cant afford ur own Tony: whatever.... go bum vips bich ->Tony: opinions are like assholes everyone has one and yours smells just as bad as anyone elses so why dont you go find some other poor person to torture so your self
Douchebag Of The Day
 this is the second convo like this that I have had with this guy...sad mr.snuffell.: yeah........i keep forgetting you have ->mr.snuffell..: oh..well that sucks...I mean this is the third time you have offerred me your cock in my sb...yet you dont want mine...sad mr.snuffell..: not scared.........just don't swing that way ->mr.snuffell..: bummer I thought this was the start of somethin great... ->mr.snuffell..: ok then so askin if you swallow is outta the question right? ->mr.snuffell..: aw did I scare you off? Guys that ask the shit you do in the sb are always the quickest to run ->mr.snuffell..: gave me boobs and shaved my adams apple...makes it easier to lure the men in mr.snuffel: and what did the doctors do to you exactly then?? ->mr.snuffell: so you open? ->mr.snuffell..: well believe can do amazing things these days mr.snuffell..: nope.........i just don't believe a woman as gorgeous as you
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Douchebag Alerts
from: Firechief/Found... New Hotties of the Week United States subject: RE: 2 Alarm Hotties   received: 02/18/2010 06:35 pm replied: no    block this member    Flag as spam   Well 1st this is just like a Maryland lady I have yet to meet one that I liked. But I suppose you are like others trying to start a girls group. Well I didnt know you were one so for that Im sorry, We dont want nor do I want our girl asking you or anyone with you so I will put the word out.Enjoy the snow=== '•• . .ΜFĸŋ JÇ. . ••. . §ëЯ. . ••. .Ðเr±y Ðøzεn TART. . ••. .' wrote the following at '2010-02-18 18:25:15'..>> Hello - Fire Chief,> > Within the past month, many of your officers have approached more than 1/2 of the Dirty Dozen members in regards to joining the 2nd alarm h
DJ MAYO aka Mayo James Staley was telling me that he wanted to be with me and then confessed undying love for some old ugly woman in his status. Just be warned ladies that this is not a REAL man and has some growing up to do! If you are in his family or ranked on his page you have been blocked from mine and are not reading this anyway. I really don't care anymore. I am making sure that I don't have anything to do with anyone close to him! I'm done with his whole lot of miscreates. Sometime in the last year I was talking to Chris aka DJ SONIC now DV8 in a romantic way. Then he just stopped talking to me. Never gave me a reason. Just told me he was busy. Then I'm blocked. No explination. The last time we talked everything was cool but then I'm blocked. I was pissed and hurt. Now He is with some girl and very happy. I'm happy for him. I just wanted him to be man enough to be honest. I could have been understanding if he had given me the chance. But thats his mistake. I wish him and his gi
Douche Bag Of The Day
11:38amreplyisthisronald: hey sexy cancelChat11:39ammoreTo isthisronald: what? cancelChat11:39amreplyisthisronald: how are you cancelChat11:40ammoreTo isthisronald: ??? cancelChat11:40ammoreTo isthisronald: what the fuck do you want? cancelChat11:40amreplyisthisronald: i got a toy today was just wanting to try it cancelChat11:40ammoreTo isthisronald: i dont fucking care you stupid cungt get out of my sb cancelChat11:41amreplyisthisronald: u cant handle this big cock? cancelChat11:41amreplyisthisronald: can you just give me a good position to slide it in me cancelChat11:41ammoreTo isthisronald: i dont want your cock your fucking lame trying to pick up chicks cancelChat11:42ammoreTo isthisronald: online so ghey cancelChat11:42amreplyisthisronald: im not trying to pick up anyone...i am just trying to cum on my new dildo cancelChat11:42ammoreTo isthisronald: why dont you try the gay bar dow the road from you cancelChat11:42ammoreTo isthisronald: go cum some where else you cock sucker cance
First off. I haven't said anything to "V"  in a serious manner that was morally or ethically inappropriate. Second of all, why not approach the alleged offender instead of running off at the dick sucker the moment chick online tells a story. If velvet didn't constantly sit online and complain about how her old man is a piece of shit when he has supported her couch sitting for 20yrs and not laid hands on her, she wouldn't catch hell from all those who are sane. I know you bleeding hearts are just waiting for the chance to play hero and that's great. Maybe you should do it somewhere worthy. You can keep my name out of your mouth or come at me. I mean obviously you can continue to run around where I am not and run your cocksuckers about something you've got only one side of the story of. Personally I don't know what was said to her, nor do I truly care, to get her worn out vaginal lips all in a bundle, cause no one wants to come to me and say anything. Typical of online drama queens and t
Douche Bag Thesis Results
 If you complain constantly, complain constantly about others complaining constantly,(you're just as bad) degrade others, disrespecting others, etc... To sum it all up, if you have no moral values, respect for others or for yourself, If this offends you! Yes, you know inside you're a Douche Bag. And you know what you must do to correct this issue.  Stay tuned in for my next thesis. You just never know what's running through my brain. :D :P (h)(h)(h)
Douche Bag Thesis Results
Douchebag Files   ^ do you know this guy? Hahaha Ya know he came to MY LOUNGE and hand the BALLS to try and talk shit about me, when I was not around to my WOMAN?! LOL Shows the coward that he is.    to: DJ Famous xEmot... United States subject: Hey received: 02/26/2013 08:28 pm replied: no   block this member So what the f*ck is your problem? Coming in talking shit, you don't even know me,; nor do you have the balls to address me to my face. I will tell ya something really fast. You ever Step foot around me and my crew, i will be sure to boot/bann from lounge, I catch you harrassing my family or friends, I will personally see to it that you are blasted everywhere as a hormonal douchebag, that obviously needs to get his act together in life. Unlike you, i was a real man and had the balls to stand up for my country, the most you have probably stood up for was burgerking or in line at the nearest foodshelter.Don't come at me and m
Do U Dare
Do You Dare? Do you dare to question love? Or do you question whats rare? See true love is a rare thing, yet So is a blue moon and no one Questions that. Or is this dare all because love Doesn't question you. Question if you are the one for love Question if you are ready for love Question why you love, who you think you love Question the dare!?!
Do U Dare
Do U Ever Wonder
Do u ever sit n wonder? I mean everyone thinks of the past, present, and the future. It all boils down 2 the endless possibilities life has. I often wonder what the hell-and then within a blink of an eye-reality sets in. Often it seems like u step into another time zone and then once your thoughts are done flashing through your head u take that blink of an eye and your here. Funny how it works huh?
Do U Ever Wish?
Do you ever wish things were different? That is how I feel....Somedays I wished I never gotten a comp....Why is it that ppl expect you to have a damn pic on every freaking website that u go on? I am sorry...If I wanted to share my pic then that is my freaking choice....I know what & who I am.... That is all that matters.........I wished I would go back in time & change all that, telll ppl if they want to see what I look like, they can spend money, go on vcation & visit me if they are that damn interested....Do I sound bitchy? yeah but that is how I feel...SO THIS IS FOR ANY1 WHO WANTS TO KNOW WHAT I LOOK LIKE, SCREW YOU ALL
Do U Ever Get The Feeling No 1 Likes You
sumtimez i wonder why i keep trying i dont have barely but 2 freinds they live far away and to top it off i been on this fukn site for 4 years and havnt met a real freind on it yet !!!!!!! im thinkkin bout deleting this profile all together ... i guess what hurts the most is i cant get a gurl i guess its cuz im chubby and ugly or sumthin but either way ,... no one likes me its been that way for 3 years now it really does get depressing when the only few ppl uve been with have cheated or dumpd u for other peeps cuz how i look .... i hope im not the only pathetic soul in this place i just ... just need sum freinds to talk to and to visit with and hang out with i uno im out
Dougs World
Hello, well i don't know who will read this and who wont but... lets see My life is very confusing i am a poor white boy who is always looking for new friends and loves to talk and try to help people with there problems ... I like making friends but it seems like females always want to be more because i am always so understanding and listen to them and all that i don't know what to do but I am always getting hurt because I have problem. but that will be a different blog.
i have alote of friend's on hear and no one will talk to me anymore so iam saying that i'am not love anymore by you all on hear? i'm here and hello to you all i hope that i can hear from some one i am a sexy man and horny at that. I LOVE YOU ALL i was hopeing that someone would be so kone to tell me why you all thank that i'am hot.if you can help me out with this i will show you a lote of love or you can show me some love to. thank you all love everone
Douglas Griffith
Doug And Fallin's Wedding!!!
>Join Us In Celebrating the Wedding Of Bada Bing's Own Doug and Fallin Angel at Bada Bing Lounge on Saturday, November 17th at 4pm eastern time. " /> Free Graphics at Free Graphics at Plan to be there as we share and celebrate a beautiful time with these two very special friends! >Host Your Images & Videos FREE CLICK HERE!
Doughman Bites
i have a huge craving 4 dough!!! isn't it just terrible for ya partner to start chasing after others. it really sucks. oh well, i'm single again, imagine that!!!
Why me? That's all I ask.... It's one simple question. I love all that I can then get hurt everytime. I always give my all and I get my heart ripped out and stomped on. I kinda knew this was going to happen but I was hoping it wouldn' always does though. Maybe one day that person will realise how much I cared for them and how much I loved them cause they don't seem to notice now. This person made me a better person all around. I quit drinking and I was a happier person. I thought I found mr. right but I guess he did't feel the same about me. Even though he tells me he loves me and cares for me I had my doubts. Why would someone that loves you just give up on everything in a split second? I would give him the world, my heart, my all. I have tears of sadness and I wish they where tears of happiness but I guess my life is destine to never have tears of happiness. I always wish my heart would mend from things that happened in the past and right when it starts to heal the wound gets r
Doug Coker
I just wanted to ask everyone to please keep Amanda Arthur Kennedy and her family in your thoughts and prayers during their time of great loss. Many of you may know that Amanda's father was diagnosed with ALS almost five years ago. Amanda has spent the last four and a half years by her fathers side. No words can describe the look of love and comfort that showed in Doug's eyes everytime Amanda would walk into the room. As early as I can remember Doug loved his baby girl. He always told us to be careful as we were walking out the door, he always told Amanda to call him whenever we got to where we were going, he was the perfect father. Just as her father had always been there for her, Amanda stood by his side, when they said he had ALS Amanda was there, when he was to weak to walk anymore, Amanda was there, When they had to put him on a breathing tube Amanda was there, and when he took his last breath Amanda was there She is the perfect daughter. Her unwaivering faith and
Dougs Blog
Adult lifeguard wanted Days wanting assistance Saturdays & Sundays Location Castlewood State Park Hourly pay Call Doug @ (314) 352-7567 Call between the hours of 9:00 A.M. & 9:00 P.M.
~doug's Personal Stash~
Being the first post in this new Blog, I figured I introduce myself...Doug (some of you already know that though :P) This Blog is about things that I enjoy immensely as they bring emotion to me in some form, and feel the need to compile them for your pleasure as well. This is perhaps one the most emotional songs/movie scenes I've been able to enjoy. I love Platoon, and think it brought us several great actors, all while telling a story that you don't often see. That of the one through the eyes of the soldier them self. The piece played along with it, seems to capture this emotion for me. I'm captivated every time I hear this piece, and instantly can visualize the movie. Was it really vengeance that drove Maximus, or was it the honor of his king and family that pushed him to fulfill what he believed needed to be done? Just as with Maximus, what really drove Borimir in the end? Was it honor, or was it redemption for allowing himself to be c
tier of  fuck around i wont fu k some one where the love at lest the sex i need some are justtalk of it wood b nice wood hahaha
Daily Quest Guide
Do U Have A Guy Like This
To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town (or across the state) to see her. To every guy that gives flowers and a card when she is sick. To every guy who has given her flowers just because. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. To every guy that she cried in front of. To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes To every guy that would give his seat up. To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every guy that reassured h
Do U Have 5 Seconds?
Hey Guys Im In A Sexy Mothers Contest and right now im in second place could use yall help Please rate me and dcomment me The link is on my profile in the about me section just click it and it takes you there Thanks for all your help I will returned the love
Do U Have The Time??
Do you think it is possiable to fallin love with someone you barely know? When I say barely I mean your experience of them is limited to what you are told. People can be amazin, when they want you to be! Maybe im being a devils advocate here. But Humm......... its just well is it Love at first click? You click on a persons page/profile/site what have you, then instantly you see what you like and that Love arrow hits? Or is it Lust? Maybe even a strong Like? Don't you have to know a person to be IN Love with them? Or is it the idea of them that envokes the Love element? Is it the thought of all the things the two of you can accomplish? The thought of how wonderful it is, a person like this exist in your life? Or should I say in your Cyber Life? I don't know can you fall in love with someone you meet online before you meet them in person? Do you really think you should deminish the fantasy of meeting someone you meet online in person? It's one thing to share and chat with someone onl
Do U Have What It Takeds??????
They thought they had what it takes,They thought they could be King Of The Hill,They were wrong,In a World where lounges pop up everyday Only One Stands Above the rest CLUB FANTASIA Club Fantasia Is Hiring Dj's! Do you have What it takes??? If You Think you Have what it takes click a link and contact one of us...we are Interested in knowing what you got to Offer DJ FLawLess ^Owner of Club Fantasia^ -Fubar's Hottest DJ- *Kerry's baby* Too RaW@ fubar Kerry*Owner of Club Fantasia* Flaws Baby*Too Raw *@ fubar DJ Lollipop Brandy *Manager at Fantasia*Hubby to PAPA@ fubar
Do U Have?
Do U Know?
One of those things you have no control over. It can give you a lot and it can take alot away. You can not find it. It will find you when you least expect it. Some people say that you can not see it and others say that there is no such thing. What is it you ask? It makes you thinkg and look at things in many diffrent ways. When it hits you, you will think you are high as a bird, light as the clouds, and feel as bright as the sunshine. When you do find it does it have a hold on you? Do you have a hold on it? You can not control where it comes from. You can somewhat control the side affects from it. You try to keep it hidden. You try to keep it locked away. There is somepoint in time that you must let it show or come out. Then again that is where control comes into place. As you read this, read it again, and sit back, think, and look. Clear your mind, heart, soul and anything else that you can let go. Forget about everything you have thought about, seen, learned, and been
Do U Know Whats ***^&%^ Up!
Do U Kno Where U Were ?
im going to put toget a decent blog and maybe front page links when i get enough names and statements... if you would like to be a part of showing america we still love her....plz send ur pge link. subject,,,where were you on 911...? what was you doing . .... and ur thoughts then and now.. this is under construction will build as i go. /" target="_blank">MishNumber1 ~ Co-Owner Of The G-Spot Crew ~ of S*U*P & Club FAR@ fubar n 9/10/2007, wrote: Where was I on Sept 11th....I was sitting on my couch pregnant with my son, watching television when it all started coming on, I couldnt believe my eyes...I was just dumbfounded...I think I cried that whole day not only for the people that this has all affected but the fact that I was bringing a child into this world...and wondering what his future would be like.... Here's a story for ya. Me and my ex hubby got married june 19th 2001, he
Do U Know These Facts
Ø Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair Ø The world's youngest parents were 8 and 9 and lived in China in 1910. Ø Our eyes remain the same size from birth onward, but our noses and ears never stop growing.. Ø You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching TV. Ø A person will die from total lack of sleep sooner than from starvation. Ø Death will occur about 10 days without sleep, while starvation takes a few weeks. Ø Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying. Ø The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.. Ø When the moon is directly overhead, you weigh slightly less.. Ø Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, never telephoned his Wife or mother because they were both deaf. Ø "I am." is the shortest complete sentence in the English language Ø Colgate faced big obstacle marketing toothpaste in Spanish speaking countries because Colgate translates into the command "go hang yourself." Ø The smallest unit of
Do U Know What Its Like??
Do any of you know what its like to love someone for so long that after awhile you give up altogether and then out of no where the person you thought u were just getting over comes back into your life. You realize at the point that you never gave up on him.her. They impacted your life in so many ways that you are glad to have them back again and you hope they stay this time and do run away cause they are afraid. Well I do. I have been in love with person for so long but never told them till just recently because I was afraid and I was told by a family memeber not to let him know that he had that kind of effect on me. I am just so glad he is back in my life again. I hope he doesn't runaway.
Do U Know My Pain
Do U Know This Guy
Do U Know Jack Shit?
For some time now, Many of us have wondered, Who is Jack Shit? We find ourselves at a loss when someone says "you don't know Jack Shit", Well thanks to my efforts, you can now respond in an intellectual way! Jack shit is the only son of Awe Shit and O Shit, The owners of Knee Deep N Shit Inc.. In turn Jack Shit married Noe Shit. The couple had 6 children, Holie Shit, Giva Shit, Bull Shit, and twins Deep Shit and Dip Shit. Deep Shit married Dumb Shit, a highschool drop-out. After 15 years, Jack and Noe Shit got divorced. Noe Shit married Ted Sherlock and became known and Noe Shit Sherlock. Meanwhile, Dip Shit married Lota Shit and had a rather nervous disposition named Chicken Shit. Fulla Shit and Giva Shit married the Happens brothers and had a double wedding. The newspaper invited everyone to the Shit-Happens wedding. Bull Shit traveled the world and returned home with an Italian bride, Pisa Shit. So from now on, no1 can tell you that you don't know Jack Shit..!!!!
Do U Luv Me ?
help comment this pix as much as possible to help me win the crazy contest im in much loves to u all oh and i love new fan and friends xxx
Do U Like Webcam Sex
i can always get off by just thinking of camsex .. is that normall is ther any one els that got the same thing that i have
Do U Like Sublime
Do Unto Others
Why is it that there are people on here who want to be friends, and expect you to vote on their mums, their stashes, etc.. but they rarely talk to you and very rarely stop by your page to vote or rate??????
Do U Need Help 2 Level?
Do u need help 2 level up? Or know someone who does? then read below: I will help rate anyone all u have to do is- 1) send me the link of the person/your link to me. 2) due to a lot of my friends who get their selves into contests, If more then 1 of you is in the same contest i will either a) make it a fair rate all i ask is that sometime in the future, that you help me back since i helped you. i have helped a lot of you and don't ask for much in return. i'm not a selfish person and i do like to help friends. so if you ever need help don't hasate to ask. have any questions feel free to PM (private message) me.
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The Douschebag Chronicles
My Dearest Douschebags. I am sick and tired of looking at profiles and reading all these wonderful things about you, giving me hope that there is actually some kind of chance for finding a decent man in this world. That maybe someday I will have that family, your loyalty, faithfulness, and trust. But then when we finally speak, the first words out your mouth are , “Hey, Nice rack! Can I see them!?”. WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS! Hopes and dreams dashed with the perverted minds of lameass assholes with only one desire in this world. To fuck. To see tits and ass, then to call up their friends and brag about it. The worst of you are the ones who make yourselves look like saints. And make it seem like you are interested, only to find an unsuspecting woman to screw a few times. You tell yourselves that you are not a bad person, that you are doing it for her. “to raise her self-esteem”. THAT is a load of bullshit. You are just a piece of crap doing anything you can to get a some of ass. W
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add me as a friend? if u do go ahead
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Do U Want...................
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Who out there is willing to buy a young lady a Vip? (you'll be added to my family) & any future NSFW pic's added---You'll have first ib's on them to look at.
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Do U Want Me 4 Your Valentine? Follow This Link And Bid On Me!
If you want me click on this Picture and bid to be my valentine CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR BID.
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U Want my points for 12 hours??? I bomb and boomerang chase!!! I rate peoples pics that are running auto 11's till i can't rate no more for the day. SB ME HOW!!!
Dove............ In the darkness which I dwell . I met a Guy I love so well . He stole my heart away from me and now he's going to set it free. He sat upon a strange girls knees and told her things he never told me. I ran home to cry on my bed not a word to my daughters I said. My son came home late that night he looked for me left and right. Down the stairs the doors he broke to find me hanging by a rope. He took his knife and cut me down on the floor this note he found: Dig a grave, dig it deep place a statue on my feet, on the statue place a dove, to show the world I died of love....
Doves And Ravens
this look familiar?? There's more to it now.... i wait ever so patiently for you to wake up i talk so sweetly but underneath im fed up how much more shall i sink myself in to hold the peices together for us and all that lies within if i do this alone we shall surely fail it drains the marrow from my bones and i cannot prevail it would make sense to get your shit together dont worry about what's NOT necassary i didnt promise forever one day you might stop and look at me and find yourself alone without me by your side you might find yourself alone if you want a better life so we no longer hide behind poverty that turns my heart to stone get your head together before i make up my mind and your find yourself alone trapped inside your mind yes my patience grows thin to the point that i can say that i cannot and will not do this anymore that its time to let go and stop giving in and living in a moulin rouge based fantasy in my current situation sorry to burst bubb
Dove's Coop
Dover 2 Oracle
The greatest power a person has ... is the power of PRAYER. This is also the greatest gift you can share with the ones you cherish.
Do Wanna Get Paid To Do The Things You Already Do For Free???
Yuwie is a brand new social networking website that pays its users money. Its pretty much like Myspace,facebook,fubar,youtube and many more social websites except you get paid with yuwie! Where does all this money come from? Well, I am sure that you are familiar with the other social networking giants such as Myspace, Facebook, and Friendster. These websites generate ad revenue of up to one million dollars per day. Recent reports state that Myspace averages around 25 million dollars a month from advertiser (mostly Google ads) revenue alone! And how much of this money is shared with its users? How much of this money is given back to all the people who generate the profiles, the music, and all the content? Absolutely zero. Now say hello to Yuwie… Yuwie is a website very similar to Myspace except at the end of each month they pay their users a portion of the money generated from ads. All that ad revenue is divided up among the Yuwie members. Right now Yuwie is still completely free to
Do We Know How We Feel ???
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Do We Need A Department Of Peace
Call for a Department of Peace December 3 - 7, 2007 NATIONAL ACTION! From Monday, December 3rd through Friday, December 7th, Americans of all generations will unite to telephone the offices of our Federal House of Representatives every 30 minutes to "Call for a Department of Peace!" We must act now. The impact of violence on Americans of all ages is too painful and costly, and the opportunities for peace are too great. We must make it known that all of us, from all generations, Call for a Department of Peace! By calling every 30 minutes for a week, we make it known that the Department of Peace is of importance to our congressional districts. See below to sign up for one time slot, and how to organize your friends, family, and network to do the same! ACT NOW! To join this action, visit: Follow the simple instructions to find your Member of Congress' "action page" and sign up for one 30-minute timeslot to call your House Represe
Do We Read This Shit,or Just Look At What We Wish We Can Have?i'm I The Only One Who Thinks That's Fu?
Do We?
FEAR_THE_D...: DO U LIKE GIVING HEAD ->FEAR_THE_D...: I dont have a dick so I wouldn't know. FEAR_THE_D...: ARE OLDER LADYS BETTER AT GIVING HEAD ->FEAR_THE_D...: Nope,not at all. very single! FEAR_THE_D...: SO UR TAKEN-> FEAR_THE_D...: my widlness died last year...outta luck with me. sorry! FEAR_THE_D...: I WANNA WILD ONE-> l->FEAR_THE_D...: Well that sucks...get a new one. FEAR_THE_D...: BORED OF MY G/F >FEAR_THE_D...: I am great and you? FEAR_THE_D...: HOW R U SEXY-> FEAR_THE_D...: Hi   Hmmm,I should have said "Well yes,yes we do. I suck mine daily!" Jackass!
Do What You Gotta Do
Well here I go again...wondering what the fuck is wrong with me and men. I dont understand them at all and I get this feeling of uncertantity. Before you say "oh be more confident" I really dont think its that, i tend to come on too strong or try to hard (definite turn off I know) I guess I'm too passionate about finding "mr.right now" I dont even know if that guy exists for me. I wouldn't go lesbian I've dreamed of having a family (yes I know that can happen with another woman but I love men too much to give that dream up)...I guess I'm "too young" to know anything. It just gets so hard and confusing sometimes. I'm lonely.
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I really hate racism. It is so fundamentally flawed. Scientifically race doesn't even exist. There is no way to separate and classify races of people. Not bone structure, skin color, not height, blood type,etc. Race is defined, "geographically isolated breeding population that shares certain characteristics in higher frequencies than other populations of that species, but has not become reproductively isolated from other populations of the same species." The same skin colors can be found within Asian, African, middle eastern, south american peoples. How can you define that as a characteristic of distinction. We are all people. Think about how we call ourselves "different races", it is just a social definition. One of circumstance and culture. Certain social traits get tied in with the physical ones and get labeled as being accurately racial. All I know is that some people are cool, and some people suck. Let's hate people for the assholes that they are. As Jackie Robinso
Do What I Want
Do What?
What is your name??? Jojo are you named after anyone??? a crazy clown from killer clowns from outer space if your best friend knew your boyfriend liked somebody else would you want them tell you? no, as long as he aint fuckin her he can like her all he wants what song are you listening to right now? one of violent j's new solo songs what is your favorite band/singer? dont have just one who was the last person to tell you they love you? troy what was the last thing you ate? a creamy chicken spinach pasta thingie... mmm breakfast of champions hah! what was the last movie you saw in theaters?? superhero's would you ever date your number 2? uh no, we lived in ky but we aint FROM ky.... when was the last time you were on the phone after 2AM? bout a month ago with chris where was the last house you went besides your house???? angels what was the last thing someone threw at you? a shop rag What are you gonna do today???? work the pole a
Do What You Can Cause Thats All You Can Do
Okay this is foreveryone who thinks that life is a drag. When you feel down cause u lost your job! >Get off ur lazy ass and find another sitting around and waiting doesnt work. When you feel like you get 3 steps ahead and and then fall back 2 steps. >Just know that next time you have to get 4 ateps ahead that way if u fall back 2 ur still 1 ahead. When you feel like people dont like you cause ur different. >Just know ur not different ur unique and their all the same. Thats all for this blog i hope people realize that yes life sucks but hey u only get 1 so make the most of it. Later Dayz, Drewzer
Do What Ever She Wants No Limits
My name is Joe 26 years old single. I live in Cheektowaga New York. Looking for a girl for fun I am open for any thing she wants to do no matter what she wants to do, no guy to guy. I will do what she wants me to do with her, anything to make her happy. I am looking for friendship and maybe more if she wants to. Open to doing her sexually needs.
Do What Ever She Wants No Limits
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Download Zalo Chat – Nắm giữ mạng xã hội trong tầm tay Zalo chat là một ứng dụng nhắn tin miễn phí cho điện thoại di động. Ra đời vào tháng 08/2012 đến nay, Zalo đã chính thức hoàn thiện với nhiều tính năng mới và hứa hẹn sẽ còn hoàn thiện, bổ sung các tính năng khác trong thời gian tới. Mặc dù Zalo chat ra đời sau các ứng dụng cùng loại khác như: Whatsapp, Yahoo, Facebook, Viber…nhưng Zalo vẫn được nhiều người dùng lựa chọn bởi các tính năng hấp dẫn, độc đáo. Download Zalo Chat – Bạn sẽ nắm giữ mạng xã hội trong tầm tay Zalo chat rõ ràng có ưu thế hơn các loại ứng d&#
Down Under
Last year I decided that for my vacation I wanted to go to Australia to meet my friend, Anthony. We had been talking for months and had developed a really good friendship, and we felt we should finally meet. Upon my arrival in Australia, I was so nervous about meeting him. While I was standing there waiting for my luggage I heard this voice behind me say “Hello, Pants”. I recognized it in an instant. It was Anthony. I turned around and was looking at the most handsome face that I have ever seen. He stood about 5’9”, tanned, athletic body, (I could see his muscles through his t-shirt), gorgeous brown eyes and beautiful dark brown hair down to his shoulders. He smiled at me with a quizzical look on his face and I realized that I was just staring at him. I regained my composure and said “Hello, Smarty”. Then we hugged one another as if we’d known each other forever. He laughed lightly as he felt my body shaking. He grabbed my bags and we started walking towards the exit. Out
Down The Barrow Of A .45
I've been married for about ayear and some now. He went over seas for the first yet, came home and everything has went to shit. Such as, he's a slob, and doesn't know how to pick up after himself or clean a room when he's done fucking it up. Yes, love is a factor in this marriage, but I'm starting to wonder why the hell did I get married in the first place? Was it reallyw orth the time and effort to make shit last here? HELL NO, I'm to the point where I want out and here soon! I can't deal with sloppy, no good assholes. Any advice, before I do settle and get a divorce? and talking to him doesnt work either, he'll freak out and blow up and blah blah blah. Whine and cry liek a bitch. If you got advice, let me know. This was something I wrote when I was younger, in college in a bible literature class. I got an A on the report, infact it was my final. The paper was about what would happen if Job and Nietzsche met one day, and what points and facts would they give to one another
Down Grading People!
Down And Dirty With Velvet
From Instructions for My Boyfriend by BeautyInDarkness © "First of all, I’m submissive, I want you to handcuff me, tie me up, and do anything to restrain me. Handcuff my hands above my head, and tie my legs to the bedposts, so that I can’t effectively move any part of my body. Start by just looking at my naked body, let your eyes linger where you want them to. The fact that you think I’m beautiful makes me wet. Next I want you to focus just on my skin. Run your hands or some soft fur, fabric, or feathers down my body. Let your fingers linger, but not stop on the most sensitive parts of me: my neck, stomach, hips, and calves. Just let me feel your flesh graze down my ribcage, across my breasts, and down my waist. Now let me feel a little more. Gently scratch or graze my skin with your nails, run your long hair across my body, kiss the softest parts of me, make me quiver. Start to bite me. Bite me on my neck, hard. Don’t be afraid to hurt me, a little pain is a good thing. Run y
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