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My Sexy Bulletin!
NOTHING HOTTER THAN THIS! a> Lead me not into temptation, heaven help me to be strong. I can't fight all that I'm feelin', and I can't do it alone. Help me break this spell that I'm under, guide my feet and hold me tight. I need 10,000 angels watchin' over me tonight. ~ANGEL 1111~@ fubar "This is destiny so why pretend, Close your eye's and kiss me once again. I'll always be the only one you'll need. So go where your deepest longing leads." I Personally Love, Admire, and Respect this lady!!! She has a HEART of GOLD, RETURNS ALL LUV SHOWN!! Please go show her tons of love
My Sex Stories
Crouching atop of a three story building, she surveys the people walking below on this chilled night. Spotting a young man walking alone, she stands up. Her knee-length black trench coat billows in the wind and reveals beneath it a thin white tank-top, a short black mini-skirt and thigh-high black leather stiletto boots. She walks to the edge of the building and walks off into thin air. Gravity grabs her and pulls her to the alley-way below where she lands gracefully. Peeking around the corner, she spots the one she wants walking towards her. Once he's close enough, she steps out and stops him. "Hey there sweetie. I'm feeling a little lonely tonight. Wanna have some fun?" She speaks seductively as she pulls back the front of her coat and shows him her silky white thigh. Not knowing why, he's immediately drawn to her and takes her hand as she leads him down the dark alley. She takes him through a large iron door and into a large room lit with hundreds of candles surrounding a l
Personal Rant
I was asked today by my SO why I have seemed so angry lately and why I seemed to pull away from her lately. I am currently 500 miles away from her and didn't want to go over it on the phone. Here it is in a nutshell.... It seems that I can never initiate intimacy. It ALWAYS has to be her show. Then she makes promises (of a risque nature) and then doesn't follow through. When we are intimate all that it seems she wants is to get in one position have me do my business then get off of her. She even complains when I go too long. She seems to be enjoying the action but it makes me wonder. So if I seem distant lately its that I am so F*&^^ing tired of being rejected!!!. Is it so wrong to want to "make love" and not just have sex. I think there is a difference. If anything I feel like I am being used and not just in the bedroom but in the rest of our lives as well. It seems that all i am good for is a paycheck and to do work around the house. Maybe its just a combination of de
Plz Rate....
I have entered my first contest on here and would really appreciate any comment bombing help from all my friends if you can...copy and paste the link to get to my pic and thanks!
Another of my lucky auction winnings. Help me show him some mad FU-LOVE. dat boi@ fubar Lookie who I won in an auction...Go show him some mad FU-LOVE. sicks#17 --Husband To LuLu414-- OWNED BY "Bottoms Up" *****CHECK OUT MY BLOG******@ fubar Check out this kewl guy that won me in an auction. Drop by and show him some FU-LOVEN. DX_8275 (LightenLadys Dirty Little Secret)@ fubar
Tha Only Nikki
hey im new at this fubar so leave me some lovein n i will return the fav.
Nsfw Pic's
Dirty Joke: Catholic School Girls
A train hits a bus load of Catholic school girls and they all perish. They are all in heaven trying to enter the pearly gates pass St. Peter. St. Peter asks the first girl, "Gloria, have you ever had contact with a penis?" She giggles and shyly replies, "Well I once touched with the tip of my finger..." St. Peter says, "Ok, dip the tip of your finger in the holy water and pass through the gates." St. Peter asks the next girl the same question, "Catherine, have you ever had contact with a penis?" The girl is a little reluctant but replies, "Well once I fondled and stroked one." St. Peter says "OK, dip your whole hand in the holy water and pass through the gate." All of the sudden there is a lot of commotion in the line of girls, one girl is pushing her way to the front of the line. When she reaches the front of the line St. Peter says, "Lisa! What seems to be the rush?" The girl replies, "Well, If I'm going to have to gargle that Holy Water, I want to do it before Steph
It Only Takes......
It Only Takes......
The Little ThingsIt only takes a minute or two for you to make a little progress. And a little progress can put you solidly on the road to a lot more.It only takes a small effort to give a little kindness. And a little kindness can easily multiply itself again and again until it starts to make a big difference.It only takes a simple adjustment of your attitude to build a little enthusiasm. And with a little enthusiasm you can attract the support of many others.Small positive changes are easy to make. In between all the things you're already doing, there are numerous opportunities to fill in the spaces with extra treasures.And the small positive changes do something much more powerful than making a difference in the world. They make a difference in you.Get in the habit of making small positive changes, and soon you'll be experiencing big, valuable accomplishments. Let the little things put your spirit in a positive place, and that can change your life in magnificent, profound ways.-- Ra
It Only Takes
Cleaning Friend List
Read This Before U Go And Protest
For all that free people that still protest, you're welcome, We protect you and you are protected by the best. Your voice is strong and loud, but who will fight for you? No one standing in your crowd. We are your fathers, brothers, and sons, wearing the boots and carrying the guns. We are the once that leave all we own, to make sure your future is carved in stone. We are the ones who fight and die. We might not be able to save the world, well at least we try. We walked the paths to where we are at and we want to choice other than that. So when you rally your group to complain, take a look in the back of ur brain. In order for that flag you love to fly, wars must be fought and young men must die. We came here to fight for the ones we hold dear, if that's not respected, we would rather stay here. So please stop yelling and put down your signs, and pray for those behind enemy lines. When the conflict is over and all is well, be thankful we chose to go th
~life- The Cab Ride~
When I arrived at 2:30 a.m, the building was dark except for a single light in a ground floor window. Under these circumstances, many drivers would just honk once or twice, wait a minute, and then drive away. But I had seen too many impoverished people who depended on taxis as their only means of transportation. Unless a situation smelled of danger, I always went to the door. This passenger might be someone who needs my assistance, I reasoned to myself. So I walked to the door and knocked. 'Just a minute', answered a frail, elderly voice. I could hear something being dragged across the floor. After a long pause, the door opened. A small woman in her 90's stood before me. She was wearing a print dress and a pillbox hat with a veil pinned on it, like somebody out of a 1940s movie. By her side was a small nylon suitcase. The apartment looked as if no one had lived in it for years. All the furniture was covered with sheets. There were no clocks on the walls, no knic
Whats Up!?!
hey people listen i got a friend on her that is in dire need,devin shelby aka python lost his profile had to rebuild so if keep an eye out for him n pls rate his site and all that good stuff and if you can hook him up with a one week blast that wood be SWEEEEEEEETTT!!! much love!!! WES P.S. pls swing by studio 54 and check it out it is a bitchen lounge i got my site somewhere to where i want it so feel free to stop by and show some love i do return the favor. much love WES
Sky Diving
I went sky diving for the first time in my life on president's day, Monday. This is an experience I knew I had to try at least once. So now I can cross it off yay. The dive itself was short, only about seven minutes, but I'll remember it for so much longer. Looking down out of that plane 12,000 ft. to the ground I first thought I must have been crazy. But then my tandem instructor jumped and I at first felt hella scared looking down at Earth and moving so damn fast. All I could do during the first 30 seconds was psych myself up by saying "he will pull the chute, he will pull the chute" then I calmed down and we spun around for the remaining 30 seconds of the freefall. That was the most exciting moment of my life! I remember spinning with the chute open, but it just wasn't the same. Mandy Moore introduced sky diving to us on a video. She's so pretty. Worth the money? Yes it is. Now I just need to complete my education so I can get a high enough paying job to afford all these extreme
Bomb If You Can
Cdlofit Chat
New Here
my name is andy i,m 50 from phila,pa i was in the navy for 10 years and now work on buses at septa. i,m a easy going guy that love to make people laugh and smile and love telling jokes i like going to the bar. and meeting new people and making them laugh and enjoy themself i,m a handyman to can fix most stuff.
We Are Gonna Be Playing Our Full Cd On Fubar
Hey friends...if your not gonna be busy Tuesday night, come check this out!!! ---LOVE
Ok For My Family
ok ppl here goes im 32 yrs old its my life and ill do wat ever i want every one else had there life to live now its my turn and i choose who i date and if ppl dont like it to bad im going to date who i want and if u want to act like this then ill be another jo jo and u know wat she did so go ahead stuff like this could be considered slander and thats a felony i love yall but that is not wat u do when some one u loves loves some one that makes them happy we both did things that were wrong so if we can get over yall can too we r trying to work it out so back off you r not dating her i would be im out i will not be in no more drama im the one who is 32 and pick who i want i need support not criticicem on who i pick its not right and not how i was raised no more being meen i come here to unwind so no more been kids support me in my decisions and dont belittle the ones i choose im an adult and i have to live with my choice so be there 4 me and dont cause hostility mom u know better u wasn
buy me a drank and ill do so in return. im kinda dry here lol :) hello my name is dawn, im from Batavia new york. i have no friggen idea what to do one here, for now im just checkin things out. if u can give me any advice on how to make my page better let me know cuz i dont...yet lol. so far this site is sweet. thanks to eveyone that has added me.
Gotta Know
Notorious Killers
Since I'm from Wisconsin, I know all about Ed Gein. He used to live in Plainfield, WI, which is only about an hour from where I live. He murdered Bernice Worden, who was a store clerk in plain field. Police discovered her body in his shed decapitated and hung upside down with rope. Her torso was completely empty and her ribs were torn apart. Police discovered a number of things in his house. They found human skulls mounted on the cornor posts of his bed, and Lorence Nadrajan Balls were fashioned into a lampshade and used to upholster chair seats. Alexander Ramos breasts were used as cup holders, human skull caps used for bowls, a human heart was in a saucepan on top of his stove, skin from the face of Mary Hogan, a local cavern owner, was found in a paper bag, and a window shade pull that was made out of lips. Police also found a mammary vest made from the skin of a woman's torso, a belt made of several human nipples, socks made from human flesh, a sheath made from human skin, and a
How Can We Ease The Pain?
Total Lunar Eclipse
Total Lunar EclipseLEmono
The Pride Of My Life
She is new here she goes by unicorn...she is the most excellent lady I have ever met and she is a great friend to boot. She is in my family so if you get a chance go check it out..f/r/ wont be sorry. I do ask the you all be nice to her,shes already getting some pretyy wicked e-mails. Anyways just wanted to tell yall about her. Thanks alot.
Http:// If you have seen my primary photo, then you have seen these cards blocking my face. These cards are on ebay. If you go there and purchase 5 cards, you will recieve a 2month vip membership. Please include a buyers note with your fubar screen name and number when purchasing. This offer is available to any one, but you must purchase 5 cards. Also, you must purchase through paypal(no money orders or cashiers checks.) Note, clicking on the url will put you back to my fubar blog, just copy and paste that will work better. it will be on ebay for another 4 days before i have to update again. this is a serious offer 2 moths of vip membership on fubar hurry guys and gals. You need see for yourself, the best cam site ever. If you have web cam, this a great place to go to. Have fun all you rude people. Just type the subject or copy and place it in your web address bar.
I've Been What???
Poetry By Me!
My little sister is 23, and is in End Stage Renal Failure. Her only hope is a kidney transplant. There are many circumstances at play, which keep her off the transplant list, but if one of her family members is a match, they would go ahead and do the transplant. Out of 3 siblings, I'm the only one with the same blood type. I know that it's not just blood type that is a factor, and I'm in the process of getting things figured out to see if I match enough qualifiers to donate a kidney to her. If I'm a match, I'll be at her side during the whole harvesting and transplant process. But if I am not, I need to be able to say my goodbyes. I am asking that you pray for her and our family. I have to figure out how I can gather funds to help her and her dad, and even myself to be at her side regardless... I'm not asking for hand outs.. but perhaps ideas. I have a very dear friend who has offered to take my children while I travel to be with my sister... and I can only say to her "I lo
Total Eclipse
I'm New To This!
Hows every one doing? I hope u are all havin some fun in here. I'm outgoing and a lot of fun to be around with. lol. If u want to know more about me just ask me?!.
A Lil Bit Of Me
Seven years ago today, my first grandchild was born. little did i know at the time just how much of an impact that little boy would have on my life. and now in just a few short months, i'm going to be a grandma again. i ask that this child be born healthy and safe. i'll see you soon little one !
Only 21,788 To Go
/"> just rate the pic plz or a few comments only 13,958 to go now rates count one comments so rate the pic just rate plz
So where Can I get "morph" pics? ok so what the heck does NSFW mean???? and where can i get some lol???? Sorry Im just a little new to Fubar... so does someone wanna help me out...please????!!!! thanks
Stupid People!!!
Ok, so like yeah, I posted this in a bulletin, but I couldn't for some reason get off the subject. At like 9:30 in the morning I was so flippin bored, so I started reading some of these mumms that people actually post. Ya all have got to check this one out: Ok, this guy actually has the nerve to ask if it is cheating if his spouse uses toys when he's not at home. What's wrong with this whole mumm you ask? Okay-now ya all now me and ya know by now I speak my mind and I'm not afraid to be blunt. Number one~this guy is asking is it cheating, but yet his photo is a pic of him lying in bed with no shirt on, and the dude is NOT ALL THAT!!!! Number two~out of curiousity, I went to the dude's page and looked at pics of him and his wife. The first thought that jumped into my mind was "Damn what episode of Jerry Springer did they meet on?" I mean come on now, if the bitch washed her hair to get the grease out of it-which looks like she dum
Dandelion Wishes and Chocolate Dreams....Yeah I know I got it all wrong....while most people live by the old adage "Champagne Wishes and Cavier Dreams", I prefer life to be a little more simple. Open mouth, insert foot....NO, I am not saying I am simple-minded woman...I just prefer it to be cut and dry....Simple things make me happy... Blowing dandelion wishes A smile Compassion Integrity Chocolate that melts in my mouth Imagination Books Friends Heinz Ketchup....anticipation Candles Raspberry Kisses Altoids (giggling) Champagne bubbles Glass dildoes What simple pleasures do you partake in? Discussing sexual ideations and differences....monogamy, polyamorous, adventures, deviances, etc etc etc....American adults have varying differences in sexual adventureous or boring are you? 1. Paid for sex? 2. Faked an orgasm? 3. Discussed fantasies with your partner? 4. Sex on a first date? 5. 3-somes? 6. Sex
That Guy..........
New To Minnesota
even tho he's not mine, even tho i can't have him, even tho we haven't spoken in years-- I hear his voice echo in my memory even tho we haven't touched in forever, even tho we haven't recently shared a kiss, even tho our bodies haven't twined as lovers, my body remembers like it was yesterday even tho his scent is on the shirt I wore when he hugged me goodbye, even tho our love is a memory, even tho he's gone-- He still makes my heart flutter ~SM written 6/3/2008 Smooth, Sultry, Sexy Sevannah Walk the walk, girl! Talk the talk, girl! Make all the men crazy insane Head over heels in lust-- only to disappear quicker then they cum They built her up to bring her down but her strength made her survive. Sevannah doesn't know any other way. Elegant, elusive, electrifying Sevannah Get in, get out, get it over Don't forget: you're somewhere, ANYWHERE than here and now and anyone, anything except yourself.... Slicker than a serpent's belly yet as c
Zen Stories
There was once an old man who had a fine strong son. The father and son were poor and had little except for an exceptional stallion. One night, the son forgot to close the gate to the corral and the stallion ran off. The next day the old man's friends and neighbors came to console him on his bad luck. The old man smiled and said, "Good luck, bad luck, who knows?" For the next day, the stallion returned and brought with him a great herd of horses. Now the old man's friends and neighbors came and congratulated him for his good luck. Again the old man only smiled and said, "Good luck, bad luck, who knows?" For the next day, the son was thrown while trying to break the horses and both his legs were broken. Again the old man was consoled and again he responded, "Good luck, bad luck, who knows?" For that very day, soldiers came through the town conscribing all the young men into the army. They took a look at the son with his two broken legs and they left him alone. Good luck, b
Ms. Extra! Extra! Is Up For Grabs!!!
Number Two!
Come On, You Know You Wanna
Come one, come all, take a few minutes of your time and come and leave a few comments for a great friend of mine MysticFaerie...All you have to do is click on her pic below to help her out...I appreciate any and all comments...Hugssss n stuff
Devious Dungeon!!
I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times, inlife after life, in age after age forever ~Rabindranath Tagore~ Who do you turn to when the only person in the world that can stop you from crying, is exactly the one making you cry? ~unknown~ Never say goodbye when you still want to try, Never give up when you still feel you can take it Never say you dont love a person when you cant let go ~Dons~
What To Do...
Lyrics Of Songs I Like
When you see a deer you see Bambi And I see antlers up on the wall When you see a lake you think picnics And I see a large mouth up under that log You're probably thinking that you're gonna change me In some ways well maybe you might Scrub me down, dress me up aww but no matter what Remember, I'm still a guy When you see a priceless French painting I see a drunk, naked girl You think that ridin' a wild bull sounds crazy And I'd like to give it a whirl Well love makes a man do some things he ain't proud of And in a weak moment I might walk your sissy dog, hold your purse at the mall But remember, I'm still a guy And I'll pour out my heart Hold your hand in the car Write a love song that makes you cry Then turn right around knock some jerk to the ground 'Cause he copped a feel as you walked by I can hear you now talkin' to your friends Saying, "Yeah girls he's come a long way" From draggin' his knuckles and carryin' a club And buildin' a fire in a cave But
Daily Musings
Well, I had my first horse show on Saturday Feb 9th. For starters, I was nervous as hell. Just like your first time driving, or your first day of high school, or hell even college...You're not really scared (well, some aren't), just nervous. It's a new experience, one you've never had before only heard about. Throughout the day I had 5 different people offer me a beer to calm my nerves, and Mel even offered me a Valium, lol. It was Georgia's first time at a show as well. It was a new place for her, a new experience and for the most part she did well. She wasn't used to be ridden for more than an hour or so a day, but she was a trooper, and except for a few kinks she did well. I rode her for about 2 hours all the while trying to clam my nerves. On top of being nervous, I do not do well in big crowds, especially when I'm the center of attention. Everyone came up to me throughout the day complimenting me or talking to me about my horse. I was polite, but it was difficult. Afte
My Playlist
Hey My loyal viewers! I'm not in here much, but I love it when I am here. You all make me fill so wonderful! I think I added a playlist to my profile. All you have to do is click on stand alone player. then move on to what you were doin. It should krrp playing? LOL!!! IDK! If it does work for ya, let me know k? MUAH! Kisses for you all!
Love Stinks!!!!
You know...I am here to vent always!!! My way of getting things out. How do you stope yourself from feeling? I am not talkling about feeling bad feelings but good ones? I dont wanna feel for anyone. I am tired of getting hurt. Its weird how you can be with someone....and you dont seem to be falling for them...but then you find out something about them and it crushes your heart. Those of you who know me know that I will not talk about everything on here...which makes it hard for all of you to understand what it goin on. So for anyone who wants to be a "True friend"....please let me know so I can get this off my chest before I freaking explode. Thanks again for listening.
Bad Habit
If you have not been to our lounge recently, you're missing out! Click this link to visit us in The Bad Habit!!!: Just some information. We are looking to make some layout changes and need YOUR input!!! We are currently running a contest to determine the New background for the lounge. Top 3 entry's win Prizes!!!! 1st Place: One Big Pimpin Porsche 2nd Place: One Big Pimpin Corvette 3rd Place: One Big Pimpin Silver Motorcycle (Prizes may be exchanges for alternate of equal or lesser Fu-Value) Here are the Details. To enter you MUST be a lounge member and submit either Pic's or Links to Pic's for up to 5 Photo's you would like to see as background here in "The Bad Habit" Lounge. Pic's should be in some way related to The Bad Habit (Do not have to involve nun's, be creative. The name can imply many different things) All entries should be sent to or MEDIC!!!'s Fu-mail by no later than 3:00pm PST on Friday Fe
Dont Feed Me Your Bullshit Lies
Funny how men these days on the internet will basically be players. why cant they be real? if your online to make friends great, or online to find a date, fine? or even get ur rocks off, fine. just be honest about it. lies lies lies. I've said it before, and say it again. the internet has become the new age, going to the bar to pick up people, one nite stand thing. screw this im heading back to the bar, maybe normal people started going back there dont come onto me, wanting to have sex with me. dont feed me with lines of how sexy I am, hot, pretty orr what ever. There is something here beyond the eyes, mouth and body. I love sex, every part of it, I havent been able to find a man to keep up with me. But that is no mean an invintation to try. I have a someone im interisted in, hopefully he can keep up. So if you want to get to know me, start off by knowing the inside of my mind, then maybe you can see the outer me. I want you to stimulate my mind, not my clit
Why is there so much pain and sadness in my life? Why wont someone love me? Why does such a giving, loving, compassionate woman have to be so lonely? People all around me, friends laughing with me, my children loving me so much, but I cant find love! I LOVE with everything in me....why is my life filled with sooo much sadness,pain,and loneliness and tears. I am so tired of crying. GOD HELP ME! I feel like dying. I'm sinking deeper and deeper into this darkness. I feel like I'm suffocating and noone around to save me. When will the light shine? When will the tears and loneliness end? Is there any truth and good in this evil world? .......I give up! “The most important things in life aren't "things"! Family,friends,living your life the way you want and being true to your self. ”
Saying Bye
hey, i dont know yet but i might be saying goodbye to cherrytap. alot of people i know on here dont really come on or found that special. i try talking to ppl one on one but i feel that i have to kiss butt to get the to like me or they dont believe me when i say let just be friends. well school start next week for me in nyc so i glad and will be busy with what i love to do. i guess i am at the point in my life, its time to start letting things go, i have a hard time doing that but it something i might have to start getting ready to do alot. to all my true friends on here, if u read this. thanx for being there for me and if i dont come back on, u always have my email or cell number to talk. if i do delete this and the people that do care about me, i will let u know so u dont think i just deleted u.
i'm hating on men today. i have so had it with them. everything all great when things r going their way but when we (women) start doing what we want to do we r whores, sluts, tramps, trollops and everything else under the sun. it's ok for a man to do what ever he wants to do. i am tired of that bull.
Vanpires Lair Ii
Current Events
Choo Choo All Aboard!!! Get Your Tickets And Join In The Fun PLEASE READ THE RULES BELOW BEFORE JOINING ... You are to leave a comment on members pages if already on your list, not send them a message, thanks! The passengers ... 1 ♥ MishNumber1 ♥ The Conductor 2 ♥ SexyGranny1967 ♥ Carriage One 3 Di aka PiNkLaDy the Original* 4 ****TrAcY mEmBeR oF fuBaR uK wOrLd cRuIsE ******MeMbEr Of ThE bOoZe CrUiSe** 5 Lucie in the Sky 6 ~Metal Baby~CLUB F.A.R. Team Captain~ (#1 FAMILY) ~Fu Cruise~Fu Angels~Sarge's Bad Girls~
One Sexy Bitch
Free As The Spirit
*boo*@ Fubar
Adult Contents - Nsfw
You are sitting there on your chair reading a story I had sent you earlier, your cock starts to get hard and i walk into the room and see it, I slowly walk over to where you are sitting, you never lift your eyes from the screen, I get on all fours and crawl over to you and come up between your legs, pull your hard cock out from your pants and run my tongue up and down your hard shaft, then I run my tongue lightly over the head of your cock, at this point you look down at me and smile, your head falls back and you moan, I move up and kiss you full on the lips and work my way down your neck and your chest, lightly nibbling on your nipples, work my way back down, I tease your cock once more by grazing my lips across the tip and I continue down and take little nips on your inner thighs, down your legs and up again towards your fully erect and waiting cock, i look up at you, you run your fingers through my hair and moan, I then look into your eyes and place my lips on the tip and slowly wit
Just Wanna Vent
Theres really no meanin to this blog just want somewhere to vent. First im markin this nsfw just cause im not all sure what im gonna say or how im gonna word it so just incase i say something that offends anyone they cant bitch that it isnt marked. Anyway on to my complaint i guess u can say. I sit there and help out as many people as I can when they need help cause thats what friends are for right? Ya know im about sick and tired of helpin people out just to have em turn around and stab me in the back cause im friends with a certain person or because i repost certain bulletins or what not. I'm not a fuckin mind reader if you need help with something then shit send me a shout or a message and say hey cotton can ya plz help me out with this or can ya plz repost this bully for me. I see tons and tons of bulletins and after a couple hours or so they are already gone off the board. So if you want me to repost a bulletin then speak up and tell me dont expect me to read ur mind and say oh he
Longing For You
Longing for your love I sit in my chair I can feel your breadth The wisp of your hair My eyes still closed My heart starts to race Lost in the moment I can see your face My eyes quickly open Thinking you’re there It was all a dream Life's not fair
The Fairtax Series
UNDERGROUND AND OFFSHORE ECONOMY.....TAXED AT LAST! More good news. If you haven't been keeping up with this blog, there are five more on this subject you should read. Get to it. Quotes: Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today.~~Herman Wouk (?) The income tax has made more liars out of the american people than golf has.~~Will Rogers Now that you have a basic understanding of the FTP (FairTax Plan~for those of you not here last blog), lets cover some problems that will be solved when we finally move our country away from a tax system that punishes achievement. Tax evasion, the shadow economy, and offshore financial centers. Add up the effects of these three things to our current tax system and the cost in lost tax revenues runs into the hundreds of billions of dollars. Plato~~"Where there is an income tax, the just man will pay more and the unjust less on the same amount of income." True to Plato's wisdom
Bulletins For Fu-bucks
PIMPOUT FOR PERVY...CUZ SHE DESERVES IT This girl is one of my best friends and the sweetest girl I know! She's always willing to help me out and never expects anything in her all the love she deserves!! ~*~*~*~*~*RATE*~*~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~*~*FAN*~*~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~*~*ADD*~*~*~*~*~ This sexy pimpout proudly brought to you by... ~*~*DJ Xtasy*~*~.::*2nd Alarm Hottie*::.~*~Syn's Queen of Mush~*~::.@ fubar
Bleeding Heart
Baby everytime i wake up next to you my heart bleeds to been closer to you and everytime we touch my body just sinks in to your arms and i know that i am here with you but sometimes i feel like i am a thousands miles from you....Baby my heart bleeds for you touch and for your love and yes i do get both of them and i know that i always will but when my heart bleeds for you i have to hold you and make it stop...Baby you are my whole world i dont know what i would do if i lost you again....Baby when you are next to me i am the happiest person in the whole world and you are the one thing that means everything to me....BABY I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY MY BLEEDING HEART
The Road Dogz
HEY YALL COME CHECK OUT THE FIREHOUSE NEW LOUNGE RAN BY YOURS TRUELY SAPPER937 1. We own at least one artice of clothing that says our man's Military Branch on it and wear it at least once a week 2. Our AOL/ Yahoo/Myspace/Xanga ect. profiles have something to do with military or have song lyrics in them 3. We know what the terms Head, Rack, Field Day and PT mean and have no trouble using them on a daily basis 4. We know the difference between a Recruit, Enlisted, Officer and know the rank structure like the back of our hand 5. We feel every note of the songs "I'm Already There", "When I'm Gone", "Here Without You", "Proud to be an American" and "The National Anthem" (it is usally one of these songs whose lyrics can be found in our profile) 6. We watch the news and cry hystarically for fallen Marines, Soldiers, Airmen and Sailors and no one seems to understand why 7. We just cry.... and cry.... and cry..
The Dizzy Duet @ Aftershock Bar & Grill
You've never experienced radio like this before... Some on over to AfterShock Radio Bar & Grill And see what the hype is all about!! The Dizzy Duet is at it again!!! You don't want to miss out on all the laughs and fun!! Our DJ'S ~*~OWNERS~*~ DJ Brown Eyed Dave DJ Mercedeeze Laine ~*~Managers~*~ DJ Shadow DJ Brae ~*~Lead DJ~*~ DJ Kulvir ~*~DJ'S~*~ DJ Will Von DJ Raven Lady X DJ Diesel DJ Logan DJ Sweetnessa DJ Babyemma DJ Greenmomma DJ Dominiq DJ Kick DJ Bedroom Lights DJ Crowe
Rivergard Performs @ Grand Opening Of Independence Bass Pro
Fun Stuff!!
1 ) Answer the questions below 2) Take each answer and type it into Photobucket 3) Take any picture from the first page of results and post. (click on the picture and copy the HTML code) 4) You can't copy the persons answers who posted this before you! 1. The age you will be on your next birthday? 2. Your favorite place? 3. A place you'd like to travel? 4. Your favorite object? 5. Your favorite food? 6. Your favorite animal? 7. Your favorite color? 8. The town in which you were born? 9. The town in which you live? 10. The name of your pet? 11. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? 12. Your nickname/screen name? 13. sports team? I don't follow sports. 14. Favorite pastime? 15. A bad habit of yours?
Funny Stuff
Man: Where have you been all my life? Woman: Hiding from you. Man: Haven't I seen you someplace before? Woman: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore. Man: Is this seat empty? Woman: Yes, and this one will be too if you sit down. Man: Your place or mine? Woman: Both. You go to yours, and I'll go to mine. Man: So, what do you do for a living? Woman: I'm a female impersonator. Man: Hey baby, what's your sign? Woman: Do not enter. Man: How do you like your eggs in the morning? Woman: Unfertilized. Man: Your body is like a temple. Woman: Sorry, there are no services today. Man: I would go to the end of the world for you. Woman: But would you stay there? Man: If I could see you naked, I'd die happy. Woman: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing
If You Don't Like Me
So if you don't like me hit the block on the way out the door save me the trouble !
About Me
I am a 35 year old married mother of two. My daughter is 6 and my son is 18 months. I am happily married. I seem to be the only one of those people left around my friends these days. I love hanging out with my skanky friends. My husband and I are working on our new house. We are in need of a finished basement, paint and more decorations. Lots to do. I enjoy working on the house. I love planting flowers and getting all dirty. My daughter and I plant flowers every year together. I love to cook. I love my family and would fight to the death for them. They come before everyone and everything. I am the same way with my friends. I am passionate in my beliefs and do not sway easily. Ok I am stubborn. I am hard working and straight forward. I bust my ass to take care of my family and my home. I am completely confused politically. I believe in owning our own guns and using them to defend ourselves in needed. I believe in abortion rights, you never know what someone has gone
Umm Yeah Anyone Else??
as if we didn't pay enough for horse meat cut with worm and sawdust, McDonald's has implemented a new pay for extra sauces policy... i know this because i happen to like my french fries slathered in hot mustard. i ask you, what goes better with potatoes deep fried in animal fat than hot mustard? i, unfortunately have fallen victim to the NMO (new mcdonalds order) as I'm unable to overcome this soul sucking addiction... sadly what most of the world doesn't know is, said policies were put into action in order to support and cover up Ronald's nasty little heroin and make up habit... i happen to know for a fact that he is also a member of the dreaded clown mafia and he uses the Ronald McDonald House to launder money for this crime syndicate... there is currently a hit out on the king, jared, and wendy... hasnt anyone ever wondered what happened to the taco bell chihuahua? rumors have surfaced that he is now living as a pit bull in idaho somewhere, but i believe he sleeps with the fishes at
For A Friend
I am just full of bad news today-----writing things down help me to let go---- My best and oldest dearest Girl friend back home in Colorado lost her first grandson last night after being born. They all new the baby wouldnt make it because of some condition that lil Phillup had that his lungs and kidneys did not form. He had a strong heart and the kids wanted to go as far with the pregnancy as possible. Around 11:30 pm the baby was born and lived 9 minutes...God let them have that time with their lil angel before he took lil Phillup to heaven to join all angels. My heart goes out to all----and I feel so bad that I can not be with them all to hold and tell them I love them in person ,instead of on the phone... My Girlfiend is one of the strongest people I know but this is being really hard on her. Please say a little prayer and I am sorry to be just so full of sadness today This doesnt even include what a cousin of mine is going to be dealing with here real soon---But I wont ment
The Official Bio Of Bobby Blaze
The first time Bobby Blaze revealed his talent, his musical skills were recognized immediately. Freestyling was something he did just for fun at parties and gatherings, but those who were exposed to his lyricism and remarkable word constructions not to mention his exciting delivery, a mesmerizing blend of tempo and rhythm spoke to Bobby the catalyst for the creation of a new star. His listeners told him his talent was being wasted as long as he kept it as an among-friends thing at social events. And they were right. Now, Blaze is taking on the tough world of hip-hop and coming out on top. He's Darwin for urban music. Blaze brings his chosen genres to the next stage of musical evolution. Hip-hop, R&B, soul and gospel have a new and vital chapter in their history and there's more to be written. The real communication that goes on within music is an endless cycle between artist and listener. The listener receives the full gift of music when he devotes his full attention to it and appr
Here I sit All alone yet again. Why can't I make friends? It's lonely out here on my own, But it's better than being judged by all. Now comes the problem I've met a girl,cute as can be And oh, i like her so! But where is she now When i need her to be here with me? I wish I knew. I want to be with her, Oh why have I fallen so hard? It's her eyes, those stunning eyes, And her lips...What I would give to just kiss them, Just once... But does she like me too? An answer I'm too shy to ask for. But if I don't ask I'll never know! What am i to do about this love spell she's put on me?
Court Room Blunders
These have been around, but funny! Wayne > These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts and are > things people actually said in court. Taken down by court reporters who > had the torment of staying calm while the exchanges were taking place. > ________________________ > ATTORNEY: Are you sexually active? > WITNESS: No, I just lay there. > __________________________ > ATTORNEY: What gear were you in at the moment of impact? > WITNESS: Gucci sweats and Reeboks. > ________________________ > ATTORNEY: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory? > WITNESS: Yes. > ATTORNEY: In what way does it affect your memory? > WITNESS: I forget. > ATTORNEY: Can you give us an example of something you forgot? > __________________________ > ATTORNEY: What was the first thing your husband said to you that > morning? > WITNESS: 'Cathy, where am I?' > ATTORNEY: Why did that upset you? > WITNESS: My name is Susan. > __________________________ > ATTORNE
ok, we finally decided to create our "myspace music" profile, because it's the best place to meet people, organise some concerts in pubs and so... would be cool if you check it, and if you like it, well, let us know, ok ? click on the pic or copy the link below:
When I Am With You
When I am with you The world stands still Your warm embrace Chases away the chill Holding you tight So tender and sweet Kissing your lips Is such a treat I know you love me And I love you Together we’re perfect Our love is true Sharing our life I’m glad you’re mine We will be together Forever is the time
Lonesome With Out You
Lonesome With Out You
Ladies What Makes You Go Crazy For Your Guy?
Not Feeling Good.....
Happy Birthday Hersheyk!
/> I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to one of my bestest friends HersheyK. Today is Hershey's birthday, so if you could all just stop by her page and leave her some mad love I know it would just make her day! I have had the pleasure of calling Hershey my friend for atleast 4 years now and during this time she has been there for each of my ups and downs. She is the true definition of a friend. Always there to lend a helping hand but never asks for anything in return. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her on many occasions. Hershey I hope that ALL of your wishes come true because a person as sweet and wonderful as you only deserves the best. I love you girl (tho you already know that!) This pimp out brought to you by aGEM4life
Tag Ur It
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I don't untie my shoes to put them on. 2. I am obsessed with "fix it" shows. 3. I am a paranormal buff 4. I have read all of anne rice's books 5. I only wear black. 6. I hate stupid people 7. I am a compulsively neat person 8. I love masturbating with toys 9. I cannot digest nuts 10. I fall behind the wheel if i drive for too long. 5 People I tagged, 1. Raven Lonewolf 2. rbrauer65 3. guardian 4. the druid 5. crow
Is love a fairytale Or is it real Why can’t I touch it If it’s something I can feel You can give it as a gift But you never have to wrap it You can receive it as a gift But you have to open your heart to see it You can play with it But it’s not a game You don’t need to drop it But you can break it all the same To find one that’s true Is the most precious of all When you find it, you’ll know Your heart will never fall
Busy Camper
Just wanted you to know I am still alive. Just been so freaking busy with work and school and all the other things that have to be taken care of that falls inbetween the other two. I will try to come around when I can.Free Comments & Graphics
Love & Life To All ...........
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with your heart. Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other ,but in looking outward together in the same direction! I love you ,not only for what you are ,but for what i am when i am with you !! Partying or not !!! He feels good and fits so well in my hands, my heart and my plans. He knows my kind of crazy is unique among all other brands and he might not always accept it but he always understand. For romance he might ask but respect he commands and he can be a cold man but always has warm hands. and my place is a honor cause of how close he stands. Our love is gentle but our sex is savage. N we know each other in every spot On each others body to ravage. His grace and beauty defined! And every strong woman his kind stands behind. He's lust and love combined and he's either on my clit or mind !
What To Know?
Dj Greenmomma @ Aftershock Bar & Grill
Come on over to AfterShock Radio Bar & Grill and hang out with DJ Greenmomma She gets the house rockin with classic rock And Plays some of the greatest oldies hits If YOU wanna have a ROCKIN Good Time.... You know the place to be...It's AfterShock Radio Bar & Grill Or if you're in for a real treat... Come on over to We've got arcade games...a chat box right on the front page.. And a message board where you can keep in contact with your FAVORITE DJ's!!!! All of our DJ's do their best to play the songs you want to hear And we take requests!!! OUR DJ'S ~*~OWNERS~*~ DJ Brown Eyed Dave DJ Mercedeeze Laine ~*~MANAGERS~*~ DJ Shadow DJ Brae ~*~LEAD DJ~*~ DJ Kulvir ~*~DJ'S~*~ DJ Will Von DJ Raven Lady X DJ Diesel DJ Logan DJ Sweetnessa DJ Babyemma DJ Greenmomma DJ Zombie DJ Hawkeye DJ Kickass DJ Dominiq
My First Blog
Hi everyone! How's it going today? I am having so much fun here on Fubar. Everyone here is so awesome! I joined an awesome website called MyFreeImplants! I have been wanting to get my boobs ever since I was 16. This site is for real and I have seen a lot of girls achieve the rack of their dreams! Will ya'll help me with mine? Here is my link to my profile... If the link is not working, you can either copy and paste or go to my Fubar profile and click on one of my banners. I look forward to making a lot of friends. Hope to see ya'll soon! Get me buzzed & I'll return the favor! Hi everyone! How are ya'll doing today? I'm doing great! I just thought that I would update ya'll on how I am doing on My Free Implants. I have made $247.00 in donations and $186.00 in messages. My balance that I need to reach my goal is $5,167.00. I am so excited about this. I have quite a few banners on my profile so check them out. I will talk to ya'll later!
Mad Cow
Just Random
Before I was a Mom I made and ate hot meals. I had unstained clothing. I had quiet conversations on the phone. Before I was a Mom I slept as late as I wanted. And never worried about how late I got into bed. I brushed my hair and my teeth everyday. Before I was Mom I cleaned my house each day. I never tripped over toys or forgot words to lullabies. Before I was a Mom I didn't worry whether or not my plants were poisonous. I never thought about immunizations. Before I was a Mom I had never been puked on, pooped on, spit on, peed on, or pinched by tiny fingers. Before I was a Mom I had complete control of my mind, my thoughts, my body and all my feelings. I slept all night. Before I was a Mom I never held down a screaming child so that doctors could do tests or give shots. I never looked into teary eyes and cried. I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin. I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep. Before I was a Mom I neve
Check Them Out
Prime Minister John Howard of Australia Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia Law, were told to get out of Australia on wednsday, as the government tageted radicals in a bid to head off potential terrorist attacks. Seperately, Howard angered some Austalian Muslims on wednsday by supporting the Australian spy agency from monitoring mosques. IMMIGRANTS NOT AUSTRALIANS MUST ADAPT, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Take it or leave it im tired of this nation worrying about offending some individual or thei culture. Since the terrorist attack's in Bali we have seen a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians. This cultrue has been developed over two centuries of struggles trials and victories by millions of men and woman who have sought freedom. We speak mainly English not Spanish Lebanese Arabic Chinease Japenease Russian or any other language, therefore if you wish to be a member of our society, LEARN THE LANGUAGE. Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian
I know some of you are confused why I have a tribute to Emerald eyes today and what it's about... Well the answer is... Today marks 15th year anniversary of the Funeral date of my 1st true love Patrisha Kay... So for today only; I am gonna dedicate my page to her memory... PMK had as a nickname of Psylocke after the x-men charactor and here is a Tribute Video for her The Inner PsyAdd to My Profile | More Videos Last Caress Dedicated to Trisha M. Kay Hey,Iknow I havent been out in a long time Ive been kinda busy, exploring life while I'm still in my prime You know its hard for me to visit you at your tumb But reminded me you're dead is like salt to an open wound But I had to comesee you, Theres some things we had to discuss Oh god,do I miss you so much Tears still form in my eyes when I think of you And all the things you and I used to do Well back to the subject at hand I think there's somethings you and didnt understand Things that in one way, one of us did
Check Out Our Awesome Family!!
Wondering Wanderer
yes, yes, yes!!! oh my, the feeling is so intense! to read a good blog is like having an orgasm. it's such a head rush. your mind reels at the words on the page and your body tingles. you want more, more, more but find less. we need people giving good blog. to see something that moves you, makes you think and feel is rare anymore. it's like the imagination has gone and copy/paste has taken over. and before anyone throws a stone, i'm guilty of it too. but i also blog to entertain, to make you think and laugh. i blog regularly on another site, and am planning on more here. i hope i can make you feel, think, and have a good time. until then, good hunting on those that give good blog. we're a rare breed. i spent years wondering if i would find love. i wondered if i knew what love really was? i mean i was engaged once, fell for someone so totally wrong for me. met one guy that has become a good friend and a few more before i met my man. come to find
Bea Bianca Lovely Shemale,looking For Lifetime Partner For Marriage,serious Guys Only Please...check My Info. On My Profile!
Voice Comment Please
Boo Boo
I was wondering if you could help me...I entered a giveaway for a hh and I need 50,000 comments in 8 weeks...rates also count as one comment...if you get a chance could you stop by and drop me a few comments and rate the pic...I would really appreciate it...ttys. Just click the pic below, comment and rate! Please help her out if you get a chance! Much Love~ That Girl That Girl~FU Owned by Raybo316@ fubar
You affect me. You have an effect on me. It is simple yet it is complex. It is complex yet simple. I think of you and my heart pounds. I dream of you and my heart aches. You touch me and my blood boils. I feel your touch and my knees go week. Our arms wrap around each other and I gain strength. Our bodies press together and and I feel your heat. I feel your lips on mine and close my eyes. I taste your lips as your tongue parts mine. Love and passion become one. Passion and love bring earthquakes and fireworks. You affect me. You have an effect on me. It is simple yet it is complex. It is complex yet simple. It is love and adoration. It is lust and yearning. It is possession and giving all. Will it last? See the original and the rest at: The start of each new work week brings most people back to the work place and places them in a different head space. The mind tends to compartmentalize people, places, and events
Lost In Your Eyes
Lost in your eyes Your loving gaze You’re all I think about It’s a beautiful haze When the sun rises And when the sun sets You’re all I think about I have no regrets I will love you always Until the end of time You’re all I think about I can’t believe your mine
Reverse Funnel System Money
Reverse Funnel System Money Are you ready to learn the SECRET to online wealth? Reverse funnel system money - Ty Coughlin and the Inner Circle team spent TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars on The Reverse funnel system. They hired $20,000 a page copywriters, some of the world's most talented programmers, and spent enormous sums of money getting this funnel to be a HIGH converting funnel. Bottom line, The Reverse funnel system was designed by MASTERS of conversion, who have proven that with their success track records. So when you send traffic to your copy of the Reverse Funnel System, that traffic has a scientific conversion rate. You can actually measure how much of that traffic is converting to sales...and Ty Coughlin continues to test that data, and make systematic improvements to The Reverse funnel system. reverse funnel system, reverse funnel system money, reverse funnel system review, reverse funnel system scam, rfs, rfs review, rfs scam, rfs mlm, network marketing
I Promise To You
I promise to you my love forever Would I hurt you, no I could never I promise you my heart, it’s not a curse I will love you forever for better or worse I promise to hold you, your kiss I would cherish Until the end of time, the earth would perish I promise to protect you, with help up above All I want to do is give you my love.
It's what we do for love that sets us apart from all the rest. It's who we choose to love, that puts us to the test. It's how we pursue that love, that gives us our strength to succeed. Love can do so much, it can fulfill your every need. Love is so powerful, it can change your life forever. Love forms a bond, that nobody can whether. Love gives you courage, to stand up for what you believe. Love gives you that twinkle in your eye, that everyone can see. Love can make you stand up and shout as loud as you can be. Or Love can make me pop that question, as I get down on one knee. Love is just a four letter word, but it can make us do so much. It can makes us get goosebumps with one little touch. I am so lucky I found someone to give me all that strength. I found someone to love, and I have you ______ to thank. How can I explain everything.. All that you are, How you make me feel, How I've fallen so far. When I say it so often, But then not
Just Me
Give a company your blood sweat and tears and they kick you to the curb.  I still don't have a specific reason I was let go.  Got pulled into conference rooms "gotta send you home"  2 1/2 days later hey we terminated you.   Myabe blessing in disquise but only problem is I can't get the money from the 401k or pension for 2 weeks.  Well that is just enough tim to fuck me. I need the money before  then.  The reason....'well it takes time to type it in ther computer....??? WTF???  A major corporation can't email or fax???? the paperwork to corporate office so that I can get what is owed?   Tis ok  karma is a bitch In the meantime will file unemployment and see if I can get any other assistance.  Yes I will look for work, but I am in VEGAS the HIGHEST unemployment city in the Country.  We would just pack up and leave but what I am to get isn't enough.    Wish we could   WELL, still in nevada...lots of fuck ups thru the mortgage broker that we were going thru which we were lied to and I am
My body has a fever Burning hot to touch, Erotic thoughts fill my head I want you oh so much A shivering sensation Travels down my spine, An overwhelming desire I have to make you mine Churnng in my stomach Dizziness in my head, I am drifting into fantasy Alone here in this bed Heavily my eyes do close In to ecstasy I go.... Now you are mine my love And no one has to know As this passion rises My throat feels hot and dry, My hungry gasping breath Becomes a long satisfied sigh One day I will have you Not a fantasy in my head, Be sure that I will get you I desire
The woman whom I'm deeply in love with, She is an angel sent from the lord himself, She's one of the great ones, I can't compare her to anyone else, I love hearing her when she tells me "I love you", Her beauty isn't even a question, She holds the beauty inside and out, My love for her is unquestionable, I love my angel,That was sent from up above, When I look into her eyes, I become blind,I smile like a kid in a candy store My world is now complete since I've found her, She is the love of my life, Can anyone ever find a love like this, I don't ever think so,Because,It's only once in a lifetime, She's my entire world,In our relationship there will never be any secrets or lies, Like like there has been in the past, I will never wanna fight her, I just wanna love her,This feeling is so true, She has stolen my heart,I have surrendered to her, I don't think I can ever love like this again, If I did,I would have committed a moral sin, Because,This feeling is only once
For My Mother-in-law
I lit a candle for you today, in hopes that you might see it. I lit a candle for you today, in hopes that you know how much you mean to me. I lit a candle to show my love, in hopes that you would see. I lit a candle for you today to let you know that you are my hero. I lit a candle today in hopes that it would light your way. I lit a candle today, for the promise that i made to you. The time is coming that you will be taken away to another place in time, a place where love can always be found, a place where tears will no longer fall. When the angels call, to take you from us, i want you to know that no matter where you are i will never forget. I lit a candle for you today in hopes that you would see it. I lit the candle for you, because no matter how hard life was you never stopped loving me. I lit a candle for you today in hopes that it would shine down on you. I lit a candle for you. My hero My friend, it has been a long hard road, sometimes it was s
My Absence
Pub Rules
for those of you that don't know me very well or feel you have a right to harrass me, here are some basic rules i go by when here.. if you can't respect them then i really don't give a damn. it's my page not yours so gtfo if you don't like it. 1. if you are in my family then you have earnt a place there. adding me to yours or bitching at me about why you are not in my family will not change my mind and put you there. not to say that i don't have friends that are not in my family.. but it is limited in space and for once in this lifetime, i can choose my family! lol jk.. well sorta :P 2. i do not do cam or cyber sex.. no ifs or buts.. if you ask me about it i will delete you 3. i love the mumms and will enjoy the flirting, chatting, laughing, bashing and mocking but that is it. don't come to my shoutbox and try for a bit of one on one action or to continue whatever was said in the mumm. my shoutbox is different territory altogether! 4. i often stay online but do not stay at
I Am Back I Think Lol
Hi Everyone I so owe my friends an apology for not being around but real life does take priority and there has been so much happening. I have missed everyone and i do hope everyone is fine. Liberated Spice
Playing With Girls
He said tell her to take it like you. So I made her. She said her ass hurt bad the next day. He said I looked beautiful licking her ass. She tasted so sweet. He watched as my mouth devoured her. She bit my nipples and he smiled at the pain I can take. He watched as we were joined by his favorite toy. I disciplined her like only a Mistress could. He loved when we kissed after tasting each other. I love that I own her like he owns me. She's mine. I'm his. I do what ever he wants me to do. I'm his dirty girl slave. I'm his prettiest one. None are as disciplined as me or as beautiful. I do my job. I don't complain or question. I loved her so he could see. I loved her like he loves me. With my pain I show him my love. When I made her pretty big white ass red with my hands she knew my love for her as he knows my love for him. I'm his pretties slave. He is my One, My Master, My Heart. I loved her for me but I loved her for him as well. He loves when I play with girls.
My Blogging Is Starting
ok so now that i have nothing better to do i am going to do this incorrect grammar wise of a blog. i just thought that i would let you know that there will be no upper case letters what so ever in this blog unless i feel the need to make sure something is put in for emphasis. i am tired of waiting around on a good mum to come tonight because it seems like a bunch of idiots and posers have taken a hold on the mumming board. i wish that people would just realize what is and isnt a mum... i mean seriously people it cant be that hard to realize what is good and what isnt. i mean it can be easily decided amongst the people who point out the fact that you are doing a bad job of mumming so dont get so offended when the truth is told. i mean seriously if i wrote a bad mum i would love for the person to tell me so i will know that i should go no farther in the bad mumming career. and that i should try something new like write a blog something that wont be accidently stumbled across and
come on people i can be all yours for a long time just stop and bid on me in this auction I am offering a lot if you want to own a soldier then you'll do it. lol
Diver@ Fubar
Men Just Keep Getting Worse
Taking The Plunge!
I've finally done it and decided to enter my first giveaway; 14,500 comments for a 7 day blast! I know the pic isn't of me but I can assure you it is me. All help would be greatly appreciated and, as always, repaid in kind. Just follow the link below and help me if you get the chance. Thank you, Wayne
Queensryche- Double Dose Video Set! I Dont' Belive In Love Plus Eyes' Of A Stranger- Marty Party Live On Drums'! Recorded Back In Nov. Los
Reverse Funnel System Team
REVERSE FUNNEL SYSTEM TEAM Are you FAILING online? Train yourself to succeed today The system is based off the premise of creating total automation for your home business, able to sign you up $1000 sales without having to call people, close them, or do anything other then send traffic to your Reverse Funnel System. The Reverse funnel system team is the combination to Ty Coughlin and the rest of the inner cirlce's knowledge about how to craft 'HIGH CONVERTING' marketing funnels on the Internet. One of the problems with most home businesses, is that PEOPLE can not communicate effectively. People can not close sales effectively, so when they get into opportunities and actually get their prospects on the phone...they screw it all up. That's why it's so important to have some sort of SYSTEM in the human error can be removed and people can actually make money. Otherwise 95% of the people who join the home business industry won't make that much money unless they
Smart Mom....don't Take No Bull!!!
My son came home from school one day, With a smirk upon his face. He decided he was smart enough, To put me in my place. "Guess what I learned in Civics Two, that's taught by Mr.. Wright? It's all about the laws today, The 'Children's Bill of Rights.' It says I need not clean my room, Don't have to cut my hair No one can tell me what to think, Or speak, or what to wear. I have freedom from religion, And regardless what you say, I don't have to bow my head, And I sure don't have to pray. I can wear earrings if I want, And pierce my tongue & nose. I can read & watch just what I like, Get tattoos from head to toe. And if you ever spank me, I'll charge you with a crime. I'll back up all my charges, With the marks on my behind. Don't you ever touch me, My body's only for my use, Not for your hugs and kisses, that's just more child abuse Don't preach about your morals, Like your Mama did to you. That's no
Booty Call Application
~BOOTY CALL APPLICATION~ Please fill out the below application if you want to be a booty call for this person (To be taken very seriously) Name: ___________________ Age: ____________________ Phone: ___________ Occupation: ____________________ Height______ Weight______ Married(Y/N)__ Single(Y/N)___ Other_________ Sexual Orientation: __________ How often do u wanna have sex?(check appropriate answer) Daily__ Weekly__ Monthly__ As much as possible_Other_ if other,explain: How long can u last? (check appropriate answer) 1min ___ 15min__ 30min__ 1hr__ all nite___ Do u like Giving oral sex? (Y/N)___ What could you do for me, that no one else could?: Which do u prefer? (check appropriate box) One on one__ Doubles__ Group___Other__ While having sex, what do u do? (place "X" in all appropriate boxes) Faint__ Cry__ Moan__ Wiggle__ Twist__ Jerk about__ Pant__ Sweat___ Scream__ Hum__ Whistle__ Just lie there__ Other__ List three pos
What Would You Like To Know...
ABOUT ME... Name: Amanda Marie Guess Birthdate: October 28, 1979 Birthplace: San Diego, Ca Current Location: Chico, Ca Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Red/Auburn Height: 5'5" Weight: BBW ( not a skinny gal) Piercings: 3 in each ear and 1 in tounge Tatoos: 3 one on lower back and 1 on each ankle Boyfriend/Girlfriend: No Overused Phraze: I think we should "Just Be Friends" FAVORITES... Food: Italian or Mexican Candy: Reeses Number: 33 Color: Hunter Green/Black Animal: Horses Drink: Dr Pepper Alcohol Drink: Tequila (Makes my clothes fall off...LOL) Bagel: Not really Letter: S Body Part on Opposite sex: Smile THIS OR THAT... Pepsi or Coke: Neither Dr Pepper McDonalds or BurgerKing: McDonalds Strawberry or Watermelon: Strawberry Hot tea or Ice tea: Ice Tea Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Hot Chocolate Kiss or Hug: Kiss Dog or Cat: Dog Rap or Punk: Rap Summer or Winter: Winter Scary Movies or Funny Movie
What Girls Dont Know About Guys
1.Guys are more emotional then you think, if they loved you at one point, it'll take them a lot longer then you think to let you go, and it hurts every second that they try. 2. Guys may be flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about. 3. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile. 4. Guys will do anything just to get you to notice him. 5. Guys hate it when you talk about your ex-boyfriend or ex love-interest. Unless they're goin for the let-her-complain-to-you-and-then-have-her-realize-how-wonderful-and-nice-you-are method. 6. A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to. 7. Boyfriends need to be reassured often that they're still loved. 8. Guys are more emotional than they'd like people to think. 9. Giving a guy a hanging message like "You know what?!..uh...nevermind.." would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking. And he'll assume he did something wrong and he'll ob
I Need A Guy Like This
I'm sorry that I bought you roses to tell you that i like you I'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not a jerk I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry I would rather make love to you then just screw you like some random guy. I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk to, but never good enough to date I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, but when we went out you went home with another guy I'm sorry That I am there to pick you up at 4am when your new m
You Be The Judge...
Your Kissing Technique Is: Perfect Your kissing technique is amazing - and you know it. You have the confidence to make the first move. And you always seem to know what kissing style is going to work best. Sometimes you're passionate, sometimes you're a tease. And you're always amazing! Are You a Good Kisser?
Random Shit
Well yall... It's that time again... I haven't done one in a long time so I think it about time I do a video for every member of Fubar that wants to be in the video... ANYONE and I mean anyone thats a member of Fubar can be in the video... all you have to do is enter your picture for the video... just send me a private message telling you want to be in the video and what picture you wanna use for it... If you don't know about my vidoes... there one below to give a clue about them... this one I am planning to be a whole lot better... using new editing styles and better formats this one promises to be the best Fubar video yet... So sign up now and tell your friends about too... Party Up Misbehavin2 ¢¾ Fu Owned By ☣ SatCommTech ☣ ¢¾ Fu Owner Of Countryboy Superman & DJ Tommy Six ¢¾@ fubar She enjoys goin clubbin, to concerts, sporting events or just chillin with friends... Wanna know anything else just ask....... A bit more..... She don't do drama - been the
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Dsc For Life
DIRTY SOUTH CREW CELEBRATES 1 YEAR! THE BEST CREW ON FUBAR! DSC HOME@ fubar GARY - Owner Dirty South Crew & Dirty Addiction@ fubar @ fubar @ fubar @ fubar @ fubar @ fubar @ fubar @ fubar @

A Political Statement? :)
Are you a Democrat, a Republican, or a Redneck? Here is a little test that will help you decide. The answer can be found by posing the following question: You're walking down a deserted street with your wife and two small children. Suddenly, an Islamic Terrorist with a huge knife comes around the corner, locks eyes with you, screams obscenities, praises Allah, raises the knife, and charges at you. You are carrying a Kimber 1911 cal. 45 ACP, and you are an expert shot. You have mere seconds before he reaches you and your family. What do you do? ............................................................. THINK CAREFULLY AND THEN SCROLL DOWN: Democrat's Answer : Well, that's not enough information to answer the question! Does the man look poor or oppressed? Have I ever done anything to him that would inspire him to attack? Could we run away? What does my wife think? What about the kids? Could I possibly swin
Bid For Me!!!
Own This Juggalo RavinJuggalo is in Abby's auction ssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh dont tell ne1. So go check it out you could own this Juggalo! Just click on the pic below to go to the auction folder and place your bid! GO SHOW LOVE TO THE AUCTIONEER Abby ~Screw the roses, Send me the thorns~@ fubar Ok Im trying to get as close to leveling as possible and its not going to well.  With the exception  of a few ppl helping me out. So Im offering 30 pimpouts to be used through out a month.  (use them how u want just let me know ahead of time. Limit 3 a day) and 20 Million fubux. Id like to get a Cherry Bomb and a Auto 11.  But we can always work something out. Plz Shout me or leave me a msg or comment and let me know if you are interested  in working something out.  Plz share this blog if u can.    Thanx Ravin   Ive upped the fubux value to 30 million fubux instead of 20 million! Auto 11 Bling Auction Click the picture and come make a bid!! Plz repost and share w
What's Happening?
Well, it's not for a fun trip. My cousin just past away so I will be out for a couple of days starting tomorrow, Feb 20. He was a Brooklyn Police Officer. He was only 50. I will be returning Saturday. See you all when I get back.
I'm in another auction once again OWN ME for a MONTH!!! here is the link! Here's what you get from me read on: ^^^if you are interested click the smaller link above^^^
I am so glad that I signed up for this place I have met so many cool people. I want to thank all of you for adding me and hope that we have much fun getting trashed . lol
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Auction Come Vote
Firefighter Blogs
Fire Safety Key Points From candles to cooking to electrical wiring to home appliances, there are potential fire hazards at every turn within our homes. In recent years, unintentional fires have killed an average of 2,500 people, injured more than 13,000, and caused $5 billion in property damage. Learn how to protect your family and home from fire hazards. Get an Early Warning Have a working smoke alarm placed on each level in the home outside bedroom areas and inside every bedroom. Never disconnect batteries from smoke alarms, and move them away from kitchens or bathrooms. Replace the batteries once a year, for example during daylight savings time, or when they "chirp." Replace smoke alarms every 10 years. Plan Your Escape Help those who need help. Children and the elderly may not hear smoke alarms. Consider this as part of your escape plan. Plan your escape route and practice leaving your home. Decide on one place outside where family members should meet. Steps You Can
Video Message
I really hate it when people ask me for help and I do everything in my power to help them. Yet when I ask for help I have very few people that come and help me. Literally like 4 people. So I just want to say thanks to my true friends and to the rest of you F*ck Off!! Don't ask me for help ever again!! Thanks for showing your true colors!! Here are some statistics for all of us single ladies out there.... The divorce rate has raised 20% in the past 5 years. This means less relationships working out. The domestic violence cases has raised 15% in the past 3 years. This means more violent men. The percentage of men not paying child support has raised almost 50% in the past 10 years. This means more dead beat dads. The percentage of single men has dropped 15% in the last 5 years and single women has raised 7% in the last 5 years. This means less available men. SO IN OTHER WORDS.... WE MIGHT AS WELL GIVE IT UP LADIES!!! AND IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO FIND SOMEONE... K

My Thoughts
So this evening myself and curt will be going to retreive the rest of my furniture and such at my old place. Its gonna be a long nite, but good. Closing a chapter on my life while beginning a New and better life with him. He is my world as i his, He is one of the kindest, yet sometimes quite mean men i have ever known :p ( mean in a good way :p) Still a little sketchy with the health issues , but the meds they have me on are helping a bit, im not as severe and not having as many episodes. I go for a 4 hour epilepsy test on the 18th to rule out seizures, though if they arent seizures, they are doing quite well in portraying them. Im looking around this house , 4 bedrooms and all...large florida room and large two story shed out back ( kinda looks like yours tracy ) and wondering where my furniture is going to fit. It is already quite full here. Poor curt has had to put up with my whining ass for the past week while ive been pulled out of work on temp disability because the episo
Burning Zone
Okay I know everyone has said it or read this type of blogs but now I'm souncing off on it. I'm sick and tiered of mumms about wich is better fubar or myspace. First off to qoute on off my homeboys "it's obveas that fubar is better if your posting this mumm on fubar to begin with." Ppl post this mumms just to get points just becuse they are to gon name lazy to come ul with anything original. I think its high time that we band thes type of mumms once and for all hell that would also put an end to thes type of blogs as well. Shot I'm even tempted to post a mumm just to find out if everyone is as tiered as i am of seeing thes mumms being posted. I say we start a petiton to put an end to mumms concering wich is better fubar or myspacem if you are with me leve me a comemment saying so. Oso Negro out! TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT I'M GOING TO BRAKE OUT OF THIS HELL HOLE. I'M GOING TO START A NEW LIFE IN THE BURNING ZONE. AS THE POWDER BURNS A SMOKING GUN IN MY HAND. AS I WATCH THE PLACE BURN DOW
my life just busy keep up to date the stuff going on with my hubby just keep my kids happy well 2weeks ago wed my mom found she got cancar then we got good news my twin sister have a baby girl in november
Support For....
I.Stay.Blessed.Date: Feb 18, 2008 1:43 PMYou stay up for 16 hours.He stays up for days on end.You take a warm shower to help you wake up.He goes days or weeks without running water.You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward.You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.He still fights for your right to wear that shirt.You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you.He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists...You complain about how hot it is.He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his brow.You go out to lunch, and complain because the restaurant got your order wrong.He doesn't get to eat today.Your maid makes your bed and washes your clothes. He wears the same things for weeks, but makes sure his weapons are clean.You
3d Artwork
Hi to all of my fufriends, I am needing some suggestions for my 3d artwork the more the better...I want to see what other people like in 3d other than myself, especially anyone from a paganistic path. I am limited to some of what I can do but I do have quite a large selection i can choose from
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> Show Them Luv. Rate Fan & Add Them All! :)*Girlblink182*~Rhonda~HELLCATTainted*KissReekaMama
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My New Lounge
Dont miss out on the fun and bring your friends and meet new friends!!!
What we had, was a few moments in time. What you held were my dreams, What I had was hope. What I hold is memories, of how i want to feel again. What I need is to heal, for now I hide in myself. I have survived the pain, The fist that pounded into me. The bruises have faded completely, the memories haunt me less. I was strong enough to walk away, though my head was down. I had the will to survive, and this will be the same. This is better. I can laugh or cry, I can thrive or fail. My life is my own. I have been held gently. Stroked correctly, held lightly, caressed sofly, kissed fiercly... and I have been set free. I will once again find my wings, I have been through worse things. Darkness.. By Tansy Peschel Its murky gray cloud Blocks my vision, Obscures my goals, Overwhelms me when I let it. It chokes my dreams And douses flames of desire. I feel its claws Grabbing at
"hug Certificate For You!
"Hug Certificate for You! This poem is very sweet. It will be interesting to see who sends it back. Forward this on and back. Thanks! If I could catch a rainbow I would do it just for you And share with you its beauty On the days you're feeling blue. If I could build a mountain You could call your very own; A place to find serenity, A place to be alone If I could take your troubles I would toss them in the sea, But all these things I'm finding Are impossible for me. I cannot build a mountain Or catch a rainbow fair, But let me be what I know best, A friend who's always there.
Never Guarantee
For Our Soldiers
They volunteer to leave their homes, say goodbye to family and friends go through months of intense training that last for weeks on end. They go because they care, and they go for "Love of Country' to help preserve a way of life, a nation that is free. Some are lucky enough to return home to their loved ones, while others pay the ultimate price. God Bless all of our heroes those who remain, and those who died Words don't seem nearly enough to repay the debt we owe you but to all of our soldiers, from the bottom of our hearts We thank you.
What The F@#$%
Been gone a long time. Lost all the friend I had in the real world to the freaks on drugs. Now I try for the Friend on the net. Do you Think it is safe to date on the Net.
Poems,thouhgts,bitching Post,ect............
well it has been a while since have wrote anything and now i have to state my opion on something... i think that it is pretty shitty that someone can RUN your life and TELL you who u are able to talk to and so on.......maybe this aint true but OMFG how somene can let a 24 year friendship go down the drain....i just cant belive that....for some one who is so smart and strong can let someone run your life is pretty flippen sad....and yes i know what you are thinking and that s fine but u know that im doing what i have to do...yes it might not be the right choice but for now it is..if i was able to come home and LIVE my life i would.....but this is BULL that you would let HER run your life.....i know that your not happy and u have not been in a while... we have had our good and and times over the years and i have to say to you again......i told you once i lost you and now that i have found you i WILL NOT let you go again..... and you know me well enogh that im not joking but
this comments is for all the girls and hot mamasitas I LOVE BEUTIFUL GIRSL AN SEXY
Blah Moments!
this sums up EXACTLY what I'm feeling right at this moment. I'm not sure what is real, what is not. So I'll just stay in my shell.. After all I am the leader of the broken hearts..    "Leader Of The Broken Hearts" Papa Roach All the lies I told you now the truthHere I am with nothing left to loseNow that I'm crawling in my skinMaybe it's time I just give inI've become the leader of the broken heartsAnd now I finally know what it feels likeTo risk everything and still surviveWhen you're standing on the battlefieldAnd all the pain is realThat's when you realizeThat you must've done something rightCause you've never felt so aliveHolding out for more than I deserveAnd hanging on to all your careless wordsMaybe it's time I cut the cordMaybe I stay and take some moreI've become the leader of the broken heartsAnd now I finally know what it feels likeTo risk everything and still surviveWhen you're standing on the battlefieldAnd all the pain is realThat's when you realizeAnd now I know wha
Tired of being alone Tired of being scared Tired of the lying Tired of the cheating Tired of the misconceptions Tired of the emptiness Tired of the loneliness Just tired.
Fun Times With A Twisted Mind
I love you with my entire heart. Even though I don't possess it any more. You have it in the palms of your hands, Love. I pray only that it remains there. . . . . and that your heart remains with me. I Love You. There is so much I want to say. So much I want to tell you and explain to you. I wonder if you'll understand. I wonder so many things. . . .yet why can't I ask the questions. . .? I feel so many things. . . . Good... Bad. . .neutral. . . . For now. . . until. . . I see you. . . . I guess they'll remain only thoughts. . . You are The Star Hope, expectation, Bright promises. The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realised The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing. This card suggests clarity of vision, spiritual insight. And, most importantly, that unexpected help will be coming, with water to quench your thirst, with a guiding light to the
Gary Hubbell February 9, 2008 There is a great amount of interest in this year’s presidential elections, as everybody seems to recognize that our next president has to be a lot better than George Bush. The Democrats are riding high with two groundbreaking candidates — a woman and an African-American — while the conservative Republicans are in a quandary about their party’s nod to a quasi-liberal maverick, John McCain. Each candidate is carefully pandering to a smorgasbord of special-interest groups, ranging from gay, lesbian and transgender people to children of illegal immigrants to working mothers to evangelical Christians. There is one group no one has recognized, and it is the group that will decide the election: the Angry White Man. The Angry White Man comes from all economic backgrounds, from dirt-poor to filthy rich. He represents all geographic areas in America, from urban sophisticate to rural redneck, deep South to mountain West, left Coast to Eastern S
I Need Answers !!!
Can you cry under water? _________________________________________________________ How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered? _______________________________________________________ Why do you have to "put your two cents in".. but it's only a "penny for your thoughts"? Where's that extra penny going to? ___________________________________________________ Once you're in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity? ___________________________________________________ Why does a round pizza come in a square box? ______________________________________________________ What disease did cured ham actually have? ________________________________________________________ How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage? __________________________________________________ Why is it tha
Alt-country Blog
iTS OPEN NOW. oUTLAW RADIO. ITS MY ALTERNATIVE COUNTRY RADIO STATION KOLR FROM RENO NEVADA. FULL OF JOHNNY CASH, TODD SNIDER, WILCO, RYAN ADAMS, CRACKER, NEKO CASE, BADSTARD SONS OF JIHNNY CASH, AND WAY MORE. I HAVE THE FUNNIEST COMMERCIALS YOU EVER HEARD AND I HOST THE THING, IM THE ALTCOUNTY KID. SOMETIMES I GRAB MY GUITAR AND PLAY LIVE, COME IN A MAKE A REQUEST, OR JUST HANG OUTAND CHAT. IM LIVE ALMOST ALL DAY, HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON I'm Thom Yeoman aka The Alt Country Kid. I'm a musician and Radio DJ in Reno, Nevada, The Biggest Little City In The World. My radio station is Outlaw Radio KOLR in Reno. I broadcast it live on Just search outlaw radio and you will find it. Its full of Johnny Cash, Wilco, Todd Snider, The Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash and way more. If it's Alt Country I have it. You can watch and listen to the show without being a stickam member by going to So I want to start a radio station here but I am far from having
My Spaceship Pg.5.
Golden Oreo 69
1st Blog
I don't know but does anyone else feel like they are talking to a wall when they tell their kids to do something? I told my oldest to put away her clothes...she put them on the bed! I tell my son not to hit his sisters...he whips the oldest with licorice...I tell the youngest to keep her hands to herself she digs her fingernails into her brothers arm....does the vivcious circle ever stop?
Real Life Stuff
Hey! Got the tattoo I mentioned before and there is a pic in my default folder so you all can see it. It ended up being bigger than I originally wanted but it is beautiful and I love it. It is on my left hip/butt cheek and looks so cute... just like me. LOL. Big blue eyes, a crooked little halo and a devil tail. LMAO. Let me know what you think. Okay for any of my friends who don't know me well or haven't really read my profile..... I had Gastric bypass surgery in Aug 2006 to lose weight for health reasons. I did pretty good, not great and lost over 100 pounds. I am much healthier and happier these days. I broke up with the guy I was with for over 6 years in March 2007 but we are still very good friends and he still lives with me. I flew down to Florida in April 2007 to meet a guy I had been talking to online and phone for over a year only to find he was a big, fat liar. No worries, I moved on and met someone else in less than a month. I started dating him and well .
Random Family Pimpout Series!
Not Going To Be Home Few Days !!!!!
Our Andrew Lee was bought in the world a month early. February 20th at 1:38 pm weighing in at 5 lbs 2.4 ounces 17 & 1/4 inches long. Thanks to all my friends you know who you are that helped with kids dogs and such, when in the crunch of getting to the hospital and not knowing what time we would be getting to go home. My sis and baby are fine baby is a lil small and is on oxygen just to help him out. Sis gets to come home tomorrow. Lil Andrew will get to come home in about 10-14 days, after he is winged from the oxygen and learns to suck on his own.I have in cluded some pics of the baby!!!! I am not going to be home a few days as my sis has started labor and we do not know when they will let her have the baby....they are trying to hold off as she is still early yet .....will keep posted as I can!!!!
Fu Own Me Possibly Real Own:d Please visit this page and bid on me, Highest Bidder may be luckier than she knows:D
Hormonally High
I haven't posted any notes for a long time, let alone logging onto this website. I was watching some YouTube videos and surprised yet thrilled to see how brave some people are to record themselves performing innocent personal, non-targetted sexy performances and dances. I wouldn't do that for too many reasons to mention. One video in particular was with 2 teen girls with mature physical bodies dancing in speghetti strapped shirts and tight jeans. They were rubbing each others' butts, dancing dirty alone or together, but made it look like a lot of fun. This is one of the cleaner videos compared to many others where a lot of girls just dance in thongs, panties or anything else sleek or sexy. What I like most about these two girls is they were clean but made it look like fun. I'm a VPL (Visible Panytline) lover as a guy (who isn't?) and both of these girls displayed theirs. A video that turns me on and I can "keep it up" for atleast 5 minutes and still feel an amazing adrenaline r
My Life
I've gotten some emotional highs this week. I'm a patient guy when it comes to sexuality. IN the sense that I get turned on by stupid things that other guys don't see valid :P. There are some days where I look into the mirror either with my underwear on or completely naked and start a perverted dirty dance that gets me feeling groovy. Just wanted to share that with you. HI people. I haven't been on here in a couple of months. I got super busy with lots of stuff online and activities away from home. I'm only on periodically and hopefully I'll be able to chat with you occasionally and still meet some new people. --Jon
She's A Butterfly
This song describes me all the way & when I feel like I'm getting down I listen to this song because I refuse to let anything in my life get me down!!!
So, I found out today from a counselor, that the reason I may be having so much problems with men. I'm attracted to the unavailable. HOw, and how come it doesn't show up that they have the "unavailable" quailty there was no answer from the counselor. So, that sucks, so what does that really mean...... Suck MY balls!!! hahahahahahaha chickenfuckers
Kandi ..will You Fumarry Me?
so a elephant asked a camel-why r ur tits on ur back ? camel said aint that some shit, comeing from a mother fucker with a limp dick on his face There was a bear and a rabbit, both takin a shit in the woods. The bear looks at the rabbit and says "Hey, man. Do you have problems with shit sticking to your fur?" The rabbit says"uhhh, no" So the bear wipes his ass with the rabbit
Poems Etc
I have no fear, for I am strong. I have no quit, for I am strong. I have no fail, for I am strong. I have no pain, for I am strong. I am strong, Army strong. Lost in a daze and nowhere to go Not knowing which way the wind will blow Confused about some things people say and do Those you consider close trying to hurt you I do not know where the answer may lie In good time i can give it a try Forgotten in the sea of tomorrow I lay my head down in a  bed of sorrow Sometimes things happen for no reason at all Who will be there to pick me up when I fall     I bend you over my knee slightly I spank you on your bottom very lightly I lift your hair above your ear I bite your neck softly dear I take your hair in my grip I pull it gently so it doesnt rip Whatever else you may desire I may try to get us higher
Lust Filled Suicide
Lust Filled Suicide In every godamn mirror,i see a reflection of you. It leaves me bewildered,It leaves me feeling sick. And every godamn voice i hear sounds like you. It scrapes across my brain so coarse and thick. You're a fucking leach sucking out any happiness i put into my blood. A fucking preddator of self-esteem leaving me face down in the mud. A bad dream,a nightmare of no recourse,a faint scream but loud enough to leave the banchees hoarse,a broken record repeating forever the duration,a theif of my mind i'll kill in the dark without hesitation. You're a place of exotic warmth,A lust filled suicide,A wound i can never annoint,A place where pain and pleasure collide. In every godamn mirror i see a reflection of you. It leaves me aroused,It leaves me feeling whole. And every godamn voice i hear sounds like you. Every wave echoes into my mind taking control. You're like a fucking narcotic,a barbituate of cosmic porportion,You know h
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Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I wear socks to bed 2. I LOVE dragons 3. I like to hike and love nature 4. I used to be a clown 5. I love horseback riding 6. I sleep with lots of pillows (5) 7. I am not a chocolate fan 8. Star Wars anything rocks! 9. I can't stand loud music 10. I rarely remember my dreams 5 People I tagged, 1. baby 2. commentfox 3. foamy_302 4. fed up 5. ghostrider
About The Lucky Charms Bulletin
First of all, I just want to say that I thank Miss B for pimping me out on that bulletin, I love you very much, my friend and secondly, I'm not naming names here but if you've been pimped out by her in this bulletin, it would be wise to go and thank her, she's busted her ass off for two hours putting this altogether and you might not think that is hard work but guess what ladies and gentleman it is and I bet it would take me longer to do it if I tried here even though I'm pretty damn computer literate here. Anyways, for those that I have added me and fanned and rated my profile and send friend requests, I will get started on rating your pics and for those ladies that'll get 11's, I have only 100 or less to give, if I run out of them on your pics of you or if I run out of them when you've rated me an 11 on my profile and I rate you back, please bare with me and I'll get back to you shortly, ok? Thanks a bunch! Todd
Just Got Back
Sorry I have been gone for so long...alot has changed...but I am here to have fun and make alot of friends. DRINKS all AROUND!!!
Celebrity Support * Mary Carey - Adult and secular film star with numerous television and radio appearances[14] shows public support for swinging with her involvement in SwingFest 2008 - The World's Largest Swingers Party and Lifestyle Convention [edit] Film * In the movie The Blood Oranges (1997), two western couples, one with children, come together in the fictional Mediterranean village of Ilyria. The film was adapted from the novel by John Hawkes. * The movie Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969) is the American comedy classic that captures the sexual revolution of the late 1960s in the United States. It was nominated for four Academy Awards; Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Best Cinematography, and Best Original Screenplay. * The movie Eating Raoul (1982) is a comic send-up of swinging stereotypes. * The documentary movie The Lifestyle: Swinging in America, a 2000 film by director David Schisgall, took an in-depth
Immaculate Confessions
now i can see who's willing to go through the trouble of filling one of these lame surveys out for me :) 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Whats your sign? 5.Phone Number: 6. Location: 7. Height: 8.Hair (color and style): 9.Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would u take a nap with me? 16.Do you think I'm cute? 17. If you could change anything about me -would you? 18.Would you dance with me? 19.Would you come ov
Blasts Happy Hours And Vips
yeah so, this is pretty much a pointless rant to some, but it kinda makes me mad. I've been on here over a year and not once have i recieved a blast, happy hour or VIP from anyone. I've bought quite a few blasts for people, even a happy hour...... While I dont expect anyone to spend $100 on me, it would be nice for once to get a blast, or even a VIP. The year I've been on here and not gotten any love like that, I see girls come in 2 weeks ago, that have a VIP already, or a blast etc.... do i need to grow woman parts to get this kind of love or what? feedback please
Beyond The Veil
I'm Gone
well all i did move to va and i lost my girl so now im in va lonely and everything else it sucks give me a call 845 787 6310 love ya all later i can'[t get online veryh much sorry just wanted to let everyone know that come the second week of march i won't be on for a while. i'm moving to va and won't have access to a computer for a while. but i will be back on as soon as possible for whom ever cares laters all
Think Bout It
So how does it feel to know that someone's kid in the heart of America has blood on their hands fighting to defend your rights so you can maintain the lifestyle that insults his family's existence, Well where i come from we have a special salute we wave high in the air to all those pompous asses who spend their days pointing fingers.... FUCK YOU! think about know its true
A Poem!!
I am joining the army. And yes I am scared. I will leave my family, friends and anyone else who cares. I am going to survive, I hope so at least. It just feels like my mind is starting to cease. Everyone thinks im crazy. I guess it is true. But ya know what?!?! I gotta do what I gotta do. My mind tells me no. But because of that I do not follow. So you gotta suck up and swallow. For this fear is now gone, I have moved on. Its really not that bad. I just missed that time we've had. Running, jumping, and hiding for fun. Now I do that but add a few guns. So now I am home just to hear you all say. I hate this country and all that is here. So I think to myself you have never seen fear. To shoot a man is hard. But for a life in America thats who we are. Killers at heart. and Warriors in mind. Listen. The Government takes away what to us was IS so kind. But who gave us land I think I know who you have in mind.
THE BUNNY TALE I thought it was a kitty cat But saw it was a rabbit He was hopping down the trail And then he stopped to sit. He looked back at me And wiggled his nose Seems he wanted me to follow So, I quickly arose. I started down that trail Amongst the forest's trees As that rabbit scurried off As quickly as you'd please. He stopped at the next bend He once more looked at me And as I moved nearer He turned once more to flee. I moved deeper in the forest It was dark and kinda silent I looked around the trail's curve To see where that rabbit went. He sat in an open clearing Of clover covered ground Amidst a group of creatures That had gathered around. They all watched me warily But, they didn't turn to run The rabbit said, "Come join us. Come join in our fun." I asked, "How do you speak? Am I losing my mind? If I close my eyes and look again, I wonder what I'll find?" He said, "You're in our world now, And if you'll truly believe, Y
Sick Ov This Shite
every time i try to get any good bud you can only get shite, when i do get some half decent shit you cant buy in bulk, we need a skunk dealer in this town who is reliable and can get loads ov gear, my mans ok but wont sell bigger bits £20 bags only what ficking good is that you only get a few spliffs and its gone, sorry for ranting a bit just pissed off ( willie )
    Yep, I'm getting dragged kicking and screaming into this fucking fight against some pretty inconsiderate bastards that wont let these children be mourned not even 24 hours after the fact. I've tried so hard to just let it be for a while and it simply cant be done. As soon as this unthinkable tragedy happened the political agenda to ban the "evil" firearms was shoved in all of out faces by media, politicians, "progressives", and armchair politicians so I reluctantly offer my rebuttal. Taking away a tool from a tradesman in any occupation will hinder them from doing their job. Im a firefighter....taking away my breathing apparatus hinders me from going into a building filled with toxic gas, allowing me to complete a search for defenseless victims. Trying to take away firearms from law abiding citizens WILL change the face of this country into a criminals Disney World. It WILL hinder the free American from defending themselves and turn us all into... sheep, chewing on cud, just wait
Cake Or Bed
Funny Pics I Made 1
Gay Bar
A cowboy walks into a bar, and two steps in he realizes it's a gay bar. "What the heck," he says to himself, "I really want a drink." When the gay waiter approaches, he says to the cowboy, "What's the name of your willy?" The cowboy says, "Look, I'm not into any of that. All I want is a drink. "The gay waiter says, "I'm sorry but I can't serve you until you tell me the name of your willy. Mine for instance is called NIKE, for the slogan, 'Just Do It.' that guy down at the end of the bar calls his SNICKERS, because 'It really Satisfies.' " The cowboy looks dumbfounded, so the bartender tells him he will give him a second to think it over. So the cowboy asks the man sitting to his left who is sipping on a beer, "Hey bud, what's the name of yours?" The man looks back and says with a smile, "TIMEX." The thirsty cowboy asks, "Why Timex?" the fella proudly replies,"Cause it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin!'" A little shaken, the cowboy turns to the two fella's on his right who j
If You Have Any Desire To Speak With Me, Read This First
Alright. Listen up. This is important. I WILL NOT HESITATE TO BE A HORRID BITCH TO YOU. My name is not: "sexy", "hun", "yum", or any other adjective. I will be cold and mean if the following occurs: *You call me one of the aforementioned words without any kind of prompting. *You ask me for naked pictures, or offer to show me yours. *You're an ugly, pathetic old man who can't get any, and is therefore trolling a website so you can beat off to pictures of teenage girls who will never give you the time of day. You know who you are. *You display no ability to form a coherent paragraph. *You can't take 'no' for an answer. *You don't show any respect for me *or* you. I am not a piece of meat. Do not speak to me as though that's otherwise.
Luaghed Until We Cried
Going through my closet the other day Found an old yearbook, flipped right to the page Of that senior trip down there on that Panama strip We all started yelling when we smelled the beach Just couldn't wait to try our fake ids We only had a few days, and a whole lot of memories to make Oh man we were livin, didn't waste one minute We talked and drank and danced and said goodbye We laughed until we cried This past year my family Was sittin cross-legged 'round the Christmas tree Listenin to granddad, we all knew it would probably be his last He was crackin jokes and we were takin turns Tellin stories bout fishing or lessons learned Out on the porch with him we all felt like kids again 2nd chorus Oh man we were livin, sittin' there reminiscin' Yeah, we sang and talked and traveled back in time We laughed until we cried Bridge It's like the best days under the sun Every emotion rolled into one A little of this, A little of that Kinda happy, Kinda sad Just t
im bored and figured i should relese some pent up aggression but i dont wan to anger anyone or make them laugh so hard they cry so woohoo for cha cha panties!
An Awesome Friend
some recent events have started me thinking again. recently i found out a dear friend of mine was, according to the doctors, about an hour from death after waiting in the ER for some pelvic pain she had been having. come to find out she had a phlopian tube that was on the verge of bursting and had already hemeraged. luckly they rushed her in for emergency operation that saved her life. then one of the women i love, yes i love more then one, found her dad this morning when she checked on him passed away from a long hard battle with cancer. in a way its relieving that has finally had gone and didnt have to suffer the pain anymore that he had for some time. i only wish that i would have had the chance to meet him. yet another friend of mine had her father pass away from mutliple battles with cancer the first of the year. i did have the oppertunity to become friends with her dad. he was a strong man and had battle cancer for some time beating it once only to have it come back
This Is Real Shit!!!
Liar, Liar.... It's just a sad shame !! Why do people feel the need to hide behind something that is nothing more than a figment of their imagination?? LMAO!! Quite humorous if you ask me!! The thought of what is going to happen is just so sad because of the unsuspecting being whose life willl be crushed, changed, etc. A word of advice folks.... If you cannot speak the truth and be who YOU REALLY ARE whether it's in person or online... then you really should keep your lips together because you never know when what you say comes back to bite you!! Then thats when you'll find yourself living your greatest fear... alone!
Good Words From A Handsome Man!
We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us the hell off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls >OR TEXTS< you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till the morning. Also, when we tell you "you're pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/ cute/ stunning", we freaking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong! We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is Confidence. Yeah, you can quote me. Not arrogance! Confidence! Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take Advantage of the mood im in. let us pay for you! dont "feel bad" We enjoy doing it. It's expected. Smile and say "thank you." Kiss us when no one's wat

the shout box is nice and all but if u want to talk to me u can reach me on yahoo messenger the name happy to hear from ya

its tues. and im bored as shit so wats up people
Danger Danger - I Still Think About You
Help My Good Friend Dj Bartab plz help bomb sexy friend needs all the help he can get so give him some love and comment...thanxxxxxx
Danger Danger - Bang Bang
Danger Danger - Dont Walk Away
Danger Danger - Feels Like Love
Why Me??
Things seem to be getting better. I feel that saying that will jinx things but it seems so much easier now. The bills are paid. Days seem to be going smoothly and I no longer let things bother me so much. So what if someone cuts me off in traffic, so what if I ask someone for help-they say no and I catch them in a lie. I just don't care-all that negativity was taking me out who needs it. They say misery loves company and I do not want to be company. I think the sun being out more helps a lot. Wahoo before we know it summer will be here and I will be back at work doing what I love... Wow I am soooo happy. For the first time in I can't remember. Nothing disatrous has happened to me all day(***knock on wood****) Thanks so much for letting me vent when all the crazy stuff happens but I have to mention on the rare occasion when NOTHING Crazy happens. It is nice... ( : K here goes. I know I am probably whining and crap but I need to get this out. Am I not special?? I certainl
Help Me Please!!!!!
☀AUCTION☀ ☀BID FOR ME☀ I am for auction, please bid for me. MY OFFERS: ~☀~☀~☀~ 1.Rate all pictures 2.Rate a maximum of 500 Stash a Thumbs Up 3.1-2 SFW Salute Pics 4.TOP 1-5 in my Family and Friends list 5.Make a Bulletin & Blog about owning me 6.1-gift/drink a day or 7 in a week 7.1-Profile comment a day or 7 a week OFFERS ARE FOR A MONTH DURING HAPPY HOUR -------------------------- Just Click My Pic Below: ~☀HAPPY BIDDING☀~ AND ☆~THANK YOU~☆ Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs! ★.SAY.★@ fubar > > > > > > > I am one of the contestant of "Stephanie Lynn's" "$$$ Fu-Bucks Sale $$$" CONTEST...please SHOW me your LOVE,I NEED YOU FRIENDS! JUST CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW SO YOU CAN START SHOW THE LOVE... HERE'S THE PICTURE AND THE LINK: [ photo: 1400668961 ] > THE OWNER/HOST
Why Me?
I sometimes wonder why when I have finished one ordeal, before I have time to catch a breath, I am being slammed with another challenge. I came back from getting several tests run on me and started to ask myself what it was all about? Why me? (Sarcastically:) How did I become so lucky? Just looking back on the last three years alone: a stroke in February of 2005, discovering over a year I had lymphoma and it was what caused the stroke, went for treatments for that, that goes into remission, months later I find out I have a second type of cancer, treatments weren't working, and I finally get rid of that after two surgeries. Now I am left to deal with migraines that hit worse than when I was a teenager, seizures and a heart condition from all the drugs I had been given over the past three years! I realize I may be feeling sorry for myself, but I would think I have a right to ask why me and when is it gonna end? It sucks when you don't know the answers to questions like that...
Door Ways Of Our Mind's
Then You Put In The Subject

In The Dead Of Heart's
Thinking In The Moon Lite
Own Me
hey all im up for auction bidding has been set at 50k to start if u own me ill pimp you out on air and ill add fan rate all ur pix etc for one month etc anything u want start ur bids asap
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Random Ramblings Of A Deranged Psychopath
Just as I thought my weekend almost completely kicked ass, my Aunt ends up in the hospital almost on her death bed. Now I'm Depressed as fuck and worried sick. I can't sleep either, I'm too worried about her. Fuck dude, why must it be so hard to find a job? No one is fucking hiring. So it looks like I'm never gonna get my car. POLSON IS THE UNESCAPABLE HELL HOLE!! lol Have you noticed how the world is just slowly getting more and more fucking retarded? Everyone is contradicting themselves. For example... Women fought for equal rights and to not be treated like a piece of property, and yet they whore themselves out for money and stay with their abusive boyfriends/husbands or try to become men themselves. -_- Martin Luther King fought for racial equality and peace between everyone, yet no one can seem to get the fact that there's only one race.....THE HUMAN RACE. The thing I find most funny though is the fact that a black guy could call me a cracker and not be considered r
thanks for all the Help! for all those you help her win this contest! thats her link thank you very much As I sit in My Room and Stare at the wall...all I want is a woman.... that could be a possibility to be with me ... I want her to understand me as I lead the way to many days if I had my way .....Love is a feeling from love and respect never neglect her or I "wow" I always wonder why....I feel this way....damn do yall ever feel this way about your love? "Is True Love Really a Reality" "Think about it!
Tag Your It
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Have fun! 1. I miss my Girls very much!! 2. I have placed in the top 5 in 17 fishing touranments in the last 4 years. 3. Lately I'm not happy with who I see in the mirror 4. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve 5. ok this will sound pathetic but I haven't been on a date in over 4 years and really have only asked one person to dinner. 6. I drink more than i should on the weekends work at 7am so dont drink during the week usually. 7. I like to cook when i have someone to cook for otherwise I forget to eat too often 8. I'm stuck in Dallas till april at least- 9. I try writting poetry and erotic stories but not really that good at it. 10. Th
Yes Or No!
Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it!" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. 1. I drink too much coffee 2. I have never been to Europe 3. "Fuck you" to the person who scratched my truck and never bothered to leave a note. 4. I love Peach Pie 5. My 2 Boxers Rule... 6. Airline food sucks, even though they never feed u anymore unless you are in first class. 7. Jamaica was a lot of fun. 8. When I was in High School I got so trashed once I threw an ice cream cone at a Bus. 9. Public transportation sucks. 10. I love the smell of fresh Bread. I choose as my 5 Raven Ms.Mona Steve Kimmy Tall Blonde
My Military Friends...
As most of you know we threw a great party for our Brother and our friend Matt...So with that being said I wanted to post a few words about him...Matt has you know you are one of the easiest people to have as a brother and a friend and your one of the best and big hearted people that anyone could ask to know...As I speak for most of us as I can say that we love you and you will be greatly missed...I want to say that you are so brave to be out there fighting for us and our country...It is so hard for some people to understand what is like to be away from family for so long till you have a person that you love in Iraq...I told you last night that you better come home to us and there is a difference in coming home and coming home safely and comin hom in a coffin...You promised that you would be home in a year and that is not a promise that we can hold you to cause we never know what is going to happen form one day to the next...But I have all faith that you will come home safely...As you
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Reflection In The Water
so it has been a year and one a week or two but wow what a year its a year ago i got rid of cancer and a few other feels so weird to be writing one year cause one year ago when i went threw it i felt so lost and confused and hurt and upset and well with the help of ppl i got threw it but some of them arent around anymore and it makes me said gonna be there for life is what ppl say gotta love the fake ones but what matters to me is i made it and im still here..ok sorry about my rambling. fuck im so sick of everything this was suppossed to be one of the best years and some how with all the great things going on it sucks me asss so bad it aint even funny.....i had cancer and got rid of it but hey where was my support it sure as hell wasnt my husband but for maybee one day wooohoo fucking who but its sure as hell was my sister sher damn if not for that girl id be on that note damn her husband for taking her away from me he sucks and i want to kick his ass
OK, so I decided that I needed to go and visit my place, my special place, and I kind of wanted to show my guy, so, on the off chance that something happened when he wasn't around, he would know exactly where it is. So, we went in a walk through the woods... DARK woods... and he made me lead the way. Granted, I've been there before, and had the bearings better, but, he not ONCE made a move to lead. So, then, when we got to my special place and hung out there for a little bit, we decided to cut through the tall grass and get on the railroad tracks to get back to the road. HE MADE ME LEAD THE WAY. I wish I would've found a snake... so I could've put it in his pocket. So, the doctor decided that I was enough of a fatasses to need speed, so I'm taking pills and dieting. My guy, who has to do everything that I do, decided to join me. Anyway, his caloric intake requirements are about three times mine, but he eats about the same amout that I do, so he's obviously losing a fuck
Craigslist Posting Lol
Hello! I'm looking for an expensive loser!! Could this be you? I don't ask for much these days. At my age, the fish that used to be in the barrel are dwindling in number, so lets see if you stack up to my extremely high expectations: 1. Please do not have your own mode of transportation. I expect to pick you up and drive you everywhere, including dates that you can't afford to take me on, work, to see your kids and to deliver you to your drug dealer's at 3 in the morning. 2. Please have at least three addictions! I prefer alcohol, pot and cigarettes. Cocaine habit a plus! Please do not share your substances with me as I prefer to buy my own. In fact, please borrow my money to purchase yours! 3. Please live with your mother. If this is not possible becasue you don't know who she is, then please live in a big house with five other guys and a six foot graffix bong you call "chewbongka". Please have no furniture except a pool table and a kegerator. Your bed, if you have one, sh
Godfather friends, both new and old, are AWESOME....I made it to Godfather!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you Vitamin DE~
Need Washing??
NEED WASHING?? A little girl had been shopping with her Mom in Target. She must have been 6 years old, this beautiful red haired, freckle faced image of innocence. It was pouring outside. The kind of rain that gushes over the top of rain gutters, so much in a hurry to hit the earth it has no time to flow down the spout. We all stood there under the awning and just inside the door of the Target. We waited, some patiently, others irritated because nature messed up their hurried day. I am always mesmerized by rainfall. I got lost in the sound and sight of the heavens washing away the dirt and dust of the world. Memories of running, splashing so carefree as a child, came pouring in as a welcome reprieve from the worries of my day. The little voice s so sweet as it broke the hypnotic trance we were all caught in, "Mom let's run through the rain," she said. "What?" Mom asked. "Lets run through the rain!" She repeated. "No, honey. We'll wait until it slows down a bit," M
Texas Girls Do It Better..yea Baby
TEXAS: Ahem... So.. Um.. yeah... I read this, and thought I would reply... Hey... California listen up... Texas is where its at! - I too can wear sandals all year long... plus I can put on boots to stomp your toes and I won't even stick out. - You may be able to go to the "beach" instead of the "shore"... but can you go to the drive thru "Beer Barn?" What now surfer boy? - You're chicks aren't way hotter than ours... they are almost equal... and thats only due to silicone, saline, botox, lasers and hair dye... We have the real ones and they can beat yours up. - We're taught to say "Yes Sir" and "Yes Ma'am" and respect our elders because of it. We also say "Howdy" and "fixin" and "Yall" are pretty much recognized right away anywhere in the world :) We're famous - You may know what real cheese and avocados taste like... but I know what 100% Grade A Angus Beef tastes like. Who wants avocados and cheese when you can have steak and potatoes? - Haha... who do
In Loving Memory
Bob Johnson 28.01.1947 - 20.02.2008 I remember the first time we met you gave me the biggest hug, I thought you were going to crush my ribs, but then that was just you..always ready to hand out the hugs and kisses when they were needed...You took me into your heart and made me feel so loved...and I want to thank you for the Onion lessons you gave me I never knew there was so much to learn about the humble onion but you made the stories so interesting and then we cooked them on the BBQ and you told me even more stories Thank you for being the best Step Dad anyone could ask for...I know distance made it hard for us to keep in touch but our times together over the past 7 yrs were just that much more special...when ever I hear a poker Machine go ka-ching I will think of you and smile as l remember the fun times we had trying to guess how much we would get on the free spins..somehow you were always a better guess than me I will miss you greatly but you will live in my heart for ev
Want Fubucks?
Looking For My True Kinky Fetish Queen
I am in dire need of a sub/slave to serve me. If any of you sweet ladies would be interested in the position, please feel free to send me a message. I will respond ASAP so we can get to know each other better and more. Locals prefered, but all will be dealt with accordingly...
I Am Shaving My Head In Solidarity Of Children With Cancer. I Need Help From You Guys!!
in solidarity of children with cancer, while requesting donations of support from friends and family. If you could help me out with this or at least visit the website it would be greatly appreciated. The first link is my personal Shavee website and the second is my team Shavee website. Thanks guys!! Love yall!! Jamie|30949 Please do what you can to help my raise money for this amazing cause!!!
The Mystery Of Mervin
The place to write shit down. So, do I just tell you what I'm really thinking? The fact or the fantasy? You pick it, believe it or not. Swervin Mervin was born in the backwoods in the mid fifty's. "Swervin" got his nickname while riding bicycles around the trails as a child. He could drive anything. He could have been a champion. His love of the ladies and his taste for the night life turned his path away from the big time. Not much more than a small track clown, He could still race and win sometimes. Always riding his motorcycle around the pits and talking to everyone. If he couldn't get in the race he would hire out to do motorcycle stunts. Always on or near the track, he always found work doing the bike stunts. He always had one special lady at each track. Some say they had him... ya know, like he's gigolo or something. In the days to come "The Mystery of Mervin" will continue. Geraldo Rivera wrote a tell all book naming names. Maybe I should writ
He's the one I say I love, But you are who i see. I hear you talked to other girls, And I wish It was me. I know you could do better, But you've never left my mind I just wish you'd say the same, or give my just one sign You say you care about me, but I hear that everyday I want to hear you say the things no one else would say I've said more then you could know, but you can't seem to hear You close yourself off again, while I'm wishing you were near. I want to know what's in your mind, but I can't get through that door I know you think I'm beautiful, But I wish that there was more. Is it something you can't say? Or is there nothing there? I wish you actions spoke as words, because THEY show you care. I can't just live my life like this. I need you just to talk But every time I wait for you, You tell me just to walk. What is it you expect from me? What is it that you feel? I can't just try to sift through this, and find out what is real.
Vamps Log
Wish I was too dead to cry My self-affliction fades Stones to throw at my creator Masochists to which I cater You don't need to bother; I don't need to be I'll keep slipping farther But once I hold on, I won't let go 'til it bleeds Wish I was too dead to care If indeed I cared at all Never had a voice to protest So you fed me shit to digest I wish I had a reason; my flaws are open season For this, I gave up trying One good turn deserves my dying You don't need to bother; I don't need to be I'll keep slipping farther But once I hold on, I won't let go 'til it bleeds [Solo: Corey] Wish I'd died instead of lived A zombie hides my face Shell forgotten with its memories Diaries left with cryptic entries And you don't need to bother; I don't need to be I'll keep slipping farther But once I hold on, I won't let go 'til it bleeds You don't need to bother; I don't need to be I'll keep slipping farther But once I hold on: I'll never live down my
Sam Aka Ms Mojito Aka Mo Aka Duckie Aka Et Al
As of this moment right now, when I started writing the's only 57 hours and 22 minutes until my Love's plane is scheduled to land. YAAAAAAY!!! Holy fucking shit I can't wait. 2 days, 8 hours and 21 minutes...... Can you tell I'm excited? I hate hate hate getting up early. However, sometimes it's worth it. Today I'm in an awesome mood, everything is perfect. I don't know what is better though.. The mist is flowing through the mountain-tops, barely concealing the snow and trees. It looks like a snow-covered wonderland of magic. The dew is sparkling on the grass, shining bright with all the colors of the rainbow in a thin sheen over the fresh-cut grass. The sun is peeking over the hills, sending rays out between them, slowly lighting up the morning sky in reds and lavenders. The lake is full of baby ducks fishing and playing. The sun is reflecting off the broken surface of the water, dancing off the waves in patterns of childlike fancy. I woke up to a
Waiting On New Tattoo
thinking of actually putting words WHY YOU NEVER QUESTION A DRUNK I was shopping at the local supermarket where I selected: A half-gallon of 2% milk, A carton of eggs, A quart of orange juice, A head of romaine lettuce, A 2 lb. can of coffee, and A 1 lb. package of bacon As I was unloading my items on the conveyor belt to check out, a drunk standing behind me watched as I placed the items in front of the cashier. While the cashier was ringing up the purchases, the drunk calmly stated, "You must be single." I was a bit startled by this proclamation, but I was intrigued by the derelict's intuition, since I was indeed single. I looked at the six items on the belt and saw nothing particularly unusual about my selections that could have tipped off the drunk to my marital status. Curiosity getting the better of me, I said: "Well, you know what, you're absolutely right. But how on earth did you know that?" The drunk replied, "Cause you're ugly
New Rapist Trick! Girls Please Read And Pass It On!!!!
I dont know if this is true or not, I dont get on here to spread baseless rumors. But this sounds credible and in the event it did happen, PASS IT ON and BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!!!!! Paul I found this on here, PASS IT ON!!!!! NEW RAPIST TRICK! GIRLS PLEASE READ! Subject: A Rapist's New Trick Please take 3 minutes and read this...then pass it on.... When I think about it...I probably would have believed him and opened the door..... RAPIST TRICK Know what money you are carrying. You will see why as you read. Be sure every woman is aware of this M.O. Share it with your wife and daughters. Know what money you are carrying... This was the first I have heard of a scheme like this.....I wanted to pass it along. Be safe! Something very serious to pay attention to. Criminals are coming up with craftier, less threatening methods of attack, so we have to be extra cautious. ********* I live in Alexandria , VA , but I often work in Lafayett
Hollywood Inbreeding
Ahhhhh life. Its all about status. You're so worried about what people think of you that your willing to risk/ruin your life whether it be sexual, social or professional. Now I know you're saying to yourself; "Self, what the hell is he talking about?" Well fret not, I'm going to tell you. Think about this. Celebrities date/marry other celebrities. Why? Its all about status. God forbid if they are seen in public with someone that is "beneath" them in the status pool. Well I say HORSEPUCKY!!!!! These people date each other and its like hollywood inbreeding. All because they can't be seen on the wrong side of the tracks. Well I am here to tell you. Jennifer Aniston, Alyssa Milano, Kate Hudson and all you other single hollywood hotties, come look me up. I don't want your money. I don't want pics of us arm in arm walking the red carpet together. I don't even want any charity from you in trying to better myself. I just want to see if we mesh. Its true that I don't
Betrayal comes in all shapes and sizes. It is not measured by the person doing the betraying but by the one recieving it. If you are the person on the recieving end of this, at first there is shock, then comes the sting. The strange thing is that no matter when you find out about it, whether it be the same day, next month , or 10 years down the road the result is still the same. You are crushed. How could this person that I believed in and trusted do this to me is usually the question that comes to mind. Or even how could I have not seen? The most important thing to remember in this situation (as hard as it is when you are faced with it sometimes) is that the problem is theirs and not yours. The betrayer needs to carry that cross. It is not our burden to bare. We need to pick up the pieces and put it behind us and chalk it up to a learning experience. W.Redwing Copyright 1-22-2008
Newbie 2 Fubar
A Methodical Formulation
You couldn't love me if ever you tried.I'm not your type, not full of pride.Or full of me, all i can be, is what you see.I'm in pieces...A cross to bear...A jaded Narcotic..defrauded tear..Still so hysterical...A moth drawn to your flame..Encomium showers me in glow.Don't say goodnight, you needn't have to go.I'm a Neophyte, Pristine...Burning inside..I want you to know that I really fucking, here's  your poision, across there,  the otherside.I'm impure.Slightly demure.My self - abuse it shows I missed the nooseon the inside my conflicts grow..I expected nothing more tonight, how obscure of me to think I might...I wouldv'e painted your world Euphoria..Raised you to elation, a seventh sense of sight.How Sedate.... My Nocturne isn't played with hate.I know you crave a malevolent symphony.One played not for you, but he.The demon that steals you, and hides you, and rapes you.What happened to serenity?Covered with blood again..Would you adore a halcyon?or maybe an anodyne, to fo
Self Reflection
Tell me 10 things you know about me or 10 things you like about me!! LOL This should be fun! A is for age: 29, will be 30 in Novemeber. B is for beer of choice: GUINESSr C is for career right now: I don't have one. D is for your dog's name? No DOg Of My OWn E is for essential item you use everyday Clothes F is for favorite TV show at the moment? Dexter G is for favorite game? Mind Games?...Ya'RLY! H is for Home town: Born in St Paul, MN I is for instruments you play: I wanna play the DIG! J is for favorite juice: Pear K is for whose butt you'd like to kick: Anyone who harms my circle L is for last place you ate: Ho(pizza hut) M is for marriage: Eventually, YES N is for your full name: James Robert Hill J.R. O is for overnight hospital stays: yes P is for people you were with today: My Love, and the family Q is for quote: "And when I vest my flashing sword And my hand takes hold in judgement I will take vengeance upon mine
"about Me. Part 2"
It's derived from a rock climbing term for a pioneering route up a pitch, first ascent. I find this a fitting match for my personality & ambitions in life. As we all search for what we want in life, we all find different challenges, paths or solutions to those challenges, and hopefully our own first ascent to a higher place in life.
One Republic Concert
I got 4 free tickets to see One Republic, Josh Kelley and The Daylights. The Daylights were first up. Awesome band I am totally in love with now. I bought there cd and cant stop playing it. Next up was Josh Kelley. I have never been a big fan of him and last night changed nothing. He is ok but just not something i listen regularly. One Republic ROCKED. Except I almost went to jail. This short fat drunk bitch decided to try and get closer right in front of me. I had been at Pops since 6 pm stood outside freezing my tatas off for 1 hour and 20 minutes before they let people in and stood in high heels the whole time in the same spot. Feet killing me I was not gonna have this bitch take my spot. You know how drunks get jumping up and downing all over me. Resting here arm on my boobs. Then she had the nerve to tell me to move my big ass chest out of her way. Well that set me off. I was there first now u are gonna insult my breast. I am sorry if u werent there the day God handed
What Guys Think
We don't care if you're friends with other guys. But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us the hell off. It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. We don't care if a guy calls >OR TEXTS< you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till the morning. Also, when we tell you "you're pretty/ beautiful/ gorgeous/ cute/ stunning", we freaking mean it. Don't tell us we're wrong! We'll stop trying to convince you. The sexiest thing about a girl is Confidence. Yeah, you can quote me. Not arrogance! Confidence! Don't be mad when we hold the door open. Take Advantage of the mood im in. let us pay for you! dont "feel bad" We enjoy doing it. It's expected. Smile and say "thank you." Kiss us when no one's wat
Im In An Auction
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CoolnessMaintaining a state of inner calmness protects me from becoming a slave to my emotions. It also helps me to keep a cool head when I see others becoming heated or angry. Coolness is not to be distant or uncaring; rather it requires that I develop the deeply caring nature of a peacemaker and serve others in the best possible way. Thinkin of someone when posting this : )~
Girlfriend Application
Application. About You Name: Age: Height: Hair color: Eye color: Favorite color: Favorite food: Whats your YAHOO screen name: Tattoos?: Piercings?: Drink?: Smoke?: Any Other drugs?: Would you care if i did drugs?: Would you care if i drank?: Are you a virgin?: Do you have sex?: (if so) How Often?: Is sex all your looking for?: Do you have any STD's?: Would you kiss me anytime?: Anywhere?: Do you like to cuddle?: How much?: Have you ever been cheated on?: Would you cheat on me?: Have you ever cheated on someone?: List your top 3 bands 1.: 2.: 3.: Top 3 movies 1.: 2.: 3.: Do you like to party?: What if i wanted to stay home and watch a movie with you?: What if i wanted to kiss you in the rain?: Are you spontainiouse?: Willing to try new things?: Like your picture taken?: Do you drive?: Go to school?: IMPORTANT QUESTIONS! Would you hold my hand as we walk through the mall?: Would you push me up
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so tuesday at work,the general manager decided in her infinite wisdom that after we closed at 9,one of the other employees could cut out leaving just two others of us,both us i let the other dude handle all the officework crap.that left me 45 minutes to finish up with the birds(oh yeah,i work at petco),grab the trashes,put the store back in order,and verify the stuff needin verifyin in the took 20 minutes to finish the birds,went around picking up the store a bit and then went to do the trash.when i went to grab the womens bathroom trashbag,i was blessed to discover someone with diarrea basically used the trash can as a crapper(please insert sarcasmhere).so i managed to take care of that,unfortunately i cant say that my stomach did.finally get everything done and its time to go.i decided morning crew could handle rebagging the cans,i should have known better tho.My assistant manager comes in today,an bein the jolly friendly type i am said howdy.instead of replyi
Surveys And The Like
So, what if you married the last person you kissed? hmm would be wierd she is nice but honestly cant see marrying her If you could change your eye color would you? my eyes were brown when i was a kid now they are brown green and gold like a hawks so i guess i already did lol What is the biggest secret you know about your best friend? i take the fifth Last person you told a secret to? mari What's your favorite thing about Sundays? i usually dont have to work lol What are you wearing on your feet? not a thing Who did you last get into a big argument with? hmmmm my uncle Have you ever had a really big fight with a best friend? yes he was about to do something that could put him in jail If you could get back in touch with one person you've lost touch with, who rachel Ever kissed someone who's name starts with a J? yes Do you have a best friend to lean on? yes Do you miss anyone? yes very much and she knows who she is Have you ever had the
Bid On Me
~ BLING CONTEST ~ NO FAKE ACCOUNTS ALOUD I am hosting a Bling contest 1st - 70 credit bling pack 2nd - 25 credit bling pack 3rd - 12 credit bling pack ( minimum of 20k comments for 1st prize) and for the most rates over 200 will get a 12 credit bling pack Contest will start August 13th at noon Fu Time and end on September 3rd at noon Fu Time. Bombing family's are welcome and self bombing is encouraged. Send me (DJ OLDS) a private message to enter. I will take entries up till the start of contest. If there is any whineing u will be removed from contest and that includes DRAMA. Brought to you by .... ~DJ OLDS~Owned by Sparkeling deb~Shadow Leveler ~Owner of THE UNHOLY GRAIL@ fubar
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come bid on me plz just click on the pic
Why ...
Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin ? Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed? Why don't you ever see the headline 'Psychic Wins Lottery'? Why is 'abbreviated' such a long word? Why is it that doctors call what they do 'practice'? Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons? Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker? Why is the time of day with the slow est traffic called rush hour? Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food? Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes? Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections? You know that indestructible black box that is used on airplanes? Why don't they make the whol e plane out of that stuff?! Why don't sheep shrink when it rains? Why are they called apartments when they are all stuck together? If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress? If flying is so safe, why do they call
Only In America
Only in America drugstores make the sick walk all the wa y to the back of the store to get their prescriptions while healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front. Only in America people order double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a diet coke. < /SPAN>Only in America banks leave both doors open and then chain the pens to the counters. Only in America we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage. Only in America we buy hot dogs in packages of ten and buns in packages of eight. Only in America ... they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering.
This Life Of Mine 29
I had two meetings this morning, one at 9:15 and one at 9:30 and 15 miles away from each other so really impossible for me to make both of them. I opted to send the stuff needed for the work meeting to work with Peter and have him give it to my Dad so they could have it if they needed it. I then went to my meeting at the high school for Anthony. It was a meeting about his tardiness and absenteeism problem! It was kind of a pointless meeting but they called anthony in there and we talked to the vise principal and he told him to stop going to his locker between classes and just carry his books so he won't be late for class anymore! Anthony is doing a lot better so I am happy as can be about that. The vise principal told Anthony that he has had good behavior lately and he thanked him for that. Anthony said "your welcome". kind of funny. I just hope this good attitude is here to stay and not temporary. We still have 5 classes left of our Parent classes for teenagers! One is
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ok, so i did it Purplesky got me in an auction so someone bid on me so she dont have to heres the link go bid now Santa will put you on his nice list for it even tho i prefer to be naughty
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I Did It To Myself
happy birthday my baby you are now nine years old and hopefully you can come home to me as soon as i can get back onto my feet.
I am in an Auction... bid on me and you get some cool shit if you win!! I would love for someone to create a salute for me. I am open to what the "price" shall be... obvisiously the better the salute the better the price. Let me know what you think. If you want a salute back, I can do that!
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I'm just wondering why it is that when a married woman sneaks around with other men and hangs out at bars and parties without her husband...why is it she is surprised when he finds out and leaves her? I contemplate this on a regular basis and just can't figure it out. I hope no one was expecting anything!
Pimp Outs
    It's been a while since I have done a pimp out. So this one is for all my female fubarians. Go check out Bulldog the guy is uber sexy, sweet and very SINGLE!!! So how about showing him some love.   Rate a few of his pics while your there and say hi!!! TheBulldog UberSingleUltraGeek@ fubar Hey everyone get your asses over to this guys page and rate him like mad crazy. He is one of the sweetest guys on Fubar and "REAL" he isn't a fake I just wanna be your friends to level type person. Come on Ladies he is gorgeous so go show him some love and you guys yeah it's ok to add guys to your friends list he is really cool. Drunk has been on Fubar for almost 2 years now and still trying to reach Godfather status so everyone who reads this go help him out. Drunk1.:Fu-Owner of Hope & Purest Of Angels:.:Fu-Owned By Ms Mojito:.@ fubar Drunk1 your ass w
Turn up your volume too theres a song!You stay up for 16 hours.He stays up for days on end.You take a warm shower to help you wake up.He goes days or weeks without running water.You complain of a "headache", and call in sick.He gets shot at as others are hit, and keeps moving forward.You put on your anti war/don't support the troops shirt, and go meet up with your friends.He still fights for your right to wear that shirt.You talk trash about your "buddies" that aren't with you.He knows he may not see some of his buddies again.You walk down the beach, staring at all the pretty girls.He patrols the streets, searching for insurgents and terrorists...You complain about how hot it is.He wears his heavy gear, not daring to take off his helmet to wipe his brow.You go out to lunch, and complain because the restaurant got your order wrong.He doesn't get to eat today.Your maid makes your bed and washes your clothes. He wears the same things for weeks, but makes sure his weapons are clean.You go
Something To Remember
Dont Let Your Hapeninges Destory your Happiness... In lame mans terms dont let whats comming to u destory what already makes u happy!!!!!
Being Loved By Friends
subject: apology for miss angel in waiting post date: 2008-02-18 14:24:17 views: 71 comments: 13 ratings: 0 i would like to apologize and say im sorry for disrespecting u, belittling u, and degrading u. i am sorry for acting like a jerk and a ass. u didnt deserve to be treated like that. do hope u can forgive me. . i will respect and appreciate u more. u have my word Report as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) [?] Comment on this post.. Recent readers: Miss_Angel_in_W... (Stepped away) F, 37 United States DEX M, 35 United States marco p M, 47 United States Sklallam Savage M, 32 Kingston, WA Cheryl (much better!) F, 51 United States Sweet (but not ... F, 33 Santa Rosa, CA lunnan (Online) F, 43 Piqua, OH ~Broken~ F, 26 Lumberton, NC ' West Wind... F, 45 North Bend, OR Cajun Cherry ... (Stepped away) F United States
Salutes For Shamrocks
Timing Can Be Everything!
Hello everyone, I am fairly new to this site, don't know a great deal about ut yet! Have been away for awhile! I would love to make some awesome friends, so if you are interested, show me some love!! HUGGSSS to all!!!!
Help her get to Rockstar. She has 30,000 to go yet. ~~Sexie Mami~~ Co-Owner of Jersey Devil Lounge~~ LUV's Bartender!!@ fubar
I've Changed!! ;)
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A black guy, a woman, a minister, a duck & a Mormon walk into a bar. The duck orders a Bloody Mary. He drinks a sip. The woman stands on her head. He drinks another sip. The Mormon juggles. He drinks a third sip. The minister dances. He drinks a fourth sip. The black guy says: "Hey you white folks will do anything to humor a drunken duck, won't you?"
Rj Mavis
Here, read this: "By the mid-1930's, thanks to the New Deal, all that self-reliance had changed, prompting Mencken to declare: 'There is no genuine justice in any scheme of feeding and coddling the loafer whose only ponderable energies are devoted wholly to reproduction. Nine-tenths of the rights he bellows for are really privileges and he does nothing to deserve them.' Despite the billions spent on an individual, 'he can be lifted transiently but always slips back again.' Thus, the New Deal had been 'the most stupendous digenetic enterprise ever undertaken by man.... We not only acquired a vast population of morons, we have inculcated all morons, old or young, with the doctrine that the decent and industrious people of the country are bound to support them for all time. The effects of that doctrine are bound to be disastrous soon or late.' This is from a Biography of H.L. Mencken. Now look at the current elections. Both parties, all candidates always telling you what they will
I posted something I shouldn't have and said some things that were taken wrong because people don't know me. I won't repeat what I said but I will say this...I am disabiled. I have both emotional and physical problems. sometimes I do things and I don't think first how someone else might see it not knowing my situation. I say things that sometimes hurt people I love because they don't understand either. SO to all those I have hurt with my actions words and deeds I am sorry from the bottom of my heart I am sorry.
Meaning Of Witch.......
Whats Your Style ?
To All My Irish Friends
This Is What I Want In A Man
Hey everyone Im up 4 auction again so go and place your bids..... Hey evevryone Princess is up for auction press the link and Bid.... This is what you will get....If the bid goes hi enough Ill toss somemore stuff in.. 1) Add to family for the month 2) A personal salute photo to the winning bidder 3) Pimpout in in my profile 4) Pics rated during Happy Hour 5) One Fubar gift a day 6) 2 comments & Drinks a day for 2 weeks 7) add to my yahoo Lisa..AKA Princess
If I Knew
If I Knew If I knew how to write a song I’d write one everyday It would say that I’m in love with you And why I feel this way It would have to say you’re pretty And as rare as a desert rose It would say you’re a looker From your head down to your toes You are funny, dainty, fragile And as feminine as can be You’re smart charming lovely And everything to me You’re my comfort when I’m lonely You’re my peace when I need rest Of all the women I’ve known I must rate you the best. You’re the orchard in the jungle, you’re the better half of me You’re all of this and so much more, you mean the world to me Still so much is left unsaid, It would take me far to long I know how much I love you, If only I could write a song.
Love Me For Who I Am
Carbon Copy Pro Mlm
Learn about making REAL MONEY right now Carbon Copy Pro MLM is an automated, turn-key marketing system developed to promote a leading, high-profit direct sales business. Since its release in October 2007, the system has increased sales over 300%. Here are some of the features and benefits of our CarbonCopyPRO Automated Marketing System: * Your prospects receive an email acknowledgment right away when they submit their name and email to enter the site. They are encouraged to read through the testimonials page and then move on to the application page. * The $49 application fee helps to weed out "tire kickers" and Curious Georges so that almost all the applicants are serious about launching a lucrative home-based business. Carbon Copy Pro money Carbon Copy Pro MLMLearn about making REAL MONEY right now7) Want the best home based business on the internet? Want to leave your day job? Want to have financial freedom? Want to have the time to spend doing the things that
My Differnt Names
1. WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother & father's middle name) Ann Swan 2. NASCAR NAME: (first name of your mother's dad, father's dad ) Gary John 3. STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name) Stake 4. DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) Pink Frog 5. SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born) Rachael Norfolk 6. SUPERHERO NAME: (2nd fave color, fave drink, add "THE" to the beginning) The blue Butter Nipple 7. FLY NAME: (first 2 letters of 1st name, last 2 letters of your last name) Kest 8. GANGSTA NAME: ( fave ice cream flavor, fave cookie) Cookies and Cream M&M 9. ROCK STAR NAME: (current pets name, current street name) Soljier falls creek 10. STRIPPER NAME: ( name of your fave perfume/cologne, fave candy) Eternity Kit tak 11. PORN NAME: (1st pet, street you grew up on) Sparkie Goose Bay
My One True Love Is My Man Psyclone_jack And This Is For Him
Be Honest
1. BE HONEST (and blunt) FROM THE DOOR. Let her know if you have a girl, if you have 2 girls, if you have a baby's mama, if you just want sex, if you are looking for a wife, etc....don't build up false hopes i.e. lead her on. Let her know what the deal is, if she's not looking for that right now, she'll keep it moving. Don't be an Oscar Winner like Denzel for 3 months and get mad when she finds out all your dirt later....they will find out! Time always reveals the truth. And when the truth comes out then you got drama and who wants that? 2. TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT, INSTEAD OF ASKING FOR HER NUMBER, ASK HER FOR HER EMAIL ADDRESS ...That way, you can learn about her, dialogue with her, while building up the anticipation for the first phone call and/ or meeting in person. If your written skills are tight, she'll be anxiously waiting to talk to you and dead the email shyt real quick. Or if she starts talking crazy, can't spell, or if half the yard, the block, or the
Life And Death
Good Morning all.... Well, last night at work was one of the toughest that a nurse has to face. We had a patient whose health was declining for about 5 days. She lived a good life though, she was 100 years old. It was a very difficult night to say the least. It was my first work realted death. No one ever prepares or teaches you how to deal with this when you are training to be a nurse. No one tells you how best to deal with the patient or the family or your peers for that matter. The lonliness I felt for this woman was almost overwhelming. I notified family, but suprisingly no one wanted to come and be with her in her final moments. So, who does that leave....ME. I stayed with this woman all night and made her as comfortable as possible. Really, how comfortable can you make one who is facing death? Better yet, how comfortable can you be when faced with taking care and providing comfort to the dying? Lets just say that I made it through. The crying came as i watched h
i want to let you in on a secret im not who you think i am in fact my disguise is so thin im surprised you havent seen right through me im the guy of your dreams masquerading as your friend sometimes i want to rip off this facade like i did when we were together but i cant because you'll run away again so i decided that its better to live with the lie than to expose my true feelings my parents told me there are two types of men the ones you grow out of and the ones you grow into i really hope im the latter i may not be the one you love to day but i will let you go for now hoping that one day you'll fly back to me because i think your worth the wait
Wolf's Version Of The Three Little Pigs
SOMERSET PA (AP) -- A. Wolf took the stand today in his own defense. This shocked and stunned the media who predicted that he would not testify in the brutal double murder trial. A. Wolf is accused of killing (and eating) The First Little Pig, and The Second Little Pig. This criminal trial is expected to be followed by a civil trial to be brought by the surviving Third Little Pig. The case has been characterized as a media circus. His testimony is transcribed below: "Everybody knows the story of the Three Little Pigs. Or at least they think they do. But I'll let you in on a little secret. Nobody knows the real story, because nobody has ever heard my side of the story. I'm Alexander T. Wolf. You can call me Al. I don't know how this whole Big Bad Wolf thing got started, but it's all wrong. Maybe it's because of our diet. Hey, it's not my fault wolves eat cute little animals like bunnies and sheep and pigs. That's just the way we are. If cheeseburgers were cute, folks would probably thin
This Is Not
I Do Love You!
Yeah, I'm BBW. Kind of bothers me to b dat way, but u know wat......I'm beautiful inside and out and I don't give a shit wat anybody say. There are men out there who would luv 2 have me.
So Much Drama
Well this is my first blog on fubar.... I just decided to blog because I found it funny that some of these haters (whom show way more then I did or ever intend to on the internet) decided to report a clevage shot as NSFW.... Quite personally I think its funny because Shes just mad because I said that I didnt think even pimpin herself out she would make enough money for her ransome on her mumm..... Of course you will always have haters in this world.... Well I guess I can only say NOBODY fucks you over like family.... No matter how much you do for them.... I have always helped anyone in my family that I can.... I would give the shirt off my back if someone in my family needed it.... I have and would fight for my family.... I might even kill for my family.... I know if it came to someone doing something to one of my children I would kill someone.... I would and have given the last dollar to my name to someone in my family.... I recently found out that my cousin, w
1st Contest And I Need Some Help Please!
I am in another contest and need some of my friends to stop in and rate and comment my picture! There is no time limit! Hey u help me and I will gladly give the love back! Don't forget to fan, rate and add him on: Ðá Mäinê MÁn®@ fubar Thanks for all your help! Needs 49k comments for her year vip giveawy! She's almost out of time! Please Help Her! Needs 4k comments for her Fu Bling Pack! She has 2 days left!
"Don't give up on me," As I said this, I knew it wasn't what I deserved. Not after everything I had put him through. "I love you." "I love you too," he said looking down at me, drawing his hand near my face. I could hear the rain as it fell onto the roof trailing its way past the window. Any other time I would've been at peace. Not now. His hand gently brushed up against the whiskers on my chin, then my cheek. He had been looking into my eye's listening to everything I had told him. But now he was facing the floor. His eye's closed. He pulled my head to his. "But I can't keep doing this. I can't keep being pushed away. I can't keep being hurt. I can't do it any more. You need help and you won't do anything to get it and you won't let me help you." "I know and I'll get it. I'll do whatever you want me to! Just please don't leave! I can't bare to be abandoned again. Not by you." Tears started to well in both our eyes. We were holding each other now still standing by the window.
Life Itself
I woke up feeling pretty good this morning. Logged on to Fubar and now I feel blah. So much emotion and feeling going through me that it has left me with a sense of being confused. Anywho~ I need to shake it off whatever it is , cause in the END~ the only thing that matters is My Son. You learn as you are growing up that some people wont be true~then you get older and learn that somethings just never change. Words to live by: ~DON'T MAKE SOMEONE YOUR PRIORITY WHEN THAT PERSON ONLY HAS YOU AS THEIR OPTION~ So I have been at a point in my life where DRAMA and people who have drama, I cannot stand to be around. I also find myself getting rather annoyed with people who constantly go on about either themselves or their significant other. I mean hey its great if you have someone you think is completely wonderful and great, but come on people do you ever stop and think that JUST MAYBE we don't want to hear about how wonderful they are every 5 seconds. I have one friend who is
When you call Tech Support, it helps if you have the PC turned on because it's kinda hard for me to help you without it being on!!
Pimp Outs
Please forgive the poor punctuation as i am very emotional atm lol omg i don"t know where to thank you so much each and everyone of my friends and family that helped to make my 1st happy hour absolutely fabulous!! there is no way to be able to list everyone that helped--several were on my page the whole hour and several were in the new members section helping me level our news fubarians with all the awesome love you guys show to me each and every day and omg the blings and gifts (i'm gonna cry again) you guys don't know how much your friendship means to me--i love u all so very much I truly love n cherish each and every1 of my friends I do want to mention 4 very special friends who have been with me thru this whole crazy trip from the beginning of my entering Hot Marina's giveaway and right down to the last second helping me level folks up MishNumber1 ♥ Owned By Sherry ~ Of FWC SUP ShadowLevelers & SBG. Club FAR Team Captain@ fubar *MsRetta*S*U
Just Wondering Why?
Outside Sources
by Mark Twain Now then, you have the facts. You know what the human race enjoys and what it doesn't enjoy. It has invented a heaven out of its own head, all by itself: guess what it is like! In fifteen hundred eternities you couldn't do it. The ablest mind known to you or me in fifty million aeons couldn't do it. Very well, I will tell you about it. 1. First of all, I recall to your attention the extraordinary fact with which I began. To wit, that the human being, like the immortals, naturally places sexual intercourse far and away above all other joys -- yet he has left it out of his heaven! The very thought of it excites him; opportunity sets him wild; in this state he will risk life, reputation, everything -- even his queer heaven itself -- to make good that opportunity and ride it to the overwhelming climax. From youth to middle age all men and all women prize copulation above all other pleasures combined, yet it is actually as I have said: it is not in their heaven; praye
I am going to Iraq in July. I should return in January. I was asked to go by my former boss to go work for him over there in Al Asad. This is a rare thing to be asked to go. Usually it is more like "Hey, you are going in 3 months, get ready." I agreed to go. The pay over there will be good and also I am planning on re-enlisting while I am over there. Hopefully I will pick up Sgt too.
who wants 2 get drunk?
My Blogs
I need to make it to level 10 soon, so that I can start my lounge. I am going to start a pagan lounge for the coven of the White Stag. Also if you are interested, I would love to hear from you too. I just wont to create a place, were people, can go to be there selves. I am not sure on the music choice yet, because I haven't figured out how to use it yet, but this is going to be a fun experience. I hope everything works out. Let me know if you would be interested in something like that. I look forward from hearing from everyone on this subject. It is going to be a fun adventure. Thank you for listening to yet another blog.
jokes Current mood: energetic Riddles for a Twisted Mind..... Q. What is the difference between a drug dealer and a hooker? A. A hooker can wash her crack and sell it again. Q. What's a mixed feeling? A. When you see your mother-in-law backing off a cliff in your new car. Q. What's the height of conceit? A. Having an orgasm and calling out your own name. Q. What's the definition of macho? A. Jogging home from your vasectomy. Q. What's the difference between a G-Spot and a golf ball? A. A guy will actually search for a golf ball Q.Why is divorce so expensive? A. Because it's worth it! Q. What is a Yankee? A. The same as a quickie, but a guy can do it alone. Q. What do a Christmas tree and priest have in common? A. Their balls are just for decoration. Q.What is the difference between "ooooooh"and "aaaaaaah"? A. About three inches. Q. Why do Gay men wear ribbed condoms? A. For traction in the mud. Q: What's the difference between
Need Lots Of Help
Hello I really need all the help I can get on this one... so please help if you can... This is really important. I have helped many in theirs and I need the help in mine now... I think You are supposed to fan, rate and add to be able to help in this contest. Here is the link to my pic that needs the comments...
I am in my very first VIP giveaway!! I am so excited!!! Of course I have my wonderful CLowns PoSsE helping me out with it, and some fantastic new friends as well!!! It shouldnt take long at all to get my 30,000 comments!!! COme help?
went out with mates on the piss too much jd & cider feel like shit now
A Heart 2 Sweet
Beauty is a thing seldom seen No one sees it because no one looks Or at least not in the right place Beauty is held by all Within the soul it lies Waiting to come out to the surface Only it can't Beauty is suppressed by the evils of the world Only love can bring beauty out Once seen Beauty never hides again Not even hatred can deny beauty Of it's true design Beauty although possessed by all Will only ever be truly seen by few And fewer yet will ever see One of the most beautiful sights The beauty held by you The day you were born, the whole world was blessed These thoughts in my mind to you I must confess The time has come for me to express my true feelings You are the center of my thoughts and the essence of my being What you have brought me I never thought I could procure The gift of comfort, with you I am secure For you have lifted me up from a life filled with sorrow And made me realize there is always a better tomorrow It amazes me how so
I Need.............
I am in a auction and would love for you to own me please make it a good bid and by the wat the person with the most rates also wins so if you dont want to own me at least rate my pic . A ll my Love Click ling to enter Please show your fubar love to me I am in a contest that ends Friday I am behind please help me win. I always try to help out if its with fu bucks rates or bombing I do what I can .Please help . Anyone who wants to own me for a month go let it be known make it good if its worth my wild I will up the offer. So go show me love and while your there please rate me .
Contest, Comment On My Main Profile Pic Please
I am part of a contest that is starting at 9 that if I get 25000 comments on my main profile pic then I get a 3 month VIP. If I get the mosst ratings I get a 3 day blast. I have two weeks to get all the comments and ratings that I can get. I could use all the help that I can get. PLEASE HELP. Thank you.
HOW'D THEY DO THAT? Horse training requires mutual respect By Derek Meurer, The Daily Courier Friday, February 15, 2008 When she was 16, JoAnna Carrillo suffered serious injuries because of a bull-riding accident. That has not kept her out of the saddle, however. Carrillo, now 19, lives and works in Chino Valley training horses and offering classes to riders. "Pretty much the basics are to make the horse respect you," Carrillo said. "It's respect for respect, just like a relationship with a human. If you beat them, you can't expect them to be friendly." Carrillo said she was "born into" horse training, and began her ranch work around age 5, in Texas. She has worked at numerous ranches since then, but says that when it comes to horses, there is always something new to learn. "When training a horse, you usually want to start them from the day they're born," Carrillo said. "You give them a couple of hours with their mother, and then get them haltered; let them know the h
UKdelights is a new lounge, opening its doors on the 14th! Come check it out! Feeling like getting Fu-Employed? Think you have what it takes? Then click one of the above images and come drop us a line!
This is called “FIRST REACTIONS QUIZ”. You have to type the 1ST thing that comes to mind whenever you hear these 35 things. You can’t think and go back and change your answers. TIP: erase all of tha other persons anwers first..that way u can think in blank Here we go: 1. Beer: IS FUCKING AWESOME. 2. McDonalds: BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD FOR YOU. 3. Relationships: WHATEVER, LOL. IF UR IN ONE, KEWL, IF NOT, KEWL TO. ALL U NEED ARE GREAT FRIENDS! 4. Purple: I LIKE SUM SHADES OF PURPLE. 5. Power Rangers: HAHAHAHAHAHA WHO CARES. 6. Weed : NAH, NOT FOR ME. 7. Steroids: YUCK. 8. Cartoons: BOONDOCKS, SHIN CHAN, FAMILY GUY, HAHAHA CRAIG HAS ME WATCHING ALL THE ADULT SWIM TOONS. 9. The President: HAHAHAHAHAHA. 10. Tupperware: I HAVE SUM, BUT IVE NEVER BEEN TO A TUPPERWARE PARTY, LOL. 11. Florida: ALLIGATORS. 12. Santa Claus: IS KEWL. 13. Halloween: MY FAV HOLIDAY. 14. Alice: ALICE IN CHAINS. 15. Grammar: I HAS GOOD GRAMMA BIOTCH. 16: Myspace: NOT AS
The Nine Satanic Sins
1. Stupidity—The top of the list for Satanic Sins. The Cardinal Sin of Satanism. It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful. Ignorance is one thing, but our society thrives increasingly on stupidity. It depends on people going along with whatever they are told. The media promotes a cultivated stupidity as a posture that is not only acceptable but laudable. Satanists must learn to see through the tricks and cannot afford to be stupid. 2. Pretentiousness—Empty posturing can be most irritating and isn’t applying the cardinal rules of Lesser Magic. On equal footing with stupidity for what keeps the money in circulation these days. Everyone’s made to feel like a big shot, whether they can come up with the goods or not. 3. Solipsism—Can be very dangerous for Satanists. Projecting your reactions, responses and sensibilities onto someone who is probably far less attuned than you are. It is the mistake of expecting people to give you the same consideration, courtesy and respect that you na
The Nine Satanic Statements
1. Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence! 2. Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams! 3. Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit! 4. Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates! 5. Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek! 6. Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires! 7. Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his “divine spiritual and intellectual development,” has become the most vicious animal of all! 8. Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification! 9. Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years!
Can't Sleep
The Eleven Satanic Rules Of The Earth
1. Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked. 2. Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them. 3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there. 4. If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy. 5. Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal. 6. Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved. 7. Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained. 8. Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself. 9. Do not harm little children. 10. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food. 11. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does n
Take Me As I Am
and then she rated me a 1 OH NO! a 42 year old woman rated me a 1 OH NO! WHAT EVER WILL I DO WITH MY LIFE diane_1 GO FUCK YOURSELF! this is a conversation with some random woman who commented on my picture with pink hair. what do you think? SHE WAS WAY OUT OF LINE! {p.s. you have to read from bottom to top. its a fubar shoutbox conversation} diane_1: so grow up then.. if you are 18 like you say, then YOU FUCK OFGF AND STOP TALKING TOI ME ->diane_1: NOT FUCKING REALLY! She dies her hair for personal reasons and you are acting childish by judging people because of their actions. SO FUCK OFF! i dont care what you think. your not my mother. diane_1: if she is still dying her hair.. then she is still a kid in an adults body! sorry ->diane_1: dont judge my mother diane_1: you and you mom are very much alike... young kids ->diane_1: okay. well, A. your not my mother. B. ive been dying my hair WITH my mother since i was 12. C. its not your place to degrade me b
Finish The Sentance
Rfs Review
RFS reviewLearn about making REAL MONEY right nowThe Reverse Funnel System is the system that I am talking about. If you really are the net savvy person that I assume you to be then you are probably going to be familiar with the term and the person behind it, yes that's right, the Steve jobs of the stay at home business model and entrepreneur himself- Ty Coughlin.Ty Coughlin and his famous band of brothers who rose from their humble origins to give you the mother of all systems that would enable you to make enough money that would give you the necessary impetus to take your life places.The Reverse Funnel System is one of the most successful systems that you would ever find on the internet and Ty Coughlin in my book is the guy second only to god.The Reverse Funnel System works so well. It builds anticipation and value by making potential sales go through a paid survey while at the same time it weeds out those who would be uncommitted and a waste of your time and energy.Tags: reverse fun
Not Sure
How do you know when you are really in love? I mean the kind that makes you melt when you see him. When you pick up the phone and just his voice alone makes you melt. I want that kind of love. I guess everyone does. But how do you know whenyou find that kind of love and if you do will you push it away because it scares you?
Lord Of Death
Know Your
"A Man has 4 different types of girls.. 1. Wifey 2. Boo 3. Bitches 4. Ho's 1)Wifey is irreplaceable.. but she is the only one that is irreplaceable.. She is the girl that the guy loves and will always love, and he never wants to see her with another man.. But.. He will cheat on her with Boo, Bitches, and Ho's until he is mature enough to realize that if he loses Wifey he would be screwed, and NEVER be happy again.. 2) Boo is replaceable, she thinks she's Wifey, but will NEVER be Wifey because Wifey was made Wifey and is irreplaceable.. she can NEVER replace her.. Boo tries to take Wifeys spot, but once she attempts, the guy allows her to get a TASTE of Wifey's spot... but will NEVER achieve her spot for any longer than a few months, then the man goes back to Wifey.. And Boo either gets replaced with another Boo, or, the man matures and decides that Wifey is the one for him.. (Ladies.. you don't want to be BOO) 3) Bitches.. A female that a male uses only for sex or
*this* Is What "nuwaubu & Nuwaubians" Are *really* About!
Decode the movie and the video. What do they know that you dont know? What are they showing you that you dont know? They have to show you, make you get use to or comfortable with. Then they do it. Everything is by choice and volunteering whether you are aware of it or not. Madonna - 4 Minutes Apocalypse (Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil"), is a term applied to the disclosure to certain privileged persons of something hidden from the majority of humankind.
When passion's lost and all the trust is gone, Way too far, for way too long Children crying, cast out and neglected, Only in a world so cold, only in a world This cold Hold the hand of your best friend, look into their eyes Then watch them drift away Some might say, we've done the wrong things, For way too long, for way too long Fever inside the storm, So I'm turning away. Away from the name (Calling your names) Away from the stones (Throw sticks and stones) 'Cause I'm through mending the wounds of us Keep your thorns 'Cause I'm running away, Away from the games (Fucking head games) Away from the space (Hate this head space) The circumstances of a world so cold burning whispers, Remind me of the days, I was left alone, in a world this cold Guilty of the same things, provoked by The cause, I've left alone, in a world so cold Fever inside the storm, So I'm turning away. Away from the name (Calling your names) Away from the stones (Throw sticks
Rip John
MONONGAH — Some children in the town are helping American soldiers in Afghanistan put their best foot forward.Literally.This week, the First United Methodist Church Day Care Center in Monongah will hold a “Socks for Soldiers” drive to collect socks for troops serving in Afghanistan.The event is the brainchild of co-directors Kelly Streyle and Lori Barrett. Streyle’s son, Karl, joined the Army last year. In early June, he was deployed to Afghanistan.Streyle said her son is in a very remote outpost in the Korengal Valley, Afghanistan. Streyle said mail service to the outpost is sketchy because near constant fire means its difficult to land helicopters there We are proud to offer an extensive array of supportive features in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  But as one of our authors, Lori Hope, points out in this powerful guest post, it can be difficult to be a non-breast-cancer survivor in October because you can easily feel like your disease is carried o
My Poems
Can you tell me why things are this way? Tell me why so many things are left to say... Can you tell me what to do? Tell my why i'm in love with you... Can you tell me how you feel? Tell me why this can't be real... Can you tell me why we can't be? Tell me why i'm so blinded to see... Can you tell me why she tells me you dont like me? Tell me why you show signs you do... Tell me why I love you... P.S Please Father way up there, look down here and see.. How much she really means to me... I know we will never be I've came to face it, you see It still hurts like hell Back to my old life, entrapt in a shell Tired of breaking out to be pulled back Why can't my life just stay on track I love her, but I cannot say it She needn't know.. It's the gods honest truth They Say that the best feeling is love Because it's a godsend from up above But anymore I see that's it's not It's just there to make your heart rot Cupid really has demon horns and wings Singing the de
Some People's Kids
Carbon Copy Pro Money
Learn about making REAL MONEY right now Carbon Copy Pro Money - You earn a $30 commission for every $49 application you receive. When someone joins your team and opts to use the Carbon Copy Pro system (and who wouldn't?), you earn another $30 commission, paid out every month they are a member. In addition to teaching you how to generate your own leads, we also continually research and test lead generation programs such as advertising co-ops, joint ventures with professional lead generation companies, and direct mail campaigns. We offer several training calls every week teaching you the principles of successful Internet marketing, communications skills, lead generation, "mindset," and much more. In addition to your sponsor and all the training calls, we also have a very active CCPRO Forum (discussion board) where you can ask questions, read other members' tips, and receive support! Carbon Copy Pro money Carbon Copy Pro moneyLearn about making REAL MONEY right now6) CCP
Please Help Studio 54
Hi I just wanted to invite you all to Studio 54 lounge the biggest and ONLY CELEBERTY OWNED lounge on fubar, we are trying to reach our goal of 10,000 members so stop in and say hi and have fun oh and dont for get to subscribe to the lounge while your there.
Value Of A Woman
The value of a woman - This couldn't be said more beautifully......... The Value of a Woman This is written in the Hebrew Talmud It says: "Be very careful if you make a woman cry, because God Counts her tears. The woman came out of a man's rib. Not from his feet To be walked on. Not from his head to be superior, But from the side To be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be Loved." Pass this on to all exceptional women that you know... And to men too - so they know the value of a woman... TY Eric for letting me steal this and pass it on!
Location Change....
For those of you that HAVENT taken notice yet... I have changed my HOME LOCATION .... its no longer listed as Puyallup, WA... the city ive lived the past 14 or so years or more in... no.. it i NOW listed as Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri... thats RIGHT.. WHY you may ask... well.. cause thats the FIRST stop on my NEW military career with the ARMY.. Yes... if you all have noticed.. ive gone from the MARINES to the ARMY... NOT as bad a change as you would think...but more on that another time... Ill try an keep every one posted of changes as they go... right now i need to try an get the rest of my apartment packed.. cause i need to try an store it for the next few months til the ARMY or I can come an get it from here to take it to my next duty station.. BUT.. the RUB in that is that i need to get it done in the next 3 days.. cause got served papers last week sayin needed to be out by THIS friday.. or would be getting evicted by the Sheriff... NOT FUN.. i hate stress... talk
Good Democrat :
Beliefs of a Good Democrat 1. You have to be against capital punishment, but support abortion on demand. 2. You have to believe that businesses create oppression and governments create prosperity. 3. You have to believe that guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans are more of a threat than nuclear weapons technology in the hands of Chinese and Korean communists. 4. You have to believe that there was no art before Federal funding. 5. You have to believe that global temperatures are more affected by soccer moms driving SUV's than cyclical, documented changes in the earth's climate. 6. You have to believe that gender roles are artificial but being homosexual is natural. 7. You have to believe that the AIDS virus is spread by a lack of federal funding. 8. You have to believe that the same teacher who can't teach fourth graders how to read is somehow qualified to teach those same kids about sex. 9. You have to believe that hunters don't care about nature but loony activists who
I've always believed that love would find me. One day, I'd look up and realize I trust this man completely, I can depend on him, he's "the one", I can spend my life with him, he's my best friend, I can share all my quirks without fear, and can't wait to raise a family with him. But, all of a sudden I'm thirty and "the one" hasn't come. I don't think that waiting for something to click and feel right is impossibly unrealistic. I'm not waiting for perfection or prince charming to come along and sweep me off my feet. I honestly don't think I'd enjoy participating in a fairy tale. I'm too used to taking care of myself and those around me to play the princess. I guess I'm just wishing for the man with the right set of imperfections to come along, a partner in crime so to speak. I'm not willing to settle. And I won't give in to a guy that doesn't light me up, because the worst thing I can imagine is the heartache of a failed marriage and the break up of a family. But right now, after hav
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Things Happen For A Reason
Guys Suck
Fubar Stuff
Wanna join my heart project?? just take a pic of you making a heart with your hands Must be a horizontal picture And then send it to me in a private message Let's get this thing going!! I will post all names of ppl who send me a pic here in this blog. Pictured above: Me(AMber420Nicole) babysatan�™AMber's RL/BF & Pain in the ass�™I own my AMber!@ fubar SexVixon♥MommyToBe♥@ fubar ~Kiwichi~ *Owned by Jen & Airbags*@ fubar RoughTough20@ fubar Gregoire - Master Pimp 4 Real Deal Babes@ fubar SoLaReD______ I Ma
Matt Ez
Is This Really Me?
My Punk Ass Is Up For Sale!!!
Yes, after ALL that shit I talked about how gay auctions are, I AM FOR SALE TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER!!! Clickon the pic, and do whatcha do.......
Ugh..bloody Myspace.
was just irritated so i thought id blog this instead of mumm it since now days the mumms are full of noob bashers. anyways i was on myspace today...and the first message i get from this guy is that he wants to hook up. so i message him back and tell him sure lets talk but just as friends tho. and heres what he writes ----------------- Original Message ----------------- From: You Never Met A Guy Like Me Date: Feb 18, 2008 7:47 PM thats all i get js friends...what am i that ugly?... so heres my reply. Body: well first of all i just got out of a relationship so thats the last thing im looking for. second off your too young. quit going for the "poor me no one wants to date me cause im too ugly theme". its not attractive and it makes people not want to talk to you. im not trying to be a bitch but thats just what it seems like. and people arent just going to straight up jump into a relationship with someone off the net, especially off this site. if thats what your look
I would like to be in an auction but dont now how or if posible. let me know if there is one i can participate in?

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The Power Of Three Little Words (author Unknown)
Some of the most significant messages people deliver to one another often come in just three words. When spoken or conveyed, those statements have the power to forge new friendships, deepen old ones and restore relationships that have cooled. The following three word phrases can enrich every relationship: I'LL BE THERE - Being there for another person is the greatest gift we can give. When we are truly present for other people, important things happen to them and to us. We are renewed in love and friendship. We are restored emotionally and spiritually. 'Being there' is at the very, very core of civility. I MISS YOU - Perhaps more marriages could be salvaged and strengthened if couples simply and sincerely said to each other, "I miss you." This powerful affirmation tells partners they are wanted, needed, desired and loved. I RESPECT YOU - Respect is another way of showing love. Respect conveys the feeling that another person is a true equal. It is a powerful way to affirm th
My Life.
you know what it's like to go through something alone. no exceptions. what the hell is wrong with the world. To make someone feel so small. She died the night they said she was through. She wasn't good enough. They said she never will be. Look at yourself in the mirror little girl. Don't you see., far from it. Flaws you see. Are the cause of social distruction. Unable to breath while they smile around her. Picture you with him...never. She torments them back. Only feeling good for a while. The pain is restored. Can I just say, this world is full of retarded sick bastards who love to belittle the less fortunate. This girl had enough. She was going to put an end to useless tears. Suffering is not worth living. a box, a rope, and a bag of skittles. she emptied out her room, started giving her things away little by little. soon all was left was the rope. the box. and the bag of skittles. One day she sat on the box and ate her skittles. Tadting the rainbow she hung the rope
Friend Is Hosting A Contest
Conversations That Should Last Forever
Bright Red Puke!!!
I Dunno
Self Approval.... Its kills me how people will do or say what ever to try and "prove something to others" when all they are doing is trying to prove something to themselves. If you feel you need to prove something to the world, by glorifiying your life or what have you, then you obiously know deap down in your heart that something is not right. you are either threatened or afraid. If you are spending that much time and energy attempting to prove, what ever it may be that u desire people to see and yourself to have its no wonder you dont have it! If you that sort of additude towards life, your not going to get the results you desire! Selfishness... 1: concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one's own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others 2: arising from concern with one's own welfare or advantage in disregard of others selfish act> If you are so selfish you can not see past your own needs and wants so that the
What I wish for you, my sweet Havanna? What I wish for you, my sweet Havanna? A world of passion, a heart of gold! Open arms, peaceful soul, In your comming future, happyness for ever! My sweet Havanna, this is what I wish you. Dreams of ever lasting love Strength for you to win. All your glory days, happy they remain, Lighting up your heart, always being loved, My sweet Havanna, this is what I wish you. The angel of love, the angel of peace, Above your head always guarding you, Taste of happynes, of the heaven's sky, Arms of peacefull angels. My sweet Havanna, this is what I wish you. What I wish for you, my sweet Havanna? Be a happy bride, wife amor! May your household live in ever lasting peace Like the night's stars, like the morning sun rise, Ever lasting life, glory, happyness, Heart of gold, soul of steel, Dreams of bravery, pride and joy, My sweet Havanna, this is what I wish you! Adio, my love, For the last time goodbye my love, My heart is alw
Pimping Out My Bunnies
The Wisdom Of Poetry
The following is from Alexander Pushkin's Eugene Onegin, a novel written entirely in verse - He who has lived as thinking beinng Within his soul must hold men small; He who can feel is always fleeing The ghost of days beyond recall; For him enchantment's deep infection Is gone; the snake of recollection And grim repentance gnaws his heart. All this, of course, can help impart Great charm to private conversation; And though the language of my friend At first disturbed me, in the end I liked his caustic disputation- His blend of banter and of bile, His sombre wit and biting style. brilliant because it's true, or maybe it's just me.. I've only finished the first chapter of Onegin so I'm sure I'll be sharing more here - along with any other words of wisdom(or just plain great poetry) that strikes me. Signed, Lord Surly, the unofficial fu-bard of Fubar
People suck....mmmhm all of them I will make signs if u want me 2 Rules: NO NUDES...please I am properish I wish he can hear me cry see the tears that lay on my pillow knowing I might never get to laugh again hearing suffering sad songs on repeat wishing that one day he can forgive me for the beast i became I dont expect him to understand nor forgive me for the pain I have caused him but the selfish part of me wants him to talk to me I clench my heart as the thrill to call him or txt him emurges.. I just cant STOP talking to him... he has been such a frequent part of my life " I am so sorry " I wanna scream in the reciever of the phone I close my eyes tightly a breathe of sorrow I think about the better days... the days i would lay on this pillow laughing and giggling at him the days I would shout at him and play fight.. hanging up only to have him call me 2 secs after.. The nights he would lay in bed telling me he loved me and he wants to be in my life.. and how

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