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I Never Stoped Loving You
Sail away , On a carpet made of memories , Holding on , To everything that you gave me , I say goodbye , With the heaviest of hearts , Fighting more , Would of made us fall apart , So now your there , A thousand miles away , Now im here , Missing you each day , I fall asleep , Thinking of your face , I wake to find , You are better than this place , So don't worry baby , I never stoped loving you , Don't worry baby , Theres nothing else I'd rather do , And all the things that we , say we can't control , All this time , We knew it in our souls , I always picked the road less traveled on , But I always walked that empty road alone , I wonder if your happy now , Your lifes finally taken you home , I smile when I think of you , It hurts to know you're gone , Theres not enough dreams in forever , I know you held on , But even in your darkest hours , Like a fool I let you go , And I can't take back yesterday , Tomorrows already gone , But maybe my heart will find , You some where down this r
Natasha Skinski & The Anal Serenade
RadioSuzy1 is just a talk show...that just happens to sometimes turn into an orgy. Other times, it turns into something in between, with several people drinking and chatting passionately in the bar, somebody tickling the ivories of my grandmother's Steinway, a couple guys playing pool, a few ethical hedonists having sex discreetly, or maybe not so discreetly, on a bed on top of a stage. It’s the Bonobo Way. And it's the nature of life at the Speakeasy. And that’s what happened here last Saturday, when our special guests included the delightfully lascivious ultra-MILF and super Cougar Natasha Skinski and her wild-eyed, skinny and hung young hot hubby Tommy Lei. Natasha was one of the stars of our Eros Day X “Orgy for Obama,”, stealing the show at one point by squirting up a small Soviet storm around the stripper pole, soaking Jay Lassiter and several lucky camera people in her fragrant Holy Water. Natasha couldn’t make it to our 17th Wedding Anniversary Sh
you perverts better give some love to my hot comrade from my hometown!     Or else...I wil cry :(   deardron@ fubar
~the Best Friend~
~The Best Friend~             Karen had a phone call on Sunday morning from her Aunt telling her that her best friend moved back from Las Vegas. Karen hadn't seen Joe since middle school. On Monday Karen decided to go over to Joe's house to pay him a visit. Back in middle school Karen and Joe were very close, He was her first kiss. As Karen pulled up to the light blue country home she remembered the last time she was at this house. It was almost 15yrs ago, after Joe's older brother Frank died in a terrible car accident. Karen got out of the car and walked up the porch steps, she could hear Joe's mother yelling for Joe already. Karen knocked on the door, Joe's mom answered the door, she was a beautiful woman in her mid 60's by now, her hair all pulled back in a tight bun. She told Karen Joe would be down in a few minutes, that she could wait in the living room for him. A few minutes later, Joe came down the stairs and Karen caught a glimpse of him, He was thin, his hair freshly cut and
My Bling Rehab Statment
hi, my name is AZ.... and i'm a bling addict......... (HI AZ) it um..... it started out very slowly and innocently, ya know a few here and there, maybe a sports car or a kitten maybe 2 on the weekends, but as it grew so did my hunger for bling. I guess i thought i had it all under control but i was wrong as it got worse for me i started to see the bigger blings come to my page. Goofy bats, jason masks, ect. but after that i was hooked but would never admit it, soon i found myself going after other bigger bling thrills. 10 credit blings turned into 15 credit blings, and i still didnt have enough then when the auto 11's and cherry bombs came into the public i was to deep into my addcition to care and went full speed ahead and before i knew it i was asking strangers for bling..... even stealing credits from friends and family...... spinning more and more out of control untill i would do just about anything to get my fix of useless cartoon pictures on my page. i even traded NSFW pic to ge
Temp Leave
I Have A Few Girls On Temp Leave For Various Reasons.. If You Were On Temp Leave For Any Reason ( Health ..Moving Or Any Other Reason) And Are Back Now .. Please Let Me Know..
More Kermit...
Ignorance Of Others
This morning,  I couldnt sleep so got up and came into fu bar .  As usual decided to read some mumm's that sorta interested me. Most I cant be bothered with because they are from narrow minded self absorbed idiots who have nothing better to do then to trash, name call, put down others. Those kinda dick wads are not worth even reponding to. Any how,  this one mumm was from a woman who yes was wanting to start some dramma for entertainment purposes. I was amazed how well she responded back to some of the lame asses and put them back into their places. Wish I was able to do the same,  for I have decided not to bother responding to most mumms. I find most fu bar peeps young and old filled with hate and ignorance towards others.  Its sad that society has sunk so low that you cant even have a siville converstaion or ask a question or even make a simple mistake reading a mum.  With out some tard, getting all pissy and sarcastic with you about it. Maybe what I need is someone to give
I've always been fascinated with eyes. Especially brown ones. This poem is quite obviously about that.     Eyes   Brown eyes,Sad eyes,Glad eyes,Bright eyes.Silly eyes,Shining eyes,Whispering eyes,Wandering eyes.Grinning eyes,Spinning eyes,Skyward eyes,Ogling eyes.Eyes for every occasion,Eyes for every glance.Eyes for every whisper,That lips did ever chance.Eyes that just look,And eyes that only be,Eyes that whisper of memoriesThat no other eyes will see.Eyes with a smile in,Eyes with a sigh in,Eyes with a secretThat only one has seen.But these eyes,Eyes in a picture,A picture not even looking at meThese are the best eyes,The prettiest,The deepest,The softest,The hardest,The most colourful that I ever did see.I wonder if all eyesAre ruined now for me?Brown eyes, brown eyes...Lost to you I be.
I FEEL LIKE SHIT!!!!!   that is all
What I Like!
things that i find sexy! firefighters.                                 harleys/choppers tats the more the better! cowboy hats! blue/green eyes!  dark short hair or no hair at all. guys who have some weight on them being muscler or not. guys who are taller then me(i am 5.6) older i like them 30ish. boston  accent !  to the bitches who didnt like this blog go fuck ur self! if you must know my bf is a firefighter we met when he saved my life when i was in a car accident in march 2003 and has had my heart for the last six years...he rides a harley is covered in tats(my fav is my name on his chest over his heart) wheres a cowboy hat and nothing esle in the bedroom has the biggest blue eyes shaves his head bald is about 6 ft 225 lbs of older then me by about 16 years...he doesnt have the boston accent but does for me to make me smile.dont be jealous haters!muah!  
Leaving Yesterday Behind....
i found myself deleting some of my previous entries in my file "diary".. those that reminded me of past pain.. i'm starting on a new page..  i want to start clean.. leaving all the baggage behind.. i learned that there's no use in keeping old pain behind and hanging on.. 'coz by keeping it, you're only nurturing it and torturing yourself.. and by that, you're only allowing yourself to be hurt and being taken for granted over and over again.. that phase is over.. they say, allow yourself to wallow in your sorrow.. cry.. hurt.. but just for a while.. then, start over again.. this time.. bear in mind the lessons learned.. that's something i know i can't do .. completely, that is..i cant help but feel guilty sometimes.. for keeping everything to myself.. for not telling anyone how i feel.. i'm keeping myself caged.. not because i want to do so.. nor do i want to hurt those very people i value so much.. but there are just things  that i know would be very hard to understand.. even i myself
My Thoughts On Barack Obama And The People Who Bash Him
A lot of you are bashing on Barack Obama because he has not brought "change" to America like he had promised in his campaign. What you all need to understand is this.....George W. Bush made a lot of mistakes and bad decisions that really messed up the United States during his 8 years in office. Obama has only been in office for 5 months and you expect all of that to be undone right away? How delusional are you? Nothing happens overnight, not even "overnight" mail. So many of you are calling him the worst president ever when he really has not even done that much yet. Not trying to start any arguments, though I am very sure that a few will start up, but I truly believe in my heart that most of you only bash on him because he is African-American and you hate the idea of having an African-American president. Now I am not calling any of you racist, I am just sharing my thoughts on the situation. If John Kerry had been elected and his first 5 months were the same as Obama's, would you be bas
Distorted Emotion
I'm so confused don't know what to do.  I open my heart a bit to try and understand another person's heart.  I see things I'm afraid of, so I rapidly close the door fast.  I want to let you in, let you see all my insecurities, but I'm so afraid once you see my true scars you will run and leave me alone.  I don't want to be alone and if I don't open up I may be, but who am I to know that for sure unless I risk the chance of finding out.  I don't want to open up and share my hidden secrets, for every time I have, I got shattered.  I don't want to walk alone in the dark, I need your gentle hand to help guide me.  I want to be able to trust you with every last breath in my body, but how can you trust somebody who does not even trust in their self.  I want a chance to show you how much I can and would love you, but would you really accept me for all that I am?  I would hope you would cast aside the fact that I've been hurt so bad and I'm so scared to show the way I could really care.  You'v
9 Am Fu-time Autos Will Activate
Words Of Wisdom
You seem to have it all  You seem to have control But deep within your soul you’re loosing it You never took the time assume your to blame You think that your insane... spare me   You better check yourself before you check out   ~ Tantric ~ Breakdown
Why The Scapegoat?
Ok so i'm watching the news and this story comes across the screen.  "Woman kidnapped and stuffed into a truck."...who was she kidnapped by??  Black men.  The problem is, this story was a hoax.  This woman was in Florida living it up at Disney with her daughter and apparently didn't tell anyone including her husband.  So instead of telling the truth, this heffa made up a lie.  Those evil minorities kidnapped me.  Some years back, another woman killed her children and claimed she was carjacked by a black man.  These stories continue. If there is a problem then scapegoat a minority and cover up the truth.  The same can be seen in the illegal immigrant debate.  Let me put this out there.  I'm only a fan of legal immigration.  I believe a soverign nation should control its borders and have the right to determine who's allowed in.  However, I can understand people's desire to come here and make a life for themselves and their families.  When you look at the situation if employers did not c
Are You Thin Skinned Or Thick Skinned?
You Are Thick-Skinned People may not always love you, but that's totally fine. You're happy with who you are, and you don't really crave outside approval. You love yourself, and that's the most important thing. You have high self esteem. And because you don't care what other people think, they tend to like you a lot! Are You Thin Skinned or Thick Skinned?
A lot has been happening and I haven't had much time to come on like I used to. All is good. Been busy trying to get my body and life in order and time off here is what helps.   I will keep an eye out for messages and stuff ... Shout outs will be answered when I pop on and off to check up on all you deviates ...   I love you all ........................ Catch ya soon xoxoxo    
Phineas And Doofenshmirtz Are Dead
Last night after work I picked up the kids at their grandparents’ house.  From there we traveled to WalMart in (my) foolish hopes that I could get what we were planning to shop for anyway and have it all ready before Martha got off from work at eight.  She’s now working full-time there in WalMart’s new Money Store for cashing checks, money orders, and sending MoneyGrams and put in her two weeks’ notice at McDonalds.  So after Martha left (and Sarah was wondering aloud where Big Bird and Mickey Mouse – two characters on the children’s rides that used to be where the Money Store is now – were and would have started an expedition for them), we’d done the necessary shopping, and we were getting it all in the car we saw the slip of the moon at nine o’clock dusk.  As I moved up from Jeffrey whom I’d just gotten in his car seat, he asked me to “reach it”. I went a little into why I couldn’t reach it – it&rsq
I Hate Liars
if ur gonna tell someone that ur gonna do something and then when the day comes and u dont do it at least have the common curtosey to text or call instead of not sayin a word. i hate people like that. i just dont get it . i m always there for everyone. im always talkin to everyone when i get a chance and in return all i want is someone to just take the time to get to know me and see that im not liek all the other asshole guys and that there are guys that actually look for more than sex from women. but w/e until someone takes the time ill just be considered another perv lookin to get laid when it is far from the truth.  
Fun Fun Fun
Last night we went to Mayfest in Chicago. Kinda like a mini version of Octoberfest in Germany. Usually I HATE that event, and just go cause hubby always wants me to go with him. Tons of skans, jocks, ghetto assholes, yuppies, white trash-and all are gettin even worse with drinking. So its like watching oafy stupid cows. But, our friends met us there, so it was pretty fun in a long run. Then we went to Doug's college guitar prof's metal show, and that was a blast. Afterwards, we drove home, and his friend/bandmate stayed over. Hubby went to sleep, and I think his poor friend thought he was obliged to keep me entertained since I stay up all night. Finally, at 5am the poor thing went to sleep. Afterwards, I went to sleep at 8am, and totally didnt get enough sleep, so now I'm having thoughts about goin back to bed. Grrr
New Pictures
Check out my new pics.  I just got dumped, and I am starting over living life on life's terms!!
A Funny...
The Husband Store              A store that sells new husbands has opened in New York City , where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among theinstructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates:              You may visit this store ONLY ONCE! There are six floors and the value of the products increase as the shopper ascends theflights. The shopper may choose any item from a particular floor, or may choose to go up to the next floor, but you cannot go back downexcept to exit the building!              So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband. On the first floor the sign on the door reads:              Floor 1 -  These men Have Jobs.              She is intrigued, but continues to the second floor, where the sign reads:             Floor 2 -  These men Have Jobs and Love Kids.              'That's nice,'  she thinks, 'but I want more.'              So she continues upward. The third floor sign reads:              F
When I First Felt Hell
When I First Felt Hell   My heart longed for you Before I was even born My flesh cried out for you And is now rotted and forlorn The touch I craved from you The spirit I longed to bask in Was tainted with a poison Decimating us before we could begin The spaces that divided us Became the grave that I call home The time waiting for our birth Was a desert I wandered alone
Finally Up Date For Thos Of You Who Read It Before
let me start this out by saying iam not looking for someone to pity me or feel sorry for me i don't need my ego stroke come to think of it i don't got one but anyways.iam use to rejection after all my mother rejected me and i feel my father did too and the worst thing is i don't no way nor do i care any moremy father grew up with his dad but his dad never show him affection and me and him act way to much a like if you put us together in a room alone we would more then likely kill one another in fact i took my sword to him once before and mind you the man is 6ft6 iam not really sure on how much he weights tho and he is buff just go to show you i don't back down from no for my mother like i said she rejected me when i was born she was 16 when she had meand she was 14 when she got her first job and that was to work in a bar she was a stripper a druggie a whore alcoholic and she still did that when she carried mei was in the hospital for a whole year i was a sick baby i had almost e
About Me ... The High Priestess
I am a High Priestess of the Tarot.  It explains who I am, and why I am the way I am. I am here to fulfill a role, a role determined by the blueprint of my spirit and all that it needs to accomplish in this life. I am here to fulfill my role as God's child, in accordance with my agreement with Him before my arrival here, in the family that was chosen to receive me. We all have our own beliefs and mechanism to achieve our goals, goals meant to be achieved here on Earth, in order to free our Spirit, in pure form, upon the spirits we touch whilst on our journey here. Fighting our FEARS. False Evidence Appearing Real It has been a fascinating journey for me, to find out who I am and what I am here to do.  Leaving me now free to act upon my being and who it is. The journey thus far has given me many teachings about relationships and the way man and woman relate to one another. The war we fight, man vs woman, when in all reality we are fighting against the opposite sex within our
Answer This....
Should young people be subjected to night-time curfews as a way to reduce crime?
A Poem I Wrote
Soldiers Kill, for That Is Their Profession Soldiers kill, for that is their profession, Or die, for those are soldiers that they face. Let us honor, then, the unmarked grace Death bestows on those in its possession. If the cause is just, soldiers will Embody what the nation holds most dear, Rendering our peril in their fear, Serving our survival when they kill.
for those who are interested to know....not braggin, just info :) married life is wonderful! we are so happy together and i feel so at peace:) nova just got new job so no more driving 100 miles a day for work. i am loving the new nursing unit i am on. all our boys are together for the month and gettin on wonderfully. plans now are looking to purchase a house.   cant wait for the honeymoon in mexico in july. i have never felt so content :)
What Now...
Where do you go when there's nowhere to turn? when the tears that you cry are starting to burn... How can I survive this fall? who will help me through it all? Why do things not go my way? Maybe it's the things I say... Or the games that led me here, hiding in shadows, from my fear. Never knowing which way to go, hoping that these fears don't show, try to be strong, keep the feelings inside, looking for someone in which to confide. Sometimes you can to hide the pain, but in your heart it pours like rain. h.k.
The Moments Train
The moments train come and goes.  It is life in constant movement and the parade of souls.  Baby, give me the opportunity to get to know you, I don’t mind the distance. Let’s get on the moments train, because we can do better.
I'm Having Issues...
My MSN doesn't work... Is anyone else feeling my pain or do all you Yanks still use Yahoo...   thanks :|
Diet And Exercise
Okay mostly diet because I still have my sciatic pain. Trying an acai cleanse and Zantrex 3 that I bought at the store for around $30. Both seem to be working however, the Zantrex was too strong and I was jittery yesterday and ended up with a headache that lasted all night and part of this morning. Met my girlfriend for sushi last night, tiger rolls and salmon rolls, wore my polka dot dress because it's hot here and it doesn't look like a mumu.  Was feeling blah until we went to karaoke and was told I was hot by several guys...yeah it was after 10 and they were most likely drunk but they were cute and I'll take what I can get :P Oh and ran into a customer from the club I used to dance at and he said I looked great and asked when I was going back to work.  So it was a good night with the exception of having a headache and spending most the night downing water, diet pepsi and ibuprofen.  Taking a break from the diet aids today and just exercise. Hope everyone has a super day! k
The Dj
a friends pushing got me in here but the music spun its web  ensnaring me asking who is this man  that can make this music call to me  enter the dj  dark eyes  dark hair raw sexual  dangerous thoughts of him pinning me to a wall biting along my flesh staring at him  licking my lips as lil girls toss things at him numbers abound lingerie litter the floor sitting back  sipping my drink sucking my ice  just as he notices a glance from head to toe confirming my interest daring him not to notice a wicked smile appears be careful  this ardent fan bites i may appear to be just a woman come closer mr dj  if you dare 
Dirty Valentine
Hey everyone,If you haven't picked up your copy of my band ONE's new album DIRTY VALENTINE. Be sure to and get a package deal for both albums TODAY!!!!
Whats The Point
Ok whats the point in posting a blog when none of your friends comment on them? I mean come on I have all these friends and ask them to comment on them and they never do, only a few people on my list leaves comments why even have friends on here who like talking to you but can't take the time to leave a comment I mean you all read the Blog but don't leave a comment why even bother reading it, if you can't even take the time to leave me a comment so I can read what you write. No wonder I don't add any of my poems I write on here, I have been requested to leave some of my poetry in the blogs so you can comment on them but why even bother if you don't take the time to comment on any other thing I write in the blogs? If you asked me to read your blogs I would atleast comment on them not just read and say oh why should I leave a comment for him I have seen what he wrote, why you ask well it's simple cause I'm suppose to be your friend thats why...So please leave me comment Thanks
There is nothing more pathetic than men who take themselves too serious, esp ones that HAVE to pick steroid laden names like PITBULL, or BULL, or DeathlyRider, or Hardcore, etc. It is even sadder when they have sappy/steroid laden stati like "Hell has three gates: lust, anger, and (somethin else I donr recawl). Ask me how I know", or "shoot, I'm bullet proof", or "made of steel, you cant break me", or some pther pathetic shit like that. Its even MORE tear jerking when they misspell things in those, like "I'm a man of steal". A thief??   Finally, this pathos cannot be complete without a shirtless pic in the mirror.
My Thought
Yours Alone
     Yours Alone Your heart beats against my skin as we hold each other close. My desires burn deep For I want and need you like never before "Take me please..."  this I beg Let me be yours in every way Tease my body, take me higher- Bring me to sweet ecstasy! Wantonly, I move against you Crawling over your body, I rise above you I rock against you gently to savor every sensation. Hot to the touch, you make me moan At your expert touch, I scream out my pleasure Sated, I collapse against you... A single thought repeats through my being: "I am Yours... Yours alone... because You are my everything."
Okay so today is a blah mood just tired of routine and tired of just being alone.  Choices in life either lead you to triumph or disaster and you know I am fine with this but does the path have to be so rough.  Also, what about the negative people in your way why do they even matter instead of trying to help someone out they just want to see you fail.  I feel blessed to know the positive people in my life whether it be online friends in other states or family close enough to visit.  I just get bummed out that the fact of hurting somebody's feelings and making them feel like crap seems to be cool these days.  I think you should watch your words and actions cause it all comes back in the end
So, I have decided to make a daily cartoon blog on Its gonna be a buncha my drawings based on puns nad sickness.   I need some outrageous ideas
Kinky Insomnia
Kinky Insomnia Hormones are the strangest intruders in my life currently. Being near my 'croaning' phase of life they have various affects when it's "that time". Physically, I feel like hell each month and most of the time twice a month! It drains the very life source from the depths of my bones, which rattle and ache each time too. The whole damn thing puts me completely out of sorts and cause my home to go into 'eggshell' mode, even if not consciously. While I enjoy the space, attention and affections of my kitties during these points of agony -- for they are very good kitties who treat me like a true princess -- I hate how the last night of "that time" is sleepless for me! I mean just at the peak of drained energy, I am forced by the will of the gods to avoid being able to attain that feeling of drowsiness pre-requisition-al [sp?] before obtainment of dream-state...FUCKING INSOMNIA SUCKS... It sucks really hard if you are the sleep partner too! Poor Will tried to stick with me al
The Dance
The Dance Reluctant at firstTo take your handIn spirit I rehearseAnd then I standSo we take the floorAnd I rememberWhen I became unsureYou became tenderEach turn that we take We make another stepEach step that we makeA new memory is setAs the music of your heartPlays its sweet tuneThe voice of my heartEchos around the roomWe glide across timeOur souls togetherWith your love and mineThe Dance lasts forever   Melissa Lay 2006 copywright protected
To Respect Her Wishes
i hang my headi hung myself in my headour love is deadi leave flowerseveryday saying those words unsaidin a dreamafraid of acting on my desirebecause i accepted what you meanthat you will always love mebut we will always be friendsthis kind of friendswho never talk and never spendtime or cross each other's pathis a lieso indicate this will come to pass?i cryas if everyday someone i loved diedor tortured and left in darkcold and naked....i wish i could get over you.
Come Bid On Me At Momma Dukez Summer Time Big Auction    please bid on me  at momma's auction .bid high i make a great fuslave!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Don't Normally...
recommend too many albums but I'm really liking this one. Low vs. Diamond.   A buncha good rock-ish songs.   check some out:
What A Twat 4
>veronica: oooh are you into bdsm baby, that goods i am too. you can put a collar on me and call me rover and talk me for long walks veronica: cant dress up a looser you look a mess no matter what you wear you need muzzling you dumb ass mutt ->veronica: fantastic, can you ask him to voodoo up me a ferrari and a new wardrobe please veronica: you seriously going to hell now rascist scum veronica: and she gonner put it in the middle of a weegi board and curse you veronica: your mugshot pic ive copyed it and im perinting it out and giving it to my friend whose into voodoo and the occult ->veronica: i think you could probably manage walking and talking at the same time veronica: really you shouldnt try get 2 full of yourself u really dont know what im caperble off ->veronica: do you have a really big arse, is that the eclipse you are talking about, can you shake that booty for your daddy baby ? veronica: im a chav im putting my photo up ok as that ones no pretty clear and then i aw
How Fucking Ridiculous People Are.
obviously with no way of knowing me, me placing hitler as a default would be seen as me being racist. i can live with that, i know i am not, it was just my bad taste in humour and my love for stirring up the hornets nest. but the thing that really made me pity the humanity of some people is the fact i got more complaints and shit in my shoutbox for posting bin laden. what a world we live in where a man responsible for in excess of 50 million lives lost as result of world war 2, this includes the holocaust, troops on both sides and civilians. this man is less vilified than someone who killed less than 10,000 people.
The Learned Gentleman
I got accepted for a photography course at my local college, starting in september i gonna learn how to take wide open leg shots with class and style.
The irony, that one of the deadliest, cultlike branches of Christianity is also so popular. After Islam, ofcourse, but we all know how THAT goes.   With Catholic church being the most vile thing in the Middle Ages,having the Pope play GOd, bringing fourth the Insquisition and having people pay indulgencies, seemingly intelligent people STILL bow down to the false idols. How sad... Even sadder that because of it, people don't believe in protection, and have gazillions of cunt runts, which overpopulate this tiny world.  
Just A Reminder
Pentagon identifies captured soldier in Afghanistan By Reid Wilson Posted: 07/19/09 10:04 AM [ET] The Pentagon on Sunday identified the American soldier taken hostage by the Taliban on June 30, the same day his captors released a video purporting to show him alive.The Defense Department identified the soldier as Private First Class Bowe Bergdahl, a 23 year old from Ketchum, Idaho. Bergdahl is a member of the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, based at Fort Richardson, Alaska. On Sunday, a video posted on a Taliban-run website showed Bergdahl for 28 minutes. Bergdahl said he was captured after falling behind on a patrol. He said the date was July 14, last Tuesday."I’m scared, scared I won’t be able to go home. It is very unnerving to be a prisoner," Bergdahl says on the video, according to The Associated Press.American officials have said they are doing everything they can to find and free Bergdahl. Taliban commanders in Southeastern Afghanistan, where
Poetry From My Book
How do you deal with pain?When it consumes you like the heat of a summers’ dayWhen all your life you’ve hidden it awayThen someone comes along and says it doesn’t have to be that waySays be yourself you are a flowerYou let go, then in a blink of an eye your world turns sourHow do you deal with pain?When you lye in a sea of disparityOvertaken with thoughts of uncertaintyHow do you deal with pain?When all the acts and words you thought to be trueTurn out to be lies simply fed to youHow do you deal with pain?When it comes to passThat preceding daysWere filled with misguided notionsShowered with false emotionsHow do you deal with pain?When all you thought was real in your lifeEnds up in strifeHow do you deal with pain?If what you feel devours you spiritIf everyday you constantly feel itHow do you deal with pain?When expectations of the one you loveSeemed not so far out of reachWhen foreseen acts of the one you loveAppeared as though they would not end up breachHow do you
Update On My Heart!
Well everyone I called my doctor today an I will be have a TEE done which is a camera going down my throat, I will be knocked out for it thank god but I am not prepared for will be next month not sure on the date will let you know when the letter comes in the mail...
Infatuation tears me apartRipping through my heartAs I seek the painThe hurtMakes me feel aliveAlmost as though I had cutStand and watch the blood flowMake me feel as no otherMy wounds open and rawExposed To the fury of my wrath As it pummels me with all its mightAnd I refuse to stop it ©xoxoJ
In Loving Memory
Heavy Hot
HEAVY BREATHING…SO HOT… Daydreaming about you; in all ways of kind Thinking of the gentle peck I give you from behind Gliding my lips along the hairs of your neck Then giving a light and seductive suck
All Around Me
My hands are searching for you My arms are outstretched towards you I feel you on my fingertips My tongue dances behind my lips for you This fire rising through my being Burning I'm not used to seeing you I'm alive, I'm alive I can feel you all around me Thickening the air I'm breathing Holding on to what I'm feeling Savoring this heart that's healing My hands float up above me And you whisper you love me And I begin to fade Into our secret place The music makes me sway The angels singing say we are alone with you I am alone and they are too with you I'm alive, I'm alive I can feel you all around me Thickening the air I'm breathing Holding on to what I'm feeling Savoring this heart that's healing And so I cry The light is white And I see you I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive I can feel you all around me Thickening the air I'm breathing Holding on to what I'm feeling Savoring this heart that's healing Take my hand I give it to you Now you own me All I am You said you would neve
So I got the whole story about the dog we adopted.   Yesterday night, my son was at the park, and he kept texting me and tellin me that this dog was following him around, and asking me if he could bring it home. At first I said no cause I figured it was a stray. Then my son calls me to come get him, so I walked down to the park, find my son with this sweet little puppy in hand. He procedes to tell me that his friend found the dog at the park in a box, so I went to the neighbors house to make sure it wasn't their dog. They said that there grandson brought it home, that he found it at the park, but they couldn't keep it. So we brought it home, and since then i've been contimplating on weather or not to keep it. I even mummed about it LOL...Well just a few minutes ago, my neighbor knocked on the door wanting to see the dog. So we went outside and walked over to her house and talked for a bit. Her grandson then tells me, that when he was at the park last night, that he actually saw the p
Please Pass On.
Posted on Friday, July 24, 2009 6:12:23 PM by CMS • Page 16: States that if you have insurance at the time of the bill becoming law and change, you will be required to take a similar plan. If that is not available, you will be required to take the gov’t option! • Page 22: Mandates audits of all employers that self-insure!• Page 29: Admission: your health care will be rationed! • Page 30: A government committee will decide what treatments and benefits you get (and, unlike an insurer, there will be no appeals process) • Page 42: The "Health Choices Commissioner" will decide health benefits for you. You will have no choice. None. • Page 50: All non-US citizens, illegal or not, will be provided with free healthcare services. • Page 58: Every person will be issued a National ID Healthcard. • Page 59: The federal government will have direct, real-time access to all individual bank accounts for electronic funds transfer. • Page 65: Taxp
Save Me
Had a bad day, don't talk to me, gonna ride this out, My little black heart, breaks apart, with your big mouth. And I'm sick of my sickness Don't touch me, you'll get this. I'm useless, lazy, perverted, and you hate me. You can't save me, You can't change me, Well I'm waiting for my wakeup call, And everything, everything's my fault. Went to the doctor, and I asked her, to make this stop. (whoa) Got medication, a new addiction, Fucking thanks a lot. I had to relapse, I'm bad at rehabs It ruins everything. (whoa) So point your finger, at the singer, He's in the pharmacy. You can't save me, You can't change me, Well I'm waiting for my wake up call, and everything's my fault. You can't save me, You can't blame me, Well I'm waiting here to take a fall, and everything, and everything's my fault. And I'm a death threat haven't slept yet, Baby why the wake up call I'm the bad boy tell the tabloids everything's my fault. Whoa whoa whoa yeah, write it write it, Whoa Whoa whoa everything
Did Ya Know?
You Can Only Type ONE Word.Not as easy as you might think.Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same.Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED.It's really hard to only use one-word answers!1. Where is your cell phone? ----- desk2. Your significant other? ----- home3. Your hair? ----- red4. Your mother?----- kind5. Your father?----- bitching6. Your favorite thing?----- compy7. Your dream last night?----- tears8. Your favorite drink?----- coke9. Your dream/goal?----- happiness10. The room you're in?----- den11. Music?----- alterative12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?-----home14. Where were you last night?----- fubar15. What you're not?-----sick16. Muffins?----- chocolate17. One of your wish list items?-----kids18. Where you grew up?-----nebraska19. The last thing you did?-----phone20. What are you wearing?-----pjs21. TV?-----CSI22. Your pets?-----sleeping23. Your computer?----- pain24. Your li
Kinda Creepy Sad
Soul You are intelligent and you think about life and philosophy and WHY to everything. A lot. But you are missing passion. You like to do creative things, but they often lack the soul behind it. You can make people laugh and beat your friends in an IQ test, but when it comes to living life to the fullest you are lost, even though you think you aren't. You think you are right, but underneath of it all you are confused. You are only guided by your mind which often leads you astray, but your soul rarely reflects in your life. You like to work hard for things and you think you deserve them, but you sometimes wonder why you are where you are. You need direction for your persistent and determined personality, but you aren't sure where to get it.
Life Now
Changes are being made, I will follow what my heart directs me to do. the outcome has yet to be revealed. I can only be who i am at this time, change can and i hope will come when it is needed
I Dnt Knw!
 im a slave to my mind,i am a slave to the daily grind,no matter hw hard i catch up i am behind,luv is what i look for but i never find,my heart makes my soul blind,there is noone left of my kind,i am lonely,i am the only,who wears my heart on the outside,my feelings is hard to hide,i have had a fucked up life,i relieve my emotional pain with a knife,noone understands hw i feel,i am a open heart needing sum1 to steal,my heart to help me feel sumthing real and true,someone to help me when i am dwn and blue,someone to be my only one,the one i would what for until there is no sun,in the sky!~meow~
School Is In Session (back To Da Lab)
   Heya,    I am going to be gone again for a hott min, but please don't forget me, show me love , ill return it when I come to check on my stuff here in fu-land. I WILL MISS ALL OF YOU HERE IN FULAND, ESPECIALLY MY FAMILY. Classes are my priority right now, so I can get that desk job that will pay me to fu- around all day...ahahah!!  Real talk, I will be back..........and remeber to freakin have fun, YALL!                                                                                                   B
A Tout Le Monde
Don't remember where I was I realized life was a game The more seriously I took things The harder the rules became I had no idea what it'd cost My life passed before my eyes I found out how little I accomplished All my plans denied So as you read this know my friends I'd love to stay with you all Smile when you think of me My body's gone That's all A tout le monde (To all the world) A tout mes amis (To all my friends) Je vous aime (I love you) Je dois partir (I must leave) I'll ever speak These are the last words If my heart was still alive And they'll set me free I know it would surely break And my memories left with you There's nothing more to say Moving on is a simple thing What it leaves behind is hard You know the sleeping feel no more pain And the living are scarred A tout le monde (To all the world) A tout mes amis (To all my friends) Je vous aime (I love you) Je dois partir (I must leave) These are the last words I'll ever speak An
What Kind Of Book Are You?
You Are Mystery You are a natural problem solver. You like figuring out the best way to do something. You are very intuitive. You are good at picking up on people's moods and predicting the future. You can't help but being a bit of a detective and a snoop. You always want to know what's going on. And while you may have the scoop on everyone you know, you're not a gossip. You're a pro at keeping secrets. What Kind of Book Are You?
More Haters
i'm just up here killing time and decided to post a mumm and i noticed there are alot of ignorant people on fubar! I say that because my blog is about christmas and people have mean things to say regaurdless of the subject!! I guess some people will never grow up!!
Dealing With My Hurt From Another
Well lets see  first i get told that i have to from a place that i have no idea where i am. I told everyone about what happen to me in a blog that is about a nightmare that i woke up from in real life. Well now that same girl that did it to me miss Shannon Casey which on here to me is known as Sassy Vixen. Well honestly i dont think she is sassy and she is more then a vixen but i wont say it. Now she continues to write me and say that she is sorry and does care for me even though she threw me to the streets and having no where to go. Well I guess im lucky to have such great friends that care about me on here and all around and even some co workers that care cause honestly i would be no where without them. So on top of this she then goes and says im a liar cause i didnt tell her somethings about myself since she never gave me the time to do so. I'm also a liar cause of where one of my bestfriend's is sort famous and that i dont know him and yet she couldnt come up with answers on why sh
Too many times in my life, I have reacted from my emotions rather than wisdom. I don't think it's a mistake that silence is listed before speaking. Usually if I wait, I'm more likely to handle myself and my words with greater dignity.
Interesting To Say The Least
YOU'VE GOT TO LOVE THIS RANCHER'S OUTLOOK & COMMON SENSE APPROACHTO LIFE While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old rancher, who'shand was caught in the gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up aconversation with the old man. Eventually the topic got around to Obamaand his bid to be our president.The old rancher said, 'Well, ya know, Obama is a 'Post Turtle''.Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a'post turtle' was.The old rancher said, 'When you're driving down a country road andyou come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a'post turtle'.The old rancher saw the puzzled look on the doctor's face so hecontinued to explain. 'You know he didn't get up there by himself, hedoesn't belong up there, and he doesn't know what to do while he's upthere, and you just wonder what kind of dumb ass put him up there tobegin with'
Please And Thank You!
Hey friends, family, fans and all Fubarians..... I am entered into my very first contest on Fubar.  Could I bother you for a minute or two and shamelessly ask for you to follow the link below and give me your vote? Pretty please with sugar and spice. Thank you!! You all are much appreciated.   Hugs and Kisses.....
Week 4
My week 4 Top 25 predictions #1. Florida over Kentucky#2. Texas over UTEP#3. Alabama over Arkansas#4. Ole Miss over South Carolina#5. Penn State over Iowa #6. California over Oregon#7. LSU over Mississippi State#8. Boise State over Colorado State #9. Miami Florida over # 11 Virginia Tech#12. USC over Washington State#13. Ohio State over Illinois#14. Cincinnati over Fresno State#15. TCU over Clemson #16. Oklahoma State over Grambling StateTexas Tech over #17. Houston #18. Florida State over South Florida#19. BYU over Colorado State Southern Miss over #20. Kansas #21. Georgia over Arizona State#22. North Carolina over Georgia Tech#23. Michigan over Indiana#24. Washington over Stanford #25. Nebraska over Louisiana-lafayette
R.i.p. Ronny
My Brother Ronny got in a car accident a few weeks ago and was badly injured.   It seemed as though he was gonna be fine.  Until they found some blood clots in his leg.  they traveled up his leg and cause complications which sent him to ICU.  He was in ICU for a week and a half.  Last night at 11:32 pm est.  Ronny Died of a PE.  He leaves Behind a baby Girl just three months old.  A mother and Father who loved him terribly, two brothers and Four Sisters.  We all will Miss Him.  But he is now back with his loving Wife who Died in Child Birth Just three months earlier. My Brother was a strong man who loved his family and worked hard everyday of his life.  He will always be loved, and very missed. I will not be on as much as I was before.  My family is grieving and needs time to recoupe.  and I am taking over guardianship of my Neice as that is what my brother stated he wanted. Thank you all my friends for your understanding in this trying time.
Tattoos Ideas
so apart from my wolf print tattoo and and myother one i picked out (pic is under my pics) i am thinking about getting words somewhere..heres what i have in mind -I am my beloved, my beloved is mine) in hebrew down my spine(for my daughter) -"More than my own life" (for my daughter) -"Forbidden to remember. Terrified to forget" what do you think?
Never Cross Streams
So I was standing in front of the urinal at work the other day and began to wonder.  Do women write as much angry shit on the walls of their bathrooms as guys do?  I'm not sure what these guys are doing in the rest room, but apparently they have some anger issues that can only be worked out by carving "Suck my balls" into the wall.  I even saw one stall where some one was playing tic-tac-toe, guess they must have gotten tired of sword fighting (guys, you know what I'm talking about).
What Kind Of Eggs Are You?
You Are a Poached Egg You are a competent and successful person. You are obsessed with making sure your life is well organized and scheduled. You have an incredible sense of focus and determination. You don't let yourself make many mistakes. You are a high achiever. You like to challenge yourself, and you get great satisfaction from being the best at something. While you have high standards, you aren't really all that competitive. You only compete with yourself. What Kind of Eggs Are You? Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
Staph Infection, The Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Complications.
DefinitionBy Mayo Clinic staff Staph infections are caused by staphylococcus bacteria, a type of germ commonly found on the skin or in the nose of even healthy individuals. Most of the time, these bacteria cause no problems or result in relatively minor skin infections. But staph infections don't always remain skin-deep. In some circumstances, they may invade your bloodstream, urinary tract, lungs or heart. Severe staph infections usually occur in people who are already hospitalized or who have a chronic illness or weakened immune system. But it is possible for otherwise healthy people to develop life-threatening staph infections.   Symptoms:By Mayo Clinic staffStaph infections can range from minor skin problems to endocarditis, a life-threatening inflammation of your heart valve lining. As a result, signs and symptoms of staph infections vary widely, depending on the location and severity of the infection. Skin infections Skin infections caused by staph bacteria include:
Before She Learned How To Screw
A good friend of mine wrote this The break in the pageThe spotlight on stageHer trembling voiceHis perfect poiseThe pulse in my veinsThe song's last refrainIt's the glance of desireDon't get caught in the crossfireThe regrets in my headThat lay me down to bedAnd I'm tucked and I'm tiredI'm anxious and wiredI'm talking to TV'sCuddling with CD'sI'm losing the lightWrapped in the nightScouring for the sparkThat I lost in the darkMaybe it's down by the keys on my deskOr the Cross in my pocketI used to keep on my chestThe scrape on our kneesWhen we were young and freeWhen we were seventeenWhen Jack believed in magic beansI wonder how she wasBefore Life did what it doesBefore she got her new tattooBefore she knew how to 'screw'And my dishes need washingAnd my apartment's a messAnd my heart needs a cleaningAnd my eyes need to restThe air beckons autumnThe scent of the leavesA time for coats to coverThe sentiment on our sleevesMy limbs are all buckledMy bridges all burnedAnd Cupid has chuckle
Russian Dance Music, Hehe
This Is What I Meen Whn I Say Grls With Muscles R Sexy 2!
How Sweet
Blast : "WARNING:I'm not the girl next door; I'm the bitch down the street!"   And I'm sure she will be complaining about how no good men are coming her way. Because any man wants a bitch from Ohio. Thats down the street...
Important !!!! Please Read !!!!
Not Sure How To React?!?!?!?!?!
For the last few weeks it has been really awesome here....Tina has been cummin and coming over here every Sunday to "watch" the bears play, we may see the first kickoff but by the first play we are playing with each other.  Sam finally did get to meet her and it was so fuckin awesome like OMFGGG!!!!!  we fucked all night long hehehehe!!!!!!  Anyway, something different has happened the last two weeks that has me confused on what to do!?!?!?!?!!!!!  Tina's mom comes and picks her up on Sunday's after the game and for the first three weeks we had plenty of time to fuck!  But starting two weeks ago she showed up earlier than usual and we had to hurry up and get dressed.  She had to see we were doing something other than watching tv, our faces were flushed and there was a scent of sex in the air.  Then last week, the bears were off so I thought Tina wouldn't come over but she insisted, which was way cool, anyway....this time her mom dropped her off instead of me picking her up, we sat down
Might Be In Your Area Soon!
if any of my friends wanna meet up, i might actually have a chance to do so.  my compny is sending me to crane indiana for a few weeks for some training in a couple of months!  so if your around the area or somewhere to meet half way, this would be the perfect time to meet up.  hit me up and let me know if im not on here my email is  
Actual Meaning Of "wifey"? ?
wifey means to have a girl that you know is gonna be ya girl for life. you're basically righ that it means to have a girl who feels like a wife to you   Wifey A woman that you treat right, respect and feel good having her as your girl. More than just your girl.     I HAVE A WONDERFUL WIFEY. SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND. AND ALL YOU HATERS CANT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US...      
I Have Had It
i am currently saving all my pics in preparation to leave this site. i cant stand the ignorance and hypocrisy anymore. i am commiting fu-cide. all my $$ will go to nova. fuck this site and its stupidity. it is a cess pool of all that is wrong with society.....except all the ppl i like of course :) find me on face book if you care too....samantha stewart      
Nov 2, 09 Melanie
On Nov 2,09 my sister was head out to meet a personfrom here and was in a terrible auto accident, A drunkdrive pulled in front of her..She is in serious,butstable condition. She has not woke up since the accident. All we can do at this point is pray for her.I am doingmy best to stay by her side and talk to her.I hear thatit can help someone in a Coma, I have also started toplay some music for her while I am in with her. Today Nov 3, 09 the doctor says that we have to wait tosee what happens,She does not seem to have any injuriesto her brain,She does have a broken leg,She was in surgerytoday having some pins put in her leg and she is bruised up pretty good. I will keep everyone up to date as I am updated. NOV 5, 09 There is still no change in the condition of my sister she has been moving abit which is a good sign, Yesterday she went into surgery to have pins put in her leg. I have a feeling its just a matter of time before we have her back, please dont give up hope and keep us
Ohh Baby
Fort Hood Shooting-not Shocked
Hire a fox to watch over a henhouse...   This is what people get for hiring the enemy to be in the US military ranks. I feel bad for the shot people, but srsly, when I saw this on the news, I was like "*sigh* NOT surprised, please tell me something more surprising"   I mean, hiring a practicing Muslim in the US military? This failed govt, and all the rests, should be sued foor doing that shit. Its a joke.
Short Story # 5
while waiting for her man to come home from work, she gets dressed in a little red nightie, while getting dressed she had this earge to play, she lays on the bed with here legs open wide an bent so she fit her toy in her hot wet pussy,her man comes home an hear her moaning in the bedroom, as he make his way to the room he stops an strips is cloths off, the door opens she sees him naked and start to fuck her pussy faster knowin that she is going to get it good from her man,he walk to the bed leaning over to start helping her with her toy but unsteads he take his tounge an starts to lick her cum out of her pussy wanting to make sure he gets all of her cum he grabs her legs an lift them up sucking hard on her clit she moans and begs for more while eating her he take a finger and start to play with her ass she want her mans cock in her mouth so she get on top of him sucking on his hard cock while he eats an finger her ass. she cums all over his face he goes to wips it off and she grabs him
The Idle Ramblings Of Three Bored Englishmen
  Sir, one must speculate to accumulate. If I might offer a proposal? Some colleagues and I propose to build an Iron bride that spans the River Avon near Bristol. The revenue from tolls are likely to yield in the region of 12% on your investment as it will offer a shorter road route between the Welsh coal fields and London than is currently available. We would be prepared to include you in the partnership for a share of the profits. Please apply in writing to Isambard Kindom Brunel @ ADDENDUM Sir, my apologies. The clerk that scribed the above communication mispelled a particular word changing the entire context of the commentary. I have fired, and soundly thrashed him. Where you read the words "Iron Bride", please substitute the phrase "Iron Bridge". Yours in anticipation, IKB Dear Sir. I read with interest your addendum to your previous communications. When I offered myself for partnership in your venture I believed that you were commissioning the c
Wasnt recognized, wasnt acknowledged, wasn't strongA lot of people tried to hurt me, tried to do me wronglots of times in a negative context I heard my nameLong ago I was whole, but  I was never the sameEvery night when I go to sleep and close my eyesI can see myself fly, with birds and butterflies Like a proud eagle I soar over the land But I know that everything good must come to an end Waking up, still trapped in the same lifeless shell I dont need to die in order to go to hell My spirit was broken like a rotten tree I'll never beg for mercy sittin on one knee Again into slumber I plunge my mind My eyes are seeing, but I am blind Walking through the tunnel like a man with no sight Holding on to the walls, maybe in the end there will be light But nothing but more darkness was waiting for me There is no one as always to hear my plea I ask no questions, and no answers I hold In my mind there's a vacuum, my soul is ice cold I've folded my cards, tried  to stop the game In the end it
Just Imagine What You Know Today About The Quality Of Life
Yesterday alone I remember reading an article about water discovered on the moon, and it wasn’t science fiction!  It was found in a totally dark area of a crater by a NASA probe, and the fact that it’s found to exist in a liquid state (this is important, for Mars has a polar ice cap and without being warm enough to melt there’s no motion and any life found there, if it is found there, would be frozen) possibly indicates there once was life or at least the potential for it on the moon.  Reminds me just now of the gill of water in a dark well Ojo found in “The Patchwork Girl of Oz” … it’s not impossible, just to our mindsets today highly implausible.  Like Dr. Manhattan once said, our limit is in viewing life from life’s own perspective, and that’s based on the life we know.  Like Data, we could find ourselves asking is fire or any chemical reaction life or the signs of it? Before I get accused of exceeding my obscure literary and p
Bed Of Roses -bon Jovi
    LYRICS:   Sitting here wasted and woundedat this old pianoTrying hard to capturethe moment this morning I don't know'Cause a bottle of vodkais still lodged in my headAnd some blond gave me nightmaresI think she's still in my bedAs I dream about moviesthey won't make of me when I'm deadWith an ironclad fist I wake up andFrench kiss the morningWhile some marching band keepsits own beat in my headWhile we're talkingAbout all of the things that I long to believeAbout love and the truth andwhat you mean to meAnd the truth is baby you're all that I needI want to lay you on a bed of rosesFor tonite I sleep on a bed on nailsI want to be just as close as the Holy Ghost isAnd lay you down on bed of rosesWell I'm so far awayThat each step that I take is on my way homeA king's ransom in dimes I'd given each nightJust to see through this payphoneStill I run out of timeOr it's hard to get throughTill the bird on the wire flies me back to youI'll just close my eyes and whisper,baby
Spending Money On Fubar
So I gots me a few dollars and I was thinking of getting a HH while they last for $50. If I do that, I should probably get a VIP and autos. What ya think? (yes, seriously)
Just Stuff Im Pulling Off My Usb
"Me...I'm scared of everything. I'm scared of what I did, of who Iam and most of all, I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling for the rest of my whole life, the way I feel when I'm with you!" (Dirty Dancing)Never take someone for granted Hold every person close to your heart Because you might wake up one day And realize that you've lost a diamond While you were too busy collecting stones.    
Please Hold Me Until It Sleeps
Metallica - Until It Sleeps
I'm Trying Not To Loose Mine
Bon Jovi - Keep The Faith
Stolen...but Fuck Her, She Can Handle It.
The perfect breakfast: Warm Rhum and Honey.   The perfect date:  People still date?? Um...awkward meeting, uncomfortable quip about her outfit. Fantastic food with a great bottle and the sterling realization that she hasn't bothered with underwear, or shame. Quiet conversation laced with double entendre and wit. Readjustments to be sure that all clothing articles still present are covering...again. Broken moments of delight, derision, pleasure and pain. Alot of gasping, the occasional beg and a need to buy clothes with stronger seams. ...Warm Rhum andHoney.   The perfect kiss: Unexpected. Stuttered trepidation and a little-boy-smile...crushing her lips slightly. Lots of biting and an exploring tongue   The perfect argument: I always win.   The perfect man/woman: Breathing, brilliant, broken, breaking, begging.   The perfect shoe: Steel toed ten hole Docs.   The perfect movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind   The perfect flower: Cala Lilies and dead things.   The
Not Sure What
lost in my own world of memories, wishin i would jus drownd. there not toturous. there not terrifying. there memories of things good, dead and gone in my past. memories i would prefer to shed away. let them die, lyk there killin me away. i dare not put them away. for this must never be done they say. there movin in, there here to stay. not sure how to act. lyk a war goin off inside my head. good and evil gettin ransacked deep inside of me. the blood oh so good runnin down the sides of my head. theyve broken free, destruction, devastation at all costs.
Just A Question
Is there such thing a Mr Right... Do u beleive there is one person out there for all of us.....
The Wild Night
            I am sitting on your bed waiting for you to finally come home. You were out with your friends and I know you will be tired when you get home so I had a plan for you when you get home.  When you finally come home and see me waiting for you, you lift an eye brow but you don’t say anything. You walk to the bed to see what I was hiding only to have me pounce on you and kiss you before getting off you, grabbing your arm and pulling you to the bathroom.            I start a hot bath for you and start to strip you of your cloths very slowly making sure to run my nails over every inch of your body. When the water is done I tug you to the tub and watch as you slide in all the while watching me. I smile sweetly and you only stare at me more not knowing what I have planned for you. I grab the wash cloth and my special soap and start to wash your chest, arms, neck and stomach. I then do a circle motion for you to turn so I can do your back as well when you feel my hands not the
Lost!!!! I find myslf in the dark, Searching and Searching but I can not find the one I am searching for. He is here but he is hiding and will not let me see I know he is here because I feel him, breath, think, his soul I smell him, his sweet, amber smell, I taste him, but yet I can not find him to touch and smell and taste yet again. Ohhh I feel so lost.. Please come and find me so I can feel something, that I have only been allowed to feel once for a brief moment in time, I will not loose you because of the darkness!!! Our souls are as one.... Come and find me! For I am lost and fear I may never be found...
!!!!WARNING!!!!!! Fubar will automatically scan your brain through your monitor. To block, go to Kitchen Cabinets Upper Right Drawer then REMOVE box that says "Aluminum Foil." Wrap all remaining foil around your head. Fubar kept this one quiet, Copy and paste into your status to warn all friends
Demons In The Dark
As night comes,The dark forms figures on the wall,I close my eyes,And try to sleep,I try to block it all,But the creatures lurk,Waiting for that hour,They will come,With great hunger and great power,To haunt and to seize,All the dreams that keep you safe,They fill your head with nightmares,You cannot be saved,A single tear forms on my face,The same as every night,It feeds the deadly creatures,As soon as theres no light,They can sense your fear,Your hatred and your pain,They get inside your head,And drive you insane..
so i was thinking of things i could do to make mumming more amusing for me... not that i don't like the flirting and molestation... and bickering.. but maybe something more... i got an idea... it would require harassing an innocent person for absolutely no reason.... yeah i'm a dick i know... so the plan...  get a couple of people together find a stupid mumm poster... and some people make really really rude comments.... some amusing ones that are just off topic (pretty much the usual) then delete them a minute later... then call the mumm poster a comment deleter and see how many people attack him for it... most mummers are sheeps... yes that includes some of you...    i figure after the fun wears off we could come clean and see what happens... i kinda wanna laugh at those that follow our lead and how the mumm poster reacts... i think it could be fun
A Dick Has A Sad Life Cause...... (so Funny)
A dick has a sad life. His hair is a mess. His family is nuts, his neighbor is an asshole, His best friend is a pussy. And his owner beats him xD
Clicky mah egg!    
Liquid Lust
Im the chick all mothers warn you about.. rough and wild... untameable.. I burn through most with a quickness of an eyelash batting soft flesh. I am the sweat on your brow trickling down the tiers of your eyes and falls upon thy lovers  breast. I am lust. I am Sin.. I was naturally born .....bad~
Miss not-a-piece-to-the-puzzle because I am to be kept at arms length Which feels like a fifty foot radius no matter how much I close the distance they wonder why I feel like I should not be here. I wonder in retrospect if they will realize the wound, perhaps come to understand fine art of being uninvited. Untitled and incomplete I draw myself up by the threads of my sanity, Recreating my personal volition and vendetta. I wanted to be something praised I wanted to be something inspiring Muse to your mind, mentally stimulating Dropping little hinderance hints tiny tainted clues of complusion. You resurrected a dying Lotus Neglecting needful necessity Unaware what tending would be required. I am simple in complexity trial and error always worked for me I had to touch the flame to know it was real feel the burn to trust its pain smell the searing on my own flesh to know the scent of humanity on fire.
Growing Old
I look out side and see the children in the play ground at school, laughing and playing. And I think, I was that young once, and now im growing older and can't run like that any  more. I walk with my oldest son, and forever asking him to slow down or stop for a few mins , while I try and catch my breath or wait till the pain in my back stops killin me. We went for a walk, yesterday,  to pick up a few things, we left at 1pm and didnt get home till 2pm.  It took us a fucken hour just to go to the post office, drug store then mac's milk. I can't even do my gawd dam house work with out being in pain. THIS REALLY FUCKEN SUCKS ... I feel so down, cause I cant do what I once did,  go for walks  and not stop to catch air, or  wait till the pain stops a bit to continue. I go to the doctors, and he just tells me its part of getting older and hands me a perscription to help.  Hubby and I look at our dinning room table and see pill bottles ,  we just look at each other and we know what ea
Am I Hot Wife?
Am I a wife to need a  screwing, the hubby just does not  keep hot me , either satisfied ? click here, and discover it      
I Love Wearing Nylons, Sexy Lingerie
  I love wearing nylons, sexy   lingerie with erotic dresses as I feel more feminine, I love showing off   and having my pictures taken, the more erotic the better, I love being   fully shaved as this increases the visual pleasure, and makes me even   more sensitive….short skirts with no underwear and loves the feeling of   getting tickled and feel the sea breeze between my open legs...and enjoy   letting people see of what I have to offer Like the beach, park,   kitchen, bed and sex. I like shopping for new sexy lingerie and by the   end of a lovely day, enjoy a glass of wine (and more...) with sunset,   latino music, and get ready for the hot nights....... spicy harmony that   is sensual, voluptuous, provocative..... the romance of the summer   months is reflected in a fresh and sensual interpretation of true   femininity, and hope to offer you a lounge that transports you to a   sensual paradise.  
Boobs On Parade...
Greetings Neighbors:   The word is objectify which clinically defined is 'To present or regard as an object'.  It can also mean to make impersonal or present as an object as in the case of dealing with human beings as items not people.  During my many experiences on the Internet and my quest for social contact, I often run into pictures and displays of two things on a person's profile; a woman's bare bust line and a man just baring what he thinks needs to be scene (I will not get into detail but I am sure a few ladies out there know what I am talking about).  Now, speaking as a man, it is an obvious fact that we are visual creatures and when judging the beauty of a woman, we often equate  the presentation of a lady's anatomy  as to whether they are good looking or bad looking.  In other words, we guys like to look at females if they have a great 'rack' or a divine 'back door'.  In a lot of cases both.  Oh, and ladies, you can't claim complete innocence in this regard 'girlfriend'.  
What's Your Winter Sense?
Your Winter Sense is Sound You're the type of person who listens carefully. You have a very well honed sense of sound. There aren't a lot of bold sounds in the winter, and for you, that's a very good thing. You like the smallest sounds of the season. Footsteps on snow. Water melting off of icicles. You also like the big sounds of holiday music and cheer, but it's the tiny sounds that make the season for you. What's Your Winter Sense? Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds
For My Gay Friends
™lovely sheep   A guy with land near Auckland buys several sheep, hoping to breed themfor wool. After several weeks, he notices that none of the sheep aregettingpregnant, and phones a vet for help. The vet tells him that he shouldtry artificial insemination. The farmer doesn't have the slightest idea what this means but, notwanting to display his ignorance, only asks the vet how he will knowwhen the sheep are pregnant. The vet tells him that they will stopstanding around and instead will lie down and wallow in grass when theyare pregnant. The man hangs up and gives it some thought. He comes to the conclusionthat artificial insemination means he has to impregnate the sheephimself. So, he loads the sheep into his Land Rover, drives them out into thewoods, has sex with them all, brings them back, and goes to bed. Next morning, he wakes and looks out at the sheep. Seeing that they areall still standing around, he deduces that the first try didn't take,and loads them in the Lan
What Kind Of Storm Are You?
You Are a Hurricane You are downright deadly. No one would ever try to mess with you. You are feared and rightly so. Once you get on the warpath, there's no stopping you. People know to get out of your way as soon as they can. You only pick up momentum as you progress. You may calm down temporarily, but you always get a second wind. You're one storm that takes a while to pass. What Kind of Storm Are You? Work is Hard. Time for Blogthings!
So You Want A Valentine? I Wrote This Too
So you want a valnetine all youll do is tell me lies make me smile then make me cryLove break me and that just finehold tight to what you seeBut what do you see inside of meLove and Lie all the timeLove you hate you your all mineDrop your heart on the groundill pick up and turn you aroundMAke you sweat and make you cryFeeling like you can touch the skyStep on it throw it downfcuk you now ur just a clown Thought you could Fly but i ripped your wingsall the pain that your love bringsSo do want a valentineare you ready to say goodbyelove will leave then come againlove you hate you well never mendin the end we both will crycause we know you would never liereal love is just a fansty the storys that mommy told meim not princess ur not prince loved since our frist kissi take back back againlove you hate you this will never end so do you want a valentine will you tell me all the lies love me tell me your just minekiss her lips then come kiss minedo you have a true heart now cause if so ill tea
What Is
What is not safe for work in a stripper club? Clothing?
Forbidden Inc V/s The Evil Fu Mafia!!!!!
once upon a time long long ago in the no so far away land of FU there lived a happy longe fam named FORBIDDEN. There were thousands of them floating around and they would pop in from time to time just to say whats up and chill a while.then one day the evil fu mafia came along and it hunted down some of the most fun of the FORBIDDEN family, and took them as slaves.But what the evil fu mafia didnt know was that FORBIDDEN had a mafia all there own. In that mafia there were mystical creatures like the teesha, and the ellie bellie,they had a dr. named grappa and a few little people shorty- the boobie troll and jasserick- the gnome,here was a hobbit known as ari, and silly man whos face looked like a vagina.. for arguement sake lets call him ADAM. (lol)So this small but firce FORBIDDEN family mafia set out to save there enslaved bretheren. Determined that they would one day all be reunited.But what the FORBIDDEN mafia didn't realize was that the fu mafia was to great for them to defeat.So th
Yes, i'm bored! when i'm bored i think...   Like,   - Why do they have to pay 7ft men "who can jump" ...millions when they just have to lower the net? -  Why is the main new story on Yahoo this morning telling me about Angelina Jolis new hair style when there are more news worthy stories happening right now? - Why is it when you're open and honest with someone they either slap or block you? - Why on dating sites with the females over 35 who are after a "relationship'...state only males 21-38? - Why are they waiting for the 'end of the world' to begin before they act and do something?   ummmm...back with some more in a moment.
Role-play Terminologies And How-to's (for The Drunken Bastard Tavern And Inne Rp Lounge)
RP - Role-Play Character - The persona you create to play as.  Think of an actor, and the character he playes based on a script he recieves.  This is the same thing, except there is NO script.  You create your character, and play that character. Free-Form - In RP terminology, it means "without a set StoryLine, or Plot".  Essentially, any 'plot' or 'StoryLine' that you play is, in essence, created by who and possibly whomever else you're playing with.  This also means, in the online RP chatroom world, that there is no dice used to plan out actions, etc. IC - In Character.   Essentually, it's you, the player, as your character.  When you play as your character, you are 'In Character.' OOC - Out Of Character.  Any dialog, 'actions', whatever, that you do AS YOU, not as your character. ~~~~~ Excerpts from a discussion I had with a freind online, explaining online RP and such: Terran Nytefyer: With online Free-Form Rp - all actions are performed in action colons ::action goes her
Droid Behavoir & Pure Filth Present: Infinite Filth!!!!!
SATURDAY FEBUARY 27THP U R E __ F I L T H__D U B S T E P ?&ICOMPLEXpresentsINFINITE FILTHfeaturingMan of the HourNOAH D(Argon, Portland, OR)Noah D is without a doubt one of the top Dubstep producers based in the USA. He has been building his reputation in both the Dubstep and Drum n Bass circles since 2003 and is highly regarded on both sidesof the Atlantic for his musical output.His latest tune, "Seeeriousss" has been tearing up every dancefloor on every corner of the world and has become a full fledged Dubstep anthem for 2009. His music has received consistent radio play on many of the UK's biggest radio stations including RinseFM, Kiss and BBC's 1xtra and has been supportedworldwide from DJ's such as Skream, Dieselboy, DJ Hype, N-Type, Plastician, and Benga just to name a few. Once behind the decks Noah D brings a diverse blend of beats mixed in a carefully crafted style that is guaranteed to create a memorable experience and "seeerious" energy on the dance floor!SPOR
Humans Can Lick, Too
Once there was a a beautiful young girl who lived in a small town just south of Farmersburg. Her parents had to go to town for a while, so they left their daughter home alone, but protected by her dog, which was a very large collie. The parents told the girl to lock all the windows and doors after they had left. And at about 8:00pm the parents went to town. So doing what she was told the girl shut and locked evey window and every door. But there was one window in the basement that would not close completely.Trying as best as she could she finally got the window shut, but it would not lock. So she left the window, and went back upstairs. But just to make sure that no one could get in, she put the dead-bolt lock on the basment door.Then she sat down had some dinner and decided to go to sleep for the night. Settling down to sleep at about 12:00 she snuggled up with the dog and fell asleep.But at one point, she suddenly woke up. She turned and looked at the was 2:30. She snuggle
My Disaster, And Parallels To The Pina Colada Song
So about 7 months ago, I found myself in despair about my life. I was unhappy. My marriage had failed. I was depressed and alone. I needed to fix myself and my world. I met someone who I thought could do that. She was intriguing, funny, and so very different from anyone I had ever met. I fell in love. Very hard, and very quickly. She was, I thought, the most amazing person I had ever met. She doubted my view of her, and as it turns out, she was right. In the end, she turned out to be fickle, unforgiving and just plain mean-spirited. I think there is such a black cancer in that woman's heart that she is incapable of really loving someone. She is too judgemental and cruel. I think she confuses flattery with feeling, and she will chase that her whole life. I wish she realized that I was willing to shatter my world to be with her. She just took too much of my love for granted. Everything she ever gave came with strings attached. She held all of my hopes and dreams, and
We Should Really Do This For Welfare
THE JOB - URINE TEST (Whoever wrote this one deserves a HUGE pat on the back!) Like most folks in this country, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that paycheck in my case, I am required to pass a random urine test (with which I have no problem). What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test. So, here is my Question: Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them? Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sitting on their ass - doing drugs, while I work. . . Can you imagine how much money each state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check? I guess we could title that program, 'Urine or You're Out'. Pass this alo
You gave me life with love now your flying like a dove You gave me a purpose to be strong now your will is never wrong You gave me confidence and might now your soul will never give up the fight You gave me wisdom and power now your name will be yelled from the highest tower You gave me truth and trust now your body is nothin but dust You gave me a symbal of me now that your gone can you still see You gave me the right to be a mother now your daughter can be no other You gave m
Stupid Boy
I broke up w/ Doug....and about last weekend we were talking and he asked if I would get mad at him if he started "messing around with other people" when he's at parties and shit. I said i didnt care. Anyways...later he texts me....and asked if I had any condoms to give him so he can be "safe". WTF!!
The Sun Aint Got Nothing On Me
Should I Write
Should I write more mumms dealing with sexual or topics, or there are others more suited for that?
The Red, White And Blue Prayer For Peace
Why is it taking a haircut, do you get it for free, I think not!
Your Smile
Your smile awakens my soul, As the sun awakens the day. A kiss and my life is yours, It seems a fair price to pay. Your touch arouses my senses, As the moon arouses the night. Hold me and win me forever, In your arms all things are right. Your heart endures all emotion, As the sky endures all the stars. Love me and we'll have eternity, There is no greater love than ours.
Time For My First Blog Lol
Hmmm first we had fun with the game earlier right even thou some were so close it would bite them in the nose lol not gonna mention names lol.. And I know I made it when I have stalkers that put me down after I block them cuz I dont fall for their lame...lame .....lame....pickup line then they make accounts to attack me lol I laugh at you stalker go back to myspace if u dont like it and I dont put up with spammers ie lounge monkeys and liars players etc lol so if you like me show it or prove it stand out some how .
Caught between Desire and Lust Frightened To be Close But afraid to stray. A Circle of disillusionment A feeling of losing control I am held Captive, But not unwillingly I am not here against my will I desire to be by his side, Even if he does not desire me tortured by Lust Listening to His every command "SIT!" yes master. "KNEEL IN FRONT OF ME!" yes master, "PLEASE ME!" yes master. I am willing to please him in every way I dare not disobey. I am bad every now and then Just to feel his pain upon my skin. to feel the touch that I long for.
Dancing In The Night
dancing in the moon light with you feeling you close feeling you breathe looking into your eyes and seeing just how you feel deep inside your heart the music is moving us and the breeze flowing through your hair i can smell your perfume it fills my head along with the notes of the music the moon hits your eyes and they sparkle we kiss lips touching and we catch our breath the music is deep and i spin you around the floor as we seem to be dancinng on air never wanting the song to end or the night ot be over dancing in the night swaying to the tunes i open  my eyes expecting you to be there and your gone like the notes in the air disapear into the night maybe ill dream again  and you will appear once more to dance with me in the night   the end or is it????
I lie upon this bed waiting for your arms to embrace me once more. Your heart was always pure and kind even when mine held hatred inside.  How do I ever get back things I cherished the most just to push them away?  I loved you and I couldn't handle you loving me back yet I wanted it.  Your love grew like roses in the spring.  Your scent that of pure innocence.  You never seen the flaws only enhanced on what was true and pure.  I never wanted to hurt you and now I'm missing you and only wish that you were here with me even for a moment.  To feel the safety of arms of warmth and a loving embrace.  I don't know how to go on without you a constant in my life.  You were everything to me and now that your gone I feel lost and alone with nothing to spare.  I love you with a passion that will always burn for only you cuz for another it would only be blue. 
Omg Look At New Pics Me Drawn As Last Unicorn!!!!
omg look at new pics me drawn as last unicorn!!!! what u think? was drawn by Jack Carson is FucT n lusted by CK n owned by Kilala n im Mandi n Ambers DaDDy@ fubar leave a comment what u think :)
God's Garden
My aunt wrote this whem mom died.   God looked around his garden, And found an empty place. He then down apon the earth. And saw your tired face. He put his arms around you, And lifted you to rest. God's garden must be beautiful, He only takes the best. He knew that you were suffering, He knew that you were in pain. He knew that you would never Get well on earth again. He saw the road was getting rough, And the hills were hard to climb. He closed your weary eyelids, And whispered "Peace be thine." It broke our hearts to lose you, But you didn't go alone. For part of us went with you,  to his heavenly home.       This says it all! We love and miss you very much. From all your family   Susan Elaine Steffen
One Bad Apple
Whenever ppl says, damn he ruined it for the rest of us...and in the past it has, I recently made the choice that one bad apple isnt going to fuck it up for others who arent shitheads lol....and believe me, i know who the good ones are, even if i havent spoken to you, i know lol, and i dont want ppl to be scared to say things to me afraid im going to chew you out...just have common sense, which i have found isnt real common lol...i have a sense of humor, just dont disrespect me...plain and simple...i dont think thats so much to ask...and the whole, dont put up nudes if you dont want ppl to say things, its my page, my pictures, my pictures should say : wow, shes pretty cool for sharing these, NOT, hey, i can talk to her like a whore, hell, my pics are with my husband...i highly doubt that is being whorish, and i dont think me sharing them says im a whore either, maybe it says im somewhat confident that ppl will enjoy looking at them...but, maybe im wrong, maybe im giving ppl too much cr
It's Hard To Be Humble By Mac Davis
No Need To Speak
Sweet Italian Sausage Simmer
1 package (about 5 sausages) of Sweet Italian Sausage links 1 D'Anjou Pear (should be as firm as an apple) 1 Medium Sized Zucchini 1 Firm Large Plum 1'4 large white onion Black Pepper Minced Garlic 1 loaf crusty French Bread   Place the sausage links in a large, deep frying pan and make sure they are not up against each other. Cover them in water, and turn on the burner to about medium heat. While the sausages are starting to cook, cut up the pear, zucchini, and onion into bite sized chunks. (DO NOT DICE THEM.... it will get too mushy) Quarter the plum, remove the pit, and then slice up the quarters into thin slices. The plum will lend a tartness to the meal that is incomparable. Turn your sausages over. Once all the produce is sliced and chopped, add it to the pan. Your water by this time will have almost simmered out, so add more water to once again cover the sausages.Add black pepper and garlic to taste. Keep your heat at medium for about another 6 minutes or so, then turn
So Many Words.look What The Cunt Really Is
Debby Me (3/23/2010 1:31:07 PM): i wanted us just us to chatkerry lively (3/23/2010 1:31:16 PM): whatever it is i havent done it lolDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:31:21 PM): hahahahaDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:31:34 PM): i must say i did not expect john to put what he has in his statusDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:31:38 PM): it actually upsets meDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:31:44 PM): goes to show he is still looking at your statuskerry lively (3/23/2010 1:31:49 PM): does not shok mekerry lively (3/23/2010 1:31:52 PM): yeskerry lively (3/23/2010 1:31:58 PM): but mine was not about him lolDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:32:02 PM): lolDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:32:09 PM): he obviously thinks it isDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:32:25 PM): but, when i met you, i felt you.. if that makes senseDebby Me (3/23/2010 1:32:31 PM): after what i had been through with kezkerry lively (3/23/2010 1:32:46 PM): he thinks everything i do revoles around him..i am doing much fact am at a loss as to why i was so in love with him to be honestkerry l
All Haters Wanted
I try to not to misspell, so here goes: All you blog haters, how do you like me now?  Bash me all you want!
Hijack this blog please, talk about whatever, try not too much politics though, that is boring as can be!
An Article I Just Read...
Tender skin. An open palm or leather flogger. The anticipation before the hand or instrument meets flesh. The thrill as the sound reaches your ears at precisely the same moment the sensation reaches every inch of your body. And you only get another if you ask very, very nicely. Oh, the joys of spanking. It may have been a dreaded punishment as a kid. But as part of consensual adult play, it can be delicious fun. Much of the thrill comes from the expectation and build-up. When will it happen? How will it feel? Will it happen again? And no matter how many times you may indulge, those same questions always seem to arrive since each spanking encounter is different. People enjoy spanking, because in a safe environment, it can be exhilarating to command and to relinquish all power. The spanker is in control of how many spanks and how hard (within the agreed upon scenario, of course.) The “spankee” is left to wait and wonder. Many people find themselves aroused before the paddle
Anyone can write a status for me, I may use one or more.
Wat Do U Think Of Me?
Wat Do U Think Of Me? 1. Idiot 2.Funny 3.Fit 4.Marry Ya 5.EWW 6.Hate You 7.Text Me 8.Luv Ya 9.Bloody Insane 10.Nutter 11.Stupid 12.Uncontrollable
Am I Really Joe Biden
Does anyone really think I am Joe Biden?
Which Should I Get Upset Over More?
Which should I get upset over more?  That my wife left me for another woman?  Or that my band sucks?
Happy Birthday
I think everyone should go wish this girl that has no salute and calls herself Fantasy Girl, a Happy Birthday.  Classic!   Taylor@ fubar  
Real loves is not something that you can take for granted real love is a feeling that comes between two people and can not be broken by man or woman or anyone for that matter.Real love is the feeling that you are wanted you are loved and respected and cherished through thick and thin and it never changes day to day minute to minute.The best part about being loveds is knowing that the person that u love is always right there by your side till the end of time. So is what you have True and Real love?
I Must Look Like That Kind Of Girl
Earlier today I was searching google, looking for "How much it costs to get an associates in nursing" and Google decided that when I got to " a..." I wanted to know "How much it costs to get an abortion".   Nice, google.    I've noticed it gives me a LOT of odd suggestions...maybe I should stop searching for so much porn. anyway, abortions were so cheap I got two and now I'm addicted.  
Uconditional Love
Unconditional  love is  loving & excepting someone for  who  they  are & not  wanting  to  change  them. If  you  wan't  someone  to  change  something  about  there self  then  you   don't  truely  love  them.  Go  find  someone  you don't  want  to  change  anything  about  them  &  someone  that  does  not  want  to  change anything  about  you!!!
2010 Mixes Hottt New Sound Remixes Of Of 2000-2001) Ian Van Dahl - Castels In The Sky 2010 Eletro,gigi Dagostino - Ill Fly With You (2010 Ele
thee are the 2010 mixes of the best songs in 2000-2001 listen comment ... more instash if u cant see it look in stash too
If a person is going to make a Blast, HH, or spotlight, ask your friends which is your best pic!  Gosh!
One Of My Favorite Videos!
I'll post the video in the comments.
Take This Blog Over
Say whatever you want in the feeple's blog it is a free forum blog, please?
My Moobs
My moobs are not shapely at all, I shall not show them!
I probaly have written this before, but here it goes: Heaven, Paradise, the Garden of Eden, also known as Gan Eden, exists in Jewish thought, the spiritual Garden of Eden is a place where souls are rewarded by being in God's presence. Hell, Purgatory, Gehinnom:  does exist in Jewish thought, it is a temporary state of souls not feeling the presence of God, the longest a soul is there is for eleven months. Reincarnation, Gilgul:  Does exist in normative Jewish thought, but is not a main point.  Gilgul is for those in their past life or lives before they go to Gan Eden ,need to repair something in their souls. So when someone tells me there is no heaven or Hell or Reincarnation in Jewish thought, they are either being ingenuous, ignorant, or altogether stupid!
What Ancient Goddess Are You?
What Ancient Goddess Are You? Kristin got Egyptian Goddess Isis, Mother of the Universe. Your nature is very maternal, tending to those you care about lovingly and with a warm heart. You enjoy the simple pleasures of life, it doesn't take much for you to be happy. In relationships, you are faithful and devoted to your partner and you would sacrifice anything for their well-being and happiness.
An Outpouring Of Nonsense.... Or Is It?
So I've been doing alot of thinking and got hit with a shitload of self realizations. First of which is that I really don't need to be so damned paranoid anymore. I keep worrying about who to trust, and who's gonna stab me in the back and yadda freaking yadda, but it finally dawned on me that I don't really have to do that anymore. Granted, yes, some people are still on the fence because I don't believe in fully trusting someone until they survive trial by fire. That would be stupid and naive. Two things I'm not. Most of the time. (shut up all you with smart ass comments. I've survived this long right? I don't care if only barely.)But most of the people that could really truly hurt me, by spreading my secrets or betraying me some other way, never would. Can I say that with 100% certainty? Hell No. But I can't even say the same thing about myself. People will always hurt other people unintentionally. That's human nature. But would they do it on purpose? No. Not at all. Mistakes can be f
Look at me now, good intentions, she bothers you, that you are still here, I, get, why people, look at others so the truth then will finally be told, about her, why do she tells you lies, because no one look into her eyes, instead they all go also hides, people lies all the time, her turn to find the truth in people eyes, dip them up then leave them all behind, people lies all the time, her turn to find the truth in people eyes, dip them up then leave them all behind, before, they try also define her life, understand why she let out a big scream, maybe then you will know to leave her alone, people lies all the time, her turn to find the truth in people eyes, dip them up then leave them all behind, instead they all go also hides, people lies all the time, her turn to find the truth in people eyes, dip them up then leave them all behind, her turn to find the truth in people eyes, her turn then to find the truth in people eyes, her turn to find the truth in people eyes, her turn then to f
Listen now because i got a feeling was just a warm up, i can’t look up, left/right or either forward, you and me there’s no you and me its only me, i’m not lying so stop trying to point me out, i was going to be nice, nice, but see i have change my mind, mind, this is not just another warm up thing, thing, ones who think they can level up to this needs to calm down, got it past together, because i’m always there, i keep me right, keep things i like to be past loud, where did yall hear the silence i can’t hear what you hear, this is not just a big poke, most stupid asses don’t get what i'm saying they never know what they’re in, its alright, right, right, right, alright, right, right, right, i keep me right, keep things i like to be past loud, where did yall hear the silence i can’t hear what you hear, this is not just a big poke, most stupid asses don’t get what i'm saying they never know what they’re in, its alright, right, r
Good Day At Temporary Disdain For Scott Pilgrim, And Stuff
Warning! This will be possibly annoying and contain a bit of dirty language.   So for the past week or so I have been a bit mopey and depressed. I have been jumping from okay to rabid in seconds....which isn't really me. I as I have gotten older have generally had much better control over my somewhat legendary temper. Lately however I have been feeling inclined to club people over the head with baby seals. If I am still able to tell bad jokes it's because my last line of defense against myself is my rather fucked up sense of humor...but to be honest it's fucked up by the fact that life has decided I need a mean streak. Now for the meat of the subject....why I am pissy and such.   This past weekend I on a date went to see Scott Pilgrim versus the World. Awesome movie but with a dilemna I am tossing around in my noggin hit waaaay to close to home. I will get back to this in a minute. For those of you who are not playing the home game I have spent most of my life angry. My parents, my
Journey Of A Tear
I start down deep Within a beating heart Then something happens And my journey starts   I have to possessions So there's nothing to pack Once I'm gone I can never go back   My first stop Is that lump in your throat I can't help making Your voice drop a note   I linger there Just for a bit My friends shortly follow And there will sit   moving on up I've found a colored orb I'm just going to be More than you can absorb   Dancing there Making your nose run Glimmering and sparkling There is the sun   Now I fall down From your eye I'm sorry dear I've made you cry   Now on your cheek I leave a trail My journey near over I'm feeling frail   There I slide Onto your chin From whence I came Others begin   My demise is on the front of your shirt The journey of a tear Hope it has worth
Cam Whores
Why do cam whores list the Philipines, mainly as their residence?  A. True B. Swerdlovsk is hard to pronounce
a faded smile graces my cracked lips as i listen to memories played back to me via C.D. isn't it an oddity, how memory and emotion are so tightly linked with sound and smell, while sight is so loosely tied to those same facets of the id. the memories i have and hold most dear to my heart, play in the background, they are the soundtrack to my life. they are the "X's" on the map of my heart, marking where i buried all of my golden monuments of tenderness, love, hate, regret, and sorrow.
One Mans Junk...
i cannot begin to describe the delicate state of me. a twisted, gnarled shadow of human indecencies left to rot on the maggot laden trash-heap of society. if someone found a shiny spot upon me and took me home. one might realize what is beneath.
Sands Through The Hourglass
the sands of time are the dried salt of my tears. how long has it been? how many tears did it take to fill this hourglass of mine? i spew forth poetry from my pen for no one to see. i hate to feel like this, though like a masochist, i m addicted to the pain i inflict upon myself.  
Shomali11 From Okcupid
Shomali11 messaged me on okcupid and I always answer back. Shomali11:Hello there :)How are you ?I stumbled upon your profile and simply couldn't resist writing to you:) Words can not describe such angelic breath taking beauty ... I was wondering if you would like to chat and get to know each other ? Me:Hey, thanks dude :)I'm good! Getting ready to edit some videos and make some music :)How are you doing? (if I call you dude, it's a sign to stop flirting...) So I went to his profile to get a closer look at his face and see what he had to say. There was nothing that really caught my eye, so I  continued back to my profile to see if anything exciting was happening (sarcasm, but you get what I mean) Before I have time to think he im-ed me on okcupid's chat thing. shomali11:Checking me out? ;)rawrnerd:not in the way that you thinkrawrnerd:just wanted to get a closer look and see your prof after reading the messageshomali11:Are you loving what you are seeing? ;)rawrnerd:.... not rea
DaBLAST! did a contest last year called ShowUrTitsThursdays it did well. The contest brought us some notoriety along with some great friends(& great times) unfortunately the contest didnt move as fast as we wanted to so we shut it down. Now in 2010 it has been revamped & revived courtesy of F.L.O.Empire Going forward the new name is Tri state Edition of "ShowUsYaBoobs". Here are the rules of the game: You must be 21 & over. You must live in the tri state area(NYC/NJ/Connecticut) yes conn. is part of the tri stateYour pictures must be recent(no more than 2 weeks old) You must show your face(after all we looking at more than boobs here lol)You must be topless in the picture(wet t-shirts are allowed but we must see nipples) Only 3 pictures are allowed. Once the pictures are submitted my panel of judges(it's a gang lol) will select 4 finalists. The 4 finalists will recieve tickets to the Lights Camera Action show on October 14th presented by F.L.O.Empire. From there the crowd will look at
Im In An Auction Come Dew Tha Damn Thang Ill Take Care Of U
well relationships  are like a glass ,sometimes it's better to leave them broken then try to hurt yourself putting it back together ".  ................"There is no remedy for love but to love more "..............  
The Wrong Path
These past few weeks I have been living in a dream like state. Fantasizing about being with you. Thinking of everything we could be together. Never realizing that it was all purely an illusion in my head. Fooling myself into everything you said, wanted. Needing it so badly to be true that I couldn’t see behind all the lies.  I opened myself up to you only to be shut down and turned away. My first instinct in the beginning was to turn my head and never look back. I felt it to be a dangerous risk. But I didn’t listen. I took the leap. Now I am feeling a heartbreak that I never wanted to experience again.  Your words reeled me in. I listened and I fell for everything said. I wanted so badly to believe and to feel the love I thought was truly there.  So many paths laid out before me and I take the wrong ones. Over and over in a continuous  viscious cycle of mistakes and let downs. I have come to the point in life where I just want to give up. I feel that this life has nothing l
Daydreamin Ouch!
‎"I can honestly say you've been on my mind... Since I woke up today, up today I remember when we kissed, I still feel it on my lips The time that you danced with me With no music playing ... I remember those simple things I remember 'til I cry ..." hahahahahahiiiizzzz...cnt wait" damn day dreamin again ...?
A Cowboy
Hope   Hope the thread that binds our souls with Those that have gone before us and those that Will come after we ourselves have passed. Hope is the what follows the last drop of blood that is shed, the last tear that falls, and the last breath that is taken. After all these things have come to pass hope is there to hold our hands, wipe our tears and bless the future with its undying certainty that all the comes down our path is meant to be.
I'm Feeling All Decked In The Halls
I will end everything I say with pah rump a pum pum...     That is all..pah rump a pum pum
A True Friend
A true friend will   * offer you food, money and/or shelter when you are broke * tell you when you're being a bitch * help you to lose weight, not just say "you look fine" * give you hell for leaving your dwelling a mess, then help you clean up * warn you away from crazy people * do their best to stop you from getting another tattoo or piercing * let you use his or her car in a bank heist, for just a small cut of the loot * stand up with you and say FUCK ISLAM! We're having PORK. * at least taste whatever you cooked * not laugh at you if you should happen to come home with bukkake and a dazed expression on your face  
What Type Of Wine Are You?
You Are Sauvignon Blanc Engaging and energetic, you have a lot to offer the world - most of it they've never seen anywhere else! You are the type of person who carves your own path in life... and you invite everyone else to come along. The only thing predictable about you is that you could have anything up your sleeve. You're all about sampling all of life's experiences. Both the savory and unsavory ones. Deep down you are: Laid back and young at heart Your partying style: Anything goes... seriously! Your company is enjoyed best with: Smoked meats or spicy food What Kind of Wine Are You? Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
Rules And Guidlines For Family
Lost in The Wilderness .......2 Mr. Clarke spoke in a very firm voice. "I am not amused" his gaze burned As if a raging fire spreading wild. And..he searched for the misplaced debit card. . Hours before...Logan was kneeling Beside me, holding my hand in his. And the day just seemed to begin once Steven raised his head. . The personalities that I've met Spin frequently inside this head. As I once again try calling Detective Moore. . The things that we choose to not accept or believe I guess can only be found in time. Each part of him I'd met, more than once. . Until the night from the darkness of unseen shadows "He" appeared. I really thought I'd met them all. "Him" I've never seen again. . He hides silently within. And I refuse to watch Mr. Clarke For him to recklessly appear again. Let this be my warning to more than the few of you. . in progress..............
Applying To The Jlm
Applying to the JLM is simple and easy... First Figure a super hero you wanna be... WE can Help with that if you need... Send us a message telling us you wanna join the JLM and with what character... it that simple...    Once you we get the message we will respond to you and tell you what we need for you to do next...    The JLM is a close family of friends... We help each other all the time with leveling and generally hang out in the same lounge with each other either Cafe Risque or Velvet's Playground, but it not a requirement to do so... IF you have any questions... Send us a SB or a Private message and we will happy to answer them...
Once Upon A Time
Once upon A time There was Truth to the Myth of what You And I Had found In a blank paged Fairy tale.   Snow White Doesn't sleep In a casket made of Glass Slippers will break If you wear them.   Walk across this Written word With fingers Gently Seeking Loving You And me No more.   He loves Me He loves me! Not Enough.
Pleasure & Pain
In anticipation of our next meeting, I get a shiver down my spine. To be in the control of your able hands Is an addictive passion of mine     The day is here; I am wonderfully frightened. You lead me to the cold and sterile chair; The melodious buzzing, I am intoxicated The smells of antiseptic and latex in the air.     A cool wetness, and then the graze of the blade You firmly press the sheet against my skin I inspect the mark and smile in approval; You say it is time to begin.     My heart begins to race as you approach And I feel a hot surge in my veins. My breath departs me for a moment; You grin and mock my pain.     I begin to relax and bask in my bliss Watching with masochistic delight. Pain becomes pleasure; torture is hedonic - I move and you hold me down tight     With one last thrust, your task is complete - I am bloody, injured and content. You dress my wound and send me off; I can't wait to do it again.
How is this for hypocritical, I get a pic flagged by fubar, and its an old work of art that is very well known, but Babyjesus can post a video of protestors getting shot on the street and dying. All the colorful blood showing. I get flagged for a black and white work of art, with no blood showing. For those of you that would like to know what it was that I posted. Just look up Dantes Inferno Canto 28. The pic with an elderly man holding his own head is the one in question. Now, go to Babyjesus page and look for the video, if its still there and tell me where the logic lies on this one. He may be the creator or site owner or whatever he is, but that doesn't mean he should be above his own rules. Feel free to leave comments and share this with others if you don't think this is right. Hate me if it makes you feel better for ragging on Fubar or its owner, I really don't care.
Before I Found You
Before I found you My life seemed so empty Even though I had my friends And my so called "family" Before I found you I couldn't see my future Everything I did Just felt like torture Before I found you I wanted to die Now thinking of those times I Just want to cry It is so hard to believe That all that happened to me Especially now that I know That's not how it has to be Because I've found you now And my life hasn't been so bad Since I've found you I haven't been so sad.
I Love You Because
I love you beacuse You've done so much for me Even though you don't realize it Just hearing your voice helps to Dry my tears and calm my anger Lift my spirits and give me hope I love you because You not only allow me To be who I really am with you But you don't put on an act You show me who you really are Not what others want you to be I love you because You're so honest with me You tell me the truth no matter what And that has made me trust you More than I've ever trusted anyone More than I trust myself But most of all I love you because I can and I want to.
God's Gift To Brandy...
Brandy Price was a smart woman, spoiled rotten by her wealthy father that was until he suddenly died.  His will left all her money to his favorite charities and she got a small house in the seedier side of town and a beat up two door BMW.Shortly after moving in Brandy was robbed and lost most of her possessions and was forced to sell the house in order to have money to live on until she found a job.  That was becoming increasingly harder as she wanted the perfect job and that included a high paycheck and the perfect working hours.What she got was a twelve-hour shift job working at the local diner serving some of the greasiest food known to man made by a sixty-year-old owner/cook Bernie Martin.  He took pity on her when she drove up front early in the morning just after he opened parked out front in her car, tripped and landed in a puddle.  She walked in soaking wet and took the “help wanted” sign out of the window handed it to him and said, “I can do it.”  He wa
The Socks Personality Test
Your Socks Say You're Elegant You are: - Quite glamorous - Somewhat reserved - A little bit greedy - Known as attractive The Socks Personality Test Blogthings: We Have a Quiz for Almost Everything
One More Attempt
If you are always willing to make one more attempt, you can reach whatever goal you choose. No matter what results you get, the only real failure is when you stop making the effort. When you are mistaken, you can learn. When you are knocked down, you can get back up. When you find that you've veered off track, you can correct your direction. When you discover that circumstances have changed, you can make adjustments accordingly. Eventually, you'll reach the point at which the next attempt you make is the one that will complete the desired accomplishment. What a shame it would be to stop just one effort short of success. For that next effort will make all the others pay off. Commit yourself to making one more effort, one more attempt, as often as necessary, and anything is within your reach. Keep making that one more attempt, keep getting back up, and keep moving forward in the direction of your goal, one step after another. And you will surely get there
Batman Rises Movie Updates
The Dark Knight Rises just wrapped up in India, and now it’s moving to the next location. I’ve received word from multiple sources that The Dark Knight Rises will be filming next week on St. John Street in London. The shoot will last about four days, from May 16th until the 20th. Local businesses in the area have been told that they’ll hear gunshots during this time. It’s likely that they’ll film at The Farmiloe Building on St. John Street — this was used as the Gotham City Police Station in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.
Facebook Nazi
I'm a Facebook Nazi.  I'll be the first to admit it and the last to deny it.  Some of my older friends will remember when Facebook started really getting popular, and how I refused to get it at all.  When I did finally succumb to it, I made an account under a fake name, using my friend-at-the-time's last name to keep my privacy intact (an act that caused infinite ridicule amongst my peers).  I later deleted that account.  It was only afterwards, when my boss at a job I REALLY, REALLY wanted informed me that he contacted his employees through Facebook, that I made a new profile, as a matter of professional reliability.  Since then, I've been much happier with my Facebook experience.  This is due to the fact that I've since made some "filters" with my friends’ list, which I have to say is definitely for the better.  Filtering out the few little things regarding content, habits and messages that make me enraged to the point that I literally start to convulse and beat my
Work; The Clusterfuck, Relationship; The Plane Crash In Progress- Or At Least It Feels That Way.
About a month ago at work one of the people whose job is to sell shit to people and make sure the paperwork gets filed properly before and after I put it in a little box and give it to a fedex person got fired. The basic gist of the situation is he waltzed into work 2 and a half hours late still drunk off his ass from the night before and called the owner of the company a bitch.  Ironically he made sure the one person who works there capable of doing so was not in earshot to beat the stupid out of him. Since then his genius suervisor has drug their feet on hiring a replacement, and in the process has worked the barely stable other sales person to the point where they have meltdowns twice daily. I know this because I have to pep talk said person back into half functionality, and I am seriosuly getting tired of doing so. There are things going on in my life that are in effect quite possibly going to change it forever and I really do not have the time to be the companies' HR person. I am
Prisoner Of Love
just another random thought,sitting in the silenceof my disturbed thoughts,i refused to think about it; i closed my eyes,tried to shut it tight,carried everywhere by the wind,it seemed so real and so true; gazing deeply into the pool of water,i see my face staring back inamazement and in wonderat the emotions that i am overcome with; drawing me closer and closer,stirred by the depth of passion,torn between the life that isand the life that will be, i struggle; trying to find a solution,i try to claw my way out,i try to fight the feelingsand all the emotions i have been overcome with; sitting in the dark,thinking of you,wishing you were here,realizing i am a prisoner of love,
Full Body- Fan Me~~ For More Fun Sydney Blogs
Fate (please Play Video At End Of Blog If You Dare)
It seems or so people say,the moment we are bornour fate is already etchedon to our foreheads;how i wish mine was a different one,i could then do all that i wanted,the way i want to, carefreeand not bound by any restrictions;how i wish you could stay with me,spend our time together without a carenot worrying when you will be taken awayand hidden from us all;moment when you left, still visiblein my eyes, those sweet, laughter filledeyes turning into a ravaging floods, oncethe realization set in;unable to stop you, unable to do muchbeyond waving goodbye,standing amidst a sea of gloomwe bid you farewell, hoping the next timeis much longer than this time;#mce_temp_url#
Assuming The Worst...
 He runs, with tears streaming down his face. How could this have happened. They had talked about it for so long. Running away, he was joining the army. She was gonna go to Collage in the next town over. She was supposed to love him, but instead he got left waiting till the early morning. Why didn't she come? Was she mad at him? Did she change her mind? Through the side streets under the lamp lights he runs. But when he gets to her road he hesitates. Maybe she just forgot is all, fell asleep and forgot to set her alarm. Then as he turns the corner, he knows the truth. the lights flashing tells the story. Her dad knew and wouldn't let her, He just had to hurt her one more time. In a rage he starts forward, this time with a purpose that any solider would know. Leaving through the police cars he finds one unlocked with the keys inside, using them he takes out the shotgun. Checking it, finding it loaded he slides out of the car and tucks it into his trench coat and moves to towards the hou
Cut Deep
 Without her he is lost nothing is important anymore. He can find no purpose, he is not himself. When the razor cuts he feels no pain, he just thinks of her, and lets the blood run down his fingertips. His world has revolved around the thought of her, the words she writes, the messages she leaves. But then it stops he hears nothing for days, then weeks he has become nothing more than a shell going from day to day on a sort of auto pilot. Never looking up at the people around him, never talking unless spoken too. His friends forget him, he no longer leaves his home except work. One day he thinks he sees her while working, but when he gets closer he realizes that it is not her, it never will be. She has moved on and has started a new life, with someone who was worthy. Someone who has caught her eye, and heart. Now he sits at his desk, cutting himself waiting for the message that may never come. Waiting for the love he lost, the love he has thrown away. Feeling nothing but hatred for hims
Cabin Fever My Ca Entry
The stench of gun powder and burnt flesh permeates the air all around him, as shots ring out from the rookie. The Sergent realizes that his squad is pinned, they are stuck in this cabin with undead hordes surrounding them. One of the creatures bursts through the door and he opens up with his mk 48 shredding it. It was a soldier so he searches it for more ammo, and finds a couple clips to keep them going that much longer, but he hears them in the basement. Then the lights go out, and he knows, they are coming. then CRASH a large blue one wearing tattered remains of an admirals uniform. Without hesitation he opens up with a lead storm and shouts "BIG BLUE BASEMENT DOOR!!!" and as one his squad turns and unload. The monster explodes in a purple cloud and chokes him, he feels strange Dropping his gun, he shambles forward and grabs the rookie, and bites down, slowly slipping as the virus takes over his body. His last conscious thought is but I was going home this week, I was going to see my
Time To Run.....?
Why is it whenever things are going good I have to find some reason to run? Why am I sooooooooo afraid to truly love someone? Why cant I allow mysel fto be happy with both myself and with someone else?   I really really love you but I just dont know if I can do this. I dont think Im worthy of the kind of happiness you want to give me or a man as wonderful as you.   I just dont know anymore.
you might have won the battle but you havent won the war/they trying to show me the exit but cant get me thru the door/you fuckers dont listen and i hate being ignored/ so we gonna change positions and im a let let you see the ceiling while you rest your on the floor/interesting perspective but on i have never seen/ my whole persona is grimey thats why they telling me to come clean/ and frequent the places most are scare to go /ssome thing some thing some thing, staying on skid row/ something something something...dirt mind and cause i havent cleaned up my thoughts....yeah....i will finish this later...
Bat Shit
feels like static  try not to panic thoughts just race no specific pace fast then slow the back again self contained mental whirlwind emotions fade in and out going crazy  without a doubt spinning around 90 to nothing i'd cling to anything give me something bring me to solid ground something lost that
The Man Who Did Not Care About Me
Over a year ago, I had broken up and moved out of the house of my boyfriend into my dads house. I had just got my new tattoo kit, and I thought that moving into my dads house would be a good idea, boy was I wrong. My dad had a roommate at the time by the name of Daren. He seamed nice, and polite to me when I met him for the first time. About a week passed and a girl named sara stoped by to see Daren, they went into his room. After they were done, she ran out crying, but I thought nothing of it. A few days after that Daren called me into his room. Where he proceded to make moves on me. I was still holding out hope for my old boyfriend Chris, who had just gotten out of jail, that me and him were going to get back together. I kept telling Daren no, and that I was not intrested in being with him. I tried to leave his room, but he steped in front of the door blocking me from leaving. He pushed me onto the bed and forcefuly removed my cloths. (at the time no one at my dads house was home whe
Part Two Of What I Am Doing Here
a couple of months after I got to the shelter I finally saw the VA rep for homeless veterans and found out that my 29 days of service in the USAf qualified me for federa VA I registered with the VA and last monday the 8th had my medical intake now having the VA take care of my medical needs insted of the Adult medicine clinic at Harborview medical center..easier to keep track of my medical records....Also this past week finished filling out forms for my SSI?D application...since the state of Washington DSHS has said I am disabled due to multiple body par5s...those include my left ankel(rigid foot/arthritis), hernia (left side), slipped disck(L6), micro TIA So now will have to wait and see what SSA has to say about all of that... The past few weeks have been sleeping outside in the park has been quite nice. Started doing that with a lady who I thought was my friend and potential room mate but turned out she has some mental issues as well as the medical issue
Devasting And Sad News Today
Today I recieved a e-mail from my friend and new Vice President Flatline. The e-mail stated that Rusty of the Wednesday Night Crew his younger brother Timmy was killed in a bike accident. He was telling that Rusty was devasted and heartbroken over the loss. I could tell that Flatline was also saddened by the news cause Timmy was a like a brother to Flatline. In the past 5 -6 months I have lost friends or lost those who were close to me in bike accidents. I do not know the details as to what happened but way to often those in cages (cars) do not look or pay attention to us on the road. I know I was involved almost three years ago in a bad bike accident when a little old lady in a Lincoln came over on me and claimed she never saw or heard me. People its real simple we as bikers have the same rights as you on the road. So please put down the cell phone, ladies this is for you quit putting on the eyeliner and makeup, quit reading the paper or reading the book, quit  looking for Cd's and or
Metal Meldown At The Rickshaw Theatre
Metal Meltdown at The Rickshaw Theatre by Ace Lytem On Saturday Night,August 27 2011, The Rickshaw Theatre was buzzing with metal. It has been quite sometime since I saw a great metal band,on this night we were treated to not one, but four, amazing Vancouver Metal bands. I am not the kind of guy who gets easily impressed, but I must say,on this night, I was extremely impressed.This was one of those shows that just got better and more intense as the night went on.One certainly was not bored.If you thought metal was dead guess again,it has been resurrected and is alive and well in the town of Vancouver and in the province of BC. Snaggletooth,a just newly formed MotorHead tribute band warmed up a small but intimate crowd. The ass kicking started with these guys playing Iron Fist first and then some 30 or 40 minutes later ended with two of my favorite MotorHead songs Ace of Spades and Over Kill. I was never a huge Motorhead fan but I have always loved the raw sou
Simple Needs!
I need a man with a gentle smileI want a man who's sweet and kindI long for a man who's serious enoughTo discuss with me what life is aboutThe size of his biceps don't really matterNor the color and shape of his eyesIt's not important if he's rich or notAs long as he's able to provideHe has to have plenty of timeTo spend on me when it really countsHe has to have a modicum of senseTo realize what I truly wantHe has to have a good memoryTo remember the important daysHe has to be able to understandWhat is written between the linesHe does not need to climb a mountainNor shower me with material giftsHe does not need to buy me rosesBut i'd prefer him to be honestSimple things, simple desiresWould not cost a thing or twoSimple words, simple gesturesCan make a gal's dream come true..
Famous Last Words , Lost!
Not many can see, The Love you give to me, Every rose I pass, Every inch of grass, The sweet smell,Of Morning dew, Serve's as a warm reminder, The day we met, Saw those tear's,Appear in your eye's. Wipe's them away with a satin cloth, Envelop's her in hug's. Arms of strentgh, Fix those gaping wounds, Tie up those loose ends, Join her in harmony, Be an invisible glue that bonds, Our Love as one,Family & friends,You mean the world!
Pet Diary's
Excerpts from a Dog's Diary   * 8:00 am - Dog food! My favorite thing! * 9:30 am - A car ride! My favorite thing! * 9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favorite thing! * 10:30 am - Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing! * 12:00 pm - Lunch! My favorite thing! * 1:00 pm - Played in the yard! My favorite thing! * 3:00 pm - Wagged my tail! My favorite thing! * 5:00 pm - Milk bones! My favorite thing! * 7:00 pm - Got to play ball! My favorite thing! * 8:00 pm - Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favorite thing! * 11:00 pm - Sleeping on the bed! My favorite thing!   Excerpts from a Cat's Diary   Day 983 of my captivity. My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength. The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of
do you ever get the feeling that something good is bound to happen then it doesn't like you want to bang your favorite perosn and turns out they just a douche bag with a small penis its such a let down and then your rethinking the whole thought of even being straight for fear tht the next one will be little as well
This Destiny
What if i told you...that i loved you but then i disapeared... would you forgive me...for walking off the face of the earth would you forgive me...this peice of dirt? it seems my destiny has always got the better of me... so it seems... i could not bring myself to say good-bye and i don't know why   BUT THIS...THIS DESITNY HAS GOT ME THINKING WHY OH WHY DID I EVER COME BACK AND I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS ANYMORE THEN YOU DO BUT OUR PATHS END UP CROSSING THROUGH THE LOOP...   So many times...i knew i thought about you i could have picked up the phone and called... i remember the great times...that we had shared but i walked away just like i didn't care.. and it seems that its harder for me to stay then it is for me to say the things that i'm afraid of rather then running away... BUT THIS...THIS DESTINY   BUT THIS...THIS DESITNY HAS GOT ME THINKING WHY OH WHY DID I EVER COME BACK AND I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS ANYMORE THEN YOU DO BUT OUR PATHS END UP CROSSING THROUGH
Can't Let The Soliton Wave Hit That Planet, Huh?
I had three minutes (so Martha said) after we stopped at Allan and Lesa's where we're staying after we'd shopvacced our house in preparation for today's powerwashing by a team from Lutheran Disaster Response and then picked up the money with which I'd open Fast Cash today to change my dark slacks. As I left the van Martha had parked, in response to my wife's jesting admonition I said today's title. I explained -- or at least tried to -- when I got back that was Captain Picard's warning to Worf and Riker in the episode when Worf's son Alexander comes to stay on the Enterprise-D ... a soliton wave projected from a planet intended to propel a vessel at warp without warp drive had to be destroyed before it hit another planet, and only the rear-facing photon torpedoes of the Enterprise could do it. Problem: the dispersal of the wave would irradiate several decks of the starship, including one Alexander found himself trapped on. (The episode's fifth season "New Ground", the first Star Trek:
Note To A Struggling Musician
Almost all of the painters I admire were ignored or ridiculed by the critics and "schools" of their own periods.  Some of them defeated those roadblocks, and went directly to the public.  Not always easy to do, when a religion or political structure presumes to decide what is and is not acceptable.  (These days, for instance, if you don't regurgitate the liberal pablum, you will be attacked and labeled with one or more convenient witch hunting terms.)   The internet makes it much easier to do your own marketing, these days.  In fact, the net makes those "go betweens" into the irrelevancies they should always have been.     However, you should decide if you want to spend your time creating or marketing your product.  Both take a lot of time, and the usual rule is, not many are good at doing both.  Maybe, find one capable person who believes in you, and let him or her do the selling -- if you must insist on selling.  (I don't particularly care.  I am creating for the people of two gene
Make It Rain
Make It Rain I don't care what they say Cause I have seen when we run we make it rain Let's keep going for miles Playin under the stormy darkened skies Can you be mine? Push me to the wall let them see baby I don't care at all I'm not letting this go Like a flower breaking through we've grown Together now I don't care what they say cause I have seen when we run we make it rain There's nothing better than this I'll keep wanting you for just one more kiss So make it rain When the world makes me tired, and my mind feels Like it was set on fire, you look at me and smile, With your brown eyes you call my heart and I can breath again. I don't care what they say cause I have seen when we run we make it rain There's nothing better than this I'll keep wanting you for just one more kiss So make it rain I've waited for you to come Maybe this is not the right time Maybe we'll hold off for just a little while Until you're mine I don't care what they say I have seen when we run we make it rai
I Could Do Worse Than Being Max Planck's Dad
I Could Do Worse Than Being Max Planck's Dad "Max Planck was born on 23 April 1858 in Kiel, Germany, the son of Julius Wilhelm and Emma Planck. Julius was a distinguished professor of constitutional law and he instilled in his children a love of scholarship and a respect for the institutions of state and church. He also taught them the values of honesty, fairness, and generosity." That passage from John Farndon's compendium The Great Scientists (ISBN 9780760791974) has stayed with me because from the introduction I expected a harangue on how scientists by dedicated labor have triumphed over religion and faith-based thinking. "Astrology, cheiromancy, creation -'science', divination, ... produce no such results [as the scientific method and its users do]." But no, I was wrong, delighted to be wrong, and I was very engaged by some of the biographies and explanations given from Euclid to Stephen Hawking. I especially liked the one on Dmitri Mendeleyev -- I heard in high scho
Ensign: The Mark Of Cain
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye. Isaiah 18:3       AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS 21 October 2011       We don't know what the mark of Cain actually was. But the bravado that characterized Adam and Eve's first son Cain when he killed his brother, their second son Abel, was gone when God called upon him. (For the full story, see Genesis 4:1-9.) The tiller of the ground -- a farmer in our usage today -- had killed the keeper of sheep, the shepherd, and it's not as though God didn't already know what Cain had done.       "And God said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother's blood crieth unto me from the ground." From there it's mild to say Cain freaks out, especially when he hears God's sentence; not to kill him -- for someone so cavalier about the value of human life, he seems afraid he'll be killed himself -- but to exile him to travel throughou
The Synonym For Fearful And The Malian City
The number of bones, them and these young beautiful bones In an adult human body, to be cared for so graciously or abused so wantonly, Make up the body that is the temple of the soul and the holy of holies for the spirit. In essence without the essence, that is the potential we do not have to live up to. Dictionaries reveal between the two, the synonym for fearful and the Malian city, All the words that have to do with time, the mighty rushing river of time we all are Navigating the streams across with oar or pole or implement of sacrifice to not cross. Death approached on a cross at thirty-three, death the Christ the Anointed One knew but: Thirty-three. Not the ending we expected, but it is not one we have to face. In the holy communion we all come and can come to partake the form and essence that Makes up the body, beneath our veneer of flesh and mortal coil, makes up the Body Broken for you. Broken for me. Broken before the foundatio
Word Count: Zero
Well, of course the word count for my National Novel Writing Month work would be zero right now -- I haven't written anything yet! Yep, through the month of November ("Thirty days hath September/April, June, and November") I will be pounding away and correcting myself on a novel -- actually, part of a novel that I will then graft onto my existing manuscript Victory to finish the story I've kept from telling over the last few years! The Progeny Cycle, the magnum opus of my thirties ... when I finish this, I can think of worse ways to be remembered. I would just like to not be remembered as a lackluster roustabout, as I seem to be in some people's eyes for not calling FEMA every dang day to find out when our trailer in the group site will be ready for us to move in. I just got off the phone with Jane, ID 7073 from FEMA and found out not much more than I already knew; apparently the group site where we're meant to move has had work delays and an info freeze since September 22. It's m
i think im in love with a whore. -_- why. why the one person i want more than anything has to have a million other people after them wtf -_-. im trying to steal their heart but they never really say anything so i have no clue. i just want a true honest to god whole hearted chance.
Only Server U Ever Gonna Need Free 99.9% Uptime
BEST SERVER EVER 99.9% UPTIME ITS FREE   player code for your server
Both Sides Of Tha Story
How to Fuck a Stripper And Still Have Money in Your Pocket By Chris Nieratko Most people think the way to a stripper’s pussy is with money, buying lap dance after lap dance, throwing stacks of singles on stage as they dance, and surprising them with expensive gifts. Those people are idiots. “Marks,” as the girls call them. Someone to be siphoned until not one drop of cash is left. There is only one surefire way to pull a stripper and it has nothing to with personality or money (although those things don’t hurt). The secret is DRUGS. Contrary to what many pro-stripper films and documentaries tell you, 9 out of 10 strippers are on drugs of some sort.* Be it coke, dust, weed, pills, booze, if a girl’s job is to climb up on stage and spread her gash for a bunch of sweaty, over-weight mutts in ill-fitting work clothes you’d better believe it takes a certain type of courage that can only be had from illegal substances. Knowing that, the k
I Do My Best To Not Let Go Of Hope.
I don't cease to allow my heart's desire to travel quite far, and in the past, that's only turned into disappointment. I've made a lot of errors in my pursuits though, and I can honestly say, I've looked at being with someone else in the wrong way. So this time, even though I'm wandering a tad far again, I won't let hope fade. It's worth it to hold on (h)
[s.t.a.n.d. Vids] Videos That Incorpoate The Ideals Of S.t.a.n.d. According To Those That Call This Turf Home
S.T.A.N.D. VIDS Videos That Incorpoate The Ideals of S.T.A.N.D. According To Those That Call This Turf Home For expainations on the core values these songs presents in S.T.A.N.D. I have written this blog as a reference and posted the link to it to summarize each entry at our turf H.Q. My turf's link: 0.NINE INCH NAILS We're In This Together Before we were *Stand True And Never Dishonor{*S.T.A.N.D.*}{UWS} we were *Nine Inch Nails*{U.W.S}. Thus we had a past in NiN before as a startup. Also, the concept that we are never alone in this battle but work as one united turf entity, this is the value underlining it's core. 1.ROUVAUN The Impossible Dream A reference to our Savior, and how living a perfect life like He has had is an "Impssible Dream" but is a the best use we can make of our lives. I nearly didn't add it due to the religious nature of it, and the fact it is 20s music, but since some in m
Da Bigger Da Headache......da Bigger Da Pill
Its Like This,why is it that we carry so much around with us? From childhood on we collect stuff,feelings , resentments,loves, losses and the whole time we bring that into our friends , lovers , lives and make them toxic as we are ! I'm just say'n can't we just get beyond the bullshit and start to love someone without the past kick'n our ass everyday!  moluv2ya.....
Israel: Railway Line From Tel-aviv To Eilat
More on February 2 5772, It has been Decided by the Ministerial Cabinet: A 350 km Railway Line for Passenger and Freight will be built between Tel-Aviv and Eilat.This Project is in the israel National Strategy to Change The Country into a Continental Land Crossing Route of Power and Interests.More in the Sources... Sources: "PMO:".   
Zama/walbro Carburetor Kit Numbers
Hey, folks - I have a few buddies that do their own carb diaphragm replacements, and I think just about all of them have ordered the wrong kit at one time or another. Stihl recently started using ZAMA carbs on all their newest models, but most guys I know still have the old WALBRO carbs on their saws. Here's the scoop: If you need a full carb kit, including the needle and hardware, it's WALBRO ITEM # K10 WAT If you only need the diaphragm kit, it's WALBRO ITEM # D10 WAT You can usually pick up the diaphragm kit for around $12, and the full kit is around $20. Maybe this will help save you time - if you depend on your saw for a living, you can't wait another week for them to ship you the proper kits, and you don't want to lose power under load when you're in the fiel
Thinking Of You
have thinking about you lot lately. I really miss your touch. Laying you on the bed, kissing you deeply. Moving my lips to your neck, sucking on it gently. Listining to your little sighs as I lick behind your ear, feeing the goosebumps that come on your arms. Moving to the front of your neck to your collar bone. Licking up and down your chest to your hard, luscious nipple, sucking on them and nibbling on the lightly. You arch your back holding the back of my head pulling me tight to you as you begin to moan louder. My hand rubs down your side to your panties, the red boy shorts that i love so much. I rub on your warm pussy through your panties feeling that you are already wet down there. I look up while sucking on your nipples looking at the lust and passion in your eyes. I continue to rub on your kitty, petting it and come back up for a kiss, our tongues dance together as I taste your sweet lips. Slowly I kiss my way down your chest to your belly button rubbing your pussy harder with
Never Click Her Links!!!! Take 2
Hellyion: 2:55pm Suga Lips: FUCK YOU! 2:56pm Hellyion: I love you too princess 2:57pm Suga Lips: No you don't, liar! 2:58pm Hellyion: (h0 2:58pm Hellyion: ooops 2:59pm Suga Lips: Your failed emote speaks volumes. 3:00pm Hellyion: :D
Birmingham Escort Work Broad Street Escorts
Agency Omega works at a strictly professional level providing escorts for social bookings. A variety of vacationers looking at by air in to Stansted are looking for Stansted Voyage journey terminal terminal terminal terminal lovers . There are many destinations placed near to Stansted worldwide and it’s not out of the traditional for looking at promoters to look for for the company of Stansted Trip journey terminal terminal terminal fans to become a personal of then for foods and some satisfaction afterwards. Therefore that there are a lot of pretty fairly neutral Stansted Trip journey terminal terminal terminal fans and also many Stansted have companies who execute in the location. Stansted Trip journey terminal terminal terminal fans will evaluate out you either in your vacation or some may offer an in mobile phone assistance where you can evaluate out them in their house, though this may not be placed near to Stansted worldwide and could be anywhere within the Place. Stansted
Birmingham Incalls Escort Agency escorts have great bodies and take pleasure in maintaining their beautiful looks and figure to make your time together an altogether unforgettable experience. One of the best to create sure we do not experience alone or progressively gradually eventually left when you are going to help a lady in the organization of Stansted will take you wherever you go. Stansted is a town that can experience fortunate, because the females of the town are some of the more awesome and eye-catching. These fans of design can be with you during your remain, so you can appreciate yourself when you’re in a international town just by Stansted Incalls. Be it a enjoyable vacation or a business conference in Stansted, females will come with you to your vacation. They remain in the town so you can be sure you know all the spots, times and spots. You can make your formal online during your remain, not just one individual at the voyage terminal terminal. Further needs ca
A Kiss
A crowded day at the beach, almost ready to leave, we walk to a shower head to remove the sand from our bodies. As the water pours down your tight body, over your breasts, you realize you have a crowd watching. I move close, letting them know you're taken. You feel my hands on your shoulders washing you down then gently grabbing your shoulder turning you to face me. The water cascades over us, cool against our hot bodies. You move closer, looking up into my eyes as your hands caress my strong arms. I reach down, hands on your waist, pulling you close. I can feel the heat from your chest against mine as you move closer, your arms slipping around my neck. My hands move up and down your back, and you jump lightly as you feel me tugging at your bikini string as my hand moves to your ass. You relax, knowing everything will be alright and reach back pulling the string around your neck lose. Your top falls between us as you reach up again, your hand in my hair and pull me to you. My lips touc
My First Christmas In Heaven
My First Christmas in HeavenI see the countlessChristmas treesaround the world belowWith tiny lights, like Heaven's stars,reflecting on the snowThe sight is so spectacular,please wipe away the tearFor I am spending Christmas withJesus Christ this year.I hear the many Christmas songsthat people hold so dearBut the sounds of music can't comparewith the Christmas choir up here.I have no words to tell you,the joy their voices bring,For it is beyond description,to hear the angels sing.I know how much you miss me,I see the pain inside your heart.But I am not so far away,We really aren't apart.So be happy for me, dear ones,You know I hold you dear.And be glad I'm spending Christmaswith Jesus Christ this year.I sent you each a special gift,from my heavenly home above.I sent you each a memoryof my undying love.After all, love is a gift more preciousthan pure gold.was always most importantthe stories Jesus told.Please love and keep each other,my Father said to do.I can't count the blessing or lo
Simplistic Way Of Life
Is it wrong to just want to make life simplier and just sleep with my friends? Be like Hey, im horny, you turn me on, feel like taking this up my bedroom? no ok i'll just masterbate, or yes ok then just tell me what you like and i'll tell you mine. it would be so frickin nice. Hell I'm willing to teach my a little weirder probly still a virgin friend and teach him some good "life" skills so to speak. In fact that really seems exciting, but he is far to shy and me trying to alude to that might just make him pass out. I think if it wheren't for my aversion to having stranger sex I would be a whore by now, lol.
I Want To......
naked as u wanna be, I'm lookin' at u, there is somethin' that I want 2 do. step a little closer so I can kiss your neck, kiss u 6 times just 2 get u wet. u begin 2 sweat as I'm lickin' down your breast, I'll gently caress u North, South, East and West. sit down on the bed and spread your legs wide, I want 2 taste your pussy all inside. I'm lickin' and suckin' your pussy lips, and suckin' on your clit while I'm clutchin' your hips. my tongue moves back 'n forth with a smooth flow, yes I'll work my tongue real slow. after that just let me slide my dick inside u, wrap your legs around me, too. movin' slow in and and out, all I hear is mmmm...cummin' out your mouth. I'm suckin' on your nipples as I'm steady pumpin', thumpin'jumpin' in SEXUAL FULLFILLMENT as the bed starts bumpin'.
Poker Party
I'm married to one of the most sexually exciting women in the world. We promised each other when we married that we would never let our sex life become as dull and boring as so many of our friends claimed that theirs had. For my part I bought her sexy lingerie, high heeled 'come fuck me' pumps, dildos and pressed her to have sex with me in places where the chance of being discovered was good. We oftened talked about her being fucked and gangbanged and this always got the both of us very hot. Joy, on the other hand, went for the visual. She would behave outrageously in public to turn me on. Once at a party she pretended to be drunk and she let some guy work her into a dark corner and feel her up. She knew I was watching and so she unzipped him and took out his dick and began jacking him off. He turned her around so that his back was to the room thereby blocking what was taking place from being seen, but what he really accomplished was to put Joy where she could look over his shoulder a
Haunted Moon - A Poem I Wrote
  Haunted Moon   Under the haunted moonlight, the clear calm creek casts an eerie glow. Fear sets in. Your body trembles. Louder and faster your heart pounds with every noise you hear. The trees rustle and the wind howls. You try with all your might to move but can’t. Frozen in one spot closing your eyes praying this fear goes away. Finally able to move, you start to run faster and faster but can’t escape what’s following you. You can still hear it. But what is it? Tired from running away from your fear, you stop. ENOUGH!!! You scream as you turn around slowly trembling over what you are about to see. Only to realize… you were running from… Your own shadow                                                                                                   
The Tougher The Better
Everday is nowhere near the same and thats okay. Somedays are easier and like a fool I like those days. I haven't got forever to figure out how to do this and thats just fine. I am not asking for forever. I use to think somedays that life on my own would be great. Course there were a few days I feared being all alone. Times haven't changed. This life isn't what I thought it would be. Sometimes I see couples hugging and kissing. I wish I had someone to hug. I wish someone would hold me. Maybe someday things will change. I don't see it happening anytime soon. I guess I know that its not impossible to get married. My wants and needs just don't include abuse and ignorance. I don't want to get divorced. My mom and dad divorced.
Have you ever needed some someone so bad that the effort you put in makes you oh so sad all i want outta this life is someone to love and hold but every time I try Destiny unfolds I feel Im supposed to dwell this world all alone as i rustle throught these shadows all i feel are stones i fight, I try but no aide comes to me so the deamons I unleash protect only me does it make me bad or does it make me mean or does it turn me into, the one i need to be? so tired of the fight, so tired of the scars as i pull my knife, its retained by the bars i bow, i pray i try hide no ones here no ones by my side
Dungeon In Detroit!… Got me thinking I needed to more about how this media attention was obtained. After reading many of the comments/responses, I had enough background to do a better job of figuring this shit out for myself. So I googled "Detroit dungeons" and the whole case came up before my eyes! [I
Sink Or Swim
Me: help im drowning in stupidity Friend: learn how to swim fuck lmao
For The Fubar Guys
okay. you guys need to learn how to approach a woman. for real. There has been only a few (and I mean that literally) that haven't said something rude or disrespectful. I am not on here to be rudely hit on. Some examples: yesterday I logged on and someone had left me a msg saying "I want to cum all over you"..that is it. nothing else, not even a hello. this is NOT going to get a normal woman's attention. Look at my profile. Do I seem like the type of woman that would be like ooooh hell yea baby squirt your man jizz all over me? NO! I am a mother of four children. three of them are girls. If someone spoke to one of my girls like that, I would have to shoot them. 2nd example: I see a pretty face and I just want to molest...OK. NO ONE wants to be told that you want to sexually abuse them. That is just bullshit. You don't know what has gone on in that woman's life so just don't go there. That's a quick way to be ignored and/or blocked.   Learn to be RESPECTFUL!
For Anyone Over 40
For Anyone Over 40CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE KIDS WHO WERE BORN IN THE 1940's, 50's, 60's and 70's !! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they carried us. They took aspirin, ate blue cheese dressing, tuna from a tin, and didn't get tested for diabetes. Then after that trauma, our baby cots were covered with bright coloured lead-based paints. We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention, the risks we took hitchhiking. As children, we would ride in cars with no seat belts or air bags. Riding in the back of a van - loose - was always great fun. We drank water from the garden hosepipe and NOT from a bottle. We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle and NO ONE actually died from this. We ate cakes, white bread and real butter and drank pop with sugar in it, but we weren't overweight because...... WE WERE ALWAYS OUTSIDE PLAYING!! We would leave hom
Read This And Look At The One You Love Dearly
So Supossibly. The Illuminati have killed 2Pac, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Jon Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, John F. Kennedy, Abe Lincoln, Princess Diana, Martin Luther King, the list goes on. Also, there mostly consisted of "Aryan" race, Pedophiles & Homosexuals. And most celebrity's we know, the most famous one's are, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruz, Lady Gaga & Jay-Z. Kanye West is most recent to the group, believed to be recruited by Jay-Z. Their purpose is to create a "New World" or NWO* controlled by the most powerful, and by powerful I mean the rich. Still not sure if their Devil Worshippers, I read that they are, but i'v also read that they believe in God "they just fear him." But one things for sure is that they do exist and they give up their souls to something. Hmmmmm IDK. I can't say that i'm all interested in this but I am a little curious.
Ragdoll Is Just Kinda Lost Right Now
This Morning Has been interesting I have had great conversations with my Fubar Family member whom I love and adore Made some new Friends Tried to pass along the Love and The Smiles on this Tuesday...   Its what I strive to do...   For the last year I had hope In Miracles I couldnt perform On So Many Levels I have Been saying ~Live~ Laugh~Love~ For now going on 10 years Or More Now I see the phrases everywhere On Plaques Welcome Mats even country songs   I have tried to Live..the best I could Laugh whenever I could..Its Good Medicine And Last but Not least...Love With ALL My Heart With ALL My Soul And ALL My Body   I tried and I failed   There is nothing more for me to lose... This Morning The Mailman was the bearer of Bad Bad News...   At the end of this month.....
Ipad Mini Lager Schwindet, Lieferungen An Dicht Bleiben
Computerworld - Apple angekurbelt Vorbestellungen des ipad mini schutzfolie heute früh, und innerhalb weniger Stunden, das weiße Modell in allen drei Wi-Fi-Konfigurationen verkauft. Pre-Sales für das iPad Mini - auf 7,9-in, Apples erstes verkleinert tablet -. Begann kurz nach Mitternacht PT Freitag. Computerworld bestellt ein ohne Probleme in dieser Zeit. Aber innerhalb von wenigen Stunden wurde das weiße iPad Mini bereits Nachbestellte, mit Apples Online-Shop stellt fest Bestellungen würde in zwei Wochen. Der schwarze iPad Mini, blieb jedoch in allen Speichergrößen, ab mittags ET, war Apple noch vielversprechend, um die Tablette durch 2. November liefern. Das ist, wenn das iPad Mini ist zum Verkauf an Apple Retail Stores gehen und denen einiger ihrer Ziegel-und-Mörtel-Partnern wie Best Buy. Die einzige Version, die derzeit erhältlich ist die Wi-Fi iPad Mini, der zelluläre Modell, das sowohl 3G-und LTE unterstützt und wird in den Netzen von AT & T, Sprint und Verizon in den USA lau
As Eric rounded the corner, exiting the gate at the airport, he immediately spotted her. Standing off to the side near the wall, she was dressed in a flowing skirt, light blouse, bare legs, sandals and rosy painted toenails. They had only seen each other in pictures, but she was exactly as he imagined. She looked lovely, nervous, but lovely. As he walked toward her, she looked up and caught his eye. A huge smile came over her face, and she moved towards him. He always thought her smile could bring light to a dark room. “Oh, Elaine”, he said smiling. “It’s so good to finally meet you.” Elaine’s cheeks took on a red hue and she dropped her head. Eric put his hands on her arms and she looked up, her green eyes into his brown ones. He lowered his mouth onto hers for the first time and wrapped his arms around her, as she melted into him. That kiss said more than words ever could. Eric backed her up flat against the wall and asked, “Well
Those Three Little Words. (my Newest Poem.)
Those three litte words scare me more than anything else, They are a sign that all is not well; Those three little words break my heart, They tell me we will soon be apart.   Those three little words scare me more than spiders, They are worse than interference from outsiders; Those three little words bring me so much pain, They tell me that my heart is breaking again.   Those three little words are what I hoped never to hear, They give me the worst kind of fear; Those three little words bring me to tears, Hearing you say those words is the worst of my two fears......      
Just Joined.
  Here I am, out front trying to see how I do or deal with  other people. I have shut myself off for so long I know longer know how to be relate to people.   i hate to say this but it is true Iam I am what I am today all because of 12 months in 1968-1969 in Vietnam. I was only 18 when I went to war and in many ways I have not grown any older. It fuck me up bad... Well get over it! I mean it was so long ago. But every night I am there again. Well that's  all for a first blog. Thanks for reading it Old War Horse
We All Need Someone To Lean On
yes we all seem to need someone to lean on and tell our problems and concerns to. i seem to attact the ladies that have man problems but then god sends me all types of ppl. i am a good listener and will talk only on things i know about and not try to speak on something i know nothing about. me im just looking for a nice lady ever now and then. sure im not a prize but im a real honest baltimore gentleman.
Building Social Inbox With Caramel Android Mobile Application By Andrea Teslia
  Building Social Inbox With Caramel Android Mobile Application by Andrea TesliaIn order to design apps and experiences on mobile, it is no longer enough to just think about simple and correct functionality. Paring down is a necessity but no longer the only thing to consider on mobile. As a user discovers more mobile apps and relies on their mobile device for their day-to-day use, there is an increasing need to make these apps work together. And to do so, we need to rethink the inbox.  Read More –
Small Rant-don't Come If Religiously Offended
GODDAMN STUPID BITCH OF AN IDIOTIC DRUGGED OUT BITCH COUSIN.   She is pregnant again. AGAIN. Third kid. Third father. She doesn't work. She lives off of other people.   How can someone so selfish, so drugged out, so STUPID, be having her third and I can't even have ONE. If "god" is real, why the FUCK would he allow someone like that to have kids, and someone like ME to not be able to?   I am going to go cry now while i get ready for work. (and yes i know this is kinda selfish to think this way..)
The Real Meaning Of Christmas...
It's that time of year again. December has come and with it all the joys of Christmas. But what is the real meaning of Christmas? Is it the gifts under the tree, the lights in the windows, the cards in the mail, turkey dinners with family and friends, snow in the yard, stockings hanging in the living room, and shouts of "Merry Christmas" to those who pass us in the streets? Is this really Christmas?For many people, Christmas is a time of sorrow. They don't have the extra money to buy presents for their children, family, and friends. Many are saddened at Christmastime when they think of their loved ones who will not be able to come home for various reasons. Turkey dinners may be only a wish and not a reality for some.Yet, Christmas can be a season of great joy. It is a time of God showing His great love for us. It can be a time of healing and renewed strength. You see, Christmas is when we celebrate the birth of the Christ child. God sent His Son, Jesus, into the world to be born. His b
Fu Mafia If u can help me out add me please
I'm tired of the bull shit I'm tired of the games I'm tired of feeling like you are ashamed I'm tired of being the  one to blame  I'm tired of feeling this way you can try to ease my pain just do us both a favor and walk away I love you more than you will ever know but I can't sit here and do this anymore
You Want To
you want to call yourself a minister but you can't even live in a Godly manner no one will follow you cause they will see the true you the one that practices to deceive beyond belief you cant hide behind the mask when you continue to deceive you lead me to believe and now i can see what no one else will believe you want to call yourself a minister start living in a Godly manner
Someone once asked me why i have been single for 3 years.  I'll have to say "lack of options."  Turns out in my life most women I encounter are more interested in armcandy then personality, heart, and soul.  To those women I say "Screw you!"  So as i sit at my desk tonight contemplating all those picky women out there, I, myself, have decided to return the favor so-to-speak.  I have created a list of "rules" that if you have a remote notion you might want to date me you may want to review.  Remember, I have been single for 3 years now and i don't see my condition improving anytime soon. RULES   1.  I DON'T DATE OUTSIDE SOUTHEAST WISCONSIN.  If you live outside Southeast Wisconsin prove yourself to me.  Show your interest and show up at my door. 2.  If you want armcandy...LOOK ELSEWHERE.  There is much more to me than just looks. 3.  Oral sex is a must...if you don't swallow......MOVE ALONG. 4. If you weigh more than me...PISS OFF. 5.  Common interests are a must.  All you need t
Had surgery march 22nd .   was in hopsital 2 days   came home  had the nerve block at hospitla no pain  once it wore of the pain was  horrible i would lay here and cry for hours  and everyone  helping me would have to rub  my leg ankles and toes...didnt sleep  much ... the  dr  cut a  6 inch incision on my right leg just below the knee nd took  6 inches of bone out  and  scooped the tumor out and filled the missing bone in with  bone cement  been  4 weeks recovery and i am on crutches still but have  began to go back to work slowly  4 to 8 hrs a week...the docotr  got all the cancer and now i  will be seeing him monthly for  6 motnhs  then  every  3 months then every 6 months   for the next  3 yrs or more making sure i do not have a return of the  cancer... there was a lot of ppl on here htat stuck by me and a  few that came back into my life  i am greratful and happy  for all that i love  each and everyone of u  for being there for me ...  there was one man that left my life at this t
A Dark, Dark Kiss
Amber eyes chilling Russet and copper tintspeer out of skin white as powder.The look of a nocturnal being.I lock my gaze on their piercing, empty stare.They draw me in.I am powerless to resist.SheOpheliain crimson red corset,lies motionless on a bare wood floor,covered in dust.She invites me to imbibe her sacred charmsHave I no free will?I approachSlowlySteadilyHer icy visage warns me to turn backBut there is no turning backI am inches above herShe commands in silenceHer dominion absoluteAt last I can no longer fight what is preordainedA dark, dark kiss
10 Considerations For Inexperienced Subs
1. Be Patient A potential top will let you know if she or he is interested in you or not. Keep in mind that your purpose as a submissive is to serve and to satisfy someone who will take into consideration the realization of your fantasies. Don't expect your top to be able to turn on like a light switch. The timing must be right for both of you. 2. Be Humble You may be God's or Goddess' gift to the world and the most sought after prize in town, but no one needs to hear it or wants to hear it. You will have ample opportunity to show how good you are. No matter what you claim, the "real you" will show through in a scene. Don't set yourself up for failure by developing expectations that you know you and your top can never reach. 3. Be Open You can learn something about SM and about yourself from everyone into the scene, no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are, or how dominant or submissive they are. D/s- SM is a very personal art, and an "I already know it all" at
Die Faktoren, Die Android App Entwicklung Popul?r Gemacht
Nach iPhone, Google Android von Einflussfaktoren auf dem Markt der Smartphones zu werden. Wie andere Smartphone-Plattformen, hat Google Android seine Nutzer mit einer breiten Palette von Geist weht Features zur Verfügung gestellt. Auf der anderen Seite, wenn ein Unternehmer nicht ?ffnen kann, seine Business-Website in seinem Smartphone, dann k?nnte es ein gro?er Verlust für das Unternehmen und ein Vorteil für andere Smartphone-Unternehmen, um die Lücke im Markt zu füllen. -china handy Einige der Faktoren, die die steigenden beeinflusst haben dieses Smartphone-Plattform von Google sind wie folgt: In erster Linie wichtig ist, dass Android ein Open-Source-Plattform ist. So ist die Frage für Gebühr für die Lizenzierung ist out. Das allein reduziert die Kosten für Android Anwendungsentwicklung. Keine Lizenzgebühr Anforderung spart Zeit auch für die Entwicklung. Die App kann schnell entwickelt werden. Die Leichtigkeit mit der Android-Technologie hat den Prozess der Entwicklung in Android
Her Own Way
Pink does things her own way.
Buy Toys For Children Should Pay Attention To The Five Watch
Look for an age range. General instructions for use of toys will be marked in the age range of toys. Selected according to their child's age appropriate ages toys, such as six months or more suitable for over 3 years, for ages 5 to 9 years old, and so is not suitable for children under 3 years. First toys of different ages varying complexity, suitable for children at different stages of intellectual development; Second is the toy safety requirements are different. Generally 1 to 3 years of age, because of age, poor self-protection awareness, understanding of things is still in its infancy stage, you can buy some soft toys for them, the structure is simple and brightly colored toys, such as stuffed , cloth toys, rattles, etc. In the purchase of plush and cloth toys, you can hand Nie Yinie and feel the stuffing-aviones rcinside the toy is soft, without lumps and impurities; nose to smell, without odor; pull it by hand toys ornaments, accessories (such as: eyes, buttons, etc.)
So I host a lot of Auctions on here...and far too often there are people who BID and never pay. This is intended to stop that.  From now on...Bidders that do not pay will be entered here and blocked from my page, not being able to make false bids anymore. I will promote this page like crazy, and non payers from other auctions, who are referred here will be posted as well.  Please feel free to leave known non-payers in the comments, and I will do the same. That way, when people are in auctions, they can come here to check if the bidder will pay or not.  Lets keep these mo fo's in the open and out of AUCTIONS!!   -jax
A Fork Twice
Pink is too smart to use a fork twice.
World Women's Rugby Sevens Team New Zealand Won The Chinese Team Tenth
Guangzhou Zengcheng Conway Women's World Cup 2013 Rugby Sevens tournament on March 31 under the curtain of sunset, Team New Zealand beat England in the final team to win, but eventually the host Chinese team ranked No. 10. Vice Mayor of Guangzhou Cao Kam Liao visit the stadium spectators, and to the New Zealand team won the first place trophy. cheap nfl jerseys The tournament venue is the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games rugby stadium, site conditions, and software services therefore are very perfect, and Guangzhou's ability to run game has also been affirmed. At 15:00 on the 30th or so, dark as night, thunder and lightning, torrential rain hit Guangzhou University City Sports Center Stadium. Seattle Seahawks jersey May be half an hour after the storm, the game was not a little water inside. In this regard, the International Rugby Board and CEO of the Asian Development Mark Egan pleased to lead the organizing committee, said the Guangzhou University City Sports Center Stadium,
Sweet Victory!
Sweet victory!
Plz Friends Go Check This Person Out
Heal Her Heart
Her eyes shined for another,That's no longer true.Her heart lays in pieces,But beauty I have your glue.With my words I'll make you smile,And fix that heart till it burns again.And show you my heart deeply,So once yours can begin.Put your heart in my hands,And I'll hold it close to my own.And open your beautiful eyes,To love like you've never known.
Well-known Long Colorful Louis Vuitton Outlet Scarves
you can expect to appearance and feel most louis vuitton totes Belk February sale and clearance has begunBelk February sale and clearance has begun with great financial savings on all fashions. Featured in Belk sale are sportswear for misses, petites and these days girl by New Directions, Kim Rogers, Alternatives, Ruby Rd., Alfred Dunner and Koret at 30-50% off. Also featured is 60% off Belk whole stock of Belk Silverworks and Danescraft sterling silver jewellery, which includes the extremely popular originality beads, just in time for Valentine Day. As being a bonus, it is possible to print a Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale coupon for an additional 20% off that is excellent by way of Tuesday, February 9.Also on sale and clearance you are going to locate men designer sportswear, men sportswear from Columbia and Chaps, Saddlebred and Van Heusen sport shirts, males Goldtoe socks, guys outerwear, Saddlebred Performance blazers, suit separates by Jeoffrey Beane and Nautica, dr
Memorial Day Post
                                  "An American Soldier"  If you can, save a place within your heart for the tired souls of war and conflict and as you walk away take one last backward glance at the places they can no longer go.  Remember what they have taught you and take their knowledge and wisdom with you so their deaths were not in vain. One day when we all look back and realize what they sacrificed, take a moment to embrace in your heart all those gentle heroes that were left behind on the battlefields fighting for their country. Let them know that you have always loved them even though you may not have.  Forever save a place in your hearts for them. A young soldier once remarked:We did not go because we are soldiers; we went because we are AMERICANS        "Another lonely day"  The moment I awake the same hope begins The hope for a call or a letter And even though I still have several months to wait There's always the miraculous hope of hearing "Beautifull I'm finally
Aumentar La Productividad Empresarial Y El Roi Con Desarrollo De Aplicaciones Android
Android es un sistema operativo (OS), desarrollado por la empresa Android Inc. allá por 2003. Motor de búsqueda gigante Google adquirió Android en 2005. Sistema operativo Android fue desarrollado principalmente para los teléfonos inteligentes y ordenadores de bolsillo para que los usuarios acceder a Internet, escuchar música, ver películas, jugar y disfrutar de otros servicios de valor a?adido, mientras que en el movimiento. Un número creciente de empresas en estos días se están centrando en el desarrollo de aplicaciones para Android con el objetivo de aumentar la productividad del negocio y retorno de la inversión inicial. Ellos están contratando el mejor de los desarrolladores de aplicaciones Android para trabajar para ellos. Aplicaciones de Android para los negocios ayudan a establecer una mejor relación con los clientes actuales y potenciales a través de actualizaciones periódicas de los productos y servicios de noticias en los medios sociales y la amplia comercialización de corre
Bury all your secrets in my skinCome away with innocence, and leave me with my sinsThe air around me still feels like a cageAnd love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again...So if you love me, let me go.And run away before I know.My heart is just too dark to care.I can't destroy what isn't there.Deliver me into my fate -If I'm alone I cannot hateI don't deserve to have you...My smile was taken long agoIf I can change I hope I never knowI still press your letters to my lipsAnd cherish them in parts of me that savor every kissI couldn't face a life without your lightBut all of that was ripped apart...when you refused to fightSo save your breath, I will not hear.I think I made it very clear.You couldn't hate enough to love.Is that supposed to be enough?I only wish you weren't my friend.Then I could hurt you in the end.I never claimed to be a saint...My own was banished long agoIt took the death of hope to let you goSo break yourself against my stonesAnd spit your pity in my so
So Cool!!!
Pink thinks your Fubar posts are so cool!!!
Pink  forgot to rewind her movie.
Only A Memory
Only a Memory    Tears trace my face, heart nearly broken.... reliving the day, I realized I was just your token. ****But memories can't harm me, memories don't last... I've already survived it all, memories are the past!**** Reaching behind me, touching the pillow now bare.... I hear again how you told me, that you didn't care. ****But memories can't harm me, memories don't last... I've already survived it all, memories are the past!**** Listening to messages, captured forever in my phone.... telling me you'd never love me, that I should leave you alone. ****But memories can't harm me, memories don't last... I've already survived it all, memories are the past!**** Picking up the razor, seeking to end the awful strife... I bled forth all the pain you caused, hoping my death would ruin your life..... ****But memories can't harm me, memories don't last... I've already survived it all, memories are the past!**** I didn't hear the razor fall, Didn't feel my body hit the floor.... I di
Father's Day Grand Canyon Bus Tours
June 16th is dad's big day this year, so you should plan on getting him a fantastic gift. A Grand Canyon bus tour is a great idea. The operate on the usual schedule on the holiday and your dad is sure to have a blast on a bus tour. Bus tours are a great value and they are pretty exciting too.The 16th of June will be here before you know it so be sure to book your trip soon. If you wait too long, the tours may be sold out and you and your dad will be disappointed. You can catch a bus tour every day of the year from both Vegas and Phoenix. If you start your tour in Vegas, you can go to the West or South Rims, but if you leave from Phoenix, you will go to the South Rim only. Phoenix Bus Tours To The Grand CanyonThe bus trip from Phoenix to the Grand Canyon is incredibly scenic and you will see a lot on your 3 hour ride. Most tours stop along the way at Sedona, AZ, a town that's known for its beautiful red-rock buttes. The tour bus takes you to the city of Tusayan, Arizona which is close t
Mind Voices
take some for waht u are never let go of the voices in ur head talking out of turn rambling on and on about meaningless things rancid smeels comming form the closed doors behind me what is that smell? it reminds me of decaying bodys with the smell and the voices i become more hostal to many voices (voices) my head is corouded my cant think strate
You know I sit here and I smile and everyone thinks I am happy all the time but if you only knew what really was going on in my life you would be shocked. I cry myself to sleep almost every night wondering why my life is in peices along with my heart and I never get an answer. I thank god everyday for my real friends in my life because they are the ones that talk to me and tell me that I am strong enough to make it. Now granted I have come a long way and I am doing better than what I was but still not there yet and I have someone threatening to knock me back down and I am so close to doing something I will regret. So my head is fucked up and in the wrong place but what do I do?? I cant loose what I have gained I have to keep goin on and keep waking up everyday and I wonder why? Whats the point?
Mac Miller
Hi! I'm in a contest to meet Mac Miller and if you could please just click this link:'ll take you to an iTunes page for Mac Miller's new album and it counts as a vote for me! ONLY ONE CLICK! Please help me out I would appreciate it so so so much!!
Willow Tree
Where has the time went , It can not  be , What ever happens to the Willow Tree ? It  sways an' waves ,For all to see , That I'm missing you  and the Love you gave to me , We laughed and played as  Lovers do , didn't stop to think if we'd even be true ,Time doesn't care if you're rich or poor , it only cares ,For the heart that dares ......So come on back and wave the breezes in , I just can't call you A long lost friend , You're the reason my heart is beating still ....And doesn't want to end , I've loved you forever ,Through the centuries of time ,without any reason ,without any rhyme ,I just want to grow as the Willow of Old , With you by my side and the love that we hold..........My heart is weeping for a loss thats to raw ,They came to me with a bleeding saw , And they cut down the tree but it was really just me,Waiting for you to return to loving me .Time gives no reason for all the treason ,As the Willow Tree , is but for a season ,Swaying an' waving for all to see , That you re
Hosting Service Plays A Pivotal Role:
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***a Must Read***
A man of 32 years, was smoking, while smokinghis cigarette, he puffed out some smoke into theair and said:'God, that's for you.'He died at the age of 32 of LUNG CANCER in ahorrible manner.The man who built the TitanicAfter the construction of Titanic, a reporterasked him how safe the Titanic would be.With an ironic tone he said: 'Not even God cansink it'The result: I think you all know what happenedto the TitanicMarilyn Monroe (Actress)She was visited by Billy Graham during apresentation of a show.He said the Spirit of God had sent him to preachto her.After hearing what the Preacher had to say, shesaid:'I don't need your Jesus'.A week later, she was found dead in herapartmentBon Scott (Singer)The ex-vocalist of the AC/DC. On one of his1979 songs he sang:'Don't stop me; I'm going down all the way,down the highway to hell'.On the 19th of February 1980, Bon Scott wasfound dead, he had been choked by his ownvomit.Campinas (IN 2005)In Campinas , Brazil a group of friends, drunk,went to pick
Personality Tests For Fun.
I am often fascinated by the actions of People and how they react to different situations by their actions. I am not a social scientist nor am I doing any research but I did major in psychology in school but ended up working in Insurance....Anyway, below is a test that was developed by some students for research my senior year in College. If you would like the interpretation of your answers, you can send me a private message or chat or just comment below and I will respond as long you don't mind sharing your answers. This is just for fun but the answers people give can be really interesting and supposedly tell people something about their personality. Don't worry this doesn't determine if your a supposed psychopath. LOL, love that question. Ok Again, I'm not doing any research or anything like that, I like doing this at parties just for fun. It's especially a lot of fun after a few drinks or when you smoke a lot of weed and you think your having really mind blowing conversations!
First Blog Post
I love to blog, so you'll see my do it often. I don't have much to say right now. Just sort of checking out what all I can do on here. Write more later. 
Conversations With Twisted Angel
Sep 3, 2011 12:26:20 AM 12:09:00 AM  twisteds_angel08: Hey 12:09:11 AM  redwolf470: so whats up? 12:09:20 AM  twisteds_angel08: Not much bored as usual 12:09:33 AM  redwolf470: sorry 12:09:36 AM  redwolf470: sorry 12:09:49 AM  twisteds_angel08: For what its not ur fault 12:10:28 AM  redwolf470: true .. i didnt knock ya up 12:10:45 AM  twisteds_angel08: Shut up U 12:10:49 AM  twisteds_angel08: lol 12:10:54 AM  twisteds_angel08: I never said U did 12:11:09 AM  redwolf470: off the mrket soon 12:11:39 AM  twisteds_angel08: Huh 12:13:06 AM  redwolf470: some local is interested in me 12:13:24 AM  twisteds_angel08: Oh ok that sucks for me huh 12:13:40 AM  redwolf470: srry... drunx 12:13:43 AM  redwolf470: drunk 12:13:58 AM  twisteds_angel08: lol whats new!!!!!!! 12:14:04 AM  twisteds_angel08: When ar
Wanting You
I crave you My insides are aching for your touch My lips are ready to be kissed My body is on fire for you darling Wanting you is so deliciously sinful You are so far away.. Physical touch is impossible I only have my dreams Wanting you will be the death of me If I can't feel you near me To please me I'm so aching for you darling I want you....
Poem Post #20
Happy Times   I see the peace in your eyes That I hunt for in life. I'm jealous you weren't always mine. And can't wait to be your wife. There are things that drive me crazy But at the same time drive me wild. Your kiss causes my heart to race Even when your so gentle and mild. It's comforting to have your arms Wrapped around me in a warm embrace. Cozily fitting into your every curve, While I kiss on your smiling face.   ***By: Annaliese Edie
Here At The Shop
Sitting here at the shop waiting for people to come in so I can get down.  Hope to see you soon at Beyond Kreations in Fullerton , CA
Things We Have Taken Forgranted
Things we take forgrantedThere are so many things in life we take forgranted. A walk along a seashore, a hug from a loved one, even being free in this so called fucked up world we live in. No one really stops to smell the roses or even take in a breath of fresh air anymore. I for one am going to make every effort to change this. Divorce is almost final and I have met the most amazing man that I love to spend time with. He along with my family are going to be my first priorities. Not fubar, not facebook or any other online activity. I have a new radio station to run so that will also but at the top of the list(once it is going it will run itself). The drama aspect of daily life is hard enough without adding all the bullshit that we all subject ourselves to on a daily basis being online. I have books I want to read, music I want to hear and plans to get to know this special man even better. I want to walk in the rain, run through the wild flowers stop and smell the roses as things in thi
Come Dance With Me - Rafy 2006
  Come Dance With Me created @ 2008-05-25 08:30:28     Taking your hand, softly holding you We dance to the music in the air. Your hair flows as we glide Feeling the rhythm of the beat. I take in your aroma, Feel the softness of your skin. Stepping back, I raise my arm, holding your hand as you twirl within. The changing lights kiss your shiny hair; They dance upon your back; Your hair flounces about your face Adding mystery to you. Holding both hands now I watch your sexy smile, Moisten lips are glowing Parted with an inviting smile Your eyes are alive As we glide across the room Coming closer to me we lightly touch, My arms wrapped around you I feel your head resting on me shoulder. Our bodies dancing to the rhythm As we melt with the music, Anticipating every beat. I feel the laughter inside you Vibrating through your soul. Forgetting all around us, We dance freely on the floor. For a few minutes our
Sunshine - The All American Rejects
It's a new dayIt's a bright dayEven when you stand in the darkIt's just that You've been broken into fifty piecesToday is goneI'm the only light that you seeYou need someone I know all you needed was meEveryday we wake if it takes too longJust tell me something new Forget about the sunshine when it's goneAnother pale moon Shines like high noonMidnight never felt so cold aloneIt's just that you're uneasyWhen you need meToday is goneI'm the only light that you seeYou need someone I know all you needed was meEveryday we wake if it takes too longJust tell me something new Forget about the sunshine when it's goneYou can say it's right, but it feels so wrongJust show me something trueForget about the sunshineForget about the sunshine when it's goneToday is goneI'm the only light that you seeYou need someone I know all you needed was meEveryday we wake if it takes too longJust tell me something new Forget about the sunshine when it's goneYou can think it's right, but it feels so wrongJust sho
Packers Along With Movers Indian Supplying Separation Companies
Currently, many individuals wish of a number of assistance as soon as they have to transfer their house or perhaps business. They desire assistance in order to execute his or her new house moving undertaking with speedy presentation along with transferring of merchandise derived from one of destination to a different. Everybody knows that will switching isn't a simple career and as a consequence needs lots of professionalism, health care along with expertise that will cannot be performed with virtually no assistance. There are various supplying along with transferring corporations Indian offering his or her supplying along with transferring companies nationally along with in foreign countries. Generally there wide network of offices nationally help to make simple manage the particular supplying along with transferring companies from just about any locations of Indian. Towns including packers and movers delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, and many others are cl
She Doesn't Know
She doesn't know her love for youshe just knows she feels so different when she is with you She doesn't know her desire for youShe just knows she wants your touch She doesn't know why when you touch herShe feels safe She doesn't know she needs youShe just knows that the thought of you makes her feel secure She doesn't know that when you look her in the eyesYou can see it all She doesn't know you already knowShe is ready to fall at your feet and serve your every need She doesn't know why when your goneShe feels so alone She doesn't know why she feels the way she doesShe just knows that in that moment she just doesn't want it any other way She doesnt realize her heart has already taken steps her mind doesn't want toShe pushes those thoughts away as if they never existed To her you are all she needs and she is not willing to face that To her she sees no other the same way, but she isn't willing to jump right in. She doesn't know where life will take her and as long as you are t
Poem Post #24
Broken Sadness   There are feelings that are there but are sought You keep saying that you love me, then not. How am I suppose to believe all the lies When I've already given you so many tries.  My love has always been there and always will But the relationship we had is not still. Pain and hurt fill my heart at the thought And it's hard to deal with the feelings I've fought. How can you really expect me to stay? The thing is you still can't change your ways. I've been lost in confusion of what to do, Unfortunately the outcome was me losing you.   ***By: Annaliese Edie
Magic Fun Bus!
All aboard Pink's Magic Fun Bus!
Unlike Mobile Devices With Windows 8
Unlike mobile devices with Windows 8, this version integrates professional tablet Windows 8 Pro, which does allow the installation of applications outside the shop environment or Windows.efox-shop.comAt the hardware level features an Intel Atom processor, which although is not the most powerful on the market, allows for uncomplicated most programs, apps and regular professional environment software: Email Management Pack office, see social networking, video conferencing, etc.. Said processor need not dissipate heat, thus not need a ventilation system, and this has allowed a very light weight and dimensions.ASUS has established itself as a leading company within the world of ultrabooks: proof of this was the presentation of the recent developments in technology trade show Computex 2013.Now back on track with its ultrabook VivoBook ASUS S551, whose technical characteristics positioned him as a role model within the market. This new device has a 15.6 inch touchscreen that responds much be
I Am Happy I Met You
You are my beautiful queen. The girl of my dreams. You are my life. I'm glad to have you as a wife. I think about you day and night. I hope we never fight. With you by my side. This has been an awesome ride. You are my heart and soul. With you I feel whole. You are my amazing queen and there isn't anything or anyone I wouldn't give up for you. Can't wait to spend my life with as my wife right by my side
How To Help My B/f Get Over His Dad's Death.
There should be grieving counselors for people who are dealing with someone who is grieving.My boyfriends father died  2 weeks ago and it's hard for me to deal with him.I know I sound harsh but when my father died I grieved and then I accepted it my b/f wont accept it and I don't know how much more I can take.I feel llike I am grieving the loss of my b/f 's old self right now.I know this sounds horrible, but it really is true that people who have loved ones who are grieving need some kind of support to help get them through everything.He stays up all night and cries, he just seems like the real him is fading away too.Nothing I say makes him feel better...he needs to talk to someone but I don't know how to go about tellling him that without pissing him off.I understand that everyone goes through grief in their own way but it seems like he should be having a better outlook on things and realize that death is apart of life.
Stream Of Conciousness Writing, Notes On Friends
Friends.    Of true friends, I have very few.  I am a friendly person, but I keep the real me closed off from all but a select few.  I can count true friends with less fingers than one of my hands.  You can't truly be friends with someone until you let them in.  Yes, that means they can hurt you like no other, but if you never expose yourself to hurt, you will never feel the joys that come from it.  On the sage advise of one of truest friends, I am working on opening up more, sharing things that I have never shared with anyone, before. My personal writings, that go straight from brain to screen, with no filter.  Nothing more honest than stream of conciousness, writing.  But its not something I ever shared with anyone before, I would usually read them a week or so later, then delete them.  Or, I would not bother to save them in the first place, lest someone find them, and see my soul set to words.  No more.  I am going to start sharing the real me.  Who I am without walls, or guards.  I
Vydra Hit 22 Goals For Watford Last Season And Has Been Told He Can Leave Italy
West Bromwich Albion are moving for Juventus striker Nicolas soccer jerseys The Sun says Anelka, 34, is looking for a new club after a six-month spell at Juventus, which followed his year with Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua.The former Arsenal, Chelsea, Bolton, Manchester City and Liverpool striker made just three appearances for Juve. Baggies boss Steve Clarke, who knows Anelka from their time at Stamford Bridge, is keen to discover if the player still has the appetite to play in the Premier League.West Bromwich Albion have held a round of talks with Franco di Santo. The Sun says Albion have also held talks with free agent Di Santo, who has left jerseysAnd they are keen too on Watford’s on-loan Udinese striker Matej Vydra, 21, and plan to speak to him this week. Vydra hit 22 goals for Watford last season and has been told he can leave Italy.
Durable Metallic, Another Plus
Scams, delivery exorbitant language problems should talk to customer serviceIts touch screen supports everything offered the OS Windows 8 and touch sensors accurately provide at least 6 mm becomes a remarkable device for all applications concerning the design and The battery of 50Wh Li-polymer offers up to 6 hours of battery life, and its internal capacity almcenaje, with 8GB DDR3 and up to 1TB HDD and 24 GB SSD cache, providing a world of possibilities for users with more than a project in mind.Your design is elegant and durable metallic, another plus for this new ultrabook. It will be available starting this summer with a value of 1,099 euros. Now, thanks to the creation in Spain? For multiple pages to buy Chinese phones and similar products, the guarantee and security that we require in a conventional purchase are subject to the laws of our country, which does not happen if you buy directly from China.。Visit efox-shop.comOr  paste this link into your br
Today as I watch NASCAR, I won't be sharing it with my dad. Even though I knew the time was coming , I am still having a really hard time. I was lucky to spend his last 6 days by his side. Anyone who knows me will no I am very spititual and a healing Empath. My grandson had the dream of the black rabbit a sign of morning, the nest evning my dad called to me twice, first time I thought my grandson was messin with me, nest time was his nickname for me, I was a little creeped out. Next night, my brother called we needed get their he was not responding mom was alone and flipping out, we left at 4 a.m.  When we got to hospital and close to his room I forced myself to just go in because first thought was don't want to see this, I looked and there was not much of the dad I knew left, but I felt at ease and went over took his hand and said I'm here, do you no me?? dad?? he opened his eyes they could not focos good, I said if you no it's me squeeze my hand, he did and barely said my name. Sam
Think About It!!!
Remember in Sunday school the little song careful little mouth what you say, be careful little hears what you hear, etc etc. Well I've added a verse be careful little brain what you think. Our thoughts become actions....everything begins with a thought. Everything!!!! Even our attitude toward things begin with a thought. Depression is a result of our own thoughts. Actions, you name it. Our attitude toward money if we are constantly thinking I don't have it we won't have it. Think about the things you think about our thoughts become our reality!!!
Orange     Now see the beautiful sunset ore the ocean blueFiery colors due abound of poems there are a few I wish that I could write one, about that perfect hueBut nothing rhymes with OrangeOrchards stretch for miles, they never seem to stopThere nectar baring fruit is one that’s hard to topA fruit that justifies a sonnet, but might as well be rockBut nothing rhymes with OrangeHow do I describe a basketball?Or the bricks within my garden wallThe autumn leaves before they fallBut nothing rhymes with OrangeSo the hardest line you’ll ever writeOne to keep you up all nightSo please tell if you mightWhat the hell rhymes with ORANGE?
Calliused Hands
At about 3 a.m. in the morning , I was borned 67 years ago , I had a very good life with my grandparents but not my Mother or Dad. When I had turned into a young Lady , it seemed as if desire was at hand. And not the kind that should have been. So I returned to the country life I had loved so well. There's always been a fighting "Warrior " in me. Had to be to survive. Married at a tender age and divorced at the legal age , always said , I could walk out a door just as easy as I walked in. I had learned, Never to trust a man. They will always hurt you , always ....... But as I grew older ( not wiser ) I did find love that was true. Love that ran deep ..... And though it has been gone so long , He died. I want it again. I want the tender sweet love and the calliused hands of a hard worker. There is a man , though my untrusting ran him away. On my 67th. Birthday I dearly Wish I could tell him that I love him so very very much and that isn't going to change. If it's not g
Ocean Minds
Ocean Minds     It was always magic imagined we couldn't cross the distance that blew onto our separate shores a crazy love tangled web twisted emotions on oceanic minds     under my night sky and your summer blue the moon lit my face with kisses sent by you from the burning sun connected by a thread overstretched         I never knew it would fly so far build to the height of unsteadiness it was love unimagined before it came we hungered and devoured greedily fed fast without thought until we started drowning in the tears     under my night sky and your summer blue the moon lit my face with kisses sent by you from the burning sun connected by a thread overstretched     would you love me for all I remember would you love me if our worlds collide would you love me if I stood on your shore would you love me at the end of it all would you love me if I was more real than a dream
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frye shoes outlet sale online save 60% off aid during 2004 when States Navy, with 12 helicopters and 284 officers and enlisted personnel. The primary mission of this squadron is to detect and destroy small vessels and enemy submarines. Search and Rescue, Special Warfare Operations, and Anti-ship Missile Defense are also important roles for the squadron. Established in 1984 in San Diego, the squadron was initially aboard t.frye boots salehe USS Ranger. In 1989, HS-14 was an integral part of a rescue operation when they performed search and rescue operations of 37 refugees from Vietnam. In 1991, the HS-14 had an important role in Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Responsible for.frye boots the capture of four Iraqi commandos, the destruction of two anti-shipping mines, and the destruction of one Iraqi gunboat, the HS-14 showed why this squadron was so beneficial. In 1992, the squadron deployed to Somalia for Operation Restore Hope. One of the oper.frye shoesational
Même Si Cette Saison L'équipe Espère Réinventer Des Stratégies D'héritier Et Sont Disponibles Dans Les Forts
Les Panthers de la Palmyre sont des équipes de fonctionnement les plus constants et résistants dans le New Jersey et pour que les dix années précédentes de nombreuses années ont tenu jusqu'à l'esprit de football de l'état de constamment apporter du sang neuf à poursuivre la tâche lourde de posséder et de préserver championnats tandis que dans le match.Soldes Maillot de foot, Les plus éminents de nouveaux joueurs est Peter DeGeorge, qui contribuera à le championnat de cette année. Peter DeGeorge entrera championnats de cette année comme un junior et peut jouer une position importante comme il l'a fait alors que dans les précédents gagnants exactement où il a joué une place importante à l'intérieur de l'équipe parce qu'ils ont gagné sept des jeux vidéo et déposez seulement s 'three.There son ensemble concurrents de lot tandis que dans le jeu des équipes, y compris Riverside et la ville de Burlington, même si cette saison l'équipe espère réinventer des stratégies d'héritier et sont dispon
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Why Did I Love You ?
I love you ,  I could scream it from the roof tops , And from the gutters  low Til my throat was swollen an raw And you didn't even thaw , my Ice God How I love you, Did you even know ? What didn't I show ? Maybe I was a danger , cause of the heat that I can throw , Were you afraid I'd melt you and the World would know That you were just a man , who thought you could control , But the Heat would distroy you and now my heart doth know    
Getting Professional Help On Move Is Right Decision
Getting professional help is one of the right decisions you can take towards making home shifting easier and simpler. It is obvious fact that all hassles and unpleasant issues cannot be eliminated completely but it can be certainly reduce at a great extent. Everyone knows the about the difficult and complicated process of home shifting. It is not only difficult but also time-consuming and stressful. Rightly; it is considered to be one of the most stressful events of life. But getting professional help one can simply the moving operation and turn it into easygoing and smooth affair. There are many moving companies or packers and movers agencies in India who are providing packing & moving solution for all kinds of relocation situations such as residential relocation, local household shifting, commercial shifting, office shifting, industrial goods shifting, corporate relocation, car transportation, international relocation and situations alike. You have many moving company options to cho
Sea Dreams
  Words fly Lyrics ring I don’t understand a thing Daydreams in cloudy skies Waves of blue Just sailing by Flickering light Of burning ash From myself I want to dash Days of sun Island dreams Reality Doesn’t mean a thing     © Chavonda Frazier 2010
Rules On My ***nsfw Pictures**
Ok my rules to see my nsfw pictures!   #1. You must send me 100 credits as it shows in my pictures to be added to my family. #2. Dont send me any kind of bling that wont help either. #3. Fubucks wont work either. #4. If you ask me without reading the rules here i will block you no questions ask. #5. Same goes for the girls out there must send me 100 credits i dont give a fuck if you think im fucking hot or you wanna make a deal 100 credits is my only deal take it or leave.
Just One Kiss
Just one kiss from your sweet lips , Is all I'll ever ask of thee , To feel the passion it does invoke , Of heat and desire  . So just to let you know , The only way to get rid of a dream , Is to yield to it. I KNOW ..... So open those sweet lips and let my tongue Slide in , I'll make you dream of more to come , As wettness you do when it's in  , I'll wrap it all up in one Sweet kiss and in it , I'll give you all ........ My kiss was sensual as it could be , But with-in the hour he so left me , Standing with my heart in my hand , my tongue caressing Where his lips had been , But I know , his dreams will be of me ......
Creative Design Fitflop Sandals
The first is the practical rule, can not wear, the most important. The second is the cost rule is that there is no profit, beheading had done business there, losing proposition absolutely no one did. The third rule is beautiful, including color, line, last type, materials, technology and so on. The fourth is to locate the rule. Who wears the design, which places people wear, what kind of grade and so on. Fifth is the style rule, domestic and export any different design style. What style of each country is different from the designer to think about. Sixth is the innovation law, including the process. Design techniques, materials development and so on. Seventh is popular rule, pay attention to a variety of information fast, to participate in a variety of Shoes. Master of color and clothing trends and so on. Many people like to travel or business trip with a pair of slippers, but the ordinary slippers heavy and take up space, how to do it? Design a: foldable slippers Source of inspiratio
I Love It
My biggest fantasy is to to be fucked and watched by a room full of people. I would let anyone take a turn to fuck any of my holes. I like to be slapped arounds love love love big dick in my big ass. some people please help me!!
Indirect Belittle Bynum Lakers: Cavaliers Fans Perform Most Optimally Since That Game
For three consecutive years hasn't tasted the playoffs for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Andrew - Andrew Bynum undoubtedly join them custom jerseys placed high expectations. In the united states recently accepted a privileged interview with Fox Sports, Bynum besides to lead the Cavaliers reiterated the determination of the playoffs, but additionally with the Cleveland spoke highly from the city has played an indirect belittle former club. "We are excited, there are a lot of proper young players, I'll figure to be the team leader, and appearance toward the peak of his career." He spoke of feelings when joining Knight says. "It will likely be very hard to train, and are also permitted to the right center in the league." "Offensively, I can draw double coverage of any, so that you can help these young authentic cheap jerseys players to the team, and i also greatly enjoy Carey - Owen amongst the pick and roll with, defensive, and i also may put use many of the pressure opponent. "he
Nice Daily Cotton Castle Pamukkale Tour
Cappadocia is located in Denizli with a bus into our hotel. This is a four stars hotel, and is a thermal spa with Turkish bath, pool, and wherein two very useful for specific healing thermal waters and human health. We attended the first day of tours and transfers with regular pamukkale cotton castle reached. This is a magnificent  natural all in wonder land So soft white cotton-like, and is allowed to walk with shoes here Visitors to this is a place that is very demanding and intense. Our guide gave a brief information about the formation of this place and it's history from above evaporate in the hot water that flows through and between 30-35 degrees here in lime remains, and is composed of layers of white limestone caused. Here, in the order they are set up as a large number of urban civilization greek roman emperor Macedonian lived here in the Byzantine. Birikinitisi small ponds where the water formed above the waters flowing and people here are floats.When you have a magnificent vi
カシアスクレイの子供時代の家です家の中で前に別の信号は本当にこれが本当にカシアスクレイは、彼の少年時代の ヴィトン ヴィトンを投資まさに地域だっ確認歴史的マーカーである。ミラーに地方公共schools.Inの合わせに出席しながら、彼はそれのすべてを "、彼のお父さんとお母さ&#
Nei Liao - Lucas Operation Completion
"Gazzetta dello Sport" name in mind that next week will be more Lao Disa Keisuke Honda is to decide whether to join AC Milan's key points, Keisuke Honda, CSKA I will continue to press for a smooth transfer. "News," said AC Milan has more Montreal Canadiens jersey quotes carried to € 4,000,000, € 5,000,000 from CSKA's asking price is not far, the transfer should be completed. However, Keisuke Honda is not the only goal of AC Milan, Adriano Galliani recently frequently with Nei Liao - Lucas met, the latter under the "chief sports investment group" has a lot of players in the ownership, such as the recent signing Lazio Phillips Pei - Anderson is in Nei Liao - Lucas operation completion. Sky transfer expert Dima Fazio Galliani revealed with Nei Liao - Lucas discuss the main contents of Benfica star Ola - John,Chicago Blackhawks jersey the Dutchman is a wing attack players, A Lai Geli recently tried 4-3-1-2 formation effect is not ideal, but Ola - John seemed to make up th
I Saw This On Facebook And Thought I Would Share It For The Country Music Lovers
Congrats to Garth and Trisha they are new grandparents to a baby boy..
Double Rainbow Video
So True.. Only The Right Guy.. Will Truly See This.
If a girl is worth it, then no matter how difficult she's being, no matter how complicated she gets, no matter how bad she starts tripping, no matter how crazy her trust issues start to kick in, no matter how moody she gets, no matterhow distant she may seem,no matter how hormonal she gets, no matter how confused she is, no matter how much she acts like shehates you, you wouldn't give up on her. Let me tell you now, a girl that's worth it, will not come easy. she will be hard to understand at times, she might even be cruel but that doesn't mean she isn't a good girl. You just gotta be able to see her during her worst so you can enjoy witnessing her at her best.
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Random Unfinished Catchy
I be thinking bout you  Your always on my mind Be thinking about you An how ima make you mine  Its only a matter of timeThe only thing i fear  Is the distance i have to cross  To see the smile on your face  And feel the warmth in your embrace  To taste your perfect lips  As I look into your eyes  Its these feelings i can't deny Cause I Be..Thinking bout you  Your always on my mind Be thinking about you An how ima make you mine  Its only a matter of time..
Why You Should Invest In Holiday Homes Thailand
If you are a Thai citizen you will find it easier to invest in holiday homes Thailand than foreigners. This is because foreigners are not allowed to own property in the country – they may only purchase land leasehold property because they are foreigners. However property such as luxury villas for sale Thailand are really attractive investments whether you intend to live in these luxury villas Hua Hin or you want to rent them out instead. For a foreigner who wants holiday homes Thailand land leasehold may last up to 30 years only. However they may ask for a special contract extending this land leasehold for two possible extensions – this means the land leasehold may last up to 90 years maximum. This is an ideal arrangement for foreigners who need to stay in the country long term and who have family living with them. Even if they cannot buy the property outright they still get to enjoy living in luxury villas Hua Hin anyway. A Thai citizen who owns holiday homes will be abl
So, Now What?
I once thought that everything I wanted would find me one day. But, what if it already has and I'm just too fat headed to see? Too stubborn. Too spiteful. Too much of a mess to care to give it a chance? Then what? I don't know alot of things anymore. I wish I was as wise as I used to be. As outgoing. As caring. As adventurous. As willing to put my heart on the line on a whim. Sow my oats, then make oatmeal. But I'm not. Constantly dodging what I COULD have and what I COULD want, simply to dodge it; simply to be alone. Only to bitch about being alone? What in the actual fuck is that all about? I  cancled another date today, the 4th time with the same boy. I don't know how much more slack he'll cut me. I know I don't deserve anymore. And he doesn't deserve this. I always have an excuse. Some bullshit to wriggle out of the discomfort of someones company, really anyones company. I didn't used to be like this, and everyone can tell. I used to joke about being the catlady, one day. But now
The Pain Of Breathing
i hear someone telling me to open my eyesso i do and suddenly i'm towing over everythingi look to my reflection and all that i know of me has blurredi squint my eyes to look into myself and i'm small; tiny eveni've faded away and i'm fuzzy like TV staticthe steady thump of my heart hypnotizes mebut i'm still here even though everything i see has become strangely opaqueso i lose all sense of time and sink into the floori try to reach out my arms but i cant moveso i open my mouth to scream but no sound comesi am stuck in a place with no windows or doors and no ceilings or floorsjust this emptiness that suspends me in black and whitei feel no wind, i feel nothing on my skinbut i'm feeling smothered by this and tears well up in my eyesi'm so afraid of myself because this void is my mindwith an occasional glimpse of myself looking distortedin the bottom of a bottle surrounded by memories that are slipping awayand i'm stuck here   and there is nothing to comfort this pain of breathing
So.... I Signed Up For
This is my introductory paragraph. I hope it doesnt sound to humdrum  Hi, I am a married polyamorous stay at home mommy cancer patient. In this odd strange journey which is life I have gotten it into my head that before I die I would like to star in my very own porno. 3 years ago I made a list of all the things I would have to do to make a successful Porn. 1.Loose 200lbs, I was quite the big girl when I made the goal but mission accomplished.down 260lbs YAY me!2.Build fan base of 5k people via social network site. Done and done...with over 11k followers on 2 sites.  3. Make story board for awesome memorable yet slightly cheesey porn. Done and DONE4. MAKE PORN MAGIC!So I am on step 4... make porn magic. And yet I can't. Somewhere along the way in my weight loss journey I have lost confidence in my body because of excess skin from weight loss.Solutions give me solutions!!! I go to the doctor to ask advice and try to get situation resolved. It turns out that they are unable to help me an
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The Heart Of A Wolf ( Reflections Of A Lycan Poet )
My penis is gentleness, kindness, tenderness, compassion...............  when a lover allows it to penetrate their heart they find it irrisistable.  - Mikademus
Alleviate Relocation Issues With Professional Help
Are you planning to relocate to a new city with all your household items? If yes the process of residential relocation (household shifting) can be very daunting and stressful time for you. It is needless to say that why relocation is a difficult and complicated process. You know well that it is a time consuming process that comprises of lots of hassles, unpleasant issues and several tedious tasks such as packing, loading, transporting, unloading, unpacking and rearranging of goods. In fact, relocation brings many unpleasant issues. But you can ease all relocation issues and get rid of them by using professional services of one of the right packers and movers companies of your city. Professional packers and movers companies have been emerged as helping hands on relocation. They are helping those people who want to move within a city from one place to another; or want to relocate to a new city, state or country. They help their clients during entire operation from scheduling the move
God Here I Am Humbled In Yo Grace
The Lord is my sheppard, I shant not want He lead me beside still waters He maketh me to lay down in green pastures yea thought I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I fear no evil, for thy rod and staf comfort me. God prepare my table in the mist of thine enemies, my cup surely runneth over. for I delight my inner man in God s in the ways of the Rightious Thy mercy and goodnest shall follow me throughout the days of my life. Amen! Amen! Amen!  To read this prayer is to understand what type of man I am & thine woman of my dreams is out there. so it is writen in my destiny. All that I do that is not of my destiny is a set back. My spirit understands. In order to get that which is ment for me in the for of a blessing. My character will have to line up. err day my flesh must be sacrificed for my will to be surrendered to God. On my jouney I my path is inlightened. she who I choose will please my body. The one chossen for me will soothe my Body,nurture m
Animal Rescuers Burnout
The idea of you pining me up against the wall then while kissing me while your hand reaches into my pounding pussy popping your finger into me then bringing finger up to your nose and licking it makes me very aroused! While looking into my eyes
Get My Points For 24 Hours Or More!
A. So here's what I'm doing. You can get me a Special Ability Bling of your Choice, a bling pack, or fubucks and I will Gladly hand over  my points but Here's the breakdown... God Mode - Will get you 20 Mil points and 20 Mil in fubucks. How are you going to get all this before time runs out? I bomb/Polish/Rate the entire day for you. You will also be placed in my family for the entire length of the GM as well. And I will also Pimp Slap whom Ever you like! Auto 11 - I chase bombers straight for 24 hours... You will make at least 20 million on one auto which for some is enough to level your 2 or 3 times.   Cherrybomb - You not only get my points  for 12 hours but you also receive a huge hit in points at time of the Cherry bomb as well. Bommerang - 12 hours of my points including the 8 hours that the boomerang get you as well. This is great if you have less than 3 Million to go but are tired  of rating people. Famplifier - You get all my points and fubucks for 12 hours including my f
13 Goals Of A Witch
                                                                        The 13 Goals of a Witch The following set of thirteen principles wasadopted by the Council of American Witches, in April, 1974. 1: We practice rites to attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of life forces marked by the phases of the Moon and the seasonal Quarters and Cross Quarters. 2: We recognize that our intelligence gives us a unique responsibility toward our environment. We seek to live in harmony with Nature, in ecological balance offering fulfillment and consciousness within an evolutionary concept. 3: We acknowledge a depth of power far greater than that apparent to the average person. Because it is far greater than ordinary it is sometimes called supernatural, but we see it as lying within that which is naturally potential to all. 4: We conceive of the Creative Power in the universe as manifesting through polarity ~as masculine and feminine~ and that this same Creative Power lies in all people, a
Afterthought~~~~~~~~~~~The more that you keep pushing me away..The longer that you leave me in the cold..The more that all the colors become gray..The more the darkness will take its hold..Like a scene from a pleasant dream..Once cherished but soon forgot..I'll never be your priority..I'm just an afterthought.I'm a treasure that's lost its pleasure..Left in the attic to rot..Please spare me your indignity..I'm just an afterthought...The more bitter tears you make me cry..The less that my importance seems to rate..The sooner that my sorrow will run dry..The more you'll see my love turn into hate..Once unmistaken but now forsaken..You loved me, now love me not..A burning desire losing its fire..I'm just an afterthought..I fade away more and more each day..My insignificance cannot be fought..I'll always be your vague memory..I'm just an afterthought..
My Last Wish (2002)
  My Last Wish   All the wishes I made about you were so wrong Or the lyrics I sang to every lonely sad song Or the tears I cried should have never fell I shouldn't have ever put you before myself All the nights I stayed up just to be on your mind All the pain and heartache was just a waste of time I'll never get back all that I've given to you And my hearts scarred from the things you do You bring me more sadness that anything more Your kisses are sweet but they leave me too sore Your smile rarely reveals it's self ever to me Only the times I've been in pain that you've seen Your words are lies that I always foolishly believe You're the pain in my side, an incurable disease You're the one person that's made me change And I can't get my life to go back to the same I'll never really trust anyone anymore no matter who I'll never feel the same about someone as I did you The anger inside my heart will forever be fuelled Because how could I ever forget all that you did was cruel Thi
Il Ya à Dire Tellement Sur Cette Hp Slate 7
Pour être honnête, il ya à dire tellement sur cette HP Slate 7, ce produit n'est pas un mauvais, mais ce n'est pas le meilleur non plus. Among autres, HP aurait pu faire mieux au niveau des bordures de l'appareil, également au niveau de la batterie qui aurait pu être plus facilement puissante. Et avec cette petite batterie, l'appareil aurait pu être plus mince. A part cela à l'affichage 1024 x 600 est tout simplement horrible, et HP devrait pourtant well savoir him: the 1080 résolution becoming passe est in the norme, étant 720p will pour le milieu de gamme. tous les cas, soit les 140 euros mettez vous sur la HP Slate 7 quelques billets rajoutez soit pour vous vous procurer a Nexus 7 199 euros, qui est sur plusieurs points pourtant preferable (processeur meilleur, meilleur écran, mises à jour régulières et in priorité pour Android, etc.).. Par contre, il faudra faire une croix sur l'appareil photo 3 MP et à l'arrière à l
Science Project
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My Puerto Rico Lover ~~is Burning Hot
I am in Paradise! I love Puerto Rico!" I scream to the air.  I am in my Hustler 41 Razor speedboat racing down the clearest blue water like an iconic scene from Miami Vice. I look fresh in my crisp white button-down shirt, slacks, and matching all white Air Jordan 8 Retro sneakers. I love the feeling of the cool breeze, the wind humming in my ears, the sun setting, and the sight of the waves that are wild as an untamed steed. I am excited that I am going to meet with my friend, Roselyn Sánchez, who is waiting for me at her beach house. This is my last night in Puerto Rico and I am ready to do it big!There is her white luxurious two-story beach house. There are French glass windows in the front and a terrace all around the second story. The architecture reminds me of something I have seen in the classic movie, Scarface. I took a deep breath, ring the gold doorbell twice, and step back.  Roselyn comes out wearing a purple top and white shorts cut offs, which complements her sun-kissed s
I Love You
i love you and every raw piece of skin on your body... i love you and every unspoken word you've ever thought, and every inch of flesh that is yours... my love for you is as indefinite as the sea, and as vast as the galaxy which we know so little of... my love for you continues to grow just as the roots of a tree grow beneath the soil... i bask in the warmth of your skin, and drown in the presence of your voice... your laugh is the harmonious sound of joy that makes my skin tingle... the idea of you makes my insides warm, and full of love... you're the constant thoughts that circulate my mind, and in every dream i have, i hope to see you... you are the comfort to my pain, and the brightness to my life... i am a fool for you, and i've fallen into a deep hole of endless love for you...
Robes De Soiree Pour Les Dames Mariage En Violet Et Rose, La Mode 2013
  Les couleurs rose et violet vont être à la mode en 2013 et ceux-ci peuvent être les couleurs parfaites pour vos dames robes de mariage. Les tendances de robe de fête lilas 2013 viennent dans des couleurs élégantes, en soulignant principalement roses et violets. Le 2013 est proche en proche, et si vous êtes déjà s'apprête à organiser votre mariage l'année prochaine, l'un des détails de choisir les couleurs pour la décoration et aussi pour la fête de mariage. Les couleurs pastel vont être à la mode en 2013, en particulier le roses et violets. Parmi les tendances de robes de bal 2013 sont mis en évidence dans des couleurs claires pastel, et l'année suivante, les concepteurs ont choisi de créer des robes de mariage élégant pour les dames et les invités dans les couleurs rose et violet pastel, mais en été, les couleurs sont très dynamiques la force et le ton et la couleur de raisin rose chaud. La décoration de mariage violet et le rose est la combinaison préférée de copines, et le cho
What Is Real?
"What is REAL?" asked the Rabbit one day, when they were lying side by side near the nursery fender, before Nana came to tidy the room. "Does it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?" "Real isn't how you are made," said the Skin Horse. "It's a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but Really loves you, then you become Real." "Does it hurt?" asked the Rabbit. "Sometimes," said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. "When you are Real you don't mind being hurt." "Does it happen all at once, like being wound up," he asked, "or bit by bit?" "It doesn't happen all at once," said the Skin Horse. "You become. It takes a long time. That's why it doesn't happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get all loose in the joints and very shabby. But these
A Summer Day In Monaco
 I flew through the summer air on a black jet ski around Monte Carlo, Monaco, enjoying warm weather. I felt like James Bond racing up the Mediterranean Sea as the summer breeze blew against my face. I stopped in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea taking in the delights of Monaco; a black bikini-clad woman on a blue jet ski approached me. She was an exotic beauty with a golden complexioned, long light-brown hair, and full lips that were ready to suck anything. I think she was multiracial."Hey, handsome," she said to me."What's up, gorgeous? What is your name?" I asked her."My name is Monica, and yours?""My name is Marc, gorgeous. I run New York!""Wow, I'm from New York too!" Monica continued. "Are you up for a race, Marc ?""What's in it for me, Sexy?""Whatever you want," Monica answered."Alright, if I win, you go out to dinner with me. If you win, I'll take you shopping or be your sex slave," I suggested.Monica laughed and said, "Sounds good.""Show me what you got, baby girl."We picked
The Oakland Athletics 11-6 On Monday
BASTAD, Sweden -- Top-seeded David Ferrer of Spain ousted his countryman Tommy Robredo 6-3, 4-6, 6-0 Friday to reach the semifinals of the Swedish Open. Ferrer, the 2007 winner and runner-up last year, will meet sixth-seeded Grigor Dimitrov of Bulgaria who also advanced after beating third-seeded Albert Ramos of Spain, the 2008 winner, 7-6 (1), 6-3. Second-seeded Nicolas Almagro beat fellow Spaniard Daniel Gimeno-Traver 7-6 (5), 4-6, 6-3. The 2010 winner will play Jan Hajek of the Czech Republic, who beat Jurgen Zopp of Estonia 6-3, 4-6, 6-3. Authentic Russell Wilson Jersey . Ortiz finished the best April of his career with a pair of solo homers, Mike Aviles hit a three-run shot and the Boston Red Sox beat the Oakland Athletics 11-6 on Monday night. Russell Wilson Womens Jersey .4 million contract extension on Sunday that begins after next season. Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the new deal cannot be signed until July 1. . An
-athletes And For Boston Colleg
BOSTON -- New Boston College football coach Steve Addazio paced back and forth behind the podium. He waved his arms as he spoke. His voice got louder as he hammered home his points. The Eagles have upgraded their pregame pep talks since firing Frank Spaziani. But will they win any more games? "Youre going to get the best out of Steve Addazio, my family and my staff. Im proud to be a Boston College Eagle, and I wont let you down," he said on Wednesday after being introduced to the media and the BC community. "Ive got drive and Ive got energy. And Ive got a passion for what I do, for these student-athletes and for Boston College. Were one family, and together, were going to have success. "Go Eagles." A Connecticut native who spent the last two years at Temple, Addazio said Boston College had been his dream job -- even while he was working his way up through the coaching ranks at top-tier programs like Notre Dame and Florida. "Dreams do come true," he said. "Ive been a lot of
It Dont Matter What They Say,,
it dont matter what people say about you,,,, it dont matter what you look like  when the one that loves you will always be there for you and never  leave you side  they will stick by you  no matter what the consequeses are,, they will go to the end of the world for you and most of all they are real and would never leave you, and always prove what they say and do,,
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Newport Cigarettes Wholesale ut se r f rer grande partie de cette cigarette est son filtre. Le filtre peut donner au fumeur un grand plaisir lors de l'inhalation. Il peut donner une sensat.Newport Cigarettes Wholesaleion de fra cheur pour le fumeur. Toute femme aimerait cette cigarette d s la premi re inhalation, ils peuvent avoir l. satisfaction. Tous magnifique tabac et produits connexes que ce soit le tabac chiquer, cigares, briquets cig ou cigarettes sont forts avec les .Newport Cigarettes Wholesaletraditions qui s'y rattachent. Mais les traditions se dissolvent sans innovatio.Newport Cigarettes Wholesalens, sans volont d' largir les limites d'habitudes qui se cachent souvent de nouvel.Newport Cigarettes Wholesaleles impressions. La collecte de cigarettes Vogue repr sente une attitu.Newport Cigarettes Wholesaleude divers cigarettes, un autre bord de plaisir, et la saveur .exotique, en vedette avec le romantisme de d couvertes. Les d g ts d'eau peut se r f rer l'endom
Tablets: 65 Percent Surfing Via Wi-fi
Two-thirds of all tablet users only via Wi-Fi surf given high rates for tablet mobile phone and some juicy extra charge for tablets with cellular modem according to a survey of BITKOM. Younger on the way rather use hot-spots. As a current and representative survey of the industry association BITKOM has revealed that two-thirds (65 per cent) of all tablet users only via Wi-Fi go online. Only 6 percent of Tablet owners use the Internet connection of the mobile phone only UMTS/LTE connections and about 1 percent. As BITKOM found out, around half of all users especially at home use your Tablet-PC. There the Wi-Fi enough many, so the BITKOM. 88 Percent at least occasionally use the local network. At least 28 percent choose traveling in Wi-Fi hotspots at the young people under 30 years of age, there are even 42 percent. Only one-third (33 percent) of all tablet users surfing via mobile phone. 28 Per cent of all respondents for this use UMTS, 8 percent to surf with the faster L
Sept. 2, 2013
This is a tough one. SkiFreek gave me the letters to do this. Of course he would pick letters (and the color of this writing) that would be hard to deal with. Gotta love him. Anyway, hope you enjoy....   Word of the Day::. Quandy A quick hand job "Emily, we don't have much time. Give me a quandy."   Acronym of the Day::.   XYP eXamine Your Penis   "You fucked her? You better XYP!" (yes I know that it doesn't start with a "X", but yeah...hard to do.)   Since he threw in a third letter as a "freebie"...I'm going to attempt this letter too. Word::. Zanal To have crazy anal sex "I would give anything for some zanal."     Acronym::. ZFG Zero Fucks Given [no sentence needed]   ******he wanted Periwinkle, it wouldn't take the code for it so I used another shade of blue. He'll get over it.******
Drink Recipe
Hot N Sassy 1 oz. Pucker Vodka Sour Apple Sass3 slices jalapeños2 slices clementineSplash of lime juice1 oz. lemon-lime sodaMuddle jalapeño and clementines in a cocktail shaker. Add vodka and ice. Shake and strain into a glass. Add lime juice and soda. Stir.  
Produce The Shift The Very Best Knowledge Using Trusted Packers Movers In Noida
Are you moving your current office or house coming from Noida for you to someplace else? In the event sure then you should achieve several duties flawlessly in order to make your current go uncomplicated as well as sleek. Shifting in one spot for a different pesters everyone; unique residential relocation or even professional relocation, the task could well be genuinely extremely upsetting. Accomplishing this involving moving is incredibly complicated using several challenging performs for instance supplying involving products, travelling involving products, unloading involving products, unpacking involving products as well as rearranging involving products. The item consumes lots of time and is wearisome adequate annoy a person. To relieve the particular trouble of your respective go, it is possible to hire a professional moving firm. It will not solely save your time and also assist you to throughout whole means of relocation; coming from supplying involving whole house products at c
Can't Fathom...
/begin rant There has been a lot going on in my life.  A lot of bad, a few things good.  I'm trying to cling to the good but it's getting harder and harder.   I've tried to turn to people who I considered friends, both here and in real life.  The only thing I've really found is that people only want to be around you when the sun's shining and you're laughing.  But these days in my own life...  The sun rarely shines, and I rarely laugh. I'm angry that I was powerless to stop a really bad thing from happening to an innocent person.  I'm angry that I'm being told I have no right to feel what I do because others have the right to feel it more.  I'm angry that the people who are supposed to be supportive and understanding simply walked away, or didn't even care. I'm hurt that I considered those  people to be high up in my social circle.  To those people:  I really wanna tell you to go fuck yourselves and the vindictive bitch in me wants you to get hit by a bus the next time you step off
Life ~ Marilyn Monroe
Life-I am of both your directionsExisting more with the cold frostStrong as a cobweb in the windHanging downward the mostSomehow remainingthose beaded rays have the coloursI've seen in paintings-ah lifethey have cheated youthinner than a cobweb's threadsheerer than any-but it did attach itselfand held fast in strong windsand singed by the leaping hot fireslife-of which at singular timesI am both of your directions-somehow I remain hanging downward the mostas both of your directions pull me.   ~Marilyn Monroe
James Blunt Biography
A former British Army officer, singer/songwriter James Blunt is a thoughtful performer with a knack for crafting melodic contemporary soft rock tunes. Born in Tidworth, Wiltshire, England in 1974 to a family with a long military history, Blunt entered the army after graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Ultimately achieving the rank of captain, Blunt served with the NATO peacekeeping force in Kosovo and finished out his time in the military as a member of the Life Guard Regiment in the British Household Cavalry. Having long been interested in music, Blunt wasted no time in pursuing a pop career after leaving the army. A subsequent performance at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, TX, brought Blunt to the attention of 4 Non Blondes singer/producer Linda Perry, who signed Blunt to her Custard Records label. Released in 2005, Blunt's debut album, Back to Bedlam, and its hit single, "You're Beautiful," was hugely successful -- it hit number one in over a dozen count
Overcoming Fear
Perhaps my biggest problem in many areas of my life is stepping out past the last failure. I, like everyone else, have failed epically and while I can pick myself back up and dust myself off I often have a hard time trying again and expecting a different ending. Yes, I do change things, different people..etc...but my own mind is my worst enemy as well. The distinct memory recall of the last failed relationship for instance will show up like a motion picture in my head and cause me to hesitate to step off into anything too significant. The problem here outside of the obvious is that I usually do not get this lovely movie until I am far too deep to back track without there being some pain involved. Quite a catch 22. I will talk with someone and along with the other worries that I seem to justify in my head I have this singular one that will hold me at gunpoint and remind me that this could be as painful as the last incident or more. It causes me to pause on the very precipice of what cou
Robert Chrisley | ÄrÇ ÄÑgΣl ÇrØwΣ | Saigon Shangri~la
ROBERT CHRISLEY | ÄRÇ ÄÑGΣL ÇRØWΣ "Saigon Shangri-la" Raven's Lament Starving Artisan 2009   Oh, how I am overcome Skin as gold as the sun Oh, how I am overwhelmed Your Jade Garden blossoms Eden's river run Worlds forgotten beneath your Far East Star Comparison obsolete to the Goddess on thy knees you are Sands of time flee when I'm within your angel wings Entwined F.or U.nlawful C.arnal K. nowledge of your Vine   ANH YEU EM; ANH YEU EM   One taste; one kiss of you, my Shanghai Valentine I am mortal under my Asian Sky Madonna One touch; reason flees as my soul renders itself sold For you, my Saigon Shangri-la   Oh, Desire courses through my veins To strike my bow across your sweet Violin And as you sing erotic suggestion upon unworldy chordsYour Siren Song is the Saphiric Mantra that births your Holy Temple within ANH MUON EM; ANH MUON EM   So rare, your lips and oceanic eyes Gift of God; light of Love Takes away my night; my Saigon Shangri-la I've lost my self control and
Robert Chrisley | ÄrÇ ÄÑgΣl ÇrØwΣ | See You On The Other Side
Robert Chrisley"See You On The Other Side"NosferatuStarving Artisan 1998Staring Life face to faceSeems the Wine has lost its tasteEmbracing my final breathSing me OuijaFor soon I fear there will be my deathCold, dark towers one calls homeCalling for seven more every time it roams (it roams)Silence whispers in my earToo late to stop the dawning of my fearSee you on the other sideOne man, one vision, one havenSee you on the other sideHearing the last calling of the ravenHunger for Spirit; closer is never enoughSurrounding uncertainess getting too muchAlone down dark corridors; makings of a DreamBut buying the lie is not always what it seemsSee you on the other sideOne man, one vision, one havenSee you on the other sideHearing the final calling of the ravenSee you on the other sideOne heir short of the Spiritual landSee you on the other sideClose your eyes, girl, take my hand(Solo)Sands of time spilling from my broken hour glassLiving on the edge took its toll way too fast(Violas, Cellos,
He feels her warm breath and closes his eyes and smiles in anticipation.  His hand eventually finds its' way to her head where he first strokes then gathers her hair holding it to the side so he can watch with an unobstructed view.  She is beautiful as she looks up at him through her lashes.  He smiles back at her then pulls her back up his body so they can kiss, full on the lips.  She lays partially on his chest; one hand reaching low and fondling him, reveling in his velvety hardness and the slipery wetness of her saliva.  He slides his kiss along her jaw line to the cup just below her ear.  He gathers her hair once again and pulls down and back, raising her chin and exposing her neck to his lips.  He can feel the rapid beating of her pulse against his lips and he gently bites her so that she can feel his exposed teeth.  She moans.  He rolls her over on her back and looks down at her.  Again he kisses and bites her neck and again she moans deep in her throat.  "My turn!" he whispers
Asian Fashion Women Autumn Jacket Collection
  Lead: the season of the season! People excited arrival of autumn, put away shorts vests, jackets, skirts, jeans, all kinds of dazzling and colorful mix of people, a thin coat both highlight your fashion taste, but also resist the morning and evening the cool weather, ready to shine together with Daren street yet?   Autumn jacket recommended a thin Matching Skill: army green jacket with a thin street flavor hole jeans, jeans trousers curling treatment, with nude-colored boots, casual and bring out the feminine, and in a cool feeling. Perfect to wear with asian fashion dresses   Autumn jacket recommended two thin Matching Skill: black and white mix, but do not seem tedious, long paragraph printed thin jacket, which take a simple white T-shirt, zebra striped shoes echoes the overall shape. Thick Harajuku street style!   Autumn jacket recommended three thin Matching Skill: gray thin coat drape full, the visual down, printed scarves draped over his shoulders casual, shoes and
Learning About Fubar
Okay, so the site is pretty cool so far, except for the fact that creeps abound. I was scrolling my page and found a guy had posted a picture of his junk and it was in my friends recent pictures. I cannot stand it when people do stuff like that. I mean, sure it's okay for people to be nudists and stuff but when people walk around naked all the time, you kind of expect to see it. When people walk around with clothes on, you expect them to keep their privates hidden. I think that it would be very embarassing to be a nudist, especially for a guy. When a guy is wearing clothes he can be attracted to a person and not have it show. However, if he was naked, he would not be able to control who saw that he was attracted or what they thought of him because of it. However, if a guy can keep those kind of thoughts out of his head, it might not be as embarassing for them. I am extremely glad for clothing because some people do not have very attractive bodies. I'm sorry, but it's true. I guess I'm
5 Ways To Raise Credit Score
It's not as hard as you think to raise credit score. It's a well known fact that lenders will give people with higher credit scores lower interest rates on mortgages, car loans and credit cards. If your credit score falls under 620 just getting loans and credit cards with reasonable terms is difficult. There are more than 30 million people in the United States that have credit scores under 620 and if you're probably wondering what you can do to raise credit score for you.Kevin Kolb Limited Jersey Here are five simple tips that you can use to raise credit score. 1. Get a copy of your credit report Obtaining a copy of your credit report is a good idea because if there is something on your report that is incorrect, you will raise credit score once it is removed. Make sure you contact the bureau immediately to remove any incorrect information. Your credit report should come from the three major bureaus: Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. It's important to know that each service will give y
A Brief History Of Spain
A surefire way to make a visit to a foreign country more enjoyable is to understand a bit about the country's history, heritage, culture and politics. The history of Spain has been molded by many influences. The Iberian Peninsula, which encompasses Spain and Portugal has been occupied through the ages by the Romans, the Moors and others. If you have no knowledge of the influence of these ancient cultures, you will not appreciate and understand the castles, churches, fortresses and other buildings throughout the country. There are even edifices that show the influence of many of these cultures in Thai same building.49ers Colin Kaepernick Jersey Spain was once one of the most powerful nations on earth. Wars and political upheavals placed a drain on the economy and this country experienced a period of sad decline and a long dictatorship that stifled growth. Recent changes in political power and structures have forged a turnaround, and this combined with a strong surge in tourism has reest
Nightmares Of The Past
Stop me from falling Into the same sickening slumber That always comes After the sun slips away The nightmares of the past Come back to haunt me And wont let me rest Till my soul is dry and bare It burns me to my core And my heart is left in shards When will I come out of The cloud of fear that hovers round me My mind is growing numb To the whole world I'm in And all my senses drowned By memories of what scares me mos
Dear Feminist's
 I cover my body for logical reasons and I dress to be comfortable.I am not going to go around during the winter in 30 degree weather with my breasts hanging out.You mentioned in another comment " why do women have to cover their breasts" first of all for to prevent frost bite in the winter.During the summer time, if you don't cover up your likely to get sun burnt or even skin cancer.I am not going to wear a revealing strapless dress that I have to kept tugging to stay up. We wear clothes because it makes sense to wear clothes.Also please don't compare' women in Africa to to women in the western world.Breasts are the MOST sexualized object in the western world, more than the phallic symbol. And yes, women are responsible for this, not men. Women explicitly attempt to make their chests more predominant to make themselves appear more attractive to men.Breasts are not just a sign of femininity in terms of children and breast feeding, they are sign of sexual maturity, as in, a sign that th
This Is So Funny!!!
Dear friends, What do you think of this? I find it funny and at the same time ‘logical’ and ‘sensible’. You must read and share with others. If anything you will have a good laugh and end up LOVING this Japanese doctor!! Tsem Rinpoche ************* Love this Japanese Doctor! Q: Doctor, I’ve heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true? A: Heart only good for so many beats, and that it…… Don’t waste on exercise. Everything wear out eventually. Speeding up heart not make you live longer; it like saying you extend life of car by driving faster. Want to live longer? Take nap.
Son. He Missed Most Of Last Season With A Knee Injury And Then Got Bypassed In The Rotation By Second-year Guard Reggie Jackson Earlier This Season. T
PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland acquired reserve point guard Eric Maynor from the Oklahoma City Thunder at the NBA trade deadline on Thursday to be a backup for rookie guard Damian Lillard. Maynor is making $2.3 million this season and becomes a restricted free agent this summer. The Blazers acquired him in exchange for the draft rights to Georgios Printezis. Maynor, in his fourth NBA season, is averaging 2.8 points, two rebounds and 10.6 minutes in 37 games with the Thunder this season. He missed most of last season with a knee injury and then got bypassed in the rotation by second-year guard Reggie Jackson earlier this season. The Blazers acquired the draft rights to Printezis last July in a trade that sent Raymond Felton and Kurt Thomas to the New York Knicks. Portland used the trade exception from that deal to acquire Maynor. Portland general manager Neil Olshey, speaking at the Blazers practice facility after the deadline had passed, said he believes Maynor brings the abili
Woke at 7am w/ a renewed outlook for karma given the news yesterday. All my life had a dim view and understanding about anything spiritual or beyond the veil of understanding. Faith was and always has been a difficult subject and thing to grasp for me, not cus I don't believe, but because I don't know 'what' to believe, think, or feel. Hence why I only put faith in myself, and the people around me, because I never sensed anything of a spiritual sense was there with me, at my best or worst; years before and even today.But after yesterday's NEWS, Karma has proven to be my most favorable prospect. I never believed in all my years, such a sense of Irony would come true in such a literal sense. I am still floored about the details, and the individual it concerns, but at the same time I feel a sense of shame. My heart is sad and regretful for the loss of life... but at the same time; it's just amazing to me also how true "what comes around, goes around" really is? I feel regret for things th
Who Cares
As I sit here I wonder....does anything really matter anymore? Why am I still struggling to be here? Why do I always help others when no one is here to help me? Screw it. I don't care anymore. Tired of struggling and working everyday and not being able o live myself. No money for food or for a home....not even money to get back and forth to work yet I still go everyday. Tired of being sick daily and miserable and depressed. What is the purpose of even staying alive when I can't even enjoy my life? Would anyone truly miss me if i was gone other than my dog whom will be able to find a new home and new people to love? What is the point? Where are all those "friends" whom I have helped and done things for now that I am the one whom is in need of help? Obviously they are not really "friends". I just want to give up but even to depressed to do that................................ 
Important Things About Temporary Fencing
Fencing is the most common term used when you are constructing a house. People install fence to their house for privacy and security reasons. In the event you are constructing a building, you will positive need a fence to safeguard the miscellaneous construction equipments. People mostly get confused in choosing the fence, whether a permanent fence or temporary fence. Temporary fencing is used for controlling the public at events, blocking off areas for safety purposes and restricting access to people for security reasons. Land owners may also rent a fence temporarily to place along their property line until they can build a more permanent structure. Types of temporary fencing used for these purposes vary widely in their weight, structure and material. Portable, temporary fences used for high visibility markers, such as a bright orange variety that indicates the finish of a safe skiing area, may be lightweight plastic and available in rolls to permit for simpler transportation than p
My September
It has been over a decade since I laid you to rest Yet I can close my eyes and see your head resting lazily upon my breast   The late summer rains murmur softly a bittersweet reminder to my heart   Oh! How i loved you...   Once upon a time, our fairy tale tragic as the Brothers Grimm   Ageless  
Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.Just walk beside me and be my friend.A real friend is someone who walks inwhen the rest of the world walks out. Forgiveness is the glue,that repairs broken relationships.Nature has given to men one tongue,but two ears, that we may hearfrom others twice as muchas we speak. True friends are like diamonds,precious and rare.A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart,and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believein yourself.
Yin Yang
The Bdsm 'contract'
In BDSM, a contract is an agreement, usually written, between the dominant and submissive in a 24/7 or Total Power Exchange (TPE) relationship. It is the formal act of consent to the power exchange. Some are very formal and will detail exactly what is expected and can run for multiple pages. Others are as brief as a single paragraph. Either way, one is derived by negotiation on the part of both parties. BDSM couples consider the contract to hold equal moral authority to a marriage commitment. As such, constructing a proper contract is very much like writing a pre-nuptial agreement. Names and Roles of Parties Generally the opening portion of the contract states the names of the parties, and spells out what roles they play. Many reflect a degree of affected legalese (e.g., "herein referred to as Master"), though it is in no way required. Couples who are concerned about the existence of a paper trail may consider omitting the names, or taking a pseudonym. Term of Service
L With 60 Goals Last Season, Has 11 Poi
TAMPA, Fla. -- High-scoring Steven Stamkos is not alone when it comes to Tampa Bays offensive attack. Stamkos scored his fourth goal of the season and five Lightning players had goals in Tampa Bays 5-2 win over the Florida Panthers on Tuesday night. "Were doing good things," Lightning coach Guy Boucher said. "Were not good, yet." Tampa Bay, which has won five of six to start the year, also got goals from Cory Conacher, Tom Pyatt, Dana Tyrell and Vincent Lecavalier. Stamkos, who led the NHL with 60 goals last season, has 11 points during a season-opening six-game point streak this year. Peter Mueller and Tomas Fleischmann scored for the Panthers, who have lost five in a row after a season-opening win over Carolina. Florida has been outscored 23-5 during its skid. "I think our record is fairly accurate of our play the last four games," coach Kevin Dineen said. "I hate to say we deserve to be where we are right now. ... Its a matter of us deciding how were going to deal with i
Androids Prices China Online Store
OPPOs dictionary seems not to join "People do not split the storm" This new word. Shedding at Apple are playing tricks, Samsung will still be in the end of the current hardware upgrades, OPPO but in the upcoming release of N1 to splurge" for innovation talent Because the relationship between screen size, almost all the "audience" is more happy Android 4.2 MTK6589 to 5.9 inches and 5.7 inches of OPPON1 GalaxyNote3 seen as a new generation of large-screen smart phone representative and inevitably will be compared with each other's. In the September 4 already released Galaxy Note 3 The focus is to upgrade the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Samsung Exynos 5420 processor and dual quad-core processors. But smart phones have already appeared in the case of excess hardware performance, so selling but not as good OPPO N1 innovative use of touch and gestures back more innovative. OPPON1 this new mode of interaction that allows users to re-use the index finger on the back of the phone slidin
0 Price = 20000000! Arsenal Sign A Man Turned A Profit Generals Injury Two Weeks Champions League
Flamini is praise worth 20 million Walcott out injured two weeks When Arsenal [microblogging] [microblogging] in the Premiership [microblogging] first-round defeat to Aston Villa, it may be that no one dares to predict five after Wenger's team can achieve counterattack boarded Premier League List of the top. But the gunman jerseys In the summer the team signed two new signings Ozil and Flamini performed well, especially free Flamini signed, it is to be "Daily Mail" praised the value comparable to a 2000 pounds signings. Today to return to the Emirates Stadium 0 worth while to face Arsenal in the Premier League Stoke City round of the competition, Flamini outstanding performance. Ozil combing the gunman's attack organized, while Flamini at both ends of the performance favorably. In an interview after the game, Baltimore Ravens Jersey Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger joked: "It looks like he and Ozil everyone spent 2,100 pounds as well." Although this is a joke, but i
Black Ainol Novo9 Spark Tablet Android
Ainol Novo9 Spark, one hot tablet android here. Since it comes with a 9.7 inch big and high resolution IPS screen, it is quite welcome here. Several month ago, its sales was even better than some other popular brand name like Cube and Onda. As more and more new tablets and powerful units available, it affects the sales of this Novo9. But compared with those hot models now, you can still find some very interesting points. First of all, the battery capacity. Till now, this unit is coming with the biggest battery capacity, 10000mAh. It is much higher than other similar models. So the unit can last much longer than others. Second, the video ouput function, it can support outputting 2016P HD video signal to TV. Third is the unit price is lower than others. Ainol Novo9 Spark Quad Core A31 Tablet PC 9.7 pulgadas Android 4.1 IPS Retina Screen 2G Ram 4K de vídeo HDMI   Características principales de Tablet baratas Ainol Novo9 Spark: Sistema Operativo: Android 4.1.1 CPU / Procesador: Allw
Make It All Go Away
wtf is wrong with ppl on here???? i mean really????  For me history is repeting it self . i get happy  with someone and bam have  whores startin shit and the next thing i know im sittin here  thinkin why the fuck i come on here? for heart ach? for the hurt?to get bashed for shit ive had nothing to do with? ppl need to go live thier own fuckin life and leave mine the fuck alone!!!! i dont go lookin for drama on here. i could care less whos fuckin who. whos bashin who and al lthat crap!!! if i wanted high school drama , id hang out at the high schools!!i swear. if this shit happens again. idk what i will do,so if ur into Tdrama and shit like that , do me a fav plz AND STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stuck With The Team Which Los
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands -- Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk resigned on Wednesday after the teams surprising group stage exit at the European Championship, abruptly ending a seesaw career. Van Marwijks contract to 2016 was ended "with immediate effect," the Dutch federation said in a statement. The Dutch lost all three group games to Germany, Portugal and Denmark, after they had entered the tournament with the clear ambition of lifting the cup. Van Marwijk largely stuck with the team which lost the World Cup final to Spain in extra time two years ago and paid the price. The defence was slow and leaky, its midfield aging, and its collection of stars up front never worked well together. "I was in serious doubt, but still decided to take this step," Van Marwijk said in a statement. Pressure in the media had been mounting for over a week with calls for quick action before the Netherlands starts its World Cup qualifying campaign this autumn. Speculation has been rife about poss
I was looking at MUMMS the other day since a friend had one up. This is the first time I checked them out. I have never seen such mean uncalled for things being said to people. The responses were appalling. Does this make people feel better? Are MUMMS meant to be rude to others? The responses had nothig to do with the question being asked. It was all about name calling and childish behaviour.
To Earn New York (67-46) Its Fourth
TORONTO -- One bad pitch, one big inning. That has been the problem of late for Toronto Blue Jays left-hander Aaron Laffey and it reared its ugly head again Saturday afternoon. Casey McGehee belted a three-run homer off Laffey as the New York Yankees beat Toronto 5-2 and handed the Blue Jays a fifth straight loss. Right-hander Ivan Nova (11-6) fanned 10 to earn New York (67-46) its fourth straight win before a Rogers Centre sellout of 45,582. The Yankees moved a whopping 14 games ahead of last-place Toronto (53-60) in the American League East standings. Laffey (3-3) allowed five runs on seven hits and four walks over 5 2/3 innings. "Its one of those games where you kind of beat your head against the wall," Laffey said. "You pitched real well pretty much the entire game and have one inning wreck the whole outing. "I kind of put the team out of the game a little bit." But he saw some positives. "I went back and looked at some film and Im confident and comfortable with where I
A Short Poem...
The Warrior of the Light has learned that it is best to follow the light. He has behaved treacherously, he has lied, he has strayed from the path, he has courted darkness and everything was fine, as if nothing had happened. Then an abyss suddenly opens up. One can take a thousand steps in safety, but a single step too many can put an end to everything. The Warrior stops before he destroys himself. When he makes that decision, he hears four comments: "You always do the wrong thing. You're too old to change. You're no good. You don't deserve it." He looks up at the sky. And a voice says: "My dear, everyone makes mistakes. You're forgiven, but I cannot force that forgiveness on you. It's your choice." The true Warrior of the Light accepts that forgiveness. -Paulo Coelho
Lately I've been hard to reachI've been too long on my ownEverybody has a private worldWhere they can be alone Are you calling me?Are you trying to get through?Are you reaching out for me?I'm reaching out for you I'm just so fucking depressedI just can't seem to get out this slumpIf I could just get over this humpBut I need something to pull me out this dump I took my bruises, took my lumpsFell down and I got right back upBut I need that spark to get psyched back upAnd in order for me to pick the mic back up I don't know how or why or whenI ended up this position I'm inI'm starting to feel distant againSo I decided just to pick this pen Up and try to make an attempt to ventBut I just can't admitOr come to grips with the fact that I may be done with rapI need a new outlet And I know some shit's so hard to swallowBut I can't just sit back and wallowIn my own sorrow but I know one factI'll be one tough act to follow One tough act to followI'll be one tough act to followHere today,
Masters Of Time
The Masters of Time- We quibble over the minutiae of the weeds of the poisoned field of this national culture and human culture. In the meantime we share the same arrogance and vanity of disdaining the very things which would bring us to bondings, most intimately
Unusual Celtic Jewellery
Celtic jewellery designs have been a part of our history for 100,s of years and now the handcrafted jewellery design are becoming more popular in today's market. The designs of the past are inspiring jewellery designers of the present to create unusual pieces of handcrafted jewellery. Handmade Celtic jewellery is not only increasing with people of Irish decent where it has a long history but it now wanted by people who like unique and original jewellery styles and the designs can be found in earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants.pandora charms sale Probably the most popular piece of handmade Celtic jewellery is the wedding band, traditionally the wedding ring is a plain band of precious metal but the these unique pieces have Celtic designs and have more meaning and significance than the plain gold band and sends out a very special and significant message of love. You will also find the Celtic lovers ring and this has a knotted design in the centre that symbolises the love of two
Knockout Manchester City ! Real Madrid Or Manchester City 2 Hit 100 Million Pry King Bell Kun God Spare Tire
Real Madrid want to introduce Aguero winterShare Silva Real Madrid needs 5,000 pounds Manchester City [ microblogging ] [ microblogging ] 3-1 victory over Everton , cheap jerseys Aguero [ microblogging ] into a ball and forced into Oolong Everton goalkeeper Howard became the spot contest " Blue Moon" winning the biggest player . After that game , and immediately there is England [ microblogging ] media broke the news that Real Madrid [ microblogging ] has Aguero winter signings list for their number one goal . From "The Guardian " message , the current Real Madrid [ microblogging ] is seriously considering in January next year after the winter transfer window open trying to introduce to introduce Aguero transfer , and they have the Argentine striker as the team winter signings number one goal . Baltimore Ravens Jersey The media outlets also revealed that , in fact, in the summer , when Real Madrid Manchester City had asked the possible introduction of Aguero , but it was
Ama Bank Car Loan | Auto Loan
Are you dreaming of buying a new car or even a slightly used one? Thinking of purchasing a car is a dilemma for most Filipinos as chances are, they don't have enough money saved to pay in cash.There's no other way to achieve your goal but to get a car loan. Many banks and financial institutions offer this kind of loan which is similar to a personal loan but the only difference is that it can only be used for the purchase of a car. Car loans are sometimes backed by a security or collateral but most are not depending on the kind of car you are buying. Interest rates for a car loan varies from institution to institution but here at Car Loan Philippines - , we only charge a very attractive rate as low as .5% per month. Aside from our lowest rate, our car loan services are different from others because we not only strive for flexibility, convenience, and customer satisfaction, but we are achieving these goals on a daily basis. Regardless of what your current

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