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Twin Towers
Hennessy In Tennessee, Poetry By Sondra
Hennessy in Tennessee Ambient lighting, low and golden Mahogany table shines like new Velvet seats from days olden I share a bottle of Hennessy in Tennessee with you Soft candlelight and the scent of roses Saxman playing in the corner He has the blues, I supposes As he keeps time with the French Horner Chitlins, greens, okra, fried chicken and cornbread As well as tasty, spicy Cajun fare He blows the bittersweet tunes of those long dead With sorrow in his eyes, and in his
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Its Monday!!!
       To all my friend I just want you to know that I have not been ignoring any of you. Seance May my mother has been fighting her third bought with cancer. This has been very hard on her as well as us girls. Between her treatments, her trips in and out of the hospital, and all around failing heath I have not been able to really keep in touch with all off you. For some of you this is the first time you are hearing about this, the reason for that being is we had all thought that this was going to be like the last two times were it was bad but she got back on her feet fairly quick. That does not seem to be the case this time. Recent events have taken me from work to her on numerous occasions. I know a a lot of you think that I am just flaking on you and that is not the case. I will try to keep in touch the best that I can but for the most part I really do not want to have to go and talk to everyone about this. For now this is the most information that I am willing to part with. I will
Whoopi On Patrick: I Owe Him Much
WireImage As the news of Patrick Swayze's death spreads through the community, his friends and colleagues are beginning to remember happier times and reflect on the actor's legacy. Whoopi Goldberg shared her thoughts on how she will remember the fallen star. "Patrick was a really good man, a funny man and one to whom I owe much that I can't ever repay," she said in a statement. "I believe inGhost's message, so he'll always be near." Swayze passed away on Monday surrounded by his family after a long battle with 
One Year
its been one year to the day i lost a true friend of mine. he was a police officer, and he was doing a police charity ride, and he was hit head on by a ford f-250 while he was riding a police motorcycle. i 'm not doing this for sympathy,i'm mainly doing this to raise awareness. he was a husband and a father of now 4 year old girl. i would like to ask when you out driving to pay attention to your driving. is that phone call, how pretty you must look, radio station, cd, etc. really worth someone's life? he'll never be there for his daughter's first day of school, her first heart break, to put the fear of god to the boy who comes to pick er up, to walk her down the asile when she gets married, and every other little momment in her life. so please just pay attention to your driving  
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A Real Pig!!!
shotglass0 (9/14/2009 11:19:08 PM): heyshotglass0 (9/14/2009 11:19:46 PM): heyLisa (9/14/2009 11:20:03 PM): helloshotglass0 (9/14/2009 11:20:21 PM): can u change ur text color can hardly see itLisa (9/14/2009 11:20:33 PM): its my signature color, i use it all the timeLisa (9/14/2009 11:20:42 PM): add a darker background colorshotglass0 (9/14/2009 11:21:03 PM): i cantLisa (9/14/2009 11:21:10 PM): why notshotglass0 (9/14/2009 11:22:02 PM): cause im on the web versionLisa (9/14/2009 11:22:11 PM): web version?Lisa (9/14/2009 11:22:14 PM): web tv?shotglass0 (9/14/2009 11:23:15 PM): no the web version on the internetshotglass0 (9/14/2009 11:23:22 PM): how old are youLisa (9/14/2009 11:23:34 PM): just like it says in my profile im 46Lisa (9/14/2009 11:23:40 PM): and you?shotglass0 (9/14/2009 11:23:46 PM): 37Lisa (9/14/2009 11:23:49 PM): yours is not in your profile that i can remembershotglass0 (9/14/2009 11:24:01 PM): nope, u marriedLisa (9/14/2009 11:24:08 PM): nope, not marriedshotglass0 (
[wicked Cricket]
(wanna save yourself about 20 minutes of rant?short answer: Personalized Mech JOYGASM!)So... I dropped in on my local game store and picked up the Armored Core 4 (one of my all time favorite game franchises of ever- where you build mobile suits and do tedius missions- and fight AWESOME one on one duels) "For Answer"basically the version 1.12 of the 4th in the series.There are a TON of armored core games.The numeric rules do not apply here- kinda like grand theft auto.If you think about it Grand theft auto Liberty City stories, San Andreas, and Vice City are ALL Gta III (because they share the same engine... a vastly improved engine from game to game- but the same engine)I could go into another HOUR of explaining the progress of this game from point A to point ... Zeta, but there's not really a point because ... I don't even think a fellow ludologist would really care all that much.AC 1 and variants, AC 2 with awesome duel only game PS1 -> AC3 PS2-> PS3 AC4The combat has become about 10
Long Story Short...
*does a spin, comes out looking like Krevlornswath, sings*   I feel good! Dun na nuh na nuh na nuh.     I have seen the light! And, the light is, moping is for people who actually LOST something. Can't lose something that was never real. And, Now that I know the truth, I'm giddy. Self-concious, and feeling kinda fat and stretchmarky, but giddy.
Life / Choices / Options / Uncertainties
Life is strange.  Sometimes I wish I was more than one person.  My mind is forever unsettled.  I have made choices in my life.  Some good, some bad, some I can never go back to, some I wish I could, some I'm glad are gone, some I wish I could make instead of hanging out there forever. I feel overwhelmed with choices and know I can't be the only one with stress and second guesses about choices I've made or choices I want to make and yet I feel alone like I'm the only one. Is it true that one person MUST choose one path and walk it without and trips over the course of their life?  I know it sounds cryptic but I just have a lot of stuff on my mind right now.
Patrick Swayze
LOS ANGELES – Patrick Swayze, the hunky actor who danced his way into viewers' hearts with "Dirty Dancing" and then broke them with "Ghost," died Monday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 57.   "Patrick Swayze passed away peacefully today with family at his side after facing the challenges of his illness for the last 20 months," said a statement released Monday evening by his publicist, Annett Wolf. No other details were given.   Fans of the actor were saddened to learn in March 2008 that Swayze was suffering from a particularly deadly form of cancer.   He had kept working despite the diagnosis, putting together a memoir with his wife and shooting "The Beast," an A&E drama series for which he had already made the pilot. It drew a respectable 1.3 million viewers when the 13 episodes ran in 2009, but A&E said it had reluctantly decided not to renew it for a second season.   Swayze said he opted not to use painkilling drugs while making "The Beast" because they wo
Alice Cooper
What can be said of one of most prolific morbid rockers of this generation except his music continues to blast!  Alice Cooper is added to the play list of BlastFM and it couldn't come to soon.  Check it out
Having A Baby....
Two Gay men decide to have a baby.  They donate their sperm and have a surrogate mother artificially inseminated with it.  When the baby is born, they rush to  the hospital. A dozen babies are in the ward, eleven of whom are crying and screaming..  Over in the corner, one baby is smiling serenely..A nurse comes by, and to the delight of the gay fathers, she points out the happy child as  theirs."Isn't it wonderful?", one gay says to the other..  "All these unhappy babies; and yet our baby is so happy.   This  just proves the superiority of gay love!"The nurse says: "Oh sure, he's happy now, but just watch what happens when I pull the thermometer out of his ass!"
Fuckin Fuck
Today I had to go to the doc same ole same ole..but today was the day I had to sign my pain management contract...and upon doing it am forced to feellike a dirty fucking junkie. h i also have to submit to random drug That is about as retarded as it gets.   went to a chinese buffet for dinner and wow...why do people think I wanna hear their fucking kids scream the whole time.   I get to have another plug biopsy done on my lymph nodes..yay good times. Guess I am done bitching I just wanna break so bad
crapulous\KRAP-yuh-lus\ , adjective:1.Given to or characterized by gross excess in drinking or eating.2.Suffering from or due to such excess.
We have met the enemy and he is us.  -  Walt Kelly
Arousal from telling sex related jokes.
The Government Of Sc!
the government is run by space monkeys with space herpies! there is no cure so we all have to suffer from their stupidity!
Kiss The Season Good Bye
CHICAGO (AFP) - Star linebacker Brian Urlacher will miss the rest of the National Football League season after dislocating his right wrist in the Chicago Bears' opening game against Green Bay, the team said Monday. Urlacher, who battled neck and back injuries the past two seasons, looked to be healthy again, and showed his form with a fierce hit on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Sunday. But on Monday he had surgery to repair a dislocated right wrist and won't return this year, team spokesman Jim Christman confirmed. There was no immediate statement from Urlacher, although he did send the Chicago Tribune a terse text message saying "season is over." Urlacher was hurt in the first quarter of Sunday night's 21-15 loss at Green Bay, but it wasn't clear on which play he was injured. He played in the second quarter, but departed early in the second half. "Talk about a guy that's a great leader," said Hunter Hillenmeyer, who replaced Urlacher at middle linebacker. "First, he plays
Just looking for some insight here....but is it necessary to tell a new love that part of the reason your prior relationship ended was because of your adultery?  
Patrick Swayze Dies At 57
LOS ANGELES - Patrick Swayze, the hunky actor who danced his way into moviegoers' hearts with "Dirty Dancing" and then broke them with "Ghost," died Monday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 57. "Patrick Swayze passed away peacefully today with family at his side after facing the challenges of his illness for the last 20 months," said a statement released Monday evening by his publicist, Annett Wolf. Swayze died in Los Angeles, Wolf said, but declined to give further details. Fans of the actor were saddened to learn in March 2008 that Swayze was suffering from a particularly deadly form of cancer. He kept working despite the diagnosis, putting together a memoir with his wife and shooting "The Beast," an A&E drama series for which he had already made the pilot. Swayze said he opted not to use painkilling drugs while making "The Beast" because they would have taken the edge off his performance. The show drew a respectable 1.3 million viewers when the 13 episodes ran in 2009
Paying Mega Buxx/ability Pts Etc For The New Blings!
Most Effective Birth Control
B.k.p.s. Poetry - A Master’s Piece
Ok well... On Friday, Savv posted a blog of rhymes he wrote about the members of tha Brass Knuckle Poets. (cuz he rawks like dat) So, Saturday I began writing under the same premise, I have nt had an abundance of time for it, but I made due. Needless to say, it got a little out of hand tho. lol In my mind the ideas are clear, but when I start writing it seems to grow like wild fire =D. Soon it turned from a couple verses about each.. into a rant. I did spread myself a lil thin but the overall principle is solid; however, there are DEFINITELY holes in places. Some of the transitions are lacking(to say the least) Generally, I m content with it... for now, if you know me I could refine over and over again for weeks to come. (it is the perfectionist in me) Also, Iv'e read it a number of times, and each part has a flow... er meter-cantor. the first time you read over it It ll probably suck LOL, Be that as it may… I give you: ‘B.K.P.S. - A Master’s Piece’
K0k Pics?
Seems that gets attention on here... If you missed my status, I'm putting it here. IDGAF about some rich actor dying. It happens to real people every minute, and they don't get media circuses. My childhood friend Gina died Saturday - CNN's not caring that her kids are without a parent anymore. All these people with "RIP Patrick" and shit in their status - they don't give a shit that her daughter lived in Korea and hadn't seen her in years. Nope. They're too busy caring about some actor that played in one or two good movies. THAT's what I don't give a shit about. People die. It's part of life. Yeah, yeah, he had a fight with cancer - so did my sister - for 7 years - no media circus for her two kids or her high school sweetheart husband who was destroyed when she died... nope. Bah, this country is fucked. We care this much about strangers dying? We've got our priorities FUCKED.
To preface, I am a tough motherfucker. I can handle anything and have. My wife all of my old friends and my family have died and I'm tired of being alone. I can't believe how hard a day like today can be when you have no one to go home to. I've been hit in the ribs with a bat, shot at and almost stabbed while tracing cars for my shitty job. They don't care. The paperwork just says difficult acquisition. Is it going to change? Fuck no, I'm sentenced to being alone and hated and depended upon by sttrangers until I allow one of these fuckers to actually do me in. Sometimes I just wanna dare one of these assholes to kill me, HOW FUCKING SAD. I can't be this much of a pussy, I can't be this much of an ass. What is gonna happen. Something has got to change. fuck
Here Is Your Chance To Own Me:-)">">COME ONE COME ALL!!! CHECK IT OUTYOU KNOW YOU WANT TO My Fu-Wife NunuyaBand I are both up for auction!!!Would you like to own one or both of us???Well here’s your chance.Come on by and check us out Give us a bid you won’t be sorry NunyaB Justfishing This bulletin was made by JustfishingJustfishing-Fu-Hubby To Nunyab@ fubar
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Everyone Else
What is up with the pics.Its who ever shows more wins.What prize are you chicks going for?I like to show off sometimes but I am looking at all this and thinking its like bad porn.Please at least make a tasteful pic with cleavage and a pretty smile.Not hoes from ya.
Rip Patrick Swayze
By Susan Wloszczyna, USA TODAY Patrick Swayze, the gracefully macho Texan who swiveled his way to movie stardom in 1987's Dirty Dancing, died Monday at the age 57 after waging a valiant public battle against pancreatic cancer. "Patrick Swayze passed away peacefully today with family at his side after facing the challenges of his illness for the last 20 months," said a statement released Monday evening by his publicist, Annett Wolf. No other details were given. Fans of the likable actor have been prepared for such an outcome for more than a year, ever since the National Enquirer blared the headline, "Patrick Swayze Has 5 Weeks to Live." He managed to defy that prediction, though he was pragmatic about his chances and candid when discussing the ordeal of fighting such a virulent illness that usually kills 95% of its victims within five years. "You can bet I'm going through hell," he told Barbara Walters on Jan. 8 in his first TV interview since he was diagnosed. "And I've only see t
Sun Tzu The Art Of War
All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.Sun TzuAll war is based on deception.Sun TzuAll war is deception.Sun TzuAll warfare is based on deception.Sun TzuBe extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent's fate.Sun TzuCan you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?Sun TzuConfront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive for victory.Sun TzuFor them to perceive the advantage of defeating the enemy, they must also have their rewards.Sun TzuFor to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.Sun TzuHe who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious
I sent this email to my friends, they all proceeded to rate me a 1 and block me, even the ones that don't know about fubar... ADD DAY!   hmm all words 3 letters   I just tried to make a sentence of 3 letter words.   Epic Fail   /wrists   ded   arg   ye matey   rum   oooh why is the rum always gone?   that was random   do it again   fuck I can't now   /wrists   wait, i'm already a dead pirate, what good would it be to slash my wrists?  
Playing With Fire Lyrics
[Intro]So you've got so many diamonds,You wear all the finest clothes,And your grill is shining,As you're driving down the streets of gold,[Hook:]But you can't blame me if I set this stage on fire[Verse 1]Mama always told me I was crazy,My hoes say I'm amazing,But I don't listen to a lady,But the bitch say I'm hot,And I say no bitch I'm blazing, like what the fuck do you expect, I'm motherfucking cajunI feel caged in my mind, it's like my flow doing time, I goes crazy inside,but when it comes out it's fine, like wine, wait, watch, seeI get better with time like a watch osh-be-gosh-poshSpice husband couldn't kick it like I kick it bitch I kicks cereal like a land and I sticks it.whatever she asks me, after she licks it.that's too explicit, but why you listening,(sniff) I smell smoke, is somethin sizzling?that's a pussy, so hey pussy play with pussy or play pussy.[Hook][Verse 2]They say you're nobody 'til somebody kills youwell where I'm from you're nobody 'til you kill somebody.An
Phone Home Lyrics
This is This is This is this isWe Are Not The Same i am a Martian 2x (Greetings from Planet Weezy) (We will begin Transmission in) (5,4,3,2,1) [Hook] 4x Phone Home Weezy And if you feel like ur the best go head and do the weezy wee And Phone Home Weezy Phone Home Weezy [Verse 1] We are not the same i am a martian and im hotter than summer rain like Carl Thomaslock load ready to aim at any target i can get ur brains for a bargain like i bought it from target hiphop is my supermarket shoppin cart full of fake hip hop artist im starvin soarin i gotta eat all em and i be back in the morning [Hook] [Verse 2] We are not the same i am an alien like gonzalez young college student who done jus flipped the game like houston im use to promethazine in 2 cups im screwed up and ya aint shit if u aint never been screwed up flow so sick make u wanna throw ya food up ice water chest and my wrist like a pool cup two twin clippers i give ya ass a crew cut i get bread like cold cuts ya know wat ya girl go
The Circle ...
Have you ever spoken to people and realised that some are just so single minded they can't see that a tree not only grows to provide shade, but also, for its' beauty and its' uses ...  It is a multi dimensional being, of the Universe.  Just as we are ... I have found that being a circle ... I can fit anywhere ... but not everyone else can fit me. In order to move effectively a circle must move on smooth territory to run effectively ... the circle can take the ruff roadway and bounce off, perhaps get damaged too, but being a circle it can gently get moving again. What's the box doing ???  It sits there firm, and steadfast due to its' shape.  Unless someone knocks it down hill in which case all the edges get knocked off and the descent down the hill causes it to become more circle like. If nothing causes it to move the edges may firm up again. If there is movement, it rolls down the hill smoothly and in control, until it decides to park itself somewhere again becoming immobile and h
Question For 09.14.09
What is one thing that can instantly turn you off to a love interest? Why?         Please rate this blog! Thank you so much!!!
Never Wait Til Tomorrow...
Never wait till tomorrow to hug someone you can hug today. Here's your hug from me since I can't be there.
Some Of You Are Lucky.
And Fubar saved you from me posting this on your page.">   Fucking anti-spam.If I have to hear it for days so should you.
hey you.. bloggers. sexys;) just thought i'd write a quick blog before ii go.. so i'll be back with some new pics, they are on my cell then we're just chill out i guess. anyway be back later;) rate me!
Wut Da Hell: Guy Tries To Sing Mariah Carey Songs On The X Factor With A Voice That Will Throw You Off!
Girl Rejects Guy's Proposal At A Baseball Game &
~bratt~ Wants To Spoil You For 2 Weeks. See How:)
Oh Snap: Rodney King Schedule To Fight Former Police Officer In A Celebrity Boxing Match!
Kanye West Interrupts President Obama's Speech [vma Parody
well i had my interview with bankers life and casualty today and they are gonna call people tomorrow by 10am   if i dont hear back tho i didnt make here goes the wait
Age Catchin Up? Madonna Almost Passes Out During Show!
The Weak...
The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
Vitamin Product
Hello, my name is Zak Garcia and I am an independent representative for a company called Max International. We are trying to bridge the gap between the vitamin industry and the pharmaceutical industry through our amazing product, MaxGXL. I would love to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact me or check out our site for more info!
A Lie... (thanks For Sharing This Metessa!
A lie has speed, but truth has endurance.
Catheter Ablation
Color me a candidate. I've had issues with my heart since birth, and they culminated into a major surgery on my aorta, a major artery that is connected to the heart. As a side effect of the surgery, a second electrical pathway was formed. Technically, the heart is only supposed to have one electrical pathway down the center of it, but a second pathway may or may not be life threatening depending on its severity and effect. Mine is apparently worrisome enough to go in and be burned off. It's an outpatient proceedure, and from what I've been told, it's fairly safe. My only concern is that two lines will be put into my body (neck and groin) to go into my heart to find the second pathway. With a 90% success rate, chances are slim that the proceedure would have to be done again. I'm just looking forward to an end to the problems with my heart.
Bet You Didn't Know
In Greek mythology, Priapos (Ancient Greek: Πρßαπος) Latinized as Priapus was a minor rustic fertility god, protector of livestock, fruit plants, gardens and male genitalia. His Roman equivalent was Mutinus Mutunus. He was best noted for his huge, permanently erect penis
Electionday Today
And I went and did my citizen duty - as I always do! Watching the news all the time to see what the final result will be. I hardly ever watch tv but tonight I do.  It is exciting! It has been a long tiering day in my Daybed - a lot of ups and downs I may add.  Started early and went from there.  Pain?  Oh yeah! No worries - its there.  Meds you ask?  Sure as hell!  They just dont seem to work all that well.  Had some stuff I needed to get done.  Most important and top of my list : To VOTE!  And I did.  With a smile even!  Have to say - its been stressing me out a bit.  And my body dont like stress at all!  Of any sort.  It starts arguing with me!  Damn thing!  Double doze with the strong stuff calmed it down long enough for me to go and vote.  And that was a good thing.  Bad thing : Im comming off it as I write this.  I hope I get some sleep in a while - right now I shouldnt even bother with it.  Im in my Daybed - remote on the table - candle lit and incent burning.  No music at
Chatrooms, Such Fun
hardick26: hi me: Hi hardick26: a.s.l. if i may ask? me: 88, yes, here hardick26: any pics? me: to the right hardick26: nice me: So thrilled you approve hardick26: you alone? me: No, and what difference would it make if I was? hardick26: you have a cam? me: Nope hardick26: you should take your pants off me: You should grow up ______________________________________________________ jc: asl? me: In the profile you didn't bother to read jc: yea sorry for not readin it jc: i only look at the pic that's all that matter's me: Well then you don't matter cuz you don't have one in yours. Bye now
The Matrix Unloaded
“And the LORD said unto Moses, Hew thee two tables of stone like unto the first: and I will write unto these tables the words that were in the first tables, which thou brakest.”  I am just a little surprised that the LORD didn’t obliterate Moses as well due to what He refers to opening the thirty-fourth chapter of Exodus.  If you’ll remember, Moses destroyed the original tablets when he came down from mount Sinai and saw the children of Israel worshiping the molten calf, claiming it as their God Who brought them out of Egypt.  But Moses stood in the way of the LORD obliterating the children of Israel by calling His reputation into account – why deliver Your people from slavery if You’re only going to destroy them in the wilderness, that was his argument – and, at least the way I’m reading the story, won the LORD’s respect. So Moses by himself was the one called back into the full presence of God (His glory from the previous chapter
Blackbird - The Beatles
Blackbird singing in the dead of night Take these broken wings and learn to fly All your life You were only waiting for this moment to arise Black bird singing in the dead of night Take these sunken eyes and learn to see all your life you were only waiting for this moment to be free Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly Into the light of the dark black night. Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly Into the light of the dark black night. Blackbird singing in the dead of night Take these broken wings and learn to fly All your life You were only waiting for this moment to arise, You were only waiting for this moment to arise, You were only waiting for this moment to arise
Fuckin' Indiana
So yea, I'm supposed to have gotten a debit card for my unemployment money, today at the latest....mail comes....still no card. I call them up and they can resend a new card that will take another 5-10 business days, or I can pay $15 to have them expedite it.  WTF?!?  Why in the hell should I have to pay them for not providing me with the service and access to the money I need?   Not many things actually piss me off, but fucking with my money is one of them.
Naked Quiz
See any old friends today?sorta Do you have any voicemails on your cellphone? dont have voice mailHow many times a day do you shower?2 times usuallyWhen you wake up what’s the first thing you do? get something to drinkDo you play video games?SometimesWhat’s the last thing you bought?Arbys What states have you been too?Georgia, Florida, North/south Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas,Arizona, New Mexico, California, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Alabama, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Ohio, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Conn, Mass, Nevada,Are you a high school drop out?GRADUATED 2006 ! Left handed or right handed?RightLook out the window, what do you see?Volley Ball CourtWhat is to your left?a cup What was the last thing that made you laugh?Evans faceDo you read the newspaper?yesCan you cook? Kinda I can bake better How many pets do you have?2 catsAre you close with your parents? noHow many best friends do you have?threeWhat are you doing tonight?nothing  
Grindhouse Radio Pt. 2
and to add a couple more things that i forgot to add in my first blog. that certain someone that told me my lounges were all failures also used to tell me that i'm a lame ass rock dj lol. well right now he does have one of the most popular metal lounges on fu but i am far from a rock dj. i'm a 200% metal dj and have been since i opened my very first lounge. so Aaron aka Jesus666 Owner of Excito Diabolus if you read either one of my blogs you can choke on that pole that you have embedded up your ass.    !,,! GRINDHOUSE RADIO FOREVER !,,!
Chris Ayala On Taylor Swift's Moment Being Ruined By Kanye West.
Chris Ayala on Taylor Swift's moment being ruined by Kanye West Share  Today at 4:06pm | Edit Note | Delete Normally i blog about my point of view on women and their issues, but after what haapened at last nights VMA's, I couldn't ignore the injustice that took place. 19 year old american country, pop singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actress Taylor Swift won her first ever video music award for best female video and during her acceptance speach, was rudely and disgracefully interupted by Kanye West. West grapped the microphone away from Swift and stated that Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. Although Taylor was given another opportunity to give thanks for the award when Beyonce won video of the year, what Kanye West did overshadowed Taylor's accomplishment. West wasn't even nominated for any VMA's this year, so what gives him the right to make an opinion about an award that had nothing to do with him? Although if you know Kanye West, he is notorious for talking and
Grindhouse Radio
Ok i normally do not do this. Post a blog that is. But what i would like to say is that yes i have owned several different lounges in my time on fubar. and a certain someone that i despise has a lounge that is a metal lounge like the ones i've had in the past used to tell me that they were all failures. ok i admit they were. i couldn't find the staff i needed so i closed em all. right now i own another metal lounge. it's not doing that well either but i'm not gonna let what he has told me in the past bother me. yes i need more staff and especially DJ's. but we all know that i can't make someone come work for my lounge and i admit that i have a bad attitude at times and developed alot of haters here on fu. My deepest apologies to those who don't care for me. But anyway, i would really like to see my lounge go somewhere this time. i don't expect to be on the first page of lounges everyday but once in awhile would be nice. but first and foremost i need more staff and members to join. i kn
Michigan Beats Notre Dame!
The atmosphere at the Big House was A-MAIZE-ING! If anyone watched the game you probably noticed a block-letter 'M' in the student section of the stands. This is where you could find me...somewhat under the influence and cheering on my team. There was over 106,000 people there and most of us we're standing up for the entire game! (That is why there was no wave this game :P) The air was charged and the level of excitement was unreal! Everytime the music came on people were trying to start mosh pits and a few were even crowd surfing! I'm a sophmore and I went to every home game last year and I have to say this is BY FAR the loudest, most exciting game I've seen! The only bad part about yesterday was the fact that I lost my M-card somewhere in the sea of maize. But I quickly forgot about it after the last drive :) I love Tate!!!! This team makes me exceptionally proud to be a Wolverine!   GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Recipe For Perfect Family
You will need:1 large house3-6 people, depending on how long you want to wait for it to be done3 cups of pets2 cups of patience3 ounces of anger/frustration3 quarts of laughter4 teaspoons of trustAnd last but definitely not least,Lots and lots of loveFirst, open the house, and make sure that it will be the right size for your family. Mix the desired amount of people with the pets, carefully so you don’t damage them. In a separate bowl, stir the love and laughter together. Set aside. Taking each person separately, evenly distribute the patience and trust, making sure that each one gets an equal amount (Failure to distribute evenly may lead to different recipe! See recipe for “My impatient family” for details…). Carefully open the bottle of anger/frustration. Using a Q-tip, dab small portions of the anger/frustration onto each person. Lastly, take the love and laughter and sprinkle it all over the house, pets, and people. Let sit until all parts of the recipe are
The night is silent but for the beat of our hearts the air still as if all else has been frozen for this moment when your arms wrap around me pulling me close as our lips caress and tease Fingers roam and play over gentle skin etching into memory the rapture that courses through us and the passion that ignites the embers of our love Soft sighs fall into the night time rumbles on and on Our bodies wrapped together as one we watch the moon fade and the sun begin another day We kiss and lay our heads slumber finally setting in Our fingers touch and we smile again knowing our dreams will never surpass our reality
In Memory Of A Dear Friend
In Memory of a Dear Friend. DOCY, we miss you. May you Rest in God's Eternal Peace. Search Video Codes
I Love People...
So yesterday was suppose to be a fairly simple day...and well for the most part it was...and for anyone that knows me even a little I hope that you have come to understand that my life takes a lot of unexpected turns and sideroads...this why I am the way I am...welll yesterday was no different... Was just trying to do a simple task wire some money to my lil sis so she didnt end up bringing a newborn home to no electricity...times are is limited..especially for young families...anyhow..this was the task I was trying to accomplish..and yes using mass transit..whatever cool right...go to the nearest 7/11,which was even listed on western union's wedsite as a location to provide you with all  your western union needs, they lied! So had toget another bus and go in the opposite directions just to catch the train (because the easier route no longer exists wonderful...while waiting for the bus that would carry my happy ass to the train  young man...wearing all black, combat boots,
Will I Ever
Will i ever be enough?Will i ever make you proud?Will i ever not be one of your daily disappointments?Will i ever fit into your minds perfect image you have of me?Will i ever be good enough to fit into your dream world?Will i ever get to be myself?Will i ever get to feel?Will i ever be able to live my life?Will i ever not let you down? Will i ever get to be happy?Will i ever get to feel i wont always fail?Will i ever be able to do stuff in my own way?Will i ever be free from your ridicule?Will i ever be let go from the nitpicks?Will i ever get to see your stubborness end?Will i ever be able to do anything right?just getting fed up with it all honestly.. im just so sick and tired of never being enough and people always wanting more. i cant be a perfect image of what everyone thinks i should be. i have to be myself and do things in my own time. I'm not a child that can be pushed around and made to do whatever you want to please yourself for that point and time. I need to live for myself
Vampiress Twat Waffle
As always, read from the bottom up.  People like this idiot are why I think more women should fucking swallow.  She didn't even give me the chance to reply before blocking me.  What a cunt.       vampiress: i may be 21 but i am not dumb and fyi chik its called living in the now not the future i see ur future tho and its all fucked up later bitch->vampiress: Actually, yes, I've met quite a few normal people and people that have a grip on reality. I'll just leave it at you being young and dumb. We've all been there.vampiress: have u ever met a normal person there are people who claim to be but no one is ever normal->vampiress: most normal people don't like drama... then again, seeing your page and stuff, I don't know that you have a firm grip on normal.vampiress: i dont like blogging and plus i like the drama it gives me advice on my book so all those cruel comments i use i just take advantage ..good enough for u
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Lbb Entry 29
Cna Yuo Raed Dis
fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too. Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mni d deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs forwrad it.  I actuaslly type like this some times .
Stalin Quotes
    A sincere diplomat is like dry water or wooden iron.Joseph StalinDeath is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem.Joseph StalinDeath solves all problems - no man, no problem.Joseph StalinEducation is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.Joseph StalinEveryone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach.Joseph StalinGaiety is the most outstanding feature of the Soviet Union.Joseph StalinGratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs.Joseph StalinHistory shows that there are no invincible armies.Joseph StalinI believe in one thing only, the power of human will.Joseph StalinI trust no one, not even myself.Joseph StalinIdeas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.Joseph StalinIf any foreign minister begins to defend to the death a "peace conference," you can be sure his government has already placed its orders for new battleships and airplanes.Joseph StalinIf the
So I went to the doctor today. They told me that I "might" have the flu. I wasn't going to pay over 100 for the test and then another 100 for the pills. Esp. since the flu pills only shortened the symptoms for one day. I'm now on other medication.   I haven't been on much in the past few days because all I've been doing is sleeping.  In 2 days, I've been awake for a total of about 5 hours. I still feel like shit. Seriously, someone needs to come take care of me. I feel like a wimp.
What Would You Do For A....
Smoke? It hasn't even been 24 hours since I bumbed that last cig off of GBT. I have cut back drastically from a pack a day to 4 or 5 over the weekend. Still those few cigs were enough to get me through the day. I always knew I was an addict. I always knew I had very little will power, But HOLY SHIT the things my nicotine addicted brain thinks up to get me to go in search of smokes. Scary thoughts.  Disturbing thoughts. Crazy crack whore thoughts. Luckily, I haven't acted upon any of them. I have however, chewed my fingernails to the nub and cleaned several things that really didn't need to be cleaned. I haven't been over eating. I am such an addict I actually feel sick with out my fix. I smell the smoke in everything in my house. Everything. It makes me miss it more as well as disgusted with myself. I really loved smoking. LOVED IT. But I keep telling myself $180 a month. Stained teeth. Cancer. Dirty fucking habit. It's almost enough. Almost. i think the thing that is sa
Very Busy 9 Months
Very busy 9 months...... Current mood: content The past 9 months have been so busy... This past winter I moved into a house on the river. The owner of the house let me live there RENT FREE as long as I fixed the place up and do repairs. I had 6 months to fix it. With-in the 1st month, I found myself a full time job. I put all my free time and money into it. Her PROMISE was that if I got the house fixed (she had a list) with-in the 6 months, she would draw up paper work for me to "Rent-to-Own" @ $400/m for 6 yrs. (sounded like a good deal at the time) Well, them 6 months went by. Not only did I do all that was on HER list, I had a list of my own.The house was beautiful, inside and out. (Ieven landscaped it!) Next thing I know, I get a certified letter in the mail from her stating that I've got 30 days to move out!!!! WTF!!!! That BITCH!!!! ~LISA BETH MATHIS~ Now, none of the stuff above was ever put in writing ( I'm such a dumb-ass for that and I should have known better)
The Job - Urine Test
THE JOB - URINE TEST(Whoever wrote this one deserves a HUGE pat on the back!) Like most folks in this country, I have a job. I work, they pay me.  I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that paycheck in my case, I am required to pass a random urine test (with which I have no problem). What I do have a problem with is thedistribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test.So, here is my Question:  Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test toget a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them?Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sitting on their as# - doing drugs, while I work. . . . Can you imagine how much money each state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check? I guess we could title that program, 'Urine or You're Out'.Pass this along if you agree or simply delete
N.w O.
To Disarm The People Sponsored by The People's Dominion You Be The Judge and Jury is a FREE on-line book exposing the acts of rebellion, sedition, insurrection and treason being committed by the Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, U.S. Government against We the People.  The United States Government, Federal Reserve Banks, IRS, Internal Revenue Service,  the President, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Governors, lawyers, judges, FBI, and CIA have been committing treason, rebellion, insurrection, and waging war against its people under the War Powers Act of 1917, as amended, March 9, 1933.  It's all right here in black and white! To Disarm The People offers further proof of the Crimes being committed. God, Satan "The Illuminati" and Bible Prophesy Exposed! The defendants in the case are the Board of Governors Federal Reserve Banks, IRS and the United States Government et al.  You be the Judge and Jury! The final verdict of Guilt or Innocen
Trips In Life
Just when you think life is beautiful and going great, somethign happens beyond your understanding and you fall flat on your face once again... You lose everything you have invested your life, love and soul into... Once again you find yourself alone and Lost...
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i am a submissive in real life i do have a master that does control everymove i make and i do what he wants when he wants it... i love to please him... with handcuffs and i am collared and owned in real life..i am 31 years of age and very happy at doing this if you do not understand why i do this kind of stuff i will be free to answer any question you ask of me....
Updates And News
Hey guys we have a lot of news for the group since last week to fill you guys in on. But before I go into that I'd like to thank everyone that went by our member Mary's page and showed her some support and love through the difficult passing of her father last week. I definetly appreciate everyone doing that and coming together as a group and showing her support. First news of the day the group has a new Co-Leader and her name is Tera Loves Ebou. She's 2nd in command of the entire group so if you have any questions and I'm not around or you don't have my text to ask me questions just hit her up for information and she will help you as best as she can or will relay the info to me and I'll give her the info to give to you. If anyone else would like to be a Co-Leader just hit me up and let me know,I need all the help I can get because I'm busy working,making cards and rating the new members and TRYING to rate the current members as well as finding targets for the group to rate blogs to ma
today is my birthday, and its great day and abeauitful day too.
Good Links
Take Surveys Get Paid My KTVU Site My RingLink Profile AfterEd Are you IN? Remedy Drive Backpacker's Ultimate Guide Andy's HiErasmus Page Mother Earth All about webhosting OpenSocial Andy's Q
Capture The Flag
  ...and so I did marry a music man. He plays the unchained melody of freely given love, loyalty, and laughter. A dancer could not wish for more...
Adrian Peterson Is The Man!
Self Serving World
In retrospect of Kanye West's outburst at the MTV Video awards and Madonna's self serving "Im the grestest ever" speech; I find myself pondering the world today. I'm in a quandry to some degree because I am not the sort of self serviing person that most of the rest of the world has turned into. So I am puzzled, and lost when surrounded by people like this, day in and day out. I can not escape the mantra's of others as they bombard me with themselves, subject me to their arrogance and smother me with their existance. What gives anyone the right to be so self serving, so self absorbed as to not realize that the world around them would not exist without the rest of us? Their existance alone is not what allows the human race to endure. And celebrities..... what a crock. Most of them are not all that talented, just as most of the models arent without their flaws, and so on. It takes producers, directors, screen and songwiriters, musicians and the like, photographers and Paintshop Pro to c
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Facebook Blog
  Hello Everyone, I just recieved this next message: "URGENT!! Apparently the FAN CHECK Application is a VIRUS that takes 48 hours to kick in. Even if you are tagged in a photo the virus still attacks you. Please inform all you friends and remove/...delete the application ASAP. Copy and paste this as your status so word gets around quickly.
So, I'm not particuarly happy that I had to stop what I was doing to write this blog because my mind really couldn't begin to focus until I got this out of my system. Let me start out by saying I hate stupid people. Completely ignorant, stupid, lack of common sense people. HATE it. If I was stupid myself, I would attempt to rid the world of stupid people, but that's like getting world peace to happen. And, not to mention, shows such as America's Funniest Home Videos wouldn't exist, and it's one of my all time favorite shows and I grew up with that and Bob Saget. So I suppose not ALL stupid people are bad. But anyways..... I hate people that think they know everything, or they assume they know what you're talking about, and they attack you for it. For the first 30 seconds I just stare blankly because I cannot wrap my head around some people's obvious stupidity. Then my anger kicks in from people assuming shit. I normally don't give a shit what people think about me, but I've really f
Which Reminds Me...
So I was thinking about my traffic ticket and thinking about karma and how maybe I deserved it for wrong doings not caught or perhaps it was going to prevent an accident because I would now be hyper aware of my driving. But then I remembered one night about 3 or 4 years ago.  I was driving home from the strip club, working not patronizing, and about a mile down the road I got pulled over. This young officer came up to the door, I rolled down my window. It was raining and winter so it was even more bothersome.  He told me he pulled me over because my license plate light was out.  I had recently had the car worked on so I figured that was a result of it. However, something about his demeanor seemed a little too casual.  So I asked him his name not seeing a name tag on his uniform.  He said his name was Steve. "Officer Steve?" I asked him suspiciously. "Yeah." He said kind of cocky. Then his partner waved him over to leave.  Then he told me he'd let me go with a warning and to have a
An Update On My Monday...
So, to add to the already crappy start - a recap and late morning update: Flat tire Vehicular manslaughter of a squirrel (thanks to Mr. Adorable, I've moved beyond the grief for this one) Office ceiling leaking Office ceiling now caving in and plaster periodically showering my desk and files Choked on my bubble gum Lost the rest of my bubble gum Burned my finger while lighting my candle Empty soap dispenser in the bathroom (huge pet peeve) Out of paper towels as well in the bathroom. Toilet paper roll was placed on the holder incorrectly (it must go OVER not under) Ink pen leaked on my hands Used half of the soap I just filled to clean my ink stained hands Spent the first 20 minutes talking to a lady about her schizophrenic son who is in jail for beating up his doctor. Spen the last 10 mintues talking to same lady about the conversations her son has with her when she is not there. *Positive note - first Monday that has not begun with an unwanted penis encounter; howe
Results!!! (these Are Final, No Arguing, Or You Gets Nuffin!!! O.o)
All entries were based on a scale of 1-10 in three categories: WTF?!?!?, Funny, and Sexy Points were then scaled. I know you don't care, but I DO, so :P AND SO, WITHOUT MUCH MORE FANFARE EVEN!!! THE RESULTS ARE!!!!!!!     ...     wait for it :D (evil lil shit, ain't i?)   #1 Queen Candace score on Submission 2 of 25 #2 Rascal MFKN Rabbit score on only Submission of 22 #3 JT Scrore on only Submission of 21 #4 Blessed score on only Submission of 19 #5 Everyone else, because it REALLY got too hard to keep finding flaws while i had to pee! THUS!!! everyone entering will get slightly better prizes!   Thank you all for making this one of the best times I've had :)   I love ya all :D
My Crew
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Why Can't People Listen?
Just once it would be nice if someone listened to something I say. I input any checks received into our invoice software before it goes to the office manager to be put in our account. I specifically sent an email saying NOT to hold the checks until I came back but to make a copy of them with a note on when they came in. Rather pointless to hold checks for a week until I come back. So what happens? They're fucking held a week!
Traffic Ticket
So I was on my way to a friend's house last night to go to the karaoke competition and I was pulled over by a CHP. Why do they always ask you if you know why they pulled you over? Are they hoping you'll give them more to stick you with? "Well I imagine you pulled me over because I was talking on my phone, eating dinner, failed to use my turn signal, expired registration and no insurance...Oh and the warrants!" "Actually you didn't stop back there but rolled right through that stop sign but hey, thanks for giving me all that!" I couldn't believe it, I'm really anal about following the rules, well for the most part, I do speed from time to time but not through residential or schools or anything like that.  As a matter of fact, I'm always complaining about people blowing through this four way stop on the way to my house...not a 'California stop' but driving straight through.  I can't drive without my seat belt, I use my turn signal every's just second nature.  I told him t
Once Upon A Time Chapter 3
The Eyes Of Heart The eyes of the heart may have opened at last Could it be that the maiden is just within his grasp The sound of his heart beating echoes in his ears Could she be the queen he has longed after for so many years The knight is still unsure of his next step He doesn't want to make a move he will later regret So for now he will proceed with care As to not chase away this maiden so fair
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The Poem Let Me Know What Ya Think
        I wonder when she looks in the mirror does she see memories past or if I am the last thing on her mind. I wonder does she often think more of the bad and not so much of the good memories.           I wonder does she know that I still care, for of course she was my greatest love affair.           I wonder why I let her go and walk out of my life, because since then my time on this planet has been filled with strife.           I wonder will she read this and know, that no matter how hard I try I can't let the past go.           I wonder does she know that she was the best thing I ever ruined. I wonder if things were different I wouldn't be where I am today.          By far and away I often wonder these things to often, but I just can't stop them from filling my mind.          I wonder does she know she was truly my first love and I appreciate her being the one I may never forget.
I Loved This Article
This was also posted to my stash. Clinton, 9/11, and the Republicans' Born-Again "Virginity" Problem By driftglass Monday Sep 14, 2009 7:00am crossposted from Driftglass at the request of Crooks and Liars editors “...they turned to prayer, beseechingthat the sin which had been committedmight be wholly blotted out.” -- 2 Maccabees. 12:42 Once upon a time, there was a President named Bill Clinton, who was, by most historical standards, a typical Centrist Republican, although by a fluke of geography and circumstances he ran for public office with a "(D)" after his name. Under his Administration, many Conservative ideas which had long gathered dust on the shelf -- ideas such as welfare reform, a balanced budget, debt reduction, a strict “Pay as You Go” fiscal regime, a boom in technology jobs, budget surpluses, NAFTA, GATT, official bans on gay marriage, etc. -- were finally realized. And for all of his good work on behalf of their ideology, Con
What's Been Going On In 514's World.
So, let's see. I've been away. Figured I might as well blog about it. Since everyone all of a sudden remembers me :p   So a friend of mine got into some "legal problems" which might have brought some stuff to my front door. That was part of my disapearance. Another part is the fact that the bank I worked for got put into recievership by the FDIC which was a SCARY situation. I won't go into details on the process npr already did it to the "T".   The biggest part though was this wonderful surgery I went through. I went to an ENT one day who is a friend of the family. I went in saying, my allergies suck and I've never really have been able to breathe out of the left side of my nose. After getting scoped which is NOT enjoyable.     I was found to have, numerous polyps and a cyst in my sinus cavity. The cause (later determined) was the lack of maintaing my allergies. There was a medical term but I don't remember nor do I care. I also had a severly deviated septum.   Sooooooooo
hmmmmmmmm correct me if im wrong, but i believe pogo is a place where you can play games and win "tokens" now fubar has what "borrowed" this concept, yet they whine when other people use there ideas, things that make you go hmmmmmmmm
Daily Horoscope
You've been working very hard for a long time, dear Pisces, and now you might find yourself thinking of ways to reward yourself. A trip that you might have been dreaming of making might suddenly seem to be more within your grasp. Today you might decide to actually make the arrangements. You could well decide to stay for a long time, for there is much that you can learn through this trip. did they know?i don't know about a long trip unless it's some orders somewhere.but i am defintely due a short break.all in time  
Lets Play..
wanna be friends????
You Will Be Missed Bro
        In Remembrance Of Docy    
Someone Help Me!
Something has happened. I really like this Miley Cyrus song. :/    
New Auction 9/14/09
A Real Friend!!
911 Lest We Forget
'MEET ME IN THE STAIRWELL' You say you will never forget where you were when you heard the news On September 11, 2001. Neither will I. I was on the 110th floor in a smoke filled room with a man who called his wife to say 'Good-Bye.' I held his fingers steady as he dialed. I gave him the peace to say, 'Honey, I am not going to make it, but it is OK..I am ready to go.' I was with his wife when he called as she fed breakfast to their children. I held her up as she tried to understand his words and as she realized he wasn't coming home that night.. I was in the stairwell of the 23rd floor when a woman cried out to Me for help. 'I have been knocking on the door of your heart for 50 years!' I said. 'Of course I will show you the way home - only believe in Me now.' I was at the base of the building with the Priest ministering to the injured and devastated souls. I took him home to tend to his Flock in Heaven. He heard my voice and answered. I was on all four of those planes, in every seat, w
On A Serious Note!! Plzz Read!!
People Who Died
According to the sources, Jim Carroll, the renowned poet and the punk rocker who is best known for writing “The Basketball Diaries”, took his last breathe on Friday. He was 60. Sources reveal that Carroll died after succumbing to a heart attack at his home in Manhattan. The report was confirmed by Carroll’s ex-wife, Rosemary Carroll. Carroll, a teenage basketball star at Trinity had a chaotic life that was marred with drugs. Carroll extensively wrote about his drug abuse, which is witnessed in his autobiographical tale, “The Basketball Diaries”. Carroll published several poetry collections of his and his album “Catholic Boy” is regarded as a landmark punk record. Carroll’s stint at the New York art scene as a teenager opened the windows for the creative genius, although drugs kept crawling into his life. His gradual inclination to writing poems and his flair already had earned him the reputation as “The new Bob Dylan” during
Football Party
So this year my son is finally starting to show some interest in those of you who know me best know its a huge deal! Well next Sunday during the Vikings vs Lions game I've decided to let my son have a football party. We've invited the usual suspects already....just a few close friends...nothing huge. I'm trying to think of some good apps to have on hand...We're already gonna have chips and salsa, rice krispie bars, and pickle roll ups....but for the life of me I can't think of what else to have....Ideas?
Thoughts On Ms
thoughts on MS Current mood:  accomplishedCategory: Blogging I have been dealing with this for 6 years now, and it has been very difficult for me to handle. Now I, just like many others in this condition, have considered taking the wimp's way out. I considered suicide, but I realized that was the wrong way to handle this. So to all of you, I am still here so I am taking this one day at a time. And if it bothers those around me, they're just gonna have to suck it up and take it. The main thing I need is my own mode of transportation. That is the one thing I would really love. So these are my thoughts for now.
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On Socialism And Medical Care Coverage
Given the current debate i the U.S. over health care coverage, the word Socialism is getting tossed around like beach ball at a lakeside picnic.  Unfortunatly, most of the people tossing the word have no more idea of what that word means than the average picnicer.  At best, most folks simply don't know the difference and misuse the word, at worst the word is being thrown as a red herring to scare the HELL out of people. Capitalism: the means of production, (industry, business and such) is controlled by the owners, (those who have POWERFUL CAPITAL) Government can be an elected republic... but need not be. Socialism: the means of production is controlled by the WORKERS not necessarily the government.  That is, that which produces the economy is controlled, possibly owned, by those that work there.   If the government controlled by the workers as well is a communism. What the president is suggesting in the change of health care system, is making health care coverage a right and respons
Make's Blog
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Going Away 4 Awhile
to my pplz im disappear for awhile from facebook nd all the other sties that i b in i have to take care of a lil problem on tuesday i might be gone 4 a couple of months 2 tha ppl that know of this thanks 4 givin me the right advice
My Weekend
Ex husband didn't show up to court (big surprise).  Warrant was issued.  Mom and Sam were disappointed (they wanted to see the ex explain why he hasn't paid child support and subsequently see him get arrested-can't say I blame them). I almost feel like the trip to Ga was wasted but I got some quality time in with my family and they got to spend more time with Sam.  My girls kinda know what is going on and that it involves their daddy but they do not  know that he will eventually end up in jail.   I missed all of you guys.   I am exhausted.   I get to see witty today. (y) Be jealous :p   The End
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Let the laughter begin. Let me be a catalyst of light. Let me purr. Let me need bread - soul food. Let me be such in return. *stretches*
Normally i get hungry after waking up because that's how I grew up....wake breakfast with read..whatever... Only ate half my breakfast...forced it down since i gotta work today.. Back to 20 lbs gone. Just wanna rip the fat out and give it to some twit that could use it more than me.
Tried going to sleep feeling bummed, real tired. Wake up feeling bummed...feeling that today is going to be a bad day. Some things that I'd like to think about, but rather try not to. Sometimes thinking about certain things just bums me out even more. I just wanna go back to sleep and not wake up for a long while.
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Are you getting tensed about how to make your valuable goods shift to new location? Now you don’t have to worry much about your shifting. With the introduction of the movers and packers companies the entire tasks of moving has become easier and hassle free. They provide their valuable services to the people to make the relocation job easier. But some people do the packing and moving job on their own to save some money. But they are totally doing unfair with their goods which has no other end beside loss of goods. Sometimes people often have to wash their hand with some of their valuable goods. So before all these could strikes you better take the opportunity of the best relocation service providers. There are hordes of packers and movers in each and every cities and states of India. But among all the agencies moving service providers of Delhi are well known. They have gained a special status in this industry and their fame has even cross the boundry of India. There are several
The most important thing I have learned in life is nothing is more important than being happy & having a sense of humor. Follow your dreams and your bliss always and no matter what anyone tells you and be sure to be happy along the way. Because happiness is not attained from achieving your goals, it's the fuel that propels you toward them! And there is too much serious shit in this world not to laugh at all of the absurdity of it! Such as the dynamics of sex and male to female relationships. Surely GOD has a twisted sense of humor to play this joke on us! Besides have you ever seen a platypus I rest my case! Don't think you know me from 1000 words on a page...this is only the tip of the iceberg, only one facet of me, the part I allow you to see at this particular moment in time.
Mahatma Gahndi
First they ignore us, then they ridicule us, then they fight us, then we win.
So why is it that some will do anything for love while others simply dispose of it? After being thrown into the dating world, it has come to my attention that many people do not cherish the idea of loving another human-being unconditionally. Some view love as being weak or unstable while others strive to find their soul mate to make them complete.   I’m not sure where I fall under the spectrum; however, I do know that I’m not one to dispose of love. I’ve come across many people whom I love but only a few that I’ve fallen in love with. With every relationship I’m in, I put in my all because I wonder if that person will be my soul mate. Call me a hopeless romantic if you will, but I live in the moment and refuse to let a good thing past. Maybe this is why I get frustrated and hurt so easily. Is it that people don’t truly understand the concept of love? That must be the case. How can a relationship be torn down by lying and cheating and still at leas
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Amateur Radio
Hey there , If you are reading this I wish to note that I am a Amateur Radio Operator , My call sign is KD8JNH currently , I have applied for a vanity call that should be in effect by the middle of this coming week , The call sign that I hope to get is WV8HAM , it was my main call that I applied for . Other things of intrest is tha I am registered with Log Book of The World , as well as Direct on my QSL conformation . I also return Direct QSL's although my call sign will be changeing , I will send the original QSL's out with a note stateing the new call sign untill they are used up . I have made many contacts in the short year that I have been a HAM operator . You can find me on the FREQUENCIES of : 2 meter band 146.570 FM simplex 80 meter band 3.892.0 (LSB) 40 meter band 7.198.0 (LSB) 20 meter band 14.070 (digital)= PSK-31 10 meter band 28.340 (USB) A little bit about my station that I have in the shack .
Once In A Lifetime.
Folklore claims that when a soul descends to earth it splits in two, each half of the soul inhabiting a separate body. These two people are forever after 'soul mates,' and will never be complete until they find one another. It is said you only meet this person once in a lifetime  Finding my soul mate is the best thing that has ever happened to me; I have never felt this kind of love and understanding. We connect in so many ways, it astounds me.   When our eyes met for the first time I was filled with energy. I was unbelievably happy yet confused. immediately I was drawn to him I couldn’t stop staring it was as if I recognized him-- different than ever recognizing anyone I’d ever met before.  If I had only known he fell in love with me at that same moment I would have never left that store. But I was in the middle of a divorce and didn’t have any faith in myself as a woman.  When he finally found me again I was stubbornly chasing after the wrong guy. So, I didn&rsq
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getting oral from a ugly person is like bungee jumping its a great thrill but dont you dare look down
Do You Play Other Games While Playing Lotro
MMOs tend to have dedicated fan bases and everyone has their favourite: Aion, City of Heroes, WoW, Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings Online ... the list goes on and on. Everyone has their own personal favourite or the hip one that everyone and their pet goldfish is currently engrossed in. For example, I'm renowned for my adoration of the gorgeous USA MMO that is LOTRO, as well as my passion for WoW while LOTRO power leveling. Personally, these are the only two MMOs which do it for me enough that I will spend copious amounts of time exploring, questing and flying around pretty aimlessly. I enjoy beautiful scene and epic storyline while Lord of The Rings Online Power Leveling. So two is my limit, I will occasionally play a couple extra, if I have to review something or a beta comes up but there's often little to keep me going past that. Yet LOTRO and WoW remain, filling the void and I couldn't be happier. Especially as there's more than enough happening between the two of them at the moment
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Operating Carries On The Game
In this does, touches besides the correspondence controls the pen operation, moreover also simultaneously corresponds the pressed key operation, therefore plays the family to be possible according to own to like. In the game carries on the way basically Age of Conan Power Leveling, although uses the instruction system choice form, but carries on along with the game, will have all kinds of event picture as well as “the 3D investigation”, “the testimony investigation” and so on each kind of special operator schema, will play the family to search the evidence clue in these patterns, will take advantage of this unties the riddle to carry on the story development. Moreover in game, also “the famous spy tan oak south” famous spying stage prop including in which Age of Conan Power Leveling, for example will play the family in the game, may use “spies the badge” to exchange the information mutually perhaps to unite efforts together unties the eve
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I am genuine and down to earth person. I love going out and meeting people. I have a very outgoing personality. I am fun to be around. My hobbies are going to the gym, swimming and cycling and my favourite is socializing with my friends. I love to travel with my family Black Hat Marketing
Are You Still Mad?
So lately I've been addicted to the Alanis Morrisette Cd Supposed Former Infatued Jumkie. Mainly "are you still mad' and 'would not come'. over and over agian.   And ive been watching the old show Angel. Much better then i thought it was years ago.  Like 3 or 4 episodes a night with my love. Its been great.   I;m at home sick today. Not the funnest day to begin with. Bad headache and sorethroat. But then Christine took bella so i could rest, shower, and computer.So i took me some pictures (go rate and comment them lol ) Then made a great dinner. and went shopping with christine.  But now i should be getting to bed.    Oh oh! Im gonna try to get a batgirl costume that i found. its gonna be hot. And i love batman, so of course its gonna be great.     
Shocked About Kanye West's Behavior
Kanye West has officially lost his mind.  What Kanye West did was really stupid. He needs to get some help, I mean some SERIOUS help. He's makin a lot of people hate him even Katie Perry & Pink hates him. I think his career's going down the tube after what he did.  I like his music but all I gotta say is "Wow, what the hell was he thinking?"  He ruined Taylor Swift's moment.  I know he was drunk off of Hennessy but damn dude, you don't need to do that to a talented 19 year old.  I mean what he did was REALLY fucked up.  I mean seriously, he needs to watch himself, cause he's really immature and needs to get some help.  What he did tonight was really disrespectful, and Taylor Swift took it like a pro and performed really well.  I'm happy that Beyonce' brought her back on stage like a true professional.  Just like I said before, even Katie Perry & Pink was bashing the hell out of Kanye West, and who could blame them. Kanye, you need to get some help bro, you made a lot of people hating
For You...
    GOODBYE   I don’t really want to say goodbye I don’t really want to go Life has pulled us in separate ways the uphill fight goes slow time has passed and feelings lost the love has faded into fights "just show up" is often heard to me that sounds so absurd Ive never heard such empty words for one more fight? for just more tears? closeness wont bring back the years I smile and hold back the tears cus emo bitch rings in my ears. I pass my days and block you out and focus my thoughts on her not doing without she smiles so big with hopes and dreams not seeing mommy cry is the important thing I will go on, this too will pass we all will learn from our past. Love never stops it only fades and one day you will fade away until that time my heart is yours although its broke and so unsure Im just a Bitch and emo too I guess all the things you say is true.   I will leave you be and say goodbye I promise no one will see me cry
2009 Vma's
During the 2009 Video Music Awards, while Taylor Swift was getting an award she rightly deserved, singer Kanye interrupted her award speech to say that Beyonce was better. I don't know about you, but to me that is reverse racism, clear and simple. Besides which, compared to Taylor Swift's voice, Beyonce sucks. Everyone boycott Kanye.
What You Mean To Me
I wish I knewI wish I could seeIf I mean to youWhat you mean to meMy feelings I keep locked so deep insideIn fear if I tell them you'll run and hideI want to feel you and hold you so closeTo let you know that it's you I need mostMy heart longs to know just how you feelIs this a dream or is it real?Looking at us it’s clear that love could be but do I mean to you what you mean to me? Poem By Tammy C.
Fan-of Issues.
Just want to say this quick, It's pretty simple. Due to the high imbalance between the people that you fan and the people that don't show you the time, effort, respect and consideration to fan you back, you will lose me as a fan when I catch it. It's not that hard and free to return a simple favor and show some consideration for people that view your profile.  Have we gotten that selfish and lost all sense of common Fubar edicate? Or does that even exist anymore? I encourage others to do the same if you see fit to. Times they are a changin... Thanks and have a good week. - JD
Rip Dad
its been two years ago that god decided to take you away from us, we miss you and we still love you.  Its been hard since you left, its been hard to tell your grandson where you went, its been hard asking you for advice when your not around, its hard to ask you how you are. i hope god is happy for taking you away so early, he must have plans for you.  Ill see you at the cemetary tommorow. I love you dad, rip september 14 2007  bedrock
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The Heart Opens Slowly
A gorgeous spring afternoon,the sky, heaven's bed, sprinkledwith angel clouds. Hummingbirdsreturning from winter'sodyssey.I survey the yard, the same gardenas always, Bermuda grass coming upthru brown death, making it'sannual journey thru the fertile soil( some odyssey's are measured in inches ).The hedges, manicured neatly, smartly.The flowers, ah...... did I mention theflowers, Roses in every vibrant color,Gladiolas towering.Orchids, royalty of the garden, nobility.Then there is your favorite, the Stargazers.Soft tender whiteness sharply heldagainst the bold red, so fruity and sweetlyaromatic. Just now coming to lifein the aftermath of a swift April shower.The flowers always come up shy, slowly,carefully ( when nurtured, cared for ).I look over to you ( transfixed upon the hummingbirds )and think to myself ..The heart opensslowly. Poem By Tammy C.
On The Canvas Of My Heart
You've brushed such beautyon the pageand on the canvas of my heartstirred my soulto live againand brought new passion to my art.You have raisedme to new heightssuch as I've never knowncaptured freely in the spellof your sweet euphonic tonesas the colorssomehow blendmeandering, enchant, engage,and yet wordsstill somehow fail,these simple words upon the page.These could never quite portrayall the wonderand the charms,all the thoughtsthat flow so freelyas I hold you in my arms.I can't promisefancy clothes, finest goldor fastest carsbut a worldso full of dreamslying just beyond the stars.   Poem By Tammy C.
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September 13, 2009
Why you gotta be a bitch- Go behind people's back and talk shit? Does that make you a bigger man? I'll  beat your ass til you can't stand!! Yeh, so I'm married-but getting a divorce Because it was never good and only getting worse. . . . Gave you a chance, you asshole All my lovin' too- And then you abandoned me After giving WRITTEN word you wouldn't Thanks for giving me a chance Everyone knows you believe in equal opportunity But I ain't sellin' my ass to survive No matter what people think of me. Life ain't fair-you know it first hand There is so much more to a person Than their love glands- So riddle me this Ya indescribable clout What's your greediness And lies all about? Rules of friendship Don't lie, cheat or steal- Got enough family for that You know the deal!!! Or are you that much a shmuck That you can't feel? Yet you are childish Totally immature- Experiences haven't taught you a thing So drugs help the blurrrrrr Could see right through The "fa
"im Shit"
Im a low down dirty less then a out on my own..the world gave me up..during im just a husk..not even a living being..bad tell me all your lies..i do..wish to hear..what you think about me..the scars cut so deep..i cant sleep..oh i can tell..just by the look in your deny me..every step of the like ashes..blown to the in chains..your my a moth to the flames..and every twist and turn..burns..i cant think straight..with all the voices in my life..i cant be me..for what you wish of me..isnt what i can be..i wake up..and feel the dust upon my dying every hour..of everyday..yet your my ball and chain..i do..hope you would agree..that im nothing more..then a ghost..of my former self..a mental case..without no shame..aint it a shame..when people point the blame..on me..when they have yet to know me..your my favorite..of my cancers..a silver lining of my sinful just hanging in the wind..
You Gotta Do It!!
You opened it now you have to do it!!   Rules: In a PM only send me your answers! You must also post this as well.   Dontcha just hate chain blogs :P     1.Your Name:  
I always think i'm somethin. But i was never nothin. I always think i'm somethin. But i was never nothin. Always thought i was somethin. But i was never nothin. Nothin no one nobody can help save me through all to be. I never was was was nothin never never somethin. I was never never nothin. Fuck fuck fuck. I could never never i could never be never be never be i could never fuckin be. Never never i fuckin never was never. I can't think i don't know i can't think i don't know i can't think i don't know. Know i never fuckin never never i was never fuckin anything. Never fuckin anything. Everything is always a sorry everything i hear is a sorry. Everything i hear is a sorry fuck you fuck you fuck you. You fuckin made me made me you fuckin make me made me feel like i couldn't couldn't i fuckin couldn't fuck you fuck you fuck you colusterphobic fuck fuck you. Never was to be somethin i wasn't never was to be somethin i wanted. I never was to be somethin. I never was to be somethin. I never
Random Thinking
I have had alot of free time on my hands here lately, and have had alot of time to think.  Which for me has not always been a good thing :) I think of my life prior military, and miss the perks of homelife. But would not change  my decision for anything in the world. I am doing what I want to do, and what I believe in. If I had one thing I miss more than anything besides my family, would be the ocean. It was always my happy place, the place I found comfort and understanding. I have walked many nights on the beach, with the sounds of the waves in the distance as I gazed at the moon above me. Right there on that beach only a few steps from my house, I have experienced life, love and understanding. All experiences were not so great, yet they all played a part in who I am today. Some have their safe places, well that was and will be mine. Just a small bit into my life. Rather ironic I am here with plenty of sand but no water! lol
Just In My Head
left cold and dieing as a crying wolf howls to the moon i see the lights passing green and yellow red and gray fading to night the sky turned black sitting as like a dead tree rottening folding paper to mush and wasted scared at the surface and bleeding inturnly my heart drops from my chest pondering what will happen next.......................
it is time to stop feeling sorry for my self and grow up get the things i need and now want i need a car i need my own place im not a kid any more im going to be 29 next month on the 20th and for the last 5 years i have been lazy and just buying things i want. i have been feeling sorry and unhappy for to long now change will be good for me
The Last Cigarette
..> ..> I'm driving down the street, smoking my last cigarette. Went to flick the ash out the window and ended up breaking it. Shit - Just my luck, the story of my life Just one thing to go my way, wouldnt that be nice? Nope - It just doesnt happen that way I can tell right now, its gonna be a bad day. Now with no cigarette, my mind wanders away. Started thinking of something someone had to say, "Use your writing as an outlet, so you dont cut." But all that does is let me sign my poetry with blood. I would paint you a picture, but I have no artistic ability. So I draw you that picture, using words to show my lack of stability. I use all these descriptive words and verbs and get all teary, But if I simply said "Please listen", would you actually hear me? I'm merely a beat down, broken man with a shattered soul, Looking for a small piece of sanity to have and to hold. I'm told, "Things are bound to get better" Yeah right, I already wrote my suicide letter. What
This Poem Brought To U By The Letter "s"
This Poem Brought To You By The Letter "S" Scarlet streams slipped through the seams-I selectively sliced in my skin.Not so suddenly, succeeding in succumbing-To these injurious, speculative "sins"Now shuddering at the sight of the scars-Supporting my socks, such symmetry.So I sheathed my serated shiv-So I can seize a sense of serenity.Shackled by the silent screams-Saturating my sleepless soul.Speculating my selfish seclusion-Be blamed squarely on the sole.So long I've sought for my spiritual seductress-To soothe my sadistic side.My search will stall when she shows me sight-So far beyond the skyline.
This Place
Im bleeding.Again.Just when I thought the cutting had stopped and thoughts of it had ceased.Here we are again.The scent of blood on my clothes fills the air.It brings me back to that place...that lonely place I thought I had left behind.Sadly, it feels like home.It is somehow a little different this time though.The knife seems much sharper and the pain more intense.It washes over my whole body.Bringing me to tears.Not because of the physical pain, but because Im back in this place.This place...I worked HARD to escape it. Lied to myself and said I was free.But here I am.Back where I started.Now when I said it was a little different this time, I meant it.But the real difference is...This time when I talk of cutting and blood....Its really a metaphor for YOU.
I feel trapped.  I feel stuck.Just cant seem to get over this hump.Cant go around, I cant climb up.Makes me wanna grab my blade and cut.Drain my sadness, bleed my sorrows,But I dont wanna just sit and wallow.Maybe I will feel better tomorrow,Just give me a little more time to borrow.I'm reaching out, but no one's there.Not a single person in my life that cares.Knowing that - its so hard to bear.EVERYONE needs SOMEONE to care.It's so unfair, I feel so lost.What if Jesus never had to bear the cross?What if there is no God or Heaven?What if everything we learned was false?Is this all there is? If it is, I'm through.Why is it everytime I talk to Him-He always seems to be talking to you?Am I no good?  Am I too far gone?Cause I've felt that way for far too long.It's the same old song, just a different beat.Don't sit down, please beat your feet.Don't waste your time, there ain't nothin' to see.Ain't nothin' important, it's only me.Please keep it movin', dont look back,Cause most of this rhyme
Im Soo Sorry My Friends
Ive been thru alot in last several weeks--tonite I learned some other things--I cant take no more. I wanna smile bad and be happy me again--but dont know how to.I really dont know what to do. I try to make ppl happy, but the things in my life going on, its hard to. Plzz I beg you!! plzz be patient, Im really trying hard to get back to my happy me--honest.Im just really really lost and scared now.
Murder Merry Go Round
  A sea of crowsBlot out the sun.Searching for death.My time has come.They circle above-A murder merry go round.I guess I'm playingThe part of carnival clown.A painted on smile-I wear as my mask.Appearing so happyIs the most difficult task.I dont want to feelLike this anymore.So I pick up my knifeAnd watch the blood start to pour.One more self medicatedMoment of peace.Till my awareness of pains existence Finally begins to cease.I've got to get away-Hide in my insanity.I've got to cut away-All this pain.
I Dont Know
I am lost and incomplete.My desires are wrappedand twistedLike knots in a chainRusted together.There's no breaking the chain.Just the knotsThey are endless.No beginning.No end.I know that I doubt,But God, Send me a sign.Tell me where to go.What to do.Because I'm a mess.A broken, uncontrollableMess.Just love me.Show me that I DO matter.If to no one else,But you.Because I feel like I am lost.I feel like death would beEasier than life.I've been stuck so long,That my path hasOver grown.And I cant find my way.Again.
Hate I stay frustrated and aggravated.I hate the fact that I have to be me.Sick and tired of having to look at myselfIn the mirrorDay after day.Seeing all the flaws that I hide on the out.Hating the fact that all I ever feel is doubt.I hate the fact that I always feel so awkward.I hate that I know that Im not always the best father.I hate that I always feel so inadequate.I hate my addictive personality,Whether its drugs or people.I hate that I hate myself.I hate that I take things so personal.I hate that Im not good at anything useful.I hate that I cant look you in the eyeBecause I feel that Im less.I hate the things I do to myself.I hate that I cant stop doing them.I hate that I feel I should always do moreBut lack the strength to do so.I hate that I feel I deserve to be miserable...
Leslie, twenty,  woke up slowly, with her head pounding and her limbs weak. She’d been at the club, but her memories grew hazy. Where was she? She looked around and saw that she was outside. Way outside. She gazed into the distance and saw only hills, mountain peaks, and fields like the one she was in. And she was naked. Her clothes were gone, and she’d been lying on the ground. She was cold.“Good, you’re up,” the man’s voice said from behind her. She screamed and turned around, her hands flying to cover her naked breasts and pussy. The man was seated on a log, fully dressed, with a small pack on his back. He also carried several rifles. He was glaring at her with a cold stare.“What? What happened? Who are you?”“I’m not here to talk to you,” he said.“Please, give me back my clothes!” she cried.“Your clothes are in a trash bin three hundred miles from here. Now listen up, girl. See this?” He held u
Song Stuck In My Head
i dunno why but it is and it wont stop playing
I Am...
i  am  an  instrument,  strung  ineptly.  i  am  natures  low,  slow  song,  played  at  high  speed.  i  am  the meek  yet  vengeful  prey,  sprung  from  the  belly  of  the  beast.  i  am  the  tender,  loving  mother  that  refuses  to  breed.  i  am  the  festering  wound  that  does  not  bleed.  i  am  a  sweet,  siren  song  of  longing  morbidity.  i  am  the  tense,  coiled  tiger,  preparing  to  spring.  i  am  the  secret  that  screams.      i  am  the  wraith  that  followed  you  home  from  your  dreams.  i  am  the hope  that  causes  the  caged bird to sing.  so  sweet.  i  am  the  thought  that  night  brings.  i  am  fantasy,  dancing  on  a  moonbeam.  i  am  the one  that  set  the demons  in  the box  free.  i  am  insanity.  i  am  serenity.  i  am  war.  i  am  peace.  i  am  sweetly  bitter  poetry.  i  am  happy.  i  am  angry.  i  am  refusing  to see  what  you mean.  i  am  a  perfect,  black  sucking  hole  of need.  i  am  alone.  i  am  not  lonely. 
- A Dove Of Change -
Love is the dove who speaks not a word, fears not the obstacles that lie ahead, flows freely with the ever so sensitive change of time. Lands with ease in any place he pleases, delicate to the ground and intrically noble to all surroundings.... the dove, his wings, flow perfect in the calming breeze His vision pure, undoubtably, I'm sure. This gentle creatures meaning, a figment of your very own imagination that should be embraced and cherished, always and forever.... nov. 19, 2006
Dwf September Sabotage!!!
DWF SEPTEMBER SABOTAGESEPTEMBER 26th, 20094509 E. Bonanza Rd.Las Vegas, NV 89110 DWF World Heavyweight ChampionshipAsylum vs. "Iron" Mike Steel (c) It's do or die time for Asylum as he faces the World Champ one last time. Mike Steel agreed to this match under one condition: that asylum put his CAREER on the line. It's all or nothing come the 26th. Will Asylum finally succeed where he and others have failed so many times? Or will Mike Steel send Asylum packing into obscurity? DWF Xtreme ChampionshipSolo vs. Felony (c) It's a match for the ages! A clash of two of the craziest, most hardcore individuals to step into a DWF ring. Repeated times, Solo has attempted to wrestle the title from Felony's grip and each time, Solo has come up short by inches. Now, once more, Solo and Felony will collide in a storm of blood, pain, and foreign objects. Can Solo come out with a win? Or will Felony once more get the better of his enemy? DWF Team Combat ChampionshipNew Breed [Big Nasty & John
Need To Get This Off My Chest
Another Week
Starting another week, my time seems to be flying here in Columbus. I can't wait to get back into the action, as in being deployed again. I wouldn't enjoy my job here as a recruiter as much if we didn't have the Delayed Entry Program, the High School students in the DEP really make this job enjoyable. The Marine Corps ball is coming up here in the next couple months. I'm debating on taking one of the teachers, or students, i'm sure either wouldn't mind going. In the 7 yrs that I've been in the Marine Corps, I never took a date with me, so it would be new for the both of us.  I'm looking foward to the end of this month, we are going to watch the Chicago White Sox vs Cleveland Indians, I can't wait.....GO WHITE SOX!!!
Website Order Analysis
Following is some custom wedding gown website order analysis; if you are a guest you can refer to this information and notice some thing when you want to custom. As a website, it still is a good tip, leading you to add some special service or function certainly makes your website work better.First, many custom mother of the bride customers all would like add outer coat, request make coat, instead of shawl, according to the report, in UK there has a custom, you are not bare your shoulder, maybe this will explain the phenomenonBSecondCwhen brides chose custom wedding gowns they usually choose ivory and white, and their rate both above 48%, you know, white symbol pure and nobility, and chosen ivory because many brides believe they usually easy to dirty. So that is the reason for ivory prevailing. The last, most of them would like to choose measurements by their self, custom bridesmaid dress also preference this measurement way. Because fitted dresses can through this way get. Hoping ab
Just Bored Writein A Rap To Successful Beat
verse: my life change now  iam 27 now / i never tought this cause i thought i would be in heaven now/ but shits all bright and look alot clearer i can finally see my self in that damn mirror/  had too sit back and paint a brand new picture cause them old photos of me just dont fit ya /  i found out  man life is just gravey/but then i found out shawty life is just crazy/ i got three kids that's my future/ iam tryin to rock the stage but not like the future/ love is not real it's just prolong/ it's just something we say just to hold on/ iam trying to stay strong but what's next man i already lost a kid and my fuckin best man/ and people try to be try  to tell me that it will be ok man/ but how you say that to a nigga that then lost all/ i try to call my mama but she never fuckin calls/ so it's like fuck yall/ cause i dont give a fuck  i stop askin god cause he dont give me much luck/ and that's how it is when you fucked up/ i cause the way i seen nobody really  gave a fuck about/ so am f
& You Say.....
Sometimes I wish you would disappear, deep within my soul without a tear. No trace you ever broke my heart, I just wish for a better start. You say I'm pretty, and you hold me close, so dear. So why do I cry, and why do I breathe with so much fear?
bucolic\byoo-KOL-ik\ , adjective:1.Relating to or typical of the countryside or its people; rustic.2.Of or pertaining to the life and occupation of a shepherd; pastoral.noun: 1.A pastoral poem, depicting rural affairs, and the life, manners, and occupation of shepherds.2.A country person
The consuming of nasal mucus.
Tyler Bryan Vs Shawn Parker - Double Ko Via Insidemma
Neither irony or sarcasm is argument.  -  Samuel Butler
Him ~
In his temple, he has no heart, no love to share, no desire to start. He sits alone inside his mind, only acting wreckless with those that are kind. Surrounded by those he lured with lies,my part in this play is done, and so I shed my last good bye.
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Is it really that fucking hard to rinse out your used dishes and put them into the dishwasher?? I'm about to take my dishes away. Seriously, how fuckin' hard is it? He still doesn't do much cleaning...He'll take his piles of trash from his "room" to the kitchen garbage and over fill it...and doesn't take out the trash! He hasn't done that in forever! He gathered all his dishes and just pilled them into the sink...I've told him numerous times not to put the glasses into the sink because they can break. So what...he just gathers up his trash and dishes then leaves them for me to do!? I don't care if you're not home a lot but do you're fucking share of cleaning and don't keep leaving me all that crap. Is he wanting another agrument with me!? I just want to strangle him....
Steps In The Travel
Traveling the paths of life alone should never be an option. When two souls connect through a series of paths traveled if life, the spark shines brightly in the darkness. When you hold hands at the edge of the unknown and look deeply into each others eyes and take that plunge together, everything in your life up to this point has finally been worth it. These emotions and feelings transcend the meaning of the word Love. It is impossible to fully and completely describe what Love is as there are truly no words that can come close to describing exactly what one feels when they are truly in love with another person so completely. We strive to understand something so complex yet so simple that most people fail to see the bright spark of true love when it is shown to them. Some people also see that bright spark possibility and thus always finds oneself chasing dreams instead of living them and thus missing that bright spark in the process yet never knowing as you continously chas
Its J's Birthday Lets Go Party!!!
Hi everyoneHi Helly Wanna pick on J Sure Helly were in !! ha ha ha ha ha!!! She's the birthday girl in the fubar world she looks plastic thinks she's so fantastic she has perfect hair and funky underwear imagine face-in her angry damnation She's the birthday girl in the fubar world she's kind of spastic J she's so fantastic has Sandra Bullock hair, tell her if you dare imagine face-in her angry damnation She's a blond single girl in the fubar world dressed up all the time, she's our dollie she's a doll rock n roll she's all glamour and pain she is here she is there ..shit she's cranky you can't touchyou can't play safe to say she'll never be yours she's the birthday girl in the fubar world she's kind of spastic, J she's so fantastic she has perfect hair and funky underwear imagine face-in her angry damnation if she walks if she talks she does whatever she please she acts like a star men beg on their knees she's a grump, the best friend let us sing it again come on clownsgather roundlet
Rock The World Ψ
  FREEDOM OF SPEECH &  EXPRESSION  is one of the most fundamental rights that individuals enjoy. It is fundamental to the existence of democracy and the respect of human dignity. It is also one of the most dangerous rights, because freedom of expression means the freedom to express one's discontent with the status quo and the desire to change it. As such, it is one of the most threatened rights, with governments - and even human rights groups - all over the world constantly trying to curtail it.  
I have no idea what I've been doing for the last two hours.I think I cooked, cleaned, and did laundry.I'm stuck in autopilot, and this is something I've been meaning to think about ...againin blog form.Yeah, yeah, I do this at least twice a week.There are things going on right now that I really don't wanna fucking deal with likeI lost my paycheck- HAHAHAHA .... yeah.I'm 99% sure I left it in my desk, but that 1% made my weekend suck.Furthermore, I'm having to poof out my moneyas in magic trick without the scantily clad girls.Brake lights is at least going to be a couple hundred because *flops over to one side* they have to run an electrical system diagnostic.I'm being charged a security deposit for 140 by my electric company because someone that has paid their bills late, on time, or ... all of them for five years is some sort of ... risk?Fuck your monopoly by the way.Next up we need doggy shots and roids for her allergies.Also shit I don't want to deal with because it takes a couple h
Boring Tour Of My House
this is a video of a very short tour of my house (minus the upstairs) just showing what my husband & i are doing to our house. i know it's boring & i think i had the mic covered or something AND i was very distracted by the fact that i get a message on my phone at the beginning of the video & i am anxious to listen to it !! :)
Some Thoughts
I can't explain or understand and things are so unclear,The seasons changing while I slept, left me unprepared.My sympathies and empathies are locked behind this door,Hiding there until I'm sure it is as safe as before.I must have closed my eyes too long, turned my head too far,Cause something strange is happening, I feel it more and more.This painful numbing of my mind, I can't even feel my skin,And here I am alone again, on the outside looking in...
Shattered Heart
Shattered heart   My heart it shatters with pain of much To think I gave him all I got Just to have him break it up   The loss I feel deep within my soul The loss of what was ours to come And to loss him to another’s arms It tears and burns and creeps inside To where I wish I could just die   That piece of him I did once feel Deep within my garden wells Is gone forever as so is he So now I lay my heart to bleed   Bleed from the pain and suffering This one lost soul is gone and dead Will never feel for another There is no life left to bare more pain The pain of losing loves best friend.
Without Emotions
(Written by A. Le Plegua) Without emotions... Without feelings.... without Love... Without Hate... The Rest is still a time clock ticking...ticking...ticking..
Mccain-obama Dance-off
Me, I'm Not
(written by Trent Reznor) What is happening?Never planned on this..You've got something I needKinda dangerous...Am I losing control?I'm not used to this...What you want from me?I'm not used to this...I cant shut it off, this thing I've begunAnd its hard to tell just where it's coming fromAnd it's hard to see what I'm capable ofAnd its hard to believe just what I've begunHey (can we stop)me, I'm notHey (can we stop)me, I'm notHey (can we stop)Yeah, me, I'm notHey (can we stop)Me, I'm notI can swallow it down, keep it all insideI define myself by how well I hideI feel it coming apart, well at least I triedI can win this war by knowing not to fightI can take it all back, someway somehowIf I knew back then, what I know right now
Criss Angel And Half A Woman
Happy Endings
Happy endings not for me.So by now i should have learned that anything in my life that seems too good to be true, really in fact is. And as the attage goes, "Careful what you wish for", yeah that's true.  Listen to it, Heed it.  It works wonders.  As for what I've been wishing for now for a while, i only got one thing out of it, and I don't even know how long thats going to last.So now what am I going to do? I'm left here with the mental anguish of what was supposed to be.  But i guess i"ll figure that one out on my own to.  "One day at a time"For those of you who can find happiness and that fairy tale ending, follow it, keep it, and DO NOT let ANYONE bring you DOWN!!! Just because that kind of a life does not exist to me, that does not mean that i will bring anyone down with me.
Cherokee - I Swear (inspired By Bilal)
Upcoming Birthday News
Yesterday I got an invite to a Slot Tournament on my birthday (October 20) and I can't wait to go! The sad part is that everyone has work so it looks like I am going to be spending my birthday alone again. :( But hey at less I will hopefully win some free money. Other then that all is going OK with me, I have a job interview tomorrow (Monday, September 14, 2009) and I also got my money from the state of Utah to pay for school, so I can go down and pay them to get my start date. Besides all of that, I'm very bored, and really hoping that school will bring some friends of all kinds, lord knows I need some. :)
Thank You
9-13-2009   MADE BY DJ PIMP DADDY Thank you Daddy           Out This Fubar Beauty!   @ fubar♆☠  Huggiefux ♆MFKN☠ ~ Loungin Levelers ~  
I really DO have some good friends! Right now my handyman buddy is on his way over to crawl under the trailer and re-attach my duct-work, from when I stepped in it...TWICE!  He had the brilliant idea of calling first and asking if I wanted him to pick me up a sammich when he went thru drive-thru to himself something...Isn't that nice???  
Beyoncé - Single Ladies Spoof (barack Obama)
Fantasy Of My Death
Her fantasy is my death. My Goddess wants another man to enter her soul. He has already penitrated her mind and heart. Now she is more than willing to let this parasite feed from her devotion to me. She attacks me, my manhood and everything about us that once was are life. I no longer feel like the man I once was. My sword of life is no longer what she desires. The blade of my sword is on question, as if it is a measurment of my ability to be a worrior. Or is it she is fond of another worrior and I am of no longer a need. I have been chained to a wall and beaten with a whip. The blood of my love drains to the floor and feeds a beast like no other. The beast has once again been stirred to awakening. The beast has become even more brutal than the last time. His tears are nothing more than drops of fire. They do not ease his pain. He ponders over his lover and what she has laid into his wretched mind. His heart, the flow of her love, has been restricted and it beats slow and hard, like
With Friends Like This.....
Who the hell needs enemies....I had an experience today that just blew my mind. I mean, I know there are people like this one out there, but this is someone I KNOW. Someone I've known for a couple of years plus. This is someone that I've defended over and over. He's not well liked on the site and for good reasons.  At the moment, I'm so hurt and angry I can't see straight.  Unreal.Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.  Bullshit. It does bite.I do for a lot of people, and I mind my own business, not just on the FU, but in real life. When I work the FU, I do what I'm suppose to, got by the FUBAR bible and stay out of drama. I certainly don't want drama coming to my page, and I damned sure don't want ME being drama on someone else's page. Sometimes, assholes just take it upon themselves to do just that, whether you like it or not. This is why I don't like people on the fu buying me things that take real money.  While it's much appreciated, some feel that says
Need Help With This Problem
I am currently seeing a girl I met at my job, She originally told me that she was 20 years old when I met her and had come to find out that she was only 18 and told me that she has been in and out of  foster care her whole life and looks like she is also on probation and has told me that she is also pregnant and has been playing games with me the whole time we have been together and am tired of her lies and want her to finally realize the consequences of her actions and that I do care for her with all of my heart but can no longer stand to be treated the way she treats me. I know in the state of NE a person is not legal till the age of nineteen and any medical decisions are then thier parents decision. She tells me shes pregnant and I do not think it is mine. She also says she has a heart condition that she may not make it through the baby being born. You got to understand this girl and the things she says and does to make you feel good then when she gets a text she just up and disappe
Shadow, The Demon From Hell
    Demons have leaped fromthe out side world, attacking my mind and my heart. My internal war is chewing, eating my flesh from the inside out. They aching pain from the knife they have driven  so deep into my heart. The endless, sleepless nights of these demons ripping at my flesh, even my tears will not make it stop. I long for my mind to rest, but night draggs on in slow motion. I am no longer the a man, but to become this hidious ugly monster, caught in a fire that has burned the flesh form my bones. My heart is laid to rest in the dirt and has begun to rot. From my hearts prison  to the dirt, I fall to hell, forever to burn eternity. The pain is unbearable, of when I was once a worrior of a love and the Godess that once stood by my side. My belly is crawling with worms. I am sinkend by what she has asked of me. The over whelming taste of vomit creaps up in my throat. The vomit of demons are trying to rip from my chest, to be realsed into the world and I am their host.  
Angel Coud - Flash Fiction Competetion Story
Angel Cloud Creative Writing Championships 2009Flash FictionChallenge #3 assignmentGENRE - FantasyLOCATION - A playgroundOBJECT - Binoculars Angel CloudThere was an older girl and two younger boys. They were really the same age, just the girl taller than the identical boys. They were beautiful children, gorgeous blond hair with dazzling smiles, and the gold tinted skin of an angel. The girl, Sarah, was the goalie in this ball kicking scenario, the boys were kicking a ball between them, running staggered toward the girl. One boy, Gunner, dribbled then kicked the ball to the other boy, Lincoln, and they moved across the whole cloud that way. They didn’t really touch the cloud – any of them – gliding inches above it, the ball floating between them, not really touching their feet. The boys both stopped - an arms-length apart, a dozen feet in front of the goal. Sarah clapped her hands together and shouted “Watch and Learn,” and she squinted in the hot sun look
Equipo De Spacio 2
Question - Goldfinger
You got some question about your lifeYou don't know how you'll ever make it throughIt hurts so bad but it's all you gotYou're asking me for helpbut all I got to say now is thatYou don't know what pain isYou haven't suffered one iota so just stop your whiningyou don't know what pain isStop complaining point your fingerI'll tell you who to blameSo pack your bags we're going outI want to show you just what's in this worldCause in the end its all you gotmemories to tell about your lifeand how you lived itSo live it goodI know it's all that you've givenYou don't know what pain isYou haven't suffered one iota so just stop your whiningYou don't know what pain isstop complaining point your fingerI'll tell you who to blameYou got some question about your lifeand ya, You don't know how you'll ever make it throughIt hurts so bad but it's all you got, yeahYou're asking me for helpbut all I got to say is fuck you!So live it goodI know it's all that you've givenYou don't know what pain isYou haven't
Just Trying This As An Experiment So Please Play Along
ok so the other day this thought came across my mind basically these sites are designed to meet total strangers and start talking to them right. so keep up with me so heres what i was thinking lets see how many ppl are willing to text a total stranger so heres the deal i wanna see how many ppl have the balls to text me dont call cuz i wont answer this is only just an experiment nothing is gonna happen im not some crazy stalker just bored with too much time to think about stupid things so here is my cell number 9194916930 text me with the site your got my number from and sex this goes for guys and girls and next sunday i will post a result on how many guys vs girls are willing to text a total stranger
Don't Call Me White - Nofx
Don't call me white, Don't call me white Don't call me white, Don't call me white The connotations wearing my nerves thin Could it be semantics generating the mess we're in? I understand that language breeds stereotype But what's the explanation for the malice, for the spite? Don't call me white, Don't call me white Don't call me white, Don't call me white I wasn't brought here, I was born Circumsized, categorized, allegiance sworn, Does this mean I have to take such shit For being fairskinned? No! I ain't a part of no conspiracy, I'm just you're average Joe. Don't call me white, Don't call me white Don't call me white, Don't call me white Represents everything I hate, The soap shoved in your mouth to cleanse the mind The vast majority of sheep A buttoned collar, starched and bleached Constricting veins, the blood flow to the brain slows They're so fuckin' ordinary white Don't call me white, Don't call me white Don't call me white, Don't call me white We're better off this way S
Racism Sucks More Than I Do!!
Okay so currently I am in charge of my girls page and it ticked me off that a jerk came up on her SB and said "so you like niggers huh?"  then he went on to say " i bet you're so stretched and ragged out now"!   This is the kind of ignorance that is ruining society and life for everyone.  What ever happened to the time when we cared about each other and lifted each other instead of dragging each other down???  Okay so it's a mean term that at once point in time was meant to mean 'a black person'.  But, people get a life there is more than one meaning and if you are going to use a word educate your ignorant azz about what it truly means.  The alltime original use of the term nigger was to mean a dirty person.  So, let's wake up and look in the mirror first cause name calling is dirty so who's the nigger now?  I'm betting that it's not the person that you were about to call that "name".  Grow up and grow with God.  Just remember that you have been dirty in one way or another at some poin
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz (beautiful Song, Great Lyrics)
  Well, you done done me and you bet I felt it I tried to be chill but your so hot that I melted I fell right through the cracks, now I'm tryin to get back before the cool done run out I'll be givin it my best test and nothin's gonna stop me but divine intervention I reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some But I won't hesitate no more,
no more, it cannot wait
I'm yoursWell open up your mind and see like me open up your plans and damn you're free look into your heart and you'll find love love love love listen to the music of the moment people dance and sing We're just one big family And it's our godforsaken right to be loved loved loved loved lovedSo, i won't hesitate no more,
no more, it cannot wait i'm sure there's no need to complicate our time is short this is our fate I'm yoursI've been spendin' way too long checkin' my tongue in the mirror and bendin' over backwards just to try to see it clearer But my breath fogged up the glass a
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Private Practice Diabetic Diet Psp Demos Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor
watch private practice online Diabetic Diet PSP Demos Polar F11 heart rate monitor
Radio - Rancid
Never fell in love until i fell in love with you Never know what a good time was until i had a good time with you If you wanna get the feeling and you wanna get it right Then the music gotta be loud for when the music hits i feel no pain at all Warm summer night i was drinking with my dad He tried to give me the love that i never had But he gave more love to his bottle of wine So i had to go out and find love of another kind Here it is Here i am Turn it up fuckin' loud Radio, Radio, Radio... When i got the music i got a place to go Radio clash magnificent 7 I was a choir boy you showed me no heaven Two tools surely lost no remorse ignoring the cost Here it is Here i am Turn it up fuckin' loud Radio, Radio, Radio... When i got the music i got a place to go
The 11th Hour - Rancid
Hey little sister do you know what time it waswhen you finally seen all your broken dreamscome crashing down your doorthey demand an answer and they demand it quickor the questions fade and the wasted dayscome crawling back for more do you know where the power lies? and who pulls the stringsdo you know where the power lies it starts and ends with you the face of isolationwell that's one you recognizewell you can't get straightit's a lonely place andit's one you do despise boredom is for sale nowand helplessness you feelit's a wounded dove and the hawks are aboveblood splattered on a reel to reel I was almost over my world was almost gonein a sudden rush I could almost touch thethings that I'd done wrongmy jungle's made of concretethrough silence I could feelmy aim is true I will walk on throughthese mountains made of steel.
Love Is Dead - Mr T Experience
Love is dead. Love is dead, but I still can't get her out of my head, so she'll be gone from now on and I'll regret everything I've ever done. She wasn't coming close to what she was supposed to do. It really doesn't matter, still there's not a sadder lie than I love you. Singing la la la la love is dead that's why I'm sighing and crying and shaking my head-- love is dead. Love is sad. Life is bad when you can't get what you could have had. Days are blue, nights are black. I'd do anything if I could have her back, but I'm just a sap and it's not gonna happen now. It's cold dark and stormy and there's nothing for me out there anyhow. Singing la la la la love is dead that's why I'm crying and lying awake in my bed-- love is dead. Emotional vertigo was never supposed to happen this time, but if she ever were to go back to me there's nowhere I wouldn't climb. Still out on this limb there's only me, a damaged dim and lonely me, stepping on my own toes while I rattle my chain of woe
Just Dropping By Every1..
just dropping by folks to see how every1 is and to let every1 know that I am still alive..been a loooooong time since i could get online here..shouting out to my Sweeties...u know who u all are..mostly Wolfie..i try to post more pics once in a while..i can only access this site on my cell thesedays but it doesnt like to navigate this site very well..but bear with me as i dont hv internet on mmy regular desktop puter still...its been a struggle but i am getting just visiting my fav cousin who is lettingme use her laptop for a bit...but i will be popping in from time to time after this..LUVVZZ&HUGGZZ TO EVERY1!...I'M OUTTA HERE FOR A BIT!
Metallica - Monsters Of Rock In Moscow On September 28th Of 1991.
A Little About Me
My name is Jonathan Paul. I am a 17 year old student from London, England, who spends half the year in the U.S on foreign exchange. In my spare time I look after my Staffordshire bull terrier, Sam, and run my own work at home, Online Business Opportunities and Article Submission site sites. I enjoy hill walking and playing guitar - not I am also a qualified web designer. I love all animals and own Siberian Huskies, Chihuahuas, and Beagles.
Home Business Ideas And Opportunities
Home Business Ideas and Opportunities
Eminem - Our House (with Lyrics)
Fubar's Hottest Hotties
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So appreciate people thinking I'm stupid and can't make a valid judgment for myself. Thank you.
Visit My Site
visit my site
I Look At You And I Know I'm Not Wrong
I look at you and I know I'm not wrong. I am drawn to you. The attraction is pure as dirt. I claw myself from the inside. I know already. Too far away. Too much damage done. If things were different. I could show you something besides obsessed fury. You're beautiful. No one knows it more than I do. It's hard to stand and watch from a distance. The fact that I wouldn't know what to do anyways makes it hurt all the more.
Miami Injury Lawyers
Miami personal injury lawyers Miami injury lawyers Miami accident lawyers
Belive In Yourself
To see light look at sun , to see love look at mum,to see beauty look at nature,to see hope look at future ,but to see all these look in are the best...just belive in yourself....
To be, To live, To trust, To give...... TRUTH
Stupid Love
i dont understand sometimes why the one that makes you happy has to be the one to make you sad ,  and why does it hurt so bad when someone lets you know they dont want you  but you still want to be with them .  it just doesnt make any sense .
Technology Challenged Ex's
As some of you know, my ex wife suddenly got married after a 2 month engagement, and wanted to take my 3 kids with her to live with this guy in Texas. I naturally opposed, but she got really nasty with me and the kids. There wasn't a day that went by last month that I didn't get at least 20 text messages from her threatening to sue my ass in court until I was homeless, etc etc etc. My oldest son is on her cell phone plan, and he received a text message from T-Mobile yesterday that said "Your changes have been applied to your account" He called his mom, my ex, and asked her what was happening. Apparently, all that texting she did to me last month with her threats and such? Yea, she didn't have unlimited texting on her phone. Her phone bill was $600.00. Poetic justice indeed.
Dont Quit
when things go wrong which the sometimes willand the road you are trudging seems all up hillwhen the funds are low,and the debts are highand you want to smile but you have to sighwhen care is pressing you down a bitrest if you must,but dont ever quitfor life is strange with the twist and turnsas everyone of us sometimes learnbut many a coward turns aboutwhen he might have won if he stuck it outbut he learns too late when the night comes downhow close he was to the golden crownvictory is defeat turned inside outthe silver tint of the clouds of doubtyou will never know how near you areit maybe near when it seems afarso stick to the fight when you are hardest hitwhen things seem worst is when u must not quit
She's Electric, Indeed
  They had finished making love – wistful and tremendously fulfilling it had been – she had excused herself and gone into the bathroom to do whatever intrinsic thing that women normally often do whenever they head off into the bathroom after having sex, while Jeff remained there on the bed, reflecting on the just concluded sex, wondering when was the last time he ever had it so good with such an electric lady – if only Sandra wasn’t so dull as she always is in bed – he thought, thinking about his wife. Jeff also reflected on how young and agile he’d suddenly begun feeling ever since he hooked up with Vera. How smart, vivacious, and overwhelmingly exciting she always is, both in bed and out of it. Just thinking about what they’d done in bed today, yesterday, the day before, and the day before that one was starting to get him all excited again. Already he could feel his ‘little man’ starting to rise up back from the dead. It sure wou
Va Fanculo. :)
Before you read any further, if you're going to be judgmental and chastise me for speaking my mind in my own blog, GTFO. kthxbai. Now that that's out of the way, I'm noticing something on here. I've not only lost over 200 friends from my friends list over the past few days (could be a fubar glitch, idunno), but the majority of the people I'm attempting to interact with over the past few days, are either ignoring me, or avoiding me. Personally, if it's because I commented about some n00b (doesn't matter WHO it was, the guy I was talking about actually turned out to be pretty kewl - it was the point of it, not the person, but most of you didn't read far enough to know that) and his blog whining about baby mama drama, then idgaf, because like I just said - it wasn't about him personally, it was the idea that a new guy's blog about baby mama drama was more interesting to my so-called friends, than the 10 or so blogs I wrote in those 2 days. Only 2 of the people I saw jump in his blog show
Watch And Be Enthralled!!!! Wtf         wrong wrong wrong!!!!
when faced with it one has two options, stand for what you truly beleive is right, man up and face the consequences. OR let things go and pretend nothing is wrong. im not very good at just letting things go. only one option.
If I truly was in ADM then it would of have been higly classified due to the fact that prior to 1970 they were thought to antiquated and not good for what was needed like the missiles. I remember two SF Groups and another like us. Nuclear weapons were with us and no one would suspect a 21/2 and a jeep running around like others all over the place. We were all white males aged 19 to 20 and we were all there against our will. If this is true then there was a period of several months I spent in a secure bunker alone. It was there that I have no memory except three imiges and one of them was of me standing in a long hallway with half the lights off and the steel cage was open and I was wondering, is this some type of military experiment as the rush of wind blew by me. One person a SSG came looking for me asking if I was all right down here all alone? I said I'm fine but wanted to say no you have to get me out now. Those that did return noticed the change with me right away. If this is real
On The Web
on the web
Everybody Is Scared To Try
One thing I have noticed in life is that almost nobody in life is happy.  98% of the people I have met have been ok at best and I have a firm belief as to why this is.  People are not willing to fight for what they believe in.  Everybody wants their life handed to them so that they don't have to worry about failing.  The truth is people that nothing worth having is easy to keep.  So here is my advice for the day.  If you see an opportunity for something that might bring you happiness then go for it.  Don't worry about the outcome, or consequences, just worry aout the attempt.  Yes, most often you will fail, but it's not about that, it's about that one time you succeed.  True happiness is so rare in our lives that if you see something that can bring it to you even for a moment then you should leap at it and hold onto it for as long as you can, fighting for every moment of happiness you can have because it is worth it.  It could be 5 minutes, or the rest of your life, but never let an op
"Unspoken" So many words unspoken Thoughts left unsaidconstantly cluttering my headof the stupid games people playSeeing all of the positive potential in youI pretended that your ass wasn't crazy and fakeToying with my emotions for your own amusementScratching your back, I broke my nailsI considered you a friendForgetting the fact thatEverything everyone doesis out of personal gainIntentions of self concernswere your only agendaFrontin like you actually caredWell where the Hell wus youwhen mah ass needed you thereGuess it's my fault Expecting more from you than you even expected from yourselfyou couldn't delieverDam didnt think asking people ta be genuinewould be such an enduring and difficult taskSimply do what you sayand say what you meanChildish games of blameplagued by your insane insecuritieswear on my mind like kryptoniteConversations turn into such a drainI can't even stand trying to communicate with you anymoreSo for now,these words will be left unspokenand thoughts left unsai
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You Were Right All The Time
Ever since the day you moved in,I thought that my life with you would be perfect..n no one could ever tear us apart..I thought that i could be what you wanted me to be,,I tried so hard and gave it my all, But i guess your the only one that's PERFECT..When you told me you'd leave me if i flipped out ,It hurt in my heart so damn much.Now my life with out you in it seems pointless and dull,I have no choice but to get out of your face,,So i'm gonna do that thing that i told you i would ......BY..Pauline Jean Kireto9th/2nd/2009
!!!!! Please !!!!
To the strong and mighty won’t you please lend a hand:Some-where out there in this world children are losing their land.When will piece ever happen. Why do countries cease to exhist.Poverty stricken, dying from diseases:Don’t you hear the orphans cry, “won’t you feed me please”.Soldiers bodys here and there pools of blood every-where.It’s something of a crying shame wondering why they even came.To the strong and mighty won’t you please lend a hand:To many children are dying, so many mothers crying.They live with death each and every-day, mourning their loved onesas they carry them away.War has taken their freedom to live in piece.Father please reach out your hand and take the children to thepromised land, keep them safe with-in your heart.The wars are close and men are killed before dark.Why do they fight in a country so small when children are dying and we still hearthem crying:Will you feed us “please”By Miss Pauline Kireto—
My Sadness
It's not everyday that i find my own way n its not everyday that i want to...Maybe its the choices that i make in my life or maybe its the guys that i find to help me decide what i should do..But when i think of all the shit that they put me through, it makes me want to sit down and cry or scream till i lose my voice..Can it be that i can't stand to be alone or is it that i just don't want to be alone,My mind it plays tricks on me making it hard for me to know what to do with my life..My heart it keeps going and going like the energizer bunny...or can it be that i am trying hang onto someone that i thought that still loved me ....Wondering about all the hurt i been through and all the hurt that i have done by my own hands.It's not every day that i try so hard to make everyone happy but myself..Why oh why do i keep on trying to do what everyone wants me to do ..I mean why can't I just be myself and by the way that i am i don't want to be like everyoneelse cause that just ain't me and it
When I Left My X
I could write something sad, about everything i gave.  but what would that do cuz i'm not gonna stay.  i see the way u look at me now, the resentment in your eyes.  i'm still gonna take a stand and not back down because... I don't need your lies, and all the things that make my cry. I don't need your screams, and all the things u say to me that r so mean. I don't need u any more, so i'm walking out the door.  and the sad thing is, u don't even stop me. I know i'm tearing apart our world now. shattering it like glass.  but i'll make it through and so will u.  and it will work out the way it's ment to b.  it's just not going to work out between u and me. Why won't u tell me don't go... Why don't u say u love me so... Why won't u take me by the hand... Why don't u understand...
Avon Online Events (fundraisers) And Eparties
ONLINE EVENTS: Have a cause you’d like to support? A family in need? Let’s partner and a portion of AVON sales through my online store will be donated to the cause you are interested in supporting. I’ll provide you the tools you need for a successful online event including: - A personalized Web page and online store - An online goal tracker - Direct delivery – we’ll deliver the product right to the supporter’s door   ePARTIES: Just like a hostess party but it’s online! Introduce your friends to AVON by hosting your own personalized eParty and I’ll give you a FREE GIFT*!! Both ideas are great for your out of the area friends and relatives! Contact me today to get started!
The states already have public healthcare options.. 1>Medicare 2>Medicaid 3> The VA 4> Canadian Pharmacies . . not that funny.. but I'm trying.. #37.. has my attention.. I'm on a public healthcare board here in my county.. just a blogging to get more attention…
Yea, I'm bein a big meanie head today!! Ran across this as I was surfing the fu. Big sexy?? He got the big part right.  
Twelve Tips For A Great Relationship
Twelve tips for a great relationshipTalk to each other. Your partner cannot read your mind, no matter how much they love you. Be clear about what you want to say and listen carefully to your partner. Spend time together. Love is time, the time you invest in each other. Make your relationship a priority. Balance the time you spend at work with the time you spend working on your relationship. To feel good about your relationship you need to feel good about yourself; work on it. Make room in your relationship for differences and value those differences. Relationships are flexible; let yours grow and adapt with you. Set goals for your relationship and plan for your future life together. Try not to judge, criticise or blame each other. After all, we're only human. No one is perfect, arguments happen; resolve them with respect. Be sexually considerate of each other. Be affectionate and have fun. Remember your sex drives may be different. Be attentive and romantic. Remember how it was when yo
9 Levels, 60 Days
9 Levels, 60 days, 105,000,000 million points.  I have nothing to give you except, I can re-rate you and show you the love you show me. My 31st birthday is Nov. 13, 2009. I want to hit Level 31, won't you help me?
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First Time Connecting
    At first you think “What the hell am I doing up here?” You feel slightly sick as you climb out of the man basket onto the 12” beam for the first time, almost like you need to lay down somewhere. Your mouth is dry, but your hands are wet inside of you cloth gloves with the Ironworkers logo printed on the oversized cuff along with the number of the local which you are apprenticing for. Quite suddenly you are over whelmed by a wave of vertigo so bad it robs you of your ability to stand up, try as you might your legs won’t push you to stand upright. All the sudden 12” doesn’t seem like it’s a lot of room to stand on, much less walk on.     You fight the urge to “coon “ the steel, which is when you sit on the top flange, and push on the bottom flange with your feet while pulling yourself along with your hands, kind of  like scooting yourself along, to the next point where you are suppose to be connecting the next piece of steel with
Clubpenguin Cheats
Clubpenguin Cheats
I'll be deleting this account today ... I DO have another one. if you would like the link please ASK me for it.   No offense but I've got some creepy people on this one that need to be weeded out.  
Online Nursing Programs
Sashi Rouhani is a retired professor of Nursing with more than 20 years experience in Critical Care nursing, teaching, and as a nurse Administor for one of the largest Level 1 Trauma Centers in the US.LPN to RN Degrees Online
My Heart Will Go On"
  Lyrics | Celine Dion lyrics
i am sending you a telegram a telegraph, a teleprompted paper monkey on this stillborn anniversary Whose wine we spilled on the carpet Boots lie heavy with awkward hitchhiked shadows Placed there with angry precision By wanton words carelessly placed with angry Abandon Dusted sallow greek with their tragic wear, uncertain if they will be sprung On a silent retreat while you snore too content to care
Rant #1
Has a song that you have heard a thousand times ever just one day got your attention and got you thinking? I have always said that Mad World by Gary Jules I wanted to be played at my funeral as I feel the song about how mad the world is and how people are etc. The point is I have been thinking about all of the song and now I can't get it out of my head. I still want it played at my funeral but I realate to the song and video so much. I mean really wow alot of songs has gotten my attention before but for some reason today that song and that video just got me. Maybe b/c I have been really stresses or something. Who knows? I don't I just know the world is mad I mean in general we all run around in circles every day kinda like the nine inch nails everyday is exactly the same yeah weir i compair thoes two but they are both right. Mad world addresses we go around in cirlcles and how it makes it a mad world. Everyday is exactly the same well I think the titile says enough. Think aobut your li
What part of in a relationship do people not get? I'm getting really sick of men on here trying to get my g/f to send naked pics, or the ones who think they are being sly by being all nice and shit, and then try to make a date with her? She knows who these people are and it pisses me off to no end. I don't get on here and flirt with other women, I don't have them hitting on me. You so called fucking friends of my g/f show a little RESPECT!!!! In a relationship does not mean SINGLE!
10 Black Roses
Life is like a boat in the bottleTry to sail, you can't with no airDay by day it only gets harderTry to scream but nobody caresThrough the glass you see the same facesHear the voices play fade a drumWhen your life's a boat in a bottleYou're surrounded, drifting alone Don't leave me nowStay another dayWith me When you're sad, and no-one knows itI'll send you black rosesWhen your heart's dark and frozenI'll send you black roses Far away we wait for each otherI'm still on that road to nowhereKiss yourself for me in the mirrorTie a black rose into your hair Don't lose your faithShare another nightWith me When you're sad and no-one knows itI'll send you black rosesWhen your heart's dark and frozen I'll send you black roses Ten black rosesTen black roses Life is like a boat in the bottleTry to sail, you can't with no airDay by day it only gets harderTry to scream but nobody cares When you're sad, and no-one knows itI'll send you black rosesWhen your heart's dark and frozenI'll send y
ღ.•*¨`* ♥sexii♥sissy ♥ *´¨*•.ღ Own Me Auction
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Eddy Murphy Raw ( The Men Thing ).
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Random Survey Thingy
First Name: Alicia Nicknames: Cisa, Ici Are you named after anyone?: There's a few Alicias on my biological dad's side of the family yeah. Age: 18 Eye color: Dark brown Zodiac sign: Libra Tattoos: 2, one of my thigh, the other on my chest. Wanting to get another on my lower leg Height: 5'1/5"2... I am short yes....     *Favorites* Food: I actually love different salads, and dry cereal lol. Drink:Um...tea or Moutain Dew? Color: I LOVE red lol, but I also love cammo and tye-dye...if that counts. Type of weather: Sunny but a little on the cool side. TV show: I Love Lucy and Corner Gas (a Canadian show). Movie: The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Crow and Across the Universe are all up there. Book: Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde, tied with.... The BFG by Roald Dahl lol. No making fun of me!
Kill'em All
the breed know as Pit Bull should be wiped off the map!!!!!!!!!! they say not all are mean is BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 a so called family dog came through a open fence and the dog had a invisible fence collar on and got a hold of my Beagle yesterday. Thank GOD my dog is fast and was as tall as the pit and was not hurt real bad. I beat that pit almost to death with a baseball bat wish now i had killed him........................... I feel the whole breed should be wiped off the face of this earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! signed Mike
Working With Analysis Services,
Working with Analysis Services, PerformancePoint Server, and MDX, Tim Peterson is a mentor and trainer with Solid Quality Mentors. He is the author of two books in the field of Microsoft Business Intelligence - Microsoft OLAP Unleashed and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Data Transformation Services. Lastminute Türkei Reisen Türkei Lastminute Mallorca
Let's Get Nekkid!!!
Join Dj liltulip for her Serene Sunday morning radio show at 8am eastern!!! Get connected & happy listening! Of course Stay Nekkid!
acne treatment
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A Love Note?
There once was a time when I knew what love was. The way it felt so good inside of me whenever I seen you or just thought about you making my heart beat wildly in love with you! But that was then before I knew! Now my blood runs cold through my blackend heart because of you,if ever words were spoken so wrong and untrue it's when I said "I Love You!
If Someone Could Help
This is the cover sheet to one of my projects for my college course. Unfortunately my printer seems to have gone kaput. I have been told that there are possible issues printing to either a grey or a black background. I have no bloody way of knowing and the internet as usual is full of misleading info. If some kind soul could print it for me and confirm it looks like it does here i would be grateful.
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Hello Everyone!
Hi everyone.. Glad to be a member of the fubar community. This is my first post and here are some links I really enjoy:   World of Warcraft Leveling Age of Conan Leveling Hunter Guide   See you around :)
Dave Chappelle- Drugs
Dexy's Midnight Runners Live Come On Eileen
About Me
Good dayI'm Hans and I have just made my profile on this cool cool site. I'm not so super about writing when it comes to writing about my own personal life. Well I'm twenty years of age and live in USA, Texas. I work as a shop clerk.
East Coast Avengers - Kill Bill O'reilly (official Video)
Hot Sex Can Be Hazzardous To Your Teeth
Were you ever getting your groove on so hard that something popped, besides the obvious?   I was in the midst of some really hot Poontang, and i mean hitting that shit good, and okay im a tooth grinder, But shit!!!!!!!!!!! not i cracked a molar. It didn't stop me from the task at hand, but still.....  Anyone got a similar, or just a unique sex-broken, funny or wierd shit story? tell me about it, if only 4 shits n giggles!!!  
Young Michael Jackson
Depp Back For New 'pirates' Film Coming In 2011
Depp back for new 'Pirates' film coming in 2011   AP – FILE - In This undated file photo originally provided by Disney, Johnny Depp portrays Captain Jack Sparrow … By SANDY COHEN, AP Entertainment Writer Sandy Cohen, Ap Entertainment Writer – Fri Sep 11, 5:17 pm ET ANAHEIM, California – Avast! Disney says a new "Pirates of the Caribbean" film is on the horizon. Johnny Depp sailed onstage Friday on a pirate ship at the Anaheim Convention Center to help announce the forthcoming installment of Disney's blockbuster film franchise. He was welcomed with a rousing standing ovation. Depp will reprise his role as Capt. Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," slated for summer of 2011. It's the fourth in a series. Dressed as Sparrow, Depp staggered around the stage and embraced Walt Disney Studios Chairman Dick Cook, who announced the news to about 5,000 fans on hand for the D23 Expo, Disney's answer to Comic-Con. "H
Boyfriend/girlfriend Application
just for fun... you can all fill it out hehe1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Fave Color: 4. Whats your sign? 5.Phone Number: 6. Location: 7. Height: 8.Hair (color and style): 9.Piercings/tattoos: HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ... 1. Are we friends? 2. Do you have a crush on me? 3. Would you kiss me? 4. ...with tongue? 5. Would you enjoy it? 6. Would you ever ask me out? 7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater? 9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick? 10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before? 11.Would you walk on the beach with me? 12. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me? 13. Do you/have you talked about me? 14. Do you think I'm a good person? 15. Would u take a nap with me? 16.Do you think I'm cute? 17. If you could change anything about me -would you? 18.Would you dance with me? 19.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out? What Do You Think Of My? 1.Personality: 2.Eyes: 3.Face: 4.Hair: W0ULD Y0U... give me your number?_______________ kis
I am ready to get a divorce. I have set the path  of happineess. Too may probelm with n\myh bitch so I need to drop her. I been trying to worj\k things out; but she dose not want to. A new life I will begin; new adjentures and new memories.
Stupid Encounter #20 From Yahoo...
Tatt3d White Boy Larry Osborn will receive your messages on a mobile device. For best results, send a long message rather than several short messages. (Note: Wireless carriers may charge the recipient fees for receiving and sending SMS messages.) Tatt3d White Boy Larry Osbornhaha thats funny is that y u dont do drugz u found god or something..?? U fit well here it goes god family then football dj_c51_girl_owner_of_cataconesI don't do drugs because it messes up your future... why don't you do drugs? You can't afford them? Tatt3d White Boy Larry Osborni wont be with someone who puts a fake guy first so we def would never work out ..i dont judge ethier so dont think i do Tatt3d White Boy Larry Osborncuz there for losers ... dj_c51_girl_owner_of_cataconesyour judging right now at least I believe in something whats the point of living if your not dj_c51_girl_owner_of_cataconesno wonder you hate life so much dj_c51_girl_owner_of_cataconessee calling me a loser Tatt3d White Boy Larry Osborni
Rams (my Dad)
A year ago today I got the call that you were gone, even though we never met you were in everyway that counted my DAD, no one really gets how close we were I miss you so much it hurts.  Today is gonna be extremely tough on me because it feels like I got the call just yesterday from Gail.  I miss the way you would in yahoo get on mic and from what Gail said you had a twinkle in your eyes and a big ol grin on your face when you did it, but when you got on mic and said CRICK CRICK CHICKEY BABEY GIRL, I got a confession theres nothing i wouldnt give up or do to hear that just one more time   I hope you were with my dad that morning when he smoked a cigar at 5:30 am to thank you for being the father he couldnt have been to me. when you were alive I felt every hug you gave me from there to here. Since you died I feel really alone no one but mom and dad get the fact that this day is hard on me I hope I have made you proud of me in the year since youve been gone Dad I became Dj Dreamz in f
Life Sux Ass
            They say that love makes the world go round,   This I do believe to be a truth.   However I do also believe that the pain and heartache one may endure,   Is actually a reminder that we are still alive and humans amongst paridise.   The good and the bad all are a part of life as is the love and pain.   Are you alive? I sure am and will survive and one day love again!!
    They say that love makes the world go round, This I do believe to be a truth. However I do also believe that the pain and heartache one may endure, Is actually a reminder that we are still alive and humans amongst paridise. The good and the bad all are a part of life as is the love and pain. Are you alive? I sure am and will survive and one day love again!!
Too Funny...much Of What My Relationship Is.
Aquarius and Aquarius love compatibility They are perfectly compatible with each other. They are both inventive in love. However, there are no deep feelings between them . They are both too rational, reasonable and moderate for deep and strong feelings. There are many personal interests. Given, that they are unsuited physically, they will not find this odd or a reason to allow hostilities into their relationship, for sex does not play a big role in either ones life as they are easily distracted by daily happenings and other peoples problems. In general it promises to be a peasant connection and reliable marriage as a result.
Thursday I had a pull up challenge at one of my schools, my eyes were scanning through the crowds of students surrounding my pull up bar. I was scanning, looking for the perfect representative that would make great Marine Corps material. I look, and I see this girl looking dead at me, she had the exact same features as my friend theresa. It bugged me out cause she looked at me for a couple minutes, maybe it was the uniform, maybe not, but after I seen her in the crowd, theresa was on my mind heavily, and still is.
Oh Hell
    oh hell,what to tell,one day my heart fell,and that very day i was stuck in a painful hell,to the point u want to say luv doesnt exist oh well,all ive ever had is a endless roller coaster of pain,as my tears stain,my cold and empty heart,with memories that tears me apart,from my soul,because i have a endless hole,in my soul,looking for the one to make me whole,as time takes its toll,on my cold empty soul!
  ur lips pressed against my lips,ur hands on my hips,our hearts beat as one,as all our pain is undone,u take my breath away,i want u to forever stay,u r everything i could wish for,uv picked my heart up off the floor,u take my hand,as united we stand,we fight for our happiness,trying to destroy our lonliness,how i wish u were here,so,u can wipe away my lonely tear!
ZOMG! I was just out in the garage smoking, and we have a lot of neighborhood cats that come up, I heard something, looked up and not even 6 feet from me was a SKUNK!! I totally made a noise, then called in the house to have them come to the door and make sure it wasnt in the driveway! OMG MY HEART IS STILL RACING!
Ghost Of A Rose
The valley green was so serene In the middle ran a stream so blue... A maiden fair, in despair, once had met her true love there and she told him... She would say... "Promise me , when you see, a white rose you'll think of me I love you so, Never let go, I will be your ghost of a rose..." Her eyes believed in mysteries She would lay amongst the leaves of amber Her spirit wild, heart of a child, yet gentle still and quiet and mild and he loved her... When she would say... "Promise me , when you see, a white rose you'll think of me I love you so, Never let go, I will be your ghost of a rose..." When all was done, she turned to run Dancing to the setting sun as he watched her And ever more he thought he saw A glimpse of her upon the moors forever He'd hear her say... "Promise me , when you see, a white rose you'll think of me I love you so, Never let go, I will
So I have some good news. My mom can finally eat soup! lol yeah its not much but its something. She is getting a little energy back. She starts the IV treatments on monday. She also has to get tested for TB (I dunno why). Not much else new. She is still weak and tired most of the time...but its been a good couple of days. She has been able to get out of the house now. She has done a little shopping and tried some light yard work. Keep us in your prayers still plz. Everyday is another step and I hope things keep looking up.
Been awhile since I last wrote here and I thought it was time to keep my peeps up to date on my so called life.....Anyway, Trish does not live here anymore, her kids were surprised at her choice and decided it was best for her to go live with them in Florida, we do keep in touch with email and she told me she has found a lady friend down there and they are having an affair, which is like so cool!!!!  Sam is back at work, she enjoys having her summers off and really liked this past summer, I'd hope she did, she learned how to eat pussy and use a strappie very well....anyway she is getting back in the swing of things and we only have sex every 3 or 4 days now.  Which is cool, means I can seduce other ladies for our bed....hehehehe. I had said earlier that sam and me were going to get a place together and had found a place but we decided that it would be much better staying with my friend, we all get along so well, no of us gets in the way, we mesh so well and besides it is nice to have
my last phone was windows mobile, now I have the palm pre...its itunes compatable so I have my music on my phone and its cool... BUT I have 1 problem I cant seem to finger out.... changing the names of the songs that are listed as 01 track 1 and so on.... I changed the files names once and itunes couldnt locate now i click on find album info and it doesnt  i might slightly have an ocd on this cus its bugging me to have 35 fucking unknown artist tracks and 3 tracks called track 1 track 2 up to 12 and 15...grrrrrr anyways im making an itunes account now and maybe i can do something bout it   as you were
Farewell To Sleep
I was just about to sleep. I was tiredThe weight of the world on my shoulders had drained my spirit.But before I closed my eyes, I caught a glimpse of you.From beneath my heavy eyelids I could see your strength … of heart, body and mind.The light from your soul shining so brightly I should have shielded my eyes,But I didn’t for fear I might miss even a glimpse of who you are.And now I find myself awake. Aware of my surroundings and of the beauty in a single moment … the poetry in a single word.You have awoken in my soul a sort of calm knowing.I understand that my passion need not be wasted.My words need not remain misunderstood.My beauty is more than the shell that holds my essence together.My soul is beautiful and good and should shine like the sun.I glanced over my shoulder at my bed.Blankets folded down - inviting me to return.But I no longer want to sleep.Dreams are beautiful, but not as beautiful as you.
The Prince
Once upon a time there was a beautiful prince.In his mind was brilliance and shadow.In his heart was pure love and pain.In his soul was a purity of spirit that few could ever match.Across the moat in a small village, lived a young woman.She would watch the prince everyday.She smiled at him when he walked around his castle.She imagined dancing with him in the grand ballroom.She dreamed of stolen kisses in the garden.One day his kingdom was overcome with darkness…Thunder and lightning angrily attacked his wallsOcean squalls to the West …. Rolling grey skies to the EastHe withdrew into his castle … safe behind the walls that brought him such comfort. The young woman heard the thunder … saw the lightningWatched as her handsome prince shored himself up safe behind the castle door.She looked up at the sky … defiant. She steadied herself against the blustery wind as she positioned herself under the prince’s window.As the howling grew louder she began t
Read My Status how many of you dudes ripped my "Giant Penis" pic knowing you dont have one???
I can’t be anything other than I am. That seems to be problematic as of late.You see it’s like this …I’m changing my name to Goldie.It seems to fit me better.Kind of ironic since I don’t seem to fit anywhere at the moment.I’m too talkative for you.Too quiet for her.I’m too aggressive for him.I’m too reserved for them.It seems lately I’m always too tall, too short, too fat, too pale, too whatever it is you don’t want.Too far away …Too close to your heart …But I remind myself that Goldie needed what was right for her as well …Your porridge is too cold.Your chair is too small.Your bed is too soft.It’s all about the “just right.”
Tuffy`s Playmates
What I Learned To Fear.
I dunno what to say.I dunno what to think.That'd be a multi-million dollar poem in itself if I just happened to be Rembrandt.Why are the rules different for paintings?Because you can always reprint what I've said?Recite, recall, rescript?How unfortunate for me, but youyou get the gift that keeps on giving.Phone keeps ringing.Probably something important but I don't think I'm picking it up anyway.Besides there's a bit of a mess on my fingers.No bloody hobby knife, no kitchen sheers or paint, charcoal's in the bin, and to my recollection I'm not banging my digits in any strange orificesOh for it to beany of those things..."Yeah?"... so I caved. I ran out of good reasons not to pick it up, just selfish ones like - leave me the fuck alone."Are you home?"fuck.compulsive truth telling in32"yeah""can you let me in?"as usual the house is a fucking bomb of moldy dishes, dog hair, and drool spots either from mastiff jowels or passed out pantsless alchoholicsbut"sure hang on a sec"I pop the front
"obama/biden 08"
Do you have regrets about putting that "OBAMA/BIDEN 08" sticker on yourvehicle? Are you tired of having to park the back of the parking lot so people won'tmock you? When you pull up to an intersection, do you turn up Rush Limbaugh reallyloud so others will think you are conservative? If you are not accustomed to hard work, the task of removing these stickersyourself can be as daunting as trying to dig up a Hawaiian birthcertificate. But there is good news! For only $499 I can safely remove that unsightly sticker(s) from yourvehicle and restore your dignity. We used only state of the art hard work to remove these unsightly blemishesfrom your car. Yes, $499 may seem like a lot of money, but if you voted for him... you'llprobably buy anything!
Nice People?
People who are too nice too quickly are weird.
Just To Clear It Up
I don't look good naked. The end. Ok, not entirely: I may look decent with a towel on or clothes, but gross naked. I hope this clears up any misconceptions. Now it's the end.
The President Supports Prostitution. It's A Fact.
Check the blog below and to the left with the same title...don't forget to rate , tell your friends and post your comments as always and please don't forget to rate it a 1, 3, 6, 10 or 11..:D
The President Supports Prostitution. It's A Fact.
…well, in case I haven’t done enough lately to piss everyone off , so it seems, here’s another one to add to your list of gripes to go off and run like a kid that had his lunch money stolen to the principal instead of fighting back intelligently… case anyone doesn’t recall, I did not support Obama for President of the United States for a variety of reasons. I do not believe at all that America is heading in the right direction at all, as a matter of fact far, very far from it. No matter what side of the political isle you fall on, what you believe, my friends you should be appalled at what these videos represent and show. What is it you ask? They show what our President supports, who he associates with and leads. It’s the truth that every day he continues to try and distance himself from, but you can only hide the truth for so long my friends. Eventually , for some it takes longer than others, it will catch you can find you. No matter if you are b
I Carry Your Heart With Me By Ee Cummings
i carry your heart with me(i carry it inmy heart)i am never without it(anywherei go you go,my dear; and whatever is doneby only me is your doing,my darling)i fearno fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i wantno world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)and it's you are whatever a moon has always meantand whatever a sun will always sing is youhere is the deepest secret nobody knows(here is the root of the root and the bud of the budand the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which growshigher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars aparti carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)
I'm Backkkkk!!!!!!
So, it's been over two years since I've posted a blog.  I was going to keep up on it everyday and I only got 2 out.  So, what's been going on with me?  Nothing really.  I'm a senior in college, I should graduate in may.  I still live in the same place that I was moving to in my last post.  I no longer work at the place I did, I work at a Subway restuarant now.  Whoopi for that.  Hopefully not for much longer.  Other than that, work school and kids, nothing has been going on.  My son is now in first grade.  My daughter is 4 1/2.  I feel like I'm so old, even though I'm only almost 26.  So yeah, I'm not much into typing without a real aim of getting something off my chest.  I thought I would just say hi to all the people that still check in on me.  Thanks for still being around!
Hooray For Whores!!
¨^»Princess...: im kidding you, have a good one ¨^»Princess...: thats true you did nothing hehehe ->¨^»Princess...: I can get drinks without doing anything ¨^»Princess...: can you pls fan me? ill go buy yuo a drink She bought me a drink and the message bathered on about how she's re-rating my profile and has fanned me in the past and I should do the same. :-s Suck my clit, lady! (fu)
So She Doesn't Go There
So she doen't go there. She's stopped trying to please. She's done with the lip service. She's not here to appease. She discovered self-esteem no longer will she settle for being your wet dream. If her mind and her smile are her only charms and that's not enough well she won't grieve for your arms to hold her, or kiss her or fuck her just right. Because just sex is not enough, not now or any other night. Her choices Her words Her life She's made her decision no more cutting incisions. Either you like her for her or you can go fuck yourself.  
Week 1
Hey people. Here is the schedule for week 1 for the football pool. For each game pick one winner of that game.. for instance if MIN is playing CLE and you think MIN will win, pick MIN. Do that for all 15 games (15 this week) and send them to me in a private message. So there is no confusion for the Monday night game, choose the team you think will win, along with how many points each team scores. So if SD plays OAK and you believe SD will win, pick SD and what you think the ending score will be. SD 21 OAK 7.  Got it? :) Pretty simple. Okay enough blabbing from me.. here are your teams for WEEK 1! THURS SEPT 10TH PIT @ TEN - ALREADY PLAYED.. 0 SUNDAY SEPT 13TH MIA @ ATL MIN @ CLE JAC @ IND DET @ NO DAL @ TB PHI @ CAR NYJ @ HOU WAS @ NYG SF @ ARI STL @ SEA CHI @ GB  OOOOO THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD MONDAY SEPT 14TH BUF @ NE SD @ OAK
Third Times The Charm
This is my third time having an account here at FUBAR. The first account I had I started with my ex-wife when we were still married. I loved it, but she began to find it annoying. She cancelled her account and convenced me to do also. I started my second account when we split up. But when we tried to work things out in our marriage, she asked me to cancel it again and I did. Now we are divorced, and I want an account here for me. I love FUBAR. I find it fun meeting new people, earning fu-bucks and fu-points, and giving gifts and drinks to my fans and friends. Well future blogs will be more about current events, politics, books, movies, tv and other things occurring in my life. See you around the bar. :)
Bert & Ernie Tries Gangsta-rap
Lbb Entry 28
Football Pool #2!
Hey all! It's that time again.. WOOHOO! Another football pool by yours truly, and hopefully one of the best ( or the only) pigskin pool here on Fubar. :) This blog will explain all of the rules, and after that I will post another blog with the schedule for the week. 1. 50K to enter, a little more than last year but this is looking to be a much more exciting season! Plus you only pay once, so I won't bug you all the time, just for your picks :p 2. Pick one winner of each team of each game that is playing for the week, including Thursday and Monday games.  Send the pics to me in a PRIVATE message (you don't want others to see your picks.) If you don't get your picks to me by Wednesday (for Thursday games) or no later than Friday at 5pm for Sunday and Monday games. Those who played last year know how I can get :p At the end of the week, I will tally all of the teams and who won and whoever got the most picks out of the 16 games is the leader for the week. But be careful, the wron
Well it's been a full year since i got divorced. Things are a thousand percent better then they used to be. My bills are paid before their due i have my phne bill and electric bills are paid off. They were supposed to be paid off before now thats what i was giving the X wife my paychecks for. What she was doing with money? i have no idea. But it's all over now and it was the best thing she ever did for me. I truly hope she rotts in hell.    If anyone reads this you may think i'm bitter well your FUCKING right i am if you had gone through the bullshit i had you would be to.  for fourteen years i put up with bullshit from her mother and here. and for fourteen years i was there by here side when she had several surgerys. I did it all for what? NOTHING. I did it because i loved her with all of my heart and soul. Well it's history now and i'm damned glad to. Time to move on with my life and thats exactly what i'm going to do. I've got a pretty good start on moving on. But i like to vent on
I Want You To - Weezer
Watch Video: I Want You To (Weezer) Video Code provided by MusicRemedy.Com   The moon was shinin’ on the lake that night. The Slayer t-shirt fit the scene just right. Through smeared mascara, I looked into your eyes and saw a light. You told me stories about your chickadees They didn’t like BB guns or stupid archery. The jumbo lifeguard, he let them use the pool all day for free. Then the conversation stopped and I looked down at my feet. I was next to you and you were right there next to me. Then I said, “Girl, if you’re wondering if I want you to, I want you to. So make the move. Cause I ain’t got all night.” The rest of the summer was the best we ever had. We watched Titanic and it didn’t make us sad. I took you to Best Buy, you took me home to meet your mom and dad. Your mom cooked meatloaf even though I don’t eat meat. I dug you so much I took some for the team. Your dad was silent. His eyes were fixed to what was on
Ummm ... Drunken Ramble.. To Random Chick .. ;p
all men tell you that you are beautiful .. full of life and special crucial and right and perfect true and bright and just to much to gorgeous and must have you to touch and brush and just touch you such a being that lust cant describe suck and grieving and luck wont decide Im different and life has derived a person to strange and sex cant survive ,,Im yours and you ... you can be mine... you cant believe what I say ,,, and today wont tell you what tomorrow will bring and singing cant tell you what  tomorrow has sung ,, hung and beautiful and hard is the way .. giant and veiny and drilled you will be ,.,, .. fucked and sucked and licked we can stay .. naked and sweaty and fucked we are free... your scent and sweat and pussy will be mine .. your taste and tits and nape of neck will be fine ... on the line I put my trust fund and kind .. your love and trust,I want your lust to be mine ...
God Bless The Usa
Love  God, the Constitution, the Flag and Family. Anyone that opposes this is anti-American which inculdes most in the governrment, including the President, Congress and Supreme Court. Take back America and vote them all out before it is too late  
Pet Peeve: Men Who Ask For A Kiss
I know why men do it. They think it’s courteous. And yes, it is courteous, but seriously, I’m not looking for someone to have a tea party with. I like when men steal kisses. When they go in for the kill. When a man asks, it just ruins it for me. What am I supposed to say, “Umm, okay?” or “No, sorry… I uh… don’t feel like it?” I think I speak for all women when I say, please don’t make us have to spell out rejection for you! When you ask for a kiss and we don’t want to kiss you, it’s awkward. If we do want to kiss you, you kill the spontaneity of the moment. I just feel like telling all those men, “Damn it! Make like Nike and just do it!” See, here’s why. If you ask, we think you’re cute for asking. We’re thinking, what a nice guy. He’s so sweet. Are those the adjectives you want to describe you? Nice, cute, sweet? If you just go in for the kill, you won
inure\in-YOOR\ , transitive verb:1.To make accustomed or used to something painful, difficult, or inconvenient; to harden; to habituate; as, "inured to drudgery and distress.intransitive verb: 1.To pass into use; to take or have effect; to be applied; to serve to the use or benefit of; as, a gift of lands inures to the heirs.
You silly twisted boy.  -  Spike Milligan
Munchausen's Syndrome
Arousal from opening a wound.
9/12/09 Dilbert
I'm Sorry
I don't know who will read this blog, or who even cares. But there are many things I am sorry for. Many things I am regretful for. And make things I wish I could change about me, because I have flaws.. and I do not know how to fix them.   To you.. the one whom offered me a 2nd life. I am sorry if you were betrayed by a person close to you, whom you trusted your secrets to.. but I wanted to tell you I was still there and tried not to cause you undue stress. I love you, your friendship, any wisdom you offered, and respect any decision you made. I may not know how to show it.. but I can not be more apologetic. I want to show you how I can make it all up to you, but I need you to truth me, and give me that chance to show you.   To you.. my love.. my Bruiser. You wouldn't ever know what you mean to me even if I told you. I am going to take things a bit slower so I do not run you off. I will always be true to you. Just keep the smilies rolling in! I care for you so much, I'd do anything
Modern Day Tea Parties
    I bet all these people voted for george bush 2 fucking times. no they want to support "no one" and act as if no mistake was ever made and that they were "in it for america" all along. notice how nothing was mentioned about the bush administration,​ a failure of a war with no weapons of mass destruction ever found to this day, a fucking texas oil gangster running amuck blowing up whomever he chooses with no qualms that repercussions will come, thousands of innocent people killed including americans (my cousin).... Not even bill blowjob clintons administration was mentioned. it is seriously fucking sad that for a country so advanced we are so afraid of change, because it will eventually lead to the demise of us in the end. im all for people standing up to big government, but its so obviously apparent here what side of the fence these guys are on. sheep in wolves clothing to say at the least. I havent even been to a doctor since 2003, or a dentist in 3 years, and it isn't be
What Not To Do With A Fire Truck
A Los Angeles fireman looks under a fire truck stuck in a sinkhole in the Valley Village neighborhood of Los Angeles Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2009. Four firefighters escaped injury early Tuesday after their fire engine sunk into a large hole caused by a burst water main in the San Fernando Valley, authorities said. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)
My First Blog !
some sites i like to visit; Cuckold Story cuckold stories
I Am A Survivor
"Every two minutes somewhere in the US a woman is raped. Only 30 percent of rapes are reported. Unfortunately rape is the most under reported crime in the US and the only crime where the victim is treated like a criminal.  I was one of the 30 percent that reported my rape. The rapist often issues threats of bodily harm and/ or killing, such as in my case, to quiet the victims. Many women live in fear that their rapist will come back and kill them plus rape unfortunately still carries a stigma, which is why it often goes unreported. Rape forever changes the lives of its victims, leaving scars that will never heal. My rapist manipulated me, threatened to kill me, choked me so hard I almost passed out and my eyes were bleeding. I was slapped around, and  told repeatedly what would happen to me if i didn't comply. For an hour and a half I was under his total control. It forever changed my sense of security, my trust in men, my view of sex EVERYTHING""I have fought each day for 10 years to
Pop Up
Thank you for the pop up because I was wondering who this is that was going to screw up yesterday and the day before? Now I know and thank you very much for that pop up revealing yourself! I figured when I let go you'd pop up. You did. Know what a decoy is? Please look up would you. It's easy just like a decoy. I thought it was a dream of mine, wondering in the woods with my shades until the next morning when I found my shades on the kitchen cunter when I knew I left it where I always do. So much for dreams and so much for that woods. See, aforementioned, is into every aspect of Federal Agencies, DoD, and The Military. Highest of Clearance is given by a click or a OK to any. Hell, I would of walked to the surgery until that Stranger and that Lady in the Lexus screwed up so bad. Private Contractors or people unfit for their position. Just like you. Tell me what I just did here beside the burn? Surely you of all would know? See ya, Norio
Oh What A Day This Have Been
Im an inspiration I have learned and that came as a suprise to me.  I can think of others that are.  At least they are for me.  Not a few either.  Just so you know.  I have been shown an honor to be written Sonets to.  Blew my mind and still do.  Not one but two!  And the reason is my pictures.  The ones that shows the sencitive - *weak* - open and soft me.  Thank you over and over again Bill!  I cant find the words to tell you what those means to me!  Thank you for comming into my *life* like you have done.  Make sure you never quite are gone!  Remember what I said!!  Get those fingers working on a letter, a mail if you wish - to a publisher and let ALL the world get to see what you do so elegant and eminently!  You OWN the words and need to listen when told so.  What you write is a piece of TRUE art.  You capture what you see.  Talking about making MY day a GREAT and perfect one! Now I can rest and find my way to the land of dreams.   Run in the green grass - feel the air thr
Looking For Good Friends
my  is the place u can find me there or facebook is the place u can find me there  u can get free yahoo acunt send e mail and talk im is there any pa ladys whant to chat with me if so im me its  or 
What Would Jc Do?
I wonder what would happen if we treated our Bible like we treat our cell phones?What if we carried it around in our purses or pockets?What if we turned back to go get it if we forgot it?What if we flipped through it several times a day?What if we used it to receive messages from the text?What if we treated it like we couldn't live without it?What if we gave it to kids as gifts? What if we used it as we traveled?What if we used it in case of an emergency?This is something to make you go...hmmm...where is my Bible?One more thing.… Unlike our cell phone… we don't ever have to worry about our Bible being disconnected because Jesus already paid the bill!
Make Money Risk Free
hey guys im looking for some serious people who want to make money online risk free i have proof that this is not spam or one of those stupid scams i just looking for serious people who want to make some serious money and it can be done any where in the world u just need to be serious just message me and ask for more info or add me on yahoo or msn its and
Acai Pills
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Part 2....same Author!
Bert & Ernie Tries Gangsta-rap">
Don't You
Don't you wish...♥ YOU COULD JUST PRESS "REWIND"? ♥
The Man I Want To Love Me
  I have set and thought over this for a long time. I know my fautls,likes,dislikes,mistakes, accomplishments, disappointments in my self. I am not a safisticated kind of person,, but I would not embarrese  you in public. . I am not drop dead gorgiuos , but  I am not  one that you would want to hide in the closet when company came. I am a hard worker, family is very important to me.  Just a little about myself.    The man I dream of falling in love with me , has to be able to keep me interested. I don't need a lot of money spent on me. Flowers, candy , stuff like that suit me well. The little things is what shows you love and care. A love note found as I reach in my lunch pall, is the best surprise of all. He needs to be able to keep me grounded, . I want to know I come first as he would to me. I need a man that can stand by me, beside me, behind me or in front of me if needed. A man that can let me be me , as I was when he meet and fell in love with me. Not wanna change me to what an
Just Read
Another day and another lost soul in a sea of emptiness.A world of confusion sometimes not worth living through.Making decisions based on what would make everyone else happy and or satisfied.The devil used to be a friend of mine,he kept me level giving me alcohol and drugs to help me ease my troubled mind.When the numbness dissappeareAd and the pain crept back in guilt or the pain of living through a sea of misery is all I felt. A sudden force showed and gave me an angel to help motivate my will to live.She then got stolen away.Was it a test? Was it a chance at renewed faith or a will to quit the harmful path of addiction? The feeling of someone giving up when they actually never left my side is a show of support and a courage that brings you a true friendship. You never lose a sense of love or comradirie when your friends remain true or faithful.An act of loyalty is never a fools gold;it is a true entity you can rely on and gives you a sense of security that wraps around you like a he
So, next week I am making someone eat poop. I know, it should be tons of fun. It will be a plate of liquidy poop, in which Ill dip the banana and feed it to him. Pics might be comin up...
New Stamp That Is Wrong!
  Subject: FW: New stamp     I will certainly do my part--and I hope you will do the same!!!  If there is any truth to this--what a slap in the face it really is!   Begin forwarded message:>> REMEMBER all the AMERICAN lives that were lost in those vicious > MUSLIM attacks!>>> Now President Obama has directed the United States Postal Service > to REMEMBER and HONOR the EID MUSLIM holiday season with a new > commemorative 42 Cent First Class Holiday Postage Stamp..>> REMEMBER to adamantly & vocally BOYCOTT this stamp, when you are > purchasing your stamps at the post office.>> All you have to say is "No thank you, I do not want that Muslim > Stamp on my letters!">>>> To use this stamp would be a slap in the face to all those > AMERICANS who died at the hands of those whom this stamp honors.>> REMEMBER ~> pass this along to every Patriotic AMERICAN that you know and > lets get the word out !!!>>>>>>> Here is something to chew on...>>>
Happy Again
It all started one night with me scrolling through fubar just looking around. I came upone this one girl April, her status said "crying" me, i don't like to see anybody upset. so i sent her a gift, believe it was a hug. She replyed thank you/ We talkd in shout box for a bit, she explained what was goin on. I gave her my email said if she ever wnated to talk i'll listn. She wrote me thanked me, and said we could be the best of friends. We lost touch for awhile but then one day there she was again. Said hello in my shout box. I was pleasntly surprised. We have talked ever since. Well I've got to say I have fallin in love with her. she is the greatest thing to happen to me. I went to see her lastnight and had the time of my life. Met her friends and her sis. I didn't wand to let her go. Lastnight confermed my feeling for her. She makes me happy again. she completes me. I honestly want to spend th rest of my life with her and start a family. You know in your heart you feel its right that p
Special Freind
never met her in person,,,,but  she stold my heart,,,,is it wrong????????
Oh, I Almost Forgot
Oh, I almost forgot and were it not for the looker I would of. Thanks to you I remember Lisa and I hope her marriage is going well. IBEW and CWW and here Local 98. They owe you a depth of gratitude. Ever look up? At the sky and space right? Your the fall I've been looking for since yesterday but they'll love you for it and that is the reason I kept this same old PC. Norio  
Turning Point
Just To Be A Sheep...
You Can Be Deeply Passionate Sometimes You tend to be a very social person. You live for your friends and family. You can get social burnout occasionally though. You aren't a total extrovert. You fall in love with ease and confidence. Even if you've had bad experiences in the past, each new love is a reason to start completely over. You are deeply passionate about several things in your life. You're not passionate about much... and the few passions you have are truly obsessions. Your sense of humor is sarcastic, snarky, and realistic. You're not exactly happy-go-lucky. The Beach Test Blogthings: A Fine Line Between Insight and Stupidity You Are Kind and Sensitive You relate to others easily. You have many friends, and you love making their lives better. You are genuinely warm and radiant. People feel comforted by your presence. Becoming a better person is something you think about every day. You want to be interesting, insightful, and special. You n
Come Look
come check out dirty fantasy
Every Day You Know
Every Day you alienate me       And I am alone Every day I am just a stranger       IN my own home Every day I long for you to hold me       And you're not around Every day you know what hurts me       And you leave my hands bound Every day you could save are marriage       And you tell me lies Every day you make me promises         Why do you sabatage me        Why do you destroy our lives Every day, All I want to do is kiss you       And you're not around Every day , with your own lies        I try to compromise But you have your own desires        And I am all alone Every day I wait for you to call me       But your not around Cause, You have deserted me         With your own desires And you have deserted me          With your own lies But, even though you have deserted me          You are still my wife And even though you have deserted me          I am still your man And even though you have deserted me          My love for you still remains And every
I Am So Fucked, I Am Going To Lose My Home Over A Lousy Grand Help Me Pls
I am looking for literally anything that pays super good and super fast ... I am including my resume. Massage, tattoos, babysitting, cleaning, vocals, Writing, typing, cooking, photography, photo editing. and a bunch more ... i need the work Modeling work welcome i am plus sized, Adult work NOT involving sexual acts aslo welcome. I am really hard up and i need to pay rent my disability isn't enough and i may be evicted Very soon, i am on a very tight time restraint, and i do any work needed of me as well as working on little sleep with little to no supervision until the 22nd .. and after that i can only work evenings and afternoons ... Chantelle John 17665 93 Ave NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5T 3E3 Tel: 780.244.1711 Cell: 587.785.6384 PROFILE I have Obtained experience from many different jobs and experiences, as well as courses and simply being a mother. Currently I am looking for work on a part time basis and I thank you in advance for taking the tim
The One
The one that watches nothing personal but sometimes I go off line completely and there is no way to look up what I did. Say hi to all and I was wondering what do I have to do to make you show yourself? Ever look up  
My Beach
You Are Very Passionate You like people, but you're careful about who you get close to. Friendship is important to you... so important that you aren't just friends with anyone.You have cold feet when it comes to love. You have a lot of uncertainty until you convince yourself to dive right in.You are a passionate person. You are free wheeling, fun loving, and ruled by your emotions.Your sense of humor is goofy and silly. You are good at making almost anyone laugh. The Beach Test   Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding  
Tree Take 3
You Are Confident and Dominant You are a very independent, do it yourself kind of person. You've had to rely on yourself. You know how to be strong for yourself and the people you love. You have a protective streak. You sometimes come off as a little assertive. You know what you want, and you're not afraid to go get it. The only thing you require from people is that they're straight with you. You are ready for the truth. The Tree Test Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hiding
Do I Turn You On
Baby Do I turn you on        When I kiss you DO I turn you on        When I touch you Do I turn you on        When you look at me Baby       I deserve on more try Dont think I dont think about it       When you make me cry When you let a stranger turn you on        You make me Hurt Dont think I dont have regrets Dont think I dont know what I feel Dont think I dont know what I want Dont think I dont know what I deserve Baby I deserve on more try Walking through your front door         I love you and want you even more Dont think I dont think a about it        You made me cry        You made me hurt When you let a stranger turn you on   Girl You got me under your finger You're under my skin I am laying next to you My body aches for you I am the one you own Let me be the one to turn you on   Life with you has never been easy     But I try and you made me cry Loving you has never been easy     But I try and you made me cry Living with you has never bee
You Are Confident and Dominant You are a very independent, do it yourself kind of person. You've had to rely on yourself. You know how to be strong for yourself and the people you love. You have a protective streak. You sometimes come off as a little assertive. You know what you want, and you're not afraid to go get it. The only thing you require from people is that they're straight with you. You are ready for the truth. The Tree Test Blogthings: Discover the Parts of Your Personality that Have Been Hidinghmmmm  
Offer Pills
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How Timeflyz When You're Having Fun
“Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey …along came a spider … what’s a ‘tuffet’ anyway?”  No doubt this is what a lot of kids and even some adults think of asking (a tuffet is a mid-sixteenth century name for a footstool), but when you’re disguised as Imhotep, the first scientist mentioned in a historical record and talking to an artificially enhanced spider trying to kidnap scientists throughout history as he’s already kidnapped your dad … well, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Ben Avery’s graphic novel series “Timeflyz” takes adolescent Laurel Templeton who in her own words is “nothing special in a family of specials” with a group of cybernetic flies that need her help (but no one knows why, at least as far as I’ve read the first two installments, “Pyramid Peril” and “Turtle Trouble” – there’s seven books in the series publ
I Laid My Eyes On You
Love is patient, love is kind. So the poets say.Those were merely words to me … just another phrase.I never saw my future in someone else’s smile‘Til I laid my eyes on youNow you’re the warmest blanket on the coldest winter’s night.You’re the other side of me I never thought I’d find.Every angel up above was smiling on the dayWhen I laid my eyes on youThough it’s hard at times for me to find the words ...To paint the perfect picture of just how much you’re worth.You should know I’ve been thinking stars and counting blessings tooSince I laid my eyes on youAnd when the world wants to bring me to my knees,I always find your hand reaching out for me.There would be no other that I could ever loveOnce I laid my eyes on youOnce I laid my eyes on you ~ C.T.  
Cure Panic Attacks
Jeff has been developing and managing application development with VB since the days of VB 1.0 Ken spends his time these days providing software design guidance and teaching in various venues. He also developed tools to migrate applications to .NET such as large Access applications. how to cure panic attacks | controlling panic attacks | how to deal with panic attacks
Warehousing Leeds
Online information about Warehousing Leeds.   . Warehousing Leeds
This morning or afternoon after I woke my head was filled with too many thoughts for sleep. My Motto lately has been "One Day at A Time". Some days being longer than others. I thanks GOD for getting me thru.... Thank You
Ur Day
Raining outside - Yessss That old song walking in the rain .... lol So how will you spend ur day?
 Thinking ever thought, pondering my insists and seeing the future. All the above can place a strain on ur life. The moment or moments are only once. Live ur life to the best you can. Love each other the best you can. I know all this is easier said, but we need to get it done. Strive for ur piece of mind, live for ur dreams. Let all the haters, motivate and drive you for your dreams.Just some thoughts ... Now ur turn ... =_)
My Profile
my profile
Please Help
If anyone could help , there is an organization in honor of PFC Nicholas Madaras, a fallen comrade of mine. They collect and distibute soccer balls for the children of iraq.     Nick Madaras was raised for a majority of his life in a little town called Wilton, Connecticut. From an early age Nick took a liking for athletics, trying his hand in every imaginable sport. One sport in particular really seemed to be a perfect fit for Nick, soccer. Nick dedicated himself to the sport of soccer; going to summer camps, coaching his younger brother Christopher in the recreation league, and sharpening his skills in the off season with his friends on a local team and playing in the backyard with his sister Marie. Nick’s work ethic and dedication to the team was something we all strive for, but rarely achieve.Nick took that work ethic and dedication into the Army with him when he left for basic training in July of 2005. After basic, AIT, and airborne sch
Boot Camp Utah
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Song: If I Don't Make It Back
We went out for beers and a couple of laughsKnowin' full well that every bad joke that Jimmy toldMight be his lastSo we laughed like the world wasn't at warSaid things to him we'd never said beforeAnd he teared up as he held up his glassHe said, boys, if I don't make it backHave a beer for me, don't waste no tears on meOn Friday night sit on the visitors sideAnd cheer for the home teamDrive my Camaro, 90 miles an hour down Red Rock RoadWith 'Born to Run' blastin' on the radioAnd find someone good enough for AmyWho will love her like I would haveIf I don't make it backWe said, hey, man that ain't gonna happenDon't even think like thatIf we know you, you'll pull through without a scratchHe pulled me aside in the parkin' lotSaid, Amy and me we're gonna tie the knotYou're my best man, just wanted you to know thatJust in case I don't make it backHave a beer for me, don't waste no tears on meOn Friday night sit on the visitors sideAnd cheer for the home teamDrive my Camaro, 90 miles an hour
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you can see me and now are you going to corrupt me as well?  
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Z And Can't Forget
Can't forget the fact because of the flooding I had to go to someone at the county level. Gloucester County Freehold Director, Mr. Stephen Sweeny. Who wrote to me and sadi since it is not a county road there is nothing he or hes office can do. Last but not the least to bring up the rear is Doctor Zang from Underwood Memorial Hospital. She was rather childish stating "you started it first." I kept saying to her it didn't matter who started it. You all heard it. Money talks and Bull**** walks. Norio  
My First Sonet
Contacting Whoever
After contacting whoever as I wrote to The President of The USA letters written to Rep. Andrews are answered with hes genuine signature complaing of a Federal Investigation. He was set to be the US Senator from NJ because that was the buzz on the net and the news. Even the Mental Health Advocate who was supposed to be helping Shirley addressed him as Senator Andrews. Rep. Andrews was apparenty angry at me for doing the right thing and I get condemmed for it while others are given enourmous token of appreciation in public as well behind closed doors. Looking at it all and to have my own sister be angry that I contacted Shirley saying where did you get her address before she had to hang up. I thought why would she even care. Restrainig Order allows me to contact her but not her or anyone on her behalf. I do not have to go far to find True Evil because they are either in the news or behind it and are called the movers and shakers. Travesty second to none with two victims. Shirley and mys
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Keyword Country
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Past & 824
Mr. David Winkler, Esquire said they'll dig up the past but apparently did not know I had nothing to hide as others and for him as well the Stranger and the lady in Lexus, along with the commentator I'll bring up the past starting with 824 Central Avenue, Franklinville, NJ. Flooding was the problem from the Major Subdivision going in behind and around me by Toll Bros. A Land Acquisition Manager, Mr. Henrick Warner came looking for me to buy my home which I surrendered and declared an Illegal Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for the sake of the VA and others. They had placed an Illegal Financial Mental Incompetence on me for over 20 years. I told Mr. Warner I no longer have that property and perhaps he's intrested in my other property. 2 weeks later he contacts me and tells me he's intrested. By that time Shirley was back with me along with at Stonybrook with ProACT and never did I say I was for sale or any information I possesed. Welcome Leanne Hasbrouk from Rep. Andrews office saying we are goint
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If you need to level and need the points I can give you mine for 12 hours...All you have to do is trade me an Auto 11 for my points.
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Why ?
so many woman have come into my life just to leave me alone and lonely ...well i have realize that i am me .. sweet sexy funny caring compassionate,passionate, and most woman that i find are a bunch of crazy ones who make me pay for the mistakes that assholes have done to them. im not an asshole i dont fight or try to control .. woman  think they want someone sweet and funny and  all that i am.. but they  are attracted to assholes, who miss treat them and abuse them time and time agian .. many beautiful woman on here .. and shallow as hell .. that look for  the looks in a guy know i know im not the lil pretty boy type .. nor am i a redneck slob.. just  as one song put it  a Good Ole' Boy .. sadly mistaken for redneck.. i cant stand country  music and pop blows.. i love  living my life and would love to have someone in it to spend time with and shar my heart.. sometimes makes me wonder am i not good enough..?  but i know i am..  thanks for all who read this.. thank you very much

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