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you will always a place in my heart just to let you know I love seeing your face in the morning when i wake and every time you kiss me you take my breath away just being around you makes my day when i look into your eyes i just cant find the words to say when im with you you everything bad in the world just goes away. is it good or bad
We all have things as we grow up that influence what we are attracted to. I on the one hand have always had this fascination with superman. The character as I understand it is born of another planet. Saved by the intelligence of his parents and raised by the best humans on the planet. That the story anyways. Over the years my own personal meaning of "superman" is a bit different than I think anyone realizes.  LOOKS- of course tall, athletic to slightly musclar and absolutely gorgeous with dark hair and a smile to melt hearts. PERSONALITY, my version, been through hell but still has a heart of gold and only wants to do right no matter what QUALITIIES, my version, Bravery and Courage to do what scares him the most when it's the right thing to do. These seemingly simple traits have been very hard to come across. My status will often say searching for superman blah blah blah and like prince charming its my own warped version of the character that i'm talking about. Some say having a
I memorized all the words for you But if you only knew how much that’s just not like me I wait up late every night just to hear your voice But you don’t know that’s nothing like me You know I wonder have you already figured out All these things that I try to hide All this time I’ve been hoping you don’t find out how All these thing that I hide on the inside I can’t be held responsible This is all so new to me Just when I think I’m invincible You come and happen to me I want to make sure everything is perfect for you If you only knew that that’s not like me to follow through Maybe even give up on these dead end dreams just to be with you But you don’t know that’s nothing like me Hey yeah, I wonder have you already figured out All these things that I try to hide All this time I’ve been hoping you don’t find out how All these thing that I hide on the inside I can’t be held responsible This is all so new to
Just A Vent...
So, most of you know that people trade fu-bucks for autos. Well my bestfriend was trading this chick for them for 8 million fu-bucks. Once the chick got the money, she blocked my bestie. So my bestie started trying to contact her and writing to her thru status messages. Well the scammer, reported my bestie for harrassing and they froze her account. Shes big on here too! They also froze her husbands account because it was coming from the same ip addy. Neways, so until they unfroze her account, she made a temp account, well they froze that account too for the whole ip thing. So now she doesn't want to be on the site anymore. I think this is bull because for one, shes the one who got me back on here, and for two, the girl was a pussy and scammed her but instead of being an adult and talking about it, she reported her for harrassing. Please, seriously? How immature is this?!!?
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When You Say You Love Me Lyrics-- Just A Beautiful Song
this is what i'm determined to have in my life someday:   Like the sound of silence calling, I hear your voice and suddenly I'm falling, lost in a dream. Like the echoes of our souls are meeting, You say those words and my heart stops beating. I wonder what it means. What could it be that comes over me? At times I can't move. At times I can hardly breath. When you say you love me The world goes still, so still inside and When you say you love me For a moment, there's no one else alive You're the one I've always thought of. I don't know how, but I feel sheltered in your love. You're where I belong. And when you're with me if I close my eyes, There are times I swear I feel like I can fly For a moment in time. Somewhere between the Heavens and Earth , And frozen in time, Oh when you say those words. When you say you love me The world goes still, so still inside and When you say you love me For a moment, there's no one else alive [bridge:] And this journey that we're on. How far we'v
What They Never Told You In Fairy Tales..
♥♥♥In fairy tales the prince rescues the princess and they live happily ever after. This is what they never told you when you were a little girl, dreaming of your "prince" or "knight in shining armor" They never said that trust would be an issue.That the Prince and Princess would fight until they couldn't stand eachother going to bed angry.They never shed light on the fact that Love isn't strong enough to escape  death with something as simple as a Kiss. Nor did they talk about divorce or ending up broken hearted.They never wrote in the pages about tears that would be shed. Why didn't they add in as a sidenote that Fairy Tales is all bullshit? Or that the prince could have only one thing on his mind?They led you on to believe that  Love's answers could be just in a few pages, or simple steps. Why didn't they add that a "prince" could become the "princess's" world and when he left, her world did to. They never told us as little girls that jealousy would be an issue.
Due to the high demand for salutes, I'm forced to charge you for them. This is to separate the clowns from the serious. From now on, regular salute 500,000 fu-buck. NSFW salutes 1,000,000 or a bling. I decide if I make the salute or not. If I feel uncomfortable or disrespected, then no deal. I feel this is necessary in order to maintain order to avoid the idiots. If your interested, please e-mail me Thank you, La morena
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Chevys Bar
come look at chevys bar its a fun place  to meet new members  live djs and great staff too so come by and be come a member dj chevy will like that help him get his lounge up and running
A guy stuck his head into a> barbershop and asked, 'How>  > long before I can get a> haircut?>  > The barber looked around the shop> full of customers and>  > said, 'About 2 hours. ' The guy> left>  > A few days later, the same guy> stuck his head in the door>  > and asked ,How long before I can get a haircut?'> >  > The barber looked around at the shop and said,> 'About 3 hours.' The guy left.>  > A week later, the same guy stuck> his head in the shop and> asked, 'How>  > long before I can get a> haircut?>  > The barber looked around the shop> and said, 'About an> hour and a half>  > ...' The guy left.>  > The barber turned to his friend and> said, 'Hey, Bob, do> me a favor.>  > Follow that guy and see where he> goes. He keeps asking how>  > long he has to wait for a haircut,> but then he doesn't ever come> back.'>  > A little while later, Bob returned> to the shop, laughing> hysterically.>  > The barber asked, 'So, where> does that guy go when he>  > leaves?' Bob looked up, wiped the
None of this is really directed at a particular person. Just things that I've been thinking about. Somehow, some of them turned into questions. Anyway, here goes. 1. Why does the act of me drinking one cup of coffee make me pee so damn much? I mean really. I went to my Moms about 3 hours ago and I've already peed 5 times. It's annoying as hell. 2. Why do people feel the need to put their brakes on every time a car is coming "toward" them in the other lane? Just pisses me off. 3. If a person is in a relationship and they aren't happy. Does the other person expect them to put on an act? Seriously. I don't understand that. 4. Men are men. They will look at boobs. There is nothing anyone can do about it.  Even in a relationship, men will look. I don't understand why MOST women get so bent out of shape over it. 5. Some of my friends from here have found me on Facebook. I haven't accepted them yet. Why, you may ask? Well that's because I needed to get this out, lol. My family is on the
Another Argument
A few hours ago, rich and I got into another agrument. He had just got a new cell phone because he messed up his phone, I went to check it out. He didn't get the same phone but the upgrade. So I was checking it out and he got a text on there from someone. The text didn't make much sense...he was sleeping at the time...and me being curious, even though it wasn't my business I looked at his texts. There wasn't many text messages in there since he just got his phone back but I got the idea on something that he had been lying about. He had been seeing this one girl, one of his friend's little sisters. I had the feeling that there was something going on, which didn't bother me but it's the fact that he lied. And with that, it started to make me think about other things that he lied about. He woke up and we started talking calmly. I told him I knew about the chick and he was surprised and hung his head low. I told him...You didn't have to lie to me. Just be honest..but wait..yo
Drama In The Exfriend Department
Amber: I dnt have ur cell number otherwise i woulda txt ya. So ya its kinda fucked up that u told gary tat yall got bedbugs bcuz of me. Dnt blame that shit on me then go n tell the landlord that yall got em cuz of me. I dnt even have the dam thngs an if yall had them id have them so can u all please stop blamin everythng on me tell gary an his dad 2 grow upMe: I didn't say we got them because of you. And you did or do have them. We don't have them anymore, and  they weren't that bad over here. So... And I didn't tell the landlord shit personally, what him and his dad does isn't any of my fault.Amber: Well gary and none of them even woulda had a reason 2 blame us if u didnt tell them tat its my fault so i no that aint true but its cool and it is ur fault cuz u told gary n he told the landlord and so wat if i did have them u all didnt get them cuz of me but i dnt even care jus cuz u dnt like me ne more u r gna try n get everyone 2 hate me 2 but i dnt even care ne more u talkd so much s
Arousal from touching or being touched.
malapropism\mal-uh-PROP-iz-uhm\ , noun:1.An act or habit of misusing words ridiculously, esp. by the confusion of words that are similar in sound.2.An example of such misuse.
What we think, we become.  -  Buddha
Own Mistress Kiara's Nasty Shoes! Progressive Auction!
As those of you on My mailing list already know, I have decided to have another auction. More information can be found at My Femdom Auctions page. I’m selling these old nasty flats of Mine that I’ve had for about a year now. I know My little foot boys are going to be eagerly bidding on these ripe shoes! I know some of you are wondering what a progressive auction is.  Here’s how it works - if the bid reaches certain preset amounts, I add more to the winning package. As of right now, the winner will get these nasty shoes with their comfy inserts (complete with My foot and toe imprints!), as well as a set of the pictures featured on My Ebanned Auction. BUT! If the bidding reaches $50 for these shoes (they are worth much more than that based on their stench alone, I assure you!) then I will also give the winner a pair of My stinky gym socks, full of holes from My perfect toenails. I have recently taken up olympic lifting, and it makes My feet sweat so bad!! So if
its a shame you go make this kick ass lounge everybody loves it.then people gotta start talkin behind your back telling lies,your "friends" turn on you make there own lounge with your layout your members.then when you prove in a fashion that cant be faked who the real shit talkers are you get threatened.then because you tell somebody they should drop it all of a sudden im threatening them and stalking then these "friends" try to get me banned by fubar just because i showed they are untrustworthy and will back stab they go trying to ruin a reputation i spent my life building.well guess what i dont talk lies and if i have a problem im man enough to talk about it to you. so play your games talk your lies i dont care anymore just remember every comment you get on that lounge is a compliment to me because i invented the concept i was the first to do  that layout. and the harder you try to ruin me the more people will realize what you true friends will never by into
A Few Minutes...
For a few minutes you made me feel as though I actually meant something to someone.
Have Come To The Conclusion
My Star Chart
October 23 1986 8:30 AM Time Zone is EDT saginaw, MI Rising Sign is in 04 Degrees Scorpio You tend to be quiet, reserved, secretive and, at times, quite difficult to understand. Others notice your deep emotions and feelings and wonder how to draw you out. Stubborn and tough, you fight for any position you believe in. You are very resourceful and formidable when you become angered or upset about something. You enjoy living life at the cutting edge -- for you life must be experienced intensely and totally. Quite courageous, you are willing to take calculated risks. Easily hurt by others, you often strike back with bitter sarcasm. Sensitive and curious, you are concerned with the deeper mysteries of human psychology. Once you have become interested in any subject, you pursue it with total fanaticism. Sun is in 29 Degrees Libra. Very sociable, you enjoy being with others and definitely prefer not be alone. Warm and affectionate, you go out of your way to make others li
What Do I Really Matter?
If I left this World today how would you even know I was gone? Would I just be a name in the paper that means little to anyone. What impact did I make? Would you cry a tear? Would I even get so much as a second thought?  If you never took the time to tell me what you felt when I am here why should I believe I'd make an ounce of difference when I am gone. If I am a part of your life and I mean anything to you at all it would be nice to know that. I guess I am looking for something and not sure just what. Perhaps it isn't out there at all. I'll stfu and end this now. You can say what you think!
Being Outdoors
Get out there and have some fun.  Hike or bike and get outside.  Ride those mountain bikes and if you don't have one then look for bikes for sale.  It is worth it.  You will feel so much better.  
Pissed At Myself
Ok here goes I need to vent lol I am so fucking pissed at myself, here I am the one who is supposed to be strong and independant and the one who all my girls come to for advice. They think it's great I am independant and happy...which I am I am very happy with my life but I am so tired of spending it alone. I fall for one asshole after another even after I chnge types....I even had a couple supposed nice guys fuck me over and rip my heart out yet again. I feel guilty because I shouldn't be pissed but I am. I don't know why I fall for these stupid tricks and lies and am so fed up. The only good guys seem to be in other states or something.....not here near me.....what the hell I am supportive, I work, I am affectionatte, I can cook and clean...and I am not hideous or anything...maybe I just need to become a raving psycho bitch. They get all the guys anyways..... OK vent over...  
Ready To Say Fuck It All
 ok ppl wanna no wat my deal is here it is point blank for u im sick of being asked for help  and  in return when i ask for sumthing if i do  geting side lined im sick of deal with the fact i give yall everything and help out with out a reason  and never ask for anything in return and yet when i do ask for sumthing i told to go fuck my self so everyones always like ur suchj a sweetheart well no  ppl r gonna realize first hand im an asshole im sick of it and im done  im tired of puting my neck out there for everyone else and then being treated like shit u got a problem with me  then bring it to me
We Are Looking For All Staff And Some Managers Spots For The Real Baby Dolls Lounge We Are Looking For Dedicated Honest Peeps Do You Have What It Take
Public Schools
Public schools are not qualified to teach evolution nor creation. American youth are barely learning the basics i.e. Math, History, Science, English. They need not be distracted with your THEORY. They can learn the bullshit in college if they make it that far
Life is pure adventure, and the sooner we relize that, the quicker we will be able to treat life as art.                                        MAYA ANGELOU
What Is All Of This "mfkn" Really About ?
Check the blog below and to the left with the same title...don't forget to rate , tell your friends and post your comments as always and please don't forget to rate it a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 11..:D
What Is All Of This "mfkn" Really About ? every now and then, while I float around here, observing the general behavior of people on here, sometimes you come across things, while other things are just right there in your face. In this entry, we'll address an area of which so many of you have seen, commented on or are a part of... MFKN What exactly is MFKN? We all know what it means obviously in its' shortened lingo. But of late I've come to find out that it's actually one of those Fubar "groups" or "families" so to speak that have always been popular on here over the course of time. Think Juggalos, 2nd Alarm Hotties, Bad Girls Club..etc...It gives I guess people something to be a part of around here. Personally, the closest I've ever gotten to being involved with anything like this on here was advising the 2nd Alarm Hotties for awhile when they were having fake issues and trying to explain to them what a real "hottie" was supposed to be. Just because I don't do it doesn't mean you shouldn't. Do what you enjoy. But any
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Fat Ass America
15 million children will die this year from starvation. Americans collect disability checks for obesity. Why are we paying people to get fat???? No money, No Food. Seems like a self correcting problem.
Suicidal Soldiers
If you kill yourself is your boss held responsible?????? No?????? Why is the army held responsible for soldiers suicides????? Why are soldiers families demanding answers from commanders??? WHY THE HELL are families demanding anything from the ARMY???...? FUCK YOU and your pussy ass son's and daughters that can't candle their own fuck ups. Maybe if YOU didn't raise them to be little sissy faggots they'd still be here.
Good Lawd...
Ever look at your bartab and the saying "beating a dead horse" comes to mind?
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Read bottom to top...don't have my screenshot loaded on this pc yet. matty: ok ->matty: OH GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN!! He would never have a man touch him much less suck him! matty: would he b using me for head matty: yes miss....... ->matty: what do you mean "you both"? I already told you I wasnt into whether my fiance would want u naked or in an outfit would be between you and HIM to discuss matty: i guess u both would want it done naked or in an oufit ->matty: that is a confused emoticon!! cuz i dont get it lol matty: ? ->matty: : / matty: yes if thats wats ordered ->matty: so u wanna clean up after my fiance? matty: basically i do all chores entertaining and any ordered ->matty: i dont give it out matty: can we talk on thre ->matty: yes i have yahoo ->matty: what exactly is it that you are looking for so I can let my fiance know and you can be his slave. I already said it wasnt really my thing but if you want I will ask him if he wants a slave matty: do u have yahoo messanger
Help My Friend
Help My Friend in a contest.....
How long have IBeen in this stormSo overwhelmed by the ocean's shapeless formWater's getting harder to treadWith these waves crashing over my head If I could just see youEverything will be alrightIf I'd see youThis darkness will turn to light And I will walk on waterAnd you will catch me if I fallAnd I will get lost into your eyesI know everything will be alrightI know everything will is alright I know you didn'tBring me out here to drownSo why am I 10 feet under and upside downBarely surviving has become my purposeCause I'm so used to living underneath the surface If I could just see youEverything will be alrightIf I'd see youThis darkness will turn to light And I will walk on waterAnd you will catch me if I fallAnd I will get lost into your eyesI know everything will be alrightAnd I will walk on waterAnd you will catch me if I fallAnd I will get lost into your eyesI know everything will be alrightI know everything is alrightEverything's alrightYeaEverything's alright
Better Or Worse?
So I'm wondering...I had a date the beginning of last month. It was to be postponed a day or two, because the guys truck was in the shop. Then...nothin, no calls, no texts, for a month. He sent me a text a couple days ago apologizing and saying he'd been in JAIL the past month. Apparently he got a DUI the night after he got his truck out of the shop. I looked it up online, and sure enough, he had been in jail for the past month. But I wonder a couple things... 1. Why didn't he get ahold of me when his truck was done? If we had gone out that night instead of him going to some friends house, the drama that ensued there wouldn't have happened and he wouldn't have that DUI. 2. He SAYS he learned his lesson, but do I believe him? Do I give him another chance? He did get ahold of me as soon as he got home. I dunno if I'm just overthinking this because I always do. I have good reason to be cautious when it comes to men, but am I being TOO cautious? Or am I thinking about not giving him ano
A Great Saying
"I love photos, because the best thing in it is that, it never changes even when people in it change!"
Ahhh...Today has simply reminded me that I need to get back to writing about my theory of the number keep looking for updates real soon...=) I also feel that this may be the most beautiful day in least on a personal level...=)...Nothing exceptional happened today...butI woke up today and found myself loving life...It really is one of the better days I can remember in regards to my confidence and self image...and I'm just hoping to ride this wave for quite some time! So before I bore you all to tears and scare you off from reading all my future blogs..I will cut this short..The message I am trying to convey..look forward to the little pleasures in life...ones that are truly once in a today is for me...little coincidences can take us a long way in life and its important to take advantage of every one of them...and also to just enjoy life and enjoy yourself...because life is too short not to feel that way...=) Nathan Wisnefske BlackHand9
Most of you guys have known me for a few years, so you know about my high school principal/mentor that was killed by her husband a few years back. Well, in the news today was a story about my mentor's killer's brother, who was just arrested for domestic assault.   There HAS to be something wrong with that family. It kind of upsets me.Hell, it upsets me that I just realized her 3 year has just passed, and I didn't even notice it.    
The Old Woman
Dying alone unwanted and unforgiven the old woman give her heart away.She knows she will never be touched by love or compassion for her crimes against the heart were so heinous they are unmentionable.Her disease overpowers her sense of desire and compassion for another human being.Her soul has been lost for many years now but her heart has been beating with the strength of an unknown will.Death sits at the end of her bed watching,waiting for his next victim.Death and the  old woman have become companions of a sort; he watches her wither away and she watches his youth be regained. Day after day no vistors come her way except death her only true companion.Till one day there is a knock at her door a young boy stands before it not much older than 5 years of age he brings the old woman a daisy from his mothers garden smiles and turns to walk away the old woman unsure of what to do just says "thank you" and the boy goes on his way.This goes on for a week or two surprised everyday the old wom
My Dear
My love for you my dear is unlife anything I ever thought I could feel.You make me smile with just a look and make me cry with just a word. You once got down on bended knee and said "I give a rose to thee", i have no rose nor am i on bended knee but i can give my heart to thee from today to tomorrow till the end of time my heart shall always be yours. My love for you my dear bearts upon my hearts as does the ocean wave against the rocks.We are like sun and moon so different but yet just as strong. Your heart may feel heavy at time but my love with always be there to lift it up.No longer shall you be alone for my love for you my dear shall always hold you in the dark. Together we shall equal one for together we are whole.Without you my dear my heart is empty and my life meaningless. My love for you my dear will never wither or die for nothing will keep us apart.From today to tomorrow till the end of time my heart shall always be yours.
Wedding Bell Nightmare
Wedding bells in the distance ring loudly for all to hear I run to the chruch to see what the commotion is, to see what occasoin has been brought about this sunnyday.Wreaths,orchids and lillies all lined in a row upon the banisters people dressed in gowns and tuxs while others weeping tears of joy.This all seems so strange seems as if a puzzle pieces is missing I stand in the back hidden so no one can see my rags I am wearing. The bells stop and the music begins a beautiful woman unfamiliar to me appears behind open doors she looks gorgeous with a smile upon her face and a glint of happiness in her eyes she walks down the aisle to her suitor/ I am blinded by a dark shadow upon me the sunnyday suddenly turns gloomy but no one seems to notice. I move forward to get a better look at this magnificent looking angels' suitor As I get closer the day grows darker and I realize this is all wrong I recongize who she is walking towards I am speechless and invisible to all.You stand hands folded t
Behind Bars
Shackled and cuffed they drag him to his sentencing he is places in front of a panel of judges wearing dark hodded robes to cover their idenities.Fear grips him as he approaches the bench and approaches the screen of his life; he sees flashbacks of when he was happy, of when he was in love. Tears pour down his face afraid of the sentence to be given he awaits the judges decision shaking and terrified he thinks of one thing, the only thing that takes his fears away the beauty of her face, the beauty of her smile and serenity of her voice. When these memories appear in his undesirable mind he feels nothing but pure joy the gavel startles him out of his dream like state. His sentence is passed down and he is to serve life without love,happiness and dreams.The crime was not as heinous as it seems but the heart of the innocent was destroyed by the heart of disease. The man breaks down on the floor weeping uncontrollably to hear he must never love or dream or to ever fulfill his desires agai
No Longer
Your eyes are like ice cold blades stabbing me over time you look at me with hate and disgust unspeakable thoughts race through your mind unsure of what has become of you, unsure of what has become of me, and unsure of what has become of us. I am no longer your love or your heart your compassion that once was so strong has dwindled down to a tiny thread barely hanging on to the needle. I ce cold drops fall upon you face masking the tears upon your cheeks. No longer are you whole, No longer can you love life has taken its greatest gift from you and you are no longer human but instead a bitter shell of the person you once were No longer do you feel love No longer can you feel compassion As you stand on my grave you weep in the solitary confinement of your mind wishing things were different
Getting Url Of Photos
Friend asked me something quite simple, how to get the URL from images, but me being longwinded... this is what you get... :P Okay this shall be a quick and simple blog a friend wanted to know how to get the properties of images to use in the Photo URL code, this shall be a continuation of my linking code so will put some of the same stuff from the blog here [] I use web browser, Mozilla Firefox 3.2 [maybe 3.3] so depending on your drop down menu may have different options depending on your browser and/or settings, but shall always have properties on it. To get the URL for any photo, on any website [granted they do not have right clicking block on it, which I shall cover further down] Simply right click on it, when you do a drop down menu should come up like this. When you have the image you can either save the image to your computer and upload it on your image hosting site of choice [photobucket, tiny pic, etc] when you do this those sites will
To All My Virgo's
one thing about us virgo's we are very passionate,loyal to our mate's we are very generous people but cross us or do us wrong otherwise karma will come around and bite u where u sit.So, this goes out to all my virgo's who are tru to their sign and to all the friends  who are loyal to us as we are to them. Happy birthday to all my virgo's. nick a.k.a. 1badazz virgo
How Is This Fair...
        How is this fair…..I reside in a small town in central California…Along with two partners all 3 of us being non profits trying to help others we purchased a large beautiful home with the intention of helping others that can’t afford the high rents of today…We have applied to our city to open this home as a boarding house which is well needed in this county as we have families living in the dry river bed that runs through our town…We followed the compliance set forth by the city and have done all that has been ask of us…We were even given a set of compliance rules which we have and our willing to except even though some of the rules do not pertain to a boarding house we were and are still willing to do all that is required by our city officials. . We have paid all the necessary dues required by the city ..We were ask to add another flight of stairs to the house and even told we needed to add an elevator which we really think is unne
A very dear friend of mine is going thru a health battle right now. Please keep him in your prayers and show him some fu love Iamthebestchef *Fubar\'s Only FuBountyHunter*">@ fubar
A little about me...I'm a full time mom, poet, and author, I am deeply in love with the man of my dreams Chris! We came on here in search of some adult fun...that is all we want, just fun, nothing more! We are not looking for drama or bullshit, so if you are into all that then later! We are not into games and ladies, he's MINE, I do not share unless I'm there! If you want some of him then you have to go through me, it's my final choice! Guys, I am HIS, I love him with all my heart and I'm not going anywhere, if you want some of me you have to go through him and it's his final choice! Have a great one!!
I'm Not From Here
while cruising the news sites while her boss was busy, my mother stumbled across an article on KSDK about a pair of songwriters, one from Indiana (a real Hoosier) and the other from Saskatchewan (that's Canada for those of you that don't know Canada). they moved here and have since written a song about the bizarre quirks St Louis is known for. here are the lyrics and their video. i may be from here, but i'm not *OF* here. dig ?-----------Symmetry - I'm Not From Here(video link here -- )i just wanted some direction to a place i'd never beenas i listened intently for the street namesinstead he rattled landmarks and places long torn down"Go past the old Arena and the Famous Barr downtown,""turn left at the big Amoco" and right at the "Old Sears"I don't know what he's talkin' 'bout cuz, hey, I'm not from hereI'm not from here (I'm not from here!)I'm not from here (I'm not from here!)I can't your find your dusty buildingsI don't drink your k
I love the girl I am with and things have been tuff. We both have 3 kids each which makes it harder. She has been talking about moving out to relieve some stress. I don't think that is fair just giving the kids what they want. What do you think?
Social Networks..
I am on a few social networks ...why are there so many people who are on there just to see how many fu bucks they can get or lunch$$$$...what happened to the good old fashion...Wanting true friends...I have found one so far on fubar..He is a sweet man who has a heart of gold thats what I like ...If you are kind to people they will give it back in return.
this is only a test....  
My sister thought the key was from a bus terminal locker. I said it maybe or from a train station or even a air port. I later told her it was a key from a USPS locker. I do not remeber ever coming across such a thing but apparently part of me knew. I wasn't expecting anything except a 80 page paperback book. I thought it can't be, but it was. I asked my sister why she thought it was a bus terminal and she said she saw it in a movie. So much for this key. When a decision was reached by me and carried out with a letter to the surgeons office it was as if a great weight has been lifted from me. It comes from reaching a solution or answer to a very troubling question. It can be looked as if it is a Passive Suicide on my part but we all come to the same end. No matter what I do or don't do or anyone else, we all come to the same end. Part philosopher, religious, spiritual, but a man. Norio  
When you rate someones page and pictures, Don't you think that person should return the love!? What about gifts? I think when someone does sends you something and or rates you, you should return the love, Its only fair right!!!???? Tell me if I'm wrong??
Choosing A Windows Repair Software
Windows Repair Software How to Make Your Computer Faster
How To Order A Fubar T-shirt?
US Orders = $24.001. Go to PayPal2. Send $24.003. Make sure to include the following information-Specify if it is Mens or Womens-Specify the Size S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL-Specify the shipping address-Specify your fubar user ID or URLOutside US Orders = $30.001. Go to PayPal2. Send $30.003. Make sure to include the following information-Specify if it is Mens or Womens-Specify the Size S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL-Specify the shipping address-Specify your fubar user ID or URL  
Entertainer Or Dj?
You will notice scrolling is A LOT of people with the letters DJ in front of their name. Well most of them just play music and never talk on air, I call that auto play. And then there is the people that do talk but only to tell you what they played or getting ready to play. Come on now, be entertaining and talk more. Tell jokes or stories and have fun. If all you do is play music, just leave the server on auto.
Damn Kids!!!
Recently, I've been reminded of something I haven't thought of for awhile.... Kids! Now while I'm more then content knowing I'll never have any myself, I DO get reminded of how wonderful they are... I grew up with friends who had older siblings who had kids, so when I started dating, I was used to my girlfriends' nieces and/or nephews around... Fast forward to my first fiance when I was 20. Beautiful little Italian girl named Toni who captured my heart. And not only did Toni love me, but so did her 2 year old daughter Amber. I was so happy, not only did I have ONE girl to love... ...but TWO! And when the young one was asleep, me and mommy had "adult time"... least till 2 AM. We knew we had to finish up by then cuz Amber would wonder into bed with us by then... Amber even made TWO Father's Day gifts..... though I made it clear I'm NOT her daddy... What hurt when me and Toni broke up was the fact my heart broke x2.................. I remember leaving our apartment aft
The Prince Audiobook
Machiavelli The Prince
Then The Fighting Started....
then the fight started.........My wife sat down on the couch next to me as I was flipping channels.She asked, 'What's on TV?'I said, 'Dust.'And then the fight started...******************************************My wife and I are watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" while we were in bed.I turned to her and said, "Do you want to have sex?""No," she answered.I then said, "Is that your final answer?"She didn't even look at me this time, simply saying, "Yes."So I said, "Then I'd like to phone a friend."And then the fight started....******************************************Saturday morning I got up early, quietly dressed, made my lunch, grabbed the dog, and slipped quietly into the garage. I hooked up the boat up to the truck, and proceeded to back out into a torrential downpour. The wind was blowing 50 mph, so I pulled back into the garage, turned on the radio, and discovered that the weather would be bad all day.I went back into the house, quietly undressed, and slipped back into bed.
Machiavelli The Prince
Machiavelli The Prince Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince The Prince cliff notesThe Prince audiobook Machiavelli The Prince cliff notes Machiavelli The Prince audiobook Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince audiobook Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince complete Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince cliff notes
It's A Metaphor, Fool!
the people here are living with their eyes half open. Nobody really sees what's in front of them but they make out the blur into whatever it is they find is mildly entertaining. An ashtray full and an empty bottle is all they’ve got to show.. I'm not foolish. I can see what's going on to the full extent. But I've got a backbone much stronger than everybody else's. Your stares are cold but my mind is colder. I'm too careless to be bitter but i grew up the cold, keep that in mind.
♥poem By Bertrand Russell♥
I really liked this, so I figured I'd share it:   Bertrand Russell: Three passions have governed my life: The longings for love, the search for knowledge, And unbearable pity for the suffering of [humankind]. Love brings ecstasy and relieves loneliness. In the union of love I have seen In a mystic miniature the prefiguring vision Of the heavens that saints and poets have imagined. With equal passion I have sought knowledge. I have wished to understand the hearts of [people]. I have wished to know why the stars shine. Love and knowledge led upwards to the heavens, But always pity brought me back to earth; Cries of pain reverberated in my heart Of children in famine, of victims tortured And of old people left helpless. I long to alleviate the evil, but I cannot, And I too suffer. This has been my life; I found it worth living.
 Ralph came home drunk one night, slid into bed beside his sleeping wife, and fell into a deep slumber.He awoke before the Pearly Gates, where St. Peter said, 'You died in your sleep, Ralph..'Ralph was stunned. 'I'm dead? No, I can't be! I've got too much to live for. Send me back!' St. Peter said, 'I'm sorry, but there's only one way you can go back, and that is as a chicken.' Ralph was devastated, but begged St. Peter to     send him to a farm near his home.. The next thing he knew, he was covered with feathers, Clucking, and pecking the ground.     A rooster strolled past.. 'So, you're the new hen, huh? How's your first day here?'
Strike, Peter. Strike True.
“All children, except one, grow up.”  The opening line of “Peter Pan”, James Barrie’s 1911 novel based on his 1904 play (issued in a wonderful Scholastic release, ISBN 043929133X) leads to a great story which, if all you know of Peter Pan is from the Disney movie, you really should read.  Today’s title – by the way, reading this really helped me make some connections with the 1991 Steven Spielberg directed movie “Hook”, one of my favorite movies written as a far, far sequel to the story.  (The “official” sequel, authorized by the Great Ormond Street Hospital that holds the copyright to Peter Pan appeared three years ago, is Geraldine McCaughrean’s novel “Peter Pan in Scarlet”.)  Today the original would have a hard time getting past editors, and there are moments I said to myself, “This is a CHILDREN’S book?”  Read it and you will see what I mean. “They soon know that they will
Reagan's Warning On Obamacare: He Predicted This
Our great president Ronald Reagan passed away in 2004, but he said something that still resonates today. Reagan said: "One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project. Most people are a little reluctant to oppose anything that suggests medical care for people who possibly can’t afford it.” Boy does that resonate! It sounds like President Reagan had the foresight to see the dangers of Obamacare. Even more amazing is that Ronald Reagan spoke those words in 1961, before he ever ran for office. But Reagan's comments are not surprising if you understand liberalism. Creating a national health care system has been a major priority for the left wing for over 50 years! Time and again the Congress and the American people have rejected socialized medicine. Now Obama is pushing for a radical takeover of one-sixth of the U.S. economy. But Obama i
Are You One Of Us?
Writing is the representation of language in a textual medium through the use of a set of signs or symbols (known as a writing system). It is distinguished from illustration, such as cave drawing and painting, and the recording of language via a non-textual medium such as magnetic tape audio. In Eurasia writing began as a consequence of the burgeoning needs of accounting. Around the 4th millennium BC, the complexity of trade and administration outgrew the power of memory, and writing became a more dependable method of recording and presenting transactions in a permanent form (Robinson, 2003, p. 36). In Mesoamerica writing may have evolved through calendrics and a political necessity for recording historical events. Writing, more particularly, refers to two things: writing as a noun, the thing that is written; and writing as a verb, which designates the activity of writing. It refers to the inscription of characters on a medium, thereby forming words, and larger units of language, kno
Sexiest Men On Fu Contest
the sexiest men on fu contest is now open round 3 i have changed some of the rules so here it goes if 3 of you are the high rated pics you will move on to finals and then at the finals if you get the most rates you will win and you could win a free month vip or a bling pac witch will be first place and second place will win 1mil fu bucks third place will win a 50k fubucks good luck and have fun ty DJ WILD
Would Seriously Like Some Insite Here..
As I continue to work tward level 30 I am left to wonder if I will ever get there.  Unfortunately I'm even more shy in real life than I am here, so I really don't have any more friends I can invite to join fubar.  It's all I can do just to keep my VIP (only have one this month because a wonderful fu-friend bought it for me) so cherry bombs and auto 11's are out of the question for me.  I've tried to bargin and trade for autos and bombs, but because I refuse to put up nsfw pics, no one will help me.  I spend all my extra time working on rating and such to help others here to level, but the love is rarely ever returned.   I'm quick to send a drink to anyone I see who needs one, but after 3 hours of asking for drinks in my status, I was given only 2.. that's pretty shitty.  I've even went so far as to beg and plead but even that doesn't work because I won't put up nsfw pix.  Seriously.. If you look at the top members, they are all women that bought their was to the top by selling their di
I get a ton of shoutbox messages everyday asking me the same questions over and over. Since I hate repeating myself, I am going to answer the FAQ's in here since apparently my profile is too much to read. 1. What do you like to do for fun? I love outdoor activities like camping, horseback riding, swimming, boating, and fishing. My favorite thing in the world is to travel and experience different cultures. I like reading, but rarely find the time. I love concerts and watching movies and plays. I also like to drive, to go and TRY to get lost just so I can say I found a new place.   2. Are you single? This doesn't quite matter because I'm not going to be dating anyone from here anyway. But to answer your question, yes I am single. I love a man, he knows who he is (50),  but distance is an issue. I have a friend with benefits and I'm not looking for any more of those either. My relationship status isn't negotiable.   3. Why is someone as "insert compliment here" single? Well that's
More Music
BlastFM has expanded its play list.  Sonny Landreth, Radiohead, Goldfrapp, Foo Fighters, Nina Simone, Placebo to name a few.  Give a listen and entertain your head.
Double Denim Is In
  I am living on apples; they stop me from smoking and give me something to do with hands. I am back from the brink, no more fags...yet again.   So last week I had some very interesting meetings and am very happy with the outcomes of them. Tide is turning in my direction for a wee change! It's all swings and roundabouts as we all know but am enjoying the new stuff I am working on and Edinburgh provided great breaks for me, though I remain unconvinced that it was their -'BEST SELLING EVER FRINGE'.   The sheer amount of act selling 2 for 1s right up until last weekend was frightening, and even some of the comedy award nominees never sold out on their last Saturday, that's shocking! People need to remember that 2 for 1s and free tickets given away COUNT as sold tickets in the final round up countdown, so it is misleading. The last two weeks of the Fringe were very quiet and I witnessed some big promoters pull shows near the last weekend, I saw TV named comics struggle getting a sol
The Clock Is Ticking......
Well it's 10 weeks till the move, wow... Time is flying so much to do so much not done. There are people i want to see one more time, and some i wanna see for the first time (GBT), the crap we both went through different places at the same time. I miss those days M.P. but certainly don't miss the situations. I wish you the best of luck girl. if our paths dont cross. The packing is fun. I've found shit i forgot i had, threw away stuff i shoulda tossed years ago. Its funny to start over again, but in the long run you gotta think i have a chance to double major at a major art university and found out i have a shot at a full ride scholorship. So i'm sitting here in the living room at my ever shrinking world which is nearly reduced to boxes. It's a feeling i can't describe. I'm rambling here in thoughts, disconnected. If you didn't know me you could certainly say i have A.D.D. from this blog its pretty evident. OK back to this feeling...its like an empty feeling with no satisfaction. Then
One question, one chance, one honest answer. You can ask me one question (to my inbox only). Any question, anything, no matter how crazy, dirty or wrong it is. No catch. But i dare you to post this on your status,blog,mumm or bully, and see what people ask you. i dare u!!!!!
Salinas, Ecuador
Getting settled in at my new home of Salinas, Ecuador...  Spend most days on the beach swimming and tanning.  Have to get a good tan to go with my new tat...  Salinas is a beautiful resort town with gold sand beaches and not far from some of the best surfing beaches in the world...
Under Arrest
It was a balmy summer night. I was driving fast down the interstate with my windows down and the music turned up. I had just been to a concert with some friends and was wearing my rock show best. My skirt was short and tight, my top a tube of some sort that clung snugly to my breasts, and I had for once chosen to wear my hair down. It was long and sleek, hanging down my back almost to the top of my butt. I was singing along to the music, Bon Jovi’s greatest hits cd blasting out of my stereo. I thought about the concert I had just seen and how good it had been. I had almost lost my voice screaming so hard and trying to sing over the lead singer himself. It didn’t work, but I gave it my best shot for pretty much the whole show anyway. I thought maybe the band would have appreciated the effort. My friends and I had met up before the show for a few beers and then had moved on to the arena just in time to miss the opener and get to see the real band. We danced and screamed all
Tv Repair Brampton
tv repair mississauga television mississauga tv repair brampton
Okay... I figured I would put this in a blog so I do not have to type this dozens of times... Yes... My account got deleted.... all because I decided to use a feature that yes, this lovely website gives us as an option. Apparently, how I violated Fubar TOS, I will never know. I am just very tiffed on how the situation was handled. All I know is that really, they need to give people a solid explanation on how they violate Fubar rules instead of just taking action. I think it would be fair just to issue a warning or something saying... Hey you are in violation of x action, and if you repeat x action again or something along x action again, face y consequence, or even better... If you are gonna delete someone's account or IP ban them for violation, email them and explain why such action was taken. I know we all have to put up an email address to maintain an account on here, so it's not like this information is not accessible to the people who run this place. What was funny is yeah... I
At The End Of The Day...
At the end of the day, when it comes down to it, all we really want is to be close to somebody. So this thing, where we all keep our distance and pretend not to care about each other, is usually a load of bull. So we pick and choose who we want to remain close to, and once we’ve chosen those people, we tend to stick close by. No matter how much we hurt them, the people that are still with you at the end of the day - those are the ones worth keeping. And sure, sometimes close can be too close. But sometimes, that invasion of personal space, it can be exactly what you need.
Car/cow Sale
A farmer went to town to buy a pickup truck that he saw advertised in the paper for a certain price. After telling the salesman which truck he wanted, they sat down to do the paperwork. The salesman handed the farmer the bill, and the farmer declared, "This isn't the price I saw!" The salesman went on to tell the wise old farmer how he was getting extras such as power brakes, power windows, special tires etc. And that was what took the price up. The farmer needed the truck badly, paid the price and went home. A few months later, the salesman called up the farmer and said, "My son is in 4-H and he needs a cow for a project. Do you have any for sale?" The farmer said, "Yes, I have a few cows, and I would sell for $500.00 apiece. Come look at them and take your pick." The salesman said he and his son would be right out. After spending a few hours in the field checking out all the farmer's cows, the two decided on one and the salesman proceeded to write out a check for $500.00. The farme
Perfect Penis
Little Johnny walked in one day on his daddy in the bathroom. He asked his father what that was hanging between his legs. His father replied that it was the perfect penis. The next day at school, Johnny pulled his pants down in front of his classmates. ''What's that?'' asked Jenny. ''Well,'' said Johnny, ''if it was about 3 inches smaller, it would be the perfect penis.'''
Men think woman are stupid they are living with a female and turn around and try very hard to get another female. the female he lives with is paying for everything, why is he trying to be with me.  He says he loves two people and he cant ever have one.  He says to me I die if I can have you and i will really die if i cant have you as a friend too.   He is imming me and calling me but hello i have my man so why do i want an ass.  He tells me he wants to show me his new hair and explain things to me so i go to my computer and then comes on with his gf and asks me why I want to see his cam.  So why bother me at all.  All you are doing is digging yourself a whole to live in. Just leave me alone and get a life like I told this person this morning grow up and act like a man and stop hollaring at me you.  You called me a whore in my lounge but if anyone is a whore its you.  I am with a man who has a job, and that treats me like gold.  If I wanted a dead beat asshole I would find my baby's dad
Yay Me
I got the results of my stomach biopsies back yesterday the cells are benign this made me happy now as long as the ones on my lymph nodes come back benign too...I am only as broken as ever and do not have anything new to add to my list of ailments PS I still think about Drill when I pee I am having the docs look into that
Red High Heels
I'm not a girly girl, sure I'll dress up when I get the chance...because I don't get those chances often. I'm a tank top, flip flops and shorts kind of gal. For my birthday, however, I was given a Kohl's gift card and while I was shopping I saw this exquisite pair of Candies red high heel shoes that as fate would have it went perfectly with my red Liz Claiborne purse. It was kismet. I had never had a nice pair of non sensible heels, they were either they'd go with my nice school program/family dinner/etc outfits or they were 6 inch platforms for work. I wore them every chance I got, delighting in their color and how there was nothing practical about them save them being material between my feet and the pavement. Then one night I was wearing my red high heels at my favorite karaoke place. As I went up to sing No Doubt's "Bathwater" a request of the bartender every time I come in, she noticed my shoes and said "I want those! Where did you get them?" S
I Must Confess!
These are the days that get me threw the shitty ones... It was Sunday and we woke up to a cloudy day.... there was tension in the air when we packed up our bags, even Nakita could sense that today was a big day.... We and when i say we i mean my son.. were about to play the number one team in our city... They have never been defeated.. We got to the field early because Jeff is really freaking anal... (another story) we set up my chair and let Nakita run after a few shit hawks... The other team members started showing up.. the moms gathered there was electricity in the air.. today we either defeated the champs or we went home crying... The other team showed up, their children were tall and big.. The game started and there was tension, back and forth between both sides ... suddenly one of our players get a break away hes running towards the net... he shoots he scores.. all the mothers jump up and start screaming... i still sit in my seat grabbing onto the armrests easing my tensio
Southern Girls Know It Best
Southern women know their summer weather report: HumidityHumidityHumiditySouthern women know their vacation spots: The beachThe rivuhThe crickSouthern women know everybody's first name:HoneyDarlin'ShugahSouthern women know the movies that speak to their hearts:Fried Green TomatoesDriving Miss DaisySteel MagnoliasGone With The WindSouthern women know their religions: BaptistMethodistFootballSouthern women know their cities dripping with Southern charm:Chawl'stn S'vanahFoat WuthN'awlinsAddlannaSouthern women know their elegant gentlemen: Men in uniformMen in tuxedosRhett ButlerSouthern girls know their prime real estate:The MallThe Country ClubThe Beauty SalonSouthern girls know the 3 deadly sins:Having bad hair and nailsHaving bad mannersCooking bad foodMore Suthen-ism's: Only a Southerner knows the difference between a hissie fit and aconniption fit, and t hat you don't "HAVE" them, you "PITCH" them.Only a Southerner knows how many fish, collard greens, turnip greens, peas, beans, etc.
Staying Out Of The Mumms
Ok, I need to wise up and stay the hell out of the mumms.  Inevitably I just get pissed off at the stupidity of others.  Last night I got into a little with a woman because she called Obama a socialist.  As usual, she has almost no basis for this claim.  I say "almost" because when I asked for evidence of his socialist status she provided me with a link: Her evidence is an article from a conservative think tank written in February 2008.  The article makes no direct connection to socialism.  Basically it's like linking Bush to Neo-Nazis because they vote republican.  But here's the highlights: Some of Obama's staff workers displayed a flag whe Che Guevara Obama eulogized Saul Mendelson who was a socialist 1996 Obama received the endorsement of the Chicago branch of the Democratic Socialists of America He campaigned for Bernie Sanders in VT. Here's where it gets funny. This is a quote from the
Cancer Update
when I first found out I had Cancer my boyfriend decided that brain tumors or chronic illness is not something he felt like facing, so he abandoned me.As I was going through treatment toward recovering. I live with my mom.I am and do remain extremely lucky, despite the deficits and disablities from this disease and the reason I went to share this is because I am very thankful to have done so well. I wish everyone who reads this to NEVER GIVE UP your search for wellness, your search for hope and dreams for a cure. I remember waking up in my hospital bed. Music on the little radio, cello and piano, my two favorite instruments. My life flew before my eyes. I just cried. It all came out. I felt the time ahead would be the toughest time of my life. And it has been ... 9/9/09-Update on brain tumor... no new growth. surgery, chemo, and radiation have stopped this thing. at least for the time being. :-) So Now I SIT AT HOME HEALING MY BRAIN FROM BRAIN CANCER SURGERY.And I am thankful to have
Health Insurance Quotes
Health Insurance Quotes Texas Health Insurance
Dragon Massage Studio
hey everyone out there in Fu-land.  i just recently started up my massage practice again. and am looking for clients.  my rates are very fair and i will travel if need be. travel fee is dependent on distance. my rates are as follows: $60- for a full body massage $45- for a combination massage ( neck and back, legs and arms, chest and shoulders, feet and legs, etc) $30- for a partial massage ( neck, arms, legs, back, etc)   travel fees are: 0-10 miles - free 10-20 miles - $10 20-30 miles - $15 30-40 miles - $20 40-50 miles - $30 will negotiate a price break for anything over 50 miles. i have traveled to other states in the past. but must have more than 1 massage lined up to make it worth my time. if you want to book an appointment either leave me a message here on fubar or you can e-mail me @ if you e-mail me please put massage in the subject as i get a lot of spam mail on that account lately. thank you for taking the time to read this blog a
Beer Drinkers Lament
BEER DRINKERS LAMENT(To the tune of Gloria Gaynor's "I will survive")At first I was afraid, I was petrified.By the ugly slapper that was lying by my side.I would've drunk a little less, I would've tried to keep my head,If I'd known for just one second you'd assault me in your bed.I tried to go, walk out the door.But you've been sitting on my legs and I can't feel them anymore.And now you're sitting on my face, my nose has vanished - not a trace. I only hope that you're big knickers aren't made of liquorice lace.I want to go, I've got to leave.Before your fat and naked body makes me want to heave.Only hope that no one saw me walking home with such a slut.God the things that you get up to when you're half cut.I can't believe, I'm lying here.It's all 'cos of that f**king evil drink that we call beer.You can sod your beer goggles, shit I must have been blind,To mistake that Hoover dam for a sexy young behind.Please let me go, I'm getting scared.There's nothing I can do to stop those ugly b
Best Destinations
The borders of the world have completely opened up and opportunities to travel while working abroad and living abroad are endless. So many of us treat travel like a luxury, which it is, yet there are ways to make travel a lifestyle. BankableTravel is dedicated to giving you the information you need to learn about the best destinations out there and how you can get there. Whether you are looking for tips on potential jobs, information on cost of living, details about offshore banking or anything in between, BankableTravel has it all.
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Pigskin Payoff Game!
This game now closed. Thank you for playing :) If you've not yet rated my blog, would you please do so? Thank you!           Game F.A.Q.Who can I order for?You may order for ANYONE on Fubar, with the exception of yellow staff, and anyone that refuses play. Anyone who wishes to be removed from the game may do so by requesting such through private message at any time. Not all people play for the win - most play simply to give the tokens as gifts to those they care for :) Please request removal ONLY if you do not desire to receive more tokens. Can I order more than one at a time?Yes, you can order as many as you want, for as many people that you want. To keep it organized, please send the appropriate amount of fubucks with a list of how many tokens are meant for each person. For example, if you send 5000 fubucks (enough for 10 tokens) you would say "5 to Dawn, User # 975528 and 5 to Cali4nialovin01, User # 884702." If you  have traded rates for tokens, you can say somethi
 HOORAY,  HOORAY, HOORAY for Andy Rooney . I myself have been grumbling  and wondering how a handful of people have been able to take  our right to pray in public places away from us. So, agreeing  with Andy, I GLADLY will forward this email AGAIN, AGAIN AND  AGAIN. Folks, this is the month that we RE-TAKE AMERICA !Get  Ready *********
Too Far Away From Me
It seems I think about you all the time. I was pouring a cup of coffee this morning and as the rich black fluid filled my cup I felt your hand reach up from behind me to stroke my chest and embraced me warmly. When the cup was filled, I turned and you were gone. It’s that same ache in the pit of my stomach, the cold truth that you are too far away from me. I sat at the table and slowly sipped my coffee and as I raise my eyes from my cup, you smile at me brighter than the sun could even dream; only to fade quickly to the reality of an empty chair. The ache grips my heart once more, squeezing every bit of joy from my soul as you are too far away from me. I drink the warm coffee again, slowly raising my eyes, hoping to see you come back to me but only rewarded with the brown leather back of that damned chair. Please come back…even if for just a second, please let me see you. I stare into my cup and think of how wonderful mornings would be if I could only have you here. Real
Packing And Moving Service Providers In Pune
Moving of goods to new location is not an easy task. It is full of risks and more of the entire tasks of shifting are problematic and time taking. Lots of processes are involved in packing and moving and each and every process has to be done with utmost care. People often move from one place to another and they have to face lots of problems. So in order to make their move easier and hassle free many moving companies have come out in Pune and the NCR regions of Delhi. They are offering their valuable services to the people to make their move easier and hassle free from one place to the new location. Packers and Movers Pune NCR offers comprehensive solutions to the shifting requirements of the people. They provide each and every service related to relocation. From city to city, state to state, national shifting as well as international shifting is done by the moving agency of Pune. They are well equipped with modern tools and well trained experts and professionals to handle each proces
The Gioi
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09 09 09
Have special plans this 09/09/09? Everyone from brides and grooms to movie studio execs are celebrating the upcoming calendrical anomaly in their own way. In Florida, at least one county clerk's office is offering a one-day wedding special for $99.99. The rarity of this Sept. 9 hasn't been lost on the creators of the iPod, who have moved their traditional Tuesday release day to Wednesday to take advantage of the special date. Focus Features is releasing their new film "9," an animated tale about the apocalypse, on the 9th. Not only does the date look good in marketing promotions, but it also represents the last set of repeating, single-digit dates that we'll see for almost a century (until January 1, 2101), or a millennium (mark your calendars for January 1, 3001), depending on how you want to count it. Though technically there's nothing special about the symmetrical date, some concerned with the history and meaning of numbers ascribe powerful significance to 09/09/09. For cultur
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To live within the celestial moment of this day is... a preciouse thing. Wether it be Baneful or Blessed; this day will never once again be repeated and known.. not for a lifetime.. for a thousand years... Kiss Elohim on the Mouth , and pray that thee shall find thy hearts desire..
Changes In
Good morning fuzzies! Have you ever thought about that to sleep in differnt places around the house is good for you? I realized it now. The other night I slept on the floor in my livingroom - woke up feeling like someone had stepped on me.  Dont sound good but ... Last night - new bedroom!  Yes!  BUT - the change was : on the other side of the bed. That was a new experience.  Never done that before.  But I figured : why not?  Bed is BIG enough for it.   So off I went to bed. The other side of my bed felt strange...not where Im supposed to sleep I tell you this!  Tossed and turned - looked over at MY side..  I kept my cool...hard as it was!  I managed to stay at the wrong side...Finally fell asleep - but the thing is - My body needed to go where it is used to sleep, woke up at 4.30 am  - my time - on, yes the right side of the bed.  So much for that adventure...  I will be roaming my house today to see what next sleepingplace will be.  I gotZ a plan already!  Not
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I had a very nice time, it is a good city.  I will go back there.  I will eaborate further soon, but for now, HAI U GUYS!!
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I Miss You Dearly
When I dream of you is when I am at peace. My only chance to hear your wonderful laugh, to see your perfect smile or wipe the tears from your beautiful blue eyes. when I held you in my arms my sorrows could not defeat the joy I felt, My love could not be conquered. I've only met you once but I never wanted to say goodbye. I place my hopes next your crib and close my eyes, you will be home soon. "my heart beats for you my son "
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The Wanting
i want to hold her in my arms again and smell the sweet scent of her next to me and feel the warmth of her body against mine.I want to wake up kiss her and say i love her and want to spend long nights on a beach with her listening to the sea and watching the stars fade away as the sun baths her in its rays making her look like an angel sent from take long walks hand in hand. to have long quiet evenings talking about anything our hearts have her soft lips against mine and to pour everything i have into making her the happiest woman in the world.I love her now and forever. she holds the most precious gift i can give my heart in her hands. 
Where Are They All Gone To Lol
thought i would give this a try to see what kind of ladies i could find some just are stuck on them selves others are careless and so on ive meet a couple that are really nice but are taken . so where did they all go?
Left For Me By Arctic Heart: A Poem By Edgar Allen Poe
Romance, who loves to nod and sing,With drowsy head and folded wing,Among the green leaves as they shakeFar down within some shadowy lake,To me a painted paroquetHath been - a most familiar bird -Taught me my alphabet to say -To lisp my very earliest wordWhile in the wild wood I did lie,A child - with a most knowing eye.Of late, eternal Condor years,So shake the very Heaven on highWith tumult as they thunder by,I have no time for idle caresThrough gazing on the unquiet sky,And when an hour with calmer wingsIts down upon my spirit flings -That litle time with lyre and rhymeTo while away - forbidden thing!My heart would feel to be a crimeUnless it trembled with the strings.~ Edgar Allen Poe
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Why You Hating
Poker Book Reviews
My own Poker Blog, J.S poker. I write Poker Book Reviews there, check it out if you want. Checkout my Poker Blog with Poker Book Reviews also!I also play alot of poker. For the Best Poker Books I've read, Checkout my Poker Blog .
An Open Letter To Family And Friends
Time was when I knew who I could count on for love and support. Lately tho, I have to wonder. I always thought family loved unconditionally and without judgement. I am not perfect, never claimed to be, but I am in no way solely responsible for the turns my life has taken. My son is no way responsible for the things that are happening, yet it seems like the family has turned on him because he supports me. He is the one who is getting hurt the most by all of this, yet no one is there for him. those who are, you know I love and am glad you you are there for us. But if you cant be supportive of what we are going thru, please, dont make comments like you did this to yourself. Always remember there are 2 sides to every story and if you arent willing to hear both, then dont pass judgemnet on just one. If you love me and Erin, then be there for us, and help us over the rough patches. If you cant do that, then we dont need you in our lives and we dont want to hear from you. Somehow we will surv
Lovers And Friends Lyrics
[Intro - Lil' Jon]Usher...Lil' Jon...Ludacris...[Usher {with Lil' Jon}]Yeah, manOnce again, it's on {It's on}You know we had to do it again, right?[Lil' Jon]We had to do it again, boyWant you to sing to these ladies, man[Usher (with vocalizing)](Ohh-oh-oh-ohh)A'ight, so I'm up first? A'ight, lemme have it...(Ohh-oh-oh-ohh)Let's do it...[1st Verse - Usher]Baby, how ya doin'?Hope that 'cha fine, wanna know what you got in mind, And I'm,Got me feelin' like Jodeci, girl, I can't leave you alone,Take a shot of this here Petrone' and it's gon' be on,V.I.P. has got way too crowded,I'm about to end up callin' it a night,You should holla at 'cha girl, tell her you shake it and seized,Pull off, beep-beep, shotgun in the GT with meShe said, "Ohhh-ohhh, I'm ready to ride, yeah,""'Cause once you get inside, you can't change your mind,""Don't mean to sound inpatient, but you gotta promise, baby, ohh..."[Chorus - Usher]Tell me again (Tell me again, my baby),That we'll be Lovers and Friends (Ohh, I go
Bomb Detection Dog
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Jerusalem Wall
'Massive' ancient wall uncovered in Jerusalem   JERUSALEM (CNN) -- An archaeological dig in Jerusalem has turned up a 3,700-year-old wall that is the largest and oldest of its kind found in the region, experts say. The wall is built of enormous boulders, confounding archaeologists as to how ancient peoples built it. Standing 8 meters (26 feet) high, the wall of huge cut stones is a marvel to archaeologists. "To build straight walls up 8 meters ... I don't know how to do it today without mechanical equipment," said the excavation's director, Ronny Reich. "I don't think that any engineer today without electrical power [could] do it." Archaeologist Eli Shukron of the Israel Antiquities Authority added, "You see all the big boulders -- all the boulders are 4 to 5 tons." The discovered section is 24 meters (79 feet) long. "However, it is thought the fortification is much longer because it continues west beyond the part that was exposed," the Israel Antiquities Authori
Fairy Tales
Fairy tales have ancient origin Popular fairy tales and folk stories are more ancient than was previously thought, according research by biologists.   By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent Published: 9:00PM BST 05 Sep 2009 Dr Jamie Tehrani, a cultural anthropologist at Durham University, studied 35 versions of Little Red Riding Hood from around the world Photo: GETTY They have been told as bedtime stories by generations of parents, but fairy tales such as Little Red Riding Hood may be even older than was previously thought. A study by anthropologists has explored the origins of folk tales and traced the relationship between varients of the stories recounted by cultures around the world. The researchers adopted techniques used by biologists to create the taxonomic tree of life, which shows how every species comes from a common ancestor. Dr Jamie Tehrani, a cultural anthropologist at Durham University, studied 35 versions of Little R
Growing Pains (remix) Ft. Dtp Lyrics
[Intro]Do it again . .Do it a . .Let's do it again . .Do it a . .[Verse: Fate Wilson](let's do it again)Okay, I remember the days (let's do it again)High rights, low lefts, even stevens and fades (do it a)Troops, Lottos, and BK's, those was the days (let's do it again)High tech boots spray painted witcha names (do it a)T-shirts airbrushed that read the same (let's do it again)Thick herringbone chain, one gold with yo' initial (do it a)Harry's Photos, group shots, can you remember? (let's do it again)Barry him told his bitch go to the prom and die (do it a)Didn't lie shot his-self in the head with the 4-5 (let's do it again)When she disobeyed, had North Clayton crazed (do it a)Just to reiterate dog those was the days (let's do it again)?Fore the invasions of haters, man crews from all around (do it a)Used to get down at True Flavas, bumpin Kilo (let's do it again)Rockin Damage, Cross Colour and Paco (do it a)While playboys stepped in talent shows (let's do it again)Prom night, tux and K
Growing Pains Lyrics
[Fate Wilson]Okay, I remember the daysHigh Rise, Lil Lefts, Even Stevens and FateTroops Lotto and BK's those was the daysHigh tech boots spray paintin' wit'cha nameT-shirts airbrushed that read the sameThey carryin Bone's chainOne gold wit yo initialsHarris photos group shots can you rememberBerian told his bitch go to the prom and dieDidnt lie shot his-self in the head with the 4-5When she disobeyed, had North Clayton crazeJust to reiterate dog those was the daysFo' da invasions of hatas I aint cool to mile aroundUse to get down at True Flavas bumpin Key LoWalkin' damage cross colored and PacoWhile play-boys stepped in talent showsProm nights tux and Kangol is so coolFuck them new model cars we ridin' old school (old school)[Chorus - Keon Bryce]We was tryin so hardHard to surviveCause even though we were youngWe had to stay strongNo matter what we went throughIt was me and my crewAnd thats how it wentWhen we were kids[Fate Wilson]In 3 months we stayed in JamestownHamwood and Diplomats
Read Me
What she doesn't know will kill you by Matt Brochu November 21, 2003 You met her a few months ago, and somehow she managed to seep into your subconscious like that "Suga how you get so fly" song. Just like you have no clue who the hell sings it, you don't know why she's there. But she is, whether you like it or not. You know her cell phone, her room phone. You can dial her Aunt Doreen's house in West Springfield (where she goes to do her laundry every two weeks) faster than you can peck-out 911. But she doesn't know. Her screenname, that generic one with her first name followed by three to five random numbers or UMass, has its own category at the top of your buddy list. Not only do you know what a "Buddy Alert" is, you've rigged your computer to play "Fat Guy in a Little Coat" from "Tommy Boy" every time her screen name changes from gray to black. Then her away message comes down, and you have a decision to make. To IM or not to IM? These are the ridiculous games that
Nananana...nananana...hey Hey...goodbye!!!!
so it looks like this is it...i will hav 1 last set of 11z and i hav 1 bomb ..then i will wait for my vip to end. after that i think i will be leaving FU   ty  2 the ppl that hav been friends 2 my #1 and i and i hope b4 i go we can find a way 2 stay in touch. pm me and ill get back to you.   thank you again,   bucknekkid..aka..ruffrydr..aka..manwhore 
This Is Something Everyone Needs Too Know
If you care about this country but hate how its being ran pass this on tell ur friends tell ur family and every one you see.   "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, w
Hidden Love
They said you died with honorAnd served your Country wellThe day they brought you homeWas the first day of my HELLYou said it was your callingThat it was worth any sacrificeI respected your opinionAnd understood your needI wrote you through Basicand visited after A.I.T.I moved near where you were stationedSo you could come over when off dutyI couldn't live with youAs that's not the Military wayThey'll let you fight for our CountryJust as long as you're not GAYYou are the woman I lovedFrom high school into collegeBut when you joined the ArmyWe had to hide that knowledgeWe said our vows in privateWhenever we couldIt's a shame that our CountryNever understoodYou are my WifeAs I am yoursEven though we were never wedWe were bonded by a Loving ForceI understand that you didWhat you were called to doAnd I know that you knowMy Love for you will ALWAYS be true© 2009 by G.R.Kuder
I'm standing hereAt work, on a slow dayWishing I could call youJust to say HeyI love you and I miss youI wish I could visitI can't get to where you areYou're just too far awayThe kids say they talk to you every dayBut I can never find the words to sayI want SO bad to be mad at youBut I love you too much for thatI understand that you were tryingTo make the world a better placeBut baby it hurts so much to knowThe cost of Freedom was YOUR lifeBefore it was always someone elseSomeone else's son, father, sister or brotherNow that cost has hit homeAnd the price rings trueI guess I just want you to knowThat I'm proud of youAnd hope that you are happier nowI also want you to know thatI'll always Love, Cherish, and missMy Proud, Dedicated, Military WIFE!© 2009 by G.R.Kuder
Moving On
September 20, 2008 they say when you love someone they become a part of you and when they leave they take a piece of you with them. what if you love that person with every ounce of your being and they are your whole world, when they leave they take a big chunk of who are.. you feel on whole like your incomplete. I hate to admit as much as it kills me I know its right. but it is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all. for once I knew love or what I thought was love. I meant something to someone. now I mean nothing to no one. that's what hurts the most having the person you thought you meant the world to no longer care what you are doing or if you're ok. now I get to go through each day wondering if/when I will feel that way or if I really want to again. but its sad and easy to say that I do. to get hopes built up and knocked down all over again sure why not, but not now, not for awhile. I know I'm worth so much more and that I am great. I just need to remember wh
Lord I Need Your Strength...
I dont know how to express this in words  but you have give me the chance to  see love and feel love and I have given love only to have it taken away time and time again. You sent that someone who has proven to me that not all men are the same but I cant have him and I NEED him and I LOVE him and I WANT him but its just not the right time and place. How can you do this to me again, Lord? To be have been told this for the second time "we need to take a break" and the first time losing that person for good. How am I not suppose to worry or be scared of losing him? Someone tell me. Is hard to see the one love not fighting for you? To see the one you love not willing to really make it work? Lord help me get through this.. if he only knew what he is doing how is tearing it all apart. He is making it worse not better more stressful than it ever could be. I feel that i am losing him that he is slipping through my fingers. Please Lord give me the strength to get through this. Right now you are
Our Path
May 24, 2008 I now live my life moment to moment step by step breath to breath... never knowing what the world truly has in store. Never knowing what is in your path. I lived my life day by day and i looked at the future. But we dont know what the future holds. You think you found the one and they hurt you and rip your heart and yet they still love you. You that you two have no future and yet you continue to hold on to it hoping there will be. And everyday it kills you and eats you up inside. All you want is to be happy and you hold out thinking that the person will realize you are the one that will make their life meaingful and complete. But you also realize that if you do that you are missing out on other things. Like someone else who loves and does want to start forever with you. Who do you chose? Which path do you take? Do you close both doors? Keep them open until you know? Chose one hoping it is the right one? WHAT honestly is finding happiness this damn difficult? I don't think
July 30, 2007 The Heart... Is it just an organ or can it really feel love?  Where does the feeling of love come from?  Is it really a feeling or just thoughts?  Do we associate the thoughts of someone, the way they make us feel, or how much they make us smile with love?  How does one define love? Lust?  Obssession?  Infatuation? Do they all go hand in hand?  Are they all one in the same?  This whole time, have I just been feeling something I thought was love?  Or was it love?  How does one truly know?  How is it that I fall in love so easily and fall out just as fast?  Have I been just that jaded?  That heartbroken?  That all I want is something to cure it...How can just one feeling make us happy, sad, hurt, crazy, and silly all at the same time?  Is that how we know it's love?  You tell me.  You give me your views on love.  I know my views.  If you have these feelings in your soul and in your mind that you love someone tell them.  You never know what tomorrow holds, or what's around
Living Loving Learning
July 23, 2007 There are times in your life where sadness seems inevitable and love is unreachable.  You fall in love only to get hurt, you fall out of love because you are hurt, and you go looking for love to cure the hurt.  It's a viscious cycle.  Why go looking for love?  No one can truly explain it.  Is it a desire, a need, a fantasy.....who knows?  I know that I have spent half of my life looking for it,  coming close a few times and in the end coming up empty handed.  If my heart is broken anymore, there will probably be none of it left.  It may be full of holes, but it can still comprehend love and be filled with love.  Love is that one thing in life I truly desire more than any feeling. Love is supposed to be patient, I know - but patience is a virtue I no longer have.  I want love and I want to feel love.  Not the words....but the motions, the looks, the all know what I mean. You know, the kind of love where actions are spoken louder than words.  I want to know an
All For You
Last night I broke the starsAcross the galaxyAnd painted the ocean blueBut I didn't do it for me Last night I planted flowersBetween every single treeI appreciated their natureBut didnt do it for me Everythign I do And everything I sayI do it not for meBut all for you Last night I watched the cloudsBounce and play with gleeI reflected on life and love But didn't do it for meEverythings I say And everythign I do I do it not for meBut because I Love You! By: Samantha Lewey
I Want To Know
I want to know the youThat has yet to be introducedI'm talking about the youThat you've been keeping to yourself I want to know your most recent fantasyYou know, the one that just tickles your fancyI want to know each and everythoughtSo I can lay back and contemplate making them reality I want to know the spotThat seems to be under so much stressBecause as your body's physican I have the answerIt just needs to be caressed I want to know if that same spotWas rubbed, licked, or kissedWould your mind ponderOn what you could've missed I want to know what makes you happyWhat makes you sad, What makes you sighAnd what makes you cry If I have to take a dive And explore the deepest oceanI'll find outAnd bring it back to shore I want to knowThat no matter what you're going throughWhether life is sunny or blueI want to know - Do I have a friend in you? By: Samantha Lewey
My Everything
With just one touchYou make me realize so muchHow i have never loved someone so muchAnd how I coul love you so much moreThan I thought I could Than I thought I would But I want you to understandI'll always be here to lend you a handI will always believe in youAnd I would never think of being untrueI want my love to be your blanket in the coldAnd for our love to never grow old Every moment we shareI will try to show you how much I careIf I ever fail to express...It's doesn't mean I love you any lessJust look into my eyesAnd you'll see no lies You'll just see how much you mean to meYou'll see that you will always beThe person who makes my heart singYou are simply, ......MY EVERYTHING!! By: Samantha Lewey
Would You Be There?
If I needed you so desperatelyTo come to meTo take my heart into yourComfort ZoneWhere I am neither alone or lonelyWould you take the time to be a friendCause in the endAll there is, is LOVEThe eternal bond between usWould You Be There? When the lights are lowAnd I am feeling insecureWith my bed so big and coldWith only memories to holdIt's your voice I need to hearTo help me overcome my fearI need your handTo keep my heart from weaking If I told you I couldn't bear to be aloneWould You Be There?And if I said I need your heart to be my homeWould you let stay there? Would You Be There For Me? By: Samantha Lewey
Out Of My Dreams
Deep in silence, one nightfallWhen the moon sat still and shone brightCame the utterance of one single moonbeamAt my window... tapping ever so light And in a flicker of one swift instantI felt it's warming embraceIt encompassed me and then I trembledAs before me appeared your gorgeous face Then the radiance of that gentle smileThe love shining in your eyesBegan to penetrate with the moonlightStraight through me, to deafen the cries Now, no longer am I lonelyWith each nightfall there's you adn love so trueIn the darkness, I seek out my moonbeamand out of my dreams.....came you. By: Samantha Lewey
Thinking Of You
As long as my dreams are of youAs long as a couple means twoAs long as forever contains me and youI'm thinking of you.... As long as the moon shinesAs long as faith never diesAs long as there's love between you and II'm thinking of you.... As long as our eyes meet in burning flameAs long as trust means no one's to blameAs long as the hurt ends in no shameI'm thinking of you.... As long as we survive as a pairAs long as I know you'll always careas long as love remains true and fairI'm thinking of you! By: Samantha Lewey
Can You See It In M Eyes?
You dont know how I am feelingI have yet to vocalizeDesire deep inside meCan you see it in my eyes? I tremble when I am near youHeat travels up my thighsAnd I want you with an urgencyThat I just cant describeDare I reach out to touch you?Do you think you'd realizeHow much I want and need you?Cant you see it in my eyes? I long to tell you how I feelBut am scared of your replyTerrified like a childI have become paralyzed The camouflaged emotionsLead to pain and silent criesAnd yet I just cant tell you Dont you see it in my eyes By: Samantha Lewey
It comes in all shapes and sizes but if there is one thing i have learned its that only you can make your self happy. your friends can help but you have to be willing to let your self be happy. Its not about getting to were your going its about how you got there.   As i walk along the water i relize im not alone. my refelection is there and its holds everything that i am when someone asks who i am. I look at my refection. I see a women who got lost for awhile but has found her way everytime a women whos cards that were delt sucked but played it and is winning so far a women who has been used and abused but still has risen above all of it to become someone who is happy..
What ill fate has befallen upon me? This twisted wretched soul I have, alway's seeing that of which I should not. To know while existing on a site that one day I should come across the profile of which I have seen. Yet I continue onward each day, praying and hoping I do not. But today of all day's, as some sick joke put forward upon me, twice I have seen the profile, and twice in more then one area. I blocked this person, not for what has been said on here, but what has been said face to face prior to my getting a profile upon this site. Once would be considered a common occurence, and acceptable by many. But twice in two seperate areas of the site I see this person. Does God not see the pain I am in from what hath happened prior to this, or is this some sick joke or punishment for something even I do not know I have done?   This occurence has sulied my addiction to this site, let alone other sites of which I am upon. She has been blocked, but still the pain is there. I log out tonig
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Modular Homes
Modular Homes |Travel Trailer
Maybe I needed clarity, maybe I needed to feel numbbut the hooch helped.I dunno... it's been a whilea good long while since something wasn't thought to death with me.Just felt right y'know?Not my usual fated bullshit I pull to get girls in the sack either.So I might have to step back a bit on this one, I'd rather not.But the last time I had a muse, it kinda ended after but one somewhat sexual encounter.Intensebut all the moretoo fucking cerebral. She was the best girl I knew- on paper. Dunno what went wrong from there.But it felt more like shopping for a car than making love.At least I wasn't just killing time like I usually was.It's not right of me to carry on now that I know she has a mate.It's not right of me to linger in the pleasant places where the perfect or even real version of her exists.She was good for my work I think.She was good for ... me. Really.I acknowledged having a spontaneous emotion or 12.But...there is the major but of the other man.Does this mean this period of w
Needing Prayers
  Today my mom was diagnosed with crohns disease for a second time. The first time it has spread so much she had alot of her intestines removed. It also caused her appendix to become infected and be romoved. This time they say it is worse. The inflammation is more severe and may actually close up and cause a blockage. She is on IV treatments for the inflammation but it is still unsure how much this will help. She may have to have surgery AGAIN! She feels at this point she would rather die than have more surgery. She doesnt want to live in a way that she cant eat real food anymore and have a colostamy bag the rest of her life. I really dont want to see her in pain but I want whatever makes her happy. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated at this point. Will keep all updated on how things go. Im not ready to lose her yet.
hey everyone  i just updated my player on my profile im a big 80s fan and some of the music you may know and some you may not  take a trip back and see if any of them brings back memories for ya   take care all my fu friends and enjoy  and any positive feedback would be greatly welcome :)
Cleveland Drivers
Cleveland Drivers
Make Out Story Of A & Year Old
Little Johnny was 7 years old and like other boys > his age rather > curious. > > He had been hearing quite a bit about 'making out' > from the older boys, and he wondered what it was and > how it was done. > > One day he took his question to his mother, who > became rather flustered. Instead of explaining > things to Johnny, she told him to hide behind the > curtains one night and watch his older sister and > her boyfriend. > > This he did. The following morning, Johnny described > EVERYTHING to his mother. > > "Sis and her boyfriend sat and talked for a while, > then he turned off most of the lights. Then he > started kissing and hugging her. I figured 'Sis must > be getting sick, because her face started looking > funny. > > > He must have thought so too, because he put his hand > inside her blouse to feel her heart, just the way > the doctor would. Except he's not as smart as the > doctor because he seemed to have trouble finding > her heart. I guess he
The act of having sex with a corpse.
refulgent\rih-FUL-juhnt\ , adjective:1.Shining brightly; radiant; brilliant; resplendent.
I fell off my pink cloud with a thud.  -  Elizabeth Taylor
Oh How I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways!
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Attorney- Witness
These are from a book called 'Disorder in the American Courts' and are things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and now published by court reporters that had the torment of staying calm while these exchanges were actually taking place. ____________ _________ _________ _________ _____ ATTORNEY: This myasthenia gravis, does it affect your memory at all? WITNESS: Yes. ATTORNEY: And in what ways does it affect your memory? WITNESS: I forget. ATTORNEY: You forget? Can you give us an example of something you forgot? ____________ _________ _________ _________ ____ ATTORNEY: Now doctor, isn't it true that when a person dies in his sleep, he doesn't know about it until the next morning? WITNESS: Did you actually pass the bar exam? ____________ _________ ____ ___________ ATTORNEY: The youngest son, the twenty-year- old, how old is he? WITNESS: He's twenty, much like your IQ. ____________ _________ _________ _________ ____ ATTORNEY: Were you present when your picture was ta
Attention: Anyone Wishing To Reach Me Via Yahoo, Msn, Or Aol Instant Messenger
JUST UNDERNEATH THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A CLOCK THAT FOR SOME REASON JUST DOESN"T WANT TO WORK IN A FUBAR BLOG...   MySpace Countdown Clocks   Due to a few people who shall remain nameless simply because I'm done even thinking about them having my old messenger names and not catching a hint after God knows how many months of being ignored I've decided it's time for David(yea I'm usin the full name now too by the way) to consolidate his 4 AIM, 2 Yahoo, and 1 MSN name down into 3 accounts that have roughly the same name. Give or take an underscore. Now since I want to put it out htere to everybody that the old names will be gone that leaves the fact that John or Jane Q. Public will be able to read this blog. Therefore you won't be finding the new name here. Since I'm also taking this opportunity to either shorten or broaden my messenger lists depending on who all wants in on the new names y'all can send me a message with whichever messenger(s) you use and I can add you. This
Its Going To Be A Long Road...
I think that I had it easy getting up to level 19 so far. I have rated the hell out of pictures and profiles. Left a few dozen comments as well. Spent the 250k fubucks on my first ticker for my efforts! Now, I need 75k to get to 20!?! I see the guys taking care of all the females on here. I am still puzzled on why they are wasting it on a few fake ass profiles of some broad that is obviously fake as hell. I guess when I started my journey on here in 2006, I should have stuck to it. I would not be scratching my head wondering how the hell I am going to get up in levels now. I want to say thanks to the few that have taken the time to rate me and the one kind one to actually buy me a bling. Thanks to the ones that have bought me the drinks and gifts. And thank you for taking time to read this!
Sunflower Fubar New Member
You are correct- I did judge, and misjudge at that! It comes from years of learning to be cautious; I was fearful of what I read in your profile, and I put up my armor. If you cannot accept my apology, that I suspected you of ulterior motives, then there is no more that we need say to one another: agreed?=== 'MasterDaddySIR r/l bf to MDSIR's Slut.' wrote the following at '2009-09-08 17:38:10'..>> if you know how to read and wear glasses , all I did was rate your profile and fan you , I did not do anything else , I did not judge you ...> > but you sure have provin me you do judge > > > === 'Sunflower' wrote the following at '2009-09-08 17:35:45'..> >> > Ok, ok-I give: whatta you expect? Your website comes off as a brochure for "this is all this guy wants"- just look at your profile, and tell me if it doesn't exactly describe what kinda female you are interested in, ok?> > > > Like I said, if I was wrong, I apologise for jumping to the wrong conclusion.> > === 'MasterDaddySIR r/l bf to M
Damien Darke - Owner
  About Me - simple - I am Me ... I believe in the word friend and I believe we all should have one.. I believe in the word family - family keeps us grounded, or it should, we put our all into it with no thoughts of getting anything in return because thats our family... I am the Father of a host of kids... some biological others by marriage and I love them all.I am a writer, I love the use of words and I seek different ways to make them come together in a way that is I hope different from how others may use them. I have actually completed a book and I look to have it published one of these days. I have a bevy of short stories I have written about different things most of them are for the adult eyes only. Maybe I'll share them with you one day.Im am deep into Graphic designs... nothing against imikimi but I dont use it so the tags I make for My Angelz are all done with My time and patience but Hell I love how they turn out. Want something done.. look Me upI wanted to put this group tog
My Private Part Died
An old man, Mr. Wallace, was living in a nursing home. One day he appeared to be very sad and depressed. Nurse Tracy asked him if there was anything wrong, 'Yes, Nurse ,' said Mr. Wallace.. 'My Private Part died today, and I am very sad. ' Knowing her patients were a little forgetful and sometimes a little crazy, she replied, 'Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Wallace. Please accept my condolences. ' The following day, Mr. Wallace was walking down the hall with his Private Part hanging out of his pajamas. He met Nurse Tracy. 'Mr. Wallace,' she said, 'You shouldn't be walking down the hall like that. Please put your Private Part back inside your pajamas. ' 'But, Nurse Tracy I can't,' replied Mr. Wallace. 'I told you yesterday that my Private Part died. 'Yes,' said Nurse Tracy, 'you did tell me that, but why is it hanging out of your pajamas?' (You've gotta love this ....) 'Well,' he replied, 'Today is the viewing
Hateful Bitch
Dont come on my page in the bar if you cant handle the heat cause shes about to set a flame under your ass and chef always fucking wins. Confident much!
Me Singing Metallica- Mama Said
This is a group of three very different friends united in protecting the world from evil monsters and supervillians.One's a hybrid tiger,another a superhuman and the third one is an immortal but together they are earths last hope against the forces of darkness.
The Application
What's Needed To Join Us
Favorite Sayings
Remember... Once you get over the hill, you'll begin to pick up speed. If it weren't for STRESS I'd have no energy at all. Whatever hits the fan... Will Not Be Evenly Distributed. Everyone has a photographic memory. Some, like me, just don't have any  film. I always know... God won't give me more than I can handle. There are times I just wish He didn't trust me quite so much. Dogs Have Owners ~ Cats Have Staff If the shoe fits... buy a pair in every color.Never be too open-minded, your brains may fall out.  Just going to church doesn't make you a Christian. 
Darke Angelz - Know Us
The Darke Angelz       Dark is not always a connotation of evil – the good guy doesn’t always wear white, sometimes he will don the Black and become something better something more extreme, something more of a bad ass. That’s what Darke will mean –       More Extreme       Darke Passions, Darke Love, Darke Beginnings, Darke Longings, Darke Hungering, Darke wants and needs – Darke Needs…                                        Darke Angelz…       Darke Angelz will be sexy and known, ready to flaunt but not needing to show if she so feels it not necessary. She will know that her sexiness is an attitude, a frame of mind, more than a show all and tell none, she will believe once again in the mystery of being a woman and this is what will make her extreme. She will know how to give but not to give all, flirting with the mind and the senses and yet keeping her secrets. These attributes are what makes a Darke Angel.       The
Song That I Wrote
a song I wrote several years ago in a college songwriting class :)
Looks Can Be Decieving
I am one pissed off slave. I am tired of people (females) thinking they can just run over me and get away with it. Recently this female, which will remain nameless, came on to my Daddy. Saying to him that she is better than me. Who in the fuck do she think she is. I will not sit idolly by letting her or other think I am a pushover. I am far from it. My picture might show you I am this nieve little girl but far from it. When someone steps into my territory I will defend it with my life. So beware I might look innocent but I pack a mighty punch.
How To Find The Owner Of A Cell Phone Number
How to Find Who A Cell Phone Number Belongs ToHow To Find The Owner Of A Cell Phone Numberhow to trace cell phone numbers
Sb Chronicles -4 Wtf Today
InsaneDaWayne: ok iam gonna killyour self centered pride now InsaneDaWayne: lol InsaneDaWayne: fuckin or do you mean fucking ->InsaneDaWayne: I know how to fuckin spell you moron ->InsaneDaWayne: blah blah just go away InsaneDaWayne: lol how would that be a theat maybee u one need get dictionary InsaneDaWayne: lol arent you origninal ->InsaneDaWayne: did you just threaten me? LMAO piss off ->InsaneDaWayne: I dont wanna be in your SB..Read a fuckin dictionary and leave me alone...PS dctionary is the big book with words in it InsaneDaWayne: so shut the fuck up get a muzzle if you have to InsaneDaWayne: hey narsistic bitch your not only one in myshout box ->InsaneDaWayne: and I have asked your illiterate ass to exit my SB many times InsaneDaWayne: u replayed back to me only reason i
Forex Trading Software Price
When you are choosing Forex trading software you need to look at a few more things.
New Band Setlist (so Far)
Hair Of The Dog - Nazareth Mama Tequila - Circus Of Power Voodoo - Godsmack Godzilla - Blue Oyster Cult Killed By Death - Motorhead Moon Baby - Godsmack Click Click Boom - Saliva The Beautiful People - Marylin Manson Bodies - Drowning Pool   Now, if we can only come up with a name! First gig is on 9/25/09 opening for my other band.
Natural Cures For Bacterial Vaginosis
bacterial vaginosis natural cures home remedies for bacterial vaginosis natural cures for bacterial vaginosis
Dear President Obama
Dear Mr.  President:     I'm planning to move my family and extended family into Mexico for my health,  and I would like to ask you to assist me.     We're  planning to simply walk across the border from the U.S. into Mexico,  and  we'll need your help to make a few arrangements.   We plan  to skip all the legal stuff    like visas, passports, immigration  quotas and laws.     I'm  sure they handle those things the same way you do here.     So, would  you mind telling your buddy, President Calderon, that I'm on my  way  over?     Please  let him know that I will be expecting the following:   1. Free  medical care for my entire family.     2.  English-speaking government bureaucrats for all services I might need,   whether I use them or not.     3. Please  print all Mexican government forms in English.     4. I want  my grandkids to be taught Spanish by English-speaking   (bi-lingual) teachers.     5. Tell  their schools they need to include classes on American culture and   history.   
Sb Chronicles-3-honest Rates
->Marilyn: mmkay Marilyn: okay.. forget it...let's agree to disagre....i'm not gonna beat a dead horse ->Marilyn: if people cannot handle being told that they are not a 10..they shouldnt put the pics up Marilyn: I would'nt rate someon a 7 ...thats just me....e ->Marilyn: to others ya may be a why does it matter..I mean ffs it is a website Marilyn: a 10 Marilyn: I know I'm not just your eyes others I am.... ->Marilyn: because people whoe are average at best get told the harsh reality that *gasp* they are not a 10? Marilyn: no hun.. I am not looking for strokes..... ->Marilyn: why ->Marilyn: I prefer honesty ->Marilyn: they put the pics up..they want attention..I am sure they do it fo
H Totc And Epic Fail Rogues
So there we were in WoW, mostly guildies in a raid that we're all learning and we invite a rogue named agginor or some shit 'cause we needed a rogue. In this specific raid on this certain boss there's a debuff that you get that makes you leave a trail of flames where you have walked and this guy would stand right up next to the boss and then he'd die from standing in the fire that he left, 'causing the group to wipe because he was the only rogue in the group that could do someshit to the boss (Apparently I don't pay attention). After several wipes our raid leader gave him some unsolicited constructive criticism and he blew up, throwing f bombs every which way and was like "you guys fucking hate me..." This 16 year old boy definitely had some psychological issues because he literally was getting worked up because we were trying to explain how to do the fight and QQ-ing around. Needless to say he went into general chat and tried to bash up and a fellow guildy decided to call him out on i
Me Gusta.
"My side of the bed"That's not a phrase one utters with great frequency when you're not sleeping with someone.And 9 times out of 10 who you're sleeping with is your lover.Hell... 9 times out of 10 when you say "my side of the bed"you're talking about your live in.Exclusivity, priorities, marriage.That kinda shit.Very suddenly the sky is falling.And I'm trapped in a coffin of cubicle dimensions and postit memos."Taken"that's another word we don't hear in casual conversation.These words are the plunger of my executioner's needle.That just made it press all the faster.Everything slowed down in that realization.As poison reality sped through my veins and into my heart.It could have lasted all day.Everything got thick, like walking through mud, maybe losing a shoe or two.I wanted to escape, go to my happy placewhere the air wasn't lead, and my insides weren't falling into my toes,but the only destinations on my list had her with me.My next recollection is washing sick and grime out of my mo
Bceowcbkss Blackmail
bceowcbkss was such a great time...thankfully i found a whole bunch of pix from there that are now in my shiny new blackmail folder....are you in it?
Mail Box
First thought in my mind is, this has to be a mistake and I would of cleared it up about this in my mail box but did not have the time or the energy to wait about 45 minutes, so I kept it and went on. My sister was over so I showed it to her and she thought it was something. It maybe or something very similar. I even called her to tell her what it was. Still, it could be a mistake but I never know with things these days. I went to see Dr. B and told him of my decision not not pursue any surgery. Hes eyes filled up with tears but he held hes composure. Way to go I thought. Return Receipt was received today. Time for me to go on soon. Life has been tough before the military and the military is still up in the air. After that I was married for 25 years and that was also very tough but the separation and divorce that followed nearly destroyed me and the things that followed did not help at all. My decision is based on my own personal experiences and I do not wish to extend my life another
Breaking Up
Dog Training Debt Management Breaking Up Weight Lose Buy Guitar  
I Am Moving!!!!!!
Is the person you last kissed at least a bit cute?well my son is adorable.. and the other is sexy as hellIf you found out your friend was smoking weed, would you be disappointed?no.. bc i already know they do..What would you do if the world were to end?well if it was a suprise ending i woouldnt be able to do much would i?Do you look people in the eye when you talk to them?usually... its common respect.. if people dont look me in the eye I know they are not being completly truthfulWould you prefer a kiss on the cheek or neck?depends who is kissing me.. my mom os son (cheek) my man.. neck OR Lips.. well anywhere really!!! LOLDo you have someone of the opposite sex you can tell everything too?yeppers i doIs there someone who meant a lot to you at one point, and isn't around now?yeah.. but appearently i didnt mean that much to them or they would have stuck aroundDo you get drunk every weekend?never realy been drunk.. i only drink ocasionally and after this weekend i remember whyHave you ki
People Who Fake Shit...
This is a rant of sorts..Today I met a quite charming man on here he was very nice and seemed to be very easy going. He also said the pics on his profile were of him. We had a lengthly convo and he had to I started googling hot actors I like I was thinking of putting together a drool album.hehe I was trying to find the name of this one hot ass Native american actor,when I actually found the pic on this guys profile. When he returned I asked him about it. He got real quiet,then admitted it wasnt him and I then I got him to email me his real pic. No he wasnt even close to the pic he claimed was him! Im just puzzled as to why people even feel they need to do that? I put my pics up and Im me.. Im not even close to perfect myself. But isnt starting a friendship with a lie bullshit? I cant stand fucking liars. Basically I lost any potential respect for the guy and went and deleted everything to do with him...I just kinda butthurt cause who I thought he was made me drool...and T
Sb Chronicles -2
Soo..I am LMAO over here and wanted to share it..of COURSE he blocked me after his last reply BIG DADDY ...: well i am white trailer park trash u fat ugly big tited fake cunt bye -> BIG DADDY ...: is 16 tops..andya talk like a thug from the is quite does not make you makes you sad BIG DADDY ...: i talk 31 not 15 lol -> BIG DADDY ...: ohh my bad..less than half your age..gross...she is after you foryour trailr dude..not your wrinkly ballsac BIG DADDY ...: shes 21 lol -> BIG DADDY ...: yeah a 51 year old man who talks like a 15 year old street thug and has the SN BigDaddy and plays sugar daddy to women half his age..yeah da bomb lmaooo BIG DADDY ...: im da bomb babes
The Mainstreaming Of Crazy
Perhaps you’ve heard all the uproar about President Obama’s speech today. A group of folks is very concerned about a speech of his today, because he’s talking to schoolkids. And hey, didn’t Hitler talk to kids…? That’s about as good as their logic gets. I wish I were kidding. Read the transcript of Obama’s speech, and see if you can find the alarming parts where he calls for the formation of Brown Shirts, or the extermination of a group of humans, or the invasion of Poland. I must have missed it, instead seeing things like where he says, Now I’ve given a lot of speeches about education. And I’ve talked a lot about responsibility. I’ve talked about your teachers’ responsibility for inspiring you, and pushing you to learn. I’ve talked about your parents’ responsibility for making sure you stay on track, and get your homework done, and don’t spend every waking hour in front of the TV o
Going Going Gone
Well, I have done it. I am going to a new home (temporarily maybe?).My train leaves Friday. Seattle, I have long desired to see the back of you and your snobby people. How is the new city on that score? I know not. I know nothing but that there is no way the people there could possibly be anywhere near so malignant as they are here. On to what brought me to this point: I got arrested. No charges filed as there were no charges to file, but they still kept me in the suicide ward for five days. It nearly ruined everything, to be sure. But now all is well, I have my ticket. I havent had the opportunity to paint recently though I do have real paints now I wont have to invent my own any more which should help a bit, but Im thinking as happy as I am to be leaving this vipers den of hate and self absorbtion it should have a positive impact on what flows from my perception onto the media. There is one other thing (oh, aside from my being actually homeless for the time being) but I dont want
Empty Spaces
In where of myself i feel. One's own in self livin off in creativity. No where in bein lost in society of madness. Secretive in discovered un deepened lil hearts break apart. Off into where nothin ends starts Fallen into knowin where nothin is nothin Is Deep inside my heart goes mind shows. Idk where all shallows where all Follows Follows Where in all the places of waste is livin off in misplaces of evil's lil wishes insaned mind ones come to far off in leadin. Were all these lil face's in empty spaces.
Just wondering.....Why is my life and the rules that govern me made by people that are paid retarded amounts of money by companies that only wish those rules in place to make more money? Case in care! It wouldn't be such a big deal if there wasn't a couple multi-billion dollar companies pushing there greed onto the american public. With the case of most things concerning human existence, fear and emotion dictate national policy. No real thought is put into trying to make, real people, better in this country or the world for that matter. I think that the middle and lower class should stand up and take whats theirs. U think all that money will do anything when 250 million people show up at your door. The average person has more power then they think when it concerns politics. They have the power to change others thinking towards a more positive goal for everyone. U think that company ceos want u have to original thought lol. No they want  your money. Hence the bank b
More Male Testosterone Induced Ignorance
JC: thats right, I am ugly lol -> JC: its not the worth the cost to mess with someone who is not even hotter than he is ->JC: blah blah blah? JC: blah, blah, blah ->JC: ur crazy he deserves a girl who only wants him and will never be a whore behind his back.......but ty for the interest JC: only when they find out, only a real bad girl doesn't get caught lol ->JC: till ppl get hurt JC: HELL YEAH! ->JC : to f*ck around on hiM? JC: That would be hot JC: too bad ->JC: i have not JC: do u mess around with other guys?
Other Website
other website
My First And Last Rate Contest
I would like to start this by saying that this blog is not intended to "trash" anyone in any way. It is simply intended to state the facts, or my opinion of them, I should say. Everyone here is grown, or should at least be the age of 18 or older, and has the right to believe whatever or whoever they wish as well as form their own opinion. That being said, please allow me to tell you my story; I am very sad to say that I have entered and been kicked out of my first (and last) rate contest here on fubar. The winner (who was the one with the most "votes" or pic rates at the end) of this contest was to receive an Auto 11 or Cherry Bomb (their choice).  I must say that I was very excited in the beginning since it was my first contest and I had received a Cherry Bomb for my Birthday a few days before. My plan was to win the contest (of course), get an Auto 11 and run it at the same time as my bomb, which would be more points for me when I was bombed back, if I was. So, I paid the host of th
Thanks for the love you show my friends!!! Please show me some love!!! I have no money. Just here to make real friends!!!! Love&Hug's!!!! Misty.****
Hello  to all that reads these things, I really dont have a lot to say, I am sat here thinking about something and not sure what it all means, Not sure if it's a sign of Luck or just my emotions are trying to take a jet trip from my brain to my heart. I know, I got a way with wording things and if you do not understand what I am on about, just ask ,If I want you to know I will
Warning Scam Artist On Fubar
Please shout box me for the name of the member. He is alterzing people to look generious but he is forcing them to buy him a happy hour and a auto and a bomb so he can get the rates, and then advertises that he is doing this out of the kindness of his heart. He took me for 17 million when I tried to exchange an auto with him yesterday, he paid me back because he called it a misunderstanding, but I am out 4 million fubucks and he has developed a reputation as a good businessman, when in actuallity he is a terrible swindler, the worst fubar seems to have created. This is just a warning, do not do business with someone that "offers" to alterize you so you can get points, it is a scam.  Shout box me for the name if you have had this happen tell me, so we can stop this member from taking advantage of others!
Another Contest
So yeah...I have entered another contest and would really love it if my wonderful fu friends and family would please go vote for me.  I love you all and thank you for taking the time to at least come read this!
Respecting Our Military!!!
I talk to a lot of military men and women here on Fubar and I have came across two soldiers who were told rude horrible things, like "I hope you dies in Afghanistan" (sent by CarolinaQT69) that is just totally F*cked Up in more ways than imaginable. The second was told the U.S. Military baby killers and personally called me a little bitch for being in the service.( sent fromCraZy D1Am0nD) After hearing this I got very upset and felt the need to type up the following letter to send to anybody who is bashing our soldiers. And here following this letter is a scenario of pure ignorance and foolishness. so you can please do with this what you would like ether agree with me or agree with him , and if you agree with me publicize this and make others aware of what kind of ungrateful and unthankful people who take freedom for granted that our society is filled with. If you agree with him then keep your opinion to yourself and walk away. Hello, I am just writing this to tell you that I thin
The World
I wonder about why guys think that exposeing themselves is what woman want. Then i check out the girls on here and i think " Wow , what a message we are sending"..Now im not saying ladies dont try and look flirty and preety..but come on PUT ON SOME DAMN CLOTHES! Men are never going to take you seriously if you dont respect yourself..Respect you and others will follow..If a fella doesnt take you the way you are why mold yourself into what they want...
New Pictures Coming Soon But I Need Your Help
i have a new set of photos from my last shoot coming in soon seven disks of pics for yall to look at but only if i can get a vip some time soon. if you wish to help me it will be something like an auction you tell me what you would like in return for the vip and i shall tell you if i can do this for you or not but your requests must be made here in this blog not through a private message.
Acai Berry Diet - It Works
Many of today's most prominent diets are complicated or expensive - popular diets today require you to buy specialized food, restrict your meals to a specific choice or buy packaged food, which limits your social life (and overall enjoyment). If you're like me, you've probably tried many of these diets and are looking for an alternative that integrates well into your lifestyle: Acai Berry provides a great way to get an all natural diet replete with heart healthy benefits that keeps you enjoying your professional and social life while also starting to lose weight. At the core of the Acai Berry diet philosophy is a belief that nature brings about the most effective, longest lasting benefits of diets. Many specialized diets help you lose weight but they require certain trade-offs with your overall health and can be difficult to sustain over time. Acai, on the other hand, delivers all of the weight loss benefits that your body needs by naturally accelerating your fat burning abilities whi
Tarzan Boy
Think Geek
Godly Humor
THERE ARE SOME NEW ONES HERE - GOOD ONES!          ? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dans L'amour...
Dans l'amour vrai c'est l'ame qui embrasse le corps.Translation: In true love it is the soul that embraces the body.
Twistedpixie's Auction
TwistedPixe's Auction All will be done durin HH500 Pic rates50 Pic comments50 Stash rates25 Stash comments14 Profile comments1 SFW Salute*~*If Blinged 10cr+, 7 day Blast+, VIP~ALL the above PLUS~700 11'sAll Pics & Stash ratedRate 200 pics of 2 friends you choose1 NSFW SaluteYahoo add2 SFW Webcam chatsIf Auto 11, HH, & Higher~ALL the above PLUS~ALL Pics & Stash commenetedRate 200 pics of 5 friends you choose2 NSFW Salutes total3 Phone calls Bidding Starts at 1Mil Starts Now! Ends Sept 18th 11:59 futime! Opening bid starts at 1mil to bid please post amount bidding here on this blog below Once a cash bid is made bucks cannot be bid alone! Bid Below!
When Times Get Hard
Well my last blog was a lil different than this one. Right now my life is great and Im completely happy in mostly every way. Iv got a great boyfriend and he means the world to me hes my everything. I dont know how I got him and what  hes doing with a crazy country georgia with a West virginian twist. When I think sumtimes he can do much better. But thats not what Im writting about today. Im might look all perky and happy but theres sumthing missing in my life and I think I know what it is. Eventually I wanna go back to school and finish my dagree in music and art. Im happy everythings going good I have a good joband Im finally out of a life of crime and drugs. 4 months sober and drug free. So Im just letting people know thAT WHEN stuff gets hard and you cant exactly do what you want right now like my example school. Just remember dont give up on urself theres more to you than you think. Be strong and keep truckin yes i said
Labor Day 2009
Last night around 11pm or so I recieved a text message from my baby sister letting me know my Uncle had been involved in a motorcycle accident and was in the hospital. The doctors called the family in due to his critical condition. He has head trauma, bleeding on the brain, a collapsed left lung, several broken ribs, along with several cuts and bruises. They have him on a ventilator and are giving him propofol to keep him sedated.  I went back to see him and was shocked at the way he looked. Both his eyes are black and blue, very swollen and almost popped out of his head. There are tons of tubes and IVs everywhere. I really thought I would be okay since I am a nurse but it's quite different seeing a member of YOUR family lying in a bed and hooked up to tons of machines. As of right now there is still no change in his condition. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing right now. Please keep him and the rest of my family in your thoughts (and if you pray, throw a few in for
Two Nuns (dove Emailed Me This, Had To Share!)
There were two nuns> > One of them was known as Sister Mathematical (SM), > > and the other one was known as Sister Logical (SL). > > It is getting dark and they are still far away from the> convent. > > SM: Have> you noticed that a man has been following us for the past> thirty-eight and a half minutes? I wonder what he> wants. > > SL: It's logical. He wants> to **** us. > > SM: Oh, no! At this rate he will reach> us in 15 minutes at the most! What can we do? > > SL: The only logical thing to do of> course is to walk faster. A little while> later... > SM: It's not> working. > > SL: Of course it's not working. The> man did the only logical thing. He started to walk faster,> too. > > SM: So, what shall we do? At>  this rate he will reach us in one minute. > > SL: The only logical thing we can do is> split. You go that way and I'll go this way. He cannot> follow us both. > > So the man decided to follow Sister> Logical. > > > > Sister Mathematical arrives at the> convent and is worried a
Socialized Health Opposition Need A New Schtick.
You goons, always go back to the "Aduurr That's Communism" argument. We seen it already...     Find a new bag. The world is bigger than you and yours, you self-centered monkeys.
Have we as human beings become so shallow that  we have lost respect for others? I meen how hard is it to say thank you when we recieve something? Have we forgotten manors? And not beable to help ohers when they come to us with something that bothers them that we have done? i know our parents have raised us with manors  and is it such a chore to pratice them every day?
Surface Area Required To Power The World With Renewable/sustainable Energy
Music Dejur....
 Scorpion's Deadly Sting Rock on Gang!!!!!!
All This, Despite Us
“And the LORD said unto Moses, Depart, and go up hence, thou and the people which thou hast brought up out of the land of Egypt, unto the land which I sware unto Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, saying, Unto thy seed will I give it:” The thirty-third chapter of Exodus opens at the base of mount Sinai, where the Israelites have to depart from, after Moses interceded for them when they were one step away from annihilation!  Building the molten calf, calling it the gods that led them out of Egypt, and enduring the plagues the LORD promised them as a result of this idolatry was going to be a long process.  The Levites who stood with Moses and killed three thousand people after the calf was destroyed with the tablets Moses carried down from God’s presence atop mount Sinai were just the beginning of His judgment.  But it was time to move on, and the LORD’s command in verses one through three made clear that He was fulfilling the promise He made to Abraham their ances
U Know U Wanna...
Wanna Piece Of Me?
My Mask
I was once sad and lonely, Having nobody to comfort me, So I wore a mask that always smiled; To hide my feelings behind a lie. Before long, I had many friends; With my mask, I was one of them. But deep inside, I still felt empty, Like I was missing a part of me. Nobody could hear my cries at night For I designed my mask to hide the lies. Nobody could see the pain I was feeling For I designed my mask to be laughing. Behind all the smiles were the tears And behind all the comfort were the fears. Everything you think you see, Wasn't everything there was to me. Day by day, I was slowly dying. I couldn't go on, There was something missing.. Until now I'm still searching For the thing that'll stop my crying. For someone who'll erase my fears, For the person who'll wipe my tears. But till then I'll keep on smiling. Hiding behind this mask I'm wearing. Hoping one day I can smile, Till then, I'll be here.. waiting.
Farms In Detroit
A teach in Detroit, Michigan asks the kids to tell her what a pig sounds like?       and the kids yelled out: Up against the wall mother fucker............   guess there aren't many farms in Detroit      
Towing Service Ny
Towing Company New york
Logo Mats
Logomatshop is part of Bob Mats B.V. Since 1989 Bob Mats is active in the sale and production of (logo)mats.You can find our mats at many locations, shops, supermarkets, petrolstations, hotels, car dealerships companies and so on. We have a range of mat that carry the logo of famous brands and these can be customized with carring your name.  Logo mats Logomatten Fila brasileiro
The Strip Club
So I'm fed up with the strip club and how it makes me feel. I'm done. This thursday is going to be my last day and for anyone whom has asked to see me, this is your last chance to do so. *shrugs*     Edit   So, as much fun as dancing is I don't want to do it any more. Don't get me wrong, I find nothing wrong with nudity. I don't find it tabboo. Some do and I understand that. Well I've got a day job and with a good roommate can afford all my bills IF I choose to sstay after all the crap with the landlord... But chances are after his bull I may not. That shit I'm pretty much done with too. ANY HOO. What I don't like about the club are, catty strippers stealing from me, starting shit with me and treating me like shit. I also hate the men whom touch me, grope, and try to fuck me in the champagne room. It's not cool. I get people contantly trying to finger me and I've broken a few fingers (other peoples fingers) since I've been there and a jaw or two. What? I've kicked people in the fa
Change How You Think
Change Your Thinking It will take just 37 seconds to read this and change your thinking. Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs.His bed was next to the room's only window. The other man had to spend all his time flat on his back. The men talked for hours on end. They spoke of their wives and families, their homes, their jobs, their involvement in the military service, where they had been on vacation..Every afternoon, when the man in the bed by the window could sit up, he would pass the time by describing to his roommate all the things he could see outside the window.
Long But Worth The Read
Long but well worth the time and effort to read WOW!!!   How's this for apocalyptic literature. This was written by a pastor's wife in biblical prose as a commentary of current events. It is brilliant. ------------------------ And it came to pass in the Age of Insanity that the people of the land called America , having lost their morals, their initiative, and their will to defend their liberties, chose as their Supreme Leader that person known as "The One." He emerged from the vapors with a message that had no meaning; but
Ecuador Adventure
Please Read!
hiya I just wanted to say first to Mendi & Wizard: Thank you for making the group  The CherryTap levelers and giving me a chance to be a crew leader. I remember asking about being a recruiter lol because we the best leveling group on fubar! :). and Tech Thanks for being the pain in the ass that I can pick on and ask questions and vent and smack :) and to the group that stays on the page until they are leveled thank you: If we didn't have you members we wouldn't have the group: I wanted to say something but didn't know if I should put it on the Cherrytap levelers profile or my own I decided to use my page I need some traffic on my page hehe lol I don't know if you guys notice I been going to everyone pages almost every day and wanted to explain why. The reason why I do that is to see how close you are into leveling because the family is important and we don't want to forget you to help you level. What I do is check to see who is less then 900k to level and I will check maybe ev
It's Easy To Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is easy to love the people far away. It is not always easy to love those close to us...Bring love into your home for this is where our love for each other must start.
Copter Game
I'm jackson from NJ and I own this copter game website. I play a lot of PS3 and love browsing around the Internet. I also enjoy this jigsaw puzzles website and playing bejeweled all the time. Love to meet new friends from anywhere.
Fucking Cunt
Did you know that I smoke weed? HahahaAnyone who knows me knows that!My family knows and loves me! So this Dumb CUNT has been Threatening me because I smoke weed-says shes gonna send the cops to my house and have me arrested!This Stupid Ugly Ass Bitch says I can get in trouble because my myspace page has Pot Leafs and Buds and Weed on it!!~Yet! This Stupid Cunt Smokes Weed too! She's just a closet smoker! And if her parents(that she lives with) find out I'm sure they won't be too happy with her! Some people need to get a life and quit being so jealous of me-I mean I know I'm cool as fuck and everyone wants to be me ~but damm Bitch- Get a Life of your own and quit Stalking me! So for all my true friends- here's a link to this closet smoking UGLY ASS Cunt's page!   Go fuck with her- If ya love me! xoxoDie  
Damn Ace Tomato Company...
Sorry for those of you too yount to remember the Cold War and "great" movies like Spies Like US, but I had to make the reference.  My household effects finally arrived here from the States.  I found out why they took so long.  They were on the road to Dushanbe.  Yes, all of my boxes were labelled US Embassy Dushanbe, Tajikistan.  Awesomeness.  And you people want the government controlling MORE of your life?">capresso coffee makers capresso coffee espresso coffee makers jura capresso impressa
Pussy And Bitch Joke
A kid comes home from school and says to his mom, "Mom I've got a problem." She says "Tell me." He tells her that the boys at school are using 2 words he doesn't understand. She asks him what they are. He says "well, pussy and bitch". She says "Oh That's no big deal, pussy is a cat like our little Mittens, and bitch is a female dog like our Sandy."He thanks her and goes to visit dad in the workshop in the basement. He says to his dad, "Dad the boys at school are using words I don't know, and I asked mom and I don't think she told me the exact meaning. Dad says "Son, I told you never to go to mom with these matters, she cant handle them. What are the words?" He tells him...pussy and bitch. Dad says "OK" and pulls a Playboy down from the shelf, takes a marker and circles the pubic area of the centerfold and says, "son, everything inside this circle, is pussy.""OK dad, so what's a bitch?""Son" he says, "everything outside that circle."
Reality Vs. Fubar
For some of us Fubar can or has become an addiction, I'm one of those. Don't work as much as I should. don't spend the time I need with my friends, Fubar taking over my Life. I met someone on here I liked, but with both of us on Fubar it can't work. I'm a possesive, jealous Scoprio, I can't handle bimbos hitting on what's mine all day long. Best to walk away and time to find someone in real life :-) I've done a lot of thinking last night, I've met some great people on here that I love talking to, however that doesn't keep me warm at night. I need to take some time out and spend time in the real world, both for work, family & friends.
Stay Committed...
Stay committed to your decisions, but flexible in your approach.
Meet Me In The Stairwells
It's Ok
The more you have loved and have allowed yourself to suffer because of your love, the more you will be able to let your heart grow wider and deeper. – Henri Nouwen I don’t have much to say anymore. I feel a lot, but have lost my ability to express those feelings through words be it written or spoken. I am not the girl that i used to be, however i am growing, falling, changing and learning. I hope that the girl waiting on the other side is more beautiful, confident & loving than the one i know today. I’m learning that my love is a bit overwhelming at times. My love twists and turns and morphs the ideas in my head  into false realities. My love is a bit gullible and all too believing. Sometimes i think my love could save someone, could help someone, could heal someone…but i’m learning that it isn’t always welcome, or wanted, or desired…and that’s okay. It’s okay to love and care about people without words or actions, just from
Please An Add My Girl Onion... Ty!!!...... Http://
Hey Friends
hey to all my friends how are u guys and girls doing today if u guys all want to talk to me and im not online u sure can text me at 7018619866 thats up to u guys if u want to but other wise how are all u doing
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What Is In My Head Today.
  There is simplicity to be found amongst the chaos in my mind: hold on tight or let go both are freeing & detrimental to everyone involved. both sides are relieved both sides are pained. even within my own heart, the road splits before me & no matter which path i choose, half of me sighs…the other half is filled with wonder & regret.   (I wish the world revolved around Love & not Money) i feel like my thoughts are so simple- yet everything about me & my life appears complex…i don’t understand- i don’t understand anything anymore- i never did really, just rubbing the niave off of my eyelids -still heavy, with what i am unsure. Tonight i sat on a stool, in the bathroom, lazily putting make-up on (throwing one of those stupid pity parties in my head). I heard a buzzing, looked up & saw a fly trapped in the light fixture above me. The more it tried to escape, the more it got burned by the blazing bulb. Truly, i felt bad for the little guy. I tried tu
"computer Components Uk"
Computer Components UK
The Ninth Amendment
The numbering of certain Rights in the constitution Shall Not be construed to deny Or disparage other Rights retained by the people. Amen
The Power Of One
Same Old Song And Dance
So my friend was pushing me to go to another venue to qualify.  He says they have hardly anyone show up.  Yeah well I learned my lesson at the last place so I reluctantly agree but decide I better work on a different song. Before I get too far let me add that I spent the entire weekend getting sunburned and work worn helping my best friend with his yard sale, so I was pretty worn out. My friend has a massive karaoke set up so I practice an hour before we leave for the competition.  I try some Patsy Cline which he deemed acceptable but I wanted to try Etta James "At Last" for fun, because I like to sing it in the shower.  He said he thought that one was better so I said, "Maybe I'll sing it." Showed up at the venue, never been there before. It's a quaint location, at the back of a long narrow shopping center. One of those 'if you don't know it's there you don't notice it' type spots.  It was pretty roomy inside, unlike the last venues. They had not only the bar area but a dance floor
Are You Shitting Me?!?!
so i was applying online for scotts lawn service...and apparently im not qualified for the job because...   9. As a tobacco-free Company, Scotts' policy is to not hire candidates who use tobacco. Are you a tobacco user?(Please note: Nicotine testing is included as part of our pre-hire screening process. The use of nicotine replacement therapies may result in a positive test result which will disqualify candidates from employment consideration.) Yes No ghey
Sad Lisa
Søgemaskineoptimering Og Seo
Arbejdet med søgemaskineoptimering er en tidskrævende proccess, det er derfor at virksomheder ofte udliciterer det til SEO konsulenter eller andet godtfolk der kan sørge for at søgemaskineoptimere deres sites. Jeg gør det selv for et emballage firma, der producerer mange forskellige former for emballage, blandt andet bølgeplast og plastpaller samt plastkasser alt sammen noget meget spændende emballage til mange forskellige forbrug. Jeg benytter ofte min mobil og den bliver derfor hurtigt slidt, derfor er jeg altid på udkig efter en billig mobil og den anden dag fandt jeg en spændende lille sag, nemlig en billig samsung f480 - Den er jeg rigtigt glad for.
Damn Spooky 3rd Shift!
Alright, off the bat... I DON'T SCARE EASILY!!! Working third shift in a huge, empty building has a way to play with your mind, but last NIGHT I had more then THREE weird things happen.... Warning, this may be a long one so grab your popcorn. Backstory: a janitor way back in the early 90s was killed by a stray bullet in the building I work at, but wasn't found till hours later. Alot of the old timers working there joke "John's still here". Pffft, whatever. I never had anything cool happen till a few weeks ago when I was in the 2nd floor men's room... I had just gotten done washing my hands when I heard a little girl's voice say "Hello?!?" coming from the opposite exit... I instinctively said "Hello?" and listened... Then I realized, I never heard the huge automated door open OR close. I ran out to try and catch whoever it was, stopped to listen for footsteps or doors... ... Nothing! I then called the only female worker trhat night on the radio, and she was two floors below
Sad Lisa..
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The Battle
this is just forwarded on from a friend. its a nice thing he wrote.   The Battle When you have a setback you must focus your energies. Unfortunately, most people focus on he problem and not on the solution. They take their eyes off the goal and focus on the challenges all around the goal. They spend all of their time worrying about the problem and very little time thinking about the solution. If you are going to think about and dwell on what might happen, why not think about the good things that can happen, the positive things that can happen? Worry does not solve problems. It usually adds to them. Worrying is a misuse of the imagination. Most people worry themselves into bad health, which creates more problems and more worries. Medical experts agree that most disease is not so much what you eat, but rather what is eating you. Worrying never solves problems. Do not focus your energies on the problem, because the problem is already here. Focus on creating solutions and then acting on
As Ben Franklin said: In wine there is wisdom,In beer there is freedom,In water there is bacteria.In a number of carefully controlled trials, Scientists have demonstrated   that if we drink 1 liter of water each day, At the end of the year we would have absorbed More than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli, (E. Coli) - bacteria   Found in faeces. In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop.. However, We do NOT run that risk when drinking wine & beer (or tequila, rum, whiskey or other liquor) Because alcohol has to go through a purifi
Gainesville Bike Shop
He Is Teh Awesome
I'm pink!!! YAY!!! I will be shutting the fuck up now. :D Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease go rape this guy, he is one of the most awesome, kick ass people you will ever meet; I swear. I've talked to him almost as long as I've been on here (probably the only person I still talk to since starting the site.) Buy him drinks and whatever else you want! Fu-own him, spank his ass! I don't care! Love you, Kevers!!   KevinJäymz™ ℵReverend and Spiritualistℵ@ fubar
Weight Lifting Routines
weight lifting exercises Weight lifting routines
American Immigration
USA Immigration Immigration DNA Testing Immigration Bail Bond
New Stuff
OK...up to NINJA level... that gives me over 200 pics, and I've added more videos to the "Stash". Olympic Wipeouts(bronze, silver and gold) and a guy having a bad day in his cubicle!
Phenomenal Woman
Pretty Women wonder where my screet lies.I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size ut when I start to tell them, They think I'm telling lies.I say, It'ss in the reach of my arms, The stride of my step,The curl of my lips,I'm a woman Phenomenally.Phenomenal woman That's me I walk into a roomJust as cool as you please, And to a man,The fellows srand or Fall todown on their knees.Then they swarm around me, A hive of honey bees.I say, It's the fire in my eyes And the flash of my teeth,The swing in my waist,And the joy in my feet.I'm a woman Phenomenally.Phenomenal woman That's me Men themselves have wondered What they see in me. They try so muchBut they can't touchMy inner mystery.When I try to show themThey say they can,t see. I say, It's in the arch of my back,The sun in my smile,The ride of my brests, The grace of my style.Phenomenally.Phenomenal woman That's me Now you understand Just why my head's not bowed. I don't shout or jump aboutOr have to talk real loud.When you see
Late Night Math Contemplations
Conversations of an actually very acute mind making sense of fluff, yes all these years I avoided math and that is why I don’t have my flipping doctorate now and going back for it. (Hubby has very acute mind as well, but very bad English LoL) ME: I seen you first time was in the middle of  -97 - (-27)-40-(-59)   Hubby: silly nerd emoticon   ME:  which is not the simple logical thing you think it would be, oh no because if you are subtracting integers (negative numbers, I don't know why they can't just call them negative numbers...) then you add the opposite rather than subtracting them. and then so you change the -97-(-27) to -97+27 and so on, but you for some reason on the next number the -40 don't instead u throw () around it and call it a permanent integer   ME:  and then so it is a negative number throughout all the other transitions unless you add on another set of integers at the beginning for some daft reason, I have no clue why you would but IF you did then that w
Auto Repair ny
Auto Repair NY
Website Update
website update
My Friend
My First Post
I'm 34 years old guy, still single :) I live in NY, high school graduate and learn Internet building a hobby website how to enlarge penis, where I have my own community to discuss related issues with other men.
Fuck This Shit!
You wanted an explanation so here it is. My status tonight said this....i'm sick and tired of this bullshit. be happy with what you have or don't be, but quite takin your shitty ass attitudes out on me, then apologizing for it like it's not a big deal. i'm fuckin done with this place. some of u ppl are just fucking ridiculous and childish..... although some of it was cut off lol. So, many of you would like to know why I'm feeling this way at the moment and I'm irritated enough to just let all my shit out there lol. So I'm talking to this guy here who claims to be my friend. The convo topic is unimportant atm. But while I was talking to him I was also leaving profile comments for my friends here on the fu. I needed to catch up so I figured I'd do it tonight. All of the sudden I get this shout that says something about me leaving the comments and how he's so stupid. So I apologize (like an ass, but I was trying to be nice) and explain to him what I have just said. Then I get a "Oh I'm
Family/friends List
A Special Design Of Bridesmaid Dress That I Know
Some days before, a friend of mine show me a wonderful bridesmaid dress; it is a custom bridesmaid dress. It has an excellent shawl.  The design of the shawl, in addition to the general common long-type style, the part of the shawl is also designed to be curved, so that shawl looks quite dynamic and luxurious, suitable for the design of the wedding dress with narrow bodied; and cape hem additional design, so that the effect of adding points with a shawl; by the way, this shawl if also suitable for mother of the bride, for many of them want to add shawl to their dress, maybe this is because the weather is quite cold in some places .in some people’s minds. adding a shawl is a very good idea of Custom mother of the bride. hem with feathers designed to add elegant shawl can make sense of, while the fluffy cloth shawl with tassels designed to allow shawl with a rhythm of results; Guan hem with lace shawl yarn material, to create a feeling of gentle fantasy, while the two-color satin w
Deciding Factors Of Costs In Engagement Rings
Engagement rings consist of many features. Its metal band, precious stones, settings, elaborative engravings are few of the chief features that make a ring. Each of it involves good amount of money and total cost of the jewelry piece goes higher if the couples demand a great quality as well. So, what is the most costly such feature on the ring? Well, without doubt it is the diamond. Though usually there is single diamond on the top of the ring, still it is expensive and often out of the buying reach of the couples. To escape the high costs, some couples opt for smaller diamonds. Still, the costs are out of budget if some care is not taken to cut the expenses. One can say that if you successfully cut the cost of precious stone, the overall cost of the ring will be down substantially.   First tip is that you must consider is to purchase a loose diamond for ensuring of quality and lower costs. A mounted stone on the ready made ring may not be of good quality. Moreover, loose diamonds
Fast Track Your Journey To Home Business Success!
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Facial Project
Its a simple project, a simple fetish, and a life long Dream!!! 100 girls, 100 facials, and 100 pictures documenting it. ;) If any ladies are interested in being included in the project drop me a line and we can discuss it. [sorry guys, no donors needed] Happy Kinking!
About Happykids
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Said By Parents For Fun-loving Kids
I guess every parent will say yes when asked the following questions. Are you looking for the perfect gift to give your five-year old child? Do you want his birthday to be a memorable one? Would you be willing to give something unique? Then inflatable bounce houses are one ofyour best choices. Bounce house can give your children a lot of things - fun, exercise, and good memories to grow up with. That’s the reason why the bounce house rentals business is much popular among the whole world. With best quality, even a used bounce house can last for many years. Aside from being a soft, bouncy playground, it could act as the centerpiece of your kid's party. Since you're going to give a bounce house as a gift, it is best that you start using it right during the party. Bounce houses are great attractions on any get-togethers, whether it is a kid's party or a party for adults. Bounce houses are the ideal places to culminate an afternoon filled with fun-filled activities and of course, de
Icy Trails
drip drip drip it flows down and down it goes not knowing its goal just ripe and full glistening in the sunlight down through the dusky midnight till finally with a mighty kerplop its found its new home the right spot now more and more they fall building up now having a ball till finally only one remains to create the most beautiful of stains
Reseller Web Hosting
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You Didn't Tell Me(one Of My Fav's)
You told me about the long shifts,the days and the nights.You told me about the commanders and there wives.You told me about the chain of command,and how i would live by it. But u didn't tell me how proud of u I would be. You told me about the temporary duty and the many moves. You told me about overseas tours. You told me about payday's and how we would stretch the dollor. You didn't tell me about the honor I would feel. You told me about the wives clubs and family support. You told me about Tricare. You told me about the base housing,and how no two are alike. You didn't tell me that at the start of "God Bless the USA" I would not shed one,but many tears. You told me about how christmas would be in Germany, you told me about the commissary and PX. You told me we would need many sets of curtains. You didn't tell me how our children would look up to you, and want to be like dad. You told me about the hard times and how we would have many. You told me about the stress of being
Sum1 Special
  Did Anyone Ever Tell YouHow Important You Make Others FeelSomebody out here is SmilingAbout Love that is so Real Did Anyone Ever Tell You thatMany Times When They were SadYour E-mail (and chats) made Them Smile a bitIn Fact It made Them Glad For the Time You Spend Sending ThingsAnd Sharing whatever You FindThere are No Words to Thank YouBut Somebody, Thinks You re Fine Did Anyone Ever Tell YouJust How Much They Love YouWell, My Dearest FriendToday I am Telling You I HOPE I GET THIS BACKI believe that without a specialfriend you are missing out on a lot
Juicy's Auction
October Own Me its my Birthday Month! Your name in mine for 30 Days Own Me Your name in mine 1 Pimpout Daily Keep Shitfaced (random drinks) Random Pic/Page Comments 1 customized image 4 u Random Big Pimping gifts 1 NSFW Salute/1 SFW Salute 100 11's a week if I have VIP still Random Bling if packs given YIM If more than 100 cash spent Will take personal photo shoot of 12 images with your name in random places from paper to skin! 1, 30 second video of me telling you how sweet you are and flashing my titties! 1 custom image sent to walmart near you so you have personalized photo of me (your choice if u want photo or not) Bidding Starts at 1Mil Starts Now! Ends Sept 23th 11:59 futime! Opening bid starts at 1mil to bid please post amount bidding here on this blog below Once a cash bid is made bucks cannot be bid alone! Bid Below! Birthday Month for me woohoo who gonna be my owner!
Shawne Merriman?
I Should Just Pretend Im Deaf While In Public...
Today on the bus, on the way  to work this guy is sitting across from me and he is just starring at me. Finally he says "I know you from somewhere" So I say to him, I dont think so, Im pretty good at remembering people. And again he just says "No, I know you" So I say, I have a twin brother, maybe you know him, to which he again says "No, its you I know... I know you from somewhere" So I try ignoring him but he just kept going on "I know I know you" "Did you go to Curie" (he had an easy ten yrs on me, I wouldnt have been in school with him) So when I finally got tired of hearing him blab on about all his "I know you from somewheres" I turned around and looked at him and said "Do you watch a lot of gay porn?" He got off at the next stop
Stolen 2
My heart is heavy, my heart is broke. It takes your breath, and it makes you choke. The pain will take you to a dark place and eat you alive. Loving someone will only get your heart broken. The tears will roll and you will ache. Love is a lie, love is untrue. It will eat you alive and leave you blue. I look into your eyes and see the real you, and it makes me wonder why you do the tings you do. People come and people go but my love will always show. You took my heart and broke it in two. Why oh why do you treat me this way. You pick up my heart and you throw it away. Alone in the dark, with just my thoughts. Crying because of the lonelyness and pain. What went wrong I will never know, I'll just pick up the pieces and go. Welcome to the dark and wrap myself in it. Stay in the dark, live in the dark. Never to love again.
Those four little words come from the very depths of my soul. They were not given lightly and they mean a great deal. It means forever, and beyond death for me. You are the only one I love and you are the only one I want to be with. Tempers have flared and accusations have been thrown on both sides. Yet those four words remain. They are words that bind the heart that no matter what you will have my love eternally and I will have yours. They are unconditionally and irrecoverably. Just like my love for you. I love you just as much now as I did when I first told you I did. Nothing has changed. You are in my heart and on my mind and in my soul. I need you in my life and I miss you so badly.
Cyrano Debergerac Act Iii: A Kiss
A kiss. The word is sweet. Why should your lips fear to pronounce it? If it burns them now, what will it do when words turn into deeds? Do not be frightened. Even now I felt how you stopped teasing and passed fearlessly from smiles to sighs, and then from sighs to tears. Oh pass once more, slowly, unconciously- from tear to kiss is but a quick heart's beat. A kiss when all is said is- what? A compact sealed, a promise carried out? An oath accomplished and a vow confirmed? The rosy dot upon the i in "loving"? A secret for no ear, but for the lips? The velvet humming of an amorous bee: the endless moment of infinity? The heart's communion cup that tastes of flowers? The breathing in a little of the soul when the pure spirit rises to the lips? A kiss has such nobility that even the Queen of France, the Queen herself, bestowed a kiss upon her favorite lord. And so, like Buckingham, the lord, I've suffered and been still. Like him, I love my Queen unswervingly. Like him, I am faithful and
Credit Card Error Problems
Hey crew:We have a small percentage of people having problems with credit cards and purchases for: bling, vip, blasts, HH's, etc. The problem is USUALLY associated to GIFT or PAY AS YOU GO Visa/MC debit card. For example: Walmart Gift Visa, Walgreens Gift Visa, TMobile Gift Visa, the list goes on. Some of you have a CC that is a pay as you go.The problem we are having is that our merchant account has NO way to verify the security of the card user. Because of this, the card is denied. So, if you do not enter the correct phone number, mailing address, security code or 3 digit pin on the back, you will be declined and get an error message. This can ALSO happen with normal credit cards in some cases.What will happ is your card is charged and shows a PENDING AUTHORIZATION on your card and it appears your funds have been removed. Unfortunately, and this is NOT our fault, the credit card company puts a hold on the funds. The funds will be restored to your card in 10-30 days. Yes, it will appe
Bitter Sweet Auction
BitterSweet's Auction Page offers:make sure u are shitfaced at least twice a weekrate up to 300 pics a weekrandom pic comments/page commentsrandom giftssfw (have to email to you, no room left for pics)cash offers:vip- 300 11's per weekyahoo snplus all the abovebling pack- at least 1 blingyahoo snplus all the abovewill talk about more if bids get high enough Starts Sept 8th open now for bidding! Auction Ends Sept 18th 11:59pm Fu Time Opening bid starts at 500k to bid please post comment here on this blog below Once a cash bid is added to bucks bid only bucks cannnot be bid! Bid Below!
Adsense Black Hat
I am genuine and down to earth person. I love going out and meeting people. I have a very outgoing personality. I am fun to be around. My hobbies are going to the gym, swimming and cycling and my favourite is socializing with my friends. I love to travel with my family Adsense Black Hat
Your Arms Feel Like Home By 3 Doors Down
I think I have walked to close to love and now I'm falling inThere's so many things this weary soul can't takeMaybe you just caught me by surpriseThe first time that I looked into your eyesThere's a life inside of me that I can feel againIt's the only thing that takes me where I've never beenI don't care if I lost everything that I have knownIt don't matter where I lay my head tonight your arms feel like homeThey feel like homeThis life ain't the fairytale we both thought it would beBut I can see your smiling face as it's staring back at meAnd I know we both see these changes nowI know we both understand somehowThere's a life inside of me that I can feel againIt's the only thing that takes me where I've never beenI don't care if I lost everything that I have knownCuz it don't matter where I lay my head tonight your arms feel like homeThey feel like home to meThere's a life inside of me that I can feel again it's the only thing that takes me where I've never beenAnd I dont care if I los
Investment Manager
Investment Manager Be your own investment manager  Learn How to Take Care of Finances Learn how to be your own investment manager    
She Could.
Maybe I should call in tomorrow, listen to my goofy music and dab with my charcoals.I need to see how much I miss my muse instead of reading it so often.She's becoming the better part of meshe's perfect right here and now. And that's kinda safer than talking to her, and molding illusion back into reality.Can't I just have her like thisa beautiful phantom of poetry and light daydreams?...I suppose not.But she is beautiful hereif not a little trapped.Like a prisoner looking in on a musicbox.Perhaps I'm just lonely, but prefer this safe, quiet place.Where no one rejects me, no one scolds me.No one tells me to clean my house.ColdrainybeautifulA lot like this song, a lot like I'm sure she kisses.Those are the best days.Sleep in, stare out into the captive silencedown blankets and fragrant tea warming your hands and nose.She's that safe place at the edge of the bedwhere life stories are shared,sometimes sweat and seed is spilledsometimes you watch your lover put on her socks and run late the
Kung Fu Fighting?
OMG!  - I found one of the funniest videos ive ever seen "Worst Kung Fu Movie Auditions" when i saw it, I was lmao - u will be too - its in my stash, check it out
  Well I figured I'd kind of give anyone reading this a glimps of who I am. No false confidence on here.   My name, for starters is Alicia (Ah-lee-see-uh no "sh" sound), and I have a million nicknames, which I don't mind, but please do not ever call me Ali/Ally/Aly. It's just a personal pet peeve and it really irks me. Usually people call me Cisa, but anything else is fine. I will be 19 come late October. Yes, I am a Christian, I'll never hide it or be ashamed. But do know that I don't think it's right to force your beliefs on others, so if you're not a Christian that's your business and I won't throw any Bibles at you. One of my closest firends is a Wiccan so I care more about the person.   I'm kind of a nerd, no one my age are into the same stuff as me so I'm a bit of a loner. I mean the whole fake "gangsta" and mexihussie lifestyles just aren't really my thing, and I'm not Latina Barbie material so. I love to read, mostly vampy/Were/ghosty/supernatural type things. And I like sci
Unfit To Speak Her Name.
I was wondering where I could stand in such a perfect worldone which would allow you and me.Is it a place of light and pleasant mirage.Is it some place solidwill I have to dance and maneuveror can I just please have you?Will there be room for my quills collection and many many large sized dogs?Hammocks, dwindling hairlines, fading memories of a life before you.We're going to need a bigger place.Can we delete this nervous young man who's sure he has nothing to say?Nothing interesting at least other thanparting from you is the hardest part of my dayandwhen you smile, my heart remembers to beatcan I build you a world of words and romancea palace of fine crystal and bright feathersor should I request something of a bit more substance?I'm afraid that if I did, you would turn in fear from me.The rest have, and while I do think you're differentI think you all have that in common.Everyone leaves.Everyone quits.One way or another.You will be no different, but... perhaps you could be the high po
Why Does It Hurt To Love Two Men At Once?
These days it's hard to be me.  I am in love with my best friend (guy) but I am cheating on him with a much younger guy who drives my best friend to death but I just am at that age where I feel so alone and lonly.  Do you know the feeling?
Big Brother Problems
No, I don't mean the show where the douchebags all vote on who the biggest douchebag of the week is and then who gets to be the supreme douchebag at the end of the show. My relationship with my brother has been quite strained since my daughter was born and I'm not sure why.  Well, I have some ideas, but nothing definitive.  My whole family has been up to meet my daughter, except my brother and his family.  This fact hurts me more than I think he knows or understands.  When I left California in 2003, the hardest part was leaving my brother.  We went to every Raider game together, we always went to concerts together, and he was one of my best friends.  We would always see each other at the holidays and I'd make occasional visits.  He and his family visited Florida once and Boston once.  Both times, were incredible.  But, both of Florida and Boston had something to offer other than me and my wife.  Florida had Disneyworld, Boston was just Boston.  Calgary has nothing.  It's nice, but I
What is bottom topping, you may ask yourself. Well, that is when a submissive tries to control a scene or situation, manipulating the dominant to their desire, rather than what the dominant wants from the scene or situation. Topping from the bottom is considered inappropriate behavior in most D/s circles. It can have many connotations, some of which make the dominant seem to be the less dominant person in the relationship. It also can be looked upon as the submissive trying to get the attention of their dominant because the submissive feels that they aren't getting enough. Why is bottom topping such a big issue? When a dominant is no longer in control of the situation, their role is diminished. They are nothing more than a participant in the situation or scene. They lose their credibility as a dominant, because as the dominant, they should be in control. T
Fundamentalism is one of those things that is often associated with religion. There are Christian fundamentalists, Islamic fundamentalists, Mormon fundamentalists and so on. But what has it ever occurred to you that all of these movements have something in common? Once you see that they do, you also see that fundamentalism is present in many other aspects of life as well.Religious fundamentalism is a reaction to any part of the religion that is complex. It is often law centered and always centers itself around and issue about what you personally should think or do. For instance, the religious text says that it is a bad idea to (whatever) or a good idea to (whatever) then that is how it is. There are no exceptions. Do this believe that. Circumstances, events, and all of the things which make life complex are completely ignored.But if fundamentalism is a reaction to complexity, then it can be found in so many other aspects of life that it begins to amaze. An example that comes to mind is
How To Survive A Breakup
THE BREAKUP Submissives in the throes of a breakup with their dominant often ask me if I think the pain of relationship breakup is different from "vanilla" relationship breakups and how they can make sense of the feelings of horrific loss, confusion, anger and disorientation that they feel. First of all, I think the dynamics of Ds relationships are very different from "vanilla" relationships. Different dynamics give rise to different feelings about relationship loss. For the submissive individual, the bond of relationship is everything. Being a bottom offers fulfillment by enabling the submissive to feel merged with another human being. The bond to the dom is an intense one, giving meaning, value, fulfillment and a sense of identity through the activities of serving and pleasing. For some dominants, however, an intim
How To Cope With Release
Your world may seem empty, and all you can seem to do is cry, but you try not to show it to O/others for fear of ridicule, or being told that familiar phrase "this is only cyber". I am sorry, but for many of us, cyber and real life mix and the feelings are quite real. Whether the Dom/me knows it or not, there is a real person on the other side of the computer screen. One who loved, one who trusted, one who depended upon You with all their being. That person feels, that person hurts, that person does cry at the loss of their Master/Mistress, their companion, their lover, their teacher, their guide through this realm. The person whom has served faithfully, sat day after day, night after night awaiting the return of their Master/Mistress, aches to be able to serve Them again, their soul begs to be reunited with the One whom
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Limits And Negotiations
Scene Negotiations One of the most important things you can do to maximize a BDSM scene is to master the fine art of scene negotiation. And perhaps the surest way to make a scene go awry is to bypass them entirely. Negotiating a scene doesn't mean that you approach it as some kind of trade (I'll do this for you if you do that for me!), but rather that you freely and honestly discuss your wants, needs, and expectations with your partner. And it's worth emphasizing that whether you're a dominant top or a submissive bottom, in the context of scene negotiations, you must be equal partners. There might be a lot of ground to cover, or there might be very little. It all depends on the nature and intensity of the scene. I
How Do I Know What I Like?
I sat in a chat forum the other night, and a question was raised by a submissive, having spent alot of time as an on-line submissive, she had asked how she truly would know what she liked and didn't like. The answer I gave to her was, though it may have been technically accurate, it wasn't the right answer. I had referred her to the D/s checklist, which is a tool that identifies every aspect of BDSM and allows the submissive to help communicate to the Dominant what he/she likes, may want to try and definitely does not enjoy. The reason that I say that the answer I gave was incorrect was, because, like everything in life, you'll never really know unless you try it. You'll have some ideas of what you definitely like and don't like. You'll have some ideas of what your hard limits are and what will make your knees quiver. But until yo
For My Friends Part 2
Well I am back from my trip and I did alot of soul searching and thinking... I have to come to realize that I have given up on alot of things and the one song pretty much says what I am going to do... So friends if you really want to know what I am about to do then you should take the time and sit back and listen to Jesus Take the Wheel.... That is what I am going to do... I will be stepping away from FU life for awhile and enjoy my kids and really see what is out there for me... Like Reba's one song says Is there life out there... Well I am going to take the time to find out... Let life bring what it brings and that just might take the one guy who will take the opportunity to prove me wrong about online life.... I have to come to realize that online is just what it is online... It can't be anything more or anything less... Don't get me wrong I have no regrets and never will... I have come to make friends with alot of ppl and some i really cherish who have become like family to me and
Peace Of Mind Through Control
Freedom through submission is not a startling concept. Not everyone in this life is meant to be a decision maker, an individual who can stand alone in the winds of life and weather the storms that come by. Many need to have leadership and guidance to make those difficult decisions that face them everyday. Life's decisions are often very stressful to make. It can be very hard to do the things that one knows one must do. What many need is someone in their life that will take on the responsibility of making sure that the proper things are done each day and hold them accountable when the path prescribed is not followed. This does not mean that one who embraces this concept has the absolute freedom to behave as they wish, on the contrary, it means that one has to answer to the Guide that one has decided to give the control o
"Hey, I just wanted to write an tell you that patrick and I decided that when we move up there that you are only allowed to see tha kids on holidays or if we say otherwise. I just wanted to let you know that so when we get there we won't be bringin the kids to see you nor will you be able to come to the house to see them. I just wanted to let you know this seein that we will be there next month. Thanks."
The Love Ive Lost
i ve stood far away wishing i could just tell her to show her that i still love her but i think it best to just keep my distance so not to let her see
Sub Space
Subspace is a very personal thing… even to a Master and a sub together the experience seems to be very different, due to the roles each has within achieving it. One of the most important things to stress to anyone who may be involved in taking another to subspace is safety. The fact that an individual trusts enough to submit their well-being and safety to another is responsibility enough but when that person is in a state where they have little or no control, and are absolutely open to whatever another may wish to inflict upon them is awesome. As one who has held the gift of that submission, I cannot tell you just how powerful that makes me. At no time will I ever forget that her safety is paramount. I will never do anything at all that compromises that. Nor should anyone. Remember that there are times
Go Ahead, Answer If You Dare!
> > > The ULTIMATE NAUGHTY QUIZ! Fill it out and send it to me in a message, and repost to see what people put for you!> > > > > > 1. Your Name:> > > > > > 2. Age:> > > > > > 3. How often do you maturbate?> > > > > > 4. Favorite position ?> > > > > > 5. Do you think i'm hot?> > > > > > 6. Would you have sex with me?> > > > > > 7. lights on or off?> > > > > > 8. Would you have to be drunk?> > > > > > 9. Would you take a shower with me?> > > > > > 10. Have you ever thought about having sex with me?> > > > > > 11. Would you leave after or stay the night?> > > > > > 12. Do you like cuddling afterwards?> > > > > > 13. Condom or skin?> > > > > > 14. Do you give Oral pleasures?> > > > > > 15. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures?> > > > > > 16. Have sex on the first date?> > > > > > 17. Would you kiss me during sex?> > > > > > 18. Do you think I would be good in bed?> > > > > > 19. Would u have a 3-some with me?> > > > > > 20. How many times would you like to cum?> > > > > > 21. Would you us
The Best Shower
As u are on your way home from work,u start thinking what u are going to do for the rest of the night. U call me to tell me that u are on ur way home and I dont answer. U get home and come through the door and I walk up to you and give u a kiss. U look at me as if to say "what is that for"? At that moment I help u to take ur things off that u have been in all day and U look at me and smile. I walk with you down the hall to the bedroom and there u find all the lights off with only candles burning. U are hesitant to say anything not knowing what I is in store for you. We go into the bathroom and there u see that the shower is running and I have a a smile on my face. we hold each other and cant stop kissing and soon our hands starts feeling each others body. We proceed to help each other undress and we get in the shower. I look at you to let u know that I am thinking the same thing that u are, I pull u closer and whisper in ur ear " lets make each other happy". U kneel down in front of me
How often do we see labels being attached to people within the lifestyle, He is a Dom or they are Switches, well it has to be said that no one can be compartmentalized into some neat little category just to suit those who feel a need to put labels on everything, to justify peoples actions or beliefs, There's usually more to a person than meets the eye if others would just take the time to look a little bit deeper. There's also no way to easily describe any one in a few neat and tidy catch phrases. Besides, labels are merely a form of prejudgment, a way to make it easier to discriminate. After all, it's much easier to dismiss a description than it is to write a person out of your life. If you insist on labels, you might find that most people are a study in opposites. For example, some of the terms used to describe subm
The Myths Of The 'missive
"So who wants to be dominated?" Many supposed Dom/mes find themselves a bit suprised when opening lines like this somehow fail to be met with hordes of subbies moist with anticipation.Those who continue on this path soon find that not only are the subs not keen on this premise, but are actually quite vocal about their feelings on the matter. If not flat-out hostile. Sometimes, the stunned Dom/me will make some remark to the pack about how the subs "need to be taught their place". Well, as it turns out, most subs DO know their place, learned it long ago. And it ain't with their faces buried in the crotch of any Dommy-Come-Lately who swaggers into the room. Sadly, this poor soul has fallen prey to... the STEREOTYPE! The stereotypes should be familiar to A/all. The submissive female... a docile, opinionles
Potential Dominants
Before you look for a Dominant, I would suggest that you look at the person. Let me explain: Before one can be your Dominant, He/She has to first be compatible with you as a person. Look for someone who is compatible with you in vanilla ways. These include financial, political, religious, social and spiritual beliefs. Child rearing philosophies, if applicable are crucial. Look for a person who you feel compatible with in many ways and someone you feel safe with. Observe their temperament. See how they treat their family and friends and how they are treated. Is He/She respected by the community, leather and otherwise? See how He/She handles failure and success. Does He/She have the time to commit to a relationship? Is He/She a person of character? After these topics are addressed, then turn your attention to Him/her as a potential Dominant. What are His/Her D/s philosophies? Where does He/She reside
Fear Of Failure.
All too often I have found, in my travels via the internet and in talking to submissives with lots of life experience, maturity and even BDSM experience, that a very high proportion of these submissives acknowledge a common fear. Uppermost in their minds is the fear of failure: Failure to please, failure to achieve a required standard, failure to be able to do what they think they should, and failure even to "qualify" as a submissive. Equally, those who are already within some kind of relationship with a Dom, be it online or real life, have this feeling of not being able to "make the grade". One could say that this might be because many submissives carry, maybe from past relationships, a low self esteem image of themselves. Usually, if they were to look at themselves from outside, they in fact, have
Attributes Of A D/s Relationship
D/s is a standard ('vanilla') relationship with the added dynamics brought about by the power exchange. What many tend to forget is that all healthy relationships (D/s or not) carry a set of attributes which require focus by both parties if they are to last. Additional attributes ride on top of this foundation related particularly to the power exchange dynamic. However, when you consider D/s as a dynamic on top of a standard relationship, it is clear that no healthy D/s relationship can exist without the proper foundation. We cannot afford to assume that because we share a communication channel regarding D/s, we can neglect the fundamental needs of our relationships, or consider them any less critical than those of our 'vanilla' friends. Intuitively, we feel this need, however it tends to confuse the roles of Dominance and submiss
Mistress/master And Slave Relationship
Perhaps the single most prevalent fantasy among those who have never experienced it, but have the desire is the role of slave to a formidable Mistress or Master. It is a compelling fantasy, an erotically charged concept. The would-be slave sees him/herself at the mercy of the Mistress/Master. S/he desires to turn her/himself over fully -- every possession, every cent earned, and all control. To be a cherished and adored slave who is constantly used for sexual pleasure in reward for the giving of self is the object of these dreams. Reality often takes a big bite out of the fantasy. It can be a wonderful turn-on to imagine hand-washing Mistress’s sexy lingerie, but doing all her housework day to day can become boring very quickly if there is no instant gratification. The sad reality for most of us is that we can&r
From Oth, Just Read It, Comment On What U Think
Mouth:(Narrating)Take a look at yourself in the mirror, who do you see looking back?Haley:(Narrating) Is it the person you wanna be?Dan:(Narrating) Or is there someone else you were meant to be, the person you should have been but just fell short of.Mia:(Narrating) Is someone telling you that you can't or you won't? Because you can.Chase:(Narrating) Believe that love is out there.Nathan:(Narrating) And believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do.Peyton:(Narrating) Sometimes happiness doesn't come from money or fame or power. Sometimes happiness comes from good friends and family, and from the quiet nobility of leading a good life.Julian:(Narrating) Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do.Brooke:(Narrating) Believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do.Peyton:(Narrating) So take a look in that mirror and remind yourself to be happy, because you deserve to be. Believe that.Lucas:(Narrating) And believe that dreams come true everyday, because they do.
Do You Play Other Games While Playing Lotro
MMOs tend to have dedicated fan bases and everyone has their favourite: Aion, City of Heroes, WoW, Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings Online ... the list goes on and on. Everyone has their own personal favourite or the hip one that everyone and their pet goldfish is currently engrossed in. For example, I'm renowned for my adoration of the gorgeous USA MMO that is LOTRO, as well as my passion for WoW while LOTRO power leveling. Personally, these are the only two MMOs which do it for me enough that I will spend copious amounts of time exploring, questing and flying around pretty aimlessly. I enjoy beautiful scene and epic storyline while Lord of The Rings Online Power Leveling. So two is my limit, I will occasionally play a couple extra, if I have to review something or a beta comes up but there's often little to keep me going past that. Yet LOTRO and WoW remain, filling the void and I couldn't be happier. Especially as there's more than enough happening between the two of them at the moment
The Gift Theory
Note to Readers: My position on this concept will probably be more than a little unpopular with some folks. After all, how dare any respectable dominant in today's touchy feely new age politically correct world not agree that submission is a gift?! But then again, I've never been one to seek popularity over clarity. Now when I talk about this I'm going to use the word "you" a lot and probably "he" and "she" and "him" and "her" a few times. Obviously I'm not saying "you" and meaning anyone in particular, it's simply the generic "you" in this case. And any references to "he" and "she" would apply as easily if you reversed the genders in most cases - it's just easier for me to write from my own particular perspective. (For simplicity I'm also going to use the words "dominant" and "submissive" as if they aren't really jus
The Gift Of Submission
Beware this gift. It usually comes from a self-proclaimed slave, who dangles kink like a shining trinket over some poor dominant's head. The intent is clear. You can have it, if you give back what they want. This gift is usually accompanied by a laundry list of specifications of how, when and where they will submit. This dynamic certainly isn't slavery. It isn't even submission. This exchange is a bottom negotiating, under false pretenses, how their pleasures will be indulged and given. Is there anything wrong with bottoming? Of course not. Many wonderful folks are very happy scening as bottoms. But the key is being honest about your needs. Don't call yourself submissive when your BDSM play has nothing to do with submission. Indulging in BDSM flavored kinky sex or getting flogged to your exact specifications can have
Safe Words And Safe Guards
Many of My articles find their genesis in conversations and posts that I participate in. This article is an example of one such occassion. Special thanks to dixie for the inspiration. To begin, let's define what a "safeword" is. It is a word chosen by a submissive and known by the Dominant (or bottom and Top) that will halt a scene whenever a submissive feels that their physical, emotional or mental safety is threatened, or that a hard limit has been reached. In addition to a safeword, many couples also rely upon "safe signals" for the same purposes, since submissives may participate in scenes in which they are gagged or otherwise unable to communicate verbally. The first question many people have is, why have a "safeword" over a simple "no" or "stop". I've heard it postulated that during the course of a
Black Diamonds
black diamond earrings black diamond jewelry black diamond rings
Master V's Abuser
I suppose to some there is no difference between the two labels, after all doesn't a Master use and effectively abuse their slave in much the same way an abusive partner does????? Well Yes they do in some ways, yet not in others, however the difference lies in one single word..... Consensual.Having been subject to forced slavery to the extent that it nearly took my life I know the difference. However to some the line may not be that clearly defined and that can cause problems with often devastating consequences. I have always been submissive by nature, always wanting to please others, always making sure everyone else was contented before, if at all, ensuring I was. I was always drawn to Dominant personalities, respected authority even viewed it a little different to others. It is that nature that led me and many others to find them selves in
Age Of Conan, Do You Like It?
You tastes to happy at the same time of game , you may be buy over bought few but vexed, lose money in business if buying many meetings , buy self not poisoning , cannot control ones passion much society who treats, in such, that you can see that especially is the thing being able to overlay still more, the thing being that you can fully utilize still more , of course seeing that, it is to be short of being not able to, this level having demonstrated you and condition must prepare for it.    It is make your decision to buy Age of Conan Power Leveling you an get more equips,more energy,also you can play with your friends,so happy life!Do you like it? I decide to experience all these sufficiently, let the game impingement let all vexation disappear, I am necessary for self but lively, for all so called.Finally, you will get not only AoC Power Leveling, but also all things. While you travel in game, you will be true feeling existence. If you think of the reason why finding existence, come
1and1 Review
I work as a marketing consultant for a small supermarket chain. I am originally from NJ and grew up in a family with small business roots. My father spent his career in construction and owned and managed his own small business for several years. I help to promote my company's online community and always try to keep my finger on the pulse of the market, using fun new tools like Twitter, blogging and social media to help get the word out. Looking forward to hearing and learning from you!Check out my Favorite resources about web hosting:-1and1 review1&11and11and1 review1and1 review
Advice For The Novice Submissive
Alright, here you are, you have found what is within you, realized that you are not an anomaly; You're not some freak. There is a name for it. You are a submissive. You are ready to drop to your knees, lower your eyes and bow your head forward in anticipation of a collar. WHOA there... slow down and take time to figure out what it is you want before you feel that collar close around your throat (either literally or figuratively) Your submission... First off, throughout everything you read and everyone you talk to about BDSM or D/s, remember one thing-- Your submission is unique unto you. If you do much research you will undoubtedly find lists of *what a submissive is* or *traits of a submissive*. Keep in mind that these are qualitites that enhance who you are. Change is good, personal growth is good, evolution of one'
Slave Contract
slave, previously in possession of her own person, agrees and states that she wishes and intends to deliver herself entirely into the hands of ....................... her Master. Master agrees and states that he wishes and intends to take possession of slave. By signing this Slavery Contract, it is agreed that slave gives up all rights to her own person in every manner, and that Master takes entire possession of slave as property, claiming for himself her life, her future, and her heart and mind. 1.0.0 Slave's Role (a) Slave agrees to obey and submit completely to Master in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which the slave may willfully refuse to obey the directive of Master, except in situations where the slave's veto (section 2.0.1) applies. (b) Slave also agrees tha
The Reality Of Submission
The reality of submission means: putting your Master first in every moment, not just in every scene. giving up choices -- bit by bit -- of what to wear, what to eat and how free time will be spent and then discovering each act of submission helps you give even more. understanding you can no longer hide negative emotions or problems behind socially-acceptable excuses, because he will hear only honesty as he seeks to know your state of mind. learning that the phrase "stretching limits" applies to every facet of your life, not just play. And like a gemstone, your flaws will be cut away. that the energy expended towards meeting the demands of submission binds you closer to your Master. painfully identifying and eliminating the vanilla baggage that creates obstacles
So You Want To Be A Slave
This article has been written because I have seen so many submissives come into the lifestyle expecting everything to be dream-like and perfect. I don't wish to ruin anyone's dreams, or turn them from the activity, but what I wish to do is to explain how things really are. Being a slave can be, and is for me, a wonderful life. It's everything I wanted it to be. It is also more than I ever expected, and had someone explained the realities to me prior to my decision, it would have made my transition so much easier. First, there are a few things you need to discover for and about yourself. Do you wish to be in this type relationship 24/7? Perhaps you only wish to be in it during the scenes. Maybe you want to role-play at only during certain times. There are many ways this activity can be done, but you have to figure out w
The fantasy of having someone at your beck and call, someone to order about at your whim, someone who will serve you sexually non-stop, is a fun one. The realities of being an Owner are rewarding, and they can be fun, but it is also a lot of work. Carefully consider before you leap. Are you prepared to make sure this person is cared for? Are you willing to take the time, and spend the money, to get them included in your will? How about the legal paperwork to have yourself declared a health care agent for them, so that if anything should happen you can make decisions for their well being? The paperwork so that you can take care of their financial concerns should something happen? What about their retirement fund? If they’re going to be your live-in slave without an outside source of income, what sort of money are you putting into a retirement fund f
Friendships Are Differnt
Friendships are different from all other relationships. Unlike acquaintanceship, friendship is based on love. Unlike lovers and married couples, it is free of jealousy. Unlike children and parents, it knows neither criticism nor resentment. Friendship has no status in law. Business partnerships are based on a contract. So is marriage. Parents are bound by the law. But friendships are freely entered into, freely given, freely exercised.
Slave V's Submissive.
Many ask if slaves truly exist. In the way a dictionary and history define slavery, no they do not exist in most modern countries. (Though there is some contention that slavery rings do still exist in secret) Most people in civilized countries generally agree that the legal ownership of another human being is immoral and thus make it illegal. However, in the world of BDSM, one will find that some of the people involved call themselves by many different terms; one of these is the term "slave". Of course, this often raises the question of how is a slave different from a submissive. This question often is met with outright hostility, disbelief in the existence of slaves and the thought that the words slave and submissive (as nouns) are interchangeable terms within the context of BDSM. Many will not
To The New Submissive
Over the course of my time on line I have seen many people come and go from this lifestyle. I have seen people that had to struggle for every ounce of understanding they came by... others who it came quite naturally too. Defining who we are and what we are can only come from deep inside ourselves. This comes from the natural order of self-actualization. We strive for a better understanding of that which motivates us, what we need to survive to find contentment and peace within. What sets us aside from every other person and makes us unique in our own way. The focus today is on the growth of the submissive and finding a way in this vast and not always easily understood lifestyle. I have sat a lot lately thinking about the why's. I have thought about the lessons I have learned along the way on my own journey.
  The submissive is both a complex individual, and one who has simple and well defined needs. Understanding those needs is important for both the sub themselves as they become more aware of their lifestyle choices, and for Dominants too so that they may fulfill and cater to the needs of their submissive partner.
Friends Are My Energy
"When I find myself fading, I close my eyes and realize my friends are my energy."
A Memory Last Forever
A memory lasts forever. Never does it die.True friends stay together.And never say goodbye.
Lord Wolf's New Blog
Do to Punishment from the Anal Mother Fuckers that Run Fubar Lord wolf has no status no mumm priveldges,no Bulletin,an no Blog Priveledges. I met Izmo on pogo mid April,we became fast friends.I was on a Vacation from Fubar an back on MyYearBook as a Battle Officer for Native American Alliance(NAA).She was my Fan Club an my Equal whom could Win pretty much as many Games of Solatair as myself.We then took our Friendship to Yahoo Messenger where it evolved.I showed her a few Morphs then,an with my join link join'd yrbk + I Morphed Spoiled her.By this time I was Head BO for NAA,$BAD$,TDW.She followed my lead after being showed the site an Join'd,a few Family's an won Battles as I did .Then I made a mistake I join'd Bomb a very large family ruled worse than when I ruled the KOW.There was no more free time for pogo an I had to resign from being a HBO of the other Familys.They were Relentless,even with my moneymaker cheat program I could not keep up.Yrbk was constantly blocking my IP addy.Ge
Dear Diary Cunt
today is well i dont know what fucking day it is i am just waiting for it to get dark so i can go outside it is like sunday or monday of...uh..sep i think so i am all fucked out on drugs and booze again..and fucked out over a girl again i hate girls, and booze...i like crank though however...that way i dont have to sleep or eat or feel like a human being i think i landed a job today for seven weeks in newark cutting concrete for $27 an hour which is great, cause i am almost out of drugs..and lost three hundred dollars at the casino last night and left the car running in the parking lot all had a love not on it when i came out this morning....said PLEASE RESPECT OTHER PEOPLES PARKING SPOTS but you know when i am alone i dont respect shit..which is why i played my music/guitar at full volume last night and cut wood on the patio for some shelves at three in the morning with my skill saw until people started screaming shut the fuck up, and then i went completely physco an
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True Existence
The game is so magic, you will tastes more exciting scenes, in games, you can add different role, you will feel different humor, in society, you sawed many different things, not also you can add more blood, but also you can get more and more equips. Although I am a slow coach person, I still remain my idea, insist on my dream. You can add friends, play with your friend. That is funny! Did you heard WoW Power Leveling in games? That is so interesting. You can invite your friends walk,play,read and so on. when you have something, you can go to other places, you can get more knowledge, how time flies! when we fight again, you will feel very happy! The dirty ,the world, how to make a clean environment, it depends more people to made. When you have World of Warcraft Power Leveling you can go there killing monsters, in so called complicated at the same time, you are able to feel peoples anger and discontent, it is just because that existence , society having these are changeable so called ex
True Love
You’re so beautiful you amaze me every time I look at you.You’re the only one who could make me feel like this,Scared to be away for only one second;Scared you’ll cease to care.Your smile lights up your face and I’d die to put it thereAnd kill anyone who tries to take it away.No one will make you feel unwanted, unspecial, unloved.Not while I’m here to hold you.There could never be another to come close to what you are;So completely perfect in your imperfections.I swear I’ll never try to change you.And you swear you’ll never change.You’ll be there when I’m at the bottom.Though “misery loves company” he’ll have to look somewhere else.Since I love you more than anyone or anything else.Nothing will hurt you while I’m here.Safe togetherwe’ll always be.Our differences, rather than forcing us apart,Will keep us closer together.Hold tight and never let your grip slackenAnd we’ll make this love truly last.
Family Move
So, tonight my aunt, uncle, and cousins are moving to Israel, to one of the more dangerous settlements- Shilo. They have turned pretty religious lately, and see it as their calling in life. She is a fuckin moron, so I'm sure it was his stupid idea, and she just went with it.   At any rate, I wasnt aware of this move til like 4 days ago, and didnt realize it was this soon. My mom thinks her sister is crazy, and won't talk to her. She is going to Israel in 5 days, to visit her ailing aunt, but doesnt want to see her sister there. Which makes my grandpa totally heartbroken. family drama, yay!
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Acne Treatment
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My ex husband sent me a message this A.M. saying he was worried about his soon to be ex wife.  She called his parents house and his sister several times early this morning asking them to have him come get their daughters.  She was very upset, depressed, etc.  He tells me "I think she might want to commit suicide"  My husband Shane did just that 10 years ago.  When Rick said that in IM I wanted to click that little red X in the corner of the box.  Why?  Because it's been 10 years and I would rather not bring back the emotions and feelings that I have so carefully buried.   Does that make me a terrible person?  Does that make me a crappy friend? Rick is the man I married after Shane died.  Rick was my trying to replace Shane.  Of course it didn't work, and thankfully Rick and I care enough about eachother to not let a little thing like a divorce come between our friendship.    I asked him if he had gone to her house this morning, he said no.  The judge told him he couldn't go over the
What is bottom topping, you may ask yourself. Well, that is when a submissive tries to control a scene or situation, manipulating the dominant to their desire, rather than what the dominant wants from the scene or situation. Topping from the bottom is considered inappropriate behavior in most D/s circles. It can have many connotations, some of which make the dominant seem to be the less dominant person in the relationship. It also can be looked upon as the submissive trying to get the attention of their dominant because the submissive feels that they aren't getting enough. Why is bottom topping such a big issue? When a dominant is no longer in control of the situation, their role is diminished. They are nothing more than a participant in the situation or scene. They lose their credibility as a dominant, because as the dominant, they should be in control. T
Confessions Of A "green" Master
What IS a Green Master anyway? Plain and simple, I am. Let’s break that down even farther. If you are here you probably already know what a Master is… a Male Dominant in a D/s relationship. Green… A color, like the grass, the penicillin that is growing on the pizza that has been in the fridge too long, the color of the face of a boy swallowing chewing tobacco juice… But in this case green means new and untested. I am new to the entire lifestyle of Dominant and submissive. That green-ness is made even GREENER by the fact that I am only doing it online. My real life relationship is not open to that idea. I have been involved in the fringes of online D/s-ing for the better part of a year now. Have collared and released one submissive already but I still feel very new. Have sat in on some chats a
Master V's Abuser
I suppose to some there is no difference between the two labels, after all doesn't a Master use and effectively abuse their slave in much the same way an abusive partner does????? Well Yes they do in some ways, yet not in others, however the difference lies in one single word..... Consensual.Having been subject to forced slavery to the extent that it nearly took my life I know the difference. However to some the line may not be that clearly defined and that can cause problems with often devastating consequences. I have always been submissive by nature, always wanting to please others, always making sure everyone else was contented before, if at all, ensuring I was. I was always drawn to Dominant personalities, respected authority even viewed it a little different to others. It is that nature that led me and many others to find them selves in
Is this like the year of the bad ex's holy crap..OMG..what the hell..I mean I am friends with most my ex's..cuzI figure just cuz we couldn't make a relationship of that sorts work out doesnt mean they are bad people....but the few that I wouldnt mind if they existed or not have all decided they want to be my friend on either facebook or myspace...AAAAH run away! Far Far Far away......
New Day Has Snook Upon Me - Again
Well - guys and ladies! A new day has started on this side of the kiddiepool, and I need to step away for a while.  Never know - I might come back.  Im tired - more or less worn out.  I have spent WAY to much energy and feel drained at the moment.  I will as I said earlier today try to lay on the floor for a while to see if I can get another outlook on life.  Maybe stupid - but what the heck!! I give it a try.  Crazy as I am - Im not suprised over myself.  Im supposed to rest and take life easy - oh, that I do, no worries - but it get so boring and I feel there is some stuff around the house I need to get done.  So I do and I pay the *bill* after. I have stuffed myself with raisins today in a attempt to get some more engergy = I ended up thirsty as a camel in the desert running low on *fuel* and even got some strange sounds from my stommach.  Interesting enough the last part...    he he he My daughters cat has made sure the Daybed is occupied - my partner in crime is sleeping in t
Virtual Domination
Real Life play is wonderful. It's exhilarating, it's fun, it can be intensely erotic. And some people are lucky enough to be able to play whenever they want. Usually though, there are limitations - time, distance, other obligations - which mean we can't just whip up a scene whenever we feel like it. It's a big, wide world out there, and sometimes its hundreds - or even thousands - of miles that seperate us from our play partner. However, RL isn't the only way to explore and experience BDSM. It is often said, that our most developed sexual organ is our brain - and that's were cyber-BDSM comes in. Of course, everyone's heard of cyber sex. There are a plethora of online chatrooms where you can go to have one-night cyber-stands, and talk to people you don't know in third person all pretending you're getting down to hot and
Debunking The Myth
What are they? What role do they fill? Are you being had? Protector or Predator? The D/s community has long acknowledged the need for mentors and with the sudden explosion in the numbers of people interested in our lifestyle, that need has grown dramatically. Novices need the support and assistance of those members of the community who have wisdom and experience on a practical level to help them develop in a healthy and well-balanced manner. The chat channels have been a spawning ground for a whole new generation of mentors who may not be fulfilling the role in an honorable way. How does a submissive learn to sort them out if she/he is not getting the right information to begin with? In this article we will shed a little light on mentors and how they can help or hinder a new submissive grow into their full potential Lor
Duties Of A Dom
Being Dominant/submissive is a state of mind. It is not a sex act, it is not a game, and it is not a role. It is a state of being and is totally asexual (neither male nor female) First and foremost, a Dominant is always a Gentleman or Lady. There is no excuse for being impolite or rude to others. Save this for the submissive that needs and requires this of their Dominant. Second, a Dominant must always be in control. Drugs, even alcohol, are mind and body controlling agents. They affect relationships and most importantly can affect a scene, therefore taking away the control the Dominant MUST have. Third, a Dominant is always honest. To lie is to show you cannot be trusted and a submissive must be able to trust you to respect you. Every submissive knows that not every Dominant is super experienced and will respect you much more if you tell the truth. Be
The Dom Fever
This is a term I use to describe that sense of urgency that many new dominants feel. This sense of urgency creates a dangerous mindset, in that the need to experience everything now overrides the common sense to be careful. Let me describe this, a person reads about BDSM on the web and it gets them hot. The idea of tying someone up, spanking them, teasing them sexually, and having them follow your every command is highly arousing to them. Many think of the words "sex slave" as a first thought and go on the assumption that all submissives are sex slaves. This stimulates the mind and the body. The person may actually find themselves sitting at the computer and looking at the web sites and becoming uncomfortably physically aroused. (this same scenario works for magazines, books, chat rooms etc.).
Self Discipline For Dominants
Self discipline is basically the same thing as self control. It is the ability to follow through with what you have set out to do and or what you have agreed to do within your relationship. For a dominant, self discipline is a must. Without the ability to control themselves, a dominant has no hope of being able to control another. A dominant needs self discipline in order to consistently maintain his./her dominance within their relationship. It takes energy to use the control given you by a submissive. It takes self control not to abuse that control given you. Self discipline is part of what makes the difference between domination and abuse. A dominant needs self discipline to remain calm enough that he/she can clearly make decisions which affect someone else's life in a well informed manner. A person who has trouble making simple decision
Dominants Vs. Domineering
If you haven’t already read the description of a Dominant, then I suggest that you do so before going any further. You’ll need to have that fresh in your mind before you can appreciate the contrast to someone that is “domineering”. The two terms, Dominant and domineering, are often misused and mistakenly considered interchangeable. In the first instance, a Dominant, is part of a lifestyle. One in which there are certain expectations and responsibilities. An important part of that lifestyle, is the recognition that it needs to be mutually gratifying. That is to say that the happiness and well being of a submissive is equally as important as the Dominant’s. One thing that distinguishes a domineering person from a Dominant is a lack of this recognition. People that are domineering are selfish,
Potential Dominants
Before you look for a Dominant, I would suggest that you look at the person. Let me explain: Before one can be your Dominant, He/She has to first be compatible with you as a person. Look for someone who is compatible with you in vanilla ways. These include financial, political, religious, social and spiritual beliefs. Child rearing philosophies, if applicable are crucial. Look for a person who you feel compatible with in many ways and someone you feel safe with. Observe their temperament. See how they treat their family and friends and how they are treated. Is He/She respected by the community, leather and otherwise? See how He/She handles failure and success. Does He/She have the time to commit to a relationship? Is He/She a person of character? After these topics are addressed, then turn your attention to Him/her as a potential Dominant. What are His/Her D/s philosophies? Where does He/She reside
To Punish, Or Not ?
There is much discussion in the D/s lifestyle about punishment, and to a lesser extent discipline. Too few people actually take the time to examine what punishment in D/s is for, what purpose it serves, and what effect it can have on a relationship. What then is punishment and discipline, and how can they be applied to a D/s relationship? Looking at various definitions of punishment, a general view is that punishment is the imposition of a penalty for a fault or a violation. The penalty may well be inflicted in retribution or retaliation. The infliction of corporal punishment may also be involved in a punishment. Discipline is better defined as "training to improve strength or self control". So, there are two distinct and very different meanings to each of punishment and discipline that may be applied to a D/s relationship.
What Is A Dominant ?
Like the same question, what is a submissive, this is probably one of the biggest questions that is argued about in BDSM and D/s. Each person who has an interest in the lifestyle will undoubtedly have their own ideas about what makes a person dominant, but there will always be some common threads running through everyone's definitions. It is also worth noting that a Dominant may not necessarily be seen as a good Dominant, although this too is open to interpretation by each persons own ideas of what a Dominant should, or should not be. There are probably too many individual characteristics to list, because every person will react differently to every situation but, if you were able to observe a number of people, you might say "Yes that one is Dom", or "No, that one is not", based upon their
Help My Friend Please
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Pure Evil
the true definition of pure evil is as follows it is not the rage and wild out burst that is pure evil it the well thought out planed and followed thruogh evil with all politness that no one has ever actually seen but only heard of, a true gentle men but with a synyster intention waiting for the right time to unleash it's fury, but not all wild and uncontroled outburts, a calm collective happy even to a extent almost scary pure evil, i am, i am sorry to disappoint u my dear's and my fellow comrades but u have no idea who u r talking to or what i am, pure is the way i made myself but never the less i must apologize to thoughs who know me and thoughs who dont, because in the slightess of events my darkness will be unleashed upon u like no other, almost like a splinter that u just gotten and it keeps festering and festering until all u can do is slice it open to take it out, causeing more pain than the splinter but not in the long run for this i say good evening and good night
Hidden Demons And The Need For Approval.
As a Dominant, in a relationship, I have control, and I am given the power to decide, by my sub, what is best for both of us. My sub will often tell me that whatever I do, whether I get it right or wrong, I can never diminish her love for me. That love transcends anything that may transpire within the D/s side of our relationship and therefore cannot be damaged by the rights or wrongs that may occur during any scene or episode we get involved in. However, even though I am assured by her that this is and will always be the case, there is a little demon inside me that rears its head from time to time. It is the one which nags away at me that says: "I need your approval for what I have done". This "seeking approval" is something we all have to some degree, and which by i
Advice For The New Dom
This is written assuming you have fundamental knowledge of BDSM and D/s practices along with safe, sane and consensual behaviour. So you have come to the point in your life where you want it bad enough you can taste it, but at the same time you don't know what is in store. Will it be as you imagined, or is there a whole lot more to it AND given that information, would you run wildly in the opposite direction? You start out as curious, happy, anxious, scared, etc. and a variety of other emotions, as you could imagine. You may also already have an individual who wanted to explore this area as well. Are you really ready? All the pieces are in place, it is kind of like a plunge, but being committed to two things; the pursuit of this lifestyle and the person with whom you are going to become deeply involved with. Now, the ball was in my court. Starting out you are never going
Master/slave Relationship.
Perhaps the single most prevalent fantasy among those who have never experienced it, but have the desire is the role of slave to a formidable Mistress or Master. It is a compelling fantasy, an erotically charged concept. The would-be slave sees him/herself at the mercy of the Mistress/Master. S/he desires to turn her/himself over fully -- every possession, every cent earned, and all control. To be a cherished and adored slave who is constantly used for sexual pleasure in reward for the giving of self is the object of these dreams. Reality often takes a big bite out of the fantasy. It can be a wonderful turn-on to imagine hand-washing Mistress’s sexy lingerie, but doing all her housework day to day can become boring very quickly if there is no instant gratification. The sad reality for most of us is that we can’t "play" all
What Makes A Good Dominant?
Wow, what a daunting question… “What makes a good Dominant?” It’s like trying to describe DNA in great detail. Being Dominant is complex, detailed, and no matter how complete the description, it falls impossibly short of reality. Perhaps that is why so few websites have detailed descriptions of what it means to be a Dominant. While the descriptions, duties and needs of submissives are given described in great attention, there is precious little space devoted to Dominants. But, for purpose of better understanding the lifestyle, and the Dominant role within it, I shall endeavor to do my best. Here, then, in no particular order, is my own impossibly incomplete description of what it means to be a Dominant. Mastery of One’s Self: A Dominant must always be in control of him/her self. As a Ma
The Illusion Of Control.
I posed a question in chat recently regarding a collared submissive's right to say "no" to Master/Mistress. As I suspected, it elicited a spirited discussion and a variety of opinions. I too have an opinion, and while it is no more valid than anyone else's, I thought it had the makings of a good posting. Control of a submissive is an illusion. There, I said it. I'll take a few minutes and let many of you regain your composure. That long enough? Ok, I'll explain. It seems that most people have a good grasp on the many specifics regarding D/s philosophy. Most are aware of safe, sane and consensual. Most are aware of a submissive's rights. Most are generally aware of the expectations attached to the role of Dominant and submissive in a relationship. In short, most see the trees. But how do these disparate n
So You Want To Be A Master
Preface: First off, I have to tell you that my hackles go up just thinking about the concept that one can "want" to be a master. It riles me even more so than submissives who think they can wish themselves into instant slavery without a master to serve. At least, the latter know they are submissive. I have encountered some "dominants" whose thinking includes the notion that capitalizing their screen names is the only price of admission into Club Dominance. The harsh reality, as I have come to live it, is that one can develop the native qualities of mastery or submission which lay within them, but those qualities cannot be created out of nothing, or by wishing them into being. In other words, they can only be nurtured if they are there to start with! Therefore, this article is directed to those who have already discern
It seems to Me that this well accepted and widely utilized part of O/our D/s lifestyle is frequently misunderstood and/or misapplied. I’m not certain how many Dominants take the time to know why They punish or discipline, much less the form in which it is applied. Yet, most of Us seem quite adept at doling it out. I’d like to take a moment to reflect upon these issues, in hopes that with greater understanding of them, the punishments/disciplines may prove to be both more reasonably employed and effective. The first question, “why do Dominant’s punish/discipline?” is perhaps the most important. It will set the tone for the structure and type of punishment/discipline used. In this regard, I have two suggestions. Never punish/discipline out of anger. Everyone is human, including submissives
Ethics And The Modern Master
A Master's word is law. That principle is pretty much universally accepted. And yet it cuts a very large swath across the life of the slave that it will affect. For a Master to rely on this adage as a tonic for getting his own way without an argument, when informed guidance to the slave would achieve the same thing, is lazy. It is also wrong. It cheapens the trust of the slave and reduces the master to having no more power than the local schoolyard bully. Unlike the barbarism that shares the moniker of the lifestyle niche that we practice, consensual slavery is at its heart the agreement of one or more people to follow the edicts of another. In essence most of us practice a creative form of slavery grounded on the assumption that the master is noble and the slave is treasured. No matter how intricate the phrasing or how legal-sounding a slave contract might appear,
The fantasy of having someone at your beck and call, someone to order about at your whim, someone who will serve you sexually non-stop, is a fun one. The realities of being an Owner are rewarding, and they can be fun, but it is also a lot of work. Carefully consider before you leap. Are you prepared to make sure this person is cared for? Are you willing to take the time, and spend the money, to get them included in your will? How about the legal paperwork to have yourself declared a health care agent for them, so that if anything should happen you can make decisions for their well being? The paperwork so that you can take care of their financial concerns should something happen? What about their retirement fund? If they’re going to be your live-in slave without an outside source of income, what sort of money are you putting into a retirement fund f
Dominant Or Master
A controversial chat room topic, for sure. I guess you have to first clarify if you're talking about real time, or online cyber. Online, a person chooses what he is called. Dom, Lord, Master, God, Grand Imperial Poobah. Since there is nothing to judge by, no seen talent, no reality, you can call yourself whatever you like. Everyone is out to "Top" the next guy. The latest fad is to combine titles, to give it more validity. MasterDomX, LordMasterZ. It's a good thing chat limits the size of screen names, or no doubt we would already have a SirDom LordTop MasterExtreme. In the BDSM community, these titles are often earned, from respect. People see you, talk to you at the local meetings and clubs, recognize a level of experience and knowledge. I never labeled myself. It was interesting to be introduced at a meeting or club as "my friend, Neil" to "Sir Neil," and eventua
The Three Phases Of A Dominant
I think one of the most common questions a submissive has when considering a 24/7 relationship with a Dominant is, “What kind of behavior should I expect from him?” Conversely, many Dominants also wonder how to act in such a relationship. They may often be unsure as to what kind of behavior is expected of themselves. Are they are always “on stage” as Master? It’s a great question and one that deserves a detailed answer. The nature of a relationship, even one of long standing, will undergo a significant transformation as it progresses to 24/7. That's true of a vanilla relationship, and even more so of a D/s relationship. I understand that in many ways this article is an oversimplification of the nature of a D/s relationship. Please accept the necessity of doing so in order to focus upon the topic of this article, the phases of a Dominant
On The Web
on the web
  Here in the Dominants section are articles which help explain the ways a Dominant thinks, and those things which are important to them. This section is good reading for subs too!
This Is A Good One">
Kinda Scared...
    So this stems from a couple comments in the mumms.
"Gravel" i heard the sound of your bike, as your wheels hit the gravel, then your engine in the driveway cutting off and i pushed through the screen door and i stood out on the porch thinking figh, fight, fight at all costs, but instead i let you in, just like i've always done and i sat you down and offered you a beer and across the kitchen table i fired several rounds, but you were still sitting here when the smoke cleared. and you came crawling back to say that you wanna make good in the end and oh, oh, let me count the ways that i abhore you, and you were never a good lay and you were never a good friend but, oh, oh, what else can i say... i adore you all i need is my leather, one t-shirt and two socks, i'll keep my hands warm in your pockets and we can use the engine block, and we'll ride out to california with my arms around your chest, and i'll pretend that this is real 'cuz this is what i like best, and you've been juggling two women like a stupid circus clown telli
Outta Me Onto You
"Outta Me, Onto You" no no no no no no no no no no no no no more no no no no no no no no no no no no no more no no no no more it's gonna be sudden it's gonna be strange i'm gonna turn on a dime give you five cents change it's gonna be long overdue it's all gonna come out outta me, on to you outta me, onto you... one of these days you're gonna push too hard we'll go on like we've always done 'til you go too far yeah one of these days it's gonna reach the top then it's gonna start to spill and it's not gonna stop outta me, onto you... no more... some people wear their smile like a disguise those people who smile a lot watch the eyes i know it 'cuz i'm like that a lot you think everything's okay and it is 'til it's not outta me, onto you... no more some people wear their heart up on their sleeve i wear mine underneath my right pant leg strapped to my boot don't think cause i'm easy, i'm naive don't think i won't pull it out don't think i won't shoot outta me, onto you... most p
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The Meaning Of Love
Beneath what you think of me by my exterior, the interior is very empty and dying to be loved. My heart has been broken and longing to be healed by that right person, that prince charming, that angel from above, that 1 in a million. That person that laughs when I laugh, cries when I cry, aches when I ache, and loves when I love. That person that can finish my sentence and know what I am going to say even before I say it. I want that be swept off my feet and to have that feeling of 100% happiness. That person to make me realize that broken heartI had never even existed. To me the meaning of the word LOVE is Love Overcomes Virtually Everything
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For Zombie Squad Members
Ok....this week we are going to run things a little differently this week wee this will be the ONLY post for people we are rating primarily because 2  of the non members are really close to leveling and with a group effort of rating these people 1,2,3 4 or more folders a day we can help them to level if we ALL pitch in. So these will be the only 3 non members posted this week and they are.......   ~ ♥ ~~ ♥ ~@ fubar       Μĩŕā ~ ♥ ~OwnerTheHideOut,Asst.Mrg.BoredRadioHunter\'sWife     CSC - TDG Manager -TDG ROCKS!! Where EVERYONE is Important! JOIN US!@ fubar   Wï¢kêÐ K裏ê§-Pinky Bitch\'s Wifey@ fubar So lets show these 3 people up there as much Zombie Love as we can! Now.....THESE three people down here DESERVE ALL the love we as a group can show them some of you know them already,they are our own members CoCo Blue,Mystic Spice and Tera Loves Ebou.....these 3 ladies I want to see EVERY MEMBERS face on every one of their foders so to
Queen Of Darkness
  Sonja was quite, to put it nicely, an unusual child. She was born in the year of our Lord, 983 A.D., on the eve of the new year. Her mother had died giving birth to her, and her poor father did not know what to do with her. King Alexander was bewildered by his daughter. For one thing, he and his beloved wife, Isabelle, both had long, golden hair that flowed thick and pretty. Sonja's hair was darker than a bat's wing, and lay very flat and straight. Both her mother and father were well known for their pleasing appearances; but Sonja was very plain, her skin pale, her eyes a dull greenish-brown. It was whispered throughout the castle walls that perhaps the child was not King Alexander's daughter, and that Queen Isabelle had been unfaithful. The rumors greatly angered him, and he ordered that any servant overheard speaking such lies was to be immediately imprisoned. As the years passed, King Alexander came to the realization that he was beginning to fear his own child. When Sonja turne
The Castle
  The castle was isolated from the rest of the world for at least six, sometimes as much as eight months out of the year. In winter, heavy snows sealed off the narrow mountain passes. In spring, the roads were either washed out or turned into knee deep pits of mud from the runoff of melting snow and ice. Although the mountains were their most beautiful during autumn, very few people ventured into them for fear of being caught unaware by an early blizzard. Throughout the year, in nearby villages and farms, other, darker reasons to avoid the castle were also whispered about, usually on stormy nights around the fireplace. Only in the summertime did visitors of any sort arrive at the castle, and over the years, especially following the death of the mistress of the castle, the number of visitors each year could generally be counted on one hand. But every summer, for at least a month at a time, the three girls, Eva, Heather and Shelly, came to visit the lord of the castle, their uncle. Th
Black Wings
    "Now I lay me down to sleep.I pray the Lord my soul to keep.I ask the Lord, the King of kings,Protect me from, Her Black Wings- Amen."--The desert stretches out in front of me. The hills of sand undulating, flickering in the heat, glaring back into my eyes. The air is still, no movement, nothing, like being in a vacuum. The sun beats down on me and my skin feels like it's sizzling from the heat. I raise my hand over my eyes and peer into the desert, looking for the next supply truck. I see nothing for miles. I turn around and walk back into the small village. The homes of cracked wood and mud brick squat on either side of a road that is only a road because it's between the rows of homes. People sit in the doorways, gathered in small groups; young children, women, a few men, limbs thin, faces drawn, bellies distended, skin drawn tight across their skulls with dark eyes peering out at me, looking for the bit of hope that I can bring them. I feel like a god in my clean pressed shirt
First Title Solutions
Start Home Business
A very good friend of mine, a coworker was in a tragic car accident. He was hit by two vehicles right after another. He is 21 adn fighting for his life right now. Please say a pray for him. His name is Joey. Thank you all. GOD bless.
Dave Barry - Colonoscopy                  "It's never too late to be what you might have been."                    ABOUT THE WRITER:        Dave Barry is a Pulitzer Prize-winning humor columnist for the Miami Herald.        Colonoscopy Journal:        I called my friend Andy Sable, a gastroenterologist, to make an appointment        for a colonoscopy.        A few days later, in his office, Andy showed me a color diagram of the        colon, a lengthy organ that appears to go all over the place, at one point        passing briefly through Minneapolis.        Then Andy explained the colonoscopy procedure to me in a thorough,        reassuring and patient manner.        I nodded thoughtfully, but I didn't really hear anything he said, because my        brain was shrieking, 'HE'S GOING TO STICK A TUBE 17,000 FEET UP YOUR        BEHIND!'        I left Andy's office with some written instructions, and a prescription for        a product called 'MoviPrep,' which comes in a box large enough t
Labor Day - Disaster
I am stressed beyond belief... Dan and I got the kids together today and thought we would take them to the park... which went fine.. but then we decided to step it up a notch and take them to Friendly's for lunch and then to the movies to see UP. Lunch was a wreck... our waitress had clearly fell and bumped her head when we were ordering and asking her things case she seemed to have it altogether and when the meal came it was wrong. My three year old Gavin was well passed his nap time and starting to fall apart..when we left he had a meltdown cause he doesn't like the fact that we have to ride in separate vehicles but neither Dan or I have a vehicle that will legally seat all of the children and us. We were late to the theater... when we got there we rushed inside and fumbled to find seats all where we could all sit together in the now pitch black theater. We had to sit almost all the way up front which I hate. Gavin doesn't weigh enough to hold the seat down and  thus kept squirming a
I don't really blog & all but just wanted to say thanks to all of you for all the Birhtday loving!!!!! I have met some really cool & special people here, that make my life outside this box even better! (you all know who you are) So thanks again for making a simple day seem so special! Happy Labor Day! and peace baby
Do I Look Stupid (nevermind Don't Answer That No One Is Perfect)
Long Story Short You meet a dude you like the dude you hook up with the dude you give him your heart then bam..he gives you some story about someone he met on some stupid ass site called My Yearbook. He considered this person his gf at one time, knew her a year...before hooking up with me told me he had no contact with her then bam..i get some ass story that she is hurt due to a car bombing...she lives in Canada...and when they found her she had his picture in her pocket and he is the only one she remembers. Meanwhile he never met her before, and claimed that her best friend contacted him and he feels he cannot be with me because he thinks now he still loves her and he is the only one who can help her.Meanwhile he has no contact number for hospital or Canadian Embassy (odd huh? considering they feel he is the only one who can help her)   He never even told me about this chick till i got the Dear Eleni Letter..i could go on and on but why bother. Yet ...he still says "but u know
Privacy Settings--yes Or No?
I swear, babyjesus does some stupid things on fubar. This is what im goin to start with.... IF you come to my page/pics/blog etc and i dont see you checking me out in my bartab, i am goin to either, rate you 1s. I dont care if you are a friend, i dont care if you are in my family, i dont care if you if you are not a friend on my list. i think this setting is a way for people to be a coward to be sneeky.  Click Here to make the adustment, i dont hide from nobody, and i sure as hell hope you dont either. This is a warning to everyone, i hope others agree with me, if you dont agree or like what i am goin to do, block me becuause i dont need cowards on my page.   If the link does now work here is the link in full     Rate and comment -- you agree or disagree?
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First Kiss, Part 2
                                                                                   2.        She was radiant; magnetic in the way she seemed to draw him involuntarily towards her. Was it involuntary though? He laughed. Her eyes seemed to mesmerize him. They pulled at his very being, pulled him closer. So easy, he decided, to get lost forever in those eyes. Better be very careful. She had only just recently arrived, dressed for a night out. Her fashion was simple but nonetheless stunning on her. He believed she would make a garbage bag fetching. Not that her style was close to such a thing of course, but it was very difficult to remain objective when everything looked so pleasing on her. He would make a terrible judge if he were pressed to be critical.     He gathered her into his arms visiting that place on her neck he found so warm and alluring with a kiss. He pulled back and dared to glimpse into her eyes, just for a second, reminding himself of the perils of staring too long.
Auction Rules, Plz Read!
DA RULES: 1. All auction participants have the option to cancel any bid or to withdraw from the auction if they choose to do so.   2. To view the people up for auction, simply go to my auction folder, and choose the person you would like to bid on.   3. To bid, simply leave a comment with your offer, after checking what the latest high bid is ofcourse :PNOTE: You can bid fubucks, bling packs, vip, happy hours or cash, or a combination of those things.Remember: Cash /bling packs/vips and Happy Hours are worth more than fu-bucks !!!   4. A quick conversion chart example for you: $20 cash is equal to: -25 credit bling pack - a one month vip- -a 7 day blast -4 ticker messages (Each auction participant will choose what is worth the most to them!)   ***Auction closes officially at 10 pm EST on 9/10/09***   Now please, go forth and bid! And most of all, have fun everyone! :)   IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLLLLLEASE send me a PM!!! Something you have to offer may be worth mor
If You Feel The Need
If you feel the need to let off some steam I suggest you do it on this man: He was my best friend and love of my life and then went off and cheated on me with a stripper... who dates a stripper when you got a sexy nun at home? Stupidity I know... to glorify the stupidity it would only be right to kick their asses! He's a lier and the fact that he and I never met cause he was to much of a pussy to sit there and come to Arizona to meet me after telling me the whole time that he was saving up money to come be with me is a very unkind and stupid thing to do to anyone... who spends 10 months non stop on the phone with someone to just end it all because they pussy out? Immature stupid people thats it... PLAYER! Anywho he called me a stupid bitch... haha pretty funny coming from someone who works at Dunkin Donuts... hello I have my own business! So anyways heres the link: Go rain fire and vent you deserve it! † ✡ S51™ SK8 BOY† Surreal ♌ ~ C51's Hubby/ Co own
Moms Update
Doctor called today moms tempature spiked again this time 104.8* now they are giving her a cocktail of different antibiotics if this don't help knock out the fever and  kill the bacteria that is in her blood  she will have to have a blood transfusion and  hope that this works.   so i still ask that you keep her in your prayers     

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