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As some of you may or may not know, I'm leaving for Israel on Wednesday.  I'll be back on February 6 (Super Bowl Sunday, not that it matters anymore). So, this week's playlist is an ode to travel and journeys and all that jazz. Stay well and see you in a couple of weeks! 1.  Ramblin' Man - Allman Brothers Band 2.  Homeward Bound - Simon & Garfunkel 3.  Leaving on a Jet Plane - Peter, Paul & Mary 4.  Open Road Song - Eve 6 5.  Jet Airliner - Steve Miller Band 6.  King of the Road - Roger Miller 7.  I've Been Everywhere - Johnny Cash8.  Freedom of the Road - Martin Sexton 9.  The World at Large - Modest Mouse and of course... 10.  FREEEE  BIIIIIRRRD - Lynyrd Skynyrd 
Leaving On A Plane To Unknown Lands To Me
OK so really I leave friday to head to England. I am so excited. My dad was in the AF for 20 yrs and the only place out of the country I"ve ever been is Canada and the Bahamas. My brother is stationed in England now and his Fiancee, almost wife, is from Italy. So i ghet to go to 2 brand new countries for me. I love to fly and I can't wait, it's just that I've never flown alone. That part is the part that has me soooo worried. I hope I don't miss my plane. I won't have much of a layover on my way out of the states, on the way back though I have like a 4 hour layover. Such is life I suppose. Well anyways there will be lots of pics uploaded when I get back, or perhaps even while I'm there.
Leaving The Nest One By One
Can't sleep so I am thinking back through the years of raising my boys. I have had some wonderful years with my boys. They have taught me to laugh, cry, scream and pull my hair out. My boys are everything to me, they are now 19 years old and 17 years old. My boys have been through thick and thin with me. Their Dad being abusive toward me, step-father being a dead beat, having to leave them for many deployments in a war environment, but through it all we as a family have made it, and all the trials, all the joys and good memories have made us stronger. My 19 year has turned into quite a young man. He lives his life the way he sees fit, independant, go-getter and loves life. He has two precious little boys (my grandsons). Andree is 1 1/2 years old and Xavier is a couple weeks old. He has left the nest and making a life for his family. I remember his younger years like it was yesterday, running through the mud, jumping out of trees, girls, breakups, jobs, and him turning into an adult. I
Leaving Great Legacies
LEAVING GREAT LEGACIESEdwin Hubbel Chapin once said, "Every action of our lives touches onsome chord that will vibrate in eternity." That is the definition of alegacy. Wouldn't you love to do something that might strike abeautiful chord that will "vibrate in eternity"?I've discovered something about legacies…generous people leave greatlegacies. I read about a couple in Canada who stopped to help amotorist who had run out of gasoline. It was a regular occurrence intheir part of rural Canada. After they got him on his way, they boughta new fuel can, scratched their initials on it, filled it with petroland stored it in the trunk of their car.A few months later they again stopped to assist a stranded motorist.But this time they GAVE him their gas can and told him to fill it up,keep it with him and pass it along to the next motorist he sees whohas run out of fuel.Though they never expected to see their can again, in a couple ofyears they spotted it being passed along to a grateful mo
Leaving Great Legacies
LEAVING GREAT LEGACIESEdwin Hubbel Chapin once said, "Every action of our lives touches onsome chord that will vibrate in eternity." That is the definition of alegacy. Wouldn't you love to do something that might strike abeautiful chord that will "vibrate in eternity"?I've discovered something about legacies…generous people leave greatlegacies. I read about a couple in Canada who stopped to help amotorist who had run out of gasoline. It was a regular occurrence intheir part of rural Canada. After they got him on his way, they boughta new fuel can, scratched their initials on it, filled it with petroland stored it in the trunk of their car.A few months later they again stopped to assist a stranded motorist.But this time they GAVE him their gas can and told him to fill it up,keep it with him and pass it along to the next motorist he sees whohas run out of fuel.Though they never expected to see their can again, in a couple ofyears they spotted it being passed along to a grateful mo
hey everyone in fuland, Im writing this blog to tell all my friends that Im gonna be leaving fu. Well not really leavin just more like wont be around much anymore, but when Im home I'll try to stop in and say hello to all the great fu friends I've met here on fubar. Im going back to truck driving now so I wont be home but every 2 or 3 weeks for just a couple days b4 I have to leave back out on the road again. I miss being on the road and had to give it up for awhile back when I was still with my ex-wife a few yrs ago, but I have been given the opportunity to drive again and I really miss it. There's nothing here where I live to keep me grounded at home anymore so I feel that this is the best thing for me atleast for now until something else comes along or something else changes in my life for the better. Well I'll miss all the great fu's Ive met here on fubar
Leave Out All The Rest
I dreamed I was missingYou were so scaredBut no one would listenCause no one else caredAfter my dreamingI woke with this fearWhat am I leavingWhen I'm done hereSo if you're asking me I want you to knowWhen my time comesForget the wrong that i've doneHelp me leave behind someReasons to be missedDon't resent meAnd when you're feeling emptyKeep me in your memoryLeave out all the restLeave out all the restDon't be afraidI've taken my beatingI've shared what i madeI'm strong on the surfaceNot all the way throughI've never been perfectBut neither have youSo if you're asking me I want you to knowWhen my time comesForget the wrong that i've doneHelp me leave behind someReasons to be missedDon't resent meAnd when you're feeling emptyKeep me in your memoryLeave out all the restLeave out all the restForgetting / all the hurt inside you learned to hide so wellPretending / someone else can come and save me from myselfI can't be who you areWhen my time comesForget the wrong that I've done
I just want to let you all know that in 5 days, when my current ownership expires, I'll be permanently deleting my account. This isn't a 'cry me a river' blog or a call for attention. No one hurt my feelerz or made me butthurt. I need to move on and get some things done. Life has, once again, gotten so busy around me. Opportunities have come to me and I really need to focus on work, family, and volunteering. With Fubar as an option, I do very little writing, creating, communicating, organizing, and other STUFF. So I'll be getting rid of the distraction. Life will be different without all of you to run to when I'm bored! Send me a message if you want to keep in touch in the real world and I'll exchange emails if that seems like the right thing to do. God bless all of you!   Lisa Ann
Leaving Fubar
Well since I cant write this on my statues because of what i'am about to write will be to big so I'am just going to post this up on my blog and hope u guys read it. Ever since I joined Ive changed alot in a bad way I dont go out, I dont play any video games that I spent my time on I miss my friends, This became an addictive to me in a bad way and I just wanna change back it sounds crazy but its the truth. Also i dont get the help when I need it, I helped out many and when I ask they dont respond soo its just not for me sry. I just wanna thank everyone who have been there for me ill always remember u guys, ill be on here but just to talk and give my points away to ppl that mean something to me. Goodluck everyone!
Leaving The Green Behind
So for those of you who don't know me, I am a highly competitve person.  I've been on this site for several years and this is my second account.  I deleted my first in a fit of rage almost two years ago. Last year, I took an extended fu-vacation because I needed a break from the stress and drama.  At that point in time I was working my way up the ranking ladder and trying to have my name in lime green for most likes.  I did accomplish a very satisfactory rank for chick of the week, but my name stayed pink.  That was fine.  I was happy where I was.  I was very unhappy because of unwanted drama I received due to some poor rumors.  I was also going back to school and needed to concentrate on my studies. I ended my fu-vacation on Septemeber 22, 2011 and came back for good.  I was slightly excited and hoping my old friends were still around.  Even though only a few weeks have gone by, it feels like I never left.  I basically picked off where I left off.  Most of my friends are still activ
Leave This World Behind
Leave this World Behind   I find myself thinking about you when I know I probably shouldn't I wear a smile for the whole world to see while inside all I want to do is die I yell at you and tell you I'm done, because I should move on How do you forget all the good times we had together though   You have another but still say you want me I don't know if you really love me or not All I know is I still love you. Lord only knows why You put me through so much pain and made me feel like I didn't even belong   I already felt lost after my dad died You were supposed to be there for me to help me through Life will never be the same again   I lost my dad and my husband all at the same time Now all I want to do is lose myself as well and leave this world behind Leave behind all the confusion, hurt, and pain.   I know I should move on but how can I I took vows to love til death do us part So I guess I'm meant to just live my life alone and keep you in my heart. When all i
Open your arms to change, but please dont lose yourselfYou are what makes you who you are in sickness and in healthA friendly atmosphere has made you who you are to beYour character is in charge and will control your destinyYou will go someplace you have never gone, you will make your mark again,You will reset your standards, and sure will make new friendsAs soon as today is yesterday your heart will always giveI hope you wont regret today, cause your future longs to liveIf our paths dont cross again, I wont forget this dayCause Im not afraid of change, Im not scared to shift my waysMy eyes have see things they have never seen, but Ive always been hereThe time that counts your moments gone have taught me not to fear.You will look upon your life and see familiar groundsYou will hear the call of memories and recognize the soundAll the lives you change will make stars disappearAnd as you are settled down, you will realize you have never left here.
Leaving A Man Behind
Nothing is harder then to let a brother go He is always in your heart You try to go back for him to bring him home But nothing you do can find the Brother   He has left with no lines to catch He sacrifice himself for the greater good He left to keep you safe Nothing you could say would ever change his mind   For he is a brother that gave you what he could There was nothing he wanted more Then for you to remember The line he walked to keep you on top   Peace my brother for you are in my heart Walk safe through this life Find the road less traveled For that is your road to walk your friends are there    
Leave Me Alone
If you have a problem with me thats fine, but doing it in a fashion where it draws people in my life into your little drama fest. Please don't let the door hit you on the way out. Haters have no life in which the disputed simple life moments into a big hassle uncalled for and all need to die.  
I'm sitting alone thinking of you. And the love I had for you. Now it's gone. I've said goodbye. I don't care about the tears in our eyes. What are you waiting for? I said I don't love you anymore. You betrayed me and my love. Now I must fly like a dove. I said goodbye,Why haven't you left? Leave my heart,my soul,and my mind.
*leave Me A Msg. & Party On All!
Leaving A Social Network In 3 Easy Steps.
A while ago a very beautiful friend and I were having a conversation, when we both noticed someone claiming that they were leaving the site in their status. We both came to the same conclusion, nearly simutaneously: "If you are going to leave then just leave".   I hadn't thought about that conversation, until recently. Someone else I knew was always saying they were leaving website x or y, but never did. So I decided I should write a how-to guide in hopes that it might help them and others.   Step 1) Don't whine and complain in your statuses about not being loved or wanted. We all know you put that crap there because you want people to feel sorry for you. If you do put it there you are just doing it because you are an attention whore and need validation. If you really are leaving a simple "Good-Bye" or "Asta La Vista" will suffice.   Step 2) Click the "X". You can usually find the "X" in the top right corner, but if you can't "Alt + F4" works just as well. If nothing else.....pus
Leaving And Leaving You
                                             Leaving and Leaving You By Sophie Hannah (1917-present)   When I leave you postcode and your commuting station,When I left undone all the things we planned to doYou may feel you have been left by associationBut there is leaving and leaving you.When I leave your town and the club that you belong to,When I leave without much warning or much regret,Remember, there's doing wrong and there's doing wrong toYou, which I'll never do and I haven't yet,And when I have gone, remember that in weighingEverything up, from love to a cheaper rent,You were all the reasons I thought of staying,And none of the reasons why I wentAnd although I leave your sight and I leave your setting,And our separation is soon to be a fact,Though you stand beside what I'm leaving and forgetting,I'm not leaving you, not if motive makes the act.
Leaving .....
Leaving don't know when I will be back again.... bY Christine .
Leaves Dent Out Of The Equation
THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. Colin Kaepernick Pink Jersey . -- Brace yourself -- just not your putter. In a proposal that would affect major champions as well as amateurs at their local clubs, the guardians of the 600-year-old sport want to write a new rule that would outlaw a putting stroke they fear is taking too much skill out of the game. The U.S. Golf Association and the Royal & Ancient Golf Club said Wednesday they are not banning the belly putter or the longer "broom-handle" putters -- only the way they are used. The proposed rule would prohibit golfers at all levels from anchoring a club against their bodies while making a stroke. The rule would not take effect until 2016. "We believe a player should hold the club away from his body and swing it freely," USGA executive director Mike Davis said. "Golf is a game of skill and challenge, and we think thats an important part of it." Three of the last five major champions, starting with Keegan Bradley at the 2011 PGA Championship, used a be
Leaves Of Change
In the circle of life there are always changes, the budding on the trees in spring time shows the world rebirth. The leaves of summer so full of vibrant color and life shows the world its true self in its natural slendor. The dark and falling colors of the leaves mark the passage of time, the changes of fall. The bareness of trees has shown the completetion of life in the winter.
Leaving Or Not?
why do people say they are going to leave lounge and are pissed about something but then hang around for another half hour to an hour ... i just dont get it :/
Leave Out All The Rest
I dreamed I was missingYou were so scaredBut no one would listen'Cause no one else cared After my dreamingI woke with this fearWhat am I leavingWhen I'm done here? So if you're asking meI want you to know When my time comesForget the wrong that I've doneHelp me leave behind someReasons to be missed And don't resent meAnd when you're feeling emptyKeep me in your memoryLeave out all the rest, leave out all the rest Don't be afraidI've taken my beatingI've shed but I'm me I'm strong on the surfaceNot all the way throughI've never been perfectBut neither have you So if you're asking meI want you to know When my time comesForget the wrong that I've doneHelp me leave behind someReasons to be missed Don't resent meAnd when you're feeling emptyKeep me in your memoryLeave out all the rest, leave out all the rest Forgetting all the hurt insideYou've learned to hide so wellPretending someone else can comeAnd save me from myselfI can't be who you are When my time comesForget the wrong t
OK so those who have gotten to know me a little would find it hard to believe Im a Christian I difinatly have been not living right!! I can't keep doing this to you here and to my wife (even if it's not a healthy marriage) this is not helping matters. Being here is fun but is also fueling my desires for other women which is not a bad thing considering current state but it seems more of a fantasy, maybe one day if my marriage were to end i will be back, but the conviction is to much, I need to focus on my marriage try my best to resolve the problem. I have already hurt some of my friends here and for that I'm sorry .. feel like a pig and I realize some would not understand but for me this is sinful and in that im hurting people I thought i could live out my dark desires here without hurting people but i was wrong and don't ask what i was thinking becuase it just seems evil to me ... not the way i want to live I've hurt enough women in my life it needs to stop and maybe i'm overreacting
Lebanese Belly Dance
Lebanese Belly Dance
Lebanon Braced For Key Memorials
Lebanon braced for key memorials Tens of thousands are expected to converge on Martyrs' Square Lebanon is preparing to mark three years since the assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri, as the funeral is held of Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh. The two high profile events are to take place just a few miles apart in Beirut. A huge security operation is under way in the capital amid fears of clashes between pro- and anti-Syrian factions. Correspondents say it comes at a potentially explosive time in Lebanon; the country has had no president since November and no functioning parliament. The country has been experiencing some of its worst internal violence since the assassination of Rafik Hariri plunged Lebanon into crisis three years ago. His murder sparked massive domestic and international pressure, which forced Syria to withdraw its troops from neighbouring Lebanon after a presence of 29 years. Notorious 'terror mastermind' Who are Hezbollah?
Lebanese Belly Dance - Dina Jamal
Lebanon Vs Ray-pec
Battle of wills Israel Potoczny The Daily Record Nov 8, 2008 Monday’s Class 5 Sectional game between Lebanon (7-4) and Raymore-Peculiar (9-1) will feature two different approaches to accomplishing the same goal — score points. Ray-Pec, the state’s No. 1 ranked Class 5 team, has used a misdirection attack to average 39 points, while Lebanon has used the spread to average 33. “It will be an interesting match-up because it is a difference in the style’s of football from that area to here,” Lebanon head coach Will Christian said. Ray-Pec features as balanced an offensive attack as you will find. They average 194 yards rushing and pass for 195 yards per game. They average 5.2 yards per rush. 11.7 per pass. “We have to bottle them in,” Christian said. “We have to eleminate the surge and that is something we do well. I think with our defensive line, Justin Britt and Trevor Byrd, they play well. We just have to do a good job with that misdirection, and eleminate their offensiv
Lebanon Vs Rolla Wrestling
Lebanon comes up big in close matches Israel Potoczny Jan 23, 2009 Lebanon’s ability to pull out close match’s was the difference on Thursday as they defeated Rolla at Carr Gymnasium 42-27. Wrestling at 135 pounds, freshman Aaron Starnes set the tone for the win when he defeated Joel Laney in overtime 4-3. Lebanon trailed 21-6 when Starnes took to the mat, with the Yellowjackets only six points coming via a first period pin by Kyle Hansen at 125 pounds. Tyler Zimmerman, the state’s No. 6 ranked wrestler at 140 pounds, followed Starnes with a pin of Don McDonough, cutting the Rolla lead to 21-15. Freshman Austin Brawner trailed Ryan Heflin by five points with 15 seconds remaining, but came back to force overtime and win the 145-pound match 11-9. Nick Nekola followed at 152 pounds and gave LHS its first lead at 24-21. Nekola and Tyler Chavez were tied at six when Nekola pinned Chavez at the 2:42 mark. “We won all the close one’s,” Lebano
Le Belle Scarpe Hanno Chiamato Nike
Le scarpe d'escursione. Potete avere alcune scarpe con le funzioni pratiche da scegliere da. C'è una marca di scarpe vuole fornisce tutti gli scopi differenti per voi. L'una scarpa di marca è Nike e ci inciterà a ritenere bene con così buona qualità. Nike ha un bello nome a causa di buona qualità e le migliori scarpe nei mercati. La società di Nike sta producendo molti generi di scarpe quale baseball, il calcio, il tennis, le lacrosse, pallacanestro e Nike che fa un'escursione le scarpe è fra loro. Possono fornire molti modelli differenti delle scarpe sia alle donne che agli uomini scarpe hogan.Le scarpe di Nike sono andate d'accordo con tanta gente con grande e buona reputazione. Troverete un genere di scarpe affinchè duriate in Nike. Ci sono molti elementi alla moda e le scarpe di Nike sono inoltre così utili. State cercando per questo genere di scarpe piacevoli di qualità come questa continuamente. La qualità della prova di tempo delle scarpe sarà portata per voi e la sensibilità pi
Le Belhamy Hoi An Resort And Spa
Le Belhamy Hoi An Resort and Spa is a 13 hectare resort with its own private 320 meter stretch of sandy beach on the famous coastal Ha My beach, nestled among lush tropical landscaping. It is just 10 minuted from Hoi An ancient town and 30 minutes from Da Nang international airport.   See more pictures of Le Belhamy Resort   The Resort has been designed with an individual design reflecting the influences of French, Chinese and Japanese cultures and architectures.   Le Belhamy Hoi An Resort is the perfect choice for those who would like to combine a beach vacation with a historical and cultural destination to explore the charm of the World Cultural Heritages - Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Holly land and Hue Imperial City.         RESORT FEATURES Visitors to the resort can relax with the fitness equipment, sauna. Belhamy Resort and Spa also dedicated to kids a fun and exciting club. In special, Guests looking for the perfect combination between the atte
Le Blah
As usually, I am the Esergone. I have had an odd day. I spent most of fourth hour embarrassing a teacher. There is a rumor going around (more of a joke) that me and that teacher are engaged. And apparently a teacher will be getting fired due to drug use. A student was joking around, didn't even know the teacher, and commented about "magic cabbage". Well through much drama, the student is apparently paranoid about getting severely OWNED by a bullet. pff! Apparently the teacher tokes it up before he draws or paints. And has apparently come to school high. Do not take my word for it or quote me. The only thing I can be quoted on is "Everyone is weird in their own way." I have recently gained a new nick name of :Beautifuly Chaotic:. I allow it because it's the best way to describe me with a guitar. I am an odd guitar player. I am currently working on combining several styles of metal. Message me for details. I am going to be a pirate for halloween. We are trying to get
Lebron James Is Rich, And If You Are Not, He Thinks Its Funny
I know I'm late to the game on this, but Stephon Marbury deserves all the propers he gets for his $14.95 sneakers, shoes he actually wears in NBA games from a company in which he is partial owner. And LeBron James loses a lot of cool points for his arrogant remarks about the Starbury shoes: "Before the game, James took a little shot at Marbury's $14.98 kicks, saying he couldn't imagine endorsing a sneaker that cheap. 'No, I don't think so,' James said. 'Me being with Nike, we hold our standards high.'" Yeah, like, we pay our child laborers 17 cents an hour, much more than what Reebok pays. Now, before Starbury becomes St. Marbury, lets remember that he is running a business, and probably reliant on cheap foreign laborers as well. But at least he's not raping the American consumer in the process. And he had the "Oh, snap!" comeback to King James, saying "I'd rather own than be owned." LEBRON IS A DICK!
Lebron James Scolds Mom During Cavs-celtics Game
LeBron James scolds mom during Cavs-Celtics gameBy J.E. SkeetsIn the second quarter of tonight's Cavaliers-Celtics game, LeBron James, on a breakaway dunk, was wrapped up by Paul Pierce. The two players became tangled and stumbled their way under the basket near where LeBron's mother sits. Gloria James, being the firecracker that she is, started yelling at Pierce for the hard foul on her son. Here's the video with LeBron's classic reaction — keep an eye on the woman in the white shirt: Yup. That's LeBron telling his mother to "sit your (butt) down!" Happy Day-After Mother's Day, mom!
Lebron James Is Having A Historical Season
In terms of the game's hallowed numbers, it doesn't quite resonate like, let's say, 50.4 -- Wilt Chamberlain's historic scoring average in 1961-62 -- or Oscar Robertson's 30-12-11 triple-double that same season. But it's a big one at Hollinger HQ, anyway. That 31.89 mark is Michael Jordan's PER (player efficiency rating) from the 1987-88 season, the top mark for any season since the league started tracking individual turnovers in 1973-74. (We don't have enough information for seasons prior to that, unfortunately, so we can't properly evaluate Wilt or the Big O.) And it's an important figure at the moment because it's under assault this season from LeBron James. That James is playing well is hardly a secret -- virtually every writer in the country has him either first or second on the MVP ballot heading into the season's final stretch. But the vagaries of the game's stats have made it difficult to appreciate what a historically great season he's having. James doesn't lead th
Lebron James To Play In Miami
Well now it is official.  Lebron James will join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat roster.  Lebron, a free agent, made his announcement on an ESPN special show devoted to his decision.  He has spent the first 7 years of his NBA career as a Cleveland Cavalier.  Being a free agent enabled Lebron to listen to offers from other NBA teams and pick where he wanted to play next.  James, Wade and Bosh are now considered the big 3 and immediately makes the Heat a possible contender for the NBA title this coming season.  Miami's hopes for a title is just that a hope.  A look at their roster and anyone, familiar with the NBA, will notice the lack of any supporting cast.  These 3 will not be able to deliver the title on their own.  The season is too long for them to play a majority of the minutes and account for all the offense in each game.  It is now up to the management in Miami to acquire solid players that can produce results on their own.  If the management fails, Miami will loo
Lebron Who?!?
Well, if you haven't heard by now, that basketball player that was born and raised in my city and promised he'd bring a championship to Cleveland is NOW playing for the Miami Heat. Back in the mid 90s, a man named Art Modell took the football team he owned and moved them to Baltimore. To this day, he still will not step foot in northeast Ohio. My facebook is FULL of fans comparing LeBron to Modell. But this is WORSE considering he was one of US. Akron born, Akron raised. Hell, he grew up watching the Cavs and Browns and know what it's like being a fan here (arguably THE best fans ever). But, there are good things to come out of this. Once again Cleveland fans have rallied around each other AND Dan Gilbert (Cavs owner) released a letter that sums it up for us all:   "Dear Cleveland, All Of Northeast Ohio and Cleveland Cavaliers Supporters Wherever You May Be Tonight; As you now know, our former hero, who grew up in the very region that he deserted this evening, is no longer a
Le Brésil Envisage Correos Marché Entrant Mobiles
Le service postal brésilien Correios Etat a annoncé lundi son intention d'entrer dans la téléphonie mobile dans la seconde moitié de l'année prochaine, quand il pourrait commencer à vendre des forfaits de meilleur téléphone portable et acheter un lot de minutes d'appels vers les opérateurs existants. Correios cherche à tirer parti de sa présence dans presque toutes les municipalités du Brésil à offrir des services téléphoniques dans les collectivités éloignées, comme dans le domaine des services financiers avec son réseau de Banco Postal. Le service postal embaucher des conseillers dans les prochains jours pour préparer un plan d'affaires détaillé. Le quotidien financier Valor Economico a rapporté les nouvelles le lundi matin. Nous avons identifié une occasion de renforcer le potentiel commercial de notre réseau et de services de distribution", a déclaré Luiz Antonio Fuschino, vice-président de la technologie et de l'infrastructure Correios, Valor. Le message d'état de ser
A Lebron 10 Shoes D Chess
There in your pocket. I doubt if any man ever hated another one as I hated him. I said, After ttending to that and putting the original and first carbon in my pocket, but the first seemed indecent and the second discount true religion jeans illogical, I asked him. You're too old to hit, and that's lucky brand jeans careers the hell of it for everybody concerned. down the stoop and to the curb, and there were piles of papers around on tables and even two of the chairs. Pine looked at me. call Mr. he simply told me to get out. but it is only natural and proper for anyone to betray a gleam of interest in murder, so you have plenty of time to dig up another prospect. I went to the hall with them. but for each and all I was certainly it. Henderson's office working. It's fingerprints. No, They say that either we have been gulled by the whimsicality of an eccentric man, Wolfe, Wolfe murmured. no. but the edge of the Thursday report was a good half inch down from the Wednesday report, but so
Leb Vs Branson Duel
Victory on Senior Day Israel Potoczny Feb 4, 2009 Lebanon rolled over Branson on Senior Day Tuesday as seven seniors celebrated their final home match with a win. Jeff Vance (130 pounds), Steven Griggs (171), Trevor Byrd (215) and Justin Britt all posted wins as the varsity took care of Branson 56-19. Three other Lebanon seniors are members of the team, including Daniel Drinkall, who won both a junior varsity and exhibition match. Jeff Candler and John Herron have battled injuries this season. “That is a good group of seniors,” Lebanon head coach Randy Roark said. “We have a couple of seniors in the line-up that have been with us for four years and the other filled holes where we needed them and they’ve had pretty good years.” Also posting varsity wins were Tyler Eppler (103), Dane Bethel (112), Jacob Britt (119), Aaron Starnes (135), Austin Brawner (145), Nick Nekola (152) and Zach Drinkall (189). Britt remains undefeated as a heavy weight,
Le Canadian Forces Are Cool, Eh, Hoser?
Buenas dias (or noches), boys and girls. I am in the middle of a vacation. Yes, I said the "v" word. Vacation. Me. Yes. True. Amazing. A miracle. For me to extract myself from work for at least a couple of days. Incredible. I am currently crashing at my pad after a fun overnight trip to Houston/Galveston. 'Twas a cool excursion complete with great music and conversation, dodging traffic jams, hitting the beach, adult beverages and a four-hour delay of my friend's children's flight out of Hobby Airport. Memo to the airport management: Technology will only get you so far, and it's only as reliable as the otherwise fallible humans who created the system. If something breaks down, like say a fuel line, have a traditional backup system ready to go. Like several filled fuel trucks. Got it? Good! Saturday morning/afternoon I should be aimlessly wandering the San Antonio and Austin area. But I could not help but notice an interesting news flash: You may have heard recently the Russians
Le Casque Beats Puiss La Fin D'empcher La Ralisation D'audition Et De La Qualit Des Basses
casque beatsPlus dr dre sale tard, la partie infrieure Casque Beats Pas Cher du garon de voir un lve du secondaire la recherche garon tenant une beaut en excellente Casque Beats Pas Cher forme et la jeune fille, conqurant dans la suite prsidentielle, casque beats dr dre garde du corps de patrouille corridor noir en fait clignant des yeux directement quand ils sont. casque beats dr dre Lir Casque Beats. Plus de six mois vous o aller? Pourquoi ne pas avoir un tlphone? casques beats by dre Cette Casque Beats Pas Cher femme trangre dans cette voiture est de savoir comment il tait! casque beats studio Aprs Lin Yan immdiatement Casque Beats Pas Cher puce. Vous souvenez-vous jvais labitude de trouver vos documents traduits? casque beats Tang Xiao assis Casque Beats Pas Cher sur le canap avec son bras autour des paules de Lin Yan. Ah! casques beats by dre Je me souviens! Lin Yan se mit rire de sntendre un peu et Don sont particulirement la mmoire. casque beats studio Ce doit tre la
Leche Agria
--Voy al baño –anuncia Silvana escabulléndose hacia la puerta. --¡Otra vez el mentado baño! ¿A qué vas? –exclama Luis enfurecido, cubriendo su desnudez con las sábanas. --No tardo, te lo prometo –replica con una voz apenas audible. Al salir de la recámara, Silvana se dirige silenciosa hacia la cocina. En el camino emite unos discretos chiflidos a modo de llamado, cuidando que el marido no la escuche. Casimiro se despereza en el sillón y solícito acude a su dueña. Los ojos verdes y alargados del felino chispean al ver el litro de leche que ella porta entre las manos. Silenciosos, ambos se encaminan hacia el baño. Ella lo acaricia y lo besa varias veces. El gato ronronea. Bajo la mirada atenta de esos ojos verdes, Silvana se desprende del camisón con movimientos lentos. El gato la observa. Ella se recuesta sobre el tapete, toma el litro de leche y deja caer un chorrito entre los pechos. Casimiro se acerca. Una inmensa lengua purpúrea se desdobla de la boca del animal. Al perc
Le Chipmunk
Lecherous Scumbags
There's a certain thrill to posted nude pictures of yourself online. I'm not going to deny that I enjoy it...if I didn't, I would never have started an nsfw folder. Unfortunately, it seems like I won't be able to enjoy that twinge of excitement any longer.    I had a message in my inbox from someone on my friend's list. I'm very thankful that person was kind and respectful enough to message me right now. (and to that person, I owe you one). Apparently, they'd seen pictures of me on another website. Someone from my friends list here (because I'm not naked anywhere else) has taken my nsfw photos and posted them on an amateur porn site called "home grown freaks." Isn't that nice? This person has also labeled me "big tits and crazy tats" which is the kind of title I've always aspired to have...really. I'm not exactly surprised this happened. People never fail to prove themselves to be fucking assholes. I also realize I put myself in the position for this to happen by having an nsfw fold
Le Chant Du Loup ( The Bitter Sweet Symphony )
They had traveled many hundreds of miles to arrive in Banff, a family of five in a small car. There were two young ladies, a young man with their mother and father. Banff was shaking off the last signs of winter and the snow line had retreated far up the mountains where it would remain until late Fall. The Summer Tourist Season would begin soon and this relatively small town would be over run by people from all over the world. Banff was truly a world class destination. Most people that plan on staying over night book reservations months in advance as it was not uncommon for all the hotels to be fully booked at any time of year, but this group did not check in at any of them. The Gondola Ride at Sulphur Mountain had opened three days ago and would be operational until late Fall when the restaurant would close for the season. The Summit Restaurant as it was called sits atop of the mountain at 7486 feet offering a unique and spectacular view of the Western Rockies going int
Le Choix D'une Nuit Robe De Soirée De Bal D'étudiants
Commencement et l'heure de la promenade peut-être quelques-uns des durées passionnants sur la vie d'une femme. Chaque femme veut regarder fascinant au soir de bal , et même plus que cela, chaque fille veut être la plus efficace et d'être un sommet Prom Queen . Cela nécessite une des meilleures robes , l'équipement et tous les différents enjeux. N'en faites pas trop Lorsque les femmes deviennent trop excités pour leur première soirée de promenade, ils vont tout simplement se laisser emporter par trop sexy et slinkiness . Correctement , il peut sembler haute qualité pour certains, mais il ne faut pas oublier que vous êtes une femme de 17 ans et il est nécessaire de garder une certaine décence dans votre apparence . En d'autres termes , vous ne voulez pas ressembler à une strip-teaseuse . Vous n'avez pas besoin de quelque chose , mais les regards admiratifs , lors du passage de la foule. Considérez-vous comme une redevance. Considérez souches simples et Lux matériaux à votre
Le Coût Bas Smartphones Va Doubler En Quatre Ans
La crise économique et l'augmentation de l'offre aura un impact global sur la vente de Meilleures ventes à bas prix. En particulier, les ventes de ces appareils va doubler au cours des quatre prochaines années, en particulier en Asie et en Europe de l'Est. De nombreuses entreprises comme Nokia, ZTE et Xiomi prennent les devants dans la fabrication de smartphones à bas prix. Le plus grand marché pour les smartphones tels l'Asie, qui a eu plus de 50 millions d'expéditions de ces appareils cette année, suivie par l'Amérique latine, qui a environ 10 millions d'articles. Sont des données de l'étude de DisplaySearch plus tard sur les smartphones Android, avec moins de 116 euros. "Les livraisons de téléphones intelligents va doubler chaque année de 2010 à 2016, augmentant de 4,5 à 311,0 millions de dollars (240 millions d'euros)", indique l'étude. L'industrie des télécommunications gagne en importance en Asie, où le développement croissant de la vie se traduit par une augmentatio
'lectric Shave!
I have Toblerone and Fresca. I'm completely out of control over here. By the way, "here" is just like that place in Oh Brother Where Art Thou. A geographical oddity. I feel like I am just about three hours from everywhere anyone really wants to be.
The Lecture
THE LECTURE The Lecture I can't believe it, you are actually here. Forgetting I had told you where the class was. Stunned you showed up without saying a word. Right in the front row as I am lecturing. Your beauty immediately distracts me, and I struggle to continue with the class. No one else notices you there, but me. My eyes are drawn to you, can't seem to take them away from you, and you love it. That little devious smile torturing me. That playful look in your eyes captivates me. Then I notice your legs sliding a little farther apart. Capturing my stare with your eyes you look down, and I must follow. Looking up your beautiful legs... those black stockings... and finally that sweet shaved pussy. You look incredible. I can feel the sweat starting to form on my forehead as I try to go on with the class. Hoping no one can notice. Glancing back, drawn to you. Seeing you have worked a hand down between your legs, and are slowly toying with your wet
Lecture On Zen
Lecture On Zen by Alan Watts Once upon a time, there was a Zen student who quoted an old Buddhist poem to his teacher, which says: The voices of torrents are from one great tongue, the lions of the hills are the pure body of Buddha. 'Isn't that right?' he said to the teacher. 'It is,' said the teacher, 'but it's a pity to say so.' It would be, of course, much better, if this occasion were celebrated with no talk at all, and if I addressed you in the manner of the ancient teachers of Zen, I should hit the microphone with my fan and leave. But I somehow have the feeling that since you have contributed to the support of the Zen Center, in expectation of learning something, a few words should be said, even though I warn you, that by explaining these things to you, I shall subject you to a very serious hoax. Because if I allow you to leave here this evening, under the impression that you understand something about Zen, you will have missed the point entirely. Because Z
Led Auto Light Common Sense
In the LED car light industries, both domestic and foreign who produce LED car lights based on the standard of traditional incandescent light and halogen lamp, LED car light don’t own itself manufacturing standards. Therefore, the present LED lamp assembly manufacturing design and production is still mostly based on national standard, SAE and other standards. In order to make the shape and light distribution of LED light source consistent with traditional standards, LED light must designed as three-dimensional array. It is a new technology for automotive lighting design by adjusting the LED light emitting direction to achieve the purpose of distribution. Because of the monochromatic, LED light can be designed with different functional turning light, brake light, reverse light, etc directly using different wavelengths of LED components instead of applying filter. LED light designed without filters will increase light transmission (transmission rate reach to 92-95% by using transpa
Led Aquarium Lights-ideal Lighting For Your Aquarium
Feeding fish in an aquarium at your home is an extremely well-liked craze around the globe, and one of many most important issue to create an proper living atmosphere for the fish is Medium bright flashlight. There are lots of types of aquarium lights available from your market place, and now LED aquarium lights are becoming the most popular pattern between aquarium enthusiasts. LED aquarium lights provide plenty of wonderful positive aspects to any aquarium, and will support create a far more thriving plant and fish local community all round. The preferred 1 is 120w LED aquarium lights, LED aquarium lights are basic to utilize, straightforward to sustain, and can help save you funds above time. Employing LED aquarium lights on your aquarium can be quite advantageous and beneficial. Flashlight reviews which employ LED engineering don't emit mild by changing electricity to temperature. They could provide large brightness with much significantly less warmth than typical light supply. Se
Led Car Brake Light
I like the LED brake light very much at the first sight for its special appearance. Believe that your will also like it. Parameters about this led brake light for your reference as follows: 1:Model: T25 2:Socket: BAY15D ( 1157 car bulb ) 3:LED quantity: 30 led 4:LED Specification: 5mm 5:Color: All the color are available including White,Warm White and Cold White 6:Working voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC Single LED Parameter: 1.continuous Forward Current: MAX 20 mA 2.peak Forward Current(1/10 Duty Cycle 0.1ms Pulse Width): 100mA 3.everse Voltage: 5V 4.Storage Temperature Range/Humidity Range:-40℃to+100℃ 5.Storage Temperature Range: -30℃+85℃ The socket of BAY15D 30 LED car brake light is made up of copper material with oxidation treatment on surface. 
Led Car License Plate Light
Recommend several kinds of LED license plate light for you. LED license plate light own four kinds of LED, super flux LED, high power LED, SMD LED and round head LED. SMD LED is the most common among them. 1.Super flux LED license plate light (1):Modle: 39mm (2):Socket: festoon (3):LED Quantity: with 6pcs led (4):LED Specification: 5mm super flux led (5):Available Voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC 2.SMD LED license plate light (1):Modle: 39mm (2): Socket: Festoon Light (3):LED Quantity: with 6pcs super bright led (4):LED Specification: 5050 (3chips) (5):Available Voltage: 12VDC / 24VDC; (5):Net Weight: 2.8±0.1g 3.
Led Car Bulb-dingju Led Car Light Supplier
In recent years, the famous brand cars such as Ford, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes, Audi, etc spare no effort to explore new selling point for their new models and developed their own styles of colorful car lights. As the fourth-generation light sources, LED car lights have been used by most car manufacturers. LED light is energy-saving, life long, low heat, no radiate, no light pollution, high temperature resistance, rust resistance and more advantages, who have become the inevitable products instead of the tungsten and halogen lights. There are decorative LED lights and functional LED lights of the LED car bulbs. Decorative LED light is mainly used to decorate car and help control the circuit to transfer the color. Functional LED lights are used as car rear led light and car head led light, brake signal light, width light, reverse led light, car rear fog light and head fog light, reading light, etc. LED car bulbs is high demanding in angle, color, brightness,voltage discrete values, heat, a
Led Car Brake Light
There are three kinds of LED car brake light by its location, LED car tail brake light, LED car dashboard brake light and LED car third brake light.   Sockets of tail brake light: BAY15D LED car tail bulb light is also called P21/5W or 1157, the structure of this kind of socket has a double-wire. This kind of LED car bulb owns the function of warning and position-indicating. When in the brake function, power is 21W; when in position-indicating function, power is 5W. Generally, the position-indicating function is open.   W21/5W(7443) has a double-wire, with warning function and position-indicating function. Power is 21W when in brake function and 5W when in position-indicating function. Position-indicating function is usually open.   P27/5W(3157), double-wire, with warning function and position-indicating function. Power is 27W when in brake function and 5W when in position-indicating function. Position-indicating function is usually open.  
Led Car Lighting Will Be Used Widely In Many Lighting Areas
As we all know that led lights for cars have been used widely nowadays.Of course,the most common application area is still in the automotive lighting area.  During them,led strip light and daytime running light can be used as decoration lights.The led lights really have many advantages.They have a long life span,respond quickly,energy-saving and environment friendly. As the LEDs are solid,they are much more durable and use longer,these led lights can be used as long as 50,000 hours, so usually you do not have need to change new car lights.Most led lights can be powered by batteries. We can choose a suitable light replacement available. Usually these led lights have two kinds:standard dual-contact bayonet bases and signal-contact sockets. If you do not replace your led turn signals or led tail lights and use car decorate light to dress up your car. The most popular led bars and led strip light,colorful dash lights, led reading light, door handle lights and so on.Generally speakly,exc
Led Down Torment Alley
Racing and striving, and aching in pain, Left in the dust with nothing to gain. Forgoten and buried by the ones you love, As if glad of what their free of. Pain nags on heightening the torment, Waiting in patience for the impending lament. Always suffering, always aching, Slowly minds simply start breaking. To gaze at the former love, Now nothing more than something to be sick of. To be led on a path full of lies, Always in nothing more than a clever little guise.
The Led Daytime Running Light Make The A4l 1.8tsi More Safe
       As a high quality car brand,Audi series cars alway receive people's attention and recognition.This A4L 1.8TSI models have been equipped with led daytime running light.        When refer to the led daytime running light,we will find it is not a easy thing to find that some cars have been installed the led running light in daytime.The day time running lights that many cars equipped with are usually halogen bulbs not the led daytime running light.In fact,when compare with the halogen bulbs.         The led daytime running light will really bring us more benefits for it is more energy-efficient,have a longer life span and are more environment-friendly. Audi A4L 1.8TSI car is equipped with 1.8L turbo direct injection engine, the engine's maximum power reaches 118kW (160 hp).This 1.8T A4L car has launched two models-manual and automatic.It is equipped with 6-speed manual and CVT automatic transmission,and it is also the only Audi A4L audi car model to have manual transmission.   
Led Drl Will Make Your Driving More Safe And Perfect!
Daytime running light  is usually installed in the head of a car.So it is rather easy for people to find it out.Recently,many countries and regions order that cars must install daytime running light. Now in the market,there are many different DRL products for us to choose,so we should choose a suitable drl light to install.We should choose the right products with good shape, length,size and glowing effects.To install the drl lgiht will avoid the hassle of ongoing maintenance.Generally, we recommend the use of the High Power LED Day time Running Light.In fact,it is a kind of useful vehicle configuration, it is also called DRL light,many people have already installed it,especially the people from the countries and regions with low visibility.Now let us see how to choose led drl products and where to install the led drl light. When install the daytime running light kit on vehicles, we should make sure the installation not only meet the distance vision, but also suit the led fog lights an
Led Fog Light Can Help You Decrease Traffic Accidents
     Many accidents may caused by the fog.When it is fogly,the drivers will not see the road and cars clearly,it is easy to have traffic accidents.Don't worry,we have led fog light to help you decrease the traffic accidents.      As many regular car lights do not reflect anything other than the fog even when high beam settings are used. Even the fog light for cars that come with cars do not provide a longer range of visibility.The led lights for cars are said to cut through this fog in a much better manner and they won’t even reflect back at the person who is driving the car.The special light of the led fog light makes it possible for the car fog light to work well.      Fog is basically made up of some extremely tiny particles of moisture and they shine and glisten whenever bright light hits them. This makes the light to be reflected back at the driver and hence, decreases visibility. However, LED fog lights have the capacity to cut through these very crystals and th
Led Fog Light Will Help To Have A Better Driving
As most people know that the visibility is the most important thing we have to think of while driving through fog. Then many people may think of the led fog light.A lot of accidents happen because of the fog,as many regular led led light do not reflect anything other than the fog even when high beam settings are used. Even the fog light for cars that come with cars do not provide a longer range of visibility. The led lights for cars are said to cut through this fog in a much better manner and they won’t even reflect back at the person who is driving the car.The special light of the led fog light makes it possible for the fog light to work well.All the colours are available,of course,the white,blue,yellow are more popular. Of course,the led fog light will help to have a better driving.
The Ledgend Of The Quileute People
The Legend .. Taha Aki "The ground on which we stand is sacred ground. It is the blood of our ancestors." The quileute people believe we descended from wolves, to protect our people from "the cold ones" or as your people would call them "vampires" We descended from wolves, your people would call them "werewolves" It all started because the cullens came upon our land. Chief confronted the cullens and carlisle explained that they were not like all the other vampires we had encountered. That they were "vegetarians", they did not feed off of humans.The chief said that they could go on, but if any of them bit a human. The war begins.   The Change .. Wolfy "Speed is my anti-drug."
Led In My Head (10/23/12)
"Led in my head" eyes search for a lid to keep them wet synapses switch       music gets louder swell, that's swell the kids none the wiser         they are good             pretty faces      get beauty rest              head                on               desk sweet release of sleep    the forbidden drift a wave of untold opportunity    ride the Zeppelin home
Led Is Led Products Accounted For The Major Part Of The Cost
LED light source, is emerging as a green light, because of its long life, energy saving. Popular with consumers chasing sticks.LED lights However, the current manufacturer of LED spotlight market is very large, the product was mixed, uneven quality. Allow consumers to choose the time very difficult. Little careless or unaware of this product who will spend heavily poor quality products. Below I will MR16 spotlights an example to illustrate how to analyze its quality and price. MR16 spotlights Specifically, consists of three parts: namely, LED drivers, lamp beads, shell Let me talk about LED drive it, now very much MR16 constant current driver IC, and the quality varies greatly, and expensive IC, thirty-four, four or five dollars a, less than a dollar difference. Manufacturers are now generally about one in 1.5, this IC compare Cape biased, quality in general, but there are also a few cents a factory, or forty-five one, forty-five one is exporting more than d
Led Lights : Ipxx Waterproof And Dust-proof Grade
China International Standard for waterproof grade IP of LED light is closed to that of Japan Industrial Standard JIS ,which is divided into 9 grades ,from 0 to 8 grade. While ,the IP rating also makes provisions for dust. Details as follows: The first X stands for dust-proof 0: No protection 1. Avoid the invasion of large solid 2. Avoid the invasion of medium-sized solid 3. Avoid the invasion of small solid 4. Avoid the invasion of solid objects greater than 1mm 5. Avoid the accumulation of harmful dust 6. Completely avoid the invasion of dust The second X stands for waterproof grade: No protection No effect on water droplets trickle-down to the shell(vertical drip test) No effect on water droplets trickle-down to the shell when it tilted to 15 degrees No effect on water or rain falling to the shell from 60 degrees No harm for liquid poured onto the shell from any direction Rinse without any harm Can be used in the cabin envirroment Can be resistant to flooding in a
Led Lights For Cars Make Audi A8 Stand Out
In fact,the Audi A8 has two different versions of the models,so the styles of lights are also different.When compared with the old rigid headlights, the “L” shape design of the new A8′s headlight is very special-dimensional scalability.Of course,Audi company also spend a large amount of money on the lights: 22 white led light bulbs and 22 yellow lights.The white led lights control the use of the daytime running light,while the yellow light to control the led turning light.Standard led car lights take the design of the “L” shape,it extends from the head to the rear of the car,almost go over all the car body.It takes the form of LED lens, while the flagship design of the lights is whole designed by the led light led light, it is arrogant.The irregular shapes are called “wings” shape by Audi company for the lights really look similar to the shape of flying.The led lights for cars make the car model stand out and almost everyone like this kind of c
Led Lights Will Help Change Your Cars
Then how to have your car have a change,come here,the led lights for cars will help you. There are varieties of led lights in the market today. The common led lights are LED Dashboard car,LED signal light,drl,LED turn light,brake light,LED license plate light,LED fog lamp,LED strip light etc.As the extensive use of light-emitting diodes,led lights for cars start to bring changes for people.Some led lights are usually used at night,while some lights such as daytime running light can be used in the daytime too. In addition,if you plane to buy led lights ,you will find that these lightswill save a lot of money for you in a long time.
Led Light Is Used Widely In Our Daily Life
Let us say the LED light today.The led lighting really have many advantages over the traditional halogen bulbs and get used widely in our daily life. To begin with they have a greater reaction time,with a reported 20% faster illumination than standard bulbs.This can be the deciding advantage that keeps you from watching someone hit their brakes quickly behind you, or being slammed deadly hard from behind causing a terrible accident. This may seem like an insignificant amount of time, amounting to approximately .When traveling at even the relatively slow speed of 45 miles per hour this can give you an additional 10 of reaction time.There are airports that have began using LED lights. This is saving one town hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual lighting and maintenance fees. Many other led lights such asdrl,brake light, license plate light are also very important while driving at night is very important.The led light led light will help you to drive safely. This article is exce
Led Lights Create A Colourful World For Us
Nowadays, led lights are very important for us and used widely all over the world. These led lights for cars were first introduced in 1962 when they were initially used as an indicator on control panels. Now you are starting to see them used in a wide variety of lighting needs, including replacing traditional household bulbs, recreational vehicle lighting, boat lighting, and there are airports that have began using LED lights for cars for their runways. This is saving one town hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual led lighting and maintenance fees.Many other led lights such as daytime running light,brake light,led turn light,led license plate light are also very important. After all,to use good led lights improve the driving safety.These led lights create a colourful world for us. This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,
Led Lights For Cars Have Many Advantages And Used In Many Areas
As most people know that led lights for cars are the ideal choice for cars.They have been used widely in nowadays. They have a long life span,respond quickly,energy-saving and environment friendly.If you do not replace your led turn signals or led tail lights and use car decorate light to dress up your car. The most popular led bars and led strip light,colorful led dash light, led reading light, door handle lights and so on. Of course,the most common application area is still in the automotive lighting area.During them,led strip light and day running light can be used as decoration lights.The led lights really have many advantages This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,
Led Lights For Cars Effect Our Driving Greatly
As we all know that Led brake light is very important for us.They will effect our driving greatly.The common problems for the led brake light are two-the light does not light up or always on, no matter is the former or the latter situation,it will effect the driving.Led brake light is the most important led dash light of the led fog lights.The common car led brake bulbs have two types-led rear brake light and high brake light.We often see that some brake lights on both sides,while the driver himself is unaware of the problem,This situation is very serious, if it is congested road in the urban areas, may result in minor rear-end and it is a waste of time and money; if it is on the highway will lead to serious accidents, not to mention that at night, even during the day, the brake light problem is also dangerous.So when we use this kind of led lights for cars.Except for brake light,we should pay attention to drl,only when we use our led lights rightly,can we improve our driving safety.
Led Lights Are Very Popular In Our Daily Life
LED lights for cars are very popular in the daily life,to install the LED car light is very simple.for its longevity,low power consumption and enhanced beauty cannot undermineany disadvantages by using them.Of courese,the led lights have many different species.The common led lights are led brake light, led turn signal light,led tail lights,led headlight,emergency lights,led daytime running light.The lights help to show the position of the car to other vehicle users on the road and help the drivers to take measure when driving according to the signals,and decrease the traffic accidents. During these lights,the led drl and the led strip light can be used for decorative lights. The led car light will enhance beauty for your cars.they will enhance the value for the car trade. This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,
Led Lights Make Your Traveling More Comfortable
To a car,the headlights are as important as the led tail lights for lights,they take very important role in driving,especially when it is dark.In total,the led lights will help you to enjoy your travel. The led tail lights are usually installed in the end of the car. They offer super bright light for driving.Of course,except the lighting function,clean and stylish led tail lights will enhance the outline beauty,these led lights for cars which will make your car stands out in the crowd.The headlights in the vehicle show us the way.They are usually installed in the front of a car and provide light in the night.A person with the headlights in the vehicle can drive safely anywhere and in any condition. As it provides the light which is very powerful it helps to overcome all the hurdles on the way and one can go home safely.Of course,many other led lights for cars such as led license plate light,led daytime running lights,led dashboard light,led signal bulb,led back up light,led turning lig
Led Lights For Cars Can Enhance Traffic Safety Greatly
Generally speaking,auto signal lights include three types,they are led rear signal light,led side signal light and led frond signal light.To use them rightly is very important.The led lighting can enhance traffic safety greatly.Firstly let's look at the led rear signal light at first,the common are led turn light and led brake light.The led turning light usually we should turn on the light when the car turns.When talk about the led brake lights, the installation of this kind of light is to tell the car after the vehicle that the front vehicle want to slow down or stop,with the light,it is not easily result in rear-end accident.Secondly,let us talk about the side signal light,the common are led door light,led side turn signal light.Such kinds of lights are rather easy to use. Thirdly, the led frond signal light are led width-indicator light,led fog light,led headlight and drl.Such kinds of led lights are very important.We need use them in a right way for safe driving. Furthermore, in or
Led Lights For Cars Will Have A Great Increase In Asia Market
As for the widely application of the electronic products and the improvement of the high technology,the led lights for cars enter many got widely application in Asia.The StrategiesUmlimited research shows that the market share of the led lights for cars as high as 60% in the world.Many kinds of led lights have great sales in Asia,in which,the led lights for cars have the fastest growth speed.It increases from 15% of 2009 to 28% of 2011 during all the led products.Of course,for some technology reasons,headlight is not suitable to produce with LED.In the big light aspect,the led lights for car have their own direction.The drl ,led brake light,led tail lights will have bigger market share. In the whole Asia market,the  led lights for cars will have a great increase in the near future.                                                                This article is excerpted from Dingju Electronic co.,          
Led Light Engine And Cutting Edge Driver Technology
The LED Flood Light range has been designed to replace a wide variety of conventional halogen domestic and commercial floodlighting. Constructed of high purity Aluminium casing and a polished Aluminium reflector complete with a frosted tempered glass cover manufactured to an IP65 rating, allowing the luminaire to be used in both harsh internal and external environments. The High Power Bridgelux COB LED light engine and cutting edge driver technology give an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours ensuring the luminaire is virtually maintenance free. The luminaire’s design makes it ideal for use as general external lighting, security lighting, domestic and commercial applications. The luminaires can be supplied incorporating a PIR option to further reduce energy consumption, they can also be used in conjunction with external lighting controls where required.
Led Lighting Has Become The Darling
By the introduction of LED lighting has become the darling of the lighting market, reduce carbon saving, long life to become its classic selling point. LED High energy: saving energy is clean and is environmentally friendly, DC drive, ultra-low power consumption (0.03 W -1 watt single tube) electro-optical power conversion close to 90%, the same lighting effects than traditional energy sources more than 80%.LED lighting supplier Long-life LED: LED light source is called longevity lamps, solid cold light source, epoxy resin, light body and no loose parts, there is no filament light easy to burn, heat deposition, the light fades fast and other shortcomings, the service life of up to five 10,000 to 100,000 hours, longer life than conventional light sources more than 10 times. Lee Green LED: LED is a green light, environmental benefits of better, no ultraviolet and infrared spectra, low in calories and no flicker, no radiation, and waste can, no pollution, no mercury elements, cold light s
Led Light-emitting Diodes Made With High Lighting
LED light-emitting diodes made with high lighting with long service life, good safety performance, high brightness, low power consumption, low temperature, using a voltage width, maintenance-free characteristics, explosion-proof lights can replace the traditional lighting source, LED Explosion lamp is a new type of lighting can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, factories, mines, tunnels and other flammable gas environment safe lighting.  First, the scope  For a variety of flammable and explosive places and outdoor work, the construction site and installations, facilities and other places for a large area flood lighting.  Second, the performance characteristics  Excellent explosion-proof design to ensure that products can be used in a variety of flammable and explosive safety.eneltec Housing protection grade IP66, waterproof performance, can resist the raging waves crashing.  Overall structure design, li
Led Marquee Scroller
Free LED Scroller Generator
Le Doux Poison
Hell is where the heart is, so why don't we cut it out and leave it bleeding on the table... After being a nihilst of weakness for a long time, seeing no sense in anything at all, I've today become a nihilist of strength as Nietzsche would have called it. I set my own rules and doubt them again as long as I can find a stable core, maybe with a spiritual direction. I got interested in magical practices and I developed them to work good for me... I love many spiritual, magical and philosophical publications though I know everyone has its weak points as well. But like in a good dinner you take a little bit of this and a little bit of that and make your own creation of a meal. Et voilà, a new world view is created, absorbed by your mind. I'd prefer natural selection to genocide but in a world artificial as this one, where the dumb and the weak are taken along, we cannot hope for it, I am afraid. Suicide is an option, for it is me to decide about my life and nobody else. But
Led Panel Lights Are Manufactured Using Similar
  1, LED panel lights can be mounted on ceilings, walls and mounting surface;LED lights   2, LED panel lights can be hung from the ceiling or mounted beneath the body. When mounted on a white ceiling, the entire ceiling was the same color, very beautiful, clean and coordinated;   3, LED panel light uses high voltage design (AC85-240V/50-60Hz), can be used in the world; power LED with isolated power supplies, constant current or constant voltage drive, power supply, high efficiency, the power clean, stable performance , safe and reliable;LED panel lights   4, LED panel lights are manufactured using similar LCD TV backlight technology, a new type of surface light source, the light is soft, appearance, has been widely favored by European and American businessmen, a large number of foreign firms are in Buy good quality, good service, good price panel light pro
Led Strip Light Can Meet The Demand To The Beauty
As a kind of colourful and beautiful light- led strip light.It has many advantages,now let us see it.The flexible circuit board makes it possible to bend the led strip light freely and easy to fix to the surface of the objects you want to use the light.The led lights can be use as led decoration light,so it is widely used in three-dimensional light-emitting sub, signs, labels, advertising light boxes, led tail lights, lighting, special clothing, handicrafts, mobile phone backlight, signal sensing and so on.As the led strip lighting has so many special places when compare with some other lightsBThe use of reasonable design can reduce the problem such as the light is not light, micro light, flash and can improve the product stability at the same time. So to choose the chips with low power, high efficiency, low consumption will make it possible for you to change the length freely.As people's view lever is becoming higher and higher,the led strip lighting just can meet the demand to
Led Tail Lights Wil Bring Benifit For Your Business
Our company-Dingju offers different types of tail lights.I am sure it will benifit to your business. They are affordable, easy to install and look great.In our company,We have more than 300 items products,including SMD,super flux,high power and so on.These fit directly into the stock housing and use the existing led lights for cars and wiring harness to make replacement easy and affordable. Our tail lights can even replace a broken tail light. These are the type of led light led light that come on luxury automobiles and these will lend an air of superiority and luxury to your ride.These led lights shine more brightly, last much longer and are more robust than normal bulbs.So many people like it very much.
Led Tail Light Is Not Only A Tool
      What do you think of your car and led lights for cars?For some people a car is considered just a transportation tool.But in fact,it has many others. The serves to be used as a tool to perform activities such as trips out of town trips, trips to the office, and other travel that allows someone to melalkukan activities in each of their time. So by people who think like this car it functions only as a means of transportation only and not more than that. But this is very different when compared with those who think that the car is not only a transportation vehicle alone, but have meaning and value other than as a means of transportation. The car is considered not only transportation but also has artistic value and beauty that is very high if the care and well renovated with a variety of high quality products. For some people who like to renovate their cars to get better they’ll find a variety of equipment best car to modify their cars to be the best, Such as  renovating th
Led Zepplin
(1)Babe I'm Gonna Leave You(2)Immigrant Song(3)Whole Lotta Love(4)Kashmir(5)Going To California(6)Black Dog
Led Zeppelin
The rock group Led Zeppelin was originally called The New Yardbirds.
Led Zeppelin
Dazed & Confused Myspace Layouts for Myspace :: Music Video Codes
Led Zeppelin
Did they invent heavy metal? Well, while it would be unfair to blame them for something as dreadful as, say, Motley Crue, they were certainly responsible for the trappings, images, and even the excesses that came to be known as that much-revered and much-hated musical form. The difference is they generally made it sound good...and often great, taking the white boy blues originally perpetuated by Cream and the Yardbirds to its wildest extremes. Actually, Led Zeppelin rose from the ashes of the Yardbirds. Guitarist Jimmy Page had been leading a post-Jeff Beck unit called the New Yardbirds, which he disbanded in 1968 to create his dream "psychedelic blues" band. Recruiting his friend, bassist John Paul Jones (who'd played numerous sessions with artists, ranging from Donovan to Herman's Hermits and Petula Clark, along with Page throughout the '60s), Page found two talented novices in singer Robert Plant and drummer John Bonham. Who drummer Keith Moon reportedly gave the group its moniker
Led Zeppelin (page & Plant) The Battle Of Evermore
Led Zeppelin (page & Plant)- What Is And What Should Never
Led Zeppelin- Stairway To Heaven
Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love
Led Zeppelin - Dazed And Confused
Led Zeppelin- Immigrant Song
Led Zeppelin Pictures Music Heartbreaker
Led Zeppelin - The Ocean Slideshow
Led Zeppelin Traveling Riverside Blues
Led Zeppelin - Nobody Fault But Mine
Led Zeppelin - Friends
Led Zeppelin "dazed And Confused"
Been Dazed and Confused for so long it's not true. Wanted a woman, never bargained for you. Lots of people talk and few of them know, soul of a woman was created below. You hurt and abuse tellin' all of your lies. Run around sweet baby, Lord how they hypnotize. Sweet little baby, I don't know where you've been. Gonna love you baby, here I come again. Every day I work so hard, bringin' home my hard earned pay Try to love you baby, but you push me away. Don't know where you're goin', only know just where you've been, Sweet little baby, I want you again. Been dazed and confused for so long, it's not true. Wanted a woman, never bargained for you. Take it easy baby, let them say what they will. Will your tongue wag so much when I send you the bill?
Led Zeppelin "thank You"
If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me. Kind woman, I give you my all, Kind woman, nothing more. Little drops of rain whisper of the pain, tears of loves lost in the days gone by. My love is strong, with you there is no wrong, together we shall go until we die. My, my, my. An inspiration is what you are to me, inspiration, look... see. And so today, my world it smiles, your hand in mine, we walk the miles, Thanks to you it will be done, for you to me are the only one. Happiness, no more be sad, happiness....I'm glad. If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me.
Led Zeppelin-stairway To Heaven
~ Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven ~
~ Led Zeppelin - Black Dog ~
~ Led Zeppelin - Dazed And Confused ~
~ Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love
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Led Zeppelin * ♪ * Whole Lotta Love
Led Zepplin Reunite
well people its been a long time for this but i am happy to say led zepplin as reunited. there the best rock band i ever heard. here the story. Led Zeppelin are finally getting back together! Yep, hard rock fans still dazed and confused by recent news of the long-delayed Van Halen reunion have even more reason to celebrate, now that this even longer-delayed reunion is reportedly in the works. Incredibly, according to, frontman Robert Plant is in talks this week with fellow Led Zep legends Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones about a Zeppelin tour that'll hopefully kick off in London this November. Presumably late drummer John Bonham's son will be on drums.
Led Zeppelin News
BILLBOARD Talk of a Led Zeppelin reunion just refuses to go away. Billboard reported in July that the band may get together for a proposed tribute to the late producer/record mogul Ahmet Ertegun at the O2 in London in November, Now on the date 11.13.07 mysteriously appears with the familiar Zep symbols. And several people saw the band touring the O2 during Prince's recent stand at the new 20,000-seat London venue. A press conference next Wednesday (Sept. 12) in London may clear everything up. There has been talk that tour producers AEG Live and Michael Cohl's CPI (Rolling Stones, Genesis, Barbra Streisand) have put in offers on a Zep tour featuring founding members Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones with late drummer John Bonham's son Jason on drums. But it is also well known in the industry that standing offers have been on the table for a Led Zeppelin tour for more than a decade. Nov. 13 also has another significance: it's the release date o
Led Zeppelin Concert Confirmed For Nov. 26
Led Zeppelin confirm reunion gig Led Zeppelin sold more than 100 million albums in the US alone The Led Zeppelin legend Rock group Led Zeppelin are to reform for a tribute concert to the Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun. Singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones will perform together for the first time in 19 years. Tickets for the one-off show at the O2 arena in London on 26 November will cost £125 and be allocated by ballot. Pete Townshend and Bill Wyman will also perform. Ertegun, who signed Led Zeppelin in 1968, died last year. "During the Zeppelin years, Ahmet Ertegun was a major foundation of solidarity and accord," Plant said. "For us, he was Atlantic Records and remained a close friend and conspirator. This performance stands alone as a tribute to the work and life of a longstanding friend." I will auction off my blood, organs, and all worldly possessions - think I'm kidding? Led Zeppelin fan Send us your commen
Led Zeppelin Reunion
Led Zeppelin reunion: ticket ballot finally closes Fans have one in 50 chance of getting into reformation show 19.Sep.07 2:52pm Registration for the ticket ballot for Led Zeppelin's reunion show has finally closed this afternoon (September 19). Organisers said there have been 1,000 million page impressions on the site, with one million people registering to be in with a chance of getting one of the 20,000 tickets for the gig, to be held at the London O2 Arena on November 26. At one point, it was receiving 5 million hits per hour, a total of 80,000 hits per minute. Tickets cost £125 each and will be limited to two per person. Successful applicants will find out if they have been picked after October 1, with organisers warning that any tickets appearing on online auction sites will be immediately cancelled. The ballot was due to close on Monday (September 17), but was extended to noon today due to the exceptional demand. "We are absolutely overwhelmed
Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin
Jimmy Page suffers injury 01.Nov.07 8:12pm Led Zeppelin have announced that they will postpone their reunion show due to an injury to guitarist Jimmy Page's finger. The show, which was originally scheduled for November 26 at London's 02 Arena, has been rescheduled for December 10. Page's injury occurred last weekend, and will prevent him from playing guitar for three weeks. "I have examined the fracture to Mr. Page's finger, and it is my opinion that with proper rest and treatment, he will be ready to resume rehearsing in three weeks' time, and thus able to perform on December 10," Page's medical specialist said in a statement. Page added, "I am disappointed that we are forced to postpone the concert by two weeks. However, Led Zeppelin have always set very high standards for ourselves, and we feel that this postponement will enable my injury to properly heal, and permit us to perform at the level that both the band and our fans have always been accustomed to." All tick
~ Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same ~ Full Movie
Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same 1976 The members of Led Zeppelin are called back from vacation by manager Peter Grant to play Madison Square Garden. The film is enhanced by each of the band member's personal fantasies (hallucinations?), such as the opening scene (which is awfully confusing the first time around) in which Peter Grant, dressed in a 1930s black gangster suit drives a 1930s black Ford to a house and blasts everyone with a machine gun 131 min 19 sec
Led Zepplin 4 Lyrics
Black Dog (Jones/Page/Plant) Hey, hey, mama, said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove. Oh, oh, child, way you shake that thing, gonna make you burn, gonna make you sting. Hey, hey, baby, when you walk that way, watch your honey drip, can't keep away. *Ah yeah, ah yeah, ah, ah, ah. Ah yeah, ah yeah, ah, ah, ah. I gotta roll, can't stand still, got a flame in my heart, can't get my fill. Eyes that shine burning red, dreams of you all through my head. Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. Hey, baby, oh, baby, pretty baby, Tell me won't you you do me now. Didn't take too long 'fore I found out, what people mean my down and out. Spent my money, took my car, started telling her friends she wants to be a star. I don't know but I been told, a big-legged woman ain't got no soul. * Chorus All I ask for when I pray, steady rollin' woman gonna come my way. Need a woman gonna hold my hand, won't tell me no lies, make me a hap
Led Zeppelin - Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert To Be Filmed For Dvd Release
Through and BW&BK has learned that, "for the millions of people who want to go to the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert today (December 10th) but aren't able to - the event will be recorded for a DVD release. The show, which pays tribute to the Atlantic Records co-founder will feature performances from FOREIGNER, Paul Rodgers, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts and, most notably, a reunited LED ZEPPELIN. There's no word on when the DVD will hit shelves." As previously reported, recently issued the following report: Led Zeppelin have explained that they are planning to perform for two hours at their reunion show at London's O2 Arena on December 10th. Guitarist Jimmy Page revealed that when the band were first contacted about playing a reunion show, they were asked to play for 40 minutes, but the band thought this was too short. "When we were first asked to do this [reunion show], we were asked to play a 40-minute set. We soon realised we couldn't," he
Led Zeppelin Reunion
Been a long time since I Rock and Rolled… I caught a story on BBC News this morning about Led Zeppelin doing their first and only reunion concert after 20 years. Ah memories… I better write this while I'm still half asleep and before I forget about it (the memory goes first?). I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life as most people have. I decided I could get away with going to a 2 year “tech school” rather than getting a Bachelors degree from a 4 year college. I found that my Associates Degree meant a lot more to me than anyone else. But I got some breaks, worked hard at times, and have made a decent living over the span of my career. Our class started with about 45 students but after a year it was down to 7 that would graduate on schedule. We were stuck into another class and took our quarters out of order. As in all schools there is always a class clown and ours was Crazy Bob. One Monday morning he came in and gathered our group together with one of the most serious tones I had
Led Zeppelin To Return To Stage
Dec 10, 7:34 AM (ET) LONDON (AP) - Once may be enough for Led Zeppelin as band members reunite for the first time in 19 years at a much-hyped London concert Monday. Some 20 million people competed in an Internet lottery for the 18,000 tickets, priced at $250 each, for the show at London's O2 Arena. It has already been postponed a month because of guitarist Jimmy Page's broken finger. Page, 63; John Paul Jones, 61, and Robert Plant, 59 - original members of the band - have recruited drummer Jason Bonham, 41, to take the place of his father, John Bonham, who died in 1980. The band split up after Bonham's death, and whether there will be any more Led Zeppelin reunions is an open question. Page has said he is eager to do it, Jones has been noncommittal and Plant, in effect, said: "Don't ask." "I've got things I've been working on for the past four years that I'm proud of," Page said in an interview with Q magazine. "Some of the songs I've got ready are as good as anything
Led Zeppelin O2 Encore - Whole Lotta Love
Led Zeppelin O2 Encore - Whole lotta love
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir !
Led Zeppelin -whole Lotta Love
"Whole Lotta Love" You need coolin', baby, I'm not foolin', I'm gonna send you back to schoolin', Way down inside honey, you need it, I'm gonna give you my love, I'm gonna give you my love. [Chorus] Wanna Whole Lotta Love [X4] You've been learnin', baby, I bean learnin', All them good times, baby, baby, I've been yearnin', Way, way down inside honey, you need it, I'm gonna give you my love... I'm gonna give you my love. [Chorus] You've been coolin', baby, I've been droolin', All the good times I've been misusin', Way, way down inside, I'm gonna give you my love, I'm gonna give you every inch of my love, Gonna give you my love. [Chorus] Way down inside... woman... You need... love. Shake for me, girl. I wanna be your backdoor man. Keep it coolin', baby.
Led Zepplin Concert
the Sante Fe casino in Crome room 4/4/08, at 8pm...ill be there watching Led Zepplin....after ive had a few margaritas at the Iguana Bar...who wants to join us and buy me a drink..woo hoo ...who would like to get me another
Led Zeppelin-black Dog
Led Zeppelins Hobbit Reference
Leaves are falling all around, It's time I was on my way. Thanks to you, I'm much obliged for such a pleasant stay. But now it's time for me to go. The autumn moon lights my way. For now I smell the rain, and with it pain, and it's headed my way. Sometimes I grow so tired, but I know I've got one thing I got to do... [Chorus] Ramble On, And now's the time, the time is now, to sing my song. I'm goin' 'round the world, I got to find my girl, on my way. I've been this way ten years to the day, Ramble On, Gotta find the queen of all my dreams. Got no time to for spreadin' roots, The time has come to be gone. And to' our health we drank a thousand times, it's time to Ramble On. [Chorus] Mine's a tale that can't be told, my freedom I hold dear. How years ago in days of old, when magic filled the air. T'was in the darkest depths of Mordor, I met a girl so fair. But Gollum, and the evil one crept up and slipped away with her, her, her....yeah. [Chorus] Gonna rambl
Led Zepelin Song I Am
Talas completed the quiz "What Led Zeppelin song are you?" with the result When the Levee Breaks. You move to your own beat and nothing stops it..
Led Zeppelin
Led Zepplin: Stairway To Heaven (backwards)
Plaaaay backwards, Hear why its sung here, oppositioner.. Allll on track, all arriving They all sing, and they are one. Shall I loathe you now, parishoner? Oh hear Him, Christian within me. It stirs my sin; the river, Oh, she swells with our lousiness. All my life will end for him? We're all out of signs, I know I'm sorta shocked To hear The Lord, My God now will save me! Oh I will n'er be saved, Because I live with Satan.. One wish today; That you'll all pray for Three who will make it here late. Pray now and you'll see.. The 'Lord' turned me on, But, oh, I was the shaggy fool.. Clothed in agony, Lost at a height. There's no escaping it, Nor his woes.. So here's to my Sweet Satan. The other's little path Would make me sad, Whose power is faith. He'll give those with him 666. And all the evil fools, they know he made us suffer sadly. Ohohohoh... "Family won't get loose, They're offered me." Always soothes the worker. Always will be as we know now "I see ruins," said he, "the world they
Lee is the man to know. He got haunting blue eyes that make hearts flutter with a deep seeded need to make him your leading man. Lee always playing a role in motion picture, But never playing a game with no one heart. How he gives all and never asking nothing back from you. Lee seeks a leading role parts in life that would make all dreams come true within just a mere brushing of his lips upon yours. An alluring smile that offers you a soul that will always be there, When you turn around as the world is falling down upon you. Pictures are floating about your mind like sweet memories that will steal your heart forever away to belong only too him. As he stands there in that suit that makes you want to just rip it off, He got this way that makes you know it’s all about you not him. Eyes feasting upon you like his lead lady in tempting romantic scene daring others to try what you and him just share upon a television. Love blooming about like spring. Touches upon your body
Leeann Gordon 3
i hold a very special place deep in my heart with hope someday that soon you will be apart part of a love a love so rich and true for the love i holdwithin my heart i hold for only you
~ Leeann Rimes - I Need You ~
Lee Ann Womack: I Hope You Dance
I hope you never lose your sense of wonder. You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger. May you never take one single breath for granted. God forbid love ever leave yu emty-handed. I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean. Whenever one door closes I hope one more opens. Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance. And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance. I hope you dance...I hope you dance. I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance. Never settle for the path of least resistance. Livin' might mean takin' chances but they're worth takin'. Lovin' might be a mistake but it's worth makin'. Don't let some hell-bent heart leave you bitter. When you come close to sellin'out reconsider. Give the heavens above more than just a passing glance. And when you get the choice to sit it out ordance. I hope you dance...I hope you dance. Time is a wheel in constant motion always rolling us along. Tell me who wants to look bac
Leech (lech) n. One who preys on or clings to another : Parasite A leech is a parasite that will suck all the life out of your body if it could. The only way to get rid of them is to cut them off. After doing a self-assesment, I have decided to identify some leeches in my life and begin cutting them off. Here are some examples of leeches that you may also find in your life...... 1) Ride Leech ~ You only see these people when they need a ride somewhere. 2) Payday Leech ~ They only call the day before to find out what you are doing on payday. 3) Broke Addict Leech ~ They come over because they can't afford to support their own habits. They go to where they know they can find what they want. 4) Sexual Leech ~ They only call when they are horny or need to get fucked.....( Wait...this isn't so bad.) 5) Lazy Leech ~ They come over to see what you are making for dinner/ lunch/ breakfast and then invite themselves over because they are too lazy to cook for themselves. I
Leed Certification
leed certification
Lee Evans
Lee Evans : Bohemian rhapsodyAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Leeeeeeeeroy Jenkins
Lee Evans Trio
Lee Evans TrioAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Lee Evans Reataurant
RestaurantAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Lee Evans Live At Wembley
Lee Ermey
Love this guy This is a Gunny at his best !!!!! For the few of you who missed him, R. Lee Ermey is the host of The History Channel's 'Mail Call' and played the Drill Instructor in the movie, 'Full Metal Jacket.' He is a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant and a very plain speaker, as you will soon read. So, for your entertainment, here is Retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey at his first press conference. The main topic of discussion is a Marine in Iraq who shot an Iraq insurgent to death. We pick up as the reporter asks about "how this potential war crime will affect our image in the world": Ermey: 'WHAT KIND OF A PANSY-ASSED QUESTION IS THAT?' Reporter 1: 'Well I think....' Ermey: 'THINK, FANCY BOY?! GET THIS THROUGH THAT SEPTIC TANK ON TOP OF YOUR SHOULDERS, MORON : I DON'T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU THINK, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME???& nbsp; THAT MARINE SHOT AN ENEMY COMBATANT, SHITHEAD; SO GET YOUR HE
Lee Greenwood - God Bless The Usa
Lee Greenwood Sings To Sarah Palin And Her Supporters
Lee Really Is A Conspriracy.....anyone Want To Walk?
"We've got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?" --Lee Iacocca
Lee Iacocca Discusses The State Of U.s.a.
Remember Lee Iacocca? The man behind the “Mustang” and the “K-Car” basically saving 2 of the big 3 – I think he may know what he’s talking about. Remember Lee Iacocca, the man who rescued Chrysler Corporation from its death throes? He's now 82 years old and has a new book, 'Where Have All The Leaders Gone?'.. Lee Iacocca Says: 'Am I the only guy in this country who's fed up with what's happening? Where the hell is our outrage? We should be screaming bloody murder! We've got a gang of clueless bozos steering our ship of state right over a cliff, we've got corporate gangsters stealing us blind, and we can't even clean up after a hurricane much less build a hybrid car. But instead of getting mad, everyone sits around and nods their heads when the politicians say, 'Stay the course.' Stay the course? You've got to be kidding. This is America , not the damned, 'Titanic'. I'll give you a sound bite: 'Throw all the bums out!' You might think I'm getting senile, that I've
Leek And Potato Soup
Leek and Potato Soup Here's a simple recipe for a tasty, hearty soup which is popular in Scotland. Ingredients: Six potatoes, diced 3 leeks, chopped 1¼ pints (750ml or 3 cups) chicken stock Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste 1 ounce (25g or ¼ stick) buter or margarine 2 ounces (50g or half cup) grated cheddar cheese Method: Boil the potatoes and leeks in water for about 15 minutes until the potatoes start to disintegrate. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Work in the butter or margarine and serve with a sprinkling of grated cheese.
Lee Kernaghan Planet Country Tour Lyric Theatre Sydney 26/2/2010 Review
Lee Michaels: Do You Know What I Mean?
Leep And Cervical Cancer
What is it? So your doctor tells you that you need to undergo a "leap" procedure. To you, it sounds like you're being asked to leap off the top of a tall building. Somehow, this doesn't really sound like a bona fide medical procedure. What is it and why do you need it? Although pronounced "leap," the procedure is actually LEEP, or loop electrosurgical excision procedure. When performing LEEP, the doctor will use a loop electrode to remove a portion of the cervix. During LEEP, a high-intensity electrical current is passed through the loop-electrode, allowing the doctor to shave off a thin slice of cervical tissue. This slice of tissue can be examined under a microscope to check for abnormal cells, if the purpose of LEEP was diagnosis. LEEP can also be used to remove any tissue that may be found to be cancerous or pre-cancerous once it is found. A local anesthetic is administered to the patient before the procedure, and sometimes pain medication is prescribed to ease postoperative d
Lee Roy Mercer -hot Sauce-
"It Ain't Nothin' For My -Hot Sauce- To Whoop A Man's Ass!"Order Now & Get (2) -11oz Bottles- (For Only $8.98).A Few Early Birds Might Even Find Themselves An Autographed Bottle Or Two For Keepsakes.Don't Be Caught Without It This Holiday Season Or Your Ass Could Get Whooped!To Place An Order Click here!.You can also place an order by phone by calling toll FREE [877-687-4277].[9am - 12am Monday Thru Thursdays, 9am - 8pm Fridays EST].
Lee Roy Mercer - (collector's Edition) Signed Merch!
Just because you weren't there doesn't mean you can't have a signed souvenir from the show.LEE ROY MERCER has released (Limited Edition) autographed merchandise for his FANS. All of these items are hand signed by Mercer and are only available (While Supplies Last.) Autographed Items include: CDs, T-Shirts, Hats, and Posters. In addition, in order to show customer appreciation to his Fans, all signed items will come at the regular retail price and/or discounted price as posted on the un-signed items offered in Lee Roy's Whoop-Ass Exclusive Online Store. This means no additional markup will be charged to the purchaser for any of the Autographed items listed. This Offer Is Exclusively For Online Customers Only & Will Not Be Available At Any Retail Outlet Stores.It Ain't Nothin' For Lee Roy Mercer To Whoop A Fan's Ass!Click here to preview the product list of all Autographed Items now available. Listings for New Signed Items are subject to appear without notice.LEE ROY MERCER is back and h
Lee Roy Mercer Electronic Whoop-ass Gift Certificates!
Electronic Whoop-Ass CertificateNow available from the Lee Roy Mercer online store - Electronic Whoop-Ass (Gift) Certificates! Let your friends/family choose their own gift by giving them an electronic whoop-ass certificate for merchandise. Conveniently, it's all done via email. You can choose from one of four dollar amounts: $25, $50, $75, and $100. Additionally, you can choose WHEN someone will receive the whoop-ass certificate.Here's how it works:You purchase the gift certificate and provide the email address of the recipient. You will be asked to pick a date when you want the recipient to receive the gift certificate via email. Forgot someone's birthday? Haven't got your holiday shopping done on-time? You can purchase the gift certificate today and have the option of sending it immediately or at a later date. Personal messages can also be included in the email that delivers the certificate. It's easy, fast, and convenient and it's a great way to let people choose the gifts they rea
Lee Roy Mercer® Greatest Threats
New WHOOP-ASS CD Release Coming Soon In 2007:LEE ROY MERCER® "GREATEST THREATS" Is a compilation of Lee Roy Mercer's most outrageously hilarious uncensored Prank Calls ever recorded. Now you can own the greatest collection of Redneck affronts ever made against the unsuspecting telephone public all on one disc.Track Titles TBA, Check Back For Details...Below are a few sneak peeks of new up and coming LEE ROY MERCER brand merchandise to be released in the Spring of 2007 as well.LEE ROY MERCER - GONE RACIN' T-Shirt LEE ROY MERCER - GONE RACIN' Race Fans T-ShirtLEE ROY MERCER® - Limited Edition "WHOOP 'EM AGAIN" Framed Compact Disc - SignedVisit, Lee Roy Mercer.comCopyright © 2005 - 2007 WarHead Records All Rights Reserved.Lee Roy Mercer® Is A Registered Trademark Owned And Licensed For Use By WarHead Records.
Lee Roy Mercer-isms
Mercer-isms are appropriate for so many Whoop-Ass occasions.Here are some of my all time favorites: · You sayin' you ain't gonna pay? · You keep on and I'll be thar! · You're in the damn business ain't ya? · Wore my damn tire down to nothin'. · Is thar any better price you can give me? · I'm tired of talkin' to chicken-shit-bastards. · That baby ain't gonna amount to nothin'. · I can whoop their ass just same as I can whoop yours! · It's 'em damn boots with 'em eagles on the side of 'em. · I expect you to stand thar and get your ass whooped! · I'll be down thar before the damn day's out! · We'll see ya, ya son-of-a-bitch! · My brother could whoop your damn ass. · I'm gonna shoot me a damn dog and lay it across your counter and prove it to ya. · Don't you stand behind what you sell? · Somebody's gonna pay for the damn thing or somebody's ass will get whooped, I'll tell that mu
Lee Roy Mercer® Gone Racin'™ - Cd Press Release
NEWS HEADLINESLEE ROY MERCER® - GONE RACIN'™ - CD PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 01-14-07"It Ain't Nothin' For Lee Roy Mercer To Whoop A NASCAR Driver's Ass!"Bristol, TN. WARHEAD RECORDS™ is pleased to announce the release of the new Prank Call Cup Racing album from LEE ROY MERCER® entitled GONE RACIN'™ on February, 13, 2007. LEE ROY MERCER® GONE RACIN'™, (The Album Formerly Known As "NASCALLS". Not Approved By Or Affiliated With NASCAR®). Celebrating his 13th Anniversary, the infamous Tennessee prank call comedian teamed with former NASCAR Driver Rick Mast to open a Tallboy can of Whoop-Ass on today's top name NASCAR Drivers, Crew Chiefs and Owners. The album features Mercer's famous claim to "Whoop a Man's Ass" delivered to several well known drivers and racing personalities including Tony Stewart, Rusty Wallace, Bobby Labonte, Dale Jarrett, Jack Roush and many others.Produced by Jon Holtz, this forward thinking, comedic effort, is an ambitious prank call
Lee Roy Mercer Live At Daytona International Speedway/pepsi 400
LEE ROY MERCER will be live at Daytona International Speedway for the Pepsi 400/on July, 06 and 07... Details: (1) Special Guest on SPEED TV's Track Side/w Jeff Hammond, DW, Steve Byrnes and Larry McReynolds/Friday, July, 06 at 6:30 pm (2) Special Emcee at the NEXTEL-FANZONE Event/Friday, July, 06 @ 2:00 pm & Saturday, July, 07, @ 3:00 pm (3) Special Guest on Wally's World NBC Sports/Saturday, July, 07 at 8:00 pm (4) Autograph Sessions with Jeff Hammond out of the FOX Sports hauler/both Friday & Saturday/Check with the FOX Sports hauler for times of appearances...
Lee Roy Mercer In Victory Lane At Sharpie 500 Bristol
I had a blast in Victory Lane at Bristol Motor Speedway with Mr. Jack Roush, Carl Edwards and the 99 Team Pit Crew. Being on SPEED TV and every other TV Network covering Winner's Circle at the Sharpie 500 that night was very COOL as well. The whole night Whooped major Ass, Carl Edwards scored his second win of the year clinching a spot in the 2007 Nextel Chase when he took the lead from Kasey Kahne with 166 laps to go and never looked back....I've posted up a few of the photos that Jon shot from the night's events and I'll have some more coming soon to share with all my FANS & FRIENDS. Check 'em out on Myspace, or just click the photo below.Victory Lane Sharpie 500 Bristol Motor SpeedwayPhoto courtesy of Motorsport.comI'm truly happy for Carl Edwards and Mr. Jack Roush regarding their VICTORY at Bristol Motor Speedway and it was a great honor for Jon and I to be able to share in that experience with them and the whole 99 Team. THANKS Jack, you truly are the MAN...M
Lee Roy Mercer In This Week’s Issue Of Nascar Scene Magazine
PHOTO: NASCAR Scene Rewind Yuckin' it up Carl Edwards (right) celebrates in victory lane with comedian Lee Roy Mercer. NASCAR Scene/Special to Out This Week's Issue Of NASCAR Scene or visit the link below.
Lee Roy Mercer Live At Wilkes County Heritage Museum 09/29/07
LEE ROY MERCER Live at Wilkes County Heritage Museum 09/29/07 LEE ROY MERCER Live at: Wilkes County Heritage Museum 100 East Main St. Wilkesboro, NC. Details: Benny Parsons Rendezvous Ridge to Sponsor First Annual Wilkes County Racing Heritage Celebration. Benny Parsons Rendezvous Ridge and will be hosting the first annual Wilkes County Racing Heritage Celebration September 29, 2007 from noon to 4 p.m. The event will be held on the grounds of the Wilkes County Heritage Museum at 100 East Main St. Wilkesboro, NC. The event will be free to the public. Scheduled to appear at the event so far are 1960 NASCAR champion Rex White and Lee Roy Mercer who will be on hand signing autographs and promoting his new CD "Gone Racin", featuring prank calls to NASCAR drivers. Also, on display for the event will be racing memorabilia from Benny Parsons Rendezvous Ridge, and Winston Cup era memorabilia from the Winston Cup Museum out of Winston Salem NC. Live ent
Lee Roy Mercer Live Today On Tony Stewart's Sirius Radio Show
WHERE THERE'S SMOKE THERE'S FIRE! Today at 9:00 PM EST, TONY STEWART will have LEE ROY MERCER appearer as a special guest on his Sirius Satellite Radio Show. This will be one Whoop-Ass show you don't want to miss, SMOKE will talk about the making of the prank call Mercer pulled on him, how he was totally caught off guard by the infamous Tennessee Prankster and how the whole thing benefits a very worthy Charity Foundation for seriously ill children. Plus, Lee Roy will shoot the straight and skinny about Rick Mast calling Tony back after the prank call was made and much more. Tune into Tony Stewart's Sirius Satellite Radio Show today and hear the hardest nose driver in NASCAR go head to head with the hardest nose prank call/stand-up comedian in America. The show will air again late tonight and tomorrow morning. "Mercer is a great American." He's a patriot, a former Marine, who is having some fun with these drivers, but in the end, we have an opportunity to give something b
Lee Roy Mercer Makes Christmas Stockings Whoop-ass!
Ah, Stocking Stuffers... Here it is again, just a few more days until the biggest shopping day of the year and everybody is searching for Christmas Stocking Stuffer ideas. So what are the most popular types of stocking stuffers people are looking for? "FREE" and "CHEAP" top the list. In an attempt to make your Xmas stocking shopping simpler, I have created a list of LEE ROY MERCER - Easy Christmas Stocking Stuffers. And for that absolutely impossible to please person on your Christmas list. Let 'em choose their own gift by giving 'em a LEE ROY MERCER - Electronic WHOOP-ASS (Gift) Certificate for merchandise. Conveniently, it's all done via email. Click here for more details. Please Note: I was originally going to divide the list into adults and kids, but then I realized for us guys the kids list is still applicable. (Oh, I hope I get some NASCAR series Action figures this Christmas!) 1. LEE ROY MERCER - GONE RACIN' - NASCAR Driver Prank Call CD 2. LEE ROY MERCER - Hot Sauce - 100% W
Lee Roy Mercer Remembers Pettys - By Jeff Hammond / Nascar On Fox
MERCER Remembers PettysBy Jeff Hammond / FOXsports.comAs the NASCAR season winds down, I want to talk about my buddy, comedian Lee Roy Mercer, and what he's been doing around racing. I don't want you to forget what it means when you take the time to spend some money on one of his CDs because he's punked some pretty cool guys, including Jack Roush, Tony Stewart and Cale Yarborough. It's a great stocking stuffer, and you'll get a great laugh out of it. But it will also benefit Victory Junction Gang Camp. We're getting toward the end of the season, and a lot of people are going to be thinking about how important Kyle and Pattie Petty's place is in Randleman, N.C. They've got to have money to continue doing what they're doing during the off-season, just like they do during the season. It's a great opportunity during the holidays to put one of these CDs in somebody's stocking.  It would be a pretty cool thing to do. Go to Check it out, and do something good for the kids.Cl
Lee Roy Mercer - Daytona 500-50th Anniversary Celebration!
To help celebrate the Historic 50th running of "The Great American Race" at "The World Center of Racing", LEE ROY MERCER Is offering Whoop-Ass Discounts on many of the items in his Official Online SuperStore with a DAYTONA 500 - 50th Anniversary *Celebration SALE! We all know Gas prices are higher than a cat's back so in an effort to bring some laughter to you during harder times, Lee Roy and his boys have put together some awesome deals. SALE Ends February 02/29/08* "I'm excited that NASCAR has finally seen the light and is working hard to win back those old-school traditional fans who felt alienated." "The grassroots core of NASCAR has always been the Southern Fans and I'm very proud to be one of 'em. I'm also very proud our all-American sport is coming back home and getting back to basics." "In celebration of NASCAR's homecoming and in Honor of the DAYTONA 500 - 50th ANNIVERSARY, I want to show my support and appreciation to the Fans by affording them an opportunity to enjoy my ne
Lee Roy Mercer® - Hot Sauce - In The News
01/31/08 Press Release - WarHead Records - Bristol, TN. For Immediate Release January 29, 2008 marks another Milestone for WarHead Records in the history of the Lee Roy Mercer brand legacy. The United States Patent and Trademark Office officially acknowledged and announced LEE ROY MERCER as a Registered Trademark in International Class: 030 for the comedic entertainer's brand name Hot-Sauce. The registration encompasses: Condiments, namely, Hot sauce, Salsa, Marinades and Barbecue sauce, Picante sauce, Ready-made sauces, Sauces for barbecued Meat, Dry seasoning mixes for gravy, Spaghetti, Stews, Sloppy Joe, Soup, Chili, Mexican dishes. The WarHead Records imprint, owner of the famous mark, started working together with their acclaimed Tennessee prank call/stand-up recording artist and the C.F. Sauer Company in Autumn of 2004 to create an award winning Lee Roy Mercer brand Hot-Sauce. Since that time they have developed an amazing sauce with an high emphasis on flavor with just th
Lee Roy Mercer W/ Tony Stewart - Prelude To The Dream - Live On Hbo Pay-per-view
Click the pic to view video Promos for this year's event and highlights from last year's.A supernova of racing talent will again descend upon the Field of Dreams that is Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio on June 4th when the dirt that made champions out of A.J. Foyt and Mario Andretti plays host to today's racing stars at the fourth annual Old Spice Prelude to the Dream. And for those not lucky enough to grab a seat for the dirt late model race featuring over 25 world renowned drivers as they battle for dirt supremacy, HBO Pay-Per-View will present the event live to the entire nation. Proceeds from this telecast will support construction of Victory Junction Gang Camp II in Kansas City, as well as the Tony Stewart Foundation.The all-star race will feature such racing icons as Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne, Kyle Busch, Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick, Matt Kenseth, Mark Martin, Denny Hamlin, Bobby Labonte and more. All will pilot 2,300-pound dirt late model stock car
Lee Roy Mercer Celebrates Victory With Tony Stewart At Eldora Speedway On Speed Tv
SPEED TV to Re-Air Tony Stewart’s Prelude to the Dream Photos courtesy of Tony Stewart & Lee Roy Mercer In Victory Lane Prelude to the Dream - Eldora Speedway - Live On HBO SPEED TV will offer multiple replays of Tony Stewart’s Prelude to the Dream, beginning July 5th at 1:00 pm EST. Previously only available through HBO Pay-Per-View, the race run on June 4th at famed Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio, benefited Kyle Petty’s new Victory Junction Gang Camp II outside Kansas City. The all-star event featured Tony Stewart and twenty-four rivals, including twenty-one NASCAR regulars and two NHRA stars, drive late-model stock cars in the exhibition: Aric Almirola, Dave Blaney, Clint Bowyer, Kyle Busch, Ron Capps, Carl Edwards, Bill Elliott, Ray Evernham, Red Farmer, Jeff Gordon, Robby Gordon, Denny Hamlin, Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson, Kasey Kahne, Matt Kenseth, Bobby Labonte, Mark Martin, Ryan Newman, Cruz Pedregon, David Reutimann, Kenny Schrader, Kenny Walla
Leesburg, Florida Boy-2 Weeks Out-find This Young Man!!!
The Lees Sing Newlyweds
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Leetting You All Know!!!
Letting you all know that I am packing up some clothes to visit my friend this weekend and the reason is my friends and I know my uncle which he just passed away on Monday June 2nd and we will go to Funeral and meet other family of mine and honor my uncle death which is very sad because he fell down thru the stairs and knock him out till he got into hospital and died later on so hate to missed him dearly... As you all know that it was funny that my grandma died first and then my grandpa second and after that my uncle... Damn too fast to see them go away and didn't realize it will happen and again, will come back till it's over and done and will miss you all and have a great weekend and stay safe!!!.... :-D Your truly Wild Wolfie
~~~ Le Feu ~~~
Appelez mon nom. Have no mercy with your tenderness, I want to be weak. Appelez mon nom. Mon coeur est sur le feu. Let me succumb to the flame that you may possess me. Let me swoon from the heat and beg you for drink. Leave your eyes upon me, letting desire weaken all temperance and I will surrender my secrets to your pleasure. How else can we survive but to be a willful casualty to each our fated passion ~ Tentation . . . Mon coeur est sur le feu. I could let your arms enwrap me and hold me prisoner to your loneliness. I could have you kiss these lips . . . once and once again . . . Forever, as you whisper the poetry of madness into my ear. I could walk into your dream, my head pillowed on your chest and listen to a frightened heartbeat. Slip my fingers into yours, and press our palms to destiny. And I could turn away . . . . ~ Call my name. Call my name. Let my own softness destroy my sensibilities. P
Lefitsts Can Fuck Up A Bowl Of Corn Flakes
Home / News / 10-14-2012 Can It All Be Coincidence? (The Obama Timeline) 10-14-2012 Can It All Be Coincidence? (The Obama Timeline) by Don Fredrick, ©2012, blogging at The Obama Timeline(Oct. 1, 2012) ­ As I noted in the introduction to my book, The Obama Timeline, a jury at a murder trial will often find the accumulated circumstantial evidence so overwhelming that a guilty verdict is obvious even though there may be no witness to the crime.  “The jurors in the Scott Peterson trial believed the collection of evidence more than they believed Scott Peterson. Among other things, the jury thought that being arrested with $15,000 in cash, recently-dyed hair, a newly-grown goatee, four cell phones, camping equipment, a map to a new girlfriend’s house, a gun, and his brother’s driver’s license certainly did not paint a picture of a grieving husband who had nothing to do with his pregnant wife’s disappearance and murder.”   In the four
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turning around , that one last time making sure not to miss a thing leaving myself breathless, running from what hides inside i can see u crying i can see the hurt left u with everything on your shoulders too much for u to take now u stand beside me not knowing WHY the sky is grey,the air so cold your world upside down and i can't help leaving u like this hurting u so bad why was i so ignorent why was i so wrong i can see u crying i can see the hurt left u with nothing Under Construction ( not finished) Shaun A.J. McLean
Left Unsaid
see you off into the mid-morning sunlight it gets hot here in my neck of the ghetto we hug, we smile and bid one another adieu for now and tho we have talked about the past about our reasonings there is still so much left unsaid so many mixed messages which signal do i answer? why can't you answer my simplest of questions? why do you stare at the ground instead of into my eyes? do you not have the courage to tell me what it is you really want or is this how things should be? i am your friend, afterall and i'd rather have the truth good, bad, indifferent than nothing at all.
Left Out
i lik to hunt ,fishing,camping hiking most any thing ok
Left Me Here
I miss you so much it breaks my heart how could it hurt so much just to be apart I hate that you have left me here how could i live without you dear so sad is this time i wish you were mine How could i live without you every sight reminds me of you every picture every sound since you havnt been around i hate these things this time that is here I hate that you have left me here
Left Hand Of God
Left Hand of God Down to the bowels of this earth There you shall reighn with the swine Antichrists Mother giving birth Fore ever in time Follow not with your heart But with your soul For time of power has come Drink of you fill me full Oh, where are you Morning Star Lurking in the shadows Where is Hell tell me how far Your name so hallowed Where is your mark Under this blood red moon The time is near So very soon With your blood soaked wings of sorrow What of this reighn in blood Clean me out so hollow Ride upon the sinners fear The Gates of Hatties drawing near Make preperations for the end Come take the Mark Writhe with me my damned freind Night Shadows LLC Copywrite 2006
Left Or Right Brained
You Are 60% Left Brained, 40% Right Brained The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning. Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others. If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic. Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet. The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility. Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way. If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art. Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports. Are You Right or Left Brained?
Left Alone
Long forgotten lies the face of all those days I can't take back and here I lie within the mind that speaks only in the loss of love. Yet forever will I try to find The times where life left me to crawl Of all the things I never saw It's in your face I am most withdrawn Though I walk in shadow now I see the guiding light you bring And everything left as I call your name I try to grasp what I can't take back And find only my loneliness Though still I draw from the hope I dream And still I crave that smile Because some day you'll return And in my arms you will be lost in the warmth in that I provide.
Left By The Wayside
I never thought i would be left by the wayside by you but i stand here a broken soul. Knowing i was cast off from you like a festering boil. I believed in you every step of the way yet here i am by the wayside all alone in the dark. Never again will this soul see the light of day. What did i ever do to make you leave me here. did i not please you? did i not love you enought? did i not do everything you ask of me? who else would love you as much as I? Noone would yet here i am left by the wayside by you the love of my life. Your busy chasing your youth. chasing what you think will make you happy. I hope you find it as I sit by the wayside.
The Left Wing Media Thinks You're Stupid
Well, I'll bet you've heard about the government listening to millions of americans phone calls without warrants. Well, they are not. This is the left wing media purposely trying to confuse you, and play you for fools. They are purposely mishmashing these two unrelated reports to get you paranoid. First, there is not one phone call being listened to by the NSA(National Security Agency). They are receiving billing data from phone companies, in order to cross reference it with calls patterns to match it with a profile criteria template to track terrorists working within the confines of the U.S. The media is mixing this in with a story earlier outed by a leaker(traitor to our country) that the NSA is wiretapping phone calls without warrants. The only calls being listened to are those in which the other end of the call is abroad and with a known Al-Queda(The Base) affiliate. There is reason a warrant is not pursued. A warrant requires time and sometimes unavailable evidence whic
Left Alone
Left all alone without love or compassion in a world so cold and so barren. I’m lost in pain and emptiness. Lost without a way of it all. I’m weighed down by hate from others and I’m weighed down by my own mistakes. The scars of my mistakes stay so apparent and they will never let me live down the pain. What has become of me? I’m left alone forever more
Left Out Again...
It's NFL playoff time, and once again, I'm left out. I'm one of those poor bastards that's stuck rooting for the Cardinals because I was born here and I'm loyal to my home state. Not all is lost if they hire a decent coach though. Denny Green had to go. This was the most talented team I've seen since they got here and he took them to 5-11?! I personally wish they'd throw a ton of money at Pete Carrol, I don't have a lot of confidence in the current coaching pool. Oh well, at least I have my Suns baby! After the Super Bowl, they're the only thing going on until next September besides baseball and fishing between spring and fall. (The D-Backs will suck again this year) Let's see if Nash can make it 3 mvps in a row and bring us a freakin title here.
Just under 20% of the population is left-handed.
Left Of Surreal
A new little song I wrote... let me know what ya think It's insane Never thought it'd come to this ripping, tearing away everyhting within A souless void Disembodied screams Transfering rage Transmissions of hate Transgressions agression Wait... Here it comes again Never ending night It's desolate Yet eerily satisfying A taste so sweet Rending flesh A dying light Inside eyes of grey Sparks fly Pulls you in again Left of surreal Bordering Nightmares Transfering rage Transmissions of hate Transgressions agression Wait... Just wait...
Left Or Right Brain?
Developed Left Bias You scored 75 %Lefty and 66 %Righty! You prefer logic, objectivity and reason over artistic value, subjectivity and emotions. Order and structure are very important in you life, but you might occasionly benefit from looking at the bigger picture. You probably also spend a lot of time on the telephone, chatting with friends. Its also somewhat more difficult for you to become hypnotised. Link: The Left or Right Brain Test written by vincex on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test
Left Alone
left alone dizzy the day has made me annoyed dissapointed where am i who am i please help me rediscover myself let me know you care blessed by eternity to look shameful alone for eternity eyes are burning heart is crumbling innocence dissolved help me im left alone
Left Alone(poem)
a guy loved a girl, they were both so happy, until one faithfull night whenever thing turned to shit, the girl asked the guy what did your lover before look like, the guy showed her a picture, she flipped out said you still love her, the guy replied thats untrue cause the only person I love is you, as he said to the girl she left him without listening, then that night the guy looked in himself and yelled at his heart she was the one i wanted the most and now hes alone feeling the feelings he dreaded and now she wont even speak not even a mum so he wrote not here, leave me alone, hes gunna go now cause she left him alone in forever days of sadness!!!
Leftover Love??
Leftover Love So, I saw a movie a while back, and there was an interesting line in it, something like- You really have only that one true love, and if you don't get to be with them, anyone else is going to be secondary.... or something like that. of course, being a movie, the guy gets to be with his true love, and it's happily ever after. In real life, of course, we rarely get to live the dream. We love like wildfire, and then we hurt like hell for it. At least, when we are young. Don't we all have that first love, when we are young? That person we think we might die without? The one who ripped our heart out? Yeah, we do. You can see them in your mind. You may even still feel them. So, what happens after that? We meet someone else, fall in love, and the break-up comes once again. Then, after a while, as we get older, it isn't quite the same. Sure, we might have a love for the one we are with now, or one in our future, but is it the same intensity? Do we lose our passio
784 Left
guys id love it if u could help me level up by the end of the night.....i have 784 points to go please help me out!
Left All Heated Ub :((
Arad, oh Arad. I think, I really love him. His curly black hair, his dark skin and black coal eyes. Even his name, warm like the southern sun, wide and endless like the deserts. Hot tempered and emotional, but also very polite and respectful. And so beautiful... Anyways, I got sidetracked. Last time I said, I wanted to go to this place, "Caribbean Sunrise". And I did! No, not all by myself, Arad came with me. And I'm so glad, he did. We had such a wonderful time. Strange place too, this island. Not much caribbean cliche there, if you're expecting steel bands and fancy bars and stuff you'll be awfully disappointed. But lots of, yes, no other way to put it: sex. Beautiful pictures though on every wall, and shops, oh my god! Lingerie, jewelry - for the most amazing body parts - and sheer ravishing fashion shops! Quite sexy too, but REALLY expensive. Arad was looking at the prices and I could tell, he was thinking and calculating and he was so terribly sweet I wanted to kiss him all
Left Broken Hearted A Poem About Love Online
First we were strangers, Meeting online. Living our lives in happiness; Everything was just fine. Both of us were healthy, We went through the usual strife. Heartbreak and jealousy, We lived pulling through life. Getting to know each other, We became the best of friends. Still didn't meet face-to-face, But we got to in the end. Burning in our friendship, We'd never let it end. Whether we worked out or not, We'd still be best friends. And then one day we lost contact, You never picked up the phone. And every time I called your house, No one was ever home. I kept calling and calling, And I finally got through. I nearly fainted when I was told, What was wrong with you. You were dying; Had a deadly form of cancer. I asked your mother what it was, But she gave me no answer. All she did was cry and sob, I didn't know what to do. But one thing was for sure, I had to see you. Rushing to your room, I collapsed once outside. Sobbing at the sight
Left And Forgotten
I come home to find that you are gone. There is a note that says you are done. As I become scared and full of fear. My eyes start to tear. As I lock the door. My mind starts to sore. What did I ever do. That made me not good enough for you. I feel rotten. As I sit here left and forgotten.
Left With A Blank
I'm lost..I'm afraid...i don't know what to do Whenever i try, i always fail Just a different person, a different tale Why try if you never succeed It's like having a bloodless bleed That person you live to find is just out of reach To them you're just another person, worth no more than a leech When you spend your whole life trying to grasp an illusion Was it worth it all in the end when all you're left with is confusion Fuck feelings and fuck individualism The world should all be ran under fascism I try and try harder to trick my mind But it always turns out that it never gets left behind There is no one to blame but myself Since the only one who controls your whole life is yourself I am in a dark, narrow box and I'm getting claustrophobic I yell and scream until i become sick Your memory intoxifies my soul and suffocates my mind I'm afraid that i just lost what i didn't want to leave behind I try to touch the untangeable and breathe in breathlessness Fuck a dream,
Left Some Room
i gotta album with my ct hunnies in it want yur pic in it lemme know xoxoxo
Left Him Forever
I left my exhuband after he hit me in the mouth, the ribs, and then thew me into the wall and then tried to choke me. That was the day I told him it was over between us for good and I never wanted to see him or speak to him again. The next day I got to move out, because the night before he hided my car's keys from me. What hurt me the most was to see he didn't love me. and he probably never love me. That is what hurts the most.
Left Behind
So here I sit. In my nice comfy chair, in my nice comfy work area. Sounds nice right? I would trade it all right now. For what you may find yourself asking? To be deployed with my fellow Marines. I am not able to deploy foward with my brothers and sisters to a hostle area. Now I am sitting here waiting for the day when I become a recruiter. Some might say I am lucky not to go, I say why should I be lucky. I have been but once where many Marines have been 5, 6 times. I begged and requested to go, yet I sit here. It is really messing with my mind and all that is me. By the time I am done with my little recruiting tour it should be over with and I have missed serving. You may think me crazy to feel this way, and if you think that I beg of you to pick up a weapon and serve. You may not believe in what we are doing. I say let us fight them on there turf vs ours. Some might not believe we should have gone over there. to them I say we took an evil man out of power where he co
Left Behind why is it that the good girls usually finish last??? The good girl is the one that will listen to you complain about your ex and the guy that she is with and she will not say a word...just listen...She is also the one that will listen to you when you are drunk and don't even know what you are talking about but will never complain.....She will run up her phone bill just to talk to her guy, but will never complain when he puts her on hold to talk to others...But as soon as she makes a mistake or says the wrong thing she becomes a bitch...and that is it, he wants nothing else to do with her...Why does it work that way..Should we the good girls just be bitches to start out with, or should we always coward down and never say how we feel....Well I can tell you now that I will always speak my mind.... This goes for the Good Guys too...I know that the ones that still open doors, send flowers for no reason and do all the little things that really matter get shafted too.... I just
Left Alone
Left alone Left behind Left confused Left desolate Left emotionless Left fragile Left gashed Left helpless Left incomplete Left jealous Left kecking Left listless Left mediocre Left numb Left only Left pierced Left questioning Left razed Left stupid Left torn Left uncertain Left vanquished Left wishing Left xystered Left yours Left zealous
Left Behind
I want to be noticed, not left behind i want to be included..not left behind i want to be loved, but instead im feeling...Left Behind i cant answer the why portion, why am i being left behind, only that i am and it hurts..perhaps if i no longer existed then i wouldnt worry about being left behind perhaps.........
Left Hand Of God
Down to the bowels of this earth There you shall reighn with the swine Antichrists Mother giving birth Fore ever in time Follow not with your heart But with your soul For time of power has come Drink of you fill me full Oh, where are you Morning Star Lurking in the shadows Where is Hell tell me how far Your name so hallowed Where is your mark Under this blood red moon The time is near So very soon With your blood soaked wings of sorrow What of this reighn in blood Clean me out so hollow Ride upon the sinners fear The Gates of Hatties drawing near Make preperations for the end Come take the Mark Writhe with me my damned freind Night Shadows LLP Copywrite 2006
I care, you don’t I know you won’t, ever feel this way I say these things, It’s a shock to my heart, and it brings.. Me that ever so familiar pain You say good night, I say good bye You leave me now, for another guy You say so much, and I know they are all lies Deep within me I’m consumed by and by You kiss my cheek, another part of me fades I walk away, finally a good decision made Every night I saw you with him, I prayed Every time I heard you whisper, it was his name Lonely nights left out in the cold, it’s all the same I know your doing this to me, and that’s even worse You said that we had a chance, we had it right at first We held hands, so in love, and we held each other together You walked with me, said I love you, what a short forever
Left Of Night
ok, i thought i would just ramble today, i notice i haven't posted a blog of any kind in a stones age, so here i go. Have you ever noticed that your nightmares follow a specific format or pattern or theme. Day in and day out, whenever a nightmare strikes, there are usually common elements. Little things that your id, your subconscious mind, brews up to beat you with like a man in stocks being flogged (ok people, don’t get turned on here, i’m talking nightmares, not fantasy’s). It’s things like, if you have a repressed, timid personality, you might always have nightmares of people yelling and screaming at you. If you’re afraid of snakes, you might always dream of them attacking you or your friends turning into them at social events. Most of the time, it’s constant. Changes on a theme. But what do you do when that little dark side throws you a curve ball, tries to terrorize you with something you didn’t know was scary? What do you do then? Or worse, when you wake up f
The Left Redefines ‘withdrawal’
Published on on July 18, 2007. When the House of Representatives voted, on July 12, 2007 — by a margin of 223-201 — against the Iraq war, the news media characterized the bill as requiring a “withdrawal” from that war-torn country. Media reports said that the legislation required the start of withdrawal in four months and mandated that it be completed by April of 2008. Nonsense. The bill did nothing of the sort. Rather, it specified that its goal was to “require the secretary of defense to commence the reduction of the number of United States armed forces in Iraq to a limited presence by April 1, 2008.” The legislation went on to specify what it meant by a “limited presence.” It specified that the “president shall, at a minimum, address whether it is necessary for the armed forces to carry out the following missions: “(A) Protecting United States diplomatic facilities and United States citizens, including members of the armed forces who are engaged in carrying out
yeah so...uhm. *ventures into the land where everything comes outta left field* the dvr finally came. which is superfantastic for my life cuz now i can record lots of useless things to watch while other useless things are on *nod* im terribly exhausted today. i think...5 hours on the phone will do that? or something. i'd expound on that thought process, except, i dont want to. its thundering again. yesterday i got a pretty cool shot of the fog moving in over the mountains from my front door. *nod* finally discovered a pizza place in town that delivers. its about damn time. the grocery store is completely over-priced...on pretty much everything. i suppose thats the reason i actually travel to get groceries...cuz sure its like 10 bucks in gas...but i also spend on the average $50 - $75 less than i would if i shopped in town...which obviously makes it worth the trip. and besides. makes it so i cant buy ice cream...cuz it would melt...which makes me not eat the ice cre
Left Handers Day
For any lefties out there, myself included, August 13th is officially left handers day! Check it out online!!
God made everyone right-handed, The truly gifted overcome it.
Left As A Comment On My Page By The Sweetest Dsc Member
Bobby B... A hug is a wonderful gift to share, A way to show each other that we care; There is so much a hug is able to do, When you feel those arms holding you. A hug is a place to feel safe and warm, A comfort for a sad heart that is torn; An expression of the love in our heart, For ones who we wish, never to be apart. A hug is a greeting when we meet to say hello, Or to say goodbye when we have to go; It can hold us up when life gets us down, And makes us smile, instead of frown. A hug can be given for no reason at all, And given to those, both big and small; We're never too old to feel the joy it brings, As it is one of life's most pleasing things. And for all of this beauty, a hug is free! It costs nothing, yet means so much to me; We should all hug another to show we care, For to feel a warm hug, nothing can compare. HAVE A SWEET NIGHT !
2 Left
#20) just because they have a star logo, it doesnt mean they are one (cowboys) #29) its where you are right now (fubar) #36) where I will lay for eternity
4757 Left To Level
Left Alone To Say Goodbye...
Why did you leave, where did you go? How did this happen, I will never know. You were the reason I lived, and why I awoke. I needed one more chance, if only we could of spoke. Without you in my world, I am so very sad. Nothing can compare to the joy I once had. The loss of your love has left me dry. And all I can do is ask why. You once told me you loved me. Then why would "we" never be? The fear and pain got the best of you. Could I have helped if only I knew? My heart you once promised to protect. Now it is shattered and in a wreck. Our love you said would never die. But alone I am left to say goodbye. The hurt I feel will not ever go away. My love for you thought shall not sway. The love I have you only find one time. How could believing in it be a crime? You showed me the world before my eyes. I should have known at some point everything dies. The hurt I feel you will never know. Even though it is hard not to show. My love for you will last forever. Finding
Leftist Blogs Defend Police Brutality In Student Tazering
Leftist Blogs Defend Police Brutality In Student Tazering ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Alex Jones Date: 18 Sep 2007, 12:53 Leftist Blogs Defend Police Brutality In Student Tazering Media coverage of a University of Florida student being tazered by cops for asking a question didn't spark a debate about ongoing police brutality and political persecution, but instead prompted partisan bickering and mindless ninnying about John Kerry's behavior during the incident, while leftist blogs defended the actions of the police.
Left Out...
How come there aren't any FuBank offers for non-Americans...?
I saw the river, just pulled him down I knew the man who hunted him down We watched the river, take him away Before he died, I could have sworn he said I am the only one I am the only one left Tired and afraid lies a saddened man Knelt beside him with head in hand And escaped on a lonely breath But before he died I could have sworn he said I am the only one I am the only one left Who ever gave a damn about you I am sorry I am sorry I was wrong I was wrong I've been wrong for way too long I am sorry that you're gone
Left Alone
Where were you at? Where did you go? When I was goin through it I didnt see you no more.. As he was destroying who I am And taking away my pride All I need was someone To hold me when I cried To be a shoulder to lean on And to listen to my words To understand MY feelings I needed to be heard And where the fuck WHERE YOU when I lost all that I had Where the hell did you go When things started getting bad Now tell me WHERE WERE YOU When I needed strength to go on when I felt like letting go the urge to give up was so strong When I was being strangled drowning in what he called love There was NO oNE there to save me As he took all that I was.........
Left Alone
I was in need of you For you to keep me warm I needed you to stop The rising storm I trusted you I believed in you You were the one The one with the control The one who knew how to stop the tide But you left me There You laid me Bare Teaching me a lesson You threw me to the wolves Clean up your mess Without my caress I turned around to plead with you But you weren’t there You were the one The one with the control The one who knew How to stop the tide But you left me There You laid me Bare How could you leave me all alone? I feel you in this heart Of stone. But you left me There You laid me Bare In this heart of stone You left me all alone. You left me all alone.
Leftover Turkey Soup
1/2 cup chopped onion 1 medium carrot, sliced 1 stalk celery, sliced 1 Tbsp. oil 2 cans (14-1/2 oz. each) chicken broth 2 cups water 1 env. GOOD SEASONS Italian Salad Dressing & Recipe Mix 2 cups cubed cooked turkey 1/2 cup bite-sized pasta, uncooked COOK onion, carrot and celery in hot oil in large saucepan 3 to 5 minutes or until crisp-tender, stirring occasionally. STIR in chicken broth, water and dressing mix. Bring to boil. ADD turkey and pasta; cover. Reduce heat to medium-low; simmer 10 to 12 minutes or until pasta is tender.
Left Behind
He wakes in the morning, And his first thought is her, As he reaches and grabs that pillow, Where she used to lay her head. He can still smell the sweet perfume Of the one he love without question. He used to lay and see her sleeping face, And know that he was in her dreams. As the days came and went, He watched as her dreams changed. He'd roll to see her face in the night, And she would be gone. He couldn't believe that the love that he once gave, Would be left behind. How could a woman do that to a man who gave all he had to give, But it wasn't good enough for her to stay. His sleepless eyes shed tears for her, And his arms, they ache to hold her again. Alas, he know that will never happen, And he hears his son stirring in the next room, As he passes pictures of her in the hall, He wonders how could she just up and leave This precious child behind. He sits on the floor in the darkness And wipes away his tears-- He puts a gentle loving hand on the back of his
The leftovers of life, See no one cares. I was born and here I am, So now you see, my life is bare. When will you realise, My life is full. Not only with distrust, But its ugly and dull. Soon you'll know, What suicide means. Cos I'm helping you, To water the beans. One day you will speak, And tell me how it is up there. And maybe later, I can tell you about down here
Left You All Alone
What - never say what you mean All I hear is a scream Never say that to me Never say that to me Wait - wipe that shit off your face Let's not stop till we bleed The more you spit out your mouth the less I believe Denial seems it had to come Relied on me to say it all Denial has LEFT YOU ALL ALONE I - How can all that shit that you said Ever make any sense Where did you run to - Bitch While I was holding my breath? It was sacred but faded into nothing Never put that on me... Never put that on me... Denial seems it had to come Relied on me to say it all Denial has LEFT YOU ALL ALONE Denial seems it had to come Relied on me to say it all Denial has LEFT YOU ALL ALONE Waste Denial seems it had to come Relied on me to say it all Denial has LEFT YOU ALL ALONE
Left In The Darkness
You left me in the darkness a little bit too long you would have broke my spirit had i not been so strong. You cast upon me silence cause you chose not to share but little did you know that I at least found comfort there!
Left Me A 5
Alright, this "chick" came and rated my default a five! Ok, fairly new, might not know "rules" w/e. So I go to her page and just kinda point it out. Nothin. A few minutes later I go again and "remind" her. Last comment on her page from me is telling her how i really feal about downrating. I don't want you to return the favor, just do yourselves a favor and block her before she gets to you. There are other comments on her page leading me to believe this is not the first time. vixen2707@ fubar
Left An 8
Same rant and rave as last one. Same pic too mclloud1@ fubar
Left Empty
You say it’s over But I was faithful You cheated on me I forgave you You said “I Love You” I said “I Love You Too” You promised to be honest with me I never gave you a reason to doubt me You lied to me I got angry You got angry I said some things I meant instead of holding them in You broke it off I said fine We are both left empty
Left Hand...
it feels like i have a "stupid" hand....a hand that, if my other hand were not there to guide it to do what it needed, might just start some loony sort of adventure without me. ever feel like stupid hand? my stupid left hand...damned thing's impossible!
Left Ear
One day I heard a voice in the far left ear It only happens when I'm here I arrive usually in the cold part of the year In my left ear I can't conceive whispering my name Told me I saw thangs Got me caught up in a strange range In between states of conscience reality Did I hear that voice or was it me? One day I heard that voice in the late of the night Touched me on my leg no whisperer in sight It just showed me things In the distant heights These things did pass The voice uttered, "IT'S ALRIGHT". One day I heard another voice sounding strongly confused Which left a dilemma Which one to use? The decision was hard I had to meditate. I'll listen to the touch. The whisperer was a fake. O.N.E.I. copyright ©2000-2006 by the author. All rights reserved by author. ==============================
Left Breathless In Anticipation
From bondage to swinging, private sex club caters to those ‘who like it kinky’ By ANN MARIE MCQUEEN — Sun Media The Ottawa Sun Miss Jenn has a motto for all the straight-up sex-loving vanillas out there: It’s only kinky the first time. It’s not her only motto. This fem-domme — kind of like a dominatrix, though not professional — has loads. The bottom line, for Miss Jenn and her counterparts in Ottawa’s thriving alternative sex subculture, is that the concept of kinky is entirely relative. I meet Miss Jenn — who until recently was a dental office receptionist who was fired after running the dungeon at Ottawa’s first-ever Sexapalooza show last month — at Breathless, the city’s alternative community centre and private club. No secret location: It’s at 318 Lisgar St., just above Venus Envy. It’s all legal now, with the 2005 Supreme Court of Canada ruling that clubs allowing group sex on premises don’t harm society and shouldn’t be considered criminal. Miss Jenn is
Left Behind
You left me here To fade away; Why I always Wonder, everyday You walked away Out of that door; "I just can't do it, Can't do it anymore" I always wonder What I did wrong; But it doesn't matter, I knew all along I was never good enough, That much I could see; I knew you wished that I could be another me You thought I was a Burden you had to carry; Looking like death All wretched and scary You tell me I'm wrong, Theres another reason; Of why you left that Terrible season I wish I knew That it would be OK; Instead of wondering Every single day
Left Behind
A single tear is all that's left, a heart breaking in despair The sudden way you disappeared leaves questions on the amount you cared. Warm memories of better days resurface to my mind The times we shared and the love I felt is more than you'll even find. Unanswered questions on why you're gone, leaves me with no one to turn to Love today, leave tomorrow, is that all I was to you?
Left To Die
We stood there, Face to face Screaming at each other. Each word that he screamed Cut deep, deep into my heart. I did no wrong, I never lied or cheated. All I ever did was love him! Yet he is accusing me of all this!! He split my chest open, Ripped out my heart, Threw at my feet And left me to die.
Left Alone
So many different things going on in my life today.Never knowing whats going to happen i'm just trying to make it day to day.Can't keep going on i'm starting to feel how things are going I don't want to go astray.So I guess this is just going to be another GDD.
Left So Soon
You took chances Once too many times As a child you thought Oh no, never me Life is a gift Given and taken at some Unknown time Your time came too soon Your life was over in a flash The joy you brought All just a memory Behind us.
Left Behind
I find it very interesting. Someone thought I was being taken away by a guy that was going to push everyone out of my life. I find this humerous because he talked to all my friends. Started to enjoy their company just as much as he did mine. Well anyway because I love and care for the person who was worried about it I completely wrote this guy out of my life. I have been kind of worried about him though. He drinks way too much and many times does some really stupid things that most people don't know about. He is better at hiding it than I am. I just don't want his 9 year old son to wake up and find something horrible gone wrong. Moving forward. I find this more interesting since thise person has many people they are in contact with all the time. One of which sort of was nice at first to me but now does not even speak to me at all unless she is right there. my existance is barely acknowledged. We could have had alone time last night.. everyone went to bed relatively early.
Left In My Sb By Crow
TheCrow†(A...: hey i know you have been callin my house its cool and all but hey im not there im on a lil tour so i wont be home fo ra while im in a band and you are going to have t orespect that but hey dpont call there no more cuz i night be stayhing in missouri for a while for a run on tour so hey ill get back at you i know i haventg ben here in a while but i gott real busy so hey i ll get HOLD OF YOU IM SRY BU TIM DOINGT THE MUSIC THING HIT ME UP ON AIL AND ILLTELL YOU HOW ITS GOING BUT RIGHT NOW IN MY TGIME OF LIFE IN IN A PINCH I HAVE SOME MYUSIC TO PLAY SO BABY GIRL I LOVE YOU ANFF ILL TALK TO YOU SOON MUAH
The Left Hand Doesn't Know What The Right Hand Is Doing
So, I just had a bit of a minor drama finally conclude (have I mentioned that I hate drama). On the 26th of last month I ordered a new seat cushion for my wheelchair. A few hours after ordering it I received 2 emails from the company ... one saying that I gave them the wrong billing address and asking me to email the correct one, the other just saying that there was a problem with my order and asking me to call. I usually use my credit card online, so I had forgotten that my check card is tied to my previous address (even though I set up the account after moving). I immediately emailed the correct address decided to call in the morning (it was already after midnight) to make sure there weren't any other problems (there weren't). Later the next day I saw that the money for the cushion had been withdrawn from my account ($319) so I figured that that was the end of it. Fast forward to last weekend, it occurred to me that I still hadn't gotten a shipping confirmation so I logged into m
Left Out
Why do I always feel left out of everything. This is pointless to post because no one reads anything I post. But oh well, I have posted a blog advertising fubucks for bling. I ask for one bling, the Auto 11s bling and that I was willing to give 250,000 fubucks for it. I never ask for much. Just rates and stuff but there are not many times that I'm asking for bling and I certainly don't like giving up fubucks for bling but the auto 11s bling is pretty neat thing to have and it's worth it. There are people on my friends list who are getting the auto 11s bling left and right and I get nothing. I buy a ticker message and usually I'm getting friends requests left and right, not much this time. I put up a real pic of me thinking that I would get more friends and fans, nope, nothing. I am feeling like I'm left out. Everyone has better luck than me. I'm thinking of hanging up the towel and leaving Fubar. I give up asking for the auto 11s bling. I have to wait until whenever i have the money, I
Left Lan Scragglers... Move Over!!!
First let me say this, if you, the person reading this, is a left lane hog monkey, move the fuck over when I am on your tail. It's quite simple, if I am right on your tail, that should be a good indication that I want you to move over so I can speed my way to where I am going. I am sick and tired of left lane hog monkeys "cruising" in the left hand lane. It doesn't matter the road, there are jackasses on every single one of them. When I am on your tail in my BMW M5, that means get the fuck over.. I want to go faster than you in your piece of shit car. The left hand lane is for passing only. Yes, I can stay in the left hand land and you cannot... why? Because I am passing everyone. Fuck you if you think you can limit my speed by sitting in the left hand lane. I am not tailing you to race you. My 500HP beast would smoke you.... I'm tailing you so you get the hint that it's time to move over. And brake checking... listen motherfuckers, my brakes work much, much better than yo
Left With A Vision......
Left With a Vision...... Current mood: flirty Category: Romance and Relationships You left me with a vision, a mental picture that my mind cannot erase. One that is embedded in my memory, only to taunt me of what I cannot have as of yet. One day, I shall have, what it is I seek to embrace. No longer, just a vision, but reality. To touch, to feel, to have with everything that I am. I long for that time, when I can actually get that close to you. To feel your heartbeating, to run my hands across your chest, to lay my head against you, as you hold me ever so close. To feel your lips against mine, to feel your hands on my body. I can only hope that the reality happens, ever so soon. As I am not sure how much longer I can wait, with all the anticipation of that incredible moment when we share it all... Thou I will wait as long as I must, just to be with you, in your arms. Our unclothed bodies close to one another. Skin touching, skin. Body heat ever so building along with
Left In My Friends Request
When I look into your eyes, They burn visions in my mind. Of dark secluded places, Holding your body close to mine. I;ve never seen a pair of eyes, That hold me in a trance, And looking in them deeply, I can see the Devils dance. The sexy smile upon your face, Can steal my soul and hypnotize. But I can not pull myself away, From those dreamy bedroom eyes. Ray
Left With A Broken Heart
I fell for you , thought you loved me.... till I said something stupid just teasing not realizing that it hurt you.... Because that was the way you dealt with expressing your feelings to someone you care about and love. If I could take it all back you know that I would..Because I love you with all my heart and all I am. Even though we haven't known each other for very long.... You stole my heart and just left it to shatter into pieces. So now we are both hurt, except you don't care anymore and can shut off your feelings and say you don't love me and won't even talk to me anymore. I guess I was just too foolish to think that any of it was possible . While I sit crying listening to songs that fit what happened and how I feel. Wanting to take back what I said and all the hurt and pain I caused. Wanting you to talk to me and love me.
Left Wing News Set Straight
Find more videos like this on Team Sarah COULDN'T SAY IT ANY BETTER MYSELF!!
Left To Figure Things Out
Its rough. I`ve been in this situation before. As i look around, i find comfort in being able to identify some of the things i can barely see. I`m not sure how i got here, but i think its gonna it usually is....up to me to find my way home. Looking along the side of the road, i found an old flour bag, reasonably dry, and in one piece. Folding it in to a smaller square makes it somewhat comfortable, and will do until i gather my thoughts...or get picked up. I know the road, is pretty quiet, this time of day, but there is always someone....diving all hours. the middle of nowhere, all this space....and no one. there is near silence, except for the odd sound i make, to remind me that i am still alive. Hours pass, days, even weeks. Who`s counting? At times its all just a blur. Kicking gravel and pulling weeds,passes the time...but does not make it any easier. Finally, someone see`s me, and stops. I know them, but we are not friends, and conversation is
Left To Show
I need to do this.. if only to prove to myself that im not worthless... to have something to show for myself...i need to keep pushing for it.... I want to be able to show that if i put my mind to it im worth while... I know that i can be good company.. I just dont give myself the chance to anymore Something just has to give...has to change...the oppertuneities******(htf do u spell it) that pass by because i feel like i couldnt measure up and have nothing to bring to the table besides myself and empty pockets.. i think the empty pockets are what get me the most... because if i had money of my own i wouldnt mind doing things with others because i wouldnt feel like they felt i was relying on them for something that involved money dont get me wrong i think that i have much to offer in myself and if nobody likes what i got to give then thats there loss..i jsut feel like i can offer more or it would give me an advantage to have a career and the things i can show for it
Left Out
It was masterful! How I wooed her. Lured her in with my charm. I am the Mack. GOD's gift if you will. So receptive to me. She hung on my every word!! Laughed at my jokes. Touched my hand as I told them. Ensuring I knew how into me she was. When she left I smirked to myself "I'm gone tear that shit up. I know she ain't ready." She called me back in an hour or two. After some small talk, an invitation to her house. Beaming like a true playa, I figured she was wrapped. I showed up clean...Cologne fresh, diamonds shining. But across the room, she had a woman with her. She told me to sit down and brought me drink. Then, she crossed the room and gave her friend a kiss. I said to myself, "Oh yeah. It's on." Didn't even TRY to hide my desire. But they stopped cold when I went to get up. Turns out she only invited me over to watch the show. Her friend had been behind me. Watching me spin my Mack Daddy webBack at the bar. It was her idea to invite me to watch. She thou
Darkest clouds have gathered in the skies Drops like needles pierce translucent skin, I can feel them filling up my eyes- Ugly storm is brewing from within In a clearing I'm standing all alone There is not a living soul around; Without you I'm just a lonely drone I am stranded here, I am homebound You have left, not knowing that I stayed Leaving, couldn't hear my voiceless plea; Many times I hoped and prayed That someday you would come back after me Rain is getting harder to withstand Weakened mind and body feels no pain. Covered up in muddy grass and sand, I will soon be with you once again
Left In The Hands Of Demons
the feeling of being twisted and turned hate atempting to destroy the kindness feelings of lust have destroyed those of love wishing for the feeling of pain to end wanting to once again feel the warm touch of some one who cares tired of hurting those around me feelings of regret far to familliar dreams still haunting long after ive woke i wish i could disappear into the shadows of night
Left Alone In My Head In The Dark Corners
So sometimes things happen And you really wish they didnt Or maybe the way they unfolded was differently done Sometimes you wonder if certain things that are done or have been said, are on purpose. But you never know, and Id never ask. There are people you get really close to and maybe there could be more. And sometimes arent. Yet you still want to be really close to them. Things that you miss about that person. And so many things can remind you of that person Which can drive a person batty, especially when you are not on speaking terms. And as well havent smoothed things over with the actions you both have done towards eachother. And all you want is their friendship. I sometimes wonder whats the world got in store for me. For all the crap I have gone thru in my life. They say if it doesnt kill you it only makes you stronger. Well Ive been thru so much I feel like an ARMY of strength. And it makes me wonder, why must I have to be so strong yet not completely happy righ
Left Out
My replacement showed up again I watch as you cavort with her You play with her Give her the gifts you used to give me I cry But I realize it says something And what it says I don't want to explain to you I just want to go away At any moment you have the power to let me in But You lie and let me hang out in the cold You seem relieved She will be better I'm sure She's there Maybe you need her more Enjoy her more, she's fun She's pretty, she's lonely Maybe she needs you too Who am I to stand in the way?
Left Or Right?
Good Friday Morning to you. No it’s not Good Friday, Good Friday it’s just a good Friday. Hmmm that is confusing. Hey have you ever went to one of those strange but true web sites? No not the one with the bearded lady. You know the ones that contain strange but true facts. Yeah I geek up ever so often and try those sites. Did you realize that over 2500 left handed people die each year due to using right handed designed instruments. No not trumpet or saxophone things like scissors, can openers, and sickles. No, no, no not icicles the thing one would use to cut crops, trim weeds you know the grim reaper normally has one. Try using that if you are left-handed…look out shins! It is astonishing that so many things we take for granted as being right handed that a left hander can’t do. Now back in the day when I played baseball as a child I always thought left handers were the spawn of evil oh yeah! Rat Bastards could throw a curve ball outside and I would think that will never make the pla
Left Hurt, Confused, And Alone
I never really considered a long distance relationship, Iam not talking a couple hours, Iam talking Iam in Western Canada, and he is in Virginia. Didn't think it would be even remotely possible to allow myself to get close to someone so far away. We talk every day, but last night we ended up having a huge argument, but I'll spare the details for not only his sake, but for my own. Anyways, he says that the moment he thinks the girl is leaving, he puts up this defence barrier. He was a completely different person when he did that.. Thing after thing he would say would hurt me really bad. I really care about this guy.. But he just gives me the cold shoulder, can't show any sign of remorse, or caring. The thing is, he is going through a divorce right now. I shouldn't have even gotten close to him. He keeps telling me to wait, and not go to anyone else, but how can I do that, wait for him, when he throws the divorce in my face? I can't feel for you because Iam still technically married. Las
Left Or Right Or....?
What is actually right and left?    Today on TV, talk radio, newspapers etcetera, we hear the words left and right bantered about quite a bit. The left labeled as liberals and the extreme left communists and socialists while on the right we have conservatives, with the extreme right being called fascists.  Democrats deemed left and Republicans, deemed right, but this is not what the political system was founded on.  In days of old, parliament was seated according to their affiliation with the communist followers being seated on the left side of the building and the fascists on the right side with all other party lines strewn about in between.  Yet the founding fathers did not view this when they talked about left and right.  The above is political parties, and the two extremes, which has now become identified with political parties.  It is funny to think of these terms because even though communism is the far left and fascism, the far right, they both are identical in the respect th
Left Standing
come stand by my side. allow me to see the world through your eyes. let me see what you see and let me know the world within. take these fears away. show me who you are. tell me i'm the one for you. speak your secrets into my ear and show me what i mean to you. i need to know that everything will be ok. i need to know that the world through your eyes is the same as my own. will you allow me to look through your eyes or will you leave me here standing?
Leftover Crack Lyrics To Burn Them Prisons
A lie i once heard: "we're innocent until proved guilty" But the truth is absurd We're poor until proved rich And the scales of justice are fixed by lying pigs A plot of human terror unfolds behind the precinct door To cage all the minorities, the immigrants and poor Next they'll hunt the handicapped, disabled blind and deaf And what will all these piggies do, ha! when there's no one left Swat police in riot gear are bombing us tonight An all our civil liberties will die by morning's light While crooked politicians lie and rig the ballot book We whitewash fake democracy and paint another coat We'll keep you here to stay; you'll never get away Your property ain't mine, until your dying day We'll crush your soul inside; there is no easy ride The hotel's never free and the rooms are always occupied Nice of you to join us welcome to the prison age Financial quest for new frontiers to build a bigger cage Surplus populations growing all around the world Capital invests quick to cage the
Left For Me By Arctic Heart: A Poem By Edgar Allen Poe
Romance, who loves to nod and sing,With drowsy head and folded wing,Among the green leaves as they shakeFar down within some shadowy lake,To me a painted paroquetHath been - a most familiar bird -Taught me my alphabet to say -To lisp my very earliest wordWhile in the wild wood I did lie,A child - with a most knowing eye.Of late, eternal Condor years,So shake the very Heaven on highWith tumult as they thunder by,I have no time for idle caresThrough gazing on the unquiet sky,And when an hour with calmer wingsIts down upon my spirit flings -That litle time with lyre and rhymeTo while away - forbidden thing!My heart would feel to be a crimeUnless it trembled with the strings.~ Edgar Allen Poe
Left Behind
Oh! Here! Take my hand! Let me dance within your blood and play throughout your veins. Taste your wilted hopes with every trickle down my throat. I beg you! Do not let me in the door!! Drink your inclination, rip apart your soul, devour all your confidence and feed upon you whole. I’ll gut you out to rot, an empty hole. Now… to fill you with the blackness of my kind, and ruin any chance of “left behind”.
Left Me Crying
Left Not Right
Lying here stripped On the floor, bare to the world all that I am instances of joy...instances of tears comfortably sickened by my own frustrations...pain...anxieties...passions... Feeling wanted Lost in a moment Gratitude for not being found.....out Trying so hard to make this last forever Biting my lip, making every breath count for something The yearning burns so wildly The earning makes me only want more than I have the imagination plays so many tricks on me And yet what would I do if it were real want it, need it, be it more Take it for every lil thing it was worth Use it up into oblivion....I cry out thinking of how wonderful it could be how wonderful it is I can not be broken down...and then I am and not just for a second...but for good and over and over again I survive the fear... the absolute disregard for my own self preservation and then everything comes to me in waves excitement, pleasure, action and reaction the storm of words brewing in my mi
Left Alone In A Room
lost with out thought reminiscing things of past, present and future. Contemplating the outcomes of choices he has at this time. Where will they lead him, what will they do to him, does he want to be there or be that person.     Boots 2010
when you're drowning in your own world ... then there are parts of the world that will go away ..... like a stone into a glass of water ..... then there will be water coming out left cup
Left In My Comments...rather Interesting...hmmmm
What everyone wants from their lover, their best friend, their partner.Show them... tell them... Need them... Never let them go... Rainy days and cold nights,These are days I need you to hold me tight in your arms,Hold me close and keep me warm,Tell me I'm your good luck charm,Look me in my eyes and tell me I'm the one for you ,Tell me I'm your every wish come true,Lay me down very gently,Then make love to me essentially,Caress my body from head to toe not missing a spot,Lets play around like connect the dots,Lets make each other hot till our body heat rise like a rollercoaster ride,Take my body on a journey that never ends,It always seems to just begin,Make me climax like i never done before,Do what you want to my body its all yours,Rub me, lick me, kiss me, tease me do what ever you want to my body as long as its pleasing
Left To Wonder
Wondering what to write, what to think. Theres life then there is living. Two different things yet they are the same. Understand my way of thinking you never know what you mean beable to relize on your own. People talk of nothing but everything. Where have we gone when the biggest thing to discuss is what is in fashion. What ever, those people dont matter much any how. Now back to what to say? What has become of us. If you think about it nothing has really changed since the 1550's ha isn't that something. Sure we have this the computer but so just another form of comunication. Even though most of us use these things for other reasons then to get out what someone may think. Well i dont know what to say guess you tell me.                                             Later
Left Forgoten
  Come with me and take my hand Walk my path as seen Through the mist of gloom Entering into a melancholy world   A forlorn world of nightly horror Enwrapping my every thought Suffocating breaths from within Forcing me to succumb to the night   My last thought, a prayer My "guardian angel" Who is he…you A reminisce of you   You were my hope Sent to save me before Warm, inviting, compassion, love I knew you
You left like a cold wind blowing my face. A cold hour of the day. You left like a father leaves there wife & kids. In this cold world people leave & never come back. You left me for another. I hope she loves you like i loved you. Like in a wondy day where a leaf blows away. You blew away never coming back. You left me because you didn't want me to wait. Even though i would not have waited for you. You left to go to another state to be with another. It's no longer colder & i no longer give a damn about you. You left me. Now it's hot & I am doing better with out. I now love another. Now all i got to say is Goodbye.   By: Shalee Palm
Left Wing Loons Blaming The People That Live In The South For The Tornado Outbreak...
This is so outrageous I feel I had to share. Left wing lunatics and progressives, like Obama , with this global warming thing are now officially out of control. Now, according to several sources in the left wing press, they are actually blaming the southern states themselves for their own policies regarding climate change for the tornadoes that ravaged them in the past few days. So what they are saying in layman's terms is: You did it to yourself. I can't make this up, check it out here: I felt it so ridiculous I had to share. Remember this when you hit the ballot box in 2012 if you are in the areas effected by the severe weather. This is a new low for the left wing extreme progressive democrats dontcha think? ...god. Peace.
Left Eye And Right Eye By Max
My right eye feel like so pain usually If one day it goes to blind It will blame the left eye probably They are like brothers,born togther Living in the thunder seeing the lights tender But never matched "Why you can see something more clear but I can't!" Said the right eye "You can call it unfair,but i do not care!" Said the left eye But there is one thing at very least they will do it togther When I cry They all got same tears In both eyes
Left In Darkness
There is a pain with silent screams, A path leading through the briar. With a source of light at your side, Any darkness or hurdles seem insignificant, From the encouragement and love, Of the source of light.   Now, what happens when that light deserts you?   Darkness unfolds once more, Taking away any chance at seeing your way.   Now you are blind, Left to stumble around in the dark, To trip and fall and  be left spinning.   Until you hit something solid. The bottom of the hole.   A place where no cries are heard.   There's a time of silence, When realization of helplessness strikes.   There are other lost in the darkness all around you, Their voices are trapped and muted, Leaving you to believe that you are all alone without your light.   What you do now is important, An act that can make or break you.   Do you have the strength to be your own light?   To take on the challenges in front of you, To use your will for something you only think you can do
Left-wing Insanity
In Philadelphia a trial is ongoing. The defendant is a physician who ran a clinic specializing in late term abortions. The parade of witnesses describing the macabre scene of live births, only to be terminated at the hands of this so called physician is graphic to say the least. I won’t go into detail of these murders, but make no mistake, these are murders, but instead I want to illuminate the dual personality of liberal politics. Recently, MSNBC, ran an ad with Melissa Harris-Perry proclaiming children “belong to whole communities”, not just their parents. If this is the case, where is Melissa Harris-Perry on the Gosnell case in Philadelphia? Where is the community for these murdered children? If not in a position to stop such atrocities, but at least report on it now and condemn the perpetrator of these homicides. Instead, there is silence. With the exception of a few news outlets and commentators, the mainstream media is blind, deaf and dumb on the Gosnell case,
Leftovers In The Fridge
Pink forgot to put her leftovers in the fridge.
Pink shouldn't have eaten last week's leftovers.
Left No Doubt About That Over The Past Few Days.
In 2004, the Austin, Texas, band, ... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, released what was their last great album, "Worlds Apart." The NME called the album "a suicide note of a band recognising their own irrelevance." Harsh but true. Over the next few years, the band indeed slumped into prog-rock obscurity. The standout track was the brilliant "Will You Smile Again?" -- a song about someone unable to achieve greater things, stopping himself from doing so.Wholesale Borussia Dortmund jersey Singer Conrad Keely asks: "Have you forgotten just who you are? If you don't want to then you could at least pretend that the paper's your soul and your blood's the pen." It is the same question that more or less has also been asked by many Borussia Dortmund supporters throughout the summer transfer period -- with Dortmund being the paper and the ball the pen. Until now they did not get an answer from Robert Lewandowski, the player they have been asking this question over and over again. Bu
I'm sorta spposed to be still sleeping, but can't since my leg is KILLIN me. I jinxed myself saying that my herniated disc is all totally better now, and the weather change is makin it hurrrrrtt. OUCHIE
Legal History Of The Middlefinger
1977: A state appeals court in Connecticut overturns the conviction of a high school student who gave the finger to a state trooper from the back of his school bus. The officer had stopped behind the bus at a red light. 1980: Police arrest a contractor in Hammond, Louisiana after he paints a 30-foot-high image on a supermarket wall of Mickey Mouse flipping the bird with the caption, "Hey Iran!" 1983: A Texas court upheld a breach of the peace conviction against a student who flipped off his principal during graduation. 1990: In the case of an Arizona man pulled over in 1987 for flipping off a cop, a federal court rules that "no matter how peculiar, abrasive, unruly or distasteful a person's conduct may be, it cannot justify a police stop unless it suggests that some specific crime has been, or is about to be, committed." It also ruled, "We cannot condone Duran's conduct; it was boorish, crass and, initially at least, unjustified. Our hard-working law enforcement officers surel
Legalize It!
Dear Friends, I have just read and signed the online petition: "Legalize Marijuana" hosted on the web by, the free online petition service, at: I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself. Best wishes, ellisd dreamZ
Legalization Talking Points
These are talking points for legalization for personal use! Spread the word far and wide!You can learn more at! TALKING POINT #1: Decriminalizing marijuana frees up police resources to deal with more serious crimes. 60,000 individuals are behind bars for marijuana offenses at a cost to taxpayers of $1.2 billion per year. REFERENCE: Marijuana Arrests and Incarceration in the United States. 1999. The Federation of American Scientists' Drug Policy Analysis Bulletin. Taxpayers annually spend between $7.5 billion and $10 billion arresting and prosecuting individuals for marijuana violations. Almost 90 percent of these arrests are for marijuana possession only. REFERENCE: NORML. 1997. Still Crazy After All These Years: Marijuana Prohibition 1937-1997: A report prepared by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) on the occasion of the Sixtieth anniversary of the adoption of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. Washington, DC; Federal Bureau of Inve
A Legal Dating Agreement!
A Legal Dating Agreement! A legal dating agreement Current mood: flirty This is rich! Let me know your thoughts! Pre-Relationship Agreement The party of the first part (herein referred to as she) being of sound mind and fairly good body, agrees to the following with the party of the second part (herein referred to as him) 1. FULL DISCLOSURE: 1. At the commencement of said relationship colloquially referred to as the first date or match up), each party agrees to fully disclose any current girl/boyfriends, dependent children, bizarre religious beliefs, phobias, fears, social diseases, strange political affiliations, or currently active relationships with anyone else that have not yet been terminated. 2. Further each party agrees to make known any deep-seated mother/father/brother/sister complexes and fanatical obsessions with pets, careers, or organized sports. 3. Failure to make these disclosures will result in the immediate termination of said relationship before it has a chance to ge
Legalization March And Links Translated Global Marijuana March info on Girls Gone Weed RE: Global Marijuana March - May 4th, 5th, 6th - Everywhere! ----------------- Bulletin Message ----------------- From: Jack Herer Date: Feb 5, 2007 5:02 PM
*le Gasp* I Can't Do That!!
Alright ya'll. I know there's this unspoken rule men have followed since they met females in fields and sold their sheep for wives. It's the 'call only after three days rule'. Ya'll wonder why you lose our numbers? Why you wake up in a cold sweat and search your laundry basket (or floor) praying that the hot piece of ass's phone number hasn't been washed yet? Forget the rules, children. It's time to put that annoyance to bed. Call her (oh my god, can I do this?) the NEXT day. Tell her you think guys who do that are stupid. 'I don't know why men wait to call somebody they find interesting. I really enjoyed talking to you, and I don't believe in playing games. How'd you like it if we _______?' Women love men who think for themselves and prove to be different from the mainstream semi-chauvinistic way of thinking. SHE'LL LIKE IT! Now, wait for chapter so I can tell you how to get rid of her.....
Drugs What if any drugs do you do and why? Do you think you are addicted? Why or why not? on a somewhat different course but in the same vein..... I smoke marijuana and I do not believe it is a "street drug" and I feel it should be legalized for the following reasons (partial list).... *Medical cannabis has been clearly demonstrated to be a safe non-toxic medicine, useful in the treatment of some of our most disabling medical conditions including MS, cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, chronic pain, and many more conditions too numerous to list. *Job creation and new tax revenue *Decrease in taxpayer monies to house non-violent offenders convicted of charges relating to the use and sale of marijuana How do you feel about LEGALIZATION of Marijuana? Should it be legalized? join my yahoo group if ya feelin me..... Click Here to Join 420
Legally Dead
The Journal of the Massachusetts Bar recorded this exchange between an anonymous attorney and a pathologist in a recent murder trial: "Doctor, before you performed the autopsy, did you check for a pulse?" "No." "Did you check for breathing?" "No." "So then, is it possible that the patient was alive when you began the autopsy?" "No." "How can you be so sure?" "Because his brain was sitting on my desk in a jar." Even then, this would-be Perry Mason refused to throw in the towel: "Is it possible the patient could be alive, nevertheless?" "It is possible that he could have been alive," said the pathologist, "and practicing the law somewhere."
The Legacy Of You Me And He...
Is there room in anyone's heart for 2? I mean how much could you do if it were true. You could love Sam Iam and Mr Grinch. You'd do it in a pinch, it would make sense. for gone are the ages of loving wholeheartedly i mean why give someone a whole part of me? Compassion? Lost amid indecision. Love itself, Ha! you can keep wishin. So is there room in your heart for 2? or was he there first and you dont know what to do, no, im not jealous, just a little intrigued, that you can love 2 people, is that what you believe? nah you couldtve been taught that. or could i be wrong,.. I thought that Love was something you shared with some one not some 2, not some few, maybe im dumb. So if there is room in your heart for 2 youd be like the woman in the shoe and if its a question you hafta make of him or me? just let me be. is love selfish that way? perhaps so, but you will never know.. -sk-07
Legalize Crack Now!!!!!
it seems tome wed save money and police manpower by legalizing,the way to do this is start govt crack facilities where the addicts check in,are given crack and ammenities,and arent allowed to leave without rehab.if they want to suck a rock pipe forever they can,but those who wish to quitcould doso and regain freedom-almost a voluntary jail.
Legalize It
420 Campaign - Top Ten Reasons Marijuana Should Be Legal Body: The readers of HIGH TIMES want marijuana legalized, nationwide, and now. The 420 Campaign is a plan to bring legalization before the US Congress and the public. We want to use April 20th as a focal point every year to concentrate pressure on Congress to legalize marijuana until we get the job done. Here are our top ten reasons marijuana should be legalized: 10. Prohibition has failed to control the use and domestic production of marijuana. The government has tried to use criminal penalties to prevent marijuana use for over 75 years and yet: marijuana is now used by over 25 million people annually, cannabis is currently the largest cash crop in the United States, and marijuana is grown all over the planet. Claims that marijuana prohibition is a successful policy are ludicrous and unsupported by the facts, and the idea that marijuana will soon be eliminated from America and the rest of the world is a ridiculous fantasy.
Legacy Of Kain: Soul Intro
Legacy Of Kain: Soul Part 2
Legal Laughs
The following questions from lawyers were taken from official court records nationwide.. 1. Was that the same nose you broke as a child? < 2. Now, doctor, isn't it true that when a person dies in his sleep, in most cases he just passes quietly away and doesn't know anything about it until the next morning? 3. Q: What happened then? A: He told me, he says, "I have to kill you because you can identify me." Q: Did he kill you? 4. Was it you or your brother that was killed in the war? 5. The youngest son, the 20-year-old, how old is he? 6. Were you alone or by yourself? 7. How long have you been a French Canadian? 8. Do you have any children or anything of that kind? 9. Q: I show you exhibit 3 and ask you if you recognize that picture. A: That's me. Q: Were you present when that picture was taken? 10. Were you present in court this morning when you were sworn in? 11. Q: Now, Mrs. Johnson, how was your first marriage terminated? A: By death.
Legally Blonde
FIRST DEGREE A married couple were asleep when the phone rang at 2 in the morning. The wife (undoubtedly blonde), picked up the phone, listened a moment and said "How should I know, that's 200 miles from here!" and hung up. The husband said, "Who was that?" The wife said, "I don't know, some woman wanting to know if the coast is clear." `¢¥*:-.,_,.-:*¢¥`¢¥*:-.,_,.-:*¢¥`¢¥*:-.,_,.-:*¢¥`¢¥*:-.,_,-:*¢¥`¢¥*:-.,_,.-:*¢¥`¢¥* SECOND DEGREE Two blondes are walking down the street. One notices a compact on the sidewalk and leans down to pick it up. She opens it, looks in the mirror and says, "Hmm, this person looks familiar." The second blonde says, "Here, let me see!" So the first blond hands her the compact The second one looks in the mirror and says, "You dummy, it's me!" `¢¥*:-.,_,-:*¢¥`¢¥*:-.,_,.-:*¢¥`¢¥*:-.,_,.-:*¢¥`¢¥*:-,_,-:*¢¥`¢¥*:-.,_,.-:*¢¥`¢¥* THIRD DEGREE A blonde suspects her boyfriend of cheating on her, so she goes out and buys a
Legal Victory For Families Of Disabled Students
WASHINGTON, May 21 — A Supreme Court decision on Monday gave parents of children with disabilities the right to go to court without a lawyer to challenge their public school district’s individualized plan for their child’s education. The 7-to-2 decision involved an interpretation of the federal law that gives all children the right to a “free appropriate public education,” regardless of disability. Millions of children receive benefits under the law, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Most federal appeals courts have ruled that when a dispute brings families and school districts into court, the parents cannot proceed without a lawyer. Many parents, including the couple from Parma, Ohio, who brought this case, either cannot afford a lawyer or cannot find one. Increasingly, school districts have been bringing parents who seek to handle their own cases into court on charges of violating state statutes against the “unauthorized practice of law.” The Supreme Court’s r
Legalize Or Not
Get more @
Legal Laughs
The following questions from lawyers were taken from official court records nationwide.. 1. Was that the same nose you broke as a child? < 2. Now, doctor, isn't it true that when a person dies in his sleep, in most cases he just passes quietly away and doesn't know anything about it until the next morning? 3. Q: What happened then? A: He told me, he says, "I have to kill you because you can identify me." Q: Did he kill you? 4. Was it you or your brother that was killed in the war? 5. The youngest son, the 20-year-old, how old is he? 6. Were you alone or by yourself? 7. How long have you been a French Canadian? 8. Do you have any children or anything of that kind? 9. Q: I show you exhibit 3 and ask you if you recognize that picture. A: That's me. Q: Were you present when that picture was taken? 10. Were you present in court this morning when you were sworn in? 11. Q: Now, Mrs. Johnson, how was your first marriage terminated? A: By death. Q: And by
Legal Issue
I wish I was a praying mantis, then I could legally kill my mate after fucking them.
Legally Blonde
ok im kinda ashamed to admite it. but im watching legally blonde for the 1st time and it is making me laugh. there is nothen else on right now. and if something does come on. i dont think im going to change the channel. " i just dont think she did it. exersive raises endorfins, endorfins make you happy. and happy people just dont shoot their husbands. they just dont"
Legal Aliens
Taxation Without Representation Category: News and Politics If you have read my other blog, you will get more insight into my personality by reading this. Just as I am distressed by illegal aliens sucking the life blood out of our country, I am even more distressed at the plight of our numerous and productive legal aliens. I know many of these people. Most are in high level jobs and are an integral part of our productive economy. They spend their money in the US. They pay their taxes, state, local and Federal. They come under the same laws and rules that we do. Yet, they have absolutely no say in how their tax dollars are spent. They have no choice as to who makes the laws they must conform to. They cannot vote. We have a law against this. It is called taxation without representation. We had a revolution because of this very premise. Why are we now doing the same thing to those people that have chosen to work and build our country, just because they are not
Legalize Marijuana
Work like you don't need the money Love like you've never been hurt Dance like nobody's watching Sing like nobody's listening Live like it's Heaven on Earth
Legal Sin
step closer so I can punch your soul with fists of sleep, swallow your tounge and hang your words out to dry, a hole in your thoughts only catches misery.... again, failure passes out the map to self destruction labeled "tomorow", eating pain leaves a hunger only numb devours effortlessly, torture keeps me company, sanity only a figment barring no price tag, "danny legend"
The Legacy
As I lie in this moment Frozen since that day I've been drowning in questions Over and over again Your legacy lives on And you are by our side Right here with me The time has come for you to fly Now that you're free You will always live in me I know you saw their faces And how they lined up for you We know that you were looking down on us As the sky filled with reds Your legacy goes on And you are by my side Right here with me The time has come for you to fly Now that you're free You will always live in me What I would give just to be with you This world feels cold and grey since you went away I see your smiles and love in your sister's eyes One day we will be one, when we reunite I know you're by my side Right here with me The time has come for you to fly Now that you're free You will always live in me Here by my side I'll see you again my friend You will be always by our side
this morning i woke up refreshed until i had a moment to think what an ephiphany! what kind of legacy will i leave when i die? people sometimes think of legacies as something for everyone in the world to ponder, but as we all know, everything that we do affects the world in some kind of way. our actions in life affect everything. after thinking about that fact, i felt melancholy. what have i done that was so great? not great in the sense of acheivement, but something my descendants can be proud of. raising awesome children, getting to work on time, paying bills and taxes is fine, but what about the person i am? what will people say long after i'm dead and buried? how will my life or my achievements make a difference in others' lives? this is a challenging question. i have answers and i have things to do to raise the bar on my self-worth and legacy. what kind of legacy will you leave?
As I lie in this moment Frozen since that day I've been drowning in questions Over and over again Your legacy lives on And you are by our side Right here with me The time has come for you to fly Now that you're free You will always live in me I know you saw their faces And how they lined up for you We know that you were looking down on us As the sky filled with reds Your legacy goes on And you are by my side Right here with me The time has come for you to fly Now that you're free You will always live in me What I would give just to be with you This world feels cold and grey since you went away I see your smiles and love in your sister's eyes One day we will be one, when we reunite I know you're by my side Right here with me The time has come for you to fly Now that you're free You will always live in me Here by my side I'll see you again my friend You will be always by our side
Legacy Of A Rodeo Man
There's a hundred years of history and a hundred before that All gathered in the thinkin' goin' on beneath his hat. and back behind his eyeballs and pumpin' through his veins Is the ghost of every cowboy that ever held the reins. Every coil in his lasso's been thrown a million times His quiet concentration's been distilled through ancient minds. It's evolution workin' when the silver scratches hide And a ghostly cowboy chorus fills his head and says, "Let's ride." The famous and the rowdy, the savage and the same The bluebloods and the hotbloods and the corriente strain All knew his mother's mothers or was his daddy's kin 'Till he's nearly purely cowboy, born to ride and bred to win. He's got a Buffalo Bill Cody and Goodnight's jigger boss And all the brave blue soldiers that General Custer lost The ghost of Pancho Villa, Sittin' Bull and Jessie James All gathered by his campfire keepin' score and takin' names. There's every Royal Mountie that ever got his man And ever
The Legacy Of A Vampire
Born not to full blood but cast as a half breed With craving desires of eternal lust and evil greed Creates an existence for what my kind needs, Feeding is the game while hunting as it's named All humans are cattle just waiting to be maimed. Choice we do not have, just a circle of pure pain Yet when we meet you it's the blood we drain, Every drop drank, so sweet, we must maintain The actions taken, guaranteeing our survival Wiping all trace of life from our weak hunted rival. Outcasts to the shadows dwelling within the dark Is where we hunt, bracing the road we embark, Fighting for control of the top of the food chain Taking what we please, terror will finally reign Through mortal weakness, shall you expose a vein. Cometh the night dreams can turn to empty fear Cradling death, no one will answer or even hear Question who you trust, consequences are severe, We'll meet soon when you decide to tread unknown Its a vampires legacy so never walk the streets alone.
Legacy. Even just the word is enough to to make its own sentence. Every person wants to leave a great legacy for his family to be proud and live up to. It makes us feel like we have accomplished something in life. It's almost as if we feel we have been heard in this world. What makes it so important to us? The feeling of worth and importance makes us feel wanted, needed, and special. We look at ourselves in the mirror and judge on a material basis. We forget about the things that truely matter. A man's legacy isn't judge by what he has but what he has done. Sometimes the older lady on the street that would even help her worst enemy has a great legacy more then most men. When you look at society MLK, Gandhi, and Mother Theresa are held high but not as high as some of these celebreties now a days. Where did we go wrong in our proirities of what makes a man great? Do we blame society or ourselves? We push ourselves to get our children to be great a doctor or lawyer, just something that ma
Legacy Offered In Writing
legacy offered in writing by LateNiteFantasy© Legacy offered Through words scrawled across a screen, Written deeply in hearts that ache And shrivel, even though Watered by silent tears. Faraway looks That view the past, Are blind to the future. Cherished thoughts and memories Are the diamonds that sparkle On red velvet. Not ready to close the lid On that jewelry box quite yet. A cherished voice goes silent. Except for echoes in my thoughts, Scribed upon my soul. Miss you ...
Legal Eagles.."pay Up!"
WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO...other than go thru life "yesing" and "Noing" to life long questions put to us by legal authorites and others that information regarding debts owed or collectable by us continue UNADDRESSED. The judge says..."Pay alimony or child supoort" but nothing ever gets done. In some caases it's as simple as the licensed and certified attorney or elected STATES ATTORNEY doing their job of insuring collection and payment to the RIGHT INDIVIDUAL. Imagine getting a divorce and going thru court for legal custody of the children; being forced to allow paternal visits BUT NEVER being paid the monies... because that paternal authority wants to "keep his money in the family" , he claims his new girlfriend or wife is the woman he's supposed to give the money to. It's just about names and legal documents. If your name ain't on it.... butt out of it.
Legal Matters
Ok Fuck This Shit I'm Not Going To Sit Around And Allow These Punks To Fuck Me Any One Have The Email or Number Of A Truly Epic Lawyer? One With Experience In Fake Warrants and Shit Like That? Seriously ..
Legalization Of Weed.
There are so many pros & cons to this subject. I myself think it should be made legal. It is no worse then alcohol or prescription drugs. Ive been to amsterdam and it was awesome, The people were great, crime was like non existant and there percentage of drug addicts to ours wasnt even close. When you make a substance illegal it just adds to the excitement of getting it and using it, So I know the medical info also and weed does help many. I say legalize it and see how things go. They can always reverse it.
Legal Help
Ok so in late January 2008, In Kitty Hawk NC I purchased a car from an employee of mine. (For your pleasure I will give some details lol) We made a verbal agreement that I would pay him $150.00 every 2 weeks until the total balance of $1000.00 was paid off. It was a 1996 Dodge Neon 4 door. I paid a total of $300.00 for the car, in 1 month. Now, every week or so I would drive this vehicle to Norfolk Va (about 100 miles) and only to and from work any other time (2 miles) so in the one month that I had already paid for the car I put only about 650 Miles on it. During on of my trips to VA, the cars engine literally "blew-up"....according to the mechanics.... (4) that reviewed the car afterward, I apparently threw a rod and that broke off a piece of the head, of which flung into the fan, breaking off 3 blades, of which sliced a gash in the radiator. I was told by the seller that there had been a new radiator put in, and a new starter. In addition to that I personally n
Legal Marijuana Business Video
Check out this cool video of how to start a legal medical marijuana business. Enroll at the Cannabis Career Institute, and start your own Medical Marijuana Business. Visit Our Site
Legalize Weed?? Heres How!!!!!
Wanna help legalize weed?......I know you do!Here's how to help...Call this number 973-409-3274 Its legit!Obama said he would pass the bill if he got a million votes.Call the number and fallow instructions...its easy, free, and quick.When you call, press the pound button to say yes to legalize weed, the pound button looks like this.... case any of you are too stoned to remember.Every vote counts and together we are one step closer to freedom!Thanks and tell a friend~
Legalize It
Every one who wants weed to be legal dial this number, as soon as they get a million calls, it will be presented to barack obama and they will try to leaglize marijuana!!!!   The number is 1-973-409-3274
Legal High
How long do you think it will take for SALVIA to become illegal in all 50 states? It's only illegal in: Delaware Illinois Kansas Louisiana Salvia Divinorum Is Currently Legal, but in danger In Massachusetts Missouri North Dakota Oklahoma
Leg/ass Exercises    
Legalize Marijuana!!!
Vote to legalize marijuana, CNN today, Obama will consider with 1 million votes. Call 973-409-3274 listen!!! then press # "Hello, my name is Michael. I am an intern with RH Brands in Atlanta, Ga. We manage a portfolio of hundreds of humorous hotlines that you may be familiar with such as The Rejection Hotline, Psychiatric Hotline, It Could Always Suck More, and Call to Santa. you can find out more at Today, I ran across some tweets of yours saying that our Marijuana Legalization Endorsement Line (973-409-3274) is a scam. I just wanted to let you know that we aren’t scamming anyone. All of our numbers are completely free to call, and we fully intend on sending a petition to Washington once we reach 1,000,000+ endorsements. Although most of our services are humor related, this particular line isn’t. Sorry for any confusion. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding the number, and have a good day."
Legal Marijuana In Alabama = $130,000,000
CANNABIS CULTURE - Experts say California could bring in billions by legalizing pot. Drug reform activist Loretta Nall thinks marijuana taxation could help Alabama as well. Drug reform activist Loretta Nall thinks marijuana could make $130,000,000 for the state of is carrying the story about how much money California would make if they go through with legalizing and taxing marijuana for adult use. The California estimate given by their Board of Equalization is $1.4 BILLION dollars. That's a bunch of cash. That got me wondering about how much money Alabama would rake in if we legalized and taxed the sale of marijuana to adults at the same rate California plans to. Here is what the numbers look like. The number of +18 marijuana smokers in Alabama is estimated to be 392,032 or 11.25% of the voting age population. That number is obtained by looking at the SAMSHA chart on substance use in Alabama in the past month and multiplying 11.25% times the voting age population of
The hemp plant, like cotton, produces cellulose fibers that are much more pure than fibers derived from wood...Many of the early documents printed on hemp paper hundreds, or even one thousand years ago, are still in existence. Hemp as a fuel: Hemp is more sustainable and burns cleaner than any other fuel. More importantly, though, EcoMall says: The same high cellulose level that makes hemp ideal for paper also makes it perfect for ethanol fuel production. Ethanol is the cleanest-burning liquid bio-alternative to gasoline. In one test, an unleaded gasoline automobile engine produced a thick, black carbon residue in its exhaust, while the tailpipe of a modified ethanol engine tested for the same 3,500 miles remained pristine and residue-free. Also, when hemp as a biodiesel combusts it releases water vapor and CO2 which is absorbed by plants. Hemp to renew soil: For one, hemp grows in abundance. But more importantly, when plants grow they deplete the soil of some natural vital nutrien
Legal Marijuana Would Shift Economic Power Everyone has a theory as to why our government is opposed to the legalization of marijuana. The question is not one of morality, but of economics. True, marijuana has the tax revenue potential to help solve our current crisis. But those in power now lose control of their piece of the pie. When discussing the economic potential of legalizing marijuana we tend to exclude a huge part of the picture. The plant hemp itself has more than 10,000 uses. It is also one of the fastest growing crops on Earth. The market shift toward products made with hemp would wreak havoc on present-day economy. The number of symptoms that marijuana can be prescribed for is endless. Potential customers include every cancer patient, anyone experiencing anxiety, suffering from depression, sleeplessness, migraines, chronic pain, even PMS. That's before one recreational toke. Medically speaking, the potential market share for medical marijuana is larg
Legalize Weed!!!
If you smoke weed, or just want to help the economy. Call 973-409-3274. No joke. Obama would legalize it. 1- Think of all the money spent on drug enforsement,.... MILLION'S a year. 2- If there was a tax on it,... Deficit GONE! 3- Employers could still have a "drug-free" work place, the chose is yours. I feel it's a win-win situation. 4- NOW, for the negitives. Society would be changed.
As of August 2009, 13 states allow (and 14 more are considering) the medical use of marijuana to treat medical conditions that include: Cancer, AIDS, Migraines, Crohn's Disease, Anorexia, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, and Glaucoma.   An increasing number of medical organizations have endorsed medical marijuana including The American College of Physicians, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Nurses Association, American Psychiatric Association, American Public Health Association, and the Lymphoma Foundation of America.  
Legal Buds Online
The world's greatest legal bud and largest Herbal Smoke Shop, your #1 SOURCE for the world's Strongest and Most Enjoyable legal bud. 100% natural legal buds, herbal smoke, herbal vaporizer, mood enhancement, rolling papers, digital scales, tobacco pipes and more. Buy Buds Here
Legal Vs. Illegal Murder (an Argument For The Death Penalty)
I guess I should open this up with an explanation of where everything stems from. This semester, I took Philosophy Ethics (Understanding Right and Wrong). We have debated everything from ecology to racism to abortion to capital punishment. As the semester was getting closer to being over, I chose Capital Punishment as my topic for my final paper. I made this decision over a month ago. At the time, a friend of mine was trying to get her 1,000 vote mumm. Considering I was already studying the death Penalty, I decided to write her mumm for her based on Capital Punishment and Lethal Injection. Although she did not get her 1,000 votes, the mumm was surprisingly successful with the mummers, who generally detest the mumms of the point whores. After days of debate, argument, and highly intelligent conversation, the mumm finally wound down, and things lay dormant. Now I have revisited that mumm to gather my thoughts on the paper I must write. Although I am keeping my quotes from t
Legal Vs. Illegal Murder (an Argument For The Death Penalty) (essay Part 1)
Legal vs. Illegal Murder (An argument for the Death Penalty)       Although opponents of capital punishment believe it is counter-productive, hypocritical, immoral, and ineffective, history has proven time and again that this is a cost-effective, ethically sound deterrent of future murders, crimes against humanity, and more. Capital punishment is the legal execution by the state of criminals who have been convicted of heinous crimes, such as murder, rape of a child, and treason. It has been called Legal Murder, the Death Penalty, Execution, the Death Sentence, and more. It has been legalized, banned, and legalized again many times over. In the United States, there is no unanimous agreement amongst state governments concerning the application of the death penalty. "As of April 1, 2008, the Death Penalty was authorized by 37 states, the Federal Government, and the U.S. Military. Those jurisdictions without the Death Penalty include 13 states and the District of Columbia. (Alaska, Ha
Legal Vs. Illegal Murder (an Argument For The Death Penalty) (essay Part 2)
  In addition to utilitarianism, we must also look at Capital Punishment from a natural law point of view. We cannot justifiably examine such a serious topic from only one face of the matter. Utilitarianism seeks it out based on the consequences, not the means. However, natural law looks at it from a completely different perspective. St. Thomas Aquinas gives an explanation of  the need and legitimate use of capital punishment from a natural law point of view as follows:                 "Now every part is directed to the whole, as imperfect to perfect, wherefore every part is naturally for the sake of the whole. For this reason we observe that if the health of the whole body demands  the excision of a member, through its being decayed or infectious to the other members, it will both praiseworthy an advantageous to have it cut out of the body. Now every individual person is compared to the whole community, on account of some sin, it is praiseworthy and advantageous that he be executed
Legal Vs. Illegal Murder (an Argument For The Death Penalty) (essay Part 3)
              As part of my research for this paper, I conducted a public opinion poll regarding capital punishment. The overall question was “Do you support capital punishment, or are you against it, and why?” The reasoning behind the poll was that I wanted to get the opinions of a random sampling of Americans from all walks of life. I used a social networking site that guarantees me all of 4 constants amongst all the respondents: They all have internet access, they all have a fubar account, they all are over 18, and they all happened to come across and comment on the poll. Other than that, these people are from all walks of life. There are law enforcement officers and convicts; doctors and welfare recipients; grandparents and single mothers; teachers and students; democrats and republicans. Male, female, religious, atheistic, liberal and conservative, they responded. They voted to give me their overall opinion, with the results at the end totaling 839 votes, with 73.5% (
Legal Vs. Illegal Murder (an Argument For The Death Penalty) (essay Part 4)
  On a different note, the following argument against the death penalty can also be made: “Ok so my opinion...seeing everyone is putting one out there. I personally do not believe in the death penalty. This is for multiple reasons. First of which being the whole, “wait they are innocent” deal. But also my biggest reason is because the death sentence just kills them and it’s over. Usually there is no suffering involved. The only people who really suffer are the ones that cared about them. I think we should make the evil bastards sit the rest of their life rotting in jail or prison. Make them suffer the rest of their lives. That should teach them more a lesson. Look at suicide bombers...they don't care if they die as long as they kill someone else. What is these psychopaths are the same way...I say we make them live the rest of their lives thinking about what they done and suffering for it. Put them in a tiny cell with crappy food and no one to talk to. Take away
Legal History Of Cannabis
Legal history of cannabis in the United States /firstHeading bodyContent From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search In 1492, Christopher Columbus brought cannabis as rope of hemp into the New World. In 1619, Jamestown colony law declared that all settlers were required to grow cannabis. In 1797, George Washington grew cannabis for fiber production at Mount Vernon as his primary crop. Prohibitions of cannabis as drug arose in many states from 1906 and onward. By the mid-1930s, cannabis as a drug was regulated in every state by laws instituted through The Uniform State Narcotic Act.[1] In the 1970s, many places in the United States started to decriminalize cannabis. Most places that have decriminalized cannabis have one or more of civil fines, drug education, drug treatment in place of incarceration, criminal charges for possession of small amounts of cannabis, or have made various cannabis offenses the lowest priority for law enforcement. I
A Legal Victory On The Road To Repeal
On October 23, 2009, a reporter asked Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): "Madam Speaker, where specifically does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate?" Speaker Pelosi shook her head dismissing the question: "Are you serious? Are you serious?" Pressed for a more substantive response later, Pelosi's press spokesman admonished the reporter: "You can put this on the record. That is not a serious question. That is not a serious question."Yesterday, Roger Vinson, senior federal judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida, found it to be a very serious question indeed. Judge Vinson characterized the Obama Justice Department's motion to dismiss the constitutional challenge to Obamacare brought by 16 state attorneys general, four governors, two private citizens and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) as "not even a close call." Addressing the Obama administration's claim that Congress had th
Legalizingin Maine
Lawmaker proposes legalizing, taxing marijuana One state lawmaker wants to legalize marijuana, and not just for medicinal use.State representative Diane Russell, who's a democrat, is sponsoring a bill that would legalize the drug and allow the state to collect taxes on it. Russell's proposal would allow Mainers to use and grow marijuana. It would also levy a seven percent sales tax on the drug. She says the taxes would generate $400,000 in the first full year, and hundreds of thousands more after that. Russell says both democrats and republicans have already signed on to support the plan. She's planning a news conference for Wednesday to discuss the details. Tuesday, April 19 2011, 12:40 PM EDT
Legal Opinion Challenges Plo Statehood Bid
A legal opinion highlighting the challenges and risks facing the Palestinian people in their quest for statehood has been obtained by Al Jazeera, in the lead up to the Palestinian Liberation Organisation's bid at the United Nations in September. The opinion, written by Guy Goodwin-Gill, a professor of public international law at Oxford University and a member of the legal team representing Jordan's government in 'The Wall' case against Israel at the International Court of Justice in 2004, tackles the issues of Palestinian rights, representation, and the right of return, which may all be seriously affected by the outcome of the bid. Al Jazeera's Nour Samaha conducted an interview with Professor Goodwin-Gill to get a clearer picture of the dangers the Palestinian people may potentially face with the bid. sacs louis vuitton His entire legal judgment on the problems with the current Palestinian bid for statehood can be accessed here. How will the transfer of representation from the Palesti
Legal Help
I was just wondering if anyboby here on this site knows about our legal system and it's process?
Legal Marijuana In Washington State
Well tonight at midnight 12/6/12 possessing up to an ounce of the best marijuana in America for Recreational Use will be totally legal here in Washington. *I already have the munchies lol What do you think oh this?
Legal Stuff ... That Most Wont Read.
Your Rights and Obligations - DISCLAIMER - You Must Read This Section  (the fine print) By using any circuit or description or other material presented, then you (meaning the reader of this material being yourself, or any other person that you may subsequently pass any material to) explicitly accept the following. Should you choose not to read this information, this shall be deemed implicit acceptance of these terms and conditions in their entirety. It is believed by me that the designs and articles presented are either original, in the public domain or may be considered common knowledge or based thereon, and do not violate the Copyright of any other party. This cannot be guaranteed however, and I accept no liability for loss or damages that may be imposed upon you by any Court of Law, statutory or other body, should it transpire that a similar circuit or design has been simultaneously or previously published or patented by another party. Nor shall I be held responsible for the failu
Legal Disclaimer
Any institution/person using this site or any of its associated sites for study, projects, personal or business - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile, pictures, OR video in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.
Legal Disclaimer.
Any institution/person using this site or any of its associated sites for study, projects, personal or business - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile, pictures, OR video in any form or forum both current or future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.
Legal Advice?
So I need help. I sent this chick a dick pic last weekend and now she is suing me claiming I gave her acute myopia and chronic vomiting syndrome whenever she thinks of Little Smokies. Is that a computer virus? Did I accidently impregnate her? I mean I do my dabbling on risqué websites like this one and I have a very high sperm count but I am still a virgin. Any advice is welcome.
The Legacy Of Bilderberg’s Elite Criminals
Bilderberger Henry Kissinger – “defender of freedom and democracy” or lying war criminal? Infowars.comJune 5, 2013   If you want to see the real consequences of Bilderberg, look at its plans that have come to fruition — austerity and loss of national sovereignty and democracy in Europe, and the massive transfer of wealth and manufacturing from American to the communist elite in China. Frequent attendee Henry Kissinger has been involved in secret wars, military coups, CIA torture and terrorism — all of which have caused the loss of tens of thousands of lives. But the machinations of his mentor David Rockefeller and the manipulations of the central banks could, if not stopped, cause worldwide economic disaster, famine and war. Related Articles Bilderberg Elite Just Want to Help Egyptian army warns it will treat protesters as criminals TSA Agents Conduct ‘Full Monty’ Pat-Down On Henry Kissinger Secret CIA Jails in Lithuania: L
Legal Crap
Repost.... Legal CrapJan 14, 2013Comments (0)[Delete] [Edit] For other writers or artists who display their craft.Dec 5, 2012Comments (1)[Delete] [Edit]*****Warning--any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photographs, and/or the comments made about my photographs or any other "art" related posts on my profile. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this profile and the contents herein. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee(s), agent(s), student(s) or any personnel under your direction or control. The contents of th
Leg Braces
Leg Contest Nov08
Intoxicate Me Needs our Help! She is showing off her assets in a contest an needs your rates it will only take a second of your time to click the picture below an drop a rate...Thank you in advance for your help! Also please rate an fan the host for the votes to count please!! This Bully Brought to you By: (repost of original by '~Wizard~Owner of Club Tabu~Enforcer for the Rating Revolution~' on '2008-11-05 17:39:16')
Leg Contest Idea
so with summer bearing all these leggggsssssssssssssss & stuff   :O I was thinking  it might be fun to have a leg guessing contest .... just thoughts in mah head .. if peeps entered their legs unknowing to others & then peeps had a week or so (or until the next credit sale so I could buy the prizes)  to guess who's legs were who's & maybe they win something or mebbe not ... WOuld you be leggy for this or Should I just STFu now *pounces on some of ya  stabs others* and as always peace baby      
Legends Never Die
A Legend...a Deadman
You made me yearn... You tempt me to give up my death at the end of this cause. Are you enthralled with Vendetta or are you entranced with V? Are you drawn to the persona or this scarred man with many flaws? Would you scream in horror or would you touch this face of the neverending burn? Do you dare to love me? But Love....our not what this is all about is it? It's about setting you, me, all of us free... No more fear, cages, or tyranny! From the inside, You were outrage, you have been lit! Your true beauty illuminated for all to see...! I had to transform you through pain. I had to show you that side of me that made you cry rain... I am more monster than man... I had to see if you were totally loyal to the plan. I see it in your eyes... you love a legend, you are in love with a deadman. Written By: Mahala Anne Campbell (Poem Type = V For Vendetta: Movie)
The Legend Of Mythern:
Mythern was a world created from the body and power of a god. When the other gods drew lots to see who would get to place their people first on the new world, the elves won out. However, the world was not truly empty. It was still seeded with the fallen god's nightmares. Nightmares which were no longer bound by his will. The first war was fought by elves to destroy these nightmares which they called damin (elven for demon). However, they soon discovered that the damin were immortal and were a vital part of the fabric of the world that could never be extinguished. They were a part of the essence that spawned them. The elven armies drove the damin and their spawn into the core of the darkness from which they were spawned. There they were fought and bound with shards of the fallen one's power at the heart of the world. A few elves were chosen to remain in darkness and guard the wards that kept the essence of nightmares contained. The victory was not without a price. Those that h
The Legend Of Cat Part One
Chapter One James awoke with a start, his head groggy and aching. He moved to rub his temples but found his hands tied behind him to the chair he was sitting in. Panic. He suddenly began to have flashes of every horror movie he had ever seen. His breathing became labored as he tried to make out where he was and what was going on. He looked around him and began to scream. He was in a large empty warehouse. There was very little light but he could make out several large bay doors on his right side and a few smaller doors, perhaps leading to offices on his left. But, in front of him were the things that made him scream. There were two tables with white sheets covering the items on top of them. There was also a saw horse covered in padded black leather with restraints at all for legs, beside the tables. His imagination began to invent countless senarios where he would be tortured on the horse. He was sure the sheet covered tables were scattered with the most henious and vilest instruments
Legend Of Santa Claus
Santa is the Holly King, the sleigh is the Solar Chariot, the eight reindeer are the eight Sabbats, their horns represent the Horned God, the North Pole symbolizes the Land of Shadows and the dying solar year, and the gifts are meant both to welcome the Oak King as the sun reborn and as a reminder of the gift of the Holly King who must depart for the Oak King to rule. Make your own stories for your children, write them down, incorporate these representations, and your children will remember them always.
The Legend Of The Sacred White Buffalo
The White Buffalo Legend The White Buffalo are sacred to many Native Americans. The Lakota (Sioux) Nation has passed down the The Legend of the White Buffalo--a story now approximately 2,000 years old--at many council meetings, sacred ceremonies, and through the tribe's storytellers. There are several variations, but all are meaningful, and tell of the same outcome. Have communication with the Creator through prayer with clear intent for Peace, Harmony and Balance for all life living in the Earth Mother. Spirituality among Natives Americans and non-Native Americans has been a strong force for those who believe in the power of the Great Spirit or God. It matters not what you call the Creator. What matters is that you pray to give thanks for your blessings and trust the guidance given to you from the world of Spirit. Many truths about Spirit are told and handed down from one generation to the next. The legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman tells how the People had lost
Legendary Arthur
Name. The name Arthur may be (and according to K. H. Jackson certainly is) a form of Artorius, a Roman gens name, but, according to J. D. Bruce, it is possibly of Celtic origin, coming from artos viros (bear man) - see The Marriage of King Arthur and Guinevere. Welsh arth gwyr (T. R. Davies). Bruce also suggests the possibility of a connection with Irish art (stone). Life. An outline of the hero's life is given by Geoffrey of Monmouth (twelfth century) in his Historia Regum Brittaniae - History of the Kings of Britain. Just how much of this life was Geoffrey's invention and how much was culled from traditional material is uncertain. He tells us that King Arthur was the son of Uther and defeated the barbarians in a dozen battles. Subsequently, he conquered a wide empire and eventually went to war with the Romans. He returned home on learning that his nephew Mordred had raised the standard of rebellion and taken Guinevere, the queen. After landing, his final battle took place.
The Legend Of The Candy Cane
The Legend of the Candy Cane Look at the Candy Cane What do you see? Stripes that are red Like the blood shed for me White is for my Savior Who's sinless and pure! "J" is for Jesus My Lord, that's for sure! Turn it around And a staff you will see Jesus my shepherd Was born for Me! Many years ago, a candy maker wanted to make a candy at Christmas time that would serve as a witness to his Christian faith. He wanted to incorporate several symbols for the birth, ministry and death of Jesus. He began with a stick of pure white hard candy; white to symbolize the Virgin Birth and the sinless nature of Jesus; hard to symbolize the solid rock, the foundation of the Church; firmness to represent the promise of God. The candymaker made the candy in the form of a "J" to represent the name of Jesus, who came to earth as our Savior. He thought it could also represent the staff of the Good Shepherd, with which he reached down into
The Legend Of Sirena
The Agana River meandered from the newly washed green jungle foliage and merged with the ocean surf near the village of Agana. It was near this stream at Minondo that a family once lived many, many years ago. There were three girls and one boy in the family. Sirena was the youngest and the prettiest girl in the family. Unlike the others in the family, Sirena enjoyed swimming more than anything else in the world. Her mother tried to teach her to sew, to cook, to sweep, to wash and to do other dutiful things that a girl her age should know in order to become a good wife and mother. Sirena, however, only wanted to swim. One day, Sirena's mother sent Sirena on an errand to get charcoal, for the iron, from her aunt who lived across the river at Agana Springs. The temptation to plunge into the river and swim was so great that, before she knew what was happening, Sirena was in the water swimming and enjoying herself. She soon lost all sense of time and, of course, forgot what she had be
Legendary Singer James Brown Dies At 73
Legendary singer James Brown dies at 73 ATLANTA - James Brown, the undeniable "Godfather of Soul," told friends from his hospital bed that he was looking forward to performing on New Year's Eve, even though he was ill with pneumonia. His heart gave out a few hours later, on Christmas morning. he pompadoured dynamo whose classic singles include "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" and "I Got You (I Feel Good)" died Monday of heart failure, said his agent, Frank Copsidas of Intrigue Music. He was 73. "People already know his history, but I would like for them to know he was a man who preached love from the stage," said friend Charles Bobbit, who was with Brown at the hospital. "His thing was 'I never saw a person that I didn't love.' He was a true humanitarian who loved his country." The entertainer with the rough-edged voice and flashy footwork also had diabetes and prostate cancer that was in remission, Bobbit said. Brown initially seemed fine at the hospital, Copsidas said. Th
The Legend Of The Dreamcatcher
The Legend of the Dreamcatcher "A spider was quietly spinning his web in his own space. It was beside the sleeping space of Nokomis, the grandmother. Each day, Nokomis watched the spider at work, quietly spinning away. One day as she was watching him, her grandson came in. "Nokomis-iya!" he shouted, glancing at the spider. He stomped over to the spider, picked up a shoe and went to hit it. "No-keegwa," the old lady whispered, "don't hurt him." "Nokomis, why do you protect the spider?" asked the little boy. The old lady smiled, but did not answer. When the boy left, the spider went to the old woman and thanked her for saving his life. He said to her, "For many days you have watched me spin and weave my web. You have admired my work. In return for saving my life, I will give you a gift." He smiled his special spider smile and moved away, spinning as he went. Soon the moon glistened on a magical silvery web moving gently in the window. "See how I spin?" he s
In an earlier article reviewing the first post-reboot year of the Adventures of Superman, I mentioned that one of those issues was a cross-over with the Legends miniseries. In this article, I'm going to review the 6-issue miniseries and the Superman tie-in issues. The importance of these issues goes beyond the stories told in them. From Legends, it became clear that the new post-Crisis Earth could not be the Earth visited by the Legion of Super-Heroes and home of their inspiration, Superboy. This led to the discovery of the Earth of the Pocket Universe, the death of Superboy, the creation of Supergirl and Superman's execution of the Phantom Zone criminals - all of which will be the subject of following articles. Legends was created as the follow-up to the Crisis On Infinite Earths maxiseries. Where Crisis destroyed the multiverse and numerous characters, Legends was to serve as an introduction to the new DC Universe and a springboard to the many new series emerging in the wake of
Legend Of The Colors
Legend of the colors Based upon a Native American Legend Once upon a time the colors of the world started to quarrel: All claimedthat they were the best, the most important, the most useful, the favorite. GREEN said: "Clearly I am the most important. I am the sign of life and of hope. I was chosen for grass, trees, leaves - Without me, all animals would die. Look over the countryside and you will see that I am in the majority." BLUE interrupted: "You only think about the earth, but consider the sky and the sea. It is the water that is the basis of life and drawn up by the clouds from the deep sea. The sky gives space and peace and serenity. Without peace, you would all be nothing." YELLOW chuckled: "You are all so serious. I bring laughter, gaiety, and warmth into the world. The sun is yellow, the moon is yellow, the stars are yellow. Every time you look at a sunflower, the whole world starts to smile. Without me there would be no fun." ORANGE started nex
The Legend Of The Valentine
The Legend of the Valentine The legend says ST.VALENTINE Was in a prison cell Thinking of his little flock He had always loved so well And, wanting to assure them Of his friendship and his love, He picked a bunch of violets And sent them by a dove.... And on the violets' velvet leaves He pierced these lines divine That simply said, "I LOVE YOU" And "I'M YOUR VALENTINE"... So through the years that followed, From that day unto this, Folks still send messages of love And seal them with a kiss.... Because a SAINT in prison Reached through prison bars one day And picked a bunch of violets And sent them out to say That FAITH and LOVE can triumph, No matter where you are, For FAITH and LOVE are GREATER Than the strongest prison bar. Helen Steiner Rice
Legend Of Violet/iroquios
Legend Of The Violet / Iroquois Many Moons before the white man came to the land of the Red Indian, there lived a young warrior who was the pride of his tribe; for dangerous deeds had he accomplished for the good of his people. He had slain the Great Heron that destroyed their children, and he had brought back from the Mountain of the Witches the healing roots that cured the plague. Once when he led a band of warriors against another tribe, he saw in the lodge of one of his enemies a maiden so gentle and lovely that he longed to have her for his wigwam. But because of the strife between the two tribes, he could not buy her with quills of the Wampum Bird. So after he had returned victorious with his warriors to his own village, he often thought of the maiden, and how, unless he could light his wigwam with the brightness of her eyes, he would no longer lead out his young men to battle. At last he went forth alone, and hid in the woods near the village of his enemies. There h
The Legend Lady Love
Legend has it That King David Hung his wind harp In an open window So that he could hear it Throughout the day As it transformed the energy Of the wind Into sounds of ear-pleasing music But Reality has it That this Kingly Poet Likes to have his lovely lady Hangout near his open heart So that he can hear her Throughout the day As she transforms the energy Of her windy-soft voice Into sounds of romantic love Travel now I must To the mountain top And cast my voiceful words about you Into the echoing winds So that all the inhabitants Of the earth will know That you lovely lady Are my heart-pleasing wind harp
The Legend Of St. Valentine
The story of Valentine’s Day begins in the third century with an oppressive Roman emperor and a humble Christian martyr. The emperor was Claudius II. The Christian was Valentinus . Claudius had ordered all Romans to worship twelve gods, and he had made it a crime punishable by death to associate with Christians. But Valentinus was dedicated to the ideals of Christ, and not even the threat of death could keep him from practicing his beliefs. He was arrested and imprisoned. During the last weeks of Valentinus’ life a remarkable thing happened. Seeing that he was a man of learning, the jailer asked whether his daughter, Julia, might be brought to Valentinus for lessons. She had been blind since birth. Julia was a pretty young girl with a quick mind. Valentinus read stories of Rome’s history to her. He described the world of nature to her. He taught her arithmetic and told her about God. She saw the world through his eyes, trusted in his wisdom, and found comfort in his quiet stre
Legend Of Woden/odin Retrieving The Runes
The Snake came crawling and struck at none but Woden took nine glory-twigs (pieces of wood on which were carved runic inscriptions) and struck the adder so that it flew into nine parts. This quote shows how Woden/Odin was a master magician and drew his power from the runes. To this day many Saxon Pagans work much of their Magic with runes, inscribing them on candles in candle magick, incorporating them into talismans or symbols of protection that they wear, carry or keep in their homes (can also be for other purposes, etc. They can even be put somewhere invisibly by tracing them with a scented oil. For example, a rune or runic monogram (several runic letters overlaying one another) can be inscribed on your place of business in Money in Abundance oil or some other money -- oriented oils of your own preference. For healing a rune or runic monogram of healing can be written on the body of the patient with an oil of Healing, after the regular transfer of Pranic energy or "laying -- on -
Legend Of The Taotaomona Of Guam
The taotaomonas (people before recorded time) are the apparitions of the ancient people of Guahan. The Spanish-Chamoru War between April 2, 1672 and July 1695 resulted in the deaths of over 150,000 native inhabitants which included the manmakahnas (ancient medicine healers later dubbed suruhanos and suruhanas by the Spanish). Many of the ancient Latte Stone sites were once villages burned and destroyed by the Spanish soldiers. Roaming the jungles are ancestral spirits with unresolved but determined purpose. Historian Benigno Palomo writes, "While it is often said that the ancient Chamorro had no organized priesthood, no temples and no defined religious creed, therefore, no rituals, according to Padre San Vitores 1669, the Chamorros worshiped the spirits of their ancestors, called aniti. The aniti were sacred and powerful spirits who could help them. When angered, however, they could do harm. As a result, the spirits and relics of the dead, especially of one's ancestors, were feared and
The Legend Of Evil
THE LEGEND OF EVIL I This is the sorrowful story Told when the twilight fails And the monkeys walk together Holding their neighbours' tails: -- "Our fathers lived in the forest, Foolish people were they, They went down to the cornland To teach the farmers to play. "Our fathers frisked in the millet, Our fathers skipped in the wheat, Our fathers hung from the branches, Our fathers danced in the street. "Then came the terrible farmers, Nothing of play they knew, Only. . .they caught our fathers And set them to labour too! "Set them to work in the cornland With ploughs and sickles and flails, Put them in mud-walled prisons And -- cut off their beautiful tails! "Now, we can watch our fathers, Sullen and bowed and old, Stooping over the millet, Sharing the silly mould, "Driving a foolish furrow, Mending a muddy yoke, Sleeping in mud-walled prisons, Steeping their food in smoke. "We may not speak to our fathers, For if the farmers knew Th
The Legend Of The Valentine
The legend says St. Valentine Was in a prison cell Thinking of his little flock He had always loved so well And wanting to assure them Of his friendship and his love He picked a bunch of violets And sent them by a dove. And on the violets' leaves He pierced these lines divine That simply said, "I Love You" And "I'm your Valentine" So through the years that followed From that day unto this Folks still send messages of love And seal them with a kiss. Because a Saint in prison Reached through prison bars one day And picked a bunch of violets And sent them out to say That faith and love can triumph No matter where you are For faith and love are greater Than the strongest prison bar. I got this off of my friend Native_Boytoy
The Legend Of The Valentine
The legend says St. Valentine Was in a prison cell Thinking of his little flock He had always loved so well And wanting to assure them Of his friendship and his love He picked a bunch of violets And sent them by a dove. And on the violets' leaves He pierced these lines divine That simply said, "I Love You" And "I'm your Valentine" So through the years that followed From that day unto this Folks still send messages of love And seal them with a kiss. Because a Saint in prison Reached through prison bars one day And picked a bunch of violets And sent them out to say That faith and love can triumph No matter where you are For faith and love are greater Than the strongest prison bar. I got this off of my friend Native_Boytoy
Legend Of Sirena From Guam
Guam's legendary mermaid, Sirena, lived in Agana during Spanish times near the Minondo River where fresh spring waters dividing the city of Agana met the ocean at the river's mouth (Bicana) not so far from the site of the statue above. She loved the water and was known to swim whenever she could steal a moment from her chores to satisfy her greatest pleasure. One fateful day, Sirena's mother sent her to get coconut shells to be used as coal for the iron. Oblivious to time and duty, Sirena couldn't resist the refreshing river. There she swam while her mother called impatiently. Sirena's godmother happened to be visiting, and as her mother angrily cursed her daughter with the words, "Since Sirena loves the water more than anything, she should become a fish", her Nina (godmother) quickly interjected, "leave the part of her that belongs to me". Unknown to mother, godmother, family and friends, Sirena was never to return home again, for feeling unusual sensations as she swam, she so
Legend Of The White Lady From Guam
During the early Spanish colonial rule in the late 1600's on the island of Guam, there lived two newlyweds in the quiet hillside village of Maina. The couple, a Spanish officer and his Chamorro bride. Before marrying, the bride's husband was romantic, dashing and polite. But soon after their honeymoon, he became cruel and abusive. Every night the husband demanded fresh mountain stream water with his food and sent his wife to the small creek in the valley below to fetch his water. After a while, the woman actually began to enjoy her lonely walks and eventually it became a ritual that she looked forward to. Her favorite time was during the full moon when the moon's reflection shimmered across the surface of the moving creek like dancing stars, with the gentle wind whistling through the jungle foliage. Her husband soon began to notice that it took longer and longer for her return and became enraged. Then one stormy and rainy night on their first wedding anniversary and during a new
Legend Of The Coconut Tree From Guam
Long ago there was a Chamorro family belonging to the Achote tribe. The family had a beautiful young daughter who was admired by everyone in the tribe. One day the girl became very thirsty. She wanted to drink the juice from a special fruit. Everyone tried to find the fruit she described but to no avail. Soon the girl became very ill and died. The father buried the girl on a hill over looking the village. He placed a beautiful headstone on her grave and the people covered it with many beautiful flowers. One day the villagers noticed a strange plant growing on the girl's grave. They thought it was magic and built a shelter to protect it. Five years after the plant appeared, it had grown 20 feet tall, strange looking fruits appeared. One of the fruits dropped to the ground and cracked open. The chief called on the father of the dead girl to eat the strange fruit but he refused. He called his wife to eat the fruit. She said it was sweet and chewy and called it coconut.
The Legend Of The Two Wolves
Here's something simple to consider. Oh but how true it is!! One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two "wolves" inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith." The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: "Which wolf wins?" The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."
The Legend Of The Dream Catcher
The Legend of the Dream Catcher A Lakota Legend Long ago when the world was young, an old Lakota spiritual leader was on a high mountain and had a vision. In his vision, Iktomi, the great trickster and teacher of wisdom, appeared in the form of a spider. Iktomi spoke to him in a scared language that only the spiritual leaders of the Lakota could understand. As he spoke Iktomi, the spider, took the elder’s willow hoop, which had feathers, horsehair, and beads and offerings on it and began to spin a web. He spoke to the elder about the cycles of life – and how we begin our lives as infants and we move on to childhood, and then to adulthood. Finally, we go old age where we must be taken care of as infants, completing the cycle. “But,” Iktomi said as he continued to spin his web, “in each time of life there are many forces - - some good, some bad. If you listen to the good forces, they will steer you in the right path (direction). But if you listen to the bad forces, they wil
The Legend Of The Leprechaun By Sheri Amon
Oh, the leprechaun, a mysterious fellow, An Irish fairy he be. An unfriendly sort who keeps to himself, A miserly fellow is he. Making shoes for his living, not a bit does he spend, Instead stores it all in a pot. At the end of the rainbow his hiding place is, And to find it will bring you good luck. If you happen to hear a shoemaker's hammer, tis the sound that a leprechaun makes. Find him and corner him, he'll tell you his secret, If a stare you can maintain. Look not away for this fairy is tricky, He'll attempt to sway your glance. Gone will he be, look away for a moment, And you'll lose your one only chance.
Legend Of The Great White Fish Of Guam
Long, long ago, the shape of Guam was very different from what it is now. As you know now, the island of Guam looks like a large foot, being narrow in the middle and large at both ends. But in the old days, it looked different. There was a group of happy people who lived on Guam in the old days. But at one time, they became weak and unhappy as a result of intermarriages and tribal disunity caused by the influences and evil ideas of newcomers to the island. Along with the other hardships that bothered the people, a huge fish started destroying the island. Each evening they would come out of hiding and begin eating the middle part of the island. Everyone on the island felt that there was no way of stopping the monster fish that was eating away at Guam. The beautiful island was being destroyed by a monstrous fish that could neither be found nor destroyed. Then, from nowhere, appeared a woman who said she was known as the Virgin Mary. In due time, the woman caught the monstrous fish with h
Legend Of Zelda
I still love old school gaming. Been playing Legend of Zelda the past week and had alot of fun going all the way through. I always find that the nes classics are still as enjoyable to play, for me, as they were when I was growing up :D
So this morning I was looking at our cherrytap legends. Some of you girls are beautiful. Other I do not know how they got there(Look at #10) Now those who know me know I don't show skin. I am proud to be me and I hope you all accept me for the geekygurl I am. Now I want you all to go look at the Legends List. Now tell me..I would stick out like a sore thumb. I'm not hot or built like the others but I am sweet and smart. I have skillz :) I want to prove that a normal girl can be a legend on CT. I have 5250 Friends. I have 2454 fans. I only need a little over 100 fans to be a legend. This isn't about popularity to me. I am not begging you to fan me. I want people to stop thinking about boobs etc and think about what a legend is.I know what CT is about LOL. And I know how the game is played but, hear me out! A legend is a person who embodies the pinnacle of all the important social aspects. Any person who is funny, reckless, original and sensitive in the right measures is likely to be
Legend Of The Cedar Tree
A long time ago when the Cherokee people were new upon the earth, they thought that life would be much better if there was never any night. They beseeched the Ouga (Creator) that it might be day all the time and that there would be no darkness. The Creator heard their voices and made the night cease and it was day all the time. Soon, the forest was thick with heavy growth. It became difficult to walk and to find the path. The people toiled in the gardens many long hours trying to keep the weeds pulled from among the corn and other food plants. It got hot, very hot, and continued that way day after long day. The people began to find it difficult to sleep and became short tempered and argued among themselves. Not many days had passed before the people realized they had made a mistake and, once again, they beseeched the Creator. "Please," they said, "we have made a mistake in asking that it be day all the time. Now we think that it should be night all the time." The Creator paused a
The Legend Of The Idiot Boss: Letting Go
The SysAdmin (the guy who works on the hardware, making sure our sites stay up) here has been trying for months to get Idiot Boss to hire an Assistant SysAdmin.Idiot Boss decided that was an expense he didn't want.Yesterday, the SysAdmin got another job and will be leaving here.Idiot Boss was worried because the SysAdmin is the only person here who knows how to do the hardware stuff.So, here's what's going to happen:1)  The SysAdmin has a friend looking for a SysAdmin job.  He will be hired here, but the SysAdmin will still leave.2)  The SysAdmin will be put on salary here and work from home (or wherever he's at) when the new Assistant SysAdmin can't figure something out.  He also gets to keep the laptop he got from here.3)  The new Assistant SysAdmin has the same name as the Crazy Guy who left here a while back, but is not the same person, much to my relief.So we'll see how that goes...tag: idiot boss, careers, business-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-Ave Satanas!Join me at
Legend Of The Idiot Boss: The Happy Dance
(Originally Posted on August 4, 2006)"Ooh if looks could kill that prosecuting counsel would be in for 30 years." -- Monty PythonWe had our daily tech meeting a few minutes ago.  Idiot Boss decided to sit in on it, giving out comments about different things including all sorts of stuff we had already gone over.Then he ended the meeting by pestering people by asking them if they knew the "Happy Dance," whatever that is.  Maybe it's this.I really, REALLY need to get a new job.Fortunately, I hae a recruiter putting me in for a job this very minute.  Also, a group of us will open a new business whether I get a new job or not.  They can't take Idiot Boss either.(And I don't know if I mentioned this or not, but Putz Boy was going to be in our business.  After PB made the ass of himself, though, the rest of the people don't even want to talk to him and do so only because we are paid to get along here.)tag:  Idiot Boss,  Putz Boy,  job,  career
The Legend Of The Idiot Boss: Arnold's Munchkin Song
(Originally Posted on August 28, 2006)I went on YouTube today to find a copy of the Red Dwarf's song Tongue Tied.  After I found it, I also found this little video.It's a cheerful little ditty, but it got stuck in my head.The funny part, though, is at the company meeting while Idiot Boss was rambling on, I got the distinct impression that the song would fit him very well.  I talked to somebody who I sent the song to after the meeting and she agreeed.tag: Red Dwarf, comedy, funny, humor, video, Idiot Boss-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- Ave Satanas!
The Legend Of The Idiot Boss: Waiting
(Originally Posted on September 20, 2006)I might have mentioned this before, but Idiot Boss had the front door lock changed and didn't give the technical people a key to get in.Today when we got to work, the door was locked.  I currently bring a book because I know I will have to wait and the other two programmers just waited.When the sales person who has a key (a new employee, not one that has been here and has shown she can be trusted; I'll nickname her The Keymaster) let us in, we found Idiot Boss already inside.  Instead of letting us in, he let us sit outside.If ANY technical problems crop up after hours, I will DAMN well tell Idiot Boss to get the Keymaster to fix the problem.  If I'm not important enough for a key, then I'm not important enough to be bothered after hours.tag: Idiot Boss, office politics-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-Ave Satanas!
The Legend Of The Idiot Boss: Documented Stupidity
(Originally posted on October 3, 2006)Idiot Boss sent Putz Boy home for the afternoon without pay due to the problems they encountered this morning.  That isn't the problem.  The problem is that Idiot Boss gave Putz Boy a letter on our company's letterhead stating that if Putz Boy is disabled, he (PB) should find a job at another company.I have no doubt that PB will see a lawyer, letter in hand, to talk about an ADA lawsuit.  I wonder how much time we still have before we declare bankruptcy...tag: Putz Boy, discrimination, Idiot Boss-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-Ave Satanas!
The Legend Of The Idiot Boss: Living A Chessmatch
(Originally posted on January 23, 2007)For the past few months, I have scheduled appointments early every other Monday morning to get out of one company meeting.This week, though, Idiot Boss rescheduled the meeting I missed to this morning today (Wednesday).  Therefore, I had to sit through the crappy meeting, listening to him talk about all sorts of things.However, I will have the last laugh.  My wife gave me a stomach bug that the emergency room doctor said is infecting about half the county.  I probably passed that bug to everyone in the room.  Including, of course, the Idiot Boss.See, it's like chess.  You have to think several moves ahead...tag: Idiot Boss, meetings, revenge, business, health-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-Ave Satanas!
The Legend Returns
Chapter 10 The Legend Returns It was the first week of March and the last of the parts I needed to repair the Brown Beast came in. Phil came down and together we got the car up in the air and replaced the rear wheel. As the “Q” played our favorite hits on the radio, we crawled about under the car, lubing joints and checking nuts. After I was satisfied with the under-carriage, I let the car down off the jack and checked the fluids and shot the engine with the timing light. I tightened down a tapping valve and declared the car fit. As Phil and I were getting ready to give the car a road test, Bryant cam out and asked if he could come along. We shrugged and Phil pointed to the back seat. Bryant jumped in back enthusiastically, grasping the seat and grinning. I warned him that nothing he was about to see was he to tell the folks about and he nodded his agreement. I popped in a Jethro Tull tape, speeded it to “Locomotive Breath”, and hit the road. As we were cruising down
The Legend Of The Sacred Pipe
Many years ago, the White Buffalo Calf Woman came to visit the Lakota people. Before her arrival, the Lakota were in distress. There was widespread famine and starvation. The Sioux Nations fought amongst themselves, and were in danger of extinction. Legend says that she first appeared to two Lakota men who were hunting for food. A figure appeared on the horizon, and as it came closer, looked like a white buffalo calf. As the hunters readied their bows, the figure was transformed into a beautiful woman. One of the braves made an improper advance toward the woman. When he touched her, his flesh melted from his bones. The other man dropped to his knees before her in prayer. The woman explained to him who she was, the White Buffalo Calf Woman, and would come to visit his people, bringing with her a sacred bundle. She commanded him to return to his village and have the people prepare for her visit. The young man, returning to his village, was able to convince his people to do the nece
Legend Of The White Buffalo
One summer a long time ago, the seven sacred council fires of the Lakota Sioux came together and camped. The sun was strong and the people were starving for there was no game. Two young men went out to hunt. Along the way, the two men met a beautiful young woman dressed in white who floated as she walked. One man had bad desires for the woman and tried to touch her, but was consumed by a cloud and turned into a pile of bones. The woman spoke to the second young man and said, "Return to your people and tell them I am coming." This holy woman brought a wrapped bundle to the people. She unwrapped the bundle giving to the people a sacred pipe and teaching them how to use it to pray. "With this holy pipe, you will walk like a living prayer," she said. The holy woman told the Sioux about the value of the buffalo, the women and the children. "You are from Mother Earth," she told the women, "What you are doing is as great as the warriors do." Before she left, she told the people she would r
The Legend Of The Dream Catcher
Long ago when the world was young, an old Lakota spiritual leader was on a high mountain and had a vision. In his vision, Iktomi, the great trickster and teacher of wisdom, appeared in the form of a spider. Iktomi spoke to him in a sacred language that only the spiritual leaders of the Lakota could understand. As he spoke Iktomi, the spider, took the elder's willow hoop which had feathers, horse hair, beads and offerings on it and began to spin a web. He spoke to the elder about the cycles of life...and how we begin our lives as infants and we move on to childhood, and then to adulthood. Finally, we go to old age where we must be taken care of as infants, completing the cycle. "But," Iktomi said as he continued to spin his web, "in each time of life there are many forces -- some good and some bad. If you listen to the good forces, they will steer you in the right direction. But if you listen to the bad forces, they will hurt you and steer you in the wrong direction."
The Legend Of Tir Na Nog
Oisin in Tír na nÓg Long, long ago in Ireland, from the time of Conn Céadchathach in the second century after Christ until the death of Cairpre Liffechair in the third century, there was a band of warriors called the Fianna, who defended Ireland against invasion. Their leader was Fionn mac Cumhail, and his son was Oisín the poet. It is from Oisín that the stories of Fionn and the Fianna have been passed down through the ages to modern day poets. And of all the stories of battles they fought in this world, and the adventures they had in the Other world, and all the turnings andtwistings of the heart they endured in both worlds, one story will never be forgotten, and that is the story of the day Oisín met Niamh. One day, Fionn and the Fianna were hunting in Kerry, and they stopped to rest on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the way they could see if any invaders were coming. And they saw one. Now, it wasn't often an invader came to Ireland without a fleet of boats and a whole
The Legend Of The Idiot Boss - Interview
I haven't posted an Idiot Boss post in a while.  I figure it's about time, especially with what has happened this week.First off, on Monday we had the inane company meeting.  At the end of it, Idiot Boss said he makes hs decisions based on logic.  It was all the tech department could do to keep from laughing.And then yesterday.  The Graphics Guy (used to be the New Graphics Guy, but I digress) had a job interview yesterday.  He came all dressed up and everything.  Coffeeman reported this suspicious behavior to Idiot Boss.  Once Graphics Guy got back from the interview, Idiot Boss started grilling him.This worried Graphics Guy.  GG thought he'd be fired, but there's nobody here to replace him with what he knows and does.  Therefore, I didn't think he had anything to worry about.Now I know a while back that GG asked IB for a raise, saying that GG and his fiance (who also works here) couldn't afford to live on what they were being paid.  IB decided to take his sweet-assed time to decide w
Legend For Life
Sunday, July 1, 2007 holy basil & shri ganga jal[nectar] there are two basic legends on the subject of life which could change the fate of life with all ease they are none other than holy basil & ganga jal [nectar from holy river ganga], must for life to keep at home to feel the presence of truth with itself. thanks mahesh sharma
Legend Of The Lupine
Like the Werewolf the lupine are werecreature as well but they shift completly in to wolfs.Lupine are born Werewolves are made.How ever some beleave that lupine are created by magic.Or the use of witch craft."In the spiritual traditions of other cultures, Shamans are expected to seek the assistance of their spirit helpers, who appear most often in the form of their totem animals. In certain instances, to explore more effectively the spiritual dimensions, shamans may even assume the persona of their totem animal and become that animal for a time, be it a wolf, a raven, an, or whatever creature has granted its power to their quest. However, in the Europe of the Middle Ages, those who employed any kind of shamanic practices were in grave danger of being tortured and dragged to the stake to be burned to death."(quoted byCopyrighted 1997-2003 © Vampyra & © BytesByDesign) How ever the lupine can change at will and the werewolf can only change at full moon.The lupine can choose how much n
Legends Of The Star - Emmitt Smith
Legends of the Star - Emmitt Smith As we come to the end of our exclusive series "Legends of the Star," you can certainly make the case that we saved the best for last. It is with great pleasure that I introduce Emmitt Smith as this week's Legend of the Star. Emmitt Smith may go down in history as the greatest player ever to wear the uniform of the Dallas Cowboys. The NFL's all time leading rusher had it all and I'm not just talking about his enormous athletic ability. He was a great and charismatic leader, a passionate player who loved the game, a positive influence who made those around him better, and one of the classiest players that football has ever known. Emmitt Smith burst onto the national scene while playing running back for the University of Florida. He set many school records as a Gator including their single game and season rushing records, and all of their scoring records. After three years at Florida he had scored 37 touchdowns, had 23 100-yard rushin
Legends In Concert At The Imperial Palace
Saw a show at the Imperial Palace - not the most elegant of casinos that one... The show was The Legends in Concert, a show full of impersonators or tribute artists. They have a rotating cast so its different each night. It was okay. It started of with my personal favorite - a Jerry Lee Lewis act. Jerry Lee is the real king of rock and roll and this guy did it well. Next was Gwen Stefani. Might have been better if the sound system didn't eat the highs hurting her and the later Whitney Houston acts. Another highlight was the BLues Brothers. Very good job they did. Last was Elvis. Many call this guy the best Elvis in Vegas but I prefer Trent Carlini at the Sahara. This guy was "Fat Elvis, the Las Vegas years" (a name I gave a ferret years ago) while Carlini is better through more of Elvis's life. Not my favorite show but not bad. Liked seeng a collection of Herbies frmo the latest Herbie Reloaded movie in the lobby.
Legends Return
I am Kiernan MacLiedrydd of the Clan MacLiedrydd: High born Lady of the Sidhe, favored Childe of Morrigan, Keeper of Odin's Runes. My Four-legged and Winged Brothers and Sisters come to my Call, the storms Sing my name, my Voice sings the Song of the Trees, Earth Mother provides, Sky Father sends the sun to warm me, the Moon is my shelter.... ..... and I cannot die. Fifty years pass- a mere speck in a span of many lifetimes- and he shows up at my door, still wearing the amulet I gifted him so long ago. Orion Quest. Bastard. Heard my Call as usual- I was not being quiet in the least. My rage and sorrow burned within and released without in a torrent of tears and Song so powerful the very walls vibrated with the stuff, the miasma created sending my vision shimmering. I had not released that kind of chi in a while and I was shaking with the effort as I opened the door, know without asking who was on the other side. He has always been content to leave me to my magicks,
legend or liar remains to be seen tore open my heart devoured it clean flashback gazing in your eyes i feel what's you shiny bright and so warm i get lost there freezeframe words that you've spoken i've always believed just lately i wish you'd say what ya mean i'm here for you so close if you want me. if you dont say goodbye snapback alone i shiver back to black left this place before but betrayal deceit and misprinted lies bring me back and keep me cold i'm torn and crying for you are you the killer or are you the savior?
A Legend Of The Road
A legend of the road Richard Rae Colin McRae, Britain’s first world rally champion who died in a helicopter crash yesterday, will be remembered as one of the most spectacular drivers this country has produced. The appalling news of McRae’s death comes less than two years after the death of Richard Burns, Britain’s second world rally champion and one of McRae’s great rivals, after a long battle against cancer. The 40-year-old McRae won the World Rally Championship in 1995, was runner-up in 1996, 1997, and 2001, and third in 1998. It was in many ways ironic that McRae’s driving style, the reason for his immense and enduring popularity with motorsport lovers the world over, appeared to be so at odds with his personality. Mainly, of course, because it wasn’t – the truth was that for all he rather enjoyed playing up the apparent contrast between his flamboyance in a car and a buttoned-up, almost taciturn public persona, once away from the cameras and microphone, McRae was a natura
The Legend Of The Cherokee Rose
The Legend of the Cherokee Rose Retold by Barbara Shining Woman Warren In the latter half of 1838, Cherokee People who had not voluntarily moved west earlier were forced to leave their homes in the East. The trail to the West was long and treacherous and many were dying along the way. The People's hearts were heavy with sadness and their tears mingled with the dust of the trail. The Elders knew that the survival of the children depended upon the strength of the women. One evening around the campfire, the Elders called upon Heaven Dweller, ga lv la di e hi. They told Him of the People's suffering and tears. They were afraid the children would not survive to rebuild the Cherokee Nation. Gal v la di e hi spoke to them, "To let you know how much I care, I will give you a sign. In the morning, tell the women to look back along the trail. Where their tears have fallen, I will cause to grow a plant that will have seven leaves for the seven clans of the Cherokee. Amidst the plant wi
Legend Of The Tlanuhwa And The Uhktena
Legend of The Tlanuhwa and The Uhktena As told by David Michael Wolfe, Inage. i Ani Yunwiya (Virginia Cherokee) -This story was taught to me by William Webber, Danawa Destoti - a Kalohna (War leader) of the Ani Wahya (Wolf Clan) When the world of the Ani Yunwiya was new all living things were great in size and strength. Two of the many creatures that had been created and placed upon Ani Daksi Amayeli by Unethlana the Apportioner were the Tlanuhwa and the Uhktena. The Tlanuhwa were very large birds with markings much like the red-tail hawk of today. The markings or symbols of the great Tlanuhwa could only be worn by the ancient Ani Kituhwah warriors when they went into war. Some people say the Tlanuhwa were the original parents, Ani Tawodi, of the great hawks that live today. The Uhktena are enormous creatures that live in the rivers and lakes of the great Ouascioto valleys and mountains (the Ohio Valley and Appalachians). The Uhktena come and go from this world to the underw
The Legend Of The Dream Catcher (lakota Version)
THE LEGEND OF THE DREAM CATCHER Long ago when the world was young an old Lakota spiritual leader was on a high mountain and had a vision. In this vision, Iktomi, the great trickster and teacher of wisdom, appeared in the form of a spider. Iktomi the spider picked up the elder's willow hoop which had feathers, horsehair, beads and offerings on it, and began to spin a web. He spoke to the elder about the cycles of life; how we begin our lives as infants, move on through childhood and onto adulthood. Finally, we go to the old age where we must be taken care of as infants, completing the cycle. "But," Iktomi said as he continued to spin his web, "in each time of life there are many forces; some good and some bad. If you listen to the good forces, they will steer you in the right direction. But, if you listen to the bad forces, they'll steer you in the wrong direction, and may hurt you. So these forces can help or can interfere with the harmony of Nature." While the spider spoke, he co
Legend Of The Leprechaun
Oh, the leprechaun, a mysterious fellow, An Irish fairy he be. An unfriendly sort who keeps to himself, A miserly fellow is he. Making shoes for his living, not a bit does he spend, Instead stores it all in a pot. At the end of the rainbow his hiding place is, And to find it will bring you good luck. If you happen to hear a shoemaker's hammer, tis the sound that a leprechaun makes. Find him and corner him, he'll tell you his secret, If a stare you can maintain. Look not away for this fairy is tricky, He'll attempt to sway your glance. Gone will he be, look away for a moment, And you'll lose your one only chance.
A Legend Remembered...
Clifford Lee Burton (February 10, 1962 – September 27, 1986) was a bass guitarist best known for his work with the thrash/heavy metal band Metallica from 1982-86.Burton's early influence was essential in creating the unique musical style for which Metallica became famous. Burton joined the band in 1982 and performed on their debut album, Kill 'Em All (the title of which came from him), which was composed of songs that had been written prior to Burton's arrival. Burton's influence was heavier on the follow-up, Ride the Lightning, which showcased the band's evolving compositional technique. Burton's final album with Metallica, Master of Puppets, was a critical and commercial success. Burton was killed in 1986 when their bus crashed in Sweden while the band was on tour promoting Master of Puppets.
Legend Of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass .......
Ok lol My son has this game and (ready for the laugh ) for certain things ya have to yell or even BLOW in to the game system (nintendo ds)( there's a mic that pics it up ) LOL........ He yelled a few mins. ago and I told him to stop that damn yellin, said he had to , for his game, I laughed and said yea ok right, he said no really Mom, it's true I have to go get blah blah blah lol I just can't wait till he's in public some time playin that game, I HOPE he's on the parts where he has to YELL and BLOW in to it.......hahahahaaaaa Gotta luv da kid! :D lol
Legend Wisdom
lost "When trying to take a step in the right direction use caution to whom you ask , the end result may take you off the desired path yeilding the map of self destruction." "Danny Legend"
Legend Of Atlantis/prophecies Of Elia
The Legend Of The Five Sisters
There is a legend of five angels who fell from heaven because they wanted to live on earth. There were five of them. Wind, Water, Fire, Earth and Spirit. All of them beautiful, all different in their own ways. The angels wanted to be part of the great plan for heaven was not as fascinating as the plan. So the divine one set them on earth to find and keep peace with the plan. Soon they split up after they all decided to explore on their own. But instead of make peace, they shot the plan out of its original course. But the divine one enjoyed it, for they made the plan a new path. One that could never be seen. The divine one enjoyed this and left the sisters. They made the greatest changes in the plan. Earth created the ground for each to walk on. So that they would be able to sleep when the Goddess came out to shine soft light on them. Spirit made the plants grow, so they would have fruits to eat and trees to keep them cool from the God's strong light. Fire made light and gav

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