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Dating Advice Tatat
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Fu Rants
Kie's Fubar Fanatic Hour
Just to let Family and Friends know i will soon have my own on line music hour. My nephew Dkun81 is starting hes own online radio station and hes giving hes favorite auntie her own hour. So ill be looking for music to fill up that hour going to try to have as much of a variety of music on my hour as i can. If you have any suggestions please leave them in a private message to me so i can take a listen and try to get them added to my hour. Were still working the kinks out of it but hope to launch it in a week or so. Once he has i will post the stations online address on here so those who would like to can give it a listen. I may also be able to add some pictures to it so if you have any personal pics that arnt nsfw pics you want me to consider send me the link and ill take a look those pics i can use will get mentioned on my hour. Much love to all and Rock On! KIE
A Special Thanks To A Higher Power
I Say These Words As I Pray I'm Tired Of Darkness I Am Tired Of Pain. When Can I have Sunlight I'm Tired Of Rain. God I Am But A Man With Dire Needs. To Make Myself Better So Now I am On My Knees I am Half What I Can Be With Your Help I'll Grow. Maybe I Can Share My Love With Others So Maybe They Will Know. All I Ask For Is Patience Because I am Trying To Change. With Your Power And Love I will See Better Days. I See So Much Potential In Me I Just Need Help To Reach It. Then Maybe I can stand On My Own And Maybe Keep It. With Your Power I feel Glory Never No Bad Days Because I Know On Those Days You Carried Me. You Never Left Me Alone You Were Always There. So To You I Say Thanks And I Love You So ANd Thanks For Watching Your Son Grow.
Kissing The Past Goodbye!
I am kissing the past good bye, I guess since tomorrow is my birthday...But with this moving ahead, I have deleted alot of pics!
Thoughts I Have Alot Of Times
I know there are times when it appears I am so happy, but all I am doing is hiding behind a mask of pain and misery. Never knowing from one day to the next just what it is I can do to make this pain go away i have within myself. All I ever seem to do here lately is fuck-up at everything I try or even attempt.Having those who care about me worry all because I can never seem to come out of this depression I keep suffering from.Doing my very best to always make sure others are so happy in this life, as I continue down a spiral path that never seems to have an ending without feeling I am all alone. My friends and family mean so damn much to me, yet I feel as if the only thing I will ever be to them is a burden that needs to be ridden from society because I'm not wanted nor needed by anyone. I just wish that maybe someday there will be an end to the fucking pain that always seems to be above me like some dark cloud in a pitch black sky. Just really don't know anymore about things.Why
I Will Always Love You
I believe love will find its way, and show us the answers to the questions being revealed. I promise you that I will always love you, and I never meant to hurt you. I know you really care and like me, I can feel it. I wish I could feel it in your touch, but I promise I will never forget. For out of everything in my life, I have earned and acquired Your likeness and how you care for me is my most valuable possession. And the memories I have with it Will always be my fondest.
Love is a friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad. It settles for less than perfection, and makes allowances for human weakness. Love is content with the present. It hopes for the future and it doesn't brood over the past. It's the day-in and day-out chronicle of irritations, problems, compromises, small disappointments, big victories, and working toward common goals. If you have love in your life, it can make up for a great many things you lack. If you don't have it, no matter what else there is, it is not enough, so search for it, ask God for it, and share it!
The Best Computer Repair Place!!!!
Computer Consignment Pittsfield, Maine (207) 487-5777 here's the email address:
The Way This Feels
she awakens each morning. opening her eyes from nights slumber. without words of warning breaks the code of number each day begains a new chapter of a story that has no end being cought in the secert rapture listining to the unknown voices calling to her in the wind but fears to answer walking forward into the sunless day motionless....... to ponder or star sadness lurks within with no chance of hope wondering what could have been lacking the strangth to cope she cries in silence afraid someone will hear each tear grows more intence when she is alone and constantly in fear who will save her and at what cost when will she ever be free when all she feels is lost
A hobby of mine that nobody knows about is I like to be the first customer to take a shit at a new business. I find all the new businesses opening up such as grocery stores, Home Depots, restaurants, etc and I will walk in there first minute they are open for business and go right to the men’s room and take a huge shit. I have been doing this for 6 years now and have been the first customer to shit in over 110 stores throughout the area. I always buy something after so I can really be a customer. The night before I usually eat some bean burritos from Taco Bell and follow it up with a 20oz coffee on my way to the store early the next morning so I get the bubble gut which allows me a better chance of destroying the bathroom. I have been the 1st person to shit in many new businesses throughout Eastern WI. I currently have 3 businesses that I’m waiting to open up for the public. I will make sure I’m the 1st to shit in the bathroom as a paying customer. I usually flush but sometimes if it’s
Leveling Blog 429
iLLlICKyOURkITTY:) (metaphorically speaking)@ fubar 24k to level
I am just going along when suddenly I read Horton hears a...WHOA!' Wait, back, up here, Horton...hears...a...who, First off, this is major here, folks! Let me start off with the first two words...Horton and Hears, I had NO idea Horton COULD hear, I know, look at those ears, but I really didn't have a clue he could hear. It's a good thing I don't have knees and that I was sittihng down at the time, because I would have had those knees knocked out from under me other wise. This is a revelation in and of itself, Horton heard something. And, then he heard a WHO of all things! I mean, of all things to hear, a Who? How could such a thing happen? And on top of that to Horton?! He could have heard a what, a why, even a where, but he was blessed and actually heard a WHO! Again,that knees thing here, folks. Now, after letting this all sink in, I then learn this is a movie made about tne incident, and rightly they should make a movie. Thi
Gimme Shelter
University April Fools! Lol
UC San Diego -- a school for the smart ones, supposedly -- mistakenly congratulated nearly 29,000 applicants on their acceptance, according to university officials. Earlier this month, about 17,000 student were offered admission for the fall, leaving nearly 29,000 hopefuls out in the cold. But on Tuesday, the school's communications office said an e-mail was sent Monday afternoon to all 46,377 students who applied for admission -- including the 29,000 rejects -- welcoming them to the campus. A half-hour later, school officials said, they realized their mistake. Almost two hours after the first note went out, a second e-mail was sent, apologizing to 28,889 freshmen applicants for the mistake. "No member of this department is more acutely aware of the emotional roller-coaster that this could cause for our applicants," Assistant Vice Chancellor Mae W. Brown said. An anonymous parent told the Los Angeles Times it was a "colossal screw-up." Similar incidents have happened at
Taking Off Work Today
Im ready for something els
ArtWork: ~ lil -Graveyard - Ryder~
"fish, Fishing"
Freud held that small fish represented the male semen. Medium-sized fish (logically enough) were children. Fishing poles were a symbol of the phallus. Other dreams about fishing may resolve around seeking provision for your needs in life, desiring to find something that seems below the surface, or looking for primordial instincts, if Darwinism is your worldview of choice. To dream of fish may simply be a dream of nourishment, or lack thereof. It may also point to a sense of adventure or travel.
The Fellowship Train
    Join the Quest To Get Me To Oracle!! I'm looking for some brave Fubarians to join my quest....the mountain may seem far away and unscalable, but I know you can get me close. So cast aside your fear and join our Fellowship! 1. Stop by St Michael's Page and rate the Lord of the Rings folder of pics (He has autos on starting at 3pm Eastern Time today)... Starting with this one... 2. Rate, Fan, Add, and Comment each person on the Train. Check the Fellowhip Train tag folder to see if a tag is ready for you, if not, leave a comment like "Joining the Fellowhip Train" or something like that..
I Dont Have A Problem Bato Loko
Who is a  Cocaine Addict? Some of us can answer without hesitation, "I am!" Others aren't so sure. Cocaine Anonymous believes that no one can decide for another whether he or she is addicted. One thing is sure, though; every single one of us has denied being an addict. For months, for years, we who now freely admit that we are cocaine addicts thought that we could control cocaine, when in fact it was controlling us. "I only use on weekends,"or: "It hardly ever interferes with work,"or "I can quit, it's only psychologically addicting, right?"or "I only snort, I don't base or shoot,"or "It's this relationship that's messing me up." Many of us are still perplexed to realize how long we went on, never getting the same high we got at the beginning, yet still insisting, and believing -- so distorted was our reality -- that we were getting from cocaine what actually always eluded us. We went to any lengths to get away from being ourselves. The lines got fatter; the grams went faster;
Fell For Fate, Loving Late
Beat out brain losing likely battle happen, hate it soon fuck fretting furrow brow beaTing, belching lying lately, fucking fell for fate loving late 
One Smart Biker
A crusty old biker out on a long summer ride in the country pulls up to a tavern in the middle of no where, parks his bike and walks inside.As he passes through the swinging doors, he sees a sign hanging over the bar:COLD BEER: $2.00HAMBURGER: $2.25CHEESEBURGER: $2.50CHICKEN SANDWICH: $3.50HAND JOB: $50.00Checking his wallet to be sure he has the necessary payment, the ole' biker  walks up to the bar and beckons to the exceptionally attractive female bartender who is serving drinks to a couple of sun-wrinkled farmers.She glides down behind the bar to the ole biker."Yes?" she inquires with a wide, knowing smile, "may I help you?"The ole biker leans over the bar, "I was wondering young lady," he whispers, "are you the one who gives the hand-jobs?"She looks into his eyes with that wide smile and purrs "Why yes, yes, I sure am".The ole' biker leans closer and into her left ear whispers softly, "Well, wash your hands real good, cause I want a cheeseburger".
Dragonball Evolution
I have one word for that movie: FUCK!!!!
Breathing Into Order
Feeling Overwhelmed Sometimes we may feel like there is just too much we need to do. Feeling overwhelmed may make it seem like the universe is picking on us, but the opposite is true: we are only given what we can handle. Difficult situations are opportunities to be our best selves, hone our skills and rise to the occasion. The best place to start is to take a deep breath. As you do, remind yourself that the universe works in perfect order and therefore you can get everything done that needs to get done. As you exhale, release all the details that you have no control over. The universe with it‘s infinite organizing power will orchestrate the right outcome. Anytime stress begins to creep up, remember to breathe through it with these thoughts. Then, make a list of everything you need to do. Note what needs to be done first, and mark the things others may be able to do for you or with you. Though we often think no one else can do it correctly or well, there are times when it i
ok so i got tagged by 2 fuckers that think their the shit... ok so your supposed to write 10 things randomnly..anyways.. things.. weird things about or facts about yourself.. pretty much shit that u dont like or cant stand or on the other hand... things that u absolutely love.. here goes...     1. One thing that I cannot stand in any way is the mexican mamacitas at the walmart supercenter that take their goddamn cart and just outta nowhere hit u in the back of the heel with it...  u stop what ur doin and ur like. wtf was that... u turn around to see what dumbass has just hit you.. well ya should have known.. damn beaner bitches! She mumbles off something that u have no idea what she just said bc guess what? U havent spoken a lick of spanish in your entire life... so u politely say.. oh, thats ok. But its really before I get to 2..Im gonna tell you what to do after you have said oh, thats ok.. you start goin down the aisle, turn the corner, go up the next aisle, then turn th
Settling For Less Than Everything?
This isn't my usual blog type, but then I haven't been my usual me this month. Please, if you're going to read it, keep in mind that I wrote this for me, only the last paragraph is for the rest of you. I do so love you all, and I hope the mushiness will not make you think less of me ;) I had this habit of settling for things. I settled for jobs i didn't care about, apartments i didn't want, and relationships that lacked passion. I'd watch people that were happy with their lives and see that they settled for something and figured that maybe settling was what worked. It's not though. They may have settled on one thing, but they didn't settle on everything.So maybe they didn't have the house they wanted; they still had a husband they didnt want to live without and a job they felt was worth something. If they had a job they hated, they still had the love they needed and the lifestyle they wished for. If they didn't have the passion in their marriage, it was because they cared more about t
What's Next
Change.It's always been who I am.  I grew up in an unstable home with one parent in the military, and the other dealing with mental issues from a very traumatic childhood.  Things were never stable, and one moment's respite was quickly swept away in another moment's tragedy.In and out of foster homes, group homes and the like, moving across the country or even the globe.  I was never in one place for long, sometimes I'd find myself back in a familiar place, but it was rare and never for long.  Nothing was ever lasting, nothing stayed.  I found myself withdrawn in those things that I couldn't be taken away from.  Books, video games, toys, withdrawn in myself.  My 2 brothers and sister were there for me often, but not always, sometimes I wouldn't see them for weeks, months.  Not to mention I was the oldest, with my father consumed by the army and my mother mentally unfit (for a long while, until they were able to finally figure out and treat her illness) I was the authoritarian figure. 
Evil Empire? Orly?
When in England, at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of 'Empire building' by George Bush. He answered by saying, 'Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return.' You could have heard a pin drop.
Toasted Blonde
One day a blond walks into a doctors office with both of her ears burnt.The doctor askes her what had happened.She says, "well... when I was ironing my work suit the phone rang and I mistakanly picked up the iron instead of the phone."Well that explains one ear, but what about the other.""The bastard called again"
Missing Him
This is dedicated to Rodney J Smith,My Fiance' Born 7-18-64 Died 12-30-08 A new day dawns once again. I stare at where you used to lay your head. I close my eyes, your face I plainly see. That smile that could always bring me to my knees. Those eyes that saw into the very soul of me. My heart aches for the touch of your hands on my skin. The taste of your kiss on my lips. I've come to understand what the meaning of lonliness is. I wipe away a tear.It's almost more than I can bear. I pray for the strength to get me thru another day without you! By: Sandy White  
Another Erotic Me..a Lot Longer Though
Every Summer in the city of Ontario,Caliornia, I kept seeing this shy girl by the pool side who looked insecure with her body and looks and rarely smiled. One Summer I saw her by the pool side again, she was wearing a one peace and thick glasses, but still didn't smile. There's something about this girl that I can't stop thinking about. Then in the start of the school year that Fall, I saw her again, it was the same girl, but yet it wasn't, she has gone through a great transformation, she was wearing her school girl outfit, a pair of silk stocking that complimented her legs all the way up to her skirt, a pair of black pumps, golden locked hair that shines and a pair of glasses that made her look sexualligent(sexy+intelligent), she walked by me, her scent was intoxicating, adn then out of nowhere, she said hi and released a bright beautiful smile, it gave me butterflies in my stomach.I just know under this sweet innocent girl is a bad girl just waiting to come out...       The Following
I Must Be Getting Old And Prudish
I have been in Fubar awhile now,  and have read alot of blogs and mumms that just for the lack of a better word piss me off to no end. But what really makes my skin crawl is woman who talk explicit gutter trash.  And show pictures of their personal parts . I have been brought up to believe a woman should have respect for her self and a good healthy set of morals. I am aware this is a adult site and its to be viewed as if you were in a bar.  You know men are gonna talk dirty to you.  Okay most maybe not all and it applys to woman as well I guess. But I honestly dont think a woman needs to lower her self to that level just to get a man to notice her. I think if a woman wants to talk dirty to her man that should be in the comfort of her home, apt.  Or if in here  the shout box or other means to have a convoe one on one and not for public viewing. So okay maybe I am a prude and my views are not as open and free as most and I dont honestly think they ever were yanno. I when growing u
This Made Me Lol
"BLOOMINGTON, Minn. -- Police said a 23-year-old man is in stable condition after he pretended that he was falling off a bridge over the Minnesota River, then actually fell off the bridge. Police got a call just before 5 a.m. Sunday from a 21-year-old man who said his friend fell off the Highway 77 bridge and into a marshy area about 30 feet below. The caller said he was driving north when his friend, who he said had been drinking, told him to pull into the bridge's emergency lane so he could urinate...."  
She did me a Favor By leaving me Now I can Find me some one to be happy with with out the Drama
I Wish Upon A Star
I wish upon a star that no matter how far apart we are. You will find me and you will see how perfect we are.I wish that if for some reason my wish doesn't come come true. That another person out there is wishing for me. . . Hopefully that person is you
Right To Bare Arms Being Threatened!
  Help us Keep the TRUTH alive! donate to my account today and you will be able to get all the truth that YOUR goverment is hiding from you
Last Lullaby -december-
Confess to me your sins,Sing to me your sickness.The sound of beating wings arise,Miffling unheeded cries.A parody of deception and lies,Stalked by the wolves of demise.Little learned is little gained,When the important signs a fool disdains.Destiny shifts to Fate's desire,The paths converging to split once more.A thread is cut as a new is woven,The doors slam shut yet a window opens.Light is strained as darkness pools,The shattered fragments revert to whole.Shadows solid to stroke your face,Yet your wandering hands find naught but space.A vacancy here and a candle lit,A bridge broken over river styx.Hushed whispers rise to keen,Eerie wails still cold blood in veins.Hyperventilate within fight or flight,Walls close in, shadows thicken to form.Fall to knees within the snare,Futile cries for none to hear.Soft soothings cloud the mind,Filling the cracks with soft lullabys.Sweetest dreams in desperate moments,Horrific nightmares in serenest seconds spent.Confess to me your sins, And I'll h
Let Me Dream
Let me dream.. Like I've never dreamed before.Let me dream that I'm in love.That I'm a free and flying dove.Just let me dream.Let me dream that I can be.Happy for the rest of eternity.And that one day you will seeWhat a perfect woman I can be.Let me dream that you secretly stare.And inquire about my when and whereLet me dream that I'm the oneAnd other than me...You want none.Let me dream that you think of me.And whether we one day will be.The lovers who had no chance.To be who they wanted to be.Let me dream that you are waiting there.And that life might at last be fair.Let me dream of your silly smile.And that loving me was worthwhile.Again..These are just dreams.That might never be real.But one day you might know..How hard secret love feels.
Running Blind
Life is a game, life is a shame, life....its all to blame...nothing goes right, all up in smoke, just hanging here, all alone, cold, on this tight rope! if I was to go, who would miss me, who would even care? id be the only one at my funeral, all bliss, all i can just sucks...all in vain, no morals, so here is to you, I'll share! I'm not scared to tell how i fill, you read away an probably think, suicide ya it crosses my mind, but something keeps me alive, hope, about it, why should I lie? nothing left for me, it seems, so blur all the time, No idea, what a hideous stream, hit me from my blind side way it seem to goes, put down, controlled, chained to this dream out reaching for something new, can't breath, smothered, an time passes me bye, memories sinks within me, grabbing for an invisible sphere. once was there, but now, its in the sky if I would die, lest i could fly, touch the sky, an live a life, NO! all this drama, might be in hell, flames burning my soul would
Two Days From Renfrew...
I'm nervous as hell. But excited. I don't know. I haven't even started preparing yet, which is bad. I have to have everything I need because I'm fucked if I forget anything. No way to get stuff sent down to me. i can't believe Kenny decides now to be supportive though. He's the loser ex boyfriend, who doesn't know the meaning of the word support. Even though I've stood by him through so much. Anyway... why am I just sitting around blogging instead of packing? I dunno. If anybody reads this and has been there, tell me what it's like, because I'm a little scared...
What Would U Do???
any ideas  0n what to do for retaliation??? I have gone all the legal routes, and not a damn thing happened!!! Now???
Pope Calls For Palestinian State
Pope Benedict XVI offers support for the Palestinians' right to a homeland during his trip to Israel and the West Bank.
Metal Mouth
20 months from now, hopefully, I'll be thinner. Oh yeah. And have somewhat straighter teeth. The reason why I'm subjecting myself to this is not for vanity purposes. I've never had a "perfect" smile. I'm okay with that. However, I'm not okay with constantly chipping teeth. The reason would be from what I've known all my life to be an underbite. I know a lot of people have them. It's really not a big deal. However, in my case, it is a bit of a big deal. It turns out that the right portion of my bottom jaw is longer than it should be. To show you how much it is off, visualize your own mouth. For most people, your back molars line up. For me? My top right molar matches up with my lone wisdom tooth that I actually chew on. I hear the collective, "Oh fuck!" For the most part, it's not really painful except for when I need to have any kind of dental work done. I can't open my mouth all the way without popping it out a bit and then I can only keep it open for so long before my jaw cramps.
Once again, here am late at night thinking well i did a great job conveying my feeings lol..NOT I've been given   s    p    a    c   e  ,   Although i didnt ask for space i've been given it anyway.. All i asked for was not to feel pressured, i tried to explain and be honest about how i felt and wow it got bad real wanted me to always be real and i was i didnt say i wanted to leave, i asked your advice and you told me that it wasnt your place to tell me what to do-im confused..and i feel like you dont really want to understand me..
A Poem/song
  ~Broken Angel~my song I see your broken wingsI know your evil thingsAnd its grabbin hold of meWatch me walk awayI can't stayNo baby it can't beAlready been thereAnd its not fairI don't want your miseryYour tears won't workNo not this timeYou were never mineI can't forgetWhat you had saidIm better off deadI can't dream anymoreThat you will changeIts just the sameYou can say you love meBut the truth isI don't believe youNo not anymoreCan't believe a lieI don't want to try'Chorus'You don't see the pain in my eyesHow you make me feelI want to dieSo baby I have to say goodbyeIm letting go this is goodbye
Just Talkin'
Wind in the trees making a kind of music that only those with ears to hear can hear,  music generated by the conflicting forces of hot and cold.  Friction. Now we have Ida - the lastest primate fosil to support the ideas of evolution, the baby girl primate has human like teeth, a long tail,  and real nails instead of claws on her fingers.  She is only about a foot tall but has left a gaint impression on the minds of science. But still we do not have all the answers,  no absolute proofs if we evolved or if we were created by the great Spirit.   We partook of knowlege to become as the gods but never really made the grade you know,  stuck here in the middle somewhere between ape and angel. Because we always must consume more and more knowlege,  to know more and more,  and yet cannot be filled to satisfaction.  Yeah, some of the experts have got fat egos,  but in truth they are as stupid as the rest of us,  they just are better at sounding like the authorities.  Knowledge like the wind
I almost blew my job interview tomorrow without even knowing it! I thought it was at 11 but its at 10! Thank goodness I looked at the email again...Anyways folks, wish me luck! This could be a great opportunity for me to broaden my horizons and kick open another door....*crosses fingers* I desperately want a job...I need to work...I'm not meant to be a stay at home mom...I'm an awesome mom when I don't have to be pinned to it 24/7 but right now I feel like the psycho of the year.
Lo9ng Silence
  Sorry for this long silence, I got ill and was in the hospital for the last month.  I am OK now, it was an infection requiring IV antibiotics, and I opted to hyave as much done in a specialty care unit rather then go home with it and try to deal with the antibiotic bags, flushes and all.  
A Story Upon Your Skin
let me begin this tale with a kiss upon your brow to ease your mind for the tale im bout to give you lips placed upon your eyelids so you can see me whether your awake or asleep a gentle kiss placed on the ear so my words are all you hear lips along your jaw to tease you just a lil wandering lips have found your collar bone the secret spot you hide so well a dip of tongue finds it fast as a sound of pleasure escapes your lips wickedlythe lips seek out more for this tale is not over not by far they wander with great recklessness down over your inviting chest to find a nipple a nipple to first lick awake to give it some warmth from my open mouth hovering so close to it a nip to make you pay attention
Dear Daddy
He entered the room and stood there staring, His brain interpreting what he saw. In the middle of the room-the chair on its side, and above it his daughter-2 feet off the floor. She was hung by her neck with a scarf from the fan, Pale and naked, lifeless and cold. Her stomach and thighs were covered in scratches, some of them new. Some of them old. He cut her down, moved her body to her bed, He wrapped her up and hugged her tight. The tears were pooling down his cheeks, He held her close all through the night. It was as the sun came through the window, his gaze was led to the desk and the note. He stood and collected the piece of paper, and read what his belov-ed daughter last wrote. "Dear Daddy," it started, two words all alone, "I'm sorry." was all that was on the next line. "He touched me Daddy, I'm dirty and cursed, and now i have something that's living inside." "I cant love it daddy-this tumor, this growth, Ive clawed at my tummy. Want to get it out. don't blame yourself Dad
I am the broken puppet abandoned in the attic, not worth being repaired for the time and effort exceed the reward that you would obtain. Just walk on by as I sit on the floor with dust matting my hair and time fading my red dress pink, I always hated pink in all its many shades but you wouldn’t remember that now would you? I cannot feel pain anymore and I never knew this thing called love, my reality was only deception and guilt a creation used to keep me in control, what did you gain from slowly breaking me? I thought I had a great family until reality started to set in, between my thoughts of suicide I often consider my early years, do you regret your many mistakes or do you still think I should just learn to cope? The mind of a child is so fragile like clay it can be molded anyway and once it has baked with time it is a fragile thing for it cannot change, so easy to break and so hard to repair but you think you are the master sculpture who does not understand why everyone
My Bacon Number Is 5
So I'm kind of a big deal. Not to be outdone by Witty and her rock and roll video sluttery with Sleez Beez Kneez or whatever, I've decided to share with you my hugeness.  You see, I received a starring role .... errr .... a part as an extra in the 1980's hit teen movie "The Zoo Gang".  This was the movie that launched Jason Gedrick to new heights in "Iron Eagle" and made Ben Vereen's career land in the Hudson. In my role, I was supposed to do just two things:  1)  Not look at the camera. 2)  Act like I'm rocking out to a glam band. As you can see from the picture below, I was the only one looking at the camera and definitely not rocking out.  So yeah, I nailed it. Anyways, I've figured out that my Bacon Number is at least 5 maximum.  That is, 5 degrees of separation between myself and Kevin Bacon.  Observe - Me to Jason Gedrick.  Jason to Louis Gossett Jr in "Iron Eagle".  LG Jr to Richard Gere in "Officer and a Gentlemen".  Richard McGerbilstuffer to Julia Roberts in "Pretty
Thinking Of You
your smirk so simple your laugh so sweet my arms around you is what i seek your tender voice your soft words spoken smothered in love is what I'm hoping when you are gone your smell lingers on covering my head with words you've said i await your return in these months I've learned you'll come home soon when all that's in the sky is the moon you hold me close you keep me safe you keep me smiling in your warm embrace
I Love To Be In Good Company
hi guy s i m jaime from montreal a model of 31 y/o i really love to be in good company of men and women so this place here perfect for me I’m an experienced woman likei i told u  im a model ! this is my fulltime work . I’ve been part of this wonderful place for 10 years (this April officially marks my 10 year anniversary!) I really love the time I spend on my webcam  and I couldn’t even think of the day I’d stop being a model. I love to be seen and meet new people from all over the world – isn’t that cool? , so this is the perfect place for me! i hope to see u in my free chat soon xoox jaime click here for my free chat
I post because I choose to share things that are good and some things that are not going so well in my life. I do not post to try to embarrass any one. I post the poems others have written to me because i feel they are special and I have the desire to share that special moment with others. who knows they might read this and it might brighten their day like it brighten mine. you never know what effect things have on another person but i trust and hope that when they read the things that i have posted whether they are the poems i have received from others or the thoughts mostly random that come out of my Head/Mind they will get a good feeling a feeling of self worth. i hope you enjoy the writings and feel free to comment or request, who knows you might be the next topic but in a good way of course! take care all have a love filled day
Well Paint My Face Yellow And Call Me A Banana!?!
Yeah Been one of those days.   Had a blast from my past sort of slap me in the face today... No need to go into the VERY long and convoluted drama filled story. All I can say is that it brought back some very painful memories. But it also brought with it some glimmer of hope. Just a glimmer, but a glimmer nonetheless. It's been 10 years. Yeah 10 long years. But time is closing in. Wish me good thoughts.   I'm gonna need it.
Spotlight Pipe Dream
I was informed by a friend of mine here that once you reach Disciple, you can't bid on the Spotlight anymore. I therefore decided that I would like to bid on it, now preferably - but certainly before Disciple. Of course, any who have seen the winning bids knows doing this on one's own is a pipe dream at best - witness the winner today, 6/9/2009 is 45M+ fubucks. I would happily accept donations, but I'd rather earn the fubucks than beg for them - just the way I am, I guess. So I am asking all my Fufriends and family - what can I do to earn fubucks from you? I have no bling, not until next month. (Which KILLS me - there's a dragon bling up now - It's 3 lousy credits! *cries*), but I'll do rates and links. I'd offer the ticker - I did that already, and I need to wait a few more days to do it again... What else?No NSFW or cam shows - I don't wanrt to scare anyone, nor can I stand laughter at me (I'm very sensitive)...Any ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Rock on!Durham, AKA Shawn
Standing Up Against Woman Beaters
in my own city. with these "band members" and supporters makes me sick. finding out that this certain band who is highly praised is responsible for beating a woman in a locked bathroom with 5 guys on 1 girl!! this might go unmentioned with the hipsters and non-wave makers. the hippies and the fakes who have "morals" are liars! they know about this event happening yet only one guy did anything so far because he was the one who had to break the door down to find out. then being the REAL skinhead he is...beat all 5 guys til they ran. now that the rejects and no-shows aka me and my friends know... this will not go away. until these shyt headed no life wanna be men get what they deserve whenever they are seen or heard of. no lethal actions. no physical injury to be done upon them. but with my already city wide notorious "crazy JERM" will heard by anyone who supports this band, any venue who books this band, anyone who listens to this band! along with my good friends
The Mummy Awards
Sitting here in my boredom (and considering I am at work so fapping at my desk would be a VERY bad idea), I came up with a concept and would like some input. Movies have the Oscars, Music has Grammys, Why can't the Mumms have the Mummy awards... We all get to vote on such things as...   Most butthurt mumm poster Best tits in a mumm Best cock in a mumm MuMM of the year Well.. that's all I can think of... I want more suggestions, and if this may be a good idea or not.
: BUY SWEETIE!!! XOXO!!!->Snazziii**...: LOL your views*? Yeah we can go with that..itwas fun...enjoy your day nowSnazziii**...: AW SWEETIE. I THOUGHT U WAS TIRING OF ME. I CAN SPELL FINE BUT I CHOOSE TO SPELL THE WAY I DO BECUZ I WANT TO && CAN && IF THATS ALL U HAVE TO SAY ABOUT ME I TAKE IT AS CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM && HAVE EXPLAINED MY VIWS->Snazziii**...: neybe not...except I can spell...want me to teach ya? or shall we call it a daySnazziii**...: BECUZ U KNO ME SO WELL YET U ENTERT6AIN URSELF WIT ME. MAYB WE'RE NOT SO DIFFERANT->Snazziii**...: no I just bore quickly with common idiots like yourselfSnazziii**...: O A QUITER. XOXO->Snazziii**...: LOL i knew that would be your are so predictablethis is n longer fun...byebye nowSnazziii**...: THATS FUNNII CUZ I BEEN WIT THE SAME GUY FOR 5 YRS SO REALLII. LMAO->Snazziii**...: men*]->Snazziii**...: no i am the one using you as free know kinda like the med in your lifeSnazziii**...: UR THE ONE FEEDING I
Can You Find Me
I'll hide under the car or behind a tree I bet you can't find me Made it back to base again Hide your eyes and count to ten Can you find me   Daddy hit me because he was mad Said he was sorry and that he felt bad I won't listen to a word he has to say Leaving tonight, going to run away Can you find me   I'm out running the streets again Stirring up trouble with some friends The darkness explodes into blue lights I run laughing into the night Can you find me   Got my hand on my gun, it's gotta go right Or I am going to die tonight Talk to the man, can't let nothing show My face is a mask frozen cold Can you find me   I feel like I've gone slightly insane I feel like a ball of stress wound in strain The child's not gone, he's still here You just can't see him through all the years Can you find me   I have a heart somewhere inside It's twisted and torn but it hasn't died There's no peace even in my dreams From somewhere far off a child screams Can you fin
I just bought Bjork.. Barenaked Ladies.. Phish.. Less Than Jake.. Cd's from the Dollar Tree.  It actually saddened me to think how bad the record industries doing when companies are sending it to an everything is a dollar store.  Great deal for us.  Terrible for them.  It's about time. Haha. Usually they have the lame tribute Cds, and party mix's there, but I can't wait til certain DVDs are there too.. I've found some classic b&w horrors for 2/1.00.  I love that damn store.  Lately I've noticed alot more name brand items.  If $tree can make a profit off of being that CHEAP, you'd think the original company would get a clue, and stop inflation.  I get my soy milk there, sugar free energy drinks, scallops (REAL SCALLOPS), the one closest to my house has freezers. Oh, and I got some nifty glass beer mugs, and martini glasses from there today too.. hahaha.  Momma would be proud.Here's to being Cheap! Cheers.  Plus I'm so happy about the Cds, I've been slowly rebuilding my CD collection af
Forget It
im so sick of having a seizure again. almost everything i do now. if i think of something stressful...if i work too much. or if it just happens out of nowhere. it happens. i want to rip someone's head off. but its only me to deal with it. no one there to next to me. no one to be there or whatever else that would help me out. just me. and thats how its always going to be. so why even talk about it or write about it? its not goig to help. except fill up a blog about this fcuked up condition. screw it!  
Fubar Can Fuck Itself
with not posting my stash right and giving me the option to fix it you fucking cocksnots!! later days.
Life Is A Prison
Life is a prison,Oh God let me out.No one to listen,To hear when you shout.Climb the walls of insanity,Ride the waves of despair.If you fall it don't matter,There's no one to care.Used to wish for a window,To see birds, trees and sky,But you're better without one -Stops you aiming too high.Watching freedom is painful,For those locked away.Seeing joy, love and happiness,Another price that you pay.Strong is good, weak is bad.Be it false, be it true.Your mind makes the choice,And enforces it too.Cell walls built by society,With rules to adhere.If you breach the acceptable,You had better beware.Hide the pain, carry on,Routine is the key.Don't let on that you're not,What you're pretending to be.Lock it all up inside you,How badly that bodes.Look out for that one day,When it all just explodes.Leaving naught but a shell,Base functionality too.But killing all else,That was uniquely you.So how do you grow,With a timebomb inside?Or how to defuse it,Without destroying its ride?
Sharing My Experience: As A Witness To Love
Recently, I had an experience that I want to share.... unfortunately, I cannot really share it with anyone because it isn't really possible to effectively communicate something like this... I will, however, try.Several months ago, someone asked my assistance to help them sort out what it was they were experiencing. It was very troublesome for them and there was significant confusion about what it was they wanted and where they were going in their life.I tried to be as present for them as I could and listened to them with all the attention I could bring to our encounters. It became apparent that most of what was being experienced was, in some way, mostly illusory. The events which followed were miraculous and have absolutely nothing to do with the point of reference we shall call Ken Teel. Ken Teel, as I know it, was simply a witness. I mean this most seriously... primarily because there is no way that Ken Teel could have thought this into being.... All that was done was that I shared m
  Dear Tide: I am  writing to say what an excellent product you have! I've used itall of my  married life, as my Mom always told me it was the best. Nowthat I am in my  fifties I find it even better! In fact, about a monthago, I spilled some red  wine on my new white blouse. My inconsiderateand uncaring husband started to  belittle me about how clumsy I was,and generally started becoming a pain in the  neck. One thing led toanother and somehow I ended up with his blood on my new  whiteblouse! I grabbed my bottle of Tide with bleach alternative! to my surprise and satisfaction, all of the stains came out! In fact, thestains came  out so well the detectives who came by yesterday told methat the DNA tests on  my blouse were negative and then my attorneycalled and said that I was no  longer considered a suspect in thedisappearance of my husband. What a  relief! Going through menopause is bad enough without being amurder suspect! I  thank you, once again, for having a great  p
Jeremiah 17 : A Reminder To Myself And To Anyone Who Desires Godliness.
5 This is what the LORD says:        "Cursed is the one who trusts in man,        who depends on flesh for his strength        and whose heart turns away from the LORD.  6 He will be like a bush in the wastelands;        he will not see prosperity when it comes.        He will dwell in the parched places of the desert,        in a salt land where no one lives.  7 "But blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD,        whose confidence is in him.  8 He will be like a tree planted by the water        that sends out its roots by the stream.        It does not fear when heat comes;        its leaves are always green.        It has no worries in a year of drought        and never fails to bear fruit." 9 The heart is deceitful above all things        and beyond cure.        Who can understand it?  10 "I the LORD search the heart        and examine the mind,        to reward a man according to his conduct,        according to what his deeds deserve."      
well just making a statement about turning around and getting a new perspective.  I'll be paying more attention to my own stuff and taking total accountability for all that I do.  I figure if I can do this then I can make myself  or let myself make any changes I want.  I know I have to feel the changes from my heart to actuallt get past the mental stage   the intelectual stage.  I know I can do it   its just letting myself get back in total power.  It all seems so simple in theory, just getting past a lifetime of BSing myself    thats the fun part.  When I do let myself actually feel the changes I desire  it seems to happen like it was there all the time.  Just it is so "un guy like" to "feel"  without trying to fix or make some judgement.  Well the training wheels are back on an I see,  ie. feel    myself making some major changes   just because thats what feels right.
The onle thing running through my mind right now, is GO FIGURE!!   No explantion  needed...thats all
Quarter Life Crisis Check out this article, peeps. I don't know about you, but I totally feel this way about life right now. Let me know what you think or how to get around it.
Did I Miss Something?
Is there something wrong with a white dude calling another white dude a honkey?  Fuck, people need to stop being so politically correct.
Do You Want Extra Income
I was doing some youtube searches on how to make internet home income and this was the best one that i could find that looks safe enough to think about. Ive then done some research to see if this is a scam, lots of feedback pointing to no. Im 23 and a full time employee at nursing home. I'm gonna Pay the six bucks and go for it, it seems to be up Big Player in the online Networking community. Heres a link to watch a video on this. I would love to here comments on this subject so watch the video and get back to me. Hopefully you Join And We Can Start Making Money Together.
Well I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord But you don't really care for music, do ya? Well it goes like this : The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift The baffled king composing Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah... Well your faith was strong but you needed proof You saw her bathing on the roof Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew ya And she tied you to her kitchen chair She broke your throne and she cut your hair And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah... (Yeah but) Baby I've been here before I've seen this room and I've walked this floor, (You know) I used to live alone before I knew ya And I've seen your flag on the marble arch and love is not a victory march It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah... Well there was a time when you let me know What's really going on below But now you never show that to me do ya
Government Swine Flu Advisor On Vaccine Maker Payroll
Many people seem genuinely baffled that western governments are hyping the arrival of a swine flu pandemic as if it’s the greatest threat to humanity since the bubonic plague, despite the relatively low number of deaths from the virus, unaware that the pharmaceutical industry has been intimately joined at the hip with the state for decades. Another illustration of that fact is the revelation that one of the UK government’s top advisors on swine flu also happens to be a sitting board member of GlaxoSmithKline, the company selling dangerous and untested swine flu vaccines, as well as anti-viral drugs Tamiflu and Relenza, to the NHS. “Professor Sir Roy Anderson sits on the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), a 20-strong task force drawing up the action plan for the virus. Yet he also holds a £116,000-a-year post on the board of GlaxoSmithKline,” reports the Daily Mail. We also learn that Anderson was “one of the first UK experts to call the o
Life, Is Love,or Just;life
The Quwstion Never Asked!!
What is Time? Times ia a dillusion of importance. A second in time is an eternity depending on what that second in time effect's it can be wasted and regreted along with horrible images that fill your head that would cripple a person of normal understanding, but no you are not a normal person. You are a person who realizes that time is a dellusion and that it"s only existence is to warp and bend and puppetier our very existence as human beings. What is a secomd in time to the average understanding person caught in the games that society like to play go here, must go there , have an appiontment in 10 minutes. This type of thinking has lead people to become mindless drones and I choose to fight against such an attack by not conforming to this Greek Tragety. I will not say what a second in time represent's for me becuase it is different for each person who posses this very question to there  own selfs but I will say that I will choose very carefully how I spend a second becuase in the end
Death's Promise
Death's Promise By: Ember Copyright 2006   I hate this depression that seeks my embrace Overwhelming me, tearing away my happy face I scream inside, unable to open up my soul, To the feelings inside, the forgotten goal   I feel such pain, intense and insane Question everything in my life, again and again I try to love, but I don't know why Am I even capable of living a lie?   I put on a happy face, I pretend it's all good Nobody can see inside to my dark mood Love and care for one, give up another The confusion I feel is enough to smother   Rip out my soul, shreds of agony Heart bleeding out, black passion of ecstasy Seeking pain I can feel on my flesh Releasing it all with the touch of dead breath   Fate beats me and takes me no choice of my own Makes me forget I want love alone I can't do this, I can't, I can't, go on I don't deserve their love, I'm a worthless one   So I curl up alone as I've always been Accepting myself and my list of sins
Ghosts   A ghost may represent something that is gone but not forgotten-or something that is almost forgotten but that you simply cannot release. The appearance of deceased relatives usually tells of unresolved issues. In these cases, you should pay particular attention to the surroundings, the other characters present, and any unique aspects of the apparition.
Woman"s Dictionary
Women's DictionaryDICTIONARY FOR WOMEN'S PERSONAL ADS40-ish - 49Adventurous - Slept with everyoneAthletic - No titsAverage looking - Ugly Beautiful - Pathological liarContagious Smile - Does a lot of pillsEmotionally secure - On medication Feminist - FatFree spirit - JunkieFriendship first - Former very *friendly* person Fun - AnnoyingNew Age - Body hair in the wrong placesOpen-minded - Desperate Outgoing - Loud and EmbarrassingPassionate - Sloppy drunkProfessional - Bitch Voluptuous - Very FatLarge frame - Hugely FatWants Soul mate - StalkerWOMEN'S ENGLISH1. Yes = No2. No = Yes3. Maybe = No 4. We need = I want5. I am sorry = you'll be sorry6. We need to talk = you're in trouble 7. Sure, go ahead = you better not8. Do what you want = you will pay for this later9. I am not upset = of course I am upset, you moron! 10. You're very attentive tonight = is sex all you ever think about?MEN'S ENGLISH1. I am hungry = I am hungry 2. I am sleepy = I am sleepy3. I am tired = I am tired4. Nice dres
Being Lame
The thooth brush was invinted in AL if it was anywhere else it would have been teeth brush:)  
Patrick Henry
"I know not what course others may take but as for me: give me liberty or give me death." -- Patrick Henry
Doctors Have Been Put On Alert For A Deadly Disease Linked To Swine Flu Jabs.
Doctors have been put on alert for a deadly disease linked to swine flu jabs. The Health Protection Agency has told neurologists to look out for a rise in Guillain-Barr Syndrome - in which paralysis of the breathing muscles can cause death by suffocation - when vaccination starts in the next few weeks. The link was made following a mass immunisation programme in the U.S., in which a swine flu jab was blamed for more deaths than the disease itself. More than 40million Americans were vaccinated after an outbreak of swine flu at an army base in 1976. The programme was abandoned after hundreds of cases of GBS were diagnosed and 25 died. The flu, however, did not spread further than the base and claimed only one life. In a letter to the Association of British Neurologists, Elizabeth Miller, head of immunisation at the HPA, said: 'GBS has been identified as a condition needing enhanced surveillance when the swine flu vaccines are rolled out.' The warning will add to concerns about the
Oktoberfest - German Beer Festival German Beer
I Need A Girl
i just wanna know y is it that when a good lookin guy with his own place and a great head on his shoulders has to b more or its just to much all u real ladies out there holla at me....
My Site
my site
The Hardest Part
well folks. here we are again. still havent left the states. still here waiting to go over.  its been a long journey to get to this point tho. ups, downs, fights , laughs, even tears. but its just another day in the army. there is one thing tho. isnt it funny how the toughest guy can turn into a blubbering mess jsut by hearing those 4 little words," Daddy, I miss you". yeah it happened tonight.  and all that i could tell him was im sorry. ill be home soon. but i just think to myself everynight before i go to sleep. that one more day that im dont have to spend away from home. its THE toughest part of all this. its not the 80 pound vest or the 120 degree heat. the can all be fought thru. its knowing that there is a little one out there who misses you and you cant be there to comfort them and make it better.  so, untill next time.  hasta la waygo
My Love Is Yours
I give you roses. a dozen roses that is. my heart is yours. the love I have is all yours. I will die for you my love. I will give you my soul. I want to tell the world how much I love you. you changed my life. you made me feel loved again. I want to carry you to our bedroom. make love all night long. I never want to change anything about us. my feelings are strong about you. I will give you my soul. I know i will love you untill I die. I never have to fear that you will hurt me. because you're beautiful inside as you're outside.
Be A Happy Person, Will Make You Have A Long Healthy Life
We know the economy is not good at all in the USA but we have to think positive, liv life to the fullest, try to be thankful for our family and friends to be there and support us, is that keeps us alife and happy each day. So don't take life for granted live each day as is your last. Be good to yourself and to other, and good will come back to you before you know it.   Hopes this blog will brighten your days, and help you to be happy and slow down a bet and smell the roses, think of what you have today and don't worry about tomorrow.   To all my Fubar friends, hopes will put a smile on your faces and heart, and smile after you read this!!!!:):)
I am in my mid-30's, married with two young daughters. Originally from Melbourne, Australia but now living in Tenerife. I love cooking, especially sweet stuff, and one-pot wonders like stews and roasts. I enjoy having friends over for dinner. I also love travelling, but it is difficult at the moment with two young children. Some of my favourite destinations are Italy, Brussels (chocoholic heaven) and Germany (my ancestral home).  Anuncios Tenerife Clasificados Tenerife Compra Venta Tenerife
Moving On ?
Come on in and sit down , have a drink , and enjoy the conversation . That was what i was told when i joined Club VooDoo. I felt welcomed  . Today Club VooDoo closed it's doors for good . the only place many fubarians felt at home and felt welcomed . When the owners decided to close it down , we were all in shock . Speechless more like it . How could the place we call home on fubar be closing ? Well sometimes you cant help it . You must do what needs to be done inorder to maintain yourself . It couldnt be helped . I applaud those that kept Voodoo together . It was a family not just a lounge . (yeah i know it wasnt RL) But real people are on fubar . real people made the lounge i called home for the past several months . Now dont get me wrong , i wasnt there very long . But there were people with voodoo since they opened . And i know i feel like the rug was pulled out from under my feet . Imagine how the others feel. Like walls crashing around them . yes there are other lounges out th
Fuck This Shit!
You wanted an explanation so here it is. My status tonight said this....i'm sick and tired of this bullshit. be happy with what you have or don't be, but quite takin your shitty ass attitudes out on me, then apologizing for it like it's not a big deal. i'm fuckin done with this place. some of u ppl are just fucking ridiculous and childish..... although some of it was cut off lol. So, many of you would like to know why I'm feeling this way at the moment and I'm irritated enough to just let all my shit out there lol. So I'm talking to this guy here who claims to be my friend. The convo topic is unimportant atm. But while I was talking to him I was also leaving profile comments for my friends here on the fu. I needed to catch up so I figured I'd do it tonight. All of the sudden I get this shout that says something about me leaving the comments and how he's so stupid. So I apologize (like an ass, but I was trying to be nice) and explain to him what I have just said. Then I get a "Oh I'm
Its Going To Be A Long Road...
I think that I had it easy getting up to level 19 so far. I have rated the hell out of pictures and profiles. Left a few dozen comments as well. Spent the 250k fubucks on my first ticker for my efforts! Now, I need 75k to get to 20!?! I see the guys taking care of all the females on here. I am still puzzled on why they are wasting it on a few fake ass profiles of some broad that is obviously fake as hell. I guess when I started my journey on here in 2006, I should have stuck to it. I would not be scratching my head wondering how the hell I am going to get up in levels now. I want to say thanks to the few that have taken the time to rate me and the one kind one to actually buy me a bling. Thanks to the ones that have bought me the drinks and gifts. And thank you for taking time to read this!
I get a ton of shoutbox messages everyday asking me the same questions over and over. Since I hate repeating myself, I am going to answer the FAQ's in here since apparently my profile is too much to read. 1. What do you like to do for fun? I love outdoor activities like camping, horseback riding, swimming, boating, and fishing. My favorite thing in the world is to travel and experience different cultures. I like reading, but rarely find the time. I love concerts and watching movies and plays. I also like to drive, to go and TRY to get lost just so I can say I found a new place.   2. Are you single? This doesn't quite matter because I'm not going to be dating anyone from here anyway. But to answer your question, yes I am single. I love a man, he knows who he is (50),  but distance is an issue. I have a friend with benefits and I'm not looking for any more of those either. My relationship status isn't negotiable.   3. Why is someone as "insert compliment here" single? Well that's
What Do I Really Matter?
If I left this World today how would you even know I was gone? Would I just be a name in the paper that means little to anyone. What impact did I make? Would you cry a tear? Would I even get so much as a second thought?  If you never took the time to tell me what you felt when I am here why should I believe I'd make an ounce of difference when I am gone. If I am a part of your life and I mean anything to you at all it would be nice to know that. I guess I am looking for something and not sure just what. Perhaps it isn't out there at all. I'll stfu and end this now. You can say what you think!
Mutilation Is My Medication
  ..> I'm sick again today. Same as yesterday, and the day before, and probably tomorrow too. I need my relief, so I pull out my knife. You see, mutilation is my medication. Self-Prescribed. I roll up my pants, and pull down my sock. SLICE!!!  AAAAHHH!!! It hurts but in a good way. I feel the rush. My face gets red. The searing feeling. But in a minute, I'll feel better than I did before. I watch the blood pour out, and my ailments along with it. I've ruined alot of socks this way, But thats the price you pay, With this medicine. Relief is achieved. And it lasts awhile. Sometimes for days, sometimes just one. The cut? It heals, but slowly, Because I cant help but pick at the scab. Sometimes that helps me to cut back on my "medicine". It eventually scars up, but thats ok. No one sees them anyways. Another day passes, And I'm still sick. This medicine doesnt cure, It only relieves the symptoms. For awhile. So once again, its time to take my me
I Wanna Go!!!
Tell ya what......It would not upset me at all if one of you fine fubarians took me to Japan to see Axl in December...........   purty please
Firefox Plugins A Must Have
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Taboo   One very unusual thing about dreaming is that almost any object, person, or association can seem to project a taboo power. This taboo may be either negative or positive. A taboo is something that contains intrinsic, potentially dangerous power that may be conjured and directed against oneself or another. Generally, the object, person, or association is representative of a moral wrong. Guns, for example, may carry a sense of taboo power. So may some magical dream objects. Occasionally, a very common object may have taboo power in your dream because of some experience you have had with it in your waking life. Many times, the taboo power does not exist in an object, but in a relationship transaction that violates a moral code (such as incest, marital infidelity, or theft). Others times, the symbol of taboo is something shrouded, such as a stranger that you instinctively knew not to mess with. All of these are taboo representations. The key to dream interpretation is to disco
Mountains   The mountains can be a place of majesty, danger, or ritual sacred land. You may just like being in the mountains and dream of them for that reason. They may make you feel good about nature, rebirth, and being alive. Also, the mountains may be a something to cross alone-either by choice or because you find yourself there for some unclear reason. You will want to consider who said good-bye when the journey started, why you left, and what you expected to encounter in the mountains of your dreams. The mountaintop experience has long been a idiomatic expression for the best life has to offer. Are you searching for or unable to attain a particular success in waking life, or do you feel you have ascended to that height in a particular area?
Auric Frequency
Unarmed, I'm sharper than a knife, death stare in my eyes - no child, no wife.  The war drum in my heart is my guiding light.  I know when to retreat, but there's no flight, ready to surge and down to fight.  I live my life like I've already died; Mars raised me right, a beast groomed for the arena where my trade is plied, fed strain and strife.  My heart is hollow and the pain is ripe, broken and rebuilt - immune to blight.  I severed my ties... to my body's hunger, and my mind's desire for a pleasant sight.  The Grey is where I ride.  I rebuke the black and the white, and blur the lines. Chaotic Good let's me do what I would through the prowess of mind and might.  The Game's my spouse, 'cause the sickest bitch is My Life... I'mma tell ya' like this, I don't give two shits about ya' penny-annie-ass politics, galactic ego, and little dick... syndrome, yeah, you make me sick.  You Napoleonic tick, you's a  sour-ass bitch.  I stunt on you parasitic little pricks... habitually, just to
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Whether You Love Dogs Or Not, I Know You Will Love This Story . . .
  An older, tired-looking dog wandered into my yard.I could tell from his collar and well-fed belly that he had a home and was well taken care of. He calmly came over to me, I gave him a few pats on his head; he then followed me into my house, slowly walked down the hall, curled up in the corner and fell asleep. An hour later, he went to the door, and I let him out.The next day he was back, greeted me in my yard, walked inside and resumed his spot in the hall and again slept for about an hour. This continued off and on for several weeks.Curious I pinned a note to his collar: "I would like to find out who the owner of this wonderful sweet dog isand ask if you are aware that almost every afternoon your dog comes to my house for a nap."The next day he arrived for his nap, with a different note pinned to his
*hits You With Purse*
  Your attempts at cattiness are noted and thusly labeled as pathetic.         -REL
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That Murderous Halloween Contest/auction
Cant Take No More
Sorry, I'm ClosedWe were friends, we were lovers, we were friendsYou're hot, you're cold, you're warmYou come, you go, you linger aboutI'm showered with affectionThen ignored without intentionYou pull me close, you push me awayYou want me, you don't, but you won't say good-byeOn bright days, you don't need meBut when the dark lonely ones come aroundYou reach into the shadowsWhere you keep me hangingAnd feed from my soul No MoreI'm cutting the chains with which you have bound meI am setting myself freeI can no longer be your crutchThere is nothing there for meMy best wishes go with youFor your peaceSome love and some happinessAs I must now move alongTo find some of my own.  
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Navy Admiral
A U.S. Navy Admiral was attending a naval conference that included Admirals from the U.S. , English, Canadian, Australian and French Navies. At a cocktail reception, he found himself standing with a large group of Officers that included personnel from most of those countries. Everyone was chatting away in English as they sipped their drinks but a French admiral suddenly complained that, whereas Europeans learn many languages, Americans learn only English. He then asked, 'Why is it that we always have to speak English in these conferences rather than speaking French?' Without hesitating, the American Admiral replied, 'Maybe it's because the Brit's, Canadians, Aussie's and Americans arranged it so you wouldn't have to speak German.'   You could have heard a pin drop.
Whens it my turn to scream and yell and say fuck the world! Everything hits you all at once and your knocked on your ass and your like what the fuck man. Dealing with it all having no one. Then having to be the one to be there for the people that are closest to. Not being able to get to say your fuck the world. Quitely screaming in your head trying to keep it together for the other person. I want to know when the fuck its my fucking turn to have something. Other then someone elses pitty party. Get the fuck over it shit fucking happens. Some of us have real problems to deal with and your not fucking helping. Oh well what the fuck ever. Thats what im here for, a shoulder to cry on. To be truthful, I dont give a fuck about anyone. You dont like it get the fuck over it and jump off a bridge and do everyone a favor. Quit your bitching, I dont care. Fuck you and Fuck the world.                                         Later
Hulk Hogan Top 10 Matches
What's up wrestling fans? With news that have decided to pack their bags and head for Orlando, having Wrestling, I thought now might be a good time to compile a list of the top 10 highlights in the career of the legendary Hulk Hogan. While Hogan is arguably the biggest name to ever come out of the pro wrestling industry, and his career highlights have been numerous, I feel this list features the top 10 moments in his career that have defined him as a wrestler and have made him who he is (in the ring) today. With that said, let's take a look at number 10.... 10. Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant at Shea Stadium in 1980 In what was arguably his very first high profile pro wrestling feud, Hulk Hogan battled Andre The Giant at Shea Stadium in August of 1980. The match was sanctioned by WWF, which was owned at the time by Vince J. McMahon, the father of the now WWE Chairman Vince K. McMahon.   9. Hulkamania is Born: Hogan vs The Iron Sheik On January 23rd, 1984, Hulk Hogan defeated The
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I'm not sure if I should keep this. I don't even remember making it. lol.
Gun Owners Unite
I was watching the news tonight and was shocked to see the senless death of a CU student. He was shot once in the chest. This brought back memories of a good friend of mine that was killed for no reason in Alaska a few years back. I am NOT by any means a gun controal advocate, I own two firearms my self...a .357 magnum and a Yougoslavian SKS, and as soon as I can afford more I am planing to buy more. For all of my life I have supported the Second Adment and I do beleive that those of us that are law abiding citizens NEED to do somthing about the unlawful use and senless killings that are threatening our way of life. As Americans the right to bear arms is somthing that we hold near and dear to our hearts, going back to the birth of our country and it is somthing that most of us to this day are willing to fight for. However due to recent events, including the Ft. Hood attack, and constant gun violence in the news, we are soon to be in the minority on the issue. I for one don't want to be
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Beauty is a short-lived tyranny.  -  Socrates
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My First Time At Venice Beach By Nick G.
The sights and sounds And the scenery Oh how wonderful This place can be   Long long strip Of stores and shops Business owned And mom and pops   Pretty girls In booty shorts Poeple on the grass Playing sports   People holding Signs to see Oh theres a guy Waving to me   Asking me To kick his ass Oh what an opportunity That I cannot pass   Five bucks is All he took And by far I gave The hardest kicks in the book   For making fun Of my little pants I gave him kicks That made him dance   That was the most Greatest part of my day And after that there's Nothing else to say
For Your Entertainment-adam Lambert
So hot Out the box Can we pick up the pace? Turn it up, Heat it up I need to be entertained Push the limit Are you with it? Baby, don’t be afraid I’ma hurt ‘ya real good, baby Let’s go It’s my show Baby, do what I say Don’t trip off the glitz That I’m gonna display I told ya I’ma hold ya down until you’re amazed Give it to ya ’til your screaming my name No escaping when I start Once I’m in I own your heart There’s no way you’ll ring the alarm So hold on until it’s over Oh, do you know what you got into? Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do? ‘Cause it’s about to get rough for you I’m here for your entertainment Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet ‘Ya fallen angel swept ya off ya feet Well I’m about to turn up the heat I’m here for your entertainment It’s alright You’ll be fine Baby, I’m in control Take the pain Take the pleasure
Part One
There are things that only the mind can grant a release from. Those things are prisons which it has created. Like any construct of the imagination, they can be as real as the mind wishes them to be. Regardless, only the keeper of one’s mind may hold the key to unlocking the cell doors.   Each drop tapping upon the roof created a hypnotic effect upon the man who sat in his chair looking out into the dreary night. He had seen many of these nights. Most of them were spent in quiet contemplation. He was, for the most part, bored with the life he had. He had no release from them. He felt trapped behind a cell door of his own creation. In his mind, the man was someone different, or should be. He had watched his life crumble around him until the pieces were far too tiny to pick up. He had no vaccum cleaners to suck them all from the floor, or a magic wand to wave and hope that the fickle hand of Fate put them back together the way they were before. He had lost the only thing in his
Part Two
“Do you think he will know?” The woman asked Luciano after Angelo fell asleep. “He is intelligent enough to figure it out with the right clues. I gave him one already. But as long as he remains focused, where I want him, his mind will not drift.” “You were really going to make me service him?” “You wouldn’t have enjoyed it?” “Of course I would have enjoyed it, but that is not point.” “No, it is not. Yes, I was really offering you to him. As far as he is concerned, I am the master of everything. That is important. Though it is, largely a lie, he must understand that, for any lie to have credibility, it must be as true as reality. All he knows, at this point, is truth. He must learn to see lies and the only way for that to happen is to lie himself.” “How long have we been doing this?” she asked. “Centuries.” “In all that time, you have never been honest. Why should I believ
When I look at her picture,Could her lips ever match whats in my mind.Would her eyes still sparkle,Forever soft and kind. Maybe in my mind,forever a dream,There is where she should stay.Always remaining prefect,Never a flaw in anyway. Have I raised her to high,Beyond anywhere she could ever go.Until the day I see her angelic face,I surely will never know. So for now maybe forever my dream,That will keep her close to me.Forever perfect in my mind,Is all my eyes will see.
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From A Real Friend
You want to know what I think about you? Well, I think that you are probably one of the most caring men I've ever met. I'm so proud to call you my friend and My Little Brother! You think of everyone else before yourself! I don't know how you do it sometimes to be honest! Maybe I'm just a more selfish person!I do know that whatever lady wins your heart and marries you will be the luckiest lady on Earth!Love you now and always, "Name removed, they know who wrote it"
Don't Drink The (bottled) Water
I watched the documentary, “Water Wars,” today.  Watching it will make your body begin to physically reject bottled water.  If it doesn’t change your mind, then I don’t know what will.  I really have only one principled stance in my life, and it is that I will not support the bottled water industry.  Not only will I not buy it, I will not drink it.  I felt this way, before I watched that movie, by the way.  But, the movie wrapped up all of the reasons that bottled water if for suckers into a nice, little package, and wrapped it in a big o'l’ bow.  To sum it up: 1) Bottled water is a million times more expensive than water from the tap.  Yes, “a million” is hyperbole, but the point remains. 2) Tap water is potable and safe.  Yes, there are contaminants and particulate matter that make it into the water supply, but something like 60% of the people on the planet would still kill for your tap water.  If there is a health benefit to drinking bottl
Release The Demon
Release the anger Release the stress Help me become me again Help me figure out all those Little things That everyone loves in me Bring me back to life So to speak Help me get back to the person That i was before I cry myself to sleep at night Waking every other hour Wondering what the fuck happened To me The demons in my mind My body and soul are ravaged As this demon torments me Help me free my mind From this demon Help me free my body From this pain Help me release my demon Help me come back to me
You Know Who You Are!!!
Anonymous said: HOOOOORAH!!! celebrating single life again sighs yeah i know a lonely thing heheI said:Fuck no it ain't lonely. Friends make the world go round, and no matter how many you have, as long as you have that one friend who is true to their word that is all you need.Anonymous Replied: i love u Dr. Woo no matter how down i am u always make me smile hugs xoxoxo
The Vampire Eyes
For All Of You Who Know What An Mre Is... And Those That Don't This Is Too Funny And True Not To Read.
MRE dinner date, the following is somewhat a true story... Told from thepoint of view of a young Marine."I had a date the other night at my place. On the phone the daybefore, the girl asked me to "Cook her something she's never hadbefore" for dinner.After many minutes of scratching my head over what to make, Ifinally settled on something she has DEFINITELY, definitely hadnever eaten before.I got out my trusty case of MRE's. (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) Fieldrations that when eaten in their entirety contain 3000+ calories ineach meal.Here's what I made: I took three of the Ham Slices out of theirplastic packets, took out three of the Pork Chops, three packets ofChicken-a-la- king and eight packets of dehydrated butter noodles andsome dehydrated/rehydrat ed rice.I cooked the Ham Slices and Pork Chops in one pan, sautd in shavedgarlic and olive oil. In another pot, I blended the Chickena-la-king, noodles, and rice together to make a sort of mush thatlooked suspiciously like succotash.I added some
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Rating System, Drinks/gifts, Fu-own, Fu-mafia
Okay so to start I will just say that I am only here for fun. Do NOT need the fu-drama and will block you if you start it. As far as the rating goes, if you down-rate me and I see it I will down-rate you as well. Fair is fair, and that will be the end of it. If you bomb me or my pictures with down rates the same will be done to you. And then you will be blocked. You can ask any of my friends on here and find out that I can be the sweetest person, no one has had to see the bad side yet. As far as rating pictures goes, I will try and rate your pictures as much as I can. If you rated mine, thank you very much! I give drinks, a lot of them to the people I talk to on the regular. And I also return EVERY drink I receive. Same goes for the gifts. I can be pretty random and I don't talk much. So if I don't talk to you a lot then I'm sorry. Its nothing you have done, I just dont respond a lot. My chat box is family ONLY. As far as the games go, I'm addicted. I will accept ANYONE on fu-ma
Pdp Scene ( Exert From D.s.p. Book 3 )
Scene opens at some sort of nightclub / bar in space. (Ari) “I don’t think this is a space diner. There playing metal and . . . There’s blood on the dance floor!” (Me) “Why does this place seem familiar?” A woman with long very red hair and very large breasts pulls a gun on a group of patrons and demands they pay their bill. (Me) “Deadchick!” (SLDC) “Hey Cap.” *smiles and walks away with a fist full of cash* (Ari) “You know her?” Everyone in the club suddenly notices the Captain and yells “CAP!” (Me) *waves at everyone* “Holy shit! It’s Purgatory Dance Party, I know just about everyone in here.” (Sibene) “I thought we were going to a space diner for the experience? How did we end up here without you knowing where we were?”
Undisclosed Desires (muse)
I feel this, it means something to me... I know you suffered But I don't want you to hide It's cold and loveless I won't let you be denied Soothe me I'll make you feel pure Trust me You can be sure I want to reconcile the violence in your heart I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask I want to exorcise the demons from your past I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart You take your lovers that you're wicked and divine You may be a sinner But your innocence is mine Please me Show me how it's done Tease me You are the one I want to reconcile the violence in your heart I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask I want to exorcise the demons from your past I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart Please me Show me how it's done Trust me You are the one I want to reconcile the violence in your heart I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask I want to exorcise the demons from your past I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires
When he says my name Cassandratis as if he is singing a songone that not many can follow alongwhen he whispers in my earI can almost feel a chill,His hot breath brushes my necki feel my pulse quicken..I can feel what he wants to do next.. I anticipate..I crave..Oh gods.. I want it as much as hedoes...I feel the slight pinch ashe's teeth pierce my skin..i moan deeply..I know that we arenow as one.. as we were in the we will be now and in the future..Our hearts beat as one. perfect in beat.our blood flows in his body. I feel his stregnth.feel the heart in his chest.. i know now that this is best.I cradle his head as he has his fill.. knowing thatsoon he must stop.. knowing that i dont want him to..but knowing that he must..I breath faster..I look into his golden eyes.. so full of fire.. so full of passionand that passion is for me..My darling you must stop now.. until another timewhen we may darling.. i am addicted to you...
Egotistical And Arrogant But True
Yes, I am the best,Offered to you if you can,prove to me your worth.
the neighbors pit had puppies 2 days ago and this little guy was a runt and was being pushed aside so we were doggie sitting for a bit today and he got hungry
Guys Online
Meh, Why does every guy that talks to you online and might be interesting have to ask for your number instead of asking if they can just add you to their buddy list? It is like you might have at some point later actually wanted to talk to them because they seemed alright but then they have to go and blow it by asking for your number. I do not get guys.
Letting Go ....
I am writing this for a few of my greatest friends on Fubar...Please take time out n read might help anyone one of us..Relax enough to face reality when life twists and turns.Sometimes in life, no matter how deeply we intend to make the bestdecisions possible for ourselves, things happen. Marriages end, jobsturn sour, friends wane. For reasons outside our control orunderstanding, the situation twists and turns into something other thanwhat we bargained for.Have you been waiting for a situation to revert to what it originallywas - or what you hoped it would be when you got in? Are you tellingyourself that there's something wrong with you, when the reality is, thesituation has changed into something other than what you thought it was?Things often don't go as smoothly as we planned. Sometimes, we need toendure and get through the rough spots. But I'm talking about thosegrindingly difficult moments when life suddenly twists on us.These are the times we need to quit torturing ourse
The Night I Turned My Xbox Off
A quiet evening, the place to my self its a good time to turn on the ol' 360. Hmm what shall i play? Some Madden or a fighting game. No I think I'll play some Call of Duty. I log in join a team, and get down to business as usual. I start off strong 5 kill streak within the first 15 seconds. These dudes don't know what hit them. I'm playing way above normal, I listen as pure domination beckons. Trade gun fire here and there, I take control I dont even care. The way I'm playing its not even fair.All of a sudden i hear keys in the door. She's not suppose to be home till quarter past four. "Hi baby they let us home early today." I say"hey baby glad to see you home early today". I keep playing , enforcing my dominance in this game. Then I hear a faint whisper of my name...Gregory. Turning my head quickly to hear back to the Tv. She walks around the kitchen as if she's gliding on air. Pulling my attention I try not to stare. No! No! back to my game what I am doing is not even fair. Right no
Lincoln And Kennedy Facts
There are weird similarities between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. * Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846. John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946. * Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860. John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960. * Both were shot in the back of the head in the presence of their wives. * Lincoln was shot in the Ford Theatre. Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln, made by Ford * Both wives lost their children while living in the White House. *Both Presidents were shot on a Friday. * Lincoln's secretary was named Kennedy. * Both were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson. * Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808. Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908. * Lincoln was shot at the theater named 'Ford.' Kennedy was shot in a car called 'Lincoln' made by 'Ford.' * Lincoln was shot in a theater and his assassin ran and hid in a warehouse. Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his assassin ran and h
True Love To Be Spoken
I want you to feel me, and i want to feel you, this warm embrace is this love that i am feeling is this my temptation of lust, can't get you out of my mind, to many sleepless nights tossing and turning just want to feel you, and i want to feel you too, i slept to long without you by my side can't get you out of my mind wanting for you to come to bed, i feel so cold and naked with out you by my side i will give away all my richest just to see you smile i will give you my heart just to hear you say "i love you" i want you to feel me and i want you to feel you i am so loss without you only you can save me from this heart ache my love for you is what i am today everything i do, i do for your love.
You know, when you feel like all hope is gone and your ready to retire, why do they have to come and kick you further down?You spend every waking moment loving them, no matter how far away they are... no matter how difficult it can be for your lives to be part of the others...Then they are gone... and you spend everyday trying to forget how their eyes sparkle, or the softness of their touch... the passion in their kisses... wishing to turn back the earth and time...But you survive. Its in our nature. To keep moving forward.Then as things go wrong and your self doubt is hanging above you, they come back just to cut the line and drop it all on you...And for what? No reason. No explanation. Just an emotional slap that leaves your eyes burning, chest tight, blood boiling...She choose to walk away, so why do I hate myself? Why do I find myself crying?Why is she crying? She moved on and found a new life... Mine stopped and crumbled...How sad... She has the world, but misses me... And yet, we
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I am having a really rough day... I can not pretend anymore that I am fine today when I am breaking down and falling apart. At this EXACT moment I am writing this, my son's graduation from high school is going on. I didn't get a ticket because we are estranged to some sense. I texted him daily asking if I could come, hell I even blocked my number and tried calling him and got nothing. I was hoping with me going to his baseball games that it would have opened the opportunity to start a relationship again but obviously not. This feels like its ripping my heart out because this is a VERY important day of his life and I am not involved. I dont know what to do or say, all I feel like doing right now is crying, but I am trying not to. Trying to keep myself busy but that doesnt seem to be helping either... My heart hurts..... :(
Slowly he does slip Into madness he will dip, Rising only for air He's losing his grip.   Ready for his world to cease As his problems increase. Still his life everyday Has a brand new lease.   Trying not to complain Makes it hard to sustain. His joy is forgotten He stands in the rain.   Without any ease, He gets on his knees And asks for forgiveness Making sure to say "please".   Ready to give it all up, He fills his cup, With things on his mind, He pulls himself up.   Today is a new day; He's decided to stay And do the best he can do. No more running away.
Not Always Right| The Fourth Is Not Strong With This One
Hotel | Traverse City, MI, USA Me: “Thank you for calling the [hotel]. How may I direct your call?” Customer: *in a British accent* “I need a room for tonight.” Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we are booked.” Customer: “Why?” Me: “It’s the 4th of July. We’re always booked on the 4th.” Customer: “I know the date! Why are you booked?” Me: “Um, it’s July 4th.” Customer: “Listen, just give me a room!” Me: “I’m sorry sir, we are sold out. The entire town is sold out.” Customer: “The entire town? Why?” Me: “Sir, it’s the 4th of July. Independence day.” Customer: “Independence from what?” Me: “Um, England.” Customer: “Oh bloody h***!” *click*
The Doors - The End
This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the end Of our elaborate plans, the end Of everything that stands, the end No safety or surprise, the end I'll never look into your eyes...again Can you picture what will be So limitless and free Desperately in need...of some...stranger's hand In a...desperate land Lost in a Roman...wilderness of pain And all the children are insane All the children are insane Waiting for the summer rain, yeah There's danger on the edge of town Ride the King's highway, baby Weird scenes inside the gold mine Ride the highway west, baby Ride the snake, ride the snake To the lake, the ancient lake, baby The snake is long, seven miles Ride the snake...he's old, and his skin is cold The west is the best The west is the best Get here, and we'll do the rest The blue bus is callin' us The blue bus is callin' us Driver, where you taken' us The killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on He took a face from the ancient gallery And he walked on do
Brother Wolf & Sister Moon By The Cult
Embrace the wind with both armsStop the clouds dead in skyHang your head no moreAnd beg no moreBrother Wolf and Sister MoonYour Time has comeBrother Wolf and Sister MoonYour time has come and the wind will blow my fears awayAnd dry my tears awayAnd the wind will will blow my fears awayAnd dry my tears away
Oooo..."master" Alex...lmao   So, "Master" Alex here decided to give me a "shout" in the shout box: misterak20: hello... i have to admit that you have a very submissive appearance to me. it seems as if you are waiting for someone who takes control. you have a sort of body language as if you are that sort of female i prefer to see with a collar arround her neck instead of a necklace. and i am sure i am correct about your personality about that. *snorts* Wow, how observant...NOT! Oddly enough, when I responded back to this winner, he went all silent. Hmm, yeah, just as I thought. "Master" my ass. Check out his profile too. Lots a real interesting info on him. *shakes head*
Ulysse Nardin El Toro Watch
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Renting A Pre-owned Or Custom Gowns Through The Dressok Site
The price of the wedding dresses is normally among the pieces that consider up a big quantity inside wedding party budget.Although some brides can heartily invest a pretty critical quantity of money on wedding party gown, Pink Wedding Dresses some just exercise becoming sensible and settle on inexpensive wedding party gown options like renting a pre-owned or custom gowns. There is a single apparent benefit in employing a wedding party gown will be the cost. Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses A wedding party evening is but just one evening occasion and so some brides see this like a much better alternative. There are even custom wedding party apparel that price a fortune if purchased clean through the rack but a great deal less costly when hired. A fantastic gown is not that quick to come across particularly in circumstance you are preparing merely on employing one. There is generally a restricted selection for gowns for hire and which means you must allot a pretty critical quantity of time to
Beach Dreams
sitting on the beach watching the ocean look so freedreaming of the days when we never had a care at alljust gazing into the ocens currants just watching it come in and go outthinking of how you can change your lifegaze into the ocean's eyes and just getting completely relaxedjust thinkin of what to do with the life you livegaze into the ocean's eyes as night falls just relaxed as can beyou watch the moon arise and see how the light reflects off the water so suttle and ease is the lightas you continue to stare at the glisstening ocean you doze offdreaming of the life you love so muchdreaming of the one you want to be withwishing and hoping that person feels the same for youdreaming of the life you want to live with that specail personas you lay on the beach asleep from the relaxing wavesyour dream seems so sureal as if you are feeling it
Pain And Happiness
looking in the eyes of everyone...seeing the pain they suffer...why can i see this..oh god why do i....i see the pain that people suffer..i feel the pain they have gone through..i can't take this suffering anymorelooking down as i walk through time not wanting to see the pain but can't help but to look upi feel the torment that they feelwhy do i feel this...oh god why can i...i feel the torture that they have been through...i feel the love that they lost...i feel the love that they have..why have me feel the torture and happiness they feel...keep my eyes to the groundbut it don't help cause i can still feel the painwhy me god....i suffered enough on my ownwhy god...why pick me to feel this pain
Ladyfs Omega Seamaster Watches
  Omega seamaster watches Lady’s watches are really luxurious, they are designed for brave and stylish ladies – divers.More often than that, Omega Seamaster watches are associated with ocean; masculine and bravery; there are still lady’s Omega Seamaster watches which are together with technical perfection are characteristic of blinding beauty and fantastic luxury taste. The omega seamaster watches Planet Ocean Lady’s watch has a 42 mm case. The watch features unidirectional rotating bezel, chronometer, helium escape valve, date and screw-in crown. The dial is decorated with diamonds due to which the timepiece looks very luxurious. The model comes in a few versions. There are versions that are made of stainless steel and also there is a version that is made of combination of stainless steel and pink gold. Versions differ by dial color and the color of strap. The brightest Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean lady’s watch has a very beautiful orange dial and orang
Ensign: How Bunnybury Welcomed The Strangers
All ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when he lifteth up an ensign on the mountains; and when he bloweth a trumpet, hear ye.            Isaiah 18:3   AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS                          19 November 2010    WORD COUNT: 32,539   “So I was on my may to open the office where I work forty hours a week when I saw a man probably not much older than me with a graying beard and walking on crutches waiting at a traffic light.  At first I drove by (hey, I needed to get to work) but then turned around and asked him whether he needed was waiting for someone or needed a ride somewhere.    “He said he needed to get to the Salvation Army headquartered at the other end of town from where he was, so I gave Ted a ride – he’s in Minot looking for work and has traveled east from a town in northeast Washington state (sounds like “I own”) where there wasn’t any, and right now he’s got a bum knee and owes m
Stupid Encounter #56
  No Seriously... What The Fuck?
Marine Sgt. Michael V. Lalush
Died March 30, 2003 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom 23, of Troutville, Va.; assigned to Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron (HMLA)-169, Marine Air Craft Group-39, Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton, Calif.; killed in a helicopter crash in southern Iraq.
I Wish
i wish i could have quit you. i wsh i never missed you, and told you that i loved you, everytime i fucked you. the future that we both drew, and all the shit we've been through. obsessed with the thought of you the pain just grew and grew how could you do this to me? look at what i made for you it was never enough and the world is what i gave to you. i used to be love struck now i'm just fucked up
Return Of Music Monday
Today's Music Monday is inspired by this blog:   The actual song starts around 1 minute in. Ever After Happily - Jay Brannan   the smell of a candlefreshly blown outthe light of the clockshines on my skinlike a sickly green moonlighton a pale white day's decayi try to wipe you from my memorybut your face won't fade awayanother boy kissed me todayi laughed in his mouthit's not funny that i'm not kissing youi'm not laughing because we fell throughit's the stories they told us when we were youngerabout life and lovehow our happiness lies in the hands of anotherwho'd fly in on the wings of a dovechoruswell, that's the way the fairy tale goesboy meets girl and they wed with rosesbut that's not the way it seems to beand i'm pissed that they lied to mecuz boy meets boy and boy runs awayor girl meets girl and she's afraid to staywe end up home alone watching court tvnot living ever after happilyyou're rightyou are prince charm
This Might Be Legit...not! Lmao
I received the following email this morning. Obviously, it's a scam. Anyone with an ounce of a brain could determine that, but if you couldn't, check out the highlighted company name. If this isn't a big ass tip off, I don't know what is! LOL   Attn: Executive Director,This is a Private Management Placement on behalf of my client.My client is looking for an experienced individual / organization that canprofitably invest capital in excess of $50,000.000.00 (Fifty Million Dollars).My client prefers unidentified or anonymous investment with you because of hispolitical problem in India.Forward your details for further information.1. Full Names.2. Country of Resident.3. Direct Telephone No.4. Detail of Business.5. Investment Experience.My RegardsLoonies Consultant IncE-mail:
Rules To Buy Your Plus Size Formal Gown Online
It could possibly be a recognised actuality that more than 66% of females from the united states nowadays put on a size twelve or larger. Discount wedding dresses It is terribly frustrating to possess an thought of that which you would prefer to put on to that business office or vacation function, or any unique occasion for your matter, Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses and never have the ability to locate the gown that you simply actually want from the neighborhood shops or boutiques. whenever you do arranged astigmatism on that unique dress, you cannot locate your size as all of the apparel are possibly a size 6, 8, or ten and also you are certainly NOT a single of those. Well, have you actually believed concerning the ease and comfort of online shopping? Junior Bridesmaid Dresses Certainly, you have purchased treat baskets or even a arranged of dishes around the web but a formal occasion dress? That should be actually past your comprehension plus a new frontier for yourself but ten
How To Make You Look Thinner With An Inexpensive Plus Size Wedding Gown
Can a inexpensive plus size wedding gown in fact make you look ten pounds thinner? You be it can! Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses It's as uncomplicated as understanding your body shape. Actually, in the occasion you dress with models that compliment your shape, anybody can accentuate their most beneficial characteristics for optimal results. Cheap Flower Girl Dresses and also this applies to wedding gowns as well. Whether you really are a plus size female or not, deciding on the correct minimize on the wedding gown can and will make you glimpse thinner. So how does this work? The primary point that necessities for being carried out would be to recognize your body shape, Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses after you have carried out this, the relaxation is normally a item of cake! Do you possess a more compact shoulder and chest than your hips? In other words, in the occasion you had been to glimpse in the the front of your body from your center of your neck towards upper component of
So, here goes. I've never ever written a blog. I have so much on my mind right now I figured I'd give it a try. In the past 3 years I have lost 3 important pepople in my life. My twin sister, my uncle, and recently my mom. I just don't understand why God takes the ones you need the most when life is hard and you need them. I have 4 young kids who have noone now but me and my gramma. Our family is dying off. I hate this and it sucks! I don't know what to say or do to make it easier on any of us. All I wanna do is cry. I just don't know anymore.
Taking Issues Away From Finding Your Best And Exclusive Wedding Dress Online
Getting married is no longer a circumstance owning only two options, church or court house, since it utilized to be. Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses nowadays it is feasible to obtain married just about anyplace you like, so regardless of whether you desire a fairytale wedding or one thing just a little a great deal more unconventional, you can arrange to possess your wedding just about anywhere. You may wish to action out of the horse and carriage and action via the doors of an elaborate church so that you just can say your vows. You could possibly choose to employ a space at a posh accommodation and take satisfaction in a civil to declare your adore and intentions. You may even wish to shout out your vows when you leap 200 feet down from the crane as component of the bungee start - the possibilities are endless. Designers and sellers have realized that weddings are not what they utilized to be, and people today like to make use of their imagination a great deal more and do some quit
The Details Of Dream Was Not Merely Reflecting The Dreamer's Worries
Many times in my articles I translate for you a few dreams so that you simply can provide you with an instance of how you need to translate your personal dreams, Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses but I ordinarily don't examine as well deeply all of the particulars of every dream, mainly because if I id, my post will be too long. The reality is the truth that you can very easily comprehend the common meaning of the dream or of an whole dream selection only by translating the fundamental dream symbols, which you recognize as they look in every dream. However, the particulars of every dream in separate consist of quite important details too. Sometimes only many thanks to an insignificant detail will you seriously comprehend the real meaning of the mysterious dream, Cheap Flower Girl Dresses and eventually find out the objective on the unconscious thoughts that produces our dreams. Now I'm heading to translate available for you a brief dream, so that you simply can display you the signifi
Pick Out A Bridesmaid Dress That Your Bridesmaids Are Able To Really Wear Again
Do you want to express your gratitude for the women in your bridal party? Sure, they'll appreciate the bridesmaid gift you give them. Cheap Maternity Wedding Dresses They will really likely enjoy themself immensely at your bachelorette party. and they will appreciate the opportunity to dance and be merry at your wedding reception. But should you definitely want to ingratiate yourself with your bridesmaids, there's one point that trumps almost everything else you can do: pick out a bridesmaid dress that they are able to really wear again! Lucky for you, there are dozens of bridal party dresses that not just glimpse beautiful, Cheap Casual Wedding Dresses but in addition are styled so they might be donned long after the big day! right here are several from the models you can select from which have above-the-knee hemlines: Flirty Charmeuse A stylish charmeuse dress features a strapless neckline for any enjoyment and playful look. The fundamental silhouette form and ruched waist would m
Hot Squirting “summer Sirens” Steam Up My Womb Room
   radio8-27-11 Length:97:49 minutes  Date: 8/27/11 The irresistible seductive power of the ancient Greek Sirens was said to have driven many a haplessly horny sailor to shipwreck off the rocky coast of their island.  But these mythological femme fatales pale in comparison to my real-life Summer Sirens—porn stars, poets, hookers and webcam girls—who push the temperature of this super steamy episode of The Dr. Susan Block Show right on up through the Womb Room roof, stripping, sucking and squirting up a sizzling hot tropical storm.  It’s Holy Water, Brothers & Sisters! It’s good for the skin, not to mention the libido—and the soul.  And no, I don’t mention my cyber woes once during this amazing, invigorating, hot wet show!  Who can think of anything bad when surrounded by seductive sirens like these? Featured Guests Destiny Dixon: Multi-talented, independent erotic entrepreneur, international webcam model and one of the world’s most
Another Boreing Day And Weel
hi there   how is all my friends and family?   another week of nothing  no money . i am going to be starting up my day care again for the low in come families . cant aford high paying  rates for child care . i in clude the meals  so all u have to bring along with your child is juics and snacks . that will be a big help and some thing for them to do to i get more children . i have a big back yard for them to play in on the spring and summer  time i am always out with them, 80.00 for one  child full time 40 hour work week. no weekend s. all three shifts we have an extra bedroom . 2 yrs old and up . i hope uw ill call me if serious interviews  717 538 0464 my cell , text me iw ill text u back .  up to 10 pm, i live in salunga pa  . bout 30 mins  from hershey pa . and 15 mins from lancaster pa .  it is all year round i live with my mom and 25 yr old daughter . she my daughter works night shift . i do have a comb dvd and vsh system , u can bring movies in the cold chilly days that they ca
Wrir Info!- - Read
It Would Be More Than Christian Louboutin Leopard Suede Wedge
Qin Mu embarrassed smile from each other just opened Cheap Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes hostility to hate to the bones to bury the hatchet to the close co-operation, he and Li Datong gone through a tortuous path, and now is the same front of his comrades, Qin Mu put their plans to Li Datong thin again. "How much?" Said Li Datong, frowning. "At least 150,000." Qin Mu to finish the sentence, bend down slowly drinking. His approach is to give Li Datong, a buffer time. Poverty in the town of 150,000 in the 1990s is not a small number. Li Datong's face became gloomy, looking at the food on the table in a daze. Had waited a long time, he said some incomprehensible: "the city should have held onto the Christian Louboutin boots knee high section of thousands of this special dedicated, you can not tamper with the. Qin Mu point nodded and said: "violation of policy, we can not dry, but this hold on paragraph Oaki when it is distributed to the hands of the villagers, if the applica
Zombie Apocalypse
a little excercise in creativity.... if the world was consumed in a never ending zombie apocalypse... and you were stuck in it with all the people you know... what do you think would happen? after a few comments i'll be sure to post my horrible joy ending realization 
A Mother is placed to give comfort, love, happiness, security and well-being to a family. She is the most important factor as being the soul back bone of a familys survival. Throughout life, no matter what, a Mother has always been there. Even if you can not see her. It does not matter the differences or conflicts you have had and will have with your Mother because in the end she will still be there, standing strong.  A Mother will undergo a great deal of pain and suffering, for it is not easy to manage a family and keep bonds between one another so strong. No matter what happens, no matter what conflicts, and no matter what hate there is, at the end of each and everyday a Mother is still standing with arms wide open and that to me is priceless...
Kathmandu Pokhara Dharan The Three Glittering Gems Of Nepal
Nestled quaintly in between two giants India and China the country of Nepal is a favorite haunt of adventure seekers. If one may ask why so? Then the answer need not be said for this country is home to eight of the world’s highest peaks including the great Mount Everest which is the tallest peak of the world and they speak for themselves. With the highest peaks in its backyard the country has picturesque views scattered all over. With its scenic beauty to fall back on cushioned by the ancient temples and rich culture this place is frequented by travelers from all walks of life who want a bit of adventure, blessings and scenic beauty bestowed on them. Kathmandu, Pokhra and Dharan are the three places that stand out in the Map of Nepal on grounds of tourism. Kathmandu- this is the capital city of Nepal. This is a place which is mixed with the perfect blend of temples and urban structures which flavors it with an aura of sanctity and bustles with modern life. The city is one of th
A Few Things From A Guy That's Too Nice To Be A Perv Lol
There seems to be an concensus among a lot of women, I have talked to on Fubar. It keeps coming back, your too nice to be a perv. Have things reached such a low, where once the standard is now just the exception? Just look at what most women put into thier profiles. Why is that really needed? Because this online forum allows people to be more open and not care about what they say or do. Well not all of us are that way, I am not as shy online as I am in person, but that doesn't mean I don't try to keep my manners. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem telling a women they are beautiful or desireable. It doesn't mean I will do anything or need to be rude about lol.
A Honeymoon The Land Of Tropical Beauty Religion And Technology
The best places to spend honeymoons are said to be among beaches, vast blue seas, scuba diving, snorkeling, picturesque sunsets, palm trees, cruises, amazing cuisines, tropical climate with a sea breeze blowing, enchanting temples and monasteries to receive blessings, a bit of excitement like witnessing a boxing match etc. and Thailand has got all the features mentioned above to make it a perfect honeymoon destination. A honeymoon holiday in Thailand is the best honeymoon you will ever have. Romantic moonlit nights and the sound of waves splashing against the silver beaches, exotic cuisines on a cruise in the vast blue seas, untouched marine life’s beauty seen when scuba diving or snorkeling, ancient temples resonating with chants that seem to purify you, safaris in the dense tropical forests and just each other for company. Can’t get better than this now can it? The beauty of Thailand is unmatched in terms of nature as well as technology. This country is so well intertwi
What To Do!
I am falling hard for my best friend. I know we both have someone but its hard not to fall for him. If any one has any ideas on what i should do please let me know. I am so confused on what to do.
St Patricks Day Auction!
Drexel Forward Gets Pantsed On National Tv
As if having his team's NCAA tournament hopes jeopardized by Monday's crushing loss to VCU weren't bad enough for cheap beats by dre Drexel's Daryl McCoy, the junior forward also had to endure a memorable wardrobe malfunction.   TV cameras caught McCoy with his pants down with about seven minutes left in the first half of VCU's 59-56 win in the CAA title game. When VCU freshman Treveon Graham lost his balance after being fouled on monster beats the way to the rim, he steadied himself on McCoy and somehow tugged his shorts down to his ankles in the process.   "Mr. McCoy has a wardrobe malfunction," ESPN play-by-play announcer Carter Blackburn joked. "Cover your eyes, kids."   It's tempting to say that Drexel was also exposed Monday night, but that could not be further from the truth. The Dragons, winners of 19 straight prior to Monday, took VCU to the wire in a venue that might as well dr dre beats have been the Rams' home court, battling back from a 14-point deficit only to fall
If There Were No Tommorow
I would tell you today That you are the one that fills my life Whose smile I cannot wait to see Whose arms I long to have wrapped around me Whose lips I live to kiss Softly, passionately, in every way. I would want you to know That you make my heart skip a beat You fill my soul with contentment You brighten my dark skies You fill my days and nights With stars, hopes, and cascading dreams. I would want you to see How beautiful the world looks with your eyes through mine Your eyes light up the sky Your touch paints the Heavens Your kiss creates amazing rainbows Of beauty, sunshine, and life. I would want you to understand That I have always loved you Before I knew there was you Before our eyes ever met Before I found in you Happiness, completeness, and passion. If there were no tomorrow I would tell you That you are the greatest gift in my life Whose love I cherish above all else You sustain me with Your laughter, love,
Welcome To My Blog
Hello everyone, Mardi Gras Bilkini Bar is now looking for people to join the lounge
The Rose
Unfolding beauty as love so true Your essence lingers through the morning dew Enchanting melody of life are thee To give such splendor ever so delicately
Don't Pretend To Be Someone Your Not
Don't pretend to be someone your not. It is better to suffer being who you are than it is to suffer trying to be someone that you are not.
鼎鱼幕燕  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。  中国卡扎菲干了些什么事情了?  1,铁路 “7·23”动车追尾事故之铁道部;截至2011年6月底,铁道部负债合计为20907.15亿元,其中流动负债6376.73亿元,长期负债14530.42亿元。 2,公路 高速公路悄现债务危机信号 部分省市工程停建 目࠺
极度深寒  全国人大常委会委员长的职位,没有一丝一毫更改的可能性。 2011年6月9日,经济数据, 本意是中国卡扎菲对我的炫耀,以及其傲睨一世,趾高气扬地对我打击。即使当时我没看到,他也会想方设法让我看到,气死我,或者马仔,小弟,打手,责任员,办事员,跑腿员,形式员
Who You Are
Charlie Chaplin arrived in Monte Carlo in 1936 to hold a Charlie Chplin look-a-like contest in which he, himself came in third place imagine that
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    Korean Japan Clothing brings amazing Asian fashion collections for women, men and children. The cheap wholesale apparel offered is of high quality and elegant. For awesome spring summer dress ideas, log on to and make a fashion statement.   Japanese clothing trendy clothing has always been a lot of girls’ favorite style! Sweet and pretty spring chiffon dresses mess with boys’ favor! Next wholesale fashion for women online shop introduces the following five groups of Japanese fashion, and certainly can make girls like them at first sight! Quickly follow the footsteps of spring to look for your own style!   Japanese clothing sweet chiffon dress Spring has entered a period of time. Remove the busy working, with family and friends to go outing it! Girls this sweet retro fashion dress, the neckline at the sweet retro design gives an elegant feeling! Tightening of the chest at the processing for the chest is not ideal gir
Wholesale Summer Style Asian Fashion Clothing
    Wholesale Clothing – Offering cheap clothes & shoes, wholesale summer dresses and other fashion clothing styles from online shop, professional B2C wholesaler of various types of fashion apparel items.   Japanese clothing gives a sweet and refreshing feeling, especially the Mori Girl style with super strong natural sense. Many girls love so comfortable and simple refreshing clothes. Beautiful fashion network recommended ten styles of Japanese fashion shirt, innocent temperament is with a full romantic pastoral style.   Water printed little pink shirt, white lace collar and placket design are particularly sweet. There is a hint of fresh taste, collocate with the blue dress, bright colors contrast is very impact. The retro-style hit-color collar shirt, chiffon material, the color is very supple tender. Whole modeling gives a comfortable and elegant feeling. When collocate with black harem pants, very elegant and moving.  
Slavegirl N
I also have good news for every follower and the ones that prefer to see this blog anonym.   a new Slavegirl does have the pleasue to amuse me and the priviledge to get a training as Slavegirl. let me introduce: Slavegirl N like most subjects, she will also get the chance to tell you a bit about her with her own words. "I am slavegirl n. I love to draw and paint, and go on walks through the woods surrounding my house. I live at home with my parents, but I treat my friends more like my family. I hope to better become obedient through my training, and to learn to please and amuse my Sir however I can. I'd like to lose some of my stubbornness, and grow as a submissive in general. I believe that i am a born servant, that i am here to amuse my Sir, to please him, to learn and to grow as Slavegirl"   this is Slavegirl N, isn't she a cute Slavegirl?   a nice ass   and a nice cunt       but lets see if that ass is till that nice after a proper cable treatment.     bu
Mummers At Least Some Of Them...
Are the epitome of huttburt.
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Nike Pas Cher S
However, cutting the growing popularity of online shopping saves the competitiveness of the two. Instead of shopping on the street, you can easily find your style of Nike shoes outlet on the Internet, saving customers a lot of time to do something else. In addition,Chaussure Nike TN and Nike Pas Cher shop prices are cheaper than buying online, with the intense competition between online stores, sold Nike shoes business the best way for attractive customers for the same quality. You, new jordans 2011Collection Eleven versions also happen towards be grew via Tinker Hatfield. Although MC Air Jordan, Nike, however, was going as soon as the businesswoman baseball, Hatfield designed the Air Jordan shoes environment within which Michael powers need towards consume it whether he ultimately replaced towards the NBA for the property.MC, Michael Jordan Shoes Air Jordan was the Bulls genuinely assistance modelto Chi within the city towards say the latest 1995-1996 National Basketball
Vietnam Cuoio E Calzature Dipartimento Intende Aumentare La Quota Di Mercato Domestico
@@Settore del cuoio e delle calzature Vietnam cercherà di aumentare la quota di mercato domestico per alleviare la dipendenza dal mercato di esportazione, mentre le materie prime, il tasso di localizzazione al 50%. @@Lo stesso tempo, l'obiettivo del settore del cuoio e delle calzature del Vietnam è quello di raggiungere il 12 per cento di quest'anno, la crescita delle esportazioni, le esportazioni hanno raggiunto 7,3 miliardi dollari calzature, le esportazioni di borsa ha raggiunto $ 1,5 miliardi, il Ministero vietnamita del Commercio e dell'Industria Vice Ministro Ruan Nanhai 3 Riunione a Hanoi il 5 gennaio. @@Vietnam in pelle e calzature Association (LEFASO), cuoio e calzature è prevista per quest'anno,1600-1800 borsa vicino al 7000-7500 milioni di paia di calzature per l'approvvigionamento del mercato interno, rispettivamente, per soddisfare il mercato interno del 55% e il 64% esigenze. @@Raggiungere questo obiettivo,http://www.outl
Summer Sweet Pretty Girl Style Japanese Fashion Clothes
  In hot summer how to wear can help you show fashionable and thinning figure? And what are popular styles for this year? Below wholesale Japanese fashion clothing online shop will introduce several sweet and pretty summer girls’ clothes and easily solve your wearing trouble. is a reliable and professional China apparel wholesale website where you can buy cheap wholesale costume products and drop ship them anywhere in the world. Cheap Korean and Japanese Fashion Clothes Wholesale from China, Low Shipping fee, Fast Shipping Lowest Price Excellent Quality, All Korean Clothes are in the latest styles.   Off shoulder T-shirt + denim shorts, loose hem is absolutely thinning style, and showing the feeling of casual and relaxed Japanese fashion atmosphere, the star pattern is to make this dress look trendier.   Skull and crossbones T-shirt
I am here to meet friends from around the world, two years ago I met my husband on here and he is the best thing that has happned to me. The only thing that sucks is that all the people I talked to before I got married are either no longer on fu or don't talk to me because I am married. The people I do talk to on here only really say Hi and thats all, I am a person with feelings and I do notice when someone doesn't talk to me more then once. I don't have many friends in RL due to my ex bf.  I just wish people would see me as a married woman but I am also a fun chick to be with and talk to.
Clown Luvins
DJ Skitz RLM 2 Sexii Cat Buzz:   sh*t faced! Level: Prophet (27) Gender: Male, 29 Location: United States Status: “Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend.” DJ Skitz R...: hey u are u to be talkin about juggalos when u aight even repin shit just becouse someone isint stupid dont mean they aight down so why u hatin on fam for 12:33pm Kloverlynn: lmfaooo ty for proving my point just did EXACTLY what i told your buddy set him apart because he DOESNT do it  kudos 12:35pm DJ Skitz R...: shit i know whats up wit me i been a down azz ninja sence i was 12 12:35pm Kloverlynn: i take it 12 was also the last time you went to school
Sing So Sweetly
Her eyes sing so sweetly. But her heart yearns for more. Longing to feel love. One greater than ever before. A dream of a full heart. With all the warmth of the sun. Bringing with it new smiles. Till days of the world are done. What she she seeks. Maybe not as far as it seems. Her eyes hold the power. To bring life to her dreams.
My Battles
Jealousy,accusations ,possessiveness,isolation
Distinguishing between jealous feelings and jealous behaviors is an essential part of determining if your man's jealousy is detrimental to your relationship. Dr. Robert Leahy, author and clinical professor of psychology in psychiatry at Weill-Cornell Medical School believes that it's important to recognize the jealous feelings that may be present, but they don't have to be damaging to the relationship if he doesn't act on those feelings. Jealousy may be present in a man when he feels threatened by the thought of losing you; his fear of loss may be rooted in some sort of insecurity in himself or in the relationship. In loving relationships, partners trust each other and allow one another the freedom to pursue the fulfillment of their true character---jealous behavior stifles this and can indicate a capability for abuse. Accusations Jealousy originates in anxiety and fear. If a man feels vulnerable within the relationship, he's likely to act in an accusatory manner in order to protect
Ideas Baño Renovación
Dependiendo del tamaño de su cuarto de baño, usted tiene que decidir las áreas que necesitan renovación. De acuerdo con el presupuesto, hacer una lista de cosas que hay que incluir y excluir en su cuarto de baño. Mientras que la remodelación de un cuarto de baño debe tener en cuenta la regularidad de su uso entre los miembros de la familia. También debe tener en cuenta los distintos grupos de edad que se encuentran en la familia antes de empezar a renovar su cuarto de baño. Si hay muchos miembros de su familia y de las zonas de ducha y el aseo están en la misma habitación, sería un acierto para construir un recinto que separa la ducha y zona de aseo. Esto garantizaría la intimidad entre los diferentes miembros que utilizan las respectivas áreas.-grifos baratos El espacio disponible en un baño necesita ser utilizado de forma constructiva, teniendo en cuenta la distribución del baño. En el cuarto de baño, lavabos, azulejos y gabinetes de la vanidad pasar por un montón de de
A Music Fan's Private Hell
A song, evil when stuck in the head  Escape From Hellview, I ask why  please turn it up before I'm dead  From insanity I fled  The Human Drive in Hi-Fi  A song, evil when stuck in the head  My face, bright red  Cemetary Gates, I cry  please turn it up before I'm dead  Choking, I lay on my bed  Breaking The Habit, what a lie  A song, evil when stuck in the head  Call 911 is all that's said  Down With The Sickness, I sigh  please turn it up before I'm dead  My body, the ground has been fed  Frentic Amensic, I die  A song, evil when stuck in the head  please turn it up before I'm dead
L’achat Des Terres Du Sud Produit Croissance Et Inégalités Foncières
C’est la croissance économique exceptionnelle des années 2000 qui a poussé les pays émergents vers les terres du Sud. Les Chinois ou les Indiens, les Coréens du Sud avant eux, accèdent peu à peu à des standards de vie occidentaux. Leurs habitudes alimentaires et vestimentaires s’en ressentent. Ils consomment plus. Pour les nourrir et les habiller, la course aux matières premières a été lancée. Elle a fait flamber les cours mondiaux des produits alimentaires et du coton. Elle a conduit des États à agir pour mieux contrôler leurs approvisionnements produit chinois . 2 MILLIONS D’HECTARES ACHETÉS PAR LES INDIENSDix ans après le début de cette flambée, on découvre que les Chinois contrôlent 1,14 million d’hectares à l’extérieur de leur pays, dont 620 000 en Asie du Sud-Est et pratiquement tout le reste en Amérique latine. Sur le continent africain, ils se concentrent sur l’exploitation minière. Les Coréens ont acquis 850 000 hectares à l’étranger,
You Deserve Better - The Isley Brothers
Oh, oh I(Hear me now, hear me now, hear me now)Oh, oh IOh, oh I(Hear me now, hear me now, hear me now)Oh, oh I, yeahHe never took you to a picture show (Oh why)He never took you to a carnival (Oh why)You never had a picnic in the park (Oh why)He never took you dancin' after darkSee you deserve better babe[1]You deserve better babe(Than the man that just don't care)You deserve better babe(Ain't no good if he ain't never there)You deserve better babe(Here me now, hear me now, hear me now)You deserve better, betterEven better babe (Even better babe)He never took you on a shopping spree (Oh why)Just bought himself another diamond ring (Oh why)He never offered up to pay a bill (Oh why)But 4 am, you know he wants it stillSee you deserve better babe[Repeat 1]See every girl deserves a little wine and dinePop the Cristal cuz we gon' feel wildSo let me pour it out, I'll do it quick no doubtLet me fill up your glass, I'm 'gona make it lastAny man that have you, he should blow your mindBoom boom b
My Future
It is about time that this little gal stand up for herself.  I had tons of people walk over for their own personal gain.  Couple of those people have use me for simple thing.  That simple thing was sex.  When they get their fill, they decide to throw me to the curb. Other people have use me for money.  When I seek help from the people that I loan money to, they disappear.  Or they will tell me that I never lend the money to them in the first place. I am a person who is getting sick and tired of being used.  I never see anything coming back to me from the people that I have helped out the most.  When should I tell them "enough is enough"?   There is more to me then a sex toy.  There is more to me then a f@@@@@ ATM.  I do have feelings.  I do have dreams.  There is alot to me that nobody knows about.  If you want to get to know me, be my friend.  Don't think that you can become friends with me just to use me.   I am not the type of person who will no open up on the first couple of ti
ÄrÇ ÄÑgΣl ÇrØwΣ | "tnt" | Umlaut Alchemy | Estarr/starving Artisan 2012
Robert Chrisley aka The ÄRÇ ÄÑGΣL ÇRØWΣ "TNT" Umlaut Alchemy Estarr 2011 Dust in the wind as it blows Didn't mean to reminisce the foretold Standing on a dune made from cities of olde Burned by luciferians in search of gold That kind that could never be found So, the walls of time they believed they built, they believe they are the ones to tear down Masquerading in madness adorned with paper crowns Never to understand, gravity points down Feet of clay and iron with too much just for show Collapsing I see of their mighty ten toes The Earth as we knew it has disappeared Nothing of it except everything we feared Passed the torch to the light barer in hand Who wouldn't know skill of such, for that alone takes a real Man As in the Son of Man Casting stones against the Temple's pillars I see Never mind the impending doom Who does beseech thee Arrogance is the dance of a blind man Who builds his house upon sand Like sands of time, it all falls away And the sand castles of the eart
Casamento Da Semana: Mama Maluf E Daniel Zuckerman
Na última quinta-feira, o humorista do Programa Pânico, Daniel Zuckerman se casou com a modelo Marcela Maluf. Os dois já namoravam há alguns anos e decidiram oficializar a união com uma cerimônia judaica-vestido cerimonia. O casamento aconteceu no buffet Villa Vérico, no Itaim Bibi, em São Paulo, e contou com a presença de diversas celebridades, dentre elas todos os colegas de Daniel do Programa Pânico. A cerimônia seguiu todas as tradições do judaísmo e Mama até se converteu à religião para a celebração. Estava tudo muito lindo, do vestido da noiva à decoração!     Mama usou um vestido de musseline, seda pura, com aplicações de minipérolas e miçangas assinado pela estilista Isabel Cristina Gonçalves . O véu era de tule francês e aplicações de renda, que estava preso ao coque. A surpresa estava nos pézinhos da noiva, que escolheu um sapato prateado lindíssimo!
Corrected 4 Errors Shampoo And Conditioner
Corrected 4 errors shampoo and conditioner Everyone wants to have a beautiful hair, but hair is acquired the maintenance, then how should fall and winter hair care?This question should be talked quite more.Don't worry, hear us slowly tell you how should care hair. False hair style 1: The hair is washed too often is not good, the oil is washed out.In fact,ghd australia the correct number of shampoo should be 2 days time, regular shampoo can make hair strong, can reduce dandruff. False hair style 2: With 2 in 1 shampoo, it can shampoo and hair care, labor saving, convenient.Industry insiders tell us: in the conditions allow better shampoo and conditioner used separately, so that the two kind of hair care products can better play to their respective functions, and according to its own characteristics to select a different shampoo hair.Hair by hair you can distinguish out: In 1, normal hair: after shampoo generally within two days of hair smooth, shiny non-greasy 2, dry ha
Make Your Unique Vanilla Flavour Aromatic Physique Squirt
Here?¡¥s a cost-effective solution to produce a do-it-yourself bottle of spray that is great to wear for you, in your clothes as well as as being a quick air flow freshener!Elements:three or more tbsp... Here?¡¥s a cost-effective approach to make a homemade bottle of spray that would be amazing to wear for you, on the apparel or maybe as a rapid atmosphere freshener!This is a paragraph comfortable Christian Louboutin Sneakers , to choose double it. Materials: a few tbsps connected with vanilla extract (could be synthetic or even real no matter what you favor. I personally use the actual synthetic because of this, to me it possesses a great tougher scent versus the genuine.) one mug distilled water (extended lasting-regular tap water will go rancid much quicker) 1 tsp associated with massaging booze Information: Incorporate many substances within a bottle of spray and also move. After bathtub or perhaps bath bottle of spray on your human body. Mist the apparel if you appreciate. You?¡¥l
Just A Little Over 3 Weeks...
Something is about to happen.  I never thought this something was meant for me.  Mind you this is not because I thought no one would ever want to do this...believe me 4 times I have run away from this.  I have run away from the wrong person, the wrong situation, just being wrong.  Because, when I do this, I'm only doing it once.  When I do this, I'm in it for the duration of my time on this planet.   I will be married on Dec. 21, 2012.  On the day the world is supposed to end.  I will be marrying my best friend, my soulmate, my lover, a man I have known for close to 13 years, yet I could never imagine that he was the only one I have ever needed. I have dated him...well parts of him, for most of my life.  Every element I have found myself attracted to in other people, those elements all exist within him.  None of the negatives that they possessed, all of the positives that drew me in, he embodies everything. From the first kiss, a first kiss that was 13 years in the making, I knew he
Women Winter Coat New Released On Korean Japan Clothing Com
For girls who like handsome cool modern sense of style, in this fall it’s certainly needed to buy a leather jacket. The collocation of leather coat with dress is also the most classic popular outfit in autumn. Deeply into casual elegance release a little romantic atmosphere. wholesale fashion clothing & garments in China, women fashion garments manufacturer in China, far east garment suppliers, women garment manufacturer far east, evening wear manufacturer China, apparel manufacturer for women in China, China fashion apparel exporters, fashion house of China, cocktail wear manufacturer China.   Slim black short leather coat, small and chic stand-collar design looks very capable, chest using a three-dimensional fold lines are decorated, revealing a small woman's delicate cut style, slightly waist so slender waist lines , exudes sexy charm. Bright red loose hedging sweater with fake pearl collar is very fashionable, unobtrusive fashion item. Showing remini
Lot Of Rehab When It Comes To Your Hips," Ryan Said. "im Lucky That It Happened Early In My Career, Because I Have A Lot More Time To Reach M
The project to build a new auto racetrack in Fort Erie, Ontario has been given a green light to proceed. Jamaal Charles Womens Jersey . On Monday, the Ontario Municipal Board rejected all appeals against the proposed Canadian Motor Speedway, a $400-million racing facility and entertainment complex that will feature race seating for 65,000. The complex is scheduled to feature both a one-mile speedway oval and a 2.5-mile road course. "This will be a world class facility that will attract visitors from all over North America. We are very anxious to begin the next steps in seeing the speedway become a reality," said Canadian Motor Speedway executive director Azhar Mohammad in a statement. The news comes as a boon to the area, which was forced to close its Slots program at Fort Erie Racetrack after an Ontario government decision last spring. "The decision emphasizes the importance of the Speedway in supporting economic diversity and promoting increased opportunities for economic development
Here Is An Example Of My Erotic Story Writing. Posting Solely For Critique. Please Feel Free To Comment. Thank You.
Kevin and Avery are in small boutique type of place, looking at lingerie. Something for Avery to wear for Kevin later tonight. Kevin hands Avery a little violet colored camisole and panty set with garters and a pair of black thigh high stockings with a pair of violet colored 7 inch heels that strap half way up her calf. He tells her that he wants her to go into the dressing room, put it all on and come out to show him. So she goes in, and after a few long minutes, comes back out with her hair done up in a sexy messy bun. Kevin notices that Avery has a look in her eyes, and that excites him. He pulls Avery in and gives her a long deep kiss. He lifts her hands up above her head and spins her around to see all of her. He pull her in, so that Avery's back rests against his chest. She feels his hot, heavy breath on her neck. Avery bends down to touch her toes so that her nearly bare ass brushes against Kevin's cock. She notice that its getting hard. She stands up and reaches to let her hair
Never Done This Before
I've never done one of these before. But after a recent conversation with a friend she recommended that I start one. First and foremost is my stand point on any thing and every thing that I write...ever. Its based completely on my opinion. For the most part I'd just like to discuss certain theories and get get feed back on my own. But by all means feel free if any one ever reads these to send me your own. Right and wrong. So far every discussion on this topic has turned a bit by the way side and people misunderstand the point being made. Although our world is dominated by the many many tragic blunders of men and women both verbally and physically, I got to thinking about the possibility that every thing in our lives is subjective. Please don't get the idea that I support hurting any one in any way shape or form. That is certainly not the direction I'm going with this. But when we some thing that we feel is wrong, we shun it. Morally I think it should be. But on a philosoph
Do Overflowing Propertied A Couple Of Dime Cheap Nfl Jerseyantonio Gates Are Living
    The jersey must be engineered to be following what sort of body may be outlined but also need to 't be that towards the body. Having a jersey which is tight, it will likely be revealing many of the imperfect areas of the body. Since cheap nfl jerseys need a material that will one's body to breathe, eat option is opting for the jerseys which can be created from cotton. Naturally, the color can also be important, and also you must choose it considering other accessories from a dressing.It does not take players jersey number that produces them memorable the same as such players as Marandona's number 10 or Michael Jordan's number 23. These are all Player's jerseys.    Neither did NFL, nfl wholesale jerseys china trouble between labour and management is unquestionably a hot potato.The actual NFL wage distribution system depends on the 6 years' treaty that this League players representatives,the boss of the team and the top manager of NFL reached and it arrived to effect in
Are You The One...
Are you the one, like pink clouds over our head... are you the one... bunnies in our bed...are you the one.. under the covers all night with flash light making funny faces..are you the one... painting your nails hot pink like mine... are you the one.. hold each other all night long with our p.js on.. are you the one... just hang out have coffee talk about nothing.. laugh at my jokes... are you the one...     bY LoVe GiRL.... "aRe thE oNe"  
Communists Cheer On Obama’s Gun Grab
William F. JasperNew AmericanJan 25, 2013 It should come as no surprise that the Communist Party USA is on board with President Obama’s plan to attack Americans’ right to keep and bear arms as a means to “end gun violence.” A cardinal feature of communist regimes, like all dictatorships, is the prohibition of private ownership of arms, creating a monopoly of force in the hands of the State. In a January 18 article, People’s World, an official publication of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), declared that “the ability to live free from the fear or threat of gun violence is a fundamental democratic right — one that far supercedes any so-called personal gun rights allegedly contained in the Second Amendment.” The article, entitled, “Fight to end gun violence is key to defending democracy,” written by People’s World labor and politics reporter Rick Nagin, claims that “the right-wing extremists opposing all efforts to
The Bleeding Rose (now Printed Supposedly)
The Bleeding RoseThis rose started out as a tiny seedThis rose sprouted into a single precious budThis rose bloomed to its fullest potential beautyThis rose knows not what happened nextThis rose has no clue what went wrongYet this rose is suffering just the sameThis rose is lost with what took placeThis rose never ever meant any harmYet this rose is slowly wilting awayThis rose worked hard to get where is wasThis rose never gave up when all seemed lostYet this rose has seen its better daysThis rose withstood torrential rainsThis rose withstood the blazing sunYet this rose is nearing its fateful endThis rose has lived a very wonderful lifeThis rose has given all it had to giveBut that is the life, of The Bleeding Rose
What A Smart Phone Bedeutet Für Uns
  Dont alle Eier in einen Korb zu legen ist eine sehr häufige Refrain, legitim zu angesichts der potenziellen Gefahr von etwas schief läuft mit dem Korb. Dennoch scheinen unseren Alltag zunehmend zu einem einzigen Gerät, das den Schlüssel zu allem, was wir lieb und teuer hält gefahren werden.Die Idee der Konvergenz von elektronischen Geräten ist nicht neu bei alllong hatte vor Marktbeobachter die Konvergenz von Computer-, Kommunikations-und Handelskammern vorhergesagt. Doch was nicht in ihrem vollen Ausmaß wurden ins Auge gefasst, ist das Ausmaß der Konvergenz, die wir heute mit modernen Smartphones und Tabletten. Diese Geräte werden ständig neu definiert Konvergenz und Stretching die Grenzen der Bequemlichkeit völlig neue Ebene, und ich wage zu sagen, auch etwas beängstigend diejenigen (die gleiche Angst Eier in einen Korb).In vielen Orten auf der ganzen Welt, definieren Smartphones, die Identität einer Person. Sie öffnen Türen, buchstäblich, dank Technologien wie Near Field Communic
Reuters Report Contradicts Obama ‘skeet Shooting’ Photo
Story said Obama played golf on August 4, retired for dinner Paul Joseph Watson February 4, 2013 A Reuters report concerning Barack Obama’s activities on August 4th last year contradicts White House claims that the President was skeet shooting at Camp David, an indication that a photo released over the weekend showing Obama firing a rifle could be fraudulent. On Saturday, White House Communications Director Daniel Pfeiffer tweeted out a photo showing Obama clay pigeon shooting with the caption stating the image was taken, “On the range at Camp David, Md., Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012.” Pfeiffer taunted that the photo was “for all the “skeeters,” in reference to those who doubted Obama’s claim that he “went shooting all the time.” The image was a not-so-sophisticated attempt to portray Obama as sympathetic to gun owners even as his administration is in the midst of a legislative and executive effort to eviscer
Readt To Get Down And Dirty,been Away To Long, Need Me Some Action!
I'm back as everyone can see, I was taken sick and almost ended up in the Graveyard! If it was not for a very few good friends Old maxi would not be here. I remember being ib the Hospital and the Doctor told me it was touch and go their for a while, and i'm very glad it was not GO. I need a sweet girl to Nurse me back to Health, and give me a hoi bed Bath would noi ne turned down. Well my Friends i will talk to all of you later. Have a great day Maxxdiamond.
For A Friend
Her beauty shines brightly,Her eyes and smile tell it all.There is only one for her,To whom her heart did fall.A man so lucky as him,Should always make her beauty shine.And I am granted to have her friendship,I value deep in this heart of mine.May you always be happy beauty,Smiles always to and from you and your man.And I will send you both mine,Always and as often as I can.
Apple Tablet Recensione Ipad Rapida
Per un fantastico dispositivo, si può fare niente di meglio che il Tablet Apple iPad. Il tablet Apple iPad consente di utilizzare Internet ovunque ci sia capacità di wifi. Ci sono 16 gigabyte, più che sufficiente per una quantità innumerevole di film, o anche una serie alcuni dei vostri programmi televisivi preferiti. Per non parlare, naturalmente, c'è anche un sacco di spazio per tutta la tua musica preferita. Io la mia tenere con me tutti i giorni, tutto il giorno, infatti, in quanto è così facile da trasportare e quindi molto portabile. Si tratta di applicazioni illimitate risorse da esso è "appstore" mi permette di organizzare e migliorare la mia vita. (dual sim android) Un sacco di persone che ho conosciuto hanno pensato che questo dispositivo sarebbe solo un altro iTouch invaso, ma ho effettivamente trovato ad essere molto più utile. Queste stesse persone scettiche sembrano dire il contrario dopo che hanno effettivamente acquistato uno.  Il processore più veloce consente una fav
Descubre Todos Los Vuelos Tabletas Android
En el último año o dos tecnologías han cambiado de tal tipo alucinante, y  ahora más que nunca, tanto en hombres y mujeres, jóvenes y viejos tienden a convertir a la PC de la tableta por el trabajo realizado. Creo que es genial y todos nosotros todos debemos comenzar a optimizar el uso de estos aparatos maravillosos tocar más a menudo. Hay tantas maneras diferentes que puede utilizar un buen google android tablet pc de negocios con el placer, y es por lo general como resultado del número  de aplicaciones disponibles. (tienda online china) El crecimiento en cuanto a la tecnología revolucionaria moderna ha aumentado recientemente, y tantos como este puede estar seguro de que usted no se lo pierda. Junto con los productos de sus principales fabricantes en el mercado, usted puede estar seguro de que usted está comprando un producto de calidad que usted exige ofrecer algo. Por lo general, se puede obtener más de lo que esperaba en todo momento.(moviles baratos) Puede utilizar la tableta p
Love Is ( Some People Need A Lesson In What Love Truly Is )
LOVE is kind and not judgmental LOVE accept all faults with the positiveLOVE is communicating & understandingLOVE is faith & respect.....LOVE is YOU.
Boondock Prayer !!!
And shepherds we shall be, For Thee, my Lord, for Thee. Power hath descended forth from Thy hand, That our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command. So we shall flow a river forth to Thee And teeming with souls shall it ever be. In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.  
my mind and soul is stained with violence, as much i hate to admit it as much as  i despise it at times, violence is a necessary evil. i wanna be done with my old ways no more  reminiscing, ive laid so many young people i love to rest, drugs, illness,gunshots. how will they remember me?
By Galaxy Note 8.0 Speaking Of Tablet Pc Accessories Purchase Talk
The the MWC General Assembly on this year, we have seen many manufacturers have introduced a zte v960 new tablet PC, such as Samsung, HP, Sony, ASUS, Fujitsu, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, etc.. And in which we found that the small size Tablet PC has become the future trend of development and mainstream products.According to foreign analysts predict that in 2013, the small-sized flat panel shipments will account for 80% of the entire tablet PC market shipments, reaching more than 100 million units. This shows that the Tablet PC will become one of the main tools for people's daily life. Tablet PC is in use on a simplified version of a laptop with touch function, we need it to do more off work.Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 since the release starting on iPadmini as a target. Claiming how the task window, the exclusive reading mode S-Pen stylus, larger and clearer screen, a more powerful performance, high configuration hardware six relative merits. Users believe seen Samsung GalaxyNote8.0. Sc
My Sadness
My passion burns like an undying flame But you continue to treat us like it's a game   Will you choose to ignore? Then the flame will die for sure   You know that I will do my best I will fight for you, like climbing Mt. Everest   I will give you all that I am But I wonder, Do you even give a damn?   Please hear my words, I beg of you Because you should know what I say is true   Bring back the passion that we once shared Just give me a sign that you even cared   Don't reserve romance for just one day Because everyday I should be treated that way   Even a small gesture would do Just to say I love you            
Es Gibt Keine Billige China Tablet Pc
Vor einigen Tagen fragte jemand: gibt es irgendwelche billigen China Tablet-PC kommt mit einem UKW-Radio android 2.3 tablet pc ? Nun, hier ist es, ja, wir können nur selten finden einen Tablet-PC mit FM-Radio thiese Tag ausgestattet, aber das ZTE V9 may können erfüllt jemand Anfrage. Es wird davon ausgegangen, dass ZTE V9 Licht eine billige Tablet PC mit guter Ausstattung auf seiner Klasse ist. Im Gegensatz zu einigen Android 2.3 Tablet-PC, nutzt diese ZTE Tablet PC Android 2.2 Froyo OS und 600 Mhz Qualcomm Prozessor.Es gibt nicht viele Standard-Anwendungen zur Verfügung, aber die Benutzer immer kann die benötigten Anwendungen von Android Market herunterladen. Als Standard können Nutzer die Google-Anwendungen wie Google Navigation, Latitude und Platz. Es gibt drei haptische Tasten auf der Vorderseite, die Homescreen, Einstellungen und Zurück-Button sind. Es ist kein weiteres Zubehör neben diesen drei haptische Tasten auf der Vorderseite - mit Ausnahme der ZTE-Logo natürlic
Portrait Of An Estp
Portrait of an ESTP - Extraverted Sensing Thinking Perceiving(Extraverted Sensing with Introverted Thinking)   The Doer   As an ESTP, your primary mode of living is focused externally, where you take things in via your five senses in a literal, concrete fashion. Your secondary mode is internal, where you deal with things rationally and logically. ESTPs are outgoing, straight-shooting types. Enthusiastic and excitable, ESTPs are "doers" who live in the world of action. Blunt, straight-forward risk-takers, they are willing to plunge right into things and get their hands dirty. They live in the here-and-now, and place little importance on introspection or theory. The look at the facts of a situation, quickly decide what should be done, execute the action, and move on to the next thing. ESTPs have an uncanny ability to perceive people's attitudes and motivations. They pick up on little cues which go completely unnoticed by most other types, such as facial expressions and stance.
Just The Info
Alrighty everybody. I have recently joined the USAF, and once i ship out this blogg will contain the exploits of my military career. However i can currently tell you what little i currently know. My basic will be in San Antonio for 2 months, and right after basic i will ship to my tech school. My tech school is in Monteray Cali, i will be there for a year while i am in linguistics school, i will be taught a foriegn language ( i have not been told which one yet) and after constant tests if i pass Linguistics School i will be a native level speaker in whatever foreign language they teach me. That is all i currently know, but as soon as i recieve more pertainent information i will let you all know. :)
This girl was so lonly at one point she thought of ending it all. She had taken some pills 3 or 4 years ago. The guy she thought she loved didnt love her. And she was upset and didnt have anyone to speak with. On how to cope with her feelings. This awfulfeeling of lonlyness and that no one could love her.
A Good Friend
I am glad that you are one of my friends on here. You are there at the times when I am bored, or trying to figure what to do. I am glad that you like to have conversations with me. You are one of only a handful of people on here that is always asking how I am doing. I am glad that you take time to chat with me for a time. I am honored to have a person like you that I can talk to without being an annoyance. Your heart is full of hurt, and pain, but I know deep down you are full of love. I hope you start writing poetry again because I enjoyed reading your poems on here. I believe that you can show the love that is in your heart. I ask you to just open your heart up in your poetry to let others see what I can see. Don't let others stand in the way of your dreams. I will do what I am able to so that you know that you can rely on me for support. You are a good friend to me, and I am glad to have met you. =========================================================== I dedicate th
Reasons For Me Leaving
REASONS FOR MY LEAVING   DRAMA Since joing this site i have had to deal with a lot more drama then i've ever had to face, even those i don't think will bring it to me they seem too. I found a small group of friends who brought me no drama and i have them on other things not just here, I think those people are more my friends then the ones who only want to be friends on here. I will find drama any where i go but ever where else i've gone i havn't had to deal with as much as this site has given me. If i have to have some drama i'd rather have the smallest amount.   BLING People are expected to pay such big ammounts for a tiny piece of code that on any other site you wouln't even bother with. People have even managed to get the bling without having to buy it them selves either way we are putting money in the pocket of someone who hardly even spends time on making the bling, at most he probably spends 5 minutes if that and charges huge ammounts for them. For 5 minutes of work he gets
the dark is everywere the light is no longer around my heart is cold my body is lifeless my heart aches for the light my body needs the warmth of the light all around me is cold and dark i live in darkness anymore no light no feelings no heart it is dead and cold need to find warmth and light to be whole again
Music & Poems
What the hell happen to ozzy He fell of the wagon?? He back doing drugs and drinking.
There is something about you. Something that keeps me into you. That makes me feel butterflies just by thinking of you. Maybe it’s your cute smile. Or that sparkle in your eyes when we see each other. It could be the way you think and your unique way to handle things. Or your way of getting mad. Maybe the face you make when you are sad. Maybe its the way you laugh. Or the way you cheer me up. It can be so many things. But most of all I think its the way you made me feel when I was in your arms. Something about you, just makes me fall in love with you again and again.
I Love You, Miss You, Need You
I love you more then all the stars in the sky I love you more as each moment passes us by I love you more with every breath i take I love you more then each promise we make   I need you like a flower needs the rain I need you for you wash away my pain I need you more each day I need you for you are so wonderful, in ever single way   I miss you more then ever now I miss you because i really need you show how I miss you and your touch I miss you for to me, You mean so much   I want you to cares my lips the way you always do I want you to look into my eyes and see my love for you I want you to hold me close to your heart I want you to know i love you, need you, miss you, want you And i have for every single  moment, Right from the start
My First 24 Hrs
I am so totally liking FUBAR....I have been having so much fun... I am definately one for the silly and the fun.. and this is both.  I have made at least 3 new chat buddies, I know that doesn't seem like alot, but compared to how many I actually chat with on other sites this is a real good start.  I thank my new friends for their help and advice during my first hours on....WOW!!!!  the first hour was definately fast and furious, so much going on drinks likes 11's adds  I was nearly overwhelmed, but they say me through.   So THANKS Vivian and Steven....   I certainly hope everyone else enjoys FUBAR as much as I do, maybe oneday I will become a power user VIP  definately hoping to bring a few of my friends onboard   Have a great day unless you have made other plans
Time Away And The New Ideals I Have Taken On
I have taken time to re-evalute my life the truth was I was not happy with myself so I decided to change I started looking into Buddhism again and understanding to find happiness I must be happy and find love and respect for myself. In this journey of renewal I have enriched a few old bonds with people and made new friendships, the greatest ideal I try to live by now is compassion and understanding for all beings. The truth be told there is no seperation in Humanity just illusions of such made by greed and intolerance we should try to treat others as we wish to be treated it is just good morality and common sense.
My Heart
You have given me hope. You have helped me to cope. You have watched everything I do. You have learned that everything I say is true. You have shown your love to me. You have let things between us to just stay in the past letting them be. You have smiled to cheer me up. You have given me drinks out of your cup. You have grown close to me not wanting us to be apart. You have been given my heart.
Hit Lists
Democrats Move to Exploit Terror Watch Lists in New Attack on 2nd Amendment     Kurt NimmoInfowars.comMay 3, 2013 Having failed miserably to reduce the Second Amendment to an endangered species, the gun grabbers are busily working on a new angle – making sure Americans on government terror watch lists cannot purchase firearms. Following the failure of Manchin-Toomey in the Senate and the attack in Boston last month, the anti-Second Amendment activist and New York Democrat Rep. Carolyn Maloney has led the charge. Appearing on MSNBC earlier this week, Maloney claimed gun laws would have prevented the Boston terror attack despite the fact explosives were used in the attack.   “As it stands right now, Tamerlan, as we know now, was on the terrorist watch list, so we know a gun check would stop him, if there was a backg
Google Nexus S - Mit Der Funktionalit?t Des Android-betriebssystem
Google und Samsung haben zusammengearbeitet, um das Nexus S, ein High-End-Android-Smartphone, das vor kurzem auf den Markt zu produzieren. Zu seinen wichtigsten Features sind ein 4-Zoll-Touchscreen, 5-Megapixel-Kamera und die neueste Version des Android-Betriebssystem neben Haufen von internen Speicher. -android 4.2 Das Mobilteil misst bis zu 123.9x 63x 10,9 mm, so dass es eine Tasche freundlich Wahl, vor allem angesichts seines geringen Gewichts von 129 g. Der Super-AMOLED kapazitiver Touchscreen misst 4 Zoll und bietet die M?glichkeit, bis zu 16 Millionen Farben innerhalb 480x 800 Pixel, was in hervorragender Qualit?t Anzeige der auf dem Bildschirm Bilder. Dies macht es ideal für das Betrachten von Fotos, Videos und Spiele sowie das Surfen im Web. Der Bildschirm verfügt über eine Reihe von wichtigen Funktionen in seinem eigenen Recht, wie N?he, Beschleunigungssensor und Gyro-Sensoren sowie einem berührungsempfindlichen Bedienfeld Verknüpfung und Multi-Touch-Eingabe unterstützen, die
Why Not!?
Why didn’t the US just attack Afghanistan with Monsanto GMOs?   It would have been so simple. Flood Afghanistan with Monsanto GMOs. Truckloads of seeds. Tanks full of Roundup herbicide. Result? Nutritionally deficient food crops, chronic disease, poisoning with Roundup. Perfect.  And we know how to do it, because we’ve been doing it to ourselves for almost 20 years.   We’ve got it down. GMO ballot labeling initiatives in Afghanistan? Are you kidding!? Plus…and this is a big winner, Monsanto scientists could have developed a GMO poppy seed. Throw those babies in the growing fields and you’d have gotten some Franken-opium variety. Wildly unpredictable effects. And sprayed with Roundup? Junkies all over the world would rather go cold turkey than shoot that stuff. Actually, I had a comprehensive plan for closing out the war. It would have worked like a charm. Somehow, the Pentagon wasn’t interested. Now it’s just an historical oddity, a cou
English Nursery Rhymes (poems) - "piggy On The Railway"
Nursery Poems in English - "Piggy On The Railway Line" Cartoon Video is the best Kids Nursery Poem in English Playlist for children. It depicts the story of a piggy picking up stones on the railway line . Piggy on the railway line. Picking up the stones. Down came the engine, And broke Piggy's bones. "Ah!" said the Piggy, "That's not fair". "Oh!" said the engine driver, "I don't care." youtube link:-
Connexion à L'internet à Partir De Votre Tablette
La tablette est le dernier développement dans la technologie informatique mobile, et de plus en plus les Australiens utilisent des comprimés comme moyen privilégié de consommation des médias et de partage de l'information tandis que sur le pouce. Les comprimés sont essentiellement plat PC portables qui sont capables de se connecter sans fil à l'Internet, et quelques-uns des modèles les plus populaires comprennent l'iPad, l'iPad 2 et le Samsung Galaxy. -meilleur mobile Une fois que vous avez fait votre incursion dans le monde de la tablette, vous pourriez vous demander comment vous connecter à Internet à partir de votre iPad, Galaxy Tab ou autre tablette. Il ya un certain nombre de fa?ons que les propriétaires de la tablette peut accéder à Internet et de tirer le meilleur parti des fonctionnalités de leur tablette. - Micro SIM et d'une connexion 3G. Si votre tablette dispose de capacités 3G, vous pouvez accéder aux réseaux 3G grace à une micro SIM d'un fournisseur de haut débit mobile
Quality Of Programmers In The Philippines
It’s 5:00pm, I just finished another round of interview with an applicant applying for a Visual C# position. As usual and to my disappointment, he did not pass the skill evaluation exam. The evaluation examines the programmer’s logic formulation and problem solving skills. Since I started interviewing applicants a month ago, only 5 out of 81 applicants have answered the problem correctly – and none of these 5 answered the problem efficiently. What went wrong? The skill evaluation consists of two (2) simple exams:1. Variable Swapping to test your resourcefulness, and2. Shuffling to test your coding efficiency Is the problem too hard? These are elementary problem-solving exercises of math college students that cannot be solved the average 7-year experienced programmer. Any software developer would agree with me that programming is co-related to mathematics, which is problem-solving anyway. Now, I have some speculations why this is happening: Low Quality Education A
Help!! My Salute Was Not Approved!!
Believe it or not, we hear those words a lot. When your salute is not approved, its not that we are picking on you....We have high standards of what a salute is and therefore expect everyone to be held to those same standards. Lets first go over exactly what a salute is (Taken from Fubar Bible): Take a photo of yourself with the following information clearly displayed in the photo. 1. Your SCREEN NAME, 2. Your Member ID number, (which is located in the end of your URL address; AND, the word: fubar Photos must be of your FULL face and unobstructed by hats or sunglasses. They must be clear and bright and NOT photoshopped in any way. Please make sure to not have mystery man hands that are obviously superimposed. Hold the salute like a normal person and do not cut off your arms, hands, etc. If you are going to write on yourself, make sure to have a few legit paper salutes first. With that in mind, here are the most common reasons a salute is not approved: 1. 
Wurd He Go?
last wednesday night i started up the first of 2 famplifiers i had planned for the evening.  a few minutes later a pain that i had been experiencing across my chest became worse.  within the hour i was in a helicopter on my way to the coronary unit at asheville. within an hour of my arrival there a coronary surgeon went through my wrist to successfully place a stent into the artery which was clogged with plaque.  i was very lucky to have have received such quick and competent care.  two days after the heart attack, the echocardiogram revealed no damaged heart tissue, which was attributed to the swift response i received, and it means the risk of another heart attack is much less.  my body weight is about ideal and my diet is much better than most people, but i have kept this one bad habit of smoking.  i was aware that smoking posed a heart risk, but i believed that risk was limited to the threat of blood clots forming in my lower legs.  i was naive, thinking i had things "under contr
Where Did My Nsfw Go?
  Where did my NSFW go?   I have been asked this A LOT for the last month or so. As such I think I just need to make a public record with the reasons I decided to make everything private.   Why did I hide my NSFW folders?   #1 - Many of my images got leaked on 4chan and other imageboards without my consent. Most of the time it was flattering "look at this fubar hottie" type stuff but some people jacked my older images to make fun of me during a period in my life where I was ill and on medications that caused me to swell and gain weight. Because of the life I lead I need to know where my image is at all times. I'd have liked to think people on fubar are cool enough to leave things on here, but apparently not. A few bad /b/tard apples ruined it for the bunch it seems. Whether it's to gain cool points for finding nudes of relatively unknown cute girls or to make fun of thick girls because of one's own insecurities, it is shitty to share my images without consent. Plain and simple. 
What I Miss
I miss you---sooo much I miss lying there, in your arms, looking into your eyes, touching your face. I miss seeing that look on your face, when I touch you, like it is the first time you have ever been touched. I miss seeing the look on your face that just tells me I am beautiful, without you saying a word. I miss feeling your lips pressed to mine, as you kiss me with a fever that shows me how much you want me. I miss holding your hand, no matter where we go, no matter what we are doing. I miss the most natural feeling that I get when I am with you, that just feels like we have done this forever. I miss playing games with you, and laughing with you, and seeing your smile that lets me know you are so happy with me. I miss physically loving you, of course, feeling every inch of you, on every inch of me. I can't wait to see you again, and I can't believe it has been only 3 weeks since I left your arms, because it feels like a lifetime. I just miss YOU--everyt
What Is Your Sexual Zodiac?
Aries You are so full of energy, you constantly attract hotties, and you are always the dominant one in the sack. It is very easy for you approach people because you have so much confidence and you are very forward about your feelings. You are very likely to have lots of sexual partners, (sometimes all at once), and be the most sexually experienced of any of your friends. Sex matches: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius Take this quiz at
How Sucky Was Your Day?
My day has been pretty sucky! I had to take the Bus today cause my other mode was not working. I also got hit by some fool getting in to the parking lot. He just kept saying. How can I hit you. You were 20 feet away!. No he was so much closer! He was such a Git! Errr! Gerrrr! The Bus was late.. Man, I hate the city Bus! Out here in Arizona. It cost 1.25 to get on and then get a transfer that lasts 1 hour. So, by the end of the day. You pay up to 3 Bucks! So, You can br late and sticky hot! So, Anyone else out there have a bad day? Post: Put your gripe here->
Hungry Man
Man with one chopstick go hungry.
Too All My Friends
Hey I just thought I'd say thankyou for the welcoming me and for becoming my friends.. And to a certain female glade I have gotten to know you as well as I have. Just thought for my first blog it be a shout out saying thanks for making me feel welcome.
love so tender and so sweet like a soft wind caressing your cheek love so lite you fly on your feet feeling your heart skipping a beat love so special, yes its true and where would i be if there was never a you..
hello to all the lostcherry family and friends im new to this blog stuff so if anyone wants to tell me what i done wrong on my first blog dont be shy im open for suggestions
Need To Get Laid
yeah husband and i are workin on tryin to get preggo if i dont get the dreaded flo today i need to get laid to take some tension off lol and no this isnt an offer for anyone out there just a comment
I Wonder
You know I have blogs everywhere...and no one ever reads them. Think it will be different here?
Gas Station Attendants
When I was younger I remember going to the gas station with my parents. We pulled up to the pump and the first employee to spot us would rush over to greet them(pften by name) and ask how much gas they wanted.(gas was much cheaper then so it was mostly a "fill up") The guy would start the pump and then wash the windows while we waited on the gas. When he finished the windows he would ask if we needed our fluids checked on the car and if there was a problem he would let us know what would need to be fixed. When the car was full the attendant would look my father or mother in the eye(if only briefly) and tell them their total. He would take the payment graciously and thank them for their business and wish them a good day or week or whatnot. Why is that now...when gas is nearly $3 a gallon and there are a million options for you to choose from about where you would like to buy your gas....there is no decency or respect shown to the customer who works hard to earn their money just to fork
as i sit here staring at the wall i am wondering how to tell you or should i say anything at all i am scared and the butterflies wont subside i want to tell you so badly but its so hard to decide i wake up thinkin of you i sleep with you in my heart i want to know you completely and i am sad when we are apart you are this amazing person who makes me laugh when we are together who turn my bad days into great ones who can accomplish anything you endeavor i keep telling myself to slow down but then i think of your smile the way you kiss my lips and touch me the way you look at me and smile i dont know how i got here or when i fell maybe it was the time you met my son or the way everytime i see you my heart swells i get so nervous everytime i see you hoping this isnt just a dream; hoping this is all true in these few short weeks i have come to feel that without you in my heart, dreams and life nothin would seem real. sometimes i feel i scare you with all my fee
Sex Survey
The Ultimate SEX Survey by game_gurl69Do you like it rough or sensual?: Depends on my moodDo you prefer to be with the opposite sex or the same sex? or both?: opposite most of the timeHow often do you like to have sex?: all the timeIs sex a top priority for you?: yesDo you have sex face to face with your partner?: yesHow often do you get drunk and have wild, crazy sexy with a complete stranger?: only a couple timesHow do you feel about one night stands?: they're okayHow many one night stands have you had?: 4What's your favorite position?: doggieWhere's your favorite place to have sex?: in public in a car, bedroom, I like the thrill of getting coughtDo you prefer to make love or f*uck?: dependsHave you ever watched porn while having sex?: yesHow long do you usually fore-play b4 doing the deed?: dependsDo you get off first or do they?: theyDo you like kissing during sex?: yesDo you moan? If so, are you loud or quite?: loudDo you prefer your partner to be loud or quite?:
How Sexual Am I?
You scored as Very Kinky. You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky90%Average60%A Sicko50%A WUSS !!0%How sexual are youcreated with
I Really Miss Him..
I miss jamie I just really hope he gets put on probation. He asked someone tonight if he got on probation if he could live with them and they said yes. So if he gets out.. then... omg! He'll be living right down the street... or if they move, I'll be living with them. Well more then likely.. I havent talked to my parents about it yet. cuz J is not sure on if he' s getting out on probation or not. But he cant go to his mom's house and live if he does. So yeah.. I love him so much that will be so fucking cool. Time will tell ... I think i should take faith in the lord or something cuz i really want this to work out forthe best. I want him here.. Not in prison. It's bullshit... I can't live with out him. Hes my everything. I really want me and him to have a have a life together and all that emo shit. He's the only guy that i let truely get to my heart.. Since SRK. He know's more of the real me then everyone else.. Even my family. I didnt munipulate him to get what i want..
What Is Your Seduction Style
You are suave. You are attractive both psyically and mentally. You use your abilities to attract anyone you desire. 'What is your seduction style?' at
Wanna Bet? Ch. 05
"If I win... I want to pop your cherry," Derrick looked anxiously at Kerry, waiting for her reaction. He was being awfully bold, but it was true. It was halfway through the summer before they left for college, they were both virgins... and she was the girl that he'd always been the closest too. Sure they'd keep in touch, but they wouldn't see each other as much. And he cared about her, maybe he was doing this as a bet, but heck, might as well if that was how he could do it. He'd rather lose his cherry to someone he cared about. To his relief, Kerry smiled at him. She'd actually been expecting something like this ever since their bets had started to push more boundaries, "Fine," and she'd come prepared, "If I win I want to take your virginity." Derrick was confused, "Isn't that the same as what I get if I win?" "Oh no," her grin broadened and she took the item she'd brought with her out of its bag and placed it on the table, "If I win, I want to pop your cherry with this." S
Motorcycle Wisdom
1. Every ride is optional. Every parking job is mandatory. 2. If you push the bars left, the bike goes left. If you push the bars right, the bike goes right. That is, unless you continue pushing the bars all the way, then the bike will go down. 3. Riding isn't dangerous. Crashing is dangerous. 4. It's always better to be on the sidelines wishing you were on the track than on the track wishing you were on the sidelines. 5. The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire. 6. The rear wheel is just a big fan on back of the bike used to keep the rider cool and his/her butt relaxed. If going into a corner too fast, slamming on the rear brake causes the "fan" to abruptly stop. When this happens you can actually see the rider start sweating and his/her butt become tense. 7. When in doubt, slow down. No one has ever hit something too slow. 8. A 'good' ride is one from which you can walk away. A 'great' ride is one after which you can use the bike again.
Peeking On Girls 18 +
Peeking On Girls - video powered by Metacafe
Well sence this is my first Blog on here I think I will write a little bit than mabye leave ya wiht a poem but yeah I got dumped reasently and its ok Im not mad at him he did what he thought was right for him its ok too cuz I still love him even though he wanted a little time we still talk everyday and all that but its kool so I decided to write this poem for him this is my creation plz dont rip it off thank you play the game >>>take the chance >>>>>spin the wheel >>> roll the dice >take a card play the game >>>pick ur piece >>>>>find where you start >>>whats the rules play the game >>>you can lie >>>>you can cheat >>>dosnt matter >>win or lose you played the game >>>play it alone >>>>or in a pair >>>or with a group >>jsut remember to play play the game >>>you cant quit >>>>you cant go back >>>>once you start >>>your in it till the end you played the game >>> now look back >>>>>
About Me ..
Sweet Dreams
to all that read this , its now ten to one in the morning in england , i have been on here all day , ive spoke to some wonderful people and made some wonderful new , friends , but i must bid good night as i am so tired , I LOVE U ALL SLEEP WELL XXXXXXXXXXXX
Dark gray hair Just laying there Hasn’t been combed But you don’t care. So sweet and worry free Old and innocent Can barely even see Laying there watching the old sweet TV. You barely speak And yet you mean everything to me You’re my hero I hope that you can see You’re my world The one with the purest love Laying here in a ball all ragged and curled I will sing you one last song By Chakara Sue Dedicated to my Grandfather/Hero 2006
More Pics For My Lady Friends.
I finally added more pics for you to comment on and tell me what you think. I'll see how this goes and I may add more in the future. If you shoot me a private message with your yahoo ID, then maybe we can chat online sometime too. B
Zodiac Sex Tips So True
i don't think i've done a send lately and i've forgotten how. lol here's something i borrowed that i thought people would enjoy. it's a long one so you may want to split it up. i thought the part in red (hornyscopes) was cute and applicable. lol JANUARY: You've got the best personality (bar none) and am an absolute pleasure to be around. You are probably a massive Burzum fan, and more than likely have an a very attractive partner. It is also more than likely that you have a massive record collection (that is better than anybody elses from any other month). You have a great choice in films, and may one day become a famous actor yourself - hell! you've got the looks for it!!! You are definitely more metal than anyone born in February (especially Simon from Seventh Cross). FEBRUARY: Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. sexy. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest and loyal. Determined to reach goals.
Queen Adreena - Pretty Like Drugs
In vein, I seek farther, the needle closer, the little end The world is watching as i take my last breath The world is watching as I get undressed Coz I'm pretty like drugs The world is watching as my wings unfurl The world is watching the death of a girl Coz I'm pretty like drugs I load the gun and I'm out of the world, and I take it harder, coz oh... pretty oh... pretty like drugs I load the gun The world is watching with a pregnant pause The world is watching as I fuck to applause The world is watching as I plant the last seed The world is watching me watching tv Coz I'm pretty like drugs I load the gun I wax and wane Subject all of my pain Onto you baby Coz I'm pretty like drugs
I'm A Mommy!!
I am going to be a mommy and i can't wait!!! This is the best day of my life. Baby Doll
Thank You Guys But Keep It Going
I wanted to thank you all 4 ur support and love ya'll showing with your votes for me in the nipple nibbler contest.Remember you can vote once a day so please if ya go a minute to do so then please do, every vote counts as i'm neck in neck with another georgeous contestant.It dont cost a thing to cast a vote and you can browse the free tour area while your there and see more naughty pics of me and the other beautiful ladies of the site. the link to vote is also below i thank you in advance 4 all your 10's. I am gettin alot of messages asking about my paysite..ya know where all the good sexy stuff is at so this is the url to my part of the site if u like what u see and want to see more including a sexy lil video clip of me in squirt action just click my banner on the top of that page, plus when u join u also get access to see the other models private photos as well as live cam shows. hope u like what you see, kisses,hugs,licks and love mrshard2please
It's Funny
It's funny how things change... nothing stays the same... and yet each day we get a little bit older. Friends come and go.... people leave others stay for a time. Time moves on by like a cloud with the wind. My thought of the day....
Brighten Someones Day....
The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had. It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives. Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they'll love you back! Don't expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart but if it doesn't, be content it grew in yours. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile. May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to
Slice... Slice... Slice....
You scored as Mutilation Fetish. Mutilation fetish: You love sex and you love getting the crap beat out of you while you do it! More power to ya!!!Bondage Fetish100%Mutilation Fetish100%Foot Fetish6%Scat Fetish0%What's Your Fetish?created with
How Pure Are You?
You Are 8% Pure You've been a very bad girl or boy... And you probably enjoyed every minute of it. How Pure Are You?
Needs And Wants
i want you to want me: the games played in the past by others leave hearts broken and trust impossible to gain. the games are still being played. now there are rules. i want to respect you for the woman you are i want to be the man proud enough to walk by your side only you can make me the man i am supposed to be i want to know your every expression i want to learn how you move i want to make you smile i want to make you laugh i want a lifetime i want forever in a day i want to look into your eyes i want to cry and have you not think less of me i just dont want to want i need to learn listen respect wait so will you want me the way i want you.
These Things I Offer You
These things I offer You I offer you, My Understanding, when no one else will, My Caring, when no one seems to, My Ears, when You need someone to just listen, My Hands, when you need to be held tightly, My Eyes, to look after You when you can’t do it alone, My Patience, for when You have none of your own, My Time, when You need someone to turn to, My Love, Always, My Soul, for when my Love isn’t enough, I offer You all of these things, not asking for much in return. Only perhaps if you find the chance, A little Attention, That’s All I Ask. Your Friend, “The UnLoved”
My friend BisexualVampyre is in a contest - Please show her some love! BisexualVampyre Rock on!Durham
Hot Sex
Hot sex for your pleasure set it off Liquid treasures floatin in the loft I'm in the mood I'm in the mood to lick you Let my tongue explore all up in you Around your belly button all around your neck Down to your legs baby what's next I'm coming in on deck check your reflex Me and you baby, doin the sex All night, make it so hot, so nice I like just the way you make me feel allright tonite Time for the candle wax and Ice, on the fly carpet ride of life It's magic! On the dreamscape love bliss orgasmic! Exctasy you don't wanna miss gotta have it! Animal sex with a twist like a rabbit! Hot sex every chance we get! what Chorus: Hot Sex all night, all night Hot Sex all night, all night Hot Sex all night, all night All night, all night, alright Chorus repeat Hot sex all the time You can find Hot sex on my mind in my rhyme Wet dreams escape from reality Aphrodisiac keeps on calling me Testosterone I can't hold back Hard to the bone when I'm under attack
Be Careful What You Say To Kids!
A Sunday School teacher of pre-schoolers was concerned that his students might be a little confused about Jesus Christ because of the Christmas season emphasis on His birth. He wanted to make sure they understood that the birth of Jesus occurred a long time ago, that he grew up, etc. So he asked his class, "Where is Jesus today?" Steven raised his hand and said, "He's in heaven!" Mary was called on and answered, "He's in my heart!" Little LeRoy, waving his hand furiously, blurted out, "I know! I know! He's in our bathroom!!!" The whole class got very quiet, looked at the teacher, and waited for a response. The teacher was completely at a loss for a few very long seconds. He finally gathered his wits and asked LeRoy how he knew this. Little LeRoy replied, "Well, every morning my father gets up, bangs on the bathroom door, and yells 'Jesus Christ, are you still in there?'!"
Brand Spankin New!
Howdy there everyone. I just joined this site yesterday through my friend Katy. But its takin me a lil bit of time to figure it all out. I've gotten alot of '10s' and comments and request and 'shout outs' and what not..but still in the process of tryin to see what its all about. So please dont take me as bein rude or anything if I haven't commented back, requested back or gave you a 'shout out'. Just gonna take some time to get used too. Thanks yall!! Annie
Come Home
We went to war to make things right, to free a land from a mad man, and to stop the torture to his people. What happened to justice, our farther's, mother's son's and daughter's are dieing for something called freedom. I pray to God they come back home to there family and friends in one piece.
$$$$$ Love Is Free $$$$$
the world is expensive everywhere you are if you have the money youre a giant star my love can do wonders in a wonderland of love i give my heart away for you im blessed from up above whatever your love may be you dont need a bank of money all you need is love so free mothers crying out in need lottle babies needed to feed dont be shy-you take the lead and chase out all the hate & greed my mind is full of beauty my heart is not for sale but i give my heart away for you and follow threw your trailif you think money is your world well you should just remember that love is free - dont cost a thing for always & forever....................
More Of Me Please Comment On My Pic Xxx
Blow Me Pt. 3
If ya'll are tired of this then I guess dont read it. Guys are really starting to get to me I guess. I dunno. I found one I like but I know nothing will ever become of it. Things always just keep popping up. I just get my hopes up way to easy. I was good enough at first now it seems I'm not. I don't knwo maybe I'm all wrong but who knows and I doubt anyone even cares. I needs go to sleep......
What Is Up
first blog
Yes She Is!
Shit That Sucks
"DON'T WATCH THAT" ------------------------------------------ I stepped out of my car, and heard a sound/ my cock suckin cell phone fell out on the ground.... don't watch that I was smokin that shit, startin to fly/ when i painfully got a puff of smoke in my eye... don't watch that her face was pretty, she had a nice butt/ but once i said hi, she wouldn't shutup.... don't watch that i bought her a drink, we started to talk/ but then she took off with three other cocks... dont watch that she told me she was older, first messaged me/ but then it turns out she was only seventeen!!! dont watch that only known her a day. this girl is insane/ every five minutes she make my phone ring!! dont watch that a long text message, cuz im bored and sober/ get a phone call "FUCK!!" i gotta start over... dont watch that
Day Five
Today I kept myself real busy. I got the girls off to school. Then I got the babies ready and ran a few errans. Then I decided that I did not want to go home. We went to Mc Donalds and I got a coffee and let the babies play for an hour. When we left there it was 11:30. I knew that I had to get Courtney at 1, so I did not want to go home. We went to GoodWill to walk around for a few. We then headed to the Post Office and over to Courtney's school. Then it was off again to the doctors. After the doctors I was ready to go home. At that time it was 2:30. I then had to help the girls with homework. We got done with that around 5pm. I decided I was ready to go again. We went to my best friends sons football practice. And don't you know we did not want to sit there. So we walked the track for about an hour. We did about 5 laps or so. At 8pm it was time to go home. I bathed the babies and did alittle more school work with the kids. Now I am writting on here. You know tonight I think I
FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK MYSPACE! I hate that place! *sigh* Sorry. I had to vent...
~i'm Not Gonna Take It~
Serisously, this site people dont know too much about me yet but if you read my blogs you will soon understand!!! To sum it up I am a Canadian living with my Husband in America with his mom, and two bastard neices, this was supposed to simplify the situation but it is not!!! Let alone the fact that I have been house-sitting, and babysitting for 2 1/2 of the last 4 1/2 months, ignore the constant bitching about bills as if it is our job to support this girls, now I get to find out that instead of everyone doing their chores like it always has been, that "mom" thinks it's gonna be just me and her doing chores from now on, as if she ever did hers before. AND as if I havent just spent the last 2 1/2 months cleaning up after EVERYONE!!! Sorry I am done!!! That's enough of that shit!!!! ~~~
My Son Alton
My Son Alton if there was anything greater in life, than having an incredible son and the perfect wife, i would like to see it during the length of my life. the family i have can be bettered by none, because of my beautiful wife and my handsome son. i used to search for happiness in the form of money, but i have found true riches with my son alton and sandra my honey. Allen Duncan Hetrick Copyright ©2006 Allen Duncan Hetrick
Stars Open Season With Dramtic Win
OK I just want to go on record as saying I never said this would be a pretty season. The Stars proved that point too well last night. I had flash backs to March 3rd when the Stars faced Phoenix for their first game back after the extended Olympic break. In both games the Stars did not get the memo on the starting time for the game. In Phoenix they never did get their clocks set right, just cleaned out really thorough with a 6 to 2 loss. Last night they stumbled through the first two periods as if they were still on practice speed. They always seamed to be just a stride behind the Av’s players. They were not showing any drive to get to the puck and finish off their plays. There was way too many Av’s standing around in front of Turco unchallenged. It is times like that you miss Derian Hatcher. If you want to see how big an advantage it is to have a player hanging around the crease just watch Morrow. He is like a fly at a picnic to goalies around the league. You just can not get rid
So In Love
You're everything I've hoped for, Everything I need... or ever needed. I have found in you ! I've searched my heart countless hours, Looking for my true love ..... A meaningful love....... Someone deserving of my love. You're the best part of me now. Since I've met you........ My days are no longer lonely, My spirit has returned....... Happiness and love have filled my broken heart. Such meaning and purpose have returned into my life. You've picked me up, after falling so hard. Your love has set me free........ To an everlasting place of enchantment. Not a fantasy world... persay...... As you are my fantasy , come true! You're everything to me...... I look forward to every moment we will share together. Belonging with one another......... Not just by fate......... But; by destiny. It is our destiny my love; to have found one another. My life long search is over now, And our beautiful journey together...... Has just begun. I shall love you for eternity.
Half Blind
apparently i'm almost totally blind in my left eye now. between a blunt force head trauma from a couple of years ago (looong story not worth going over for the 1000th time, and that half of you probably know already anyway.), and having a pitbull lock onto it when i was 4-years-old, it has decided to quit working for shit. now i've seen (LOL!) this coming for quite some time. probably since i was about 7 and the eye doctor told my parents "his left eye's fucking everything up for the right one, and he can't see a foot in front of his face." ok, so he didn't use those exact words but, you get the point. anyway, what i'm trying to say is, i'm not gonna whine like some emo kid. instead, i'm gonna ask... new glasses, that'll probably have a lens the thickness of a fucking 2X4??? or... just sport an eye patch all old school pirate style??? i'm actually crossing my fingers and hoping it turns all white and dead looking. that would just look cool as fuck. then i'll just say sod off to the
Love Eternal
In death there is beauty We will sleep like angels With the tranquility of innocence Death will not conquer our love As we are bounded by memories, And our love will flourish Death is our sadness For I will long for your flesh, But our journeys will not be far apart Death is our sanctuary From the woes of life In death we will find peace Death brings us unwavering hope For the time of resurrection In death we will find love eternal.
Ok Are U Reading Or Looking??
ok i do notice people are checking out my blogs but wondering do u even read em??? an how come no one ever lets me know what they think of the random shit i post inputs would be nice u guys come on show the love damn it....
What Is Your Pornstar Name??
Your Pornstar Name is:Lolita Snow Take this quiz at
This Is The App I Just Sent Flownet...whatcha Think?
Maybe i did the first two apps wrong...who knows. So i'll just explain myself a little better. I am Amber, I am 25 yrs. old, i have a gift for gab and making friends... i am very popular with alot of up and coming artist...some of which are almost there. Just to name a few...Lyric Inforca, Ad The Voice, Dramasquad, Rapz, Semisoul, The Lenzmen, Ryan Huston, Mr. CRF, and much much more... I also have friends in the record biz. Like Baltic Avenue Entertainment.... oh and how about Grind Mode Magazine... OH YEAH... THATS RIGHT... I SOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING ROCK!!!! Not only can i bring in new tallents i can bring in hundreds if not thousands of listeners. I am one of the great undiscovered tallents... so im saying to you " DO YOU REALLY WANNA BLOW ME OFF FOR SOMEONE WHO CANT BRING IN THE PUBLIC?" Totally up to you...have a nice day :)
How's Your Body Image?
Your Body Image is 68% Unhealthy, 32% Healthy Your negative body image is borderline serious. It could turn into an eating disorder or psychological problem. Perhaps you're just having a bad day. But maybe you need to think about getting help for your problem. How's Your Body Image?
Rather Odd But Based On A True Story
I think its funny that people can read my blogs but not take a second and read my bulletin messages that I post!!
Now This Is Dumb...lmao
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John Smiths Beer
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Okay, here's the scoop people... I have lots and lots of friends on here... Why? Cause I rarely go out, and this is my escape. But, let me tell you this ~ I like to talk to people who are real. If you lie to me and I find out about it. Guess what? You're ON my shit list and OFF my friend list. Got it? Good. ~ Carry on ~
Drunken Question Of The Day...
ok, some one explain the whole pic in the mirror thing, have we not friends to help? may be a timer? lol i just think they are the most unflattering pics ever, but i love 'em all the same... hehheheh
Here Are My S/n
AIM-vincekenobi Yahoo-vincentlohla MSN- make sure that you put that your from LC so I would know
Pain like a bleading wound a broken heart a gash that splits the flesh for the world to see it comes in many forms but the hurt is all the same sometimes you put them there other times they are forced upon you and life has no pitty. but in time you become hard the torn flesh mends itself and a scar where a once deep cut had lie has healed but still, it remains for the world to see then you pick up your life and do what you have done so many times before move along with your held held high cause you know deep inside no matter how bad you still hurt you have two options and your stubborn self won't let the devil take win your soul he must not win because you know deep inside that will be one scar that will never hearl
Ok according to my sister in law Im a gold digging bitch who is actually a in the closet lesbian!!!! Ok lets disect that sentence shall we....number 1 how can I be a gold digger? We stay fucking broke...hes ass was fucking broke when we married and his ass is still fucking broke!!!!! Number 2--Ok the bitch part she got that no doubt I will admit that I am a fucking bitch will be the first to admit it too.... the last part if I was a lesbian I wouldnt be in the closet and I would not be married!!!!! Yeah Im bi but its none of her fucking business! I have never cheated on my husband and I never will!!! I could drag all their fucking shit for the whole fucking world to fucking see but, Im not like that and if I hear her ask eric one more time is that the lesbian Im going to fuckin beat her ass!
Three Day Vacation
hey Everyone, how are you all doing? i had a fantastic weekend. i went to Branson MO with my sister and neice and her friend. we left thursday night went allmost all the way there but had to stop cause my legs were cramping from all the driving...friday we got there about 11 am and drove around checking things out. then we went to see Broadway....was a production about broadway shows...had little pieces of several shows that have made it onto broadway. then we went to lunch at this place claimed to have the worlds best i have had better. then we went to see Spirit Of The Dance, it was realy great. we all had a great day..only bad experience was when we went to dinner at ruby tuesdays...OMG we had a table of drunks sitting behind us getting all loud and could hear them clear outside..was rediculious. we had to ask to move ...they took over an hour to take our orders then took another hour to get us our food...and then my steak was tough, not cooked
~feelin' Way To Damn Good~nickelback~
I missed you so much That I begged you to fly and see me You must've broke down Coz you finally said that would But now that you're here I just feel like I'm constantly dreaming Coz something's gotta go wrong Cox I'm feelin' way to damn good For 48 hours I don't think that we left my hotel room Should show you the sights Coz I'm sure that I said that I would We gotta make love just one last time in the shower Well something's gotta go wrong Coz I'm feelin' way to damn good And it's like, every time I turn around I fall in love and find my hear face down and Where it lands is where it should This time it's like The two of us should probably start to fight Coz something's gotta go wrong Coz I'm feeling way to dam good, oh Feelin' way too damn good Sometimes I think best if left in the memory It's better kept inside than left for good Lookin' back each time they tried to tell me Well something's gotta go wrong Coz I'm feelin' way too damn good And it
Whats Life Comming To
here I am, 25y/o I have two jobs working my ass off 7 days a week. I rent a room from somone.I have no social life. I'm always broke. I'm always tired. no time for fun. no time for friends, no firends even if I had time. I have a cell phone that has costed me a small bunddle and the only one who ever calls me is my mom. this is starting to become depressing. somtimes I wonder if having a drink would make it all better. however I know that drinking will only make things worse. much worse. I don't have alot today, but I know that I will have nothing tomarow if I have a drink or smoke drugs. am I greatfull for my life and for being sober. I think I am. but somtimes I think I have a funny way of showing it. I need to start taking time for myself. I was going to go to an AA meeting tonight I could have really used one, but getting ready I started to dread leaving the house, having to walk down there and having to walk home. so I stayed at home and start to feel sorry for my self. I started
Play It Foward...
Something Different.... Thought everyone would enjoy this read... A teacher in New York decided to honor each of her seniors in High School by telling them the difference each of them had made. She called each student to the front of the class, one at a time. First, she told each of them how they had made a difference to her, and the class. Then she presented each of them with a blue ribbon, imprinted with gold letters, which read, "Who I Am Makes a Difference." Afterwards, the teacher decided to do a class project, to see what kind of impact recognition would have on a Community. She gave each of the students three more blue ribbons, and instructed them to go out and spread this acknowledgment ceremony. Then they were to follow up on the results, see who honored whom, and report to the class in about a week. One of the boys in the class went to a junior executive in a nearby Company, and honored him for helping him with his career planning. He gave him a
Until We Meet
Until we meet My nights will be a little colder My days a little shorter My heart will beat a little less rapid Until we meet I know that my arms will be empty My mind hurting from the constant thought of you Minutes will seem to be hours Hours will seem to be months While months will seem like eternity Until we meet The stars in the sky will not affect me with its gleaming sparkles of life Until I am gazing at them in your arms And the food that I eat will not be as fulfilling and nourishing Until it is you that I share the my food with And Until we meet I will not feel whole My world will seem incomplete Until that wonderful day When our eyes make first contact And our bodies and souls collide in blissful whirlwind The words will roll off my tongue like a sweet love song "Hello, my love, I couldn't wait to meet you."
I Just Dont Know Anymore
Life is really messing with me right now. Like I dont know where im going at all. i do, in the long run, but the immediate is what im concerned about. like not to sound conceited but there are all the guys "after me" and like.. it kinda gets old. like the day to day of me having to deal with all the bullshit. the jealousy of each guy about the other. im single for a reason. i enjoy it. and until i find the right person, i'm not giong to settle down. on the plus side, i started talking to this guy Tony and... it seems to me like we really clicked. i dont know. hes so far away! totally my type tho. and so gorgeous. ohhh hes soo handsome ahhhh! anyway, he seems like an amazing guy, someone i *WOULD* settle down with, so why the hell does he have to be so far from me :( i guess thats just life, right? things aren't always fair. I dont know but what i do know is that i love talking to him and im going to keep talking to him and hopefully see him sometime, because I just feel lik
This Gorgeous women at this Dateing site asked me this Question.I know not how to answer it.I desire help? Do you know a man sees himself through the eyes of a women he likes? How do you see yours in me?
Kind Of Scary What Gets By...
FYI....... Very Interesting.................. -----on dollar stores (including Dollar Tree and others): They discovered the Crest, Colgate and other brand name toothpastes weren't the same as from Wal-Mart, grocery stores etc. The toothpastes were manufactured in many other countries and are not approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). There was even some from South Africa and the fluoride is ten times stronger than what we're allowed in the U.S. (prescription strength). They're allowed stronger because they don't have fluoridated water (like we do). So if we (or our kids) use it often and occasionally swallow it, we could be poisoning ourselves. The dollar stores declined to comment and a full investigation has begun. So stick to paying full-price your grocery store, drug store, K-Mart Super centers, Wal-Mart or Target stores and send this e-mail to anyone who MIGHT shop at dollar stores. This is a true story it has been confirmed
black rose falls on the ground covered in blood from my veins. as the knife falls. i slip as i lye there covered in blood as the rose hits ur cheek. do u care as u feel the rose upon ur face. as i grab the rose the thorns brings more bleed. as i lye there my site fades thou black as u watch and cry. Jeff L Claybourn Copyright ©2006 Jeff L Claybourn Death O Y Death o why do u want me? Y don't u want sum1 else? What's so special about me that u cant find in others? O y do u care so much for me when u no others more? Y shell u haunt me? U show me the violent past of other deaths? Y don't u listen 2 me when I say stop? Y don't u let love though Ur dark ways of killing? Y should I put up with Ur stuff? Killing is it a game 2 u? Jeff Claybourn Copyright ©2006 Jeff L Claybourn Eyes So freaky. So weird. All ways shining their way. Y should we close our eyes. 2 cover the shine so bright it shines thou the covers. As they r th
Pretenders: Are the Ones who claim to be your friend to get what they want, and then not notice you. Are People who say i love you and then cheat on you. Are People who hold you tight while wearing someone elses cologne or perfume. Are the ones that Talk behind your back and then say this is my best friend. Are the ones to wait until you go to sleep to make a move on your woman, wife, friend. Are the ones that lurk in the dark to steal every bit of damn decency and mentality that you have so they can feel better about themselves. so i have to say about pretenders... Go F*** yourselves im not your damn friend....
Sooo Proud!!
im so proud..... I just left all those other sites i was on!! I told all my friends that if they wanted to talk to me to come here and deleted my accounts!! no more myspace, no more swydm, they sucked and cost to much time and took too much time to do anything! so FUCK them and rock on LOST CHERRY!!!
This site is sooo addictive. I found it by accident and i love it. If you want to be my friend, say hello! i'm pretty open to new people!
Rip Alex....
Early this morning my friend Alex died of a seizure. He was 19 years old. Just got his liscence, looking to buy a car, and take on his grandpa's business. He was amazingly sarcastic and very quick to have a smart ass comment at any given moment. He was always one of the first to laugh, pretty crazy sense of humor. He could be so crude... but he was a really sensitive guy. ALWAYS bitched about girls, lol. Loved the nerd games... D and D... Magic. Loved anime. He loved to talk about D and D to mess with me because I never had any idea what was going on. Jen is right though, he was fortunate he didn't die alone and that he had great friends with him. Mike and Phil were talking with him on Instant Messenger... until he stopped responding. Mike got worried and tried calling... he didn't answer. An hour or so later, a police officer called to question Mike and phil and tell them that Alex had died. Mike called me at 3:30 this morning. When I talked to him earlier he had told me how wor
Are You Worth $100??
$100.00 Sometimes we just need to be reminded!! For those of you who don't know, I am a motivational speaker/business owner. Sometimes I start off my seminar by holding up a $100.00 bill. In a room of 200-300 people, I will ask, "Who would like this $100 bill?? Hands start going up. Then I say, "I am going to give this $100 to one of you but first, let me do this. I proceed to crumple up the $100 dollar bill. Then I will ask, "Who still wants it?" Still the hands will be up in the air. Then I will ask, "What if I do this?" And I drop it on the ground and start to grind it into the floor with my shoe. I pick it up, now crumpled and dirty. "Now, who still wants it?" Still the hands fly into the air. My friends, we have all learned a very valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the money, you still wanted it because it did not decrease in value.   It was still worth $100. Many times in our lives, w
What hurts tha most is . . . When someone tells you they love you, but they don't mean it When you see the one you love.. with the one they love When they leave you for someone else Telling someone how you feel about them, and they dont feel the same about you Not knowing if what you have will last Wanting someone so bad, but you just can't have them When you can never stop thinking about that special someone even though you don't want to think about them anymore Wishing you still had them in your arms When you'll do anything for them and they dont even give a shit..... Letting days go by without hearing anything about them Knowing they're so close but yet so far away... loving someone for a long time but they just want to be friends trying your hardest to get their attention, but it just didnt work Being rejected Going to sleep thinking about them knowing theyre thinking about someone else When your intentions are good but they see it the opposite, then th
Thing You Can Learn About Me
Four things you might not know about me - then it's your turn. A. Four jobs I have had in my life: 1. being a mother 2. worked at Goody's 3. sewing machine operator 4. taxi driver B. Four movies I would watch over and over: 1. Mary Poppins 2. White Christmas 3. all my pld Jimmy Stewart movies 4. The Robe C. Four places I have lived: 1.Georgia Born there 2. Glakes, Ill then Annapolis, Maryland 3. Rhode Island 4. Texas D. Four TV shows I love to watch: 1.CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2.Bones 3.don't really watch much Tv 4 E. Four places I have been on vacation: 1.Neveda 2.Stone Mountain, Ga 3.New York 4.Mexico F. Four Web sites I visit daily: 1. mail box 2. mail box 3. Lost Cherry 4. United Kingdom web pages G. Four of my favorite foods 1. coffee black and lots of it 2. pizza 3. vegetables 4. sweets H. Four places I'd rather be right now: 1. On vacation 2. In Engl
Ooooo, Dracula's Sexy!
You scored as Dracula. You are the smooth sexy cool Dracula. Patient and lustful. If you were any cooler youd be ice. Great style with a way of seducing those around you. And three brides who wouldn't want to be him. Spike100%Dracula100%Marius83%Akasha83%Lestat83%Armand67%Angel67%Deacon Frost67%Louis50%Blade25%Whose your Vampire personality? (images)created with
I Already Have Some Of These....
You scored as Tongue Piercing. You're a naughty person aren't you? Being with you is probably lots and lots of fun. You're probably totally pimpin' too. Good for you, good for you.Nipples100%Tongue Piercing100%Labret Piercing90%Dirty Piercings90%Cartilage Piercing80%Belly Button Piercing50%Earlobe Piercing50%Lip Piercing40%Nose Piercing10%What Piercing Are You?created with
How To Earn Points
Points are awarded when you: Rate a photo Leave a photo comment Upload a photo Leave a comment Change your trackz Rate a member's profile Upload a mobile photo Someone becomes your fan Someone adds you as a friend Take someone's cherry comment Configure your mobile phone Configure your trackz Successfully invite someone to join LostCherry (500 points each!!!)
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Part 1
How pure are you? Take this test to find out. Note though this isn't all the test this is only the first 237 questions... Check Purity Test (Part 2) for the rest... THE UNISEX, OMNISEXUAL P U R I T Y T E S T Version 4.0 (500) Final Release 23-Apr-1988 ______________________________________________________________________ Public domain; no copyright. All rights wronged, all wrongs reversed. Up with going down. The risen flesh commands: let there be love. Murphy's law on sex: Love is a matter of chemistry; sex is a matter of physics. Chaste makes waste. Virginity can be cured. _______________________________________________________________________ Purity Test Genesis/History: Version 1 (100) Created at MIT's Baker House. Two parallel versions; one for male, and one for female. Not much is known about this
Trust #2
I trust you with my mind, so teach it. I trust you with my heart, so love it. I trust you with my feelings, so talk softly to them. I trust you with my body, so be gentle with it. I trust you with my inter-most being, so pray for it. I trust you with my love, so cherish it. I trust you with my life, so protect it. I trust you with my trust, so don't abuse it.
Guyz Only
guyz read this GUYZ FILL THIS OUT AND chicks stay out -What would you do if i ???? 1. I made the first move on u? 2. I kissed you: 3. Or i lived next door ? 4. And then i moved awaynot far: 5. I asked you on a date: 6. I baught you flowers: 7. I asked you to come over: 8.Told u to stay home cause ill be back..(just playin)lol 9. Iasked to get in some booty shorts and get in the covers(playin agin) -WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT : 10.My Personality: 11.My Eyes: 12.Or the way im dressed or mybody -WOULD YOU:: 13. Be my friend? 14. Keep a secret if I told you one? 15. Hold my handaround friend? 16. Go on a date with me if i was ugly? 17. Keep in touchif u lived in another town? 18. Try and solve my problems? 19. Or u make the first move?(i do like that) 20. would u Dout me for any thing? -HAVE YOU EVER:: 21. Lied to make me feel better? 22. Wanted to kiss me.but 2 shy? 23. Wanted to beat me up? ? 24. Kept something important from me? 25. Wanted to fuck me?
Not All Dumbs R Blondes
DUH lol Yesterday As I went to car After work There was this DARK Haired Business woman Who was All upset She kept clicking her car Remote and could not get her door to open. She looked at me and Said it WILL NOT OPEN.. I asked her to let me try.. I CLICKED ..nothing. Then I Gave her a LOOK.. tossed my BLONDEness out of my face.. WENT OVER AND STUCK THE KEY INTO THE DOOR. SEE NOT ALL DUMBS ARE BLONDES! Teehee
Odd Facts About Me
just checking this crap out...
One Yet Another
One Yet Another i say one thing she hears another i want one thing she wants another my feelings for her are strong yet everyone says they are wrong cause her heart belongs to another then she tells me there is no other so why do i bother to put my self in this little game is because your the prize or is it that there really is no other
Dead Americans
My Lil Angel Is Here
Well lil Miss Nemi Rae Kennedy made her apperince in this world on October 19th at 9:50am. she weighed 3lbs 15.5oz, was 17.3inches long, and her head was 11.4inches.... She is beautiful, and doing well, she is in the NICU for a few weeks while she gains weight, learns how to eat, and learns how to maintain her body temp. They hope that she will be out in 2-6wks... She is doing better then some thought, she is off all breathing machines, she is sucking on a pacifier already. Hopefully all goes well and she can come home soon... I will be going home probably tomorow but will come up and see her as often as possible, the social worker that she has is gettin me a parking pass for the lot so i dont have to pay for parking yeahhh a big burden off my shoulders... Love you all,,, go look at my pics and see my beautiful lil angel!!!!!!!
Need Help
Im almost to the next level Please Help
Bumps In The Road
Seems lately my life's road is full of bumps... Every time I turn around life has thrown me yet another curve ball - although I know one of these days I will hit that curve ball right out of the park but until then...I sit here and feel like I have struck out. Most people who know me say I always smile but what a lot of people don't see is the tears behind that smile. Someone struggling to make it through life and to succeed at it. Some who wants to give her kids the best in life (not materialistic things)and to show them what life is all about. Life will always be a struggle and it is what you make of it - but what if you try to make the best of it and yet the best is still not all that good. I seriously have so much to be thankful for and I am! Greatly thankful!! I may not have much but I have far more than some! Yeah I know most are wondering where the hell all this is coming from and for what reason...when I need an out and can't talk about it I write (or type in
Sincce a female that i was dating broke up with me, i've been staying lonely, so that mean's I'vve been staying depressed. For all of you ladie's out there I'm looking for a new gf.
Cheating Sucks
girl is on the couch making out with a hot guy, her cellphone rings... Girl:Hey babe, I'll be right back. I need to take this call. Boy: Yeah okay. Sure. She walks into the next room. Girl: Hey! What's up? Guy [on her cellphone]: Nothing, hey hun, do you think we could go do something later tonight? What are the chances my boss let me get out early. Girl: Yeah, sounds great! Guy [on her cellphone]: Okay. I'm right by your house, I'll come to get you now. Girl: That's not such a good idea... Guy [on her cellphone]: Why not? Girl: I'm busy right now... sorry. Guy [on her cellphone]: With what? It's our anniversary! You didn't make any other plans did you...? In her head she yells, SHIT! Throws clothes back on quickly. Girl: No No... I was just eating... with the family. Guy [on her cellphone]: But I thought you said your family was away this weekend, up at your resort? The guy walks into her house, turns the corner into the hallway. Goes downsta
I have been single for the last four years ... I have haven't doing it in five. I find it hard to find a woman these days who isn't married or already has a man. and when I do find someone they are so hung up on the last guy they can get past him and they always bring him up or they just look past me. I have most the qualities a woman is looking for but they all seem to look past them. I am thoughtful, considerit, a great listener and a problem solver. I Just don't know what it i. Is it that I am too picky and not willing to settle for bar ass, or that it is that I am too pasive. I don't know but Itis fustraiting as hell. FUCK i am so pent up. man. I feel like I am going to explode. It sucks balls.
Nightwatch-and Stick Men
This true story is as written by one of my bro's-Painter. I wasn't with them when this happened. It's about 3a.m. and 28 degrees down in a Texas town. I'm about a hundred feet from a dark house. Lights have been out all night. Take that as a good sign. The neighborhood is old and run down, lots of crack heads and prostitutes hang out there. Me and Ice have been here about 5days...there are at least 6 of us at all times posted around the house... just watching, just in case perp comes back as he threatened in calls. B.A.C.A. got the call about 2 weeks earlier from CAC (Child Advocacy Center).. some dumb sh*t f*&ker had changed a beautiful little girl's life for ever. He was charged, locked up and made bail the same weekend. A day or so later, the mom and little girl came home to find our little friends pet with it's head cut off, body drawn and quartered and spread all over porch. No witnesses. (wonder who the did that?). That's when the local BACA chapter got the call. Police ca
Nicole's Story
Hey bois this is Nicole.. I am hott and wild and love to tease guys. I love dressing up really slutty and going to places where married men hang out. Walking in and watching their jaws drop open while their wives are kicking them under the table. My new thing is leaving my shades up and letting the married next door neighbor watch me while I get undressed and let my hands drift down to my pleasure spot.. Wanna hear what happened next??? Call me...Nasty Past TimesNite FlirtsPhone EncountersClick on the picture above to view my listings!
*~fun With Yahoo - Session 10~*
alx jalf: hello Justine PiercedQT: Hi alx jalf: would you become my cyber mistress Justine ? alx jalf: today i'm not available but tomorrow i'm alone in my home... alx jalf: i want to become your little thing i want to be humiliated on line alx jalf: so i hope for tomorrow... on the same hour maybe ? alx jalf: what do you think Justine ? PiercedQT: Uhm yeah, that's exactly what I want to do tomorrow.
What Attracts Me
You scored as an eyes person. You can see the magic in a persons eyes, you can see their soul, you know what they're really thinking, and know if they mean no even if they say yes all from their eyes. Yet they still hold some mystique, and for that means you can look into someone's eyes for a long time. ------------------------------------------------ You scored as Athletic Tomboy. Athletic Tomboy75%Popular Bitch63%Slut56%Goth50%Hippy50%Loser44%Nerdy Girl38%Preppy Girl19%What type of girl are you?!!created with ************************************************ You scored as ♥ HIM. sweet but dangerous... u r an artist at best..
I'm Soft.... ?
You scored as Soft. You are nice and soft, you love everyone and everyone loves you, while you are fiery or too exciting, you are always pleasant.Soft100%Shy88%Sweet69%Hot63%Violent56%Exciting44%Awkward0%Wet0%What is your sexual style?created with
The Kiteboarder Mag - November 2006 Issue
The Nov/Dec06 issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine is now available and will be hitting your mailboxes and kite shops/schools in the US and Canada starting this week....... Check Out Their Official LostCherry: LostCherry Brian Schenk gives you preview of what's in store in the US for the upcoming snowkite season Find out what the buzz is about in West Oz as Sky Solbach and John Amundson explore Margaret River and Gnarloo.... Adam Von Ins and The Kiteboarder Staff overview of The Baja Peninsula: East versus West Tips on tuning and keeping your kite, bar and lines in tip top shape Julie and Charlotte Simsar give us the lowdown on Turkey 4 progessive moves to try to bring your riding to the next level Product Watch highlights winter rubber and 07 Snowkite gear and accessories Exposed brings you the top riding frames from around the world
This Is To Me. (don't Try To Understand, It Was More For Me To Look At And Laugh At Later)
Look at the intentions. The mind of a cuntwhore will never be understood. She is wild. She is out of control. She will not let you tie her down. I wanted to know if everyone's insides were the same, so that is why I had to slice his skin away. He was beautiful, smelled like sweat and PBR. I loved his penis. I did not like his heart so much. I have loved and lost. I have hated and pretended to love. I have you wondering where she is. Broken hearts are not important to me. They are there for my learning. To teach me how to be perfectly alone. How to keep everyone away. I have perfected the art of losing. I like it that way. I don't need you to hold me to know you still love me. I love when you pretend to know me. I love how you tell me who I am. It is easier for me to play that part then to scare you away with my reality. I have played the part of the insane beauty with the sex appeal and attitude. All the while, dieing inside from my own insecurities. You will see
Real Cowboys Out There .
any true cowboys outthere. i,ve a good freinds . who always get dogged by cowboys , saying they real deal . but they aren,t . any suggested .
I Got Angry, I Wrote Something, It Sucks.. But Here It Is.
Come-back Girl Hey beautiful, want to take a walk with me? Let’s just be together for a few hours and watch TV. I love you and you love me, let’s live together. Pay your rent? Make you happy? Meet your needs? I won’t tolerate the way you treat me anymore. It was great at first, but it’s not like that anymore. I don’t care for your excuses. They don’t work anymore. It’s over. I’m out of here. Gain some independence, why don’t you? We can’t go on the way we used to anymore. Nothing happens the way you want it to anymore. I’m not going to be your come-back girl anymore. Your toss-me-aside-then-try-to-pick-me-back-up girl. Your “let’s just pretend that never happened” girl. It happened, deal with it. The good old times are just that, OLD. You can’t make up for what happened back then. You run away then come back again. I won’t be waiting for you on the sidelines. Shove off. I wish it were that way. I’m too nice to push you away. Let’s just pretend that never
For The Troops
For all the troops on the site, in world, or families of the troops. I am very proud to be American. I am proud of the military people who put their lives on the line to protect and give us the freedom we have. I support them a 100%. I wear my colos brightly and with pride. I thank you for doing the job you took on. i thank you for giving me my freedom, i thank you for protecting my rights, my family, and the future of my family. i thank you for the miles travel. i hope and pray that you all come home safely. I pray each night how greatly you are appreciated and that you and your families are reunited.
Cherrytap Or Lostcherry?
I liked LostCherry better. And I already bought a shirt that says on it!
Thankyou Lost Cherry
I want to thank all the nice people on here and the new friends I've made who knows maybe even get lucky and find the woman of my dreams lol I can only hope
I Dont Get It
You know what i dont get? I dont get why im always the girl that has a lot of friends but no boyfriends. I dont understand why i cant keep a realtionship is there something wrong with me? I mean i think im nice and fun and i think im alright looking i mean i may not be the best looking thing in the world but i look alright i think..Anyways this was just something i needed to get off my chest is all thanks for listening..if you are
Her Gift
He saw her over the gulf of eternity sitting under the great oak. Her body swathed in pure white chiffon and lace, White and pure and soft. Her legs up her body cradled over the box... the box of gold.. her gift. She sat there crying, Her sobs touching every fiber of her soul. For inside the box, was her gift, of love, her soul, her desire, her need. The precious seeds of her womanhood. With love those seeds would grow, venture out of the box into the sunlight, and through their growth fill her life with color the beautiful perfume of flowers, the wonder of birds and butterflies attracted by it's beauty. But her box was grey, Covered with years of neglect, the seeds resting on bone-dry soil. Her heart in hibernation. Her tears tracing lines down her cheek. He watched her. He understood. She fell asleep. She woke to see him there The box cradled lovingly in his lap Toolbox by his side. He was a million miles away across the great gulf yet see
Marine By God!!!
The USMC is over 225 years of romping, stomping, hell, death and destruction. The finest fighting machine the world has ever seen. We were born in a bomb crater, our mother was an M-16 and our father was the devil. Each moment that I live is an additional threat upon your life. I am a rough looking, roving soldier of the sea. I am cocky, self-centered, overbearing, and I do not know the meaning of fear, for I am fear itself. I am a green, amphibious monster made of blood and guts who arose from the sea, festering on anti-Americans throughout the globe. Whenever it may arise, and when my time comes, I will die a glorious death on the battle field, giving my life to Mom, the Corps, and the American flag. We stole the eagle from the Air Force, the anchor from the Navy, and the rope from the Army. On the 7th day, while God rested, we overran his perimeter and stole the globe, and we've been running the show ever since. We live like soldiers and talk like sailors and slap the hell out of
Fat? Me?
Okay so a while back I sent out a friend request and got denied. She denied me because I was a family member. Talk about a stupid reason. I understand it was when the drama was going on but we are all different here. I wasn't even involved so it was your loss toots! I could have been a good friend to you but oh well. I will not change myself for you or anyone else so PISS OFF! lol. The one that really got me was from some good for nothing piece of dog poop mold who actually called me fat. He said that if I lost about 100 lbs he would be my friend. Wow only a hundred pounds to hang out with the like of you. Wow would I be cool or what? My comments to this guy is this. I can out work kids 1/2 my age. I can weld faster and lift more then any of those "physically fit arsehats. Chances are I could be the crap out of them at almost anything they can do. Don't judge me because I am fat. I would take my fat over being your pal any day! These days I noticed you can't draw attention to a p
This Makes Me Think Alot
Read Each One Carefully and Think About It a Second or Two 1. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry. 3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. 4. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. 5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them. 6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. 8. Don't waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you. 9 Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the
I Asked God
I asked God to take away my habit. God sad, No.It is not for me to take away, but for you to give it up. i asked him to make my hanicaped child wholeGod said no. His spirit is whole, his body is only temporary.I asked God to grant me patience. God said, No.Patience is a byproduct of tribulations; it isn't granted, it is learned. I asked God to give me happiness. God said, No.I give you blessings; Happiness is up to you. I asked God to spare me pain. God said, No.Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares and brings you closer to me. I asked God to make my spirit grow. God said, No.You must grow on your own, but I will prune you to make you fruitful. I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life. God said, No. I will give you life, so that you may enjoy all things. I asked God to help me LOVE others, as much as He loves me. God said...Ahhhh, finally you have the idea.
The Heart Won't Lie
Music Video:THE HEART WON'T LIE (by Reba McEntire)
My Look A Likes> Which Celebrity do you think I look like the most?
Cutest Pets Contest Winners Announced
Cutest Pets Contest Winners Announced Smokey Hazel Ice@ CherryTAP [Hazel's Cutest Pet Contest Winners!!] Okay voting has been officially over for a few days. I have finally found the time to go over the votes and make sure that there was no cheating involved. Sorry it took so long, Ezra and I have had our hands tied so to speak with various projects for our website. With out further delay these are the winners for Hazel's Cutest Pets Contest. You can see the origional pictures by clicking here... [Hazel's Cutest Pet Contest Winners!!] *spanks and kisses* Hazel
My New Life...
Recently you guys may have noticed that I haven't been on a lot. This is because my life was turned upsidedown recently. If you checked out my newest pictures you see that I was beaten..kinda bad... My soon to be ex husband did that to me, and I moved back in with my ex, he was right there beside me the night that it all happened after the police arrested my 'hubby'. I couldn't believe that this was happening, I mean things had never been like this before. But life is what it is, so i just dealt with it, until the day in court. I want you to know that he had the nerve to pull some bull shi* fake water works!! As if i would feel guilty for someone that beat me like he did! No, all the tears in the world would not make me feel sorry for this man. He had no right no matter what to do that to me, but here's the kicker, I don't really know exactly what it was that I did to piss him off so bad. I really don't know what set him off, and since then I have come to the conclusion th
Ignorance Is Bliss
Now I realize my slaves love the humiliation...crave it even, but it angers me that some of the very same guys who grew up jerking off to the the sears catalog underwear ads in their parents bathrooms would feel the need to condemn my pets for their fetishes. I suppose its natural to hate what we don't understand. My sissies love to be displayed so I proudly display them, but please know before you go through their pix that the pic are adult in nature. Dont whine to me that you are offended when they are clearly marked as adult comment. And PLEASE...cute remarks are fine such as what a slut...etc...but leave hateful comments to yourselves please. Also...take a little time and read up on might find that its not as wacked out as people like to think.
A Unhappy Cherry
The Love Of My Life
His name is Lux and trust me, he may be cute, but that adds to his evilness. :) I will get back to emails and shit, I promise. I am not one of those non responsive cunts. Just been busy. Jed, I owe you a call and you will receive one soon. Night ya'll. Anyone watch that Borat movie yet?
Orgasmic Pleasures!
I opened the door to the bathroom, warm in your rose red robe. You smiled at me, gently pulling you into a hug as I kissed you slow and soft, then hard and passionate as I ran my fingers through your long hair.You pulled away, smiling as you turned the shower on and slowly dropped your robe to the floor. I helped you undress, then led you into the shower. You lay down in the bath, the running water flowing over you, and pulled me down on top of you. We kissed hungrily as my hands explored your shoulders, back, stomach, bottom and thighs. My mouth moved down to your neck as I rolled off you and lay my naked body beside yours. Slowly, gently I stroked your warm skin, my fingers moving lightly at first, then slower, harder. You felt a tingling between your legs and moved them apart. My hands slid over your stomach and down to your vulva, stroking your inner thighs as I went. My strong, firm fingers stroked your clitoris softly.MmM I stood and turned off the water. Gathering you up i

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