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Guardian Angel: I lie here laying next to me, and wonder where I am? Opened the door to loneliness, and youíre there once again. I still canít see inside your mind, to find whatís going on, Will there ever be a day when youíll, embrace the morning sun? I look into those hurtin eyes, canít take away your pain, And I canít tell you how to feel, or how you can stay sane. You always tell me how it hurts, how you miss your children so, At night you come home all alone, the pain just starts to flow. You wonder if youíve done wrong, well I canít help you there, Youíre just another messed up mind, with feelings you canít share. Maybe you are serving penance, for a life you've lived before, Or maybe you just never came back, never came back from the war. And IÖ.canít tell you that you will ever feel, or feel much better.and IÖcan tell you that you can stay dry or you can get so much wetter, And IÖ I canít say the day will come and you will turn it all around, IÖcan only stay with you until you pick yourself off the ground now. On, On your shoulder I will stay, On your conscience I will play, On your side until the end, the guardian.. the guardian is my penÖ.
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