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its been a long time since ive had something to say, and so friggin much has happened in the past year; the wife and i have reconciled, its cost me alot of blood tears and sweat, and a couple friends to get our marrige back on track but im definately glad we put the effort in things are gettin better for us all the time and our improved life is having a very positive effect on the children, they have always been great kids but now they seem alot happier, i am truly blessed, and immensly thankful for the ease of stress, and the abatement of saddness in our house. as my wife and i rebuild our marrige and restructure our lives i just wanted to take a minute and say "THANK YOU" to all the friends ive found online who made the lonliness bearable, and "THANK YOU VERY MUCH" for posting nude and nearly nude pics of yourselves for me and your other friends to oogle over.. so many gorgeous women, you all make me feel very manly that i can show you all off to my friends, your all sooo
I've been following the latest trial involving OJ Simpson and am still doing the "Happy Dance" that he has FINALLY been convicted of something. Anyway, he now faces life in prison for armed kidnapping and armed robbery following a jury verdict on October 3rd of this year, sentencing is scheduled for December 5th (I cannot wait!!). This afternoon his lawyers were in the same Nevada court room, in front of the same judge that presided over his trial, seeking a new trial. The grounds for their argument for a new trial (they had several but this is their focus) is Juror misconduct. They assert that one of the Jurors, the foreman as it turns out, might have misled the court in his answers to a 25 page questionaire the prospective panelists had to answer during the process of seating a Jury. In an interview with TrueTV after the verdict the Juror said basically the same thing that he had in his answer to the Questions put to him. That he knew who OJ was, as familiar with the verdict and
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The End..
The End
Well, at the end of this day, I am deleting this account because I just can't seem to get into Cherry Tap. Thanks for all those that friended and fanned me.
The End
You scored as Angel of Death. You were an Angel of death! Before you were sent to Earth to be tested and be a human, you were what brought death upon humans. With a look, you could kill anyone. Your unusal intrest in death and love of blood and gore asures that in heaven, you delt with it very much. You were an angel who brought death to all, and what is and forever will be feared by humans. Your old deathly stare still scares people and you still crave for killing.Angel of Death96%Angel of Guidance25%Guardian Angel14%Angel of Prayer11%Angel of Hope7%Angel of Good Fortune0%What kind of an Angel were you before your life on Earth? (kool anime pics)created with when the end is coming most people dont know it untill its to late but in my case i know mine is coming sometimes i feel that i can change it but now i feel i cant i have just about givin up and i dont care if it comes but i am waiting for it to come the days are getting fewer and fewer i want to stop it but i can my
The End
The crooked corners of my mind are where i spend most of my time , hoping not to leave the edge and forever lose my mind . The edge is where the boundry ends , or maybe just begins . I've been beyond once or twice but can't remember how it ends . the end.
The End
I feel so alone, and depressed right now. It seems like no matter how much I help other people with their problems, when I need someone to talk to there is noone. I'm so tired of giving so much of myself, no matter what it is because I seem to get so little back in return. I'm tired of being alone. Tired of women saying they want a nice guy and then they push you away for the asshole. I'm so tired of living and sometimes wish whatever greater power there is would set me free. Tho apperently I have yet to suffer enough. From The Doors(the movie)-Pam: "Does death turn you on? Do you love death?" Jim M.: "Life hurts alot more...When you die the pains over." The End by The Doors This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end No safety or surprise, the end Ill never look into your eyes...again Can you picture what will be So limitless and free Desperately in need..
The End
this is the end.... death has come.... no phone calls needed, no one to call... i have no family....i have no friends.. do not bother with all the fancy flowers... won't be any sympathy notes..... only theses......the ones i wrote... so now death has come it is the end... do not come now to be family or a friend....
The End
this is weird havent lgged here inlike 6 months snyone still in here MUAH in the past week i have had 2 people in my life ell me that they can no longer ber to be in my life I am hurting those who i have come to love a nd cherish please forgive me all bu ti have to go and be alone it sux but i am tired of hurting and hurting other that i love LEX
The End
All I ever wanted, was to be what you needed But all I ever did was say things wrong And all I ever wanted was to be by your side But all I ever did was break your heart So now that I’ve hurt you, and probably lost you Im lost with myself what the hell should I do And I wanna be with you, and tell you I love you But I know you wont have it, what the hell should I do Now all that I want, just give me one chance You cant believe me but I swear its true Cus all I want, just give me one chance To prove that I love you let me show you I do And God knows you’re an angel sent from above But I didn’t listen I couldn’t see the gift hed given me But your still my angel still sent from up above If God can hear me please just let me show you…
The End
The subject says it all
The End
Thinking I am done with Fubar. Good luck to all of you. I know I wasted way too much time screwing around here instead of stuff I should be doing. Hopefully you won't make the same mistakes I did. Happy Holidays and good luck to all. I am deleting my account soon.
The End?
Gonna be wiping people who I have yet to get any sort of reply from. After that, it's those that never write back (2 weeks is long enough I think). After that... gonna play it by ear. Hope I keep you all. --- Recently removed a large number of people. Anyone not on my friends list will likewise be removed from any other lists that they are part of. (02-23-08
The End
The end has come. I am done with Play Pen. Regardless of what Iroc may say, I felt that I was not wanted nor was I needed there. Everything I would suggest would get blown off. Every time I would try to help, I was told it was being handled. I had a LOT of people I considered friends in there and totally understand if you all don't want to talk to me b/c I am no longer part of the lounge. Those of you that do....I just want to say, thank you. You all made coming to FUBAR every day worth while and fun. ny staff that reads this, you all kick ass!!! Everyone did a great job while I was there and I hope you can continue to do o. You work hard for your spot at the top and you deserve it. I will miss those of you that no longer want to talk to me, but please don't think I will hold it against you. I totally understand. I wish you all the best and hope you all keep on ROCKIN'. Take care all. MUAHZ ~Chris~ aka DJ Dreamcatcher
The End
“Get out! Get ready!” said the email in my box last Thursday. “Prepare while you have the chance.” There was urgency in the tone. “Get out of the big cities… quickly. And away from coastlines.” Well, warnings like this had been coming for about five years now. Some from possible crackpots – but others through reputable intelligence sources. Now the warnings were growing more urgent… * Our world economy in danger of collapse * angry nations planning to invade when the collapse occurs * trial runs in some cities for possible nuclear attacks * Planet X on its way toward Earth, to cause a pole shift and global destruction * An alleged Mayan prophecy of doomsday in 2012 * 30% of the bee population became extinct last year, and the situation worsening this year * hundreds of dead zones in our oceans, growing by the day * Baby deformities, cancer and degradation of DNA spreading globally from Iraq and Afghanistan depleted-uranium-dust blowing into bo
The End
Today I suppose was, as cliche as it sounds, the beginning of the end. In a couple more weeks I will be a full fledged "adult." Legally and sexually I already am. (Especially sexually. I'm basically a nympho.) I'm not really nervous or scared, but I don't really feel secure in my future either. I'm just kind of devoid of emotion concerning my graduation. I know what I have to do and I know that I am going to do it, but other than that nothing. The end of my life until now and the beginning of the rest of my life are Curtis would put it...BLAH.
The End
Your hair reminds me of a time when we once were Your fingernails that marked my back now rot in earth The sheets we slept in blew away and now the storm is over The taste of you inside my mouth remains but still I'm hearing There's no love everybody's crying There's no truth everyone's misguided And now the end is here There's no more pills to swallow The bitter taste I feel won't lead me to tomorrow Your scent reminds me of a place we used to go The kisses placed upon my neck show signs of no return The bed we "fucked" in smells the same and now the stench is fading The taste of you inside my mouth remains but still I'm hearing There's no love Everybody's crying There's no truth Everyone's misguided And now the end is here There's no more pills to swallow The bitter taste I feel Won't lead me to tomorrow Cries for anger, lies for power Fighting for nothing is what you were born for Cries for anger, lies for power Fighting for nothing is what you we
The End?
OK so after 16 years with this wonderful person who you see here in my profile pic..tells me she hasn't had feelings for me for about a year and a half, and feels theres nothing left here for her. We have 2 kids, one who is 12 and another 20, who both live at home. she fails to see that in the past 2 years I have gone from a facility position back into a more structured hands on working job, also on call, three anxiety medications, my 20 y/o moving back and bringing his everything chewing dog...the list goes on and on. I fail to see why she doesn't really feel counseling will help, I feel I have come to an end in my life since she is the missing piece of my heart. I do little things like make her coffee in the morning, open the car door for her, open doors for her and lead her into a room which always lights up because she is such a warm and loving person, why can't she see the pain. To top it all off we just had a 70,000 kitchen remodel and 20,000 in hot tub and fence costs fo
The End 11/18/2008
So I went to a friends house Saturday night and had a few drinks. Well she is a local police officer and the other female officer for the dept. Was there too.. We had a few good ones. well all was well.. Till thismorning and i found a new hole in my pants.I guess her K-9 Police dog bit me.. and I have a huge hole in my jeans and a bruse and marks where he bit be.. Damn u Max.. anyway.. so I have a couple pics of it ill post and me sittin in the bath room.. My dumb ass friends giveing me vodka.. I could kill them.. they now how i get.... any way legs not that bad more brused than anything.... and till nxt months drunkered outing.. Hope every one has a merry x-mas and happy new year!.. So the end of my fubar page will be 11/18/2008 i will be deleateing it..If u want to leave any final comments or asking me to keep it.. you have just a few days left! Nice meeting you all and have fun fuing it up! Dont take it personal nothing to do with any of u.. Who ever wants my fubucks let me konw an
The End
The End
The air exscapes my lungs and I fall to the ground to my knees. Tears start rolling down my cheek as i look up at the sky with rain hitting me in the face. I ask god  why he puts so much pressure on one man and expects him to be happy. I get no answer in return, just more rain and tears. I grab my chest and  and stare down to the ground. I feel the mud between my fingers and the wetness of the rain and the cold breeze. I close my eyes and think of everyone and everything and come to the conclusion that I am the cause of thier misery. I am the reason they cry. I am the man they fear. I think of going and getting my gun but that would be to quik, I need to feel the pain. I think of hanging myself but if my neck didnt snap then I would still be alive and have a slight chance of being saved. I think of takeing pills but you have to take to many and there is still a slight chance of liveing. I reach in my pocket and feel the knife between my fingers. I pull the knife out and open it. I star
I want it to the end. The thoughts the feelings, i thought it was over I thought there was nothing left....and then i saw the resemblence in her childs eyes to ex....the only way for it to be his if he cheated shouldnt bother me, it eneded almost two years ago but we tried again...last was born June....that means we were together.....i had myself convince it wasnt his...till i saw the eyes....he has his its all back, the pain, the knowing she could give him what i was never willing at the time... the wondering what is so wrong with me agian, the lost of self esteem, of confiendnce....oh god when can it end......when will this finally leave me....all this pain and emotion when will it fo, so i cna move on fully....when will i find someone to love me for me...................
The End
The EndFuck you!3,2,1 your time is up.Shit out of luck too fucked to think to duck.You're lookin for me?Well, I'm huntin for you.I'm ready to handle some business I'm attendin to.Are you ready for this shit?You better ball up your fist bitch.I'ma show you what I'm all about, ride outAnd do it how we do it in the south so watch out!I've got this disease.So stay away from me.Fed up with all the mistakes that you made.Not sure how much more of this I can take.I know I'm through with you, you say Fuck me?Well I say fuck you too.Heart beating faster than a motherfucker.I black out when we're about to kill each other.Served or be served I don't give a fuck.I'm not afraid to take a beating you're the first to get stuck.Are you ready for this shit?You better ball up your fist bitch.Don't believe me? Swear to God fuckin try me!And I'll be the first to show you what you get little bitch!I've got this disease.So stay away from me.[Chorus]You want a fuckin piece of me?!?
The End
To You,      Im not going to apologize for anything I have done, Even though i know i said harsh things. Maybe it will make you a better, stroger Person.  Sonce you are wear minded and have a lazy soul. Hopefully it wont make you want to corrupt yourself with more pills and alcohol.  You should try seeking deep within yourself for you have the control of the switch that you need to turn your own modivations , determinations and drive on. Wild is what you are especially while drinking, for you turn into somone your not, somone that I didnt care for.      It is time for me to start a new chapter in my life, Let go of the past in order to move towards the future.     They say Love makes you do stupid things... For I cant explain nor express the feelings from the happiness I can remember to the boiling in my blood from you doin what u will to continue hurting me.  Im sure it doesnt matter to you. for all i get is "w/e" for everything anymore.       This is my last note or contact in a
The End
You were the last I would have ever expected to lie to me and leave me alone. To wonder where you've gone and what you're doing and what I did to deserve this. I don't remember my life without you in it. And I don't remember what its like to not have someone to call and cry to no matter the time. And I don't remember what its like to not have you do the same. I never thought you would forget me. And I never thought that you could be the monster that you've proven to be. And the sad part is. I still miss you. and I have a feeling that I always will. Sometimes I just don't realize how much it hurts to be alive. Its a constant part of every day life. The prick of a finger, a fresh tattoo,  the slip of a blade or regular wear and tear on the body. Then there are more uncommon types. Why is it that even though love is a chemical reaction in the brain, we feel our hearts sink when its been broken. Our emotions are so strong, we can physically feel it. But we recover and try agai
The End
To you I trust a wishful thought.It all comes true, but if for not...Know I do and you do too...The tainted glass we see right through.They don't know, they never will.Not been burned or made the deal.You're like me a melancholy light.Your own sick sense of wrong and right.You know me you always did...We fell away somewhere off the grid.Though, I see you with some new sight..Until you're back it's a lonely night.You scratched me and I scratched you...We beat each other black and blue.Love stains red and hurts like hell,and on you i'll always dwell.
End Bigotry
Enough Joe the Plumber; here's to Kareem the Soldier Nancy A. Youssef | McClatchy Newspapers last updated: October 21, 2008 08:53:54 PM WASHINGTON — "Joe the Plumber" was only one of two Americans injected into the presidential election this past week. The other was Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan, whom former Secretary of State Colin Powell invoked in his endorsement Sunday of Barack Obama. Khan was a 20-year-old soldier from Manahawkin, N.J., who wanted to enlist in the Army from the time he was 10. He was an all-American boy who visited Disney World after he completed his training at Fort Benning, Ga., and made his comrades in Iraq watch "Saving Private Ryan" every week. He was also a Muslim who joined the military, his father said, in part to show his countrymen that not all Muslims are terrorists. "He was an American soldier first," said his father, Feroze Khan. "But he also looked at fighting in this war as fighting for his faith. He was fighting radicalism." Khan was killed
The End Could Be The Beginning
The first time around I thought things would be better, But as it's been said, "The grass ain't always greener on the other side of the fence." Now I come to the end of the second. And even as I approach forty, I'm fucking scared to death. I'm talking about marriage. Well my failed marriages anyway. I wonder, am I really that bad at relationships, or do I just keep making the same mistakes over and over, or.. is it my choice of women. It's easy to blame them. She did this or that. She didn't do enough of this or that. Easy to blame. But I know the things I have done and haven't done, and a real man owns up to that. Right? I can't take back the past. History is history. There ain't no damn time machine to let me go back and right the wrongs, make the other choices instead of the ones I have made. I have to live with what I have done. I have to live with what got me to where I am today. Preparing to leave again. To start over again. I turn forty in a couple of months. I have no
(ended) Own Me!
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-ended!--auction! Bid Now, You Know You Want Me
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The End For Me!:(
End Flatulence In Our Time
End Game
long but very infomative
Ending It All
Ending Up There,
A time in You're life when U should just fuck it and go Wherever U feal with or without anybody. I Recomend Exploring Even if U travel just for a weekend U never know whay U may run into. And U may never know where U might end up Sometimes in life U just need to start over
We wont make it this time Did my soul run off And get lost without you Fake it this time This is the last song I'll ever write about you Right This can be the way Throw it in my face The fact that were running on empty Time has made a change It's not my fault That I'm nothing instead now Buried in the way So the whole world Can see how we're ending Just make a better way But I feel like now I'm guilty Can we fight to stay the same I'm slowly counting back to the beginning of nowhere Right This can be the way Throw it in my face The fact that were running, running Time has made a change It's not my fault That I'm nothing instead now Buried in the way So the whole world Can see how we're ending I cant go on this way Living this life I made I want to scream now It's over, It's over I cant go on this way Living this life I made I want to scream now It's over, it's over Time has made a change Its not my fault That I'
Ending To Everything
When I saw you standing there my heart stopped all events cleared that day I view you as perfect yet un-perfect your movements where like grace I dreamed only that which showed my life altered from one to another In a second there you was not know what was to be and was not to be You was you, and I me lost there on after When you looked at me my heart stopped when you spoke to me I ask how it was relationship never to happen yet my feeling left me here with Nothing How I long to touch your body look down at your eyes and say "I love you" But yet I failed you I disowned you, left you free so much hate but love growing at the same rate it's now that I see who I am and what I lost those day what is to come from this you have your life and I my own I wish you was here Here to listen to my cry of being alone I think about what might have been would it be better then this or will it fail till that day I see you again my heart will only bleed for your love t
The End Is The Beggining Is The End
This morning when i woke up. I reached out wanting her. Finding nothing but the morning cold in place of her warm body. I found myself...pressing my eyes closed wanting to pretend that if i streched my arms a bit further, i would find my fingertips gracing her curvacious back. I strech, and strech not wanting to admit to myself that shes no longer there. I strech my arms across that space for miles it seems, hands slowly reaching longer than the shadows of morning in the bed room. And when my hand does touch upon something, its always her pillow. That carrys the light scent of her...what was that fragrance that i found myself missing? The one that i had taken for granted.... Its almost gone now i tell myself as i inhale slowly. In a few days i know that even that will be only a memory. I find myself outside myself, looking at a man in a bed alone, pressing pillows to his nose....with his eyes still clenched shut. I watch myself slowly roll over sighing regrets of things said
Ending Of The Bait Of A Lie You Are.
One day two small boys decided to play a trick on Mullah Nasruddin. With a tiny bird cupped in their hands they would ask him whether it was alive or dead. If he said it was alive they would crush it to show him he was wrong. If he said it was dead they would let it fly away and still fool him. When they found the wise old man they said, Mullah Nasruddin, that which we are holding, is it alive or dead? Mullah Nasruddin thought for a moment and replied, Ah, my young friends, that is in your hands! Mullah Nasruddin, why do you always answer a question with another question? Do I? Occasionally I noodle around on the internet just for the fun of it. Today I looked up Mullah Nasruddin found the story above. Reading it I thought of one of my friends, one of the people I guide, who is constantly accusing me of never actually answering a question. She says that I always reply to a question of hers with another question. She has been saying this to me for years and I kind of laug
You tell me that you love me, You tell me I should wait. Can't you understand I'm lonely? Don't you realize I can't wait? I think about you all the time. Why can't you think of me? Now we hardly ever talk, Using words like us or we. Where did all the feelings go? Why can't we bring them back? You tell me I need patience. But I know it's love we lack. I don't want to leave you, So don't force me to go. All the things I love about you. . . There are more than you could know. But every time I'm near you, You always shut me out. I thought I was the only one, That you cared about. But now I see my folly, And I realize I was wrong. I thought I held your heart of hearts, But you did, all along. You only care for number one, With that I can't compete. You love me less than you love yourself, And so, I accept defeat. Don't try to talk me out of this, I'm sick of hollow lines. I thought of talking all this out, But it's just a waste of time. I'm ti
Ending The Year
I am not making any resolutions because it seems I can never keep them. What I will do is take one day at a time and do the best I can each day.
well... i just sent BJ a picture of my tattoo... fixed it so it doesn't say his last name anymore, it says "yours?" lmao... needless to say he got pissed off... and said i could have the divorce i have been asking for... yeah, i'm happy, but also feel really wierd. i just feel like i spent all that time trying to make him happy was for nothing, that i am just a waste of time. yeah, i loved him, i really really tried to make things work. but no matter what i did, i always pissed him off, especially when i got my period every month. (at least now i know it wasn't me, lol) i know that the regular 'arguements' and his monthly ritual of kicking my ass because of aunt flo is over and i'll never miss that, but we did have fun together once, i did love him once, and i really tried... oh well, i guess i am finally gonna get what i am asking for, and i don't even know if i want it... i do, but you know? love ya, suzy
The End Is Near
The End Is Near
Ladies and Gentlemen... After almost 2 years of coming to this site... I regret to tell you... That will short I will be leaving Fubar... I have already disbanded the "Southern Sex Symbol Group"... and shortly within the next few weeks... I will be disbanding the "Justice League Mafia"... Why?!? Because I gonna try focusing more on want matters to me more than this site... I been spending alot more time working on the page Shayla and I created on Myspace and I even taken about 95% of the people I once had on my yahoo messenger off... I wanna thank everyone for all the good times... Its been extremely fun... but its time for me to say good-bye... So once my VIP runs out... I will do a farewell video and have that on display for a week or so... then then I will say good-bye to everyone... and close my account down... So get in your comments and drinks and rates now... Cause the clock is ticking... and I am just about outta here...
The End Is Near
by the end of next month i will be deleting my account i think its time to do so as i have not bin on in a long time not that it may mean anything to anyone but i have enjoyed the time in here. who knows maby if i get talked into it i ma leave it open and come back we shall see what happens thank you all for the good times and the fun. i shall be deleting the page. life is calling so time to live lol. i have enjoyed the ppl i have met on here wish you all the best dragonsmain
The Ending
The Ending Cutting me into heartshaped shreds evasive indecision Your newfound maturity is nothing more than a mask torn around the edges showing tantalizing glints of vulnerbility before you harden your heart pleading whimpers for empathy you pretend not to hear begging pathetically for one more chance no more I have no sympathy for the broken prince of promises Your crown lays at my cracked feet Your turn salvation at the price of your damned pride groveling screaming for one more chance your last your princess turned against you with every cruel word she slipped further your fault still insincere apologies slip past smiling lips mingling with tears of diamonds shining
Endings Or Beginings
Ending Of Contest
Ending Of Contest
Dec 31st, 2012 @ Midnight New Years Eve the CONTEST ends. THe pictures will be shut down and no more voting or commenting will be allowed. I will re-open after I have counted the comments and votes up and post the winners in a blog. This is how it looks for now, but anything can change between now and tomorrow night when this contest ends. 1st - Uniquely Me 2nd - TATTTITUDE 3rd - Sweet Angel 4th - Firefox 5th - TopCat If you entered more than one picture I took the highest scored one, I can not tally them together that would not be fair. These can change @ anytime and is not set in stone until tomorrow @ Midnight on New Years Eve. New Years Day I will do another blog confriming the winners. This is what I need to know. If you opt for a blingpack the highest one for the contest is  135 Credits for 99.00 dollars with 35 free credits and I will send a dollar bling of your choice to finish up the $100.00 dollar prize. In other words I need to know upfront what your choice is bef
Endless Errors
endless errors endless efforts... levening you dieng inside.. faceless fear endless tears... where are you when i need you most.. carless thoughts endless fights.. gravity pulls you near you can no longer fight.. your tears can longer fall.. silence has arised and no longer you can hide .. why tare me down? i fight back your speachless and something has your tounge tied in two.. love is dead love is endless somehow i think love doesnt exsist..
Endless Thoughts
what can i say about lesha!!! she's been there for me thru thick and thin...and to think who was the ONLY one to call when my mom was in the hospital after her heart attack THE ONE THE ONLY My Leasha Get Your Own! | View Slideshow All our lives we've searched for the meaning of our live's. To find a life long friendship, to where true happiness is...we have opened up to each other to find a bond, a connection between our hearts!!! I have a hard time opening up to people in this way, but being with you has opened the the light to my find a sould mate, a loving woman, to be my wife, my partner in life. i love you with all my heart, and that my soul belongs to you, i have found true and complete happiness within you! I Shawn Selsky give you my heart , my eternal soul as your husband, your best friend, and to be there as a close friend to your children, and a loving father to the children we bring into this world together!! i love you Christ
Endless Madness Of A Forgotten Mind
So in life, ultimately all a person is looking for is a connection. Connection with family, friends, a lover. To feel understood, to feel needed, to feel wanted. And sometimes those connections end up being kind of shitty. You get dicked over by friends, in a way misunderstood by family, and jilted by past loves. It has happened to all of us at one point or other. So you search on for connections you feel are worth it, stable, and unrelenting. Unfortunately, things beyond our control occur that cause something horrible to happen. God knows I have dealt with it all. I'm not in search of pity, so I'm not going into it in depth. It's not worth it. But those connections you make in life, are what make life worth every last minute. I have friends and family I love and adore. My Sorority Sisters who mean so much to me. Not every connection is perfect, but its the search, and the discovery that makes life so exciting. Finding someone new that you click with, and feel that connection wit
Endles Love.
I always have some thing to say. People never seem to care or respect my feelings. My truths are me and as much as i try to ignore peoples ignorance i fall into a trap of harsh reality. I'm a hopeless romantic who beleives that true beauty is found in a persons words, actions and heart. Not in there apperance. Every one wants a supermodel, instead of looking for someone who completes them. Reality shows us how cruel people are and how selfish some people are. There is so much more to a person then just physical features. Sure i comment many peole with sexy or your hot. I'm a lil into people who are of the model type so yes i fall into my own trap. but most people i comment using adorable as my means of friendly views. I'm a easy going person who would like to find a soulmte who is the ying to my yang. One who knows how i feel with out asking, one who has sight with out seeing. Someone who would be willing to give up something they want for me, even though i will never ask them too. I
Endless Love
people i am so sorry i have not felt well at all so please forgive me ok Just Love Me Tonight by Mike Hernandez I want to melt in your arms, As you hold me close and tight. Make all my dreams come true, I want all of you tonight. I want to feel your touch, As I lay here next to you. Feel my passion rise and rise, As you do the things you do. So lay here beside me, It's been way to long. Lets turn out the lights, And turn each other on. I want to cuddle with you, Lay in your arm just right. You're all I'll ever need. Darling, just love me tonight. Holding On To Love by Mike Hernandez The days we spent together, The times we've shared, I forgot what it was like, For you to be near. The smile you put in my face, The silent kiss, Made me remember, That it was you whom I missed. I felt the warmth of your glance, That had once touched my heart, And I swore to my self, That we should never part. This is what will keep us together, Even whe
Endless Breadcrumb Highway
If we could control The weather Some folks would Never stop The rain If we could control Forever Some of us would Not allow pain If we could control Each other No one would Ever grow If you disappeared Forever Would anyone but Me Ever know
Endless Thoughts
well for a month i was off the internet due to broken modem but i wanna just say im back on now :p COME RATE MY HOOTERS PLEASE TY
Endless Love
Let's Fly To The Heaven's, Soar Through The Clouds, Together Forever Until Our Time Runs Out, Hearts And Souls That Run About. We'll Run Together Until The End Of Time, Through The Heartaches And The Pain. The Fear Of Being In Love,And Drowning In The Rain, In The End We Will Rise Above It All, So My Prince,Just Remember This, When You Feel As If You Are Alone, My Heart Will Always Be Your Home, Through I Kno You Can't Love Me, The Way I Wish You Could, It Doesn't Matter A Bit,As Long As You're With Me, So Hold Me Close,Let Me Breathe You In, I'm In Too Deep,Consumed By Your Words, I'm Fallin Deeper And Deeper Into Your World, I'm Losing Myself,Or Couldn't You Tell, I Can't Seem To Escape This Spell, My Mind Is A Mist,My Vision Blurred, The Only Clear Thing Is You In My World, Make Me Feel Like I'm Beautiful In Your Eyes, Make Me Laugh When I Want To Cry, You Gave Me Confidence When I Had None Before, You Took My Hand And Lifted Me Off The Floor, You Made Me Lo
Endless Hand Drawing
I hope you like it.. and I know.. I have way to much time on my hands LOL and I was bored
Endless Love
To yearn for a touch; To fall into a warm embrace; To be loved as such. To give all of your heart and soul; To feel the love over flowing in abundance; To know together you could make a diamond out of coal. To make the other person your every thing; To have complete faith in each other; To know one day there will be a ring. To know you would never give up on the fight; To being able to communicate on every level with endless conversation; To just being able to look into each others eyes and make love into the night. Writing and reciting your own vows; Promising to be your best with achieving self love and keeping a positive attitude; Taking time to show your love in the right now. Pull your strength from one another; Don't be afraid to show the emotions at hand; Today turns to months, months turn to years, and with age you know in your heart there will be no other.
"endless Love'
You are my better half The best thing that has Ever happened to me When I look to the sky I know that this is True when I feel your Love surrounding me like A flower in bloom You make it hard not To fall in love with you From the sway of your walk To the voice of an angel Coming out from within Knowing that you will take me With everything that means Growing through out time And spending eternity with thee Will You Marry Me.
i feel into this endless soul not knowing what to think Why so closed up why so blind Can there be no freedom Can there be no escape All i feel is the shatter and pain I hear time will help this soul and yet getting no where these endless tears these endless thoughts Where do u go Everything just seems so endless now By: Elizabeth Sue Pennington
Endless Thoughts
do you ever regret something you did in your past? Do you every miss that certain someone? That someone who you thought would never change your life but a couple years down the line you wonder what if? You never thought of that person til now. You have dreams of them and you cannot figure out why? Pretty much the person you regret losing....The person you totally screwed up with by saying "it's over" and never looking back? Wishing you had one more chance to make everything ok...Just to talk to that person or hearing their voice...The person you were so use to talk too every single day...Reading the emails they sent you over and over again and just crying...That person you'd give anything for just to talk to hear their voice, their laugh, to hear them say i love you just one more time. I don't regret alot of things but this is one of them. I can't get him out of my head. No matter what i do. I even dream about him. For about a straight week now. For what reason? I have no idea.
Endless Searching
Girlfriend and Boyfriend apps are pretty stupid, they ask general questions and no one actually tailors the thing to ask what they honestly care about. So I'm creating my own to save me trouble, since most girls I've been meeting are just too bland and boring to date. Basics. Name: Do you have a nick name?: What is it and how'd you end up with it?: Age: Weight: Height: Things that matter more. Tell me something you're driven to do. Tell me a funny story about yourself. What's your favorite thing to talk about? What's your least favorite thing to talk about? What's an activity you enjoy doing? And tell me something interesting about yourself. Sexy sexy How many people have you had sex with? If you're not boring I'll think about it. Make sure you answer honestly, otherwise I'll eventually find out.
Endless Blood
Endless Blood By Mark Hill © 1999   A howl in the distance, Pierces a blanket of night, The moon overhead, Kisses the land with light,   Clouds pass peacefully, Through the cold midnight air, Over a house down below, There was innocence there,   Inside a wealthy family, And a girl of nineteen, She prepares for her slumber, Hair brushed and clean,   She then removed her slippers, And slowly shut the door, She leaped quickly into bed, Avoiding the cold wood floor,   She lay there eyes closed, With the cover she held tight,
Endless Tales
Endless Chaos Band
We have songs up for FREE Download on our Reverbnation Page! Check them out - Are you ready for the week ahead? We Are!! Wednesday night we are going to the Canal Street Bar in Dayton, OH to see Local Cincinnat band "Psychodots" They are so freaking Awesome!! Thursday we will be enjoying a big fat Turkey dinner, we are sure our drummer Nick will be wanting to play drums with the turkey drumsticks. This may get sticky! Friday night we were invited to a private party for guitarist Nick of Local Cinci Punk Band "Situation Red" After all of this, we think Saturday may be lame. LOL! What are you doing this Holiday Week? Don't forget Endless Chaos loves YOU!
Endorsong My Web Cam Job
The End Of Sanctifacism
I am the new age prophet, I am the one sent to warn of the evils of religion and those who believe. The machine of christianity is a fierce monster that needs to be slayed. Only you can banish this fanatic cult of horror into the nothingness it belongs. Free the spirit and denounce the faiths. True faith in yourself and your creator, not some book of fairy tales and an image called "God". I am here to bring America back where it belongs, and that is NOT in the hands of the Theocrats. Nothing can stop this movement, we may slow down, we will not rest. Take back OUR America... FUCK freedom of religion, let us put this place back on the right track. The way our forefathers REALLY wanted this place... Celebrate freedom FROM religion. The only thing christians do here is persecute, they don't save lost souls, they do not act as "fishers of men", they PERSECUTE, they SHAME, no where in their "bible" does it say to do this, but they do, force you to believe, if christianity and God are so pow
The End Of An Era.
I was recently.. Ejected.. From a 2 year relationship.. Thats gone.. Like hell for the last year... Still dealing with ALOT of BS... But surviving... Chasing that next distraction. Afraid of what i'll feel like if I slow down at all. Hopelessly searching for love.. Or lust.. Wherever I can find it. And coming up screwed every time.. Everywhere... Not even a freakign rebound available to help me bounce back or cope with this shit. Cest la vie... (Such is life) I guess... I do find I always want the things I can't have the most.. But shit happens right? Everyone says it's supposed to get better. I laugh and know it'll probably always be the same shit, and am WAITING for someone to prove me wrong. The worlds to screwed today.. To corrupted.. Life's to complex. To much.. Useless BS... And drama... Put me back 50.. 100.. 200.. 1000 years ago... Gimme a sword and shield.. Or an axe... Send me rampant for some cause... I've got a hopeless Romantic Warrior's spirit... I want to believe in thi
The End Of The World
Endorsement Info
K. G. B. Guitars Endorsement K. G. B. Guitars Endorsement Review Requirements We have a number of endorsement options for a variety of players. For endorsement consideration, please send a complete profile packet as suggested including not just some but ALL of the following information. NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ALL OF THE REQUIRED INFORMATION, THEN PLEASE WAIT UNTIL YOU DO HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION COMPILED TOGETHER BEFORE SUBMITTING IT TO K.G.B. Guitars FOR CONSIDERATION OF ENDORSEMENT. INCOMPLETE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. Artist/Band Info & Requirements Artist or Band's latest CD Previous discography DVD (if available) Artist/Band promo photo (preferably agency style glossy) Artist/Band website URL Address List of guitars used & equipment list of artist requesting K.G.B. Guitars endorsement Brief Synopsis - Written explaining why the artist feels K.G.B. Guitars is a good fit for them Please explain any special instrument specification requirements they ma
End Of The Rainbow
College life was something I had anticipated and dreaded at the same time. It was like everything. It was like meeting Amy. Amy lived next door. Room 418. It is safe to say that she had the most popular room on the floor. I think mostly it was because she had the best CDs and was generous with them, but she was also audacious -- okay, a little crazy. By the time I got to know her, I was simply joining the party of seven or eight that nightly got together, talking and laughing into the early hours of the morning. She was openly gay. I was in awe of her ability to just be who she was, when even the other girls would give her shit about it, at least in a friendly way. You know, like when I would go to the bathroom, someone would inevitably say, "Lock the door... you know Amy likes to watch!" Of course, Amy didn't mind. If someone forgot, she'd threaten it herself. Like everyone else, I laughed about it. And, I locked the door. As time went on, and the semeste
The End Of Ecw
To those of you who don't watch wrestling, just ignore this. I just watched the latest ECW, and have come to a painful realization. Over the past few months, I have hoped, and waited for this new incarnation to go back to the traditions of old, and be the outlet that many loved. Today has been the first true nail in the coffin of ECW. CM Punk, that pussy "Straight-edge" Wrestler (The straight-edge movement in punk is B.S. I got this from a second hand source who inteviewed the creator of the movement over dinner, where the person had a big old steak, with a couple of shots, and a couple of cigarettes... but that's anothe rant), went to the "New Breed". A person of his "talent" going to the place where all the new hires are, is basically a death sentence for those wrestlers who were of the old school; Working in the Bingo Halls and such. Those wrestlers of the old E.C.W. will eventually be let out of their contracts, and left to go on to whatever else awaits them. The Writers are writin
The End Of The World ask? You know that you've thought about it the same way I do everyday of my existence. It's on everyone's mind...but noone wants to speak up. Well I hope whoever reads this reports it to their local congressman ASAP!!! The solution is relatively simple...but in the eyes of many, would be considered un-ethical. We have more troops here in the states than any military organization on the planet...the problem is they are part of our correctional system...yes that's right...inmates, prisoners, felons, and the like. Many of these murderers, rapists, pedophiles, drug dealers, and violent offenders are already literally trained to fight and kill. Yet they continue to be fed 3 squares, are housed, clothed, and bathed like big babies; some even paroled, all the while the future men and women of our country are fighting a meaningless war overseas with no restrooms, no facilities, no food sometimes, and no peace. I do support out troops, but not the cause, for the record. I'll
End Of Contest
End Of Summer?
That July is almost over, to a lot of the country this means usually 1 more really hot month before Fall and cooler temps hit. That is what i always looked forward to back home in Kentucky, here in Florida we'll still be swimming possibly into Nov. and very possible to wear shorts on Christmas....LOL....such different environments. I do enjoy the warmer temps in the fall and winter here, but sometimes....i long for a cold cold snowy day.....SIGH......... End of October year has flown....tomorrow is my birthday, gonna be 43 and it really is worries no bother.....this year i feel younger and better than ever....feel like wooohoooo. Went to a Halloween party last firday nite....what a blast, was with my much fun. I've been not online as much lately, seems life has gotten busy, i hope things settle down some cause i seriously need to post and reconnect with my friends here....miss ya all. More later!!!!
End Of Race Season
The End Of Summer
Summer always brings out the wild side in me….or maybe its just the naked side . I have a goal to be naked in as many places possible this summer. So far I am falling short of my goal. I’ve only manged to fit in a few skinny dipping adventures….nothing too extreme or at least not extreme enough for my liking. I wanted to get wild in the wild this summer. Well at least the summer isn’t over yet! Here’s a glimpse at my accomplishments so far! The summer is almost over....I'll try to get some more outdoor shots in before the snow. Summer always brings out the wild side in me….or maybe its just the naked side . I have a goal to be naked in as many places possible this summer. So far I am falling short of my goal. I’ve only manged to fit in a few skinny dipping adventures….nothing too extreme or at least not extreme enough for my liking. I wanted to get wild in the wild this summer. Well at least the summer isn’t over yet! Here’s a glimpse at my accomplishments so far!
End Of Dayz
not sure why i have my ct account, but im thinking i might delete it and just forget about it. just realy unsure about alot of things today. plz fell free to send a shout or leave a message
End Of Me
Okay, i've just about had it with this life, you know. I'm too old to be Emo about it, and to young to throw away the rest of my years. I've made a lot of mistakes. Most of them due to me formally having a trusting nature. But that's all been shot to hell in a short few years. Just this year i've started to pull myself together and began to concentrate on what I need to do in order to make it in this world on my own. Not that I could not have done it before, but because I was so concerned with taking care if those around me. Ensuring their happiness, hoping that they would keep good thoughts of me. (yeah right). As of this moment in time, I am at the crossroads once again. The path leading to the left will take me to a city of selfishness and greed. Where the only pleasures that I will experience will be carnal. The other path is one that will eventually lead me to a wife and family and comfort. I find fault in both of these choices. Maybe that's my problem, right? Am I being to pic
End Of Justin
The End Of An Era
the nascar race sunday will bring to an end the number 8 budweiser chevy driven by dale jr. i know he will be driving the 88 mountain dew car next year but it will still be strange not seeing that red 8 car on the track next year. i did get to see that car win two races at talladega.
The End Of A Long Road
End Of Year
It has been an interesting an eventful year for me personally in 2007. Life changing event after life changing event have left their mark on my very being. I would say the most significant event that kicked off last year was my wedding. Hands down one of the greatest days of my life…yeah, yeah everyone says that about their wedding. But this, this was different my wife and I did it our way. We had a medieval themed wedding along with a Hand Fasting ceremony performed by a wonderful and beautiful "Wiccan" Priestess and a wonderful and eloquent "Wiccan" Priest. As an Anthropologist I have great admirations and respect for the Ancient Religions. I do not have affliction for the Ancient Religions I only expound my dislike for the Modern Religions. In any case it was a beautiful and meaningful day. Even the office party that was taking place on the other side of the room during our first dance couldn't blemish the overall beauty of the day. It was great to see my family embrace our wish
End Of 2007
As a nurse I see so many patients coming in and being on all kinds of antidepressant drugs. It amazes me that some of these people arent in a coma from the amount of stuff they are on. Doctors these days are way too quick to put people on meds imo. My daughter told her physician that SOMETIMES she feels a little anxious when shes driving in her car alone. He prescribed an addicting antidepressant for her. A little over the top in my opinion. I happened upon this article....that says basically that sadness is not only NORMAL it is also healthy and can help you to be a better person and actually enhance your life more. I sounds strange but check out the article. it does make some valid points, especially when discussing relationships. May explain why the divorce rate is so high.....not always happy with your mate? Just dump them and find someone that makes you happier. In thinking about it...Ive done some of my best work while feelin
End Of 2007
well yup its gone another year. here on this end it was a long year lots of ups and downs went through a major move half way across country started the year out thinking life was ending applied and got denied for military ptsd claim went through a period of stupid shit almost lost my wife due to my stupidity and finally toward the end got things back on track and am working back on the river again which i did before the army and love this job. the new house we are in is gorgeous no carpet all hard wood floors, had some tooth trouble "still going on" that will be taken care of on the 7th of january. lost my grandmother at the end of june which put me in a depression cycle which damn near ended my life at that point but my wife and a few close friends helped me through it and i am forever greatful. to top this year off and end it i found out that as time has gone on with all the ups and downs i believe it has helped me and my family grow closer togeather. at end of year i come to two con
The End Of Summer
The End of Summer The gentle embrace of time gone by, The incessent buzzing of the fly, The fading jet paths in the sky, The gentle close of summer. The frost that touched the beating heart, The sadness of the autumn's start, The gap that breaks us all apart. The frost that ended summer. The death of passion on frozen lips, The light touch of tender fingertips, The salty tear, forgotten, drips. The death of lonely summer.
The End Of Ric Flair
ORLANDO, Fla. – Deep down, Ric Flair knew this day would come. Mr. McMahon gave him a “win or retire” ultimatum more than four months ago, but the “Nature Boy” didn’t need a mandate to realize his in-ring career was coming to an end. And though tears streamed down his cheeks as he said farewell to the millions of fans he entertained for more than 35 years, Flair didn’t feel any agony in defeat to Shawn Michaels tonight at WrestleMania XXIV. After all, how fitting it is that the greatest wrestler of all time ends his career on The Grandest Stage of Them All. What a week it had been for the 16-time World Champion! Flair received tributes from well-wishers across the country all week, from receiving the key to the city of Columbia, S.C., last Monday to his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame Saturday night. It was as if “Naitch’s” millions of fans sensed he would not be able to avoid defeat like he had since last November. Everyone wanted to pay tribute to Flair and let him know how mu
End Of The World... 2012!
Anybody that has regular conversations with me knows that I believe in one thing more than any other in this world. That thing is my belief that 2012 will be the end of things or bring about a serious shift in our ways of thinking and thought processes, new world powers, a new culture and a new way of life. Basically I believe the shit goes down in 2012 and Im not the only one. 2012 is sometimes claimed to be a great year of spiritual transformation (or apocalypse). Many esoteric sources interpret the completion of the thirteenth B’ak’tun cycle in the Long Count of the Maya calendar (which occurs on December 21 by the most widely held correlation) to mean there will be a major change in world order. * Polar Shift is a theory that on December 21st 2012 Earth will experience earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or other natural disasters. Accordingly, several eclectic authors claim that a major, world-changing event will take place in 2012: * The 1995 book The Mayan Prophecies
End Of Quest For True Love
As he entered the hallowed corridor of his father's castle, BeAstric was unsure of what he might find. He traveled the galaxies looking for The Beast of Truth and fought his inner demons. Still torn inside trying to find his true calling his one true love, BeAstric walked to a throne that someday would be his. The very sound of his footsteps echoed to a place not even he knew of. As he drew closer to the throne of his father he could hear a voice speak to him. This childish raspy voice called for him, but not for help, not in desperation, but merely as in inquiry. "What are you fighting for young master?" Asked the unseen shadow, "What do you ultimately desire in your quest my Lord?" BeAstric had no idea who this shadowed voice could be but he was compelled to answer, "For my true happiness, the one I could someday call my queen, my heart and soul, my diamond in the rough... my true love." As his voice trailed of the voice spoke again, "I see my young master, so you fight yo
End Of May
Hey everyone! We just got home last nite it was a pretty nice trip! My daughter is doin a lil better shes not runnin a fever anymore but still has this nasty ass cough! The kids were so excited to see grandma and grandpa! As soon as we got there they took off and we didnt see much of them. My mother-n-law kept the kids every nite and we hung out with my brother-n-law and some friends and family. We got to go fishin the weather wasnt too bad. It rained every day but not the whole day. The sun would come out and it would get nice but still kinda muddy and crap. It was nice gettin to see everyone again! Thank you all so much for the luv while I was gone! Im the worlds slowest at catchin up as most of ya know. I just suck at it sorry! :P Hope everyone had a great weekend and hope yall have a great week! Ill be slowly comein to stalk everyones page! xoxo -cotton Hey guys just wanted to let yall know Im not sure how much ill be around this week. I wasnt around this past weekend my daug
End Of An Era
...THERE'S A LOVE LEFT TO YEARN ...THERE'S A LOVE LEFT TO BURN ...THERE'S A LOVE IN THE DARK ...THERE'S A LOVE THAT DOES NOT BARK ...THERE'S A LOVE WHICH KNOWS NO BOUND ...THERE'S A LOVE THAT FALLS TO THE GROUND ...THERE'S A LOVE THAT WILL LAST THRU THE AGES ...THERE'S A LOVE THAT NEVER CHANGES ...THERE'S A LOVE LEFT IN DIRE ...THERE'S A LOVE THAT ONLY YOU CAN TAME WITH YOUR FIRE I DEDICATE THIS TO MY ONE TRUE LOVE... AND I ONLY ASK YOU BELIEVE IN US I'M HAVING BAD THOUGHTS :p Yesterday i quit Unholy,Im not gonna get into why and contrary to popular belief it was not becouse of someone else!! Like i said not gonna get into was a tough decision and one i could not make right then n there since i had been with them for sooo long.I know im mad now but i will miss them they were my family or so i thought...when it came down to it i guess i was jus a number. I remember the days of Explisit ...good times and the first opening of Unholy i was excited and we had many
End Of Games
End Of Games
End Of Summer
Just wanna say a quick hello to everyone! Hope everyones had a great summer!! School has finally started so I have a lil more free time but not much! My daughter is in gymnastics, my son is in cub scouts, and ive been baby-sittin and also gettin involved with scouts and different things that will be goin on at school. I am sorry to everyone for not bein around and not bein here to chit-chat but I hope yall understand why I cant be on like I use to. Anyway hope everyone is doin great and hope to catch up with yall sometime soon!! XOXO
End Of The Road
Devil Rays 3, Red Sox 1 For the life of me I can't understand why Tito had Cora in for Lowrie tonight. It made the last third of our batting order a dead zone. I'm also not sure why Tito didn't pull out Tek in the ninth for Casey. Regardless the Sox bat's just couldn't pull it off and it was basically over for our boys when Drew struck out with the bases loaded in the eighth. The only bright spot of the evening was that my Canadian Cousin spend two hours on the phone with me helping to fix my computer. Now my internet is up and running again! Oh Canada! I also had a fine time listening to the game with my Canadian Cousin as we IM'd each other for the entire game. It was the only fun part of a dreadful evening. The Sox had a great run in the play-offs. Game 5 of the ALCS was awesome and it was great to see Lester and Beckett pick it up for the last two games. I think I will always wonder though if it would have been different if everybody was healthy. With Lowell out and
The End Of My World As I Knew It
End Of Story...
omg where is god?   im so disgusted with so much going on on this planet but my heart goes out the the 'survivors' of the 'old school ifbc church' their male dominated 'cult motto, "to forgive and forget"  in my opinion, seems to have become an excuse for extremely perverted and sadistic behavior against there own women... how sad for those women that put up w/and allow such treatment and are being deceived ... in my opinion those men have damaged the image of christ the worst...and are devils come to deceive and rob you of your dignity...cheat you and   ...when is god gonna come and sort this all out... I doubt that anyone would be interested in this. But, I do have something to say. I miss my friend. He hasn't called me for a couple of weeks and I am tired of this game. He knows what I felt. This has been on going for more than three years. We met online at It was trouble from the start. I thought my crazy yet charming bass-plucking, keyboard druming, guitar
End Of 2007 And 2008 In Review
Well... This is my 2008 in review... Well little bit of 2007 too. Things since August 2007 have really shaken my life up and brought me to where I am now. August 2007 both my grandpa's ended up in the hospital. My Grandpa Mathies for congestive heart failure and needing a pace maker. And at the very same time my Grandpa Hogan because everything pretty much shut down. He had been in chronic liver failure for years. I left La Grande to be with my Grandpa Hogan. It wasn't looking good, my mom even flew back from Florida after being there for less than 24 hours to be at the hospital. Me and about 13 family members were with my Grandpa when he passed away. My uncle was just saying the Rosary prayer when he said the last line, my Grandpa took his last breath. Through all of that and the things followed the next few days was really rough. Tried to be strong for mom and stick up for her with something going on. I begged my husband at the time to be there with me and he chose to go back to
End Of Year Meme
So yes once again I know its been like fricking forever since I have updated this thing. Sorry have been a bit busy with other things. I read the journal every day I just dont have time to update, or if I do have time I just dont want to take the time to write out a huge post. LOL! So lets see whats been going on with me..well a whole of NOTHING! Been pretty much the same thing everyday. Work, home, work, home. Get up in the morning run my brother to his stuff for court, come home clean up a bit, then off to pick up co-workers and away to work i go. So see not much going on. Only plus side is that today brother got his DL so he is finally legal to drive his car he bought, so as of today I no longer have to run him anywhere. So for that I am very much happy. Means I dont have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to take him anywhere and I can finally sleep in a bit and relax. In other news..I killed my cell phone. Well let me re phrase that, my cell phone killed itself. It cho
End Of 2008
I would like to start off by wishing everyone Marry New Years and Happy Christmas. There is less than an hour to go, before we start 2009. I reflect back to everything I did in 2008. A handful of things come to mind that I can remember. In 2008 I did a lot of things I never done before and I hope to continue this on in to 2009. Here are some of my accomplishments for 2008… January – February – 13: I took my niece to her first WWE wrestling show. She loved every minute of the show. 18: I did the Great Aloha Run for the first time. I did it in 2:42:50 an average of 19:59 a Mile March – 21: I went to my first concert – Incubus April – 26: Went to my first Chicago Concert May – 10: I went to the Populer Filipino game show “WOWOWEE” June – 5: Got my Motorcycle License finally 17: Had surgery on my left shoulder from a torn ligament July – 4: EDD was Started and Born 20: My First Girlfriend – Te, I Love You babe. August – Septem
The End Of The World
I dont if you any one has heared a while back, but thare was alot of people like scientist and religous people stated that u can tell that the world is comming to a end when we get the first colored president in office. And they stated that after the first colored president gets in office the world will come to a end during his 4 year term. Itll be the start of armagedin. So all beware if you believe this. Personaly what ithink is whatever happens happens. We all going ot die eventaly. PLZ, i would love to hear your comments on this subject im up for anything you can throw at me.
The End Of An Era.
It finally happened .... As myspace allergic as I am I've decided to blog. First entry the end of my six relationship. Everybody at the bar pour a little beer out and may it rest in peace.  I saw coming years ago but sometimes your high school sweet heart can keep you from growing up. Ive changed alot and so did she but sometimes you have to let go . Starting over sucks, but fuck it so does growing old.  I'll keep the good memories and the bad and some how try to make something new .  It like being born again having to figure out how to walk , talk , and be around people again. I can imagine that is what it felt like to watch volcano go off that a lot of hot burning magma at first then it cools and becomes cold as rock. Now that it has cooled off where to go from here? Who knows but im taking no prisoners either and not wasting another minute.
End Of Days
        Innocent smile      The innocent smile, so bright and calm. It lasts forever through out the time. one dark hour for the brightest eternity. Time will mend all wounds, but the oh so bright innocent smile with heal the scars. Day after day, night after night, nightmares will come. Just lay there in rememberence of that bright beautiful smile. So calming and soothing. So happy and joyful. What might of been a lost for now is an eternal gain. Because after all, the life you once lost will once be resumed.                                                                                  By: Brian Hundertmark aka Saint                                                                                                2/24/2011 12:09 a.m Im tired of this life that i liveeverytime i wake up i want to put that gunto my head. dreams of
End Of Days
The End Of Heartache
    The End Of HeartacheSeek me, call me I'll be waiting This distance, this dissolution I cling to memories while falling Sleep brings release, and the hope of a new day Waking the misery of being without you Surrender, I give in Another moment is another eternity (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart (Seek me) Completion, (Call me) I'll be waiting (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart You know me, you know me all too well My only desire - to bridge our division In sorrow I speak your name And my voice mirrors my torment (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart (Seek me) Completion, (Call me) I'll be waiting (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart Am I breathing? My strength fails me Your picture, a bitter memory For comfort, for solace (Seek me) For comfort, (Call me) For solace (I'll be waiting) For the end of my broken heart (Seek me) Completion, (Call
An End Of A Long Week...
The End Of The Bs....
Just got this off of Craigslist DC  While I don't agree with everything that's written, it certainly is a good start.  Enjoy There are so many reasons that frankly, it's hard to pick a place to start: First of all.....when 28% of you brain dead fucking morons give a blithering IDIOT like Sarah Palin positive approval ratings and think she ought to run for president in 2012, it really makes me sick to know I am lumbered with that many mouth-breathing Cro-Magnons I unfortunately have to consider as my fellow me.....I don't. You motherfuckers are beyond help. And before you go thinking this is a "liberal" based rant.....that brings me to one more item on an ever-lengthening list. This "Liberal" versus "Conservative" paradigm that so many of you simple dunces buy BOTH parties sell you out to the multinational corporations, banks and special interests that actually run Washingto
End Of World Is Coming
Sept 11th (New York) Jan 11th (Haiti) and March 11th (Japan)........Luke 21:10-11 Then Jesus said to his disciples : "Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes', famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven. 'Jesus says for behold I come quickly,' So ask yourself r u ready? Sad to say, many won't repost this message!!
End Of The World ?
So the world is supposed to be ending today huh? That's bad. I never have found out who let the dogs out, the way to get to Sesame Street, why Dora doesn't just use Google maps, why we don't ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery", why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed, why "abbreviated" is such a long word, why lemon juice is made with artificial flavor yet dish washing liquid is made with real lemons, why they sterilize the needle for lethal injections, why do you have to "put your two cents in" but it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going to? Why did Joanie love Chachi? If a deaf person has to go to court is it still called a hearing? Can a hearse carrying a corpse drive in the carpool lane? Why does the alphabet song and twinkle twinkle little star have the same tune? Why did you just try to sing those two previous songs? And just what is Victoria's secret? You see, the world just has to keep going. I have too many questions......
End Proabition On Marijuana
Cannabis Sativa Hemp / Chanvre Information The following is excerpted from the mind-boggling and eye-opening book The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer, a must-have book for anyone who cares about the future and well-being of our fragile planet. This visionary book makes clear why it is necessary to add hemp to our individual and collective lives today and why hemp is essential to our well-being as well as that of the earth. Hemp is sustainable clothing, footwear, shelter, foods, tree-free paper, cement, gasoline, fuel, nutritious and delicious foods, paint, industrial sealants, industrial composites, and so much more. Its beauty, usefulness, and astounding versatility truly boggle the mind! Hemp oil, for example, has the highest percentage of usable essential fatty acids of any plant, period. Why hemp? Because it is, by far, Earth's premier, renewable natural resource. The hemp plant can single-handedly reverse the Greenhouse Effect, purify our air, water, & soil, a
End Prohibition
I'd like to take a minute out of my day to support a cause; Leap stands for many of the very values I feel and I am appalled that there isn't more being done to end the needless prohibition. Today had a highlight of old laws that are still on the books today. It got me to thinking.. What happened to land of the free, home of the brave? It appears we are more geared towards limiting the freedom of others because we are scared of some token end result. We exaggerate this token end result and in turn fan the flames of the phenom we perpetuate. The financial crisis of today is very real. We cannot be wasting tax dollars on broken crusades. We spend over 69 billion a year on this war instead of obtaining tax revenue. The not something you can stop. It is a war with human nature and unfortunately, curiosity got the human high as well as killing the cat. This prohibition mentality stretches farther than just a war on drugs... but that is for
Ends May 3rd!!
So here I have two contests. Both end on May 3rd. This first picture all I need from you is a simple rate and comment. Just one comment, and just a rate. That's All. (Battle of the sexes contest) In this second contest, bombing is allowed. And I am offering gifts. To ask about the gifts, my page link is at the bottom of the bulliten so send me a shout =) This is HELLCAT. This is who I want to be my competition in part two of the Battle of the sexes contest so make sure you check her out as well. One comment, one rate. All she needs. Thanks! So here I have two contests. Both end on May 3rd. This first picture all I need from you is a simple rate and comment. Just one comment, and just a rate. That's All. (Battle of the sexes contest) In this second contest, bombing is allowed. And I am offering gifts. To ask about the gifts, my page link is at the bottom of the bulliten so send me a shout =) This is HELLCAT. This is who I want to be my c
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LOOSE ENDS Current mood: peaceful Category: For Me Goals, Plans, Hopes I have tie up loose ends now, but whatever isn't completed by now may not get finished today or tomorrow. But I'm not givein' up. I matters most now, so I'm keep my attention on my goals even if they seem to be slipping away. I'm remember, the momentum I'm building will help me later on in life.
Ends Noon On Monday,help
An End To Forever
Why do I even bother, Staring through these lying eyes. Eyes that see nothing but dreams. Dreams of happiness, Dreams that entice. Dreams of ending this rhetorical life. All I see are these unreachable dreams. But most of all, I seem to dream. Of a world, Where I wouldn't be me. A world where, My love, Could mean something. A world where I wouldn't be, So empty. For if I were somone else, I wonder, Would she finally be with me? Or would she still deny my love and throw it back at me? Would it still hurt, To stand near her? And at the same time, Would I still feel at ease... Every single time that I see her? Probably. But WHY? Why must I see such a beatiful lie? A lie that looks back at me, With the eyes of an angel. Eyes that shine, Like the stars in the sky. Eyes that see me the same way I do. As nothing, as no one, Too hopeless to deserve anyone. When it comes to me, My eyes aren't blind. They see the pain, The hatred. The depression and despai
End Tonight At 8pm
I have entered a fav sports conest thats ends tonight at 8pm so if you could please come and bomb my pic and help me out thank you
End This Illegal War
Before the war in Iraq ever started, Senator Obama said that it was wrong in its conception. In 2002, then Illinois State Senator Obama said Saddam Hussein posed no imminent threat to the United States and that invasion would lead to an occupation of undetermined length, at undetermined cost, with undetermined consequences. Since then, Senator Obama has laid out a plan on the way forward in Iraq that has largely been affirmed by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group led by James Baker and Lee Hamilton. I don't oppose all wars. And I know that in this crowd today, there is no shortage of patriots, or of patriotism. What I am opposed to is a dumb war. What I am opposed to is a rash war." -Barack Obama Anti-War Rally, Chicago 2002 At the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations in November 2005, Senator Obama called for: (1) a reduction in the number of U.S. troops; (2) a time frame for a phased withdrawal; (3) the Iraqi government to make progress on forming a political solution; (4)
End Times
Search the Scriptures Daily to make sure even what these guys say is true I kinda eyes kinda rolled on the animal/Radio/lightning/lightbulb one but that I think was Nastrodamouses, so doesnt matter I put Part 1 last cause it started out slow the 1st two minutes but here it is Interesting to see these things pan out
Endurance Of The Heart!
There's no such thing as perfection & I'm far from it. That being said, when your in a relationship for a certain amount of years and of course everything is peaches & cream in the begining. What happens to that energy that brings 2 people together in the 1st place? Every couple in the world go through up's & downs. You would think that would make the relationship stronger if you go through it together! To live with someone for years & as time goes on, feel like roommate instead of lovers. Day by day your just taking care of the kids & bills. Conversations are reduced to what happened at work & the kids! There's no cheating going on, it's just routine now to take care of household affairs with no intimacy involved AT ALL...... The love is still some what strong, but the attraction level left a while ago! How much can a person take? It's so hard to be so attracted to someone you love & not get that feeling in return. It's not one of those cut & dry cases you hear about, that all I have
En Elephant Never Forgets
In 1986, Mkele Mbembe was on holiday in Kenya after graduating from Northwestern University . On a hike through the bush, he came across a young bull elephant standing with one leg raised in the air. The elephant seemed distressed, so Mbembe approached it very carefully. He got down on one knee and inspected the elephant's foot, and found a large piece of wood deeply embedded in it. As carefully and as gently as he could, Mbembe worked the wood out with his hunting knife, after which the elephant gingerly put down its foot. The elephant turned to face the man, and with a rather curious look on its face, stared at him for several tense moments. Mbembe stood frozen, thinking of nothing else but being trampled. Eventually the elephant trumpeted loudly, turned and walked away. Mbem
By the introduction of LED lighting has become the darling of the lighting market, reduce carbon saving, long life to become its classic selling point. LED High energy: saving energy is clean and is environmentally friendly, DC drive, ultra-low power consumption (0.03 W -1 watt single tube) electro-optical power conversion close to 90%, the same lighting effects than traditional energy sources more than 80%.LED lighting supplier Long-life LED: LED light source is called longevity lamps, solid cold light source, epoxy resin, light body and no loose parts, there is no filament light easy to burn, heat deposition, the light fades fast and other shortcomings, the service life of up to five 10,000 to 100,000 hours, longer life than conventional light sources more than 10 times. Lee Green LED: LED is a green light, environmental benefits of better, no ultraviolet and infrared spectra, low in calories and no flicker, no radiation, and waste can, no pollution, no mercury elements, cold light s
Enema Stories
ENEMA STORIES Oh it was my third trip to the bathroom.... When I got back to class, Mrs. Crocker said Anthony you don't look well, would you like to go to the school nurse. I said, “yes Ma’am”, She gave me a pass. I walked to the nurse’s office. That morning before I left for school, I was running to the bathroom, but couldn't go.... It must have been all the stress with the tests and all, since it was the end of the school year. Mom told me to go to school and if I were still having a problem to go to the nurse, and mom would come get me. Miss Watson, the nurse asked me what was wrong, I told her I felt like I had to go but couldn't... she asked me how long I had felt this way, I told her 3 days. She called Mom. When Mom got there, Miss Watson called her into the office as I waited in the waiting room. They talked, and laughed, and giggled. Mom came out, and smiled, she said ok Anthony let’s go home and get you taken care of. When we were in the car and going home, Mom sai
Enemy Of The State
I have written a lot on many different subjects over the years for websites like: Strike-the-Root, Lew Rockwell and many other Libertarian websites, here are links to those blogs-
The Enemy With In Me
The Enemy Within Me There are a few who can relate to what we have been through and are willing to sit down a listen to your thoughts,experiences,the horrors,and the love of brotherhood in the experience of war. You are not alone we are united as brothers and sisters through the impact of what we have done and seen. Often I too can't tell my friends of the true war that is waged between my heart and soul and it flusters into my dayly life. My heart weans the pain and my soul feeds on its power leading me to not even understand myself. But I know there are a few that will understand when I need/want them to. But what is my war becomes war for all to experience around me as I struggle to fit the normal life. Of those who have not been in the military,police, how they had to kill or defended our nation or anothers nation and freedom, ultimate price has been paid in full with sweat,blood and forever tears are shed in private by the soldier or their families. Often question
Enema's And Boobs
The Enemy That Is Love
The enemy called love is shapeless, faceless, and it envelops us all in a cloud of jealousy, ignorance, stupidity and outright madness. Most of us take it for granted and are too afraid to face the reality of accepting true love when it looks us dead in the eye. Most people run and hide because they are too afraid of true love, or they blame the world around them, or their own problems, or whatever pathetic excuses they use to mask their ego and their own self hatred. If you love someone, why run away and hide? I always thought true love was not being able to live without someone, yet why do people say they need time, space, closure, whatever? Maybe I am way too cynical, but I do know this. Eventually TRUE love will find me. And that true love will not run away and hide when the chips are down, love will not cheat on me with people I am close with, love will not blame everyone else for how fucked their reality is. When love finds me, even though it has beaten the shit out of me, I will
Energy And Bin Laden Farce!
James R. Bath AKA James Reynolds Bath Born: 1937 Birthplace: Natchitoches, LA Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Business Nationality: United States Executive summary: Bush, bin Laden business partner Military service: USAF Reserve James R. Bath was one of the original investors in George W. Bush's failed oil venture; in fact, he owned 5% of Arbusto Energy. Bath and Bush go way back, to their days as pilots in the same Texas Air National Guard unit during the Vietnam War. Coincidentally, Bath also happens to have been suspended from flying exactly one month after Bush, and for precisely the same reason: "Failure to accomplish annual medical examination." Despite his protestations to the contrary ("I am not a member of the CIA or any other intelligence agency."), a persistent rumor is that Bath was recruited by the CIA, sometime after he started working as the front man for Saudi investor Salem bin Laden in 1978. (Sal
I wasn't sure where to put this particular topic, lol. But it does have alot to do with energy, so this ended up here! I feel the need to write this because, of late, I have had several friends, both online and off, who have encountered their first past life companion that was a past life spouse/lover/whatever. This is truly a mind-blowing experience and tends to upset one alot, lol!! That is a most diplomatic way to put it, lmao!! How do you recognize a past life companion, of the generic sort? You meet them and it feels like you've known them forever, lol. I tend to get a chill running up my spine, as well. But that may just be me. You are comfortable with these people for no good reason that you can see. Chances are you have known each other in a past life or two, or more! Past life companions that have been spouses/lovers/whatevers cause a little different response, lol. The strength of the response depends on many things, from what I can tell: how many lives you have spe
Energy Healing
For the record I am not a medical doctor or claiming to be. My beliefs are that DNA can be munipulated and restructured back to it's original state through your mind and energy healing. I know of fantastic healers who in prayer and meditation have done healings with very ill people. My mentor Ellie, has been working with DNA restructuring for years and has seen many results in this area. DNA restructuring or any type of illness with the combination of prayer and the patients willingness to BELIEVE and VISUALIZE themselves being healed is possible. Which brings me back to how powerful our minds really are. Basically we become what we believe!!! Visualize your DNA being healthy and going back to its original state, visualize being healthy, peaceful and happy. With the shifts of your thoughts, your energy will start to change and become stronger. If you are suffering from anything at the moment just try it, whats the worst that can happen, nothing? On the other hand what is the BEST th
Energizer Keeps Ging And Going And Going!
today is the day after valentines day...boy what a day...people were buying all kinds of valentines stuff on sale today...saving it for next year i guess...hahaha...glad ot see it go! i work in retail so i tired of condensing down the damn valentines! valentines day was ok i guess...nothing special...went to eat...made a cake...woo hoo...
Energizer Kitty
Find more videos like this on Team Sarah
Energy Info
Waste We based our estimate of the environmental impact of household waste on data from the EPA, with 1010lbs. per person annually being the average. This average was obtained by dividing the tons of waste deposited annually at US landfills by US population. Emissions = number of people in household * average lb CO2 equivalent. generated from waste per person per year [Source: Based on EPA's Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks 1990-2004, Chapter 8, Table 8-3] How Was the Reduction Calculated? Home Replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents: assumes that lights are on for 4 hours per day. Replacing old refrigerator with an ENERGY STAR® model: assumes old model uses 820 kWh per year; ENERGY STAR model uses 440 kWh per year. Turning up thermostat for central air conditioner: assumes average household electricity use of approximately 900 kWh per month, and that air conditioners account for 16 percent of residential electricity consumpti
Hi! Did you know that who you are is who you attract in your life. When someone is positive they attract positive people. They also can attract negative people as well, however the negative ones choose to stay in their comfort zones because it's easier than to take a look at to why they are there in the first place. Have you ever been driving or walking and noticed someone and actually feeling they have a dark black cloud of negativity following them? Which one is true? Which one is false? How you see yourself is how others see you? or How others see you is how you see yourself? This is a deep question and if you think about it the answer makes total sense. You can choose which one applies to you.
Energy Auditor Links
infrared camera blower door Energy Auditor Fluke TiR Knipex UEI UEI Meter Makita Power Tools Makita Tools Bosch Tools Bosch Power Tools MK Diamond Testo 327 MK Diamond Tile Saw Fluke Ti10 Fluke Ti25 Rotozip CST Berger testo fluke meter fluke multimeter fluke Miller Fall Protection Safewaze BPI Energy Auditing Certification Training LEED Weatherization Certification Training Skil Tools Alnor Flow Hood TSI Flow Hood Irwin Ideal Phoenix Arizona AZ In
Energy Medicine
Energy Medicine Energy Medicine EnergyMedicine
Energy Medicine
Level 1+: 576 per dayLevel 6+: 864 per dayLevel 50+: 1,150 per dayLevel 150+: 1,440 per dayLevel 300+: 2,880 per dayLevel 600+: 5,760 per dayLevel 1000+: 8,640 per day
Energie Vergelijken
Hoewel de gemiddelde marktprijs van elektriciteit is afhankelijk van de locatie van uw bedrijfspand , niettemin , zelfs op dezelfde locatie verschillende bedrijven verschillende tarieven . Bovendien , feedback ontvangen van consumenten helpen energie vergelijking websites om de kwaliteit van de diensten die worden aangeboden door verschillende leveranciers van elektriciteit te geven. Vandaar , afgezien van het vergelijken van de prijzen van elektriciteit , kan de consument ook Energie vergelijken vergelijken met de kwaliteit van de dienstverlening . Door het bezoeken van een energie- vergelijking website , kunt u gemakkelijk een betrouwbare leverancier van elektriciteit die eis van uw organisatie energie kan voldoen .
Over time we will be recruiting Enforcers! You will go through Sens2u...our Asst. Manager if you are interestd in this position. Basically the purpose of an enforcer is to keep the drama levels down! The enforcers will be there watching..almost like a bouncer if you will! If there happens to be anyone that comes across at you in an inapproiate way. And it is something you can not or would not like to handle on your own. You may refer to our Enforcers! They will go and handle the situation at hand the best they can. Now if someone inside the family is the cause of this drama you need to contact an enforcer immediatly so they can contact managment! Enforcers please note that our family is drama free! If you notice anyone inside the family starting shit please contact myself or another member of managment immediatly!!! If you need an enforcer you may blog to call them! Or update your status to calling enforcers! This way they will come to you as soon as they can! If you are having any p
Enforcer T Shirts
the Enforcers MC is selling "enforcer supporter" t shirts for $20 plus ship & handling. contact for info
I think I floored her a bit doing it this way-BUT SHE SAID YES! :D
hey everyone its me i finally started a blog and thought yall should know i just recently got engaged to crazyangel here on fubar and i love her to death we have been sein each other for 5 months now in real life and decided it was time to pop the question. well here i am tellion all you Fubarians the good news
I would like to anounce my engagement to Dragon's Rose. With our Master's ok Dargon's Rose and I are to be fu married. We have not set a date yet but will let you all know when we do. I hope you are as happy for us are we are happy. I love you Dragon's Rose I cant wait to be married!!
Engagement Diary
Im about less than 3 months away from my wedding day. So far, I found the perfect dress, a good site or the ceremony and reception, my jewelry to wear, and a couple of places we registered for our gifts. anyway, im trying my best to update my progress and I will try to do my best not to stress out too much. It has been a little past the first month of my engagement to my fiance, and boy it was a rough one. Although things are going great between us, but there are some things we may need to work out. Somehow, I cannot let my emotions get in the way, otherwise it will make him feel more upset than I could. Anyway, I took my best friend to have a dress tried on because she is named as my maitren of honor. My fiance's mom was with us that day and she notice that my consultant was brushing off some dry skin flakes off one of the dresses she has tried. I thought, well that was quite rude of her. And to add insult to injury, my comsultant believes that I don't want to talk to her anymore, jus
Engagement Ring For Sale
Engagment And Wedding Announcment
We're Getting FuMarried! imikimi - Customize Your World
I'm so lucky! On Christmas Day, I asked my girlfriend to marry me and she agreed! Now it's a year of planning and organising the wedding. We're both so excited. Just wanted to share that with the all. All the best for 2009! Jon xxx The date's been set and the venue's booked! On the 2nd January, I'll be a married man!
just wanted to give an online scream AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how do u get them out of your head. miss her to death but when u have to drink to sleep at nite because u cant sleep with your on thoughts. its like that song when you see my face hope it gives u hell well its givin me hell gave that girl everything and on that note SRH...HedPe.....wooop wooop...lets drink to that
Engagment Of Sadistic Intentions & Spirit Of Eastbolt
Engaged To My Lifetime Love!
A romantic candle lit bath....and these were some of the words that I'll share....So he's kind of weird to think that 30 years ago we took baths together which makes this really which I said huh?.....then he popped the ring out of the water and said "Angie will you marry me?"  We both cried and of course I said yes.  It's like a dream.  I've loved this man my whole life.  I've never enjoyed taking care of someone so much.  I've never been so well taken care of, so loved, so complete.  I love you so much, Jason.  Thank you for giving me my fairy tale proposal.  Any other way couldn't have competed with that.  
Engagement Rings
Engagement rings are the best for the couple so present highly glittering diamond engagement rings to impress and excite your soon-to-be-bride.
An Engel's Sanctum
This article can be found at I just thought it was interesting among other things. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Home of the Brave? By John Steinsvold (03/14/06) Economists concede that economics is an inexact science. What does that mean? Perhaps it means their economic forecast is better than yours or mine. Recently, economic indicators have been rising and people have their fingers crossed. Economists have given us reason to hope that the job market will improve and that the stock market will continue on a steady climb. Yet, the newspapers continue to report more layoffs and more jobs going overseas. Meanwhile, our economy is getting more and more complex. We associate complexity with progress for some ungodly reason. The following problems, however, have become inherent in our economy. What does that mean? It means they will be around for a while: Needless poverty, unemployment, inflation, the threat of depression,
Any one got fire I need a good fire. A good fire is almost as good as sex.
=(^_^)= Englas Blog
WANT TO SOLVE YOUR SPAM ISSUES post date: 2006-12-23 15:31:04 views: 150 comments: 25 ratings: 0 I USE A PROGRAM CALLED FLOCK YOU NEED TO CHECK IT OUT I CAN SEND OUT MESSAGE AND STILL COMMENT BOMB CONTEST USING THIS WEB BROWSER Flock is an amazing web browser built on fast and secure Mozilla technologies. View and share photos with an innovative new photo bar in the browser. Subscribe to your favorite websites to get the freshest content automatically, in summaries that are easy to save and blog. Search more quickly, more effectively, and more richly with the innovative Flock Search Toolbar. Download the Flock beta and you'll be spreading the word that there's a new way to web. HERES THE LINK YOU CAN THANK ME LATER I UPLOADED SOME STASH TODAY AND WILL UPLOAD MORE STASH EVERYDAY FROM NOW ON.. YOU GET DUBBLE POINTS FOR RATING STASH (2 POINTS) AND EVEN BETTER DURING HAPPY HOUR (4 POINTS ON EVERY STASH ITEM RATING) *** Rating stashes
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TAG CREATED BY MANIACAL BLISS Swedish Lucia Tradition The Swedish Lucia celebration is an annual festival of medieval origin, observed on the 13th of December. On this day, the darkness is brightened by Saint Lucia, a creature of goodness and light who opens the door to the Christmas season.
An English-speaking Americans Crisis
Rush Limbaugh: I think the vast differences in compensation between victims of the September 11 casualty and those who die serving our country in Uniform are profound. No one is really talking about it either, because you just don't criticize anything having to do with September 11. Well, I can't let the numbers pass by because it says something really disturbing about the entitlement mentality of this country. If you lost a family member in the September 11 attack, you're going to get an average of $1,185,000. The range is a minimum guarantee of $250,000, all the way up to $4.7 million. If you are a surviving family member of an American soldier killed in action, the first check you get is a $6,000 direct death benefit, half of which is taxable. Next, you get $1,750 for burial costs. If you are the surviving spouse, you get $833 a month until you remarry. And there's a payment of $211 per month for each child under 18. When the child hits 18, those payments come to a s
Englash People!
hey this is my first thingy blog if anyone is from england drop me a line, well anyone from anywhere can drop me a line too if ya want too lol
Error: you're not allowed to do this. Why ? Beause I named terrorists terrorists, even on cherrytap. False friends Dom m cathedral Dom à dome Dom = cathedral dome = Kuppel The English cathedral is in German Dom, but the English dome means in German Kuppel.
English Brain Teaser
ENGLISH BRAIN TEASER I missed completely. Hope you do better. English brain teaser This is no trick. It is a very good puzzle....... figure it out before you peek. See If You Can Figure Out What These Words Have In Common....... Banana Dresser Grammar Potato Revive Uneven Voodoo Assess Are You Peeking Or Have You Already Given Up? Give It Another Try.... You'll kick yourself when you discover the answer. Go back and look at them again; think hard. Hope You Didn't Cheat. SCROLL DOWN Answer In all of the words listed, if you take the first letter, place it at the end of the word, and then spell the word backwards, it will be the same word
English Women
Are there any English women here that would like to chat to a fellow Brit? If so send me a message please.
English Mutha You Speak It??
Where did Piss Poor come from? Interesting HistoryIn the 16th century is was common practice to use urine to tan animal skins, so families used to all urinate in a pot and then once a day it was taken and sold to the tannery.......if you had to do this to survive, you were "piss poor".  But worse than that were the really poor folk who couldn't even afford to buy a pot......they "didn't have a pot to piss in" & were the lowest of the low.Now, the next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't just how you like it, think about how things used to be. Here are some facts about the 1500s:Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in May, and they still smelled pretty good by June. However, since they were starting to smell, brides carried a bouquet of flowers to hide the body odor.Hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when getting m
Can you read these right the first time? 1) The bandage was wound around the wound. 2) The farm was used to produce produce. 3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse. 4) We must polish the Polish furniture. 5) He could lead if he would get the lead out. 6) The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert. 7) Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present . 8) A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum. 9) When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes. 10) I did not object to the object. 11) The insurance was invalid for the invalid. 12) There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row 13) They were too close to the door to close it. 14) The buck does funny things when the does are present. 15) A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line. 16) To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to sow. 17) The wind was too strong to wind the sail. 18) Upon seei
Englishman In France
An Englishman is having breakfast, in Paris, one morning (coffee, croissants, bread, butter and jam) when a Frenchman, chewing bubble-gum, sits down next to him. The Englishman ignores the Frenchman who, nevertheless, starts a conversation. Frenchman: "You English folk eat the whole bread??" Englishman (in a bad mood): "Of course." Frenchman: (after blowing a huge bubble) "We don't. In France, we only eat what's inside. The crusts we collect in a container, recycle it, transform them into croissants and sell them to England." The Frenchman has a smirk on his face. The Englishman listens in silence. The Frenchman persists: "Do you eat jam with the bread??" Englishman: "Of Course." Frenchman: (cracking his bubble-gum between his teeth and chuckling). "We don't. In France we eat fresh fruit for breakfast, then we put all the peels, seeds, and leftovers in containers, recycle them, transform them into jam, and sell the jam to England." After a momen
my lord i was the drunkest person in town last night, i ripped that dancefloor up like i was on a mission lol, but shit do i feel it now. looks like its gonna have to be hair of the dog for me anyone watching the not so mighty steve mcclarens england 2 night?
=(^_^)= Engla Pimpin True Friends
&hearts TumsFun &hearts Brits On Tour@ fubar =(^_^)= ENGLA@ fubar I ONLY HAVE FRIENDS WITH SALUTE PIC OR FRIENDS WHO ARE VIC MEMBERS AT CT CHECK OUT THOSE AWESOME BIRTHDAY GUYS & GIRLS PLZ ADD, RATE & FAN :) 8th july Goldschlager!!!!!!!!!@ CherryTAP ~**Princessbiatch**~ rate, fan & add me, and i love comments will return the favor@ CherryTAP stevemarlowe
English Is Easy??
You Think English is Easy??? Read to the end . . . a new twist to an oldie Can you read these right the first time? 1) The bandage was wound around the wound. 2) The farm was used to produce produce. 3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse. 4) We must polish the Polish furniture. 5) He could lead if he would get the lead out. 6) The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert. 7) Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present . A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum. 9) When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes. 10) I did not object to the object. 11) The insurance was invalid for the invalid. 12) There was a row among the oarsmen about how to row . 13) They were too close to the door to close it. 14) The buck does funny things when the does are present. 15) A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer line. 16) To help with planting, the farmer taught his
English Oomph! Lyrics
No, forget it - help me, please No, forget it - help me, please No, forget it - help me, please No more - no more No more - no more No, forget it - help me, please No, forget it - help me, please No, more - no more - no more No - no more If there's no heart, then there's no cure If there's no God, I'm not impure If there's no heart, then there's no pain If there's no mind, I'm not insane No, forget it - help me, please... No I don't need no mental healing, I don't need no kiss of light No I don't need no mental healing, I don't need no kiss of light No I don't need no mental healing, I don't need no kiss of light No I don't need no mental healing, I don't need no kiss of light No I don't need no mental healing, I don't need no kiss of light No, forget it - help me, please No, forget it - help me, please No, more - no more - no more No - no more Once more No more - no more - no more No - no more Once More No, forget it - help me, please No, fo
Englishman In Ky
English Only?
English Only The "English-only" movement is a trap. The Average American is getting dumber and the U.S. government is not helping. See, while we are being territorial the rest of the world is taking "English as a Second Language". They have the advantage because we are too lazy to learn a second language. I've met bilingual grade school kids that made me feel stupid. That's the same feeling people get when foreigners speak their native tongue in public. But who's fault is that? Even in less diversified neighborhoods most US citizens grow up with at LEAST a few Mexicans to learn some basic Spanish from. The average New Yorker or Los Angelo should know bits and pieces of a half dozen languages by accident. So forget what Arnold Swarzenegger says. When he made his first US movie they dubbed his speaking parts because HE couldnt speak English. He's an asshole for jumping on that bandwagon. I believe as Americans it is our civic duty to learn at least one fo
My son came home from school one day, With a smirk upon his face. He decided he was smart enough, To put me in my place. "Guess what I learned in Civics Two, that's taught by Mr.Wright? It's all about the laws today, The 'Children's Bill of Rights. It says I need not clean my room, Don't have to cut my hair No one can tell me what to think, Or speak, or what to wear. I have freedom from religion, And regardless what you say, I don't have to bow my head, And I sure don't have to pray. I can wear earrings if I want, And pierce my tongue & nose. I can read & watch just what I like, Get tattoos f rom head to toe. And if you ever spank me, I'll charge you with a crime. I'll back up all my charges, With the marks on my behind. Don't you ever touch me, My body's only for my use, Not for your hugs and kisses, that's just more child abuse. Don't preach about your morals, Like your Mama did to you. That's nothing more than mind control, And it's illeg
English Blood!
I would like all to just give a big good bye to my beloved dog TROJAN sad to say he passed away on DEC 29th 2008 aged 16years7mths from the dreaded C. I HAVE HAD HIM SINCE HE WAS 6WEEKS OLD AND WILL MISS HIM LIKE NO ONE WILL KNOW. R.I.P. My dedecation will be the tat that is due to be put on my chest in FEB. Thanks my friend for the time GOD gave me. It has been 8 days now with out a fag touching my lips. Yes im nearly bold now as im ripping my hair out,not using any patches or gum , doing it with good old WILL POWER ... Will keep you all up dated. Big thanks to all and lots of loving xxxxxx
English Rose
English Language
English Muffin
I Want U To Know From the day that we met I Want you to know that i don't regret We looked at each others eyes And there was a spark between you and i I want u to know how i feel Can this be real But, i'm always thinkin' of u as everyday that goes by And i ask myself why I hope u feel the way that i do I hope you like me too Falling for you My love for you is immeasurable No 'string attached' whatsoever You and I knew we found each other Through God's kindness and miracle. How did I ever find you? How did I ever fall for you? How did our paths cross each other? Catchy questions that only God can answer. Come to think of it Ever since you stepped into my life My life has never been the same. My heart is overflowing with happiness. Of all the woman I have known You are the very special one And whom my heart beats for. No matter what the consequences are I intend to follow my heart's desire And whatever it wishes for. Fallin’ Just seeing
Stop butchering it, people. :Y
English To American Translation!
Since my days on Fubar I have been easily confused or some might say lost in translation. Here are a few that now actually make sense now I know. If you have anymore let me know, I won't feel so lame when I have to ask in future!   English Bold - American unbold AArse- Ass, Advert- Commerical, Autumn- FallBBoot (of car)- Trunk, Biscuit- Cookie, Box- BoothBarrister- Attorney, Bin- Trash Can, Bungalow- Single storey house, Bum bag- fanny pack, Bar maid/man- BartenderCChips- fries, Crisps- potato chips, Casualty/ A&E- ERCaravan- Trailer, Cupboard- closet, Candy floss- cotton candyCanteen- Cafeteria, Crumpet- English MuffinChemist- Drugstore, Car Park- parking lotDDummy- Pacifier, Double yellow lines- no parking zoneDressing gown- robe, Dinner jacket- tuxedoE - Cant think of any!FFag- cigarette, Football- Soccer, Fire brigade- fire departmentFather Christmas- Santa Claus, Flat- apartmentFlat mate- room mate, Film- MovieGGay- fagHHoliday- VacationIInsect- BugJJelly- Jello, Jam- jelly, Ju
England Wants Usa Back! Wtf? The Queen Must Be Smoking Stuff (hilarious)
To read these political satire emails in chronological order (they will make the most sense that way), start with the oldest post "England's letter to take back USA as a colony." [George W. Bush voice] Notis of Revocableation of Your Revocableation: 1) I thought Queen Elizabeth was a boat ... in Long Beach. Hey, do y'all remember that big wooden plane ... what was it ... the Goosed Spruce? Man that thing was the shit! 2) Don't mess with them boys at the Micro Corp. Gates might look like one of those kids I used to beat up in grade school, but man does he carry a grudge. Plus, he's got more money than the UK, so I'd be more inclined to listen to him. 3) I love those crazy Austrians. Hell, with all their "G'days" and "Mates" and "bonzers" there just like the people in my great home state of Tex-as.  [Bush singing voice] The stars at night .... are big and bright (clap, clap, clap) Deep in the haaaaart, of Tex-as!!!!!!! [/Bush singing voice] 4) I hate those liberal commies in Hol
English Nursery Rhymes
Nursery Poems in English - "Piggy On The Railway Line" Cartoon Video is the best Kids Nursery Poem in English Playlist for children. It depicts the story of a piggy picking up stones on the railway line .Piggy on the railway line.Picking up the stones.Down came the engine,And broke Piggy's bones."Ah!" said the Piggy, "That's not fair"."Oh!" said the engine driver,"I don't care." English Nursery Rhymes Click here for videos. Nursery Poems in English - "Piggy On The Railway Line" Cartoon Video is the best Kids Nursery Poem in English Playlist for children. It depicts the story of a piggy picking up stones on the railway line . Piggy on the railway line. Picking up the stones. Down came the engine, And broke Piggy's bones. "Ah!" said the Piggy, "That's not fair". "Oh!" said the engine driver, "I don't care." youtube link:-
original version.. Lounging in the darkness, he is awaiting the perfect moment to spark, a fight; a tragedy. His whispering laughter engraved in my ear as he breathes his poison through my veins. Deeper and deeper he drags, suffocates me in his overwhelming flood of passion and embrace I longed for. The desire to be held in arms so tight but the arms I have found will kill me in the night. When I close my eyes blood red will stream down my face; then, life becomes only a race that I have already run. In the end it becomes clear fighting the urge to emerge from my insanity from the darkness that overcrowds my body. I want to fight and push him away but he loves me that’s what he always chuckles to say. Everyone know I'm drowning without hope into the lake of fire, but waking up in my dreams so cold, scratching at my skin to let the pain within flow from my body for what I dream is not what I see it is a mere memory of me. revised version. Lounging in the darkness,
Enhancing Photos
I dare say we've all taken a photo where, the colour is all dull and nothing like what we seen in real life, and 99% of the time it goes into a drawer and forgotten about But today with a bit of Knowledge and a good photo editing programme an ordinary photo can be enhanced and the colours brought back to life. The photo above was converted from a RGB image to a Lab image then adjustments was made to its colour curves to improve them Bring out and enhancing the colour
Enhancement Pill
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Enigma's Blogs
I have included the lyrics so you can read the words i have to say to have had so many chances to prove the things that you you made the choice to use up your last one and this song says it all...again i am sorry that you have come to make me feel this way..... I should be out in that driveway stopping you Tears should be rolling down my cheek And I don't know why I'm not falling apart Like I usually do And how the thought of losing you's not killing me I feel bad That I can stand here strong Cold as stone, Seems so wrong I can't explain it Maybe it's just I've cried so much I'm tired and I'm numb Baby I hate it I feel bad that I don't feel bad I can let myself be angry over wasted time And sad about you throwing love away Yeah I almost wish my heart was breaking But I cant lie All I want to do is turn the page I feel Bad That I don't feel bitter, alone I just feel its time, its time to move on I just gotta move on and on and on It has be
Enigma's Pimp Out
These wonderful and sexy ass people all need a good spanking. Please go and fan and rate their page. If you would like your page spanked fan and rate all these people and send me a private message saying you did so and I will do another pimp out next week and you will be added to the list. Dark Enigma CT MAFIA OneHotMommas wife Perkys Mistress Jess lover Lady Di's SugarBritches@ CherryTAP One Hot Momma~CŦ МǎҒїǻ-Crew Leader~Dark Enigmas Wifey~@ CherryTAP LADY DI ... ĆŦ ­­­­МǎҒїǻ'..@ CherryTAP ۞WÌLÐÇÄŦ۞ ҒõÚñÐÈR ñ õWñÈR õҒ Ŧ.M.Ä.Ғ. ñ LõÚñGÈ۞@ CherryTAP JESSIE~~CT wife to Captain Caveman~lover of Dark Enigma~Ho Apprentice~@ CherryTAP BLOOD`N`GORE Crew Leader & THE DON of ĆŦ ­­Mã­­­­Ғїǻ & HUBBY TO PRECIOUS@ CherryTAP SweetPoison®
Enigma, Or Dichotomy?
We've all heard the saying, " Don't judge a book by its cover." It is however, human nature to do just that. Such a shame, considering all we miss when looking for pleasing external qualities, without delving behind the facade to see what truly lies within. That quiet, nerdy bookworm, whose lone daily focus are assets vs. liabilities, accruals, and financial statements, might just be a flirtatious, sexually charged fashionista. That beefy jock, who is assumed to not have enough synapses firing in his cerebral cortex to do much more than open a beer with his teeth, and click the remote, may enjoy gourmet cooking, fiery political debate, deep philosophical conversations, that engage not only the mind, but the heart, and the soul. Now, I am all for physical attraction, but that can hardly be the sole litmus test for desire. We each have special characteristics, which make us unique. Some call them faults, quirks, mannerisms, etc., I call them simply behavioral and genetic synergystic
“Enigma” I’m not hot and I’m not cold, not tender to the touch Or the thorniest of roses, yet I cut myself too much I’m not the gag shoved in your mouth, the one that stifles screams A great white hope, a real thing, I’m not quite what I seem I’m not Goth, and I’m not Emo, I’m nothing like you knew And certainly I’m nothing like those beliefs you hold so true I’m not the answer and not a question, and maybe nothing more I’m not the stray that begs for scraps crouched there at your door I’m not a fist and not a kiss, not an act of war And not the one to cradle you when you’re craving something more I’m not the one to take to heart and gather there inside Because maybe I believe that peace is just a bold faced lie I’m not the one to protest, or trust the Government Perhaps I am a demon, or maybe Heaven sent I’m not one to make judgments, or do the things you do Have you finally got the picture? I’m the one you never knew. Copyright 2009 by Steve Santini. All Ri
Enigma's Far Train 09
All members please FAR all members before you before you private message me to join.  I put the members in my pic...the folder is called Enigma's FAR Train.  That is where you will find all the members. See train infor for all you need to know.  Please feel free to come back everyday to re-rate all members.  Thanks and have fun    
Enigma's Train
*~Sweet ENIGMA~***DSC** ~Owner of the Enigma\'s FAR Train/TOC~~~DPR@ fubar NuevaJess ? Fu-Owned by Arjan ? ~TOC & Enigma FAR Train Member~@ fubar ~katie~ Fu-Engaged and R/L G/F of St. Michael..... and fu-owned by shOckingRR....@ fubar ~W?RRIØR PRINÇ€§§~ 2nd Alarm Hotties SWAT Deputy Chief@ fubar ??ShadoWalker?? Member of Sweet ENIGMA\'s FAR Train@ fubar petallica@ fubar ~SweetBabyRay~@ fubar PANTYSHOTZ @(THE BASEMENT & SER) Owner of Bad Influence@ fubar †??îñ†? Janna\'s C0cky Bi†ch ?Owner of WYKD@ fubar ?molachai? Perver of ~Ravensbeauty~@ fubar MishNumber1 ? ? Rate & Fan Me Or NO Add Sorry! Club D.P.R ??
Enigmatic Conundrums
For the record, I never truly left this site...I just took a 6 month vacation! OK  So now that I've paid my "Hell Freezes Over" tribute (fans of The Eagles would know what I am talking about there), time to answer the question on a lot of my friends' minds...where the hell have I been and what's been going on?  (I seem to answer this one quite a bit!) I like to think of myself as one of the most liked and most respected people on here...and I have/had the messages to prove it!  Yet in the last 6 months I have found myself wondering who is a true friend and who just takes me along for the ride.  I have heard friends talk to me about what other friends have said about me and I consider myself betrayed once again (and the ones telling me are not the lying types...I've looked into their souls and seen the integrity they have).  I've been called a player to a fraud...hell, I've even heard the comment about being a "Jeckyll and Hyde" (I gotta admit, that one was creative)...makes me wonder
Enigma Of A Mind (1 Of 3)
.::.::. I would like to thank those of you that have taken the time out of their busy (or uneventful) day to read this blog.  This is the first in a series of 3 that will try to address the questions that have been submitted to me, in relation to my likes and dislikes.  As much as I would like to “Rant” and “delve into deeper details”, I will give out this information without causing confusion or from fear of retort. .::.::.     .:: LIKES ::. As many of you well know (If you read my About Me section), I am an Anime Fan, but there is much more to me than my hobby.   I am very curious and love to learn new and interesting information.  Once I become engulfed, I want to know as much as possible about the subject. I am, if you will, a Human sponge. Because of this, I am very meticulous in who I talk to and want to get to know.  I am (somewhat) picky, but only because I know what it is that I like.  I am NOT interested in blatant ignorance, or anyone who addresse
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Enjoying The View
Enjoying The View Copyright November 2005 Could this really be all that it seems? Could this reality be more than a dream? I sit here holding my breath, afraid to make a move, Thinking that if I dare to breathe this might all disappear. This moment is what I have only dared to dream of. This moment is what I have hoped and prayed for. Now I am frozen in place, wanting and needing to know the truth, But afraid of knowing too. So I think I’ll just sit here a moment And watch you as you move You are like a beautiful piece of art And I’m just enjoying the view. Love That Touches Another copright Love that touches another Flows out as a gentle breeze, Warm and tender, Soft and sweet. It wraps itself around and through, Embracing, comforting Soothing and true. Within that sacred haven, Where two hearts became one, My old self took the second seat To the new soul that was born. Call Me a Dreamer Copyright Oct. 20, 2005 Call me a drea
Enjoy Life
Allow enjoyment Find something to enjoy and to sincerely value about whatever you are doing. And you will add power and effectiveness to your efforts. Realize that anything is enjoyable to you solely because you have decided for it to be enjoyable. It's a decision that can create much value. Instead of fighting against your own actions, give energy to them. Instead of making yourself miserable, allow yourself to enjoy. It's great when you can make positive plans and enjoy following through on them. Yet even when things don't turn out as planned, you can find something to value and enjoy. Learn to find enjoyment in life's surprises, and those surprises can yield great treasure. Choose to enjoy those times when you get knocked off track, and you'll discover the quickest way to get back on track. You are at your best when truly enjoying life. So allow enjoyment to bring out your best in every situation. -- Ralph Marston
Enjoying Life.
Tomorrow I am going to do my best, not to complain whine or be grumpy,I want to enjoy the fact that I am alive and I have a heavenly Father who loves me no matter how bad I am. Goodnight all my friends,I will let you know how I did,lol. Am i a cheater if i talk to a lot of ladies? I anm a single man trying to figure out what i want out of life. I am diovorced,have friendship's with sebveral woman,none in which i am involved with. so why am i labeled a cheater when i am looking for good friends and good adult conversation? please help me,?God bless all you cherry tappers. thanks for the comments on my mumm,it is great to have someone care about me,and I will never neglect that or take advantage of it,by your comments,I know that most cherries have a good heart, Godbless you cherries.
Enjoyment Of My Deployment
Here I am in Gulfport, Mississippi. Not my idea of a good time, but what I might call a 'necessary evil.' I have to go through this to get to where I want to go. I joined the Seabees -- yeah, that's right, I'm a Seabee (For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about that sounds pretty cool, so far be it from me to disillusion you. It is in fact VERY cool to be a Seabee!) -- to go to Iraq. You see, I am a patriot (for those of you who don't know what THAT is, that also is a very cool thing to be), and I have plenty to offer my country that might come in handy in this current situation we find ourselves thrust into. This is only my first entry -- a sort of first step along what very well might be a thousand-mile journey. This is where I hope to collect my thoughts and kind of wind down of a stressful evening and update my loved ones as to my general whereabouts and my general activities. I hope to meet Iraqis along my journey, and I hope to gain other priceles
Enjoy Urs !!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy Ur Evening !!!!
Christian Glitter by
Enjoy It Embrace It Discard It Proceed
...If something you never knew you had dissapears, do you miss it? I think i'd love you if we never even met, my heart would have felt those same butterflies, but, without cause, it would even have felt heavy on a sunny day. When is the right time to let go? When you say you let them go, truely let your self be convinced you actually had and then you find other things but still they aren't gone; what now does that mean? How do you know which things, which decisions are mistakes and which "mistakes" are just the ones that are simply making you that stronger person u need to be and getting you where you need to go? When is the right thing to you actually the right thing? And even more importantly, how can you tell when it's not?? Isn't it interesting how things periodically change; people you thought would be in your life forever, the ones you couldn't ever imagine being able to live without gradually are replaced? People change, styles... change, && maybe over time even hearts chan
Enjoy Your Thanksgiving!
Enjoy Yours
Apart by distance, but never in heart Although not together, we're never apart There is something written about our love In the sun, the moon, and the stars above Destined to be, thats what we are Distance can never be too far Hearts together, bound as one Souls united, a lifetime begun My heart, my mind, my body, my soul My hopes, my dreams, you have control My love for you will always stay Always, forever, plus a day!!!
Enjoy Ur Life
Life is taken 4 grant it by some ppl and that is sad because they don't realize u only have 1 life 2 live so be thankful 4 it if u mess it up with Drugs and being stupid then that is ur fault.
Enjoy The Outdoors
And, yet again, life and angling collide on a highway paved with dreams, where some dreams lie between the white lines and others way off course. Fishing to live and living to fish are two parallels by which a special group of society lives. What this group finds in life often is reflected in fishing. And what this group finds in fishing often is mirrored in life. You've read the stories, listened to the stories and, maybe on occasion, have observed yourself in a moment where the struggles of life are defined and defused over a tightened fishing line (or even more defined over a line that goes slack). I have witnessed and observed the unique relationship of fishing and life as six anglers from Durham have resigned themselves to actors on the stage of life with the script written through fishing. This group, that represents the Durham based boat, Reel Time, is no different than you or I, in our angling pursuits. The group has goals, aspirations, and achievements it wishes to ac
Enjoying Life
Enjoy It,for Soon I Will Be Gone
Enjoy Life How It Is And As It Comes...
If you think you are unhappy, look at them. If you think your salary is low, how about her? If you think you don't have many friends...
Enjoying The Day
I had planned on tryin to tough it out till my VIP runs out in June but im starting to think i wont make it that far. Enjoy me while ya can cause my days are numbered..   Peace Live Long and Prosper ect......
Enjoy The Dream
Come inside my love and join meI'm your worst nightmareThrill my cool flesh with kissesOoh just right there!I can feel your heart a-thumpingYour blood, your soul, my body pumpingCome and taste the bitter fruitI will drain you of your juiceLet the straining serpent loosePut your head into my nooseCome and kneel, boy, before meKiss my sacred altarCome to me like a ramTo the slaughterFeel my poisoned stingTonight I'll spread my wingsCome and taste the bitter fruitI will drain you of your juiceLet the straining serpent loosePut your head into my nooseI've been left in misery but then how can I refuse What have i got to lose?Take my blood,take my juice!Come and taste the bitter fruitI will drain you of your juiceLet the straining serpent loosePut your head into my noose From...Intercourse with a Vampyre by Inkubus Sukubus make love to mequick and slowsoft and roughso drunk that I can't control myselfso sober that I can't ever get enoughkill my inhibitionsand show me what it m
Enjoy Life!
  "I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time." People can see me smile..But they will never see me cry..They can see me laugh..But they will never see me cry..They will never see this someone who bends her knees at the corner of the room..Without making any sound..She's suffering in silence..Without making any sound..
Enjoy Yourself
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It was a love that made us a silly fool!!~~Ask your partner why they love you? If they only name things you do, you have a problem. They should love you for who you are, not what you do for them.~~It's difficult to wait for someone, it's difficult to forget someone but the most difficult is to decide whether to wait for someone or forget someone~~You know what hurts so much? It's when someone made you feel special yesterday, but makes you feel like you're a nobody today.~~When the one you deeply love hurts you, it forever changes the way you deal with anyone that attempts to get close to you.~~Be a woman of substance. Be a real woman. It is difficult to break down a real woman because she will learn from her mistakes, gather her strength from her struggle and overcome the obstacles courageously...~~Look for a lady who has her mind set and plans made. There is nothing sexier than a woman with ambition.~~Life has knocked me down a few times. It showed me things I never wanted to see. I e
Enlightened Vulgarity
The only people who ever downrate my pictures are other women. I guess they feel bad about themselves and try to make others feel bad too. That shit isn't going to work on me. It's obvious that they're jealous of either how I look or how I feel about myself. I really feel sorry for them. Hey there! I just wanted to say sorry I haven't posted any new pics in awhile. I work nights and I'm having trouble scheduling time to get them taken. I would also like to say sorry to those of you that I normally chat with. I've been pretty busy lately. I'm hoping to catch up with everyone soon. Hugs and Kisses! Illuminaughty I have a lot of requests for pussy pics and I thought I would explain why I don't have any. The reason I don't post pics is because I have a full bush. My husband loves it and does not want me to shave it. It seems a lot of guys have an aversion to natural bush, so I decided not to post any pics rather than deal with the criticism.
I want rustlers, cutthroats, murders, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con-men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglars, horse thieves, bull-dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, sh**-kickers, and Methodists
i will be leaving for my ARMY basic and advance training from june11th for about 22 weeks or so. just thought i will let you know, if you do not hear from me, that means i am not allowed to use my cell phone or internet during that period. Love you all. Moe Most of you by now, allready know i am enlisting to the National Guard Service. I had my ASVAB test today and i scored 67. I still do not know what that means, but i have an apointment with the recruiter tomorrow to explain it all to me. Will update you more soon. Thanks for your wishes. Thank you to all of my friends and fan, for all the support and advises. I apreciate all your advises, i am going through my training more confident then before, and that is all thanks to you. Stay cool and supportive. Most love and respect. Moe
Enlightenments Blog
A true lover of nature understands that nature has not been passed to him by his father, But loaned to him by his children. You will never find time to enjoy nature, you must make the time. Freedom is responsibility which is why most people fear it.
As i sit in the darkness, dreaming of days soon to be. As i close my eyes wishing for time to stand still. As i open my heart to let the flood pour in. As i open my arms to draw you in closer. As i wrap myself within you, becoming one. As i breathe the very breathe which keeps us alive. The darkness turns to light. My eyes open to see you there now. My heart is filled with all you have to offer me. Your arms wrapped around me aswell. Your body entwined with in mine. You breathe with me in unisone. All because you Love Me.
Enlist Vets!
Drafting Guys over 60----this is so funny & obviously written by a former soldier. New Direction for the war on terrorists. Send Service Vets over 60 I am over 60 and the Armed Forces thinks I'm too old to track down terrorists. You can't be older than 42 to join the military. They've got the whole thing ass backwards. Instead of sending 18-year olds off to fight, they ought to take us old guys. You shouldn't be able to join a military unit until you're at least 35. For starters: Researchers say 18-year-olds think about sex every 10 seconds. Old guys only think about sex a couple of times a day, leaving us more than 28,000 additional seconds per day to concentrate on the enemy. Young guys haven't lived long enough to be cranky, and a cranky soldier is a dangerous soldier. 'My back hurts! I can't sleep, I'm tired and hungry.' We are impatient and maybe letting us kill some asshole that desperately deserves it will make us feel better and shut us up for a while
My son this Wednesday is goito Little Rock, Ark. to sign his paperwork for the Marines. He is finally doing it. He graduates this year and then he is off to basics. He does his testing this week, But his Recruiter said he will pass with flying colors due to his pre test, he scored off the charts. I am so Proud of my Son for doing this. He is making a Career out of this. I just wanted to share this with my friends on how Proud I am of him. I will be a Marine Mom now Semper Fi
Enlightened Perspectives
This was sent to me..and just is really good...thought i'd share. I've learned.... That the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.I've learned.... That when you're in love, it shows.I've learned.... That just one person saying to me, 'You've made my day!' makes my day.I've learned.... That having a child fall asleep in your arms is one of the most peaceful feelings in the world.I've learned.... That being kind is more important than being right.I've learned.... That you should never say no to a gift from a child.I've learned.... That I can always pray for someone when I don't have the strength to help him in some other way.I've learned.... That no matter how serious your life requires you to be, everyone needs a friend to act goofy with.I've learned.... That sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.  I've learned.... That simple walks with my father around the block on summer nights when I was a child did wond
Enlightment And Godhead Learned
before i became a christain i was buddhis.i studied hard to understanding his beliefs  and try to gain hes enlightment and godhead the abiilty of the brain.i described as though it was buddha who achieve this stage of the mind but i bet there are nore but refering to buddha well help people understand what i am talking bout.god head is just a brain that is powerful and clear and vibrant that can find answers to anything like god so that problly why they call it godhead.i achieve my early stage of godhead in the hospital about 7 years ago.its gone now but the pattern of my brain taht once was god head has been engrave in my brain and i can go back to it easily if i wanted to but why should i.i have my own personal comfortor which is my holy ghost.hes better then godhead.its not as powerul as god head but you get answers more quickly and honest and all you have to do is have a clean heart while talking to your holy it feels to ahve the only ghost?it feelings like you have butte
Well I'm sitting here a my primary job on my first day back to work after a week vacation debating if I should continue to work at the bar I work in part time or should I take on of my friends up on his offer to bounce in a strip club. What a delemma huh the money is better and so are the sights. Lets see what should I do I guess I'll have to flip a coin. Not strip club it is. OH well for now peace and be cool and remember weed is not a drug if you happen to burn it some strange shit might happen but you won't overdose just have one hell of a case of the munchies. THis message is being brought to you by Katt Williams one of my favorte comedians. I'm sitting at work bored as hell I don't know what to do to make myself busy. Thats why I posted this blog. I'm fucking pissed me boss came up with another of his bright ideas to improve productivity of other employees and in the end I get fucked. I used to have fridays and satursdays off now with his new plan I have thursday and saturday off
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The Enneagram Made Easy (damnit Lewis! Lol)
Your result for The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test...9 - the PeacemakerThanks for taking the test ! you chose BX - your Enneagram type is NINE (aka "The Mediator") "I am at peace" Peacemakers are receptive, good-natured, and supportive. They seek union with others and the world around them. How to Get Along with Me If you want me to do something, how you ask is important. I especially don't like expectations or pressure. I like to listen and to be of service, but don't take advantage of this. Listen until I finish speaking, even though I meander a bit. Give me time to finish things and make decisions. It's OK to nudge me gently and nonjudgmentally. Ask me questions to help me get clear. Tell me when you like how I look. I'm not averse to flattery. Hug me, show physical affection. It opens me up to my feelings. I like a good discussion but not a confrontation. Let me know you like what I've done or said. Laugh with me and s
im leaving cherry tap my profile looks funky and people cant see my art. but keep up with me. miss you much eno
Enough Is Enough
Why Are ppl so damn inmature and stupid at times? My Shhhhhh and Life album are for family only now... someone went and gave most my shhhhhhh pics low ratings. I have turned down some friends request... If you DON'T have a pic...I won't add you...(unless I know you) If you look younger then 18 I will not add you.... If this bothers you...So be it... I have had enough problems W/ stalkers and fakes ... So if you want to go rate low on my pics.......go ahead... Does it bother me? Hell no... Just lets me know how stupid and inmature you are... Have a nice day...
Enough Bullshit
GODDAMMN!!!!!!!!!! When a person has so much shit on their home page that it takes someone with highspeed DSL service 5 minutes to download it, I say ENOUGH!!!!!!!! I lose interest quick when it comes to bullshit like that. When is enough enough? Why must people have so much glitter and weblinks and other useless shit on their page? Maybe its just me, but I personally find it extremely annoying.
Enough Love?
Enough love.........???? a question to ask yourselves. Do you have it, or just imagine you do. There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer, no disease that enough love will not heal, no river that enough love will not bridge, no wall that enough love will not throw down, It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble, how hopeless the outlook, how muddled the tangle, how great the mistake, enough love will dissolve it all. If only you could love enough, you could be the happiest and most powerful being in the world.
Enough Already
please i ask my ct family to please pray with me my new granson is only 2 weeks old and last night he was admmited to the hospital with servear stomac problems please i ask pray whit me if u can ty to all my cherry tap friends please stop by my page and add yourself to my friends map enough already we got sadom we will never get bin laden so let iraq deal with its own now and bring our troops home so they can be were they are need and appreciated and to all the troops job well done
Enough Already My God This Is Not 1st Grade
You know its kinda pathetic when people need to FLOOD the bullitian board with the same bullitian over and over again from the same 2 people i mean sure a few now and then is fine but THE WHOLE BULLITIAN BOARD the same one now come on people grow up thats kinda pathetic but thats my opinion and whoever agrees with me good at least its not just me getting kinda fed up with it but give it a break already some people need to act thier ages on here like me still or hate me still i dont really honestly care just grow up. if you agree please repost.
Enough Complaining About What You Don't Have...appreciate What You Do Have..
Preferenced with the mindset I'm happy believe it or not...LOL But.... As man just 31yrs old who has bounced around with several careers and probably stuck in one now for the rest of my life atleast hoping I'm settled in I can't help,but get the feeling that answering the Why's or How Come's that come my way drain me alot of the time.. Confused... Ok.. Alot of my male friends (not many as not a social guy much after college) I hear make excuses for why they don't make time for their kids,family, and spouse or partner.. I hear them complain about direction or careers. I hear lies about performance with regards to sex or how much..LOL.. But most of all something very interesting to me although most women will suggest men are just as selfish... I never hear another man say how they themselves feel about themselves. It is always who or why something has happened to them... This to me is a focal point in how I live my life in the theory I tried everyday of my life to make people happ
OK.. nice never seems to work.. so I will put it very bluntly.... I am not here to "date" or "get with " anyone. I have a boyfriend and m not leaving him... get over it..I also will not "cheat" on him. I am not giving up my heart and soul for any one night. I am not putting up "nude pics" nor showig any more that you see there.. only one man gets to see all that and it aint you.. get over it. I will not be taking new friend requests unless i know you.. and please do not bother to contact me if you intend to mention sex. I do not care how close to me you are.. I am NOT sleeping with you!!!!.. now maybe this will get my point across..
Enough Fun
Enough Is Enough
Enough is Enough Since seperating from the Air Force 1 year ago I have challenged myself to be better then I was. For those who know me and/or knew of me, what I am going to say may come as a surprise, I have finally grown up. Life on the outside is great and I have NO REGRETS about my service or how it ended. The video and the website below have opened my eyes a little more. Iraq opened my eyes a lot in how people can really be. Two faced, drama laden individuals who's sole purpose in life was to look good at any cost, even someone's life. Those of you there with know what I am talking about. What happend on that deployment, and not the motars, rockets, bombs or bullets, but the BULLSHIT is in no way worse then what is happening right now in Jenna, Lousiana. The link below may offend some of you, make some of you cheer (I hope not), or as in my case, WAKE SOME OF YOU UP to what is really going on in this crazy world of ours. Bottom line, in 2007 people are still being
Enough Is Enough!
Well today is sept 11th like anyone could forget. every damn channel is showing all the video of the horrble tragity. And everyone one has a sep 11th pic up and stuff all over school. Now some of you my think I am being mean but not trying to be. To back myself up I did lose a friend in the two towers and I do have family over seas. But enough is enough. why to every damn year have to show all the tragic videos over and over? To me its like someone comeing up to me on the day my brother tragicly died, here is the photos and documents from the accedent and here remember the funeral. of course I will never for the that horrible day but why put it in my face and make me cry and have to see it all again. We dont show videos of vetnam, okalahoma city bombing or other tragitys. if we are going to drag this out then we need to show stuff about other things that have happend in the country. How about the kids that die everyday because of parents that dont give a shit and eather neglect
Enough Is Enough!
I have had it up to my ears with all this bullshit about my NSFW pics. If you are here only for that purpose please remove yourself from my friggin list. I will NOT be hassled about this anymore! I am not obligated to anyone to show my body, and that is it! Like I said, if you feel this is a personal attack, then please feel free to delete, block, banish, or whatever it is you need to do to make yourself feel better for trying to force me into showing you something I don't have to...Sorry for those that haven't been doing this..Much Love!
OK, so I decided to post this here, partly as a rant and venting of my ire, partly because I thought it was well written-enough to share. Partly because the Fubar audience is an appropriate place to post things like this. Sorry in advance if it's too long. I'm a windy bastard... A little background: My ex-wife of 17 years, who unbeknownst to me has surreptitiously been reading my Myspace page blogs about my affair with a woman (Christy) 20 years younger then me (no I won't elaborate. If you want to read the whole tragic story go to my Myspace page and read the blogs. The link is in my profile here), decided she would finally end her silence and spew her God-inspired wrath upon me, calling me a sinner and all sorts of crap. She made reference in the first letter to her being pregnant by me with triplets after we had separated and that I had no compassion for the loss of those babies. As you will see from my eventual response, such was not the case. Her first letter is first,
Enough Is Enough
Okay I'll say this once and only once....... enough is fucking enough!!!!!! I am sick and tired of the damn bullshit that some people like to start on here by poking their nose's into affair that are not of their concern. If I post something in my blogs that is a passion filled creation from my Heart and Soul, it matters not for whom it is written for. I post my creations from words here for all to see and read and comment on. If you plan of starting shit with your comment then don't fucking post it at all!!!!! If I wanted to share the source of my passionate creations with all I would but I don't. That is for me to know and the person for whom brings forth such works from me. Now I bide you all a good day.
Enough Of The Idiotic Behaviors
a certain friend on my fubar has up on there status trying to find a minister so me being the person that i am i try to find a solution to the problem. So I message her and ask what do you need a minister for basically and she says to marry me in a lounge im like whoa hold up why in the fuck do you need a minister to grant you wedding vowes that will just be a waste of time in the long run now getting fu married is one thing but having a fu-wedding now thats just plain idiotic and senseless so do yourself a favor if your among one of these kind of idiots that has to have a fu-wedding then please just delete me off your friends list im not even close to interested in talking to someone that has a maintained iq of about 70 and the normal iq level of most americans is 120 if you are below 90 points on the iq level or just plain senseless enough to realize that you are wasting someones time by having a fu wedding then fuck off!!!!
ENOUGH What is your heart? Tell me about it How dose it love? And fall in love? How could it sell? Somebody buying it Enough You cheated on who opened his heart for you You hurt and sold who loved you The dream of your life which he draw for you You stepped on it and lost it by your hands My heart that you wound and did wrong Tomorrow you will ask it to forgive you Tomorrow you will be hurt and repentance When you find it forgot your look and too late Enough I used to believe all your words I used to live on your fake dreams You used to cheat You used to hurt You made me live in your illusions You made me live in your illusions Enough I am sure you dont feel me And you can't feel my pains that you made Tomorrow you will taste my pains Then you will cry on me Now I am telling you enough To stop years of love You are end of sorrow and memory And my heart now needs a start Enough I used to believe all your words I used to live on you
Enough Is Enough!!
ok, this is it!! I have HAD IT!! Normally I am a pretty nice person. I WILL help people, I WILL talk to people. I WILL add people. I usually do not blow up at things in here. However, there are a couple things that I want known to everyone right now. If you think I am a Bitch after reading this, then so be it. The first subject I want to point out LOUD AND CLEAR as I am SO FUCKING SICK OF IT, I AM READY TO EXPLODE! DO NOT FUCKING TELL ME WHO I CAN OR CANNOT TALK TO, BE FRIENDS WITH, LEAVE COMMENTS FOR, PUT IN MY FAMILY, ETC. ETC. ETC I HAVE TRIED TO BE NICE, HOWEVER YOU, AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, JUST DON'T GET IT. SECONDLY, IF I POST A BULLETIN FOR A FRIEND, DO NOT, I REPEAT. DO NOT GIVE ME SHIT ABOUT IT....GO TO THE SOURCE...... FUCK, WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE ON HERE??? SO TO THE BULLETIN PERSON,,,,BACK THE FUCK OFF.....NOW!! AND MR. CA. YOU CAN GO ELSEWHERE TOO.....AS I HAVE HEARD ALOT, AND I MEAN ALOT ABOUT YOU, SO DON'T TALK ABOUT FRIEN
Enough To Make You Think
I feel nothing. No pleasure. No excitement. No love. All I feel is a push. A kiss. A touch. A squeeze. All I hear are lies. I want you. I need you. I love you. All I do is lie. You feel so good. I want you so bad. I love you so much. Everything means nothing. This means nothing. You mean nothing. I mean nothing. I fake pleasure. Everytime I bite my lip. Everytime I scream your name. Everytime I moan for more. I'm just numb. Can't feel love. Can't feel hate. I only feel nothing. I wish this meant something. I wish it was love. I wish it was fun. I wish it made me free. Trust means nothing. Power is everything. Love was lost, And hate was found. Beautifully stated - Read it twice: As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, s
Enough Is Enough
Enough Is Enough!!
when do i just say enough is enough and stop giving guys everything that i got to give..They take my feels for granted and fukk with it..
Recently I overheard a mother and daughter in their last moments together at the airport. They had announced the departure. Standing near the security gate, they hugged and the mother said, 'I love you, and I wish you enough.' The daughter replied, 'Mom, our life together has been more than enough. Your love is all I ever needed. I wish you enough, too, Mom.' They kissed and the daughter left. The mother walked over to the window where I was seated. Standing there I could see she wanted and needed to cry. I tried not to intrude on her privacy, but she welcomed me in by asking, 'Did you ever say good-bye to someone knowing it would be forever?' 'Yes, I have,' I replied. 'Forgive me for asking, but why is this a forever good-bye?'. 'I am old, and she lives so far away. I have challenges ahead and the reality is - the next trip back will be for my funeral,' she said. 'When you were saying good-bye, I heard you say, 'I wish you enough.' May I ask what that means?'
i can't take it anymore. the caring about people just to get hurt. i don't know what to do any more. i don't know how much i can take. fuck i don't even know why i do this. let myself get this way. to care about someone to give them help and to guide them when they ask and yet i'm supposed to just sit back and watch them destroy themselves. i can't do tihs. my sister keeps fucking around with all these guys and now she got herself into a possion that she can't get out of and one of them is mentally abusing her. playing these mind games with her to make her feel like shit so she will stay with him by threatening to do harm to himself. and she keeps falling for it even when his own roommate says that 's what he's doing. i know that i should give up but not to sure that i can. am i falling for the same shit? am i setting myself up once again for another fall? i though i had my ability to care under control. once again i was wrong. ok here it is. i'm tired of bitches saying how i'm a tease
Enough Is Enough
Too many wanna do little to nothing they beg for bling they want suto 11s and want everyone to kiss their butts. Guess what I've had a few hhs auto 11s I've got my share of bling and more in my thoughts and I never asked for a thing it means much more than askin. I'm an oracle at the moment and I did it all in under a year and in that year I missed over 3 months but I got there. Like me or not the fact is get over it and the points let the points rankings and everything else come as it does. If I have autos ts about helping me and my friends. not getting my butt kissed but everyone.
Enough For A Deal
I RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enough Pictures Of Your Face... as I am creeping up on my 2 year anniversary on here...the one thing I am noticing is that pages of pictures of the opposite sex fall into basically 2 catagories... 1.  Tons of pictures of themselves and friends from ALL angles...standing, sitting, naked, get a real sense of who they are by the people around them and by seeing ALL of them.  Not naked..but head to toe anyhow. 2.  The "Headshot Queens"  You can go look at over 200 of basically the SAME picture of their face snapped in shitty lighting with a web cam.  Making a face isn't changing the picture.  After you have seen 2 or have seen it ALL.  I mean think about it....what does that say about your creativity?  Your personality?  Mix it up, show yourself OFF...but from now on I am boycotting the Headshot Queens...
I sit here at work completely beside myself of the goings on on Fu. The amount of straight up unkindness floors me. Fu use to be a cool place to meet people. As of lately people only give a shit about leveling! WTF is wrong with everyone? People are begging and offering this or that. When is the last time you simple said Hi! How are you today? Geninely cared how somone is feeling? I think people need a reality check. How sad I am at this moment. This place causes jealousy too. I am feeling it myself at this moment thus the reason I have chosen to step away from fu for a few weeks. I am sick of it to be honest. The comments, gifts and bling. Its so very easy to hurt someones feelings on here. I am officially hurting and have no idea what to do next. I know that I deserve so much more. How do you let go of a love you know is so right and say Ok? How do you say I will be ok? Sometimes when you both love each other it doesnt matter. There are so many obstacles they can not be overcome. My
What I've learned about fun in the last week... 1. 3 Cosmo's in an hour on an empty stomach will land you on the bathroom floor 2. The "RULES" should I ever decided to have a one night stand 3. Men lie. Snuff lyricsSongwriters: Crahan, Michael Shawn; Fehn, Chris; Gray, Paul D; Jones, Craig A; Jordison, Nathan J; Root, James Donald; Taylor, Corey; Thomson, Mickael; Bury all your secrets in my skinCome away with innocence and leave me with my sinsThe air around me still feels like a cageAnd love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage againSo if you love me let me goAnd run away before I knowMy heart is just too dark to careI can?t destroy what isn?t thereDeliver me into my fateIf I?m alone I cannot hateI don?t deserve to have youOoh, my smile was taken long agoIf I can change I hope I never knowI still press your letters to my lipsAnd cherish them in parts of me that savor every kissI couldn?t face a life without your lightsBut all of that was ripped apart when you refused to
Enough Said
I wrote this poem last night after talking to a guy on here that met a woman online that played him.I hopped upon the internet and not true love to ever seekmore out of curiosity, just wanting to have a quick peekI have met some people there from all over this grand earthand a few have become close friends, for what it's worthI have counseled people from far away and others nearall most need is someone that will not judge to lend an earjust a trusted shoulder to cry on when life gets too tougha sympathetic soul that'll listen when they have had enoughI never thought about thing like if their profile was realbecause their pain and emotions were, that I could feelThen one day quite unexpectedly I happened upon youand now I find myself wondering all the time "What is true?""What do you want in life and what are you trying to do?""Is that exquisite picture that mesmerizes me really you?""Have I been seduced from afar by your grace and charm?""Why am I thinking these things and will you do
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Enriched With Love
♥Enriched With Love♥ Miles and miles of empty space, yet I know that when I close my eyesmy heart whispers your name...I tremble in emotion as I hold out my handtouching love for it surrounds mein awareness.Bitterness stands on the porch steps to my souland with each visitor I find warmth embracingmy spirit, awakening my spirit.When I need and am left wanting, I simply find that love is onlya heart beat away.Sunset to sunset, brings forth a new worship, many steps forward has me breathing a new air.My body wants to scream out for your touchwhile my spirit whispers secrets loud enoughfor you to treasure as your own.With every breath, I take in lovefinding a new journey with miles to gobefore we sleep.The highway to my heart and yours
Enrons On Every Corner
Enrons everywhere, on every corner, even in the white house, now a word from our sponsor!! ANY AND ALL COMMENTS WELCOME AFTER VIEWING THIS PLEASE. One of the obvious differences between Democrats and Republicans is the role that religion plays in their presidential campaigns. For instance, every Democrat, while pretending to believe that “separation of church and state” actually appears somewhere in the Constitution, must also insist that religion plays an essential role in his or her life. But just about the only time you see them going to church is when they’re posing for the cameras while addressing a black Baptist congregation. What’s more, when questioning these people, the liberal media kindly limits itself to a yes or no question regarding the existence of God. However, when the candidates are Republicans, you might get the idea that the members of the MSM were boning up for their theology exams. Is Huckabee too Christian? Does he actually believe the universe was
Master informed me that He would begin my training now so that i would learn how to pleasure Him or be punished if i did not perform as expected. He instructed me to remain naked and on the bed while He was gone to his seminar. Standing there like an idiot, i did not move fast enough, in fact not at all. The next thing i knew was His hand landing on my ass. The sting brought tears to my eyes and then He told me again to undress. Quickly, i removed all of my clothes and sat on the bed. He grabbed hold of my upper arms and pulled me to Him, kissing me deeply. Then He walked over to the closet and pulled out a bag i did not remember seeing before now. He removed something and walked back over to me and instructed me to lay spread eagle on the bed which i did without hesitation. The thought of my ass being spanked again did not thrill me so of course i complied. The next thing i knew my right wrist was tied to the headboard. i started to fight this but the pain to my ass from His hand,
halloween is coming, samhain is almost here, time to watch horror movies and drink guinness i look unto your beauty with a fixated eye the lust fullfilling my desires you tand there alone on wounded knee looking for salvation temping me In my desires i knew i needed you i hear the waves crushing beneath your purest blue i await thee at the gates forever She awoke with an haze in her eyes, nowt knowing where she was, the place was very dark, very cold, she had goosbumps on her skin.  She had this urge, this desire that needed no had to be filled. then all of a sudden came the most beautiful man she had ever seen, she knew he would fill her desire, he came into her arms caressing her body close to his, her nipples getting harder wanting him to take her right there on the floor, he said relax my child,soon you will be mine for eternity. her breath started to grow quicker, his eyes grew larger, he was holding her limp body in his arms, she was all but his, he tilted her neck, and ope
Hey there... please rate my blog and lemme a comment if you can... Entangled There are rooms in my mind The sun can’t seem to find Darkness battles the light. Things I could never tell Wish someone would cast a spell And just make everything alright. Entangled by thoughts so confusing To some they would be amusing Right now things seem so obscure. My brain won’t shut down Just keeps spinning around Making me feel so very unsure. Decisions are never easy for me Makes me pass up opportunity But I’m learning to cope. Afraid to breathe relaxation Each day full of anticipation And I never loose site of hope. Copyright 07 BEG
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Click on the pic and comment your vote for me...thank you love all who vote for me.. just let me know if I can hepl woth anything.. 1 love
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the smallest breeze made by the wings of a butterly cascades and causes a typhoon halfway around the world.... This valid therory is the butterfly effect. I action small and benine causing others that may become far more destructive. Never have I witnessed this theory more then this night. 1 mis-step that cascaded into many binine actions that added up to chaos. For those who are like what the fuck is she talking about, well simple there are days that you will wake up and put your shirt on backwards and because u did other things happen cascaing growing to become something large. Those days no matter how much u feel it is your fault realiZe that u put that shirt on with no intention of causing issue. Dont kill yourself for things that are bigger then the small action that you did. To those who know what I am talking about. All i can offer is this I am sorry. But I didnt know that wearing my shirt backwards was going to lead to anything. Mistakes happen. Wrath I knew it w
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- Motoring along the road, you pass an caved in farmhouse, fire-gutted and rotting in a weed-choked field. On every single fencepost along the length of the abandoned field sits a single crow, and they turn to stare at your car as it passes. - Staring out at the tree in the backyard, you see that it is moving, perhaps the leaves rustling in the wind. But the movement is irregular, pulsing, breathing. When you move closer, you can see that it is not leaves, but hundreds of thousands of butterflies, camping out for the night during their annual migration, wings beating slowly as they cool down. - Walking on a crisp autumn morning, you happen to be looking at a tree across the street when you hear a brittle snap. In less than a minutes time, every single bright yellow leaf from the maple falls to the ground, all at once. - Standing in the entrance to a sea-cave along the shore, you hear a moaning from deep within, almost a caterwauling, and it changes pitch over several second
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Show my friends some love and why this site is so great . Add them Rate them , Just show the love.Please show love. Angel@ LostCherry Carolina Tim ( Mr. Terrific )@ LostCherry Fire123@ LostCherry Linda@ LostCherry GBsugar@ LostCherry sweetest bitch@ LostCherry Raelick75@ LostCherry Houston@ LostCherry DADDY!!!!!!@ LostCherry Casi@ LostCherry VikingRose@ CherryTAP luellen
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Here's some lyrics I've been working on. Let me know what you think. The Apple Surface to me Let me help you live Reach out to me I'll take your hand See me smile I bare it just for you Hear my voice so soothing, welcome you with open arms You crawl to me on your hands and knees I look down at you as you seek my approval... Taste what I have given you A blind eye so you can see Blanketed by my premonitions of you I feel the tingle of the very thought My precious little angel, you want my touch So sad to see you fall... So sad to see you fall so hard I wipe the tears from your face, and raise your eyes to mine The sights I have to show you are interrupted by the memories of who we once were You look so tempting... oh so tempting Watching my every move as I'm closing in on you Taste what I have given you... you'll never leave this A blind eye so you can see... too many shattered dreams
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Yeah for all those out there that are not here in Enterprise Alabama that have heard about the storm that came through and wiped us out. Its worse than what they showing you on tv that is for sure. They only covering the high school. There is like 7 neighborhoods if not more that are a total loss. All the donation you can will help. Around 12am cst i will be putting a donations button on home page you can donate through pay pal there and i will also give an address if you prefer to mail them in. Thank you all. There is not much help around here for alot of the neighborhoods that where hit. I have gone out and been driving water ice and what ever food i can to the people that are stranded. Thank you all again Mark Rock owner of Inner Sanctum Gifts Enterprise Alabama.
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I sit in this darken room… The dim light from the computer screen shines on my face… I caress my thigh as my mind wonders…. How would it feel if my hands were replaced with yours?... Goosebumps invade my whole body with every anticipating thought of you. My caresses become more of strokes with time… I can feel the moisture in between my thighs and the tingling sensation… aching… I am yearning for you… My finger tips glide over my harden nipples. To feel your sweet lips on them would bring me to pure ecstasy…. I envision your razor sharp jaw line…. Your perfect lips… your beautiful green eyes staring into my soul… This is my forbidden love... A hurtful love... I spread the blanket out carefully knowing that the sand will soon engulf it anyways... I sit with my sex on the beach in hand carefully not to spill any.. I pat the spot next to me inviting you to sit... You oblige and sit quickly... I take a deep breath the air smells of the salt water but the breeze against my bare arms
Enter My Broken Mind.
cherish what you have and love today because tomorrow it might decide to up and leave We begin. My hands in a bind. I feel like shit, all the time. Don't know who I am, nor who I was; Where I'm going, nor where I've been. Look, look deep into my dark eyes, and see my fire, Feel me within you, burning up your heart with lust and desire. But I can not touch you, for I am bound at the hands. No one wants this one to be free. He's far too dangerous they say, He needs to be put away. Thrown in a dark corner, and forgotten. Then all of you can be safe, Your precious world untouched and unfucked by yours truly. So everyone join in and toss me out, it's the latest trend. In a freefall that doesn't seem to end. I've never felt more at home, so kick me while I'm down. I just wanted to come into the light. I wanted to belong somewhere. No one wants to accept a bad one gone good. Seems I am stained mi amiga. Look at me now, fighting to st
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Has me thinking of going back to Ballroom Dancing, when I just graduated from High School I applied for a part-time job at a Dancing Company. I was being trained as a Dancing Instructor, I sorely wished I had stayed cause who would have known I could have gone to the Dance Contest. Doing my best, as in everything I do, which there is alot of things I love doing so well. The Contest would have been fun whether My partner and I won or not. For me dancing is a way for me to escape all the troubles in the world and in my life. "Take the Lead' and other movies that came out before that all of Ballroom Dancing has made me want to go back to the dance Studio and just have fun again. Besides Ballroom, I know other dancing as well. Every Bar I have ever went too. I never got to sit very long and enjoyed my drink that I order before someone asked me to dance. It's not steps that I dance to, it is the bass and drums that makes me move. TTFN WEDNESDAY MAY 9 2007 3:00 PM Submitted by Fea
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So they say when you take sleeping pills, you will often have more and longer REM sleep, and hence will remember more dreams, and usually more details about the dreams...Well as some of you know, I usually have nightmares involoving demons or satan, or some other form of evil... So I've decided to log my dreams. Although I'm sure I've already forgotten a lot of last night's seeing how I've waited over 16 hours to type about it, I'm going to blog it anyway. First of all I've had several different kinds of dreams with my parent's house. The weird thing is, although they've all been different dreams, the house as always been the same in the dream. So I'm in my parents house, and about half the house is territory left untouched, and ignored as if it doesn't exist, though no one talks about it. And I walk around the house, as if I've never been there before, and I'm really enjoying discovering how huge and wonderful the house is. Oddly, I find that there's a VERY large full room
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Entering A D/s Relationship
Teaching a submissive/slave is not an overnight task, nor is it a responsibility that should be taken lightly. Before you accept a girl to begin any type of training program, you must establish a definitive set of goals and expectations. Both of you must decide where you want and expect the relationship to go. As with any long-term relationship each of you needs to be aware of and understand each other’s expectations. As the Dominant, you have the primary responsibility to ensure both of your goals and expectations are fully compatible. If there is any hesitation or doubt your goals and expectations are not fully compatible, a training relationship, or for that matter, any type of D/s relationship should not be entered into. Both the Dominant and the submissive/slave must be in full agreement as to what is expected from each other and from the relationship. Communication is the first ste
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Ok, so, I’m not one to blog every 5 seconds around here, but I cant seem to let this one go today. Must be my man period again. Anyway, I went thru the drive-thru at the bank, and end up with a Christian piece of literature in with my receipt. Now, I’m all for freedom of speech and religion, but I’m at the fucking bank for Christ sake. Well, being the open-minded and outspoken person that I am, I decided to go inside and ask the manager about it. Boy did they pick the wrong day to mess with me, lol. The manager comes out and asks what the matter is. I merely asked if it was ok for Holy-rolling bible-thumping super-Christian employees to distribute religious material while at work. Before answering my question, the manager asked if I was offended. I certainly was. Now keep in mind, that if you wanted to label what I believe in, you would most likely call me a Christian, however, since I have some different views on things, I am apparently going straight to hell. What I found out next wa
Have u ever tried to be stripper? What do u think about that? That is very interesting for me. Do you like to play games on your PC? I wanna find "Driver". can someone send it to me? Most of ppl don't make diffenren about porn and erotic, and i wanna help u. here u r... Pornography, sometimes shortened to porn, is, in its broadest state, the explicit representation of the human body or sexual activity with the goal of sexual arousal and/or sexual relief. It is similar to erotica, which is the use of sexually-arousing imagery used mainly for artistic purpose. Over the past few decades, an immense industry for the production and consumption of pornography has grown, due to emergence of the VCR, the DVD, and the Internet, as well as the emergence of more tolerant social attitudes. In general, "erotica" refers to portrayals of sexually arousing material that hold or aspire to artistic or historical merit, whereas "pornography" often connotes the prurient depiction of sexual acts, wit
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If there is one thing that annoys me about this place it is the sudden implosion of cyber marriages. Yes, cyber marriages, fubar weddings, all that crap really annoys the shit out of me. It's really none of my business on who marries who and what people do with their lives, but it annoys me to no end to see people wasting away their lives dedicating themselves to people they will probably never even meet. Now, I'm not one to judge, but honestly, if you are quite a distance away from the one you "love" do you really think it's going to work out in real life just because it works out online? I honestly believe that people on this site are multi-faceted. There is the fubar personality and then there is your REAL personality. When on fubar, you can be the person you are not. For an I'm really not gorgeous. Yes, these are my real pics, obviously, but for some odd reason, webcam makes me look thinner and prettier then I normally am. Do I ever have real life
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TSA@ fubar THIS CHICK!!! I posted a MUMM about comment bombing in contests and the only reply this girl could come up with was "Fag Ass!!" I about fell out of my seat laughing!! Apparently she's not the brightest crayon in the box or she'd have been able to come up with something smarter to say but then I guess I wouldn't have gotten my laugh if she had. You are officially my pick for "Slow Kid Of The Day!"
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1st is a vip my vip runs out on the 11th
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Enter My Blogs I don't know why my blogs keep disappearing, I think FUBAR hates me,
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I stole this from my girl Queenie's page, have no clue where she got it, but I absolutely love it. So, I wanted to share it :D Her Portrait She was painted perfect every detail etched in a careful way a collective reality of a mans dreams perfectly painted this girl did seem soul gazing eyes and soft tender lips walks with a swivel, she's got some hips skin made of silk that could melt a man a smile that shines as bright as the sun can her body a canvas like a work of art not only is she beautiful but also smart like a Van Gogh she's been set apart as she watches the world with innocent eyes a blossoming flower in human disguise a heart of gold, beauty, and brawn too this picture painted perfect for you.
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Let's just get to the point of this blog and get it over with. . . Alrighty then. If the first words that you say to me in my shoutbox are, "Want to see my cock," or "Do you cum easily?" Do not expect me to get right back at you. I will not respond to that. That's disgusting. First off, I don't know you so let's not start out a conversation sexually. Good grief. There are other things to talk about than that. Secondly, there is more to life than the internet and cybering. Yes, people. There is. Sorry to break it to you. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!
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how is it possile to run so well off 2 hrs sleep n no other source to keep you awake. it's 5 am now i should be sleeping but i can't life has been so shitty since i lost my job. the only thing i have going for me is i finally met the man of my dreams but he lives so far away. he's everything i've ever wanted. i'm starting to think when i get my tax money back i should just pack up my car n move to nc. i can make it for o month on my tax money n in that time i could find a job n and appartment. i need to do something i can't be left alone with my thoughts any more. i'm getting suicidal again. n i don't want to be. good i'm rambling. thanx for taking time to step inside my mind ok yes i'll give it's nice that the minimum wage went up to a whole $7.15 an hour in this great state of pennsylvania, but after taxes from STATE (now sitting 5% higher than when we got $5.15 an hour.) and local (which charges a privlige to work tax as well as going up 3%) i'm still only making roughly $4.50 an ho
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She feels the heat from his hands as the roam her body..his touch scorches her skin. He works his hands up to her neck, closing gently just once, enough to let her know who's boss.. One hand travels to her hair, she tenses waiting for that pull...He just grins at her, leans over and bites her shoulder.. As she is moaning from the bite, feeling it to her toes, he jerks her hair back, cutting off her moan in mid scream.. He leans over and places his lips on hers, gently, but forcefully..He nibbles on her bottom lip.. She closes her eyes, enjoying the sensation of his body weighing her down...the feel of his lips.. He bites down hard...he wants those eyes she stares into his, mirrors of the love they share in both eyes..making this oh, so much better.. She starts to wriggle, wanting to feel more of him, she wants to feel his skin on hers... His fingers start to unbutton her clothes...he stops... gets up and closes the blinds... HAHAHAH YOU PERVS....DID
Enter My Auction, Please?
Let me know if you are interested via message. I have one person so far. You set what you will give. If you don't like an offer you can refuse it if you like. I will add more as I think of it. lol
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Lost in a Thought by LateNiteFantasy© I am lost in a thought Like a jet engine it runs through my mind, Rattling my teeth, Taking my Breath away, And making my mind spin, I am lost in a thought. Like a serpent of old it squeezes my soul. Bursted and battered the soul survives, Remaining in it's glory, A thing of vast power. I am lost in a thought. Like dragons breath caressing my heart. Burning away the flesh in it's subtle touch, Until nothing remains but ash, But the ash stirs, And like the phoenix is reborn with new power. I am lost in a thought. So do you think she is thinking of me too? So just how kinky is your sex life Take the Hot Lady Kink Test ! To find out, answer all questions as truthfully as possible.1. If you had a choice as to how often you would have sex, would it beAs often as every dayA few times a weekJust a few times a monthNot too often - I have better things to do2. Do you masturbateAll the timeSometimesI've done it, but it's not my t
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I am up for auction - Take a look and place a bid on me! :) I'm worth it! :) I love spoiling my fu-owners!!!
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First day on Fubar. So far is crazy. Was pounced on within a minute of joining. Kind of nice. Try to be on here as much as possible, but with kids, can get hard sometimes. Will post another blog at some point. In the meantime, everyone get shit faced and have fun. After taking a long break from fubar, I am back. Thanks to those who sent me messages while I was gone. Was nice to know I was missed. Finally got hubby to get on fubar. We will see how he likes it. Feel free to get in touch with me. I don't mind talking to people from all over. Friends are great. To people who live in my area, come on down to Daisy Dukes on Saturdays and lets get shit faced for real. Always at the back bar with the hottest bartenders/shot girls around. For those that keep asking for more pictures, grow up please. The next time someone asks me to post more pictures, they will be blocked. I have already had a couple female friends quit fubar because of being hounded for pictur
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Enter The Madness...
hey everyone...been away but now I'm back...spread some love and have fun, 'kay? Ok, boils and ghouls, a little intro to yers truly : my name is James (I also answer to Jim or sexy lol) I am a glorified secretary, a once and future indie filmmaker, aspiring writer, hella-good cook and the sexiest geek around. I am also terminally single...geez, this is sounding like a singles ad, ain't it? Crap. Anyhoo, you wanna know more, just message me, as I like people and I don't bite. Much.
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I'm going to be upfront and honest with everyone: I have a boyfriend and I'm not looking to cheat on him. I think I make this clear on my profile, so PLEASE don't waste your time asking me to hook up with you! While it's flattering, and sometimes really sweet, I'm not looking for a roll in the hay. Definitely not! Let me give you an example... Today, in my shoutbox, I had a conversation with a married man who was my age. *31* It started off normal, hey how are ya, blah blah blah, then it turned really...odd. him: are you looking for a boyfriend? me: No, I already have one. him: oh I'm married I have a wife but I want a girlfriend too. me: lol ok what does your wife think of that? him: why does she need to know? lol me: ohhhk him: you ok with that? me: *laugh* I'm not looking for another boyfriend. him: oh yeah your boyfriend know that? me: know that I don't want another boyfriend? Of course! him: yeah me: yeah, why would I? him: I just want a girl friend for se
Entering Another World
Entering Another World Celebrating the darkness That falls most imperfectly Conjuring the dead that awake in my mind Slashing with their little knifes impaling me causing violent seizures and foaming out of my eyes like a devil spawn I cry helpless.. I cry being forced to commit to their ways becoming one one of those things people fear with acid like substance I shoot from my eyes I use it as a weapon fighting against them while enumerating 1...2...3...4 counting furthermore shifting the balance devouring them like a plague a sickness like cancer converting the darkness into light intertwining the two making another world another world..I still live in today.
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I grind down and fuck your lips and nose as my orgasm seeks to escape my body. Somewhere in the very back of my mind I wonder, "Can you breathe?" but the front of my mind says "Don't you fucking stop licking and fucking me with your tongue!" As the quivers and clinching wane, I massage your scalp and look down to see your face covered in my juices. Running a finger down your face and in between my legs, I bring that glistening digit to my mouth to taste myself. Mmmmmmm, silky is the best word to describe my taste. I scoot myself down your body so I can lick more of me from your face. I know how far to scoot before your cock head will touch my still clinching pussy but you know me... I like to tease. I hear you growl because we both know where your cock wants to be. Dipping my finger into my pussy, I put my hand behind me and twirl your cock with my finger like a girl would twirl her hair. "You like that baby?" I hear a moaned "Umm hmmm". "Tell me what you want?" "I wan
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Enter The Mind Of A Lostsoul (my Poems)
  Reason For Loneliness …  I never understoodyour wayshow you couldselfishly indulge yourselfinto emotionally tearingapart others feelingsripping their thoughtsinto tiny little scrapsand scattering them on the floor like lost lego pieceswhy you would squish someone’s heart intentionallylike old jello at a laundromatsorting through the messagesof something you never wantedhow can you call yourself humanwhen in fact you do not feelyou lust for others paincausing it so you don’t feel left outyou wade in your own self-pityjust to deny anyone of any truefeelings for youif ever someone were to get closeyou'd delete their livesas if they were just wordson your computer screen of lifeyou never loved anythingexcept the fact that younever allowed anything tolove youso empty...why did you do this to mewhen in fact you are meso fragile...why have I never realized before nowyou are meand I’ve done this to myselfso a
Entertainment Purpose
Ok it's a damn shame I have to break this down again for some people. This site here is for entertainment for me, I have a select few people that I am actually friends with and you all know who you are. I am single not looking to hook up with anyone from a damn web site therefore I flirt a lot and if you flirt back that's all fine but if you want more than that your looking in the wrong place. So if you can handle all this then there should be no problems, if not then my page is not the place for you to be. So let's play nice and have fun :)
Im here for guys in the Atlantic City area only!
I am a actress.I play a role of happiness and appear stress free.This is the image people see. what they do not see is that i feel just like they do.I have pain and fears along with burning tears.But i hide it so it does not appear so clear,But i do believe that if you took the time to see deep with in my eyes you will find the pain that lives inside. So dont let my happiness fool you. It might not be a emotion that is true. So on the outside i am a actress and on the inside i am dealing with emotions just like they do. - unknown The surest way to gain the confidence of others is by the consistent display of good character. To be trusted is a greater compliment then being loved. - George MacDonald
Enthusing Generally...
it does slow me down right now but - personal opinion only here and this will come out unfortunately however I phrase it, but... what's wrong with slowing down?... putting aside the fact that some of the mistakes I make come from trying to be superfast, in a way I can't hope to manage no matter what. (Fine motor skills? What fine motor skills? Ew, gross.) (Followup to the last post in this blog, on the change to the rating display system.) I am sometimes more resistant than normal to "accept change" - and I expect the new appearance to the rating system here to be greeted with the (lack of) hurrahs, or rather, the boos and jeers that have greeted every other change here to date (almost). Maybe it's because my life is undergoing (really) major changes, and because, more to the point :), I like a system that dynamically shows the effect of my "rate" without my having to refresh the screen (it's not so very important to me anyway, but a 10 rate can reduce your 10.05 to a 10.
An Enticing Evening
An Enticing Evening Roger W. Miracle Jr. 09Sept06 Time slows as I follow this heavenly specter down the hall to my bedroom. As each second crawls by my senses are bombarded by every fiber of her essence. Her scent engulfs my nasal passages. The scent is a delicate mixture of sweet jasmine and hot pheromones. With each breath, I’m further entranced by it. My focus moves to her body. With every step, I take down the hallway I see more and more of her angelic frame. Every five steps forward equates to another article of delicate clothing falling to the floor. First, it’s her fantasy-inducing blouse. The blouse seems to float like a feather to the solid wood floor. It seems to take only five steps for the blouse hits the floor and for her to begin to undo her form fitting jeans. She stops just long enough to entice me even more with a sensuous strip tease. My steps continue to fall short of hers. My eyes watch intensely as her jeans slowly exposes each delicate inch of her h
An Enticing Thought....
sitting here letting the mind wonder... wanting you to come to me. as i sit in this chair. with that longing sparkle in your eyes. wanting to know eachother. a slow walk as if to hunt your prey. needing to take what you hunger for. I sit here. not knowing the sharpness of your bite. not realising the pain that you will so willingly give. that delicious taste that touches your lips as your mouth connects with my flesh. the wetness dripping from your tounge as you take whats yours. delving deeper as you pounce. as you ravish this flesh that is mine. pinned to this chair. your body crushes my form. a sweet smell lingers in the air. a growl creeping withing you. i quiver as i am torn. a whisper of a scream escapes from within me. with eyes watching you. i see the pleasure as you consume without a pause. taking all that is yours. knowing i belong to you now. How can we tell when forever is written in the stars? Promises can be made, set to every twinkle. What h
Entirely Fed Up !!
so i'm getting really tired of getting attitude, snotty remarks, and plain ole bitchiness from some of my so called "friends" on here. they seem to think my entire freaking world revolves around this stupid computer, and that i have nothing better to do that sit on it ALL DAMN DAY. so when they try talking to me in my shoutbox, and i don't respond, guess what i get from them. not the "oh, guess i missed you" or "guess yer not there". noooo. i get the "why the hell aren't you talking to me?" or "are you ignoring me?" or "if you don't like me, just say so". my faves are the people who get pissed off, not because i don't respond to them, but that i don't respond FAST enough. WTF people ?? first of all, just cause fubar "says" i'm online, doesn't mean i am. i've noticed it takes awhile for that lil beer mug under my name to go away. second of all, i don't always have time to chit chat every time i get on here. i get on real quick, check my messages, and wanna get back off. usua
Forget me if you can (you can't) although you think you must (you can't) and just as you have entered me I have entered you When we try to pull apart (we can't) we lose ourselves in this strange moment of our separation I am (we are) entitled to be wrong, confused, contrite, distant, depressed Tomorrow I may reach again for you and I will need you to be there - today I just don't know I'm just an ordinary man struggling in the dark to find light © All rights reserved
The Entirely True Adventures Of My Entirely Fictional Life
This *is* a bar, after all. And looking around, it looks like the chances of finding girls who are into girls only are slim. Just like a real bar... All I want is a bit of exhibitionism with a decidedly lesbian slant. Is that so much to ask? Though I suppose it really shouldn't matter. Im not looking for love- I'm looking to look. Show me something. It's Tuesday, and in honor of it, I sent all of my Fubar friends a shot of tequila. Tuesday is my favorite, so today a bit of liquid love goes out to everyone. If you are my real life friends- I will likely see most of you tonight (let the REAL drinking begin). For everyone else- enjoy today, and think of me :) *** And I would like to repeat, for the record- I'm not looking for boys. I have no interest in boys. But thank you one and all for the flattery, and continued attempts. You make me smile. :) (And to one boy in particular- yes, I could snap your neck between my thighs. Good thing you won't be
is it wrong to want what you know you cant have, or is it truly nature.. the nature of the beast.. we all are in one way or another.. after all.. some kind of beast. is it wrong to take what you want and just be damned the rules.. when the last breath has escaped and there is nothing left, the beast within retreating back to slumber once again.. no more to be controlled let it flee.. release the beast from its insufferable prison.. give yourself your most vicious desires.. .. do not visit me for I will not remember you.. your sweet face.. your warm harsh breath.. the erratic beat of your lovely pulse.. rough skin that became softer and turned to warm velvet within minutes.. I gave you nothing more then what you wanted.. now lie in your cold bed and let the decades erase the memory of our blissfull pain.
A grimoire can be best described as an occult book of instruction. Describing systems for invoking demons, mastering divination and detailing magical spells, they are instruction manuals for gaining magical powers. Becoming popular in the Middle Ages, the name comes from the Greek, ‘grammatikos’, meaning ‘relating to letters’. Associated, initially, with Jewish mysticism, such books are thought to go way back into antiquity. Some grimoires have become classics. These include ‘The Book of Sacred Magic’, thought to be written by Abramelin the Jew around 1450, and ‘The Greater Key of Solomon’, written in the 16th century. It is through the grimoire that we know of the often ridiculous incantations and instructions that often accompany any magical ceremony or invocation. Indeed, they seem so ridiculous that they encourage scorn concerning the whole subject. Is this ridicule valid? I don’t think it is. Perhaps we should look beyond the words and instructions, and see what is r
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Entombed By Winter..
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I've often wondered, what would it be like to be the underside of a leaf? The rain would not wash your face The dew is the only relief The sun can shine, and you can stretch, reaching for the sky But the rays of light, without wind for flight Are things that would pass you by Like many times in life that are overlooked in haste There has to be a purpose, What is there I can embrace? Sun and rain is blocked, a haven for the small I am shelter and safety An oasis, not a thrall Life's plan is a bigger picture, a reason and rhyme to be I am real and I exist For others, not always for me 1 She smiled as the wineglass ever so gently made contact with her lips. The gentleman, whose attention was encompassed in her essence, looked as if he had tried this same conversation on some other unsuspecting women before. These two strangers had just met. This I know because I had eyed this beautiful woman standing at the bar with her dirty martini from the first second
Entry For December 07, 2006
Entry for December 07, 2006 Santa not happy! A Christmas Story 'Twas the night before Christmas--Old Santa was pissed. He cussed out the elves and threw down his list. Miserable little brats, ungrateful little jerks. I have a good mind to scrap the whole works! I've busted my ass for damn near a year, Instead of "Thanks Santa"--what do I hear? The old lady bitches cause I work late at night. The elves want more money--The reindeer all fight. Rudolph got drunk and goosed all the maids. Donner is pregnant and Vixen has AIDS. And just when I thought that things would get better Those assholes from the IRS sent me a letter, They say I owe taxes--if that ain't damn funny Who the hell ever sent Santa Claus any money? And the kids these days--they all are the pits They want the impossible--Those mean little shits I spent a whole year making wagons and sleds Assembling dolls...Their arms, legs and heads I made a ton of yo yo's--No request for them, They wa
Entries Before I Decided To Categorize
I added some more photos in the default photo album of me and also ripped some wolf photos from StarDrifter and White Wolf today. Hope you enjoy them. Orgasmic Aimee I posted new NSFW photos today Enjoy! I really like hearing what people think of my photos, so feel free to leave comments on the ones you like. What is considered NSFW (Not Safe For Work)? A photo is deemed NSFW if it is: 1)cleavage shot,no face,nsfw 2)butt shot,with or with out thong or clothes,nsfw 3)any sexual act,nsfw 4)any nudity,male or female,nsfw 5)drugs,of any kind,usage or pics of the drug,nsfw 6)text tags with vulgar or sexual content,nsfw 7)morbid pics,decapitations,and such. A pic of a face,or say a set of lips,thats fine,swim suits are fine,as long as body parts are not poking out,or is see thru. same with teddies and things,they are fine as long as tasteful and no nipples or vagina visible. In addition to the above criteria, if a photo is a primary photo, it will be flagged a
Entrapment by Christopher Hopelessly bound unfettered by the chains of love's grip - greatest gift, fate's cruelest curse. Wherefore do I weep at knowing the joy, the warmth, at feeling the peace, the fire. Wherefore do I weep unable to complete , to be, unknown the kiss, the flames. Wherefore do I weep at loving not living seeing not touching breathing not sharing holding not loving? All, because I, The Fool, am no more?
Entrapment Hopelessly bound unfettered by the chains of love's grip - greatest gift, fate's cruelest curse. Wherefore do I weep at knowing the joy, the warmth, at feeling the peace, the fire. Wherefore do I weep unable to complete , to be, unknown the kiss, the flames. Wherefore do I weep at loving not living seeing not touching breathing not sharing holding not loving? All, because I, The Fool, am no more?
did you know that the definition of an entrepreneur is... " a risk taker ". the definition is as simple as that. in this country, u can either have an education further than highschool or not, but the chances of you making a good living are all up to you, your desire, and your work ethic. the average joe with just a highschool diploma could make as good a living as you if he's motivated. having a college degree does nothing for you but maybe open a few more doors, kinda like having a little insurance if you will, guaranteeing that you'll always make decent money with decent benefits. it doesent really do anything for ya but guarantee a spot in the rest of the rat race with everybody else who thinks they have shit going the right way for them. " risk taking "...thats where the money is..almost like gambling. you gotta stick your neck out, can't be afraid, to go out and try, and get yours. MONEY, that is. theres too many ways to make money in this country and end up being the man tha
Hopelessly bound unfettered by the chains of love's grip - greatest gift, fate's cruelest curse. Wherefore do I weep at knowing the joy, the warmth, at feeling the peace, the fire. Wherefore do I weep unable to complete , to be, unknown the kiss, the flames. Wherefore do I weep at loving not living seeing not touching breathing not sharing holding not loving? All, because I, The Fool, am no more?
My love, I have tried with all my beingto grasp a form comparable to thine own,but nothing seems worthy;I know now why Shakespeare could notcompare his love to a summer’s day.It would be a crime to denounce the beautyof such a creature as thee,to simply cast away the precisionGod had placed in forging you.Each facet of your beingwhether it physical or spiritualis an ensnarementfrom which there is no release.But I do not wish release.I wish to stay entrapped forever.With you for all eternity.Our hearts, always as one.
Entrance Music!
So, as many of you know, I have a fight coming up on the 21st which is SOON!!! I feel I am ready. I only have one problem, I need help choosing an entrance song. I have it narrowed down to 4 selections, which are below. Please help me choose one. I would prefer if possible ya'll help me choose just from the 4 listed below and not any other suggestions. Of course I blogged this rather than mummed it since I have more than 2 choices. I don't care which one of these I walk out too because I like them all. So which ever one ya'll like the most, will be it!! :D Thanks again ya'll, and MUCH LOVE! :P "Mad Izm" by Channel Live "Evil Streets" by Onyx & Wu-Tang "Release Yo'self" by Method Man "Shook Ones Part 2" by Mobb Deep
Entry Way Quickie
Nikki walked in the front door and before she could turn to close it, she found herself backed against the entry way wall. Hands began to roam over her body and in the darkness she felt her lover's lips meet her own. God Jess knew how to kiss. Her lips teased Nikki with just the right amount of want and need. Her tongue knew just the right way to caress Nikki's lower lip. It wasn't long before both women were on the road to overheating. Nikki let her keys drop to the floor on one side of them and as her free hand found her woman's face, she felt the buttons on her blouse pop open. Jess didn't want to waste anytime when it came to getting Nikki naked and ready for her. Between the buttons hitting the floor, small sounds of sexual need could be heard coming from both of them. Nikki felt herself pulled away from the wall long enough for her blouse to be pulled completely off. All that was left on her now was her skirt and panties and she knew by the way Jess was going at it,
Entropic Fuverse
It has been about a year since I finally (smartly) severed all ties with my ex. From that time, I've been on and off a few dating sites just to see what its like out there. I'm not a professional dater or anything, but I have to say that the singles climate in this town is a lot like the job market lately: rough, bleak, and unsatisfying. Also, you can put a lot of effort into both and still come up with little to show for it than a few promising leads and whole lot of disappointment. Either way, it just sucks, and I must wonder if it has to do with the location where I'm at. Don't get me wrong! I did meet a few interesting ladies, chatting them up for a while. But overall, I think the online dating department is rather biased and confused. I've heard the complaints from their side, crying about men who are deceitful, dishonest, disingenuine, and generally disrespectful in every way. But I can't help but wonder--why do you ladies keep falling for the same, stupid bullshit-bunch of guys
Enuff All Fukn Ready
Enuminous & Archimedes
eNuminous & Archimedes is a musical project by Matthew Chenoweth Wright (ASCAP) with original lyrical and prose poetry woven together with electronic landscapes to achievean art of sythesis and vision, recorded in 2005 and 2006 in sessions at invisible caterpillar media studios in Sacramento, CA. "Eyelid/Fetish" and "Citi Zen One" are the first two albums from this "virtual group" which consist of nothing more than Matthew, his trusty computer, a Gateway Pentium III monikered Archimedes, and a variety of softwares and microphones and musical instruments. The album Eyelid/Fetish can be found on and thanks for listening.
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On June 6, 2008, the U.S. Senate voted on a major global warming bill called the Climate Security Act. Do you know how your senators voted? To take action on this issue, click on the link below: If the text above does not appear as a link or it wraps across multiple lines, then copy and paste it into the address area of your browser. Thanks for supporting global warming legislation in 2008! Now here's what else you can do to help: 1. Spread the word. Invite friends and family to take action: ? 2. Post a comment on our 5 reasons to act: 3. Support our efforts to pass the Climate Security Act this year: Thanks for taking action with Environmental Defense Actio
Are you sitting down? Are you tired of paying for high gas prices? What if you keep reading this and are surprised? Do you like to drive your car? YES and YES? Get ready for this...some people out there would prefer you didn't know what I am about to tell you. Your internal combustion engine (ICE) burns fuel (gasoline or diesel)at a rate of 16-20% efficiently. WTH...? thats right depending on the make and cylinder size of your include Honda etc. 80-86% of the fuel consumed by an internal combustion engine is converted to heat. I know I know you're saying "well duh dumb ass thats what they do". Of Course it is what they do, but that heat conversion I am talking about prior to the firing of the piston, and fuel is lost in heat evaporation. Look at it like lose 3/4 a gallon for every gallon of gas you put in the tank. interested to know more??? Then drop me an email and will go into savings that you can do to put more money into your poc
With all the improvements we have had in solar energy since the 80's. Why are the new homes and businesses not being built with solar panels instead of using the old electrical system that is very unfriendly to our enviornment?
Environmental Ramblings...
I'm currently writing a paper about how shopping local and sustainably will reduce fossil fuel consumption by astounding amounts.  What I've written so far is a rough idea of the problem the current systems have.  Since I know that Fupeople tend to have real lives behind the computer, despite their best efforts, I would like for any who work in or with these fields to drop some inpunt from time to time when they get the chance. Thank you in advance, James   Using fossil fuels as our primary fuel source for producing equipment, and for using harvesting, production and transportation equipment has been knocked pretty roughly in the last few years, and rightly so.  Larger vehicles produce larger emissions, and longer trips produce longer emissions output times.  Longer trips with larger equipment can also get to be expensive, but not just for the producer, this will affect the consumer as well. There is no doubting that by buying local, one can save money on the cost of your transport
all of the poems i wrote and they mean something to me and i woud appreciate it if nobo took them and used them as their own.feel free to comment and rate what you think is a good rating and whatnot.  thoughtlessThoughts of suicideToo much rageConsume my life Stage by stageI lay here staring At the blackness of my heartKnowing that we've grown too far apartI want to speak To tell you how I feelYour voice makes me weakYour eyes make me killWorrying about us Was all I seemed to doI know its overAnd I'm gladI won't waste anymore tears On the good times we hadI wasted my breath Saying "I love you"All of a suddenCrying is all I seemed to doNow that you're goneI finally seeThat you are better offWithout me Ex BoyfriendStanding in the showerShe lets the scolding hot waterRun over her beaten bloody body And slit wrists"This is the last time" she says"I will never let him hurt me again"She watches the blood and water mix As it goes down the drainShe hears him knockingOn the bathroom doorHe yell
ENVY Like greed, envy is characterized by an insatiable desire; they differ, however, for two main reasons. First, greed is largely associated with material goods, whereas envy may apply more generally. Second, those who commit the sin of envy desire something that someone else has which they perceive themselves as lacking. Dante defined this as "love of one's own good perverted to a desire to deprive other men of theirs." Dante's concept of envy is roughly equivalent to the meaning of the German word "schadenfreude," or to delight in the misfortune of others. In Dante's Purgatory, the punishment for the envious is to have their eyes sewn shut with wire, because they have gained sinful pleasure from seeing others brought low. Thomas Aquinas described Envy as "sorrow for another's good". "PRINCESS" (Maxima of the JLM)(Southern Sex Symbols Leader)(ENVY of the Se7en Sins@ fubar
Envys Auction
The Envy Series
things were getting hazy now.... details escaping me. already the events of the night before were fading out, and the reality of today taking hold.had it all been a dream? yet there you were, pacing back and forth across the room from me. you were eager to get out of here, you wanted to go anywhere, anywhere that was not here, not with me. you caught my eyes and realized i'd woken up. your eyes quickly shifted from mine, breaking my fascination with your tired and worn expression. you hadn't slept the night before. well, neither had i, at least at the beginning, but i'd gotten a good four hours of sleep in or so. i glanced at my cell phone, three missed calls, and i was about 45 minutes late for work. i didn't care, last night had been amazing, even if you didn't remember it. take my word for it. i gathered my various pieces of clothing left on your floor, put them on, with you still anxiously fiddling with things about your room. you must be nervous your girlfriend
WELL, first, don't laugh at anyone who has been tagged, it gets you tagged! :( Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you... 1)I am a little flirt. 2)I am a very out going kind of person that anybody could ever meet. 3)I'm what u would call a happy go lucky person. 4)I really like a good horror flick that is w worth watching 5)i really like to read a good book once in a while(but it has to be a good 1). 6)i'm always chatting with my best friend to get the scoop on things. 7)driving is my specialty(i should become the next nascar driver). 8)when i go tanning under my ass cheeks never always white. 9)i never leave without my cell because my friend julz might be texting me some goo
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