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I Finally Made It!
I am so excited!!!!!
His & Hers Auction - The Winner List
Below are the winning bids from the His & Hers Auction. Thank you all for participating! We hope you all enjoyed it! THE GENTLEMEN (hosted by Heartistic Soul) Won by Shooter with the high bid of a 30 day blast and 350,000 fubucks! Won by Judi with the high bid of a Happy Hour and 500,000 fubucks! Won by Memory, with the high bid of a 3 Day Blast, 1 Month VIP, and 25,000 fubucks! Won by Debit with the high bid of one Happy Hour and a 3 month VIP! Won by Jen with the high bid of 525,000 fubucks! Won by Dragon with the high bid of a Happy Hour and 100,000 fubucks! Won by DD Diva with the high bid of a one month VIP, a bling pack, 12 tickers, and 750,000 fubucks!
Charlton Heston Dead At 84
LOS ANGELES - Charlton Heston, who won the 1959 best actor Oscar as the chariot-racing "Ben-Hur" and portrayed Moses, Michelangelo, El Cid and other heroic figures in movie epics of the '50s and '60s, has died. He was 84. The actor died Saturday night at his home in Beverly Hills with his wife Lydia at his side, family spokesman Bill Powers said. Powers declined to comment on the cause of death or provide further details. "Charlton Heston was seen by the world as larger than life. He was known for his chiseled jaw, broad shoulders and resonating voice, and, of course, for the roles he played," Heston's family said in a statement. "No one could ask for a fuller life than his. No man could have given more to his family, to his profession, and to his country." Heston revealed in 2002 that he had symptoms consistent with Alzheimer's disease, saying, "I must reconcile courage and surrender in equal measure." With his large, muscular build, well-boned face and sonorous voice,
Small Opportunities
Small opportunities Big opportunities come to those who make the most of the small opportunities. Small opportunities are present in each moment and in every situation. Today is filled with small opportunities. In little bits of time that might otherwise be wasted, there is treasure waiting to be created. Having a clear sense of purpose brings those small opportunities to light. Living with a strong commitment to move forward compels you to seize those opportunities and make the most of them. Small steps, taken consistently, put you in position to take big steps. Save a few dollars a day, day after day, for example, and soon you have hundreds or thousands of dollars available to invest. Honing your skills on the small things, by learning what works and what doesn't, will prepare you to successfully handle the big challenges and opportunities. Time is your friend when you make continuous use of it to grow stronger and more capable. Everywhere you look, there are small way
I Fucking Hate You
kristen hager, i fucking hate you. i will never shed another tear over you, you lying self-serving bitch whore. done
Next Upcoming Show Date,time, And Place!
Show in Ville Platte, LA. Time, place TBA
How Rob Is Doing And My Thoughts About Him...
Hello everyone! My name is Killeana ("Kiki" to most), and I am a friend to Rob and his family. Rob calls me his second mom. I am also the mother of Kianna (I know she used to come on here and write about Rob as well as listen to the music he has on here.) I return the gesture to Rob; he is now and will always be known as my son to me. Rob has been very tired lately. He spends most of his days sleeping; I don't think he stays awake more than 8 hours of the day right now. He is doing much better when it comes to his walking and his speech. He may not be walking as fast as he does and his speech has improved tremendously. Rob has constantly defied the odds and has shown he is anything but normal; he is special. He does not talk to people like others do. He does not react to situations the same as you may expect him to. Those who truly know this "enigma" that he is knows that his strength comes from his heart, and while he may not be talking to too many people right now, he k
People Suck
I know its my own stupid fault for leaving it there, but I still think people suck! A couple weeks ago, I rented a car for a weekend. When I returned the car, I accidentally left my camera in it. I've been calling the rental place for 2 weeks now, trying to get a definitive answer as to whether or not they found the camera in the car. Finally got an answer - The car was returned by the subsequent renter, and of course, no camera was found by the rental car employees or by the customer. Suprise, suprise. Personally, if it were me, I would have turned it in to the rental car agency. Guess I'm one of the very few honest people left on the planet. The only people that could have removed it were the rental agency employees or the renter. Now I have to go buy another camera, like I can afford that! .... But I have a big weekend coming up next month and I really want a camera for that. Disposables really don't take very good pics. Just goes to show ... you can't trust anybody
745pm Ok so lately I've been confused. About what? About everything and nothing. So going back to my older blog, well the one before this one... I've been seriously thinking about what I want out of life. Sure one of the things I want is to finish school and it seems like it's been forever. Only a few of my close friends know what's going on in my life. *sighs* I'm at a point where I've thought everything through and I'm seriously ready for a relationship and I'm ready to go back out there. I won't know what's out there unless I am out there, if you catch my drift. I've got to get these feelings out of the way. I've been somewhat lonely these past few days only because I've been away on a business trip. I missed my friends, my home, my bed, my car, my liberty... etc... I did not miss my parents arguing or work drama. Yesterday, was the day of days. I initially called work on Sunday evening/night letting them know I wouldn't be in at work on Monday. Turns out t
Have Great Sex With A Group Of People Every Month!
For those guys and girls who want to reignite the passion in their lives and have an evening of wild sex, you are more than welcome to join our amazing sex parties! We had our first wild sex party on Saturday 29th March 2008. All The girls are fucking hot and horny. The whole scene was totally unforgettable. We've decided to continue hosting our wild parties and are planning more for the major cities in the US and UK. These parties are for fun only, not for profit.
Auction #2 Revised Entry Fee Now Lowered
Auction Time Again I am hosting my 2nd auction in efforts to get myself into the spotlight. I am doing this for both the guys and gals! They will be divided into 2 different for men & one for women. I will be advertising this EVERYDAY. However I will be advertising for the auction as a whole. Once it gets going I will repost any bulletins I see that you make advertising yourself or you can PRIVATE MESSAGE me the link and I will repost for you. The auction will run for 7 days with a start date that will be announced by Monday April 14th. To ensure that I get active participants I will charge a fee of $75,000 fubux. $100,000 will also be the opening bids so you will not be out anything! Your for sure gonna come out ahead! I am also going to give away 2 fubucks prizes...the guy and the girl with the most rates will get $100,000 fubucks...which means that you were auctioned for Free seeing that your fee has been returned and then some. RULES simple...
What's Worse?
Hi Guys, What do you think is worse? Offering someone sex (in a flirty roundabout way) when you are married in a monogmous(spelling?) or snooping through someone's text messages and being justified in doing so? Which of them betrays trust more?
This spread can be used as a dip or a sandwich & canape ingredient. It was made popular at Louisville's Benedict's restaurant earlier in this century. INGREDIENTS: 1 large cucumber 8 ounces cream cheese, softened 2 tablespoons grated onion 1/4 tsp salt 1 tablespoon mayonnaise dash green food coloring (optional) PREPARATION: Pare, grate, and drain cucumber. Combine with remaining ingredients in food processor. Serve as is or as a sandwich or canape spread. Thin with sour cream to make a dip for vegetables.
She's Freaky, Sexy And Hot - And Most Of All She Rocks - Don't Misss The Debut Of Our Hottest New Dj ... Dj Ghettos .. Now Till 10 Pm Est
Free Shirts And Stickers. Easy Pickens! Blasts Too!
Ladies and Gentlemen! I am trying to promote my clothing line by giving away free stuff!! It's easy! 1: I need IBurnClothing Salutes like below! I will pick 1 winner per week to start giving away shirts to! Just make a picture and upload it to your album! I will rip it! 2: Click the picture of the website below to sign up @ to receive free stickers! 3: Last but not least! Buy a shirt and submit a photo! Weekly winners will win 3 day blasts!
Fren Request
HI to all my new fren who sent me requset due to my busy schedule and to the numbers of fren request i dont have much time to go thru one at a time to rate and fan ur profile so i go to the easy one just accept all, so if u think haven rate u and fan u, just send me a shout and i will stop by to return the love.... thank u and have a nice day to all
Never Again
Never again will you be alone. You have gone through this life as a victim, and that has now changed. I have fallen truly in love with you and my love for you will never die. Your heart is a fragile thing and with all my being I will protect it. I will fight death itself to save you. I will be your teacher and show you what it means to live again. You are never going to feel alone ever again. I am the one person that undertands your deepest feelings. I embrace them even when they scare me. I will walk with you hand in hand, heart to heart to fight through the demons within you. I am here to stop the bleeding in your heart, to end the once never ending pain. You have healed me and I will heal you my love. To release the pain you feel inside, you need a man that will take that pain for you and let you release it into me. As the man that has fall so deeply in love with you, I have that ability and desire to do that for you. Release it into me and I will let it go for you. I will not hold
Bomb Future Godmothers!
HEAR YE! HEAR YE! We have members who are trying to level up to Godmother, so please bomb their picture for the next few days to help them out. When it comes time for you to level up you would want them to help you so LETS GO CIRCLE!! You are all doing a great job and I am proud of all the cooperation amongst the group! Luv ya all!! Hoakie
11 Of Swords.
Is it so awful to want to be wanted is it so terrible to ask for recognition love happiness. Are these goals so lofty? Are they so profane? What have I done to deserve to be denied these things? Why have you all turned such a baleful eye? Why am I so helplessly defunct? All these things ramble unchecked from the tip of my finger. Idly, my eyes expore the wisdom of a blank ceiling. No gods dwell there. No answers. Sighs escape, thoughts falter, words fail. Just what the hell can I do about it? Fool myself again? Venture into the cruel misunderstanding world? Someone tell me. Someone guide me. I'm abandoning all rhetoric, I'm abandoning all device I need a guide through this. Someone genuine. Kind unfiltired by the unkind barbwire fence of life. I need a personal savior. Or I fear... I will be left in this blind, lonely, raging pit forever. Where is my muse? Where is my angel? Where is your god? Where is that sense of fulfilme
Auction For Dj Th© In Sinful's Play Pen 6 Pm Est
Auction!!!!!!!!!! Come by Sinful's Play Pen and put ur bids in on DJ TH©! He needs fubucks for a spotlight! It is at 6 pm pst!THIS IS A LIVE AUCTION AND ANYONE CAN PLACE BIDS ON HIM! Click on the pics to come in!
Plz Help Him Out Comment This Pic
he need 7643 more comments to get his VIP so can you plz help him out with some comments . thank you .
Made By Mystic Alpha Wolfe 2
Thank You so very much Sir.....this is amazing!!
In The Arms Of Night
In the arms of night I lay alone and wait for you. The one to protect me from the cold and the shadows on the wall. To hold me close to whisper in my ear to drown out the screams that the darkness. The kiss that brings the sweet sleep. I wait for you. Where are you?
I Will Not Run From Death
Sittin here all alone in the darkness My sanity is what I truely miss They took it all from my brain and from my head Now I lay here like a vegitable all shackled in my bed Four white walls and nothing to see I am carrying on entire conversations and theres noone, noone but me Noone is to blame for when it comes to my soul I am the keeper So I will show no fear when I dance with the Reaper When I walk down the road to Deaths door I will be braver than ever before I will hold my head way up high And look Death right in the eye No man,beast or Demon will hold me down No spell, curse, or chain will keep me bound Come hail or highwater I will overcome I will not just surrender like some Win or lose Death will know Ive been there So challenge me again another day if you dare No murcy so surrender no retreat I will win forI accept no defeat This along with many of my other poems has been published on - nikye sparks
Saving Lives
Why is it I'm not crazy when i run into a burning building. But If I use my hands to lift a burning beam to save a mans life and get hurt in the process I'm crazy. Or if i cover a vic from falling objects and get knocked out i was being stupid. does this make any sense at all??
Judas Priest - (take These) Chains' ! Live Drums' By Marty (party) Kays !
Shitty & Cracker
my mind is racing omg
Chop Shop Help Needed
Hey I need all your guys help go to this link and register and then goto the chop shop there in the top left corner you type blwheelerjr as the username and rate me please then come back and tell me what my bike looked like and you I will return the favor come on guys I really need your help. Thanks oh yeah tell your friends and tell them to tell theres and so on.
The Begining
Today I have made a commitment to myself and to someone VERY dear to my heart to get back into shape. So in an effort to loose weight as quick as possible I am keeping this blog updated with my progress. I am starting at 275 lbs. Being 6' and about 38% body fat this is NOT healthy. I have already been fencing for the past month and I have started going to the gym a little while ago. Let's see how this goes.
Please Donate By Sponsoring Me!!!
My daughters and I are walking this Saturday in the March For Babies in Everett WA, We are in need of sponsors (a.k.a. donations) For the price of a latte or mocha you can help by donating just $5.00 or whatever you can afford. Goto & sponsor my daughters and me to help premature babies. Please Help & Thank you for your support. Imagine.....your baby's birth weight being less than a bag of sugar or a 2 pound free weight or a 32 oz soft drink Imagine…your granddaughter's tongue the same size as a tic-tac Imagine...not hearing your child cry until he was a month old Imagine…trying desperately to stay pregnant for as long as you can, even at risk to your own health Imagine…giving birth only to be told that your baby has a 40% chance of survival and if she does survive, she will be blind, mentally and physically handicapped and never walk Imagine…the smile on your face and the tears in your eyes when one year later, that same child RUNS past
9 Things I Hate About Everyone
9 Things I Hate About Everyone 1. People who point at their wrist while asking for the time.... I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is? 2. People who are willing to get off their ass to search the entire room for the tv remote because they refuse to walk to the tv and change the channel manually.. 3. When people say "Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too". Damn right! What good is cake if you can't eat it? 4. When people say "it's always the last place you look". Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you've found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they? Gonna Kick their asses! 5. When people say while watching a film "did you see that?". No Loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor. 6. People who ask "Can I ask you a question?".... Didn't really give me a choice there, did ya sunshine? 7. When something is 'new and improved
For The Ladies!
If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. If you have ANY doubt in your mind about a man's character, leave him alone. Allow your intuition (or spirit) to save you from heartache. Stop trying to change yourself for a relationship that's not meant to be. . Never live your life for a man before you find what makes you truly happy. If a relationship ends because the man was not treating you as you deserve then heck no you can't "be friends." A friend wouldn't mistreat a friend. Have faith in God/Goddess/Great Spirit/The Universe regarding your relationship, but don't let faith make you stupid. God/Goddess/Great Spirit/The Universe does things decent and in order. Don't settle. Don't stay because you think "it will get better." You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. The only person you can c
My Crush!
What Does Love Mean?
1. "When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That's love." Rebecca - age 8 2. When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth." Billy - age 4 3. "Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other." Karl - age 5 4. "Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs." Chrissy - age 6 5. "Love is what makes you smile when you're tired." Terri - age 4 6. "Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip before giving it to him, to make sure the taste is OK." Danny - age 7 7. "Love is when you kiss all the time. Then when you get tired of kissing, you still want to be together and you talk more. My Momm
Who Up For It
Ok so who is up for it For everyone who donates to me getting spotlight I will make a salute for can either tell me what you want to say on the salute or I can just make it the way I want to But please donate to my spotlight fund and I will also rate ALL of your Pics!!!! Or if you can't donate because you don't have enough then just rate my pics stash whatever you can because when you do so you get points and with points you also get fubucks both people get them... Sound good?well then come on by and donate please
Chinese Execute Tibetans
A Dream
i lie on the bed relaxing as you walk out of the bathroom in a sexy red slowly walk over to me i pull you close taking in the beauty of your form.slowly kissing your tender hand sliding the straps down exposing your erect nipples.i gently suck them biting ever so hands sliding it off you your skin tastes so good i want more.i lie you on the bed carressing your soft body touching feeling every inch.kissing your lips passionately my hands massaging your tight pussy.licking from your neck slowly down your body i feel you take my ever growing cock in your hand softly stroking it grows in your hand.licking your belly button then i move down to taste your necter.your clit so hard wanting the feel of my wet tongue.i begin to suck and lick your clit my fingers inside you.your hips pulsate from the pleasure as you let go in massive orgasms.i crawl up your body kissing taste yourself on my lips as my hard cock slides inside you.making passionate love we
They Walk Among Us
They Walk Among Us and Many Work Retail I was at the checkout of a K-Mart. The clerk rang up $46.64 charge. I Gave her a fifty dollar bill. She gave me back $46.64. I gave the money back to her and told her that she had made a mistake in MY favor. She became indignant and informed me she was educated and knew what she was doing, and returned the money again. I gave her the money back... Same scenario! I departed the store with the $46.64. They Walk Among Us and Many Work Retail I walked into a Starbucks with a buy-one-get- one-free coupon for a Grande Latte. I handed it to the girl and she looked over at a little chalkboard that said 'buy one-get one free.' 'They're already buy-one-get- one-free, ' she said, 'so I guess they're both free.' She handed me my free Lattes and I walked out the door. They Walk Among Us! One day I was walking down the beach with some friends when one of them shouted, 'Look at that dead bird!' Someo
Where She Waits
She barely knew but said I do to no one's question a see-through groom And six months later dressed in white and fair she walked to the altar to a priest who wasn't there but she took her vows in sickness and health for better or worse for want or for wealth and at a reception where no one arrived she threw her flowers for the future bride then she danced to silence as if hands were on her side she spun in circles with an invisible guide and after a dance to her favorite tune she fell asleep and dreamed of her honeymoon Love, our canvas is an empty one. Love, till the setting of the evening sun. Love, be not undone, be not undone. Love, we are as one, we are as one. And when she awoke she walked to a park, she'd been so many times, she could find in the dark and she sat and cried in front of his grave wearing the gown and the veil she saved Love, our canvas is an empty one. Love, till the setting of the evening sun. Love, be not u
Weight Loss Program
A guy calls a company and orders their 5-day, 10 lb. weight loss program. The next day, there's a knock on the door and there stands before him a voluptuous, athletic, 19 year old babe dressed in nothing but a pair of Nike running shoes and a sign around her neck. She introduces herself as a representative of the weight loss company. The sign reads, "If you can catch me, you can have me." Without a second thought, he takes off after her. A few miles later huffing and puffing, he finally gives up. The same girl shows up for the next four days and the same thing happens. On the fifth day, he weighs himself and is delighted to find he has lost 10lbs. as promised. He calls the company and orders their 5-day/20 pound program. The next day there's a knock at the door and there stands the most stunning, beautiful,sexy woman he has ever seen in his life. She is wearing nothing but Reebok running shoes and a sign around her neck that reads, "If you catch me you can
White Wedding
Hey little sister what have you done Hey little sister who's the only one Hey little sister who's your superman Hey little sister who's the one you want Hey little sister shot gun! It's a nice day to start again It's a nice day for a white wedding It's a nice day to start again. Hey little sister what have you done Hey little sister who's the only one I've been away for so long (so long) I've been away for so long (so long) I let you go for so long It's a nice day to start again (come on) It's a nice day for a white wedding It's a nice day to start again. (Pick it up) Take me back home There is nothin' fair in this world There is nothin' safe in this world And there's nothin' sure in this world And there's nothin' pure in this world Look for something left in this world Start again Come on It's a nice day for a white wedding It's a nice day to start again. It's a nice day for a white wedding It's a nice day to start again
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Hey You!!!!!
whats up?!?!? its ya boy DJ Dyzzy if your lookin for an awesome lounge to hang out at make sure you check out Dirty Deeds Radio!!!!! posted below are the links to listen in... heres the direct lounge link: and heres our personal website to listen in from work: don't miss all the fun and especially the music in the Dirtiest of all lounges on the internet today... Dirty Deeds Radio!!! Done Dirt Cheap! ;)
Proposition 420, The U.s. Hemp Act
Proposition 420 The U.S. H.E.M.P. Act United States Homeland Economic Management Provisions Act A proposition initiative by Kenneth Bykerk, Citizen ( Section 1: Medicinal Cannabis PURPOSE: To allow for patient prescribed use, cultivation and possession for personal medicinal use of cannabis products; The patient should be the one to decide whether or not they need or would like to use cannabis as a medicine of choice for pain management, appetite stimulation or any other ailment which cannabis has been suspected or proven to assist with. PURPOSE: To establish the method of use and the dosage of medicinal cannabis use. Being that dosage amounts work differently for each individual, even for the same individual at different times or for different reasons or through consumption methods, and that potency is both non-lethal as well as uncontrollably variable depending upon the product acquired or cultivated, it is impo
What Type Of Vampire Would You Be?
What type of Vampire would you be? pictures and descriptions You are Classic Vampire.Classic Vampire or ageless--Classical (also known as ageless vampires) are turned, not born. These vampires are turned by exchanging blood with another vampire. There are a few theories as to how this works, however, the most common theory is that vampirism is a virus, which infects the host and alters the DNA of a human. Classical vampires do not age. Unlike Sanguinarians and PSI vampires, they do not have a need to feed simply to remain healthy, but to survive.Classicals (also known as ageless vampires) are turned, not born. These vampires are turned by exchanging blood with another vampire. There are a few theories as to how this works, however, the most common theory is that vampirism is a virus, which infects the host and alters the DNA of a human.Ageless vampires are often referred to as Classicals or Traditionals as they are the "original" vampires. As far as we are aware, all other vam
Whose Your Vampire Personality
Whose your Vampire personality? (images)created with You scored as DraculaYou are the smooth sexy cool Dracula. Patient and lustful. If you were any cooler youd be ice. Great style with a way of seducing those around you. And three brides who wouldn't want to be him. Dracula 100%Deacon Frost 100%Lestat 100%Marius 100%Akasha 92%Angel 83%Blade 75%Spike 67%Louis 58%Armand
January 19th. 1990 had to be the worst day of my life. My best friend,confidant,and the best person you can ever imagine meeting and having the privilage to meet and enjoy, was taken from me and her family, and all the MANY people that loved her. She was so young to leave us, 46 years old. So full of life, having a heart that was big enough to love soooo many people, and was loved back by each person more than she loved. I think back to her last days with us, My son was only 5 months old, and not really realizing anything that was going on around her, she lie there, staring at my young sons picture, and says " That has to be the most beautiful baby she had ever seen" Of course tears streaming down my face with the realization that he would never realize what an awesome grandmother he would have had.3 years later, I'm watching my son as he ran to me while we were outside, and I saw the most beatiful smile; It was my mother. I know she wasn't with me but I believe God allowed me to see t
Olivia Wants To See My Webcam
Olivia and My Random Yahoo Chat Tonight, I'm sitting here, and "Olivia" decides to hit me up on chat. I have no idea who this person is, but he/she is really interested in seeing me on cam. Here's her picture. She says she's in Colorado.... Here's our chat. It's quite amusing. cache65 (12/27/2007 11:25:27 PM): hi olivia.1983 (12/27/2007 11:25:36 PM): mr. one ball cache65 (12/27/2007 11:26:16 PM): huh olivia.1983 (12/27/2007 11:26:20 PM): lol olivia.1983 (12/27/2007 11:26:40 PM): remember a long time ago...i wanted to see your webcam or something..and i think you told me there was nothing to see cause you only had one testicle hahahah cache65 (12/27/2007 11:27:05 PM): ha ha ha cache65 (12/27/2007 11:27:07 PM): i do remember that olivia.1983 (12/27/2007 11:27:11 PM): lol ur funny cache65 (12/27/2007 11:27:23 PM): ha ha ha ha cache65 (12/27/2007 11:27:24 PM): i am! cache65 (12/27/2007 11:27:28 PM): i'm a riot olivia.1983 (12/27/2007 11:27:32 PM): but, i can cle
My First Fu Auction
Own Me In May!!!
Want to OWN Tulsa's Angel? Click here:
|Yeh so I'm new to this one right here. I heard about it through the grape vine and decided to check this out. I must say, to me it's alot better than myspace. Fra more personality than just your standard "Hi" and "What's good" but some things do puzzle me a bit.... How come I didn't know about this sooner! lol ya'll be coo. expect to see more coming from my 20. Get at me.
Life Sucks Sometimes
My life sux right now and I dont know what to think anymore honestly. My dad had his sixth heart attack last week and the docs told us theres nothing more they can do for him. Sux balls then recently today the docs confirmed my gurls pregnant so at the same time Im depressed but excited. I dont know what to do right now. I need to go spend somemore time with him before its to late but I want him to be around to see his grandchild grow up. Life sux
Playing Soldier
I just wanted everyone to know if you dont see me on here after the sixth is because i will be some where in camp dodge, Iowa. I'll be there until the end of the month. I'm going to need shots for this one. I mean there isn't a bar for 150 away from that base. This is really going to suck. Wish me luck lol.
Can Somebody Tell Me Why...
If you get caught in a scam where you end up more than a year's wages in debt, why do the banks insist on punishing you with massive loan payments anyway? I've even tried getting a grant to try killing the debt at least a little, but if I'm not suffering from terminal cancer or if I haven't served in Iraq or something, they won't help either. How does a man who just wants to clear scam debt get any help from a charity?
Pet Peeve #1: Your, You’re And Bastardizations Of Such
Using ur instead of your or you’re is unacceptable. It makes me cringe, which isn't a terribly attractive look. Ur is an ancient Mesopotamian city. It is neither a possessive pronoun nor a contraction. You’re really just being a lazy ass for using it. The only exception of this is Jack Kerouac’s use of yr. He’s a beat god, you are not. As such, he has the power to transcend the bonds of grammar rules. He’s just that cool. Finally, know when to use your and you’re. It’s “You’re welcome,” not “Your welcome.” Your is possessive. You’re is a contraction for you are. I think Americans owe it to the world to prove that they are not total idiots – we’ve just been inundated with a throng of grammatically lazy bastards.
I Dare My Friends To Ck This Out!!
Ever Wonderered How A Baby's Born *just Beautiful*
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Good Man Application
Name Whats your birthday/age Height Hair color Eye color Piercings/Tats If no, do you want any? Do you drink? Do you smoke? Do you do drugs? What would you say is your best quality? Whose your favorite band? What kind of music do you like? Do you like kids/want any of your own? How do you feel about marriage? Where do you work? Do you go to school? Do you live at home/on your own? Do you prefer cats or dogs? What do you like to do in your free time? Are you Spontaneous? Are you afriad of commitment? Are you romantic and treat girls the way they deserve? Would you make me feel like im the only girl you want to be with? What would our first date consist of? Whats the sweetest thing you've done for a girl? What movies/TV shows do you like? Do you like your family/family oriented? Have you ever cheated? Why did your last relationship fail?
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How I Felt Today
the heart dies, the heart dies, when you leave, when you stay, when you are happy, when you are sad, when you are drunk, when you are not, when you run fast, when you walk slow, the heart dies, when your asleep, when you are awake, when your are here, when you are not, the heart dies, when you do not love me, when you dont talk to me, thats why my hert will never die. bedrock
Please Read
Someone had just made a new profile the name is devil::eyes...just to let you all know that is not is my pic...someone pretending to be me..this is the only profile i have..please do not add... what do we say.... HATERS WELCOME !!! AGAIN THAT NAME DEVIL::EYES IS NOT ME ITS SOMEONE OUT TO GET ME.... AND TO MY HATER I AM SO SORRY YOU CANNOT BE LIKE ME..THERE IS AND ONLY WILL BE ONE OF ME SO QUIT TRYING GET A LIFE AND MOVE ALONG WITH YOUR SORRY LOW LIFE SELF ...I AM SO SORRY YOU HAVE TO PUT ME IN THE CENTER OF ATTENTION ONCE AGAIN..BUT THIS IS TO INFORM ALL OF MY FRIENDS THAT YOU ARE JUST FAKE...AGAIN YOU WILL NEVER BE ME...EVER.... HUGS AND KISSES TO MY FRIENDS..... He is always changing the name if you enter devil eyes, stephanie courtland angel eyes the other one will come up...all my pics but is not me..
Today, I had a long frazzling day. I realized today that it doesn't matter who's right or wrong but what people feel. Life gives us bumps and bruises we are judged by how we handle the pain. Today, I am not sure how I am balancing out. I'm stinging and burning and running out of bandages but, I move forward. Barely.... lonely and confused with the urge to touch those who have turned from me... I move forward. Today, is a little better than yest. but, the scrapes are still marking me. I need a friend who understands that fights can be tiresome and no one ever really wins. This is me today.... FRAZZLED
Why do men feel the need to try and control a woman these days? If the woman doesnt jump at their beck and call they get mad and stop talking to them or they say that they are totally honest and to old for the player games but to find out they are a player themselves.. Well you know what i say about them?? To hell with men... That is the main reason i am raising my son to respect women... In the past 2 days i have had 2 men feed me such a line of shit that it would clog up a sewer system.. but then again these are the same men that want to whine and complain cause they are single.. well wake up stupid fuckers and look at how you treat women... God cant men ever use what they call common sense these days.. And no i am not directing this at ALL MEN cause there are some decent men out there still but the younger men are the ones who want to act like they are players and complain they are single..
Report Pushes Passage Of Thought Crimes Bill
Source: Intel Strike - Lee Rogers The Internet is now becoming a new front in the phony terror war. Legislation like the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 that is in the forms of HR 1955 and S 1959 which seek to give the government powers to define thoughts and belief systems as homegrown terrorism, is on the brink of being pushed down our throats. HR 1955 was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives by a vote of 404-6 and now it appears as if the U.S. Senate is attempting to justify its future passage. The U.S. Senate homeland security committee lead by war mongering fascist Joesph Lieberman, investigated the so called growing threat of terrorists using the Internet for recruiting and training purposes. In their report, they paint the Internet as a dangerous tool for terrorists and conclude that new laws need to be passed “to prevent the spread of the ideology.” It is incredibly convenient that S 1959 provides the legislation that is called f
Dear Friends
Dear Friends, I am excited to inform you that my album Eternity will be released on May 20th 2008 (it will be available world wide)!! (*^-^*) Eternity is dedicated to my friends and fans. My latest production 'mind eraser' with Zelma Davis and 'My Angel' (HG remix) by Blessing Odiase will be featured on this album. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it~* You will be able to pre-order your copy of Eternity on best buy Thank you very much for your continued love and support!! ~* Dedicated ♥ HG
Thought For The Moms Out There!
Place value on every day that you have with your children. Appreciate all that you do for them even when they don't. Live love and laugh often. There may be a day that you no longer have them or they no longer have you, but remember that all your children and people in your life who are like your children will remain in your thoughts and memories FOREVER. On this mother's day weekend I am thoughtful of my two sons and remember Arianna and my mother Leona. Please all of the mothers out there! bHave a wonderful Mother's Day ohh yeah and guys remember your mom's this weekend.
To Whom It May Concern, Lol !
To the sweet individual who sent me a Mother's Day gift from the FuGraphic Gift Shoppe, thank you so very much! Much love, warm hugs, and blessings.....muahzzzz! Maggie
I lost another Crush over the weekend!!!! **waahhhh** OK, yeah I know I still have 6, but I'm greedy, lol! Anyone want to Crush me? I'm taking applications. :p
Contest Standings
Here are the standing of the bling contest! '†ЯдїЙ†~Comments:10003. DJ*BABYSCORPIO~ Comments:5009 BLUE EYES~Comments:2600. BIG FAT DADDY~Comments:2550 †ŞħãĐØŴ†~Comments:925. These are the top Five as of Monday May 12th.Rain is holding up at 10K waiting on some competition to finish this contest. So hit up everyone you can think of to come and help you,Let's have a explosive ending! ¶PÃIЙT€Я™
The Problem And The Truth
The problem is i fell for someone on here.......hard.......... i didnt want to... didnt mean to fall but i did...the problem is he was everything... the problem was i let him be my everything... the problem is i'm stupid.... i mean i have a 4.0 in school i have 137iq and ALL of that.... but when it comes down to it... i'm stupid.... we broke up..... there was name calling and fat girls harrassing me.... and all of that... and then one day i get a phone call... and pretty soon we're trying again.... that was 3 fucking days ago.... now today this morning... i get a phone call... i love you blah blah blah..... ten minutes later i get a text.... his feelings have changed he can't be with me blah blah blah.............. shady is an understatement... i want to die.... i got punked by a fatass a whore and their toy (my ex) so here i am furious.... wanting to die but before i do wanting to take someone to hell with me... also theres this in my anger i said that i was going back to my ex
True Love, To Go.
I lit a candle today. To hold against... it's all been said before. Except this time, I put it against my soft, unwanted skin. In a dark room, warmed by a single bulb against the wall. Shining benevolence on overdue bills, and seared skin. Pictures, devoid of smiles, bearing a tiny chain burdened with a story. Do you wear it as a fond memento of a beloved? Or a proud trophy over the conquered? Why don't you throw the damn thing in the lake! How dare you leave that around your neck! HARLOT! WHORE! DECEIVER! TOSS IT ASIDE LIKE YOU DID ME! LIKE YOU SHOULD! JUST LIKE I DESERVE! RIGHT? Like you deserve to remember me as I really was. Why would you want to anyway. Isn't it obvious, after everything you put me through after how you... that.. that you just don't deserve to. Why do you get to remember? Why would you want to. My family hates you. I hate you. Probably for the right reasons. Why couldn't you just stay my possession, my obsession. Why cou
Rice Pudding
Ok I know this is way off the wall, but I am looking for a simple rice pudding recipe, I have looked it up on the internet but I haven't seen any recipe that knocked my panties off....
2nd Look A Like For Lord Lestat
Answer This
Finish this sentence: "I wanna _____ you until you _____" then send me back your response. Send it out to all your friends and see what crazy shit people have to say about you!!! dont be
Naked Blogging
I guess I am gonna make a blog for everyone to post their naked pics in, and if they don't, I'll have to hunt them down and kill them. Or maybe feed pickled herring first.
Joey Gathright Running From 2nd To 3rd
Meet My New Owner!!
Meet my new owner!! ~†Ð¿ GøThÏ¢†§ø£d0.î£r†~†HÊÂÐ ÈÑFÕR€ÊR@ÐÏRT¥ ÐÈÉЧ‡ Go show this soldier lots of Fu-love!! And tell him, his little slave girl sent ya!! Silentlizard - Greeter for Dirty Deeds Radio - Fu-owned by Dj GothicSoldier
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† Sanctuary † Click Either Pic To Enter Come Rock Out To Some Killer Rock & Metal Tunes!! We Are Hiring All Staff Positions....Inquire Within
Cumming Together.
You know the feeling when you and your partner cum together the power and the strenght that come out with the heavy breathing at the same time, the smell of sex floating in the air and your body stiffs. I wish I could find the right man who can explode with me. Talk to me I'm always up for it.
Energy Alert - May 21 !
Here is the newest posting to Karen's Energy Alert. Much love, warm hugs, and blessings for one and all! Greetings! The planet is continuing its process of turning inside out as it strives to align with a higher vibration or with new ways of living and being within a very new reality. Much which existed in realities of the past, or within a lower vibrating dimension are becoming merely an illusion now as there is very little left to hold onto. In years past we may have imagined a higher vibrating world or reality for ourselves, and hence, this was the seeming illusion at that time. Now, the illusion is what is left of the old world, or the old ways of living and being, the old structures, and the old systems of survival. There is nothing left for them to adhere to and thus, they only really exist within our imaginations. Yes, as we progress further and further into the higher realms, we have less and less of the old to hold onto. This can create a fee
Men Vs Niggas
MEN get respect, NIGGAZ get what they deserve MEN work hard, NIGGAZ work your nerves MEN hold you down, NIGGAZ hold you up MEN help you progress, NIGGAZ give you stress MEN tell the truth, NIGGAZ tell lies MEN drive cars, NIGGAZ wanna ride MEN do it slow, NIGGAZ do it fast MEN do their dirt outside of where they live NIGGAZ have BITCHES all up in your crib MEN tell you quick "you better check your girl" NIGGAZ don't give a fuck, they wanna get at your girl" MEN are everything, NIGGAZ ain't shit! Which are you?
Bid On Me
Background By Myspace Skins Background By Myspace Skins Go Bid on Me in my first ever Auction!!!!!!!!!!! dont wanna bid just rate the pic for me plz!!!!!!!!
Fu-angels Team 2
3 Weeks And 3 Days
That's how long I've been a Momma. :) Anyways... life is good for the most part. I'm definately going a bit stir crazy.. since its been over a month since I've been able to come and go as I please. I still am not suppose to drive myself anywhere, and I'm still not supposed to lift anything heavier than my daughter. I don't follow those rules to the letter. But I do take it easy. I still have pain sometimes from my incinsion. I've been upstairs once since I was put on bed rest. Which kind of sucks since I'm beginning to miss sleeping in my own bed. My dad and brother are planning on coming out next month. Just got off the phone with dad and HOPEFULLY they'll give me some more exact dates soon. I'll be back to work by then so I kinda need to know so I'm not working the entire time they're here. And now I'm starting to get a headache and I'm hungry. Time to rummage for food.
Has anyone else noticed that the site has been recruiting a lot of 'fubar family' pridiles lately? They give these users green lettering in their name to specify that the person is (supposed to be) someone who lives and breathes fubar and helps out the site. I've checked out a number of them and most have no referrals, are low level newbs, and usually don't even have a salute. That's fine and all I guess but what really get's me is that once I start talking to these supposed fubar family people, more than a few turn out to be working for webcam sites and just want to invite me to register for some cheese ball cam site. Sup with that?
Bully Made By Fat Sonny Ty Sweetie :-)
613,589 Points to go! ~♥ Trouble ♥~*~MEMBER OF: ~*~CLUB F.A.R. ~*~CLUB UNITED~*~@ fubar
Come help these friends level, u know they would do the same 4 u n it doesn't take much, so come show them sum well deserved love! Dj DarkWolfe 314,633 Points to go to Fu King! Dj DragonEagle 414,717 Points to go to Henchman! Lori 228,530 Points to go to Henchman! Dj Satanic 310,315 Points to go to Henchman! Rev DarkMystery 12,743 Points to go to Rockstar! Carolvision 19,971 Points to go to Regular! Dj Vampiric Tigress 19,931 Points to go to Bad Fu! Dj Wyldone
What Is It For You?
I believe Everyone has that "One Thing" For me that "One Thing" is Love!! The kind of Love with your soulmate!! With Passion & so much more. I am alive now Thanks to a wonderful friend. Yet I am aching, Wishing & hoping for what could be!! Am i wasting my time hoping, wishing, praying to experience that kind of love in Real Life, face to face? What is that "One Thing" for YOU?
Boyfriend Applacation (serious Applacants Only)
boyfriend applacation (serious applacants only) About you... Name: Age: Phone Number: Location: Height: Hair (color and style): Eyes: Piercings/tattoos: Do you lie ? Do you think your a gentleman ? Do you call girls ass or tail? Have you ever hit a woman ? Have you ever cheated ? If yes how many times ? Do you have any kids? If yes how many? If no do you eventually want some? Do you have a phyco ex girlfriend? Do you have any pets? If yes what kinds? What do you think about yourself? Personality: Do you think your attractive? Do you think your funny? Do you think all hott shit? Do your friends tell you your good looking? What Do You Think Of My? Personality: Eyes: Face: Hair: Clothes: Humor: Choice of music: Manners: Friends: Decisions: W0ULD Y0U... go out with me? give me your number? kiss me? let me kiss you? watch a movie with me? take me out to dinner? drive me somewhere? take
Crazy Little Thing Called Fubar
This is definitely an interesting social network. There's alot more going on than at some of the other sites like Myspace or facebook. This seems to be much more interactive. So I am still trying to figure out what to do on this thing. I have rated people, fanned some, given gifts, received gifts and friend requests and joined a lounge. Now I have a blog I wonder if anyone will actually see it. A blog seems like such a small piece to this that people would pass it by and not read alot of people's posts. If ya read this...let me know. I am curious to see how many actually read this useless post. LOL For all you motorcycle enthusiasts in the ATL's a ride I went on on Sat. It was a hell of alot of fun.,34.468536,-83.969293%3B12172071482306657040,35.035429,-84.103447%3B320490683871440514,35.029785,-84.382117%3B9312334996824183903,33.802676,-84.343017&saddr=1647+Briarcliff+Rd.+atlan
Cherish Them Now Cuz They Mite Not Be Here Tomorrow
Life to me can be very valuable cherish what you have an cherish the loved ones you have i dont care if they did something wrong to you if your fighting with them now or whatever. You only live life once there only in your life once your only in there life once so cherish them while you have them. My dad has had six heartattacks an the docs told him theres nothing more they can do for him ive been through this shit six times already an i know the next time he aint gonna make it. If you have had a fight or are having a fight right now im just telling you to cherish that person an make up with them because tomorrow they might not be here written by devilbird
Classic Cocktails: Manhattan - Art Of The Drink 56
Anthony heads down to Loretto, KY, and brings back a classic Maker's Mark Manhattan!
A Path Of Insight -- Lmao ???????
A Path of Insight A really terrific person recently gave me some excellent advice. I will pass it along for those who may be seeking. "Remember this my dear. men were only given enough blood for either the brain or the penis but not enough for both at the same time... Rather than move the blood back and forth from brain to penis they just keep the blood supply in the penis... Therefore they think only with the penis..."
Carl Sagan
All of the books in the world contain no more information than is broadcast as video in a single large American city in a single year. Not all bits have equal value.
Sexiest Weekly Pimpout--week 1--may 30th
What are you waiting for?! These are some of THE hottest, sexiest people on my friends list! Go Rate/Fan/Add/Bling/Crush or whatever you may feel like doing to these hotties! Tell them "Your Ultimate Desire" sent you! Kisses! My Hubby, Jason! Jason Enforcer @ Perfect Sin Fu Married to Christine Your Ultimate Desire and mine!!Club far Member@ fubar My Bestest Friend in the World, Danielle! She is new here so go rape her page! The Lesbian@ fubar Phil is new here too, so lets get him leveled! 904phil@ fubar Radio X show -||- On the air in Fetish every Wednesday 10pm Eastern@ fubar Ctgirl *OWNER OF FU-LUV BOMB SQUAD* Off PurrSin OWNED BY GodDragon --TUFFGUY-FuWife to Scout -ICY&#@ fubar
What I Long For......
I long for love & Passion, A Love that is like no other, Someone who loves me for me & I will be their ONLY one. Strong in mind and more, A love that is exciting & new. Someone who makes me laugh at myself & life!! That deals with my moods and gives me space, Yet does not poof when things get hard for me or them. Someone who is honest & caring. A special bond between my Soulmate & I!! Smart, loving, kind & gentle yet puts me in my place when i need it!!
Ps To True Friends
Stop by their pages and show them some love, they are all really great people.
Prayer For Missing Angels
Help those that seek to find The ones taken not left behind From the eagle eyes On the winds up high To the whispering willows On the breeze Help guide the seekers to find the ones Lost and bring them home safely To heal the wounds of a fathers heart Reunite him with the ones apart Blessed be and prayers are with The father and his beautiful gifts. his missing angels are my own and his heart breaking is my own. my prayers go out to him and those that try to find our missing angels. my heart and love is with him in his time of need even though i can not be physically there, i am there in spirit.
New Poem From A Friend...
i couldnt resist so here it goes ihave a friend who sent me this poem, you will find his link below...plz go by and show him love... Dark King@ fubar ROSES ARE RED NUTS ARE BROWN SKIRTS ARE UP PANTIES ARE DOWN BODY TO BODY, SKIN TO SKIN, WHEN ITS STIFF, STICK IT IN! NOW THATS A FUCKIN LOVE POEM!!!
Dance With Fire & Flame In Your Heart..
From the Fire that Burns within To stand up proud and soar upon the wind To sing out with a spirit of pride To ignite the flame that burns so bright This is the dream that should be shared So all can dance with freedom within Soaring like the stars above With Hearts that sing out with love Stand and Walk proud and tall Let no one hold you back For within your Heart you hold true To dreams to soar once again Dance below the Moon above Sing out with the Joy upon the wind Let no one tie you down For your Free to soar upon the wind As the Tigress a fire burns As the one who rules with pride You can soar beyond the stars You can sing with true delight Let no one clip your wings As you soar beyond the clouds You will stand tall again You will sing out with love As your spirit Dances below the Stars...
SORRY TO ALL I HAVE NOT SENT LOVE TO!!! Sexy Comments From Red Cherry Tags
Asking For Help Please
HI, I need picture rates and comments if you could spare a few minutes. I am up against a bomber family, and every time my friends get me close, we end up falling way behind again....if you would like fu bucks to bomb, i will gladly pay you, just let me know what you want by e-mail and for how many comments......thank you to everyone that has been helping me.....Just click on the picture if you can help...thanks Needs over 2500 points to win fubucks. Most points wins a 7 days blast/1 months VIP as well. Most rates (over 200) wins 3 day blast/bling pack. Well your there don't forget to show the hostess some fu love.... MishNumber1 ¢¾ FubarWorldCruise & WISEUKF Owner ~ SUP ClubFAR ShadowLevelers UKFamily & SBG@ fubar
Can't Hide The Pain
This is my bright red scream as I press down harder blood begins to surface I convince myself "you don't feel pain, forget it, it's worth it" You convince yourself that there is no pain I try to forget it's just my sick little game there's white ones, red ones, fresh ones too I'm ashamed of what I do As time goes by they get harder to hide more and more skin with scars on the outside Hide them with long sleeved shirts, it covers them up but doesn't take away the hurt It hurts the same when nobody knows; it's just the way it goes Cut to feel alive, it's something I know is real It's something I wish I could hide, something I didn't have to feel When things get too bad it's first instinct to just cut away Cut away, make some new scars to just get through the day This time it got out of hand, cut too deep and can hardly stand Losing way too much blood and I begin to fall This will be my little secret, I won't say anything at all
Music Of The Soul
Music of the Soul by LateNiteFantasy© I hear the music, sweet tunes that caress my soul Music begging for music, it woes my soul so...... It enchants me......feeding my hunger But i'm hungry for much more... Food for the poets thought, ink for thirsty pen Lust like the ravaging whore, bringing on her final encore Show me the notes to the music Show me the words i can't find Write me a poem that touches me Playing this song as you write.
Pantera Revolution Is My Name
Comment on this video! More videos at myYearbook
Little Lost Lamb
Little Lost Lamb by LateNiteFantasy© hey look now, little lamb, something stops you where you stand, frozen in the forests wild, lost and alone, you poor wild child, something stirs in the bushes and trees, stop and see what everyone sees, the flowers, scented, and leaves so green, but what is it that stirs, silent, unseen? something in the air triggers your stance, as you look about wildly, here and there a glance, hey look now, little lamb, you have done what so few can, what dangerous woods have you survived? come out not stronger, not better, but alive, now all about you those woods are still, as if that something is ready to kill, little lamb, hey now, what do you hear? what comes closer, dangerously near? stop, listen, the wind doesn't blow, where will you run to, where can you go? the shadows have life that you've never seen, and though your senses are sharp and keen, this is a time when you can't run away, everything that's coming is coming this way
060708 Homer Simpson
You know, boys, a nuclear reactor is a lot like a woman. You just have to read the manual and press the right buttons.
If you awaken something in someone else, then you have made an approach to immortality. - Norman Cousins
Memory Of A Fellow Fubarian
I received an email from her daughter: My mom ( diana ) dies this morn , June 8 at 2:09 am eastern time. She had a note in her hand/ A part of which i am now whole it reads ... The note said .. Larry will know. I will wait for you there. Diana Born June 01 1959 .. Died June 8 2008
Semi Pro
I must admit, Will Farrel grows old quick in my book. I like him in smaller roles, because all his stuff is so over the top, it gets boring. So I rented Semi Pro, mostly because I had seen most everything else that was new and was out, and didn't expect too much. Plus my wife and the boy like these type of comedies, so I knew they'd enjoy it. Surprisingly, I really did too. I think that they did a really good job allowing others to shine, and keep Farrell in the forefront. Woody Harrelson, who I love, and Andre Benjamin, of outcast fame, were the other big names in the movie. And the usual cast of SNL alumni was scattered throughout. Farrell plays Jackie Moon, Owner, Coach, and Power Forward to the Flint Tropics of the ABA. It's set back in the 70's, at the time of the ABA/NBA merger. The fashion and attitude alone makes for good comedy. The NBA is taking 4 teams, and Jackie wants his team to be in the top four, so his is one of them. The only problem is, they're horrible
Earthquake Rocks Northern Japan
Earthquake rocks northern Japan The earthquakes triggered massive landslides At least four people have been killed and about 60 hurt by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake which struck the north of Japan's main island. The epicentre was in Akita prefecture, 100km (60 miles) north of the city of Sendai, at a depth of 10km (6.2 miles), according to the US Geological Survey. The tremor rattled buildings in nearby towns and in the capital, Tokyo, 390km (240 miles) to the south. All high-speed bullet trains in the area were automatically shut down. Several gallons of radioactive water leaked from two pools storing spent fuel at the Fukushima nuclear plant, but the operator said this posed no risk to the environment. Two other nuclear power plants in the area were being inspected but there were no immediate signs of damage, officials said. Several people were reportedly buried under mud at a hot spring hit by a landslide, with up to 100 more reportedly trapped. Adv
This Is Written By Latenitefantasy(enjoy)
The fruit is offered to him - a tribute for all he’s endured. Not payment; because nothing could approach the value of what he has given. Just a gift, brought to him with a bow and lowered gaze in gratitude and respect. He wants to proceed slowly, to savor. It’s been so long since he’s been given an offering of this quality. He’s starving and exhausted Worked into a state of utter deprivation. Her soul urges him: Take it Claim it Use what you need. It’s all for you, every bit. He lifts it from the altar of her love The husk parts easily under his thumbs and nectar runs out over the split coating his hands in fresh sweetness. The tender inner flesh is pink and glistening. Enticing. The scent is a powerful drug drawing him in. He pulls it up and into his mouth, addicted after the first taste. He plunges in, fiercely devouring the tribute. The juice runs down his face splashes against his chest covering him in its organic goodness: The smell,
Every One Is Welcome To Enter
Boyfriend Applications
Just tell me how you aren't like other guys, how you'll be different and why you want me to be your girlfriend...Best answer wins! Good luck...make me proud. Kimberly
Little Plainer
Walk a little plainer, said a little child so frail. I'm following in your footsteps, and I dont want to fail. Sometimes your steps are very plain, sometimes they are hard to see . So walk a little plainer , for you are leading me. I know that once you walked this way many years ago, and what you did along the way I'd really like to know. For sometimes when I'm tempted , I dont know what to do. So walk a little plainer, for I must follow you. Someday when I'm grown up, you are like I want to be. Then I will have a little child who would want to follow me. I would want to lead this child right, and help this precious gift to be true. So walk a little plainer, for we must follow you.
Well I made it! It was a long ride especially with a baby with me but I am here! It's hott (prolly jus cuz I am here now....I mean there is no way Texas was this hot before I got I mean it hasn't even been a full 48 hours yet but so far its great! Meet some of the neighbors and their kids. They are great and Alex likes the kids. We have 4 dogs and a cat here(cat is in hiding lol) so gotta get the baby used to it so he with stop chases them lol. Also I have a Bf now (YAY!) :D. My Master of Desires! I love you. I was started to worry I might lose him but not anymore. I love ya babe! Again to all my other friends I miss ya and hugz n kisses to you all. Muahz!! Don't forget me... Love, Kiri
kiss kiss *Kiss*.......*Kiss* *Kiss*.....*Kiss* *Kiss*...*Kiss* *Kiss**Kiss* *Kiss*...*Kiss* *Kiss*.....*Kiss* *Kiss*.......*Kiss* *Kiss*.........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* ........*Kiss* .........*Kiss* ...*Kiss*...*Kiss* .*Kiss*.......*Kiss* ...*Kiss*......*Kiss* ......*Kiss* ...........*Kiss* *Kiss*......*Kiss* .*Kiss*.......*Kiss* ...*Kiss*...*Kiss* .........*Kiss* .........*Kiss* ...*Kiss*...*Kiss* .*Kiss*.......*Kiss* ...*Kiss*......*Kiss* ......*Kiss* ...........*Kiss* *Kiss*......*Kiss* .*Kiss*.......*Kiss* ...*Kiss*...*Kiss* .........*Kiss
Three Kisses
The three kisses The Three Kisses © The kiss of hello The kiss that is never just a kiss The kiss that spikes vein with precision orchestra The kiss that heals in entirety The kiss that hides the relent of vex The kiss that suffocates rusting man The kiss without detail/ed system) The kiss that pounds each pore to state of heroin The kiss that Hiroshimates euphoria The kiss that approximates/parallels living The kiss only The kiss, the kiss The kiss of neither hello nor goodbye The kiss for the sake The kiss to save face The distracted kiss for/of domestic bliss The kiss to bathe mania in generic valium, the kiss of the motions The kiss of searing content, hindering suffocation and blasé defection The default kiss, the efficient kiss, the alteria (motive) kiss The kiss that makes sense The new language of kiss Le kiss, le kiss The kiss of goodbye The kiss that is never just a kiss The ki
&hearts Contest
Breast Cancer Awareness
Been suggested to make a blog of this. For those that know me, they know I am a very strong supporter for breast cancer awareness and hope for a cure. I had an aunt that passed away from it and a very good friend who is currently in remission from it. It affects everyone young and old alike. Personally, I would love for awareness and the hope to spread far and wide so that it isn't the threat it is now. With this in mind, here is the question, do you think pink or not at all?
Who Wants To Own Me???
I'm up for auction for my first time... wanna own me?? Click on the picture!!! And this is what I'm offering.... * make my crush for one month * rate all stash during happy hour for one month * join any lounges you'd like, and promote those lounges * put "fu owned by" with my name * buy drinks daily for one month * #1 family for one month * #1 friend for one month * Rate all pics during happy hour * Comment all pics during happy hour * Daily comments from me * Pimp out on my page, blogs, and bulletins * Gifts through out the week * up to 5 SFW salutes * up to 2 NSFW salutes (if bid is adequate enough)
Ne-yo - Sexy Love
My sexy love... (so sexy...) [Verse 1] She makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up Just one touch And I errupt like a volcano and cover her with my love Babygirl you make me say (Ohh ohhh ohhhh) And I just can't think (of anything else I'd rather do) Than to hear you sing (sing my name the way you do) When we do our thing (when we do the things we do) Babygirl you make me say (Ohh ohhh ohhhh) [Chorus] Sexy love girl the things you do (Oh baby baby) Keep me sprung, keep running back to you Oh I love making love to you Babygirl you know you're my (sexy love...) [Verse 2] I'm so addicted to her she's the sweetest drug Just enough Still too much say that I'm simp and I'm sprung all of the above I can't help she makes me say (Ohh ohhh ohhhh) And I just can't think (of anything else I'd rather do) Than to hear you sing (sing my name the way you do) When we do our thing (when we do the things we do) Oh, babygirl you make me say (Ohh ohhh ohhhh) [Chorus]
Katherine's Heart
Music Video Codes - Myspace Video Codes - Myspace Codes
Cancer Is So Limited...
It cannot cripple love. It cannot shatter hope. It cannot corrode faith. It cannot eat away peace. It cannot destroy confidence. It cannot kill friendships. It cannot shut out memories. It cannot silence courage. It cannot invade the soul. It cannot reduce eternal life. It cannot quench the Spirit. It cannot lessen the power of resurrection....
Weekend'ing & Saving Lives-double Duty
Well my Saturday started off enjoyable, ya know DJ'ing at a picnic in the park, being outside enjoying the weather. So my husband and I were in St. Charles and the park we were at was next to The Fox River. Now since all of the rain recently and flooding everywhere the river was still higher than it should have been, we saw a kid was wading along the river and I happened to look over and I go OMG, my husband looked up and we saw this 7 year old boy wading into the water, I knew something was gonna happen. This lady started walking over we thought to holler at the kid to tell him to get out, but he walked a little further, and so she stepped into the water and it wasn't until she stepped into the water we noticed she had a 4 month old baby on her shoulder and I started yelling, my husband was already running towards the water and the lady took two steps into the water, the kid went under the water she went under the water and the baby went under the water. My husband reached int
Goth Sexy 2
Which 1 Am I 2 U?
Woman, delicate, strong and beautiful. She can tease and she can smile. She can do such harm that makes her man kneel down and bow. All women want to be a queen in their man's heart. Always wanting the attention they can never get. But only a woman with honor, integrity, and patience will be the most beautiful woman of all. I'm saying not all women aren't beautiful, they all are. Each one just has a different way of showing their beauty. A woman's humor, a womens passion, and her every move is unique and extraordinary. Every women has a way to cast a spell on a man. Something about each woman keeps a man coming back and wanting more. No! not that! lol I mean coming back for you, wanting you for your personality, the way you smile, the way you cry and the way you laugh. This is for all the women out there who think they are not good enough, or think they are ugly. You are not ugly! It is true that everyone has an ugly side; but look deep in yourself and you will find a
Just got off the phone with my daughter I miss her really bad, I can't wait till I go pick her up :-)
What's The Point In Being A Fan?
I mean, isn't a fan someone who is a fanatical about a person? Fans are those outrageous people who will show you their titties at a concert, or ask you to fuck them in the break room. Yet, on this site, fan is nothing more than a means to get points. I have a few ladies who "fanned" me, but I can't even see their Private pics. What kinda fan is this?! Show me some titties! Who needs fans if they aren't going to show you a little extra? I believe that if someone adds you as a fan, then that should automatically open up their Private albums to you. Maybe all this damn point chasing would slow down for some REAL happy hour fun and interaction. Screw this shit! Unless you are willing to make your Private albums available to me, then don't bother adding me as a Fan. That's some stupid shit.
Knight Inlet Heli-skiing
The Best
Casey Stengel
"Most ball games are lost, not won."
A Glimpse Of Love
A Glimpse of Love by LateNiteFantasy© just catching the sight of you bending opens worlds to me. a glimpse, a hint of ethereal shape so keen, so sublime, my breath leaves and I am kneeling. the hands of the planet caress your every movement, enduing you with grace, holding you as I want you held in my grasp. O for time to stand on end as I taste, palpate, discover a resonate hunger only our verging souls and skin might quench.
Digital Sterility
Digital Sterility by LateNiteFantasy© Late Nite Fantasy likes to prostitute poetic verse. Katherine, being his current little e-kitty wife, anoints his keystrokes with naughty verbiage Late Nite Fantasy an internet adulterate with alliteration, germinates words of decadence filling substratum storage in Katherine’s hard drive. Both are climatic online receivers deceiving reality with starlight bliss, without ever giving each other one kiss.... ....
I Got Tagged By Dale!
Instructions..... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 6 people to be tagged, listing their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "you're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.... goes! (my 2nd one here) 1. The first time I ever saw my Ville was in a video called, "Solitary Man"...HIM's cover of Neil Diamond's song. As I watched this seductive man singing & moving on the stage on my screen...I was mesmerized. I had never seen anyone so strangely magnetic...I was so drawn to him I felt intoxicated. I couldn't see, hear or feel anything but this enticing creature who I would later know as Ville Valo...& come to love as my Ville... 2. I am one of those gals that cries at movies...not only sad ones but also ones that have happy endings where I'm just so happy thin
Welcome to Camelot King JJ and Queen Rebecca are looking for Knights in Shining Armour and Damsels in Distress to join them in Camelot. 1) Please F/R/A everyone in the kingdom, including the King and Queen. 2) Knights please say, "Knight in Shining Armour" in your friends requests or comments if already friends. Damsels please say, "Damsel in Distress" in your friends requests or comments if already friends. 3) Knights please rate 100 stash thumbs up at this link. Camelot Stash. Damsels please rate 100 stash thumbs up at this link. Camelot Stash. 4) When finished adding everyone and rating the stash, please send a message to MscFrk and a link to a picture you would like for your tag. Tags will be messaged to you. You can also view in Stash or in Photo Album. 5) Most importantly, have fun and welcome to the Kingdom of Camelot. KingLoneStarState_Cowboy QueenMscFrk Knight
One Year
Well, today, marks exactly one year since the queen of my world has been gone. WOW. One year? It seems like just yesterday I was driving every day on my days off to take her some Boost or just spend time with her to let her know I loved her. You see my grandmother was my life. She raised me well when mom was not there and she never treated me wrong. I was her favorite. More of a kid than a grandkid to her. Knowing that she is watching over me helps me get through this. But, nothing can compare to smelling her perfume when she walks into a room. Or as to getting a big bear hug from a small woman. Those big beautiful blue/green eyes that could light a room even with all the lil' wrinkles around them are missed so much. Hearing her fuss at my mom and aunt when they are messing up....priceless. Man, I miss that. I miss the trips to Houston to see specialists and any time spent with her. Oh and of course making trips to DQ for her strawberry shake. Man, I miss my beautiful grandma. My hero,
Proof .........
Im not exactly sure What you think I need Its not money Or all the expensive things One simple favor YES-its as easy as that Show me that all I give Is being given right back To the stars and back Id go one hundred times over To prove my love Because just once Wouldn't be enough Show how much you love me The best way you can Reassure this heart It'll be completely safe In your hands..... By BlueWolf © 7/03/2008
A shot of something, better pain killers, and a steroid to get the swelling down is what I got out of my emergency room excursion. I guess I was hoping for a miracle
Need Some Advice
today our land lord put a lock on the box to our a/c......just because we were one day late on the rent. when my daughter had called her yesterday and told her she would be in today. as her husband has been working late hours..and she agreed that it was ok well my son in law went to pay the rent and said he owed 100 more dollars for being late one day.she has refused to turn the air my son in law didnt pay the rent. now she has given him a 3 day eviction notice does anyone know what u can do about this....daughter called the local tv station and they are sending a crew out here in the morning.our apt isnt the only one that got shut off...and downstairs . her air is off and she has two infants in the apt...
Who Is She...
Who is this person who captures me? that takes me from my reality.... who is this woman who has stole my soul... and completely tantalized me? She came from out of nowhere... she stole my reasons... my security.... she opened my heart and lead me out of this darkness. who is she? She is a savior, a saint... the true meaning of heaven on earth. I see beyond myself when she is near... I face things I once feared all because of one person? Who is she? She knows she is clear on who she is... what she has done. She is... She is my heart.
My New Relationship
Hey Y'all im just lettin everyone know that yes I have found that special someone and she is the greatest thing to happen to me, she is very beautiful and isnt afraid to show her good side or bad side. Feel free to show her some love she is number 1 on my family and friends lists
Yay For Arguing
a "friend" and i constantly fight.. i am talking it is a constant thing... can't go a week without fighting it seems he is pissed off that i decided we are better off NOT friends after this last fight and i removed him.. saying i was fake and blahblahblah now.. why on earth would i stay friends with someone who has made me cry MORE THAN ONCE.. or who gets pissed off when i don't take his advice and picks a fight with me that lasts over an hour? i like abuse.. but not that much of it ffs... apparently i am crazy, a bitch, selfish, shady... a few other things as well ok :D sure dear!
My Apartment
It has been settled. They are letting me stay rent free until I move into my apartment. They will get me boxes when it's time to move. I have to pack, which is fine by me. I don't trust others to do that for me. Then they will move everything into my apartment. I'm just kinda irritated that I can't set up my apartment with my mom and her boyfriend's help. I have pictures to hang and artwork to hang. I guess I should be happy that they are trying to right their wrong, but I'm still kinda pissed. And I still have to pack my clothes and toiletries. I'm done with everything else. I need to finish my laundry so I can pack the clothes tomorrow. I have less than I expected, but I still have a lot of things. Oops. I forgot I need to go clean the mini fridge. And to make matters just a little bit worse it is supposed to pour down rain Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in NC and GA. Most everything will be in my mom's Expedition. But there are some things that will be in the bed of my truc
Lady Sunshine
Lady Sunshine by LateNiteFantasy© Sunshine is in my heart, Hope we'll never part. Sunshine is on my mind, Love you all the time. Sunshine, Sunshine, you're always mine. Sunshine is in my arms, Love me with your charms. Sunshine is my baby, My beautiful lady. Sunshine, Sunshine, you're always mine. Sunshine is my light, You make my darkness bright. Sunshine is my love, An angel from above. Sunshine, Sunshine, forever mine. Hey SunShine..did I find aka
Why Is Polyamory Considered Such A Bad Thing?
So I was blasted today by a small-minded idividual for not only having been in polyamorous relationships, but for allowing my husband to have girlfriends. Why does everyone assume that I am insecure and have no self-esteem? Why is it wrong if we are happy? Do I really need to explain this in full for all of those who just don't understand it?? I think first I need to define polyamory since there is already a misunderstanding in the answers. Polygamy is the practice of multiple marriages. In countries that don't recognize plural marriage, such as the U.S., polygamy is usually "spiritual" in nature and therefore each marriage may be recognized by a religious body, but not the State. The most common form of polygamy is polygyny, where one many is married to multiple women. Less common is polyandry where one woman is married to multiple men. Polygamy is not illegal since there is no State recognized marriages, which would be bigamy, and there is a difference between polyga
Hey what's good everyone, as you can tell I am new to Fubar. I am up here to make new friends and get along with everybody... I am a laid back person, funny, out-going, and multi-talented talented.. I am a very poet person and I like to sing, read, and write... So feel free to add me as a friend, stop by my page converse wit' me..... Just be respectful and we will get along fine :)
Live - I Alone
Music Video:I ALONE (by Live) Its easier not to be wise And measure these things by your brains I sank into eden with you Alone in the church by and by Ill read to you here, save your eyes Youll need them, your boat is at sea Your anchor is up, youve been swept away And the greatest of teachers wont hesitate To leave you there, by yourself, Chained to fate I alone love you I alone tempt you I alone love you Fear is not the end of this! Its easier not to be great And measure these things by your eyes We long to be here by his resolve Alone in the church by and by To cradle the baby in space And leave you there by yourslef Chained to fate Oh, now, we took it back too far, Only love can save us now, all these riddles that you burn All come runnin back to you, all these rhythms that you hide Only love can save us now, all these riddles that you burn Yeah, yeah, yeah
Why Would You Read This
I'm writing this while wondering why you're reading it...with so many blogs on the web I can only imagine that if you are reading this then you must not have much of a life....well If that's the case I'm sorry...the fact I'm typing this to let you know you have no life demonstrates the lack of life I actually have...haha. Anyway. Hi and thanks for reading this...I have nothing truely interesting to say, at least nothing interesting to anyone other than me. So now that i've entertained myself with something interesting to only me and determining that you have no life 'cause you're reading this......I'll let you go. Peace
I'm not the type to get my heart broken I'm not the type to get upset and cry Cuz I never leave my heart open Never hurts me to say goodbye Relationships don't get deep to me Never got the whole in love thing And someone can say they love me truly But at the time it didn't mean a thing Per-chorus: My mind is gone, i'm spinning round And deep inside, my tears i'll drown I'm losing grip, what's happening I stray from love, this is how I feel chorus: This time was different Felt like, I was just a victim And it cut me like a knife When you walked out of my life Now i'm, in this condition And i've, got all the symptoms Of a girl with a broken heart But no matter what you'll never see me cry Did it happen when we first kissed Cause it's hurting me to let it go Maybe cause we spent so much time And I know that it's no more I shoulda never let you hold me baby Maybe why i'm sad to see us apart I didn't give to you on purpose Gotta figure out how you stole my
I Need You
Cold - Crossfade
Music Video:COLD (by Crossfade) Looking back at me I see That I never really got it right I never stopped to think of you I'm always wrapped up in Things I cannot win You are the antidote that gets me by Something strong Like a drug that gets me high [Chorus x2:] What I really meant to say Is I'm sorry for the way I am I never meant to be so cold To you I'm sorry about all the lies Maybe in a different light You could see me stand on my own again Cause now i can see You were the antidote that got me by Something strong like a drug that got me high [Chorus x2] I never meant to be so cold I never really wanted you to see The screwed up side of me that I keep Locked inside of me so deep It always seems to get to me I never really wanted you to go So many things you should have known I guess for me theres just no hope I never meant to be so cold
I Wonder
as i lay here alone an hear the rain outside of my window i wonder if ill ever find happiness the joy of that one special ladie that i can call my friend my lover my everything my true love i wonder if a love like this is real an if ill ever find that kinda love i wonder by cleon i wonder
Cindy Celeste Trip July/august Pt 1
Damn where to begin i got on the boat thursday where i got fucked on crew change was supposed to go to my regular boat the sarah elizabeth and end up on this piece of shit cat boat on the illinois river. next i bump heads first watch with the mate over how he was talking to everyone. now its more drama today he is bitchiing the other watch out for not laying a wire yet when i asked to lay it he told me my job is to tighten them not lay them this is going to be an interesting trip to say the least i got roughly a week and a half left with this guy and from what was said the next crew is going to be harder. time will tell. until next time on as the propeller turns.
I Want To Let Go! But It Won't Let Me
Goodbye My Love by ~demonika-demise on deviantART Anything is better than to be alone oOInvisibleOo by ~x-xLithiumx-x on deviantART wonder whats wrong with me ....... by ~BabyBoo101 on deviantART I am shattering in
Add Your Midget! :)
Add your midget here as a comment!! :)
Thank You All
imikimi - Customize Your World I've received so much birthday love over the last few days that I can't begin to return it to everyone individually. Muah & hugs to you all. I'm glad to call you all friends.
An Enchanting Evening At The Marquis Ii
It was a Tuesday night when Fehn called me to see if I wanted to go out for cocktails that evening. “I don’t have any money,? I said. ‘Well, one of Megan’s friends told us the Marquis has $2 pitchers tonight, but I’m not really sure,’ he said. “No biggie,? I said, “let me call you right back.? I hung up the phone, and called information immediately to get the number to the Marquis. I called the bar, and to my delight, the hunch about cheap drinks that Fehn had actually panned out into something real, which was $2 pitchers. I called Fehn, telling him the good news. Upon hearing the news, he offered to buy my sister, Zuzu, and I cheap beer if we met up with Megan, his girlfriend, and him. I’ve never been one to pass up free drinks, so I jumped on the offer. “We’re on our way right now,? I told him. “See you soon!? The Marquis II is at the corner of Kirby and Bissonnet. It’s in a nice neighborhood, but there’s nothing nice about the bar at all. It’s a total fucking shit hole, which
Satire Or Slander
So as many have heard the New Yorker printed a picture of Barack Obama and his wife as fist bumping, flag buring, Bin Laden worshiping, fanatical Muslims. So is it Satire or Slander?
4 Horny Pornstars
If vid doesn't show:
My Owners! What Hotties!
PONYBOY0827 ~owned by carolvision63 and Mia - The Inked Slut~@ fubar
Staring At The Clock
Sitting here staring at the clock All the rage inside I try to block. My soul is in a pit of fire. Burning with a fuel so ire. Love and joy is frozen in an icy tomb. And darkness has began to consume. Consuming my mind, body, and soul. Swallowing my entire being up whole. Devastation will only be left in its wake. I have to fight for control for my own sake. If I dont I know Ill surely die. Goto hell and eternally fry. Sitting here staring at the clock. As the darkness continues to mock. Seeing I have no dignity nor any pride. For tears of hate is all Ive cried. I see how angry and cold Ive grown. Its the only thing my darkness has shown. Pushing away those who truely care. Because its only my cross to bare. With this Im destined to be alone. Into my darkness Ive been thrown. Wanting Death to put me in the ground. For my lunacy has become unbound. So I sit here staring at the clock. Waiting for that final tick-tock. Come Death, take me from this pl
The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself. — Henry Miller
464 To Level Help Her Out
♥Sweet Stina♥@ fubar
Fuowen Cherakeelady
Dj Ghost Live Right Now Get Excited And Join Him
Vampy"Owner" MysticsVampireDen' wrote the following at '2008-06-27 18:04:36'.. > > Fire My Words > > Fire My Words > > VAMPIRESS IS OUR OWNER AND SHE DJ'S SOME TIME TOO LETS SHOW HER SOME LOVE > Vampy"Owner" MysticsVampireDen@ fubar > > DJ GHOST ( ME ) WHAT YOU THINK NOT BAD HUH (LOL)SHOW ME A LITTLE LOVE TOO. > HEAD DJ GHOST (RIDER) of Mystics Vampire Den@ fubar > > THIS IS HAVEN OUR CO=OWNER AND DJ. SHOW THIS LITTLE VAMP A LOT OF LOVE > > Haven - Co-Owner/Manager of Mystics Vampire Den@ fubar > > THIS IS RUM HE NEEDS A LOT OF HELP ONE WAY OR THE OTHER NAH HE'S A GREAT GUY AND ALSO CO-OWNER OF OUR LOUNGE > Dj rum_tum Co-owner of MYSTIC VAMPIRES DEN@ fubar > > > > > > CLICK ON VAMPIRE PIC BELOW TO BE TAKEN DIRECTLY INTO VAMPY'S VAMPIRE CAVE > > > > > >
Love Remains The Same
Lyrics | Love Remains The Same lyrics
Why So Far
Looking for answers, hoping to find, the solution to all the questions floating in your mind. You found the solution, how can it be, it only leads to more questions, more answers to seek. Finally found the answer, is it the path to take, how can it be, the solution I see is so far away.
Believe Me
I Can't Believe Him....
My fucking brother broke my new piece that I just bought. Came home from work the other morning and he tells me that he was outside smoking and he dropped it! I cant fucking believe it...That had thick glass too.... damn man Didnt even have it for more than a week...what a freaking so mad about that. So now do I go buy a new one and not tell him or anyone else and be stingy with it or do I continue to stick with blunts??? hmmm I think Im gonna go buy a bong now and work with Im glad I only paid 20 bucks for that thing...but hell I really liked it.....blah!
this job interview lasted 2 hours and i had to meet with 5 different people, for about a 1/2 hour a piece, except 2 people at once in one of the intervals. one guy said "you seem you be a good fit for our company." and i said "yeah because i have big a wop scrotum."
Uk Lady
My friend below is in a contest for fu-bucks, she needs 30k in comments & we are trying to get her 3rd now as 1st & 2nd have gone. So please go show her some luv & leave some comments. Thank you Luv Di aka PiNkLaDy xx
Spend Time With Family And Friends.....
because you may never see them again and live each day to the fullest. Why am I posting this it's because I just lost a cousin on Friday July 18 the last time I saw him was at his wedding 2 years ago well maybe when our grandmother died anyway it had been two years and now I will never see him again so please do not take you family for granted....
31 Days [part One]
nine inch nails.sunspots sunspots, cast a glare in my eyes. sometimes, i forget i'm alive. i feel it coming and i've got to get out of it's way. i hear it calling and i come 'cause i can't disobey. i should not listen, and i shouldn't believe. but i do, yes i do. she turns me on. she makes it real. i have to apologise. for the way i feel. my life, it seems has taken a turn. why in the name of god would i ever want to return. peel off our skin we're going to burn what we were to the ground. fuck in the fire and we'll spread all the ashes to the ground. i want to kill away the rest of what's left. and i do, yes i do. she turns me on. she makes it real. i have to apologise. for the way i feel. and nothing can stop me now. there is nothing to tear. and everything that ever was. is inside of here. i won't, i won't, i won't. inside of here. now i just stare into the sun. and i see everything i've done. i think i could have been someone. but i can't stop what has begun. when everything is s
Morph 5
To Jered.
ITs Not Fair When You Say It Not Fair At All When You Say I Love You But You Dont Not At All Its Juss A Bunch Of Lies You Think Your So Kewl Untill You Get Played Juss Like The Fool That You Are You Think That Your Better Then Most Other Guys But You Tell Lies And Lead Us All On Break Our Hearts And Juss Leave Without One Word Without One Explaination So When You Read This I Hope You Understand Why Girls Play The Same Games The Games You Guys Play -Nikkol*Marie
You Made Promises Ones That I Thought That You Would Keep Promises That Meant Something To Me. Things Were Just Fine, You Went and Ruined It. I Put My Heart Into What We Had. I Loved You More Then Anything, Made You My Everything. Then You Went and Broke My Heart. Promised Me That I Would NEVER Lose You. Promised That You Would Never Hurt Me, Promised That You Werent Like the Rest, When Put To The Test, You ARE Like The Rest.
Do You See What I See?
Cyanide & Happiness @
Meh. Is it true? YOU tell me :) Your score on this personality test was 71%  Others see you as an exciting, highly volatile, rather impulsive personality; a natural lead, who's quick to make decisions, though not always the right ones. They see you as bold and adventuresome, someone who will try anything once; someone who takes chances and enjoys an adventure. They enjoy being in your company because of the excitement you radiate.Personality QuizTake More Quizzes -REL
Angel In Distress
Angel In Distress" ""Don't Walk into my life, if your going to just walk out! Don't say you love me, if its not without a doubt! Don't say it's the truth, if it's all a lie, don't say hello if your just going to say goodbye
Free Yourself
Arrogance is the worst kind of loneliness because it is entirely self-imposed. If you become impressed with your own importance, everyone else ceases to be impressed at all. The worst kind of ignorance is to think you know it all. For that is an ignorance into which you sink more deeply as each moment passes. Those who are most genuinely admired are those who have no need to be admired. Those who learn the most are those who have the honesty to admit what they do not know. Anyone who must announce that he is an expert most likely is not. The real experts are those who spend their time listening and learning rather than boasting and preening. Humility is a virtue that will carry you far. When you are free from the crushing demands of ego, there is so very much more you can accomplish. Let go of the need to be better than others. And you'll free yourself to reach magnificent heights of success and fulfillment. -- Ralph Marston
ok,,not sure why i am doing this but i have a few of you notice i have been quiet and acting funny. well the family life isnt to good right now ,being blamed for shit i didnt do,,esp when not around to do it,drunk bro has convinced family i am a lier and thief,well the whole time he is the one,sigh. and now sister has somehow convinced the boys to not wanna toss the ball or just go out and play,and those of you that know me,,kids are my am looking to get out of here soon,i hope.i have never really knew what true stress was until now. i guess losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks kinda woke me up to the fact something needs to change. but not asking for pity,no, just explaining to anyone out there if i seemed quiet or stranger then usual,lol, that is why.nuthin more.and now,my friends i need more coffee,3 hours sleep just doesnt seem enough,haha
New Contest Themes?
First Off I Want To Thank Miss Honeyshine For Sponsoring The Auction With A Blast..She Would Like To Sponsor A Contest This Time With Either A Blast Or Bling Pack To The Winner..The Contest Will Be Most Rates Wins... But I Will Also Be Giving Fubucks Random Amounts To Everyone That Participates Depending How Many Rates They Get... But We Need A Theme For The Contest ..So Leave A Comment Here Or Send Me A Message With A Theme Idea..
Scots Airbase 'safe Until 2050'
Scots airbase 'safe until 2050' RAF Leuchars will see the arrival of the Eurofighter The future of RAF Leuchars, in Fife, has been secured for the next 40 years, the base commander has said. Air Commodore Clive Bairsto, also said up to £100m would be invested there over the next decade. RAF Leuchars, along with Coningsby, in Lincolnshire, will accommodate the RAF's new Eurofighter, which will start to replace the Tornado in 2010. It would secure the jobs of about 1,500 air force personnel at the base as well as 200 civilian staff and contractors. Air Commodore Bairsto said three squadrons, each containing 16-18 pilots, would be moving to Fife. Leuchars, he added, would continue to operate as a fighter base up to 2050. About £80-£100m is to be spent on rebuilding the station for the new aircraft. The Typhoon was also described as being "much quieter" during take-off and landing than the Tornado, which is scheduled to go out of service in March 2011.
They Say Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend... But... What About the Color PINK and all things PINK? ? Oh and PINK is sure her favorite color!! Go show my newest owner lots o' lovins!! She is trying to GodMother so lets help her get there! Rate her, Bling her, Blast her!! Do it all and do it rough! Do it for your fellow man!! Wooooohooo!! Please let me know you have and I will love on you too! :) Tell her....Ultimate Desire....sent you! BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Your Ultimate Desire¢â & Owner of The Lust Lounge & Captain for Fu Luv & Owned by PebblesinAZ!
How My Mind Works for how I behave online and in situations where my inhibitions are relaxed substitute enfp in those links. I never knew that only 4% of people are like me. No wonder I sometimes think no one understands.
Playboy Fantasy Party
New Party! R/F/A All members in the party (if you come across someone alresdy on your friends list send them a profile comment saying playboy fantasy party) Once you have added everyone please send a private message to both Summer and Tracy Thank you. Owner Summer~Uk~Leveler~Brit~Bomber~4~Sarges~Badgirls ~Stalker~Of~Alex~Fu~Owned~By~Tracy~@ fubar Owner ****TrAcY mEmBeR oF fuBaR uK wOrLd cRuIsE ******MeMbEr Of ThE bOoZe CrUiSe**@ fubar Co-Owner nath&ellie
Re: Why Does The Illuminati Eye Infest Christian Churches?
RE: Why Does The Illuminati Eye Infest Christian Churches?
Welcome! Plz Read, Comments Are Welcome!
> > > > > > > My Music - Thunderstruck > > Welcome to the the > Thunder & Lightning Levelers > > > > > > (Note: If you want to join after reading this blog, leave a prvt message that you read the blog and want to join :D) > > The Co-Founders are: > > SingleDad38 > ~♦SingleDad38♦~@ fubar > > LilBamaGirl > LilBamaGirl@ fubar > > CinDragon > CinDragon@ fubar > > > We each have equal say and no changes will be made without each of us in agreement. There is no ONE person in charge here. We are a team. > > We each have experience with leveling and what it takes to level on a daily basis. We each have the same philosophy of having fun with zero tolerance for drama. > > Our goal is to have a family that what YOU put into it you will get out of it. The more you help the more you will be rewarded by easier level ups, being chosen for LOD and achieving your goals in Give Aways. > > BASIC RULES: > 1. HAVE FUN > 2. NO DRAMA > 3.
You Ever Wonder Why Our Minds Wonder?
You ever take a min to think why you think of the things you do, or want to do? You ever take a min to think why think of things you use to do and don't do them anymore? You are letting you mind wonder in a wonderworld, where you and your mind wants to take you and be able to get there. Just try not to wonder to far or you will get lost or lose where you started.
Check out this funny video!
(′hī·lə′fō·bē·ə) (psychology) An abnormal fear of forests.
2012 And The Mayan Doomsday Prophecy
Women perform miracles every day, including the greatest of all miracles: the creation of new life. If it had fallen upon men to perform such a great deed the human race would have become extinct immediately. - Me
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I am not sure but I have started drink so I know I am going out. I am guessing cowboys for now but plans might change.
Right Here Waiting
Ocean's apart day after day And I slowly go insane I hear your voice on the line But it doesn't stop the pain If I see you next to never How can we say forever [Chorus:] Wherever you go Whatever you do I will be right here waiting for you Whatever it takes Or how my heart breaks I will be right here waiting for you I took for granted, all the times That I thought would last somehow I hear the laughter, I taste the tears But I can't get near you now Oh, can't you see it baby You've got me going crazy [Chorus] I wonder how we can survive This romance But in the end if I'm with you I'll take the chance Oh, can't you see it baby You've got me going crazy
Blue Beauty....
This is so beautiful...just totally blows me away at the beauty of our planet....and such moving music too! Check out the link...
Our Deep Inside Strenght.
You can Though the task is one of great difficulty, the capabilities you bring are even greater. For not only is there much you can do, you can learn and grow to do much more. When the situation changes, you can adapt. When a new problem arises, you can discover the fresh opportunities that come along with it. You can call upon the wisdom inside you that grows more extensive with each new experience. You can listen to your heart, where there is valuable truth that goes beyond what your mind can explain. You can draw great strength from the connection you have with others. You can align yourself with the beauty and goodness that reside firmly and persistently in every corner of life. In the darkest darkness, you can shine a light. In the most difficult circumstances, you can act to make a profound and positive difference. You can know, you can understand, and you can live in the service of a purpose that becomes more powerful and refined with each passing moment. Choose t
I find myself consumed in oral fixation; often caught up in my distraction, watching their mouths form words and their pink tongues slipping out across plump lips. I want to pull them close and whisper against their ears “Let me help you with that…” This keening need arises at the most inopportune times; like now, while in conversation a motion catches my eye. Unbeknownst to him I am his enrapt audience. Entranced as his expert mouth slick with melting crème rasps across the rough cone, I suppress a moan as he continues to lick and tease the tip of that very lucky chocolate and vanilla swirled soft serve ice cream cone. Transfixed by his movements; lost in my imaginings, a willing slave to the images of his tongue on my lips, breasts, trailing and tantalizing, my body an orgy feast as his hands and nails dig into my quivering flesh. I’m sorry, what were you saying…? Yet another firm mouth form words and I want to climb aboard in writhing ecstasy as those lips and that m
A Lesson Learned
A Lesson Learned by Linda H. She is sitting at the computer and wondering what it is that her husband does so late every night. She doesn't know where to begin but she knows she has to find out. She is a little afraid, as the questions roll in her mind. The thoughts are making her tremble, "what if I find something I don't want to find?" she says aloud into the silence of the empty room. She knows he goes into the chat rooms but what is it that he does there? The chat icon is calling to her 'click here' it says in her mind so she does. At first, the rolling lines of the room do not make sense to her, so she just watches. She realizes that the "asl" that people keep typing in the room means age, sex, location, so she types hers into the room. At first, she doesn't see a response, then someone types "hi" and ask her about her profile. She explains that it is her husbands name and that she doesn't have a name of her own. She isn't even sure if she knows
Monday Opie And Anthony Links: O&a Return Live Today - Turn On Your Paltalk, New Boobs On Ratemywow, Dr Michael Baden From Autopsy - Live In Studio, N
Listen to Today's OPIE & ANTHONY Show on AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) Halleluiah and happy Monday everybuddy! The Opie and Anthony Show returns to entertain you LIVE this morning! DO they? Yes indeedy, Chester... everyone is here, ready, willing and able to provide YOU, the listener with many hours of live, UNCENSORED (if you have XM, that is) radio show. Today on the Opie and Anthony Radio POgram, we'll be hanging with Dr. Michael Baden, who you know from HBO's Autopsy series. Remember, kids... if you want to see any of the ghoulish people in-studio then you're going to want to turn on your PALTALK, and head to the Opie and anthony LIVE room. (no, you don't need a webcam to check out the live video feeds). You might see a radio show...and then again, you might see a young lady taking off her clothes and showering. NEW BOOBS ON RATEMYWOW: Ah yes, the fantastic boobies are also back from vacation! Thanks again to our west coast buddies Yoshi and Brandon I
A Real Mom
For those of you who are great moms, those of you who plan to be great moms, those who have great moms and those of you who had great moms! REAL MOTHERS Real Mothers don't eat quiche; they don't have time to make it. Real Mothers know that their kitchen utensils are probably in the sandbox. Real Mothers often have sticky floors, filthy ovens and happy kids. Real Mothers know that dried play dough doesn't come out of shag carpets. Real Mothers don't want to know what the vacuum just sucked up. Real Mothers sometimes ask 'Why me?' and get their answer when a little voice says, 'Because I love you best.' Real Mothers know that a child ' s growth is not measured by height or years or grade...It is marked by the progression of Mama to Mom to Mother... The Images of Mother 4 YEARS OF AGE - My Mommy can do anything! 8 YEARS OF AGE - My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot! 12 YEARS OF AGE - My Mother doesn't really know quite everyt
A Country Feels The Pain Of A Hurdler
National mourning began as Liu Xiang rubbed his right leg, signaling the source of his pain, telling 1.3 billion Chinese citizens that he would not be crossing even one hurdle this day. The sadness radiated outward to fans and officials and journalists, who immediately wept at the downfall of their national hero. All over China, people felt the collective sting of failure, concentrated in one athlete, which is always a risky business. The spectators wanted no more of the morning heats Monday at the National Stadium. They staggered out of the stadium as if in shock after witnessing a car crash. Liu’s body had failed, which, in the eyes of many Chinese people, meant they had failed, too. Feng Gang, 33, who came with four friends from the city of Chongqing to see Liu compete, called the injury “a pity,” but added: “In the end, it really matters only to himself. We are just the audience. I am sure he is the one that regrets this the most, not anyone else. We feel disappointed, of c
My Sad Heart
Not too much going on right now. My gf passed away this month. Im doing okay for right now. Just had the funral March 22, 2008. We took her off life support she was pretty much gone. No brain activity her eyes where fixed and dilated.It crazy becuase i just talked too her the morning before she passed away.Told me she was doing fine. I dont know, i dont understand but life goes on.
My Support
Just met up with my mom and neice. I love them they are so great. My mom has always been there when i needed her. Yup she has met alot of ladys that i have been with in the past. Some she didnt like some she was okay with. LoL some that where too young she thought. She kind of told me that i might have too take care of her someday. I said mom dont worry about it, you know i will.My dad we never got along very well when i was younger but i tell you i love the guy now.They have bolth been good parents.
[did I Leave Anything Out?]
The great failing of popularity is mediocrity. An underload of overwhelm. Wait, strike that, reverse it. --- Now where was I? Oh, right. I was completely underwhelmed by Warhammer. It was like... well, it was World of Warcraft... every class plays like the WoW rogue, the quest system is completely ADD, and the whimsy and wanton killing... doesn't make up for it. It's an incomplete game kids. The lore book of built in quests and achievements was AWESOME- but... a bad combat system with no class balance (seriously- it was just a button slapper, and you could outdamage a heavy armored melee class with a healer class :P there was no point in roling something that couldn't regenerate- and there was no point in rolling one of those because the combat was uncomplicated and unchallenging, and ... BORING in its hyperspeed and uninventive technique combinations and lack of diverse classes and abilities, naught but a button smasher), a hyper quest system that is NONSTOP ERRANDS
Peep My Page Out
new pic ladies hope ya like it and i hope ya can scream @ me if ya like wat ya see
Lost In Thoughts
Have you ever had those days when your just sitting around your house and all you can think about is the one your with? Or even at work or with your other friends. I do it all the time. Everyday when I wake up hes usually the first thing I think about and the last thing when I go to bed at night. Throughout the whole day I have moments when I just smile and I realize that its him on my mind. But then the hard part kicks in... I don't really see him. But when I do its bliss. I'm the happiest girl alive. It's been awhile since I've seen him last and it kills me. I feel like I'm in high school all over again with him. As korny as it sounds and I know I'm killing your eyes by having ya'll read this, lol.. But even though it hasn't been that long I can't help it. I'm not used to such niceness and someone being so sweet. Someone making feel like I'm wanted and needed. I love it!!!! And the best part about it is that I know its not going anywhere for awhile. When I call and h
Ryan Robbert Owens
(CHRONIC FUTURE) You're the element of surprise that none of us were prepared for The dead body behind the curtain that we couldn't help but stare towards This afternoon you were an only child and a friend to me This evening you're not breathing you're just the seed of a memory Memories of better days Turn the pages back to a faded photograph of Memories of yesterdays The years'll pass by but they'll never bring me back to you My memory remembers presently everything from that night My senses always sensor any awful images or sights But I didn't get to see through the eyes his poor mother did I just ask why she had to be the one to discover him All I ask is a better day A better way To carry the weight of you I sing this song to remember the days When I wasn't afraid To carry the weight of you To the friend that I love who has different roots of blood You are the earth that makes mud that comes from rain that made the flood We cycle in and out of what our
My Brain Hurts
I suck...i missed one. It's harder than it looks! *Use the 1st letter of your LAST name to answer each of the following...(*They have to be real places, names, things...nothing made up!) Use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. (WHICH BY THE WAY IS HARD IF YOU ALREADY READ THEIR ANSWERS) You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl. 1. What is your last name?............... A…. 2. 4 letter word.............................. ants 3. Vehicle: ...................................acura 4. City / Neighborhood: ...............altoona 5. Boy Name: ...............................adam 6. Girl Name: ................................. ashley 7. Occupation: ................................ 8. Something you wear:..................anklet 9. Food: ..................................... apple 10. Found in a bathroom:...........aspirin (well not in my bathroom.. but someones) 11. Reason for Being Late...........alcohol 12. S
You Can Count On Me
you can count on me to love you from now until eturnity you can count on me to be by yerside from now until the day i die you can count on me to hold your hand you can count on me to put a smile on yer face when you are sad you can count on me when nothing else is going right you can count on me to just be me.
Olympic Comments Here are the top nine comments made by NBC sports commentators during the last Summer Olympics that they would like to take back: 1. Weightlifting commentator: "This is Gregoriava from Bulgaria. I saw her snatch this morning during her warm up and it was amazing." 2. Dressage commentator: "This is really a lovely horse and I speak from personal experience since I once mounted her mother." 3. Paul Hamm, Gymnast: "I owe a lot to my parents, especially my mother and father." 4. Boxing Analyst: "Sure there have been injuries, and even some deaths in boxing, but none of them really that serious." 5. Softball announcer: "If history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing again." 6. Basketball analyst: "He dribbles a lot and the opposition doesn't like it. In fact you can see it all over their faces." 7. At the rowing medal ceremony: "Ah, isn't that nice, the wife of the IOC president is hugging the cox of the British crew." 8.
Mudd Boggin Train
Mud Bogging with Tuffy1 Train The Rules: 1. Stop by Tuffy1's page and rate his Mud Bogging Folder... Mud Blog Folder 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Party List. If you are already friends with someone, check to make sure you have re-rated him/her and leave a comment... "Havin' Fun in the Mud!." 3. Private message Carrie when you have completed rating each party guest. She will make you a thank you tag... And add you to the guest list... 3. When new people join the party... You must rate/fan/add/comment them back... DO NOT just ACCEPT the friend request 5. Repost the bulletin so it can be seen by as many people as possible. 6. NO DRAMA... You agreed to the rules... So, be sure you follow through... No cheating... Please... Click on this tag to go to the folder where you can pick up your tag... Feel free to save and upload your tag or rip it... But if you rip it, you will NOT receive points when someone rates it on your page. P
Its Tuesday
i went to the notting hill carnival over the weekend and had a lot of laughs there. trying out caribbean food and listening to soca, reggae and house on some of the biggest sound systems there are. at good times the floor was shaking and you could feel your cheeks vibrate with the bass. got myself a bit of a stomach upset , was doing somersaults yesterday and still got the trots today. other than that a good time was had.
Support Your Troops Auction Now Open
I Am in a new auction ...And I am supporting our troops... The new auction is called Support the Troops auction Minimum bid is 50K Come Bid on me you know ya wanna try and tame me .... Many have tried all have failed ...Can you tame this supporter? I am offering lots and as bids go higher I will add more... Now what are you waiting for DROP AND GIVE ME A BID .... MZ.BELLE~~Fu Owner/Owned By I'm Smut~~MIKEY~~@ fubar
Essence Of Beauty
Essence of beauty There are so many different aspects of life that you cannot ever experience them all. And therein lies the beauty of being. With each dawning day comes a fresh new set of possibilities. The more you choose to experience, the more there is remaining to experience. As you contemplate all that you know, you create new avenues of contemplation. The more intensely you explore, the more new territory you open up for further exploration. There is no end to that territory of experience. For each possibility leads surely to a whole new universe of possibilities. Within you is life that ever yearns to know itself more fully. Every moment is an opportunity for new and unique expression. The essence of beauty is that there is no limit to the way that beauty can be, no limit to the form that beauty can take. Now is the moment to experience beauty in a way that it has never been known before. -- Ralph Marston
Help Make This Punk A Godfather!! Bites & Licks
Can U spare a few minutes and help me make Punk a godfather.. he's close just needs a lil help from great friends!! Please and thank you .. muahhhzzz!! Just Click Here ..*bats eyelashes* hehehe
More On Palin
From a retired Air Force Colonel friend of mine. From classmate Bill Mitchell. Well said. Mike For 2 Cents…My thoughts….. This is unquestionably a risky choice, but I think it has its elements of brilliance. It’s unorthodox and exciting. Experience: She actually has more DECISION-MAKING, EXECUTIVE experience (in spite of her short term) than Obama. A governor needs to run a budget and get it through a legislature. He has zero experience in either business or executive government. But if experience is the issue (and bring it on), we need to focus on the candidates for President, not VP. There is no contest here. Outsider/Maverick: McCain has always been the maverick shit-disturber, and she might just be his soul-mate on this. The woman is fearless. She has been fighting corruption in Alaska and winning, including cleaning out Republicans and Democrats alike. She’s known as a reformer in her state. Her No Beltway Ex
Lets Not Over Look Ourselves
Be kind to yourself Be kind to yourself. The better you feel, the more value you can create for your world. Learn from your mistakes, but don't hound yourself relentlessly with them. Build for the future, but don't withhold from yourself the joys that you can live right now. Delight in life's pleasures without sinking into meaningless excess. Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you as it resonates with the beauty that is within you. Find genuine satisfaction in productive, meaningful effort. Give the best that you have, and discover the real, lasting treasures you receive from doing so. Provide yourself with the energy, commitment and determination to do much. And regularly give yourself some peaceful, relaxing time to do nothing. Treat yourself with kindness, courtesy, respect and the highest of expectations. For life is as good as you choose to make it. -- Ralph Marston
Chapter 3
Chapter III A Thought-less Thought: Is a single thought alive? Does it think? Does it breathe? Does it have a soul? Can it be consciously aware of itself and its life as it zips by in a flash? I've always wondered that quite a few times before. If a thought is alive and aware, can it also think and alter itself for some reason or another? (If it is though, I'd rather not know what that thought is really thinking!) The reason I ask? Well, it’s simple enough. It would be nice to know how a thought comes into being. What makes that quiet voice in the back of your head all of the sudden speak up and whisper that phrase which just sits there like lead? But yet it slips down from the sub-conscious into the conscious mind and echoes and bounces through your mind like a sad imitation of a Super Bouncy Ball. Only this one has razor sharp claws and a tongue that fillet all within its reach. I know you all know that voice and the destruction it brings with it... It's that voice that quietl
Country Heroes~ Hank Iii
Well, oh what a feeling that burns down low when you ain't got no where to turn, or no where to go It makes me feel like sometimes I'm outta control So I'm gonna get wasted with all my country heroes I'm drinkin' some George Jones, and a little bit of Coe Haggard's easin' my misery and Waylon's keepin' me from home Hank's givin' me those high times - Cash is gonna sing it low I'm here gettin' wasted - Just like my country heroes I'm drinkin' that whiskey out of that glass and if that ain't country, boys, you can kiss my ass 'cause wanna hear them old songs - nothin' of the new 'cause this might be the last time I'm gonna see you So I'm drinkin' some George Jones, and a little bit of Coe Haggard's easin' my misery and Waylon's keepin' me from home Hanks givin' me those high times - Cash is gonna sing it low and I'm here gettin' wasted - just like my country heroes I'm here gettin' wasted - with all my country heroes
Evil Incorporated
Because Augustine’s theory of Virtue lacks a clear distinction of evil modern society must augment Augustine’s paradigm of Virtue in order for the individual to lead a happy life. For good to exist in Augustine’s philosophy evil must pass out of darkness and be incorporated as a necessary factor in philosophical thought for completeness of theory. What is evil? The very desire to find the universal good is driven by the problem of evil in our world. Philosophers who try to conceptually exclude evil from theory run the risk of having entire arguments with blinded conclusions. Through the history of philosophy the thinkers who have tried to cognitively limit the power of evil have come up short while others whom have addressed evils presence in the world have shed more practical light on the human condition. There is no equation or formula for good and evil because no deductive analysis of evil can be verified or negated. We must develop, with our working knowledge of humans, how we are
Caa #26
One of my coworkers needs special prayers. Her son was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. She took her daughter to the Dr. yesterday complaining of stomach cramps, now the doc thinks it may be the same thing as her brother. She has gotten the tests and are waiting for results. Let us send angel prayers, power and love for my friend, her son and especially her daughter that it turns out to be something else that is curable or nothing at all. Doc
Where I Stand
Where I stand, I try to find the words written in the sand. Where I stand, I can't seem to find the answers. Where I stand, my heart is breaking. Where I stand, You seem so far away. Where I stand, I am all alone. Where I stand, The rain is falling, and I am still calling. Where I stand, The thunder covers the sound of my heart breaking. Where I stand, I can't understand, i still try to find the answers in the sand. Where I stand, the world is against me, I only wanted to be, Who you see. A friend. I only wanted a friendship, one that would never end. You will always be in my heart, and to me you will never be that far apart. Where I stand, I only wish you could see, I am only me. Where I stand, I wish you were here. Here where I stand.
a group; an assembly
Dr. Reynolds Exposes 9/11 Tv Fakery On Foxnews
As cablecast live on 9/10/2006. Note that FoxNews is too chicken-s to show the cartoon videos while Reynolds exposes them, opting only to show stills.
The Vanishing Republican Voter-3
(Page 3 of 4) Republican economic management since 2001 has not yielded many benefits for middle-income America. Adjusting for inflation, the incomes of college graduates actually dropped by 5 percent between 2000 and 2004 — and 44 percent of the people of Prince William are college graduates. Prince William is also ground zero for the middle-class revolt against the Bush administration’s easy immigration policies. An estimated 10 million migrants have entered the United States since 2000, at least half of them illegally, and few places in the United States have reacted more angrily than Prince William County. Last year, the Prince William Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to require the local police to check the immigration status of all arrested persons. Skip to next paragraph Blog The Caucus The CaucusThe latest political news from around the nation. Join the discussion. * Election Guide * More Politics News Related Times Topics: Income Inequality
Calander Hottie Contest
The Pretenders - I'll Stand By You
Coding Stuffs
Enter for your chance to win a Fender guitar! Click the pic below to "Like" Stars Go Dim on Facebook. Once they reach 20,000 "Likes" they will randomly draw a name for yhe Fender Guitar. ~† CLICK A PIC TO ENTER † ~
Hurricane Ike
HURRICANE IKE Mon, 08 Sept 2008 With the impending threat of Hurricane Ike, the Governor of Louisiana is considering a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. In response to this possibility the Governor of Texas has ordered the demolition of all bridges between the two states. Texas figured it would be cheaper to rebuild the bridges.
I'm Speechless
What Occult Power Best Suits You?
What occult Power best suits you ? Your Result: Premonition you have the ability to see the future and the past before it happens , don't you feel special you can get a heads up ,before you fail that math test . Clairoyance Healing Precognition Telepathy Astral projection Psychometry Dreamwalking
In Case You Haven't Already...
She's pretty much the most awesome person I know I want her on the top of my screen for an hour Go rate this picture and make it so...or else!!! ****If you rate it message me and I'll give you 5k in FuBucks**** This idle threat brought to you by: Miss Licks
Libra - Lovescope For Week Of September 15, 2008
Libra - Lovescope for week of September 15, 2008 Right now you're driving through a romantic minefield with blinders on. Open your eyes. Take more information into account. Most importantly, get opinions from third parties. There's a huge piece of the puzzle that you're missing right now, and unless you open up and realize that you don't have all the answers, you'll run straight into a trap. This week you could easily slip into depression over your romantic situation unless you remember that you're beautiful, loving, and worthy of having a perfect, loving, supportive romance in your life. This week the final pieces fall into place on Saturday and Sunday when lighthearted lunar energy helps bring important information into your scope of awareness. Suddenly a new ray of light helps you take the blinders off and you can negotiate the minefield with ease and grace.
Did I Say Read My Profile?
Uh have you bothered to read my profile? Duh I have rules I myself broke and need to fix it now . So I am doing my deleting tonight. I want you to know I am real and not just a number in your list . So Adios If you get mad well there are some really nice young girls I can send you to. Not interested in being a MILF.
Dod For Tuesday Is Lil Angel
Ĺĩł Áňĝėł member of Rating Revolution!@ fubar
All the gold which is under or upon the earth is not enough to give in exchange for virtue. - Plato
Cologne (the Real Football Factory)
Cologne (The Real Football Factory)
Thank You So Much
Thank you all so much for helping me with my 3 Month VIP Giveaway. I couldn't have done it without the help of my awesome friends. I would love to thank everyone individually but I honestly have no way of knowing who all helped and I would hate to leave anyone out. If you did help please know that I appreciate it so much. If there is ever anything I can do for you just let me know. This bulletin brought to you by: ღAMANDAღ{Shadow Leveler} ~{Yeahmons Angels}~Proudly FuOwned By ROD67 & Kat1114@ fubar
Another Charles Tune
Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been Lives in a dream Waits at the window, wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door > Who is it for? All the lonely people Where do they all come from ? All the lonely people Where do they all belong ? Father McKenzie writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear No one comes near. Look at him working. Darning his socks in the night when there's nobody there What does he care ? All the lonely people Where do they all come from ? All the lonely people Where do they all belong ? Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was buried along with her name Nobody came Father McKenzie wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave No one was saved All the lonely people Where do they all come from ? All the lonely peopl Where do they all belong
Read It Only Takes 20 Seconds
-- Exercise Daily -- Walk with God From: S O M E T I M E S Sometimes... when you cry... no one sees your tears. Sometimes... when you are in pain... no one sees your hurt. Sometimes. when you are worried.. no one sees your stress Sometimes. when you are happy.. no one sees your smile .. - - - - - - - - - - But FART !! just ONE time... And everybody knows!! Gotcha!! You thought this was going to be one of those heart-touching stories! Send this on to your friends -- Make them laugh!
Bellydance Ball
Picture Marked As Nsfw
One of my pictures was marked as NSFW.This pic was of me kissing a girl. My thing bout that is,dont that count as prejudice. Im bisexual and yes I kissed girls,so what. Markng this pic makes me wonder what this site thinks bout gays,lesbians,bisexuals,whatever. It was a clean pic,no nudity or nothing but yet it was marked. You would think that this day in age,kissing the same sex would be not frowned at,but I guess this site is diff.Wonder what else this site frowns at,mixed couples? If so might as mark my pics with my bf cuz we r a mixed race couple. Some people need to grow up and realize that more and more things r execpted in society now. Marking the pic of me kissing a girl should not of been marked.
So Sweet
I have imagined the beating of your heart radiant ways but were taken for a loop by your wonderful haze Although no mere abundance of words could match your beauty priceless are the moments we share in serenity Though brief are these moments we past the time expectation are left nothing short of mountains lovers climb As I know of nothing sweeter than to be right there with you indulging in what would be sultry hours of blissful view Thought these words seam to come with ease my body would be the instrument that would be used to please To massage and swelter with the night as one no part of your silkness would be left undone I have imagined the days when we would spend spend nights and perhaps we could laugh at the men in tights either way the mere presence would be delightful as long as you know your the one thats so beautiful
- Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka And Toshihiro Kawabata
Exercise relieves stress. Nothing relieves exercise.
Its Bullshit
i think its bullshit that married woman come on this site then bitch if someone likes sex and shows it sould'nt they be talking to their husbands and staying out of the bars???i am not saying they sould'nt join just that they sould keep their remarks to their selfs and their god.i just joined and i was getting bitched out about the pics i posted,if i had know this site is pg 13 i would'nt have joined ,peace out
Naughty Girl.
This is the best fucking thing that I have ever seen. Well, maybe not ever, but at least for today. It's hilarious!
Model Falls
A Redneck Love Poem
The Man In Black
The Man in Black The person who trurned me on to country music would have to be my mother and grandmother. Growing up in our house my mother played the records of all the greats. Hank Williams, Johnny Paycheck, George Jones, Charlie Rich, Charlie Pride, Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynnet, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Kenny Rogers, and many others. My favorite has to be the Man in Black Johnny Cash. The twang of his guitar and heavy base lines were before his time. They labeled him Rock-A-Billy. Johnny Cash was born one of five kids to his parents in Kingsland Arkansas on February 26,1932. He grow up on the family farm. He was real close to his brother Jack Cash until a saw mill accident killed him in 1943. Johnny would take his brothers death hard. Johnny Cash Graduated high school in 1950 not knowing where his life was going he joined the Air Force. When he got out he bought a guitar moved to Memphis Tennessee with his new wife. Johnny Cash started out singing
The Time Has Come ( The End Is Here Bitches )
Well here is some good news for all that used to listen to me dj i maybe making a come back i only need a lounge to blast my shit thru if you think your lounge can handel me let me know i am here my tunes bring mofo's in and make them come back time and again i will review the offers that is right you have to make me an offer before i even say yes or no i have to have a good offer to join your dj staff so hit me up and i will let you thanks
Obama Fishing For Votes asp Let me share some info with you that I have gotten from excellent sources within the DNC: On or about October 5th, Biden will excuse himself from the ticket, citing health problems, and he will be replaced by Hillary. This is timed to occur after the VP debate on 10/2. There have been talks all weekend about how to proceed with this info. generally, the feeling is that we should all go ahead and get it out there to as many blog sites and personal email lists as is possible I have already seen a few short blurbs about this - the 'health problem' cited in those articles was aneurysm. Probably many of you have heard the same rumblings. However, at this point, with this inside info from the DNC, it looks like this Obama strategy will be a go. Therefore, it seems that the best strategy is to get out in front of this Obama maneuver, spell it out in detail, and thereby expose it for the grand manipulation that it is. So, let's star
Bull Healing
A farmer asked his vet to come out to check on his favorite bull who wasn't doing well at all. After checking the bull's vital signs, the vet reached in his black bag and pulled out a rather large pill. He forced open the bull's mouth and crammed the pill down his gullet. Suddenly the bull jumped up and took off like a banshee, jumping every fence in his way. The vet exclaimed, "Well, looks like your bull is healed!" The farmer replied, "Now give me one of those pills. I've gotta catch him!"
Every man is his own chief enemy. - Anacharsis
Pimp Out For Daisy
Liz In Hospital Alert!!!
Our Liz went to the hospital this morning 9/26). You all know that she has been sick the pasrt few weeks. She informed me last nite that she has heart blockage and is going to be operated on. She is a wonderful person, always helpful to everyone, kind, sweet, and never a bad word about anyone. She makes us and others many tags and shows love to many many people in and out of our little group. Please contine showing her luv during this time of absence that shows we care and luv her too. Send her multi get well comments, gifts and messages showing her that we all care. Thank you so much. Hoakie, Founder Friendship Circle
Caa #37
One of my angels is going through a tough time and need plenty of Angel Prayers, Love, Power and Strength. Send her plenty of each. Doc
I can honestly say that this is how I feel. I happened across this video. I am still at the fighting stage but sometimes like today I am just stuck in the water. I can honestly relate to this video. Even the place is familiar. There is some graphic concepts in this video and some nudity that is why it is marked nsfw. Although I don't feel it is that bad please be advised.
Do You Communicate Like A Man Or A Woman?
You Communicate Like a Man When you communicate, you like to get to the point. You're not afraid to say what's on your mind - and leave it at that. Talking about your emotions drains you. You rather keep them to yourself. You prefer solving problems to wallowing in your sorrows. Do You Communicate Like a Man or a Woman?
Love Died Behind Thease Eyes
Leveling Help #3
Rapscallion@ fubar 19,751 to Idol
Til Dragen
Hva er en drage? Det er en kombinasjon av to fabeldyr. Slangen og Tigeren. Sånn sett er det en morsom figur å se på. Men hvis vi sammenligner Quetz med Nubia og ser Dragen som møtet mellom Ux og Asia kan vi begynne å forstå hvor farlig en drage kan være. At Dragen har fått så bra fotfeste i Asia må henge sammen med en identifisering med Katten. Menneskene har noe katteaktig over seg. Generelt sett. Og forsøket på å løse kvinnens problem ved å bruke Slangen som symbol fikk derfor en svært merkelig form der. Naomi ønsker å være Slange, men hun klarer det ikke uansett hvor mange midler hun bruker. Hun er fremme ved Katten som bilde og mål. Og hun kommer ikke unna det. Derfor lager uendelige masser sammen det psykologiske bildet av den høytflyvende bastarden som Dragen er. Slik at de kan spise hunder i fred. Nei. Slik at de kan håpe på å møte Anubis i en fjern fremtid.
My Hilbilly Name
Your 1920's Name is: Tractor Hillbilly Name Generator
Band Contest For My Neice...
Re: Void808 We were entered into a contest where we have a chance to win a free TOP NOTCH promotional package that we really need. Out of 1,000’s of bands/groups we’ve made it to the top 16 finalists. So please, take a moment to go to the url below and vote. You will not have to sign up for anything or give any personal info . When the site loads, click on the part that says “CLICK HERE TO VOTE” about a ¼ of the way down the page. You’ll be redirected to another page where all you have to do is click the little button by our picture and then click submit…. Then you’re done. I love you!
Beautiful Disaster
Inside A Mind There Is A Story That Awaits, A Hurt That Cannot Be Explained. Inside A Mind There Are Thousands Of Memories That Are Magical. Inside A mind There Are Screams Of Anger. Inside A Mind There Are Favorites, Enemies, And Love. People tell me I'm Beautiful, and that maybe true!! But on the inside Im a disaster. I'm getting fedup with life and how things are going, I want a change, I want everything to be better. I was a mess for a long time, and was a really mean person. I changed the person I was to someone much better and different, now I want to change everything else in my life. I'm not sure how to show people that I have changed because the more I try to show people the more I get walked on and it makes me want to go back to my old ways. I don't want to be that person anymore I NEVER want to go back to the cold heartless bitch that I was. I honestly would find reasons to fight with the person I was with just so I can go out and do what I want and make wh
It Happens More Often Than You’d Think Computer Store | Vancouver, BC, Canada (I just started working at a computer store, so my trainer has a phone call on speaker so I can listen in.) Lady: “You sold me a faulty piece of s*** laptop!” Trainer: “What seems to be the problem, ma’am?” Lady: “The f***ing thing won’t open!” Trainer: “Have you tried turning the laptop around, and opening it from the other side?” Lady: “Oh.” *click*
Im Not Okay...
So I appear to live a normal life to most people. Normal here meaning standard, regular, ordinary, typical. In other words, things seem fine. I am happy, I smile a lot, I am friendly to most, and I rarely cause a scene. To anyone on the outside, anyone who doesn't know me, I am fine. Nothing is wrong. I am a typical 19 year old living the life of a typical 19 year old. Friends, family, college, work, partying and studying. Well a little clue for everyone...I'm not okay. My entire life is a facade of warmth and smiles and happy family relationships and friendships. Truth be told, I am screaming inside, and I am dying for someone to understand. But I have cut off anyone who attempts to get close enough. Everyone that I allow to get close to me seems to have a hidden agenda. Everyone I would love to open up to... I can't. And maybe I should be more trusting... or maybe I shouldn't. Being too trusting got me where I am today. Full of doubt and questions of anyone's sincerity when they s
Cold Comfort, Warm Holiday And Hot Foot.
This morning is one of those crisp and bright ones. Winter came yesterday and it is currently 44 deg f outside. I see the bakehouse invoice have plopped on the mat so they must have thought it better to post them than wake us up. So the invoices herald the arrival of some compeetoes. Yesterday I had one cheque for three books and payment by BACS for two others. Not much to crow about but more that I thought I would get. I am supposed to be doing the holiday washing yet again for the third time this year. However a motorbike decided to run over my foot so it is hobble, hobble, rest. The motor bike incident was in Nagombo, Sri Lanka on our first day there. It was this Sunday 28th September in the evening and it is still sore today 3rd October. Good job it was at the end of the holiday. Anyway, I digress from wherever it was I was at. This morning I squatted down to catch five spiders and toppled backwards so why did I deserve that. After all I could just have throttled
Hey Dream Big Poppa Need Our Help!
STOPP THE PRESSES BIGPOPPA IS UP FOR THE SEXIEST MAN ON FUBAR NEED ONE RATE PLEASE! JUST CLICK HERE AND VOTE VOTE HERE Grippin On The Bed feat. Ludacris - Sean Garrett THIS BULLY HAS BEEN BROUGHT TO YOU BY: BIG POPPA Ya Heard : if i aint caressing them im undressin'em@ fubar HOSTED BY she just wants to be ~2nd Alarm Hottie~Owned by 'Tender Heart'~Owner of TxwildFlower `73@ fubar (repost of original by 'BIG POPPA Ya Heard : if i aint caressing them im undressin'em' on '2008-10-04 08:50:36')
Spotlight On 2 Diva And Got A Auto-11 In Effect
301k From Fuking And Has Auto 11's
HOTROD *PROUD MEMBER of GIT R DONE BOMBSQUAD * owned by Coppertop@ fubar
I'll Be Gone For A Bit
I'm finaly having my foot surgery tomorow(10/07/08). This'll require me to be completely off my feet till the swelling goes down. I'm figuring that'll be about a week.... that's at least how long my wife'll be home enforcing the doctor's orders. So, keep me in your thoughts and if you're so inclined leave me some luv. Who knows maybe I'll actualy level while I'm confined to the couch(hint, hint)! See y'all later, rich
Dept Of Energy...
Question: Does anybody remember WHY the Department of Energy was established by the Carter Administration? Anybody? Anything? No? Didn't think so. We've spent several hundred billion dollars to run an agency whose purpose not one person can remember. OK, I'll tell you. It was simple and, at the time, everybody thought it was appropriate. The Department of Energy (located coincidentally at 1000 Independence Ave ) was instituted 8-4-1977 in order to -- get this -- LESSEN OUR DEPENDENCE ON FOREIGN OIL. Now it's 2008 -- 31 YEARS LATER -- and the budget for this department has reached $24.2 BILLION A YEAR. It has around 16,000 federal employees and 100,000 contract employees. Next question: Can anyone tell us ONE useful thing that this department has done? Anybody? One thing? No? Final question: What were we thinking ? ? Bottom line: Think BEFORE you vote!
Artwork Of Amy Brown
Ok Im really here today...where are you?
100908 Dilbert
Speaking Italian
Minnesota Wild-unstoppable
Please Help Me Win My 1st Hh!! : )
=== 'CherryFoxx ♥RL Wifey 2 Scoop ♥ OWNED By E.T. Sipper ♥ Sky is Finally Happy!!!!! ~' wrote the following at '2008-09-18 09:22:40'.. > > > /> > > > > > > My girl, ANGELNDISCEYES is in another give-a-way!! > > > > > She just needs 60k in rates/comments to win her 1st HH!!☺ Just 1-Rate of 10/11 equals 5 comments and/or you can drop her a few bombs. > > > > So we're looking for help from the Da Realest Fam & any other friends, fans and fam of Angel's!! We wanna see her win, so let's do this! She always shows love to her friends and now it's time for us to give back & help out a friend!! > > > > Click the link below to get to her contest pic > > > > > > She's a sweetheart & a Betty Boop fanatic like you would'nt believe!☺ > > > > Even if you're not a friend, make a new one, just fan, add & rate her & she'll return all the love!¢¾ This is when the true friends arise to the occassion!☺ > >
Herworld Pimpout For Me, She Is So Sweet
here is a lady that has only one request.... and that is to make DISCIPLE I know that with the help of ALL her friends this can Easily of this bulletin she has points to go... 3,368,616 she has helped me and i know she's helped you too! has she asked for anything back? NOPE! at least she didnt ask me :D now im asking you to take the time to R/F/A maybe even crush this Amazing lady!! lets do this lady right cause she has never left us unsatisfied! kick back enjoy her pix and let your fingers do the talk'n time to make her DISCIPLE!! **remeber that every girl likes a lil bling (Auto 11's *wink wink*) MsCharlotte2U!~No Rate No Add@ fubar you know you wanna repost this! xoxox thank you
Violets Wants It! Do it bishes!
I Think The Cubs Are Really Cursed
Just a few days ago, I have witnessed and began thinking about something I never thought would ever enter my mind. This past Saturday, I saw the Cubs get swept in the first round playoffs against the Dodgers. Now, to some of you, this may be just the usual deal; the Cubs have choked once more. I would have thought the same way as well before, but this time it’s different. I mean, this whole year for the Cubs reminded me of the year the White Sox had back in 2005; they were winning, a lot, everything was going their way, and they were in first place practically from the start of the season and didn’t look back. By the time the end of the season had arrived, I really began to think that this would be the year the Cubs finally would put it off, do something that no one would ever thought they could ever do again, win the World Series. Their playability on the field was sharp, the pitching staff perfect, and the hitting came when it counted, all the ingredients for a victorious seas
Dancing Horses!
Too Corny! Lmaooo
A hospital corpsman and I were getting an elderly retired master chief petty officer out of his wheelchair, when I noticed the man had a tattoo on his knee. "What's that?" I asked, unable to make out the design. "It's a banjo," he said sheepishly. "I'm from Alabama."
Name My New Puppy Boxer
My friend's Boxer had 2 puppies on the 9th of Oct and im getting the male pup, I still can't come up with a name. What Should I name My Puppy Boxer???????
16k To Level!!!!
LilbitofanAngel@ fubar
Forget All My Fears
Forget all my fears for my soul is in arrears and debt is my due. Nothing can remain sacred when the Holy becomes base.
My Myspace Page I check that page more often... ~Carrie~
First Night Home..(first Paragraph)
she stands in the door way..watching the sunset..thinking of the moment he arrives. not knowing what to expect when she finally sees him for the first time in many months. the passion she has felt since she had seen him off that cold november rainy day in 2002.since he has been gone she has done nothing but drive herself wild about their home adventures.all the nice games they would play.just as she was beginning to imagine she saw a car pull up in the drive .She jumps slightly and then calmly and smoothly walks to the door to greet heer love.As he opens the door she is standing there with nothing but the neckalace he had boughten her for their 1st annaversarie. he looks at her and a smal grin forms on his lips.He drops his bags on the floor and kicks the door shut.then grabs her into his arms.kissing her deeply and smeling ht scent of her skin.then he grabs her hand and pulls her to the kitchen.looking deep into her eyes he smiles and whispers "i love you and now you are getting fu
Look What My Girl Phoenix Made For Me! Where Is She?!?!
My Escape
Ribbons of concrete and asphalt stretch out ahead, winding into the horizon. Apollos chariot takes chase as the sweet pungent smell of freshly cut alfalfa permeates the air. Morning commuters move through life like the living dead. Talking on cell phones, applying makeup, or downing a grand mocha latte while guiding plastic and steel cages along the interstate. Their eyes are dead and fixed, staring through safety glass, looking but not seeing. Contemplating the upcoming days events, emulating lemmings, one after another headed to their ultimate doom. 113 cubic inches of chrome and steel rumble warmly, pushing me past the zombies and golems. The sun glinting off polished surfaces reflects intermittently across my face. Azure skies ahead fill the day with promise. Golds and greens of local fauna frame my escape path. This is the world and I am in it. Experiencing it first hand, I am free. I am my own boss.
What I See.
The moonlight as it plays on your hair sends shadows cascading along dulcet brown flesh; reaching out with withered fingers to embrace the light... to crush it. And yet, you shine. Whispered reminiscence of sweet forgotten moments float like embers in the air brushing gently against us as you lean toward me... as you engulf me. You make me shine.
Time Off
I've been doing a lot of thinking lately...And yes...Blondes do think...Especially those of us who get their blond from a box... :) But...Fubar has been taking up a lot of my time as of late...And yes..I'm probably a tad addicted...But I was just thinking of taking some time off of it...or just limiting my time on it... I've got some new things going on in my life...And I just really feel the need to devote more attention to those things... I do have yahoo messenger...So if there is anyone that would like to add me...Please ask...I hate to lose contact with my friends...And there are those of you that I feel really are friends...Although I've not met you...the connection has been made... Wishing all of you a great day....Awww..and's Friday...Yay!!! Hugs...
Ppl That Start Shit On Fubar And Fuck With Pplz Relationships
why is it that every time i turn around i try to help ppl out and i feel i get stabbed in the back take for instance 2 ppl that me and my now ex have been trying to help out and help out they deside to start shit get me and her fighting over stupid shit then going to accuse her of shit and make her wanna leave fubar now that to me is not right nor is it being a freind at all they got pissy because i would not code their lounge come on now thats just childish bs if you ask me and umm Marius and lady Hachet you realy need to grow the fuck up and stop acting like little kids and start acting your ages and fuckin with ppl that you shouldnt fuck with that is what my problem with you 2 is at the moment i mean you accuse ppl of shit that they have not done like acusing dj rayne of frying you pc and come to find out it was a faulty fan in your pc hmm damn mabe you 2need to get a clue and learn pc basics for real stop making up shit about ppl and off telling me that she wanted you and knowing t
B.odacious E.xtraordinary A.lluring U.nique T.antalizing I.ncredible F.antasic U.nderstanding L.ovely
38k To Level Family Member..lots To Rate
Mysticalmagic ***Member of ******Rating Revolutions***@ fubar
Ya know they say the best way to get thru anything is by talking about it. I dont think i believe 100% in this saying, id say maybe a half truth. Sometimes talking about it can backfire and then before you know it you've given others ammunition to use against you at their will. Maybe every once in awhile we have to say fuck it and just say whatever we want because why does it fuckin matter anyway will always be something or someone. Life is not changed until that very second where thought and action would not have mattered or made the difference. Only we have the say in all decisions we choose to make and we are ultimately what it is up to us to be what we can be proud of and that never will be gained until we no longer consume ourselves in our surroundings but rather what we surround. Thx 4 Reading
Last Day
This is the last day to make me your pet by bidding on me in the auction... Get busy!! Come bid on me!
~~ Your Kind of Friendship ~~ It takes more than caring To be a real friend; The nature of friendship; Requires a blend Of warmest compassion And love deep and true To reach and to comfort The way that you do. Because I can see That your kind of friendship Is priceless to me.
A Wicked Lil Taste
Here's a taste of my writing.. this is what I am currently working on..Enjoy! The Warrior Draygon (storyline excerpt @copyrighted 2008 RR She admired the strength of his powerful body. She wore the heels but he still towered over her. The gloss of his long ebony hair was beautiful to her. His hair hung down to his massive shoulders. He removed his cape and lay it down on the floor before the roaring blaze that crackled in the fireplace. The velvet lining of it was as deep and as rich as the blood that he knew flowed through her veins. "Draygon," she breathed his name as his hands covered her swollen breasts. "I am your slave." "As I am yours, Adriana." His hands slid up to cup her beautiful face in them. He brought his lips down upon hers, tasting her sweet nectar. Lightening flashed through the dark curtains as thunder shook the house around them. The storm only excited them even more. Draygon's hands reached the deep neckline of her blouse and in one swift,
Apparently "chicken" Is Hilarious When You're 5 Months Old!
Short entry. Took Alannah to the park today with Joe. So no weighing of myself. But Alannah had fun :) She got to go on the swings and the slides for the first time... AND she met another baby. :) I stopped by work on our way home and showed her off to Cindy. I talked to Joe about still moving in together in the future and he's open to the idea it seems. The one property he's looking into buying is a triplex and he'd rent me one for a good deal. That makes me hopeful. Anyways... that's all. Back to work tomorrow, but I'm making chicken noodle soup (homemade!) before then!
Check Out My Stash
what up ya'll i added some new stash videos from my favorite movies or songs so please rate them and leave a comment :) thank you
Quentin Crisp
Never keep up with the Joneses. Drag them down to your level.
The Gentleman.......
well it has come to my conclusion that alot of women have no idea what a gentleman is..... he is the one that may ask are u okay how are u doing he is the one that just may know how u are feeling and attempt to comfort you. he doesnt just open the door and take ur feelings into consideration. he does alot with out u having to ask sometimes. and sometimes u do or may have to ask but it will get done.. there are alot that are acting as if they are Me.. but they are not. they are frauds. they use my swagger to undress you and to pleasure themselves. they are the one hooting and hollering at u in the streets. he is the one that will say u look beautiful today and keep it moving wont ask ur name or number just give a compliment to brighten up ur day. he is also the one that sits and ponders on how to make life better for himself and those around him. he caters to her. he listens he shows he thinks before acting. he carries himself in such a manner that you may not see it at first. sometimes
Hey what's up just letting you all know that I am out there. So send me a shot or a panty Dropper :) Love Always, Jenn
Leveling Help 53
Willisj@ fubar 15k to level
Like Caligula's Whore
I stand naked before youin a cacophonous windbeaten and barelike Caligula's whoreused and discardedbruises of your pleasurestill fresh upon my mind.My breath ragged and coldwhispered pleas for releaseheard only by the ancient behemothsof pain and agonythat sway and dance in the abysmal mistswith the spirits of the broken and shatteredat the edge of this realm of insanity.My words now deemed aprocryphallips sealed by the thorns of abhorenceeyes cast to the moldering groundgazing deep in the miasma gathering theregrowing steadily beneath your blind eyeas you drink the tattered remnants of my soulfrom a chalice of cold silver and disregard.
102408 Fluffy Starr Blog
Fluffy Starr REMIX I have never had such an uneventful time in bed. What I mean is, I've been sick with a throat virus this week. So I've been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping. It's almost gone, but no partying this weekend for this kitten. Awww... But I need to get better, because I'm starting to make music again. Yeah-huh!!! The new Fluffy Starr record is getting planned out. But before I do that... I have a question for you: Which Fluffy Starr song(s) would you like to hear made into a very rad uber hot remix? Huh?! Speak now or forever hold your piece peace. And yep, I'll be doing it myself. Who better to manipulate a Fluffy Starr song than Fluffy f**king Starr? So let me know! Thanks for your feedback! x Fluffy.
Have you ever walked down the alley to your old house, thinking "jesus, this really could be it"? Each laugh you had, each skinned knee, comes flooding back. You realise... you really might not ever come back. By this time next year, there might not be any familiar dirt to trod on, no old smells, no musty textbooks or assigned novels left in the attic. I'm going to miss this old dust ball when I push off, but to think this wasn't coming, some day, would be foolish. There are toys to box up, books to ship, clothes to donate. Can't really be helped... However I'm going to feel weird and sad throughout, and long after, the process. I called this place home, for more than half my life. Long autumn nights spent telling ghost stories, or sipping hot spicey cider at dinner parties. Ovens full of blueberry muffins that tasted better with a cup of orange juice. Veiled threats, and suicide attempts, poems, lymrics, triumphs and defeats. Every memory, horrible or wonderful, trea
She Could Use A Hand
Shes so close to hitting the next level. Help her out. Almost Innocent ♦Shadow Leveler♦ Slave to Sean@ fubar
Dorothy Parker
Take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves.
Religion Is A Farce
The John Jay Report commissioned by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops was based on surveys completed by the Catholic dioceses in the United States. The surveys provided information from diocesan files on each priest accused of sexual abuse and on each of the priest's victims. That information was filtered, so that the research team did not have access to the names of the accused priests or the dioceses where they worked. The report presented aggregate findings. The dioceses were encouraged to issue reports of their own based on the surveys that they had completed. The Report found accusations against 4,392 priests in the USA alone. The Catholic Church was widely criticized when it was discovered that some bishops knew about allegations and reassigned the accused instead of removing them. Some bishops and psychiatrists noted that the prevailing psychology of the times suggested that people could be cured of such behavior through counseling. Many of the abusive priests had recei
Caa #51
A friend of mine and her husband are going through a rough time. They are going to be visiting with a lawyer today for a second appeal on their case. Let us share our Angel strength and support with them, to guard them on this trip. Angel wisdom for both their lawyer and the judge, so that the right thing is done, instead of the injustice being done. We are with you Hun, 1000% and we send our prayers in this time of your need. Doc
Computer Problems
well... i am having some major computer problems... i dont know if it's my internet connection or what exactly but it's fuckin me up on here... i can't run more than 1 or 2 programs at a time,,, or one or two browser windows without it just taking a major nose dive! so... i will not be on for a bit... i am going to take the piece of shit in for repairs... if they can't fix the problem... i will buy a new one! leave me some love while im away! if ya need me... send me a yahoo if ya got my addy... will check it when i can! sabby
I've Learned
I've learned that you cannot make someone love you. All you can do is be someone who can be loved. The rest is up to them. I've learned that no matter how much I care, some people just don't care back I've learned that it takes years to build up trust, and only seconds to destroy it. I've learned that it's not what you have in your life, but who you have in your life that counts. I've learned that you can get by on charm for about 15 minutes. After that, you'd better know something. I've learned that you shouldn't compare yourself to the best others can do, but to the best you can do. I've learned that it's not what happens to people that's important. It's what they do about it. I've learned that no matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides. I've learned that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I've learned that it's a lot easier to react than it is to think. I've learned that you should always leave loved ones with loving
Caa #53
This is for a coworker. She went to the hospital on Sunday and is still there running tests and taking care of her. Angel prayers of healing and strength for her family and fiance. Doc
My Salute
Mercenary - Public Failure Number One
So now I turn my face And see you cry And thus I crawl Crawl in line I raise my hand and try to Speak but I Feel so numb I lost my soul today and I'm... Lost to all salvation Failure is my name My voice is all but silent now and I Turn away from Hoping Hoping My head is all but empty now and I Hold on to your lie I raise my head and see you Once again You're losing faith Losing faith I picture all you told me it's frozen In my mind Slow decline Slow decline So you scream And I see you Failure I will believe My life is all but lost Failure I will listen To a mind that's broken To reach the path unspoken To see what I have chosen Failure I will listen To a mind that's broken To reach the patch unspoken To see what I have chosen
What Would You Do If??
The President of the United States called you: Well that depends on why he is calling; to ask me a question, offer me a job, bitch me out about something, or what? You won the lottery: Take care of everyone in my family and my close friends. I've seen enough big winners go broke, at least if I spread it around to everyone I care about, if I go broke from being stupid, I should be in good graces with a lot of people willing to help me out. Other than that I wouldn't even move I am comfortable where I am I don't need a big mansion or anything my kids are about grown now anyway. I will build myself a huge shop though! You got invited to be on a reality TV show: Wife Swap and I would be stuck with some horrible bitch for 2 weeks. You caught a friend stealing from you: Well, would not be a friend anymore. You witnessed a murder: I just hope & pray it's not a good friend who pressures me into helping dispose of the body. lol. A random stranger offered you candy: gtf away
Dems Sketch Obama Staff, Cabinet
Dems sketch Obama staff, Cabinet By: Mike Allen October 31, 2008 07:29 PM EST Republican insiders close to John McCain are spending much more time in the campaign’s final days trying to pull off an upset victory on Tuesday than focusing on who might be in a McCain Cabinet. But sources close to Barack Obama have quite specific ideas about his most likely choices for a wide array of top jobs. The list is heavy on campaign heavyweights and Washington insiders, many of them from the administration of President Bill Clinton. So while surprises can be expected to crop up — especially on any Republican members of the Cabinet — many of the selections would likely be proven hands who would provoke little controversy. Obama has not communicated his final choice on any of these posts but plans to move very quickly if he is elected, according to the sources. They point to the political price that Clinton paid for dilly-dallying on his appointments and nomination. Obama could name his Wh
Through Your Eyes..
If I were inside your head What would I see? Through your blue grey eyes How would I view me? If I were in your heart What would I feel? Would it beat a little faster? When I see me? If I was in your skin When we made love Would I feel electricity When you touch me? If I were inside your head What would I think? Would I know I was the one? When I look at me?
Wanna Sell An Auto 11
If you are interested in selling me an Auto 11 for Fubucks a friend please private message me and let me know.THIS IS NOT FOR ME!!!!! PLEASE TELL ME THE AMOUNT IN YOUR MESSAGE NO SHOUT BOX PLEASE
Obama Says Unplanned Babies Are A Punishment.....whatever
A CHILD IS NOT PUNISHMENT ( OBAMAS WORDS)----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: SandyDate: Nov 3, 2008 4:04 PM----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------From: ChasSCrebelleDate: Nov 3, 2008 4:27 PMJust my thoughts on tomorrow's election for all my activist friends. Please keep in mind Obama's own words. "If his daughters make a mistake he doesn't want them punished with a baby". Check it out for yourself. His words. Honestly how can we expect him to help us fight for the children when he see's a baby as a punishment? Regardless on where you stand on abortion a child is not a punishment & I think this speaks loud & clear. God Bless & get out tomorrow & vote.
Marinated Carrots
Marinated Carrots 2 lbs. carrots, slices and parboiled until crispy tender 2 green peppers, chopped 1 onion, chopped Layer. Mix: 1 (11 oz) can tomato soup 3/4 cup vinegar 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup salad oil 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon dry mustard dash hot sauce 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce Pour mixture over layered vegetables and marinate overnight in refrigerator.
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?
Your Birthdate: February 11 Spiritual and thoughtful, you tend to take a step back from the world. You're very sensitive to what's going on around you, yet you remain calm. Although you are brilliant, it may take you a while to find your niche. Your creativity is supreme, but it sometimes makes it hard for you to get things done. Your strength: Your inner peace Your weakness: You get stuck in the clouds Your power color: Emerald Your power symbol: Leaf Your power month: November What Does Your Birth Date Mean?
The Signifigance Of The Date 12-21-2012
1507 days, 8 hrs, 46 mins, 10 secs left for Age of Transition to begin! "The Hopi and Mayan elders do not prophesy that everything will come to an end. Rather, this is a time of transition from one World Age into another. The message they give concerns our making a choice of how we enter the future ahead. Our moving through with either resistance or acceptance will determine whether the transition will happen with cataclysmic changes or gradual peace and tranquility. The same theme can be found reflected in the prophecies of many other Native American visionaries from Black Elk to Sun Bear." - Joseph Robert Jochmans 3rd Rare White Buffalo Born on Wisconsin Farm Fri Nov 23 14:19:00 2007 Map of Mayan Civilization centres Cusp Of Great Cycle We are living today in the cusp of the Mayan end times, the end of a galactic day or time period spanning thousands of years. One galactic day of 25,625 years is divided into five cycles of 5,125 years. The Great Cycle of the Mayan Lo
Cash Leverage!!! It's Working For Me!!!
When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear. - Mark Twain
Got A Friend Auto-11 On Woot Woot!
It Is Possible To Work And Enjoy Working Too.
Work and enjoy You never have to choose between work and enjoyment. You can do both. You can choose to do work that you enjoy. You can also choose to enjoy whatever work you do. The work you do enables you to create value. The work you do while enjoying yourself enables you to create immense and highly meaningful value. There is a reason why you have chosen to do the work you do. Explore that reason, connect it with your deepest purpose, and you'll find a way to enjoy whatever the task may be. One of your most persistent driving desires is to make a difference. Enjoy the fact that you have the opportunity to work at things that will indeed make a difference. Work with enjoyment and gratitude. Not only will your work bring rewards, you'll also find that your work is itself a great reward. -- Ralph Marston
Gas Prices!
Finally I get to see the day when our gas prices here in town are below $2.00 a gallon. I just checked the internet and today it's $1.99 and lower depending on the area of town you're in. I'm so happy now if only we could get the gas leak in our van fixed and could afford to go get gas!
You Don't Love Me Anymore By Weird Al
We've been together for so very long But now things are changing, oh I wonder what's wrong? Seems you don't want me around The passion is gone and the flames died down I guess I lost a little bit of self-esteem That time that you made it with the whole hockey team You used to think I was nice Now you tell all your friends that I'm the Antichrist Oh, why did you disconnect the brakes on my car? That kind of thing is hard to ignore Got a funny feeling you don't love me anymore I knew that we were having problems when You put those piranhas in my bathtub again You're still the light of my life Oh darling, I'm beggin', won't you put down that knife? You know I, even think it's kinda cute the way You poison my coffee just a little each day I still remember the way that you laughed When you pushed me down the elevator shaft Oh, if you don't mind me asking, what's this poisonous cobra Doing in my underwear drawer? Sometimes I get to thinking you don't love me an
Sarab Bully
what i am willing to offer the highest bidder 1. fu owned in name for the month that person owns me rate all pics and stash during happy hour make personal graphics make them 1 nsfw cleavige salute click my pic above to place a bid on me
This is the time of night where the emptiness sets in the worst. No one to call, bad news on the air, and no one to fuck sweetly with the rapidity and monotony of machine gun fire. I think about Matt when I write that line, how wonderful I imagine his life is. Handsome bastard, well educated, married to a goddess I had more than one sex dream about... But I often wonder if he's happy, or slowly going mad. His poetry is hilarious, so is his situation. All the gold in the world, when all he wanted was paper. I look at my own life, my own world, and wonder if I'll spiral into that same serendipitously sterile insanity. That idle hand pondering a globe of perfection. Will I ever be happy? I hope I never find out.
Christmas Cards For The Military
        Are you a soldier stationed overseas? Do you know any soldiers stationed far from home this Holiday Season? Linda wants their ............ address! You've seen her Blasts and Statuses ... (Statusi ??) She supports more Troops than ...Fruit of the Loom! Yup, yup, She's doing it again this year! Get Linda their APO or FPO address ASAP! She's gonna risk Carpal Tunnel ... again!! .... to be sure they get a Christmas Card! ღLindaღ Just message her their address and she'll take it from there. While you're at it, F/A/R her ..... She does SO much for others! Tell her Tappinit sent ya. Pimped with love: Tappinit (repost of original by 'Tappinit' on '2008-11-12 05:05:20')
Matters Of Salvation. Book One
Herein lies the testimony of a broken heart. Kindred to only a few, faceless billions. Father of unborn sons. Witness to a thousand lost dreams. Herein lies the words of a pariah marked and ostracized by family and society for the sin of wrath, and the tragic falter of hubris. For fighting the good fight fighting the bad fight fighting the only fight and still losing. Losing a piece of himself with each passing hour. Here is not a man of the cloth, the sword, or the coin. Here is not a man, but a shade. Offering a new covenant to imaginary phantasms, and a fraternity of calloused judgemental infadels. Here is a man of ideals and furious poetry left lovingly as an archive of sand in a gale. Herein lies the wounds of a mind left too long in solitude.
60k To Level
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Stupid Bitches
Ok, the other day my lil sister Jamie got in a fight and kicked some girls but (Destiny). Well the next day Destiny's older sister whos about my age came over and was talking shit to my 12 year old sister (Jamie). So I went down stairs to wher she was (Angel) and called her out told her not to ever fucking disrespet my family, she kept running her mouth so i steped in the house she was in to drag her out, her dad stepped in the way and said "get the fuck out of my house" which i did. Knowing from past expereince that stepping into some ones house can get me in trouble. Angel still kept running her mouth at the same time hiding in the house behind her dad (Doug). The next day I saw her and called her out again saying "what you got nothing to say now huh, bitch" No she didnt till she got buy her dad. Whatever it was all petty shit, so I was gonna let it go. Yesterday she was outside with all the kids where i live, and my daughter was out there to. I didnt think anything of it,
The Complete Deconstruction Of Nsfw
This came to me in a dream: I think Fubar's Not Safe For Work policy is completely unfounded. Their site states that this is a "MySpace" for adults, yet, they insist on giving power to the "P.C. fucks and Religious Right" by giving them the opportunity to report things that "offend" them as NSFW. Well, here comes flawless logic! Everything on this site is Not Safe For Work. If one is working, then, they should not be spending time on a company computer browsing a social network website. Socializing, is to be done on one's own time. If one is using the site while working, then, indeed they have too much down time. It need not be explained by the likes of me that the job market is flooded and that if one has the time to browse and play on the internet, they can easily be replaced by splitting their duties amongst other staff or just plain replaced. In closing...I would like to state for the record that I am here to offend certain types. If things I say and do indeed "offend" you, w
ד®ÎÇk¥ÐÏÇk's Pimp Out
Ms.Charlotte2u! Ok Fu I Gotta Hook This Chickie Up...Classy,Sexy, Yet You Won't Catch Her Slipping Around TheFu! She Was Nice Enough To Bid On Me! Now I'm Returning The Love! MsCharlotte2U!~No Rate No Add~Stalking~X©ït€M€ Auto 11's Active Great Pics!!! If Nothing Else Slip Her A Few Rates!! Come Closer!!!! You Won't Regret It!! I Just Can't STOP!!!!! Pimpout From The Dick: ד®ÎÇk¥ÐÏÇK~*59th Oracle*~ÕwñÈРߥ (¥)sÇh@R£ôTté2Ü!, çÁ®ÔLviSîÒÑ63 & TØñݪ (repost of original by 'ד®ÎÇk¥ÐÏÇK~*59th Oracle*~ÕwñÈРߥ (¥)sÇh@R£ôTté2Ü!, çÁ®ÔLviSîÒÑ63 & TØñݪ' on '2008-11-18 21:24:09')
Courtesy Opens All Doors
Your Daily Motivation – Courtesy Opens All Doors Wednesday, November 19, 2008 COURTESY OPENS ALL DOORS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is no investment you'll ever make that will pay you so well as the effort to scatter sunshine and good cheer where ever you are. The deepest principal in human nature is the craving to be appreciated. If you treat someone as if they were what they ought to be and could be, they will become what they ought to be and could be. Everyone thrives on being appreciated, loved and needed. There is no stimulus like that which comes from the consciousness of knowing that others believe in you. Applaud others when they run. Console them when they fail. And cheer them when they recover. As water is to a flower, so is praise to the heart of another Copyright 2008 Watch Video => Weathering The Coming Financial Storm
They Should Cut The Nuts Off The Sick F*ck
I was so deeply disturbed after reading this article I could hardly sit still. I wanted to jump in my car drive 3 hours and hunt for the f*cker. It is a sick and twisted mind that would torture an animal this way. Animal lover or not you will be mad after reading this, and dog lovers will be completely horrified. It is sad to know there are people in the world like this. Link to article if you care to read.
The Poet's Week
The Poet’s Week On Mondays, I do rather well On Tuesdays, I don’t give it much thought On Wednesdays, I reestablish my pace On Thursdays, not as well as I ought On Fridays, my words sometimes elude me On Saturdays, I find those which I sought On Sundays, I usually give it a rest Lest my ceiling get a little too hot
Dreamer, close your eyes Let me kiss away your cares And savor your sighs
The Twentieth Century
Dragons have been slain And the blood of young men spilt Still covers the plains. How shall we shrive the sins of The Twentieth Century? 2001
My Dad .. 05/20/42-11/25/08
Mebbe I'm Drunk....
In Side Her
Rude Azz User Mnw1989 (aka Mitch)
First of all if you have seizures and flashing lights affect your eyes and hurt your head so badly then why in the world would you get onto a site that has tons of it? Good lord....use your brain! As far as you being in a wheel chair due to a birth defect....what does that have to do with someone being nice and friendly to you and merely reaching out to become your friend? I never asked to have sex with you I merely invited you to be a friend and to invite you into a lounge I work in. For the love of God get over yourself and you need therapy to deal with your anger issues. My own husband has seizures, two different forms to be exact, and is in and out of the hospital about every other week because after 2 years they still can't get them under control. One more seizure and he could die! We have a 9 month old child and I'm expecting my 2nd child with him in a few months and it scares the hell out of me that I could walk into a room where he's at and find him dead. Yeah you think
Love And Pain
Leave it to me, to lose all your confidence, And no I can't stop, this train wreck before it hits. I hope I don't sound, like the Xs on your calendar. I stumble on new ground, to gather up the formula. Fate, faith, You and me, love and pain. Fate, faith, You and me, love and pain. How selfish of me, to think I'm the only one, To question mistakes, a fool's game I'm losing now. Just taking my time, planning out my escape. I'm scared what I'll find, but it's the choice I have to make. Fate, faith, You and me, love and pain. Fate, faith, You and me, love and pain. Even I know, there's a line between emotion and, Fate, faith, You and me, love and pain. We can't control what we are. It's not our place, it's out of our hands. Fate, faith You and me, love and pain. Fate, faith, You and me, love and pain. Even I know, there's a line between emotion and, Fate, faith, You and me, love and pain (fate, faith). You and me, love and pain (fate, faith). You
The Story So Far
I can't remember the time or place, or what you were wearing, it's unclear about how we met, all I know it was the best conversation that I've ever had, to this day I never found someone, with eyes as wide as yours, I've been searching up and down this coast, overlooking what I need the most did you notice I was afraid? I thought I'd run out of things to say, two more hours until today burns this away, and it starts all over again, the sky will never look the same again, till you show me how it could be, the sky will never look the same again, till you show me how it could be and everything else is irrelevant, to the story so far, a coincidence that you look like her from a far, is it true that you like to sleep alone? Or is it what you just tell everyone? Did you notice that I was afraid? I thought I'd run out of things to say two more hours until today burns this away, and it starts all over again the sky will never look the same
The Way I Try To Live:
"To those who see with loving eyes, life is beautiful. To those who speak with tender voices, life is peaceful. To those who help with gentle hands, life is full. And to those who care with compassionate hearts, life is good beyond all measure."
Dj Silverfox
Waiting On An Angel
Gotta Be Somebody - Nickelback
This time I wonder what it feels like To find the one in this life The one we all dream of But dreams just aren't enough So I´ll be waiting for the real thing. I'll know it by the feeling. The moment when we´re meeting Will play out like a scene straight off the silver screen So I`ll be holdin’ my breath Right up to the end Until that moment when I find the one that I'll spend forever with `Cause nobody wants to be the last one there. 'Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares. Someone to love with my life in their hands. There`s gotta be somebody for me like that. `Cause nobody wants to go it on their own And everyone wants to know they´re not alone. Somebody else that feels the same somewhere. There`s gotta be somebody for me out there. Tonight out on the street out in the moonlight And damn it this feels too right It´s just like Déjà Vu Me standin’ here with you So I´ll be holdin`my breath Could this be the end? Is it t
My God lives in the machine Diabolus Ex Machina Deus Ex Librate Pick up the pieces I've got a life of my own Put on your eyes Look into my darkened mind Bitch and scream Cry and dream Welcome to my nightmare The less I hear The less you say Answers unclear Missing the questions Breaking on the edge I'm happy on the nails Belief in a lie So high I can hear heaven Does heaven hear me?
Hamster Ball
Pft. -REL
No Sex
I was ask to write something sexy while I sit here on the cam so here it is guys enjoy. I haven't had sex or even attempted to ease my sexual hunger with masturbation in three long weeks. As you can guess I am about to go out and hump a damn tree if I don't soon get a hard cock plowing either into my ass, pussy or mouth. My poor pussy is about to start purring, it is soaking wet and tingling, my fat clit is erect and pressing against my panties. As I type this blog entry I am sucking my tongue, feeling warm and tingly as my body prepares itself for a LOVER. But needless to say, all I want right now is to suck your cock, lick and play with your balls. No matter what is planned, and after we've been apart for long periods of time I desperately need to feel your cock in my pussy, marking me as your own. After being fucked senseless then we can go on to other sexual pleasures. I am anticipating us ravaging each others bodies in a sexual frenzy, filled with need to reacqua
I love to doubt as well as know. - Dante Alighieri
Somethings That Get Under My Skin
Ok I don't know how to start this off but I figured I would start writting to see how many people have the issues I might have and want to share so lets begin here. The few things that gets under my skin is when you or a friend or family member are out and about and they want so much to hang out and chill with you, but when you take the time to do this they like forget all about you and go off and do there own thing when you were out with them all day long and if you knew they were going to screw you over you could have left along time ago, since you know you had other stuff that you could have been doing. It's like since they hurt your feelings and made you so mad sometimes you really don't care if something bad happens to them or not because it was there choice to go out and hurt you. I mean I don't want to get into much detail and im sure half of the people that are going to read my first blog are going to be like what happened that makes Jay think this way... Oh well I say if you n
At what point do you stop holding out hope, at what time can you safely say that there is indeed no going back. We have all, at some point been in just that situation, unsure of how and when to let go and move on…is it the right thing to do, do you hold on to the smallest part of hope that what you have desired and wished for will again come true, will once more be there for you to treasure and hold true to you…… Do we really ever let go, or is it there in the back of our minds, giving us the occasional nudge every now and again, just to remind us just how we do feel, then it is up to us as to how we handle it at that time and mostly we reflect for a while then tuck it back in the depths of our mind once again…….until the next time……..does it get easier to handle each time…who knows…it’s a personal thing…some handle and deal well with it…….others, not so well. For me, I tend to think I can handle things like that pretty well but I have been told very often that I have
Why Puerto Ricans Are The Koolest!
Why Puerto Rican are so COOL! We are a mix of the best of every race. Our legal drinking age is 18. We don't care less what other people think of us. We are not only bilingual but we can speak 'Spanglish' Our women are some of the most beautiful in the world, (7 Miss Universe) We are LATINOS, and yet AMERICANS In PR, any road will take you to a beach..... or a pub. We are the only 'territory' of another country with our own Olympic teams. We do everything under the sun... because we CAN! We don't need to take vacations to be in a tropical paradise. In PR everything is really close. I can call you sir ('USTED'), and insult you in the same sentence. Our Spanish is completely different than any other Spanish speaking country. We all have cool nicknames. (Pucho, Tito, Cuca la Loca!!) We have some of the best athletes in the world. We make the best coffee of the world. even the Pope drinks it
A Cute Poem For A Cute Boy
You lit up my world with a "Hi" That is something that took me by surprise A woman like me should never fall so easily Especially to a cute boy like you You don't know what you've done to me Driving my quiet life insane A blink of an eye And I'm yours totally When I'm with you My days is filled with smiles Ever step taken is painted with love I feel I'm the luckiest girl alive You've given me a life That I could only dream about And a dream has come true All because of you I could talk all day About this love But, this poem might get too long To read So I'll end by the line I always whisper in your ears "Thank you for the sunshine you've given to me"
Say It!! Say It!!!
Only Women Bleed
Only Women Bleed Alice Cooper Man's got his woman to take his seed He's got the power - oh She's got the need She spends her life through pleasing up her man She feeds him dinner or anything she can She cries alone at night too often He smokes and drinks and don't come home at all Only women bleed Only women bleed Only women bleed Man makes your hair gray He's your life's mistake All you're really lookin' for is an even break He lies right at you You know you hate this game He slaps you once in a while and you live and love in pain She cries alone at night too often He smokes and drinks and don't come home at all Only women bleed Only women bleed Only women bleed Only women bleed Only women bleed Only women bleed Only women bleed Black eyes all of the time Don't spend a dime Clean up this grime And you there down on your knees begging me please come Watch me bleed Only women bleed Only women bleed Only women bleed Only women bleed Only
Lmaoooooooo Crack Is Whack..
CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A 25-year-old Detroit-area man literally spilled his guts to police and was arrested on a drug charge after officers found crack cocaine in his vomit. Police said the man swallowed the drugs after a short car and foot chase Tuesday about 20 miles northeast of Detroit. Clinton Township police caught and were questioning the man when he threw up the crack cocaine and other contents of his stomach. The drugs were picked from the mess. The man was jailed after being arraigned Wednesday on a controlled substance charge. He has requested a court-appointed attorney. LMAO I would of hated to be one of those cops LMAO
Winter Moonlight The Snow
Winter Moonlight The snow, so peaceful and serene, caressed by the soft moonlight, gave magical feelings to the night. The soft blue glow, the lovers' words that then did flow, their lips closer and closer until, locked in the throes of a passionate embrace, he decided to express his feelings, to keep her safe. He whispered softly, his words like music to her ears, "I Love You," and her response the same, heard like the gentle breeze, "And I, love you, forever." That was the night they promised to be together through everything, each to care for the other when old and gray. A lovers' pact
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You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? pocket 2. Your significant other? Becky 3. Your hair? brown 4. Your mother? old 5. Your father? older 6. Your favorite thing? music 7. Your dream last night? forgotten 8. Your favorite drink? dr.pepper 9. Your dream/goal? washington 10. The room you're in? warm 11. Music? random 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? washington 14. Where were you last night? asleep 15. What you're not? unhappy 16. Muffins? cherry 17. One of your wish list items? washington 18. Where you grew up? Somewhere 19. The last thing you did? typed 20. What are you wearing? wingtips 21. TV? nope 22. Your pets? gecko 23. Your com
My Christmas This Year.
OK so Im not around fubar that much this month, mainly because this year, Im pretty much flat broke. So buying a lot of expensive presents for family and friends just isnt happening. The Economy sucks right now, we all know this. Many peoples Christmas just isnt goin to be a lot of presents and all that. So this year I decided I would make all my gifts. I picked up how to Knit and Crochet. So far I have finished one scarf, and am now working on a baby hat and booties. Im BRAND new to doin this but so far so good. There are tons of beginner projects that can be done very easily. Yeah its not that ipod or camera that people want, but it has more effort put into it rather than goin and buying someone a gift card. There are a lot of how to videos, and even full projects on Youtube you can watch to help get you going, which has helped me a lot. So thats where I will be till christmas for the most part lol.
Mre Dinner Date....
MRE dinner Date The following is supposedly a true story....told from the point of view of a U.S. Marine. I had a date the other night at my place. On the phone the day before, the girl asked me to "Cook her something she's never had before" for dinner. After many minutes of scratching my head over what to make, I finally settled on something she has DEFINITELY never eaten. I got out my trusty case of MRE's. Meal, Ready-to-Eat. Field rations that when eaten in their entirety contain 3000+ calories. Here's what I made: I took three of the Ham Slices out of their plastic packets, took out three of the Pork Chops, three packets of Chicken-a-la-King, and eight packets of dehydrated butter noodles and some dehydrated/re hydrated rice. I cooked the Ham Slices and Pork Chops in one pan, sauteed in shaved garlic and olive oil. In another pot, I blended the Chicken a-la-king, noodles, and rice together to make a sort of mush that looked suspiciously like succotash. I added some s
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Emperor Of France :
Napoleon BonaparteI am surrounded by priests who repeat incessantly that their kingdom is not of this world, and yet they lay their hands on everything they can get. As for myself, I do not believe that such a person as Jesus Christ ever existed; but as the people are inclined to superstition, it is proper not to oppose them.
You've Been Tagged....peace!
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? unwanted 2. Your significant other? undiscovered 3. Your hair? long 4. Your mother? Strong! 5. Your father? Reliable! 6. Your favorite thing? ArT! 7. Your dream last night? unmemorable 8. Your favorite drink? sodie 9. Your dream/goal? individuality 10. The room you're in? bedroom 11. Music? Alternative 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Wiser 14. Where were you last night? about 15. What you're not? lonely 16. Muffins? bran 17. One of your wish list items? rejuvenation 18. Where you grew up? California 19. The last thing you did? toke 20. What are you wearing? Levi's 21. TV? Weeds 22. Your pets? spoiled 23. Your computer? old 24. Your
I'm Alive...
I'm alive because of you As we lie beneath the stars It makes us realize how small we are Imagine if those stars could learn Learn to love as we do You've made me see It's not too late, never too late This world may never be what I expected You've made me care-free in a careless world Thank you for lighting my way Such sweet words I want to give you Goodnight my perfect angel As I pull away from you I fall apart Together we are whole As we lay together I say sleep tight my love You've become what I live for Stay with me till the end of time Be my sunshine and my night sky Cover all that is within me...
Gods Forsaken Featured Band: Brutal Mastication
Brutal Mastication is out of HOllywood, Florida. The band members are Jimmy Ferovechio, Brian Cramer, Jorge Lopez, Todd Ewing and B.J. Santiago. Brutal Mastication has a record label with Hook N Mouth. The band started recording their album Rage Uncontrolled, bust still need to mix and master the album when they ran into problems. Jorge Lopez went to visit his family in Chile for the holidays and could not return due to his imigration status and lack of U.S. Citzenship. It was a hard blow to the band. Jorge was the key man to the band due to recording everyone because the owner/engineer of Studio 13 became ill. The band decided to go to Canada to play a few shows and finish up the album, when once again Jorge was deported again in the states and was sent back to Chile insteed of meeting the band in Canada, so the band returned to Florida. The band knew the album had to be finished so they spent many nights on the internet downloading samples of Jorge's work, where Jorge was able to fin
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Update On Pregnancy
Well I was having such a great nap today....which was cut short by a phone call i really didnt care to have. The doctors have called us in this thursday for an ultrasound...while finding out what the baby is is very exciting this visit is either going to change my life forever or keep it the same. Turns out the blood work i had done recently has come up positive for down syndrome. We go thursday to veryify if the baby has it or not. I dont know what to think everything is still a blurr right its not registering in my head. its odd how one phone call can change everything. Things in life seemed to be first...then dan gets layed off and thats a blow to the gut....but this...well it just tops it off. Hopefully everything is going to be ok. reguardless if the baby has it or not we are still planning on keeping him/her. I realize this is going to be hard...but dismissing the problem would be even harder and completely devestating to me. Therefore im tieing the pieces o
i'm not too sure what to blog about what is it called when you feel like youre falling really fast and it feels like you are dreaming while youre awake? anyone?
Piss Off Girlfiend if you go to this link it will give you your own but you need to use mine for now just check it for me thanks and lots of love to yall
Erpham Warrick Deej Warrick Shodu Warrick Weechee Warrick Widdle (Willy) Warrick Wicket W. Warrick Winda Warrick Chief Chirpa Princess Kneesaa(f) Asha(f) Logray Teebo Malani(f) Paploo Latara(f) Chukha-trok Lumat Romba Warok Nippett Kaink (f) Ranok (male) Warok (male) Shodu (female) Winda (female) Latara (female) Lumat (male) Suda Trok(male) Cheirpa (male) Teek (male/female) Moose (male/female) Cheirpa (male) Sarek (male) Weechee (male) Malani (female) Chukha Trok (male) Kneesha (female)
Random Stuff About Me
DISCLAIMER: Nothing I say or do is to taken seriously. I do write the truth from my own personal life experiences. That being said please enjoy laugh and learn. My Nicknames past and present Blanch, Blanch-Vegas, B Vegas, Vegas, B The Colonel, Colonel Killa’ J Big J Tank Saw Things I hate My first name Maryland drivers Ghettoites Sea Food Morbidly obese people Sales tax War protesters Organized religion Stuff that pisses me off When you say “How’s it going?” to a person and they don’t respond When you say “How’s it going?” to a customer and they give you there name or order information People who use the left turn signal to turn right and vice versa When people try to call you on every statement you make People without any form of patience Things I say a lot Good n’ you (only in response to some one who hasn’t answered my how are you question) Fuck you with a big black rubber cock That’s gayer than two dicks in one ass (Why don’t you) Go drink a bi
Merry Christmas Friends
I suggest we...Learn to Love our, selves....before its... made illegal. So dont let the World bring you down, Not everyone here is that Fucked up and cold! I love you all! Happy Holidays from "The House of Cheeze"!! xoxoxoxox
Week In Review 20 Dec
Fourteen days and counting. Fourteen days from the last time me and the wifey had sex. And yes I am complaining ranting and yet even raving. I mean the last time we did it...well both times really (it was the weekend!) we left the sheets soaking wet both times! It was an awesome out of this mind blowing screwing between lovers. But then it ends. No more sex. And we are now two weeks and counting. I really don't see any sex happenings coming my way for the next week and even till the end of the year. And I don't expect any sex for a long ass time. Anyways...I will keep you posted on my FU sex life or lack of. Unless some of you ladies out here also have a FU Sex life...maybe we can get together and share notes... HA HA HA!!!
Gfr 17
Gods Forsaken Featured Band: Madlife Madlife is from the United States. They have a record label with MADLIFE Entertainment. The band members are Phill, Isaiah, Jim and T. Madlife is as harsh as the world we live in. There is no whining in this band’s audio assault. Inside Madlife's music you’ll find powerful vocals, aggressive guitars, and industrial sounding technology. Bands such as Ministry, White Zombie, NIN, KMFDM, and more recently Rammstein and Static X have helped to influence the creations of Madlife. They are currently in the studio recording their third release "Angry Sonnets For The Soul." They will follow up with an international tour. Madlife will continue to captivate people with their powerful live shows. Madlife has been able to play with such bands as Adema, Kottonmouth Kings, and Prong. So tune into God's Forsaken Radio to hear more of Madlife!!!!!
So, I dont know what all went down exactly, but CarX never towed my car. The state police did when they found it at 9 o clock last night. So now we have to pay for my car to get towed twice, on top of the repair cost. At least we know where my car is now. But seriously wtf?
She Walks In Beauty
600. She walks in Beauty George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron. 1788–1824The Oxford Book of English Verse 1250–1900.Arthur Quiller-Couch, ed. 1919. SHE walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that 's best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes: Thus mellow'd to that tender light Which heaven to gaudy day denies. One shade the more, one ray the less, Had half impair'd the nameless grace Which waves in every raven tress, Or softly lightens o'er her face; Where thoughts serenely sweet express How pure, how dear their dwelling-place. And on that cheek, and o'er that brow, So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, the tints that glow, But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent!
A Lover's Plea To God
I count the miles we are away from each other I count the days when you are not around I count the number of fingers you had Making sure you have every one of them I count the toes too I tried counting the hairs on your legs But there is too many,I lost count I like to be near you Watch you sleep Watching you sleep makes me calm Part of it is because when you asleep I can see you, to feel you And to know, you aren't somewhere far from me And, when the moment arrives When we have to part I'll remember we had a love More than any other love A love that is only known By the two of us A love, so heavenly That the angels wants it too Envying me and you They took you away And so, my darling You are taken away from me Before your tomb, I stand Full of sorrows Praying to GOD To take me too So, I'll be by your side once again
Hey All
First, thank you all for your most gracious welcomes. They are very much appreciated. I am at a loss for words, lol, and I usually talk a mile a minute but (there is always a but) I am here to visit, comment when asked my opinion and nothing serious. I like the site, I love to drink but don't and I love to meet new people who are real for real. I am not a sex kitten, I am not what some would say is beautiful or good looking, I am just me. A plain, sometimes mixed up woman who likes to chat and enjoy myself. I have hobbies that I love to do and do when I am not on the puter, lol. I love to play trains and race cars with my 4 year old great grandson, he runs circles around me, lol. I have several miniture trains that I play with, complete with people and cars and houses, but most important I am probably old enough to be your grandmom, lol. So cut out the small stuff and let's get down to business. Be yourself, talk to ME and not at me. P.S.: I don't curse and I am from th
I look back to the first night when we first slept still smiling about all the secrets we kept it was so unexpected you wanted to be protected I respected that I even wanted to give you some slack let you know we didn't have to get down like that that I had your back and that in the end I really wanted a friend You became so much more and there was more in store so much so fast I am not sure it can last and if it ended today I wouldn't have a bad thing to say just happy that you took the time and for that moment you were mine
A Cowboys Thoughts
He's tough as nails so it seems to his children and their dreams. His arms are as red as his blood he bleeds from strechin wire and pullin weeds. When it comes to his kids and family he's a doctor a lawyer, pyschologist, weather man, a truck driver a Marine a warrior a protector and friend but most of he's their daddy. Lives off the land from his labor giving credit to his maker and never complaining bout not having enough. To them those callused hands turn to velvet when he holds them when the cry from a bad dream or a bad day or a bad fall off their horse. Some say he's the last of a dying breed and that his kind will soon be gone but as long as beef is needed him and his kind will be around face it the country was built around em ya cant git rid of em. He seems cool and collected on the surface but inside a turmoil wells that he does not let his kids see. Troubled by inner demons that prey upon his mind and soul but he stays strong and stubborn enough to keep a possion from them occ
I'm Sorry Adam
I wasn't there for you. You are gone and I wasn't there for you. Goodbyes are long. Goodbye. It should have been me. It should have been me. I'm sorry.
Totally Whacked!!!!
How the world works lately... If a man cuts his finger off while slicing salami at work, he blames the restaurant. If you smoke three packs a day for 40 years and die of lung cancer, your family blames the tobacco company. If your neighbor crashes into a tree while driving home drunk, he blames the bartender. If your grandchildren are brats without manners, you blame television. If your friend is shot by a deranged madman, you blame the gun manufacturer. And if a crazed person breaks into the cockpit and tries to kill the pilot at 35,000 feet, and the passengers kill him instead, the mother of the crazed deceased blames the airline. I must have lived too long to understand the world as it is anymore. So, if I die while my old wrinkled ass is parked in front of this computer, I want all of you to blame Bill Gates.
Fate!!! Evil Bitch That She Is!
Any Fu-king Questions?
Yes motherfuckers; I did let a woman with kids and no place to go move into the back bedroom after we broke up. Yes I did give someone who has fucked me over a chance to get her shit together so the kids I have come to love did not suffer. No motherfuckers we are not "involved" on any fucking level. No that does not give her any more right to listen to my conversations with ANY of my friends and decide to crash yet another site. No more than it gives the bitch the right to run my phone battery dead trying to hack the password so she can find out if I slept with someone last night or any other fucking night. The terms and conditions of our arrangement include her staying the fuck out of my personal life because it does NOT include her. So you wanna say some bullshit about the whole story...well choke on that shit. Next time someone wants to call me a liar...bring your happy ass to FL and I will be happy to knock your hypocritical teeth down your fucking throat. ANY FUCKING Q

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