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Elmo Bling Auction!
For the First Time ever I am putting Up a Elmo Bling for Auction!Bidding Starts at 100k Fubucks! I'm running low on fubucks bcuz of my spotlight i had a while ago and also helping other ppl with there spotlight.So I need lots N lots of Fubucks!!!Who wants that cute tickle me elmo? Get your bids In asap! Click On the Elmo To Bid!!!! This was brought to you by the One N only : ~*~Çðñ£ïÐêñ¢ê ï§ whå† måkê§ mê §êx¥~*~Owner Of LÏVÏÑ Ðà Ю∃ÃM Always ~N~ 4ever**@ fubar
Elmo Bling
i will give 100 rates to the person who gives me a Elmo Bling
El Nino 2009 2010
hey every one srry been in camper mode havent been online for a while but ill hit you all up soon when i get out of the woods   hello srry i hvent hit you up latley been real busy got my new job and be meaning to get the meassage to each one of my friends individually but i have been commenting as much as possible well hit me up and ill message you back                          talk to you soon and hope to hear from you  
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The Elusive G-spot
With my tongue I explored while attempting to memorize her reactions My fingers followed the avid contour exploiting her body’s gentle persuasions My naughty words pleased her senses extending the five to six Boldness dismounted the neutral fence Creative imagination became a randy mix Five minutes slowly marched to forty-five Each second seemed a lifetime The sex was morally alive Sensations just about blew my mind We’re into the late morning after a limping pause The benefits were truly rewarding We will revisit the act because… The very short night quickly slipped into eternities book of history The lessons left me fully equipped to find the elusive g-spot instinctively mylovepoet
Elusionz And Delusionz
yep i rock, k thnx bye. 1. YOUR REAL NAME: sandra 2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (first three letters of your name, plus izzle) Sanizzle 3. YOUR "FLY Guy/Girl" NAME: (first initial of first name, first three of middle name) Slee 4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (fav color and fav animal) Green Black Panther 5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, town where you were born): Lee Buffalo 6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name, first 3 letters of mom's maiden name) Armsasch 7. SUPERHERO NAME: (favorite color, favorite drink) Green Water 8. IRAQI NAME: (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, any letter of your middle name, 2nd letter of your moms maiden name, 3rd letter of you dads middle name, 1st letter of a siblings first name, last letter of your moms middle name) Amecmce 9. STRIPPER NAME: (the name of your favorite perfume/cologne) Tommy Girl 10. WITNESS PROTECTION NAME:
Elvis Was Pure Sex Appeal, And Pure Sex.
Today would have been Elvis Presley's 77th birthday. Some say he never died, that he faked his death to get out of the fast lane. They say he even surfaced as a "Look Alike" because he wanted to perform again. But no one bought into that one. If he is still alive, you gotta wonder what he thinks about the plethera of impersonators. So today, I just want to wish the KING OF ROCK-N-ROLL a very happy birthday. I'm gonna hoist a few in his name tonight. Wilvis aka LickinLarry When I became an Elvis impersonator, I did it for love of the music and the persana. What I didn't realy count on was the sex appeal that went with it. I have had only one relationship because of Elvis, but I have had a few nights where sweet older women throw thenselves at me. It was fun. But the most fun was the night I walked thru the MGM Grand Hotel in Vegas. Seemed like every bachelorette party we came by wanted to get their picture with Elvis. One day I'll get invited up to their party. JANUA
Elvis Presley
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Elvis John Pictures
Elvis John Pictures
matrix text ok heres the question how did elvis die? we are currently having a debate about this as there are so many stories feel free to leave your thoughts and stories:d .......
Elvis Is Dead And I Don't Feel Too Good Myself
For you Louis Grizzard fans, you’ll recognize the title. How are you supposed to feel, from day to day that is? Should you always be happy? Don’t we all think something is wrong with people who are too happy all the time? Given the opportunity, wouldn’t those of us in foul moods gather torches, form a mob, and hunt them down like Frankenstein or drive a stake through their hearts like Dracula? Why is that? “Can’t we all just get along?”…What makes us want to beat the happiness out of those with terminal happy happy joy joy syndrome, with a stick, when we aren’t feeling that way? Shouldn’t we all be on an even keel most of the time, somewhere in between happy and sad, sailing through the sea of life in fair weather? Lately, I find that my moods have been a bit more chaotic, more like a roller coaster. Minus of course, the high priced admission to a theme park, or the excitement of actually riding the damn thing. Not exactly something that I enjoy. How do you, even the keel when this hap
Elvis died 30 years ago today !! Do you still listen to his music and watch his movies ?
Elvis Barrett blows smoke rings and businessmen, smells their money on the dresser and they think his smile is for them. Every hustle has a dollar sign. Friday nights in Newark are as rich as he will ever be, but that's enough for Elvis. It takes a lot of liquor to wash away the white crust of his dreams gone south. He was all the rage once - jumping queues and striking poses in Manhattan night clubs - hobnobbing with the hoi polloi (back when he was pretty). Tomorrow Elvis will pour 54 Percodans into his trembling hand, choke them down with sloe gin, and piss himself while he falls into dreamless sleep. He'll only be missed by his mother and an ink salesman from San Mateo who loves him like a son but treats him like a bitch. Goodnight, sweet prince. © All rights reserved
Elvis Tribute Artist
Elvis At Your Door - Singing Telegrams Now Playing: One of S.W. Floridas Top ETA's EASTWOOD NOW PRESENTS: ELVIS AT YOUR DOOR (Singing Telegrams). For all of your Party occasions. At your location; Office, Hall, Home, or even at your favorite Restaurant. THIS SERVICE INCLUDES: A Telegram Message Sheet, Song List, A Scarf with Logo, and David'Elvis'Eastwood, Singing three songs (less than 15 minutes). Please call or e-mail now for reservations and Pricing information. I'M ALSO AVAILABLE FOR: Clubs, Weddings, Christmas Parties, Private Parties, Corporate Functions, Festivals, Community Events, Conventions, Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Cruise Ships, Reunions, Country Clubs, Birthday Parties, Fund Raisers, Anniversaries, Casinos, Dinner Dances, Graduation Parties, Grand Openings, Banquets, Bachelorette Parties, and even Picnics. Did I leave anything out? David'Elvis'Eastwood EASTWOOD PRODUCTIONS (239)822-1934 djestwd@myway.
Elvis Tribute Artist Page
View my page on Tributes Radio
Elvira Mistress Of The Dark Train..
Let's visit Elvira Mistress of the Dark.. 1.You MUST rate my Elvira folder and leave a comment on the last picture. Start with this pic. 2.You must rate/fan/add everyone on list. If you are already friends with someone check to see if you can re-rate them and leave them a comment "Hangin' with Elvira" or something relating to her! 3.When new people join the train-Do Not just accept the friend request. You must rate/fan/add/comment back. 4.No cheating!If you don't do as you are asked you will be removed from train. 5.Private message me,TexasAngel,when you have finished..I will add you to the train and make you this Thank you tag! Who's with Elvira? Your Hostess.. 1.~TexasAngel~Rating Revolution Crew Member~Fu Angel~@ fubar 2.The BULLdaddy~Slave's Superman~@ fubar 3.~Rebelicious DixieAngel~ Greeter @ Good Ol' Boys and Gals~ Head Enforcer @ Lucious Desire@ fubar 4.◊ SNUGGLEBUNNY ~ PROMOTER AND HEAD GREETER FOR CLUB MIXTURE ◊@ fubar
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Elysian De Vampyres
El Yunque
El Yunque is located in a green belt like most Tropical forest around the Equator, The Equator cover approximately seven percent of the Earths surface. El Yunque National Forest, the only tropical rain forest in the United States National Forest System. The Sierra de Luquillo Mountains which transverse this area receive over 200 inches of rain a year.Located in the east side of Puerto Rico, the forests covers an area of 28,000 acres.El Yunque is big in diversity, There are more species of trees in the Forest that there are in all the other forests of the National Forest System put together. The Taino believed their gods lived in the Sierra de Luquillo.As the home of Yuquiyu, The good God who protected them from all that was evil, gave the cloudy peaks a name which means white or sacred lands. The Spanish explores translated the Taino tern in error to "YunquePetroglyphs are etched in some of the forests rocks as a reminder of the early inhabitants of the area, The Taino Indians for whom
Email Me
E-mails From Home
The older I get, the more I enjoy Saturday mornings. Perhaps it's the quiet solitude that comes with being the first to rise, or maybe it's the unbounded joy of not having to be at work. Either way, the first few hours of a Saturday morning are most enjoyable. A few weeks ago, I was shuffling toward the garage with a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and the morning paper in the other. What began as a typical Saturday morning turned into one of tho se lessons that life seems to hand you from time to time. Let me tell you about it: I turned the dial up into the phone portion of the band on my ham radio in order to listen to a Saturday morning swap net. Along the way, I came across an older sounding chap, with a tremendous signal and a golden voice. You know the kind; he sounded like he should be in the broadcasting business. He was telling whom-ever he was talking with something about "a thousand marbles." I was intrigued and stopped to listen to what he had to say. "Well, Tom
The E-mail 10 Commandments
1. Thou shalt not SPAM. Sending a cute joke or sales pitch to 50 of your closest friends may seem like a good idea. It's not. They're already getting cute jokes and sales pitches from 50 other friends and regard your e-mail as one more reason to stop writing to you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Thou shalt not SHOUT IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. If hitting the [Shift] key cramps your style, go for the e.e. cummings look and use all lower case. All UPPERCASE letters is considered on-line shouting and quite rude. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Thou shalt not send unreasonably large attachments. Even if the person really wants what you have to send, extreme file sizes might torpedo his e-mail account. For pictures, reduce size at least to 800 by 600 and send them in either .gif format (for clipart) or .jpg (for photographs). Pictures sent in .bmp, .tif or other formats may
Email Them With A Pic Of Me
Take a pic from here any of them and be sure its a good one and send to Telling them you are nomminating me for a playmate, please kisses Alyse
E-mail Stuff
Got this in an e-mail from my cousin and thought it was a good thing to share. Please read this and pass it on...Thanks ;-) Learn these three letters, it may save someone you love... STROKE: Remember The 1st Three Letters...S.T.R. My friend sent this to me and encouraged me to post it and spread the word. I agree. If everyone can remember something this simple, we could save some folks. Seriously.. Please read: STROKE IDENTIFICATION: During a BBQ, a friend stumbled and took a little fall - she assured everyone that she was fine (they offered to call paramedics) and that she had just tripped over a brick because of her new shoes. They got her cleaned up and got her a new plate of food. While she appeared a bit shaken up, Ingrid went about enjoying herself the rest of the evening. Ingrid's husband called later telling everyone that his wife had been taken to the hospital - (at 6:00 pm, Ingrid passed away.) She had s
A nurse took the tired, anxious serviceman to the bedside. "Your son is here," she said to the old man. She had to repeat the words several times before the patient's eyes opened. Heavily sedated because of the pain of his heart attack, he dimly saw the young uniformed Marine standing outside the oxygen tent. He reached out his hand. The Marine wrapped his toughened fingers around the old man's limp ones, squeezing a message of love and encouragement. The nurse brought a chair so that the Marine could sit beside the bed. All through the night the young Marine sat there in the poorly lighted ward, holding the old man's hand and offering him words of love and strength. Occasionally, the nurse suggested that the Marine move away and rest awhile. He refused. Whenever the nurse came into the ward, the Marine was oblivious of her and of the night noises of the hospital – the clanking of the oxygen tank, the laughter of the night
Emails Too Many
Please do not send me emails. Yesterday I received 38, all wanting me to look at this or check out some blog or something. I am not interested in the same things that they are. I don't send them emails everyday requesting them to look at all the shit i find slightly interesting. So 4 the love of God stop it. Try to find some help or at least a friend. Get a hobby. Do what ever just stop sending me all this shit. Most of the people on here are cool and we get along just fine. Some of them are wonderful. When i come in here I do look and read and listen to music. I enjoy music. I do not find rating people and am willing to chat with almost anyone if I have the time. That can be great. What is this site all about? What are the points for? Are they just to buy pictures to give away? What ever I like the pics and the tunes. I have chatted with some very nice ladies from far away places and i thought that was cool. So here I am rambling. If you taken the time to read this you should probabl
An Email Forwarded
Written by an Australian Dentist....and too good to delete.... To Kill an American You probably missed this in the rush of news, but there was actually a report that someone in Pakistan had published in a newspaper, an offer of a reward to anyone who killed an American, any American. So an Australian dentist wrote an editorial the following day to let everyone know what an American is . So they would know when they found one. (Good one, mate!!!!) "An American is English, or French, or Italian, Irish, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian or Greek. An American may also be Canadian, Mexican, African, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Australian, Iranian, Asian, or Arab, or Pakistani or Afghan. An American may also be a Comanche, Cherokee, Osage, Blackfoot, Navaho, Apache, Seminole or one of the many other tribes known as native Americans. An American is Christian, or he could be Jewish, or Buddhist, or Muslim. In fact, there are more Muslims inAmerica than in Afghani
hello my love Alfonse!!! It for me is very pleasant, to receive your letter!!! I receive the big charge of energy with your letter!! It allocates warm my heart!!! And it seems to me, that right now, this second, you are beside with me!!! To me it is very good when, closed eyes and having presented you before me, I feel you, I represent as you exactly breathe, look at me! You gently take my hands in the .......... And always, when I open eyes, you are not present beside with me!!! Sometimes I do not wish to open an eye, only to remain as it is possible longer with you in my small virtual world. Try to close eyes to a minute, and to present, that I am near to you during this moment!!! Present, that I now sit near to you!!! You feel me? I feel you!!!! Feel my hands not your shoulder, my lips... I think, that it is very fine, that we have found each other!!! It can be a little dared, but I wish to be with you right now!!! Now for me you are the best friend. I trust you is boun
Email I Got
Email Spam Bullshit
I'm not one to complain about anything. But, this spam crap they have on here is getting on my nerves if you repeatedly send me spam I will block you and forward all the spam back to you. Period, come on ppl that's what we have the bulletins on the bottom for. That's all and if you don't like oh well I can do without you and sleep soundly at night.
for those of you who leave a message leave me alone i don't care about blogs and members and photos im not intrested if you keep it up i will report you for harrasing me i will rate blogs on your profile but stoppit with the mail thank you and have a nice day
Does anyone know of a way to delete all your mail at once? Or if there is even a way to do it?? Please leave comment if u know how, i have over 1000 and i don't want to do it one by one.. Thanks, Angela
Email & Im Pt 2
Roses are red, Violets are blue. The computer was on, So I typed this for you. Flowers are nice, Chocolate is better. You've been on my mind, Thought I'd send you a letter. Or maybe a poem, But rhyming is hard. I almost decided, To send you a card. But I know how you'd whine, I know how you'd wail. I finally decided To send you E-Mail! I don't mean to confuse, I don't mean to beguile. I just thought this poem, Might bring you a smile. I'll finish this note. (I've been typing since noon.) With the greatest of hopes, That you'll email me soon! August
E-mail Creator (cool Site)
If you really want to see what religion can do? Wait for a couple more years to see the end of man kind. We are in battle now that we can't win. Why we have bleeding hearts. That won't let anything get done. In the mean time you have Terrorious coming up from Mexico and Iranian Backing Irackies and Packies. Do you know they have been fighting for as long as time. Now they are as one. We are in for a new war. That will be brought to your door step. Make sure you all go to your church and say I have sin. We took are Christian Beleifes and shoved it down the Hole World face and said this what we are telling you is the real thing. Now we all get to see what Religion can do. Do you like how the police in your town are? No I guess. That is what are doing around the world. WHY FOR MONEY AND TO MAKE PEOPLE LIKE US. WE MIGHT BE A GREAT NATION. I don't think I have ever heard any country tell us not to rebuild their City. Why would they. But on the other hand. Do they pay for it NO. What do you
Email I Received
The One Flaw In Women By the time the Lord made woman, He was into his sixth day of working overtime. An angel appeared and said, 'Why are you spending so much time on this one?' And the Lord answered, 'Have you seen my spec sheet on her? She has to be completely washable, but not plastic, have over 200 movable parts, all replaceable and able to run on diet coke and leftovers, have a lap that can hold four children at one time, have a kiss that can cure anything from a scraped knee to a broken heart -and she will do everything with only two hands.' The angel was astounded at the requirements. 'Only two hands!? No way! And that's just on the standard model? That's too much work for one day. Wait until tomorrow to finish.' 'But I won 't, ' the Lord protested. 'I am so close to finishing this creation that is so close to my own heart. She already heals herself when she is sick AND can work 18 hour days.' The angel moved closer and touched the woman. 'But you
Emails Sent To Me!
What a way to simplify things... Whether you agree with Jay or not, you have to give him credit for speaking his mind... I hope you will all read to the end. Jay Leno puts it into perspective and makes us think about the pathetic negativity. That's right, Jay Leno!! Jay Leno wrote this; it's the Jay Leno we don't often see.... "The other day I was reading Newsweek magazine and came across some poll data I found rather hard to believe.It must be true, given the source, right? The Newsweek poll alleges that 67 percent of Americans are unhappy with the direction the country is headed, and 69 percent of the country is unhappy with the performance of the President. In essence, 2/3's of the citizenry just ain't happy and want a change. So being the knuckle dragger I am, I started thinking, ''What are we so unhappy about?''Is it that we have electricity and running water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Is our unhappiness the result of having air conditioning in the summer and
E-mail Sex
So, I get into my office, its late. I had a very long day and just want to go home. I open my e-mail and see a note from you. I perk up almost immediately. Your notes are fun. I see an attachment, getting even more excited now. I cant wait to see what you have sent me. I feel my cock stirring in anticipation. I open the picture and there you are wearing a very tight red top. I am hard now. I can see the outline of your whole breast. Beautiful. I want to see more. My imagination is running wild at this point and my cock is soo hard I feel it trying to push through my zipper. I find myself rubbing over my jeans trying to relieve the strain on my cock. The sensation is great, the pressure from my hard on pushing against my jeans and my hand rubbing up and down. I am imagining your hand instead of mine. I call you knowing you are at work but needing to hear your voice. Wanting to let you know what I am doing and why. You answer the phone knowing that I am calling about y
Email That Was Sent To Me
Let's see if you send it back. We all know or knew someone like this!! One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school. His name was Kyle. It looked like he was carrying all of his books. I thought to myself, "Why would anyone bring home all his books on a Friday? He must really be a nerd." I had quite a weekend planned (parties and a football game with my friends tomorrow afternoon), so I shrugged my shoulders and went on. As I was walking, I saw a bunch of kids running toward him. They ran at him, knocking all his books out of his arms and tripping him so he landed in the dirt. His glasses went flying, and I saw them land in the grass about ten feet from him. He looked up and I saw this terrible sadness in his eyes My heart went out to him. So, I jogged over to him as he crawled around looking for his glasses, and I saw a tear in his eye. As I handed him his glasses, I said, "Those guys a
Little Tony is staying with his Grandmother for a few days. He goes out to play with the other kids in the street. He comes back indoors after a little while and asks his Grandmother, "Grandma, what's it called when 2 people sleep in the same bedroom and one is on top of the other?" His Grandmother is a little taken aback but she decides to tell him the truth. " It's called sexual intercourse Tony" she said. Tony just said "Okay" and went back out to play. A little while later he stormed back into the house and said angrily " Grandma It's not called sexual intercourse it's called bunk beds, and Jimmy's mum wants to speak to you! A farmer went out one day and bought a brand new stud rooster for his chicken coop. The new rooster struts over to the old rooster and says, 'OK old fart, time for you to retire.' The old rooster replies, 'Come on, surely you cannot handle ALL of these chickens. Look what it has done to me. Can't you just let me have the two old hens over in th
Email For Email???
Email Scammers
Well, I got 2 more of these fuckin' idiots sending me an email asking me to give them my financial info to "release funds to me." I think I'll try much to get rich quick with the genie in the old lamp that I found while walking along the beach. If you're interested, below I have not only included their messages to me but also their contact info, just in case you're feeling a little evil & want to have some things to say to them. Enjoy. mr andres olev" Hello, I want to ask your attention to receive money on my behalf. The purpose of my contacting you is because I need someone who can receive it for our mutual benefits. On your response, I will send you the full details and more information about myself and the funds. Yours sincerely, Andres Olev "PROF CHARLES SOLUDO" CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR Zaria Street, Off Samuel Akintola Street, Garki 11, Garki-Abuja. Our Ref: FGN/CBN/NIG/05/2008. From The Desk Of
An Email Conversations ( These Are Special Poem From Latenitefantasy To Lady Katherine ****enjoy)
Languages of Love So many ways to say "I love you," And more ways to show you I care And what I wouldn't give to see Your beautiful smile as you stand there In front of me. How many nights have I dreamt of you? How many nights have I ached for your touch? How many nights must I lie in my empty bed Waiting for you, wanting you so much? You always fill my days with joy, my nights with love I know that you were sent to me from high above The clouds, that I shall see one day As I make my way to you, I pray That I can make my home with you and stay... Until then, I will let you know how special you are To me, how much clearer I can see the stars Through your eyes, how much I love you I will adore you until the end of time... And I thank God every day that you are mine. I could be so against you In lean forward rush of warming lips I could be so against the beat of pulse race skin pressing breasts into dips and curve of back relaxing, only to fleet
Email I Found.. Pretty Funny
Be Careful Out There IDIOT SIGHTING: We had to have the garage door repaired. The Sears repairman told us that one of our problems was that we did not have a 'large' enough motor on the opener. I thought for a minute, and said that we had the largest one Sears made at that time, a 1/2 horsepower. He shook his head and said, 'Lady, you need a 1/4 horsepower.' I responded that 1/2 was larger than 1/4. He said, 'NO, it's not.' Four is larger than two..' We haven't used Sears repair since. IDIOT SIGHTING: My daughter and I went through the McDonald's take-out window and I gave the clerk a $5 bill. Our total was $4.25, so I also handed her a quarter. She said, 'you gave me too much money.' I said, 'Yes I know, but this way you can just give me a dollar bill back.' She sighed and went to get the manager who asked me to repeat my request. I did so, and he handed me back the quarter, and said 'We're sorry but they could not do that kind of thing.' The clerk then proceeded to give
ok, i don't know if this is considered a "blog" email got hacked into and i had to delete it. It had alot of my friends from up here on if you've missed me..and want my new email...shout at me!!!
Emails That I Have Got
::: BREAKING NEWS ::: In 2009 the government will start killing all the mentally ill people. I started crying when I thought of you. Run, little friend, run! MENTAL HOSPITAL PHONE MENU Hello and thank you for calling The State Mental Hospital. Please select from the following options menu: If you are obsessive-compulsive, press 1 repeatedly. If you are co-dependent, please ask someone to press 2 for you. If you have multiple personalities, press 3, 4, 5 and 6. If you are paranoid, we know who you are and what you want, stay on the line so we can trace your call. If you are delusional, press 7 and your call will be forwarded to the Mother Ship. If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell You which number to press. If you are manic-depressive, hang up. It doesn't matter which number you press, nothing will make you happy anyway. If you are dyslexic, press 9-6-9-6. If you ar
Email Virus On Fubar Please Read
AMEN to this. This is outstanding.. Luke AFB is west of Phoenix and is rapidly being surrounded by civilization that complains about the noise from the base and its planes, forgetting that it was there long before they were. A certain lieutenant colonel at Luke AFB deserves a big pat on the back. Apparently, an individual who lives somewhere near Luke AFB wrote the local paper complaining about a group of F-16s that disturbed his/her day at the mall. When that individual read the response from a Luke AFB officer, it must Have stung quite a bit. The complaint: 'Question of the day for Luke Air Force Base: Whom do we thank for the morning air show? Last Wednesday, at precisely 9:11 A.M, a tight formation of four F-16 jets made a low pass over Arrowhead Mall, continuing west over Bell Road at approximately 500 feet. Imagine our good fortune! Do the Tom Cruise-wannabes feel we need this wake-up call, or were they trying to impress the cashiers at Mervyns early bird special?
Hey my email is   for anybody interested in talking
Email Lists
My name is Chuck Pearson. I am in my 30's and I trade penny stocks. I enjoy dealing with my clients in the stock markets, I make sure I keep everyone in my email lists posted of the changes in the stock exchange market everyday.
Email Help
email me at would love some meet ups, i can send you some more pics if you do email me :D
E Man
Emanons Contest!!
Best Looking Goth Contest PRIZES First Place: Silver Motorcycle Second Place: Rolex Third Place: Platinum Cherry Rules ~This is a week Long contest, will start Monday, March 20, at 12:00 PM EST and will run until Monday, March 27, at 12:00 PM EST ~This is a open contest meaning once it starts if one would like to enter they will be allowed to ~All entries must be S.F.W. (Suitable For Work) any N.S.F.W. entries will not be accepted ~Contest is open to both Males and Females ~Anyone found to be down-rating anyone else will be cut from the contest ~You may use any means to pimp yourself out i.e. stickies, page links on peoples pages, bulletins, or what ever else you can think think of to get you more comments amd rates ~If ANYONE breaks 10,000 comments then the gift Values will DOUBLE and will be as followed First Place: Corvette Second Place: Silver Motorcycle Third Place: Men's Ring or Women's Ring To enter simply send me a private me
:eman Golb
I put 2 new ringtones on my phone this morning, courtesy of RGR. The tones were from the Saturday night / Sunday morning show. It's Mr. Pres and Goatboy arguing and singing "Hooked On A Feeling". It's a laugh a minute, considering it took them just about 5 minutes to get thru it because they were so damn drunk. There's been one of those Cat claws and a Utilities truck idling in my driveway for an hour. I have no idea why there are here or what they plan on doing. I better be able to leave my house! Blog log og g g og log Blog I need a job. job. ob. b. ob. job. I need a job.
Eman Golb
while looking back at this i still dont really care but hey it gives me another way to waste my time ha even jesus doesn't love me
Emanon Is A Trip!!! Bwahahahahaaaa
subject: Fu-Dictionary... post date: 2008-11-24 15:19:07 views: 284 comments: 58 ratings: 0 Fubar Dictionary... (Written by Emanon) To be taken as a joke.. satire if you will... if you take it to heart then futard please block me!!!... 1)Fu-tard (men)/Fu-tart (woman) Some one who believes the world outside of fu is non-existent there for spends their lives to on this site... How to spot a futard.... Some one who is easily hurt by simple words of strangers... Some one who gets irate at a different opinion then their own... 2)Legend- Someone.. usually a woman who lacks self esteem and is defined by the color of their name and how many fans that they have How to spot a legend... Continuous bulletin repost telling you to fan some one so they keep legend status Continuous bulletin repost saying help me make her legend 3)FuWhore- Some one who finds self worth in the amount of bling they can accumulate in the shortest amount of time How to spot a
Embarkation Area
You've probably been wondering what Creepy does with all the DBs that he hunts down and rounds up. Well, it depends. One of the problems with disposing of them is that if you simply bury them, they pollute the ground and the water supply for miles around. If you throw them in the ocean, they kill all the sea life in the vicinity. Burning them is one of the best ways to minimize the adverse impact on the environment, but even then toxic fumes are released and a very smelly ash becomes airborne and settles on things for a much greater distance around. Very high intensity flame and a system of afterburners to scrub the smoke helps with this problem, though. One of the best solutions that Creepy has found is to simply blast them into outer space. Unfortunately, the cost of doing this is prohibitive. Creepy was lucky enough last year to make a good deal on three used rocket ships that were scheduled to be cut up for scrap. He got them working to the point that he could be assured
Embarrassing Medical Exams
1. A man comes into the ER and yells, "My wife's going to have her baby in the cab!" I grabbed my stuff, rushed out to the cab, lifted the lady's dress, and began to take off her underwear. Suddenly I noticed that there were several cabs ---and I was in the wrong one. Submitted by Dr. Mark MacDonald, San Antonio, TX. 2. At the beginning of my shift I placed a stethoscope on an elderly and slightly deaf female patient's anterior chest wall. "Big breaths," I instructed. "Yes, they used to be," replied the patient. Submitted by Dr. Richard Byrnes, Seattle, WA 3. One day I had to be the bearer of bad news when I told a wife that her husband had died of a massive myocardial infarct. Not more than five minutes later, I heard her reporting to the rest of the family that he had died of a "massive internal fart." Submitted by Dr. Susan Steinberg 4. During a patient's two week follow-up appointment with his cardiologist, he informed me, his doctor
Embarrassing First Date
This is probably the funniest date story ever, first date or not!!! We have all had bad dates but this takes the cake. And Leno's comment upon hearing the story is PERFECT!!! Jay Leno went into the audience to find the most embarrassing first date that a woman ever had. The winner described her worst first date experience. There was absolutely no question as to why her tale took the prize! She said it was midwinter... Snowing and quite cold...and the guy had taken her skiing in the mountains outside Salt Lake City, Utah It was a day trip (no overnight). They were strangers, after all, and truly had never met before. The outing was fun but relatively uneventful until they were headed home late that afternoon. They were driving back down the mountain, when she gradually began to realize that she should not have had that extra latte. They were about an hour away from anywhere with a rest room and in the middle of nowhere! Her companion suggested she try
You ever have your kid embarass you..or anyone else? I have been telling my hubby all this time..about how our youngest has been awesome at hitting/slamming balls..and such. Well tonight was first time hubby showed up.. and was there first game. Brandon was a total embarassment. As it is.. my kid is a comedian..and hes he gets away with alot...and he knows it. was just awful. He was doing 3rd base..where they been putting him. He kept holding up his glove each time.. without the ball.. pretending to get the other team members out. He wouldn't even let them get on the base hardly. Then a mom on the other team..was tryin to take a pic of her boy. on 3rd..and brandon is there smiling at her..thinking she was taking his picture..while theres a batter up , getting ready to hit. Then hes out there.. hollering.. hey batter , batter..and the moms are thinking hes cute because he has no top front teeth. Then , he got to bat .. 3 times.. and each time.. he sw
Embarassing Moment
A very shy guy goes into a bar and sees a beautiful woman sitting at the bar. After an hour of gathering up his courage he finally goes over to her and asks, tentatively, "Um, would you mind if I chatted with you for a while?" She responds by yelling, at the top of her lungs, "No, I won't sleep with you tonight!" Everyone in the bar is now staring at them. Naturally, the guy is hopelessly and completely embarrassed and he slinks back to his table. After a few minutes, the woman walks over to him and apologizes. She smiles at him and says, "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. You see, I'm a graduate student in psychology and I'm studying how people respond to embarrassing situations." To which he responds, at the top of his lungs, "What do you mean $1000??!!"
An Embarassing Encounter
The other day I had an encounter with an "ex" that proved to be most embarassing. I use the term "ex" loosely as Kyle and I had only dated briefly, going out several times over the course of a few months . When I knew Kyle, he was a sweet shy, bespecticled intellectual, with a scaggelly beard and tweed jacket. He would talk on endlessly about e.e. cummings and Kurosawa films. His cerebral approach to life was quirky but charming. Nothing serious developed out of the relationship. Calls and get togethers became less and less frequent and slowly we drifted apart without any animosity or drama. Then the other day I saw him again for the first time in almost a year. I was on my way to the laundry mat, wearing sweats, hair in a scruntch, toting a bag of dirty clothes (i.e. looking HORRIBLE) when he passed me on the street. If he hadn't stopped and said hello I would have never recognized him. He looked TOTALLY different!! Gone were the glasses and scruffy beard, his long messy of hair now
An Embarrassing Encounter
The other day I had an encounter with an "ex" that proved to be most embarassing. I use the term "ex" loosely as Kyle and I had only dated briefly, going out several times over the course of a few months . When I knew Kyle, he was a sweet shy, bespecticled intellectual, with a scaggelly beard and tweed jacket. He would talk on endlessly about e.e. cummings and Kurosawa films. His cerebral approach to life was quirky but charming. Nothing serious developed out of the relationship. Calls and get togethers became less and less frequent and slowly we drifted apart without any animosity or drama. Then the other day I saw him again for the first time in almost a year. I was on my way to the laundry mat, wearing sweats, hair in a scruntch, toting a bag of dirty clothes (i.e. looking HORRIBLE) when he passed me on the street. If he hadn't stopped and said hello I would have never recognized him. He looked TOTALLY different!! Gone were the glasses and scruffy beard, his long messy of hair now t
Embarking On Sin
I waited in the shadows, for him to appear. Judgment day has arrived, after all of these years. I descended from the darkness, with a firm grip of my gun. Absorbing his fear, as I stood there with none. Do you remember that night? Was the question I asked. He stood there in shock, un-fulfilling my task. Pulling back the hammer, I asked yet again. Demanding to be remembered, embarking on sin. Thou shall not kill kept playing in my mind. Yet I lied there dead, at that moment in time. Back on the night in question, he refused to remember. Thirteen years has passed since that cold December. A statistic I was, young and alone. Having been taken, so far from home. His prisoner, his slave, my chains were bound tight. Left to bleed to death, in the middle of the night. As the images replayed themselves, again in my mind. I mustered up enough strength, to find. The courage, to lay down the gun. While staring straight into his eyes, he knew I had won. He d
Ember Falls
audrey and the band have changed their name to MONDAY MORNING MASSACRE..AND WILL BE PERFORMING AT MY UNOFFICIAL BIRTHDAY BASH,MARCH 3RD IN FT. PIERCE!!! STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO ON THE SHOW!! Great band from St.Lucie County,really digging their singer Audrey! amazing vocals.. and the band just rocks!! check out their page,and see em live!! Next time I am seeing them is at a pool party on the 30th of September... cheerz DJK OF HSR
I lowered my thighs , Lay down on the bed and rolled into the shadows , I taste you, Like a thisrt darkening my blood . The fire within u Brings soft silken embers, Of last night feast and thickens,my soul till I die of desire , Like lava,MOLTEN AND GOLD.
It's not working. They squirm around instead, some grander dance perhaps. They try to escape, the pressure inside. Frustrated, thrash about, without motion. Can't quite force, that intimate touch. Dig into the past. Under the waste, of past failures or joys, there might be, a little ember. Breath into it, like a lovers ear, rebuilding passion, rebounding for another act. Raise up again. Press tightly together, warm bodies in darkness, nurture with twisted ways, create a new light, in the inky black. Small fire, bigger flames, sparks float, into feeling, into thoughts, into words, perhaps poetry.
Embers And Ashes
Here we are, back again It's the same but somehow so different I hear your voice it's in my head and then there's this hardening of soft tissue then silence. All I asked of you then was to please not abandon. All the things we said we'd do we did and then .... "the end"...   Now I stand here all on my own The weeds in my mind are overgrown No sunlight no cool breeze no song in my ears to comfort me My feet planted firmly where no more love can grow and all you gave me to remember you was this heart of stone....   All your words, felt so true Nothing in the word  could "us" undo I still hear them They're echoing but carry with them also everything All those times I thought you'd run You held your ground we found the sun Now you're gone and here I am a shadow fading dancing it's last dance look quickly before it's over...   Now I stand here all on my own The weeds in my mind are overgrown No sunlight no cool breeze no song in my ears to comfort me M
If you are like me, and sick and tired of strippers and other b.s. around the world like corportate lies and idiotic celebraties, then you should visit and lots of peeps are there and lots of posts offer different topics and comments. Come join the discussions. I’m no messiah. It’s just a cathartic lament with some humor, and the premise is real simple: does hurt bother you? Good . . . ‘cause it’s killing me.
The Embrace
I was not new to the Vampiric ways. All my life I had been interested and intrigued by them. The yarning and desire of the Vampire filled my very soul. A soul that was crying out for something more. Something was missing so I searched and longed to find that place where I belonged, where I needed to be. One night not too long ago my searching came to an end when I was embraced by my Sires Ivorywolf and LrdSilverWolf. I was embraced on August 1st 2006 and my searching is finally over I have found out where I belong. I am new to the Gangrel ways but I am learning quickly. It started out as any other day. I worked the night shift as a cop in New York City. I was sent out on a routine call. We heard about a drug deal going down in the city. I was sent in to bust it up. Just as the deal was going down, something I did a million times, but this time it went bad. I was caught in a fire fight with the dealers. Gun shots going off everywhere. Suddenly, it grows quiet, all I heard were the sc
Embrace The Night
embarace the night by m'lady ----------------------------- emberace the night . a darkened sky peaking from the clouds was the full moon. witht he stars shining so brought the trees moving swiftly across the window the wistling of the wind. all the creatures o the night he sees her and embrace her with his arms and his deadly kiss to her neck drains her blood. he gives her life.he cuts his arm open and drips blood into her mouth embrace my darkness embrace my madness for you shall live in darkness for enteraly feed on upon others humans for they will be your food and the rain falls and he lives with her and they lived for ever m'lady
Embracing Destiny
To become the person You are truly meant to be, You must be subjected to Life's trials and tribulations Stumbling along the way, Experiencing love and heartache, To appreciate all that you had ... And that of which you have yet to attain, Never allowing life's lessons To shatter your dreams ... Embracing Destiny When fate throws you a curve, And it's not within your master plan ... Heave it back It is within each of us, To determine what is desirable for us individually Life and love is meant to be cherished, Sharing with all those you adore Whether you choose to forge your path alone Or hand in hand with person of choice Doing it with enthusiasm Is truly paramount Live your life to the fullest As if it were your last day of mortality For each day is truly a precious gift Fear not the unknown, Embrace Destiny and make it your own.
Embracing Nature
Man you just have to love summer. This year has been terrific down south, as far as summers go, it's been quite mild. The other nice thing is that if ya go to the park the heat usually keeps the families inside. If you throw out a blanket in the shade you can enjoy the summer breezes, the squirrels chattering in the trees, and the smell of fresh cut grass filling the air. When I called her to see if she felt like just enjoying a light picnic she jumped at the chance. We haven't really spent time together lately and I missed her. I used business principle #7...K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. I threw a cutting board, cheese, some fruit, and two bottles of wine along with a blanket into my backpack and off I went. She was dressed in a simple sundress and sandals and her hair up in a ponytail. She didn't even give me a chance to open the door for her as she jumped in and gave me a kiss hello. Small talk always comes easy when your with someone that your familiar with. Laughing
Embrace The Rain
    I was A tear in the rain A single grain of  thought That went unnoticed In the grand scheme Of things
Embrace Me
Ravish me with desire filling me with your liquid fire Devour me like dipped chocolate strawberries dollupped in a creamy whip Charm me with romance let me go and watch me as I soar and dance Enthrall me with secret naughty thoughts that cause my body to sweat Storm me with thunder and lightning and weave a spell to cast me under Lure me into your web of forbidden fantasies as my passions flow and ebb Endure me through the growing years as we learn things a-new Empty me of my pain and heartache so with you I can freely dance in the rain. Consume me for I'm a drop of honey on the comb you the bee ontop Seduce me with verse whispered softly senusous and perverse Hold me safely as your heart,in time with mine drives me crazy. Kiss me with a yearning awakening my soul a new page turning Touch me softly catch me as I fall knees give out weakly Taste me as I tremble with anticipation as my protective walls crumble
Embracing Your Sexuality
We are all sexual beings. However, somewhere along the way when we're growing up women are taught that if they embrace their sexuality they a slut, whore, etc. Men are taught that they're "the man" for embracing their sexuality. It's silly since our sexuality is a normal natural part of who we are. The world is pretty messed up in this respect. I for one have grown to embrace my sexuality. It's an integral part of who I am. I have to thank the friends I've made here who have helped me with this. It is so wonderful to be completely uninhibited and not have to worry if you're being judged for that. It also makes sexual experiences so much better since I'm able to concentrate fully on the moment and the pleasure my partner and I are giving one another without the worry of "what someone is thinking of me". I wish this for everyone, the ability to be completely uninhibited and fully enjoy your sexuality. It's wonderful to be able to share this with my friends here along the way.
He embraced the morning looking out over an early fogHe searched thru the mist for some inkling of her presenceAt the horizon a glimmer of yellow pierced the fogShredding the fog like a single blade hacking thru a throng of enemies It colored the trees in glistening gold and the fog retreated into the shadows. Morning dew slipped between her toes, the grass tickling, kissing and inviting. Darkness banished, songs of delight echoed in the air. Flickering wings flashed by, cutting the light with a swift shadow. Water glistened off his torso as he looked upon her physical form and was enraptured with her beauty..His hand reached out pulling her to his lips..crushing her with his wanton passion unsatiated.Long had he waited ..deep was his desire which would not be deniedLaying her among the sand..he took his hands gripping her roughly brooking no opposition. She gave before him, accepting him even as he plunged deep into her golden light. Her fingers traced enigmatic signs upon his fles
e=mc2: 103 years later, Einstein's proven right PARIS (AFP) – It's taken more than a century, but Einstein's celebrated formula e=mc2 has finally been corroborated, thanks to a heroic computational effort by French, German and Hungarian physicists. A brainpower consortium led by Laurent Lellouch of France's Centre for Theoretical Physics, using some of the world's mightiest supercomputers, have set down the calculations for estimating the mass of protons and neutrons, the particles at the nucleus of atoms. According to the conventional model of particle physics, protons and neutrons comprise smaller particles known as quarks, which in turn are bound by gluons. The odd thing is this: the mass of gluons is zero and the mass of quarks is only five percent. Where, therefore, is the missing 95 percent? The answer, according to the study published in the US journal Science on Thursday, comes from the energy from the movements and interactions of quarks and gluons. In othe
You have a Sexual IQ of 144 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. 'What is your Sexual IQ?' at Well here we are the Olympics, are to be held in the Great UK, what a fiasco, london is falling apart, and they still havent done the stadiums,Most of the Uk dont give a damn if feck loads of foreign peeps come here and run themselfs ragged, mind you the pick pockets will have a grand time, as will the muggers (am sure that they have there own union)... So the watchers, will turn upin London and ... queue to get a seat, queue to get a meal, queue to get anything, its what we over here do best, stand around in queue (usually moanin about queueing), As for me lol sport is for people who have to much time on there hands, I will be sat in back yard with a cold beer, with the kids...Bliss ..
Emely's Blog
Emerson Lake And Palmer
Emergency Room
Hey all~ I so sorry that I had to leave you hanging like I did. I had to rush my daughter to the ER. She's got four staples in her head, but she's doing fine.
Emerald Angel
i remember staying up all night... i watched you as you slept... you didnt see the tears i cried... as silently i wept... i knew when we made love... by the intensity of your touch... you were there to say goodbye... this man i loved so much... you never said the words that nite... but i knew deep in my heart... i had known this day would come... right from the very start... we were "fire and ice"... a dangerous and reckless love... you called me your "Emerald Angel"... sent from up above... no one could ever tame you... like an animal wild and free... passion and excitement ruled with us... tho a love doomed not to be... fate brought us together... reality tore us apart... for you belonged to another... but for a time i had your heart... there are times i still think of you... your memories like a ghost... haunting bittersweet times... and my heart is the host... Darius and Angeliqué... like the greek tale of old... although their love was forbidden... i
Emergency Info
kenneth bush: Hacker Warning HACKER WARNING !!!!!!!!!! > I JUST RECEIVED THIS FROM ANOTHER GROUP SO PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR THIS > PERSON WANTING TO JOIN. > If somebody called bum_tn@007 hotmail com adds you dont accept it > because its a hacker. Tell every one on your list because if somebody > on your list adds them you get them on your list. He will have access > to your IP computer address. So copy & paste this message to every one > AND fast Just got this from Werewolf by Night! Take it to heart!
Emergency With Tommy Today,i Have Never Been So Scared In My Entire Life!!!
Emergency Spiral Descents
Ahh, time for another bloggy addition. I'm actually amazed I flew again. Lately since coming to CNY I've been snuffed out due to weather. All last week I wasn't able to because it was snowing! What is up with that? I mean, I love the snow, I am glad I moved out here. I enjoy the change of pace and this whole new coast, but when it comes to getting shafted with weather that keeps me from flying... I just have to scream, " BITCH" Haha. Today was good though, I flew twice in one day. How bad ass is that. Imagine this : Airport elevation is 500ft and I'm at 5500ft. Above the runway numbers at the approach end of runway 15. Landing gear down, flaps set, throttles completely back to idle, bank to 45 degress, and start to spiral down... Looking out the side window and watching the earth spin around your as you hold the runway in sight. One complete turn. Two turns.. Three turns... Looking out and you are still too high to make a perfect landing so while power still out and only
I know some of you are confused why I have a tribute to Emerald eyes today and what it's about... Well the answer is... Today marks 15th year anniversary of the Funeral date of my 1st true love Patrisha Kay... So for today only; I am gonna dedicate my page to her memory... PMK had as a nickname of Psylocke after the x-men charactor and here is a Tribute Video for her The Inner PsyAdd to My Profile | More Videos Last Caress Dedicated to Trisha M. Kay Hey,Iknow I havent been out in a long time Ive been kinda busy, exploring life while I'm still in my prime You know its hard for me to visit you at your tumb But reminded me you're dead is like salt to an open wound But I had to comesee you, Theres some things we had to discuss Oh god,do I miss you so much Tears still form in my eyes when I think of you And all the things you and I used to do Well back to the subject at hand I think there's somethings you and didnt understand Things that in one way, one of us did
4. Katy woke at seven thirty the next morning and lay in the bed, feeling Jared’s arm wrapped around her. She nestled back close to him and thought of the previous night when he had come home before bar closing time. There had been no fire fight this time, no dramatics from either of them, and he hadn’t tried to force himself on her. Jared even seemed mostly sober when he came home for a change of pace. They had sit and talked about how each of them had lost their jobs the previous day. They had decided not to make a big deal of it as they were even on this one, though this was Jared’s fourth job since they had been together and only Katy’s second. They had retired to the bed room and cuddled to sleep being very reminiscent of days past when life was good for the couple. Katy slid from Jared’s arm and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and then have some coffee. Jared came in the kitchen just as the coffee was finished and they enjoyed a morning cup together with very
Emergence And The Paranormal
Everyone knows how I am about my cat.She was a rescue who was tortured.Someone had burned her feet etc etc when I had gotten her.She is a super small cat.She snuck out for 3 hrs one night and got pregnant note the pictures of the six kittens!Apparently she is too small to feed 6 pigly kittens.Cory came to the rescue by leaving work last night when my cat fell over after feeding her kittens.She was howling in pain ,spasms and rigid legs.It became worse and worse.I was devastated.Thank goodness for my besty whyrick to keep me together why I found a way to get my husband and the emergency vet.   I am blessed to have a husband who will leave work to save my cat. I think he loves me a little.She got some iv calcium and kitties are on bottles and we are trying to make the brats eat food. I will let cory tell you what she does when I cry and she freaked out worse last night if I cry and I had to force myself to stay calm,which was hard.Vet told me nothing could have prevented it no matter
E.m.f. Productions
Check out E.M.F. Productions on youtube. Click here to go to the profile. Thanks!
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Emily Maria Aguirre
im a girl that loves animals and i love rock and i lk eap haaa man i also got a boy friend im not that wild ok soo yea well come on peeps where the hell are you halla at your girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from: Who Me remove friend LostCherry Bulletin! date: 2006-09-17 20:13:48 subject: leaving LC????.... (repost) MAKE STICKY! For those who are on my friend list... See... some of you do pay attention! For those who are on my friend list...I totally have to agree with all of you who say people are getting fake In here. So I gave in and let's see who really reposts this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. It serves to eliminate people who are desperately trying to add "friends" like its a popularity contest in High School. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention to me. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Lets see who the true friends are and I think I know who you are.. Repost this if you are a frien
I have made my decision about the deleting of my NSFW pictures. I AM NOT GOING TO DELETE THEM AS OF NOW!! I mean, how can I delete them after I get someone saying this: "NOT delete your photos because....YOU are MY DREAM !!!! When I look your lips on a make me become hard and wet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Hey Emily - don't even think about deleting your NSFW pics! They GREATLY enhance the FUBAR experience. Without them, this site would far less interesting! Take care - and THANKS a ton! You look absolutely phenominal - such a hottie!" You all gave some good reasons to keep them as well as to delete them. You even said you would still be friends with me no matter what, which means that I have friend requested as well as accepted a good lot of people. So now that I have made my decision, you all have to bling me and bling me lots out of thanks for keeping them!!
Emily Dickinson~
Because I could not stop for Death He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves And Immortality We slowly drove, he knew no haste, And I had put away My labor, and my leisure too, For his civility We passed the school where children played, Their lessons scarcely done; We passed the fields of gazing grain, We passed the setting sun We paused before a house that seemed A swelling of the ground; The roof was scarcely visible, The cornice but a mound Since then 'tis centuries; but each Feels shorter than the day I first surmised the horses' heads Were toward eternity Emily Dickinson
Emily Scott
Emily Fast And Fun
Emily fast and fun, all fingers fumbly, clasp clumsy, finally free against the fence in her backyard - yes, yes, yes the sun was down and summertime poured from the bottle dribbled down drippled drowned. She was I was we were - it was hard to slow us down - and then her dad called out the back door - I was she was we were finished. © All rights reserved
Emily's Thoughts
My very, very good friend Emily sent me a few of her quotes last week that I was very impressed with. I love this girl! ----------------------------------------------- My greatest wish for this life is to be able to give my children everything that they deserve to make their lives easier. But not worry-free. For worry and hills and valleys in life build character. And with character comes greatness. If i could be anywhere in the world right now it would be right where i am...I love me...i love life...I love where life has brought me. I wake up each day and know that I am not in control of anything, but my outlook on that day and it's trials that will be thrown at me. So for that I am blessed. And for this, I am happy. Intelligence has nothing to do with your writing skills and everything to do with what you have learned through life experience and the want to teach others. Some may never open their souls to you...or anyone...because they may not know themselves what their
Emily Gilliland
hey folks im new at this so i'll be short and sweet with you folks this blog is new to also so im gonna say this and please undrstand it ok emily&austin are happily married and if anybody gets in between us we will take names and kick some major ass!!!!!!
Emiliee Aka '⅞ ¥óü Ćäńŧ ҢαиÐ£έ мз ⅞'
Emiliee aka '⅞ ¥óü Ćäńŧ ҢαиÐ£έ мз ⅞' fubar page BUSTED a FAKE until a legitimate salute is accepted by fubar. We have no verifiable link to where the pictures were taken from just yet but will update this blog when we do. Due to all these pictures being professionally taken model shots this person is tagged a FAKE.
Emily Dickinson
I'm nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody, too? Then there's a pair of us — don't tell! They'd banish us, you know. How dreary to be somebody! How public, like a frog To tell your name the livelong day To an admiring bog! We grow accustomed to the Dark When Light is put away As when the Neighbor holds the Lamp To witness her Good bye A Moment- We uncertain step For newness of the night Then- fit our Vision to the Dark And meet the Road- erect And so of larger- Darknesses Those Evenings of the Brain When not a Moon disclose a sign Or Star- come out- within The Bravest- grope a little And sometimes hit a Tree Directly in the Forehead But as they learn to see Either the Darkness alters Or something in the sight Adjusts itself to Midnight And Life steps almost straight.
Emily Scott 2
Emily Scott 2
Emily Scott 2
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Emily's Blog
When you hear designer shoes sure that the first things is the high amount of price that one should spend much money just to have a pair of famous Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin. It is indeed true that these shoes can be really expensive. Although the price differs from one shoes to another there is really not much difference between a famous shoes designer label and a shoes designed with no label. Shoes for women are considered to be one of the most commodities they can have and invest. Compare to men, women have lots of choices of shoes to choose from. Women's shoes come in all different shapes, sizes, styles, colors, textures, and price ranges. Because they a lot on women's personality and also to their status in life, there are of course more and more women would always prefer to buy shoes that are made by top designers that are well known today. Designer shoes for women are like dominating not only shoe shops or malls but as well as online shops that sell desi
Hi eveverone Im  emilyclairesabol im asweet  kind lovingxoxo
Eminem Mockingbird Yeah I know sometimes things may not always make sense to you right now But hey, what daddy always tell you? Straighten up little soldier Stiffen up that upper lip What you crying about? You got me Hailie I know you miss your mom and I know you miss your dad Well I'm gone but I'm trying to give you the life that I never had I can see you're sad, even when you smile, even when you laugh I can see it in your eyes, deep inside you want to cry Cuz you're scared, I ain't there? Daddy's with you in your prayers No more crying, wipe them tears Daddy's here, no more nightmares We gon' pull together through it, we gon' do it Laney uncles crazy, aint he? Yeah but he loves you girl and you better know it We're all we got in this world When it spins, when it swirls When it whirls, when it twirls Two little beautiful girls Lookin' puzzled, in a daze I know it's confusing you Daddy's always on the move, mamma's always on the news I try to keep y
(1) Shake That (2)Stan (3)You Don't Know (4)When I'm Gone (5)Toy Soldiers
Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972),[1] better known by his stage name Eminem, is an Academy Award-[2] and multiple Grammy Award-winning American rap artist. Eminem is one of the highest-selling musicians of the early 2000s. He has sold over seventy million albums worldwide, and is one of the highest-selling rap artists of all time. Eminem was discovered by rapper and producer Dr. Dre, who later signed Eminem to his record label, Aftermath Entertainment. Eminem signed to Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records in 1998 and released The Slim Shady LP, which went triple platinum by the end of the year. In 2000, he released The Marshall Mathers LP, and sold two million copies. The Eminem Show was released in 2002 and sold one million copies in its first week. Eminem released his fourth album, Encore, in 2004, which also went on to become another successful album for the rapper. Background information Birth name- Marshall Bruce Mathers III Also known as-
I will admit, I do enjoy some of his music. I saw this video on TV this morning and laughed my ass off. You have to give this guy credit, he really doesn't care who he fucks with. We Made You lyrics Guess Who You Miss me? Jessica Simpson sing the chorus Jessica Simpson – (Eminem) (CHORUS) When you walked through the door It was clear to me (clear to me) You’re the one they adore, who they came to see (who they came to see) You’re a … rock star (baby) Everybody wants you (everybody wants you) Player… Who can really blame you (who can really blame you) We're the ones who (chicka) made you *cough, cough* (VERSE ONE) Back by popular demand Now pop a little Zantac or ant'-acid if you can You're ready to tackle any task that is at hand How does it feel, is it fantastic, is it grand? Well look at all the massive masses in the stands Shady man… no don’t massacre the fans Damn, I think Kim Kardashians a man She stomped him just cause he asked to pu
Music Intro: Lately I've been hard to reachI've been too long on my ownEveryone's got a private worldWhere they can be aloneAre you callin' meAre you tryin' to get throughAre you reaching out for meAnd I'm reaching out for you Verse 1:im just so fucking depressed i just cant seem to get out this slump if i could just get over this hump but i need something to pull me out this dump i took my bruises took my lumps fell down and i got right back up but i need that spark to get psyched back up and in order for me to pick the mic back up i dont know how or why or when i ended up this position im in im started to feel dissin again so i decided just to pick this pen up and try to make an attempt to vent but i just cant admit or come to grips with the fact that i may be done with rap i need a new outlet and i know some shits so hard to swallow but i cant just sit back and wallow in my own sorrow but i know one fact ill be one tough act to follow one tough act to follow ill be one tough act to
Emjays Corner
I can't help but be a little fed up with the vulgar messages I recieve about my boobs. I am fully aware that they are large but this does not give people the right to make certain comments and talk to me in such a rude manner. Im not talking about 'nice boobs' or 'theyre big' comments.. more the 'hello my big titted friend' and 'can i titty fuck you' comments... and even those are tame compared to some. Its rude. You wouldn't say that to someone on the street so why say it to a lady online? I do not put myself across in a slutty way, I have no nsfw photos up so I feel angry at this all. Ive met so many great people on here.. just ashame some people are such perverted assholes :/ Love to you all. (not the pervs obv :P ) XX I dont usually do things like this, but I was already pissed off.. to then come on here and has some dirty perverted asshole start on me because I will not tell him my bra size. He then goes and rates all of my pics a 1, which I can see him d
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Emma Rose
Emma Rose There is a tiny garden, It's growing up above, She was taken up so suddenly, And filled with so much love, Her mommy loved her dearly, So many others too, Like family, friends, and neighbors, Now all feeling blue. Emma's very special, She has a job to do, She was given wings to wear so proud, So on the love she'll fly around, Spreading love to everyone, That ever frowns. So if you ever see, a flower or a tree, Remember that is Emma, Spreading smiles, love and glee. Written on February 17, 2007 11:00 PM For Gia in memory of Emma Rose who was called back home to Jesus. bye Susan Du Four Emma Rose There is a tiny garden, It's growing up above, She was taken up so suddenly, And filled with so much love, Her mommy loved her dearly, So many others too, Like family, friends, and neighbors, Now all feeling blue. Emma's very special, She has a job to do, She was given wings to wear so proud, So on the love she'll fly around,
Emma Rose
Emma Rose There is a tiny garden, It's growing up above, She was taken up so suddenly, And filled with so much love, Her mommy loved her dearly, So many others too, Like family, friends, and neighbors, Now all feeling blue. Emma's very special, She has a job to do, She was given wings to wear so proud, So on the love she'll fly around, Spreading love to everyone, That ever frowns. So if you ever see, a flower or a tree, Remember that is Emma, Spreading smiles, love and glee. Written on February 17, 2007 11:00 PM For Gia in memory of Emma Rose who was called back home to Jesus. by Susan Du Four
Emma Louise
Hey me a huge favor....keep my granddaughter in your prayers... Emma will be three dec 29, yesterday she fell on some juice her sister spilt...and has a broken leg. The break is on her femur above the knee, shs gonna be in a body cast from her little chest, full on the broken leg and partial on the good leg. Shes gonna need a special chair and car seat. She is a VERY entergetic child so this not being able to go is gonna be hard for her....and mom who is ecpecting in May 08 and little sister who is used to playing with her....sigh. There's gonna be lots of patience tried. So I would greatly apperciate any and all prayers for my baby. Thanks!!!!
Emma Vickers
You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone. You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together. At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together. You are confident, self assured, and capable. You are not easily intimidated. You master any and all skills easily. You don't have to work hard for what you want. You make your life out to be exactly how you want it. And you'll knock down anyone who gets in your way! You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection. You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic “Type A” personality. You are very hyper. You never slow down, even when it's killing you. You're the type of person who can be a workaholic during the day... and still have the energy to party all night. Your energy is definitely a magnet for those around you. People are addicted to your vibe. You ten
Emmak's Blog
So yeah I joined second life yesterday.. I like! If you are on there.. and want to find me.. when I'm on ask for my ID ..(friends family etc.) I had a ton of fun on there real quick today.. was on so long.. =) really really cool! awsome site never thought I'd like it but I do.
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well, i met a lady on here from aussie.fuck colt! she is really awesome. fuck colt! we are getting to talk on skype and fubar everyday now, for hours. fuck colt! she is a down to earth woman. fuck Colt! i enjoy myself when i am in her presence. fuck colt!
Emma Readings
Life   The most important thing I have learned in life is nothing is more important than being happy & having a sense of humor. Follow your dreams and your bliss always and no matter what anyone tells you and be sure to be happy along the way. Because happiness is not attained from achieving your goals, it's the fuel that propels you toward them! And there is too much serious shit in this world not to laugh at all of the absurdity of it! Such as the dynamics of sex and male to female relationships. Surely GOD has a twisted sense of humor to play this joke on us! Besides have you ever seen a platypus I rest my case! Don't think you know me from 1000 words on a page...this is only the tip of the iceberg, only one facet of me, the part I allow you to see at this particular moment in time. I need a man with a gentle smileI want a man who's sweet and kindI long for a man who's serious enoughTo discuss with me what life is aboutThe size of his biceps don't really matterNor the color and
 I put together an Amazon wishlist for myself.  Last night I put up some naked photos of me.  Only my special friends are allowed to take a peek.  :)   Ask about my naughty deals.       Houston Passes Ordinance to Protect Cyclists, Others from Vehicular TrafficNew Law Defines Space Needed to Maintain Traffic Safety for all Road Users Mayor Annise Parker and Houston City Council this week unanimously approved an ordinance to protect Houston's cyclists and other vulnerable road users by requiring cars and other motor vehicles to keep a separation of more than three feet while passing, and trucks or commercial vehicles to keep a separation of more than six feet. The ordinance is effective immediately. Vulnerable road users are defined as a walkers or runners; the physically disabled, such as someone in a wheelchair; a stranded motorist or passengers; highway construction, utility or maintenance workers; tow truck operators; cyclists; moped, motor-driven cycle and scoot
Emma Carter
my name is emma carter 22 yrs old single, i want to find new friends or boyfriend :)                            this is my personal accounts skype- emma.carter48yahoo messenger- emmacarter12fb copy link link->
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just thought i'd share.....copy and paste the link to see lots more of me:
So life has been really crazy here lately. Well, more like the last year or so. Last year I left the man that I had been with for the better part of two years. Honestly it was the best thing for me. Because if I hadn't I would either be dead, still out there twacked off my ass, or in trouble with the law. Yeah I matured a lot while in that relationship, but by the time I got out of it, I was nothing. (I mean that litterally) He had beat me, talked to me like I was the lowest piece of shit in the world. But today, with the help of a few select people that helpped me up, I am not that person anymore. I am no longer one who sits back and lets someone treat them like shit, and walk all over them...No I have the courage, and everything else to stand up for myself once more. The one person that has helped me the most is now the love of my life. I will go back to that later... You see when I left the asshole I wasn't really looking for a relationship. I hung out with a friend of mine, after i
Emmy Rossum
So I have officially been single for one month on Monday after my arsehole of an ex cheated on me! Now its my mission to ruin you guys whenever possible lol. Dirty old men do not need apply. If your hot and looking for some sparring then bring it on. xxxxxxx
You Are 56% Emo You're not emo, but you're plenty thoughtful, unique, and even a little angsty. Are You Emo?
I'm Bored just writing to see how this shitz worx!
Emo-69@ Cherrytap
Emo Dude
Danny Woodard: hi 3:15pm NOT so PRE...: ? 3:15pm Danny Woodard: whats up 3:16pm NOT so PRE...: not much, whats up? 3:16pm Danny Woodard: nada would u like to join me in a drink 3:17pm NOT so PRE...: you need a drink from here? 3:17pm Danny Woodard: well even though its in a cyber bar 3:17pm Danny Woodard: and your hot 3:18pm NOT so PRE...: thank you..I sent you a beer 3:19pm Danny Woodard: i returned the favor 3:19pm Danny Woodard: w/a kiss 3:19pm NOT so PRE...: thx 3:20pm Danny Woodard: welcome 3:20pm Danny Woodard: would u like top join me on my fubed 3:20pm Danny Woodard: just got done working
Emo Is Not Scene
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Emology 101
{{7/12/07}} Ok, so it\'s Thursday and I havent written a word since last Sunday! How awful. My first week of work has been okay. Im still in training so Im not getting a lot of hours. After Sunday, I should be getting a full schedule. It\'s not as hard as I thought it would be. I gotta learn what comes with what but for the most part it\'s simple. Dayshift totally kicks ass. Dont get me wrong, I loved my nightshift at Arbys and Subway, but I\'m digging this dayshift. I even get offa work in time to watch my soap opera =] How effin sweet is that? I think its rockin\'....just like me ;) haha I\'m so hardcore..........not! lmao. I had the biggest blonde moment today =/ On the registers at work you have to hit \" dine in\" or \"carry out\" before you can ring anything up... its like a quarter til one pm. Ive been on the register since like 10am. Ive pretty much got it down pat, right? Well I get a customer and I cant get it to let me ring anything up. I just cant get it to work at all, so
Emo News
seriously gay! i hate it when people talk about kids and act like theyre soooo surprised and say its "disturbing" just cuz they dont understand it how gay -.- and they say one of my fav bands has an emo song!! what the hell!! this is something to rage about im serious so they fear what their kids are doing but they dont understand it in the frist place if they didnt notice them changing thats their fault -.- and now that theyre "emo" they start going omggg nooo my kids emo hes going to commit suicide -.- gay! this is so freakin retarded
Since being back everyone seems to be picking at me. I try to help yet its not good enough. This is the ONE time in my life that I needed people. I have court happening right now, I am very depressed, very ill, paranoid... and well.... expliains it all really... anyway have fun bye :) Rest In Peace, my still heart, You grow weak and tired. Once you were, full of life, Once you were admired. Now all is suddenly quiet, And all is suddenly gone, Forever lost, you will be, Of you there will be none. Rest In Peace, my forgotten soul, You have beat your last, Once you were full of joy, Turned into an outcast Now all that was, makes clear sense, Now all I understand, People are just all afraid, Sociopaths should be banned. Rest In Peace, Christiana, You've grown sociophobic, Once you were invinsible, But now you're human-phobic. Now all your life, has disappeared, Now all you were is lost, What you wanted, was just very simple, But it had a very high cost. Res
E Money's Way
Emo Pictures
Breathtaking Emo Pictures #2 The LastTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Emo Poems
The storm gathers in the west Ready to take you out I can see this all to well I know its time to stir about Your in trouble Your going down I will not let this happen I will not let you drown Your my best friend And nothing else matters When the storm hits And your life shatters I'll be your lighthouse And i'll always be here To protect you from anything Even you worst fear So bring on the hurricanes Even the April showers I will shelter you No matter how many hours I wonder how I will die? Too many pills is one way to try Or the car in the garage While everyone's gone ; Block all vents, it shouldn't take long I could use more drugs than my body can handle ; By the next day they'll be lighting my candle I might step off a really steep ledge Trust me friend, I'm right on the edge If I had a gun I could go fast Which would be good ; the pain won't last I could cut my wrists like so many do Whatever it takes to get m
Emo Rules Pt. 1
the emo rules #1 become emo stay emo #2 vampires are friends #3 wear black all the time even in summer #4 become a prep.....and DIE! #5 have emo shoes (converses) #6 eat emo cookie everyday #7 date a emo boy #8 bands like Good Charlotte and SImple Plan are not emo bands they are punk #9 havelotsofc.d.s #10 dance around your room in your underwear at least once a week #11 don't ever betray your emo friend #12 wear emo pants #13 date a prep and.....FALL! #14 remember 3 things rays the wierd one stephs the serious one mandas the childish one #15 always have black eyeliner #16 make a metal band #17 go to at least one concert a year #18 write real emo signs #19 write emo #20 swr+mcr+p!atd=emo bands #21 have your own instrument #22 don't write huge #23 WRITE HUGE IF YOUR EMO #1 #24 all emos have nicknames #25 give me a emo cookie
EMO [x] you own at least 5 black shirts [ ] you like skinny jeans [x] youre listening to music right now [ ] you have painted your finger nails black before [ ] You have more than 300 songs on your ipod/​​mp3/​​itunes [ ] Like the color black [ ] hate most girly girls [x] sometimes like to be alone [] u hate popular music [ } keep hair in front of your face [ ] Hate your parents [x] have been called emo [] Dislike the colors teal and baby blue [x] Complain a lot [] own a studded belt [​]​​listen/​​listened to screamo Total?: 5 SLUT [ ] own more than 10 mini shorts/skirtts [x] have kissed someone of the same sex on cheek [] flashed someone for no apparent reason [ ] have been called a slut/whore [ ]have been called a slut/whore by parents [] like to drink [ ] wear low cut shirts [ ] hang out with a slutty person [ ] have been called a tease [ } Fl
Emotional Cries
I've tried silence I've tried violence To keep the love of my life with me, But sometimes I wonder how it will be If I just sit back and let it all go... Darkness will conquer my aching soul Is "I Love You" just a phrase? conflicting emotions put me in a daze Because I know I Love You... I hope you still feel it, too I must act now to prevent our calamity Even if it means I plead insanity... When love is real, when love is strong, You've got to fight to right the wrongs Don't make me die, dont let me suffer, Please dont make this any tougher! You mean too much to me to let this sleep... I will win in the end for the one I must keep
Who would have thought this could happen in so little time. Who would have thought I could like you.want youneed you crave youlove you in such little time. Who would have thought my mind would be consumed by you and the essence of you. Who would have thought I could love you so much that my heart would skip a beatWho would have thought the thought of not being able to speak to you, touch you, see you would make me weep. Who would have thought my heart would break as each second turned into minutes. Who would have thought food would taste like nothing without you as my digestion. You make me real, you make me have meaning. The sound of your voice commands me. Your voice commands my soul, it tickles my fibers and saturates my being. Just your voice. My body wont function with out you. I love you just isnt enough.... I celebrate you would never do.... I crave you isnt right.... I close my eyes, and see you would be wrong.... You control my thoughts and when you not there. Your love comman
Emotional Outburst
I'm driving myself crazy - I feel and look fat! I hate that I do - and I know it sounds like a wah wah party for myself - I'm just not feeling comfortable with the way I look right now. That's just blunt and honest. Sorry. I keep putting on different clothes and I don't feel sexy or beautiful lately. I'm in a FUNK! Even the other night when I was out and about in San Antonio, I got all dressed up and just felt uncomfortable in my own skin. What the hell is wrong with me?! HELP! I need some suggestions as to what to do
Never say I love you, if it isn't really there.. Never talk about feeling, if you really don't care, Never hold my hand, if your going to break my heart Never say your gonna, if you never plan to start, Never say hello, if you really mean goodbye, If you really mean forever, then please say you'll try Never say forever, because forever makes me cry... *************************************************
I'm feeling awful but all alone. Just missing someone I don't even know but untill I find her I'll wait patiently just feeling nothing inside of me. And where are you baby, where can you be? Why aren't you here loving me, cause I want to kiss you and make you feel right I want to lay with you all through the night. I want to feel Passion, I want to feel pain. I want to weep at the sound of your name. Come make me laugh or come make me cry. Just make me feel alive. And so I'll wait for that glorious day when the one I dream of comes my way. And when our lips touch so tenderly I'll feel that something inside of me. I want to feel Passion, I want to feel pain. I want to weep at the sound of your name. Come make me laugh or come make me cry. Just make me feel alive. Lyrics written by Joey Lauren Adams and Lifted from "Chasing Amy"
When life throws you a curveball what do you do? I don't mean some minor curveball like a pimple before a dance...I mean a major curveball like losing the things you care about because they weren't truthfull or because of whatever or whoever came into the picture and screwed things up. Why do I have to suffer and go through nine kinds of hell. I just don't understand why life has to be so damn difficult. I guess it is like I have always said..."Life's a bitch...then we die"
Saying goodbye takes time to say not a disappearing act to leave someone hanging in balance not knowing where to go and how to procceed. Being abandoned hurts more than being cheated on... When you make promises such as meeting for the very first time or traveling you tend to think this is the person you were destined to meet. Saying goodbye doesnt make a permant means to an end but letting a person its good bye for now. Saying all the stuff a lonely woman wants to hear is painful enough when you thought everything was fine only to learn youve been walked out on with no end in sight with phone calls not being returned and emails not read, Hell yes this is the internet but behind the keyboard and the monitor there is a real heart, real love, real emotions most of all a real person who can break at a moments notice. So if you cant say goodbye then just go away.. If you can't be real, search for a reality show we all knows those are fake... If you cant for one sec tell this person you rea
respect verb To have a high opinion of: admire, consider, esteem, honor, regard, value. Idioms: look up to, think highly (or much) (or well) of. See praise To recognize the worth, quality, importance, or magnitude of: appreciate, cherish, esteem, prize 1, treasure, value. Idiom: set store by. See praise noun A feeling of deference, approval, and liking: account, admiration, appreciation, consideration, esteem, estimation, favor, honor, regard. See respect A person's high standing among others: dignity, good name, good report, honor, prestige, reputation, repute, status. See respect Friendly greetings. Used in plural: best, regard (used in plural). See greeting The particular angle from which something is considered: angle 2, aspect, facet, frame of reference, hand, light 1, phase, regard, side. See perspective Love From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Editing of this article by unregistered or newly registered users is currently d
Emotional Destruction
The first time we made love, you started to shake.. You said the feel of my touch, made your soul ache.. You'd long for my kiss.. The softness of my skin.. The gaze into my eyes, you could see me with in.. Holding me close.. Not wanting to let go.. Bewillderd with desire.. A love you needed to know.. 6yrs later.. We're still going strong.. As long as I know have you... I'll always go on.. You're my rock my soulmate and my best friend.. I'll love you for ever...And ever.. 'Till our end There is something about woman.. They care too deeply, love too freely.. Take chance, risk it all.. All for something that might not ever come to be.. A tender touch, a loving gaze..All for a thought of things to be.. My feelings can't be ultered, as much as I'd like.. Peircing my soul like a jagged spike.. The swift glide of the blade...Pain numbing and slow.. The only thing that stops the hurt of the broken heart I have recived.. All my thoughts h
Emotional Battle
(Not like anyone gives a damn anyway) Angry voice inside my head Blade of silver now turned red Hold it tight against my skin Cannot let the demons win. Pull it slow and feel the sting While to my sanity, I cling. Dark despair blocks out the light. Day becomes an endless night. Friendly faces turn away. Cost too high for them to pay. Her freedom, she now fights to gain As I slowly go insane. Plunging deep with tempered steel Sole intent to maim and kill. Gasping as the knife hits home, Pass the flesh and pass the bone. Possessing the body, the final goal Acquired through suicide of the soul. I've had a lot of time this weekend to think about things. This has been a very lonely weekend, and I've been left with the ghosts of the past to deal with, and I think I finally get it. I'm alone. I'll always be alone. For whatever reason, things never work out for me.... "I'm more comfortable being alone," he says, and yet, he's got 'company' tonight. "I'm comf
I am leaving fubar. I have not been on my page since the begininng of the 2009. I have no idea who my friends are, nor do i know what's going on. I might return sometime later, and change my whole profile. I'm not sure, but it's a thought. I spend most of my free time on facebook. Onyx_sons is one of my friends there. Anybody interested in following me there, do come n check out my page. U'll find it under Rose or creative09. Mystic n Emma, if you read this, i will miss u the most. Only because you n i acknowledged our friendship. It's been grand, and i will miss u. Angel07/Rose Hello my friends. I have returned after 8 mths of being offline. 8 mths is a long 'n stressful time. I come 2 my page 'n faces of friends i barely remember.Those r the faces that need help me remember. I will have 2 take sum much needed time online, 'n stroll thru my page, 2 remember. Although it would b very helpful if u could all send me a message 2 assist me w my quest.. i would greatly appreciat
Emotions Run Deep......
These past few weeks ive come to realize a few things, things that had i got 2 weeks ago id still be where i wanted to be. I lost my best friend wednesday night he died in a car crash and left my cousin in the hospital. these events effected me badly more than anyone could ever know i tried to put them inside and hide them away from the world. The pain only lead to loseing my fieance, the mother of my child, and my best friend i let her walk out the door and i pushed her away inthe last few weeks i let my foolish pride ruin my life instead of taking care of her and my child. At first the pain hurt so bad it ate away at me i should of gave her the time she needed to think about it all i should of been patient as my first instinct had told me. She made me think about our past she made me realize all the mistakes i made to her and myself i said so many things i regret and wish i never said. I ruined her life she quit her job she gave up school at a good university, i wish i could fix thin
Many emotions have overcome me right now. Sadness. Because you are no longer here I have been overcome with tears and heartache. The pain hurts so unbearably much. Anger. Because you were taken from me so unjustly. I hate everything right now. I am so mad that I just want to break things. Happiness. Because I know that you are in a better place. A place that knows NO suffering. A place of JOY and LAUGHTER. And most of all..... Glad. Because no matter what, you are still with me and you always will be. I carry your memories in my heart. I will never forget you. You are missed and loved. May your life there be filled with everything you could have ever imagined. R.I.P. Gloria Jean Hellums Thank you for everything. Your LOVE, your JOY, your KINDNESS.
Emotional Vampires
We all know those cute little computer symbols called "emoticons," where: :) means a smile and :( is a frown. Sometimes these are represented by :-) :-( Well, how about some "ASSICONS?" Here goes: (_!_) a regular ass (__!__) a fat ass (!) a tight ass (_*_) a sore ass {_!_} a swishy ass (_o_) an ass that's been around (_x_) kiss my ass (_X_) leave my ass alone (_zzz_) a tired ass (_E=mc2_) a smart ass (_?_) Dumb Ass
Emotions Out Of Control
Emotional Stuff
Where to start, how does one define an emotion such as Love? Its impossible to tell someone what Love is. I can tell you what it is to me, but I think its different for everyone. To me Love is the simple touch of a womand hand. The passion that flows from her as her sweet lips touch mine. My stomach in knots as she touches me. Pure extasy as our bodys become one. My mind reeling with thoughts of her face. The entire world disappears except for her. My life given freely to her happyness.
I walked out but you didn't follow. I blow you a kiss and you shut your eyes. Whats going on I do not know. How could this be we are in the end. No tears are here my eyes aren't red. I walked away thinking this is the end. Please don't call I cannot hear. Don't want to see, don't want to feel. I will walk away not saying a word, Promoise me you'll stay away. You left me here with nowhere to go. I cannot stand waiting for you. You want me to believe that this is love, But in the end it is all lust. I turn around and see your face our eyes are hooked and I cannot hide, as you whisper "I love You" As you lay there without a trace, your face so pale and hands so cold. I ask myself what's going on. Why aren't you warm? This could not be. Please get up and walk toward me. Don't just lay there come on over here. As I sit and cry because I couldn't say bye. You left me behind and now I am blind. You were my eyes when I couldn't see. My touch when I could
Hearts pounding emotions forging savagely feverish kisses souls entwining Minds melding heart beats harmonizing primordial screams of ecstasy Only a moments time do our souls meet that moment is engraved on our minds and souls for just a second we become one truly knowing the other
Emotional Scars
The past few weeks my mind has certainly been going through turmoil. I don't have the chance to let my emotions out, and when I do get them out the people around me *Don't like me then*. I have been through a lot in the past 5 years, and it has taken it's toll on me. To all of my friends here I may seem like this happy go lucky crazy women, but truly deep in my heart I am broken. I have failed at marriage, I lost my one and only true friend. I have two steps sons that I helped raise.. I don't know what to do, and I am searching through the rubble of lifes train wreck to find that inner peace. I wish one day that my life will become all that I know and truly deserve. I have been put down, let down, and just plain smacked down. I wish I could find the answer somewhere, somehow. I know that in life we all have the highs and lows, but at this point I feel so vulnerable. I don't know where to turn, or whom to turn to. I am one big emotional scar that needs some healing some how.
emotions run high not enough time but a lifetime as well hard to express the feelings that i get complications surround me on a daily basis have to concentrate on things old and new trying to keep track of the things that are way past due a heart full of pain and some happiness as well sometimes life seems like such hell a big dark hole filled with confusion almost like a slap in the face at times too a huge fantastic part has begun a huge part that i would love to welcome another one too please let this be the end to such madness that has caused so much pain and suffering i long for the day when the tears fade away and the big bright sun shines down in my face. here behold is my first blog thing on here lol smiles. here it is my second lol just messing with you guys well sort of sort of not anyway the weather sucks first it's cold then it's hot then it rains i like the in between myself mmmmmmmmmmm what have i been up to let's see i just got out of the hospital last week i was there
Why is it that people toy with other people? Make you feel likeyou own the world and then rip everything out from under you? I just really havea hardtime understanding that.
Emotionally Drained
Why do people think that it is ok to play with your emotions? They think that life is a game, going through it and fucking peoples lives up. I am so tired of people thinking that I am one that they can fuck with. It hurts to damn much. I was once told that I needed to stand up for myself. Well i am now doing it. I am tired of the shit that people do, not only to me but to my friends and family. I believe that everyone was put here for a reason. Well I can tell you that the reason that you were put here was not to fuck with my emotions. I am done. I will not be hurt anymore. Life is to fucking short to have someone mess with you. Everyone needs to grow up and be a man, because i dont have time for little boys. You wanna be a man then step up, show me that you can handle it. Until then dont even bother with me.
why is it that alot of guys on here like to fuck with your emotions. I have bad several of different guys tell me lately how they want to come and be with me and then they turn around and say that they found someone else. well to all of the guys that have fucked me over like that, I found a really good guy and we will be together really soon. I love him so much and I am so happy that I finally found a guy that is caring and respects women for what we are worth, unlike my ex bf who used to beat the shit out of me whenever he felt like it. I am so fucking tired of liers and the drama on here. I met this guy and was already to have him move to be here with me and then I found out that he's sending other women diamond rings and all of this other stuff that tells me that he might not be worth my time in the long run. I am not sure what the fuck to do though, I really do Love Him So Much, but I am not going to have him move in with me and then later find out that he's just a cheater. don't
Emotional Roller Coaster
I am still depressed and have not figured out why. Things are going great all except for a few things, but nothing major. I love my job which I will post a blog about soon. Today was my second day. :) Anyways...I can't seem to shake this depression right now.I have thought about doing stuff that I know I shouldn't be thinking about. The good news on that is that they are just thoughts that I will never act upon. I have no reason to. I love my children way too much to hurt them by taking my own life. I am having better days now with minimal suicidal thoughts. I am not sure why they are there though. I am trying to figure out what has me so depressed, but I can't figure it out. It doesn't make sense. I am a little disappointed in the fact that Erick is proposing without a ring, but that is not depressing me. He is giving me a temporary ring until he can get the engagement ring he is looking at. I don't mind at all. I'm just not myself right now and that has me worried. I need to figure o
Emotional Backstabbers
This is for all you emotionally crippled people out there who actually need to feed off causing drama. And you know who you are. You need decide to look in the mirror and ask yourself what you want out of life. Ask yourself and look at what your life is going to be like in five years, two years, TOMORROW! You should stop making excuses to yourself and everyone else why you are in the position you are in, and quit looking for a miracle or someone to 'save' you. The universe doesn't work like that. It's up to each and every one of us to find our place and fill it. We all have to make our own way in this world, because no one will do it for us. It's time to grow up a bit take some action. You have no right to ATTEMPT to fuck with the minds of people. Furthermore, it is particularly insulting to attack someone using methods that invade a bond of love and violate everything friendship represents. And recruiting others (who cannot even fathom what's actually going on) to for fuck
Emoticons List 1
I could tell you a thousand times, How much I love you, It still would not do justice on how much I love you. I leave you without a sound except the beating of my warm heart, Overflowing with love for you, True love is like an eternal flame... It will continue to burn for all eternity. If a tear fell from my eyes, Each time I wished you were with me, I would have an ocean shore outside my door. When the wind blows, I hear your voice, When I look up in the clouds, I see your face. If you truly love someone, then distance does not matter to the mind or the heart. When I saw you, I knew you were my true love... When I held I talked to you, I knew you were the one… I immediately fell in love with you, When you tell a person that you love them, It is coming from your heart, Spirit and soul; the place that made you love them from the beginning. Once you learned to love that special someone, it takes over you and it will never leave you. True love is
My eyes have witnessed so much pain in this world I tread upon Will your anger continue to infect those around you Can a heart ache ever be mended or will blackness forever fill your veins Do we entail the ensample to leave on for those to laugh & scorn at Can love be forever at my finger tips and dicarded ever so frequently As the victims remain in the wake of my past, I can not go back now Its forever burned into enternity and I shall not live in regret or shame I have no one else to blame for this heart ache and pain
Emotional Attraction
The attraction I feel towards you is more than just physical. The Emotions I hold for you are more than just love. A true friend it there when you need them, and when you don't. Able to look past all the bull and forgive you, still love you. You broke my heart that day, and many others. I still came back to you. We were friends first and I wanted to keep that. But more than that we were lovers. I couldn't resist you and you knew it. You were the same for me but wouldn't admit it. Feelings you didn't want to have, pushed off onto another... Passed off onto another. A guilty conscience. Mine was too! But Still I have this Emotional Attraction to you! I'm pissed and hurt and spiteful towards you. But I will not tell you that. Just to talk to you is what I want. To be held and loved by you is what I need. But I'm not as stupid as you think. I know why you do it, why you deny me and lie to me. Never have I found my match until I found you, I think for you it's the s
Emotions Don’t play with my emotions And make them a mess Don’t play with my emotions And lie to me again Don’t play with my emotions And tear my heart out Don’t play with my emotions And bring my tears no more Don’t play with my emotions And ruin me for another Wilma Walker 4-1-08
Emotional Affairs
I found this article....enjoy all you people into love and lust and wondering why do I like this heres an exerpt that pertains to the online world: Mystery #4: Why is it that you can have great chemistry chatting online or on the phone, but not in person? “They call it love at first sight, not at first email,” points out Dr. Fisher. “Eighty percent of what we take into the human brain is visual. So somebody can be clever and charming online, but if you don’t like what you see, it’s not going to work.” Plus, emails can be crafted and re-crafted into how people want to be, not who they actually are in a spontaneous way. “Face to face, people get nervous and clam up and can’t perform,” says Dr. Fisher. This, however, can bode well for you—maybe all it takes is a second or third date for this person to relax and show his or her true personality. Heres the rest if your interested
Emotional Birthday!
You know, I am now 22! An I look back at my life an I see I have a good one! An now i look at my life an I see I have a better one! I sit back an I sometimes wonder what did i ever do to have it this good! I have a very beautiful son that makes me smile when i am sad an makes me laugh when I am mad! He tells me he loves me everyday! An i have the most wonderful boyfriend in the world! he is so great to me as well as my son! He calls me everyday just to say " I love you"! An I see this point of my life i am happiest! I can't really say I have had a better birthday! however i can say i have had a horrible birthday even the worst birthday! But I know if i was to go to sleep an not wake up in the morning I know lived a great life! I have no regrets! If i could do anything different i would only finish school an not give my mom such a hard time! LOL I LOVE YOU MOM! But I see i could have it worst! My aunt is burying my 4 year old cousin today! An a year ago she buried my uncle last year! My
Emotional Retard
Your mommy told you this And your daddy told you that Always think like this And never do that You learned so many feelings But what is there to that Which are really yours Or are you just a copycat Your school told you this And your church told you that Memorize this And don't you dare look at that ... Just a tape recorder Mimicking of the bores You're so boring boring boring Always tape machine recording You're so boring boring boring I've heard all this before Planless and mindless Scraps from anywhere Bunch of used parts From garbage pails everywhere Frankenstein became a monster Just like you Your scars only show When someone talks to you You're so boring boring boring Always tape machine recording You're so boring boring boring I've heard all this before [x3] Your emotions make you a monster [x4]
Laying here alone I feel my discontent My absence of faith I hear the quiet And feel the changes Of unknown fate Plastered in the sky Are the clouds which Represent emotion And I watch each one As it slowly drifts by Enamored by the notion And I wish they would rain on me Saturating my mind Soaking through my skin So that I may soon describe That I may soon relate That I then evaporate And become That Which precipitates (I would enlighten you, if I could make this come true)
An Emotional Wreck
So I am not into the whole blogging thing but someone told it might help me here I go. I have never been the type of person who had good relationships, so I don't know why I thought it would get better. I don't know why I pick such losers, its like I'm instantly drawn into the worst possible men ever. I met this guy 6 years ago and I have to admit he had my heart almost instantly, but under some certain circumstances I wouldn't be with him. Off and on during these years he'd pop into my life, which wouldn't be so bad, but he totally fucks my life over. I never thought that someone you could love so much could be the one person to totally destroy everything. I feel as if he has ruined me for life. I had gotten over him as much as I thought I possibly could. As usual he has popped into my life again, and I feel so confused and hurt. I don't understand why he keeps doing this; if he doesn't want me. I don't know why he wants to ruin my world. He has to know that I care
Emotional Breakdown...
It seems like everyone that I know is involved in a very serious relationship. Chris L. has a son on the way, and is planning on getting married again. He seems completely happy. Josh has a daughter on the way. As much as it hurt for me to actually admit this, he seems pretty happy with his girlfriend as well. Then there is Chris R. Apparently he has also found someone to love as well. Then there is my big sister. She recently got married (I haven't met her husband yet) and from what our mom says... she has changed so much, and she is so much happier than she ever has been. Even my ex husband is finally happy. Which brings me to this question... why is everyone else that I know so completely happy, and I cant even manage to meet someone and go out on a single date. Thinking about this has gotten me really down on myself lately. Like maybe I am not good enough to be happy with someone... or better yet, for someone else to be happy with me. I keep questioning myself, over a
I am so crushed....I think I am over my head here...should I stay or should I go I feel at home here and I love it...but feelings people get caught up in the rush of things and I guess lol I am not a Player...I don't know...I am sooooo Confused...My feeling run to deep to be here I think...So should I stay or should I go?
Emotional Escape
Tonight, a restless night for me. Filled with unsureness, unawareness, and most of all, curiosity. My mind wanders away from me, where no laundry or movie watching can side track my mind. I have managed to clean my house, fold laundry, do my dishes, watch a movie 3 times now, and do/or gather all the trash in my home. It hasn't been this clean in forever! I still need to put laundry away, along with dishes, sweep and mop the floors, and scrub the microwave. But on the other hand, my mind still wanders. I'm not sure if this is normal or not being I am young, and a person who anyone could get along with~I wonder....I wonder what is would be like to travel the world, near and far, stay out all night and be entertained by the people of the city, laugh with delight and excitement, look into someone's eyes and just say Thank You for being you. I find pleasure out of watching people have fun, and enjoy life. I'm curious about what that life might be like? I wish to travel to Italy, Paris, Rom
Emo Time
I am almost always a very happy person as most of you know. I rarely have emo days but I am having one today. Actually more a case of the blahs and woe is me kinda day. It must be the post holiday blues or something. Most of my friends are happily married or are involved with someone and here sits me on the sidelines all alone. I find myself really wanting what they have...someone to share my life with. I just want a man that treats me well and truly loves me for me. And therein lies the problem. I am pretty sure I blew my chance with a great guy because I just don't let people in. What really sucks is I am to much of a coward to tell him how I really feel. When someone gets to close I tend to push them away. I have built walls so high that I am not sure any one can break them down. I don't know what to do. Actually, that's not true. I do know what I need to do just not sure I can do it. Once you have built miles of wall around your heart how does one go about disas
"How much has to be explored and discarded before reaching the naked flesh of feeling." Debussy, Claude The depth of emotion knows no limit. But what is its purpose? It taunts me with desires that are unattainable. Cursed I may be... methodically analyzing its reason, I find no clarity and no rest along the way. Does one fight the impulses? Or does one embrace it? Does the sand fight the ocean during the constant bombardment of its waves? Or does the sand allow itself to be overcome? NO, it remains quiet during the onslaught. Never speaking of it, even when the ocean roars at it! So that is what I do. I remain quiet during the overwhelming crashes of emotion. I have become numb. I have grown acustomed to the intense pressure. However, even the land land revolts with tremendous quakes and the spewing of poisonous fumes and searing fire. That is its release. Then once again it quiets itself. Therefore, now that I have lurched these fragmented piece
Emotional Nudity
Take your soft and loving hands and Remove the mantle of mistrust from my shoulders. Softly unbutton the silken gown Of regret from my skin. Come my love and remove the veil Of heartache from my face and Kiss these lips that were ordained only for you. Confiscate the jewels of deception from My arms neck and ears-discard my fears. Feel the fabric of the chemise Of my misgivings and set me free from it. Kiss my naked shoulders honeyed with newfound faith Liberated from doubt and the threat of neglect and obscurity. My darling go further south and Remove the thongs of this world's Hatred and prejudice from my hips and slide Them slowly down to the floor where they can be no more. Undress me until I am stripped bare of The world's evil and tainted essence until like The day of my birth, I emerge beautiful untouched- unpoisoned. Let this nude daughter of Eve stand Before you liberated from the negative- Pure and positive and
So, I have had my heart bruised, squeezed, thrown away, crushed, shattered, stepped and spat on. In my relationships I give it my all but seem to get the shit end of the stick. I'm married and thought I found that guy who would never do that to me... I guess I thought wrong. He seems to be tossing it up in the air to see how much I can take and to tell you the truth, not much more. People say that god gave you this life cause he know's you are strong enough to handle it... I'm not so sure about that. Don't get me wrong. I love my husband with my body, mind, and soul, but I don't get that feeling in return. What I get is me waking up to him still being on the computer at 5, 6, 7, 8 o'clock in the morning instead of wanting to cuddle with me. Flirting mad crazy with other girls. I know that flirting is harmless, even I do it, but I know where to draw the line. He doesn't. That's why there is a pic of his penis on my phone that was sent to his email with a chicks name one it.
Emotional Color Chart
My blood bleeds red, red like my anger, and my face is red when my blood boils, but often times that red anger leads to blue sadness, blue sadness that turns days into bleary dark murkiness shades of black an grey an abysmal yellows that sicken the eyes. Then we have the green, green like the night that lacks color the street with only a small light, everything bathed in a murky green with shadows that remain unseen, the dangers of life not yet known, the dangers of becoming green with envy of others, being consumed with things that are not yours whether it be material or your status in life. Try not to be concerned with things you can't control, like the variables of life that can't be predicted, do not be consumed in the red anger because it leads to the blue sadness. Hazy days and dark lonely nights will consume your happiness, an eater of color till everything is all black, a empty hole, no color equals no emotion at all, just depression, not caring about tomorrow or if to
--- :s --- :-s --- :-S --- :p --- :-p --- :P --- :-P --- 8-P --- 8-p --- :( --- :-( --- :-o --- :-O --- :O --- :o --- :) --- :-) --- =) --- =) --- :D --- :-D --- :@ --- :-@ --- (B) --- (b) --- (D) --- (d) --- (Y) --- (Y) --- (N) --- (n) --- (50) --- (51) --- (52) --- (53) --- (54) --- (55) --- (56) --- (57)
If I could have just one wish,I would wish to wake up everydayto the sound of your breath on my neck,the warmth of your lips on my cheek,the touch of your fingers on my skin,and the feel of your heart beating with mine...Knowing that I could never find that feelingwith anyone other than you.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Never Have I FallenYour lips speak soft sweetnessYour touch a cool caressI am lost in your magicMy heart beats within your chestI think of you each morningAnd dream of you each nightI think of your arms being around meAnd cannot express my delightNever have I fallenBut I am quickly on my wayYou hold a heart in your handsThat has never before been given away~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Love Is ...Love is the greatest feeling,Love is like a play,Love is what I feel for you,Each and every day,Love is like a smile,Love is like a song,Love is a great emotion,That keeps us going strong,I love you with my heart,My body and my soul,I love the way I
Emotive Rainbow
Red Vermillion lust Desire drips from flush lips Hungrily waiting… Orange Tangerine juicy Liquor of the Gods, your lips Beckon to my soul. Yellow Sultry, hot, sunshine Blazes from saffron petals. Rapturous softness. Green Sweet-scented clovers, Crystal spring freshness of lips, Breathless desire… Blue Icy breathlessness, Frozen in your lips’ embrace. Cerulean dream… Purple Velvet desire, Lips like supple violets On lavender clouds.
Emotional Crisis
Vets flooding suicide hot line Phone service getting up to 250 calls daily Monday, July 28, 2008 The VA estimates that every year 6,500 veterans take their own lives. The mental health director for the VA, Ira Katz, said in an e-mail last December that of the 18 veterans who commit suicide each day, four to five of them are under VA care, and 12,000 veterans under VA care are attempting suicide each year. This month, the hot line began an advertising campaign in Washington area subway stations and buses featuring the slogan, “It takes the courage and strength of a warrior to ask for help.” The veterans hot line, which is linked to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, received 55,000 callers in its first year, including both veterans and people who are concerned about them, according to figures being released Monday. One-third of the 40 specially trained counselors are veterans themselves. “We try to get them [callers] to talk about their situ
Emotional Quicksand
In a pit of deep despair I cry for help but noone's there Slowly sinking in my pain Feeling nothing's left to gain Swallowed whole by my own sorrow Not wanting there to be tomorrow I lay here numb from all these tears That have been shed throughout my years Even though I put up walls Oh so easily the fall Am I at fault for how I feel? Should one not want something that's real? Through all the hurt I still have faith That one day by some awesome fate I'll meet the one who'll reach out his hand And pull me from my emotional quicksand No more gasping up for air At last there's someone who does care At last I feel I'm understood I feel loved, and I feel good
hatred is a bitter,damaging emotion. it winds it self through the blood, infecting its host and driving it forward without any reason. its view is jaundiced and it skews even the clearest of eyesights sacrifice is noble and tender. its the action of a host who values others above himself. sacrifice is bought through love and is truly heroic. vengeance is an act of violence. it allows those who have been wrounged to take back some of what was lost to them. unlike sacrifice, it gives back to the one who practices it. love is deceitful and sublime,in its truest form,it brings out the best of all beings. and its worst,its a tool used to manipulate and ruin anyone who is stupid enought to hold it. dont be stupid. sacrifice is for the weak. hatred corrupts. love destroys. vengeance is a gift of the strong. move forward not with hatred, not with love. move forward with purpose,,,
well ive had a shitty couple of days. ive been awake 40+ hours right now and still not sleepy but tired. ive had 4 friends eather threaten to or attempt to harm themselves in 24 hours. i went out to try to qualify for the karioki contest ive been tryin for the last 7 weeks and didnt even get top 3 this week. so yea im a lil depressed today. most ppl will say well if it was just friends being dumb dont let it bring you down,but my problem is care to much about my friends. luckily the 2 thattried to hurt themselves stopped b4 they did any damage but just the idea that they felt they had to do something like this realy tears me up. all my friends know they can call me or text me and ill listen to thebitch and gripe about any and everything. but yet they wait till its allready bugging them this bad b4 they call me and that makes me feel bad and good at same time. bad that they wait till im last resort butlad they turn to me and ive been able to help them. well im going to get ready to leav
                                         Lost Another day aririves, at least you think it is a new day, you can't really be sure anymore, they all have started running together, night into day then day into night, and again an endless cycle, with hopes and dreams dashed upon the rocks along the way.  Life has taken on a drab overcoating, that drapes over everything, touching everything in your life, nothing can escape its embrace, colors aren't as vibrant, food doesn't taste as it should, and even sex has lost the pizzaz it once had.  You shuffle around in your lil life till one day the lights finally go off, and there you are, standing there in the dark, alone and afraid.  The cold starts wrapping itself around you, bringing goosebumps to your flesh.  You stand there debating what to do; you can stand still, feeling life course around you flowing with the course of time swirling past, with no chance of anything ever changing, or you can start to move in a direction, any direction,
Emotional Baggage
Its 6 a.m and how alone you've been Raging clock tells you its life's chance again Life's chance to break you and leave you alone Life's chance to push you away from your throne This seat you consume through solitude and shouts The perch that you reign more strongly through doubts Constantly a victim to the daily grind There's no slowing down when trapped in your mind Constant tremors splashed with the past Riddled with memories of joys that don't last Their faces they fade like erosion on shore No matter who's there you'll always need more A lovers sweet lips or their warmest embrace Might never awaken your smiling face For what burns in you is darker than hate Sadder than sorrow and crueler than fate A familiar stench of loneliness creeps out of the abyss Will the shadows consume you or shall you resist Fight back with all you may be holding inside Please show me your goodness for I have nothing to hide I am emotionally burned and physically scared But wont you come in must you ma
There has been a lot going on in my life that at times I feel so stressed over. I am so tired of the games and the childish bullshit that so many grown men like to play (women as well). I am not a child and am not into games. I am 42 years old and am hoping to find someone special to share my life with. I am not looking for one night stands... can do that out in a bar. I am not looking for marriage, never was, never will be at least at this point in my life it is what I am thinking. I am looking to date, by date I mean go out, maybe have a few drinks, dinner, movie, a walk in a park, basically spending time getting to know one another. I have said on my profile and am saying it again, just because I feel comfortable with my body and am confident does not make me sleazy. I am a proud woman who enjoys being proud of my body and taking care of it. I share it with others on here because I think the human body is beautiful and I have no hangups about nudity. Please stop thinking this means
i can't seem to let yesterday goit was a bad day that ended with me finally geting homethose that can't understand why things are donesometimes you just can't let someone go until you truely find out wha their really aboutif you have not been in that situationwhy make a judgementmy yesterday spilled into todayand my distress has gotten worsefeeling the need to be heldcalled someone thats off limits to meall i want to do is sleep for a weekbut i need to be heldno one else to fill that void for meno true friend that i can talk to that will undertand what i am going throughbeides GOD i am alone with these feelingscrying on and off all daynot wanting to be bothered but need to bethe devil is on me to do my bitch thing to whom has hurt mebut the GOD in me tells me to leave it alonei want so much to hurt this personphysically and mentallyi don't know what to do with myselfdesperatey needing to destroydesperately needing to hurtdesperately needing to be held~**Black Kat**~
How do you fight something you can't see... Why do you hold something back that you need to let loose... How do you hold something in that needs to be let out... Why can't emotions be explained as easily as it is felt... Why can't emotions be reprogrammed so they don't hurt when you see a photo from the past... I guess WAR does leave an EMOTIONAL scar on everone....
Why do the ones that love us the most have to go to such extremes to make open our eyes? Here I have such a wonderful and loving lady in my life. I am destroying the happiest days of my life by waiting till it is/was too late to do anything about it. I have finally, after tough love persuation, have realized I am not in control as much as I thought I was. Although not physical as of yet, I have a temper and anger problem. I don't know where it is coming from and don't even realize it is happening. It took being apart from the one true love of my life for me to finally realize it.  I am in the process of getting the help I need to save my loved ones as well as myself. More so myself. Let's see how do I start explaining this. I grew up with a mother that used to whip me with a garden hose, made me knee for hours at a time in a corner on raw rice, always told me I would never mount to anything, I was useless, etc.  Well through the years of mental abuse from that I guess it takes a tol
So here is the deal since I just started a new job, I dont have a paycheck YET!!!!! I have to do what I really dont wanna do... bye bye computers, at least for now until this job takes off. Which sucks ass cause now the only time I will be on the web is if I take my happy butt to the lib. Just so u know I will check in from time to time but fam and bills come first b4 games on the web and my fubar *crys** I will miss my Club Chronic Family!!!!! And my other family that floats about the fuland. loves to all *muahz* i will have mobile yahoo for a bit but dunno how long that will last.........
Emotionless Feeling
I was standing against the bench seat, resting my upper body against the railing as gazing far into the night.The tears began to slowly fall, some held back for monthsand the release of all that had been hidden away soothed.The only light there was that of the moon and that from inside the patio door as Matthew approached. He movedtoward me after becoming aware I was there. He knewas he spoke...."Mom, don't worry, sometimes life justisn't fair" and he know I recall readingin one of your books that even a child at 6 months isafraid of being left behind." The smile came as thewarmth of more tears fell and I knew somehow he knew Lost in The Wilderness .......2 Mr. Clarke spoke in a very firm voice. "I am not amused" his gaze burned As if a raging fire spreading wild. And..he searched for the misplaced debit card. . Hours before...Logan was kneeling Beside me, holding my hand in his. And the day just seemed to begin once Steven raised his
Today is a day of celebrating. But also a day of mourning. There are mothers who have lost there children from war, drugs,,addictions,,murder,drive bys. There are mothers who cant hold there children today due to the fact that the fathers will not let them see them. Living in diffrent states and mor. My heart goes out to you and and my live goes to you. I know what your going thu as I cant see my kids today. The bond of that love is undesribeable and I want to say..I honoror you for your courage and fight th get thru everyday. In life we all go thru challenges. Mothers and fathers both as parents face the hardest ones when it deals with our children. To provide shelter, chlothing, food etc for them also. When the kids are sick we are the ones who nurse them to health. We have to make certain choices in life~ some good~ some bad. When they include our children its even harder..hurts even more. Ans some mothers and fathers  wake up without there kids there. Its not the best feeling at a
Emotional Angst
I am writing this blog, assuming noone will ever read it. This just a place for mee to bounce some crazy thoughts floating around in my head. There is no structure, just a blast of thoughts. Feel free to comment, criticize, or if you want to discuss the "mysteries" of life, let me know.   It was two year ago that I was in college studying science and mathematics. I wish that I could have stayed in school, but unfortunately I suffer from the problem that so many of us struggle from... Lack of money. I had to drop out. At the time I wasn't even sure that I wanted to stay in school. At the time I was experimenting heavily with drugs, and smoking two packs of cigarettes, and drinking heavily. Yet I could easily scrape through classes without studying. Especially in Calculus, and Chemistry. I was unsatisfied with my life. I was at the time a Christian, perhaps not a very good Christian(non denominational), but I know the bible pretty well. I came from a moderately wealthy, conservative fa
Emotional Abuse Victims
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2013 Emotions
Dear raven of the night with your wings spread why don't you come, yes come to me and rest upon my shoulder and weep with me for tonight it rains the sins of hell... the hell in which I will walk through for all eternity... rest upon my shoulder and weep for then only a moment I shall not feel alone but have a companion to share my fears with for when you take flight my decent into hell will be lonely...
Empath Information
How can these healing stones help? By holding or wearing a gemstone necklace / stone / bracelet, they can help by dissolving negative emotions and replacing them with positive energy. Aquamarine – helps you adapt to any harsh vibrations in your surroundings – provides understanding of your path and how to adapt to the denseness of the earthly vibrations without losing the “self”. It helps with communication of heart-felt things and when there is difficulty in putting feelings into words. Black Tourmaline – psychic protection (when necessary) – a good stone to carry with you when you are out in crowded areas or if someone is intentionally sending negative energy your way. Acts as a buffer from the physic bombardment. Green Jade – I wear this to give my heart a boost – It is very strengthening - keeps the heart rhythm. I often wear it in a medicine bag over my heart together with a piece of rhodochrosite, especially if I am feeling stressed at work or have a lot to deal with
As we fumble thru the journey of this existence we call life we are always on the search for love, laughter, happiness, companionship to complete and fill the tiny holes that lie within our souls. Not knowing that in pursing these things that should make us happy will in fact be the things that begins our lifelong road to pain and torment when the reality sets in. Our hearts break, our disappointments become real, friendships wither, laughter fades and we start to realize that happiness might just be unattainable. We then begin to become these creatures full of emotions that take over and run our thoughts, behaviors, personalities, and even dreams and in the midst of it our perception and ideologies of happiness becomes construed and altered. We first go thru denial, then we become hurt, then we get angry, and then we will in a desperate effort to fill the empty voids we compromise. Our thoughts of happiness become shallow, meaningless and sometimes even unmoral. We begin to tell ou
Empathy--- What Is It???
Empathy - what is it? 1. Empathy is the ability to recognize, understand and read the emotion of another person. A simple way of describing this would be to say you put yourself in anothers' shoes. You are literally doing this and in turn it could be said that you are resonating with the other person. Some people can do this voluntarily and others do it accidentally. The process involves the ability to read in others, the energy and subtle differences in frequency associated with the range of human thought and emotion. Most people don't understand how this process works but when it comes to helping others it's enough to just recognise you have a gift and that you are sensitive to others. 2. Empaths often have telepathic ability which means that your ability to 'read' is enhanced. Some empaths have a deep sense of 'knowing' which further enhances their ability to read another person. This is very useful because people are complex and often display a persona over many layers of
Empathy During Psychotherapy
Empathy During Psychotherapy Study Examines Empathy During Psychotherapy Chicago Tribune - March 07, 2007 CHICAGO - They're special, those moments of close connection when you become attuned to another person's mood, and it seems you can sense what he or she feels. This "we're on the same wavelength" phenomenon is known as empathy, part of the emotional glue that helps bind people together. Now it's being studied with the tools of modern science, sophisticated neuro-imaging scans and physiological tests that track how people's brains and bodies respond during social encounters. The still-young field of scientific inquiry is called social neuroscience, and it's beginning to demonstrate that empathy has biological underpinnings as well as emotional dimensions. The latest research comes from Boston, where Massachusetts General Hospital researcher Dr. Carl Marci has been examining empathy in the context of psychotherapy. His research appeared last month in the Journal of
The Empath: The Fourth Chakra-dominant Individual
This is an excerpt from a book by Dr. Jelusich, released by Lotus Press Publishing. Eye of the Lotus In my understanding, having been an energetic healer and counselor for over 10 years, I have found that 95% of all communication is not verbal, nor physical. It is energy on many levels. Certainly, you have walked into a room before and encountered someone you do not know, yet you’ve had a feeling about that person, good or otherwise. And whether you are sitting in a movie theater, a restaurant, or standing in an elevator, you emanate a quality of energy in all directions at all times that is the energetic unique signature of your being. That same energy is the signature of you as an individuated spirit, a multidimensional being who is unique in the universe. It is that same 95% that creates the meetings with others, that creates the relationships in which you engage, that creates the possibility for you to learn a life’s lesson.. And at first, this presents us with an interest
Empaths Tools
Empaths Tools How can these healing stones help? By holding or wearing a gemstone necklace / stone / bracelet, they can help by dissolving negative emotions and replacing them with positive energy. Aquamarine – helps you adapt to any harsh vibrations in your surroundings – provides understanding of your path and how to adapt to the denseness of the earthly vibrations without losing the “self”. It helps with communication of heart-felt things and when there is difficulty in putting feelings into words. Black Tourmaline – psychic protection (when necessary) – a good stone to carry with you when you are out in crowded areas or if someone is intentionally sending negative energy your way. Acts as a buffer from the physic bombardment. Green Jade – I wear this to give my heart a boost – It is very strengthening - keeps the heart rhythm. I often wear it in a medicine bag over my heart together with a piece of rhodochrosite, especially if I am feeling stressed at work or have a l
Empathy-what Is It ?
Empathy - what is it? 1. Empathy is the ability to recognize, understand and read the emotion of another person. A simple way of describing this would be to say you put yourself in anothers' shoes. You are literally doing this and in turn it could be said that you are resonating with the other person. Some people can do this voluntarily and others do it accidentally. The process involves the ability to read in others, the energy and subtle differences in frequency associated with the range of human thought and emotion. Most people don't understand how this process works but when it comes to helping others it's enough to just recognise you have a gift and that you are sensitive to others. 2. Empaths often have telepathic ability which means that your ability to 'read' is enhanced. Some empaths have a deep sense of 'knowing' which further enhances their ability to read another person. This is very useful because people are complex and often display a persona over many layers of
Empathy Empathy is one's ability to recognize, perceive and directly feel the emotion of another person. As the states of mind, beliefs, and desires of others are intertwined with their emotions, one with empathy for another may often be able to more effectively divine another's modes of thought and mood. Empathy is often characterized as the ability to "put oneself into another's shoes", or experiencing the outlook or emotions of another being within oneself, a sort of emotional resonance.In fiction, especially science fiction or fantasy works, it may also refer to (or be associated with) a supernatural ability to read others' emotions through psychic means. An example of this are the Betazoids of Star Trek. Most psychics have empathic abilities, either developed through time and experience, or inherent from childhood. While the ability to imagine oneself as another person is a sophisticated imaginative process that only fully develops with time, as later on in life, or with
Wasting time again.Ignorance suits me well.Maybe it’s my heart.Stubborn and, Trusting the unknown again.Faith found in the depths of another’s eyes, Our own manifestations of imageries.Constantly conjuring an infatuation. Nonetheless, I’ve let my guard down again.Wasting time again.A lesson I’ll never learn.Faith still flowing, A stubborn heart still beating.Will I ever learn Prevalent sunlight darts in through the curtains and rests conveniently on the eyes deliberately trying to wake me, I'm certain was the purpose as it set out from the skies I half open an eye and then the other rub them together, let out a cry and look to my left, then to my right, and remember I slept alone at night I look at the trees swaying together, and roses gloating united outside like they will continue to do forever amused at the companionship I've been denied 'You may be able' they claim, 'to hide from the rain, the glowing sun and its burning flame but never wi
The Empath: The Fourth Chakra-dominant Individual
This is an excerpt from a book by Dr. Jelusich, released by Lotus Press Publishing. Eye of the Lotus In my understanding, having been an energetic healer and counselor for over 10 years, I have found that 95% of all communication is not verbal, nor physical. It is energy on many levels. Certainly, you have walked into a room before and encountered someone you do not know, yet you’ve had a feeling about that person, good or otherwise. And whether you are sitting in a movie theater, a restaurant, or standing in an elevator, you emanate a quality of energy in all directions at all times that is the energetic unique signature of your being. That same energy is the signature of you as an individuated spirit, a multidimensional being who is unique in the universe. It is that same 95% that creates the meetings with others, that creates the relationships in which you engage, that creates the possibility for you to learn a life’s lesson.. And at first, this presents us with an interest
Empathy Empathy is one's ability to recognize, perceive and directly feel the emotion of another person. As the states of mind, beliefs, and desires of others are intertwined with their emotions, one with empathy for another may often be able to more effectively divine another's modes of thought and mood. Empathy is often characterized as the ability to "put oneself into another's shoes", or experiencing the outlook or emotions of another being within oneself, a sort of emotional resonance.In fiction, especially science fiction or fantasy works, it may also refer to (or be associated with) a supernatural ability to read others' emotions through psychic means. An example of this are the Betazoids of Star Trek. Most psychics have empathic abilities, either developed through time and experience, or inherent from childhood. While the ability to imagine oneself as another person is a sophisticated imaginative process that only fully develops with time, as later on in life, or with con
Empathy Of A Trusting Fool
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Fear not of me… I mean you no harm… Let me set you free… The Darkness you surround yourself… Embrace of me… I long to feel your body close to mine… Your eyes looking in my eyes… Your lips kissing my lips… I long to hold you close to me… Go ahead… Take me… Rub your body next to mine… I wanna feel you deep inside of me… I wanna feel your touch… I wanna feel your heart beat… Take everything out on me… Feel me as I turn your hate and rage into passion and extacy… I will tame the monster within you… Light a candle in the night…             She looks so hot...             She looks quite the top...             She'll put you in your place...             Should you ever disgrace...     
And I thought being a photographer was bad enough but oh no. I had to purchase a small resturant in Ft Walton Beach Florida. I work my natural (cute ) butt off nearly everyday. And finding good help is a natural disaster. If anyone out there happens to know anyone in the area that would like to earn a few more dollars please feel free to email my tired ass and I will definately consider it. Thanks evryone.
Employee Training...
In order to assure the highest levels of quality work and productivity from employees, it will be our policy to keep all employees well trained through our program of Special High Intensity Training (S.H.I.T). We are trying to give employees more S.H.I.T than anyone else. If you feel that you do not receive your share of S.H.I.T on the job, please see your manager. You will be immediately placed at the top of the S.H.I.T list, and our managers are especially skilled at seeing that you get all the S.H.I.T you can handle. Employees who do not take their S.H.I.T will be placed in Departmental Employee Evaluation Programs (D.E.E.P S.H.I.T) Those who fail to take D.E.E.P S.H.I.T seriously will have to go to Employee Attitude Training (E.A.T S.H.I.T). Since our managers took S.H.I.T before they were promoted, they do not have to do S.H.I.T anymore, as they are all full of S.H.I.T already. If you are full of S.H.I.T, you may be interested in a job training others. We can add your
Real nice of him, isn't it? My apartment was being shampooed yesterday, and my cat was a no-no in there while it's going on. I brought the cat over to him for only four hours so we can get out of the pro's way, and I could go and meet the manager of a painting company... I'm pushing the employment thing. Dressed nice in black slacks, brown spandex dress shirt, black leather boots. Hair and face made up. Just as I was about to leave, that ex-asshole text-screams at me on the cell saying my cat attacked him and I gotta go over there and get the cat back RIGHT NOW. I tell him "I already told you that the carpet's being cleaned, and I have a little job interview this morning!" His reply? "I don't give a SHIT! I'll dump the cat at the pound and tell them it's a dangerous animal and have it put down!" I sigh. I drive over there, look at the cat. He's purring and rubbing his head on my legs. Hmmm... vicious, is he? I pick him up, put him in the car, and the ex-asshole argues wi
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Employee Self Service Portal
Employee Self Service Portal The Employee Self Service Portal is the basic building block of the EmployWise™ system. It enables employee self-service and provides access to a comprehensive employee database.The employee database acts a centralized repository of vital employee related information available to not HR, Employees and managers. Its inherent Employee Self-Service capabilities ensure that this data remains current without tedious data entry by HR. The Employee Self Service Portal is the base on which all other functional modules can be added in a "plug-and-play" to create a comprehensive employee self service based HR system. Empowering employees in their day-to-day functioning requires giving them anytime, anywhere access to basic employee facing processes as well access to information about the people in their teams. In absence of these, employees are left wondering and waste time chasing people and paper. At the same time supporting these mundane repetitive tasks
I am looking for a job in Denver. Havent had much luck. Can anyone help? I have experience as a warehouse worker, delivery driver, assembly and laborer. All low paying jobs, I know, but I need to get back to work! I'll take anything, any shift as long as it's legitamite.
Empower Network
Emergency Road Service*Your plan includes:a. Battery Boostb. Fuel Deliveryc. Tire Changed. Lock-out Servicee. Wrecker Towing Servicef. And Much More!Call the toll-free number for MCA authorized sign and go service. We will pay the reasonable service charge for garage or service provider whenever you are prevented from driving your covered private passenger vehicle. If we cannot get this covered vehicle on its way within 30 minutes, we will have it towed, up to 100 miles, to the destination of your choice. Also, we will pay up to $100 to provide Emergency Road Service on RVs, Motorcycles, Trailers, and vehicle's with a load capacity of 1 ton or greater. (Dispatch only on 18-wheelers.)Travel Assistance Reimbursement**When a Member's car is disabled in an auto accident, Motor Club will reimburse up to $500 for rental car for an accident at home, or up to $500 for lodging, meals, and transportation when more then 50 miles away from home.Trip Planning and Travel ReservationsMCA offers free
The Empress!!!
You are The Empress Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation. The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents, beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful. The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her. What Tarot Card are You?Take the
There's nothing wrong with believing in fairy tales, because in the end, we all live happily ever after, However you've forgot one important detail...Not everyone we fall in love with means its a happily ever after after story... Most of the time its just... Once upon a time...
dark and lonely, empty and bare wanting and hoping but still nothings there grown so cold over the years where there was laughter now theres just tears shadows surround me whisper in my ear they'll never let me be loneliness weighs at my heart picking, tearing at my soul ripping it apart happiness so far away miles and miles to go i must'nt go astray i close my eyes my fears all fade as i calmly say goodbye
u kno wat nicole i dont fuckin care if u post fuckin lyrics bout all us..i mean nicole where do u get the time to talk shit bout us when u have a dick in your mouth 24/7 u fuckin slut...i wouldn't call ya a whore cuz whores get paid and uhhhh ur not the type to get paid cuz ur a nasty std infested bitch!..its not really a bother to me let alone everyone and by means sayin everyone, u kno who i mean that u say shit bout us....i dont kno about them but i dont like you and i think ur the biggest slut in the whole school o wait a minute your the biggest slut in this whole fuckin town and thats sayin something...HAHA THERE I SAID IT....and as far as brittany goes she can kiss my fuckin ass cuz i think the same bout her as i do u, and if she thinks im scared of her she gots another thing comin and its my fuckin fist in her mouth! she dont scare me and im ready to knock her one ne time she wants...funny thing i told her that and she still hasnt set up the time to get the shit kicked outta h
Empty Promises
THIS IS WHAT I WROTE AFTER ME AND MY EX-FIANCE BROKE UP......................................... Empty promises. Empty words with no meaning.You said you loved me and that you wanted to be with me forever.. YOU LIED! You PROMISED me that i would never have to feel any pain ever again.You said we were going to be so happy together....Then all of a sudden it was like a bad dream when you said that it was over that all I was was one big mistake it was like my walls came crashing down around me! It was like the pain of a thousand daggers through my heart..You had saved me from drowning then you threw me back in..that was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life I didn't know it was possible to hurt so bad nothing was going to stop me from ending my life...You made me the happiest I have ever been all I could think about was you day and night you were in my thoughts all day and in my dreams at night.I did and still do love you more than anything in the world. It's so confusing how I can
I don't know how common this is, but for me, the main problem is that I feel disconnected from everyone and everything. I have a few people out there who I care about, or who care about me, but no real intimacy with anyone. Worse yet, this is a long term pattern with me, it's been going on for enough years yet that it's quite possible I will be alone for the rest of my life. This totally sucks. I would like to have friends I could be truly close to, someone that I could be in love with, but I'm psychologically fucked up enough that I don't know how to make this happen. I like to think that if I had love and intimacy in my life, life wouldn't suck nearly as much. And hell, I think I've reached the point where I'm jealous of cult members. Those poor deluded fuckers who shave their heads and dance around in public begging for donations, or the heaven's gate suicide cult, at least they have a sense of purpose, of belonging. They must have a sense of devotion for thei
after an empty day i die dying inside longing for you draggin my feet waiting for you wrap your arms around me how we use to feel is what i want now after all dont you love me tell me caress me say the words i want to hear after another empty day i died inside your still not around are u coming back tell me i feel your presence i know where you are you have left forever after life the death shadows us one day at a time minute by minute the days closes time to close my eyes after after a year has passed love is on the rocks why are things this way what have i done to make u not love me everytime u say no i become a little more empty inside what have i done please tell me what i can do love is a bond but it only works when u let me know let me know what your feeling what have i done i love you but i think you dont feel the same way anymore forever for always im empty
Empty Seat Shows
My son has done something so hurtful to my MOTHER that I do not know that I can ever forgive him why dont males understand the emotions us women put on things given to us bye our loved ones... She went to help him out last MAY and in doing so she pawned her wedding RINGS he was supposed to get them out well we just found out he didnt and they have been gone for months now and he didnt tell us she is going to end up in the hospital .......She is so devistated and heartbroke as am I .... TALK ABOUT A FUCKED SUNDAY WENT OUT 2 LUNCH CAME HOME ONLY 2 FIND SOMEONE HAD BROKEN INTO MY HOUSE AND STOLE A BRAND NEW LAPTOP... WELL LETS HOME MY LIFE GETS BETTER BECAUSE IT SURE THE HELL HAS SUCKED FOR THE LAST 7 FLIPPIN WEEKS... Empty The feeling empty is a lonely feeling , Life has no meaning or brightness Love is a lie and empty and hurtful The truth about love is that for some it is wonderful and great and happy and a dream come true. But for others there is just nothing no real
Emptiness can make you feel so lost and hollow God could clearly show you the path and you still wouldn't follow Your heart and soul are both bruised and broken Because they all used your true love as a token Written By: Michael James Fry
Nothing is going right in my life as of late. I am shit out of luck in everything. I don't know what I did to deserve this but I wish everything was better...
Empty Chair
I found this and thought to share it Empty chair A man's daughter had asked the local pastor to come and pray with her father. When the pastor arrived, he found the man lying in bed with his head propped up on two pillows and an empty chair beside his bed. The pastor assumed that the old fellow had been informed of his visit. "I guess you were expecting me," he said. "No, who are you?" "I'm the new associate at your local church," the pastor replied. "When I saw the empty chair, I figured you knew I was going to show up." "Oh yeah, the chair," said the bedridden man. "Would you mind closing the door?" Puzzled, the pastor shut the door. "I've never told anyone this, not even my daughter," said the man. "But all of my life I have never known how to pray. At church, I used to hear the pastor talk about prayer, but it always went right over my head. I abandoned any attempt at prayer," the old man continued, "until one day about four years ago my best friend said to me, 'J
Empty Soul
Rape me, ravage me,take control, Soothe me, then take my soul Youre now just a whisper in my ear such a sweet sound... Quickly losing reality only jaded memrories left hanging around. Youre the blade to my wrist, the shot in the dark, Im the dumb bitch, I was the easy mark. Youre not a person but an addiction to me Instability moves in..,I need to be set free Beat me with your words the I love yous and such Make me believe in them..., I loved you so much. A once malestrom of emotions so willing to succumb, An enigma of what was is now exactly what you have become. The lies the deciept all just a funny game, Forget "us", forget "me", forget my name..
April is the month when the energy of Aries is in full swing. You can feel the electricity in the april, initiating new and wonderful possibilities. The Sun has begun to wax in its light and heat up the days to encourage nature's regeneration. Aries represents the rising of a new dawn and initiates new stages of expansion and exploration. everything is moving and active. April cleanses the earth with its refreshing showers and brings fresh inspiration and stimulation on its breeze. As the snow begins to melt, it exposes the promise of new life emerging. n some places the growth is already seen in the new buds and leaves sprouting. Nature is charged with a dynamic renewal for life. The fertility that is waking in the land and in all living creatures becomes apparent everywhere you look, and the potential for revitalization is exciting and motivating. All of the preparations you have worked on so hard on for the coming year can be put into action now that April/Aries is here. This is t
The Empty Egg
Jeremy was born with a twisted body and a slow mind. At the age of 12, he was still in second grade, seemingly unable to learn. His teacher, Doris Miller, often became exasperated with him. He would squirm in his seat, drool, and make grunting noises. At other times, he spoke clearly and distinctly, as if a spot of light had penetrated the darkness of his brain. Most of the time, however, Jeremy just irritated his teacher. One day she called his parents and asked them to come in for a consultation. As the Forresters entered the empty classroom, Doris said to them, "Jeremy really belongs in a special school. It isn't fair to him to be with younger children who don't have learning problems. Why, there is a five year gap between his age and that of the other students." Mrs. Forrester cried softly into a tissue, while her husband spoke. "Miss Miller," he said, "there is no school of that kind nearby. It would be a terrible shock for Jeremy if we had to take him out of this school.
Empty Arms!
Its been almost 3 weeks since that car came to my house, I still cant believe he he is gone! I still sit up at night hoping for the 10 minute phone call, checking my mail everyday waiting for the leters, still wanting to hear any news of him from famiily. All those people keep telling me that time will heal my heart. Bullshit! I would give anything just to have him back in my arms again! People tell me that I need to cry for him, I cant, I it is to hard to think he will never come home, or that we wont be getting married in October. He will always be my sou;mate!
The Empty Room
The empty room The rage... is quiet, is loud, is inside us, always there, simmering, boiling beneath the surface The hate... Is an illusion, is my reality, is hidden, deep within my heart The fear... Is my companion, is a way of life, is within each of us from the beginning The greed... Is what rules us, is our greatest threat, is the hand that guides my fate The love... Is a lie, is a dream, is what everyone desires, but no one seems to find The pain... Is how I know I'm still alive, is unbearable, is the chain that keeps me locked inside... This empty room of my soul ~MK
Empty Space
Empty(something I Wrote) Either A Poem Or A Song.
As The clock approaches my final breath, I remember My Life Flashing by so fast These times did pass But my time is over now And its the only way out I'm Empty Nothing left inside of me I'm Empty Just lay here and slowly bleed I'm Empty Once more again I'm Empty Please God cleanse me of my sins. I know my life was far from perfect But I tried To be the best I could Before I died And all these obstacles thrown before me Helped to see just how strong I could really be I'm Empty Nothing left inside of me I'm Empty Just lay here and slowly bleed I'm Empty Once more again I'm Empty Please Lord Cleanse me of my sins If I could change all the wrong I've done I would go back to save my sons And give them a life of tranquility The life that some never live to see As my final tears fall I am at peace with all For my body I leave Laying there EMPTY
Empty Dreams
Empty Dreams Last night I dreamed we made love and I died the little death I went to heaven then but it wasn't good enough You weren't there with me and I refused to stay Now the doors won't open for me and you're gone on to something more alone i wander empty dreams fields of flowers scorched no laughter on the wind i'd like to put a million miles between yesterday and you consider justifying my every move to him consider being humble and begging for my sin consider turning back the clock it wont go there i know instead i'll travel onward and live the death i chose i hope someday to be just live and breathe and see meadows of flowers beckon me with promises of need at times i feel rock steady mostly i feel numb forever is a long time to wait for kingdom come 07/31/07
Empty Spaces That Were Me
Today as i entered your room I noticed The empty spaces that were me. I now know out of your life is where you need me to be. It was strange to see, where I used to fit. Memories of you and memories of me. Things neither of us could admitt. Memories are all I see I do believe that is what the future will hold Spaces where I used to be. nothing more nothing less But as I saw today The empty spaces that were me.
There is a place where I hide my soul when I cannot hold the weight of its pain anymore. It is a dark place with no walls or floor, no ceiling tiles that could be removed to expose an escape route to heaven. But heaven is the least of our needs now, as the weather turns cold. Flowers become brittle memories and I gather fractured petals along the way to that place where we can choose to hibernate or rest our cheek to silent stone.
Empty Inside
Have u ever felt completely empty inside, ya know like so alone ur slowly losing ur mind, i myself have been there a time or two, its only because i'm missin u, yeah thats what u do to me, after i done u will plainly see, nothing hard just something simple, maybe something just and nimble, even if only it was a smile, would make me complete for awhile, even just the slightest giggle, no not a wiggle, cause i'm the perfect gentleman, well okay i do the best that i can, but now after writing this blog, my feelings r no longer clog, so thankx for readin, for now i'm no longer grievin, so until next time, bye.
slice of the wrist release the tension blood flowing free life misery fade no more pain no more tears no second chance i cant turn back pain flows out vision speech lost no more time no more dreams i feel nothing i am nothing i must change i'm out of time
Empty Inside
Title: Empty Inside By: Me Memories of the past In stone these are cast Reminders of things that didn't last Reminders of me and you Memories that I don't want, grew Memories of how love died Memories of an emotional landslide Memories of running to hide And memories of too much pride Memories of how we collide Memories ruined even though I tried Memories of how I cried And memories we no longer guide Ending with memories we brush aside Reminders that love is a rollercoaster ride Reminding me that I'm empty inside
Empty Nest Holiday
Empty(old 1)
At night I sit alone and watch the shadows dance around. I hold my breath and listen yet silence is the only sound. I reach for some comfort yet feel no embrace. I am tired of the emptiness and loneliness of this place. I can feel no more hurt because I have learned to live with my pain. I often wonder how I survived and continue to stay sane. I have hurt so deeply and cried too many tears. I have been empty and broken for so many years. I am tired of pretending that I am fine and all is okay. I am tired of hiding behind this mask I wear every day. I have drifted so far and can no longer be saved. These feelings hold me captive and to them I am enslaved.
confusion dwells on this torn, bloody soul breaking and crying sitting all alone she hears the crow cry as she sits and writes whats in store for this sad, pathetic girl? on this cold and forgotten night screaming and fighting in a world forever dead as her empty heart drains lying next to the bed love no longer beats feelings forever lost from the pain she indures but finally at what cost where will she be? in the next 20 years buried beneath the soil along with her fears
Pale eyes, a blank expression, wander through clouds of indescribable dreams. Cold mist air, surrounded isolation flaws my occupied mind with either hate or death. Something certain will be for always; change in time forbids movement. Fearing you understands myself; help me open up, just a little more.
If I could I surely would Child ease your pain But if I could no longer Would you still know my name? If I couldn't drain the tears That pour from these eyes Would you turn your back on me Would you wave goodbye? Or leave me way beyond empty inside Awaiting my last day to arive Way beyond empty inside Awaiting my end to arrive If I couldn't be the shoulder Which your head would rest upon Would you still be waiting (mama) Or would you be gone? If I couldn't keep the smile Forever on your face Would I still be around Or would I be replaced? Way beyond empty inside Awaiting my last day to arrive Way beyond empty inside Awaiting my end to arrive (And) Would you promise me Things they'd never change Could you promise me That things they'd stay the same? If I couldn't clear the clouds From over your head Would you keep your word to me Amongst all the things you said? Or leave me way beyond empty inside Awaiting my last day to arive (yea
I'm sorry this is sort of like a diary for me. I'm just feeling very alone in a world full of people around me. I'm currently dealing with a soon to happen divorce. Not many in my family have ever had to deal with one and I'm getting lost in a world of do this and don't do that. Family is great don't get me wrong. But I want friends. All my friends are in other towns and i don't see them very often. I never thought that i would have to start my life over after 30. I have been married for over six years now and i've been with the same woman for over eight. It's so hard to think that i'm been thrust into a world of being single and i don't know what i'm going to do. I have a daughter that is will be turning five this new year and she is so smart and funny. It makes me so sad to think I will be raising her without her mothers help. We currently trade my daughter back and forth every week. I don't really know what is actually fair concerning her anymore. I miss her and then somet
So madly in love, However the distance rips me apart. Crying tears of blood, That drip slowly down my body. A collage of feelings running rampant, Tendered by uncontrollable waves of emotion. Scrambled thoughts linger on. Praying for peace of mind. Unable to calm the floodgate, Filled with indecision and misdirection. Feeling so lost without you. Trying to get a grip on myself. Desperately aching to be with you again. Losing control of myself. Wondering what is happening to me. Screaming out in both ecstasy, and pain. Confusion without. Lost words within. Echoing over and over. Realizing the indescribable horror, That love has brought upon me. Fighting a world alternating between, A burning sun, and freezing darkness. An emptiness that only the power Of your love can remove. With joy, and sadness you approach, Leaving before you came. My life a tempest, My heart ceased.
I stood there in the darkness watching you toss and turn adrift in a sea of loss and lonliness you didn't know i was there i watched you agonize over the decision you had come to how you had chosen a safe haven over the risks of a heart still beating with life and all that it carries the good and the ill i listened to you damn yourself as silent tears rolled down my cheeks for you i watched as you shivered in the lonliness of being by a fire gone cold, looking to a pair of eyes that no longer returned your gaze i agonized for the hard unfairness of life and wept when it happened nothing, less than nothing, a single teardrop on your fallen form nothing, more than nothing, a heart caring for another something, more than something, a quiet gentle hand on your shoulder something, surely something, to fill that endless void will i meet you still... or will i too be left behind to... wait...wonder...hope... watching as you scream and purge your lost soul into
A Empty Chair!
Empty Feelin
Empty Inside
So on monday the 5th was the hardest day of my life. I had to say goodbye to my husband for the third time bec he went to Iraq. The first day of him leaving so stressful and didn't think I could get through it. Just looking at my kids especially because they are going to miss him too so now im gonna be mommy and daddy. Been there done that before though. It was really hard for him with our youngest because he is going to miss everything about her. I am so use to this but it doesn't get any easier really. It does get easy sometimes bec like I know what im gonna do without him being here bec I have gone through this before. I know how to handle myself without him here. The hardest part is him missing out on the kids and the cuddling with him. Its ok though because I know I am strong and I can get through this. I have a lot of great friends now up here in NY and his family is only an hour south of us. Its nice to have all these friends and family but there still not him. Without him i
Empty Nest
My oldest daughter is getting married in October 2008, and my middle daughter is graduating high school in December2008. It's hard to believe they grow up so fast. Just seems like yesterday they were singing into there hair bruch in the mirror and asking me to kiss there boo boo's. I don't want to look at it as letting them go or getting old but as a new chapter in all our lives. My hubby will always be here and that's all I need.
eMptY you see me everyday We talk Briefly you walk away As we speak i listen all the while my heart glistens just until you walk away man how i wish you would stay Stay and hold my hand because to me your a brand a brand on my soul but you don't you walk away leaving me Orlando
All alone in this world of mine, so empty and cold. I feel my soul slip away as the coldness takes over everything I am or ever was. The chills begin to take over my heart making it hard as stone. The wall around my heart no one can climb to get over, it is so strong that I myself can not bring it down. It feels as though my world is not what it seems and that it is crashing down in front of me and there is nothing I can do about it. Everything I have cared for, everyone I have loved has left me behind, behind in this dark cold forest that I can not find my way out of, one where the trees and creatures haunt me like a prey. Like I am just something for them to feed on, something that cannot protect itself. My world is nothing of what it seems, my world is taunting me and breaking me down little by little, feeling by feeling. Soon there will be nothing left of this world of mine.
Empty Girl
Empty Box
have you ever noticed on those days that go smooth just kinda roll on by,you check your mailbox n there seems to be messages from everyone.BUT do you notice that the day nothing goes right,it seems like every hour is a monday in itself,you get home go to your computer checking to see if anyone else had a better day than you, & BAM!empty box not even spam. the moral of the story is life laughs at us every chance it gets,so take the lemons get the vodka & sit on that empty box & get drunk! love ya'll! okay,first let me say just like every other proud american i am concered with how our new president will either help or hinder us more.but,think about this,before he can even start on his plans he must first clean up the mess bush has caused.this nation has always been run by upper class white men,& look how many huge messes they have made,just look around at the state of things now & realize he can not possibly succeed at f***ing up any worse than the clowns we have had in office since
I know I am here, yet I feel gone I know I am seen, yet I feel invisible I know I am speaking, yet I feel unheard I know I am a child, yet I feel motherless I know I am learning, yet I feel ignorant I know I am optomistic, yet I feel bleak I know I have love, yet I feel so much contempt I know I am beautiful, yet I feel so ugly I know I have clarity, yet I feel so confused I know I have youth, yet I feel so decrepid I know all this, yet I know so little How is it that what we have and feel and what are presented to us are so different? The effect that others have on our perception can truly alter what we know, reducing it to the antithesis.
Empty Soul
My mind is empty like my soul. My heart is full of love, but thous endless with hate. My soul is empty like my crys as i think of my past. Siting here thinking of the pain i finlly realzed from the endless hate from my soul. My anger comes from rage from thou endless and my empty soul. People sit there and tell me that i' scum bec i don't have a life to live, but i'm try to make it better, but my empty soul is pulling me down. So why is my endless and empty soul still having all i just what my life back and get rid of my empty soul.
Empty Shell
The Empty Sense Of Real
being real means being you even when it's hard to do it means standing out even when people don't want you too it means crying  for the right reasons and living life, the life you know must be lived it means if you make friends they are there because they are true to you,for you,because of you knowing what you love to do and not be ashamed of it because in that very shame is the same as not accepting who you are and being real means accepting the after, because after everything is said and done you want to know you got somewhere the right way
The Emptiness.
Everyone and everything is going to end one of these days. But when? How?. These are all questions that effect the decisions that we make that in essence can make us happier than we have ever been. I put it to you. Should we live in fear of the unknown, or should we do whatever we want to do.
Upon the advice of my friends, I'm listening more closely to the advice of my friends. Perfect strangers, however, can read my profile and leave their advice after the beep. Where it will likely be ignored. Inked, were we going to write things in depth, or just write the important details? Hey, I'm new here. Welcome me, and I promise not to respond on this blog. Don't welcome me, and I swear, I won't respond at all.
Empty Thoughts
In times state we are relentless to change. We tell ourselves, but are fixed in our shameless ways. Enjoying this life to the fullest of what is expected. We draw our own lines and forget to move on. With this life not one of us was in control of our existence, but our destiny is what we decide. Enjoy the moments that you can and jump at each opportunity that presents itself. Be a lover and saint and do your best to be honest with all you meet. Withhold the information that might hurt someone else, unless you're ready to deal with the pain yourself. Forget the hurt deep within, but never let go of that experience. Remember friends and family that are no longer with us, and help those in need that want help. At the very least, smile at once a day, and remember that even if you think you're alone, you're not.
i feel worthless i feel empty i feel like my heart just got ripped out and stomped i feel like I'm not good enough to be loved or wanted. fuck it just fuck it all I'm tired of trying and ending up with nothing in the end I'm sick of the pain i just want to numb I'm tired of my heart hurting i just want to cut it out of my body so i have no care in the word anymore I'm tired of my soul feeling empty and lonely i just wanna grab it throw it on the ground and set it on fire so their for i will be a empty heartless person for the rest of my life with no care no meaning of love no feeling of want anymore for the rest of my life...
Empty Relationship
Empty Relationship
We love each other,  that we both know. Really our lives,  are just an empty show. Separate lives,  we both lead, Both of us having,  unfulfilled need. We rarely talk, it’s the same today as it will be tomorrow. Our empty relationship, is just cold and hollow. I look at you, across the room. And I’m filled with nothing but, misery and gloom. What happened to the love, we both knew so well? How did we end up,  with this cold empty shell? Could we live without each other, shall we take the trip? Do you think we’d even miss,  this empty relationship? We are not even together, we are both alone. Somehow love needs to find its way back, into this broken home. Better sooner than not, is what I say. I am thinking, we’ll start today. You don’t even know, I am writing this out. Even typing it, leaves me with doubts. But I would rather fail, then simply not try. Please just glance my way, before I start to cry. If you turn my
Empty Lives
Empty Soul
My heart is frozen, yet it’s burningMy blood is still, yet it’s boiling;I feel so deadThere’s no life left in me,There’s no salvation in this world.A bolt of lightning hit my head,My heart hurts beyond belief,My veins are steaming with a scold,There’s only darkness in my eyes,I can no more take this grief.There’s a pack of demons by every sideWho can infiltrate the skiesTo snatch and tear my dear angelsBeyond the darkest ever tide;With spears and claws they goFrom the world of thirty hells,One by one they bring them down.My wrath runs from head to toe,I want to fight, yet want to dieIn this meanest ever town,My soul is so emptyI really want to cry.There’s no respect, no life, no love.No affection makes me starve,The pain has made my heart so rough.Is there any angel out thereThat can soothe the fire with her glare?                                            -Unknown
Empy Inside
Love is lost when no one is there, Hope is lost when there is no love, and peace is lost without both so then where are you? Have you ever found your soul mate? Does everyone have one, or do you just go through life collecting people who you think are your eternal friends or soulmate(s)? Do you ever really find the one? or is that just another something to believe in.... i have only been in love with a few ppl in my lifetime and they all walked out on me ..but at the recent i think i have found my soulmate, someone who hasn't let me down ...yet .. you know who you are ;) anyways just some things for you all to think about ;) as always.. blessed be April Michelle ok first off, for those of you who don't know me, i am a caring person, especially for my friends, and well for those of you who do (you know who you are) that is kind of fucked up that you trashed me as your friend, just b/c you can't keep your feelings to yourself. well anyways to
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He's been up for 48 straight, with 10 tripsheets to do, and the pager just went off again. _________________________ You take a warm shower to help you wake up. She prays she can fit in a 2 minute shower, in the middle of a 48 hr shift, so she can scrub the blood off from the last patient before the pager goes off again. __________________________ You complain of a "headache" and call in sick. He comes to work, regardless of what is ailing him, because there is a shortage of EMS workers, and no one can cover him. __________________________ You drink your hot coffee on your way to the mall. She grabs a quick cup of cold coffee at the ER, to help stay awake for the next one. __________________________ You make sure you're cell phone is in your pocket. He makes sure the monitor and laryngascope have batteries. __________________________ You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you. She counts on her "buddies" to have her back when things are
Ems 911 The link above is to my new lounge. Feel free to stop by and say "HI" and join. Granted the Lounge is called EMS 911, but everyone is welcomed to join.
While you slept A child cried While you slept A mother died While you slept A father bled While you slept The sirens wailed While you slept Bright lights did flash While you slept I did speed past While you slept Life did go on While you slept So peaceful & sound While you slept We made our rounds I wish you could see the sadness of a business man as his livelihood goes up in flames, or that family returning home, only too find their house and belongings damaged or lost for good. I wish you could know what it is like too search a burning bedroom for trapped children, flames rolling above your head, your palms and knees burning as you crawl, the floor sagging under your weight as the kitchen below you burns. I wish you could comprehend a wife's horror at 3 a.m. as I check her husband of 40 years for a pulse and find none. I start CPR anyway, hoping to bring him back, knowing intuitively it is too late. But wanting his wife and family to know everyth
Em's First Blog
You Might Be In EMS If... If your idea of a hot meal is a Whopper warmed on the defroster while your unit is left running outside the ER. You believe that 90% of people are a poor excuse for protoplasm... Discussing dismemberment over a gourmet meal seems perfectly normal to you... You believe a good tape job will fix anything... You have the bladder capacity of five people... You can identify the positive teeth to tattoo ratio... Your idea of a good time is a full arrest at shift change... You find humor in other people's stupidity... You believe in aerial spraying of Prozac... You disbelieve 90% of what you are told and 75% of what you see... Murphy's Laws of EMS I don't know if Murphy ever got involved personally in EMS. I suspect not, we already know who came up with System Status Management and it wasn't Murphy!) The First Law of EMS: All emergency calls will wait until you begin to eat, without regard to the time. Corollary 1: Fewer accidents
Ems Humor And Poetry
When the Lord made EMT's and Paramedics, he was into his sixth day of overtime when an angel appeared and said, "You're doing a lot of fiddling around on this one," And the Lord said, "Have you read the specs on this order? An EMT/Paramedic has to be able to carry an injured person up a wet, grassy hill in the dark, dodge stray bullets to reach a dying child unarmed, enter homes a health inspector wouldn't touch, and not wrinkle their uniform." "He has to be able to lift three times his own weight, crawl into wrecked cars with barely enough room to move, and console a grieving mother as he is doing CPR on a baby he knows will never breathe again." "He has to be in top mental conditionat all times, running on no sleep, black coffee, and half eaten meals. And he has to have six pairs of hands." The angel shook her head slowly and said, "Six pairs of way." "It's not the hands that are causing me problems," said the Lord, "It's the three pairs of eyes an
Ems Life
When the Lord made Paramedics, he was into his sixth day of overtime when an angel appeared and said, "You're doing a lot of fiddling around on this one." And the Lord said, "Have you read the specs on this order? A paramedic has to be able to carry an injured person up a wet, grassy hill in the dark, dodge stray bullets to reach a dying child unarmed, enter homes the health inspector wouldn't touch, and not wrinkle his uniform." "He has to be able to lift three times his own weight, crawl into wrecked cars with barely enough room to move, and console a grieving mother as he is doing CPR on a baby he knows will never breath again." "He has to be in top mental condition at all times, running on no sleep, black coffee and half-eaten meals. And he has to have six pairs of hands." The angel shook her head slowly and said, "Six pairs of way." "It's not the hands that are causing me problems," said the Lord, "It's the three pairs of eyes a medic has to have."
Ems Poems And Such!
When The Lord Made Paramedics When the Lord made Paramedics, he was into his sixth day of overtime when an angel appeared and said, "You're doing a lot of fiddling around on this one." And the Lord said, "Have you read the specs on this order? A paramedic has to be able to carry an injured person up a wet, grassy hill in the dark, dodge stray bullets to reach a dying child unarmed, enter homes the health inspector wouldn't touch, and not wrinkle his uniform." " He has to be able to lift 3 times his own weight, crawl into wrecked cars with barely enough room to move, and console a grieving mother as he is doing CPR on a baby he knows will never breath again." "He has to be in top mental condition at all times, running on no sleep, black coffee and half-eaten meals. And he has to have six pairs of hands." The angel shook her head slowly and said, "Six pairs of way." "It's not the hands that are causing me problems," said the Lord, "It's the three pairs of eye
Ems Poems
These hands have touched the warmth of life These hands have touched the icy emptiness of death These hands have felt the numbing pain of the sick injured These hands have soothed their petrifying fears These hands have desperately grabbed for life slipping away These hands have felt anger at senseless death These hands have searched for answers These hands have seen comfort in another's eyes from an outreached hand These hands find happiness in living These hands find joy in helping others These hands passionately hold onto the hope that they never have to do it again These hands live with the reality they will These hands have made a difference LORD, Grant me the wisdom so that I may treat those of your children that lay at my feet. Let my hands be gentle, sure and swift to impart to them your sacred gift. Let me see only a patient's need not their color, race or creed. Help me always to be my best even when it's on my hours rest. Grant me t
Ems Prayer
As I perform my duty LordWhatever be the call,Help to guide and keep me safeFrom dangers big and small. I want to serve and do my bestNo matter what the scene,I pledge to keep my skills refined,My judgement quick and keen. This calling to give of myselfMost do not understand,But I stand ready all the timeTo help my fellow man. To have the chance to help a childRestore his laugh with glee,A word of thanks I might not hear,But knowing is enough for me. The praise of men is fine for some,But I feel trully blessed,That you oh Lord have chosen meTo serve in EMS!  Author: L. Lipps
Ems Times
I get called a hero for doing EMS, I don't really understand why. I don't view myself as a hero, I am just a EMT who does what I am trained. I treat the sick and injured to the best of my abilities. I try to save lives and treat what is wrong with you, so you can get the help you need to have another day with your family and loved ones. I treat anyone who needs it, no questions asked. I don't judge you, I don't care if your Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, Gay, Straight, a drug addict, alcoholic, homeless or a criminal. I look at you and see someone who needs help thats all. I want you to feel safe in my hands and know I will treat you no matter what. I put myself at risk to help people and make sure that I do everything I can. I expose myself to AIDS, Hepatitis and other diseases everyday. I risk getting sick to help everyone when they need it. I do have ways to protect myself, but even this isn't 100% effective. I am still at risk of getting stuck with needles and other shar
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When the Lord made the EMT, he was into his sixth day of overtime when an angel approched and said, "You're doing a lot of fiddling around on this one." And the Lord said, "have you read the specs on this order"? An EMT has to be able to carry an injured person up a wet, grassy hill in the dark, dodge stray bullets to reach a dying child unarmed, enter homes the health inspector wouldn't touch, and not wrinkel his uniform." "He has to beable to lift 3 times his own weight, crawl into wet cars with barly enough room to move, and console a grieving mother as he is doing CPR on a baby he knows will never breath again." " he has to be in top mental condition at all times, running on no sleep, black coffee and half eaten meals. And he has to have six pairs of hands." The angel sook her head slowly and said, "six pairs of way. "its not the hands that is causing me the problems," said the Lord, "Its the three pairs of eyes an EMT has to have". "Thats on a standard model?" ask
i will be taking the state test january 19, 2007. can't wait. woo hooo JUST PASSED MY EMT CLASS. ITS BEEN A LONG ROAD NOW I CAN GO TAKE MY STATE TEST.CAN'T WAIT TO BE A NC REGISTERD EMT.
Emt Apprecation Week
Yay!!! After so many months of being in school to become an EMT-B, I have finally made it. Took the state test on Jan. 19th and found out recently that I passed it. I knew for sure I had failed it, but I guess I was wrong. So now it's off to find an EMT job. Wish me luck
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Most nights are pretty quiet but about 2 weeks ago all hell broke loose. First we get a call to a frequent flyer who don't feel good, bull crap call, well as we are loading her we get a second call broken leg. Apperently the man fell down a hill and had been there for hours. Next we get a call for a child who hit her head. It left a preety good knot. Then we get an emergency call for an accident. The men had been out celebrating a birthday and had been drinking. One man walked away the two others didn't. One was cut up and bruised but the driver was unresponsive and died. I was glad for that night to end.
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Emt Prayer
An EMS Prayer As I perform my duty Lord Whatever be the call, Help to guide and keep me safe From dangers big and small. I want to serve and do my best No matter what the scene, I pledge to keep my skills refined, My judgment quick and keen. This calling to give of my self Most do not understand, But I stand ready all the time To help my fellow man. To have the chance to help a child Restore his laugh with glee, A word of thanks I might not hear, But knowing is enough for me. The praise of men is fine for some, But I feel truly blessed, That you oh Lord have chosen me To serve in EMS!
I wish you could know what it is like to search a burning bedroom for trapped children at 3 AM, flames rolling above your head, your palms and knees burning as you crawl, the floor sagging under your weight as the kitchen below you burns. I wish you could comprehend a wife's horror at 6 in the morning as I check her husband of 40 years for a pulse and find none. I start CPR anyway, hoping to bring him back, knowing intuitively it is too late. But wanting his wife and family to know everything possible was done to try to save his life. I wish you knew the unique smell of burning insulation, the taste of soot-filled mucus, the feeling of intense heat through your turnout gear, the sound of flames crackling, the eeriness of being able to see absolutely nothing in dense smoke-sensations that I've become too familiar with. I wish you could read my mind as I respond to a building fire "Is this a false alarm or a working fire? How is the building constructed? What hazards await me? I
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Emz World
That smile of yours would light up the darkest places known to man. You look So much happier now than you have for many many months. Like you have been given a new lease of life. Keep as you are, never go back to that place I need the smiles and so do many others in here that rely on you to make their days brighter and happier with your dazzling beauty. Love you me lil welsh minx lol Dazzy =) xoxoxox AWWWWWWW :D he's the man! Hey guys I've decided that i'm going to take a break from Fubar. Don't know how long for yet, just need it. I'll only be online to use my 11's. Most of you know my yahoo or msn.... yahoo is: cardiff_girl_emz msn is: Take care, stay cool Love ya all! Emma Lou x x x hey everyone, i know none of you read these but it is here for anyone that wonders where i am. I'm only gonna be online to use my 11's from now on. I'm tired of the bitching and the nosy people who try to run other people's lives. I'v
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Enamorada Estoy enamorada Con un precioso, si Estoy enamorada Con un buen chico por me. El no es mi amante, Pero si es mi amor Cuando con el, yo creo que No tengo mas dolor. No puedo decirlo Porque el tiene una novia Pero si le amo Y espero que me ama. Cuando estoy sin este chico No tengo una Corazon Porque si el quiere lo Entonces de el mi Corazon y amor son. Yo se que le amo Para toda mi vida Ser conmigo le deseo Porque el es mi vida.
En Between My Legs
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You can stick as many skulls on the back window and misfit logos, but you cant change the fact that you are driving a Buick, a Rendezvous at that...   I am a pretzel snob.  I believe I was born liking pretzels.  There are a few photos of me as a young babe holding a pretzel rod and slobbering on it till I consumed it via osmosis.  I even learned how to flip a cigarette into my mouth and back out again (a la Chevy Chase) using pretzel sticks.  Well I was a young child, I didn't smoke, yet. When it comes to eating treats designed as a gift for children who said their prayers I have standards.  (No not the kind of treats Catholic priests give.)  First of all, a pretzel must be hot.  Don't bring that weak sauce that was cooked two hours ago and has been under a light bulb.  I don't want any easy bake type goods here. Second, a true pretzel is boiled before salting and baking.  That's right, you ain't no Auntie of mine Annie.  You're just making bread sticks.  I have fou
Enchantra@ Cherrytap
which swear word are you. pics! bitchyou are a dive. you think you own the world and everyone in it is your slave. bow down to you sir/miss bitchTake The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
You should know I miss you when the snowflakes drown my eyes, blinking forever out of my head as the mantra of summer solstices and stars is lost to the wind of a memory I'm not sure it's healthy reliving. You should know I miss you when midnight wraps me in cold sheets and the melodious whispers meant to warm two souls steal away my abilities to think when unheard pleas fall from my tongue and your embrace remains six hours lost. My heartbeats are slowly fading as ice freezes the blood in my veins and rainbowed smiles are forgotten; my lungs have stopped letting me breathe as sighs build up in my stomach and storm clouds capture my pupils, because it's hard to dream lullabyes and tomorrows with the phantoms of farewells chasing sunlight away. I miss you in studded syllables and monotoned words as my palms caress nothing but air, because my stairs have been blocked by the distance and the churning in the cracks of my skin can mean nothing but scars and goo
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Enchanted Events 2008 Valentine Retreat Drury Inn & Suites-Dublin, OH(Columbus) 2/15/2008 & 2/16/2008 Packages include but are not limited to: Romantic room decoration, romantic bath packages for your use, spa services and massages for two, 5x7 photo of the couple free drinks, (limit 3 free alcoholic drinks per day)and more. . . Packages range from $187-$312 $100 deposit must by in by 1/31/2008 Contact us today for more details Website: E-mail: Phone: 614-492-0138 Ext: 2
Enchanted Beautys
Enchanted Beautys All females can enter! Lounge members will vote on who's in and who is out if you are voted out you can try again next month but once you are in you are in Rules: 1.)all applacints must have a standerd fubar salute with The words Enchanted Realm on it 2.)if made a enchanted realm beauty you must frequint the lounge 3.)Standerd lounge rules aply ***** I am looking into getting stikams up in the lounge for the beautys **** 4.)if Stikams are put in the lounge, then any beauty showing nudity will have there cam rights revoked and banned from the lounge.
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Love is a game of tug of war so pull me close. Its not a burnin sensation its more of a slow roast. Wanna see the bruises from where I fell head over heals for you? The pain is nothing for a love so true. Without u I’m nothin like a vampires’ reflection. Let me reassure u I’m here for all the bliss and affection. Better than words so u leave me speechless. There’s nothin I wouldn’t do for u I must confess. Guess I caught Ne-Yo cause for you I’m so sick. I'll give u the key to my heart and hope to never evict. Want my love to cuddle you, and keep u secure. Biggest part of my world keepin me pure. I cant live without my heart so promise u wont leave. Lovelier than the breeze on a warm summers eve. Want to build this up like Lego blocks. I wanna touch you every second like the hands on a clock.
OUR MISSION includes: Offering a clean and safe facility where people of all choices and tastes can congregate, socialize and fraternize in an accepting and non-judgemental environment, free of predjudice and stigma. Providing games, activities and discussion groups for recreation and intellectual stimulation. Providing ongoing education and support as people explore their nature, learn how to safely express themselves, and meet others with similar mindsets. Presenting seminars and workshops on such topics as; preventing STD's, rape prevention, protecting yourself from predators, online safety, alternative sexuality and the law, as well as instruction in skills and techniques involved in various lifestyles.
The Encounter
An Accidental Encounter A man is in a hotel lobby. He wants to ask the clerk a question. As he turns to go to the front desk, he accidentally bumps into a woman beside him and as he does, his elbow goes into her breast. They are both quite startled. The man turns to her and says, "Ma'am, if your heart is as soft as your breast, I know you'll forgive me." She replies, "If your penis is as hard as your elbow, I'm in room 436."
Encouraging Stuff
NO JACKET REQUIRED I shook my head in disbelief. This couldn't be the right place. After all, I couldn't possibly be welcome here. I had been given an invitation several times, by several different people, and I had finally decided to see what this place was all about. But, this just couldn't be the right place. Quickly, I glanced down at the invitation that I clutched in my hand. I scanned past the words, "Come as you are. No jacket required," and found the location. Yes, I was at the right place. I peered through the window again and saw a room of people whose faces seemed to glow with joy. All were neatly dressed, adorned in fine garments and appeared strangely clean as they dined at this exquisite restaurant. Ashamed, I looked down at my own tattered and torn clothing, covered in stains. I was dirty, in fact, filthy. A foul smell seemed to consume me and I couldn't shake the grime that clung to my body. As I turned around to leave, the words from the invitation seemed to leap ou
Encounter Like fresh salty foam of deep blue ocean She laid worshiping the brave, bright sun Heat engulfing all her body, skin smoothed in gorgeous tan Glowing beautiful and lovely upon her tropical throne. He saw her from miles up high, gazing her shadow so bright Invading her private moments, with nature her time of love he descended through the clouds, savoring her rising lust soaring down upon her, this winged creature from above. Now aware of his rare flight, danger in the horizon, she couldn't withdraw her eyes from such powerful a presence body tensed and loins protected, with fear turning to emotions both minds united in time, space, and in bare essense. Mighty shadow blocks the sun; potent fear, love, confusion Gripping stare now deep inside her, wonder of eyes beyond Pierce her heart with keen desire, doubt, all in fusion Instant hate turning to passion, the great hunger for the unknown. Downard swoop gathers her soul, heart, mind and all her limbs Nestling
Nothing endures forever. Everything perishes in time. So laugh and love while you may, Help who you can - work while you must And when the end comes so be it. All fame ends in oblivion and is soon forgotten But it is fun to strive, joy to win. It is a challenge to lose and try again And victory always comes if you try hard enough. To lose is not to fail. The only failure is to lose and not try again.
An Encounter
I drive over to your house. I wonder we will do when I get there.  I feel like I have been on the road for hours but it’s been only minutes.  I come slowly down your road and park the car.  I stare at the house for second, feelings of nervousness run throughout my body.  I step out of the car and walk to the front door.  I knock on the door and you answer.  The look of happiness on your face as you see me puts me at ease.  As I walk into the house you stop me and give me a hug.  Your arms around me, I felt warm and secure.  We go and sit down on the couch and talk for awhile.  We discuss nothing and everything.  The laughter is so easy and the flirting is what we do best.  The tension in the air gets so thick.  Like the humidity in the air right before a down pour.  We constantly stare at each other.  We can’t seem to stare any where else.  We both know what’s going to happen but when are we is the question. Every once and awhile you touch my arm, leg

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