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Talk Shit Get Hit Cause And Effect Bitch
kisses to my bitches & hugz to my thugz i don't fear no one but the man above   if you want to run your silly lil mouth be sure your shits correct and the story is straight what you "think" you know is not always the way and if you think i care 'bout your stupid fucking ass I'll gladly put you in your place.   I'm not better than you, nor am I worse, I just happen to see what you want to blindly believe in.   Ever heard the saying "fuck me once shame on you, fuck me twice shame on me?" well i'm sorry but no one gets that second time. i forgive, i don't forget, i might say all is well but many things are stored for the future.   don't run some lil game on me, don't think i won't notice, i have had the games i have heard the lines.   so to you, you silly lil whores, jealous people aint pretty and if your talkin about me Thanks, I must be doing something right. if you wanna talk the shit, then bring it to me, don't hide behind a lil block button on a damn site there are 2
Hey Every One
every one come check out erotic play ground its a fun an amazing lounge come check out an have some fun first rounds are on me..........
Bound my hands to the bedpost so i can't pleasure myself as You take control over my body and soul... Bound my legs to the bed so i can't pleasure You while You are controlling my every movement... Bound my soul as You whip me over and over again...bringing me to pleasureable heights like never before... Bound my body with Yours as i feel You slip deep inside me...bring me to the Heavens and back down to the Earth...time and time again... Bound our bodies as One
Resveratrol Powder And Why I Don't Use It
Because of what happens in the stomach it is hard to measure just exactly how much resveratrol your cells end up with. The same goes for capsules if they are not enteric coated. Supplements that are enteric coated don't break down in the stomach where the acids can quickly destroy nutrients. Instead they break down in the intestines where the nutrients are absorbed in the intestinal walls and into the bloodstream. Resveratrol
This For Anyone Who Has Been There
  Loathe my name   Your waiting in the dark to shot me down with the these words “your so unimportant to me”   You pretended to love me While all long in secret you Loathed my name   @ Now I sit alone wondering why am so insignificant to you, you say you got someone new and you really don’t need me   You pretended to love me While all lone in secret you Loathed my name All of my cries went unheard with you It was always in one ear out the other So sit there all lone and see if I care   You pretended to love me While all lone in secret you Loathed my name   Jose Hermosillo
Alittle Each Day
  Rape   Rape me for love, rape me for fun, I don’t care, I can’t feel anymore. Numbness becomes my friend. Pain me for love, pain me for fun, I’m hollow inside, dead in the Head.   Jose Hermosillo
If that's the way you loveYou've got to learn so muchIf that's the way you say goodbyeAnd this is how it endsAnd I'm alright withinNever going to see me cryCause I've criedChorus:So go on, go on and break my heartI'll be okayThere's nothing you can do to meThat's ever going to burn meSo go on, go on and leave my loveOut on the streetI'm fearlessBetter believe I'm fearless, fearlessSo oh woh oh woh oh... If this is how it hurtsIt couldn't get much worseIf this is how it feels to fallThen that's the way it isWe live with what we missWe learn to build another wallTill it fallsChorus:So go on go on and break my heartI'll be okayThere's nothing you can do to meThat's ever going to burn meSo go on, go on and leave my loveOut on the streetI'm fearlessBetter believe I'm fearless, fearlessSo oh woh oh woh... If it's between love and losingTo never have known the feelingAnd I'm still sad we've lovedAnd if I end up lonelyAt least I will be there knowingI believe in loveGo on, go on break my heart
I Need A Girl
i just wanna know y is it that when a good lookin guy with his own place and a great head on his shoulders has to b more or its just to much all u real ladies out there holla at me....
I Love You Adam Baby
"Forever takes me by a minute, While I’m here with you. I’m falling even more in love, With everything you do. Hold me in your arms, Look deep into my eyes, Don’t turn away and let me go, Don’t ever tell me lies. I swear I’ll never loose you,In my arms I’ll always hold. I’ll never let you slip away, And leave nothing left untold. There aren’t enough hours, In each passing day, To find all the words, I wish I could say. Your kiss will last forever, Your touch forever warm. You’ll guide me to the sunlight, And shield me from the storm. This is what I’m saying, With everything that’s true, I swear on my life, That I really do love you."
Random Thoughts
is he telling the i stick around and listen to his lies because i like wat he is saying OR do i run for shelter before the shit blows up in my face??? i just dont know GRAWR am i really losing him or has he already gone??? maybe he is still here for the ride or maybe just wating for a good time? god damn it my back hurts WAHHH stupid tail bone holly shit i am HELLA bored am i pushing them away because i want them close OR do i really not care god why wont he call!!! i want to talk to him DAMN IT TO HELL why cant i stop thinking about him am i really that crazy? WOOHOO i get to go to my sisters this weekend GO ME!!! my niece and nephew and sister all weekend with nothing i mean NOTHING to do but sit on my fat ass with my sister and watch TV and cry like the emo loser i am YEHAW!!! i wish i knew wat was bothering me and y so i could talk myself out of it! or try anyways why am i thinking about so much shit, why does it feel like my heart is splitting in two, why does i
Purple Monkey
i  have to go take my pill, and send that letter O and do homework YAY he called me WOOHOO!!! damn i was vaccuming and now i cant talk yay im done vaccuming is that how u spell vaccum??? o well cheaters suck STUPID ANIMALS!!! i love my friends i feel happier now i talked to him DAMN i am CRAZY i have realized that some guys NO MATTER WAT are ass holes BUT in their defense it isnt their fault it is programed in their jeans and they cant do anything about it SO it is our resposibilitiy as women TO BEAT IT OUR OF THEM!!!
Please See Me? Please?
I love himand he doesn’t love mei would spend the rest of my life with himand he wouldn’t even give me the time of the dayhe doesn’t knowhow much i wanna hold his handcoz he thinks i’m immatureand stupidand annoyingand i see his faultsand his victoriesand i still love him for itbut he just sees my faultsand hates me for itand i love himthere’s nothing i can do about it
I Want You
I want you to be mine foreverand always, forsake me neverMy love for you holds no boundariesYou, hero in all my tender reveriesOn this journey about to endeavor My arrow is aimed at your heartYou won mine right from the startMy hunk: strong, sexy and cleverI want you! All my dreams are dreams of you,the sexiest creature I ever knewI see us together hand in handkissing and hugging on the sandAnd every day you’d say it anew..I want you
Saying Goodbye
Sitting here thinking about you,I here you call my name,momma, mamma, mamma As I turn to see who’s calling meI see no one, only hear your voice. I glance across the room,To see if anyone else hears it too. But no one seems to notice the look on my face. I miss you so much,I keep telling you,But you don’t seem to hear me. Still you’re calling out my name, only louder,As the tears rolled down my face,I glance around the room,And see you amongst my family, and friendsThe look upon your face says you’re peaceful now. I realized it was time to let you go.Although I will always love and miss you. I turn my head to see if anyone notices you.Then I turn back, and you’re gone. I hear you, so very gently say,"I love you", "Good- Bye!""Bye", I said . . .
ah where to begin, I feel like running away right now.. You know it feels like nothing I do is good enough when I am already working 2 jobs and trying my best to make his life a little better in that hell hole and yet I am still questioned because I go out with HIS sister to sing Kareoke! I understand how insecure that place can make someone I do... But i am feeling very overwhelmed and weak at the moment. I know the easy way out, I know i could stop taking his calls and stop writing him letters etc. however thats the weak minded way out .. I dont know anymore what I feel like. I dont even feel like me lately.. I sit behind these 4 walls in this apartment every night alone doing nothing but think, cry, stress and its getting to me in a bad way. I am just tired...tired of always being the one bending and trying to do right by someone and it feels like its all for nothing...I know life is not a fairy tale however its all crashing around me and I feel like i am trapped within myself with
Dads Vs. Fathers
As I approach the four year anniversary of the loss of my father to colon cancer the day after Fathers Day 2005 I think of what the word father and the day named for it means to me.  It seems to me that the day tends to give too much credit to those who don't deserve it, as well as those who do.  To be a father is easy. The only requirement is that you be able to produce sperm.  To be a dad requires so much more.  A dad must also produce shelter, food, wisdom, discipline, and love.  That of course is the short list.  My dad did all of that and more.   He did all of this of his own will for my sister, my brother, and myself.  Then he went on after he and my mother divorced, re-married and became a step-dad to my beautiful younger sisters and younger brother.  After being there all that time drying the tears, coaching the teams of his first family, stepped into a second family and did it again.  I was not jealous of my new family. I welcomed them as he did.  I watched in amazement as he
You Didn't See Me
I saw you; hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But, you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you; pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But, you didn't see me playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you; change your mind about going into the restaurant. But, you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you, roll up your window and shake your head when I drove by But, you didn't see me, driving behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you, frown at me when I smiled at your children. But, you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you, stare at my long hair. But, you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you roll your eyes at our leather coats and gloves. But, you didn't see me and my brothers donate our old coats and gloves to those tha
Get To Know Me
1. I am not crazy but I honestly believe a couple of my other personalities have serious issues. 2. I have never been comfortable scratching myself in public, and truly believe that is why major league baseball has blackballed me. 3. I am currently an inmate at the central Florida home for the criminally ridiculous. I am battling an addiction to prescription placebos. I was given them to help me get over the withdrawal symptoms while kicking a severe Pixi-Stix habit. It started with a couple of small straws on the weekends. Before I knew it I was up to 3 Super-Stix a day (yeah the big plastic fuckers). Its been tough at times, but I dont have to worry about standing on a street corner selling my body for a roll of sweet-tarts ever again. 4. I have a friend in Montana who got arrested for having sex with a minor even after I told him that sheep were notorious for lying about their age. 5. People think I take things way too seriously. 6. Umm I like cheese. (What
Whats Up
about 2 weeks ago I had 2 junk my ride cause the motor blew,so I have been driven my mothers caddy now tonight I have a blow-out in her car...dang whats up with my luck lately....lady luck please shine on me,,,
Hi everyone.  I'm new to blogging, so it might be best to look at this as a "thought of the day" kind of thing...or a rant.  At the moment, I'm tired, my back feels like it's been pounded on with a Volkswagon, and I'm in dire need of female companionship.  And I do mean DIRE.  I'm doing an impression of Steve Carrell in "40-Year-Old Virgin" on a daily basis, now, and it really does suck.  In all seriousness, I miss the boobs.  I love boobs of all shapes and sizes.  No fakes, though, which is strange, apparently.  But I think women are supposed to be soft and squishy...I don't dig on plastic.  I'm not knockin' fake knockers...some people need them.  I just prefer real!
why does the goverment always think they know whats best for the ecomony and country.
It seems everyone has gotten all 'honest', i think due in good part from the events that transpired last weekend; who am i to buck the trend... Problem is I am VERY shy and private, yes despite the fool I am willig to play in the MuMMs and status comments... I am very much not a silly person... think Mark Twain and Edger Allen Poe had a love child... So here is who I see myself as... and I'm too shy to leave it all out there... if you have questions ask... just keep on dreaming, being, and going on feelings... DP
For My Dearest Friend Dora
My Statii
FYI: the majority of my statuses the last day have been taken from a hilarious website I found containing drunk texts that probably shouldn't have been sent :P
I wonder how often you hum yourselfthe song of belonging to another.I hope you find yourself in a rhythm-I wouldn't mind if we were synchronized,but I could live with being a step slow.You could lose the capris, just keep the heels.How many times have you practiced that move?Emergency-stop, belts and bra come off.I can keep the beat, you moan a few bars.Sweat drips, slop slips, spit clings like spider's silk.
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Why Am I Doing This Again?
Well the summer is almost all over again and once again I babysat my sisters kid once again this summer..I swear the older they get the more I get stressed out.. I watch my niece who is 13 and nephew who is 11 with adhd and I am stressed out again.. My sister doesn't pay me to way them.. and I keep them at my house all summer except the weekends when i take them home.. They don't listen to me and they walk all over me..I try to deal with them but I can't.. I'm to the point to tell my sister to find someone else to watch them during the summer cus I can't take it anymore and I see it not getting any better.. they are putting a strain on my when i have high blood pressure and don't need need the stress and also with my hubby and i cus we fight over it.. I don't want to hurt my sister but I got no other choice.. I don't know what to do besides talk about it in my blogs...thank you  for reading
truckle\TRUHK-uhl\ , intransitive verb:1.To yield or bend obsequiously to the will of another; to act in a subservient manner.noun: 1.A small wheel or roller; a caster.
You sparkle with larceny.  -  Wilson Mizner
Arousal from teeth.
I Cannot Believe It...
I decided to start a file for shit that I want to rant about.  I am gonna start with my ex cuz trust me, this stuff will amaze you....   OK, sssooooo today is my Grandmothers wake. It also happens to be the day before school starts, so it was meet the teacher night too. I of course did alot of running around & it was a very stressfull/emotional day. For anyone who knows anything about my prior married life, you feel for me. For those that don't, I will let you in bit by bit in these rants. You will come to find out your life is not as bad as it could be. I really hope my next life is a bit smoother than this one was. I dropped that tidbit in to segue to this. I am the custodial parent. When I got divorced, ALL I wanted was my son. I didn't care about money, the house or anything. I wanted my child. Period.  My ex apparently didn't take anything seriously when we were talking to lawyers or in court. I can't help him with that. I don't take care of him anymore. So, I go to school to
Keyword Country Database
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Special Instructions Capricorn Cancer Mates
Capricorn-Cancer Compatibility Without good communication this relationship between Capricorn and Cancer will become dead.These are opposite signs in the zodiac. Complementary and also a competitive relationship. Ambitious and success are the keynote. The sensitive Cancer will feel hurt or neglected. Cancer admires and benefits from Capricorn's sense of duty and responsibility but Capricorn sometime lacks the sentiments, warmth and loving care, which is very important to Cancer. Although they're astrological opposites, these two have lots in common.Those gorgeous old goats are tremendous traditionalists, imbued with a strong sense of history.There could be problems in paradise even for this pair, if the Capricorn is so steeped in Victorian morals and standards that they can never let themselves go .If these sensitive swains want their relationship to work, they've got to form their very own mutual admiration society.Both of them need reams of reassurance, otherwise the Cancerian may wo
Aaron Dylan's Links
mobiltelefoner bredbånd mobilt bredbånd
Moon Signs Capricorn Cancer
Your two moon signs are completely opposite to each other in Opposition (180deg). This relationship may be extremely good, or it may lead to arguments over your own differences. You must watch for intolerance and lack of understanding, but overall these two signs are compatible. You are different in your understanding and opinion, but your Moon signs indicate that you are are fairly well matched.Cancer is typically a Moon sign of emotion and sensitivity, they have good intuition and a nurturing instinct. A Capricorn Moon is cheerful, optimistic, enthusiastic and restless for a new adventure. The Cancer Moon may have to keep the somewhat restless Capricorn Moon in a close relationship.
So True Opposites Attract.......cancer Man Capricorn Woman
If the adage 'opposites attract' holds true, then the love match between a Cancer and a Capricorn has sure shot chances of success. In most of the areas, the personality traits of both the individuals do not match. Capricorn believes in having a practical approach towards life, while Cancer lets his heart and his emotions rule his life. The latter is extremely compassionate and too much affected by the situations affecting other people's life. The latter, though considerate, never goes over the board and can maintain a detached outlook. The Crab may also not be able to understand the ambitious nature of the Goat and think of him as too impersonal and distant in a relationship. In order to make these differences act as balancing each other, both of them need to spend time understanding and appreciating one another. As far as the positive aspects of this match are concerned, both the individuals are consistent and believe in loyalty and faithfulness. With time, they may start appreciatin
Transylvania Epic:
Bob Hill and his new wife Betty were vacationing in Europe... as it happens, near Transylvania. They were driving in a rental car along a rather deserted highway. It was late and raining very hard. Bob could barely see the road in front of the car. Suddenly the car skids out of control! Bob attempts to control the car, but to no avail! The car swerves and smashes into a tree. Moments later, Bob shakes his head to clear the fog. Dazed, he looks over at the passenger seat and sees his wife unconscious, with her head bleeding! Despite the rain and unfamiliar countryside, Bob knows he has to get her medical assistance. Bob carefully picks his wife up and begins trudging down the road. After a short while, he sees a light. He heads towards the light, which is coming from a large, old house. He approaches the door and knocks. A minute passes. A small, hunched man opens the door. Bob immediately blurts,  "Hello, my name is Bob Hill, and this is my wife Betty. We've been in a terrible accident
Another From Tim
As some of you know both Tim Bryce and Ian Punnett are friends of mine. Tim sent me this today. It was worth a laugh.   Follow the writings of Palm Harbor resident Tim Bryce, a writer and management consultant who writes commentaries about the times we live in and management concepts. His writings are well known on the Internet and are humorous, educational, and at times controversial.   I've been married now for over 25 years and you would think that after a quarter century I would have a good idea what my wife likes and dislikes. Frankly, I haven't a clue, and I don't think I'm any different than a lot of other guys out there who still have trouble understanding the feminine mystique. Let me give you some examples... In preparing to go out for a major social function, my wife typically comes out to model an outfit she is considering to wear and asks what I think about it. Usually she gives me a couple of choices, either this, this, or that. They all look nice, but regar
Perfect Match ..cancer/ Capricorn
    Cancer with CapricornWhen Cancer and Capricorn make a love match, it's a celestial pairing of great tenacity and determination. Capricorn, the Sea Goat, is focused on logic, on being down-to-earth and real; Cancer brings a charge of emotional intensity to the relationship. Both hold one another to high standards tempered by an abiding mutual respect. In a Capricorn mate, Cancer finds dedication, and in return Capricorn comes to love Cancer's persistence. These two Signs from opposite sides of the Zodiac can come together to create a very successful and secure connection. If you can give a Cancer emotional commitment and security, a loving home and some care for children, you have a better chance of getting their love and affection. If you can give a Capricorn respect, status, power, and authority then you have a better chance of getting their love and affection. Getting down and dirty with the old Goat, gives a natural high that can take you to the top of the mountain. Yo Song To You Allamas69
Doctor's Assistant Boudreaux
A doctor in Louisiana wants to get off work and go hunting, so he approaches his assistant. Boudreaux; I am going hunting tomorrow and don't want to close the clinic,' he says. 'I want you to take care of the clinic & all my patients.  ' Yes, sir!' answers Boudreaux.    The doctor goes hunting & returns the following day and asks; 'So, Boudreaux how was your day?'   Boudreaux tells him that he took care of three patients.   'The first?one?   'Had a headache, so I give him da Tylenol.   ''Bravo, Boudreaux, and the second one?' asks the doctor.   'The second one had stomach burning and I gave him da Maalox, says Boudreaux.   'Bravo, bravo! You're good at this. And what about the third one?'   'Sir, I was sittin here and all of a sudden da door opens and a woman comes a runing into da room!  Quick as a wink she tears her clothes off, every stitch including her bra and her panties, and then she laid down on da table.   She spreads her legs and shouts, 'Help me, I beg yo
Pros Cons Of Capricorns And Cancer
Building a successful relationship between a Capricorn and a Cancer comes down to the ability of both partners to communicate with each other. Both signs have to be willing to talk through issues until they are satisfied. These disputes may take a while to work through, but with time and commitment, many Cancer/Capricorn relationships can make it to forever. Capricorns will have to focus on showing more attention and affection to please their more emotional Cancer partners. Cancers, on the other hand, need to work at not holding a grudge and on speaking their minds when something isn’t going the way they think it should. Many couples have made it work by learning early on to draw on each other’s strengths. Once things start to even out, both partners may find that what others may consider opposites might just be the different strengths they each bring to the relationship. The Good SideHave you have ever watched a scene in a movie where two people are yelling one minute, and
8/25/09 Dilbert
You took my breath away, As I saw your face.Seems like you came from heaven, And took a mortal's place.You slowly started walking,And came closer to meMy feet would not move.And I could not breathe.My heart skipped a beat,And my knees felt weak.There was no air in my lungs, No more words to speak.You slowly touched my cheek,And my mind went spinning around.You looked into my eyesAnd I was floating off the ground.When I touched your soft brown hair,My fingertips felt numb.I looked into your big blue eyesAnd I knew my prince had come.I knew that I was happy,For I felt no need to cry.And I knew I was reborn,For it felt like I had died.I knew I was in heavenFor your love was meant to stay.And when you softly kissed my lipsYou took my breath away.
Go For It Capricorn/cancer
Capricorn & CancerSexual Compatibility Astrology Capricorn and Cancer:There is more chemistry here than people think. Cancer is the mother of the zodiac and Capricorn is the father. This will be an intense and exciting relationship that gets more solid and sexier over time. Both share a strong sense of duty to family, a strong work ethic and both tend to favor traditional values over modern ones. They think alike and can build both a future and a family together. There will always be the element of home and family issues in their relationship. Cancer will bring warmth and sincerity to Capricorn. Capricorn will bring stability and passionate love that Cancer has been longing for. Problems could arise when dark moods hit at the same time. Capricorn could escape through work and Cancer may wind up looking for someone else to keep him or her feeling safe and warm at night. Learn the definition of patience and tolerance together---------------------------------------------------------------
The Butterfly~~
It was a long hot summer of phone conversations only~~ The distance between the two were 2,500 miles.....neither have ever done the long distance thing before, but the connection between the two was so incrediable they didnt want to give up what they had so far. Everyday of talking they both got to know one another better, A deep connection emotionally and sexualy have bonded~~ Its been awhile since the two have been in a relationship so the sexual tension was intense~~ She is very erotic and very sexual, the naughtier the better with her and he loves to be teased by her~~ Hes never been with a woman like her before, so open sexually yet old fashioned morals to only give herself to the one she loves~~ That was such a turn on for him~~ They would dabble in light conversation about  sexual thoughts and he would find himself stroking himself to her voice, even when they wouldnt be talking about anything sexual. They spoke about when they would meet in person how happy they would
Lasting Bond Cancer Capricorn
  Cancer and CapricornThe relationship between these two signs stands every chance of enjoying a lasting bond together, but they must both work at this for it to be achieved, nothing good ever comes easy, but then once everything starts clicking into place and you see the fruit of your labour growing you will realise it was a worthwhile cause. That is what this pair is like. Out of the two the Capricorn is the dominant one, who will go out to work everyday and earn a fortune, the Cancer staying at home and looking after their brood of children and putting dinner on the table. What a lovely picture.The Cancerian of the couple may feel as though his/her Capricorn partner works too much and doesn’t spend as much time at home as the Crab would like. However, if they can put up with their beloveds workaholic lifestyle then the Cancer’s home will never go without as the Capricorn always looks after there own very well indeed. Security is something the Cancer person really ne
Smooth Sailing Capricorn Woman Cancer Man
There are many qualities which are similar in both, a Cancer and a Capricorn but also there are qualities that contradict each other. So, it is difficult to say, whether the love match of a Cancer with a Capricorn is for good or it is the other way round. Capricorn are reliable and loyal but their extreme emotions and mood changes will make him complete grumpy. There also exists good romantic chemistry between them but a lot of affection cannot be expected from a Capricorn.Compatibility of Capricorn Woman and Cancer ManThe love line of a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman may not meet very easily. However, in the initial stage of love, both will be attracted towards each other. But, a Cancer man's changing mood and tender nature may frustrate a Capricorn woman who is short tempered and determined. According to Astrology, both the zodiac signs may not head in the same direction but if a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman have trust upon each other, there life boat can sail smoothly.
i want to be that girl u always run to, the girl u come home to, the one u say i love you to, your everything, your world, the love of ur life... i will always love you more then you know.......
180 Degrees Capricorn /cancer
Cancer and Capricorn are 180 degrees in opposition from each other astrologically speaking, but it need not be true in life. Both signs have plenty in common. The cancer's great sympathy and understanding is honey to the Capricorn's misunderstood complaints. Both have a tendency to plod along until they get what they want. Capricorn has the ability to make cancer's dream come true, while cancer is happy wishing for and wanting the success and security that the Capricorn mate strives for.The elements of water and earth go well together but these are zodiac opposites you can expect both side of the coin. You'll have to take the good with the bad and there will be plenty of both. Capricorn may lack the warmth and sentiment that cancer requires.    
Cancer Man With Capricorn Woman
Cancer with Capricorn Match Making You break from routine in relationship with Capricorn. The accent here is on partnership, marriage, and public relations. Brings you out of yourself. The Saturn of Capricorn combines with your Moon significator to stress independence originality and new experiences. You are attracted to Capricorn but much in the manner that opposites attract each other.Capricorn inspires confidence; you are able to break the status quo. With Capricorn, you combine efforts, interests; the relationship could lead to marriage.You gain not only confidence with Capricorn, but also a greater sense of responsibility. You aim at achievement. Capricorn can cause you to be dissatisfied with what you have. You aim for greater heights. Capricorn make of the public, of reaction to your efforts. With you are not likely to maintain the same habit patterns. You see the new; you want to test your skills. You seek plaudit approval. Where previously you might have settled in niche, you
Capricorn / Cancer Relationship
A look at the relationship between Capricorn and Cancer from the Capricorn's perspective and compatibility between Capricorn and Cancer as friends and lovers.It doesn't really matter that Capricorn is an earth sign and Cancer is a water sign. It doesn't matter that Capricorn is cautious, methodical and practical whereas their partner is sensitive, creative and emotional. What's important is that they seem to understand each other very well. Capricorn isn't particularly looking for a partner who is just like themselves. In fact this could actually be problematic when they can be quite stubborn! Capricorn actually needs someone who is generally faithful, trustworthy and serious about loving. And their Cancerian lover more than fits the bill!Capricorn Cancer Compatibility AstrologyIn most areas they get on really well. It can sometimes surprise the Capricorn when Cancer gets very worked-up about things and they might wish he or she wasn't so "emotional" but Capricorn can be quite moody to
Manual Traffic Exchange
manual traffic exchange
Cancer Man Capricorn Woman
Cancer Man - Capricorn Woman RelationshipSUN SIGN COMPATIBILITY Male Cancer and Female Capricorn Good scope for positive romance here, but with a few key problem areas that you want to be aware of. Basically the attraction is fairly natural, it's earth and water, innit? She will be relaxed by his obvious emotional sensitivity; the fact that he won't walk all over her will allow her to be emotionally freer than usual. He will find that her stability helps him through his fluctuating moods. So what's the problem area? Basically, his moodiness and her stability. He can end up becoming emotionally self-indulgent and she might end up feeling more like his mother than his lover (which is a bit of a bore for women, in case you were wondering).
Capricorn Woman Cancer Man
CAPRICORN & CANCER: - You are polar opposites that do quite well together. You feed each other exactly what's needed. Security from you and loyalty and trust from the Crab.
When Cancer and Capricorn make a love match, it’s a celestial pairing of great tenacity and determination. Capricorn, the Sea Goat, is focused on logic, on being down-to-earth and real; Cancer brings a charge of emotional intensity to the relationship. Both hold one another to high standards tempered by an abiding mutual respect. In a Capricorn mate, Cancer finds dedication, and in return Capricorn comes to love Cancer’s persistence. These two Signs from opposite sides of the Zodiac can come together to create a very successful and secure connection.This relationship builds and grows from a strong foundation of material and emotional security. Both Signs can be depended on to make frugal, conservative decisions. It doesn’t have to be all solemnity, though, as Cancer can help their hard-working Capricorn lover to relax a little at the end of the day, to take time to enjoy the rewards of all that labor. Cancer will also be the one to polish and preserve the fruits of th
People Will Forget...
People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But, people will NEVER forget how you made them feel!
Southern Watch
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Hurricane Rita: I Could Not Save Her
PLEASE COMMENT NOTE:  During Hurricane Rita I did not evacuate:  I saved three ppl and was awarded the Good Hands Award from Allstate Insurance and some other honors.   2 1/2 months later I was here in Vancouver, WA and had an awful dream about this little girl I could not save.   I wrote a poem about it...   4 years later it still breaks my heart to read it.  The little girl is ficticious - yet the dream is real.  This is that dream, exactly as it poetic form   Troubled AwakeningI awoke from a dream a moment agoand my heart is filled with sorrowI was grasping a pole in the heat of a stormknowing there’d be no tomorrowThe winds were fierce in this eerie thingyet I still heard her screamAs I hung on to that little pole and experienced this horrible dreamTerror gripped this little girl and I knew that she’d die tooOh God I prayed as I watched her pleathere was nothing I could doAs I looked up into the skya funnel cloud appearedIt had a clock beside itI knew o
Sorry Every1
Just want to let every1 know I'm sorry I haven't been able to show luv..I'm stick on mobile settings n haven't been on a comp lately. Yes I'm real n yes I'm glad to have every1 on my friends list ur all sweethearts! Hopefully soon ill get on a comp n drop some luv on ur pages, just being mobile n not having certain programs on my blackberry yet impair me from full access to the site. But much luv to every1 n plse be patient with me ill get bck at ya soon!sucks I cnt even change my status on here so I seem like an everyday depressed pain Lol. Hugs!!
Marilyn Manson - If I Was Your Vampire
6 a.m. Christmas morning.No shadows,No reflections here.Lying cheek to cheekIn your cold embrace.So soft and so tragicAs a slaughterhouse.You press the knifeAgainst your heart.And say that,"I love you, so much you must kill me now."I love youSo muchYou must kill me now.If I was your vampire,Certain as the moon,Instead of killing time,We'll have each otherUntil the sun.If I was your vampire,Death waits for no one.Hold my handsAcross your face,Because I thinkOur time has come.Digging your smile apartWith my spade tongue.The hole is where the heart is.We built this tomb together,And I won't fill it alone.Beyond the paleEverything is blackNo turning back.If I was your vampire,Certain as the moon,Instead of killing time,We'll have each otherUntil the sun.If I was your vampire,Death waits for no one.Hold my handsAcross your face,Because I thinkOur time has come.Blood-stained sheetsIn the shape of your heart,This is where it starts...Blood-stained sheetsIn the shape of your heart,This is wher
Not Meant To Be
It's never enough to say I'm sorryIt's never enough to say I careBut I'm caught between what youWanted from me, and knowingIf I give that to yaI might just disappear.Nobody wins when everyone's losingOh, it's likeOne step forward and two steps backNo matter what I do you're always madAnd I can't change your mind, Oh, it's likeTrying to turn around on a one way streetI can't give you what you wantAnd it's killing me and I, I'm starting to seeMaybe we're not meant to beIt's never enough to say I love youNo, it's never enough to say I tryIt's hard to believe that's there'sNo way out for you and meAnd it seems to be, The story of our lifeNobody wins when everyone's losingIt's like one step forward and two steps backNo matter what I do you're always madAnd I can't change your mind, ohIt's like trying to turn around on aOne way street. I can't giveYou what you want and it's killing meAnd I, I'm starting to seeThat maybe we're not meant to beThere's still time to turn this aroundShould we be
Has To Be Me
Yesterday what I picked up at my Cardiologist office was quite different than what I wrote here or any other place and told anyone. I know it has to be me. What I picked up was another Psych Eval. Perhaps a Forensic Psychiatrist. The reason is very simple. Too many and I mean way too many people want me to have this surgery. Yet, there is no imminent surgery? How about the stranger and my contact with the FBI that no one knew about until way later? How about my sister telling me not to contact the FBI? How about her misunderstanding that I did, past tense and not that I will as I presented it to her, in the future tense. Hip and hip to the stranger and the way he presented himself and cannot deny the sad ass that he was to compromise everone. Typical of the private contractors often used by the military. So why is it I can't remeber my military past? Is it that it was erased or deleted? Maybe I don't want to remeber it. After all my friends are all locked up in that special prison buil
I'm beginning to hate this area.  I can't get a bag without seeds and stems.....where's all the good bud gone.  I need to move back to PA.
Crappy Pennsic Party
Crappy Pennsic Party:The first Week of Pennsic is called Pennsic Light? There are only 3 parties nightly.You get there and during the day you might help other put up their tents. Toward the late after noon. You go fuck it. I am on vacation. So you take a nap in your tent. You wake up it is night fall. You hear the sound of drums pounding off in the distance. So you grab you trusty mug (how else are you going to get a drink from the bar without one) and these days you ID (Didn't use to be that way. But that is another couple of stories for another time). You follow the drums out into the forest. There you see to long lines checking ID at the edge of a camp. You get past that. To the right of you are two more long lines. But these ones are worth it. One it is for an imported ale and other is some sort of tasty liquor concoction (that is as smooth as glass). And what does it cost you? Simple you hand them your mug. Wait it gets better...Over to the left of you see a roaring camp fire. Men
My pilot light has flickered outYou’ve knocked me off the hookThe person you are trying to reach is no longer hereI’m not really tall, dark and handsomeI just look that wayI’m a canvas that bleedsAnd I’m painted with fingersChildish picturesOf you that still lingerBury you’re wasted into the moonHoping that it sinks to the earth soonBury you’re wasted into the moonI hope that it sinks into the earth soonMy pilot light has flickered outYou’ve knocked me off the hookI’m a canvas that bleedsAnd I’m painted with fingersChildish pictures of you that still lingerI am a vcrA funeral of dead memory wasteI’m a vcrA funeral of dead memory wasteYou can see it on my faceI’m a vcr funeralOf dead memory wasteYou can see it on my faceMy smile is a chain link fenceI dare not frownFor fear of what comes outMy smile is a chain link fenceAnd I dare not frown for fear of what comes outSing a song kittySing itSing it kittySing itSome people
Looking For Dancers
47 Things
Here I am. trying to rate photos as fast as I can to earn some points, and WHAM! "You're rating to fast! Ignored!" I just want to level up... Okay, I realize that there is an actual purpose that the bouncers fulfill, and they are only doing their job, but is there actually a problem with people creating subroutines that just rate photos willy-nilly? This blog is just tongue-in-cheek. I'm not trying to bad mouth the bouncers and the work they do. I guess I'm frustrated that I can't figure out the timing I need to get as many points as I can without alerting them! Keep up the good work, bouncers! This site would not function without you...
our cat is 20 yrs old today :) when my better half was near death she saved  his life and we r both so greatful for that...pls wish tiggy a happy bday :) check out her pics in my album tyvm :)
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My Gift To You
I am always searching for people to Altruize (give my points to for 12 hours). There are only 2 requirement 1. i ask for is to be within 250K of leveling. 2. u must help urself as much as possible by rating my page and sending ur friends to rate,bomb,or bling as well. I always do my stuff and a lil extra while altruizing others. Only exception is if you want to give me a bomb or auto to run while u are being altruized, u can be at any amount from leveling. but still must do #2 of the requirements. I average 250K per altruization without autos or a bomb. Had a high of 780(him n his friends helped alot)! With a bomb i average 2.5mill. With an auto I average 4-6 Mill.So if u are interested private message me and let me know.
Exposing The Cover-up For What It Is!
  Home | Subscribe | Topless Laws | News | Videos | Contact Us | Affiliates | Sign Petition |   GoTopless Day in New York City on August 23rd On Sunday August 23rd, please join Sylvie, NYC Gotopless leader for a parade and celebration you don't want to miss! Although will organize events in many cities across the USA, NYC is by far one of the most progressive cities to celebrate women's right to be top free. Indeed, in 1992, the state supreme court ruled that women would have the right to be topless. Now, all that is left for NYC women is to have the courage to overcome their puritanism and to enjoy their right.It was so natural to be topless 40 years ago! Every Woodstock attendee will bare witness of this! And now. 40 years later, the law is acknowledging women's right to be topless in public and our mentality has regressed! Today, the big question is: are women's breasts actually family friendly? Are women likely to psychologically trauma
The Darkside
  The Dark Side, I visit there when I am down, it's not your average tourist town The bell hops, they'll save a table for you, one with with a cold and dark view It's very hot there and the service sucks but, sometimes the screaming is hard to bare This is where I take all the darkness and set it free, they also serve my favorite tea It is not a pleasant place and the only tourist,  are others like me, dark and twisted You won't find skiing, or any of that, you'll see pain though, people not looking back I visit the darkside for cleansing, I leave my rage there for a fee, I sit and I drink my tea No you won't find any cute t-shirts to bring your friends, only darkness at the end The Dark Side, I visit often, I leave what I don't want others to see Oh,  did I mention, they serve my favorite tea
How Does It Feel?     Did you think I cared, did you believe my promises Did my kiss make it seem like forever, did they come true, your wishes Did you lay in your bed at night and thank god I forgave you Were you planning our future, belive all your dreams came true Now that you know better does it hurt, are your tears like fire.. Do you question every word, every touch, is death now your desire Is there pain in the pit of your stomach, cutting at your soul Are you wondering if you'll ever love again, your life out of control I know what your thinking, the anger, the pain,  how your feeling I'm feeding off it, it soothes my pain, it is the beggining of my healing You thought it was behind us, your hurtful words forgotten, never I could never, it was too deep, the scars a reminder, my way of life I hope you hurt now, maybe next time, you won't cut with that knife
Just Want To Scream
Why is it that no matter how bad a person treats us, we will still give them our hearts just so they can shatter it into a million little pieces?  I thought it would be easy to kick out my ex-husband, but it's just hitting me, that I am truely single.  I know I should be happy after the way he treated me and my daughter, but all it does is make me want to scream out in anger.  Anger at him, and anger at myself.  I never should have let him have that kind of power over me to begin with.  I hate all the things he made me feel when we were married, and I hate it even more now that he's gone and I can't yell at him anymore.
The Real Definition Of Drinking
The consumption of alcoholic beverages in order to induce euphoria and create sexually active females. Sponsor: Coupon Codes
August 25th - From Master :)
involve knife play: you coming in from work one day or from being outside me coming up to you holding a knife to your throat and grabbing you by the hair and pulling you to the bedroom. With the knife cutting through the shirt with the knife and grabbing your breasts and squeezing them hard while smacking them too, hard smacks. Enough to make you scream. Running the blade down your chest around your nipples playing with it around your nipples with the tip of it barely pushing it in and telling you "your gonna do what i say or else." Then running the knife down your skirt and slowly cutting it off making you squirm all over the place I put the knife back to yourthroat and tell you to be fucking still. i tie your arms up really tight so you cant get away and put a gag in your mouth so you can scream while i take the knife and move it back down to your skirt and cut it the rest of the way off exposing your panties then reaching inside of your panties and start finger fucking the hell o
Its Not Ur Fault
If you find yourself in love with someoneand that someone does not love you be gentle to yourselfthere is nothing wrong with you love just did not choose to rest in that someone's heartIf you find someone in love with you and can not answer that love feel honored that love came by and called on door but gently refuse the feeling you cannot returnas love did not choose to settle in your heart If you find yourself in love with someone and the love returned it still can happen that love chooses to leave do not try to reclaim it and do not assess any blamelet it go despite the pain there is a reason and meaning to cannot choose love by yourselfLOVE CHOOSES YOU
Its Not Ur Fault
If you find yourself in love with someoneand that someone does not love you be gentle to yourselfthere is nothing wrong with you love just did not choose to rest in that someone's heartIf you find someone in love with you and can not answer that love feel honored that love came by and called on door but gently refuse the feeling you cannot returnas love did not choose to settle in your heart If you find yourself in love with someone and the love returned it still can happen that love chooses to leave do not try to reclaim it and do not assess any blamelet it go despite the pain there is a reason and meaning to cannot choose love by yourselfLOVE CHOOSES YOU
How I Feel
If you really want, I can take you there, To the place those lovers go. To be loved by you Is all that I can ask for, But I insist on asking for more. And you give to me willingly. Never a question asked. Ask me though and I will tell. I love to be loved by you, And you love to be loved as well. To be held in the middle of the night When you’re cold and need my warmth. I will hold you just to be close. So that I can smell the fragrance of your perfume.
Nobody knows its emptyThis smile that i wear,The real 1 is left in the past Bcoz U have left me there.Nobody knows Im cryinThey wont even see my tears,When they think that Im laughingIm still wishing U were here.Nobody knows its painfulThey think that Im strong,They say that this wont kill meBut I wounder if they were wrong.Nobody knows Im prayingThat U will change my mind,They think that I had let U go When U left me behind.Nobody knows I miss U They think I feel set free,But I feel like Im bound with chainsTrapped in the mystery.Nobody know I need U They say I can do it on my own, But they dont know Im cryin When Im all alone.
All In My Eyes
In a picture of a perfect world, you’d be the center piece.  Surrounded by an array of flowers, blowing in the wind.  In the midst of the sun that is rising to the east; which brings out the beauty from God given to thee.  But this picture is missing something that has yet to be seen.  Or known, and that’s why is it that you’re alone.  With a smile on your face like there’s nothing going on.  And a look in your eyes like there’s nothing wrong.  But all along, I know you’re not doing that fine.  Thinking to yourself how this world could be so unkind.  You’re locked up, but not letting show what’s on your mind.  In time, you’ll find out that someone is on his way.  But it’s your choice if he’s alright and if he’s gonna stay.  Will you like him?  Will you love him?  Will you send him bout his day?  What words will you speak to him?  What are you gonna say?  This man, he could be good for you; take care of your every n
Is It Love
Have you ever wondered why sometimes life throws you nothing but pits and nothing spectacular. You love someone and then soon discover that it or they were not at all what was original. And though you had many problems still stayed with them and tried to work it out the best you could, just to discover that you were not the only one. It leads me to wonder why I dont just close the door and hide away forever. I guess the old saying is true cherish every moment you have with your loved one as it might be the last time you have together. Take care all and thanks to those of my friends and family that have always been there for me no matter what has happened. Love yall.....
Lost To Me
I can’t believe this is the last time that we’re together.  I never wanted to do anything to turn you away.  But it seems that’s exactly what I’ve done.  It’s a terrible feeling to know that your love has faded.  That you just got tired of all my shit.  I’m sorry for all that I put you through.  The pain and the suffering that I instilled upon you.  The thought of not seeing you again troubles me deeply.  Knowing that you chose him kills me.  It stabs at the very core of my pride.  But I guess I brought that on myself.  Not showing you how much I love you.  How much you mean to me.  How I can’t live another day without you in my life.  But that’s something that I have to deal with.  That I ran you away.  And nothing that I say can bring you back to me.  Cause my attitude lost me the best thing I’ve ever had; you.  Now what am I going to do?  From here on out you’re lost to me.
Happy Birthday Mom
I went to see my mom today. It's her 83rd birthday. She has been in a nursing home for several years now. She doesn't know who I am anymore. They now have her under hospice care. Which means the end is near. She looked terrible. She had no idea who me or my daughter was. She thought we were the staff just there to bother her. That was tough. As bad as this sounds, I just wish the end would come sooner than later. So she doesn't have to suffer in her private hell anymore. I wish she would just let go.
Nobody knows its emptyThis smile that i wear,The real 1 is left in the past Bcoz U have left me there.Nobody knows Im cryinThey wont even see my tears,When they think that Im laughingIm still wishing U were here.Nobody knows its painfulThey think that Im strong,They say that this wont kill meBut I wounder if they were wrong.Nobody knows Im prayingThat U will change my mind,They think that I had let U go When U left me behind.Nobody knows I miss U They think I feel set free,But I feel like Im bound with chainsTrapped in the mystery.Nobody know I need U They say I can do it on my own, But they dont know Im cryin When Im all alone.
I'm Lost
there are some days when things happen I just can't understand.  My childrens father, who won't support them, has now moved his girlfriend and her child into his house.  He will support complete strangers but not his own flesh and blood.  What gives?.....Pfft...
I love you for giving your heart to me and trusting me with your prideI love you for wanting me and needing me by your side I love you for the emotions I never knew I had I love you for making me smilewhenever I feel sadI love you for your thoughts of me where i'm always on your mind I love you for finding that part of me that I never thought i'd find I love you for the way you are and for how you make me feel But most of all I LOVE YOU 'cuz I know you're mine for real
My behavior has been a little off the charts lately, but can you blame me after what put me through.  I love you.  I even trusted you against my best interest.  Still, you shited on my heart.  I’m a real man, I ain’t afraid to cry.  Days on end tears filled my eyes.  But no longer will I shed a drop.  I realize what I have to do; have to let your ass go.  And you may not give a damn about it, and that’s fine and dandy. But sooner or later you’ll be calling me.  Telling me you’re sorry for how you did me.  At that point in time, I won’t give a fuck.  I would have moved on to something new. Something or someone even better then you.  I know what you’re thinking; that I’ll never find anyone better than you.  Bitch you ain’t one of a kind, and you show the fuck ain’t the best I could have done.  I’ve had women chasing me while I was with your ass, but I turned them down because I was so much in love with you.  Now that&rsquo
I love you for giving your heart to me and trusting me with your prideI love you for wanting me and needing me by your side I love you for the emotions I never knew I had I love you for making me smilewhenever I feel sadI love you for your thoughts of me where i'm always on your mind I love you for finding that part of me that I never thought i'd find I love you for the way you are and for how you make me feel But most of all I LOVE YOU 'cuz I know you're mine for real
So Many First With You
I still remember the first time we met.  You were quite, a little shy.  I kind of liked that.  Then, more and more we saw each other; you warmed up to me.  I saw you at your best and your worst and fell in love with the coolness that you exuberated.  Hanging out with you was always a blast.  We became good friends as the times past.  Unlike many other friendships I hope this one lasts. Thinking back I remember the first time we kissed.  So many thoughts left my mind amidst.  Which led to things that I’ve always wished; the first time we slept together.  Passionate sex that can never be repeated, but, I knew in the back of my mind we would.  And we did, because the very first time was so good. The first time you said you loved me left me shocked.  Stunned and surprised but I embraced the thought.  That maybe I could be in love as well.  I wasn’t really sure; it’s still up in the air.  I think I might be falling but what if it’s only lust; either way we’re
I want... Someone who will love me for me,faults and all... Someone who can't fall asleep without being his last call... Someone who wants to be my last goodnight and my first hello... Someone who will hold my hand and not let go... Someone who... means it when he says i will leave you never... Someone who looks into my eyes and sees his forever......
My Inspiration
My every inspiration is you.  From the top of my head to the heels of my feet, you release me.  You gave me hope when I had none.  You make my day every time I see that smile upon your face.  I can’t believe that you were meant for me, yet, I believe we were meant to be.  My whole being revolves around you.  I smile because you put me in the mood.  From now on there will be no one but you.
                                                       Iwant...                                                                            Someone who will love me for me,faults and all... Someone who can't fall asleep without being his last call... Someone who wants to be my last goodnight and my first hello... Someone who will hold my hand and not let go... Someone who... means it when he says i will leave you never... Someone who looks into my eyes and sees his forever....
About Me... A Nice Place To Start
Hello there! My name is Lori and I am just spreading the word that I have opened what I would like to be one of the best and most fun places to visit and shop online. The store is called Lori's Lingerie and it does have the lowest prices and the best service available. There is a 111% lowest price guarantee for all to see and to use. I have have a bunch of new Sexy Halloween costumes and there is already the lowest price swimwear here (prices also reflect the quality!!). Please come and help this stay at home mom stay home! If anyone ever has questions on how to open a store I will help you. As I do believe in the happy world of abundance and everything can AND always will be provided for those of us that choose to "make it work". Thank You Lori... My friends call me Lingerie Lori and I of course course invite you to do the same!! (Smiles.....)AND Someday I will build my Luxury Log Home that my dreams are made of!! v v v         The "Teddy" - Lori Co
Can Cold Water Clean Dishes?
Can Cold Water Clean Dishes?     (This is for all the germ conscious folks that worry about using cold water to clean.)       John went to visit his 90 year old grandfather in a very secluded, rural area of Saskatchewan     After spending a great evening chatting the night away, the next morning John's grandfather prepared
Chapter One..revised
Fore Playing/Anal Sex Father/Daughter…Taboo (To all the readers, this story takes place from beginning to end, so if you faint at heart or hate what is reality, than don’t read it, because its deal with the reality in some families. I believe this kind of love or sex should not be happening, but I write what is within own my family, but I have be lucky for this to never had happen to me, yet I know this kind of things does happen in real life.) Tom wept at his wife grave site, he had lost her upon the birth of their daughter, but he knew deep down with his heart and soul he didn’t blame his only daughter for his wife death, he blamed his wife. She had knew the risk of carrying another child, but she wanted a daughter more than anything else in life, she was happy with her two sons, Donny and Angelo, but she wanted a mere image of herself within their family. He held his daughter within his arms, he stared at her, but right now he could not feel nothing for h
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Spacious Earth-thanks Barb For This One!
"Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes."
I prefer your eyes in technicolorAnd your thoughts static freeSo that I may absorb more And forget seconds laterYour body is a mouldOf endangered speciesand undesirable beingsit's the most brilliant form I knowI focus on your mouthAs I would on a stop motion filmIn a dark, open, grand art galleryI'm the only on who understands the workIt's sad because we clashYou hold me like a pistolI'll go off at any moment if you're not carefulYou rarely areYou are the wisdom of centuriesI am destructive machinaryBut these are what make upThe great romances of the 21st century
Another Dollar...
My platoon was ordered on point through Nazarriha, an obviously hostile town. We were strong pointing the city, while AMTRACS, LAVs, and Abrams tanks rolled by. Obviously, someone thought the armor was more likely to be destroyed than the humvees. Beyond the obvious ignorance of command, this was incredibly irritating for a number of reasons. Our humvees have no armor. The tanks do. Out humvees only have a .50 cal machine gun. The LAVs and Abrams have HUGE cannons. My soldiers only have M4A1's and maybe an M203 if the qualified with it. 1 tank has more firepower than my entire platoon, and here we are, strong pointing a city. Like the saying goes though, another day, another dollar. I love you. - Captain Jason Vine
Thinking About Taking A Fu Break :o:o
Just wanted to let everyone know that i am thinking about taking a Fu break due to lack of interest and fun on my part :O:O .I also seem to have lost my funny as far as my mumm comments are concerned and hopefully in the time that i am gone i can find it once again (pffft like i was ever funny) :O:O.I don't really even know if i can actually "force" myself to stay off of here though or if i do actually stay off ,how long it will last :O:O .  
opiates.. a hopless . battle  ....just for a smile.. i've been way too's been so i,ve become this sad song,,,so sing it for all to hear..of this battle with opiates mydear.....
Pot Farm Fire Reveals A Troubling Trend Narcotics agents said Tuesday they had little doubt that the nearly 90,000-acre La Brea fire was started by Mexican drug traffickers who were tending a large, sophisticated marijuana farm planted on the side of a mountain. The growers apparently fled as firefighters approached the source of the fire and are still at large, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said. Their abandoned site was similar to other illicit plots planted by Mexican nationals and discovered by drug agents in recent years. Investigators found 30,000 top-grade cannabis plants ranging in height from 2 feet to 6 feet. Stacks of propane tanks, melted irrigation tubing, empty fertilizer canisters, mounds of trash, a torched cooking stove and a semiautomatic rifle were also found at the Los Padres National Forest location, the sheriff and other agents said.
Fubar just fucked me over again. Right in the middle of posting a blog it puts up and error message saying my session had timed out. Wonderful. THANKS AGAIN FUBAR YOU BITCHES!
Why Dont You Just Tell Me The Subject You Want?
Can I tell you I dig this font? When I went to the library when I was a kid it was a pretty quite place. Today theres a guy dressed as a chef letting the most obnoxious cel phone ring two seats down and a jerk talking normal volume on his fucking cel phone. I had something to say here but I cant for the life of me remember it. Something about how fucked up my family is. Well was since I dont have a family anymore and since I was adopted anyway theres no repercussions for my exile. Anyway im done trying. I wish everybody in here would SHUT THE FUCK UP! ITS A GODDAMN LIBRARY YOU NOISY MUTHERFUCKERS!!! Yes,
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Westgate Scam
westgate resorts
Some Of My Fav. Links.
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More Im Fun
kingheart11: whats up me: Nothing kingheart111: bored me: Good for you kingheart111: not for u i guess me: Nope, not bored kingheart111: what makes u not bored me: What kind of question is that? kingheart111: what ur hobbies me: Picking lint and stuffing plastic bags and hitting people over the head with them kingheart111: i should wear helmet
Banned From Wal-mart.....
This is why women should not take men shopping against their will.After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips toWal-Mart. Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring andpreferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunately, my wife is likemost women - she loved to browse.Yesterday my dear wife received the following letter from the localWal-Mart:Dear Mrs. GilbertOver the past six months, your husband has been causing quite acommotion in our store. We cannot tolerate this behavior and have beenforced to ban both of you from the store. Our complaints against Mr.Gilbert are listed below and are documented by our video surveillancecameras .1. June 15: Took 24 boxes of condoms and randomly put them in people'scarts when they weren't looking..2.. July 2: Set all the alarm clocks in Housewares to go off at 5-minuteintervals..3. July 7: Made a trail of tomato juice on the floor leading to thewomen's restroom..4 July 19: Walked up to an employee and told her i
People Get Mad About Nothing
N.M.E.: Whatever... I don't wanna argue. Be a fucking lame-ass bitch. I don't care anymore. ->N.M.E.: fair is fair right? ->N.M.E.: lol now i am an idiot? ok well ill have Don go on and have him not force me to go on N.M.E.: You don't wanna see me and I can't fucking FORCE Kim to go on..... idiot ->N.M.E.: cant show me then complain i wont show you ->N.M.E.: ok then , but yet i am CORNY and you never wanting to show me isnt correct? N.M.E.: I never saw you and I guess I never will. ->N.M.E.: and DID YOU EVER LET ME SEE? ->N.M.E.: if you dont think i am real, not my proble
Me Getting A Massage
sports massage reading
i'm not going to be around a whole lot. so, if you shout or message me and i dont get back to you, its because i'm not here. i need some time to think, and heal. i love my friends and that doesnt change, but i'm not in the right frame of mind to be social. hope everyone has a good day, week, month, year.. whatever.
My Love Life
i love my husband and kids so much. they are my life.
Part Of Life
 Life is  what it is  you  have  highs  and lows. although  I  have  regrets on things I have  done  people  I have  hurt.  I  would  take  back  what i have  done if I could. The person I am reffering  to knows  what  it is i am talking about. Just  know  my feelings  are  genuine  search  your lost  soul  and  you will see what i am saying  is  right. sending  you  best  wishes on everything  you  so
August 25, 2009
Hello everyone, Sorry to say I got sick and was in the hospital for awhile, but Im doing a lot better and ready for some fun. Hope everyone is well. Brenda
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Total Insanity
when you sit and think about things and people who have entered and left your life,sometimes it makes you wonder what went wrong in the timeline of life.Then you think to yourself were they really friends or were they just full of shit and got as much out of youas possible. like an ex wife who says she raised her kids on her own with no help,but she must have forgot about the 30,000 worth of furnishings she took when things got tough and didnt want to work anything out,so i feel used and betrayed,lo0st friends because someone else talks to much shit and you suffer for some one elses mistakes,i think that e1 who has ever left me or done me wrong will someday realize that im not the ignorant bablling fool they think i am or the whiny bitches they all are
Oktoberfest - German Beer Festival German Beer
Star Alliances
Star AlliancesMMORTSspacecombat
Is It Just Tension...
Like everybody, I have a certain taste in the opposite sex. Theres a woman in class who is in NO way my type, but we spend a lot of time in class together... and Im finding myself REALLY wanting her. Is that normal? Is it just because we spend so much time together that that is happening? Especially since if I saw her on the streets or somewhere else I wouldnt give her a second look?
How 2 Do Pc Screen Shot
1.) Press the Prnt Scrn button. 2.) Open Microsoft Paint. To do this, click Start . 3.) Go to All Programs . 4.) Then Accessories . 5.) Cilck on Paint. 6.) Go to the Edit menu and click Paste or you can press and hold Ctrl and tap V. 7.) Click File and select: Save As In the box that pops up. 8.) Change the Save As Type to JPG. Type in a filename for your image. Choose a place to save, like the Desktop, and click "Save". (Please make sure the file type is JPG) 9.) Attach the picture when you create a customer service ticket
I Know
Here I sit all alone knowing what I did wrong and all you hear is the same old song fucking up things is what I do best but now that is all laid to rest the man that I once was is now back unfortunatly it was that big kick in the sack that I made that pack now I see things the way they should have been and all I did was act like a big kid I wasted so much time on being an ass I can only thank god that it was u that kicked me in the ass allthough my love will never go I guess its time to let everything go. I will always love ya.
Nothing On Tv
earlier today i was browsing through umpteen channels provided to you with cable and THERE AINT A DAMN THING that my thumb looks like a syphlitic monkey penis because of all the clicking i am gonna go continue job hunting...maybe get disablility and blame the cable company   bbl
Hope In The Bywater
As the taxi slithered its way through the night, I noticed that none of the houses had any light coming from within. This part of the city was eerily dark and quiet. A far cry from what was going on inside the French Quarter. Periodically, a street lamp would illuminate the FEMA X’s that marked each of these abandoned homes. I wasn’t sure of the exact code, but I knew each of those X’s told a story of pain – Katrina’s pain. They told how many bodies were inside, how many still to be rescued, how many pets, etc. It was obvious to me that even though it was 2009, the stories haven’t stopped being told, there just weren’t as many people listening anymore.“How much farther?”, I asked one of my newfound companions.“Almost there! Don’t worry, you’re going to love it!”, she assured.Fifteen minutes earlier, we had been listening to some amazing jazz down on Frenchman Street. I was awed by the quality of the musicians
My Familya
New Auction
i m up for auction again come and check it out and bid
These Grandparents Need Our Help!
These Grandparents Need Our Help! Please Pass This On Click Here To Open In A New Browser
Fat Women And Love
im a fat women lover there is nothing beter than giving love and receving love from a fat women .
Quotes I Like
Love is everything it's cracked up to be…It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for.   Those who face that which is actually before them, unburdened by the past, undistracted by the future, these are they who live, who make the best use of their lives; these are those who have found the secret of contentment.   It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required You can't say that civilization don't advance, however, for in every war they kill you in a new way.
Why is it when you say some1 is annoying you they never leave you alone.Do people seriously need a restraning order to get the hint.To finally leave you alone I mean my god.
Follow Me...
Hello lovely fubar folks...I just started a new twitter account. I will be using this to get out 'top secret' information about the FWord (including contests, etc.), for special offers and just as a great way to share info. I would love it if you came along for the ride! You can find me at:!
My #
$safe_uid_dname">@ fubar
Acai Berry
acai berry acai berries
Current mood:  sad ok.... something is bothering me today and will continue to for a while. When I got up this morning its like all the other mornings when i still am draggin ass because I'm still feeling very tired. I sit here are the computer and wake up some and then I look out to check on the animals, (dogs and a family of stay cats that have adopted me and my mom). Something is not right today tho.. I get a feeling that something is missing. I look out at JoDee in the back doing something and I get that REALLY bad feeling. Sure enough she got one of the kittens. I immediately see red and start yelling at her. I go out and take care of the remains of this poor creature and tell JoDee to get the hell out of my sight.... "HOUSE!!! Get the F*CK in your House!!!" I know its not her fault... she is mearly doing the instinctual thing of protecting her home as all Shepards do. After I come back to the house I watch momma kitty looking for her lost little one and just feel the dread com
i found some choon's afew months ago that BLEW my tiny little mind! may not like it a first,but jus it a chance!  it's got loads of good stuff like..NiN,DeFToNeS,HeNDRiX,ALiCe iN CHaiNS,PeaRL JaM etc...PLEASE,PLEASE LET ME KNOW WOT YOU THINK!">
How Are Your Nipples?
{     12 Types of Nipples     }       1) Bologna 2) Silver Dollars 3) Pepperoni ('Ronis) 4) Blind Pigs 5) Bubble Gum 6) Muffin Tops (aka Smurf Houses) 7) Puffles 8) Dipples 9) Pencil Erasers .....a) Tart 'N Tinys .....b) Lincoln Logs (aka Hot Dogs) 10) Candy Buttons 11) Fade-outs (aka Ghosts) 12) Crunchberries ==================================================== 1) Bologna - When the areola covers nearly the entire circumference of the tay-tay. 2) Silver Dollars - No nip, all areola. 3) Pepperoni ('Ronis) - Unusually bumpy or puckered, often with a strangely ridged edge. 4) Blind Pigs - Low-slung nips with a jutting or pointed snout, facing off-kilter directions. 5) Bubble Gum - Looks like they been chewed on by Dobermans, a lot. 6) Muffin Tops (aka Smurf Houses) - When the areola and nipple form a smooth swollen cap at the end of the bazonga. 7) Puffles - Puffles are like double Muffin Tops; when the areola and nipple are both swole up for a "stacked-o
chiropractic marketing
Back To School Tommorow
A local DJ reads this every year at back to school time. Mine's in high school this year. Get a tissue. I Trust You'll Treat Her Well World, I bequeath to you today one little girl in a crispy dress.. with two blue eyes...and a happy laugh that ripples all day long, and a batch of light blonde hair that bounces in the sunlight when she runs. I Trust You'll Treat Her Well.She's slipping out of the backyard of my heart this morning and skipping off down the street to her first day at school.And never again will she be completely mine...Prim and proud, she'll wave a young and independent hand this morning, and say goodbye and walk with little-lady steps to the nearby schoolhouse...Gone will be the chattering little hoyden who lived only for play, and gone will be the delightful little gamin who roamed the yard like a proud princess with nary a care in her little world.Now, she will learn to stand in lines...and wait by the alphabet for her name to be called...She will learn to tune he
Grace-full Words~the Upper Room~
When we forget something, it's just a little slip of the mind; but when somebody else forgets, it's gross negligence. When we snap at someone, it's simply because we're having a bad day; but if they snap at us,we see them as mean-spirited. An of course, if we're late for an appointment, it's because of the hectic day we're having. But if someone else is late, we accuse them of being irresponsible. We may chuckle, but isn't this the way we behave? It's easy to condemn and criticize others for their short comings while excusing our own. We all have faults. And while someone's fault may strike a sour note in us, be assured that one of our faults may strike the same sour note in others. Jesus did not tell us to judge one another but to love one another. How much stronger the body of Christ would be if we used our strengths to complement others and our voices to build them up!
Can I Make A Suggestion
I cleared my throat, then continued. "How about we have a fling? It will only last while we're on the island, and will remain our secret. Once we're home, we'll go back to being friends. But for now, anything goes......" He said nothing. Still the hunger in his eyes had her toes curling. Still, his hesitation spurred  her on. She wanted to nail this She didn't want him reneging on their agreement at a more awkward time...   "Listen she said, stroking his chest, and watching in satisfaction as he stiffened. "Why don't we pretend to be strangers? I want you and you want me. and while we're here, we'll indulge all over our sexual fantasies. No strings. And no holds barred. Deal? There were a few moments of silence, each one seeming like an eternity to her. Then suddenly he pulled her into his arms and kissed her roughly, frantically...thoroughly. Finally coming up for air, he touched his forehead to hers. "I hope you dont regret this. She wasn't going to worry about regr
Tenshou First Testing Blog
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Prescription Check
An old man strode in to his doctors office and said, "Doc, my druggist said to tell you to change my prescription and to check the prescription you've been giving to Mrs. Smith." "Oh, he did, did he?" the doctor shot back. "And since when does a druggist second guess a doctor's orders?" The old man says, "Since he found out I've been on birth control pills since February."
Just A Few More Simple Rules
OK..just a few rules and whats expected to be in the family.   After u read please leave a comment letting me know u read and want to stay here!   First and foremost we are a family and there should be friendship, loyalty and respect! We are here to help each other first     All I ask is you check in often with the homepage to see if there are new blogs or new family members!   We are gonna be doing a little more to have fun here! Just please be patient with me as it will start soon! I will keep you all updated on that!   Let's all just have fun!
i dont get it i cant read a damn thing on this site but im still trying...
Cant Argue Without Drugs
if i dont have those little Eminem treats for my brain...i lose it. seizure bound. 2 in 2 days. started when i was out of my pills and i had a yelling match with my dad. had my girlfriend coming over later that night so i took a shower and woke up in the other room bleeding from my mouth with a lump on my head. from a seizure...they always hit me in the bathroom, it must be the sound or pressure of the shower that finally does me in. the stress from earlier was just a "starting" anti-axiety pills and wild anger did the rest to fcuk up my head. most people dont have to worry about going blank and waking up with their head on the floor from arguing or just taking a shower. i do. i had one yesterday afternoon. after a great night with my girlfriend...i still had no pills. the computer at the Rx says i cant get those pills becuase its not time. but the pill bottle says different...doesnt matter...theyre right. im epileptic and have anxiety that triggers the seizures
Science And The Bible Finally Merge...
Leaving ...again
ok...i will be gone till sunday. will have no phone or internet where i am going....i will then leave tues morning for the azores in portugal...when i get back i will have a day off...then i am off to rhota spain...should have internet at lajes airforce base...not sure about spain yet.....keep me kickin while im gone.  lotsa luv ANDY
Country Roads Saloon
Is She Right???
A cop tells a Hooker that it's illegal 2 sell Sex...     She says 2 him.....     "But Officer, I'm not selling Sex...     I'm selling condoms with a free Pussy sampler!!!    
My emotionz pick up power and speed Then break and smash and explode at my heart. The great surgez of my feelings impede All that's consciously right. I start to cry. Every tear sendz wavez of unseen feelingz Through the hidden surface of our livez. They roll and fall until all love is gone, All life is lived, and each feeling explored.
About Me
My names Connor, i'm 56 and love to play tennis and work on computers. I'm eager to make new friends so feel free to send me a message :D I recently found love via this dating agency .
Floodlights | Emergency Lighting
Get Over It
Figuring out how to get your ex back is something that many of us have gone through. And it is no easy task if you do not know what you are doing. You may still have feelings for your ex and be thinking that the relationship ended too soon. How To Get Your Ex Back The Magic Of Making Up Reviews How To Get An Ex Back If it is was a failed marriage or long-term relationship, you may be want to start over. Although the love may be almost gone, you still feel there is hope and want to know how to win your ex back.
Can I get cash or credits for my tokens?You cannot redeem your tokens.  All games in the gameroom are for entertainment purposes and cannot be redeemed for cash nor credits.How are my daily winnings calculated?Daily earnings is the amount of tokens that you have won in the last 24 hours.How are my weekly winnings calculated?Weekly earnings is the amount of tokens that you have won in the last 7 days.  How do I get my avatar into the slot machines?The top 6 players in the daily and weekly leaderboard are featured in the slots machines.
A Riddle Every Day
i'm doing riddle every day and if u give me the right answer u get 1000 fubucks so give me answer in my sb so i hope u get the answer at midnight i give the answer the riddle will be in my status  
Crazy/psycho Defined
I honestly giggle to myself everytime one of these "no drama" dudes comes up in my shoutbox wanting to converse and ends up leaving a trail of drama a mile wide. First off.... any dude who goes on and on and on and on and on about how he hates drama..... is so full of sh*t its not even funny. Its those very dudes that are starting the sh*t and bringing it on themselves. I try my damndest to stay away from these guys cause "projection" is their main reason for existance in most cases (projection is where the person with the issues projects onto whomever they are interacting with, their issues as if they were not their own. It gets rather complicated as it is a very twisted rendition of reverse psychology to some degree). With that said..... I find it even more humorous how guys define most chics as "Crazy" or "Psycho" (see my screen name - LOL) or "Insane". Here are a few things that will indicate you are "Insane" in some guys books: 1. You are emotional (seems most guys just dont u
The Radio
I bought a new Ford F-150 and returned to the dealer yesterday because I couldn't get the radio to work. The salesman explained that the radio was voice activated. 'Nelson,' the salesman said to the radio. The radio replied, 'Ricky or Willie?' 'Willie!' he continued and 'On The Road Again' came from the speakers. Then he said, ' Ray Charles!', and in an instant ' Georgia On My Mind'replaced Willie Nelson. I drove away happy, and for the next few days, every time I'd say, 'Beethoven,' I'd get beautiful classical music, and if I said,'Beatles,' I'd get one of their awesome songs. Yesterday, some guy ran a red light and nearly creamed my new truck,but I swerved in time to avoid them. I yelled, 'Ass Hole!' Immediately the radio responded with,   "Ladies and gentlemen,the president of the United States...   " Damn I love this truck......!!!!!!!!!!! A  GM. truck could not do this to its BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
The Nurse
  'Of course I won't laugh, said the nurse. I'm a professional. In over 20 years I've never laughed at a patient.' 'Okay then, said Fred as he proceeded to drop his trousers, revealing the tiniest 'man thingy' the nurse had ever seen. Length and width, it couldn't have been any bigger than an AAA battery. Unable to control herself, the nurse started giggling, then fell to the floor laughing.         Ten minutes later, she was able to struggle to her feet and regain  her composure. 'I am so sorry' she said. 'I don't know what came over me. On my honor as a nurse and a lady, I promise it won't happen again. Now tell me, what seems to be the problem?         'It's swollen' Fred replied.         She ran out of the room.
Stupid Skin Problems
warning gross info ahead     i have this skin condition that causes blisters, sores, and boil type thingies on my legs arms and other areas... it drives me insane... well it has decided to flare up lately... my hand has little blisters and major rough spots threatening to split open in some areas.. hell have one little split between my fingers in an area.. i am getting little blisters on my torso... and my legs. forget about it.. they are fucked.. there is this ONE spot that is killing me badly though... it has turned into a boil type thingy.. kinda on my inner thigh but not... i can't lance it myself because of where it is at.. and my husband doesn't want too.. but if i don't.. it is going to hurt WAYYY too bad for the next week or so... sooo should i beg him to do something yucky for me and pitch a fit until he does it... or should i just call my momma and tell her i need her needlework again (she used to lance them for me when i was a kid.. this is the worst i have had in a
Love Connection
  You may feel vulnerable because of a yearning to experience more love or connection in your life. Perhaps you are reaching out to new people in the hopes that your words or actions might create a meaningful connection. You may also be trying to open the lines of caring communication between yourself and a friend or loved one. If this is the case, consider giving love free of any expectation of return today. You might think about focusing your awareness not so much on others’ reactions but on the feeling of love that you experience while giving it. When we long for connection and love, we can satisfy our craving by freely expressing affection to others. By doing so, we take the risk of allowing ourselves to be open and vulnerable. This risk can make us feel intensely alive and puts us in direct contact with our emotions and needs. We feel the love as it emanates from deep inside us. This feeling can seem intense, as it envelops us even as we strive to give it away. Radiating
A Letter To A Friend I Lost(rip)
Dear You,  How are you in your other life. Me I am still here on Earth. Seeing how much it's changed since you left. It's a ugly world now. It feels like it rains everyday but no water falls it's like you don't cry. Your too happy where your at while we are here remembering you crying and sad because I miss your friendship. You helped me more than you know. I would have lost my ability to love if I haven't had met you because even though I was a stranger on the other side of the world. A different culture even but you looked past that and called me first friend then brother. I still wonder what might have been if we had the chance to meet but GOD called you home before that chance was given. You were so young not even given the chance to live your life really. You were just a little girl really in this big world but really you were a grown woman by the world's standards. I know it's not suppose to be questioned as to why you left but sometimes it can't be helped. You told
" The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance,giftedness, or skill. It will make or break a company... a church... a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we embrace for that day. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our ATTITUDES."........      
Repeat That Please?
To My Friends in the field of education, I know you would appreciate this one.A mind is a terrible thing to waste.How would you pronounce this child's name?                    Le-a     Leah??          NO                                   Lee - A??       NO                                    Lay - a??       NOPE                                           Lei??             Guess Again.   This child attends a school in Livingston Parish, LA.  Her mother is irate because everyone is getting her name wrong.It's pronounced "Ledasha". When the Mother was asked about the pronunciation of the name, she said, "the dash don't be silent."   SO, if you see something come across your desk like this please remember to pronounce the dash. If they axe you why, tell them the dash don't be silent :- ).
Online Lovestory
We first knew in a simple chat A simple conversation I never thought It was a good start. You were so far away And we were separated by miles And I just ignored everything Because I know its just a lie Then suddenly, After a few times of talking I began to miss you And think of you almost of the time? It was a strange feeling for me And was totally different And I began to hide my feelings Because I know it wasn’t right Day after day, time after time Feelings started to grow I think it was love But never really sure that time Until one day, I convinced myself That’s it is really love I feel for you I am inlove so inlove With a guy no one but you Ohh such a sweet thing You always makes me happy Everytime I talk to you and see you And I know this is LOVE so true.
Drop Ship
Drop Ship Access makes it easy for you to find wholesale products to sell. We ship directly to your customers, so you don't have to worry about storing or shipping products. We help you Sell your Products on eBay, Yahoo store or your own site easily. Largest selection of Brand Name products at lowest Wholesale prices! All categories including Books, Computers, Electronics, Fragrances, Health, Jewelry, Apparel, Outdoor Equipment, Music, Pet Supplies, Software, Sports, Video Games, Videos, etc. Rated Highly by the Better Business Bureau. Dropshipper
Smut For The Bar
Tease                   When I came to her place I noticed she had that look in her eyes, that way she moved her body when she came to the door, it all said something about the mood she was in. She was as horny as I’ve ever seen her without us already being in the bed maybe even more. I picked her up like I always had before and kissed her deeply she kissed back, but tonight was different I was going to have fun with her; I was going to make her really want it before I gave it to her. I carried her into the bedroom and laid her down gently as I’ve done before and started kissing her and striping off her clothes a peace at a time more slowly than usual. I kissed her body slowly as I took off her underwear she had on a very attractive pair tonight a pair she knew I liked; she really was in a mood tonight. I wanted it as much as she did but I wanted to tease her tonight. Once we were both naked I did something a little different instead of getting on top of her and entering
Friends are forever,Friends dont pick on each others weakness,to tear them down,you look at thier weakness and try to make each other stronger.Thats a true friend.
Phrophecy Is Being Fullfiled Whether You Believe Or Like It Or Not....not Our Time But God,s!
U Like Dogs?
How to train dogs How to train dog Dog potty training
The Rose That Grew From Concrete (written By 2-pac Shakur 1971-1996)
"Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature's law is wrong it learned to walk with out having feet. Funny it seems, but by keeping it's dreams, it learned to breathe fresh air. Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else ever cared."
Helping A Friend Help A Friend
pls rate ty in advance
Hope is what keeps the boats afloat. Hope is what makes the flowers bloom. Hope is what keeps me going when my life is filled with gloom and doom. Hope is what makes a man smile when he meets a lady with beauty, grace and style.
Ben, The Gentle Giant
and people wonder why I TRULY hate people at times....uploading pics cuz I don't know how to add them here.... (bh)   This goofy-looking giant is Gentle Ben.  (Though he is not as “giant” as he should be.)  He was brought to MAMAS shelter in Bemberg , SC after being confiscated by the local sheriff due to SERIOUS neglect.  The staff & volunteers at the shelter quickly found out he weighs 20-30 lbs less than he should, he is heartworm positive & he has a condition where his lower eyelids rub against his eyes causing his eyes to constantly be irritated.  He was in such poor condition when he came in that the staff & volunteers thought he was a senior.  BEN IS LESS THAN 2 YEARS OLD!   Everyone who has met Ben, INCLUDING the vet, have been sooo impress with how gentle and sweet he is.  (Thus his name.)  Maybe that is why his “owner” neglected him so; because he was not a mean, vicious dog like he hoped his pure breed Rottweiler would be.    MAMAS is a
Like That Of Metal: That Which Kills Me.
Strong..but so easy to mold..i shine..and show reflection..of where i have come from..yet i am cold..and sometimes cruel..i am strength..yet so damned flawed..smooth icey many scars..been through ups and downs..pressure..and stress..yet here i remain..that which is everywhere..but is slowly being replaced..i am made..and thrown away..reused..melted down and refromed..for better use..i am the steel in your life..i am that support you will one day need..i hold up the broken..i am the name mention..from everyones lips..i that of metal..beaten..shaped..and put to use..but one day..i will no longer have use..and one day..i will be replaced..that which kills me..may just many grow..but only limited by that of the minds imagination..i am a lost soul..seeking understanding..but..morally broken..bleed much so..that i am cold to the touch..yet some will not see..the ghost in me..they will only see..what they wish to see..all this
I Just Want To Cry
I am in tears,  and I feel so alone in my own home with a family I feel doesnt give a dam about me or how I feel be it physical or mentally.   My hubby has been obbsessing over this woman that works were he does for over some years now.  I tried hard not to let it get to me for the longest time. But it starts to get under your skin when you ask how his day went at work and the first person that pops out of his mouth is this chick. I mean come on there has to be more things going on at work then this chicks antics. Any how,  I posted a question on face book and it went like this.   If your mate was talking about someone of the opposite sex to you 24/7.  And you didnt care for this person and you ask them to stop on several occassions.  I.  would you think they are obbessed with this person.  2.  and they keep yappin about them just cause they know it upsets you. I recieved like 5 answers from peeps I didnt know but they  all pretty much said the same thing.  They all agreed with w
Nike Dunk
nike dunk nike dunk
Getting Something Out!!!!
Baby im sorry for what i did i cant say i have a good reason for it but i gotta let it out. Im still struggling with my grandmas death i really came to her for comfort. What have i become i still have dreams of her lettng me know shes ok but i still feel im alone without her i know its no excuse for what i did but i felt i needed to get away from reality if you could only understand its still very hard for me and i think about her everyday. Waking up from my dream hoping that she is still alive but realizing shes gone from this earth. At times ill cry to myself thinking the one who loved me the most since day one is gone *tears are falling* I just cant seem to let it go she was a part of me. Its been 3 months since that day she passed from this earth altho it feels like yesterday she was so full of life one day and then the next shes gone. I miss you so much grandma i wish you were still alive so i can say forgive me for everything bad i did and the way i treated you. It shouldnt have
Board Shorts
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To Hell And Back For Love.......
Orpheus and Eurydice One of the most tragic love stories of Greek mythology. Orpheus was the son of the Muse Calliope and therefore a grand musician. His wife was a dryad, Eurydice, who also attracted the attentions of Aristaeus. Aristaeus pursued her until she stepped on a poisonous snake and was forced into the Underworld. Orpheus was determined to retrieve his beloved. He journeyed down to the underworld, first charming Charon, ferryman of the dead, and lulling to sleep Cerberus, the three-headed watchdog. He encountered Hades, who initially refused to release Eurydice, but Orpheus's music so touched Persephone that she pleaded Orpheus's case, and Hades relented. There was one condition: that Orpheus not look back on their way out. Of course, Orpheus was worried that Eurydice was not behind him, and he fatefully glanced back to see if she was following him. She disappeared back into Hades, and he lost her forever. Unable to live without her, Orpheus spent the rest of his days wander
Joke Of The Day
Joke of the Day A woman is in bed with her lover who also happens to be her husband's best friend. They make love for hours, and afterwards, while they're just laying there, the phone rings. Since it is the woman's house, she picks up the receiver. Her lover looks over at her and listens, only hearing her side of the conversation . . . (She is speaking in a cheery voice) "Hello? Oh, hi. I'm so glad that you called. Really? That's wonderful. I am so happy for you. That sounds terrific. Great! Thanks. Okay. Bye bye." She hangs up the telephone and her lover asks, "Who was that?" "Oh" she replies, "that was my husband telling me all about the wonderful time he's having on his fishing trip with you."
Photos can depict the mood of the moment, the time of the day, and probably the finer details like facia l expression or colour of the clothes. But what we write is from within our heart.It’s a reflection of who we are and what we stand for. A writer has the magic in his pen to express his thoughts by puttingthem cleverly into words. The dispute between the two things as to what is closer to life will never end, but one thing that is for sure is that these are not life but the next closest things to it.There are instances in our life which are memorable and these vary form person to person. It may be the babies first steps for a mother, a moment of getting the first position for an athlete or it can be something as naïve as the first rain drops of rain pouring down after a long and exhausting summer.No matter what the occasion or event is if it has a special place for itself in your heart and if the image tingles your senses and leaves a smile on your face. It
"Maybe..."      1. Maybe   . . . we were supposed to meet the wrong people before meeting the right one so that, when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift.   2. Maybe . . . when the door of happiness closes, another opens; but, often times, we look so long at the closed door that we don't even see the new one which has been opened for us.   3. Maybe . . . it is true that we don't know what we have until we lose it, but it is also true that we don't know what we have been missing until it arrives.   4. Maybe . . . the happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just mak
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help anyone know how to change ur IP address on ur computer.using a proxy server to get here but cannot rate or shout or comment or even buy drinks...not even sure it is gonna let me post this
LOS ANGELES - A jury has decided that cigarette maker Philip Morris USA should pay $13.8 million in punitive damages to the daughter of a longtime smoker who died of lung cancer. The Los Angeles Superior Court jury returned the verdict Monday, more than eight years after the smoker, Betty Bullock, sued the company for fraud and product liability. The panel voted 9-to-3 in favor of Bullock’s daughter Jodie Bullock, who is now the plaintiff in the case. Betty Bullock died of lung cancer in February 2003. She had sued Philip Morris in April 2001, accusing the company of fraud and product liability. A jury in 2002 recommended Philip Morris pay a record $28 billion in punitive damages to Bullock, but a judge later reduced the award to $28 million. In 2008, the 2nd U.S. District Court of Appeal reversed the jury’s decision and remanded the case for a new trial over the punitive damages. Philip Morris said the $28 million remained excessive. However, the original
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Will Start The 2010 Brainstorm... Time To Update.
After many years of 7 day a week 365 days a year tattooing(22years) I still enjoy it. I will be redoing my site which is currently what it is will be returning to the early days 1990-1992 of My first page The Xenovisual Electric Skin ARt will be finally updated and will be my little virtual cubbyhole. It has been for a few years now been neglected, however I often wait a few years before unveiling photos so as to keep the many novice and newbie artists and lookie lous from biting of my styles and technical applications of my clients visions. Skin Art! Thanks to all those who greeted me at fubar and myself of course for being me. I really enjpying coming up with new ways in which I and others view and experience our partnership in art.
A Life Challenge
Hey guys, I'M BACK!! Another Tuesday morning and I'm up at 5 in the I'm going to write the blog about one of the MAJOR things that we all do: COMPLAIN!! When we complain--we usually gripe, bitch, mope, sometimes throw tamtrums, or just simply say things that irks us. But what do we ACTUALLY get out of just complaining about something we can't change?? Nothing...that is unless we do something about it right?? I remember when I complain, someone will always tell me " Suck it up and press on with what you're doing" And it usually happens in many different situations and I become very if we could just stop complaining for a day, let's see how much of a difference it'll make---I think we'll look at many things from a postive outlook and say " you know it could be worse..." But as far as our GOVERNMENT is concerned: I will complain about that, but I will also do something about it...If all of you feel that our government is full of shit and they take this coun
August 25th - Whiped And Chained
Stretched out on the tips of my toes, my shoulders aching in my sockets, ropes adn cuffs biting into my wrists, the whip curled around my side, whistling through the air before the solid smack as it kisses my naked skin. I can not seem to be quiet this session, whimpers, moans, growls, and cries pour from me. I squirm and writhe under the lash, unable to channel my energy. I find myself pulling away covering my tender flesh. I pull my legs in to protect my agonizingly tender pussy. I've displeased my Master "Open" he commands and I try but fail miserably. "Open" My legs are forced apart and then his cock is there, teasing my hole. "Open" I moan as he slides inside my dripping cunt. Again and again I am thrust into. I am laid down and a vibrating toy is placed against my clit. My Master slides it up and down, driving my already adgitated state higher and higher. I whimpered and cried out, but he did not relent. He pushed on and on, making me squirt, again and again and again. Four ti
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Genital Warts
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So one of my sisters recent started dating someone, no biggie in and of itself. However, they've been dating for a little over a month now and already her kids are suffering because of it. Staying out til all hours of the night, staying at his place, having him come sleep at my dad's house(lives there with her 3 kids) are all things she's taken to doing each week. I don't mind her happiness in fact I'm glad she finally isn't such a lonely crabby bitch. What's bothering me though is that both of her daughters now at separate times have asked me to adopt them because they don't think their mother loves them anymore now that she has a man. I started crying today when my niece (she's 6) asked me that because I don't think a child should ever doubt their mother's love. I guess maybe things were different for me growing up because my parents were married and always put me and my sisters first. I hate this feeling I have in the pit of my stomach about the whole situation. I hate knowing that
My Real Scars
Okay so, a few years back, on the morning of halloween about 12:30 am or so we was getting our costumes ready and suk. well we heard yelling from outside. Now I lived in some apartments on the second story in the very end. Anyways me and my roommate at the time went out to see what was going on. It turned out the mexican straight acrossed from me was beating on his wife. well I had friends living down stairs at the time and they was out too so they was calling the police. I yelled at the guy to stop hitting his wife and he got pissed at me and said something like "you want some too?" well at this point my room mate said "if you come up those steps there's gonna be trouble.". Of couse he did, we didn't know it at the time but the dude was methed out. So the fight was on, he got his ass whipped and we thought he left. I went down stairs to check on my friends, and lo and behold he was in the apartment next door getting a butcher knife. Well he came out and stabbed me in the side from beh
A true friend ask not what you dod to get into trouble but ask what they can do to help get you out of it
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Plus Size Fashions
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Against Conspiracy
by Kamran. 2009   Awake again to the sound of lies,Again and again, like flies,Their lies we'll killWithout guns and big skillsWithin the colorful boxI've heard your blasphemiesI've watched the faces of decietTrying to make enemiesReady now for your super skillsYour big weapons,In the hands of little childrenYou want them to killDon't fret, for your plan is a successDon't fret, for your end will comeClose your eyes, and they will comeWith the guns you've handed themYou've dressed them with your designDecievers! but they're learning tooFrom the sharks you've unleashedAmongst them.Watch, they'll rise with the sunAt one with the heat of rageThey'll show no pityThey'll spare none that breathe
Awakening From The Past
by Kamran. 2009 Awakening to the lightLonging for a clean sightAwakening from my sleepFor I've sunk way too deepLeaving what I believedIn hopes that I'll be relievedFrom life and it's addictionsAnd all of the fictionCrossing the line, I'm awareI've looked back and I careI don't want to see only todaySo from this path I shall strayHe who has guideth people of the pastWill now guide me as well, at lastWaves of ecstasy flow through meWhen I realize, I have been set free
Sexiest Men On Fu Contest
the sexiest men on fu contest begins thurs contact me to enter Contest Will End every Wed at Noon est with the next one beginning shortly afterwards.. unless otherwise advised: Therefore plan ahead.       The Winners and Finalists from Rounds 1 - 2 and 3  advances to The Finalists Contest following Round 3.     (1st - 2nd and 3rd places will advance to the finals from each round.)      The Fourth Contest will consist of the 3 winners and the 6 finalists from rounds 1 - 2 and 3.       So far Besides Fu-Bux I am planning on giving the Winner a One Month VIP!  (or sumpin of equal value in Bling)  We shall see:  But I will do my best to make it worth the effort.        To Enter please pick a fav pic only one pic plzsending me the link.  I will get you set up.  You may also use links for promoting yourself.      You may also sign up for the 3rd round in advance.  That will be everyone's last chance to get into The Finals ty dj wild
Obliterate The Power
by Kamran. 2009 Ways to bring back peaceto the world of ratsBut peace itself is lostand the idea of it, obliteratedWhere once our goal was toachieve the unachievableNow our goal is to killand kill as many as we're ableFor the gain of betterother lives are naughtSo their sick ideologythat works wonders with gunsFreedom from their gripsand you'll find it easy to livestare away from the normsand you'll find it easy to giveWe are all humans so whyshould I hate the other?Religion, it's all the sameso why should I choose another?
Changeing Name
thinking of changing my name but i need help cant think of a new nic name plz leave a comment with your opinons on it will love all the MFKN help i can get.....  get.......
25 August
OK so I am thinking of keeping a blog for every day of the week but I won't have them all until I get motivated on one of each of the days of the week.  It just so happens that today is Tuesday and I'm going to write. It will be hotter than usual today.  CAN YOU FRIGGING BELIEVE THAT!!!  But it will be a dry heat.  I know that sounds like a joke but it's been 113 or so and totally humid here - like 75-90%.  That is brutal.  So it will be a bit dryer but 117-122 degrees.  This is the hottest place on Earth most of the time during the Summer of the Northern Hemisphere.  Is there a term for that ? So it's Ramadan here.  It started when the Saudis saw the first sliver of the waxing moon on the 22nd.  There is no eating, drinking, chewing gum or smoking during the daylight hours.  If you get caught, you go to jail til the end of Ramadan.  So you don't want to get caught in the beginning.  Shwew !!  When they release you, they give you a new DishDasha (Traditional Arab white robe-like wear
It Came Out Of His Eyse
So today i went to my friends house and was walkin around in his basement waiting for him to come downstairs and i stepped on something and i was like "fuck, i got a piece of bubble gum on my fuckin brand new shoes!!!!!" so i picked up my foot and there it was! A baby mouse i squished it so bad its brains came out of its eyes! LMAO!! I fuckin laughed until i was crying! Sorry thats just my sense of humor it was fuckin hilarious!!
Lies .....
Lies,What Lies are good or bad? Would you lie about something to keep ur relationship going? Would you lie to keep your boss at bay? Would it be wrong to lie to save a life? Today moral ground can be heavy. we all pay the price for right and wrong, we all lie to save face or to dodge troubles. I am asking because i want to know ur story, our thoughts. Fubar is also a place to think, and a bridge to understand and help others ... =_)
Walking Away
I would rather walk away..from decades of fighting..i am a peaceful soul..with nothing to gain..if i talk to someone..its not away to get over on them..if that was the case..i would be rich..but you can see the ghost of me..but my voice you can almost hear..hunting from the pages..but sharing the same space as me..thats far off..i can love..if love is dead..i cant talk to you..if you can not hear me..for then i would vanish..and walk away..if i felt extreme..i would leave..for the pain..i just cant bear..for physical..and mental..arent the same..i am physically strong..but mentally..i have to shut myself off..from the world keep myself safe..and some would call that a cold nature..yet..i dont care..i can fit your walk i listen to you..when you tell it..and vice versa..we are all in a sea..of pain..drowning..and its getting let another inside..when your to bitter..from the past..i cast down all the black anger in my heart..and let it flow
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A Fine Line
He pushed me, my beliefs, my inhibitions, my body, my mind, my proverbial line.. I wanted him more than the air I breathe, in my bed, inside me, he was in my mind.. He took a piece of me, devoured me, like an angry beast, I willing fed his his hunger. The scratches down his back a reminder of the delicious pain he gave to me, like no other. I hated him, I loved him, I only knew for sure, I wanted him over and over, again and again. He did not need to ask or want, I submitted to his every desire, just for his touch on my skin.. Some would say I am weak, maybe he was my latest addiction, if so I want no rehabilitation.. We were feeding on each other now, like two animals, each of trying to out do the other.. I screamed out in pain and in pleasure, I pulled him in deeper and he satisfied my hunger.. The night turned to morning, finally we had no more to give, our bodies lay here intertwined, dripping in sweat, smelling of sex, my mind, my body, my soul, all given to him, no regre
Yours........... I feel the sheets running slowly down my body, till they fall to floor..I know your touch, I feel your warm hands run up my thighs and I know what you want to do..I watch for you everyday, wishing you will come home early, waiting for you at the door..Wanting to kiss you, wanting to touch you, wanting your breath on my neck, wanting you..Your lips still wet, you slide your body over mine and kiss me...You still don't understand what I would give up for you, you are so gentle..You are worried I will break and I only worry I can not get enough of you, I am not weak..I want to taste every inch of you, remember every kiss, every touch, for less I will not settle..I know we can not go on forever, it feels though like I am unable to get my fill..I am yours, my body is only for your touch, your desires, your taste..I am my own woman, but this body, in this bed, ask and you will have, here, with you I need no free will..It is over, you lay there, exhausted and close your ey
How To Seduce A Woman...
Walk with me, take my hand, lead me to the bedroom... Tell me I'm beautiful, touch my face, run your hands down my body... Softly kiss my neck, softly bite my lip when you kiss me like your my man... Show me what it's like to be craved, what it's like to be wanted by a strong man Undress me slowly, tell me what you want and what you're going to do to me... Lay me on the bed hard, show me this is your night, but all about me.... Take my body, make me shiver in anticipation of your touch..... Go slow, be gentle, be rough, make me want to never leave this room... I want to know that I am the only woman in the world for this night... Lets sweat, lose our breath and all track of time, the world falls away... Push me, my inhibitions, make me forget my flaws, leave me wanting... Give me all of you, dont hold anything back, I want it with out hesitation... Then keep it from me till I cant take it anymore then give me just a taste... Make me work for what I want and then show appre
Fyi, I Guess
It's funny... I will be completely honest and say there have been a few times over the course of my life where I considered the extinction of my existence; but what teenager hasn't, right? One way or another, I am still here regardless so all that is water under the bridge.What stopped me from giving in to that abyss of frustrated angst? Well, simply put: I kind of enjoy life, even if i don't do much with it. I take some measure of enjoyment from simply going through the daily motions of "being" and many things which encompass that. I love music, I love books and video games, I appreciate what few friends I have -- death always seemed like a really boring way out of life's troubles, more or less.Also, It just seems pretty asshole-ish of a thing to do. Even now, just being sick as shit, I hate that people worry over me, my mother especially. That was always the other thing that kept me around: not wanting to put the few people who care about me through that bullshit. I don't think I'm t
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Watcha Know Everyone.......
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One White Rose
One White Rose Current mood:  sad A call for help goes out at three,Setting off pagers all over town.Somewhere, an unknown 1050And the dispatcher cannot calm down.Rescuers leap out of their bedsLeaving with no backward glances.They can only guess what's aheadAs they leave in fire trucks and ambulances.The ambulance departs the stationAs the dispatcher repeats the address."The injured require extrication,And most of all ALS."inside, they feel so empty,Not knowing what awaits.Also, unsettling urgency--They're responsible for other's fates.Dread reaches out icy clawsAs they hear the latest news.Officers are requesting the "jaws"And even more backup crews.Firefighters are also on the way--Hearts racing, a touch of fear."Jaws of life, what's your ETA?"Less than a minute, now they're here.The police were first on the sceneControlling and directing trafficAnd updating the rest of the team(Although the sight makes them sick.)The scene is a wicked nightmare,Broken glass and plastic litter th
Plz Answer???? Thz Muahhhzzz
1. Your Name: 2. Age:   3. Fave Color: 4. Whats your sign? 5.Phone Number (opitional): 6. Location: 7. Height: 8.Hair(color and style): 9.Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 8. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 9. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 10. Would you walk on the beach with me? 11. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 12. Do you/have you talked about me? 13. Do you think I'm a good person? I Think u r not bad 14. Would u take a nap with me? 15. Do you think I'm cute? 16. If you could change anything about me -would you? 17. Would you dance with me? 18. Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? What Do You Think Of My...?  1.Personality: 2.Eyes: 3.Face: 4.Hair: W0ULD Y0U... give me your numb
The First Small Trip With My Boyfriend Carlton!
Carlton and I planned a small trip last week.  So this weekend we went on a small trip to Nolan Lake.  We went to work Friday and  we rushed thru our area so we could head out.  We left for Nolan Lake about 8 pm.  We finally got here about 10 pm.  We had a few stops to make along the way.  After a few minutes of being at the house we were staying at Carlton decided that he wanted to take the golf cart for a spin.  He said the place where we were goes in a complete circle.  So there is no way in getting lost.  That is still hard to believe since all the roads look all the same.  So about an hour after getting back of riding, we went to bed.   Saturday comes early!  I get woke up about 9 30 am with breakfast.  Carlton had fixed sausage gravy, sausage patties, biscuits, and potatoes.  It was pretty good.  After I ate I laid down for awhile longer.  I usually don’t get up until about noon or so.  So 9 30 am was early as heck for me.  I got up around 2 30 pm and we were just talking
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My Life, My Pain,my Suicide
World of pain   Am trapped inside this nightmare Of a wide awake coma, cause when no one hears me, or even know am alive I might as well fade with pain Still wrapping hands around my neck till the day I die.   Jose Hermosillo
If I am seem stand offish, I aplogize, just having an extremely rough day
The Rain Came On
for my Dad... And the rain came onand for so long, the tears that i pented upfinally exploded out of me.I'm sorry i wasn't stronger,just a human after all. oh father forgive me i loved you so.And i tried so hard to learn the lessonslike a good son.But the world is so different today.its not the one you lived and tried to make. And it's thundering and rainingagain today,just like it did three years ago to the day.And standing in that chapelwatching the flag draped,and the color guard they fired,God echoed their report,like cannons in the heavens,things will never be the same,again. And here again comes the rain.but these showers,can't make it clean again.Why does it always seem to rain?Why does it always seem to rain?
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August 22nd - Bridge
The night is dark and I feel so at home. The soft breeze whispers across my skin and I smile. My Master is beside me and I snuggle closer. We cross the open courtyard and then onto the wide expanse of the old tressle bridge. Strong hands catch my hipps and push me agianst the wooden raillings. "Touch me" is the command this time and I obey, sliding my hand against his warm thick shaft. I love it, so smooth and silken. It stiffens further and I feel a whimper in my throat. "Do you want it? Here? Now?" He asks as he slides a hand up under my skirt, fingering my sensitive pussy. Surprise rockets through me. Shaking me further as he dropps my panties to my knees and frees his cock. Spreading my theighs, he places the head of his shaft against my cunt and thrust inside. I tried not to scream as pleasure rocked me from head to heals. Headlights from cars passing on the nearby bridge remind me how close we are being discovered. Another couple walks below us in the park. I want to stop this bu
First Post
     (repost of original by 'Dj Tox Rox DJ/Promotions Manager @ Club Chronic 420' on '2009-08-24 21:05:14')
It's That Time Again.
So long, farewell it's time to say Good night, or Am if you are where I am. I've got some things to do and wont get them finished sat here on fu so all take care and stay safe, I am gone for now, but never forever. x x x x x
Orpheus And Eurydice
Be warned: this story is beautiful but tragic. It begins with Orpheus, the best musician that ever lived. One strum of his lyre, one note sung, and beasts would crawl to him, rocks would shift their moss to move to be closer, trees would tear their roots to be closer to him. He had more power than a mortal man ought to for he was the son of the Muse Calliope. He lived his life simply and carelessly until the day he met Eurydice. She was a Dryad, and when they fell in love it meant everything to them. But the rustic god Aristaeus saw Eurydice's beauty and desired it, and did not care that she was unwilling and in love with another. She ran from him in terror, without thought to her step, and so it was she stepped on a poisonous snake in her flight. The venom of its bite killed her at once and her spirit went to the Underworld. Orpheus was inconsolable. His grief was bitter, but he did not let it lull him into a stupor, he decided to take action. With his lyre, Orpheus descended i
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Eros And Psyche
Psyche was one of three sisters, princesses in a Grecian kingdom.  All three were beautiful, but Psyche was the most beautiful.  Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, heard about Psyche and her sisters and was jealous of all the attention people paid to Psyche.  So she summoned her son, Eros, and told him to put a spell on Psyche. Always obedient, Eros flew down to earth with two vials of potions.  Invisible, he sprinkled the sleeping Psyche with a potion that would make men avoid her when it came to marriage.  Accidentally, he pricked her with one of his arrows (which make someone fall in love instantly) and she startled awake.  Her beauty, in turn, startled Eros, and he accidentally pricked himself as well.  Feeling bad about what he had done, he then sprinkled her with the other potion, which would provide her with joy in her life. Sure enough, Psyche, although still beautiful, could find no husband.  Her parents, afraid that they had offended the gods somehow, asked an oracl
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Plz Read
So im going to school now, and im going for a double major in engineering. which isnt easy and doesnt leave much free time for work. so im having trouble paying my bills, and of course right about the time classes start, my car starts to try to fall apart around me and give me all sorts of trouble. so i guess what im trying to say is that i could use some help. if anyone is interested in helping out in even the smallest way, send me a private message or hit my shoutbox and i will give you my paypal screenname. Anything will be appreciated, and if you want something in return such as pictures, salutes or anything else feel free to make requests and i will do what i can to help out. thank you everyone
Our Special Star
Our hearts are one Even when we are far Our lives held together By one special star You talk to my And I'll talk to you Through tha star Our words will get through Tha sun is setting Tha sky is getting darker While your out there Let our star be your marker Every night I'll look up To that star in tha night When I see it shine bright I'll know your alright In tha twinkle of The stars bright shine I'll see your eyes And you'll see mine If tha star Begins to cry The rain will fall And you'll know why It is because I'm missing you And the star saw fit To share my tears with you too Our hearts are one Even when we are far Our lives held together By one special star
Laura Stone's Link
My life .... UGH... it will never be what I want it to be - I am wholly convinced of this fact. It seems to me that I am doomed to have my life is governed and sealed off by the mistakes that others have made and the heartache that never fully heals. It's like free-falling... no net - no safety... no security... but when you signed up you asked for a parachute. I feel myself slipping into this depression and I can't stop myself. All the things that I have gripped so tightly too and depended on to keep me leveled out... all the things that seem wholly good to me are drifting away from me in a sense. I am trying really hard to be this understanding person that has it altogether - but inside I am flailing like a bird with a broken wing. Many people would look into my life and think that I have much to be proud ans happy about ... but in reality... there is so much that makes me unhappy. I think that I have set myself to certain ideals that I would like from life a long time ago. Things th
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Burning in the shallows of your swollen heart,You set me a flame with one stolen glance.Tuck me deep inside, let the blackest stars shine in my eyes.Now you want an ending to our fairy tale.She brings in the smell of one thousand decayed hearts,One thousand times a sinner.Love was once safe, kept in a secret midnight.Now you bring a tragic veil to cover my eyes.Drowning in your oiled tears,I can see throughout all time in your arms.Taken so far down I could never taste the moon again.But bleeding from the eyes,  I will try.I will not be destroyed by love,I scorn Venus and shun the arrows of crimson.Bring you down softly to lay in my bed.Laid down with only your bruised romances.And when you awaken you will be alone.Be alone.
Changes And Stuffs
I haven't been on much and those close to me know why. I am going to be making some changes in my life,if you don't hear or see from me, then you may be one of these changes. It is hard for me to do this.I am not this type of person,but I think there are people who are very destructive.They strive on the fact that there are people like myself that wear their heart on their sleeve. I haven't deleted anyone yet and I know people ask me all the time if I deleted them.Nope,I haven't.Fubar glitch?I rarely delete.I deleted someone a couple weeks ago and that is because a great friend found the page number the jerk was on for me. With everything that is going on I need to surround myself with optimistic people who will not drag me in the mud with them and people who understand the pain etc that I am dealing with.I know some have it a hell of a lot worse than I am they are a lot like me in the fact they don't lash out on people. I have my kunty kit moments, we all have moments.I am not ta
On The Web
on the web
Relearning Love
I'm trying to learn to love without wearing it on my sleeve... without pouring my feelings over the other person like water over a waterfall. I've always loved with my heart all open, with raw emotion and nothing held back.   And while my female friends have told me over and over before that..."boys don't like that"... it took a male friend explaining things from the male point of view for me to realize... it's not really a good thing.   I've been loving in the way I wanted to be loved back... and never stopped to think... maybe it was too much.  
well my workday kinda sucked.  the main computer was down for several hours, the palm pilots wouldn't work.  that was fun manually verifying every case of shoes that came in today.  couldn't verify the prices of the shoes that came in so I hope they are correct.   on a good note I did put my underwear on correctly today. yays for me, I am off tomorrow :)
Male Hair Removal
Male hair removal is becoming a major part of many men's routine for their appearance. If you are continually managing your hair you should know the best way, this article keep help you.  Male Hair Removal
[confession? ... Do I Have To Call It That?]
Well, I'm jacking this from Wolf... because he's hot. I've done these here and there, probably saying things like "8 things you didn't know about me but I would've told you" So I'll TRY to post some original shit. 1. I popped my black cherry when I was 7, unwillingly and in a friend's bathroom- to this day I am terrified of people putting things near or in my ass.Go figure?That means I really might think you're muscley, handsome or outright GORGEOUS! but guys- I don't wanna fuck you or vice versa. It's cute when you don't take no for an answer... wait, no it isn't. 2. I lost my normal cherry when I was 22 ....stop laughing to a girl I was very much in love with at the time STOP LAUGHING! We broke up- horrifically, and she is the source of much anguish, poetry, guilt, rage, and fear.She's marrying the toolbag that she was cheating on me with that I was 99% sure of (and a major contributor to the breakup) and what her friends later verify.Awesome. 3. I experience -NO- extremes a
Blonde Inventions
 PLEASE RATE!  THANKS!   Blonde Inventions 1. The water-proof towel 2. Solar powered flashlight 3. Submarine screen door 4. A book on how to read 5. Inflatable dart board 6. A dictionary index 7. Ejector seat in a helicopter 8. Powdered water 9. Pedal-powered wheel chair 10. Water-proof tea bag
Leveling Blog 498
  $safe_uid_dname@ fubar       56k to level  
Leaving The Fu?
Well fubarians...It has come that time again. :)   I will be leaving fubar indefinitely.  I will leave this page up and check it probably once a month or so.   If any one is interested in the Gypsy Queens, or the Gypsy Queen movement, please shoot me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.    This place is not condusive to the things I have going on in my life right now.   Love my friends...the rest..pssh. :)   xoxoxo  
So What Im A Short Writer Today
I'm Not That Girl.......
My inner most intense emotions are sadness and rejection. I'm always on the side of rejection, It laughs in my face on a constant and there is wherethe sadness comes in. I always wanted to be happy and when i am i hold on to it for dear life. As though if i were to let it slip through my fingers i would just crumble. I'm not writing thins so i can get sympathy votes or little messages of nice things. Im writing this because i am deeply depressed. It's wrong to feel unwated. Its even more hurtful when those who claim to want to get to know the "real you" want to know some other people on the side. In the end i never win. I'm just not that girl for the guys. It's like back in grade school. When a game starts im always the last to be picked, the one the other team was forced to pick just to make the game even. Forever to be on the side lines and never really play the game. I just wan't to be that girl that people dont feel embaressed to be around. Not ashamed to hold my hand. Someone who
Am I sick for liking rape videos?? Mind you, I would rather be a rapist tho.
Confessional (stole From The Wolf)
ill save the schpeal wolf had cause  well i cant be assed to type it all out or copy and paste 1.) i lost my virginity when i was 4 because my brothers best friend thought i would make a nice sex toy 2.) for the longest time i thought that sex was the only way to know if someone loved you until i turned 15 and  the guy i dated broke up with me the day after he had his way with me 3.) i regret my marriage but not the angels who were spawned from it 4.) i do not joke when i say i have psychic tendancies  ever since i can remember i have been able to see the deaths of people in my family it has progressed to include exact details of my daughters conception to birth i knew what she would look like two years before she was even concieved 5.) on occasion i have horrid night terrors 6.) i have a reaccouring night mare of me being 3 inches tall and everyone else being full sized and being stepped on by everyone 7.) when i get in a car i have visions of being in a fatal car accident whil
Unrequited Love
The empty ache of loneliness A hollow emptinessA desperate want For their caressTo fill the void Left by invisibilityButterflies flutter When you meet their gazeKnees weaken, just for a second As they brush pastThen light-headedness When you smell their scentThen later In the quiet of the nightThe empty void of want Loins aching for themThen hollow emptiness The constant companionThe loneliness Of unrequited love
The Darkness
"When you come to the end of all the light you know, and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly" Sitting here, I find that I am afraid. I have reached the end of what I know to do, the end of my capacity to see or control and I'm lost. I know that I say that alot...but I really am. I have noone to call my shoulder to lean hands to pick me up when I fall. That is MY's what I do and I do it gladly but when it's all GONE..what then? I step into the darkness alone and I wonder what will happen. Will it consume me as I fear, or will there be someone somewhere to catch me. And the voice in my mind whispers..Am I worthy of it? In my heart I know the answer and it brings hot burning broken tears to my eyes..because I know that I am not. "A genuinely good person" is what someone told me I was..and I don't believe it, ev
Created And Will Create
Went to the Cardiologist and said to him put me in a bubble suit after all the can't and shouldn't. The past created the present and the present will create the future. I had and have very little control of it. If you think you do please believe on. What I had posted on myspace is different than this because this is an afterthought. Conversation with C this morning and D this afternoon and just awhile ago is very simple. My electric bill with the AC on is less than $200.00 while thier is higher. D has grandkids and C is a little different. I ended the evenig with D on this note. She said, be a kid and have fun and also grow old by yourself. As I stated, I had very little control of the past and what is going on in my life now. I stopped being a kid at 7 years old because I had to go looking for my mother. Life forces one to do abominable things to others and to our own selves. When does it stop? When one rises and says no. I say no. Norio  
Psychology   A husband and wife were sitting watching a TV program about psychology and mixed emotions when the husband turned to his wife and said, "Honey, that's a bunch of crap.  I bet you can't tell me anything that will make me happy and sad at the same time."She said, "You have the biggest penis of all your friends."
Win Free Laptop
Win Free Laptop
Get To Know Me
Do you work for what you want or is it given to you? Use to be given but im trying to earn it What do you think of country music? I like some of it Is it awkward when you run into your last ex? not really he's an ass so I pretend I dont know him How much cash do you have in your bedroom? not much like 15 bucks in change Are you currently tanned? natural Have you ever gone to court? no. Have you ever played spin the bottle? Yes Who is the first person you call when you wake up? Whoever called me while I was sleeping Do you have an unusual name for a pet? They are named after cartoon/movie characters If you could change your eye color, what would you change it to? I love my eyes Do you have a deck at your home? no What would you have been named if you were born the opposite sex? Charlie thank good ness I was a girl even tho I dont care for Tatiana Besides your house, where did you sleep last? the beach Are you currently wearing anyth
Could Care Less What They Say.
I may be judged..but who really fit to judge sins..we all life we all are not me..and i am not you..your words could matter less to me..your life I could care less..these words i say..are just that of a man..that is tired..of the users..of the fakes..the cheats..the liers..the whatever..been here by my own will..and that of god..i could care less what another thinks of me..for they arent helping me..nor care for me..i handle all things that come my way..without a helping hand..just a man alone..and if so..then so be it..never needed a co signer on ****..and still wont..been on top..and the is full of ups and downs..just been around to let another talk down on if they are my are not my are as i am..human..untill you reach are the same as your older of younger than me..still going to be the same..bleed in pain..and reborn in gods name..but belive this..i would rather burn all i
Things I Hate:
women that cater to man's every word vain people stupidity teenagers slow drivers onions oversexed people prudes ignorants peoples' kids political correctness women that lfaunt their boobs, then complain about staring (see Prudes) junkies welfare people that ask if I was a mail order bride      
My Son
So today my son went to se his PT for his Torticollis...what that is,is a tight tendints on the left side of his neck and while there i come to find out that he might a a few develpmental problems he's 6 month's and he's at a 4 month old stage so he's going for more test's to see if he's autistic please keep him in your thoughts and prayer's he need's them thank you so much
Somebody's Raising Thire Kids Right
SOMEBODY'S RAISING THEIR KID RIGHT! One Nation, 'Under God'.One day a 6 year old girl was sitting in a classroom. The teacher was going to explain evolution to the children. The teacher asked       a little boy: Tommy do you see the tree outside?     TOMMY:  Yes.   TEACHER: Tommy, do you see the grass outside?     TOMMY: Yes.
Just Another View ...
you won't be his first,his last,or his only love.He's loved before and he'll love again but if he loves you then what else maters?He's not perfect but neither are you.You and the two of you will never be perfect.But if he makes you laugh at least once,witch causes you to think twice,and addmits to being human,and making misstakes,hold on to him and give him your all.He's not going to quote poetry,he's not gonna be thinking of you every moment,but he will give you a part of him that he knows you can break.Don't hurt him,don't change him,and don't expect to much from him.Smile when he makes you happy and cry when he makes you sad,and miss him when he's gone.
Dont Sell Me Lust.
If all you want is lust..then i have nothing for you..i am of lust..but i am of thoughts..and you can not just take me for a ride..and play with my mind..for anyone who crosses my path..will get read..just like they try to read me..dont use im a just another normal show a hint of think then i will trust..your sadly mistaken..try that on some other loser..but dont try it on me..ive seen all shapes and forms..your charm..has no effect on just assume they do..i could care less..for that of the me..hate me..still i have no the matter..if you have an agenda..please..go find another..with less sense..then i..for try as you dont earn trust that showing me a boob..or a thight..i can see that for free..and trust that..but i have no want..nor need..of temptation..hence..the part of me..being a ghost..i long not..for the touch of skin..but that of the mind..if your mind is focused on your vanity..then you can not t
What I Am
I am a daughter,a sister,a grand-daughter,a niece,a cousin,I am a partner,a student, a young girl,a grown women.I am confident and scared,terrified and excited.I am loving and caring,thoughtfull and hopefull.I am sick and tired,and shy and friendly.I'm carefull and careless.I am broken and hole,I am missunderstood,missguided,and misslead.I am hard working,and determined,but a lil' scared on the in side.I wish on stars,and dream my dreams.I pray to god,and cry my tears.I smile on the out side when i'm dying on the inside.I listen to others who don't listen to me.I walk on egg shells,and walk through fire.I belive in passion,but no longer true love.I love you,then i push you away.I want you but not too close.I am everything and nothing at all.
I'm Performing This Wednesday @ Club Hell, 6356 Hollywood
I'm performing with Vena's Evil Dolls on Wednesday @ Club Hell; Ivar, 6356 Hollywood Blvd 90028  Come checkout the show!!! The  first 50 guest to arrive in fetish medical attire receive Toxic Medical Waste Gift Bags including lifetime membership cards to the next generation of HELL:  Fetish Nation. MISTRESS Click to join mistressgenevievesslaves
After Surgery Update!!!
"" Be Bold ""
Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.
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It was the middle of the night when it hit. Jennifer’s bed was shaking across the room. It was the wildest feeling in the world and it didn’t seem to be ending either. She tried to get off the bed, after all it wasn’t far from the doorway, but the shaking was so violent it threw her back against the pillows. “Get to a doorway during an earthquake,” She remembered her mother, Felicia, always saying. Her mother had been gone these past 10 years now and it just seems like yesterday when she said it. She was an amazing woman. Even when the doctor’s told her she had only a few months to live, because the cancer was spreading through her body, she never gave in. She had long, beautiful brown hair, that was before the Chemo took it. Even when she was sick, she would still find ways to make her daugater smile and laugh. Anything to take the worry from her heart. It amazed Jennifer, what she was thinking about during the middle of an earthquake. The light fell over, as she fell off the bed.
Going Down
The doors slid silently closed behind him. He turned, pushing the button for the main floor. The gears screeched as the elevator jerked into motion. He listened to the music that was piped in over the speakers above him, the sound lulling him into a semi hypnotic state. His cell phone vibrated in his pocket, interrupting his thoughts. He reached in and grabbed it, hitting “answer”. “Hello?” he said cheerily. “Are you ready to die?” the muffled voice crooned. “What?” he asked confused. The elevator staggered to a stop. All of the buttons lit at once, and then went dark. The sudden motion made him fall into the wall. He grabbed the bar to steady himself. “I asked if you were ready to die,” the voice repeated. The elevator began moving up, then the gears shuddered to life, and he began to fall. “Who are you? Why are you doing this?” he screamed. “You should have known better than to mess with me, Kyle,” the raspy voice exclaimed. “Kyle? I’m not Kyle. He called in sick. I was ass
Why Should I Use Private Label Content Instead Of Free Reprint Articles?
A question I often receive from my subscribers is: why buy private label content while one can get reprint articles for free from article directories?' Well, in this article I will tell you about the several advantages that private label content has over reprint articles! 1. No author and outbound links required: With reprint articles, you are required to give an outbound link as credit to the author of the article (usually, the outbound link is already present in the article; you just cannot remove it). You also cannot put your name as the author of the article. With private label articles, however, you can not only put your name as the author of the content, but also insert your own links in the article instead of someone else's. This is like the difference between working for someone else and working for yourself: while the first option will earn you enough to keep your body and soul together, the second option will help you live the kind of high quality life you want t
What I Want
I want more strength in my life. I want to be selfish, to be free, to have all the little things that will make me happy. I want peace of mind, to be loved, and share my heart, without fear of who I am. I want to smile, to laugh, even to be myself without fear in my heart. I want to let go of the hurt, let go of the anger, let go of the friends who do nothing but cause me pain. I will succeed, have all I desire, be free with who I am then I will be content.
If I were a color, what color would I be? Would I be blue? For without you beside me I just couldn’t see. Would I be red? For the passion in my heart would be taking hold? I am unprepared if that happens, I want to fight being cold. Would I be green? For the things I have seen could make me jealous. The wanting, the desires, perhaps make me over zealous. Would I be grey? The world filled with its magic Yet, I would be to sad to enjoy it. Now that would truly be tragic. Would I be white? With everything I have inside That I want to share with the world. I no longer want to run and hide. So I ask you If I were a color what color would I be?
Funny Pic  
Trying to find that special someone. Everywhere I looked you were there. I felt you here just yesterday when I closed my eyes. Once I opened them again, you were gone. Frantically I searched, praying you were okay. Each moment that past felt longer than the one before. Hopelessness, loss, emptiness, nothing held any meaning. Confusion was all that was left. The fog lifted, I realized where you were. This whole time you were there, you never left, you held me in your hands… For you are me.
The Game
The game of life. Empty promises are just meaningless words from someone who doesn’t really care. Why should I have ever believed you would? I’ve been down this road a time or two trying to make sense of what has come to pass. I try another long road and wonder what will happen when I get there. Will it be another set of lies that await me? I will find out one way or another, I guess In the end it’s all the same. It’s not who wins or loses- It’s how you play the game.
The pain in my heart intensifies. I reach out my hand only to watch you turn away. Tears fill my eyes, the pain in my heart intensifies, and still I reach out to you. I want to save you, I need to save me, and in that we’ve lost us. I call out, one last time. A hope and a prayer is all that’s left. You’re gone and all I have is my outstretched hand.
Bringing Us To Our Knees
It amazes me sometimes how quickly things change.  One minute I'm sitting here smiling, and with one quick phone call I'm bawling my eyes out.   Last night, a good friend of mine's 9 year old son was climbing a tree in his yard with his friends like he's done a hundred times if he's done it once.  He slipped & fell, and when his grandmother reached him, he had no vitals.  She proceeded to administer CPR until paramedics arrived.  He was admitted into the ICU.  His spinal cord has been severed from his brain, and up until a few hours ago, he registered no brain activity.  He is now showing faint brain activity, but doctors aren't very hopeful that his condition will improve.  I'm asking anyone who reads this to remember Teddy and his family in your prayers and thoughts tonight.  God Bless, and thanks.       As Teddy did not have medical insurance, a fund for medical expenses has been started.  Please read the following local news links if you are interested in helping.  Your contin
What I've Been Feelin
been a while since i posted a blog..guess its good as ever to make one now. WELL...guess imma spill my guts right now. Just dont know what to say sometime...never been the outspoken kind of guy who always wants to be at the center of attention and have all the popularity...never have and never will....but sometimes i would like some "JUST BECUZ" attention just for me. Im a kind to help...has a good heart (in my opinion) and i guess boring at times but hey it dont bother me that much cuz i never been the attention seeker so i sit back and be the quiet guy. So why do i feel so worthless? So invisible? Do i have to yell at the top of my lungs to be heard? or seen? or do i have to be layin on the floor lifeless? Im just hurtin so bad....and i dont wanna feel this way no more. Try to find happiness in other places...but doesnt work. im still craving. everyone has his/her boo....and there life is soooo great with them...and it erks me so much...cuz i want the same thing. i want to
A Breath In The Wind
whats the point? each day simulated by the one past. stuck on it seems...controll is what but a simple thought....a breath in the wind..a breath lost in now it's hard to breath. without this wind beneath me..this blast from a lost moment..a loast it? it's all a lost.......but who kno's anyway?
A Pen And Some Paper
day and day go by and i see things in a different way. i ask myself why am i here...whats so special about me? what can i offer to this world? i dont know...but i search for a pen and some paper. sitting in the silence watching time go by outside. i wield the pen like a baby beginning to walk and im unsure of what to put down on the blank paper. slowly i jot down one word...then two...then 3...and before i knew it i was controlling and mastering that pen like i was a swordsman. cutting that paper deep with the anger and sadness and fears i have inside. and now im writing a story from the heart. a story that other may not understand but speaks volumes to me. in this story...this somewhat of a hate letter that curses the heavans and even God Himself. yelling with the words i put down on the paper GOD!!! WHY SO MUCH PAIN AND SADNESS!!? U KNOW MY NATURE IS HAPPY AND KIND AND GIVING. WHY DO I FEEL USELESS AND UNEEDED? and as if He was sitting next to me i hear....because it makes u stronger
When Tomorrow Starts Wihout Me
When you open your eyes And realize I will no longer lies Beside you once more. But don’t cry It was my time to walk thru Deaths door. I wish you wouldn’t cry over me Cause now I am free. To live the life I wanted too I just wish you knew But when tomorrow starts without me I just hope you can try and understand, please It was my time to leave this place So please don’t cry when you think of my face I don’t want people to cry When they think of the way we said good bye I had so much to live for There was so much for me to do and much more When I think of how you cry over me I just want to wipe your tears away and make you see How happy I am now So don’t cry sad tears over me, it is not allow When I think of all the days we spent together The good ones and the bad ones from there to here When I think of all the love we shared And how much you and I cared If I could relive just one day I would use that day to say How much I love you and hug you Maybe e
The Thing Called Life!
They say life is a journey...i wonder where mine'll take me. Trying to deal with life's pressures as best as i possibly can, i just feels like the obstacles and trials is just to much sometime for a young man. I got this road called destiny laid out before me, the barrier around it is called fate. I got no choice but to walk it, cuz i dont have the power to stop it. Where this road takes me im not sure, but i pray it takes me to a place thats peaceful, relaxing and pure. I may fear the unknown, but i will still taunt it and dare it and tell it "come on!" So peace be the journey and ill handle it as best as i could
i feel im watching the world and its in slow-motion. i see the social parasites sniffing out new hosts. i observe with disdain the machinations of the spiritually-challenged, the emotionally stunted, the unenlightened. i cringe while in the presense of the oblivious wretched masses, their ignorant slurs, disjointed vernacular, lazy attempts at commnication. im appalled by what passes for acceptable behavior. where has this species gone wrong? who told people to ignore it and hope its just a "phase"?for there is not a carpet big enough to sweep this horrifying trend underneath. the right ones dont speak and the wrong ones wont shut the fuck up. i hope it wont be a war between the races. i hope its a war between the cognitively sound and the fucking braindead human filth that are slowing draining this world of all light and warmth.i wish to close my eyes sometimes so i wont see too much and then wont care, block it all out and end up like THEM.
Chlamydia Helps Young Men Feel More Manly
Chlamydia helps young men feel more 'manly': Swedish study Young men who contract sexually transmitted diseases often view their afflictions as an affirmation of their manhood, a new Swedish study shows. Sweden refuses asylum to gay Iraqis (18 Aug 09) Sharp rise in cases of gonorrhea among women (13 Aug 09) Paedophile sees jail term cut to five years (5 Aug 09) Upon learning they’ve been infected with a sexually transmitted disease, some young people simply see themselves as unlucky, while others undergo a maturation process which leads them to be more careful in their sexual habits, according to midwife and University of Skövde researcher Kina Hammarlund. But members of a third group – consisting entirely of young men – succeed in transforming their diseases into a sign of their manhood. With other male friends slapping on the shoulders and offering encouraging comments about “success with the ladies”, young men who contract diseases such as
I Live In A World
I live in a worldA world of peaceI live in a worldA world of love I died in this worldYet I am still alive inside I live in a worldA world of hateI live in a worldA world of dispair I died in this worldYet I am still alive inside I live in a worldA world of peaceI live in a world A world of hate I died in this worldYet I am still alive inside I live in a worldWhere all of this happensI'll die in this world
What makes this so funny is he pulled similar shit with witty screen name, but here is some reading fun for you: hotcreamyd...: no bye kunt->hotcreamyd...: You got deleted once already for your stupid ways...don't you think you might want to lay off of fubar for awhile?hotcreamyd...: yes i do->hotcreamyd...: So richard do you kiss your mother with that mouth?hotcreamyd...: id fck urs hard->hotcreamyd...: Drop dead assholehotcreamyd...: show ur cunt->hotcreamyd...: And you will be for the rest of your life...women don't like to be called cunts because some whiny old man doesn't get his wayhotcreamyd...: proud to be->hotcreamyd...: Bullshit...probably why you're still singlehotcreamyd...: yes i am->hotcreamyd...: You're a real winner aren't you dumbass?->hotcreamyd...: No thank you...I am engagedhotcreamyd...: hi honey,lets meet in person im only in clearwater He called me a cunt twice...funny that he approached both me and witty. Here is his profile:
I Forgot The Name Of The Original Writer Of This Poem
Of all the friends i have ever metYour the one i wont forgetAnd if i die before you doI will go to heaven and wait for youI will give the angels back their wingsAnd risk the loss of everythingJust to show my friendship trueI am thankful to have a freind like you
Eviscerate Them!
GODDAMMIT IM SICK OF HEARING THE WORD " AFRICAN-AMERICAN"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO JUST BEING AMERICAN!!!!! ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH I GUESS! i have'nt heard another ethnic group so emphatically label themselves as african-american. ya know a good percentage of BLACKS in this country aren't directly from Africa or have parents that immigrated. You're AMERCAN or get the fuck out with your p.c. elitist bullshit! btw i hate people. hooray!
[most Peculiar]
Now, creating a hybrid alfredo/pesto sauce isn't such a big deal using blended hard boiled eggs though was interesting. This was my clear outI had old spinach, old milk, old pork, and 3 deviled eggs that I was... completely uncomfortable with eating without recooking (my mom made them and left them at room temperature for a couple hours)so I threw everything into the blendy and started braising my aging pork results were atypical, the sauce is creamier and of course thicker, and the mustard my mom used in the eggs is still detectable *shrugs* I might have to do it again in this hybrid sauce, it adds a level, but I'll probably just used hard boiled not deviled. The color is significantly brighter- I'd say from cream lime to neon. Texture and richness are definitely bumped up.I dunno kids, you might wanna play with it. I'd offer you more but lately its been work, more work, FFT, dog's not eating enough, schoolyard crush for a girl that might not remember my name, and allergieslots a
My Family!!
Ok, This is just something to rant on and on about. My family no matter how many times I hang out with part of them or all of them something always makes me feel like shit. I am the odd one of my family. I am a MAJOR TOMBOY! I mean like when my girlie cousins were playing school, and house with each other, sure I would play but if I found out there was HOME-RUN DERBY or FOOTBALL going on with my guy cousins. I WAS THERE!! I didn't like playing all the girl stuff. Now I am almost 21 years old. I still wear guy clothes but I wear my girl clothes too. I love my guy clothes though cause they are so much more comfortable. I can litterally go and sit next to my cousins and they could be having a conversation that I would know something about. I could join in the conversation they would know that I talked about it and everything, but still wouldn't even really talk back to me. I am the oddball of the family. On my father's side and my mother's side. It is usually something really interesting
Hot Babe
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Just Wanna Apologize For Being Negative
Hey everyone I just wanted to apologize for being really negative.  I'm just frustrated that things are not going my way & I'm stuck where I'm at when other guys my age are way far ahead of me.  I just had a talk with my parents on how I feel and told them why I'm feeling this way.  They understood that I'm frustrated and wanna be independent, but I gotta understand that times are rough, and I'm in the house way too much.  So I just wanna say I'm sorry for not being the most positive person in the world.  It's just that I want to do things where I can be successful in and be in a relationship or have a family really bad, but I feel that it's not happening fast for me.  I hope ya'll understand where I'm coming from.
Day From Hell
Well, today is August 24th. Today started out the wrong way, I woke up late.  After getting a late start I took the 20 mins instead of 45 to help a fufriend by dropping links to her leveling mum and managed to meet the one person whom I should not have. Of course this person then proceeds to go off on me. Me being me I said something to be a smart ass and she goes and craps all over my friends mum.  I then go to work where I knew the General Manager was about to fire the person I was relieving.  Needless to say that went real unwell.  The lady getting fired started cussing and yelling at the top of her lungs and tore up the bosses office. Then procedded to hit the General Manager with her purse. Not really the smartest thing to do. I then had to call my most unfavorite people, yes the men with the disco lights on their cars, and fill out a report on what I had seen and heard.  Thankfully the rest of the day went pretty uneventfull and i only feel like a heel because I caused a friend(f
Don't Let Me Get Me
Never win first place, I don't support the team I can't take direction, and my socks are never clean Teachers dated me, my parents hated me I was always in a fight cuz I can't do nothin' right Everyday I fight a war against the mirror I can't take the person starin' back at me I'm a hazard to myself Don't let me get me I'm my own worst enemy Its bad when you annoy yourself So irritating Don't wanna be my friend no more I wanna be somebody else I wanna be somebody else, yeah LA told me, "You'll be a pop star, All you have to change is everything you are." Tired of being compared to damn Britney Spears She's so pretty, that just ain't me Doctor, doctor won't you please prescribe somethin A day in the life of someone else? Cuz I'm a hazard to myself Don't let me get me I'm my own worst enemy Its bad when you annoy yourself So irritating Don't wanna be my friend no more I wanna be somebody else Don't let me get me I'm my own worst enemy Its bad when you annoy yo
Single And In Colorado? You Should Come!!
Hey Everyone!! Just a reminder that Our launch party for Singlez in The City is this Thursday, August 27th, starts at 7pm. The party is at the stylish WXYZ Bar in the aLoft Hotel (owned by W Hotel). There will be dancing, drinks, and fun people to mingle with. We are expecting a minimum of 150 people there! Its also a great party to network. We are giving SWAG away; $50 gift certificates to Lime, Indulge, Hapa Sushi, and much more! We also have a few semi-celebs coming...Issa from 95.7, Bailey from 93.3 and Jesse from the bachelor!!Its $25 if you RSVP online, otherwise it's $35 at door. Click the link below: enjoy the party and support my new job! Emily
Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou said this:"I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow. "I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way he/she handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights."I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life."I've learned that making a 'living' is not the same thing as 'making a life.'"I've learned that life sometimes gives you a second chance."I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw some things back."I've learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision."I've learned that even when I have pains, I don't have to be one."I've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back."I've learned
Survey 5
75 Random QuestionsRandomDo you have any pets?yesWhat color shirt are you wearing?whiteName three things that are physically close to you:salt shaker, soda can, purseWhat is the last book you read?how to lead a horse to murderAre you or were you a good student?not reallyWhat's your favorite sport?soccerDo you enjoy sleeping late?yesWhat's the weather like right now?warmWho tells the best jokes?gee i dunnoWhat was the last thing you dreamed about?my ex boyfriend visits me in my dreams quite oftenDo you drive?  If so, have you ever crashed?noDo you believe in karma?yesDo you believe in luck?yesDo you like your eggs scrambled or sunny side up?bothDo you collect anything?  If so, what?noAre you proud of yourself?somewhatAre you reliable?sometimesHave you ever given money to a bum?yesWhat's your favorite food?pizzaHave you ever had a secret admirer?yesDo you like the smell of gasoline?um yea, i know it's weirdDo like to draw?noWhat's your favorite invention?internetIs your room messy?yeaWha
I'm Out.
i'm out. see you all later!! and show love to my girl sondarmah!!! one.
if i were to walk in the shadows (blue) if i  were to follow (green) would i drown in your scent (white) or as before  (black) while tracing you (purple) through branches through trees  (black) would flower tips scar me (red)
Auction Bully Go Bid!!!!!!!
HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO OWN YOUR VERY OWN SINNER!!!! AUCTION STARTS MON THE 24TH AND ENDS MON THE 31ST. WHATCHYA WAITIN FOR? GO BID NOW!!!!!(repost of original by '☠ Đaddy Tribs ☠ Owner  of  Den of Sin ~Owned By Oddlilgirlygirl~' on '2009-08-24 14:24:29')
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Samurai Trucks can assist you get new or used 4WD Japanese Mini Trucks, or you can pick from their full customization options. They also present Japanese Kei mini trucks with dump beds, heat and air, and automatic transmissions. Kei Trucks are perfect 4×4 Japanese vehicles for hunters, or farms.
Auction!!!!!!!!! Come One Come All Lol
Recipe - Sally Lunn Bread (for Oven And Bread Machine)
Sally Lunn bread. As delicious as it can be controversial! Some believe that Sally Lunn was an 18th-century woman from Bath, England, who created rich, slightly sweet and cake-like buns, which would be split and topped with thick, clotted cream, to serve at tea-parties. Others maintain there was never a "Sally Lunn" at all, and in fact her name is simply a corruption of the "soleil et lune" cake made by French Protestant refugees. Either way.. There are a remarkable number of Sally Lunn theories, just as there are a number of varied recipies for the bread that bears her name. This bread, loaded with butter and eggs, is hardly dietetic, but so absolutely delicious, you'll never see leftovers! Here are two recipes I know will satisfy and delight! I prefer the bread machine version. Not everyone has one.. But if you love the aroma and taste of fresh-baked bread without all the work and mess, I would highly recommend purchasing one of these machines! (PM me if you own one and want some a
Wrekking Hours - Every Monday 4-6pm
Wrekking Hours is ON THE AIR-now til 6pm- Rockabilly & Psychobilly music-from Thee Gothabillie Man tune in at NOW!
ok first off, i'm gonna start out by saying shut the fuck up! god! i'm sooooooooo tired of hearing all of you tell me, how beautiful i am, that my husband was an idiot, that anyone would be lucky to have me, blah blah fucking blah! fuck you! i hear this shit on a daily basis! yet i still go to bed alone every night, and wake up alone every morning! unless you're actually gonna do something about it then just shut the fuck up! i don't care that you think i'm beautiful, i don't care that you think my ex is an idiot for leaving! your words mean NOTHING to me. they are just words! i've heard them all before! so now some of you are wondering "well wtf happened to lee?" yes i know, it ended just as quickly as it began! i'm not gonna go into detail, all i'm gonna say is, once again i open my heart up, just to get left standing alone in the dust! so next time you even contimplate telling me how beautiful i am, or how lucky you would be to have me, just think about what my reply migh
Layton Real Estate
Layton Homes For Sale
Help Me
Very Sweet Words
Dearest JohnI just wanted to let you know just how much I treasure you as a friend.I came to this site with not a lot of expectations of ever meeting such a wonderful friend as you but, I came in the mumms, and we chatted briefly. Ever since then you have made me smile, laugh, giggle, and have always been a good friend to me. You've listened to me bitch and moan about the crappy things life has thrown my way, and never once judged me for them. You know I have a dysfunctional family, hate people, would love to have a "kill stupid people day", hate people that use shitty grammar and spelling, want to molest your starfish with with a sandpaper dildo laced with mace and you still keep being friends with me.I love how, even when I'm tired, or have gone missing for a while, I can come back here and we pick up right where we left off. I truly treasure our friendship. And, one day, I would really love to meet you and have coffee with you, and of course, some mad ass BBQ and beer!Anyways, I'm d
Yours was the love that was my strength.Yours was the wisdom that chased away the nightmares.Yours was the touch that freed me from addiciton.Yours was the Life the showed no fear of death.Yours was the laughter that dried all my tears.Yours was the comfort that ended my anxiousness.Yours was the kindness that lifted me when all others were cruel.Yours was the sorrow that could not overpower.Yours was the time that enlightened me.I am lost, confused, afraid for now is my life without you abandoned in the dark
Piece Of Shit
Just got this message today from a creeper named Sir Dirk....  this is what happens when you act like a piece of shit and send me crap like this.  "Just thought i would share a thought...As I’m kissing you passionately, my hand touching you softly as it slides down your belly and between you legs as my other hand grabs you ass. I will slip my finger into your silky lips rubbing your clit as my finger slides slowly all the way down you soft lips. Cuming back up I hook my finger going slightly deeper rising up slowly until I touch the hood of you clit. Then with the tip of my finger I circle a few times touching every bit of your moist Excitement. Going back down the out side of those ever moistening lips feeling the softness of your skin I spread you lips but not penetrating you, but looking at your inviting pink pleasure. Getting even harder I let your lips close and lay you down on the bed. As I spared your knees apart I see that you lips are now so swollen with excitement that
Why Friends Are Necessary
My Favorite Quote
**“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won't feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Used by Nelson Mandela in his 1994 inaugural speech**
So this "what's on your mind?" Status thingy is really fun now that you can type a paragraph in it. I don't generally share my actual thoughts except here in blogs or a conversation ;)   But what is on my mind is absolutely dirty! I wanna be pounded so hard I forget all time and space for atleast 10 minutes. Woot! I am realistic..not many could go longer so we will set the bar low ;)   I am currently listening to Daughtry-No Surprise on the music channel I have on..sitting in my lounge pants and typing this blog before getting dressed for work. I am not having passionate steamy sex. Not having a wild webcam session. Not even entertaining the thought of a potential random sexual encounter. I am truly boring I suppose. But in my mind I am doing the deed. :) He's faceless and nameless but OH MY GOD! yea so..have a great night while I am at work doing the mundaness that is my job and know I am secretly envisioning naughtiness randomly throughout my night!
You Think You Could Be Me
To all the Witches who think they can be me... to all who dont really even know me... to all the lies im so tiered of hearing.. to all the dead that may still be all that i dont care to know the life i work hard to keep you out... to the little ppl that live in the the little hoes that dont really even know... to you if your reading this page... stay away from my husband before you die from my rampage ...if you think im lieing then please test me sure you grave will scream ... god help me out
All That Are Wisehearted
“And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying, See, I have called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah: and I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship, To devise cunning works, to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass, And in cutting of stones, to set them, and in carving of timber, to work in all manner of workmanship.”  The thirty-first chapter of Exodus opens with the answer to a question anybody reading the account of what’s to be made for the LORD’s tabernacle and his priests (more precisely, his priest and descendants) and how everything is situated should ask – who’s actually going to do the building, making, and forging?  The material itself will be no problem, but the first five verses’ job description above calls for a specialist. And the LORD will not leave people called this way in the lurch.  Bezaleel and his assistant
Too Evil,america Is.
Sex And The City Box Set So Soo Addicting
sex and the city box set rules! but soo addicting. thoughts?
Anywhere You Go..i Will Be There
When ever the day comes..anywhere you turn..ill be there..far..but always me..and will find upon me..and i shall be there..without care for my own well angels flying watchful always upon a dream..i am sand floating by you in the wind..the darkness of night..manifested whole..from nothing..i am something..whenever you need me..ill be there..never said things would be fair..but i will stand by your side..good or bad..if it is bad we do..then i have no second thoughts on it..for i sway with the winds..and chaos is neither good..nor bad..if the world bears down on you..and did not love you..if they called out your name..and brought shame upon you..i would be there..and stare them in the eyes..and without mercy..i would beat them down..without a feeling going through my cold heart..for i am here..when the world turns its back..anywhere you turn..ill be there..anywhere you go..i will be there..just like a shadow to the body..i am to
On The Insanity Road
I swear people are trying to drive me insane.  I'm one of those people who is fine with being single until I find someone really worth dating.  Now there's always been this one guy I've been into for a while now.  We've never got to meet cause something always happens to screw it up.  Although I am good friends with his cousin and we hang out sometimes.  And now he works so much it's impossible to try anything even though we both like each other.   Well a couple months ago I was hanging out with some friends and the one chick I know, her boyfriend at the time was like I wish I had met you before I started dating her.  WTF?!  Since then they have broke up.  He's like hardcore into me.  To the point at times I want to run the other way because it's like slow the hell down.  I hardly know you.  You hardly know me.  Back off for now, give it time or else you're going to ruin things already.  I've tried to explain how I am to him.  How I don't just jump into things.  I've met too many peo
Native American
A Native American walks into a convienence store, looks around. clerk asks, "What can I get you?" Native american says, "I am looking for um toilet paper." Clerk ask "brand name or non-brand name?" Native American says, "Let me try um non-brand name." Native American pays for the toilet paper an goes home. A couple of weeks go by, Native American walks into the same store. Clerk ask's, "How can I help you?" Native American say's, "I have name for your non-brand name toilet paper." Clerk say's, "Ok what is it?" Native American say's, "John Wayne Rough, Tough, Take no shit off indian."
I Support Slavery
and if you are a Christian, Jew or a constitutionalist, then so should you!I am NOT advocating slavery based on race, religion or any other creed. I am supporting slavery based upon the wisdom and of Moses and the Wisdom of our Founding Fathers.This is what Moses had to say about one of the times that it is okay to sell someone into slavery. If a man shall steal an ox, or a sheep, and kill it, or sell it; he shall restore five oxen for an ox, and four sheep for a sheep. If a thief be found breaking up [in], and be smitten that he die, there shall no blood be shed for him. If the sun be risen upon him, there shall be blood shed for him; for he should make full restitution; if he have nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft. If the theft be certainly found in his hand alive, whether it be ox, or ass, or sheep; he shall restore double (Exodus 22:1–4). This was a system of restitution. The thief owed his victim for his crime. If he couldn't or didn't pay, then he was to be sol
Lots Of Goodeez
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Awsome Fucking Song!
OZZY OSBOURNE - CRAZY TRAIN     All aboard! HA HA HA HA HA HA! a'ight, a'ight, a'ight, a'ight (echo) Crazy, but that's how it goes Millions of people living as foes Maybe, it's not too late To learn how to love And forget how to hate Mental wounds not healing Life's a bitter shame I'm going off the rails on a crazy train I'm going off the rails on a crazy train I've listened to preachers I've listened to fools I've watched all the dropouts Who make their own rules One person conditioned to rule and control The media sells it and you live the role Mental wounds still screaming Driving me insane I’m going off the rails on a crazy train I'm going off the rails on a crazy train I know that things are going wrong for me You gotta listen to my words Yeah yeah yeah Heirs of the Cold War, that's what we've become Inheireted troubles, I'm mentally numb! Crazy, I just cannot bear I'm living with something that just isn't fair! Mental wounds not healing Who and what’s to
A Gentle Kiss
A Gentle KissYou blew into my life like a breeze upon the trees,Took me by surprise...made me weak upon the knees!A gentle kiss that touched the night,Hidden from a star-lit sky!All my dreams, once untrue,Could finally come together because of you!Whispering words of love that can heal a heart that will not mend,You'd become my life...all my time is yours to spend!Everyday, I thank God for that special night,That you blew into my life!All because of a gentle kiss,That touched that endless night!
Prince Charming
Often my status will say something about prince charming blah blah blah. Thought I'd give a little detail in the matter. For one the guy in the story books isn't the guy I'd ideally like to meet. When I dream my dreams I see a tall dark haired man athletic lots of tatoos and rides not only iron horses but living ones too. That's just a dream and in no means excludes anyone. What I do expect is kindness, understanding. Someone with a giving nature that has the ability to evaluate all sides of a situation not just his own. Honesty and loyalty and rather tell me the truth than to ever lie. Ideally knows at least two other languauge to include Japanese as one of them. Must have goals of his own and be happy and confident with himself. There's prolly more but i'm sleepy..... Thanx for reading this
Fav Sites
Play College Football Soccer Scholarships Football Scholarships
Get Off On Jackson Lmao
NEW YORK - A New York City lawmaker wants to see Michael Jackson honored at a subway station where the star made the music video for "Bad." Councilwoman Letitia James wants a plaque placed at Brooklyn's Hoyt-Schermerhorn station — or to have "Jackson" added to the station's name. Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesman Kevin Ortiz said Monday it's unlikely. James, undeterred, plans a petition drive. Jackson, who died June 25, shot the Martin Scorsese-directed music video at the downtown Brooklyn station in 1987. Ortiz says the MTA prohibits station plaques. The agency is developing naming-rights guidelines. ___ Information from: New York Post,  
Thomas Kinkaid "the Rain"
The Rain-Thomas Kinkaid~~~Pic in my default pics~~~Stop at the picture for a second, and watch the Rain ... then read on... One rainy afternoon I was driving along one of the main streets of town, taking those extra precautions necessary when the roads are wet and slick.Suddenly my daughter, Aspen, spoke up from her relaxed position in her seat. "Dad, I'm thinking of something."This announcement usually meant she had been pondering some fact for a while, and was now ready to expound all that her six-year-old mind had discovered. I was eager to hear."What are you thinking?" I asked."The rain," she began, "is like sin, and the windshield wipers are like God wiping our sins away."After the chill bumps raced up my arms I was able to respond. "That's really good, Aspen."Then my curiosity broke in. How far would this little girl take this revelation? So I asked..."Do you notice how the rain keeps on coming? What does that tell you?"Aspen didn't hesitate one moment with her answer: "We keep
My Face Book Account
Back In The Fight
I recovered from the bout of illness I had the other day. That wasn't the best experience I've ever had. The medical guys think it was just a bad MRE. Took my ass out of the fight for almost a week. I'm better now though. There's a private or something running towards me looking scared, I better find  out what the problem is. I love you. - Captain Jason Vine
The Love Life, And A Situation So Far.
It's Monday, August 24th--12:12; anguish. For the past, well...hmm let's just say "Awhile" I've been without a stable girlfriend. One who is intelligent, cute, funny, and all those other traits I like. But as of late... my heart has been begging, and pleading for any sign of life. Sure, I have a major sex drive, and that need is almost always going to be met. Either by me or someone else.  But what I am looking for is someone I can love on, and make laugh! I want to spoil my girl, and have something to look forward to when I wake up. Perhaps Fubar isn't the place, maybe it is...I don't know. But this feeling I have right now...being alone, and unworthy--anguish. I wake up almost everyday now...thinking why should I waste breath...why should I take up this space without any goal? But when I start thinking, my head clears and I'm on my way. I don't know, maybe it's something else. But we'll see.
Calling All Rollerskatign Divas
It has come to my attention there are a few new recruits for the Rollerskating Diva Queens.... I therefore ask all old members to not only remind me who you are but what position you play (dementia!) Also if you do not see your picture in the Rollerskating Diva folder hit up CERRI she has gladly provided these pictures and thank you sugar for all y our help.. She is also a jammer so you might want to watch the flying elbows... she might not have tits but man that girl is slick.... So girls and boys snap on your sweat bands pull up your legwarmers and lace up your roller skates... cause Derby season is among us *flicks on Olivia Newton John's song physical (thank you Cubby new recruit) and starts warming up* Also to make sure I have all names and correct positions please add Rollerskating Diva Queen or Roller Skating Hunks to your name ... *Whizzes around on her new roller skates... jumps into the air and lands perfect* Wicked....   Positions are as follows Dee V Ant: Leader
Another One For Whoda
Let me tell you about this once certain girl,when I talk to her just take me for a whirl.She does some DJing for this particular show,its the main reason why I go. Her eyes are blue and green, they are deep as the seas.When I hear her sultry voice,it brings me to my knees.Just being around her puts me in my happy place,I just want to see her smiling face. Whoda is what she calls herself ,and I just wanted you all to see.She`s always been nice and comforting to me.I dont want her to take this the wrong way, but I pray to god we will actually meet someday.
Renewable Sources Of Energy
I am all into green, you can learn more about how to become an independent energy producer and know the Solar Energy Advantages Disadvantages visit us now!Start taking positive action today towards your economy and planet and you will be amazed just how things can be improved and changed.A. ArvizuRenewable Sources of Energy
Have You Every Had??
Never Fear
All anybody ever wants it to be loved.To be someones everything.The first and last thought of the day.To see that somebodies smile and see that everythings okay.Having their arms envelope you and all worries fade.Once in life they may cross your path.So hold on tight and dont let go.It may be a ride you havent taken. Trust me my friend its worth it.Just to know something you have never had.Scared and confused you may feel at first. NEVER FEAR. Together you can make each others dreams come true.          
The Best Nut You Every Had
My Week In Mumms
This week I posted my first MUMM for everyone.  The question was whether you can fall in love online.  A couple people asked me if it was because I thought I was in love with someone online.  No, that’s not the case.  Mostly the question came because a profile I came across had the status of something like, “I can’t wait to meet my love in person.  He is my everything.”  Or something like that.  So I started thinking to myself, can you really fall in love with someone you met on fubar and never met in real life.  Personally, I don’t think you can and if you do truly feel you’ve fallen in love with someone you’ve never met, then you’ve missed out on a lot in life.     I’ve never fallen in love or really even decided that I really liked someone I met online (liked as in, wow I want to date this person really badly!).  There are certainly people on fubar I like, but I’m married and meeting isn’t an option.  In my past, I
Wooden Leg Insurance
Wooden Leg Insurance    A man and his wife, moved back home to West Virginia, from Ohio. The husband had a wooden leg, and to insure it back in Ohio cost them $2000. Per year!    When they arrived in West Virginia, they went to an insurance agency to see how much it would cost to insure his wooden leg.    The agent looked it up on the computer and said: '$39.'    The husband was shocked and asked why it was so cheap here in West Virginia to insure it because it cost him $2000 in Ohio!    The insurance agent turned his computer screen to the couple and said, 'Well, here it is on the screen, it says: Any wooden structure, with a sprinkler system above it, is $39.... You just have to know how to describe it!'   
Party Must Haves
When you are hosting a party, wedding or showers we all know that you would probably have food and beverages of some sort, depending on the type of party. You may have some decorations and music to go along with the theme of your event! However many people tend to forget a must have for a party: party favors. While you invite your guest to come over and enjoy what you have prepared it is proper etiquette to have a "thank you" gift for your guest. Your guest will very appreciative of your special gift, luckily you don't have to go all over the world to search for the perfect favors. You can just head to Party City and find all sorts of neat favors that both you and guest will love!
My goal over the next few weeks is to use my ability points to help my family and top friends to level.  I will spend the next 6 weeks or so trying to help family and top friends all get to at least godfather.  So good luck to all and enjoy my points :) xoxo
Mkay I did what I did and she did what she did sick of rehashing it if you hate me for it remove me from your list if you feel you may do something like she did remove me from your list either way I am over it if you have trusted me with stays between us..this was a bit different  
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Yoga Teacher Training
yoga teacher trainingyoga teacher trainingselfhypnosis
What A Beautiful Week
Libra  -  Lovescope Weekly HoroscopeThis is your week to experience that one feeling that is seemingly all good feelings in a bundle: unconditional love, trust, patience, and passion. The Universe will make sure that you stay tuned and remain open to this situation, for it's about to knock on your door. Enjoy the anonymity of it all.
Morning Glory Clouds Over Australia
goood morning friends. love is hard have at times in my cause been hurt twice so maybe one day ill find the true love but not sure if there anyone out there or not what you think this?
I often wondered what they were saying, free the oppressed, liberate the people. I was nine or ten years old when these things were mentioned and at that age only thing I could do was to ask myself free us from who or what, liberate us from who or what, and who or what is oppressing us? At 52 years old my position is little different and I can see these things better that puzzeled me. Highest of all price is to sacrifice ones life for another. Often this takes place on the battle field and some times right here. Sad when our heroes are of the playnig fields, cinema, and the stage. In religion one finds some meaning to life because the promise is heaven but I do not see it mentioned in the Four Gospels but only in the Acts of The Apsotles and the Epistles of Paul that follow The Gospels. If we can free ourselves of the leash of money and the religions based upon it perhaps such things as pain, fear, doubt, anger, guilt, sorrow, and more will disappear. The Master does leave us many cryp
Getting Over It
Learning how to get over a break up is by no means an easy process. You may have heard that time heals all wounds; this is particularly true in the case of getting over break up. Without allowing yourself the appropriate time and space in which to heal, you will not be successful in knowing how to get over a break up and move on. How To Get Over A Break Up Magic Of Making Up Review How To Deal With A Break Up A break up will cause you to feel a wide variety of intense emotions, in particular anger, fear, resentment and sadness. These are all perfectly normal emotions to feel after a break up, so if you find you are experiencing some or even all, rest assured you are normal. Many people have walked this beaten path before.
Read If You Dont Care
Just thought i'll say Ive recently quit the long distance relationship and bid good bye to cuntnada ex bf! Life is great, without drama!   Ha   Berrishka  
A New Friend
I see the children play, they are all so merry and gay. Man , I wish I were that way, but not on this dreary day. I woke up feeling so blue, had a terrible dream about you. Still dont know what to do, walking around in the morning dew. Yes , I will go for a walk ,find me someone whom with I can talk. See a young lady and I come to a halt, why is everything my fault? She says "what are you talking about? ,I say "oh i just thought I would get it all out " . She looks at me with some doubt , and asks me so why did you come out ? So early on this cloudy day, and I ask her if she can stay . With me and maybe I will say, then she turns to walk away. Okay I will tel you why , and please dont think I am a weird guy. She says you look like you need a friend, I smile and say I dont have a lot of time to spend. Then I think well my job has come to and end, so we talk until we see the sun descend. Dont know what happened  to the time, I think this is a new friend "in my mind". So hap
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Computer Virus Protection
I am looking for totally free Computer Virus Protection Software . Does anyone know whereI can find that on the Internet ? Please give the exact website address.
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This is a shout out to my friends..We have an idiot in our mists. His profile says it all! Let's all go show him a Fu welcome he won't believe!    thanx in advance! 
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I have heard alot about MFKN and didn't know nothing about them.. Now that i have read the MFKN home page i have learned alot. I have been prospect for 2 days and and have had more fun checking them out and adding them than i have ever had on fubar.. They are a great family, if you have heard anything negative about them don't listen i suggest u check out MFKN homepage and find out for yourself. You dont know what you are missing. It's all about respect, loyalty, and trust, everyone helps everyone. How can you not like a group of ppl like that..  Stop by and check them out for yourself.....                               If you are MFKN and are reading this YOU PPL ARE AWESOME AND I LOOK FORWARD TO MEETING YALL. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HELP AND SUPPORT...
Midphase Review
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I`m  thinking of you in silence no eyes can see me weep but even in my aching  heart your beautiful memories i  keep..
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Here I am getting ready to work on my day off...ok..well I'm siting here typing this out and drinking my V8 V-Fusion Juice..what??? No Coffee??? I'm saving that for my break at work. Dunno what I'll do after work....I don't want to be home when the "guy" is home...It's not that fun being home alone with him...even though when he doesn't talk much.... His presence just makes me real uncomfortable.  
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Thay Don't Give A Fuck About Me So Fuck This World Thay Don't Care About Me !!!!!!!!!!!!
Ive caught myself starrin at the wall ItZ kindA hard cause Im barely believin that my life waZ scarred Playin the father figure to my LIL brothers and sisterZ Mama always had it HarD so now Im beggin for riches Got my Mind based on dirty gameZ How can I cHange? well Im stUck in tha Flamez& fEELin NOTHIN BUT PAIN! a juvenile tht COULDEn't crack a smile Im only 5 feet PrAYin for another mile buT will Tha finD ME? Drownin in my own blood demonz behind me clowniN whILE we slang drugz clutchin my 9 free bustin @ them fuckin scrubz wishin thay'd try me knowin how this block waz we could never find peace hopein that thay give me love @ timez icoulden't sleep til a nigga gotta buzz burnin tha streetz here im still runin4 that major leauge here I hope you understand the game thay givin me !! with all this PaiN in me im screemiN FUCK THA WORLD CAUSE NO 1 GIVES A FUCK ABOUT ME! Now waz it my elevation that got me ready 2 ride ? bein certin revalations got me ready 2 die I close my eyez and Pictur
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Some Men Are Just Idiots
I have just got back from my vacation to pittsburgh.  It hasnt been more then a week since I have returned. And the BS starts again!  There was hardly any food in the fridge or cupbords,  the dishes that were done had to be done over due to greese and shit still on them. And omg the dust on every thing.  And everything again dumpped on my shoulders to do because the lazy fuckers couldnt get off their ass to do it. But the most that upsets and hurts me the most is feeling like I have no right to be in the same room as them. Example:  Hubby and older son were doing the supper dishes and I not sure what I was up to.  Any how apparently I was in my older sons way.  And he kept giving me that look and giving that sighhhhhhhh,  yanno that one you give when someone is pissin you off. Then I get the cold treatment,  with baically yes or no answers and if I ask anything.  I get my ass handed to me. Hubby works at a place just full of woman,  I have no problem with that ever!!! Here
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The Great Divide
I stand before the great divide, a seemingly endless canyon that runs for miles. I jump, freefalling for what seems an eternity, not caring if the safety chute I have opens or not. It's that freefall I've experienced so many times in life, the one that leads to nowhere except into sorrow's waiting arms. The other times I've jumped, the chute hasn't opened, and all I've done is crash into a churning river of heartache and met my demise. Will the right chute be in my pack this time? Will it open and save me from certain doom? Only time and fate can know.
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I am hosting an auction that will begin on Friday September 4th, at 8pm EST.  Buy in is 10,000 fubucks.  The auction will run for 2 weeks, ending on Friday September 18th at 8pm EST, that way you can get that bid up really high. If your interested in participating send me a PM with your offer and a link to the picture you would like me to use, then send ur buy in! Thanx for reading!
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What is Chaos? A life without meaning? A heart bearing scars but has felt no pain. A thought sparked from a mind with no focus. What gives a life meaning? Inspiration? Hope? Love? Dreams? No. Only chaos. Simple chaos. Chaos brings emotion. Emotion triggers action. Hope inspires more actions. Actions resorts to more chaos. Each action takes thought. Thoughts flood a mind with no control. No control is chaotic. Multiple thoughts form dreams. Dreams inspire hope. Without hope, life is simple. There is no chaos. Life has no meaning. Without chaos, there can only be peace. Peace is thought to be enriched with happiness. Peace without happiness leads to loneliness. Loneliness ends where happiness begins. Love is happiness. Love is uncontrollable. Love sparks new emotions. Love is chaotic. Life is simply chaotic. Full of Hope. Of Love. Of Inspiration. Of Dreams. We cant control our thoughts. We cant control our emotions. We cant control what inspires us. We cant control what we dream. We ca
Honesty And Family
I have this sister.....years ago she had 5 kids. Well, she must have gotten sick of being a mother. She deserted them and left the state. Now she is living in Mass. Stiring trouble by listening to family. Listening to family that has a reputation for gossip and starting trouble. For some reason she believes this is the gospel. Boy is she wrong. She emailed my other sisters friend a very rude email. UNCOOL. and very brave. The brave attitude only comes because she is in a different state. Well, let me tell you. If this continues, I will make the 3 hour trip to kick her ASS. Her accounts with various sites such as this one, are soo fake. she claims she is an avid supporter of this foundation. Knowing damn well all the claims she has made are false and untrue. As far as I'm concerned.....I only have one sister. Peeps should mind their own biz and live their own life. Especially if they have NO IDEA what claims they are making. I say, LIVE AND LET LIVE. We DO NOT
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I'm Drunk
I'm a drunk motherfucker right now so buy me a drink!!!!!!!
About Me
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Guy's Rules
Guy Rules! The Guys' Rules­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­At last a guy has taken the time to write this all down Finally , the guys' side of the story.( I must admit, it's pretty good.) We always hear " the rules "From the female side.  Now here are the rules from the male side. These are our rules!Please note.. these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE!  1.   Men are NOT mind readers. 1. Learn to work the toilet seat.You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down.We need it up, you need it down.You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down. 1. Sunday sports It's like the full moonor the changing of the tides. Let it be. 1. Shopping is NOT a sport.And no, we are never going to think of it that way. 1. Crying is blackmail. 1. Ask for what you wantLet us be clear on this one:Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work!Obvious hints do not work!Just say it! 1. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question. 1. Come to us with a problem only if you want help sol
History Of The F Word!
say it loudly, say it proudly..        
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  Hélène Je m'appelle Hélène Je suis une fille comme les autres Hélène J'ai mes jois, mes peines Elle au font ma vie Comme la votre Je voudrais trouver l'amour Simplement trouver l'amour Hélène Je m'appelle Hélène Je suis une fille comme les autres Hélène Si mes nuits sont plaine du rêve, du poèm Je n'ai rien d'autre Je voudrais trouver l'amour Simplement trouver l'amour Et même Si j'ai ma photo dans tout les journeaux chaque semaine Personne ne m'attend le soir quand je rentre tard Personne n'a fait battre mon coeur lorsque sétaigne la projecteur Hélène Je m'appelle Hélène Je suis une fille comme les autres Je voudrais trouver l'amour Simplement trouver l'amour Et même Quand à la télé Vous me regardez Sourire et chater Personne ne m'attend le soir quand je rentre tard Personne n'a fait battre mon coeur lorsque sétaigne la projecteur Hélène Je m'appelle Hélène Je suis une fille comme les autres Hélène Et tout de mes peines Trouverent l'oubli UN jour ou l'autre Quand je trouver
you ever lose something u wish u never lost?i did years ago. Wish i never lost it. I can hear but rarely see it and never can i touch it again
Some Things Go On Forever
I look to the sky at night and admire the beauty of the stars.I stand in awe of their brilliance,They are as shining and constantas they have been since the beginning of time.They light the heavens and fill our hearts with wonder.When one burns out, another takes its place,for they are eternal.Wherever you are, they guide you from their home high above the earth.At times, they seem close enough to touch, as they transport your dreams far away.Their magic compels us to offer up wishes for their consideration.They make us realize that even when the sky is the darkest,a tiny beacon of light still shines through.They are a reminder to us that some things really do go on forever. Poem By Tammy C.
since I don,t have a salute I have to ask this question this way; Is it true women go absolutly nuts when they see men in uniform or is it just a mith.
Malaysia Delays Caning Of Woman Who Drank Beer
KARAI, Malaysia – Officials say the caning of a Muslim model who was apprehended for drinking beer has been postponed until after the Islamic fasting month. Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno originally had been scheduled to enter a women's prison Monday before being lashed six times with a rattan cane some time this week. However, Mohamad Sahfri Abdul Aziz, a legislator in charge of religious affairs, says the caning will be carried out after the current Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. It began Saturday and will end in mid-September. He says the decision was made at the last minute for compassionate reasons on the advice of the Attorney General's office.     COMPASSIONATE reasons? wtf?
mobilt bredbånd
Not Giving A Fuck Is Aaawesomme!
absotively posilutely the way to go! haha
Not Just Words: And Me.
Nothing you could do or say..will ever make me feel a hint of desire..oh the lovely words..and the gentle moans steady building louder..has no effect upon me..use that on a lesser man..for i am not tempted..cry..howl..and do as you may..i have been this way..for a very long mind is of a care less nature..what is skin to me..but dust..we all fade and die..vanity is a cruel thing..and i will not be held a vanity's mirror..allow your image to be cast in chains..and allow me freedom..i am a lover of art..not a slave to it..i see beauty in its physical..of mental..i care for few..the world is cold..and so am will get no mercy here..lean on anothers ear..for i see no lines..i see lips..wide hips..bedroom eyes..tan tights..not a me..this is my fact to could be like that of death in appearance..and truely..i would not mind..ive seen worst..and you can be as that of a living goddess..and still ive seen better..not
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I never would have thought thatthere'd be a you and me.It wasn't plausible.It wasn't possible.But out of the star-crossed skyfell an opportunity.It feels great.Its so special.Its like magic.It makes my lifesuch a blissful state of euphoria.My eyes sparkle.My soul dances.My heart rejoices.My body quiveres with your every word.My mind can't believe this is not a dream.Could you be real or just a figment of my imagnation?Should I allow myself to belive there is a prince charming?
The Ghost Of Fubar: The Hunting.
I am what one may call..a "ghost" some..i will be others i am just nothing..for me..i am as they say of lurk inside the computer monitor..hanging around the many profiles..till sooner or find me..and see the inner workings of my mind..this is where i live..the formation of words..i am no longer living..i am what they wanted of me..i am what they say i i hang to the form of a see what i allow you to see of me..if you can not hear me..then i am not living enough to reach i hunt the sites i land upon..and the blogs are but my pleas..for somebody to see..the ghost of me..sit near you screen..and feel what i say unto long ago..i was once alive with that of heart..emotions..and love..then due to the many times ive failed..and was body was no longer a matter to i long lift my image..and body behind..and now i appear as that of a ghost..felt once you read me..i course through ink..and pad..such sadness..that i c
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