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Serious Applicants Only!!!! ~ Name ~Can you cook? ~Do you like thunder thighs? ~Why do you think you'd make a good chubby chaser? ~Can you handle a lot of women? ~Can you pick up the chubby girl your chassing? ~Will you vomit at the thought of me in a bikini? ~Sweets are a must, what are your favorite sweets? ~ Are you willing to plunge the toilet when I clog it? ~ Why are you attracted to a fat girl? ~ What's the skinnest girl you've ever been with? ~Are you willing to help me off the couch if I can't get up on my own? ~ Will you tie my shoes if I can't reach them? ~ Are you going to poke fun at me with all your friends behind my back, or are you willing to defend me? Application subject to change at any time.... Have FUN!!!
~ Must be an animal lover. ~Do not tell me you are coming to visit me by bus. Plane, Train, and car is acceptable. ~Do not tell me your in love with me by the first date, or that you want to live with me. ~Prefferably no criminal backround. Some acceptions may apply. ~STD FREE! I am not affraid to stab you if you lie to me. ~Cheating is a No-Go. ~I like pretty things, I deserve pretty things, Spoil me. ~ DOn't tell me that you are broke within the first 20 minutes of talking to me. ~If your going to lie, make sure it's believable. ~No girlfriend other then me. ~No drugs other then pot... ~This is it for the time being, subject to changes!
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