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This Is My Job
this is where i go to check out vids and pics of regular people..this is a better version of youtube/myspace...i became a producer on this site , go to the via the link and tha will take you to my page ..then ya can make your talkin some hott videos and freakin charge whatsoever!! thats what i like about it.!!u can get triple x on here..just click the link and go for what ya know its all free! www dot rude dot com slash BLACKZILLA42 please pass this link along to your friends!
Poems By My Friend Bob!!!
These "POEMS" were sent to me by message yesterday.. From a Great on-line FRIEND of mine!!!!! Sep 12, 2007 3:16 PM Subject: Dream A Lovers Dream Body: Dream A Lovers Dream by Bob Gallagher A whisper in the night air, did drift into my dreams. A hint of something sensuous, erotic in extremes. A promise of eternity, of love and true romance. All it takes is for us to dance the lovers dance I woke and felt chill breeze, but cool me it did not. For in my mind were visions, my passion far too hot. Two souls were dancing closely, but neither dared to talk All it takes is for us to walk the lovers walk I reached my mind out further, to see what I could learn. For once I saw the lovers, my aching heart did yearn. I wished to see the future, and what it held for me. All it takes is for us to see what lovers see. I closed my eyes for wishing, and hoped with all my might. That what I was imagining was you and I one night. For if I never see you love, I'm sur
In The Event Of My Demise
In the event of my Demise when my heart can beat no more I Hope I Die For A Principle or A Belief that I had Lived 4 I will die Before My Time Because I feel the shadow's Depth so much I wanted 2 accomplish before I reached my Death I have come 2 grips with the possibility and wiped the last tear from My eyes I Loved All who were Positive In the event of my Demise
Forget it i'm done!!!! take this anyway you want to!! i'm out!!
Dominance For Nice Guys
Dominance for Nice Guys For starters, it's not what you think. The first thing to do is to understand, deep down inside, that it's possible to do these things and still be a good person. While some of these things may superficially resemble abuse, there's an important difference; unlike an abuser, you are doing these things because you both enjoy them, and you're doing them in a way that is safe, consensual, and respectful of her limits and desires. One way to think about it is that you're playing a role. A person who plays a villain on TV is not actually a villain; and if you and your partner play out roles for your mutual enjoyment, it doesn't mean you're being abusive. You and your partner can play out roles in which you are harsh and demanding and she is your sex slave, and this does not mean that you actually believe women should be subordinate to men. But I was always taught to treat women with respect! There is nothing wrong or disrespectful about treating people
I'm Sorry
I'm sorry: That I thought we were friends That I thought you cared That I thought you payed attention to what I said That I thought I mattered to you That I thought pettiness could not come between us That I thought you knew I meant what I said That I thought I was more than meaningless conversation That I thought anything I'm sorry for making an assumption I'm sorry for fucking it all up I'm sorry that you said something that I misunderstood I'm sorry you don't care Forgive me for caring Forgive me for wanting to know you Forgive me for wanting to be real friends instead of just text from an "online friend" you care nothing for Forgive me for trying to be a person instead of a message
I Am Lost Help Me Find My Self
it has been a stressful day
Alive With Passion
You awaken my desires… Like no one before… Igniting my passions… To which I adore… My deepest fantasies… Are to fill your needs… As you kiss my lips… Hear my sighs and pleas… Your voice caresses… My soul buried inside… Passions untold… No longer denied… My body burns … As you set my soul on fire… An everlasting flame… That cries to grow higher and higher… A succubus I may be… As you whisper my name… An insatiable wanton… That only you can tame…
I Didn't Mean To Make You Cry
I rushed in without thinking. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I acted very selfish. I didn’t mean to make you cry. You’re a person very caring. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I hurt the one person that understands me. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I want to take back all the pain and suffering I have caused you. I want you to be so very happy. I want to make you smile and bring you joy. I didn’t mean to make you cry.
Bulletproof Glass
When you want to be together remember nothing lasts forever. remember when you wake tomorrow the memories of pain and sorrow. knowing that when memories fade scars remind you of that day. How rocks were thrown in glass rooms. though not the person you now pursue. Damaged and broken, though they forgive remember the scars, to help you live. I live in a special glass house. When you throw rocks, they won't bounce! For it's only bulletproof, on the inside Just be happy, that you live outside. When I throw stones, they only hit me bulletproof glass, no fading memories. Stay outside of these projectile rooms! Live outside, still close, but safe for you! J. Koblitz
Please Help
this guy rocks always there for me so please my friends help himout contest is for 3 month vip ...ill hook ya up drinks 4 all 100 plus= big pimp gift... thxx in advance .oh and it ends on the 22nd at midnight central time .
~~~~~the Claiming Of You~~~~~~~
You expect my Tender Love for you at Night and have felt my Morning Desire for your as Sun's Rising, but you have not seen what the Mid-day brings....It is the Taking of What is Mine. You go about your day blissful in knowing your schedule and all that is required of you. You are satisfied with knowing your routine, but you have not yet seen mine. As you move about in your comfort zone I arrive, unannounced, unexpected, caring not what you are wearing or even if your body has felt the cleansing caress of a morning shower or bath. I am determined in purpose to Take you without words spoken...driven forward by the desire and passion your last kiss left within me like a slow burning ember needing only my complete thoughts of you to manifest it into a Intense Raw Passion that can only be quenched one way.....Taking you...claiming what is mine. I enter without words, intent with the stare that is already undressing you as I approach, you in and instant know what I am think
A Brand New Me
Hey Peeps Of The Fu! Check This Sh*t Out!
HEY peeps of the FU! This girl needs our help on this contest! 100,000 commets giveaway! and its her first contest! Please help! EVERYONE AND ALL!!! So click on the pic and lets get the party started!! She has been good to us now lets return the love!
My First College Essay(true Story)
A New Me Monday, January 31, 2005 began just like every other day, with me going to work. About an hour after work had started, I realized this was going to be “one of those days.” Doing construction for a living, I had grown accustomed to hitting my head on beams, smashing my fingers, and getting cuts and today was no exception. I kept hitting my head on nails and messing up projects until I was off work. Finally, the workday was over and I was on my way home to see my girlfriend Sandee and have dinner and a few drinks. I was so happy to get to her house and start relaxing; unfortunately the day was only going to become worse. Sandee and I had dinner and two cocktails after I arrived at her house, and we were telling each other about our day at work. The next thing I knew, we were arguing about doing laundry. The argument escalated rapidly until finally I said,” I’m going home; I’ll see you tomorrow after work.” “Stay here tonight and we will go to bed and we’ll talk about it tomo
R U Truely My Friend?
Friends, On this FUBAR thing I have obtained over 100 so called friends. I would hope that all of you were truely frinds, but, let's get real here. A lot of you are just rate hounds and self centered. All I really want is true honest to goodness friends.It is actually my fault for letting it get way out of hand. Now I can only think of one way to solve this problem. I try to get to as many people as I can but it always falls way short and feelings get hurt. So...If we do not talk to at least once a week and/or send messages and/or leave comments...I am not gonna keep you on my list of friends. Only the ones that do talk...comment and message with me will stay on my friends list. I am not being an A..h.le...just being realistic. I am sure a lot of you feel the same way at times. Too many to keep track of. It is not a popularity game for me. Which type are you gonna be? Up to you!!!!!This the only way I know to be fair to the ones that do care. I am sorry. Leave a commen
Im A Virgo
VIRGO * -- Dominant in relationships. -- Sexy. -- someone loves them right now. -- FreakY in bed. -- Best in bed. -- Always wants the last word. -- Caring. -- Smart. -- Addictive. -- Attractive. -- Loud. -- Loyal. -- Easy to talk to. -- Hard to forget
Have we lost the spark or a guide? What's the latest on the screen? Can't be too late to turn around I need all the help from you I need to find Something to blame for a long lost time I am running from something that I don't know I am searching for something, which way to go? I am trying to separate what's real I'm running in a wheel Is it dark or is it bright? What's the latest on the screen? Please tell me my name I haven't checked it today From green to red our days pass by Waiting for a sign to tell us why Are we dancing all alone? Collect some stars to shine for you And start today 'cause there's only a few A sign of times my friend My friend avoid infinity Are you for real? Just scratch the surface And you will find Something to blame for a long lost time -In Flames
Your eyes, followed me here. Your eyes, seamless and sure. They leave me broken and, in need of a cure. Your eyes, followed me here. Your eyes, sifting my soul. They leave me broken and forge diamonds from the coal. They race me along the infinite synapse of white lines. and then while chasing the dawn with storybook syntax Your eyes slit the throat, of all I know. About myself in this life. This silhouette lie. And your eyes, speaking in tongues. Vigilant still, filling my lungs. Testing my will. They leave me broken and, bruised and bleeding. Your eyes, resting in flame, Leave me breathless again Like hydrogen Split on fault lines or ten years living with exposure to radon Your eyes slit the throat, of all I know. About myself in this life. This silhouette lie. Your eyes, Your eyes. Speaking in tongues. Vigilant still, lead our way. Filling my lungs. Testing my will. You slit the throat, of all I know. About myself in this life. This sil
"what Kind Of Sorceress Am I" {{ A Poem}}
"What Kind Of Sorceress Am I" "cr" by cat What kind of sorceress am I, one that waits for the end of time I cast through rhythm and rhyme, I tell you of a higher power that is devine I keep looking for signs, but sometimes we can all be blind I play tricks with my words for you to find, that people are truly kind We tell ourselves things are just fine, but we know we are just lying He forgave us as He was dying,For our sins He was crying As a world don't we intertwine, it is peace we long to find I don't cast with a bottle of wine, I just make you use your mind With these words of mine, I cast or I will keep trying...
To The One You Love
to the one i love its all one big roaster the ups, the downs, and the twist and turns in a relationship and yet no matter how smooth or bumpy it is you stick to it til the end and you don't want it to end and other times you don't think you can last on the ride for other minute then you realize that the person means to much to you to let them go over something so stupid and then you remember the good points on how they made you felt and you forgive them but never forget the problems that may lay but yet again that is what a relationship is, it can't be perfect, cause nothing in this world is absoulty perfect in any shape or form will all know its a parntership that has to work together and all times, even through your arguements cause without talking things out you are looking for things to fail and then you be at square one again single and alone and no one wants that It all boils down to truth, honesty,and loyalty and then it all depends on you to make things work or f
Sayings #2
*::--;LoVe iZ LiKe QuiCkSanD-dA DeEpEr u FaLL iN iT ThA HaRdA iT iZ 2 GeT OuT;--::* Ur HuGz N KiSsEz R LiKe ThE StArZ U LiTe Up mY LiFe wHeN tHiNgZ gEt DaRk Did u fall down the ugly tree and hit every branch on your way down! *ThEy SaY tRuE lOvE hiDeS bEhiNd eVeRy CoRnEr...I mUsT bE wALkiNg iN CiRcLeS!!!* If Your asking if I Need U the answer is 4Ever.. If Your askin if I'll Leave U the answer is Never..If Yur askin what I value the Answer is U.. if Yur askin if I love U the answer is I do what's the difference between boy's soccer and girl's soccer? oh ya girl's make it look better!! Love is like sand, if ya hold on to it too tight.. It might slip away~! ¨*:·.PeOpLe ArE gUnA tALk BoUt u SpEcIaLlY wHeN tHeY eNvY u N tHe LiFe U LiVe...lEt ThEm..U aFfEcTeD tHeIr LiVeS...tHeY dIdNt AfFeCt UrS...·:* Did the sun just come out or did you just smile at me? Give a mouse a cookie, he'll want a glass of milk *I wAnTeD 2 KiLL dA sExiEsT PeRsOn ALiVe ThEn I rELi
"Think of a photograph as an insight into the soul of the world; with the special ability to transform your mood, take you to faraway places, and reinvigorate your sense of wonder." Lee Rentz
Love And Destruction
He used to love me, I used to be safe, Now I hide from him, I cover my face, I never wore make up, Now I have to cover the marks he makes, He is comming after me, He is catching up, He grabs me by the hair, He must never had cared, He hits me about, When will it stop? He must not see clear, For he just called me Clair, He must want her dead, But I will die instead, I bid farewell, I bid adue, For these are my last words to you.
Chinese Eye Test‏
Too FUNNY not to pass on! Chinese eye test THIS IS BRILLIANT!!! If you cannot decipher anything, then try pulling the corner of your eyes as if you were Chinese. It works
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
For those of you that don't know, I suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. I have been suffering with this since at least May 2006. For those who do not know what this is the definition is:- Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the hand, becomes pressed or squeezed at the wrist. The median nerve controls sensations to the palm side of the thumb and fingers (although not the little finger), as well as impulses to some small muscles in the hand that allow the fingers and thumb to move. The carpal tunnel - a narrow, rigid passageway of ligament and bones at the base of the hand ¾ houses the median nerve and tendons. Sometimes, thickening from irritated tendons or other swelling narrows the tunnel and causes the median nerve to be compressed. The result may be pain, weakness, or numbness in the hand and wrist, radiating up the arm. Although painful sensations may indicate other conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common and widel
The First Time I Told Him That....
"Loving you is the closest thing I have to magic" He told me, "Magic to me is knowing there's somebody waiting at home with a smile and a kiss for me :)" I love that man :)
Romance & Relationship
long-distance relationship Distance is the best test to a love. This kind of relationship requires a lot of understanding between the couple. Both must show extra effort in the willingness to create the relationship by constant communication. Words, then, is the only tool to sustain a long-distance relationship. The power of your words can create the illusion of physical presence that each heart longs for. But, of course, your voice plays an important role too.
Welcome To The Femdom Times!
Frest meat week ;-) New Gallery of Mistress Brittany in Hustler's Nikki Nine. It's like the Graduate except with strap-ons....
Dont Add This Person
Hello, just sending out this message to my family and friends: If someone by the name of Ashley Marc James wants to add you to their list DO NOT accept it. Its a virus. Tell everyone on your list because if somebody on your list adds them you will get it too. It is a hard drive killer and a very horrible virus. Please pass this on to everyone on your list. We need to find out who is using this account. Right click on the group name of your friends' list and click: Send Message to all. This is affecting to the best of my knowledge Yahoo, Skype and MSN. This is not a fake!
This Is Chilling
Read down to the very bottom highlighted in green, IT'LL GIVE YOU GOOSE-BUMPS!!! You don't want to miss this! ((*_*) ) VERY INTERESTING- 1. The Garden of Eden was in Iraq 2. Mesopotamia, which is now Iraq, was the cradle of civilization! 3. Noah built the ark in Iraq 4. The Tower of Babel was in Iraq 5. Abraham was from Ur, which is in Southern Iraq ! 6. Isaac's wife Rebekah is from Nahor, which is in Iraq ! 7. Jacob met Rachel in Iraq 8. Jonah preached in Nineveh - which is in Iraq 9. Assyria, which is in Iraq, conquered the ten tribes of Israel 10. Amos cried out in Iraq ! 11 Babylon , which is in Iraq , destroyed Jerusalem 12. Daniel was in the lion's den in Iraq ! 13. The three Hebrew children were in the fire in Iraq (Jesus had been in Iraq also as the fourth person in the Fiery Furnace!) 14. Belshazzar, the King of Babylon saw the 'writing on the wall' in Iraq 15. Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, carried the Jews captive
For Joker-everyone Come Help Out Please
One of my close friends is in a Hottest Biker Babe / Dude contest H@rleyB@by69 Can I get a Hell yea and go bomb this picture like your thighs like their SMOKIN.And being the bikey guy I am this is one contest I want to see my friend win....Appreciate the help in advance.........
Bad Boys 420
see what mean bout babyjesus like dose best messup site like he all dose now with photo now he his should be jack ass two how dumd he is now ic what mean him rite here ....Error: sorry, photos are disabled for maintenance. blame babyjesus!
We're Back!!!!!!
Hi everyone.... Just a news update on the trip to L.A. The trip to L.A. turned out to be a whirlwind trip to Nashville actually. We were directed by an attorney in L.A. to get out to Nashville to meet with one of his colleagues in Nashville, which turned out great! Matter of fact, the entire trip to Nashville was fantastic. For openers, I am now represented by a Nashville Entertainment law firm, and a good one. That should open a lot of doors for us. Secondly, we made a lot of good contacts in Nashville and my new entertainment attorney will be getting packages in doors for us. Very cool baby! :) Anyway, we had a great time in what turned out to be a weekend in Nashville, but it was for the best indeed. So, a very fruitful weekend and thanks to Angela's very professional demeanor, we got into this entertainment law firm, which is awesome! At any rate, that's about it for now. It was a fabulous weekend which was very beneficial indeed. More news will be coming soon and we will be m
The New Teacher Part 3
Jemma closed her eyes and tried to prepare herself for the first bare bottomed caning of her life. From the welts raised on her companion's backside by the thin cane, she knew that her own rear would be in a far worse state by the time this was over. "Open your eyes girl and fix them on Anne's rump." I turn to Miss Morgan and wink. " The cane I've selected for Jemma is more than twice as thick as the previous one and provides greater accuracy of control. With just a little practice it is possible to place the strokes so close together that no white flesh can be seen between them, or even to place each stroke on the exact same spot." " Now remember Jemma, count each stroke and thank me for it." The first stroke brings a grunt from the girls lips "One. Thank you headmistress." With the second stroke she gasps and shakes her head. "Two. Thank you headmistress." Not wishing to have another girl faint this evening I resist the urge to use full force or speed at t
I'll be gone for a little while. It's my job to be trained monkey at the local fair for the next week and a half, twelve hours a day, starting Wednesday. If I'm lucky, they'll get me some fast internet. But it hasn't been so in the last two years, so I doubt much will change this year. I will try to check in for about five minutes each night after work, but that's about all I've got until I return for good. To anyone disappointed, sorry. But I'll be back! Thinking warm thoughts of y'all. Leave love!
Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover
Taking A Break
While he pinches my left nipple I feel his right hand leave my tummy and follow my waist to the small of my back. He drops his hand down a bit and finds my ass bare to his touch. OK... break over.
Its Time For Retta Guys You Know What To Do
Poem - The Dragon's Peace
The Dragon's Peace From Time Immortal they came Proud and majestic, flying free Peaceful creatures looking For a home to call their own. They came to this place Seeing vastness and peace They settled and began to live And raise their families. But Man came upon them Seeing something different and strange Began to destroy, as Man is wont to do To Something he does not understand. Once again, proud and free They began to search For a home to call their own In which to live and die peacefully. Some find isolated places Where some Men are willing To live in peace with all creatures Big and small, peaceful or not. The vast majority still seek Searching for that home. For everywhere they settle Man will not leave them in peace. Within this place of mine Dragons live in peace So mind the Dragon's Peace here So that all creatures can live safe.
I Wish I Had An Angel
I Wish I Had An AngelBy NightwishBest Video Codes
My First Pimout Ever :)
My first pimout ever! Its way passed due! So I'm bringing you some of my dearest friends I have met on here! Please Fan, Rate, Comment, buy them gifts or whatever you please! Just show them some well deserved love! You will see they are great So In No Particular Order... I bring to you all... my friends :) Ash.WeeE ~ One of the sweetest and most down to earth girls I know on this site! -->♥AsH.WєєE. ♥..C.W.O.F Charter Member..♥@ fubar Ben Dover ~ He is my dearest friend on here! I love him very much :) Ben DoveЯ®™@ fubar Angel Baby ~ She is the realeast girl on here! Hence the reason shes in the top! Beautiful, Sweet, and Awesome All Around! ★ANGEL~BABY★ ®™ (♡FU BAD B*TCH♡) ~C•W•O•F~ PLZ RATE MY PROFILE~TY@ fubar Loco ~ One of the hardest working guys for this site I know :) £ô©o™- Ťĥē Mòŕpĥ MÄŝŤêŕ@ fubar StewieGriffin ~ I love his page! Its one of a k
Time For Friends
They say... It takes a minute, to find a special person. An hour, to appreciate them. A day, to love them. But, An entire life, to forget them. Take the time to live! Do not value the THINGS you have in your life. But value WHO you have in your life!
The Moments
The moment before your lips touched mine, the breath we shared . The moment you looked at me with your heart in your eyes, so pure and open to me . The moment your skin touched mine, the heat of need between us like an open flame . The moment you stroked my face so gently, like the kiss of Heaven's fairest angel . The moment I knew in my heart that I loved you, and I could never look back to a time when I didn't . The moment you first said you loved me, and I knew that it was true . These are the moments I will relate to the angels in Valhalla, they will know that I lived the moments that meant the most to me. It will not be a life wasted because of all the moments I share with you, all the unspoken words said with a touch or a look exchanged .
Will U All Please Help ...
richie@ fubar hey everyone thanks for checking out my blog... please go to the above user and welcome him to fubar he is a really good friend of mine and i would like him to have a good time on fubar!
Lvlin Help Needed
DJWickedRayden/ Fusion Radio- barbiie bodyguard/ Jade Fubar son@ fubar plz help my friend lvl he needs 3,490
I fight for a country that hates me for my skin, but i'm still a soldier. they hate me for my talk and my walk. I fight for a place where my family is not safe unless they are behind me, And yet im still a soldier. i fight for a place where people are mugged robbed and raped...but i'm still a soldier i fight for a pice of ground that little to now care about...i fight for a person who hates me cause of what i do. i fight for a place that is bound by blood and greed, a place where money run the world not life, i fight for a place where life is so fast that it blurs by you like how cars on the road zoom and then come to a stop and crash...i fight for a place where a man it not looked at in his eye to tell his worth but looked at his face to tell he is nothing...where a pice of paper tell you what you know and don't know...what you have been tought and learned...a place where knowlage is not just power but its it life I fight for a place where a man lives and dies free. where he can ca
Fake Peopleon Here
come on people why add people just so others can see u are on others lists to get points or look good why dont u chat make a friend maybe 1 day u might need one do u people agree with me or not let me know..........
Incredibly Bewitching
She is and shes a great friend...Truly. Show her love and help her get leveled too! What better way to spend a Tasty Tuesday, then to meet someone true..:) Hugs and kisses!! ~*~IncrediblyBewitching~*~@ fubar
Time slips by but memories stay. Quietly remembered everday. Happy thoughts of time together Memories that will last forever. May the words of love blow softly And whsiper so you'll hear That I will always love and miss you And wish that you were here
Let It T.d. Jakes
LET IT GO... by T. D. Jakes There are people who can walk away from you. And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone. When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left. People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay. Let them go . And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person, it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've got to know when people's part in your story is over so that you don't keep trying to raise the dead. You've got to know when it's dead. You've got to know when it's over. Let me tell you something. I've got the gift of good-bye. It's the tenth spiritual gift
Connecting When Offline...
If you want to contact me you can get me when im not on here... Later all....
here is a day of days were i am here at 1am an god i wanna go back to sleep , when i write its cuz there is no one else to talk too , so this week was the wrost week r better day but why do all u ppl have drama with each other its a chat place were we just come to say hi , say what we want an be part of the norm , this one dont like that one this one said that an too take a side cant really say now , but to have hate an then u decide to , really lets get it over all this drama an have fun , here what i ahave to say just let it go , just let it go well what can i say its 1am
Lets Say Thanks (it Only Takes A Minute)
Something cool that Xerox is doing If you go to this web site, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq . You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services. How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know in the industry & personally to send one!!! This is a great site. Please send a card. It is FREE and it only takes a second. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or against the war, our guys and gals over there need to know we are behind them ... SO PLEASE SEND ONE! IT only takes a second
Check Out My Wife's Page
A Hidden Person
A Hidden person! There are people who hide their true face, They do this at their own expense, They are the fallen angles that fell from god’s grace, They are afriad of his excellence, They are afraid of thier Failure, Those people that are usually sweet, They did something that was a bummer, That their end was done by someone you can’t meet, They ended up as soul less beings as cold as stone, because of the feelings they couldn’t show, For if they showed any they would be gone, The lord made it so that any that should find out anything they would be turned to snow, When a person who almost always smiles and that loves to help others plants flower seeds, But instead of the flowers they so hoped would bloom the only thing they recived is a pile of weeds! Very first poem i ever did and posted online
I Love This One I Am So Proud Lol
Comes Full Circle Always try to break me down Feeling no feeling They tear it all away Laughing at the misery They leave in their wake There was a day I could remember The feelings I once did feel The blackness filled void Becomes all that is real There was a day I could feel And these tears did not fall Fighting begets fighting The building of a wall I hide behind the fear you gave me The blackness of it all The rage I feel inside The pain buids up inspired Caged dogs in heat can smell the meat Saved energy for the fire I'm saving the seige I save it all for you I'm saving the thorn inside So you can feel it too Pent up pain fuels insane Feelings returned to the giver Could you hear my cries? Throughout the night Did you care that I was dying? This thorn in my side I can't take the feeling And now I'm here don't forget To return the bleeding Now it's done My pain is set free A death to this feeling I could have done what you did Return al
I had the most bizarre dream last night. I was in a conveience store that was being robbed. In my dream I was shot in the head. I woke up terrified. I hate when dreams do that to you. Also, it was completely strange..but last night when I went to bed I had left my yahoo on w/ the status of "Asleep...dreaming good things" and lol, that just doesnt seem to be the case. So goofy.
Bloody Igit
ok Good morning i never normally do this , but this guy has really irritated me .. although i know it doesnt matter weather ur rated a 1 or an 11 u get the same points BUT.. i finally got sick of all his political posts and said something the other day .. althou i said something i still went thro and rated everything he had . then alas i deleted his polictical ass as a friend, coz im here to chill not read that shit .. well someone musta pissed in his cheerios coz this is what he did today .... o and the stopid thing .. the c u Next Tuesday had to UNBLOCK me to do this !!!!!!! ROFL u might havta click to enlarge the pic but im crap at cutting n cropping :D:D:D
Capt. Jefferson Clifford Francis
A Wedding Invitation To All!!!
You are invited to attend the wedding of Lady Sunmaid and Templar Knight in the Wildcat Lounge October 11, 2007 at 9 p.m. EST Two hearts joining together to become one.... ~Brandy Lady Sunmaid~ ~Lady Sunmaid~Ŧ.M.Ä.Ғ.~I.B.I.C~Future Fu-Wifey of Templar Knight~@ fubar ~Chris Templar Knight~ ~Templar Knight~ "THE BOSS" Future Fu-Hubby to Lady Sunmaid@ fubar Sharpie is the offical for this union of love
News About Infants' And Children's Cough And Cold Medicines
News About Infants' and Children's Cough and Cold Medicines *From the makers of Tylenol* Your child's safety is our number one priority. Important information you need to know about infants' and children's cough and cold medicines. The cough and cold season is here, and we have important information to share about infants' and children's cough and cold medicines. These medicines are generally recognized as safe and effective when used as directed. Most parents use these cough and cold medicines appropriately. However, we have become aware of rare instances of misuse leading to accidental overdose, especially in children under the age of two. Therefore, we are voluntarily withdrawing the following concentrated cough and cold medicines from the market: * Concentrated TYLENOL® Infants' Drops Plus Cold * Concentrated TYLENOL® Infants' Drops Plus Cold & Cough * PediaCare® Infant Dropper Decongestant * PediaCare® Infant Dropper Long-Acting Cough * PediaCare® Infant Drop
Head Games
I'm not into head games. We are notin high school . I want to be friends with men, not boys that have to have it ok by their mommies. My mom hasn't picked my friends since I was in the second grade.
Hartford Marathon - 5k
Well.. it seems I've entered myself into tomorrow's 5K in Hartford. One of my co worker's is into racing ie; running/walking and has been trying to get me involved all summer long. I've run out of excuses.. and basically.. I'm going to live up to my promises to run/walk verrry fast.. Wish us luck.. ! Finished it and then went straight to work..
Signs That You Or Someone You Know May Be A Golddigger...
You may be a Golddigger if… 1. You can not financially support yourself (and/or child) and feel having a man in your life would solve the problem. 2. You feel you are a better person because of the price of the clothes you wear or the car you drive, whether you paid for them yourself or someone bought them for you as a gift. 3. You feel you are a better person based on the status of the company you keep. Whether they are your friends or friends of the person you are dating. 4. You have no problem with the man you are dating financially supporting you by paying all your bills including, but not limited to, your rent, cell phone bill, car note or even your child’s tuition. 5. You feel the price of a gift is equivalent to how much the gift giver loves you. 6. You feel your boyfriend is supposed to have your financial back. To ensure he is capable of this you may create a false financial crisis to see if he hands you cash to solve your problem. He has to pay out o
Pieces Of A Girl..
its like bein exposed to gamma rays, i get lost for days in the kiss, of this mysteriousness, let the boys go out an play, im just lookin forward to what the day may, bring a thing or two from me to you, to make you say hooray and take yer worries away, its the least i can do, throw in a check 1,2....cuz if it wasnt for you, who knows what i would do?.....
Feeling A Little Blue....
Wednesday is my birthday and I have a lot of friends who care about me and make me feel like I am just packed full of energy everyday. I hope that my friends are enjoying themselves...What am I saying I know that they are... Anyway my brother sent me a card for my birthday and I have been going through a lot and I really don't want to celebrate my birthday this year but everyone seems to think that I do... So I went with the flow and boy did I flow. Anyway my brother never sent me anything like this before so I want to share this with all of u... A SISTER IS A LIFETIME OF LOVE.... A Sister is a part of your passt... Someone who shares the same memories, the same values and traditions-- A sister understands where you've been. A Sister is a part of your present... Someone who makes life's successes seem all the more important, life's disappointments more bearable-- A sister knows and appreciates who you are. A sister is a part of your future... Someone who is always on
Lmao What A Day
Sexxy_Beast420@ fubar Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 18 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 18 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 18 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 19 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 19 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 19 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 19 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 19 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 19 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 20 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 20 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 20 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 20 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 20 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 21 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 21 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a '1'! 21 min ago · Sexxy_Beast420 rated your photo a
Contradiction!..lmao that Some have read the "cuoth" blog...Let me give you a slight example...LOL I am going to be "uncouth" in my blatant and shameless display of self promotion..LOL I have less than 400,00 to hit the last and final level of this online version of my video game, and I need all the help I can get! If any of you can share my profile that would be wonderful. (You do that by going to my profile and at the top right is a place link that says share and a place to copy a link!) All your love is appreciated! Hugs and Kisses!..:)
Independent Family
New Work Schedule
For those of you that keep track of when I am on here, my work schedule has changed. I am now working Tuesday through Saturday. I won't be here on Mondays for a while. Just letting you know.
The Bouncers ~~ They Might Be Luring In The Shadows...
Meet our Bouncers ~~~ You never know they might be lurking in the shadows of the club... They are here to protect the bunnie and make sure all stays well in the Club.. Please respect there decision.. Thank you - Management GhostRider ~ Bouncer Jab2 ~ Bouncer Lil Momma ~ Bouncer Precious ~ Bouncer Streatch Johnny007 ~ Bouncer
"In the long run we're all dead"; as well as being a slogan on one of my all time favorite t-shirts, it's a truth.It's the one truth no one denies. No doubt about it, everything that is born dies. That's just the way it is...just a fact of life. So why does it suck? Even when it's the best damn thing that can happen to ease a person's suffering, it still sucks. God in his infinite mercy blessed my brother inlaw with Huntington's disease. One of his nastier creations, it's a genetic disease that slowy destroys your nervous system...first your motor skill, then your mind, and then the basic mechanics of life. At least he's in good company, God blessed Woody Guthrie with it too. Anyway, the disease is in it's last ugly stages. His throat has stopped working so he can't eat or drink. My brother-in-law had the courage to make a living will(which someday might actualy include provisions to die with dignity, but that's a whole other blog), so there's nothing to do but wait and w
For all of the fu bombers that actually read blogs:P Listen we are way behind on Ms. Flakicat.. PLEASE BOMB HER HARD... We need to keep up on it we can still get her back in first! We really can. Just a little effort!!! Thanks :D
Wednesday - Oct. 24
Home for lunch for a few minutes as I transit from my morning meetings to my afternoon meeting. Just run, run, run. I decided to wear some classy. I wore a navy blue suit (with a plunging neckline) which has a just an above hem length for the skirt. I didn't need to flirt at all with the 2 morning meetings to get my way. The suit seemed to make me very professional in appearance and I got all that I asked for. Now... after lunch I am meeting with the fire chief of this small community so we will see how it goes there.
This Is What Keeps Me Safe And A Promise I Made To A Friend
Here's A Little Bit Of A New Short Story
I'm working on called 'One Night'. 'It was her ro-workers birthday---she was going to the party; she thought it unusual for a party to start at midnight. Just her and the girls from work having a sleepover. What she didn't realize was what was in store for her. ' Thats all i havr right now ill finish it and put the whole story up in the next few days (as soon as i figure out what will happen). tired, still a bit sick, goodnight all
Killer Hummingbirds
I enjoy watching hummingbirds come to the feeders I have hanging on my front porch. And I do get quite alot of them stopping by to enjoy the red nectar. Notice if you will I said "red" nectar... :) Our pu is red.. and being it is so hot , I leave it parked with the windows down during the day. One particular day tho I needed to make a run to the grocery store and hopped into the dodge. As I was buckling myself up and putting in the key to start the pu up; I heard a strange noise in backseat. As I turned my head ever so slowly to the right to see what was in the backseat, thinking that my teenager had put something in back to startle me.. yes he loves to startle me, no wonder I am so gray headed, lol but we are getting off track here. I see out of the corner of my eye, something fluttering against the side window, it was one of the hummingbirds, wanting out, now my side windows on the pickup even tho are open are not big enough for the bird to escape.. As I reach
Top 10 Reasons Leonard Peltier Should Be Freed
TOP TEN REASONS LEONARD PELTIER SHOULD BE FREED, IN THE WORDS OF THE GOVERNMENT 10. "The United States government must share in the responsibility for the June 26 firefight... It appeared that the FBI was equally to blame for the shootout..." - Gerald Heaney, Senior Judge in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, in a letter supporting clemency for Leonard Peltier. 9. "We can't prove who shot those agents... Aiding and abetting whoever did the final shooting. Perhaps aiding and abetting himself. And hopefully the jury would believe that in effect he had done it all. But aiding and abetting nevertheless." -Prosecutor Lynn Crooks in Court of Appeals, October 15, 1985. 8. "But can't you see... that what happened happened in such a way that it gives some credence to the claim... that the United States is willing to resort to any tactic in order to bring somebody back to the United States from Canada. And if they a re willing to do that, they must be willing to
PAY ATTENTION! What makes her laugh? What topics does she duck? She LOVES to talk about what? The keys to conversation open the door to everything else.
someone please tell me y put all the pictures on here if u dont want people to see them can any one give me a good answer to this question another blogg by me yehawwwwwwwwww
Halloween Costume Shopping
Well... after a week of meetings (3 to 4 a day) I finally have time to help my son find a costume for this coming Wednesday night's festivities. He has no idea what he wants to be... so it will be a long day of shopping I am sure. He wants to watch the University of Oregon DUCKS play USC on TV here this afternoon. He loves the DUCKS. Luckily we have a bye week with our Seahawks tomorrow but we will be watching the 49ers play football ... that is for sure. Cold morning here. Has been very windy so there are leaves all over the yards all up and down the street and out in the street too. I love fall. It is surely becoming the weather to bring out the sweaters. This weather always gets the blood of my husband pumping for he loves it when I wear sweaters. He calls me his "little sweater girl". You men! Is that all you think about is boobs?
I Bought A Bird Feeder Thanks Sweety
I bought a bird feeder. I hung it on my back porch and filled it with seed. Within a week we had hundreds of birds taking advantage of the continuous flow of free and easily accessible food. But then the birds started building nests in the boards of the patio, above the table, and next to the barbecue. Then came the poop. It was everywhere: on the patio tile, the chairs, the table...everywhere. Then some of the birds turned mean: They would dive bomb me and try to peck me even though I had fed them out of my own pocket. And others birds were boisterous and loud: They sat on the feeder and squawked and screamed at all hours of the day and night and demanded that I fill it when it got low on food. After a while, I couldn't even sit on my own back porch anymore. I took down the bird feeder and in three days the birds were gone. I cleaned up their mess and took down the many nests they had built all over the patio. Soon, the back yard was like it used t
I'm Horny!!!!!!...
Just wanted to see that in print. I am, though. Horny, that is. Mike's arthritis is getting worse and since he can't afford a doctor, bleh. So, no sexy time for me!! Life so far...? let's see...Mike we already covered. Alex's ADHD meds still haven't been adjusted, and his grades are suffering as a result. And although my Seroquel and the Lamictal are working well enough for me, things have still been hard, what with Mom's birthday & the anniversary of her death just a week later and all. Oh, yeah, and the no sex bit. And we lost another person at my dialysis center a few days ago. Her name was Yolanda and she was one of the sweetest people you'd ever want to meet, always smiling and laughing and seeing the good in things. If she was angry, you KNEW something was wrong. She was only 39. And she wasn't diabetic like me. I'm staring 35 in the face. I'm scared shitless. The tremors in my fingers are getting more pronounced and it's getting harder to type and do all the little things. An
Search And Rescue
Search and Rescue Search and Rescue is standing by, to help you find the ones you love. They put their lives out on a line, to bring who's lost back home alive. But sometimes it doesn't work out that way: They try their best and take big risks, to bring these people back home to rest.
My heart is slowing down the tears cannot stop. my mind is racing, for the things you said to me. I cannot keep on hanging on to you, you do not own me. can someone stop these tears from falling down my face? is it to late? the pain is making me numb. this pain is slowing me down, I cannot move. your not a friend, at least not now. that comment you made I want to shout. you know it is not true, why do you do the things you do to me. I need to forget about this pain, and you. I have friends, do they really care? can I trust them? my fear of disappearing is getting to me. I cannot control it. I cannot take it anymore As I close my eyes, the tears are rolling down these pale-rosy cheeks. I start to wonder, drifting into thought. I think to myself. why should I stay? I open my eyes I still fear of disappearing, but it is to late. my eyes are red, my massacre runs. I lost my feelings, for all the things you done.
Just Tell The Truth.....
Ladies, why not admit it, when you say that, "You wish you could find a nice guy that isnt a complete jerk to have a relationship with." you really mean, "I wish I could find a nice guy that isnt a complete jerk because I want a big/little brother to cry on their shoulder." Now, i have a few female friends that are like my sister, and I have no problems with that. HOWEVER, when someone brings a lady around to introduce her to a 'nice' guy, who isnt a jerk, us nice guys end up with another frigging sister! I mean, when I was younger, boozed, partied, partook of chemical substances in search of the meaning of the universe, and was basically your typical scum bag, I had more women than I knew what to do with... AND many of them were those respectable types who liked something on the wild side. And you cant get much wilder than a biker/hotrodder type with an attitude against everything, who wore caps that said stuff like, "I dont date women who use four letter words, like dont, q
come join me here
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please rate ty wildatheart she rawks
I Don't Drink No More
A song I wrote, the "drink" covers, horse, dope, smack, and junk too! I been there, done it, a whole bunch of times! Anyway for a freakin' virtual bar; I DON'T DRINK NO MORE By WILLY SENKIWSKY 11/24/04 9:30 p.m. G-Harp, Key of D, Slow Shuffle I started drinking as a child Uncles gin and Camels was my style I slept it off then; was too young to go wild! I drank to get incoherent The older I got wilder I went I'd go to a bar with money leave without a cent (Spoken: And wonder who left the dents? In my car, head, etc.?) (Chorus) To me I'll just have one drink today Is like sayin, I'll only stick it in half way! When I start drinkin ain't no way to stop Which is how I got to know a few cops! I got tired of being on the outside of open doors And being wounded though I never been to war All of this and more is why I don't drink no more! :angry: I now know that I can't take even one sip Some say you can't teach a dog new tricks I'll bet ya the dog ne
A Special Thanks To My Fubar Friends
I'd like to thank the special few that have helped me from here on mfi.. I'm at my 1st milestione almost of 500$ I'm so hoping to get my new boobs by my bday so next summer i'll be back to the old me. thank you guys i love you!! Help pay for a girls boob job! Invest in my breasts!
Mcr In Hawaii
Aloha! My Chemical Romance are ending the year with a new show just announced in Honolulu, Hawaii at Blaisdell Arena at 7pm on Fri, 14 ! This show goes on sale tomorrow morning, Sat. Nov 3rd, at 9am HST!!! Click here to get tickets. MUCHO MUCHO MAHALO STAR 101.9 for bringin them out!!!! (tkts are under 40 bucks - if you dont want to wait and take a chance at winning them)
New Job
Well I just got my nursing license and I was offered a really cool job with a travel nursing agency... First they got me going to Morgantown, WV for thirteen weeks then FL. So wish me luck I really hope I like this new gig...
Let's Ride!!!! Love My Bikers
Hmmmm, well I am single again.....been asked out a couple times this week. Was suppose to go to a biker event with the club RKMCMD4, they are having a ball tonight. But it is across the bridge and didn't want to leave Bryan and go that far. So John thank you for asking me to join ur friends!!! Tomorrow going to get my saddle bags can't wait!!!! Talked to harley about the new exhust pipes.....shit I got approved for another bike...I was gonna get. More of a touring bike. If I had more experience I would go and get it but need to learn on this one first. And now that I have Chris to ride with, well when the weather permits now LOL, its alll good. Hugs my friends
Christmas Card List
When you are making out your Christmas card list this year, please remember that these men and women are over there giving their all and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so please include the following recipient when you send out your cards this year: A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue,NW Washington,D.C. 20307-5001 PLEASE DO THIS SO A RECOVERING AMERICAN SOLDIER WILL KNOW THAT WE DO CARE ABOUT THEM AND THAT WE ARE PROUD OF ALL THAT THEY DO. THANK YOU!!!,
In The Shadows...poem
Master Here I wait for you Here I stand for you Here I lay for you Here I hold my thoughts for you Here I kneel for you Here I breath for you is here that I die for the Shadows.
All Right Everyone Not Much More To Go. Let's Show The Fubar Spirit
Working On It
Hi thank's for looking in.I am a singel retired truckes and mate off the river boats,i am interesed in camping,and some traveling.i am loving this site and i make morphs.if u have two pic or more u like done i can do that,.i am 5/5 and long hair and beard,i am alway interested in making friends so give me a shout check me out and well go from there,ty very much for reading this.have a great day.and this is the time where i live,so when i post time for any thing this is the time where i am so u can see it and figuer out the time where u are from it this is the time at my house so u all know when i say noonu can look here and see the time here
Ok, Going to let everyone know what has happened in the past few days to me. I injured myself and reopened a old hernia as of Wenday last week but that is not the bad part of it all. In the past few days I ended up swelling up like a balloon which hurt badly and the thing is with me is; I have a very high pain tolerance; so whenever I feel discomfort I KNOW that I need a Doctor. So, I went to the Doctor again today and She looked at my groan area and said it looked like a spider bite which had caused Staff-Infection and that She needed to lance those areas and let the pressure be released; She also cut away dead tissue. So, I have two holes about the size of quarters but hey I can walk now. However, I can not have my surgery till the Infection is gone now. So, I will not be on here a great deal.
I need a job and it seems to not be happening pulling out my hair. ahhhhhhhh
Love I Can Never Let Go
Love is hell Hell is where I will stay Because my love can never go away I love this girl with all my heart She humiliated me In front of the world In front of my family And I forgive She is with someone else This I have now seen She will realize my love And hopefully come back to me No matter what she does No matter who she has been with I will forgive Because you see She has already once forgave me Love is hell Hell is where I will stay Because once again my love will never fade away
And So It Begins...
Well, I've been wanting to do this for a while now. Have a place to rant and rave and do what Deathpoet's do best... not write poetry. For the uneducated and unintiated a Deathpoet is not a goth (if that term is still used) poet, but a critic of life. Thoreau was probably America' first and greatest and we have marched down through history from him. So all you emos, screamos and goths, I'm not your long lost papa waiting to welcome you home, I find you guys amusing, and even share some of your interests but it's not who I am. Thoreau said "men, even good men, often serve society as men of wood." He was talking about the lack of thinking nad questioning we do as a people and feared that we would "as likely serve the Hell as Heaven.", and folks that was in the 18th century when life and info traveled at a slower pace and was not as easy to manufacture. What I see today that frightens me is the ease at which we accept the illusions created for us. We allow ourselves to be distrac
Dogs can be great friends or frightening adversaries. In dreams, the friendly dog may be a representation of a trustworthy relationship or intuitive affirmation of it. The wild dog may represent a nagging, ongoing struggle with a seemingly irresolvable conflict. (Of course, either case may just be a replay of a life situation starring a real dog that you know, either friend or foe.) Do you want someone who is unfairly persecuting you to call off the dogs? Is there a relationship in your life where the loyalty is at question or is especially pronounced?
Help !!! She Is Finally On Fubar...
Calling all of Sadie Grace's family and friends... Hey ya'll, hope you're all doing great... My daughter Shanda has finally joined us here on fubar...So please come help me show her why we are all here...Please come and show her the love you have all shown me over the past year or more...Tell her, I sent ya and you're on my family or friends or fan or all 3 lists... Thank you in advance and have an awesome day... Huggs and kisses and much love to all... ~ Sadie Grace ~ good ol girl@ fubar
Why Lt Is A Basketball Country
See the weather? LOL
Help Me Win This Contest
A Poem To Me: Second Poem
Your Day To Be Queen Mother's Day is your day to be queen, this gift was given to you when you were seventeen. First came Megan, she made your life complete, oh wow was'nt that sweet. Then came Rose, she gave you a new start, giving her away ripped out your heart. Finally came Thurman, that would be me, thank you mom for loving, not one, not two, but all three. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, LOVE THURMAN
Northern In The South
* The North has sun-dried toe-mah-toes, The South has 'mater samiches. * The North has coffee houses, The South has Waffle Houses. * The North has double last names, The South has double first names. * The North has Ted Kennedy, The South has Jesse Helms. * The North has an ambulance, The South has an amalance. * The North has Indy car races, The South has stock car races. * The North has Cream of Wheat, The South has grits. * The North has green salads, The South has collard greens. * The North has lobsters, The South has crawdads. * The North has the Rust belt, The South has the Bible belt. * If you run your car into a ditch, don't panic. Four men in a four-wheel drive pickup truck with a tow chain will be along shortly. Don't try to help them, just stay out of their w
Entrapment Hopelessly bound unfettered by the chains of love's grip - greatest gift, fate's cruelest curse. Wherefore do I weep at knowing the joy, the warmth, at feeling the peace, the fire. Wherefore do I weep unable to complete , to be, unknown the kiss, the flames. Wherefore do I weep at loving not living seeing not touching breathing not sharing holding not loving? All, because I, The Fool, am no more?
Scooter Bar
People get your asses in the greatest lounge EVER!!! Great people, great music, and great chat, come in and join the fun!!!!
Flight Roster Updated (dj Schedule)
All times are eastern times Monday throu Friday 3am to 6am tonya/sass 6am to 9am tonya 9am to noon bee noon to 3pm mjr. foxy 3pm to 6pm lolita 6pm to 9pm sass 9pm to midnight dj mischeif and mayhem midnight to 3am adm.surpreme or cdr. heretic goddes saturday & sunday 2am to 6am cdr. heretic goddes 6am to 10am open 10am to noon open noon to 4pm lolita 4pm to 6pm kit kat 6pm to 8pm jester 8pm to 10pm adm. surpreme 10pm to 2am cpt. tha beast i cant beleavie i forgot myself earlier lol:P
Football FINALLY makes sense......... A guy took his blonde girlfriend to her first football game. They had great seats right behind their team's bench. After the game, he asked her how she liked the experience. "Oh, I really liked it," she replied, "especially the tight pants and all the big muscles, but I just couldn't understand why they were killing each other over 25 cents." Dumbfounded, her date asked, "What do you mean?" "Well, they flipped a coin, one team got it and then for the rest of the game, all they kept screaming was: 'Get the quarterback! Get the quarterback!' I'm like...Helloooooo? It's only 25 cents!!!!
Intro To Site, A Hello I Suppose...rolls Eyes Into Skull
hey, hello all that greeting crap from this new comer....bah Alright it's over !!....Just offe
"thank You"
Something cool that Xerox is doing If you go to this web site, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is serving in Iraq . You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services. How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone we know to send one!!! This is a great site. Please send a card. It is FREE and it only takes a second. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or against the war, our guys and gals over there need to know we are behind them..
I Want To Know
It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare dream of meeting your heart's longing. It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking the fool for love, for your dreams, for the adventure of being alive. . It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your sorrow, if you have been opened up by life's betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain. I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, if you can dance with wildness and let ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, be realistic, or to remember the limitations of being human. It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can betray another to be true to yourself; if you can bear the accusation of
The Big C
we know what it is we never talk we forget it we leave it till it's too late we never say i'm sorry we never get to say goodbye we live to regret we never forgive we have a pain we have a guilt we try to get on we never cry we have a smile we have a joke we wither inside we carry on we put on a mask we smile to the world we say..not me we wait we in the end there is no we it is us as a family
In A Silent Way
I'm at home relaxing here in Sweden. Lately I have been listen alot to Miles Davis - a favorite. Especially his groovy stuff from 1968-1975. I have also been trying to learn more about Fubar. I have been here for awhile but never got the chance to try and learn how it works. Now's the time!
Happy Thanksgiving Hun!
I really wish you were here with us during this holiday. It kills me not having you here, not being able to tell you Happy Thanksgiving and to not be able to say one of the things I'm thankful for is you. I'm still very thankful for you being in my life, I just wish it could have been longer. As much as I hate what happened, I'm thankful for what you did for our country. Without you and other soldiers like you, we wouldn't be able to celebrate it. I miss you so much babe. I'll leave it at that since I can't see the screen anymore. Love Always, Amber
Female Prayer
As he lays me down to hit... I pray is dick ain't small as shit... And if his dick ain't long and thick... I pray he's good at lickin' clit!!!
A True Story
            Young Days ...... I sit here and see the news reports on the battles America's young men are fighting in far away places and I drift back to a time when I had to face the real world and step away from the easy days of teenage adventure. In 1970 I became more than a little involved.  While attending Redford High School I became more and more involved in political actions.  Julie Bulger and I planed and executed the 1970 walkout and shut down of our school as a statement of protest against a new No Jeans policy that was tried.  Little did I know that that seemingly minor action would change the direction of the rest of my life.  Shortly after Redford revoked the rule of No Blue Jeans, following a week long shut down cause by the 68% walkout we organized, I  was introduced to several people from an organization called Open City based on 2nd Street in Detroit.  This group of rag tag underground type had set up a free soup kitchen, free clinic, free
Please Welcome My Cousin!
My cousin Scott has joined and I just wanted to give him a warm welcome! Please stop by and show him some fubar love! :) Az_Scott@ fubar
Kitty Shaving
Do u guys like the little landing strip or clean shaven?
Awwww someone must love me!
I Think Santa Claus Is A Woman...
I hate to be the one to defy sacred myth, but I believe he's a she. Think about it. Christmas is a big, organized, warm, fuzzy, nurturing social deal, and I have a tough time believing a guy could possibly pull it all off! For starters, the vast majority of men don't even think about selecting gifts until Christmas Eve. It's as if they are all frozen in some kind of Ebenezerian Time Warp until 3 p.m. on Dec. 24th, when they - with amazing calm - call other errant men and plan for a last-minute shopping spree. Once at the mall, they always seem surprised to find only Ronco products, socket wrench sets, and mood rings left on the shelves. (You might think this would send them into a fit of panic and guilt, but my husband tells me it's an enormous relief because it lessens the 11th hour decision-making burden.) On this count alone, I'm convinced Santa is a woman. Surely, if he were a man, everyone in the universe would wake up Christmas morning to find a rotating musical Chia Pet
Our House Is Coming Along But Slowly
We are in the process of redoing our house. It needed sheetrock put up, then we had to tape and mud the pieces that we put up. And now we get to start painting. It has been a long road trying to get into it first of all. But in the long run it will be well worth it. Both of my kids will have their own rooms. It also has hardwood floors threw out the house and in the bathrooms, my kitchen it has cernamic tile.
I Hate It When You Wont Talk To Me !!!
Im 500 mile from you and you wont talk to me i said im sorry for not saying goodbye i told you why its not goodbye its see you later your my sister and i love you and my best friend ive almost been gone for 30 days please talk to me i need you love you sister ANGEL
Have Yourself A Merry Little X-mas
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas lyrics by The Crypt Keeper (Creaking The Crypt Keeper gate) Guard: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Merry Christmas you lunatics (Laughing) (Creaking free lyrics gate) Guard: Merry The Crypt Keeper lyrics Christmas Kapalski Kapalski: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas lyrics here's your Christmas (Creaking The Crypt Keeper Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas lyrics gate) Crypt Keeper: Have yourself a merry The Crypt Keeper Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas song lyrics little Christmas Guard: The Crypt Keeper Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas music lyrics Merry Christmas McCray Crypt The Crypt Keeper Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas mp3 download Keeper: let your hart be light Guard: McCray, The Crypt Keeper you alright? McCray? Crypt Keeper: From now on our troubles will be out Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas of sight Guard: McCray! lyrics
How We Got Fucked.
If you really want to see what religion can do? Wait for a couple more years to see the end of man kind. We are in battle now that we can't win. Why we have bleeding hearts. That won't let anything get done. In the mean time you have Terrorious coming up from Mexico and Iranian Backing Irackies and Packies. Do you know they have been fighting for as long as time. Now they are as one. We are in for a new war. That will be brought to your door step. Make sure you all go to your church and say I have sin. We took are Christian Beleifes and shoved it down the Hole World face and said this what we are telling you is the real thing. Now we all get to see what Religion can do. Do you like how the police in your town are? No I guess. That is what are doing around the world. WHY FOR MONEY AND TO MAKE PEOPLE LIKE US. WE MIGHT BE A GREAT NATION. I don't think I have ever heard any country tell us not to rebuild their City. Why would they. But on the other hand. Do they pay for it NO. What do you
Chicago Here I Come
ok im makin a trip to the chicago area in a week or two to do some tattoo work on some if u want to b added to the list of tattoos i have to do hit me up with what u want where u want it n how big u want it...then we'll talk price..tim
~ A Piece Of My Heart ~
Another Loser
THIS IS A GUY WHO LEFT ME A SHOUT THAT WAS NOT COOL YOU MIGHT WANT TO BLOCK HIM . ->the radiom...: excuse me ÐÄÑGÈ®™~Çl...: hey there the radiom...: pussy the radioman@ fubar THANKS FOR READING
If I Knew....
If I knew it would be the last time That I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. If I knew it would be ! the last time that I see you walk out the door, I would ! give you a hug and kiss and call you back for one more. If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would video tape each action and word, so I could play them back day after day. If I knew it would be the last time, I could spare an extra minute to stop and say "I love you," instead of assuming you would KNOW I do. If I knew it would be the last time I would be there to share your day, Well I'm sure you'll have so many more, so I can let just this one slip away. For surely there's always tomorrow to make up for an oversight, and we always get a second chance to make everything just right. There will always be another day to say "I love you," And certainly there's another chance to say our "Anything I can do?" But ju
Results Are Finally Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just called the doctor and they told me that lump was nothing but hormons and a bit of inflamation ,I knelt down in thanksgiving prayer as soon as I got the news!!! no matter what happens and how sad the times are,I still have hope for a big family and to nurse and nurture lots of babies. THANK YOU ALL FOR WORRYING ABOUT ME AND PRAYING FOR ME. Thanks for your support,for your care and your kind words.needless to say things like these are ever so more appreciated when life gets sore. I don't know what I'd do without you guys,I really don't! thanks again for being who you are. A 10 to you all,from a downrater j/k.
Going To The Sydney Opera House
Well, Last night we went to the Syndey Opera House to see the show called Tales from Vienna Woods. We started with dinner at a resturaunt calls Selah, located right behind our hotel. The menu is modern Australian, which is similar to California Cuisine. Basically these modern resturaunts take advantage of local fresh product to make these layered dishes that our both visually look great and taste good. Think Iron Chef. I had the lamb, my friend had the chicken. Both were excellent. Then it was off to the theater. The complex itself is gorgeous, sitting off at the end of the pier (see my Australia pics folder). We had four show options. ONe was a South African solo performer, one was the nutcracker, the third was Tales from Vienna Woods. The symphony was doing the music of John Williams. We chose the third. I used to work at a theater in upstate NY and have seen quite a few shows. Nothing was a tough as this one. The acting was fine, but the material was downright depressing
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Chocolate Crinkles
When you're looking for holiday treats to send to far-flung relatives, here's a cookie that fits the bill. RECIPE INGREDIENTS: 3/4 cup butter, melted 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1 cup sugar 2 large eggs 2 tsp. vanilla extract 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. baking soda 1/2 tsp. salt 1 6-oz. bag semisweet chocolate chips 3/4 cup confectioners' sugar 1. In a large bowl, mix the melted butter, cocoa powder and sugar; beat in the eggs and vanilla extract. 2. In a medium-sized bowl, stir the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Slowly mix in the wet ingredients, then stir in the chips. Refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight. 3. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Form the dough into 1-inch balls and roll in confectioners' sugar. Bake on an ungreased baking sheet for 12 minutes. Makes 25 to 35 cookies.
Duis Suck
So i got a DUI a little over a month ago. Not my proudest moment in my life but shit happends. This tuesday my suspension begins and i have no idea on how i am going to get to and from work or who i can rely on for a ride. I was the person in my group of friends who always drove i guess it's pay back time now
Daydreamer By: Jennette N. I have been sitting here daydreaming For what seems now to be like hours Endless thoughts of you to keep my smile beaming While my fear of what is to come towers So many hopes, aspirations, and desires Somewhat carefree with a whole new mentality Yet it is you who I truley admire You are my daydreams... Could you possibly be my reality? So here I am again Standing the test of time Running the ink dry from the pen Wondering if you will be mine Feelings becoming stronger with each passing moment The more questions answered, the more intrigued I become Trying very hard now to make you part of the quotient Where two hearts from different worlds intertwine into one.
Final Fantasy Xii
I really hate Vaan, he has such a bitch face, and he's so freaking lame... thats about all I have to say about the game, lol. That and it reminds me of Final Fantasy XI... I wish I could still play that game...
The Mantrap.
The Mantrap There was a time when sure I guess I could say I wasn't afraid of who and what I was. As we travel through life however we tend to come to the realization that we are what we are. Finding ourselves to be the significant embodiment to which we fall prey to inner honesty and deceit. Nobody knows that which we do not inform them of and truly ignorance is bliss in their case. It was the summer of my mid life crisis and I was of course relishing in reliving my childhood fantasies. I guess I never grew out of them really. I've always been the type to take the moment and twist it to my passions. Being that I'd done this my entire life it became apparent that this was no ordinary mid life crisis, rather a continuing way of life that I just started making excuses for. Without the means to gratify my desires on my own I went out searching in others for what I didn't possess. Nothing new I supposed, we all do it. Don't we? Realistically speaking I was going aft
Prayer For A Bad Day
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things i cannot accept, an the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill today because they pissed me off. Also help me to be careful of the toes I step on today as they may be connected to the ass I may have to kiss tomorrow. And help me to remember ... When I'm having a reallly bad day, and it seems that people are tryin to piss me off, that it takes 42 muscles to frown and only 4 to estend my middle finger an tell them to bite me! Amen
Faith Hope And Love
Decisions....Life.....Love.....Hope...Faith.....Grace!!!! God gives us the free will to make decisions in life and he wants us to make the right ones. However, knowing we are human he knows we will fail. We have the hope that tomorrow is a new day and another chance to do the right thing.... We must have FAITH that God will take care of everything and that he shall supply all my needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus. When we fail God's grace is there to pick us up so that we can start all over again. God's love is never ending as is his Grace and love for us all.
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On Turning 30
well tommorrow at 1221 I will offically be the big 30. looking back I know I have made mistakes and I have made good choices. my beautiful kids, my loving husband, all my family and friends. not forgetting all my great guy friends. Lars, JAred, JOsh, and so many more you all have been so awesome, you have kept my moral high when life was sucking so majorly. So looking back i might change one or two things but over all I think I will be looking foward to the next 30 years. At 30 you start to think I need to calm down a bit and maybe not drink as much as I did in my early 20's but hell this redneck woman aint quiet ready to give up her jack black or her everclear. So turning 30 hell its just the new 20, lol although my kids are getting taller ( one taller than me) and they are getting more independent and dont need mommay as much I still hope that after everything I am still needed and wanted. So yeah the Oklahoma dixie redneck is turning 30 .
Totally And Forever "irreplaceable"
Thank Yous!!!!!!
I wish to take this time to thank each and EVERY one of my friends who have helped me SO much by bombing like mad in order for me to win a VIP you are all AWESOME!!! thank you to "cup of Joe" for adding me to the comp !! please show this man sum serious luv!!!! Cup Of Joe@ fubar please show these amazing ppl some luv!! they are MOST deserving of it!! &hearts TumsFun &hearts UK Leveller & W.I.S.E UK@ fubar Daz@ fubar ~*Ç£ÃÿMØ®Ê*~ *DEMON CREW* & * W.I.S.E.U.K.F*@ fubar Mr Pibb@ fubar ~SLIPPERY~ HEAD ENFORCER~INSANE ASYLUM ~ W.I.S.E U.K FRIENDS ~@ fubar GRAVEDIGGER@ fubar Jon@ fubar Eggman2u*CLUBF.A.R.*Taken by HotMammaJJ*CLUBF.A.R*.@ fubar HotMammaJJ&hearts CLUB F.A.R.++ МãҒiã'~taken by Eggman2u@ fubar
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Blast Whores
Time for more Terri totally RAW Fubar Blast whores. Oh where do I begin? This is for my male friends. If you start talking to some hot young thing—who is really hot and seems really sweet but sexy; too good to be true? BE warned, that is how they get you. They butter you up to get you interested in them. They even placate your egos. They will not let you add them as “friends” unless you buy them a blast. They keep their sexier pics blocked from you, until you buy them a blast. They even offer to get on web cam nakkie with you after you buy them a blast. Don’t buy these “blast whores” a blast! What the hell is wrong with you? I keep seeing the same chicks over and over again in blasts? Do you really think that you are the only guy they are doing it to? If you’re going to buy anyone a blast, buy one for your self! I may sound angry or jealous, but I am not. I am disgusted with the women who are doing it. I am angry that they toy around with men just to use them for their own mean
Survey Iv, 12/05/07
I'm bored and snowed in. Let's do another survey. Feel free to post comments below. 1. Do you know any bedtime stories well enough to tell them to a kid if they asked? Clean ones I mean. 2. Ever shy away from a Salvation Army bell ringer because they just looked too scary? 3. Anyone know where my other sock is? 4. If you were to marry (or marry again) would you want a pre-nup agreement? 5. If I asked you to sing me a song what would it be?
Collar And Cuffs, A Preview
After all the time we’ve known each other thru FUBAR, we finally decide it’s time to meet. I book a flight to your home town and catch a cab to the hotel, we have agreed to use for our first encounter. Prior to leaving I had emailed you with your instructions. Upon arriving at the hotel, I walk to the counter and ask if my “wife” has already checked in, Ms. Slaverton. The desk clerk informs me that you have, hands me my passkey and directs me to room 2323. So far, all is according to my plan. I catch the elevator to the 23rd floor and use my key to enter the room. As my eyes adjust, I see that you have followed my instructions to the letter. The bed is turned down; the lights are all off except one, which is set to low. The in-room radio is set to some jazz and there is a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice-bucket. I can smell the lavender from the bath oil still in the air, so I know you are freshly bathed and, a quick glance confirms, shaved as well. And, you ar
What Each Kiss Means
what each kiss means - Kiss on the stomach; I'm ready. -Kiss on the Forehead; I hope we're together forever. -Kiss on the Ear; You're my everything. -Kiss on the Cheek; We're friends. -Kiss on the Hand; I adore you. -Kiss on the Neck; We belong together. -Kiss on the Shoulder; I want you. -Kiss on the Lips; I love you. ____________________________________________________ What the gesture means... -Holding Hands; We definitely like each other. -SLAP ON THA BUTT: That's mine. -Holding on tight; I don't want to let go. -Looking into each other's Eyes; I just plain like you. -Playing with Hair; Tell me you love me. -Arms around the Waist; I like you too much to let go. -Laughing while Kissing; I am completely comfortable with you. ____________________________________________________ Advice; Don't ask for a kiss, take one. If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you're definitely in Love.
Bullet The Blue Sky.
C'mon you guys over in the U.S.A. get rid of those guns. Just how many more nutters are there who just want to make an name for themselves,it is happening all the time,take heed of Michael Moore cos he talk's sense,get rid of bozoos like Heston and his gun club cos who knows,you might just be the next innocent victim of the stupid right to bear arms. HOW MANY MORE DEATHS,IT IS ALL UP TO YOU.
Kiss Me
You Can't Be Serious???!!!!
Ok, a little background info, 40 miles from my house, in Omaha, NE, some 19 yr. old nimrod snuck a rifle into a mall, opened fire, and killed 8, wounded 5, then took himself out. Now the press and local spin doctors are villifying and martyrizing this moron. What the fuckin' hell? He doesn't deserve it. Period. He knew exactly what he was doing, he wanted to "be famous" and "go out in style". COME ON, PEOPLE!!!! I for one, feel NO pity for this fucking monster. A known dope dealer who kills for "fun"? Fuck no!! They're comparing his actions to those of Charlie Starkweather from back in 1958. Ol' Charlie was a fuckin' flake too! Committing such horrendous acts for the sake of being famous? Cure cancer or somethin', murder isn't the way to go. We just passed the CCW law this past January, and NOONE WAS CARRYING!! Why the hell not? I just plain and simple do not have the cash to take the class needed and to pay for the application, otherwise I'd be packin' daily. I firmly believe that the
Visiting And Not Rating Nothing
ya know, if you are gonna go visiting peoples pages, even just a quick peek, be nice and at least rate them and/or a couple pics for visiting, i do it everytime i go to a page, at least they get points for me visiting.. i see a lo of people wont even do that they are just nosy and rude... if your not gonna rate, please dont visit........give me your opinion..
Im Bored Off My Ass
im bored im tired add me rate me cmnt me.. salute me.. w/e do something im fukkin bored.. thnx alot.. PEACE!
The Snow Is So Pretty !
hello I'm alive it has beening snowing here for aleast 5 days now the snow just gets deeper & deeper but its so pretty i havent got to see skippy in a couple of day and i havent been able to get around well ive moved to the back in an aptment i have more freedom justin is going to lose his other frount tooth so he will be toothless for christmas my class on resume turnd out great i have another one on the 17th to go to then im done with classes and can get job hopfull by the 1st of janurary well wish me luck i miss you all got to go pick justin up from school hay do you know the secret my daughter told me on the phone last night?????? love you,ANGEL
Trees, Weed. Gunja
i am one for some good weed, but got damn it is getting to the point i don't know or either overstand what the hell i have smoke. Not only do u not smell, taste or feel like it is the same thing u just had. And what makes it worst is when the more times you hit the same piece of work, u craft to send u on vorage (blunt), now has send u into another adventure. I am just saying, because i was wondering has shit really changed, since the days of weed like sess, gold, and jamician? Now it is either colors or food ex. purple, orange, or green. NYC call it chocolate or blueberry (unless they sayin burberry). Now the effect is unpredictable I don't know if I am going to run around like am in the Preakness or become a zombie in a tomb (staring off into space). I am suspect about what is going on with the effects, side effects, and I am not trying to cross paths with the mental, because then i know i am beyond counseloring, i need a blunt. I know it is quite a many of u know know what I
There is a place in which I dwell Where there is no God There is no hell. Just an overwhelming abundance of Thoughts, Ideas, Wants, Needs, Desires. Prayers go unheard, Sacrifices unrewarded. There is a Mighty Tree made of souls. Wasted Youth, Forgotten childhoods, Ignorance. All the simple things that mattered once are no more. We must live our lives as adults Judging, Hating Shielding ourselves from the Truth. As children all we wanted to do was Play, Yell, Climb. There was No Color, No Race, No Barriers. Just pure childhood fun we all belonged we all had friends. There is a place in which I dwell Where there is no God There is no hell.
It's not something you get wrapped up with a bow. It's not something you get by just saying hello. It's the respect you have for each other It's the admirations you have for each other. It's being a should to cry on It's giving an ear to listen It's doing something we it's least expected. A friend is hard to come by A friend is someone you hold on to A friend is always there wheather they agree or not. A friend is the greatest thing anyone could have. A friend is you.
I'm Going Down.....
I've been spending way too much time on here, a lot of you already know that I have really low energy as it is, because of my health problems, so it's hard to get things done when I'm on here all the time. I'm not closing my account, but I'm going to delete most of my pictures, so my points will go way down, and I won't feel the need to be on here all day rating and fanning people. I get addicted to things easily (just video game type stuff), so I need to do something about it now. So, there you have it :P
Fun/interesting Facts
1. Money isn't made out of paper. It's made out of cotton. 2. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp (marijuana) paper. 3. The dot over the letter "I" is called a "tittle". 4. A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continuously from the bottom of the glass to the top. 5. Susan Lucci is the daughter of Phyllis Diller. 6. 40% of McDonald's profits come from the sales of Happy Meals. 7. 315 entries in Webster's 1996 Dictionary were misspelled. 8. The 'spot' on 7-UP comes from its inventor, who had red eyes. He was albino. 9. On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents, daily. 10. Warren Beatty and Shirley MacLaine are brother and sister. 11. Chocolate affects a dog's heart and nervous system; a few ounces will kill a small sized dog. 12. Orcas (killer whales) kill sharks by torpedoing up into the shark's stomach from underneath, causing the shark to explode. 13. Most lipstick contains fish
This Guy Really Rocks
Hi friends , I have a new friend and hes so nice and a excellent rater. He's medic cowboy99 Yall go show him some love cause hes real cool . heres the link to his profile.... cowboy_medic99.. Black Room Family Member@ fubar
Run Away
Sometimes I feel like the word is looking over my shoulder I feel my patience growing shorter I dontwant to know I dont want to feel I dont want to be I dont want to sound crazy! I dont want to sound insane! Have you ever felt the same? I cant take the pressure Just want to run away I make believe Im feeling better Cause I cant take the pressure Just need to run away
A Lil Bumed
well its gettin near x mas and i only have one gift under my tree. I know my fu friends and fu family have been to my pg and seen the tree. i show love to all and time is ticking and i get love from only one. :( not cool
As I Sit And Wait
As I sit and wait I think to myself what should I do As I sit and wait I ask myself should I let you know As I sit and wait and decide what I should do one thing is clear My feeling for you are strong and true As I sit and wait theres one thing that makes things clear my feeling for you are real As I sit and wait I think to myself what should I do As I sit and wait I ask myself should I let you know I know one thing for sure my feelings for you are true I want to tell you the truth I want to scream and let you know But I am afraid that you dont feel the same So as I sit and wait I think to myself should I let you know
Happy Holidays All!!!!!!
~ Christmas Lights Timed To Music ~
Christmas Lights Timed To Music - The most popular videos are here
Casual Sex
~An article from another site, not me. I found it interesting~ College women engaging in casual sex are more likely to experience depression symptoms than college men with similar sexual practices, a study published in the Journal of Sex Research found. Although the finding might be conventional wisdom among students dealing with unpredictable relationships in the sometimes whimsical college dating scene, researchers said the study, published in August 2006, shows evidence that women can suffer more psychologically negative effects than college-age men. "We were really trying to get a sampling of how [college students] conceptualize sexuality and sexual behaviors," said Dr. Catherine Grello, a clinical psychologist and one of the study's authors. "I think for some people, [casual sex] seems to be an OK thing. For some people it's not." The study analyzed factors and circumstances surrounding casual sex to discover links between casual sex, depression and infidelity. It use
A Christmas Wish For Lovers Apart
if i could wish upon a star, i'd wish to be right where you are, to give you love and not let go, to tell you how i love you so, to keep you safe n make you smile, to show affection all the while, if i could have my wish come true, i'd wish to spend my life with you.
For Bulletin
PLEASE REPOST Its A FU Wedding!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Thats Right!..AsH.WeeE & Smokey Bear Are Tying The Knot Sunday Dec 23 @ 2pm EST In The Sexiest Lounge On Fubar, CENTERFOLDS. Come A Bit Early And Get A Seat! Hope To See You There! x0x0x ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Ohhhh We Can't Forget The Best Man & Maid Of Honour. Say Hello To Angel~Baby¢â & Ben Dove?¢â ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Just Click The Centerfolds Banner Below To Enter PLEASE REPOST
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
Yea yea I know it's been awhile.. But you know things happen and it's been happening.. lol But I thought I would just drops a few lines to let everyone know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... lol Things have been hectic with Christmas going on.. My dad is in the hospital.. He should be home tomorrow.. The kids are excited about christmas even if there is no snow this year... I'm here waiting for Nana to get back from the store so we can bake some christmas goodies.. So I thought I would take the time to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! May God Bless you all during this time of the year as well as all year long.. Lots of Love ~Jen~
A lovely rose with petals soft A scent so sweet and light So beautiful a flower With colors shining bright. But something not so savory About the fragrant rose - The thorns, so sharp upon the stem, That sharpen as it grows. Yet still lovely is the flower Despite the thorns that prick Just as life and love are sweet They too have thorns that stick. But do not fear to live or love, Life's not exempt from pain - So pick a rose, you may get hurt, But you will also gain!
Happy New Year
Looks like I won't be spending New Years Eve alone like I thought I was going to. An old acquaintance has now become a new friend. He wants to bring the New Year in together and I think that would be just great. He is a sweet guy and just went through a divorce too. Starting the New Year with a new friend is a great way to have a new beginning
Merry Christmas My Friends :)
My Wish
Thanks To All Who Helped
i want to thank everyone one who helped me level up i might have missed the fubar gift but the fubar family came thru and helped me. Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for the help Alissa aka Blondie
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Would It Matter
If I told you I could look into your eyes forever If I told you I would stay here and leave you never If I stole you away like a thief in the night If I promised I'd never let you out of my sight If I prayed to the heavens and stars up above If I gave you my heart and all of my love
Wedding Bells!!!!!
I made a big step in my relationship with my girlfriend of a little over two years. Christmas day I proposed to her on bended knee. She accepted without hesitation. It made me a very happy guy!! We've been together for two years and I hope it will be a long happy life together.
The Trouble With Love Is
Love can be a many splendored thing Can't deny the joy it brings A dozen roses, diamond rings Dreams for sale and fairy tales It'll make you hear a symphony And you just want the world to see But like a drug that makes you blind, It'll fool ya every time The trouble with love is It can tear you up inside Make your heart believe a lie It's stronger than your pride The trouble with love is It doesn't care how fast you fall And you can't refuse the call See, you got no say at all Now I was once a fool, it's true I played the game by all the rules But now my world's a deeper blue I'm sadder, but I'm wiser too I swore I'd never love again I swore my heart would never mend Said love wasn't worth the pain But then I hear it call my name (The trouble with) The trouble with love is It can tear you up inside Make your heart believe a lie It's stronger than your pride The trouble with love is It doesn't care how fast you fall And you can't refuse the call See,
Beautiful Tragedy
Girl, you’re stealing my breath away every second you’re in view. Like a thief, you pick pocketed my heart, and stole away into the depths of my thoughts. I can see that thief in you, though you may not realize what you’ve done or who you are. I see that deviousness in your eyes, I feel the suspense created by a passing glance, by a gentle touch from your hands, by brushing my hands against your soft skin. I’m wishing that I could hold you in my arms once and feel the warmth emanating from your soul, I’m dreaming that I would press my lips to yours and feel that life is now complete, I’m hoping that, one day, you’ll be mine until you steal my last breath away from me. But I’ve been chosen to play the hero of this tragedy, and dreaming of you is such sweet sorrow. Every thought, every daydream, every fantasy, every feeling I have for you, is all just a fragile dream hanging by a feeble thread of undying hope, an inclination to believe you’re still the one, that
The sting no longer sings within my flesh. I lay and lie and embrace the fates. The dark, the chill, like a blanket, surrounds and penetrates as anguish and angst give way to crimson slumber. My mind, calming. My heart, slowing. My soul, giggles as rivulettes drip my sanguine sins away. Found I am within ebony pitch, cradled and cold, dreaming of darkest delights, as life sails on and my soul smiles its rejoicing of deaths comforting embrace. L8r, T
Help Me Out !!!!!!!!!!!
~~SugarSpice~~ Creator of Spirit Bombers~~~ ¢¼ Dirty south Crew ¢¼ ~~Co-Founder of Wakan@ fubar Come my friends lets level SugarSpice she is there for a lot of us she helps alot of people and i want to so her i have seen all she has done she only has 38,452 Points to go!!!
Like Eating Glass
its so cold in this house..... now drink the poison like eating glass.... I cant eat I cant sleep, I cant sleep I cant dream....... we have crosses on our eyes were walking into the walls again, we have crosses on our eyes were walking into the furniture, we have crosses on our eyes for richer or poorer for better or worse, weve had crosses on our eyes, weve been walking into the furniture...
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FAQ - You can sign up to WYKD Lounge apon winning Honorary DJ if not already a member.You also can unsubscribe after your set if you do not wish to be a member. This contest is open to EVERYONE!!! WYKD LOUNGE The Link to the Wicked Storm Lounge (Click the tornado!) Updated - Jan 1st ID - TYKTS - ID # PIA - 10 -------- 965140 Will - 30 ------- 333192 LT38 - 2------ 1092365 Rhiannon - 2------ 293983 Michelle - 5--------- 219570 Lonewolfjohn - 302 ------1094581 KngSxy310 - 9 ------ 1465238 DJ Mr. Nice Guy - 375 ---- 1134341 LilMsMaria - 3 ----- 1011035
Atheists And Holidays
Atheists and Holidays.... Have you heard about this case? Great answer from the judge! In Florida, an atheist became incensed over the preparation of Easter and Passover holidays. He decided to contact his lawyer about the discrimination inflicted on atheists by the constant celebrations afforded to Christians and Jews with all their holidays while atheists had no holiday to celebrate. The case was brought before a judge. After listening to the long passionate presentation by the lawyer, the Judge banged his gavel and declared, 'Case dismissed!' The lawyer immediately stood and objected to the ruling and said, 'Your honor, how can you possibly dismiss this case? The Christians have Christmas, Easter and many other observances. Jews have Passover, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah...yet my client and all other atheists have no such holiday!' The judge leaned forward in his chair and simply said, 'Obviously your client is too confused to even know about, much less celebrate his own
My Last Walk
It was a sun filled day, accompanied by a soft summer breeze that blew through the mountain valley. I had awakened early that morning for some reason. I looked at the clock on the stand by my bed and the time was just after six. The sun was already sucking the early morning dew from nature's bed. I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and gazed at the reflection that came back to me. The weary wrinkles that covered my face told of the years that my body had outlasted. The silver gray beard was a sign of my aging that I had long ago accepted. Life had been hard on me and yet I had no complaints at all. I never thought of the past as what could have been nor did I look into the future and hope for what would be. I had retired years ago but had not slowed down any at all. Sitting idle was not something that I could handle as I kept myself busy around the house. I had prided myself in that house that had been passed to me through the family. I pondered for a minute wondering
These are Randy's (SON) best friends who all died here in Sierra Vista August 2007. We love you and miss you all.
A Spell For The Witch's Kitchen
Tie a bunch of these good herbs; basil, savory, mint, and dill. Drench them in water drawn from the tap, and sprinkle the kitchen - window and sill. shelf and canister. Table and stove. Cupboard and wall and floor. Crockery, cutlery, napery, all... with a few drops from the stalks, delicious and pure. Then crush the bouquet in both hands, breath its scent and whisper this spell; Sweeten the oven, Sweeten the pot, And sweeten the hot. Summon thy virtues, Into this place, To teach me patience, And skill and grace. make from the leaves a strengthening tea. Drink it and keep your kitchen well. Creating A Ritual Sprinkling Bundle Items needed: Sage, rosemary, mint blue yarn, knife. Start by gathering fresh herbs, of about twelve to fifteen inches long. Gently shake of any dust. If they must be washed do it gently and dry carefully. Bundle the leafy stems together. Hold your left hand and lay a hanging loop of yarn, extending a few inc
More From The Rose Parade
"...and here comes the winner of the National Association of Gynecologists Trophy! This float is sponsored by Tampax, and is 30 feet long and covered with more than 50,000 white roses, with several dozen red American Beauties on the front few feet of the head of the float. And look who's holding the string, made from strands of grape vines attached to the tail of the float!" "That's right Bob, it's last year's Tournament of Roses Queen...and...she's not waving. Doesn't look very happy actually." "Aw, well let's hope she feels better soon." "Hey! Don't patronize her Bob! I swear, if you men had to go through...."
About Me... The Easy Way Out!
I should really take the time to customize my profile, fill in all the blanks, and make it all pretty and stuff... But then there's the whole ADD thing working against me for the moment. I'll get around to doing all the cool, fun, profile stuff on a day when there's nothing going on in my world. For now I'll try to throw a few random facts, about ME into this so that I'm not leaving folks totally in the dark! I'm a third generation Irish American, living on the south side of Atlanta, Georgia. With the exception of two years spent in Arlington, Texas, Georgia has been home for about twenty years. Before that I lived in Fremont, California (Oh the fun and bad, bad things I managed to get into there...), Perrine, Florida, Nashua, New Hampshire, Nashville, Tennessee, and my birthplace, Springfield, Mass. Let's just say I have an interesting accent. LOL Pigeonholing other aspects of "me"... Well that's not so easy. I don't really fit into any one tribe very well. I can spend
Experience Of The Eagle.
This is not so much a ghost story as it is one of my most beautiful experiences ever. Please read word for word. It's well worth the meaning of "the circle of life" if you believe. My grandmother, Marce, was a fighter. This is for her. She had another stroke. We went to the hospital and visited with her. She was restrained in a bed because she kept trying to leave once she had awoken from the surgery. Somebody made a mistake. The day she was to come home, she was left unattended for... and ended up falling from her bed and hitting her head. She had massive bleeding and underwent another surgery. She never awoke. She was in a coma, in hospice, for two weeks. It was two weeks of going there every day.. never leaving her side for more than food or going home to sleep or peeing, of course. Peeing is a necessity, yes? Grandma didn't think much of people who didn't do what was necessary for survival. :P Well... I continuously told her, as I gave her morphine to lessen the pain, that it was t
I Know I Haven't Been Around
This pregnancy has really taken it's toll on me. I am on partial bedrest from here on out. I still have 8 weeks left! I can't stand it but I have to be careful. This kid keeps trying to make an early entrance. She needs to stay in there just a little longer. :o) My other kiddo is sick as well an has been since Christmas Eve day so things have been a bit chaotic here. If you get a chance,send some get well and stay put vibes my direction. I could use them. lol
A Million In Fu Bucks
I'm thinking of throwing a contest to give away a million dollars in fu bucks. Picture comments count as votes & the most comments wins. It will run for 10 days , and as soon as I can get 10 contestants . So yall contact me and let me know and lets have some fun. * lisasweet *@ fubar
My Best Friend
Thanks to a wonderful person her vip status has been bought!!!! ~Seductive~I ♥ Slave Princess and LadyGray@ fubar
Hi I'm new to this site, looking for new friends, so come and say hi :)
To My Fu Family
Flowers From Above
As I walk through this garden, I can feel the love. The flowers aren't on th ground, They come from above. I know that she is watching, And I know when she cries, Because flowers fall like teardrops, Right from the clear blue sky. I see her in my dreams, Each and every night, So now I know it will be alright. When I want to think of her, I search deep down in my love, And look to the skies, For flowers from above. For my grandmother who passed on August 19th, 1991. I love you grandma, and I will always love you. God Bless!!!
Chocolate Bunnys Trains Updated..
This is my first Train!!! All you have to do is Fan, Rate and Add The Rules Are Simple. You must add fan,rate and add the host..... Chocolate Bunny Owner of Bunnybunz's Lounge Owned By Just Derek FU-Wifey to Sleepless & Pooh Bear@ fubar 1 Must fan, rate and add all riders... 2 Send me a private message telling me you are finished adding everyone and then I Will Add You 3 When Adding Others on my Train pls put Chocolate Bunnys Train Or You Will NOT BE ADDED!!! 4 Level 1 must have a Picture fudgesicle33@ fubar ReallyThick@ fubar *Sweetlips*L.U.V.CLUB .*DEMON CREW FAMILY*LOW RIDERS LOUNGE GREETER*THE SISTERHOOD*@ fubar ¤£a$T ? oƒ Å ? D¥in ßR??d¤ ÅKÅ~ §€XÏ £i£ ß*TÇh ~IBN ~@ fubar EmilyIMAX™ "THE IMAX EXPERIENCE~see more, hear more, feel more"@ fubar ~JoAnna~*Happy Holidays~~Leave my presents under my tree* thanks!@ fubar girlnextdoor***married to Sandro*** still totally lost and insane@ fubar
My First 1/9/2008
Lets Rock the Free Fu World!! Join me for My first Happy Hour!!! January 9th, 2008 10PM Eastern, 9PM Central, 8PM Mountain, 7PM Pacific Let's all level Up!!! ~*~DJ LuAngel~*~Ozzfanatic2 RL/GF~*~ Fu-Owned by ЯÄWƘƧ†☆Я@ fubar W.Y.K.D Wicked Storm
You Want 1000 Fu-bucks
If I win I will give who ever votes the most for me 1000 fu-bucks make sure you keep track of how many times you vote and I will try to also.
I Miss...
my daddy...on the 30th it will be 2 years since the accident and it feels like it happend yesterday. I never thought it would happen to us and I am so stupid for thinking that. I know he was just my stepdad but to me he was my daddy. I had 2 daddys and I wanted them both to walk me down the isle when I get married. I miss him more and more everyday.
My Type Of Women!
THAT'S RIGHT MY TYPE OF WOMEN! THIS IS MY SECTION TO DESCRIBE MY IDEAL WOMEN! 5'4- 5'6 beautifull skin is a must, Stands out from the rest of the other women Brunette preferred,but blonde also Hazel or brown eyes 115-135 lbs works out accent( preferred) comes from different backgrounds zero tolerance for racists educated likes to travel read spontaneous career driven sense of humor dress like a lady but still down to earth dance a love for undergorund dance music( not a must) loyal non smoker preferred loves children knows how to dress with style you can have your own style dress any way you like. just be creative with it your past is your past. i don't what happen before me. there is a reason why you left and were the future! very erotic!
A 5-year-old boy went to visit his grandmother one day. Playing with his toys in her bedroom while grandma was dusting, he looked up and said, "Grandma, how come you don't have a boyfriend now that grandpa went to heaven?" Grandma replied, "Honey, my TV is my boyfriend. I can sit in my bedroom and watch it all day long. The religious programs make me feel good and the comedies make me laugh. I'm happy with my TV as my boyfriend." Grandma turned on the TV, and the reception was terrible. She started adjusting the knobs, trying to get the picture in focus. Frustrated, she started hitting the backside of the TV hoping to fix the problem. The little boy heard the doorbell ring, so he hurried to open the door and there stood Grandma's minister. The minister said, "Hello son, is your Grandma home?" The little boy replied, "Yeah, she's in the bedroom banging' her boyfriend." The minister fainted. Now, that's funny... I don't care WHO you are
A Little Clock For You All
Ok weall wonder what time it is where our friends are and if they are workingat what ever time or sleeping ,,this clock should help youall know what time it is in cities they YOUR friends live yes ya can add clocks cnage the clock faces in option its so handy to just click it andsee the City showing places that you no longer needto work out times anywhere hope it helps some one
Real Friends
Hi my name is Carl, go by mrgolf, and this is my first blog. I really don't know much about this, but here goes. This blog is for the whole Fubar nation. There is a certain lady on Fubar that has helped a great deal of people, including myself, but she is not getting the same love in return. Can anyone explain that to me? She has helped people level up, she has ran contest to help people, she has even counciled people, but it is not been given back. My goal with this blog is to help her just like she as helped many people in Fubar. She knows nothing of this and never would dream of asking. She is a very humble person and I feel she deserves all the support and love this site can give her. So, stop and give her a blast, happy hour, rate a pic or two, read and comment on her mumms, stashes, or blogs, or just say hi. Whatever you can do to help her to move up lets do it for her she as help a lot of you, so lets begin to help her. Thanks I hope I have done this right, if not sor
Pwned By Morrigan
I'm PWNed by Morrigan, the Wiccan Warrior. How shall I perform my servitude? Wash her feet and dry with my hair? Nah....too jewish. Shall I...wear dog collar and be her foot stool? Nah....too S & M. I has no ideas but Her Wish is My Command.
Fbi Profile Of The "mental Rapist"
The following is transcribed from the written logs of a conversation that an individual from TalkCity had with an agent at the FBI. The Mental Rapist Enjoys Abusing Women: He abuses then backs off. After he has abused to a certain point he will back off and take note of his accomplishments. If he is not satisfied that he has reached his desired level of control, he will step up the degree of abuse, coming back and swinging harder. He has to win, and it is very important to him that he is always right. He is Shy and Timid: In real life he is shy, especially where three or more people are gathered. He prefers one-on-one encounters that he can control. He Hates and Loves Women at the Same Time: Endless Cycle of Love/Hate with his Mother This person was probably abused by his mother and then coddled. (For example: She would slap him in a violent rage and then love, cry and apologize.) He probably hated his mother and loved her at the same time. The
Why Is It...
i continually believe in the good intentions of others? give people the benefit of the doubt? choose to see beyond their own limiting definition of who they are in the world? i really wish i wasn't such an optimist bc alll that happens is i get leveled in the end. the bitter taste of copper pennies gets tiresome pretty quickly. this isn't poor ms. suesy freaking sunshine who's had a bad day. a lot of people assume looking at me that i have it pretty easy. if by easy you mean having nearly died a number of times, survived horrible traumas and paid my own way since i was 16, then sure. the less we assume of each other, the sooner we can get down to the important things in this life- like learning to live with diversity... among many many things.
This Is My Last Blog.....
I just wanted to let you know about something that has been bugging me for some time now. Well for for the short story. I am struggling very very very hard. I am feeling like I am working to struggle. I cant even put food in my house as of right now. I dont want my son to go even i night without something to eat or feeling full. I have gone several times without eating. I have been feeling very suicidal because I feel so hopeless. I have even though of letting Nicks dad take him at least I know he will be fed. That alone the thought of not having my son because I cant do what I got to do as a mother hurts and is killing me. Also The thought that I am worthless and that I cant feed my son is killing me. I am about to snap. I just dont know why I am here if I have NO ONE to turn to. I have no family that cares I have not true friends that care. So that leaves me to wonder why am I here?? My son go go live with his dad and at least I will know that he will have food in his tummy and as fo
She Needs Some Luv Too
Family And Stress Relief
Being a baby's daddy and the holidays Yes this is posted just after the main season for this, but it doesnt make this advice any less valuable. I hope you like it. I set this up as a mumm orginaly because I didn't notice the blog option. My fault, as a result I pissed off a lot of people online. If they ever stop to read this, I am sorry about that. I've had this account for a little while, but I am still a newbie. So here it is Hey this is to all of the fathers of children with whom they have to share custody with. It's never easy, and during the holidays, it can be so much worse. Some of us have the mother of our kids, unwilling to bend or budge so you both can have the kids equally see both sides of the family. Sounds familiar huh? I used to get SO upset when my children's moms would tell me they were having them for Christmas, Easter, ect., and I could see them whenever they were through. So much for the holiday spirit eh? Not so. I had to remember WHO the important person w
Out Of Bounds...
She felt such a strong connection with her Master that she wanted him to know just how she felt... what was in her heart. For the next several days .. if she did not send a note of appreciation ... she would do things that she knew would please him. All day her heart filled over and over with the thought of how lucky she was to be his slave. But she poured out all she had on her heart. You see a slave has to be careful in how and what she does. For sometimes a slave can step out of bounds and assume ... even want more than what was actually there. Her Master felt as though one of the things that she gave to him was overstepping. She was punished for doing so. This punishment was not one of enjoyment for her but one of pain and emptiness. This punishment had to be self inflicted. Afterwards ... feeling remorseful and broken .. she apologized for the offense and gave her word that it would not happen again and returned to her place.. as a slave.
Dont Know
im not really sure sure what a blog is so i,ll just put my thoughts on here, there is a girl i care for a lot but dont, i mean i want to spend all my time with her but i dont see no future with her even thow there is nothing i want more. she means everything to me.
Do You Agree???
Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules! Please note.. these are all numbered "1 " ON PURPOSE! 1. Men are NOT mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports It's like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That's what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for. 1. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become Null and void after 7 Days. 1. If you think you're fat, you probably are. Don't
Call Of The Kindred
Come to me, little mortal I can bring you to heaven's portal There'll be no sorrow, there'll be no pain Feelings of joy will fill your brain Come to me, sweet human thing Give me your heart and I'll make it sing Forget your fears, leave them behind Forget the troubles of your kind Come to me... yes, that's right Now hold still, it's no good to fight I'll take your blood, and leave you dying Didn't you realise I could be lying?
Chuck Norris 3
* Chuck Norris invented a language that incorporates karate and roundhouse kicks. So next time Chuck Norris is kicking your ass, don’t be offended or hurt, he may be just trying to tell you he likes your hat. * If at first you don't succeed, you're not Chuck Norris. * If Chuck Norris were a calendar, every month would be named Chucktober, and every day he'd kick your ass. * Fear is not the only emotion Chuck Norris can smell. He can also detect hope, as in "I hope I don't get a roundhouse kick from Chuck Norris." * Chuck Norris's show is called Walker: Texas Ranger, because Chuck Norris doesn't run. * MacGyver can build an airplane out of gum and paper clips, but Chuck Norris can roundhouse-kick his head through a wall and take it. * Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Behind every dead man, there is Chuck Norris. * What’s known as the UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, doe
you know one of my biggest pet peeves is people that stick their nose into others business. I truly hate the fact that people cant act like adults and be upfront with their feelings. I despise no I HATE games like this, I don't play them and I would appericiate it they weren't played with me. Sadly it doesn't appear that other people can be adults and mind their own business and because of this people get hurt. So I say to you if you are afraid of saying what you truly think or feel or can't be forth right with me Go AWAY!! and dont send your" Friends" To give me messages cause they will just be ignored. I think that I will just stay to myself, take care of my girls and to hell with even trying to date.
I'm Bored
ok honestly I'm just bored so don't take this too seriously. But anyway. Go look at my pictures if you like what you see let me know leave me comments on the ones you like. Thats basically it. And if you comment my pics tell me what it is exactly that makes you like the picture. Nothing generic cause I'll delete the comment if its something like "yeah your a hottie" or something along those lines give me detail.
Dungeon Lounge Bulletin
Actually It Was Yesterday
Total My Truck
I recently totaled my truck. Now my neck is messed up having MRI done it and possible shots to take the pain away. I'm not looking forward to having surgery later on. Now I'm looking to get car. Of all the different cars that are out I'm not sure what to get. Not sure if I should go with safety, speed or better on gas. I want to go with the high horse power but gas prices are so damn high. If you know what i should get I like to hear it. Thanks
Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake
INGREDIENTS * 2 cups chocolate sandwich cookie crumbs * 2 tablespoons butter, melted * 1/4 cup packed brown sugar * 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon * 2 pounds cream cheese, softened * 1 1/4 cups white sugar * 1/3 cup heavy whipping cream * 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour * 1 teaspoon vanilla extract * 4 eggs * 1 1/2 cups chocolate sandwich cookie crumbs * 16 ounces sour cream * 1/4 cup white sugar * 1 teaspoon vanilla extract * 1 cup heavy whipping cream * 1 1/2 cups semisweet chocolate chips * 1 teaspoon vanilla extract DIRECTIONS 1. Combine 2 cups cookie crumbs, melted butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon in a medium bowl; firmly press mixture evenly onto bottom and 1 inch up sides of a 10-inch springform pan. Bake at 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) for 5 minutes; set aside. 2. In a large bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth. Gradually mix in 1 1/4 cups sugar, 1/3 cup whipping cream, flour
Rose Pics~
As I promised... I would make a blog for 1Basil. Rate, Fan, Crush, 1Basil@ fubar Here are some pic links from his albums...
What the hell is up with the bouncer program on here? I try to post a simple text comment on several of my friends profiles and the bouncer interrupts me 4 frickin times within the span of 16 friend posts. I wasnt even posting quickly. This just erks the piss right out of me. Not much I can do about it. Oh well. Enjoy everyone, if the bouncer doesnt get to you first. L8r T
I like the sound of distant thunder as it rumbles across the earth. I love to watch the lightning as it streaks across the sky in glorious flames ripe with passion and promise. I love to stand in the sound and fury of the storm with the rain washing over my skin, bathing my body in the freshness of sweet abandon. I love the drenching wetness and the cool calm as the raindrops gather to embrace me. I love the erotic slippery slide of every drip that caresses my cheek, slipping down and down and down to pool at my feet. I love to stand with arms stretched wide, reaching for the passion of nature's release, embracing the pure raw energy that crackles in the air, filling my senses with the smell of wet earth and ozone and satisfaction.
Im Not Going Down
I am tierd of everyone trying to bring me down.. If your not happy with your life why would you want to bring me down??? Does anyone know why this is?? Why is it that un-happy people feel its nessisary to bring everyone else down?? If your not a happy person, please just stay clear of big mic... Im going to keep smiling and there is nothing u can do to bring me down!
Bomb Bomb Me Plz Help
need 15k and comments and rats combined i am asking for your help . i would be very thankful if u all could take the time to help me and i will be there for ya too when u need it ...
Kinky Quiz
What's Your Kinky Turn On?created with You scored as Chains/HandcuffsYour turn on is handcuffs and chains. You like being cuffed/chained to the bed, or cuffing/chaining your partner down. You love the pure ectasy of being in complete control... or letting someone else have complete control over you. Sex isn't sex without control. Chains/Handcuffs 92%Bondage 83%Biting 83%Whips 67%Blood 50%Blind Folds 50%
Flourless Chocolate Cake
Flourless chocolate cake Serves 12 to 16 8 large cold eggs 1 pound bittersweet chocolate or semisweet chocolate, coarsely chopped 1/2 pound unsalted butter, cut into 1/2-inch chunks 1/4 cup strong coffee confectioners' sugar or cocoa powder for decoration 1. Adjust oven rack to lower middle position and heat oven to 325 degrees. Line bottom of 8-inch springform pan with parchment and grease pan sides. Cover pan underneath and along sides with sheet of heavy-duty foil and set in large roasting pan. Bring kettle of water to boil. 2. Beat eggs in bowl of electric mixer fitted with wire whip attachment at medium speed (speed 6 on a KitchenAid) until volume doubles to approximately 1 quart, about 5 minutes. 3. Meanwhile, melt chocolate and butter (adding coffee or liqueur, if using) in large heat-proof bowl set over pan of almost simmering water, until smooth and very warm stirring once or twice. Fold 1/3 of egg foam into chocolate mixture using large rubber spatula un
Help Me Level
Fbi Assassin
The FBI had an opening for an assassin. After all the background checks, interviews and testing were done there were 3 finalists. Two men and a woman. For the final test, the FBI agents took one of the men to a large metal door and handed him a gun. "We must know that you will follow your instructio ns no matter what the circumstances. Inside the room you will find your wife sitting in a chair. Kill Her!!!" "The man said, "You can't be serious, I could never shoot my wife" The agent said, "Then you're not the right man for this job. Take your wife and go home." The second man was given the same instructions. He took the gun and went into the room. All was quiet for about 5 minutes. The man came out with tears in his eyes, "I tried, but I can't kill my wife." The agent said, "You don't have what it takes. Take your wife and go home." Finally, it was the woman's turn. She was given the same instructions, to kill her husband. She to
My American Accent
What American accent do you have? Your Result: The Midland "You have a Midland accent" is just another way of saying "you don't have an accent." You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, southern Indiana, southern Illinois, and Missouri) but then for all we know you could be from Florida or Charleston or one of those big southern cities like Atlanta or Dallas. You have a good voice for TV and radio.The South The West North Central The Inland North Philadelphia Boston The Northeas
Really You Are Beautiful
really you are beautiful Take my hand And walk with me Through endless life A world to see Give your dreams Your thoughts laid bare And feel the love I long to share Bring your soul A love entwined A twist of fate Two lives combined Take my heart It's in your care I'll take yours too If you will share Give your pain I'll take it all And keep you safe To never fall Bring your love And I'll bring mine We'll test our will To conquer time
Just A Little Poem
If I could catch a rainbow I would do it just for you And share with you its beauty On the days you're feeling blue. If I could build a mountain You could call your very own; A place to find serenity, A place to be alone. If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the sea, But all these things I'm finding Are impossible for me. I cannot build a mountain Or catch a rainbow fair, But let me be what I know best, A friend who's always there.
My Ten Things
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. hehehehehehehehehehe my ten things 1.people call me babylove all my life dont know y but thats been my name forevea. 2.i cant drink cause every time i drink i dont remember thing of what i did or how i dpent my money lolz! 3. i dont like turtles ima scared of them when i was a little girl my sister used to chased me around the house with one and boy how i used to run fast into the bathroom so she dont get me hehehehe. 4.i have a big birthmark on one of my brest lolzzzz! shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but dont tell anyone hehehehehehehe. 5.i am out going person and fun to b with but if u f***k with me im the devil.
... About Fubar Rates.
I know a lot of you have opinions on rating pics, and that the tradition is that a picture either gets a rating of "10" or doesn't get rated at all. However, if that is so, then why have numbers 1-9 available for ratings? Wouldn't it simply be easier to have a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" rating system? Frankly, I think that if a particular picture is rated at less than "10" then the person who did the rating is well within his or her right to rate it as such. That said, it doesn't necessarily mean that the person being rated is unattractive, or even unattractive to the person doing the rating. It may well be that the photo is simply not 10-worthy, and for reasons other than the person IN the photo. I, personally, tend to see the tradition of "rate it a 10 or don't rate it" as, somehow, Political Correctness run amok in the world of Fubar. At any rate, I say, "be nice, but be truthful, also." Enjoy the day!
Wtf 5
Never ever sever your heart's endeavor for forever; however, never settle for the lesser level where you are never ever be upon same the level as equals. ©2008Firestar
Have A Heart And Please Rate My Pic For This Contest
(repost of original by 'Joyridin2w--DB Crew member' on '2008-02-06 08:21:54')
Citgo Changes Name To Fool Americans
Debra Hullette-Travis Receptionist GETRAG Corporation-Newton 1848 Getrag Pkwy. Newton, NC 28658 (828) 428-1158 Member of GETRAG Corporate Group >>> Janie Dixon 2/8/2008 7:30 AM >>> Subject: Fw: : This is very serious & unnerving #AOLMsgPart_2_818cd4b2-1ca1-408f-a25e-ee81ae672d58 P { MARGIN: 0px; COLOR: #660000}#AOLMsgPart_2_818cd4b2-1ca1-408f-a25e-ee81ae672d58 .fall-left { FONT: 75% Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; COLOR: #660000; LETTER-SPACING: 1px} -------------- Forwarded Message: -------------- From: To:,,,,,, Subject: Fw: : This is very serious & unnerving Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 20:32:22 +0000 ----- Forwarded by Brunell Cook/MSNP/05/USCO
Feb 11
February 11, 2008 Quote of the Day You desire to know the art of living, my friend? It is contained in one phrase: make use of suffering. – From Henri Frederic Amiel
Tag Your It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I was published in a book when i was 12. 2. I hate missing church...ever! 3.I had a choir scholarship to LCU 4.I used to be a Step-On tour Guide 5. I can lay a tile floor all by myself 6. I love restoring antique furniture 7. I didn't ride on a commercial airplane until I was 29 years old. 8. I have to wash my hair every single day 9. I tend to challenge authority figures 10. If I could live anywhere else in the world it would be Ireland I TAG: rockbassist. banned Scott CannonShooter Ippy Simon Travis
Love Is The Little Things That Make Me Smile
Love, what is love? To me, love is the little things. Such as looking at your someone across a room giving him that "look" and a smile. Love is leaving a lil love note to let them know you're thinking about them. Love is a phone call to brighten up your day. Love is having the feeling that when you look at that someone and know that you can't live without them. Love is waking up to a kiss from that special someone to help start the day. Love is about communication and being able to express yourself completely to what you feel. Love is about being honest to one another, telling the truth even if you think it may hurt them, because a lie hurts worse than finding out the truth later and knowing you've been lied to. Love is about commitment, 50/50, having each others back through thick and thin, no matter what. Love is having your little fights and disagreements, but enjoying every minute of make up time. Love overcomes all obsticles making the relationship stronger. Love is th
Rubik's Cube In Center Of Earth?
Rubik's Cube In Center Of Earth? Computer Simulations Support New Model Of Earth's Core By Science DailyFeb 12, 2008 - 1:34:32 PM sciencedailySwedish researchers have presented evidence to support their new theory about the structure of the earth's core. The findings may be of significance for our understanding of the cooling down of the earth, and of the stability of the earth's magnetic field. "We found that the body-centered cubic structure of iron is the only structure that could correspond to the experimental observations," says Börje Johansson, professor of condensed-matter theory at Uppsala University.It has long been known that the inner core of the earth, a sphere consisting of a solid mass with a radius of about 1,200 km, is mainly made up of iron. However, seismic observations have shown that elastic waves pass more rapidly through this core in directions that are parallel to the earth's axis of rotation than in directions parallel to the equator­-a phenomenon that has not b
Anotherone Bites The Dust
Arguement ensured.Lord Wolf was removed from her Givaway he had no clue that Givaways exspire he was pissed she removed him. So the Bitch Blocked him.Thankful for her link here it he says don't give a Fuckin Rats Ass who Hates me for this.I Show Love to others on a Daily Basis. Unfortunately he personally can't Bomb any contest that she holds.An Hopefully no Wolves of Wiccan or Spirit Warriors Levelers enter her events either because u'll be up shit Creek without a damn paddle. Stephanie Lynn@ fubar Soon only Rich Stuck Up Individuals will be here on Fubar.Money Talks others Walk.or Deleted
Beetlejuice - 1988 What's a yuppie ghost couple to do when their quaint New England home is overrun by trendy New Yorkers? They hire a freelance "bio-exorcist" to spook the intruders. And everyone gets more than he, she or it bargained for! Director Tim Burton (Batman, Mars Attacks!) teams with Michael Keaton (night shift, Batman). The result? "Keaton's Beetlejuice is one of the biggest, baddest wolves a ghost movie has ever unleashed, a polter-gas." (The Village Voice). He's a juggernaut of jokes, jolts and jive who hurls one-liners, spins into grotesque forms, gobbles insects and can't leave ladies (living or dead) alone. Keaton's wild work in this and Clean and Sober won him 1988's national society of film critics best actor award. Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Winona Ryder and Sylvia Sidney share starring honors with the movie's wondrous production design. Harry Belafonte's soundtrack tunes and Academy Award - winning Best Make-up. So exorcise your right to fun.
To The Employees Of Ddr
I have created a file of pictures of the family in ddr. Please have a look at this file. If you do not see your picture there please let me know so I can get it on there. Drop your link into a message for me to get it. Thank you!!
I Titled This Track Twilight
Listen to CJ - twilight
Stupid Survey Time
1. Is there anyone on your friends list you would ever consider having sex with? been there done that twice 2. Sex in the morning, afternoon or night? spontaneous sex is great 3. What side of the bed do you sleep on? near the wall im a weirdo 4. Pork, beef, or chicken? all are tasty meats 5. Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke? nope always in a toilet or sidewalk lmao only twice though 6. Have you ever taken your clothes off for money? do i look like a cheap whore? they stay on unless ur a special person or my shower 7.Shower or bath? shower, but a nice hot bath is good once in a while i am a girl after all 8. Do you pee in the shower? ewwww fuck no 9. Mexican or Chinese? polish thanx lol 10. Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed? as long as u dont slam my head into a wall or degrade me thats fine but dont be so passive that i fall asleep 11. Do you love someone on your friend list? a few have a place in my
A new day. Another foray into the unknown. As is every second. I am at such a loss as to what to do about anything. Almost in a state of mental paralysis. I'll be gone so soon. Don't know how long. Its part of the plan though. But not mine. Will you be there for me? No. I am alone. You tread upon the surface but no one wants in. No one to listen, to touch, to share. Keep searching, keep searching. In vain? Who knows? The clock is ever ticking. But my time is not running out. I have no time. I am eternal. More depressing still. But only for the moment. Things will change, for better and for worse. We are so easily dissatisfied with what we have. We always want more or something else but when we seek it we usually end up with something we didn't want or expect. Then we wish for what we had. If there were Gods watching from above I could certainly imagine them laughing their celestial asses off. But there aren't. Others maybe. I hope someone is laughing atleast. It would be a shame for al
Have A Heart, Please Rate Ma Pic!
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Life's Not Easy...
To My Family
i will not be in no more drama im the one who is 32 and pick who i want i need support not criticicem on who i pick its not right and not how i was raised no more being meen i come here to unwind so no more been kids support me in my decisions and dont belittle the ones i choose im an adult and i have to live with my choice so be there 4 me and dont cause hostility mom u know better u wasnt raised like that either u hate ppl like that and now u doing it what would gram say she say im a big boy and will make up my own mind look at jo jo she left and we hardly see the lil ones and we dont talk bad on her so dont on who i choose we r adults and we will do wat we choose even if its not wat others think is good i didnt like who u choose all the times but i was there 4 u be there me and yes i still love tavia and the 7 kids can u understand
Wanna Know Whats Real?
Damn yo ive just done nothing but flat out fuck up as of late, especially over the past month or so. Attacking people who havent done shit to me, yeah imma fucking jerk for it. Man my head has been more fucked then I even knew and im just not realizing it. IM SORRY, IM SORRY TO EVERYONE/ANYONE IVE WRONGFULLY ATTACKED AND HURT. I aint like a un named bitch from NJ here everyone knows well...I WILL FESS UP TO MY FUCK UPS AND WRONG DOING I REALLY AM SORRY AND IM PUBLICLY SAYING IT! I cant get into to much detail as I know some of you have heard me say the same shit so many times, But I ask you please give me 1 last chance IF YOU DECIDE TOO, IF NOT I RESPECT THAT AND GIVE YOU YOUR SPACE AND ALLOW YOU TO YOUR OWN OPINION OF ME. Im Sorry...Years of abuse will make people do and say some horrible things and I apoligize for allowing it to get the best of me and to take it out on you REALLY IM FUCKING DEAD HONEST IN SAYING THAT I AM SORRY FOR EVERYTHING. YOU CANT SEE MY TEARS OR FEEL MY HEART B
I Don't Care/ You Don't Care
I don't care if you don't like me I never asked you to For all I care you can bite me All the evil things you do I don't care if you don't need me I'm doing fine on my own I don't care if you don't want me I'm better off alone You don't care that my heart breaks You just walk away You don't care that it aches Still you turn the other way I don't care if you don't care It's hard to care for a ghost You don't care if I'm not there Nothing but you matters most If you're looking for me Your feelings to unbear You'll finally see That I just don't care
Hmmm,, I Wonder
Is there anyone on my friends list who can (and cares to) cheer me up today? I have a really bad day for different reasons and I am just going round in circles in my mind again and again. Can't go out for health reasons this weekend, so I need another way to get through that. Any help is aprecciated.
Just Music
10 Things To Ponder!!
Ten Thoughts to Ponder for 2008 Number 10 Life is sexually transmitted. Number 9 Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die. Number 8 Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich. Number 7 Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day, teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks. Number 6 Some people are like a Slinky ..... Not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you shove them down the stairs. Number 5 Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing. Number 4 All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to Criticism. Number 3 Why does a slight tax increase cost you $200.00 and a substantial tax cut saves you $30.00? Number 2 In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is Weird and people take Prozac to make it normal. And The
Ive Come To Realize
1. I've come to realize that my boobs: are beautiful and i love them!! 2. I've come to realize that when I talk; i hope peeps listen!! 3. I've come to realize that, when I love someone: I tell them weather I know if the'yre ready to hear it or not.... 4. I've come to realize that I need: To either work more or earn more.... 5. I've come to realize that I lost: my ever loving mind!! 6. I've come to realize that I hate it when: i know I want saphire but i have to go to her or fly her out her to see her.... 7. I've come to realize that when I'm drunk: WHO ARE WE KIDDING?! Ive only been tipsy... 8. I've come to realize that money: is kinda a important thing 9. I've come to realize that people: can have their flaws but it doesn't mean they're not a good person!! 10. I've come to realize that I'll always be: myself 11. I've come to realize that I have a crush on: well....if i say who....but then again THEY ALREADY KNOW!!! (ha ha)SAPHIRE!! 12. I've
my life sucks really bad i cant do anything rite
ok kids im off to bed - im falling asleep here
Cloud - Hello
Animal Sticks' Up For His Friend Beaker ! Lmfao !
Ugh! Im In A Contest
> > > I'm in a contest to win a 30 Day V.I.P. > I need all the comments you can spare. Don't forget to rate! Come help me > win. You know you love me. > > Click the pic > > > Also make sure that you Fan/Rate/Add the awesome host. Mr. Mark Murderous. > > >
Kill Fm 102.4
Video Of David Mannis Art And Zztop Music Pt 1
My Fu Lol Updated!!!
I fu own the following: Please make them feel welcome by rating them for me and add & fan them for me please Thankyou All!!! Just* Me* Sky *******(Why Fu Marriage, can't we just live in FU Sin?**FU Orphan***hugs@ fubar And Also: B£õõdý·Vèñõm Fu-Owned by ~shockeyd69~(Member of Club F.A.R. & Club NAUGHTY ~N~ NICE)@ fubar The Newest Slave is: sweet and sassy slave to ~shockeyd69~@ fubar
The skies parted to make way for the fading queen. She painted her face with the shades of summers past. Her voice told tales of promise and pain. Of love unconditional. This too shall pass, as everything does. Time holds no emotion. Time has no sympathy for the meaningless words of yesterday. Upon her departure, a shadow was cast. For years I will walk this path. I am killing myself with every step. Inhaling the rot of my own soul. The seasons will shift and your name will once more be glorious, your eyes once more will be full of light. Until my end, I will walk into the sun. I will eat the suffering and become the fire that burns out my soul.
3 Women In A
You Know You Want To Own Me
=== '~~TINYTEARS69~~TEQUILA SUNRISE BOMBERS ~~SISTERS 4 LIFE~~CLUB FAR~~' spewed forth the following at '2008-03-06 14:57:55'.. > > PLEASE FAR THE HOST. SHE IS COOL. REWARD FOR HOST COULD BECOME MORE WITH HIGHER BIDS. HOSTED BY : ~*TinkerbellMN84*~ {Leave me voice comments and sign my guest book please}@ fubar
Patience, My Child, All do not understand. Matters of heart are known Only by a joyous few. Some may never comprehend, Be not short with them. Instead show them pity For they are not as bountiful. Pay no heed to their criticism For their jealousy speaks it. Hold tight to your lover And hear solely his words of love. Be patient, Dear One, You have everything you need. While they flounder for The fleeting ghost of your love.
Hippo And Dog Metal Version!!!
Hippo and Dog METAL VERSION!!!
No More Pics
I just wanted to let everyone know that I won't be able to upload anymore pics after 5:30 PST tomorrow afternoon because that is when my VIP runs out. Sorry everyone.
Sweetest Voice
Caressing my mind so softly, you delve into my thoughts Pulling from it my hopes, dreams, and darkest desires. Exploiting my mind with a curious voice and a flashy smile Speaking of a false reality Entranced by your grandeur illusion I surrender myself to yoi
Rate My Pics Plzzz
im in need of help please rate my pics and stash i keep running out of pic rates every day and not going anywhere :(
Monday Opie And Anthony Links: Brian Regan, Baby Diaper Moustache Video, New Boobs On Ratemywow, Old School Opie And Anthony, Animation Contest, New V
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE and ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) O&A ANIMATIONS ARE ON iTunes NOW!! (Watch Anthony and the Tax Man online Now!!) Jim Norton's Got TEN CD's Worth Of Material online - order 'The Best Of Jim Norton' on iTunes NOW! Li'l Jimmy's also doing a li'l comedy tour, and you can see him in YOUR town if you get your tickets now! It's Mondee! The Opie and Anthony Show is ready to deliver another fine week's worth of radio, so there's no time to start like today. Our buddy our pal Brian Regan is coming in to hang with the show today, and maybe smell Opie's upper lip. don't know what I'm talking about....well, then... BABY DIAPER MOUSTACHE VIDEO - ONLINE NOW: Yes, kids...this is what happens when Opie decides to put a promo on the air daring people to bring in their shitty babies... Someone (in this case, Rich Vos) is bound to bring one in... or at the very least, a diaper full of stinky baby crap: Watch BABY DIAPER MOUSTACHE now! (t
i have come to the conclusion I must write something in this blog area so here is it, yeah I'm single no I'm not really waiting for the right girl to come along because i'ma father of two girls that need me badly because there mother is a real peice of work, I love women dont get me wrong but i'm sick of hearing "i'm fat" cause to me every woman is beautiful, well okay there a few ugly ones out there that need to be thrown back in the basket and re picked but for the most part... well i also hate being alone but I'm so sick of drama I'm fuckin almost 30 way ready for the bullshit to be over. now thats said I guess i came to a conclusion that i'm a doofious! well when i find a woman and I like here and i think maybe just maybe I might have a chance I fuck it up by igrorning her, or getting drunk and stupid like if front of her, or my anger issues get the best of me, or the fact that I'm a seahawks, nascar freak might not be so applealing, oh and the fact I love the move cars and would
My Book Is Going International
I just looked at my page on my publishers web site and saw the following announcement: A SOUTH ASIA EDITION of The Sovereign Soul: Sufism: A Path for Today was published by Readworthy Publications Ltd., of New Delhi, India, in February 2008, under the title Sufism: A Path for Today: The Sovereign Soul. Readworthy is a new imprint of D.K. Printworld Ltd., also of New Delhi. The Readworthy edition is available both as a paperback and in hardcover form. The first I knew of this was when two books arrived in the mail. One hardback. Wow. I am international. Isn't that cool? If you are interested, you can see the book and some reviews at
Afraid This Time/celldweller
Are You A Boy Or A Girl?
Message Two babies were sitting in their cribs, when one baby shouted to the other, "Are you a little girl or a little boy?" I don't know," replied the other baby giggling. What do you mean, you don't know?" said the first baby. "I mean I don't know how to tell the difference," was the reply. Well, I do," said the first baby chuckling, "I'll climb into your crib and find out." He carefully maneuvered himself into the other baby's crib, then quickly disappeared beneath the blankets. After a couple of minutes, he resurfaced with a big grin on his face. "You're a little girl, and I'm a little boy," he said proudly. You're ever so clever," cooed the baby girl, "but how can you tell?" It's quite easy really," replied the baby boy, "you've got pink socks and I've got blue ones." Gotcha" SHAME ON YOU, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???
My "fu-owner"
Yes, it's true! I am now "Fu-Owned" for a month, as of today by ~*~SWEET~*~ and she is just that, SWEET! :) She has been a good friend of mine for quite some time now and if you haven't already met her, you should click on the link below and meet her! She's an awesome woman and you'd never be sorry for visiting her page! She was the highest bidder in the auction I was just in, hosted by Sweet♥Judy and in exchange, she is going to get a lot of nice things from me during the next month! :) So, go check her out and if you want, tell her, her "slave" sent you! :P ~*~SWEET~*~ Read My Profile!!@ fubar
Messages Of The Seventh Grade.
If If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated, don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise: If you can dream -- and not make dreams your master; If you can think -- and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two imposters just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools; If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss; If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve
I Love Life Now!!!!
soon i am gonna get my car fixed and i am going down to wichita friday and spend time with my grandparents, and i have my nephew right now and my mom is taking care of it. well i am just in a good mood right now. i work wed and thrusday and then friday off and saturday thru monday and then i am off the next two days. well i am going on with my life and not give a shit about jake now. i have friends that care about me. i am good now lol life is going great for me. jess
This Is What I Do So I Don't Spend Too Much Time Here To Get Upset!
YEAH--I KNOW I SUCK--BUT THIS ONE HAS 3.2 STARS(OUT OF 5) I'M GONNA KEEP ON POSTING REVIEWS OF MY CRAP HERE-=-YEAH! BAND PROFILE "RACHAEL" 3.2 Active contest: • #100 in Experimental Rock Best ranking: • #79 of 200 in Experimental Rock on 27Feb2008 Track Of Day: 14Feb2008 Reviewers' Picks awards! Band: STEVE LIEBERMAN Genre: Experimental Rock (Punk/Crap/Latin/ Jewish Fusion) This music free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License. from my 14th cd-"Overthrow the Government" which i wrote when i went totally crazy the week before i was sent to the sanitarium Signature Review Agressive stuff The distorted bass hits me like a train and the haunting flute scares the crap out of me! The singer gives me the creeps... feels like I'm beeing hunted down by a psyko! Really original and fun to listen to! Reviewed by: capstoneonline from Sweden Raver!!!! This kicks ass!!!!!! The vox are the driving fo
I Am Finally Over You !!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate to say it, but its true, I am finally over you. I've waited so long for this day to come, and for once I am completely done. I am finished since you fed me lies, I can't take the tears that came from my eyes. You led me on and its such a shame, In a way I know I'm the one to blame. Do you think of me when you're with her? You went behind my back when we were together, theres one thing I know and one thing you'll see she will never ever be me You talked shit about me to all your friends I wish that was where this story ends, but sadly your lies kept slipping and over your words I kept tripping After all this time I should have known one of these days you'd leave me on my own Now I am glad I can finally see You're not the boy I thought you'd be.
New Life With Falling In Love
It was only a few short weeks ago that I thought life was going to just keep falling apart. I was sure that I would stay and angry, bitter and cynical man. But then something wonderful happened to me. When I truly needed a friend and thought I had no one, she walked into my life. She saw that I was hurting and wanted to see that I was alright. Well, as the days and weeks have passed, we have grown ever closer and falling deeply in love with each other. She has brought out in me the qualities that I thought were lost from many years of pain and anguish. With her I have been able to open up and share things I have kept bottled inside for almost 2 decades. My fear of being alone is now gone and has been replaced with an eternal flame of love. I have never met a more caring and loving woman in all my life. I am constantly amazed at her kindness and concern and love for me on a daily basis, and fall even more in love with her everyday and all over again when I see her and hear her voice. It
Need Help For A Vip All
Auction Today Friday
Ok So here's the link to myself up for the auction. I know it's simple and somewhat lame but I was talked into it. click below :) Club Raven Auction The pic and the link is now available. Please help me out you guys!!! All bids, rates, and comments are appreciated!!!!!! I hope it works and I hope you guys help me :) I'll appreciate it lots!!!!!!!!!!! *muahz to everyone in advance*
No Drama...just Song Lyrics...they Speak For Themselves!
[Intro] Heads up! Heads up! Here's another one! And a - and another one OOHHHHHHHH!!! [Chorus] Yeek yeek woop woop!! why you all in my ear?! Talking a whole bunch of sh*t That I ain't trying to hear! Get back muhfu*ker! You don't know me like that! (Get back muhfu*er!! You don't know me like that!!) Yeek yeek woop woop!! I ain't playing around! Make one false move I'll take ya down Get back muhfu*er! You don't know me like that! (Get back muhfu*er!! You don't know me like that!!) [Verse] WHOO!! S-s-so c'mon c'mon DON'T ... get swung on, swung on It's the knick knack paddywhack, still ride in Cadillacs Family off the street! made my homies put the baggies back Still stacking plaques! (yep!) still action packed! (yep!) And dough!! I keep it flipping like acrobats! That's why I pack a mac, that'll crack 'em back Cause on my waist there's more Heat than the Shaq Attack But I ain't speaking about ballin, ballin Just thinking about brawli
Need Points
ok everyone ive added over 165 new pics and 100 new stash come on come rate some or all need help in point dept
Fuckin Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
I swear to Christ almighty Cheryl Crow fucking lives here........ 2 yes I fucking said T W O squares of TP left on the goddamn roll!!!! AND NO BACKUP ROLL , NOT EVEN IN THE CUPBOARD UNDER THE SINK!!!!!!!!!! W!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is simply wrong on EVERY LEVEL I swear to god if I start living with someone other than my parents..... they better have some goddamn TP ready if the roll is low or they are gonna find their ass and their shit on the curb..... literally and figurtively. ok I feel better now........
Hopless And I Are Both Up For Auction!
Ok, my owner and I both are up for auction again! This is his link: AND THIS AUCTION CLOSES @ 10PM CENTRAL TONIGHT! (that's only 4 hours) And this is mine: Both of us have our offers listed on the pics (just ignore the repeated one on mine, I must have been sleepy when I did it). Go Bid on us! We'll make it worth your while! Please Repost
Alcoholic Illusion
A sip of alcohol starts me going, A shot of it makes my blood keep flowing. Many cups later, you're looking pretty hot, And I want to fuck you, when I know I should not. An unnatural attraction is what I sense in the air, But we're both grown, so why should we care? You initiated it all, by showing me our chemistry, Touching all of my spots and doing it seductively. Underneath my excited arousal, is the state of confusion, Could it be that we're suffering from an alcoholic illusion? I feel your hands graze across my skin, Black and white is turning gray, Go ahead and "loosen up my buttons babe," As the Pussy Cat Dolls, would say. No need to play coy with me, When we both want the same damn thing, Me on the top or even on all fours, In a drunken-fucking-fling. Is your car outside, want to go there now? Let's be straight and avoid all the allusion, I'm ready to fuck and you're ready to fuck, All thanks to our alcoholic illusion. My skirt is up around my waist, a
Sweet screams of sanguine dreams suffering whole within my soul. Crimson tears wept over the years, tearing the flesh, taking its toll. Emotionless masks, forever it lasts, never tossed, playing the role. Filling a niche of darkest pitch, my inky heart of blackest coal. Who the hell knows all the cares all the woes of all those around. Their lives a blink, a chain, a link, an ebon gem tossed to the ground. Never missed, no longer loved, off the list, gone without a sound. Such broken hearts, such beaten hopes, chained alone, for all time bound. Pure pain sings bright to agonies succulent delight, the lights now dim and dark. Free to fear lifes unyielding veneer, year after year, till death leaves his mark. When the thread ends and the bulb flickers out, formless forevermore in pit or park. Asleep it seems in wicked dreams unraveling at the streams realization now stark. L8r T
Calling All Bbw Bombers
We have one of our family members in a contest on my page actually. Going to need all the help she can get!! I can't help because I am the host on my page but I need everyone else to go leave as many comments as possible please!!
Please Need Ur Help
I need u to rate my photo's
The Fair Tax (part 3)
Other indirect effects The current federal tax law allows individuals to deduct the home mortgage interest costs, and donations to certain charities, from taxable income. Someone paying a 25% income tax rate would pay $250 in taxes on a $1,000 donation or mortgage interest payment, and then receive $250 back from the government as the $1000 deduction is removed from taxable income The FairTax is tax free on mortgage interest up to the basic interest rate as determined by the United States Federal Reserve and donations are not taxed. In a 2007 study, the Beacon Hill Institute concluded that total charitable giving would increase under the FairTax, although increases in giving would not be distributed proportionately amongst the various types of charitable organizations. The FairTax may also affect State and local government debt as the federal income tax system provides tax advantages to state and local municipal bonds. Proponents believe environmental benefits would result from the
What Wicca Is Not
1.1) Do Wiccans raise the dead? Wiccans do not raise the dead. Wiccans celebrate those who we loved and those who contributed to our lives while they were in this plane of existence, and often seek communication with the spirit/energy of the person as they were known to us. But, Wiccans do not raise the dead. 1.2) Do Wiccans sacrifice babies or animals? There is no part in any Wiccan ritual which calls for the sacrifice or the harming of any person or animal, living or dead. While many of the gods of old (including Yahweh!) demanded blood sacrifice, the gods seemed to have matured along with man, and no longer require the blood sacrifice/harming of another being, living or dead. Despite popular belief among some Christian fundamentalists, Wiccans do not practice ritual abortion, nor use the remains of a fetus for ritual. 1.3) Is Wicca a cult? Wicca is a religion, not a cult. There is no "King/Queen of the Wicca" despite claims to the title in the past. Wicca is a religio
Want To Feel Good About Yourself?
then sign up! what are you waiting for? razzamapple invites you to SocialVibe
Blings,morphs,fu Bucks For Comments
can u bomb bling gift an fubucks,morphs, if u can make a difference let me no daily what u do ok hun
Profile Viewers Part 2
You Can't See Me
Depression is a necktie noose I wear it almost daily For the most part I welcome death Do not care if it's timely Happiness is a bullshit mask I wear it almost daily Love to hide all the hurt i hold Suicidal, yes, but smiling Hate seems almost necessary Seeps out of me almost daily Hate to let it envelope me But this battle I am losing Love is a heavenly angel Don't see it, Don't beleive it, It's unreal It is all just a story, a falicy Like the Bible, Jesus and endless Hell
Some Of My Poems
Anger at the End Anger fills my mind, Rage begins to temper my soul. Darkest emotions swell from within, Taking my calmness away. My joy and happiness gone, I pray I don't go beyond. Let my anger swell, For it is with in my mind. Give me a chance to explain, For my rage is beyond my control. Let my life flow away, As I begin to lose control. Give my life a tribute worthy of me, For with my anger comes my end. My life is gone, Just as my heart is. Ian S. Hopes When I look in your eyes I see hope, When I kiss your lips I feel hope. When we embrace it begins to grow, Surrounding both of us in it's warmth. We live moment to moment, Each one seems an eternity. Allow my hopes to be yours, And make yours mine. Embrace my love, As I embrace yours. Ian S. Tormented Existence Darkest moments with in my life, Giving way to the light in my heart. Alone my life fades away, A state of nothing with in. Where has it begun I wonder, This emptying of
Please, Just Leave Me With Nothing.
it doesnt matter. I cant handle it. Im always wrong. Its my fault. i start shit, i imagine shit. i missinterpret shit. i cant communicate properlly. I cant hold healthy functional relationships. I cant do anything. JUST FUCKING LEAVE ME. LEAVE BECAUSE ITS LIKE YOUR THE ONLY THING I HAVE TO CLING TO, AND I JUST WANT TO PLUMMET TO MY DEATH. i wana hit that rock bottom and just not give a flying fuck anymore. not care, know its better that way. I want to have nothing left so i have nothing to feel guilty for.
Even though he has said this speech a few times he knew that this was his last night.... Please copy the link above...its a youtube video
1402 In Reading
A Poem For My Heart
Broken Heart Deep in the world; Is a broken heart; In the heart is two pictures; one of me the other of you; two worlds away; but so close; that they could almost touch; The heart belongs to me; because of you; only you, heartbreaker
Does the internetz exist when I'm not on it? If anyone's remotely interested, I'm not about next week, due to reasons of not being about next week. So, erm, I thought I'd mention it. Not here. No funnies. Etc etc. There's a rumour going about that it's my birthday next week - it kinda is, but I'm celebrating it August this year, cos it's my 33rd, so I'm celebrating being 33 1/3rd in August instead, because it pleases me. So, erm, that's that. And if this looks sorta ghey and that to say these things - screw it, at least I blogged it, instead of MuMMing about it, eh?
One More Night
................One More Night................... One more night to hold you One more night to love you One more night to be in your arms One more night to last forever.....
Need Lots Of Help
My Car Accident Last Thurs. Nite (the10th)
i was out doing survey damage for skywarn storm-spotters (im a chaser) last thurs. night and ended up gettiong a REALLY bad wreck. i was transported to the hospital in the ambulance on a backboard, c-collar...the whole 9 yards. they even transported me code 3 (lights and sirens), which i guess they thought it was a real emergancy which at the time i was scared shitless. all in all, i ended up with a head injury (concussion), broken ribs on both the left 7 right side, a possible cracked sternum, and a really badly banged up left knee (of coarse it had to be my good knee). they had like 7 or 8 ambulances come in around my time so it seemed what took forever to get the doc in. and then he wouldnt give me anything for the pain cuz of the head injury. which has been causing me major headaches (more and worse than usual), blurry vision, vertigo, and nausea. and now i have what the doc called "post-concussion syndrom." ive been there done this a fe w times and it aint no fun...thats for sure.
Conspiracy theorists rarely, if ever, deal with a charge ("trick") such as this. The 'Religious Intolerant' though will find this convenient to use in an attempt to persuade others that Freemasonry excludes Blacks while their own church may practice the same type of discrimination they accuse Freemasons of doing. However, the charge of racism in Freemasonry seems to come primarily from the mouths and pens of the 'Self-Server' in the United States. Here's why: The United States began as a segregated country. It was segregated at first by religious groups (recall, for example, the founding of Rhode Island) and later - as religious differences blended - by the introduction of slaves whom many treated as 'property'. This is a fact that many accepted. Others acquiesced or ignored it completely (or as much as possible). A precious few spoke out against it - and they were nearly universally condemned for doing so. Masonry, like virtually all other organizations of the 1700's and m
Bloody Oaths
One of the common deceptions used by anti-Masons, particularly the "Religious Intolerants", is the charge that Masons take "Bloody Oaths". Forgetting how they too might have said "Cross my heart and hope to die.", it's a wonderful catch-phrase for them to use since it's so emotionally charged. To someone who has never experienced Freemasonry, it can be more than just 'chilling'. Here, however, is the reality: Freemasonry is a three hundred year old organization founded on the principles of organizations which existed hundreds of years before that. It comes from a time when it was important to impress upon an initiate the solemn and serious nature of the work he was undertaking. In addition, Freemasonry teaches its lessons through the use of ALLEGORY whereby an example is explained or shown in a way which will impress upon the listener the point in a manner that words simply can't accomplish. And finally, Freemasonry's oaths are SYMBOLIC relative to penalties, a fact th
Foundry Cams: Mary Kate Rocks Out In Her Stay Cozy Shirt
Petite, pretty, pig-tailed Mary Kate from FOUNDRY CAMS is decked out in leopard print lingerie and her STAY COZY shirt, and shaking her amazing ass to music by our friends at THE BANGKOK FIVE. CLICK THE PIC TO SEE MARY KATE's NEW VIDEO Once you're done, and you have a bit of fluids left in your body swishing around...head over to FOUNDRY CAMS and chat with Mary Kate LIVE on cam!
5 Years Ago (old Video Of Me & My Friends)
Auction - Starts After 5 Entries
Wicked Desire is holding a Wicked Auction. Want to be OWNED? Want to Share your Wicked Desires with your Hott Owner? Well here's your chance.. Have at it. NOW FOR THE RULES! - #1. If your a Member of the Lounge NO FEE REQUIRED. If not.. 5,000Fubuck Fee sent to Wizard or Celtic. Once Auction Starts. #2. Please send Celtic a pic of your choice + link, by FUMAIL ONLY!. With Your WICKED PROMISES. Anything GOES...Remember you need to live up to these promises. Folks will be putting a price on your SEXYASS! GOODLUCK... ENTRIES TAKEN NOW.
Mike Stone - Of Queensryche ! Jet City Rules'! (seattle,wa) ! Where I Grew Up! My Home !
Working From Home? Not All Fun & Games.....
I got a new job back in February (the month before I had baby #2) and it sounded like the dream job, specifically since I am able to work from home. So many people tell me "gee ,you are so lucky you can work from home and stay with your kids". Trust me, it's not all it's cracked up to be. Have you tried putting in a full 8 hours of work with a 5 year old and a newborn in the house. It's next to impossible. I swear I get less housework done now than when I was working from an office five days a week. Not to mention I get NO BREAK from my kids. I love them to death and want to be around them but literally 24/7? Holy cow. I miss going into an office sometimes. I miss the adult interaction. (no, not that kind of interaction you pervs! LOL) Anyways, starting next week both kiddos are going to my mother in laws three days a week. We are going to pay her of course. I just can't deal with it anymore. Some of my friends think I'm nuts for wanting to send them away a few days a week wh
A high school English teacher reminds her class of tomorrow's final exam. "Now class, I won't tolerate any excuses for you not being there tomorrow. I might consider a nuclear attack or a serious personal injury or illness, or a death in your immediate family - but that's it, no other excuses whatsoever!" A smart-ass guy in the back of the room raises his hand and asks, "What would you say if tomorrow I said I was suffering from complete and utter sexual exhaustion?" The entire class does its best to stifle their laughter and snickering. When silence is restored, the teacher smiles sympathetically at the student, shakes her head, and sweetly says, "Well, I guess you'd have to write the exam with your other hand."
My Author Site
Hello all! I need some opinions of my new author site. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks, Corwin
Realizing The Truth......
I know now what troubles I have caused for myself. After realizing that yet again waking up crying for the second time like this in my life. The harsh reality that I may never be fully ready for this woman. How can someone disrupt their own life to the point where there feels like no return. I have got to find myself another job. It just wouldn't be fair to lay in this woman's arms even after taking care of the issues here if I don't have something to show for my hard work unless she honestly just wants me. She wants me to be ready for her. But what exactly does this entitle me to do. I guess following my heart on this one is scarier than I thought. I will go to work and pay up all my dues and get myself another vehicle. At least if anything else, I can find a job there and be reliable. Just imagining how long this could take is enough to kill me. But as I see it, I feel it'll be worth it. God I hope this woman is feeling what I'm feeling. It just occured to me that maybe she doesn't w
A Gorgeous Lady Who Lives To Far From Me, She Is A Babe
snoopy70's soul belongs to HornyDevil1968@ fubar
Tears Fall
WHEN THE TEARS BEGAN TO FALL I wasn’t there for you When the tears began to fall But my heart sought you out So you wouldn’t be alone I wanted to be there Just to hold your hand To try and comfort And understand To offer my shoulder When you need it the most To hug you, reassure you, And give you hope Written by, Mcihael Coburn
Sun 04-27-08 (birthday Blog)
Sunday, April 27, 2008 As another birthday has come and gone I move forward and have only the review to glance at as my wheels of life turn ahead ... Making the object's appear closer than life. A bittersweet 45th celebration of my life. I will reflect to my 44th year with loss as well as gain - losing friends in RL and growing closer to some here @ fubar
Faced with all my demons, equiped with a loaded gun, full of hope and idealistic thoughts. This kind of hope runs deep and leaves just as quick as quick as my understanding of how I should Love Life. I had it all, I said I was gunna go far, Now the greater is reduced small, As I drive in my car listening to the beat of this drum. Beating into my heart, into my soul. Why can't life be so simple and full of happiness. Rather than reaching this dead end Trying to hide from my fears. I gave up the search! Realizing, that the road ahead is full of endless hurt. Slowly, but surely it all ends... My dreams, My hopes, My ambitions They all seem so unreachable... So I walk this road, trippin on my untied loose ends. I stop to re-tie them for the first time... And there she is tying her own laces. Our eyes meet and we are both taken back. She smiles and I blush, then it hits me in the face like a bucket of grey ice water... She's the one, so I smile back. We
OK so most of you know ,but not all of you know this ,but I am goin into the hospital tomorrow morning at 6 am central time an i'm having surgery on my right heal due to an open sore thats infected because of a bone spur.. I will be having surgery on it at 7:30 am.. I will be lettin people know how I am doing an they will more then likely post it on here as a comment how i'm doing so please keep checking back.. I should be back on Friday or Saturday.. I will miss all of you guys while i'm gone ,but I will be back soon... Love Always, Ash
Team Fedii--we Get Money Ova Here
A Brief History
Ever since mankind has lived on this globe, we have amused ourselves with endless wars. From the days of wandering tribes without aim, we have engaged in this practice without end. It has served to define each new century and given purpose to the rising kingdoms. We have witnessed the rise of mighty kingdoms and of men who would conquer the globe. We have sold our sons to that slave-master War with the hope that our blind and greedy aims will justify themselves and our means to that end over so many long and tired centuries. From the Renaissance to the Nineteenth Century, the world has shifted under the weight of Kingdoms and Great Powers. Empires spanned the globe and tore it asunder with endless wars and conquests. When Princip took his fatal aim, the Age of Caesars had come to an end. And though it was heralded as the war to end all wars, it heralded only the Twentieth Century, wherein ideologies swept aside kingdoms in a mad, blind race to c
Time For Another Auction!! :-d
Auction Time!!!! Stop by and and bid on me!!!! If you cannot make a bid, then please rate the pic! Auction ends May 4th!!! Click the picture for more information!!! TENNISGIRL Graphics and Bulletin by CTGirl!!!!
Nanotechnology Paves Way For New Weapons
Nanotechnology paves way for new weapons By Andrew Oppenheimer JCBW Editor Nanotechnology has great potential in the fields of biotechnology and medicine. Bio-nanotechnology is concerned with molecular-scale properties and production of materials and devices including tissue and cellular engineering scaffolds, molecular motors and biomolecules for sensors and drug delivery. While bio-nanotechnological products are seen as around 10 years off, medical application is promising, with intense research being conducted in disease diagnosis, drug delivery and molecular imaging. As with many technologies, the medical applications may be adapted for offensive purposes. Manipulation of biological and chemical agents using nanotechnologies could result in entirely new threats that might be harder to detect and counter than existing CBW. Chemical weapons Chemicals in nanoparticulate form currently account for only a tiny fraction of the world total (around 0.01 per cent) currently p
Healing Soul
It has been so long since love has touched my heart and now for the first time in my life it has touched my soul as well. You have done what no other could or will ever be able to do again. I am so in love with you it leaves an ache in my heart when i cant feel you near me. You have healed my soul and made it whole with your love. I can feel your every touch and i feel a connection that has never existed until you came into my life. One that I never want to lose ... I want to be the one that heals your soul as well and makes it and you whole again. When you look into my eyes into my soul, you will see that it is yours to do whatever you will along with my heart... from now till the end of all time.... I Love You Boo Forever!!!
If once given from above,Then in hope once shall be given again, Within our hearts let us give, Unconditionally, As those who have given before us. In this I shall give the same to the best I can,With a smile in my eyes,Warmth in my heart,This I give to all those who will take of this, ~~~~~~~unconditionally~~~~~~~~ Written by M.Hesse AKA SavaDog All rights Reserved P.S. This one is published in one of the American poet society's books
Story Unknown - Back In 2005
There's a story to tell here but if it could be so Please, would you would keep this "down low" There once was a boy who stole my heart promise not to break it or tear it apart I was gentle and kind to this boy I knew I gave him everything that I knew how to Which was only the love and affection that my heart could bring Only to you, my attention was driven Our lives together went as I hoped I thought nothing could ruin this Our relationship…was pretty "dope" Then it happened my worst nightmare had come true you thought I would cheat cheat on you! I wouldn't dare do such a thing I gave you my heart you told me yourself you wouldn't dare tear it apart My fears are coming true you have broken me down All I can do is cry You only frown Your negative energy has finally met my core there's nothing left for me anymore Once again in this tragic ending Fate is the only survivor with the broken hearts still mending This fairytale is no
A Midnight Tornado
Every word , the smallest touch Rushing over me Winding down before the rooster winds up Swishing my emotions Shaken not stirred My lips on her pulse Lonesome moon watches Guilty exhaustion Sunlight breaks our kiss
Alone On A Subway.....
I just came across this article about a New York City columnist who has started an uproar by telling readers they allow their 9yr old child to ride the NYC subway alone!I am just wondering whats wrong with them.... I suppose I won't know for sure until I get there but I doubt my son will be left home alone at 9 let alone be able to travel the city unattended! "Critical parents accuse her of being everything from tragically misguided to engaging in child abuse. Yet, others agree with her that the current generation of parents has become "helicopter parents" who unnecessarily hover around their young children and treat them like fragile and delicate objects that must be watched and protected at all cost. Among those who agree with the columnist, some recall being allowed to run errands at seven and eight years of age without incident. Among those who disagree is a father of three in California, who cites dangerous traffic that makes letting a nine-year-old navigate the streets a
Carbon Copy Scam
Carbon Copy Scam Carbon Copy Scam or Reality - The first thing you notice when looking at the ads for Carbon Copy Pro are claims such as "a realistic $250K first year income potential" and that the system will "create 100 millionaires by 2012". Carbon Copy Pro is a marketing system that provides an automated solution for promoting a "top-tier" direct sales opportunity with a company called Wealth Masters International (WMI). WMI is an extremely reputable company that offers financial education products that are in high demand these days. Carbon Copy Pro was developed by two very successful network marketing entrepreneurs: Jay Kubassek and Mike Dillard.
Own Me
Ok guys! I am for sale! Since I had to make a new account I am really hoping to do good on this thing. Blasts Blings anything t help me get back to Fuking! So if the bids get into real cash I will be added more and more to the offers! Here are the Hostess rules and starting offer. I also just wanna thank all the friends that I have found for all the help! You guys rock!
My Mistake
To all my friends, I am sorry I was thinking that today was Thursday so I sent everyone Thursday comments.Please except my apology. Vicki
Pending Divorce And Reasons That Lead Up To It..
I need to get this out here..tomorrow is going to be a big day for me at my lawyer's office. We are trying to tie up the loose ends so we can proceed on with my divorce. This has been a long time coming but I am the point where I just want this done. So to help remind me, I am going to write down all the bogus shit my husband has put me thru during our 7 yrs of marriage. 1. He has told me on several occassions that he is not physically attracted to me. He has wanted me to get a tummy tuck and boob job and was willing to fork over 10k to make it happen. 2. He has continued to let his family belittle me, trash me and run me into the ground. They had said things like on a scale of 1-10, I rated a 3, just recently they commented that I moved up to a 4. 3. There was time during my pregnancy I was unable to have sex due to it being painful or me being really sick. He threatned to cut off the cable,internet, and my cell phone if I didnt give him sex or a blowjob. His exact word
New Dvd Reviews: Throat Gaggers, Seasoned Players, Lord Of Asses, F**k My Mom And Me
Once again, we're staying at home while the rest of the world is enjoying the warm weather. Why? Because we're all shut-ins that have big boxes of DVDs in front of us that need reviewing. Check out some of the latest titles we're spending time and money on: Throat Gaggers Seasoned Players 3 Lord Of Asses 11 F**k My Mom and Me 3 Of course, if that's not enough, you can check out our MASSIVE ARCHIVE OF DVD REVIEWS...Over SEVEN YEARS WORTH! Also remember, if YOU would like to write some video reviews for us (and get lots of free stuff in the process), Send Us Your Contact info with a writing sample (of a video review, that is)
Missouri, Oklahoma After New Round Of Tornadoes
Everyone Knows we been getting some bad weather the last few months well sad but true heres some more... SENECA, Mo. - A tornado that spun across the Oklahoma-Missouri border killed at least 18 people as severe storms raked the nation's heart Saturday, injuring many and mangling buildings in the storm-weary region. ADVERTISEMENT click here At least 12 people were killed after severe storms spawned tornadoes and high winds across sections of southwestern Missouri, the State Emergency Management Agency said. Ten of the dead were killed when a twister struck near Seneca, near the Oklahoma border. At least six people were killed as the tornado flattened the northeastern Oklahoma town of Picher, authorities said. "They're going over the hard-hit area and turning over everything and looking," SEMA spokeswoman Susie Stonner said of emergency workers' search for victims and assessment of damage. "It's hard to do in the dark." The number of injuries across the area was not imm
This Is Funny!!!
It anit easy being a dick... I've got a head i can't think with... An eye i can't see out of... My neighbor is a real asshole... My best friend is a pussy... And every time i get excited, I throw up... But worst of all my owner beats me... The End
Nsfw Pics
I went ahead and marked all of my pics, or most of them, nsfw. I just can't figure it out. First I thought people who weren't even on my friends list were marking them, so I changed my settings to friends only. Guess what folks?? My so-called friends are marking my pics nsfw, so they are being deleted henceforth... I do not know how they are able to mark them when most of my folders are already marked nsfw, but this just goes to show, you don't really have friends here. If you did they would have shouted or left a private message as to the fact that they are offended by something. BTW, I do not think the pics that were marked were in any way nsfw, but so be it. Fubar support doesn't give a crap, they just go ahead and mark your pic and threaten to delete you. The pics do not show any inaapropriate body parts without a face. But anyway, hope the rest of you gorgeous people have a great day and an excellent life. Thanks for listening...
I Guess So
Just hung up the phone with mom. While we were talking I actually mentioned how much I missed her for being so far away ,I don't say "miss" this word that often because i'm considered as a cold blooded person,but this time I did ,and that's because I realized something and started to question the meaning of life ,thinking about if it's worth it to give up the right to live with your beloved people and enviroment,if in here it's the worthy life to put up with,sometimes I really contemplate and doubt about those things.But I guess it doesn't matter how bad you have been treated in life or how much of desperate you are,as long as you are still hoping to keep going,physically and mentally, you gotta fight for it,fight off negative mentality and think positively.After all life is promising for everyone who prays for it and being negative just doesn't help in any way. I guess so ,so I'll give it a period of time and see how it goes.But life doesn't have that much time for experiment.Hurry up
Mother's Teachings
1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE . 'If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished cleaning.' 2. My mother taught me RELIGION. 'You better pray that will come out of the carpet.' 3. My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL 'If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of next week!' 4. My mother taught me LOGIC. ' Because I said so, that's why.' 5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC. 'If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the store with me.' 6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT. 'Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident.' 7. My mother taught me IRONY 'Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about.' 8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS. 'Shut your mouth and eat your supper.' 9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM. 'Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!' 10. My mother taught me ab
Dear John Letter
A Marine stationed in Afganistan recently recieved a "Dear John" Letter from his girlfriend back home. It read as follows The Marine...with hurt feelings, asked his fellow marines for snap shots of thier girlfriends, wives,sisters,aunts etc etc. In addition to the picture of Becky , Ricky included all of the pictured of pretty girls he had collected from his buddies. There were 57 photos in that envelope along with this message
I Cant Believe This Sh*t! Please help Micki out shes so close to leveling 82,683 Points to Insider, lets get her leveled today, tysm to who helps! Micki"Blue Eyes" {Dirty South Crew}Co-Founder of Friendship Circle@ fubar This pimpout brought to you by the one and only.... ~*Huggable*Lovable*Kissable*Jen*~Fu Wife 2 "Goofball" *DSC*@ fubar
So Ya`ll Know
I will be startin`with all my family memebers on here...I`ll be ratin all their pictures then I will do their Stashes. Please return the favour, Thanx!
Help A Locale Brah Out In A Spin Records Deal Contest - This Is For Reals No Bs
PLEASE HELP OUT MY FELLOW BRAH FROM DA ISLANDS HES TRYING TO WIN A COMPETITION. SEE BELOW FOR DETAILS. MAHALO OHANA ! Love Sex n Death@ fubar Could you do me a big one that will only take about 2 minutes? Okay, maybe 4. lol. I'm in a Spin magazine/ Epic records competition for recording artists on The name of my project is Love Sex n Death, and the song is called "Hot Child in the City". The winner gets a record deal with Epic, which is what I've worked so hard for, all of my life. I play every instrument and do all the vocals myself, so I don't have other members of a band to help me. Yet, I've managed at one point, to be at the #1 slot, but I"ve been declining a little. So I need all the help that I can get. You can hear my recording on the player below, but the banner will take you to the competition, where all you have to do is a very fast and simple sign up, then 1 more click to vote.If you choose to, your votes can be done daily with
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Women Fear Getting Married
MODERN women have joined the hordes of men who fear commitment. While the number of single women continues to rise, the growing number of women with commitment issues has also increased. Modern women now feel the world is at their feet, and getting married and losing that freedom can be much less appealing. So many choose to delay or boycott marriage until later in life. The term commitment phobia was coined by Steven Carter and Julia Sokol in 1987 in their New York Times bestseller, Men Who Can't Love. Over the past 20 years, the term has gained momentum worldwide and still continues to be a relationship paradigm. The fear of commitment refers to a lack of confidence in maintaining a long-term romantic relationship. The irony of commitment phobia is that the individuals crave what they fear most: love and connection. The more they wish to fall in love with someone, the more confused and scared they become. It is not that commitment-phobic individuals don't w
Go F/a/r My School Buddy & Make Her Feel Welcome
hey all... one of my besties from school has just joined fubar & i'd love for her to stay on here & get her way through the ranks... make sure you all go F/A/R her & make her feel welcome as i know only fubarians can Bubbles88@ fubar
Whispers In My Ear
Whispers in my ear My soul felt empty like a big black hole I had nothing to live for and no place to go there was no light and I felt the end was near there was only darkness down a long black peer the darkness brought anguish and the anguish brought fear as darkness was about to consume my soul I heard a voice whisper in my ear the voice so soft, gentle, and serene, said only you know the path to the light the light is within you he said, you must choose what is tried true and right if you follow this path the light will begin to appear remember the light comes from within whispered the voice in my ear everyone comes here with a plan and a purpose to this life if this is not accomplished, there will be pain, suffering, and strife you could have just come here to have some children to rear or to write or paint or find the next cure said the voice that whispered in my ear when you can’t find this purpose sometimes your soul can get lost you search and you searc
Dirty Little Secret
I hear this alot through talking with friends. Your single, you join a site such as fubar. You see someone that captures ur interests. You start leaving comments sometimes in a flirty sense. You begin to talk, and hit it off. You arrange to meet, fall in love etc..... Now the same comments you made before are becoming to be a problem. But the same comments you leave are being left by other people. Only difference is your being asked to not leave them in fear of causing drama or make others jealous. Now I don't understand this at all. If your so afraid of what others will think, or you may risk losing a so called "friend" because they now know ur involved with this person then why hook up at all? Why not just live the life of flirting? So many of you just don't know how it feels to be kept a secret. If you thrive off of the attention of people hitting on you, then you shouldn't get involved with anyone. Now I do understand that some people try and lay claim to their significant ot
Female Domination
Female Domination ByJanean Haffner 5-22-2008 I met a man who claims to be a Dom. Somehow we got on the subject and discovered that we were seeking each other. He explained he had a Sub who enjoys dominating women as well. Of course this is one of my fantasies. I began to imagine what it would be like to be with a dominant master and mistress. And got so incredibly turned on, I had to relieve myself. And this is what I got off to last night. I was invited to Master’s house to be initiated into their lifestyles. I went to the house and it was a beautiful 2 story house with a basement. It is a new house decorated modern style. Lots of Italian leather furniture and rich dark colors. Very masculine, but very tame. Master keeps his home immaculate. He has modern art on the walls too. There are three bedrooms upstairs, a large master suite, one bedroom made into a home office, and one a guest room with a queen size bed. He Master suite is decorated very sex lots of candles, dark se
A Real Man!!!!
When I first saw you, YOU WERE A MAN. When I got to kiss you,YOU WERE A MAN. When I first touched you, YOU WERE ALL MAN. When I looked in your eyes,it felt so real!!! But it was when as we talked and how I really got to know you that no matter how old you are, you were and still are on a little boy's level of life!!! YOU STILL NEED MORE TRAINING SWEETIE!!!SO I'M BEGGING YOU....GO GET SOME HELP!!!!
Made For Me By My Friend Kidd Rock
"ReaLiTy" Sweet WORDS are easy to SAY... sweet THINGS are easy to BUY... but sweet PEOPLE are DIFFICULT to find. LIFE ends when you stop DREAMIN... HOPE ends when you stop BELIEVING... LOVE ends when you stop CRYING... FRIENDSHIP ends when you stop SHARING. So share this with WHOEVER you CONSIDER a friend. To LOVE without CONDITION... To TALK without INTENTION... To GIVE without REASON... and To CARE without EXPECTATION. ♥ Thassy ♥
Delicious Thoughts
Delicious Thoughts by LateNiteFantasy© A fog that joins the earth and sky Rain as it stirs the senses. The scent of a lover now. A scene in the minds eye. The feel of a hand unknown, but wanted. The taste of what might yet be. A moment’s thought that brings a smile. To wake from a dream, and sigh. The feel of snow, on summers day Or the essence of an afternoon. Things we see behind closed eyes Somehow seem to stay. A whispered name upon the night that couples kindred souls. A sunrise spent in solitude The thoughts that make one whole To walk a path or sandy beach and feel the oceans spray A single coin dropped in a well, for thoughts of better days. A word that never leaves the lips turned inward, held in place. The touch brought by a simple thought, gentle on your face. The flavor of delicious thoughts Like autumn’s essence weaves a lingering taste of yesterday And the scent of burning leaves.
Rating Pictures
You know, I'm new here. I clicked on the bored area to see what was there. I was given some pictures to rate. No big deal. I go through, rate, say hi and leave a nice message. I have people now rating me a 1 and then blocking me. I don't get it. what did I miss? I don't rate anyone as a 1. So, I guess this place is really like a bar. It's all about pretty people. If you don't get a 10 from every person who sees your picture etc., I guess you have to berate them, rate their profile as 1 and then block them. If this is what the truth is here then it's no different than when i went to a bar when I was 18, a bunch of superficial bull sh*t, no one is real. BTW that was well over 24 years ago. I think the only thing I will do here from now on is hook up with my girlfriends and forget the rest. What do you think? Let me hear your opinion? Are you one of the superficial people here and it's all abut the looks? Are you one of the people here who likes to be real and up
For Those Who Care Or Are Mildy Curious:)
yes nova(part of me hates you) are together. i visited him in houston over the holiday weekend after knowing each other over the phone and through yahoo for a couple months. we spent a wonderful 4 days together and are very happy. this is a real relationship not a fubar bullshit online abberation. it just happens that we met this way. we both (like most ppl) have very different online personas or at least are viewed in certain ways. the most important thing to us is that we happy and content with each other and could not be more compatible (surprising?) so i do hope yuo all wish us well as we both have friends on here that we truely value. the only reason we kept things secret is because this site is pure drama and we did not want to say anything until we met in person. we are currently working on alleviating the distance so who knows what the future holds.
My Little Boy
I wrote this for my son A love So real A love that you can feel A love that can only come From heaven up above First there was fear Of how will I get by Then I held him in my arms And knew that help was near From the first bottle To the first diaper change I was in love And ready to go full throttle I am dad Proud as I can be I am dad Proud that he loves me Oh look he can hold his bottle Now his head is up Crawling Then Walking I think I'm getting old I'm so happy Its ok I'm watching his life unfold I remember That first kick In his moms belly I remember that first kick He was trying to work his way free Each day I work And then go home to him I'm alone But not lonely Because I have him He is my life My future My only gift from my wife Thank you god for my son He brings me hope And happiness And Joy Thank you god for my son My precious little boy.
My Departed Friend
On May 17, 2007, a dear friend of mine died of Lung Cancer. I did not learn of her passing until many months later nor did I even know she had been sick. We had drifted apart in life, as friends sometimes do. It had always been my intention to reunite...but as it often gets in the way. When I got married, she was a bridesmaid...when she married I was a bridesmaid for her as well. She went off to grad school and became a Pullitzer Prize winning journalist and a professor at Columbia University... I went to grad school and got my MBA and had three children. She got divorced--but never called to tell me she was even having marital troubles... I found out after 9-11 after I called to make sure she was okay as she lived in the city... We stayed in touch for a little while but then I lost my job and had to turn in my work computer and I lost her email address...stupid things.... Over the years I would google her stories in the newspaper she wrote keep tabs on
Look What Anodyne Did 4 Me!!!
Almost there .. Only 187k to reach insider .. Please help .. CinDragon~Founder of ClubMystic~IBIC~FuAngel~Owned by/Owner of HisSweetObsession@ fubar Thank You Anodyne (repost of original by 'Anodyne - Shadow Levelers & Member of W.I.S.E.U.K' on '2008-05-29 11:00:55'
Across my world Over the stream Keep it flowing Follow me dream Across my heart Love and shine Warming glows Share with mine Across my night To stay awhile Moonlight kiss Light my smile Across my room To reach aloft Lay beside me Pillows are soft Across my desire Touch lovingly Lips upon mine Taste tenderly Across my caress Love enter in Brushing lightly Soft velvet skin Across my urges Senses capture In love to bask Held in rapture Across my dream Stroke ecstasy Afterglow kisses Entwine blissfully
The Cure Tonight!!
...So we watched the sun come up from the Edge of the Deep Green Sea... I'm going to see the Cure tonight!! I'm soooo flippin' excited! I haven't seen them since I was a junior or senior high school...which means about half my life ago! I really do hope they put on a long and good show. I'm on the floor, and I'm smuggling in my camera, so I should be able to get some good pics, too! Hooray!! I just hope they play more stuff from the albums I've grown to love and have had a part in defining me over the years...the very old stuff of course, and Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, and Disintegration, and Wish...defining years for me, junior high and high school. I'm really pretty giddy right now! I can hardly contain myself! :P
Sad And Depress
i wish i could not be depress. i just feel so sad tonight. one thing is my boy friend is about to lose me. i just on the edge of breaking up with him. i do love him. but i dont know what i want anymore. i just feel like all he want to do is hang out with his friends he leaves me out. then he doesnt talk to my mom i dont llike that at all. then she comes yell at me if he ddidnt. today i went to kearny nebraska to help them out cause they had a storm last night. i am so glad i work at the one i do. i got my feeling hurt today to my step dad called me stupid dumb ass. he didnt evean say sorry to me. my feelings get hurt to. i better stop. well everyone have a great night Always Andrea
First Of Three Procedures
Just posting a little something to let all my friends know I'm doing okay! The first procedure went well and in a week the second part will take place. I'm having my lower back worked on. It's a scary thing to go through but it has to be done in order to try to get better!! Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!! If you would like to leave a get well wish, etc. I'd love that alot!! I'll keep you posted on my progress as things happen!! Lots of love to all my family and friends!!!
Baby J's Blog Posting About Nsfw
BabyJ wrote this blog earlier today. I thought it was such a great post that I wanted to put a copy in my blog. Keep up the good work Mike. __________________________________________ i've read a bunch of bulletins, blogs, comments, messages, shouts, etc.. all regarding positive and negative feedback on our nsfw flagging. i'm making this post to state some facts for the people who keep posting bullshit because they don't know the truth. do NOT post any comments trying to argue the points with me in this blog entry, consider it zero tolerance day. see item #4. :) 1) Just because we impose an 18+ age limit, does NOT make us a porn site. If that's what you thought, you were wrong and you either need to realize that or leave. It's my fault for not making that more clear in the early days, I suppose. 2) You can still upload adult/nsfw content, but just as ALWAYS, we REQUIRE you to use the tools provided to flag it as such. If you think this is censorship, you're a god damn
Slut In Training
As instructed, I arrive at your door precisely on time, acutely aware of the dildo squeezed tight into my wet cunt. Without a word you open the door and gesture me inside, a knowing smile on your face. You immediately press me against the wall, pinning my arms over my head, staring into my eyes the entire time. While one hand secures my hands on the wall, your other reaches slowly under my skirt, pushing my legs apart. I feel your fingers lightly trace up my thigh and brush my closely trimmed pubic hair. You part my pussy lips, feeling for the presence of the dildo. "Good," you say, slowly rocking and twisting the pink toy. "Only a slut would go out in public with no panties and a dildo in her cunt. Only a slut would get so wet being so nasty. Are you a slut?" My nod only makes you laugh. "No you're not. You want to be, but you don't know how. You're tired of being such a good girl all the time, aren't you? You want me to teach you how to be a slut, don't you?" "Yes," I whisp
Monday Opie And Anthony Links: Animation Fest Photos Online, T-shirts On Sale, Bob Kelly In Studio, Animation Fest Videos Coming To Itunes, New Boobs
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE AND ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) ANIMATION FESTIVAL VIDEOS COMING TO iTunes!! (Keep watching that link...they should be up today) ...and if you MISSED the animation fest, you can still get a shirt... OFFICIAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL SHIRTS: Opie's brother Elmo designed a special shirt JUST for the Animation Festival and you can get them online while supplies last! CLICK THE PIC TO GET YOUR SHIRT NOW!!!! Animation Festival Photos: Thanks to our own EROCK, we have a number of photos from the Animation Festival online: Animation Festival - Pre Show Animation Festival - Show Photos The Opie and Anthony Show is hanging with one of the Animation Festival judges, Mr. Robert Kelly today to reminisce about last week's event. And as long as he's in studio, let's give him a li'l plug...Robert Kelly has a new CD/DVD called Just The Tip, and it's in stores NOW! Click the pic to order it now! Remember, if you want to see any
Monday Opie And Anthony Links: Animation Fest Photos Online, T-shirts On Sale, Bob Kelly In Studio, Animation Fest Videos Coming To Itunes, New Boobs
LISTEN TO TODAY'S OPIE AND ANTHONY SHOW ON AUDIBLE (link usually active by 3pm EST) ANIMATION FESTIVAL VIDEOS COMING TO iTunes!! (Keep watching that link...they should be up today) ...and if you MISSED the animation fest, you can still get a shirt... OFFICIAL ANIMATION FESTIVAL SHIRTS: Opie's brother Elmo designed a special shirt JUST for the Animation Festival and you can get them online while supplies last! CLICK THE PIC TO GET YOUR SHIRT NOW!!!! Animation Festival Photos: Thanks to our own EROCK, we have a number of photos from the Animation Festival online: Animation Festival - Pre Show Animation Festival - Show Photos The Opie and Anthony Show is hanging with one of the Animation Festival judges, Mr. Robert Kelly today to reminisce about last week's event. And as long as he's in studio, let's give him a li'l plug...Robert Kelly has a new CD/DVD called Just The Tip, and it's in stores NOW! Click the pic to order it now! Remember, if you want to see any
Somewhere In Time
Somewhere in Time by LateNiteFantasy© We’ve traveled down through history, Partners forever, side by side, Through every life we’ve ever lived We’ve always found each other… Somewhere in time. We’ve lived through danger and discord, Lived in peace and harmony, Experienced agonizing lows And flown together to the heights of ecstasy… Somewhere in time. Perhaps this life will be different, For I’ve been waiting so long, Searching for a sign that the time is now, Thinking I hear you, feeling you near… Somewhere in time. I’ll know you in an instant, My heart, my soul, my spirit will know, Every fiber of my being will know, Every cell memory will know… Somewhere in time. Though we’ve had many forms and faces, I’ll know you from the sound of your voice, From the touch of your hand, From the look in your eyes… Somewhere in time. On the back of a fiery dragon, On the back of steed black as midnight, On the back of a endless r
060908 Celldweller Blog
[6-9-08] Klayton Was Here... Klogging. Category: Music MOVEMENT SURGERY Alright, this title might be a little misleading. I have a moderately healthy colon (or at least what my doctor said the last time he had his way with me.) So this title is actually referring to some reconstructive facial surgery i had right before the Movement fest here in Detroit this year. Some of you were already aware of one of my major facial flaws and have even pointed it out in your posts. Yes it is sad and embarrassing, but there wasn't much i could do about it, so i thought. I've visited specialists and doctors alike, but still... - i just can't seem to crack a smile in photographs. So, knowing i was going to Movement (which actually happened a couple of weeks ago) and knowing i was going to meet up with Tech Itch (The Don of Drum and Bass) i knew i might have to possibly smile for a pic. In a panic, i made an appointment with Dr. Smith, who promised a quick consultation and an even quicker surg
Lotus Elise
Happy Father's Day To My Jerbear
What Is A Dad? A dad is someone who wants to catch you before you fall but instead picks you up, brushes you off, and lets you try again. A dad is someone who wants to keep you from making mistakes but instead lets you find your own way, even though his heart breaks in silence when you get hurt. A dad is someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed, and has faith in you even when you fail... Dad, you're everything a dad should be and some.
My Dream
True Friends? More Like Fake Ass Friends!
Well it has been a while since I have actually typed a blog, but I felt this one very necessary. I have noticed in the past couple of weeks..who REAL friends are and who FAKE friends are..My REAL friends have been there for me no matter what...But you FAKE ASS friends are just on my list to see what you can get out of me and to use me..but you know whats funny...Today/Yesterday...I seen who the fake ass friends are and it amazes me the people who are all for popularity...Fubar is a popularity contest...but you know what I dont want to be popular...I want good friends..people I can call friends...I was in shoutbox the other day with someone (who will remain nameless)Who said and I quote "Wow you are the first person on this level or above that would even talk to me when I tried to start a conversation..." I thought to myself then and there..if the person that pops in my shoutbox starts a decent conversation..whether they be male or female I would talk to matter what...because
Can We Plz Help Her
Please help this lovely lady level. I know she is technically already a disciple, but she was reset but kept the level she was at. She had to start again with no points. She needs 36k to get her to disciple points wise. Thanks for helping Maria :) MishNumber1 ¢¾ Owned By Sherry ~ Of FWC SUP ShadowLevelers & SBG. Club FAR Team Captain
John Lennon Yer Blues Dirty Mac
Do Unto Others....
I am not going into much detail because it is of course my personal business. But something to think about. "Do Unto Others"....I have come across many people in my 43 years on this planet. Some nice, some VERY nice and a great many NOT SO NICE. I have tried to live my life on the premise that you do from your heart and it will be returned in some way. Do you realize that when you hurt someone's spirit, break their heart or worse discourage them, that you leave a permanent mark on them? For example, I have read more damn mumms on here about bad relationships, and women that ain't "S#$%$H#%$#I##@@T" and men that are users, and the list goes on....WELL, how do you think that woman got that way...Someone broke her spirit...hurt her and now she is a product of that pain. May not admit to it, but after a while it comes forth in your daily dealings. The people that proclaim that they are fine, nothing wrong here, it's cool, they didnt deserve me know...tha
Back For A Day
had a blast in the netherlands..belgium kinda sucked..and bruce springsteen rocked in düsseldorf germany.....on my way to turkey on tues back in 10 some great pics of my trip...will get them up when i have everyone is well
Can You Stand The Heat?
To All My Kick Ass Friends... New And Old!!!
I just wanted to thank you for being here!!! Its nice to know that when one is having a cruddy day... YOU guys can put a smile on my face!!!! Thank you again for all the help in trying to level!!! I cant keep up with you guys!! LOL but I will be sure to return the love... might take me a second or 2 but I will get at ya!!!! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Craig!!
Firefox 3 Usb
Firefox 3.0 USB Lets You Take Your Browser Everywhere [Firefox] from Gizmodo by Elaine Chow Those of you need Firefox 3 on the go can now get a portable USB edition of the browser from The download lets you launch Firefox from your USB and lets you bring all your extensions and bookmarks with you while making sure that the computer you're using doesn't end up saving your info. The file is 8MB and free (though, as with all open source stuff, I'm sure the folks at PortableApps would love it if you threw them a few bucks). [Portable Apps]
Show Sum Love :d
Wanna help..Just stop by and rate this pic for my sis..She is super cool :D
Caddy's In A Contest Help Me Bomb It!!!
Hey All... My Wonderful Cat Caddy aka Cadillac is in a Pimp Your Pet Contest... and I realllllly need all of your help!!! (CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW TO HELP BOMB IT) Rates are counted as well... Thanks! [ photo: 3563640352 ]
Soldier, I Thank You
Introducing Me!
Hello e1! My name is Melissa. I'm 24 years old and I live in Columbus, Ohio. I am a single mother to 2 very loved children. A beautiful daughter who is almost 5 and a very loved and dearly missed son who is in God's hands! R.I.P. Hunter! Mommy & Sissy love and miss you very much! I miss you very much every day! Every day gets harder and harder it seems but, I know you're in a much better place. A place of no pain, no suffering, no tears, no sorrows. I can't wait for the day I will meet you at the Gates of Heaven FOR ETERNITY!!!!! I Love You So Much Baby Boy!
One Of My 1st Slide Shows.
There is a complication with my addiction to your touch there really isn't much that I can do to make it stop this affliction with my addiction is causeing me pain to have to sustain away from your touch when all I want is the pleasure that can't be measured by anything but the addiction that has a complication.
Former Republican N.c. Sen. Jesse Helms Dies At 86
RALEIGH, N.C. - Former Sen. Jesse Helms, who built a career along the fault lines of racial politics and battled liberals, Communists and the occasional fellow Republican during 30 conservative years in Congress, died on the Fourth of July. He was 86. Helms died at 1:15 a.m., said the Jesse Helms Center at Wingate University in North Carolina. The center's president, John Dodd, said in a statement that funeral arrangements were pending. "He was very comfortable," said former chief of staff Jimmy Broughton, who added Helms died of natural causes in Raleigh. Helms, who first became known to North Carolina voters as a newspaper and television commentator, won election to the Senate in 1972 and decided not to run for a sixth term in 2002. "Compromise, hell! ... If freedom is right and tyranny is wrong, why should those who believe in freedom treat it as if it were a roll of bologna to be bartered a slice at a time?" Helms wrote in a 1959 editorial that foretold his political st

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