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"There is nothing more that a man wants than something he knows he can't have."
"You don't get to choose who you love, just how you love them."


"Love is a dance that can only be performed by two hearts that share the same beat."
"Passion is what makes the heart come alive and when the heart is is found."
"We committed the perfect crime, we stole each other's hearts forever!"
"When we started baby we were friends, but that's not how this fairy tale is gonna end, see I was thinking and it clicked one day, that no one else has ever made me feel this way."
"First love, the love that clings to your heart forever, no matter how much pain it has caused, no matter how many tears have fallen, first love will never leave my soul."
"Loving someone is like caring for a garden, love it too much or too little and it dies, but love it just right and it will live forever."
"In my world, I walked to a different drum. You came along and joined me in my journey. I am now in harmony and at peace in the world of love."
"The best way to love is to love like you have never been hurt."
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