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The Last Last Time...
The Last, Last TIme Here I am on the floor My lip is bleeding and my shirt is streched and torn Cause I tried to get away with lies you've heard before You though our picture at the window I said don't go pre-chorus: You picked up your pride and you walked over me You grabed your shoes, your phone, your keys Before you slamed the door you screamed Chorus: This is the last last time You stick a knife into my back & you'll wish you could rewind every second chance you had to tell the truth and fallow though I doubted me and trusted you Everytime you cross the line you want one last last time Try to stand but I fall The echo of stilettos in the hall to the street Where you took the knife from your back to the seats of my car... you threw a brick right through the window And as you go Pre-chorus: 4 letter words That you never speak You called me every name there is Flip me off and scream Chorus: This is the last last time You stick a knif
The Last Waltz
After tonight I will not be on much for a while. I am moving and it will take me a while to get situated with a new place and new net access. Everyone will be missed and look forward to seeing friends old and new upon my return. If you do not have my yahoo or email address or phone number send me a PM and I will get you the info.
The Last Waltz
After tonight I will not be on much for a while. I am moving and it will take me a while to get situated with a new place and new net access. Everyone will be missed and look forward to seeing friends old and new upon my return. If you do not have my yahoo or email address or phone number send me a PM and I will get you the info.
Last Day For Voting For Carol
Could i please ask all my friends and family if they could very kindly help my close friend Carol aka Develish5758. This is the final day for voting which finishes tonight at 8pm EST. We are running out of time and we really need your help. Your votes will be greatly appreciated by Carol and myself. Anyone who gives 50 votes for Carol will get a gift from me. If you do intend to vote then leave a comment below and i will make sure i send you a gift. Love, Hugs and Kisses CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW AND IT WILL TAKE YOU TO CAROLS PIC WHERE YOU CAN VOTE FOR HER
The Last Of The Blogs
well................this might be my last, no one visits my page anymore.....and this is bothering me, kinda, i mean, i wish more people talked to me, instead of just adding me and fanning me.......if someone, at least one person responds to this, then ill keep it for a little while......
The Last Day.....
Ok, so here I am at 4:22 A.M. on Cherry Tap, writing about my feelings! Right now I feel pretty crappy. No actualy I would have to say it is more like pretty shitty! I just came home from the last night of my club being open. I kept thinking we could make it work, but there just is no way. I will miss it alot. It was my dream..... I do not know if it is better to have a dream and actualy get a taste of it and to feel that dream, or to never have known what it was like at all. I will miss Midnight Blue so very much. I will miss the regular faces that started to become a "family" to me. I will miss all the good, and the bad. I had my dream.....if only for a little while.
Last Few Weeks Of Winter Quater
Only 3 more weeks left in the Quarter, but I still have 2 English papers to write and 2 speaches to do and one speach is tomorrow. In Math I have 2 quizes a test then the Final. I have already registared for my Spring Classes I will post that up here in a few weeks and my grades from winter quarter. I think I am doing good this quarter, even though I have had a rough pregnacy and the weather has been bad. Spring should be easier to handle.
Last Day Wahooooooooo
click on the pic in this message and comment bomb me this is the last day so help me out come on guys...xoxo
The Last Love Song
The Last Love Song I know its over because I don't keep you satisfied anymore but before you move along let me sing you the last love song. Tomorrow when I wake, what will take the place of smiles on your face and black hair against white lace and I wonder, will I be thinking of our early morning love all the sweet things that you'd say that brighten my darkest day and tomorrow night what do you suggest to take the place or your breasts breast against my chest oh how I'll miss your tenderness but there's no use crying because loves a grown up game alittle pleasure and then alot pain first we called each other bad names then what we had was never quite the same I wish I could find eyes that won't cry, lips that won't lie and a love that won't die. And a love that won't die.
Last Day
Today at work we had a meeting to tell us that we were all losing our jobs due to the restaurant closing down. that was about 25 people. most of which who really need this job. I felt bad for my manager cause u had to look everyone in the face for weeks and could tell us. i guess its always hard. i hope i never have to feel that feeling.
The Lastest Gossip From My School
here's the latest stuff from my school just to entertain you: *my college counselor turned in her resignation and up and left school one day. *this bitch, hannah, asked my friend thomas out. her reason is cuz they're "such good friends" and they're bound to end up gettin married (cuz she cant get a guy and he JUST broke up wit kitty) *school sucks, everyone wanted a snow day today but NOOOO (i lied, everyone was DEPENDING on a snow day) *ben dumped leah to go out wit lindsay. leah put up wit a ton of his shit and now she's better off. and that's basically it... sorry boys, no cam tonight, too much homework. whoot!
Last Kiss
Well, where oh where can my baby be The Lord took her away from me She's gone to heaven So I got to be good So I can see my baby When I leave this ol' world We were out on a date in my Daddy's car We hadn't driven very far There in the road, straight ahead The car was stalled, the engine was dead I couldn't stop, so I swerved to the right Never forget the sound that night The cryin' tires, the bustin' glass The painful scream that I heard last Well, where oh where can my baby be The Lord took her away from me She's gone to heaven So I got to be good So I can see my baby When I leave this ol' world Well, when I woke up The rain was pourin' down There were people standing all around Something warm a-running in my eyes But I found my baby somehow that night I raised her head and when she smiled and said "Hold me darling for a little while" I held her close I kissed her our last kiss I found the love that I knew I would miss But now she's gone, even thou
For everything there must come a last. A last minute, a last hour, a last month, day, or year. A last drink, a last coke, a last tequila, scotch, or beer. A last love, a last heart, a last kiss, hug, or rage... Or even the last words written on a page. But the worst last thing is your last breath because what is to follow will surely be your death.
Last Night's Fun And Today's Waste Of Time.
Hooray for a night with the girls! I like The 505. It's a neat place. The band sounded good and the patrons seemed pretty interested. Norah, Mekaela, and I ditched out early to play dice, pick up Carlie from work, and raid Safeway for goodies. Oh, what a terrible belly ache I had while falling asleep at 2am! My first Cadbury Creme Egg of the year was so worth it. Plus Carlie treated me to an amazing giant chocolate covered coconut egg. I used to get them in my Easter basket when I was a little girl. :) No good news with the job hunt. My dad's boss gave a $15/hr office job to someone else because she thought I would "be bored" there. FUCK!!! I WANT to be fucking bored at my job! I want to spend my energy on interesting things when I'm off! I have had ENOUGH of putting my entire self into a stupid job!!!! A;OIE[OAIHEOAGIJEOFIJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mayhaps I will be at Spencer's show tonight again. Simply because I CAN.
The Last Dance
Do You Believe In Angels By The Last Dance Last night I thought I saw you staring, staring at the sky. Last night I thought I saw you wishing for your dreams to die. Last night I thought I heard you crying, crying all your tears Last night I thought I saw your shadow as you disappeared Do you believe in angels Do you believe in blood and wine Do you believe in broken hearts Or is there something youíve never heard of Do you believe itís a better world Do you believe that no one cries Do you believe in bitter tears Or is there something youíve never wanted to believe in Last night I thought I saw you staring, staring at the sky Last night I thought I saw you wishing for your dreams to die Last night I thought I heard you screaming, screaming out your heart Last night I thought I saw your shadow tear you apart Yeaaaaahhhhhhh Do you believe in angels Do you believe in God-like eyes Do you believe in thornless roses Or is there something youíve never hear
Last Call For Entering Best Wolf Morph Contest
Hello out there to you Cherries. I'm throwing my first CT contest. It is going to be the best wolf morph contest. So please come and help me out. STILL HAVE OPENINGS. First place prize: Porsche or Corvette Second place prize: Diamond Ring or Rolex Third place prize: Diamond Earrings or Men's Bracelet. Contest starts this Sunday at 1pm EST and ends the following Sunday, March 11 at 1pm. Rules: Comment,rate, bomb yourself, have friends bomb you. Most comments win. One Rule: NO DRAMA, NO DOWNGRADING OTHER PEOPLE. I DO NOT DEAL WITH ANY DRAMA. THIS IS FOR FUN AND PRIZES. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONTACT ME AT MY LINK BELOW IF YOU WANT SOME FUN: Dove~Member of the Wolf Pack Family@ CherryTAP
The Last Kiss Goodbye
i watched my grandma pass away tonight at the hospital it was the saddest day of my life because god had to take her before she could meet my son jayden and all i wanted was a pic of her holding my son and smiling my grandma had altimers (not correct spelling i know) but she still knew who i was and knew that i was having a baby boy she would always ask hows the baby doing and she would get happy when my gf would come up there to see her and she could see her belly my whole family was there to and that made me happy and im glad my grandma is not suffering anymore so when it was time to say goodbye i gave my grandma a hug and kiss on the forehead and said goodbye grandma now your with grandpa and the lord and they will take very good care of you and i will see you in time and we will be altogether i love goodbye i was honored when my dad asked me to be a paulbear (prolly not the correct spelling either) i said yes my grandma will be laid out this week and put to rest this week also i w
Last Night
well, what can i say.. its almost 11:30 pm and Im bored as fuck... Im sittin here watchin myself type.. but not sure what's really going to come out or anything as im not thinkin of what to right or how to say anything.. i just feel like doing some mad ass typing so away i go.... Things have been different with everything i say and everything i do.. I use to be happy and no just all throwin away... I feel so mixed up and its not for what i've done .. i just need to know he loves or has someone else won? I know that im selfish and a lil bit jelious.. OH OH OH OK.. ALOT jelious but can u blame me ... LOOK at this boy.. he wants to be a man.. NoT ready for what was delt to him but LOOK how he runs.. He never knows if his up or down.. just layin back "relaxin" fuck all that and take a stand... LEarn how to be A MAN... Nothing in the world is going to make it easier.. just take a step up and learn to sing a song... make it how it sound and sound it how it feels... if this is too mu
Last Flight
Last Flight February 17, 2007, 0350 curbside at 24th and M, Washington DC. 16 Degrees with a light breeze. Going home after my second week of freezing temps to my home in SoCal. Fly my aircraft, ride a horse, climb a mountain and get back to living. I'm tired of the cold. 0425 paying the taxi fare at Dulles in front of the United Airlines counter, still cold. 0450 engaging the self-serve ticker machine and it delivers my ticket, baggage tag and boarding pass. Hmmm, that Marine is all dressed up early. Oh, maybe,,,Hmm, Good Morning Captain, you're looking sharp. Pass Security and to my gate for a quick decaf coffee and 5 hours sleep. A quick check of the flight status monitor and UA Flt 211 is on time, I'm up front, how bad can it be? Hmmm, that same Marine, he must be heading to Pendleton to see his lady at LAX for the long weekend all dressed up like that. Or maybe not? Attention in the boarding area, we will begin boarding in 10 minutes, we have some addi
Last Night...
well, I went to perry last night and hung out w/ derek jane and chris... it was really cool. Derek got his nipples pierced *lol* He didn't scream like i did though... cuz man, i screamed. But thats cool, i'm a chick, it's expected of me! But, it was cool. I realized stillwater is A LOT bigger than I thought... it's a pretty cool town. I might look into applying at OSU next semester. I may take off some wednesday and go out there and check it out. Who knows. But, anyways~ Chris, apparently, has this thing w/ nerds (the candy not the genre). And he was all enthralled with this one large nerd. Apparently they are really small usually, but this ONE was exceptionally large.. *lol* THAT was funny. but anyways, i am gonna get ready for class... gotta leave in likt 15 minutes... yay yay~ i'll be on later tonight....
The Last Cigarette
I'm driving down the street, smoking my last cigarette. Went to flick the ash out the window and ended up breaking it. Shit - Just my luck, the story of my life Just one thing to go my way, wouldnt that be nice? Nope - It just doesnt happen that way I can tell right now, its gonna be a bad day. Now with no cigarette, my mind wanders away. Started thinking of something someone had to say, "Use your writing as an outlet, so you dont cut." But all that does is let me sign my poetry with blood. I would paint you a picture, but I have no artistic ability. So I draw you that picture, using words to show my lack of stability. I use all these descriptive words and verbs and get all teary, But if I simply said "Please listen", would you actually hear me? I'm merely a beat down, broken man with a shattered soul, Looking for a small piece of sanity to have and to hold. I'm told, "Things are bound to get better" Yeah right, I already wrote my suic
Last Phone Call
While reading my latest book, I came upon these sayings. If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting? -Stephen Levine- Talk to your frineds and family memebers as if it's the last time you ever will.
Last Night
Well sorry to say this but I won't have a computer after today, I don't know when I'll be back online but as soon as I get back I'll let yall know.
Last One That I Found
Baby (Can't You Hear Me Calling) Looking out over the crowd trying to find you damn lights blinding me again can't wait to see that smile that pulls me through and I know that I will be whole once again So I cry Baaaaaaaby, can't you hear me calling searching my whole life for you Baaaaaaby, won't you reach out for me let me know that you feel it too cause love is lonely when you're the only one going through it So Baaaaaaaaby you've gotta pull me through So many times I wanted to tell you how I feel but something in your eyes something in your smile stopped me cold this is my last chance and I don't want to blow it So I cry Baaaaaaaaby, can't you hear me calling seaching my whole life for you Baaaaaaaaaby, won't you reach out for me let me know that you feel it too cause love is lonely when you're the only one going through it So Baaaaaaaaaby you've gotta pull me through (guitar solo) Yeah life has it's ups and downs full of smile
The Last One Lol
i still need help for the sexy morph from red so keep helping me if i could i would all kiss you but i cant so helppppp lol
Last Time
THE LAST TIME YOU: Last person you hugged: sal Last car ride today: driving home from ashys last night Last time you cried: i dont know Last movie you watched: i dont know the name of it Last food you ate: a brownie with icecream Last item you bought: the hoops and studs for my lip rings Last shirt you wore: Wife beater!the adicts viva la revolution shirt Last phone call: charlie kope or bobby Last text message: erin Last kiss:sal ... it was a peck on the cheAK GOODBYE AFTER OUR TALK THE OTHER NIGHT IF YOU MEANT LIKE MAKEOUT UMMM someone i wont say cause thats bad ?or i dont know maybe ryan hahaha Last thing you touched: the mouse and keymoard Last funeral: fred i miss you man Last trip to the mall mall of america when i went to mn Last time you were excited for something: when i was supposed to see charlie Last person you saw: My dog?? Last thing you drank: water Last person that broke your heart: umm we just wont go there L
The Last Letter
This is beautiful! Try not to cry. She jumped up as soon as she saw the surgeon come out of the operating room. She said: "How is my little boy ? Is he going to be all right ? When can I see him ?" The surgeon said, "I'm sorry. We did all we could, but your boy didn't make it." Sally said, "Why do little children get cancer ? Doesn't God care any more ? Where were you, God, when my son needed you ?" The surgeon asked, "Would you like some time alone with your son ? One of the nurses will be out in a few minutes, before he's transported to the university." Sally asked the nurse to stay with her while she said good bye to son. She ran her fingers lovingly through his thick red curly hair. "Would you like a lock of his hair ?" the nurse asked. Sally nodded yes. The nurse cut a lock of the boy's hair, put it in a plastic bag and handed it to Sally. The mother said, "It was Jimmy's idea to donate his body to the University for Study. He said it m
Last Night's Dream
So last night I dreampt I was younger, in a school caf talking to an indian girl. We were flirtting with each other, I made her laugh and blush but as much as we liked each other. Two other boys were claiming ownership over her, and both were indian, both were given their choice, yet they picked her. I asked her if she liked them, she said "No" and I asked her if it mattered to her family that she liked me. It didn't matter to them, before I woke up I saw a tomato and a flower, both were given to me after she kissed my cheek.
Last Night
Last Words
Your Famous Last Words Will Be: "So, you're a cannibal." What Will Your Famous Last Words Be?
Last Resort - Papa Roach
Cut my life into pieces I've reached my last resort, suffocation, no breathing Don't give a fuck if I cut my arms bleeding Would it be wrong, would it be right If I took my life tonight, chance are that I might Mutilation out of sight and I'm contemplating suicide Cause I'm losing my sight, losing my mind Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine Nothing's alright, nothing is fine I'm running and I'm crying I never realized I was spread too thin Till it was too late and I was empty within Hungry, feeding on chaos and living in sin Downward spiral, where do I begin It all started when I lost my mother No love for myself and no love for another Searching to find a love upon a higher level Finding nothing but questions and devils Cause I'm losing my sight, losing my mind Wish somebody would tell me I'm fine Nothing's alright, nothing is fine I'm running and I'm crying I can't go on living this way
Last Minute...
Well, my hubby and I decided at the last minute last evening for the kids and I to make one last trip up to Charles City, Iowa. Normally we only go see him once a month and seeing that we were just up there about a week and a half ago, we're going again. The only reason being is so the kids can be there when daddy gets his new truck. Yes, he's getting a new(er) truck. No more 1984 Ford Bronco, but now it's going to be a 2003 (?), not quite sure of the year, but it's a black and gold Ford F250. It's a very pretty truck, he found it online at a dealership up in Wisconsin. So, the last time we went to CC, IA to see him, we drove up to Minnesota to look at a truck, which it wasn't there...buggar! None-the-less, we went to another different state! So, now this time, I told Troy he would drive so I could get pics of the welcome to (insert state) signs in order to put in my travel album that I started. Troy said that he will make sure we go through and get the Minnesota sign as we
Ok ranting in that last blog made me feel better..Now i only have 1 thing to say... EWWWWWWW IM GETTING A PIMPLE ON MY FOREHEAD!!!!!!!
Last-minute Electronic Tax Filing Tips From The Irs
By now, hopefully all of us know how our taxes will be filed. When remains the question for millions of taxpayers. Though many readers said they wished we posted earlier about free electronic filing options, the fact is a majority of Americans haven't filed yet. The IRS is expecting 136 million 2006 tax returns this year, and between 80 and 90 million have yet to be filed. That stat comes from Bert DuMars, the IRS's electronic administration director, who passed along some other interesting stats with some last-minute e-filing advice for last-minute tax filers. More than half of taxpayers will file electronically this year. (Somewhere between 75 million and 80 million, compared with 19 million ten years ago.) Tip # 1: Last minute is a little later again this year. Tax day is April 17, not April 15, because Emancipation Day (April 16) is a holiday in Washington, D.C., so the IRS is extending the filing deadline by one day. (April 15 is a Sunday.) Tip #2: Don't forget the teleph
Last Wishes...
Sometime after Sidney died, his widow, Tillie, was finally able to speak about what a thoughtful and wonderful man her late husband had been. "Sidney thought of everything," she told them. "Just before he died, Sidney called me to his bedside. He handed me three envelopes. `Tillie,' he told me, 'I have put all my last wishes in these three envelopes. After I am dead, please open them and do exactly as I have instructed. Then I can rest in peace'." "What was in the envelopes?" her friends asked. "The first envelope contained $5,000 with a note, 'Please use this money to buy a nice casket.' So I bought a beautiful mahogany casket with such a comfortable lining that I know Sidney is resting very comfortably. "The second envelope contained $10,000 with a note, 'Please use this for a nice funeral.' I arranged Sidney a very dignified funeral and bought all his favorite foods for everyone attending." "And the third envelope?" asked her friends. "The third envelope contained $25,000 with a not
Last Weekend
Last Night
Ok, so last night was the first real night I have had to spend some time alone. I ran a nice hot tub of water with some bubble stuff in it, sit down and relaxed for a very long time...just kept heating the water up until I was all relaxed. I then took the time to do some shaving, all parts!!! I felt great afterwards! Would have been better if some one had been there to spend it with me though! Darla
The Last Couple Weeks..
Last Call
so i did it i called u i called u over and over yesterday and nothing so i wanst gonna but i did ansd still nothing .... i'm closed wont get nothing her form this point on i dont think sept maybe a smile and hello ... toniht was good i had fun me and my girsl watched movies did a stip tease work out ate ice cream lol my gal pall brought it :p then worked out more ... still sleepless mind u but in good mood at the moment
Last Night
Last Thoughts Of The Day
Without Without inspiration there is no fire Without that there is no burning desire Without that which taps the soul Without the drive no work is whole Without a muse there is nothing new Without the feeling there emptiness too Without one who sparks the minds eye Without that one these work fall and die Without someone who that gentle nudge Without that one all things are a drudge Without the fire the spark and flame Without poetry the poet and the name By R. Thomas Dinsmore
The Last For Sure
You stir me so deep inside Now my feelings I canít hide The flame burns out of control Now I donít care about my soul Only the passion I hold for you Only You are the one who knew How desires we share can fan the flame That nothing of the world can tame Fires that forge two into one makes us forever till time is done To think you. To breathe you every day To long when apart for you in every way To know that forever youíre my heart and soul And to know without you I will never be whole Bonded in the spirit that we both share No other heart and soul can compare By R, Thomas Dinsmore
Last Night
something crazy happened :P Met someone....more on that later! xoxox - Dahlia
Last Nite!
last night was awesome! I had so much fun going to my friends. I was a little
The Last Alarm
The last alarm My father was a fireman. He drove a big red truck and when he'd go to work each day he'd say "Mother wish me luck". Then Dad would not come home again 'til some time the next day. But the thing that bothered me the most was the thing’s some folks would say, "A fireman's life is easy, he eats and sleeps and plays, and sometime's he won't fight a fire for days and days and day's". When I first heard these words I was to young to understand but I knew when people had trouble Dad was there to lend a hand. Then my father went to work one day and he kissed us all goodbye but little did we realize that night we all would cry. My father lost his life that night when the floor gave way below and I'd wondered why he'd risked his life for someone he didn't know. But now I truly realize the greatest gift a man can give is to lay his life upon the line so that someone else might live. So as we go from day to day and we pray to God above say a prayer f
Last Week On Cherrytap!
this is my last week on cherrytap before i move i'll be moving over the weekend i won't be on here much anymore i won't have the net anymore unless i go to my friend holly's house sometimes on the weekends
Last Night
aaaakkkkk i'm sorry again, last night i was talking to few of you and due to the storm and thunders we lost power so yes, it came back during the very early more morning and now is all ok, but well, again i'm sorry my day is going kinda busy, many things again to solve and.. *yawns* i'm feeling sleepy i went to rehab this morning and had to wake up early... my leg is a bit better but ankle hurts again :( boohooo happy birthday today to Augusto, my coworker :) 30 years old and he looks like a teenager!! lol how lucky! well i need to continue with few things :) i'll be around and thanks again for all that rated and commented in my blog yesterday with the video of my puppy and me :) xoxo
Last To Know
last to know people go around saying i know who likes me they say i dont need to know why am i the last to know everything they say he isnt the right type for me you dont know who is the right man for me why am i the last to know everything they say he isnt good enough for me say i need someone better yea i can agree if the man is like the last boyfriend i had why am i the last to know everything cant i chose for myself dont i know what type of man i want cant i judge for myself people let me know im tried of being the last to know why cant men be open let me know if you like me dont go around telling everyone else tell me dont let me find out from everyone else cause they wont tell me they think they know what i need in a man why am i the last to know they say they know who likes me i want to know who he is why dont they tell me who he is cant i chose if he is right for me why am i the last to know everything why cant men be open and let you know for yours
Last Night.
So, Mr. Meow-gi [Mow-Mow] has been brawling with this neighbor cat a LOT lately. Last night, when Keagan got home from school [8:30ish], they were in the midst of a battle. Keagan picked Mow up to take him inside, took about 10 paces, and BAM! Mow bit him. The first time, it barely broke the skin.... the second time, it was VICIOUS. It's on his right hand, in the soft fleshy area between his thumb & first finger. We went to the ER pretty fast, for a proper cleaning [irrigation is RAD!], a tetanus shot, and anti-biotics... they gave him 20 Vicodin, too. YAYYY! My mom had to wire us money for the scrips. And our power bill... we got out of the ER at about 11:30 [I was shocked that it didn't take THAT long!]... we went home, and at about 1am my mum wired us $$$... so we went on an adventure looking for a 24-hour Western Union... we knew a 24-hour pharmacy was near the hospital. So, we got the scrips and headed home... he took a Vic & a half, and his anti-biotics... BUT THEN a few ho
Last Night
Did anyone watch South Park last night? They did a dig at 24 and they named every possible website you could think of during that episode. I laughed so damn hard that I almost fell off my bed. I mean Cartman was Jack Bauer. It was sad cause I was able to name every last person that was in relation to the 24 character. I canít wait for them to show it again I have to record it!
Last Flight
From my brother, Vietnam vet, retired Army aviator, FAA board member, and frequent traveler. From one of his recent flights cross country, a moving American story. Bring tissue... Slick Bro~ This sure brings the reality of war home; I have been on several flights that have troops returning home from Iraq and it is great to see the respect that they are shown by the silent majority. This certainly raises my opinion of United Airlines. This was written by Lt Gen McCorkle, a retired Marine hero who had an extraordinary career and remains a humble gentleman. Before his retirement a couple of years ago, he was in charge of all Marine aviation. On this weekend that has lots of people exercising their right to freedom of speech to protest the war in Iraq, let's not let this minority of Americans discourage our support of those serving in harms way and their families here at home. They very much need our prayers and support. The second to last paragraph is true and most appropri
Last Chance To Enter
*Contest will run for 3 days. *Contest will start April 4 at 8 am pst, and will end April April 7 8am pst rules: 1. NO NSFW Pics Pic must be of the profile owner!!! this is about who u think would be a nice piece of well u know lmao, so requires u to actually check out their profile come on get your friends to enter the contest or enter yourself in..hugs Most comments wins!!! You CAN comment bomb yourself! Let me know who wants to be in contest by Sunday April 1 at 10 pm then no more entries will be accepted.. oops haha winner gets a one month blast let me know in a message thanks
Last Night
Ok last night was the worst night ever. Well...a part of it was. I had a good buzz....the DJ was wicked best girlies w/ me... Why is it that most guys have a very hard time letting the women they are with have a good time. Especially when they know you are going home w/ them at the end of the night??? How is dancing w/ a group of girls right in their plain view (when they won't even slow dance w/ you....not even once in 5 yrs.....grrr....)a bad thing??? And then he says that you are fat and that case why the hell does he care who watches you dance?
The Last Dog
Oppose CA AB 1634, oppose breed-specific legislation, support responsible dog breeders! The Last Dog By Lidia Seebeck The report came in slowly from Muddy Gap, Wyoming. Someone had spotted a dog sniffing around his house in the bitter cold of a Wyoming winter. The person was quite sure that this was a dog, not a wolf. No, of course he didnít secretly own the dog. That had been banned long ago, of course. This dog seemed to appear out of the blizzard itself one cold night, scaring his daughter silly. Of course the animal was transferred to the authorities. It was determined that yes, indeed, this person really had found a dog, and only its somewhat feral behavior kept the land-dweller from being prosecuted for animal slavery. This dog had clearly been in the wild for some time. Everyone knew that for the last five years only the police, search and rescue, and a few charitable hospices and the like were allowed dogs, and the last one, a Yorkshire Terrier, had died last year. T
last1. food: Hershey's almond bar2. drink: tea3. girl guy: Billy4. car: 2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara5. last show: a cartoon on tv6. movie: Triangle7. clothes: bib capris, thin brown long sleeved top8. shower: today9. bath: been awhile...doc said no baths10. picture takne: saturday night at the bowling alley11. run: ha ha ha12. sport: ha ha ha13. call: my g-ma14. text: don't have text messaging15. nap: nap...what's that?MySpace Quizzes from Get this and more quizzes at!!
im feeling a little...out of...sorts its all just a little if only i could but and then and that doesnt make it any cuz the words just wont little snippets of drenched in oozing pieces of with the roar in the sky of the planes overhead and the beer bottles clinking on the porch next door with the talking and the loudness wafting in the and i cant formulate theres single strands just and its all very but theres no cuz the words are just slightly out of reach and im slightly out of sorts theres this part of me that was...completely undiscovered thru no fault of my own i like to believe but theres no...way to exactly know which makes one completely overthink and at this particular time of nite... theres no one fluent in Samm-ese to explain me to me. so perhaps its best...if i just...attempted to sleep. yes that sounds...delectable...cept for the part where theres these stupid little things gnawing away in my brain. and while i know they're stupid...they'r
The Last Few Days
I have been having alot of troubles with my stash I'm unable to get into pic's, trackz,news,surveys,jokes and dunno the tabs in which you click on to either edit,delete and or view them won't work for me and I am really sick of this beause I downloaded 2 different browsers to see if that would help an nothing,, I've even went to the support lounge and asked them what the problem was an they said it's a glitch and will work itself out but it hasn't as of yet,,, we're talking 3 days of this...Ready to say the hell with it an leave.
Last Night's Episode Of House
(Originally Posted on April 26, 2006)(SPOILER ALERT!)Last night, the episode of House dealt with House having to treat a 15 year old faith healer.† The kid said he could hear god's voice telling him things.† It pissed House off to no end that people actually believe in stuff like that.The interesting thing, though, was that the kid actually caused a cancer patient's tumor to go down.Later on, though, it turned out the kid had a rare form of herpes where the virus attacked cancer cells before normal cells.Anyway, Hugh Laurie (the man who plays House) also used to play on Blackadder III as the idiot Prince George.† They are two totally different characters, but he played each of them very well.tag:† religion,† entertainment,† television,† house,† tv
Last Waltz
Make me blind Cover my eyes You can do what you want I'm paralyzed by the perfect mood When we're dancing with blindfolds on You make it easy to love you and hate you I can't explain it, I feel insecure Say it simple: "You die just to live again." You say we're waiting for the waltz Another you and me Another revolutionary heavenly romance Waiting for the last waltz And so it seems We won't find the solution Confusion leads the dance We're waiting for the last waltz Praise the wine So divine And it stings like a rose Allow the night to flow inside Open the window and let the wind blow Highlight of the night is the unhappy ending You keep refusing to answer my calls Drop the bending and stop the pretending You say get ready for the last waltz Another you and me Another revolutionary heavenly romance Waiting for the last waltz And so it seems We won't find the solution Confusion leads the dance We're waiting for the last waltz I belive that no one
The Last Sleep
this poem is to show bothe men and women feel and react to the pain of being alone. The Last Sleep Her hair frames her face while looking off into the abyss. She drops her coin into a waterless well. Her hands feel only the cold stones, when she yearns to feel warm flesh. Her lips ache as she cries, longing for that one kiss. Alone. Alone. Alone. He looks for her as he runs in no direction. His sweat mixes his tears as his soul cries for her love. He knows she never existed, but the loss is painful. He now knows his way as he makes a coarse correction. Alone. Alone. Alone. They reach for the sharp escape from this empty pain. They cry out into the night as their warm life slips. They no longer hurt as their eyes darken. They are free from life, that heavy strain. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Ryan Hadley
Last Saturday 3-31-07
We threw one hell of a going away party for my bro in law. He shipped out to Qatar the Tuesday after for the Air Force. Man I got fucked up. Drank 2 whole bottles of Johny Walker and got rid of them throughout the next day. But good times were had by all or so I was told.
Last Chance
Can i count on you if i bow my head and pray can i trust the words you send and make it threw the day i need your guidence to piont the way because the path is not yet clear i NEED YOU to piont the way because of all my fear I was lost and all alone until i saw the light but i was saved by love alone because it shined so brite thank you lord for hearing my heart when it needed you the most NEVER GIVE UP ON LIFE OR YOUR DREAMS
Last Rights.....first Damnation (continued)
The night grew cold but his new senses didnt feel it he remebered being mortal and the pains it would bring, he looked to her his creator of his new being with a smirk. Knowing both this was a blessing and a curse knowing deep inside he was now part of the hunter and hunted , he looked forth apon the city from roof top it all seemed so new and differant all these people walking around no less then food,pray , cattle to sluaghter. His smile grew ever so demonicly evil his eyes shined deep red as his urges to feed came to life as he swooped down apon a female in an alleyway , his fangs deeply riping her throat open the blood making its way down his throat he felt the world around him grow. His mistress walked up jus in time to let the woman drop. You must not take all the blood this will kill you it will trap you in soul curse * He looked up to her* Thank you for letting me know this. He streached his body feeling the surges of life essence racing thru him as he heard the womans heart
The Last
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Last Rights.....first Damnation (continued Part 2)
The next night came in a blure his eyes opened to seeing her resting on his chest her smile let her duel needle like fangs show through. He smiled softly as she awoke looking into his eyes * mmmmm , babe you I have to say is my favorite vampire ive made damn good hunter and killer and wonderful in bed* he heard her say this and his smirk grew, his duel thick blunt fangs were full grown in. Like four blades they shined in the moonlight his eyes glimmered a deep red as a knock at the door broke the silence, she turned to the door * who the blazes is it , it better well be important* the door opened and in walked a submissive female vampiress* Madame LaCrue...the lycans have joined in partner ship with the hunter clan one of your safe houses was hit no one survived*. Madame LaCrue's face sunk as her eyes glew deep red of anger and hatred*was my sister there...Madame we dont know , her body wasnt seen though*, the madam paced the room noding * knowing my sister shes at the meat packing pla
i hate it when ppl put me last it really pisses me off every 1 puts me last in line they do where every they want 2 do frist talk 2 ppl do other stuff them they see me or we them they want 2 have some thing 2 do with me
Last Dance
if i had known that dance would have been the last i would have cherished it for all it was worth if i had known that would be the last time i would look into your eyes i would have melted that day had i known you would leave so suddenly i would have held you a little closer as we danced our last dance i could smell the sweetness of your skin and felt the strength in your arms you held me up never let me fall that last dance could have lasted a lifetime the music played and i fell deeper in trance with your movements if i had known it would be our last dance i would have held on forever if i had known that would be the end i would have told you then that i loved you instead of now that it's too late take with you my heart because its with you and forever with our last dance
Last Day On Here
while may dear ct friends today is my last day on ct for a while. iam leaveing tomm morning for my back surgery. wish me luck. ill try to come back on here as soon as i can. take care of your selfs and be safe love you all..
Last Week - Yipes
Hi, It was a busy week for me. I have taken about 2,000 pics last week and I am still editing them. That's the hard part of shooting so many pictures. Some were glamour, glamour nudes and some were of a wedding. Next uncle sam expressed his appreciation of my work by ask for a very very large donation. CRY, CRY, CRY! Yes grown men cry! I could use some help. I will work for food money. If you have been thinking of a shoot let me know. I guarantee you will be happy with the results or you money will be cheerfully refunded! Thanks, Howard
Last Nights Fun Nsfw
So my birthday is this week and we decided to celibrate in grand fassion after learning that some friends were throwing a party at a Club Temptations in Dayton. Off we went last night on the long drive to a fun little joint we havent been to in quite some time. hen we got there it was quote packed so we dropped off our coats and bag in a locker, stowed out booze in the cooler opened up a couple and started to cruse the floor chatting with some friends, and seeing some that we had not seen for some time. After about an hour we just could not wait any longer to leave the group and head to the greatest part of the facility, the pool and hot tub! We headed back to the lockers stripped grabbed our towels and headed to the hot tub. Temptations has a heated pool, and a hot tub that seats 30+. When we got there there was only two other couples there and we slid in and enjoyed the watter and conversation for a bit. Our passions started to burn, allong with our bodies in the hot water so we slid
Last Nights Fun!!!
So my birthday is this week and we decided to celibrate in grand fassion after learning that some friends were throwing a party at a Club Temptations in Dayton. Off we went last night on the long drive to a fun little joint we havent been to in quite some time. hen we got there it was quote packed so we dropped off our coats and bag in a locker, stowed out booze in the cooler opened up a couple and started to cruse the floor chatting with some friends, and seeing some that we had not seen for some time. After about an hour we just could not wait any longer to leave the group and head to the greatest part of the facility, the pool and hot tub! We headed back to the lockers stripped grabbed our towels and headed to the hot tub. Temptations has a heated pool, and a hot tub that seats 30+. When we got there there was only two other couples there and we slid in and enjoyed the watter and conversation for a bit. Our passions started to burn, allong with our bodies in the hot water so we slid
Last Night... Today
Last night I sat out with the stars and gazed wondering if they could hear the silent wishes I send. Truly beautiful in the glow they bask in. It reminded me of being with friends. Last night I sat out with them and pondered many, many, many thoughts of life. I pondered the reflections of myself in my eyes. I pondered the moments of all my strife. Last night my mind was far away from usual. I focused on things deep down that I felt. I tried to see beauty where none once stood. It was the stars, like eyes, watching me melt. Last night in that glow that shined from above I seen pictures of memories that I tried to forget. It was almost like real yet known to be past. The memories suppressed for so long I kept. So today I woke up and sat back outside. This was what my blue eyes seen. Malachi playing with dragon flies. Oh what the sight has done for me. So precious is he, my dog and my life. Tranquility
The Last Ride
The Last Ride Sitting here in Heaven upon my trusty steed Knowing of the comfort you all will surely need If you look into the Heavens you will see my smiling face And know that finally I have found and taken my rightful place In Heaven there are no sorrows, no worries, and no cares I am free to be myself as I never could be there So please now when you think of me; let not a tear be shed But remember me with a smile on my face and a loving heart instead For though some never knew it, or took the time to see There was a loving, thoughtful soul who was a part of me So be there for each other, and let your sorrows be gone For as you know God and I will be watching everyone Now it's time for me to go as there are cattle in Heaven as well It's time to round up all God's cows and take them to the sale So with a wink and a cocky grin it's time to say good day With a Tip of My Hat and "See You Soon" I will now ride away Laurie 04/02/02
Last Day On The Job
It was the mailman's last day on the job after 35 years of carrying the mail through all kinds of weather to the same neighborhood. When he arrived at the first house on his route he was greeted by the whole family there, who congratulated him and sent him on his way with a big gift envelope. At the second house they presented him with a box of fine cigars. The folks at the third house handed him a selection of terrific fishing lures. At the fourth house he was met at the door by a strikingly beautiful woman in a revealing negligee. She took him by the hand, gently led him through the door, and led him up the stairs to the bedroom where she blew his mind with the most passionate love he had ever experienced. When he had had enough they went downstairs, where she fixed him a giant breakfast, eggs, potatoes, ham, sausage, blueberry waffles, and fresh squeezed orange juice. When he was truly satisfied she poured him a cup of steaming coffee. As she was pouring, he
Last Hope?
im standing up on my last 2 legs bearly able to take a step and every night i pray and beg to give me just sumthing left i cant continue with all this weight i cant keep seeing all this pain i wish just once that time would wait and stop the continuing suffering rain i need to make one finally stand find some hope amongst oneself but unfortunatley i dont think i can as im stuck with the cards that i was dealt
Last Nights Night Of Iniquity4
Last nights last Bay area Night of Iniquity 4 was intense and awesome. Lots of kick ass bands rocked the house and entertained us all for hours. Evelyn Rose and I were the first fetish act to perform. Yeah...I know shocking isn't it...everyone knew we had had a huge falling out last summer.We used that to our advantage for this 6 minute skit.It started out her being a diva and I got fed up and walked out on stage saying how her performance Then went into her throwing candle wax all over me and then flogging me.All the while I'm egging her on about is that all she could and couldn't she make a flogger sting?? I even made reference to how I trained her and thought I had trained her better than that.We then pulled the events organizer ,Heather, into the fray and just had blast. Fatal Fetish as always put on great performances and the vendors sold many Here are a few pics from last nights event.Enjoy.
Last Night
I fell asleep last night, My arms wrapped so tight around you, The smell of your hair so comforting, I'm home with you, Then I dreamed I kissed your neck, You cuddled closer to me, You held my arms so tight, Whispered, "don't let go of me," I felt you rush through my heart, when that little smile lit your lips, I thanked God for the treasure, I hold at my finger tips, I pulled your hair behind your ear, Whispered I love you, Kissed you so soft on your cheek, Then layed down next to you, I prayed to the lord, To stay asleep with you, Cause I don't know what I will do when morning comes, And i wake up with out you... Hurry home baby! I miss you!!!!
Last And Final Flight Home...
Summary of the eRumor: A first-hand narrative of being on an airline flight carrying the body of a fallen Marine home to Southern California . The Truth: The narrative is true. It was written by Stuart Witte, a former Navy pilot who is the manager of the Mojave airport in Mojave, California . He titled it Final Flight. He was in Maryland on February 16 to attend a Navy ceremony. He happened to end up on a flight from Washington D.C. to Los Angeles that was carrying the body of 1st Lt. Jared Landaker, a Marine helicopter pilot from Big Bear, California . Witte also attended a memorial service for Lt. Landaker that was held at Camp Pendleton in California in March. Diary Of A Last and Final Flight Home February 17, 2007, 0350 I was at curbside at 24th and M, Washington DC . 16 Degrees with a light breeze. Going home after my second week of freezing temps to my warm home in SoCal. Take a walk on the beach, ride a horse, climb a mo
Last Night
You came in thru my window last night.... Like an angel of the darkness... You touched me in ways the mind can't even begin to imagine and not a one of them was physical... You wandered a path thru my mind and soul fulfilling every desire within me... Sensations flowing over my body only it was my own finger tips that caressed my skin not yours... I could feel you hovered over me the smell of your skin the heat from your body... For an instant our hearts beat as one... Mmmmmm and that kiss that is what woke me... But what did I wake to find??? Only a dark empty room filled with the sounds of the pouring rain outside my window the wind blowing my curtain in the moon light as it was sneaking thru the clouds... With my skin soaked in sweat my heart pounding and my breathes heavy I turned to look out my open window and whispered... "Where'd you go???? Come back to me... My love."
The Last Stand
well after all the things i haven't done right its time to turn it all around, its time to go forward, its time to make it right i have one month and it will be one year and i have never really showed that i care..i love my son more than anything in this world, and i just realized how much i need he mother around..i don't know wat to say when he ask where mommy is, when i say i don't know, he ask y not..i said mommy don't wanna be here, he is like why not.. it gets to u when u don't know wat to tell them..he started crying last night cuz his grandma lefted and mommy wuzn't here, its so hard not to cry too..i just don't know wat to do..
Last Night/nightmares
i went to earls to hang out with philly and christina but christina told matt he had to leave when her shift started and so he and philly left to go fuck before she had to go home so i ate a not so good burger lol its only good when the pervert cook is there hahahah and then i came home and i checkedmy mail and i fell asleep super early like 1130is or so lol and then i woke up at 6 am and then went back to sleep.. i had nightmares i was walking late at night by myself like i used to people were crying and screaming and i felt so bad i didnt know where it came from or what do and i got scared so i ran and this person was chasing me and i started fucking screaming but i didnt run fast enough because they cought me and started choking me and i woke up and tears were coming down my face and i was all sweaty it was shitty
Last One On Words Of Wisedom For The Day
It is craving, which gives rise to fresh rebirth, and, bound up with pleasure and lust, now here, now there, finds ever-fresh delight. But where does this craving arise and take root? Wherever in the world there are delightful and pleasurable things, there this craving rises and takes root. Eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind are delightful and pleasurable: there this craving arises and takes root.
Last Night At Work
Ironic that this post is NSFW because it happened at work. You see, I work 3rd shift at a hotel. Sometimes my girlfriend accompanies me to keep me company since often there isn't anything to do. She was in the lobby; I was sitting in the back office. I'd left her chatting with a friend on her laptop. After a few minutes of being idle at 4 am, I started to doze a little. The phone rang, waking me up. I went to the phone but as soon as I put my hand on the receiver, the ringing stopped. I looked up to say to Natasha, "That was weird" but she wasn't out there. Immediately, she was coming into the back office. She grabbed me by the collar and kind of threw me into the desk chair there. She straddled my hips and started grinding against me. I got hard fairly quickly especially since she started kissing me passionately. When she took a breath, I asked her 'What brought that on?". She barely paused long enough to say 'I don't know'. She reached down and grabbed my dick throu
for everything there must come a last. a last minute, a last hour, a last month, day, or year. a last drink, a last coke, a last tequila, scotch, or beer. a last love, a last heart, a last kiss, hug, or rage... or even the last words written on a page. but the worst last thing is your last breath because what is to follow will surely be your death
Last One For 1000 Bux
Lasting Impression
Just like sun swept mountain hues, Colouring the skies in purples and blues. Just as the ocean waves rise and fall, So to does the trees so big and tall. Everything always leaves them, It doesnt matter how what or when. These things in which I speak, do you know? If you havent guess by now always show. Impressions is the answer to the question, Now come on, lets be real to the confession.
Last Two Nights.
Alright. As that the person that was going to help me try and figure out my dreams is not around.. I shall right them on here. Maybe someone can tell me what they think they mean. Obviously these are not the whole dreams since I can't remember all of that... just the parts that really seemed to stick. 2 nights ago was the worst dream... well sort of I guess. Last nights was disturbing but in a different sort of way. The first dream... I was in a car with a guy. There was a mass murderer on the loose.. think a Jason type.. but with a machine gun. I was dressed in a frilly white dress like Madonna from the 80's. I was scared shitless and for some reason happened to have red paint in the car. I poured the red paint over my white dress in hopes that the killer would think he'd already gotten me and I was dead. Didn't work. Out of nowhere the car started getting shot up and I was hit numerous times very quickly in the chest area and stomach by bullets. At first I didn't thin
The Last Time (comment Please!!)
I can't think about your laughter, You could always make me smile, No more thouhts of your warm touch, How it made each day worth while, Its the small things that pain my heart, I have to say goodbye, I have to say goodbye, I can't keep these memories, They keep tearin me apart, I've got to find a way, To heal this broken heart, its the small things that pain my heart, I have to say goodbye, I have to say goodbye, Chorus: Its the last time I'm cry'n The last time I call your name, The last time I say its the last time, I've gotta be on my way, No sleepless nights, No more tears from these tired eyes, Its the last time I say its the last time, I have to say Goodbye, No more thoughts about you, I have to clear my mind, Even though God knows i've tried ten million times, Its the small things that pain my heart, I have to say goodbye, I have to say goodbye, Yes, I'm sorry its over, but its too late for change, Seems to be the one thing, In this cra
Last Night...........
so i wrote this last night in a bulletin on "myspace" haha... myspace...ANYWAY. .......... still up.... still fucking awake. bitch ass cough medicine. so of all things to do my first bulliten on... i pick YOU .. hydro cough syrup. im sick. pretty bad actually. seems lately i get sick every 5 efin minutes, im sure its the line of work im in... ANYWAY.... so as the night progressed i felt more like a crap ball. i get home about 12am. coughing like i got the black lung (pop haha) ..... im on the couch and on my coffee table i have a bottle of "vicotus" which ive had since the last time i was sick a few months ago. well being the lazy ass that i am instead of gettin up to get the TEASPOON required to take this, i just open it up and drink it. ... and not a "lil sip" no. a SA WIG! good idea? hmmm. im thinking now that it was NOT. not only do i feel high as a fuckin kite. i also get the feeling that my skin is going to CRAWL OF MY BONES. so itching my arms and head like a crack whore,
Last Nightís Scene
Last Nightís Scene Last night, the creeping moon infiltrated my lust and unmasked the sins of my flesh. I surrendered to the blasphemous urge and plucked the delicate flower rising through my seam; seducing me, last night. ~ last night I closed my eyes, and beckoned my hand, to commit the forbidden dance. The stars blushed at the titillating scene, and the moon and I pierced the orb to dive beneath loves sea; drowning the flames, last night Nicole Willians © 2007
The Last Glimpse
Thursday, October 21, 2004 How was I to know it would be the very last time I ever saw him. I caught my last glimpse as I peered into the rear view mirror, fighting back the encroaching tears as I drove away heading back home. Home, to California, which hadn't felt much like home ever since he left! Home, where the past two years of my life have been spent waiting, wanting, hoping and preparing for his return. Home, which now imprisons me for if I leave I may miss his call. Home, where he, "couldn't wait to come back to", and yet seems so easily forgotten for him. Home, which mocks me with all the reminders and momentos of what was, and what is never to be again. Saying our, "until we meet again" farewells had become an expected and recurring event after each and every visit I made. Almost two years ago he had taken my advice to go back to his homeland in Canada to straighten his affairs and then return to California. My need for him to be an honorable man who was here in the Sta
Last Contest For A Mens Ring=3700 Payed At 9pm Tonigh
1st to drop 5 comments ...blueyeys i know u have a balance from yesterday 1200+ 500...plz cash out...cassie 8 champion...plz cash out...u cash out by telling me who gets the gift and what u want
Last Day
Last False Alarm
Last Tear
Please say you love me. That this is just a trick. Tell me im lovely. Say your heart is thick. No! donít turn away. Come back. Come back and stay! Come back. Donít act this way. Donít hide your feelings to protect me. Show me your heart I prey. I donít mind getting hurt open up let me see. I know you have to leave. Just let me know you love me. Sure it will be painful telling what you believe. But im up for the challenge cant you see? No! donít turn away. Come back. Come back and stay! Come back. Making me hate you wont allow me to stop missing you! So please tell me once more! Please donít act all cold to me cant you see im miserable too?! By not saying anything your making more sore. Please this is no way of leaving. Donít you dare tell me not to miss you! Cause I will miss you even if its not relieving! Donít you love me too? Donít leave me with rotten memories. I know you donít want me to be hurt. But your stinging m
The Last Blog
Last Blog To Make Sure All The Players
have recieved a 500 dollar gitft...if u always check these blogs and i have not gave u a 500 dollar gift hit me up..if i owe u hit me up...and goodnight shutting the gates on the contest store for the
The Last Time (comment Please)
I cant think about your laughter, you could always make me smile, no more thoughts of your warm touch, how it made each day worth while, its the small things that pain my heart, i have to say goodbye, i have to say goodbye, i cant keep these memories, there tearing me apart, i've got to find a way, to heal this broken heart, its the small things that pain my heart, i have to say goodbye, i have to say goodbye, so this is the last time I'm crying, its the last time i call your name, its the last time i say its the last time, i've got to be on my way, no more sleepless nights, no more tears from these tired eyes, its the last time i say its the last time, I have to say goodbye, no more thoughts about you, i've got to clear my mind, even though God knows, I've tried 10 million times, its the small things that pain my heart, i have to say goodbye, i have to say goodbye, yes, i'm sorry its over, but its too late for change, that seems the be the one t
Last Chance Lounge Gear!
Last Chance
Well, this is Carla's last chance. She doesn't call or message me tonight I'm going to tell her to go to hell and never contact me again. Sick of the games and being ignored. Found out she's been less than honest with me, too. I fucking hate being lied to!
The Last One
Call me Ishmael. I never thought my life would be so similar to Melville's Moby Dick. Call me Ishmael is the first line from the classic novel. Ishmael was the only survivor of the encounter with the white whale. It is through his recounting of the story that the reader finds out what happened and how he alone survived. My life has recently seen me become as Ishmael was. The last survivor of a tight crew. Earlier today the phone rang. The voice on the other end was one I had not talked to in years. It was the voice of the little brother of the drummer from my first band. He told me of his brother's passing. It seems Wednesday night on his way back from the store he was hit by a drunk driver. His car was totalled and he did not survive. Bob Blackwell was a great person and an incredible musician. He earned my respect a long time ago. We had loosely kept in touch after the band broke up in 1986. We were just teen-agers then. From 1983 to 1986 we were in a great band called The Nuckin
Last Night
I picked up an older woman at the Washington Potomac Yacht Club last night. She was a real looker for being 60. We drank a bit, had a bit of a conversation & she asked if I'd ever had the sportsman's double?. I said I'm not sure what that was. She said a mother and daughter with one guy. We drank a bit more, then she says that tonight was my lucky night. I said that sounds great, let's go! We went back to her place. She put the hall light on & and shouted upstairs: "Mom, you still awake ?"
Last Time I Saw My Friend
one of the best persons ,ive ever met was taken from us in 1995,she was 33, i clearly remember the last time i saw her,me and another good friend went to see her.she was at home ,because they knew there wasnt much time left,and there was nothing they could do.we walked into her room ,and she smiled as always.we talked a bit , then she ask us,i know one of you two have a joint will you smoke buddy a lil scared and bewildered,ask her are you sure thats good for you?she laughed ,and said im dying,and what ive done in life has anything to do with it.but the one thing i want is to enjoy what time i have with my good friends. still miss ya tracy
Last Words
The last words i will ever say to the one who has came and gone in a day To her ive given my heart away And broken is the price Ill pay A love as pure and true as this was once sealed by a kiss But that thought now has cut my wrists Was I just a name on your list My passion will drown me here tonight To think that we once bathed in its light i prayed we wouldn't lose our sight we are to far gone to set things right As you lay me down to sleep My heart i'll give to you to keep I promise you won't see me weep what you sow is not what you reap The question you won't answer is why Why you saw it fit to lie The least you could have done is tried But its to late ive already died
Last Weekend
On Saturday Kay gave me a few gifts, she is an artist type and drew some very erotic drawings of her self in very submissive poses, loved all of them. Kay also had made a new spanking item, it is a rubber tube bent around, and is very silent, so no matter where we are at I can spank her and no one will hear it. The item stings like made, I tried it first on my legs to see, WOW, then later that night I had Kay lay across my lap, bare ass exposed, and proceeded to spank her good. The new item leaves little red welts, nothing harsh, but stinging stripes, up and down her ass, and thighs I struck as Kay lay submissively feeling the sting. I took my time not hard swats, but gentle, rubbing, checking on her breathing, after about 40 minutes, I could feel her wetness running down onto my lap. I new she was very excited, and reaching between her legs I found her pussy pouring out her cum, she was so wet. Since this was a new item, I stopped the spanking and took her to the bedroom, whe
Last Night
Last night I sat And pondered How best to do The deed at hand I sat and wondered What to do About those left Who would cry And while I pondered I saw myself As from above Holding something Something sharp A tool of destruction I saw myself Place the tip On the smooth skin Of my wrist I saw myself Make a line of red To mark my way To the other side I saw myself Slowly bleed Until no more blood Would run I saw myself Lying on the floor Alone and crying Until no more breath Would fill my lungs Then I was myself Seeing what I was about And slowly stood To leave the room Those that I left Will cry not today For I had not the courage To do the task at hand And so I still ponder What is now ahead Was it worth it To lose face In the moment Of certain Rest
Last Day
the most important people to you, 'excluding you kids',lover, friend ,spouse, slave,sibling, anyone close to you . who ever it is. is leaveing forever and you will never see them or here from them again. you have a moment left with them what do you say or do.think quickly. before the moments gone. the moments gone.they are gone. who all did u think of. you never know when this moment will come. should u now tell these people what u thought of for each of them and what you wanted to say or do.
Last Summer Fling
last summer fling - paulonyou - australia Being a married bi guy, it isnít always easy to find time and a place for some outside MFM or MM fun, so I love summer time especially because we have great beaches and places to go for some nude sunbathing and hooking up. I was kind of lamenting that Summer had pretty much come to an end and the days were getting much cooler and shorter, but a late quick squirt of warm weather gave me a chance for a last squirt of my own. It was last weekend and my wife decided to go to the Saturday football game with a girlfriend. The kids were doing their thing and so I jumped in the car and headed down to Escort Beach. It was a mild day, no breeze, but the sun was bright and as I pulled into the car park I noticed a couple of cars already there. As I climbed up the sand hill to the beach and surveyed the dunes in front of me I saw what could have been some people in the bushes so I figured this might be on today and a smile came to my face as I co
Last Words
Last time I saw you mom was When you hugged me and said goodbye. The last words I heard were I Love You, All I could think of was all the Good times we went through. I wanted to hug you and tell you that I Love You, I just stood there and cried. No words would come out. There in my mind I kept hearing You saying I Love You, I Love You Then I knew it was to late. When I got on the road to go back home, I wanted to run back to you, But I couldn't I wanted to tell you the truth that I Love You, I Love You. But it was to late and those were the last words.
Last Night
after a night of heavy drinkin i woke up dazed this morning. my mouth was dry...and there was a sweetly copper somewhat familar taste in my mouth but i couldnt place it . i rolled over and felt wetness in my bed. starled i sat up and examined my bed. my pillows and blankets were splatter with blood. blood... thats what that taste in my mouth is. i get out of bed confused nd struggeling to rember last nights events... i walk into the bathroom and stare at myself in the mirror. i am covered in blood. there seemes to be more of it dried around my mouth and on my hands. i turn and walk back to my bedroom and lay back down in my bloodstained bed. my god....what did i do last night?
Last Chance
I will be gone for awhile so no sense in having this account account is about to be deleted in approximately 10 minutes
Last Night At The Hospital
After psycology class last night I came home and started having contractions. So around 9 pm we called my sister to take me to the hospital. When we got out to the hospital went up to labor and delivery the nurses hooked me up to the monitors and didn't see any contractions, but I was feeling them. About an hour later the doctor came in the room, while Mike went out to smoke, he checked me out and did a culture on me, and found a infection inside that was causeing the pre-term labor. The doctor sent me home with some medician to clear it up. He told me that I should be feeling better in five days. That is good that the doctor found out what was causeing the contrations to stop. I am only 6 1/2 mons she is to early to come out on us. The doctor also told us since this is my 7th birth and my last birth only went 30 mins we might be delivering the baby from home. Oh boy Mike knows nothing on how to delivery a baby. Other than that everything is going well. Just 10 more weeks left
Last Night Of December
Cold and raw, the wind whistles sharply. Snow begins to fall, only flurries, very light. No telling what will happen on this last December night. Pitter-pattering on the roof as snow mixes with rain. Passionate fire fuels their hearts; She cringes with lovely pain. Sheets of white blind prying eyes from seeing the activity within. Raging love is all ablaze, encouraging this awesome sin. Accumulating on the earth, the snow blankets the ground. Wrapped up in each others arms they bask in the love they've found. The storm moves on and the weather calms, on this last night of December. The two kiss slowly, then fall asleep, from a night they'll always remember.
The Last Outpost Of Solidarity
solidarity once stood for the fact that a lot of people shared the same thoughts about a certain thing. solidarity today means nothing. It might do so for a short period in some peoples lives until the mone on to better positions in life and careers. A lot of people find themselves fighting for solidarity within their class in order to find themselves being a genration older than everyone else. It's a scary thought that you one day will wake up to find your friends and the manifest has left you for a better life and that you most likely will die alone...
Last Night
I had fun last night. Me and a friend went and seen "28 weeks later" Good movie you guys need to go see it. Even though the poor guy almost got lost getting to my house cuz I live in the boonies, but he made it.
Last Call
Hello,Oh its you again callin me one last time Like im the perpetrater of some evil crime MmHmm Sure!!!Yeah Whatever!!! Its not like you did anything wrong never Mrs.Goody Two Shoes would never tell a lie You make me so sick to my stomach feels like im gonna die Pretending to be something your not Just go to hell and fucking rot Yeah ok YES!!! im still here, you still throwing a fit Ive told you before im not listening to this shit Hang Up Shut Up and call someone who cares Because from you bitch ive taken all i can bear
Last One Standing
Queen of the night Life of the party It's all an illusion You can't hide that big of heartache So stop the delusion Waitin' for someone's rescue My arms are right here for you (Chorus:) Through the wind and the rain Through the laughter and pain Count on me And when life isn't fair And there's nobody there, I will be In a world of pretenders I am your defender (I'll never surrender) And when it all comes down (Yeah, when it all comes down) I'll be the last one standing This is for life Don't ever doubt it I've already fallin' Love is alive So stand up and shout it Cause destiny's calling The others who stand behind me They don't look nothing like me (Chorus) Waitin' for someone's rescue My arms are right here for you (Chorus)
Last Monday In May
ďLast Monday in MayĒ© By John T. Bird We pause to remember those who died With so much courage, so much pride Theyíll never come back, yet memories endure To remind us of freedom: fragile, pure Weíre worthy of their sacrifice if we pause each day Not just on the last Monday in May ©John T. Bird, copyright 2006
The Last Dance
The Last Dance (for my Father) The ichor darkness so sublime the feast is finished, fruit left dying on the vine. Wilted roses, petals lost in the wind, perhaps it is best to finish the cycle before it begins Life cut short in its prime, isn't fate so sublime?? I remember your smile and warm blue eyes, ones that held no guile and wern't disguised. Rose of Ashlaron lost in tyme never again to dance the waltz divine. You taught me much in such a short space. You had shown me beauty and grace. The lake we spent so many summers on on is now still no ripple of life. The wind blows softly the moon is silver above.. Ah, how my heart aches to remember.. I cast your ashes to the wind.. the cycle now over, yet I cannot again begin. You will always dance in my memmories.. just at the end of the cycle , save the last dance for me... ~Shadowdancer ~ CRH 5-9-07
The Last Of The Voters :)
bigguyspanky~here to put a little bang in your yingyang!~~@ CherryTAP keith(GREEN LANTERN) of the JLM.@ CherryTAP swany119@ CherryTAP FIGJAM AKA monkee5th@ CherryTAP Chiff@ CherryTAP HERE IT IS .. WHAT DO YOU THINK??@ CherryTAP BigChris71185@ CherryTAP Los@ CherryTAP Ra' Driving Back to Florida@ CherryTAP Slinger1@ CherryTAP ~Brian~@ CherryTAP xxxalldaylongxxx
The Last Star And The Telescope
The Last Time.
Some victories are hard won and long awaited. Today marked one of those moments... I had my last custody conciliation meeting.. I know it's the last because my son turns 18 in November. The last time my ex will use the opportunity of appearing in public to try to attack and discredit the mother of his three children, of which he tried his utmost. What did I want? Equal travel for visitation.. I wasn't asking for much, it all comes at such a high price. And I won some kind of victory in that. As I looked at the face pouring out lies and inappropriate talk I saw how far I'd come from believing the man spouting them long ago, and it was so much garbage, but I'm sure, this is the last time.
Last Time In Jamiaca
That is the smoothest change to a bikini top I have ever seen I commented to her as I saw her slide her triangle top in place over her tank top and ten slide the tank down. Both breasts instantly fell into place and she just slid the tank down beneath the top and then up and over her head to remove it. I had seen her around the resort for a couple of days and talked to her briefly in the gym. She was German and had blonde hair. The first thing I though was ďnot another BlondeĒ I get myself in more trouble with blondes than any other hair color. Today she sits closer to me and she does this neat little routine and we start to chat. Seems she is in a similar situation as I am in a relationship but not going well. Has kids and together because of them. So she and I have something in common. I go off and get us a drink, as the sun is already high overhead and getting quite warm. It is afternoon and I have been lying in the sun baking for hours just reading and watching son play and reading
Last Day!!!
LAST DAY TO VOTE!!! I need your help to put me back in first place in the calendar competition!It ends May 31st at midnightIt's also My BIRTHDAY month!!! I think I should represent May... no? Send your votes everyday ( it's almost over) please and tell all your friends. Repost this Bulletin and help me out. Vote in the Calendar contest as well as playing cards contest! ** Remember, joining with my recruit number gives me five extra vote points! If you're not from the Tristate area, use zipcode-08869. My Recruit ID# is 325. Help me win!! PLEASE JOIN!!!!!!! It will really help me get further! Vote for Miss Lush for May!! Let's do it this time Really! Thanks for all who have been participating and helping and thanks to those who will make me win this upcoming month!!
Last Day On The Job
It was the mailman's last day on the job after 35 years of carrying the mail through all kinds of weather to the same neighborhood. When he arrived at the first house on his route he was greeted by the whole family there, who congratulated him and sent him on his way with a big gift envelope. At the second house they presented him with a box of fine cigars. The folks at the third house handed him a selection of terrific fishing lures. At the fourth house he was met at the door by a strikingly beautiful woman in a revealing negligee. She took him by the hand, gently led him through the door, and led him up the stairs to the bedroom where she blew his mind with the most passionate love he had ever experienced. When he had had enough they went downstairs, where she fixed him a giant breakfast, eggs, potatoes, ham, sausage, blueberry waffles, and fresh squeezed orange juice. When he was truly satisfied she poured him a cup of steaming coffee. As she was pouring, he
Last Chance Lounge
NiKo Koopa*Bar Staff Manager/Mr. Countdown-LCL*@ CherryTAP
The Last Things A Woman Would Ever Say
10. Could our relationship be more physical? I'm tired of being just friends. 9. Go ahead and leave the seat up. It's easier for me to douche that way. 8. Hey, get a whiff of that one! 7. Please don't throw that old T-shirt away. The holes in the armpits are too cute. 6. This diamond is just way too big. 5. Does this make my ass look too small. 4. I'm wrong, you must be right again. 3. Wow! It really is 14 inches! 2. I think hairy balls are so sexy. 1. I won't even put my lips on that thing unless I get to swallow.
Last Resort
The Last Time
The last time i was held when someone wanted to hold me This august makes a year But i didn't want it The last time i was held when i wanted to be Three and a half years, give or take a few months But i didn't need it The last time i was held when i needed it i know it happened but i can't remember it
The Last Day
it's the last day. and everything is still so messed up. no solutions have become apparent, no plans have been set. everythings all fucked up. im almost completely alone, no family, hardly any friends. This is all on my shoulders. and i cant take it all right now. As of right now, I really dont have a mother or a father. Its a competition between them, and im in the middle. Money is everything to both of them, thats the only thing their concerned about. I am not blaming everyone, I need help tho. " A responsible adult asks for help" well, im asking, and im not receiving, so if a responsible adult gets fucked over, I dont want to be responsible. It's the last day of high school, and im ready as all hell to get out of there, get rid of the pains in my ass, the fucked up rules and shit like that. All I know, is that I cant handle this stress by myself anymore. Im cramming a years worth of work into 3 months, with no help from my main family. No one can decide on anything, and Im
Last Night.
way too fun. i haven't been at that concert place in a while so it was good to be there again. with me and chris almost beating the shit out of two girls aside, a good time was had by all! =)
Last Night
All right. So last night my friend Kellee, my roommate Brian and I are watching a lil' "Hells Kitchen". Now.. I don't care what you say...but watching the fat asain cowboy have his mental breakdowns and start crying is just very amuseing to me. we are sitting there minding our own, the neighbors, one from across the street and one next door, are doing some yard work. Not just any yard work but like major tree trimming yard work stuff. So grizzly adams is up in this tree with a chain saw doing his thing. When we hear a loud...WOOSH!! Followed by a SMASH...followed by the tv and internet going bye bye. Well...I rushed frantically to my boxes of random stuff to find my rabbit ear anttenas just in time to catch the rest of my show. Anyways.....I really don't think random people should be able to just climb trees near power and cable lines and just start cutting away without some kind of permit or something. Then again I do live in White Center...where people do
Last Night
Last One
Always walking alone Since the first day Out of the woom Having no morals taught to me Not being taught anything Keeping to myself, I walk alone Teaching myself everyhting In life and in love All the way from morals to Having respect for everything and nothing at the same time Being myself is my only strength My only weakness is... Forever walking alone
Last Day
This is my final day of first shift. Next week I must go to bed early so i can get up early.
The Last Two Weeks
so yeah moving was rotten.falling down stairs hahahaha yeah i was drunk but i fell bad :-( anyways so yeah now my bf's mom lives in the apartment next door to me :-( my son skipped an exam.and my son is going thru being 15 and rotten and i don't get it......... sometimes it helps to have ppl to talk to and different points of views when ppl feel strong about something............. anyways yeah my life i can't get away from some drama's.who can i guess when you have a family.....well i hope to write on every week but we'll see kisses Hottie
Last Breathe
Your breathe only inches away as you sleep I feel youÖbut not the whole you Only what you have passively discarded Unknowingly exhausted from your intimate self Wishing to be your breath Moving into you gently , filling you up Wanting to be vital for your existence Will I ever be Your chest rises My heart defies my mind I move closer to your body Your mouth only inches from mine I eagerly take the only thing you are willing to give I breath your breathe , so warm and comforting You fill my mouth Ö is it enough I invite you in where few have invaded circulating though my every sense I am internally exposed Synchronizing our breath Our breathe is one Yet you slumber Unaware of your possession BreatheÖ.. what if it were your last My heart would surely collapsed Wriiten By Shreen Michaels
Last Day Of My Life
It's the first thing in the morning and the last thing late at night I get overwhelmed with sorrow I know I won't survive I'm feeling that you're leaving just when the time is right and I know there's no tomorrow will I ever see the light You said it's forever what did I do do you remember I meant everything to you You said you'd always love me Till the very last day of my life Are you saying... now it's time to die you swore you'd never leave me Till the very last day of my life are you saying that you change your mind tonight Oh I don't know where it started but I know where it will end and I pray that you'll still love me 'Cause my life is in your hands I'm lost inside without you I hope you are as well and I feel my soul is stranded alone in this living hell You said it's forever what did I do do you remember I meant everything to you Now I'm still waiting alone here in the dark collecting all the pieces of another foolish heart I
The Last Few Days.
The last few days I have missed some of you all a lot. I have been really busy with school. I got my second set of grades today. I got a 49/50 and 100/100. So I still have an a average. This week is really busy and I wont be around much. I was thinking about reducing my time on here anyway do to a few reasons that I am so not getting into right now. I really do miss some of y'all and don't want y'all to think I am avoiding you on here or messenger but i have just been really overwhelmed with the group project that we were assigned this week. I am team leader which means I have twice the work. But that is my problem lol. Anyway I am going to stop back in when I can. Those of you who I miss will know who you are. Take care everyone. Have a great week and hope to talk to you all soon. Night Night.
The Last Rebel
There's a grey horse standin' still As a soldier climbs in the saddle for one last ride As the rain pours off his hat You can see the shadows of the past written in his eyes Now the cannons are silent His friends are all gone Gotta put it all behind him If he ever wants to find his way home He's the last rebel on the road Just a boy with his old guitar Keeps to himself but everybody takes him wrong But he carries on Got a dream that will never die Can't change him, no use in stayin' where you don't belong Now he's rollin' down the highway Gone too far too fast No one will ever find him, he'll never look back (chorus) 'cause he's the last rebel And he's all alone He's the last rebel His friends are all gone He's the last rebel The last rebel on the road There'll never be another like him He's the last of a dying breed Ain't no use in tryin' to tame him 'cause he's the last rebel
Last Message From Kristy
A step back I want to thank everyone for all of the support and attention that Kaleb has received however, it has become WAY too big for me and Josh to handle right now. Kaleb is starting to get better and now is the time for us as parents to be proactive in his treatment and rehab. We are very tired and weary at this time. All of our strength and focus needs to be on Kaleb & our family. We are EMOTIONALLY drained as well as physically. My blog posting is going to considerably decrease from this point forward. My words are being misconstrued and taken out of context by some. I have to take a step back in the interest of Kaleb. I guess you could say that we are taking a step back to take a step forward for Kaleb. I still however would love for Kaleb to still be in your prayers. This is ALL we need from anybody. This is all I wanted in the beginning but received SO much more from all of you wonderful people. Obiviously all of our prayers are working and I would be heart brok
Last Night At Southport's
there we were, about to start the first gig. First live show. Will, The band's front man was having anxiety, as were the rest of the guys .. Stew, Cale, Andres and Dewayne. But when they fired off with the first song, Puddle of mud's She F#ckin' hates me, Well, The whole place just came to life then. The bar staff said they'd never seen Southport's food and spirits with that many people in there on a fridaynight. By the end of that first set, Everyone had loosened up a bit and let the music flow forth. I was on the sound board for the band. Trying to balance everything out tro give them the best sound I could. Everyone was satisfied with my mixing. I think I'm the ONLY member of the group who didn't drink lastnight. Kim, Will's wife, got f*ckin' SMASHED! it was a great time there for everyone. To all those who showed up to see Ashes of Eden, YOU make the band what they are. YOU will make them who they will become. Thank you. Ded Mike, sound and tech support for Ashes of
The Last Chance Lounge
Ah, so nice to find some like minds...who aren't pretentious and uppity twats like some of those in the Cherry lounges... Though, I can't say I've been in most yet, but so far, few have taken my interest at all. And vampire appreciation is always a winner for me. heh.
Last Breath
This air I breathe stagnant and musky every gasp suffocated by the next life's joke plays on in my ears deafening like thunder such is life so says ~ANGEL~
Last Goodbye
Last Day Guys Can You Show Me Some Luv??????
Here is the link ot the contest that i am in, Prettiest Plus Size Cherrytap Lady. I know that i am so far behind that i will not win but would like to have an honorable mention anyway lol so can you please go and rate and comment my pic? I would really appreciate it, and for all of my friends that have already done so much love to you guys and anytime you need it i am here for you. you can count on me.
this is me... sitting here blogging... when i should be packing. cuz im the QUEEN of procrastination. other peoples children should not talk at the speed of light before i have finished my orange juice. and they most definitely should not knock on my door prior to noon. why? cuz my effin kids are sleeping go the fuck away. i cant process... therefore i cant pack cuz my brain is full. of stuff i cant do anything about. therefore i will sit and smoke. until it passes... and hope it passes... so i can accomplish what i need to accomplish tho going back to bed... or having a good cry sounds completely delightful. *sneezes*
Last Kiss
It was 9'oclock as I slowly entered your room As I see you there sleeping upon your bed As I have a face full of wonder on why you called As you raised with a face of interest To find that you wish me on your bed Without a second notice I find you on lap Slowly kissing my neck Watching you undress was agreat honor As this will be your first time I said I would take it slow Then when I layed you on your bed With your pants to the floor You hurry me to make love to you As I went in you gave me a scream of delight With pleasure on your face I slowly proceeded Sticking it further each time on your command As seconds turns to minutes And minutes turn to hours We lyed there on your bed in deep appreciation Seeing you stareing into my eyes Tells me that you enjoyed it As I was leavin you asked if I loved you With my reply I slowly gave you one final kiss And said yes
Last Night 6.28
so last night, me and rik were together.. so you already know what happened. lol. but omg. last night... last night last night last night.. lol. we was gettin it in.. just got out from showering with each other... starts with me top on kissing on him, and he slides inside me... i start riding him not hardcore just enough to get things hott..and he says no.. i lie down on my back, hes over me, kissing me, rubbing me, grabbing me.. then, lips and tongue slowly down my stomach... then his tongue finds his way to my clit.. and geez.. whenever he goes down he does his damn thing.. but last night, he had me OPEN. and i dont mean just enjoying it, but my eyes were rolled to the back of my head steady.. i felt high like crazyyyyy high. he found my lil spot and just s l o w l y cirlced his tongue around it. and i mean slow but it was soooooo amazing.. and just every lil circular motion he made, i felt it. it was SOOOO intense.. it felt incredible.. omg. just thought id put that out there.. cuz
Last Paper
Atonement Lost What if someone committed a near unforgivable sin and tried to make up for their error but no one was left to apologize to? In the novel Atonement, Ian McEwan tries to answer this question. Set in 1930ís Britain, Atonement has many plot lines to follow. It is a story about puppy dog infatuation and true love. It is a story about rising from humble beginnings and being trapped in an antiquated legal system. Finally, it is a story about being able to make things right again but never getting the chance. The basic outline of the story is that a thirteen year old Briony accuses an innocent man, and her older sisterís lover, of a crime that he couldnít have committed and he goes to jail and then the army as a result of this. Though Brionyís sister, Cecilia, and her lover, Robbie, continue to communicate even after he is sent to France they are never able to reunite and continue their romance. The fact that Briony caused their romantic potential to never be realize
Last Day Of A 36 Hour Weekend..
yea.. a long ass weekend... :( I was sick all day yesterday and when I got home... I think it might have been the heat... I hope everyone has a nice 4th of july...:) we are shooting off our own firworks and we are having a family cookout.. so I hope its fun...:P I only have to work next thursday.. I am pretty much off the whole week though... I am suppose to be getting a car for my birthday.. at least thats the only thing that I want... and I am hoping thats what I get.... then I will be totally independent... YAY... well off to another 12 hours of hawt hell later
Last Contest Update For The Night
Last Day.
Today is the last day of the dash contest I'm in. Currently I'm in about 12th place. 7th place is the lowest to award a prize. Unless some supreme magic occurs I don't think that I'll get in there. Thanks to all of you that made the effort to help me out and in return helped my friend who was hosting the contest. Just can't compete with the ladies. FYI the leader has over 25000 comments. Thanks again.
Last Day And I Need Serious Help In This Thing
I've never had a blast and was really hoping to win one. Anyone that can help me would be greatly appreciated and all favors returned!!!
Last One For Today (i Hope)
Little bit of history on Raven. When I was 13 my parents got into a horrendous divorce. I just started middle school. My mother dropped me like a bad habit for her new boyfriend. I never really knew my dad. He finally wanted to get to know me, so I found a letter that he wrote me that my mom wouldn't let me see with his number on it so I called. I started to go see him and eventually moved in with my dad again. During this time I was 'diagnosed' with a mental instability. I was a cutter in short and had suicidal tendancies. I had depression. Whatever. I went to a mental institution in St John's County by St. Augustine. I was stuck there and the state wanted to keep me till I was 18 years old because I was apparently that much of a case and I attacked two guards. When I did get to leave I pulled away and I have never been right since I suppose, I pulled away from everyone. I had some bad experiences during this time period like I lost my virginity by getting raped. I'm not lo
Last Song I'm Wasting On You
"The Last Song I'm Wasting On You" Sparkling grey, Through my own veins. Any more than a whisper, Any sudden movement of my heart. And I know, I know I'll have to watch them pass away Just get through this day Give up your way, you could be anything, Give up my way, and lose myself, not today That's too much guilt to pay Sickened in the sun You dare tell me you love me But you held me down and screamed you wanted me to die Honey you know, you know I'd never hurt you that way You're just so pretty in your pain Give up my way, and I could be anything I'll make my own way Without your senseless hate... hate... hate... hate. So run, run, run And hate me, if it feels good. I can't hear your screams anymore You lied to me But I'm older now And I'm not buying baby Demanding my response Don't bother breaking the door down I found my way out And you'll never hurt me again.
The Last Day
Well Folks..Its Time To Call It Quits Here On The Tap...Had A Great Time With All Of You...There Were A Few Exceptions And You Know Who You Are...Remember, Kharma Can Be A Bitch...I'd Like To Thank One Special Person For Helping Me Find My Old Self Once Again....She Knows Who She Is....A Godsend..An Angel..Words Won't Do Her Justice.... Had A Blast People....Always Remember "It's 420 Somewhere" Have A Good One Folks EK
Last Night....
So i got right bloody knackered last night, and when I woke up this morning, I had a cat staring me in the face. I don't even own a cat. So I'm trying to figure out where the little beast came from and I'm still drawing blanks. Anybody missing a cat? fuck. that's the last time I drink Jagermeister through a beer-bong. Ow. my head. Shit like this happens to me alot. I get drunk, black out and wake up next to some animal in my bed. I'm going to sleep.
Last One: The Tenth Birth Order Of Children
SWALLOWING COINS ( a favorite): 1st CHILD: When first child swallows a coin, you rushthe child to the hospital and demand x-rays. 2nd CHILD: When the second child swallows a coin, you carefully watch for the coin to pass. 3rd CHILD: When the third child swallows a coin, you deduct it from his allowance!!
Last Night We Got Stopped By The Cops
Last night me & some friends were on the way to uh friends house from another friends house & got pulled ova I had uh 10 pack of some potent ass red stars I was gonna drop off to uh friend we got stopped so I had everyone help me eat them to get rid of the evidence. I only had 1 cause I used to take them to much & aint tryin to get into that again plus I know how strong they are the 1's I get that is.& man I started feelin it right when I took it & I didn't even chew it up just swallowed it.I was so out of it I didn't make alot of sense talkin to the police lady. Got my jobs all mixed up tellin her a lil bought each on not tellin her I work like 3 jobs. I had uh hell off time gettin to sleep after deliverin furniture all day in the hot ass sun for 16 hours. I finally got to sleep & in the middle of the night my home girl woke me up talkin bout I was havin uh horrible nightmare in my sleep bout gettin the skin on the top of my head ripped off in uh fight I was obviously talkin in my sle
Last Breath
What do I do~~ When every thought of you... Reminds me of what might have been There is nothing I have~~ That I would not give To feel you and hold you again Late nights I wake up~~ Looking around me Im hoping to see that you're there But when I realise you're gone~~ And Im still all ALONE Im angry that life's so unfair There are thousands of tears~~ And they are drowning my soul Im screaming and dieing inside Memories are torchure~~ And I CAN'T escape them It feels like Im losing my mind I swear I can hear you~~ You speak to me softly Gently you whisper my name Is that you that I feel~~ standing behind me I feel like im going insane I hear you say you're always with me~~ that Im safe in your arms That you love me and you're not afraid But I cant stop my tears~~ they continue to flow And I wish you would kiss them away I just CANT UNDERSTAND~~ I searched for SO long And JUST when I found you at last
9 Lasts
9 lasts 1. cigarette: peter jackson light king 2. beverage: coffee 3. kiss: nevermind 4. hug: kesa 5. movie seen: donnie darko 6. cd played: deftones b sides 7. song listened to: precious depeche mode right now 8. bubble bath: never! 9. time you cried: grade 12 8 have you evers 1. dated one of your best friends: nope 2. skinny dipped: no 3. kissed somebody and regretted it: yes 4. fallen in love: yes 5. lost someone you loved: lost? 6. been depressed: yes 7. been drunk and threw up: yes 8. ran away: no 7 states you've been to' florida, new york, vermont, michigan 6 things you've done today 1. showered 2. went for coffee with the crew 3. packed my effects 5. ate a hot dog bored an went on here 5 favorite things in no order 1. skateboarding 2. sex 3. snowboarding 4. photography 5. stuff 4 people you last talked to 1. velko 2. jer 3. kesa 4. jay 3 wishes 1. i wish i was rich as hell 2. i wish i never started drink
Last Nights Photos
took a lot of pics last night ust uploaded
Last Night's Gwar Misadventure
woke up at the boy's house in providence, ri at 8:30, showered, got ready, peaced out to meet my best friend schmem in uncasville at 11am (yes, it took me that long to get from point a to point b.) hit up the packy. jager, red bull, 12 of sam summer (all of which were for me, apparently. schmem didn't have that much to drink at all). chiefed some frank on the way up, which was another hour. 4 sam summer to the face on an empty stomach got me buzzed on the way up, brought jager in a mickey d's cup and a red bull to chug in line (which i did like it was my job, of course). so i'm fucking wasted by the time the concert starts. i meet up with amish, and see he's got 2 other friends i haven't seen in over a year with him, smerwin & baits. super stoked. now, i'm used to going to hardcore shows in ct. and lemme tell you, there are TONS of gorgeous guys at all of those shows. so emily and i get all prettied up, we've got stupid matching outfits on, totally by mistake (layered wife beaters,
Last Swing Scene
Okay, so I start inviting some friends over some new and some old. Of course this is at 3am on a weekday, and a lot of us are insomiacs or work the late shift. Anyway, we all start talking and find that almost everyone in the room are swingers except 2 single guys and one singe girl. We had alread moved out most the coffee tables and clutter in my living room and where lounging around and there where 12 of us. Well, making sure there is no pressure we decide to take the futon matresses and another mattress and put them on the floor and spread out. We will watch some porn and see what happens. Eventually even the swing virgins are all up in the mix and there is no end and no beginning to everyone. I am cowgirling in a chair off to the side when someone lifts one of my feet and the other twisted the other way. I twisted my fucking ankle...I am crying a laughing at the same time so everyone looks up (especially the women) because they think something explosive is about to
Last In Line (cute !)
A bus carrying only ugly people crashes into an oncoming truck, and everyone inside dies. As they stand at the Pearly Gates waiting to enter Paradise and meet their maker, God decides to grant each person one wish because of the grief they have experienced. They're all lined up, and God asks the first one what the wish is. "I want to be gorgeous," and so God snaps His fingers, and it is done. The second one in line hears this and says "I want to be gorgeous too." Another snap of His fingers and the wish is granted. This goes on for a while with each one asking to be gorgeous, but when God is halfway down the line, the last guy in the line starts laughing. When there are only ten people left, this guy is rolling on the floor, laughing his head off. Finally, God reaches this last guy and asks him what his wish will be. The guy eventually calms down and says: "Make 'em all ugly again." NEXT TIME YOU'RE LAST IN LINE. BE HAPPY
Last Night At Rsc
Thank you for all the Patron! You all tryin to make my lips tired!? xoxo See ya next week, same time ... same place! ;)
Last Blog Made Me Think
Bare with me on this blog since i had my nails done and now they are too long to type lol ...... I know why right? Anyway... This last horoscope made me think, how many of us make friends in the none traditional way online (or at least in my view), But I know this applies to those friends in our daiy lives also.... we have to beware who we give our time and hearts to. Too many friends you end up being there for them when they need it. When they need someone to lean on during bad times...but you find they do not return the favor when it comes to you needing someone to lean on. I try and be nice and be there for others as much as I can, but found lately what is the point -- I will always find myself hurt by those who I care about and do everything I can for. well it is late and do not want to ramble too much everyone have a great night ~*~HUGS~*~ love to those who always deserve it!!!
Last Goodbye - Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Long before your rusted chains Busted walls and barbed wire cage Tried to hold me down Time was just a fist of change Tossed in the water just incase You ever came around I could lose myself I could curse like hell But Iíve lost the will to even try If you ever doubt listen to the sound No lies No, no, no This is my last goodbye Pardon me if I appear To see beyond the now and here To try and save myself Iím not the kind of them to blame I'm not the kind to pin the blame... But I can take more of the same But I can't take more of the same... Liviní on your shelf I could lose myself I could curse like hell But Iíve lost the will to even try If you ever doubt listen to the sound No lies No, no, no This is my last goodbye Door closes Another one opens I feel the cold wind blowing Over me Long gone But not forgotten I might be lost I might be finally free Iím finally free Long before your rusted chains Busted walls and barbed wire cage Tried
Last Night
[Diddy] Last Night (Last Night) I Couldn't Even Get An Answer (Answer, Answer, Answer) I Tried To Call (I Tried To Call) But My Pride Wouldn't Let Me Dial (Dial, Dial, Dial) And I'm Sitting Here (Sitting Here) With This Blank Expression (Expression, Expression, Expression) And The Way I Feel (Way I Feel) I Wanna Curl Up Like A Child (Child, Child) I Know U Can Hear Me I Know U Can Feel Me I Can't Live Without You God Please Make Me Better I Wish I Wasnt The Way I Am [Keyshia Cole] If I Told You Once, I Told You Twice You Can See It My Eyes I'm All Cried Out With Nothing To Say Your Everything I Want It To Be If You Could Only See Your Heart Belongs To Me I Love You So Much I'm Hurting For Your Touch Come And Set Me Free Forever Yours I'll Be Baby Won't You Come And Take This Pain Away [chorus] Last Night (Last Night) I Couldn't Even Get An Answer (Answer) ( You Said You Couldn't Get An Answer Baby ) I Tried To Call (I Tried To Call) But My
Last Time I Explain Me
To Those Who Read This And Know, There are many of you who know me and know what type of person I am, then there are a few of you who don't. Those people generally have some preconcieved notions of me and what I must be like for one reason or another. I used to it honestly, I get judged for what those around me do, what my family does or have done in the past, or even who my family is. People judge me unknowingly and then turn on me when I try to correct them, well no more. I am done defending myself and my actions or at times lack of actions. I am who I am and let me tell you I am just as human as you are only I knwo how to deal with things in life better than some and still not as good as others. I'm just sick of it, how many times do I have to explain who I am to people? Ok, this is it last time period. I am due to turn 30 years old n a few weeks and no I am not thrilled about it but I am not heart broken either. I weigh more than I should but am not uncomfortbale with
Last Night, Today, Tonight I've Thought Of You
Last night, today, tonight I've thought of you, Your fear of loving me, your fear of pain, My own reluctance soon to love again, And why we often flee what we pursue. I've thought: if we could make time disappear, Prune past and future, make the moment flower, Lobotomize all save this single hour, Then we could love with neither hope nor fear. But when we pause to watch the moment flow, Beneath we see eternity and space, So thin a moving film is time and place, Removing us, and all we love and know. I cannot but anticipate the end: Desire a lover, yet fear to lose a friend.
The Last Time
I kneel at your feet with my head down. You rest your fingers on my head and slowly stroke my hair. You tighten your grip and slowly start to pull my hair tighter and tighter and you force my head up and back. I feel love, peace, and the slight edge of pain as you pull my head back further and further. I look up and into your eyes. You release my hair and slap my face. "Who told you to look at me? Who gave you permission to take your eyes off the floor?" I quickly lower my face as a tear starts to fall from my eye. You catch it on your finger and I hear you sigh. "You taste of love, pain, and lies." Lies,why do I taste of lies, usually you say I taste of love, pain, and you. I wait to hear more and patiently kneel at your feet. I dare not displease you again. The last time I displeased you twice in a night I found myself tied up and used as a foot stool for your best friend. So with every inch of my body I beg for permission to speak. You ignore me. "I have to talk to you." I just keep
Last Chance
Ok for those who have sent me messages and comments I so appreciate it and value your friendship a great deal. I have had this posted for plenty of tiem now, so for those who didnt feel the need as of Monday you will no longer be on my list. Some have already been booted. So in the slim chance you didnt bothr to read or feel the need to respond this is your last shot.. Love to all those who have Custom Comments and More @ Ü Dark Angel Designz Ü
Last Time!!!!!
This is the last time I am postin this before I permanantly leave the site for REAL this time...... And just for the record.. NO I dont have any money.... No I did not pay for my VIC status on here... A wonderful girl of mine surprised the shit out of me and suprised me and bought me a 1 month VIC..... And I am NOT saying her name.. WHY?? Because I dont need fuckin people gettin on her now about her not buying them a VIC 1 month package.... But all that matters is she knows who she is and she knows I love her to death... I am in last place now in my contest.. ppl who I helped in their contests right away .. Never came to help me in mine . Not even am email back or shout back when I asked them if they could please come help me out in my contest.... They ignored me... Sooo well now I no how that goes now.... :( So I was hopeing that was gonna buy me a renewal of me another 1 month VIC... If I was in 1st or 2nd or 3rd place. and 1 a 1 month blast or 1 month VIC either or...
Last Day!!! Come One Come All To Help Hot Momma!!!!!
Come on guys she works her ass off for friends and for ppl she doesnt even know! Lets help her get this one!!!Contest ends Friday ..This is a tight contest
Last Night Was A Kicker
so i found out alot of things over the past two days... and well haven't really been stressting about it toooooo much... but i have. soo last night i woke up in the emergency room :-p and basically the doctor was like you need to just chill out for a couple of days.... apparently i passed out at work and like unconscious... so yea i woke up in the emergency room like wtf? so yea that was my very interesting night.. haha
*** Last Night ***
I lie awake waiting for you. As I lie on my bed, thinking about you, I feel the strong urge to grab you and squeeze you, because I can't forget last night. You came to me unexpectedly during the balmy and calm night, and what happened in my bed still leaves a tingling sensation in me. You appeared from nowhere and shamelessly, without any reservations, You lay on my naked body.... You sensed my indifference, so you applied your hungry mouth to me without any guilt or humiliation, and you nearly drove me crazy while you drained me. Finally I went to sleep. Today when I woke up, you were gone. I searched for you but to no avail, only the sheets bore witness to last night's events. My body still bears faint marks of your enthusiastic ravishing, making it harder to forget you. Tonight I will remain awake waiting for you....... "You fucking mosquito!!" he he he...Tc n peace..Boo
Last Night 7.27
ahh yes, another "last night" blog. lol. dont get me wrong. everytime me and rik do what we do it feels banging.. but theres just times where like all the planets align and shit LOL and shit is just perfect.. and last night was one of those nights. now. im a big girl, confident, yet prolly one of the most insecure people EVER. so when rik brought along the whole "you never do what i want, you dont ride my face" thing, in my head im thinkin.. "well NO shit, cuz id suffocate you..try explaining to the people doing your autopsy why you have pussy juice all over your" but last night.. we're layin down naked.. lol. and i stood up to see if the remote to the tv was on this lil shelf thingy i have under my mirror.. and rik being the freshie he is lets his fingers wander.. and after his finger finds my lil spot hes telling me bring it down and ride his face.. after a lil bit of hesitation, i gave in.. and did it. hes the first person ive done that with.. im too insecure, other guys h
Last Chance.... Don't Miss Me ....
I've decided I'm going to delete my cherry tap account. I'm guessing I'll give it until monday or tuesday just to make sure since I've put so much time into it already. If you want a way to get ahold of me then let me know either through aim, yahoo, email or myspace. I will not just post all of my info since I don't have enough time to sort though those that I really want to stay in contact w/ and those that I don't. Anyways get a hold of me on here though mail or if you really must the shout box although mine deletes it's self. Hugs and Kisses to all of those that I've grown to respect, adore, admire, and care about. From The Heart
Last Goodbye
I miss you Here I am in a room full of people and so alone. Thinking of how could it have been if you'd hadn't been gone, Of how many ways I would do things difrently if you were here. When I was sad and down you hug me and all of my worries dissapeared. Why can't you be here. Why not by my side. Tell me everything would be ok. Give me the strength to survive. Is very hard just for one moment to have the idea diggin in my head that for the rest of my life in person you'll never be there. I love you I miss you I need you here with me to comfort me but only in my heart obviously. If I could see you one more time I'd want to tell you everything that is going on. On how your grandkids have grown. But in actuality if you were here I would only say three words. I LOVE YOU. But even with all the pain, suffering, stress, and lonelyness I know that in my heart you are there to guide me, love me, and turn all the sadness in to happyness. But now I know that you are with God. You are happy. I
Last One For Tonight.......
Last Night Off
Well, tonight will be my last night of freedom, lol. I begin working the midnight shift for Panasonic Auto Stereo manufacturing tomorrow night as a material handler, so I will sleep whenever I can before or after my shift depending on my day job. Don't forget about me, I know I may miss some of you live, but I will try to keep posting my blogs and keep everything up to date as to whats happening with me, so lets see who cares. I will reply to any messeges and comments each time I log on, sooooo, keep in touch please, show me I can have friends and a life too. Keith
The Last Day To Vote!!!!!!!! Please Repost
Hello all the end of the month is near and today is the last day to vote and then the votes will be reset back to zero for August. I really could use your help so I°Įm asking yous of a big favor to please vote for me daily. I joined this contest a little while ago...and the contest is a modeling contest for a calendar...and for the month of June I came SOOOO close to winning but I came up short in 2nd place...the only way I got that far is because I had people vote for me...and I was hoping you all could do the same...I really would appreciate it... I will get 5 points for every person I get to join using my recruiter ID# 457!! just sign up and upload 2 pics of your self and your done and don't even need to use it if you don't want to. it really means alot to me if you could take the time to help me out. thank you very much and have a great day ;)!!. make sure you use my recruiter id#457 when you join otherwise I won't get the 5 points:( click here to join Tri-state Hotti
Last Chance If You Want To Remain My Friend
Again, *except for the peeps who have already responded to my prior post today* If you WANT to be on my list any more at let let me know, if i do not get a response you will be deleted PERIOD...
Last Day
Well today is the day. I have had my kids the entire month and while it seems that July was jam packed with activities and trips they have to go back to their moms today. SOme of you may understand the pain and sadness that is associated with that and i hope you understand if I am not my usual cheery, goofy self. Thee is nothing more important to me than those two babies and I cant bear to even think about what the next few days will be like. I have tried my hardest not to cry. Sometimes that isnt the easiest. IF you feel the urge to tell me not to cry in front of them let me go ahead and say KISS MY ASS. This morning when i woke up my 8yr old daughter had written me the sweetest note and set it on my pillow. It said: Dear: Daddy From: Megan I wish that I did not have to go to my moms. I have had so much fun with you in July. Thank you for taking me to Missouri and letting me ride horses. Thank you for letting me go to Bible School. Please do not be mad at me when I cry when m
Last Chance!!!!!
Two moons on 27 August* *27th Aug the Whole World is waiting for...* Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will cultivate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles of earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am. It will look like the earth has 2 moons. The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287. Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again.
The Last One On Earth
Fire My Words Fire My Words breakingskin@ fubar
Last Night
You and I were together In the dream I had last night It was a sweet and wonderful dream We were holding each other so tight. I touched your face with my hand A smile danced in your eyes It played at the corners of your mouth While you made the softest of sighs. Your hair was tossed lightly about By a warm and gentle breeze You glowed with a lovely radiance In the sunlight that shone through the trees. My hand slid down your neck Touched your shoulder then moved to your breast Which was soft and naked and lovely And the object of my gentle quest. I touched your silky skin With just my fingertips Felt your nipples grow and stiffen Then kissed them lightly with my lips. The feel of them under my tongue Sent a thrill to the depths of my being Just having you with me like that Made me want to shout and dance and sing! You took my hand and led me near The flower filled meadow by the lake It was all so incredibly wonderful I prayed that I might never w
The Last Box
The last box was packed How many there were, I'd lost track A man's possesions from his life No longer would he live a husband an wife. To set out on a different course. Waiting for papers to be signed in the divorce. I couldn't help but feel his pain. I tried to say a kind word but, I refrained. Nothing I could have said would have eased his mind. About a lost love he was leaving behind. We leave behind a love that is torn and tattered. A life we once thought that, really mattered. I think back to how I felt when, it was me. No longer married about to be free. His friends and I were all thru unloading that day. We'd sat down to cool off, before we went on our separate ways. I couldn't help but having an emptiness in me when we left his apartment. The things he left behind, his wife said, would be packed and sent. I'd once read, better to have loved and lost then, never to have loved at all Been a long time without love, it's kind of hard to recall> Chris
The Last 11 Things Any Man Would Ever Say:
* I think Barry Manilow is one cool motherfucker. * While I'm up, can I get you a beer? * I think hairy butts are really sexy. * Her tits are just too big. * Sometimes I just want to be held. * That chick on Murder She Wrote gives me a woody. * Sure I'd love to wear a condom! * We haven't been to the mall for ages, let's go shopping and I can hold your purse. * Fuck Monday Night Football, let's watch Murphy Brown. * I think we are lost, we better pull over and ask for directions * No, I don't mind watching Thelma and Louise again.
The Last 11 Things Any Woman Would Ever Say:
* Could our relationship be more physical? I'm tired of just being friends. * Go ahead and leave the seat up, it's easier for me to douche that way. * I think hairy butts are really sexy. * Hey, get a whiff of that one. * Please don't throw that old T-shirt away, the holes in the armpit are just too cute. * This diamond is way too big! * I don't mind throwing all these useless shoes out. * I won't even put my lips on that thing unless I get to swallow. * Wow, it really is 14 inches! * Does this make my butt look too small? * I'm wrong, you must be right again.
Last Nights Screening, And More Film For Me
Today was an uneventful day. I had gone out last night, a rare occurence for Me. I found Myself at Julie Simone's screening party for her new film, "The Audition"... whoo, lucky that the environment was more a social venue than a proper viewing arrangement... it was hot. If you don't believe Me you can visit her website and see the trailer... I came home and finally fell asleep around 5 a.m. only to keep being woken every 2 hours, and not really knowing hat had woke Me, before falling back to sleep with in the next 10-20 minutes for the next 2 hour sleep interval. I got up today, and though I did as I am supposed to on a typical moderately paced, yet productive, day... My efforts came to naught. I gorged Myself on pizza, and continued to toil through the tumbling and hurling that was the state of My stomach. I did find that one of My favorite movies from childhood had finally finished downloading. "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum"
The Last Two Weeks Worth...
============================================================================== 08-03-07 Mark Collie "In Time" TLL intro 14a The Blasters "Dark Night" Queen "Tie Your Mother Down" >voiceover Disturbed "The Game" Pantera "Walk" Pantera "This Love" Iron Maiden "Run To The Hills" LIVE Soundgarden "Like Suicide" In For Life "Switching Gears" >voiceover Ozzy Osbourne "Live N Loud Intro" LIVE Ozzy Osbourne "Paranoid" LIVE & LOUD Queen "Keep Yourself Alive" LIVE 1977 Van Halen "One Way To Rock" LIVE Anthrax "Antisocial" LIVE George Thorogood & The Destroyers "I Drink Alone" LIVE >voiceover AC/DC "Fire Your Guns" LIVE Arch Enemy "Nemesis" Cheech And Chong "Peter Rooter" Celldweller "Switchback" Gravity Kills "Guilty" Korn "Bitch We Got A Problem" Kid Rock "Bawitdaba" >voiceover Guns N Roses "My Michelle" Guns N Roses "Sweet Child Of Mine" >voiceover Autograph "Turn Up The Radio" Steel Dragon "Stand Up And Shout" Zebra "Tell Me What You Want" WRR FM 2 Mons
Last Words.
I hold you in my arms, As red water flows. From your lip a drop falls, Leaving behind a trial. A shot to the chest is ending your life. Coughing and gasping for air, As your lungs fill with blood You look into my eyes. You tell me that it will be ok, But you are wrong and we both know it. As you takein you last breath, You say three words that change my life. You tell me you love me, Your spirit dies and leaves me alone. I will never forget you. You will live for ever in my memories.
Last Dollar - Time Mcgraw
Last Light Lit
Up to the hill in which I see The shiny barrels of musketry And a waving flag, high as a tree Along with a platoon of cavalry To the front our men begin to press Up to the creek, and that hilly crest Being shot in the leg and breast I see a hole and blood on my vest Laying down and crying too I close my eyes and I see you I hear a silence, too good to be true You whisper me a request for me to do And my eyes open, tho covered in tears I forgot all my troubles, forgot all my fears Getting up, I look for my peers I see they are routed-the enemy cheers Rejoining my lads with utmost devotion I hear a crackle, pop, and explosion I fall to my knees due to the erosion Of my body by blood in the midst of confusion I try for the hill which is now under our control The battle flag waves upon a tall lengthy pole I feel bitter now, bitter and cold My sweetheart in mind, and this she told: Come to me, be in my arms I miss all your comforts, I miss all your char
Last Days Of Vacation
Written last week when I was on vacation and didn't have internet. Friday, August 10 The rest of this week passed in a wonderful fog of reading, swimming, sunning, boating, and family fun. Part two of the annual rummy tournament was last night. Despite all of the name-calling and trash-talking on the part of other players, I was the one who came out on top. So hah! (I don't trash-talk. Or name-call. I am a very sweet winner. I promise.) My brother Marc came up for the last couple days, so tonight we had a game of Outburst instead: girls vs. guys. The girls came out on top the first game, but the second half-game, the men triumphed, as we completely stalled on a few categories (Southern food? Famous doctors? Famous 90's basketball players -- talk about my worst possible sport!). I know people think I'm odd for this, but despite a few personality conflicts, I really do have an absolute blast with my family. Tomorrow's our last day of vacation. Holly and Karl have to
The Last Goodnight
The Last Year...........
has been so crazy,i've moved this now will be the fourth time,my daughter ran away and moved in with her boyfriend,we took care of a friend and her son grew taller then me and my youngest is being a class one queen B. i just broke up with my boyfriend after 10 years and got my first job. i'm almost afraid this next year
Last Blog I Promise
Since everyone is stalling and TRYING to look gorgeous i have about 2 more minutes addicted to fubar? me? i think not ADD MY MYSPACE BITCHES lol seriously i never go on there but im starting to so add me
Last Day .... C'mon! =)
CLICK HERE TO ENTER FU BAD B!TCH ۞ Stang!۞ Owna & Reppin Stangs Underground۞@ fubar Pimp JuiceBy NellyBest Video Codes
The Last Supper
Just recently got turned onto this european power metal group.......Gotta truly say that they rock out!....But in particular,their song Grave in no Man's Land is friggin awsome!....It's off of their LP The last Supper,you should check it!
The Lastest
ok so i have amazing friends..just when i thought karma was kicking my of my many amazing friends came to my resue!! so give me a bit..ganna get my self back and running asap...till then i will check in here as much as i can..leave me lots of is stressful right now and when i have time to sit and explain it will hear all of it..and trust gets crazier and crazier every day..thanks again to all my awesome ya guys and gals.. eric
Last Night At Southport
OMFG people Ashes of Eden Kicked ass again. Just like I said they would. I had a blasted last night all the way up to the very end. One of my friends brought a chic who got pissed off cause me and him was talking to each other and we hugged each other and all sorts of shit she wanted to fight which I thought was funny as hell just cause I was talking to my friend who I have known alot longer than she probably did. Anyways that some funny stuff and I just wanted to let you all know that Ashes of Eden kicked ass again. They are getting some bigger gigs soon woot woot GO AOE. They will be back at SouthPort on OCT. 5 so here is everyones invite to it on OCT. 5. Hope to see you all there.
Last Chance Then I'm Gone For Good !!!!!
This is my final time of dealing with bullshit with whoever it is running around here threatening people I'm friends or family I call this STALKING and I'm losing friends becuz of it so either talk to me about whatever problem u have or never seee me again becuz this will be tha last time u hear or see my name on fubar and that's 4realz I'm fed up with this childish bullshit from this person so grow up or move tha fuck on please !
Last Day In Ny
Im feeling sad this house has been my home for 10 years. Ive painted scrubbed and planted every inch of this house and yard. SIGH!!!!!! So onward to other things another chapther in the book called my life is over and a new one begins. Wish me luck please I need it. Now if yall ever find your way to the Big easy give us a shout. MUAH The Goddess
Last Night
I had what I did amusing last night, I was walking down the street minding my own business then all of a sudden some dumbass came up to me (obviously drunk or on something) and said "I'm mad, gimme money" I told him no, so he repeats himself ordering me to give him money. (i hardly carry cash on my so i didn't have any money on me) Standing my ground I told him no again, then he holds his cigarette lighter up at me and told me if i din't then he was going to brun my hair, again I told him no...then he just shouts "GET OUT OF HERE!!!" and telling me to leave town (WTF??? lol). At the same time he was yelling at me, he flung his arm in the air pointing in a direction, I flinched because at that second I thought he was going to try and take a swing at me, so I just got myself in a fighting position just in case. Then he just walked away...all I could do is laugh.
Last Night/this Morning.....
beginning time: 9.30pm it started with a phone call....then another phone call.... then we headed to bw's (buffallo wild wing) then we stayed there till like 11pm. then it was yet another phone call..... and directions lol then we had to prepare for the night and get iced coffee from mCD's.... then we headed to Henderson, to a friends house and chilled there till around 5am.... then we got home and chilled yet again and did not rest completely til 8am. i just awoke from my somber sleep and am now reflecting on the was awesome! we met a lot of new people...there were arguments about different branches of military... mainly just people having fun! there should be more funny nights to come! Ending time: 8.00am
Last Man Standing
He stood alone, a champion of war Upon a broken battlefield of gore Corpses lay strewn around his armoured feet Each told a tale of how death came to greet He wiped the splatter of blood from his eyes The sound of pain and mourning, distant cries Too overwhelmed with fear and relief He failed to notice the defeaterís grief He had endured the sharp blade and long spear The touch of death, of wild primitive fear Fighting for his life in the dead of the night And against all odds he had won the fight Now a weary body tiredly dips As a sword from bloody hands slips And in the distance the sun rose to see Him standing alone in victory
Last Few Days
Right remember i bored you all with my break up now i am gonna bore you some more... My ex and i have continued to share the flat since the break up...basically cos my dungeon is here so it's not just home but work too. But now i have to move out as he is and i can't afford the rent on my own. So i am moving to my kids house well my house they use and abuse. Un fortunately when i move i will not have the internet for a while .... thank the gods i hear you cry she won't be able to bore us any more .....well not for a few days we do have internet cafes in merry old England Any way just wanted to say ihave met a great load of friends on here and i am gonna miss the whole damn lot of you. Any way i shall be about till monday rthen who knows when ...take care now xxx
Last Chance...
Deleting tonight.
Last Call!!
HEY YA'LL!! Tomorrow I plan on deleting all the crap off my page and hope that them people behind Fubar delete this thing within the next two weeks. I will not be here as of Saturday!! So, if ANY of you reading this want to keep in touch and haven't done so already, EMAIL ME at If I don't hear from you, I guess you really don't care whether or not we keep in touch. I do NOT plan on returning to Fubar, EVER, so this is your last chance. I won't have my feelings hurt if you choose not to KIT either...just sayin'...don't let this opportunity pass you by! Nice knowing most of you, and Thank you to all those who have ever posted comments on my page, pics, left rates, and gifts, or just said hi in private message once in a while. Nothing has gone by me unappreciated. I know I didn't always say so, but those of you who left constant notes really made my day. THANK YOU and BIG HUGS to those who did. Take care, hope to hear from you, and God Bless! T
Last Day
Today is the last day and I have no regrets saying goodbye, in fact it's a pleasure for me. For months now I've detested the thought of you, how you have invaded my life and made it dark, grey and miserable. You have brought me nothing but coldness and made me bitter and sometimes mean. I've been numb, I've been sad, I've had the blues. There were mornings I didn't even want to get out of bed and face you, I'm glad you'll be gone. Goodbye Winter, helloooooooo Spring!!! (current temp on the last day of winter is a 77 degrees, lol)
Last Day In The Office
okay... tomorrow friday is my last day working in the bank i know this year and a half have been between a pain and happiness... like the song says: bitter sweet i'll miss a lot this people that shared with me this time. working there was a big change for me, and after all the good and bad things, i'm gratefull not only for the things i learned, but yes about how i needed this experience, and i have to say most of my coworkers are great people, and yes i have to celebrate i had the oportunity to share my work place with people like them i always hear my friends having problems with that, not having a good place to work, not nice coworkers, and well i was very very lucky! but it's my time to give another step, and keep walking, and well, if i want to grow up professionally, i'll have to move! i'm a bit nervous about this, it has been like my house and i learned to love it! i'll take pics and post few tomorrow, they planned to make a small celebration for me at the lunc
Last Time
ďWhen was the last time you wanted to say it all to the right person? To have it all come out right, to surprise yourself at how together you could be. When was the last time you ever met someone who made you want to give it all to them? I mean give yourself to them. Where you couldn't express yourself enough - like you wanted to cut off one of your arms to be understood. That's it - you would cut your head off to have someone understand you. You know how pointless that one is. You know how many times you've smashed yourself to bits on the rocks.Ē ~Henry Rollins
Last Night
Five different people including myself were in a space craft going to another planet, kind of like barbarella. We get there and we are using these one tire motor cycles. Mine had a hole in the tire so we had to go through the market place of all these aliens watching me to find something to fix it. We came back to our ship but my crew was mysteriously gone to find the underground resistance party we were supposed to meet up with. But they had moved their location so I had to go after them somehow. I started walking because the streets were to narrow for my ride. An old woman came to me and said I must seek out the Crystal building. So I tried to find the tallest place to look out over the land to find it. I found a train station/hotel. It was weird how they do the stairs in the Labrynth movie, anyways children were hiding in secret doors and my friends Bonnie and Gea where there renting a room. I tried to talk to them but they hated the resistance. I finally made it to the to
Last Of The Jewish Pirates-smother Magazine-9/3/2007
Ľ Steve Lieberman - Last of the Jewish Pirates Music Reviews of Unsigned Bands, Demos, Promos Steve Lieberman ó Last of the Jewish Pirates Buy it at Amazon Buy it from InSound Once again the Gangsta Rabbi slams our cranium into the floorboards with his unique brand of flute-punk-crust. This album is his second covers album all for charity and features hits by Led Zeppelin, Motorhead, Queen, KISS, the Cure, Beach Boys, Jethro Tull, Judas Priest, and Bruce Springsteen. While Iím awaiting his amazing song that he promises that he will write about yours truly, I can rock out to his off-kilter kitsch-rock. Saturated in swampy bass grooves, distorted mayhem, and Casio synths, ďLast of the Jewish PiratesĒ finds our likable hero awash in some of the most groundbreaking covers in a long ass time. Irreverent as ever! - J-Sin Technorati tags: Steve Lieberman, Last of the Jewish Pirates, punk, punk, CD Review, music, review comments (0) | Permalink Log in to post c
Last Time---for Today
Last Day
Live every day,every moment as if it's your last, because it might be.
Last Goodbye
We all live in a silent world death apon death. That lies on tears that fell From the sky. He never had a chance to say Goodbye. But the time has come for his Enternal sleep. as our last goodbye Is said with A crying weep.
Last One For Today .....
Last Call For Support
The Last Breath
Theres a rose on the bed A letter that I wrote what you mean to me Words I wished Id said, Were still in my head, now I pray youd see I dont know how to tell you that I miss you, baby I struggle with the words sometimes But in my heart, I know youll find Chorus: I know, you know Our souls will be together till the end of time You know, I know Your love is gonna meet me on the other side As sure as the angels come down and take my breath away I love youd be the last thing Id ever say Id ever say.... You walked beside me, You stood by me and got me through my darkest times And now I close my eyes And visuallize your face for the last time I didnt know how to tell you that I loved you baby I struggle with the words sometimes But in my heart, I know youll find Chorus: I know, you know Our souls will be together till the end of time You know, I know Your love is gonna meet me on the other side As sure as the angels come down and take my breath away I
Last Night
Last Night
well after the last blog i wrote i told my crush that i had a crush on her and i felt really good telling her that, and she just wants to be friends and i can deal with that :) i go by a phrase and it goes like this: "whatever makes her happy makes me happy" so i am just glad that we can still be friends :) WHAT HAPPEN TODAY: well today i wented golfing and got hit in the leg with a golf ball which stung like a mudderfacker! i didnt do so great but not to bad either, then i came home and just went blah lol anyways i hope everyone has had a good day and hopefully a good night as well...
Last Race To The Chase
Tonight a driver didn't win the race.... and a nation suffers his loss............ The Jr. Nation. Thank you Dale jr. for givin it your all... all the time.
The Last Time Anyone Seen Him
Lt. Gregg Arthur Atlas World Trade Center Hero to the End "Everybody ran to the stairs," recalled Gregory Warnock, a 20-year-old broker trainee who worked on the 39th floor of the north tower of the World Trade Center. "We started making our way down, landing by landing." At the 18th floor, "there was an older fireman one floor below me. He gave me a smile. He was huffing and puffing, laughing to himself, making a joke about his age." The 44-year-old lieutenant accepted Mr. Warnock's offer to help carry gear up about 25 flights of stairs, and he jokingly asked if the broker trainee was a firefighter. Told that Mr. Warnock was a broker, "he said, 'you stay doing that, it's better money.' " "People were coming down, saying people were trapped on the 72nd floor. He said to me, 'Go down, you did a great job.' " Before Mr. Warnock left, he asked the firefighter's name. "He was like, 'Gregg Atlas,' and he bent down and flexed like Atlas the bodybuilder." Profile pub
The Last Kiss
I have a problem It started with you It ended with me As the sun pierced my skin The moonlight intoxicates the mind This loneliness feels never ending One Bullet to end it all A selfish thought A kiss of lead To end it all You canít sigh when youíre dead I had a problem You started it I ended it
Last Weekend
I awoke 4 am Sunday morning to the sound of my roommate banging on my wall. My neighbors apartment was on fire. Within a few minutes mine was burning as well. See my photo album titled "fire water burn" for more images.
Last Night Of Ampitheatre
Last Man/woman Standing
Last man/woman standing contest... Winner will recieve a one month VIP and a 1 day blast and 1 ticker. Rules... * everyone bombing has to be a friend * entry pics must be Safe for Work * must have at least 15 entrants * no late entries accepted * going to take entries for one week * contest will run one day per entrant (15 entrants, will run 15 days) * comments worth one point but rates with 10 points * every day the person in last place will be eliminated. Click my link below and message me with the link to the pic you would like to enter.
Last Blog For Awhile!!
I've reached the end of my rope. Most of my writing of late has been not even worth looking at,and most of my friends have left me behind. So this will be the last blog for awhile. Not sure where it'll go from here. Just know i got tons of feeling that need a outlet. So if I say a few things that hurt you or upset you I'm sorry but enough of holding my tongue. First off yes I wear my heart out there for anyone to see, don't like it then piss off. Second yes I let people get close to me,but i can't go through life like the rest of you who scared to be seen for who you really are.Yes at times i can be a pain in the butt,but if you were truthful you'd say ya I'm a pain in the butt to.Also don't judge me before you know me. Another thing how would you know that I 'm not just like you until you stop being snobs and judge me. Yes i let other peoples push my feeling aside ,but at least i know other people have feelings. I also may be the biggest fool out there,but the hell with it ,this i
Last Day To Get Your Picks In!
Last Night--haters
Last night I went to a tavern on the west side of Jacksonville. I talked the day before with the owner about joining a pool league, she said come friday night and alot of the players will be here and maybe you can get on a team..I showed up at about 8pm and started to mingle a bit...Well if you all don't know I am half cuban and i do look a bit cuban---on with the story...Out of the 50 people in there only 2 people would actually talk with me, I was alienated and it felt like shit!! This has happened before but I guess it hit the spot last night.I still don't understand why people can't accept you for who you are and not what color your skin is or nationality...To say the least I won't go back and I know I will always accept people as long as their true and a good person no matter who they are.
Last Freakin Straw
This is it guys... last fuckin warning you get. if i continue to see people ONLY rating/commenting on NSFW's ALLLLLL of them will be moved to family until i decide you've fucking grown up enough to see them. keep comments like nice pussy out of my fucking shout box. rate things that help me or i see no fucking reason to help you jerk off. later sin
The Last One I Hope
#28) I dont know if this will count, but her name is angie stone
The Last Day
I remember all the special things Good and bad times we shared Everything was the perfect way Everything I did you cared But when the accident happened Sorry was all I could say How little I did really know It was close to your last day They took you into hospital Still you kept your brave face We were hoping youíd be out soon But that really wasnít the case On the last night I saw you Something told me ďsay goodbyeĒ But instead I just ignored it Still now I canít tell you why In the middle of the night I heard It made me break down and cry If only Iíd listened to my heart This canít be your time to die It was your time I know that now Angels took you from us that night They better be taking care of you Just let me know youíre all right All I have now are memories After dark I look up to the sky Youíll always be the brightest star Watching my life pass me by One day I will see you again At the end of my very last day You will be there to gui
The Last Night
last night i dreamed that you were in my arms that all i had given you was everything you wanted I held you so tight, and promised to never let go and take care of you forever last night i imagined that words wouldn't hurt that all i had said was what you needed to hear whispering softly and tenderly from my heart last night i hoped you would hear me and dream the same for one moment i was truly at peace together we were happy last night i wished the world would end so that moment would never go away but these dreams are just that, dreams nothing real. your heart would never break, and I would never cry last night i loved you if only for last night
Last Night At Dinner!!!
i went to dinner and well lets just say i was really comfortable in what i was wearing lol! o_O hehe!
Last Christmas - Wham
The Last Leaf To Fall
The Last Leaf to Fall The wind it howled all through the night, So she hung on with all her might, While others fell unseen by light, When morning came she saw their plight. The town then woke and what they found, Their trees were bare for miles around, Crimson and gold had covered the ground, Alone she cried without a sound. From high above the earth she hung, The mournful wind its song it sung, No one was left to be among, To their end theyíd all been flung. Her senses were sharp, her vision keen, How could winter be so mean, Her skin had turned deep aubergine, Blackened veins where once was green, As she succumbed to winters nip, Her life lived; she lost her grip, And in the wind her shape did flip, Over the ground her frame did skip. She came to rest upon the grass, The man had watched it all from class, Where he awaited with frame of brass, And gently placed her behind the glass. Her tree of life for those months few, Stood bare outside drap
Last Night
Last Day Of My Good News Trek...
Oh my godÖit is sooooooo very hard to finish this last day of the week on a good news week trek. Not to be confused with Star Trek fansÖ Good MorningÖhmmm I said good in the Morning greeting does that constitute a good news letter? Perhaps notÖoh I so want to write about MSN putting a bullís-eye on the back of that Mom who tracks down terroristsÖ But I will refrain from them calling her out and mostly giving her location. Good NewsÖhmmm searching the memory banks in my headÖsome may say that is a futile search. Oh I found itÖMSN came through in a pinchÖ a pinch of salt and a slather of butter will do just fine. The article calls out: ď7 Recipes for Guys to prove they can cookĒÖOh I so want to go the other way on this but! I will gladly give them their do. Not to be confused with Dippity Doo or how ever that pasty cream was back in the 60ís Men can cook. You are looking at one who can do very well if I do say so myself. Mostly mine skills are dedicated and refined by my dear Motherís
Last Night Part Deux. . .
I left out the funny part of the night. I forgot about it until I was recounting the story for my roomate. I got done singing my first song and I went back to my table and sat down. There was this drunken native lady sitting about five feet away. She turned in my general direction and started yelling something. It was loud in there so I didn't catch it right away but one of my friends did. I then finally caught what she was saying. She said "Quit bothering me. Stop hitting on me you fat fucking slob. I never want you to come into this place again." I just started laughing. I had never seen this person before in my life and I chalked it up to drunken stupidity. My friend who heard what this chick said didn't take it as well as I did. I went to the bathroom and when I got back my friend was gone, so was the crazy lady. My friend sits back down and she has that "I just ate the canary" look on her face. She apparently went to the waitress and told her that she need to cut the crazy lad
The Last One
ok, too little to late, guess there was a winner already, but I guess I can come in second place. #15)
The Last Call
One of the Ball brothers, of the canning jar empire, had a paralyzing fear of being buried alive. He went as far as having a telephone installed in the tomb so he could call out if he should ever find himself in this predicament. A few days after he died, the family began to grow concerned after repeated attempts to reach his wife proved unsuccessful. They call the house but found that the phone line was continuously busy, so they decided to go over and make sure that everything was ok. Upon entering the home, they found her dead on the floor, clutching the phone with a look of sheer terror frozen on her face. At her funeral, the family discovered that the phone inside the crypt where her husband was buried was off the hook.
Last Chance
Last // Nsfw??
LAST BUT NOT LEAST TESTIMONY: This s had most of the state of Michigan laughing for 2 days and a very embarrassed female news anchor who will, in the future, likely think before she speaks. What happens when you predict snow but don't get any! We had a female news anchor that, the day after it was supposed to have snowed and didn't, turned to the weatherman and asked: "So Bob, where's that 8 inches you promised me last night?" Not only did HE have to leave the set, but half the crew did too they were laughing so hard! Now, didn't that feel good? Pass it on to someone you know who needs a laugh and remember we all say things we don't really mean, so think before you speak
Last One Tonight...
Enjoy ;) 10 Minutes Away Today I finally got the message that I had been waiting for for a very long time. We had been planning this rendezvous for years and it was finally going to happen. "Meet me in the parking lot at 3 and don't be late," was what the email said. The encounter would take place in two days. I was given specific instructions to wear nylons with garters and high heels. Since it had been a long time since I had even gone on a date, none of these things were in my wardrobe, so I had to do some shopping. I went to the store and tried on some sexy, lacy, black lingerie and in the mirror looking back at me was a stranger. "What am I doing?" I thought. I felt uncomfortable and scared, but decided that I was going to have the time of my life and talked myself into it. My fantasy partner and I had been friends for almost 30 years and had begun to exchange very sexy, detailed emails of our fantasies. We wrote to each other often and suddenly, these emails turned int
The Last Goodnight - Pieces Of You
This is the clock up on the wall This is the story of us all This is the first sound of a new born child before he starts to crawl This is the war that's never won This is the soldier and his gun This is the mother waiting by the phone praying for her son Pictures of you Pictures of me Hung up on your wall for the world to see Pictures of you Pictures of me Remind us all of what we used to be Wo-oah There is a drug that cures it all Blocked by the governmental wall We are the scientists inside the lab just waiting for the call This earthquake weather has got me shaking Inside I'm high up and dry Pictures of you Pictures of me Hung up on your wall for the world to see Pictures of you Pictures of me Remind us all of what we used to be Confess to me Every secret moment Every stolen promise you believe Confess to me All that lies between us All that lies between you and me We are the boxers in the ring We are the bells that never sing T
The Last Photo I Ever Took
Last Chance..any One Else Want In?
Let me know if you are interested in entering this contest..:) Interested in winning a 7 day blast? Well I am going to host my first contest! Contest will start as soon as I get at least 10 people in. It is going to be a ďWhats your favorite pic of you?Ē contest. So all you have to do is pick you favorite pic and give me the link.. Pretty Simple huh? Most comments wins. Contest will last 3 days only! No week long or two week long deal so thatís not too bad huh? If you are interested send me an email with the pic you want and I will get you in.. Contest Rules: 1. Most comments win! 2. Comment bombing allowed and encouraged! 3. Self Bombing is advised! 4. No Drama Please, its for fun isnít it? 5. No harassing of other contestants 6. No Late submissions 7. Prizes will be awarded at close of contest 8. Have Fun with this! Prizes: 1st Place 7 day blast 2nd Place 1 day ticker 3rd Place Big Pimping Gift
Last Day Here
Well this is the last day for this name. If you are wanting to remain friends, fans, etc click on the pic below. That is my main name that I have and am keeping. Hugs Carrie Carebear@ fubar
Last Day To See My Nsfw's
Because I am now a SuicideGirl I have to take down all my NSFW's. I'm sorry all...but I have to.So If u want to see them anymore GO LOOK TODAY CUZ IT MIGHT BE THE LAST!!! Love ya all
Last Call
The club is empty for the most part. Noone left now but the bartendr and th DJ. Neither one notices her sitting alone in the shadows. The bartendr is wipeing down the bar, finishing he heads into th back. The DJ is alone in his booth straightening up from the events of the evening. He has no idea she has been watching him all night. She had sat there watching the way he moved, enjoying the naughty smile on his lips. Watching him smile an flirt with the ladies, he knows they want him. But she isnt happy wanting him...she is going to have him tonight. She slowly stands, cautios not to make a sound. His back is turned to her. Slowly she walks towards him, her shoes silent as she crosses the floor. She steps into th booth behid him, and before he knows what is happening she has him pushed up against the wall. He is startled and starts to struggle, but she pushes her soft body against him. Her lips so close to his ear he can feel the warmth of her brath. She whisper
Last Chance For The Contest
If you want in on this contest now is the time to say so or I will cancel it for lack of intrest and give the prizes to the poor I don't need your entry right this minute but I want to know if you want to join Salute to me Contest Hey everybody, my 1st contest turned out so good I'm having another one All you have to do is make a salute to me Do something funny, make it cool. Show me your creativity Something like this is fine Make something good throw it on your page and let me know and I will rip it and you will be in This is a Bombing contest. It will run for 14 days. Try to keep your pic SFW, don't want you getting disqualified If you want to make one that you know will be NSFW you can mail that to me I would love to see it, but also make one to enter that will be SFW Comments are worth 1 point Rates are worth 5 points. Most points wins. Prizes as follows. 1st place will get a one month VIP or a 7 day blast 2nd plac
Last Repost... All Original... "games"
I'm home alone and cleaning house. The doorbell rings, and I go to answer it. It's the mailman with a plain, brown package that has a card attached. I thank him and bring the package inside, looking at it curiously. There is no return address. Warily, I open the card. "You will wear the garment in the box, and meet me for dinner. Be ready at 6:00 for a car to pick you up. The driver will know where to go. You may not speak until I say that you can. No noise whatsoever, or you won't get dessert. Love, Me." I tear into the box, wondering what it is you have bought for me. Inside lies a purple latex butterfly, with straps coming from the wings. My body begins to buzz with excitement. The night looks fun. I begin to dress. First, the remote butterfly. I'm already anticipating the thrilling vibrations it is going to send over my clit. Next, a garter belt and stockings. A modest skirt and blouse, so that no one would ever guess our secret beneath my clothes. The car arrives and t
Last Night's Gig Kicked Ass! Just 1 Minor Problem!
Soooo..... I went to Outlaws last night to see my friends Crazy Train and, despite some slight complications, had a great time! I got there and the door guy told me if I paid $20.00 at the door, it was open bar all night, all drinks. Well, seeing as how the only thing I drink is about $6.50 per, I thought, party on!! I paid the 20 bucks and went upstairs. Well, needless to say, O.L.C.C.(Oregon Liquor Control Commission) was not too keen on the idea of an all you can drink situation!! (lol, ya think?!) I was back stage when the word came down that the open bar would no longer be honored. I had had 2 drinks by then. DAMMIT!!! Oh well, lol, no big deal. I ended up paying for 1 more drink and was happy just being with my friends. I had a blast rockin to Business Suit Guy, Fists of Dishonor and especially Crazy Train. There are a few pics in Album #1 if ya wanna see. Remember, I LOVE comments!! lol Thanks for listening! Have a wonderful sunday and an awesome week! GOOOOO SEAH
Last Prayer
I never wanted it to be this way, to live in sorrow every day. I had always kept hope in my mind, tryin to leave these tears behind. But, somehow i get dragged back in, i guess this is my punishment from all that i've sinned. So weak i kneel to pray, bleeding tears taste in my mouth as i say..... "Dear God, forgive me for i have sinned, but this is no cofession, i pray for the end. I've lived my life through hardships and all, i never thought you'd let me fall" "I guess i wasn't important enough for you to make my hand, as you can see now, i can barely stand. Its my fault though, i was too weak. I've died inside with no solutions to seek." "I blame myself for the mess that i'm in, i blame myself for how things have been. You may have held out your hand but i was too blind to see, but everythings been done. Just let me be." "I have one last request if i may ask, protect and comfort my family and friends, i don't want them sad. Help them understand i stopped
A Lasting Impression
It's supposed to be easier than this. Your memory is supposed to fade, Like a photograph. My God it's been a year! Since I first saw you, Since I first touched you, Since I first spoke your name. And after all this time, I still remember. And there he he was. Jealous of our intimacy, Wanting to crack our code. Knowing that with every smile, Every wink, Every touch, Meant something that he couldn't fathom. And then you were gone. . . Quicksilver is not to be held, Save for a moment. No one understands Mercury better than I. But I still feel empty at your passing. It's been a year. That feeling should fade. It's supposed to be easier than this.
Last Name
It's harder than it looks! Use the 1st letter of your LAST name to answer each of the following... They have to be real places, names, things... nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question. My last name: Fairchild Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Fats Domino Five-letter word: Fruit US State? Florida Boy name: Frank Girl Name: Fran Occupation: Free lance photographer Something You Wear: Flip Flops Celebrity: Frank Sinatra Something found in a kitchen: Food Reason for Being Late: Fucking Something you shout: Freaking A Body Part: Foot
Last Turn
Last Turn I shift into reverse, check my rear view mirror, let out the clutch and press the gas. Freedom. Thatís what I need. I drive around the corner and see my target. Itís this windy road that crawls up to the top of a mountain. We call it Dread Way. ďYouíll be dreading every minute on the way up to the top.Ē Thatís what we tell all the new kids in town. On the very top of the mountain there is an open field, popular for parties. I squeal my tires and start heading up. I set the bottle down beside the picture frame. The sunset peered through the brown liquid. Every time the taste makes me gasp. I glance down at the picture. Two guys with their arms draped over each otherís shoulders. Smiles cover both their faces. I could get into my car right now, drive up Dread Way and end all this. Just speed up the god for sakeiní mountain. Just keep my wheels going around and around in a circle, until the last turn. I hated that mountain, every time I went up there I was scared. O
Last Weekend...
Last weekend, was soooo much fun. One of my best friends Robbie was in town, to introduce his wife to all of his friends and family here. My friend Robbie, packed up and moved out to Vegas about 4 years ago. Since he has been there he has been doing great. I realized how much I miss him living so close. But am so happy from him and Kristi. They are such a cute couple. I hope that someday I find a love that strong.
Last Message From Dio Cane
The Last Goodbye
"El Ultimo Adios" Las calles son mas grandes desde que tu te has ido Hay que reconocer Que nada me hace bien porque no puedo verte Mis dias sin tus noches, sin horas ni minutos Son un frio puŮal que hieren y atraviesan este corazon Por las buenas soy buena, por las malas lo dudo Puedo perder el alma por tu desamor, pero no la razon Yo soy toda de ley y te ame, te lo juro Pero valga decirte que son mis palabras el ultimo adios (el ultimo adios) Aunque vengas de rodillas y me implores y me pidas Aunque vengas y me llores que te asuelva y te perdone Aunque a mi me cuases pena he tirado tus cadenas Y te dedico esta ranchera por ser el ultimo adios Aunque vengas a implorarme, a pedirme, a suplicarme Aunque vengas y me llores que te asuelva y te perdone Aunque a mi me cuases pena hoy yo tiro tus cadenas Y te dedico esta ranchera por ser el ultimo adios Por las buenas soy buena, por las malas lo dudo Puedo perder el alma por tu desamor, pero
Last Bit Of News For A Bit
Well.... I won't be online again until October 15th sometime.By that time I'll be back from Domcon... and I'll be getting ready for my birthday. If you have my number I wanted to let you know.. don't call it.. I won't be (not gonna be here....) I'm gonna go enjoy being bound and flogged and who knows what other trouble I can create while in Atlanta.(Ron... am just about ready for my'' Right now am finishing getting ready to be a stage girl at the NightMoves Magazine Adult Entertainment Awards on Monday evening.Then it's off to Atlanta. Once back.. it's time to get ready for a party for my birthday(or hatching day as i call it).Then it's some final rehearsals for the Taboo Masquerade Ball on the 27th. Enjoy the rest of your weekend darklings and I'll be in touch when I get back. Dark embraces and bloody kisses, Jezebel Tempting
The Last Laugh
The Last Laugh 2003 Honorable Mention Confirmed True by Darwin (January 2003, Virginia) Paul Powell is not yet out of the gene pool but he will be soon, thanks to his own efforts to enable prosecutors to prove a capital murder charge against him. He had been tried and convicted of the murder of a 16-year-old girl, but his conviction was overturned by the State Appellate Court based on a lack of evidence that he had robbed or raped the woman. However, due process was not yet done with Powell. Thinking himself immune to further consequences, Powell wrote a gloating confession and sent it to the prosecutor's office. "Since the Virginia Supreme Court said that I can't be charged with capital murder again, I figured I would tell you the rest of what happened on January 29, 1999, to show you how stupid y'all are." He went on to explain in graphic detail exactly what had happened on the night he murdered the girl. But Powell did not have the last laugh. He overlooked a catc
Last Night Was Wonderful
Last night got me thinking Last night was so much fun Last night made my heart run Last night got my whole body shaking I thought about the things we said And how you layed your head On my body And we rocked gently through out the night How I caressed your body How you held on so tightly How i never wanted to let go God how bad i wanted to show Show you the way I feel I wanted to steal your heart away How i wanted it to stay This way Forever on end Until I told you about everything About how I feel About how I love you About how i feel complete About how I'd kneel to your feet About how i'll do anything for you No matter what it is Oh how last night I wanted to kiss you And have that kiss explain All of the joy, Not pain You've given me You've let me see What its like to be Truly happy And in love with you What a beautiful gift How i could never repay you I love you So take my love as payment It's real I hope it explains how I feel And I will neve
Last Resort...taking Applications..urgent!!!!!
I am taking applications for a nursing position that is available. All the information that I am offering you is that you will be a nurse to Pye and myself. Now you have to leave comments telling what your qualifications are. You are not allowed to ask any questions. Seems that she and I are falling apart at our crooked seems and this is the best idea I could come up with. So come on.....tell me your qualifications.
Last Night
She came into my room while I was half awake. I'm sure she was for real. I thought about her for a week until she sauntered in. She had a blue silk top on, it only covered half her top. The blue top shined in the dim light, it's thin straps came down to where they met the smooth cloth right above her breasts. Her clevage was as clear as her nipples under that fabric. The top cut low and it excited her, her nipples were perfectly hard. The top cut right below her breasts just showing enough to get me hard. She wore blue colored panties, the same as her top. They were lacy and low cut. She looked over me and I looked back trying to remain as calm as I could. I had to be very cool if I were to keep her excited. She turned around at the end of the bed and bent over to stratch herself revealing a beautiful ass that was hidden buy jeans much earlier. It was perfect and smooth. She looked over her shoulder to smile at me and began to take off her panties. I was in a paradox, which was more pl
The Last Moment
Someone once asked me, what will i do if the one that i love is going to die and I have the last moment with him. What will i do.And this is my reply. The last moment Walk with me, Hold my hands, Let us walk through the woods, The place that we used to walk Hand in hand With smiles in our faces Walk with me, Hold me close, Let us walk to the old coffee place, Where we used to have our morning coffee Gazing into each other's eyes With happiness in them Walk with me, Cherish my love for you This might be the last moment I will be walking with you My time have arrived, And its time to go I know you will miss me, But the Lord needs me now. I will be up there watching you, Waiting for you When the time comes, When The lord reaches out his hands for you, We will be reunited again. Trust me, my love, Forever inside, I wont' forget you.
Last Day Of Contest!!! Help Wishful Thinking!!!!! Shes Behind But We Can Catch Her Up!!! Bombs Away!
Yep our great friend Wishful Thinking as entered a contest and needs our help...She is behind right now but with some help she can win this! It ends Oct. 10th at 9 pm eastern...So come one and bomb away!! Thanks everyone!!!
The Last Letter To Be
The Last Letter To Be by A Peel I exist now dreaming in reality, shades of deep reds and grays, Evolving at the speed of light As my third eye sees all, I bring my fingers to my lips and time stops I taste you. I ponder you and wallow in the memory of your scent and way. How you called me baby The way you made me laugh The way you touched my heart and made me believe Unable to stop, it seems too wonderful, but in the end there is not much but pain. I allow this for some time, then I awake and know that I am alive and the possibilities are endless. Wanting you to taste my soul and undeniably know that I am the one and we are one to conquer happiness together, unimaginably, the way you knew that we could and will if you say one word, Yes! Your fear. Your ego. Your pride. They protect and also hurt you, keeping you from what is rightfully yours, Love. If I had your heart again? Oh, the way I would touch it, nurture it and protect it My most sa
Last 1.... Today That Is!
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Last Day
When the last day is gone the words of yesterday will return then the true knowledge will reveal The knowledge is unveiled at last the true beauty is known the lust of the world is shattered through trials and tribulations of the world the men and women seek for each other the last breath unveils truth When forever comes we will find truth in what we do not know
Last Night
There was something in the air last night that something just want just right my hands trembled at the thought that things would work or would not So hard i try to live, to make my happiness stay and yet i open my heart and mouth and things just fly away. Ands now i sit alone, in a very darkened room my heart has sank to rhe lowest of lows and fille with gloom, i see her nothing but hray, no night or day.and yet i open my heart and mouth and again it flies away. last night, it would have come last night it would have been fun last night weill never come, will never come for me
Last Words
Your Famous Last Words Will Be: "So, you're a cannibal." What Will Your Famous Last Words Be?
Last Tear
The pain is real Its all I feel. These tears they fall I cannot stop them at all. Freely they flow Will they ever go? Can I forget and live without regret? This pain will disappear When I shed my last tear.
Last Night
Iight last night was friday, I was hoping to have had some company over but that didn't fall through and I don't think it's ever going to fall through, but this isn't a, "my life sux" blog entry. So anyways, since my plans didnt fall through like I wished, I still had a lot of fun last night with my new found friends from Richmond, played some drinkin' games, makin jokes, ghost riding everything (lol kristin) and passed out. All in all it was a good change in my life that I needed, and I am finally feeling like my old self again and not worrying about the BS that has been the norm for the past 5 months. So yea a positive blog entry!!! HELL YEAH!!! not like anyone reads this anyways, but if ya do thanx and leave me some love or sumthin. Pz.
Last Wednesday Was The Day!!
okie so for those of you who dont know tuesday night when i went to go get tony... i started having mild contractions... and so we went got me some food and then went home and they got worse... so we went back to my moms... then they got worse! so i went and woke my mom up at like 1:00am and got my bag and everything ready for the hospital... started timing them and waited... so then at about 3am i went down to the er at omc and was admitted... they checked me and i was 4 centimenters and about 75% effaced... then they let me rest and monitored my contractions... they were about 3 minutes apart and really bad... so then at about 8am they checked on me and i was all the way dialated and effaced... and my water kinda broke... so then they gave me an epidoral (spelling might be wrong!) at about 10:30ish... and waited some more... then at 1:00ish they told me to push once to see how things were going... they said that i was ready to go but they needed me to wait 30 minutes so that the doct
Last Update For October 16th ~~ Wsc News, Views, And Bombing!!
Wicked Storm Crew! ~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~ News, Views, and Bombing for TODAY!!!!! ~ &hearts ~ Wicked Storm Crew~ &hearts ~ News Flash!!!! Mr. Nice Guy has been promoted to Leveling Manager. He really is a SUPER nice guy (not just advertising) and he will make a great Manager. Congrats! ~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~w~ Don't forget the recruiting challenge. We need new members! The challenge is among the WSC crew to see who can recruit the most new members. I see new faces so somebody is taking charge!! The 15 days, are dwindling down.... Midnight(Eastern Standard Time) October 27th is coming up fast. How many you got?? It's not to late. Everyone you can get to sign up as a member counts towards your total, make sure that you let them know who you are so they can say "so and so" recruited me. Rain and I are keeping track. The prize at this point is a 1 day blast, but the higher the scores go, more will be added to the prize pack or a bigger
The Last Ride (scary Story In Spirit Of Halloween)
The Last Ride by Paul Melniczek She lifted up her head and peered outside through the frosted window. Wrinkled eyes gazed into the bright sky, and a smile came over the old womanís face when she saw the full moon, shining away in all itís harvest glory, a perfect background setting for All Hallowís Eve. A loud purring reached her ears as a black cat leaped up on the table next to the rocking chair she was sitting in. "Yes, my sweets. Isnít that a pretty night we have in store for us? Old man moon looks down on us with a wink in his eye tonight." The cat stared at her with deep green eyes, attention fixed on every word. "You know what this night means, donít you, Trickster?" The cat let out a soft meow, listening to his master. "It is the passing of an age, that is what. Many long years, happy memories, but there is an ending to every story, good and bad. Olí Madge here has seen it all, yes I have." The old woman pushed herself up from the chair, one gnarled hand s
Last Entry For This Contest :)
what it is everyone! :D first i have to thank all my supporters, that have been bombing my photo everyday :D im SO in the lead...i havent even added it up. its somewhere over a 13,000 point lead! :D:D i cant describe how great it feels. well...i think we can pretty much relax on bombing it for now. if by some miracle, robot alien bombers come from mars, and she starts catching up with me i will holler :D not only because i will need help, but also cause, "oh shit alien robot monsters from mars!" :O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O :D:D in case you were wondering, yes! all people from weed are like me :D we're a crazy bunch 8-p8-p if any of you are feeling kind...i have a friend in the contest :) ive been helping him to get into 3rd place :) if you will, please go rate his photo!! thanks guys here is the link... click here to vote for bignuts75! (rate and comment) and in case you havent yet... click here to vote for j-roxx! (rate and comment)
Last Level!
Gunning For Godmother! This is it! I am down to the last level I need to get! Godmother! I need your help everyone! Whatever you can do! Fan Me! Rate me! Add me for goodness sakes! Please! Help me Level! imikimi - Customize Your World
Last Chance To Enter!
Last Chance to Enter! Win a 7 day Blast! I have 10 entries now but if you are interested in entering you gotta let me know by today! Its a Show me Your Grill contest! Just use one of your favorite smiling pic..:) Comment bombing is allowed and advised. No drama! Most comments wins! Will start October 20th @ 7 pm Eastern and run till October 27th @ 7 pm Eastern If you are interested let me know and I will add you! Prizes: 1st 7 Day Blast 2nd 3 day Blast 3rd 1 Day Ticker 4th Big Pimping Gift!
The Last Stand
THE LAST STAND He clasps the crag with wearied hands Near to insane in this land of the damned. He trembles from his stand on high, To tired to live to scared to die. One small prayer,one small plea, One final push and the will to be free. No place to hide,no place to flee. The twisted earth beneath him crawls, He gazes from his prison walls, Up in to that endless sky, As an eagle glides on high. "Bye cruel world Eternity calls" And like a thunder bolt he falls.... Rachel Marie Miles Copyright ©2007 Rachel M Miles
Last Week In The Tower
Yes it was the last week in the fire tower this year( no more fires)First the winds got up to 70 mile an hour and some higher gusts, a tree blow down in my front yard ( about 8 feet away from my trailer)I loss power for 27 hours, with the temp. in the teens, my teeth were clicking together LOL. Loss my phone line out too the world ( that sucked)It snowed and my rain gage froze! and yes a fire that high does sway in the wind,shakes and rattles ( the fire tower is 120 feet in the air. I had a total of 9 fire for the season this is more than last year, (five).Will post some more pictures soon.
Last Fu Standing
Ok so this is how it works. Anyone who is interested in becoming a participant in Last fu standing reply to this blog telling me you are interested. I will put your name on a voting poll, at 10:00pm tonight i will display the voting poll in another blog. The idea is to get as many people to vote for you. The one that gets the most votes wins. I will place the winner in a top spot on my Fu-Friends website. I will post when the game ends when i get enough members. So hit me up if you wanna join :-)
Lastest Monday
Eh, When I started posting my daily comment, There was a few that were worth posting - To preserve, if nothing else. Also gives me a chance to tell the story of why I made it, Or what happened as a result of it. -Well- This isn't one of those cases *laughs* This IS an older one from about a year ago, I just added to the bottom. Changed it from a Tuesday greet to a Monday ... eh, at least it will be a long while before ya have to see it again (if ever) But here it is: I hope this find all healthy & happy ... and the start of the week full of promise! I open an invitation to all to comment, Or if you have an idea for a certain comment or tag you'd like for me to try ... Just let me know au revoir adiůs bom adeus auf Wiedersehen пока
Last Nights Presidential Debates (highlights)
Last nights Presidential debates (HIGHLIGHTS) From: Drifter Date: Oct 22, 2007 12:48 PM From: Turtle Date: Oct 22, 2007 2:26 PM This is going over the top! Blatant obfuscation! It's sad and bewildering to me to think that there are people out there buying into this crap, one wonders if they will ever wake up...? "Your own poll is no good?" Ron Paul asks Hannity.... I tested it. If you tried to vote more than once in their "text poll" you received an error message reading " You have already voted on tonight's debate. Thank you for your participation." But FOX needs to hear our unabated opinion on how we feel they handled this erroneous debate. This is completely unacceptable...! They attack the man with the most morals and principles on that stage?! They attack the man with the most consistent voting record to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States?! They attack the one man that has unwaveringly fought
**last Update** )o( Wsc- Monday Night News, Updates, & Bombing )o( October 22nd!! )o(
Wicked Storm Crew! )o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o( ~*~WSC~*~ Wicked Storm Crew!!!~*~WSC~*~ )o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o( News and Updates Wicked Storm Crew has a Lounge, Our very on hangout make sure to come by and become a member.We are building our Jukebox so if you have any suggestions for some tunes let Rain or Lu know Here's the link: )o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o( Due to our NO DRAMA POLICY we have had to let several members go. They are, currently in an attempt to build their own Bombing Crew. Having their own or being a member of another crew was in no way the issue, NO DRAMA was! Good Luck to the "ladies", we look forward to competing against you in a contest soon. Bombing for Tonight!!!! )o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o()o( Alice Needs 50,000 Comments in a way shorter time than we thought. We need to throw at least 4000 - 5000 comments a day at her picture
The Last Time
The last time we spoke We spoke about forever The last time we cuddled Was when we were together The last time I laughed so hard Was when I was with you The last time I looked at a star My wish had just came true The last time I had felt this way Was when you made me cry The last time we faught Was when you told me a lie The last time I said Those three little words to you That was when you left And there was nothing I could do
The Last Straw
If A Person is going to talk trash about someone that they don't even know, have never spoken too,Never even tried to speak to ....Only by Judging what they see in a picture ... then shouldn't they be open for communication when that person comes to them RESPECTFULLY and without malice to try to understand why it is they would LABEL them a DECEITFUL BAD PERSON??? How the FUCK do you decide you don't like a person by looking at a picture that is not offensive in any way. Just because "YOU THINK" your a psychic. Even those who claim to have the BEST psychic ability in the world ADMIT that sometimes they are WRONG with their interpretation and at least have the GOOD MANNERS to face that and admit it. I have deleted a portion of the persons name Because I don't want this person harassed in any way so please don't ask the persons name. I have nothing against this person, This person has enough on their plate to deal with at this time and I do not wish to add to their distress. I wish
Last Fu Standing
Just wanna give ya'll an update on Last Fu standing. Here they are as follows: ---------------------------------------------------- Sultry @ 39.7% ThePurestOfAngels @ 38.2% Sweet Babygirl @ 20.6% Spicy Angel @ 8.8% Jamal @ 5.9% BabyDoll @ 2.9% Female Vudoo @ 0.0 % First Elimination is this sunday at 6:30pm MTN It's gonna be real tight between Saultry and ThePurestOfAngels. Copy , paste and send this link to all your friends
Last Dragon
Last Dragon Beaten torn and tattered, Thrown against the wall. Everyone is waiting, For my last and final fall. A lone candle struggles, As its light flickers out. My hope is soon squandered, By the darkness thatís about. Eyes were never friendly, Always hate filled, always cruel. But now it seems theyíre laughing, Like my sadness is their fuel. Is this hatred neverending? Will I ever be free? Or am I to live in hopelessness, Having nothing to believe. Though I cannot give up easily, I will not cry in here. I refuse to breakdown in this place, They will never see a tear. Though years of pain and punishment, For being what I am. Has brought me to dread each day, And dream about my damn. For if I could change, What I am I would because. I am the last of my species, None is left for me to love. Im the last and the only, We soon shall be extinct. For the reign of dragons has ended, Just as the setting sun doth sink.
Last Fu Winner
So we're all on the same page here i'm going to post what the Last Fu standing will get. *)A spot on the Top board of Fu-Friends *)A last fu standing award *)$10,000.00 fubucks If anyone wants to sign up for a spot for the next game Contact me and i will put you on the list.
The Last Blog
So you think you have figured me out A young man lost in his problems Some problems aren't that easy to solve And you can't break our code of energy I'm bent out of shape, there is no happy ending I've come to a point where I just don't give a f*ck My skin is thick, thick and calloused I'm ready to shed the shell, ready to shed the shell
Last Night
OMG... First off let me just start by saying if you live in the country do not go see SAW 4 on a full moon night... Me and CD went to go see Saw 4 last night it was alright but not one of the best. Anyways on our way home it was like really foggy outside I mean so bad to where you could barely see the end of the hood on a car so me I drove slow down the interstate. We were doing fine until we were almost home and a damn deer came out from nowhere and rammed the truck. It smashed the drivers side window all to crap and you can see scarps from the deer antlers running all the way down the side of the truck and all the to the tailgate. It also broke out the tail light. We finally got home and had to get all the glass up out of the truck and off of us. CD and his brothers went looking for the deer and the damn thing is gone nowhere to be found. Ok there is my little warning about going and seeing Saw 4 on a Full Moon Night....
Last Night On The Fu!!!!!!
well for a week, lol......... as most of you know, I leave in the weeeeeeee hours of the morning to go on vacation. HEADING TO PHOENIX, BABY! I leave at 430 am (yuck!) and return saturday morning at noonish (depending on flight status). Unofrtunately , I dont own a laptop computer so the most I will be able to do is check my mail every couple of days on a shared computer (if the hotel has one, most do these days). I hope none of you awesome fu-peeps forget about me :P I certainly wont forget any of you! Now I wont beg for attention for gifts or for you FU's to "show me love" while Im gone, most of you know Im not like that. So I hope you all have a great week and when I get back I will upload all the pics I took while I was down there. Take care everyone!!!!!
Last Chance To Enter!!!
ULTIMATE TATTOO CONTEST OPEN TO ALL!!! LAST CHANCE TO ENTER!!! WIND DOWN TIME! IF YOU HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT JOINING THIS NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!! CALLING ALL WITH A TATTOO!! WIN A HAPPY HOUR!! A 7 DAY BLAST OR VIP! A 3 DAY BLAST!! JUST CONTACT MYALERO WITH AN EMAIL WITH YOUR FAVORITE TAT PIC LINK! 1ST PRICE IS A HAPPY HOUR!(minumum 80,000 comments to win) HE WOULD LIKE TO START THIS AT 7 PM EASTERN TONIGHT!! SO HURRY AND SEND HIM YOUR PIC! Myalero Is Hosting His First Contest and He Is Ready To Give Stuff Away! Need Just a Few More Contestants! Contest Will Start at 7PM eastern tonight and will only last two weeks!! CONTEST RULES AND PRIZES!! MOST COMMENTS WINS!! First Place Wins Happy Hour!! (minimum of 80,000 comments to win) Second Place wins VIP or 7 Day Blast! Winners Choice! 3rd Place Wins 3 Day Blast!! 1. Comment bombing is a must to win this and self bombing is recommended! 2. No Drama! Play Nice and Have Fun! 3. Must use pi
Last Chance To Enter
The Last Breath
Running for her life The dark rain from her eyes still falls Breathtaking butterfly Chose a dark day to live Save one breath for me Alone and longing for The cadence of her last breath Why do I miss someone I never met? With bated breath I lay Sea winds brought her to me A butterfly, mere one-day Miracle of life And all the poetry in the world Finally makes sense to me Save one death for me A Loner longing for Run away, run away, run away, run away The cadence of her last breath Put to rest, all that's not life Drink for beauty Feel her last breath Sometimes a dream turns into greed Alone and longing for Run away, run away, run away, run away The cadence of her last breath A Loner longing for Run away, run away, run away, run away The cadence of her last breath
Last Breath
golden hearts are meant to change and black ones are the same the grand puzzle shifts, we say "fuck the pieces!" and burst out of our cubicles, into the apocalypse rain. "There is nothing left." they said. And we left anyways. Together, blue hair and pink nails, brave hearts and rock & roll, nobody else understands. To get somewhere you gotta walk through the cold fire you gotta kiss the stars goodbye and the last glitter of hope.... is in your eyes, if there was one last breath in the world... I'd let you have it.
The Last Girl Scouts
I took one of those Blogthings quizzes my Fubar friend Fuzzy Bunny had stashed which asked what Halloween costume I should wear tonight. I haven't intentionally worn a costume since my university days, I think. I had to laugh at the result: I should be a girl scout! Reminds me of that point yesterday I posted from the Midwestern Bill of Rights about horoscopes; we read them for entertainment and to get the pulse on what the rest of the country is thinking about. I'm listening as I write this to a prerecorded sermon by an evangelist on the pagan (re: non-Christian) roots of the items we use and even the idea behind wearing costumes on Halloween. I will admit having Martha and Mary get Sarah a witch's costume jarred me; it wouldn't have been my first choice, but I don't feel I'm bowing to peer pressure -- there will be public opprobrium -- by dressing them up. To date, I haven't been accused of being in league with witches, so it works out. Has ANYONE actually gotten an apple or
Last Years Jack
Last Kiss
so here is the colorform(tm) cut out of my head today. i was very drunk lastnight and it may be that I drunk dialed a fubar friend! so being as I don't make the best choices when hung over, I dosed myself with the usual meds (NON OTC) and decided to watch a movie that has been in my vast collection for awhile now "the last kiss" and while this movie suggests that the institution of marriage is disposable. it has a very well scripted point. The entire conversation between Michael and Jenna's father on the front porch is amazing. this movies made me feel the entire rang of emotions in the short time of this film.....maybe cuz my last relationship eneded with me under a doctors care, lol. Am I sharing too much? anyhow i have a short shift today before I start my rotation again in the AM, gotta love those 24hr shifts..... If I was to die, how would I be remembered? god I need a nap. later.
A Lasting Impression
It's supposed to be easier than this. Your memory is supposed to fade, Like a photograph. My God it's been a year! Since I first saw you, Since I first touched you, Since I first spoke your name. And after all this time, I still remember. And there he he was. Jealous of our intimacy, Wanting to crack our code. Knowing that with every smile, Every wink, Every touch, Meant something that he couldn't fathom. And then you were gone. . . Quicksilver is not to be held, Save for a moment. No one understands Mercury better than I. But I still feel empty at your passing. It's been a year. That feeling should fade. It's supposed to be easier than this. August
Last Blog For A Month {maybe}
ok so finished all my shopping i leave 2morrow morning at 5 am im gunna go finish my evening by playing guitar hero 3 and the new jackass game then imma watch dracula n sleep ill try n find a comp to say hi to you! *muah* to Vince ,im goin to miss you the most! xoxo
Last Post For This!!
ok im gonna repost it. Contest ends in 15 minutes! Ok heres where you return the favors I have done for you. Rate and comment me!!! No bombing its really easy to hook me up. Go to Cannibal's page make sure you add her as friend, if not already, the pics are NSFW so in order to view you must friend. Here's the pic link One Comment One Rate Vote for 0305!! Voting is easy! A comment left is counted as a vote. Also rate them up! (1) Comment per picture, per user, bombing not allowed!
Last On Tha Soco Am
Sigh.. its funny having a night like last night then a day like today Oh well but unfortunately i cant focus on the good...really good... surprisingly good cause of personal reasons.. and the nap didnt help get me out of the funk Soooo what to do what to do... i got an idea..but it will have to wait for later tonight. In the interim I will listen to Hannah Montana... What????
Last Night Online
so as most of you know i'm moving back to the states from germany. i'm leaving wednesday morning. tonight will most likely be the last time i'm online for a while do to meetings tomorrow and then going to bed early tomorrow night due to an early ass flight on wednesday. i love ya'll and i will get online as soon as i can to let you know that i made it alright and that me and the babies are safe. pray that everything goes alright for our flights. dj m.i.a. ~aka~ brandy
Last Of The Wild Ones
The white wolf watches in his the cold mountain side Disguised by the snow all you see are his eyes Wise and aware that this land is his home Hunting the woodlands he prowls fearless alone Heís the Alpha and heís huge with a torso like steel Brothers know him as their leader before him they kneel Some say heís vicious and kills because of his hate But his cubs lick his face and he is loved by his mate He brays at the moon in the deep northern woods cold The home of his ancestors from days that oh so old The natives respected his prowess and brave heart Live and let live was the way they would part Freedom is scarce now he stands on the hill so alone Heís gaunt and heís hungry no muscle left on the bone Age and the white hunters have taken their toll A shot shatters the air and he falls in his death roll Cubs start to whimper, his mate shields them like an old mother hen Soon the tracks will lead the hunterís death b
Last Child Support Check!!
LAST CHILD SUPPORT CHECK!!! Today be my baby girl's 18th birthday I be so glad that dis be my last child support payment! Month after month, year after year, all dose payments! So I call my baby girl, LaKeesha, to come to my house, and when she get here, I say, "Baby girl, I want you to take dis check over to yo momma house and tell her dis be the last check she ever be gettin' from me, and I want you to come back and tell me the 'spression on yo mama's face." So, my baby girl take the check over to her momma. I be anxious to hear what she say, and bout the 'spression on her face. Baby girl walk through the door, I say, "Now what yo momma say 'bout that?" She say to tell you that "you ain't my daddy" .... and watch the 'spression on yo face"!!!
Last Night.
went out and got REAL drunk. love tequila. love PBR. stupid though. woke up at 10 and felt like death. im fucking tired man. got home at like 4 or some shit. annoyed the fuck outta supervillian (sorry). annoyed the fuck outta hoochie (sorry). annoyed the fuck outta myself. (not sorry) i got this email from my boss that bascially said 'sorry. we dont need you for doing anything right now but being our bitch when and only when we need you.' so i may have to get another job. i HATE getting jobs. i HATE it. i hate putting time in some place and picking up shifts and whatever to help out and make it known im here and wanna work, jsut to be cut out. i dont understand why people suck so god damn bad. greed and shadyness. and this is in a company where theres fucking 5 of us. and thats fucking sad. its fucking irritating. its fucking annoying. and its fucking stressful. i hate work. jesus im in a ripe mood today.
The Last Time....
The first time I fell in love was long ago. I didn't know how to give my love at all. The next time I settled for what felt so close. But without romance, you're never gonna fall. After everything I've learned; Now it's finally my turn. This is the last time I'll fall... in love. The first time we walked under that starry sky, there was a moment when everything was clear. I didn't need to ask or even wonder why, because each question is answered when your near. and I'm wise enough to know when a miracle unfolds, this is the last time i'll fall in love. Now don't hold back, just let me know. Could i be moving much too fast or way too slow. 'Cause all of my life, I've waited for this day. To find that once in a lifetime, this is it, I'll never be the same. You'll never know what it's taken me to say these words. And now that I've said them, they could never be enough. As far as I can see, there's only you and only me. This is the last time I'll fall in love. Last tim
Last Kiss
Youv'e got me standing in the cold With no pretection from anything forgetting all that I have been told Just trying to escape this numbing feeling You were the one who made my heart sore From trying so hard to fight the tension What it feels is so much more Then anything of your comprhension You did have your moment when I used to sit Waiting, waiting for you to change your ways I guess like a cangle you one had me lit But I had to extinquish your stifeling blaze Because something has changed, I realize After the way you treated me Your once so brilliant, and now blank eyes Looking in them, let me see I Thought I knew it, but I didnt know it and it took me a lot of consentration Untill I could see that I was a poet And you were giving me false inspiration And you never did like me for me And you could never see anything past my skin In the end it took the blind one to see That you had no real beauty resigning within In your defence, I will admit I
Last Night.
I had some screwed up dreams last night. One of which involved being in some freakish restaurant and Satan was there changing people's hair color.And then the CIA or some garbage showed up to raid the place and we all bolted, and all of the sudden a helicopter crashes into our semi truck. Seriously. And then it's just sitting there on it's side in the back of the truck, but the rotor is still spinning on the helicopter and traffic is getting backed up cuz no one could pass, or hey, chopped car, right?Well, then it started getting dark, and we're like, "Hey, eff this." So we ditched the truck and walked to this abandoned town that was all fenced in. So we're walking along fa-la-la and suddenly we see headlights in the night. It's the bloody CIA again.So we duck into this sewer and it's huge, and well lit. Complete with a massive rock face to scale like Mission Impossible. So we're trying to get down and BAM there's the CIA with a bunch of jerks in black coming to rain on my parade. They
The Last Few Before My Birthday
Well its the last few days before I turn 35. A little recap of things since the last time I wrote... The house is coming along very well. Tomorrow they are starting on the cabinets and trim work. Then the flooring and electrical guys after that. Still about a month to go but soon... very soon!!! As I reflect back on the last year... hell the last few years... there are ups and downs in life, we all go through them. I can honestly say tho.... I wouldnt change a thing. I have an awesome Job... a GREAT kid (just gets really distracted)... and a great family. Treasure what you have... life is too short and things happen everyday that we cant control.
Last Day Help Her Out!!!!!!!!!
LAST DAY!!! PLEASE HELP THIS CHICK OUT,3HOURS AND 10MINUTES LEFT TIL CONTEST IS OVER WITH....THANX IN ADVANCE TO ALL WHO HELPS OUT __________ ASH HAS FALLEN BEHIND WITH LESS THAN 6 HOURS LEFT! Today is the last day for Ash's contest..... when we started workin on her she was well under 1st by more then 7000 but now we got her into first cause u guys rock!! It ends at midnite tonite PST so any and all spankers that can drop in on her and give her a good hard spankin! We dont want all our hard work to slip away! spank it so hard that she will really feel it Greg
Last Thought
I need a break already. The sand from that day at the beach with her, finally washed out, ten yaers later. I have no personal effects of hers,and yet she still haunts me. Like a sour mistake from my past, she clouds my mind. I loved her, and fought it. I had her love, and destroyed it. I had all of her, and I pretened it was not enough. Now I have no trace of her but my memory, and I feel incomplete with out her.
The Last Biker
The Last Biker The old ones stand out now, their numbers dwindling down. They're sad loss to the American scene, these individualists with the worn down clothes, saddles and faces. You can still see them sometimes, the real ones, some in packs, not as large as a while ago, sometimes alone. The alone one is the best. One who's been there a long time, staying in the life he loves, never giving into a system that sucks you up like a vortex if you slip just one foot into it. He's got his connections - a few like him, that care for and protect each other. Hanging onto the only unique lifestyle left, like old dinosaurs, their faces are leathered and rough by forty, but their eyes still sharp and knowing. Some are gray in the beards and braids, some are limp in their step and some pain in the kidneys. Still they know that no other life is life, but merely a dreary journey into everyone else's monotony. He looks at the new ones, and then turns away, knowing they will never know of li
The Last Dance
The Last Dance ...And I whispered, "I am yours."... Venus rising in the darkest hour of night, Etching dreams and fears in silver light, Pressed against the glass, cold, unyielding, And the tragedy leaves me torn and bleeding. Fate has bound and trapped my lonely soul, To pay your redemprion, and make you whole, And when the inevitable price must be paid, I'll willingly fufill the promises made. But before the end, take my hand, look in my eyes, See the truth laid bare, the desolate cries, So before you fly, on new wings free, ........ save the last dance for me. ...And as the last curtain falls, Again I whisper, "I am yours."...
Last Stop This Town
Band : Eels Song & Lyrics : Eels You're dead but the world keeps spinning Take a spin through the world you left It's getting dark a little too early Are you missing the dearly bereft? Taking flight and you could be Here tomorrow Taking flight, well, you could get Here tonight I'm gonna fly on down for the Last stop to this town What? I'm gonna fly on down then fly away Well, alright Get down Taking a spin through the neighborhood The neighbors scream Whatchya talkin' bout? 'cause they don't know how to Let you in And i can't let you out What if i was not your only friend In this world Can you take me where you're going If you're never coming back I'm gonna fly on down for the Last stop to this town I'm gonna fly on down Then fly away on my way Get down Why don't we take a ride Away up high Through the neighborhood Up over the billboards and the factories And smoke I'm gonna fly on down for the Last stop to this town Yeah I'm g
Last Request
Singer : Paolo Nutini Song & Lyrics : Paolo Nutini Slow down, lie down Remember it's just you and me Don't sell out, bow out Remember how this used to be I just want you to know something, is that alright? Baby let's get closer, tonight [chorus] Grant my last request and just let me hold you, don't shrug your shoulders Lay down beside me Sure I can accept that we're going nowhere But one last time let's go there Lay down beside me, ohhh I've found that I'm bound to wander down that long way road, ohhh And I realise all about your lies, But I'm no wiser than the fool that I was before. I just want you to know something, is that alright? Baby let's get closer, tonight. [chorus] Grant my last request and just let me hold you, don't shrug your shoulders Lay down beside me Sure I can accept that we're going nowhere But one last time let's go there Lay down beside me, ohhh Baby, baby, baby Tell me how can, how can this be wrong? [chorus] Grant my last
Last Night...
***Blog Disclaimer*** This blog is no shape or form directed toward anyone. If you happen to think that it is, it's your own guilt eating at you...*** Last night I had a crazy dream. I dreamed that I saw you kissing another woman. But I thought you were interested in me? You saw me. You said that it meant nothing. I know better. I then saw you in the hot tub kissing a different woman. There was a scene, you are out of my life. You are not physically dead, but you are dead to me. This was but a mere dream, but it has bothered me some. I thought that I would leave it here to be out of my head.
The Last Moment
Walk with me, Hold my hands, Let us walk through the woods, The place that we used to walk Hand in hand With smiles in our faces Walk with me, Hold me close, Let us walk to the old coffee place, Where we used to have our morning coffee Gazing into each other's eyes With happiness in them Walk with me, Cherish my love for you This might be the last moment I will be walking with you My time have arrived, And its time to go I know you will miss me, But the Lord needs me now. I will be up there watching you, Waiting for you When the time comes, When The lord reaches out his hands for you, We will be reunited again. Trust me, my love, Forever inside, I wont' forget you.
Last Nite
any one wanna know how it went last nite lets just say i didnt fall asleep tell almost noon
Last's Nights Dream & This Morning's Thoughts
So last night i went to bed at a decent hour and slept in but i remember dreaming the best dream. I woke up feeling so content with my self that i almost thought it was true, although when i woke up i realized it wasn't yet true. the only living being in my bed was my sister's dog lola. I fell a sleep thinking about having my mans harms around me. which is the one thing in my relationship that i don't have with him yet. which in away it is a good thing because the distance and the space between us is only making us stronger. which is good for every relationship. We both realized we have a pattern when it comes to relationships. Mine is that if i feel that it isn't going to get better and it seems to get worse i start to open my options, i put my walls up and push people away and become really difficult to live with for some reason. And with him, if the spark, the passion and the romance between him and who ever he is with dies then that is when he starts looking. which is in the s
Last Call For The Tattoo Contest
Last Night---a Big One!!!!!
My paranormal group took part in an investigation of a house in eastern Kentucky. Because the house is currently occupied, I can give no further details about it. It started out boring. I was even able to chat with a couple of Fubarians while waiting for something to happen. One of the members of the group was a psychic medium who suggested a seance. The idea was agreed to reluctantly. I dont trust so called psychics or mediums. Theres been to many fradulent ones over time. The seance supposidly revealed the prescence of a woman from about 200 years ago who had lived in the house. The report on her was she was a residual spirit in visitation because she had spent her happiest days living in the house (According to historical research a woman had died giving birth about the early 1800s).After the seance I took it upon myself to do a solo watch in the master bedroom. I was armed with a digital recorder, a thermometer, and an EMF(electro magnetic field)detector. I was in the room n
Last Days My Account
Last Days Here. Read
You want to remain my friend?, If your answer is positive: Send me ur e-mail Or your postal address or if I want to send postcards. i will deleted my page on Monday, and I want to remain her friend. The answer you have it.
The Last Talking Point Of The Left
The vet-as-victim. by Dean Barnett 11/26/2007, Volume 013, Issue 11 To celebrate Veterans Day, the Los Angeles Times ran a two-part story on James Blake Miller, the battle-exhausted soldier in the iconic picture of the Battle of Falluja in November 2004. The photograph caught the 20-year-old Blake caked with blood and soot as a cigarette dangled from his mouth. He looked young, but also prematurely old. To many, the picture represents the modern American fighting man--resolute, determined, and much older than his years. Today, Miller is home from Iraq and suffering from a severe case of post-traumatic stress disorder. His is a heartbreaking saga, and the Times's lengthy story detailed the efforts of Luis Sinco (the Times staff photographer who took the photo) to help him. Near the end of the story, Sinco quotes Miller's 21-year-old brother saying to him, "I'm glad I didn't join the Marines. I got a nice house, a wife and twin baby daughters, and I drive a Durango that's
Last Goodbyes
so i went and said my last goodbyes to some of the best friends you could ask for. my boys are gonna be gone for 15 long months..who am i gonna go out with and buy me drinks? whos gonna pick me up and throw me in the hotel pools? whos gonna cuddle with me in the twin size bed in the barracks lol? im gonna miss the hell out of them but i konw we'll write and ill send um care packages and they'll bring me home lots of stuff lol. well just wanted to get that out of the way. I LOVE MY SOLIDERS
Last Dream
I had one last dream before I died, Now that dream has been pushed aside. I can never see it happening, I guess it was really never ment to be. My dream is dead, Does it mean I will die soon. Is the lord finally going to take me home again. At least I know there, That I would be loved. Everyone couldn't blame me for everything. I would live in total serenity, No heavy mundane things to hold me down. Just a place full of love,Joy and happiness. Because spirit love is unconditional. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserved©
Last Blog Tonite, I'm Tired!!
I want everyone to know that I have MUCH more to offer in the way of conversations, than just the racial issues. Unfortunately, when I poosted three mumms today (as a sort of "social experiment") the one on race seemed to never die. This leads me to believe that this still carries deep-rooted passions and emotional responces, much more than any other subject I've encountered in here. I think that I have proven myself to be an articulate, and well-versed conversationalist, and I thoroughly enjoy being so. Contraversy breeds debate; debate breeds ideas; ideas breed cooperation; cooperation breeds progress; progress leads to success; success breeds happiness; and then out of mutual happiness comes true freindship between people willing to think openly, and discuss freely!!!
Last Night
Last night....All I have to say is that if you are with a hot girl don't blow off your friends and make them feel bad and if you are going to kick it, then at least don't tell your friends to f*ck off just to make yourself look cool you mean smurf-lookin, snoopy impressionist bitch! Other than that drunk jenga was hella fun! :)
Last Night
Last night as I lay sleeping, A vision came to me. It was of you and I, A wonderous sight to see. And in the dream I had, I reached and touched your face, I clasped your hand in mine, And felt your warm embrace. I pressed my lips to yours, To taste your kiss so sweet You held me for a minute, In this moment that did fleet. I wakened from the dream, With a thought of you that stayed, With me throughout the day, And never once did fade.
Last Riddle For The Night!
I cannot be felt, seen or touched; Yet I can be found in everybody; My existence is always in debate; Yet I have my own style of music. What Am I?
Last Call!
Drinks Show Your Personality! Before you order a drink in public, you should read this! Seven New York City bartenders were asked if they could "nail" a woman's personality based on what she drinks. Though interviewed separately, they concurred on almost all counts. The results: Part A ~ Women: Their drinks, Their personality, & YOU! BEER: Personality: Casual, low maintenance, down to earth. Your approach: Challenge her to a game of pool. BLENDER DRINKS: Personality: Flaky, whiney, annoying; a pain in the ass. Your approach: Avoid her, unless you want to be her cabana boy. MIXED DRINKS: Personality: Older, more refined, high maintenance, has very picky taste, knows exactly what she wants. Your approach: You don't. If she's interested, she'll send you a drink! WINE (does not include White Zinfandel): Personality: Conservative, classy. Sophisticated, yet giggles. Your approach: Tell her you love to travel and spend quiet evenings with friends. WHITE ZINFANDEL: Personal
Last Blog
This will my last blog! I feel compeled to right this. For those who were true friends, I will miss you. For those of you who took my friendship for points and rateings, You'll never know what you missed. For those of you who ook a piece of my heart and used it for your own gains, Well,I can only say that I pray it never happens to you! If it has, Then I am truly sorry And I mean that. I know now how it feels. There are some very good people he so don't let what has happened to me let you think any less of those who are looking for tue friendship here! I will leave a part of my heart here and it hurts. Good luck with your points and rates and leveling. I'm sure it will make you happy. Merry Christmas and a very happy New Years. Good bye and Thanks for the lessons. You can teach old dogs new thgs. LOL
The Last Goodbye
The Last Goodbye By: Jennette If only I had one more chance Or even a quick glance To forever say goodbye Knowing I had one more try And that "I Love You" Could always be true It is always in my head That feelings I always dread I will always feel bad Because of the chance I didn't get and never had Of course, you are in a better place But it is the feeling I can never trace While you were in a bind I kept running through my mind What if I had that chance Or even that quick glance Could I say, "I Love You" And it always be true Or at least have got one more try To forever say... "Goodbye."
Last Christmas....
abba - christmas song
Last Try Agin
REPORTER: What do you think tribal sovereignty means in the 21st century, and how do we resolve conflicts between tribes and the federal and state governments? BUSH: Yeah. Uh, tribal sovereignty means that. It's sovereign. Means you're a -- you're a -- you've been given sovereignty and you're -- viewed as a sovereign entity. 6 Sep 2004 During a campaign stop in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, President George W Bush reveals: "We've got an issue in America. Too many good docs are getting out of business. Too many OB/GYNs aren't able to practice their love with women all across this country." 19 Oct 2004 In an interview with CNN's Paula Zahn Now, Pat Robertson declares: "I warned him about this war. I had deep misgivings about this war, deep misgivings. And I was trying to say, Mr. President, you better prepare the American people for casualties. 'Oh, no, we're not going to have any casualties.' Well, I said, it's the way it's going to be. And so, it was messy. The Lord told me it w
Last Day With The Army
Today I'll do the last thing I ever have to do for the US Army. I couldn't sleep at all just thinking about it. It wasn't supposed to end like this. I realized something last night when I was laying in bed wide awake. Deep down, in the core of my being, I hate the army. I hate them with a passion reserved for a very few things. They promised to take care of me and protect me. They promised me a future and to never leave me behind. That was the deal we made. Instead, because of a 1% chance I'd get cancer again and them not wanting to pay the medical bills if that happened... they forced me out. I hate them so much. Its the one thing I was honestly good at. I was average at football, basketball, wrestling and everything else I tried. But this was different, it was something I was made for. My grandpa wanted me to be an officer so badly. I'd be the first McLaughlin to make officer in a family that has been in the army since we came off the boat in 1862 from Ireland and fo
Last Resort
Who am I to be? second choice or plan b? To be first in your heart, only used when life falls apart? Always your last resort, Can you not see what you mean to me? How much can one man take, before his will is made to break, cracked under the pressure of being last the clinging sorrow drowns me fast.
The Last Fight
some of you may know that i recently moved to phoenix on labor day weekend. i planned on moving here a few years back, and it finally came to fruition. i like some of the lyrics in this song. the title is a must. but i like how he left with a pack of clothes without a family tree. i moved here with no one here to call family. nor friends. i know it will be hard getting my roots settled in. to where i can comfortably call it home. but i knew that i had to move. there was no future for me living for my family. i had to venture out on my own. i still love my family very much, and if i get to missing them too much they are only short 5-10hour road trip away. i just dont get to go over to see em everyday.
Last Time I Checked
it wasnt quiet christmas... but the last two night last night and the night before ive heard things i have wanted to hear for a long time said and talked about things that needed to be done for a long time. i got my vailiadtion of love comitment and kick in the ass all at once... i now feel perfect and loved... and i also fucking kicked ass on the preasvab i went from a 19 to a 52 bnow u add 10-15 points to the thats what i get on the asvab life is still shit but a better .
Last Minute Gift Suggestions
Automotive Gift Suggestions - Just in Time for Last Minute Christmas Shopping If you have an "Automotive Minded" person in you life, these gift suggestions should be considered. 1. Tire Air Change Kit. This kit comes with everything you need to change the air in your tires. This highly recommended but often overlooked maintenance item is much easier now. Remember to change your air every 3000 miles or twice a year. $25 2. Blinker Fluid. You knew it existed but, WOW, is this stuff hard to find. 4oz bottle. $12 3. Synthetic Blinker Fluid. Better yet! 4oz bottle. $24 4. Light Bulb Filaments. Why throw away a perfectly good turn signal or stop light bulb when you can just install a new filament? Premium Filaments, made in the USA! $1 each. 5. Manifold Heat. Yes, your exhaust manifold should be HOT. If it's not, you may need this item. Sold by the pound. $3.50 6. Steering Wheel Gaskets. All SIZES available! Email for specific application. From $9.99 7. Tie Rod Tensio
Last Day
i need to comment bombed . my last day pleading to all my fu buddies and family CLICK HERE TO Comment thank you in advance
Last Night
back story: lol So I hadn't talked to my old neighbor in like 2years. Since he graduated highschool bc after that he moved out. Then he saw my sister someplace since her and his sister are good friends... he asked her for my number but at that time I didn't have my cell phone. But I just looked him on myspace and then we talked like 2x's in msgs and he's like omg we have to chill and wats your number. like we used to be friends and chill randomly but not a lot. then we talked on aim and he invited himself over my house.... after two years is that a little creepy? and i mean he only ever came over my house 2'xs before when we lived next to each other. anyways, last night we hung out. he said he had a good time lol who knows. i met his roommate when i went to pick him up that was fucking funny. i was standing at the door and i never asked which apt was his so some kid was walking in and i'm like sorry but do you know anyone named "freinds name" and he's like "last name
Last Night.
I reached a whole new level of insanity. This will make sense to people that have seen Bedazzled. So last night when my sister came over I started to bug her to take a picture with me. She hates taking pictures so I love to make her do it. Anyway she kept refusing so I told her not to make me compose a sonnet about her hair or sing about our friend the dolphin. She didn't take me seriously so Luvy ran off and got me a ukulele. I followed her outside while she put the carseats in her car strumming said instrument and singing said dolphin song. At first she wanted to beat me to death, then she realized that I looked so stupid doing this in the snow in pajamas, that she laughed. When we got inside Luvy made the dolphin noises and we all laughed.
The Last 10 Things Any Woman Would Ever Say
10. Could our relationship be more physical? I'm tired of just being friends. 9. Go ahead and leave the seat up, it's easier for me to douche that way. 8. I think hairy butts are really sexy 7. Hey, get a whiff of that one. 6. Please don't throw that old t-shirt away, the holes in the armpits are just too cute. 5. This diamond is way to big. 4. I don't even wanna put my lips on that thing unless I get to swallow. 3. Wow, it really is 14 inches! 2. Does this make my butt look too small? 1. I'm wrong, you must be right again.
Last Cup Of Sorrow
This is getting old and so are you Everything you know and never knew Will run through your fingers just like sand - Enjoy it while you can - Like a snake between two stones It itches, in your bones Take a deep breath and swallow, your sorrow, tomorrow Raise the cup and let's propose a toast To the thing that hurts you most It's your last cup of sorrow What can you say? Finish it today It's your last cup of sorrow So think of me And get on your way It won't begin until you make it end Until you know the how the where and the when With a new face you might surprise yourself Like a snake between two stones It itches, in your bones Take a deeper breath and swallow, your sorrow, tomorrow Raise the cup and let's propose a toast To the thing that hurts you most Is your last cup of sorrow What can you say? Finish it today It's your last cup of sorrow So think of me And get on your way You might surprise yourself -------------------------------- F-n-M
For everything there must come a last. A last minute, a last hour, a last month, day, or year. A last drink, a last coke, a last tequila, scotch, or beer. A last love, a last heart, a last kiss, hug, or rage... Or even the last words written on a page. But the worst last thing is your last breath because what is to follow will surely be your death.
Last Day! Need Your Help!!
My photo commenting contest ends tonight at 6 p.m. Pacific/9 p.m. Eastern! I'm currently in FIRST PLACE!! Rumor has it one of the other contestants has been away and has *50 bombers* coming to help him today!! Please come by and leave some comments for me if you can to help me secure my lead!! Any and all help will be greatly appreciated and remembered!!
Last Weekend Of 2007
†††† Happy Friday.† The last Friday of 2007.† At one point or another the majority of people will take time looking back over the year and make plans and resolutions for 2008.† My resolutions?† I do not do any.† Why set up for a failure?† I adjust as I go along anyway.† My resolution is to spread anti-resolution.†††† Had an interesting comment from a blog the other day.† "I should be collared and finger-gaged."† I thought that was amusing myself.† I was surprised people actually read this part.† But, as the title shows it is "101 useless Ideas for Every Day Life."† You cannot say you were not warned.† †††† I am very please with the new multi function printer I got yesterday.† For anyone shopping for one I got the HP c5280.† Trust me it rocks.† Has its one 1.5" monitor screen, on board memory so you don't need the computer on, it has slots for every kind memory card, has a cd label set up to print on cd's, a built in 4x6 picture tray to print pictures, and a sleek shiny design that tops
Last Chance For Sunbathing
COOL Quote: "I may be known as the girl who was sunbathing topless with a Prince but Jordan is known as that thick girl who always falls out of clubs drunk. I know which one I prefer." ~ Jenny Frost Joke of the Week: SUNBATHING ON THE ROOF Joan, a rather well-proportioned woman, planned to spend almost all of her vacation sunbathing. She found the ideal spot on the roof of her hotel. It was deserted and secluded, with a smooth, raised "deck" which received the sun all day long. She wore a bathing suit on the first day, but on the second, she decided that since no one could see her way up there, she would slip out of it and get rid of the tan lines on her back. She'd been lying there on her stomach for a little while when she heard someone running up the stairs toward the roof. Startled, she didn't have time to pull on her suit, and since she was lying on her stomach, she just pulled a towel over her rear. "Excuse me, Miss," said the flustered assistant manager of the hotel,
Last Week- 12-28-07
Had Christmas over weekend with family, watched a sunset over the ocean with a great friend, moved some clothes, my body and my car to Miami, GOT MIAMI DADE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY CARD!!, used internet at library surrounded by other homeless people, got lost all over Miami, slept in my car, got call that my dad died, drove back to Atlanta for services, headed back to Miami tomorrow to find work and place to stay. Suggestions on either will be welcomed. Peace in the middle east. ~psycho ninja bitch~
Last Free Newsletter
Humility, Errors, Misconception etc. 12/30/2007 Dear readers. This is the last FREE newsletter getting to your email box. First let wish everyone of you a fantastic New Year and THANKS all of you for your support. I will do all in my power to give you accurate information and education material throughout the year if you are a VIP ďCosmic CodeĒ subscriber. However NEVER forget errors are only a part of the human experience and as always never assume anything about anyone unless you know the facts. Yesterday I wrote a newsletter titled ďFatal Dragon Of Mrs. BhuttoĒ and mentioned a few people born with the Dragonís Tail (negative) in Leo (fame/life/ego). I also referred to Ron Paul having the same Dragonís Tail in Leo than Steve Irwin, Princess Diana and Mrs. Bhutto when actually he has not. Ron Paulís Dragonís Tail is in Cancer (July 4th 1776/USA) and his Dragonís Head (luck) is located in the sign of Capricorn (politics). With so many things going on in my life things
Last Day Of 2007
The last day of 2007 I woke up this morning going over the past year. I was thinking about things I have done good and bad. Things I could have done better, should have done better and then I stopped. These are things of the past and tomorrow is a new beginning. If we live in the past we don't live in the now. We don't experience the "miracle of the moment". We never know what the future is going to bring so don't dwell on that. The past is over and done so don't dwell on that either. Just love the ones who are close to you and let them know everyday how much they mean. and as a friend of mine has told me.... Today is the last day of 2007 and I just wanted to wish u a Happy New Years! I hope that u have a happy and successful year. Tomorrow is the begining, so no matter what you have planned or end up doing tonight just know that everything is possible and u can make it no matter the odds. Just believe in yourself and trust in the ones who luv u!
Last Night
I have written over a situation that has been going on with my friend.It all started with a comment war game we played one evening.The entry was called A little game played yesterday. I know it is New Years Eve and I have already posted one entry this morning. Last night these games or drama some call it came to a head.Peoples feelings got hurt.I don't believe it is to any fault of mine.I have said this to many times since it all started that we were just friends.I have not hidden that I think he is very attractive and that I am attracted to older men. Since this person could not verbally attack me on my site because of the settings I have on my profile,she chose to do it on his.Out of haste I responded back and then tried my best to smooth all of this over. I have never in my life seen such hatred and disrespect as I see it here on Fubar. This bares to be repeated once again. If you are not married to him or have a off line relationship with this person it isn't a relationsh
Last Day Of 2007
It is the last day of 2007. I am ready for The New Year and my resolution is to look back at 2007 and make sure 2008 is even better than 2007. So here is it Leo's last Horoscope for 2007. Monday, December 31, 2007 Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 22) You must be careful, for your desire for pleasure may outweigh your need to be responsible. Fortunately, you can probably make it through this time without getting into too much trouble. Unfortunately, you might not be able to enter your anticipated garden of delight. Patience is crucial; if you can wait, you will likely get what you want. Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!!!
Last Blog
Well unless I come home early this is the last blog for 2007. A good friend and I agreed that if we see the other one getting negative we are to send cyber slaps in 2008. We are both tired of the negativeness that we showed this year. I made a lot of awesome friends this last year and I love ya all. You far outweigh the negative things that happened. Some of you know more than others... I'm sorry I was such a pain. :) Just make sure that in 2008 if I get in friendships with people that make me miserable ya kick my a$$ and then tell me to tell them to F off! You know thats so hard for me lol. Again.. be safe and smart about what you do tonight! Happy New Year! Tommorrow is a new beginning. :)
Last Child Support Check
Last Child Support Check Today my baby girl's 18th birthday. I be so glad that this be mylast child support payment to her Momma! Month after month, year after year, all those payments! So I call my baby girl, LaKeesha, to come to my house, and when she get there, I say, "Baby girl, I want you to take this check over to yo momma house and tell her this be the last check she ever be gettin' from me, and I want you to come back and tell me the 'spression on yo mama's face." So, my baby girl take the check over to her momma. I be anxious to hear what she say, and bout the 'spression on her face. Baby girl walk through the door, I say, "Now what yo momma say 'bout that?" She say to tell you that "you ain't my daddy" .... and watch the 'spression on yo face.
For everything there must come a last. A last minute, a last hour, a last month, day, or year. A last drink, a last coke, a last tequila, scotch, or beer. A last love, a last heart, a last kiss, hug, or rage... Or even the last words written on a page. But the worst last thing is your last breath because what is to follow will surely be your death.
Last Year
Being 24, having my two girls, and bein with "the man" that i was suppose to spend the rest of my life with. You would think I would've been happy, but in all reality that was not the case. I had a great job with a promosing future....and yet when I went home it was more like hell. Having to deal with the devil himself. Yeah I called him that for a long time. Not knowing if one wrong move would set him off. Why is it that when you are with an addict you are the one to blame for the bad times? I didnt get it, I don't think I get it now. I wasn't the addict, why would I have to suffer that stronghold? I would look into his eyes and there was chaos and madness, a hatred for me that I had never felt before, and just before I would be thrown across the room, fallen to the floor and crying I would see this calm in Him. You know its sad what you will put up with when all your taught as a lil girl is to make it work, and that you don't just quit on your family. It w
Last Laugh
You think I stand before you naked of my pride you laugh because I didn't win although at least I tried! You smugly stand before me with that smile upon your face when its ME who should be laughing cause you didn't even place!!
Last Nights Happy Hour Giveaways And More To My Friends/ Fans
If you fanned and added me I wanted to let you know that starting today and taking me a few days I will be going through and rating and fanning you. At the same time I will try and rate your stash and pics. I am putting on other giveaways that won't occur during my Happy Hour's. I will post more information about these as soon as possible. Hopefully within the next day or two. Now to Last Nights results: I hosted 2 Happy Hours so 2 different winners. The prize was either a Blast or VIP. Thank you. The First Person Was: ~HOORAY BEER...BOO TEA~BARTENDER @ THE TIGER'S DEN!!! STOP BY AND HAVE A DRINK ON ME!!!@ fubar The Second Person Was: ÜH» ŖŕLL•@ fubar
Last Chance To Own
Last Breath
From those around I hear a Cry, A muffled sob, a Hopeless sigh, I hear their footsteps leaving slow, And then I know my soul must Fly! A chilly wind begins to blow, Within my soul, from Head to Toe, And then, Last Breath escapes my lips, It's Time to leave. And I must Go! So, it is True (But it's too Late) They said: Each soul has its Given Date, When it must leave its body's core, And meet with its Eternal Fate. Oh mark the words that I do say, Who knows? Tomorrow could be your Day, At last, it comes to Heaven or Hell Decide which now, Do NOT delay! Come on my brothers let us pray Decide which now, Do NOT delay! Oh God! Oh God! I cannot see! My eyes are Blind! Am I still Me Or has my soul been led astray, And forced to pay a Priceless Fee Alas to Dust we all return, Some shall rejoice, while others burn, If only I knew that before The line grew short, and came my Turn! And now, as beneath the sod They lay me (with my record flawed)
The Last Time
if i knew it would be the last time that i would see you fall asleep. i would tuck you in more tightly and pray the lord, your soul to keep. if i knew it would be the last time that i would see you walk out the door. i would give you a hug and kiss and call you back for one more. if i knew it would be the last time i would hear your voice lifted up in praise. i would video tape each action and word so i could play them back day after day. if i knew it would be the last time i could spare an extra minute or two to stop and say "i love you". instead of assuming you would know i do. if i knew it would be the last time i would be there to share your day. well im sure you'll have so many more. so i can let just this one slip away. for surely there is always tomorrow to make up for an oversight. and we always et a second chance to make every thing right. there will always be another day to say our "i love you's" and certainly there is another chanceto say our "a
Last Beat
With a beat of my heart you were there. Guiding me, Loving me, making me yours. With a blink of an eye you were gone. Leaving me broken, helpless and shattered. With a thump of my heart there you were again. Promising love, shelter, training, and forgiveness. Like a drug you are addicting. I now close my eyes forever. There will be no more heart beating. You and Me can never be. Said Juliet to her Romeo.
Lasting Love
With winter's cool kiss, they embrace. Two hearts that beat as one. No words were spoke as their souls take flight on the endless bitter winter night. With in their love there are no rules place upon them by mindless fools. They'd try to break them and make them see this love of theirs was not meant to be. But through it all they'll survive and keep this precious love alive. For in their love there is no pain. Only memories of those they once left behind. They found each other in the night, their hearts a flame their eyes shone bright. In that moment time stood still their hearts . They lost each other once in time. His thoughts of anger ruled his mind. Her gentle tears fell like rain. As fate would have it they'd met again, like two old forgotten friends. With the softest touch and slightest look deep inside the spark does grow. Their minds at peace their souls at rest the purest love is now revealed. Where others failed they will win, t
Last Words
smoke my last cigg and draw take a deep breath what the fuck am i worth it for when i see your smile i seem to weep to much indeed to much indeed need to rest my head for once in time to look back is to look far behind and i cant listen to what i speak because things that fight wont ever sleep and i cant do that take the chance that i will never see the things that will or will ever be smoke rises up all around me you make your final bed and lack to flee tonight you fly around the road as if im dead you want more and i cant give you what is not blood you want it all and want it now thats like asking for steak but wanting the whole cow when will you ever see the things i do are not free they are all for you and allways been but now my mind is totaly fucked
The Last Tear
The last tear, wrote it in April 06 I'd tried to escape the anxiety, I'd tried to forget all the pain, listening only to my heart, slowly driving me insain. I fell hard for the words, all the lies you had told, still I followed my heart, and watched my life unfold. Instinctively I knew, inside of my head, yet I tried so many times, feeling lifeless and dead. I hid the pain, and truth inside, even though I knew our love had died. I tried for many reasons, for which I can't explain, to hold on and be a family, with no life of mine to gain. I loved you more out of duty, although everyone asked me why, told me to move on with life, and kiss the past goodbye. I finally found freedom, away from the fear, listening to all of me, I've shed my last tear.....
Last Days!
Your smile to me is like none other. Your touch is like nothing I have ever felt. To look into your eyes is like looking into heaven. Seems like every time I talk to you I fall in love all over again. I sometimes question the theory of fate or even love at first sight. I now know that those questions have been answered. The day I met you, I was immediately in love with you and from then on I knew that it was fate that had brought us together and it was our destiny to be one. Some people call me crazy, some even say that I am nieve, but no one can ever tell me what my heart knows it feels for you. The wonderful, loving caring father and the passionate lover and friend that you are is the person I fell in love with and will love until my last breath. I can only hope that as each day passes, our love stays true until our very last days on this Earth shall end! MyHotComments
Last Chance .....
Tomorrow ending at 7am EST the auction will close and your chance for bidding will also.. If you want to bid click the link below.. Thank you to all that have bid *muah* Get this widget | Track details | eSnips Social DNA
Last Update - Jan 28 2008
Jan 23 2008 Ya know there are a few so called screenshots floating around.... Now let me clarify the stupidity of one of the most vindictive Women of Fubar, Now most of you know my X-FUBAR wife and how talented she is in photoshops and I even give myself credit in being pretty good. Now This Vindictive piece of trash thinks people are actualy dumb enough to buy the screenshots she photoshopped and is passing around? Why do you think I havent passed or posted the ones I have ? Because like you Im that fuckin good at photoshops and i know they would be questioned. Now the question is am I sick ? Yes I am and i have clarified that. Am I limited on time ? Yes NOW let me clarify further....... I am still married to a woman that lives in Arkansas at this time, and lacey and i came up with the plan that she would show she had came here and was still here. and we also involved my son in sending her ( The soon to be X )info that I was deader than shit, This was done on Yahoo and
The Last Starfighter
The last starfighter - 1984 Can a teenager from a trailer park in the sticks find happiness as an intergalactic warrior? That's the premise of THE LAST STARFIGHTER, a magical adventure starring Robert Preston, Dan O'Herlihy, and two of today's most exciting young stars, Lance Guest and Catherine Mary Stewart. It's the story of an alien scalawag (Robert Preston) who recruits a whiz kid at the video game, Starfighter, to fight outer space wars to save the universe. Besides appealing characters and an intriguing plot, THE LAST STARFIGHTER features production design by Ron Cobb of Alien, Star Wars, and Conan the Barbarian fame, plus computer generated special effects that go far beyond anything seen on film. Wow what a claim the video jacket makes! And it is a major exaggeration (yes i am taking into account for when it was made). The story is great but it has a very low budget feel. Even though it was low budget, it still lacks too much. the acting was rigid and seemed almost
Last Day To Buy Golden Tickets........
Hey My Golden Ticket Lovers....How are you???Did you think we forgot about you?? Well We Oompa Loompa Ladies have been working and a little busy With CUpid also.. Please be sure to Check out the BLogs and watch for your tickets and Lollipops..Remember The Golden Tickets END ToNight at 12 Fubar Time...((Thanks so Much for Participating)) Heres SOme more Amazing People...((That Enjoy Fun))Thanks everyone.. Big Daddy Nick~Club Adrenaline Bartender/Bouncer/Promoter and 2nd Alarm Hottie Minx's B/F $ 25,000.00 ((50)) Tickets Bought By Minx ((50)) Tickets Week Long Special pattycake 24151**fu-engaged to skulls_of_hell** **Club F.A.R**fu-owned by ^sin^ **K.O.P.E** $ 152,000.00 ((304)) Tickets ((304)) Tickets Week Long Special CANADIAN ģ- MR. SWEETNESS - SWEATHEART $ 10,000.00 ((20)) Tickets Bought By Partywoman ((20)) Tickets
Last Night
last night was fun. i dunno wat happened to us (my roommate kelsey, her best friend ben, and me). kelsey doesnt talk to me much and i try not to bug her so we coexist (yay!!) but here's more of less wat happened last night. ben was hungry and he wanted some of the doughnuts that kelsey bought last week except they are hard. (b=ben, k=kelsey, a=ace aka me) b: awwww they're hard! k: put it in the microwave b: then it'll loose moisture! [grabs water and gets the doughnut wet and pops it in the microwave and eats it] k: we need paper towels too a: and tissues k: oh yea a: we used up the tissues in the first 2 months and never got anymore even tho i keep meaning to get some k: we need to add those to the list! a: oh! and bowls! we're out of bowls and i almost bought ramen the other day but didnt cuz of that [k and b point to some the k brought but are plastic]...but i dont know if those are mircrowaveable, i'm afraid they're gonna melt... b: they should say if they're not
Last Of The Golden Tickets........
Thank YOu all for Joining In the FUN that we have had and are Going to have.. Dont Forget To come to the Forbidden lounge Tomorrow NIght @ 10 Fubar Time. We will Be doing the drawing then..This has been Loads of fun and We have met Some fabulous Folks...Dont fOrget to keep your Eyes out for More and Dont Forget Fu-Cupid Hes out there waiting for the next one to shoot the arrow at..LOL...Thanks again IF you have any Questions feel free To let US know.. Heres SOme more Amazing People...((That Enjoy Fun))Thanks everyone.. įįęMÓŮXĽįį-Co Owner of Adrenaline Radio-☆2nd Alarm Hottie☆Big Daddy Nick's GF☆ $ 25,000.00 ((50)) Tickets ((50)) Tickets Last Day Special Baka $ 55,000.00 ((110)) Tickets Bought By Muerte Bella ((110)) Tickets Last Day Special ~~dream goddess~ ~fu wife to magicfun cpl~~ $ 50,000.00 ((100)) Tickets Bought By Magicsfun
Last Call
LAST CALL FOR WILDCAT TRAIN RIDE. DO YOU????? WANT FANS??????? RATES?????? FRIENDS???? LIKE TO BE PIMPED OUT? IF YES THEN CHECK THIS OUT JOIN : TO RIDE ON THIS TRAIN TODAY PLEASE SEND ME YOUR PROFILE LINK BY MAIL. TO HAVE A VIP CART OR TO BE A CONDUCTOR PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. THIS GOES to ALL RIDERS ON MY TRAIN: (((You have to rate and fan all the people on the train adding is obtional,each time you're on it, check 4 the new members,,,also rate all the conductor's pix and stash. You have to rate as much as you can from the stewards & the VIP members 2.)))OR YOU'LL BE REMOVED!!! AND IF YOU LIKE TO ADD MORE FRIENDS AND FANS CLICK ON LINKS 1 AND 2 BELOW RATE AND FAN IS A MUST. CLICK ME NOW LINK 1 CLICK ME NOW LINK 2 HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND HUGS,KISSES N MUCH MUCH LOVE TO ALL ۞WŐL–«ńŦ۞ ۞WŐ£–«ńŦ۞ģ÷W—»R ÷Ғ Ŧ.M.ń.Ғ.WŐ£–«ńŦ ŦRńŐ—,Rń–Ő÷ — £÷ŕ—G»@ fubar
Last Call
LAST CALL FOR WILDCAT TRAIN RIDE. DO YOU????? WANT FANS??????? RATES?????? FRIENDS???? LIKE TO BE PIMPED OUT? IF YES THEN CHECK THIS OUT JOIN : TO RIDE ON THIS TRAIN TODAY PLEASE SEND ME YOUR PROFILE LINK BY MAIL. TO HAVE A VIP CART OR TO BE A CONDUCTOR PLEASE CONTACT ME ASAP. THIS GOES to ALL RIDERS ON MY TRAIN: (((You have to rate and fan all the people on the train adding is obtional,each time you're on it, check 4 the new members,,,also rate all the conductor's pix and stash. You have to rate as much as you can from the stewards & the VIP members 2.)))OR YOU'LL BE REMOVED!!! AND IF YOU LIKE TO ADD MORE FRIENDS AND FANS CLICK ON LINKS 1 AND 2 BELOW RATE AND FAN IS A MUST. CLICK ME NOW LINK 1 CLICK ME NOW LINK 2 HAVE A FABULOUS WEEKEND HUGS,KISSES N MUCH MUCH LOVE TO ALL ۞WŐL–«ńŦ۞ ۞WŐ£–«ńŦ۞ģ÷W—»R ÷Ғ Ŧ.M.ń.Ғ.WŐ£–«ńŦ ŦRńŐ—,Rń–Ő÷ — £÷ŕ—G»@ fubar
Last Day
This is mister B and I know you want to own this man... hell ya thats what I'm talking about.. but first you must win the highest bid and so far that stands at a 7 day blast and 100K fubucks and getting all his pics ratted... I know someone can very easy beat this bid... I'm telling you this man is well worth it.. Below is what hes got down on the table for you all so far... But I'm sure if the price is right and want you want isnt on the list then talk to the man and see what can be done... I'm sure he will work with ya.. MR. B IS OFFERING TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER: Rate all pictures and stash during Happy Hours for you and a friend 50 11s daily Owned by you on profile Keep you sh!tfaced for the month **Contest comment bombing on request for you or your friends** Daily Profile comment Daily pimp out bulletins Any other request may be considered Dont wait to long this ends today!!!!!!!!!
The Last Ledgion
It takes place in Rome. Its the story of the child cizer. its a very good movie, a good story, and a nice plot. It gets you involved in the story. One of the Constantinople fighters is a HOTT girl, which is totally kick ass. she is a bad bitch. I give this movie 3 stars!!! * * *
Last Chance To Enter Cutie Pie Contest!
table Last chance to enter!! entries end at midnight tonight!! Cutie Pie Contest Host Of Contest Is The Watcher Contest Will Start Monday at 5pm cst! Contest Will Last 10 Days; The Contestant With The Most Comments Wins Winner Receives Their Choice Of A 7 Day Blast Or A 1 Month V.I.P. Rules: All Contestants And Bombers Must Have A Salute. No Exceptions! No Drama, Scripting, Programs, Harassing, Down Rating No N.S.F.W. Pictures If Any Problems Arise... Contact The Watcher Or GeeGee Please Submit Pic By Fu-Mail To The Watcher Only
The Last Football Of The Seaon
Ok for the ones who love football, who is everyone voting for? The Pat's or The Jiants?Who is everyone going for and lets see who wins this year lol< Hope the for the best game wins,Good luck, You all decide who you want then lets see who wins the moat and, how many have or had votes for tonights game?Its up to you all who loves football,Enjoy the season for tonights game 2-3-08.
Last Light
in my last hour of light i'll see right through all the things in life that kept me blue and i'll stop searching for something new i'll lay down and think of you and in the last light of the last day I'll touch your heart then fade away close your eyes and think of me forever in your heart is where i'll be into the darkness you must go but ill be waiting for you to show i'll extend my hand and my heart ill keep you here when it falls apart so when its your turn for your last light ill be waiting to make it alright
Last Update J-roxxx Hottest Mummer On Fubar Contest!
hello all! theres less than 24 hours left in the contest! im so proud of you all :D thanks to each of you for entering, and making the first contest ive hosted such a pleasure. I LOVE MUMMERS!! there was absolutely no drama the entire time. props to all of you :) here are the standings as of 10:30 pm central time :) *first place ~ misterfeet - 2371 *second place ~ pebblesinaz - 2205 *third place ~ ez 2 fu - 1235 *fourth place ~ the bully - 1154 *fifth place ~ prettygreeneyes - 582 *sixth place ~ kristen victoria - 479 i will be posting the winners Wednesday night, and you can expect your prizes by Thursday :) i ♥ you all hope everyone has a fabulous week :) (((((hugs))))) ******muuuuuuaaaaahhs***** HAPPY HOUR 11'S FOR ALL COMMENTS TO THIS ENTRY :D
The Last Good-bye
Last Embrace
May I have one last kiss, Before we say good bye? Can I taste your lips of red wine, Just one last time? Hold me tight so that I can remember your warm embrace. Your strong arms around me, And feel your strength. I want to smell you, So that your scent lingers with me. Run your fingers through my long brown hair, Look deep into my eyes, Say you will always remember me. Let the good memories linger on. Making us still frames in time Hold close to your heart our last embrace, Until we meet again somewhere in time. Dee Parenti All Rights Reserved.
Last Time I Forgive U Part 2
Anthony Ellington (12/4/2007 11:08:36 PM): so you never did answer my question Anthony Ellington (12/4/2007 11:08:37 PM): lol Shell Bell (12/4/2007 11:08:53 PM): what question Shell Bell (12/4/2007 11:08:57 PM): and send your cam again Anthony Ellington (12/4/2007 11:09:15 PM): you there Shell Bell (12/4/2007 11:09:19 PM): im here Shell Bell (12/4/2007 11:09:21 PM): are you there Anthony Ellington (12/4/2007 11:09:39 PM): ok the question was what do i gotta do to make you mine Shell Bell (12/4/2007 11:09:53 PM): to make me yours? Anthony Ellington (12/4/2007 11:10:06 PM): yup like a gf Anthony Ellington (12/4/2007 11:10:09 PM): i dunno lol Shell Bell (12/4/2007 11:10:10 PM): lol Shell Bell (12/4/2007 11:10:31 PM): well isnt that kinda hard, since youve never met me, and are over there Shell Bell (12/4/2007 11:10:35 PM): i dont live in georiga Anthony Ellington (12/4/2007 11:10:55 PM): yeah but i dunno Anthony Ellington (12/4/2007 11:10:57 PM): lol Shell Bell (12/4/2007
Last Time I Forgive U Part 3
Shell Bell (12/2/2007 1:18:50 AM): hey Anthony Ellington (12/2/2007 1:18:59 AM): what ya doin Shell Bell (12/2/2007 1:19:11 AM): just about to go to bed Anthony Ellington (12/2/2007 1:19:46 AM): will you stay up and talk to me for a lilbit Shell Bell (12/2/2007 1:19:53 AM): sure Shell Bell (12/2/2007 1:20:00 AM): but its not going to be long Shell Bell (12/2/2007 1:20:03 AM): sry Anthony Ellington (12/2/2007 1:20:14 AM): its ok Shell Bell (12/2/2007 1:20:23 AM): so whats up Anthony Ellington (12/2/2007 1:20:39 AM): do you have any new pics? Anthony Ellington (12/2/2007 1:20:55 AM): nothing im sitting here looking for someone to cam with so i can acctually see someont Anthony Ellington (12/2/2007 1:20:58 AM): someone Shell Bell (12/2/2007 1:21:01 AM): lol Shell Bell (12/2/2007 1:21:06 AM): any new pics? Shell Bell (12/2/2007 1:21:12 AM): well what ones have you seen Anthony Ellington (12/2/2007 1:21:31 AM): the one on your display Shell Bell (12/2/2007 1:21:33 AM): lol
Last Chance
to bid on me to be my Valentine.for
Last Chance To Place Your Bids. Wanna Own Me For A Month??
The Last Day Of Love
So, here we are again... Yes , it's Valentines Day! All over the world, people are buying supermarket flowers, cheap fizz and artery clogging chocolates to give to their loved one. For some reason, im not really bothered about Valentines day, its never seemed to be that important to me. Even when I was with someone, it just seemed to be another excuse to squeeze a few quid out of you. Why just limit romantic gestures to just one day? Make sure you tell the one you love everyday how much you love them. Spread the love and make someone feel special... ...even if it's only for one day....
Last Chance!
HERE'S YOUR LAST CHANCE PEOPLE! Auction will close 2-15-08 3 PM Central Time.. All Bids will start at 50K. On top of all this, I will add you to my family, send you random gifts, and post your link on my page. ACCEPTABLE BIDS ARE FU-BUCKS,VIPS,BLASTS,HH,AND MORPHS MIN.BID IS 50K... CASH PRIZES OVER RIDE FU-BUCKS TO HELP CLEAR. COMBINATION OF FU-BUCKS AND CASH PRIZES ACCEPTABLE. Be sure to check out the others up for auction. Good Luck to all!

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