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come and check out this sexy and beautiful woman to own!!oawwowco   come by and show me some luv and bid on a sweetie pie to own for a month. click on the pic below to bid luvs   (repost of original by '~Sinfully DelicIous~Blondie~Dangerous Curves ♥IßïC♥DSC♥RR♥' on '2009-04-02 21:31:48')(repost of original by '~~$Badassbiatch$~1~DSC~dangerous curves' on '2009-04-03 00:41:21')
Poll Question:
Have you ever had a three-some that included you, your spouse or significant other) and another person? Check all that apply.CHOICES       - No, I am a man, she can have sex with others as long as I don't have to participate.,       - I am a man and I like to watch my wife or significant other have sex with others while I watch and masturbate.,       - No, I am a woman, and I don't want to share my man with anyone while I am with him.,       - No, I am woman, he can have sex with other women as long as I don't have to participate.,       - Yes, I am a man, and the third person was a man.,       - Yes, I am a man, and the third person was a woman.,       - No, I am a man, but I have had threesomes with others.,       - No, I am a man, but the idea sounds exciting.,       - No, I am a man, and I don't want to share my woman with anyone while I am with her.,       - Yes, I am a woman and the third person was a man.,       - Yes, I am a woman and the third person was a woman.,       - No,
Friendship   . . is you.. . . is love.. . . is shared.. . . is forgiving.. . . is understanding.. . . is shared secrets.. . . heals many hurts.. . . is not judgmental.. . . is shared laughter.. . . is slow and steady.. . . can be angry at times.. . . is dependable and true.. . . is more precious than silver or gold.. . . is meant to be savored like fine wine.. . . is not perfect, much like we are not perfect.. . . does not hold grudges or demand perfection.. . . makes all the wrong things in life, right somehow.. . . is meant to be gulped like lemonade on a hot summer day.. . . is always there, through times of trial, happy times and hard times.. . . just happens, but once discovered, needs to be tended like a beautiful garden.. . . is a road to be traveled slowly, remembering the sights and sounds.. . . is strength when you are too weak to notice its there.. . . is a cherished moment of mutu
Would You?
Gay mumms equal Gay Sex turbo22: sorry dude iggy time ->turbo22: NAO! I demand it nao! turbo22: no ->turbo22: Im serious. Dead serisous. Can i suck your cock? turbo22: lol dude ->turbo22: Ill glue one onto my butthole if it helps turbo22: nope only like pussy dude ->turbo22: Would you? turbo22: dude your messed up ->turbo22: would you fuck me? fuck fuckme HARD turbo22@ fubar
Her Ghost In The Fog.
For twenty years, like clockwork, I've come to this spot. Always on March 14 no matter what the weather. Others have joined her in this place, my grandparents, my dad, and my uncle. I vist them on their days as well, but this day holds special meaning. For it was I who found her those many years ago. She was my first and last wife. I never had the courage to remarry after that. I didn't want that hurt to happen again. I grew old. My two sons grew up, got married themselves and now I'm a grandpa. I've brought my grandchildren here a couple of times, although they don't really understand yet the whys and hows of what I tell them about this woman. My sons do though, and it still makes them tear up in rememberance. But today, I am alone here. It's early in the day, and quite cold. There is a heavy fog surrounding me in my car and I have to drive carefully around the narrow lane, careful not to run off of it and into the neatly manicured lawn. But I know the path well, having traveled it s
Survival Equipment
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Cupcake Quiz! They Dont Call Me Cupcake For Nothing! Hehe
What Kind Of Cupcake Are You? Red Velvet Report this image You�re cupcakelicious, my friend. You�ve got the best of all worlds going on. A little bit chocolate, a little bit cream cheese�re the sexiest cupcake off them all. Go ahead; show of what your chef gave you!
Not A Problem -=- Created By Thully
I have adopted some extremely dear friends of mine recently. I wrote this for SpicyChiliPepper and her daughter Nicole.   There's no reason to feel sadWhen you can joke insteadThere's no reason to become angryWhen all you need to do is smileThere's no need to feel aloneWhen all you need to do is callThere's no need to act shyWhen you look into a room it lights upThere's no cause for putting up with assholesWhen programmers made the /ignore commandThere's no cause for stubbornnessWhen you can have a gentle free willThere's no excuse for bad behaviorWhen energy can be used elsewhereThere's no excuse for someone mistreating youWhen you have someone like me to go toI'm here to lend a helping handI'm here to be your friendJust come to me when you need to talkAnd I'll be here 'til the end!
How I Feel
Went For A Hike...
Notice that you breathe in and out and that the light in the sky changes all the time in waves and that the sky curves all the way around to the edges or your eyes then behind your head to make a full circle.   Lawrence Collins Only In A Little Planet
No Matter
No matter how bad he hurt youNo matter how long you cry No matter how long it's been No matter how much time has passed you by He will always be apart of you, some where in your heart. Whether you like it our not, you can not erase love.
I Do Hope It Brought A Smile"> Especially since the teabagging parties, brought to you by the GOP & FOX, had to do with nothing more than convincing the arrogantly ignorant that "they" where/are protesting the raising of the taxes on themselves.  Which, (as anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention at all well knows,) is actually raising the taxes of the rich, and lowering the taxes of the middle-class and poor of this nation, so... They, the GOP & FOX, are making "the people," (the easily manipulated arrogantly ignorant,) protest what is good for themselves, and bad for the rich - Well maybe "bad" is the wrong word, maybe "fairer" - As in fairer taxation of the rich.But that is a concept that the arrogantly ignorant can't seem to grasp.  As they have well proven, particularly over these past eight years, by continuing to "patriotically" not only allow, but even support, their own self-destruction,
The Hero
our dog merv saved our two kids from two bad pits [ not all pits are bad ] but thease two went after my kids in my yard merv got in between them . he got quite mest up but he saved our kids .merv is the greatest pet ever
Not Closing
To All My Friends and Fu Family,    I am writing this blog to let everyone know that Roughstock owned by CB is still one of the best country bars on the fu. It is not closing nor is there any intention by CB to close it. Due to a staff issue that went bad rumors have been started. This is to let everyone know the truth. Please shoe CB your support and love by taking time to go into roughstock and spending time and buy him and his staff a drink. Thanks Your Sinful Friend Suzy
New Friends
In my quest to Lost Soul, the one thing that I'm lacking is referrals. So, I've bugged a few real life friends (I only have a few), into signing up. Go and show them some love and a warm welcome!     diva_escort@ fubar stevejr@ fubar cherry bomb@ fubar
What Would You Do?
1: Talk to me 2: meet me 3: hug me 4: kiss me 5: french kiss me 6: touch me gently 7: lay down in a bed with me 8: cuddle with me 9: fuck me 10: fuck me more than once :D
Wh0000 H0000000000!
So its like 10:30 am and since I got up @ 6:15 this morning  I am way ahead of normal schedual. I have 15 until the last load of laundry comes out of the dryer. After folding that my to do list is officially DONE ! now what??? any suggestions cuz I'm bored & i dont want to sit around and watch t.v. but its freaking raining :(
A Dog's Prayer
To Those Who Love & Those Who Love Me When I am gone, release me, let me go- I have so many things to see and do. You must not tie yourself to me with tears, Be happy that we had so many years. I gave you my love, you can only guess How much you gave me in happiness. I thank you for the love you have each shown. But now it is time I traveled alone. So grieve awhile for me if grieve you must, Then let your grief be comforted by trust, It is only for a while that we must part, So bless the memories within your heart, I will not be far away, for life goes on, So if you need me, call and I will come. Though you can not see or touch me, I will be near. And if you listen with your heart, you will hear All my love around you soft and clear. And then, when you must come this way alone, I will greet you with a smile and "Welcome Home".
Excerpt From Henry V By Shakespeare
He that shall live this day, and see old age, Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours, And say “To-morrow is Saint Crispian.” Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars, And say “These wounds I had on Crispian’s day.” Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot, But he’ll remember, with advantages, What feats he did that day. Then shall our names, Familiar in his mouth as household words- Harry the King, Bedford and Exeter, Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester- Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb’red. This story shall the good man teach his son; And Crispin Crispian shall ne’er go by, From this day to the ending of the world, But we in it shall be remembered- We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile, This day shall gentle his condition; And gentlemen in England now-a-bed Shall think themselves accurs’d they were not here,
Useless Gift Or Interesting Chance
My cat was sitting on the back step with a racoon a moment ago. Then my fat russel terrier, who has only one job in his mind - to guard me from everything - ruined it by rushing at the glass door and generally abolishing the communal peace vibe. There is no point to that commentary - beyond my appreciation of simple loyalty. Even when it ruins an interesting visual gift. I wrote a story about my Escapees - the donkey, the hound, and the chicken. In it I mentioned a bee. The innocent, wondering, curious baby animal of my story - from whom wisdom sometimes tumbles all unknowing - made a connection between the bee, family, flowers, and pollination. Except in his young mind he called the benefit of pollination a KISS. ''We are a family. We are a beautiful flower! The honey bee may come and kiss me!'' He laughed. (for those interested) And then a few weeks ago, perhaps a day or two before my beloved grandson, Harper, died from the leukemia he h
I Own You~ Version Two
I get the call that he is minutes away. I am to put a blindfold on and wait by the door in my black robe only. My heart is pounding as I turn out the lights and place the blindfold on at the door. My nipples are so hard they ache, and I can feel the wetness between my legs, wondering if I should clean up or just wait there wet. The decision is made for me because I suddenly hear footsteps on the porch. Master is here!!!I hear the door knob turn and I freeze. My heart is now pounding. The door opens and he is so close I can hear him breathe and feel the heat from his body. I take a deep breath. He says nothing, but leads me blindfolded into the room and places me on a chair. I just try to be calm and wait, while he cuffs my hands behind my back, locking them. Then he spreads my thighs wide open and ties my ankles to the chair legs. I am fully exposed for his eyes. I take a deep breath knowing he's looking at me and praying that I don't disappoint him.The cool air on my skin makes my bre
Click On The Rose">" width="237" height="300" alt="Blue Rose">
Summer Time
With Summer  right around the corner, I am gonna be really busy. I have three boys that  I  chase after and  a pretty hectic schedual that I keep with them at times ( lots of Doctors app and  other crazy places that they need to go lol) . I wont be on much during the day, but I will try and find some "mom time" during the evening when they are in bed.  I hope that everyones enjoying this wonderful weather we are having, I plan to catch some rays and get as much sun as I can lol. Luv my Fubar friends and Family  God Bless  ~*~MysticLadyWolf~*~  (Barb)
Thoughts Run Wild
My thoughts run wild and race to reach a finish line, making my pulse jump with electric shocks that send my blood rushing cold through my veins. Collected yet out of control, spinning with many wild desires that make me contemplate and hesitate wishing someone could just decide for me. With many indecitions,they drive me crazy.Each thought so vivid but also wickedly unclear.I wish someone could just make up my mind for me and point me in the direction I need to go. With every thought that runs wild it creates a frenzy of sleepness nights and hopeless dreams. Maddening me and rendering my hot blood to flow cold. It's a chaotic night for me even when I through it all out to fate. When will it just settle? When will it stop spinning? I can't decide for not one thought will stop.. They loose me in confusion with all there contridictions. Angering me as they just waste time never reaching a final conclusion and ultimate decision. I lay awake with my bones acheing as I break with a cold swe
The Day
Feeling my smiles fade, you stood by my side. You granted me something, noone else could.Drawing out what was underneath the fake smiles and weak gestures of happiness.You carried my fears and unhappiness on your shoulders, just so I could feel again.Placing me on the furthest cloud, so no harm could capture me in it's ugly grip.I can still feel the weight being lifted, everytime I see your face, even if just in my thoughts.A long distance once kept us physically apart, but you have always been by my side.With the darkest moments, you smile and take my hand and lead me into the heartfelt light.Away from danger, you embrace the love I carry hidden, with just who you are.One day you will find in you what I see, as everyday passes my real smile stays in place.I have you to thank for taking me into your heart when noone else would....Always and forever I will always cherish that day from the past when you walked into my life.   Written for Fairiesub with love   ~Linda R Frieburg~
How I Have Been Feeling Here Alot Lately.
please come now i think i'm falling,i'm holding onto what i think is seems i found the road to nowhere and i'm trying to escape.i yelled back when i heard thunder but i'm down to one last breath and with it let me say let me say.hold me now i'm six feet from the edge and i'm thinking maybe six feet ain't so far down.i'm looking down now that its over reflecting on all of my mistakes i thought i found the road to somewhere in his grace.i cried out heaven save me but i'm down to one last breath and with it let me say let me say.hold me now i'm six feet from the edge and i'm thinking maybe six feet ain't so far down.hold me now i'm six feet from the edge and i'm thinking maybe six feet ain't so far down.i'm so far down sad eyes follow me but i still believe there's something left for me so please come stay with me.cause i still believe there's something left for you and me.hold me now i'm six feet from the edge and i'm thinking ... hold me now i'm six feet from the edge and i'm th
We Need A Leader Like This
    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd - Australia Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.. Separately, Rudd angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying he supported spy agencies monitoring the nation's mosques. Quote: 'IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians. ' 'This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom' 'We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society . Learn the language!' 'M
Part Of The Pain I Am Going Through
ok all it is time for the truth once again.i sit here torn up inside because my heart is telling me to say the words to someone.but i can't do it seems no matter what i always get hurt in the i have always said i am heart is being torn up inside now.i wish the gods would give me a break just once in my sit here torn up i can feel myself just wanting to scream.WHY GODS WHY ME?why is my heart always so torn up for the truth for all of you now that i am done saying all of heart is torn because of 4 different women.i will not say any names but they know who they are lives not far away from me but i can't tell her how i feel even though we have been together a few times seems as if i will keep my feelings to myself now,as i can't deal with love is hurting me way to i will keep sitting here listening to the same words over and over again from the two songs. song one is by creed called six feet fr
Bottle Of Wine
A woman and a man are involved in a car accident on a snowy, cold Monday morning; it's a bad one. Both of their cars are totally demolished, but amazingly neither of them is hurt. God works in mysterious ways .      After they crawl out of their cars, the man is yelling about women drivers.      The woman says, 'So, you're a man. That's interesting. I'm a woman. Wow, just look at our cars! There's nothing left, but we're unhurt. This must be a sign from God that we should be friends and live in peace for the rest of our days. '   Flattered, the man replies, 'Oh yes, I agree completely, this must be a sign from God! But you're still at fault.....women shouldn't be allowed to drive.' &
Mao Mix
Mao Mix After more than a century lost within an ever increasing morphic haze, the dynastic dreams of a Manchu empire, aspirations burnt away and consumed by a foreign addiction, remained as but ash upon the trash heap of history.   Beaten by foreign devils from both the East and West, the last vestiges of imperial rule had failed to match the ever increasing stride of the younger tribes and at last succumbed, like a weed grown too vast, into its own corruption.  A new world existed beyond the borders of ancient past, one unwilling to allow the safe passage of ancient ways, one unforgiving to traditions lost in the reverence of ancestral pasts.  The world was changing and the dreamland of eternal dynasty had been lost in a swirl of opium smoke and the harsh realities of industrialized progress.   Into this middle kingdom, one whose grandeur had been admired by unnumbered generations for forty centuries ‘ere its fall, was born a man of vision.[1] In 1911, having suffered despera
North Carolina Bound
im weeping ... so sad and lost without him ....the man who checks ppl in said oh sweetheart did u enjoy california ... i said uhuh with the sound of my misery in my throat ... he said ull be back soon cause ur leaving ur heart here .. i can tell ... wise man ...i got on the plane and had some convos with other travelers and kept my sunglasses on ... so ppl souldnt see my eyes .... i tolerated the flights well and just envisioned being with him on a daily basis ... i got to RDU finally in NC and saw my daughter and smiled ... i missed my children and they missed me ... when i return to HIM it will be as a family .. our children ... jesse and matt and rebecca and yes even daniel... i stop and think bout our laughter and i am conforted .. he would be an offical southerner if while being intimate with me he whistled dixie ... omg he did ... was the cutest thing i had ever seen ... he is now a southerner thru and thru .... 267 baby woo hoo ... my lover my light my heart my soul my whole wor
Your the straw to my line, euphoria blowing my mind. Your the lighter to my pipe, I know its wrong it feels so right. Your the candy filled needle to my vain, the withdrawl brings me pain. Your my addiction, my affliction, my heaven, my hell. Keeping you in my heart doesn't do me well.
No One Knows Me
No one knows the real me. No one knows how I feel. No one knows what I go through. No one knows who I am. If no one knows me why? Why do I bother? Why do I stay? Why do I care what they say? No one knows me so goodnight. Goodnight forever. No one knows me or wants to know me. So when I say goodnight it means goodbye
My Thoughts Of Us
My Thoughts of Us   Who am I in you? Am I the heart that pounds keeping your blood flowing? What is my name in your spirit? Do you desire the touch my love is showing?   Where is the heart I crave? Are the gaps in your heart solely mine to fulfill? Do you see me in your dreams? Am I the one to warm the frigid winters chill?   I am the echo you ignore The whisper throu
A Nother Sleepless Night
Gawd another sleep less night, and I am frazzled beyound belief. Was able to get I think a hour sleep, before son Derek told me he wouldnt be going to work again today due to lack of material. I just shook my head ,  went potty and went to bed and boom started to think of our financial situation and the prospects of losing our home. I got up and just sat and watched tv, and didnt say zip. Hubby commented on why I didnt say anything.  I just said I am pissed.  Like clock work he's favorite statement.  "What can I do".  This is one of our major communication problems.  When ever there is financial problems he turns a blind eye and just says ..What can I do. Umm nothing but would be nice to have imput dahhh Then he changes the subject and talks about one of his buddies moving out here were we are.  Gawd whyyyyyyyy?  Its a shit hole with nothing in it.  And talked about his friend having to bury his son who commented suicide.  Now thats aweful,  I would be more of a basket case then
17th Wedding Anniversary!
Two days after the Speakeasy Seder, we threw a little 17th Wedding Anniversary party around RadioSuzy1. If you weren’t invited, don’t be mad. It wasn’t a big thing like our 16th, just a small private gathering towards the end of our long Freedom Party Weekend, celebrating Max’s newfound liberty and our long-term love affair. Nothing extraordinary happened, and considering our recent adventures, we had no need for the extraordinary. Of course, just being here at the Speakeasy is pretty extraordinary for Max after 9 wacko months at the Twin Towers Hotel and six bonus weeks in picaresque Delano where he was "processed" like human cheese. Surrounded by friends and supporters, great libations from Agwa, Agavero, Absente Absinthe (do all the coolest drinks begin with the letter A?), we were in heaven. At 11 pm, a bunch of us went into the RadioSuzy1 Studio while others hung out in the Speakeasy Bar, and did a great 17th Wedding Anniversary Show, which besides being a
So I Write A Lil Smut Now And Then
I've shared some of my writings with a few on here and starting to feel comfortable with actually posting some of it, if the interest is there.   I'll be honest, Im a perv but this is a great outlet for all those (he he) thoughts.    this opener is also to see if there is open interest and if not, well I'll just keep'm in PM's and delete this blog.    Below is a short story, some on here have read already.   Most of what I put in here will be along these same lines, so if it dont interest ya now, it wont on the next entry either, lol...     anyway..   The fog had not lifted as John headed out to his truck. Even the slight mist falling did not break his minds thoughts of the night before. No, it was still wrapped in the warm sheets snuggled close to his lover, still sticky from their night of passion. Vivid memories of her face screaming out in ecstasy, flashed in his mind as he started his truck. The moans echoing in his head seemed to oscillate with the motor as it warmed up. Ev
Love And Unity
Don't try to out smart love~ When you feel it let it be, let it guild you sweet and carefree!! Open those strong arms and let it be don't be scard of me.. For I give to you the strength of unity and all that is glorious and free!!! I see in you things I've never seen, your words are so strong how can a feeling like this be so wrong? The power of love is so much better with two with a man like you.. Don't try to out smart love because it will find you...
The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
    If it makes you less sad, I will die by your hand. I hope you find out what you want. I already know what I am. And if it makes you less sad, we'll start talking again. And you can tell me how vile I already know that I am. I'll grow old and start acting my age. I'll be a brand new day in a life that you hate. A crown of gold. A heart that's harder than stone. And it hurts a whole lot, but it's missed when it's gone. Call me a safe bet. I'm betting I'm not. I'm glad that you can forgive. I'm only hoping as time goes, you can forget. If it makes you less sad, I'll move out of the state. You can keep to yourself. I'll keep out of your way. And if it makes you less sad, I'll takeyour pictures all down. Every picture you paint, I will paint myself out. It's cold as a tomb, and it's dark in your room, when I sneak to your bed to pour salt in your wounds. So call it quits or get a grip. Say you wanted a solution. You just wanted to be missed. Call me a safe bet. I'm betting I'm not. I'm
Sex Addiction: The Deadliest Sin
Addictions. Gotta love 'em. Gotta hate 'em too, sometimes. But first, we gotta love 'em, or we wouldn't have 'em in the first place. Addictions are the spices of our lives. Of course, too much spice spoils the enchilada. But without a little salsa, it's all just beans and dead meat. Granted, addiction can certainly be a destructive force, wreaking havoc on your world, but it can also be the source of tremendous creative energy in human life. Sometimes, the only way to truly master something is to become passionately, obsessively addicted to it. Without the driving vigor of our addictions, we surrender to mediocrity, bureaucracy, and (shudder) mere functionality. The world's greatest artists, many of our greatest statesmen, certainly our greatest lovers, and even some of our greatest scientists have been notoriously addictive personalities, all living and dying in overheated pursuits of pleasure, power, knowledge and love. Our addictions give us a taste of paradise. It may be a tempor
True Love
       what is love ; is love an word that we  as human use to took advantage of one another or is it an feeling that causes us to go crazy for one another  but i know love also can cause us to become unhappy and lonely intell we find the right one. If your looking for that one true love that you want to spend rest of your life with be prepare to satify everything you dream of when you fine that one person cause sometimes you'll fine him or her and your be on an waiting list to be with that one persn and sometimes you might get lucky and not have to wait long but just always remember when u fallow your true feelings you'll  find that person quicky but when you don't fellow your true feelings you'll be wondering for years in confusion and hatred toward yourself wondering why you never listen to your true feeling but also remember that good things come for those who wait  and will be granted an specail gifted from god
Bleeding Blue
Bleeding Blue , I bleed for you , Day in , Day out , your never true . You lie to me , Im not a fool , I see more now  , Than you think I do , I'll walk away , Just to save face , There's nothing left , here in this place . Goodbyes always find their way , They squeeze into this akward space , Now all thats left to me and you , Are memories that were never true , Bleeding blue , I bleed for you .  
The Too-too Sexy Hats I Love
I’ve always had a fetish for hats, ever since I was 11 when a cute boy gave me a burgundy porkpie hat that he claimed belonged to my older brother who had pilfered it from my Dad. What a hat trick that was! Between the fact that this was a gift from a hot boy and the incestuous insinuation of it having been worn by my sexy, older, rather emotionally remote brother and my even older, more emotionally remote father, I was in lust with that porkpie hat. Plus, I found that the hat sometimes "spoke" for me when I didn't want to speak, and I could pull down the brim and hide behind it when I didn't want to face the world. I wore that hat until it wore out. By that time, I was 16 and had developed a small hat collection including several caps, three more porkpies and a big floppy felt number tie-dyed by yours-truly with a peace sign on top (my tasteful mother was mortified by its gross vulgarity). At Yale, I only wore hats when I was in theatrical productions, which was just often enou
Okay More Religous Bs
Okay, now unlike folks of the hate all others God, my diety has only one comandment, face it folks I am a man my mind is to occupied with something ( or Someone) else to remember ten rules so she made it easy just one rule "DO NO INTENTIONAL HARM" sort of vague I know. But then again She is a female and like all females she expects people to know what she means. Lets look at some of them Xtian rules that Xtain comandment thou Shall not covet your neighbors wife. As long as I covet her without her hubby knowing what is the harm? or the commandment thou shall not Kill, folks ~~sorry some folks just need killing. rapist, pedophiles and the jackass doing 80mph in a school zone, Realy need a time out. and I see nothing wrong with sending them to her for punishment. My favorite thou shall not steal~ sorry givin the chance I will steal a piece of you heart. Oh and before I close this one out let me say I use Xtain because I do not want to offend real Christians by lumping them in with th
Opened all the doors and turned off the AC. It's a balmy 70 something outside with just the right touch of humidity that helps chill the air only a bit. I watched Smarty the Squirrel enjoy the peanuts I put out for it, but have yet to venture to the porch. I did manage to program the favorites channels on the cable remote!! Such an uber cool feature. I will never have to ever be bothered by that stupid scrolling ever again. Over half of mine are the music channels...hahahaha...of which the Classic Rock one is friggin jammin' out right now... Went outside once today though. Had to go pick up the girl chylde from school. Seems she went puke-a-zoid in the bathroom and a stupid stomache flu has hit our school. Oh joy. That might explain why I had one out for two days last week, huh? And now I feel a little sea sick at moments, but haven't begun that worshipping the porcelan [sp?] god stuff...Just NO appetite..probably a deterant from my subconscious!! Plus ALL of those in the house have
Maybe I Will And Maybe You Won't
This poem isn't really about me at all. It is, in fact, just about becoming interested in someone, and all the insecurities that may bring. Thus it fits neatly into my (many) "theoretical" poems - just exploring, pondering. I also think it's rather nifty and sweet. Since I hate 90% of my poetry, this probably means it is.     Maybe I Will And Maybe You Won't   Wondering what do I mean to youThinking and pondering, sitting as I doI lean and close eyes, invisible fingers at my jawYou, easily the most beautiful woman I ever sawAnd I think of how soft your fingers would feelAnd how warm your lips would taste......and how many worries crop up that I can't quite grasp atBiting my lip as fear rears it's headLittle red demons without hands - pitchforks instead.What if this and what if thatWhat if I mess up and what if I see things that aren't really thereLike the man by the stair.Maybe you do and maybe you don't,Maybe I will and maybe you won't,Maybe it did and maybe it didn't,It's al
Im So Cute That I Make You Say Daaammmmmmnnn!
So where do I begin.Hmmm Ive been enjoying this blog thing here on fubar lately.I was a number one blogger on another website Im on soooo makes me wanna blog alot again lol.I miss the fame ROFL! So first I would like to thank the men and women who make me feel so welcome here.You guys rock! I try my best to speak with everyone I can but I have 3200 friends so that isnt easy.I hate getting a shoutbox comment saying why are you ignoring me..Im not ignoring anyone but I have lots of love to return and lots of people to return it to.I do the best I can.Dont be mad at me. Sooo what has been going on in my fab life lately? Been getting back into the swing of the gym since I got hurt.Im feeling good but pretty damn sore.I dont look cute when I leave the gym.I sweat and I work out hard.Getting the body Im dying for isnt easy.Hopefully Ill achieve it one of these years lol.Im not a skinny girl and as must as I wish for it..well it wont happen lol. Today I bought some new hairstuff and hot ass m
Some Nerve (unedited)
In the end its just a strand. It reacts to touch constricting a muscle, vibrating skin, speeding up the heart, and inflating the lungs. It pulls in my exhale and steadies for my lips that cause several others to follow suit. Vibrations  get faster, breathing eratic, and eyes, clear and focused on my hands moving lower, turn blured and blind in the closing of your eyes. In the beginning its just lost affection turning into playful lust. A hand misplaced turns to motive fulfilled in its urge to find every nerve on your body. A kiss so innocent to touch places no other has tried. Finding the distance of skin from your smile that can control its shape. Find touch so strange to control your spine. To lick paths to welcome wants. Finding you the desire for your body. Lack of help, lack of reason, lack of anything but the presence. Lack of love, lack of trust, lack of anything in the moment.  No need to fear no need not to just to know your desired. No lack of unfamiliar paths because of t
To All The Haters
I love when people hate on me they don't know that everything they do to me would come back around to them its called Karma and when it hits them its going to hit them hard and then they is going to need me when they talk about me and starts rumors about me i just laugh and say if you don't like me why the fuck your talking about me i tell it like it is and don't care how they feel about it Both girls and guys hate on me but i don't give a flying fuck as long as they don't put their hands on me i got in plenty of fights with haters because either their girls was feeling me or their boys was feeling me laugh at my haters and say you can hate me or love me just don't touch me i told my mom that when i die put me in my casket upside down so the world can kiss my white  ass so to all my haters you can go to hell and burn because ur on my shit list once you get on my bad side your not coming back to my good and you might wanna watch your back because i might beat your ass if i catch you sli
Bowl Of Rice
I was no more than 8 then. life was relatively easy, did some homework, dodged most and spent the time left in aimlessly walking around with friends and cousins or play. meal times, frequent meal times were the times we sat down. on one such summer afternoon my cousin and me, found a man no more than a skeleton covered in skin on the ground by the street, his head was held up by a lady in a white dress with blue border. another lady, similarly attired, was trying to feed this man some steamed rice. they were missionaries of charity, a Mother Teresa run organisation. my cousin, scared by the visual it was, ran away. the man was making no effort of his own. he had been hungry for so long that he did not have the strenght to eat. his eyes, half closed looked vacantly at the bowl of rice, within his reach and yet.... the lady holding the man's head started to cry. her tears, almost equally swiftly rolled down her face and closed in on her chin. the other lady kept asking the man to try a
When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their tedious diatribes about how hard things were when they were growing up; what with walking twenty-five miles to school every morning ... Uphill... Barefoot.....BOTH ways, Yadda, yadda, yadda... And I remember promising myself that when I grew up, there was no way in hell I was going to lay a bunch of crap like that on kids about how hard I had it and how easy they've got it! But now that... I'm over the ripe old age of Thirty, I can't help but look around and notice the youth of today.You've got it so easy! I mean, compared to my childhood, you live in a damn Utopia! And I hate to say it but you kids today you don't know how good you've got it! I mean, when I was a kid we didn't have the Internet.If we wanted to know something, we had to go to the damn library and look it up ourselves, in the card catalogue!! There was no email!! We had to actually write s
My Love
Kiss me my love and hold me tight   fill me with the warmth   of your tender heart   and I shall be yours forever   Be my rock when I can not stand   be my eyes when my own are filled   with tears   Be my everything as I will be yours   show me you love me with more than  
I Try
I Find It Hard To Live With All My ChoicesIt's Time To Turn A Deaf Ear To Those VoicesDid You Ever Think To Ask My OpinionDid You Ever Think To Ask If I'm Ok?I've Burned Down Every Bridge That I've FoundNow I Limit Myself To A Six Gun QuotaI've Played Down Every Feelin' I've FeltAnd I Bottled Them Up 'til The Well Ran OverGive Every Indication That You're MendedTake Every Rule You Come Across And Bend ItAnd Did You Ever Think To Ask My OpinionAnd Did You Ever Think To Ask If I'm Ok?I've Burned Down Every Bridge That I've FoundNow I Limit Myself To A Six Gun QuotaI've Played Down Every Feelin' I've FeltAnd I Bottled Them Up 'til The Well Ran Over [x2]It Feels So Good To Be NumbI Hate What I Have BecomeIt Feels So Good To Be NumbI've Burned Down Every Bridge That I've FoundNow I Limit Myself To A Six Gun QuotaI've Played Down Every Feelin' I've FeltAnd I Bottled Them Up 'til The Well Ran Over
Just Silly Stuff
Dear bronzefairy, your sexy level is as much as 197 points which mean: sexy as ........!!!!.This numbers based on below formula :B+R+O+N+Z+E+F+A+I+R+Y14+20+13+40+13+15+12+33+11+20+6=197Note :Less than 50 points = not too sexyBetween 51 and 75 points = pretty sexyBetween 76 and 100 points = damn sexy!!!More than 100 points = sexy as ........!!!!
Me...being Auctioned To Highest Bidder
I am being auctioned. Check out this site and bid on won't regret it!!!
Dragon Shaggers
  Need help to level or want to help others join Dragon Shaggers we have 2 loungesDragoms Lair and Shag-ra-la we will help i promise...the links to lounges are   Shag-ra-la   Dragons LairPlease contact either myself or FelicityShagwell to find out how to join this new leveling family...  
Rut Roh
Either my trolls have adopted my sense of humor OR I have the humor of a 6 and 8 year old. We were watching UHF, That old movie from 1989 with Wierd Al Yankovic, and -we all laughed at the same parts.
Pray For My Friend And His Family
a good friend of mine named daniel lost his grandfather on monday night early tuesday morning please keep him and his family inyour prayers thank you very much and if you wanna show him some love here is his link
Quote. Buy. Print.
And this isn’t even an Esurance commercial!  What I wanted to say (and I did under my breath) when a customer said it would be hard to print out a new, more recent pay stub to put in her file since “everything’s on the computer now” was what IS so hard about it?  I’m asking for a hard copy, not a pint of blood … we need these where I work so we know how much a person makes, and hopefully they’ll figure they shouldn’t borrow more than they can afford to pay back as we do – twenty percent of their take-home pay. Yes, even with the economy less than stellar right now, people borrow money. Forgive me for ranting there.  Now to the “it’s not broken, so we’d better fix it” department.  I’m saddened but that’s about all by the upcoming closing of networking platform Yahoo! 360.  That’s also the last time you’ll see me use those terms together, since Yahoo! abandoned 360 more than a year ago
Things I Hate About People
Thinking about some annoyances that bug me:   *When a man meets his best buddy’s new girl and he acts cocky when he’s probably really only trying to cover up the fact that his has so little life experience.   *When I invite someone who is a friend of someone I love to an event that I am hosting at my cost and they hook up with the one person I tell them to stay the hell away from because I’ve already learned my lesson about that psycho bitch but don’t have time to tell them the details.   *Men who try to act cool, but suck so bad at hunting that the only people they conquer are friends of the ‘other’ women in the life – be it friends of their sisters, siblings of their friends and/or the friends of friend’s girlfriends. If they didn’t have these initial contacts they would never get laid by any people of quality. [weaklings]   *People who get up earlier than anyone else in the house, turn on music or a television in the atta
Should Fubar Donate To Charity?
Vote For The Title Of My Next Mumm....
1 - (NSFW) Why do Married couples.....stay together even when sex together feels like you're doing a family member? 2 - Why do Women always want to hear the man say..... "I love you?"  3 - (NSFW) Should couples welcome aboard a bi female.......when the sex in the marriage is dead? 4 - (NSFW) Do you think a well timed bowel movement.... is the most important thing in life as you grow old? **The one will the most votes will be done when i return in 3 hrs...thank you!        
Who Wants Me
  Ok this is ment to be fun no drama please, I would like to know who all wants me on my friends list, what would you do if you had me all to yourself and could do anything you wanted to me? What would we do, where would we go? What kind of fantasy's do you have about me if any? Please let me know this could be interesting to read what my friends think about me or have thought about me... So let me know peeps now is your chance to tell me how you feel without the drama...
My Story
Maybe some of you have wondered why I am depressed most of the time. I really hate talking about it, but this will be the only time I will tell my story. It all started May 10, 2008. I had finally sworn into the United States Navy, going in to be a Master at Arms. I had the highest of hopes for a promising future with my loving fiance Ashley. Initially, she was upset at the fact that I joined the military. I mean, it was understandable knowing I was going to be gone for some time. But she quickly became very supportive. Everyday, I tried to reassure her that this was for her, so I could provide a better future for her and for me. Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. And on September 10, 2008 I shipped out. The last I saw of my Ashley was when she dropped me off at my recruiter's office because my recruiter was taking me to the airport that day. It was slightly raining that early morning, still dark outside. Out in the parking lot, I can still remember her the longest hug
The Last Kiss I Placed On Your Lips.
I can feel the last kiss I placed on your lips.  You gave me a hug and with a sad face you said good bye.  I could not contain myself, when I saw your crying I had to cry.  I have no idea if it was your tears or mine; but those tears that wetted my lips when I kissed you had a sour taste. Many years went by, but I still remember that kiss.
He Left Me
Sometimes.....   Sometimes I wonder, Sometimes I fear, Sometimes I don't even know why I'm here, Sometimes we're friends, Sometimes we're foes, Sometimes I feel like nobody knows, Sometimes we fight, Sometimes getting along, Sometimes I don't know if I can stay strong, Sometimes I feel weak, Sometimes I'm not sure Sometimes I just want to walk out the door, Sometimes you don't know me, Sometimes you can't tell, Sometimes I wish you would just go to hell, Sometimes you ignore me, Sometimes it hurts, too, Sometimes I wish I knew what to do, Sometimes I feel helpless, Sometimes feeling blue, Sometimes I don't know why I put up with you, Sometimes you are caring, Sometimes you are there, Sometimes you just look at me with a blank stare, Sometimes I can't tell if you are inside, Sometimes I wonder if part of you died, Sometimes you act selfish, heartless, and cold, Sometimes I think that this game has grown old, Sometimes I am tired, Sometimes can't take anymo
Time To Check Out!
When all you feel is hurt and anger,there is no point writing about it,because really.nbody cares.   see you when I feel good again!">
Pimp This
·  ^_^ Jodieme... smacked you upside the head with a Pimp Hand: Rating blocked! I love it when some random person can take away your abilities for no reason at all. This site is really getting stupid.
Wearing My Stuff @!i Will Feature You!
wearing MY STUFF @ WWW.CAFEPRESS.COM/JONNYWADD2!I will feature you! We have a new album on our Myspace that will feature you guys wearing MY STUFF @ WWW.CAFEPRESS.COM/JONNYWADD2 !! If you have a picture on your profile that you want to submit in one of our tops, just leave a comment here and we will post you. � Want to email somebody a link to this photo?  
    As I sit and watch the rain fall softly to the ground, I wonder what things would be like with out some kind of hope to hold onto. I see the horses nibbling at the leaves on the tree's and come to realize people are kinda the same as horses. They are ment to wonder about doing as they please but yet doing the work that is asked of them when needed. Our bosses ask us to work the same as we ask a horse to take us for a ride. I wonder what it would be like to have that special someone to hold tight on a day like this, or what it would be like to kiss them with the rain falling upon our faces. I knew what that felt like once, but that was so long ago and is just a faded memory now, hell I don't even know what part is real and what part is just my mind anymore. It's days like this with the rain falling and a tin cup of coffee warming my hands that I wonder, is hope really worth holding onto or am I just riding for a fall wanting something I was never meant to have in the first place. I
Dumb Criminals Of The Day
  Dumb Criminals of the Day Monday, September 9th, 2002 •  In Augusta, GA, a man armed with a pellet gun and a foam cooler tried to rob a convenience store. The robber punched eye holes in the foam cooler and stuck it on his head to complete his ‘disguise’. The clerk foiled the robbery by grabbing the pellet gun away from the crook, and pushing him out the door. The suspect fled but was later apprehended and charged.   Wednesday, August 28th, 2002  A woman who dialed a wrong number didn’t let that stop her from trying to trade perscription drugs for crack cocaine. Even though the wrong number she dialed was for the St. Tammany Parish sheriff’s office.    
All To My One And Only True Love
i have had a lot of girlfriends, butonly a few loves. saing that, i can now say that i know true love and what it feels like. jamie is the most incredible woman(next to mom and grandmom) that has come into my life. before her i was always down and facking a smile to hide it. i dont fake it anymore. since she came life has become meaningfull instead of mundane. thanks to her i have direction and dreams agian. i know my paranoia and geliousie put a bit of strain but the only resion they are there is because i love her (and dont kick my ass for this babe cause its true) more then my own life. if it came down to it i would sacrifice it to give her life in a heart beat. the only resion i hold to life as strong as i do now that im with her is due to the fact that i bring her happiness. her son is another part of it. i know he is not mine but you would not be able to tell by the feelings that i have for him. we might not be in the same state right now or on the same side of the country even,
How We Need To Treat One And Another
we need to treat each other with love, honor, respect ,loyalty, trust, etc... if we don't do all that to each other there wouldn't be no friendships ,relationships and marriage. if we can give up our differences the world and country would be a better place to live in. we don't need all the wars at all. that's a waste of lives etc.... and thats' how we need to treat each other. we need to show that to each other for once and how things change in each other live. we don't need to believe in racism and putting people down.if we put each other indifferent place then we will know how the other one feels
For Those Of You Who Got Blocked Too
  BigPiTbull HEAD... (praise jesus) Springfield, OH considering i was blocked before i could post my last comment   which was going to be this : BPB has some pretty DSL's    DSL's = dick sucking lips  for those of you who don't know the acronym  . baby jesus for gov created @ 07/6/2009 09:04 am expires in: 23 hrs [EVERYONE] hi mummers and regular fubar people do you think baby jesus would make a great gov of cali he sure does how to run a business      
The Stars
The Stars When you breathe I breathe When you cry I cry When you laugh I laugh When your sad I'm sad When you love I love When your in pain I'm in pain When you stumble I stumble When you fall I'm there to catch you When I'm without you I loose my breathe When I'm with you I get it back When we are together I am one When were not I am lost If I would have never met you my life would not be complete But I did so I am at peace Love comes in many forms And your love is the only form I know I have never been so happy as I am with you Because now in my life I will never be blue I love you more as I look into the stars And know that two of them were made for me and you. Written by Alexis 01/20/09
Dj Wookiee
Better To Smile Than Frown...
George Strait "She'll Leave You With A Smile" I can see you're falling for herFriend you know she once was mineSo I guess I oughta warn you'Cause you're showing all the signsShe's a devilShe's an angelShe's a womanShe's a childShe's a heartacheWhen she leaves youBut she'll leave you with a smileWhen she held me it was HeavenIt was worth the losin' painAnd when she's gone she'll leave you wishin'She'd just roll your way againShe's a devilShe's an angelShe's a womanShe's a childShe's a heartacheWhen she leaves youBut she'll leave you with a smileShe's a devilShe's an angelShe's a womanShe's a childShe's a heartacheWhen she leaves youBut she'll leave you with a smile
My Dad
There is a pattern with my dad: whenever he gets married, he doesnt have time for me. His last wife prevented him to see me for over a year, which made me a lil pissed, moreso at him. The current one doesnt hate me, (as far as I know), but he never "has time" for me anyways. When confronted, he says I work "odd hours" (11pm to 7am), hence he can't do anythin with me. I call BS. What do you say?
The Scuba Diver (medium)
There is a forrest fire. As the firefighters are batteling this blaze they come across an untouched patch of forrest. All around is burnt. In the center of this patch is a man dressed in full scuba gear. No tire tracks anywhere around. There isn't a body of water for 500 miles. How did he get there? How did he die?   P.S. This one actually happened in oregon. The police were baffeled for 6 months. A 7 year old girl solved this with one question!
No Title
what have you done to me?a black cloud of blood as feelings creep.once we shared heaven,hand in hand and glad-hearted,but your heart soured.a painful vision of lies -tears follow hate, follow memory,love taken a storm of hatred,i reject you.
Lightning Strikes Redux
I was feeling so much hyper energy after everything that went on last night at my apartment, so i decided to go for a midnight ride through downtown Dallas..the sights and sounds of the nightlife were very intoxicating..but I couldnt help but have my mind on something..or rather, someone...she always is,
Asking Again.spotlight.
I have been craving that spotlight since I started on fu.I would loooove so much if I could get it.I can only get it on wednesday's since I am above level 25.       Please! Please! If you can spare any fubucks I will be more then appreciative.Anyone who donates over 1 million will recieve one safe for work salute from me.Can I do this?       I believe that with the awesome friends I have I'll be able to get spotlight.Help a girl out?     If not I will have to cut off all your heads.=) J/k J/k.   P.s.Brokeass thank you for being the only one to donate so far.1 million that was kind of you.Salute coming soon for you.  
Glenn's Rant On Idiots, Fu-marriage, And Blunt Lil Tools
now this usually isnt my style, and I'm very passive on the subjects of idiots and fu-marriage, but with some of the stark, raving, lunatic motherfuckers that I've seen acting half their age on here, I just HAVE to speak out   first-- GET A FUCKING LIFE YOU PANSY ASSED MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! its fu marriage!!! c'mon people..dont start blocking people just because theyre getting close to your fu-wifey (hey if she's a hottie, its your fault, you knew this would happen) second, Why the fuck are all these idiots running around calling us haters, just because we have the balls to post rather smart assed replies to their status messages....OMG get this... some jackass called Luvbaby, calls ME a hater simply because I was heaping tons of praise, props and flirting massively with his fu-wife (whom, yes I happen to adore big time)  GROW THE FUCK UP, man!!! you say you dont want to cause any drama, YOU HAVE!!! LOL   so here's a double fisted shot of RED HOT PUSSY LIQUOR...IN YOUR FACE!!!! LOL
Send Them To Me
I  love looking into eyes. The deeper I look the more I can see your soul. Would love to look into your eyes. 
TICK WARNING! I hate it when people forward bogus warnings, and I have even done it myself a couple times unintentionally but this one is real, and it's important. Please send this warning to everyone on your e- mail list. If someone comes to your front door saying they are checking for ticks due to the warm weather and asks you to take your clothes off and dance around with your arms up, DO NOT DO IT!! THIS IS A SCAM!! They only want to see you naked. I wish I'd gotten this yesterday. I feel so stupid.
zomg, I forgot to mention that during my trip, there was another couple of ppl there. And we walked by, and...the chick was posing nude for pics in a main hall. I was kinda startled, but the chick was like "oh, its ok if you wanna walk by"   I was like TURN AROUND! (what I was THINKIN of course) It was hawt. She was wearing a labcoat type dress, and I could tell she was naked underneath. Score! Afterwards, we talked to her and her bf, they both were pretty cool.
This One Goes Out To Those Who Arent Afraid To Be Real
you all know who you are-- those of you out there that dont need a sugar daddy or a sugar momma to get you bling or to pay your go phone bill those of you out there that dont need to constantly flash these dumb ass status messages like "whomever loves me will put me on top with an HH"....whatever LOL (now I'm not bashing any of my family members..I'm talking about the players out there) show some fucking courage and self esteem and say "fuck it! i know who I am!, my cup size doesnt determine how many friends, family, or fans I get"(that's right players, I'm talking to you" and those of us that know we are real can look at ourselves in the mirror, and not hang our heads low just because we got played, but can hold our heads up high and say "good riddance to bad trash" those of us out there that are real are comfortable in our own skin, and don tmind showing a little bit of skin, because we know we're damn proud of ourselves because we are real, and not those that hide behind that be
Poem # 2 Tell Me What You Think
  Another Poem  "Fire and Brimstone" The darkness that fills my life has over took my soul.The feeling of hate has given me no where to go.I strive to be someone worthy of love and trust.But in my endless travels i have found only lust.I fight for the feeling of honesty and control.But what iIfeel inside seems to never be told.My life has went to hell and will be hard to return.I claw my way up the brimstone only to fall and burn.As my flesh melt from my body and falls to the ground.I climb once again never giving in to the sound.I hear them say I am unworthy and weak.But I fight to saw i am strong and find what I seek.The love of another will be my goal till the end.Until that day in this fire I will stay pending.
The Consummation
... the end. Weightless, levitating on the sea of the Eternal. We slide into the essence of each other. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. Wetly ready. My eyes see all that is you. Silken strands of pure energy from the source of our Creator refract deeply inwards; penetrating, sublimating, suplicating.  Slow and steady, the pulsing of a gift accepted changes our refractions into reflections. ... the beginning.  Now the throb of choice aches inside of us; arches and thrusts completes the immersion of our seperation. Freely we feed each other. There is no consumption.  Consummate love.
So, maybe I AM going out tonite. I find a dummy on craigslit who would hang out with me. Funny how guys are so not careful.
Its amazing that men (on here as an example) would think that their meat sticks are in some way special and would attract women if showed off.   Most penises are thefriggin SAME, and its is REALLY not an asset, like maybe a functioning brain or skilled hands. Unless you are hung like a newborn cuase of some weird ass birth defect, your trouser snake is JUST THE SAME AS EVERYONE ELSE'S.  Its a fuckin penis, for crying out loud, how special can it be? So unless its about to come out and do some crazy song and dance, and pay my mortgage in the end, its really not that awesome, and REALLY doesnt need to be shown off in every single NSFW folder.   I have never looked at one and said "OMG, I would LOVE to ride this thing!". Its usually more of a "ok, shocka, he has a penis!"   So it is quite pathetic when guys ask women to watch them jerk that jerky, cause, face it, its a fuckin lunch meat, not a steak dinner. Vs Daft Punk.
bitch_get_over_it: i'd say so too if he didn't totally rip off "around the world" without asking permission. shattersoul13: .... shattersoul13: He never had permission? bitch_get_over_it: hell no. shattersoul13: I figured they were aware and cool with it! bitch_get_over_it: "Apparently though, moved faster than the lawyers, who were forced to deliver the message that Daft Punk doesn’t think their music sounds better with him." shattersoul13: I mean, a jacking of THAT extent made me figure it was a collab, or at least okay with em. shattersoul13: Haha, of course! shattersoul13: He made em typical club wannabe ghetto white girl fare. bitch_get_over_it: it was NOT okay with them... at all.  shattersoul13: And Daft Punk as always been ANTI the mainstream bullshit music. shattersoul13: I hope they sue his silly hats off. bitch_get_over_it: as do i/ shattersoul13: It goes against everything they are. bitch_get_over_it: well it was like kanye sampling them. shat
My Son
Dave Matthews Band; Noblesville, In; July 31, 2009
Setlist: Bartender Proudest Monkey Satellite Seven Shake Me Like a Monkey Funny The Way It Is #41 You Never Know Why I Am Crash Into Me Spaceman So Damn Lucky Lie In Our Graves Shotgun Squirm Alligator Pie Jimi Thing Time Bomb Encore: Rye Whiskey (Tex Ritter cover) The Maker (Daniel Lanois cover) Stefan solo All Along The Watchtower (Bob Dylan cover)   Erica and I both cried during Crash, and I cried like a baby during Watchtower. What else needs to be said?
As many of you now i have been seeing the most wonderful man I have ever Known and you all know I am very much in love with him. So i have decided to delete my NSFW's. one i really don't need to catch me a man i have one. So in place of the NSFW's i have decided to but some sexy pictures instead showing bare minimum like cleavage and some bra. I will let you know i am a flirt so please don't think thats a sign of actual getting any, its just play for me. I'm here now to just meet and make friends
"wrong Time"
There are certain things you can't control... You may love two people at the same time.. In the eyes of many, that kind of love is wrong.. but sometmes, finding another one to love when you already have someone proves a thing.. that no matter what you do, if destiny states that you should meet him/her, it will always find a way.. even if it's in a "wrong time"
Roll The Dice
is life a Game,pick up the diceand throw it,and take chanceHit and missWin some lose are draw,Roll the dice againTake a chanceis luck or is fate,who knows,
nsd powerball powerball neon pro powerball techno  
To My Fubar Friends....
Hello and farewell.  I am leaving Fubar at my wifes request.  Since I love and respect her I am cancelling all my online chat thingys.  I have had fun and am glad I have met you.  I wish you love, peace and health for all the days of your life.  Farewell..:)
Apparently Skully got picky and wont jerk off old dudes for money. WTF? Wtf kidna manwhore is that? I'll show him...
True Blood S02e02 Keep This Party Going (eric Scenes)
True Blood S02e01 Nothing But The Blood (eric Scenes)
Where Are The Mothers
I have to say something to all the mothers out there. I have had two separate things come up with women that I dont understand. I have an ex wife that chose a man over her daughteafter the guy hit on my daughter, why? The other was my ex girlfriend who didn't show up for her own daughters graduation and then was suppose to come up this week to see her but chose to go to see a sister that she doesn't get along with instead. How is it that a mother can turn their back on their own children? What the hell are they thinking? My daughter lives in another state. She wanted to live with her mom the last few years of school so I agreed. On her graduation I was there. I call her at least twice a week just to say hi and see how she is doing. What is it with the mothers out there always bashing on the deadbeat dads and never looking to see that it goes both ways. My ex gf's daughter wont say that she is hurting because she tries to blow it off but I know that it hurts her, and to tell the truth I
Theory Of A Deadman- Not Meant To Be
It's never enough to say I'm sorry It's never enough to say I care But I'm caught between what you Wanted from me, and knowing If I give that to ya I might just disappear. Nobody wins when everyone's losing Oh, it's like One step forward and two steps back No matter what I do you're always mad And I can't change your mind, Oh, it's like Trying to turn around on a one way street I can't give you what you want And it's killing me and I, I'm starting to see Maybe we're not meant to be It's never enough to say I love you No, it's never enough to say I try It's hard to believe that's there's No way out for you and me And it seems to be, The story of our life Nobody wins when everyone's losing It's like one step forward and two steps back No matter what I do you're always mad And I can't change your mind, oh It's like trying to turn around on a One way street. I can't give You what you want and it's killing me And I, I'm starting to see That maybe we're not meant to be There's st
Http:// Vote For Me
hey fubar'ers vote for me for miss high times! it would help out a whole bunch!!!! I love all you guys!
Fubar Points
After leveling to 21 after more than a damn year i come to realize Fubar really needs to change.  The points system is so crazy only point whores can possibly get the upper level. A normal user like me will have to be on for years and years to ever reach a higher level. Maybe that's the plan to buy a VIP to make it I guess.  I pretty much ignored it since i was so far away so long but only when i got close over the last month i thought about it. Wish there was a way to stop the point whores you know 10,000 friends rate me fan me add me shit and leave it for the people who actually use fubar Oh well random thoughts not important
S.e.x Lyrics
You know there's a dirty wordNever gonna say it firstNo, it's just a thoughtThat never crosses my mindMaybe in the parking lotBetter bring your friend alongBetter rock togetherThan just one at a timeS is for the simpletyE is for the ecstasyX is just to mark the spot'Cause that's the one you really wantYes, sex is always the answer, it's never a question'Cause the answer's yes, oh the answer's yesNot just a suggestion, if you ask a questionThen it's always yes, yeahI'm loving what you wanna wearI wonder what's up under thereWonder if I'll ever have itUnder my tongueI'll love to try to set you freeI love you all over meLove to hear the sound you makeThe second you're doneS is for the simpletyE is for the ecstasyX is just to mark the spot'Cause that's the one you really wantYes, sex is always the answer, it's never a question'Cause the answer's yes, oh the answer's yesNot just a suggestion, if you ask a questionThen it's always yesYeah, yeah, yeah(Yes)Yeah, yeah, yeahYeah, yeah, yeahYeah,
Intimacy is defined as a close personal relationship  or a sexual act or sexual intercourse.  But it is so much more than simple words can explain.   It is spirits intertwined  it’s more than a touch or a moment in time.  True intimacy is the embrace after the sex is over or the kiss goodbye in the morning, before going to work.  It’s hearing your words come from her lips as if they where her own.  It’s that  gentle stroke on the back of the neck .  It’s a conversation without words.  It’s looking at her expression and knowing exactly what she is thinking.  It’s the exact  moment  that you realize you love her more than she could ever  know and telling her so.  It’s being held forever in the immediate thoughts of another.  It’s the whisper in the dark to see if she is awake.  Intimacy is being closer than flesh, enveloped in time and wrapped in her inner beauty and love for an eternity.  This definition comes from the dictionary of my hea
Sarah sarah comes home. nobody is there.daddy pulls into the drive and then comes her scare.mommy is home from the bar, hurt and anger is in her eyes.can't you hear sarah's cries?she gets knocked to the floor by daddy's hard fist.all she wanted to do was show him her christmas list.she is laying there, unable to move.mommy starts to yell, she wishes she would soothe.daddy takes the gun, now its too late. by the terror in sarah 's eyes, she now sees her fate.someone heard, but too afraid to call.i wonder if they had, if little sarah would've had to fall
Thinking About Taking A Fu Break :o:o
Just wanted to let everyone know that i am thinking about taking a Fu break due to lack of interest and fun on my part :O:O .I also seem to have lost my funny as far as my mumm comments are concerned and hopefully in the time that i am gone i can find it once again (pffft like i was ever funny) :O:O.I don't really even know if i can actually "force" myself to stay off of here though or if i do actually stay off ,how long it will last :O:O .  
Its Not Ur Fault
If you find yourself in love with someoneand that someone does not love you be gentle to yourselfthere is nothing wrong with you love just did not choose to rest in that someone's heartIf you find someone in love with you and can not answer that love feel honored that love came by and called on door but gently refuse the feeling you cannot returnas love did not choose to settle in your heart If you find yourself in love with someone and the love returned it still can happen that love chooses to leave do not try to reclaim it and do not assess any blamelet it go despite the pain there is a reason and meaning to cannot choose love by yourselfLOVE CHOOSES YOU
Singing For $10, 000?
So I recently entered a karaoke competition, the Karaoke Star Magazine Entertainer of the Year or something like that.  They have six weeks of categories and you can compete and qualify for one or all of them. Top 40, R&B/Jazz/Hip-Hop/Rap, Oldies, 70's/80's, Country and Rock.  The venues span from Arizona, Nevada to all over California.  Oh, I should add reluctantly entered, at first I was like "Hell no! I can't sing that good." I say this because I'm kind of an asshole when it comes to competing and/or evaluations.  In my day to day life I really don't care what people think about me or what I can or can't do.However, I'm of the opinion that as soon as you enter something you've not only made a commitment to said event but you're declaring "I think I'm good at this!" Which strips away my security blanket of non assumption.See when you do things on the fringe, you know, for fun, then if you're good it's a bonus but it if you suck, hey you're just having fun right?  I was curious howeve
What Tropical Fruit Are You?
You Are an Acai Berry You are an intense, fascinating person with a very strong personality. You don't shy away from controversy, and you're incredibly independent. You are cultured, knowledgeable, and worldly. You have a deep understanding of things. You are lively and healthy. You believe your body is a temple, and you treat it as such. What Tropical Fruit Are You?
My Closing Chapter To My Nightmare
So as a closing to everything that had happen to me in the last few months especially the last three weeks. Starting with my car accident that I think changed my world around and made feel like I was a different person in total to my wife and i'm not just talking about my personality i'm talking about the fact that I thought I was no longer good to be around since something had changed with me. Also on that note I didn't like the fact that I was changed and wanted to be happy. Now with what happen in the last three weeks I would say wasnt true happiness but I could tell since not only letting my guard down from being mad and unhappy and the fact that I also let down myself from wanting the true person to know what was going on with me since I was feeling like a failer. So other then being unhappy with what happen I also saw things as a different point with what had happen since I have learned alot from that experience and needed that experience to guide me back where I needed to be. As
why do people hear about a situation and take sides?? It's a chick up here that feels that i'm a whore cuz i allow some men  in my fam if they got some good shit to offer and yes i show them the goodies  but i'm grown! Don't judge a chick because she dresses sexy that is soo wrong in so many ways and just because she dresses sexy don't mean she's a whore!
Im Up For Auction
come bid on me and own me  
All This, Despite Us
“And the LORD said unto Moses, Depart, and go up hence, thou and the people which thou hast brought up out of the land of Egypt, unto the land which I sware unto Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, saying, Unto thy seed will I give it:” The thirty-third chapter of Exodus opens at the base of mount Sinai, where the Israelites have to depart from, after Moses interceded for them when they were one step away from annihilation!  Building the molten calf, calling it the gods that led them out of Egypt, and enduring the plagues the LORD promised them as a result of this idolatry was going to be a long process.  The Levites who stood with Moses and killed three thousand people after the calf was destroyed with the tablets Moses carried down from God’s presence atop mount Sinai were just the beginning of His judgment.  But it was time to move on, and the LORD’s command in verses one through three made clear that He was fulfilling the promise He made to Abraham their ances
Bassface Mrk1,boxcutter,gaslamp Killer,professionals Oct.2nd
I probably shouldn't be blogging while I'm shaken up and angry, but something I saw on here this morning really got to  me.  Normally things on the internet don't get to be. I just laugh it off and consider people are stupid.  However, gross stupidity such as standing up for a convicted pedophile is too much for me to stomach.   I try to keep my past in my past and I don't play the "I'm a victim" card because that just isn't me.  There was a mumm posted about pedophiles on here.  I came across it this morning and had to read some of the comments.  The first comment I saw was from a female defending her best friend who is a pedophile.  That set  me off because in my experience, pedophiles don't change.  Unless they are changing victims.  This female went on to say how she wouldn't have a problem leaving her child with a pedophile.  I sincerely hope she grows the fuck up and realizes  the danger she would put her children in.  Not everyone that is raped or a survivor of molestation has
I received the following e-mail this afternoon.  In sales - this is the dating equivalent of 'I like you, but fucked a guy who was an asshole  and treated me shitty' Alan, Look, thank you so much for sending over the info re: the 2010 Focus. It is because of you and your extreme patience and help that I was able to finally make a decision.   I did buy a new 2010 Focus in August. The incentive for me was that a friend of mine bought my 2001 focus for her daughter who really needed a car fast. With that done, I bought the 2010...first time that has ever happened that I am driving a car this new.   Alan, I will tell you this. I really wanted to buy a car from you. You treated me with respect and you are a true gentleman. I can not say this about my other experiences at car dealers. My husband and I will keep you in mind for the future and I will recommend you to my friends and family.   In the end, your "calm, professor type" salesmanship helped me with my decision and I have y
I found him when I wasnt looking He stole my heart and made it his own (from what ive gathered and he has not denied) he stole my heart with lies Dreams were made and plans put in place then the fog rolled in and he disappeared no answers to no questions, no trail except for my trail of tears My heart? he still has it... Laying on my chest is proof of my honesty... on his chest is barren and cold, nothing resembling theses feelings I will always have the pain hes caused, in a few weeks his new princess will be in place... His heart? It was never mine to keep... Cant get it back, he refuses... what I want is honesty... No games, just the truth I wont be mad or pissed off... We can go our seperate ways afterwards thats fine but I need the truth from you Nick...      
What Aphrodisiac Are You?
You Are Wine You are very naturally sexy and inviting. You don't have to try too hard. The longer people spend time with you, the more drawn in they become. You believe that seduction shouldn't be rushed, you like to savor every moment. Going too fast kills the excitement. You like to indulge all of your senses. What Aphrodisiac Are You? Blogthings: Free Quizzes for Everyone
There is a certain type of females (looks wise) that scream "I"m a dumb bitch, and I will make your life miserable". I wish men learned how to recognize that type *sigh    
To The Hero Of My Dreams
To The Hero Of My Dreams   You come to me in my time of need.Comfort me and let me weep,for a love that is lost.It is with you, that I escapethe realities of my world.To a place where . . .thoughts are deep,life has meaning,and love is eternal.I wake in a foggy daze and sometimesI laugh at my foolishness.Most times I cry wondering . . .Why couldn't we have met atanother time or place?Where dreams of a love that is pureand true could have beenfulfilled.So my hero . . .I close my eyes to sleep,hoping to dream, so thatI can be with youonce again . . .
When The Fuck Do You People Wake Up?
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restPINK!!uPINK!!bar   Rate, Fan, Add, Bling Him.   so come and show him sum fu loving! He also has a Happy Hour @ 7pm tonight! restPINK!!uPINK!!barBully Brought To You By: ♦ßRÄ&dagg
Life Dilemma
not really.   I would've asked this in a mumm, but I have wasted all my mumms on complete BS. BTW, thanks Bludgie for posting one for me.    Does anyone know what would happen if you put varnish/laquer on fresh leaves? (or dried ones?) Would they hold their color and look, or would it do somethin to them?   same goes for leather.
The Steps We Take
The steps we take, What chocies to make?I walk on shattered glass,and my feet bleed with no class.The steps we take, as we see all the fakes.Look around you, and tell me what steps are you takingTo reach the dreams that you have dreamed for so long.What steps are you taking to make them real.The steps we take, the mistakes we make.All part of a learning game.I'm walking with youI'm walking for youI'm am you walking.
Quick Update...
My school schedule plus kids has me busy from 6:30am to 7 or 8pm.  I'll be on more now that I'm getting accustomed to being in school plus changes in medication. I was feeling light headed and tired, my blood pressure was up so I saw my doctor and he gave me samples of Benicar HCT.  He informed me it was the same thing I had been taking but it had an added diuretic.  I was feeling the same days later, checked my bp, it was fine.  I told my dr I started taking my bp med at night because I was feeling so tired during the day and thought it might be responsible, he said no and told me to take it in the morning.  He decided on blood tests to check for diabetes. All last week, which incidentally was my first week of school, I had symptoms of being diabetic, I even got sick after eating simple carbs or sugar.  While visiting my mom she checked my blood sugar after eating and it was in the high 200's..normal is 125 or less.  So I not only braced myself for a future as a diabetic but started
Closer ~ Kings Of Leon
Stranded in this spooky town, Stop-lights are swayin' and the phone lines are down. The floor is crackling cold, She took my heart, I think she took my soul. With the moon I run, Far from the carnage of the fiery sun. Driven by the strangle of vein, Showin' no mercy, I'll do it again. Open up your eyes, You keep on crying, baby, I'll bleed you dry. The skies are blinkin' at me, I see a storm bubblin' up from the sea. And it's coming closer... And it's coming closer... You shimmy shook my bones, Leavin' me stranded, All in love on my own. Do you think of me? Where am I now, baby, where do I sleep? It feels so good but I'm old, Two-thousand years of chasin', takin' it's toll. And it's coming closer... And it's coming closer... And it's coming closer... And it's coming closer...
I just love the fact how two-brain-cell neanderthals hit me up with "yoo so sexy, do yoo haf yahoo?"   I always imagine them drooling as they type.   Yes, I do have a fuckin yahoo, but what makes you think I'm interested in talking to your semi-literate, brainless self??
It is really a curse and a blessing to be a Pisces. I have never been one to read into psychic shit and take things seriously, but all Piscean descriptions are so fuckin dead on, it creeps me out
The Need To Be Hugged...
My penis is like a retarded little brother, it means well but is ultimately driven by the need to be hugged.
Tired of giving people what they need.Does anybody notice from these wrists I bleed?The problem is the cuts weren't made by me.They were made by a phantom I can not see. I push myself day by day dealing with the pain.Yet I deal with issues that drive me insane.I got a family that thinks I'm wrong for following my heart.Meanwhile my man i have not yet found. I don't know how to take all this judgment.Maybe I'll take too much of one substance.Don't know if I cant take this shit anymore.Maybe I should find out what the end has in store. Cause I talk like this people think that I'm wrong.But the truth is I don't know where I belong
What Flavor Toothpaste Are You?
You Are Cinnamon Flavored Toothpaste You are passionate about most things in life, and you really put your all into anything you undertake. You believe life should be lived fully and well. You probably even get really into brushing your teeth. You have strong preferences. You tend to either deeply love something or hate it fully. And when you do love something, you tend to overdo it a bit. Moderation is not really a word in your vocabulary. What Flavor Toothpaste Are You? Blogthings: We're Not Shrinks, But We Play Them On the Internet
Pics That People Take
Personally i think its cool that people take pics of themselves and surroundings,in general i like people they facinate me and i enjoy seeing what other people do and how they live.but think of this the next time you decide to post a pic for millions of people to see....clean ur room!
New Lounge Soon Going To Be Open!
ok like I said before here I go again I am going to be opening a new lounge and this time it's going to be different I am going to start the background and all that good stuff first then and only then will I start looking for staff to help me run it and when I do you all with be well informed I don't know what kind of lounge it will be got some ideas but havn't got a 100% sure thing going on. I will be advertising the new construction first so that word get's out probley in the next few weeks is when I want to open my goal before xmas what a gift from me to me lol. oh well we will have to wait and see what all pans out of my mind. so if you want you can help me get the word out I don't have spammers made up yet after all I don't know what kind of theme I want so just let your friends know Bryan is going to open a new lounge and I promise you all it will be a sucessful and pleasant lounge take care *cheers* Bryan
Random Questions
Do you like to cuddle?I like to push Jarrod out of bed.  Aggressive cuddling.Who has the ability to hurt you the most emotionally?Nobody because I won't give that kind of control to anyone. Do you cry easily?No.  I'm heartless. Has the last person you kissed ever made you cry?Yes. Ever cried while you were on the phone with that person?Not that I remember, but probablyAre you excited for anything?NoHow are you feeling right now?Exhausted What are you doing right now?Watching TVWhat should you be doing right now?Sleeping Are you worried about anything right now?Yes. How do you think this day will be?It was lazy. Ever gotten in a car accident?3, and none were my fault. Do you hate the last person you kissed?No Have you ever been used?Yes.Cheated on?Yes Who did you last ride in a car with?Probably Ian.  I'm by myself most of the time so I don't know What will your next piercing be?Haven't thought about it Who was the last person you spoke to on your cell?JarrodDo you have any drugs in you
I Hate This Time Of Year...
I am glad I have awesome friends that care about me..It warms my heart so much..Tues well be two week that I took the math test ugh I haate waiting I want to know if I passed or not...I have pics of my sons on my page they are so cute so if you have not seen them yet please leave some love on them...They are my heart and soul although I well not get to see them for christmas tey know that mommy love and misses them very much..I know why I can not see them not going there that is for me to know and not you....My oldest boy well be 17 on the 24th of christmas eve yes I have three boys..I love eacha nd every one of them so much miss the hell out of them too..This is way I hate this time of year...
Your Infinite Touch~ By Jd
I lay down and breathe slowly, I must admit im yearning for your touch. You haunt my every thought almost infinately, Beckoning, My arms stretch out to hold you, Yet my reach is not quite long enough.   Late night and the cold air chills this hollow bedroom, Longing for your presence and needing to feel you close. I barely make it through a full day without knowing i dont have you here, Anyone in this world come try to appeal to me but without avail because your love is far beyond surreal.   One day without you, Im feeling aggravated and slightly off que, This beautiful woman thats the heart of my desires, What would i be without you? The way you stick to my every word, Even when i tend to ramble on and make no sense, Just leads me to believe that you're something heavenly, Without you i shall never sleep.   When you pull me in to your world i am lost in your intrigue and sexy smile, Leaving myself wide open for you to notice me, Feeling almost like a love struck child.
And ....
It's morning .. I'm still tired because i'm trying to get puppy on a set schedule ... and she is NOT having it !! but I can't trust her around the house at night so, she needs to suk it up and do it!!! I had the worst experience in a long time .... and don't ever try this ... it's nasty tasting (take from this experience) .... I went to have my morning tea, tea bag in cup and honey .. waiting on water.  Coffee gets done for hubby, I pour his coffee and turn and pour COFFEE in my TEA!!!!! yeah, gross and not tasting well, and not something you want to taste when you first wake up. I hope your day has started better ... I may take a bit and play Devil May Cry 4 or Mini Ninjas ... and I'm going to pick up a movie today (luckily I have unlimited rentals) All About Steve with Sandra Bullock.
My Darkness
My Darkness Hides Inside Of Me,It Sneaks Around My Soul.It Lurks In The Corners Of My Mind,And Slowly It Unfolds.It Grows Into A Horrid Beast,And Feeds Upon My Thoughts.My Darkness Spreads Throughout My Mind,Lurking Though My Head.Deeper And Deeper It Digs And Digs,Finding Thoughts That Have Been Left Unsaid.It Burroughs Deep Into Those Dreams,And Hides Itself So Well.But The Darkness Slowly Comes Back Out,And Now It's Going To Raise Hell.My Darkness Lurks Around My Head,Turning Me Into A Beast.It Makes Me Fight It Makes Me Scream,For My Darkness Is Being Unleashed.My Darkness Doesn't Care Who Is In The Way,So Stay Clear Of My Path,Or My Darkness Will Have Its Way.My Darkness Lurks Inside My Soul,For It Is My Fear And Hate,So When My Darkness Causes Me To Break,It Will Have Long Been Too Late
The Family Prayer "And Shepherds we shall be For thee, my Lord, for thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee And teeming with souls shall it ever be. In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti."   Il Duce's Prayers "And when I vest my flashing sword And my hand takes hold in judgement I will take vengeance upon mine enemies And I will repay those who hase me O Lord, raise me to Thy right hand And count me amoung Thy saints ."
What Color Ideas Do You Have?
Your Ideas Are Green When you think, you think on a global scale. You have a very broad view. You never forget that we are all interconnected, and you're concerned with the impact of your actions. Your ideas tend to revolve around how to make the world a better place. You are very socially conscious. You tend to dream big but think small. You like ideas that you can immediately put into action. What Color Ideas Do You Have? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones
Deepest Desire
I lie in the dark alone in my bed. Soon visions of you rush through my head. I see your handsome face and so sexy eyes. Deep down I know you're the ultimate prize. You're the man that I want when times are easy or tough. Having you by my side would be more than enough. I'm giving you my heart; It's yours to take. I just know deep inside it's not a mistake. I could be the woman who sets your soul on fire. You're the piece my heart needs; my souls deepest desire.
The Mark Of The Beast~by Jd
Possess nothing, I will not be bound to your prison, The leash you try to suffocate me with will snap and i'll be on my way. I live my life on my own terms, I only chose to share it with you, Stop trying to think your going to control me, i'll leave u broken and thats all there is to say.   Perhaps i may be misleading, I dont care i am the only one who needs clarity, Further more i will do whatever i want and there will be no stopping me so deal with it or leave. I am so tired of you trying to make me asnswer all the stupid questions, Take your insecurites elsewhere.   This is how i deal with the aggravation, I put it to rest and push past, Just as easy as you could mean everything, You could be dead to me and mean nothing at all. I could choose to leave you with no heart and i'd make sure each piece was broke in two, I have no reason to listen to restriction and i'll be damned if i'm going to begin with the limitations from you.   If i feel like ignoring your cries for j
Cupid Test - I Stole It :) Totally Me
The Playstation Random Gentle Sex Master (RGSM) Easy to turn on. Hard to beat. You are The Playstation. You’re a nice girl, and you have lots of sex. It’s therefore highly likely that you’re attractive, and you’re certainly outgoing & friendly. Plus, this healthy physical attitude of yours indicates deeper emotional well-being and stability. Unheard of. When guys dare to dream, they dream of you. You don’t get attached too easily, and, to wit, you’re not necessarily looking for something long-term right now. That’s a bigger asset than you know. Though, physically speaking, you’re open to anything, you’re keeping your emotional side well-protected. This means there won’t be a lot of wreckage to clean up whenever you decide to settle down. In the meantime, the men you share yourself with actually respect you. Like them, you enjoy sex for its own sake and don’t need any other validation for pleasure than pleasure its
Ya Phone Ringing
Create free ringtones at Phonezoo
The words unspoken The sounds unheard The heart that's broken   A mending is what's needed A messenger that can be given A life that has been liven   Words of lies Things I despise Truth of heart; Where do I start   Lost in the life Lost in the words How this is so absurd   The lies The sorrow How love dies   This is it This is the life This is the untold The untold of heart and strife  
The Battle
the hunger can never be sorrows lie deep and hidden .. the urge to strong to fight.. i try and try with all my might.. in the end it always wins.. a empty vessel to fill a hollow pit that can not be fed .. its a sadness that needs to surface for my life depends upon it..i look into the mirror and do not recognize myself .. just a person hidden deep within.. a peson dieing to be set free again.. i traveled this road alone letting all who have failed me do me in.. now i turn wanting out... the mountain is so steep i feel overwhelmed with defeat..i take the first step and breath deep.. years of pain to overcome.. this will take a while to fight..each day is a battle .. a tiny baby step in the right direction.. day one is today..the ending so far out of sight.. i close my eys and pray someone hold me tight hold my hand urge me on make me do this to live .. my children i see i know i dont want them to be like me.. all the kisses ,hugs, and love i give to them means nothing without
What's Your Love Type?
Your Love Type: INFJ The Protector In love, you strive to have the perfect relationship. For you, sex is nearly a spiritual experience, a bonding of souls. Overall, you have high expectations for any relationship you're in. However, you tend to hold back a part of yourself. Best matches: ENTP and ENFP What's Your Love Type? Blogthings: 100's of Fun, Free Quizzes and 3 Stupid Ones Addendum: INFJ RelationshipsINFJs are warm and affirming people who are usually also deep and complex. They're likely to seek out and promote relationships that are intense and meaningful. They tend to be perfectionists, and are always striving for the Ultimate Relationship. For the most part, this is a positive feature, but sometimes works against the INFJ if they fall into the habit of moving from relationship to relationship, always in search of a more perfect partner. In general, the INFJ is a deeply warm and caring person who is highly invested in the health of their close re
Things U Shouldnt Say During Sex
1. But everybody looks funny naked! 2. You woke me up for that? 3. Did I mention the video camera? 4. Do you smell something burning? 5. (In a janitor's closet) And they say romance is dead...6. Try breathing through your nose. 7. A little rug burn never hurt anyone! 8. Is that a Medic-Alert Pendant? 9. Sweetheart, did you lock the back door? 10. But whipped cream makes me break out. 11. Person 1: This is your first time... right? Person 2: Yeah... today. 12. Hurry up! This room rents by the hour! 13. Can you please pass me the remote control? 14. Do you accept Visa? 15. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz16. On second thought, let's turn off the lights. 17. And to think -- I was really trying to pick up your friend! 18. So much for mouth-to-mouth. 19. (Using body paint) Try not to leave any stains, okay? 20. Hope you're as good looking when I'm sober... 21. (Holding a banana) It's just a little trick I learned at the zoo! 22. Do you get any premium movie channels? 23. Try not to smear my make-up, will
Things U Dnt Say To A Naked Man. Lmao
1. I've smoked fatter joints than that. 2. Ahh, it's cute. 3. Who circumcised you? 4. Why don't we just cuddle?5. You know they have surgery to fix that. 6. It's more fun to look at. 7. Make it dance. 8. You know, there's a tower in Italy like that. 9. Can I paint a smiley face on that? 10. It looks like a night crawler. 11. Wow, and your feet are so big.12. My last boyfriend was 4" bigger. 13. It's ok, we'll work around it. 14. Is this a mild or a spicy Slim Jim? 15. Eww, there's an inch worm on your thigh.16. Will it squeak if I squeeze it? 17. Oh no, a flash headache. 18. (giggle and point) 19. Can I be honest with you? 20. My 8-year-old brother has one like that. 21. Let me go get my tweezers. 22. How sweet, you brought incense. 23. This explains your car.24. You must be a growing boy. 25. Maybe if we water it, it'll grow. 26. Thanks, I needed a toothpick. 27. Are you one of those pygmies? 28. Have you ever thought of working in a sideshow? 29. Every heard of clearasil? 30. All rig
Come Join A New Group Starting!
Come join this new group if you want to be a playboy bunny! We are going to start off small and take off! Come ask me how you can join if ur interested!!! I will hope that we can be a family and help everyone out!
What Breed Of Horse Are You?
You Are an Appaloosa Horse You are extremely independent and even a little stubborn. You always do your own thing. You have an amazing endurance, and you can soldier on through almost anything. You're one tough cookie. You are quite intelligent and resourceful. You enjoy solving problems, and you've definitely got some street smarts. You work hard and never give up. You are loyal and reliable... you always get the job done. What Breed of Horse Are You? Blogthings: We Have a Quiz for Almost Everything
Lost Love (or Dream Of You)
Its been a long day Here in my bed I lay; Dreaming of you Oh so sweet. A caress, a smile For only awhile Leaves me weak and broken at your feet. I dream of kisses and whispers, I dream of things that once were. But awakening now I'm wiping the tears from my cheeks. Lost to me you have been for far too long. But your power over my heart and my head will continue; But not after I am dead.
I Figured We Was Friends
As the bus stopped and it was her turn to get on, she became aware that her skirt was too tight to allow her leg to come up to the height of the first step of the bus. Slightly embarrassed and with a quick smile to the bus driver, she reached behind her to unzip her skirt a little, thinking that this would give her enough slack to raise her leg. She tried to take the step, only to discover that she couldn't. So, a little more embarrassed, she once again reached behind her to unzip her skirt a little more, and for the second time attempted the step. Once again, much to her chagrin, she could not raise her leg. With a little smile to the driver, she again reached behind to unzip a little more and again was unable to take the step. About this time, a large Texan who was standing behind her picked her up easily by the waist and placed her gently on the step of the bus. She went ballistic and turned to the would-be Samaritan and yelled, 'How dare you touch my body! I don't even
How To Protect Mobile Phone Theft And Fraudulent Charges?
With the improvement of living standards,almost all American have Touch Screen Cell Phone -- most of us can't live without them. Yet the Better Business Bureau reports that mobile phone providers are the No. 1 cause of complaints among consumers. This is mostly due to confusing fees, incorrect billing,deceptive contracts and unexpected charges. These can certainly add up, however,I was shocked to learn that the most significant -- even devastating -- monetary damage can occur when your Wifi Cell Phone is lost or stolen. An estimated 600,000 Cell Phones will be called lost or stolen this year. Here are the 10 things you need to know to protect your cell phone from China Wholesale theft and fraudulent charges: 1. Password-protect your device. Check the user guide which came with your phone and start using the "password" or "lock" feature to potentially prevent a thief from making unauthorized calls. There are ways to rewrite passwords, but at least you mi
Because Seven Eight Nine
“Come Lord Jesus be our guest, Daddy please sit down!”  Not the expected ending to Sarah’s prayer before she and I sat to eat breakfast this morning, but I need to be caught off-guard once in a while too!  I’d been up for a few hours since Martha and I worked out for forty-five minutes at Anytime Fitness, her on the exercise bike and me on the treadmill, and my wife had lain back down while I got ready for my day.  Now when I write in my journal and don’t write or paste anything else, I will not leave a gap that I’m planning to fill out later.  Later usually doesn’t get there for me, or at least I can think of things I’d rather do than later … but on another issue, since I was away from work as well as my usual online hangouts (sometimes I think hang-ups) that I would work backwards telling my interested readers about it.  And remind me how I felt.   Sunday night, we left Jeffrey with Grandma and Grandpa due to his getting out of
When A Fubarian Types
When a fubarian types, should they try not to have constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the fingers?
Would Any
Would any of you beautiful women of fubar like to be in my pretty women folder? Big, small, medium, black, white, asian, Latina?
Lower Waist Appendages
How many ambulatory lower waist appendages with auditory receptors are ON this site?  A.  40%  B. Much More C Much less
Fuck Me?! Fuck You!!!!
  Fuck my fuckin boss telling me that I CAN'T get with guys that I like! Just cause your fuckin wife looks like Oscar the grouch does not fuckin mean I gotta get with a guys that look like shit!! And if I like fuckin dating white guys more than hispanic guys. We gotta keep our people together. WTF?!?!  then it's my fuckin choice not yours! FUCK YOU!!   Fuck my EX. The fact that you had to fuckin embaress me by hooking up with someone that can rent shade is fuckin pathetic. YOUR Pathetic. Thank god I didn't fuckin marry you. FUCK YOU.    Fuck you David. I was falling head over heels for you. You were the best thing that had happen to me in a long time but you... Fuck you just had to fly off the map and leave me fucking hanging!! You fucking wrote me poems, drew my fuckin potraits, and called me every fuckin day and for what?!? I was in love with you!! Uugghh FUCK YOU!    Fuck the two ass wipes that works in the software dept at Fry's. You proved that there's RATS lurking around the
Passions Fire And Emanon
Passions Fire and Emanon, the same person?
I Truly Tried
I truly TRIED to not write so many mumms today, didn't succeed.  Should I try to stretch out the mumms to five a week instead of five a day?
I Dont Deserve U
I Don’t Deserve YouI’ll always love youNo matter what comes our wayI will protect youCome whatever mayI want to hold youThe way you so dearly deserveI want to show youEverything this life has in storeI’ll always love youJust know this is trueI don’t deserve youSo I will do all I can for youBy: Robert Date: 5-2-10
The London Trip So Far
Ashley and I have been having full on fun - the first night we got here I was doing my opening night at Soho Theatre. I had cracking fun, Twitter certainly is the tool for marketing shows!   It was lovely to see so many twitter folk come down and see them in the flesh. The Soho Theatre is just awesome and despite it being Bank Holiday Weekend we got good audiences.   Then I got some odd press, as I forgot that in my press release I mentioned that back in 1993 when Gordon Brown as a shadow chancellor came into my bar and I managed to obviously over-charged him and he did nothing about it. The press loved that and it got mentioned all over the place as there was some Gordon bashing going on. The election takes place the day I leave for America and I want Gordon Brown and the Labour Party to win as the Conservatives here in the UK are horribly homophobic and love killing foxes.   Do you know what else is amazing? I got to meet up and have dinner with Paul and his gorgeous man John,
Let's Get Nekkid!
Join me for my Saturday morning show at 8am est. Get connected & happy listening and stay Nekkid! Did you know you could connect from our website? Go to and listen to us any time you'd like!!!!
True Friendship
Alcohol Sedated and Numb I fade from his mind You give him what he wants His emotions go blind I am stripped of him I lose him everytime I long to be his angel But I see he isn't mine I was robbed at birth And again later in life You stole my father I gave up being a wife Constantly first and better I resign myself to alone You have ripped my life apart Left your sins to atone So I lock up my heart Let my love fade Sedated and numb by sadness My emotions drift away I concede him to you You win yet again I am never first And I will never win Melissa Lay May 12,2009
Peom 1
I wanna run to you I wanna run to you, and cry to you And beg you to come back I wanna become that weak woman that I hate so much Who relinquishes her pride And desperately holds on to the possibility of love I want to plead with you To leave her and love me And be so destitute that you’ll pause with pity I wanna tell you that I love you Over and over until it sticks I want to tell you that there is no one better for me out there I checked… so I know I want these tears to streak down my face So hard that my pores would cry To have you back I hate this lack of control I hate that everything is out of my grasp That I have no say in who you love And who you be with Just one favor That’s all I’m asking Is for you to love me You said you did Just keep loving me And loving me And loving me And loving me And loving me And never let me go How could you have let me go? I wasn’t ready to stand on my own I listen to all the love songs, and they say the same things.
Does everyone have a rooster or a cat on this site, or are there some that have both and some that have neither?
The Kiss
meeting for the first time looking into you eyes holding you close outside the moon is full the music flowing in our heads swaying slowly dancing in the moon light i kiss you softly our lips our mouths part and tongues touch your eyes sparkle and i hear you moan as we kiss visions you this fill my head as i close my eyes i see us holding each other kissing in the moon light one moment that will forever be eched in my mind till that one day we will meet that one day we will kiss the one day we will be in each others arms till that day i will dream this dream of kissing you in the pale moon light under the stars
Why Me?
So, the shows at Covent Garden Jongleurs are good and odd at the same time, nice room but comprised of a big bunch of people who were surprised that comedy was on, despite the fact they came to a comedy show. Life is like that sometimes.   I spent the weekend in London, and am a bit tired. I feel as though I have been round the world on a bus and not a good bus either. My usual apartments that I rent in London were busy so I stayed at The Groucho club rooms, the bed was AWESOME...seriously good bed and wonderful linen. You wouldn't know you were in Soho, it was really quiet and serene, and mind you I did have a back bedroom.   Sunday I headed home on the train from Kings Cross to Glasgow, as British Airways were on strike again. I enjoy the train actually.   As it's a Sunday- I decided to upgrade to first class as it's cheap on a weekends.   I got a cracking seat, and was surrounded by lovely old people all getting settled in. You need to check your ticket to see if you can ge
Yes I do pay to get bombed. I pay up to 20k per bomb. For a limited time I will also pay the person that sends the bomber to me a 10% finders fee. However the bomber and or finder must tell me in PM wats going on. Or else I will ONLY pay the bomber.
Guess Who
It is about 6:30am and you’re just waking up to a new day. You get your clothes ready and lay them out on the bed. Black jeans, red button up shirt, silk boxers, and black socks.You start the shower wondering what type of day it will be. Will it be the same as usual or will something eventful happen.In the shower with your Old Spice shower gel you started thinking of a friend you know. Diane was her name. Just to think of her made you feel funny inside. Her long Black hair flowing down her back. “Beauty” you said “just beautiful”Not knowing just how you body was reacting to the thought of her you continued to shower.You reached your groin to wash and realized just how she affected you. Your erection said it all.You finished your shower and continued to get dressed. At this point your erection had gone; witch was good because you had to go to work.Arriving at work was normal, but when you got to your desk you seen a note that said “kisses. Guess who&r
I'll See You Again.
When your crestfallen and tears are fallen I'll be around, I won't let you down and when no one's around, I'll lift you up When no one comes and you're drowning in your sorrows, I'll see you tommorow So, hang on today don't be afraid I'll give you words to make it again When your out on a whim Baby, I will see you again You're my bestfriend you're always by myside no matter what comes it will go, and if your heart's in sorrow I'll be back tommorow
Help Plz
OK IM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO HELP ME... I'm want a customnized skin but i dont know how to do it myself ... is there anyone out there that is willing to help me out ?  if u think u can do it... SB me ok. ty for ur time.
You People
Is the phrase: "You people", always bad?
Too Soon!
I think I didn't take a long enough break from fubar. I seem to either hurt or get hurt when I deal with others from here. This is never my goal or intention. I just have to figure out some things and I don't need the lies from the people here to add to my life. I am heartbroken AGAIN and I know that I have to heal before I can play again. If someone really wants to talk to me you can add me on yahoo (I'm always mobile) @ YIM: goodgirl_2480. I'm out!
Morei Know That I Am Not Worth Anything To Anyone. How Can Anyone Ask Me Why I Feel That Way When The Only Time People Talk To Me Is When They Want So
I know that I am not worth anything to anyone. How can anyone ask me why I feel that way when the only time people talk to me is when they want something from me or I can do something for them? I know that the world doesn't revolve around me. I used to think that it would be nice if I was just a special someone in someone's world. But now I believe that I don't deserve what my heart desires.I am finding out that I am everything I hate and I don't know how to deal with that. I pray for something to happen. ANYTHING. Death, life, love, something. I was told today that I need to "adapt and over come". I have no clue how to do that when I would beat my ass if I was someone else. I am just praying for death so I can be released from the torment I live everyday. No one really cares about me except my mother. How am I supposed to deal with that?
Blood Of Men
I look around and seeThe blood of men on the groundMen that died for freedomFor they believed in justiceI walk around and gazeWith my mouth shut tight and eyes moistAt men that had no chanceTo change their fate at handThe world starts spinningAnd I start to fallFall to the ground of menAs I lay on the blood of menI find the meaning of true honor
Using Lace Pt.1
Woman being willingly taken advantage of. The intercom crackled, startling her from her focus on the computer screen.  “Lacy, you have a phone call on line 1.”Since her vision was still off focus she had to squint to read the clock on the wall.Thinking out loud she said, “Who would be calling 10 minutes till closing?”Picking up the receiver she punched the button to open the line. “Lacy Clarke speaking. How can I help you?”Speaking that greeting had become second nature to Lacy. So much so she often answered her home phone that way. Her family joked with her about needing a vacation. But as exhausting as her accounting business was she did enjoy her work. An all to familiar voice interrupted her thoughts. Shivers streaked down her spine and her heart raced. Him!!“As soon as you get off work go straight to the Country Inn. Tell the front desk man you are with the Watson party. He will give you a key to room sixty nine and a white
Wht 1
wtf was gonna wright my thoughts but there not importing  baby i love u   thats importing
I Need Help With My Profile!
Can anyone help me with my profile. I'd like to put up different picture comments that you can get from like girly graphics, or mycomments. com. Please tell me how!
Fucking On The Beach
We walked naked, hand in hand, close to the ocean, still in the sand.  We kissed, and hugged, you got wet and I got hard. you grabbed my cock and started to suck first, then you stood up and stuffed me inside you, and we fucked standing up. we groped, and it was all we could hope. Was there someone watching? Nope!  you laid on the sand I entered you again and your pussy muscles clinched. you bucked as I pumped, we both came with a start.  We went into the water to start again.
The Baby Dragons Have Chili Pepper Dreams
Skeletor:   It is my destiny! It is my right! Nothing will deter me from it! Sorceress: Men who crave power look back over the mistakes of their lives. Pile them all together and call it destiny.   “Masters of the Universe” (movie, 1987)   The problem I have with believing in destiny – and I expect most of us do – is that it’s easy enough to be vague enough with prophecy and fortunetelling to be open to a variety of interpretations.  Like Phoenix (not the Jean Grey Phoenix, but her and the X-Men’s Cyclops alternate future daughter) once said to Cyclops in the comics when he said he’d heard she was from the future: “A future.  We won’t know if it’s ‘the’ future until we get there.”  We brought our daughter Sarah home from the hospital yesterday where she’d been with asthma and a mucus spot on her lung and I got introduced to her inhaler to be used every two hours when she’s awake and her brea
Whisper in the yard and turn the trees all into toys Lay there on the ground, and turn the dirt into your joy From what I see and what I know, it's all been boring lately So I suggest we trade a question mark in for a maybe Time your riddles right, and make a point that has no sense Make sure that you're smiling, and the money's been well spent Innocence and ignorance, it all goes hand in hand I'm not sure that I'm right, but I hope you'll understand I hope that you're still searching for the start that has no end And all the plastic people have now become your friends Before you start to drift and your soul begins to scream I just wanted to tell you that you're listening to a dream
Change Of Pace my luck has changed for the better finally.  i have my old job back.  I have a vehicle, and just got a new promotion at work.  Things are going great and hopefully getting better.  I have decided to start a new type of blog, think of it as a diary.  I'm going to call it  WTF?    Reason being is that I am a post commander at a very wealthy gated community in orange county, and I get to deal with the dumbest and craziest crap that i have ever had the disspleasure of being around.  soooooooooo, check it out when i start.  It'll be interesting to read i assure you.
Silent Alarm
...the door behind him. He leaned against it, feeling the heat from the day beating upon it's exterior, as the cool wave of air from inside sent a chill over his body. An empty feeling came over him, and he wondered if this would be the first step that led to the end. This was not a new thought, however. He often worried that the walk down that path had started, for days at a time he would think that this would be the last time, but then he would see her again and things would be better than ever before. He walked into his bedroom and carefully positioned himself, for he did not feel he had the heart to take off his shoes. The soft fabric felt cool against his body, he could feel it drawing the heat of the day away from him. How easy it would be to slip into sleep, to pass the time in oblivion. Sleep would not drive the feeling away, though, it would just hide it for a few hours. Letting himself sink further into the soft cushion of the pillows, his feet hanging off the edge of the be
Happy Birthday My Sir
To: my Sir, Birthdays are inevitable, as is the passing of time. Nearly four years have passed since W/we began spending time together. At first, it was by chance, when both of U/us were on line and not busy. Even then i felt drawn to You. It wasn't long before i started to squirm and wiggle my way out of other on line *clears throat* conversations when You showed Yourself on line, even if only to get a moment of Your time and attention. Weeks passed, some with little communication, some with a lot. It seemed, though, that W/we started to seek each other out more and more often. Just a couple short months into O/our friendship, i knew something special had begun. The word love had not yet occurred to me though it would have fit. You had become an important person in my life, showing me more respect than i could have shown myself at the time. O/our conversations ebbed an flowed easily, sometimes touching on the erotic, but usually just day to day stuff. You let me vent about m
Well this is what happen for the last 4 months my ex was blaming me for us breaking up. Then I have not heard from here in two weeks when today I hear that her boyfriend , the one she cheated on me with stole her money and her bike. She calls me and ask me to help her out. What should I do? Should I help or not? Please comment and let me know. Thank you for your time.
im fallen down has far as you will let me fall.. when ya gonna catch me if you catch me at all.. the years are flyin by so fast.. i can barely catch my breath.. you said are love was true.. but then you brought me down with you.. in this quicksand called life i am sinking fast getting pulled in.. but you never gave me a second glance.. then i knew it was the end.. we all make mistakes and we cant change what we do.. just wish that i wasnt a mistake done by you.. im fallen down as far as you will let me fall when you gona catch me if you catch me at all..
Born Under A Bad Sign
Born under a Bad Sign We are all products of our upbringing and environment - Duh. We are taught which political party to belong to, what our religious beliefs are, that minorities are dangerous, that whitey is the devil and all matter of whatnot by our families. Then we are placed into schools primarily made up of like-minded people and these ideas are fortified. We are not really required to make decisions regarding these matters along the way. If we are fortunate (arguable), we find our ways into colleges where other people teach us that we are in fact not Republicans but Progressives and that God is a great lie invented by weak minded people to lull them thru a life of mediocrity. They convince us that we evolved from primordial goo and that monkeys are our former selves. I often wonder why the current monkeys didn't evolve... but, I digress. It is not unless we are very fortunate that we get the chance to explore our planet. This opportunity enables us to call into question our pr
This Is The Life
Life changes its beauty all the timeSometimes it's a shade, sometimes life is sunlightLive every moment here to your heart's contentThe time that is here may not be tomorrowOne who loves you whole-heartedlyIt is difficult meet that personIf there is someone like that somewhereThat person is more beautiful than allGrab onto that (person's) handHe or she may not be so gracious tomorrowLive every moment here to your heart's contentThe time that is here may not be tomorrowTaking the shadow of your eyelashes, when someone comes nearYou try to reason with your crazy heartYour heart just goes on beatingBut think, that which is here nowThat story may not be here tomorrowLife changes its beauty all the timeSometimes it's a shade, sometimes life is sunlight.........................Live every moment here to your heart's contentThe time that is here may not be tomorrowThe time that is here may not be tomorrow
True Lies
why those people are afraid to be honest more questions,more lies I'm sick and tired of it.....................
Naughty Appt
REPLY IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE OR LEAVE A COMMENT ON HERE. DONT BE AFRAID. LET THE FUN BEGIN........ Your Name: Age: Favorite position: 1. Do you think I'm cute?. 2. Would you have sex with me? 3. lights on or off? 4. Would you have to be drunk? 5.Would you take a shower with me? 6.Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 7.Would you leave after or stay the night? 8.Do you like cuddling afterwards? 9.Condom or skin? 10. Have sex on the first date? 11.Would you kiss me during sex? 12.Do you think I would be good in bed? 13. Would you use me as a booty call? 14.Can I use you as a booty call? 15.Can we take pictures of the act? 16.How long would we have sex? 17.Would you tell your friends about me? 18.Would you want me for a b/f , g/f or friend? 19.Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
Mel Gibson Spends $600k A Month On Himself
If you have a job in Obama’s economy you are one of the lucky few. If you are Mel Gibson you can spend as much as you like on yourself. Have you seen what he spends on himself a year? If you haven’t let me clue you in. Mr. Passion told a judge overseeing the custody battle with his ex that he “blows” $600,000 a month on his living expenses. I don’t have a problem with Mel spending his money. What I do have a problem with, is that he is using it as a ploy not to have to cough up more the $6000 a month in child support. If he didn’t want to pay more then what he thinks the sex was worth with his ex then he should never have brought her into his life. Us old guys never learn do we. If we want a young babe to play with then we are going to pay one way or another. Here’s the story BlastFM gives you as much music as you want. And you can lis
A Fubar Encounter
I met a man on Fubar. He was just some guy that said I was cute and that he wanted to me. Most women on these sites get messages like that. It’s not that most men think they will actually get lucky. It’s more to put a person with the pictures they are looking at. I usually ignore these messages but this one intrigued me. I looked at his pictures, found a very good-looking man in his early 20s with a washboard stomach, and covered in tats. Damn he was cute. I thought that there was no way this guy would be interested in a woman a third of his age older than him. I guess I was wrong. After a very brief conversation, we decided to meet at a local wal-mart. I picked him up and took him to a park I knew about. After talking to him for a moment, I realized that we had nothing in common. Nothing but an interest in having a sexual encounter with a complete stranger.  We went for a short walk through the park where we ended up and then went back the car. He pulled my seat back an
Meaningless love felt, that is the title for this story, once she did love the thought of finding it, she was hesitant to open up, for her she finally did it, soon after the girl knew that it was right, she let it come into her blank lines of life, people might say that her true self was showing, how did they know, maybe from watching from how the girl was acting, deep into herself thought that it was alright, not really paying attention though found out where the meaning was heading, the girl was then thinking that she was in the way, of love that really did not love her back, suicidal depressed hearts was playing a song, how could, redness come onto her past, turn her around then hurt her in that way, after she let it come into her blank lines of life, it was very beautiful, pretty, and now it still is, she showed her how she meant in a way that she can relate from, now, how did they know, maybe from watching from how the girl was acting, deep into herself thought that it was alright
Arch Eemy
(afraaaaaaaaaid!!), something watching me, it is not leaving me alone, it is myself becoming more, than what she was suppose to, but it is getting closer to gain control, so it is to late it have already seen her, my words is in contact, way louder she refuse to hear it, she would rather look beyond than words, when she, explains it, others will gain knowledge, how her ways forms, behind solving her crimes, something watching me, it is not leaving me alone, she finds herself comparing, it to gates to her escapes, my words is in contact, way louder she refuse to hear it, ( it!), ( it!), ( it!), ( it!), she would rather look beyond than words, beyond than words, when she, explains it, others will gain knowledge, how her ways forms, others will gain knowledge, she would rather look beyond than words, before she can not keep awaaaaay!,
Arch Eemy
Night falls in them, on other side of their self’s, alone in my own home, if everybody had their own dangerous injections will not come upon each one, understand how she must have went, without looking back, at her reflections, all of you did that same thing, people think why are we heading backwards, Night falls in them, on other side of their self’s, because their mouths are shut my mouths is also shut, but our actions will speak, when our mouths are stuck besides our hearts, remember, without looking back, her reflections, all of you did that same thing, people think why are we heading backwards our hearts have went, out saying why do actions always figure out, understand how she must have went, out saying why do actions always figure out, (figure out x3), understand how she must have went, without looking back, at her reflections, of you did that same thing, Night falls in them, (okayy)
Avril Lavigne
( light up, the candle, ( light up, light up, to a small town, thinking, how how how hooow, not much to open up, ( light up, light up, to a small town, thinking, how how how hooow, not much to open up, thinking how did her words turn into blood, so red not as it was forming, tired of all of these boring images, dancing around me ee, will you all try something fun in you alls town, while she puts on her gown, but you all couldn’t have guess that she would dress her best as the blood was running, down her broken veins, then into her heart where it did not first start, instead she’s done with dressing for fun, she have her gun to shoot out the sounds, that someone plays in her mouth to end all these broken begs, for her own good, but waait she knows what is wrong with her finding what is left, enough to grap her very first stabs, to a small town, she figure out how her words turn into blood that is so red, because she wanted to lead her actions without any attractions, but she
A Masters Kiss
Lying in the moonlight sandTenderly He holds her handLooks down in her eyes and smiles"Now My love lets hear your howls!" Silently He grabs her hairTies her to a low deck chairAs she shrieks out in her painHis eyes they gleam "your Mine to tame!" With a whimper, with a sighShe leans over as He whips her thighCrying out in to the nightHe whips her harder "slut, scream it out!!" 'Master, Master, mercy please'"Beg me bitch, I can’t hear you plead!!"'Master, Master I beg you to stop'"There My love, I'll just get my crop!!! H
You complete me. You have my heart.. You are amazing.. You know that i love you You scare me.. You hurt me... You keep me wanting more... You have me right where you want me... You never stop  amazing me... You kill me... You love me... ?
What Do You Do
what do i do when life gets bad what do i do when the person you love dosent love back what do you do when you feel helpless
A Schizo's Lament
i miss the way words came so easily though morbid, and absurd.   i would write whatever the "whispers" said, i would write whatever i heard.   though my mind was ill, my pen flew still, and i would write; until the demons left me.   i miss who i was at times, and though i spoke clearly; i wrote with passion hidden within my rhymes.
Ashes Of The Inferno
a million miles away, no matter how close i am the distance between us seems insurmountable.   i can hear the finality in her voice. it’s over. us... the life we shared... the love we had is gone. it has been for a long while, though i search in vain for smoking embers of the towering inferno that once was our love. all i find is the charred remains of my own failures. cold, black coals strewn across a deserted campfire.  
Wake Up
sunshine burns my eyes as i awake from ghastly dreams of suicide. the breaking of daylight over my hovel comes swiftly, as if saying to me "wake up", "wake up". i am derelict and downtrodden, i kow it gets worse than this. i just want to be loved again, for someone to hold me and to cherish the love i have to offer. ah, but this is just a dream. for none could love one such as i...a tired, broken, old man. , no prospects, no family, no hope. "wake up", "wake up". 5-06-2006  
Wanting Love
I cant do this anymore. It’s hurting me too much. I do not want to feel this pain inside anymore. No more questions. No more waiting. No more wondering when I will see you, hear your voice, your laugh. These insecure feelings are enough to drive me insane. I don’t know if you are for real. I feel you are a figment of my imagination. A dream for something I can never have. I feel you slipping thru my fingers. Furthering from me everyday. Can I lose something I never had? Seems like such an unreal possibility. I can feel the loss. The lonliness. The way my heartaches when you are not near. I need to know what you truly want. What you truly need. If its not me then let me go. Don’t drag me along for the ride. My heart cannot take it anymore. Been broken too many times. I have shattered. I feel myself slowly being rebuilt. I can’t promise that I will ever be whole again. So much time has passed. Many memories. Regrets. Holding on to a love that faded away
Always And Forever
I close my eyes and I can picture your beautiful face.  Those deep, dark eyes that can look into my soul.  I can literally feel your breath on my skin, ever so lightly, whispering in my ear. There are chills running up and down my spine as I imagine the warmth of your hand caressing my body. Your touch so soft, loving….I can feel myself becoming overwhelmed with pleasure. To feel your lips on mine. A kiss that could take my breath away. Melting into your welcoming arms. Weak and helpless. Longing to feel you, to become one with you.  I long to feel your fingers thru my hair, tracing the outlines of my face.  Hold me close. Hold me tight. I could stay here in this moment for all eternity. Never letting go of the love I feel for you. So intense. My words could never describe exactly how I feel.  I long for the day I can truly show you. I will always be here for you. Nothing in this world could make me turn my back on you. Fate has led me down this path. I feel its right, that its
Widows Walk
Like This Site
i want to thank whoever made this site i really enjoy it alot and will keep comeing back here every day
Missin Ya
I dont have the meaSelS, I am noT confiNEd 2 bEd,aspRiN won't heLP coz it aint my head,I dont have back ache or flu,its more serious...I am missin u! )-                                                                                                                    Ann..
Aires Device
The smell of hot solder, sweat, and chemicals permeates his underground lab. Now that he is free from the whims of the incompetent Commander he has begun his work in earnest. Thinking of his love so far away, he runs his hand over his beryllium head and sighs, the constant reminder that he is nothing more then a tool, even now he works for another, but he of course is working the angles. soon he says soon as he solders the circuit board to the last of the wires. He calls in his iron grenadiers an have them start loading the pieces of his newest creation into a cargo plane stolen from a local military base. Built with funding from a third party he made sure he had enough to build is own. The Aries will be the end of those who oppose him, and he will use it to bring Cobra to their knees and retrieve his love from the clutches of that insufferable idiot that leads them...
Be Still My Aching Heart
My father passed away almost two years ago and he was a wonderful writer.  He was very gifted.  I found this poem he had written last night and I broke down reading it.  I actually chose to read it at his funeral. Wandted to share it with whoever cared to read.   In your hour of bereavement, when the nights seem ever long When the heartache you are feeling lives only in a song In your secret, private moments, when tears wash at your soul When an end to all your suffering is your solitary goal When even cherished memories are hidden in the dark And a scream lights up the darkness, "Be still my aching heart"   When the darkness that engulf you seems never more to end And the hour glass seems filled with mounds of never ending sand When the panes of life seem shattered and you feel cut by every shard And though still unheard, you scream aloud, ""Be still my aching heart"   This is the time for silent song when prayers can best be heard When peace can glide from heaven, on
Why Me!!!
why can't i find one sweet decent man on here most that i have met are a bunch of perverts and sex o halics! im not like that!.fubar should really pay attention to who's on here.they should a pervert button or something lol.but honestly i'd like to find a guy who actually likes to talk,who has some intilagents. sex is nice but not when its the ONLY subject to talk about. just cuz it's the internet dosen't you should act like a just so sick and tired of perverts and sex o halics.WHERE OH WHERE IS MY PRINCE CHARMING?????
*coffins Always Felt Like Home
These four wallsAre slowly suffocating meI feel my lungs collapseAs I fail to breatheAnd it's all too lateTo try and save me nowI had my chancesI let them go somehowAs I fall lifeless to the floorThere's no more hopeThere's nothing left here anymoreSo just let me beJust walk awayAnd let me rest in peaceBecause from the day I was bornIt all went wrongWhat did you expect from me These four wallsAre suffocating me
Soldier, I Thank You
Where It Is Warm
heat is on but i feel a slight cold chill running down my spine and i complain from the couch where i am sitting at home but out in the streets with no shelter from the weather, the homeless man is left to roam he has no coat, no home, no bed... snow is falling down upon his head what do the homeless do for heat? something to eat? where will they sleep as the snow gets deep they wouldn't complain from my couch, where it is warm
Should I delete or block people who are negative?  Or let them spout their bullshit until it becomes totally intolerable?
My Day Off
So, this is how I spent my day off : I slept in till 12:30 PM , or just a few minutes before then.  I got up, cause I had a headache. I dunno why but, every time I sleep in I get a headache. It really sucks. It like punishment for having the day off.  Well upon getting up, I played video games. NCAA football to be precise. After winning the game I was playing. I turned on TV. NCIS was showing on channel sleuth. So I watched that for a couple hours or so. Then it was dinner time, yes we eat early here. I got left overs.  Yippy. After dinner, I went to eastern hills mall. Where I found two new winter hats. Don't really need them, but I found them, and they are hard to find. Like the one in my profile picture. I love my hat.  Hehe. Now, I'm back to watching TV,  bones, and soon it will be the late local news, then it will be off to bed. ~ Sadly this day off will soon be over
Chapter 2 Tease
This is just an excerpt. I don't want to post the entire story in blogs. But I might post bits and pieces here and there. Hopefully these will be nice teasers. This is some of Chapter 2. Chapter 2: The Bard Well, of course I watched it happen. And who am I? Why, none other than the narrator, the puppet master, the teller of tales. I write the story from my safe perch high up above this cesspool. I'm the observer. I watch the events unfold. I sometimes make them happen. Oh, don't call me a bad guy. Call me The Bard. But back to the story. Don't worry. Little Bobby is okay. It is five years later now. He's twelve. His mother had left his father after he was born and no one has heard hide nor hair of her since. Because of this, he was in a foster home for the better part of a year after the accident, but after pulling some strings, Harry's friend, Jim, managed to adopt Bobby, who prefers to be called Robbie now. Sure, Robbie misses his dad, but he's grown quite fond of "Uncle J
Let's Play A Little Social Baseball
I've been on this site a little while and yea I've navigated around to get an overall feel for what goes on here. It is true that I do not accept friend adds from guys, Fact is, I have male friends in the real world. We hang out, watch sports, play sports, have drinks,(usually a few beers) and we talk about anything and everything. Guess what, I also have several female friends and take a guess what we do. Exactly the same thing. So here it is guys. Despite what you may have been taught or told, Women are not toys that were put here for your amusement. When you are rude, disrespectful and downrite stupid it is not funny it is not charming and it ain't cute. News Flash....Women are precious Human beings. They too have feelings, wants, desires and dreams. So here are some things to know. 1st, if you want a gal to show you her body and make you masterbate you ain't getting laid anyway. Go try getting a job in the porn industry odds are you don't have what it takes and would be laughed out
No Mumm Friday!
Today I won't write any mumms, only comment!
Mumm Disguised As A Blog
When I get a pimp hand from someone that blocked me, should I spread out the 11s I would have given them?
people seem to be getting dumber and dumber... You know, I mean we have all this amazing technology and yet computers have turned into basically four figure spank machines. The internet was supposed to set us free, democratize us, but all it's really given us is stupid cat videos and 24 hour a day access to midget porn. People... they don't write anymore, they blog. Instead of talking, they text, no punctuation, no grammar.. LOL this and LMFAO that. You know, it just seems to me it's just a bunch of stupid people pseudo-communicating with a bunch of other stupid people at a proto-language that resembles more what cavemen used to speak than the King's English...Yet Im part of the problem, I mean im out there blogging with the best of um.. Hence my self-loathing...
This- Darius Rucker
Got a baby girl sleepin' in my bedroomAnd her momma laughing in my armsThere's the sound of rain on the rooftopAnd the game's about to startI don't really know how I got hereBut I'm so glad that I didAnd it's crazy to think that one little thingCould have changed all of thisMaybe it didn't turn out like I plannedMaybe that's why I'm such, such a lucky manEvery stoplight I didn't makeEvery chance I did or I didn't takeAll the nights I went too farAll the girls that broke my heartAll the doors that I had to closeAll the things I knew but I didn't knowThank God for all I missedCause it led me here to thisLike the girl that I loved in high schoolWho said she could do betterOr the college I wanted to go toTill I got that letterAll the fights and the tears and the heartacheI thought I'd never get throughAnd the moment I almost gave upAll led me here to youI didn't understand it way back whenBut sittin' here right nowIt all makes perfect senseEvery stoplight I didn't makeEvery chance I did or
Sun Moon Stars
I fly above my self So cold and beautiful dead I've crossed the point of no return And now you understand A life in misery So full of sorrow and pain I couldn't face it no more I hope you'll always remember me [CHORUS] No pain, I'm free at last In paradise, sun moon stars Regret you were mean to me And regret that you sat me free Life depends on love And I depend on you [CHORUS] I lived for you There's nothing to say or to do I cared for you Then please realize that we're thru' I love you I no longer feel as you do I can't live without you But I can live without you [CHORUS] And now when I am gone I live forever inside of you And now when I am gone I live forever inside of you
When I am off the mumm banishment, should I post mumms or just comment on everyone else's?
Mark's Confession
“Get up Mark the Minister is here to see you.” Mandy said poking him in the side with her right hand.He mumbled under his breath as he sat up in his bed.  He reached over to the nightstand grabbing his glasses putting them on.“Why do you keep calling him over here anyway?” He asked her as she stood over him, as he got dressed.“To make sure that your towing the line when I am unable to get over here to check on you that’s why now move your butt he has others to check on today.” She snipped at him urging him to move faster tapping her right toes like an impatient Mom waiting on her kids.“Yeah, yeah.” was all he said as he followed her heading for the doorway.“Mr. Martin how nice to see you today how are you feeling?” the minister asked as Mark shook his hand and sat down on the couch putting his feet up on the table.  Mandy smacked his feet down as he grumbled looking at the minister sitting in Mark’s chair.“So
Drill Dad
“Hello, yes this is Mr. Millen how may I help you?” John asked as he answered the phone at 3 am.  “Ok I will be right there Officer Johnson.” Within 5 minutes he was dressed and out the door in the car and on his way to the station yet again.“Sorry Mr. Millen he refused to call a lawyer and wouldn’t call you.” We had to do something he isn’t drunk just was causing a problem at the legion hall again.“Yeah I know.” he replied walking past the desk headed for the holding cage.On the bed in the cage lay and older man who had a flat top cut, gristly chin whiskers and a Military cap lying on his chest it read, “US Army retired.”“Hey Sarge you going home with me or do you want to lie here all night long?” John asked opening the door which wasn’t locked as usual.  “We need to stop experiencing this problem Dad, your out now they are not your troops.” He giggled helping him up putting his cap o
Didn't Know What To Name This One!
You play the game so well You had me fooled Everything you said was just a lie You played it all so cool Why couldn't I see through it? I guess it is the swag you have It's all in the way you said it You didn't have to lie If you don't feel it  Then I am not going to die I asked you not to say them They only hurt in the end I know now that we aren't even friends So this is goodbye  Even though there was nothing really there!
Rip Macho Man" Randy Savage
  "Macho Man" Randy Savage, a professional wrestler who became a fan favorite thanks to his outlandish outfits and trademark catchphrase, died Friday in a car wreck, as first reported by TMZ. The 58-year-old Savage -- whose legal name was Randy Mario Poffo -- reportedly suffered a heart attack while driving his 2009 Jeep Wrangler in Tampa, Fla., and careened across lanes of oncoming traffic before colliding head-on with a tree. He died later at a local hospital. Savage's wife Lynn, who was riding in the passenger seat, escaped with only minor injuries. Both passengers were wearing seatbelts and the police do not believe alcohol was a factor. The World Wrestling Federation favorite from Ohio burst onto the scene in 1985 and quickly drew attention with his flamboyant outfits and "ooh yeah!" catchphrase. His marriage to Elizabeth Hulette, Ms. Elizabeth to fans, was one of the first high-profile wrestler/valet relationships. They divorced in 1992. Savage remarried last year. He won
Fubar Bunny Dj's
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Department Of Defense Wants To Raise Costs To Veterans & Reduce Spending For Healthcare. We are standing at the abyss and the federal government in order to save money wishes to push wounded & retired Veterans overboard. They too are complaining about the rising costs of healthcare and how to cover it by raising the costs to working-age retired Veterans as a starter course.
Time For Change
                                                             Weight Loss Here I Come!     Ok so before I begin Im totally gonna stop you all right here and I swear if I get one person telling me to be nice to myself I'm gonna scream lol. I love you guys and I love the fact that you are trying to make me feel good but lets face it I have let myself go to far and I am FAT.   No sugar coating here. I need to do something about it for my health.   My back and knees and ankle is hurting me more than it should I know the back is from the weight alone more than likely, my knees is from skating all the time when i was younger (they are covered in scars lol) but the weight isnt helping matters and when they go out on me its evident. My ankle I fractured and it hasnt been right since, but both ankles are goin out on me and its most likely from the weight.  Im tired all the time and out of breath just by going up and down our stairs. There is no way Im going to be able to keep up with my
This Is The Proper Attire For Studying....
The Distance Between Us
Not really sure why i am thinking about this, and i need to find a way to let her go, But i cant. She was my world from the moment i met her, and then her family moved, she got pregnant, got stranded, got home and then she was killed. the last time i seen her she was waving goodby on a amtrack leaving NY...if i had known it was going to be the last tie i was ever going to see her again i would have never left her side, i would have went to maryland with her. I should have just did that, but what did i know, far as i knew, i was going to see her again. next thing i know she was pregnant and stuck in new orleans, with no way home. Her aunt got her home...and i was to hurt and mad to go with them to get her. Bytime i got over my self i guess she was over me, God knows i begged her to let me help her raise that child. I wanted back in to her life, and she pretty much said no, i have my own. Of course the fact that i had a fiance didnt help im sure. but for her, i would have gone thru hell
Love And Life Are Not The Same (please Play Video At End Of Blog If You Dare)
Feeling Alone With The Person I Love   Ever stop your world when the person you love is feeling down? Even wonder why? When your sick that person is no where to be found? Ever believed that this love would last forever? And now you’re crying hoping that your life would soon come to an end. This is why I am lonely with the person that I love, and once called my friend   Such a pity to see this relationship come to an end. With the person you loved, a person you once called your friend. The truth has come out, and everyone knows where they stand. What used to be a kiss and a hug? Is now done by a wave and shaking hands. Love till the end the priest will tell you. For better or for worse. But now your sitting here lonely looking for a way to run far away.   I believed that you love, as you want to be loved. You sacrifice your freedom, something you once had. Give your time to this person, making sure the love you have wont stop. And the day you close your eyes in s
Mother Firefly Says...
kidding so rewatching the firefly series tonight and it actually made me sad... yeah i know you're probably thinking "bullshit you're an emotionless psycho"  and while there is some truth to that... i was sad looking back they had brilliant writers... the stories just fit together and flowed so perfectly it made me sad cause... there aren't many like that anymore...  today's society isn't looking for inspired masterpieces... they just want flash and special effects i've seen some of the most predictable movies with lame plots and bad acting....  or overly raunchy with no real purpose to it just selling sex appeal to socially challenged retards cause sadly there are people(Specificly men) who are so facinated by nipples they will spend 2 hours watching one overpaid whore with a lazy eye prance around singing show tunes if there is even the smallest chance she'll bear her fat sacks before she dies   now sure there are a few decent movies i can think of that came out this year..
The Serpent & The Girl
(An original, unedited short story)The serpent, being of guile and unassuming, slide through the reeds toward the knoll where a girl sat starring out over the lake."Nice day for a stroll." spoke the serpent flatlyThe girl, cautious of the serpent, said nothing and continued to look over the water as the breeze tickled her face."My name is Asmoday, "stated the small wyrm. "What is yours?""Gwen," was all she replied, but felt strangely familiar with this serpent.The snake coiled up a few feet away and they both looked out over the water. "Who is out there?" asked Asmoday."My lover.""I dont see any boats.""He drowned.""A shame to leave such a sweet child like you behind. How long ago?" "Three days past, but I feel no sorrow.""Why is that? He was your lover""He was just a lover, nothing more, but I feel it only respectful to mourn over him because nobody else has."They both sat in silence. Both scanning over the water watching the waves, feeling the breeze, hearing the reeds rustling
Ur More Alone Then U Know
The  paIn persists like a raging tornado sucking up & destroying everything in its path   I see him in my dreams, my hopes, my ddeepest darkest nightmares                       the kind you wake up yelling and screaming with a cold sweat   My heartaches remains as the pain persists more and more   You think family cares, NO, what they care about is there selves as always   Same story Different family , Same Objectives and scenarios, getting beat on.....                         But family i s supposed to care & be thier & love you                                  Not this family, see the hurt , see the pain   The sound of my heart shr
I Carry Your Heart With Me ( My Favorite)
i carry your heart with me                                      by e. e. cummingsi carry your heart with me (i carry it inmy heart) i am never without it (anywherei go you go, my dear; and whatever is doneby only me is your doing, my darling)                                    i fearno fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) i wantno world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)and it's you are whatever a moon has always meantand whatever a sun will always sing is youhere is the deepest secret nobody knows(here is the root of the root and the bud of the budand the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which growshigher than soul can hope or mind can hide)and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars aparti carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)
Amazing Night
Had a pretty good night Boyfriend and i decided not to go to the bar and just have a relaxing night just cuddling and what not lol . We also had a serious talk tonight too hes like "nikki what do you want out of me?" Im like well i want to marry you and have a family with you , im like what do you want out of me ? he's like marry you and have a family . tehe that made me blush lol . In 2 years he wants to move out and get a place so by then i should have a good job.. Been applying to work in an office Got the skills and what not . But i really think this guy is serious about me.. hes not like my ex bfs . ahh i think he is the one !! hes the one i want to spend the rest of my life with . He makes me so happy ! Almost 3 years we been together and known him for like 3  years before we started going out , it turned out to be a crush to the love of my life :) . Cant describe the way i feel right now .. We have decided we want to get married in a few years . okay that is all just wanted to s
Is A New Earth Being Prepared For Humanity? : Aliens & Ufos W My "special Note"
Special note: Before I add some of the info about the website please read my "Notes" "What the End of Times maybe like and how to avoid it!" and learn what my Crystal E.T. friends have shown me thru my dreams. I've also seen myself living on a new planet in this Jordan incarnation and I'm in a forest with trees that have golden colored leaves and I'm wearing a "Ocean Rainbow - Color-Ray Nourishment" therapeutic gemstone necklace from In the dream I feel really depressed from being 1 of the few people that was saved from the Earth's destruction and everybody I knew is now dead and I have to continue living without them knowing that I can't be with them again in this life. After thinking about this I walk thru the forest and towards a water stream that is crystal clear blue. I then wake up. I really really don't want to live long enough for this prediction to come true which is why I keep trying to leave this life and keep trying to make it as easy as possib
Her Master
He walked into the room where she lay sleeping in a lacy, black camisole with matching panties. Her hair spread gently on the pillow, and her breasts pushed softly against the lace. He gently inserted a finger into her panties, rubbing, and then pushing into her soft slit. She awoke with a gasp and a moan as he pushed her back down onto the pillows . "You like that, don't you, little bitch," he said softly, forcing her panties to one side and flicking a finger wet with her juices over her clit. "Yes..." she whispered. "Yes, what?" he asked, giving her pussy a sharp slap that made her cry out, half in pleasure and half in pain. "Yes master?" she asked. "That's better," he answered. "Call me Master." Then he pushed her arms up over her head, holding her wrists together in one of his hands while he pulled out his pulsing cock with the other. she moaned helplessly, wondering about his next request. He pressed the bulging tip against her lips, and she turned her head
The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Application-Humor EVEN iF YOU HAVE A BOYFRiEND OR GIRLFRiEND- REPOST THiS!SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE SEND THiS BACK TO YOU!Ladies Title it "Boyfriend Application"Guys Title it "Girlfriend Application" 1. Your Name:2. Age:3. Fave Color:4. Whats your sign?5.Phone Number:6. Location:7. Height:8.Hair (color and style):9.Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN ... 1. Are we friends?2. Do you have a crush on me?3. Would you kiss me?4. ...with tongue?5. Would you enjoy it?6. Would you ever ask me out?7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater?9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before?11. Would you walk on the beach with me?12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me?13. Do you/have you talked about me?14. Do you think I'm a good person?15. Would u take a nap with me?16. Do you think I'm cute?17. If you could change anything about me -would you?18. Would you dance with me?19. Would you come
My Love
sometimes at night when i look into the sky, i start thinking of you and i ask myself why? why do i love you? i think and smile, because i know the liscan run on for miles. the whisper of your voice, the warmth of your touch, so many little things that make me love you so much. the way you support me, and help with my emotions, the way that you care and show me such devotion. the way your kiss filles me with such desire, and how you hold with the warmth of a blazing fire. the way your eyes shine when you look at me, lost with you forever is where i want to be. the way that i feel when your by my side, a sence of completion an over flowing pride. the dreams that i dream that all involve you, the possibities i see and the things we can do. how you finish the puzzle that lies inside my heart, how deep in my soul you are the most important part. i could go on for days, telling you of what i feel, but all you really must know is my love for you is real.
Tomorrow Awaits!
Amidst the wonder, the pain and the hurtLeft with nothing but an enormous driveBeliefs and faith were question without a doubtThe only thing that remains is the will to surviveFor life does not promise a world of perfectionEach step and actions equates tribulationsNo reason to give up and simply lose hopeEverytime someone throws you a mean curveballNever lose focus,never give up your dreamsFor what you have lost, you will again attainFace every challenge that may come your wayUsing the wisdom through the years you've learnedLet your heart be the voice when you speakLet your patience be your guiding handEmbrace each day one step at a timeYour would will heal as day passes byBe true to yourself,let desire comes from withinTake a chance and live again in the land of the livingHold on to your faith, never give in to your fearsLets pray that justice be serve and the best man wins
Moving Back South
I live colorado but the guys out here suck! I havent met one worth really gettin to know and Ive been here a year! seriously thinking about moving back to Tennessee or Kentucky. course I have a place in North Carolina too, guys can be douche bags whereever you go I know that, but I miss me some southern boys
The Truth I Think I Remember
No matter how much I write down, no matter how much I keep record of, I miss something. Sometimes it's something important, but more often than not since I can't recall a specific instance (and that's what "memory loss" is, really -- loss of your ability to recall someone or something rather than loss of memory) it's not life-changing. But I noticed as I posted on Saturday I'd forgotten to mention quite a few things important to me! And then comes Monday after I've been off the grid since about six p.m. Saturday (believe me, there are moments I consider this avenue entirely) and so much has happened to me and around me that I WANT to remember, but without context it comes out as gibberish. I don't want to be standoffish when I say "nothing" if someone asks me what I said or am thinking about (and my kids have already gotten into this, alas) but it's hard to be willing when you feel left out. "A pendulum is not a weathervane." I read that line at the end of an op-ed piece by Mona
The Not So Glamorous Life
Have you ever noticed that some people have this incredible "WOW" factor...?It's like they have this incredible glitz about them that just shines so brightly and draws people inEveryone notices them they are the life of the party and everyone wants to be their friend... To which they have a million friends so what's one more friend right...lolAnd everything always seems to go their way...just incredible luck all the time, and when I say lucky I mean fall in shit and come out smellin like roses lucky...I would love to be that way...Not all the time, but maybe just once in awhile just to know what  it feels like to be special to someone or anyone for that matter.Or to have that feeling like I am importantIt would be nice to not be in last place all the time...
What Women Really Want To Hear From You
You’ve probably chatted successfully enough to get her number, but now that you’ve got to fill possibly hours of unstructured conversational time, what do you say? Allow us to point you toward some choice phrases that’ll work in your favor — as well as some that you think might impress her, but will backfire badly most of the time. Five things she’d love to hear:  1. “You look amazing.” Acknowledge (and appreciate) that she went all-out for you. Trust us, even if this is a simple latte liaison, a degree of decision-making went into that jeans-tee-ponytail combo she’s got going on. No need to be too specific with your compliment; just let her know you’ve noticed that she looks good. 2. “How was your day?” This may seem like innocuous chit-chat, but it shows you care and are interested in her life. Make sure to really listen to the response rather than glaze over when she itemizes details of a petty spat with a coworker.
Mumm Haters
So, why is that a few people that are known haters in mumms can get away with stupid fucking shit like reporting a mumm as nsfw when it is clearly marked as such and get you blocked from ever being able to create mumms again, or if you do, they will delete your account, yet when you see and report mumms that deal with the exact same topic and report it nothing gets done., Is this just the bouncers way of protecting their friends and fucking with anyone and everyone that they decide to not like at the time? It is pretty fucking stupid but I guess it feeds their little minds and makes them feel as they are the all powerful OZ, It is bull fucking shit like this that fucks up sites and keeps people from actuallyt being able to fully enjoy their time on here.   I am marking this as nsfw, but I am sure that a fuck stick bouncer will see this, or some fuck wad will report it and soon I wont be fucking able to fucking blog and fucking more. so fuck them.   Do you think I got the word fuck
One Offer Someone Else Made Me
i have alot of stories to add to this i will add there here and ther but this happend a few months ago this one girl hit me up and said i dont have any money for a tattoo i am liker ok i dont anything for free so what did she say i well if u want i can wake up my sister and have her fuck u so i can get a tattoo and my responce was how about i fuck her tattoo her and u can watch if u are going to be stupid enough to offer something like that whore yourself not your own sister come on people use your brain
Tease And Ride
lick up and down the body and lick and suck on your thick hot juice cock, licking and stroking teasing and making you squrim climb up your body and straddle your waist and bouncing on your cock, start riding you nice and slow then speed up to a rhytum we both like and building to the pleasure just about the stop and tease you some more, going on my knee taking you fully into my mouth sucking deepthroat mmmmmmmmm your almost there i can feel it.,mmmmmmm I stop climb back on top of you and turn around ride you backwards as you pull my hair and make me moan grinding faster harder you lift you hip going deeper into me going faster and faster mmmmmmmmmmmmmm god there I go screaming your name. feeling me cum on you trying to hold back but you cum so hard and fast breathing fast I start teasing you again making you hard for me but this time I let you up, 
If I Could Name My Guitar Anything...
It would be Zooey, because like Zooey Deschanel, my guitar can make lovely music, it can sing in a number of ways, and well, it just makes me happy to look at it. With that said, I still won't name my guitar anything ;) It's just a nice, what if?
Hallo Hallo Fu Folks
Well, this has certainly been a year where I've been pretty close to the bottom, and I'm definitely no where near the top quite yet. When you're on good middle ground though, it feels so much better than being below.  It's almost Christmas, and trust me, I'm full of cheer! I just couldn't help but think this morning, of some things in my life that I feel have defined me. One thing I feel that defines me, is that there are many lingering things in my life. When I say linger, I feel that there have been people in my life, or even events and places that I've been at some point, and despite advice from people I know to just let everything go, I find it hard to really let go. I have two solutions to said dilemma above: I will try to let things go more easily, if they're truly worth letting go easily. My other solution is to keep pursuing my ambitions, as I always have, but I will choose my ambitions more wisely than I have before. Those are my morning thoughts: Merry Christmas Eve folks.
Vampire Love
A sexy story     Lustful Vampyr Night I am on the hunt tonight not for my hunger for blood. I am hunger for passion and lustfulment this night. I spot my prey for the evening an extremely gorgeous woman fair skinned hair as black as night and eyes or emerald green.I a spot her from across the room in a large crowd in a ballroom. I glid smoothly through the crowd on my way to introduce myself. AS I approach her I begin to grow slighty faint. I have seen gorgeous women before but no mortal woman has ever done that to me before. I introduce myself to this woman of magnificent beauty. I am Dredric and your name my lady as I kiss her hand. She looks deep into my eyes almost paralizing me with her beauty. She said my lord my name is Litith. Amost amazing name for an amazing beauty. She smiles and blushes and bows her head as if she was trying to hide something. We continue the cnversation to the wee hours of the the costume to ball. As the festives end I ask her if she would like to stay
Select Young And Beautiful Birmingham Airport Escorts For Your Fun
There are a lot of men who have to holiday for a few many months together and for them, looking at seems to be very individual and depressing but that is only because they ignore their relationships and the organization of women. However, you can change all that by getting together with amazing Stansted Vacation terminal lovers and Birmingham Incalls. Every man needs the organization of a child, whether he is looking at or not and when you are looking at to a location like Stansted, getting the organization of a child is not very complicated. You can genuine comprehension certain, liked and ideal in the organization of these amazing women. One of the best to create sure that you do not know-how personal or progressively missed when you are on the street is to get yourself the organization of a young lady like a Birmingham vacation journey terminal terminal have no dilemma where you are looking at. Birmingham Airport is a place which can know-how blessed because the females in the pla
A Little Effort?
On Tagged I get 4 page of mail a day. This is because my ap on my phone connects to the site, showing me online almost all day. In those 4 pages of mail, I rarely respond to ONE mail.   "Text me" "Nice tits" "Hey what's your yahoo" "You like black men babi" "Hi" "What's up" "How you doing" ZZZZZZZZZZZ. Oh sorry, I fell asleep.   This is not only on Tagged, I'm also on Myyearbook and Fubar. Fubar is a lot less worse, because most men are too lazy to send mail. If they can't shout, they lose interest.   I don't really have "sexy" photos, the junk in the trunk one being the "worst." I do have close ups of me in tight shirts, but they're awesome shirts.   So how do you get a response? Well, for one try to READ a profile's about me or interests. Try to get know the woman, not treat her like a random hole. I read a lot, and I enjoy discussing books. I also enjoy  horror movies and video games. Run with that. If your idea of "fun" is random parties and hookups, we're not compatible. I
Dundee Escort Agencies Inverness Escorts
We provides local personal services in many major cities of Scotland. As the price of scotland and home of the all over the group well known the price of scotland party, area and military people body art designs, the price of scotland fans have a lot to offer the relaxed visitor or business visitor. With protection throughout the lothians and position the price of scotland have organization can offer the price of scotland incalls or outcalls no dilemma where you are. Regardless of where you are present or remaining, our top amazing fans from auld reekie can analyze out you in the residence or vacation, Bob Uses up would be surprisingly fulfilled. The mdw, marchmont, lothian road, the joins, the scotsman, waverly, portobello, willowbrae, scottish make, dalry road, position entertainment place, tay road, hibernian, thoughts, center of midlothian, grassmarket, cowgate, princes road, conventional, reasonable variety, holyrood, the price of scotland experience, arthurs seat, hogmanay, calt
Free Gaming Con   This events runs for 3 days, and it's FREE. I'm only going today, I'll be there at noon.
Health: Being G-d
More on To have the Need, the Will, the Habit of Influencing others by unNormal ways: Ov, Yidoni and Magic is quite Incohirent and actually Pathological: Its a Sickness, the Sickness of The Mind, a sickness of Devellopement and Behaviour that would be to want to somehow be G-D, to be a god, to own People and Force them , to have them do whatever we would want them to do. Being G-D from a Normal Human being Point of View is Useless, Difficult to even See or Concive and with no real Gain whatsoever: As Humans we understand we are not Qualified or Equiped to be G-D and as Anything can be Aquired or done already with the Help of The Real G-D, its more work to actually change everything and do ourselve this Trumendous Work of being G-D. Of Course Mental Control: We are indeed Talking about Mental Control, then MC is a very serious Crime with very Important, very Heavy Penalties against The Criminal Practicing them. Then again in case one is still thinking it is absolut
Very True
Before you wanna be an asshole with your girl, Think about this... While your ignoring her , another guy is giving her attention . While your giving her problems , another guy is listening ..While your to busy for her, another guy is making time for her. While your making her cry, another guy is trying to make her smile again, When your not sure if you want her, Another guy already has that figured out.. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT MEN...
Gonna Be Aunt!
I just learned I am gonna be an Auntie!! Totally excited! 
Ten Way To Love
Ten way to Love1) Listen without intrttupting. (Proverbs 18)2) Speak without accusing.) James 1:19)3) Give Without sparing. Proverbs21:26)4) Pray without Ceasing. (Colossians 1:9)5) Answer without arguing. (Proverbs 17:1) 6) Share without pretending. (Ephesians 4:15)7) Enjpy without complaint. (Philippians 2:14)8) Trust without Wavering. (Corinthians 13:7)9) Forgive without punishing (Colossians 3:13)10) Promise without forgetting. (Proverbs 13:12)
The Perfectly Worst Mistake.
This content does contain explicit material..please turn away now if bothered. hagd   s*Dating on fubar: My interpretation so far has led me to think there are only a few good guys on this site. I'm not actually here looking for anyone (let's make this clear) but if it happened I wouldn't complain. The long distance gag...okay when with someone like this I expect total honesty...yeah shit in one hand and wish in the other which fills faster? Okay so I tried this if you know me you know what I'm talking about. How do you feel about an open relationship versus an exclusive relationship? Me, I am naturally a jealous person but I try to have my cake and eat it too. So I have to really watch how I act or say when entering this subject. I am an exclusive person who can't not enjoy others...especially if it's great attention (no I'm not talking about whiny one's who don't get the hint after not talking for an hour). I have some really AWESOME male friends on this site that are happily coupl
My Tits Are Better Than My Face
BLACK OPS: can i fuck you 2:38pm Suga Lips: Duuude...what the fuck? 2:38pm BLACK OPS: fuck me now 2:39pm Suga Lips: Are you on drugs? 2:39pm BLACK OPS: is that your tits with the tato 2:40pm Suga Lips: No. 2:40pm BLACK OPS: look so beuteflll 2:41pm BLACK OPS: whos the girl with the tato on her boobs 2:41pm Suga Lips: I don't know. 2:41pm BLACK OPS: its on your pics 2:42pm BLACK OPS: look on miscellaneous babe 2:42pm Suga Lips: Yes, I know. I uploaded it. Someone found it somewhere. IDK who she is. 2:43pm BLACK OPS: wots IDK mean 2:44pm Suga Lips: I don't know. 2:45pm BLACK OPS: k you shud get your tits donn like that
Walk A Little Plainer , Daddy
Fuck Fuck Fuck
I am better now.
Female Lust
She was... dripping with sex appeal to say the least. She had beautiful thick hair which just passed her shoulders and massive bambi eyes with a colour that reminded me of the ocean. The most attractive thing about her was her heart and the fact that it could never be tamed. Needless to say she wasn't short of admirers. I knew her free spirit wasn't down to her being untamed. I knew there was alot of hurt and need going on behind her blue eyes but I never questioned it because she had a strong approach going on. I lusted over her strong approach. She knew I wanted to fuck her, I had told her before. It was never a good idea we were left alone together. I didn't want anything more then for her to bend me over and fuck me until I came on her fingertips. She looked so forceful, I was sure I could be her fuck bunny because I knew she would keep me there for hours. There was no paticular chemistry, just pure lust on my part. Pure unadultarated animal lust. I just wanted her to fuck me. I'd
For The Last Time
Okay here it is for hopefully the last time, I'm not out for just points. Never have been. If you like me I will like you ifin I see your pic next to "likes you". Its not real hard. If you rate my photos or my profile I can rate you and your profile and maybe, by chance some photos. I have this want to rate pic somedays. I'm not gonna apologise for those days they do exist. Deal, just fucking deal. I have days when I am bubbly. Haven't figured that one out yet, but they exist too. DEAL!! If a person isn't allowed to feel different than something is wrong, terribly wrong. I have days when I'm more than ready to sin, over and under again, deal..... oh and you don't..... yeah okay.... Your different.... alright and so am I. This is an online bar If your here we can party. Without intoxicated feelings or dangers The intoxication doesn't cost money or memory. Taki
Mmm Hmm
oh id love to... stradle you and slowly lower myself untill you are all the way inside me.... so warm and wet.....bring my hips down hard ... grinding your cock deeper inside me... so wet that some is dribbl8ing down your balls as i keep riding you slowly ...slide up... off of you.... kneal in front of you... licking my cum from your balls, gliding my tongue, curving it around your shaft, starting at the base, toward the tip... tasting my cum mmm flicking my tongue on that sensitive spot at the tip, takng it gently in my lips, still wrapping my tongue around the tip... gently rubbing as i slowly work you into my mouth, looking into your eyes... mine exploding with desire.... i stand again in front of you... i bend down toward you, my hair falling across your face and chest, as i whisper what would you like to do next? you whisper "i want your ass" i turn and bend over the you slide your hands across my hips and butt, softly teasing my ass hole with your thumb you s
  Haters By my favorite author ~Laurell K Hamilton They will hate you. Someone, somewhere, sometime, will hate you. It is going to happen at some point in your life, probably several times. You can’t be nice enough, or good enough, or scary enough, or bully enough, to prevent them from hating you. Hate by my favorite author  ~laurell k hamilton                                                                                                                                                                    Why will they hate you? So many reasons, here are just a few. They may hate you for the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, that you’re prettier than they are, that you’re uglier than they are, more popular, less popular, your religion, your lack of religion, that you’re more successful than they are, that you’re less successful than they are, that you are a better athlete than they will ever be, that you’re a worse athlete than they a
The Way This Gurl Feel's
I loved you then i love you threw me away like yesterday's trash:-(.Yet I still can't get ovr you. You took ovr so uncontrolably....My heart went with no consent.
If magic is all we've ever knowThen it's easy to miss what really goes onBut I've seen miracles in every wayAnd I see miracles everydayOceans spanning beyond my sightAnd a million stars way above em at nightWe don't have to be high to look in the skyAnd know that's a miracle opened wideLook at the mountains, trees, the seven seasAnd everything chilling underwater, pleaseHot lava, snow, rain and fogLong neck giraffes, and pet cats and dogsAnd I've seen eighty-five thousand peopleAll in one room, together as equalsPure magic is the birth of my kidsI've seen shit that'll shock your eyelidsThe sun and the moon, and even MarsThe Milky Way and fucking shooting starsUFOs, a river flowsPlant a little seed and nature growsNiagara falls and the pyramidsEverything you believed in as kidsFucking rainbows after it rainsThere's enough miracles here to blow your brainsI fed a fish to a pelican at (Friscal?) bayIt tried to eat my cell phone, he ran awayAnd music is magic, pure and cleanYou can feel it
Damn His Peen Is On Fire...or Burned
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Within The Darkness
I have seen a light and thought to embrace it and found myself burned.  I hungered for the flames of goodness and been left cold as flames were no more. I wished for happiness and seen it given to everyone but me. I prayed for unconditional love, a true connection and I am left untouched, I bleed. There is a replaying the mental tape and hearing the same helling song. Trying to fighgt the darkness though the call is strong. Running through the wild, hear my screams,  heart wripped out pain unseen. Tears flow and and rage shakes the fragile cage threating to break free. I feel so lost, so empty, unpretty words fill me, lost in a wind, where does it stop or begin. Creator I call upon thee, help me to understand, help me to keep faith and believe.  
Love To Have Someone Say I Love You
Your lips speak soft sweetness Your touch a cool caress I am lost in your magic My heart beats within your chest I think of you each morning And dream of you each night I think of your arms being around me And cannot express my delight Never have I fallen But I am quickly on my way You hold a heart in your hands That has never before been given away and this is what i also do write jingles and songs and live off my roylties never have to work no more if a women found me she would be very happy with us 4 eternity if anywomen single out there would contact me its 32 track studio here in my home 843-808-2791 roger
Smile Like Butter
You are a fucking idiot. I can't stand to see your stupid smile spread out across your face like you are "the shit". You try so hard to be sexy, but it doesn't work.    I can't believe I ever even talked to you.              Who has a pimp hand?
How I Spent My 9-11: A Self Defense Review.
You all might remember I've had two previous self defense reviews. One, when I first started my job at, and another a little more recently, which covered current events all over the place.This one may be a little more laid back.In retrospect, I should have mentioned the Krav Maga seminar, on September 11th, 2011. But, to be honest, I didn't know how many people here would have been interested.  However, never fear: I did a four-part review of it for anyway.There was one part that reviewed how to use The Stop Kick to nail someone charging a third party, even though they may be armed. Trust me, I got kicked in the chest so often, my teeth rattled, and I had a shield.You do this to an actual attacker, it's gonna suck to be them. Then there was the choke... in this case, "the choke" is just a simple matter of t-rex arms.... you'll see what I mean.And, of course, there is the inevitable gun defense. And learning how to take down a gu
me: ur watchin me in both lounges aren't u? friend: no just the one cause ur bigger me: (CRACKS UP LAUGHING) friend: lol, wait, nvr mind, too late
Lingerie...sexual Appeal Vs The Feel
Most would agree that Lingerie is a beautiful thing.. However ALL women need to be aware of 1 important fact. The sexy underwear that we all love so much is only meant to visually stimulate... once the engines are goin and things start to turn physical... TAKE THAT SHIT OFF! It only takes one time for that lace to rub the wrong way. Shit feels like sandpaper on our dicks. And those cute lil bows and buttons and zippers... might as well be grenades when they catch the hairy elbow skin ... AKA scrotum.... ball sac. The only grind approved underwear is 100% silk.  This public service announcement brought to you by The Philosophic Comedian.
These Words
I have always handed out my heart to those who saw something beautiful in the train wreck I present in my smile. I am wasted moments and tattoo ink. Where dirty heroin and dope sick attitude once flowed, is now a lust for life. I willingly destroyed all that was nourishing inside me. In my sobriety, beneath the surface of my skin instead, lie a beating heart and a working mind. Through the years, I’ve kept my sanity and mind in a constant steady rhythm. I chased shadows and voices to the end of city streets. I inhaled a conscious stream of memories I wish to forget, exhaling my own fears. I sometimes sit to think who I’d be without the years I spent absorbing the toxins of chemical intoxicants. Looking into the eyes of the people I’ve become vulnerable to always shown the rational fear, some more shallow in the surface of retinas then others. I stopped caring to find something more. In these forgotten glances and stares, I never found a genuine set of eyes. I tore
Regali Di Natale 2012: Cosa Si Spera Di Ottenere?
Dirigetevi verso la Promenade Bolingbrook o qualsiasi negozi nelle vicinanze e vedrete che è già cominciando a guardare un po 'come Natale 2012 in ed intorno a Bolingbrook. Tutti i tipi di idee regalo sono là fuori. Da attrezzi sportivi al Bass Pro Shop per l'elettronica di Best Buy auguri di natale , ci sono un sacco di negozi in Bolingbrook per trovare un grande dono. Walmart ha già annunciato che sta offrendo layaway anche quest'anno, con l'iPad e HP Ultrabook portatili basati sulla lista degli acquisti ammissibili. Il negozio ha cambiato la politica in materia di sua commissione di apertura, che è mantenuta se in ultima analisi, non è possibile pagare per la voce o rimborsati come una carta regalo Walmart quando la voce è completamente ripagato. Tale quota - o di credito - è stato aumentato da $ 5 a $ 15.
As Sweet As A Rose. (a Poem By Me.)
You are as sweet as a rose,Your beauty is something that everyone knows;You are the only one that I want to be with,Having you in my life is the perfect gift.You are my life,You are my love;You are as gentle as a dove.You are the only one that I care about,You are the one that my life is incomplete without;Your beauty really shows,That's why you are as sweet as a rose.
Was The ‘yes On 37′ Campaign Undermined By Its Allies?
Jon RappoportInfowars.comNovember 19, 2012 Before you decide I’m just making this stuff up, answer this question: do you really think food sellers like Whole Foods wanted to see hundreds, maybe thousands of their store products suddenly say “GENETICALLY ENGINEERED” on them?     Are you kidding? Well, that’s exactly what would have happened if YES ON 37 had won. With that prologue, let’s begin. I’m not talking about the workers for the YES ON 37 campaign. There is no doubt the ground game was fought by honest people. But at the top level, a few “suits” relied on advice from professionals who told them there was only one way to win the vote: Focus on the consumers’ right to know what was in their food. That’s it. That was the biggest message. Why? Because the other message would have exposed the natural foods industry. And that other message was: GMOs are horrible. GMO food is destructive to health, to the soil, to
It Can Be A Scary World Even On Here.
Two days ago I went & talked to the police about a situation here. I was given some good advice, no-one should fear or feel scared @ anytime on here or anywhere else. If you are come talk to me, I will tell you what you need to do & what this person can & can not do on here or any social site and when they tell you they are coming to get you, take it very serious. I honestly never felt I needed to fear this person, but now I do and so does the Police, I go back tomorrow to get things rolling I had to go back today on new stuff. Don't give out any info on yourself, NEVER.  I fucked up and now I am scared. I will not be intimidated though to leave. I will not say his name because with what is going on it can hurt me in my case in the long run, but he/she can't either cause it will hurt him/her more. So much to this than I ever knew. I probably should not be writing this, cause it could fuel fire to the flame already started. If you need to know where to start just ask me. I will lead yo
Building Social Inbox With Caramel Android Mobile Application By Andrea Teslia
    Building Social Inbox With Caramel Android Mobile Application by Andrea Teslia            In order to design apps and experiences on mobile, it is no longer    enough to just think about simple and correct functionality. Paring down    is a necessity but no longer the only thing to consider on mobile. As a    user discovers more mobile apps and relies on their mobile device for    their day-to-day use, there is an increasing need to make these apps    work together. And to do so, we need to rethink the inbox.      Read More –
i think i see peoples sofas/ couches and inside their closets/ wardrobes the most on cam
Not A Fan Of Balls?!?!
gathered around having a chat my sister and i are just quitely listening to the idle chit chat going on around us, my husband who has been away for work was talking to my mother about having to attend a full dress ball when both my sister and i hear from my mother... "I'm not a big fan of balls" which sent both of us into hysterics hahahaha
Some people make a name for themselves Some people hide behind a name and Others change their name to run away from their issues
Broken Family Or Not
I dont really know what to think or how to feel about anything thats going on at the momment. My wife that i do love up and disapears on me with the kids and files a order of protection for abuse. I have never abused my wife i love her way to much to do so but according to what she put down it was forced sex phsycaly threatined her made her feel traped called her names fought with her in front of the kids and even accused me of fully falling asleep to where my 3 yr old got ahold of the knives n cut himself. I have never called my wife names always told her stop acting like a bitch or immature the fights were always started by her by accusing me of something never threatned her and deff never forced sex on her if i was told no i waited till the next day i mean hey who doesnt wanna be able to be intimet with there spouse. The falling asleep n my son cutting him self hmm i was tired from working hard and being on meds that make u sleepy but never fell asleep never saw a cut or blood ever
Love Knows No Distance..
It is so hard to be away from you, not talk to you, not hear or see you. I know that love knows no distance and boundaries but sometimes it hurts when I cannot talk to you for so many days. It hurts when I cannot see you or feel you. But it is just magical that when I close my eyes I can feel you breathing right next to me. With my eyes closed I can feel you in every single cell of my body. I strongly believe that nothing in this world can keep us apart because we are one in mind body and soul. There maybe miles and miles between us but nothing can take you away from me because you live deep inside my heart and soul. The only thing in this world that keeps me alive is the love that I feel for you while you are away from me. We share a bond of soulful magical love which has immense power to carry us through distance and time. My heart is devoted to you and my soul is intertwined with your soul till eternity.
Quick Fantasy
After pulling into a parking space, he turns and kisses her full on the mouth, causing her pussy to throb. Looking her in the eye, he said, "Let's go upstairs!" She nods and the two walked arm in arm up the stairs. Once inside the apartment, tries to pull off his jeans. "Let me see your cock, please," she implores, as he playfully keeps her from getting to it. Pulling her close, he asks, "Would you do anything to have my cock?" "Yes, yes, anything," she begs, "just let me have it, please!!!" Letting her go, she is right at his groin, pulling it out to her eager mouth. But only this time, he doesnt want to cum in her mouth, he wants her pussy! He leads her into the bedroom, where he orders her to strip as he lays back on the bed watching as she strips off her clothes. Seeing the big erect cock on his stomach, she leans down and tries to put itin her mouth, but he pushes her away and laughs, "So you want some of it," as he takes it in his hand and gives it a few quick jerks She reaches f
Ngleterre Roy Hodgson Principal A été échangé En Outre Autre Grande
Il y a un vraiment frénétique devez inclure une casquette du salaire du newbie un fantastique essayez de garder des accords de l'emprunt dans ligne avec le NFL entier. Un des décourageant attributs a besoin vraiment d'être le principal "complété la prise" classification. Toute balle du bowling crochue qui habituellement l'unité NFL est atteinte au-delà gamme en ordre à un bon solide recevez. maillots de foot,Est possible que cela se débarrasse de beaucoup de pas difficultés exigées avec pièces de thé?tre NFL qui paraissent se passer pour un entrain du nombre NFL jouera. La direction du "pli" notoire réelle est bannie probablement afin que vous enregistriez: tout quarterback NFL n'est pas capable d'obtenir la haute fin impliqué avec mettre à jour le cerveau humain et de plus le laissez-passer sur apparence à est "oublié" opportunément.    ngleterre Roy Hodgson principal a été échangé en outre autre grande douleur frappée après garde sombre gary Whilst Cahill a voyagé omis sur le chemi
******“You know I cannot allow him to touch you.”Her eyes went hard, her tone too. “There is no choice here.”“Of course there’s a choice. There’s always a f*cking choice.” He laughed bitterly. “After this, after everything we’ve shared, my demon beast will not sit idly by while another male mounts you. Do you understand?”“Yes.”“Even if I’m restrained, I will kill myself getting to you.”  
Choisir Un Authentique Nfl Jersey Ou D'une Réplique
Donc, votre un fan de la NFL et de maillots de la NFL que vous aimez vraiment. Peut-être que vous allez essayer de trouver une étonnante pour vous personnellement, peut-être que vous voulez acheter un grand T-shirt pour tout présent. Mais Teresa couple de points, il est préférable de savoir juste avant que vous achetez jersey.if à son départ NFL comme le baseball jersey, aller en ligne à regarder pour obtenir un meilleur prix.Il ya une grande variété de revient des maillots de la NFL, football shirt et il est effectivement utile de comprendre comment chaque fois qu'ils gros acheteurs de maillots NFL, qui veulent reallly avec vous et vous offre d'être le meilleur fournisseur réalisable. Pourquoi et où les coûts diffèrent, avec des montres de haute qualité, des véhicules de luxe et jeans Evisu bijoux, Schneider est devenu une picture de l'état en raison de son significance ne repose pas sur l'évolution du style. Vous devez acheter et exactement où trouver le meilleur prix.
Pink Only Wants!!!
Pink just wants to play on Fubar all day long.
Go On A Grand Canyon River Rafting Tour On Memorial Day
Book your seats now if you're thinking about taking a one day Grand Canyon rafting tour this Memorial Day weekend. The holiday will be here before you know it and the seats will go quickly. Anyone four years old and up can join in the fun since these aren't whitewater rafting trips and there aren't any rapids. Instead, they're gentle, smooth water float trips. Rafting tours of the Grand Canyon are fun day long adventures. You can take one of these scenic tours every day of the week, including the holiday weekend, from the months of March through November. They start early, around six in the morning, and leave from Vegas or the Grand Canyon National Park Airport located in Tusayan, AZ right outside the gates at the South Rim. South Rim Rafting Tours You can choose from two tours to the South Rim. The standard version takes you by bus from GCA to Page, Arizona. Then you go to the base of Glen Canyon Dam. That's where you'll board your pontoon boat. The deluxe option takes you from GCA to
Pink is contemplating reality.
Therefore In The Event You Don't Personal Your Jersey
Suggestions On Picking Football JerseyPlenty of people adore referring to their passions. Men and women usually express their certain involvement in some issue with all the support of specific garments, badges as well as another things. cheap Maillot Enfant activity is just not an exclusion. Specific outfits, pins together with other items that demonstrate off someone's favorite footballer or possibly club are typically important add-ons of nearly any passionate lover. With regards to crew games like football, group players are seldom identified by means of the complete names. The main thing which separates them from numerous other players as well as clubs may be the uniform. The main hallmark of any club will be the colouring on the uniform as well as crew emblem imprinted around the shirt. Soccer fanatics appear to be likewise differentiated from the colour types of shirts they dress in within the course of significant Maillot Espagne . Supporters put on soccer t-shirts
Can some one help me get more ratting's please!!! I asked a few women to Fubar marry me, can't wait to see who it is!!! :)
Nfl Salary Cap Rose $ 12 Million New Collective Bargaining Agreement Has Not Yet Opened Negotiations
  In the original collective bargaining agreement last year, NFL teams salary cap higher than $ 12 million last season, a total of 100 million $ 28 million, which is the NFL salary cap the largest increase in three years time. cheap nfl jerseys Conventionally, this year's salary cap should total $ 23 million to 100 million, but the current collective bargaining agreement allows teams to use $ 5 million as compensation for the termination of the players, so in theory the total up to 100 million $ 28 million. NFL management department completed in May after the financial statistics, issued to each team on the "adjusted financial mechanism" comrades, NFL spokesman Greg - Ai slightly informed by e-mail to The Associated Press about it. Seattle Seahawks jersey Ai Choi said that most of the most recent adjustment will not continue next season, because last year the NFL team bosses have decided to jump out of the current collective bargaining agreement next year, if not this yea
Little Johnny At School 2
     Little Johnny was sitting in class doing math problems when his teacher picked him to answer a question, "Johnny, if there were five birds sitting on a fence and you shot one with your gun, how many would be left?" "None," replied Johnny, "cause the rest would fly away." "Well, the answer is four,"said the teacher, "but I like the way you're thinking." Little Johnny says, "I have a question for you. If there were three women eating ice cream cones in a shop, one was licking her cone, the second was biting her cone and the third was sucking her cone, which one is married?" "Well," said the teacher nervously, "I guess the one sucking the cone." "No," said Little Johnny, "the one with the wedding ring on her finger, but I like the way you're thinking."
BundyEsque   I am sailing Beneath heart's rottensoil Sunken ship of stolen jewels Rusty tide meets trembling digging hand Exhuming earthly waves A thousand leagues under theleaves Apron tied with loving care Bones half mast like sticksandstones Where love can never hurtagain
Arrested For Taking Pictures !!!
Temple University photojournalism student Ian Van Kuyk has been charged with obstruction, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct in a case described as "a miscarriage of justice" by a lawyer for the National Press Photographers Association. "He was just taking pictures, as is his right, (as is) every citizen's right," attorney Mickey Osterreicher said Monday. WTF !!! This type of infringment on our rights i believe results from a trickle down effect. If the top of our goverment does not feel hindered to trample our rights why should the lower eshulion??? WTF !!!
Likes "All I Want to Do (Is Make Love to You)" by Heart.....
Chillin' To The Max
Pink is chillin' to the max.
A Person With Tattoo's Is Not A Criminal
it pisses me of when people with tattoo's get classed as hooligans trouble makers, when it is your trendy rich who cause more fights in bars and clubs
Oh The Roads
So many want to have an easy path A serene path As if that is possible As if that is desirable Then why come to a planet That kills That maims That gives the show Of a life time That you have paid for A myriad of delights Both carnal & ethereal In a choice That YOU make Shall I balance on the high wire? Shall I tame the Tigers? Shall I wear absurd costumes? Shall I scoop up the Elephant dung? We all make our Circus choice All I know is that I did not CHOOSE my body To waste away here Searching for serenity For death I came for the ride And to use my muscles Muscles are useless in heaven I choose life Oh the roads
Identify Michael Kors Outlet Handbags
 Many women dream of buying a designer Michael Kors handbag. Unfortunately, however, a number of people every year are duped into buying fake handbags and that includes Valentino bags. To ensure that you’re buying an authentic Valentino handbag you need to learn what to look for and what to avoid. Check out the price and see what the sell price of the bag is. There are deals to be found, but if you see the bag for 10 to 25 percent off its retail price, the chances are excellent that it's a fake. Read the seller's feedback if shopping online. Many sites require sellers to list if a bag is authentic, though not all sellers do. Read what other customers had to say to discover if the bags are michael kors outlet Valentino uses only top quality leather and fabric for their bags, so if the materials seem rough or uneven, the bag's probably a fake. Look at the stitching, which should be even and clear with no defects or flaws. Since the bags sell for a large amount of money,
Selecting The Right Mover In Hyderabad – Tips For You
If you are relocating from Hyderabad to somewhere else you possibly can make your shift much easier and simpler by using expert packing & moving service from one of trustworthy and knowledgeable moving companies of Hyderabad. There are numerous knowledgeable moving companies or packers and movers in Hyderabad who can help you significantly on your shift. They can help you throughout entire process of your shift – from packing of entire household items at current residence to unpacking of entire household items at new residence. But choosing a right professional moving company in Hyderabad is also big endeavor. Remember, only a trusted and skilled moving company of Hyderabad can give you trouble-free and safe relocation of your household belongings. So hire a mover in Hyderabad that is not only inexpensive but also licensed, trustworthy, reputable and knowledgeable. Here are a few suggestions to select a right professional moving company in Hyderabad. First of all, make a list o
Janey Godley’s Podcast Episode 152
(Please be aware that this Podcast Contains strong language)   In episode 152 of Janey Godley's podcast the comedy mother and daughter duo discuss Operation Yewtree, Rebekka Brooke’s court chargers and Rockness Festival.   Ashley reads more of her teenage diary and rants on about 'hipsters', Janey explains the basics of sharing an electric razor and Ashley goes deep into the reasoning of her mother's relationship with her father and asks "would Janey have an affair?" Possibly some angry singing and the Bold Alec makes an appearance.   Mother and Daughter comedy team get to natter and the world gets to hear it on Janey Godley’s podcasts, expect some bawdy language and home truths, as Janey Godley and Ashley Storrie lead you down the roads less taken in their fantastic weekly podcast. Listen as mother and daughter banter, bait and burst with laughter.   Janey Godley Podcast at: Episode 152   If you would like to support our podcast then please do so by clicking on
Fathers' Day
1. If you be quitting jobs.. or getting paid strictly cash just to avoid paying child support... you better not expect a damn thang on Fathers' Day!! 2. If your kids grew up with each other.. but ONLY found out that they siblings after they get up in age... your Fathers' Day gift should be an ass whuppin!! 3. if your kids live next door to each other.. or across the street from each other... not only do you not get a Fathers' Day gift.. but you should consider it a blessing you ain't got shot yet! 4. if all you've done is dropped off a few dollars now and then for your kid... IF they decide to get you some socks or a tie... you should wear them until they completely unravel.. then pack that string up and keep it in your wallet.... damn it! 5. Showing up for a few birthday parties.. or a couple of Christmases does not make you a Father.. just makes you a little more than a "guest" in your kid's life... NO GIFT FOR YOU!! 6. if you got so many kids.. that you ain't quite sure what al
The Truth Nonetheless Is Far From That
A Manual To Poster MarketingPoster printing for advertising is definitely an simple but detailed procedure. It really is extremely simple to just print posters, but it will get function for that poster printing to genuinely allow you to with your organization and advertising. On this small manual Louis Vuitton Handbags advertising, I will teach you the best way to cope with every single detail that's critical in generating posters for promoting. Let us start using the most critical, the shade poster design.Getting the ideal poster design and style Receiving the perfect poster design and style sounds like challenging operate doesnt it? You will find a lot of design and style choices, marketing and advertising approaches and theme preferences to consider into account. So how can you genuinely decide what color poster style to utilize for marketing?Nicely, the response is simple. The ideal poster layout will be the style that appeals for your readers. So that you should not p
Help My Family Survive Please
please help by following the link or checking out my post on facebook roylyn white
Reason To Push In My Life!
you're so special more than you know and more than I're my soul mate, you're my lover, you're all that I's your smile and it's your eyes it's your heart and it's your cries.I'll love you forever even long after we're my friend and you're my're my light and you're my're my shoulder and my strength.I would die for you and go to any're the person I need and the one who is there.I have you right now and it doesn't seem fair.cause right now isn't enough and forever is too soon.without you I would die and not know what to're more than a friend and more than a wife're my forever and forever isn't long enough for me and you.there's a place in heaven waiting just for you.I pray there is room right there beside you for me're a beautiful soul and I could forget you never.I just pray that we are always together now and forever. I LOVE U REBECCA ANN
The Lover Style Profile Test
The Carnal Lover 50% partner focus, 57% aggressiveness, 55% adventurousness Based on the results of this test, it is highly likely that: You prefer your romance and love to wild and daring rather than typical or boring, you would rather pursue than be pursued and, when it comes to physical love, you concentrate more on enjoying the experience rather than worrying about your performance. This places you in the Lover Style of: The Carnal Lover. The Carnal Lover is a wonderful Lover Style, though it is often confusedwith terms like "player" or even "slut." The Carnal Lover is not necessarily either of those things (though sometimes is) but is instead a lover of life, romance and pleasure. The Carnal Lover is a treasure to find, though can sometimes be difficult to keep happy once found, because a Carnal Lover often loves a variety-filled life. In terms of physical love, the Carnal Lover tends to be dynamic and driven, and can therefore be quite pleasurable. Given the right motivation, a
I Wished Ya Was Here
I can be tough, I can be strongBut with you, it's not like that at allThere's a girl that gives a shitBehind this wall, you just walk through itAnd I remember all those crazy things you saidYou left them running though my headYou're always there, you're everywhereBut right now I wish you were hereAll those crazy things we didDidn't think about it, just went with itYou're always there, you're everywhereBut right now I wish you were hereDamn, damn, damnWhat I'd do to have you here, here, hereI wish you were hereDamn, damn, damnWhat I'd do to have you near, near, nearI wish you were hereI love the way you areIt's who I am, don't have to try hardWe always say, say it like it isAnd the truth is that I really missAll those crazy things you saidYou left them running though my headYou're always there, you're everywhereBut right now I wish you were hereAll those crazy things we didDidn't think about it, just went with itYou're always there, you're everywhereBut right now I wish you were hereDam
Untitled (not My Own Work)
On top of gravesMake love my darling,Make love,and while you're alive,Have wine,Get drunk,There are no second helsingsFor the deadKnow nothing of death,Nor of their lifeThat has passed.          ~Annonymous
Pooja Builder Property Appa Junction Hyderabad @09999620966
                                       Pooja First Leaf Journalist Colony Hyderabad   Pooja ventureshas announce a new Residential villa “First Leaf” is Located in Journalist Colony, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Pooja First Leaf offers 4bhk luxurious Villa size is 4600sq.ft. It is spread over 3 acres land and set amidst the city conveniences & secluded tranquility. First Leaf your own personal space . You’ll leave the highway behind and come home to a brilliantly designed, perfectly appointed, individually fashioned home. From inception this project set out to be different. Never ordinary. In fact, outstanding. Desirable. Uniquely situated amongst the newly activated laneways of Hyderabad, First Leaf is the perfect combination of city convenience and secluded tranquility. The beauty of Gachibowli is the brilliant environment. And that includes the recreational aspects. The Parks, Sport ,Entertainment, Shopping, School and access .           A
Your Holistic Health
  WELCOME TO NATURE'S CORNER                 
" I Caught My Wife Cheating" Cont
Before i could answer, Vanessa came down  the stairs. ashe had thrown on a pair of sweat pants and an over sized T shirt. I could tell she was flustered. She quickly came over and threw her arms around me. "I missed you so much! fucking slut i thoought to my self:(   I can't believe you're home early!: she kisse me quickly, then pulled away, avoiding my eyes.   It was so strange stasnding in the hall way of my house, looking at my wife and that ass hole, both nervous, both trying to look natural, both fresh from fucking their brains out. and both having no idea that i had just watched them do it.
Showden Part 2
Snowden Becomes Eighth Person to Be Charged with Violating the Espionage Act Under Obama     Kevin Gosztolafiredoglake.comJune 23, 2013 (update below) A criminal complaint indicates former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden has been charged with three felonies. Two of the felonies are charges under the Espionage Act. The complaint, filed on June 14, shows he was charged with “unauthorized communication of national defense
How Do I Believe
Benfica Has Rejected Chelsea's Offer You Of Sixteen
Blue Benfica Final Offer 2100Chelsea's season to date is the two internal and external signatures Winter essential. Chelsea high-priced for many%2
Ali Teamed Green Orange Push Customized Smartphone "albatron 1
June 25 news, Ali Mobile today officially announced the smartphone manufacturers Android 4.1 Cell Phones customized with domestic green orange reached with the introduction of mobile phone system equipped with Ali Green Orange smartphone "Albatron one The Albatron a smart phone will be officially launched in July 10th green orange phone Lynx flagship store starting pre-sales follow-up will be launched allowing users to mix their own CPU, memory, screen and other hardware configurations customized smart phones.In May this year, Green Orange mobile phone has already begun to promote their own "custom smart phone" features. The introduction of mobile phones equipped with Ali cloud phone system will also allow users to customize. Green Orange advocated the concept of customized mobile phones, with the electricity supplier industry C2B model coincide. In this mode, the consumer is no longer passively accept vendors provide hardware products, but according to their actual need
Poem Post #22
Blank   One day at a time is how I've been taking my life, And there's a man who asked me to be his wife. But I'm not sure where I stand with either one, Though I can say I'm starting to feel very alone. Have you ever felt like you want to just disappear? Or that you were already invisible to the ones you thought cared? Can life overwhelm you beyond your own belief? And is it hard for you to relax enough for relief? I've found my own feelings are hard to follow And that all the hurt isn't easy to swallow. Truth be known... Im not  sure I know myself.  Im finding it very hard to deal with the fact that I've fell. Losing yourself into the darkness overcome with your own thoughts, Acting like I am a programmed robot. Wanting to fade away but something keeps you from letting go. Blankness.... I just do not know.     ****By: Annaliese Edie (December 13, 2009)
There comes a time in your life where you have to take back control and do whats right for you and take over the wheel of life. Yes there will be speed bumps named, Judgement, opinions, and the biggest bump, fear. When you come up to those speed bump, don't be afraid to ride over them, some you may have to take your time going over, but just remember once you get pass them all , you can look back and say. Hey that wasn't so hard to get over and God was at the wheel all the time. 
Transferring Tips For Transferring Having House Animals And Also Children - Circumstances To Learn
Have you been going to go together with your house animals? It is one of the most troublesome issues to identify packers and movers bangalore whom is getting ready to transportation the things as well as your house animals with all the exact same proper care and also focus you spend on your house animals. Your things can be sensitive which enable it to always be transported together with extensive proper care yet house animals need special proper care and not just focus. Almost all of the Transferring corporations aren't prepared go the house animals. So if you intend to go together with your house animals, you should get their own accountability on your own. Or else you might talk to in order to just about any canine transporter to maneuver the house animals in the event that is certainly what you require. Unless you use just about any canine transporter thinking about shifting together, you'll need a few assistance just about any ideas to produce the relocation easier, both equally i
10 Reasons We Love In Life To Truly From The Heart
10 reasons are in this life for the love ...                 We love that we can not live alone in this world               We love when we find the one we have and we do not want                             We love to show that we are not cold                             We love to smile                             We love to feel butterflies in stomach                             We love to pamper and be spoiled                  We love because we have a heart that knows no book                           We love to see how sweet is life                           Really love to live                           We love because we soulmates                           My heart will be yours forever!
Zara Online Online Store Yes/noselect Normal
zara online Online store Yes/NoSelect Normal Levy Declaring Totally free National Income taxes 2010 Comply with this specific fashion clothing straightforward treatment along with report your current National Income taxes For no extra charge just for this calendar year and have most cheap online clothing stores effective levy repayment. This procedure can be worked out routinely a state income taxes 2010, national income taxes 2010, along with levy repayment volume in addition. Consequently only signup currently along with comprehensive your current treatment within just units. Report No cost Your current National Levy Give back Declaring 2010 On-line via HereFirst Coming from all visit Levy ActThen Immediately after Develop Your current AccountNow understand the online video for ones informationNow Visit Proceed ButtonDid you have Levy TAKE cheap clothes ACTION usaecently 聳 YesNoEven in case you would not employ Levy TAKE ACTION to arrange your current incom
His Eyes
Love is rare Love is Devine A love like this has to be mine When I look into your eyes so blue and rare I can't help myself but for falling for you right there Your personality is is amazing As your heart is to I can't help but wonder Why your not mine to I want to know everything From your dreams to yours fears I wanna share all your Smiles and yours tears Take a chance with me You won't soon regert Because I'm everything your Soul has long for and Your dreams have kept
Depth Analysis Of Ac-dc Power Supply Design
Even for the most experienced power supply designers who will have to be achieved in a small volume to maximize power efficiency is not an easy task. Compact device requires a lot of power supply design in a given time period, such equipment may need to load hundreds of watts of power. The height limit is less than a 1U system, forced air cooling may be feasible, which means you must use costly to implement large surface area thin heatsink thermal management.  AC / DC power supply is AC input, output DC power supply module. Which in this module includes an internal rectifier filter circuit, buck circuit and voltage regulator circuit. In the AC / DC power conversion applications require a wide input range, usually require: 85V ~ 265V AC input, high output power conversion efficiency requirements, and can effectively improve the energy performance, full load efficiency in AC / DC power supply design is a major consideration. Improve AC / DC converter efficiency and achieve
Remember When...
Remember: then-CWS lefty Mark Buehrle set down 45 straight,  pitching his perfecto and then retiring the 1st 17 hitters he faced in his next start?  One of the All-Time MLB hi-lites on Blogging-Baseball (dot) com  An Oppty 4 SEO-type to buy this est. baseball blog. Offers please!
Fuck You Fubar
Wow, no ones gettin paid cept the owner? Do the math. Seriously!
Moving Made Simple By Packers And Movers
Moving from one place to another with lots of household effects including furniture and home appliances is not a fun chore. It is a complicated, time-consuming and difficult process which can be very daunting affair for you. It can pester anyone as it consists of lots of hassles, difficulties and unpleasant issues. But moving can by simplified and turned into easygoing and smooth affair by using services of professional packers and movers companies or moving agencies. There are various professional packers and movers in different cities and towns of India to choose from. You can choose the services of right one and make your move extremely easy and simple. A good moving company will help with your move during entire operation. You will get hassle-free and safe execution of process. All your belongings will be handled with care and skill by experts. You will have to do nothing. You will just see how the process is executed with perfection. Each and every item of your households will be
Laws And Freedom
 This is just something I think everyone should know but even more they should understand. Laws We as a people would like to think that every law on the books for every one state and federal is there to protect us.  This isnt always the truth. Lets look at seat belts.. do they save lives Yes This is a rather common belief So 90% of us will wear our seat belts.. But think of this You as a person lost the right to choses weather or not you can or can not wear your selt belt.... This is a loss of freedom.  Guns. Always a hot topic. Every year more and more laws are put down More and more restrictions more and more people find it harder to buy a fire arm legally.  Think about this. A criminal don't give 2 flying FUCKS about the laws. Thus why they are criminals, it is easier to find a gun from a black market dealer than to buy one from a gun shop.  So with that in the back of your head Explain to me why some one with no criminal history no mental problems finds it so hard to buy a firearm
For My Friend Dj Kimmie
This is a message from my friend Dj Kimmie.    I need to ask you all something very serious if, you all would for me please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I found out yesterday that I have extra blood vessels on the left side of my brain that could potentially rupture at anytime...... They are sending me to a specialist and I may have to have surgery.... I am asking everyone to keep me in their thoughts and prayers please, if you would as I go through  this rough time in my life.   Please, Pray for her as she faces this battle. I am standing with her, because she is my friend. 
I need 5000 likes.. All help is appreciated. 
Why We Celebrate Independence Day
We recently celebrated our 237 Birthday  with the usual firworks and BBQ/s across the nation. But sometimes we forget what Indepence Day is all about and the impact it left on the World and on our daily lives as free Americans....When you think of what our founding fathers took on with this declaration is really a credit to their character and principles of life. liberty and the pusuit of happiness for all people who were oppressed and persecuted for wanting these freedoma. They went to war with the most powrful nation in the World at that time in Great Britain. Even though the Brittish were at war with France they were still a formidable opponent. With a well skilled and experienced army. The continental army was a collection of hunters and farmers who had really no experience in it was a major undertaking to declare independence at that time. The continental army  under the command General George Washingto lost most of the battles  against the Brittish. But th
The Day:
When I look into The Day I see the past of when we were young and in love The day when we first meet Our first kiss the future that we would had together But that day will never come Because you are gone from Me The Present may be hopeful,I hope If not I will always remember you my love WROTE 2001  
Mic: Tablet Pc Industry In Taiwan This Year, Shipments Will Grow 24.5%
Information Institute for Information Industry estimates that in 2013 the global PC (PC) shipments of about 306 million units, down 4.1 percent compared with last year, is expected in 2014, is expected to surge in the commercial replacement driven by the global PC market will turn slightly positive growth trend, but this slight slow growth trend will continue until 2017, the market scale of development show a slow stagnation phenomenon. For Information Industry Consultant Zhoushi Xiong said that in 2013 the PC market by the Android Tablet PC 2013 global economic recovery is slow, Tablet PC (Tablet) products continues to expand growth, the consumer market has declined significantly in Europe and America and other factors, will show negative growth trend, the overall rate of decline than the Desktop (DT) is more obvious. Looking ahead, it is expected in the new platform and new product specifications gradually into the market after the end-consumer market will stimulate dema
For Both Men And Women: How To End Being Controlled By An Ex~you Wont Be Able To Start Living Life On Your Terms Until You Make The Break!!
POSTED THIS FOR A FEW OF YOU AND OUT OF LOVE AND CARE I HAVE FOR YOU! *THANK YOU GOES OUT TO FOR THIS ARTICLE!!! Ending a controlling or manipulative relationship can be even harder than being in one. Though you may think that you don't have the courage to end the relationship or that your partner won't be able to make it without you -- even if he hurts you all the time -- you won't be able to start living life on your own terms until you make the break. If you want to truly end the relationship, you have to prepare in advance, execute your plan, and follow through. Here's how to do it. Recognize that you're being controlled. Many controlling or manipulative relationships last far longer than they should because the person who is being controlled or manipulative is in denial about anything being wrong. You may think your partner is just a bit moody or needy when in fact, that person has slowly taken over every a
Celtic Astrology
Interest how well these things fit sometimes. Ivy – The SurvivorSeptember 30 – October 27Among other cherished qualities of the Ivy Celtic tree astrology sign, most prized is your ability to overcome all odds. You have a sharp intellect, but more obvious is your compassion and loyalty to others. You have a giving nature, and are always there to lend a helping hand. You are born at a time of the waning sun so life can be difficult for you at times. This sometimes seems unfair because it appears that obstacles are coming at with no prompting on your part. Nevertheless, you endure troubling times with silent perseverance and soulful grace. Indeed, Ivy signs have a tendency to be deeply spiritual and cling to a deep-rooted faith that typically sees them trough adversity. You are soft spoken, but have a keen wit about you. You are charming, charismatic, and can effectively hold your own in most social settings. Ivy signs are attracted to the Celtic tree astology sign of Oak a
I Wish
I wish I could go back in time and fall in love with you all over again. I want to undo all the things that went wrong in our relationship because we were so immature. I want to do all that I can to avoid those silly quarrels which kept us gloomy for days. I just want to sit beside you and do all those things which we missed doing. I want to plan things with you, things we always thought we wanted to do but we never had the time. I want to sit with you and watch your kind of movies and laugh together. I want to talk to you about everything and anything under the sun. We have had our bad days but you are that one person in my life whom I can never give up on. I know I cannot change the past but I just want to fall in love with you over and over again. I love you with my heart and soul.
I am looking for mercs so if you haven't played fumafia yet join now join here!! Also always looking for new mobbies :)
I think--I think when it's all over, It just comes back in flashes, you know? It's like a kaleidoscope of memories. It just all comes back. But he never does. I think part of me knew the second I saw him that this would happen. It's not really anything he said or anything he did, It was the feeling that came along with it. And the crazy thing is I don't know if I'm ever gonna feel that way again. But I don't know if I should. I knew his world moved too fast and burned too bright. But I just thought, how can the devil be pulling you toward someone who looks so much like an angel when he smiles at you? Maybe he knew that when he saw me. I guess I just lost my balance. I think that the worst part of it all wasn't losing him. It was losing me.                                  
The Rose
The Rose  Some say love, it is a river   Some say love, it is a razor   That leaves your soul to bleed.  That never takes the chance.   It's the one who won"t be taken   Who cannot seem to give.   And the soul afraid of dying"   That never learns to live.   When the night has been too lonely   And the road has been too long   And you think that love is only  For the lucky and the strong    Just remember in the winter   Far beneath the bitter snows  Lies the seed that with the sun"s love    In the spring becomes the rose.  I can see with my eyes no matter it’s white day or dark nightAt least I can hold your hand in the crowded street If I can see with my eyesI can drive you to the place we dreamt ofAnd give you a surprising hug from your back If I can see with my eyesMy life is different from beforeMaybe my favorite , my love are not the same as before You know the black is not the blackWhy the color is white , tell me why?I know the blue sky is blue, In my heart , the clear blue
Cte D'ivoire Debut Teenager After A Didier Drogba Free-kick
Chelsea Attacking Threat ShownAncelotti way a week, Drogba and Torres attempted to create a bridge amongst, and his answer is Malouda and Kalou, but Kalou rejected the last minute (to consider the general stability) straight pumping cocoon Roberts, actually, only on the greater stress within the pair. Center of two world-class status are very good, which they usually Qiuhou through the clever processing might be witnessed, however they are all center, not center, Ancelotti Football Shirt hoping to plug the back row gamers the chance, but not just blocked the backs on the Maillot Espagnebut in addition long been mindful on the outdated mine, mine come in the outdated Sandro STARE Frank Lampard, Chelsea's attack, had a lot of advantages, there exists no winning situation.Without a doubt, speaking through the scene of the victory of Chelsea is absolutely nothing incorrect. However the very first half, from forty yards away Drogba's free kick hit the crossbar to provide Drogba
Hiring Services Of Movers Packers In Delhi
Planning to shift to a new place within Delhi or from this city to another one? If yes then you might consider for hiring services of one of professional movers and packers or moving companies in Delhi. I think you are well aware about the fact that moving home whether it is within a city or from a city is not a fun chore. It comprises of lots of hassles, difficulties, problems, chaos, unpleasant issues and of course several tedious tasks such as packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of furniture, major & small appliances, electronics, and household effects. In fact you will need to be prepared well for the situation mentally and physically both. Rightly, moving is considered to be one of the most stressful events of life. But hiring services of a professional moving company in Delhi would be one option that can definitely simplify the operation and turn it into easygoing and smooth affair. There are several professional movers and packers in Delhi that
A Unique Casio Experience
When it comes to professional music, there are only a few instruments I can rely on. CTK810IN professional keyboard is one of them. Replete with modern technology and dominant sounds, this digital keyboard is a must buy for every musician. Not only does it help you deliver quality performances, it also teaches you a variety of rhythms and tones. It is the ultimate digital professional keyboard package you’ll find in the market. I was highly impressed with its performance and recommended it to all my musician buddies! Since I wanted a keyboard that would aid my Indian music performances, I opted for CTK810IN casio because of its fresh new Indian rhythms and sounds. Each day I learnt something new about this casio. It was a journey of delightful uncovering and learning. The CTK810IN has some amazing technological features that I haven’t found in any other music instrument. I wanted a keyboard that would help me excel in my field while keeping me in touch with contemporary
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Summer Time In Glasgow 1970
"Get out there, the sun is splitting the trees" my mammy would say, it's an old Glasgow saying. I was nine years old living in the East End of Glasgow. Our school summer holidays were so different from the kids today. These pampered children who have play schemes, play dates and a collection of activities to keep them away from computers and hopefully engage them in positive social interaction.   Back in the day we made do with a three legged dog to play with and a creepy old man who was the park keeper to hide from, our scope to learn interaction was right there on the streets.   Looking back, I have no idea why every park in Glasgow I went to in the East of the city seemed to have a dirty old man in a brick hut who liked to show you his wrinkled penis. The council hired them as 'park keepers' and their hut was always directly opposite the swing park....for perfect viewing I suspect.   We kids all taught each other, no matter what injury you sustained falling off swings "don't
False Heart?
She thinks my heart is false,Because of my desire for her so devine.A way deep into her heart,Somehow I will find.I will hold her close softly,And whisper my words to her of love.And soon her heart will fly to me,Sent from the heavens above.Our love will hold body mind and soul,Truer than all you'll ever know.And forever every day my love,Into my arms you will go.
17 Positive Affirmations
POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS   I think and act with confidence. I am strong and powerful. I fully accept myself as I am. I have many accomplishments to my credit. I am healthy and energetic. I deserve the time and space to heal. I have all the resources I need to do what I want to in my life. I am loved by many people. I am a very valuable person. I am safe and protected. I am effective and efficient in stressful situations. I am peaceful and serene at all times. My relationships are happy and fulfilling. I am in charge of my life. I look and feel wonderful. I express myself easily and comfortably. I choose life.
Oh Well
So I fucked around and spoke my mind why the hell did I do that oh well . LoL
The Main Said The Club This Summer's Transfer Is Not Over Yet
Fiorentina have signed Palermo midfielder Ely confirm Milicic, club chairman expressly team's signings not over yet ......Wholesale jerseys ????? Serie A club official confirmation of Florence has been signed from Palermo Slovenian midfielder Erie Milicic, the transfer fee is unknown, but according to media reports about Europe and about 9 million plus additional terms.? Palermo eventually demoted poor performance last season, the team needs to find a balance financially, so they will Ljajic was sold to Fiorentina, but the players and Florence contract period is currently not disclosed. Florence has introduced Gomez, Ambrosini, Marcos - as well as Joaquin Alonso, the main said the club this summer's transfer is not over yet. ????? Della Valle Tuesday that pre-season training camp in the team told the fans: "Erie Milicic will join Florence, our surprise is not over, we will strengthen the midfield for the team even stronger.Wholesale soccer jerseys " Prior to Premier League Serie A cl
Abetted By A Hat-trick From England Striker Michael Owen
Win a Signed England Football Shirt Win a Signed England Football Shirt England is one of eight nationwide teams who've won the FIFA Planet Cup. In 1966 they hosted the finals and defeated West Germany four? in additional time. Since then their very best performance at a World Cup was a fourth spot finish in 1990. They reached the semi-finals of the UEFA European Championship in 1968 and 1996. They had been probably the most productive in the Home Nations within the British Property Maillot Espagne which includes twenty shared wins ahead of the competition was suspended in 1984. Every person remembers that epic evening in Munich when England met Germany through the qualifying phases from the 2002 World Cup. England won the game five?, abetted by a hat-trick from England striker Michael Owen. Every one of the England objective scorers have been Liverpool gamers. The match gave rise to the fan chant 5-1 and in some cases Heskey scored. Their good results is thought to be one
Words From A Dream...
In a world with so many colors I always dream without them It sometimes seems so strange to me Wandering in that endless oblivion Nothing in that place ever changes Its filled with long dreary days My mind is overflowing with the emptiness Its sometimes too much to bear All the bells and whistles are lost behind me Nothing but shadows remain                                            copyright-2012          RedSer Inc.
It Still Exists
LOVE is like a sunshine...IT brings golden glow to the beholder's face...AND a warm feeling all over their body...IT awakens souls and opens eyes... AND when it is over it brings billions of small memories called stars...To remind the world,that it still exists...
In Her Silence..
It is hard to look into the eyes of his accuser knowing in my heart he wasn't guilty of the crime. I don't expect anyone to understand why I feel this way. Had he not been there the night the store was robbed years prior to all this bullshit happening, I honestly don't know how things would have turned out for me if he hadn't been there. I just can't bring myself to think about it. *wipes tears from eyes*   My heart breaks for children who suffer at the hands of adults. Here they have the wrong adult in this situation and it truly disheartening that our justice system fails so many.   Her silence spoke volumes tonight.
Lovin' You
No matter what you Say or Do , Please know that I'll always Love you , No matter the Hour or the Year , I'll crave to be with You there , or Here . The mind is a Powerful thing , and I Want you To be forever Near , So understand I know , Where I am my Dear . Although I only live in your mind , I want our Dreams to surpass the Times. Here or There , anytime anywhere , You will Always be Mine ...... threw the Test of Time .......
Words Spoken
                                                              "Words Spoken"                         Remember the words you say to one another will have a effect on each of you.These words need to be honest,truthful and sincere coming from your heart and not from the head.For the heart knows more and feels more than your head.Love is not a game and should never be.Love is a very special,it is a feeling that can only be felt from inside your heart.So,always mean what you are saying and feeling towards each other and it's coming from the heart and to the one you really love and want for the rest of your life....                                            
I Am The Life Of The Party.. So Contagious.
1. Who was your last text from? georgie :D   2. Where was your default picture taken? my houseular   3. Whats your middle name?  marie  4. Whats on your mind? mmmm ice cream sounds bomb   5. Does your crush/GIRLfriend/BOYfriend like you back? hmmm crushes are so middle school lol   6. What is your current mood? happpy with myself    7. What is your moms name? theresa... she is a hoebag... lol.. jk.. maybe   8. What color shirt are you wearing? purple with a pocket.. yeh i am pretty gangster   9. Are you close with your dad?  he is my best friend  10. If you could go back in TIME and change something, would you?  fuck no.. everything happens for a reason.. no regrets.  11. Have a crazy side? yeh every side haha    12. Ever had a near death experience?  a couple  13. Something you do a lot? cuss, drink, smile, fubar, party like a rock star   14. Angry at anyone?  yeh some dick douche  15. Favorite Month?  july cause of my birthday mwahaha  16. Name someone with the same bi
I mess up and fall short sometimes. I'm far from perfect. My actions and words, don't always match. I know who I am, sometimes my hopes and desires and true believes get pushed aside due to my need to be  loved or accepted. I'm human. I've sent mixed messages to people and then turned around and placed blame when they may have been confused or hurt by my actions and words not matching. I'm not proud to admit I've crossed the line, and sent mixed messages. I wish I could go back and right the wrongs on my part, but it isn't always possible. And I certainly don't want to be someones pain the butt. I am a work in progress too. I hope in your heart you do see the true me beyond the crazy bs. I'm truly sorry for any hurt or confusion I may have caused. I'm thankful for the experience that has shown me this defect within myself. I'm thankful with no regrets. Always know there is a special place in my heart for you and thank you for being you!!!
Book Links
posted on 10/29/2012 @ 12:10 pm Where to find my books at  (edit | delete) Beauty Around the World by: Michael (Miki) Profant Price: $16.95 Product Details ISBN: 1-60703-426-3 # Pages: 87 pages Dimensions: 6 x 9 Format: Softcover Latest News: Less than 30 pct of all books are bought in real bookstores. Product Description If you ask where my inspiration to write poetry comes from, I would have to say from everywhere. From gray misty mornings to a beautiful smile, I try to see beauty in everything. I once told a friend beauty wasn’t just about her face. It could be a smile, a sparkle in the eyes, a soft touch, or words that warm my heart—qualities that all women have. So if you feel the urge, write me and maybe I’ll write one for you. I hope you will enjoy this book. Beauty Around the World Book 2 by: Michael (Miki) Profant Price: $19.95
Night Was Long
As i lay in my bed all alone i kept thinking what to say to Abel before he leaves. I got out of bed at maybe 3am maybe later i don't know exactly.I went to where Abel was sleeping (i really doubt he was sleeping) I remember reaching for his hand it was laying across his chest and his had felt so big in my tiny hands. I pulled him towards my room and we lay in bed i started crying thinking how could i have gotten caught up in this? I kissed his big chest up his neck and asked him if i do stay with him will we ever forget this whole experience? I sat on top of him and straddled him with my thighs he rubbed me up my breast.  I told him i was tense from thinking so much. he turned me over and started massaging my backi felt like now he knows why i hesitated to tell him more. the massage was intense he poured baby oil on my back and down my ass. His hands used pressure to give me a inner thigh massage then he requested to put a pillow under me to make me more relaxed.  I remember his callus
Helping A Friend Now Help Me Help Her
my friend called me crying last night. saying her and her boyfriend of about two years got into another huge fight. i guess he came home drunk and just ignored her. she made the effort to get his attention and he still ignored her. she had no idea where or who he was with. so she went to bed, he comes in and turns on the light, she asks him where he was he still ignores her so she gets mad and says "thanks for not telling me where you were i was worried, thanks for coming home drunk, and thanks for ignoring me". i guess at this point he loses it and starts yelling at her. telling her to pack her stuff and to move out, that shes nothing, meaning nothing, and will never be anything. she tells me she cant handle this anymore that it happens a few times a week and its like he dont truely care about her anymore. all he wants is sex from her or at least thats what she told me. i mean i know they dont really go anywhere, i ask them to come out and they never come. she also told me before that
In Hell Or Heaven ?
When I see your face , in this whole human race,I just want to smile but you'll only be with me for awhile .Your strength is as bounding and ever surrounding , When I look at you , I can feel your arms around me ,When I close my eyes in sleep , my soul thou keepth in reach,Your lips do I feel as they linger near , as I sleep , So close in your arms , Then I awake and you're not here ,And I know deep down I have everything to fear . And I know without reason or doubt , your name will be ,The last name I'll whisper as my spirit leaves this realm , I'll leave with you my soul and my heart , And want you to know , no greater love have I , nor would I want ,You've been everything to me , my friend and my lover  , And there isn't any wonder why you'll be mine til the end of all time I love it when you call me baby , cause baby I've always been,No other words of love you speak , so baby I will keep.   Even tho' I call thee my Lord , We both know who's feet , You'll be keeping warm. In the
Katy Perry "california Gurls" Parody - "california Nerds"
Mounting A Vhd In Windows 8
Windows 8 Also has the ability to mount a Virtual Hard Disk to work with it.  The following steps explain the process to perform this action. Step 1:  connect your external media Step 2:  Go to your desktop Step 3:  due to the lack of the windows start menu we are going to do this the "easy" way.  press the left windows key and r to open the run command. Step 4:  this will open the run box.  type in diskmgmt.msc and click ok   Step 5: This will open the disk management window.  click action and attach VHD. Steps 6-On:  At this point the process is identical to windows 7.  At this time i will be linking you to my blog on how to mount a windows 7 disk image.  please start at step 4:
Moment Of Personal Safety Security Smart Phones Sprung Veb
Domestic VEB security smart phones, since the brand was established, on the intensive farming in the field of mobile security. Safety first smartphone VEB V2, Core Security Technologies has received a number of national patents, market segments clarity, so that the sudden emergence of intelligent security VEB phone, it will undoubtedly become more critical in the information security situation on the market highly mobile attention. First, the meteoric rise, high-end flagship phone safety VEB to "safety" as the core value, all-round performance to create mobile security moviles baratos Mobile phone design and interior workmanship, every detail reflects VEB excellent safety performance. Mobile structure using rare luxury, high-tempered glass, kevlar military bulletproof material, effectively protect mobile phone with popular brands of solid nature, always ensure the safety of the kernel. Waterproof grade IP67, waterproof world leader. Meanwhile authoritative testing laborat
August 2013 Update.
The letter came from the neurologist to say that the EEG appointment would be sent within a month. After that we can decide whether it will be feasable to further reduce medication or not. He has told me to stay on the current dose of 100mg Lamictal daily until after he has seen the results. I feel that he would be happier if I remained on a low dose in order that fits do not return, even if it is just over the point of being homeopathic. Still seizure free to date and it would be nice to be completely free of medication to give me complete freedom.
The Old Stoic
Riches I hold in light esteem ;      And Love I laugh to scorn ; And lust of fame was but a dream       That vanished with the morn :   And if I pray , the only prayer        That moves my lips for me Is , " Leave the heart that now I bear ,         And give me liberty !"   Yes , as my swift days near their goal ,          Tis all that I implore ; In life and death , a chainless soul ,           With courage to endure .     Emily Bronte ( 1818 ---1848 ) She was also the Author of " Wuthering Height's " and " Jane Eyre " both Classics & passionate , I'm sure there are more but can't list them all. She died at the tender age of thirty and how her mind knew of such tales of passion while  living isolated in the moors of England with only her family members around her , I can't even imagine. I would really love to have tea with the Lady and learn from one of the best .....
Mourinho: C Lo Lost Either Real Madrid Goal Is The Big News I Was Pleased
AP Chelsea 1 to 3 loss to Real Madrid, get Guinness Cup runner-up, the Blues coach Jose Mourinho said after the game he saw a lot of positive things. Speaking the other outstanding performance C-Lo, Mike Mussina had a double meaning. "C Lo is a good player, his career has been constantly scoring his goal is not big news is that he does not score.Christian Louboutin But two goals, we have made a mistake." "The first ball, we send free kick location is C Lo's favorite. Second goal, I told the players before each pass, C Luo like to find space, trying to enter the air when, because he was in the air the ability of good. " "In my opinion, we have made a mistake, which is good, because we will be able to correct it. Like I said last week, cheap Sunglasses pre-season warm-up match victory in five games, will not give us any credit, there is now a defeat, we are still points to zero, this is not a big deal. " Speaking to play Chelsea, Mourinho said that although the defense by R
Something I Wrote (when I Used To Write ) Repost.
As I got out of bed this morning a familiar feeling and a smile came a crossed my face because I knew we would be together today, I had spent a long week at work and was looking forward to this day as I quickly leaped from my bed showered and got dressed. I arrived at your place in the morning saying hello in my usual manner and sitting next to you as we talked and reminisced about old times and had some laughter and tears, I softly told you how I loved your touch on my skin and how soft your lips felt when they pressed against mine and how I loved your little ways that you made me feel like I was your one and only world. Before I knew the time had slipped away and I realized I must be going. Telling you I will return soon as I laid the flowers at your stone telling you how much I love you and could not wait to come back again.
Global News: China Smart Phone Samsung Occupied By Three Percent
China Network August 14 hearing, according to Yonhap news, the U.S. market research firm Strategy Analytics (SA) survey, Samsung Electronics sold in the Chinese market in the second quarter, 15.3 million smartphones, a market share of 19.4%. Compared with the first quarter android 4.1 phones sales increased 2.8 million, the market share increased 0.9 percentage points. As a result, Samsung Electronics since last six consecutive quarters since the first quarter of the smartphone market in China ranked champion. Lenovo, Coolpad, ZTE and other Chinese manufacturers of smart phones increased sales compared to the previous quarter, 130-270 ten thousand, but the market share remain in the 9.7 to 12.3% between Huawei sales have decreased 500,000, its market share dropped to 9.6 %. The Chinese manufacturer sells low-end products. Shenzhen, China Mobile Communications Association announced the "first half of 2013 China's smart phone application software experience report" shows th
Lonely Life
Lonely Life Lonely on the land I walk, Lonely cross the sea I sail, Lonely air of beach I stroll – This lonely life doth take its toll.Lonely trek of woodland trail, Lonely mist in haze o’ dawn, Lonely spies the bird of preyIn lonely circles all astray.Lonely be the dark of nightWhen sleep is but a yearning wish, To dream of sweet companions close, As wine would pair with diner's dish.Lonely do these thoughts me makeThat draw my blood of precious life; Replace with stream of flowing painTo bless my veins with coursing strife.Lonely years are now my friends, Lonely cries bereft of sound, Lonely tears that cool my face In lonely life of sullen pace.   -Mark Slaughter  
The Lonely Man
  The Lonely Man The Lonely ManLost Wondering ConfusedThe Lonely ManWho is this lonely manIs it youIs it meIs it the homeless guy outsideThe Lonely ManAlways wondering if he’ll be foundAlone in such a big worldWalking the streetsLooking at all the lightsSeeing all the sad peopleSeeing all the happy peopleSeeing all the drugs and booze How is heThis lost soulThis wondering soulThe poor confused manThe Lonely ManWe are all lostWe all are wonderingWe all are confused Where do we go I’m The Lonely ManYou’re The Lonely ManThe Lonely Man
Angel Eyes-----
Girl, you're looking, fine tonight, and every guy has got you in his sights. What you're doing, with a clown like me, is surely one of life's little, mysteries So tonight I'll ask the stars above, "How did I ever win your love?" What did I do? What did I say, to turn your angel eyes my way? Well, I'm the guy who never learned to dance, never even got one second glance Across a crowded room was close enough, I could look but I could never touch So tonight I'll ask, the stars above, "How did I ever win your love?" What did I do? What did I say, to turn your angel eyes my way? Don't anyone wake me, if it's just a dream 'Cause she's the best thing, ever happened to me All you fellows, you can look all you like, but this girl you see, she's leavin' here with me tonight There's just one more thing that I need to know, if this is love why does it scare me so? It must be somethin only you can see, 'cause girl I feel it when you look at me So tonight I'
Heart Of Stone
Heart Of Stone Once I had a heart of stone For it had surley lost its home It could not love or wanted too But in my life, then came you. The stones began to fall away As happiness began to fill my day A feeling so sweet and special too Could this be love, I pray is true. My heart now sings a song of love For I know that it was sent from above My heart is warm, there is no cold Hard no more, but with wings of gold. It soars above the sky so high Sometimes I think of why and cry My heart now sings a loving song For the part of me I thought was gone. The gift that you have given me Is so important, can't you see No more sadness or being alone For now my heart returns to home
Mourinho Announced That David-louis Isn't Available
Position on the Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho again said Brazil Defender David-Louis seriously isn't purchasable, no matter what price on Barcelona cheap nike nfl jerseys, the Blues will not sell. 26 yr old David-Louis rumors continued come july 1st, La Liga giant Barcelona against him quotes, have Chelsea rejected, the newest rumor is always that Spain's world sports newspaper said David-Louis has listed in the Chelsea, he wanted to go to snow camp, but Mourinho refuted the reports, saying Brazil will not say. "He couldn't quit, he could be a farmer you want to keep," Mourinho said, "his contract with Chelsea for four years, he only renewed last year. ” "We love him, he could be a crucial player for Chelsea Soccer team, the Club are not willing to sell him, regardless of what the value. ” Joined Chelsea from Benfica David-Louis in 2011, if your transfer fee is 25 million pounds in September last year, he and Chelsea has signed a new five-year contract. For Spain
Bitch.. That's Right I Put Your Ass On Blast!!
12:37am reply Arun: do u know this guy.. magoo09 ? 1:45am more To Arun: I don't 1:45am reply Arun: sent me a frnd request randomly...i rarely come was telling me abt this place..the hippie culture here..and the girl's he had "befriended"...was of u 1:48am more To Arun: Fuckin lier, He bee talking highly about me reguardless..... I'd hate to tell my boys about about someone talking sick shit about me lol 1:49am reply Arun: actually he puts up nude pics of girls from here on anonib..he has done a few girls...but overall seems to be a big mouth 1:52am more To Arun: Haha, He cant do that to me cause I don't have any 1:52am reply Arun: must be lying... 1:53am more To Arun: There's only two soldiers that have remotely any thing nude of me and they don't play fubar 1:
I Am Getting Annoyed With This Whole "salute" Thing
everytime i go to send in my salute it gives me an excuse why it doesnt count. i am getting fucking pissed. thanks =]
Steps Into Heaven
Steps Into Heaven   Yesterday is just a memory And morning seems so far away Tonight just doesn’t want to end Like the tears rolling down my face Nothing seems to make any sense It doesn’t seem fair you’re gone Even though it feels you’re still here My heart aches here all alone   All I see is your beautiful face Whenever I close my eyes But knowing you’re not here I just keep them shut tight I feel lost without you here ‘Cause life doesn’t feel the same The emptiness inside my heart Just intensifies all my pain   The first steps up into heaven Are stained with the salt of my tears What I’d give for just one more night To kiss you and hold you near If the Lord above is willing We will be meeting again Because I will be taking The first steps up into heaven       I know there’ll come a day When my heart isn’t in pain The nights won’t be so long And the tears will slowly fade For now my h
In feeling horney! Can someone send me a pick of there dick or pussy or boobs please
We Can Love Someone
We can love someone and just be happy about it even if we know that it cannot last forever. It is not about having someone. It is not about owning a relationship; it is just about being happy because you know you have loved someone. There is a purpose and meaning behind all events and this purpose and meanings develop you as a person and a lover. Whatever relationship you have in your life now, they are precisely the ones you need at this moment.
For A Friend
Alas my friend tall and braveAlive forever In my heroes Hall of fameI walked among the Ivy;your lifeSpilled among the vinesAll among the Ivy;your lifeSpattered upon its leavesYour pain cried out from the groundLouder than the sirens maddening screamWould what more deafening be'cept the silence of God now taunting me I was want to lie me downOh let me lie down tooLet me lie down next to youFor I have died here too
James Retrograde + Escorted By Police Cars May Face A Process
A few days ago,wholesale nike jerseys, LeBron James posted a video on its own Instagram, registers the way he went to concerts by Justin Blake-Ting and JAY-Z: escorted by police cars, wrong side of the road. Today the famous gossip site TMZ broke the James said this behavior has attracted the attention of local police in Miami, police said it will begin to investigate the matter. James published the video, we can see it going away in a roads "exclusive" on the front is escorted by police cars, road conditions can be judged from the hand, James is also retrograde. Next video, James wrote, "they were so good to me! Really need (police car), because traffic is a crazy! ” As a local Miami hero, James privileges obtained seem to understand, but in this video at the bottom of the message, there are still many netizens expressed their dissatisfaction, believing that even a superstar should not enjoy this treatment as "unfair". It is learned that the Miami police also became awa
My Disease
"Love Is My Disease" When you're gone it feels like, My whole world's gone with you I thought love would be my cure But now it's my disease I try to act mature But I'm a baby when you leave How can I ever get used to being without you? Baby, baby, baby, baby Am I addicted When I need you here all the time? And I'm not sure if this is healthy Is it a sickness? 'cuz I feel like I'm losing my mind And I know that there's no medicine Nothing I can take, no remedy Baby please stay When you're gone it feels like, My whole world's gone with you I thought love would be my cure But now it's my disease I try to act mature But I'm a baby when you leave How can I ever get used to being without you? Oh oh oh baby, baby, baby I get a fever Just the thought of youWhen you're gone it feels like (when you're gone baby) My whole worlds gone with you (gone with you) I thought love would be my cure But now its my disease (my disease) I try to act mature But I'm a baby when you leave How can I ever get us
With Family Like This.... *smh*
so check this out... my brother calls me... says moms at the hospital.. i asked what happened.. he tells me... so i ask him to come get me.. he tells me hes already at the hospital... so my room-mate takes me out there... alot of people is standing outside... i asked them why couldnt they get me... no one would answer me or tell me whats going on... so they walk into a huddle... and i walk into that huddle... they dont talk to me or anything.. so i pull my nephew to the side to ask him... he gives me short answers and then says hes gotta go back to his gf.. so im standing the fuck outside by myself with no one telling me whats going on or anything.. so i texted my brother and told him to go fuck himself and to never speak to me again... so i walked from the hospital to home which is about a good distance away.   the main thing im pissed off about is that my family didn't give a shit to come get me or tell me anything. i was the last person to know. also, my place is on the way to the
I think you can become more trusting in life as a whole if you remember the little things you are trusting every day without thinking about it. When you drive, you trust that other drivers will stay in their lanes. When you plant grass and flowers, you trust they’ll grow. When you go to bed at night, you trust you’ll wake up in the morning.  While you’re trusting life, you also need to trust others. You want to hope they will bring what you expect from them. You want to believe people will say what they mean, do what they say they’ll do and be who they say they are. It’s not always easy to trust others…like liars and people who don’t keep their promises. There’s a fine line between trusting and being foolish. If you’re TOO trusting, people tend to take advantage of you. EXPECT to meet those people who aren’t who they say they are, so you won’t miss out on the ones who can be trusted. You’ll be more prepared for le

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